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Full text of "Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana gazetteer and business directory"

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M6658 ,, 


pt.2 I 





3 1833 01077 1084 


|ja£etleiT and | iufiiiufi!3 jjircctori) 




^roi.ujrE II. 

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r L B 1. I s II K il B y 


fi. L i-ULi: J (V iVLKkS. 

i Wkm' T.]iai> SiuKtr, ; 40 I.akned Mkkkt Wkst. 

. ( '-^^ 


Hashow, f^aish & Eavis, S^i^^ 



A village in the northwestern part of Chisago county, at 
the foot of Rush Lake, 24 miles from Center City (c h), and 
62 from Paul. Rush City, 6^^ miles distant, is the nearest 
railroad point. Population betv.-een 200 and 300. There is 
a steam mill in operation here, and the village has 1 Swedish, 
Lutheran, and Baptist church and a district school Exports, 
wheat, potatoes, hides, butter and eggs. A. W. Olsen, post- 


Dahrlon Meyer & Co, general store. 

Etiason Olof, constable. 

Lec yi B, Saw-Mill. 

Olson S W, justice of the peace and general store. 


In the central eastern part of Martin county, 7 miles from 
Fairmont (c h), the nearest railroad point. Has a Baptist 
church and district school, and exports wheat, cattle and hoas. 
Semi-weekly mail. I. X. Stone, postmaster. 


A village in the western part of Renville county, and a 
station on the C, M. & St. P. lly, 20 miles from Beaver Falls 
(c h), and 161 from St Paul." Mail daily. 0. S. Rushus, 


Anderson A K, saloon. 

Cooley S l>. Live Stock Dealer. 

Cultoii August, carpenter. 

Evenson Stenson & Co, general store. 

Field H O, hotel and blacksmith. i'71.56'7*/' 

Gerde & Paulson, general store. 

Gjeithus Ole, millinery. 

Gunderson E S, general store. 

Lan^e «fc ('O, Grain Dealers. 

ilolum M M, boots and shoes. 

Nelson Ole, saloon. 

O'Conner Bros, saloon and billiards. 

Osmundson A, constable. 

Pratt Robinson & Co, lumber and grain. 

RcisilKl!^ O 8, Druggist and Grocer. 

Reishus O S, justice of the peace. 

Rice E B, justice of the peace. 

Builders' Hardware and Moohau- 
ics' Tools, 35 E, Third St., St. Paul 

Kingsbyry& Draper. 


Charles Johnson/™'"'"'"'™'"''' 

!j ington Ave. Soutli, MIMEAPOLL^ 


Torbeusoii Ole, general store. 
Walstrom P F, hardware. 
\*^olsta<l Bros, Hardware. 
Wolstad Ira, wagoninaker. 


In the township of the same name, southeastern part of 
Stearns county, 5 miles from St. Cloud (ch), the nearest rail- 
road point, and on the Mississippi river, which till recently 
gave power to a mill. Has a Catholic church and public 
school, exports farm produce, wheat and pork, and calls for a 
flouring mill. Semi-weekly mail stage to St. Cloud. Henry 
Futsam, postmaster. 


Benmer Henry, general store and live stock. 

Frauendorfer Rev (Catholic). 

Futsam Henry, carpenter. 

Heniier IJ, Physician. 

Moller Joseph, blacksmith. 

Schutz Thomas, flour mill. 


A settlement of about 300 inhabitants in the southwestern 
part of Scott county, 18 miles from Shakopee (c h), 7 from 
Jordan, the most convenient railroad station, and 45 from .>t. 
Paul. It has a sorghum syrup factory, a Catholic church aiM 
school, and esportsVheat, corn, butter, eggs, beef and cattle. 
Semi-weekly mail stage to Jordan. John Goelz, postmaster. 


Borget Henry, carpenter. 

Cassimer Rev P (Catholic). 

Goelz John, teacher. 

Knrl Adaili, Sorghum Mnfr. 

Klaus Anton, veterinary surgeon. 

Kurth Henry, builder. 

Mayer Benedict, carpenter. 

Ochsenreiter Adolph, sorghum mnfr. 

Schmitz Mathias, hotel propr and produce dealer. 


In tlie southwestern part of Hennepin county, 4 miles due 
west of Mound City, is a postoUice in a thickly settled nei-ii- 
borhood, 32 miles from Minneapolis (c h), and 12 Irom 
Chaska, the most convenient railroad point. A steam ga\^ 

Hall's Safe f Lock Co.rr^'Ssr^!^^ 


CANTON PLOWS, Tigor Rakes, Ran- 
3, Triumph Sfxlers, Mil- 


mill is run in the vicinity, and there are Catholic and Baptist 
churches and public and German Catholic schools. Mail 
-tat^e to Delano and Chaska weekly, and semi-weekly mail, 
p'uiix Logelin, postmaster. 


Ilabeck Lemke & Co, saw-mill. 
Logelin Felix, insurance agent. 
Shlch Jacob, general store. 
Weudt Rev John (Baptist). 


An incor})orated city of 1,1.55 inhabitants and a station on 
the W. & St. P. division of the C, M. & St. P. Ry, in the 
west central part of Winona county, 28 miles from Winona 
(c h), and 97 from St. Paul. A steam carriage factory, a 
flouring mill, a brewery, 2 hotels, of which the Kelley House 
is the principal, 3 grain elevators, and '2 weekly newspapers 
are located here. The Episcopalians, Methodists, Baptists, 
Catholics and German Lutherans have church edifices, and a 
*1 2,000 graded school building is one of the features of the 
place. St. Charles is situated in the heart of a well settled, 
fertile and prosperous region. Telegraph, Xorthwestern. 
Express, Am. Daily stage to Chatfield and tri-weekly to 
Plainview. Two daily mails by rail. John Picket, post- 


American House, Jacob Wiedemann Propr. 
Aup]>erle Joseph, groceries and provisions. 
Babcock David L, sewing machines, etc. 

St. CharlGS Brewery 

1 fh F. W. MUELLER, 

"^^ 1^^^^^% Proprietor, 



-^ ■ .V :_ - ..^;^-liJ^ MINN. 

WILSON & JOROAH- - v.=r»=r.:Gs 

ARCHITECTS, Aoconstlcs, Heatinij 

aaJ Ventilation cirefo'.'.y and cor- 

J rectly arranged. MiTineapolia, Mian. 


Bacheliier Caleb C, railroad agent. 

Bacon Deles, furniture. 

Bacon & Adams, general store. 

Bank of St Charles, James C Woodard propr. 

Barnett Rev J R (Methodist). 

Bornholz Adolph H, clothier. 

Campbell F C, agent Youmas Bros & Hodges, lumber. 

Cartwright Edwin R, general store. 

Carter Dennis, wines and liquors. 

Clark €oIei»ail X, Physician. 

Clemens Nicholas, wines and liquors. 

Cole Rev L F (Episcopal). 

Conuell Patrick, saloon and boarding. 

Dennis Rev W K (Baptist). 

Dixon Frank, dentist. 

Gage Henry X, carpenter and builder. 

Gardner fweorge K, Druggist. 

Gates & Wardner, general store. 

Guthrie & Chamberlin, physicians. 

Halde Peter, meat market. 

Hall Wm M, grocer, boots and shoes. 

Hill E G, justice of the peace. 

Hill H W, propr St Charles Times. 

Howe & Beach, grocers, boots and shoes. 

Johnson A & Co, hardware and stoves. 

Johnson G C, boot and shoemaker. 

Kecler Kciirv J, Dry Goods, Clothing, Etc. 

Kelly House, John C Kelly propr. 

Kiefer Nicholas, barber. 

Ludwig Martin, saloon and billiards. 

McElhaney & Ackennau, farm implements. 

McGrath & Bro, grocery and saloon. 

Mares Robert, blacksmith. 

Marks R J, groceries and provisions. 

Martin Joshua, dentist. 

Miller Richard N, sewing machines, etc. 

Mosher James A, watches and jewelry. 

Mueller Andrew, wines and li<[Uors. 

Mueller Frederick W, Propr St Charles Brewery, 

head of 3Iain. (See luli}.) 
Mueller George, meat market. 
Mueller Henry, cigarmaker. 
Mueller Phillip, wines and licjuors. 
Nel>iin Charlr>. watches, clocks, etc 

Xeiiiiian leeriiliard, Grucer. 

OUN Truniau T, groceries and provisions. 

PerkinSj Lyons & Co. 

31 Kobeit St,, St, Paul, Win:; 

have t te Fine?t Stock of C&lifomii iS .c 

for Medioliial porposyd. 



Pnrr Wni R, furniture. 

Parrott H C & Co, carriage and wagon mnfrs. 

Pike Natlian N, farm implements and livery. 

Probart Luther X, saddle and harnessmaker. 

Pruner A A, barber. 

Robertson Mrs Eliza I, millinery goods. 

SI tiiarlesi Brenery, Frederick W Mueller Propr, 

head of Main, (^'tc ad>\) 
St Charles Times (weekly), H W Hill propr. 
St Charles Union (weekly), J S Whiton ed and propr. 
Schalk Frank, boot and shoeaiaker. 
Schank J G & Co, saddles and h.arness. 
Sflmcll Loili^^, Grain and Elevator. 
Seefield C W, grain and elevator. 
Seefield Thaddeus D, grain and elevator. 
Sidow Brothers, farm machinery. 
Smith George & Co, druggists and grocers. 
Spencer George, saloon and billiards. 
Stebbins M B & Co, photographer. 

Stehmann Wm, merchant tailor. • '. 

Stevens & Hyde, general store, 
Sudduth John H, drtiggist and physician. 

Tamblin Jerome B, physician. ' • _ 

Tuttle Rev H B (Congregational). ■ " 

Welsh John A, saddle and harnessmaker. 
Wliarton B & Sons, druggists. 

"Whcelock Ztirs Ellen, Hardware and Stoves. 
White Misses M & M, millinery and fancy goods. 
Whiton J S, ed and propr St Charles Union. 
AViedeiuailll Jacob, Propr American House. 
WDson Samuel G, boot and shoemaker. 
Wurstlein Peter, blacksmith. 
Youmans Bros & Hodgins, lumber. 
Zernas John, boots and shoes. 
Zimmennan Rev John J (German Lutheran). 


The seat of Stearns county, i> an incorporated village of 
some .3,000 inhabitants, at the junction of the Brainerd and St. 
Vincent branches of the St. P., M. & M. R. R., on the eastern 
border of the county, at tlie confluence of the Sauk river with 
the Mississippi. The industrial interests are represented by 
2 flouring mills driven by the power of the Sauk river, 2 saw- 
mills, 3 planing mills, 2 foundries and machine shops, a plow 
factory and a spoke factory, operated by steam. There are 
in the village, besides, 2 banks, 3 hotels, 3 breweries, 3 news- 

lvfSY\ Pn>ri-Foi-C SELDEN & GEYGLA, IMK 
B I U I I ir& U U I U IS. TMrd St,, Miimeapolis, Mian. 


French China. Glassware, wholesale and 
E. A. HAEMON & CO., Minneapolis, 


papers, a United States land office, and churches of the Epi^- 
copal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Congregational and 
Catholic faiths. There is also located in this place a homn-- 
pathic pharmacy, Charles S. Weber, proprietor. One of tlir 
three normal schools of the State is situated in St. Cloud. It 
occupies a handsome structure, which cost §57,620, employ.-* 
7 instructors, and has a large roll of pupils. There are twc 
superior graded schools in the village, whose school propcrtv 
cost about §30,000. A Catholic seminary is also located herL-. 
Exports, flour, wheat, lumber, spokes, carriages, sash and 
blinds, etc. Telegraph, Xorthwestern. Express, Am. Daily 
stage to Fair Plaven and Maine Prairie, and tri-weekly to 
Paynesville and Richmond. Daily mail, by rail, from north, 
east and west. J. E. West, postmaster. 


Albrechl Wm, blacksmith. 

Aller. Earnest L, confectioner and stationer. 

Anderson A & Sons, Wagon and Carriage Manufactur- 
ers. {See adv.) 

Bach John, saloon. 

Bait Anton, shoemaker. 

Bank of St. Cloud (Capital §35,000), J G Smith Cashr, 
St Germain. 

Barnes N F, city justice. 

Barrett & 'Tillman. Attorneys-at-Law, St Germain. 

Bauler Theodore, Groceries," Dry Goods, Crockery, 
Liquors and Cigars, St Germain. 

Becker Mathias, boots and shoes. 

Beebe W L, physician and surgeon. 

Bellenburg Frank, general store. 

Bennett Horace P, gunsmith. 

Beitnett & Slantlin., Attorneys-at-Law, cor St Ger- 
main and Richniond ave. {See adv.) 

Ben!»on Chariest J>>, Propr West House, Sample Rooin^ 
Connected, First-Class in Every Respect, cor Lake ^l 
and Washington ave. 

Benseu J X, grocer. 

Blattner Miss M C, dressmaker. 

Bonham Thomas J, tinware. 

Boyd E A, grocer. 

Brick John, brewer. 

Brick Peter, lawyer. 

Brick & Kaiser, I'ublrs Dcr Xordstern (German weekly). 

Bridgman Coleman, lumljer mnfr. 

Brigham George S, jihysician. 

Brower J V, real estate. 

NlVb r nllll MJ^O of Boston, Tho best Company' "to lm.cro u/... 
I«l- Wlf B.iYU!.Mi^|/ J, J. V7ATS0N, Oen'l Agent, ST. PAUL, M.aa. 

§>tatc Bovmal School 



il--j^^. :^ 

11 mr. 


lor Particulars, see following page. 

f At 3t Cloud wit esUbhshed iiil869,-The Third in the State. 

It occupies a picturesque site on the right bank of the ?\Ii-, 
sissippi River^ about sixty feet above the level of the water. 

Its buildings consist of one large brick building, four storir, 
high, and a large three story frame used as a ladies' home. 

In students it has tributary to it a territory extending from 
the St. Croix to the Red River of the North, and from St. P,i;;i 
to the Northern Pacific Railway. 

It has two courses, an Elementary and an Advanced course 


includes Academic work through the ordinary high school, 
with special training in methods and the art of teaching. 


includes Latin through Cicero and Virgil, laboratory practice i". 
Chemistry, Trigonometry, Astronomy, and additional practii -• 
in teaching. 


Is conducted on the family co-operative plan. Each Studon: 
does one half hour's work daily and pays her share in the co--: 
of provision. The expenses of each student averages aboi:; 
;fi2.5o per week, for board, washing, room, fuel and lights. 

The average attendance in the Normal department is ahon' 
one hundred. In the model or practice school it is about sixty 

Tuition is free to all who pledge themselves to teach at 1' •' ' 
two years in the State. 

Its faculty consists of three gentlemen and five ladies. I'"'^ 
ther information may be obtained by addressing 

D. L. KIEHLE, A. M., 



factured for Banks, Mill Men and Corpora- 
ls and in best of style, by F. F. HEKNIG, 
ackett's Block, MiineapoUs. 


^^ x^« .^o^c^-'^^^'^r^ 


Carriages, Light Spring Wagons, Buggies 

Buck-boards and Sleighs. 

From the abundant cononendalion my work has received in the past, as well as 
from the care and labor expended upon It. lam connd,..!. .. .. , 

satisfaction. Prices as low as any other manufact'n. , -, 

kindof icork and rising as good material. My Motti' i. 

Correspondence solicited and ST. CLOUD, MINN, 
promptly answered. ^_^_-_^— — ^— ^— .^— 




I Collectione made on a New and Approved System in Steams and sis adjoining 

ff Counties. Write tor particulars and terms. 

I Real Estate and Insurance Agents. 



I Sash, Doors and Biinds, Moldings 

WzTxdoi^^ ctnd 0oor Frcunes, 

Stair Railing, Balusters and >"ewel Posts. All kinds of Scroll Sa^'ing 

and Turninc. Also Re-sa^'ing, Planing and Matching done 

to order. 

Factory ani Salesrcoa. Lower Town, ST. CLOUD, MINN. 

Thielman Sl Munsinger, 

^Vholesale and Retail Dealers in 


iROisr j^nsriD le^id fi^'e, 

All kinds of Rubber Hose. Rubber and Hemp Packing-. Iron and Brass Fittings and 
I'nmp Fixtures, etc. Drive Wells a Specialty. WeU Digging and Cleaning Done. 

OfSie and Wareroom on St. Germain Street, 

Id door west of Wing'8 Agrioultnral Depot. St. CiOUCS, Minn. 

fDnkI DnnC^DO M. E OSITTENDEN & 00., Comei 
IRUIM riUUrLllOl Sixth and Sibley Streets, St. Paul, Minn, 

..; V 


^ ' 

ConrI Vnilf HprlflKP I'orBoltbg ClotB, Chilled Iron P, • 

comery, to W.F.Gimn aCo.,llmiieipGi.i, :,;,-_ 

Brown John, saloon. 

Bruener Theodore, city clerk. 

Bryant Adelbert, chief of police. 

Burghard Joseph, carpenter. 

Calhoun D T, city justice. 

Central House, J E Hayward Propr, cor WashingtuL 
ave and St Germain. {See a<Iu.) 

Clark Lewis, flour, feed, lime, etc. 

Clark & McClure, lumber dealers. 

Clarke Miss Fanny E, milliner. 

Coates & Freeman, livery stable. 

Collillti &; Bruciier, Attorneys-at-Law, St Germain. 

Cooper John, lumber and real estate. 

Cramb A L, deputy auditor. 

Crummett Miss, dressmaker. 

Dam Freeland H, mnfr sash, doors, etc. 

De Blun Miss Annette, milliner. 

De Leo John, barber, cigars, etc. 

De Long John, saloon. 

Dominick Julius, saloon. 

Duber Gustav, haraiessmaker. 

Durham Adna F, saloon. 

Durupt Peter P, blacksmith. 

Edelbrock Joseph, general store. 

Enderly Lorcnz, brewery. 

Evans L A, jtidge of probate and mayor. 

Fischer Martin, saloon. 

Freeman Daniel H, register U S land office. 

Fulmer Nelson B, farm implements. 

Gaspard Mathias, saloon. 

Gill T, tailor. 

Gilman A O, physician. 

Griebler & Tolman, hardware. 

Gorman P B, superintendent of schools. 

Greven Ignatius, grocer. 

Haberkorn Michael, saloon. 

Hagemann A, physician. 

Hammerel & Weber, farm implements. 

Hayward Josiah E, Propr Flouring Mill and Hotel, 
cor Washington ave aiid St Germain, {iiee adv.) 

Henderson "Wales, boots and shoes. 

Hennemann Andreas, hotel and saloon. 

Hennemann it Kraemer, meat market. 

Hersibbach Henry, furniture and marble works. 

Ilill .1o«iei)!i, Photographer, First-Class Work at Reason- 
able Rates, AVashington ave. 

Hines Oscar O, painter. 

OUnLrLilO DilUOi East Third Street, St, Paul, Mia:.. 


EHGmE WORE a Sp-ialtr. 

Oor. 2d St. and riftk Ato. Soutu, 

JliiuieapoliSi Minn, 


IIo"stroin & Jonson, furniture manufacturers. 

ll.i'w ard Joseph, meat market. 

Jnqiies E K, Dentist. 

Jones Charles S, sewing machine agent. 

Jones Thomas, blacksmith. 

Kaeter Henry, tailor. 

Kainiueriiieyer Henry, Hotel Propr. 

Keller J S, tinsmith. ,01,1 

Kieiile David Li, Principal t'tate is ormal bchool 

Kindler Joseph, tailor. 

Kindler Julius, harnessraaker. 

Kindler Michael, barber. 

Klein John, wagonmaker. 

Kramer Peter, saloon. 

Kuck Julius, baker and confectioner. 

Leisen John, boots and shoes. 

Leo M & Co, hardware, stoves and tinware. 

Levanseler Frank E, mnfr sash, doors and blinds. 

Lieser Leonard, hotel. 

McClure Thomas C, banker. 

The Central House 

J. E. HJlY^VJlRD, <Prop'r. 


*1.50 per day. For fraction of day at rate of S2.00 per day. 
Everything First-class. 

Also Proprietor Union Flouring Mills, and Dealer in Flour, 
Feed and Grain, 

Jno. H. Anderson 

A. AE^DERSOi^ 6l SOI^S, 



St. Cloud Spoke and Wagon Factory 

Manufacturers of the Bo^t Waeon on Wlieels. of nil siz,-^ an.t ^tyle* Al-o an.1 

Cutt«s. Special attention Kiveu to OUDEKED W uKK. Al-. ,l.-alers ,n W aK-" 

and Sled materials. Orders by mail will r-c.-ive yn. nipt attention. 

DliliuBrS h3rUW3r6biiry& Draper. 35E.TUidSt.,3t.PaiL 

Crockery I Glassware, ^m^St- ^ 


McKelvy James M, district judge. 

Mackrell Samuel, grocer and agent Am and X P Ex Cos. 

Macdonald €"F, Editor and Propr St Cloud Times, cor 
St Germain and Jefferson ave. 

Marlatt Silas, druggist. 

Metzroth John W", clothing. 

Miller Michael, hotel. 

Mitchell Henry Z, clothing. 

Mitchell W B^ receiver U S Land Office. 

Mockenhaupt R & J, dry goods and clothing. 

Molitor Michael, wagonmaker. 

Moos & Hennemann, harnessmaker. 

Moosbrugger J A, county treasurer. 

Moulin Honore, barber. / 

Mueller Bertus, wholesale liquors. 

MuUiken Wm, civil engineer. 

Myers & Haner, meat market. 

Naegeli Frank, blacksmith. 

Nare Henry J, confectioner. 

Neid Sigford, saloon. 

Kewland George, physician and surgeon. 

Noel M P, county surveyor. 

Noyes Ira M, mill pick mnfr. 

Koyes I M, blacksmith. 

Ottensmeyer Henry, general store. 

Otto Wm, saloon. 

Overbeck B, coroner. 

Overbeck George H, hotel propr. 

Palmer B R, court commissioner. 

Parsons S H, farm implements. 

Plattes John, saloon. 

Powell C F & Co, hardware. 

Prondzinski John, clothing, 

Rathbun Sebra, wagonraaker and blacksmith. 

Raymond Ambrose, wationmaker. 

Rayiuoiul 4k Owen, Mnfrs of Sash, Doors and Blind-. 
Etc, Factory and Salesroom, Lower Town. (See adv.) 

Reichert Sebastian, liakery. 

Reichert Sebastian & Son, bakers and grocers. 

Reinhard Bernard, books and toys. 

Robertson Alexander JF, Watchmaker and Jeweler, 
All Kinds Work Done Promptly and Satisfaction Guar- 
anteed, St Germain. 

Robertson E, grocer. 

Robertson James W, blacksmith. 

Robischon & Thielan, soda water mnfrs. 

Rollin John, sewing machines and farm implements. 

General Agent Hall's Safe and 

AE^'tf^-^^t^A '^s'leral Agent Hall's Sate ana 
. OSgfOrdjLock Oo., ST. PAUL, Mina. 

Cr\ TllimOTnM Sole Ag'tTIQEBBAEE8,MilVraniWaMin, Bog. 
i D I I i I U t to I U 1 15 e„, Canton Plows, etc.. 18 W. 3d St., St. Paul. 


llosCllbers^er Bro«>, Dealers in Iron, Heavy and Shelf 
Hardware, Leather and Rubljer Belting, Stoves, Tinware, 
Etc, cor Richmond ave and St Geriuaiu. 

IlosCHbcrjfei* Win li, Bookseller and Stationer, Wall 
Paper, Mouldings, Picture Frames, Bird Cages, Baskets, 
Children's Carriages and All Kinds Musical Goods, St. 

Rosenbergers, Hammerel & Weber, foundry and plow factory. 

Rupp Frederick, grocer. 

St Agnes' Academy, conducted by Sisters of St Benedict. 

St Cloiifl C'arriasie Works, Robert L Scott Propr, 

cor Ravmoiid ave and Perrv. (See adv, oj>p p<ir/e 588.) 

SI Cloud Joiirual-J'ress The, V7 B Mitchell Ed 
and Propr (Journal Established 1857, Press Established 
1872, Consolidated 1876), Circulation more than Double 
that of any Other Paper in Northern Minnesota, St Ger- 

St (loud State XorsJial SehOOl, D L Kiehle Prin- 
cipal, W B 3Iitehell Local Director and Treasurer. 

St Cloud Times The (Established 1S61), C F Mac- 
donald Ed and Propr, Othcial Paper of the County, cor 
St Germain and Jetferson ave. 

Schafer George, saloon. 

Schafer Miss 3Lary, milliner. 

Scherer John B, shoemaker. 

Schindler Joseph, hotel propr. . . ; - 

Schulten Charles, druggist. 

Schultz Frederick, saloon. 

Schumacher John, boots and shoes. 

Schwartz John, haniessmaker. 

Seott Rohcrt li, Mnfr of Carriages, cor Richmond ave 
and Perry. {See adv, opp page 588.) 

Searl'e D 15, Attorney-at-Law. 

Seberger Mrs ]^[ary A, saloon. ■ . ■ 

Setzler George, dry goods and notions. 

Spencer George S, druggist. 

Spicer D Homer, furniture. 

Stevenson J F & Co, founders and machinists. 

Strom A J, barber. 

Strong E B, clerk of the district court. 

Talcott Francis, watches and jewelry. 

Taylor Oscar, county attorney. 

Taylor «& Calliouil, Attorneys-at-Law. 

Tllieliuailll A: SIuusinj?er, Pump Dealers, Etc, W 
German. (.SVt; adv.) 

Thierse & Balder, brewers. 

Thomas Mrs E J, milliner. 


GET CADDIMPTHM Exclusive Merchant Tailor, 239 
I Tl rAlirili^Ul Ul^JjNiooUet Avenue, Minueapolu, 


Tschumperlin Alois, furniture. 

Vassberg Barney, county auditor. 

Wakefield Wm," telegraph operator, 

AValdorl' Pliillip, Saloon. 

"%Vel)Cr diaries N, Homa?pathic Physician and Ph;ir- | 

macy, St Germain. I , 

"West House, C S Benson Propr, cor Lake st and Wash- 
ington ave. 

West J E, propr West House, insurance agent. 

■\Vetzel John, Coojier. 

Wet/.el Valentine, meat market. 

Wing J E, Hour, teed and farm implements. 

Wittich Jacob, washing machines. 

Wright W W, agent St P, M & M R. R. 

Young & Bradford, Dry Goods. 

Zapp John, register of deeds. 

Zeis Joseph, sewing machine agent. 


In the township of the same name, in the northern part'of 
Anoka county, near the county line, 15 miles from Anoka 
(c h), the nearest railroad point, and 43 from St. Paul. Poini- 
lation, 50. A 3 run of stone grist mill and a saw-mill obtain 
power from the Rum river here, and the exports are tlour and 
lumber. A carding mill is called for. Stage to Isanti, Cam- 
. bridge, Anoka and Bethel. Mail four times weekly. C. C. 
Streetly, postmaster. 


Bodine John, hotel propr. 

Clements S W, constable. 

McClure Pillitich, general store. 

Millar II T, wagonmaker. 

Raudal Ezra, Justice of the Peace. 

Stewart David, blacksmith. 

Streetly C C, general store. 

Woodbury D, Hour and saw-mills. 

Woodruff Arthur, wagonmaker. 


A village in the east central part of McLeod county, " 
miles from Glencoe (c h), the nearest railroad station, and ■>■• 
from St. Paul. Poindation, 60. The Crow river gives ]io\v> r 
to a flouring and saw-mill at this point. The village ha- ' 
Catholic church and district school, and exports l!""'- 
W'eekly mail stage to Glencoe. Frederick Kaehlcr, p"-!' 

n...l,:»» I ..MM/« Pf Prt 31 Robert St., ST. PAUL, Mi::;:- 

Perkins, Lyons cl bo. s^-i° wines, Liquors^ci,.- 

Hashow, Maish & Davis ^^^'^^^'^■-^^^^■'^^ 

rttraish 8haftingS| Pnlleys, 
on short notice. Oor. 2d St. 
J Rfth Ave. Sonth, Minneapolis. 


busin:ess directory. 
Einme Julius, Justice of the Peace. ' . ' 

Ilenkelman L, blacksmith. ' ... 

Kaohler Frederick, general store. 
Nowack & Ivaehler, flour and saw-mill. 
Shroeder Frank, hotel and saloon. 


A special supply postoffice in the central western part of 
Le Sueur county, 3 miles west of Le Sueur Centre (c h). 


In Derrynane township, in the northeastern part of Le Sueur 
county, 6^ miles from Montgomery, the nearest railroad sta- 
tion, and 10 from Le Sueur Centre. ' It has a Lutheran church 
and district school. Mail stage to Jordan semi-weekly. John 
Henry Spaetgens, postmaster. 

BUSINESS directory. 

Huber Philip, general store. 

O'Connell Richard, justice of the peace. 

Schmitz Peter, seed dealer. 


The seat of Watonwan county, is an incorporated and 
growino- village near the center of the county, and a station 
on the St. P. & S. C. Rv, 122 miles from St. Paul. First set- 
tled in ISTO, it has now a population of 600. It contains a 
bank, public and private schools, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran 
and Catholic churches, 3 hotels, numerous stores, and a weekly 
newspaper oflice. Exports, wheat, corn, oats, butter, eggs, 
etc. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, Am. Stages to 
CedarvillefWinnebago City and Sleepy Eye. Daily mail. 
George H. Herrick, postmaster. 

business directory. 
Aldritt Joseph S, carriage and wagonmaker. 
Anderson James S, lumber dealer. 

AriHstron;;- Mo»es K, Agent St P & S C Ry Lands. 
Hacon Dr Charles R, gnjcer and druggist. 
liacon C R, coroner. 
Bishop L H, grain and elevator. 
Brynildson Frederick, blacksmith. 
Central House, Iver Olson propr. 

feivanized iron Cornices, f^^i!!^: 

Largest SlDck Crockery J?orfco:, ml^ 


Cliapilinil Willis A, Editor and Propr the St Jamo> 

Clapp Rev R A (Baj.tist). 
Clark ISuiniier C, Lawyer, Real Estate, Loan, Colkn- 

tion and Insurance Agent!! Probate Judge and Dealer in 

FaiTii Implements and Farm 3Iacbinerj-. 
Dodge Brothers, druggists. 
Dodge Wm, physician. 
Dref;er John W", coal, lime and brick. 
Gibbs Wesley W, propr St James Hotel. 
Glispen James, sheriff. 
Henslev Lee, agent St P & S C Ry. 
Merrick C«COrse H, General Store, Postmaster and 

Express Agent. 
Herrick S F »fc"Co, hardware and implements. 
Holcn Soren, agent J S Anderson, lumber. 
HoUey Racine K, meat market. 
Hoscheid Nicholas, saloon. 
Hoscheid Phillip, boot and shoemaker. 
Hoskins Nathan, photographer. 
Johnson George M, superintendent of schools. 
Johnston George P, clerk district court. 
Knudsou George, auditor. 
Laughorn Robert D, barber. 
McDerraott John, blacksmith. 
McLean J R, court commissioner. 
McLean J R & Co, general store. 
Mathews Lysander, feed store. 
Maxwell John D, banker. 

Meideilliaucr Georg-e, Saddles and Harness. 
Melheim Miss M, millinery and fancy goods. 
Mullen Milton E, surveyor. 
Olson Mrs E, hardware and stoves. 
Olson Iver, propr Central House. 
Olson Nels C, boots and shoes. 
Peck A K, carpenter and builder. 
Rice W D, cattle dealer. 
Richlinger Frank, liquors and billiards. 
St James Hotel, "\V W Gibbs propr. 
St James Journal The (weekly), Willis A Chapman editor 

and jiropr. 
St P «fc S C Ry liaild*, Moses K Armstrong Agent. 
Schulz John, propr L'nion House. 
Scager J W, lawyer. 
Smi'th B & Bros, proprs Smith House. 
Stamper J Peter, meat market. 
Thomas C W, carpenter and builder. 

nAOIl A OOlf TO OVER SI 5,000,000. The' 
liANH ANt^iT I \ Iii'9"l8PDKELY MUTUAL. J 

The "New En^Ia'ji 
J, WAI30N, 
Afont for MinneaoU. 


For Oounty, TownsHp and City Offioors, m 

b«3t of Btyle and on short notice, at F. F. HENNIG'a, 

Braokett's Block, Minneapolis. 


Thompson George S, general store. 

Thornton J J, lawyer, loan and insurance agent. 

Toothaker Wm M, cattle dealer. 

Torson Jans, county treasurer and register of deeds. 

Union House, John Schutz propr. 

Veltuiu Thomas, general store. 


A station on the St. P., M. & M. Ky, in the west central 
part of Kandiyohi county, 7 miles from Willmar (c h), and 
110 from St. Paul. Population, 25. Exports, wheat, butter, 
e<,'£,'s, hides and fur. Mail twice daily. Johannes Arntson, 


Arntson Johannes, general store. 
Ebert Daniel, hotel propr. 


A station on the St. P., M. & M. Ry, in the central east- 
ern part of Stearns county, 8 miles from St. Cloud (c h), and 82 
from St. Paul. A flouring" and a saw-mill here ta,ke power from 
the Sauk river, while another flouring mill is driven by steam. 
Exports, wheat, oats, hides, butter, eggs, etc. Telegraph, 
Northwestern. Express, Am. Two mails daily. Thomas 
Danzl, postmaster. 


Berwick F, General Store. 
Culbertson, express and railroad agent. 
Dauzl T. Saw-Mill. 

Harmaiin B L, grocer. 
Liunemann J H, flour mill, 
ilarshall C A, fancy goods. 
Manvin Bros, general store. 
Tanscher J, general store. 


A newly established postoflice in Yellow Medicine county. 


In Frankfort township, northeastern part of Wright county, 
12 miles from Buffalo (c h), 10 from Itasca and Elk River, 
equally eligible railroad stations, and 40 from St. Paul. Pop- 
ulation, 25~ The Crow river here drives a saw and grist mill. 

M. H. Crittenden & Co., 

Oor.Btnh and Sibley 8t«., 

Bt. Paul, Mian. 

Fire-Proof Doors iShulters. 



BOLLS, SendforCircnJipaiidPr..- ,. 
filinneapolia, Minn. 




Exports, general farm produce. Daily mail stage to Miniu.'- 
apolis and Montioello. F. T. Ayott, postmaster. 


Ayott F T, general store. 
Hafner Anton, saw-mill. 
Kolbreclit Bros, flour mill. 
Paul Peter, blacksmith. 
Ryder John, physician. 
Weis G E, brewer. 
Zachinan John, general store. 


A postoffice in Luxemburg township, southeastern part of 
Stearns county, 20 miles from St. Cloud (c h), 100 from .^i. 


EastBrii Fisli htm Co. 


Finnan Haddies and Fresh Eastern Fish in thsir season. 

No. 131 Jackson St, 
ST. zp^^xjxj, im: I isr 2sr IE s o t^^ - 

CnUPrPRQ ODHO Importers of Pine Woolens, No. 40 
oUnLrLilO DiiUOi E. Third Street, ST. PAUL, Mir.n. 


a 8 3 J d 

'i- ...^^•vtF%%l Sole As'tTKItraPH SEEDERS, EaodaUPiilveriz- 

^^ D TU P^QTPM whItt ws, Tiger Bakes, Ca.ton Plows, Milburn 

i, [;, Dl lnUaOlbSMj^^3,Bu;Ei^,etc.,18V?.3d3t,,ST.PAUL. , 

"^Xl AND Bu siy ESS Directory. SAI 599 

:i ,- f.^,n St Toseuh the nearest railroad point. 

Sl'ring weekly. J. P. Schmit, postmaster. 


I nU'L-n Dominick, constable. 

Sohmit J r, saloon and constable. '■ \ 

"Waite H C, flour mills. 


In the central southern part of Otter Tail coun^y,^6 mijes 

r "^s !ttt2;:i cS::^iS ciu^k^nd^- 

frL'tschooland exports dairy products. Sem.-weekly mad. 
W. H. Cowing, postmaster. 


Beardsley & Brownell, farm implements. 
Cowing W H, General Store. 


A country postoffiee in Cedar Lake to-nstip, south cen^ 
tral part of Scott county, 15 mdes from S^.^^^^P^^^^ a hoUc 
10 from Jordan, the nearest radroad P"?^"^: . . \XSv 
church and common school are m the ^^^^^^/^J, ^'^^ J' ^ 
and farm produce are the exports. Semi-weekly mail. r. 
Flynn, general merchant, postmaster. 


St Paul the capital of the great State of Minnesota, and 
thetnTmtlal metropolis of t^o Xonhwest occupies^a site 
■fthich 40 years ago, was the habitat of a tew strag.,iu 
^.matters IVday'it is one of the most important cities n 
he UnTon, growing in riches and strength, at a P^ce lit e 
sliort of mfrvelous, increasing in POP^I^^-" ^^ve^l and 
strides, and stretching out, m her commerce to ^^^^I ^^"^J 
llcr history, if she may be said tohaye one, is of the bnae^t 

The first settlement made "P^'^ 1^*^%^^^^^^=',;'^,,;'/'';^ b ' 
Congress was still discussing ^he ratifica ion of he trea >^^ 
whicdi the Ojibwas ceded for settlement he land, on tht ea | 
bank of the^Iississippi. Squatters took up claims on lan.l 
uFi OTTZ^J^M Jamea'KWilsoii.E^terwTjoPlan. 

Wilson QL JOruSn5 architects, MlimeapoUs, Miim. 

TTA'!. :':>'. 

Gr Cofi'mfr'nn •A-rtistio Tailor. Drees Suits a Specialty, 
I Fl I di riliplUrij 239 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn. 


which was then included in the military reservation of Fort 
Snelling. They were expelled by the military commandant 
in May, 1840, but took up new claims in the present lower 
part of the city. The same year Rev. Mr. Gualtior arrived 
from Dubuque, la., and established a Roman Catholic chapel, 
which he dedicated to St. Paul, and thus the settlement ob- 
tained its name. In 184C a postoffice was established, in 1S47 
a town site was surveyed, the plat recorded, and the first 
hotel built. In 1849 Minnesota Territory was organized and 
St. Paul fixed as its capital. In November of the same year 
St. Paul was incorporated as a town and made the seat of 
Ramsey county, which was organized at the same time. In 
1850 the census returns showed the population to be 1,294. 
In 1851 the town was permanently fixed as the State Capital 
and a State House ordered built on a site donated by Charles 
Bazille, an early settler. The town went ahead rapidly, as 
immigration poured in, and in 1854, when its population was 
about 5,000, was incorporated as a city. Real estate specu- 
lation became rife in 1856, as the city continued to grow, 
doubling its population in a few months. New hotels were 
opened, fine stores and residences built, a police force estab- 
lished, a city hall erected, and the first bridge commenced. 
In 1857 an effort was made to remove the capital to St. Peter. 
An act to this effect was passed in both houses of the Legis- 
lature, but was defeated by the dilatory action of an enrolling 
clerk. A similar measure, passed in 1869, removing the capi- 
tal to some point in Kandiyohi county, was vetoed by Gov- 
ernor Marshall. The crash of 1857 wrought fearful havoc 
in St. Paul, precipitating distressing misery, reducing the 
reputedly rich to penury, putting a period to building 
and business operations, paralyzing trade, and largely re- 
ducing the population. Until the outbreak of the war of 
the rebellion, the abomination of desolation seemed to brood 
over St. Paul. The inflation of the war period turned the 
tide, however, and the city began to renew her promises of 
future greatness. To the war St. Paul contributed 1,470 
men, 124 of whom perished on the field of patriotism, and 
out of her poverty she made liberal gifts to the Sanitary and 
Christian Commissions at work among the troops. After the 
war the city grew ra})idly for several years. A paid fire 
department was established, four steamers purchased, and a 
board of works entrusted with the control of public improve- 
ments created, and in 1874 the city boundaries were changed 
SO as to include West St. Paul. The census of 1875 gave the 
population as 33,178, and of Ramsey county aa 36,846. 

To-day St. Paul is 5 miles square, covering 25 superficial 
miles of teixitory, having one single street, Seventh, over 6 

COn»J,:n<« I ..«,«« 0, fi^ SI Eflbert St, BT. PADL, Mlii=.. 

Perkins, Lyons &Co.!'^ 

TO r ei hiuo, Lv uiiD cc* uui ci wi;r».^ iu^7/«T,fd'oi^sr. 


sell and eichengf ill iinJi 
B asd MacHierr. Cor. 
h Ave.S., llianeapolij. 


miles long. Her population, by the last official census, is 
41,738, not including the outlying districts, which, if 
counted in, would swell the number to some 55,000 souls. 
She has 200 miles of streets and 5 bridges across the 
Mississippi, 40 miles of blocks of houses are numbered, 12 
miles of gas and 14 miles of water mains are laid, 25 miles of 
fire alarm telegraph wire are strung, and she has all the 
appointments of first-class eastern cities of far greater preten- 
tions. To attain to her present condition, she has cut down 
bluffs, filled up lakes, turned declivities which formerly sepa- 
rated the upper and the lower towns into gently graded 
ascents, and transformed wooded bottoms into a levee and ter- 
minal grounds for the passenger depots of the great railroads 
which make her the center of a network of steel highways. 

St. Paul occupies a magnificent commercial position at the 
head of the navigation of the Mississippi. Until 1868 the 
river was her essential source of wealth, as the sole means of 
communication with the terminus of the eastern railroad sys- 
tem at Prairie du Chien or Dunleith, and j irior to the construc- 
tion of railroads across Illinois and Wisconsin, with Galena 
and St. Louis. Her importance as a commercial center largely 
determined the location of the original land grant roads, and 
though railroad transit has largely superseded the river in the 
carriage of freight, navigation is still an important factor in 
the commercial economy of St. Paul. The improvements 
which have been commenced by order of Congress, in obedi- 
ence to the popular demand, to secure the deepening of the 
channel to 4 or 5 feet during the low water season between 
St. Paul and St. Louis, will restore the steamboat trade to its 
former prosperity and afford the Northwest an immense 
advantage by giving an outlet via St. Louis and New Orleans 
to the seaboard. In 1S79 — a very short navigable season — 
the Keokuk Northern Packet line delivered at" St Paul 8,942 
tons of freight and 2,124 head of horses, mules and cattle, 
and shipped thence 7,115 tons, including 56,155 bbls of flour. 
The Diamond Jo line delivered about 3^000 tons and shipped 
about 5,000 tons, including 25,000 bbls flour. Other boats 
from the St. Croix and Minnesota rivers probably received and 
delivered 1,000 tons of freight. The steamers carried thous- 
ands of summer tourists from the South to St, Paul. It is, 
however, as a great railroad focus that St. Paul is invested 
with her commanding commercial importance, for the railroad 
system of the entire northwest is tributary to her. Twelve 
great roads radiate from the city, and of these eight have 
their termini and headquarters here. Though there was not 
a mile of railroad in ^Minnesota prior to 1862, there are n.'W 
over 3,000 miles. In 1879 about 600 miles were added to the 

QDlHon ^1 Pnyffla I''>of"8 and Sheet-Iron ArchitectTiral 
OclUcll ^ Urygldj Workers, 114 N. 3d St., Minneapolis. 

Largest Stock Crockery 'Mof.^S, Lt'it 


system of Northwestern roads centering in St. Paul, while twn 
of the distinctively St. Paul concerns were reorganized aii.i 
strengthened. The Xorthern Pacific railroad located its oin- 
rative headquarters in the city, and is erecting a large office 
for business and 2 extensive freight houses. Up to January 
1, 1880, 584 miles of road had been completed; the coinjiaiiy 
is now pushing ahead at the rate of a mile per day and this 
year will complete its eastern line to the Yellowstone river, 
about 225 miles beyond the Missouri. 

The St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Company has suc- 
ceeded to the property and franchises of the St. Paul & 
Pacific companies, has "completed the Alexandria line, built 
a branch line from Crookston across the Red River of tin- 
North to Grand Forks, which is to be continued westward 
across the wheat belt of Northern Dakota, in all 100 miles of 
road; built 56 sidings, 121 bridges and stations, and 4t' 
elevators, including 1 at St. Paul, with a combined capacity of 
1,016,000 bushels. The course of the road is, first from St. 
Paul and Minneapolis to Breckenridge, thence down the Red 
River Valley to St. Vincent, where it connects with the Wiu- 
nepeg branch, continuing to Winnepeg, the flourishing cap- 
ital of ^Manitoba, and thence to the projected crossing of th.- 
Canadian Pacific Railway. Secondly, from St. Paul and 
Minneapolis up the Miss'issippi river to St. Cloud, theiicL- 
across the State to a junction with the other line near BariK-s- 
ville. Another branch is building from Sauk Centre south to 
Bis Stone Lake. 

The St. Paul & Duluth railroad, 155 miles from St. Paul !■> 
the rapidly expanding Lake Superior city, last year built a 
short line to Knife Falls, on the St. Louis, and thus opened 
up an extensive pine region whose products are now making 
it one of the greatest lumber carrying roads in the country. 
It connects wtth ilinneapolis by its White Bear branch, ha~ a 
branch from White Bear to Stillwater, and is building another 
from Wyoming to Taylor's Falls. The Chicago, St. Paul & 31in- 
neapolis Compliuy has removed its terminal work from Hud- 
son, Wis., to St. Paul. This road runs from St. Paul via 
Hudson and Eau Claire and the C. & N. W. Ry, to Chicago. 

The Hastings & Dakota division of the C, M. & St. P. 
nominally extends from Hastings on the Mississippi to Orton- 
ville on the western boundary of the State, at the foot ot BIl' 
Stone Lake, but practically has its terminus in St. Paul vi.i 
Farmington over the L & M. division of the C, M. & St. P. 

The'St. Paul & Sioux City Company has, by purchase and 
construction, acquired a nearly complete line from Stillwater 
and River Fall? to Omaha and the Niobrara. It is ojieratia^' 
the W. & S. F. branch, 03 miles; the Blue Earth City branch, 

I( A Dmh«>3«^m* l^s" foreseeth the Evil and Insureth 
A I rlluBni ^^'iTlself." Kew Enirland Mntnal L;f6 Insnrance C^.. - 
n I iMMMiii 3^^^^ J, J. WATSON, St. Paul, Gen'l Agent fur ll:i=".;u. 

F- F, Hen nig, 

Book-Binder and Blank-Book 

Manufacturer, Brackett'a Block, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 


;t4 miles; the BLuk Hills branch, the St. Paul, Stillwater and 
Taylor's Falls branch, 24 miles, and the Hudson & River 
Fails branch, 12 miles. It is pushing its lines forward with 
all speed from Sioux City, Iowa, to a junction with the Union 
Pacific Railroad at Omaha, westward from Sioux City up the 
Niobrara, and with the Black Hills division across Dakota to 
Poadwood, while the Blue Earth City division is being rap- 
idly extended southward into the coal fields of Iowa. 

"The Minneapolis & St. Louis extends southward from Min- 
neapolis and St. Paul to Forest City, Iowa, with a branch 
from Minnea]iolis to White Bear Lake. The main line is being 
pushed to Fort Dodge. The connecting line between Minne- 
apolis and St. Paul is being pushed to Fort Dodge. 

The Iowa and Minnesota division of' the Chicago, Mil- 
waukee & St. Paul, from St. Paul via Faribault, Owatonna, 
Austin and Prairie du Chieu, to the State line and the river, 
or La Crosse division, have their Minnesota headquarters in 
St. Paul. The Chicago, St. Paul & Minneapolis furnishes an 
eastern outlet via Hudson, Eau Claire and the C. & N. W. to 
Chicago, while the Xorth "Wisconsin, one of its branches, is 
being pushed toward an outlet on Lake Superior, at either 
Ashland or Bayfield. This necessarily condensed survey of 
the railroad system of St. Paul may be" made somewhat more 
complete by some freightage statistics. Unfortunately, at 
the time of writing, complete and detailed operations of all 
the roads are not obtainable. The figures given, though but 
partial, will serve to convey some idea of the extent of the 
city's trade as a distributing center: 



St. P. &D 60,063 135.160 

Xorthern Pacific 37,818 2,946 

St. P., M. &M. (6 months) ,.... 45,084 59,652 

St. P. &S. C 92,081 83,447 

C.,M. &St. P 34,011 94.250 

C.,St. P. &M 60,406 -112,733 

329.523 488,188 

A union passenger depot, to accommodate the huge pas- 
senger traffic, is one of the features of the year's business. 
St. Paul and jNIinneapolis have been dependent for their east- 
<Tn outlet upon the C, M. & St. P., the C, St. P. & M., and 
the C. & N. W. Rys. It is now felt that the time has come 
for more extended transportation facilities. A new road is 
I'rojected from the C, St. P. & M., at Chippewa Falls, which 
will give St. Paul an air line across Wisitonsin to Oconto, 
opposite Green Bay and the Lake Michigan ship canal. A 
project is being considered by American and Canadian caiu- 

SolidBronze Hardware. Slg;Si^ 

Wr PIIMKI P» Pfl Doalers in BOLTINQ CLOTH and CHIU':> 
. r. bUNN cL bU. ^°^^ ^^^eSiS" "''-'- 


talists for building a railroad direct from St. Paul to Sault St.- 
Marie, to connect there with a Canadian road to Ottawa, 
Montreal and Quebec. The present St. Paul system is com- 
pleted by a number of local branches and feeders. In tlu- 
words of a report of the Chamber of Commerce : 

"Within a year one of the distinctively St. Paul roads 
has become one of the greatest of lumber carriers. Within 
the same time St. Paul has been placed in position to receivi-. 
handle and export the wheat crop of the Xew Northwest. A 
year from now it Avill be cheaj>ly supplied with coal, as it i^ 
now with wood, and its facilities for obtaining the oi'es and 
metals of the Lake Superior mineral regions are unequaled. 
Three years from now it will be the collecting and distribut- 
ing point for the largest lumber traffic concentrated at any 
one point in the world." 


of St. Paul is a growth of the past dozen years or so. In 
that time the steady advancement of the city as adistributinu' 
point has been rapid. Ten years ago the trade was but 
§7,500,000 per annum. In 1879 243 wholesale houses, em- 
ploying 1,927 hands, did business amounting to §37,000,0U(i. 
Every branch of trade is represented in the city. Wholesah- 
houses are beginning, as in New York and Chicago, to con- 
fine themselves to special lines of business, while the whole- 
sale trade is being supplemented and increased by the e.xti-n- 
sive employment of trained and expert labor. Since thi 
compilation of the figures from which the above total wa- 
taken, several new establishments have been added to the 
wholesale and jobbing trade of the city. 


Space will not permit a detailed statement of the manu- 
facturing interests of St. Paul. The total value of products 
of manufacture in 1879 was §8,967,200. There were, in July, 
1880, 665 manufacturing establishments in the city, employing 
6,911 hands, and operated by 1,314 horse power of steam. 
AmonCT the great industrial enterprises are the St. Paul Har- 
vester Works, whose output last year footed up -51,000,oihi; 
the St. Paul Plow Works, a young concern but one of bril- 
liant promise ; the St. Paul Foundry and Manufacturing Com- 
pany, engaged in constructing steam boilers, and about U' 
add car works ; the vast car works of the various railroad 
companies ; and the great drug grinding and compoundinLT 
works. Below are S(jme figures taken from the statistical 
report : 

Bookbinding and blank books, §47,000; boots and shoe'. 
§534,850; book'and job printing, §172,000; brewing and m:dt- 

OVnLrLnO DilUOl East Third Street, Bt. Paul, Minn. 

Hashow,Maish& Davis, 

Are Agents for th« b«it OyHndsr 

Lobricitor la lh« vrorM. 8«ti»- 
faction gTiir&nUied. MlanoapoUi. 


inc, >i.il2,750; bridge building, $160,000; carpentering and 
liiiililing, 6675,000; carriages, wagons, etc., $218,000; cigars, 
$J-^5,Oo"o, confectionery, $-05,000; crackers, $107,000; farm 
iinplenionts, $300,000; flouring, $615,000; foundries and ma- 
chinery work, $322,000; furs, $78,000; harness, $149,000; 
clothing, $217,756; house furnishing, $119,000; chemicalsaud 
medicines, $127,000; tailoring, $327,000; millinery, etc., $135- 
000; publishing, $384,000; overclothing, duck goods, b.ags, 
etc., $619,000; pork and beef packing, $178,000; railway shop 
and yard work, $650,000; architectural iron work, $76,000; 
sash, doors and moldings, $87,000; soap, candles, lard oil, 
$152,000; steam boilers, $67,000; tin, copper and sheet iron 
working, $163,000. Three cigar factories, coffee and spice 
mills, a distillery and a saw-mill of 140 horse power, the 
whole employing 175 men, have been recently added to the 
manufacturing interests of St. Paul. The city requires furni- 
ture factories, as there is an unfailing supply of hard wood to 
be had. There is room for many specialties in the working 
of metals, for the investment of more capital in wagon making, 
and the manufacture of all kinds of agricultural machinery 
and implements, for stone and earthenware makers, for a 
retlnery of amber cane products, ^or linseed oil mills, paper 
mills, flouring mills and lumber mills, in fact for the produc- 
tion of goods of every description, which can be sold in the 
West and Northwest. 

The retail trade of St. Paul has shared in the general 
a.lvancement of prosperity, and is constantly expanding. Accu- 
r.ite figures have not been collated as to the volume ofbusiness 
for 1879, but it has been estimated at $20,000,000. It is not 
confined to the city, but operates, by samples and orders, all 
over the Northwest. ^ >^j4 ^fV^^V 


i.-- henceforward to play an important part in St. Paul's com- 
laiTcial economv. The lumber lino formed in the fall of 1S7'.), 
by tlie St. P. &"S. C, the C, M. & St. P., and the Kansas City 
A St. Jo Rys, for the transportation of lumber, from its dif- 
f'li lit seats of manufacture in Minnesota and Wisconsin, to 
N\ (Stern Iowa, Kansas and 3Iissouri, has its headquarters in 
•*^l. Paul, and there is promise that the carrying out of its 

i'lans will make the city the center of a vast lumber trade, 
^a^t year an extensive sheer boom was constructed in the Mis- 
•ii-sipi opposite Upper St. Paul, capable of holding some 75.- 
000,(100 feet of logs. During the summer a sluice-way was 
• "iistructed by the government at a cost of $10,00ii, to 'allow 
'lie logs to pass over the Falls without damaging the apron. 
I>iiring the present season this St. Paul boomis being ])ut in 

Kingsbury & Draper 

Keep a fall line of Darling, Brown 

& Bh*Tp»'t HAchlnliU' To.:U. 35 E«X 
TMfd St.. Bi. ?.uL 


I nmn Pnnrin "^^^^^ Cutlery and Plated "Ware, at Chark-s 
Lamp UUOUS, Johnson's Crockery House, '''l^SllUZt''-'- 


operation as the receptacle of all logs seeking a market bolcv*- 
the Falls, and several saw-mills are being constructed for tin- 
manufacture of lumber, an industry which St. Paul has hert- 
tofore lacked for a number of years. 

The subjoined table will show at a glance the progn«- 
which St. Paul has made in the 10 years between 1869" and 

1869. 1879. 

Population 19,000 55.0(^0 

Wholesale Trade $ 7,500,000 e36,94s.(.(Hi 

Manufactures § 3,375,000 ^S.'JUT.imhi 

Railroad Freight, tons 75,000 710,. .i") 

River Freight, tons 63,000 12,410 

Post Office, income §30,000 

Banking Capital $ 1,125,000 S2,.Wi,ooo 

Averag:e Deposits I 1,400,000 $5,U00.O'«i 

Exchange Sold $16,600,000 $4,5,0(I(».('(kp 

Personal Property, Assessments ^ 2,647,500 ?!5,491.ii-'i. 

Real Estate Assessments $ 5,977,387 §17,30(i.4m; 

To attempt anything like a detailed statement of St. Paul's 
financial, commercial "and manufacturing interests, would 
require a volume, therefore we must generalize. Seven banks 
have a capital of >!2,523,000, showing an average daily depu-^it 
of $5,000,000; sold last year 845,000,000 of exchange, and daily 
discounted an average 'of 84,500,000. Four grain elevators 
have a combined capacity of 2,358,000 bushels and others 
are being added. The 5 per cent, bonds of the city sell at 
par, and the city is worth 85,000,000 in money. She has 12 
building associations whose members pay in 85,000 per month; 
she has 45 secret societies, 3 orphan asylums, 3 hospitals sus- 
tained at the public expense, 25 charitable and beneyoK'at 
institutions, 15 clubs and societies, social, literary, artistic and 
library, and 3 Homes for friendless women. She is the head- 
quarters of the Army of the Dakota, embracing half a <1o7aii 
states and territories. She is the political capital of the Statr, 
and the government of the Union is there represented in the 
St. Paul custom .house, internal revenue offices, district and 
circuit courts and detective service. 


In educational matters St. Paul takes a high rank. >li'' 
has 12 public schools, among which the Jefferson, Lincoln, 
Madison and Franklin are three-storied structures, and the 
whole system will compare with that of any other city in tlu- 
country. The Roman Catholic population do not send 
children to the public schools, but to the parochial, of wiiirii 
there are a number. There are also Lutheran and privat-- 
schools. The school roster stood as follows at the opening oi 
the present year: 

Hall's Patent Infallible sSL°te^S5 


Cn TllimOTnM SoleAg'tMILBUEN WAGONS, TijcT Rakes, Ean- 
K I H I m N I I i IV dall Pulvermng Haxrows, Triumph Seeders, Can- 
I Ul I IIUllU 1 UI\J ton Plows, Boggles, etc., 18 W, 3d St., St. Paal. 


Public schools 3,500 

Roman Catholic schools 1,790 

Lutlieran schools 300 

Episcopal schools 45 

Private schools 250 

Total 5,885 

St. Paul lias 50 churclies, some of them being among the 
handsomest in the country. The Assumption church, Roman 
Catholic, is an immense and splendid edifice, ^vhioh cost 
N-2'20,000. The First Baptist church, built of pink Kasota 
limestone, cost >ilOO,000, and is an architectural triumph. 
Tlie House Presbyterian, Christ's and St. Paul's Episcopal 
churches are uncommonly fine structures, testifying to the 
laro-e liberality of the congregations. The denominations 
represented by the churches are, Adventist, Baptist, Christian, 
Congregational, Episcopal, Evangelical, Hebrew, Lutheran, 
Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Swedenborgian, 
Unitarian and Universalist. 


So far as the daily newspaper press is concerned, St. Paul 
takes a high place. The Pioneer Press, published simultane- 
ously in St. Paul and Minneapolis, is one of the great dailies 
of the Union, holding its own with the Chicago morning 
papers. The Globe and Despatch are enterprising and newsy 
s^heets. The Volkzeitung is a daily and weekly German 
print. Other publications are the Daily Hotel Reporter, 
Deutsche Warte, weekly ; Le Canmlien (French), weekly ; 
^fin|^esota Democrat, weekly ; ^'^orfhwestern Chronicle, 
weekly; A. 0. U. W. Monthly ; Independent Fanner and 
Fireside Compianion, monthly. 


Has been going ahead in St. Paul at a surprising pace since 
the revival of business and prosperity. Few well-established 
business houses in the city which have not had to enlarge or 
put up new structures, and the business area is constantly 
swallowing up more and more intramural territory. The 
building operations of the present year are something stu- 
pendous. Six hundred and fifty-five new buildings were con- 
structed last year. Among them were the 2 freight houses of 
the St. P., M. & 31. Ry, each over 500 feet long, and an de- 
fiant 3-story building' on the corner of Third and Wacouta 
streets. The St. P. tt D. Co. commenced even more extensive 
promises on the opposite corner. The new market house on 
><Vfnth street, 280x80 feet, 3 stories high, was com]>Ieted as 
t" tlu- superstructure during tlie season, and will be finislieil 

WILSON & JOKDAii^^<^n^^'?»-^-f^i^:. 

AHCHITECTa, Minneapolis. ^P!: 
and Spodfications fnnushed 
J kinds of Boildingi ou short 

Gr ETlKKinn^nn ^®®P^ °° h&ni tte finest Trench, Engli.i 
I ll r di 1 ili^lUIIj Scotch and Gennan Suitings, Minneapolis. 


this year. The Sherman Block of 5 elegant stores, the Davi^i- 
son Block, of the same proportions, Fhe German Amerii:iii 
Bank, the Berkey, Willoughby, Schulte, Warm, and (.ith, i 
business blocks, have enriched the business part of the citv 
Among the manufactoi-ies erected were Schurmeier's S-stiTv 
brick wagon and carriage factory, Crittenden's rooting \\iirk>. 
McAtfee's iron works, O'Leary's pork packing establishnicnt. 
and additions to the St. Paul iron foundry, to the St. I'aiii 
manufacturing company's buildings, to the harvester work-, 
plow works, railroad machine shops and other manufactorii v 
Large numbers of costly private residences, costing fi-nn. 
$15,000 to 825,000 have also been erected. The Sherman Hon-.- 
has added a -l-story extension, St. Joseph's Hospital has erert' 1 
a large additional building on its grounds, the German Lutliei- 
ans have finished a 3-story school house in the upper part d 
Wabasha street, and the State Reform school has put up '■■ 
large 3-story buildings. 

Among the works undertaken this season is the UninP 
Depot, to cost SioOjOOO for the main building, and al)oiit 
$350,000 including site and trackage. The Xorthera Paciti' 
Railway has on hand a freight depot on Prince street ovti- 
1,000 feet long, and elegant headquarters on the corner ■-■: 
Fourth and Wacouta streets. The C, M. & St. P. is enga-cl 
upon a freight house 1,000 feet long on the river bank. Tli' 
St. P., M. & M. is busily at work upon a passenger stati'm. 
transfer house, round house, and other structures. The ."^t. 
P. & S. C. Co. has transferred its mechanical headquarters t- 
St. Paul, and is building extensive machine and car shop- 
which will cover 40 acres. 


The civic government of St. Paul is vested in the hand- 
of a mayor (William Dawson, Esq.) and common couiuil. 
and the administration is marked by wise economy. Th' 
total indebtedness of the city is 81,519,310.71, mainly incni- 
red for railroad bonuses and public improvements. '1 1" 
receipts of the city treasury, in 1879, from all sources wn--- 
§448,508.62. The assessment on real and personal proiurt;. 
— at about 40 per cent, of cash valuation — was, for l-""- 
$22,791,512. The tax levy for the same year was, accordin.' 
to the report of the comptroller, 7 ^% mills. The total Stair. 
county, city and board of education levy was 13 mills. -1 1" 
paid fire department, of 43 members, is a very efficient oiu'. 
and the police force is a well disciplined body. 


St. Paul has always been popular, especially to southerner^. 
who are beginning to flock back as they did before the " .i'- 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

81 Eobert St., St. Paul, Miiuj 

h»T»all brindsof Keatnck Boaikj»: 
lad Kye Wtuakey constantly on t*a 


General ronBdere and MacMiiiiCi, 

Cor. 2d St, and Fifth Ave. Scntli, 

UinneapoUs, Minn. 


lu truth, much of the earlv prosperity of the city was due to 
the fact of liberal investments being made by men who came 
for health and remained for business. First-class hotel accom- 
modation keeps visitors in and near the city, and thus accus- 
toms them to the regular sight of its prosperity and thrift. 
Special reference under this head may be made to the 

lit R<- 1 

This house contains -OO roomi toi iruests, but it can rei 
lonably accorainod ite 2oO ptopU Iht building is heited 
by steam and Mipplied with ^is A pa-^-tn^'tr ele\itor 
connects with all the floors. Tlie number oi guesis range 
from 100 and upward, daily, indicating an aggregate of 
about 35,000 yearly. It is but a block from the depot, and 
is the favorite resort for traveling men. The hotel is not 
surpassed this side of Chicago in its appointments, and it is 
safe to say by none in the United States for its capacity and 
pretensions. The proprietor, Col. A. Allen, has built up its 
patronage from a feeble beginning until it ranks to-day sec- 
ond to no similar enterprise^in this country, as a steady, pay- 
ing, well managed hotel. Its worthy head is as popular as is 
his house; is generous to a fault, social with all, and a liberal- 
minded, public spirited man. For a number of terms he has 
been alderman of the citv of St. Paul, and for many years he 
■tm [ • 

k/JntOfi-al T^^'' ^^^*' ^''^^"S Paper, Pitch, etc. 

y; iCUGl lali Selden & Grygla, lU N. 3d St., lliimeapoU». 



IMON & 00., M,nnf,pcili 




has been prominently identified with her growth and pros- 

Another famous hostchy is the 



_ V^jSiiSV M 1 II k L - ' J:!'.:, i l i ' 


m III I li!^ 




This hotel, of which Col. E. C. Belote is proprietor, 
is 80 feet on Third by -200 on Washington street, H^" 
on Fourth, tive stories high, and contains 200 rooms, capalil'' 
of accommodating '2.50 guests. It cost 'JloOjOOO. The ollici- 
is very large and airy, fronting on two streets, the flu'ir 
being of beautiful marble tiles. It has a passenger elevatir, 
hot and cold water on each floor, is heatetl by steam, anil in 
fact is furnished with all modern hotel improvements. Tlie 
proprietor. Col. E. C. Belote, is a whole-souled, genial g<n- 
tleman, and entertains all guests in a princely style. Tlu- 
hotel is patronized extensively by tourists and travelers f'lr 
pleasure. On its register will be found constantly names of 
famous and noted personages from all parts of the world. 


of Boetoiu Law of lIaM»cbniett» Broriiies t^fsiM* 
forfeiture I J. J.WaUoa, 6»ii'l A^., 81. PmI, 1!;-°- 


Largest, Finest and Most Complete Drug Warehouse 
in the West. 



Wholesale Druggists 

68 and 70 Sibley, cor. Fifth Street, 



Chemicals, Patent Medicines. 

Homceopathic Medicines, 

Perfumery and Toilet Articles, Fancy Goods and Druggiste' 
Sundries, Cigars and Smokers' Articles, Artists' Mate- 
rials, Brushes, etc, Razors and Pocket Cutlery, 
Fishing Tackle, eto., etc. 



Soda Water Apparatus and Materials; Brewers, Confectioners, 

S. W. Manufacturers and Soapmakers Supplies; Fine Coach, 

Furniture and other Varnishes, etc.; Naval Stores, Tar, 

Pitch, Oakum, etc., Benzine, Gasoline, etc. 


Standard Pharmaceutical Preparations. 

Buyers of Wax, Gineeng and Senega Roots, eto. 


PIPTI I^^Q Prames and Looking-Glasses, at CHAELES JOHN- 
r lU 1 UfiLOj SOFS, 513 Washington Ave. South, Minneapol:!. 



Abbott Everton J, physician, TO "VT 3d. 

Abramson Mrs Hannah, second hand store, 29 E 7tL 

Acly & O'Connor, meat market, 47 Robert. 

Adams George, hardware, stoves, etc, 84 Jackson. 

Adams John Q, Grain Commission, 60 E 3d. 

Ahern James M, saloon, 66 Minnesota. 

Albcrlson Bros (Charles H and Wm), Proprs COD 

Laundry, SB E 3d. {&e adv.) 
Albrecht Christian, hamessmaker, 178 E 7th. 
Albrecht E & Bro (Ernst and Charles), Fur Mnfrs, 

34 E 3d. {See ad>\ -^d tJ;/ pac/e.) 
Albrecht, L.aiipher' &. Finch (Ernest Albrecht, 

Obed P Lanpher, Dudley B Finch), Wholesale Hats, 

Caps, Furs, Straw Goods, Umbrellas and Buck Goods, 

108 and 110 E 3d. 
Albright W H, agent U S Express Co, 30 E 3d. 
Aldenberg &: Conhaim, wholesale cigars, 70 Jackson. 
Allen A, Fropr Merchants' Hotel, cor 3d and Jackson. 
Allen Charles W, silverplater, 82 Robert. 
Allen James P, druggist, cor Jackson and 7th. 
Allis &, Alll!^ (Lorenzo and Frederick), Lawyers, Rouni 

11 McQuillan Block, cor 3d and Wabasha. 
Alnaes Arne L, clothing, 48 Jackson. 
American B H O and Sewing Machine Co, A L Mitchell mau- 

ager, 13 W 3d. 
Anicrican Express Co, E F Warner Division Supt 

and Agent, cor 4th and Wabasha. 
Amort Bros, saloon, 62 W 3d. 
Amos Jacob H, cigar mnfr, 72 W 3d. 
Anderson Bros, grocers, 82 Minnesota. 
Anderson Lina, merchant tailor, 34 Jackson. 
Anderson Wm L, carpets, etc, 86 E 3d. 
Anderson G W, grocer, 112 St Peter. 
Anderson Wm, watches and jewelry, 151 E 7th. 
Anoka Eliniber Mills, Thomas Cochrane Pres, A E 

Clark Trcas and Manager, G H Warren Sec, 27 W 3d. 
Anushinsky ILarris, notions, 19 E 7th. 
Archibald <fc Schurmeier, merchant millers, 34 W 3d. 
Armbruster Joseph, junk dealer, cor 3d and Rosabel. 
Arzt Mrs Caroline, flour and feed 135 Mississippi. 
Athey Henry H, painter, 62 Robert. 

Aureden Henry, propr Minnesota Home, cor 3d and Rosabel. 
Auerbach, Finch, Culbertson & Co, wholesale dry goods, cor 

3d and Wacouta. 
Austrian Julius, Commission Merchant, 81 Jack.«on. 

Hall's Patent Infallible ssesrjs^^it-ic 

Hashow,Maish& Davis, 

5 faction ^&ranle«d. Misneapollfc 




Galvanized Iron Cornices 

Window Caps and Ventilators. 


Asphalt, Pitch. Gravel, Iron and Tin Roofer 

All kinds of Jobbing m Slicct Iron and Metal Work. All Work guar- 
anteed and Estimates given. 

George L. Farwell 



Agricultural Implements 

Agent for Howe Scales. . ■ 

Orders by mail carefully and promptlj' executed. 



Kingsbury & Draper 

Eeep a full line of Darlbp, Brown 

k Blmrpe'B Machinists' Toc'.s. 35 Eirt 
XMid St., 8L Pad. 

C D D 3 K 5 ?^ n VT !D f^ r« j'\ T"^ Of Latest Style made to order, at 
or n!i\Ol U ¥ LiluUA I Og. r. Farrington's, Minneapolis. 


Avcrill. Russell & Carpenter (John T Averill, 
Wm A Russell, Herbert M Carpenter), Paper Dealers 
and Mnfrs and Wholesale Stationers, 150 and 152 E 3d. 
Bacon G Vaux, lawyer, InsjersoU block. 
Baeon «& Lamliie (Elijah X Bacon, D D Lambie), 
Druggists and Depot for Dental and Surgical Instru- 
ments, cor 3d and Wabasha. 
Bahnemann George, grocer and saloon, 280 E 7th. 
Bailey Andrew O, hides, pelts and furs, 10 Jackson. 
Bailey "Win F, Brass Founder and Mnfr of All Kinds 

of Brass Goods, 67 E t3th. 
Baker & Letteau, dressmakers, 70 W 3d. 
Bahne ]SIorgau, grocer, 227 Broadway. 
Barker ]\Iiss Carrie, milliner, 204 E 7th. 
BardCll Kowlaild, Grain Dealer, corner Robert 

and 3d. ^ ^ 

Barnuiii Augustus K Real Estate, 26 E 3d. 
Barrett Morris E, restaurant, 80 Robert. 
Barthel Dominic, merchant tailor, 140 St Peter. 
Bartliel E J, Wholesale Dealer in Leather and Findmgs, 

29 Robert. 
Barwise Thomas, shoemaker, 45 Robert. 
Bass F B <fc Co, furniture, 57 Jackson. 
Bassford Edward P, architect, Ingersoll block. 
Bast John, grocer and saloon, cor Hoppe and E 7th. 
Bates Joseph W, liveiy, 91 E 6th. 
Batty Mrs J, milliner, 91 E 7th. 
Bayer John, shoemaker, 44 Jackson. 
Bauer Charles, mnfr show cases, etc, 118 E 5th. 
Bazille J A & Bro, painters, 97 Jackson. 
Beaupre, Allen & Keogh, wholesale grocers, 143 E 3d. 
Beek «& Rank (Edwin S Beck, Adolph Rank), House 

and Sign Painters, 87 E 4th. 
Becker R A, druggist, 161 E 7th. 
Beecher Samuel A, dentist, 6 E 3d. 
Behm Charles, saloon, 97 E 5th. 
Bell Charles N, lawyer, 60+ E 3d. 
Bclotc lirastus C, Propr Metropolitan Hotel, cor M 

an<l Washington. 
Bender Peter, saloon, 138 St Peter. 
Benning Bernard, grocer, 123 Canada. 
Benson, Bates & Co, mnfrs harrows, 18 Jackson. 
Bentle Enijel, baker and confectioner, 240 Robert. 
Bcnz CjVor^O, Wholesale Wines and Liquors, 93 W 3(1. 

BerS">"«» J^oloinon, nide.s, Pelts, Furs and Wool, 63 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. ^^^^tst^i 

and KjB "Whiskey oonBtantly 

CPI TIlUriOTHM Sole Ag'tillLBUKS WAGONS, Tiger Rakjs,R«. 
. Dl I r UnC I UIMl d^llP"l«ri2iiig Harrows, Tnumph Seeder., Can- 



No. 68 Third Street 




Spice Millers 



Flavoring Extracts, Baking Powder, Etc., 




St. :E=a.^l. 

The Largest Manufacturing Establishment of the kind 
in the Northwest. 



HAEMON & CO., Minaea,. 


Berkey John A «& Co (John A Berkey), Proprs Riv- 
erside Coffee and Sjiice Mills, Mnfrs Baking Powdi-r, 
Flavoring Extracts, Cream Tartar, Mustard, Etc, 135 E 
4th. {See ci'h; bottom end and pa;/e 611.) 

Berkey Peter, Livery and Boarding Stables, Sev<.-ii 

Berkman C C it Son, vet surgeons, cor 6th and Cedar. 

Berkman Wm, notions, etc, 75 E Seventh. 

Bernhard Charles, stoves and tinware, 102 Wabasha. 

Bernheim Nathan, second-hand goods, 110 Wabasha. 

Berrisford Enoch F, b.aker, 6:^ E^jth. 

Berrisford Thomas, baker, 65 E 5th. ■ 

Berthiaume Louis, superintendent St Paul plow works. 

Berttossi Frank, painter, 108 W 9th. 

Beulke Theodore W, meat market, 159 E Tth. 

Biebighauser & Otto, hardware, stoves, etc, 270 E 7th. 

Bigelow, Flanilrau & Clark, lawyers, 28 E .3d. 

Big^forcl .llareilS A, Agent HalFs Safe and Lock Co. 
46 Jackson. (.S>: left hand bottom lines.) 

Biggs Edward II, wholesale druggist, 80 E 3d. 

Bihs;iia9ii Frederiek V, Musical Merchandise, VI 
\y 3d. 

Birmingham T F & Bro, grocers, 272 E 7th. 

Bjarnstad Julius, stair builder, n e cor 13th and Jackson. 

Blakemore George, gilder, 85 W 3d. 

Biasing H A, grocer, 3-tO E 7th. 

BlOfUrett «& 0!«_s:oo<l (Harvey F Blodgett, Benjamin F 
Osgood), Planing Mill, Mnfrs Boxes and the Fi>lier 
Refrigerator, w s Cedar bet 6th and 7th. 

Blumenthal Sally, second-hand goods, 60 Wabasha. 

Boerilllier Peter, Optician, ilodel Maker and Mnfr ..>I 
Mathematicnl Instruments, 38 E 3d. 

Bolirer «fc Efillllsiok, General Commission Merchants 
and Dealers in Butler and Eggs, 44 Robert. 

Bond Peter J, saloon, 12 E 3d. 

Bonn Henry, coppersmith, 87 Cedar. 

Booth Walter R, baker, etc, 15 Wabasha. 

Bowdeil BrOfS, Wholesale Confectioners and Mnfrs of 
Po]> Corn, S4 Canada. 

Boivlill Patriek J, Wholesale Wines, Liquors and 
Cigars, 38 Sibley. 

Brache Charles, cigar mnfr and barber, 169 V E 7th. 

Braden J B & Bro, hardware, 47 E 3d. 

Bradley Alfred, boots and shoes, 237 E 7th. 

Bradley Wm, carpenter, 10 E 9th. 

Bradshaw Edward H, saloon, 104 W 3d. 

HA TivtiAnv^t l*'^^" ^ceseeth the Evil and Insure:^ 
A rrUUSril •^'"^self." New England Matc-il Life InsaMHCs C . 

BoBlon. J, J.WATSON,St.Panl,Gen'lAgeiit:orlIin!i.^ ■-'- 

Hashow, Maish & Davis, g|— e.^^^- 

cents for Hancock's Icaplr 

The Vest tcilerfeedcriunse 

J 2JSt.&5t!iATe.S.,Mimieftpolia 





Wines and Liquors 
fixe old kentucky bourbon 


Imported Liquors in Original Packages in and out 
of bond. 

No. 96 East Third Street, 


Mail and City orders will receive prompt and care- 
ful attention. 


luteruational Hotel 


Cor. seventh and JACKSON Sts. 

St. Paul, Minnesota. 

TEI^ilvdS, $X.50 ^'lEI^ D-^^H". 

ShpPt-!rnn Qirlln'* rorractories,Mills, Bridges, etc. SJ- 

i 'vl'..' 

WC PHMM J?# Pn nonr Mill Builders and Gfincnl 
I fl uUiMM <Xr uUl I''"TU3lier3, 401 Washington Avenne 3.,.v 

MioaeapoUa, Mian 


Bradstreet Co The, mercantile agency, Powell Macy sup.jni: • 

tendent, cor 3d and Minnesota. 
Brady Harry A Co, fish, game, etc, 19 E 7th. 
Brandhorst, Moeller & Co, sash, doors and blinds, cor Otli anl 

Brantbcrg James G, shoemaker, 138 E 7th. 
Brautigan Mrs C, toys, 178 W 3d. 
Brautigan Frederick, cigar mnfr, 178 AV 3d. 
Breclier, Beclit «!fe Co (Arnold Brecher, George \V 

Bccht), Wholesale Notions, Furnishing Goods, Etc., :\'i.i 

Mnfrs Overalls and Mens' "Wear, 104 E 3d. 
Breen & Young, stone contractors, cor Minnesota and 9th. 
Breg Joseph, grocer, 52 Eagle. 
Breidert L, hardware and stoves, 20 E 3d. 
Brennan James, livery, 114 Wabasha. 
Brewer Nicholas R, artist, 12 McQuillan Block. 
Briggs & Merrill, shirt factory and laundry, 34 Jackson. 
Brisbine A G, physician, 87| W 3d. 
Brouchear & Dillon, blacksmiths,. 85 E 6th. 
Brown Andrew, saloon, cor 5th and Rosabel. 
Brown Charles, sale stable, rear of postotBce. 
Brown Edgar A, jeweler, 75 E 3d. 
Brown James H, grocer, cor 5th and Robert. 
Brown Peter V, news depot, Merchants' Hotel and ■')'.m 

Brown & Foster, books, stationery, etc, 124 Jackson. 
Bruce Robert, barber, 5 E 7th. 
Bruii^^vick & Blake Co The J 51, A J Bells Agt. 

Billiard Table Mnfrs, 20 and 22 Jackson. 
Bryant Charles S, Lawyer, 37 Wabasha. 
Bryant Jolin la, Dentist, s E 3d. 
Buclianan Homer W, dentist, cor 3d and St Peter. 
Buegor Henry, saloon 168 W 3d. 
Buflington Lerov S, architect, cor 3d and Jackson. 
Buford B 1) & Co, J H Burwell Agt, Mnfrs Plou-. 

Browne Sulky and Gang Plows, Road Scrapers, Culti\:i- 

tors and Harrows, and Dealers in Jackson Wagons a;:! 

Victor and Star Sulky Hay Rakes, 149 E 3d. \See !'■''■. 

front eover.) 
Bnnde A II, Florist, 23G E 10th. {See adv.) 
Bunde H B, tlorist, City Market. 
Buncman & Schoch, grocers, 80 Jackson. 
Burch Peter, shoemaker, 10 Washington. 
Burcs Nicholas, Catholic books, 30 Exchange. 
Burgess Mrs Josephine, hoop skirts, etc, 32'^W 3d. 
Burke Ellen, grocer, cor 4th and Minnesota. 

SGHEFERS BROS. '"^ ''"^'^'^' '^'°''' ""' '' 

E, Third Street, ST. PAUL, Mi: 


Manufactured for Banks, Mill Men and Corpora- 




Corner Third and Wacouta Streets, St. Paul, 

Steam t oilers, j asomeiers 

Water and Oil Tanks, 


— .1>-D — 


Smoke Stacks and Britchens. 
All kinds of Plate and Sheet 
Iron Work made to order. 

P. O. Box 1125. 

MiniiGSGta Type Foundry. 


Type Founders, Electrotypers ^Stereotypers 

31 and 33 East Fifth St. (old Nos.) St. Paul, Minn. 

EloctT0t3T)ins and Stereotyping in all il 
FTt-sies and Prlntini? Material ot all kinds, 
an 1 sell the Type of all Tvpe Founders at 

3 branches at Chicafro prices. Printing 

We manufacture manv kinds of Type, 

the same prices as thoufrh bought direct. 



Successors to A. E. MELLGREN, 

Engravers, Plate Printers, 


Seals, Rubber Stamps, Steel Stamps and Stencils, 

Wood Engraving a Specialty. 
>5 East Third Street, ST. PAUL, MINN. 

MnUrittenden & Co.-Si-SS^^^ 

i-1 .■! 

Charles Johnson,'"'''"' "' ''"""' ''' ""•"■ 

Ij ington Ave. South, MDTNEAPOLIt 


Burkhard Wm R, gunsmith, :59 E 3d. 

Burkley Martin, machinist, 9th bet Cedar and Minnesota. 

Burnaud Frederick, saloon, 16t3 E Tth. 

Burnes John E, cigars and tobacco, 86 "Wabasha. 

Burnham Lucius (Burnhara & Jones), res 15 Olmsted. 

Blirnliaill «k Jones, Cement and Sewer Pipe Mnfr-. 
n s Nash bet Mississippi and Debow, Office 7 Somerset. 
{See adv.) 

Burr Walter T, la^ryer, u ^^' cor 3d and Robert. 

Burr & Co, cigars and tobacco, 127 E 7th. 

Burton B, grocer, 256 Robert. 

Burton & Rosenholtz, second-hand goods, 85 and 87 E 7th. 

Buschmann & Co, wagonmakers, 281 E 7th. 

Byrne Wm, hotel, 108 Minnesota. 

Caldwell Charles C, propr St Nicholas Hotel, 107 E 3d. 

Callahan David, grocer, 6 Pearl. 

Campbell, Burbank & Co, wholesale clothing, 83 E 3d. 

Canada Southern Fast Freight Line, Angus B Wilgus agent, 
46 Jackson. 

Capehart Augustus R, lawyer, 40 E 3d. 

Cardinal & Billiard, proprs Chippewa Hotel, 61 Robert. 

Cardozo Benjamin N, furniture, 75 Jackson. 

Carel F C. teacher of French, cor E 7th and Jackson. 

Carey & Makinson, carpenters and builders, 118 Robert. 

Cariveau, Priedeman & Co, grocers, cor 7th and Rob- 

Carlson & Blomgren, painters, 246 Jackson. 

Carou Ouesime, shoemaker, 99 Robert. 

Carpenter Warren J, lawyer, 29 E 3d. 

Cashill & Jackson, horseshoers, cor 4th and St Peter. 

Casserly Frank, confectioner, 9U E 7th. 

Catholic Colonization Society, Bishop Ireland director, cor 
Wabasha and 6th. 

Cavender Abram H, carriage mnfr, 58 E 5th. 

Cavietzel Louis C, hat and bonnet bleachery, 81 Robert. 

Caviezel Christian, saloon, 67 Wabasha. 

Chamber of Commerce, H H Sibley pres, Wm D Rogers sec, 
15 W 3d. 

Chamberlin W E, grocer, 145 Mississippi. 

ChailtUer John A, General Agent C, M & St P Ry 
Co, cor 3d and Jackson. 

Chanson & Gautier, restaurant, 19 W 3d. 

Chase C \V «fc €o (Charles W Chase), Produce and Com- 
mission, 105 Jackson. 

Chase &: Dyer, Proprs Eastern Fish Packing Co, i:^I 
Jackson. {See ado.) 

Hall's Safe I Lock Co. r"'™''°""°"" 

I inga, 46 Jackson St,, ST. PAUL 

K, ■■'> ' .: ;,.'? 

Hashow,Maish& Davis, SI 

T, sell aad eicbange all kjndt 

" ngires and M.icliinery. Cor. 

i, 5th Ave.S., Minneapolis. 



JIanufacturer. \\n>ole«ale and Retail Dealer in 

Harness, Saddlery 

Whips, Nets, Lap Rob^s, Eorse Clothing, etc. 
No. 59 Jackson Street, ST. PAUL, MINN. 

Wholesale Dealer and Jobber in 



103 Jackson Street, between Sixth and Seventh Streets, 



Exporter of Furs and Commission Dealer in 

Skins, Wool, Hides, Ginseng. Game 


Ammunition and Traps. 

No. 55 Jackson Street, ST. PAUL, MINN. 



Foreign I Domestic Wines snd Liquors 

Agent for the Lenk Wine Co.. Toledo, O. 


No. 93 West Third Street. St. Paul, Jlinnosota. 

RllilHoro' Uarrf!''/oi'Q^^^^'^^^<^3"^°o^^ ^"^ 

UUnUul nai U t JCil C bnry&Draper. 35E.XUrdSt.,8i.PaaL 

Gr r_„j,|^.^-jl« Artistic Tailor. Dress Suits a Speci.\lLy. 
■ 1*1 lul riil'^iUllj 239 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Mi nu. 


Chemical :?Iauulactiiriu§^ Co, John A Berk, y &. 

Co Proprs, 3Iiit'rs Pure Flavorina; Extracts, PcrfuuuTv. 

Hair Oils, Inks, Etc, 135 E -Ith. ^(>\¥ .7<7-...) 
Cliieaso, St I»aiil, 5Iiiinea|iolis «& Omaha 

Line, H H Porter Pros, J W Bishop Gen Man.i-.T, K 

W Winter Gen Superintendent, F B Clarke Gen Tnitli. 

Manac;er, OtHces cor 3d and Jackson. {See ('■/'•.) 
Chicago, St Paul «t Minneapolis Ry, St Paul & Sioux City 11 
- R, Sioux Citv & Paeitic R R, and Kansas City, St Jn-, 

& Council Bluffs R R lumber line, G E Storkljri.l-^r 

manatrer, cor 3d and Jackson. 
Cilislett A Sons (John, John Jr, Howard R, and Her- 
bert G), Boots and Shoes, 37 E 3d. (See adu, bwk <:„,■, >■.) 
Chittenden Edwin S, lawyer, cor 3d and Jackson. 
Christie Mrs E, dressmaker, 129^ E 7th. 
Christoph Herman, market gardener, 11 City Market. 
Clarendon Hotel, C T McNamara Propr, cor tith and 

Clark & Smith, stair builders, cor 7th and Exchange. 
Clarke Trank B, General Traffic Manager Chicago. 

St Paul, ^linueapolis & Omaha Line, cor 3d and Jackson. 
Classen E, fancy goods, 10 W 3d. 
Claus Hei-mann, artiticial limb mufr, 41 Wabasha. 
Cleveland Co-operative Stove Co, cor 4th and Coacouta. 
Cochran Thomas, Jr, Real Estate, Mortgage Loan- 

and Insurance, 11 Wabasha. 
Cole ilyron W, merchandise broker, 121 E 3d. 
Comfort Oscar II, lawyer, cor 3d and Jackson. 
Comfort's (Allen II and Oscar H Comfort), proprs and man.i- 

gers Northwestern Commercial Agency, Fire and Mariin- 

Commercial Hotel, H S Temple propr, 93 and 95 E 7th. 
Condit A Dayton, Monitor oil stoves, cor Wabasha and 3d. 
Congdon Chester A, lawyer, 33 Wabasha. 
Conlcy Patrick, propr Conley's Varieties, cor 3d and St Pet.:r. 
Constans Wm, tirewer's supplies, S Jackson. 
Center John B, lime, 13 Chestnut. 
Cook John B, livery, 113 and 115 E 4th. 
Cook N A, salo')n, cor 4th and Jackson. 
CooleyDeWitt C, lawyer, lU W 3d. 
CoopeV J F, upholstere'r, 138 Jackson. 
Cooper & Wilcox Misses, milliners, 138 Jackson. 
Cornish \V D, Lawyer, 54 E 3d. 
Cornman Lorenzo R, lawyer, 122 E 3d. 
Cornnick & Gotzian, dry goods, etc, 268 E 7th. 
Costain & Cloary, wood, 92 W 3d. 

Costcllo Mark, carpenter and builder, cor 5th and JIarket. 
CraisT it Larkin, china, crockery and glassware, 64 Sibley. 

?S Perkins, Lyons & Co. ^r^ptfrnne^'afd Liquet- 

Cn TISMf^f^Tfl^l SoleAg't TIGER RAKES, Milbnrn Wagons, Bnj 
K iHnhXnii^ gies.KandaUPalvMizing Harrows, Triumph Seed 
I Hi I ilWllW I 'Ji«5 ers, CaiitoaPlows,etc., 18 W, 3dSt.,St.Paa 


Vaughan & Go's 

Show Case Manufactory. 

All kiuds of Show Case Repairiu.? ueatly doiif. 


Successor to C. H. SCHMIDT 

No. 136 E. Seventh St., cor. Sibley, St. Paul. Minir 


Billiard Balls, Singly or in Sets, Re-turued, Colored, Etc. Umbrellas, 

Canes, and all kinds of Fancy Articles 

Repaired and Sold. 

D. McNeill, 

Carpenter me Builder 

S1:lop, S5 lESoloert Street, 




I ' '^■lUlII I LU I Ol to PubUoBaUdiiigs, Schools, OourVE 


) Special attontioc 

Buildings, Schools, Oourt-Housaa and Chaiches 

... 1 ; !.. ' I 

Headquarters for Crockery ^"-"E 


HARMON i ( ■ 


Cripiien Herbert S, Mnfr Trunks, Bags and Vali-.i>, 
74 E :ul. (>V» front cover.) 

Crittei»«lcil 3l"ll «fe Co (Mason H Crittenden, Eclwai.l 
E Sci'ibner), Pitch and Gravel, Slate and Iron RootVr-. 
JMnfrs Galvanized Iron Cornices, Fire Proof Doors aul 
Shutters, Hayes' Patent Skylights, Crittenden's Patent 
Iron Siding "for Elevators and Warehouses, cor 6th aibi 
Sibley. {See bottom lines.) 

Crocker E F, bed spring mnfr, 125 Wabasha. 

Crocker E F, jr, painter, W oth nr Fort. 

Cronstedt John, saloon, cor :3d and Rosabel. 

Ci'oonquist, Peterson & Co, clothiers, etc, 129i and 153 E 7th. 

Cummings E D, commission, 116 E 3d. 

Cummings Michael J, saloon, 74 W 3d. 

Cummins Lawson C, marble works, cor 7th and Cedar. 

Cunningham John W, job printer, 19 Wabasha. 

Curtice David L, civil engineer, 21 W 3d. 

€iirtis!» Biisiiiess fcol!es-e, C C Curtiss Propr, ca- 

3d and Wabasha. {See adv.) 
Cnrtiss Charles C, Propr Curtiss Business Colkgr, 

cor 3d and Wabasha. {See adv.) 
Czeikowitz Richard D, saloon, 21 E 5th. 
Daily Glolie (daily, Sundays and weekly), II P Hall proj>r, i: 

Daily Hotel Reporter, Frederick H Ertel Propr, > - 
. E*3d. 

Daman Theodore, saloon, 34 E 11th. 
Damroger Henry, grocer. 277 E 7th. 
Dauneberg Charles, furrier, 141 St Peter. 
Danz Jacob, barber, 192 E 7th. 
Davenport George C, druggist, 76 Wabasha. 
Davenport James, books and stationery, 20 W 3d. 
Davenport James, jr, physician, 1204^ W 3d. 
Davis James H, boots and shoes, 173 E 7th. 
Dari<«, O-Brieil & WiUon (Cushman K Davis, Chri- 

topher D O'Brien, Henry A Wilson), Lawyers, cor o'l 

and Wabasha. 
Davis & Stevens, lawyers, 112 E 3d. 
Daw Wm, second-hand goods, 90 W 3d. 
Daw<«Oll & Co (Wm Dawson, Robert A Smith, AIl"-i'. 

Scheller), Bankers, 106 E 3d. 
Day Alfred, Livery and Boarding Stable, cor 5th ar.l 

Wa^hinu'ton. {See adv.) 
Drty David, Postmaster. 

Decker Adam, hardware, stoves, etc, 61 Jackson. 
De Footer «fc Clark, Furniture, 72 and 74 Jack-on. 
Dedolph Frederiek, Physician, 200 E 7th. 

ID" K I D Q n 0We!5t, Best and Cheapest. New JjicL--^ 
J y~ I Q Ul ilataal Life Icsniance Co. of Boston. J. J.WAT.-U>, 
General Ageut, ST. PAUL. 


J Minneapolis, Minn. 



Chas. Faber, Prop'r, 

No. 142 Fort St., 7 Corners, St. Paul, Minn. 


Manufacturers of 

Office, C'liuicli .lutl House 


.^_ .. ' ■-■•''J' -j3\ Wood-Mantels, Bric-a brae and Art-Fur- 

'",--"-, - ^- _ _ --^=;1 niture a Specialty. Designs prepared on 

-i i 1 ' "r * " —'^acAAs short notice. 

'^-^~^ -^^-^-^ ' - ^ - Xo. :)1 iind 3:?T:iglitli St..St. Paul 



White and Fancy Shirts to Order. 

East Third St., upstairs, ST. PAUL, MINN. 


Cor, Isabel St. and Clinton Ave., Gth.Ward, St. Paul, Minn. 




Sail Yachts, Hunting IJoats and Catamarau-. '*'' 
Oars and Boat Fi.vtures always ou jv*-- 
Uand. Repairing neatly and "^|_^ 
promptly done. 

Pitch and Gravel Roofers. """""^'^""- 

Third St., Mbneapoli 

W. F. GUNN & CO.S^p|K£s;s£! 

Otlice- Day Block, MraBeipohs, Minn. 

Deebaeh & Sehiler, barbers, 103 E 4tb. 

Dofiel tt Ilanly, pi-oprs People's lee Co, 19 Wabasha. 

Defmiichy Vt'm, fiiiits, etc, 39 Jackson. 

De Graff & Co, railroad contractors, 105 Jackson. 

De Graw it Fanner, lumber, sash, doors, etc, 48 E 7th. 

Delancy Wni, saloon, cor 4th and Robert. J H, locksmith, etc, 6U "Wabasha. 

Dempsey George, plumber, 130 E 7th. 

DcpeiV d: '"Laivsoii (Late Depew & Burns), Mnfi-> 

Steam Engines, Boilers, Flour and Sa-sv-Mill 3Iarliinerv, 

Iron Building Work, Etc, 120 and 122 E 5th. (.\. 

Der Wanderer (German -weekly), Wanderer Printing Co 

proprs, 13 Wabasha. 
Desjardins Joseph, carpenter, 60 Robert. 
Detlefsen Martin, flour mills, w s Cedar bet 6th and 7th. 
De Voe Benjamin R, sale stable, 64 E 5th. 
Dewey James J, physician, 47 Jackson. 
Deuey Walter W, shirt mnfr, 90 E 3d. 
Dickinson James, tailor, 122 Wabasha. 
Dickinson Samuel G, notions, 6 W 3d. « 

Diederich Wm, wines, liquors, 8 E 6th. 
Dieter Wm F, boots and shoes, 67 Jackson. 
Dietz it WaUev. upholsterers, cor 7th and Wacouta. 
DiltsSe Jo*iClJ!i, Boat Builder, cor Isabel and Clinton 

ave. {St€ <i,fc.) 
Ditcher Samuel, barber, cor 4th and 7th. 
Dodge Mrs :M, dressmaker, 110 St Peter. 
Doherty John, saloon, 47 E 4th. 
Donnelly Hugh C, saloon, 10 Wabasha. 
Dorion Charles X, physician, Sherman Block cor 6th and 

Dorn John, so;;p and rrlue mnfr, Carbon w of Rice. 
Dotv Mrs B 31, midwife, 14 E 9th. 
Dow L, clotnier, 82 E 3d. 
Dow & BergHeld, clothing, 108 Jackson. 
Dowlan Jolin, wood, cor 5th and Wabasha. 
Dowling ct Ely, builders, W 5th nr Fort. 
Doyle John, saloon, 72 !\Iiimesota. 
Dreis «& MitsL-h. druggists, 114 St Peter. 
Drewi'j- & 5*oil. Ale, Porter and Lager Beer Brewcr< 

and Bottlers. Stillwater Road, nr IMinnchaha. 
Duggan Bro- (John G and Patrick G), blacksmiths, cor 5th 

and Miniu sola. 
Dunn Charh -. faiuy goods, 66 Wabasha. 
Dunn Edwani, uropr Nicholas House, cor 4th and Kitson. 

CPUE'ErErDQ DDHQ ^^^^ Merchant Tailoring, No. 4C 
OUnLrLilO DriUOi E. Third Street, ST. PAUL, Minn. 

Fp ■ I .M. ■-, M, I M/i Book-Binder and Blank-Book 
- r m riGnniH^. Manolactnrer, Brackett'a Block, 



\ . ;■ '' ■ .■;'.,-^^ ';:' Cer. Oak asd Ninth Sts., St. Paul, Mina. 

.?/»•;. -_.- . ' - :^ House and Bedding Plants, Baskets. Bouquets. 

*i ■; »'?•- •■■•-' "•j>- Wreaths. Crosses and Dec. rations made to onler. 

-"--■-'V .•--,• -'V.-..-' Send for Pri.-'e List of Plants ami Floral Designs. 

h:e3st-:e^"^ sbel, 


Carriages ,^ Wagons 

Horse Shoeing and Repairing 

done promptly. Orders from 

the country solicited. 





PiEifale I Eejiair Mt 

n rj By their Xew Method of Steam Scouring. 

125 Sobert Street, al3;ve Seventh, ST. PAUL; UINN. 


Good turn-outs of every description at reasonable 


Horses Boarded by tlie )Mi 

^^^ _ Also storage for Carriages. Sleighs, 

/^ -^ ^, \^ or any bulky goods. 

r ^ - ^_, -^^^^ Q\ Cot. 5:h and Washington Sts.. 

^•^^ Z^'^-^^ Z ■^^-'--^ ST. PAUL, MINN. 


Galvanized Iron Window Caps.S^ 

M. H. Orlttenden i 

,, eth »nd SibUy 

- Paul, Mm- 

I QmnPnnr^rt '^^^^^ Cutlery and Plated "Ware, at Oharl.-s 
Lallip UUUUOj Johnson's Crockery House, ^^^ Yn^^l°f^ouf "•'^' 


Duuili^an Jailieiit J, Practical Phimber, Steam aii.l 
Gas Fitter, Fountains, Pumps, Hydrants, Etc, 14G E 7th. 
{See adu.) 

Durant Blakely R, barber, 35A Jackson. 

Dutch & Abbott, fancy goodsj 49 E 3d. 

Dyer George H, meat market, cor Market and Washington. 

Dyer & Howard, pianos, organs, etc, 69 E 3d. 

Eastern Fish Packing Co, Chase &DyerProprs, i i 

Jackson. {See adv.) 
Eaton S S, insurance agent, 62 E 3d. 
Ebel ISeiirv, Carriage and Wagon Mnfrs, 135 Sibley. {■< ■ h^J.) 
Ednillllds Frank S, Manager Howe Machine Co, 2" 

W 3d. {See adv.) 
Egan John, meat market, 79 ^Minnesota. 
Egan P F & Co, jewelers, 77 E 3d. 
Ege Louis, billiard table mnfr, 132 Sibley. 
Ehrmantrant Joseph, saloon, 167 E 7th. 
Eichelberger Sebastian, saloon, 89 E 7th. 
Eibert John, meat market, 17 E 7th. 
Eibert <fc Schrara, grocers, 186 Wabasha. 
Eighth Street Planing Mills, 8th bet Cedar and Minnesota. 
Eis Wm, cigar mnfr, 63 Robert. 
Eisenmenger John F, meat market, 22 E 7th. 
Eisenmenger L, meat market, 115 Wabasha. 
Eldredge Julius A, furniture, 106 Jackson. 
Ehvell James T, mattress mnfr, 81 E 7th. 
Engel & Veyl, bookbinders, 19 Wabasha. 
Engelbracht Theodore, confectioner, 40 Mississippi. 
Engelbracht «fcMoeller, grocers, cor Lafayette ave and Collin>. 
Engler &. Klosterraann, cigars and tobacco, 142 St Peter. 

Equitable Life Assurance Society, Thomas 

Cochran, Jr, General Agent, 11 Wabasha. 
Erd & Vahsen, saloon, 99 St"Peter. 
Erie & ^Milwaukee Line, J W Crippen northwestern agent, 

cor 3d and Jackson. 
Erie & Xorth Shore Despatch, W F Wilson agent, 119 E 3d. 
Erwin Wm W, lawyer, 3* W 3d. 

Ernst Mrs II P, zephyr worsteds and fancy goods, 89 E 7tL. 
Ertel Frederick H, Propr Daily Hotel Reporter, 6-; E 

Esch Mathias, saloon, 5 W 3d. 
Esch Wm, saloon and confectioner, 57 E 7th. 
Espy John, lawyer, 112 E 3d. 
Essery R W, photographer, cor Sibley and 7th. 
Esterley & Ileinemann, dry goods, 101 and 105 E Tth. 
Evans & Co, salnon, cor 5tli and Minnesota. 

nSl! S 08l 8 d Lock UOi 46 Jackion°St„ S^PADL, fcn. 

Hasiiow,Meish& Davis, 

Do all kinds of Machinery Repalrlnff. 

promptly altenjed to. Cor. S<«onil St. 
and Fifth Avenue South. Minneapolis. 


Excelsior Brewery, Theodore Hamm Propr, cor 
iliimeliaha and Green Briar. 

Fabel Phillip, boots and shoes, 110 W 3d. 

Faber Charles, Propr St Paul House, 142 Fort. (.See 

Faddis ^Vlll A. Principal St Paul (Bryant & Stratton) 
Business College, cor 3d and Jackson. (See inside front 

Fahey Fers^ilS, Merchant Tailor, (38 W 3d. [See adv.) 

Fahy Lawrence, hotel, 77 Minnesota. 

Fairbanks, Morse &■ Co (Thaddeus, Horace and 
Franklin Fairbanks, Charles H Morse), Mnfrs and Deal- 
ers in Scales, 40 E 3d. (6'ee l/ack cover.) 

Fairellild Henry S, Real Estate, and Auctioneer, 42 

Falkner Frederick, meat market, 186 W 3d. 

Farr Joseph, barber, 1 1 W 3d. 

FarAVell CJeorge L, Wholesale Hardware, 130 E 3d. 
(<See adv.) 

Feeser Louis & Co, lawyers, cor 3d and Wabasha. 

Feise & Hutchinson, saloon, cor Washington and Eagle. 

Ferguson Zachariah, carpenter, 137 Jackson. 

Fernandez, Soils & Co, cigar mnfrs, 15 E 3d. 

Ferriss Benjamin F, Propr Sherman House, cor 4th and Sib- 

Fetsch" Adam, cigar mnfr, 111 E 3d. 

Fetsch George, wines and liquors, cor 6th and Jackson. 

Fetsch John, boots and shoes, 73 E 7th. 

Fifth Ward Building Society, Louis E Hausersec, 106 E 3d. 

Fmck & McCauley, commission, 44 Sibley. 

Fink Max, saloon,"6S W 7th. 

Finkenstein & Cohen, furniture, 219 E 7th. 

First National Bank (capital 61,000,000, surplus 8250,000), H 
P Upham cashr, 67 E 3d. 

Fischer & Schulze, stoves and tinware, 160 E 7th. 

Fisher Louis, merchant tailor, cor 7tli and Franklin. 

Fisher Dr Wm F, propr Minnesota Homoeopathic Pharmacy, 
144 E 7th. 

Fisher W F, physician. 111 E 9th. 

Fitzgerald & Curren, grocers and saloon, 59 3Iississippi. 

Fitzgibbon P F, painter, 137 Jackson. 

Fit zpat rick Thomas, carpenter, etc, 123 Wabasha. 

Flagg Samuel D, physician, 123 Jackson. 

Flint George J, lawyer, 88 Robert. 

Flint Samuel, judge municipal court, Wabasha bet 7th and 

Follett Miss Mary E, shirt mnfr, 84 W.ibasha. 

Solid Bronze Hardware. ISKHi^ 

The Latest Oesigns'^''^'™"'''^"''^''" 

Merchant Tailor, Minneapolii 


Folsom Simeon P, civil engineer, 76 E 3d. 

Foos it Priulen, hardware, stoves and tinware, 166 "W 3d. 

Foreiiailg'li Sc Tai*bo\ (Joseph L Forepaugh, Jasp._T 
B Tarbox), boot and shoe mnfrs, 129 and 131 E 3d. 

Forssell Peter 31, tailor, 48 Jackson. 

Foss Charles, saloon, 23 Robert. . 

Frank Conrad, hats, caps, etc, 33 Wabasha. 

Franke & Schnell, cutlers and grinders, 52 E 3d. 

Franklin Louis P, hair goods, 48^ W 3d. 

Franks Benjamin, cigars and confectionery, 6 Mississippi. 

Freeman JaiJie*« ft, Steam Engines and Mill Sup- 
plier, 133 E 3d. 

Frel Franz, hotel, 37 Jackson. 

Frey C F Rodolph, veterinary surgeon, 86 E 7th. 

Frey & Czeikowitz. painters, 12S Sibley. 

Friend Charles, Mnfrs Saddles and Harness, 59 Jack- 
son. (.Ste adv.) 

Fritz & Birkholz, harness and saddles, etc, 172 W 3d. 

Frohne & Church, watchmakers, 105 E 3d. 

Frost, Perry Ac Co (Theo E Frost, Chas H Perry. 
David Ramaley, Samuel Brearley), Type Founders, 
Electrotypers and Stereotypers, 31 and 33 E 5th. {See 

Fuller & Johnson, farm implements, 42 Sibley. 

Funk M, brewer, cor Cascade and Colburne. 

Funk & Krauft. boots and shoes, 177 E 7th. 

Gahr Joseph, barlier, 2iio Broadwav. 

Galenie :^5e<lieal liislttiite, 45 E 3d. {See adv.) 

Galusha Reuben B, lawver, nnX E 3d. 

Garland ^Vnt lI,'TruDk':\Ianufaeturer, 41 E 3d. 

Garritv Thomas, hotel, SO Minnesota. 

Gaston Wm K, lawyer, 5 Odd Fellows' block. 

Gailljer Au^;il4tus F, Architect, 37 Wabasha. 

Gaillt S B, >.'orth western Agent Pennsylvania Company's 

Fast Freight Lines, cor 3d and Jackson. 
Gay Wni II, grocer, 119 Jackson. 
Gayle & Dion, lamps, 46 Jackson. 
■Gebert -Christian, propr Green Tree House, cor 4th and Ro>- 

Gebhard Bohn, sash, doors and blinds, 116 E 3d. 
Gebhardt John X, saloon, 39 Rosabel. 
Geisenheyner Wm, merchant tailor, 99 W 3d. 
Geist Em'il, jeweler, 57 E 3d. 
Gembe F M, saloon, 206 Broadway. 
Genois John, saloon, 248 Robert. 
George C H tfc Co, grain commission, 27 Robert. 

31 Robert Street, ST. PADL, Mi::i:_ 
Keep constantly ca hand the famo-^a ol'l 
Brand -Club House Bourbon. Tiy !'• 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 


Office, No. 45 East Third Street, up stairs, 

Nearly opp. Pioneer Press Bui!dir.g, between llinnesota and Cedar Streets. 

Fi.r tht am- <>f PRIVATE. XERVOVS awl 
CHROyiC DISEASES, includiug Spcrmatorrhun 
or Semincd Weakness, Ifeiroun Debility, Impoteucy, 
Syphilid. Gonon-haa, Gleet, Slricture, Varicocele, Hy- 
drucek. Diseam of Vimen. etc. 

The phypicians of this old and reliable Institute 

A. ' ;■.' , -'^ specially treat all of the above diseases— are regular 

KJiRyr^ ^rifEp! graduates— and guarantee a cure in every case under- 

i*^ taken, and may be consulted personally or by letter. 


Sufferers from any of those ailments, before consulting others, should 
understand their disease and the latest Improved Treatment adopted at 
our Institute, by reading our books. 


A private Medical Treatise on the Diseases of the Urinary and Genera- 
tive Organs, including Spermatorrhea or Seminal "Weakness, Impotency. 
Syphilis, Gonorrhcea. Gleet. Stricture, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Disease* 
of Women and their improved method of treatment, together with the 
Anatomy and Physiology of the Sexual System in health and disease, 
■containing 300 pages and over 100 plates and engravings, sent to any 
address under seal, on receipt of price, 30 cents or postage stamps. 
Hundreds who have read this book, including Jlinisters of the Gospel. 
Professors of Colleges, teachers and scholars, have declared to me that 
f they had met with such a work in their younger days, it would have 
been worth thousands of dollars to them, in saving them j-ears of ill 
health, mental anxiety and suffering. 

N. B.— Observe this is not a vulgar, immoral or obscene book, but a 
strictly Medical AVork, designed to warn and instruct. 

Of :}2 pages, on the above diseases, with valualilc information for tho-e 
aftlicted, sent in a sealed envelope on receipt of one three-cent stamp 
Circulars sent free. The physicians of the Institute especially treat till 
the above diseases, and may be consulted personally or by letter. Ollii >• 
hours 8 A. M. to 7 r. m., Sundays excepted, 

TO CORRESPONDENTS.— Give your name, post omcc, county. State, in i^aeli 
Iftltr. ,\dares8 all letters ttius: 





Geriiiaii American Bank. Ferdinand Willius Pres, 

Gustav Willius Caslir, 6^ E .3d. 

German American Hail Insurance Co, John B Sanborn pres. 
Walter H Sanborn sec, Andrew F Keifer gen mauagor, 
64 E :3d. 

Gibbons & Co, flour and feed, cor Jackson and 5th. 

Gieseking \Vm, grocer and saloon, cor .3d and Commercial. 

Giesen P Joseph, bookbinder, 10 W 3d. 

Gilman & Clough, lawyers, 134 W 3d. 

Godske John, painter, 22.5 Broadway. 

Goette Jacob, meat market, cor Payne and Reany. 

Goette Jacob, shoemaker, 148 Mississippi. 

Goldstein Abraham, fancy goods, 52 W 3d. 

Gonnella Frank, plaster castings, 284 E 7th. 

Gootman David, second hand goods, 50 W 3d. 

Gordon «fc FerjfUSOn (Richards Gordon, Paul D Fer- 
guson), Mnfrs and Jobbers, Hats, Caps, Furs, Milliiiery 
Goods, Gloves, Mittens, Umbrellas and Parasols, 134 E :".d. 

_Gorman Ellis Stone, lawyer, n w cor 3d and Wabasha. 

Gottschanimer & Si.m, meat market, 244 E 7th. 

Gotzian C «& Co (Conrad Gotzian, Channing Seabury), 
Mnfrs Boots and Shoes, 133 and 135 E 3d. 

Gotzian, Funk & Knauft, boots and shoes, 177 E 7th. 

Goulden Sarah A, confectioner, etc, 95 E 3d. 

Grain Michael, horse shoer, 189 E 7th. 

Granger James N, lawyer, cor 3d and Jackson. 

Granger tfe Hodge, mnfrs spices and jobbers of teas, 62 Sibley. 

Grant & Miller, commission merchants, 72 Robert. 

Graves Wm F, lawyer, 60^ E 3d. 

Graves & Vinton, tirst mortgage loans, OOi- E 3d. 

Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. J C Fitz- 

simons agent, 314- E 3d. 
Great Western Despatch Fast Freight Line, GJBorup aiient. 

134 E 3d. 
Green Joseph C, aeent Mutual Life Ins Co, 29 E 3d. 
Green Tree IIoil!«e, Christian Gebert Propr, cor 4th 

and Rosal)el. 
Greve H & Co, real estate, 76 E 3d. 
Gribbin J P, lumber, cor 9th and Jackson. 
Gribble Edwin, lumber, 88 Robert. 
Grigirs, Johnson & Rhodes, coal, wood and real estate, -'^ 

_E 3d. 
GriiTg'S A: Co, Staple and Fancy Grocers, cor E 7tli and 

GrotT Charl.-s R, coffee and spice mills, 124 E 5th. 
Gro«>«i W'jJl, Bijoks and Stationery and News Depi>!. •<" 

W 3d. 

ilk n«ii»J«M« 1^^" foreseetr. the Evil and Insureth 

A rrULjEni himself." New Enciiad Mntial Life Insurir.;e C.'.^! 
n I I MWWlll g.^j^^_ J. J.-WAT£OK,St,Pan:,Gea'IAgeatforMi:iu.»^u. 

Cn TUIinOTHM Sole Ag'tTRimiPH SEEDERS, Raiidp.llPalver::- 
.D. InUhalLJI^i iagH.irro'Ts.TuTerKakts, Canto Plows, HUbara 
I Wl I I ■ W 1 1 V I W I « J -Wagons, Buirgies, etc, 13 W. 3d St,, ST. PAUL. 


W"' E^/ ^ ^ S S^ -^^^-5, 

j».^5^ A general assortment of Greenhouse 

.r->^>'-''^.V <-■,■-:- and Bedding Plants. ■ 

^^f^' > .^ No. 74 West Seventh Street, 

■^'V. ■-■ ; ; ,' GARDEN AND GSES1:E0USZS, 

IvV, - ". ;-,'>■. 0.000 square feet of Glass, Saelling Ave. 

'^::,^.':,:.:--J'*^ St. Paul, Minn. 



South-west cor. E. 7th and Sibley Sts., 

Repairing Promptly Attended To. 

K£ ^ im XT ^1^ 23 ^ 


lireenhouse and BeddinK- Plants for sale. Br,u,iuets, Wreaths, and aU kinds of 
floral Decorations supplied on short notice. 

236 East Tenth Street, St, Paul, Minnesota, 


ARCHITECTS Wilson &joedaj!^.;-^i^^^-- 

owiil I kV I WJ Btrnotion of PnbUo and Priyate Buildings. Minasapciia. 

W. F. GUNM & CO.^^''' a. sp^cial_ty_of Planum, aad 

Win? NEW PROCESS Roller Fl vjr M;ll, 
OtEco-Day Block, Minco.ipoh: ■'■ 


Grote Hermann, saloon, Bridge Square. 

Grout Frank R, painter, 93 Jackson. 

Gruber Geor<je, hotel propr, Seven Corners. 

Grunliagen Henry, cigars and tobacco, 119 E 7th. 

Guerin Adolph, saloon, 51 E 4th. 

Guerin Vital, blacksmith, 5th nr Robert. 

Giiitermaii Ambrose, fancy goods, cor 7th and Jackson. 

Giithunz & Rockstroh, undertakers, 155 E 7th. 

Gutsche Henry, saloon, 114 E 3d. 

Haas George, fancy goods, 45 E 3d. 

Haas H G,''meat market, lU E 7th. 

Haas Henry S, merchant tailor, 23 E 3d. 

Haas Phillip C, lawyer, 60^ E 3d. 

Habighorst Henry & Co, dry goods, 181 E 7th. 

Hagan Martin, physician, 49 Jackson. 

Hageman H A, cigar mnfr, 137 Mississippi. 

nag2;enmiller Charles, saloon, 83 Jackson. 

IlSifl Harden P, Propr Daily Globe, and Newspaper 

Union, and Stereotyper, 17 Wabasha. 
Hall Hezekiah, real estate, 10 E 3d. 
Hall Philip D, teas, coffees and spices, 94 Jackson. 
HaII'!« Sale and Lock Co, M A Bigford Ag.-ut, 4(i 

Jackson. {See left Iwnd bottoui lines.) 

Halsted John T, surveyor, 19 McQuillan block, cor id and 

Haraill & Shea, plumbers, cor 6th and Jackson. 

Hamilton Edward F, hardware, 100 Jackson. 

Ilanilil Tlseodore, Propr Excelsior Brewery, cor Minne- 
haha and Green Briar. 

Hammer Edward, boots and shoes, 180 W 3d. 

Hammer Jacob, harness, 115 Jackson. 

Hami» C, baker and confectioner, 62 W 7th. 

Hand Daniel W, physician, 1204 W 3d. 

Hanft Albert, cigar "box mnfr, n s 9th bet Cedar and Minui'- 

Hanft Charles F, l)arber, 8 Mississippi. 

Hanft Sebastian V, justice of peace, 294 E 3d. 

IIaii;i;';;'i, *'ad> A: Medioke, Mnfrs of Office and 

Ciiurch Funiiture, Etc, 31 and 33 8th. [See ndr.) 
Hanley Thoma-i, horse shoer, 68 Minnesota. 
Hansen Henry J, jeweler, 148 E 7th. 
Hanson A L, hardware and stoves, 10 Mississippi. 
Hansom Jacob, mai-l^k; works, 168 E 7th. 
Uai-deiil»er;;ii l» 1ft I. & Co (P R L Hardenbergh, 

El)ed L Schaeklonl), Wholesale Leather and Findings, 

132 E 3d. 

SCHEFERS BROS, e" ''^^°'"' '^"""' '°^° 

E. Third Street, ST. PAUL, Minn. 


Are Agents for all kinds of Ma- 
oMnery. Cor, 2d St. and liftb 
J Ave. Sonth, Minneapolis, 


Haren Miss Alice, milliner, 31 E .3(1. 

Harmon John, vegetables, 17 E Tth. ■ ' ' 

Harnish Anton, horse shoer, 196 W 3d. 

Harris Thomas, shoemaker, 6.S E 3d. 

Harrison James, cigar mnfr, 90 E 3d. 

Hart John, cigar mufr 104 Jackson. 

Haskell P Sprligue, physician, 11 Wabasha. 

Hatfield Samuel, saloon, 50 Minnesota. 

Hauck Ferdinand, barber, 15 W 3d. 

Haugled Arue L, merchant .tailor, 138 E Tth. 

Plauser Leopold, clothing, 121 E Tth. 

Hauser Louis, cigar mnfr, 103 E 3d. 

Hauser & Co, maltsters, 18 E 2d. 

Havcock John, wood, cor 5th and Robert. 

Hayward & Edwards, railroad lands, 116 E 3d. 

Hazen Abram, milliner, 84iV Wabasha. 

Uazzard Gcorsre Oi Agent M & St L and B, C R & X 

Rys, and Ticket Agent St^PA Sioux City Railroad, Lake 

Superior Steamers and Cunard Line Ocean Steamers, 

116 E 3d. 
Heard Isaac V D, Lawyer, 64 E 3d. 
Heber John, propr Minnesota "House, 99 Rosabel. 
Heck Peter, blacksmith, 14 W 4th. 
Heidenrich Ernst, blacksmith, 2T9 E Tth. 
Helland John, saloon, 3 7 E 4th. 
Helm Charles F, Sample Room and Restaurant, 351 E 

Hendrickson Eugene A, lawyer, Ingersoll Block. 
Henniug Frederick R, saloon, 12 Wabasha. 
Henrikseu Andrew, tailor, 11 W 3d. 
Herrmeyer Christian, wood, 246 E Tth. 
Herwegen .^Irs C, Zephyr, Worsteds, Embroideries, 

Fancy Goods and Masquerade Costumes, 28 W 3d. 
Herz Joseph, fancy goods, 13.3^ E Tth. 
Uerzosj- t'harles E, Mnfr Wood and L-on Fences and 

Roof Crestings, 9th bet Cedar and Minnesota. 
Herzog Daniel, saloon, 114 Jackson. 
Herzog Philip, iron fence mnfr, cor 6th and Sibley. 
Hess Charles B, grocer, 230 E Tth. 
Hess George E, grocer, 2TT E Tth. 
Hesse & Damcke, wholesale toys, 68 Robert. 
Heyderstaedt F V, pork packer, 9T and 99 E Tth. 
Hicks John H, saloon, 31 Jackson. ' 

Hildebrand Carl A, saloon, 100 St Peter. 
Hill Mrs Julia, physician, 129 Robert. 
Hill L, furniture, ST Jackson. 

Fire-Proof Doors I Shuiters. 


114 North Third St n--., 
Minneapolis, Minuesof.",- 

P I PTI I R PQ Prames and Looking-Glasses, at CHARLES JOR!,'- 
riU I UriLU} SON'S, 513 Washington Ave. South, Minneapol.i 


Hilvard J K & Son, Renovators and Repairers ..i 

tents' Clothins; by Their New French Method of Stenm 

Scouring, 12.5 Robert. {See adv.) 
Hirschy Charles, general engraver, 87 ^Y -Sd. 
Hitchcock G W &, Co, furniture, 110 Jackson. 
Hodgson Edwand J, real estate, cor .5th and AYabasha. 
Hoduni Hermann, tailor, 213 Broadway. 
Hoeniger Mrs Clotilda, books, etc, 126"W 3d. 
Hoffman Adam, barber, 157 St Peter. 
Hoffman Jacob, grocer, 58 W 7th. 
Hoffmann Peter, saloon, 13 Sibley. 
Hogan AVm, blacksmith, 27-t E 7th. 
Il6kau<iOn 3IOU«, Propr North Star Planing Mill, nr 

7th St bridge. 
Holl & Paar, wholesale grocers, cor 4th and Sibley. 
Holland ^liss Elizabeth A, dry goods, 88 Wabasha. 
IIollill!>hcac1 Ediniiild R, Lawyer, 2 E 3d. 
Hoosac Tunnel Fai^t Freight Line, Thomas A Matthews, 

agent, cor 3d and Jackson. 
Hoppin Henry P, sec Minnesota pooled R R lines, cor 6th 

and Wabasha. 
Horgan P J, grocer, 209 Robert. 
Horn Charles, saloon, 80 Wabasha. 
Horn Henry J, lawyer, 11 Waliasha. 
Homung Frank, brewer, 124 Washington. 
Horst Ernest F, physician, 40 Jackson. 
Horst C L, hardware, etc, 146 St Peter. 
Hortou «fc <«reeiie (Hiler H Horton, Clement M Greene), 

Lawyers, 6 E 3d. 
Hou^lii Sherwood, Books and Stationery, cor 3d an.l 

Howson & Mullally, founders, cor Franklin and 3d. 
" Howe ^^laeliiiie Co, F S Edmunds Manager, 25 W 3d. 

{See adv.) 
Hoxsie & Jaggar, produce commission, 14 Jackson. 
Huelster HerTry F, books, etc, 144 E 7th. 
Hughes Wm S, lumber, cor 8th and Wacouta. 
Hughson & Hemenway, insurance, 22 E 3d. 
Hull George, barber, 2824 E 7th. 
Hutchinson Henry, physician, 97 AY 3d. 
Hyues Anthony, vegetables, etc, 44 City Market. 
Ilfingworth AYm H, photographer, 79 E 7th. 
Iltner Christian H, cigar mnfr, 36 Jackson. 
Imhoff IMicliaol, s.aloon, 30 Mississippi. 
Ingersoll U W ct Co, dry goods, G E 3d. 
Ingram & Corlius, sash, doors, etc, n w cor Jackson and 8th. 

UoH'cQafo ^1 nnl/rn Manufacturers of rire and Bnrg- 
ndll b OdiC (^ LUl»l\ uUnar Proof Safes, St. Paul, Minn. 

F. F. Hennig, 

Book-Binder and Blank-Book 

Mannfactarer, Brackrtt'a Block, 
lliimeapoliB, Minn. 


lilleriialioiial Motel, Savnor & Gasaway Proprs, lu 

E 7th. (See adv.) 
Irvine Bros, flour and feed, 140 Jackson. 
.I.-nk.son Andrew, saloon, 229 E 7th. 
.Jacob Simon, second-hand goods, 191 E 7th. 
.lahnke Charles, grocer and saloon, E 7th nr Ross. 
.Taniieson David L, dyer and scourer, 82 Wabasha. 
.Tans Theodore, propr Washington House, 198 W 3d. 
Jarshishek & Andersen, brush mnfrs, 19 Wabasha. 
J diet I A; Co (.James I Jellett), Commission Merchants, 

16 Jackson. 
Jerome Peter, saloon, 57 Robert. 
Johns Peter, grocer, cor Payne and Reany. 
Johnson Anderson C, merchant tailor, 944 Jackson, 
.lohuson Charles G, saloon, 110 E 7th. 
Johnson Eric, shoemaker, 1.36^ E 7th. 
.loliii<!;oil Ilenry T, Clothing, 66 E 3d. 
Johnson Henry J, subscription books, cor 6th and Wabasha. 
Johnston Wm H H, lawyer, 43 E 3d. 
Jnnes Clarence, watches and jewelry, 113 E 7th. 
Jones John, veterinary surgeon, 91 E 4th. 
Jones Mrs J J, milliner, 38 W 3d. 
Jones Thaddeus C, hatter and- shirt maker, 5 E 3d. 
Jones W G (Burnham & Jones), res 7 Somerset. 
J add Wm A, livery and sale stable, 18 W 4th. 
Judd & Co, printers and oigar box mnfrs, 25 Robert. 
Judson & Brack, painters, 9 W 4th. 
Jjistus Henry, wagonmaker, 80 W 7th. 
Kaeablo Daniel, shoemaker, 334 E 7th. 

Kaese, Mahle & Sutmar, wagon mnfrs, n e cor 8th and Olive. 
Kahlert Justus, machinist, 58 W 6th. 
Kaufman Frank, saloon, 83 E 7th. 
Kavanagh Patrick T, clothing, 33 E 3d. 
Keigher P & Co, grocers, cor 5th and Wabasha. 
K\il Wm, bird store and saloon, 5 Pearl. 
Iteller C E A: Co, Lumber, Sash, Doors and Blinds, Etc, 

cor Minnesota and E 7th. (See adv, mside back cover.) 
Kellermanii Charlesi, Saloon, 65 Washington. 
Kilicnnann Henry, tailor, 194 E 7th. 
Kcllogr; :\Iartin N, toys and fancy goods, 48 E 3d. 
r^<'l!y Francis, saloon,' 50 E 4th. 
Kelly P II & Co (P H Kelly, Alfred Dufrene), Whole- 

sale Grocers, cor 3d and Sibley. 
• ielly "Will L<Olli!«, Lawyer, n w cor 3d and Robert. 
V">l'er August, button mnfr, 70 W 7th. 
Vi'ip*-"'' Henry, flour and feed, cor 6th and Rosabel. 
Kennedy James, barber, cor 6th and Robert. 

Hayes' Patent Ventilating Tmv^-ao;^^.^ 

Skylights. M. H. OEIT- 
f- TENDEN & CO, Oomer Sixth 
Q and Bjbl»y Stt., St. Ptol. Uiu- 



Kennedy James J, shoemaker, 55 E 5th. 

Kennedy M F & Bros, gunsmiths, 50 E 3d. 

Kenny Bros (Terrence and John), Boiler Manufacturer-, 

cor 3d and Wacouta. (See adv.) 
Kenny & Iludncr, plumbers, 105 W 3d, 
Kent & Little, fish, game, etc, tiO '\^'abasha. 
Keokuk Xorthcrii liine Packet Co, J H Reany 

Agent, Levee foot of Jackson. (See adv.) 
Kernich Christian, saloon, 98 St Peter. 
Kerf Charles D, lawyer, cor 3d and Robert. 
Kiefer Andrew, live stock, E 7th nr St Paul Plow Works. 
Kieffer Jacob, sausage dealer, OS W Tth. 
Kiemen John, confectioner, 249 E Tth. 

Kimball Charles R, Railway Ticket Broker, 35 Jackson. 
Kimpin August, saloon, E Tth, nr St Paul Plow Works. 
Kiug:sbliry A: Draper (David L Kingsbury, Frederick 

G Draper), Builders' Hardware, Mechanics' Tools anl 

House Furnishing Goods, 35 E 3d. (See bottom lines.) 
Klein Phillip J, propr Green Tree Hotel, cor 4th and Robert. 
Klerner John, saloon, 109 Jackson. 
Kloos Bros, meat market, 170 W 3d. 
Knauft Charles F, flour and feed, 226 E Tth. 
Knauft Ferdinand, hardware, etc, 222_E 7th. 
Kneutsou Kneut, farm implements, 27 Robert. 
Knife Falls Lumber Co, H Brandenburg pres, C A Moore 

sec and treas, IngersoU block. 
Knight Augustus F, architect, 61 E 3d. 
Knox Thomas E, lawyer, 43 E 3d. 
Koch J H, boots and shoes, 282 E 7th. 
Koch Louis G, saloon, 54 W 3d. 

Koch R &, Co, brewers, cor Commercial and Prospect. 
Koempel Henry J, artist, 21 W 3d. 
' Koenig Arthur, gen agt Phil Best Brewing Co, 103 E 3d. 
Kohl John, second-hand good.s. Seven Corners. 
Konantz Charles F, dentist, S4i Wabasha. 
Krahmer & Son, painters, 76 W 7th. 
Kramer Isaac L, clothing, 53 Jackson. 
Kreyer Charles, merchant tailor, 246 Robert. 
Kuck Henry, baker and confectioner, 149 E 7th. 
Kugler & Kormann, grocers, cor Lafayette and Westminster. 
K allies & stock (George F Kuhles, Henry F Stock 

Cigar Mnfrs, 70 Robert. 
Laabs John A, upholsterer, 77 E 7th. 
Lafferty & Co, pump mnfrs, cor 6th and Sibley. 
Lahr Francis J B, saloon, 98 E 3d. 
Lalley John, .saloon, cor 4th and Kitson. 
Lamb George, market, 139 Jackson. 

?2 Perkins, Lyons & Cc^SlP 

llashow,Maish& Davis, S 

Builders of City Water-Works 
frontier towns. Cor. 2d St. 
Fifth Ave. S., Miimeipolis. 


Lamb Henry it Sons, pork packers, 90 E -Ith. 

Lambie John, boots and shoes, 14 E 3d. 

Lambrecht Frederick, grocer, 19.5 Mississippi. 

Lailllirey «fc J JUIICS (Uri L Lamprey, Henry C James), 
Lawyers, 26 E 3d. 

Lamson George W, insurance agent, -to E 3d. 

Laniberg P A, restaurant, 131 E 7th. 

Lang Henry, millinery goods, 139 St Peter. 

Langdon & Co, railroad contractors, 116 E 3d. 

Lanpher R A & Co, hats, caps and gents' furnishing, 109 E 3d. 

Larochi Jacob, saloon, cor 7th and Wabasha. 

Larpenteur August L, commission merchant, 18 Jackson. 

Larson O & H B, carpenters, 213 Broadway. 

Laurent George, architect, 61 E 3d. 

LavcU Charles H, Oculist and Aurist, cor 3d and Wa- 

Lawton David, shoemaker, 39 Wabasha. 

Lawton George 0, dentist, IngersoU block. 

Lazarus Moses, tailor, 113 Jackson. 

Leasure Daniel, physician, 40 Jackson. 

Lee Win &. Co (Wm Lee, George Lee), Wholesale Dry 
Goods, 63 and 65 E 3d. 

Lehmicke ifc !^L^gin, carpenters and builders, 290 E 7th. 

Leib Wm H, voice teacher, 6 Odd Fellows' block. 

Leigh L & Co, undertaker, .56 W 3d. 

Leighton Joseph, manager Yellow Stone line stmrs, 121 E 3d. 

Leitner John C, shoemaker, 67 Washington. 

Leitner John P, cigars and tobacco, 26 W 3d. 

liClllke E F, Florist, 74 W 7th. {See adu.) 

Leiilke 'Wtn A, Florist, cor Oak and 9th. {See adv.) 

Lemon John J, job printer, 26 Minnesota. 

Leonard Charles, contractor and builder, 145 Jackson. 

Lesher A B, saloon, 74 Wabasha. 

Leverass John J, saloon, 170 E 7th. 

Levy Michael, clothing, cor 3d and Minnesota. 

Lew'is Robert P, lawyer, 64 Wabasha. 

Leyde F A, farm implements, 89 E 6th. 

Lichtenauer & Engel, china and glassware, 89 E 3d. 

Liedman Charles, painter, 80 Rosabel. 

Liedman John, painter, 134 Sibley. 

Liggins Wm, barber, 72i Wabasha. 

Lindeke A H & Bro, dry goods, 9 E 3d. 

Lindeke Wm, propr Union Flour Mill, E 4th nr Brook Creek. 

Lindekes, Warner & Schurmeier, wh dry goods, 137 E 3d. 

Liuiuger Michael, barber, 75 Robert. 

Linstad B, saloon, 193 E 7th. 

Lion K & Son, clothing, 99 E 3d. 

Kingsbury & Draper. 

Builders' Hardware and Mechan- 
ics' Tools, 3 5 E. Third St., St Paul 

Headquarters for Crcckery "-sS"" 


Little & Berrisford, mnfg confectioner, 74 and 70 Robert. 

Lohlker A H, carpets, oil cloths, etc, 147 E 7th. 

Lucas James 11, photographer, 92 W ;3d. 

Lufsky Robert, confectioner, 120 Wabasha. 

Luhrsen Frederick, saloon, cor 3d and St Peter. 

Luley John, meat market, 88 Jackson. 

Lundvall G, shoemaker, E 7th nr St Paul Plow Works. 

Lunkenheimer John, saloon, 184 Wabasha. 

Luth John, tailor, 236 E 7th. 

Luther Leopold, saloon, etc, 203 E 7th. 

Lyles Thomas H, barber, 14 Wabasha. 

Lyles Mrs Thomas H, hair goods, 2 Opera House block. 

Lyon Louis W, dentist, 29 and 31 W 3d. 

Lyons M, saloon, 156 and 158 Mississippi. 

IJytle JEllSiliCt, Pawnbroker, 41 Jackson. 

McAfee Hugh J, machinist, Sibley bet 6th and 7th. 

^McCardy Joseph J, real estate, n w cor 3d and Robert. 

McCarthy & Donnelly, books and stationery, 54 Wabasha. 

McClung John W, real estate, 3 W 3d. 

McFarland Osgood, wholesale grocer, 32 Robert. 

McGrath Wml., merchant tailor, 105 E Sd. 

]\[cGrorty Wm B, lawyer, 76 E 3d. 

Mcllratll & ClilJjcrt (Charles Mcllrath, Luman A Gil- 
bert), Grain and Commission Merchants, 112 E 3d. 

Mcintosh John F, meat market, 79 Robert. 

McKey Joseph & Co, clothing, 43 E 3d. 

McKinney Edward, livery stable, 56 Wabasha. 

McMahon Daniel, confectioner, 90 Wabasha. 

McManus T S & Co, mnfrs confectionery, 21 E 3d. 

McMasters S Russell, druggist, 122 W 3d. 

McMillan James T, pork packer, 118 E 7th. 

McMillan & Reals, lawyers, 29 E 3d. 

McNally Terence, butter and eggs, 19 E 7th. 

McXamara Cyrus T, propr Clarendon Hotel, cor 6th and 

^IcXeill SJatliel, Carpenter and Builder, 55 Robert. 

MacCarthy Cornelius M, lawyer, 33 Wabasha. 

MacCarthy & Verplanck, confectioners and cigar mnfrs, lo4 

3Iacdoiiald Ansrus, Physician, cor 3d and Wabasha. 
Macdonald James, confectioner, 106 W 3d. 
Mack G L W, boots and shoes, 109 E 7th. 
Macklett C, wall paper, etc, 129 E 7th. 
Macklett Mrs O C, milliner, 131 E 7th. 
Magee George W, restaurant, 10 E 3d. 
Magraw Charles E, dentist, 79 Jackson. 


of BoBtoai Law of Maisachasetta proviJea i^-a:::^- 
forfeitnie 1 J. J.Watson, Geo'l Agt., St. PiJil, Ji^"' 



Sole Aj't TRIUMPH SEEDEKS, RandaU Pnk- ■- 
ing Harrows, Ti^or Rakca, Canton Plows, M;;';t:ra 
Wagons, Baggies, etc., 18 W, 3d St., ST, PACL. 


Mailizer Jacob, Abstracts of Title, and Lawyer, 33 

Manner Wra, music teacher, 114 W 3d. 
Mailllheillier Bros (Robert and Emil), Dry Goods, 

7 E 3d. 
!9Iaiinill^ Thomas, Grocer, Fruits, Vegetables, Fish 

and Oysters, 130 and 132 Jackson. 
Manship Claarles H, agt Bickford knitting machines, 92 E 3d. 
Mark John, cigars and tobacco, 01 Wabasha. 
Market Hotel,"Rothmeyer & Acterling proprs, 93 Wabasha. 
Martell & Johnson, wood, cor 4th and Robert. 
Martin John, barber, 102 W 3d. 
Martin John & Co, lumber, 78 W 7th. 
Martini Rudolph, baker, etc, 22.5 E 7th. 
Martinke Ludwig, milliner, 116 W 3d. 
Marty John, meat market, 278 E 7th. 
Marvin Richard F, insurance agent, 40 E 3d. 
Mason Wm F, hats and gents' furnishing, 13 E 3d. 
Masterson Henry F, lawyer, 134 W 3d. 
Matheis John, carpets, oil cloths, etc, 11 E 3d. 

Mathcs, Good & ScJiursaicier (Jacob Mathes. 

Emanuel Good, John H Schunneier), ^Merchant Tailors 

and Gents' Furnishing Goods, 82 Jackson. {See t"ifk 

Mathews Henry D, agent Diamond Jo Line, Levee foot Siblev. 
Mathews T M, agt'Hoosac Tunnel Fast Freight Line, 110 E 3d. 
Matter O & Co, Saloon, 96 Wabasha. 
Matz Joseph, saloon, 15 E 7th. 
Maxfield & Co, flour, grain, etc, 133 E 4th. 
Mayall Samuel, real estate, 10 E 3d. 
Mayer Louis, barber, 25 U E 7th. 
Mayo & Clark, wholesale hardware, 127 E 3d. 
Mead, Thompson &. Rolcrt, lawyers, cor 3d and Wabasha. 
Mealey & Son, dry goods and notions, 115 E 7th. 
Mechanics' Building Society, Louis E Hauser sec, 106 E 3d. 
Meek Wm F, clothes wringers, etc, 23 W 3d. 
Meier Alois, saloon, 129 Jackson. 
Meier John, saloon, 148 St Peter. 
MellsiTCn A: COMhasil (Axel E Millgren, Charles V 

Cowham), Engravers, Stencil Cutters and Rubber Stanii> 

Mnfrs, 15 E 3<i. {S,[,: .nlv.) 
Menk Bros, commission merchants, 77 Jackson. 
Mercantile Trust Co of Xew York, 11 Waba-ba. 
Merchants'DespatchTraii>pi)rtalion Co, Albert S White agent, 

cor 4th and Waba^ha. 
Mcrfluml*,^ Hotel, Col A Allen Propr, cor 3d and 


Wilson & Jordan, ^— ^^'^-^-^^^^^^"^^ 

I J AEOHITEGTS, Minneapolis, Minn. 

C I B I T n u RST uHib ^'"°- '' ^'^" ^'^?'-' c?°'_°" pi°"». M 


ing Harrows, Tiger Rakes, Canton PI0W3, MUbara 

J Wagons, Bnggies, etc., 18 W. 3d St., ST. PAUL. 


Maiiizer Jacob, Abstracts of Title, and Lawyer, S-y 

Manner Wra, music teacher, 114 W 3d. 
3Iaill»lieillier Bros (Robert and Emil), Dry Goods, 

7 E 3d. 
!91ailllill^ Thomas, Grocer, Fruits, Vegetables, Fish 

and Oysters, 130 and 132 Jackson. 
Manship Charles H, agt Bickford knitting machines, 92 E 3d. 
Mark John, cigars and tobacco, 01 "Wabasha. 
3Iarket Hotel, Rothmeyer & Acterling proprs, 98 Wabasha. 
Maitell & Johnson, wood, cor -tth and Robert. 
Martin John, barber, 102 W 3d. 
Martin John & Co, lumber, 7S W Tth. 
Martini Rudolph, baker, etc, 22.5 E 7th. 
Martinke Ludwig, milliner, 116 W 3d. 
Marty John, meat market, 2 78 E Tth. 
Mar%-in Richard F, insurance agent, 40 E 3d. 
Mason Wm F, hats and gents' furnishing, 13 E 3d. 
Masterson Henry F, lawyer, 134 W 3d. 
Matheis John, carjiets, oil cloths, etc, 1 1 E 3d. 
Mathes, Good & ScJiurincier (Jacob Mathes. 

Emanuel Good, John H Schurmeier), Merchant Tailors 

and Gents' Furnishing Goods, 82 Jackson. (See hack 

Mathews Henry D, agent Diamond Jo Line, Levee foot Sibley. 
Mathews T M, agt'Hoosac Tunnel Fast Freight Line, 110 E 3d. 
Matter O & Co, saloon, 96 Wabasha. 
Matz Joseph, saloon, 15 E 7th. 
Maxfield & Co, flour, grain, etc, 133 E 4th. 
Mayall Samuel, real estate, 10 E 3d. 
Mayer Louis, barber, 2514 E 7th. 
Mayo & Clark, wholesale hardware, 127 E 3d. 
Mead, Thompson &, R^lert, lawyers, cor 3d and Wabasha. 
Mealey & Son, dry goods and notions, 115 E 7th. 
Mechanics' Building Society, Louis E Hauser sec, 106 E 3d. 
Meek Wm F, clothes wringers, etc, 23 W 3d. 
Meier Alois, saloon, 129 Jackson. 
Meier John, saloon, 148 St Peter. 
Mellj;-rou A: Cowhani (Axel E Mellgren, CharI.-> V 

Cowhani), Engravers, Stencil Cutters and Rubber Stamp 

Mnfrs, 1.5E3d._ (S._,: adv?, 
ilenk Bros, commission men'hants, 77 Jackson. 
Mercantile Trust Co of Xew York, 11 Waba-ha. 
Merchants'DcspateliTi"iu>portation Co, Albert S White agent, 

cor 4th aii'l Wabasha. 
HercliaJlts' Hotel, Col A Allen Propr, cor 3<1 and 


Wilson & Jordan, j— ^^^^--^^^^^^^^^ 

AE0HITECT3, Minneapolis, Minn. 

If You Want a Complete ":: cr.r:;:i:: 


Merchants' Lithographing Co, Ekholm & Westerberg propi^, 

cor 3d and Jackson. 
Merchants' National Bank, J L Merriam pres, Walter Maiip., 

vice-pres, W R Merriam cashr, cor 3d and Jackson. 
Merrill G W, carpenter, 63 W 7th. 
Merritt Charles E, dentist, 111 E 7th. 
Metcalf Tracy M, seeds, 42 Robert. 
metropolitan Hotel, Col E C BelotePropr, cor 3d and 

Metzger Frederick, confectioner, 334 Jackson. 
Meyer H J, meat market, 113 Mississippi. 
Meyerding Henry, furniture, 5-1 W 7th. 
Micliaild Bros, Wholesale and Retail Grocers and Faiicv 

Bakers, 91 Wabasha, 123 E 7th and 124 Fort. 
Miles Charles C, locksmith and bell hanger, 91 Jackson. 
Milham E H, books and stationery, 163 E 7th. 
"Miller, Anderson & Rothanson, painters, 130 Sibley. 
Miller Bros, cigar mnfrs, 79 E 3d. 
Miller Mahlon^D, insurance, 134 W 3d. 
Miller T H, saloon, 176 W 3d. " 
Miller W H, druggist, cor 4th and E.xchange. 
Miller it Fifield, himber, 146 Broadway. 
Miller & Rich, book and job printers, 28 E 3d. 
Milletto Xarcisse, saloon, 156 Robert. 
Minnehaha Volks Zeitung (weekly), Printing and Publishing 

Co props, 100 E 3d. 
Minnesota Democrat Printing Co, Peter J Dreis pres, Freder- 
ick De Haas gen manager, publrs Minnesota Democrat, 

11 Wabasha. 
Minnesota Eye and Ear Infirmary, Francis Atwood surgeon 

in charge, cor 3d and St Peter. 
Minnesota Masonic Relief Association, Gen R W Johnson 

pres, J C Terry sec, room 12 McQuillan block. 
Minnesota Real Estate Agency, D D Merrill pres, O E Terry 

sec and treas, cor 3d and Robert. 

Miiiiiesotn Rendering and Fertilizing Co, 

Upham, Wyman & Co Proprs, 64 E 7th. 
Minnesota Soap Co, H Hechtmann pres, James Beach sec, 2'J 

Minnesota Steam Marble Works, J F Tostevin propr, 130 

Minnesota T vpe Fonndrv, Frost, Perry & Co proin>, 

31 and 33 E 5th. (.Se-i -/(/(.'.)* 
Minor & Co, carpenters and builders, 9 E 6th. 
Mitchell Andrew, saloon, 86 Jackson. 
Mitchell George, saloon, 91 St I'eter. 
Mitsch & Haupers, wagonmakers, cor 7th and Washington. 

Ol/nLrLnO PilUOi East Third Street, St. Paul, Minn. 

Hashow,Maish& Davis, 

Give particular attention to set- 
ting tip of Engine Boilers and all 
kinds of machinery. Minneapolis. 


Moeller & Stahhnann, cigar mnfrs, 64 Wabasha. 

Mohr Christian, tailor, 44 Jackson. 

Moll Emil, saloon, Cedar bet 7th and 8th. 

jMoilfort C .1 & Co (Delos A Charles, J and George 
R Monf ort, Groceries, Wines, Liquors and Cigars, 3 E 3d. 

Monson Wm, saloon, 176 E 7th. 

Montgomery Hugh B, restaurant, cor 3d and Jackson. 

MontfMiss Mary, dressmaker, 20 E 7th. 

Moore James P, grain commission, 27 W 3d. 

Moore 'Will S, Lawyer, li)0 E 3J. 

Morand Frank, propr Northwestern Boiler Works, cor 4th 
and Neil. 

Morganstern Morris, wholesale jeweler, 3S Jackson. 

Moritz & Hazenzalil, meat market, cor Somerset and Mis- 

Morrison A J, artist, 123 Jackson. 

Morton, Doran & Co, com merchants, cor 3d and Minnesota. 

Morton George, saloon, 38 E 4th. 

Moses Harris, saloon, 27 E 7th. 

Moss A B, grocer, 164 W 3d. 

Moss Henry L, lawyer, 5 W 3d. 

Mosser Mrs Anna Si, cigars and tobacco, 46^ Jackson. 

Mueller Atigust, fancy goods, 133 E 7th. 

Mueller Charles, tailor, 61 Washington. 

Mueller F W, market gardener, 10 City Market. 

Mueller Peter, grocer and saloon, 235 E 7th. 

Munger Russell C, musical instruments, 71 E 3d. 

Murphy John H, physician, 47 Jackson. 

Murphy John R, hotel, cor 3d and Broadway. 

Murphy Mrs Mary, vegetables, etc, 38 City Market. 

Mver & Gall, merchant tailors, 78 Jackson. 

M'yers «& Finch (Theodore B Myers, Frank M Finch), 
Jewelers, 4 W 3d. 

Nachtshein Henry, baker and confectioner, 150 St Peter. 

Nagel Charles, market gardener, 41 City Market. 

Nash George A, manager L'liion Mutual Life Ins Co, 5 W 3d. 

Nealey Jeremiah, market gardener, 40 City Market. 

Neid George, saloon, 133 St Peter. 

Nelson John, carpenter, 242 Jackson. 

Nelson J C, physician, 119 E 7th. 

Nevens Frank W, overall mnfr, 118 W 3d. 

Nevens MrsPE, dressmaker, 12s Canada. 

Xew Eiiglniid ^Iiitiial liil'e Ins Co, J J Watson 

Gen Agent, 122 E 3d. (jSte Itft hand bottom lines.) 
Newspaper L'nion (auxiliary printing), HP Hall propr, 17 

Nichols Charles, contractor, 121 E 3d. 

Henry's Patent Ventilating 

&GEYGLi, 114 N.Ti.:ri 
Street, Minneapolia, Mjai 

Charles Johnson, '"^'"' "' ''^"""' ''' '' 

Ij ington Ave. South, MINNEAPOLIt. 


Nicols «fc Dean, wh heavy hardware, ate, cor .3d and Sibley. 
Niehaus "\Vm, merchant tailor. So Jackson. 
Niemann Frederick, saloon, 85 Lafayette ave. 
.Xippolt Andrew, Mnfrs Carnages, Sleighs, Etc, s n 

cor 7th and Sibley. (iSte adv.) 
Nolan Thomas, fruits, etc, 47 City Market. 
Nonemacher Charles, wood, 88 E 7th. 

Norris P, proin' City Mills, cor Lafayette ave and Trout Brook. 
North Star Flour IMills, Barton & Jones proprs, nr 7th -' 

Northern Pacific Express Co, E F Warner agent, cor 4th ai.i 

Xortlierii Pacific Rnilronti €o, H E Sargent Gm 

Mngr, G G Sanborn Gen Frt and Pass Agt, T B Power 

Land Com, Gen Offices 43 and 4.5 Jackson. {See adv.) 
Xorthwcsterii Coiiiiiiercial Agency, Comfort- 
Proprietors and Maiia-t-rs, Fire and ^larine Building. 
Xortliivestorii Expre^iis, Sta^e and Traii*- 

portalioil Co. K Blakeley Pres, C W Carpent.i- 

Sec and Treas, 5.^'E .3d. (See adv.) 
XortliM e*leril Fuel Co, E N Saunders Pres and 

Manager, Coal, Coke and Pig Iron, 112 E 3d. 
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins Co, Myron Brown generd 

agent, 10 E od. 
XortliMcstern Telegraph Co, F B Jilson Mngr, 

29 Minnesota. 
Northwestern Telephone Exchange Co, F B Jilson manag' r, 

Pioneer Press Bldg. 
XortOlls & AVare (Edward S Norton, George H N(M-- 

ton, Robert B Ware), Mnfrs and Jobbers, Saddleiy 

Hardware, Etc, 30 Robert. 
Xoyes Bro<i A: Cutler (Daniel Rand Charles PNoye-, 

Edward 11 Cutler), Wholesale Druggists, 68 and 70 Sili- 

ley. {See adv.) 
Oakland Cemetery Association, R Marvin sec and treas, ti4 

O'Brien James F, lawyer, G4 E .3d. 
O'Brien & EUer, lawyers, IngersoU block. 
O'Connell Jeremiah, horseshoer, 59 Minne.sota. 
O'Connor John, hotel, 61 E 4th. 
O'Connor Wm, saloon, E 3d nr railroad track. 
O'Donnell & Warren, carriagemakers. Exchange nr 7th. 
Oelker Frederick, .saloon, cor Washington and 3d. 
Officer Harvey, lawyer, cor 3d and Jackson. 
O'Grady Patrick, grocer, 1 W 3d. 
O'Halloran Denis, catholic books, etc, 65 AVabasha. 
O'Leary J(dm J, pork packer, 12S W 3d and 43 W 10th. 

Hall SoBlS'l Lock C0iinss,46JaoLnStTsT^PAUL. 




Por County, Township and City Officers, in 

best of style and on short notice, at T. F. HEmnO'S, 
Brackett's Block, Minneapolis. 


Olsen Miss A B, milliner, 137 E 7th. 

Olsen Charles C, saloon, 70 Rosabel. 

Olsen Louis, merchant tailor, (i7-i Wabasha. 

Olston n A, physician, 151 E 7th. 

Olipeiliieisu J A Co (Joseph Oppenheim, Bernhardt 
Silbarstein), "VVholsale Millinery, 101 E 3d. 

Oreall Edward, saloon, 95 Jackson. 

O'Regan Patrick, saloon, 78 Robert. 

Orlemann Heniy, saloon, 91 W 3d. 

Ormond Mrs Mary, intelligence office, 16 E 6th. 

Osborne Eugene F, heating apparatus, 60 Sibley. 

Ostvig &■ Oleson. grocers, 136i Jackson. 

Otis 6eorge L & Charles E, lawyers, cor 3d and Wabasha. 

Otto Pet«r, restaurant, Levee foot Rosabel. 

Ovenu B, saloon, 84 W 7th. 

Overbeck Hermann, saloon, 46 W 3d. 

Overpeck Reuben, livery stable, 96 E 4th. 

Owens Jay, physician, 40 Jackson. 

Palmer Edward C, lawyer, 67 E 3d. 

Palmes C«eorg-e, Merchant Tailor, 81 E 3d. 

Palmquist Alfred & Co, photographers, 28 E 7th. 

Pannell J F, gents' fumishing,"ete. 111 E 7th. 

Parker Theodore E, lawyer, 37 Wabasha. 

Pasel Otto C, photographer, 29 E 3d. . 

Passavant Charles, insurance, cor 3d and Wabasha. 

Patschorsky Mrs Lucy, bird store, 94 W 3d. 

Patterson John, propr Tremont House, n e cor Robert and 8th. 

Patterson Merrill B, dentist, 7 W 3d. 

Patterson Robert H, dentist, 116 Jackson. 

Patwell Georse, barber, cor 7th and Jackson. 

Peabotly Bros & Co (Charles P and P Smith Pea- 
body, Martin Flanagan), Importers and Jobbers of Wines 
and Liquors, 96 E 3d. (.Set adv.) 

Pealock Charles, saloon, 86 W 3d. 

Pederson Jacob, hotel, 30 Rosabel. 

Penner John J, commission, 12 Jackson. 

Pennsylvania Co's Fast Freig^lit Lines, S B 
Gault Northwestern Agent, cor 3d and Jackson. 

Pepper A H & Son (Ashbelll and Theodore M), photograph- 
ers, 19 E 3il. 

Perkins A L, (■arria^e mnfr, roar of post office. 

Perkins, l^yoiis & Co (Wm L Perkins, ilauric- 
Lyons), Wholesale Wines, Liquors and Cigars, 31 Robert. 
{'See left Jiand bottom lines.) 

Peter & Greive, sto\-es and tinware, 190 E 7th. 

Peters John, saloon, 137 Wabasha. 

Peterson John, boots and shoes, 153 E 7th. 

SHEETlONSiDlNG. ESlljlrii 

SPRING OVEPiCQATSr""''''^"^^'°°^'"" 

' G. F, Parrington's, Minneapoli 


Peterson & Scluveizer, meat market, 215 Broadway. 

Peyer Emil, tinsmith, 33S E 7th. 

Peyer Frank X, saddle and harnessmaker, 63 Wabasha. 

Peyer I I, boots and shoes, 224 Robert. 

Peyer Robert, confectioner, 205 E 7th. 

Pfeifer's Hall, Peter Pfeifer propr, 106 to 112 Wabasha. 

Pfeifer, Heck & Elles, Wholesale Wines, Liquors, 
and Re-Distillers, 108 Wabasha. 

Pfeifer Peter, market gardener. City Market. 

Pfeifer's Block, e s Wabasha bet 7th and 9th. 

Phillips Henry, cigar mnfr, 118 Jackson. 

Picha John, merchant tailor, 60^ W 3d. 

Pierce Squire L, lawyer, 37 Wabasha. 

Pierson Victor, shoemaker, 127 St Peter. 

Pigott John, market gardener, 5 Citv Market. 

Pilkini^foil, Bllieh & Co, Proprs St Paul Agricul- 
tural Warehouse, s e cor Robert and 4th. (.See adv, bock 

Pioneer Press The (Daily, Weekly and Sunday), Pio- 
neer Press Co Publishers, 54 E 3d. 

Pioneer Press Co The. J A Wheelock Pres, F Dris- 
coll Sec and Treas, Publishers The Pioneer Press, Litho- 
graphers, Blank Book Mnfrs and Book and Job Printers, 
54 E 3d. 

Pollock, Donaldson & Ogden, crockery, glassware, 36 E 3d. 

Poison Olof, shoemaker, 23 W 3d. 

Popp Christian E, merchant tailor, 76i Wabasha. 

Potter Samuel, furniture, 99 Jackson. 

Pottgieser Nic, jr, saloon, 55 Wabasha. 

Pottgieser Mrs Nicholas, propr American House, cor 'Wa- 
basha and 4th. 

Power James B, Land Commr N P R R, 45 Jackson. 

Powers Brothers, dry goods, 91 E 3d. 

Prendergast Bros, stoves and tinware, 474 E 3d. 

Prescott Mrs Martha A, pawnbroker, 4S W 3d. 

Presley B «fc Co (Bartlett Presley, John S Robertson, 
O E Patridge), Foreign, Domestic and California Fruits, 
Agents Dupont's Mining and Gun Powder, 72 E 3d. 
{See adu.) 

Presley George, saloon, 17 E 3d. 

Price David C, dentist, 6 W 3d. 

Priedeman, Lewis & Co, proprs St Paul Steam Cracker Work-, 
105 and 107 Robert. 

Prince John S, lumber mnfr, 84 E 3d. 

Prince & Shandrew, insurance, 84 E 3d. 

Prudhomme Louis P, shoemaker, 63 Robert. 

Push Charles F, merchant tailor, etc, 113 St Peter. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

31 Kobert St., St. Paul, Minn.. 

have the Finest St.xk of OaHtorniiVT.i'S 
for Medicinal purpoaea. 

^A^: illijiill iljSUf ', 



l^tlii. ^ era E. SB "** ,.«p>S 1 

Hashow, Maish & Davis, ^-IS^S^iHS 


Qiiillbv & nalloweli (John C Quinby, Enoch M 
Hallowell). Carriage Mnfrs, 54 to 58 Robert. {See adv.) 

Rndclifr AhraliJUll 31, Architect, Inger.^oU Block. 

Ranialey S B, baker and confectioner, 52 Wabasha. 

RanneyA Hodgman, rubber goods, 42 E 3d. 

Ransom & Hortoii, hats, caps and furs, 73 E 3d. 

Rapp Frederick, shoemaker, 4 Mississippi. 

Reardon Timothy, carpenter, 105 Minnesota. 

Rebhold :Mrs IMarv, vegetables, etc, 35 City Market. 

Red Line Trausit Co, James W Doran Northwestern 
Asent, 112 E 3d. 

Reder P & Co, meat market, 14 Mississippi. 

Reder ifc Van Iloven Bros, com merchants, TO Robert. 

Reed «fc Sherwood. Lumber Dealers, 80 Robert. 

Recs Theodore, clothing, 82 E 3d. 

Reese George W, contractor and builder, 216 W 3d. 

Reichart J C, boot and shoes, 266 E 7th. 

Remer & Dressell, carpenters, etc, cor Market and Wash- 

Retzmann Henry, grocer, 202 E 7th. 

Rheaume & St Pierre, carpenters, 34 E-7th. 

Riee Edimmd. Jr. Real Estate, m E 3d. 

Riee €i Jav & Co, Proprs St Paul Lithographic, 
Engraving a'nd Publishins Co, 27 Robert. (See adv.) 

Rieliards 'Edwar<l A," Galvanized Iron Cornice, and 
Roofer, 66 E 7th. (See adr.) 

Richeson Wm, j.hysician, 161 E 7th. 

Richter Frederick," wholesale liquors, 88 E 3d. 

Riede Pius, saloon, 138 E 3d. 

Rinck Wm, saloon, near St Paul Plow Works. 

Rinchof Michael, florist, 13 Citv Market. 

Ritchie Miss G A, milliner, 144 St Peter. 

Ritt Gregory P. grocer, cor Minnehaha and Payne. 

Rittmaster Reuben, drv goods, etc, 55 E 7th. 

Riverside Collee and Spiee Mills, John A Ber- 
kev & Co Projirs, Mnfrs Baking Powder, Cream Tartar, 
Mustard, Etc, 135 E 4th. (See adv, bottom end.) 

Roach Michael, stone contractor, Robert bet 9th and 10th. 

Rob Rnv Laundry, ^Irs D Morrison propr, 158 Jackson. 

Robbins D :\I, safe and feed stables, n w cor i4th and Jackson. 

Robertson Daniel A, real estate, cor 3d and Wabasha.^ 

Roliiiison Henry W, drugcrist, 88 W 3d. 

RobiiiMOn A: Car y'"] Charles H Robinson, Sylvester M 
Cary), Railway Supplies and Contractors, 139 E 3d. 

Rocliat George, jeweler, 89 w 3d. 

R'lchette Stephen, furniture, 13 E 7th. 
.J{<ichford James, saloon, 58 3Iinnesota. 

Keep a full line of Darling, Brovm 

i Sharpe's Mactlnists' Tools. 35 Eiut 
TUrd Bt., St. PanL 

Kingsbury & Draper 

Largest Slock Crcc!(Gryl,VK'f oa, LtX 


Roedler August, furniture, 44 W 3d. 
Roese Prof Carl, jirofessor of music, 172 Fort. 
Rogers Josiah X, lawyer, 30 E 3d. 

Rog°ei'§ & Rotfers (Edward G and Frederick L), Law- 
yers, 24 E Sd." 
Rosenband J & Co, jewelers, 19 E 3d. 
Rosenbaum Samuel, dry goods, etc, 201 E Tth. 
Rosenfield Ximrod, whol liquors, 29 W 3d. 
Rosenfield X, wines, liquors and cigars, 224 E 7th. 
Rozenkranz Wm, soda water mnfr, cor 6th and Washington. 
Ross Peter, awnings, tents, etc, 111 E 7th. 
Rothmund L <fc Bro, com merchants, 35 Wabasha. 
Rothschild Henry, clothing, 117 E 7th. 
Rothschild Joseph, fancy goods, 22 W 3d. 
Rothwell Joseph, jr, toolmaker, cor Robert and 6th. 
Rouleau Joseph, saloon, 52 Robert. 
Rouleau Mitchell, barber, 128 E 7th. 
Rourkc John, saloon, 77 Robert. 
Roy L M A, physician, 70 W 3d. 
Rubenstein & Levy, furniture, etc, 51 and 53 E 7th. 
Rudawsky ^Lix, second-hand goods, 120 Jackson. 
Rnj^g- iSorace P, 31111, Railroad and Plumbers' Steam 

and Gas Fitters' Supplies, and Dealer in Engines, Boilers 

and Mill Machinery, cor 3d and Jackson. 
Rusche Peter, grocer, 37 Mississippi. 
Ryder ^lerVell, Mnfi Furs and Dealer in Hides, Skins, 

Ginseng, Game, Etc, 55 Jackson. {See ado.) 
Sabili Julill A, Gen Agt Washington Life Lisurance Co. 

45 Jackson. 
Safe Deposit Vault of the German American Bank, Herman 

Trott custodian, 64 E 3d. 
St Aubin John B, truckman, 46 Jackson. 
St Hotel, C C Caldwell propr, 107 E 3d. 
St Paul A^iricultural Wart'Iioiise, Pilkingt n, 

Busch & Co Proprs, s e cor 4th and Robert. (Sec '"In, 

back covtr.) 

St Paul Book and J«itationerv Co, Lane K Stone 
Pres, True S White Sec, H E WedeKtaedt Treas, D E 
Merrill .Manager, f^7 E 3.1. 

St Paul Itryant A Strattosi business Col- 
lej;c and TeIc^i■al^i^k• ausHtule, W A Fad lis 

Principal, cor 3d and Jackson. (S,;e inside front cocr.) 
St Paul City Railway Co, James R Walsh Treas and General 

Manager, 15 W"4th. 
St Paul Conservatory of Music, Wra 3Lanner director. 114 

W 3d. 

ID K ! Q Q n Olclest, Best and Cheapest. New Ea-'.-'-:id 
U U" I U Ul Msml Life iLSTirance Co. uf Boston, J. J. WALTON', 
«. w «r ^M Geceral Agcat. ST. PAUL. 

CD Tl!?;DOTnM Sole Ag't CASTOR PLOWS, Tis-cr Rakes, Ra 

■ J bura Wagons, Bagsies, etc., 18 W. 3d St., St'.Pa'ul 


iSI Paul Disiiatch Priiitiiis: Co, Hemv A Castlu 

Pros. Mark D Flower Sec, Publishers St Paul Dispatch 

au.l Printers, 100 E 3d. 
St Paul Dispatch (daily and weekly), St Paul Dispatch 

Printing Co publishers, 100 E ;?d. 
St Paul Fence Works, C E Herzog propr, n s 9th bet Cedar 

and Minnesota. 

St Paul Fire and Marine In«* Co, C H Bigelow 
Pres, C A Eaton See, W S Timberlake Asst Sec, cor 3d 
and Jackson. 

St Paul Foundry and 5Infar Co. W R Merriaru 

Pres, Chas N Parker General 3Ianager, Arkwright nr 

Eastern terminus street R R. 
St Paul Gas Light Co, H H Sibley pres, A J Goodrich sec 

and treas, 92 E 3d. 
St Paul Harvester Works, E M Deane pres, John E Miller sec 

and treas, cor 4th and Robert. 
St Paul Lilnary, Mrs H J McCaine librarian, 6 E 3d. 

St Paul Iiit!ios;"rai»liic, Enifraving: and Pub- 
li<iliili;^' Co, G Jav Rice & Co Proprs, 27 Robert. 

(See a^'v.) 
St Paul Medical School, Alex J Stone M D pres, C A 
Wheaton M D sec, 129 W 3d. 

St Paul, Minneai)oli<« & 3Ianitol)a Ry Co, 

James J Hill General Manager, E B Wakeman Supt, A\' 

S Alexamler General Freight and Ticket Agent, Offices 

cor 4th and Wacouta. [See ac7o.) 
St Paul Plow ^Vorks, W B Dean Pres, C H Bige- 

low Vice-Pres, A E Clark Sec and Treas, 27 W 3d. (See 

top end.) 
St Paul Real Estate Exchange, C S Uline pres, Charles Eaton 

sec and treas, 22 E 3d. 
St Paul Society for Relief of the Poor, H il Rice pres, E W 

Chase sec, 53 Robert. 
St Paul Union Depot Co, John D Estabrook sec, 122 E 3d. 
St Paul Warehouse and Elevator Co, C H Bigelow vice-pres, 

W S Timemian manarrer, cor St Peter and 3d. 
St Paul Water Co, C D Gilfillan pres, John Caultield sec, 17 

E .5th. 
St Paul «fc Duluth U R Co, J P Ilsley Pros. 

George H Smith General Su]jt, R S Hair General Ticket 

Agent, A M Eddy General Freight Agent, Philip S Hair 

Manager Land Dept, Ollices 76 Jackson. (.SVe adu.) 
St Paul ifc' Sioux- City RR Co Land Department, James H 

Drake coninii-siniier, 70 E 3d. 
Sailhoril Cj;eor;;e CJ, General Freight and Passenger 

Agent N P R R, 43 Jackson. 


■J reotljr vrasged. Uliuitipclii, Uhui. 

WC Pit MM Ot f n Plans and Specifications for N.wPrx--., 

Sanborn John B <& AV H (John B, Walter H and 
Edward P Sauboru), Lawyers, 04 E 3d. 

Sandell John, merchant tailor, 251 E 7th. 

Sanders «& 5IatllClVS (Joshua H Sanders, Henry D 
Mathews), Lime, Plaster, Cement and Storage, 71 and 72 

Sandwich Mnfg Co, harvesting machines, etc, 27 Robert. 

Sanford David, lawyer, 37 Wabasha. 

Saroni H S, professor of music, 87 Cedar. 

Sattler Bros, clothing, 61 E 3d. 

Sauer Casper, harnessmaker, 76 Minnesota. 

Sausen Anthony, market gardener, 42 City Market. 

Sauter & Rau, stone contractors, 9th bet Robert and Min- 

Savings Bank of St Paul, John S Prince pres, H Sahlgaard 
cashr, 84 E 3d. 

Saynor & Gasaway (Harry B Saj-nor, Elmore Y Gas- 
away), Proprs International Hotel, 114 E 7th. (Sec! adu.) 

Schaettle Frederick, sausage mnfr, 91 St Peter. 

Sclicfers Bros, Merchant Tailors, 40 E 3d. (See left 
hand bottom liiies.) 

Scheig & Phillips, barbers, 45 Jackson. 

Scheldrup & Wold, druggists, 151 E 7th. 

Schell Thomas C, physician, 44 Washington. 

Scherfenberg F C, produce dealer, 26 Bantil. 

Scllifiinaiin Kudolllh, Physician, 69 E 3d. 

Schiller J J, shoemaker, 127 St Peter. 

Schilling C F, gunsmith, 175 E 7th. 

Schillo John»fc Co, crockery, etc, 108 Wabasha. 

Scbliek & Co, boots and shoes, 59 E 3d. 

Schlieman Peter, grocer and saloon, 121 Canada. 

Schmidling J M, grocer and saloon, 232 E 7th. 

Schmidt Conrad, restaurant, 40 W 3d. 

Schmidt Mrs E, milliner, 171 E 7th. 

Schmidt Otto A, music teacher, 144 E 7th. 

Schmidt Wm, wholesale liquors, 25 Robert. 

Schmidt & ^liller, wholesale saddlery hardware, 66 Sibley. 

Schneider Henry, meat market, n e cor Robert and 12th. 

Schnell & Co, patterns, models, scroll sawing, etc, 9th bet 
Cedar and Minnesota. 

Schnittger C H, boots and shoes, 179 E 7th. 

Schnitzius Jacob, saloon, 12 Washington. 

Schoch & Wechsler, grocers, 184 E 7th. 

Schonarth Peter, saloon, 141 Wabasha. 

Schorn John, market gardener, 39 City Market. 

Schott Ca.sper, grocer and saloon, 1 1 1 Mississippi. 

Schriel John, boots and shoes, cor Fort and 10th. 

QPf^FCCDQ DDflQ importers of line VooleM, No. 40 
OunLrLRO DriUdi E Third Street, ST. PAUL, Mina. 


Ai^enta for Hancock's Insplr- 

Tbe best boiler feeder in U98. 
5tli Ave. S., Minneapolis. 


Schroder Henry, taxidermist, 128 W .3d. 

Schroder Henry H, furniture, etc, 12 E 6tli. 

Schuler August, cigar.s and tobacco, 33 Wabasha. 

Schulte D & Co, commission merchants, cor 4th and Wacouta. 

Schulte & Weiss, wholesale millinery, 102 E 3d. 

Schultz Bros & Hansen, grocers, lU W 3d. 

Schultz Frederick J, miliiner, 55 E 3d. 

Schurmeier John H, wagonmakcr, 101 Rosabel. 

Schuster Adam, barber, 127 E 7th. 

Schwartz Mrs Maria, milliner, n e cor 7th and Broadway. 

Scott Peter W, saloon, 97 E 3d. 

Scott W & Co, carriage mnfrs, 119 E 4th. 

Sculley & Co, general repair shop, 21 E 7th. 

Sealy "Edward, state agent Mutual Benefit Life Ins Co of New 

Jersey, 22 E 3d. 
Second National Bank (capital 8200,000, surplus $76,000), ES 

Edgerton pres, TK Alexander cashr, cor 3d and Wabasha. 
Seeger John, lumber, cor 6th and St Peter. 
Seeger John, builder, 24 Market. 
Seeder Kobcrt, Metal, Horn and Ivory Turner, 136 E 

7th. (Scemh:.) 
Selines Tildeil R, Lawyer, 11 Wabasha. 
Seng Wm, saloon, 18 Chestnut. 
Senkler A E, physician, 88 Wabasha. 
Shaber Mrs M, propr St Paul tiour mill, Minnehaha. 
Shank David, meat market, 183 E 7th. 
Sheehy J W, grocer and saloon, cor 3d and Commercial. 
Sheire M & Bra, architects and builders, 109 Sibley. 
Slierinail House, B F Ferriss Propr, 4th cor Sibley. 
Sherwood George W, bridge builder, 80 Robert. 
Shirk Elwood R, livery, cor Sth and Sibley. 
Siegenthaler Godfrey, lawyer, 3 W 3<l. 
Siguier "\Vm BI," Mnfg Pharmacist and Dealer in Drugs 

and Medicines, 104 Wabasha. 
Sigo Marcello, barber, 51 E 3d. 
Simmer Jacob, grocer, 12 Mississippi. 

Simmon Karl, druggist, cor 3d and Market. ■ - 

Simmons John C, restaurant, 88^ Wabasha. 
Simon Adolph H, pawnbroker, 40 Jackson. 
Simon J Alonzo, physician, 70 W 3d. 
Simonton Thomas D, dentist, 30 E 3d. 
Siinoilton «Sc Keid (Edward Simonton, Rufus J Reid),. 

Lawyers, I'-H W 3d. 

i^inRcr :W[ainiracturiiij; Co The, A Hutchinson 

Agent, 19 E 3d. 
Sissward Louis F, tailor, 97 E 4th. 

Galvanized Iron Window Caps. SHi 

I amnPnnHe '^^^^^ Cutlery and Plated Ware, at CharL; 
LQIii|J UUUUOj Jolmson's Crockery House, "^ YnvSuf" ^■' 


Skaffaren, A P Monten manager, Hermon Stockenstron editor, 
office 153 E 7th. 

Skank & McKay, painters, 16 W -tth. 

Slater & Kelly,' borseslioers, 90 E oth. 

Slater & Riley, horseslioers, 41 E 4tli. 

Sloan & Dony, painters, 174 W 3d. 

Smith Bros, saloon, 29 Jackson. 

Smith Edward G, dentist, 29 W 3d. 

Smith F R & C E, physicians, cor 4th and Market. 

Smith Henry, mnfg jeweler, 15 Wabasha. 

Smith James H E, barber, cor 3d and Jackson. 

Smith Louis B, tropical fruits, 93 E 3d. 

Smith Nathan, saloon, 166 Mississippi. 

Smith Pascal, capitalist, s w corner 3d and Jackson. 

Smith T M, fruits and vegetables, 23i- E 7th. 

Smith & Egau, lawyers, cor 5th and Wabasha. 

8lllitli A: Lewis, Coal, Wood and Hay, 139 E 7th. 

Smith & Peters, tish, oysters, etc, 108 W 3d. 

Smith & Schmitz, wholesale saddlery hardware, 46 Robert. 

Smith & Co, grocers, 102 Jackson. 

Smyth H M & Co, printers and binders, 100 _E 3d. 

Snyder J & Co, confectionery mnfrs, 78 Wabasha. 

Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, E W Chast- 
sec, 53 Robert. 

Soderhtronz Franz G, saloon, 4th nr Rosabel. 

Somers John, tailor, 32 Minnesota. 

South Shore Fast Freight Line, C D Parker agent, 120 E 3d. 

Spangenberg Albert, meat market, 162 St Peter. 

SpierCharles W, seeds, lime, etc, 286 E 7th. 

Spillk & !°^OU., Vinegar Mnfrs, w s Minnesota bet 5th 
and 6th. 

Sproat M L, gen agent Atlas Engine Works, 116 E 3d. 

Squires George C, lawyer, 28 E 3d. 

Stahlmann Christopher, brewer, cor Oneida and Fort. 

Stahlmann John A, saloon, 21 Wabasha. 

Stailllll Gottfried, Physician, 93 W 3d. 

Standard Oil Co, 11 R Searle agent, cor 3d and Jackson. 

Staples Isaac, lumber mnfr, 120 E 3d. 

State Arsenal, office 182 Wabasha. 

Stees Bros, furniture, etc, 51 E 3d. 

Stein Charles Ji, veterinary surgeon, 84 W 3d. 

Stephenson Oscar, lawver, 33 Wabasha. 

Sternberg II &, A, clothing, 33 Jackson. 

Sternberg Samuel, clothing, etc, 165 E 7th. 

Stetson W F, merchandise broker, 116 E 3d. 

Stevens Joiill A: Son (John and J Walter), Archi- 
tects, 20^ E 3d. 

MA ^ I ^i£ ^ E« ^ General Agent HaU's Safe and 
. A. EllgTOra,Lock Co., ST. PAUL, Minu. 

DIonI/ Dnnl/O Manufactured for Banks, Mill Men and Corpora- 

Dtalii\''DUUl\0 ^"iSi at low r^tes and In lest of Btylo, by F. F. HEIOfia, 
Brackett's Block, Minneapolis. 


Stevens & Robertson, picture frames, etc, 15 E 3d. 

.'^tiwart it Wheaton, physicians, 9 W 3d. 

St ierle E, druggist, 200 E 7th. 

Stiine «fc Jones, physicians, 49 Jackson. , 

Stornier & Otto, grocers, cor 7th and Broadway. 

Stroiljf, Ilat'kett & Co (Charles D Strong, Charles 

W Hackett, Freeman P .Strong), Wholesale Hardware, 

Tinware and Stoves, 137, 139 and 141 E 4th. 
Stniuse H & M, fancy goods, 2.5 E 3d. 
Strulzell John, shoemaker, 49 Robert. 
Stuart «fc Lutz, druggists, 72 Wabasha. 
Studdart & Hauser, insurance agents, 106 E 3d. 
Sullivan Miss Sarah A, mnfr ladies' underwear, 88 Wabasha. 
Sulzhach Sylvester, cigar mnfr, 40 Jackson. 
Sllliniier<ii A: ISaii;i'h (John Summers, John Baugh), 

Proprs Wiiid-or Hotel, cor St Peter and 5th. 
Swain Allen, photographer, 71 E 3d. 
Swanson Thomas, grocer, 200 E 7th. 

Swedish Co-operative Association, grocers, etc, 157 E 7th. 
Sweeny Robert O, druggist, 7 W 3d. 
Swiek J<jseph, meat market, 188 Wabasha. 
Swirt IBciiry, Wholesale Teas, Coffees, Spices, Fruits, 

Cigars, Etc, 'l03 Jackson. {See ad u.) 
Sui>lier Frederick S, Northwestern agent Blue Line, 121 E 3d. 
'I'ayloi* II KltO\, Wholesale Fish, Oysters, Game and 

Fruit, 8 E 3d. 
Taylor J G, guns and ammunition, cor 7th and Sibley. 
Taylor & Craig, builders, 5th near Fort. 
Teeple Addison V, lawyer, 43 E 3d. 
Temple H S, jr, saloon,'93 E 7tli. 
Thaiiwald Wm M, saloon, 100 E 4th. 
4 beol>ald Wm, wholesale liquors, 98 Jackson, 
Thill John, saloon, 243 E 7th. 
Thomas Christopher, picture frames, 12 W 3J. 
I homas & Adams, laundry, 28 Minnesota. 
I h-.mpson Mrs James & Son, news depot. 111 Jackson. 
1 I'.nipson & Petsch, R R ticket agents, cor 3d and Jackson. 
1 ii"n & Hamm, proprs Brainerd Flouring Mills, cor Minnehaha 

and Green Briar, 
horp Frederick A, insect and vermin destroyer, 111 W 3d. 
1 lyirwarth Jacob, shoem.aker, 89 E 5th. 
llMirstou Cyrus B, Wagons, Carriages and Fanu 

I'ui.icinents, 18 W 3d. {See ado, top lines.) 
I'lime II II, grocer and saloon, 159 and 101 St Peter. 
,'^;P1"T (i H, horseshoer, cor 4th and Exchange. 

O^teviii J F, Propr Minnesota Steam Marble Works, 
"■ Robert. 

and Grave! Roofers. 


Oor. Birth and Sibloy Streoti, 

St. Pad, Minn. 

SPRING OVERCOATSr'""'"°°"'"°°*"' 

' G, F. Parrington's, Miimeapolia. 


Trask Mrs A J, dressmaker, 109 Robert. 

Travis Henry II, confectioner, 136 Jackson. 

Treasure Edwin, boots and shoes, 87 Wabasha. 

Tusler, Goucher &. De Long, farm implements, 69 and 70 

Tuttle & Griswold, government lands, 120 E 3d. 
Ullman Joseph, hides and furs, 65 Jackson. 
Fiiiled States Express Co, W H Albright Agent, 

30 E 3d. 

Unten Nick, saloon, 223 w 3d. 

Uphara Albert T, jeweler, 124 Jackson. 

Upham A T, dentist, 109 E 7th. 

Upham, Wyman & Co, proprs Minnesota Rendering and Fer- 
tilizing Co, 64 E 7th. 

Upman's Hotel, Frank Upman propr, cor 3d and Cedar. 

Van Auken P & Co, grain commission, cor 3d and Jackson. 

Vanderhoof Lewis Vt, blacksmith, 30 E 7th. 

Van Slyke W A & Co, commission, 40 Sibley. 

Varney E C »& Co, boots and shoes, 70 Wabasha. 

Tnu^hail & Co (Thomas Vaughan), Show Case Mnfrs, 
118 E 5th. {fieeadv.) 

Villaume Joseph, saloon, 126 Robert. 

Vitt H F, saloon, 228 E 7th. 

Vitt J Frederick, saloon, 140 E 3d. . 

Voges Henn', florist, 12 Citv Market. 

Yolk^zeitiiiii^ Printing: and Publishing: Co. 
A Munch Pres, A Finck Vice-Pres, C H Lienau Sec and 
Treas, Publisliers Volkszeitung and Printers, 100 E 3d. 

Yolkszeilung- The (German Daily and Weekly). 
Volkszeitung Printing and Publishing Co, Publishers, 
100 E 3d. 

Vollmer M, marble monuments, etc, 213 E 7th. 

Von f nruh Ilermaim, jeweler, 186 E 7th. 

Wadsworth W W, agent Pullman Palace Car Co, 116 E 3d. 

Wagener John, grocer and saloon, 226 Robert. 

Wagner J, rectifier, E 7th nr St Paul Plow Works. 

"Wagner Nic, saloon, 108 St Peter. 

Wah Sam, laundry, 59 Wabasha. 

Walker Miss A D, milliner, 113 E 7th. 

Wall & Bigelow, grain and provision com, 61 E 3d. 

Walla Anton, merchant tailor, 31 W 3d. 

Wallace Thomas, horseshoer, 64 E 4th. 

Walsh George W, lawyer, 31 E 3d. 

"Walter :^Ioritz, t'<Jiiper and Brass Works, 89 Jackson. 

Waltlier Edwar.l, physician. 111 E 7th. 

Wampler Andrew J, druggist, cor 4th and Jackson. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. ^'i| 

.obert St,. St. Paul, Miim. 

brands of Kentack Boarbo: tti 
e Whiskey oocbtantly on t«a- 

. ; 7/ 

Hashow, fylaish & Davis, ^^^^^^ 


Wanderer Printing Co, Maximilan J Loskiol manager, pub- 
lishers Der Wanderer, and printers, 13 Wabasha. 
Warne Bros, contractors, 5th nr Wabasha. 
Warner John M, auction and commission, 27 E 3d. 
"Warner liUoieil, Mnfr Chaska Brick, 98 E 3d. 
"Warner "Win P» Lawyer, cor 3d and Jackson. 
Warren House, D A Miller propr, cor 4th and Jackson. 

AVa>*liinsrton Lite Insurance Co, J A Sabin Gen 

Agt, 45 Jackson. 
Watson Joint J, Gen Agt New England Mutual Life 

Lisurance Co, 122 E 3d. {Se£ left hand bottom liniis.) 
W^atson & 0\ley (John J Watson, Wm H Oxlej-), Gen- 
eral Insurance, 122 E 3d. 
Weaver George, sale and boarding stables, St Peter. 
Webb Edward, lawyer, 5 Odd Fellows' Block. 
Weber Charles, chief of police, City Hall. 
Weber Charles, shoemaker, 14 E 3d. 
Weber Fridolin, grocer, 282 Fort. 
Weber John, grocer, 212 Fort. 
Wedelstaedt Edward K, dentist, 9 W 3d. 
Weed & Lawrence, insurance, 119 E 3d. 
Weide John A & Co, musical merchandise, 42 W 3d. 
Weis Oswald, grocer, 252 Fort. 
Weis W & Son, grocers, 112 Wabasha. 
Weller A S, saloon, 25 E 7th. 
Wenger Joseph ^I, grocer, 64 W 3d. 
Werner Frank, saloon, 120 W 3d. 
Werner Mrs M, milliner, 209 E 7th. 
West Frank C, wood, cor Market and 4th. 
AVest Publishins: Co, Publishers and Dealers in Law 
Books and Legal Blanks, 11 Wabasha. 

Western Commercial Agency, A E Beasley manager, cor 3d 
and Jackson. ' 

Western Railroad Company of Minnesota, George L Becker 
pres, Reese M Newport sec, Francis R Delano Gen Agt, 
gen offices 103 Jackson. 

Western Seaman's Friend Society, E W Chase sec, 53 Robert. 

Wevl & Ehnnanntraut, meat market, 195 E 7th. 

Wheeler & Wils(m Mnfg Co, W W Dewey as^t, 90 E 3d. 

Whitcher Sylvester C, livery, 94 and 96 E'7th. 

Whiteomb Mrs Diademe, restaurant, 6^ E 7th. 

White John W, lawyer, cor 3d and Minnesota. 

White Sewing Machine Co, Lucien Warner state agt, 93 E 3d. 

Wickersheim^iLrs Mary, fruits, etc, 186 E 7th. 

Wicinann Theodore, grocer, cor loth and CoUeLje ave. 

Wil.ktn & Runier, builders, 41 Ramsey. 

Wild Joe M, meat market, 33f. E 7th. 

Builders' Hardware"'""™"™" "^ 

p bury & Draper. 35 E. Third 8t„Sl. Paul. 

OPflPl/PRV ^'^^"'^^ China, Glassware, wholesale and 
utlUuiXLIllj retail. E, A. HAEMOlf & 00,, Minneapolis. 


Wilde Francis F, lawyer, 33 E 3cl. 

Wilder Amherst H, contractor, 100 Jackson. 

Wilgus Edmuud P, grain com, 46 Jackson. 

Wilkes Arthur P, druggist, 106 Fort. 

Williams Charles H, sign writer, 5 W 3d. 

Williams C D, physician, 193 Broadway. 

AVilliauiS & l>avid<<Oll (Henry L Williams, James II 

Davidson), Lawyers, Rooms 5 and 6 McQuillan Block, 

cor 3d and Wabasha. 
Williamson John, restaurant, Robert bet 2d and 3d. 
Willis John W, lawyer, 13^ W 3d. 
Wilson A & Son, stoves, tinware, etc, 187 Broadway. 
Wilson Charles C, general agent .^tna Life Ins Co, 3 Odd 

Fellows' Block. 
Wilson Charles, carpenter, cor Bridge and 6th, 6th ward. 
Wilson Charles S, cooper, 19 Eagle. 
"Wilson «k Rogers, Jobbers in Iron and Wood Pumps, 

Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters' Supplies, Heating Aji- 

paratus for Public and Private Buildings, 18 E 3d. ' {S,_>: 

W'illdsor Hotel, Summers &, Baugh Proprs, cor St 

Peter and -ath. 
Winker John, saloon, 162 E 7th. 
Winley Miss Mary, milliner, 36 W 3d. 
Winter Andrew, grocer, 118 Wabasha. 
AVirklund & Dahlstrom, photographers, 111 E Vth. 
Wittelshofer J, jeweler, 71 E 3d. 
Wolf Mary, wholesale milliner, 94 E 3d. 
Wondra Mathias, grocer, 275 Fort. 

Wolterstortf & Moritz, hardware, stoves, etc, 125 E 7th. 
Wood I-iduard II, Lawyer and Justice of the Peace, 
■ 3i W 3d. 
W^OOdward dJeoi'tfe B, Manager Fairbanks, Morse & 

Co, 46 E 3d. 
Woolsey James H, mill supplies, 29 E 3d. 
Worley Mrs Adam, dressmaker, 107 W 3d. 
Wright & Galloway, livery stable, 167 8th. 
Wurm iirs Catherine, brewer, Stewart ave, nr Cascade. 
Wurm Conrad, grocer, cor Randolph and Fort. 
Yarnall Wm & F, physicians, cor 7th and Jackson. 
YoerS' Anthony, Brewer, cor Commercial and Ohio, 

6th ward. 
Young 6c Xewcl (George B Young, Stanford Xewel), 

Lawyers, 60 i E 3d. 
Yungman Frank, saloon and barber, 115 St Peter. 
Zahm & ilann, dry goods, eor 3d and Wabasha. 
Zahonyi Julius, music, 58 W 3d. 


Boston. The best Comcany to Insure witu. 
" WATSON, Gen'l Agent, ST. PAUL, lUaa. 






Mills, Railroads, Plumbers, Gas and Steam 


Hot Air Furnaces and Steam Warming and Ventila- 
ting Apparatus for Public and Private 

No. 18 East Third St., ST. PAUL, MI\X. 



Sole Ag't CANTOK PLOWS, Tiger Rakes, Ran- 

dall Pulverizing Hanows, Triumph Seeders, Mil- 

J ■barn Wagons, Buggies, etc., 18 W. 3(i St., St. Paul 


Zt-rtlcr F W, saloon, 1S2 \V 3d. 
Zimmerman Bros, photographic materials, S W 3d. 
Zimmerman Charles A, photographer, S W 3d. 
Zohn Mrs Mary, saloon, 1 1 E 7th. 


The seat of Nicollet county, is an incorporated city of 
3,000 inhabitants, at the junction of the W. &. St. P. and St. 
P. & S. C. railroads, in the eastern part of the county, 75 
miles distant from St. Paul. It is located on the Minnesota 
river, which is navigable for 100 miles beyond this point, and 
at one period was sfrongly urged for the capital of the State. 
The leading industries of the city are 2 steam flouring mills, 
2 sash and blind factories, 1 fanning mill factory, 2 furniture 
factories, 2 grain elevators, 1 foundry and 4 breweries. There 
are 4 hotels, the Nicollet House being the leading and most 
popular of the hostelries. There is in the city a National 
Bank, with a capital of *(50,000 and a surplus of 89,000. Two 
weekly newspapers, the Times, Democratic, and the Tribune, 
Republican, are pulilished here. The religious tendencies of 
the population are represented by 4 Lutheran churches and 1 
each of the Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Christian and 
Catholic denominations. The Gustavus Adolphus college, 
founded by the Swedish Lutherans, has three courses of 
instruction, classical, normal and high school. The graded 
school system, employing 12 teachers, represents an outlay 
for buildings of 827,000. There are 2 denominational schools 
in Saint Peter, and a public library of 1,000 volumes. A State 
Hospital for the Lisane is located here, whose property value 
is 8600,113. The surrounding country is a favorite resort for 
the sportsmen of the State, as it abounds in game. Exports, 
grain, flour, pork, live stock, furniture, etc. Telegraph, North- 
western. Express, Am. Daily mails. J. R. Moore, post- 


Allen John N, dentist. 
Amundson C & Co, general store. 
Anderson Oliver, general store. 
Baberich Caspar, general store. 
Barnes Charles F, confectioner. 
Bauer Jacob, Propr Union House. 
Benhain A H, omnibus and baggage line. 
Birki-nhauer Henry, watches and jewelry. 
BlonibiTg G A & Son, merchant tailors. 
Boardni.a'n L M, fanning mill mnfr. 
Boethin Wra, wagoninaker. 

AKOHITEOTS, Minneapolis. PLias 
and Specifications furnishwi for iii 
kinds of Building, on fibort notice. 



WC PIIMM Pi Pfl riour Mill Builders and General Mill 
. h. bum cL lU. ^— "^^ '^z^^^-- ^^^ 


Bohn U, physician. 

Bolsta Peter, carpenter and builder. 

Bornemann l>t?rnhard, propr Farmers' Home. 

Brandt John, saloon. 

Bri^^s Stephen II, County Surveyor. 

Carlson Andrew, farm machinery. 

Carpenter H S. propr Nicollet House. 

Carter & Montgomery, real estate and insurance. 

Cashion Peter, livery stable. 

Cashion & Sherry, saddle and haruessmakers. 

Childs John, blacksmith. 

Clark James, saloon and billiards. 

Coffin John H, photographer. 

Colbv Cyrus D, gunsmith. 

Coliilis D B, Physician. 

Commercial House, N S Lee propr. 

Cosner Isaac, physician. 

Cox E St Julien, judge district court. 

Daniels Asa W, physician and surgeon. 

Davis Charles R, County Attorney and Collection 

Davis Svdnev W, meat market. 
De Graff H C & Co, dry goods, etc. 
Delany James, register of deeds. 
Deutschman Carl, general store. 
Dick Philip & Co, clothing, boots and shoes, etc. 
Downs Thomas, sheriff Nicollet county. 
Dunning Samuel, cattle dealer. 
Eiigesser ^latthew, Brewer. 
Essler "Wm C, founder and machinist. 
Evanson Christian, wines and liquors. 
Evanson Mathias G. hardware and stoves. 
First A'alloiial Stank, Wm Schimme Pres, F A Don- 

ahower Cashr. 
Foot John, dry goods, boots and shoes. 
Frazier Aaron, gunsmith. 
Frey Henry M, barber. 
Fritsche Frederick, county treasurer. 
Galles Nicholas, wagonmaker. 
Gebhardtifc Co, tanners and cun-iers. 
Hanscome Melville G, lawyer. 
Hargis Miss S R, milliner. 
Harkee Frederick, flour mill. 
Harris A J, cooper. 
Herrick 3Irs Frances, dressmaker. 
Herrmann August, boot and shoemaker. 
Hesnault August, carpenter and builder. 

CPUCCCRQ DPnC Importers of Pine Woolens, No. 40 
OUnLrLilO DflUOi E. Third Street, ST. PAUL, Minn. 

Hashow,Maish& Davis. 2^?^"^^'^^-^^^^ 

Maie a specialty of BEEVTErvS' 
Maoliiiisry, Oor, 2d St. acd F " ' 
J Avenoe South, Minaeapo'.; 


Iletherington Ramsey, painter. 

Hildebrandt Henry, meat market. 

Hohman August, brewer. 

Jacoby Hiram J, books, stationery, etc. 

Jake Christian, blacksmith. 

Johnson Charles A, blacksmith. 

Jones Henry, druggist. 

Kemmits \Vm, blacksmith. 

Klein Wm, coroner. 

Klein "Will, Furniture Mnfr. 

Klitzke Hermon, general store. 

Kneip Xicholas, saddles and harness. 

Kllie^^tndt Julius, AVines, Liquors and Cigars. 

Knoll Theodore, general store. 

Koelfgen Henry, wines and liquors. 

Koeuig Michael, saloon. 

Kohl & Thiets, carpenters and builders. 

Kramer Anton, wines, liquors, etc. 

Kramer George, barber. 

Krieger Joseph, wagonmaker. 

Krohn John, boot and shoemaker. 

Ladd & Stone, lawyers. 

Lamberton Alfred J, general store. 

Lamberton Robert W, agent Winona & St Peter R R. 

Lange P'rancis E, watches and jewelry. 

Larabach Frederick E, restaurant and confectioner. 

Lee N S, propr Commercial House. 

Lester Cassius C, sewing machines. 

Lillenquist H, watches and jewelry. 

Lloyd Benjamin, groceries and crockery. 

Ix)renz August, blacksmith. 

Lucken Martin, blacksmith. 

E-i:. C5. :e^ s: Xa siji 3E^ :e^ 

Manufacturer of and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 


St. Peter, Minnesota. ^-^ " 

^alHcn JPl Pyiir/IrS ^0°^"^ and Sheet-Iron Architectural 
OClUUII C6 Uiygidj Workers, 114 N. 3d St., Minneapolis. 


.^> P'i^n/MjifmxM '^"'e^ile "d Ketail. CHARLES 


J South, imnTEAPOLIS, 


McAllister Chauncey, grocer. 

McCrackin Wm L, ageut St P & S C R R. 

McLeod George A, supt public instruction. 

McOuatt Wm, chief of police. 

Martinson John, saloon and billiards. 

Mason Joseph, hardware and farm implements. 

Merritt George F, physician. 

Meyer John, saloon. 

Miller Henry C. Wholesale and Retail Dealer and 
Mnfr of Cigars, Minnesota ave. (See ado.) 

Moll E & Son, saddle and harnessmakers. 

Montgomery Thomas C, city justice. 

Moore J K, Publr St Peter Tribune and Postmaster. 

Nicollet House, H S Carpenter propr. 

Northvrestern Hotel, Sander Swenson propr. 

Nutter & Heritage, hardware and lumber. 

Nyquist Rev J P, principal Gustavus Adolphus College. 

Paetow F Louis, hardware and stoves. 

Paul Benjamin F, druggist. 

Perry Charles X, painter and upholsterer. 

Perry TliOinn^ M, Editor and Propr The Times. 

Peters O H, agent G W Van Dusen & Co, grain and ele- 

Peterson John, judge of probate. 

Peterson John M, blacksmith. 

Pettijohn Elias S, county auditor. 

Poison Peter A, saloon. 

Powell Wm 0, painter. 

Randall & Noble, groceries and crockery. 

Rniiiiey Harvey H, Wagonmaker. 

Rausch John B, meat market. 

Rogers Benjamin, clerk of district court. 

Rolk Rudolph, coojier. 

Rost Anton, propr Railroad Hotel. 

Rost Charles, saddle and harnessraaker. 

Rounseville Wm H, lumber and farm implements. 

Sackett Judah B, ju-itice of the peace. 

Sackett & Fay, flouring mill. 

St Paul and Sioux City R R Co Grain Elevator. 

St Peter Tribune (Weekly), J K Moore Editor and 

Samblad Charles, photographer. 

Scheuer John, wagonmaker. 

Schimniel Wm, pres First National Bank, grain and general 
produce dealer. 

Schleuder Julius, watches and jewelry. 

Schmidt Frederick, bouts and shoes. 

HBII S OQI e '5^^ LOCK UOl 46 Jackson St., ST. PAUL, Mi^ 

F. F. Hennig, 

Book-Biuder and Blank-Book 

-MaEnl'actnrer, Brackett's Block, 
Minneapolis, Mian, 


Scliulz August, l)00ts and shoes. 

iSclilllliacher Stephen, General Store. 

Seymour John F, grocer. 

Shuncll Ole A, boot and shoemaker. 

Smith John H, blacksmith. 

Snyder James H, books, stationery, etc. 

Spiess Stephen, boot and shoemaker. 

Stark Brothers & Davis, general store. 

Steinke Gustavus W, farm implements. 

Stelzer Phillip, saloon and boarding. 

Stempol Frederick A, general store. 

Strand Mrs S O, millinery and fancy goods. 

Swenson Sander, propr Northwestern Hotel. 

Thomas John, boot and shoemaker. 

The Times (Weekly), Thomas M Perry Editor and Propr. 

Treadwell John N, loans. 

Van Dusen G W & Co, grain and elevator. 

Vcith Frederick, brewer. 

Volk and Co, furniture mnfrs. 

Walen John, furniture. 

"Woods Charles R, stoves and tinware. 


A settlement of some 200 souls in the north central part 
■of Le Sueur county, 8 miles from Le Sueur Centre (c h), and 
56 from St. Paul. Belle Plaine, 8 miles distant, is the nearest 
railroad point. It contains a steam saw and grist mill, 
Lutheran and Catholic churches, and 2 schools. Exports, 
■wheat, oats, potatoes and pork. Tri-weekly mail. P. Ronan, 


Ronayne J "VV, general store. 
Roiinii Patriek, General Store. 
Spellacy Grace, school teacher. 


This growing town of 500 inhabitants is the state terminus 
of tlie St. P., :SL& M Ry, and also of the St. Vincent branch of 
the Canadian Pacific Ry. It is situated in the extreme north- 
western point of Kittson county and of the State alike, "U 
the Red River of the North, is 390 miles from St. Paul, and 
the >eat of the county of Kittson. A regular line of steam- 
ers m.akes daily trijis on the Red river from St. Vincent to 
"Winnipeg, Manitoba, carrying passengers and freight and 
making, dose connection with the arrival and departure ot 

Eheet-Iron Architeotaral W^ken 
and Roofers. Oor. Siith and Sibl»7 
BtreetB. St. Paal, Minn. 

M.H. Crittenden & Co. 

A r Cni'l'infytnn ^eepa on hand the finest Pronch, Engli, 

Ij Scotch and Gennan Suitings, Minneapi..!;, 


trains. St. Vincent has a steam elevator of 90,000 busli.U 
capacity, a bank, a brewery, a brickyard, a hotel, a ncwspajx r, 
the Herald, 3 general stores and a district school, while ;i 
church is being erected. The town is only a little over oir- 
year old. Daily mail over the St. P., M. & M. and Canadiai; 
Pacific railways. D. F. Brawley, postmaster. 


Brawley D F, brickmaker. 

Buie John, livery and sale stable. 

Flyilll Sc O'Keel'C, General Store. 

Gooding C J, railroad agent. 

Head Felix G, justice of the peace. 

Head Felix G, Publisher St Vincent Herald. 

Lowery Robert W, general store. 

Nobles L, express agent. 

O'Keefe Wm M, register of deeds. 

Provouchoe John, saloon. 

Raywood G & Co, St Vincent Brewery. 

Red Wing Mill Co, grain elevator. 

Rich J H, cashier St'Vineent Bank and mngr Elevator Co. 

St Vincent Bank, J H Rich cashr. 

Shepard J W, lumber and building material. 

Stewart John W, propr Pacific Hotel. 

Yan.Htruill JoliU A, Sheriff Kittson County. 

Vanstrum John H, real estate agent. 

Winter J B, general store. 


In the eastern jiart of Stearns county, 8 miles northwe-t 
of St Cloud (c h), the nearest railroad point. It contains .i 
Catholic church and district school. B. Murphy, postmaster. 


A newly established postoffice in Redwood county. 


A settlement of some 300 souls in the township of the 
same name in the north central ])art of Sherburne county, '■'••'' 
miles from Elk River (o h), 70 from St. Paul and 13 from 
Clear Lake, the nearest railroad point. St. Francis river givi- 
power to a stave and saw-mill here, and there are 3 district 
schools. Exports, staves, beef, butter and cheese. Mail stau"' 
to Clear Lake weekly. W. L. IJabcock, postmaster. 

Perkins, Lyons &Co.!^^ 

TO I Cil nillOj LV UIID «/ UUlof wiXiiqT/rraud 

Hashow, Maish & Davis, ^HII3^" 

SAN AND BusiXESs 'directory. SAU G59 


H.ibcock W L, merchant and farmer. 
IJabcock & Walker, cheese factory. 
Bailey W H, stave mill. 


A village of 100 inhabitants in the southwestern part of 
Winona county, 23 miles from Winona (o h), 6 from St. 
Charles, the nearest railroad point, and 60 from St. Paul. It 
Las a Free-Will Baptist and a Congregational church, and 
exports wheat and beef. Stage to St." Charles an.i Troy semi- 
weekly, and tri-weekly mail. T. P. Dixon, postmaster. 


Cory George, blacksmith. 

Cox L, live stock dealer. • ■ . , 

Dixon H M, money lender. 

Draper S S, blacksmith. 

Murray P, live stock dealer. 


An incorporated village of 1,200 inhabitants in the north- 
western part of Stearns count v, and a station on the St. Vin- 
cent division of the St. P., M. & M. Ry, 45 miles from St. 
Cloud (c h), and 117 from St. Paul. It "is situated upon the 
Sauk river, which furaishes unfailing water power, utilized 
by a 7 run flouring mill. A flouring mill of the same capa- 
city, a saw-mill, a feed mill and a fanning mill factory are 
operated by steam. The Citizens' Bank is located in the vil- 
lage; there is also an elevator, 4 general and a score of special 
stores and mechanic shops, 3 hotels, a steam elevator, a brewery 
and a newspaper, the Sauk Centre Ilerahl. The churches are 
Episcopal, ^Methodist, Congregational, Baptist and Catholic. 
The Union High School employs 7 teachers, and the building 
cost 810,000. The village wants an iron foundry and 
machine shop, a wood working manufactory and a grist 
mill. Exports, flour, wheat, oats and barley. Express, Am. 
Telegraph, Northwestern. Mail stage to Grove Lake, Otto, 
L.ike Amelia, Glenwood, Little Sauk, Round Prairie, Long 
Prairie, Hartford, Grey Eagle, North Fork. Daily mail by 
rail east and west. Samuel Simonton, postmaster. 


Apf,4d & Robhins. lumber. 

ItanK of Sauk <"ciitre. {^ee adv.) 

Barnaul Edward P, furniture. 

Keep a full line of Darling, Brown 

& Sharpe's Machinists' Tools. 3o East 

Third St., St. Paul. 

Kingsbury & Draper 



Barto Alphonzo, lawyer. 

Badell Mark, carriagcmaker. 

Bennett George M, real estate and insurance. 

Bishop Mrs George M, milliner. 

Bishop Leroy S, jr, general store. 

Bradley Xatliniiiel G, Watchmaker. 

Bressler Bros, proprs Eastern Hotel. 

Bridgeman Eliot, lumber. 

Briggs Robinson P, lawyer. 

Brink & Hansen, saloon. 

Bruce Samuel M, grocer. 

Canfield A, pliysician. . ^ 

Capser Joseph, general store. 

Carney E B. lumber. 

Carr Jaiuesii D, Justice of the Peace and Pump Manu- 

Coe Lemuel E, propr Sauk Center House. 

Corey Rev I L (Congregational.) 

Dahlem Alfred, grocer. 

Danalier & Co, hardware. 

Davenport H cfe E, meat market. 

Dinkle & Stevens, farm implements. 

Doty Henry S, constable and deputy sheriff. 

Gallup Hiram P, hardware. 

Gruber George, brewer. 

Hall Robert A, livery. 

Hanna Mrs Emma B] dressmaker. 

Harmon, llolnie!) &, Co, Flour Mill, Grain and Ele- 

Harrison Edwin J, general store. 

Hendry Nicholas, general store. 

Hendryx Charles F, propr Sauk Center Herald. 

Hickman Peter S, carriagcmaker. 

Hinman Charles M, blacksmith. 

Hinman & Lord, farm implements. 

Hoople Nelson, grain and elevator. 

How Calvin F, lands. 

Hoivard John R, Agricultural Implements, Ca?e 
Threshers, Marsh Harvesters, Wire and Cord Binders, 
Mowers, Seeders, Etc, a Full Line of Repairs. 

Hudson Rev Theodore (Episcopal.) 

Johnson Andrew H, saloon. 

Keller Henry, fanuing-mill maker. 

Kells Lucas, insurance and loans. 

Koterba .John W, hariiessmaker. 

Iflct'llirc Thomas €, Flour Mill. 

McMasters James 31, j)hysician. 


Jit. f? l.l'aUI.MlNiU f„f,it„el J. J.Watson, Gea'lAgt. St. Paul, ilu^- 

Cn TlllinOTOM SoleA^tMILBURSWA&OKS.TiT.T Rakes, Ean- 
K I H 1 1 n ^S I U N . '5^-1 i'^lverlzing Harrows, Triaoph Soede.-s, Can- 
iDl lllUHOIUIlj^^ Pl,,3, Buggies, etc., 18 W. 3d St., St. Paul. 


MaJland Bros, saloon and billiards. 
M:idland JohiiO D, insurance asxent. 

.Maim ^ Allison, Founders and Machinists, Iron and 
Brass Foundry and ilaohine Shop. 

Mcdlaud 3Iiss Emma E, milliner. 

Mctzsrer John, meat market. 

Miner Xelsoil II, Lawyer. 

Moore Sc Bennett (Alexander Moore, George M Ben- 
nett), Land Agents, Wild Lands, R R Lands, Absttacts of 
Title, Improved Farms, Etc. 

Xieolaus Lorentz, tailor. 

Nichols Jose]>h, boots and shoes. 

Xorris James A, express and railroad agent. 

Oakford & Nelson, druggists. 

Palmer Benjamin R, physician. 

Parker John W, projir Parker House. 

Pendergast «fc Kellss, Proprs Sauk Centre Bank, Bank- 
ers, Insurance Agents. {Se<i adv.) 

Pendergast & Wille, hardware. 

Perkins & Sprague, druggists. 

Peters & Lux, saloon. • _ , - . 

Pettit Asahel H, gen store. ' . 

Roid John M, meat market. 

Rire X W & Son, livery. 

I6ia:gs Robert P," Lawyer. 

Robbins James L, real estate and insurance. 

Robertson Thomas D. jeweler. 

Sank Centre Herald. Charles F Hendryx Propr, 
Sole Advertising Medium in this Village ; Specimen 
Copy and Terms on Application. 

Sank Centre Ilonse, L E Coe Propr. (See adv.) 

Schaaf John, saloon. 

Scherftius Wilhelm, harnessmaker. 

Searle & Storey (Frank E Searle, Leo T Storey), 

Smith Andrew J, banker and general store and insurance. 

Spoor Rev W M M (Methodist). 

Stewart & Moore, blacksmiths. 

Taylor Win C, constable. 

Thurston Ell O, jeweler. 

T<>bey Uriel M, grocer. 

White Robert, general store. 

WilliauLs Frederick, saloon, billiards and barber. 

^\ illiaius & Johnstone Misses, stationery, etc. 

Woodruff Rev C W (Baptist). 

^N uttke Hermann H, carriatremaker. 


inPTlATJ Ttlrtv-fi»6 years' M - 
dUIlJJiUN. ,^^^^ in the cou- 
and PriTata Baildings. Mianeapclia. 

ConrJ Voilt" flrr <5t'i>^°'^^°^'^"iS Cloth, Cblled Iron Kr 
oBnU Y our UrOBrS ^^^ Clei^rs, noar Packers aad M 11 



In the southwestern part of Benton county, of which it 
is the seat, 75 miles from St. Paul, is a village of about 'Jmi 
inhabitants, and a station on the Brainerd branch of the N. P. 
R. R., situated upon the Mississippi river at the confluence 
of the Sauk. The rapids here have been improved so succes-,- 
fully that 600,000 cubic feet of water per minute pass over tliL- 
dam at the ordinary stage of river height, thus afFordiii^,' 
power only second to that of Minneapolis. Two tiouriiiLr 
mills, a cheese factory, several hotels and a number of general 
and special stores are the business interests of the place. 
The churches are Congregational, Episcopal, Methodist and 
Catholic, and the village has a fine graded school employing 
three teachers. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, Am. 
Weekly stage to Duellin and Maywood. Daily mail. W. L. 
Niemaa, postmaster. 


Barron John, shoemaker. 

Benedict & Getchell, livery. 

Berg & Neils, hardware. 

Carpenter S P, hotel. 

Cheney Mrs A J, druggist, etc. 

Cross Eramus meat market. 

Davis M, saloon. 

Fletcher W II, wagonmaker. , 

Grain Dominick, harness. 

Homan John, saloon. 

Johnson A C, blacksmith. 

Mayo L, drucrsist. 

Miller J K, blacksmith. 

Naimbach Charles P, jeweler. . • 

Newman A, harnessmaker. 

Sauk Rapids Water-power Co. 

Stanton J A, tiour mill. 

Sullivan J M, saloon. 

Taylor A S, beer faucet mnf r. 

Wood Charles G, general store. 

Wood James N, clothing, etc. 


A settlement in the northern part of Washington county, 
17 miles from Stillwater (c h), 35 from St. Paul," and 8 from 
Forest Lake, the nearest railroad station. Marine Mills, 5 
miles south, on the St. Croix river, is the shipping point in 

OUnLrLflO DUUOl East TMrd Street, St Paul, Minn. 

Hashow,Maish& Davis, 

Do all kinds of Machinery Repaltln;;. 

promptly alunded to. Cor. Secoml St. 
and Fifth Avenue South, Minneapolis. 


tlio open season of navigation. Scandia has a Lutheran 
church and common school. Semi-weekly mail. Johan Joua- 
--on, postmaster. 


Kkdahl C, farm implements and sewing machines. 

IKdin Rev E (Lutheran). 

Rose J G, justice of the peace and farm implements. 


In Preston township, south central part of Fillmore 
county, 6 miles from Preston (c h), and 4 from Harmony, 
the nearest railroad station, contains a Presbyterian church 
and common school. Exports, wheat and pork. Tri-weekly 
mail stage to Harmony. W. B. Mitchell, postmaster. 


Duxbury "Wm, stone mason. 

Hutton David, stock raiser and dealer. 

Larson Severt, stone mason. 

Miller John C, carpenter. 

Mitchell W B, justice of the peace and blacksmith. 

Wrenn T E, constable. 


A discontinued postoffice in the northern part of Nobles 
county, 14 miles north of Worthington (c h), and 5 miles from 
Fulda, on the S. M. Ry, the nearest railroad point. 


The seat of Scott county, is a city of about 2,500 inhabit- 
ants, situated near the northern boundary of the county, and 
on the Minnesota river, lies at the intersection of the St. P. & 
S. C. R. R. and the H. & D. division of the C, M. & St. P. Ry. 
In industrial interests it has a steam wagon factory, a steam 
flour mill, and the repair shops of the St. P. A S. C. R. R. The 
St. Gertrude Academy is an educational institute of note, and 
the graded school conducted by the city employs a staff of S 
tiMchers. The churches are Methodist, Episcopal, Presby- 
terian, Lutheran and German Roman Catholic. A National 
B.-ink is located in Shakopee, and the exports of the place are 
principally flour, wheat, wood and produce. Telegrajih, 
Noitluvfstern. Express, Am. and U. S. Seven mails daily. 
Charles H. Lord, postmaster. 


-Vllou B F, dentist. 
B.uinihager Hermann, saloon. 

Rnnfiniy MatOrisI Tanedrelt, Building Paper, pitch, etc. 
JIUUIHlg IVlQlgllClii Selden&Grygla,n4N.3dSt.,KinDeapoiis. 

Crockeryl Glassware, 

■WTiolesale and Katail. CHAR 

JOHNSON, 513 Wi,=tuz.-ton Av 

Sooth, MEiTfEAPOLlS, 


Baumhoffer Franz, flour mill, 2 miles s. 

Berens Michaol, milliner. 

Berens & Gellonbeck, general store. 

Berens & Nachtsheim, general store. 

Bone Xavier, jeweler. 

Bornarth Charles, insurance agent. 

Brown Luther 31, lawyer. 

Brown & Plunistead, Mrs and iliss, milliner, etc. 

Busse Christian E, grocery and saloon. 

BiiS!^e A: Heidenreich :^Iisses, The Latest Styks 

of Millinery Goods, Worsteds. Notions, Etc, at the Baz^iar 

of Fashion, Dressmaking a Specialty. 
Cassidy James, tailor. 
Chewning Reuben J, farm implements. 
Conter John B, lime kiln. 

Dean John A, blacksmith and farm implements. 
Dunn James H, physician. 
Edert John, saloon and billiards. 
Edwards David W, dentist. 
Entrup Mrs E, physician. 
First Xatioiial Bank (Capital $50,000), Horace B 

Strait Pres, Dayid L How Cashier. 
Frazee John W, general store 12 miles s. 
Frey Rey L F (L^utheran). 
Gardner George B, confectioner. 
Geisor J C, carpenter and builder. 

Gelleilbceli Georg'e "^V, Propr Occidental Hotel. . 
Geyermann Peter, general store. 
Grady Wm, grocer. 
Gro>s Henry F, barber. 

Gutenlierg John, general store and meat market. 
Hall Mrs Josephine, milliner. 
Hartz Bernard, saloon. 
Heidenreich Wilhelm, saloon and billiards. 
Hinds Henry, general store. 
Hircher F X, furniture. 
Hoffmann Abe L, sewing machines. 
Hlllillllirey J W, Flour Mill, 7 Miles East. 
Hussmann Mrs Anna T, brewery. ; 

Kauth John, sMoon. 
Kertson Dayid W, photographer. 
Kodylek John, painter, pictures and frames. 
Koener Anton, meat market. 
Kohler Benjamin, saloon. 
Kohls & Berens, general store. 
Logefeil Daniel A, propr U S Hotel. 
Lord Charles, ))liysician. 

Hall's Patent Infallible"""-"™"""'^ 

meat TilB»-Lock, 46 Jacksoa BtnwV. 
" Panl. liiiin. 


Manufactured for Banks, Mill Mc-n and Oorpora- 

taons, at low rates and in best of style, by F. F. HEirKia, 
Brackett'8 Block, MicneapoUs. 


Lord Charles H, Insurance Agent and Postmaster. 

Lord Frauk J, druggist. 

McDonald Jolui L, lawyer and district judge. 

McGowan Rev J A (Presbyterian). 

McMullin John, hardware. 

M.ihoney Rev John (Catholic). 

M.inson ^lelville H, physician. 

Marx Hubert, saloon. 

Mather Rev F C (Methodist). 

Mergens Peter, saloon. 

Nachtsbeim Joseph, baker and confectioner. 

Xachtsheim & Wagner, carriagemakers. 

Xcwell Thomas R, jeweler. 

Nvssen Hubert, brewery, 1+ miles w, 

Occidental Hotel, G" W Gellenbcck Propr, This Hotel 

is New, Well Furnished, Large, Airy Rooms, and Offers 

Superior Accommodation to the Public. 
O'Dowd Roderick, grocery and liquors. 
Peck &. 3Iciiale (Harrison J Peck, James McHale), 

Phillips Bros, livery stable. 
I'iiilipp Heinrich, Furniture. 
Pinger \Vm, saloon. 
Plut Rev A (German Catholic). 
Pond Bros, Flour Mill, 1 mile e. 
Powell Rev W R (Episcopal). 
Kausch Carl F, stationery. 
Reis George, hardware. 
Ri'is John, harnessmaker. ' . ■ 
Hies J, soda water mnfr. 
King John J, propr Merchants' HoteL 
Holliiiger Mrs Mary, saloon, 
^t Gertrude Academy, Sister Ignatia Superior. 
>cherkenbach August, marble works. 
N-herkenbach Mrs Barbara, milliner. 
•N'hmitz Adolph, harnessmaker. 
Jn-hott Caspar, boots and shoes. - . 
•Vhott George, boots and shoes. 
^chroeder Bros, brickyard. 
-*^<-hwartz Michael, merchant tailor. 
>liL'arer Joseph, saloon and billiards, 
^'aitli Thomas C, farm implements, 
•■^■■utlnvorth Eli, lawyer, 
^t-vens Charles A, propr Shakopee Courier. 
^t'Ter Daniel M, grocer, 
^'•rait George F & Co, Hour mills. 
• tnckland Wm P, pianos and organs. 
^_____45 ^___ 

SLATF POO^FR^ ^' ^ ^^ITTE^'I'EN & CO., Comer 

Sixth and Sibley Sta,, St. Paul, Minn. 

The Latest Designs '^"'^'°'''''''''^^" 

Merchant Tailor, Minneapolis. 


SIruilk II II A: Sons, Druggists, Paints and Oils, St i- 
tionery, Wall Paper, Cigars and Agts Am and U iS Ki 

Taylor Thomas F, lawyer. . ^. — 

Theis John H, saloon. 

Thiede Hermann, carriagemaker. 

Thieni Mrs Catherina, saloon. 

Thola II Ilemrich, saloon. 

Vessey Robert, Flour Mill. 
Wamjiach John, carriagemaker. 
Wilder John A, lumber. 
ZoUer Valentine, boots and shoos. 


A settlement in the western part of Le Sueur county, ? 
miles northwest of Le Sueur Centre (c h), and 5 southeast of 
Le Sueur, the nearest railroad point. Two saw-mills, a Hour 
mill, a Church of Christ and a district school are located here, 
and the exports are lumber, wheat, corn, beef and dairy pro- 
ducts. Stage to Le Sueur and Waterville. Daily mail. 
James A. Farthing, postmaster. 


King James, saw-mill. 
Schlafer Wm, flour mill. 
Winegar W G, saw-mill. 


A village of about 200 inhabitants on the Blue Eartli 
division of the C, M. & St. P. Ry, in the southwestern part "i 
Blue Earth county, 25 miles from Mankato (c h), and ! 1 '■ 
from St Paul. It is 2 miles distant from Amboy Station, aii'i 
16 from Lake Crystal. Three grist mills, run by water po«'r. 
are in the vicinity. The village has a Jlethodist EpiscM]' >. 
church and common school, and exports hogs, cattle and win a'-- 
Two mails daily. Virgil Tiffany, postmaster. 


Dav P D, flour mill. 
Marsh J, Flour Mill. 
Thomas & Thompson, flour mills. 
Tiffany Virgil, hotel propr. 
Richardson R, general store. 


In Sheldon township, near the center of Houston county, 
8 miles from Caledonia (c h), and 8 from Houston Station. '■'■ 


Itreet, ST. PAUL, M;-. 

„^-,^ „„tly on hand Ibo fnx-r-J ■ 

Brand - Club Hooso Bourbon. Ir? • 

Hashow. Maish & Davis, ™"?E?I«i;S-5 

J MuuieapoUB, Minn, 


tho S. >r. Ry. Beaver creek here gives power to 2 Houring 
mills. Population, 94. Has a Presbyterian church and com- 
mon school, and exports eggs, butter, flour, cattle and boss. 
A wagonmaker would do well here. Mail stage to Caledonia 
.iiid Houston tri-weekly. Lorenzo Curry, postmaster. 


Hreiieraan George, blacksmith. 

Carpenter H J, physician. 

Curry L, druggist and justice of the peace. 

Krcotnan R, constable. 

Flllliier E, Boots and Shoes and Justice. 

Knox Hiram, live stock dealer. 

Nt-mberg .James, constable. 

Nemberg Martin, hotel propr. 

Ness B C, boots and shoes. 

I'helps John, live stock dealer. 

Scluiider Joseph, Flouring Mill. 

Swfct J & Co, blacksmiths. 
Webster E E, justice of the peace. 
Williams J B, general store. 
Willsey A S, carpenter and millwright. 


A village of 150 inhabitants in Sherburne township, west 
oentral part of ^Martin county, 1.3 miles from Fairmont (c h) 
an'l 20U from St. Paul. It is a station on the S. M. Ry, has 
a Congregational church and a district school, is the hea'd- 
•luarters of the La Crosse Lumber Co, has a hotel and several 
"tores, and exports butter, cattle, wheat and oats. A steam 
fl'-uring mill is called for here. Express, Am. Telecriaph, 
S. M. Ry. line. Stage to Cedarville, Minn., weekly, and 
tstberville, Iowa, tri-weekly. Daily mail. J. P. Farmer, 
postmaster. * 


A.lams G, blacksmith. 

Autrusteeii & Co, general store. 

^ "liiKiu C L, lumber dealer. 

l>ilteinore John, Express and Railroad Agent. 

Kiup^c-y (J, contractor and builder. 

r.riiscjn & ^\'enzle, hardware. 

r iniuT J P, general store. 

'•rLM-n N S, bfacksmith. 

'•r.-y John, saloon. 

'111! Mrs Marv, milliner. 

JeMkill-s\H :^1, Hanlware. 

Solid Bronze [jardvvare.'^"'^'^'"- "^^^^^ 

.•»-w iiui uswui Ol DRAPES, 35 E. 3d St., St. Paul. 

ppnPJ/CPY I'rench Chiua. Glassware, wholesale and 
UrlUUlVLiri Ij retail. E. A. HAEMON & CO., Miimegpolis. 


LaCrosse Lumber Co, lumber dealers. 
Leukne C, hotel propr. 
Livergood R F, druggist. 
Luj-t Wra, boots and shoes. 
Morrell B F, wagonmaker. 
Mvers J, well driller. 
Odell C, builder. 
Persons TV C, Hotel. 
Shaub F, harnessmaker. 
Scott G M, livery stable. 
Scott G W, meat market. 
Talmadge S D, general store. 


A farmhouse postoffice in Danville township, southeastern 
part of Blue Earth county, 25 miles from Mankato (c h), 4 
from Minnesota Lake, the nearest railroad point, and lli' 
from St. Paul. A stock raising neighborhood. Tri-weekly 
mail. James McBroom, postmaster. 


A Tillage of about 100 inhabitants, in the central -w-estern 
part of Rice county, 8| miles from Faribault (c h), the nearest 
railroad point, and 50 from St. Paul. It has a Catholic churcli, 
a public school, a steam tlouring mill, 2 hotels and several 
stores, and exports wheat and pork. Semi-weekly mail. 
Thomas Coleman, postmaster. 


Brown M, general store. 

Corcoran Michael, blacksmith. 

Dooley «fc Keiientsou, Saw and Flour Mill. 

Hagerty Joseph, general store. 

Hanlon Patrick, hotel. 

McCann & Bro, wagonmakers. 

McKenna P, hotel and saloon. 

Stack James, blacksmith. 

A settlement of about lOo souls, in Crystal Lake townshii', 
eastern part of Hennepin county, 3 miles north of Minneapulis 
(c h), and 12 from St. Paul. The Shingle creek here g'vi ;■* 
power to the Crystal flour mills. Brick making is the promi- 
nent industry of the place, anil the exports are bricks and tlour. 
Has a Methodist Episcopal church and district scboul. aud 
calls for a good general store. Tri-weekly mail stage to 31 in- 

OAOU A OOCTO OVER SI 5,000,000. The -Hew Z-.-:^- J 
WmUli n\J\fb.l\J Bt. Paul, (haeralAgont for MlasMoU. 

Cn TUIIDOTrSM Sole A^'tMILBURN -WAGONS, Tif 67 Eikes.Ria- 
. Dl I nUaO 1 Ui^l daUPalveri:iEgHamws,Tnnn,ph Seeder,, Can- 
I L»l I liwiiw 1 \#llj ton Plows, Buggies, etc., 18 W. 3d St., St. Paul. 


ncipoHs, Osseo, and Monticello. Willard Bohanon, post- 


IS.-iIfour M G, carpenter and builder. 
1!. rs; & Johnson Bros, brick mnfrs. 
(ailipbell "Will, Grocer. 

ll.istv R H, brick nmfr. 
Iliu-uis E L, blacksmith. 
Mason Miirch, hay baler. 
Morrison S D, brick mnfr. 
Oswald Henrj-, flour mills. 


In Sibley township, near the center of the southern line 
of Sibley county, IT miles from Henderson (c h). La Sueur, 
10 miles distant, and Henderson, are equally favorable rail- 
road points. A cheese factory, a German Lutheran church 
.111(1 common school are located here. Mail on Saturdays 
from Le Sueur. Henry Ostermann, postmaster. 


Ilusske I, cheese factory. 

In tlie eastern part of Yellow Medicine county, 12 miles 
from Granite Falls (e h), the nearest railroad point. The 
Yellow Medicine river here gives power to a flouring mill. 
Lutheran church. Exports, wheat, butter and eggs. Semi- 
w_f<;'kly mail stage to Granite Falls and Marshall. O. G. 
Voldey, postmaster. 


' hristianson G T, farm implements. 
I'.ilily O J, justice. 
H.uiune S O, blacksmith. 
IvitteUoil a O, Farm Implements, 
•'"■irson E, farm im])Iements. 
^orly S, flouring mill, 
riiorstenson Rev K (Lutheran). 
Vildey O G, general store. 


In the township of the same name, in the northwestern 

p-irt of Wright "county, 13 miles from BufTalo (c h), and 5 8 

t'oiii St. P.-iul. Big "Lake, 1.3 miles distant, is the nearest 

'••••ilroad point. The Silver creek, at this i.oint, drives a'saw- 


TIUIII I LU I Ol to PnbUoBaUdin?3,ScIioola,Court-Hoube5 and Churched. 

J to PnbUoBaUdings, Schools, Court-Ho 

W. F. GUNN & CO.--"^"---- 1::^- 

improvements, lLD.TfEAP0LI3, M;ia" 


mill. Exports, -n-heat, oats, ginseng, beef and pork. Plcniv 
of^ low-priced timber land is to be had in this vicinitv 
Weekly stage communication -with Monticello and weokl'v 
mail. E. il. Laa\bert, postmaster 


Andrews T J, millwright. 

Cutting W 11, book agent. 

Grant J J, constable. " 

Lamber & Chub, saw-mill. 

Locke J X, justice of the peace. 

Melrose Thomas, justice of the peace. 

Stirewalt D, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 


In the north central part of McLeod county, 10 miles north 
of Glencoe (c h), the nearest railroad station.' It has a steam 
saw-mill. Catholic and Presbyterian churches and a public 
school. Exports, wheat. Weekly mail stage to Glencoe. 
■A. P. Williams, postmaster. 


Halva Wencel, blacksmith. 
Kastunck Joseph, carjienter. 
Makouski Xicolas, wagonmaker. 
Mims Theodore, general store. 
Taska .-ItlSfUst, Hotel and Saloon. 
Totusek John, boots and shoes. 
Williams & Custer, saw-mills. 

A special sujijily postoffice in the southwestern part of 
Jackson county, 1 7 miles from Jackson (c h), the nearest rail- 
road point. 


In the township of Quincy, on the northeastern line of 
Olmsted county, 20 miles from Rochester (c h), and 4 from 
Plainyiew, the nearest railroad point. Tri-weekly mail stage 
to St. Charles, Winona county. Jolm H. Olin, postmaster. 


A yillage of 50 inhabitants in the southwestern corner of 
Goodhue county, .35 miles from Red Wing (c h), and about 
55 from St. Paul. Claremont, 14 miles distant, is the nean-t 
railroad point. Has a Norwegian Lutheran church and a 

^PHFPFPQ PDflQ ^'"^9 Merchant Tailoring, No. 40 
OUnLri-nO DnUOiE. Third street, ST. PAUL, Minn. 



Cor. 2d St, and rifih Ave. 

lUjmeapoUa, Mina. 


common school, and exports farm produce. Mail stage semi- 
vcekly to Zumbrota. Ole Abelson, postmaster. 


Abelson & Skyberg, General Store. 

Akin Miss, dressmaker. 

Ells Edward, justice of the peace. 

Ilaupf John, blacksmith. 

Squier C, constable. 

Stevens Wesley, carpenter. 


An incorporated village of about 450 souls, situated on 
Sleepy Eye lake, and a station on the C. & X. W. Ry, in 
Home township, western part of Brown county, 15 miles from 
New Ulm (c h), and 140 by rail from St. Paul. A branch 
railroad has been recently completed from Sleepy Eye to Red- 
wood Falls, which has greatly increased the trade and activ- 
ity of the village, which is rapidly growing, a large number 
of buildings having been constructed during the past year, 
and many others being under way. The churches are Episco- 
pal, Presbyterian, Methodist, German Lutheran, Congrega- 
tional and Roman Catholic. The village is situated in the 
center of an excellent farming country, and exports produce, 
live stock, hides, etc. Telegraph, Xorthwestern. Express, 
Am. Stage to St. James weekly. Daily mail. L. Hanson, 


Anderson James P, saloon and billiards. 
Bangs Dwight, photographer. 



Collectors, Eeal Estate and Insurance Agts. 

Loans Negotiated. Collections a Spec- 

Sheet-Iron Siding. 

For lactories, Mills, Bridges, etc Sei- 
dell & Grygla, lU 5. 3d Bt., Mlimeapolifc 

i}'Vf ,>-. .'. . lo't 

Charles Johnson, '^"''^ ^' "'"""' '" ^''- 

I J mgton Ave. South, MINKEAPOLIS, 


Berg Charles, propr Minnesota House. ] 

Bertrand J Peter, saddle and harnessmaker. | 

Bingham R H, Hardware, Stoves, Etc. 

Blake Charles B, general store. ' 

Boll Fridolin, wines and liquors. ! 

Burnside :!Uyroil C, Real Estate and Insurance Ai;. nt. 

Bliriiside A: Soilierville, Law, Collection, In^ir- i 

ance, Loans and Real Estate. {See adv.) \ 

Cane Mark, barber. j 

Case Rev A (Baptist). ' j 

Christenson Peter, farm implements. j 

Clark Wesley J, bakery and restaurant. ; 

Conrad & Arnold, livery stable. 

Coulthard & Huntsman, farm implements and insurance a;xts. j 

Deuber Rev S (German Lutheran). "^ ] 

Dousman L W, express and railroad agent. i 

Eaton & Co, livery stable. i 

Emmerich Christopher, hotel propr. 

Fohl Michael, wines and liquors. 

Frantz & Black, Meat Market. 

Frane John P, liquors and billiards. 

Friess Jacob, wines and liquors. - ' 

Gallagher Isaac, justice of the peace. 

Gebser Wm, cigarmaker. ( 

Goettsche Henry A, saloon and billiards. 

Hagemann John, saloon. 

Hanson Hans J, lumber, etc. 

Hausou Lars, Postmaster and Dealer in Books, Sta- 
tionery, Wall Paper, Confectionery, Etc. 

Hillesheim Matthew, wagonmaker. 

Ibberson Francis, druggist. 

Keegan Bros, general store. 

Kimm Theodore, boot and shoemaker. 

Kimm Mrs T, millinery goods. 

Kuapp Sc Chapi'ii, Proprs Revere House. 

Kohne Fritz, cattle dealer. 

Kramer & Burgess, Proprs Sleepy Eye Brewery. 

Landen Rev (Presbyterian). 

Lang G A, house and sign painter. 

Legge John J, druggist. 

Loba Rev V E (Congregational). 

liOreilO, W R White & Son Proprs. 

Majewskie Peter, furniture and undertaker. 

Miller Wm, and builder. 
Minnesota House, Charles Berg propr. 
Mitchell Thomas H, general store. 
Moe Christ, watches and jewelry. 

Hail's Safe I Lock Co. I tr8r.""l'S 


Tot County, Township and City Officers, in 

best of jtyle and on short notice, &t F. F. EEJiTTIGHS,. 
Briokatt's Block, ilinneapolls. 


Moll Daniel, blacksmith. 

Moll & Mauch, hardware, stoves, etc. 

MuUon Michael, sewing machines. 

Nicolai Giistav, physician. 

IVdersens Andrew, blacksmith. 

Peterson S D, farm implements. 

Phelps Mason W, propr Union House. 

Porth Charles S, wagonmaker. 

PresLOtt C F ifc Son, machinists and blacksmiths. 

Revere House, Knapp & Chapin Proprs. 

Rising A E, editor propr Sleepy Eye Wide-Awake. 

Robinson Rev M J (Methodist Episcopal). 

Kunitz & Bendixen, general store. 

Russell D I, farm implements. 

Russell E A, general store. 

Salkowske Christian, general store. 

Sanderlin Andy, barber. ■ • ■ 

Schleif Charles, wines and liquors. 

Schmidt John B, wines and liquors. 

Seller John, tailor. 

Sendmyer Rev B (Catholic). 

Sleepy Eye Witle-Awake (Weekly), A E Rising Ed 

and Propr. 
Smith Rev E (Methodist). 
Soiiierville CJeorye W, Lawyer. 

Soramcrfield August, blacksmith. 

Talbot ]Mrs E V, millinery and fancy goods. 

Talbot & Rinke, general store. 

Taylor Frederick, mason and builder. 

Thompson James M, lawyer. 

Trautman Joseph, meat market. 

I'nion House, M W Phelps Propr. 

\N ellcome & Howe, physicians. 

AVIiite W R & Son, Propr Loreno House. 

Young Rfv H E (German Methodist Episcopal). 

Zieske John C, saddle and harnessmaker. 


A postoffice in the eastern part of "Wabasha county,5l5- 
miles south of Wabasha (ch), and 10 from Kellogg, the most 
convenient railroad point. A farming neighborhood. Daily 
*tage to Wabasha and Plainview. Two mails daily. C. G. 
Dawley, postmaster. 


Dawley C G. justice of the peace. 


Tarred Polt, BaUdln? Papef, Pitch, 
8t«. M H fiEITTEITDEN & CO..Cr,r. 
Slith and Sibley 8t3., St. Paul, Mmn. 

G. F. Farrington, ^"^'" "''" """" ''^'^ ' '"" 

239 Nicollet Avenue, MlEneapolis, Mica. 


Dawlev D L, constable. 
Slaytoii H H, blacksmith. 


A station on the St. P., M. &, M. Ry, in the southwestern 
part of Wright county, IP miles from Buffalo (c h), and r,: 
from St. Paul. Water power for driving a saw-mill is derived 
from the lake. Exports, sawed lumber, and wheat. Popul.i- 
tion 350. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, Am. Two 
mails daily. R. M. Morgan, postmaster. 


Baker & Green, blacksmiths. 

Binette John, physician. 

Clark A, justice of the peace. 

Cochen, Hynchraan & Co, flouring mill. 

Cochcu J Z, Nurseryman and Lawyer. 

Doble & Son, carpenters. 

Erath A, saloon. 

Mortran R ;^I, General Store and Grain. 

Olson John, hotel and lumber. V 

Watson L. constable. 

Willis N C, hardware. 

Zoleny Charles, shoemaker. 


A postoffice in a lumbering settlement of about 150 souls. 
■on the north part of the western line of Waseca county, ami 
& station on the W. & St. P. R. R., 15 miles from Waseca I c h), 
and 90 from St. Paul. One saw-mill is in operation here. 
and wood and lumber are the exports. Daily mail. Charles 
F. Stokes, postmaster. 


Gohen Wm, carpenter. 

Heisler W F, canvassing agent. 

Lane Mrs H, boardinsx house. 

Smith S S, Saw-Mill and General Store. 

A settlement in Kimball township, northwestern part of 
Jackson county, 14 miles from Jackson (c h), and 7^ from 
Windom, on the St P. & S. C. Ry, the nearest railroad point. 
Mail stage to Windom and Namsos 4 times weekly. John 
Johnson, postmaster. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

31 Eobert BtTee^ ST. PAUL, M;aa 

EotabUshed 1859. Oldest Liqnar Otil- 

an In Bt. FooL 

Hashow,Maish& Davis, aSSSSg 



In the eastern part of Yellow Medicine county, 8 miles 
from Granite Falls (c h), the nearest shipping point, and on 
the Yellow Medicine river, -nhich here drives the mills from 
which the place takes its name. Mail stage to Redwood Falls 
and Minnesota Falls 4 times weekly. E. H. Sorlien, post- 


Sorlien E H & Bros, flour mills. 


Near the center of the southern line of Brown county, IS 
miles from Xew Ulm (c h), and 10 from St. James' Station on 
the S. C. & St. P. Ry. Is a discontinued postoffice. 


An incorporated village of 122 inhabitants and a station 
on the St. P. & S. C. Ry,ln the northern part of Blue Earth 
county, 3 miles from Mankato (c h), and 89 from St. Paul. 
Il has a Presbyterian church and district school, and exports 
wood and stone. A grist mill and stone yard are needed here. 
Weekly stage to Judson and Butternut Valley. Daily mail. 

D. P. h; 

avis, postmaster. 


Brown Charles, railroad agent. 
Davis D P, general store. 


In tbe east central part of ^Vatonwan countv, 12 miles 
from Madelia (c h), and 7 from St. James, on the St. P. & S. 
('■ Ry, the nearest railroad point. Exports, wheat, oats, corn 
and cattle. Stage to St. James and Winnebago semi-weekly, 
ihuinas Marsden, postmaster. 


_ A postoffice in the eastern part of Washington county, 3 
miles south of Stillwater (c h). 


A postoffice in the southwestern part of Wabasha countv, 
^0 miles distant from Wabasha (c h). 

Biiders' Hardware Z%'^^'S7^.ST. 


Headquarters for Crockery "-"E 


.. EAEMON i CO.. 



In the township of the same name, central western pan o\ 
Isanti county, 1-t miles from Cambridge (c h), 20 frmii 
Elk River, the most eligible railroad point, and 40 from St. 
Paul. Spencer brook drives a tlouring and saw-mill at thi-i 
point. The village has a population of 40, a district schnnl. 
and exports wheat, corn, oats and potatoes. Weekly mail 
stage to Cambridge. Mary E. Smith, postmaster. 


Clough E G, hotel. 

Griggs S S, flour and saw-mills. 

Smith "\V A, justice of the peace and general store. 

Walker & Sehumaker, live stock. 


A postoffice in the northwestern part of Otter Tail county, 
13 miles southwest of Frazee City, on the N. P. R. R. 


In Cherry Grove township, southwestern part of Goodhue 
county, 28 miles from Red Wing (c h), and 9 from Zumbrota, 
the nearest railroad station. Weekly mail. J. O. Strandness, 


A station on the C. & N. W. Ry, in Brownstown tow n- 
ship, western part of Brown county, 30 miles from New I'lm 
(c h), and 90 from St. Paul. Population, 125. It has Catholic. 
Lutheran and Congregational churches, and the district is 
being organized for school purposes. Exports, wheat, corn 
and stock. A grist mill is required here. Two mails daily. 
M. H. Gamble, postmaster. 


Aarnes A E, grain dealer. 

Anderson A G, grain and lumber dealer. 

Ba§:en John, Justice of the Peace. 

Bendixen H, general store. 

Baria M, barber. 

Colomy J S, express and railroad agent. 

Crone & Mussle, general store. 

Cutland J S, blacksmith. 

Fecker Lucas, hotel propr. 

Gamble John, hotel propr. 

Gamble ^I If, Genenal Store. 

I Q 3 K I Q 9 n Oldest, Best and Cheapest. New E::: '• ' 1 

I U" I U U Ul Matnal Life Insurance Co, of Boston. J. J. WAl^^^N. 
' • w w wi General A?ent. ST. PAUL. 


Sole Ag't TIGER RAKES, Milbura Wagons, Bog. 

gicJ.EindillPiilveriang Harrows, Triumph Se'»d- 

J ers, Canton Plows, etc., 18 W. 3d St., St. Paul, 


Hitchcock, physician and druggist. 

llurds M, constable. 

Kittle Rev G (Lutheran). 

lililldson ll. Hardware, Stoves, Etc. 

Low John, wheelwright. 

McCarney, physician. 

Mussle Paul, meat market. 

Parsons Ambrose, live stock dealer. 

Penkhart Joseph, blacksmith. 

Ray I I, notary public and insurance agent. 

Roth John, general store and druggist. 

Schewd Christ, saloon. 

Schwarzrock & Tooth, blacksmiths. 

Sist & Altennat, general store. 

Wangerm August, boots and shoes. 

Warnkis 11 C, harnessmaker. 


An incorporated village of over 200 inhabitants, in the 
southwestern part of Houston county, 11 miles from Caledo- 
nia (c h), and 140 from St. Paul, and a station on the C, 
C, D. & M. Ry. Spring Grove has a Lutheran church, 
valued at $20,000, a graded school, and exports wheat, stock 
and farm produce. Express, Am. Daily mail. Nils Olsen, 


JBartheman Frank, express and railroad agent. 

Ucrgh T T, farm implements. 

Brume Otto, blacksmith. 

Christian Xilsen, blacksmith. 

Kngel Christopher, photographer. 

FIadag:er 3Ions, General Store. 

Gilbertson T, hotel propr. 

Halvorson O, justice and general store. 

llelden H H, blacksmith. 

Uendricksen Nils, general store. 

Horgh Charles, hardware. 

McCormick M, grain dealer. 

McMichael A & T, grain dealers. 

Olsen & Kielard, general store. 

Hefue Rev St S (Lutheran). 

lleierscil E, Druggist. 

Hosendahl P A, boots and shoes. 

Hosendal A A, restaurant and constable. 

Tbostansen Ole, watchmaker. 


AECHITE0T8, Acoonstios, H^atioc 
and Ventilation carefully and ccr- 
reoti/ arranged. llliiueafoUa, Hhz. 


s in B0LTI5G CLOTH aa<l CHTLL~J 
EOLLS. Send for CircalaraiiJ Price,. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 



In the central western part of Stearns county, 40 mili-s 
from St. Cloud (c h), and 12 from ilelrose, the nearest railroad 
station. It has a Catholic church and district school, and 
exports wheat. Weekly mail. Henry J. Emmel, postmaster. 


Einiliel Henry J, General Store. 

Hennen Mathias, carpenter. 

Lenz & Emmel, live stock dealers. - . 

Lethert Rev A (Catholic). 

Odermann Joseph, blacksmith. 

Weier, general store and saloon. 

Weissert F J, school teacher. 

• A country postoffice in Bradford township, central part of 
Isanti county, 5 miles from Cambridge (ch),40 from St. Paul, 
and 14 from Xorth Branch, the nearest railroad point. A saw 
and grist-mill is in operation half a mile distant. It is a mis- 
sion station of the Protestant Episcopal church, cout.ains a dis- 
trict school, and exports wheat and other grain. "Weekly mail 
stage to Cambridge and Spencer Brook. A. E. Booth, post- 


Booth Rev Charles (Episcopal). 


An incorporated village of about 1,800 inhabitants, in 
Spring Valley township, and a station on the S. M. Ry, in the 
western part of Fillmore county, 10 miles from Preston (ch), 
and 130 by rail, from St. Paul. Of its 5 iiouring mills 4 are rnti 
by water power, ami 1 by steam. It has a manufactory, turn- 
ing out school and office furniture, a foundry, 5 churches. Con- 
gregational, Baptist, Methodist, Wesleyan and Catholic, a 
graded school of 7 departments, a weekly newspaper, tliu 
VUIette (Republican), a bank, a public library, 3 hotels and 'J 
elevators, with a combined capacity of 50,000 bushels. 
Exports, wheat, flour, hogs and general country produce. 
Land in the vicinity is worth from SIS to 830 per acre. 
Express, Am. Telegraph, Southern Minnesota, at tlie depot. 
Stage to Washington, Rochester and Lime Spring, la, S, '■>'■"', 
and 22 miles distant, respectively; fare 75c, ?;2.00^and >=1.5l», 
tri-weekly. Daily mail. B. F. Farnur, postmaster. 

uUnUrLllO DllUOl East Third Street, St. Paul, Mian- 


Are Ag''nt3 for Hancock's Inspir- 
ator. Tbobestboilorfoederinnsa. 
2d Bt.t 5tli Ave. 3., Minneapolia. 



Adnill^ Ethan (i BE, Jub Printer and Xotion.s. 

.Iliulcrscil IX J» Arehilect, Contractor and Lumber 

Andrews Mrs S E, milliner. 

Avelssjord 01c, merchant tailor. 

IlaltUvJn Ileiiry C & Son, Livery, Boarding and 
Sale Stables. 

Bassctt II S, judge of probate. 

Reck Herman, lumber. 

15eers Bradford E, blacksmith. 

Benson Sivert, shoemaker. 

Bonner & Hyde, grain elevator. 

Booth Nathan R, assessor. 

Booth ifc Ashley, general store. 

Itra«<!i Alniblid R 4c Son, Grain Dealers and Ele- 

Buckwell John, constable. 

Burleson Asa R, lawyer and justice. 

Burnham M H, painter, house, sign and carriage. 

Cargill & Van, Edward Duulap agent, grain. 

Chaj/man T M, notary and collection agent. 

Clark Charles M, general store. 

Cobb & Lee, druggists. 

Colman C L, W Bonteeon agent, lumber. 

Coiiiniercial Slotel^ N B Smith Propr. 

Cooksey Francis M, barber. 

Culberton Mack, barber. 

Cusick Peter, farm implements. 

Denninger P G, physician. 

Dettelbach Leon, general store. 

Elliott & Riddle, live stock dealers. 

I-van<< Charles II, Grocer and Grain. 

EvcilM'n Oie. Furniture Mnfr. 

Fairbaiik Rw John B (Conrrregational). 

Farmer Iteiijaiiiiii F, Postmaster and Insurance. 

Farmer .lames I), Attorney-at-Law. 

Farmer & Fastoii, Banker's. 

Flower A P, City Treasurer. 

Flower A P, hardware, stoves, etc. 

Fuller John E, photographer. 

Gahaghan Connor, meat market. 

Gale Rev S C (Methodist). 

Gould Augustus, carpenter. 

Gould T L, agent Jewel nursery. 

Gray A D, county clerk. 

Greincr Bros, Houring mill. 

iroTTRoof ers. '™°' " ''°^°"' "' '■ 

I Tliird St,, Minneapolis, Mi 

PIPTIIRFQ ^^""^^ ^^ Looking-Qlasses, at CHARLES JOH.\. 
r iU 1 UriLOj SOX'S, 513 Vashingl.on Ave, South, Minneapolis. 


Griswold & Lee, grain dealers. 

Hnlbknt .lolill C, Dry Goods, Groceries and Boots 
and Shoe>i. 

Hande & Johnson, blacksmith and wagonmakers. 

Hardie Rev Robert (Wesleyan Methodist). 

Hargreaves S, grain dealer. 

Ilart Ablicr X, Propr Hart Hotel. 

Heudershot David C, blacksmith. 

Hermis Charles, shoemaker. 

Hill Kdivard, Flouring Mill. 

Hoard Lauren .4. Jeweler. 

lloliiiail Albert 15, Justice of the Peace, Notary, In- 
surance and Collection Agent. 

Holllian Albert R, Justice of the Peace, Insurance. 

Hood George F, grocer. 

Howard C O, constable and deputy sheriff. 

Ho\ie Jlilillit W, Groceries, Cigars and Crockery. 

Hunt Sidney A, hardware. 

Hyde Mrs H C, dressmaker. 

Kelley Mrs L M »X; Co, milliners. 

Kellogg W L, recorder and town clerk. 

King & Gray, general store. 
■ Kumm Christian F, wagonmaker. 

Xiammond Wm D, horseshoer. 

Larson & Bro, general store. 

Xiasher Wm, carpenter. 

Lawrence Martin, harnessmaker. 

Lee J S, grain buyer. 

Livingston R C, agent Jewel nursery. 

Liloyd Henry, Wagonmaker. 

Xobdill Stephen C, stoves and tinware. 

Lore & Clark, carpenters and builders. 

McDermott John, blacksmith. 

McLenbergh F G, physician. 

Mastenbrook John J, billiard hall. 

Merrill Bradley L, meat market. 

JMetcalf Mrs A, milliner. 

Miller H F <fc Son, General Store. 

JMinott Henry W, furniture. 

Molstad & Hjelle, general store. 

Moore R L, physician. 

2^elson Christopher, carpenter and builder. 

Xortii Star Iron Work.-*, W A Potter Propr, Mnfr 
of Cane Mills. 

Oleson Ole, painter. . . • 

Patterson ^\ J, wagonmaker. 

Paul John, C S McLuan agent, lumber. 

HaH'cQafo ^1 nnlf Pn Manufacturers of rire and Siug- 
naii O dale ^ LUufV uUnar Proof Safes, St. Paid, Minn. 

F. F. Hennig 

Book-Binder and Blank-Book 

c— _ Manafaotnrer, Brackett's Blook, 
<3™ Miimeapolis, Uiim. 


Payne Hros, general store. 

Perry R A, livery. 

Persons Chandler, real estate. 

Porter Horace S, harnessmaker. 

Pryts Andrew, flouring mill. 

lU'nslow Horace F, shoemaker. 

Ke.\ford O F & H, druggists. 

Koirdan Rev Father (C-itholic). 

ieo!<<!iitiau II «fc Soil, Flouring Mill. 

Rossman John, carpenter. 

Schilling Anton, meat market. 

Schmoker A J, grain elevator. 

Schraut Henry, baker and confectioner. 

Shipton John H, groceries and crockery. 

Smith Dryden, lawyer. 

Smith James, brick mnfr. 

Smith J C & Co, Genera! Store. 

Siiiitlt X B, Propr Commercial House. 

Stoddard Chancey C, shoemaker. 

Stout J C, loan agent. 

Sturdivant E J, cigars ami tobacco. 

Sullivan Daniel A, Harnessmaker. 

Thayer Burdett, lawyer. 

Thayer Thomas J, hardware, stoves, etc. 

Thomas Estus, dentist. 

Thornhill F W, physician. 

Tinklepaugh Wm X, general store. 

Todd, Pennie & Co, brick mnfrs. 

Valley House, M Collins propr. 

Van' Leutcn II C, Propr Spring Valley Vidette. 

Van Mackelenbergh F J, physician. 

Viall Julius B, boots and shoes. 

Warren George M, jeweler and Am express agent. 

Washburn Charles, carpenter. 

^\ ashburu Wilbur W, grocer. 

Weisbeck George, carpenter. 

Whitman A F, physician. 

WiiitMian A:"Brown, Mnfrs School Furniture and 

Farm Implements. 
Wilson George W, flouring mill. 
Witter Rvv F S (Baptist). 
»\ OOfUvard Win II, Mnfg Confectioner and Baker. 


In tlie nortlieastern jjart of Douglas county, 14 miles from 
Ak-xandria (c h), 13 from Osakis Station, and 138 from St. 

Galvanized Iron Cornices." 


Oor. Blith and Sibley StrwU, 

Bt. P»al, Minn. 

I ll ICII I Ill^lUllj Scotch and German Suitings, Minneapolu. 


Paul. The saw and lath mills on the Spruce Hill stream jifj- 
duce the lumber which is the sole export. A grist mill i^ 
needed. There is a Lutheran church in the village, tjomi- 
weekly mail stage to Osakis and Parker's Prairie. Mrs. S. K. 
Gordon, postmaster. 


Gordou Dro$, Saw and Shingle Mill. 


A station on the St. P. & D. R. R., in Lent township, south- 
western part of Chisago county, 9 miles distant from Centre 
City (c h), and 3-t from St. Paul. It has a population 
of 40, a district school, and exports wood, ties, hay, pork and 
potatoes. Express, U. S. Two mails daily. S. K. Lyou, 


Havens E C, blacksmith. 
Hayes & Co, general store. 
Kalmasson M, dry goods, etc. 
Ijyoii!^ S K, Boots and Shoes. 
W'alker Stanley, railroad agent. 


In the township of the same name, northern part of Isanti 
county, 9 miles from Cambridge (c h), and about 55 ilue 
north of St. Paul. Rush City, 10, and Harris, 13 mii.s 
distant, are convenient railroad points. A grist mill is driven 
by water power here and a saw-mill by steam. Has a Baptist 
church and 3 public schools, and exj)orts wheat, dairy and 
farm produce. Weekly mail stage to Cambridge. 


Peterson M A, justice of the peace. 

Soderlund & Co, flour mill. 

Troolin, Peterson <fc Beckman, saw-mills. 


A country postoffice in Stanton township, northwesteni 
part of Goodhue county, 22 miles from Red Wing (c h), and 
8 from Xorthfield, the' nearest railroad point. "There is a 
Methodist Episcojial church in the vicinity, also a distrift 
school. Mail stage from Northfield weekly. Wm. Goudy, 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. tr.trT<^:2r^' 

Ar» AgonU for the b«Bt Oyl!nd«r 

Lubricator ia the world, 8»ti»- 

J faction gnarantesJ. Stlunoipolifc. 

Hastiow, Maish & Davis ^^^i^^^^^^'^^ 



4; Oil (I V "Will, Gfiieral Store. 
Mirnll k A, blacksmitli. 
I'ollard James, justice of the peace. 
Wilcox N C, O.xford Flouring Mills. 

A newly established postoffice iii Todd county, 


In Fish Lake tow-nship, northwestern part of Chisago 
county, 20 miles from Centre City (c h), and 45 north of St. 
Paul. Harris, 5 miles distant, is the nearest railroad point. 
A steam saw-mill, Swedish Lutheran church and school house 
are located here. Tri-weekly mail stage to Cambridge and 
Harris. Lars Hunter, postmaster. 


Brink Rev N J (Lutheran). 
Elmquist Charles, boots and shoes. 
Elstrom, Olof & Oss, blacksmiths. 
llnll Frederick, General Store. 
Hammargren Juhn, blacksmith. 
Lee, Gilmoro & Co, lumber mnfrs. 


A newly established postoffice in the northern central part 
of Otter Tail county. 


In Norraania township, near the center of Yellow Medi- 
cine county, 18 miles from Granite Falls (c h), the nearest 
railroad point. Has a Norwegian Lutheran church and foar 
common schools. Weekly mail stage to Marshall. R. Swen- 
8ou, postmaster. 


I>otseth A O, justice of the peace. 

Kise J O, boots and shoes. 

Nyberg E, blacksmith. 

J^eland M, tailor. 

Swensen K, justice of the peace. 

Thorstensen Rev K (Lutheran). 

Keep a fall line of Darling, Brown 

& Sharpe'a Machiniets' Tools. 35 Eart 

Kingsbury & Draper 

Headquarters for Crockery 


E. A. HAiMON i col 


A country postottlee near the center of Steele counlv 
about 5 miles south of Owatonna (c h), the nearest railro;;.! 
point. M. D. Whitman, farmer, postmaster. 


A postofiice in the western part of Big Stone count \- 'n 
miles from Ortonville (c h). 

A village of 50 souls, near the center of the southern line 
-of Blue Earth county, 25 miles from ilankato (c h), 5^ from 
Amboy, the nearest railroad point, and about 120 from St 
Paul. Maple river drives a flouring and saw-mill here, and 
tnere are 2 sorghum factories. Has a Congregational church, 
a district school, and exports farm produce. Mail stao-e to 
Amboy weekly. \V. Ellis, postmaster. " 


•Courand Rev J E (Methodist). 

Ellis Wm, general store. 

Francis C L, physician. . ■ 

Furman Wm G, flour mill and hotel. 

Hunt Rev X A (Conorretjational). 

Johnston Wm H, blacks^mith. 

Pratt Rev F A. 

Randall IVm, Sorghum Mnfr. 

Webb Wm, sorghum mnfr. 

A station, population 100, on the C, M. & St. P. Ry, on 
■the western line of McLeod countv, 20 miles from Gleucoe 
(c h). It has a German Catholic and a Presbvterian church, 
and exports wheat, oats, barley and country produce. 
Express, U. S. Telegraph, Xorthwestern. Stage to Preston 
Lake and Swansea, semi-weekly. Daily mail. J. H. Bird- 
well, postmaster. 


Bauer John, saloon. 

Blanchard M, express and railroad agent. 

Boedi^heillier A, General Store. 

Bracket Bros, grain dealers. 

Brown J F, general store. 

Bryant X J, carpenter. 

'^A PniHort ^^" ^oreseeth the Evil and Insurcth 
M rl UUCni himself." Kow Ea^'Ip.nd Mutual tfe Insnrnnco CV. .• 

Boston, J. J, WATSON, St. Pad, Gen'! Agent for Kias.'sou. 


;ole Ag't TEIUITPH PEEDEES, EondoU Pulvoris- 
ing Harrows, Tiger Kakos, Cacton Plows, MLlburn 
VTagoas, Buggits, otc,, 13 W. 3d St., ST. PADL. 


Clinton E II, boots and shoes. 

Di'gree Eli, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 

Donaldson R L, agent, farm implements. 

Farquar J, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 

Gillespie J D, agent, farm implements. 

Hall A J. Live Stock Dealer. 

Hall A J tfc W G, farm implements and wool dealers. 

Harrington Wood, hotel and livery. 

Horgan R, lumber dealer. 

Jackson A F, hardware and drugs. 

JaekiiOIl &- ISoedi;;liciiher, Grain Dealers. 

Kampf August, meat market. 

Smith M, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 

Watson Andrew, general store. 


In the southwestern part of Olmsted county, near the 
county line, 12 miles from Rochester (c h), the nearest rail- 
road point, and 80 from St. Panl. The Root river here drives 
a flouring mill, and the village has a population of 50, Pres- 
byterian and Congregational churches and a common school. 
Daily stage to Rochester and High Forest, and mail twice 
daily. W. E. Smith, postmaster. 


Bonner D L, justice of the peace and boots and shoes. 

Collin A; Stewart, Flouring Mill 

Fairbairn Thomas, blacksmith. 

Howard W P, dentist. 

Kelly James, blacksmith. 

Knapp A K, nuseryman. 

McCarby M, constable. 

Sage Hiram, hotel propr. 

!Slllith AV E, General Store. 

Stevens J S E, carpenter. 

Stewart David, boots and shoes. 

Tichnor W W, carpenter. 


The city of Stillwater, the lumbering centre of Minnesota, 
is pleasantly situated on the left bank and at the head of Lake 
St. Croix, is miles from St Paul. It is the seat of Washington 
county,and has a population of 10,0.59. TheSt. P. & D. and the 
St. P., S. & T. F. division of the St. P. & S. C. railroads run 
their lines into this citv, giviii!; it direct communication with 
the east via the C. & N.' W. and the great lakes via Duluth, 


'tllOIII 1 I.U I Oj to PabUoBuildiiiga, Schools, Oonrt-Housos and Cboiclics. 

If You Want a Complete ir. or.!;i::l- v 


while a line to Hastings, already partly located, will givr it 
commercial relations with the vast territory between the Mis- 
sissippi and Missouri rivers by way of the H. & D. divi>i"ii 
of the C, M. & St. P. Ry. Sti'llwater was first settled in Octo- 
ber, 1843, when Minnesota was yet a part of the territory of 
Wisconsin. The Stillwater Lumbering Company, composed of 
Elam Greely, Elias McKean and C. F. Leach, located tlie 
town site and erected a mill in the place. The village was 
platted and recorded in September, 1848, and incorporated 
as a city in March, 1854. It has now a fine county builil- 
ing, a city hall, a public library, 2 graded schools, and 
school property representing a cost of 8100,000. The pub- 
lic schools employ 18 teachers, and are attended by some 
1,000 pupils. The Lutheran and German congregations 
have parochial schools. The churches are Episcopal, Meth- 
odist, German Methodist, German Lutheran, Swedish Lu- 
theran, Presbyterian, Congregational, Catholic and Uni- 
versalist. The city has a large number of fine dry goods, 
hardware and grocery stores, together with a full repre- 
sentation of the various trades, professions and occupations. 
Three flouring mills, with a combined daily capacity of Too 
barrels, furnish flour for home consumjjtion and export. The 
State Prison is located here, and has upwards of 250 inmates, 
whose labor is let to contractors at 40 cents per day. Lum- 
bering is, and has been, from the infancy of Stillwater, the 
princfpal interest of the place. Since 1856 over 2,500,000,000 
feet have been shipped from here, going as far south as 
Texas, west to Salt Lake City, and largely meeting the wants 
of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Dakota. Nine saw- 
mills have a capacity of 125,000,000 feet annually. The 
largest lumber concern, that of Hersey, Bean & Brown, has a 
mile or more of lake frontage. One of their two immense 
saw-mills is run all the year round on long timber for railroad 
purposes. Their cut for 1879 was about 19,000,000^ feet. 
The manufacture of threshing machines by Seymour, Saline 
■& Co. is another great industry. They manufactured and 
sold 1,100 Minnesota Chief threshers in 1879, and their capa- 
city for 1880 is 1,500. They employ 390 men, have the 
largest threshing machine factory in the world, and are about 
adding facilities for manufacturing portable steam engines. 
W. B. Hall & Co. have an important agency for Hale's wire 
band-cutter, Ashland's sack holder, the Nesmith grain regis- 
ter, and the Champion speed indicator. J. M. Burbridge, hat 
and clothing dresser, has an establishment of metropolitan 
completeness. W. S. Conrad's tobacco factory and warehouse 
is a prominent feature of Stillwater's business interests, while 
the StilhcaUr Luiahcrtnan faithfully and ably represents tin- 

CPUCCCDC DDnO fine Merchant Tailoring, No. 40 
aUnLrLltO U ilUOi E. TMrd street, ST. PAUL, Miun. 

2* J^ 

a ti 


r-l S' 

-Si ^^^- T 

; ; V 






■ i , - ; 

^ , 

^ : 

?■■' ■ • - £ "■? ^: 

^ : 

\=- iV^' .-; 

<^ . 

h^ ■ 




1 ' - ,■; - ^ -. 

I t^Q 

': , ■ ~ ; r .; ~, 


■ _^::.,, :.•"■' 

;PsJ .. 

, '\ :\' : : 


^ ■ 

.VC^J • 

L^ ' 


^ v-',r^ '-^s > 

m ' 


© ■ 


1 ;t^--"v ■■; /...; 

► ^ 

Mr ^ j-"i. 


■•;;;- -r?^!^ 





Hashow, Maish & Davis, ^r^^-^^-^^. ^d si 

BoilderB of City Wat«r-Work9 

for frontier towna. Cor. 2d St 

'5 and Fifth Ave. S,, Minneapolis, 


sitaple trade of the place. The LiDnbermaii's Steam Printing 
House is fully equipped with the most improved machinery 
and typographic material, and is prepared to execute orders 
of any dimensions for printing, ruling, blank book manufac- 
turing and binding. The press is otherwise represented by 
thc Crcizette, Messtngtr and St. Croix Post, the latter the 
oldest and largest German paper in this part of the State. 
There are 5 hotels in the city, the Sawyer House being the 
most popular. The Lumbermen's National Bank has a capital 
of ¥150,000 and a surplus of $20,000. The First National 
Bank is another financial institution of the city. Stillwater 
saw ¥000,000 expended in building in 1879, and a larger show- 
ing is expected for 18S0. The grain trade last year aggrega- 
ted nearly 1,000,000 bushels, while the river tratfic footed up 
30,000,000 lbs. The steamboat interest aggregates more than 
that of any other city in the State. The total business of 
1879 was near $10,0O0,o00. Daily stage communication with 
every point in the county. Telegraph, Northwestern. Ex- 
press, Am. and U. S. Daily mail. 


Albenberg Louis, dry goods, etc. 

American Express Co, Frank B Netzer agent. 

All<Ier«>Oll Jacob, Boot and Shoemaker. 

Anderson James S, logs and lumber. 

Armstrong D W, grain inspector, etc. 

Bean Isaac, restaurant. 

Beniister I\Iiss B, bath rooms. 

Bennett Clifton A, Clerk District Court, Washing- 
ton Co. 

Bloomer Samuel, billiards and bowling alley. 

Boo Charles, saloon and boarding. 

Booren John W, propr Central House. 

Borrowman Geofge, saddles and harness. 

Brenner Carl, wines and liquors, etc. 

Bromley Carlisle A, livery stable. 

Bronson David, pres Stillwater Hour mills. 

Bronson Frank, confectioner and fruits. 

Bronson He Fnljsoni. General Store and Lumber. 

I>ru>h George M, agent C, M & St P Ry. 

liuluv Frederick, merchant tailor. 

Bnrbridffe J M & Son, Dyers, Scourers, Clothes 
Cleaned and Repaired, 2d s of Postoffice. {See adv.) 

Burke John F, clothintr, etc. 

Biirlingham D L, news depot. 

'^'"h August, boots and shoes. 

■Mitts Iklniund ii. Lawyer, Real Estate and Postmaster, 

14 Nonli Ttird StreoU 
Hinneapolifl, iiini*ebOta- 

Fire-Proof Doors I Shutters.' 


I Qmn Pnnflp '^^-^^ Cutlery and Platod Ware, at Char'.ij 
Laiiip UUUUbj Johnson's Crockery House, ^^^l^^'^lZlt:'-^- 


Caesar John, watches and jewelry. 

Caine W H, physician. 

Cannon llenrvAV, Cashr Lumberman's National Bank, 

Main. (.Srt' adi'). 
Capron "%V ^I, Hardware, Etc, Chestnut. 
Card well & Dyson, wines and liquors. 
•Carey J E, pumps and wind mills. 
Carli Christopher, physician. 
Carli Mrs C H, dressmaker. 
Casey James, blacksmith. 
Castle J X & Ira W, lawyers. 
Central House, John W Booren propr. 
Chapin Rev D D (Episcopal). 

Cliasc Zciias ^V, Surveyor, Logs and Lumber. 
Christiansen Miss Anna, dressmaker. 
Clegg Ch.irles, confectioner and fruits. 
Coles Robert M, real estate. 
Conhaim Charles & Co, clothing, etc. 
Connors James, wasjonmaker and blacksmith. 
Conrad Win *i, Mnfr and Jobber of Tobacco and 

Cigars, Main. {See adv). 
Crandall Henry M, druggist. 
Culver George X, books and stationery. 
Dahm Joseph, groceries and crockery. 
Daimond Wm R, merchant tailor. 
Darms John X, groceries and crockery. 
Dera^ii^Cil Plazi S, Wines, Liqiiors and Billiards. 
Desougelle Henry, confectioner and fruits. 
Donohue Timothy, tobacco and cigars. 
Drechsler Conrad, ■wines and liquors. 
Duel A: Sclierninly, Proprs St Croix Post, Insurance' 

Agents, Dealers in Books and Stationery, Chestnut. 
Dunn Thomas J, confectioner, etc. 
Durant, Wheeler & Co, logs, lumber, etc. 
Easton A B & Son,"Prnprs The Stillwater Gazette. 
Eldridge Arial, books and wall paper. 
Ellison & Co, lumber mnfrs. 
Farmer Henry C, livery stable. 
Farmer & Fitzgerald, wines and liquors. 
Fassett John S, upholsterer. 
Ferguson Bros, boots and shoes. 
Field Miss F A, milliner and fancy goods. 
First Xational Bank, Louis Hospes Pres, F A Srv- 

mour Cashr, ^lain. 
Fitzgerald James P, blacksmith. 
Fliesburg, Opsahl «fc Co, druggists. 
Foster Hiram L, farm machinery. 


I ings, 46 Jackson St, ST. FAUI' 




SATIsf ^OTORV v'frHivi-'-';^;^^?^^^^^ '««^' expensive and MOST 

bATISFACTOR-i JIACHI.NE IN THE 3IAEKET. WUl handle wet grain as weU as 
w7liandn?frf.?«™r,ln?o"°'i^^,''''°i' timothy, threshing and cleaning both as 
weU and nearly as rapidly as wheat, and requires no change except the sieves. Has 

rface than 
under-blast. Our CLOVER HULL- 
■ work more rapidly 

more square feet of separatinnand clean 
aruj can not be overloaded. It is both ovf 
rXG ATrACH.MENT is new and very des _ 

«Ji5VI!;«?,.^™ ^^"'^^"■'■^'•' H-^l"? ilachjne. "SEPARATORS 'ofthe^ri^o.^' ^^ 
Jinea/or steam or horse power, as desired. 

the\lw^TSrr?TJfvr°^?-^R'^° piPRO^-ED WOODBL-RT POWER, and 

l,L*rK^^3>;^"?'^'^ POVlr^R.all mounted on four wheels, are manufac- 

urpaased by any m the market. 

tured by us, and c 

Akomanufacturers of Lumber, Doors. Sash, Blinds, .Mouldinffs, TTlndow and 
J>oor Frames, Wooden Ware, Straight and Hrcular Stair Rails, Balusters and Newel" 
rosts. Matching and Planing, Sawing and Turning, Office, Store and Hall Furni- 
ture and other Job Work done in the best style and at the Lowest Prices Glazed 
windows constantly on hand. 

For Price List and Circulars, address 




■A :.'.:■! 

G. F. FARRINGTON,'^^'""''"'"''^^^" '^ 

Nicollet Avenue, MinneapoLi 


. Francis Thomas, restaurant. 

Frederick Adolph, manager Opera Hall. 
Frye Daniel, conTectioner. 
Gillespie & Harper, lumber commissioo. 
Glass Miss D B, millinei' and dressmaker. 
Goeck Henrich, urines and liquors. 
Godley ^liss M E, manager Northwestern Tel Co. 
Goodrich Bros, meat market. 
Gorrie Wm F, citv supt public schools. 
Grojgfory Clinrle§ P, Citv Attorney, Main 
Gregfory & Comfort, Lawyers, Main. 
Had ley & Jackson, barbers. 

Hall IVlH B & Co, Mnfrs Agents Nesmith Grain Re"- 
ister Hale's Wire Band Cutter, Ashland's Sack HoldeT 
t airbanks Scales, Etc, Main. (See adv.) 
Hanitsch Bernhard, boot and shoemaker. 
Hanson & Co, meat market. 
Harrigan Dennis, carpenter and builder 
Harrington Rev W H (Universalist). 
Harris Mrs 11, dressmaker. 
Harv-ey & Shephard, saloon and restaurant 
Hathaway Calvin M, blacksmith. 
Hawkinson August, boot and shoemaker 
naM-kiiigoil John, Propr Wexio Hotel. 
Heilman & Bekers, baker and confectioners. 
Hening & Millard, druggists. 
Heunin^sen Christ, watches and jewelry 
Hersey Herbert S, phvsician. 
Hersey Roscoe F, sec'Stillwater flour mills. 
Mersey IJeau & Brotvii, Mnfrs Lumber, Lath, Shin- 
gles, Mouldings, Doors and Windows, and General Store, 
Office at the :\Iills. {See adv.) 
Hitchcock Charles W, musical instruments. 
Holcomb Charles P, sheriff. 
Hospes Adolphus C, general store. 
Hospes Louis, pres First National Bank. 
Hospes E L & Co, hardware, iron, steel, etc. 
Hospes & Cutler, clothinir, etc. 
Jordan A E, carpenter and builder. 
Jordan Miss Fannie E, milliner, etc. 
Jordan & Matthews, lumber and logs. 
Joy Frank E, insurance. 
Kahn Ludwig, dry goods and carpets. 
Kane James E, carriage painter. 
Karst J(jhn, stoves and tinware. 
Keeley Samuel W, freight agent St P & D R. R 
Kelso Josej-h, plumbers and gas fitters. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. "'s^'^l 

Eobert St., St. Paul, Miuc, 

" jentB for the New Orle&r« 
Life Oiifars. 

Blank-Books S^' 

ufactured for Banks, Mill Men and Corpora- 
ate3 and invest of style, by F. F. HEKNIG, 
Brackett's Block, MmnoapoUa. 






Best Advertising Midium on ilinnesota and 'Wisconsin Line. 

Published by 


Book and Job Printers, EiUers, Binders and Engravers and Blank Book Manufac- 
turers. Facilities second to no office in the State. Bids on aU classes of 
work given promptly and orders by mail faithfully filled. 


WM. B. HALL 8i CO. 


General State .\gents for ttie 


isWai Ol M\ 
Sacl[ Holier Xl 

Win Bui Culiir 

Special Piicounti 

Speej iicator 

IRflM DnnCirPC ^ ^ ORITTENDEN & CO., Corner 
inUI>i riUUrLllOi Sixth and Sibley StreeU, St. Paul, Minn. 

1 ■ f 




Kenny John, eoufectioner. 

Kern Frederick W, boots and shoes. 

KevsfOIie lIoil<«e, Horace Volignv Propr, Myrtle. 

Kiehle Rev A A (Presbyterian). 

Kilty Bros, groceries and meats. 

King & Seymour, druggists. 

Knapp Avery R, dentist. 

Kruger Emil, saloon and billiards. 

Lanners Mrs M, laundry. 

liCCky TllOllias, Lawyer, Real Estate, Loan and Collec- 
tion Agent, Main. 

Lecomb Charles, meat market. 

Lehmiekc Rudolph, lawyer and judge of probate. 

Lendbloom Charles, confectionery and cigars. 

Lilly Lake Driving Park Association, Isaac Staples pres. 

Lindholm A T, real estate. 

Linhoff Wm, boot and shoemaker. 

Loeb & Albeuburg, meat market. 

Looniis Frank E, photographer. 

Lotz Wm, barber. 

LOM'ClI Albert, Propr Sawyer House, cor 2d and 

Lowell Jotham, general store. 

Lull Abraham C, books and stationery. 

Luiiiboi'snnii Steam Printing' Co, Publishers 

Stillwater Lumberman, Steam Job Printers, Blank Book 
Mnfrs, Engravers, Etc, Main. {See adv.) -LdcSfl 

LuinbcrnihnN Xational Bank, Isaac Staples 

Pres, Henry W Cannon Cashr, Main. {See adc.) 
Lundahl John P, merchant tailor. 
Lung Sam, laundry. 
Lyons John, wine and beer hall. 
McClure & ]?Iarst, Lawyers, Main. 
McCoy James A, grocer, etc. 
McKusick, Anderson & Co, saw-mill, west end Chestnut st 

McKusick Daniel W, livery stable. 
Malcolm Mi^-s M, dressmaker. 
Manthey Anton, root beer bottler. 
Marcell Alfred, saloon. 
Marsh George W, carriage painter. 
Mellin Albert, restaurant and confectioner. 
Merrick Wm 11, sewing machines. 
Men-y Benjamin G, ileiitist. 
Millard Perry H, physician and surgeon. 
Moffatt Micliael, blacksmith. 
Mondeau George, saloon. 


Boatoii. Thu beet Company to lofaro » — 
• WATSON, Qen'l Agent, 8T. PAUL, Jt-"-^ 


Hashow,iVlaish& Davis, 

Do all kinds of Hachlnfry ReT^.^i^ 
Orders by tclcpl.ooe. vira or ie 
promptly atttnJcd lo. Cor.Sccon, 
and Fifth Avenue South. Minneip 




?w...' - ICIGAES 

^Xji '" '..a.«?e_»^_ , ./ AMD JOBBER IN 

-'^ ,-/^-^ — ^ TOBACCO. 



CASH CAPITAL PAID IN, $150,030. SURPLUS, $20,000. 

3S.V.\C STAPLES, Pres't. K. F. HERSEY, Vice-PreBt. H. W. CANNON, Cashier. 







BATTEAiJi, mm 


In the very BEST STYLE, and at 

reasonable pricfs. 
Oars constant!}- on hand for &ale. 

Kingsbury & Draper.; 

I on Levee, south Uii Wareho 

Euilders' Hardware and Mechan- 
ics' Tools, 35 E Third St., St. PauL 


r. \\\V.: 


W. F. GUNN & CO. SfSfSsS-fc": ^■■■' 

eapolu, Mil 


Mower Orrin, ice dealer. 

;SIliellcr lIro<i, Furniture Mnfrs and Boat Builders. (See 

Mueller Philip H, furniture. 

Mueller Wm, carri;\Ljeniaker. 

Murdook llolli<<> Bl, Lawyer and Real Estate, Main. 

Murdot'k A: Coililbrt, Insurance, Main. 

Murphy Rev Morris E (Catholic). 

Neibling Rev J (Catholic). 

Xelson C N »& Co, lumber and general store. 

Xethaway John C, lawyer. 

Netzer Frank B, express agent. 

Nolen Louis E, barber. 

Northwestern Tel Co, Miss M E Godley manager. 

O'Brien Edward, wines and liquors. 

Orff Adorniram J, livery stable. 

O'Shaughnessy John, boots, shoes and sewing machines. 

Patwell Mrs Mary, confectioner, fruits, etc. 

Patwell Xapoleon, confectioner, fruits, etc. 

Peterson P Nickels, marble works. 

Potts Philip, wholesale wines and liquors. 

Pratt Willis H, physician. 

Proctor John S, mayor, and sec St Croi.x Boom Coq)o ra- 

Quinlan John, plumber and gas fitter. 

Rahr & Hanson, livery stable. 

Raitcr Frank, saloon. 

Read Frank E, Notions. 

Reed John A, warden State prison. 

Rees Julius, clothing and gents' furnishing. 

Rees Theodore, clothing. 

Rhodes James C, physician. 

Rice Benjamin F, saddles and harness. 

Rogers H A, agent sewing machines. 

Rohrbaeh Abe, clothing, etc. 

Rothman Louis X, saddles and harness. 

Runge n. ])hysician. 

St Croiv 'Boom Corporation, Isaac Staples Pivs, 
John S Sec. 

St Croix Flouring Mills, Isaac Staples propi-. 

St Croix Iron Works, Isaac Staples propr. 

St Croix Lumber Co, L E Torinus manager, lumber and gen 

St Croix Post, Duel ife Schermuly proprs, Chestnut. 

Sawyer House, Albert Lowell Propr, cor Jd and Myrtle. 

Sa%^"\-er Wallace it Co, stoves, tin and sheet iron ware. 

Scannell Miss M J, hair goods. 

SCHFFFP^ RRfl^ ^'"^ Merchant Tailoring, Ko. -10 

E. Third Street, ST. PAUL, Miuu- 

n. I nUnO I LiIMi ing Harrows, Tiger Kakcs.CantoaPlowi.Milbnra 
i Ul I llt^llW I WI^J Wagons, Bcggiea, etc., 18 W. 3d St., ST. PAUL. 




Mcliiilenbiir^ &. Boeckeler Liiiniber Co, Mnfr.s 
of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Etc, and General Store, Main. 
Schupp Joseph, general store. 
Schwarz Nicholas F, boots and shoes. 
.^ell) Paul, boarding house. 
Solleck Sturges, clothing. 

Sfward & Taylor, proprs Stillwater Messenger. 
Seymour," Sabill «&; t'o, Mnfrs Minnesota Chief Grain 
'Threshers, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Office Fixtures, Etc, ilain. 
(See adv.) 
Shepliard Myron, city surveyor and land office. 
Sicbold Mis^ Johanna, milliner. 
Siegrist Rev J (German Lutheran). 
Simmons H &. Co, saddles and harness. 
Simmons <fc Grant, blacksmiths. 
Simonet Sebastian, furniture and undertaker. 
Simjison A, barber. 
Sinclair James, photographer. 
Singer Mnfg Co, Wm 11 Merrick manager. 
Smith Mrs E P, milliner. 

Sproat H O, agent St P A D R R grain elevator. 
Staerkel Mrs Julia, grocer, etc. 
Staples Isaac, lumber, flour mills and general store. 
Staples & Karney, blacksmiths. 
Stein Wm J, watches and jewelry. 
Stenstrom Peter J, bi'Ot^, shoes, cigars and tobacco. 
Stillwater Uiiildiu^ As'^ociatioii, Ernest L Hos- 

pes Pres, Frank A Si^ymour Sec. 
Stillwater Flour Mills, David Bronson pres, Roscoe F Her- 



Silk, Fur, Straw and Panama Hats Cleaned, 
Blocked, Ironed and Shaped. 

Reaiiy-madc Clothine Colored, Restored and Rc-lus- 

tcred tiy Stroiiir's liotanic Svbtuni of Re.storing 

Colors to Faded Goods" and Lustering 

Black Broadcloths. 

LADIES' GOODS, such as Dresses, Shawls, Sacques. Cloaks, 

Gloves, Ribbons, Scarfs. Ties, etc.. Cleaned, Colored 

and Restored. 

Second Street, south of P. 0., Stillwater ^linn. 

ARCHITECTS, Acccnstics, Heatln? 

and Te.ntUiticn carcnlly and CCJ- 

j rccUy arranged. Jlianeipolia, Mica. 


flharlp^? InhnQlin ^™°^"y ^^ Glassware, 513 VTicb- 


Stillwater Gas 1As:ht €o, Isaac Staples Pros, IK.nrv 

W Cannon Sec, cor Main and Mvrtle. 
Stillwater Gazette (weekly), A B Easton & Son proprs. 
Stillwater Library Association, Mrs E J Treat librarian 
Stillwater LllUlberman (Weekly), Lumberman 

Steam Printing Co Pubirs, Main. (See'adv.) 
Stillwater Messenger (weekly), Seward & Taylor proprs. 
Stillwater Savings Bank, Isaac Staples Pres, Henry 

W Cannon Sec, cor Main and Myrtle. 
Stillwater IVater Co, E W Durant Pres, H W 

Cannon Sec and Treas, Otlice Lumberman's National 

Stussi R, tlour mill. 
Sulliyan Daniel J, carriagemaker. 

Swaiu Rros, Founders and Machinists, 3d near Myrtle. 
Sweeney &, Rogentine, barbers. 
Swenson Emil, confectioner, etc. 
Taenbauser Joseph, watchmaker. 

Tanner Joseph, barber. , 

Tepass Uermauil., Brewer, Main. 
Tice Rey Dayid (Methodist). 
Thelen Bernard, saloon and billiards. 
Thomp!«OIl Levi E, Lawyer and Prosecuting Attorney 

Washington County, cor Main and Myrtle. 
Thou Bros, merchant tailors. 
Thome Wm E, dry goods, etc. 
Torinus Louis E, hardware and stoves. 
Tornell Rev A F (Swedish Lutheran). 
Townshend J H & Co, flour mills. 
Tozer David, lumberman. 
Ulen Andrew A, saloon. 

United States Express Co, Frank B Netzer agent. 
Van Buskirk & Webster, painters. 
Vincent Mrs Lena, laundry. 

Volij?liy Horaee, Propr Keystone House, Myrtle. 
Watier O A, physician. 
Welsh John, confections and fruits. 
Wicr Emil, harnessmaker. 
Wier & Hanitsch, saloon. 
Wilkinson Albert, drugs, paints and oils. 
Willett Octave, restaurant. 
Willett P & Co, restaurant. 

W^illilil "Win, Contractor and Builder, cor 2dandLocu>t. 
Wilmet Alfred, wine and beer hall. 
Wheeler Bros, groceries and crockery. 
White ^Michael, saloon. 
Wolber Otto, saloon and billiards. 

Double Ohronomentric Attach- 
ment Time-Loci, 46 Jackioa etrwt. 

Hall's Patent Infallible 

Hashow, Maish & Davis, -ISi^a 


AVolf Joseph, brewer and propr Pacific Hotel. 
Wright & Mosier, sicjn and carriage painters. 
Yorics J C, blacksmith. 
Ziircher Alfred, physician. 


A village of about 400 inhabitants, and a station on the 
W. &, St. P. division of the C. & N. W. Ry, in the central 
eastern part of Winona county, 8 miles from Winona (c b), 
and 107 from St. Paul. The Rolling Stone river here furnishes 
power to 2 flouring mills, and the exports of the section are 
flour, wheat and general farm produce. A Methodist and 
Episcopal church and a public school are located here. Tele- 
graph, Northwestern. Express, Am. Mail twice daily. W. 
II. Churchill, postmaster. 


Churchill W II, General Store. 

Lourish C, blacksmith. 

McNutt George, general store. 

Mowbray & Sons, flour mills. 

Priewe F, harnessmaker. 

Raum S, dry goods and boots and shoes. 

Stein J, meat market. 

Wiseman H, furniture. 

Yacle II, wagonmaker. 


A Scandinavian settlement in the northeastern corner of 
Yellow Medicine county, 7 miles from Granite Falls (c h), the 
nearest railroad station. It has a Lutheran church, a Nor- 
wegian and several district schools, and is in the midst of a 
thriving agricultural country. Exports, wlieat, butter and 
beef cattle. It is on the stage route from Granite Falls to 
Lisbon, and has a weekly mail. A. J. Sundahl, postmaster. 


Bergh 11 S, justice of the peace. 

Bergh Rev O N (Lutheran). 

Hide B M, cooper. 

Ilaxeltoii Leonard, Justice of the Peace. 

J» nsvold L M, constable. 

Shcrdal O N, teacher. 

»\ ilson Hans, constable. 

^plHon J?/ Pfl/ol^ Eoofers and Sheet-Iron Architectural 

Workers, 114 N. 3d St., Minneapolis. 



■ G. F. FARKINGTON'S, 239 },:u:,i 
Avenae, MinneapoUa. 



A postoffice in the nortlnvestern part of Cottoiuvoo.l 
county, 18 miles from Winilom (ch), and 12 from Lambirion 
Station, on the W. & St. P. R. R. Semi-weekly mail. U. 
Christopherson, postmaster. 


In Credit River township, east central part of Scott county, 
is 12 miles fom Shakopee (c h), 4 from Prior Lake, the nearvsi 
railroad point, and 30 from St. Paid. A saw-mill is run Irii- 
by water power, and the village has a Roman Catholic chiinii, 
and exports beef, pork, wheat and produce. Population, 1<mi 
families. Stage to Shakopee and Xew Market twice a week, 
and semi-weekly mail. Peter Barbeau, postmaster. 


Barbeau Peter, blacksmith. 

Clary Peter, state representative. 

Clary Thomas, justice and saloon. \ 

Doody Michael, constable. 

Hull t, hotel propr. 

Reed & Brothers, general store. 

Reed & Hull, grain and live stock. 


In the northwestern part of Kandiyohi county, near the 
county line, 23 miles from Willmar (c h), and 12 from Kerk- 
hoven, the nearest railroad j^oint, on the St. P., M. & M. 11:1- 
an Evangelical Lutheran church and common school, aii'i 
exports wheat, cattle and butter. Weekly mail stage to Chi(>- 
pewa. Ole Eliasjen, postmaster. 


Bendiksen Lasse, town treasurer. 
Eilasjen Ole, justice and town clerk. 
Olesen Evans, chairman supervisor. 
Olesen R, supervisor. 
Petersen H, supervisor. 
Torgesen Oles, constable. 
Torseth C K, constable. 
^Vig Ole O, Justice of the Peace. 


A village of about 200 inliabitants, in Sunrise township, 
eastern part of Chisago county, lo miles from Centre City {<- 1'). 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

31 Robert Street, ST. PAUL, M;: 

SPEOULTT-Full Une of W:iim ■ 

Llqaors for family use. 


For County, Tovmship and City Officers, in 

best of style and oa short notice, at F. F. HENi'IO'S, 

Brackett'a Block, Mianeapolis. 


7 from North Brancli, the most convenient railroad point, and 
50 from St. Paul. Sunrise river here affords excellent water 
privilep;es which are utilized by 2 grist-mills and 1 saw-mill. 
Settled in 1854. Exports, Hour, wheat and pork. A wa<;oii 
shop, shoe shop, lawyer, doctor and minister are called for 
here. Three mails weekly. J. H. Warner, postmaster. 


Collins S, blacksmith. 

Lowe S, flouring and saw-mill. 

McClure Samuel, general store and lumber. 

Mold Mrs J M, general store, hotel and flour mill. 

Vose F, hotel propr. 


A postoffice in the northeastern part of Renville county, 3 
miles north of Stewart, on the C, 31. & St. P. Ry, and 33 
northeast of Beaver Falls (c h.). 


A postoffice in Swenoda township, south central part of 
Swift county, 8 miles from Benson (c h) , and nearest railroad 
point, and about 150 from St. Paul. Serai-weekly mail stage to 
Benson and Montevideo. Ole 0. Sienenstad, postmaster. 


In Camp Lake township, northeastern part of Swift county, 
11 miles from Benson (c li), and nearest railroad station, and 
130 from St. Paul. A flouring mill here receives power from 
the east branch of the Chippewa river. Exports, flour and 
wheat. Semi-weekly mail stage to Benson and Gleuwood. 
J. M. Danelz, postmaster, and flour mill owner. 


A station on the St. P., M. & M. Ry, in the township of 
Stephen, northwestern part of Marshall county, 4T miles from 
C'rookston and 350 from St. Paul. It is quite a new place, 
and the population consists of but a few families. Express, 
Am. Three mails daily, except Saturday and Monday. John 
Huglies, grocer, postmaster. 


An incorporated village of 100 inhabitants, in Lodi town- 
hliip, southern part of Slower county, and a station on tlio 

Sixth and 8ih''>yBtrcot«, 
8t. Paul, Mum. 

Pitch and Gravel Roofers.^' 

Largest Slock CrockgryMo^f oa, mtlX 


C, M. & St. P. Rv, 20 miles from Austin (c h), and loo ,hh- 
south of St. Paul. It contains 1 Presbyterian and 1 Mfth- 
odist church, and exports wheat. Express, U. S. Daily mail. 
C. AUeman, postmaster. 


Alleiuau C, General Store and Hotel Propr. 

Barker W E, lawyer and insurance agent. 

Bradberry E L, express and railroad agent. 

Brainerd W P, grain and lumber dealer. 

Campbell George, wagonmaker. 

Corbitt G W, general store and grain. 

Edwards VTm, physician. 

Koto P O & Co, druggists and grocers. 

Mitson Bros, saddle an<i harnessmakcrs. 

Mitson W B, saddle and harnessmaker. 

O'Brien, blacksmith. 

Olberg N, general store. 

Olberg & Swenson, general store. 

Paul James, Justice of the Peace. 

Smith C, lawyer. 

Smith C & Son, hardware, stoves, etc. 

Styre Nicholas, blacksmith. 

Tubbs L M, groceries and provisions. 


An incorporated village of about 800 inhabitants, on the 
St. Croix river, in the eastern part of Chisago county, 8 mi' 
from Centre City (c h), 18 from Wyoming, the nearest r: 
road point, and 40 northeast of St. Paul. It is the prospective 
terminus of the St. P., S. «.t T. F. Ry, now in course of coi 
pletion. The St. Croix river here would afford inexhaustil 
water power were it utilized for manufacturing Industrie 
The village contains 2 saw-mills, a feed mill, carding mill ami 
stave factory, all operated by steam. The Presbyterian, 
Methodist and Catholic congregations have churches, ami 
there is an independent graded school. Daily stage to A\ yo- 
ming. Mails twice daily. N. M. Humphrey, postmaster. 


Agrell Otto, wines and liquors. 

Anderson Charles J, boot and shoemaker. 

Arnold Mathew 11, hardware, stoves, etc. 

Badger Edward, barber. 

Baier Anton, boot and shoemaker. 

Ballard & Tang, flour and feed. 

Blirtll Theodore, Wines and Liquors. 

foresoeth the Evil and Insureth 

EnE-lau.l Mutual Life InBunicco Co. o) 
WATSON/SU Panl, Gen'l Agont for MiuncJ-.t.. 

"A Prudent "-e?/-!: 

Hesho w, f^aish & Davis, ^^^^^^=^1^ 

particdar attention to sot- 

_ ip of Engine Boilers and ai] 

kinds of macMnery. MianeapoUj, 


Christoverson Georare, blacksmith 

Comer wJ!^ ^ ^]^^ ^^'' ^*^""''^' ^"'''' Lan>ber, Etc. 
Comei W m, gent-ra! store. 

Dalles House, Harmon .Xettertield propr 

Dorothy Frank B, lawyer and real estate. 

i;llison & btannard, general store and lumber 

i^mery bamuel, toll bridcre keeper 

Falls House, Henry Kattenberg propr. 

Fo s'on! fi3 Edhor and Projr Taylor's Falls Journal. 

1 ol-soiu Georjfe B, Receiver U S Land Office. 

^ o1m„u Levi M , groceries and provisions. 

I- Olsom W^ H C, Real Estate. 

Gontram Aloise, confectioner, fruits, etc 

t/n^ ^f: ^°' contractors and builders. 

Hallberg Alfred, watchmaker. 

Hallberg Samuel M, drusrgist. 

Hobbs & Grant, meat market 

Humphrey Mrs E C, books and notions. 

Kattenberg Henry, propr Falls House. 

Kistner Thor, watches and jewelry -' • 

Lamberson Rev John (Methodist)^ 

Leavy A C, Wagonmaker and Blacksmith. 

i^eske ii-rnst, merchant tailor. 

Lungbarg Gust, tinner. 

Murdoek A J, physician 

S.u*/*'*'?!*''** llaritton, Propr Dalles House. 
^ewberT Henr\- H, surveyor 
Newell Miss Mary A, restaurant, etc. 
Owens John P, register U S Land Office. 
I'ayne James, saloon and billiards 

Peaslee Clarence E, General Store. 

Peaslee Mrs \\ m, milliner. 

Peterson Charles, saloon and billiards. 

Reynolds Eli C, confectioner, fruits, etc 

Sarjfeut Sanrord C, Photographer. 

^chon Moran, wines and liquors. 

^chottmiller Joseph, brewery and saloon, 

aetyer H >v , lawyer. 

Seymour G W & Co, drugs, books, etc 

hhoquest Gustav.wagonmaker and blacksmith. 

»imnions ^\ m, wagonmaker and blacksmith. 

>itCr\,fd"iJ;cV:'"""""' ^'''"■"^^' ^' " ^^'^^"^ 

^ ^.*'""5 •*""'*^? G'-o'-ge B Folsom Receiver, John P 

Uweiis Register. ' 

\ an yii.k Isaac, woolen mill. 
\\ ard John D, livery stable 

Kingsbury & Draper 

Keep a full line of Darling, Brown 

& Sharpe's Mackiuiata' Toola. 35 Eiat 
TMid St., at. Paul. 

Send Your Orders ^'^S^M^S'^^^"'- 

chicery, to W. F. Qnnn & Co., Minneapolis, Min.;. 


"Wier Wm, saddles and harness. 
Winslow James H, livery stable. 


In the tO'WTiship of the same name, southern part of 
tin county, 12 miles distant from Fairmont (c h), the nearest 
railroad station, and 150 from St Paul. Population, 50. II;i-, 
a Methodist and Adventist church and district school, ami 
«xports general produce. Semi-weekly stage to Fairmont. 


Decker A Ij M, Justice and Insurance Agent. 
Decker C E, general store. 
Osman Don, constable. 
Personins C D, hotel propr. 
Williams Rev R J (Methodist). 


A discontinued postoffice in the central eastern part of 
Traverse county. 


In a township of the same name, is a station on the M. M. 
Ry, near the central part of Wabasha county, 19 miles from 
Wabasha (c h), and 89 from St. Paul. Population, 50. 
Exports, wheat and farm products. Express, Am. Tclegraj)li, 
Northwestern. Two mails daily. Peter Hall, postmaster. 


Hall Peter, general store. 

Reil Nicholas, boots and shoes. 

Thielmann Christian, railroad a^ent and grain. 

Thielmann George, express agent. 


The seat of Carlton county, i? a village of some 200 inhab- 
itants and a station on the St. P. & D. R. R. It is situated in 
the northeastern jiart of the county, on the St. Louis river, 
which furnishes unlimited water power, utilized by lumber 
and shingle mills. Exports, lumber, shingles, etc. Tele- 
graph, Northwestern. Express, U. S. Mail daily. J. ^^■ 
Litchfield, postmaster. 


Hawkins H II, lawyer and real estate. 
Hayes J P, general store. 
Johnson A W, saloon. 

OunLrLSlO DllUOl East Third Street, St, Paul, Miua. 

Cn Tf^T^OTfllM Sole Agr't CANTON PLOWS, Tieer Rakes, Ran- 
■ bl I hlinol lj[^, daUPnlven^in^ Harrows, Tri™phSeec!e™,Ma. 


Leland Mrs M A, hotel propr. 

Litchfield I W, general store. 

Lovejoy C O, shingle mnfr. 

McMillen A, contractor. 

Miller A M, lumber. 

Wallace R B, justice of the peace. 


A postoffice in the township of Belvidere Centre, 14 miles 
from Red Wing (c h), the nearest railroad point, and about 
50 from St. Paul. The Wells creek drives a flouring mill 
in the neighborhood. There are Lutheran and Methorlist 
churches and a common school. Exports, wheat. Weeklv 
mail. A. W. Jensen, postmaster. 


A settlement in the northeastern part of Blue Earth 
county, 6 miles distant from Mankato (c h), the most conve- 
nient railroad point, and 90 southwest from St. Paul. The 
Le Sueur river gives power to a saw-mill here, and the village 
has a Methodist church and a common school. Daily mail 
stage to Mankato and Minnesota Lake. Enoch Morse, post- 


Bennett & Harvey, saw-mill, carpenters, etc. 
Burgess H M, justice of the peace. 
Cate & Zimmerman, flouring mill. 
Dickerson N W, millwright. 
Dickerson «fe ISalf, Flouring Mill. 
Englerth J S, justice and cabinet maker. 
McBeth Charles, constable. 


In Richmond township near the center of Stearns county, 
is a village of about 150 inhabitants, 24 miles from St. Cloud 
(c h), 15 from St. Joseph, the nearest railroad point, and about 
95 from St. I'aul. Has a Catholic church and district school, 
and exports wheat, oats, barley, rye, corn and butter. Tri- 
weekly mail stage to St. Cloud and Paynesville. Jacob 
Simonitsch, postmaster. 


Bakfs Joseph, blacksmith. 
Becker George, justice of the peace. 
Berghoff Joseph, carpenter and cabinetmaker. 
Busseu ;M a, notary and collecting agent. 

WiTson & Jordan, ^— ^^^-^^°^«-^-^^ 

AEOHITEOTS, Minneapolis, Minn. 


« h SQ^Vfl/firP JOHNSON, 513 Wa^hiurt^n Av,-,1 


:.• Dueber Josoph, saddle and hariiessmaker. 

I Englehard George, justice of the peace. 

► Etheii John, liotel and saloon. 

f Gertken Lucas, school teacher. 

h Heimert E, boots and shoes. 

^■. Lembeak B, saloon. 

I. • Liverding B, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 

f Muggle Joseph, constable. 

I Rathbun A M, physician. 

I; Richmond Alining Co The, coal miners. 

C Schneider John, carriage and wagonmaker. 

[ Scholen Michael, meat market and pumps. 

r Shaefer J P, hotel and saloon. 

i SilllOllit!>>cii Jacob, General Store and Grain. 

[ Souther Rev A (Catholic). 

[ Thyen B, constable. 

j Tscheueperleiu J, carpenter and builder. 

I Weber Claudius, brewer. 

t Welling Henry, boots and shoes. 

Wieber Wm, hotel propr and barber. 


A settlement in the township of the same name, in the 
southwestern part of Otter Tail county, 14 miles from Fergus 
I Falls (c h), and. 3 from Dalton Station, on the St. P., MT & 

M. Ry. The Pomme de Terre river here affords power for 
driving a mill, in which hardwood timber is worked up. lias 
an Evangelical Lutheran church and school. H. Hoff, post- 

I A country postoffice in the south central part of Otter 

: Tail county, 18 miles from Fergus Falls (c h), and 11 from 

Dalton, the nearest railroad point. Exports, farm product-^. 
Weekly mail. K. K. Tuete, postmaster. 


In Monroe township, southeastern corner of Lyon county, 
18 miles from Marshall (c h). It is a village of 350 inh.abit- 
ants, and a station on the W. tfeSt.P. R. R,"'l50 miles from St. 
Paul, with Congregational and Presbyterian churches, and a 
public school, and exporting farm produce. A bank will 
shortly be established here, and a steam flouring mill is 
required. Express, Am. Telegraph, Northwestern. Stage 
to Currie six times weekly. Daily mail. E. O. Brauns, post- 


! inga, 46 Jackson St., ST. PAUL. 

I:.,l .,,• SSV 

Hashov/,Maish& Davis, 

Are Aeentfi for all kindi of Ma- 

oMnery, Cor. 2d St. aad Fifth 

Ave. Soath, IliniieapoUa. 



Beach N <fc Co, lumber. 

Cr.ui^ John L, livery stable. 

Davis J P, general store. 

Evans D, hardware and farm implements. 

Finch Neil, hotel {iro])r. 

Gibbs M D, hotel propr. 

Ilangen & Peterson, blac-ksmiths. 

llartigan James, saloon. 

IIll^li!« «fc Owens. General Store, 

Kloiu Jacob, saloon. 

Lehman F, saloon. 

Loudon Rev L (Presbyterian). 

O'llcaru J C, Lumber Dealer. 

Reierson K, t'ann implements. 

Schlilp John, blacksmith. 

Selck John, wagonmaker. 

Stafford D, hardware, stoves, etc. 

Torkclscu I E, Hotel Propr. 

Trumer M E, express and railroad agent. 

Ward J M ifc Co, lumber and furniture. 

Warren A & Co, groceries and provisions. 

Weidman J, druggist. 


In the western part of Sibley county, ZO miles from Hen- 
derson (c h), 10 from Brownton, on the C, M. & St. P. Ry, 
the nearest railroad station, and about 75 from St. Paul. A 
German settlement, with a Lutheran church and district 
school, exporting wheat. "Weekly mail to New Auburn and 
New Ulm. Carl Bubolz, postmaster. 


Rabcock W F, justice of the peace. 
Bubolz Carl, Farmer. 
Krueger J, constable. 


A postoftice on the northwestern line of Freeborn county, 
13 miles from Alden, the nearest railroad point, and 25 from 
Albert Lea (c h). 


A little village of 27 inhabitants in iliesville townshii>, 
southeastern corner of Dakota county, 12 miles from Hastings 
(ch), 30 from St. Paul, and 7 from Etter, the nearest railroa^l 

Pilch and Gravel Roofers. 'St.t'Sti'p*; 

The Latest Designs '^"'^'"'^''''"^"^^"^ 

Merchant Tailor, Minneapolii 


point. Has a Catholic church. Mail stage to Northfield .111. 1 
Hastings four times weekly. John Anton, postmaster. 


Anton John, General Store. 
Diech Anton, tailor. 
Eulen G, saloon. 
Kump Michael, saloon. 
Manier J, blacksmith. 
Mies John, wagonraaker. 


In the township of the same name, southwestern part of 
Winona county, 30 miles from Winona (c h), 7 from St. 
Charles Station, on the W. & St. P. R. R., and 120 from St. 
Paul. The Trout river drives 2 flouring mills in this vicinity. 
Population, 40. Exports, wheat, pork and produce. Tri- 
weekly mail stage to St. Charles. Mark Campbell, post- 


Boetger John, hotel propr. 

Braitliivait T V, Flouring Mill. 

Clawson Thomas, county commissioner. 

Cravath B !M, live stock dealer. 

Damier C W, flouring mill. 

Fuller M H, town treasurer. 

CJerry E B, Town Clerk. 

Olsen Amund, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 

Spcrlin A, boots and shoes. 

Stevens Bros, general store. 

Sutherland Robert, blacksmith. 


A recently established postoffice in Otter Tail county. 

A postoffice in the south central of Otter Tail county. 
12^ miles east of Fergus Falls (c h). 


In the central southern part of Polk county, 45 miles from 
Crookston (c h), and 12 from Ada Station, on tlie St. P., M- '^ 
M. Ry. The Wild Rice river here affords power for a s:ivv 
and grist mill. Weekly mail stage to Ada. P. S. Alsaii. 
mill owner, postmaster. 

Perkins, Lyons&Co.KSSsES 

FC RJ9 .M. M> a<« ■ «v Book-Binder and Blank-Book 
. r. rSGnn SC, Manuf^mer, Brackctf.Block, 
■ J3 " MuuscapoUs, ILim. 



A village of SO inhaViitants on the Mississippi river, in the 
POUthTvestern ]>art of Morrison county, '2A miles from Royal- 
ton Station on the N. P. Ry, 13 from Little Falls (c h), and 
100 from St. Paul. The Two Rivers drives tj mills at this 
point, 2 flouring and i saw-mills. The village has Methodist, 
Catholic and Lutheran churches. Exports, wheat and lum- 
ber, and calls for a blacksmith. Semi-weekly mail from Roy- 
alton. Mrs. C. M. Tuttle, postmaster. 


Bourgraff John, flouring mills. 
Geisel George, general store. 
Gunderson F, general store. 
Holding Randolph, seneral store 
Tuttle C A, Picturing Mills. 
Young Bros, saw-mill. 
Young Thomas, millwright. 


Is a station in the southeastern part of Lyon county, on 
the Minnesota and Dakota division of the C. &, N. W. Ry, 3l 
miles from Marshtield (c h), and '200 from St. Paul. Popula- 
tion, about 100. Has a Congregational and Methodist Epis- 
copal church, and exports grain and stock. A grist mill, 
furniture, boot and shoe, harness and drug store are needed 
here. The Lincoln County Trihune, the ofticial paper, is 
printed in Tyler. Daily mail Henry G. Rising, postmaster. 


Bockas Bros & Story, farm implements. 
Di-an W E, lawyer. 

Dnnnell S, express and railroad agent. 
Hall J li 6c C"o, Hardware. 

Hodgeman E, hotel. 
Laird, Norton & Co, lumber dealers. 
Lochler ,1 P, general store. 

ItlMinS' II C», Printer and Publr Lincoln County Tribune. 
Simon Chark-s, blacksmith. 
Ti.sdale & Harris, general store and clothing. 
>\ akefield. Trow & Co, general store and lumber. 
Wilsex E S, physician. 


■ Mower 
I Bloomini 


A country postoffice in the northwestern corner of 
unty, 12 miles from Au^^tiii (c h), and i from Bk 

Galvanized Iron Window Caps.M 

M. H. Crittenden 4 
Co., 6th »n(i SiHcy 


PDnP'^CRV ^^'^^^^ China. Glassware, wholesale aad 

J retail E, A. HABMON & CO., MinaeajK)! 


Prairie Station, on the C, M. & St. P. Ry. Weekly mi:! 
stage to Blooming Prairie. Gideon Stoddard, farmer, iiu>! 

(See Kalmia). 


Near the center of the northern line of Le Sueur county, 
13 miles from Le Sueur Centre (c h), and 48 from St. Paul. 
Trague is the nearest railroad point. Exports, wheat, oat~, 
barley and com. Semi-weekly mail. Valentine Leuz, post 


A growing agricultural settlement in the northern part «'. 
Rice countv,"l2l miles from Faribault (c h), Vi from Nortli- 
field Station, on the C, M. & St. P. Ry, and 40 from St. Paul. 
A steam saw-mill is in operation here. The settlement has :i 
Baptist church and district school, and exports cordwoo-i. 
lumber, grain, hay, beef and pork. A feed mill and sugar- 
cane mill are wanted here. Weekly mail stage to Northliell 
and Dundas. G. E. Prunk, postmaster. 


Albers Wm, saw-mill propr. 
Prunk Rev G E (Baptist). 
Swain N H, physician. 


In the western part of Douglas county, 19 miles from 
Alexandria (c h), and 7 from Brandon, on the St. P.,M. & M 
Ry, the nearest railroad point. It contains a Norwegmii 
Lutheran church and a district school, and exports wheat. 
Semi-weekly mail stage to Alexandria and Herman. John N. 
Hanson, postmaster. 


Barsness Albeit, town treasurer. 

Buge Jenz, assessor. 

£riksoil l:^rik. Justice and Town Clerk. 

Halvorson Albert, constable. 

Lindstrum Lars, supervisor. 

Moe Ole O, constable 

Tostad John C, supervisor and jtistice." 

Walsta.l Ole, supervisor. 


of Bostoa. LawofMaaa«:hD£utuprovia»»a»>-^'- 



Hashow, Maish&D3vis,s-?|.s^i«x- 



A village of 300 inhabitants an.l a station on the W. &St. 
P. K. R., in the western part of Winona county, 20 miles from 
Winona (c h), and 90 from St. Paul. The Whitewater river 
here furnishes power to a flouring mill. There are 2 hotels 
and a district school in the village. Tri-weeklj- stage to 
C'lvde. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, Am. Two mails 
daily. L. W. Rowley, postmaster. 


Brown Daniel, hotel propr and meat market. 

C'hi>holm Alexander, blacksmith. 

C'ollliau D L, Express and Railroad Agent. 

Ellsworth Benjamin, grain and live stock. 

Evans George, general store. 

Flick John, hotel propr. 

Hammer T J, grocer. 

Johnson A, boots and shoes. 

McCutcheon W M ifc Co, grain dealers. 

Miller R M, Musicaflnstruments. 

Porter L C, grain denier. 

Robbins W H, physician. 

Rowley L W, justice of the peace. 

Seafield Charles, grain dealer. 


A Norwegian settlement in Riverside township, south- 
eastern part of Lac-qui-Parle county, 8 miles distant from (c h), 15 from Montevideo, the most conve- 
nient railroad j)oint, and 120 from St. Paul. Has a Nor- 
wegian Lutheran church and common school, and exports 
wheat. Weekly mail. John Olsen, postmaster. 


A settlement of about 300 souls in Afton township, in the 
eastern part of Washington county, miles from Stillwater 
(e h), the nearest railroad point, and 10 from St. Paul, Water 
power here operates 2 flouring mills. Exports flour. Daily 
stage to Stillwater and Langdon. Erastus Bolles, post- 


l>olles C E, flour mill and blacksmith. 

Holies E, general store. 


ndl UVvdl C bury&Draper. 35 E. Third St.BuPaol. 

W. F. BONN & CO J- -^«iS"r^- 

improvements, MDiNHiPOLIS, 


Buswoll «fc Horan, grain dealers. 

Bu«)ivell «& Persons, Flouring Mill. 

Ender John, blacksmith. 

Geer S G, carpenter. 

Holmes Charles, carpenter. 

Meeiier Charles, Boots and Shoes. 

Meyer \Vm, carpenter. 

Shultz Charlus, boots and shoes. 

Walingbury, meat market. 


A settlement of 50 souls, and a station on the B., C. R. A- 
N. Ky, in the western part of Mower countv, 5 miles south of 
Austin (c h), and 100 from St. Paul. Exports, small grain, 
butter and eggs. Daily mail. C. R. Varco, postmaster 


Bassett & Hunting, grain dealers. 
Brimicum J, machinist. 
OiKcer Wm & Co, flouring mills. 
Parmenter J E «.fc M J, blacksmiths. 
Vareo C K, General Store. 
Varco J P, book agent. 


In Vasa township, central northern part of Goodhue 
county, 12i miles from Red Wing (c h), the nearest railroad 
point, and 50 from St. Paul. Bell Creek drives a tlouring 
.mill in this vicinity, and the tOT;\aiship has 5 churches and s 
common schools. "Stage daily to Red Wing and Cannon 
Falls, and daily mail. Lewis Engberg, postmaster. 


Anderson Rev A (Lutheran). 
Anderson Rev J A (^lethodist). 
Brynildson H L, physician. 
Deflisiit J AV,' Justice of the Peace. 
Engberg Lewis, general store. 
Hagman John, constable. 
Hoffland D, music teacher. 
Lindberg Rev O S (Baptist). 
Lindquist D, blacksmith. 
Lindquist P J, constable. 
Nelson S & Co, flouring mill. 
Norelius Rev E (Lutheran). 
Xorelilis Joliu, Hotel Propr. 
Pearson T G, justice of the peace. 
Swaerd Rev P J (Lutheran). 

QPUCCCDO PDnC Importers of Pine Woolens, No, 40 
OUnLrLaO ynUOi & TMrd street, ST. PAUL, MiniL 


Sole Ag't JtlLBURN T,' AGON'S. T:--: R.uef , Eaa- 
dall Pttlveridag Hirrowa, Triamph Seeders, Can- 
ton Plows, Buggies, etc., 18 W. 3d St., St. Piul. 



A recently established postollieo in Lincoln county. 


In the township of the same name, near the central part 
of Dakota county, 8 miles from Hastings (c h), and 22 from 
St. Paul. It is a station on the II. & D. division of the 
{.'., M. & St. P. Ry, and has a population of 100. Two 
mails daily. Nicholas Klotz, postmaster. 


Keert & Regan, grocers, druggists and saloon. 

Krausen G, saloon. 

Pleiffer II, saloon. 

Powell George, grocer. 

Reudler & Fischlor, blacksmiths. 

Sausen J, harnessmaker. 

Webber Henry, shoemaker. 


A village of 375 inhabitants, and a station on the N. P. 
Rv, in Wadena county, near the center of the southern line, 7 
miles from Wadena (c h), and 175 from St. Paul. Settled 
first June 1, 1S77. Wing river here offers available water 
Jiower. Verndale has a graded school, a hotel and several 
general and special stores. Stage to Kindred semi-weekly. 
Two mails daily. C. C. Parker, postmaster. 


Ajiplegate C, grocer. 

Brewster C O, lawyer. 

Hrown A A, carpenter and builder. 

HuUard Sc Butler, farm implements. 

Clark II G, hotel propr. 

CT.andall M M, hotel projir. 

Harwell L \V, Lumbur Dealer. 

•'rave.s W II, general store. 

Harding Dr H J, druggist. 

Harris H C, general store. 

I'lgals & Jones, blacksmiths and wagonmakers. 

In;;rani George, boots and shoes. 

I.add W, builder. 

I-alnme T, saloon. 

-McCuUum Mrs M A, milliner and dressmaker. 

AECHITEOTS, MlnTieapoUa. PUn* 
and 3peci£cation3 fomishod ht all 
kiada of Boildingi oa tttoti sotioe. 


Lani|J UUUUOj Johnson-s Crockery House, "^^?^^j°fj°°,t'°-- 


Montgomery Mis3 Minnie, milliner and dressmaker. 

Ormsby C, cabinet maker. 

Palmer Bros, meat market. 

Sharpe C, blacksmith. 

Smith C E, hardware. 

Smith E A «fe Co, General Store. 

Smith E X, express and railroad agent. 

Thompson H, hotel propr. 


In the southeastern part of Dodge county, 10 miles from 
Mantorville (c h), and 110 from St. Paul, by the traveled 
route. Kasson, 8 miles distant, is the nearest railroad station. 
A Lutheran church, a public and private school are locatol 
here. Exports, general farm produce. Semi-weekly mail 
stage to Kasson. Ole A. Chilson, general merchant, post- 


In the southern part of Blue Earth county, is a village of 
150 inhabitants, and a station on the Blue Earth division oi 
the W. & St. P. R. R. Power obtained from the Blue Eartii 
river drives a flouring mill. The village has churches of the 
Methodist and United Brethren creeds, and exports wbL:ii 
and stock. Express, Am. Telegraph, Northwestern. Daily 
stage to Myrna. Two mails daily. J. B. Pierce, postmaster. 


Berry & Rogers, flouring mill. 

Blauchard J D, blacksmith. 

Brown E C, blacksmith. 

Cooke Rev U A (United Brethren). 

HillJ^ F C, Hardware. 

Jaynes J W, blacksmith. 

Klatt John T, harnessmaker. 

McMichacl O II, physician. 

Morris L L, express and railroad agent. 

Morrow R W, miller. 

Pierce J B & Co, seneral store. 

Robinson J II, Grain Dealer. 

Rotrers F L, hotel. 

Tubl,s Rev F II (.Methodist Episcopal). 

Washbiiriie lu \V, General Store. 

Washburne 3Iis E W, milliner. 

"Westover Alexander, wagonmaker. 

Wilcox W R, builder ami contractor. 


General Agent Hall's Safe and 
Lock Co., ST. PAUL, Minn. 


Scrath, MiuneapoUi 



On the Minnesota river, in the southwestern part of Ren- 
ville county, S miles from Renville Station, on the 11. it D. 
division of "the C, M. & St. P. Ry, and U from Beaver Falls 
(c h). "Weekly mail. T. Baade, postmaster. 


A postoffice in the central southern part of Wright county, 
5 miles south of Howard Station on the St. P., M. & M. Ry. 


A postoffice in the central southern part of Yellow Medi- 
cine county, 13 miles from Granite Falls (c h). Weekly mail. 
S. 0. Reisiius, postmaster. 

VIOLA— Olmsted Co. 

(See Corra.) 


Formerly Viola Centre, is a station on the Plalnview Ry, 
central eastern part of Olmsted county, 12 miles from Roches- 
ter (c h), and 128 from St. Paul. Population, 16. Exports, 
wheat. Three mails daily. S. Ford, postmaster. 


Armstrong O G, grain and salt. 

I'ord S, Lumber, Coal and Groceries. 

Phillips O L, blacksmith. 

Watts D, general store. 

Williams George, meat market. 


(See Viola.) t 


In the township of the same name in the southwestern 

, corner of Waseca county, 18 miles from Waseca (c h), 90 

from St. Paul, and 10 from Xew Richland, the nearest rail- 

ruad point. Stage to Alma City, Freedom and Janesville. 

Weekly mail. A. Kaibel, postmaster. 


Fisher Wm, blacksmith. 
German John, constable. 


Galvanized Iron Window Caps.Ell5l 

GF FamrSjytnn -fistic laOor. Dress Smts a Spemltr. 
I li ran inglUllj 239 NicoHet Avenue, Minneapolis, M;aL 


Kaibel A, Justice of the Peace. 
Ketchum Frederick, constable. 
Ketchum W, justice of the peace. 


The seat of Wabasha oouiity, is an incorporated village ..f 
some 2,000 inhabitants on the Mississippi river, at the juiir- 
tion of the C, M. & St. P. Ry with the M. M. R. R., it. 
Wabasha branch. The village is situated near the center of 
the eastern line of the county, was first settled in 1830 bv 
French traders, and the Indian title was extinguished in l-^r,',. 
It contains a tlouring mill, planing mill, chair factory, frmn- 
dry and machine shop, all operated by steam. The churrho 
are Congregational, Episcopal, Methodist and Roman tatli- 
olic. The graded school building is a handsome structun-, 
costing 826,000. Grain is the principal export, the wheal 
i acreage of Wabasha county for ISSO being 103,233, again>i 

|~ 101,829 in 1879. Express, Am. Telegraph, Northwe^stern. 

Stage to Plainview and Alma, Wis., daily; to Oronoi'o, 
weekly. Daily mails by rail. Mary E. Wetherbee, post- 


Aberlee August, boot and shoemaker. 

Affeld Gottfried, propr Green Bay House. 

Arnold W J, city recorder and justice. 

Bailey 5Irs J \V, Propr Riverside House. 

Bartlett J C, register of deeds Wabasha county. 

Baumgarten Henry, wines and liquors. 

Baumgartner Friedrich, saloon. 

Belor Friederich, blacksmith. 

Benedict Charles, bakery and restaurant. 

Bills E C, ship and boat"yard. 

Brown Fremont S, lawyer. 

Bulletin Printing Co, pubhs Wabasha Bulletin. 

Caillllbell 8ailiucl Ij, Lawyer, Real Estate and Loans 

Casparis Paul, insurance. 
Collier Freeman .1, probate judge and justice. 
Conilliercial Hotel, Herrmann Oswald Propr, Main. 
Cratte David, city marshal. 

Do"»Vllcr <Sc Porter, Founders and Machinists. 
Drury Simon E, groceries and provisions. 
Dugan Edward J, general store. 
Eicheuberger Rudolph, meat market. 
Elkins Henry, watches and jewelry. 
E\cliail^e Bank, A D Southworth & Co Proprs. 

31 Eobert St., St Paul, Minn., 

u» A««nU for E««d'i GUt EJ^ »=i 
Oocktotl Bitt«ri. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 


Manufactured for Banks, Mill Men and Oorpora- 

tions, at low rates and in test of style, by F. F, HENlfia, 
Brackett'a Block, Mirineapolis. 


F:iller Cbarlcs, saloon. 

Funk Jacob B, grocer. 

Funk Michael, saloon. 

Funke Gustav, cigar mnfr. 

Gcngnagle Jacob, furniture and undertaker. 

Ginthner Lawrence, clothing. 

Grant E C, photographer. 

Green Bay House, Gottfried Affeld propr. 

Gregg Lyman M, sheriff Wabasha county. 

Grub"& Miller, general (store. 

Hahn & Martin, lawyers. 

Hart I C, agent Singer S M Co. 

Ilenson Ole, wines, liquors, etc. 

Hermann Charles E, meat market. 

Humeston A C, house and sisn painter. , ■> 

Ilurd's Hotel, Bloys S Ilurd Propr. 

Ingram, Kennedy & Gill, planing mill. 

Jewell ilenry H, hardware and stoves. 

Johnson E, livery. 

Kennedy Malcolm, boots and shoes. 

Klein Mrs Christina, millinery goods. 

Krull Albert, boot and shoemaker. 

KruU Wilhelm, saddle and harnessraaker. 

Kuehn Conrad, groceries, wines and liquors. 

Kuehu Llica!>, General Store, 'Wines and Liquors, Main. 

Lawrence James G, real estate and loans. 

Lawrence & Clarke, flour mill. 

Lawrence A: Krick, Grain and Commission, Levee. 

Layes George A, saloon. 

Leslin Charles, brewer, 1 mile n. 

Lincoln & Van Dyke, physicians. 

Lindem, Jacoby & Co, general store. 

Low Mrs Cornelia E, manager N W Tel Co. 

Low Quincy A, physician. 

Luger Bros, furniture mnfrs. 

McAuillf John, saloon. 

McKiuzie Duncan, livery stable. 

^Larqnard Hi-rmann, cigar mnfr. 

.^L'isou George, restaurant. 

-Hattesoil X: Xeivark, Proprs Wabasha County Herald. 

Meyer Joseph, bouts and shoes. 

Milligan Francis II, physician. 

Monroe Peter, blacksmith. 

ilorton Mrs W R, milliner. 

ilullin James, saddles and harness. 

Murdock & Stewart, lawyers. 

Murjihey Michael, grocer' 

R! ATF ROOPFRQ ^- ^ OEniENDEir & OO., Oomer 
WLH I L riUyrLllOi Blith Md SiUey SU, St Paul, Minn. 


716 WAB MiyxEsoTA state gazetteek WAC 

Northwcstcru Tel Co, Mrs Cornelia E Low maiia.-er 

Odink Jose]ih, saloon. ° 

Oswald Herman, Propr Commercial House, Main 

reseh MatLias, merchant tailor. 

Ray Jacob, saloon. 

Redmond Miss Winfred, millinery goods. 

Riverside House, Mrs J M Bailey propr. 

Rockwell Mrs Caroline, milliner. 

Rohrbech Christian, carpet weaver. 

Saueressig John, wagonmaker. 

Schermuly John, saloon. 

Schmidt John, merchant tailor. 

ScllwirtK John, General Store, Main. 

Shebat Valentine, general store and marble works 

Sigler J A & N E, publrs Wabasha Bulletin. 

Smith Plarvey X, saloon. 

Smith's Hotel. Sidney H Smith propr. 

South wort ii A D & Co, Bankers, Insurance and 

i^xpress Agents, Main. 
Stearns Ernest E, photographer. 
Steel John W, lawyer. 
Steutzel Frank & Co, grocers. 
Stone Dr John J, drutrgist. 
Strub Frederick, meat" market. 
Taverna John, barber. 
Tenny George AV, grocer. 
Thaney & Evans, meat market. 
Toussaint & Odink, druggists. 
Van Dyke & Fawcett, lawyers. 

Wabasha County Herald, Matteson & Newark proprs. 
Wabasha Div C. M A: St P Ry, S S Merrill Pres. 
Alilwaukee, James G Lawrence Sec, Wabasha, John H 
Lakey Supt, Wabasha, Offices Main. 
Webb Xathan F, notary public. 
Whitmore John L, drugs, books, etc. 


In the township of the same name, near the center of Car- 
ver county, IS a village of 300 inhabitants, 11 miles 
Chaska (c h), and 42 from St. Paul. Benton, 5 miles distant, 
liS the nearest railroad point. Steam operates a r^rist ni.-i 
saw-raill here, and there are Catholic and Lutheran church, . 
and Catholic, Lutheran and public schools. Exports, wluat. 
Tri-weekly mail stage to Chaska and Watertown. Albert 
ivohler, postmaster. 

' R ^ R— I 1^ fi n OlcIest.Best and Cheapest. New Ensrland 

U U U I U Ul Mutnd Life Insurance Co, of Boston. J.J.WATSOS, 
General Agent, ST. PAUL. 

Hasho w, filaish & Davis, Si-tat^s.^: 




Boetcher Gustav, furniture. 

Hraun Gustav, wagonmaker. 

IJiisse Wm, tailor. 

Dunnin Albert, blacksmith. 

Dicssner C A F, phvsician. 

i:i^olcill Adolph, General Store. 

i rirdnoh Rev W (Lutheran). 

H..hman John, boots and shoes, and saloon 

lioliler Albert, Ha^d^vare, Furniture, Etc. 

Kiihlcr Joseph L, tinsmith. 

Kolb Eugene, meat market. 

Lassen A C, general store. 

Lipp Gaudenz, saloon and boardino-. 

-M.iiser B, grocer. ° 

Miller & Bicrliiie, Grist and Saw-Mill 

-Mock Ferdmand, boots and shoes. 

Radde Jacob, wagonmaker. 

Sichr.rraer D, blacksmith. 

SfhiHidt Carl, Dry Goods. 

S.chutz A F, hotel propr. 

Weisser S, saloon 

Wartman A, boots and shoes. 


Gn.'^j,'^"^^^ ''^ ^^°'^!' ^° inhabitants, in the eastern part of 
from^?/w"'-^'/°^ '^' ^'""^ ?^ '^' ^■' ^- ^ St. P. Ry, 6 miles 
ecf^n!!; i l'°i ^'^P?' ^^^^■^'Ct' goods should be shipped, and 
cre!k I ^'''- ^^''' \' ^y^i\^hle water power on Balkrd's 
postmaster^" °'"'''°' ^''''"^ ^'''^^- ^^^- ^- ^- ^'■"°^> 


Brown E, propr Centennial Park. 


and'^A^f.T^ of Wadena county, is a village of 250 inhabitants, 
counu . ^T ?° ''^^^•?- ^>'' i° '^'^ southwestern part of the 
flour nVillK^i'"''^"'^'"''"' S'-P^"'- Itco"taini a steam 
iZiT h ' ^ "«^•^pape'■ office, publishing the lYortkem 

i\Z^. T'? ^ T^^^'l °^ '^^'•'-^^ '^"d mechanic shops. 
'lX?n;h hf 1"*^ ^"'^^"'■- ^^P'^'^' iVorthern Pacitic. 
andS f Il'^'^e-Pot- «emi-weekly stage to Knightstown 

Gifes pS" ^T'"' """^ ^'"^^y '"^ beerl^eek and Inman. 
^lies l^eake, postmaster. 


«abcock L W, physician. 

Buiiders^Hardware r^Se'S^sls^S 

W, F. GUNN & C0.3^^."4«?-'is 



k Baumbach & Meyer, general store. 

i Bennett & Yates, saloon. 

[ Burch H F & Co, general store. 

r Canterbury. & WisVell, harnessmaker. 

{ Cooper E \Y, livery. 

[■ Cromett C E, physician. 

!' Dixon Rev C H (Methodist). 

Erickson Louis, boots and shoes. 

Fuller & Ostrander, real estate and farm implements. 
Gardner S S, real estate. 

I ^ CJardiier & Case, Wadena Bank. 

f' Gatz Anton, blacksmith. 

\ ■ _ Hall J E, editor Northern Pacific Farmer. 

[ ■ . ' Hassan J W, jeweler. 

[' ' Herron J N, blacksmith. 

C . Hepp Rev Joseph (German Methodist). 

i Herron & Kephart, blacksmiths. 

i^ '■ -Jones Mrs Nettie L, milliner and dressmaker. 

j.; Katzky J, general store. 

i- ■' Kelley George E, wagonmaker. 

[ , ■ Knight RevVohn (Methodist). 

i Luce E E, lawyer. 

i Maltby & Taylor, Wadena flour mill. 

I . ^legge & Boettcher, meat market. 

Miller <fe Foss, hardware, stoves, etc. 

Northfoss & Sons, planing mills. 

Ostrander Royal, barber. 

Ostrander & Luce, lumber dealers. 

Peake C II, farm implements and grain. 

Peake Giles, notions, etc. 
- Potter «fc Whitney, furniture. 

Presson H F, propr City Hotel. 

Rawson Wm, propr Rawson House. 

Shanlis Wm, propr Farmers' Home. 

Skinner O B, druggist. 

Strasburg J C, harnessmaker. 

Stuart C J, express and railioad agent. 

Swindlehurst J, blacksmith. 

Taylor George ^M, real estate agent. 

Van Zant P L, saloon. 

Walker Herman, saloon. 

Whitney George A, teacher. 


In the central eastern part of Faribault county, 14 mil''-' 
from Blue Earth City (c h), 8 from Easton Station on tin- 

OunLrLnO yilUOl la^t Ttiid street, St Paul, Minn- 


Ag't CANTOH PLOWS, Tieer Bakes, Ban. 
Pnheri:inf Harrows, Tr,nmph Seedere, Mil- 
Wagona, Buggies, etc,, 18 W. 3d St., St.Panl 


S. M. Ry, and 120 from St. Paul. Has a district school and 
exports wheat. Mail stage to Wells semi-weekly. M. M. 
Sheldon, postmaster. 


Rugg Rev (Baptist). 
Shelden M M, justice of the peace. 
Tuttle Rev M (Methodist). 
Zimmerman O, constable. 


In the township of Walnut Grove, is a village of about 
300 inhabitants and a station on the C. & N. W. Ry, in the 
southwestern part of Redwood county, 35 miles from Red- 
wood Falls (c h). A steam tiouring mill, a Congregational 
Union church and a district school are located in the village. 
Exports, wheat, barley and oats. A grist mill is called for 
here. Express, Am. ' Mails twice daily. John A. Anderson, 


Barnes E B, lumber dealer. 

Dedal E? Grain and Lumber Dealer. 

Burns D W, groceries and provisions. 

B\Tam J L, justice of the peace. 

Ciementson C, hotel. 

Comstock John S, express and railroad agent. 

Fitch John R, general store and farm implements. 

Hills F H, hardVare. 

Hoyt R W, physician. 

Hoyt & Anderson, druggists. 

Longnecker S A, furniture. • . 

Masters S O, justice of the peace. 

Masters W J, hotel. 

Nelson E C, meat market. 

Owens W H, general store. 

Quaiton T M, blacksmith. 

Sandquist Paul & Co, saloon. 

Simmons Rev H C (Congregational). 

Sinkler A F, blacksmith." 

Spurr C B, blacksmith. 

Tliompson Daniel, constable. 

Thorp D ^I, Lawyer. 

Tunis Rev G S (Methodist Episcopal). 

Webber C L, farm implements. 

Weliber X W, groceries and provisions. 

Young C E, restaurant. 

ARRHITFrT^ ^^^^^^ ^ joedan. j^,;r uC^c^^: ' 

miUIII I LU I Oj Btmotion of PulUo and Privat* BuildiBga. Hmneapolu. 


^4 i^iMwuwiui u] South, imnrEAPOLis. 



In the south central part of Goodhue county, 25 miliM 
from Red Wing (c h), and 7 from Zurabrota, the nearest rail- 
road point. A flouring mill here is driven by power obtaini'^l 
from the Zumbro river. Exports, flour and wheat. Popula- 
tion, 75. Semi-weekly mail. Martin Ilalverson, postraastor. 


Halverson Martin, general store. 
Kulass P T, shoemaker. 
Munson M, shoemaker. 
Uness R A, general store. 


A post village, population -30, in the northwestern part of 
Goodhue county, 30 miles from Red Wing (c h),and 12 from 
Nashfield, the nearest railroad point. Exports, butter, egg^ 
and wheat. Weekly mail. George E. Sheets, postmaster. 


Bjerva Charles J, blacksmith 

Brusej^aard & OI«>on, General Store. 

Hoheu II A, constable. 

Kulaas P T, boots and shoes. 

Kulaas T P, carpenter. 

Lee A A, carpenter. 

Lien C N, justice of the peace. 

Locken G G, justice of the peace. 

Sheets George E, town clerk. 


A special supply postoflice in Colfax township, north- 
western part of Kandiyohi county, 25 miles from Willniir 
(c h), the nearest railroad point. Exports, wheat. Weekly 


Cruver J B, constable. 

Warner C A, justice of the peace. 

WARREN— Cottonwood County. 
(See Odell.) 



A^dnts for Hisoock's Insplr- 

best boiler feeJer in us*. 

:,4 6th Ave. S., MianeapoUa. 



The seat of Marshall county, is situated on the southern 
line thereof, and is a station on the St. P., M. & M. Ry, 357 
miles from St. Paul and 31 north of Crookston. Population, 
150. The village is situated in the most fertile part of the Red 
River Valley, has a Jlethodist church, a district and a select 
school, a hotel and 3 general stores. Express, Am. Mail 
twice daily. Ethan Allen, postmaster. 


Benniwitz H G, harnessmaker. 

Itolinu & Co, Hotel Proprs. 

Bolton Wm, ■wagonniaker. 

Flint A E, lawyer. 

Gilbert X P & Co, general store. 

Griffith it Fess, painters. 

Jolin<^on. Allen & Co, General Store. 

McCann M, blacksmith. 

McCrea Bros, general store. 

Mclntyre D, blacksmith. 

Mentzer H C, farm implements. 

Nelson J P, lawyer and laud agent. 

Ross E R, justice of the peace. 

Rossman Emmett, dentist. 

Schuwiler J G, saloon. 

Snyder R C, wagonniaker. 

Titus I B, express and railroad agent. 

Welch J J, physician. 

Wood W W, furrier. 

A village in the southwestern part of Rice county, 7 miles 
from Faribault (c h), and about 60 from St. Paul. Po]iula- 
tion, 150. Has a steam saw-mill. Episcopal and Methodist Epis- 
copal churches, a district school, and exports eggs, butter, 
stock and lumber. A paper mill and sorghum mill are required 
here. Abundant water power is available. Warsaw is on 
the stage line between Faribault and Waterville, and has a 
daily mail. J. B. Gowen, postmaster. 


Coats & Snyder, saw-mill. 
Dargavel Wm, blacksmith. 
Evans Alexander, carpenter. 
Evans F, painter. 
Gowen B, notary public. 
Harper D H, blacksmith. 


s Patent Ventilating s..., M,..apo.. m... 


Parriiigton's, Minneapolis. 


Outhouse J W, general store. 
Piatt Hollister & Co, general store. 
Piatt H, blacksmith. 


An incorporated and growing city of 1,708 inhabitants, a 
few miles northeast of the center of Waseca county, of whicli 
it is the seat, at the junction of the W. & St. P. division of 
the C. & X. W. Ry, and the M. & St. L. Ry, 72 miles from St. 
Paul. It is located in the midst of a fine agricultural coun- 
try, has 2 banks, 2 hotels, 1 flouring mill, 1 planing mill, 1 saw- 
mill and 2 elevators run by steam, a brewery, 2 newspapers, 
fine public buildings and private residences, a graded school 
of 3 departments, employing 5 teachers, and a public library. 
There are 2 German Methodist churches, and churches each of 
the Methodist, Baptist, Congregational, Episcopal and Catholic 
denominations. Two fine lakes are situated within the limits 
of the city. Exports, wheat, flour and live stock. Telegraph. 
Northwestern. Express, Am. Stage to Wilton tri-weekly. 
, Seven mails daily. Wm. C. Young, postmaster. 


Amos Wm, physician and surgeon. 

Bailey P C, wines and liquors. 

Baiik of"\Vaseca, A P Jamison Manager. 

Barr A A, confectioner. 

Blake Lucius S, dry goods, clothing, etc. 

Bohen Thomas, insurance and real estate. 

Brandrold Knut T, general store. 

Breen Nicholas J, blacksmith. 

Broughton & Wilson, farm machinery. 

Brown Theodore, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 

Brownell & Kinder, lawyers. 

Brubaker J C, physician. 

Buckman George R, real estate and insurance. 

Buehler Gottfried, boots and shoes, etc. 

Butsch Christ, saddles and harness. 

Butsch Valentine, saloon. 

Callahan Miss J, milliner and dressmaker. 

Carmody John, lawyer and justice. 

Castor Edward, watches, clocks and jewelry. 

Child James E, lawyer. 

Child James K & Co, Publrs Minnesota Radical and 

Liberty Blade, cor 2d and Lake ave. 
Claghorn Charles C, agent Austin, Jackson & Co. 
Cla^lioru Josiah L., Real Estate, Loans and Insurance, 

cor 2d and Elm. 

?S Perkins, Lyons & Co.^^^'vHi^r^^^^ 

Hashow,Maish& Davis, aSSSS 


Clayton Philander A, restaurant and saloon. 

Clcary J L, physician. 

Coleman Mathew, propr Waseca House. 

Coles Wm, painter and calciminer. 

Coilester M D L, lawyer. 

Coraee Bros, furniture and undertakers. 

Cramond James C, livery stable. , 

Craven Milton, farm irajilements. 

Cristie Rev Alexander (Catholic). 

Cronkhite Edgar, county auditor. 

Curamings Damon S, physician and surgeon. 

Currier J A, saddles and harness. 

De Long Thomas D, propr Eagle Hotel. 

Eagle Hotel, Thomas D De Long propr. 

Ebbinghausen Charles, saloon and billiards. 

Everett & Eckenbeck, general store. 

Everett &: AVard, Propr Waseca Flour Mills. 

Fassbinder Michael, clothing. 

Fischer Charles, meat market. 

Fiske E W, architect. ' ' , 

Forbes Edward C, saloon and billiards. 

Garland & Claghorn, meat market. 

Gatzman Joseph, groceries and saloon. 

Gilbert Rev Levi plethodist). 

Goodwood House, D E Priest propr. 

Grapp Au§:iist, Furniture and Undertaker. 

Gutfleish John, boots and shoes, trunks, etc. 

Hall & Cummings, druggists. 

Halverson Julius, boot and shoemaker. 

Hanberry Roger, boarding house. 

Hansen JCels P, general store. 

Hansen & Murphy, wine and beer hall. 

Hayden James B, clerk district court. 

Herbert Henry, saloon. 

Hermsmire Rev F (German Methodist). 

Hunt Mason V, physician and superintendent of schools. 

Irvin Rev R D (P']>iscopal). 

Jaini«(Oll A Porter, Manager Bank of Waseca. 

Jennison Wm J. lumber. 

Johnson John W, groceries and provisions. 

Karstedt Herman A, saddles and harness. 

Keeley Mathew, sheriff. 

Keeley Mathew B, groceries, etc. 

Kraft Simon, propr Kraft's Hotel. 

Krau?se Christ, grocer and shoemaker. 

Kreuzer Wenzol, bl.icksmith and wagonmaker. 

Laird, Norton '& Co, lumber, etc. 

Kingsbury & Draper 

Keep a fall hue of Darling, Brown 

& Bharpe's MacUniBts' Tools. 35 Eiat 
Third 8t.. Bt. Faai 

Headquarters for Crockery 


E. A, HARMON i 00, 


Leslie Charles E. Lawyer. 

Lewis Beuedict S, lawyer and loan agent. 

Lohren Anton J, blacksmith. 

Lowell B A, justice of the peace. 

Lucas John H, barber. 

McCutcheon & Co, grain elevator. 

McGovern Peter, lawyer. 

Mcintosh Dr Lyman I), dentist. 

^eKeillia Charles, County Treasurer and 

McLaughlin Dennis, general store. 

Madden J & C, grocers. 

Maire F Wm, wines and liquors. 

Maloney John, boarding house. 

Manderfield Hubert, house and sign painter. 

Mazy Caroline, wine and beer hall. 

Merrill Rev C W (Congregational). 

Merrill S, boat house. 

Miller ISeillhart, General Store. 

Minnesota fiiadieal and Libertv Blade 
(Weekly), J E Child & Co Publrs, cor 'id and Lake a\r 

Muedeking A H, agent, farm implements and lumbei-. 

Murphy Phillip, saloon. 

Myrick ]\Irs S W, milliner and dressmaker. 

Nanscawen Wm O, agent Winona & St. P. Ry. 

Neidt Christian, ■n-ine and beer hall. 

Xeivell G W, Pres Waseca County Bank. 

Xiebels Jacob, gunsmith. 

Norton Huson P, agent American E.xpress Co. 
, Oleson John,llotcl Propr. 

I Paddock Edward L, founder and machinist. 

J Palmer Frederick, photographer. 

I . Parker E C, barber. 

I Parmelee Martin E, carpenter and buildei". 

j. Parmelee & "Wrig-ht, Farm Machinery, Agricultnnii 

y , Implements, Wagons, Etc. 

! Peterson Oliver, jewelry and musical instruments, 

f Pettit & Latham, hardware, stoves, etc. 

I Preston E, musical instruments and jewelry, 

j . Priest D E, propr Goodwood House. 
( Quirk James, Lawyer and Loan Agent. 

I Ramsdale Joseph, brewer. 

! . Ranney A H, books and stationery, 

j. Rohertson .1 M & Co, Hardware and Stoves. 

( Roeder Henry, boarding house. 

f Roemer John A, insurance. 

[ Roland George A, feed mill. • 

Nr V/ r Nlll MWII °f ^o^'""- ^be best Company to In»ur. v.-... 

ni- «f l-l>iUI-MI>IU J. J. -ffATSON, Gen'l Agent, 3T. PAUL, 


SoUAg't TIQER KAKES, MUbnrn Wai^ni, Bou- 
gies, KasdaU PuiTerincg Harrows, Triumpli Seed- 
ers, Canton Plowa, etc., 18 W. 3d St., St. Paal. 


llosc Al- Morse, Publrs Waseca County Herald, Elm. 

^alltlOl•n Frederick H, farm machinery and lumber. 

Saiidretzhy Julia, grocer, etc. 

.'^aii Galli Charles, register of deeds. 

Scliildknecht Gust, cigar mufr. 

Sohliglu & Grain, -nagoumakers and blacksmiths. 

Micrwin &; Hawkes, farm machinery. 

Simons Rev J G (Lutheran). 

Skinner Charles E, carpenter and builder. 

Smith Austin, surveyor. 

Solon Patrick, wines and liquors. 

Spars Frederick, saloon. 

Sproat Wm, groceries and crockery. 

Stevens Charles, groceries and crockery. 

Stoughton & Greenwood Misses, dressmakers. 

Strong & Wright, druggists. - . 

Sutter Miss C, milliner and dressmaker. 

Thompson Ole, boot and shoemaker. 

Van Dusen George W^ & Co, grain and elevator. 

Wadsworth Henrv J, airent M .t St L Rv. 

\A'aseea County Bank, G W "Newell Pres, F A 

Xewell Cashr. 
AVaseca County Herald (Weekly), Rose & Morse 

Publrs, Elm. 
Waseca Flour Mills, Everett & W^ard proprs. 
Waseca House, ]NIatthew Coleman propr. 
^V'eber J J & Son, boots and shoes. 
Welch Darling, livery stable. 
Welch Mrs K G, millinery goods. 
Wert James, restaurant and confectioner. 
Wevrauch Conrad, merchant tailor. 

White John C, Hardware, Stoves and Farm Impts. 
Willard & Bro, saw-mill. 
Winston Alexander, saloon and billiards. 
WoUschlaeger August, saddle and harnessmaker. 
W'oodbury Henry C, judge of probate. 
Young Henry J, physician and surgeon. 


In Eden Prairie township, central southern part of Henne- 
Jiin county, 2\ miles distant from Eden Prairie Station, on the 
M. & St. L. Ry. Has a flouring mill, xMethodist, Presbyterian 
•ind Episcopal churches. Exports, wheat. Daily mail. S. 
Smith, postmaster. 


Balm Joseph, flouring mill. 
Goodrich J C, rreneral store. 

ARr.HITFPT^ WILSON & jordan, 

^IIUIII I LU I Oj toPobUoBoIlding8,8<)liool3,Oourt-Hoi 


Special attoniioQ 
ncei and Oiiarctiet. 

W. F. GUK'N & CO. S' '-^^^^-^^'^^^^^ -^ 

o.lJisg NEW PROCESS Keller Horrrl! " 
Office-Day Block, Mianeapolia, Mj;j " 



A village of 34 inhabitants, in Sumner township, .south- 
western part of Fillmore county, IS miles from Preston (c h), 
100 from St. Paul and 8 from Spring Vallev, the nearest rail- 
road point. The middle branch of the Root river furnishi* 
power to a saw and flouring mill. Exports, cattle, ho^s, hut- 
ter and eggs. Semi-weekly mail. Stage to Sprino- Vallev. 
Robert Yearian, postmaster. 


Bogart J W, blacksmith. 
Greilier X J, Flouring Mill. 
Greiner W J, wood dealer. 
Hanna Rev Joseph. 
Kilborn T O, flouring mills. 
Yearian Robert, general store. 


A village of 250 inhabitants, 5 miles northeast of the cen- 
ter of Dodge county, 4 miles from Mantorville (c h), and :. 
from Dodge Center Station, on the W. & St. P. Ry. The 
Zumbro river here furnishes power for a flouring mill of 8 run 
of stone (which is being supplemented by steam), and another 
of 3 run. Has Baptist and Methodist churches and a district 
and Wesleyan Methodist school. Exports, fl.our and produce. 
Daily mail. Henry Sprague, postmaster. 


Blake & Crawbonel, flourin<j mills. 

Cook D \l\ Flouring Mill. 

Dewar David, blacksmith. 

Gould Rev John (Wesleyan Methodist). 

Ilitchcock S S, Hotel Propr. 

Martin J, physician. 

Rhodes Rev (Wesleyan Methodist). 

Shepardson Rev D F (Wesleyan Methodist). 

Spragruc Henry, Harnessmaker. 

Vinton Wm, druggis't and general store. 


In the west central part of Goodhue county, 22 miles from 
Red Wing (c h), and 12 from Zumbrota, the nearest railroad 
point. Has a Lutheran church and district school. Semi- 
weekly mail. Gust A. Ryden, postmaster. 

QPUFFFRQ DSnC importers of Fine Woolens, Na 40 
OOnLrEiriO DitUO. E. Third street, ST. PAUL, Mina. 


Bnilders of City Water-Works 

for frontier towns. Oor. 2d St, 
J and Tifth Ave. 8., Minneapolis. 



C.irlson Frederick, bl.acksmith. 

C.avalin Rev O J (Swedish). 

Ojisal Martin T, general store. 

Kydeu G A, general store. ' ' 


A postofEce in the western part of Benton county, on the 
Brainerd branch of the N. P. Ry, 6 miles from Sauk Rapids 
Station, and 81 from St. Paul. Has a population of 35, a 
district school, and exports wheat, beef, butter and farm pro- 
duce. Daily mail. Burt Sabin, postmaster. 


Barr Joseph «& Son, Dealers in Furs, Etc. 

Campbell David, broker. 

Cniltpbell Joseph, Live Stock and Produce. 

King U S, express and railroad agent. 

Lake A W, justice of the peace. 

Miller James, blacksmith. 

Sabin Burt, section man X P Ry. 


A village of 12.5 inhabitants in the southwestern part of 
Dakota county, 25 miles distant from Hastings (c h), 2 from 
Northfield Station, and 35 from St. Paul. Power is here 
derived from the Cannon river for a flouring mill, whose pro- 
duct forms the chief export of the place. The religious ser- 
vices of Waterford are held in the district school building.. 
Mail four times weekly. Mrs. Abby Mattison, postmaster. 


Anthony E, cooper. 

Burke Charles, blacksmith. 

Cannon River Mnfg Co, flouring mill. 

Eiupey I P, general store. 

Hodgson J, cooper. 

Mattison W S, cooper. 

Partch T H, justice of the peace. 

Reed Thomas, cooper. 

^'uyers George, cooper. 

Way George, cooper. 


In the northern part of Carver county, 21 miles from 
Chaska (c h), 9 from St. Paul and 7 from Delano, on the St. 

RnnfiriT ^^3tQ^•|C^I Tarred relt, Building Paper, pitch, etc. 

IVUUllll^ SvialCllail SBldeu&Grygla,114H.3d8t,Klnn9apoUiU 

w ,• "»/ 

P 1 PTI ! P FQ rrame3 and Looking-Glasses, at CHARLES JOH\ 
I lU I UllLOj SON'S, 513 Washington Ave, South, Minneapolis. 


P., M. & M. Ry, the nearest railroad point, and is an iucoriio. 
rated village of 400 inhabitants on the Crow river. It has ;i 
flouring mill of 3 run of stone driven by water and steam 
power, steam plow works, 2 saw-mills, 3 hotels, a brewery, ■; 
general stores, Catholic and 2 Swedish Lutheran churclii-. 
public and Swedish parish schools. E.xports, wheat, flour and 
plows. Stage to Delano daily, fare 30c; and Chaska tri- 
weekly; fare 81.50. Daily mail. C. G. Ilalgren, postmaster. 


Ahlstrom Olof M, shoemaker. 
Barth & Dressier, General Store. 
Bleedoru Wm, bellraaker. 
Campbell Peter, general store. ' 

Halgren C G, druggist. 
Hecks Y, hardware. 
Japs, Barnick & Lienau, plow mnfrs. 
Keilcl Julius, Hotel and Saloon. 
Kohler C, hotel propr and harnessmaker. 
Kohler Sebastian, harnessmaker. 
Lienau & Rescheisen, flour mill. 

llcrillian & Hal^reu, Druggists and Farm Imple- 
ments. , 
Moebus & Warta, blacksmiths. 
Moers Ejiduss, furniture. 
Mueseler Frederick, blacksmith. 
Raunwanz A, saloon. 
Schlefke G, general store. 
Yager Jacob, saloon and billiards. 
Zeyer Charles, hotel and saloon. 


A prosperous incorporated village of 900 inhabitants aii'i 
■a station on the M. & St. L. Ry, in the southeastern corner oi 
Le Sueur county, 17 miles from Le Sueur Centre (c h), anil 
65 from St. Paul. It is situated upon the Cannon river, from 
which power is obtained for a flouring mill. It has also .i 
steam saw-mill, a planing mill, a furniture factory .and an 
elevator. There are ^Methodist and Episcopal churches and .i 

fraded high school, with seating capacity for 350 pupil~. 
Ixports, grain and wood. Expresis, Am. Telegraph, Xorili- 
western. Stage to Faribault daily, Le Sueur tri-weekly. 
Elysian serai-weekly. Three daily, and 2 tri-weekly mail>. 
George E. Green, postmaster. 


Babcock John, furniture factory. 


General Agent Hall's Safe and 
Lock Oo„ ST. PAUL, Mini:. 

Hashow, Maish & Davis,'^-^^I3!S^^- 


Botz F, meat market. 

Carlton & Kol»erts, Hardware and Farm Implements. 

Case E P, physician. 

Cox Rev J S '(Baptist). 

Giles D C, restaurant. 

(«rccn Will, Justice and Insurance Agent. 

Ilawes J C, hotel. 

Higgins & Fowler, saw-mill. 

Jacklin R W, hardware. 

Jordan J S, express and railroad agent. S, restaurant. 

Kletschke V, hardware. 

Kiiaak Ferdinand, general store. 

Merrill A P, lumber dealer. 

Miller D G, planing mill and wagonmaker. 

Potter D E, general store. 

Powers J X, lawyer. 

Rice iS; Quade, meat market. 

Rogers lion L Z, general store and elevator. 

ScIillUz H CJ, Hotel. 

Sheriden A, blacksmith. 

Smith Rev S B {:\rethodist). 

Stowe ;^Iajor LiCWIS, Farm Implements. 

Warner W H, harnessmaker. 

White M V, druggist. 

Zander F H, grocers. 

Zieski Wm.. harnessmaker. 


In the western central part of Blue Earth county, ~0 miles 
from Mankato (c h), and lA from the line of the Blue Earth 
City branch of the St. P. & S. C. Ry. The Watonwan river 
here gives power to a flouring mill and a fanning mill factory. 
Semi-weekly mail. C. F. Buttertield, postmaster. 


A station on the II. & D. division of the C, M. & St. P. 
Ry, in Amsberg township, southwestern part of Chippewa 
county, miles from 3Iontevideo (ch), and 100 from St. Paul. 
Pojtulation, Uio. Exports, wheat and oats. Has a hotel and 
^rain elevator and wants a steam tlouring mill. Express, U. 
S. Daily stage to Lac-qui-Parle, and daily mail. Helger 
Iverson, postmaster. 


Adamson R, Idacksmith. 
Anderson A M, hotel propr. 


^*hDDt-lrnn Qirlinff Porraotorie3,MiUs, Bridges, etc. Sel- 

OlICCl nun OIUiIlgid6n&Grygla,114N.3dSt.,MinaeV^^ 

FINE ivIERCHANT"'--^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Avenue, MianeapoliB 


Eidem Ole, town clerk. 
Hanson Theodore, treneral Store. 
Ivei^son II «$: Bro, General Store. 
Johnson C ^I, justice of the peace. 
Lang C V, grain elevator. 
Nerbovig & Sparby, saloon. 
Peterson Lewis, constable. 


In the west central part of Fillmore county, 7 miles from 
Preston (c h), and 5 from Wykoff Station on the S. M. Ry. 
Has a Baptist church and district school. Weekly mail stage 
to Wykotf. F. Walrod, postmaster. 


A country postoffice in Nashville township, northeastern 
part of Martin county, 12 miles from Fairmont (c h), and ^ 
from Winnebago City, the nearest railroad point. Stage t" 
Windom and Winnebago City. Four mails weekly. Oliver 
H. Sperry, postmaster. 


A station on the St. P., M. & M. Ry, in Marysville town- 
ship, southern part of Wright county, 12 miles from Buffalo 
(c h), and 49 from St. Paul. Waverly Lake furnishes power 
for a grist mill, and a steam saw-mill is in operation in tin- 
village. Exports, wheat, oats, wood, potatoes, hoop pole-, 
etc. Has a Catholic church and good district school. Telt- 

fraph, Northwestern. Express, Am. Mail twice daily, 
alome Kyte, postmaster. 


Barrett T R, Propr Keystone House. 

Berkner Adam, saw-miU. 

Bonniwell C W, miller. 

Cochran David, lawyer. 

Cullen J K, general store. 

Dike L, carpenter. 

FnlliliCC Ac O'Ciorinail, General Store. 

Flannigan Dr Charles, druggist. 

Flanuigan D W, saddles and harness. 

Giblin .John, general store. 

Kelly Patrick, carpenter. 

Kenny Rev P (Catholic). 

Kyte Li V, Ex])ress, Railroad and Elevator Agent. 

31 Robert Street, ST. PAUL, Mmn, 

M0ITO-Sqna.-9 Deaiinj and Give 

Value iUo«lved every time. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 


For County, Township and Oity Officers, in 

best of stylo and on short notice, p.t F. F. ffiENNlQ'S, 

Brackett's Block, Minneapolis. 


Low J, barber. 

Menard F, blacksmith and ^agonmaker. 

Marneaii H Charles, justice and propr Waverly House. 

Payent Joseph, saloon and billiards. 

Pctznick F, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 

Pike A H, telegraph operator. 

Quinn Wm & Bro, farm implements. 


A station on the St. P., M. &. M. Ry, in the central part 
of Hennepin county, on the shore of Lake Minnetonka, the 
charming and favorite summer resort of Minnesota. It is 
distant 14 miles from Minneapolis (c h), and 25 from St. Paul, 
and has a population of 150 souls. Contains a Methodist 
church and district school, and exports wood, staves and head- 
ings. Telegraph, Xorthwcstern. Express, Am. Daily mail. 
G. W. Hedderly, postmaster. 


Gleeson H L, hotel propr. 
Hedderly G W, General Store. 
Heyser & Bowun, hotel propr. 
Johnson G V, boat builder. 
Manver Henry, hotel propr. 


A station on the C, M. & St. P. Ry, in the southeastern 
part of Wabasha county, on the Mississippi, 13 miles from 
Wabasha (c h), and 85 from St. Paul. Population, 200. 
There is a flouring mill here, driven by power obtained from 
Indian creek. Exports, grain. Telegraph, Northwestern. 
Express, Am. !Mail twice daily. H. I. Uanscome, postmaster. 


Pay no money in advance to itinerant Directory Canvass- 
ers. We are led to mention this from the fact that parties 
have been fraudulently nsin^ our boolf as a specimen, and 
by that means, collectincr moneys in advance. We ask no 
payment until the work is delivered, and onr Solicitors have 
strict orders uot to take payment for either advertisements or 

H. L. FOLIZ cf- CO. 


Elevators, MIHb, 
^^. m o. i^AITTEKDENtL-.. .-. 
Slith and Sibley Su., St, i-aol, ilinn. 

nRflPfFRY •^'^^°°^ *^'^^°^ Glassware, wholesale aal 
URUuULiIIj retail E. A. HAfiMON & 00., Mimieapolii 



Brooke Bros, Lumber and Grain Dealers. 

Fitzgerald Wm, saloon. 

Hauscoilie H I, Railroad Agent. 

Hitchcock John, liouring mill. 

Hopkins W H, express agent and general store, 

Jones S P, physician. 

Mealy J, blacksmith. 

O'Neill H J, grain dealer. 

Weaver Wm, propr Weaver Hotel. 


A farmhouse postoffiee in the northwestern part of Rici' 
county, 38 miles from Faribault (c h), and 14 from NorthfieM 
Station. Semi-weekly mail. Ferdinand Butzke, postmaster. 


In the southern part of Chippewa county, 6 miles from 
Montevideo (c h). It is a station on the C, M. & St. P. Ry, 
and contains a Norwegian Lutheran church and district 
school. Daily mail. H. Amdtson, postmaster. 


Ericksen Rev E (Lutheran). 

Hagen O N, blacksmith. 

Husby K E, carpenter and painter. 

Neste Bros «& Arudtsou, General Store. 

Olsen Andreas, blacksmith. 

Rollevson Prof O J, teacher. 

Soustelie J E, justice of the peace. 

Soustelie O E, constable. 


A postoffiee in the western part of Redwood county, 1 1 
miles from Redwood Falls (c h). 


A recently established special supply postoffiee in the east- 
em part of Renville county, 25 miles from Redwood Falls 
(c h), and 10 from Hector Station, on the C, M.f& St. P. Ry. 


An incorporated city of 1,000 inhabitants, eligibly situated 
at the junction of the S. M. Ry, with its Mankato branch, in 
Clark township, northeastern part of Faribault county, -■"' 

NrW rNhl ANll<>^ Eostoa. Tta beat Company to Iiwore »;... 
1X1. ¥f l.i^Ul.HI\lll J.J. WATSON, Gen'l Ag*U SI. PADL, Mu... 

II I R jl * t A n ■ Do 111 kinds of tiachlnny Rcpsltli.;. 

Hashow, Maish&Davis,s£2ssB£rS 


miles from Blue Earth City (c h), and 140 from St. Paul. In 
manufactures it contains a steam flouring mill of 5 run of 
stone, a creamery, producing a superior quality of butter and 
cheese, and a vinegar factory. It has also a bank, 4 hotels 
and a number of stores. Fifteen artesian -n-ells, bored to an 
average depth of 115 feet, are features of the village. The 
Wells Advocate, a weekly Republican paper, is published 
here. The churches are Episcopal, Methodist and Presby- 
terian, and the village has a graded school of 4 departments, 
and a public library of 800 volumes. Exports, corn, oats, 
barley, live stock, wool, vinegar, butter and cheese. Land in 
the vicinity of Wells is worth, unimproved, from *8 to 812 
per acre; improved, from 6^15 to >^2o. Stage semi-weekly to 
Banks,? miles distant; Alton, 14; Clayton, 16; Brush Creek, 13; 
Walnut Lake, 4, and Homedahl, 16. Telegraph, S. M. Ry, 
and Northwestern. Daily mail by rail. W. W. Woodard, 


Adamson John, general store. 

Anderson Xolin, Merchant Tailor. 

Baldwin & Reed, blacksmiths. 

Bangs James W, photographer. 

Barnes George, notary public. 

Bonner & Hyde, grain dealers. 

Breitkreulz John, meat market. 

Bunnell James E, wagonmaker. 

Burke J P, Hotel Propr and Dealer in Agricultural 

Implements. {See adv.) 
Burton & Crandall, grocers and jewelers. 
Cargill & Van, E C Gale agent, grain dealers. 
Colman C L, Hans Gilbertson agent, lumber. 
Dickenson Mrs A, milliner. 
Dickenson Jolm E, blacksmith. 
Dunn AV^ni 11, Justice and Hotel Propr. 
Eaton Andrew, grain dealer. 
Eckenbeck A F, farm implements. 
Ellingson A, shoemaker. 
Elliott C E, confectioner and livery. 
Everets Herman, barber. 
Fellows Thomas S, Physician. 
Foster James, harnessmaker. 
Gallup Elliott wagonmaker. 
George Mrs Al)bie, grocer. 
^■reen 5Iansir 'W, Lawyer and Notary. 
Handlin ]\Iichacl, hotel propr. 
Harman Wm, milliner, etc. 
Hober John, stock breeder. 

Kfngsbury & Draper. SXfr^alts",!"- 

If You Warn a Complete ^,T.Z.^zll 


Holmquist Berger, wagonmaker. 

Johnson Mrs E R, milliner. 

Kelley Wayne W, constable. 

King, blacksmith. 

Knox J M, carpenter. 

La Crosse Lumber Co, B F Smith agent. 

Leiaiicl Murct X, General Store. 

Merrill ]Mrs L V, milliner. 

Merriman Henry L furniture. 

Morris Josepii D, Hardware, Stoves, Etc. 

Myers Matthew J, stock breeder. 

Nye Joseph M, drugs, wall paper, etc. 

Ogden Wm, painter. 

Park A P, dentist. 

Park Ilezekiah A, hardware, stoves, etc. 

Paul John, Ole Haberstad agent, lumber. 

Pelan Rev Wm (Presbyterian). 

Perriiie John, 6rocer. 

Pratt Andrew (coFd), barber. 

Robbins Frank, sewing machines. 

Rodgers Edwin D, blacksmith. 

Schellen Augustus, general store. 

Schleuder Frederick, jeweler. 

Shields Cornelius, telegraph operator. 

Siebert Charles^ General Store. 

Slade George W, express and railroad agent. 

Smith F A, grocer and crockery. 

Soutimick Oriu F, General Store. 

Starr Hiram S, grocer. 

Stearns Joseph S, deputy sheriff. 

Straw Daniel, physician. 

Taylor A L «& Co, livery. 

Taylor Bros, grain dealers. 

ThOIltllsou Clarke 'W, Propr Wells' Creamery, Vin- 
egar Mnfr and Live Stock Breeder. {/See adv,page\7o5.) 

Townsend Rev I J (Episcopal). 

Tripp Seneca, hotel propr. 

Tuttle Rev F L (Methodist). 

"Watson Freil E, Exchange, Real Estate, Collec- 
tions and Insurance. {See adv, page 735.) 

Welch L B V, cooper. 

W>lls Advocate (Republican), Woodward & Fo-< 

Wells Creamery, Clarke W Thompson Propr, Cheese 
and Butter ilnfr.' 

Wells Flouring Mill, A Eaton pres and treas, A B Thomb 

^PMCCCPQ PSnO fills Merchant Tailoring, No. ^ 
OUnLr tnO DltUO. E. TUrd street, ST. PAUL, Mi.:- 

Ul Dl I lllirlW I UNl '^'''' ^"^'"i,^"? Harrows, Triamph_Si>eder3, 

MILBITEI! WAQONa, Tiger Bakes, Ran- 

--. rerinng Harrows, Triumph Seeders, 

J ton Plows, Bnggiee, etc., 18 W. 3a St., St. Pad, 


Exchange, Mjgj!^ Collectigiis 

Mortgage Loans, Agent for Railroad Lands. 


Wells Vinegar Works, 


Wlttta ^Vine # Cider JT, ^JC | JX'^JC 



C. W. Thompson, Prop'r. 

Correspondence Solicited. WELLS, MINN. 





ARCHITECTS. Acconstica, Heating 
and Venuktion carefully and cor- 
rectly arraugod. iiinueaptilis, Miao* 

Phai'loC Inhncnn Crockery and Glassware, 513 W.i.=h- 
UilOlICO JUilllOUIIjmgtoii Ave, South, MDINEAPOLIS. 


Wells House, J P Burke Propr. {See adv, page 735.) 

West Justin P, lawyer. 

Whiteis Harvey J, grocer. 

Wilkinson Morton S, county attorney. 

Wise Nicholas, shoemaker. 

Woodard T W, druggist and stationer. 

Woodard W W, Editor Wells Advocate, and Postmaster. 


A settlement of 100 souls in the northwestern corner of 
Kiec county, -5 miles from Faribault (c h), and 50 from St. 
Paul. New Prague, 8 miles distant, is the nearest railroad 
station. Has a Catholic church and district school, and e.\ports 
agricultural produce. Weekly mail. Albert Wosejpka, post- 


Lapic Theodore, druggist. 
Lapic Thomas, hotel and saloon. 
Machadek F, blacksmith. 
Pavek John, restaurant. 
Staska John, Watchmaker. 
Stepan John, loan agent. 
Tomek J, blacksmith. 
Tronda Mathias, saloon. 
Wanek Frank, farm implements. 
Wanek Joseph, boots and shoes. 


A station on the M. M. Ry, in the central part of Wabasha 
county, about 15 miles southwest of Wabasha (c h). 


A Norwegian settlement in the northwestern part of Cot- 
tonwood county, 20 miles from Windom (c h), 125 in an air 
line from St. Paul, and 8 from Lamberton, the nearest railroad 
station. Has a Lutheran church and common and Lutheran 
schools. Exports, wheat, butter and wool. Semi-weekly 
mail stage to Lamberton and Windom. 11. M. Anderson, 


Anderson A O, blacksmith. 
Anderson C H, justice of the peace. 
Anderson H, hotel and wagonmaker. 
Anderson H M, physician. 
Brekke H H, meat market. 

A. Bigford, General Agent, 
46 Jackson St., ST. PAUL, MIm. 


Hashow, Maish & Davis- '^^■s^,^^^^^^ 

Are Agents for all kinds of Ma- 
ohicery. Cor. 2d St. and Finh 
J Ave. Soath, llinneapoliB. 


Kleven Ole O, farm implements. 
J^elson Peter E, constable. 
O.'sen Knud, cooper. 
Peterson C P, boots and shoes. 
Thorp D M, lawyer. 


A postofRce in the southwestern corner of Otter Tail 
county, 11 miles from Fergus Falls (c h), the nearest railroad 
point. Has Presbyterian and Methodist churches and a dis- 
trict school, and exports wheat, oats and live stock. Daily 
stage to Campbell and Fergus Falls. Semi-weekly mail. E. 
Robbins, postmaster. 


A farm-house postoffice in the southwestern part of Dodge 
county, 18 miles from Mantorville (c h), 10 from Dodge Cen- 
tre, the nearest railroad point, and 80 from St. Paul. Has 
Methodist and Presbyterian churches and a district school. 
Mail stage to Dodge Centre weekly. Wm R. Brooks, farmer, 


In the northeastern part of Martin county, 8 miles from 
Fairmont (c h), 10 from "Winnebago City, the most conve- 
nient railroad point, and 120 from St. Paul. Has a Congre- 
gational church and district school, and exports sheep, hogs 
and cattle. Serai-weekly mail stage to Windom and Winne- 
bago City. Four mails weekly. Charles O. True, postmaster. 


Brownlee James, justice of the peace. 

Clemons H H, constable. 

Eells Rev (Congregational). 

Hall Wm, constable. 

Reader George, blacksmith. 

Serrensen Hans, boots and shoes. 

True Charles O, justice and propr Westford House. 


In Arctander township, northwestern part of Kandiyohi 
county, 18 miles from Willmar (c h), and 10 from Kerk- 
hoven, the nearest railroad point. It has a Lutheran church, 
common and Lutheran schools, and exports grain, butter, 
wool and live stock. Weekly mail. L'rjens Iverson, farmer, 
blacksmith and notary putilic, [lostmaster. 

f*-/«w t^ ^ro.^-^^ B-^ SELDEN & GEYGLA, 114 N. 
run BlaOOTe IS ■Third St., Minneapolis, MiuiL 

Gjr CnKI'illfytnn K^^ps on hand the finest Trench, EngliaL 
I 11 rdl I lirQlUilj Scotch and German Suitings, Minneapolis 



A special supply postoffioe in the western part of Redwooil 
county, 21 miles from Marshall, the nearest railroad point. 


In the north-western part of Nicollet county, 40 miles from 
St. Peter (c h), 115 from St. Paul and 9 from New Ulm, the 
nearest railroad point. Population of the to-miship, 9ih>. 
Methodist, Lutheran and Catholic churches, and -i district 
schools are located here. Exports, wheat, farm produce and 
-wool. Stage to New Ulra, Ridgk-y, Renville, Beaver Fall-. 
Franklin and Redwood Falls. Tri-weekly mails. Alexander 
Harkin, postmaster. 


Brunner Frederick, hotel propr. , 

Brunner Xavier, hotel propr. 

Garrioch John, wheelwright. 

Harkin Alexander, general store. 

Huber Michael, blacksmith. 

Yonker John, hotel propr. 


In the southwestern part of Nobles county, 23 miles from 
Worthington (c h), and about 200 from St. Paul. It is 1 mile 
south of "the Worthington & Sioux Falls Ry, and in the midst 
of a fine farming country, offering a good opening for a gi-"- 
eral trader. Has Methodist and United Brethren churcla- 
and a district school. .Semi-weekly mail. R. Simmon-, 
farmer, postmaster. 


In the township of the same n.ame, southwestern part of 
Todd county, 20 miles from Long Prairie (c h),and about 1">" 
from St. Paul. It is a flag station on the St. P., M. & M. K.v. 
has a population of 20, a grist mill, exports wheat, oats ;ui'l 
potatoes, and has a daily mail. Henry Walcott, postmaster. 


Broker Wm J, general store and grain. 
Haney A J, flouring mill. 
Harrison Edward, general store. 
Kellogg George, grain dealer. 
Masttdler W, blacksmith. 

T O iBrkinSj Lyons & COi for pJe Wiiles and Liquori 

F p H 6 n n I O* ^°?^-^'ii<^er and Blank-Book 
■ I ■ ■■vrfllllc', MinBfactMer, Brackett'e Block, 

,^______^_^^_^_ ^-^ MianeapoliB, Mian. 



An incorporated yiWage of 140 souls, in Holt to^v-nsl,i„ 
east central part of F.Hmore county, and a station on the S.' 

V^J-'^ ^^ •'"' ^''''°" ("^ ^)' ^"-^ ''^'^°"t 10*^ f'-o™ St. 

rauL l-he Root river furnishes water power here to 3 Hour- 

district school and exports grain and flour. Express, Am 
1 el^graph, S. M. %. Two mails daily. A. Backman, post! 


Backman A, druggist and town clerk 

Canfield Nelson, hotel propr and constable. 

Coleman C L, lumber dealer. 

Cooley G C, lumber and express ao-ent 

Dyer G H, general store. ° 

Gunderson O, saloon and billiards. 

Haudlan J B, raUroad agent. 

Holmen C, saloon and bTlliards. 

Jones D F, Grain Dealer and Justice. 

Larsen Christian, boots and shoes. 

Paulson Peter, hamessmaker. 

Stein Hans, wagonmaker. 

Streeter John, general store 

Treadwell A H, blacksmith. 

Ward Mrs A, general store. 

Williams, Falls A: Co, Flouring Mils. 


In the northwestern part of Rice county, 22 miles from 
poi^t ''if '^'/"' ' ''^^li'^T ^'•■'^--' the'nearest railroad 
Kol W ^^''"'"'"g °\'ll' ^ Catholic church and a district 
school. Weekly mail. Thomas Paisane, postmaster. 


Bates Georg-e, General Store. 

Wildreth Bartlett, school teacher. 

i'avoie Joseph, blacksmith. 

Mathias Joseph, justice of the peace. 

St Ament Prudent, mill propr. 

raber Peter, general store and mill proprietor 

Iherman Martin, miller. 

Thompson Andrew, notary public. 


east1>fPFfrSt'rc l^ '"^'^"' ^"' ^' ^'^^ ^°"'^'-^-' ' '^''^^ 

Hayes' Patent Ventilating 

Skylights. M.H. CRIT- 
TENDEN 4 CO, CoraerBiith 
and Sjbley Su., Bt. Paal, Hina 

Headquarters for Crockery" 





In the northwestern part of Pope county, 7 miles frc.m 
Glenwood (c h), and 20 from Morris, the nearest railroad sta- 
tion. Has a Lutheran church and common school, and export^ 
wool, butter and wheat. Semi-weekly stage to Morris aii'i 
Glenwood, and 4 mails weekly. Nels B. Wallan, postmaster. 


Annet O C B, live stock dealer. 
Koefod Rev M M (Lutheran). 
Standlies J, Carpenter. 
Sundar O C, blacksmith. 
Wallan Nels B, justice of the peace. 
Wallan & Peterson, general store. 

A station on the St. P. & D. Ry, in White Bear townshij), 
northeastern part of Ramsey county, 10 miles from St. Paul 
(c h). It is a thriving village with a population of 50u, an 
Episcopal and Presbyterian church and a common school. 
Wheat is the sole export, and a grist-mill is sorely needed. 
Express, U. S. Telegraph, Northwestern. Two mails daily. 
Daniel Getty, postmaster. 


Benson Bros, carpenters. 

Barker Joseph, blacksmith. 

Clewat R, livery. 

Cobb C B, express and railroad agent. 

Getty Daniel, grain dealer. 

Getty Daniel &, Co, general store. 

Greenman S P, hotel propr. 

Leamon A E, boat builder. 

liCip Wui, Hotel Propr. 

Long John, boot and shoemaker. 

Long J, restaurant. 

McGrath D, saloon. 

Milner Thomas, meat market. 

Silbur Frederick, saloon. 

Southmaid C E, restaurant. 

Waters James, hotel propr. 

Welles Rev Benjamin (Presbyterian). 

Williams E C, hotel propr. 


In the central northern part of Becker county, -2 miles 
north of Detroit City (c h). 


if Boston. Law of Maasaohusetta proviJea ( 


forfeitnie I J. J.Wataon, Geu'l Agt., Bt, Paul, Mu-. 


iTo particn 

ng np of Engine Boilers and all 
kinds of machinery, Minneapolia. 



In the north central part of Goodhue county, 14 miles south- 
west of Red Wing (c h), the nearest railroad point, and about 
50 in an air line from St. Paul. Daily mail. M. F. Monson, 


Ilcelistrom A F, Tanner. 
W'esterson J & J S, general store. 


A settlement of about 75 souls, in the northwestern part of 
Winona county, 20 miles from Winona (c h), and 106 from 
St. Paul. Either Weaver, 8 miles, or Minneiska, 10 miles dis- 
tant, are convenient shipping points. Water power is avail- 
able on the White Water river. Exports, farm produce. 
Semi-weekly mail stage to Minneiska. A. C. Randall, post- 


Skidmore Lewis, justice of the peace. 


A post village of 25 sonls, in the central part of Goodhue 
county, 17 miles from Red Wing (c h), the usual shipping 
point, and 5 from Zumbrota. Exports, wheat. Tri-weekly 
niail stage to Red Wing and Zumbrota, and mail accordingly. 
Peter Peterson, postmaster. 


n enrich L, carpenter. 
-Morgan C, constable. 

l*eterson Peter, Blacksmith. 

t'ingilly Henry, justice of the peace. 

A settlement in the central southern part of Polk county,. 
■15 miles from Crookston (c h),on the St. P., M. & M. Rv, and 
-! from Lake Park, the nearest railroad point. The "Wild 
Kice river here drives a flour mill, and there is a Lutheran 
>^liurch and public school. Exports, farm produce. Weekly 
'uail stage to Lake Park. N. E. Nelson, postmaster. 


t orrrersen Thomas, assessor. 
•lohitHon AlitliOll., General Store. 
J'Tge R P, blacksmith. 

Kingsbury & Draper fiKe?^^hg»3?Brt 

W. F. GUNN & CO.^'"'""-"- -^^^^ 

ISII I WWI1I« W WWI improvements, MUTKEAPOUS, M.-- 

Lin P D, road overseer. 

Nelson N E, justice of the peace. 

Olson P S, tlour and saw-mill. 

Presting A P, blacksmith and constable. 

Ragur O F, justice of the peace. 

Sagen Rev A K (Lutheran). 

Thompson R, constable. 

Tomtenyen E L, chairman board of supervisors. 


, The seat of Kandiyohi county, is a busy and prosperous 
incorporated village of about 1,200 inhabitants, and a station 
on the St. P., M. & M. Ry, near the center of the count v. 
about 104 miles from St. Paul. It contains a flouring mill 
and grain elevator, operated by steam, 3 other elevators, a 
bank, 3 hotels, the repair shops and round house of the St. P.. 
M. & M. Ry, 2 newspapers, the Bcpublican Gazette (Re]).) 
and the Western Gazette. Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Cathulic 
Baptist and Lutheran churches, and a graded school oi ., 
departments. Exports, wheat, flour and live stock. ToU- 
graph, Northwestern. Express, Am. Semi-weekly mail sta<_"' 
to New London, 18 miles, and Croydon, 12 miles. Daily mail 
by rail. Charles F. Clark, postmaster. 


Adams, Larson & Sperry, flour and saw-mills, 15 miles n e. 

Arctander John W, lawyer and insurance agent. 

Bjelkengren Axel, carriaacemaker. 

Booth Rev D T (Episcopal). 

Brookens R C & Son, flour and feed. 

Bunker & Jacobson, Grain and Elevator. 

Burr Wesley, confectioner. 

Carlzen Sven W, photographer. 

Christi.ansen iliss Martha, milliner. 

Clark Sc Frost, Druggists. 

Cnell Peter, blacksmith. 
Cofield & Co, boots and shoes. 
Costello Richard A, hardware. 
Dale & Roise, general store. 
Davidson Wm F, grain and elevator. 
Ek^trom M H, confectioner. 
Ekstrom &, Bergley, painters. 
Ericks John, photographer. 
Estrum Rev O (Lutheran). 
Forsberg Charles, veterinary surgeon. 
Forsstron Olof, merchant tailor. 
Fox Horace, dentist. 

CPLSCCCDO DOnC I'i'^Q Merchant Tailoring, No. ^'^ 
CUnLr LliO DllUOi E. Thiid street, ST. PAUL, Mii^- 

C Dl I nllKo I Ull" i£.sHirro«-s,Ti5erKakc3, Canton Plows, Milb^rn 

t TRIUMPH SEEDEKS, Randall Pnlveri 
-o __rro«-s, TijerKakca, Canton Plows, Milb^.- 
J ■Wagons, Buggies, etc., 13 W. 3d St., ST. PADL. 


Frost Edward S, jiliysioian. 

(<nlc Iliraill R," Propr Willmar Republican Gazette. 
(Torwell & Rice, lumber. 
(■Jlarum Ole B, hotel. 
Glarum Sivert S, grocer. 
(■Joldli.ahn Hienrich, grocer. 

<)il'iffin Darius S, Lawyer and Insurance Agent, Col- 
lections Attended to. 
llanscom A F & Co, flour and feed. 
IlailsiiCOlll «fc 5JoiIlltaiu, Meat Market and Live Stock. 

J. IL SPICER, Pres't. C. F. CLARK, Vice Frest. R. SUXDE, Cashier. 



Orgaiuze43 under the Laws of the State of Minnesota. 



Metropolitan National Bank, New York City, and First Nat'l Bank, St. Paul, Minn. 


Willmar, Minn. 

E.W, KNOTT, Prop'r. 

First-class in every respect. This house is pleasantly 
located directly opposite the depot, and is well 
and newly furnished, having had a new 
addition recently built contain- 
ing 17 large rooms, and 
offers superior accommodations to the traveling public. 
Spacious Sample Rooms, the largest on the line of 
the road, for Agents, A share of the public patronage 
respectfully solicited. 

AECHITEGT8. Acconstios, Heatkj 
aid Ventilation earofnlly and err- 
rectly arranged. Minneapolia, MiT_. 


i QmnPnnHp '^'^^^^ Cutlery aad Plated Ware, at Ohd.-;. , 1 

Ldiiip UUUUbj Johnson's Crockery House, ^^^^^.^."fto",*'-^- ^ 


Hanson Peter, general store. 

Harvey Rev H W (Presbyterian). 

Hennings Christian, saloon. 

Hillson Charles, confectioner and restaurant. 

Hoyt Charles II, jeweler. 

Jenness & Ransom, la^\•7e^s and insurance agents. 

Johnson James P, furniture. 

Johnson Peter, saloon and billiards. 

Jorgenson Martin, harnessmaker. 

Kandiyohi County Bank. (Capital -$50,ooo), JoLu 

M Spicer Pres, Reinert Sunde Cashr, {See adv.) i 

Knott EdM'ard T\'', Propr Pacific House. [See ado.) J 

Korte Rasinus, grain and elevator. '{ 

Lambrechts Bernt, physician, 3 miles east. j 

Lantz Hans, jeweler. I 

I^ariitOn Edward, Propr Western Minnesota Press. 1 

Levi Israel, dry goods. { 

Lewis Albert X, hardware. j 

Locke, Bunker & Waters, flour mill. \ 

Locke E, grain and elevator. j 

Locke Sisters, dry goods and milliners. 

Manning Michael D, grocer. 

Marlow Alexander, propr Marlow House. 

ZHorrissey James E, Founder and Machinist. 

Mossberg & Bro, druggists and grocers. 

Otos Bros, saloon. 

Parsons & Sperry, meat market and live stock. 

Poulson Hans, general store. 

Paulson Rev Oie (Lutheran). 

Prem Jacob, saloon. 

Quist Peter M, Real Estate Agent and Consul f«'r 
Denmark, 100,000 Acres of Choice Wild Lands For Sale 

Rains John il, physician. 

Rennewanz Friedrich J, saloon. 

Rice O P tfc Co, general store. 

Robbins J S »fc Co, lumber. 

Robbins, Rice & Co, farm implements. 

Kol)bin!» «fc "Weston, Bankers. 

Rodluii & Johnson, general store and tailors. 

Rasmusson Peter, barber. 

Ross Wm L, saloon and billiards. 

Sioqvist Peter A, carriagemaker. 

Sonnen John B, furniture. 

Spicer, Larson & Co, general store and farm implements. 

Spottswood C-liarles C, Propr Spottswood House. 

Stoner Samuel, flour and feed. 

Thorpe & Perkins, real estate and abstracts. 

Hall'sSafe I Lock Co.rptrzr^: 



Ward Herbert C, harnessmaker. 

White Charles L, farm implements. 

Williams Bros & Sharp, carpenters and builders. 

Willson George, saloon. 

Wright Wm,"hotel. 


In Pleasant Mound to^-nship, southwestern part of Blue 
Earth county, 28 miles from Mankato (c h), and about 100 
from St. Paul. Amboy, 6 miles distant, on the Blue Earth 
branch of the St. P. tfe S. C. R. R., is the nearest railroad point. 
Has a ^lethodist church and district school. Tri-weekly mail. 
John R. Wilder, postmaster. 


Boek Charles, blacksmith. 

C'Oilkliu L H, Justice of the Peace. ' 

Long F E, constable and wagonmaker. 

Luedtke F, blacksmith. 

Mueller Rev J H (Lutheran). 

Nibbe Karl, blacksmith. 

Parks Wm, boots and shoes. 

Robbins W H, constable. 


A postoffice in the central western part of Aitkin county, 
11 miles north of Aitkin (c h), on the N. P. Ry, the nearest 
railroad point. 


In the central southern part of Houston county, 10 miles 
from Caledonia (c h), and 150 from St Paul. Has" a Metho- 
dist church and district school. Semi-weekly mail. R. E, 
Shumway, postmaster. 


^ In the east central part of Winona county, 8 miles from 
Winona (c h), the nearest railroad point, and 118 from St. 
Paul. Has Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist and Catholic 
charches, and common schools. E.xports, wheat. Stas:e to 
Rushford, Hart, Frank Hill and Winona. Daily mail. Henry 
Blaesser, country store and hotel, postmaster. 


A village of 50 inhabitants near the center of Waseca 
county, one mile from the M. & St. L. Ry line, and 5 from 

114 North Third Street, 
UiiuieapoUi, IdaseioUu 

Fire-Proof Boors I Shuners, 

SPRING VERCOATSr^^' '^'^^ ''''' " °" " 

' G. F. Farrin^on's, Minneapolis. 


Waseca (ch), the most convenient railroad point. It contains 
an Episcopal and Methodist Episcopal church and distrirt 
school, and ships butter and eggs. Daily mail. Eliza L. 
<3ray, postmaster. 


CJray Eliza 1., Hotel Propr. 
Hallander F, saddles and harness. 
Kenyon S S, druggist. 
Parker John D, pjhysician. 
Scott C », General Store. 
Strangl Wenzel, blacksmith. 


In Harmony township, southeastern part of Fillmore 
■county, 10 miles from Preston (c h), 115 from St. Paul and :! 
from Harmony Station, the nearest railroad point. Popula- 
tion, 25. Tri-weekly mail stage to Harmony. Thomas 
Thomsen, postmaster. 


Bruflodt O G, blacksmith. 

TltOlllSCn TllOUia!^, General Store. 


The seat of Cottonwood county, founded in 1871, is an 
incorporated village of 600 inhabitants in the central southern 
part of the county, and a station on the St. P. & S. C. Ry, 1-lT 
miles from St. Paul. It is located on the Des Moines "river, 
which affords power to a flouring mill of 4 sets of burrs. A 
steam flouring mill and machine shop are in operation hero, 
as also a feed and flour mill operated by wind power. U:\^ 
one Methodist Episcopal and one Presbyterian church, and 
another in course of erection, one graded school of thru' 
departments, a newspaper. The Reporter, 4 hotels, a sorghum 
syrup factory, a number of general and special stores an<l 
mechanic shops. Windoni is in the heart of a fine agriculturiU 
country which is being rapidly settled, is a growing and bu>y 
village and calls for a foundry, syrup refinery, bank aud 
cheese factory. Exports, grain and flour. Express, Am. 
Telegraph, Northwestern. Semi-weekly stage to Lambert^n 
and Winnebago City. Two mails daily by rail. H. A. Cum.'. 


Barlow Wm W, propr Hyatt House. 
Besser George, express and railroad agent. 
Besser Wm W, hardware and stoves." 

CO n_,»,l,;„« I ,,«-^ 0. (\^ 31 Eolert Street. ET. PAD!., 

Perkins, Lyons & Co." 

TO roimiis, LVU1I5 Qb uu. ""'.J; £2 &,""■■ 

*, d 


A I Clark House, 

1= - 


li iru'U 

k- ^ 


'uofpduwj ui duaaij 

'H.dOH.J '}^HV^^ NHOf 


748 ^^^X min-nesota state gazettebe WIN 

Bigelow Lewis L, carpeuter and builder. 

Bosworth Mrs A H, baker and grocer. 

Bowman B J «fc Co, lumber. 

City Hotel, John Nolan propr. 

Clark llousc (62.00 per Day), John Clark Propr. (.See 

adv, jxKje "^i".) 
Clark Hugh M, meat market. 
Clark James H, lumber. 

Clark John, Propr Clark House. {Sec adv.) 
Clark Lyman, blacksmith and machinist. 
Collins S & Co, tlouring mills. 
Cone H A, Postmaster. 
Cook Wm B, wagonmaker. 
Dunniclitf Mrs 11, milliner and fancy goods. 
Ellis & May, millinery goods. 
Gessell A J, mason. 
Gessell Wm, boarding house. 
Oillau Saiuiicl S, Boot and Shoemaker. 
Greene Charles A, physician. 
Grimes Michael, jimpr Windom House. 
Hoople Joseph, saddle and harnessmaker. 
Hlintiug'tOU S «& E C, Publrs The Windom Reporter. 
Hutton John, general store and grain. 
Hyatt House, V\'ni W Barlow, propr. 
Jenness Robert R, general store. 
Johnson Seth S, flour and feed. 
Klock Charles, boot and shoemaker. 
Leonard Edward L, barber. 
Ludden Collins A, watches and jewelry. 
McGregor Robert E, hardware and stoves. 
Macomber George L, supt of schools. 
Nason Orrin, clerk district court. 
Nolan John, propr City Hotel. 
Patten D & Co, druggists and grain elevator. 
Perkins Alfred D, county attorney. 
Priest Reuben N, carpenter and builder. 
Quevli Andrus, general store. 

Redding John Ci, Judge of Probate and Lawyer. 
Richards Charles E, carpenter and builder. 
Riis Frithjof, register of deeds. 
Ruhberg P A, blacksmith. 

Seeger Paul, general store, feed mill and elevator. 
Sevatson Erick, farm impts. 
Sherwood Burdett L, blacksmith. 
Smith Mrs A, millinery goods. 
Smith Lyman D, furniture and undertaker. 
Swenson John, blacksmith. 

I~Q Q K I n Oldest, Best aud Cheapest. New Encland 
n J J" I y U, MtttaalLif-InsurancsOo. of Boston. J.J.WATSOS, 
General Ag^ai. ST. PAUL. 

Plon!^ Rnnto ^a°^actuied for Banks, Mill Men and Corpora- 

D I CI 1 1 A" O U U l\ D ti""!*' at low rates »nd ia best of ftyle, by F. r. HENNIG, 

Brackett'a Block, MianeapoUs, 


Thompson & Kendall, flour mill, 7 miles west. 

Tilford Dr John H, di-iiggist and coroner. 

Wilson James S, carpenter and builder. 

Willdoill IIou<!>e, Michael Grimes Propr. 

Windom Reporter The, weekly, S & E C Huntington 

Woodward Samuel J, wines, liquors and cigars. 

A newly established postoftiee in Wadene county. 

A village of 200 inhabitants in the eastern part of Blue 
Earth county, 12 miles from Mankato (c h), the nearest rail- 
road point, and 90 from St. Paul. It contains Lutheran, Con- 
gregational, German Methodist and Catholic churches and 
district schools. Exports, flour and wheat. Tri-weekly mail 
stage Mankato and Minnesota Lake. J. L. Cook, postmaster. 


Cook J li, Justice of the Peace. 

Haynes E B, physician. 

Jost M, general store. 

Kruse August, wagonmaker. 

Lassow & Hunter, blacksmiths. 

Manaige Charles, hotel propr. ' : ■ 

Miller Henry, boot and shoemaker. 

O'Connor Charles, fjeneral store. 

Rasdell M B, constable. 

St Cyr Michael, hotel propr. 

Stalenwerk C W, carpenter. 

Wheeler J, blacksmith. 

W'^ilson E F, nurseryman. 


An incorporated village of 1,500 souls, a station on the 
S. M. Ry, and a junction of the St. P. & S. C. Rv with its 
Blue Earth branch and is situated in the northwestern part of 
Faribault county, 10 miles from Blue Earth Citv (c h), and 
124 from St. Paul. It is located on the Blue Earth river, 
which aft'ords power for 4 flouring mills. A large steam 
flouring mill and elevator are in operation here, and the vil- 
lage has an independent weekly newspaper. The Times, a 
bank, 3 hotels, a graded school of 4 departments, and Presbv- 
terian, Methodist and Baptist churches. It is situated in "a 
f^plendid stock raising region, producing more sheep than any 

M.H. Crittenden & Co J 

8h«et-Iron ArchiteotnTal 'WorkeTS 
I. Oor. Biith and Siblay 
BueetB, St. Fsol, Minn. 

Wr f^SfMM Of on Flour Mill Builders and General Mil! ' 


Other vicinity in the State. The exports are chiefly hogs, livf 1 

stock, flour, wheat and wool. Unimproved land is wortli \ 

from $7 to $12 per acre; improved, -$15 to -^40. Semi-weokly i 

Stage to Windom, 40 miles distant, fare 82; and Madelia, 2s i 

miles distant, fare * 1.50. Telegraph, Northwestern. E.xpress, i 

Am. Mail daily. T. F. Winship, postmaster. j 


Abbott 8 J, Lawyer. j 

Albee Charles, cheese mnfr. ^ 

Allen Wm, farm implement >;. , 

Armstroiia: J A, Banker and Insurance. i 

Baker George, hotel propr. J 

Bathrick Jefferson, druggist. i 

Bonner & Hyde, grain dealers. " j 

Brockman Wm, harnessmaker. i 

Caldwell J, photographer. ■ 

Christensen Thomas, merchant tailor. 1 

Coe Ij. Grain Elevator. . ', 

Collins House, Mrs B H SaflFord propr. ■ 

Colman C L, flour mill and lumbpr. j 

Coman & Williams, grain dealers. "i 

Conklin, Dwight & Co, clothing, boots and shoes. • 

Cooper cfc Dorsey, flour mill. j 

Crays James, grain dealer. I 

Damon D & Co, general store. J 

Darling M J, harnessmaker. J 

Darling Mrs N J, milliner. '■ 

Davlin Ileiirv J, Livery. { 

De Long T D, saloon. j 

Deudon Frank, sewing machines and fann implements. 1 

Dobsou James, liverv. j 

Dodd Rev J S (Presbyterian). 
Doud House, B F Doud propr. 
Dunn Andrew C, lawyer. 
Easton X. Ariiistroiis', Bankers. 
Fagan Daniel, wagonmaker. 
Fawcett Francis M, agent S M Ry. 
Fellows Henry R, restaurant. 
Fox A L, harness. 
Froehlich & Co, meat market. 
Gayman A C, irrocer. 
nai^iit AV Z. Dealer in Wind Mills, Pumps, Well Augers 

and Mill Maohincrv. {See adu,p(ige 751.) 
Heard Rev T M (Methodist). 
Ilolliday A A, flour mill. 
Hotchkiss Edward A, real estate. 


OunLrLnO DnlfOi East Third Street, Bt. Paul, Miun. 



Humes J P, physician. 

Kamiar Isaac, blacksmith. 

Kelly Alonzo, shoemaker. 

Kimball C S & Son, grocers and crockery. 

Koell Ac AVasjfatt, Grain Dealers. 

Koeblc John, saloon. 

]\IcArthur & Merwin, farm implements. 

McCabe Cornelius, general store. 

McDonald Miss Jennie, milliner. 

McKiustry Paul & Co, general store. 

Mapson Mrs Ann, grocer. 

Masters Alfred, Jeweler. 

Masters Mrs H M, confectioner. 

Matthew J V, barber. 

Mell J V, lawyer and justice of the peace. 

Merwin Andrew H, Am Express agent. 

Mitchell Samuel, livery. 

Moore Frank, blacksmith. 

((Rollins ^mx5Z, 

B. H. SAFFORD, - Proprietor, 




, Pumps, Cane Mi 

Flouring Mill Machinery, Plumbers' Goods, etc 



DUiiUClO liai UVwdlC bury & Draper. 3 BE. Third St., St. Paul. 

rhsrIoC InhnOnn ^''°'=W ^^ Glassware, 513 W.-uh- 
VnaiiCd JUIIIIOUiljington Ave. South, ItraiTEAPOLIS, 


Nelson George E, saloon. 

Payne C 11 »!; Co, flour mill, 2 miles w. 

Quiggle & Chipman, druggists. 

RaVHbrd € II, Lawver and City Justice. 

Ret>Iofr « 1 , Jeweler. 

Reynolds B €J, Lawyer. 

Richardson John L, meat market. 

Richardson Silas, grocer. 

Ritter J D, furniture. 

Robertson John S, furniture and undertaker. 

RockT\ ood Rev (Baptist). 

Rubey Isaac, meat market. 

Satterlee N D, physician. 

Scheldnecht II R,"agent St P & S C R R. 

Sherin Wesley, barber. 

Slagle C G, pliysician. 

Smith John, blacksmith. 

Spiekerman 11 B, carpenter. 

8tOCklliail Charles, Flour Mill, 2 miles 8. 

Sullivan Miss Anna, dressmaker. 

Sweet Robert, blacksmith, 3i miles w. 

Wallace Charles, hardware, stoves, etc. 

Wallace John S, lumber and fanu machinery. 

Ware D N & Son, coal and wood. 

Warn Asa S, wagonmaker. 

Warne Joel H, carpenter. 

Webster Charles, blacksmith. 

Webster Wm, blacksmith. 

Webster Mrs 11 C, photographer. 

Weed Mrs M A, milliner. 

Welch John H, hardware, stoves, etc. 

West N G, general store. 

Wheeler J M, saloon. 

Williams Albert, live stock dealer. 

Wilson Richard 31, general store. 

"Wiiinebago City Times, Allen & Sherin Proprs. 
Winship Josiah F, postmaster. 


lu the southeastern part of Houston county, 10 miles from 
Caledonia (c h), about 150 from St. Paul, and 8 from New 
Albin, Iowa, the nearest railway point. Winnebago creek 
here affords power to 2 flouring mills. Exports, flour and 
wheat. Has a ^Methodist churcli and district school. Semi- 
weekly mail stage to New Albin, Iowa. E. Stevens, post- 

liBll S o8I8 -^i LOCK uOi 46 Jackson St., ST. PAUL, Ml=n. 


Ag'tTPJUMPH SEEDERS, RaadallPulveriz- 
HaiTowa, Tiger Kakes, Canton Plows, Milhnrn 
agons, Buggies, etc., 18 W. 3d St., ST, PADX. 



Barber T B, general store and propr tiouring mill. 
Johnson & Olander, proprs tiouring mill. 


The seat of "Winona county, the "Gate" city of southern 
Minnesota, and the third city in population and commercial 
importance in the State, is situated on a beautiful level prairie 
on the west bank of tlie Mississippi river, was first settled in 
1851, and was surveyed and laid out as a town in June, 1852. 
Upon the putting of the government lands into the market in 
1855 it began its forward march, was chartered as a city in 
1857, and has progressed steadily till its population, as now 
estimated, exceeds" 11,000. The two great railroads of the 
Northwest, the C. & N. W. and the C., M. & St. P., center 
here, giving a double outlet to the products of the Northwest, 
and two direct lines to the east via Chicago. The W. & St. 
P. traverses the most fertile sections of southern Minnesota, 
and enters the vast wheat region of Dakota, having for its 
ultimate terminus Deadwood. The G. B. & M. Ry, 
traversing Wisconsin from east to west, gives an out- 
let by Lake Michigan to the Atlantic seaboard, and manages 
to keep transportation almost at water rates, besides giving 
ready access to the hardwood region of Wiscnnsin, a most impor- 
tant "matter to Winona's manufacturing interests. The Missis- 
sippi river, at her very door, opens to her steamboat commun- 
ication with the south and west, and completes a chain of 
unrivaled transportation facilities. Winona for years stood 
only second to Chicago and Milwaukee as a grain shipping 
port, in 1873 handling nearly (5,000,000 bushels. Though the 
method of distributing grain in elevators along the lines of the 
^reat railroads has apparently diminished this showing, the 
tirms formerly bringing all "their grain to the city handle 
substantially "the same amount of wheat as in former years. 
In lumber the trade of Winona is immense. It is the 
outlet of the pineries of the Chippewa river. The Mis- 
sissippi Logging Co. alone, in 1879, cut and bought 175,000,- 
000 feet of logs. Tlie supply of logs at Winona must be for 
years unlimitl:-d, and the trade bounded only by the enter- 
prise and sagacity of its dealers. Two saw-mills at Winona 
now have an annual capacity of 60,000,000 feet, and there are, 
besides, other large lumber concerns, 4 planing mills and sash 
and door factories, all swelling the lumber interest to the 
value of §1,200,000 per annum. The flouring interests of 
Winona are growing with great strides. Their product now 
is about 1 75,1)00 barrels ]K'r annum, and 2 new milling concerns 


"llUllI I Lv I VI to PublioBnildingB, Schools, Court-Housoa and Ohurctes. 

The Latest Designs 

Can be found at Q. P. Parringtoa's, 
Merchant Tailor, Minneapolis. 


are going into operation. The combined capital of the 4 bank-* 
located here is -$300,000. The press is represented bv t'n.' 
Winona Republican, daily and weekly. The Herald and 'Don - 
ocrat are -n-eeklies, and the Adler is the only German paper in 
southern Minnesota. The schools of Winona have long enjoyed 
a high reputation. There are three public school buildiuLT- 
erec^edat a cost of 8130,000, and, under able management, giv- 
ing instruction to nearly 2,000 pupils. The tirst of the tbrcij 
State Normal Schools is located here. It is magniiicently 
housed in a structure which cost $145,000, and enjoys wide 
fame as an institution imparting a thorough training to teach- 
ers for every grade of school work. It has a tine library and 
well furnished reading room, the largest general museum in 
the west, a superb art gallery, and a large collection of physi- 
cal apparatus. The faculty numbers 10 professors, tuition to 
both sexes is free, and the expenses of students are low. W.- 
present, on the next page, a handsome engraving of the insti- 
tution. The Catholic and Lutheran churches maintain several 
denominational schools, and there also is a preparatory medi- 
cal academy. Winona's public library contains 3,000 vol- 
umes. There are 14 regularly organized churches, of the 
Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Congregational, Bapti'^t. 
Lutheran and Catholic denominations. There are Masonic. 
Odd Fellows, Druid, A. O. U. W., Father Mathew and vari- 
ous other secret benevolent and temperance lodges and 
societies in the city. Wiuona has city water works, an effi- 
cient fire department and police force, and is lighted with gas. 
The rate of taxation is about l-5th of 1 per cent, and the total 
debt about -S220,000. 

The Winona Board of Trade is busily at work seeking to 
develop the manufacturing interests of the city. Through its 
exertions and by the raising of $30,000 stock, the Wiuona 
Rushf ord-Wagon Company's works were removed from Rush- 
ford into the city, and are' now manufacturing at the rate of 
1,200 wagons per annum. This coiupany, of which H. 3L 
Kinney is general manager, makes but one grade of farm 
wagons, the strictly first-class. Bohn & Wilce's lumber, sash. 
door and blind factory yearly turns out an immense quantity 
of work. The Gate City Carriage Works produce tine car- 
riages and sleighs which have no superior, and make a spe- 
cialty of ordered work and repairing. The ^Merchants' 
capital -$100,000, is a .solid and progressive financial institution. 
The Merchants' Hotel, J. Schweitzer, proprietor, is a comfort- 
able and home-like house. The printing house of the Wlnvmi 
Democrat has complete facilities for every description of work 
kno-mi to the typograi)hic craft. Otto' Sontag is a heavy 
and enterprising dealer in grain, hides and wool. J- 1'- 

31 Eobert St,, St, Paul, Minn- 

have tho Finest Stock of O&lifomia Wmei 
for Medicinal puiposae. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 




Minnesota State ^lormal School 


COURSE fitting teachers thoroughly 

for every grade of PubUc 

School Work. 

Amdng tlie ailviintiiires olTi'ivil )>v the In^litulion aic n tiin' I,ii;k\kv 
anrl a well furnished Rkadino limni ; the lar^'ot <;kni:kai. 
MrsKVM iu till' ^Ve^it ; a piactiral (.'hemkai, Lahok^- 
TORY, au Art Gallery coutainiug several 
hundred rnpies of the old masters, 
and a large collection of Phys- 
ical ArPAHATls. 

The Expenses of jiupils are very low. Board in private fanulies can 

be obtained at from two one-half to three and one-half dollars 

per week, including fuel and lights. By l)oarding in 

clubs students reiluce their exjienses to two 

dollars per week. 

Reduced Fare has been obtained for Students over 

the Railroads leading from 



Graduates n{ 111-1, S,h,.,,U and ulher- wlm aiv fully prepared u|».u the 
.\<-ademic Studie-. take the prute-inaal u..,k ..f the course 

TUITION FREE. ^^Tzzaz^^.t.. 


HashovV; Maish&Davis,S°S-'£E^ 


Schoonmaker manufactures patent copper lightnins: cable. 
The North Star Marble Works, E. McDonough, proprietor, 
are among the most extensive in the State. Charles Hille, 
dealer in hides, -n-ool and pelts, and S. C. White, wholesale 
grocer, occupy enviable positions in the commercial world. 
These are but a few of the business concerns of Winona, but 
they serve to indicate somewhat the extent of its importance 
as a commercial and manufacturing center. 


Alguren Nels A, saloon, Lafayette bet 2d and 3d. 

Allen Rev T K (Adventist). ' 

American Express Co, J W Hall agent, 26 E 2d. 

American Hotel, W D Hatch propr, Main. 

Anderson Andrew, shoemaker, 84 E 3d. 

Anderson Peter, grocer, 95 E 3d. 

Anderson & Norquist, plumbers, 12 E 3d. 

Anger Gustav, pork packer. Walnut. 

Arnold Wm, clothing, etc, 13 E 2d. 

Baldwin Brothers, proprs North Star Iron and Plow Works, 

W 3d. 
Bally John, books and stationery, E 2d. 
Bambenek John, grocer, 125 E 2d. 
Barber Lloyd, lawyer, 6 Ely Block. 
Barnes Wm L, photographer, Simpson's Block. 
Barrie James, merchant tailor, 18 E 2d. 
Bartle John, saloon and grocer, 121 E 2d. 
Bartlett J, gents' furnishing, 15 Center. 
Baumann Frederick, saloon, E 3d. 
Becker John S, brewer, Sugar Loaf. 
Bedo Lucien, harncssmaker, 13 W 2d. 
Bcllaire Frank, saloon, 16 Main. 
Beutley AlfVed X, Lawyer, 21 Center. 
Berry & 5lorey, lawyers. Center. 
Beyerstedt Arthur, grocer, 2 W 2d. 
Bierce Calvin A, real estate, 22 Center. 
Biltgen Henry, saloon, 112 E 2d. 
Blunt Arthur W, physician, 4 W 2d. 
Bbyewski Rev R J (Polish Catholic). 
Bogart Edward V, marble works, 45 W 3d. 
Bohu & Wilce, Mnfrs Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, 

Lumber, Lath and Shingles, cor Front and Laird. {See 

Bolcom J & H C, real estate, cor Front and Market. 
Boiler & Schwebel, barbers, Winona. 
Borth Herman, grocer, 110 E 3d. 
Bourmeister John, saloon, 101 E 3d. 

Pilch and Grave! Roofers. 'S""^^""; 

P D n P t/ P D V ^^6°<=^ 0^11^ Glassware, wholesale and 
U ri U U l\ L n I J retail. E. A, HAEMOX & CO., Minneapolis. 


Boynton Sons, wholesale grocers, 62 and 64 E 2d. 

Bratka & Dlouhy, cigar mnfrs, 52 E 2d. 

Breslauer Harris, merchant tailor, 15 E 2d. 

JBrink John L, dry goods, etc, 2 Ely Block 2i 

Brink Vincent A, grocer, 11 E 2d. 

Brooks Lester R, Pres Winona Mill Co, cor Front and 

Bub Peter, brewer. Sugar Loaf. 
Busdicker Henry, propr St Louis House, 44 W 2d. 
, Butler Charles, contractor and builder, W Broadway. 
Castle A T, furniture, 65 E 3d. 
Chamberlain Den, photographer, 13 E 2d. 
Chapman & Meredith, auctioneers, 24 Main. 
Chappell Thomas, blacksmith, 25 Lafayette. 
Choate Hannibal, dry woods and notions, cor 3d and Center. 
City Hotel, F M McCarthy propr, 23 W 2d. 
Clark Harry, shoemaker, 28 Main. 
Cockreli Francis M, Propr Huflf House, cor Johnson 

and 3d. 
Cole George M, carriage trimmer, 3 E 4th. 
Cone Royal D, hardware, 46 and 48 E 2d. 
Cook J, shoemaker, 1U6 E 3d. 

Cotter Rev J B (Catholic), res cor Center and Sanborn. 
Crook Rev Isaac (Methodist). 

Crossgrove Robert, saddle and harnessmaker, E 3d. 
Cummings &, Vila, boots and shoes, 17 E 3d. 
Curtis Edward F, grocer, 15 E 3d. 
Cussin Josephine, hair goods, 73 E 3d. 
Cysewski Frank, saloon, E 2d. 
Daering Charles, meat market, 22 Main. 
Damm Frederick, saloon, E 3d. 
Davenport House, W Palsen propr, 119 E 3d. 
Degenhart P J, saddlery hardware, 20 E 2d. 
J>eniocrat Priiitiiiis; Co, H Busdicker, Jr, Sec, 18 E 3d. 
Dietrechson Rev (Lutheran). 

Diligent Collection Agency, M L Sherwood mngr, 22 Center. 
Dixon Alfred C, insurance and real estate, cor 2d and Center. 
Dixon A M, dentist, 19 E 3d. 
Dooney Patrick, saloon, 11 AV 2d. 
Doud, Son & Co, coopers, Wilson bet 2d and 3d. 
Doud & Thomas, boots, shoes, etc, 1 Ely Block. 
Drew Myron K, real estate, P O block. 
Drew Wm S, insurance, P O block. 
Dyckson James W, lawyer, 55 E 2d. 
Eckert Ernest, cigars and tobacco, 20 W 3d. 
Elmer & Cunningham, hardware, 18 E 3d. 
Elmer & Tenny, photographic stock, 18 Center. 

n&OiJ AOOTTO OVER SI5,000,000. The "New En.-U^i 
UnUII #^UOI.IO Bt. Paul, General Ageat for Mmii..ot». 

F. F. Hennig, 

Book-Binder and Blank-Eook" 

Manufacturer, Braokett's Block, 
Minaeapolis, Minn, 





Oysters, Cigcurs, and, Cccr'boTi. Oil. 

Agent for liSin I, Rand's Dranfe HiSe hdih 


5URK WILLSON, President. H. D. PERKINS, Vice-President. 


Merchants Bank, 

CAPITAL, - - - - $100,000. 

Doing a General Banking Business, Collections will receive our careful 

. and prompt attention. 



Book and Job Printing a Specialty. 

JJo. 18 West Third Street, WINONA, MINN. 


Send Your Orders r'»*'l»"«s 


Ely Charles E, carpenter, 106 2 J. 

Emerson J D, flour mill, Front foot Carmonia. 

Ernst Charles, meat market, Lafayette. 

Essing Ferdinand, physician, cor 2d and Lafayette. 

Evans Daniel, real estate. Center. 

Evans Eliezer, merchant tailor, Center. 

Evans iliss 31, dressmaker, 53 E 3d. 

Feiten P H, shoemaker, E 3d. 

Felgate Henry, shoemaker, 26 Main. 

Fellows, Rebstock & Clarke, abstracts, Court House. 

Felsted & Artz, gunsmiths, Lafayette. 

Field Rev T G (Baptist). 

First Xatioiinl Bank, L C Porter Pres, C H Porter 
Cashr, 38 E 2d. 

Fischer Bros, merchant tailors, W 3d. 

Fischer Louis, shoemaker, 58 E 3d. 

Fisher John, sr, propr Lake Shore Hotel, 11th. 

Fitzpatrick Martin, prop Green Bay House, cor 2d and John- 

Fladeland John G, boots and shoes, 27 E 3d. 

Flint Furnace Co, hot air furnaces, 15 E 2d. 

Flint G T, internal revenue collector, 15 E 2d. 

Fockens & Dolan, grocers, 117 E 3d. 

Foster R A & Co, wholesale fruits, 4 W 2d. 

Fox & Forest, clothing, 24 E 2d. 

Frank Bruno, milliner, 36E2d. 

Frank Charles, pickle mnfr, 8 E 4th. 

Friedman Samuel, clothing, 19 E 2d. 

Friend S & Co, clothing, 34 E 2d. 

Frohlich Henrv, saloon, E 2d. 

Frost Louis 1), Cigar Mnfr, 22 E 2d. 

Gage W A & Co, planing mill. Front. 

Gannon Patrick, saloon, 5 Johnson. 

Garlock & Stout, grain dealers, Front. 

date City Carriatfe "IVorks, 25 E 4th. {See adv.) 

Gensmer & Newman, farm implements, 86 E 3d. 

George David J, pump mnfr, Johnson bet 4th and 5th. 

Gerdzel Ernst A, conveyancer, 37 W 3d. 

Ocriies Charles ^I, Groceries, Provisions, Toys, Crock- 
ery and Glass, 52 and 54 E 2d. 

Geriies «fc !»l>Oll, Grain and Commission, cor 2<^ an.l 

Gersteilliauer Eu:;:eilC, Propr Winona Adler, cor 2d 
and Walnut. (.SVe <(di;.) 

Giese J & Son, hardware, etc, cor 3d and Kansas. 

Girtler Jacob, saloon, cor 3d and Walnut. 

Goedde Gnstav, saloon, Walnut. 

^P!-^^CPPQ [^PRQ ^™^ Merchant Tailoring, No. 4C 
dOliLrLriO DriUOi E. Third Street, ST. PAUL, Minn. 


0. B, OOUIJ), President. JOHN ALBERTSON, Superintendent. 

H. M. KINNEY, General Manaper. J. C. BLAKE, Secretary. 

The Winona 


^ / 


Winona, Minn, 

"We manufacture one grade of wagons only, and that 

Strictly First Class, and making a specialty of 

Farm "Wagons, we are able to offer 

reasonable prices and terms. 

To the Minnesota Trade we offer Special Induce- 
ments in Low Rates of Freight and 
Quick Transportation. 

Send, fcx oiar E'rice ar-d. crd.or a Sam- 
ple T7;rag-cii. 

The Wii::::a Rushfcrd-Wagox Co. 


•^ hISQQWflrP JOHUSON, 513 Waahin^n Av.a,, 


Goltz Gustav, saloon, 09 E 3d. 

Gould A: Show, Lawyers, P O Block. 

Grafton John H, sii^n painter, Center. 

Gray & Russell, bill posters, 13 W 3d. 

Grecjory & Co, crockery, 3'.t E ^d. 

Grillisliaw ISeilJaillill J, Carpenter and Builder, cor 

Winona and Sanhorn. 
Gudtner Andrew J, blacksmith, 48 Walnut. 
Ilaberle Louis, boots and .shoes, 59 E 3d. 
Hackley L E & Son, druggists, 2 E 3d. 
Hall Jason W, Am E.x agt, 26 E 2d. 
Hamilton Samuel W, county treas. Court House. 
Hanson Emily, dressmaker, etc. Center. 
Hanson Ole, shoemaker. Center. 
Hass John H, meat market. Main. 
Hass and Schlueter, cigar mnfrs, 14 Main. 
Hatch Wm D, propr American Hotel, Main. 
Haves Wm, propr Tremont House, 14 Washington. 
Hcckleiiinil Jolill W, Boots and Shoes,^71 E 3d. 
Heintz C & Bro, clothing, 40 E 2d. 
Heller Rev A (Catholic). 
Heller Theodore J, blacksmith, W 3d. 
Henhardt John, cooper, W 3d. 
Henning Christian, grocer, 175 E 2d. 
Henrichs Amelia, saloon, 41 E 2d. 
Herring W & Bro, grocers, 193 E 2d. 
Higgin^ Henrv C, propr Warren House, Washington. 
Hlfle Charles, Leather Findings, Hides and Tallow, 54 

E 3d. (See adv.) 
Hillyer George, cabinetmaker, 7 E 2d. 
Hirth Francis E, milliner, 53 E 3d. 
Hitzker John, barber, 20 Main. 
Hoerger Rev (German Methodist). 
Hofmann John G, tailor, Lafayette. 
Hollingworth Francis S, wholesale liquors, 77 E 2d. 
Hollowell Georee L, grocer, 10 W 3d. 
nortoil &■ lEailiiltOll. Lumber Dealers, cor Front and 

Howe Wm, carria^-e mnfr, 3 E 4th. 
Ulihbcll Ittcrbcrt t», Insurance, 17 E 3d. 
VLllil Ilousf, F M Cockrell Propr, cor Johnson and 3d. 
Hughes John, tailor, 2S Johnson. 
Humphrey Ilolman S, physician, W 3d. 
Hurlburt Wm M, propr Phoenix Iron Works, cor Winou.i 

and 3d. 
Jacobs Charles, confectioner, 33 E 3d. 
Jansen Frederick, boots and shoes, 77 E 3d. 

Hall's Safe I Lock Co.!^«1""'"""'^ 

lings, 46 JackBonSt., ST. PAUL 

Hasliovv,Maisli& Davis 

Are Agents for the best Cylinder 

Lnbrlcator in the world, Satis- 

J faction guaranteed, Minneapolis. 




All Kinds of Building Material furnished ready to 
put up. 

North Star Marble Works, 
E. Mcdonough, Prop-r, 

O^ ^^^^ Manufacturer of Forelffir 

i^/-i-ii?^ 'P =^^=a and American 

/'// \-'l Lami.s,\i,:,. .. . ' ;,;an- 

f \y 111 West Fifth St.. 

Kingsbury & Draper 

Keep a full line of Darling, Brown 

j : : / M 


CF FjlJ'F'In'ytnn ■^'^Jstic lallor. Dress suits a SpedaltT 
I I I I Ul I iti|QlUnj 239 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Mies. 


Jarvis Alexis, jeweler, cor 2d and Winona. 

Jenkins Joseph H, civil engineer, cor 3d and Main. 

Jenkins & Johnston, real estate, cor 3d and Main. 

Jewell iloil!»e, James Law Propr, cor 2d and Jobnsuii. 

Johnson A, painter, •_' W 4th. 

Johnson Kels, saloon, lOo E 3d. 

Jordan Ephraini A, grocer, 34 3Iain. 

Kaehler Henry, wagoumaker, US E ^d. 

Kasinior, Prochowitz & Co, merchant tailors, 12 E 2d. 

Kelley & Dunne, grocens, 12 W 3d. 

Kelly LillH A,' Physician and Surgeon, Buff um's Blo.k. 

cor Main and od. 
Kihler Wm E, Windom House, Johnson. 
Jvilian Adam, wagon mnfr, Main nr 4th. 
Kindall John, druggist, 17 E 2d. 
Kingsbury, Holland & Co, grocers, 3 E 3d. 
Kirch John B, farm implements, 82 E 2d. 
Knapp Charles H, agent C & X W Ry. 
Knoepfel Frank, taifor, 3d bet 3Iain and Johnson. 
Knowles Hugh M, livery, Johnson. 
Koelmer Leo'pold, barber, 58 E 2d. 
Kossum Christian, saloon, cor 1st and Washington. 
Krumdick Gerhart 11, grain, wool, etc, Center.'' 
Kruzer Josejih, harnessmaker, 99 2d. 
X<nil*d, Xorton & Co, Lumber Mnfrs and Dealoi-. 

Front bet Kansas and Liberty. 
Lambert Ro?eol A, propr Winona Business College, 38 E 2 1. 
Lamberton Henry W, land commissioner W & St P R B 

Co, 20 Center. 
Landon & Roberts Bros, hardware, 11 E 3d. 
Lang J Fredej-ick, meat market, 2d. 
Langley Benton H, agent C, M & St P Ry, 23 E 3d, 
Larrabee H O, dentist, 7 E 3d. 
Larson Mrs Clara, hair goods, cor 3d and Market. 
Latsch John, tjrocer, 103 E 2d. 
Lauer J W iCCo, druggists, E 3d. 

Law .Tallies, Propr Jewell House, cor 2d and Johnson. 
Leighton Michael, tailor, 62 W 2d. 
Leirer Rev John (German Presbyterian). 
Lessing Ferdinand, physician, cor 2d and Lafayette. 
Lewis <k Co, dry goods, 23 E 2d. 
Lichtensteiger Thomas, saloon, .5.5 E 2d. 
Logefeil Albert, saloon, E 2d. 
Ludwig's Hotel, Jolin Ludwig propr, 34 E 3d. 
Ludwig John, propr Ludwig's Hotel, 34 E 3d. 
McCarthy Florence 'SI, propr City Hotel, 23 W 2d. 
McCrumish Jolin, merchant tailor, 14 W 2d. 



Sole Ag't CANTON PLOWS, Tiger Eaies, Ran- 
dall PolTerizin? Harrowa, Trinmph Seders, Mil- 
burn Wagons, Boggles, etc., 18 W. 3d St., St.Paol 




Fine Carriages *»» Sleighs. 

Ordered Work and Keimiriiig a Specialty, 
25 and 27 East Fourth Street, WINON A, MINN. 


Editor and Publisher of the 
The only German Paper in Southern Minnesota. 

Erpelding's Bl'k, cor. Second and Walnut Sts., WINONA, MINN. 

Job Printing eseeuted vrith neatness and despatch. 




LEA.TI'IER cLixcl Fl^JJl^ZaS. 


Wllonn ^t IopMom James K. Wilsoii, Eobert W. Jordan, 
»» llbUII Oi» JuiUall5 AEOmTEOTS, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Largest Stock Crockery LVKTca, M^ifpit 


McCullough Hiram R, agent W & St P R R, 10 Center. 
McCutclien Win G ifc Co, grain and produce, 1st. 
McDoilOligh Edward, Marble Works, 111 W 5ili. 

{See adc.) 
McCJailg-hey Jailie!^ B, Physician and Surgeon, i: 

Mclsie & Co, books and stationery, 25 E 2d. 

Maass Frederick, sewing machines, 108 E 3d. 

Mackay George H, justice of the peace, Mue's Block. 

Mallery Joel, well driver, 26 Main. 

Manning Robert, junk, 19 W 2d. 

Marsland Jacob, auction and commission, E 3d. 

Mason Frank B, news dealer, 13 E 3d. 

Mathews John A, real estate loans, 74 E 3d. 

Maverick Munn, hardware, 49 E 2d. 

Maybury Charles G, architect, 20 E 3d. 

Melvin Samuel, auction and commission, 18 Main. 

Merchants' Bank, Mark Willson Pres, 11 D Perkin- 

Vice-Pres, Center bet 2d and 3d. 
Merchants' Hotel.M Schweitzer Propr, cor 2d and 

Walnut. (See adi'.) 
Merigold J A & Co, dry goods, 21 E 3d. 
Merriam F W, music teacher, 17 E 3d. 
Meyer Mary K, saloon, 37 W 3d. 
Milanowski Joseph, grocer, E 2d. 
Miller Charles, grocer, cor 2d and Walnut. 
Millier Charles B, music dealer, 12 Center. 
Miller & Ellsworth, flour mill, Buffum's Block. 
Mitchell Wm, district judge. Court House. 
Moore Charles, saloon, 12 W 1st. 
Morehead John B, livery, cor 3d and Walnut. 
Mors'au fii^dward Sj, Books, Stationery, Etc, 9 E 3d'. 
Morgan Stephen W, watches and jewelry, 15 E 2d. 
Mortey Rev J H (Congregational). 
Morrell & Son, grain, cor Front and Lafayette. 
Morse Henderson D, real estate, 39 E 2d. 
Moses Al>ram. guns and notions, 47 E 2d. 
Mowery Jacol), grocer, E 2d. 
Mlics" Edward F, Dry Goods, Groceries, Hats, Caps 

Toys and Xotions, s e cor 2d and Lafayette. 
Mues Miss M C, hair goods, 56 E 3d. 
Muntz L M A, music teacher, 1 1 E 3d. 
Myers John J, lawyer, 16 Center. 
Kagler John H, grocer, 16 W 3d. 
Netz Charles, gen store, cor Franklin and 3d. 
Neviiis W L & Bro, livery and 'bus line, cor 4th and JoIuim'H. 
Niedeiiliofen ^Liry, cigars, tobacco, etc, cor 2d and ^laiii. 

((A Di«iii4rtM€. ^^" loreseeth the Evil and Insurctn 

A rriJUBni himself.- New Enjlani Mctaal Lifo iDsnrance t • 

"* Boaton. J. J. WATSON, St. Panl, Gea'l Ag^t for Ki--' ^■- 

Hashow,Maish& Davis, SSsSiS 


' in use, 



Xoonan & Stelhvagen, builders, cor 3d and Vine. 

Northwestern Telei^raph Co, H B Thornton mngr, P O blk. 

Oi hlcr Rev W (Evangelical). 

Ofenloch Henry, barber, E 2d. 

O'Hara Jean, physician, E 3d. 

Pauley George W, wines and liquors, 5 E 2d. 

Peirce Thomas A, physician, 4 W 2d. 

Pelzer Edward, druggist, cor 3d and Market. 

Peregrine Joseph L," dentist, 2 W 2d. 

Perkins Hollis D, grocer, 18 W 3d. 

Pfeffer Adam, tailor, IS Center. 




Grain, Hides and Wool 

OfBce and "Warehouse, 

Walnut St., bet. Second and Third Sts., WINONA, MINN. 




PfflT COPPER ;^!|^jLIGrai CABLE 

No. 9 East Fourth Street, WINONA, MINN. 

Merchants' Hotel 



Rates reduced to $1.S0 per day. 

NpIHdH J?/ Pflfwla Roofers and Sheet-Iron Architectural 
OCIUCII OU Uiygldj Workers, 114 N. 3d St, Minneapolis. 

■J if 

Wr PIIMM 0. on D'Ja'-ersinBOLTIUa CLOTH ladCHILa:.-) 
. F. bum & LU. ^-"^ ^"'L^efpX^'si""^^-- 


Phelps Wm B, lawyer, over Second National Bank. 
Phoenix Iron Works, Wm M Hurlburt propr, cor Winom 

and W 3d. 
Pierce Marshall N, agt Diamond Jo Line, foot Washingti.n. 
Pindell Geortxt-, saloon, Main. 

Pitcher Hon O O, Attorney-at-Law for Mankato. 
Polsen Wm, propr Davenport House, 119 E 3d. 
Porter L C Milling Co, cor Front and Franklin. 
Potter Joseph, Wines, Liquors and Cigars, 21 Main. 
Prentiss Joseph A, lawyer, cor 2d and Center. 
Prentiss Joseph E, insurance and real estate, 18 E 3d. 
Procho%vicz Albert, undertaker, 44 E 2d. 
Putsch Augu-tus, physician, 5*7 E 3d. 
Putsch Christian F, jeweler, 57 E 3d. 
Rackow Fr.ank, blacksmith, 105 E 3d. 
Ralphe Michael, wines and liquors, 6 Center. 
Randall John J, coal and grain, 20 E 2d. 
Rebstock Eerst W, county register, Court House. 
Reinarts IMichael, propr Dakota House, W 2d. 
Reuss Wm, saloon, 99 E 3d. 
Rheinberger Bros, dry goods, 16 Center. 
Rice Mrs E P, dressmaker, 20 Main. 
Richardson's Hotel, Kate Gallart propr, 21 W 2d. 
Richardson Thomas A, jeweler, 18 E 3cL 
Richardson Wm C, shoemaker, 26 Johnson. 
Richter Henry, harnessmaker. To E 3d. 
Rising Franklin A, loans and insurance, 8 E 2d. 
Robinson Frank W, agent Singer Mfg Co, 33 E 3d. 
Robinson George^propr Central House, cor 4th and Center. 
Robinson James E, lawyer, cor Lafayette and 2d. 
Rohland Gustav A, grocer, 45 E 2d. 
Rohwerder John, meat market, 124 E 2d. 
Rose Wm, sewing machines, 15 ilaiu. 
Rounds James, liquors, Jewell House. 

Rowley Rev Jonathan (Baptist), cor Winona and Sanborn. 
Ryan Wm, faiTu implements, cor ]ilain and 1st. 
Salisbury John, restaurant and billiards, 17 and 19 Main. 
St John Thadfus F, organ mnfr, 5 E 3d. 
St John Wm H, watches and jeweliy, SE 3d. 

Sanboru .Sherburn, Supt W & St P R R, cor 2d an i 

Scherer Conrad, boots and shoes, 56 E 2d. 
Scherer Conrad, jr, dry goo<ls, 53 E 2d. 
Scherffius Jacob, hardware, 75 E 2d. 
Schini Jacob, saloon, 82 E 3d. 
Schmeltzer John, blacksmith, Walnut. 
Schmidt Henry G C, grocer, E 2d. 

OUMLrLrlO URUOi East Thiid Streot, St. Paul, Mias. 

R|Pnlf-Rnn Vq ]^^°^^tnred for Banis, Mill Men end Oorpora- 

Brackett'a Block, Minneapilis, ^^^"^^< 


Schmitt Jacob, barber, cor 3d and Main. 

Sdineider Bros, livtTy, E 2d. 

8clmeider Frank, grocer and saloon, E 2d. 

JScluiicder Joseph,"saloon, E 2d. 

Schneider Wm, shoemaker, E 2d. 

Schoenborn Benjamin, barber, 43 E •''d 

'^*''!i?iP*"/c"''^V •*»»»«« M. Lightning Rod ilnfrs, 9 E 

Schrady John M, saloon, Walnut. 

Scbroth& Ahrens, sash, doors, etc, cor Front and Franklin 

.Schumacher August, meat market, E .Sd 

Schumacher &, Son, boots and shoes 67 E 2d 

*^'''ln^*'w'l*-'*r'*"fJ'"'r.' P^P'- Merchant's Hotel, cor 2d 

and \\ alnut. (*See adv) ' 

^d?nd Center """• '^"'"^'^ ^'"^^^ ''^''^'''' ° ' -'' 
Sehler Charles, saloon, W 2d. 
Shannon Hannora, saloon, 60 Lafayette 
Sheardown John M, clerk district court, Court House. 
^hepard Henry C, agent Star Union Line, 17 E 3d 

^nln.^T-r *'*YV'' P^i^ciP'-il State Normal School. 
Simon Phihp, upholsterer, Lafayette. 

" o^aNw.*!'! ^'«»«"»a«, Attorney and President State 
iNormal School Board, cor 2d and Center. 

sT«nIoi/"i*'T'i;'^' 'f ^^'' ^ Simpson's Block. 

and^JL^r. **' ^"'^'' ^^'^"°" Republican, cor 3d 

Slade Arthur 0,, 22 E 3d 
Smith Frank W, baker and confectioner, E 3d. 
-mi h Henry G, insurance, 10 Simpson's Block. 
^mlth Jay H, neNvs dealer, postotfice. 
Smith T H, barber, P O Block., 
^olberg Jalmer, shoemaker, Center. 

(£^z5V**' ^'^'^'" '""^ Produce, Walnut bet 2d and 3d. 
Soule Rev Wm (Weslevan Methodist). 
Staak & Einfeldt, grocers, E 3d. 

Stadelmaun's Hotel. M Stadelmann propr, 68 E M ' 
St*aK P ,f''-»"»^l"V PhysicianfEfy'L'Lk,"2d. 
»tark Charles, meat market, 61 E yd 

Pfindp'^af"'"' '^^•''««», At Winona, Irwin Shepard 
Staughton Neville, N W agt M C R R Co, cor 2d and Center 
S nsTY i^^r^' Wacksmith, E 4th nr Center. 
it\cns 11 A Son, books and stationery, 19 E 3d 

C!l^;'j^^;^_'>|^^;^»;^^ Simpson's Blk, 2d. 

IRON RfiOFFR^ ^ ^ OEITTENDEN & 00., Oorner 
• 1 1 U n n U i; r L nOi Sixth and Slbley Stree^ Su Paul, Minn. 

1 amn Pnnr^O '^^^^^ Cutlery aud Plated Ware, at Charl- 
Lallip aUUUbj Johnson's Crockery House, ^^^Z^t^^f^H^'"-'' 


Stewart Herbert O, druggist, 35 E 2.1. 

Stilkey Hiram H, baker, Lafayette. 

Stimenman Jacob, baker and confectioDer, S W 3d. 

Story George F, barber, E •2d. 

Story Jacob, probate judge and justice, Court House. 

Stott & Potter, furniture^and crockery, 102 E 3d. 

Stovall James W, restaurant, 4 E 2d. 

Studt Peter, saloon, 25 Main. 

Swart Jerome G, commission, S E 2d. 

Swenson Frederick, saloon, cor Center and 11th. 

Tallmadge ]\Irs E N, physician, Center. 

Talmadge Judson L, station agent, C, M & St P Ry depot. 

"Taye Michael, steam and gas titter, 14 W 3il. 

Thayer Wm H, propr New England Hotel, 13 E 4th. 

Thode Herman, meat market, E 3d. 

Thode A: Soriis, Meat Market, 2 W 3d. 

Thomas John W, drv goods, 20 E 3d. 

Thomas Rev W D (Presbyterian). 

Thornton Hubert, manager N W Tel Co, P O block. 

Thompson Hugh, loans, cor Market and Front. 

Thrune A & Co, furniture, 42 E 2d. 

Tiepus Daniel, blacksmith, 31 Lafayette. 

Tourtellotte Jacob F, loans, 16 Center. 

Troost & Co, wholesale liquors, 16 E 2d. 

Vance Ilavid E, Lawyer, 16 Center. 

"V^an Natter Henry, propr Eagle House, Washington. 

Villaumie Jeannette, milliner, E 3d. 

Yon Rohr Rl-v P (Lutheran). 

Von Wimiitfen Lebrecht F, architect, Simpson's Block, 2d. 

Wade & Bavin, milliners, T E 3d. 

"Wakefield Charles N, lawyer, 37 W 3d. 

Walser Baptist, harnessmaker, E 3d. 

"Warren George, livery, cor 3d and Washington. 

"Warren House, H C Iliggins propr, Washington. 

Warren Wm S, shoemaker, 15 W 2d. 

Wasehoshe Woldus, wagonmaker, 50 Walnut. 

"WaukuUa Mining Co, copper miners, J Bolcom pres, cur 

Front and ^larket. 
T^'edel lleury R, Physician and Surgeon, 60 E 2d. 
"Wedel Wm, furniture, 10 W 2d. 
"V\'eibel Peter, hotel, 93 2d. 
Weise Herman F, crockery, 32 E 3d. 
"V\"elch Alfred, dentist, 11 'E 3d. 
Wells Jose)>h A, saloon, Main. 
Werner Frederick W, meat market, 32 Alain. 
Wheeler Wm F, confectioner, 10 E 3d. 
Whipple Wm J, proj)r Winona Herald, 22 and 24 E 2d. 

Hall's Patent Infallible ^ite^^S 


BnT, sell and exchacge all kindf 

of inginos and Machinery. Cor. 

J EdStricttAve.S., Minneapolis. 


AVIlite !*»idliey C, Wholesale Grocer, Fruits, Cigars 

. and Illumiimtins; Oils, 28 E 2d, cor Center. (*S'ee adv.) 
■\VilIiams Edward VT, boots and shoes, 37 E 2d. 
Williams Wm R, grocer, 29 E .3d. 
"Willis Henrv. lime, etc, cor Ist and Main. 
"WillsOll "^lark, Pres Merchants' Bank. 
Wilson Charles T, harnessmaker, 30 Main. 
Wilson & Gale, lawyers, cor Center and 3d. 
"Willdoiil Slon' AVill, U S Senator, cor Harriet and 

"Winona Adler, E Gerstenhauser Propr, cor 2d and 

Walnut. (.SVe adv.) 
Winona Carriage Works, cor 3d and Washington. 
Tl^inona Democrat, Democrat Printing Co Proprs, 

18 W 3d. (See adv.) 
Winona Deposit Bank, H W Lamberton pres, C H Lamber- 

ton cashr, 20 Center. 
Winona Herald, Wm Jay Whipple propr, 22 and 24 E 2d. 
AVinona Mill Co," L R Brooks pres, R T Doud sec, A 

G Mowbray supt, Levee. 
Winona Preparatory Medical School, board of instructors F 

Staples M D, J D McGaughey M D, J M Cole M D, D 
^ A Stewart M D. 
Winona Republican, daily and weekly, D Sinclair & Co 

proprs, cor :^d and Center. 

AVinona Ku^lilord-W a^on Co. O B Gould Pres, 
H M Kiiinev Gen Manager, J C Blake Sec and Treas, 
5th nr W &"St P Car Shops. {See adv.) 

Winona Savings Bank, F A Rising treas, 8 E 2d. 

Winona and St Peter Land Co," H W Lamberton commis- 
sioner, 20 Center. 

AVinona & St Peter R R Co, Sherburn Sanborn 
Supt, s e cor 2d and Center. 

Winter Wm, shoemaker, W 2d. 

Wirth Henry J, confectioner, 6 W 3d. 

Woolsey Christmas H, ticket agent W & St P R R, 10 

Wright Thomas, insurance, 16 Center. 

Yale & Webber, lawyers, 13 W 3d. 

Yansen & Perrot, carriage mnfrs, cor ^Lain and 4th. 

Youinaif^ Bros A: IIodi;^ins, Lumber Manufacturers, 
west end 2d. 


In Winsted township, northeast corner of McLeod county, 
20 miles from Glencoe (c h), and 45 from St. Paul, Howard, 
9 miles distant, is the nearest railroad point. Contains a 

Builders' Hardware •°'"°™"°"™''' ""*^ 

bury & Draper. 35 E. Third St., Bt, Paul, 

GC CoKfin^nn ^^^P^ °° ^^°"^ ^^^ ^'^®^* Trench, English, 
I 11 rdl I lllhl«''jScotch and German Suitings, Minneapolis. 


Steam saw and grist mill, Lutheran and Catholic churches and 
a district school, and exports wheat and pork. Semi-weekly 
stage to Howard, and weekly to Gleucoe. Semi-weekly 
mail. John Baker, postmaster. 


Baker A F, hotel propr. 

Baker J & K J, Blacksmiths. 

Dickey Rev (Presbyterian). 

Gahl Wm, furniture. 

Garske John, boots and shoes, and constable. 

Gigrich S, wagonmaker. 

Goetz Matthias, saloon. 

Green Edward, general store. 

Hentz August, boots and shoes. 

Lewis A C, physician. 

Miller Earnest, Justice and Meat Market. 

Moschner & Smith, blacksmiths. 

Moy Fritz, general store. 

Povolny Rev H (Catholic). 

Seymer John, constable. 

Smolke August, saddle and hamessmaker. 

Storis O D, justice of the peace. 

Thompson John P, general store and hotel. 

Voluier F, Flour Mill. 

Wemer Wm, tinsmith. 

Wineback Henry, furniture. 


A village in Wiscoy township, central southern part of 
Winona county, 12 miles distant from Winona (c h), the 
nearest railroad point, and about 100 from St. Paul. It is 
located at the head of iloney creek, which gives power to '2 
flouring mills. Population, -200. Exports, wheat and oats. 
Tri- weekly stage and mail to Winona and Houston. James 
Clark, postmaster. 


Calkins George, hotel propr. 
Clark L J, Flouring Mill. 
Wells 11 C, douring mill. 


In Wilson township, east central part of Winona county, 
10 miles from Win(jna (c h), the nearest railroad station, and 
90 from St. Paul. Population, 50. Has a graded school, 
exports wheat, oats, corn, hay and wood, and calls for a steam 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. g 

_ Eobert St., St. Paul, Minn,. 

hive all brinds of Kentuck Bonrboa arJ 
and Ky6 Wtiakey oonstantly m bani. 

Cl BlTnURSTON. ^^"i:'J"^i;i^sHarrov.3,Tnnmph&cde_rs, C.n. 

Sole A^'t IHLBURS WAGONS, Ticer Raie?, Ri= 

daU PiJvpririDg Harrows, Triumph Seeders, Cm- 

J too Plows, Bagjies, etc., 18 W, 3d St., St. Paul. 


grist mill. Daily mail stage to Houston and Winona. Otis 
Abell, postmaster. 


Abell Otis, general store. 

Bourne Philip, blacksmith. 

Dra^S^ B, Carriage and Wagonmaker. 

Crandall J C, physician. ' 

Ford Daniel D, meat market. 

Hand A, hotel. 

Miller Samuel D, physician. 

Morse Wm, meat market. 

Searles T, justice of the peace. 

Thomas L, hotel propr. 

Tisdale J, constable. 


In the south central part of Washington county, 20 miles 
from Stillwater (c h), and 9 from Langdon Station, on the C, 
M. & St. P. Ry. 


A postoffice in the southeastern part of Yello-w Medicine 
county, 12 miles from Granite Falls (c h), the nearest rail- 
road point. 


A village of 50 inhabitants, near the center of the eastern 
line of Pipe Stone county, 12 miles from Pipe Stone (c h), and 
180 from St. Paul. It is the present terminus of the i51ack 
Hills division of the St. P. & S. C. R. R., and in the center of a 
fine -wheat region. Trades generally are called for here. 
Daily mail. T. T. Fitzgerald, postmaster. 


Anderson E, boarding house. 

Bodon J M, railroad aeent. 

Fitzgerald T T "Ac €o, General Store. 

Luhde August, blacksmith. 

McSherry James, farm implements. 

Winters Wm, justice of the peace. 


In Scranton township, southwestern part of Winona county, 
25 miles from Winona (c h), and 4 from Utica, the nearest 
railroad point. Population, 100. lias a Methodist church 
and district school. Semi-weekly mail stage to Utica. J.^T. 


air, postmaster. 


AEOHTTEOTS, Minneapolis. Plana 
and Sfx^ciicationfl fnijilElied for all 
Unda of JBoUding, oa ebort iu>t;Qe. 


EAEMON & CO., Minneapo; 

;esota state gazettkek 


The seat of Kobk'S county, is a flourishing incorporateil 
city of about 900 inhabitants, situated at the junction of the St. 
P. '& S. C. R. R. with the W. & S. F. Ry, in Worthingtou town- 
ship, S miles southeast of the center of the county, and ITS 
from St. PauL It was tirst settled in 18T1, contains churches 
of th« Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational denomi- 
nations, and a graded public school. The press is represented 
by two weekly newspapers. A steam tlouring mill and a 
cheese factory are in operation in the village. There are -i 
hotels, among which the Worthington House takes the lead, 2 
banks, and the principal exports are wheat, flour, wool and 
cheese. Telegraph, Western Union. Express, Am. Stage 
to Spirit Lake and Round Lake weekly. Four mails daily. 
Martin B. Soule, postmaster. 


American Express Co, H ^l Allen agent. 

Anderson Henry H, flour and feed. 

Baartz "Wm F, boot and shoemaker. 

Baker Robert F, clothing and gents' furnishing. 

Bank of "Worthinerton, A M Smith cashier. 

Barber Dr Rio D, Druggist and Probate Judge. 

Bennett Lucian B, collection and tax paying agent. 

Bennett L B, coroner. 

Bigelow O & Co, meat market and grocer. 

Bowen Liberty, cabinetmaker. 

Carrier Burton X, clerk district court. 

Chadwick J, register of deeds. 

Chaney Allen, county surveyor. 

Chase Charles C, blacksmith. 

Clark A L, blacksmith. 

Clark Emory, lawyer. 

Craft Dr Josephus, surgeon. 

Davis Henry, general store. 

Davis Samuel A, restaurant and confectioner. 

Day C);eor2:e J, Cashier The Nobles County Bank. 

Forbes ^■\j:om, lumber and farm implements. 

Grirtin Thomas, carpenter and builder. 

Grinager Mons, register U S land oflice. 

Hewitt Samuel S, watches and jewelry. 

Hewitt & Martin, hardware and stoves. 

Hildreth Sampson A, barber. 

Humiston Henry D, real estate and justice. 

Johnson John H, harness, boots and shoes. 

Law D S & Son, druggists. 


Law of MaBsachasetts 


ibrfeitura I J. J.Watson, Oea'l Agt., St. PwU, ili^a. 

Hashow,Maish& Davis, 

General Ponndera and Machiniati, 

Cor. 2d St. and Fifth Ave. South, 

MiimeapoUa, Minn. 


L.iw Mrs George, millinery goods. 

Loveless Charles B, propr Third Avenue Hotel. 

Ludlow Horace J, Groceries and Crockery. 

Lvon Burr W, general store. 

>fcManus Jerome S, propr MoManus House. 

Madison Wm, meat market. 

Miller A P, Publr Worthington Advance. 

Miller R R, sheritT. 

Miller Stephen, field agent St P & S C Ry. 

Miller & Smith, druggists. 

Mills Edward S, county auditor. 

Moore George O, physician. 

Moulton J P, receiver U S land office. 

Xoblcs County Bank The, Peter Thompson Pres, 
George J Day Cashr. 

Ogle Rev J C, supt schools and publr Worthington Journal. 

Okabena Mill Co, E Y Reid agent, mnfrs of flour. 

Parsons Thomas II, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance. 

Robinson A C, carpenter and builder. 

Reid E Y, agent Okabena Mill. 

Rohrer Daniel, la-\vyer. 

St P & S C Ry Lands, Stephen Miller agent. 

Shattuck Calvin T, groceries and restaurant. 

Shell Daniel, '^Propr Worthington Hotel and Livery. 

Shepard Harvey C, county treasurer. 

Sliepard n"C &, Co, 'Agricultural Implements, and Lum- 
ber, Coal, Etc. 

Smith A W, cashr Bank of Worthington. 

Soule Martin B, Lawyer, Insurance Agent and Post- 

Sutton Charles Z, flour mill and elevator. 

Third Avenue Hotel, Charles B Loveless propr. 

Thompson Peter, farm implements and grain. 

Torrence Henry E, grocery and furniture. 

D. SHELL, Proprietor. 


tiood Sample r.ooms, and Livery connected nitli the Hous 

Tarred Pelt, Building Paper, Pitch, ei 
Selden & Grygla, 114 U. 3d Su, Minneapolis. 

Roofing Material, ?''"'^ ^'''' ^'^'^' ^"'''' ^'"^'' '"" 

If You Want a Complsie ''°^""^'-"'»'-" 

Gimn & Oo., Mhmeapolia, y..zz. 


Wortliington Advance (weekly), A P Miller editor and proi.r 
W^ortllins^tOJl Hotel, Daniel Shell Propr. (t->cc atU:') 

Wortliington Journal (weekly), Rev J C Ogle publr. 
"Wyckoft' Stephen Y, general store. 


In the western part of Chippewa county, is on the line of 
the C, M. & St. P. Ry, 9 miles from Montevideo (c h), and IGO 
from St. Paid. A flouring mill here obtains power from the 
Minnesota river. Exports, wheat. Daily mail. James Ole- 
son, postmaster. 


In Woodside township, southeastern part of Otter Tail 
county, about 50 miles from Fergus Falls (c h), and 150 from 
St. Paul. Wadena, ISi miles distant, is the nearest railroad 
point. Semi-weekly mail. J. H. Aldrich, postmaster. 


A postoffice in the south central part of Winona county, 
4 miles south of Lcwiston Station on the W. & St. P. division 
of the C. & K W. Ry, and 13 southwest of Winona. 


An incorporated village of about 400 inhabitants, and a 
station on the S. M. Ry, in the west central part of Fillmore 
county, 12 miles from Preston (c h), and 110 from St. Paul. 
A branch of the Root river here gives power to a flouring and 
saw-mill. The village has 2 hotels, a sorghum mill, a wagon 
and carriage shop, several general and special stores, a German 
weekly newspaper, Baptist and United Brethren churches and 
a district school. Exports, wheat, barley, oats, butter ami 
hides. Express, Am. Telegraph, S. M. Ry. Tri-weekly 
stage to Fillmore ; weekly to Watson Creek. Two mails 
daily. Charles W. Grain, postmaster. 


Bartlett E D, grain dealer. 

Benning & Karthizer, boots and shoes. 

Bierbach A, meat market. 

Boyd E C, lawyer. 

Cliiii!i>ou &"lJicrl»aiier, Flouring Mill. 

Colen J V, hardware. 

Craill Ki'Oj*. Grain Dealers. 

€raiii thai-les \V, Justice of the Peace. 

Davis W F, brick yard. 

QPUPCCDQ PQflQ Importers of Pine Woolens, No. 40 
OuriLrLriO DllUOi E. Thua street, ST. PAUL, Minn. 

F. F. Hennig/Ss^^.^iSlS'* 


Minneapolis, Mian, 

Drew A, propr Wykoff House. 

Egleston M, general store aud grain dealer.. 

E^'loston & Stiner, general store. , ' 

Fife A Murrel, druggists. 

Jorris J R, agent John Paul. 

Jorrisifc Gut, cigar mnfrs. 

Kilborn & Sherman, insurance agents. 

Kroeger Frederick, propr German Xews. 

Lipe C A, express aud railroad agent. • 

Ludwig PI S, lumber dealer. 

.^alioocl!^ & Co, Saw-Mill. 

Morse C II, harnessuiaker. 

Odell R, general store. 

Perington Mrs W J, dressmaker. 

Phillips J H, physician. 

Rau J, general store. 

Robbins C H, physician. 

Rundell & Crain,%orghum mills. 

Rutherford A, blacksmith. 

Rut liCrrord C, Carriage and Pump Mnfr. 

Schaftler Charles, painter. 

Steppre Herman, furniture. 

Stout & Bro, grain dealers. 

Slow- F C, Propr WykoflF Weekly. 

Theoni S, carriage and wagon shop. 

Torrolli C, merchant tailor. - - ' ' 

Wendorf F, blacksmith. 

Young Rev M (Baptist). 


,., J°f ^A*°'^"'^''' °^ ^^"^ '^P'^ "^'^^' ^" the southwestern 
part of Chisago county, is a village of 150 inhabitants and a 
station on the S. P. & D. R. R., 12 miles from Centre C ty ?c h^ 
and 30 from St. Paul. It is located on the west bmLh o 
the Sunrise river, has Catholic, Methodist and Lutheran 
churches, a common school, and exports wheat, potatoes and 
fann produce, wood, staves, ties' and heading^ Express 
TkL . v'rt' ^'°'-t>-estern. Stage to St. Croix Fali;' 
iaylor s Falls, Centre City and Chisasro City daily D^ii; 
mail. M. C. Tombler, postmaster. ^ ^' ' 


Comfort W J, physician. 
Lewis Nathan, patent medicine mnfr. 
Kodgers Wm O, express and railroad agent. 
1 ombler L O, farm implements. 
Tombler Mrs L O, hotel propr. 

Solid Bronze Hardware.! 

Tor Private Eesidences and Pnb- 
lic Baildinys. KINGSEITRT & 
DRAPES, 35 E, Sd St., St, Paul. 

PinTURF Q ^^""^^^ ^"^ Looking-GIasses, at OHAELES JOil'; 
I lU I UllLO, SOIL'S, 513 Washington Ave. South, Minneapou" 

776 WYO Miy,VE soTA state gazetteer YUC 

Tombler M C, general store. 
Wright Randal, carpenter. 

In Sioux Agency township, northeastern part of Yellou- 
Medicine county, 10 miles from Granite Falls (c h) the iicir 
est railroad point, and 140 from St. Paul. The Yellow Medi- 
cine river offers available water power here. Exports, 
Stage to Redwood Falls and Granite Falls. Semi-weeklv 
mail. George E. Olds, postmaster. 


Christian J, justice of the peace. 
Falkingham J, justice of the peace. 
Wyman C, constable. 


A settlement in the western part of Carver county, ll 
miles from Norwood Station, on the II. & D. division of tl,. 
C., M & St. P. Ry, 18 miles from Chaska (c h), and 5o 
from St. Paul. Population, 200. Has Lutheran and Catholic 
churches and a district school, a large steam flouring mill and 
a hotel, and exports flour an,i wheat. Telegraph, North- 
western. Express, Am. Stage to Norwood twice daily, and 
mails accordingly. J. II. Ackermann, postmaster. 


Ackermann Bros, flour mills. 
Ackeriliniiu «& Co, General Store. 
Bahmann Charles, builder. 
Doelz Frederich, carpenter. 
Hoernemann Bros, blacksmiths. 
Mahngreen Oscar, cooper. 
JVIankenberg Charles, hotel propr. 
Martin Julius, stoves and blacksmith. 
Mau Win, wagonmaker. 
Perschon Henry, harnessmaker. 
Rauch Frederick, general store. 
Schaler Julius, boots and shoes. 
Sclllin««>«e A «fc Co, Brewers. 
Trenoe & Herning, mnfrs buffalo coats, etc. 


A village in the western part of Houston county, 12 mile- 
from_ Caledonia (c h), and about 150 from St. Paul. Contains 
iiaptist, Presbyterian and Catholic churches and a graded 

iVi A Bi^fOrd ^^"^''^^ ■^g^'^t Sail's Safe and 

» Look Co., ST. PAUL, Minn. 


partionlar ftttention to set- 

ip of Engine Boilers and all 

dflofmacMneiy. Minneapolis. 


school. Telegraph, Western Union. Express, Am. Statje 
to C.iledonia, Riceford and Hudson. Semi-weekly mail. F. 
J. Wilsey, postmaster. 


Howe E B, flour mill. 


A village of 275 inhabitants in the south central part of 
Stearns county, 2S miles from St. Cloud (c h), the nearest rail- 
road station, and 103 from St. Paul. The north branch of the 
Crow river drives a number of mills at this point. Has an 
Evangelical Association church and a district school, and 
exports butter and wheat. Stage to St. Cloud and Paynes- 
ville. Tri-weekly mail. John Bartinger, postmaster. 


Baitinger John, Hotel Piopr. 
Freitag Christoph, carpenter. 
Helmer Christ, blacksmith. 
Keoigsreider Geortre, carpenter. 
McBakly & Phips.'^flouring mills. 


A village of 186 inhabitants, in the western part of 
"Wabasha county, and a station on the Wabasha branch of 
the C, M. & St. P. Ry, 25 miles from Wabasha (c h), and 115 
from St. Paul. Two flouring mills here are driven by water 
from the Zumbro river. Has a Methodist Episcopal" church 
and common school. Exports, wheat, barley, pork and pro- 
duce. Express, Am. Telegraph, Northwestern. Semi- 
weekly stage to Farm Hill and South Troy. Two mails daily. 
E. A. Haradon, postmaster. 


Bielfulett H, boots and shoes. 

Bright T, harnessmaker. 

Bryant C D, blacksmith. 

Carlev A, Hotel Propr. 

Churchill W W, druggist. 

Dale J W, wagonmaker. 

Doty Elden, hardware. 

Fryar Thomas, wagonmaker. 

Haradou K A, General Store. 

Hostetter M S, flouring mill. 

Huddleson J, grocer. 

Hyde E S, express and railroad agent. 

Kegley J, mason. 

Builders' Hard-ware and Mechan- 
ioa' Tools, 3 5 E. TMrd St., St. Paul 

Kingsbury & Draper. 

G. F. FARRINGTON,^"'""'''"'"'^^^" "' 

Nicollet Avenue, Miimeapolii 


Rndal>Olls:h X C, Agricultural Implements. 
Rocher Joseph, blacksmitli. 
Rogers H M, physician. 
Santerschlayer J, boots and shoes. 
Seeley & Buck, general store. 
Strickland M S, billiard hall. 
Sllg-g- A, Hotel Propr. 
Vogel John, meat market. 
Bros, flouring mill. 


In.the southern part of Goodhue county, 22 miles from 
Red Wing (c h), and 36 from St. Paul. It is the terminus of 
the Wabasha branch of the C, M. & St. P. and of the Roclu-- 
ter & Northern branch of the C. & N. W. It is situated 
upon the ZumbroTiver, which gives power to flouring mills 
and has a number of business houses and hotels. The ehurchv^ 
are Congregational, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal and Lu- 
theran. A high school, grammar, intermediate and primary 
schools are located here. Exports, wheat, oats and produce. 
Express, Am. Telegraph, Northwestern. Tri-weekly stage 
to Red Wing, Wastedo and Concord. Daily mail by rail. 
H. E. Blanchard, postmaster. 


Alrick Bros, boots and shoes. 

Allder^son CharlC!« B, Harness and Boots and Shoes. 

Anderson John, general store. 

Ballentine Rev G D (Baptist). 

Bank Of* Zuiiibrota The, J C Pierce Pres, S B Bar 

teau Vice-Pres, E V Cantielil Cashr. 
Barteau !«»tCl)!iCU B, Hardware, Stoves, Agricultural 

Implements, Etc. 
Beeman Joseph, propr Central House. 
Blake & Giles, watches, jewelry, etc. 
Blanchard H, boots and shoes. 
Blaitchcr Henry, Postmaster and Dealer in Boots and 

Bow en AVin K, Propr Zumbrota House. 
Brown & Kezar, billiards and saloon. 
Cady Stephen G, lawver and insurance. 
Cailfiold E V, Cashr Bank of Zumbrota. 
Carpenter Mrs E L, millinery and fancy goods. 
Central House, Joseph Beeman propr. 
Clawson C, general store. 
Cockburn & Tuppor, physicians. 
Cogswell A I, blacksmith. 

31 Robert Street, ST. PAUL, Mini 

Established 1S59. Oldest Liquor IX'al- 

ers in St. Fad. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 


SoleAg't TIGEK RAKES, MilbarnWagona, Bug- 
gies, Kandall Pulverizing HarrowB, Triomph Seed- 
J ers, Canton Plows, etc., 18 W. 3d St., St. PaaU 


('oi)kHlge & Haskins, photographers. 

('r:im James, furniture and undertaker. 

frosiiei* Jacob, Wines and Liquors. 

D.ilil Peter E, restaurant. 

DcLong & Co, lumber, etc. 

D.irmaii James B, general store. • ' - 

KiMy Stillman B, sash and blind mnfr. 

Kiigiish John C, lawyer. 

Kaulkerson Frank, carpenter and builder. 

George Frederick, general store. 

Grover Barker C, livery stable. 

(■Jrover Chester, carpenter and builder. 

Halbert E T, propr Zumbrota flouring mills. 

Hall H & O I, druggists and physicians. 

Haskins Bros, barbers. 

Hubbard L F & Co, grain dealers and elevator. 

Huff August F, druggist. 

Iversou Bent, wines and liquors. 

Jefferson Thomas, barber. 

Johnson C E, railroad agent C & N W Ry. 

Kellett TliOinas P, General Merchandise. 

Kellctt Wm B, house and sign painter. 

Koehler Harmon, wagonmaker. 

Lathrop Rev Noah (Methodist). 

Lee Thomas X, grocers and confectioners. 

McKinstry Howard L, physician and surgeon^ 

M.ason Bros, hardware and farm implements. 

Midland House, George B Wright propr. 

MiUer George, carpenter and builder. 

^litcliell E A, Editor and Propr Zumbrota Independent. 

Mueller August, meat market. 

Myron Alexander, painter. 

Nelson I, tailor and repairer. 

Nickerson Seth, blacksmith. 

Osborn Almon, stone mason. 

Palmer Heman H, general store. 

Person George, hardware, stoves, implements, etc. 

i erson Ralsa, groceries, provisions, etc. 

I'ierce J C, Pres Bank of Zumbrota. 

Powers & Robinson, meat market. 

R'igers Rev C A (Coni^regational). 

Uoivoll & Co, Groceries and Crockery. 

•■^i-utield David B, justice of the peace. 

•"Maith Hubert, groceries and i)rovisions. 

^tuart C L, agent C, M & St Paul Ry. 

> an Dusen G W A Co, ijrain and elevator. 

>\ alker Miss H F, millinerv and fancv goods. 


WILSON & JORDAN. ™^y-8T^y/'^:«- 

ponence in tbe cou- 
J stniction of Public and Privat© Bniidinga. MinnBapolia* 

Headquarters for Crockery ^"^''^ 



780 ZUM 



Ward Wm, brickmaker. 

Wells & Dickey, Hour mills. 

Wiseman George, wagonmaker and blacksmith. 

Woodbury L, organs, sewin'T machines, etc. 

Wright George B, propr Midland House. 

Youmans Bros & Hudgins, Miles T Wedge agent, lumber. 

Zumbrota Flouring ^lills, E T Ifalbert propr. 

Zlllllbrota l£oil<!>e« Wm E Bowen Propr. 

Zumbrota Inilej)en(lehi, E A Mitchell publr and propr. 

Manthe Brothers, 


BUGGIES 3ri sleigh: 

Horseshoeine: ami IJcpairin;,'- iloue iu 
>Vorkuiiiiilike Mauucr. 

No. 311 Fort Street, ST. PAUL, MINN. 


foresocth tho Evil and Insurcth 

5ir." New Enpland Mctail Life Insurance C- ■ 

Boston. J. J. ■WATSON, St. Pad, Gen'l Asoct for Min;;c... ■- 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Dakota Territorial Gazettear 



. 1 SS 2.. 

In the foUowine section of the work the cities, villages and postofflces of 
Dakota, are arrantrea in alphabetical order, and a description is given of each place, 
with an alphabetical list of all persons doing business therein. In all the farser 
places the names have been procured bv personal canvass, but in the smaller thej 
have been furnished bj' postmasters. Great care has been taken to ens 
ness, as well as completeness. 

The Territory of Dakota lies between the 42(i and 49th 
degrees of north latitude, and the 19th and 27th degrees of 
longitude west from Washington, It is as large as the State 
of California, three times as targe as Iowa, twice a^ large as 
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and larger 
than the Republic of France. It embraces within its boun- 
daries every variety of climate and soil. Classed as a prairie 
country, it is well wooded; the mighty Missouri traverses the 
territory diagonally from northwest to southeast, navigable 
for steamboats for the entire distance, while hundreds of 
smaller rivers and streams pour their waters into the great 
flood. The soil is principally a rich, dark loam, sometimes 
seven feet deep, apparently inexhaustible. Great valleys on 
either side of its rivers favor the cultivation of Indian corn 
and hay. Extensive tracts of table land of rolling prairie, 
the most prolific grain lands on the face of the earth, exten- 
sive plains and upland pastures covered with nutritious 
grasses offer fortunes to the stock raiser and the farmer, 

W. F. GUNN & Ca, SsSSrteit:::^^ 

MianeipoiU, Minn. 



whi e in the depths of the Black Hills lies untold wealth in 
gold, silver and coal. These are but few of the character 
istics of a favored portion of the American Union, which I„„ 
a tew vears ago, was regarded as a howling wilderness ' 

yakota was organized as a territory by Congress in th.. 
^■inter of 1860-61, when her population" was about 1 -,(,„ 
Indian raids and scares retarded settlement, but after 'l-;- 
t^e territory began to receive important accessions of indi- 
viduals and colonies from the east, from Canada and fnuu 
JMirope. In 18 72 the first railroad train crossed the bonhr 
«t Minnesota into the territory, over the line of the N 1' 
nj In the same year were built the first five miles of tl„. 
IJakota Suuthei-n Ry, now the Sioux Citv and Dakot i 
■division of the C., M. & St. P. The crash of 1873 put a stop 
to railroad building in the territory, but settlement went o,I, 
and the world was made to know that the soil was of amazi.i- 
productiveness. The revival of prosperity brought about I 
new mfiui of immigration of the most desirabl^ charact.r, 
railway building was taken up with vim and vicmr, the dis- 
coveries of vast mineral wealth in the Black ifills gave ti.c 
territory a world-wi.le fame, the establishment of the Bonanz.i 
farms aided the impulse, and, with one thing and another, in 
a single decade Dakota multiplied her population seven fmu^. 
until Dowit numbers upwards of 135,00o. Rival railroads an- 
now piercing the Territoiy. The Northern Pacific traverse 
t from east to west, the St. P., M. & M. is throwin- .in 
important spur into the great wheat belt of the Red Riv, r 
V alley, the C, 31. & St. P, and C. & N. W. are racing a> it 
were, to the Black IIills, and aiding wonderfully in th? devel- 
opment of the southern and central portions of 'the territory, 
immigrants are pouring into the country in a veritable tloo;i. 
iJie population, as a whole, is drawn from the better class.-s 
of the ^ew England and Middle States, of Canada, of Greai 
^ntain, Norway, Sweden and Germany. The boast of 
l^abotians that the .society of their countrV is good, is a justi- 
nah e one. The schoolmaster moves simultaneously witli 
settlement, and Dakota is well supplied with good schools. 

i:' or the rest, Dakota abounds in the useful minerals,:!:^ 
well as in precious deposits of gold and silver. E.vtensiv,.- 
coal beds, as yet undeveloped, have been found in Sullv, 
J>rule, Charles, Mi.x and other counties. Sandstone, limesto.,;-, 
granite and chalkstone, a soft but beautiful and useful sto.i.-, 
all used for building purposes, are plentiful. Salt has b,-. n 
discovered in the Red River Valley, while the more the Bla.k 
Hills are explored the more does their varied mineral w.alt!; 
appear. Timber abounds along the rivers and streams, and 

OUIlLrmO DnUO. East IWrd Street, St. Paul, Mraa. 

Do ill kinds of Machinery Rei>ilrlnir, 



■led to. Cor.S«onaSt. 
nue South, Mmncapohs. 



ALE 783 

tree planting is a matter of no labor wh.atever. A few cotton- 
wood slips or handsful of soft maple seeds scattered iu the 
virgin soil will become a forest in a dozen years capable 
of supplying every want of timber to the settler. Water is 
everywhere obtainable at from 10 to 15 feet from the surface. 
Deer, elk and antelope, wild fowl and fish are abundant. 
The climate is about the same as that of ^Minnesota, Indiana, 
Northern Ohio and Northern Illinois, with this exception — 
the air is dryer and more bracing, with a greater average of 
>unny and a fewer of rainy days. With an enterprising and 
industrious population, Dakota promises in another quarter 
century to become one of the most important commonwealths 
of the Union. 

A newly established postofhee in Barnes county. 


A landing on the Red River of the North, in the south- 
eastern corner of Pembina county. It is a distributing point 
for the settlements in the southern part of Pembina county, 
and the northern of Grand Forks. Daily mail by steamer iu 
summer. Tamarac, on the St. P. M. tfe M., is the nearest 
railroad point. Express, Am. 


A newly established postoffiee in Turner county. 

ADELESC AT— Union County. 
(See Jefferson.) 


A station on the extension of the main line of the 
C., M. & St. P. Ry, in Hanson county, 6 miles from 
Rockport (c h). It was founded in February, 1880, and 
already has quite a numerous population. Churches and 
fchools have yet to be erected, but Congregational services 
are regularly held. Two mails daily. Mrs. Florence B. 
Southmayd, postmaster. 


Aakcr L K & Co, General Store. 
Aberle Frederick & Bro, grocers and saloon. 
Alden E II, flour mill, C miles n w. 
Anderson & Lundgren, furniture. 
Barrs Francis S, barber. 

^hpDt Irnn QirlinW Tor Factories, imis, Bridges, etc Sel- 
OllCCrilUil OlUiilpi den & Grygla, 114 N. 3d St, MimieapolU. 

Crockery I Glassware, ^^^-^^'^'I'w:!?^' '"'""-' 


}—.„„.,, ^ij "fts-ini;toa At 


Bell Albert P, dentist 
Bell Mrs Ellen S, milliner. 
Bronson Rev S M (Methodist) 

SrT'V^ -^ * ^«' ^^^"^••^l Srore. 
Brundage Thomas J, grocer 
Burr Daniel A, tlour and feed. 
Canfield Charles F, merchant tailor. 
Clark & McClure, lumber 
Cotleld Charles W, meat market 
Cowing Thomas F, farm implements. 
Cowing & Robards, hardware 
Crorj' Robert, flour and feed. 
Dam & Johnson, lumber. 
De Bill George, baker. 
Deniston Charles H, physician. 

DrmVl'^*'***? u'-^V'* ^^ ^^^•^'- ^'^d Notary. 
Doud ?.! t ""^'^■l""^*^". Proprs Alexandria Post. 
JJoudna Joshua 31, constable 
Dowd Rev Q L (Congregational). 
' :E^yans Benjamin F, watchmaker 
P-^TiT^'^i^^''' J"'''^^' «*■ '^'^ peace. 
f,,t"''r,'^ ?«'"I»>l>CiI, Flour Mill. 
Fulton Clark 8, harnessmaker 

■ S Af^r°'T?fe ^["1^' ^T^^^' <^°""^y News. 
iiine xAlrs II E, dressmaker. 

Hougen George O propr Minnesota House. 

fS;:^l^S.^t^J^l/-^^ ""^-^^^on Hotel. 

Larson & Peffer, harnessmakers 

Letson J II, hotel propr. 

Lewis Frank E, physician 

Lindh Rev L O (Lutheran). 

Loring Albert E, lawyer 

MnVM?-;^ Y"^' ^i'''''" °^ ^^e peace. 
Mc>Mll Robert J, harnessmaker. 
Mashciiser Ilemrich, saloon and billiards. 

Mole &\v,f'v "' -"^V ^^^'^l Estate and Loans. 
luo^t.-, iv \\ iiev, general store 

Mmiso,, ys r. Flour Mill, 9 miles s w. 

Ac son August, blacksmith. 

^e son O II ^ Co, druggists. 

JNelson & Ames, lawyers. 

^orde & Kortsch, general store. 

Isichols Barzilla carpenter and builder. 

Opel Christian, boots and shoes. 

Osborn Rev IT (Episcopal). 

Faulsen & Labo, saloon 

Hall's Safe ^^ Lock Co. f*' °' ^""'' ''"" ^"^^ '" 

• ings, 46 Jackson St, ST. PAUL. 


Tor Oounty, TownsLip and Oity Officers, in 

best of style and oa short noticn, at T. F, HENOTO'S, 
Braokett's Block, Minneapolis. 


Pillsbury & Ilurlbut, grain elevator. 

I'urdon Andrew, carriagemaker. 

Kaiter Christian H, meat market. 

Keader Peter, propr City Hotel. 

Koynolds George H, lawyer. 

Koe George H, express and railroad agent. 

Schultz Carl, gunsmith. 

Shipper Hiram, livery. 

Shot well Mrs Harriet A, confectioner and fancy goods. 

JSims Lorenzo G, Druggist and Postmaster, also Dealer 

in Paints, Oils, Glass, Machine Oils, Books and Stationery, 

and Circulating Library. 
Sims & Jenkins, hardware. 
Smith Rev E L (Free Methodist). 
Solum & Narvesson, hardware. 
Strong Lemuel D, propr Douglas House. 
Siiiidblnd, liarsen «fe"Co, General Store. 
Swenson Adolph W, dry goods. 
Tanger Andrew, constable. 

Torgenson Albert, physician. .' - 

Trenham Newton J, photographer. 
Tway James H, justice of the peace. 
Van Dyke & Larson, saloon and billiards. 
Van Iloesen Frank B, and Pillsbury & Hurlbut, grain and 

Victs Hesurich li, Clothing and Farm Implements. 
Vivian Godfrev, phvjician. 
Volk Carl, brewer. " 
^\ agoner Edward C, sewing machines. 
Walker James, constable. 

Walker Robert, blacksmith and farm implements. 
Walker & Ward, grocers. 

Ward, Van Hoesen «& Raiter, Bankers. 

Wells Rev Wm M (Baptist). 

>Vilson H H, lumber and farm implements. 

Zimmerman Rudolph, general store. 


In the central northern part of Turner countv, 8 miles 
from Parker, on the C, M. ifc St. P. Ry, and 16 from Swan 
Lake (c h). There is a grist mill in the village driven by 
power furnished by the Vermillion river. Population, 60. 
Exports, grain. Stage to Parker and Cameron. Semi-weekly 
mail. :Mi-s. a. Allen, postmaster. 

Galvanized Iron Cornices." 


Oor. Eiith and Sibley Streoti, 

et Fan), Ulniu 

n.,:,-ir- u'-i: 



At G, F. FAREIKaXCN'S, 239 Nloollfi 
Avenoo, Mianeapclia. 



A new settlement on the Red River of the North, on thi' 
eastern border of Pembina county, 18 miles from Pemhiiui 
(c h), and 10 from Ilallock, on "the St. P., M. & M. Ry. 
the nearest railroad point, though goods should be shipped to 
St. Vincent by rail, and to Alma by steamer. The district i^ 
crowding up rapidly with settlers, principally from Canaihi, 
and there is a great demand for land. Stage to Grand Fork> 
and Pembina daily. Two mails daily. Wm. Hogg, fanner, 


A postoffice in the northeastern part of Clay county, is 
miles from Vermillion (c h), the nearest railroad point. 


A mining village in Pennington county, population 250, 
2Y5 miles from Sidney, 38 from Rapid City (c h), the nearest 
railroad point, and H from Rochford, on Castle creek, tu 
which landing goods should be shipped. The Alta Lodi 
quartz mill, of lo stamps, is in operation here. Mail three 
times weekly. Matthew S. Daly, postmaster. 


Daly M S, Groceries, Notions, Etc. 

Pevine S K, grocer. 

Martin J A J, M D, superintendent stamping mill. 

Reader Bros, saw-mill. 


A station on the W. & St. P. division of the C. & N. W- 
Ry, in the north central part of Deuel county, 15 miles from 
Gary (c h). 


In Miner county, 28 miles from Firesteel, on the C, M. «5; 
St. P., the nearest railroad point. 


A station on the Casselton branch of the N. P. Ry, now 
in course of completion, and a village on the Amenia «.t 
Sharon farm of 25,000 acres, in Cass county. PopulatuMi. 
100. Exports, wheat. A steam flour and feed mill and ^i 
general merchant are wanted here. Mail tri-weekly at V^'-'^' 
ent, but daily as soon as trains are running. Edwin NcNeil. 
* postmaster. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

31 Robert Street, ST, PA0L, M^^ 
Keep constantlv on band the fanniii ■ 
Brand -Club Hoaao Bourbon, iry ' 

Hashow, l^^aisli & Davis. ^"»^^->^' y.^'-^.^- 

Are Acent3 fnr all kinds of Ma- 
chinery, Cor, 2d St. and Fi 
J Ave. Socth, Minneapolis. 



Boetcher Herman, blacksmith. 

Chaff e E W, sec Amenia and Sharon Land Co. 


A village in the northwestern part of Lincoln county, 20 
miles from Canton (c h), and S from Sioux Falls, the ter- 
minus of the L. & S. F. Ry, and the nearest railroad point. 
Has a district school, and exports wheat, oats, barley, rye and 
flax. Stage tri-weekly to Sioux Falls and Yankton; fare, §5. 
Mail six times weekly. Ira Soule, postmaster. 


Allibone Wm, justice of the peace. 
Kinsey George, constable. 
Laudwig A, blacksmith and justice. 
Parlilliau Ed, Lawyer. 
Poleman Wm, constable. 
ShefHer F, boots and shoes. 


A newly established postoffice in Burleigh county. Bis- 
marck is the nearest shipping point, on the N. P. Ry. 


A newly established postoffice in Beadle county. 


A country postoffice in Argo township, Brookings county, 
18 miles distant from Medary (c h), and 16 from Aurora, on 
the C. & N. W. Ry, the nearest railroad point. Exports, 
wheat. George Headley, farmer, postmaster. 


The seat of Spink county, near the proposed junction of 
the C. & N. "W. and D. C. Rys, 06 miles from Watertown, 
the nearest railroad point at present. The James or Dakota 
river here offers three or four available water powers. It is a 
new place, needing tradesmen of every kind. Semi-weekly 
stage to Jamestown and Yankton. Five mails weekly. W. 
C. Smart, postmaster. 


Alden Rev E H (Congregational). 

Beebe Warren 1), blacksmith and wagonmaker. 

Keep a full Hne of Darling, Brown 

& Bharpe'B Machimsts' Tools. 36 East 

Thiid St., St. Panl. 

Kingsbury & Draper 

PDnPl/CRV ^^^'^'^^ China. Glassware, wholesale and 
UnUUlXLIilj retail E. A. HAEMON & 00., Mimieapolia. 


BotVlliail S AV, Hotel and Land Agent. 

Brown Rev. 

Guiart W C, land agent and clerk of court. 

Hinckley Perrin, blacksmith. 

Hunt D X, jr, general store and hotel. 

Kneisel Louis, hotel. 

Myers C H, lawyer, etc. 

Rogers Rev J M (Methodist). 

Runser Phillip, blacksmith. 

Watson Rev (Methodist). 

Wheeler E G, Lawyer and Agent. 


A newly established postoffice in Miner county. 


A station on the C. & N. W. Ry, in the southeastern part 
of Brookings county, 5 miles from Medary (c h.) 


A recently established postoffice in a newly settled district 
on the Missouri river, in the eastern part of Morton county. 


In tlie northern part of Lake county, 14 miles from Madi- 
son (c h), and 31 by post road southwest of Volga, on the C. 
& N. ^y., the nearest railroad point. It is quite a new settle- 
ment, with a Catholic church, a district school, and a popula- 
tion of 47. A shoemaker is wanted. Joseph Miiggli, post- 


Bass Joseph, carpenter and builder. 
Casutt J C, blacksmith and farm implements. 
Mug^Ii Jostepli., Hotel. 
Wolf & Muggli, general store. 


A country postoffice in a wheat growing district in Brook- 
ings county, 16 miles from Medary (c h), and 12 from Aurora, 
on the C. & N. W. Ry, the nearest railroad station. Has a 
district school, exports wheat, and banks at Brookings, to 
which point a mail stage runs serai-weekly. Miles White, 
farmer, postmaster. 


Boston. The beat Compiny to Imaro vua. 
WATSON, Gen'l Ageat, ST. PAUL, 



Solo Ag't TRItTMPH SEEDERS, Randall Palvem- 

g Harrows, Tiger Eikea, CanUiE Plows, Milburn 

\9agons, Baggki, etc., 18 W. 3d St,, ST. PAUL. 



A settlement in tlic northwestern part of Richland count}-, 
40 miles from Wahpeton (c h), and 32 from Fargo, on the N. 
P. Ry, the nearest railroad point. Weekly mail. 


A postoffice in Brookings county, 10 miles distant from 
Medary (c h), and 9 from Aurora Station, on the C. & N. TV. 
Ry. Deer Creek offers available water power at this point. 
A district school is located here, and a blacksmith is wanted. 
It is on the stage line from Canby, Minn., to Brookings, and 
has a semi-weekly mail. W. Drieken, postmaster. 


Drieken Wm, general store. 


In Pleasant Valley township, east central part of Lake 
county, 8 miles north of Mailison (c h), and 24 from Volsa, 
on the C. & N. W. Ry, the nearest shipping point. The S. M. 
Hy is graded to a point 5 miles south of this place, and trains 
will shortly be running to Madison. The surrounding country 
is rapidly filling up with settlers. Battle Creek has a district 
school, which is also used as a place of worship by several 
denominations. Exports, wheat. Opening for almost any 
kind of business. Weekly stage to Oakwood and Madison. 
Weekly mail. Leslie T. Crow, postmaster. 


A post station in Custer county. Black Hills. 


A mining settlement in Lawrence county, .35 miles from 
Deadwood, the nearest railroad point. E.xports, gold dust. 
Banking is done at the First National Bank of Deadwood. 
Population, 100. Semi-weekly mail stage to Deadwood; fare 
?3.00, and Spearfish, fare -^1.50. J. D. Fisher, postmaster. 


Benson Wm D, district recorder. 

Fisher J D, Mining Agent. 

Johnston John, notary puVJlic. 

Van Valkenberg A E, blacksmith and deputy sheriff. 

V an \ alkenbcrg & Fisher, general store and saloon. 

AECHITECT3. Accoostica, Heatinc 
and VontUatloa carefully and cor- 
rectlj txranged, UiimeajwUa, Minn. 


Send Your Orders - '°"'°' '-''' '-'' '"° '"' 

Wlieat Cleaners, Flour Packers and Mil 
c!iinery,to W.r.Gima& Co., Minneapolis, 



On the cast bank of the James or Dakota river, in Spink 
county, 8 miles from the temporary county seat, and 65 fnuu 
Watertown, the nearest railroad point. A grist mill is in pro- 
cess of construction on the James river, and the district is 
fast organizing for school purposes. The settlement has a 
population of 50, and is A mile from the C. & N. W. Ky 
survey, at the intersection of the Watertown and Fort Pierre, 
Yankton and Jamestown stage routes. Tri-weekly mail stai,'c 
to Watertown; fare >!:3.00, and semi-monthly to Yankton and 
Jamestown; fare 815.00. Ten mails weekly. F. W. Rogers, 


Bevier F G, blacksmith. 
Hasten J S, house and sign painter. 
Oliver Wm S, nursery. 

Robiil>«oii Z «fe"Co, Proprs Cass House- 
Rogers !•' W «& Co, Lumber Dealers. 
Rogers Bros & Hammond, real estate agents. 
Rogers & Hammond, general store. 


In the northeastern corner of Traill county, 22 miles from 
Grand Forks, on St. P., M. & 31. Ry, and 12 from Caledonia 
(c h). Daily stage to Fargo, !Moorhead, Minn., Grand Forks 
and Pembina. Daily mail. 

BEN LENNOX— Lincoln County. 
, (See Lennox). 


In the east central part of Richland county, 18 miles from 
Wahpeton (c h), and 19 from Breckenridge, on the St. P., 3L 
& M. Ry. Has Lutheran and Methodist churches and a di- 
trict school. Population, 40. Tri-weekly stage to Wah])— 
ton, and weekly to Abcrcrombie and Fargo. "Weekly mail, 
George Worny, farmer, postmaster. 


A postoffice in the eastern part of LT"nion county, 7 miles 
from Portlandville, on the S. C. & D. Ry, the nearest railroa'i 
point, and 24 from Elk Point (c h), 

QPUFCCRQ PlPHQ Importers of Fine Woolens, No. 40 
OunLrLRO DnUOi E. Third Street, ST. PAUL, Mina 

Hasho w, Maish & Davis, "^laia^a: 



In the eastern part of Grant county, of which it is the 
seat, is situated at the foot of Big Stone lake, the source of 
the Minnesota river, and oj)posite Ortouville. It is the start- 
ing point of the western extension of the C, St. P. & O. Rv. 
Population, 400 and rapidly increasing. Big Stone City has 
a bank, a grist mill of 2 pair of burrs, driven by the Whet- 
stone river, a district school, a hotel, a newspaper, the Grant 
County Ileral'I, and exports wheat. A steamer plies between 
Big Stone City and Brown's Valley and intermediate land- 
ings, regularly. Express, Am. Daily stage to Ortonville, 
semi-weekly to Garry and Watertown ; weekly to Home and 
Sissetou Agency, fare 25c to Ortonville and $2 to all other 
points. Sixteen mails weekly. W. R. Monius, postmaster. 


Achlcr Tobias, Flouring Mills. 

Aumodt A M, saloon. 

Bennett E M, lawyer. 

Betcher Charles, lumber, etc. 

Bliser & Evans, land agents. 

Bradberry C J M, hotel propr. ' . 

Coward & Stevenson, general store. 

Dearborn A E, agent C Betcher. 

Ui^^S D AV & Co, Bankers and Insurance Agents.. 

Downer & Jackson, editors Grant County Herald. 

Dunnell Samuel, wagonmaker. 

Furber & Requa, hardware and stoves. 

Gillett J M, restaurant. 

Glasser & Co, saloon. 

Gorwell A, saloon. 

Habien Bros, pumpmakers. 

Haight Bros, hotel proprs. 

IleiliCA & Co, General Store. 

Holbrook D W, propr St Charles Hotel. 

Holmes C L, grocer. 

Jones liOlid & Jones, Lawyers. 

Knapp Brothers, blacksmiths. 

Knapp Charles, hotel propr. 

Movius A W, county surveyor. 

Movius Bro-i. insurance and fai-m implements. 

Moviii** AVm R, Deputy County Treasurer. 

Munroe F J, ]iainter. 

Munroe J O A: Co, Druggists. 

Osborn L S, physician. 

Schaefer & Dickey, meat market and feed. 

Galvanized Iron Window Caps. IHBI 

Charles Johnson/"^'^^ "' ''"^""' ''' ^" 

I J ington Ave. South, MINNEAPOLI" 


Simonds S W, lawyer. 

Thompson Bros, livery. 

Thorndike F W, flour and feed. 

Williams E O, lumber dealer and insurance agent. 


A postoffice at the foot of the hills of the same name, in 
the southern part of Brule county. The hills have numerous 
springs, which form streams flowing into the interior of tho 
country, contain vast quarries of valuable building stone, and 
rich mineral deposits have been found by prospectors. 


The seat of Burleigh county, is an enterprising and grow- 
ing city of 3,000 inhabitants, situated at the Northern Pacific 
crossing of the Missouri river, is the western terminus of tlf 
N. P. Ry, and the beginning of the Missouri division, whicli 
extends "to the Yellowstone, and is being pushed forward :U 
the rate of one mile per day. It is and has been since tin- 
earliest days a central receiving and distributing point, tlu' 
region in which it is situated having been the great battle 
ground of the Sioux and the allied tribes of the Arneckarits, 
Gros Ventres and Mandans. When the Sioux conquerc-1 
their weaker enemies they made Bismarck the gathering placi- 
for their annual sun dance and great festivals. When the 
Territory began to be settled Bismarck became the center nt 
the great stage route to Deadwood, Keough, Yates, Abraham 
Lincoln, Buford and Mandan, and of the steamboat trade ol 
the Missouri river. It now has 2 daily newspapers, 2 bank>. 
8 hotels — one of them, the Sheridan House, being iln' 
largest in the Territory — dealers in general groceries an>i 
merchandise, clothing and gents' furnishings, dry good-, 
boots and shoes, drugs and chemicals, furniture, luuib<r 
yards, bakeries, markets, flour and feed stores, flciur- 
ing mill, wholesale liquor houses, breweries, blacksniitli, 
wagon and gun shops, numerous saloons and plaf - 
of amusement. There are Catholic, Presbyterian, Mctli"- 
dist and Episcopal churches. The public schools are gradfl 
in three departments, and the Benedictine sisters havi 
excellent graded schools. A $25,000 fire-proof court hi>n- 
and jail is in course of erection. Five lines, con- 
trolling some 40 vessels, headijuarter at Bismarck, and ]>ly i" 
Fort Benton, 1,200 miles above, on the Missouri, 300 miles <<u 
the Yellowstone from Fort Buford to Fort Keough, and 7'' 
■on the Big Ilorn from Fort Keough to Fort Custer. Tlurc 
.are, beside, the Gen. Sherman, a government dispatch boat. 

RJi A O : ^£ ^ M J General Agent Hall's Safe as^l 
Bfl- A. ^IgtOrdjLook Co., ST. PAUL, Miui. 

nlnril/ Dnn!'P Manufactured for Banks, Mill Men and Oorpora- 

D anK'DUUilb tloBB,atlowrateB»nd In best of stylo, by F. F. EENHia, 
UtUliU fc»wwnw Bracken's Block, KinneapoUs. 







No. 78 Main Street, 

Bis:Ld:A.i^cs:, d . t. 

Carpenter, Builder, 


Lumber.Shingies.Sash, Doors, Nails 

Glass, Paints, Oils and Moldings, 





Val. Blatz's Milwaukee Beer. 



Galvanized Iron Window Caps-SSa 

I'll i-' 

The Latest Designs ";roirT",rittis;;; 


the North Pacific transfer steamer, the steam ferry Uni. i 
the Eclipse and the Red Cloud. Daily stages run to F,,-' 
Benton, 340 miles, fare »;40; Fort Buford, 250 miles i'v 
Dead wood, 240 miles, «24 ; Fort Yates, 60 miles, -s7.50 ; Mand V.i ' 
6 miles, 81, and Fort Abraham Lincoln, 5 miles, >>1. Fully -^ vV. 
teams are engaged in freighting from Bismarc'k tc the Bl'u'k 
Hills and other points. Trade of every kind is fully represent.-,! 
in Bismarck, and it is an excellent point for men with capitil 
to place in lands and farmius, etc. The surroundino- couiitr- 
is among the richest in the Xorthwest. The great^bonanz'i 
farms along the line of the X. P. Rv pour their prod.u. 
through the city on its way to market. Burleit^h county ln> 
60,000 acres of timber and vast beds of coal which are"n..u 
being actively and profitably worked. The total amount ni 
tonnage, including grain, delivered for contractors on account ■ •! 
supplies for the Government was, during 1ST9, 133,687,48- Ui- 
The receipts for freight at the Bismarck office of theN. P Rv 
averaged -s 75,000 per month. The steamboat freio-hts of tl^' 
year footed up in round figures 15,000,000 pounds.* Bismank 
IS the headquarters of the United States military teleo-raph 
line, the officer in charge controlling 2,500 miles of^vir.'. 
The Lnited States Government offices located at Bismarck 
are those of Deputy Collector of Customs, Deputy Collector 
of Internal Revenue, Deputy U. S. Marshal, U. S. Laiui 
Office, L. S. Signal Station, and Depot Quartermaster. Tlir 
Baby coal mine, 46 miles west of Bismarck, is puttino- out 
coal at the rate of 100 tons per day. Exports, wheat,''fur-. 
hides and coal. Express, N. P. Ry. Telecrraph, Xorth- 
western and U. S. military. Daily mails by rail and sta-f. 
Clement A. Lounsberry, postmaster. 


Bailey D I & Co, Hardware and Farm Implements. 
(i>ee adv.) 

Baker & Gooding, soda water mnfrs. 

Barr John C, agent T C Power & Bro. 

Barrett Patrick R, saloon. 

Beal Orlando II, gunsmith. 

Bennett & Burt, tlour mill. 

Bentley Win A, physician. 

Berkelman Charles & Co, saloon. 

Bigelow A T, dentist. 

Bl<«lMarck Tribune, C A Lounsberry Propr, a Re]'- 
resent.ative Newspaper full of Army, Indian, Mining an^i 
other Western News, Subscription Price 82.50 per ann. 

Blakely Henry, agent N W Exp.-es.s, Stage anl 
Transi)ortation Co. 

PoflfinO I l/nno P; Pn 31EobertSt.,St,Panl,iIinu.,aro 
rerftlllS, Lyons 06 10. Agents for ToIu, Eock and E;. 

Hashow,Maish& Davis, 

ENGINE WOEK a Bp«clalty, 

Cor. 2d 8t, aad Fifth Avf, Sont'n, 

Mianeapolia, Minn. 


J". :EZ. TTIT-..^ IL. 2^ IE ^, 


Also Proprietor of Star Brewery. 

Special attention given to consignments of Oats, Corn, Feed, 
Butter and Eggs. 

WALTER JLVNN. St. Paul, Prt-st. G. H. FAIKCHILD, Cashier. 

First National Bank of Bismarck, 


Paid Up Capital, $50,000 

Walter Mann, Asa Fisher, Dan Eisenberg, G. H. Fairchild, H. R. Porter. 

CoRREspoNDE-vrs— American Exchange Xational Bank, New York. First National 
Bank, Chicago. Jlerchants National Bank, St. Paul. 

Interest Allowed on Time Deposit^. Exchancre on Europe. Agency for Principal 


33. s. ^j^^-K:K^:^'^r cSc C5<c^. 


'General Hardware 

Farm Machinery. 

Manufacturers of 

r''^ - .^ "^ Tinware and House Fur- 

-fc— .-^^ - - ^^J nishing Goods. 



Pay no money in advance to itinerant Directory Canvass- 
ers. Vie are led to mention this from the fact that certain 
parties have been fraudulently usiu^ onr hoolc as a si)ecimen, 
and by that means, collectina: moneys in advance. no 
payment nutil the work is delivereil. and our Solicitors have 
s-trict orders not to take payment for either advertisements or 
. ^. X. J^OLK ry CO. 

Mrs' Hardware wS:^rS,s"S 

Headquarters for Crockery 




Bly Eber H, Propr Sheridan House. 

Jiostwick & Arnold, carpenters and builders. 

BOWCII John, Land Agent N P Ry. 

Boyle John, grocer. 

Bragg Justus, meat market. 

Broholm E, boot and shoemaker. 

Brunsman Edward A, barber and baths. 

Oady James C, furniture. 

Carlaud John E, Lawyer, Prompt Attention Given to 

all Kinds of Legal Business and Collections. 
Cliff Bros, painters and wall paper. 
Oomeford & Molloy, livery. 
Comer \Vm H W, barber and baths. 
Cooper Miss Melissa J, shirtmaker. 
•Cooper Stephen J, carriagemaker. 
Cressy Alfred, confectioner. 
Cu.shman C 31, deputy collector of customs. 
Custer Hotel, Thomas McGowen Propr, the Best Family 

Hotel in the City, Terms Reasonable, near the Depot, 

SLoO per Day. 
Day & Plants, jewelers. 

DunklebcrJi" Xatliail, Lumber, Etc. {Sec adv.) 
Vllllll & Co, Wholesale and Retail Druggists, Paints, 

Oils, Glass, Etc, Perfumery, Fancy and Toilet Articles. 
Eades & Westhauser, saloon and billiards. 
Eisenberg Daniel, dry goods. 
Elder George W, saloon and restaurant. 
Emmons Christopher C, tobacco and cigars. 
Emmons James A, propr Bismarck Sun. 
Eppinger M & Co, clothing. 
Fairchild George H, insurance agent. 
First Xatioiial Bank (Capital *50,000), Walter Mann 

Pres, George II Fairchild Cashr. {See adv.) 
Fisher Asa, Wholesale Wines and Liquors. {See adv.) 
Flannery and Wetherby, lawj-ers. 
Forster John P, restaurant. 
Franklin Wm, barber and baths. 
Gannon John P, hotel and saloon. 

Gekhardt Miss Henrietta E, Millinery, FancT 
Goods, Ribbons, Laces, Latest Fashionable Shapes Cou- 
stantly Received, Dressmaking in all its Branches. 

Glass George II, city justice of the peace. 

Glitschka Wm, grocer. 

Goff Orlando S, photographer. 

Goss James R, lawyer. 

Gould & Dahl, merchant tailors. 

Griffin Levi N, propr ^lerchants' Hotel. 

IQ K I n n n OWest, Eest and Cheapest. New Enpland 
J n~ I y n Ul MntualLifelnsuraDceCo. of Boston. J.J.WATBOS. 
General Agent, 8T. PAUL. 

P P TPII^QTH^I ^' n^'^ MTLBTOH WAGONS, Ti^r Kake,, Ban- 

Ul Dl 1 nUllO i Li'i\t 1^" fil^«'"'«!>S Harrows, Tnamph Seeders, Can- 

; ton Plows, Bsggiea, etc., 18 W. 3J St., St. Paal. 



Hannifin Dennis, saloon. 

H;iiiuT?f Sigmund, clothing and merchant tailor. 

I Lire Joseph, saloon and billiards. 

Hausinann & Jordan, bakers. 

H..L,'lund John P, carpenter and builder. 

IloIIeiiibaek ^'ui A, Druggist. 

Ives Mrs Harriet, milliner. 

Jewell Marshall H, job printer. 

Kirk Ezra B, U S depot quartermaster. 

Kupitz & Griffin, grocer and meat market. 

I-arsen Louis, boot and shoemaker. 

Leo Patrick, saloon. 

Logan James A, grocer. 

Lounsberry Clement A, Propr Bismarck Tribune. 

Ludswig John, general store. 

Lnng Sam, laundry. 

3IcClear Michael, "grocer. 

-McGowen Thomas, jironr Custer Hotel. 

-HcLeail A: ^I.ieilider, General Store. 

Macnider D & Co, harnessmakers. 

Malloy Bros, proprs Western House. 

-Marsh Martin L, saloon. 

Marshall James H, boots and shoes. 

Mason John A, blacksmith. ^ • 

Merk John, saloon. , 

Meserve & Co, saloon and billiards. 

Missouri River Transportation Co, proprs Coulson Line. 

Mister Henry M, blacksmith. 

Xorlhwestern Express, Stage and Trans 

portation Co. Ilenrv Blakelev,^ Agent. 
Oberne, Hosick & Co, 'hides a'nd wool. " 
Ostlund John, liverv stable. 
I'eoples George, bl^icksraith. 



'^■IWIIIIL.UIOjto Public Bdldingj, Bohoola, Conrt-Hi 


Special attention 

'osaea and OhnroiieB. 

■ W.F. GOC'IN & CO,--""™-"*'- 


Heoples <fc Co, Proprs Fort Sully Stage Line. 

Perterson Jonas, gunsmith. 

Porter Henry R, physician. 

Poster Hiram R, physician. 

Power T C & Bro, proprs Benton line steamers, J C Barr 

Preston & Williams, lawyers. 

•Quinlan & Halloran, saloon. 

Racek Bros, harnessmakers. 

Raymond J W & Co, grocers. 

RayiuoncI & Bell, Bankers. 

Hoberts & Griffin, saloon and billiards. 

Rogers J & Co, wines and liquors. 

Rust Charles B, blacksmith. 

Schiffler F R, merchant tailor. 

.Sharpless Bros, barbers. 

.Sheridan Mouse, E B Bly Propr, all Trains Stop at 
and Start from this Hotel, the Largest Hotel in the Ter- 
ritory. ■ ■ 

Sherwood Stephen J, barber. 

Slattery Michael P, grocer. 

Slaughter B F, physician. 

Stewart David, carriagemaker. 

Stimpson Wm H, news depot and confectioner. 

Stoyell John A, lawyer. 

Stoyell li: Leib, livery stable. 

Strauss E L tfe Bro, jewelers. 

Sweet G W, real estate. 

Thurston W BI <& Co, Wholesale Grocers and Farm 
Implements. [Sec adv.) 

Tulley Terence J, merchant tailor. 

"Vaile, Miner &, Williamson, proprs Ft Keough Stage Line. 

Wah Wal Sam, laundry. 

"VValdron John, city mar.shall. 

Walker Jud»Oil K, Grocery, Wines, Liquors and 
Brewery. (.S:t ddc.) 

"Watson Wiilard B, dry goods. 

AVeaver C S «V Co', Contractors and Builders, Whok-alc 
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Doors, Windows, Building Paiior 
and Building Materials. 

Whalen John, crockery. 

Whitney Samuel, variety theatre. 

Williams Charles R, saloon. 

Yegaii John, grocer and baker. 


A recently establi^^hcd postofKce in Graud Forks county. 

^P[4F^PPQ PSHQ Fine Merchant Tailoring, Nrio 

OUnLlLRO DilUOg R Third Street, ST. PAUL, Jlinn. 

Hasho w, Maish & Davis, r^-^ -- ^^ ^^ «"^ 

BoUdeiB of Oity 'Wat*r-'Works 
for frontier townj. Cor. 2d St. 
and Pifth Ave. S., Minneapolis. 


-^ BLAIR. 

Formerly Lennox, a. country postoffice in the northcistem 
I'Art of Union county, 30 miles from Elk Point (c b), 5i from 
I'.illiope, Sioux county, Iowa, and 10 fromEden, both eligible points. A fine stock raising region. Stage commu- 
tiic.ition with Canton and Portlandville four times weekly. 
('JLirk'S Mitchell, fanner, postmaster. 


In the southeastern part of Moody county, 14 miles from 
Fl.indreau (c h), on the S. M. Ry. Has a Lutheran church 
.md a common school. Stage to Flandreau, fare §1.50, and 
Sioux Falls, fare $3.00. Mail weekly. Olof Olson, post- 


Olson O, blacksmith. 

A postoffice in the central southern part of Deuel county, 
20 miles from Gary (c h). Weekly mail. M. E. Quickstad, 
postmaster and general store. 


A postoffice in a newly settled district in the east central 
part of Traill county, 15 miles from Caledonia (c h), on the 
Rod River of the North, the nearest steamboat landincr, and 
30 from Casselton, on theN. P.Ry, the nearest railroad "point. 
It Las Methodist Episcopal and Lutheran church organiz.a- 
tions, holding services in the district school house. Exports, 
^heat, banks at Fargo, and calls for a store and grist mill. 
Stage to Caledonia and Newburgh ; fare 81.00 and" 81.50 re- 
spectively. Four mails weekly. John Ostlund, postmaster. 


Dakke Ole P, justice of the pe.ace. 
Harstad G A, ju<lge of probate. 
Ostlund Rev J (>iethodist Episcopal). 


A small village in the central part of Clay county, 10 miles 
north of Vermillion (c h), on the Dakota Southern Ry, the 
•••■arest railroad point. The Vermillion river here drives a 
fl''uriiig mill of 3 run of stone. The village has B.iptist and 
- uthodist churches, a public school, exports grain, stock and 
fl'jur, and offers openings to a blacksmith, wagonmakcr, store- 
ki'oper and stock raiser.' Tri-weekly mail st.age to Vermillion, 

Iron Roofers.'"'^'^""''^'"^'''' 

Ttird St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

I Omn PnnHc "^^^^^ Cutlery and Plated Ware, at Charlt's 
Lamp UUUUbj Johnson's Crockery House, ^^^Its'Zl!':'''^'' 


Lodi, Riverside and Centerville. Daily mail. Rev. J. K. 
"^Idridge, postmaster. 


Eldrids-e Rev J K (Baptist). 
Nastlund J P, tiouring mill. 


A discoutinued postoffice in Brookings county. 


A country postoffice in the west central part of Clay 
county, 14 miles from Vermillion (c h), and 6 from Mechlino;, 
the nearest railroad point. There is a Methodist church and 
common school in the neighborhood. Semi-weekly mail stage 
to Mechling and Swan Lake. H. A. Long, postmaster. 


The seat of Bon Homme county, is a decaying town on 
the southern border of the State, situated on the Missouri 
river, 13 miles from Tyndall, on the C, St. P. & O. Ry. It 
had a population of 300, but Tyndall is drawing heavily from 
it. Exports, stock, pork and wheat. lias a Methodist Epis- 
copal church and public school. Daily stage to Yankton and 
daily mail. A. Zienert, postmaster. 


Cogan R, hotel. 

Hutter Society, flouring mills. 

Markley F N, blacksmith. ■ - 

Nicklas D P, physician. 

Zienert A, General Store. 


A settlement of 120 souls in the as yet unorganized county 
of Ransom, on the Cheyenne river, 28 miles from New Buf- 
falo, on the N. P. Ry, 40 from Fargo and 31 from Casselton. 
There is abundant water power on the Cheyenne river here, 
and millers are wanted to utilize it. The country is rich and 
fast filling up, and there are good openings for merchants and 
tradesmen. Exports, wheat, cattle and dairy products. 
Semi- weekly mail stage to Fargo; fare §3. John P. Knight, 


Bascomb W F, lawyer. 
Kuig;l>t J P, Surveyor. 

UrjU'o^'^fo 1^1 nofr' Pft Manufacturers of Tire and Burg- 
nali O Oald ^ LUUii UUi lar Pioof safes, St. Faul, Minn. 

F. F- Hennig, 

Book-Binder and Blank-Book 

Maanfactarer, Brackett's Block, 
MinneapoUsi Minn. 


Merrj; O, carpenter. 
Khinehart E D, blacksmith. 
Virgin S, physician. 


A recently established postoffice in Pembina county. 


A station on the W. & S. F. division of the St. P. & S. C. 
Ry, in the southeastern part of Minnehaha county, 8 miles 
from Sioux Falls (c h). Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, 
Am. Daily mail. 


Rouland N J, general store. 


In the southeastern corner of Lake county, is 7 miles dis- 
tant from Madison (c h), 22 from Flandreau, the present 
terminus of the.S. M. Ry, and 35 from Sioux Falls. Has a 
Methodist church and common school, exjiorts grain, and 
wants ^ blacksmith and a merchant. A village lot of an 
acre is offered any one who will start business in the place. 
Tri-weekly stage to Sioux Falls. Daily mail from Madison. 
Mrs. E. A. Bishop, postmaster. 


Hastings Rev (Methodist). 


A post village in the northwestern part of Union county, 
22 miles from Vermillion, on the D. S. Ry, the nearest rail- 
road point, and 36 from Elk Point (c h). 


A newly established postoffice in Deuel county. 

A village of 50 inhabitants in the southeastern part of 
Moody county, 15 miles from Flandreau (c h), the nearest 
railroad point 


A station on the I\Iinne«ota & Dakota division of the C. 
& N. W. Ry, near the center of Bri)okint,'s county, 14 miles 
from Mcdary (c h). Express, Am. Daily mail. 

STaTE RDOFERS.Lt"™™^' ' "- """" 

1 Sixth and Siblay Sts., St Paul, Minn, 

GF pTrri'^fftnn -Artistic Tallor. Dress Suits a Specialty. 
I li rCil I lliglUIIj 239 Nicollet Avenue, Miuneapolis, Mina. 


(See Aurelia.) 


In the southwestern part of Lincoln county, on the line of 
the prospective Yankton branch of the C, St. P. & O. Ry, -lo 
miles from Canton (c h), and 36 from Venuillion, either of 
which is an eligible railroad point. Has Methodist, Baptist, 
Swedish Lutheran and Universalist churches and a common 
school. Daily stage to Vermillion and Worthing, and daily 
mail. M. II. "White, M. D., postmaster. 


Adaill§on John, Boots and Shoes. 

Amburn Rev (Methodist). 

Bonine W B, barber. 

Bouine Wm S, hotel propr. 

Egerstrom L P, constable. 

Hurlburt Rev E H (Baptist). 

Lundin Rev C H (Lutheran). 

Palmer W W, livery. 

Wallen Erick, constable. 

White 31 H, Physician and Justice of the Peace. 

Wimple A J, justice of the peace. 


A post station in the southwestern part of Grant county, 
20 miles distant from Big Stone City (c h), the nearest rail- 
road point. 


The seat of Brule county, is situated on the Missouri river 
in the centre of the western boundary. The C, St. P. & 0. 
Ry has located a line to this point, but thus far Mitchell, on 
this road, TO miles distant, in Davison county, is the nearest 
railroad point. Goods should be shipped by water via Dry 
Island, on the Missouri river, 4 miles distant. Populatinn, 
100. Has a public school, hotel and general store. Exports. 
hides and grain, and banks at Yankton. Stage to Yankton 
and all lower towns semi-weekly; fare §15 to Yankton. Senii- 
•weekly mail. Emily J. Spalding, postmaster. 


Bond E il, justice of the peace. 
Bonnell O 11, boots and shoes. 
Collins C, journalist. 

Dert St,, St. Paul, Minn., 

Agents for the New Oilcioj 
High Life OiRMs. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 'i 

Kashow, Maish & Davis, ESS^^^r;^,! 


Hciui»gway & Co, general store. 

lAxikcr S C, druggist. 

Lowis L W, justice of the peace. 

Lvwis & Meyer, surveyors. 

Ixiuvre Lafayette, blacksmith. > 

iSpnlding:' D W, General Store. 

Stout II G, propr Brule City House. 

Struthers R B, jeweler. ' - ■ 

Wall «fc Disney, lawyers and loan agents. 

A postoffice in Custer county. 


A station on the S. C. & D. division of the C, M. & St. 
P. Ry, in the southern part of Clay county, 6 miles from Ver- 
million (c h). Population, 50.' Exports, grain; banks at 
Vermillion, has a district school and saw-mill, and wants a 
blacksmith, shoemaker, hotel, dry goods and lumber dealers. 
Daily stage to Ionia, Nebraska. Three mails daily. Frank 
P. Dutton, postmaster. 


Adams J D, blacksmith. 

Andrews C, grain dealer. 

Cusick N W, grain dealer. 

Dutton A K & Son, General Store. 

Dutton Frank P, railroad agent. 

Soul "Walter, engineer. 

Stafin J, saw -mill. 

■Stewart D H, carpenter. 

-Stayer D, wagonmaker. 


The seat of Traill county, on the eastern border of the 
county, at the junction of Goose creek with the Red River of 
the North, 25 miles to Ada Station, on the St. P., ]\[. & M., 
the nearest railroad point, and 40 miles north of Fargo, with 
■which it has steamboat communication during summer. 
Population, 100. Goose creek furnishes power to a flouring 
mill at this point. Has a church, a common school and a 
hotel. Exports, wheat; banks at Fargo, and calls for a shoe- 
maker and wheelwrirrht. Express, N. P. Stage to Fargo, 
farex4; Ada *2.50; Grand Forks 83; Mayville *2.50. Mail 
daily. Asa Sargeant, postmaster ; Morgan & Bro, deputy 

Builders' Hardware and Mechan- 
ics' Tools, 3 5 E. Third St., St. Paul 

Kingsbury & Draper. 


HAEMON & 00., Mianeapclu. 



Armland L J, blacksmith. 
Clark C M, saloon. 

Clark J P it Bro, lumber and farm implements- 
Cleveland W P, physician. 
Comfort ^V 111,' Grocer. 
Corliss A A, harnessmaker. 
Francis L E, lawyer. 
Hobson H D, lawyer. 
Houghton Mrs, hotel. 
Jahr E F, hardware. 
Little Joliu, Druggist. 
McGuire Frank, blacksmith. 

Morgan & Bro, general store. . ■" ■ 

Paulson J E, general store. 
Sargeant Asa & Co, flour mill. 
Shuttleworth Mrs, milliner. 
Sibley Wm, lawyer. 
Sundet John, hotel and meat market. 
Weston George E, lumber, lime and salt.. 


The seat of McCook county, in the southeastern part thereof, 
14 miles from Bridgewater, o'n the C.,M.&St. P. Ry. Popula- 
tion, 30. Has a Methodist church and common school. Tri- 
weekly stage to Sioux Falls and Parker; fare ^2.50 and 81.50^ 
respectively. Tri-weekly mail. W. J. Clark, postmaster. 


Clark "W J, General Store. 
Hegley George, blacksmith. 
Lamphire W C, hotel. 


A settlement on the Cannon Ball river, in Morton county,, 
near the center of the Territory. Shipments should be made 
by Missouri river steamer. 


The seat of Lincoln county, is a thriving and growing town 
of 800 inhabitants, situated in a rich agricultural and grazing 
neighborhood, and at the junction of the C, M. & St. P. aiid 
the S. C. & D. Rys, on the Big Siou.x river, the dividing liii<j 
between Iowa and Dakota, ft has Episcopal, Methodist and 
Congregational churches, 2 common schools, a bank, 4 hotels, 



Sole Ag't 0AHT05 PLOWS, Tiger Bakes, Ran- 

aall Palverisia? Harrows, Triampli BeeJera, Mil- 

J bam Wagoaa, 'Bnggiea, etc., 18 W, 3d St., St.Paul 



$2.00 Per Day. 
G. W. Naylor, Prop'r. CANTON, D. T. 




Dakota Poultry Yards 

Breeder of and Dealer in Holstein Cattle 

Piire Bred Poultry. 

j Light Brahmas, Partridge Cochins. 

J Houdans, .\nit>rican liominiques. 

] White Crested Black Polands. Ply- 

J mouth Rocks. Imperial Pekin 

"■^ Ducks, Toulouse Geese. Mammoth 

^ . , -'^ Bronze Turkeys. 

"^--^ - L"^ Es^sx a Pohnd Cliini &^. 

JOHN H. HOLSEY, Canton, D. T. 

Real Estate, Loan, Insurance 


Dakota Loan and Trust Company, 

J- W. TAYLOR, President. R. H. WALKER. J. M. ZELLER, Sec'y and Treas'r. 


Money invested in first mortsa^e .3 to 5 year loans on improved farms; interest 
from S to 9 per cent, payable annually or semi-annually. Loan not to exceed one- 
U*rd of appraised valuation. Written application required and sworn appraisal of 
*t l,?ast two freeholders. Morttra^e and mterest coupon note taken. Clear abstract 
o' titl- shown after record. Special rates and commission to banks and capitalists, 
further information furnished on application. 

AKOmrEOTS. Aoconstlcs, Hsating 
and Ventilation etrefoUy and cor- 
rectly krranged. llknttpolis, Minn. 


W, F, GUNN & CO. a'sS&f=Ss,s,: 

Oificc-Day Block, Mr^eapolia, Mma, 

general grocery, dry goods, furniture, hardware, drug, wacron 
an^ carriage stores and mechanic shops, and a fair representa- 
tion of the learned professions. The exports are principallv 
wheat and stock. Canton is the receiving and distributing 
center of an important, thickly settled and rapidly growing 
portion of the territory, and is constantly receiving' accessions 
to her population from the western tlow of immigration. 
Express, Am. and U. S. Stage to Richland, D. T., an°d Port" 
landville, Iowa. Two daily and two weekly mails. Maggie 
Bailey, postmaster. °^ 


Alexander & Lane, livery and sale stable. 

American Express Co, T J Fosdick agent. 

Bailey 51rs 51, Postmaster. 

Barrow F &. Corson, Wholesale and Retail Liquors, 

Cigars and Schlitz Milwaukee Beer. (See adv.) 
Bear Harvey, furniture and undertaker. 
Bedford Clayton A, agent St Croix Lumber Co. 
Benedict Joseph S, general store. 
Brown Elihu Y, physician. 
Burnstrom Magnus, blacksmith. 

Canton Advocate The (Weekly), Carter Bros Public. 
Carpenter James A, flouring mills, 2 miles s. 
Carter Bros, publrs Canton Advocate. 
Christopher Charles, grocer, etc. 
Clark Michael M, physician and surgeon. 
Kline J C, lawyer. 

Coloney John, Propr Merchants' Hotel. 
Conklin Rev C V (Baptist). 
Cuppett ^Vni :^I, Clerk District Court. 
Dahl John L, Ixjot and shoemaker. 

Dakota Loan and Trnst Co, J W Taylor Pres. 

Dixon Andrew P, sheriff. 

Falde John, groceries anii provisions. 

Gale & Ward, Bankers. 

Gifford Oscar S, lawyer. 

Gilbert H G, general store. 

Glover J F, Lawyer. 

Guinter D S, blacksmith. 

Herman Manual H, livery stable. 

Hewitt Joel C, saddle and harnessmaker. 

Hewitt John W, saddle and harnessmaker. 

Hewitt &, Alexander, carpenters and builders. 

Hicks Joseph W, grocer. 

UolMCy John II, Dealer in Poultry, Essex Swine, Live 

Stock and Cattle. {See a<lu.) 
Hood Thomas W, drugs and wall paper. 

Sr'^'yirCPPQ DS^HQ Pine Merchant TaUoring, No. lo 
OnLrLllO PnUOiE. TMia street, ST. PAUL, Minn. 

Hashovv, f.laish & Davis, =.. '&.;rss; 

' -^» .wj MiimeapoUji Minn. 


lliimeapoU*, Minn. 

Horn J & Co, wagon and carriagemakers. 

iMckson Ole R, blacksmith. 

JacoKs B C, county treasurer. 

Jenkins Mrs S J, millinery goods. 

Jerauld H A, lawyer. 

Jones & Edwards, saloon and billiards. 

Keeler George P, lawyer. 

Keller James, druggist and grocer. 

Keyes F P, Railroad and Express Agent. 

Kingsbury Rev Lucius (Congregational). 

Lane Henry C, lumber, etc. 

Linderman Gustav, saloon. 

Loken Mrs Lyder, milliner and dressmaker. 

McBride Rev J W (Episcopal). 

Mackey S P, supt of schools. • • 

Madole & Hinkley, general store. ■' . ■ 

Martin Bros, meat market. 

Merchants' Hotel, John Coloney Propr. 

Jliller W H, general store. 

Nash Ne^vraan C, editor and propr Sioux Valley News 

.\ aylor George W, Propr Naylor House. (See adv.) 

Navlor, George W Naylor Propr. {See adv.) 

kelson Gustav A, boots and shoes. r \ / 

Olson Rev E (Norwegian Lutheran). 

Pattee J B, carpenter and builder 

Pattee 3Irs S C, laundry. 

Phillips John, live stock. ' • • 

Rea Oscar E, insurance agent. 

Robinson Wm H, bakery and restaurant. 

F. BARROW. ^ 3 ^^^^^^ 


■Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

mm, mmi m domestic whs 

Cigars and Selilitx :»IiI«aukee Beer. 


Fire-Proof DoorslSliuners. I! 


"'4 North Tliird Street, 
aoeapolis, ilinaeiota. 

rhorloe Infincnn OrooW and Glassware, 513 Wash- 
UiidllCO JUllllOUHjington Ave. South, MUflTElAPOLIS. 


Ross Alphonzo M, wagonmaker. 

Rosj Hiram W, manager Oshkosh Lumber Co. 

Rowley F M, general store. 

Rudolph Arthur F, clothing, boots and shoes. 

Rudolph Otto A, hardware and farm implements. 

St Croix L<»inil>er Co, C A Bedford, Manager. 

Shufelt & O'Xeill, sign and carriage painters. 

Sioux Valley Xews, N C Nash Editor and Propr. 

Skillerand John H, merchant tailor. 

Southard Ilaviland, physician. 

Syverud Matthias L, watches, clocks, etc. 

Taylor JohlL W, Lawyer. {See adv.) 

Taylor & Zeller, Real Estate, Loan, Insurance and 

Collection Agents. (See adv.) 
Thompson Oley, propr Thompson House. 
Thompson Thomas P, hardware and stoves. 
Thonstad Thore J, county clerk and register. 
Webb George W, barber. 
Webster Rev B (Methodist). 
Wendt Eniest, general store. 
Wiggins G H, judge of probate. 
Woerc Herman, furniture and undertaker. 
Woodruff Mrs E M, milliner and dressmaker. 


A settlement of about .30 inhabitants in the northeastern 
part of Pembina county, 11 miles from Pembina (ch), and 1- 
from St. Vincent, Minn., the nearest railroad point. Has 
district schools, exports wheat, banks at St. Vincent, and is 
badly in want of a flour mill, blacksmith and store keeper, as 
the neighborhood is rapidly filling up. Weekly mail. Adolph 
•Carl, postmaster and propr Carlisle House. 


A newly founded town on the N. P. Ry, near the centre 
of the eastern line of Barnes county, 45 miles from Fargo. It 
is in a splendid wheat district, beautifully situated, and thou- 
sands of acres are being broken this season. Fine opening 
for a general store. Population, 20. Two mails daily. John 
il. Dennett, postmaster. 


Dennett John :^I, Propr Town Site. 
Dennett & Eaton, lumber dealers. 
Hubbele John E, propr town site. 
.Johnson Wm A, propr Carlton House. 

-HSII S 5aI8 '^^ LOCS\ uOl 46 Jackson St, ST. PAUL, Klaa. 

Dnnl^ Rinflsnrv •^°^ Oonnty, Township and Oity Officers, in 

DUU{\~DillUlli>^l test of style and on short notice, at F. F. EEMia'S, 

wJ Brackett'e Block, Mianeapoik, 

lxd business directory. 


A thriving business town of some 600 inhabitants in the 
Cfntral part of Cass county, 8 miles from Fargo (c h), on the 
line of the X. P. Ry, at the point where the Fargo, Casselton 
anil Xorthwestern branch diverges down the valley. There 
are ^Methodist and Presbyterian churches and a public school 
here, together with a number of handsome business houses. 
A large trade is done with the Red River Valley country to 
the north, south and west of Casselton. The villao-e has a 
machine shop and several mechanic shops, and want's a grist 
mill and newspaper. Exports, wheat, oats and corn. Ex- 
j.ress, N. P. Ry. Stage to Amenia tri-weekly. Two mails 
daily. Edward T. Slingsby, postmaster. 


Aldrich & Lockwood, clothing. 

Ambler Rev R C (Methodist). 

Baldwin Rev J H (Presbyterian). 

Hannard H F, druggist. 

Barnes & Tennv, Errain dealers. 

BierbaiicrHeury, Hotel Propr. 

Brown J T, blacksmith'and constable. 

Cornwell A C, hotel. 

Crasswell Wm, farm implements. 

Crooks & lEall, Contractors and Builders. 

Uajiper J P, laundry. 

Fish Peter, shoemaker. 

Fisher & Hunter, general store. 

Ilansuld «fe Shain, restaurant. 

Holland James, liverv. 

Holmes W F, banker. 

Hopkins & O'Conuell, general store. 

Hubbard & Parlin, general store and grain dealers. 

.laoobson F, jr, druggist. 

K'-itli D, justice of the peace. 

Iinij;ht M L, Lawyer. 

jviiight S H, builder and contractor. 

baiidquist V, insurance agent. 

j.ane L) E, physician. 

Lawrence Bros, c^neral store. 

•McDonald D A,1jlacksmith. 

-McDonald Samuel, blacksmith. 

Moore James W, contractor and builder. 

- lyers it Lowman, hamcssmakers. 
^t-nloii M C, Express and R.ailroad Agent. 

- 'jrnslj ct Wood, farm implements. 

Pilch and Gravel Roofers. 


Ooi. amh and Sibley fltreeta, 

St. Faol, MinA. 

SPRING oyERCOATsrr:r:i°fMr;:i- 


Ousley Wm R, barber. 

liellock R ^I, lawyer. 

Privic E & Co, furniture. 

Riugrose James, hotel. 

Rowe H J, physician. 

Schroeder Peter, saloon. 

Shanks M L, physician. 

Sliug-sby Eil T, Cigars and Xews Depot. 

Smith ifc JMcDonough, hotel. 

Steil Frederick, saloon. 

Stretlow & Fisher, farm implements. 

Tritchler Frank, wagonmakor. 

Turner F !^, Hardware. 

^Yatso^ & Burdick, hotel. 

Wilson A, physician. 


Otherwise known as Dewey, is a post station in the north 
central part of Pembina county, 24 miles from Pembina (c h), 

the nearest railroad point. 


A post station in Beadle county. Huron, on the C. & N. 
"W. Ry, is the nearest railroad point. 


In the southwestern part of Minnehaha county, IS mill- 
from Sioux Falls (c h), the railroad shipping point. 


In the Black Hills, 6 miles from Deadwood, the scat "i' 
Lawrence county, 24S miles from Bismarck, on the N. P. !•}• 
and 200 from Fort Pierre, the nearest landing on the M:- 
souri river; Has a district school, exports lumber, and bank- 
at Deadwood. Dry goods and grocery stores are neci'l 
Mail stage to Sidney t-ndee daily. Fare to Bismarck or F't; 
Pierre, S35. George F. Richards, postmaster. 


Brasch John, grocer. 

Jones T L, saloon and wagonmaker. 

Powers W T, saw-mill. 

Kiclinr<Ss George J, Hotel and General Store. 

"Weatherwax T J, blacksmith. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. sESsH^ 

Hashovv,Maish& Davis, 

Are Agents for all kh:ds of Ma- 

obinery, Cor. 2d St. and Fifth 

At6, Soath, HianeapoliB. 



A mining town in Lawrence county. Black Hills, 2 miles 
from Deadwood and 242 from Bismarck, is the nearest rail- 
rond point. Population given as 3, .500, of which a consider- 
.il'k- proportion is floating. From 800,000 to §75,000 in gold 
tiiillion is exported monthly. The town has Methodist and 
C'uiigregational churches and 3 public schools. Daily stage 
t.p Deadwood, Bismarck and Sidney, Xeb. Daily mail. 
Nathan S. Gilbert, postmaster. 


Alden H A, lawyer and notary. 

Altjeo James, boots and shoes. 

Alien James W, livery stable. 

AlllCl'icail House, R W Robinson Propr. This House 

is Centrally Located and has the Best Accommodations 

in the City. 
Knrc'Iay Charles «k Co, Mnfg Jewelers, Etc. {See 

Barnes Alexander M, Books, Stationery, Blank 

Books, Tobaccos, Cigars, Mag.izines, Periodicals, Etc. 
Knrtlioloine^v Jaines S, Propr Black Hills Dailv 

Herald. {See adv.) 
Hassett & Edelman, bakers. 
Iloauvais & Le Beau, jewelers. 
Ih-1I John, carriagemaker. 
Ik-Uivieau Joseph, dry goods. 
Ki'inenderfer & Le^vis, restaurant and hotel. 
IJi-rtsrhy George, restaurant. 
r.i~^ull Arnold L, founder and machinist. 
inaek Hills Daily Herald, J S Bartholomew Propr. 

(See adv.) 
llogle Daniel, stamp mill (40 stamps). 
l>"wman John H, saloon. 
I !"yer John C, barber, 
'irinneman John, carriagemaker. 
liurgoyne Felix, saloon. 
^^irtiT Thomas, founder and machinist. 

* liarbono Edward, carriagemaker. 
' lirney James B, physician. 

<'ily Brewery." n Rosenkranz Propr. (See adv.) 
< olm Is.-iac, clothing. 

* "Ian & Rosenthal, clothing. 
' "Mway Christian, jeweler. 
'>:dton Henrv V, saloon. 

''avidson & Mills, saloon and billiards. 

Keep a full line of Darling, Brown 

& Bharpe'a MMhlnists' TooIb. 35 East 
TMrd St., St. Paul. 

Kingsbury & Draper 


PDnPI/S"DY ■^^^"'^'^ China. Glassware, wholesale and 
ullUui\Llllj retail E. A. HAEMON & 00,, Minneapolis. 


Davis & GiLstafson, saloon. 
"Delaunay & Rainwater, saloon and billiards. 
DillOli & Fuller, Druggists and Saloon. 
Dine Danit-l G, news dealer and carrier. 
Dixon it Hall, proprs Rustic House. 

Father i>e fSiiiet Consolidated Gold ^liiiiii;: 

Co (Cajutal -slO,OOU,OoO), Archibald Borland Pres, Thiu- 

dore ^Yidman Sec, Louis L Alexander Supt and Agi-ut, 

Gold Mine (Quartz— 80 Stamps). 
Field Rev W (Methodist), 

Footo, Hildcrbrand & Co, stamp mill (20 stamps). 
Fortin Joseph, saloon. 
Fowler Elijah P, saloon. 
Frank & Gottstein, grocers. 
Fyler Carleton C, blacksmith and livery. 
Garden City Hydraulic Co, Gold Placer Mines, 3 miles n. 
Gilbert Xathan, grocer. 
Goldboom David, clothing. 
Golden Gate Gold Mining Co, (quartz— cap $10,000,0001. 

Theodore Widman sec, Louis L Alexander supt an i 

Gopher Consolidated Gold Mining Co, George H Purnior; 

supt, i mile s. 
Great Eastern Gold Mining Co, Silas C Hays sec, Marti:; 

Lewis supt. 
Hebbard & Hubbell, saloon. 
Hehl Christian C, confectioner. 

Heilll & Anderson, Brewery and Saloon. {See ado.) 
Hewes Julius, grocery and clothing. 
Hickey Joseph, barber. 
Higby & Co, grocery and general store. 
Johnson Solomon P, meat market. 
Justice Consolidated Gold Mining Co (quartz), Theodore 'Wil- 

man sec, Louis L Alexander supt and agent. 
Kennedy George M, saloon. 
King Jeremiah, saloon. 
King ifc Osterndorf, meat market. 
Leavenworth Thomas B, assayer. 
Lindale Carl, carpenter and builder. 
Lutz John, blacksmith. 

McLaughlin & Cassels, stamp mill (25 stamps). 
Mann A Bass, druggists. 
Marsh & Barnett, fancy goods and saloon. 
Matthiessen Peter, grocery and saloon. 
Meillens & Gay, restaurant. 
Meisel Louis, meat market. 
Miller, Silkenson & Co, planing mill. 

NEW ENGLAND °f B»st"n. ^-aw^fMasaacOBaiUapr 


of Boston. Law of Masaacbnattta pro^- -'^ ■ ^, 
forfeltoiel J. J. Watson, G«n'lAgt.,3t. ?«•.-- ■ 


Black Hills 

I^ep-aTolicasa iaa :E=clitics. 

Issued first in 1876 as a daily in advance of the 
Post Office and Telegraph. 





TBisMs ms wmm year 

Jcumes S. BcL-rtKolorrzew , 


Central City, Dakota Territory. 


1 / 

W. F, GUNN & CO. ^'^^Ss&^:i 

Office— Day Block, Miaceapolis, Minn. 

Milwaukee Mining Co, goKl and silver, 6 miles s w. 
Moran Michael G, -n'ines and liquors. 

New York Minintr Co. Wm A Fish sec, Daniel W Greene sin,' 
Occidental Ilotel, PSTetreault proj.r, a Strictly Fir^t 

Class Hotel, has Good Beds, Airy Sleeping Rooms, an. 

is Kept for the Accommodation of the Travelino- Public 
Ogden David, grocer. '^ 

Overman Achilles M, physician. 
Ferryman R H, physician. 
Ferryman R H ifc Son, druggists. 
Phillips Bros, grocers. 
Fierce Closes, tlour and feed. 
Pincus Samuel, tailor. 
Fohalski Heinrich, saloon. 
Portland Mining Co, O P & 11 K Ankenny proprs, silver mine, 

8 miles s w. 
Poss John F, boot and shoemaker. 
Reed Mrs Maria, restaurant. 
Reilly & Hefner, general store. 
Robinson Rodnev'W, propr American House. 
ROisenkrauz Ileury, Brewery and Saloon. (5f 

Schloredt Wilhelm, baker and confectioner. 
Schultz & Charles, boot and shoemakers. 
Seedall Joseph, boots and shoes. 
Shannon Edward, restaurant. 

Siinp-iiOll Mrs Harriet J, Propr Denver House. 
Suyder Joseph, saloon. 
Sparks & Allen, grocers. 
Stannus John, lumber and ice. 
Stebbiiig, Miiud & Fox, Bankers. 
Steele & Tippie, saloon. 
Sutto Henry, jeweler. 
Sutton Wm, carpenter and builder. 
Taylor John T, carriagemakcr. 
Tetreault Peter S, propr Occidental Hotel. 
Thompson O B, stamp mill. 
Treanor Mrs Mary J, dry goods. 
Wasserman Bernhard, gun"smith. 
Wenke John G, har<lware. 
Wilkinson Huger, lawyer. 
Williams Henry, physician. 
Williams Robert, barber. 
Wilson James, saloon. 
Wisner Higby J, livery stable. 
W'oods & McDunald, hardware. 

OUnLr LnO yllUOl East -nurd street, St, Paul, il;i::- 


B Ag't TIGEE RAKES, Milboni Wagons, Bng- 
3, Kandall Ptilveriziag Harrw j, Triaraph Seed- 
CiDtOtt PlowB, etc., 18 VT. 3d St., St. Paal. 




Ches. Barclay & Co. 


\" ^^^ ,' \/ All our goods made from native gold 

Henry Rosenkranz, 


Beer Five Dollars per Keg. Best Beer Manufactured 

in the Black Hills. For Sale Wholesale 

and Retail. 

Main St., Central City, Main St., Deadwood, D. T. 

Wyoming & Dakota Water Co, Theodore Widman sec, Louis 

L Alexander supt and agent. 
Zink Nicholas, baker. 
Zoellner Jona-", clothing. 


A settlement on the Vermillion river, in the southeastern 
corner of Turner county, 20 miles from Lennox, on the C, 
M. &, St. P. Ry, and 12 from Swan Lake (c h). The Vermil- 
lii'n river gives power to flour mills here, and the exjjorts are 
butter, eggs, flour and wheat. lias Baptist, Methodist and 
Universalist churches and a district school. Stage commu- 
nic-ition with Vcnnillion and Parker tri-weekly, and daily 
niail. William Eye, postmaster. 


Aiid.orn Rev A (Methodist). 

iKiuglas George, pro]ir Cciitreville Mills. 

I' ye AVill, General Store. 



to FabUo Builiiui^ SchoolB, Coort-Housea and Cboiciies, 


ames and Looking-Glasses, at CHAELES JOH:-:. 
j SON'S, 513 "Washington Ave. South, Minneapolii 



Hurlburt Rev E (Baptist). 

Lowrif Wm, live stock dealer. , 

Wakefield Rev (Universalist). 


In the central western part of Davison county, 12 miles 
from Firesteel (c h), on the C, M. & St. P. Ry, the nearest 
railroad point. 


A settlement in the western part of Turner county, 14A 
miles from Swan Lake (e h), and 13 from Marion junction, the 
nearest shipping point. Has Mennonite and Methodist Epis- 
copal churches and a district school. Stage to Jlarion Junc- 
tion and Yankton, fare -Si, Canton and Milltown. Ten mails 
weekly. Andrew Schrag, farmer, postmaster. 

A postofHce in a settlement near the mouth of Choteau 
creek a fine stream in the southwestern corner of Bon 
Homme county. 


The pioneer settlement in Clark county, 30 miles from 
TVatertown, on the C. & Js. W., the nearest railroad point. 
The C. & N. W. is rapidly pu.shing its way in the direction 
of Clark. Has a Methodist and Congregational church, and 
a school house is being erected. The neighborhood is settline 
rapidly. Exports, farm produce, and calls for a blacksmitli 
and physician. Population, 125. Daily stage to Watertown 
and Foster City; fare -SI. 50. Daily mail. J. W. Hutching- 
son, postmaster. 


Fountain Bros, general store. 

Hosking & Williams, land agents. 

Hlltchin^<soil J AV, Propr Clark House. 

Jonson Rev H B (Congregational). 

Taft Adelbert, propr Taft's Hotel and stage line. 

Williams J A, commission agent. 

A postoffice in the Clark bonanza farm of 4,480 acres, 1" 
miles east of Bismarck, in Burleigh county. 


A postoffice in the central eastern jiart of Clay county, H>^ 
miles from Vermillion (c h). 

Hail's Safe I Lock co."-""-""-^- 

I lar Proof Safos, St. Paul, Miwi. 

Hashov/,Maisli& Davis, 

Orders t 



A post village in the east central part of Moody county, 
10 miles from Flandreau (c h), the nearest railroad point. 


A recently established postoffice in Grand Forks county. 
Grand Forks (c h) is the nearest shipping point. 


A postoffice in Spink county, 10 miles from Hastings (c h, 
temporary), and 75 from Watertown, the nearest railroad 
jioint. Mail stage to Jamestown and Firesteel semi-weekly. 
Theodore Lower, postmaster. 


McXab Daniel, jr, judge of probate court. 
Turner "^V J, General Store. 
Spencer Allen, flouring mill. 


A recently established postoffice in Brown county. 


A farmhouse postoffice in ^liner county, 18 miles from 
Huron, the present terminus of the C. «& N. "W. Ry. George 
Arnold, farmer, postmaster. 


In the Black Hills, Lawrence county, 10 miles from Dead- 
wood (c h), and 250 from Bismarck and Fort Pierre. The 
^^ bite Wood creek here gives power to a saw-mill and a flour 
mill. Has Catholic and Methodist churches and public and 
Jirivate schools, and exports furs, hides and potatoes. Popu- 
lation, .300. Express, S. & B. H. S. &. E. and T, & E. Cos. 
Daily mail stage to Bismarck and Sidney, Neb. Frank W. 
Ives, postmaster. 


Ash Henry, grocer. 

C'arlson Si Freese, meat market. 

<]hariaberlain H & Co, saloon. 

t'razier tt Gorman, saloon. 

Gray Mrs, hotel. 

liaild Alva, Stationeiw and Tobacco. 

Pitch and Gravel Roofers. ^T^atXe""; 

GIT Coi't'l'^ Wtnn ^''^P^ °° ^'^^'^ ^^^ finest, Trench, English, 
I Ti I u! I iliHlUilj Scotch and German Suitings, Minneapolis. 


_^Hobert C F, hotel. 
I\Iattox G W, ploveiuaker. 
Powers Wm T, lumber miifr. 
Rowland J & Co, general store. 
Shannon Thomas, general store. 
Sparks Joseph, hotel propr. 
Vaubuskirk J & Co, drncrgists. 
Valentine Ij W, General Store. 
Vroman H 31 &, Son, hardware and farm implements. 
Williams W H, druggist. 


Formerly Fort Thompson, is an Indian agency on the Mis- 
souri river, 'in the western part of Buifalo county, 90 miles 
from Firesteel, the present terminus of the C, M. & St. P. 
Ry, and 175 from Yankton. There is 1 Episcopal church at 
the Agency, and 2 at the Upper and Lower camps. There is 
an Indian mission school, with 35 scholars, here, and the 
exports are hides and horns. Population, -iO whites and 875 
Sioux. The asfency is not open for • settlement. Stage to 
Yankton, S15,"'Fort Pierre, 8G.50; Fort Sully, 89.50; Fort 
Randall, 810.25; Yankton Agency, §12.75; Springfield, Sl4. 
Mrs. M. E. Dingan, postmaster. 


Brown S J, catechist. 

Dingan Mrs M E, matron Indian boarding school. 

Dougherty Capt W E, acting Indian agent. 

Eby J N, Indian trader. 

Saul Wm, catecliist (native). 


A recently established postottice in Pembina county. 


The seat of Custer county, Black Hills, is a village of 50 
inhabitants, on tlie daily stage route to Cheyenne City, 
Wyoming Territory and Deadwood. 


Booth & Shaukland, general store. 
Sager Charle-;, general store. 

31 Eoljert Street, ST, PAUL, Minn. 

GPECIALTY-rull line of Wines anJ 

Liquors for family lue- 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

Fff S».^ .-k rA» i/« I ^>-vi Book-Bluder and Bl 
. F. Hen nig, «-'ss,r£ 

s Block, 
neapolis, Mian. 



A [loiit station in tlie central eastern ]iart '>( (ii-:uul Forks 
roiiiity. 10 miles from Grand Forks (<■ h), on the St. P. ."\I. ct 
.M., the nearest railroad point. 


A eountry })ostofKee in the eastern part of Clay county, 15 
miles from "S'ermillion (c h), the nearest railroad ])oint. The 
Vermillion river provides power for a flouring mill in the 
nei^hljorhood. Has Lutheran and Baptist churches and a 
coiniuon school, exports farm produce, and requires a store. 
Semi-weekly stage to Vermillion and Sioux Falls; fare §5. 
John jMickkleson, farmer, postmaster. 

DANBURY— Bon Homme County. 

(See Tyndall.) 

In the soutliern part of Turner county, ti miles from Swan 
Lake (c h), and is from Parker, the nearest railroad point, on 
the ('., M. <fe St. P. Ry, is a country postottice in a fanning 
and grazing neighborhood. Has church denominations and a 
common school, and exports wheat and cattle. Semi-weekly 
"tage to Parker and Mechlin, and mail each way. ]\r. Ros- 
inersen, jiostmaster. 


One of the most striking of the many evidences of rapid 
growth and development that are characteristic of this pro- 
pressive age is a city of 0,000 population, dating its existence 
Irom 1RT7. It is located in the canyon of Whitewood creek, 
and is almost entirely shut in by hills of considerable alti- 
tude. The Deadwood of to-day, however, is a city that has 
"ITung up, Chicago like, from the ashes of that memorable 
'•ontlagratiou of the 2.5th of September, 1879, and is con- 
■•tructed in a much more substantial and tasteful manner 
'lian the original city, which was entirely composed of 
['•i>tity constructed wooden buildings, designed solely for 
immediate occupancy, and without the least regard for style 
'"■ permanence. During the present season, which has been 
"He of marked activity in building, a large number of neat 
an.l substantial brick business blocks and other structures, 
fi'iblic and private, have been erected, and various other 
'nipn.vements are rapidly being made. Besides the quartz 

SHEET-IRON SlDiMG '"'^m^^^^f;:: 

VIIUUI IIIUII WlliSnUl Sixth and Sibley St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Headquarters for Crockery 



E. A. EASMON 4 CO., 

rai s, located in and around the city, there are 9 or more saw 
mills, 2 [.laning mills, a shingle mill, a feed mill, a brick van! 
a brewery, and other industries. There are o churches" rei,- 
resentmg as many denominations; i graded public schools 
having R teachers, and an attendance of 250 scholars- ' 
banks, the First National and the Merchants' National, the 
former having a capital of »; 100,000 and a surplus of 820,000- 
a public hall with a seating capacity of 400; there are 6 good 
hotels and several tirst-class restaurants, Roberts & Rosc- 
brough bros. being the most popular of the latter. Four 
newspapers having daily and weekly e.litions, are published 
Ihe city has a bonded indebtedness of >i3 75,000 and an 
assessedvaluation of property, real and personal, amounting 

/?o''-'.^f / '•'^l^'^'^^'^- ^''^^ ^"'^""t of fj-ei^Jit received last yea^ 
(18,9) by the three stage and express '^lines centerincr here 
foots up 12,500 tons. ^ . 

Deadwood is the county seat of Lawrence county, in the 
northwestern part of which it is located, 20 miles east of the 
line ot A^ yoming territory, 15 miles south of the Belle Fourche 
nver, 50 north of Custer City, 225 southwest of Bismarck, 
and about the same distance from Sidney, Neb. and Chey- 
enne, -VN voming territory, from all of which places stages 
arrive daily. .Sol. Star, postmaster. 






Dailj/ and ^Veekly. The Jirst cLctily in 

the ^vestcTTh end of the Territory, 

JEstcthlisJied 1876. 


DAILY, - - - 1,100. I WEEKLY, - - - 700. 


DAILY, - - - $18.00'" r WEEKLY, - - $4.00. 


EDiTon AND Proprietor. 

I R ^ R— I S P n °^'^'''^ ^"^ "^-^ Cheapest. New Er.rhnd 
I U J J" I U Ul Instance Co. of Eo.lon. J.J.WAXbON, 
General A^ent ST PADL, 

Hashow,Maish& Davis 

J faction gnaxanteed, MiuseapoUap 





Pollock & Boyden's 

liotograpliio Eoiporiyin 

or the ehuk Hills, 

Cor. of Lee and Sherman Sts. Deadwood, D.T. 

All kinds of tlie latest scenerj- of 
the Black Uills Radius of 
Deadwood and Yel- 
Tonrists are cordiallj- invited to 
step into the Gallery 
while in Deadwood and 
examine tliem 


D. McLaughlin. 


>/[6L(kugl:(liri & Steele, 

Attorneys at Law. 




Succe^-or^ to Orave.s. Curtis & Co. 

^\^lol, ^.Ue and Retail Dealers in 


"'" """"^ Oil Clotli.s,, Bed- 
^ '■ . _ ij ' I _ 'liiisx, "Window Glass, ^Yin- 

\ *-' f . ' 'low Shades, etc. Agents 

- ,-/?-. fi "-^^--i^&s.^ C^^^ ''■"■ ^'■fiins aud Pianos. 

"^ 142 Main Street, Deadwood, D. T. 

Kingsbury & Draper 

Keep a fall line of Darling, Brown 

If You V/eni a Complsie ^°^-^^°-^'^"'-^'^- 

Gunn & Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 



Abbott Frank, ]ihotop;rapber. 

Aclnin«i ISielinrcl O, Propi- Daily and Weekly Pioneer. 

Adams Bros, grocers. 

Alber & Co, carpenters and builders. 

Ammennan John S, livery. 

AnJrus Brazil, merchant "tailor. 

At wood Rev E F (Congregational). 

At«"OOd «&: I^OCBiaili (Julius P Atwood, Squire P Ro- 
mans), Lawyers, Mining Patents a Specialty, Lee. 

Ila!)fOcl» Lyilinn F, "Physician, res on Williams st. 

Badger State ISlining Co, M CHfEord sec, David Fitch supt, 
gold mine 3^ miles s. 

Baer lieu, Wholesale Liquors and Cigars, Sole Agent 
for Anlieuser & Co's St Louis Beer, Main st. 

Barnard George L, junk store. 

Barnett Eugene, livery and corral. 

Bauman Andrew, barber and baths. 

Beals G W, painter. 

Bear, Butte & Deadwood Railway Co, Ferdinand Jensen 
pres, Wm Ilaydon sec. 

Benson & Elliott, saloon. 

Bent & Det'tken, druggists. 

Bernard Mrs Mary, propr French Hotel and saloon. 

Bews & Casfv, saloon. 

Black laiils Paily and W^eckly Times, Porter 
Warner Propr, a Large Circulation, Latest Telegraphic 
and ^Mining News, for Terms Address as Above. 

Blandin & Withan, feed and shingle mill. 

Bloom Solomon, clothing. 

Boraeisler L E, assayer. 

Borchers Carl, saloon. 

Brendlinger Hiram J, tobacco and cigars. 

Brennicke Wilhelm, saloon. 

Brison Wm S, restaurant. 

Brown Wm, tobacco and cigars. 

Browning & Wringrose, grocers. 

Buchanan Rice K, dentist. 

Blldcril!) 'IVlll C, Lawyer. 

Bueter John, grocery and saloon. 

Burleigh Andrew F, Lawyer. 

JBurnham Daniel P, stationery and fancy goods. 

Burus John H, lawyer. 

Butler Joseph, barber. 

Butler Squire T, jeweler. 

Butterfield Bros, meat market. 

Caledonia Mining Co, D F Verdenal sec, A J Rigby supt. 
gold mine .'i miles s. 

QPHFFFRQ RRn^ ^'°^ Merchant TaUoring, No. 4C 

E Third Street, ST. PAUL, Minn. 


Sole Ag't CANTON PLOWS, Tiger Rakes, Ean- 
dall PulvenzinfT Harrows, Triumph Seeders, Mil- 
born Wagons, Bccgies, otc., 18 W. 3d St,, St.Panl 



Attorneys and Counselors at Law. 


Corner MAIN and LEE Streets. 

DA^^D G. TALLX.N'T, Attorney at Law, STEPHEN J. SCRIBER. Notarj' Puhiic. 

Tallent & Scriber, 

Abstracts of Titles furnished. Inquiries by Mail answered free. 

Principal 0£ce, opposite Court House, corner of Slierman and Pine Sts., Deadwood, D. T. 

Branch Office, comer of Main and Gates Sts., Golden Center, D. T. 


Agents tor all kin,l.s of Machinery. Quartz Mills. Engines. Boilers and General Mill 
Machinerv a specialty. Practical Machinists. Civil and Hvdraulic En- 
gineers and 5Iilhvri?ht3. Water Powers surveyed. Special 
attention given to tlie construction and erection 


R. C. LAKE, President. O. J. SALISBURY, %-ice Prest 




and sells Gold Dust. Coin, Government Vouchers, Bullion and Exchange. 

Drafts on the principal cities of Europe for 

Telegraph. Stocks Bought and Sold on Commission. Inter 
on time deposits. COLLECTIONS A SPECIALTY. 

M. C. THUM, Cashier. 

Roberts^ Restaurant 




O-eorg-e .A-. lEBoloerts. Proprietor. 


Crockery I Glassware, «■ -' ^.:^j!^^^i 

•* 1 South, iHNlTEAPOLIS. 

824 DEA 


Carney James, blacksmith. 

Carpenter & Gallup, grocers. 

Caulfield cfc Carev. lawyers 

Cliadwick Will t, Lawyer. (See a<U ) 

■ '"rmile?f e. '''""° ""'' ^^ ^^^ ^'P^ ^^' ^^-P^)- 

Chase Isaac H, clothino-. 

Chew Robert, wines aiJil liquors. 

Cheyenne cfc Black ffills Telegraph Line, Ilibbard .t Xa^^le 
. pro])rs, Eernest ^V Emery manacrer "^ 

cS;'s,ts:;-. '"• ""'>-■ ^'- '*^ «"<-■) 

Clagett & Dixon, lawyers. 

■ Clark Henry C, justice of the peace. 
Clark James, confectioner. 

Clark John J, dentist 

■ ^'"r!",-^^'**,! ^*'"r**' ^^ ^mm^rj and Fancy Goods' Bazaar, Latest Styles and Shapes Consnantlv 
Received, Laces, Ribbons, Silks and Ladies' Suiu ' 

Clay & Jackson, carpenters and builders. 

Col burn \\ m J, assayer. 

Colman Daniel, saloon. 

Colman Nathan, justice of the peace 

Conwav & Covle, saloon. 

^'''Exp'^es7ca'^''^''' ^^^^^'^^^^ ^^^ Custer Stage and 

Cornell John D, propr Wentworth House. 

Cornell \\ m, painter. 

Cornforth Thomas T, Wholesale and Retail Confec- 
tionery Fruits, Candies, Nuts, Figs, Dates Etc Etc 
liles'sf "' ^ '^"'' P-P- Lexington Gold'^ints, 3 

^***Wvert ^l^'!"!,')' ^^'Shton Corson, A D Thomas), 

Court Bros, livery stable. 

Court & Plaines, lumber mnfrs, 16 miles n w 

Craig Andrew, wood turner. 

Cronm Thomas, saloon. 

Curtis D B cfc Co, harnessmakers. 

Cushing Bros, gents' furnishino- . 

Damon Jeremiah H, grocery and saloon 
Daugherty & Co, proprs Ft Pierre Freight Line. 

iul ^ ^gO'"frtB*rl (General Agent Hall's Safe and 
BVM- i^. i-*igTOra,Lock Co, ST. PAUL, Minn. 

Hashow,Maish& Davis, iSISS 




p. O. Box, 622. DEADWOOD, D. T. 


Sherman Street, Deadwood, D. T. 

Elegantly Furnished. PILOHEE & BARTELS, Prop'rs. 

This House is entirely New and Complete in all its appointments, and 

is the 



Notary Public. DEADWOOD, D. T. 

Carriage and Ornamental Painters 



The only first-class House in the City. 

Wertheimer Block, Main Street, Deadwood, D. T. 

Centrally Located, First-class Accommodations at low 

rates. Stage and Tolocrraph Oeices in same 


J. WERTHEIMER, Proprietor. 

Galvanized Iron V/indow Caps.E 

& GrT-:l.i, 
N. Tiird Sr., 


SPRING OVERGOATSr"''*''''""*""*' 

F. Farrington's, Minneapoli; 


Deadwood and Centennial Valley Road and Tunnel Co, 
Louis C Richards pres, Stephen J Scriber sec, 4 miles in 
length to the Foot hills. 

Deadwood Evciiiaiili" Press, Press Publishing Co 
Proprs, C C Moody 3I;uiagei-, Largest Circulation of any 
Daily in Dakota, Only Evening Paper Taking Associated 
Press Dispatches. 

Decker Peter, saloon. 

Deetkin Julius, druggist. 

DefEebach Bros, live stock, 30 miles w. 

Delfel George, barber. 

Dextraze Thomas, saloon. 

Dickinson Daniel K, physician. 

Dickinson Frank E, cracker mnfr. 

Dougherty Daniel, saloon. 

Doyle W V, lumber mnfr, 8 miles 9. 

Dudley, Cakhvell & Co, lumber mnfrs. 

Duncklee H L, jr, gold mine owner, 25 miles e. 

Duncklee Horace L, sr, propr gold mines. 

Edmonds & Pinney, clothing and merchant tailor. 

EsSt^rt CiJeors'c, Propr^Great Eastern Hotel. 

Elliott Mrs Ellen "M, milliner. 

Elliott John M, confectioner. 

Epstein & Lowenthal, clothing. 

Erb & Lane, saloon. 

Evans Frederick T, propr freight line. 

Fargo S C »t Son, grocers. 

Ferris Edsoil E, News Depot, Stationery and Full Line 
of School and Miscellaneous Books, at Post Office. 

Fink Joseph, watchmaker. 

First National Bank (Cap 8ioo,ooo, surplus S20,ooo), 
Richard C Lake Pres, Marvin C Thum Cashr. {Stc 

Fisliel 5Iax, Wholesale and Retail Tobacco, Cigars and 
Fancy Goods, Notions, Stationery and Musical Instru- 
ments, Bohemian Glassware. 

Fisher Peter H, sewing machines. 

Flaherty Edward L. Barber and Baths, Pioneer Bar- 
ber Shop of the Black Hills, First-Class Artists Always uii 
Hand, Hot ami Cold Baths. 

Ford Jackson, barber. 

Forest Isaac, saloon and billiards. 

Fortier Joseph, physician. 

Ft Meade Hydraulic Gold Mining Co, Wm Haydon sec, 
Robert Florraann supt, 40 miles s e. 

Frank Natlian, meat market. 

Frank Solomon, tobacco and cigars. 

CO D«wb:«« I w««« p. n« ?1 Row Stre^et, ST.JAOU 


Perkins, Lyons & Co. ""*r£| 


Manufactured for Banks, Mill Men and Oorpora- 

tions, at low ratea and In best of style, by F, F, HENOTQ, 
Brackett's Block, Minneapolia, 


J^. J^. OSIOTJTEl^'Cr, 



■u-iNrs-cr:R:E=^f^S3^]XD i 

This euphonious expression applies to the neiit, comfortable and first- 
class Restaurant conducted by 


^^■h.'never a fine supper is to be gotten up for a Banquet, these gentlemen are 

at once sought for and arrangements are immediatelj- made with them 

to prepare a grand culinary collation without a parallel in modem 

cookery. One of their usual dinners to-day. 

3: a::d try their Bill of Fare. DEADWOOD, D. T. 


■Attorney ^ Coui|^elor-at-I<kw 

And Notary Public. 




GayvillQ Export Beer Brewery 



P- O. Box, 408. DEADWOOD, D. T. 

M. H. Criitsnden & Co.lS&^^Sf ^''^^ 


i. I 


Largest Slock Crockery l,V»'foo:, l^: 


Frawley A: Kolill^ Lawyers. {See adv.) 

French "Hot el and Kestaiiraiit, Mme M Bernanl 

Propr, Up])C'r Shennan street, -si. 25 per Day, Boavl 

§5.50 per Week, Beds -S2.00 per ^yeek, This Fine Hole! 

for Sale. 
Friedrich Friedrich, baker and confectioner. 
FuUin-vrider Samuel N, grocer. 
Gaffy Loring E, lawyer. 
Gandolfo Joseph R, confectioner. 
Gaston & O'Brien, mining stock brokers. 
Gen Merritt Gold and Silver Mining Co, Wm Haydon sec, 

10 miles s e. 
Gerard J 11 & M, barber and baths. 
Gerrish & Co, grocers. 
Gilbert Cliarles yi, Clothing. 
Gillette Daniel M, jeweler. 
Gilmer, Salisbury & Co, props Sidney and Black Hills Stage 

and E.xpress Co. 
Gleason Rev E (Catholic). 
Glesaz John, confectioner. 
Glover George W, explorer. 
Glover G W, lumber mnfr, 4 miles n w. 
Goldberg D & J, clothing. 
Oott*«teiil & Franklin, "Wholesale Wines and 

Liquors, Pure Bourbon and Rye Whiskies and Cigars, 

Main st. 
Goughnour E, lumber mnfr, 40 miles 8 w. 
' Graves &: Barney, Furniture and Crockery, Main. 

{See adc.) 
Great Eastern Hotel, George Eggert Propr. {Sec 

Greenley & Burd, saloon. 
Grimshaw R E, meat market. 
Haight & Offenbacher, stamp mill, 13 miles s e. 
Hale John D, live stock, 12 miles n. 
Hamilton A: Uockfellow, "Wholesale and Retail 

Books and Stationery, Books, News, Picture Frames and 

Paper Dealers, 148 Main st. 
Hammond I B, millwright, 4 miles s w. 
Handlin John W, notary. 
Hanley Thomas, Saloon. 
Harding John A, grocer. 
Harlow L>aac L, saloon. 
Hartendorf Heinrioh N, merchant tailor. 
Harvey & Gantt, lawyers. 
Hastie & Plowman, lawyers. 
Hattenbach X & Bro, grocers. 

n/^OM A OOTTO OVER SI 5,000,000. The "KewErJcIaLi 
LAon A^i^t ! ^ I^«"J^I'UKELT MUTUAL. J. J. WATSON', 
vs^evcii nvv>t.ivr St, Paul, General Agent for Minsesuta, 

Hasho w, Maish & Davis ^^^^ -- o- =. s^. .a 

Fnrcish Shafdngs, Pnlleys, etc., 

en stort notice. Oor. 2i St. and 

J Fifth Ave. Boath, llinneapolis. 


llaydoil * Allci», Lawyers, Collections Made and Min- 

'iiii: Litigations and Examining Titles a Specialty. 
Ilcriililllll A: Trebcr, Wines and Liquors {/See adv.) 
ll.tzel, Johnston & Co, whol and retail grocers. 
mil Gale E, constable. 
Ilineman Jacob, wines and liquors, 
nines <k Piper, lumber mnfrs. 
nin-eii Timothy K, saloon and billiards, 
llirsrheld Martin, sewing machines. 
HolTniann Abraham, clothing and merchant tailor. 
Hiil-.tein Benjamin, live stock. 

Herrmann & Treber, 

Liquors, Wines, Cigars 

And Anheuser's St. Louis Beer, 


Great Eastern Hotel. 


Mrals reduced to 35 cents— Three three bit California dishes for 25 cents. The Bar 
is stocked with the choicest brands of 




J. D, CORXEI.E, rropr. 





3De3.d.-^77-ced., XD. T. 

SoJiJBronze Hardware, s- SS?SSI 

t, .■"'"'! 


Flour Mill Builders and General Mill 

Fumishers, 401 Wistuagton Avenne South, 
MinnoapoUs, Mian. 


Holzman David, assignee Ed Whitehead, dry goods. 

Holzman David, clothing. 

Hornet Frederick, saloon. 

Hood & Scott, lumber mnfrs. 

Houghton Joel, physician. 

Howe Robert, baker. 

Hukill Richard S, restaurant. 

Hnnter & Co, druggists. 

Ickes Samuel, carriagemaker. 

Jacqueillill Charles B. Mnfr of and Dealer in Na- 
tive Gold Jewelry, Clocks, Watches, Etc, cor Lee and 
Main sts. 

Jennings & Browne, carjjentcrs and builders. 

Jensen &- Bliss, Hardware, Stoves, Tinware and Mill 
Furnishings, Miners' Tools, Rope, Belting, Iron, Steel, 
Gas Pipe, Copper and Sheet Iron Work to Order, Her- 
cules Powder, Sherman. 

Jensen & McGren, merchant tailors. 

Jewett, Hank & Co, livery. 

Johnson John H, livery stable. 

Joy Frank F, dry goods. 

Karcher Charles, boots and shoes. 

Kelley Bishop B, physician. 

Kelley Robert D, grocer. 

Kelio «fc Bruce, Surveyors and Engineers. 

Kidd & Benn, planing mill. 

Kiemer Ilcinrich H, painter. 

Kimball R P, tobacco and cigars. 

King Edward, jeweler. 

KiU|;' Joseph, Propr Cosmopolitan Hotel. 

Kingsley W C, lawyer. 

Knowles Ansel E, flour and feed. 

Knowles & Marshman, druggists. 

Koenigsberger Bros, tobacco, cigars and guns. 

Kohn Abraham, confectioner. 

Krieger Frieilrich A, furniture and undertaker. 

liakc Richard C, Wholesale and Retail Hardwan-. 
Stoves, Iron and Steel, Belting, Hose, Gas and Steam 
Fittings, General Agent of Atlantic Giant Powder Co, 
Main st. 

Lancaster & Springer, stamp mill, 4 miles s w. 

Law Richard S, physician. 

Lawrenson Job, ice. 

Lewis Charles II, grocer. 

Liebmann Morris, dry goods. 

Little Rapid Placer Mining Co, Southard Homans sec, 2'' 
miles e. 

QPMf-FFR^ RRfl^ Importers of Tine Woolens, No. 40 

K Third Street, ST. PAUL, Minn. 

C. B. THURSTON,l^^^'"^°-''"^'s"^^^"^^ 


„, rrows, Tiger Eakes, Canton Plows, Milbura 

J -Wagons, Bufgies, etc., IS W. 3d St., ST. PAUL. 


Liveriiiore Moses, Lawyer. (See adv.) 

I.ojfkamp J & Sou, boots and shoes. 

Love & Whealen, confectioners. 

McAlcer & Hayes, saloon. 

.McCausland Bros, gun.^miths. 

McDonald Edward, harnessmaker. 

Mi'IIugh Wm, wines and liquors. 

McKinney A, ]>hysician. 

Mc-Kown Zejihinias S, physician. 

Mcliailg:lilin & Steele, Lawyers. (See adv.) 

McPherson Donald A, ticket agent U P R R. 

3Inbbs Bros, Machinery Agents. (See adv.) 

Madden Wm M, merchandise broker. 

Maloy Norton, carriagemaker. 

Planning & Leonard, physicians. 

Mather Charles W, hides and wool. 

Matthiessen & Goldberg, grocers. 

Meeker John A, grocer. 

Mcreliaufs' Freight Line, Bramble, Miner'^A' Co, 
and Jewett it Dickinson Proprs, Through Route^^^from 
Chicago and all Points East via Ft Pierre. 

Mereliailts' Hotel, J Wertheimeyer Propr. (See adv.) 

Merchants' National Bank, Seth Bullock pres, Hennan H 
Mund cashr. 

Meyer Charles W, physician. 

Millard Henry, saloon and vinegar mnfr. 

-Ililler EdWiu B, Propr Black HUls News. 

Miller James K P, grocer. 

^Miller John C, lumber. 

Miller Llieilis C, Life and Fire Insurance and ' Real 
Estate, Lee st M N Bank Building. 

Miller W Thomas, saloon. 

Mochel George L, tinsmith and plumber. 

Molitor Stephen, assayer. 

Moody Charles C, pro"pr Deadwood Evening Press. 

Mullaly James S, lawyer. 

Munter & Lilientlial, clothing. 

Murphy John M, lawyer. 

Nelson & Van Deusen, saloon and billiards. 

X'eyeils l»eter. Heavy and Light Haraess, Riding Sad- 
dles, "Whips, Brushes and Comljs Constantly on Hand. — 

Xortli western fi^xpress, S(:meaiuITraiis|ior- 

tatioil Co (Cajiital, nUki.imiu), Ku^sell Blakuley Pres, 
Cephas W Carpenter Sec, Wm Selbie Agt. (tSee adv.) 
Olsen Peter, boot and shoemaker. 
O'Neall J C, physician. ■'-■■' 

Overland House, Pichler & Bartels Proprs." (See adv.) 

•mvill I L.U I Wl stmoUon of Public and Private Buildings, ttiimeap 


Phsj'JfiC Snhnf*''^'^'^ Crockery and Glassware, 513 Wash- 
UllaiieO JUiUiOUi^jington Ave. South, MimEAPOLIS. 


Parker it Kuowles, proprs European Hotel. 

Parker & Scofield, lawyers. 

Parkliurst & Co, brewery and saloon. 

Patten John D, livery stable. 

Pease Henry, livery stable. 

Peebles Mrs Jane W, milliner. 

Phillips Kirk G, dnie^-i^t. 

Picliler «fc BarJcIs. Proprs Overland House. {.See 

Pollock «fc Boycleil, Photographers, cor Lee and Sher- 
man. (.See adv.) 

Potter Daniel T, lawyer. 

Pratt »fc Beatty, lumber mnfrs, 2 miles n e. 

Pratt & PoM-er, saw and planing mill. 

Price Bayard R, Lawyer. 

■Quakers Wm E, saloon. 

Quong, Soon & Co, grocers. 

Ramsey Herbert, boot and shoemaker. 

Haymond A A, furniture. 

Reiff James B, jeweler. 

Reitz ».fc Marr, meat market. 

Richards, Lewis C, ^\-ines and liquoi-s. 

Riggs Wm T, brick mnfr, 2 miles n. 

Roberts Abraham, restaurant. 

Roberts Georg-e A, Restaurant. {See adv.) 

Robinson Henry, saloon. 

Roche Theodore, gunsmith. 

Rodenhaus, Jacob & Heinrich, grocers. 

Roderick Dhu Gold Mining "Co, A J Chambers supt, 4 

miles s e. 
Rogers M, physician. 
Rohleder &, Smith, civil engineer. 
Rosebroilg:!! Bros, Restaurant and Saloon, Lee. (>'"' 

Rosengarden Morris, grocer. 
Rosenthal Solomon, clothing. 
Rowland John, stoves and tinware. 
Russell Thomas H, passenger atront U P R R. 
Sammis 31 E, carpenter and builder. 
Sanborn & Eastman, carriagemakers. 
8aildcr<>Oll A; I^eeiliait, Painters. {See adv.) 
Sasse C'hristian, saloon. 
Scholer John G, barber. 
Sclinielzer '^Villieliu, Meat Market, Nice Fresh Juicy 

Steaks, Best \'eal and Lamb Dressed, Fresh Eggs and 

Vegctaliles Brought from Ranches Every Day. 
Schuckard August, saloon. 

Hail's Safe I Lock Co. I tSr^'/r^iS. 

HashoWj Meish& Davis, r**^-^'-"-^- 

Are Agents for Haneoci'a Inppir- 

ator. Th'iljestlmlerfeederinnse. 

J 2dSt.&5tliAve. S.iilianeapoUa. 


S.'ifert & Levi, hotel and restaurant. 
Stvoy Bros, blacksmiths, 
.^hoiuly Jacob, moat market. 

««idiiev & Black Hills Slasje and Express Co, 

U j"Salisbury Gen Manager, E E Corbin Supt, D A Me- 

Phersou Agt', Dead wood," C F Iddiugs Agt, Sidney, Xeb. 
Sicfel & Vanocker, hides. 
Simpson John B, corral. 
Smith B P, undertaker. 
Smith Mrs Mary C, milliner. 
S.jyster Samuel, auctioneer. 
Sficar D H, livery stable. 
Spiliiiail Edward G, Lawyer, Mining and Land 

Office Business ^Ltde a Specialty, 
Starr & Bullock, hardware. 
Stein Hermann, |ihvsician. 
Stein n & Co, druggists. 
Steinagle Andrew, saloon. 
Stephens John M, baker. 
Stevenson John H, blacksmith. 
Steward A D, lumber. 
Stone Gib »fc Co, furniture. 
Stone Louis P, restaurant and hotel. 
Stone & Lackous, saloon and billiards. 
Strass lib Kohorn, dry goods and clothing. 
Swan Wm D, grocer. 
Swearingen ElHs A, theatre and saloon. 
Tallent David G, lawyer. 
Talleut & I^crii>er, Real Estate, Mining Brokers and 

Abstracts. (.SVe adv.) 
Tt-rhune Wm, constable. 
Thornton Augustus, saloon. 
Thullen Frank C, blacksmith. 
Troanor Jose])h, hardware. 
Lsher Ezra C, mattrassmaker. 
I' S Land OHice, Alexander S Stewart Register, John 

F McKenna Receiver. 
Van Cise & Wilson, lawyers. 
^ aughan & Baker, grocers. 
Walker Henry, saloon. 
"_alker it Sims, barbers. 
W.inlner & Baxter, saloon. 
Warner Porter, Propr Black Hills Daily and Weekly 

^^ atson James F, lawyer. 
WV-delstaedt Heinrich A L Von, physician. 

Sheet-iron Siding. 

lor Pactories, Mills, Bridges, etc. Sei- 
dell & Grygla, 114 N. 3d St., MinneapoUj. 


Welch, Farley «& Co, Agricultural Implements, Car- 
riages, Buggies and Wagons, Storage and Commission, 
Grain, Fire-Proof, on Sherman st. 

Wentworth liotlSC, J D Cornell Propr, Elegantly 
furnished. This House is Entirely New and Complete iii 
all its Appointments, and is the Leading Hotel in the Black 
Hills. {;^eeadi'.) 

Werthheimer M J & Co, dry goods. 

Wetmore Edward A, la-vvyer. 

White Thomas H, civil engineer. 

Whitney &, Avery, lumber mfrs. Glover Gulch, 9 miles n w. 

Whittaker Thomas, grocer. 

Williams Rev James (Methodist). 

Williams Lyndon 0, grocer. 

Williams & Worth, saloon. 

Wilms F W, physician. 

Wilson James A, baker. 

Witzel August, blacksmith. 

Wolsey Wm, saloon and billiards. 

AYorth John, saloon and billiards. 

Wright Archer D, saloon and billiards. 

Young James M, lawyer. 

Zipp Friedrich, boots and shoes. 

Zoeckler Wilhelm J, meat market. 


A busy and thriving village in the northern part of Min- 
nehaha county, on the graded line of the S. M. Ry, 20 milis 
south of Flandreau and north of Sioux Falls, either of which 
is a convenient shipping point. Population, 325. It is on 
the Big Sioux River, where the best water power in Southern 
Dakota, excepting that at Sioux Falls, is partly utilized by a 
flouring mill of -i run of stone. It has a Baptist church, a dis- 
trict school, a newspaper, 77ie U.rjw»f-n(,i;en(.'ra\ stores, hoteN. 
hardware, machinery, furniture, drug and other stores, lum- 
ber yards, and a general representation of the trades and pro- 
fessions. Its requirements are a paper mill, bank and wagon 
factory. It is situated in a tine agricultural region, and i^ 
going ahead rapidly. Daily stage to Flandreau and all 
points north, and Sioux Falls and all points south ; senil- 
wcekly to Ramsey and eastern, and to Highland and western 
points, ilails daily, two routes each way. A. C. Folsom. 


Arnold Wm, meat market. 
Bevier Henry, boot and shoemaker. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. ^ £^|.» 


For Oonnty, Township and Oity Officers, in. 

best of style and oa short notice, at F, F. HENKIG'S, 
E.-ickett's Block, Minneapolis. 


IJolster Alvau, lawyer. 

Hratten John A, barber. 

Cadd Henry A, drugf^ist and stationer. 

Collins Michael R, saloon and billiards. .' 

Crossiliau SIros, General Store. 

Ervin E A, propr Ervin House. 

Exchange Hotel, Potter & Angell proprs. 

Folsoin Albert C, Postmaster. 

Gift'ord Carmi S, lumber, grain, coal, etc. , - 

Eager & Nisbet, milliners and dressmakers. 

Heberle Louis, hotel propr. 

Heywood George, general store. 

Hoyt John E, painter. 

Johnson Cornelius, wines and liquors. 

Kent Rev T O (Methodist). 

Le Clure Rev G F (Congregational). 

Loomis & Laythe, saddles and harness. 

^Inrtill «fc Scriver, Hardware, Stoves, Tinware and 

Agricultural Implements. 
Moore & Hoag, blacksmiths. 
Morris Bros, general store. 
Neher Isaac N, hotel propr. 
Norton John, general store. 
Parker Wm B, physician. 
Potter & Angell, proprs Exchange Hotel. 
Putnam W C, general store and grain. 

Richardson James R, farm implements, grain and live stock. 
Sawyer O O, physician. 
Tliorne Albion, lawyer and insurance. 
L'lilie Gust av A, Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, 

Clothing, Etc, Farm Implements and Grain. 
Van Eps Wm, propr Dell Rapids Mills. 
Walters John W, furniture and undertaker. 
Wheeler Edwin W, propr Sioux Falls and Flandreau stage 

Winsor Lewis S, blacksmith. 
Woodruff AVllI J, Lumber. 


A recently established postoffice in Cass county. 


A farm house postoffice in Bramble county. 

ROOFING MATERIAL. •» - " ™."-«->c..c„ 

Tarred Felt, Baildine Papor, Pitch, 
etc. M H TRITTESDEN &, CX).,Cor 
Siith and Sibley Su., St. Paul, lli-.n. 

CROC li FRY ^'™'^ ^^'^"- Glassware, wholesale and 
^JllUUiVm i, retail. E. A. HAEMON & CO,, Minneapolis. 



l,J"f^-L'•'\^^^''"^''^' l^'"*''' °^ Kingsbury county, is a vil- 
lage of oOO inhabitants, and a station on the Dakofa CentrU 
division of the C. & N. W. Rj-, at the foot of Lake Thon , 
Vr\il'"'^T\°^ Kingsbury county, has Episcopal an 1 
Presbyterian churches and a public school, and exports <rrai, 
and stock. Its needs are a steam Hour mill, a .vagonmlik.r 

K^-1 1 ^^' ^n^' ''""'t ^^ ^^' S^'^'i ^'«t^l«' ^ newspaper, tlu- 
Kingsbury County Vl'..s, several stores, and is gro^in^ 
steadily. Daily mail. J. H. Carroll, postmaster. " 


Alexander Rev A L (Presbyterian). 
Barker C P, grocer and baker. - • 

Barnes V V, lawyer. 
; Beardsley J C, propr Beardsley House. 
Broadley J C & Co, druggists. 

Cr^oof W G^ti^^art'^' ^'''''' ''°"''*"- '''' ^^^° ^Se'^^" 

Dietz Dr, physician. 

Fayant J G, meat market. 

Fuller * I>ox, Hardware. 

Gore Frank E, grocer. 

Harthorn E M, constable. 

Harthorn E .AI & Son, groceries and feed. 

ilinz Henry, boots and shoes. 

Hmz & Hall, billiard saloon. 

^galls C P, justice of the peace. 

Kingsbury County News (weekly). 

Maguire W H & Co, hardware. 

Mathews G A, lawyer. 

Mead & Byington, Exchange Hotel 

Noyes J W, carpenter. 

Ruth Thonias H & Co, Bankers. 

feheldon R b, propr De Smet House. 

fehortley W, blacksmith. 

Sterling E E, lawyer. 

Storey G P, barber. 

Wilmarth Geon^e, grocer 

Woodruff J & Son, flour and feed. 

Woodworth H G, railroad agent. 


A postofliee in a wheat raisinur district in the center of 
Deuel county, lo miles from Gary (c h), on the C. & N. W. 

A r riluGnt hirtTsel'f.''" K.. E.^la^rt Mutual U^ 

BoEtoa, J, J 

ireseeth the Evil and Insurel 

f-'^T Eaijlanrt Mutual Li;.^ lusnr.inco Cj. 
WATSON, St. Paul, God'I Agent for Minae.o 

Hashovv,iV]aisii& Davis,? 

erf of City 'Water-'Vrorka 
for frontier towns, Cor. 2d St. 
and Fifth Ave. S., Minneapolis. 


Ky, tlie nearest railroad point. Semi-weekly mail. P. J. 
I'liibcite, postmaster. 

A recently established postoffice in Richland county. 


A postoffice in Miner county (as yet unorganized), 10 miles 
from Mitchell, the nearest railroad point. Semi-weekly mail. 
A E Nash, assistant postmaster. 


A postoffice in Diamond City, a new mining camp in 
Liwroncc county, in the Black Hi'lls, 25 miles froni'Deadwood 
{<.• h), and 265 from Bismarck, the nearest railroad point. 
There are two quartz mills here, and gold is the only export. 
The population fluctuates between 100 and 1,000. Tri-weekly 
mail stage to Rockford. C. W. Yan.a, postmaster. 


Duffield "W & Bros, carpenters. 

Enos C H, quartz mill and miner. 

Gates, saw-mill. 

McAuley N, blacksmith. 

McKiiiiion Evans, Quartz Mill and Miner. 

Morrissey W D, saloon. 

Sawyer H, saloon. 

.Sawyer J, grocer. 

-Shaw T, restaurant and boarding house. 

Thompson L, restaurant and boarding house. 

i ana C W, general store. 


A post hamlet in the eastern part of Pembina county, on 
the Red Riyer, 30 miles from Pembina (c h), and 14 from 
Kennedy, on the St. P., M. & M. Ry, the nearest railroad 
J'omt, accessible by steamers during the season of navigation. 
-■^ grist mill is needed here at once. Daily sta^e to "Far<To 
and Grand Forks, fare U; and to Pembina, 82. Twelve 
mails weekly. E. A. Ilealy, postmaster. 


j>issell A, carpenter. 

lawcett J W, proiir hotel and constable. ' • 

<.OirAV P, General Store. 

Gray G A, blacksmith. 

Builders' Hardware and Mechan- 
ics' Tools, 35 E. Third St,, St. PauL 

Kingsbury & Draper. 

Send Your Orders !»J 

Cloth, Chilled Iron,Eo!: 

, rionr Packers and Mi!l y 
Gunn & Co., Mianeapolis, M.:.- 

838 DRA DAKOTA ga7.ette?:r EGA 

Healy Rev Almon. 

Healy E A, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, LauJ 

Agent, Bookseller and Stationer. 
Vancarap R, carpenter. 

A newly established postoffice in Traill county. 

A village of 200 inhabitants in the to-sniship of the same 
name in the southeastern part of Lincoln county, and a station 
on the S., C. ct P. Ry, IT miles from Canto'n (c h). It is 
located on the Big Sioux river, which affords power to a grist 
mill. Has Episcopal and Congregational churches, good 
common schools, and exports grain, hogs and cattle. There 
are two hotels here, also several general and special stores. 
The town is in a good farming district, and bids fair to assume 
importance. Semi-weekly stage to Yankton and Lodi. Two 
mads daily. S. P. Culbertson, postmaster. 


Avery A M, physician. 

Blount C E, druggist. 

Branigan Wm, barber. 

Brown E Y, physician. 

Culbertson" S B, General Store, Live Stock and Produce. 

Gray H. hotel propr. 

Holt A, Express and Railroad Agent. 

Jackson Bros, blacksmiths and wagonmakers. 

Law Mrs T R, milliner. 

McBride Rev J M (Episcopal.) 

Odell & ilillard, meat market. 

Overseth &, Dyste, general store. 

Quint M B, grocer and insurance agent. 

St Croix, lumber dealer. 

Slade W R & Co, hardware and implements. 

Snyder A, hotel propr. 

Sophy Bros, saloon. 

Striibic Bros & Co, Millers. 

Van Sickle T, livery. 

Vreeland J P, general store. 

Waterbury S M, shoemaker and harness dealer. 

Wheelock A B, justice of the peace and real estate dealer. 


Formerly Roscoe, is situ.ited in the central part of Moi'dy 
county, i miles from Flaudreau (eh), the nearest railroad point, 

SCHEFERS BROS, ""''''' '°"''^°^^=^° 

East Third Street, St. Paul, Minn. 

CD TUIIDOTflM Sole Ag'tTIC-ER RAXES, MUbnraWagoM.Bae- 
I bfl I iiwiiw I Wi «J 3^g^ c^^^^^ pj^^^^ ^^^^ ^g ^^ g^ g^ St. Paul. 



ami on the Big Sioux river, which here gives power to a flour- 
iiiir mill. It has a population of 57, a common school, exports 
wheat, and banks at Yankton. Daily mail and stao-e to 
Flandreau, Sioux Falls and Dell Rapids, fare 25c, 81.25 and 
^■2.2o, respectively. Two mails daily. S. R. Moore, post- 


Hidwell D, flour mill. 

l>idwell, Hardin & Co, dry goods and groceries. 

Iliihart John & Co, hardware. 

Jnrdan P, saloon. 

Moore Bros, general store. 

Smith J D, blacksmith. 

Smith R N, propr Roscoe House. 

Wilson M J, propr Wilson House. 


A mining settlement in La-m-cnee county, Black Hills. 

The seat of Union county, is situated in the southwestern 
part thereof, near the 3Iissouri river, and is a station on the 
Dakota Southern Ry. Population, 1,200. In the line of the 
current of western emigration, and at the doorway of the Ter- 
ritory, Elk Point is very favorably situated for commerce. A 
steam grist mill is in operation here, and there are aUo 
hotels, general stores, groceries and various other busine<;s 
e-,t.ablishmeuts. Has Baptist, Metho.list, United Brethren 
Episcopal, Congregational and Catholic churches, and a graded 
school of 4 departments. Exports, wheat, oats, corn, barley 
hogs and cattle, and banks at Vermillion. Express, Am 
I wo mails daily. James E. Blair, postmaster. 


American House, Flannery Bros pro] 

neg-i;-s Cliarles W, General Store. 

ln-g'j;s Mrs C W, millinery and fancy goods. 

';>--'L,'s &, Brace, live stock. 

I'l u'i^'s & Caton, grain dealers and elevator. 

|>ynnc'tt G P, physician. 

j5i,L,'eIow N, grocer and confectioner. 

I'l.-iir Henry II, drupes, wall paper, etc. 

HIair .Jailie<i K, Postmaster. 

jiovee Alson, sheriff Union county. 

||i'igg.s Benjamin, furniture. 

Brubacher Joseph B, groceries and provisions. 

ARCHITEOTS, Mbneapolia. Plans 
and SpeoificatioaB furaishfui for ail 
kiads of Building, on short notice, 


I amn Pnnrlo "^^^^^ Cutlery and Plated Ware, at Charl _ 
Ldilip UUUUiSj JohDson's Crockery House, "^ Y.^Sout:"' ^^ 


Bryan J Hickman, wagonmaker and blacksmith. 

Budde Frank M, groceries and restaurant. 

Conley A D, coroner Union county. 

Conly J G ifc W J, physicians. 

Costar Wm, painter. 

Coverdale John, blacksmith and farm implements. 

Cowles Leonard B, physician. 

Crill L X & Co, flour mill, ti miles n. 

Criiiiirine Solomon, Flour and Feed. 

Dawson Artemas h, watchmaker and repairer. 

DeMers Philip, barber. 

DeWitt Elden C, druggists, grocei-, etc. 

Dragoo Jacob M, carriage and wagonmaker. 

Duncan & Henry, windmills and pumps. , 

Elk Point House, "Ward Mallorv propr. 

Elk Point Tribnne (Weekly), C H Fullerton Ed and 

Fate Wm H H, sujit of schools. 

Flannary Bros, proprs American House. 

Fleming Henry, meat market and grocer. 

Freeman Bros, general store. 

Freeman George R, livery stable. 

Freeman Rev George W (Baptist). 

Freeman & Lansini;, c;rain and elevator. 

Fullerton Charles II, Ed and Propr Elk Point Tri- 

Gore A »fc A E, grocers and dining hall. 

Havens 3Irs C E, milliner and dressmaker. 

Havens G W, physician. 

Heald A W, surveyor t^nion county. 

Hines Rev Joshua V (Episcopal). 

HofFman Michael, hardware and farm implements. 

Hughes Alexander, lawyer. 

Hutchinson Rev D T (t^nited Brethren). 

Kellogg George W, collection agent. 

Kent J R & Son, carpenters and builders. 

Kirk N A, clerk district court. 

Labelle Vincent, saloon and billiards. 
'LaBreche Charles, commissioner. 

Ijincll GeortfC ]?S, Boot and Shoemaker. 

McCready Rev W N (Motliodist). 

Hallnlian Cliarles F, Ed and Propr Union County 

JIallory Ward, propr Elk Point House. 

Miller Ezra W, lawyer. 

Mounsey John, saloon and billiards. 

Murphy Hans, farm implements. 

HEH S SSl 8 '^i Lock COi ines! 46 Jackson StTsT. PAUL 

Hasho w, Maish & Davis, SSiSHS 


Murtha Charles, brick nianfr. 

I'l'ttis E L, livery stable. 

Quick Edward, carpenter and builder. 

Kingsrud A O, register of deeds and county clerk. 

Rouan Thomas, commissioner. 

Kowe A A, grocer. 

Rowe E & Son, hardware and stoves. 

Seville «fc Muhs, general store. 

Sheafe Mark W, jr, flour mill and city mayor. 

Smith T W, judge of probate. 

Smith Watson, express and railroad agent. 

Smj-the Francis W, haniessmaker and justice. 

Steckman George B, jewelry, dry goods, etc. 

Stickney George, county treasurer. 

Stough Solomon B, lumber mnfr and dealer. 

Strobel Frederick, meat market. 

Talcott J M, brick mnfr. 

I'uioii County Courier (Weekly), Charles F Malla- 

han Ed and Propr. 
Wallace J A, lawyer. 
Wixson Ely B, commissioner. 
Wood John R & Son, livery stable. 


In the southern part of Traill county, is the terminus of 
the Casselton branch of the Northern Pacific Railway, and is 
a thriving village with a population of .300, in a rich agricul- 
tural country. Daily stage to Fargo and daily mail. 


Block & Stroeter, blacksmiths. 
John & Clemment, hardware. 
Jollllison & JoElUiii, Dry Goods. 


In the western part of Union county, 20 miles from Elk 
Point (c h), and 12 from Portlandville,"on the S. C. & D. Ry, 
the nearest railroad point. Population, 100. Has Lutheran, 
Bajdist and Catholic churches and a common school. Ex- 
ports, wheat, oats, butter and eggs. Stage communication 
^'ith Canton and Richland 4 times weekly and mail weekly. 
Thomas Ronan, postmaster. 


Crowron G AV, Nurseryman. 
Flutden Ole P, wagonmaker. 
Ronan Thomas, store keeper. 

^olHon J?/ Pfl/olfa ^°°^s'^ ^"^ Sheet-Iron Architectural 

Ij Workers, 114 N. 3d St., Minneapolis. 

Thp 1 atoct noci0nc^^'^^®^°'^'^^*^'-^'-^"^^° 

J lie LdlCOl UCOigila Merchant Tailor, Minneapolii 



A village of 25 souls iu the southwestern part of Moodv 
county, 12 miles from Flandreau (c h), the nearest railroa.'l 
point. Has a good school, exports wheat and stock, banks at 
Flandreau, and wants a merchant and blacksmith. Semi- 
-ft-eekly mail stage to Dell Rapids. W. Crowson, postmaster. 


In Motmtain View township, northern part of Pembina 
county, 25 miles from Pembina (c h), and 20 from St. Vin- 
cent. Has a Presbyterian church, a common school, exports 
■wheat, and requires a grist and saw-mill. Weekly mail stage 
to Pembina. Ileniy McGuin, postmaster. 


Hurley John J, blacksmith. 

General Store. 


A settlement in the southeastern part of Hamlin county, 
20 miles from Goodwin, on the C. & X. W. Ry, and 19 from 
Volga, on the Dakota Central. There is a good water power 
on the Big Sioux river here, and a tlouring mill, store and 
blacksmith shop are badly needed, as there is nothing of the 
-kind within 20 miles. Weekly stage to Sioux Falls and 
Watertown. James H. Bos well', postmaster. 


A station on the C, St. P. & O. Ry, in the southeastern 
part of Lincoln county, 8 miles from Canton (c h). A flour- 
ing mill here obtains power from the Big Sioux river. Exports, 
grain, hogs and cattle. Express, Am. Two mails daily. W. 
H. Hubbard, postmaster. 


Davison Bros, general store. , 

Hllg'g'ill!^ T 51, Groceries, Etc. 
Jackson Joseph, blacksmith. 
Smith D E, flouring mill. 


The largest and most populous city in Northern Dakota, 
and the seat of Cass county, is situated on the X. P. Ry, and 
on the Red River of the Xorth. Founded in 1S72. A' mere 
hamlet in 1873, it i,s now a live, bustling city of 2,700 inhab- 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

31 Kobert Street, BT. PAUL, Mica 

MOTTO- Sqaara Dealing and O'ti 

Value £«oeIv6d every time. 

F. F. I^ennig, 

Book-Binder and Blank-Book 

Manufacturer, Braciett's Block, 
Minceapolis, Minn, 

FAR AXD BUSINESS DIRKCTORY. FAR 843!*, the receiving and distributing center of the vast arable 
wheat region of the Red River Valley, a granary unsurpassed 
oil the face of the earth. The city is pleasantly situated and 
mihstantially built, is governed by a mayor and common 
ccMiiicil, and has eflicient fire and police departments. It has 
M.'thodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Baptist and Lutheran 
ciiurches, and district schools, a First Xational Bank, a Cham- 
)m r of Commerce, a Library Association, a Bar Association, a 
l!n:ird of L^nderwriters, a daily newspaper. The Argits, asemi- 
wiekly and three weekly newspapers, an opera house and a 
mn-ic hall. The L'nited States and Territorial courts are held 
in Fargo. Last year 150 new buildings were erected at a cost 
of $250,000, among them an elevator of 140,000 bushels capac- 
itv. The IJ. S. land office in Fargo sold over 1,000,000 acres 
of land to settlers; 4!400,000 worth of agricultural implements 
were sold in the place; 51,000,000 lbs. of local freight were 
delivered to the merchants of the city, and 35,000,000 lbs. 
(.liijiped east, while 20,000 cars were handled in the yard of 
the N. P. Ry within the city limits. The hotels of" Fargo, 
notable among which is the Headquarters, the largest in the 
tcrr'.tory, and the leading hostelry, have been doing a driving 
business, as the rush toward the fertile lands of the west has 
iiu-reased travel to an unprecedented degree. All trains arrive, 
and depart from the Headquarters, under whose roof are the 
telegraph, ticket and express offices of the X. P. Ry. Fargo 
enjoys the advantages of steamboat communication with all 
Ix'ints on the Red River, and does an extensive business with 
Manitoba. Exports, wheat, oats, barley and vegetables. 
I>.iilv stage to Pembina, 12© .miles, fare" Sl3; tri-weekly to 
Hrickenridge, 50 miles, >;3; semi-weekly to Bonnersville, 62 
uiiles, *4. Three mails by rail daily." Edward A. Grant, 


Aidrich & Lockwood, clothing, boots and shoes. 

Alsop Bros, proprs Red River Freight Line. 

Anderson &, Larson, cigarmakers. 

l.:il)y Thaddeus, confectioner. 

'^■■k Henry S, lawyer. 

i'aiik of Fariio, Charles Sweatt & Co Proprs. {See 

'"/,.:) ^ ' ^ ^ 

IJarLer Edward D, Propr Fargo Times. {See adv.) 
"ariies A; Tcilliey, Grain and Elevator. 

;irri.-it & Co, farm imi.Iements. 

'■"ili,'er & Rinfjrose, saloon. 

.r:i.ll(.y Hev C^F (Methodist). 
'"■' n.bnbcck John S, jeweler. 
Iiri;;f;s ,fc Elders, Lawyers, Real Estate and Insurance. 

GalvapizeTiron Cornices. -»i"S-^ 

Largest Stock Crockery M( 

the State. E A. HAR- 
N & CO., Miuneapol;,, 


Brown Charles E, carpenter and builder. 

Buckley & Co, saloon. 

Burger' L D & Co, general store. 

Campbell James S, carpenter and builder. 

Cantieny Anton, confectioner. 

Cary Il'O, propr Red River Posten. 

Cli'apill .IJlsper IS, Propr Continental Hotel, Wm II 

Witt Mngr. (Seeadc.) 
Chapin Jasper B, lands and real estate. 
Chapin Miss Mary R, milliner. 
Chesley & Lovejoy, lumber. . ■ 

Clarion Fredcrifk ^V, Cigar Mnfr. 

Conan John W, plivsician. 

Coiltiueiltal Slotei, J B Chapin Propr, W H Witt 
ilanager. (See adv.) 

Cooper fwCOrg'C, Mnfr and Dealer in Harness, Saddles, 
Collars, Concord Team and Buggy Harness, Single and 
Double, Trunks and Horse Clothing, Front st. 

Cooper Heri)ert W, harnessmaker. 

Cornwell J II, painter. 

Crockett A: Shotwell, Lumber, Coal, Etc. {Se^ adv.) 

Crucial J B, jihysician. 
, Cudihee <!fc Wiley, Hats, Caps and Gents' Furnishin:r, 
Shirts ]Made to Order, New Styles Received Every Week. 

Dalrymple Oliver, office for Grandin, Cass and Cheney farm-. 

Daniels «& Torkelson, Lawyers, Real Estate, Insur- 
ance and Architects. [See adv.) 

Darrow Edwin M, physician. 

Davis Elias D, boots and shoes. 

Davis Frank, confectioner. 

DeLendreeie «fc Cliiniquy, Wholesale and Retnil 
Dry Goods, Notions, Millinery, Ladies' and Gents' Fur- 
nishing Goods. 

Douglass & Smith, blacksmiths. 

Eberman W S & Co, druggists. 

Eberman &; Co, druggists. 

Eddie & Reitau, sahion. 

Ed\Tards Alail!!«on AV, Propr Daily and Weekly 

Egbert George, saloon and restaurant. 

£^^Uill £dtvard, Fine Boot and Shoemaker, L.a<lii:*' 
and Gents' First-Class Work to Order on Short Noticr. 

Elmer Rev O II (Presbyterian). 

Erickson John, saloon. 

Excelsior iSiihscription Aj^ency, J W Seann.- 

Agent, Lowest Club Rates for all Xew'spajters and Mi^- 
azines, Sent to Any PostotKce. 



"Boston. The b.^st Ompany to Insure «. 
. WATSON, Oea'l Acont, 8T, PAUL. U.— 



Continental Hotel 

Corner Second Street and Broadway, 

The largest and best appointed Hotel in the New North-TVest. Everj-thing 

new and first-class. This hotel has just been completed; with wide 

corridors, large airy rooms, furnished in first-class style, with 

all modern improvements. Rooms can be had singly or en 

suite, and guests charged according to accommodations. 

The table 'will have every delicacy obtainable, and 

the Continental will be conducted upon the 

most modern gauge. 

FREE 'BUSSES will be in attendance at ALL TRAINS 

And convey guests to and from the hotel to railroad depots and 
steamboat landings. 

W. H. Witt, llanager. J. B. CHAPIN, Proprietor. 


(Late of the flna of Roberts and Berg.) 


Justice of the Peace and Notary Public. 

Bogluess by'Mail carefully and promptly attended to. United States Land Office 
Practice a Specialty, and all oases brought to a successful issue or 

Rooms 3 and 4, United Block, FARGO, D. T. 

CH.VS. KWE.\TT. H. F. MILLER, Attorney 


CHAS. SWEATT & CO., Bankers, 

V. Ill buy and sell eschance on all ]ri!;<i[.al ••iti.-s ..f tlu- United States and Europe. 
A Gtneral Banking Bu.-iii Tr i', i ■• ■ 1 \!1 ' ' ". -tions will receive 

H^fer by permission to Four:,: . . ; i: . "•■ i .. Citv; L. J. Gae-e. Cashier 

'i-'-tNatlbaDk. Chicago; 11 \'. •: Uank. Au.stin. Miun; A. 

'■-':rg'-, Pre-it. .Second Safl r.u, \i;- i.l, '. .■ . u [.x.-liange Bank. Jlilwau- 
^•■'••, H.,T.. Justin S. Morrill. Wasl„„-i,,„. i. c ; H .t, .\ „, .MUs.mi. DubuMUL-. Iowa; 
H'.ii Samuel .Merrill. D.-t M.mi,.s. I„,v.i; Hun. Cj ru.s tureman. U^age,; Cliaud- 
: ^r. Hr,,wn. S: Co.. Milwaukee. Wis 

"UllUCIO RdlUVs ale bury & Draper. 85E.Tidid8t„8t.Pau:. 

If You Wsni a GDiiiolefe ~'"^'-^'='-"-^ 

Gunn & Co., Minneapolia, Minn. 


F.nrjfO !5t»im!>Iacau (Semi-Weekly and Weekly), J IJ 

& A W Hall Proprs, DevotoJ to the Development of 

the New Northwest. 
Fargo TiuiCii, E D Barker Propr. 
Fil'Sl Xatiosisd SSailk (Capital, S75,000), Ezra B Eddy 

Pres, Ernest C I']ddy Cashr. {See adv.) 
Galloway Hector, })hysician. 
Goodittait •& Yerxa, General Store, Groceries, Drv 

Goods, Clotiung, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Crockery, 

Glassware, Oats and Feed. 
Grandiu J L »t Co, proprs stmr J L Grandin and barge line. 
Grant Eelward A, Books and Stationery. 
Gronvold Christian, physician. 
Guptil A B, lawyer and real estate. 
Haas Nicholas, propr Merchants' Hotel. 
Hadley & Son, livery stable. 
Hagaman Benjamin, real estate. 
Hall J B <t A W, proprs Fargo Republican (weekly ami 

Hallenberg C A, saloon. 
Hardy Albert, jeweler. 

Harwood Arthur J, lands and abstracts of title. 
Haynes F Jay, photographer. 

Headquarters Motel. XK Hubbard Propr. {See a-cJv.) 
Hector ZMartin S, saloon and billiards. 
Hedin Peter A, saloon. 
Hellraan J E, laundry. 

IIeiider!>on Augustus E, Hardware. 
Herbert C D, confectioner. 
Hibbard Wm B, grocer. 
Hill & Kesler, dentists. 
Hillabrant Wm J, harnessmaker. 
Hillestad Edward O, saloon. 
Hollinshead &, Shattuck, feed and sale stable. 
Holzer Samuel & Co, meat market. 
Houghton & Tahnage, jewelers. 
llu>)l)ard Xewton K, Propr Headquarters Hotel. 

{See adv.) 
Hughes & Brewer, merchant tailors. 
Hunt Randell, civil engineer. 
Johnson George B, blacksmith. 
JoIiUKOU Peter, Propr Minnesota House. 
.Jones Wm il, confectioner. 
Kindred Wm A & Co, real estate. 
Kissner Gustav J, propr Sherman House. 
Kjos & Jensen, general store. 
Lacy Charles F, jeweler. 

QPHFFFRQ R'^HQ importers of Fine ■Woolens, no. 40 

E. Ttird Street, ST. PAUL, Mien. 


KILPTJSN WAGONS, Tiirer Rakes, H=2- 
zin;; Ea-CTTs, Seeders, Caz- 
3i;ggic2, etc., 13 W. 3i St., St. Paul. 



aiy.^iTEiS BTEL 


All Trains stop for Meals at this House. Lunch Room adjoining 
Ticket and Telegraph olHce for those not wishing warm meals. This 
H.^use contains ninety-eisht rooms, and is the best Two Dollar a Day 
House in the West. 

N. K. HUBBAKD, Proprietor. 

y V. EDDY, Pres't. N. K, HUBB-UIP, Vice Pres't. E. C. EDDY. Cashier. 

First National Bank, 


Paid up Capital, ¥'5.0no. Surplus and Undivided Profits ^:34.000. 
Do a General Banking Business. Pay Taxes for non-residents without 

charge. « 

New York Correspondent, Chase National C'hici!go Correspond- 
ent, Comnierrial National Bank. St. Paul ('orre--iioiuleuls, 
Firn National Bank, and M.rr:hanl>' Nati..iial Bank. 

Wllonn J?/ Ini'rI'jn James K. WUson, Eobert 'W. Jordan, 
K|IC)UII C^JUIUall3 ARCHITECTS, Minneapolis, Minn, 


Liaiziire t'Isarles H, Lawyer, Real Estate, Collection, 
Made, Money to Loan, Paper Bought, French and Ger- 
man Sjiuken. 

Lasenske & Bickert, carriagemakers. 

Lewis Everett W, civil engineer. 

Lowell Jacob, Jr, Lawyer. 

Luger Bros, furniture and undertakers. 

Luther August, liquors and saloon. 

McCarther John T, real estate. 

McCauley & Kessler, carpenters and builders. 

McCauley & Reynolds, saloon and theater. 

McChesney Bros, blacksmiths. 

McDonald .T<ihn, propr Fargo House. 

McDoiiitcn Thomas I> !^, General Store. 

McLaughlin ,Iohn K, farm implements. 

Maartman Karl, drtiggist. 

Madland Jens G, farm implements. 

Marelius Geurgo, meat market. 

Marsh Frederick E, dentist. 

]\Iarx Isaac, clothing. 

Messingham 11 D, flour and feed. 

Miller Henry F, lawyer. 

JflilluesiOlia Mouse, P Johnson Propr, Nos 7 and ^ 
Front street. Near the River, Terms 81 Per Day, Good 
Stabling in Connection. 

Mitchell Charles IL saloon. 

Moore Charles H, barber. 

Morrison Joseph M, saloon and billiards. 

Nelson Truls, tailor. 

Nord David, general store. 

Northern Pacific Railroad Co's Express, Benjamin E Franklin 

Oakford & Nelson, druggists. 
. OllSlter Krt>vard €i, Furniture and Notions. 

Olson & Kjellman, merchant tailors. 

Olson & Nelson, i^eneral store. 

O'Xeil Sc Ai^eo, Wholesale and Retail Wines, Liqur.r>, 
Cigars, Tobaccos and Saloon. 

O'Neill Wm, saloon. 

Overpeck R A, insurance agent. 

Paine Samuel 8, grocer. 

Parrett Eilward, hardware. 

Perry Edward A, grocer. 

Peters Claus F, confectioner. 

Peterson «fc Thomson, farm implements. 

Phillips :\I M, jeweler. 

1^. A. Bigford,£rt^^sSi 

Hashow, Maish & Davis, - tlii^^s 


gjixe ^nx'cia jinxes, 

E. D. BARKER, Prop'r and Publisher. 

The oldest and largest and most influential paper in Northern Dakota. 

It makes a specialty of -wheat statistics and local market reports. 

The TnrES Steam Printing House is the only establishment of 

the kind northwest of St. Paul. §3.00 per year in advance. 

Sample Copies sent Free. FARGO, D. T. 




Insurance Agents 

C. N'. D.IMELS. .\rdiitcot. I C. S. TORKELSON. Atf yat-Law. 

R4?Uable Estimates Furnished. | Conveyancing a Specialty. 

Lands in Dakota and Minnesota for sale at reasonable prices 
and long time, to actual settlers. 

Office, United Block, :F.A.IE?./(3-0, ID T. 




Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Building Paper, Blacksmiths' 






___^ FARCO, P. T. 

Henrys Paient Ventilating ^SHSill 

G. F, FARRINGTON,''"'""""'*"'"'™" =" 

I J Nicollet Avenue, Minneapoli 


Poilieroy C ^I <fc Co, Gunsmiths, Locksmiths and 

Taxidermists. {See adv.) 
Quaw & Kine, grocers. 

Raymond Aoorhies M, Wholesale Grocer. 
Ready James, grocer. 
Rentschler & Sehoeinger, meat market. 
Reynolds Benjamin P, propr Reynolds Hotel. 
Roberts i Hera:, Lands, Loans and Collections. {See 

Roberts & Spalding, lawyers and loans. 
Rolph R T, physician. 
Rositer Charles W, machinist. 
Rude ?tJarlill L, Laundry, the Oldest and|Only [First- 

Class Laundry in the City, ^York Done on Short Notice, 

and Called for and Delivered. 
Rnpert C H & Co, boots and shoes. 
Scott James 3L propr Park Hotel. 

Searing" Jolill W, Newspaper Subscription Agency. 
Shrimski Isaac, clothing. 
, Siverson Elaf T, dry goods. 
Skll!<e John j". Lawyer, Special Attention to all Classes 

of Land Office Business, Office Next Door to Land Office. 
Skuse Riehard H, Civil Engineer and Surveyor. 
Smith John A, saloon and billiards. 
Smith Miss Laura F, confectioner. 
Sorenson & Bye, grocers. 
Spaulding John H, dentist. 
Stack & Hazen, lawyers and real estate. 
Stevens Rev C B (E]Mscopal). 
Stevens «fc Rolph, Hardware. {See adv.) 
Stevens & Co, livery stable. 
Stewart David, saloon and billiards. 
Sweatt Charles & Co, Bankers. {See adv.) 
Taylor Mrs Amanda S, milliner. 
Thomas & Renton, La^-yers. 
Tonseth & Mathison, proprs Union House. 
Tour Joseph, confectioner. 
Twomey «fc Franeis (Daniel H Twomey, Grin W 

and Lyman Y. Francis), Lawyers. 
U S I^aild OlJiee, Horace Austin Register, Thomas N 

Pugh Receiver. 
Vachon Moses, barber and baths. 
Yiknes John P, photographer. 
W^hite Rros, Lumber and Planing Mill. 
Wilson Peter, hanlware. 
'Wilson «& Ball (George P Wilson, Wilbur F Ball), 

Lawyers, Practice in all Courts of Minnesota and Dakot.i. 

^O DoK-l/Inf* I ifnrir* P| On 31EobertSt.,St.Pau],Mian., 
TO I Crainbj LyUnSar UUi for pure wines and Liquo:^ 

_, I n ^ I, -Manufactured for Banks, MiU Men and Corporaj- 

DlUlilX l/UUltV Bracken's Block, Miineapobs, 


ib^. :E=o:b^Ei^o-5r sz co. 


Fargo, Dakota 

The Best of Breech-Loaders to ^f^Y'^^^^^'^ 
of fixed ammunition always on hand. Repair- 

in.T promptly done, and Taxidermists 

Specimens will receive prompt 

attention. All work tirst- 

class. Satisfaction 


Winslow Jeremiah C, lumber. 
WoM Rev C (Ltitheran). 
Wonzor Allen, barber. 
Wright George C, confectioiier. 
Youngrin Gustavus, blacksmith. 


A country postoffice in Lincoln county, 8 miles south of 
Canton (c h), the nearest railroad point. Mock and hog- ^re 
the exports of the vicinity. Stage to Elk Point and Canton. 
Sivert Alness, farmer, postmaster. 


In the southern part of Hanson county, 12 miles from 
Rock-port (c h), and 6 from Bridgewater, the nearest railroad 
point Exports, grain. Tri-weekly stage to bioux Fall:, and 
Rockport. Semi-weekly mail. Wm. Bnidlove, postmaster, 


Barrett Charles, notary public. 

Huchanan James, land locator and surveyor. 

Knellie P D, general store. 

Taylor K A, Hotel I'ropr. 

Tibbits David, physician. 

Willson Thomas, blacksmith. 

A station on the C, M. & St. P. Ry, in Turner county, 
e miles from Swan Lake (c h). Population, 50. Daily mail. 

The seat of Davison county, is a small station on the C, 
M. & St. P. Ry, in the coiitrar].art of the county. Express, 
Am. The postotlice here has been discontinued. 

IRflKI nnnCCDO ^ ^ OEITTENDEN & 00., Corner 
IllUll itUUrilriOi Sixth and Sibley Streets, St Paul, Minn. 

OHIO STONEWARE r°"""'"""^^^ 




The seat of Moody county, and the present terminus of 
the Southern Minnesota Railway. Is situated a little north- 
east of the centre of the county on the Big Sioux river, whicli 
here furnishes power for a grist mill. Population, about :30(). 
The village has 2 Indian mission churches and a public school, 
general stores, hotels, a bank and a newspaper, the Moody 
County JEnterprise. It is in a fine agricultural country and 
exports wheat. Express, Am. Stage to Roscoe, Dell Rapids, 
and Sioux Falls daily; Vinton, Madison, Frankford, Verdi 
and Herman, weekly; Ralph, Medary, Oakwood, Volga and 
Brookings tri- weekly. Marshal Morse, postmaster. 


Andre Charles, meat market. 

Andrews James 1>, Propr Sioux Valley House. 

Axford Thomas B, au'ent Knox Bros, lumber, etc. 

Bank of Flantlreail, O D Brown Pres, C C Brown 

Barron Daniel, blacksmith. 
Bolles G, general store, etc. 
Bonner & Hyde, grain, John H McMillan agent. 
Brayton Wm, meat market. 
Brown C C, cashier Bank of Flandreau. 
Brown O D, pres Bank of Flandreau. 
Brown Richard L, hardware and tinner. 
Camberlin Martin N, dep register of deeds. 
Cargill & Van, J E Stowell agent, grain. 
Carter & Youmi, farm implements. 
Central Blouse, Thomas O'Xeil Propr. 
Clark Wilber A, saddles and harness. 
Colman C L, L Knudson agent, lumber. 
Craney Jerry, boarding house. 
Currier Miss Emma, dressmaker. 
Dickson & Few, hardware, groceries, etc. 
Dodge & Bray, druggists. 
Dunn Wm, blacksmith. 
Eastman Rev John (Congregational). 
Finch "\Vm R, photographer. 
Flagg Alfred, district attorney. 
Flandreau Mouse, M b L Pettigrew Propr. 
Freeman Thomas, merchant tailor. 
French Wm, restaurant. 
Hall Charles F, groceries and provisions. 
Hall John H, barber and restaurant. 
Heath Seneca A, saddles and harness. 

i( A Dk. !»!«*.♦ "^3" foreseeth the Evil nnd Insureth 

A rrLluSni himself." Now E = £;Ia:J MqUJ I^fa InBurii:;c.. d. ■^•■ 
n I • MM win 3^^^^ J. J. WATSON, 8t Piitt!, GenT Apoat for MinnewU. 

Attorn ey-at-Law 




AhstTuct.^ of Laitd Titles cl Spoc Laity. 

' Uakota i erritory. 


General Foundere anil Uac^-aojti, 
Cor. 2d St. and Iiftb Ave. Sonti, 
I Minneapolis, Miim. 


Illllif ins-ton Enscne. Real Estate, Loans, Insurance, 
Ab<tra\ns, Justice of the Peace and Collection Agent. 
(^ccadi:) . . 

Jariil>s Dennis, county commissioner. 
JonCH M 51. General Mdse Dealer and Postmaster. 
.Ic.iK'S W 3I»fc Co, general store. 
Itt'cler Gcorgie P, Lawyer. 

lii'ciian & Sperry, saloon and billiards. • . . 

Kelley Wm H, carpenter and builder. 
Knox" Brothers, T B Axford agent, lumber, etc. 
Knudson Louis, lumber, C L Colman agent. 
Laiidin Nelson & Co, general store. 
Loomis T C, sheriff Moody county. 
McDonald Mrs A, dressmaker. 
McMillan John H, agent Bonner & Hyde grain. 
Marsh II C, grain de.iler. 

Martin Charles C, hardware and farm implements. 
Milam Benjamin A, general store. 
Millard Frank, livery and sale stable. 
Minier F E, agent John Paul, lumber. 
Moody County Enterprise (weekly), H M Williamson ed and 

Moulton Albert S, furniture and undertaker. 
Ober Benjamin, wagonmaker. 

OUon llans. Register of Deeds and County Clerk. 
O'Neil Thomas, propr Central House. 
Otis Joseph, county surveyor. 
Paul John, lumber, etc, FE Minier agent. 
Pettigrew Frederick W, clerk district court, real estate.etc. 

I'ettiijl'ClT Dl D li, Propr Flandreau House and Livery. 

Pettigrt-w Richard F, Hour mill. 

Pfttit John C F, physician. 

Rice Georsje, countv treasurer. 

Rice Georg-e, "Attornev-at-Law and Collection Agent. 
{See adv.) 

Rice Rev H V (Presbyterian). 

Ricker Leonard, restaurant. 

Roirers Manlius, supt of schools. 

Roper Wm H, livery stable. 

Seaman John A, physician. 

t>erle Henry M, wines, liquors and cigars. 

Sherwood W, contractor and builder. 

Simon John, countv commissioner. 

Siouv Valley House, James D Andrews Propr. 

Smith Arthur J, 'express and railroad agent. 

Smith Matthew H, barber. 

Stowell Jerome E, agent Cargill & Van, grain. 

ullllU8rS HflruWSrGbury&Draper. 35E.TliW8t„St,PauL 

W F fill MM & CD liuerAr^sn^rair^:! 


Thibau John E, boots and shoes. 

Whalen J C, county commissioner. 

Wheeler Edwin, propr Sioux Falls and Flandreau Stage Lino. 

White Daniel S, druses, books, etc. 

White iirs D S, millinery and fancy goods. 

WillianisiOll IleiirV 51, Lawyer, and Editor and Propr 

The Moody County Enterprise. 
Wood Harvey B, watches and jewelry. 
Wright Benjamin, probate judge. 


In Minnehaha county, 20 miles from Sioux Falls (ch), the 
nearest railroad point. lias Methodist and Lutheran churches, 
and exports wheat. Tri-weekly mail. Dennis Walters, post- 


A settlement in the west central part of Miner county (as 
yet unorganized), on the graded line of the Southern Minne- 
sota extension, -25 miles from Mitchell, the nearest rail- 
road point. A fine stock raising country, but the rapid 
influx of settlers is forcing large herds farther west. A grist 
mill and blacksmith are needed here. Semi-weekly mail 
stage to Firesteel and Jamestown. Wm. G. Santee, post- 


Santee "W^ G, Hotel Propr. 
Whalen R S, general store. 


A post village of 75 inhabitants in the western part of 
Lawrence county, Black Hills, 20 miles from Deadwood (c h). 


In the northeastern part of Grand Forks county, is a post 
station in a township of 000 inhabitants, 30 miles from Gr.ind 
Forks, the nearest railroad point, and 17 from Acton, a landing 
on Red River. ILas a church, used as a school house, exports 
■wheat, and wants a flour mill. Weekly mail stage to Actoa 
and Grand Forks. J. B. Warren, postmaster. 


Campbell Peter, general store. 
Carpenter James, justice of the peace. 
Skatteboe K O, justice and notary public. 

aUilLrLriO DUUOi East Third Street, St, Paul, Miun. 


Bole Ag't CANTON PLOWS, Tiger Rake«, Ban- 

dall Pnlverizinu Hajrows, TriniEph Seeden, Mil- 

1 bnia Wagons, Buggies, etc., 18 W. 3d St., St.Paul 



A postoffice in a new settlomont in Traill county, 30 miles 
from Caleilonia (c h), the nearest ship])iug point. A grist 
mill is badly needed. Semi-weekly mail stage to Fargo. 
Kvcn Larson, postmaster. 


Anil John, county surveyor. 

lOrit'kiiion Tlio-steii, Ju>tice of the Peace. 

Johnson Jacob, blacksmith. 

Waage Rev (Lutheran). 

An abandoned post and military reservation on the Red 
River, not yet open for settlement. The Government has 
improved the river, and wheat and stores may be transported 
by steamer to and from Fargo. John Hazlehurst, judge of 
jirubate, superintendent public schools, and chairman county 
commissioners, postmaster. 


In Burleigh county, on the Missouri river, 5 miles from 
Bismarck, on the N. P. Ry. Population, 500. Stage com- 
munication with Fort Keogh, Fort Yates and Deadwood. 
Daily mail. Wm. Cannon, post trader, postmaster. 


Or Cheyenne Agency, in Stanley county, on the west 
bank of the Missouri river, is 300 miles distant from Yank- 
ton. Has an Episcopal church and Mission school, and exports 
furs and hides. Population, about 100 whites. Stage to Bis- 
marck, Yankton and Black Hills. Scott Boyce, postmaster. 


A military post in the southern part of Stevens county, on 
the Missouri river, 85 miles northwest of Bismarck. Goods 
"hould be shipped by river direct. Congregational services 
are held 'in the fort, and there is a United States Indian 
department school. Exports, corn and furs. Population, 25. 
Tri-weekly mail to Bismarck and Fort Buford. C. M. Wood, 


In the southwestern angle of Malletto county, 250 miles 

m Bismarck by wagon road, and 388 by the Missouri ri\ 

AECHITXOTS. Aoconstica, H«j 

and Ventilation oarefnlly md 

J Mfftl/ UTUigtd. KiastapoUi, ilins. 

\Jl/IIOnM P. innnAlkl AECHITXOTS. Aoeon.tlc8, H«tinj 
II I Loll N Ob J U KUAN- ^^.^'^''^''■'? carefnUy «.d cor. 

PhsrloQ ln^nQ^ril ^'■°'=W and Glassware, 513 ¥asli- 
UllalluO ^UJS{!SUJ»| ington Ave. South, MINNEAPOLIS. 


is a military post and settlement, with a population of l,Oi)ij, 
including the garrison. The post church is Presbyterian, ainl 
there is an English school. Exports, robes and furs. Busi- 
ness men of every class are called for. Mail line Express. 
Tri-weekly stage to Bismarck, fare §25 in summer and >;lo in 
winter, and semi-weekly to Miles City. Mails three times 
■weekly, east, and twice west. George S. Hazen, postmaster. 


Ayott A T, blacksmith. 
Bell R H, physician. 
Crampton L W, physician. 
Davis John, justice of the peace. 
Gaylord I> X, Justice of the Peace. 
Jordan W B, banker. 
Leighton & Jordan, post traders. 
Morgan G W, livery. 
O'Connell Samuel, hotel. 
Robinson Rev Geo (Presbyterian). 
' Rorke Peter, boots and shoes. 
Scott John, boots and shoes. 
Spaulding Samuel, barber. 


In L}Tnan county, on the ^lissouri river, 140 miles from 
Running Water, the nearest railroad point, is a military post, 
garrisoned by two companies of the First Infantry. Tri- 
weekly mail stage to Fort Thompson. F. B. Wether'ell, post 
trader, postmaster. 


A military post in Lawrence county. Black Hills, 20 miles 
east of Deadwood (c h), 170 from Fort Pierre, 270 from Sid- 
ney, Neb., and 224 from Bismarck. 


W S Fanshawe & Co, post traders. 

On the west branch of the Missouri river, in the southeast- 
ern part of Stanley county, is important as the terminus of 
the stage lines to the Black Hills, and as a shipping point. 
The C^& X. W. Ry is being rapidly pushed to Fort' PiiTre. 
Freighting and forwarding and carriagemaking are the lead- 
ing occupations. There are 3 hotels, a public school and sev- 
eral stores. Tri-weeklv stacre to Yankton, Fort Sullv and 
Bisnuarck and the Black Hills. Tri-weekly steamer' fnun 

Hall's Patent Infallible sst^sP^ 

Hasho w, Mmh & Davis, ^•:^^^t& 

i • ""J Ave, Booth, MinaonpoliB. 

Sioux City, Io..-a, and Yankton. Fort Pierre promises to be 
one of the most flourishing points along the Missouri, il C 
Kousscau, postmaster. " 


Hartlett & Bros, -vvagonmakers. 

Ijramble Miner & Co, freighters and forwarders. 

bnggs H, freighter. 

Kross U i;, Propr Maple Avenue House. 

t harbonneau & Weeks, blacksmiths. 

Daugherty & Co, for\varders and freighters 

Dcrauleau Lucien, stock raiser. 

Doherty John, freighter. 

Duchesnan Napoleon, ferry. 

Evans F T, freighter and forwarder. 

Ilarjiin C, freighter. 

Harpin P, freighter. 

Harris G W, groceries and provisions. 

iioald it Brown, blacksmiths. 

Herren John, boots and shoes. 

Hoffman C D, clothing. 

Kcteiiuiii F R, General Store. ' 

ivinley Joseph, ferry. 

Landry Alexander, stock raiser. 

LaPIant Louis, freighter and stock raiser 

wr^omSer''™^'' ^""^ ^'^"' ^^°"'^'' ^^'^'^^'^'^ith and 
Lodgins John, wagonmaker. 
McGarry James, saloon and billiards. 
McManus P W, freighter. 
Mathieson G D, wagonmaker. 
Miller George, saloon and billiards 
^ancelle H, freighter and stock raiser. 
Uwens G W, propr Broadway Hotel, 
i arant Louis, wagonmaker. 
Pfotenhauer Henry, meat market. 
Koach Wm, baker. 
Uoiisseau M C, General Store. 
Kousseau R, freighter and stock raiser. 
Rue J S, carpenter. 

Stou7^*T?^** ^ J^' ^>P'" ^'■•'^^'i Central Plotel. 

atout & Herbert, blacksmiths. 

\\ aldron G P, freighter. 

^Ust J H, wagonmaker. 

\\ est &, RoweTl, restaurant and saloon. 

*V ickert R, baker. 

Iron KoOfprQ SELDEN & GETGLA, 114 N. 

FINE fi1EBCHANT-^^?i-A^^^;is 



A military post in Todd county, on the south bank of the 
Jilis.soun River. 


A military post in Ransom county. Valley City, on the 
U. P. Ry, is the nearest railroad point. 

A military reserve and post in the central western part of 
the Territory, 73 miles from Big Stone City, and 58 from 
Watertown, on the C. & N. W. Ry, the nearest railroa.l 


J Vanderhorck & Co, post traders. 

A military post in Stevens county, on the north bank of 
the Missouri nver, 70 mUes from Bismarck, on the N, P Rv 
Tri-weekly mail. * 


J S Winston, post trader. 


A military station on the Missouri river, western part of 
Sully county, 300 miles from Yankton. Exports, hides and 
antelope skms. Only the military trader is allowed here, and 
the population depends upon the strength of the garrison. 
The W yommg Stage Company runs stages to Yankton and 
Bismarck tri-weekly. Fare to Yankton, $20. Daily mail. 
is. Ii. 1 oung, post trader, postmaster. 

In the unorganized county of Ramsev, on the shore of 
Lake Minne-^Vauken, or Devil's Lake, 82 miles north »l 
Jamestown, on the X. P. Ry, and luO miles west of Grand 
Forks. Population, 125. It has a Catholic church and a 
public school, taught by the Sisters of Charity, and exports 
furs. Semi- weekly stage to Jamestown, fare ^8, and weeklv 
to Grand Forks, fare -sio. E. W. Brenneo, postmaster. 


Brennor G, post trader. 
Cramond J W, Indian trader. 

tS Perkins, Lyons & Co.^^^l^S'i!^^^^^^^ 


For County, Township and City Officers, in 

■ st of style and oc short notice, at F. F. HENNI&'S, 
Brackelt's Block, Miuneapclis. 


K1.11.T Rev C (Catholic). 
I'.iliiur F, Indian trader. 
I'Ofli W S, Post Trader, 
rii'inias Frank, school teacher. 


A military post in the ea-;teru part of Boreman county, 
on tiic Missouri river, 75 miles south of Bismarck, on the 
S. 1'. Ry. Population. 25. The fort is reached by ilis- 
Kitiri river steamers and stage from Bismarck and Fort 


D-iii^'lass H F <fc Co, post traders, 
nioinpson John & Co, traders. 

A postoffice in Spink county. 


A newly established postotKce in Lawrence county, Black 
Hills. ^ ' 


In the east central part of Brookings county, 14 miles 
from Medary (c h), and 6 from Brookings, the nearest rail- 
f'jsd point. Population, 200. Has a Baptist church, a com- 
nion school, and exports wheat, corn and oats. A steam grist 
mill is wanted, as there is not one in the whole county. Stage 
t-' Canby, Minn and Brookings 4 times weekly. Six mails 
fcitkiy. Frank H. Newton, postmaster. 


^•■x Rev C C (Wesleyan Methodist). 
'>";i;,'htv Daniel, wagonmaker. 
N-wton Rev F 11 (Baptist). 
I :'ft A \V, blacksmith. 

U alkor J O, Hotel 


A post station in the northeastern corner of Moody county, 
'1 riiiks from Flandreau (c h), the most convenient railroad 

A station on the I. & D. division of the C, M. & St. P. 
'>■. "I the southeastern corner of Armstrong countv, 1« miles 

Fire-Proof Doors I Sliimers. 

M H. Crittenden 4 Co., 

Cor. Sir.b ind Sitley Sti., 

Bt. Piol, Mian. 

Headquarters for Crockery" 


A. HARMON 4, CO., 


from Millstone (c li). Population, 40. Exports, whom. 
Wants a lumber yard, blacksmith and hardware dealer. Ex- 
press, U. S. Daily mail. John C. Diraock, postmaster. 


Buechler C, general store. 

Diinock John C, Express and Railroad Agent, and 

Putnam D R, grain dealer. 


A farmhouse postoffice in Hutchinson county, 10 mile? 
from Olivet (c h). Semi-weekly mail. Martin Schamber, 


A post village in the most central part of Moody county, 
12 miles from Flandreau (c h), the nearest railroad point. 

A mining village, population 100, in Lawrence county, 
Black Hills, 12 miles from Dcadwood (c h). Daily stage t'> 


Brumford <fc Co, saw-mill. 

Case J A, grocer and saloon. 

Finegan Arthur, groceries and provisions. 

Harley J C, Grocer. 

McDonald A & Co, smelters. 

The seat of Deuel county, and a station on the W. & St. P. 
Ry, is picturesquely situated on the Lac-qui-Parle river, on 
the easterly boundary of the county, in a region of great fer- 
tility and abundantly wooded. Founded in 1878, it has ;i 
population of 400, and is growing daily. It has Melhodi-t 
and Presbyterian churches, a tine public school and conn 
house, a live newspaper, the Inter-State, S hotels, a num- 
ber of general and special stores and mechanic shops. Ex- 
ports, grain and stock. Gary offers excellent openings f'-r 
a bank, flouring mills, a lawyer and a doctor. Express, Am. 
Semi-weekly stage to Big Stone Citv, weekly to Estellin'S 
Togstad. Norden, North Star, Grant and Blom. Daily mail. 
Fred. J. Bou-man, postmaster. 


Almond & Oswold, boots and shoes. 



of Boston, Law of Musachasetts protiJes •.-.>■ " 
forfeitnr* I J. J.WaUon, Gen'l Agt., St, Paul, >!■--• 

Hashov/,Ma!sh& Davis, E 

Bay, sell and exchange all kindi 

'Enjinea and Machinery, Cor, 

5th Ave.3., Minneapolis. 


.\rmstroin; C E, agent Youmans Bros & Ilodgins. 

r. ull.t (i \V, insurance agent and clerk of district court. 

lliMViiiail Fred J, County Clerk, Editor and Propr 

The loter-State. 
Hr.idiey Davis, lime burner. 

','irNiiii A, agent Van Dusen & Co, and general store. 
<-!.irk Mrs C P, milliner. 
Ci irk George P. constable. 
Jicxter C W, painter. 
I'rtoil H li, General Store. 
F.>ti'.Xer & Jebb, druggists and grocers. 
I'riiik II I>, general store and justice. 
<i;itis W H, physician. 
11. rriek II II, hotel. 

II CHS Fred A, Sub-Editor Inter-State, 
ll'iucs W C, express and railroad agent. 
l-li:iin C II, grocer. 

Mi.iiu F M, agent Laird, Norton & Co. 
Jclib E R, phvsician and dentist. 
Jvhnsun Rev H B (Presbyterian). 
J'.iii-s & Swartz, hamessmakers. 
Kininion W, barber. 

Kirkland E & Son, hardware and farm implements. 
I-iinl, Norton & Co, lumber. 
Martin & Inlagen, blacksmiths. 
•M.-rril! C, flour and feed. 
I't-at-hv Bros, wagonmakers. 
H.fd P, agent Wakefield, Trow & Co. 
Hiiik & ^lathew, blacksmiths. 
Il'i'j'^les Bros, druggists. 
•■^^ .ininl W II, furniture. 
>ha\v J T, saloon and restaurant. 
M">-ld()ii ]Miss E S, milliner. 
•'■niilh John, constable. 
Snyder Rev S (Methodist). 
>t;iiiley W 11, physician and justice, 
1 "r'.,'erson A .J, farm implements. 
^1 «itcliell C W, general store. 
• -in Dusen & Co, sirain buyers. 
^Vaketicld, Trow & Co, lumber. 
*\ 'lis J V, hotel projir and general store. 
»» ells, Kirkland A: Feton, Grain Dealers. 
» '•'Uiuaii Bros & Ilodgins, lumber. 


A .Htatior^on the D. S. Ry, on the eastern line of Yankton 
<"utity, ly miles from Yankton (c h). Population, 100. lias 

Keep a full line of Darling, Brown 

dc EharM'i MacUnliti" TooU. 3o Eart 

Third Bt, Bt Paul. 

Kingsbury & Draper 

WC niJKiM 2l rn J^Q^ Mm Bunders and GeneraJ 
I Fl UUiMiM U/ bill F^iisl"^"- 401 Wishington Avenco Sou 

llumeipoUs, Minn. 


a coniiiioii sohool, banks at Yankton, exports wheat, and wantn 
lumber,'gi-aiu and agricultural iuijilement dealers, general 
merchandise, drug and hardware stores. J. Bagstad, post- 


Bag'stnd J, General Store and Hotel. 
Halvorson Ole, wagonmaker. 
Hustvedt Rev H E (Lutheran). 
Johnson B, blacksmith. 
Mickling I II, express and railroad agent. 
Wright ^Kev A W (Methodist). 


In the northeastern corner of Clay county, 26 miles from 
Vermillion (c h), the nearest railroad point. 


A station on the W. & St. P. Ry, in the western* part of 
Deuel county, near the county line, 22 miles from Gary (c li). 
Population, 200. It has a grist mill of 3 run of stone, a 
Baptist church, a common school, 3 hotels, 3 general storos, 
and exports wheat. Express, Am. Daily mail to OakwooJ, 
Estelline and Valley Farm. Daily ma'il. C. R. Westcott, 


Bathrick D D, land agent. 

Beard A il, general store. 

Coilkliu & I<>axer, Publr Goodwin Enterprise. 

Garver T H, j>hysician. 

Hall A P, justice (_)f the peace. 

Hand F S, physician. 

Herman C F, shoemaker. 

Horton & Co, lumber. 

Kelsey R P, insurance agent. 

Kelsey W C, juopr Goodwin House. 

Kennedy F E, hardware. 

Laiid, Norton &, Co, lumber, paints, etc. 

Lawrence N S, propr Lawrence Hotel. 

ZIIcKinlay A: Millard, Farm Implements. 

Mahoney John, express and railroad agent. 

Nelson & Ilebae, general store. 

Parkinson C B, general store. 

Phillips R, drugu'ist. 

Ramsdell W R,t:rain dealer. 

RoiiWeder 'IVlH, Hardware and Grain Dealer. 

^PHPPPRQ BDnC ^'°8 Merchant Tailoring, Na 40 
OU nLrLnO DflUOiE. TWrd street, ST. PAUL, Minn. 


Sole Ag't MILBURN WAGONS, Tiger Rakos, Ran- 
dall Palveri:ing Harrows, Triumph SeeJers, Can- 
ton Plows, Buggies, etc., 18 W. Sd St,, St. Paul. 


Ho.-;;l C B, livery. 

Kos..i Levi, propr Central House. 

Saiil)oni T E, lawyer. 

T.tylor Harvey, bfacksmith. 

I'tter Rev S S (Baptist). 

V.^n Dusen G W & Co, grain dealers. 

Weeks >I L, flour mill. 

Wcidnian Frank, blacksmith. 

West cot t C R, Xotary Public and Conveyancer. 


A postoffice in the northern part of Union county, 36 
miles from Elk Point (c h), and 13 from Eden, the nearest 
railroad point. 


In the southeastern part of Pembina county, 45 miles from 
Pembina (c h), and the same distance from Grand Forks, the 
nearest railroad point. Goods should be shipped in summer 
to Acton Landing, on the Red River. It is quite a new set- 
tlement, principally of people of some means, from Prince 
Edward Island, Canada., and is on the line of the extension of 
the Casselton branch of the N. P. Ry. Weekly mail stage to 
Acton. T. E. Cooper, farmer and fruit tree dealer, post- 


The seat of the county of the same name, is a stirring and 
thriving town of 1,700 inhabitants on the Red River of the 
North, at its continence with Red Lake River, and the ter- 
minus of the Grand Forks branch of the St. P., M. & M. Ry. 
Four years ago it was a mere steamboat landing and station 
for stages, now it is flourishing in progressive strength as a 
well established city, situated upon two navigable streams, 
and in the very heart of the fertile and rich gr.anary of the 
Hed River Valley. The county of Grand Forks has in 10 
Jears grown from a wilderness to one of the most populous 
in the territory, and its immense volume of products pours 
through the county seat on the way to market. The city 
has Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian and Catholic churches, 
and a graded school, banks, general stores, grocery, hard- 
ware, clothing, tin, drug, boot and shoe, harness, furni- 
ture stores, hotels, boarding houses, flouring mill, saw- 
mills, grain elevators, a number of machine and mechanic 
f'liops, and a full representation of the learned professions. 
1 wo additional elevators have just been coinjileted, another 
fl'mring mill, and the largest depot on the line of the St. 

ARnHJTFrT^ ^^^0^ ^ JORDAN, s^fs 

'^llUillil.UlOj toPubUoBaUdiiig8,Scbool3,Oonrt-Hoase3andChnrch5a. 

PIPTI jnrO Prames and Looking-Glasses, at CHARLES JOHN- 
r III I UilLO] SON'S, 513 Washington Ave. Souft, Minntapolii 


P., M. & M. Ry, outside of St. Paul, are in course of con- 
structiou. Within two years the city has more than douhlfl 
in population. Ex])orts, wheat and oats. Express, Am. 
Telegraph, Northwestern. Stage to Fargo, 80 miles, daily. 
fare §5; Pembina, tio miles, -So; Fort Totten, 100 miles. Daily 
mail by train. Donald McDonald, postmaster. 


Allen Franklin M, confectioner. 

Ames Mrs Lydia E, milliner and dressmaker. 

Anderson Charles, carriagemaker. 

Avraliaiiiseii Abraham, General Store. 

Barden, grain and elevator. 

Barker Charles, saloon. 

Barnes & Tenney, grain and elevator. 

Barton & Roberts, saloon and billiards. 

Bell & Larrivie, bakery and restaurant. 

Itelzilll^ Jainesi', Merchant Tailor. 

Brooks Bros, grain, elevator and lumber. 

Brown & Metzler, hardware. 

Budge George, druggist. 

Busse VTm, confectioner. 

Bye Peter J, clothing. 

Callaghan Michael, stoves and tinware. 

Calvert & Harris, general store. 

Cariliail Xatlian R, Livery and Sale Stable, First-Cla-.^ 
Single and Double Rigs on Short Notice, the Custom of 
Commercial Travelers Solicited. 

Carroll Peter, propr Northwestern Hotel. 

Carter Rev T E (Methodist). 

€assellliail «fc Cant, Lawyers and Real Estate. 

Casswell M C, furniture. 

Charlesworth James, veterinary surgeon. 

Childs E D & Co, grain and elevator. 

Cline Henry H, saloon and billiards. 

Collins Thomas, farm implements. 

Collins «.fc Hdgen, jihysicians. 

Crandall Francis M, grocer. 

Crookston B G tfe Co, hardware. 

Cruikshank George, carriagemaker. 

Cuttiii KU!»»cll W, Lawyer and Justice of the Peace. 

Deroche Leon, jeweler. 

Dow Joseph E, general store. 

Dow Wilder B, propr Viets House. 

Eddie & Riet:i!i, salo,,n. 

Eckles &. Morgan, Druc;s and Chemicals, Standard Pat- 
ent 3Iedicines, I'aints, Oils, Varnishes, Dve Stuffs ^'■""': 
Goods, Pure Wines and Liquors for Medicinal I'urpo-,-^ 


, , I K 4 * I n n • Do >U kinds of Mlchlaerr Repalrln;. 


: South. Minneapo! 


G E O. H. W^ A L S H. 

Loans and Abstract Office 

Locates Settlers upon Goverment Lands. Lands for sale in large 
or small quantities. 

Taxes Paid for non-residents. GRAND FORKS, D T. 





The Plaindealer is the oldest established newspaper in the Valley north 

of the X. P. R. R. It is extensively circulated throughout the 

Valley, and offers special inducements to advertisers. 

Sample copies sent on application. 


Pine Lumber, Lath and Shingles 

Sash, Doors, Moldings, Plastering Hair, Lime, Cement, 
etc., etc. 


^xmxiX '^ox-\\s> g:cx*aXd 

GEO. B. WINSHIP, Editor and Proprietor. 

Devoted to the interests of Grand Forks and the Red Eiver Valley. 

Printing of Every Description. 


Fire-Proof Doors I Shutters. EEH 



Minneapolis, Minn&«ot.\. 

Gj Fi FSiTiaT^fOll ?"'^' "^ ^^'"^ ^'^^ ^°'^' ■^'^'"^^' ■^■ 

Scotct and German Suitings, Minneapolil 

866 GRA 


Faddtn John, saloon and billiards 

*'"£.!;!"*! J.S.;* ^«»' ^-^"•^' ^-i ^-ate a.„, 
Foster Friederich <t Co, meat market 
Iranklin Wm, saloon and billiards 

«ates Kra.tus 1> Estate and Negotiator of 
W„s^ on Improved Farm Lands in Dakota and M.n 

Goldberg Amos M, prop Goldberg House. ' 
trotzian Henry, boots and shoes. 

^"""adf.) ^***'''* P»«i»rfealer, F L Witt Propr. (^^e. 
Griggs Alexander, flour mill. 
Griggs & McCormick, real estate. 
Haggerty Patrick H, blacksmith 

"t n'*?f*T* Tallant (John G Hamilton, Drury J 
Tallant), Law, Land and Insurance ■* 

Haney Burton E, saloon. 

Hanrahan James, propr Red River Valley House, 
■tughwarden James, barber. 
Hill Thomas, harnessmaker. 
Hogan Thomas O, general store 

p!nrn^"'''Ar 1^^ I^"'?^gi^t, and Telegraph Office. 
TnL rT\ ^^'^'T''' Chemicals, Perfumeries, Flue 
Jompoutded!"' "^"'^^ ''''-' Prescriptions Ca.'efuHy 
Hurst Anthony C, insurance agent 
Iddings Rev F W (Presbvteriin). 

sf-f* v'n'' ^T^'''' ^^'^' Shingles, Doors, Blinds, 
Paul Ploi ''' ^°'"^^"^^y ^» Hand, Agents for St. 
Kelley Patrick F, tailor. 
Kenkel John, tobacco, cigars, etc. 
Knudson Knud, saloon. 
Knutsen & Finneseth, blacksmiths 
Kruger Hermann O, barber 

L^nfoi^^S:; s:'::^:cer""'''^"'"'^ ^"' ^^"^^^' ^^^^^• 

Law Rev WP (EpLscopal). 

Lhivier Rev P (Catholic). 

Lmdsley & Hunt, meat markr-t 

Lumbard Elhcrt F. baker and confectioner. 

I.>-Olls John la. General Store. 

McCallum Jolm J, merchant tailor. 

McCormick & Griggs, real estate and grain 

r ul hillbl LyuIlS W UUl tavethe Finest Stwk of Or.lifor'ma Wins* 

for Medicinal purposos. 


Attorn ey-at-Law 


Insurance and Real Estate. Town Lots and Farming Property for sale 
on easy terms and long time. Collections a Specialty. 


Collections a Specialty. 


Attorn ey-at-Law, 

Collections, Insurance and Money Loaning. 



Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public. lyDcaliiig Aeeut and Conwyancer. 

%i\m, (Collccticm and ilaiirt fOfficc 

Hf.meateads, Tree Cultnr. r- ■!;.■■ .- ' ii ,i ,,,•,., i^ <, i.r-;' Additional 

Homesteads and Scrip i .■ ' ..iMkotaaud 

North-western Minn. -^ • . ' . . •• .1 Money 

invested forparties .ii; 1,. .; 1 ~ :- ■. I ,i i ;■ : r-: . i to at the 

United Stat.'S Liin.l (.'111. .--; at i.ran 1 i-.ik-. |i T . it.,1 .Minn. The 

qiinhtyof the lainl in tit.- ( ■..nnti. , . I Ti-.iill .m 1 ' .r.ui.l 1 .,i ii;.. U. T.. and 

Polk- Countv. Minn., is of th.- cIhm, .-^t km. I, ».ll wau-red and supplied 

with timber, the Ked Hiver Valley l^ the par.teu of the K'reat New North-west. 

OfTlce at Grand Forks. D. T. 




McDonakl Doiialil, books and stationery. 

McKelvey Johll, Lumber, Sash Doors, Blinds, Lath, 
Shingles, Lime, Cement, Plastering, Hair, Etc, and Real 
Estate. (.St- o'h-.) 

McL<aii;;'hIili Stiiiiiiail IV, Agricultural Implements, 
Agents J I C.ise it C'o's Threshing Machinery and Mc- 
Cormirk's Iliirvestiiig Mac-liinery, Van Brunt's Seeders. 

Malouey Charles 6, Tonsorial'Parlor and Bath Room, 
Only Bath Room in Town, Everything New and First- 
Class, 7 A M to 9 p M, Sundays 7 to" 1 1 a m. 

Malouey 15mju!i F, Pro])r Mansard House. {See adv.) 

Mansard E6ou«ie, H E Maloncy Proin-. {See adv.) 

Metier Pliitip T, General Store, Dry Goods, Clothing, 
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Groceries, Crockery, Glassware, 

MOler John B, wagons and carriages. 

Moosette John B, propr Central Hotel. 

Mundigel John, boot and shoemaker. 

Myers L S & Co, farm implements. 

Xagle Miss May E, Millinery and Fancy Goods, Feath- 
ers, Flowers, Laces, Ribbons, Latest Shapes and Fash- 
ions, Constantly on Hand. 

Nash Charles W, laVyer. 

IVasli &; CJroveilor,Real Estate Brokers, Special Atten- 
tion Given to Collections and All Business Connected 
With Land Ottiees, Opposite Postoffice. 

Peterson & Thomson, farm implements. 

Porter & Swan, saloon and billiards. 

Robinson Alexander, blacksmith. 

Ross ^'ni. Blacksmith, Horseshoer, Plowmaker and 
Repairer and General Jobbing and Repairing Wagons, 
Carriages and Farm Machinery. 

Sattem Amund B, jeweler. 

Scott Milow W, physician. 

Smith & Dowj Contractors and Builders, Lumber, Lath, 
Shingles, Etc, OtKce and Yard, 3d st bet Gertrude and 
Franklin avcs. 

Smith & Wisner, general store. 

Sproat, Ormiston & Co, farm implements. 

Starbird Melvin B, confectioner. 

Steele, Luke & Co, hardware and farm implements. 

Steep & McNeil, painters. 

Stewart Donald, blacksmith. 

Stewart Robert, liarnessmaker. 

Sullivan Martin W. saloon. 

Tecl Charles E, Physician. 

Tharaldson H it E, general store. 

VER SI 6,000,000. The ■• flew i;ti,.^;^ii:l 
Life " is P t K K LY M U T D A L. J.J. WAT30K, 
■lul, General Artnt for Minnesota. 


F- F. Hennig 

Book-Binder and Blank-Book 

Maaafactnrer, Bracket:' s Block, 

?*^* Minneapolis, Minn. 



H. E. MALONEY, Proprietor. 

Livery in Connection, Two Fine Sample Rooms on First Floor. 

The Largest and only First-class House in the City, with 50 

rooms; Newly Built and Furnished. 

Terms, $2.00 per day. GRAND FORKS, D. T 

Thomas Oscar E, furniture. 

Titus it Smith, bankers. 

Trepanier Miss MavA, milliner. 

U S L.ail<l OJfice, Byron C Tiffany Register, TVm J 

Anderson Receive!-. 
Viets Frank, flour and saw-mill. 
Walsh ficorji'e H, Propr of Bank of Dakota, Lands and 

Real Estate Loans. {See adv.) 
Webster Dennis D, Lawyer and Insurance. {See adv.) 
Wesenberg Michael F, propr Nordstjernen. 
White Thomas, grocer. 
W'ilder Win Ii» Law^'er, Insurance and Real Estate. 

{See adv.) 
Winship CJeorg-e B, Propr Grand Forks Herald. {See 

Witt Frank L,, Propr Grand Forks Plaindealer. {See 

Witt & Winter, farm implements. 
WoodrnirWni «, Lawyer. {See adv.) 


A settlement in the northwestern part of Minnehaha 
county, 25 miles from Sioux Falls (c h), the nearest railroad 


A recently established postothce in Lamoure county. 
Jamestown, on the N. P. Ry, is the nearest shipping point. 


In the center of the northern line of l^rookings county, 
23 miles north of Medarv (c h), and IG from Brook- 
ings, on the C. & N. W. Ry,"the nearest railroad point. Poji- 

Skylights. M. H. CEIT- 
TENDEN k CO , Corner Siith 
»nd Sibley Su., St. Paul, Minn. 

Hayes' Paten! Ventilating 

One^r! Vnttf Qyt^'^vt\ rorBoltms; Cloth, Chilled Iron P.olh, 

MUU T UUr UrDSrS ^«^*' aeanrs, Floor Packers and MUl il^. 

ulation," 100. Exports, wheat. Tradesmen wanted. Semi- 
weekly mail from Gary. Easton O. Rice, farmer, postmaster. 


In the central part of Grant county, U miles from Big 
Stone City (c h), and 1| from the line of the H. & D. 
Ry. There is available water power on the Yellow Bank 
Creek at this point. Has United Brethren and Methodist 
churches, a public school, and exports wheat and farm pro- 
ducts. Population, 125. Stage to Watertown and Big Stone 
City. John B. Lock wood, postmaster. 


Geil Harry C, justice of the peace. 
Heath E J, veterinary surgeon. 
Ladd Robert, hotel. " 
Lenley Thomas, barber and shoemaker. 

liOC'kwood & Pettis, Grocers and Dealers in Farm 


A settlement in Grant county, 9 miles from Big Stone 
€ity (c h), and 10 from Ortonvil'le, on the line of the exten- 
sion of the II. & D. Ry, and a prospective station. Has a 
United Brethren church, a district school, and exports farm 
produce, wheat, oats and corn. A blacksmith and doctor are 
needed. Stage to Watertown and Big Stone City. Weekly 
mail. George Bartlett, postmaster. 


A postoffice in the central eastern part of Clay county, 12 
miles from Vermillion (c h). 


Known as Yankton Agency, is an Indian agency ou the 
east bank of the Missouri river, in the southern part of Charles 
Mix county, 25 miles from Running Water, the nearest 
railroad point. There are Episcopal and Presbyterian mis- 
sions and schools in the agency, and the population consists 
of about 2,000 Indians and 30 whites. It is the seat of the 
mission diocese of Niobrara. Tri-weekly stage to Yankton. 
C C. Sperry, postmaster. 


Andrews W D E, Indian agent. 
Canfield E D, hotel propr. 

QS^UCCCPQ DOHQ ^^°^ Merchant Tailoring:, Na 40 
OUnLrLnO DilUOi E, Third Street, ST. PAUL, Minn. 

H3show,IV!aish& Davis, aSSSSS 


Cook Rev J W, rector. 
l)awes Henry, sehool teacher. 
(Gordon P B, m.ister mechanic. 

Hare Ri|;:ht Rev W H, ]5ishop of Niobrara (Epis- 
Nicholson George T, agency clerk. 
Smith N S, agency physician. 

Sperry C C, Indian Trader, Express Agent, Etc. 
."^porry C'harles il, notary public, etc. 
Strong J G, farmer (agency). 
Tnimbo Z T, assistant farmer (agency). 
^S'hitten Rev W V (Episcopal), principal agency school. 
Williamson Rev John B, Presbyterian missionary. 


A settlement in the northern part of Union county, .30 
miles from Elk Point (c h), and 10 from Calliope, on the S. 
C. & D. Ry, the nearest railroad point. 


A newly established postoffice in Pembina county. 


A village in the northeastern part of Lincoln county, 11 
miles from Canton (c h). 


A recently established postoffice in Minnehaha county. 


A discontinued postoffice in Traill county. 


A newly established postoffice in Spink county. 


A newly established postoffice in Bon Homme county. 


A mining settlement of some 200 souls in Custer county, 
Islack Hills, 65 miles south of Dead wood, and KJO from Sid- 
ney, Neb., on the U. P. R. R., the nearest railroad point. 

Kingsbury & Draper f i.'.^™;» 

35 East 


LRmnRnnd^ "^^^^^ Cutlery and Plated Wwe,^ at CharL 

lUBPjr auu riaiea ware, at Uharlca 
: Crockery House, 613 Wa^hiogtca Ave.S., 



Duncan, Savage & Co, miuiuc;. 

Pushan & Dustin, grocers and live stock dealers. 

Push an & Leighton, general store. 


A village of about 100 souls, in ^IcKinock township, near 
the center of Grand Forks county, 25 miles from Grand Fork.s 
_(c h), the nearest railroad point. Turtle river here offers 
inexhaustible water power. Exports, grain. A grist mill, 
general and hardware stores are needed Weekly mail. II. 
E. Hansom, postmaster. 


A village in the southwestern part of Codington county, 
16 miles west of Watertown (c h), and on the graded line of 
the extension of the W. & St. P. Ry. A general store and 
blacksmith shop are needtd. Daily stage" between Water- 
town and James river, and all intermediate points. Daily 
mail. A. L. Buell, postmaster. 


Buell A L, hotel propr. 
Thompson C B, hotel propr. 


In the central part of Lake county, on the graded line of 
the S. M. Ry extension, 30 miles from Flandreau, and 47 from 
Sioux Falls. Madison (c h) is 6 miles distant. The village 
has a population of 100, Presbyterian and Methodist church 
organizations, a newspaper, the Lake County Leader, and a 
hotel. A flour mill is needed. Tri-weekly mail stage to 
Sioux Falls, and weekly to Flandreau. H. N. Luce, post- 


Brawn George, justice of the peace. 

Dodge S, blacksmith. 

Finks S 51, Physician. 

Hall John, blacksmith ' 

Hastings Rev (Methodist). 

Hutchins C, constable. 

Hutchius Sparhack, hotel propr. 

Leclere Rev G F (Prcsbvterian). 

Mullen & MfGillivray, General Store. 

Murry R A, lawyer. 

Robbins II, insurance agent. 

Sowe F C, propr Lake County Leader. 

n3ll S Oalu ^i LOCK U0i46 Jacksou St., 8T. PAUL, Klau. 


ilPH SEEDEHS, Randall Polveriz- 

I .-E, ., *'iger Rakes, Canton Plows, Milburn 

J Wagons, BDggics, etc., 18 W. 3J St., ST. PAUL. 



A village of 60 souls, in the northe.asteru corner of Minne- 
haha county, 20 , miles from Sioux Falls (c h), and Ui from 
Valley Sprmgs, the nearest railroad point. Exports, farm 
produce. Stage to Flandreau, Sioux Falls, Valley Springs 
and Dell Rapids. Four mails weekly. J. J. Simenson, gen- 
eral store and postmaster. 


Binn A 11, wagonmaker. 
Ilalstad I. M, blacksmith. 
8illiens0U J J, General Store and Hotel Propr. 


A village of 50 inhabitants in the Black Hills, southwestern 
part of Pennington county, 30 miles from Mount City (c h), 
and 200 by stage, route from Fort Pierre, on the Missouri 
river, the nearest landing. A quartz mill is wanted here. 
Stage to Deadwood, Custer and Kapid City. Mail 9 times 
weekly. Ozro F. Carr, postmaster. 


Bronson E J, general store. 

Cameron M, constable. 

Carr O F, Farmer. 

Hobbs Wm, justice of the peace. 

Holdman Ed, blacksmith. 

Mc Williams Frank, live stock dealer. 

Palmer J S, hotel propr. 


In the south central part of Moody county, 9 miles from 
Flandreau, on the line of the extension of the S. M. Ry. Has 
a d^trict school, and exports farm and dairy products. H. 
H. Platz, postmaster. 


Runyon J M, blacksmith. 


A village of 40 inhabitants in the southeastern part of 
1 urncr county, 8 miles from Swan Lake (ch), 22 from Parker, 
on the I. & D. division of the C, M. & St. P. Rv, and 28 
irom ^ ermillion, on the D. S. Rv. The Vermil'lion river 
anords power here for a flouring mill. Exports, general pro- 

AECHITECTS, MinnespoHs. Plans 
and Spedficatjoas fnraiahed lor all 
ilndi of Building, oa ihort notice. 


G, F. FARRINRTflM S^^l'^-^e Merchant 1^110,23,/ 
Ul I ■ I mimiMUl UHj Nicollet Avenue, Minneapoli., 


874 HGO 


duce. Has a Methodist church and public school. Dailv 
mad stage to ^ ermillion and Parker. John Hoeflinger, post- 
master. * ' 1 


A country postotfice in Cass county, 10 miles from Far.^o 
(c h). Four mads weekly. N. T. Nelson, postmaster. 


A fann house postoffice in the northeastern part of Turner 
county, 15 rndes from Swan Lake (c h), and 7 from Finlev 
fetation, on the I. & D. division of the C, M. & St P Ry 
Tri-weekly mail. Decatur Stewart, postmaster. ' " ' ' 

w V^^ ^^'^^ °^ Beadle county and a station on the CAN 
,;; ^1^'* ^ "*'''' ^""^ ^■■'V}^b- growing settlement. Population,' 
100. Jixpress, Am. Daily mail by rail. 


A farm house postoffice on the southern line of Lake 
county, 12 miles from ^L^dison (c h), the nearest railroad 
point A supply store is wanted in the neighborhood. Semi- 
weekly mail. Henry Guth, postmaster. 


A postoffice in the central northern part of Pembin.i 
county, one mile from the boundary line of the Dominion of 
Canada, and 26 from Pembina (e h). 


A newly established postoffice in Grand Forks county. 


A station on the C. & N. W. Ry, in the southwestern part 
of Kingsbury county. 


A recently establish,.! postoffice in Brookings county. 

The seat of Stutsman county and a station the X. P. Kv. 
is a vilhage of 5u0 inhabitants, situated on the Jame> or 
Dakota river, a few miles southeast of the center of tli.- 



Hashow,Msish& Davis, 'Saiiss 


county. The water power of the James river is to be utilized 
l.y a flouring mill now in course of erection. Jamestown has 
ajiut'lic school, several hotels, a newspaper, the Alert, 3 land 
i.ilices, and several general and special stores. Semi-weekly 
st:i,i;e to Fort Tott\^n, fare §6, and to Fire Steel, fare $10. 
Daily mail. Mrs. F. C. Kelley, postmaster. 


I>il W W, general store. 

Curt in «!b Winslow, general store. 

I)>-cker E W, confectioner. 

Kliiier W, druggist. • ■ . 

riiiit & Dale, Proprs Dakota House. 

t-Jrinun, Geusters ifc Co, hardware. 

Hagor &, Co, bankers. / 

Harris T B, express and railroad agent. 

II\if[riian P, barber. 

KcIIcy A W, Land Office. 

Kflley H W, confectioner. 

Killoch D il, propr Jamestown Hotel. 

Klaus A, flour mill. 

Kiiapp S S, painter. 

Lees James, saloon. 

Leonard Bros, hardware. 

Lvon L, general store. 

^fl'C'lure Marshall, clerk. \ 

McFarlin Sc Galenger, blacksmiths. 

Moran P, saloon. 

Hiiiijuett H, shoemaker. 

•Snith & Sons, blacksmiths. 

Tanij.ksens J M, barber. 

'rililiii!i« E, Boarding House. 

VfiHium G \\, land othce. 

^ t<vcy &, Smith, general store. 

Wells E P, land o^ftice. 

In the northern part of Yankton county, 18 miles from 
» aiikton (c h), and 12 from Mennoc. Either station is a 
l-'vurable shipping point. The James or Dacota river fur- 
•■!-lus power here for a flouring mill of 3 run of stone, and 
'ii'- exjiorts are flour and feed, and grain of all sorts. There 
" a district school in the settlement, but no church as yet, 
and the population is between 50 and 60. Any tradesman 
^'Juld lie welcome, especially a blacksmith. Stage to Yank- 
'"11 semi-weekly and semi-weekly mail. C. Ellerman, notary 
|ul>lic, farmer, postmaster. 

Galvanized Iron Cornices. >Ss\Zt't 

p.'^'^r.h I. 

ARnpi/rpy Frencli China. Glassware, wholesale and 
UllUUIXLUlj retail. E A. HAEMON & CO., MinneapoUs. 



EUcrinan C, notary public. 
Jaiuesville Mills Co, tlour mills. 
Herver H, general store and hotel. 
Huber F, farmer. 

Kochitzky Gustav, Flour Mill. 
Launspauch J, ^Miller. 
Olsen Johann, farmer. 
Rindolph Carl, fanner. 
Rudnest J, farmer. 
Sperber P.dward, flour mill. 
Wemlaff Charles, tlour mill. 
TVinsthoff Otto, live stock dealer. 


Formerly Adeleseat, in the southeastern part of Union 
county, and a station on the D. S. Ry, is a village of :3oii 
inhabitants, 8 miles from Elk Point (c h), and 1| from boili 
the Missouri and Big Sioux rivers. The latter drives a flour- 
ing mill in the neighborhood. A Catholic church and pulilic 
school are located here. Exports cordwood. Express, Am. 
Two mails daily. C. M. Ryan, postmaster. 


Authiers & Montague, general store. 

Bartolome Michael, shoemaker. 

Bedard J, physician. 

Brunell Rev P (Ciitholic). 

Bemers Louis, blacksmith. 

Irundean L, physician. 

LeBrech Ludger, hotel propr. " . 

Paradee L O, restaurant and constable. 

Romeson J A, physician. 

Ryan Michael, justice, general store and railroad agent. 

St Peter Gilbert, hotel and saloon. 

A discontinued postofticein Kingsbury county. 


A landing on the Red River of the North, in the ca>t.n) 
part of Pembina county, 12 miles from Pembina (c h), ''"" 
nearest railroad point. 

est, Best and Cheapest. New En-l.^-';! 



Manufactured for Banks, Mill Men and Corpora- 
tions, at low rates and in best of style, by F. F, HENOTG, 

lXd husixess directory. kid 


A recently established postoflice in Clark county. 


A station on the C. & X. W. Ry, in the central part of 
Codington county. Express, Am. 


Wiley C C, propr Kampeska House. 


Is a settlement of fanners, clustering around the 8,000 
acre wheat rauche of Keator & Preston, in Hamlin county, 12 
•niiles south of Watertowu, on the C. & X. W. Ry. There 
is available water power on the Big Sioux river at this point. 
Semi-weekly mail stage to Oakwood, Volga and Watertown. 
\V. Marshall, postmaster. 


A landing on the Red River of the Xorth, in the south- 
e.Obteni corner of Perahina county, 14 miles from Tamarac, on 
the St. P., M. & M., the nearest railroad point. Daily stage 
to Pembina, Grand Forks and Fargo. 


Budge, Eshelman & Co, general store. 


In the central southern part of Pembina county, 55 miles- 
from Pembina (c h), and 48 from Grand Forks. Is one 
of the leading Canadian farming settlements in the county, 
and is fast growing into prominence. Population, 150. It 
is in a ric-h farming region, and exports wheat. A fanning-mill 
manufactory is in course of construction. Grist and saw-mills 
•iiid tradesmen generally are needed. Weekly mail stage to> 
Pembina. E. O. Faulkner, postmaster and storekepeer. ^ 


A postoffice in tlie southwestern jiart of Lincoln county, 
'-'"niiles from Canton (c: h), and 12 from Lennox, the nearest 
railroad point. IJeef. ])i>rk, butter and grain are the exports 
"f the neighborhood, wliieh requires a storekeeper and black- 
^"iith. Daily mail. John Stevenson, farmer, postmaster. 

SI ATF RnnCFRQ ^- ^ CEITTENDEN & 00., Corner 
«I-M I L nUUrLllOi Sixth and Sibley Sts., St. Paul, Minn, 

W. F. GUNiN & CO. ^M^™ -"?rs.^ 

Miaiieapolia, Minn, 



A country postoffice in the north central part of Grant 
county, IT miles from Big Stone City (c h), and l^ 
from Ortonville, the nearest railroad point at present. It ih 
on the line of the extension of the C, M. and St. P. Ry. 
Has a church of the United Brethren and a district scho.Jl, 
and exports wheat. A flouring-mill is wanted. Weokly 
mail stage to Big Stone City. Ira V. Ferrin, farmer, post- 


Tucker A C, general store. 


A country postoffice in the northern part of Clay count v. 
•20 miles from Vermillion (c h). Has a Lutheran church aiid 
■district school, and stage communication semi-weekly with 
Lodi and Eden. G. Xorgren, postmaster. 


Hayes P J, dry goods and groceries. 
Hoyer P Y, general store. 


In the eastern part of Richland county, 10 miles north of 
Wahpeton (c h), and the same distance from Breckenridi,"'. 
the nearest railroad point. Has a common school, which i- 
also used as a church, and exports wheat, oats and barky. 
Daily mail. H. C. X. Myhra, county assessor, coroner, steam- 
ship agent, etc., postmaster. 


A station on the W. & St. P. division of the C. & N. W 
Ry, in the southeastern part of Codington county, 10 mil' - 
from Watertown (c h). Population, 75. Has a Catholi. 
■church, public school, 2 hotels, 2 general stores, exports wh'-at 
and banks at Watertown. Express, Am. Daily mail. 
Mathias Kranz, postmaster. 


Bohn W & C, lumber dealers. 
Brechter Francis, general store. 
Chrysostoiie Fotle llev P J (Catholic). 
Fox Bros, General Store. 
Hoover & Campbell, hotel proprs. 

SCHEFERS BROS. ''" "'"'"' ^"-"^^^ 

E TLird Street, ST. PAUL, Mi^- 

riashoWi Maish & Oevis, l-^^^^^^-^"-^^' 

particular attention to Bet- 

^ ip of Engine Boilers and all 

5 kiadaofmachinery.Minneapolis, 


.-'[.oonor I W, hotel propr. 

elbaum Joseph, blacksmith. 


A recently established postoffice in Yankton county. 

In the northeastern part of Kiiitisbiiry county, on the shore 
of the lake of the same name, S miles from Xordland Station, 
• ■n the C. & X. "W. Ry. A newly settled prairie region. 
Siini-weekly mail. Enoch Molyneux, postmaster. 


n.irber Lynn, blacksmith. 

Ciiristesoil P, General Store and Justice. 

(''>i>k C B, constable. 

Molyenux Enoch F, farmer. 

I'.ilmer Douglas, mason. 


A rural postoffice on the banks of "Wall Lake, in the south- 
<rn part of Minnehaha county, 12 miles from Sioux Falls. 
Weekly mail. T. J. Collins, postmaster. 


In the southwestern part of Yankton county, 11 miles from 
Yankton (c h). Two mails daily. Anton L. Peiffer, post- 


I'tiffer Bros, general store. 


A station on the C. & N. W. Ry, in the south central part 
^jf Kingsbury county, about 100 miles north of Yankton. 

A discontinued postoffice in Brookings count}-. 


A busy gold miniuE; town of 1,400 inhabitants, in Law- 
f^-nce county. Black Hills, 3^ miles from Deadwood (c h). It 
''''■-ntains what is claimed to be the largest gold mines in the 
*orld, having over 3U0 stamps, and exports">;3.50,000 worth of 

Kingsbury & Draper. 

Builders' Hardware and Mechan- 
ics' Tools, 35 E, Third.St., St. PauL 

f ;\^''i\,. i 


p mQ i'l'iiues and Looking-Glaoses, at CHAELES JOE 
iit-Oj SON'S, 513 Washington Ave, South, Minneapol 


gold bullion monthly. It has Congregational and Cathoilr 
churches, and a public school, a bank, groceries and drv 
goods stores, and hotels. Daily stages to Deadwood, IVti 
marck and Sidney, Xeb. Daily mail. William H. Fawcett, 


Abt Frank, Propr Abt's Hotel. (.sVe adv.) 

Abfs Motel, Frank Abt Propr. {See adv.) 

Allason Wm J, jeweler. 

Andrus Brazil, tailor. 

Beaujire & Bro, grocers. 

Beussie Bros, grocers. 

Brady Bros, dry goods. 

Birdsell Wm F, milliner. 

Black Hills Canal and Water Co, J K Goodrich sec, Samuel 

McMaster su]it, 15 to 20 miles tlurae. 
Brady I5ros Dry Goods. 
Bragg John, boot and shoemaker. 
Bragg Mrs Sarah, dry goods. 
Brown W G, dentist. 
Carr Hugh, restaurant. 
Chisholm Roderick, pro]ir Major House. 
Clyne R G, physician. 
Cohen Pincus, clothing. 
Connolly P C, physician. 
Deadwood Mining Co, J K Goodrich sec, Samuel McMaster 

supt. Gold Mine (quartz). 

Dean Epiiraiiii, Grocer. 

Dickenson D K, physician. 

Dundon John, meat market. 

Edwards «fc Campbell, grocers. . 

Endres Friedrich H, grocery and saloon. 

Eveleth Albert C, livery stable. 

Faust Emil, baker. 

Fawcett Wm H grocer. 

Fisher Daniel, saloon and billiards. 

Fossel & Ryan, saloon. 

Crardlier's Ilolel. Mrs Kate Gardner Propr. (.'<«■ '7 1 A.'.) 

Gardner Krs 3Iate, jirojir Gardner's Hotel. 

Genteges Paul, brcwerv, saloon and billiards. 

Giant "& Old Abe ^luiincr Co, J K Goodrich see, Samuel 

McMaster supt, gold mine (quartz). 
Golden Terra Alining Co, J K Goodrich sec, Samuel IMcM i-tir 

su])t, gold mine (quartz). 
Green Frank G, carpcntL-r and builder. 
Gushurst Peter A, grocer. 
Hage August, baker. 

Haii'sSafel Lock Co."-'"""""^^ 

lar Proof Safes, St. Paul, Mi-- 


j't CANTON PLOWS, Tiger Rakes, Ran- 

Terizing Harrows, Triumph Seeders, Kil- 



Board by the Day or Week. Mill St , Lead City, D. T. 

lu connection with this hotel, are thirty neatly fitted and well furnished 

rixjms for the accommodation of its many patrons. The BAR in 

connection with the hotel is always stocked with the finest 

brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. 

StaUs Accommodatioa for 14 horses. FR.VNK ABT, Proprietor. 


Springer House, 

LEAD CITY, Dakota Territory. 

The traveling public will find the Springer House equal to any in this part of the 

Territory. The largest and the only one with hard finished rooms in the 

City; and may be siu-e of finding clean beds, good table and 

courteous attention. Sample Rooms on first tloor. 

Bath room. Good stabling and livery 

in connection. Give the 

^ Springer a trial. ^^^^^^ 

l\flrs. Gardner's Hotel. 

The only first-class Hotel and Palace Dining Room in 
the City. Half Block from the Largest 
Business Houses in the Black 
Hills. The best at- 
paid to Transient Guests. 

Mill Street, Lead City. 


i i ^'' w''^ 

':\\:^ n 


GF Cjai'finrt'fftn Artistic Tailor. Dress Suits a Specialty. I 

I ll rdl I ni'QtUlij 239 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolia, Mien. | 


Hanson August, confectioner. f 

Hayes Mrs Eliza, grocer. | 

Highland Alining Co, J K Goodrich sec, Samuel Mc^Iastor 

supt, gold mine (quartz). 
Hill Wni T, propr Homestake House. 
HinleyRev George (Congregational). 
Holzman it Hershtein, clothing. 

Home Stake Mining Co, J B Haggin pres, J K Goodrich sec, 
Samuel McMaster supt, gold mine (quartz), 200 stamps. 
Howe Hiel H, physician. 
Hurley & Kappelkom, meat market. 
Hutcheson & Matheson, saloon. ; 

lug-nll*) Albert O, Druggist. 
Jacobs Mosl'S, saloon and billiards. 
James Thomas, general store and saloon. 
King Jeremiah, saloon and billiards. 
Kohler John, saloon. 
Larimer ^Vin J, Lawyer. 
Larock Nelson, saloon. 
Lawie Alexander, druggist. 
Lewis Joseph R, blacksmith. 
Loenthal Moses, tailor. 

Lon^ James M, Propr Miners' Hotel. 
Lynch James, constable. 
Lynch James H, lumber mnfr. 
McKown Z S, physician. 
McLennan & Barber, saloon. 
Marshall Romeo, barber. 
Martin Edward, saloon and billiards. 
Martin James, propr Martin's Hotel. 
May E «fc li, Grocers. 
Miller & Kelley, physicians. 
Minzer Louis & Co, clothing. 
Moil roe CJeora^e, Lawyer, Notary, Mining Brokerage, 

Titles and Patents a Specialty. 
Nau & Ost, confectioners. 
Nermann A B, jeweler. 
O'Connor David, blacksmith. 
O'Connor Thomas, boot and shoemaker. 
Ost John P, boot and shoemaker. 
Philips Dorr B, barber. 

Pierce Gold Mining Co, George W McClure foreman. 
Potter George D, carriagemaker. 
Pryor Thomas D, grocer. 
Rilieliart Wm A, Justice of the Peace, Not.ary, Real 

Estate and Mining Broker. 
Sackett & Co, proprs Racine stamp mill. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

31 Roh«rt Street, ST. PAUL, !!;-=■ 
Keep constaatlv on hand the i^^'^-' "••* 
Brand -Club Souse Bourbou. Iry it. 

I . ! '.ri 

,f !m ,■' v.sia? 



Salinoil BarUcy E, Hardware, Stoves and Tinware 
Miners' Tools, Steel, Nails, Etc. ' 

Sciiiller Jacob A, clothing. 

.•^Iioudy Jacob, meat market. ' 

.<ilviT Bros, clotliiiig and saloon. 
SiiiiMi Seth 16, Furniture. 
SHriilser EdM-Jird II, Propr Springer House. {See 

Spriiijfcr l!oil<sc, E H Springer Propr. (See adv.) 

.Steward Stephen, barber. 

Thinn, Lake & Co, bankers. 

T,.,,hoyRev JM. 

Webster Thoinns J, Propr Western Enterprise. 

NWiite John W C, physician. 

NVright Henry S, propr Globe Hotel. 

^ ost E & Son, grocers. 


A recently established postoffice in Potter county. 

LENNOX— Union County. 
(See Blair.) 


Formerly Ben Lennox, a station on the L & D. division 
oi tlie O., M. & bt. P. Ry, in the western part of Lincoln 
mair^'* ^^ ™ ^™"^ Canton (c h). Express, Am. Daily 

In the western part of Yankton countv, 16 miles from 
lankton (ch), and 10 from Scotland, the 'nearest railroad 
I-'-mt Has a Lutheran church and district school, and exports 
^neat. Daily stage to Yankton and Mitchell, fare 81.25 and 
master^''''*'''^'-^" '^'''^ ""'"''' '''"'^- "^^ '^^ Running, post- 


I|.ieto Frank, tailor. 
t-ook Henry, wagonmaker. 
ginning A S, hotel and farmer, 
jl'.we S W, justice of the peace, 
^iidd Henry, blacksmith. 
I^iyler Ludwig, stonemason. 
><-ler Rev Henrv (Lutheran). 
^toller .Mieliael, Physician. 

Galvanized iron Window Caps. 

Selden & Grvgli, 
lU K. Third St., 

Largest Stock CrGckery^K^f ca, Lt'"; 



Swanson Andrew, constable. 
Wahrhouse W H, shoemaker. 
Webber Christian, blacksmith. 


In the southwestern jiart of Clay county, 2 miles from tho 
Missouri river and 8 from Vermillion (c h), is a farming set- 
tlement with a Lutheran church and common school. Exports, 
farm products. Daily mail stage to Meckling. Hans Myron, 


A post office in the northi-rn jiart of Union county, ;!ii 
miles from Elk Point (c h), and 5 from Virginia City, on the 
S. C. & D. Ry. 


A recently established postoffice in Ransom county. Val- 
ley City, on the U. P. R. R., is the nearest railroad point. 


A post station in Howard county, northwestern part of 
the territory. 

A newly established postoffice in Grant county. 


In the north central part of Clay county, 15 miles from 
Vermillion (c h), the nearest railroad point. The Vermillion 
river here gives power to a grist mill. There is a church of 
the United Brethren and a common school, and the villaire 
exports grain, beef, pork, butter and hides. Population, lO'i. 
Wagon, boot and shoe, and cheeseraakers, and a physician arc 
-called for here. Tri-weekly stage to Vermillion, fare ?1, and 
Parker, jl.oO. Semi-weekly to Yankton and Eden, i^l.oO each. 
Daily mail. H. E. France, postmaster. 


Bancroft D E, blacksmith. 

Dye Miss Dilla, milliner. 

France 11 E, druagist. 

Oliver « A, Hotel Propr. 

Rudd A J it Co, ijeneral store. 

Rudd H H. stock \leal.'r. 

Rudd S & Son, tlour mill. 

Shirk J, jr, constalile. ' 

Ml- f I LIMULMIMi; J.J. WATSON, Gon'l Agent, 8T, PADL, M-v- 


For Ootintv, TownsHp and City Officers, in 

b;>. of style and on short notice, at T. F. HENNIG'S, 
Brackett's Block, MinneapoUa. 


SiivdtT Rev L piethodist Episcopal). 

W'olls C R, harnessmaker and justice of the peace. 


A postoffice in the northern part of Minnehaha county, 25 
inih's from Sioux Falls (c h), the most convenient railroad 


A recently established postoffice in Moody county. 


A country postofHce in Lincoln county, 17 miles southwest 
from Canton (c h), and 7| from Ben Lennox, on the C. , M. & 
St. P. Ry, the nearest railroad point. Daily mail stage to 
Worthing and Swan Lake. G. McClurg, postmaster. 


A recently established postoffice in Miner county. 


In the northern part of Minnehaha county, 36 miles from' 
Sioux Falls (c h), the nearest railroad point. Semi-weekly 


In the northwestern corner of Turner county, 18 miles 
from Swan Lake (c h), and S from Marion, on the C., M, & St. 
P. Ry. A farming region. Tri-weekly mail. John Kappen- 
nian, postmaster. 


A recently established postotlieo in Pembina county. 


A station on theS. C. & D. division of the C, M.&St. P. 
Ry, on the peninsula forming the southeastern extremity of 
Vnion county. 


A recently founded farmlntc settlement of -200 souls, in 

the east central part of Grand Forks county, 20 miles from 

Grand Forks (c h), the nearest railroad point at present. It 

i^ on the line of the western extension of the St. P., M. & M. 

Pilch and Gravei Roofers. -^liF": 

W. F. GliNN & CO, -oS^°B"Sf.s-jSK 

Miimeapolis, Miim. 

^■n ^"S flouring mill, general store and a blacksmith an- 
called for here. Weekly mail. Robert Blakely, farnier 
postmaster. •'' ''^'""^'^' 


The seat of Lake couBty, is a villaere of 100 inhabitants 
on the semi-weekly stage route from Sioux Falls, the nearest 
railroad point It has a chureh, a school and several .reneral 
and farm implement stores. 


Clough Mrs A E, milliner. 

Costlon T, boots and shoes. 

Dyer C W, hardware and drugs. 

iE:iI>Ii 1» II, Dry Goods and Groceries. 

JMcKay A, general store. 

Wadsworth J G, lumber and farm implements. 

A newly established postortice in Cass county. 

fy. \ ^P southwestern part of Burleigh county, a station on 
!.L I ■' ™'^''' Z™"' Bismarck (c h). Has a public 

school a newspaper, the Mandan Criterion, ;3 hotels and 
several stores. Express, N. P. Ry. Daily mail. Andre 
Itiompson, farmer, postmaster. 


Bateman Mark, grocer. 

Buckley E, hotel propr. 

Bush & MiBratney. restaurant and saloon. 

Byrnes 1» II, Hotel Propr. 

Chilstron & Mead, lawvers. 

Davie Wm C, clothing'and dry goods. 

Doyle M B, restaurant. 

Grant John, grocer. 

Hancock P L, stationer and news depot. 

Hope E, meat market. 

Lang Michael, grocer. 

Mahon M J, saloon. 

Mif clJCll T J, Lawver. 

Poiner Bros, boots shoes and harness 

Robiil-40ll SSarry, Editor Mandan Criterion. ' 

\\ instun ]i L, dniL'LTist. 

Younck Henry, hotel ],roi)r. 


T > ■ ..., .;li 

Hasho w, Maish & Davis- ^^ ^- -- ^^ ^^ ^^ 

Builders of Oity 'Water-Worka 

for frontier towna. Cor, 2(1 St, 

] and Piflh Avo, 8., UioneBpolia, 


A settlement in the central part of Turner county, 4 miles 
from Parker, on the I. & D. division of the C, M. & St. P. 
Ry, and 8 from Swan Lake (c h). 


A village of 200 inhabitants in the central part of Lincoln 
county, 14 miles from Canton (c h). Has 2 general and one 
hardware store and a forge. Semi-weekly mail. 


RoynfOll A, Hardware. 
Brown Georsje, blacksmith. 

Conklin J V, general store. 
Schafer H H & Co, general store. 


A station on the N. P. Ry, in the eastern part of Cass 
county, 13 miles from Fargo (c h). Telegraph, Northwest- 
em. Express, Am. Daily mail. 


Durgan C, hotel and saloon. 
Shephard W O, general store. 
Weaver C S & Co, lumber. 


A country postoffice in the eastern part of Yankton county, 
15 miles from Yankton (c h), the nearest railroad point. 
Exports, wheat, oats, barley and potatoes. Daily mail. 
Oliver Olsen, grocer, postmaster. 


Otherwise Marion Junction, in the northern part of Turner 
county, 18 miles from Swan Lake (c h), a station on the C, 
•M. & St. P. Ry, is a village of about 300 inhabitants. It is 
a new place, but has already church organizations, a §2,500 
school house, a loan and savings bank, a newspaper, the Gaz- 
<''«, machine shop, 3 hotels, and a number of general and 
sjieeial stores. A furniture dealer, boot and shoe" dealer, and 
wheelwright are wanted. Express, U. S. Serai-weekly stage 
to Yankton and Childstown. Daily mail. Peter Allen, post- 

Solid Bronze Hardware. 

Pot Private Kesidonces and Pub- 
lic Buildings. KLNQSEIJKT & 
DEAPEE, 35 E. 3d St., St. PanL 

A;' ;.- i:/\ 

' / ■ , ■ ' L; 


wholesale and Retail. CHAELEC 1 

JOHNSON, 513 Waahiaeton Aveuc^ ■ 

J South, imnrEAPOLIS, 



Allen Joseph, general store. 

Beecroft Frederick, painter. 

Beucliler C, boots and shoes. 

Beucliler & Uieb, General Store. 

Bingeiiheiiner Joseph, meat market. 

Carpenter W C, salt and flour. 

Flowers C H, lumber and coal. 

Franz Jacob, butcher. 

Freseman A A, nurseryman. 

Gardner Bros, Farm Implements. 

Hart Orange, notary public. 

Hudson J E, barber. 

Irvine Charles, saloon. 

Lass D G, physician. 

McKay G L, fawyer. 

Marion Gazette, M A Fuller publr. 

Marion liOaii and Saving^s Bauk,,E Reiff Pres, 

G L McKay Cashr. 
Master J B, restaurant. 
Mehsen F "W, saloon. 
Montgomery John, general store. 
Pool H, "Hotel Propr. 
Reiff & Xagel, hardware and drugs. 
Roeber H, shoemaker. 
Ryan John, general store. 
Sawady Louis, jeweler. 
Sexton P, hotel propr. 
Shafff -^'s. boots and shoes. 
Shan . ii, lumber and coal. 
Stile Frank, Hotel Propr. 
Sturgeon R, livery and justice of the peace, 
Tenny S B, physician. 
Tinker J K, blacksmith. 
Winn F C, harnessmaker. 


A discontinued postoffice in Moody county. 


A prairie farm house postoffice in the eastern part of Clay 
county, 15 miles from Vermillion (c h), the nearest railroail 
point. There is a flouring mill on the Vermillion river in tlie 
neighborhood, also Lutheran and Baptist churches and a com- 
mon school. Mails on Fridays and Saturdays. Cora Egbert, 

HsII's Patent Infallible^ 

,„„„.„ Chronomentric Attacti- 

leat Time-Lock, 46 Jicluoa Btrwl. 

t, Fiul, Uiui. 


Cl Bl 1 riURSTONl g"".?"'^'^"IP°i"'"-^°gHamw8rfrinmph'3'eed. 

eAg't TIGER RASES, Milbora Wagons, Bng- 

o-.s, Randall PuWeriring Harrows, Triumph 3eed- 

J ers. Canton Plows, etc, 18 W. 3d St., St. Panl. 



A postoffice in the north central part of Armstrong county, 
8 miles from Milltown (c h). 


A village of 50 inhabitants on the southern line of Hutch 
inson county, 5 miles from Olivet (c h), and the same distance 
from Meuno, on the C, St. P. & M. Ry, the nearest railroad 
point. The Dakota river here gives power to a tiouring mill 
of 2 run of stone, but whose capacity is to be doubled shortly, 
to meet the growing wants of the vicinity. Daily mail stage 
to Yankton and Fire Steel. John E. Maxwell, postmaster. 


Maxwell & Co, flouring mill. 


A postoffice on the northern line of Yankton county, 24 
miles from Yankton (c h.) 


In the central part of Traill county, 2.3 miles from Cale- 
donia (c h), the nearest landing on the Red River, and 40 
from Wheatland, the nearest railroad point. Popula- 
tion, 25. Has a Lutheran church and common school, and 
exports wheat. A flouring mill, shoemaker, hotel and doctor 
are needed. Stage to Caledonia and Newburg semi-weekly, 
and S' "-"'kly mail. John Chautland, postmaster. 


Ciiautlnild Jlro»t &: Co, General Store. 

Knutson :Muns, bhu-ksinith. 

Paulson, Reyerson & Co, drugs and farm implement.^. 


In the southern part of Clay county, a station on the S. 
C. & D. division of tlie C, M. '& St. P. Ry, Si miles from. 
Vermillion (c h). With a population of 150, it is a busy little 
village, liaving Congregational, Universalist and Methodist 
churches, a district .school, and exporting grain, wood and hay. 
Express, Am. Stage to St. James daily •' to Swan Lake and. 
Parker, semi-weekly. C. X. Taylor, postmaster. 


Baker C L, hotel proi>r. 

Taylor C X, general store, grain and stock. 


' Bpucial attentiou 
ScIiooIa, Conrt-Houfies and Ciiurclitis* 

AKuHlTECTSj uVumBuaa^., 

I lie LUlUOl UOOIgllO Merchant Tailor, Minneapolis. 



The seat of Brookings county, is situated near the center 
of the southern line thereof, and OA miles south of Brookin<T>i, 
on the C. & N. W. Ry. Population, 25. Tri- weekly nniil 
-stage to Flandreau and Brookings. James Natesta, post- 


Bolles George, general store. 

Harvey Wm, hotel proprietor. 

Katesta James, general store and farm implements. 


A landing on the Missouri river, in the western part of 
Potter county, 373 miles from Yankton. Onion raising is the 
•occupation of the district. Tri-weekly stage to Fort Sully, 
fare $3, and to Fort Yates, -$5. Daily maiffrom Fort Pierre. 
George N. Gage, postmaster. 


Bastied George, onion grower. 
Dolphus Jacob, stock ranche. 
•Gage George X, stock ranche. 
Ryan James A, onion grower. 


A newly established postothce in McCook county. 

A village of about 250 souls and a station on the C, M. & 
St. P. Ry, in the south central part of Hutchinson cotmty, ■'> 
miles from Olivet (c h). lias a German Lutheran church. 
•district and German schools, a newspaper, the llutcliiiis'in 
County Clu-onicle, and exports grain and stock. A doctor, 
lawyer, dry goods and grocery stores are required. Exjiress, 
U. S. Two mails daily. Carl Winter, county treasurer, 


■Chronicle, G W & ^V A Williams, proprs. 
Feivk John, saloon. 

Ileib Jacuf) A: Co. General Store. 
Huff John, hotel jjrojir. 
Landow & Co, saloon. 
Levy Carl, blacksmith. 
Mak & Hell, general store. 

?gPfirkins. ! vnns k ^Mi^:S^''^ 


of Wines, Liquor* and Ch(jir»- 

Hashow5Maish& Davis, 

Are Agsnts for Hancock's Inspir- 
ator. ITie beat boiler ffeder in nao, 
2d St.i 5tli Ave. 8., MinaeapoUa. 


Olson G B, grain and stock dealer. 

O»iko.sli Lizmber €o. 

Putnam D R, grain dealer. 

Schnaidt it Co, hardware and froekery. 

Stockholm R S, shoemaker. 

Swantou John H, lumber, grain and stock dealer. 


In the central eastern part of Turner county, 8 miles from 
Swan Lake (c h), and 10 from Parker (e h). There is avail- 
able water power on the Vermillian river near this point. 
Exports, wheat, cattle and hogs. Tri-weekly stage to Parker, 
fare 81.50; and Vermillion, *2..50. Daily mail. Junia Sar- 
gent, postmaster. , 


Sargent Junia, real estate. 
Waterman Sada, general store. 


A recently established postoffice in Grant county. 

In the center of Armstrong county, of which it is the 
seat, 20 miles from Scotland, the nearest railroad point. The 
James or Dakota river here gives power to a grist mill. It 
has a church of the United Brethren, a public school, exports 
wheat, and banks at Yankton. Population, 100. Daily mail. 
George H. Miner, postmaster. 


Fonslow M, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 

Gray John, blacksmith. 

OfTeson, physician. 

Shearer ^Viisoii, Hotel Propr. 

Spooner ifc 3[cLaury, druggists. 
" alters Wm, hotel propr. 
WooK'y M T, flour mill and general store. 

MINERAL SPRINGS— Bon Homme County. 
(See Running Water). 


A country postoffice in the northern part of Grand Forks 
coimty, 30 miles from Grand Forks (c h), and 12 from Acton 

i^ch and Gravel Roofers, '*"""''^'^"*''- 

Third St, Minneapoll: 

.a .Ih .. 

R R n n K F R Y ^'''"'^ ^^'''^- Glassware, wholesale ,:r 
U li U U iV L U I ) retail. E. A. HAEMON & CO., Minneapoh^ 


Landing, on the Red river. Weekly mail. JohnOBio^n 
farmer, postmaster. 

A discontinued postofficc in Lawrence county. Black Hill>. 
., The seat of Davison county, is the present terminus of t!„- 
L., M. & St. P. Ry, at the gateway of the vast, unoccui.i, .1 
domam stretching westward to the Missouri an<i beyond It i^ 
situated on a high, level plateau, is w-ell laid out with wi,l,- 
streets, 100 buildings in course of construction and it- 
population IS increasing so rapidly that no estimate In- 
properly given. Hotels, blacLsmith shop, dry o-oods and ecu- 
eral stores are needed here. TAe Capital, a'w'eekly paper, i- 
published m the town. J f f > 


Dc I^a Rue A D, Real Estate. 
Robbins &, Pratt, lumber. 
Vanalstine & Baker, livery. 
Walsh J W, publisher The Capital. 

A recently established postothce in McCook county. 


A postoffice in Davison county. 


A discontinued postottice in Vankton county, 10 miles «-,-t 
of Yankton. 


A recently established postotlice in Pembina county. 


Otherwise known as Bridgewater Station, on tlie C, M. A 
St. l.Ry, in the southwestern part of McCook county, 1: 
miles from Cameron (c h). Pojuilation, -.'00. Has a ptiMi'- 
school, 3 general stores, exports grain, banks at Sioux Fail-. 
and wants grain buyers, a hardware store and tradesmen "tn- 
erally. Express, Am. Stage to Sioux Falls and Kockprt 
tri-weekly, fare f2.50. Tri-weekly mail. O. K. Bullanl, i--- 

NEW ENGLAND ""^^^^^^^^^^^-^^^^ 

forfeiture I J.J.W»lMJi,<J«ii'lAgt.,3».P»nJ,J'-^ 

F. F. Hennig, 

Jook-Binder and Blank-Book 

Mannfactnrer, Brackftt'a Block, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 



Inilhird Bros, general store. 

CctiL- Joseph, boarding house. 

I., iu'htheiser, hotel propr. _ ■ 

SlilU-k II C, Lumber. 

>niiim i'eter, blacksmith. 

Smith I) A, physician anil boarding house. 

■|";ibiir & Barry, general store. 


A postoffice on the northern line of Pembina county, 14 
uiihs from Pembina (c h), the nearest railroad point. 


A village of 150 inhabitants in the central western part of 
Cass county, and a station on the X. P. Ry, 36 miles west 
"f Kargo (c h). It contains a public school, several hotels 
.\iidb(j;irding houses, farm machinery agencies, a general store, 
' tc. Exports grain and banks at Fargo. Two mails daily. 
11. I>. Strand, postmaster. 


F'.verheart Frederick, druggist. 

II:i>ford & Buckley, livery and sale stables. 

iluWfU George, boarding house. 

Ilowk W J, boarding house. 

Kringler Nils E, blacksmith. 

I.iiu-olii Bros, Hotel and Livery Stable. 

oiiii.toad & Barrett, blacksmiths. 

"^"luth Miss, milliner. 

■""tilis R, boarding house. 

>irand H B, general store and lumber. 


A country postoffice in the northern part of Traill county, 
'" miles north of New Buffalo. Goods should be shipped via 
'■•"■go. Semi-weekly mail. Halvorfierg, store keeper, post- 


A farm house ])0st office in the central part of Minnehaha 
' ""I'v, in miles from Sioux Falls (c h). F. IL Tapper, post- 

A -ettlement in Deuel county, V miles from Gary (c h). 

Sheet-Iron Architectural Workers 
and Koofera. Cor. Siith ajid Bibley 
etreeti, 8t. Pan!, ffino, 


, 7.II 

W.F. GUNN k CO.--"-S"S--i;i;»;rt: 

villi VlViVI\l %^VWi Improvements, MnTNEAPOLia, a,-. 


A station on the C". &. X. W. Ry. in the southeastern cm 
ner of Kingsbni y Oijunty. Population, 100. The town wm^ 
only founiled ilurinir the present summer, and its shipment - 
■will be grain. Churehes and schools are being organized, .iii.l 
wagon and harnessmakers, shoemakers and a physician :i\:- 
wanted. Express, Am. Daily mail. Philip Lawrence, pc.Nt- 


Cornell Wm, hardware and stoves. 

Johnson Andrew, blacksmith. 

Laird Norton & Co, lumber. 

Lawrence 31 H, general store. 

3IaVM-cIl & iSatier, Hardware and. Farm Implements. 

Mead & Armstrong, livery. 

Morris John, butcher and feed store. 

O'Conner & Cramer, builders and contractors. 

Ol!>)Oll &. Stroinback, General Store. 

Sweezey D R, blacksmith. 

Williams J D, hotel propr. 

Winsor S, hotel pro]ir. 

Younian Bros & Hodgins, lumber. 


A settlement of about 300 souls, in the southeastern pnit 
of Cass county, 20 mi'es from Fargo (c h), on the N. P. ]{;• . 
the nearest railroad point. It is on the line of the exten-i'n: 
of the St. P., M. & M. Ry, has a Houring-mill, driven l'.'. 
power from the Cheyenne river, a Lutheran church, and Nor- 
wegian and English schools. Semi-weekly mail stage t" 
Fargo and Bonuersville. A. Boderna, postmaster. 


Rexford M S, miller. 


In Blegstad township, south central part of Deuel county. 
13 miles from Gary (c h). Is a Scandinavian settlcincn:. 
with a Norwegian Lutheran church. A wheat region. Sliui- 
weekly mail. Ole K. Blegstad, farmer, postmaster. 


Anderson Gulbiam, constable. 
Brietloth Anton E, blacksmith. 
Jakobson Christian, justice of the peace. 

CrUrrrDC PDAC importers of lineWooIens, no. 40 
OUnLrLnO DilUOi L Ilurd street, ST. PAUL, U\:.^ 

/ T'. 'VJU _)M 



Jurirtrsoii Andrew J, justice of the peace. 
ToiiUon George, constable. 


A Norwegian farming settlement in the central southei-n 
i':irt of Grand Forks county. 3r miles from Grand Forks (ch). 
Ha-i a Lutheran church and common school, and exports, 
wheat. Weekly mail. Paul C. Johnson, farmer, postmaster. 


A post office in the northern part of Yankton county, 25 
wiles from Yankton (c h), the nearest railroad point. 


A postoffice in Lincoln county, 10 miles southwest of 
Canton (c h). 


A post office in a sheep-raising district on the eastern line 
of Y.aiikton county, IS miles from Yankton (c h), and 8 from 
G.^yville, the nearest railroad point. Semi-weekly mail, 
ilibs Florence Bagley, postmaster. 


A postoffice in Hutchinson county. 


A village of -300 souls, on Lake Totankaha, in the north- 
»e>iiTu part of Brookings county, 10 miles from Medarv 
(c h), and 8^ from Volga, ^n the C. &, N. ^V. Ry, the neares"t 
railroad point. A steam grist-mill of 4 run of stone has just 
t'ccii com])leted, and the village has a Baptist church and a 
public school. A general store and a shoemaker are needed, 
rive htage lines run to Oakwood from neighboring point.s, 
giving it ten mails weekly. Joshua Downing, postmaster. 


Ij.-irncs & Shuler, butclurs. 

nr;i(Jhury \V II, hard \\ are and farm implements. 

downing Bros, general store. 

''oodwin G R, shoemaker. 

■MilKr Wni, constable. 

•'ay Byn.ii, hotel jiropr. 

j'ay B K, notarv publir and land agent. 

I'-n.-r I)r C F,"druggist an,l stationer. 

Buiiders' Hardware r.^S^S:i'S 

Charlp^ InhslQnn ^^°^W and Glassware, 513 V. 
UimilCJ) ;UllllbUII,ington Ave. South, UDfNEAPO 

ington Ave. South, UrNNEAPOLJ.i 


Ross Kev AV (Baptist). 
, Sutton C Z & Smith, tiour mill. 
Werner John, blacksmith. 


A discontinued postoffiee in Yankton county. 


The seat of Hutchinson county, is a village of about .".o 
unhabuants,and ,s situated in the soutliernpart of thecou ,tv 
5 miles from Menno, on the C, 31. & St. P Rv. There i," i 
f}?f"^-ku'T''}^ P?'"*""" obtained from the James river i„ 
the neighborhood, and the village has a Free Methodi' 
church and a common school. Exports, wheat, butter an.i 
If-flu^'^JP Yankton, 30 miles, fare .s2.50 ; als„ to 
Mitchell and Firesteel. Dailv mail. W B Whte .,',.. r 
master. ^^' 1 '^'" 


Ardery S F, wagonmaker and cariienter. 

i>egg Rev Wm (Christian). 

Branch C J county surveyor and shoemaker. 

^oyles M M. h,,tel j.ropr and blacksmith. 

Bro«u AlJVed, Stock Dealer 

Chetter L T, stoek .lealer. 

Daboll S M, hotel proi>r. 

Douglass AVesley, sheriff. 

Haynes J E, stock dealer. 

Sharp Rev J W (Free Methodist). 

Wi,',Y*?lJ^''!' .?\i"'''? °^ '^'' ^''"'^ ^"d general store. 
AN iiulust Rev (t A\ (Free Methodist) 
Wood Rev J M (Christian). 


St.;?" r-l"'''7.r''''^'''' '" ^'"^"t county, 20 miles from B,,- 
-Otone City (c h). 




country postoftce in the west central part of Minneh.-.l.-i 
y, 20 miles from Sioux Falls (c h). Wheat and tlav ar- 

the exports of the vicinity. Semi-weeklv mail. W. IL \-,t> 

Horn, postmaster. 


Van Horn W H, hotel, general store and physician. 

iwi i^ PI 5 &r^e^ wri General Agent Hall's Safe a:. ! 
Itfl. #^. K&BglOra,Lock Co., ST, PAUL, M.... 

C B1THUR5 1 01\l ^SHarT05s/Ti5crEakes, Can-Jou Plows, llilbaro 

Sole Ag't TRIUMPH SEEDERS, Randall Polyerij- 

ing Harrows, Tiger Eakes, C.inU)a Plows, Milbaro 

J Wtgons, Buggies, etc., 13 W. 3d St., ST, PAUL. 



A settlement in the central part of Grami Forks county, 
:M miles from Grand Forks (c h), the nearest railroad point. 


In the western part of Grant county, 22 miles from Big 
Sidue Citv (c h), 4 from the line of the extension of the H. & 
I>. division of the C, M. & St. P. Ry, and 2:^ from Orton- 
\ille, the nearest railroad point at present. Ex])orts, wheat 
and oats. Express, Am. Weekly mail. Stage to Big Stone 
City; fare ?1. George S. Orrock, postmaster. 


Glidden J F, fanner. 

I.aniiireaux J G, justice of the peace. 

iiildirop A: Fairbiiiilt, (ieneial Store. 

I'ackard John E, shoemaker. 

SatterleeRev S B (United Brethren). 

'I'ueker A C, general sti:>ve. 

Zeigler George, blacksmith. . . , 


A settlement in the northeastern corner of Ransom county, 
<.iii the Cheyenne river, 48 miles southwest from Fargo, the 
Dearest railroad point. 


A gold mining settlement of 5(3 souls, in the Black Hills, 
<'ast central part of Pennington county, 175 miles from Fort 
I'ierre and 290 from Sidney, Neb. The Rapid river here 
offers available water power, which might be utilized by a 
►aw-niill, Exports, gold dust. Tri-weekly mail stage to 
HoekerviUe and Deadwood, fare 10c per mile. John C. Sher- 
nian, postmaster. 


Harri-i Wm, dairyman. 

Ilarvey A, General Store. 

MiC'urdy James, physician. 

•^lilick Nelson, dairyman. 

Uuinbaugh Jacob, hotel propr. 

Niwiiian J C, general store, hotel and land agent. 

>N lUy \V W, general store. 



.;t-,f :'l ;.o,: 

Ui I I I Ql i JJl^SUIl, 239 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Mi.[ 



f..J° Q^*" "^""^''u T\^^''' ''•■'•'* °f Minnehaha county, 16 mil,., 
from Sionx Falls (c h), and 9 from Valley Sprincs'the m r 
est radroad point. Split Rock river here^fford? tine wat ; 
power, partially utilized by a 4-run grist mill, but eouaT , 
the requirements of 40 run of stone. There is a tine mnr v 
available for m.ll-stones at Palisade. The place is a favo i . 
summer resort on account of its superb ^scenen' Se 
poSs'r '''^^' '' ^ '"'^■^ ^'P^'"-^ "''^ Highland.-E. RoV:'. '. 


Oatten C \V, flour mill. 
Royce E, hotel propr. 


A postoffice ill the northeast corner of Fniort countv 4" 
miles from Elk Point (c h). Eden, on the S. C. & D Rv i". 
the nearest railroad point. ^-.^.^ '^ 

A station on the I. & D. division of the C, M. & St. P. 
SiTl l f""!"' °'^^ T"™er county, is a thriving village of 
400 mh.,b.tants, 2 miles north of Swan L.ake(cli). l1 ha. 
fnuml^f ''"■?'■''". '^"^^^"^' ^ P"^^!''' «^''o°1^5 hotel. 
andT.^n; ^''T-'^ ^"^^ special stores, several lumber, coai 
facto^ ."f niachinery agencies, two private banks, a wa^ou 
mn wo;,M 1 "^;y^P^P^^.- ^^^ ^^'"'' ^>-«. a steam flouring' 
flli Inf , ""■"" !'''% ^^P°«^' ^••'™' ^-^^^^^ oats, barl.v. 
fon'farf%r t'"''- , ,^'^""T-' '^'"- ^^^^'j' ^^^^^ to Yank- 
$^50 .n IP "-^^■^:'^'^'y /« Sio"^ Falls, 81..50, Yermillinn. 
mast^'r ^•■''"''"°"' '^^- '^^=>'^ "^^^^J C. T. Ilollenback, pn,,- 


BaUey Miss A 2,1, milliner 
Branch W S, drucrgist. 
Clark John, barberr 

Collins TF, justice of the peace. 
Cone C D, lawyer. 
Cook L W, physician and surgeon. 
Crock E W rrroeer and gents' clothing. 
t roHOh B F Farm Imj.lements. 
Currens Rev .J B (Presbyterian). 
Dunning 31 E, constable 
Gale & Stone, Bankers. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. ^ 

31^ Robert St., ST. PAUL, Minn. 
dealers in Wines, Liquors ^ Cigara. 


KaslioWjMeish& Davis, 

Are Agents for all kinds of Ya- 

chinery. Cot. 2d St. and F'.ftk 

Ave. South, Minneapolis. 


Gilbert Gustav, general store. 

(iilbert L, general store. 

(iurr J P, meat market. 

Uaokett C F, publisher New Era. 

Hand J A, lawyer. 

Harrington Miss, milliner. 

Ilayward S & Son, Boots, Shoes and Harness.. 

Ileselton W II, saloon. 

Ilollenbeck Mrs C T, music teacher, 

Howard M T & Co, hardware. 

Kendall ,T E, druggist. 

Rathbun G L, waijonmaker. 

Keecl D ^V, Grain IX^aler. 

Ii<5bbins & Pratt, lumber and coal. 

Schaffer H H, general store. 

Sheldon W H.'livery and sale stable, 

Shurtleff & Hibbert", meat market. 

Simerson James, hotel propr. 

Spearing & Kvte, contractors and builders. 

Still Oraiiy, Propr Parker Hotel. 

Te.about & Valleau, lumber, coal and general store. 

Thulman Vale P, real estate and land agent. ■ . ■ 

Vanroden H, shoemaker. 

Wagner Charles, farm implements. 

Webber C, blacksmith. 


A settlement in the northeastern jart of Pembina county^ 
4.5 miles from Pc-mbina (c h), and U from Acton Landing, ou 
the Red River of the North. 


A country postoltice in Grant county, 16 miles from Bic; 
Stone City, on the extension of the H.' & D. division of the 
C.. M.^ & St. P. Ry. A farming region. Tri-weekly mail. 
John Sullivan, farmer and store keeper, postmaster. 


A recently established postoffice in Hughes county. , 


A postotlice in a farming community on the Red River of 
the North, in Grand Forks county, 6+ miles from Grand 
rorks (c h). Semi-weekly mail via Fargo and Pembina 
»t.age Co. W. T. Sheppard, farmer, postmaster. 

RnnfinO" ^'ilatOrial Tarred relt, Building paper, pitch, etc. 
llUUilll^ maienai. Selden&Grygmi4N.3d8t,Minneapoli. 

'■■ if I ■■>:'( 

hny ,..■.,.;,•( 

Largest Siock Crockery '^ ''' '''''■ "" ^ ^'- 

MON & CO., Minneapolis. 



The seat of Pembina county, is situated in the extreme 
aiortheastern point ol' Dakota Territory, at tlie junction of the 
Pembina -n-ith the Red River of tlie Xorth, and opposite St. 
Vincent, Minn., the terminus of the St. P., M. & M. Ry. 
Population, 500. It is one of the oldest settlements in the 
"Territory, and has long enjoyed considerable trade from the 
influx of immigration to the northern part of Dakota and to 
3Ianitoba. Has Catholic, Presbyterian and Methodist churches, 
A good school, hotels, general stores, a steam flouring mill 
of 4 run of stone, and business houses of various kinds. 
Exports, wheat, vegetables and furs. Tradesmen of every 
description are needed. Daily stage to Grand Forks and 
Fargo; weekly, west to Wall Hall, and southwest to Cavalier 
and Valley City. Express, Am. Daily mail. Charles Cava- 
lier, postmaster. 


Bradshaw J, Pembina Hotel. 

Brown & Kavanagh, saloon and billiards. 

Caviller C, Real Estate Agent. 

Crawford Charles, general store. 

Ferguson Peter, grocer. 

Fisk Mrs, Pioneer House. 

Gooding C J, railroad agent. 

Johnson, Holmes »fc Driscoll, farm implements, buggies and 

La Moure, Webb, Traill & Co, general store. 
McLellan A, Ontario House. 
Moorhead & Daniels, saloon. 
Myrick F C, General Store. 
■O'Donnell Hugh, express agent. 
Pembina Mill Co, flour mill. 
:Scribncr & Johnson, saloon an<l billiards. 
Strong <& Thompson, hardware and farm implements. 
West George, farm implements and wagons. 
Winchester J A, Winchester House. 
Winters George, general store. 
Yerxa T E, general store. 

A post station in the east central part of Minnehaha county, 
12 miles from Sioux Falls (c h), the nearest railroad point. 


A special supply postnllice in a wheat growing neigliboi-- 
hood in Pembina county, 40 mih's from Pembina (c h)- -^ 

HAOEI A OOTTO OVER SI 5,000,000. The "New Eoijlicd 
wrivvil nVTN^h. I vr Bt, Paul, Qenoral Agent for MiDnesota. 



ni -I, n««l/« Manufactured for Banks, Mill Meu and Corpora- 

DlSnK'DOuKS tloiiB.atlowrateaandinbeat F. F. HENHIQ, 

rackett'a Block, Minneapolia, 


finiir mill is ba.Uy wanted in the vicinity. Weekly mail. 
John T. Daley, farmer, postmaster. 

A government Indian reservation in the southern part of 
Shannon countv, ISO miles from Rosebud landing, on the 
Missouri river, and the same distance from Sidney, Neb., on 
the U. P. R. R. The post has an Episcopal church and school ; 
all the employes are in the service of the government; the 
population of the aseucv is about 7,000, nearly all Indians; 
the exports are beef, hides and furs, and the banking is done 
at Sidney. Express, Fort Robinson and Bijou Hill ^Co., 
Stat'e tri-weekly from the Missouri river to Sidney, Neb.; 
fare from the a"gency to either point, i;-22. Tri-weekly mail. 
T. G. Cowgill, postmaster. 


Alder J W, chief clerk, agent. 

Blanchard G F, agency trader. • . , 

Burt Rev H, missionary. 

i'owsill T G, Agency Trader. 

De Bill E J, physician. 

Knox George, express agent. • ' 

McGillycuddy V T, U S Indian agent. 

AVolcoft Rev" P C, school teacher. ■ . ■ 


A station in th(> eastern part of Pembina county, on the 
<iaily stage route from Grand Forks and Fargo, 2 7 miles south 
of Pembina (c hj. 


A recently established postoffiee in Aurora county. 


A village in the northwestern part of Charles Mix county, 
10 mlle.s from the ^lissouri river. 

A postoffice in a new settlement in Kingsbury county, 8 
miles north of Nordland Station, on the C. & N. W. Ry. 
Weekly mail. P. Christensen, general store and justice of 


peace, ])0stmastei 


A postoffice in a farniinu- svttlemcnt in the southern pari 
of Hamlin county, 24 niilo from Watertown, <iu the C. & N. 

Tarred Felt. BaHdinp Paper, Pitch, 
etc. M H ORITTENDEN &.(X).,Cor 
Sixth and Sibley au., St. Paal, Minn. 


'» ' -^-r 

Wtr PtIKIM Pi Pn Make a specialty of Flannine; and 
■ ll uUlllt Ob UU I BnildiBg- NEW PROCESS RolltrFlourMnU, 
■ I I MWI«il \0V WW! 0£5ce -Day Block, MmneapoUB, Minn. 


W. Ry, the most convenient railroad point. Flouring mill 
wanted. Stage to Watertown, Volga and Firesteel, and mail 
tri-weekly. Jacob Hansen, postmaster. 


Anderson Ole, constable. 

Asheland Peter, justice of the peace. 

nnntliCIl Ole & Kro, General Store. 


A settlement of 25 souls in Lawrence county. Black Hills, 
9 miles ■west of Dead wood (c h). 


Doyle M C, general store. 


A settlement of 200 souls in the eastern part of Brookings 
county, 35 miles from Medary (c h), and 16 from Canby^ 
Minn., the nearest railroad point. Has English and Norwe- 
gian schools, and requires a general trader and a shoemaker. 
Semi-weekly mail stage to Canby and Brookings. Henry 
Peterson, postmaster. 


Rogers Ole O, blacksmith. 
Udreth Lara H, blacksmith. 


^A discontinued postoffice in the northern part of Lincolu 


A postoffice in the northeastern corner of Lake county, 1- 
miles from Madison (e h), and 16 from Volga, on the C. & N. 
W. Ry, the nearest railroad point. Has a Lutheran church 
and common school, exports farm jiroducts, banks at Madison, 
and needs a general store. Weekly mail stage to Madison. 
Volga and Watertown; fare«l. Ole O. Overskei, postmaster. 


A country postoffice in the southeastern ci>rner of Laki- 
county, 7 m"iles from Madison (r h), and •'iO from Sioux 
Falls, the nearest railroad point. Semi-weekly mail. ^V. \>. 
Sacy, farmer, postmaster. 

OunLrLllO PllUOiIIast Third Street, St Paul, Mina. 


riashow.Maish^ Davis, 

General Founders and Machiui.'rta, 

Cor. 2d St, and Fifth Ato. SoQtb, 

MinneapoUg, Mina. 


A newly established jxistoffice in Aniistroiig eoiuity. 


In the southeastern corner of Traill eounty, 14 miles from 
Caledonia (c h), Itj east of Ada Staticni, on the St. P., M. & 
M. Ry, and 31 from Fargo Landing, on the Red river. Has a 
Presbyterian church and common soliool, and exports wheat. 
D.iily stage to Fargo, fare ^^i; and to Grand Forks, 83.50. 
Two mails daily. George PI. Johnson, postmaster. 


Black Wra, blacksmith. 

C'lement & Johnson, haniware and groceries. 

JFoIill<>091 George H, General Store and Hotel. 

Johnson James, carpenter. 

Johnson «fc Johnson, general store. 

Landers John, boot and shoemaker. 

McC'all & Taylor, druggists. 

McKenny George & Co, general store. 

Shemtt & Falconer, builders. , 


A settlement in the northwestern part of Moody county, 
12 miles from Flandreau (c h), the nearest railroad point. 
Daily mail. 


A village of about 100 inhabitants in the northeastern part 
■of McCook county. Twin Falls, 40 miles distant, is the near- 
est railroad point." Mail stage to Dell Rapids weekly. Henry 
G. Mills, postmaster. 


In the northeastern part of Pennington county, Black 
Uills, 45 miles from Deadwood. Population, 400. ' A coal 
mine, operated by a company with §10,000 capital, is located 
here. There are also several general and special stores, 2 
hotels and a newspajier, the JjtarA: lIUls Journal. Express, 
Am. Daily mail and stage to Deadwood. 


Allen C &, Bros, saloon. 

Belireil«. U, Furniture. 

Evans & Loveland, wholesale grocers. 

J Mp^J^|i,j3j.p and MEOHANICS' TOOLS. Kings- 
ndl U l/f Ul C baryd; Draper. 35 E. Third St., St. Paul. 


■•''.StJ'c'Jr":! . ■';! 


-.v/: filB\^i?01 

I Smn OrndQ '^^^^^ O^tlery ana Plated Ware, at Cbarl.; 

>J JohnBon's Crockery House, ^"^"'Sut"'"^-' 


Gantz J S, bookseller and stationer. 

Gossage J B, publr Black Hills Journal. 

Hammerquist Peter, druggist. 

Holcoinb W L, grocer. 

JollIISOIl Will, Hotel Propr. 

Keller M, grocer. 

McGuire & 3IcCarthy, wholesale liquors, etc. 

Morris Jacob, tceneral store. 

Rapid City C< uil -"\Iiniiig Co. 

Schnasse & Gramberg, general store. 

Scott Mrs Laura A, propr American House. 

Sweeny T, saloon. 

Worth, Howard & Co, liquoi- dealers. 


A postoffice on the shore of Red lake, in the western part 
of Brule county, 12 miles from Brule City (c li), on the Mis- 
souri, the nearest shipping point. 


A postoffice, in a newly settled district in Davison county, 
17 miles from Firesteel (c h), and 1-2 from Alexandria, the 
nearest railroad point, on the stage route from Mitchell ti> 
Lake Ponisett. Semi-weekly mail. J. H. Nolt, farmer, post- 


A settlement of about 100 souls, in Lawrence county, 25 
miles from Dcadwood (ch), and about 300 from Sidney, Neb.. 
on the Union Pacific Ry, the nearest railroad point. Senii- 
weekly stage to Sidney, fare -$45. M. Lynch, farmer, po-t- 

RENSHAW— Brookings County. 
(See Volga.) 


A post village in Minnehaha county, 9 miles from Sioux 
Falls (c h), the nearest railroad point. 


A postoffice in a cattle ranclie, 15 miles from Mitchell, 
the nearest railroad point, and 5 from the line of the proposed 
extension of the \V. & S. F. Ry. Po])ulation, 25. On the 
line of the stage route from Firesteel to Jamestown. Tri- 
weekly mail. George B. Weston, postmaster. 

H'lH^oQnfQ ^1 nplf Pn Manufacturers of rire and Burg- 
, nail b OdlG ■:?y LUUa\ UU.lar Proof Safes, St. Paul, Mine 


.?• ,, :;: *![!■ 


Ag't TIGER RAZES, Miitarn Waeona, Ba?- 
E;.^r.daUPal»eri:ingH.u.-0W3 Triumah Seed- 
" ton Plows, etc., 18 W. 3d St., St. Paal 



Corliss E, live stock raiser. • - ■ 

Van Tassel C II, live stock raiser. 
HowartI W A, live stock raiser. 
Van Tassel II G, live stock raiser. 
Weston George B, live stock raiser. 


-A village of 100 iiihabit:uUs in a splendid and thickly 
settled agricultural region in tlie eastern part of Union county, 
H miles from Elk Point (c h), and 2^ from Westlield, Iowa, 
on the S. C. «fc P. Ry, the nearest railroad point. A flouring 
mill of 5 run of stone derives power from the Big Sioux river 
here. Congregational and Methodist churches are located 
here, as also a district school. Exports, butter, eggs, stock 
and grain. An elevator is urgently needed. Stage to West- 
tield twice daily, fare 25c: to Canton semi- weekly, fare §1.2o. 
Two mails daily. C. A. Jones, postmaster. 


Bradley F L, physician. . - • 

Chambei-lain L B, constable. 

Crill & Freeman, flour mill. 

Crotzer Wm, hotel propr. 

Kate Wm H II, county school supt and justice of the peace. 

Jones C A, blacksmith and nwchinist. 

N'ewall Rev (.Methodist). 

Itoilill!>0!l Frank, General Store. 

Scott John, general stiire. 


A settlement in the south central part of Pembina county, 
*2 miles by post route from Pembina (c h), the nearest rail- 
road point, and 28 from Acton Landing, on the Red River 
of the North. 


A country pi>sti)ttice in the eentral northern part of Clay 
county, 20 miles from Vermillion (c h). Daily mail from 
Vermillion and Parker. Levi Barton, postmaster. 


A gold mining town in the Black Hills, Pennington 
county, 34 miles from Rapid City (c h), and 28.5 from Sid^iey, 
Neb., the neari>t railroad piiint. Population, estimated at 
500. The Little Rapid river here drives the Standby gold 

"llWlll I L.U I Oj straction of PubUo and Private Baildings. Mioaiapola. 

SPRING OVERCOATS r^'" '^''^ '"■""■^ °"^"'" 

' 6. r. rarrington's, Minneapolis. 


quartz mill, wlioso bullion is the sole export. Rocliforil lias 
a Presbyterian church, a district school, a saw-mill, sash, 
door aud moulding mill, a number of stores, a hotel and a 
newspaper, the Roehford Jlirrot: Tri-weekly stage to Dead- 
wood, fare 5>3.50; and to Custer, fare -^5. Six mails weekly. 
Charles Hayward, postmaster. 


Ammerman A, physician. 

Apple Mary, dry goods. 

Cohen & Co, clothing, boots and shoes. 

Connell Lawrence, publisher Roehford 3Iirror. 

Deadrick J, Propr Roehford House. 

Gillett Edward, barber. 

Guyon Peter, boots and shoes. 

Hayward Charles, Grocer, Boots and Shoes, and 

Hubbard T T, physician. 
Jemersou T F, saloon. 
Jones J W, news depot. 
Keeler F E, grocer. 
Kelly R D, grocer. 

Kirckhoff P C, Sash, Doors and Moldings. 
McWilliaras F, boots and shoes.. 
O'Brien M, saloon. 
Presslcy & Patrick, grocers. 
Pryor T & Co, grocers. 
Rider Bros, saw-mill and builders. 
Roehford it Shepherd, Shepherd House. 
Sawyer E W, saloon. 
Seiss C I, justice of the peace. 
Tooley 1* 11, Hardware. 
Verplast N, meat market. 
Wakefield L S, carpenter and builder. 
Weber A, meat market. 
Wood C L, lawyer. 

A mining town in Pennington county, Black Hills, popu- 
lation, 000, on the Sidney, Neb., and Ijlack Hills stage route. 
It is distant lOu miles from Sidney, has a gold exchange bank, 
eaw-mill, general, grocery, drug, hardware and dry goods 
stores. Daily mail. Express, Am. Telegraph at Custer 
City, 35 miles distant. 


Dow J &, Son, General Store. 
Golden Isaac, wliolesale aud retail ijrocer. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

31 Eobert St., St. Paul, Mian., 

h»T« all brands of KentocV BoarboD and 
luid Ky9 ooa.i^l'.j on bind. 



particular attention to set- 
ting up of En^'ine Boilera and all 
kindsof mackiiiery. Minneapolis. 


II, fflfinan D, banker. 

kniL; R, saw-mill. 

M.iini ifc Bass, druggists. ■ . 

I'lj.or I) M, hardware. 

Shueniaker <fc Son, grocers. 

Smith Bros, grocers. 


In the center of Hanson county, of which it is the seat, G 
miles distant from Alexandria, on the C, M. & St. P. Ry., the 
iM.irest railroad point. Population, 300. It is situated on 
till' .lames or Dakota river, which furnishes power for a flour- 
ing' mill. Has a Congregational church, public school and a 
li'ittl, exports grain, banks at Yankton, and wants oil and 
wiH)len mills, a hardware store and a lumber yard. Express, 
I'.ikota Central. Stage to Yankton, fare >=5, and Mitchell, 
!'.irc ^1.25, daily. Daily mail. J. D. Flick, postmaster. 


i'lU'k J D, Druggist and Express Agent. 

Iln-iton C E, hotel propr. 

Li<kner J C, general store. 

iVuman S A, physician. 

\ :in Ens Wm, general store. 

Wipf Jacob, flour mill. 


A recently established postothce in Hanson county. 


A recently established postoffice in Brown county. 

ROSCOE— Moody County. 

(See Egan.) 


Or Rosebud Agency, a p(jstoftlce in a government Indian 
r.-.i-rve, in the central southern part of "the Territory, 175 
i"iii-s from Yankton, and best reached by the stage route from 
^•■■ri liandall. 


A government landing on the Missouri river, in the north- 
'•'i-tcrn part of Gregory county, for the recejition and for- 
warding of goods to Spotted Tail and I'ine Ridge Indian 
■^■-'iiicies. Stage to Rosebud Atrencv, fare SlO, and Biioti 

61 ° . . ' J 

f\hpPt-lj'nn CiHina Por Factories, Mills, Bridges, etc Sel- 
"•lOCl IIUII OIUlll5lden&Grygla,n4H.3d8t„MinneapoU,. 

,(,_,, ^, I. 

OHIO STONEWARE ir™"""'""^^^ 

HAEMON & CO., Kinii6.f«;:4 


Hills, fare -^2, tri-weekly, and tri-weekly mail. J. C. Cowgill, 


A settlement on the James river, in the northeastern nan 
of Hanson county, 10 miles from Firesteel, on the I. & C. 
division of the C. ' M. & St. P. Ry. 


A station on the C, il. & St. P. Ry, in Bon Homni.' 
•county, 16 miles from Bon Homme (c h), and on the Missouri 
river. Has Presbyterian and Catholic cliurches and distri.'j 
schools, 2 hotels and several general and special ston-. 
Exports, farm produce, and banks at Xiobrara, Xeb. Expre>-, 
U. S. Sis mails -weekly. Henry Brooks, postmaster. 


Burge G, carpenter. 
Burgold J H, brickmaker. 
Dike C B «& Co, beer agents. 
Durkee F A, lumber agent. 
Eisner John, livery. 
Hewet Xifk,' Hotel Propr. 
Hoyt S J, lime burner. 
Johanson Peter, blacksmith. 
Lane J M, express and railroad agent. 
Lerch Frederick, saloon. 
McMillan R, lumber merchant. 
Marvin John, boarding house. 
Nelson Iver, meat market. 
Overaeker D, boarding house. 
'Treffy Robert, carjienter. 
Wilcox Daniel, Western Hotel. 
Wilder Bros, general store. 
Wildrick X P, restaurant. 


In the south central part of Lincoln county, 10 miles from 
'Canton (c h), the nearest railroad point. Population, •'" 
Has United Brethren, Methodist, Baptist and Episcc|'ii 
churches and a common school. A fine stock raising country. 
A storekeeper, doctor and amber cane syrup manufaot"r\ 
needed. Semi-weekly stage to Carter and Richland, l"'"" 
mails weekly. H. C. Johnson, postmaster. 


Dunham Hon W F, justice of the peace. 

ilk Hu.i Jmm* '^^'^ ^°" 

A I riiUBni hlmseir."_New England Mutnd Life II.SIlr.^c.C^> 

foreseeth the Evil and Insurcth 

r." N6W England Mntnd Life Insurance C 
. J. WATEOS, St, FiiiJ, Qen'l Agent for Kin=« 


For County, TownRliip and Oity Officers, in 

, best of style and on slrnrt notice, at F. F. HEmnO'S, 
J Brackott's Block, Minneapolis. 


A recently established postoftice in Grant county. 


A village centrally situated in Minnehaha county, on the 
Hig Sioux river, 20 miles from Sioux Falls (o h). 


A.postoflice in McCook county, 15 miles from Cameron 
(c h). Farmington, on the I. & M. division of the C, M. & 
St. P. Ry, is the nearest railroad point. 


A station on the N. P. R. R., in Barnes county, 12 miles 
from Valley City, the nearest railroad point. Population, 40. 
Exports, wheat, oats and barley. A blacksmith and wagon- 
maker are wanted. Daily mail. L. S. Lenhani, postmaster. 


Gallinger A, real estate and lumber. 
Lc'iiham G L ifc Co, general store. 
Leilliaill L S, Real Estate Agent. 
I*case A 51, Land Agent and "Hotel Propr. 
Shannon J W, carpenter. 


A recently established postotficc in Moody county. 


A newly established postoffice in Lawrence county, Black 


A settlement on the western line of Clay county, 5^ miles 
from Gayville, on the D. S. Ry, and 20 from Vermillion (c h). 
Population, 50. Semi-weekly mail. 


A Norwegian farming settlement in the southeastern part 
of Deuel county, 14 miles from Gary (c h), the nearest rail- 
road j)oint. Exports, wheat and cattle. Semi-weekly mail. 
Halvor E. Bruslart, postmaster. 

oalvanized Iron V/indoiv Cops. ^: 

[. Orlttraden k 

6th »nd Si'oleT- 



Make a specialty of Planning and 

BoilJing SEW PROCESS Roller FlcnrMilU. 
Offic9-Day Block, Minneapolis, Minn. 



A thriving village of 200 inhabitants and a station on thr 
C, M. & St. P. Ky, in the northern part of Bon Homnu- 
county, 20 miles from Bon Homme (c h). It has 3 hotels, ;i 
number of stores, general and special, 3 farm implement 
agencies, and a newspaper, the Dakota Citizen. The ehurcht-. 
are Methodist and Presbyterian, and there is a common school. 
A steam grist mill is wanted. Express, Am. Stage to Yank- 
ton, fare 83, and to Mitchell, fare S4. Three mails dail_\-. 
John Stafford, postmaster. 


Barnthel Rev J (Lutheran). 

Birely C, blacksmith. 

Bowar John, saloon. 

Bruce George, blacksmith. 

Busby & Hampton, Groceries and Dry Goods. 

Campbell C Y, hotel propr. 

Campbell Thomas, hotel propr. 

Carson Rev H W (Presbyterian). 

Cartwright, physician. 

Cash Frederick, contractor. 

Chadds & Bro, farm implements. 

Cog^ail A, Publisher Dakota Citizen. 

Covin & Grant, farm implements. 

Dilger Chris, meat market. ; ■ 

Essex John, furniture. 

Fergen & Bowar, hotel proprs. 

FosketJ J Ij, Farm Implements. 

Gardner it Br^is, farm imjdements. 

Hoffer «fc Co, dry goods and groceries. 

Jassman George, general store. 

Jassiliail A: Jlros, Dry Goods. 

Lavender A \V, dry goods and groceries. 

Lindley G D, saloon. 

Mcintosh George, saloon. 

Maynald Charles, justice of the peace. 

Mix Peter, >alooii. 

Munn Dr, physician. 

Pierce Rev L"L (Methodist). ' ■ 

Ring D M, express and railroad agent. 

Schunerer John, crockery and glassware. 

Seller Ilenrv, drv (,r,^ods and groceries. 

Stafford EawanT, barber. 

StafTord A: 1^'illiams, General Store. 

Stiger (iecjrgr, saloon. 

^r HPFFPR f^RHQ Importers of Tine Woolens, No. 40 

E Third Street, ST. PAUL, Minn. 


Hasho VV| Msish & OsviSf ^^^:5^2i^^^iri^ 

Make a specialty of BEEWEE3' 
Machinery, Cor. 2d St. and TV ' 
I Avenue South, Minneapolis, 


Weber Joseph F, druggist. 
Wynii & Backwater, hardware. 


In the northeastern corner of Cass county, 23 miles from 
F.irgo (c h), the nearest railroad and shipping point. Has a 
jiulilie school and exports -wheat. Daily maiF stage to Pargo 
and Pembina. Ole G. Hangen, farmer, postmaster. 


Formerly Harrisburgh, is a station on the S. C. & P. 
division of the C, M. & St. P. Ry, in the north central part 
Of ],incoln county, 10 miles north from Canton (c h), and 
MMith of Sioux Falls. Two mails daily. Emery J. Darling, 
farmer, j)Ostmaster. 

A village of 50 inhabitants in the southeastern part of 
Hutchinson county, 10 miles from Olivet (c h), the nearest 
railroad point on the C, M. & St. P. Ry. 


A recently established postoffiee in Pennington countv, 
lllack Hills. 


A settlement in the northeastern part of Brookings county 
23 miles from Mendary (c h), and 15 from Brookings, the 
nearest railroad point. 


A newly established postoffiee in Ransom county. 


A settlement on the Cheyenne river, in the northern part 
~"~ihpeton (c h), and : 
arest railroad point. 


^f Richland county, 40 miles from Wahpeton (c h), and 26 
from Fargo, on the X. P. R. R., the nearest railroad point. 

A postoffiee in the central part of Yankton county, 9 
"Hies from Yankton (c h). 

Kingsbury & Draper, 

Builders' Hardware and Mechan- 
ics' Tools, 35 E, Third St., St. Paul 

Crockery I Giessware, 

Wtolesde and Eetail, OHAfiLrj 
JOHNSON, 513 Washnrton Att--, 

South, imrsEAPOLig, 



A postoffice in the southern part of Lincoln countv, Ji 
miles by mail route from Canton (c h), the nearest raiirwa.i 
point, on the I & D. division of the C, M. & St. P. 


The seat of Minnehaha county, is a city of 2,500 inhahi 
tants, -which a few years ago was a mere Indian trading ])os; 
The rush of settlers to Dakota made it a village of 500 souN 
in 1878 the S. P. & S. C. Ry pushed out a spur from Wortli 
ingham, and now the city is an important point on the Pein 
bina branch of the S. C. & D. division of the C, M. & St. P., 
the W. & S. F., the S. M., the Dubuque & Dakota and th. 
Ackley and Sioux Falls branch of the I. C. Rys. It is situ 
ated on the S bend of the Big Sioux river, which gives '■'■> 
miles of valley in the limits of a single township. The Fall- 
are within half a mile of the business center of the city, :ui 1 
in power are only second to those of St. Anthony in 5linn.- 
apolis. Their supply is constant the year around, and tluir 
beauty bewitching, falling over rocks of syenite and hin- 
dered by the dense primeval forest. The Sioux Falls Wati r 
Power improvement Company (capital, $400,000, paid up.) 
has just completed an immense stone mill, SO.xlOO feet, 7 
stories high, at a cost of §120,000, and with a capacity of l,i»'' 
barrels of flour per day. The company's improvements mi 
the Falls when completed will give a head of 70 feet and l,.'"' 
horse power. Six other water powers exist within three mile-, 
and a company has been organized, with a capital of $500, <ii"'. 
for the purpose of utilizing 100,000 acres of adjacent waii r 
power land and quadrupling the present power. Besides tin 
new '' Queen Bee " flouring mill just mentioned, there arc - 
other very large flouring mills in the place. There .iii 
wagon factories in the city, hotels, general stores, gr"- 
ceries, dry goods stores, boot and shoe stores, hardwan 
stores, millinery stores and several machine shops. '1 1" 
Dakota and First National banks have been charters I 
and gone into operation. The churches are Congregi 
tional, Methodist, E{)iseopal and Catholic; the graded sch'"'! 
building cost *16,0U0, and there are several others of li— 
cost. The society is good; there are several literary, 
reading, book and art clubs, the wide streets and highway- 
afford fine drives, and the place is becoming a favorite n'r'iri 
for tourists, sportsmen and health seekers. There are 4 new- 
papers, the Pantmjraph, ImJi pendent, Tiinea and Si-iiiuliif<- 
vian. Flax, paper and sorghum mills, creamery and 1"'"' 

Hsil s oQiB -^^ Lock uOi 46 jk-son^st, st^paul, m:=x 


Sole Ag't MILBUES WAOONS, Ti«r Rakes, Kan- 
dill Pulverijricg Harrows, Trinmph Seeders, Can- 
ton Plows, BnggieE, etc., 18 W, 3d St., St. Pad. 


ami shoe factory are needed. Exports, grain, wool and build- 
iiit; stone. Express, Am. Daily stage to Dell Rajiids, tri- 
w.'t'kly to Madison and Rockport. Daily mails by rail. A. 
T. Fleetwood, postmaster. 


Allen E P, physician. 

Anderburg J & Son, house and sign painters. 

.\nderson Andrew, wagonmaker and blacksmith. 

Anderson Nels L, saddle and barnessmaker. 

Angel Frank, tobacco and cigars. 

Angel Frank C, cigarmaker. 

Anundson Miss F, dressmaker. 

Hainbridge Mrs H E, dresimaker. 

Barrelle James H, agent S C & D division of the C, M & St 

Ik-ar S M ifc Co, books, stationery, etc. 
Ilcll O C. Propr Forde House. 
Herry Rev Thomas (Episcopal). 
Bersie Brothers, livery and feed stable. 
Bippu.s & Boyce, lawyers. 
Hooker Alonzo R, propr St James Hotel. 
Booth Charles V, architect and undertaker. 
Booth R H, carpenter and builder. 
Boyce, Fairbank & Co, grain and farm implements. 
Boyd John I, confectionery and restaurant. 
Roylail Patrick P, General Store. 
Bridge & Harris, saloon and billiards. 
Briggs & Robinson, insurance. 
Brogan Rev J (Catholic). 
Brooking W W, la%\-yer and real estate. 
Brown David A, lawyer and real estate. 
Brown E J, photographer. 

Brown Theron G, stenographer and law reporter. 
Bryan Mrs W H, millinory and fancy goods. 
Bryant Mrs Lizzie, dressmaker. 
Buck I K & Son, groceries and crockery. 
Bush Peter, dentist. 

Caldwell A: Strahl, Publrs Dakota Pantagraph. 
Callender Henry, countv sheriff. 
Cameron John I>, Land and Loan Broker, cor Pliilips 

ave and 9th. 
Campbell Benjamin F, recorder U S land office. 
Carr Wm N, supt of -^choiiJs Minnehaha countv. 
C"a<4eatle Flour ^TlilN, Emerson, Sherma'n »t Co Proprs. 
Cate H J, physi.ian. 
Central House, Mrs A Morris propr. 

V/ilson & Jordan, ^^--^^^-"^^"^^'^^ j-'^-- 

I J AECHITEOTS, Minneapolis, Minn, 

GC CoK'I'ijICytnn ^^eps on hand the finest French, EngUsh, 
■ 11 101 1 Ili^iUilj Scotch and Gei-man Suitings, Minneapolis. 


C, St P, M & O Ry, grain elevator. 

Citizen*' Bank, Robert Nation &Son Proprs. 

Clark Mrs D C, launary. 

Cochran Towiisend T. groceries and provisions. 

Commercial Hotel, Warner E Willev projir. 

Coughran Eugene W. manager X W Tel Co. 

Cou£;bran Frank R, aoent Am Express Co. 

Cro^s Giirbam P, huvver. 

Dabl A- Skoven. merchant tailors. 

;Dako(a raiitau-raph The (Weekly), Caldwell &. 

Strahl Publrs. 
Davis Leonard, carriage painter. 
Distad Mons E, land and real e>tate. 
Dixon I C, furniture. 
Duffy P W, architect. 

Duffy, Zeigler & Co, carpenters and builders. 
Dunn Bros, painters. 

Dunning Lyman T, drugs and wall paper. 
Easton Mrs S, dressmaker. 
Emerson Frank S. land and loan agent. 
Elliei*!«on. Sheriliail «!t Co, Proprs Cascade Flour 

_ Mills. 
Ericsson Oscar, watches and jewelry. 
Estabrook L .AI, lawyer ami insurance agent. 
First Xaf iOiiai ISank, Jackson B Young Pres, Ilenrv 

L Hollister Ca-lir. 
Fleet«OOJl .^hVcd T, Postmaster. 
FleettVOOll A; iSifovd, Books, Stationerv, Tobaccos and 

Frank Louis, agent, clothing and gents' furnishing. 
FrederJkseil Xe!s C, Publr Dakota Skandinaviau 

Free «k Polk, Lawyers, Loan, Land, Real Estate and 

Collection Agents, and Abstracts of Land Titles, Phil- 
lips ave. 
Frizzell Alonzo, lawyer and notary public. 
Gerin Michael, groceries and crockery. 
Gilbert Herman, saloon and billiards. 
Gillmann Peter, blacksmith. 
Glidden Daniel S, boots and shoes. 
Goetting H, ])hysician. 

Gossman Frank E, confectioner, t(jbaecos, cigars, etc. 
Grable Jerry S. second-hand store. 
Graves A: Taylor, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, L-on, Cutlerv, Paints, Wagon 

Wood Stock, Etc. (S,,;,n/L:) 
Grigsby IMilton, lawyer and loan agent, P O block. 

31 RobertSt, St. Paul, Minn., are 
Agents for Tolu, Kock and Ey& 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

■ :■»■ t: tjoVi 

J ,■.:,(;('''? /. ■:>"--i'i 

- y> i r.'i . ,» 

Hashow,Maish& Davis 

Famish Shaftings, Pnlleys, ttc, 

ca Ehort notice. Oor. 2d St. and 

J Fifth Ave. South, Miuneapolie. 




(irigsby & Wilkes, lawyers and real estate, P O block. 

iiniiit Augustus A, lumber. 

(Tnwt A A & Co, coal, wood and lime. 

llnll Fhilo, Itakerv and restaurant. 

Hall Wm, blacksmith. 

Harlow H J, coal and wood. 

Havrevold Paul A, land agent. 

Hawkins Robert C, probate judge and justice. 

Hayes Alpbeus J, baker and confectioner. 

Heath Seneca H, saddle and harnessmaker. 

Henjun John, grocer. 




Ledyard & Farwell 

Sioux Falls. U. T. 


I'vV Steinwav itnd Chickering 
\\) ■ Pianos. 

Estey, and Mason it Hamlin 

A !)-Stop Organ. Elegant 
Case, 885. 

General Agents for Dakota, for 

School Desk. 

Dakota. We pay the 

n cash tor SCHOOL 


Se\nng Machines and Attaclunents. 

Write us for Circulars. 

\ General Ager 

\\ Victor J 

) 10,000 in use in 1 

tk highest price ii: 

Xi ami COUNTY Bi 

Graves &Taylor, 


m^rnrwsmm, smom 

TlNWAkl-;, STOVHS, hTC. 

Phillips avenue. Sioux Falls, D. T. 

Selden & Grygla 

Roofers and Sheet-Iron Architectural 
J Workers, 114 N. 3d St., Minneapolis. 

I y'' 

llashow,Maish& Davis 

Fnraish Shaftings, PnUeys, fctc, 

03 short notios, Oor. 2d St. and 

J Fifth Ave. Sooth, MiimeapoliB. 





(irigsby & Wilkes, lawyers and real estate, P O block. 

<innit Augustus A, lumber. 

Grout A A & Co, coal, wood and lime. 

Hall Philo, bakery and restaurant. 

Hall Wra, blacksmith. 

Harlow H J, coal and wood. 

llavrevold Paul A, land agent. 

H.iwkins Robert C, probate judge and justice. 

Hayes Alpbeus .T. baker and confectioner. 

He.ath Seneca H, saddle and harnessmaker. 

Henjun John, grocer. 

Ledyard & Farwell 

Sioux Falls, 1). T. 


Stcinwrtv and CUickerins 

" Pianos. 

Estey, and Mason i Hamlin 


.\ OStop Organ, Elcg^aut 

Case, SS.J. 

General Agents for Dakota, for 

Victor School Desk, 

10,000 in use 

.,»-5 ariJC^^- 
;^ Sew-ing Mf 

^ pay the 

Graves &Taylor, 


S^^E^wacio^ E:R©a 


Phillips Avenue, Sioux Falls, D. T. 

Colrinn Pi Ps'irryl'S I^oofers and Sheet-Iron Architectural 
OdlUUn 06 Urygldj workers, 114 N. 3d St., Minneapolis. 

PDRP!/S"DV ^'^^°''^ Cliina. Glassware, wholesale ar.d 

J retail. E A. HAEMON & CO., Mmneapoli 


Henjun & Olson, blacksmiths. 

Henry Prof L D, principal public schools. 

Herri'ck Z P, blacksmith. 

Heyerdahl Ulrich, druggist. 

Hitchcock Lewis C, real estate. 

Hodgdon Alfred 31, boarding house, 10th. 

Hollister Henry L, Cashr First Bank., 

Hopkins Wni C, boot and shoemaker. 

Hoilts John Q, Wholesale and Retail Liquors, Wines 
and Cigars. 

Howard fliarles K, General Merchandise, Agricul- 
tural Implements, Grain, Hides, Pelts, Furs and Lire 
Stock, cor Phillips ave and 10th. 

Howard Charles K, county treasurer. 

Howard Mrs L H, propr Avenue House. 

Howie Matthew, meat market. 

Imelli R S, watches and jewelry. 

Johnson L O, merchant tailor. 

Johnson & Skinner, flour and feed. 

Jones Orrin H, grocer. 

Kershaw & Flaeg, lawyers and loan agents. 

Kiniberly Edwin O, Editor a"nd Propr Sioux FalN 

Kingsbury Walter R, dry goods. 

Knott "Weorj^e A A: Co, Brewers. 

Krebs James, propr Sioux Falls House. 

Lamb Richard, barber. 

Lampe Charles, tobacco and cigars. 

Larson Edward, hardware, stoves and farm implements. 

Leavitt Bros, grocers and crockery. 

Leavitt & Vincent, hardware, stoves and farm implements. 

Ledyard & FarweSl, Pianos, Organs, Sewing 3Ia- 
chines, School Furniture, Musical ililse. Books, Sta- 
tionery, Etc. (Ste adv.) 
Lewis George W, insurance. 
Lloyd AV it Son, boots and shoes. 
McCall <Sc Blanciiard, milliners and fancy goods. 
^^IcDonald 6c Arneson, Publi-s Sioux Falls Inde- 


McKee John, saddle and harnessmaker. 
McLoney Rev J X (Contrreg.atioual). 
Marcy Anson L, physician. 
Marsh Rev SP (Mt"th,>.list). 
Marson T C, carpenter and builder. 
Meagher John, physician. 
Mitt on Mrs E F, dressmaker. 
Morgan John C, jjhysician. 


» A ^, 

nl I n^^b^ Manufactured for Banks, Mill Men and Oorpora- 

Brackett'6 Block, MinneapoliE. 



Morris Mrs A, propr Central House. 

MunJt & Kunerth, general store. 

*Munson John A, photo-rapber. , „ • "^n, 

ill urrav Janies 51, Grocers ana Provisions. 

Murray Richard A, lawyer. , , , , -,-, 

Murrv & Norton, wagonmakers and blacksmiths 

katesta Charles O. county clerk, register of deeds. 

Nation Robert & Son, proprs Cituens Bank. 

Norton Charles L, agent bt P & b C Ky. 

Norton Rev H E (Baptist). 

Obert Mrs W, milliner and fancy goods. 

Odell John W, barber. 

Olnev S, phvsician. 

Opsal Rev Ho (Norwegian Lutheran). 

Parish Levi C, barber. 

Parliman & Frizzell, lawyers. 

Parmlev Russell G, coal, wood, lime, etc. 

VanXhs Charles A, Propr Wisconsin House. 

Peck Porter P, livery stable. 

Peterson J P & Co, meat market and live stock. 

Pettisrew & Swezey, lawyers. 

Phillips N E & Co, drugs and wall paper. 

Place & Russell, livery, coal and wood. 

Plaster Phillip, wines and liquors. . ^ 

Pontz Henry, cigarmaker. 

Power & Garrison, dressmakers. - 

Pruner Thomas H, blacksmith. 

Raabe Werner, boot and shoemaker. 

Redfield Judd F, boots and shoes. 

Rice O E ifc Co, millinery and fancy goods. 

Riverside House, E Price propr. 

Roderick Benjamin F, lumber, grain, etc. 

R<ignees Gullick H, merchant tailor. 

St James Hotel, A R Booker propr. 

Sammons George, general store 

Schaet/.el Jacob, Jr, Loans and Real Estate. 

Schroeter & Peterson, saloon and billiards. 

Scott & Bo vce, tlour and feed. «„„V, T itb 

Sharpe EdAVin ic Co, Pine Lumber, Doors, Sash, LatU, 

Builder's Pa])er, 8th nr Radroad. 
Sioux Falls House, James Krebs propr , , ^ ,, n^n.,!,! & 
Sioux Falls Indepeiiclcnt (Weekly), McDonald &. 

Sioux Falts'Tinies (Weekly), Edwin O Kimberly Ed 

SiourFallTwater Power Co, James H Drake pres, Wm H 
Bailev sec and supt. 

Galvanized Iron Cornices. 

Oor. BJith md Sibley BomU, 

.ir.^i •.:,iU'I 

If Yen V/ant a Coniplefe T"" ^''" """''"' ""• '■ 

Gunn & Co., Minneapolis, ICan. 



SiscLo Clayton F, watches and jewelry. 

Skewes Henry, meat market. 

Smith Daniel' F, mortga.<;e loans and real estate. 

i>olie Christ, flour and tVed. 

Stites G, car]ienter and builder. 

Stone A H, boarding and sale stable 

Stringhaui & Gillett, wagonraakers and blacksmiths. 

oweeney John A, mattress ninfr. 

Thoraldson D, boot and shoemaker 

Thomas Mrs M, laundry. 

Tlionin^oil K, Propr Thompson's Hotel. 

Thompson Peter F, groceries and provisions. 

U S Land Ortice, B F Campbell recorder, J M Washburn 

Van Eps Wm, general store and farm imj.lements. 

Tl ade Frank L, Flour and Feed. 

Walter Wayne 31, architect. • 

Washburn John M, receiver U S Land Office 

>V aters Wm C, dry goods and elothino-. 

AA atson Edward, p"hvsician and suroeon 

Watts Cyrus, clerk district court ° 

Webber Charles F, abstracts and loans. 

Webber, Shaw & Watson, tlour mill. 

W eed Guy C, collection agent 

^y*;»'l<* f;'»"''Jes, Baker and Restaurant. 

W ells R J, law and loan office. 

Weston O P, county coroner. 

Weston & Peterson, furniture. 

Whitcomb Charles H, wagonmaker and blacksmith. 

^,\! ;'.' P^'*^': ^^ ' dry goods and clothing. 

W ilkinson Sever, county assessor. 

Willard Orson G, laundry. 

Willey Warner E, propr "Commercial Hotel and livery. 

\\ iHi.'ims Brothers, clothing, boots, shoes, etc. 

VI llliains BSenry D, Propr Williams House. 

\V ilhams bamuel J, barber 

Winsor C H & F H, lawvers. 

Winter George, wines and liquors. 

Wisconsin House, C A Paulus propr. 

W isa Frank, saddle and harnessmaker. 

i oung Jackson B, pres First National Bank. 

Zentel John, saloon and billiards. 

ency in the Sisseton and Vt 
il eastern part of the territc 

SnUFFFR^ R!?fiQ Importers of Tine Woolens, No. 40 
OUIILFLUO OaUOgi;. Third Street, ST. PAUL, Mian. 

An Indian agency in the Sisseton and Wahpeton resi 
tion, in the central eastern part of the territory, 36 miles 1 

Hashow,h1aish& Davis 

Cor. 2d St. and Pifth Ave. Sont 
J MinceapoUs, Minn, 


Ortonville, the nearest railroad point. A manual labor 
boarding and a day school are conducted here by the govern- 
ment. There are 1,500 Indians on the reserv.a'tion, which is 
not open to trade. Tri-weekly stage to Herman, Minn., fare 
$.1.50, and to Fort Sisseton, ^1.75. Tri-weekly mail. E. 
P. Clark, postmaster. 


Ciark E P, Agency Clerk. 
Cussey Charles, U S Indian agent. 
Morris W K, principal day school. 
Paquin C O, agency physician. 
Robertson Wm M, agency storekeeper. 
Smith H B, agency miller. 
Tuckey R A, principal labor school. 
Turritien James B, agency carpenter. 


A settlement in the southeastern corner of Deuel county, 
16 miles from Gary (c h), and 1-1 from Canby, Minn., the 
nearest railroad point. Has a Lutheran church and common 
school, and exports wheat. Mail four times, weekly. J. C. 
Nesheun, postmaster. 


A country postoffice in the west central part of Minnehaha 
county, 15 miles northwest of Sioux Falls (c h), the nearest 
railroad point. Semi-weekly mail. L. A. Pease, farmer, 


Evans E 11, constable. 

Pease L A, justice of the peace. 


A newly established postottice in Forsyth county, south- 
eastern part of the Territory. 


A recently established postottiee in. Lawrence county. 
Black Hills. 


A settlement in Lawrence county. Black Hills, 150 popula- 
tion, on Spearfish creek, a feeder of tlie Big Cheyenne river. 
Has a church and school, saw and grist mill, hotels and sev- 
eral .stores. Dailv mail and stage to Deadwood. 

Solid Bronze Hardware, s 

For Private Eesidencea and PuV 
" BnildijiM. KINGSBtJET & 
DEAPEK, 35 E, 3d St., St. Paul. 

■.ri J.I ->^ V; ■' .- r. 

nhfSrIpQ Inh'IC'On *^'°=^"y ^"^^ Glassware, 513 Wasli- 
UIIUMOD iUiSaJolilljington Ave. South, MIMEAPOLIS. 



Blake J B, blacksmith. 

Cashner J, saloon. 

Chute & Woodburn, grocers. 

Gardner & Warner, saw and flour mill. 

I.OWn W B, Creamery. 

Rogers James, hotel. 

Spear D H & Co, livery stable. 

Tambliu George, saloon. 

Tonn Mrs M S, general store. . . ' 

Tower E M, saloon. 

Walk & Sciiuler, blacksmiths. 


A postoflice in the central western part of Union county 
17 miles from Elk Point (c h), on the S. C. & D. division of 
the C, M. & St. P. Ry, the nearest railroad point. 


A station on the N. P. Ry, in Stutsman county, 10 miles 
from Jamestown (c h), 335 from Duluth, and 358 from St. 
Paul. The village has a population of 50, and they are 
employed m working the Spiritwood wheat farms, belongin"- 
to a syndicate represented by B. S. Russell, and manaf^ed bv 
Cuyler Adams. Daily mail. Charles O. Francis, postmaster. 


In the southeastern corner of Minnehaha county, 10|^ miles 
from Sioux Falls (c h), and 5^ from Valley Springs, the near- 
est railroad point. Split Rock is one of the favorite summer 
resorts of the Territory. Semi-weekly mail. J. F. Wretlof, 


Harvey Wm, physician. 
Wreluw Rev T (Lutheran). 


On the Missouri riv.r, in the southern part of Bon Homme 
county, 10 miles from Jv.ii Homme (c h). It is a .station ou 
the branch of the I. ct D. division of the C, M. & St. P. Rv, 
and a steamboat landing, enjoying a considerable river trade. 
Population, 450. Contains churches and schools, a saw and 
feed mill i i . . 

and daily mail 

feed mill, several hotels, and general and special stores. Tht 
Springfield Time.i is published here. Daily stage to Yankton, 

Hail's Safe I Lock Co.:j^«1Is:*.B::rp"^' 

; .1^ ;■ V 


Sole Ag't CANTOS PLOWS, Tiger Rates, 
dall Pulverizing Hairows, Trinmph Seeder! 
bum Wagons, Bnggiea, etc., 18 W. 3d St., S 



IJasken James, hotel. 

Bonestell & Turner, store. 

Covell «fe Grant, farm implements. 

Culver F, liverv. 

l>ay yi II, General Store. 

Fry John, hardware. ' • 

Ileffner Bros, farm implements. 

Henderson S, jeweler. 

Hitt T M, feed mill. 

James H A, lumber and hardware. 

Love ^larv E, Hotel. 

McAuley & Hobb;^, drugsrists. 

Mead j"G, Internationar Hotel. 

Niles G, saw-mill. 

Poore L D F, publr Times. 

Smith F J, shoemaker. 

Smith J, barber. 

Stephens J H, harness and furniture. 

Van Curen V R, blacksmith. 


A postoffice on the bank of a lake of the same name, in 
the central part of Kingsbury county. 


A village of 50 inhabitants, in the south central part of 
Turner county, 7 miles from Swan Lake (c h), and 14 from 
Marion and Parker, either of which are eligible railroad 
points. A fanning region. Tri-weekly mail. T. S. Fessen- 
den, farmer, postmaster. 


A farmhouse postoffice in the northeastern part of Clay 


A newlv established postoffice in Kidder county, on the 
line of the "N. P. Ry. 


A station on the W. & St. P. extension of the C. & N. VV. 
Ry, in Spink county. 

A newly established postoffice in Grand Forks county. 

AECHITE0T8, Aoomjtloi, Ewtijif 
tnd VeDtilltion Mre.'oll/ and orf 
ntHj amMfi, tHi»wfoH«, Uim. 


mr di 

SPRING ovEitCOATsrr:';iitrrz, 

r, rarrington's, Minneapolis. 


A farm house postoffice in Ramsey county. 


In the Black Hills, central part of Lawrence countv, IJ 
miles from Deadwood (c h), and about 200 from Bismarck. 
Population, 150. It is situated in a tine farming country, at 
the junction of all the roads leading to and out of the main 
mining region. An excellent field for business, and a healthy 
district. Daily stage to Bismarck and Sidney. Daily mail. 
J. C. Wilcox, postmaster. 


Behem J, wagonmaker. 

Elsmer Charles, saloon and hotel. 

Furm S, saloon. 

Gordon & Greenside, ])umps, etc. 

fianilOll Win A: Co, General Store. 

Jenkins J, saloon and restaurant. 

Murz C, saloon. 

Neal <fc Bradley, meat market. 

Scollard John, hotel and saloon. 


In the northwestern part of Union county, 29 miles from 
Elk Point (c h), and 22 from Sioux Falls, the nearest railroad 
point. Population, 23. Methodist and Catholic churches 
and a public school, and exports wheat, hoses, cattle and dairv 
products. Daily stage to V^Minillion and^Wortliing, Dail'v 
mail. David Stephen, postmaster. 


Abbott A, carpenter. 

Atley F F. painter. 

Clear John, Justice of Peace. 

Conrad Samuel S, notary public. 

Davis John, jjlasterer. 

Ewald Samuel, butter merchant. 

Godfrey S II, teacher. 

Healdit Engle, photographers. 

Machar James, farrier. 

Saunders Puter, blacksmitli. 

Sleplieil l>avid. General Store. 

Withrow Kev W S pletho.list). 

Robert St., St. Paul, Minn-, 

Sola Agents for tho New Orleins 
High Life Ci?ar8. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co.'' 


L..w,-i- M!:-'J 

,^- '^'Tnv 

Hashow, Maish & Davis, i£-=-- 

and eiclange all kindf 
_;8 aadMaoUnerj. Cor. 
6th Ave.S,, llinaeapollB. 



The seat of Turner county, is situated in the southern part 
thereof, 33 miles northeast of Yankton and 124 south of 
I'arker, the nearest railroad point. Population, 275. It has 
Episcopal, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches, a district 
school, a hotel, several general and special stores, and wants 
a steam grist-mill. Daily stage communication with Yank- 
ton, Parker and Mansfield, tri- weekly with Turner, Hay Creek, 
Lincoln Center, Hooker, Centerviflc, Lodi, Finlay, Spring 
Valley ; semi-weekly v.ith Daneville, Bluff Centre and Meek- 
ling. Daily mail. Joseph Allen, postmaster. 


Allen Joseph, general store, grain, justice and hotel. 

Allen & Branch, farm implements. 

.Vlldrews S F, Notary Public and Pension Agent. 

Andi-ews S F, jr, sheriff. 

Aurner C L B, sewing machines and farm implements. 

Bt-ebe John, hardware and county treasurer. 

Christenson A, live stock dealer. 

Currens Rev J B (Presbyterian). 

Dwyer D J, constable. 

Fairchild S C, plasterer. 

Fromer Bros, builders. . " ■ 

Harrigle C B, nurseryman. 

Hoyt Rev M (Episcopal). 

Jorgenson Jorgen, blacksmith. 

Kennedy E C, lawyer and notary public. 

-Murphy & Peteruiau, Druggists, 

Peterman A L, phvsician. 

Pier C M, county clerk. 

Seifert €3iar3cs W, Physician. 

y>iiuenson R J, lawyer and notary public. 

Zuver Wm, dentist. 


A settlement in the south central part of Pembina county, 
50 miles from Pembina (c h), the same distance from Grand 
Forks, and 25 from Acton Landing. Population, estimated 
at 500. Its churches are .Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal 
and Lutheran. It has a ])ublic school, and exports general 
produce. A grist mill is wanted here. Stage to Acton; fare 
*1. Tri-wcekly mail. Wm. Mackenzie, postmaster.. 


Hiaken O A, general store. 
^I'OiIillen G, commission. 


s Patent Veniilaiin* ^u^^:Vn.'^^ 

V» I UlUSU V {jlimUiUl^ Street, MiiuieapollB, iUiia 

-'':'■•. ■:■;"[ 15 

Largest Slock Crockery »"" """ "^ "■ ""'• 

MON' & CO., Mianeapolii 


Mackenzie DonaUl, blacksmith. 
Mackenzie Win, General Store. 
Wright 11 J, hotel i)roiir. 


A farming village of 200 inhabitants in the eastern part 
of Bon Homme county, 25 miles from Yankton, the nearest 
railroad point. Weekly mail. 


Janda W, general store. 

Kofrauch K, dry goods and groceries. 


• A post station in the northwestern part of Minnehaha 
county, 25 miles from Sioux Falls (c h), to which a mail stage 
runs twice a week. J. B. Goddard, dry goods and grocery 
dealer, postmaster. 

A farmhouse postoffice in Custer county. 


A farmhouse postoffice in Lawrence county, Black Hills. 

A discontinued postoffice in Armstrong county. 

j\ post station in Pennington county, Black Hills. 


A special supply postoffice in the southwestern part of 
Deuel county. 


A station on the N. P. Ry, in Kidder county. Express, 
N. P. Daily mail. 


Chapman Edgar, general store. 


A newly established postoffice in Grant county. 

JO C I C5 n Oldest, Best and Cteapest. New Encland 
Q J U*"* 1 d U Ul Mutaal Life Insurance Co. of Bo.ton. J.J.WATSOh, 


lor County, Township and City Officers, ia 

best of style and on short notiw, at F. F. HENNIG'S, 
Brackett's Block, ilinneapolia. 


TROY— Lawrence County. 

(See Central City). 


A farmhouse postoffice and stasre station in Cass county, 
16 miles north of Fargo, on the Red river. Wheat and grain 
are exported from the neighl)i)rhood. Stage to Fargo, Cale- 
donia and Grand Forks daily. Ole Strandswold, farmer, 


A post village in the southeastern part of Turner county, 
6 miles from Swan Lake (c h), and 12 from Finley, the near- 
est railroad point. 


Fisher -J L, flour mill. 
Fulhviler John 11, hotel. 


A village of about 100 souls, in Belle\ue township, eastern 
part of Grand Forks county, 15 miles from Grand Forks (c h), 
and 1^ from Turtle River Landing. A steam saw-mill is 
located here. A Presbyterian church is in course of erection, 
and there is a mixed school. The village has 2 hotels and 2 
general stores, and needs a grist mill, harnessmaker, shoe- 
maker and druggist. Daily st.age to Pembina and Grand 
Forks, and two daily mails. August Christiaui, postmaster. 


Christiaui AllS^lls^t, General Store and Saw-Mill. 

Church J, Veterinary surgeon. 

Costello iliss, milliner and dressmaker. 

Evans Robert, physician. 

Evans Tlionias, Hotel Propr. 

Hashel Leslie, builder. 

Jacobi Ernst, general store. 

Keas & :\IeCati'ery, saloon. 

^IcGlinch John, blacksmith. 

Mason Miss, milliner and dressmaker. 

Palmer Wm, hotel jjrojjr. 

Ryan Thomas, carpenter. 

Schwager Alois, furniture. 


A landing on the Mi.s.-ouri, in the northeastern part of 
Burleigh county, 40 miles north of liismarck. 

IRflM PnniTirDO M. E OEITTENDEN & 00., Corner 
IllUn nUUrLriOl Bizth ana Sibley Streets, St, Paul, Minn. 

OBnU I our UlQcrS ^^^* C eaner^,, nour Packe^r3 ai:d 11:11 Mr 

ery, to W. F. Gnim & Co., Jlaaiieapolis, Mini. 



On the western extension of the H. & D. division of the 
C, M, & St. P. Ry, in the western part of Grant county, 20 
miles from Big Stone City (c h), and 21 from Ortonville, the 
most convenient shipping point at present. A new settlement 
in a rapidly developing section. Weekly stage to Water- 
town and Big Stone City. Weekly mail. P. J. Petersou, 


Abbott A L, insurance agent. 
Wardell Alonzo, farm implements. 


A station on the C, M. & St. P. Ry, in the southern part 
of Bon Homme county. This place was formerly known as 


A farm house postoffice in the west central part of Cad- 
ington county, 10 miles distant from Watertown (c h). Daily 
mail by stage. J. W. Francis, postmaster. 


A settlement in the west central part of Yankton county, 
9 miles from Yankton (c h), the nearest railroad point. 


A newly established postoffice in Grant county. 


The seat of Barnes county, and a station on the X. P. Ry, 
is a village of 300 inhabitants, situated on the Cheyenne 
river, which here affords power to a flour mill. It has a pub- 
lic school, a hotel, a newspaper, the Xortfiern Pacific 2'iincs, 
dry goods, grocery, farm iinplement, hardware and general 
stores, and calls for a painter, a tailor and another hotel 
keeper. Express, U. S. Weekly stage to Pembina. Daily 
mail. Christian Anderson, postmaster. 


Adams Frederick, lawyer and real estate agent. 
Alldei^OU C, Notions and Stationery. 
Benson B W, real estate agent. 
Benson Christian, farm inipkments. 

UVllLrLllO PtlUOi East Thiid Street, St. Paul, Minn. 

Hashow, Maish & Davis, sHS'£°S£ 


Benson C A & Co, hardware. 

Campbell A S, physician. 

Carlson M, saloon. 

Coe S B, ])hysician. 

Coc "^V II", Puhlr Northern Pacific Times. 

Darling H, esprc'^s and railroad agent. 

DeVaux F, physician. 

Dickey G H, lawyer and real estate agent. 

Encroson & Hauser, general store. 

Haurn H G, druggist. 

Ilouanson Charles, hotel propr. 

Joiie*« F II, Lumber Dealer. 

Kasberg C A, hanlware. 

Kindner J, boarding house. 

King ]M O, carpenter. 

King P O, furniture. 

Knudson O, watchmaker and jeweler. 

Mason M, blacksmith. 

Parkhouse & Co, general store. 

Kootil Herbert, Banker. 

Simons & Hangan, farm implements. 

Walker Hiram, flour mill. 

Waughen H, blacksmith. 

Weiser Joel, general store. 

Wold Henry, boot, shoe and harnessmaker. 


A postoffice on the wheat and stock ranche of the same 
name, in the eastern part of Hamlin county, 14 miles from 
Goodwin, on the C. & N. W. Ry, the nearest railroad point. 
The only English school in Hamlin county is located here. 
Semi-weekly mail. Jerome S. Chandler, postmaster. 


Areher C, justice of the peace. 

Chandler J S, hotel propr and stock raiser. 

Parsons C E, General Store. 

Pauls Dr, physician. 

Thelleger C A, constable. 


The seat of Clay county, is situated at the confluence of 
the Missouri and Vermillio'n rivers, on the Dakota Southern 
Ry, midway between Yankton and Sioux City. It is a pic- 
turesquely situated, prosperous and growing town, with a 
population of 1,500, boa>ling a number of excellently stocked 

Keep a full line of Darling, Brown 

4 Sliarpe's Machinists' Tools. 35 Eaat 

Third St.. St. PanL 

Kingsbury & Draper 

.5^- ' .iii.U- sU. ■>-.•! -IM 

PIpT I JpCQ frames and Looking-Glasses, at CHARLES JOHN- 
riU I UuLUj SON'S, 513 Washington Ave. South, Minneapolis. 


business houses, elegant an^l costly private residences. It has 
first-class school facilities, a bank, the bank of Vermillion, 2 
newspapers, the Standard and Jlfgister, a steam tlouring mill, 
4 grain elevators, a \vagon factory, several agricultural im- 
plement agencies and lumber concerns. Communication is 
had with the Nebraska shore by a steam ferry, and there is 
stage communication with every point in the county. A 
creamery or cheese factory would do well here. Express, Am. 
Daily mail. 


Agersborg Gabrial S, veterinary surgeon. 

Anderson T C, second-hand store. 

Andreson Rev Iver (Lutheran). 

Austin & Palmer, grain and elevator. 

Axelund Nelson, propr Scandinavian House. 

Beckett George, carpenter and builder. 

Biglow G B, county coroner. 

Bower Wni G, meat market. 

Brant Peter, Merchant Tailor. 

Bridgman C C, supt of schools. 

Bridgman & Lotze, jewelrv, books, etc. 

Bryan Rev O B (Methodist). 

Biirdick Frank X, Propr Dakota Republican, Physi- 
cian and Surgeon and City Mayor. 

Burdick & Rowley, physicians. 

Bushnell George W, wagonmaker. 

Butler Hepry, photographer. 

Carr Willard P, loans and real estate. 

Carson John, carpet weaver. 

Chandler AVinthrop, Propr Vermillion SHouse, near 

Charlin A J, blacksmith. 

Combs Ilerrick T, blacksmith. 

Copeland H A, judge of ]irobate. 

Culver Garry E, jn-incipal jjublic schools. 

Dakota House, .Jame< (tIuu propr. 

Dakota KeiHlll>iican (Weekly), Frank N Burdick Ed 
and Propr. 

Dean Walter B, express and railroad agent. 

Deming Wm, hardware and fai-m implements. 

Eves Clark C, groceries, drugs, etc. 

Finley K B, hardware and farm implements. 

Ginn James, propr Dakota House. 

Grange John W, general store. 

C; raves JikIsmii, E.l and Propr The Vemiillion Standard. 

Hand Redmouil, jirojir Dubuque House. 

Hansen Halver E, register of deeds. 

f^ A RiO-FnS'H General Agent Hall's Safe and 
ivHi f\m OlglOrUjLock Co., ST. PAUL, Minn. 


SoleAg't TIGEK RAEES.Milburn'Wagona, Bng- 
' 'IPttlveririEgHarrTO-s, Triumph Seed- 
Plows, etc., 18 W. 3d St,, St. Paol. 


IlnilMeil Xicliolas, Live Stock, Horsfs, Agricultural 

Implements and Farm ^lachinery. • 

H:iywood S <fc Son, saddlery, boots and shoos. 
Ileigeson Alfred, druggist.' 
Iiiman D M & Co, bankers. 
Jensen Carl L, physician. 
Johnson Charles, harnessmaker. 
Jolley John L, lawyer. 
Jones & Lathrop, lumber and grain. 
Jordan Thomas, brick mnfr. 
Kidder Silas W, clerk district court. 
Knight Miss M, millinery goods. 
Lacicous Edward, meat market. 
Lee & Prentis, general store. 
Lewis Seldon J, law, abstracts, insurance, etc. 
Lewison Lewis, general store. 
Lind Charles 'M, sewing machines. 
Ixiunsbery Henry P, saddles and harness. 
Lunde T H, general store, 
^^IcDoiiald <weorj;-e H, County Sheriff. 
Marvin Jay A, livery stable. 
Miller Rome, agent Smith & Farr, produce. 
Miller & Co, Groceries, Boots and Shoes. 
Xorman Andrew, painter. 
Oakley Mrs S A, millinery and fancy goods. 
Pickett xVndrew, carpenter and builder. 
Porter George G, carpenter and county commissioner. 
Prentis Charles E, Live Stock. 
Kasmusson R M, saloon and billiards. 
Reeve & King, general merchandise. 
Rhodes Charles F, painter. 
Robbins Marcus, lawyer. 

Rowley M M, physician. . * 

Ruddock Edward J, physician. - 

Sahner Gilbert T, drugs, stationery, etc. 
^haw Calvin H^ Postmaster. 
Shriner Wm, county treasurer. 
Snyder C, furniture and undertaker. 
Steward James, county assessor. 

Thompson & Lewis, flour mill, farm implements, lumber, etc. 
Tvler Romain D, confectioner, cigars and tobacco. 
Vaughn Hora.'e E, blacksmith. 

Verinil!iO!l SSon^^e, W Chandler Propr, nr Depot. 
Veriiiiilioii ?*«a5[<l:ird The (Weekly), Judson 

Graves Editor and Pr>>pr. 
Vincent Felix, saloon. 
Wakefield Rev S (Universalist). 

ARCHITFPJ^ ^^^^°^ ^ ^^^^^^ i^?s.^.^ 

»^ilUlli 1 L.U 1 Ol toPabUcBuildiiiir9,Schook,Coart-HoMesaBdCli.i.'cUs. 

J to Public Buildings, Schook,Coart-Hottae 



"Walker Rev. W E (Congregational). 

Wheeler George H, barber. 

White John T, jewelry, notions, stationery, etc. 


A flag station on the S. C. & P. division of the C, St. P. 
& M. Ry, in the northeastern corner of Union county, 40 miles 
from Elk Point (c h). A farming and stock raising section. 
Two daily mails. R. E. Hungerford, postmaster. 


Anderson O, fanner and stock raiser. 
Himfrertbrd IJ E, Farmer. 
Olson Hans, farmer and stock raiser. 
Olson W, farmer and stock raiser. 


A station on the C. & N. W. Ry, in the southern part of 
Brookings county, and a village of 400 inhabitants, situated 
upon the Big Sioux river, which proffers valuable water 
powers. It has a Lutheran church, hotels, general and 
special stores. Exports, wheat. A grist mill is needed here. 
Express, Am. Stage to Huron and Flandreau. Daily mail. 
E. Nelson, postmaster. 


Anderson P L, harnessmaker. 

Ask J '^V. General Store. 

Bolgard Peter, wagonmaker. 

De Graff & Co, general store. 

Drinker, Snider & Co, druggists. 

Farrington J P, hotel. 

Harrison A D, furniture. 

Johnson E S, restaurant. 

Keith Charles, farm imjileinents and lumber. 

Kir!)y «fc A'elsoiJ, General Store. 

Kjos Nels, hardware. 

Loomis X C, farm implements. 

Maguire T H, hardware. 

Morton Bi'os, hotel. 

Kicholls W M, tlour and feed. 

Olsan Ilans, boots and shoes. 

Porter A C', druggist and watchmaker. 

Rich L V, hotel."" 

Risn>« A: ISowley, General Store. 

Savage & .laekson, groceries and !)rovisions. 

Wadswortli H L, express and railroad agvnt. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co 


Hashow,Maish& Davis '''''^'''^ 

kinds of MacHnery RepaWnj. 
by tel( ■ 
. promptly ait«n 
J and Fifth Avei 


Wilson C T, hainessmaker. 
Wilson Miller, hotel. 


A postofEce in the unorganized county of Day, 35 miles 
west of Watertown, on the line of the extension of the H. »fc 
D. divsion of the C, il. & St. P. Ry. Weekly mail stage 
to Watertown. E. P. Owens, farmer, postmaster. 


The seat of Richland county, is a village of 300 inhabitants 
on the Red river, opposite Breckenridge, on the St. P., il. &. 
M. Ry. Has a Catholic church, a common school, 2 general 
stores, exports wheat and banks at Fargo. Daily mail. John 
Hotscherar, postmaster. 


Bergman Rev A. 

Courtney M J, school principal. 

Dow Folsom, lawyer. 

Falley Sc Pytitt, Lawyers, Real Estate, Collection and 

Insurance Agents. 
Fowler S H, justice of the peace. 
Kotseheran J, general store. 
Kiaker & Mitscher, general store. 
Ullman & Chezick, blacksmiths. 


A settlement on the Pembina river, in the northwestern 
part of Pembina county, 32 miles from Pembina (c h). A 
steam flour mill of 2 run of stone and saw-mill are located 
here. Exports, wheat. Weekly mail. Miss Ernestine Mager, 


Emmerling George, tlour and saw-mill. 
Jones Wm, meat market. 
Mager John F. Saw-Mill Manager. 
Wendh Erail, saddle and harnessmaker. 


In L'psal township, southeastern part of Grand Forks 
county, 10 miles from (irand Forks (c h), the nearest railroad 
point. E\-i)orts, wheat, oats, potatoes and butter. Two mails 
daily. Ole Olsoin, postmaster. 

i ro n ^oof e rs. "'"''^ " °''™"' "' "■ 

I THid St, Miimeapolis, Minn. 

n .-, ,.^,>, 'T 






A settlement in the central part of Yankton county, 11 
piiles north of Yankton (c h). 


A farming settlement in the township of the same name» 
in the northeastern part of Grand Forks county, on the daily 
stage line between Grand Forks (c h), 23 miles distant, and 
Pembina. G. W. Williams, postmaster. 


A farm house postofSce in a rich farming and stock raising 
district in the southern part of Bon Homme county, 16 miles 
from Bon Homme (e h), and 7 from West Springfield, tiie 
nearest railroad point. On the stage route from Yankton to 
Fort Pierre. Daily mail. A. A. Perkins, farmer,, postmaster. 


McCollura John, blacksmith. 
Shultz Abram, blacksmith. 


A settlement in Burleigh county. 


The seat of Codington county, and a station on the C. <fc 
X. W. Ry, is a busy town of about 1,000 inhabitants, and the 
business center of a large farming and stock raising region. 
It is located on the Big Sioux river, has a 84,000 comun>u 
school, general, grocery, drug and hardware stores, and fann- 
ing machinery depot. E.xports, grain. Express, Am. It :s 
the center of "four stage routes, and has a daily mail. John 
J. Monks, postmaster. 


Blackburn cfc Co, blacksmiths. 

Itrndf'ord \. General Store. 

Burchard J C, express and railroad agent. 

Chittenden A C, general store. 

Dennis W ^I, grocer. 

De«"ev O !•: A: Co, General Store. 

Geslev «.t Duxtad, hardware. 

Goss Charles, dru--i-t. 

Hoskins it Oslier, druggists. 

foreseeth the Evil and Insureth 

New England Mntcal Life In3ara-:ce Co. ol 
WATEON, St, Paul, Gen'l Agent for MinncE.t*. 

"A Prudent Erf? 


F. F. Hennig, 

Book-Binder and Blank-Book 

Mannfactnrer, Brack'rtt's Block, 
Minneapolis, Minn, 


Johnson Rev J B (Congregational). 

Kemp Bros, hardware. 

Monks & Wiser, hardware and farm implements. 

Owsley Bros, general store. 

Owsley D X, wagonmaker. 

Rice Bros, general store. 

Seward & Glass, lawyers. 

Snyder Rev S (Methodist). 

Tarbell Bros, druegists. 

Thomas D C & W R, lawyers. 

Weaver A, grocer. 


A small settlement in the central southern part of Cass 
county, 12 miles from Wheatland Station, on the N. P. Ry. 
Exports, wheat. Semi-weekly mail. Ed-win Berresford, 
farmer, postmaster. 


A postoffice in a fine sheep and stock raising district, in 
the unorganized county of Aurora, of which it is to be the 
county seat, 40 miles from Mitchell, the nearest railroad 
point. A mill is to be built here to utilize the 40 feet fall of 
Wessington creek. Population, 40. Semi-weekly mail stage 
to Mitchell. Peter R. Barrett, postmaster. 


A recently established postoffice in Minnehaha county. 


A station on the IST. P. R, near the center of Cass 
county, 27 miles from Fargo (c h). Has ^Methodist and Pres- 
byterian churches, a public scliool, hotels, and several general 
and special stores, and exports wheat. A grist mill is required 
here. Population, 100. Express, Northern Pacitic. Mail 
twice daily. George Brandenburg, postmaster. 


Ambler Rev Wm (^lethodist). 
Baldwin Rev J II (Presbyterian). 
Barncord J N, plasterer. 
Barns & Sewry, grain dealers. 
Beneteau ^Vm, provisions, etc. 

IJraildcnimriJ'<«e«»*;i'4?i General Store and Farm Impts. 
Burnham J W, notary and real estate. 
Dorlin O X, express and railroad agent. 


Ooi. Biith and Sibley Streets, 

St. Paul, Mian, 

Pilch and Gravel Rotjfers. 


1 ' ■■ s'LT"^ 

, .M-r. 

"«;■•/; Li ::i 


our Mill Builders and General Mill 

Furmahora, 401 Waahiagton Aveaae South, 
MiiLaeapolia, Mian. 


Gillespie H, hotel and saloon. 

Hadwen R, general store. 

MeCorn & Ryan, saloon. 

Murray Wm D, builder. . , 

Said P, Hotel Propr. 

Snow Mrs S, hotel and livery. 

Stevens Brad, livery and real estate agent. 

Stone W F, builder. 

Vinton W, lumber dealer. 


A village of about 300 souls in Charles Mix county, on the 
Missouri river, 75 miles from Yankton, with which it has 
Steamboat communication. 


Barber Charles, wood, etc. 

Reynolds N B, general store and stock. 


In the Yankton Indian reservation, in the southwestern 
part of Charles Mix county, on the Missouri river. Tri- 
weekly mail stage to Yankton, Fort Sully and intermediate 
points. J. B. Hassett, postmaster. 


Chamberlain George, hotel. 
Sperry C C, general store. 


A discontinued postoffice in Lawrence county. 


A postoffice in the southeastern part of Lake county, at 
the foot of Skunk Lake, 6 miles from Madison (c h), and 4 7 
from Sioux Falls, the nearest railroad point. 


A settlement on the line of the extension of the S. M- 
division of the C, M & St. P. Ry, in Lake county, 8 miks 
from Madison (c h). Daily stage to Madison and Flandre:iu. 
Semi- weekly mail. West Clark, farmer and carpenter, post- 

O f » U C C C G C? 5) C» C DEAPEES and TAILOES, No. 40 
Ol/nLrtrio PriUOi East Third street, St. Paul, Minn. 

HashoWi Maish & Davis ^- ^-^ -^^ ^.v. u,^ 

Builders of City Water-Torka 

for frontier towaa. Cor. 2d St. 

5 and Fifth Ave. 8., Miaueapolis. 



A farm house postoffice in Hutchinson county, 7 miles from 
Olivet (c h), and the s^me distance from Menno, the nearest 
railroad point. The James river drives a grist mill in the 
neighborhood. Daily mail. David Bellon, postmaster. 


In the southern part of Armstrong county, 10 miles from 
Milltown (c h), and 8 from Menno, the nearest railroad sta- 
tion. It is on the James river, which furnishes motive power 
for a flouring mill of 3 run of stone at this point. lias a 
Mennouite church, a German school, and exports wool, tlour 
and wheat. Daily mail. John Warz, postmaster. 


Huttrishe Society, flour mill. 

Leofer George, miller. 

Stahl John & Henry, boot and shoemakers. 

Stahl Rev Michael" (Mennonite). 

Walter D:iriii$<, Flour Mill. 

"Walter Elias, blacksmith. * 

Wnrz John, Miller. 


A postofiice in an agricultural settlement in Bon Homme 


A village of about 50 inhabitants, on {he C, M. & St. P. 
Ry, in the central part of Lincoln county, 9 miles from Can- 
ton (c h). Has a public school, exports grain and stock, and 
requires a cheese f.actory and stores. Stage to Vermillion 
and Milltown. G. Gerber, postmaster. 


Brown W K, Blacksmith. 

Gerber F, hotel propr. 

Hislop W F, express and railroad agent. 

LeavittL G, general store. 

Madden & Gerber, grain and stock dealers. 


The seat of Yankton county and the political capital of 
the Territory of Dakota, is a beautiful city of about 4,000 
inhabitants, on the north banks of tlie Missouri river, in the 

Keep a full line of Darling, Brown 

& Sharpe'B Machinists' Tools. 36 East 
Third St,, St. Pad, 

Kingsbury & Draper 

Crockery I Glassware- "=- 

Wholesale and Entail. CHAIL' 
. JOHSSON, 513 ■Washinrt^n Avr-' 
'J South, lUmffiAPOUS. 


midst of a prairie country, yet surrouudod on every sidu l.\ | 

gently sloping hills. Its environment is enviable ; aroiiii'l i; f 

on three sides are the fertile upland prairies of the county !■> "^ 

which it gives its name, while southward, across the ri'vir, ? 

in Nebraska, stretches the broad valley of the Missnuri. 't 

and back of this again, the rolling lands of C'cdiir ^ 

county. All this vast territory, filling up with astoundiii- ' 

rapidity, is tributary to Yankton, a city whose civilization i> | 

mainly of Xew England origin. It is "the seat of the tiTji- | 

torial government, L". S. law and land offices, and the ru^i- f 

dence of the Governor, chief justice, territorial secretary, and | 

all their assistants. It is the rendezvous of the Heets of i 

steamers plying the upper Missouri river. It has Congn-_M- | 

tional. Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, German 15:i|i- | 

tist, German Reformed and Lutheran (2) churches, a nunilu r ? 

of public schools, first-class hotels, social, benevolent aii.i j 

fraternal organizations, many elegant stores and private re<i- « 

dences, 2 banks, the First National and the bank of Yankton. « 

several steam flouring mills, a hay-twisting machine (for furl i |' 

factory, agricultural implements works, 2 boot and shoe fau- | 

tories, and a full representation of all the leading trades and |- 

professions. The i)a//y Press and iJakotian, the weekly s 

Herald and the Freie Press are published here. The recLiu | 

<;onsolidation of the D. S. Ry with the C, M. & St. P., fnr- % 

nishes Yankton with the outlet to all the markets of the smitli I 

and east, while the Missouri river supplies the place of a rail- v 

road to the west. The construction of a railroad up the val- ; 

ley of the James (Jim or Dakota) river, is one of the events ? 
of an early future. Taxation in Yankton is 16 mills on tlir 
dollar. Yankton county is a fine agricultural and stock raid- 
ing region, and is becoming densely populated. Stages run 
from Yankton to all points in the county, and the city i- 
the postal focus of a large part of southern and southeasti-ni 
Dakota. Express, Am. Daily mail. A. H. Howard, ii'i>t- 


Academy of the Sacred Heart, in charge of the Sisters of 

Mercy. > 

Adams Frank ^V, carriage painter. . 

Adler «t Ohlinan, wholesale liquors and tobacco. " \ 

Anderson Nilcs, general store. 
Anable &. Kellry, huuse and sign painter. 
Bader Josepll, Propr Minnesota House. 
Baker M A, county sheriff. 
Balneat John H, Ijoot and shoemaker. 
Bartelett Owen, barber. 
Bates John O, clothing, gents' furiushing, etc. 

Hall's Patent Infallible »^S^i"sJc 

J '""=^'^g°a3,Bcggie3,eto.,18W.3dSt.,St.Paal 


: • 

r.nvless Lott S, receiver U S Land Office. 

Ik'ilharz John, Macksmith. 

Benton Packet Line Steamers, H J King agent. 

Biemiyer Leo, saloon. 

Blatt «fc Buerdorf groceries and provisions. 

Boettcber Fred, boot and shoemaker. 

Boiler Christian, saddles and harness. 

Beadle Wm H, supt pnblie instruction. 

Bradley Henry, propr Bradley House. 

Brniilble, :»Iilier «fe Co, Wholesale Grocers, 1st bet 

Douglas ave and AValnut. 
Bray Thomas X, meat market. 
Brennan Patrick, meat market. 
Brennan Mrs W J, dressmaker. 
Brinkerhoff & Jordan, livery stable. 
Bristoll Wm M, principal public schools. 
Brod^rson Charles, Propr Chicago House, Broadwav. 
Bronson Frank, grocer, etc. 
Brooks & Bellinger, carpenters. 
Brown GeorQ:e, saloon and billiards. 
Brown W HH. dentist. 

Brown & Uiii'j;shnry, Publrs Press and Dakotian, .3d. 
Bruce James E, wholesale liquors and cigars. 
Bruce Wallace J, groceries and provisions. 
Buchanan James, physician. 
Burgi Frederick, carpenter and builder. 
Cnilipbell J & J Founders and Machinists, Capital 

and 1st. 
Campbell & Smith, lawyers. 

The Larsrest Hotel in Dakota. Thoroujrhly Refitted and Newly 
Fnruished Throutjhout. 


Cor. Third and Capital Sts., Yankton, Dakota. 
H. F. JENCKS & SON, Prop'rs. 

Formerly of Depot Hotel, Sioux City. 

-Located in the Business Part of the City, only one Block from Post 
Oace and Telegraph Office. Good Samjile Rooms Head- 
quarters for all Stage Lines. Free 'Bus and 
Baggage to and from all Trains 
and Steamb.iats. 


AfiCHITECTS, Minneapolis. Plana 
and Specitcations fuinished ibr all 
kinda of Buildin^i on Abort notice. 

; (.ijiqiO !-r;3 Ln:. IT .-iO 

The I atoot nQci«ynQ*^''''^®^°™^^*^''^'-^^'^°§^''='''- 

I lie Ldleol UCOigilO Merchant Tailor, Minneapolis. 


Cariveau Felix, boot and shoemaker. 

Carr Walter H, groceries, fruits, etc. 

Cavalier Peter, merchant tailor. 

Central House, J J Griffin propr. 

Coates E M, drugs, notions, etc. 

Cochran Frank L, wines, liquors and cigars. 

Coggins Mrs E J, millinery and fancy goods. 

Congletou L, dry goods. 

Congleton L, probate judge and U S commissioner. 

Cooley Duane B, saddles and harness. 

Coulsou S ]j, manager Missouri River Transportation Co. 

Cramer Nelson J, lawyer. 

Crowe James, propr Farmers' Home Hotel. 

Dakota The, weekly. 

Dakota Centnil Statje Line, BrinkerhofE & Jordan proprs. 

Dakota Freie^Press (Weekly), G A Wether Publr, 

Doutflas ave. 
Dakota Herald The (Weekly), Morris Taylor Editor 

and Pro}ir, 3d. 
Davis A C, lawyer and city justice. 
Dennis John B, lawyer. 
Dewey Herbert E, lawyer. 
Dewey & French, lawyers and loan agents. 
Dickson Thomas S, county superintendent. 
Dillon Samuel H, flour and feed, 
Dix iwCOrg'e P, Dentist, cor Cedar and 3d. 
Dodge Horace D, dentist. 

Doherty & Coleman, milliners and dressmakers. 
Donahue James, saloon and billiards. 
Donaldson & Bro, feed mill. 
Doud T Y, pumps and lightning rods. 
Duffack John J, boots and shoes. 
EtllUllIlclii A: Wvilll, Proprs Yankton Bank, Broadway 

n of 3d. 
Eiseman Charles, dry goods and clothing. 
Elderkin Capt Wm A, commissary U S army. 
Espersen Henry, U b surveyor general. 
Etter D F, phvsieian and coroner. 
Excelsior >IJ1S €o,.I) T Bramble Pres, Wm Min- r 

Sujtt, F L ^'aIl Tassel Sec, cor Capital and 23.. 
Farr Frank, airent Smith cfe Farr, jiroduce. 
Faulk .Imirew J, Clerk U S District Court and U S 

Faulk Phillip K, lawyer. 
Fay Gilbert M, lawyer. 
Felton Samuel K, f)umps and windmills. 
Ferris Leroy J, saloon and billiards. 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

31 Robert Street, ST. PAUL, M;=- 

SPECULTY-FuU lino of Winei »^- 

Liqaora for family nte. 

Hashovv,?*1a!sh& Davis, & 

Are Agonta for Hancock's laspir- 

The best boiler feeder in UFO, 
& otb Ave. S., Minneapolia. 


Fir-it XalioilJll ISailk, JCMcVay, Pres WHMcVay 

Cashier, cor od and Walnut. 

Fo<]certy John M, saddles and harness. 

Korster John, brewer. 

Foskett John L, farm machinery. 

Franklin Wm A, physician. 

Gamble Brothers, lawyers. 

Gamble Robert J, district attorney Yankton county. 

Gamble Samuel P, supt Wyoming Stage Co. 

Cfardlier Brotliers,^Vholesale'and Retail Farm Ma- 
chinery, Agricultural Implements and Grain, cor Doug- 
las ave and 4th. 

Gardner ^Vlilton D, Notary Public, cor Douglas ave 
and 4th. 

Germania House, Wellbaum & Becker proprs. 

Gillespie & Sayer, second-hand store. 

Gorhara Michael B, fruits and restaurant. 

Gradv Michael, merchant tailor. 

Gray"n E, laundry. 

Greene George, carpenter and builder. 

Griffin James J, propr Central House. 

Grossmann Peter .1, saddles and harness. 

Gruber Samuel H, lawyer. 

Hacker & fJrel>e, Merchant Tailors, 3d bet Capital and 
Douglas ave. 

Hage Ole P, groceries, crockery, etc. 

Hall George, insurance. 

Hamann Paul, barber. 

Hammond Frederick, agent Singer Mnfg Co. 

Hand Geora,e H, Sec of Dakota, Pennington's Block, 3d. 

Hansen & Haywijod, farm implements. 

Ilarrii^ C "j 15, Lawyer, Loans, Real Estate, Xotary, 
Abstracts of Land Titles, and U S Court Commissione'r, 
cor 3d and Cajiital. 

Harvey H A, propr Merchants' Hotel. 

Hawley George E, hardware, etc. 

Haywood John P, insurance and real estate. 

Hefner Frank, fl<iur and feed. 

Hendershot Wells, lawyer. 

Heselton Wm H, mnfr soda water, etc. 

Hirshstien Ferdinand, cigar mnfr. 

Howard A W, Books, Stationery and Wall Paper, and 
Postmaster, 3d. 

Howard Wm M, saddles and harness. 

Huber Jacob, wa<ronmaker. 

Jcncks Hotel, H F Jcncks & Son Proprs, cor 3d and 
Caiiital. {S^e ,/,/>'.) 

telvanized Iron GornicGS. T'Z " "^""^ 

, 3d St.f Mumeapolia, 

Headquarters for Crockery "«C°'" 


Jenkinson 31athew H, restaurant, cigars, etc. 

Johnson James, wines, liquors and cigars. 

Johnson MrsS, dressmaker. 

Kaiser August, propr P^agle Hotel. 

Kan* Lemuel, Wagonmaker and Blacksmith, 4th and 

Katz Harry, clothing, hats and caps. 

Kee Liudsey M, auction, commission and broker. 

Ketchum Reuben A, dry goods, carpets, etc. , 

Ketchum Wm R, photographer. 

Kimenar ^Irs Mary, dressmaker. 

KillC-ei Fretl,"Propr .^laddison House, Walnut. 

King Ilt-iiry J, agent Benton Packet line. 

Kramer Wm, agent Am Express and Wyoming Stage Co. 

Krudwig Herman, propr Pacific Hotel. 

Lavender Albert W, groceries and provisions. 

Lindholm Peter L, furniture. 

Liiltg'O yi I>, Gravel Roofing, ;3d. 

Long Charles, saloon. 

Loomis James H, boot and shoemaker. 

Loomis Mrs J H, dressmaker. 

Lvons Mrs C A »t Co, millinery and fancy goods. 

ifcHaffie James, restauiant. 

McVay Jaiue!^ C, Pres First National Bank. 

McVay Wm H, cashr First National Bank. 

Maddison House, F Kincel propr. 

Malbin Edward T, livery stable. 

Marshall Thomas F, groceries and provisions. 

Martin Mrs S C, seam'stress. 

!Max Jaool>, general store. 

Meistrik Frruik, morcliaut tailor. 

JlereSiail'ts"' Hotel, H A Harvey Propr, cor 3d and 

Michener Edgar C, farm implements. 

Miller Joseph M, physician. 

Mills it Purdy, drugs, books, etc. 

Miner E. register of deeds and county clerk. 

Minnesota, Josejjh Bader propr. 

Missouri River Transportation Co, S B Coulson general man- 
ager, D W ^laratta supt, J C McVay freight agent. 

Morgan X, propr American Hotel. 

Mormann John C, hardware and stoves. 

Morrow Mrs E .J, millinery and fancy goods. 

Morrow Stanley J, photo<;rapher. 

Neff Peter, paints, oils, cigars, etc. 

Neubaucr Frederick, blacksmith. 

Noonau 3Iiss M A, dressmaker. 

NEW ENGLAi^O ")--->••--.-•- 


atoa. The btst Comnany to Insam «" 
WATSON, Gen'l Agent, ST. PAOL, M:. 

Rlank-Rnnlf Q ^^'^'^^^^^red forEanks, Mill Men and Oorpora- 

DIQIm l/UUl\0 tioM, at low rates and in best of style, by F.F.ffEinaO 



Norris John L, groceries and provisions. 
Xovotny John, saddles and harness. 
Nuherg Peter J, wagonmaker and blacksmith. 
Olfson Ole, saloon and billiards. 
Osborn & Everson, carpenters. 
Otto Charles, watches and jewelry. 
Pacific Hotel, Herman Riidwio- propr. 
Parmer L D, drv sroods, noti.,iis, etc 

Peir JosepSi; (Successor to Peir & Luebke), Hides, 
• i^% ,"''*' "'''' leather. Tallow, Shoemakers' Tools 
and Hndings, Rubber and Leather Belting, Etc, Yank- 
ton, D. I. 
Pennington Gen John P, collector U S Internal Revenue, 
rike Herbert W, groceries, confectionery, etc. 
Plies Isaac, boots and shoes. 
Pisek Thadeus, comb mnfr. 
Potter ».t ^Vood, watches, clocks, etc 
Pray 3Irs I, hair 
Press and Dakotaian (Daily and Weekly), Bowen & 

Kiugsburv, Publrs. :3d. 
Raymond W B, U S Marshal. 
Redaelli John P, watches and jewelry. 
Reinhardt Win, city marshal. 
Reister S: Baessler," general store. 
Keitzell Cyrus J, agent St Croix Lumber Co. 
KieiiartNou Charles I., Head Light OD, cor Pine 

and 10th. 
Richey E E, hardware and stoves. 
Roberts George W, real estate and justice. 
Kobison Henry \V, barber. 

Ro.ssteilscheS' CharScs F, Propr City Brewery. 
Kudd Ht-nry, blacksmith. ■> t- j . 

St Croix Lumber Co, C J Reitzell agent. 
'Sampson Louis, feed mill, 
^ampsou Ole, county commissioner, 
^inborn J R cfc Son' furniture and undertakers 
oarbert Jacob, barber. 
Satori John, saloon and restaurant. 
■layers Leonar.I E, furniture. 
>chepperheyn Frank, wines and liquors, 
^'•heirer Conrad, crockery, flour and feed. 
^fhaiideiu Adolph, Crockery and Glassware, cor 3d 

and broadwav. 
Schnaidt J & Co,"hanlware and stoves 
^chnauber Frederick, county treasurer. 
•Vhnell John, barber. 
Sehoe Frank, saloon and restaurant. 

SLATE ROOFERS ^' ^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^ ^Q., comer 

I Sixth and Sibley Sts., St. Paul, Mi 


i :,.( Si!->'' 

If You Wan! a Conipista r:i cr™X".;i 


Schorogge Ilonuan A, miifg confectioner, fruits, etc. 

Scliore^il'e IVlll F, Lawyer. Notary Public and Col- 
lection Agent, Pennington's Block. 

Schroder & Bates, hardware and farm implements. 

Selinger Raymond, saloon. 

Semple & ^[unroe, house and sign painters. 

Seydel Peter, farm implements. 

Shannon Oliver, lawyer. 

Shannon Peter C, chief justice. 

Sharp Major Alexander, paymaster U S army. 

ShnrtlefF Levi L, saloon and billiards. 

Smith Harris D, Barber, Capital. 

Smithsonian Hotel, Harvey H Smith propr. 

Spink Solomon L, lawyer. 

Steffen Peter, livery and feed stable. 

Stier & Ferdinand, meat market. 

Stockwell & Buchanan, blacksmiths. 

Stone James 31, real estate. 

Swearingen Daniel J, meat market. 

Sylvej-ter & Barber, wood yard. 

Taylor Morris Editor and Propr Dakota Herald. 

Taylor Thomas A, manager U S Signal Service. 

Thornton John, carpenter. 

Tobin Wm, painter. 

Tripp & Boyles, lawyers. 

Turner Samuel S, physician. 

Tyler A Xissen, wagon mnfrs. 

U S Land OlBce, G A Wetter register, Lott G Bayless recvr. 

Vance Wm B, groceries and provisions. 

Van Cott, Clark & Co, watches and jewelry. 

Vanderhule G W »& Co, druggists. 

Van Velsor J B, physician. 

Wagner George, guns, ammunition, etc. 

Wagner Llenry, wines and liquors. 

Ward James A, lawyer. 

Weber Eugene, drugs, wall paper, paints, etc. 

Weeks John A, boots and shoes. 

1Velll>aiilll •&; Becker, Proprs Germania House. 

"Wenzlaff J Charles, hardware and stoves. 

West Isaac E, deputy IT S internal revenue collector. 

\%''ctler fiJ A, Publr Dakota Free Press and Register L 
S Land Office. 

Wheeler E G, lawyer. 

Wheel.ick George F, agent D S div C il & St P Ry. 

White Edwin T, lawyer and justice of the peace. 

White H W, gunsmith. 

Wilcox Edward P, lumber. 

CDUr^lTOQ DPflQ ^^"^ Merchant Tailoring, No. 4C 
OUnLlLllO DllUOi E. Third Street, ST. PAUL, Mini;. 

riashow, Maish & BaviSj'^^S^iS^^' 


NVUi'OX & Seward, carpenters. 

Wilcox &, Williams, grain and farm implements. 

Williams Benjamin S, clerk supreme court. 

Wiun tfe Buckwalter, hardware and farm machinery. 

Wise Bros, clothins:, hats and caps, etc. 

Wright E L, feed mill. 

W U Tel Co, Wm B Lower manager. 

Wvman & Ward, meat market. 

Wyoming Staire Co. S P Gamble sup't. 

Vhllktou Bank, Edmunds & Wynu Proprs, Broadway. 

Yankton Bottling Works. W H Heselton propr. 

Zemlicka Albert, groceries and liquors. 


A postofSce on the eastern line of Grant county, 6 miles 
from Big Stone City (c h). 


A settlement of 20 souls in Brown county (yet unorgan- 
ized), 80 miles northwest from Watertown, the nearest rail- 
f'lad point. Serai-weekly mail stage to Watertown, Firesteel 
and Jamestown. Eliza A. York, postmaster. 


York W B, hotel propr and real estate agent. 

A postoffice in a farming neighborhood in the western part 
of Y'ankton county, 12 miles from Yankton (c h), the nearest 
railroad point. It has a Catholic church, a public school, and 
txports stock and general farm produce. Semi-weekly mail 
stage to Yankton and Tabor. T. H. Mehriug, postmaster. 


N'icle John, boots and shoes. 
Nov.ak Alois, blacksmith. 
IV-terka Frank, bouts and shoes. 

c^ UTio:x. 

Pay uo money iu ailvaiice to itinerant lUrectory Cauyass- 
•T.'*. ■<» are b-d' to nioiitioii tliis from the lait lliat certain 
parties hay*' hecii fraiiiliili'iitly u-inir our liook as a spfiiiiK'n. 
"iitl l>y tiiat iiiiMus, collictiiiir moiicvs in advance We asli no 
['■".vnifiit until tlic worlv is dcliyercd. and our Solicitors liaye 
strict onli-rs not to take pavmcut lor eitlier adyertisements or 
H. L. ruLJC (/• CO. 

blllluBrS H Srd wars buiy& Draper. 35 E. Third St., St, Pad. 

iir ■ .i>.'ir i '.'J -'•,'■ 

For Names received too late for 
regular insertion, and Advertisers out- 
side the State, see General Index. 

R. L. POLK & CO;S 

Minnesota Stita I Dakota Territcrial 

Gazetteer and Business Directory, 


Comprising a Classifled List of all Trades, Professions and 

Pursuits in tho State of Minnesota and Territory of 

Dakota, Arranged Alphabetically by PostofBcea. 

Abstracts of Title. 

PrIiTson August Albert Lea 


Wheeler EO&RB Austin 

Smalley P J Caledonia 

Talleiil A: Seri- 

btT (St'e ii'lr). ..Deadwood, DT 

Blaisdell & Piatt Fairmont 

Bri-rgs & Elders Fargo, J) T 

OMulcahy, Cashel >k 
Murph}- Faribault 

Iliiiitin's^ton Eii;;eiie, 

{Se <(rfr) Flandreau, D T 

Knight d: Dean Glencoe 

Pickit Daniel Henderson 

Converse I D Jackson 

Moore George R " 

^'are S E. ." Kasson 

Curd EM Lake City 

Ek>trom, Koerneri Co.Litehtield 

Hall Jt Brewster Mankato 

Van Fleet & How :Marshall 

Abbott i: Son Miuucapolis 

Chowen & Byant 

Kobinson Charles. ... 

B'lndock k Kline Ortonville 

WiUiston & Joss Red Wing 

Blivs Bros Rochester 

> Jacob St Paul 

iloore i- Bennett Sauk Centre 

Free i Polk Sioux FaUs, D T 

Webber C F •' 

Lewis S J Vermillion, DT 

Thorpe & Perkins WUlmar 

Fellows, Rebstock & 

Clarke Winona 

Harris C J B Yimkton, D T 

Agricultural luipl's. 

Cavanaugh Wm Adams 

Olsen Gullie " 

Thompson P & Co Adrian 

Albert Lea Foundry 
and ilachiue Shop. ..Albert Lea 

Gulbrandson Bros 

Mitcliell & Hoffman. . . 

Nelson Hans 

Powell G E 

Ruble & Greene 

Sherwin S N 

Paulson Jacob Alden 

Pfeffer Charles •' 

Cowing T F Alexandria, DT 

I Walker Robert... 

I Wilson H H 

I Barsness O N Anderson 

i Mclnto-h J B Anoka 

1 Sperin E P Audubon 

Fire-Proof Doors I Shmiers. I 


114 Nonii Third Stresl, 

aueapolis, Mianeiola. 

Lamp Goods, 

Table Cutlery and Plated y.v.e, at C!;.--. 
Johnson's Crockery House, ^^^ ^asLiagtcn At 



A§^riciiltiiral laiipr^. 


AyersO^car Austin 

Brown W I •• 

Gratton E J 

Jahrcn A 

Johnson & Smith (Af 

adc, page 60) 

Jones Ira 

Keenan J iV X 

Nelson Bros " 

Smith D B '.'... " 

Forbes A Avoca 

Rowan, Johnson & Christ- 

Casult J C Biidus D T 

Caine W H Baruesville 

Jordan Thomas Belle Plaine 

Weibeler, Schmidt ifc 


Cosgrove Jlichael Benson 

Jacobson it Brown " •• 

Knudson Thomas 

Tliornton Arthur 

Thornton FM •• 

Cherry & Leach Big Lake 

Cherry it Leach Big Stone 

Movius Brothers, 

Big Stone Citv, D T 

r^Per C F Bird'Lsland 

Bowler Major J M.... 
Bailey I> I A; 

Co (Set ndr). . . .Bismarck, D T 
Thurjitoii W II 

& Co (.'ve- ,-./;■).. 
Deudon Frank . . . Blue Earth Citv 
McArthurGD.... ■• 

South E D,.tBro.. 

Phelps Ransom Brtckenrida;e 

Sanborn J C ifc Son . . . Browu=dale 

McLaren A Brownsville 

Bartlett & Bordwell. .Browutown 
Cochrane & Cosgrove 

Johns SB 

Abbott Thomas Caledonia 

Clark J P d- Bro. . . . 

Dorival E P 

Sprague AD 

Swensou it Erickson f'anby 

Greaves John Cannon Falls 

Higham S ct Bro 

Van ('am|M.n H A. . . 

Rudolph U A Canton. DT 

Hebei^en it Peterson Carver 

Knoblauch Anton 

Crasswell Wm Cassclton, D T 

Norrish & Wood. . 

Strellow it Fisher. 

Finntcan P II Clms'.., 

Brilcy W L CliiitiM 'a 

Lombard A il 

LovellKB ■• 

Iloltoit CCA Co, 

Corn Shellers {See 

adc) ChicaL'o 1:; 

McDenuott D F Cl..nt .rl 

Moorcs A P C.k,,'.. 

Vroman H M it Son, 

Crook City. I) T 

Moser it Moeckel Crook>t..;i 

Quiun it Co 

Stone X Pit Co 

Green C F Current I.:ik.- 

Johnson P I):i~-> '. 

Caster A- Panly DcGr;,:! 

Ball 3IiQer WV.vj.. 

Gifford C S Dell Rapias, 1) T 

Martin it Scriver 
Richardson J R.. 

mineG A 

Phinney J H Detroit Cilv 

Gaskell J L Dcxlir 

Ingalls John Dodse Centre 

Smith A X 

McGowan J, Donnelly 

Bas^ett J B Douglas 

Miller H ■■ 

Cummincrs H Easle Lak.> 

Slade W K it Co Eden, D T 

Hobart J & Co Egan, D T 

Kramer JI Elba 

Richardson H G & Co EL-in 

Coverdale John. . . .Elk Point. D T 
Hoffman Michael. . 

Murphv Hans 

L'phaniG B Elk River 

Russell C P..- Eyota 

Johnson it Martin Fairmont 

Price A- Lee 

Sharp Cecil 

Barrett A Co Fnriro. D T 

McLaughlin J R 

Modlaud Jens G 

Peterson A- Thomson. 

Bishop H II Faribault 

Cavanauch A- Co 

Cottrell J C X 

Howard HC 

Morau Bros " 

Wall S P 

Wood C A 

Chapel E J FarminL'ton 

Van Valkeuburg Hiram 
Brandenburg A Fergus Fall'- 


■^Q ^* \ C't''}^ Pi ^-^^-'J^'fautuiers of Fire and Bur::- 
U &* LUOtV UUi lar Proof Safes, St. Paul, Mina. 


Sole Ag't MILBURN WAGONS, Tii-er Rakes, Ran- 

dall PalTeri:in; Harrows, Triumph Seeders, Cac- 

J toa Plows, Bugrios, etc., 18 W. Sd St., St. Paul. 




Cole & Shatto 

indreau, D T 

. . Forest ville 
. .Franconia 

Altnow F J & Co 

Donahue & Co 

Poehler H .t Co 

Zimmerniuun & Gerkt 
Amunds.m .fe Walters 


Springer G G A Co . 
Carter vt Youiul...Fl 
Dickson «t Few.... 
Martin C C 

. . .Herman 



Davis W A 

HodgsonTC - 

Sraith.J T 

Terry Alfred " 

Tcrrv & Radent " 

Smith C V & Co 


Dodge & Co 

Moore, Cummins & C 

KirklandA Son 

Toriierson A J 

ChifdsE A 

. .Gary, D T 


SambornF H 


Brewer DO 

Little, Storing >.t Co. . 

Hoenckc &• Albrecht 

SchnellAM - 


Wadsworth H & Co 

.... •■ 


Striker G W 

Staffer HD 

Andrews Bros 

Miles GF& Co 

Whiter Lvon 

Parkhurst j C 

Blinn H H i- Bro. . . . 
T.nndsverkO J 


. . .Kenyou 

McKinlav* Millard. ( 


and Meadow 
Sranite Falls 

t Centre, D T 
.Grove City 
. . . Hancock 
. ...Handy 


Collins Thomas, Grai 
McLaughlin S W 

Woodford & Gibb. . .Lake Benton 
Bartlett it Wilson Take Citv 

MversLSi- Co. 
Peterson^ Thom- 

Murray <t Barton 

Neal, Snow it Co.... 
Richardson Bros.. . . 
Rosrers C F it Co ... . 

LohmannJ W 

Berg 1 

Mils J S 

■', Ormiston 

Lake Elmo 

Steele Luke .t Co 
Witt & Winter... 

.Lake Park 

Bentley Wm ,Gr 

Carson J R 

GoodeuowSct Son.. 
Johnson & Neste.... 

Jones C Lit Co 

Paddock &Lvnu.... 

Nelson XP 

Potter W S 

Kemp J 

Miller E 

Cochrane it Cosgrove 

.. .Langdon 
. . Le Sueur 

Lockwood & Pettis. 

Hansen Pit Co . 

Hooper Isaac .& Co. . 
Brevigi Erickson.. 

Gensnier & Xeumann 

Sidow Bros 

Flynn .^I J it Bro . . . 
Gordon J W 


Griflin S H 

Johnson it Anderson . 
Scarp J P 

Bnindt J C 


Christopherson C 

Baker C A 

Chaple E J 

Gardner AMeloy.... 
Hliodes J J A: Co 

Swausen Xels 

Flvun. Paine it Co... 

Hall FD it Co 

Hes-iel J C 

.Little Falls 

Willard C S 

Battelle M F 

Spauldiu"" H C 

Low ville 

Smith CR 

Truax A H 

Truax D W 

Van Slyke John 

Stoned: Wold 

Wilson W H . .. ■• 


ARCHITECTS. Accoostics, Heatin- 
and Ventilation carefnlly and c:r- 
rectly arranged. Minnea],.'!:-^ Mi- _. 


Exclusive Merchant Tailor, 239 
J Nicollet Avenue, Mlnneapolia. 





A§:rieiiltiiral Impl'st. 


Bisbee & Olson Madelia 

Bradford G A 

Davis OH 

Estes Brothers " 

YatesBG " 

Wadsworth J G Madison, D T 

Aultman C Mankato 

Brewster G H 

Davis tt Dean 

Gebhard iS: Schweitzer. . . 


Howard H C 

McC'ormick Harvester Ma- 
chine Co 

Mankato Mnfg Co " 

Meagher J F 

North Star Plow Works. . 

Shaubut, Hodgson tt Co, 

Gates J Mapleton Station 

Sprague J M 

Gardner Bros Marion, D T 

Addison R M Marshall 

Addison & Garv 

Hatlestad O H ." 

Laythe S W 

Watson J P 

Miller C H Marshtield 

Paulson, Rverson >.t 

Co '. Mavville, D T 

Natista J Medarv. D T 

Hockert P Milierville 

Altman C & Co Minneapolis 

Beardslev EC 

Christian & Deiin 

Clark & Mafk- 


Kirkwood Hugh 


Minneapolis Plow 

monitor Plow 
■Works (.fe i7<fr). . 

Shatto C W 

Starkweather GE. ... 

Barkpy L H Minnesota Falls 

Kremerifc Apley.. Minnesota Lake 

Crane G J Montevideo 

Crane tV Muri^hv 

Nettleton P B ..C- Co. . 

Taylor WM 

Kreis Sc Adams Mouticello 

Houser J Montrose 

Krau>e C 

Bowe & Co Moorhead 

Amundson & Walders Morrif 

Cowing & Mars 

Good J D " 

House ife Webber " 

Moore & Kenner 

Soule S H Mountain Lake 

Strand H B New Buffalo, D T 

Laughliu & Palmer, New Richland 

Bonne W >.t Co New Rome 

Beussmann H H New Ulm 

Bonne W ct Co 

Mullen Michael 

Peterson PW 

Peterson S D " 

Makwell Jt Bauer. Nordland, D T 

Howard B 

¥ & Co. .North Branch Station 

Rucke N C 
(agent) . . 

Bow^man <fc Clav Northfield 

Bushnell & Hibbanl... 

Henderson W R " 

QuarameJ O 

Sibbison David 

Trussell Salma " 

Heibesen, Patterson ifc Co, 

, Holzuuer A Oakdale 

Benoloken F Oak Station 

I Pav BE Oakwood 

! Bradburv W H . . .Oakwood, D T 

I BeardsleV D L Odessa 

, Walter Oc Diebold " 

Cross Sterling Ortonville 

Dassel Bernhard 

Moore & Kenner " 

Wood Bros 

Sargent G Osakis 

Buxton d- Slaid Owatouna 

Fenno E R 

Hotchkiss Seth 

Howe T J & Co (mufrs) 

McLaughlin N C 

Whipple & Gage 

Crouch B P Parker, D T 

Wagner C 

Johnson, Holmes & 

Driscol! Pembina, D T 

West G 

Johnson C C Peterson 

HoweCR Pickwick 

Burt & Cole Pipe Stoue 

Carpenter it Phillips.. 

French Rilev 


Stewart Bros 


Perkins, Lyons & Co.- 

31 Robert Street, ST. PAOU 
other Wmos. 

Ju' W 

Hasliow,MajS(i& Davis 

Are A?ent3 for all kinds of Ma- 
cliinerT. Cor. 2il St. anil Fifth 
J Ave. Sonth, Mirmeapolia, 




Wiger R I 

Pipe Stone 

Tliur»toii C B (.'~''' "''" 

St Paid 

Welch, I'arley& 

Tusler, Goucher 

& De- 

Co ... 

Troll & Bliss 


Carlson Andrew. . 

Si Peter 

Ford W W& Son.... 

. . . Preston 

Mason Joseph. . . . 

Gratton M T 

Rounseville W H. 

Peterson C 

Dinkle ^t Stevens. 

..Sauk Centre 

Brooks EW 

.Red AVing 

Hinman <t Lord. . 

DowniniT R H & Co. . 

Howard J R 

HighamSi Bro 

Ekdahl C 


Rose J G 

Shen;\-ood C L 


.Scotland. D T 

Far.soHB Redi 

vood Falls 

Covin A- Grant... 

Gordon Bishop.. . 

Foskett J L 


Simmons & Ortt.. 



Nichols J B. .". . . 

Rice Lake 

Dean J A . 

Smith TC 

Clark A S 


Christianson G T. 


Clark GM 

Edgar John 

Sarson E 

Boyce, Fairbank 

& Co S 

Hymes H R & Co 


oux Falls, D T 

RolierLson Bros 

Howard C K.... 

Vedder A D 

Larson Edward 

■Williams & Peirce... 

Leavitt^t Vincent 


"iounsifc Holmes 


Strinsham & Gil- 

Desmond J M 



Johnson S A ct Co. . . . 

. St Charles 

Thompson K.... 
Van Eps Wm . . . 

McEIhaney & Ackerman 

Pike NX 


. . . Sleepy Eye 

Sidow Bros 

Couthard & Hunts 

Fulmer \ B 

St Cloud 

Hammerel >.t Weber. . 

Russell D I 

Parsons S H 

CovelUt Grant. ..S 

prinstield, D T 

Rollin John 

Heffner Bros 

^VingJ E 

Chapman T M. . . . 

..Spring Valley 

Clark S C 

. . St .James 

Cu.sick Peter 

Herrick S F i Co. . . . 

Whitman & Brown 

McLean J R i Co. . . . 

Donaldson R S. . . . 


Boardslev & Brownell 


Gillespie J D 

Benson, Bates & Co. . 

...St Paul 

Hall A J ..t G W 

BuforU li D & €o 


Foster H L 



Seymour, inaliiii & 

Itin Matthias 

Co (.Si'f „dr). . . 

FHrwell Oeorge 


Allen & Branch.. !- 

wan Lak-j, D T 

(•V^ adr) 

Fuller & .Johnson 

Evans D 


Kneutson Kneut 

Reiersen K 

PilkinL'-t.,u, BuM-b .V t 


Warden A Tw 

in Brooks. D T 

>»« l*i!!il A:;!!«ulUiial 

B(jckas Bros Jl- Storv Tvler 

W :iri-lioci<^c (S, 


Benson C V 

dlev Citv. D T 

Simons A; Hangan 

St Paul Harvester Works. - 

Dcniinc Wm....\ 

-ermillioM. D T 

Ntndwitb Mnfg Co... 

Finley KB 

GaivBiiized Iron Window Caps. It! 

& Gryg-la. 

ThL-d St.. 


P P n P !/ P R V ^-^^^^ China.- Glassware, wholesale and 
U II U U l\ L n I ) retail. E A. HAEMON & CO., Minneapolis, 





Ag:riciiltiiral IiiiplN. 

Hanson Nicholas. Vennillion. DT 

Bullar.i A: Butler Verndale 

Keith V Vol-a, DT 

Loonii'i N C " 

Fuller .t 0>tran(ier Wadena 

PtakeC- H •• 

Fitch .T H Walnut Station 

Wel)liirC L.. .. 

Munt/.r H C Warren 

Brou;rhton \- Wilson Waseca 

Craven Milton 

Muedekiuir A II. aireut. ... 

Parmclee \t ■\Vright •• 

Shorn in tt Ilawkes 

White J (■ •■ 

Meriman it Ilalsren. ..Watertown 
ilonks it Wi^er^ .Watertown. D T 

Carlton -.v Hoberts Wuterville 


Quin Wm \- Bro. ..Waverly Mills 
Biirko J 1» (.N.( a,l«, 

page Ta-j) Wells 

Eckenl)€ck A F •• 

Kleven O O Wfst Brook 

Brandenber? G. . .Wheatland. D T 

Robbing. Rice & Co Williuar 

Spicer. Larson & Co 


Zevatson Erick Windom 

Allen Wni Winnebago City 

Deudou Frank. . . 
ilcArthur Jc Mer- 


Wallace. I S 

Gensmer it Newman Winona 

Kirch .IB 

Miller Charles •• 

Rvan Wm " 

ifcSherry .1 A Woo.Ntock 

Forbes Azom Wortliinicton 

Rice Ezra 

Shepar.l H C .t Co.. 

Thompson Peter 

Tombler t O Wvomius 

Foskett .1 L Yankton, D T 

Ganlner Bros 

Hansen it Haywood 

Michenor EC 

Seydel P 


Wilcox it William'^ 
"Winn itBuckwalter 
RaitalM.uL'b N C. .. .Zunibro Falls 
Barteau S B Zunibrota 

Mason Bros Zumbroia 

Person George 

Aiiiii!>eiiient — l»laei-» 

(.Se Opera Uoustx.) 

.iiiintuiiif ion. 

{See Gum di.ti Aniiwinition.) 


Eastman O Kingston 

Archery (lioocU. 

SpaUlin- A G it Br..^, 
lis Randolph st i.>y«' 
ti'lr) Chicago, 111 

Arch if eel Si. 

Motzfeld! A All*rt Lea 

Uaiti('!«> (.V TorkcUuii, 

(.S-, ,Hln Fargo, DT 


Pass <icorj;e (See adc. 

jiiiffe Zi'>) Mankato 

BiilIinL'ton L S Minneapoli.-; 

Dennis W H 

Goodwin G M 

Grin>l]aw Wm 

Hau'lin it Corser 


Plant it Whitney 

Stebbius it Mann 

Wil«<ni A; Jordan, 

(.S, l,otl''i„ ''■/'<>> 

Becker .IF W Ortonville 

Woodwortli Granville. .Roche>lrr 

Ba.-.sford EP St Paul 

Butiington L S 

GauL'er Augustus F 

Kni-htAF^ '■ 

Laurent Gcoree ' 

Ra<lcliirAMr " 


Steven.s John it Sou 

DuiTvP AV Sioux Falls. DT 

Walter WM.... 

Andersen H J Spring Valley 

FiskeE W Wa-e. a 

Maybury C G Winou a 

Voii Wi'mpllcu L F 


OVER S 10,000,000. Tho " Now Eni?!- 
IsPCKELY .MuTCAL. J, J, W.'.lol 
St. Paul, GeEen! A^.-l .,r "! j-.c.:.i. 


lor County, Township and City Officers, in 

best of style and oa short notice, at F/F. HENNIG'S, 
Brackett's Block, Minneapolis. 





Artificial Iiim»> :TIan- 

Foster J A Chicago. Ill 

Foster J A Cincinnati. O 

Foster J A Detroit, Mich 

Foster J A St Louis, Mo 

Claus Hermann St Paul 


LundPE Albert Lea 

Mohn G F Minneapolis 


Robson Miss LA.... 

Shaw Miss C V 

>Veiiiar<I John, 


Wilbur PR 

Brewer X R St Paul 

Koempel H J 

Morrison A .J " 

Artists' 58aterials. 

Manderfeld & Williams. .Mankato 
Xoj es Bro!> &. Cutler, 

(&€adc) St Paul 


Leavenworth T B. 

Central Citv. D T 

Boraeisler L E Deadwood, D T 


Molitor S F 

Auction and Com- 

Teller E S Anoka 

More George Blue Earth City 

Hackett John Caledonia 

Soyster Samuel. . .Deadwood, D T 

Weaver AC Lake City 

Poison ifc Brown Mankato 

Aldrich E W Minneapolis 


Trussed & Boutell 


Evers.tine J W Rochester 

FairchiUlHS St Paul 

Warner J M " 

Chapman i!i: Merridith. . . .Winona 

Marsland .Jacob 

Milviu Samuel " 

Kce L M Yankton, D T 

Axle Grease. 

Spencer, Scarls tt Co. . . .Mankato 

Bag- ]?Ian«tacturers. 

BuUard F W Minneapolis 

Ilonkomp & Cum- 
mings " 

Bakers and Confec- 

Colbv J P & Co Albert Lea 

DeBill George. . .Alexandria, D T 

Kellogg M E Anoka 

Anderson W H Austin 

Fisher Mrs FH " 

Radermacher G F 

Morrison Mrs V 

Hausmann & Jor- 
dan Bismarck, D T 

Yegan .John 

Bennett J F Blue Earth City 

Caley Miss Martha Brainer'd 

Dressen Henry " 

Skogerson P J Brownsdale 

Lautenslager 3Irs 31 . . Brownsville 

Norman P A Carver 

Bassett & Edel- 

man Central City, D T 

Schloredt W. . . 

Zink X 

Erren Hermann Chaska 

Plumb & Hale Crookston 

Friedrich Fried- 
rich Deadwood, D T 


Stephens J M. . . . 

Wilson J A 

Barker C P De Smet, DT 

Block A F Duluth 

Weber Miss AM " 

Webber Lewis " 

Markell D W Dundas 

Bensel Mrs F Faribault 


Heinsch Joseph " 

RatzlaflE AUiert 

Lowry M R Fergus Falls 

Wickert R. . .Fort Pierre, D T 

Roach Wm 

Schwannin;;er Paul Glencoe 

Bell A Larri vie. Grand Forks, DT 

Corell G J A Grand Meadow 

Harris C E Granite Falls 

Constance HP Hastings 

Hayes' Patent Ventilating 

Sky) lights. M H. CRIT- 
TEKDEN & CO , C"raer Sisth 
and Sibley Sts., St. Paul, Minn 


acs and Specificatiocs for Hew F.-^- 

■• Floor MU'.s, wiih all m.. 

improvements, MIS^'EAPOLIS, Mi: 




(Bakers. Continued.) 

GieszlerH C Hokah 

Ritschel Joseph Jordan 

Petrick AiiEcust Lanesboro 

Faust E...": Lead City, DT 

Hage August 

Erlhoff F J Le Sueur 

HelnzeF G Mankato 

Palmer MR Mantoiville 

Bantly Bernard Minneapolis 


Clapperton Robert... 

Graham J A 



Smith Charle s^ 

Weymouth L S " 

Wing Thomas 

Robinson George Moorhead 

Torseson Stephen 

ColeRK Morris 

Sues S L Northfield 

Leet Bros Ortonville 

Brooks Joseph Owatonua 

Leisses Charles " 

Throop Mrs G Pine Island 

Schulcnburg H C Preston 

Preusser Carl Red Wing 

Troutman Louis. .Reed"s Landing 

Ireland T & Co Rochester 

Kuck Julius St Cloud 

Reichert Sebastian 

Bentle Enile St Paul 

Berrisford' E F 

Berrisford Thomas 

Booth WR 

Ducius Ferdinand " 

Hamp C " 

Hornung John 

Kuck Henry 

Martini Rudolph 

Michaud Bros 

Nachtshein Henry 


Thau wald Peter 

Nachtsheim Joseph Sliakopee 

Weihe Charles.. .Sioux Fall.>. D T 

Schniut Hrurv Spring Vallev 

Woodward '-V H... 

Heitman >.t Beker Stillwater 

Benedict Charles Wabaslia 

Kraft Simon Waseca 

Bosworth Mrs AH Wiudom 

Smith F W Winona 

StilkeyHII " 

Stirneman Jacob 

Btakiii;^ Powder 

Arctic Muf:; Co Minneapolis 

Bcrkej Johsi A & Co, 

{&^ dill'. I«:tu>m i-iid) St Paul 


Banks and Banker'*. 

Brown H D v.t Co Albert Lea 

City Bank 

Freeborn County Bank 
Bank of Ale.xandria. 

Alexandria. D T 

The Bank of Anoka Anoka 

Fh'st National Bank Austin 

Mower County Bank 

Smith, Wilkins & East on. . 

Stone & Clarke Benson 

Diggs D W & 

Co Big Stone City, D T 

First Xatioiial itaiiK, 

(.•v'c ftdi-) Bismarck. D T 

Ravmond & Bell. . . 
Brainard J C & 

Co Bloomins Prairie 

City Bank Blue Earth City 

Ferris Wm >fc Co Braineril 

Olds ife Fisliback. .Brookings, D T 

Bank of Caledonia Caledonia 

Bank of Canby Can by 

Bank of Cannon 

Falls Cannon River Falls 

First National . 

Gale .S: Ward Canton. D T 

Du Toit G A Carver 

Holmes W F Casselton, D T 

Stebbins, Muudifc 

Fox Central Citv, DT 

DuToit G A Cha.ska 

Easton J C Chatticld 

Trego & O'Ferrall 

Brown M R k, Co Crookston 

Comb & McGrew 

Murray Co Bank Currie 

Fir'-^t National Bank, 

ySu-,„h-) Deadwuod.DT 

Merchants' Nation^ 

al Bank 

Ruth F H i Co. . . .De Sraet. D T 

Bowman J A Detroit Ciiy 

Hardin C & Sons. . .Dodsre Centre 

Dover Bank Dover Center 

American Exchange Bank. Dulutli 

Bell i Eyster • 

Blair Bros Eyot a 


Fiue Merchant Tailoring, No. -10 
E. Tkiid Street, ST. PAUL, Minn. 

Hashow,Mais!i& Davis 

ENGINE WOKK a Specialty 
Oor. 2a St. and Fifth Ave. South 
J MianeapoUs, Minn. 





Martin County R;ink Fairmont 

First XiilioMSji liaiik, 

(.Se '«/(■) Fiirgo, DT 

Swt-att Charles & Co, 

(.S> »./,) Fargo, DT 

Citiz.on's National Faribault 

First National 

Bank of Farmington. .Fanningtnn 
First National Bank..Feri;us Falls 
Bank of Flandreau . Flandreau, D T 
Jordan W B. . . .Fort Buford, D T 

Gilbert G K Glencoe 

Wliittemore J G & Co.. Glen wood 

Clary J W Golden Gate 

Baiik of Dakota, 

(Se „dc) Grand Forks, D T 

Bank of Grand 


.Titus i Smith 

Walsb G H 

Bank of Grand 

Meadow Grand Meadow 

Greening & War- 

"WiUard J A & Co. . .Granite Falls 
Farmers' and Traders' . . . Hastings 

First National 

Sibley County Bank. . .Henderson 

Bank of Herman Herman 

Bank of .lackson .Jackson 

Bank of .Jamestown, 

Jamestown, D T 


Hill Bros Janesville 

i^cott County Bank, 
Strait. How & Klink- 

haramer (Av n'ir) .Jordan 

O'Brien Dennis . Kandi3-ohi Station 

First National Kasson 

First National Lake City 

Lake City Bank 

Bank of Lanesboro Lanesboro 

Thum, Lake & Co . . Lead City, D T 

Doran & Smith Le Sueur 

Quackenbush Liyingston. 
Meeker County Bank. . .Litchfield 

Bank of LuyeVne Luyerne 

Flanders Joseph Madelia 

Lake County Bank. Madison, D T 
Citizens' National Bank..Mankato 

City Bank 

First National Bank 

Marion Loan and Sav- 
ings Bank Marion. D T 

Lyon County Bank, 

(.S, iifh) Marshall 

Bank of Sauk Centre. 


Sauk Centre, Minn. 

A General Banking, Loan and Collection Business 

, SHELDON", Prest. C. CLAU: 

J. ME.\CHAM, . 


Red Wing, Minn. 

Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Exchange. Collections made and 
■ promptly remitted. The (Joodhuc County SiivinsTS Bank i< 

t conducted by tlie saiue Bnard of >lanagement, 

'; uud their ollice is in the .same 

^ liank linildiug. 

Builders' Hardware r4""^'"""°'' '"''" 

bury At Draper. 35E.Third8t.,8t.Panl. 

P I PTIl ^ F^ ^^™^^ ^""^ Looking-GLisses, at CHARLES JOII' 

»J SON'S, 513 Washington Ave. South, MinnuapoUs. 





Bailk.«. (Continued.) 

Owen A- Dil)ble Marsliall 

Bank of Minneapolis.. Jlinneapolis 

Citizens' Bank 

City Bank 

Commercial Bank. .. . 

Farmers' and Mechan- 
ics' Savings Bank. . . " 

Pirst Natiorial Bank. . 

Hennepin County Sav- 
ings Bank. " 


Merchants' National 

Northwestern National 

Security Bank of Min- 
nesota The 

Brooks Bros Minneiska 

Budd, Mover & Co Montevideo 

Meldal Leuves 

Stone LK 

Bruns ic Finkle Moorhead 

Kenner & Moore Morris 

Hemiup N H Murdock 

Brown County Bank.. . .New Ulm 

Citizens' National " 

Citizens' Bank Northfield 

First National 

Bank of Ortonville Ortonville 

Dasselt Bernhard 

Farmers' National Owatonna 

First National 

-Gall & Stone Parker, D T 

Goodnow & Craig Pipe Stone 

Amorland &, La Rue. ...Plainview 

"WelU BI R (See adv, 
page o39) Preston 

Bank of Princeton Princeton 

First National Red Wing 

Goodhue County 
Bank {See ad r) 

Gootliiiic Count] 
Snv(ii^<i Sank. . . . 

Pierce, Simmons d: Co. 

Dickinson W F. ..Redwood Falls 

Redwood County 

First National Rochester 

Rochester National 

Union National 

Hefflcnian D Rockerville. D T 

Carpenter ^t Stevers Rushford 

Woodward .1 C St Charles 

Bank of St Cloud St Cloud 

3IcClun T (• 

Maxwell .John I) St .Tames 

Dawson & Co St Paul 

First National Bank 

German American Bank. . " 
Merchants' National Bank " 
St Paul Clearing House 

Association " 

Savings Bank of St Paul.. 

Second National Bank 

First National St Peter 

St Vincent Bank St Vincent 

Pendcrjfast &. KelU, 

(See ado. ) Sauk Centre 

Smith A J 

First National Bank Shakopee 

First National. ..Sioux Falls, D T 
Nation R & Son. " '■ 

Farmer & Easton. ..Spring Vallcv 

First National StillwatJr 

LuniberniauN Xa- 

tional (.Sf adv.). ... 
St. Croi.x Vallev Savings 

Bank '. 

Stillwater Savinsrs Bank, 

Root H ".Valley City, D T 

Inman D 31 & Co, Vermillion, D T 

Exchange Bank Wabasha 

Southworth A D & Co. . " 

Wadena B:mk Wadena 

Bank of Waseca Waseca 

Waseca L'uuntv Bank 

^Vatson F'E (See adv, 

par/e T;i")) Wells 

Kandiyolii County 

SSan k (Ste ade. ) Willmar 

Robbins & Willmar " 

Easton & Arm- 
strong Winnebago City 

First National Bank, 


Jlerchants' Bank 

Second National Bank... 
Winona Deposit Bank. . . 
Winona Savings Bank. .. 
Bank of Worthing- 

ton Worthington 

Nobles County Bank. 

Edmunds & Wynn. . Yankton, D T 

First National." 

Bank of Zurabrota Zumbrota 

Barbed Wire. 

Knatvold Briis Albert Lea 

Minnesota Iron and Steel 

Fence Co Chatlield 

CJsirk A :tIackrolli, 

(Sv ,/(/(',) Minneapolis 

IIJtlor.A Bl(.Sit'(«/c), 

Hall's Paiein Infallible^".' 

Double ChTonomentnc Attach- 

Time-Lock, 46 Jockson SUcat, 
St. Paul, Minn. 

2 r^ ""'"" ^ 









q5 / i^^ ^ 
-Q LA =-, 








te,2n Fifth ft».a?i?5?S?i?S: ""256 fifth iv. 


TRIUMPH SEEDERS, Randall Pnlverii- 

._„ __..-ow8, Tifcer Rakes, Canton Plows, Milbnra 

J Wagons, Ecggies, etc., 18 W, 3d St., ST. PAUL. 




Barbers'' Chairs. 

IIoriiiiiiK A X (.'^t; 

adi; opp Barbers). . ..Chicago, 111 
Koclis Tlieo A, 

217 .ith avenue. 
(Siv a<h, opposite 

Barbers' Sispylies. 

Iloriiiiiii; A \. PoIls. 
Cluiirs, t'ups.>. 
Etc (.Sic? adr, opp Bar- 
ber,^ Chicago, 111 

Kooliji TIico A (Ste 
adc, opp Barbens) ... 


Butler Wm H Albert Lea 

Davis CF 

Johnson John " 

Barrs F S Alexandria. D T 

Mittelstaedt C... 

Sandretzke E Alma City 

Wells J W Anoka 

Scott AC Appleton 

Slosson 9 

Bullock & Pierce Austin 

DewittCW " 

LobbJW "' 

Wallace Daniel Bird Island 

Brunsman E A Bismarck, D T 

Comer WHW.... 

Franklin Wm 

Sharpless Bros .... 

Shervvood S .1 

Dunston J A Blue Earth Citj- 

Brisco Burton Brainerd 

Dresser H 

Scriver Frederick 

Altstatt F J Breckenridge 

Bonme W B Brooklvn, D T 

Bradley J E Brownsdale 

Brehnie F Brownsville 

\VellsE H Caledonia 

Zimmerharkel Anton. . . 

Fogg W H. . .Cannon River Falls 

Lyon I B 

\\ebbG W Canton. DT 

Ousley R W Cassclton, D T 

Bover J C Central City, D T 


Williams R 

Waldo F P Chaska 

Hardy Albert Chattield 

i^ljaw A Claremont 


Thompson J IT Crookston 

Bauman Andrew, Deadwood, D T 

Butler Joseph 

Delfel George. ... 

Flaherty EL 

Ford Jackson. ... 
Gerard J H&M.. 


Walker & Sims... 

Bohn Reynolds Delano 

Martin Ephraim 

Bratten J A Dell Rapids, D T 

Storey G P De Smet. D T 

Elston Isaac Dodge Centre 

Miles Alexander Duluth 

RicljeyJX " 

Owens W R Dundas 

Branigan Wm Eden, D T 

Littletield F Edgerton 

DeMers Phillip. . . .Elk Point, DT 

Fisk Charles E.vota 

Robinson G A Fairtuont 

-Moore C H Fargo.D T 

Vachon Closes 

Wonzor Allen 

Dav Benjamin. Faribault 

Holmes B A 

Johnson R J 

Titce August 

Wagner John 

Richardson Benjamin . Farmington 

Emerson A F Fergus Falls 

Waters GC 

Hall J H Flandreau, DT 

Smith MH 

Spaulding S FortBuford. D T 

HardvRT Fulda 

Moody G A F " 

Kinmore W Gary. D T 

Newton Howard Glencoe 

Highwarden J. .Grand Forks, DT 
Kruger HO.... 
ilaloney CO... " 

Newsiuu George. .Grand Meadow 

Marlette S P Granite Falls 

Smiley T Granite Centre, D T 

Meyer Henry Hastings 

Myers S W 

Sommers & Stein 

Clements J High Forest 

Waite C F Herman 

SchwarkF C Hokah 

Flint Harry Houston 

Trynn J S Jackson 

Huffman P Jamestown, D T 

Tompkins J M... 

Birnier J Junction 

jlfjpUjTppTO WILSON & JORDAN, Su^S' 

nilUnilLUlOj to PubUcBnUdiiigB, Schools, Conrt-HonsesVndChnrcbci" 


i.M> DAKOT.^ 


Barberi^. (C 

Eickeraeyar WC... 

Fischer Jacob 

McMillan W II 



...Lake City 

Smith J D 

Sterrett .1 G 



Williams & Burke.... 
Young W^H 

Miller Joseph 

Stenrud Otto . 

. ..Lanesboro 

GenskoG, jr 

Quane James 

Webb John 


. . ..Montevideo 

. Marshall R Le 

Phillips DB 

ad City, D T 



Battles Felix 

Vachon Wm 


Caner VrX 


Derby EF 

Johnson Frederick. . 

Brahy J N 


Leibold Frank. . . . 

..New Marb^ 
.New Richland 
Xew rin, 


Green D S 

Kessler W J 


Budd H T 


Raineri Salvatore. 

Millhouse G 

Niles Cleaveland. . 
Pendergrass LA.. 

Allert Julius 

Luddington Essex 
Pope Jeremiah. . . 
TriskoD F 

Seymour Charles 

Brexmeier John 

Fallenstein M F 

Ford J B 




Ortou villi- 


Linderman AVm " 

Thorns H G 

Jones Robert 

Ellis Charles 

Hudson J E 

Phillips Oliver 

Marion, D T 

Clark J 

Prevonchee Joseph 

Wiley C :. 

Steve'nson John. . . 

...Parker, I) T 


....Pine Wand 
....Pipe Stone 



Horgon RF 

Kruppenbacher W 
Fogg Ileury 


Short J 

Kroll ^Vm 

Bader Adnlph 






Red Wilis 

Bruce Sandv 

•Carr G C 

Obrecht Christian. 
Peterson Peter. . . 

Tenney WP 

Schneider Henry.. 
Chapman C L 

Redwood Fall- 

"Christie 11 

DeLonais Wm 

Do-nnins: Josie 

Foubert\fc Lefevre.. 

Gordon & Brady 

Hamilton d: Hilver. . 
Herchenrader O'tto.. 
Hausraann Edward. 

Johnson A A 


Lewis Charles 

Reed's Lan.linj 

Renslow Lucius 

Stoddard Thomas. 
Gillett Edward. . . 


Douphcnaes Frank 
Reynolds John. . . . 

Rochford, D T 
.Round Mound 




....St CU.aric-i 

McKeoneD W 


Myrick & Prembook 
Nelson Peter . 

Pnmer A A 

■.■.■.■.. .St Cloud 

Kindler Michael.. 
Moulin Ilonore... 
Strom A J 

Rasmuson & Scheig. 

Samuels John 

Schubiger Mrs France 


St J:>mf* 

....St Paul 

Danz Joseph 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

31 Eobert St., St. Paul, MiniL. 

»r« i^onti for Reed's Gilt Ugf "^ 
Ooottail Bitt«rB. 





Patentee and Manuiacturer of the Adjustable and the Swing Head 

15 I^/ 0»- XJ' 2^'Gr- 


1 98 E. Randolph, near Bill Ave., CHICAGO, ILL. 

Hashovv,Maish& Davis,! 

rniab Shaftings, Pnlleys, etc., 

_ stort notice, Oor. 2d St. and 

J Fifth Ave, Sonth, Minaeapolis. 





Dcebach •& Schiler St Paul 

Ditcher Samuel 


Fubel Edward 

Fan- Joseph 

Gahr Joseph 

HanftCF " 

Hauck Ferdinand 

Hoffman Adam " 

Hull Georp 

Kennedy James 

Lig^ins Wra " 

Lininger Michael " 

LylesT H " 

Martin John " 

Mayer Louis 

Fatwell George 

Rouleau Mitchell 

Scheig & Phillips " 

Schuster Adam " 

Sigo Marcello 

Smith JHE " 

Yun^nan Frank 

Frey^H M St. Peter 

Kramer George 

Williams Frederick. .Sauk Centre 
Stafford Edward. . .Scotland. D T 

Gross H F Shakopee 

Umb Richard. . . Sioux Falls, D T 


Parish LC 

Williams S J.... 

Cane ilark Sleepy Eye 

Sanderlin A J 

Boria A Springfield 

Smith G Sprintigeld. D T 

Cnokey F JI Spring Valley 

Culberton ilack 

Hadley & Jackson Stillwater 

Lotz Wm 


Simpson A 

Sweeney & Rogentine. . 

Tanner Joseph 

IWlger Edward Taylor's Falls 

Wieber Wm Torah 

Wheeler G H. . . .Vermillion, D T 

Taverna John Wal)asha 

Ostrander P Wadena 

Lucas J H Waseca 

Parker EC " 

Low J Waverly Mills 

Everts Herman Wells 

Pratt Andrew " 

jiasmusson Peter Willraar 

Leonard EL Wiudom 

Matthew J V Winnebago City 

Sherin Wesley. . .Winnebago City 

Boiler & Schwebel Winona 


Koelmer Leopold " 

Ofenloch Henry 

Schmitt Jacob.' 

Schoenborn Benjamin. ... " 

Smith T H 

Story GF 

Hildreth S A Worthington 

Bartlett Yankton, D T 

Hamann P " 



Schnell J 

Smith HD 

Raskins Bros Zumbrota 

Jefferson Thomas 

Barrel Mncliiuery. 

Reliance >Iaeliiue 
Works [ike adv) Rushford 

Base Ball Cioods. 

Spaltiiiiu' .\ (■ t-V 

livnn, llsUaudolph 

st {Ste adc) Chicago, 111 


Brisco Burton Brainerd 

Flaherty EL Deadwood, D T 

Vachon Moses Fargo, D T 

At wood H A (Turkish). .Faribault 

Day Benjamin " 

Johnson R J " 

Maloney CO.. .Grand Forks, DT 
Freeman Reuben 
(Electro-Thermal) (S:€ 

adv) Hastings 

Topping O W Litchfield 

Ervin AS Minneapolis 


Iflinneaixtli'i Sur- 
gical Inlirmary, 
(Turkish, Russian and 

Electro) l&'t adv) 

Bemister Miss B Stillwater 

Bee Hive Miifrs. 

Sparry & Chandler. .Xew London 

Beer Bottlers. 

i&e B^ttUrs.) 

Pitch and Grave! RooiGrs. ^St.!'ilC,f; 

Largest Stock Crockery S„r.X Ltf.*' 



Beer Still ^Iiilrs. 
Heatlen & Mo- 
Alllcj' {S<e adv. tqtp 
Breiren). 35 E Indi- 
ana St Chicago, 111 

Belt ins:, Rubber aiitl 

Preston K B & 

f" '^<l''^ ilinneapolis 

A: Day {S,e 



Bell Founder. 

Bleedorn TVm Watertown 

Bent ^Vood Works. 

Gilmore 51 S Janesville 

Bill Posters. 

Shipley A B Faribault 

Gray & Russell Winona 

Billiard Halls. 

(&<? also Saloons.) 

Watson A B Ada 

Holle & TVohlheter Albert Lea 

Fitzgerald Wm Belle Plaine 

French E R Bramerd 

Hicks J W 

Martin WE 

Brown J P Caledonia 

Norton G Dassel 

Young J D Delano 

Hill A J Delavan Station 

Hinz & Hall De Smet.D T 

PostleE L Etna 

Rollins F L Fer-iis Falls 

Johnson A Fishers^Landiu'^- 

McGarrv J Fort Pierre, D T 

Miller G 

Bocklund J Hancock 

Philanthropic Club 

Room Henderson 

Lenahan John Houston 

McTige P LeRoy 

Morau P •• 

Douglass Thompson Le Sueur 

Hooser J W Litchfield 

Brown J J Mabel 

Gomcrly J MillviUe 

Dailey & Reed Minneapolis 

Dunnington R P & Co 

Etter W S Minueai.oli, 

Gorman Levi 

Morrison R H 

Ransier ifc Siewert 

Sweeney James 

Hewitt F J Orono.o 

Tupper it Witter 

I Hart G Pine Island 

Davey A Plainvi.w 

Hopp" Michael Pre-i..ii 

Webster J H. sr Red Win ' 

Hayward C Rocliford. I) r 

Munding C Rockf.iNl 

Nelson 1- Blanclilield. .'.Rusl,K,pi 

O'Conncr Bros Sacred; 

Masteubrook J J Sprin<r Vall.v 

Gunderson O Wliala'n 

Holmen C 

Payent J Waverly Mill- 
Strickland JL Zumbro Falls 

Billiard Table ^Unfr* 

Efre Louis St Paul 

The J M Brunswick & 
Balke Co •• 

Bird Stores. 

GuthL D Minneai.oh- 

Tappan F L 

Keil Wm St Paul 

Patschovsky Mrs Lucy 


Gaeltke Bros Vd,i 

VoldOle ■■ 

Ludlow J C Adrian 

Rail J 

BoHes Charles Aflon 

Howe it Copelev Aitkin 

McDonald W C •■ 

Winslow Hiram \\\^■^ 

Ethen Anton Albanv 

Weitzel I 

Balch A J Albert L. i 

Dromerhausen Georire.. 

HaugeG A 

Johnson CP 

Oleson Jfartin " 

Pfeflfer Josepli 

Woodruff Brock 

Cromett it Yates AlJca 

JostWL •• 

Connolly Thomas Aldrith 

Nelson Aujrust... Alexandria. U T 



of Boston. Law of Maisachcedta prov:Jf3 ai--.:'- 
forfeiture I J. J.Wataon, Gen'l Agt., St. Paul, -:-- 

F. F. Hen nig, 

Book-Binder and Blank-Book 

Matmfactnrer, Brackett'a Block, 
MiimeapolisT Minn. 





Pirsch J Alexandria. D T 

Walker Robert .. . 

liickford 6c Eastmau. . .Alma City 

Lawrence C 

Plaireman Hemy 

Boetchur H Amenia. D T 

Jacolison E Amher.'it 

Lowe George Amiret 

Davies W L Angus 

Coleman G D Anoka 

Doyle ct Bennett " 

Haskwell AW " 

KingE A •' 

Lippineott Amos 

McGlaurtinJS " 

Laudwig A AntiocU. D T 

CountrjTnan ifc Strathun.Appleton 


Pichett& Smith 


Bertram M, ir Arlington 


Manor Edwin Armstron": 

Balstead J Artichoke Lake 

Beebe W D Ashton, D T 

Hinckley P 

Kunser "P 

Bent EC Atwater 

DahlGB " 

Anderson E Audubon 

Irish i Jolinson 

Swanson Louis Aurora 

Dugan & Kornbers Austin 

Mitchell & Smith. .~ " 

C'ummings John Avoca 

Scliwei^er Anton " 

Catlin Henry Avr 

. Casutt J C Badus, D'T 

Simons C Balaton 

McDunn M Barnesville 

Van Valkenberg A E 

Bear Gulch, D T 

Elliott James Bear Valley 

Berhe J Beaver 

'^ oung H " 

Bevier F G. ..Belchers Ford, D T 

Si-hmitt J Belle Plaine 

Oleson O C Belvidere Mills 

Aliaker Christian Benson 

Bjornsen Gulik 

Buens Peter 

Liichrinser M Berne 

Ballard John Bi- Lake 

I)aw Jr B & Co Bi-' Stone 

Knapp Bros. .Big Stone Citv, DT 

Davis DC Bingham' Lake 

McKinzie C P. . . . " 

Murphy JI II Bird Island 

Hanbeck W Bismarck 

Mason J A Bismarck, D T 

MixterH M 

Peoples GeorffC — 


Hanson Berent. . . .Black Hammer 

Anderson Ole Black Oak 

Landbevs J Blakeley 

Olson or Blinsmon, D T 

Strobe GeorM Bloomington 

Chadwick Hector, 

Bloomington Ferry 

Pease S 

Saxeson C Blooming Prairie 

Sorensou J 

Battis & Palmer. .Blue Earth Citv 

Kamrar Henry 

Merrill KG 

Markley F N. ..Bon Homme, D T 
Rhinehart E D..Bonnersville. D T 

Haggberg ^lichael Brainerd 

Haggberg ifc Johndron ... 

Stenberg Ole Brandon 

Clause S Lang Breckenridge 

Schroder C Bremen 

Bull T P Brownsdale 

Hansen Ole 

Lvnch Charles 

jfcKennett Thomas. . 

Brown J Brownton 

Witte Wm 

Toms E E Brown's Valley 

Edeker Wm Brownsville 

Gratf August 


Lou\Te3 L Brule City, D T 

Johnson A Brush "Prairie 

OelkG Buffalo 

Strombv IE 

Adams J D Burbank, D T 

Murray Thomas Byron 

W^est Wm N Caledonia 

Zender& Smith 

Arnland L J Caledonia, D T 


Lundeen H Cambridge 

Hegley G Cameron, D T 

Gundcrson P Camp 

Williams E S Canby 

Zimmerman Bros " 

Pulvcr R Cantield 

Herreman W L Cannon City 

Struthers J 

Feiker E Cannon River Falls 


Fire-Proof Doors I Shutters. 

M H, Orittenden & Oo„ 

Cor. Sixth and Sibley Bu., 

6t, PanL Uiaa. 

WC PMKSM Pf rm Dealers in BOLTING CLOTH and Cni;:- J 




Blaeksiiiiths. (Cont'd.) 

Johnson P C. Cannon River Falls 
Shannon Thos 
Brunstrom ifc Mag- 
nus Canton, D T 

Guinter D S 


Drummond W E Carimona 

Hendersliott C 

Hill H G 

Bro-R-n J T Casselton, D T 

McDonald DA.... 

McDonalds " 

Lvder H D Castle Rock 

S^elmL Cedar 3Iills 

Wester & Adams Cedarville 


T J Centennial Park, D T 

Lutz John Central City, D T 


Brander 'Wm Champlin 

Herrick Nelson 

Stetvart John 

Delsing Joseph Chaska 

HedtkeFW '• 

Schoschetzky Michael ... . 

WinnighofE 'Joseph 

Andrus Geors^e Chatticld 

BandleFD..^ " 

Barnes D S 

Bolander James " 

Lee John 

Ober Levi ■' 

Lonirfield PI Chester 

Wing S A " 

Christianson Jo- 

hanas Chippewa Falls 

Coburn G B 

Johnson P Chisago City 

Gubbrondson C Christiana 

Donahue J Claremont 


Owens E " 

Bassett G D Clayton 

Ransomer J E "' 

Biggerstaff Thomas. .Clear Water 


Collins D E 

Armstrong J Cleveland 


Johnson H 

Prevey C Clinton Falls 

Fletcher E Clitherall 

McKenna J P Clontarf 

RollF " 

Hughes E Clyde 

Wat.sonJ " 

Holstrom M Cokat.) 

Johnson S 

Ptlipsen Nicholas. Cold SpringCitv 

RoedelJ " •■ " 

Berry H Concnnl 


Darache N Corcor:in 

NilesLR Coritui.i 

Onn Oliver ConluMi 

Unger W 

Glaum A Cormorant MilN 

Booth A Cottage Gmvu 

Among A Courthmd 

Gauthier & Tougas Crooks! mm 

5Ionroe vfc Bertsch 

PerrvE Crow Rivtr 

Muskie F Cuhlnim 

Alister ME Current Lake 

Anderson O P 

Gates L G Currie 

Lee Peter Daknt.i 

Main Daniel Darwin 

Streeter I •■ 

Runquist & Johnson Das-el 

SpathF ■■ 

Brier J Davton 

TowleWH ■• 

Carney James Deadwond, D T 

Sevey Bros 

Stevenson J H. ...Dcadwood, D T 


Witzel August.... 

McFarland R De GnilT 

Rice D 

Pickruhn C & Raskob Dibiii.) 

Raschobe i Pierunce " 

SwedbankJ -• 

Swedeback J 

Webster MC " 

Hassing A Delavan StutiiMi 

Sharpley J 

Moore & Hoag. .Dell Rapids, D T 
Winsor L S. 7. .. 

Shortlev W De Smet, D T 

Barril Camil Detroit City 

Wheeler W J 

Winslow Joseph " 

Dewev .V H Dexter 

DudtieldH '■ 

Vermylia J " 

McAuley N. , Diamond. D T 

Crail Gustav Dodge Centre 

Fairbank W E 

Franklin DL 

Franklin Perrv 

Ketcham H iX &: Co 
Luehde Wm 

SCHEFERS BROS, i™ """"°' ™°"' "" " 

THrd Street, ST. PAUL, Mi:.'r- 

Hashow,Mais!i& Davis 

Mate a specialty of BREWEES" 
Machmery. Oor. 2J St. and Fifth 
J Avenne Sooth, MiimeapoUii 





Driug Thomas Dodge City 

Clemen tson Ole Donnelly 

Dale AC Douglas 

Drysdall HO Dover Centre 

Ellsburv J 

Grav G'A Drayton, D T 

Ginther J Dresbach 

OXeilJH " 

England Edward Duluth 

McLean A B& Co " 

An Dyke Frank Dundas 

Carroll Henry " 

Strange Edward " 

Minnard E Eagle Lake 

Redner Isaac " 

Grice & James Easton 

Edberg J A East Union 

Jackson Bros Eden. D T 

Blaisdell CD Eden Prairie 


Butterfield T J Edgerton 

Hove HA ^" 

Snuth J D Egan, D T 

Kramer M Elba 

MaveisF Elgin 

AVestenerEW " 

Gudmundsen O Elk L.ike 

Coverdale John. ..Elk Point. D T 

Jameson J G Elk River 

Thomas & Squires 

Douglas J Elliota 

Larsen C Elm Dale 

Twist CB 

Block & Stroeter..Elm River. D T 

Jeweson C Elysian 

Orison J D 

Weber F " 

Hcnsum J B Emerald 

KcllcyD " 

Felzer T Enterprise 

Hurley J J Ernest. D T 

Gregory S Etna 

Lane ic Xelson Evansville 

Bt-unett M E.xcelsior 

Harri.-ion J J 


Morse WB 

Viestadt Charles Eyota 

\V right M '■ 

Furgason C N Fairfield 

Kimble C E Fair Haven 

Leavitt S 

lilencoe George Fairmont 

Eiden Adam." 


Garrison E ". . . .Fair Point 


Jackson J Fairview. D T 

Douglass & Smith . . . .Fargo, D T 

Johnson G B 

McChe.«ney Bros 

Youngrin Gustavus. . . " 

Carney Michael Faribault 

Collison D G 

Filiatrault Eges}-pe 

Hodgson WW 

Holmberg Christian " 

La France Peter 

Meyer CH ;'_ 

Moran E J 

Pennv J B 

Roberts F 

Cable G S Farmington 

McHaffie Theodore... 


Wright John Farmington, D T 

Shaver & Eshclman. .Fergus Falls 

Sherman J P 

ShuUman Andrew.. . . " 

Little SG Fillmore 

MoorvHM " 

Webber* Smith 

Christiansen J . . .Fisher's Landing 

Smith D 

Welch T 

Barron Daniel Flandreau. D T 

Dunn Wm 

Larson J Fon du Lac 

Baden C Forest City 

Mahonv F 

King AD Forest Lake 

Klein Bros Forest Mills 

Johnson J Fork, DT 

Ayott AT Fort Buford, D T 

Charbonneau & 

Weeks Fort Pierre, D T 

Heald& Brown.. 

Le Blanc F 

Stout it Herbert. . 

Nelson S Fort Ridgclv 

Taft AW Fountain. D T 


Ritter N Frankford 

Scovill DA Freeborn 

Welch & Noel Freeburgh 

Fridley F Fridley 

Carsten N Frontenac 

Wegrich S 

Schultz August Fulda 

Brown E Garden City 

Goodall G W 

Pepper James A 

Martin ct Inlagen Gary, D T 

Rook & Mathew 

Kingsbury & Draper. 

Builders' Hardware and Mechan- 
ios'Tools, 35 E. Third St., St. Paul 

Lamp Goods, 

Table Cutlery and Plated Ware, at Olarl. 
Johnsoa's Crockery House, ~^^^\TJ's°flTj""" 






Blnck-iiiiitEi-ii. (Cont'd.) 

Johnson B Gay\-ille. D T 

Schad B Geneva 

Bassett J L Genoa 

FlatenGC Gilchrist 

Buss Frederick Glencoe 

Rogers Charles 

Thompson C A & Son. ... 

Violet Julius " 

ClowF A Glenville 

Gillard T Glenville 

Farquhar R Glen'n-ood 

Pickle J Golden Gate 

Hemdy A A . Good Thunders' Ford 

berg R 

Taylor H Goodwin, DT 


Clarke Angus Graceville 

Eriksen John Granby 

Haggerty P H. .Grand Forks. D T 
Knutsen & Fin- 


Robinson Alex- 

Ross ^Vm 

Steward Donald 

Bentson C I & Co. Grand ^Meadow 

ColeC C 

Dale & Graham. . . 
McCaskell Edward 

Peterson John 

Lewis J Grand Portage 

Fitchett R Grand Rapids 

Daily M J Granger 


Johnson & Bersr Granite Falls 

O'Donnell F TT 

Olander Swen 

Kiernan J Green Isle 

Bertelsen C Gn'enleaf 

Thomas "W O Greculeafton 

Eklund E P Grove City 

Malinquist P J 

Silver H Grove Lake 

Go-xal J L Hader 

Harrison H " 

Jolliff I Hallock 

Farnsworth M Hamilton 

Fletcher F 

Mversifc Phewcr. Hamilton Station 

Sass O Hammondsford 

Breher F Hampton 

Gesme, Foss it Trlander. Hancock 

Rankin & Johnson " 

Barthel A Hanover 


Robinson H Haiwui 

Sanderson H 

Wilson J E HarniMiu 

Sutton J Hartfurl 

Chri.stiansen S& Bro. . . .Harihi.hl 

Hagal N lln^-.r, 

Bateraan John Hasiiii^'> 

Canning MA 

Geug 6c Huege : 

Kane & Cavanaugh 

Lee A Arneson Hawlry 


Johnson J W Hay ward 

Viger E O 

Reese x'^.ndrew Hazclwood 

TidlandL E Helm.,, 

Hagland L Hector 

Johnson & Burgren 

Hauber J HeidellKri; 

Zicka A 

Dayly M Helena 

Karmish J 

Pichette E Helvetia 

Bertrang Matthew Henderson 

Hedtke A F 

Dahlsie M Herman 


LibbvC L 

Dodire S Herman. D T 


Di-xon T C Heron Lak.- 

Harl'eton M 

Dicky J A High Fore-i 

Rockwell I L 

Jacobson E Highland 

Olson H 

Halstad L M Highland. D T 

HoldraanE Hill City, HT 

Runyon J M Hillsdale, D T 

Guenther C L Hokali 

Keeler L S " 

SteinJC \' 

Stelzis Joseph 

HomaM HO Hold.u 

HouL'en C Holmes City 

Baldwin J Ilonur 

Harrison AV 

HulTman E B " 

Meyers J J "' 

Rogers GN " 

Bafnum A N Hou-lon 

Hallenirren C " 

Todd it Gerard 

Mackinzie M Hutchinvm 

Stinke L 

Waller A P & Co 

Backwall P I'-"'" 


1 ings, 46 Jackson St., ST. PAUL 



TIGER RAKTIS, Milbnrn 'Wagons, Bu| 

I, Uug- 

„, „ 1 Seed- 

J ars, Canton Plows, etc,, 18 W, 3d St„ St, Panl. 

EandallPdverizing Harrows Triumoh 




Young F Isinours 

DuvisSamuel Jackson 

Swenson ifc Seip 

Threndsen O O. ..Jacksnn Centre 
Marshall & Galen- 

ger Jamestown, D T 

Sambert, Smith ifc 


Pf mers L Jefferson. D T 

IVWitzct De Grapper..Janesville 
Farnura & JIcKinney. .. 

Hesonius Mathias Jordan 

Ttiorson H Kandiyohi Station 

Bariiquist U G ". KajQta 

Martin J 

OtTenl)ach J " 

Sorensen H & Co Kasson 

Carlson H Kcnvon 

Hoth C F KerkhoVen 

Vestrtim F P 

B\Tne P Kilkenny 


Freeman H E Kintrston 

Weichtclbaum J..Kransburg, D T 

Mosier Bros Lac qui Parle 

Bovnton G W La Crescent 


Barber L Lake Badger, D T 

Dilley JS Lake City 

Emery J H 

McCroden James 

Brauer J Lake Elmo 

Johnson J Lake Harold 


EgerH H Lake Park 

f'fson &. Bergman 

Bc'cknes & Ernster Lakeville 

Souser J " 

Koth J Lamberton 

Gracic James Lanesboro 

Hubbell ifc Flemming. .. 

Miller Hans 

Peterson & Glasoe 

Bickford il O Langdon 

CampljcU ifc Halverson. .. 

Lysen J O Langher 

Fuller Bros Landing 

Lewis J R Lead City, D T 

O'Connor David. . 

McK.A 7. F LeRoy 

PorterAJ " 

Reichi-1 A Lester 

Rudd H Lesterville, DT 


Becker C F Le Sueur 


llill Vactor 

King H H Le Sueur 

Plowman George 

Davis N Le Sueur Center 

Pepper F 

Hunt O W Lewiston 

Matzke C 

Rasmuseny R Linden 

Svinhouge"n P O 

Beaver 't LitchtiL'ld 

Hamlin L Little Falls 

Hamlin J Little Texas 

Bancroft D E Lodi, D T 

Abeling F Lonsr Prairie 

-Woodward H 

Plum H Luverne 

Redficld ife Gleeson 

>mier JF Lydia 

Reinshmit J Lyle 

LinkG Lynd 

Hutchins H C McCauleyville 

Jargenson Knud Madelia 

Grady John Mahtowa 

Keefe D G JIaine 

Bisbee A P Maine Prairie 

Greive J 

Spauldiug A 

Quinlavin J J Manannah 

Taylor A 

Turner it Baum " 

Craine W E ;Mankato 


Kunselman Vim 

Lorenz Frank 


Mayers Lorenz " 

Melhot'er John 

Roll M ' 

Vosbeck C 

Bronsdon FA Mantorville 


Punt H Maple Grove 

Schabis John 

Brown George. .Maple Grove. DT 

Briley D W.". Maple Plain 

Peterson P Maple Ridge 

Gerth Fred Mapleton Station 

Koe John 

Schombrick .J.. 

Westergreen O ilarinc Mills 

Emracrson B F Marion 

■Watts J H " 

Tinker J R Maricm, DT 

Gibson MH Marshall 

.lolitzCA " 

Fields I Marshtield 

Hodgson R ') 

Simons C 


AECHITEOTS, Minneapolij. Pl.i.n 
aad Spocificationa famished for /'. 
kiads of Building, on aiiort notice 

The Latest Designs 

Can be found at 6. 1. Parringtou'. 
Merchant Tailor, Minneapolis. 

964 BLA 




Andersen Iver. . . 


Heibel Eberhart. . 

Bvers & Silvernail 

Schuler JIathias. . 

Mays^-ille, D T 

Onn& Crook 

. ..MontgonuTV 

Showers L 

Hauger Lars 

Schroder Ludwig. 
Ball Jacob 




Fuller D F - " 


Wilson J H 

OetrTipll V %r 

Snodgrass W R. . . 


....'. ..Mendota 

Erickson John. .. 


Levy C 

...Menno, DT 

Middleton G K. . . 

Stippin F 


Dahl P E 

Oppeneardt E 

Peterson CJI.... 


BailevE A 


Strange J 

Miller's Station 


Crawford W S . . 


Johnson H 



Ballard & Sebel. . 


Fonslow >I 

.Milltown, D T 

Law A 

.Mound Prairie 

Gray John 


Mountain Lake 


Rock Mathias. . . . 


Holtin P 

Applequist & Kane Murdoek 


Powers & Cregg. . 

Burrell G ^ 

Smith J H 

Simon P 

ashville Centre 

Boyden JA 

. . .Minneapolis 

. . .Nation. D T 

Butler H C 

Nelsen J T 

Beebe L R 

Vaughan H 


..New Auburn 

Clark C W 

Cramsie E A. . . . 

Kringler N E. .New Buffalo, D T 

Dalluge & Roepk 


Olmsteadi Bar- 

Greeley AV Q.... 
Hanson J D . . 

Johnson F. . . . 


Haynes F 

Johnson E 

Berglund A 

. ..New Lisb..a 

HernD W 

..New London 

Labrash A C . 

Krause C 

Mossberff G P. . . . 

Munson & Foreman. . 

Ries Nick 

...New Market 

Murphy Arthur. . 

Bohmer "\\ m 

Shabarker C A. . . 


Olson OP 

.New Richlaud 

Thrall John 

Thompson T 

Zahner Frank. . . 

Kretschmar R. . . 

New Rome 

New Ulm 

Frey D F 

Fideler Henrv. . . . 

Reith Herman... 
Letts G L 

Minnesota Falls 

Kiesling Hermann 


Kiesling Wm.... 

, Beuserwitz Charle 

Peterson & Anderson... 

Drager Albert.. . 
Fisher Harmon . . 

Schapekahm J H. 


Plagemann Aucnist 

Clark A W. . .T -NfinnPtrista 

Johnson A 

SweezevD R. . . . 
Peterson B 

.Nordland, DT 

Berg John A. . . . 

Papke A 

Sinclair W F 




. . .Money Creek 

Bier A 


r erKinSj Lyons C6 UOi for pure wines and Liquors. 


Give particular attention to set-- 

ting np of Engine Boilers and all 

J kinds of machinery. ilinneapoUa. 



Dunn & Moshier. 




Hamraany AC. 
Taylor & Macken 
Erickson S 

Burnham E 


Miller Hans 

...Pilot Mound 

....North Fork 

Van Loan John. . 

. . . 

Thompson T E. . 

Yates HF 

..North Prairie 

McKenzie W A . 

Pine City 

"Werwitzki F 

Neubouer Julius 

Brufloth A E . . . 

North Star. D T 

Hutchinson C M. 

....Pine Island 

Kartell Bros .... 


Murphy James. . 

Thompson C H . 

Townsend C 

Thompson D T . 

Jackson AF 

Pipe Stone 

Dearborn C F . . . 


Morrill Frank. . . . 

Enden J 


Hardy & Purvis . 

Plain view 

Sprinffer J 

Schaldack C . . . . 
Johnson D T . . . 

Clements J F . . 

. . . Oak Grove 


....Oak Station 

.Pleasant Grove 

Werner J 

.Oakwood. DT 

Woods H 

Walter H 


Boech Charles... 

Pleasant Mound 


....Olivet. DT 

. .Point Douijlas 

Depue J G 

Fleck J 


\.une Oluf 

Polk City 


Reefsnider I 


Dickey MM 


MelounckJ B... 


Anderson H 


Rosnes 0. . .Prairie Farm, D T 

Stone J C 

UdrethL H... 
Kramer Louis.. . 


Oscar Lake 



...Osceola, D T 

Nelson Bros 



Quinn Thomas.. 
Rappe C 


Laferriere & Charest " 




Anderson P 


Hawk J K 



Cartwright Hiran 

Davis A 

Deininger Robert 


Cantield J U. . . . 

Prior Lake 

Hanson Christ. . . 

Black Wm 

...Quincy, DT 

McDonald & Hubbard. . 

.Red Lake Falls 

Morton James. . . 

Davis J C 

Smith CF 

Laveer O 

Johnson EB.... 



Webber C 

....Parker. DT 

Amond Godfrey 

Red Wing 


..Parker's Lake 

Baker & Funk. . . 

Jardine A 

Matthews Lt Robertson. 


Bates EH 


Hotchkiss F V. . 

.Redwood Falls 

Hodden JO 

Peterson J A. . . 

Nelson E 

...Pelican Lake 

Thomas J H.... 

Halverson J 


Randall L L . . . . 

Kopplin John . . . 

.Reed's Landing 

Fort Bros 


Wilcox G A. . . . 


Harmon & Ketl 

On-den H 

. .Rice Lake 

Ensber"- Ole 



Johnson C 

Jones C A 

..Richland, D T 

Quickstad P E. . 

Cook J 

....Rich Valley 


Carstcnsen J 

Hoylhart & Swee 


Knaah J 

ney... Rochester 

Post W C 

Lockie AJ 


Taxred Pelt, Building Paper, Pitch, etc 

I Selden & Grygla, 114 N. 3d St., MinneapoUi 






Bl:u*K-<>imit9ii<). (Cont'd.) 

McLcnd 1- Clark Rochester 

O'Rourke Ilenrv 

PlattJG '. 

Rowley MV 

Spauldin!r.S: Madison. .. 


"Ware Wm Rock 

GuptiU G Rockford 

Hoppe P 

Hepner J Roscoe 

Rogers A 

Smith J D Roscoe, D T 

Hanson JO Roscoe (.'t-iitre 

Pierce J M Rose Creek 

Hubbell W Rose Hill 

Snvder A 


Butler Sc Hogan Rosemount 

Gei^er & Garry. 

Anderson C 

Smithson F 

Adlafd J Round Jlound 

Johanson Pe- 
ter Running Water, D T 

Frisk John Rush City 

Lindholra John 

McRae Daniel 


Bathrick Thomas Rushford 

Halverson A 

Hanson tt Hopperstadt. 

Field HO Sacred Heart 

• Moeller J St Augusta 

Blares Robert St Charles 

Wurstlain Peter 

Albrecht AVm St Cloud 

DuruptPP " 

Jones Thomas 

Naegeli Frank 

Noyes I M 

Rafhbun Sebra 

Robertson J W 

Stewart I) St Francis 

Henkelmen L St George 

Brj-nildson Frederick St James 

McDcrmott John 

Paul Peter St Michael 

_ Brouchear & Dillon St Paul 

' Duggan Bros 

Guerin Vital 

Heck Peter 

Heideurich Ernst 

Hogan \Vm " 

Kaufniaun John " 

SlokFraiik ■• 

Vanderhoof L W 

Childs Jolin StPetrr 

Jake Chri.siiaa •• 

Johnson C A 

Kemniits Wm " 

Lorenz August 

Luckcn 3Iartin " 

Peterson J M 

Smith J H " 

Cory G Saratog,! 

Draper S S 

Hinman CM Sauk Centre 

Stewart i.t Moore 

Johnson AC Sauk liapids 

Miller J K 

Mitchell W B Scotland 

Birely C Scotland, D T 

Bruce George 

Dean J A , ." Shakopee 

Breneman G Sheldon 

Sweet J & Co 

Adams G Sherburne 

Green N S 

Corcoran M Shieldsville 

Stack James " 

Higgins E L Shingle Creek 

Hammc SO ,"Silliarils 

Stireweet D Silver Creuk 

Halva W Silver Lake 

Gillmann Peter. . Sioux Falls, D T 

Hall Wm 

Hen jura & OLson 
Herrick Z P. . . . 


Redtield J F. . . . 

Haupf J Skyberj 

Moll Daniel Sleepy Eye 

Pedersens Andrew 

Prescott C F & Son. .. 
Somraerfield Aucust. . 

Slayton H H. . .7 Smithlield 

Baker & Green Smith Lakir 

Blake J B Speartish, D T 

Walk it Schuler 

Cutland J S Springticld 


Schwarzrockifc Tooth.. 

Van Cuveu V R. .Springfield, D T 

Brenne C Spring Grove 

Christien N " 


Odermann J Spring Hill 

Beers BE Spring \ alley 

Hande it Johnson. . 


Kumni C F " 

McDermott John. . . " 
HavensEC Stacy 


OVER SI 5,000,000. The ' New Ed Tlicd 


St. Paul, General Agent for Minnesota. 


Macufaotured for Banks, Mill Men and Oorpora- 

1 Vest of style, by P. F. HENNIG, 

)ck, Minneapolis. 




Merrill Wm Stanton 

Elstrom, Olof & Oss Stark 

Hammarsren J " 

Nybcrg E Stavanger 

.lohnstoQ W H Sterling Centre 

Degree E Stewart 

Farriuar J 

Smith M '• 

Fairbain T Stewart ville 

Kelly J 

Casey James Stillwater 

Connors James 

Fitzgerald J P 

Hatha way CM 

Moffatt Michael 

Mueller Wm 

Simmons & Grant 

Staples ik Karney " 

Sullivan D J " 

Yorks J C " 

Lourish C Stockton 

Sundahl A J Stony Run 

Barteau P Suel 

Saunders P Sunuyside, D T 

Collins S Sunrise City 

Jorgenson J Swan Lake, D T 

McKenzie Do Sweden. D T 

Campbell G Taopi 

O'Brien " 

StyreN " 

Christoverson George, 

Taylor's Falls 

Shoquest Gustav 

Simmons 'Wm 

Bakes J Torah 

Siverding B " 

Harrigan ifc Petersen Tracy 

Schlilp John " 

Mamer J Trout Brook 

Olsen Amund Troy 

Sutherland R •■ 

McGlench J. . ..Turtle River. D T 

Simon Charles Tyler 

Chisholm A Utica 

Mason M Valley City, D T 

Wauchler H 

Bolles EC Valley Creek 


Parmenter J E & M J Varco 

Lindquist D Vasa 

Rendler & Fischler Vermillion 

Carlin A J Vermiliiuii. D T 

Combs II T 

Vaughaii II E 

Ingalls & Jones Verndale 

Blanehard J D Vernon Centre 

Brown EC 

Javncs J W Vernon Centre 

Phillips O D Viola 

Fisher Wm Vivian 

Belov Frederick Wabasha 

Monroe Peter 

Denniu A Waconia 

Scharmer D 

Gatz A Wadena 

Herron J N 

Ilerron & Kephart 

Swindlehurst J 

UllinanifcChezick.Wahpeton. DT. 

Quarton T M Walnut Station 



;McCollura J Wanari, D T 

SchultzA • •• 

Bjerva C J Wangs 

JlcCanu M Warren 

Mclntvre DC " 

McLeana M " 

Darffavel W Warsaw 

HarperD H 


Breen X J Waseca 

Brown Theodore 

Kreuzer Wenzel 

Lohren A J " 

Bogart J W Washington 

DewarD 'Wasioja 

Carlson F Wastedo 

Miller J Watab 

Burke C Waterford 

Moebus ifc Warta Watertown 


Blackburn &, Co. . Watertown, DT 

Sheriden A Waterville 

Adamson R Watson 

Menard F Waverly Mills 

Petznick F 

Mealy J Weaver 

Hugen O N Wegdahl 

Olsen A 

Baldwin & Reed Wells 

Dickenson J E ' • 

King " 

Rodgers ED " 

MachacekF Weselv 

TomekJ •• 

Anderson A O West Brook ' 

Rearler G Westford 

Iver>on U West Lake 

Iluber M West Newton 

Mastellcr AV West Union 

Treadswell A II Whalan 

Lavoie J Wheatland 

Sundar O C. . .White Bear Centre 

M. H. Crittenden & Co. 

Sheet-Iron ArchitPctnral "Workers 
and Roofers. Cor. Biith and Bibley 
BueeM, St. Paul, Minn. 


, Send for Circular anj ^n.^^ 
Minneapolis, Mian. 

96S BLA 


Blacksmith!*. (Cont'd.) 

Burker J White Bear Lake 

PetersoaP White Willow 

Jorce HP . . . . Wild Rice 

Boat Builders. 

Marlett Charles Albert I.r^ 

Patrick Edward 

Watt.s W DulMtli 

Cnell Peter 


Luedtke F 


. .Willow Creek 

EUerton C E Grand PorH.-c 

Batchelor Bros Red Win; 


Stange W 

Bruflodt OG.... 
Clark Lvman.... 
Ruhberf P A 


.Wilton Centre 

l>iii;;lc Jo>iei>li (See 

„dv) St Paul 

Mueller Bro« {See 

adv) Stillwater 

Sherwood B L " 

Bills E A Wabasha 

Swenson John. . . 
Lasson & Hun- 

onebago Agency 
Winnebago City 


Johnson G V Wavzat.i 

Leaman E A. . . .White Bear Lake 

Wheeler J. .. . 

Kamrar Isaac 

Moore Frank 

Smith John 

Sweet Robert . . . 
Webster Charles. 
Webster Wm . . . 
Chappell Thomas 

Boiler Fluid. 

Crewe F W St Louis, Mo 

Boiler 5Iakers. 

Iloltoii CC &i Co, 

(&<> adr) Chicago. Ill 

Glenn M W {See 

adc) Minneapolis 

Rackow Frank 

Xortli Star Iron 

Steelhammar A G " 

Tiepus Daniel " 

Baker J vSc R J Winsted Lake 

Moschner & Smith. . 

Bourne P Witoka 

Walter E Wolf Creek, DT 

Ludhe A Woodstock 

I>epe\v Ac Lawson 

{Seeadc) St Paul 

Kenny Bros {S,-e adr). . 
Northwestern Boiler Wks. " 

Book Binders and 

Brown W K 

Chase CC 

.Worthing. D T 

Blank Book .^Intrs. 

Johnson C F Dululli 

Ilcnnlg F F {See 

top lines) Minneapolis 

Clark A L . '• 

Rutherford A 

Beilharz John . . . 
Keubauer Fred . . 


. . Yankton, D T 


Johnson, Smith &Har- 

Minncapolis Tribune 

Rudd Henry 


Sherwood J W, 

Bonde J Nerstrand 

Herbert B Jf, 

(Seeade.) Red ^\ idk' 

Cunningham J W St Paul 

Engel&Veyl '■ 

Hoermemann Bros. YounsAmerica 

Helmer C Zion 

Kovak A Ziskov, D T 

Bryant C D Znmlirn FalU 


Cogswell A L . . . 
Nicker.son Seth. . 
Wiseman George 


Pioneer Press Co The 

Lnnilternian Steam 
Printing Co, 

(See ade). Stillwater 


East Tliiid Street, St. Paul, Minn. 


Kashow, fviaish &. Oavis, ^-^^? -^ y^^^^^i^^ 




ilinneapoiia, Winn. 



Books and Station- 

Averill, Russell & Carpen- 
ter St Paul 


Peck Anson Albert Lea 

Southmayd Mrs 

FB Alexandria, DT 

Gerald .IS Beaver Falls 

Schuler & Thurs- 
ton Blue Earth City 

Davis Mrs MP Brainerd 

Sherwood Mrs Alice .... 

Beldin? AH.... Caledonia 


Scofield Bros. Cannon River Falls 

Slingsby E T Casselton, D T 

Barnes AM... .Central City, D T 

McLarty M Chatfleld 

Hamilton & Rock- 
fellow Deadwood, D T 

Alvev .J Delavan Station 

Cadd" HA Dell Rapids, D T 

Burrows J J Dodge Centre 

Healy E A Drayton, D T 

.Johnson C F Dululh 

Marvin LA s 

Woodbridge Wm S (whol 

and ret) 

Grant E A Fargo, DT 

Parshall .J R Faribault 

Stevens ^^ H ifc Co 

Wilson i: Smith 

Thurston J H Farmington 

Hall Wm .J Fergus Palls 

White D S Flandreau, D T 

McDonald Don- 
ald Grand Forks, D T 

Baken & Robinson . Grand ileadow 
Ranney Wm S. . . . 

Wilkinson H J Granite Falls 

England A F Hancock 

Lambert J B Hastings 

Stanley WP 

Bcmiett Miss Xancy . . . Henderson 

Kroirstad C O Lanesboro 

Schultz & Bergh 

Davis L B Le Sueur 

Harroun & Hawes Luvirne 

Hancock D L Mandan, D T 

Chapman J U Mankato 

Tiffany E A " 

Wilson Samuel Jlantorvillc 

Howard Frank A Marshall 

Cushman & Plummrr . Minneapolis 
Kirkbridge, Whilall A: 


Wasrner & Colton 


Severs .T M Montevideo 

Bach Charles New Ulm 

Boblcter Jo>iepli., 

McClauuhrv O T Northfield 

Porter C F" Oakwood, D T 

Spelman & Bliss Owatonna 

Whipple E W " 

Hart I L Pipe Stone 

Sweet DE 

AVrafek Francis Pragxie 

Weiser Albert Preston 

Gantz J S Rapid City, D T 

Philleo E B Red Wing 

Willard i Willard 

Cunningham G W Rochester 

Fall AB • " 

Ireland WW 

Tucker Mrs HC 

Jones J W Rochford, D T 

.Vllen E L St Cloud 

Reinhard Bernard 

Rosenberger W L 

Bures Xicolas St Paul 

Davenport James 

Gross Wm " 

Hoeniger Mrs C " 

Hough Sherwood 

Hueister Henry F 

McCarthy Sz Donnelly, ... " 

MilhamEH " 

O'Halloran Denis 

St. Paul Book and Station- 
ery Co 

Snyder J H- St Peter 

Williams & Johnston 

Misses Sauk Centre 

Rausch C F Shakopee 

Bear S M & Co. . . Sioux Falls, D T 

Fleetwood & Lloyd 

Hanson Lars Sleepv Eye 

Adams E G H Spring Valley 

Culver G N Stillwater 

Eldridtre Arial 

Lull AC 

Humphrey Mrs E C. . Taylor's Falls 

SeTOiourG Wi.tCo. . 

Anderson C Valley City, D T 

Bridijman & Lotze . Vermillion.D T 

White J T 

Stone John J Wabasha 

Whitmorc .1 L 

Ranney A H Waseca 

Solid Bronze Hardware. liSJ: 

idences and Pab- 
. 3d St., St. Paul, 

UndllCO jfUlljiOUiijington Ave. South, MINimAPOLI 




Book<«. (Continued.) 

Woodard T W Wells 

Ballj- John Winona 

McXie&co ;; 

Morgan E S 

Stevens H & Son 

Ho-svard A W Yankton. D T 


Boots and Shoes. 

(Mnf)-f and M'hoksale De/ikn.) 
North Star Boot and 

Shoe Co Minneapolis 

Preston E I J A: Co 

Sterling G R & Co Red Wing 

Cliiiilett A; Sons {&e 

back WL-tr) St Paul 

Forepaugh oc Tarbox 

Gotzian C & Co 

Gumming? A: Vila Winona 

(Mliokmle and Retail.) 

Bangerter Benedict Mankalo 

Lamm Lea 


(See alio Boot and Shoemakers.) 

Liesle J Albany 

Brigham -J AV & Co. . . .Albert Lea 
Conklin, D wight & Co . . 
Thompson AN'alter. .... 

St John C Alden 

Kerkhoff B Ale.xandria. D T 

Opel Christian. . 

Knudson M Amherst 

Daniels G T & Co Anoka 

GravJTA-Co " 

Sheffier F Antioch. D T 

Lambert & Kittridge Austin 

Schwan Joseph ...\ ' ' 

Truesdell James 

Willard L S " 

Johnson S W Beaver 

Gates M Belle Plaine 

Stuckev J Berne 

Marsha'll J II Bismarck. I) T 

Brinker J Blakeky 

Mayo A Blooming Prairie 

Talbot IB 

Bain J Brainerd 

Madson W 

Schwartz Wm 

Wien C K Breckenridge 

Barhnseh J Bremen 

Anderson C G 

Johnson CC ' 

Adamson John Brooklyn, D T 

Knautz August Browu'^vii:.. 


Rolfs J Brnwii! •! 

Bonuell OH Brule Cilv. DT 

Davis W HulTa!'. 

Ha\-nes Daniel Cali-doni;, 

Ryan Thomas 


Chester X A Caiiby 

Greina C W 

Guntzburs A Cannon ("uv 

Post .k llass. .Cannon River Fall- 
Swanson C P. .. " 
Westman & Bo- 

Nelson G A Cannon. HT 

Fish Peter Casselton. D T 

Algeo James. . .Central City, D T 
Seedal Joseph. . 

McKay J Claremi.nt 

Jarl C Cokaio 

Nelson J Cottage Gmv. 

LosevM P Crookston 

Markham S F 

Gerritz G Culdnnu 

Fling Lewis Cuiri,- 

Hastand SA I)a-->-i 


WenkG ' 

Karcher Charles.. Deadwood. !> F 
Losekamb J it Son 
Zipp Friedrich. . . 

Conrell J DeGialT 

Anderson A Dulann 

Brasie C A 

Holt Bros Delavan Sftiii 'ii 

Hinz H De Smet, I) 1 

Bowlin- A E Detroit Ciiy 

Hack.JT Dover Cni. r 

Sackrv Paul DuMiu 

Hoff N J Dulutl. 

Poirier Camille 

WheelockTB " 

C'ookO Eagle I.:ik.- 

LukeF £■'-":;! 

Waterburv SM Eden. 1' 1 

Gartner H Eit.''n 

Bohn D I--'''-' 

Lvdolf C ■' Wm f-''-'"' 

Hendev.sonME Elli"i' 

ZeekM Elm D.Ue 

F.iistermarher J Enterpn-- 

Wvman J K Fair I'-miI 

Alilrichvt Lock wood. Fargo. D 1 

Davis ED 

Rupert C H ir Co. ... 



t TRIUMPH EEEDESS. Randall PoJverb- 
it7s, Tijer Kakcs, C:;r.;oii Plows, Milbaia 
Bugjies, etc., 13 W. 3d St., ST. PiOL. 





Kaiser .John Faribault 

Kiirp i^ Offeruiaun 


I illritn Dennis 


Mueller teter 

Olesou W I Farrainston 


Kracziskus M Faxon 

< >lsan E Fisher's Landing 

Tliibau J E Flandveau. D t 

Horke P Fort Bufonl, DT 


ll.rren J Fort Pierre. DT 

MeCabe.! Frankford 

Barker F Frazee Citj- 

Bi-cen P Freeburgh 

Eiiirebrefson Frontenac 

White.! S: Son Fulda 

Almond i Oswald Gary. D T 

Albrecht J N G"lencoe 

Alford A Glenville 

Johnson M Glyndon 

Beeves J Golden Gate 

Siegler A G.Good Thunder's Ford 
Weidenhoft H, 

Herman CF Goodwin. DT 

Hoger D Grace viUe 

Golzian Ilenrv. Grand Forks. D T 

Smiley T Grant Centre, D T 

Flnren A J Grove City 

•lohuson G 

ftorsethT P Ilader 

NewcombTB llalbick 

Koakly J Hamilton Station 

VaiiL'han Hancock 

Hollmackcl A Hanover 

Brandt A Hartland 

Chase N M Hastings 

Thurston CE 

li'-riliard .J Heidelberg 

H..thT •• ^ 

Hai.lies Helena 

1^'a-ter A Helvetia 

(mi, hel Heinrich Henderson 

I'ru.Uinmme J Bit Co. 

\\>iitker Benedict 

' 'I'-en (J Herman 

Sv.nnessB J Heron Lake 

Ml I'ormick John Hokah 

i^'vne T K Holden 

^'■"■n Holmes City 

•arsen >[ B Houston 

\\alhn H Hutchinson 

l'.;.ri.,lome M Jeirerson, DT 

rlillauni Theodore Jordan 

^' lioti George, jr 

Taege C W Jordan 

Anderson E i.t Bro Ivasson 

Clement J it J >[ 

Lindow A Kellogg 

Iverson Bros Kenvon 

Carlson J P KerkhoVen 

Sorenson A 

Klaink J L Kilkenny 

-McCollum G La Crescent 

Palmer T W Lake City 

Varuev E C ifc Co 

.■Nlortoii T Lake Crystal 

Groebner J Lamberton 

Xelson Mark Lanesboro 

Lieu K Lansher 

Ost JP Lead City. D T 

Bve S Lenora 

Haaue HO Le Hoy 

Williams J M ■ 

Siemers H Lester 

AVaterhouse W H . Lesterville. D T 

Stiebelins Heinrich Le Sueur 

Alhicw £ Le Sueur Center 

Breadtield Wm Little Falls 

Kees J W Luverne 

HedemarkB D Lyle 

Dohl JP Mabel 

Costlon T Madison, D T 

Poirier Bros Mandan. D T 

Andrews J G Mankato 

Austin C H it Son 

Becker F A 

Griebel Bros 

Kohler B 

Larson Peter " 

Bucher X >rantorville 

Lansing WH 

Xordier X M Maple Ridge 

Albrecht Wm. . . Jlapkton Station 

Thomas J 

Beuchler C Marion, D T 


Shatter L 

Thompson C B Marshall 

Dupuis M Mendota 

Stockholm A Mcnno, D T 

Drewnak A >Iiilerville 

Moede H MillviUe 

Moes J •• 

Aldrich W S it Co. . .Minneapolis 
Bolutn i.t McXiecc. ... " 


Ur«>«iiaii Itro>> & 
Morail {Se intr). . 

Clementson P J E 

Donnelly Michael. ... " • 

Field J W 


"•Ivni I uU I Ol Btmction of Public and Private Buildii 

rty-fiveyeirs' ei 
erienco in the con 
dings. ilinnbapoU; 

7<r ij^/ 


Artistic Tailor. Dress Suits a Specialty. 
] 239 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, ilica. 





Boots, Etc. (ContiiuR'd.) 

House it Davi.-i Jliuncapolis 

Hawes & Williams. . . 

Heaton J S 

Heffellinger C A 

Heirholzer Charles. . . 
Hisigins J C & Co. . .. 

Howell EP 

Johnson Bros " 

Knoblauch Alois 

Mester Louis 

Myers J W 

Packard Ed, Ellis & 


Schmidt B 

Peters T Jlinnehaha 

Jacobson B Minneiska 

Mantel G Minneota 

VidalinB •' 

Stine L Minnesota City 

Palmer J F Minnesota Falls 

A'ance A Money Creek 

Ripley DA Montevideo 

Kron A B Morris 

Reed N S Morristown 

O-K-en B D Motley 

Smith C Nerstrand 

Siats F New Auburn 

Anders T Ncwburgh 

Beslcin New Lisbon 

Crick J New Munich 

Bakke & Bjoberg. .New Richland 

Tostensen E 

Fuerstow F New Rome 

Kuhn P New Trier 

Peuser C New Ulm 

Lohej-de Henry 

Abbetmever C Nicollet 

Kachler ^Vm 

Felton J North Branch 

Valleen F G. North Branch Station 

Berke F U Northtield 


Knudson C North Fork 

Lukkason C 

Hansen Chris Norway Lake 

Froutchee J Norwood 

Roth Henry 

Madigan P Nunda 

ClosP Oakdale 

SchulzeC " 

Bredeck B Oak Station 

Goodwin G R Oakwood. D T 

Branch C J Olivet. D T 

Hanlon H Olivia 

Wood J M Oronoco 

Carlson A Orruck 

Christianson C :... •• 

KlugL C OrtonviU,- 

Packard J E O.sceola. I) T 

KrueMr Wm Osmm 

Wooalev J ■■ 

Butsch J A Owatouti 1 

Mork Wm 

Weber J J & Son 

Grainine B N Parkdal.' 

Hay ward S & Son. . . .Parker, DT 

Vanroden H 

Geitmann Henry Perham 

Q\iickstadt PA Peters.)n 

Bryan M H Pine City 

Saxton G Plainview 

Thorn J F 

Monnea J B Plato 

Erhardt H Pleasant Grove 

Parks Wm S. . . .Pleasant Moun.N 

Veselv Frank Praiur 

Welker JA Princeton 

McKennv & Co Quincy. D T 

Hess L ." Red Lake FaIN 

Foot E & Co Red Wing 

Hartman Georie 

Heffelfinger it Kingman 
Reinertse'n H J & Co. . . 

JIarch T A Redwood Falls 

DahlJ P Riceford 

Olson S 

Nevill J P Richmond 

Fawcett Thomas Rochester 

Kellogg TB 

Kurtzman J H 

Leonard George " 

Nelson Andrew " 


Cohen & Co Rochford. D T 


Mc Williams F 

Schmid G Rosemount 

Hagland J Rush City 

Oleson H 

Summers F 

Engbertson & Berg Rushfnrd 

Molum MM Sacred Hc:irt 

Hall W M St Charles 

Howe & Beach 

Zerwas John 

Becker Mathias St Cloud 

Henderson Wales 

Leisen John 

Schumacher John 

Olson Nelson C 9t James 

Bradley Alfred St Paul 

Cerney Frank 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. «< 

Eobert Street, 8T, PAUL, Mian 
MOTTO- Square Dealing and 0"< 
Value fieoelTed tyerj tims. 


and exchange all kind; 

and MacluEery. Cor. 





1 liii>lott & Sons (tk'e 

.,<h: huck- conr) St Paul 

Davis James U 

DietLT \Vm F ■' 

Fabel Phillip •• 

Kitsch John 

Funk *!c Knauft 

Hammer Edwani 

lloreish John 

KochJII " 

Lambie John ' ■ 

MackGLW " 

Peterson John 

Peyerl I ■' 

Pichu John 

Roichardt J C 


Schnittger C H 

Schriel'john " 

Treasure Edwin 

Vamey E C ifc Co 

Schmidt Frederick St Peter 

Bchulz August 

Nichols Joseph Sauk Centre 

Schott Caspar Shakopec 

Schott George 

ZoUer Vallentine 

Fulmer E Sheldon 


Lu yh Wm Sherburne 

Totusek John Silver Lake 

Glidden D S Sioux Falls. DT 

Lloyd AV & Son . . 
Kaabe Werner. . . 
Williams Bros. . . 

Zoleny C Smith Lake 

Wangerm A Sprimrtield 

Rosendald PA Spring Grove 

Halbkat J C Spring Valley 

ViallJ B •• 

Lyons S K Stacy 

Elmquist C Stark 

Kise JO Stavanger 

<'linton E H Stewart 

B<inner D L Stewartville 

S^lewart D 

Buth August Stillwater 

Ferguson Bros 


" Shaughne.ssy John . . . 

J^hwarz X F. 

Menstrom P J 

}^"Dni S Stockton 

['••'' N Thielmanton 

JUimert E .- Torah 

\\«-llin?H •' 

■"^IHflin A Troy 

Johnson A Utica 

Meener C Valley Creek 


Webber H Vermillion 

Ingram G Verndale 

Olsan H Volga. D T 

Kennedy Malcolm Wabasha 

Meyer Joseph 

Ilohman J Waconia 

Wortman A 

Erickson L Wadena 

Kulaas P T Wangs 

Guttleish John Waseca 

Webber J J ifc Son 

Wanek J Wesely 

Peterson C P West Brook 

Serrenscn H West ford 

Larsen C Whalan 

Long John White Bear Lake 

Colield d- Co Willmar 

Parks Wm Willow Creek 

Arnold Wm Winona 

Doud it Thomas 

FladelandJG " 

Ilaberle Louis " 

HecklemanJW " 

Jansen F " 

Scherer Conrad " 

Schumacher & Son " 

Williams EW " 

Conkliu. Dwight 

& Co ". . . Winnebago City 

Garske J Winstead Lake 

Hentz A 

Stahl J it H. . . .Wolf Creek. D T 

Johnson J H Worthington 

Benning & Karthi/er Wvkoff 

Duffack J J Yankton. "D T 

Piles Isaac 

Weeks J A 

Schaler Julius. . . .Young America 

Xicle J Ziskov, D T 

Peterka F 

Bielfulett H Zumbro Falls 

Santerschlayer J. . . . 

Alrick Bros Zumbrota 

Anderson C B '• 

Blanchard H 

Boot and Shoeinkr«. 

{See aletj Boots arid Shoes.) 

DaleOle G Albert Lea 

Nelson OleF 

St John Charles Alden 

Butler Josiah Alma City 

OKeefe J O Anoka 

Selden & Grygia, 

Eoofera and Sheet-Iron Architecttual 
Workers, 114 N. 3d St., Minneapolis. 

PRflPl/FRY ^^^^^^ ChineL. Glassware, wholesale an 
UltUUlXLIl Ij retail E. A. EAKMON & GO., Minneepolii 





Boot and !^iioeiiiki>. 


Ryan TM Anoka 

Dalilberi; O AppletijQ 

Miller J: " 

Anderson C Austin 

Pollack Adolph • 

Sorenson Ole " 

Davisson Peter Bansor 

Sielier R Barnesville 

Borgstrom & AVinberg. . . .Benson 

Hilt David 

Sloan A: Fox Berlin 

Stuckey John Berne 

Broholm E Bismarck, D T 

Larsen Louis 

Page Wm E Blue Earth City 

Scouw Edward. .. 

Bain James Brainerd 

Neilson Jlorgan Brownsdale 

Martin Richard Brownsville 

Krick T Caledonia 

Leighf on Patrick 

Swanson C P. .Cannon River Falls 
Westmauvfe Boi- 

Dahfj L Canton, D T 

Spone E G Carver 

WadenstenJG " 

Poss J F Central City, D T 

Schultz >.t Charles, 

EiseleF X Chaska 

SchroersGH ' 

Schroers Heinrich 

Forres Samuel Chatfield 

Johnson it Malouey 

McLaughlin Wfli .". 

MaokVl J B (See 

adi:) Chica-o. Ill 

Shaw R Clear \V:iter 

Klingenberg J. Cuk;iio 

Dillon P Cordova 

Ilalvorson Ole Crookston 

Herron Arcliilmld 

Olsen Peter Deadwood, D T 

Ramsey Herbert. . 

Anderson Ambrosius Delano 

KelseyJO •• 

Peterson Ole " 

Bcvier Henrv. . . .Dell Rapids.D T 

Davis .M V U Detroit City 

p:wert Julius Dodge Centre 

Saigkr C F 

Riniirts P Dresbach 

Anderson P J Abel Duluth 

Wun.lerle Wm •• 

H<jf niei-iler ( liarles Dundas 

I Reichert Louis Duml i.. 

LinchG W Elk Point. DT 

Foster G A Elk River 


Kurtzman G \V 

Eggum Edward Fargo. "D T 

Gummersou Clement Fairmont 

Kott WF Faribault 

Legros Henry 

Peterson E B 

Pierce Henrv. . . . ■. 

Christianson" O Fergus Falls 

Fagerland S 

Kissinger George. .. . 

Andrews A. . . T ..Freclioni 

Hengin P Garden Cit v 

Ellcrt Anton Gloncoe 

Weygant Friedrich 

IMundigel John. .Grand Forks, D T 
Fischer August. . .Grand Meadow 
■\Vorthingham & 


Peterson G Granger 

Johnseu & Digen. . .Granite Fulls 

Berglind AG Hastings 

Bracht Frederick " 

Brauder J J 

Hach Heinrich 

Ilerbst Michael 

Laub Nicholas 

Olson Andrew " 

Wasser John 

BellroodO C Hokuh 

DidilJJ •• 

Larsen Nels Housb'ii 

Rinquelte H Jamestown. D T 

Hollnnchel Louis Jancsville 

Lynch James 

Schilling Wm 

Owen SB Ka.sson 

Jackson C Kingstun 

Anderson R L Lake Beiiton 

Ander,son P J ^ Co. . . .Lake City 
Jurgensenit Borghers. . 

Kennev James. .7 

Lindbfad Peter 

Peterson A & Bro 

Hartig John Lakeville 

Hall \Vm W Lanoboro 

Larsen Bertel 


Bragg John Lead City. DT 

O'Connor Thomas 

Ost JP 

Dorn John < Lewi-t..ii 

Anderson Nathaniel. . . .LilciilieM 
Pavue Josiah " • 



of BostoDi Law of M«i6dcb06ett8 proviiicj a^'i:uJ< 
forfeiture I J, J.WaUon, Gen'l A(^.,Stf«il,Kina. 


For County, Township and City Officers, in 

beat of style "aad on short notice, at F. F. HESTtnO'S, 
Brackett'a Block, llinneapolis. 




ThieleF W Litchfield 

Halbert W H Luverne 

>'ovotny V McCauleyville 

Engstro'm i Nyquist JIadelia 

Hudson Henrv'. 

Graves BD Mankato 

Hansen Jacob 

Odesby Edward 

Buclier Nicholas ilantorville 

LanMiii; W H 

Albreciit Wm. ..Mapleton Station 
Thomas Jacob . . 

Lindqtii-t C G Marine Mills 

Request Andrew ... . 

Eder J>!l- Co Marshall 

Eder & Janda " 

Millhouse Christian 

Peters Peter JIarvstown 

Skilman M Jfedt'ord 

Bates Wm Minneapolis 

Buschjost Louis 

Christofforson Ole 

C'ummings John 

Donnelly James " 


Hamnstrom C J " 

Hiiler Frederick " 

Hovelson Ole 

Johansou Markus. ... " 

Johnson Hans 


Krouse Bros 

Krouse Edward " 

Lamp Christian 

Linqui-»>t Johnson. . 

McCarthy J 

Manteuflel Wm 


Navratil Frank 

Ode^Mrd >fc Lundberg, " 


Pctera-h John 

Peterson J C 


Roeder John 


Thor.sen E 

R'lstfnquist P W 

Willy Aha 

Zimmerle George 

Stein Louis Minnesota City 

Farmer W A Minnesota Lake 

Myrue Henry- 

Osdoba Philip. ... 

Durkin Louis Montevideo 

Ophuus Olius 

Lee J H Monticello 

Xordnian F Montrose 

Mei.xner John Moorhead 

Cairnev James Morris 

FosbefgAN " 

Eckman L New London 

Olson Bros New Richland 

Langmaack Hans New Ulm 

Oswald J C 

Rudolph Henry 

Schneider Leary 

Wickerski Ernst 

Johnson Hans Northtield 

Schwirtz Frank 

Slocum E 

Lender Andrew Ortonvillv 

Mogren C E 

Lee" James Owatonna 


Skinner J F " 

Henn Vilgis Perham 

Satee OK. Pilot Mound 

Jurgeusen & Borchers . .Pine City 

Nedam Barney Pipe Stone 

Meyns Henry Preston 

Schibursky tlermann 

Watson A 

Landers John Quincy, D T 

Bordson Gunder Red" Wing 

.Lindgren it Erickson . . 

Newquist L E 

Peterson OF 

Hoppenrath R K . . Redwood Falls 

Sears Moses 

Dietrich Joseph. ..Reed's Landing 


Madersbach L. . . . 

HiUl Alex Rochester 


OiT Thomas " 

Pedersou Rasmus " 

Powderly John 

Schultz Wm " 

Stube Wm 

Rosier Frank Rose Creek 

Haglund John Rush City 

Sommer Ferdinand .... 

Larson John Rushford 

Johnson G C St Charles 

Schalk Frank 

Wilson SG 

Bait Anton St Cloud 

Scherer J B 

Hoscheid Phillip St James 

Barwise Thomas St Paul 

Bayer John 

Brandt Frederick 

Brantbcrg James G 


Tarred Telt. Bnildintj Paper, Pi'.ci 
etc. M H rRITTENrENtCO.,CjJ 
Smb and Sibley Sts., St. Paul, M:iii 

WC HMMM JPl rn Flour MiU Builders and General Jii: 
I ll UUl^JM W uUl r"™sbs". 401 Wastiugwp ATenne So-.-, 





Boot and Sliociiikrjs. 


Burch Peter St Paul 

Caron Oncsime 

Goette Jacob 

Harris Thomas 

Johnson Eric " 

Kaeable Daniel 

Kennedy Jame?; J 

Lawton David 

Leitner J C 

LundvallG " 

Madden John 

Pierson Victor 

Poison Olof -. 

Prudhomme Louis P " 

Rapp Frederick 

Schiller J J " 

StrutzellJohn ' " 

Thorwarth Jacob 

■Weber Charles " 

Herrmann August St Peter 

Krohn John 

Shunell A 

Spiess Stephen 

Thomas John 

Barron J Sauk Rapids 

Hopkins W C. . .Sioux FaUs, D T 
Tharaldson D . . . 

Kimm Theodore Sleepv Eve 

Smith F J Springfield" DT 

Benson Si vert Spring Valley 

Hermis Charles ... . "' 

Renslow H F 

Stoddard C C 

Anderson Jacob Stillwater 

Hanitsch Bernhard 

Haw kenson August. .. . 

Linhoff Wm 

Anderson C J Taylor's Falls 

Baier Anton " 

Wald H Valley City, D T 

Hayw-ood S & 

Son Vermillion. D T 

Aberlee August AVabasha 

Krull Albcrl 

Mock F Waconia 

Krelass P T Wanaminga 


Halverson Julius Waseca 

Krausse Christ " 

Thompson Ole 

Ahlstrom O M Watertown 

Ellingson A Wells 

Wise Nicholas " 

Gillan S S Windom 

Klock Charles 

Miller Henry. .Winnebago Agciu v 
Kellv Alnnzo. . . . Winnebasro Ciiv 

Anders.m Andrew "iVinon'j 

Clark Harry 

Cook J 

FeitenPH " 

Felgate H 

Fischer Lotiis 

Hanson 01c 

Schneider Wm 

Solberg Jalmer 

Warren W S 

Winter Wm " 

Baartz W F Worthiu-l.T, 

Balniat J H Yankton.l) T 

Boettcher Fred 

Camiveau Feli.x " 



(Ale, Purter and Lager.) 

Dewey & Son St Paul 

(Loner Beer.) 

Joseph J P Minneapolis 

Mueller it Heinrich. . 

Remmler Adolph Red AVint; 

Koenig Arthur St Paul 

Stahlraann C " 

Manthev Anton Stillwater 

Heselton W H Yankton, D T 

(Soda WdUr.) 

Lloyd i& Gouin Duluth 

Sheeran & Filler Faribault 

Anderson ifc Lindquist. .Red Wing 

Box ]9Iaiiii(actiirer!<i. 


Hanft Albert St Paul 

Judd ifc Co 


Clark J R Minneapolis 

Guth John 

Blodgett it Osgood St Paul 


Dickinson G L Minneapolis 

Sherwood MR 


Johnson Wm Minneapolis 

Smith. Parker it Co.. 
Wheaton, Reynolds & 

^PHFFFRQ RRflQ importers of rme Woolens, No. 40 

E. TWrd Street, ST. PAUL, Mica. 


Headen & McAULEY, 

1^^ beer"^tills,, 

r^ Railroad Tanks, 


,S0 ALL K.IN-D5 OF- 

Distillers', Rectifiers' and Brewers' Tanks, 


:Wi:sist IiMliana St.. \ortli Si«U>. . CHICAGO. IM.I.VOIS. 

Brewers and Distillers please send for Prices, 


i r' 


Bailders of City Water-Works 
for frontier towns. Cor. 2d St. 
and Fifth Ave. 3., Minneapolis. 




Brass Founders. 

Peet Richard Minneapolis 

Bailev Wm F St Paul 

St Paul Foundry and Mufg 

Co " 

■\Valter Moritz 

Brewers' 3Iaeliiiiery 

llil!»llo\v,^Iai^ll A 
I»avis ' ' 


.). Minneapolis 




Constans Wm 

Xojes, Bros «k Cut- 
ler (''^e adr) 


Wiele R & Co Albert Lea 

Volk Carl Alexandria, D T 

Weisel Jacob Austin 

Walker J E {See 

adr) Bismarck, D T 

Fetzner V & J Brownsville 

Schwebach Philip Caledonia 

SchmallJ Canby 

Ko-witz F Cannon River Falls 

Hertz Berthold Carver 

lleinricli (See 

adv) Central City, D T 

Sarce M Cold Spring City 

Burkhart & Co Crookston 

Ileim & Anderson Gawille, 
Central Citv, D T, P O Dead- 
wood, D T. (S<eadr.) 
Hermann & Treber. 

agents Deadwood,DT 

Parkhurst & Co . . . 

Brandt & Co Faribault 

Fleckenstein Ernest 

Fleckenstein Gottfried.. 

Carl G Frazee City 

Hope H Granger 

Enes Christian Henderson 

Striegel J G Hokah 

Enge'lhome tt Co Hufcliinson 

Owens E .Tnck.<on 

Gchring Sebastian Jordan 

Heiland Friedrich 

Schmidt & Co Lake City 

Kimber Bros Lanesboro 

Gentges Paul Lead City, D T 

Ar)>i-s, Peter ic Co Le Sueur 

Bierbauer Wm Mankato 

Gas^ler it Co 

Graeber N & Co Mankato 

Ibach .Joseph 

Dodge Co Brewery.. . .Mantorville 

Naegele H 

Weideman John Marine Mills 

Behvens W Jlillville 

Ghiek Gottlieb Minneapolis 

:tliieller iV lloiii- 

rifli ^Sc -''?n 

Xoeroi«S»eru I' I>. 

(S.,' ,'dr) 

Orte John 

Vill otto Jlinnesota City 

Erickson John Moorheacl 

Smith N New Munich 

Bender .Jacob New Ulm 

Haunstein John 

Schell August (See 


Schnioker Joseph 

Graf miller AD Northfield 

Bion Louis Owatonna 

Schreader Peter Perham 

Ferber J M Pine Island 

Christ Jacob Red Wing 

Hoffmann Lorenz 

Red Wing Brewery 

Remmler Adolph 

Burkhardt Samuel. Reed's Landing 

Bang Joseph Rochester 

Schuster Heinrich. ..... 

Stinger Adam 

Fahrenholz Louis Rush City 

Pfeitfer Jacob Rushford 

Mueller F W {See 

adv.) St Charles 

Brick John St Cloud 

Enderly Lorenz 

Thiersc & Balder " , 

Weis G E St Michael 

Bruffgemann !Martin St Paul 

Dew'-ey & Son (ale, porter 
and lager beer) St Paul 


Kxeelsior Brewery. . 

Funk M ;; 

Hornun^ Frank 

KochR'ikCo '• 

Stahlniann C " 

Yocri: Anthony 

Emresser Matliew St Peter 

llo'hnian August " 

Veitli Frederick 

Ray wood G >.^: Co St Vincent 

Gruljer George Sauk Centre 

Hussmann Mrs AT... .Shakopee 
Nysscn Hubert 

Kingsbury & Draper 

Keep a foil line of Darling, Brow^ 

& Sliflxpe's MachinistB' Tools, 35 East 
Tliird Bt,, St, Panl. 

■t . ■/ rt.vl 

PHskIoC InhnCnn ^^^^'^"y a°^ Glassware, 513 Wasli- 
UliaiICO JUilllOUnjington Ave. South, MINNEAPOLIS. 




Brewers. (Continue.!.) 
Knott G A A- Co. . Sioux Falls. D T 

Kramer >.V Burgess Sleepy Eye 

Tepa.-s Hermann StiliVater 

Wolf Joseph 

Schottmiller Joseph . Tavlor's Falls 

AVeberC "....Torah 

Lcslin Charles Wabasha 

Ramsdale Joseph "\A'aseca 

Becker J S Winona 

Bub Peter ■• 

Forster John Yankton, D T 

Rossteurher C F. . . 

Schuasse A i Co. Young America 

Brick 31 II f Vs. 

Rusfeldt & Klevin Albert Lea 

Sch-wartz Wm Brainerd 

Ahlin v.t Son Carver 

Grant S J & Co (pressed). . . " 

Gregg & Griswold Chaska 

Strohach tt Streissguth. . . . 

Warner Lucien 

Wiest>.tBro '• 

Stafford Wm Chattield 

Koeppe Au^st Cookston 

IVorcross V, m 

Morris SR 

Riggs W T Dead wood. D T 

Sherwood & John^on . . . Dresbacli 

Stanton C H Duluth 

Lopnow J & Sons Elba 

Murtha Charles Elk Point. DT 

Talcott J M 

Soudeniiau Wm PIastiu"'s 

Chapman ^^- Drake. . . .Heron Lake 

Densmore Thomas Lancsboro 

Kruse Hciurieh Le Sueur 

^laiiKitto liriokCo, 

(■•> t ■i'^'-. pffft^ 34:ii Maukato 

PoUllou- F &. Co l.'yt 

ml.: p„:,, Ul) •• 

Croocker W A Marshall 

Whitney CH 

Zimmermuu C Middleville 

Beng^on & Peterson. .Minueapoli., 

Colstrom N E 

S\van>on John 

Woodbury Daniel. .. . 

Peltier C." Morristown 

Larson P New London 

Blank A H XicoUet 

Gerlach J •■ 

Tilton R Plea.saut Grove 

DuntoQ G W Princ.ton 

Brink, Williams ifc Co. .Red Win" 
Brown E P Roch.-^lcr 

, Whitcomb Edward Rr„l„ m, r 

! BuriTold J H . . Ruunin.ic Wat.T, I ) T 

Jagger John St p;iu! 

Meyer Charles 

Warner Lucien 

Brawlcy D F St Vincent 

Schroeder Bros Shakopoi- 

Berg vfc Johnson Bros, 

Shingle Cre.k 

Hasty R H 

Morrison S D 

Smith James Spring Valley 

Todd, Penniei Co. 

Jordan Thomas. .Vermillion D T 

Davis W F WvkotT 

Ward Wm Zumijrota 



Lutlgcii M O Minneapolis 


Sinnott T G Minneapolis 

(Gniin and Stock.) 
Gaston ct O'Brien. Deadwood. DT 

Judd W S & Co Minneapolis 

Madden W M. . . .Deadwood, D T 

Coll M W Minneap.jh. 

Hall J K 

Ilei«>ci- r; II 

Jewett J A 

Cole Mvron W St Paul 

Stetson" WF 

Talleiil & Soi-iiirr, 

(S,'„,)r) Deadwood, D T 


jreighen Wm Forestville 

Eaton O C Hernian 

Phinne}' Bros 

Wilber"H J Minneapolis 

Broom HiilVs. 

Bassett C F Clayton 

Winnegars Wm Dri'-selVilli- 

Anderson .V II Duniiell 

Linscott J A Fair Hay-ii 

Pierce L Freel:nni 

Scolt L T 

Macnmber P H Gar.len Citv 

Putnam K I! Lac <iui P;"'>>- 

Abbott M K iCo .Maiikal" 

Grittiih J .M 

Albri-ht Wm Pavuc-vl!!.- 

Xorthtield E I'il'.^l>ury 

Hall's Safe I Lock Co. 

Manufacturers of lire and Burg- 
lar Proof Safes, St. Paul, Mian. 

I V Wholesale Manufacturers of "* V 


Also, Dealers in Undertakers' Hardware, Shrouds and Trimmuu 


"•» 83, 84. 85. 86, 87 .lod 88 
South Front St. ^ 


CD TUSIDOTflM Sole A.-'t CANTON PLOWS, TijerRakea.Ein. 
■ VI I ilWSlWI *"'5 barnWajoii3,Bnggie3,etc.,18W.3dSt„3t.Pial 



CirceiMVooil Jacob, 

Jarbhishek & And 

St Louis. Mo 
rson ... St Paul 


(Ste Carpeh1,is 'tud B'uldfi-H.) 

Builderi*' Hardware. 

KinsT'^bury & Draper {S.v 
Mtam Une^} St Paul 

Burial Case :»Iiifrs. 
I'owers A; Walker (Sr^ 

"(ir) Grand Rapids, 3Iich 

The Stein Mnfg Co. 
(cloth covered}" Chicago, 111 

Business^ Colleg^es. 

(.•%<? alM CoUcfft-o, .'^■/ic"*. etf.) 
C'urtlRs Bii«iiie<>« Col- 
lege (.'if (ifir) 

St Paul and Minneapolis 
^I Paul (Bryant ^.t Strat- 
ton) (.Sf«- inaMe front 
<^orer) St Paul 


'i&e .V,at MarkeU.) 

Biiteliero" and Pack- 
ers' Siippiies. 

Uppenbeimer it Co. . .Chicago, 111 

Butter Miifrs. 

(&e Cvtmaerifs.) 

Butter and Eggs. 

. (^7hokmle.) 

\U wes S 31 Blue Earth City 

L'ng.TH& Co Mankato 

MilUWmT •• 

H_.tiri-r& HullMek St Paul 

-'ne.Xu.'i} Tereuoc... 

Button .llnlr. 

Ki mptr Augu-l St Paul 

Cabinet ^^lakern^. 

(.See also F'lriiilnre.) 
Thomas O E. . .Grand Forks. D T 

Enos Edwin Granite Falls 

Lund John Marine Mills 

Schultz C Montiomerv 

Ege Louis St Paul 

IlaiigSl, Ca«l3 & 
Medieke [S,r„dr)... 

Luhr.-ien Christopher 

Ormsby C Vemdale 

Cant Hook nnfr. 

Broad E (.'vv /(ff'i.. Minneapolis 

Cane :^Iiil Unfr. 

Poller ^y \ Spring Valley 

Haislit \\ Z, 

(.Sd'c "(/(■) Winnebago City 

Can Manufacturer. 
Gci-sel .liidreAV, 

St Louis, Mo 

Canned Goodie. 

Lumley C & Co Minneapolis 

Carpenters and 

Bauer A Albany 

Carlson Charles Albert Lea 

Hopkins W S 

Wolcott & Bond 

Ga-vvne D Alexandria, D T 

Nichols Barzilla.. 

Ketzhock B Alma City 

Iloganson J Amherst 

Danniclson O 6c A Audubon 

Koliler Jacob 

Allen F \V Austin 

Cox J F ■• 

Phillips E J ■' 

Bass J Badu.s, DT 

Eicke John Bamesville 

CImpmuii FA Benson 

Baumirartnei- M Berne 

Schuabili Ca.-^per '■ 

Tripp H B Biirelow 

Burlingame II W Big Stuiie 

Sanger Anthony Bird Island 

B.>.>-twick& Arnold. Bi.-marck.UT 
Dunklcberi: Nathan 

Hoglundj'P ■' ■ '■ 

Weaver C S& Co. 


AKCHITECTS, Accoootics, Heating 

and VeEtiktion c.irefully aad cor- 

J reotly irrangbd. Muiawpoli*, Mian. 



G. F. FARRINGTON,'"""''"""*"'" = ' 

Nicollet Avenue, Minneanj 




Carif enters. (Cont'd. 

Palmer John T Blonminstou 

Dayton Joseph .. Blue Earth C'iitv 

LawE W Blufftoi 

^Inry O Bonnersville.D T 

White & White Bniiuerd 

Graves J B Brownsdale 

Ives Stephen 

Swift A 

Keiagga Louis Brownsville 

Reihcr Adolpli 

Stewart D II Burbank. D T 

Blair F A Caledonia 

Heath WF 

Koetz Peter 

Brooks J Cannon City 

StruthersJ " "' 


Hewitt & Alexander . . Canton D T 


Torrey J P Carver 

Crooks & Hall. . . .Casselton. D T 

Knight SH 

Moore J W 

Johnson P Cedarville 

A}ade R II 

Vanderaark P B Central 

Lindell Carl. . . .Central City, D T 

Sutton Wm " 

Gregg & Griswold Chaska 

Chambers J Cleveland 

Forsyth G 

Chartin J A '.'. .Clontarf 

McDonnell D.mald 

McKenna H J 

Hunt J ;.'.".' .'.Cordova 

Gumm F Cormorant Mills 

Pettif J A Cottaofe Grove 

gates RB Crookston 

Bracket C B Crow Ri ver 

Stamps J J 

Horbury B A ' Current Lake 

Porter Wm Darwin 

Rowley FW 

Alber & Co Dea'dwood, D T 

Qay i Jack.son . . . 
Jennings ife Browne 

Sammis ME - " 

Fitzgerald P ' De GrafI 


Novfs J W De Smet. D T 

Duffield W ct Bros. Diamond, DT 

Smith AX Dodge Centre 

Huddl(>ton D Dounellv 

Lyons J ■■ " 

C^rad F '.'.■'.■.Doufflas 

Dickey J W i liro . . Dover Center 

Harvey DC Dover CV:.'. r 

^ii^M A Drayton. 1)1' 

Vancamp R 

School A Dresliuli 

Balder C Diiehii 

Burns John Diilutl, 

Lantschenslager George. . . 

McQuade ifc Carr 

Miller i- Eckert 

Watts W 

Morton E O Ei-ij, 

Gran Peter Elk Lak.- 

Huborea A 

Kent J R ^t Son. . .Elk Point. D T 
Quick Edward. ... 

RichT Elli..t.i 

^"eUsonP Elm Dak- 
Shave E Elysian 

Zoru J 

Every B F Enterpri-e 

FoggH H fetna 

Wooden H ■• 

Clark J H Excelsior 


Bonnev H H Fairmont 

Daniels J W 

St John FH 

Smith J A 

Brown C E Far^o, I) T 

Campbell J S 

McCauleyA Kessler.. 

Allen David Faribau;'. 

Wdliams J H Farm Hiii 

Reed F L Farminiri^n 

Stanford Bros Fergus Fa!:- 

WoolsevM H. 
Kelley W H. . 
Sherwoo<l \V. 



Rue L S Fort Pierre. D T 

Boyer A Franktur J 

Hawkins J 


Gay George Genevi 

Hucsins E 

OttnVan J M 

Tracy P •• 

Keehn F W Glencne 

Boss O J Glymlau 

Hausman J " 

Sabin AD 

TraceyCG '• 

\\ eatherhead L 

Post Wm Golden (Ja'e 

Smith i- Dow. .Grand Forks. D T 

Auten Charles Grand Mcadiw 


La Roche L Grand Porf.i.'i; 


Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

31 Egbert Street, ST. PACU 

Mian., for Scotch Ales, IioaJja 

ksd Ihibbii ForMr. 

Hashow,Maish& Davis 

Do all kinds of Machinery RepaiHnl'. 
Order* by (elephcnc. wire cf leiter- 

Jpro:-ptJy attended to. Cor.Seccr't St. 
and Fifth , 

.ven-je South. MinrcapoUi. 




Gravel N 


Davidson & Dane Jautsville 



SartoriP J ..Jarrett 

llalvor<.in B. . . 


Kledcv C Ka.^ota 



Billings & Houditon Kasson 

Mdcn <& Paulson 

Marshall Thomas ■■ 

Mi-Lau-hlin P. 

Hamilton Station 

Anderson ^\ K La Crescent 



Day Wm 

Sfwall James . . 


Knapp J A 

KiiappG R 



\'ii-Uc' & Sons. . 



thristiansou P. . 


Stevenson J 

Day A A 


Palmer D Lake Badccr, D T 

Stc-wart ^V W. . . 

Tupper ifc Collins Lake City 



Anderson Joseph. . . .Lake Harofd 

Halverson H E. 

Hay ward 




Hanson A 

Un°-er"M ... . 


Oleson J " 

Lcnz G 

Stark John 

Cook AC 

Cope G 

Brost Wm Lakeville 

RiisPcU Z K . . . . 

High Forest 

Green F G Lead City. D T 



Lundlieru J Lester 

Hanson R 


Oleson J " 

P<-hlott H S 

Reichel A " 

Smith F M 

Say lor L Lesterville. D T 



Architectural Plaster Work. 

Outer Pieces, Brackets. Capitals. Modillions, etc. Modeling Promptly and iirtistr 

icaUy executed. We fumiHh the very best work at the lowest prices. 

Send for Illustrated Catalogues. 

Sheet-Iron Siding. 

Por Pactories, Mills, Bridges, etc, Sel- 

den & Grygla, 114 N. 3(3 Bt,, Mini:eapoLij. 

Largest Slock Crockery mon'^ 

aia'.j. E. A. HAR- 
CO., Minneapolii 




Carpenters. (Cont'd.) 

Barnard .t Co Le Sueur 

McGrath J Le Sueur Centre 

Hawkinson N W Litchfield 

Swanson Lars 

Little James Luveme 

Van Alstine S Lvnd 

Beetsch Leo Mankato 

Funk y\'m 

Kelley James 

Keysor C 

ilankato Building Co. ... 

Pass George T 

Pennaple Joseph 

Roemer Theodore 


AVampler C 

Welch & Correll 

Gardner Charles B JIantorville 

' Bennett A Maple Plain 

Sweden A Maple Ridge 

RodbergJ P ■• 

Geisendorfer Jacob Mapleton 

Haney J Q A Marion 

Goodwin Joshua Marshall 

Kiugslcy A 

Brennan T Marysbure 

LandgraffA •• ° 

Hager Mathias Marystown 

Fuller T MillviUe 

HoenkP •■ 

Stampiiv M 

■\Vadley" Michael •■ 

Anderson C M Minneapolis 

Button it Ayers 

Cutter S <_■ (.Sf ndc) 



Fislior F A [Se 

front cne-ei-) 

Haight W H 

Kenyon iS: Jeffery 

Larawa J B 


LillieS i 

toveriu 21 A 

Parker \V \V 

PausH A 

Seldcn H £ 

Stebbins. Piobertsoni 



Tyler i- Putnam 



Schramm II Minnetrista 

Goodwin I U Money Creek 

Meral^ou PO Moorli, i.l 

Hill Edward Morris 

Lyman A A ■• 

Buck J B Morristowu 

Wright J Motlry 

Dunn H Mound Citv 

Haug Erik J Xerstrand 


Dibb Henry New Aubur-a 

Palmer J 

Saunders PR 

Schatz A 

Crashaw G Newport 

NashT n 

BcihofFer Wm New Rome 

Rhode Wm Nicollet 

Struckman C 

O'Connor ct Cramer.Nordhmd.D T 

Knudson C North Fork 


Liahrooten R O 

Nilson A 

Svanson J " 

Gall.igher P Oak Grove 

Stout George 

Whitney F 

Albcs L Oak Statiou 

Hemker \\ 

Hubeu Wm 

McLish C 

Porter >fc Walters Ortonrilli' 

Hausen H Oti^^■o 

Mingcs J 

Rouneu.strani J 

Satterlev P " 

Stearns 'E B " 

Abbott J M Ottawa 

Hammel John Owatonna 

Spearney A Kyle. . . .Parker, D T 

31emby H Pelican Rapids 

Williams C D C it Sou. . . Perliam 

Eugsberg John O Peterson 

Gelde O P •■ 

Johnson J C 

Polite A ■• 

Berry Elieuezer Pine Citv 

Lawler John 

Spooner E R 

Sawyer U J Pine Island 

Farris AN Pipe Stum- 

Sullivan Dennis 

Tavlor W S 

Vau-lvke C H 

Smith" W H Plato 

Newell C II Pleasant Mound-i 

Oatsraan M Pol-daiii 

John.son J Quinci', U T 

. " ' '*•"*"" BmIou. J. J. WATSON, Su 

il and Insureth 

li Matcal Li.'s Insc-uce Co. >/ 
Paul, Gen'l Agunt for MinoesoU. 


Manufactured for Banks. Mill Men and Corpora- 

tioas, at low rates and ia best of stvle, by F, T. HENNIG. 
Brackett's Block, M;ineapoli3. 




Sht-ritt & Falconer. ..Quincv. D T 

Hill DC Red ^Vin- 

Bulk John Reed's Landing 

L..ckeJB Rice Lake 

Floyd A Rice's 

Biakeslev WE Rochester 

Ciimpbell F D 

Cook Horace 

Durkee A W 

Scott Wm 

Woodworth Granville. . 

Wright James 

Wakefield L S Rochford.D T 

Miller J Roscoe 

Graff Wm J Rose Lake 


Jones CW 

Woodbury A 

Buri;e G Running Water, D T 

Treffry Robert 

Peterson AM Rush Citv 

Rudberir John 

Dauchy^Burr Rusliford 

Knudson Swerk 

Cultom A Sacred Heart 

Jetsam H St Augusta 

forget H St Benedict 


Maver B 

g-igeHX St Charles 

Burghard Joseph St Cloud 

P'-ckAK St James 

Thomas CW 

Bradley Wm St Paul 

Carev & JIakinson 

Costello Mark " 

Desjardins Joseph " 

DowlingiElv •• 

Ferguson Z. .'. " 

Fitzpatrick Thomas 

Gronewold Wm " . 

Larson OJcHB " 

Lehniicke i Mavin " 

Leonard Charles". 

Ml- Veil I Daniel {See 

Merrill G W ."'.'.'.'.'.'.' " 


Nelson John. ..y........ 

Reardon Timothy 

Reese G W. . . 

Hemer& Dressell. .'.■.■.■.'.'.■. " 

Rheaume & St Pierre " 

!;«c,^erJohn " 

Taylor & Craig 

\\ Romer 

■Hilson Charles 

• St Peter 

Bolster Peter 

Hesnault Autrust. 

KohUtThiet^s .. 

Shannon J W Sanborn D T 

Du.\bury Wm Scotland 

Miller J C. ■.".'. .'■.■■..■ '•'. 

wn"'^F> •' Shakopee 

\Villsey A b Sheldon 

Einpsey O Sherburne 

Odell C 

Balfour MG Shingle Creek 

KastenekJ Silver Lake 

^ooth t \ Sioux Falls D T 

Booth R H 

Duffy, Zeigler & 


Marson T C 

Stiles G 

Steye°sW Skyberg 

T ''"■^^^"^■•••■, Sleepy EyI 

Tailor Frederick . 

Doble E i Son Smith Lake 

Gohen ^^ m Smith s Mill 

HennenM.. SprinsrHill 

Andersen H J Spring \ alley 

Gould Augustus ■• 

Lasher Win " 

Lore (fc Clark '. 

Nelson Christopher. " 

Rossman John " 

AVashburn Charles. . 
AVeisbcck George . . 

Bryant N J...... Stewart 

Stevens J S E Stewart ville 

Tichnor W W 

Harrigan Dennis Stillwater 

Jordan A E 

William Wm 

Abbott A Sunnyside, D T 

Fromer Bros. . . .Swan Lake. D T 
Gray A L & Co. . . . Taylor's Falls 
Bennett* Harvey..... -....Tivoli 

BerghoffJ ... Torah 

Tscheniperlein J 

I5a.-.hcl L Turtle River.D T 

Ryan Thomas. .. 

King MO Valley Citv D T 

geerSG Valley' Creek 

Holmes C 

Meyer W 

Beckett George. .Vennilliou. DT 
Pickett Andrew.. 

Porter GG 

Brown A A Verndale 


Wilco.v W R Vernon Centre 

Galvanized Iron Window Caps. SS 

OrlUenaen 4 
" Sibley 


Seiid Yoyr Orders ^^'cSp^iSSi^^ 

chinery, to W. F, Gmiii & Co^ iliaaV^.:;,; v ;,,; 





Carpenters.. (Cont'd.) 

wZ "•.:;;■.;;;•.;;;■; -^^--^^ 

Evans A Warsaw 

lariueleeME Waseca 

SkiuncT C i: 

J?''>f L Waverly Mills 

kellv P 

HusbyKE We-dahl 

^nox JM -^vells 

Murray \\ ml)... . "Wheatland, DT 

btone W F 

Strandces J...White Bear Centre 
Benson Bros. , 

Heinrich L White Willow 

\\ illiams Bros &' Sharp. .Willmar 

BigelojvLL Windom 

Priest RN 

Richards CE '" " 

Wilson J S '.['. ■< 

Sfaltnwerk C 

„ ^^ WiunebaiTo Agency 

Spickerman H B.WinuSba^o City 

■\\ arne J H ■•'' 

ElyCE.. ..Winona 

Gnmshaw B J 

Noonan & Stell wagen • " 

Griffin Thomas Worthincton 

Robinson AC " " 

JJ""?!"!^ '.'■....Wvomin? 

Brooks ifcOcllinser. Yankton DT 


Greene Georire 

Osborn it Everson . . 

Thornton John " 

Willco.x >fe Seward.. 

Bahmann Cliarles.Younq; America 


Keoigsreider G Zion 

Freitag C 

f fg'c.v -T Zumbr'o Falls 

Faulkerson Frank Zumbrota 

Grover Chester 

Miller George 

Carpets, «il CJoths, 

KinseyP P Faribault 

Folds it Griffiths Minnean..lis 

Blake J Di- Co HocliL-cr 

Jselson Andrew (whol) 

Anderson Wm L St Paul 

Lohlker All ■ -^^am 

Matheis John 

Brink J L .Winona 

Clioate H 

Lewis & Co. . 
Parmer L D. 



Carpet ^Veaver*. 

Lhnr Jaciues,, 

Zumkagen J 

Wallerick Xicholas. '."..'.". St Pui' 
Carson John. . . .■.Vermillion, I) f 
Kohrbeck Christian Wab.isli;i 

CarriajTc Painters. 

(See Painters.) 

Carriage Trimmer, 

ColeGM Winoni 

Carriage and ^Va-«u 

Allen it Sons (wagon tim- 
ber mnfrs) Maywood 

Harrison, Knight & 

^S°--: Minneapolis 

iSicols & Dean St Fan; 

Carriage and iyai;on 

i&e also Wagoiunaken.) 

Halden E \driin 

Howe&Copeley Aitkin 

Jacobson N A.ldrii 

Ostander C X ".'.." •■ 

Servatus J " ■■ 

Thompson J .'! .".'.'.' iAldrich 

Landotry A Alc.vaudria. D T 

Purdon Andrew. 

Benjamin J Alma City 

Gates W 

WoelpertJ '.'.Arlin-t,.n 

Beebe W D Ashton. DT 

C hadwick J L Atwater 


Bates J A Austin 

Hanson G K 

Johnson Andrea .Benson 

ScoviUci Ellis Berlin 

Daw M B A Co Big St. .n- 

Dunuell S Big Stone cftv. D T 

t'"operS J Bismarck. DT 

^te wan David. .. . 

Farrington Blooming Prairie 

>rorton J ° 

J'«-k J C Browns%-ill" 

I eterson J Bulla!- 

•'^'i-'.ver D Burbank. D T 

fisher \Vm Burns 


rters of Pine Woolens, No. 40 
E. Third Street, ST. PADl, Minu. 


pf i\ 

best OylinJi>r 

icator iu tho world, S.itis- 

'J faction gnaran;eed, MmneapoUs. 




M .rrill AE 15yiou 

\;,l.citt T Calcdoniix 

'\Vi>t Wm 


^\\■^tflu E C'unficld 

( arlsou & Stone, 

Cannou River Falls 

.lohason Alfred 

Horn .1 & Co Canton, D T 


He;id W K Carimona 

1 )auwaltLT C D ^ Carver 

Hammarluud Noah 

Tritchler F Casselton, D T 

Bell EC Cedar Mills 

Adams S Cedarville 

Jones TL. .Centennial Park, D T 

Bell John Central City, D T 

Brinneman John " 

(^harbono E. . . . 


Curtis G W Chann.lin 

Goldsmith J 


Ess Joseph Chaska 

Kmrawiede Hcinrich 

Johnson P Chisago City 


Meek J M Claremont 

Vorse C Clear Water 

Armstrong J Cleveland 


AVhitiug L Clitherall 

GalvinM C Clontarf 

Johnson Bros Cokato 

Koll J Cold Spring City 

Laner J 

Dykes T J Concord 

McKinnon Bros Cookston 

Schnicdtr G Courtland 

Korgel A Ciddrum 

Weber X Currie 

HelsapIcL Dakota 

Leiditon L W Dassel 

Lambert L Dayton 

Ickes Samuel Deadwood, D T 

Maloy Norton.. . . 
Sanborn & East- 

\Velch, Farley &, 


Ilischoba & Pierunce Delano 

Stinson CM Detroit City 

Ellis M M Dodge Centre 


Fi^< her T Dover Center 

licl.ilard J Dresliach 

Manstieldt M Dry.leu 

Balder C Duelni 

Fii'biger Edward Didulh 

Stranse Edward Dundas 

Pnsnell A II Eaple Lake 

Jackson Bros Ed'en. D T 

Brandt H Elsin 

Scott A ■■ 

Bryan J H Elk Point, D T 

Drogoo J M 

Houk M EUiota 

Chase John Elvsiau 

Flutden OP Emmett," D T 

Felzer T Enterprise 

Bennett M Excelsior 


Kimble U & Son Fair Haven 

Garrison E Fair Point 

Anderson .t Larson. . .Fargo, D T 
Lasenske vt Bickert. . . 

Andrews II B Faribault 

Bieler A Wcver 

Chamberlain" GW 

Frink & Stafford 

Lewis Andrew 

Lindeman Bros " 

McMahon Michael •" 

Both Dartd 


Niederkorn M W Farmington 

Cooper & Strobridge. Fergus Falls 

AVelch T Fisher's Landing 

Olier Beniamin. . .Flandreau, D T 

Doughty D Fountain, D T 

Slatt"engreu iSwanlund. Franconia 

Clark .1 Freeborn 

Grilz John Fulda 

Gritz & Schultz " 

Sliaw L T Garden City 

■Whitney John " 

Peach V "Bros Gary. D T 

Halverson O Qayville, D T 

Bassett J L Genoa 

Depue D Geneva 

Baumgart Christian Glencoe 

Janike Wm 

PopplIL " 

Rue II N Glenwood 

Huntley S. .Good Thunder's Ford 

Landy ".M C GraceTille 

Anderson Charles, 

Grand Forks, D T 
Cruikshank Georire 

Miller J B 

Ilebcg J Granger 

Eckman Andrew Granite Falls 

Gustlafsen A P Grove City 

Kingsbury & Draper i'stt^^i^dsta-T^^^ 35 z^. 

, Keep a full line of Darling, Brown 

erockery I GiasswQr8,~lils^"S 







Jolm?ou J X Grove Cit y 

Sewall J liiimpton 

Gesrac, Fossit Telander. Hancock 

Sutton J Hartford 

Ericksou E Hartlaud 

Estersreen John nastinas 

Morse G W 

Stoudt it Harsh 

TidlandE L Hel.ron 

Anderson S Helvetia 

Kline AVm 

Heberle Stanislaus Henderson 


Mullin S D Herman 

Scott W Hish Forest 

Binn AH Hi-hland. DT 

Horaand H O Holdcn 

Dcriekson C Huiitinston 

AVolfe Franz Jonlau 

Cooper George Kassou 

Kulibers Henrv 

Stout J^L ." " 

Barton W Kellogg 


HvdeCR •. ... •• 

Pe'ck X D Kenyon 

Groutsel J KerkJioven 

Bovntou G W La Crescent 

Ke'ith S 

Williams .III 

Curtis AN Lake City 

Xeal, Snow it Co 

Richardson Bros i Co. 

Simons Henry 

MoeOB Lake Park 

GardtAV Lakeville 

Anderson H Laniberton 

Potter G D Lead City, D T 

\Veier J Leedston 

Swasev G H Le Rov i 

Cook II Lestcrville, D t 

Cantwell Patrick Le Sueiu- | 

Francisco, Nicholas 

Schmit Johan 

Voll)recht Eniil 

Ncuman M Litchfield 

Xeunian A Bro 

Peter^uu Bros " ' 

Scherer Q Long Prairie 

Hofelmann H »t Bro. . . . ."Luverne 

Kendall WF 

Van Alstine S Lyud 

Boutertte Cvril McCauleyvillc 

Keher Peter Madelia 

Mayer Anton Mankato 

Smith A M Mauk:.'.. 

Williams iV Beach 

Darrow Jonathan Mantorvill.- 


Dickev S W Maple Pliin 

Porrier L Maple Rid.'..- 

Deariui J Mapleton Slati.u 


Faulk Xels Marion MilU 

Palm.ton Peter 

Curti..*.- Ell^l.urv Marshal! 

All.'U James....". Mavwu..d 

EliioH X W MedlV.rd 

Atchijon F Mi-,1.. 

Fonslow M MiUtown. DT 

LoweH Millvili,- 

Gilanme N Minnei-ka 

Schwartz X 

Brown CD Minneapolis 

Bummertit Thiera. . . 

Carey James 


Cook H T 

Dri'.foll «fc For- 





Hunt J B 

Ivcrson James 

McGreaor Henry 

Martin' Bros. . .". 

Mumm Clause 

Pottle J. MOc Sou.... 

Reihl Louis 

Roeller Michael 


Seibel Georsre 

Swanbers X P 

Wei.T i- Ma-eu 

Friiik AV . .: .Minnesota City 

Magne- Wm 

Scluidt F A Minnesota Lake 

Brown ED Money Creek 

Hu.liy E E Moiitevidr.. 

Oner A: Cook Jlontgomerv 

Scolield SP Morris 

Daoe Louis Morristown 

Roher J M 

Hodge C Motley 

Antliouv C Mound City 

En gler John Murdoek 

Palmer H F Xew Auburn 

Eckman A" Ecklund.Xew London 

Silvis W G Newport 

Holt PA NewRichlan.i 

Becker Herman New Rome 

in F'^J I ^^'R ^f^A General Agent HaU's Safe and 
. A. bigtOrCljLock Oo., ST. PAUL, Minn. 




Hook l^cderick New Ulm 

G;ilk-5 .losi-ph 

l.auti-rbiich <t Gruenuu- 


a:.s.„ii M Nicollot 

Unward 1!F 

it Co Xonli Branch Stiition 

Dickson it Anderson . . . Xonhlicld 



Koi'U(.r Frank 

Molitco J Norwood 

ArdrrvSF Olivet. DT 

lial-lcyj Olivia 

I!a-ctt C ?^[ Oronoco 

LinnUinist L N Orrock 

I'etcr.-.u C Osakis 

IJlack >^, Ciiandlpr Ossco 

DrounS " 

KoiitjierX " 

Grav [. X Ottawa 

Dccg A Ila-kel Owatouna 

Keuucdv John " 


Stlioen Charles 

Zanetti & Nikolas 

ItatUbun G S Parker. D T 

r.rag? U W Pelican Rapids 

Johnson, Holme? it 

Dri^coU Pembhia, D T 


Ileanrmann I?enjarain. .. .Pevliam 

Quick-tad PS Peterson 

Kuaah.J Pickwick 

l'..-t W C 

Carlton W E Pill^lmry 

K!iiiL- Hcnvv Pine Island 

I iinvnt F i Pipe .'^tone 

llorton II Plainvlew C II Pk-as;uu .^I.-uiids 

Lan-e \V Point !)ou-las 

•laer.lK G I'ot-^dain 

I'.ulljs A J Princeton 

MineaP Red Lake Falls 

I|fiinett L S Red Wing 

Krickson, Xewstrom & 

Hickman Peter 

Kapptl John 

K;;M>el Michael 

Ij'Vu'reen \, sr 

N'ew.>tr(,ni Andrew 

•li.ipiiian E O Redwood 

>ini..i, TW Reed's Laii 

Colt .M A Ri< 

Il'tliii.'.Tacob Rod 

Hal! .t .Mclvav 


Oscsois &. I^ar.son.. Rochester 

IliunesC Rockford 

Leffler C 

Willctt \- Seelntr 

Guth J Rpsemount 

Knr;; \V 

Holmes 11 \V Rush ford 

Parrott H C it Co St Charles 

Stvn; i;£o5»ert B., 
{■^c ftdc. jui:/e opp oS8), St Clond 

Millar H T St Francis 

Woodruff A • " 

Aldritt J S St James 

Caven.ler A H St Paul 

no'jc ()■«) 

Manthc Bros " 

putsch it Ilaupcrs 

Xi|>i><»3j A«Hircw {Sue 

O'DoniicU it Warren 

Perkins A L 

Q!5iii5»j ti; tlaiSoAvell, 

{Se-J iuU) " 

Scott Wit Co " 

Bocthin AVm St Peter 

Galles Nicholas •• 

Krieser J..sq;h " 

Rannev II II " " 

Sclieurei- John 

Bedell .Mark Sauk Centre 

Hickman PS 

Wuttkc II H 

Fletcher W II Sauk Rapids 

Xaclitsliciin it AVaicuer..Siiakopee 

Thiede Hermann..^ 

Wampach John 

Morrill P; F Sherburne 

JlcCauu it Bro ShieldsviUe 

SireweU. D Silver Creek 

Makouski N Silver Lake 

Anderson An- 
drew Sioux Falls. D T 

Murrav it Norton 
Strin-iiam.t Gil- 

Whitconib C II.. 

Hillesheini Mathew. . .Sleepv Eve 

Forth C S •■• ■ 

Degree E Stewart 

Farquar J 

Smith .M " 

Connors .lanus Stillwater 

Mueller ^\'m 

Sullivan I) J 

Vacle II Stockton 

Hchcm J Slur-is, 1) T 

tcJ" i I r. n w Pf ! ft M r' r» M James K. Wilson, Eobert W. Jordan, 

Wilson &JcrQan,AEc 

I J AEOHHECTS, Minneapolis, Minn, 

* C ^^r''^?Vr-''''"P*l Jiceps on hand the finest rreaoh, Euglisu, 
U r a 8 &i s £ Jii^lUiij Scotch and German Suitings, Minneapolis. 





Campbell G Taopi 

Lcavv AC Taylor's Falls 

SchUL'iik'r J Torah 

SiverdiuiT 15 " 

Tsch.-mperlciu J " 

ScUk J Tracy 

OlsL-u Amuud Troy 

BusluH li G AV. . . . Vermillion. D T 

Inaalls .t Jones Verndale 

AVc>lovei- Alex Vernou Centre 

BolgardP Volga, I) T 

Sauoressig John Wabasha 

Radde J Waconia 

Brauu G 

Keliv GE Wadena 

Bolton W AVarren 

Snvd.-r RC " 

Seiiiisht i- Graive AVaseca 

O^.-iev n X AVatertowu, D T 

Mcar.vd F AVaverly Mills 

FotziiickF ■ " 

Hoiikin- AV II AVea%'er 

Anderson H AVest Rrook 

Gairi. .ch .1 AVest Xewton ' 

Stoin 11 AVhalan | 

Bjelkcncren Axel AVillmar 

Sioqvist'P A •' „. , 

Lonir F E AVillow Creek J^J."??''"'' 

Cook AVm B AVindom 

Kran-e A. . . . AVinne'iago Agency 
G;\'.v l"i!y t'iuriijge 

Works (.v.. ,-J'M....AViuoua 

Howe Wm ■' 

Kachlcr Henry 

Kilian Adam 

AViuoiia ilii«liSV»rd- 

Wauo!iCo(.s, iiHr). . 
AViuona Carriage AVorks.. " 

AVo-elH.ske AV " 

Yan~en.^- Perrot " 

Gi-rick S AVinsted Lake 

Brrit;-B AVitoka 

raillK-rford C AVvkolf 

Huber .Iacol> Yankton', D T 

Karr Lem\iel 


Tvler .V- Xissen...'. . 

Dale J AV Znmbro Falls 



(Ste M'o-d Om; 

tar Wheel ^inlVs. 

Biciizol G A; lo, 

(.Sc I'.ilr) Minneapoli.s 

St Paul Foundry and >lnfg 
Co St Paul 

Cedar S'<>!*ts, 

Hobarl it Chatterlon . MUhk .ipuli, 

CeshiloJd Sii«o<l.«i— 

Blake George .AIi]ineapoUs 


(.';'(! aUn Lime Plaiki- ami Ctiiwnt.) 
Col<oii C 1» (.*<: 

ii'h-) Chicago, 111 

Dunham & Johnson. .MiuneaiKilis 
Kflly Aiitliony 

tV Co t.'xf '!({'•) 

Cesneiit anri ??e%ver 

{St€ ad':) Miuneai)"li- 

(.S.c arlr) St Paul 

Chair MtsiV.-*. 


AVhitinu- A Clitherall 

Mohler\V Cordova 

Kawson L X Kockfonl 

Chaiideliei's and Hiy^ 

AViI>ioii & Kosi'i-s {^i-c 

„(lc) : St Paul 

Cheese MiilVs. 

{See alio Crenraerk::) 

Preston C W Ahua City 

Andrews K Audubon 

Tvler J O Beaver Creek 

Siuthwiek.t Miller Berlin 

Andri>h G Berne 

IJalzli X •' 

Fi--i J J " 

Smith K 

Long & Van Keunselaer, 

Centre City 

Cliapta F B Detroit City 

Fairmont Cheese Fac- 
tory Fairmont 

Bice "Bros I-au'i 

AVoodburn AV AV Kerkhoven 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

31 Robert EUect, ST. PAUL, M;= 
Keep constantly en band ibo iammis ■ 
Brand- Clab House Eonibon. Try. 


CI I] 



Jobusou Orlando Jledford 

B;ihci->ck vfc WiilktT Sanliaw 

I!u~>ke J Siblev 

IVells Ci-eaiiuTy Wells 

Albcc Charles. . . . Wiuncbago City 

China, ^.JSrj*!* aisd 

{See Cruchni and Ola.-strarf.) 


(See a?^o Clours and Tobacco.) 


Baer Benjamin. ..Deadwood, D T 

Carnev P H Mankato 

Kav T & Co Minneapolis 

Aldenber- ^.t Couhaim St Paul 

Bowlin Patiirk J " 

Pcrkisi-*, I^' on* A: Co, 
(St krt /un,'! >■'!■■:,! un.x).. " 
!»\viit Henry (■'^t' "•?'•). 

AVanekT J Albert Lea 

Clayton F W Fargo, D T 

Hecker J Gleneoe 

Kloeppel Geoiite Lake City 

Lohmann .J W Lake Elmo 

Peterson X Maukato 

Schiklkneclit Adoipli. . . . 
Boeckhaus Heavy. . . .Minueapoli.> 

Fetherspil J C..'. 

Gros.s Julius 

Hooker A.Manley.... 

Kueger Auiiust 

Peterinann \Vm 

Pllauni Gustav 

Rauch .Jo.~epli 

Sherman X S 

Burg Frank NewUlm 

Petermann \Vm 

Haungs Ambrose XorthlieUl 

Koehler Peter Owatouua 

Lorence CM 

Soiikup Pracue 

Bertram Otto Red Wing 

Jelliueck Francis 

Neusuess C & Co Rochester 

Sicken Otto 

Mueller Heurv St Charles 

Amos J II ..." St Paul 

Bahr R S " 

Brache Charles 

Brautigau F 

Eis \Vm " 

Engler & Klostiriuaun. ... " 

Fernandez. Soils it Co St Paul 

Fetsch Adam " 

Grumhageu Henry 

Hagemaii HA..." 

Ilarrison James " 

Hart John 

H:tuserLoui> •• 

lltiier C H " 

Koch Charles 

Kuhles i Stock 

MacCarthy & Verplauck. . •■ 

Mark John '' 

Miller Bros " 

iMocUer iV Slahlmann " 

Phillips Henrv •' 

Schwcmmler Xicholas " 

Sulzbach bvlvesicr " 

Miller II "C (See <i.di'). . .St Peter 

Angel PC Siou.v Falls, D T 

Pontz Henry .... " 

Gebser Wm' Sleepy Eve 

C'onra<l W S (&<■«(?(■). Stillwater 

Funke Gustav Wabasha 

ilarquard Hermann 

Schildkuecht Gust Waseca 

Bratka ic Dlouhv Winoua 

Frost L D ." " 

Haas A: Schluctcr " 

Jorris & Gut Wykoff 

Hirshstien Ferdi- 
nand Yankton, D T 

Cigars ait«{ TtJOacfo. 

(Mlu.h, .,!(.} 
I5ars'«»^v F &i C'«»r- 

■»0!i (.St udc) Canton, D T 

Bagley. Sanlord^V: Fay.Minneapolis 
ii.e!!y AiiiEH>iiy& 

Co (See: adv) 

Harpmanu A' Gronauer. '• 
.\e\4-e!l G 11 & Co (See 

'I'l') St Paul 

Coiii-iKl IViu S (S<.e 

"drt Stillwater 

Adler .t Ohlmau. . .Yankton, D T 


(See aU' Ci'jar Miifrs.) 

Sweningsen S Austin 

Emmons C C Bismarck, ]) T 

Sherwood S K Brainerd 

Eder Gottlieb Chaska 

Hand A Crook Citv, D T 

Brendliuger H J .. Deadwood, D T 

Brown \Sm 

Fishcl Max 

Prank Solomon . . " 


y's Patent VentiiaSing 

&OSTOLA, 114 N.TMrii 
Stroot, Minneapolis Minn. 


or Car-lojfl 
ION & CO., Mhco^ 

E. A. 



S^C'lK-ars. (CoiitimuMl.) 
K'ii:^'.:'' !! P ...Doa.hvood, DT 
K. / : : 1 !;ros 
li . M ■ ■ Duluth 

Koth John F:viib;«ilt 

Ki'lio A- Briujo Dc.':i(l\voi«l 1) T 

Rol,U-,I,r .\: Smith 

AVliitrT II 

Hum Hat.dull Fai-n DT 

Louis E\V 

Sku>o i: H 

Buchauun J Farmiu-toii. I) T 

Kenkc-I John. . .Graud Forks, D T 

Pause Julius llastinu-s 

Kariiey Bryan Jauc.-ville 

Browu A J ^Minutapolis 



Elliott C J 

Enger Hcnr\- 



1! li. 

Throbi'ck Ulot 

Vc'vrac James 

AVebster C H 

"VViuecko & Doerr. ... 

Bailey S, jr Pipe Stone 

Gantz J S Kapid C:itv. D T 

Jelliucck Francis Ked" Winn- 
Roberts S AV 

Xeusuess C it Co Rochester 

Burns J E St Paul 

Burr i- Co " 

LeitnerJP " 

Jlonfort C J i Cu '• 

Mos,scr Mrs A II ■• 

Rosenlield X •• 

Scluiler Au<rust 

MUUt i&C (.s, -/,!.. St Petrr 


aj.,d .V 


Lamije diaries 
Sturde\aut £ J 
Bloomer Samui 

Tyler U I) 

Eckerl Erue<t 

Xetr Peter ."..V 

Fills, D ■ 

..Sprinu: Viillev 


Verniillioii. D T 

D T 

Miller Robert Fer-us Falls 

SchielsL Foivst l,ak,- 

! Allaii.sou J S Ilendrr..,,. 

Harrin-tou L Ilul.hiiiv,.,, 

AVoodberry F D. .Le Sr.cur ( criuv 

HavnesM B Mankn.. 

AlJ.vander ]•: S Minneapolis 

Baker ^- Gilniore 

Coolev G W 

Riuker Andrew 

AVariH'r.V Foote 

Bundinm O W Aloorlicad 

>!tiiii!roi<i J I* (S.t 

'"''■) Morris 

Bunduik ct Kline Ortouvilk- 

Curtice David J St Paul 

FolsoniSP '• 

Halsted John T 

Quist PM AVilhnar 

Jenkins J H Winona 

Von Wimpffeu L F 

Meek C A Minneapolis 

Prcsion i: B &. 

Co (.■y.ex/ln 

Meek WF Si Paul 


Bnrt..n, Talleul .t 


Campbell, Bu: 

{S:f alio .V,jn-/,.,nf Diil'-r.^.) 

Johnson W W Albert Li 


.t (.(..SI 




Ciiil Kn^iiieers and 

Woodbury FD...! Anawauk 

Kniu:lit J P. . . .I5onnersville, D T 
Lewis .V- Miver... Brule Cilv. U T 
Arnold W F Cro'okston 

VictsIIL Vlexandria. DT 

Fairbanks G il \noUa 

Dettelbaeli Leon Vustiu 

Dunkelmann K " 

Gun/, llcniiaii " 

Lew Joseph '■ 

Gates .M B,-Uc Pbiinr 

Eppiii-er .M A: Co. .Bismarck. D T 

HaiiauerSii;mund. . 

Clark A B.". . . . . Blooming Prairie 



The best Company to ^ ■:':■■ 
■WATSON, Ocn'l Agtat, ST. WUL, Mb:.. 

F. F. Hen nig, 

Book-Binder and Blank-Book 

Manufactarer, Erackett's Block, 
Minneapolis, Kian, 





Nevers c^ Bruwu Braincrd 

Sthwiirtz Wm 

Briu Hfiiuic-b Breckc-nridge 

Lew John Caledonia 

Rudolph A F Canton. D T 

Aldrichi Lock- 
wood Caswltoii. D T 

Cohn Isaac Central Citv. D T 

Cohen* I'losenthal 

Goldtjlooni David. 

He we.-; Julius 

Zoellner Jona.5. ... 

Bloom ?olomou. .neadwood. T 


Edmonds & Pin- 

Epstein & Lowen- 

Gilbert C M 

Goldberg I) i J.. 

Hoffman Abraham 

Holzman David. . 

Muntev & Lilieu- 


Rosenthal Solo- 
mon " 

Strass it Kohoru. 

AtwaterF A Delano 

Drew John Dtduth 

Weiss Si: Co " 

Willis WG 

Jame,son Berk Elk River 

Aldrich & Loekwood. .Far-o. DT 

Marx Isaac 

Shrimski Isaac 

Bachrach II Faribault 

Carpenter A: Smith '" 

LaugC II 

Levi Bros 


Hoffman CD... .Fort Pierre. D T 

ByeP J Grand Forks, D T 

Brokmeier. Stern & Rudc.Ha.stinss 


GiUitl Harvey 

Mever. Whitman & Frve 

NVrrish J F 

ErkeusF S G Jordan 

Lcuthold J. jr Kasson 

Stout it Dwelle Lake City 

Cohen Pincus Lead City. D T 

Holzman vV HitsIi- 


Minzer Louis c^: Co 

Schiller J A 

Silver Bros 

Johnsou II B Liteliticld 

Davis "W C Mandan, D T 

Bachrach Charles Mankato 

HenlcinL " 

Louuini M 

ReesR.V Bro '• 

Smith W B 

Jaeol>son B Minneiska 

Bernstein J ;Minueai)olis 

CloHii!SS Slore. 

Bruce J J 

Butler GS 

Cmiv W P 

Chase J H 

Drangc JO.. 

Johnson AW 

Levi GL At Co 

Ofstie J K 


Rothschild Snnuu-l... 
SkolUt Robitshek. . . . 

Vanstrum C G " 


Wilk Bros 

Kron A B Morris 

Wilson Charles ■' 

Friedninnn Sigmund. . .Xew L'lm 

Steencrson St A XorlliHeld 

Denuerline A: Jauisch. .Owatouna 
Schlesiii^er Abraham. . . 

Shea John 

Crock E W Parker, D T 

Brvan M II Pine City 

Eisenbrand Wm Red \\ iug 

Henderson i: Ellingsou. 

Olundi- Jusephson 

Wini- Bros 

Kinc Bro.s Redwood Falls 

Blake J D & Co Rochester 

Levi A >.t Sou 

Loewe Phillip 

Ma.ssev C F, anent 

Xelsoii Andrew 

Siekert^.t Adlcr 

Cohen i Co Rochford, D T 

B.Muhol/. A II St Charles 

MetzrothJ W St Cloud 


Prondzinski John 

Alnaes A R St Paid 

Croonquist, Peterson i: 

Dow iVlVerirfielii 

Ilauser Leopold " 

J.ihns..,, il T " 

K:iv:„uul. PT •' 

Gelvaiiized Iron Cornices. 


Cor. Sislh and Si'ilty StieL-la. 

6t. Paul, Minn. 

W. F, GUNN & CO J-' ^^^^^^^"^^^ 

UlingNEW PKOCEf^S Roller Hn 
OIjjco— Day Block, Liinncapjlis, Kii 



Clothiim-. (Continue.].) 

Levy ilichaeL St Piiul 

Lion K vfc Sod 

McKev & Co 

Pipha".Jo?ei.h ■• 

Recs ThP0fl<.i-e ■' 

Kotl^^child H.'iirv " 

Sattlei-Bros ". " 

Sternberg II i A " 

Sternberg Samuel 

Strouse Max 

Trost Frank 

AVood J N Sauk Rapids 

Frank Louis (agent), 

Sioux Falls, D T 
AVaters W C. . . . 
Williams l!ros. . . " 


Burke J F Stillwater 

Couhaim C it Co " 

llospes A: Cutler 

Rees Julius 

Kees Tlieodore 

Rohrbach Abe 

Selleck Sturges 

Tisdale & Harris Tyler 

Giuthncr Lawrence "Wabasha 

Fassbinder Michael Waseca 

Coukling, Dwight 

iV Co Winnebaco Citv 

Arnold J W Winona 

Fox & Forest 

Friedman Samuel '■ 

Friend Sit Co 

Heintz C it Bro 

Baker R F Worthiniitoa 

Bates JO Yankton, 1) T 

Eiseman Charles. . . 

Katz Harry 

Wise Bros 

JlJIjiird J li iV Son, 

(.5ic' mil-) St Paul 

Coal Dealer;*. 

(See/Us.j \V„.«! „,.,! (■...,!.) 

Blain J M Mevan.hia, 1) T 

Siaulon E G 

Slocum Ilenrv Austin 

Th..rntonFM B.^n.son 


ner Blooming Prairie 

Iluma-on C J Do.l::e Centre 

Xorthwestern Fuel Co DulutU 

Crofkctl &i Sliot- 

\\vl\ (S.C mh) Farso, 1) T 

Cornick H B Glenville 

Chapman it Drake. ..Heron l^ake 

Brain.'ird it Gardner Lansing 

I'rosley J A A; Son, 

(•<ee adr) Mankato 

Flowers C H Marion. 1) T 

Stannard J II 

R.ilibins it Pratt Parker. O T 

Tcabout it Valleau .. 
Rapi.l City Coal 

Mininu: Co Rapid Citv. I) T 

Van Deiiseu G W it Co.Roch.-ter 


Korthwesteru Fuel Co St Paul 

Ford S Viola 

Randal! J J Winona 

Coal Sereeii*. 

Sj»aiijroi5l)er^ TSico, 


Colt'ec and J^|>tee 


Hart, Monroe &, Tho- 
mas Minneapoli.> 

Berltcj J A &; Co, 

(.ste tide, but lorn euO) St Paul 

Granger & Hoilge 

GroffCR " 

Coffees and S^ipiee?*. 


HallP n St Paul 

Swift ltvn:-y (.<.cn,h).. " 

I»0« «.T<i A 


(.s<,-,',„?c)...(.raii.l Rapids, Mi.h 

Colleeliojs Auesnt" 

French Lafa\ vtte . . 

In^.TsoU A G...i;iooniin- I'n 

BiennaOO, jr .Brei 

Weiser it SlK.'rtt Brown-i 

Graves J T... Cannon River !■ 
'l"ayU»r «V Zt-lU-r, 

(S,; (iilr) 

Merchant.-' Iteporting 

and Collecting Assn. ChicaL.'. I 
Steeuer.son Ilal'vor Cr.i.'k 


OpypCrp^ P^O^ Importers of Tine Woolens, No. 4.3 

E. Third Street, ST. PAUL, Mi; 


Are Airent'! for all kinds of Ma- 
lery. Cor, 2il St. and T:::h. 
Ave. South, Minneiipolia. 


r.isixioss niRECTOiiY. 



Ilawlov C H Dover Center 

liell i'KysIer Dululh 

:tI<L'fuleiil::ill (.iillii-r. 

Thompson ir F '■ 

Kellogg G W. ... Elk Point, D T 

WlieiUon OS Elk liiver 

Laizure C H Fargo. D T 

Roberls vV KcrK, 

Case.T 11 Faril.ault 

Davis FA 

Hunter .lamL-s 


Quinu John B 

IIiiiilii:;:(on I^ii- 

gClJe {.'<teadc). .Flanilreau, D T 
Rice George (•■^t 


Tcriy Alfred Fiilda 

Nettlebow J R Glyiulon 

Van Slvrk Lorenzo Hasiiujs 

Rolfe E S Herman 

Hawkins H H .Junction 

Ware J L Kassou 

McBride John Lake City 

Rogers C F 

Stocker & Matchan 

Corl.itt D C LeRoy 

Davidson W X Luvcrne 

Lamb iV Watkius ^laiikato 

La Due Ambrose JIantorville 

Forbes it Seward Mar>li:ill 

Davidson AD .Mmneota 

Webber H F X.w Ulm 

lisuSU'j- «; W (iwat,.!ina 

Lambert A H I'iuc Citv 

Sweet Sc Xiehol^ Pi]..; .-^toiie 

Hawkins LH Pri..,- I.uke 

Baldwin D M Pci Wing 

Benhain & Bass 

Williston i- Hall 

Baldwin & Crandall. . . .Roehe.ter 

Kellogg Fl! •■ 

Seemanii Theodore 

(.St, ,/-/,■) St Cloud 

5 'lark S (■ St James 

Thornton J J 

Davis CR St Peter 

Free <k Polk Sioux Falls. DT 

Weeil Guy C... 
BjiiMi^k'ie A: Soui- 

vr\i'.lvi.. ./(?O...Sle.-pv Eve 

Ciiajimaii T M Sj.riijL- Vallt'V, Kill A l; 

Kellog- \V L 

Leeky Thonuus 

Busseu -MA 

RowlevL W 

Inman'D M itCo.Yi 
Norton HP 




million. DT 

Green Wm WaterviUe 

"Watson F I:; {Ste adc. 

P"!j,- T;^-.) Wells 

Diliiirent Colleen A!rcuev.\Viu('na 
Sehore-ee W F Yankton, D T 


.lrca<5ia College, 

(ik-ei'd.:, Arcadia. Mo 

Caledonia Academv. . . .Caledonia 

St 3Iary-* Hall (Epis- 
copal) (.vt ,v!v) Faribault 

Seabury Divinity School. 

!>tliatt\iek !>le!'iool (St.e 


Convent of Xotre Dame. . .Hokah 
State Xoriiial Seltool, 

{Ste adv) Maukato 

Augsburg Seminary. .Minneapolis 
Bennett Seminarv.". . . 
C'lirtiss Rit«uie««^ 

C'olleue (.St .((?(■), 

Folsom S H 

Judson A A 

Mercantile Academv. " 


i!ie>s Holietre.. 

Carieton (_ollege Northtield 

St Olaf Schor.f: 

Darling Bu-iuess Col- 

lei'e." Rochester 

Xoti-e DaineDc Lounles 

St A_ni,..s- 

Academv St Cloud 

Stale. \< 


(Su: ..,h- 


itliKiiie*^ Co! 

losje (■"• 

t ild.-S . . 

St Paid 

St Paul .M 

edical School.. 


Adolphus Co! 

lege. . . 

St Peter 

St flertrui 

Academv.. .S 

Stale .\< 

Jijual Seiioo 

(.Sf ,"//• 

\\ inona 

Winona 1 

reparatorv >red 

ical Sil 

WinoiKi I 

UMne<- Collc.jv, 


of the Sa- 

cred lb 

.m Vai.k 

on. D T 

Ci Draper. 3oE,TUrdSt,,Si,Piiil. 

! I • T y p ^ Q -^'^^^^ ™fl Looking-Glasses, at OHASLES JOE K. 
itP I LliLOj SON'S, 513 Washington Ave. South, ITinuoapo'.io 



Coianaercini Ai^eiic's 

(.•yf ilercavH'f Aychcus.) 

CdiiiHJcrcisiS t'oi5es;es 

(>ke B'U^iim!. V'j'hg,:,.) 


Eaik- J it Co ."MiuDtapolis 

Lowell Thomas Hrownsvillc 


Kdwar«...Doarhvuod, D T 
Welch, Furlev tt 

co :.. 

Graves C H A: Co Duluth 

Griggs >fc Fo>ter 

Sawver & Davis 

Pi-CKiey J A A: Sosi. 

(.S^t adr. pufje 34.J) Mankato 

Brooks Bros ilimieiska 


Ball :vj!!jc-f (Si^ 

(((in ■Minneapolis 

itOet. 8.'71: 




ISO W. Kaniloli'li SI. 

Hay Market Square, CE!iA}3i ILLi 
;i<e of 

For the Sale 

nri Pm 

Grain. Klour. See.Js. Poiatoe;.. Ijr.'en aiirl 

Dried Fruits. Butter. Eggs. Ciieese. 

Hogs, Calves. Poultry. Game. 

Hiiies. Pelts. Furs. Etc. 

Bsak: in Cos?:? sna Fin: fwi To", 

North Star Egg Case. 


A L »fc Co. . .5IinnL;ipr,li, 

Evoi-um Ole 


Gilson W A iV- Sou... 
tSir.iur tV Li!- 


I.onafcllow Levi 

I.i!U-cn 35 O 

Meadei- W F A- Co. . . 

Rogers G D 

Smail Bros ■ 

Snvder S P 

WActroner C W >t Co 
W;i-r,er \\k Cn... 

CruneG .1 Montevideo 

Temple .J B Quiney. Ill 

Austrian .Juliu> St 'i'aul 

Bohrer.V Hull,iek •• 

Cmnnun::>E D •■ 

Fiuek ii;'Met'aulev " 

Grant Jc Miller..." '• 

Joilett i Co •' 

Larpejuciir A L 

MenkBros '• 

Jloore G S '• 

Peuner John J 

Bcdor A Van Hoven Bros. 

R'Xhmund LA Bro •• 

SehutieDA Co •■ 

Van s;vke W Ait Co.... ■• 

Swart J G.... Winona 

i<; mill and Prormoii.-<.) 
!;i<U«!!l F€ *V lo, 

(.^. '"''■) Miuneapnli^ 

Geor-eClI it Co St PmuI 

-Moore .T P •■ 

Morton. Doran it Co - 

Van Aukeu P i: Co 

Wall it Bicelow •' 

WilgusEP ■• 

Tiai-ks a B (,*<; 

"<?(•) Chicaiio, 111 

Beeinan C H it Co. . .Minneapoli'^ 

P)"!i:. ' ;. 11 /:' ■ -k.'.'.'. ...St Paul 

t'oiiri'i-tiwHory— :TB:j li- 
lt fa.:* S u re i'!^ :!n<f 

Hall's Safe .1 Lock Co.!:r4eiri°:?T"p?^" 

Sole As't TIGER RAKES, JUbnraTjgoas, Enj- 
I Randa!'. Edveririug H.-.rtows, Iriamph Seed- 
Cantoa Plows, etc., 18 W. 3d St., St. Paul. 

COX lu-MXKss I 

ii;e. luiiY. cox 005 

I.illihiUIse II B", 

,S. .'•/(■) Miuucapolis 

i;..v„U.ii Biv,.5 St Paul 

John-ton SI! Fulda 

Pre.-ton J. . . .'.'.'.'.'.'. ..Garden Citv 

ItevnoldsSD Glcinvood 

I.ililc^- Ik'rrisfonl 

Simmons J W " 

\l;i(Dirthv A Verplanck.. ■■ 

Ilix J L Glyndon 

M.Manus-T S A Co ■' 

Allen FM Grand Forks, DT 

SMVdcl- J .t Co ■• 


Wonihvai-t! Wm H.. Spring- Valley 

Kenkel Jolin . . 

StarbirdM B.. 


Greu'-G F Granite Falls 

Stark H (» Grove Citv 

Fi'uils, I'lU'. 

Knklaud A F Hancock 

(i:irkD A Albert Lua 

Armbruster P M llasfims 

Kn \V H 

Har-reaves Benja.nin... - 
Proctor Bros 


LnckliartJ AV Alden 

Philanthropic Club 

.<!iotwell :\Irs H A.AlcxaDchia, D T 

Room Heudersou 

Snnthniayd Mis F 

Weis Mrs Amelia 


Johu.-ou C H Herman 

Fenn C B Hutchinson 

Cionan James \ustin 

<.ri-~5V Alfred Bismarck, D T 

Decker E W Jamestown, D T 

xiiupson "SV H.... 

CorwiuMrs AL Lake City 

Hro^kwavit CousdoB Brainerd 

Salisburv J L 

liolaiison FA Breckenridae 


nrthnie F BroAvnsvirie 

Crane Bros Lake Crystal 

SiK-Ue-l Mrs A Caledonia 

Hanson August. . .Lead City, D T 

H.iii V C Centra! Citv, DT 


K.itr Gottlieb Chaska 

Bi-elow A- Gustiu Litchheld 

Aidoti Julius Crookstou 

Myers CW 

Mu-<rlev Mrs M C 

Douglass Thompson La Sueur 

(- iark James Dcadwoort, D T 


Cnrnforth T T... 

PhinneyGD Luverne 


Brockivav S B Mauk.ato 

<i..i;.l.l!oJ K.... 


<;ir.;,z .),,], n 

Maa.- HA 

p..;,:-,: X, '.-,. 

l' .\ ■" -'.'M -'m A.UetroitCilv 

^ ■ ' ■ ."'it 'i\A^.]'.'.'.'.'.'. 

^■.. ,:,i .lu :. DextJr 

,:.■■.;■;, W' Minneapolis 

11 .rt IM) Dulmli 

V-ib D.horali 

il.;;.- Matthias - 

Ba-ley Bros 

Gr.nloii Ewhi'j Fade Lake 


i;..'>y Thaddeus Faruo. 1) T 

Bisliop E 

C;-.ntienv Anton 

Bloomlieid Mary 

D.iNis Frank 


Herbert CD 

Chamberlain Wm.... 

Jones WraM 




Smith Mi<s L F 


To.n- .lo-eph 


Wri-lU G C 

Fenning J H 

Calbialh AVm, a.'ent . . . .Faribault 

Horn Ma 

f;:ibert J P....: ■■ 

Hovl A AV 

>iiiplev A R 


H.dl NVui J Fer-u. Falls 

Leachinau Jo>eph. . . . 

Koil'n- F I, 


\v=:;er, GC.V.V.:..; 

Miller Joseph 


ON & JOEDAN, f^^^ 

3uildiDgi, Schools, Couxt-Bonsos andChurch-.M. 

QDPP^-f nV^PPOATQ Of Latest Style made to oixler, it 
OrUSha U t' LUbUH B da. r, Famngtons, Minntapol-.i. 





Coufet'liosiery, Etc. 

Ro!>fnbcrg Frank. . . .^liniicaiiolis 

Shockcv Bros 

Smith J A 

Tiuklepaudi J B 

Tullock Georire 

Purdy U W Montevideo 

Covait W 11 Moiiticello 


Partridtre AV W >rooiliead 

Watorston T \V Morris 

"^Viuslow J Xew York Mills 

EldredllJ Xorthtield 

Vau De Bogart Charles, Ortonville 

Chenoweth Isaac Owatonua 

Dcmiib Wm 

Piper KAV 

Dodge & Smith Phiiuview 

Ross N A Princeton 

Anderson Peter Red Wing 

Lindquist John 

Bunce J A Rochester 

Clark RB 

Crocker E W 

nolidav Alexander 


Nilson Andrew Rushford 

Xare H J St Cloud 

Casserly Frank .St Paul 

Enselbracht Theodore " 

Esch Wm " 

Franks Beujiiniin 

Gouldtn Sarah A '■ 

Kicnieu John 

Lanlierc P A 

Lufskv Roljcrt 

McMahou Daniel " 

Macdonald James " 

Metzger Frederick 

Peyer Robert 

Rinswald ^Irs Anna C. . . . " 

TraVis II H " 

Barnes C F St Peter 

AVilliamsvV JiMinstoue.Sauk Centre 

Gardner G B Shakopce 

Hayes A J Siou.v Falls, DT 

Sturdivant E J Spring Valley 

Bronsou Frank Still'.vater 

Clegg Charles 

Desouvelle Henry 

Dunn'T J 

Frye Daniel 

Ke'unv Jolm'.l...,ni Charlc- 

F'atw.ll Mr- .Marv 

Patwell Napoleon 

Staerkel Mrs Julia Slilhva-..T 



Guntram Aloise. . . .TavlorV V.i'.:^ 

Reynolds E C " ■■ 

Ty'ler R D Vermillion. D T 

Barr A A AVa-c.i 

ElliotlC E Well- 
Burr "We-lev -Wilhaar 


Hill-on Ciuirle- " 

Ma-tevs Mrs H M.AViuneba:ro C\'.v 

Jacolis Charles Wiibiiia 

Wheeler AVF ■■ 

WirthHJ '■ 

Gorhani MB Yankton. U T 

Schoregge HA.... 


(lioMmad and Geutnd.) 

Graves J B Brownsilale 

Macdouaall & McLennan. .Duluth 

Olsen Eric Dunnell 

Caldwell J H Grand PortaL'^ 

Langdon A: Co Minneapolis 

Smith Jerrv 

AViuston Bi-os 

Crampton AVm llu-hf.iid 

DeGrailv'c Co St I'uil 

Lani;d,,n A C " 

Wilder A IJ ■ 

Ca.-h Frederick . . . .Scotlaml, 1 

McMillen A Thon: 

AVilcox AV R Vernon CVi 

{Rim- <iH'l H.n-'.;,:) 
'.Vininrn* & !. pSsar.i, 
{Sc,-mln Dili 

Owen D Alma ( 

Creasy Le Roy Vi: 

Bei.sekerCX Ar. 

Wiehr A C. 

Czeskleba Tlieodore. 

Cannon River I- 

Griiber Ludwig C iui 

Smith C F Cord 

Co-opi-rative I'.arrell Co. . .Dui, 

Feati.ev-tone .lohn Elk R 

DevisE Ely 

Devrey Patrick Y&nh 


31 Robert St., ST. PA'JL,i 

)f f.uytiiiiig ia tJi 

of AVines, Liquors and Oiiji 


Are Agents for Hancock's Inspir- 
ator, Tiohostboilerfoedcrinnse. 
2d St,& Etli Ate. S., Iilinaeapolis, 




Fliokcnstein Joseph Fiu-iljault 


\|....rv II M jFillmore 

Mit.lK-11 G Fm-c'st City 

SawverC Forust .Mills 

I-',, ,t I, c; Fr.iukford 

Divhall .] Gaidpii Citv 

Kii'iLT AV 

An.irmMi W Grove City 

Ikrl.LcF Ilassau 

liurlivT " 

Doua; Soni.1- Co Ilokali 

Thorp lioln-it Ilou-lon, V B Jitnc.-viUc 

I),md. S..I1 it Co Laiiefl)oro 

( ':ii>( lu B F Le Sueur 

dlivur John 

.Iiuula John Maukato 

KarmanyllM '; 

KMrmany US " 

Hitter licrman " 

Si'hwartz Ernst 

Wittrock H & Son 

liarkmau F Mantorville 

Coiuier H B Majnvood 

Hubbard & Sons 

Buiiil) Audresv & Co. .Minneapolis 
Cu-iiperative Barrel Co 

Daily Patrick 


Kame.s Obadiah " 


I.iberlv Barrel Co.... 
Nortirsiar Barrel Co. 
Sehrrf Charles 


Mannin-C A 

\h\ny.~k Co 

HiWM.u A- Morris, 
llan-on IVtor. . 

l!:.-r„],i,.n F 

Ib.I.I.-n .r D 

'■i«aiii.ll S 

Il.i.lieit Grorue.. 
W.llanis Matthew. 
l:av,sou L N 

.Xew Aiiburn 


....Xew Ulm 
. ..Xorthliekl 


■ Xiehi 

.Ked AVina; 


...St J'aul 

.St Peter 


.West Brook 

.1, S.,„.t Co 

i.:,r.!t .John 

ii;recii (Jscar. Vou 


Coopers' Tool>.. 

Miller A H Minneapolis 

Smi!li A: l>ay 



also Til 


auiJ > 




n ]Teu 



St P 


"Walter Moritz 

Corset ]^5iEirs. 

Lvude Mrs E B. 

SchuUe John Minneapolis 

Burgess Mrs J St Paul 

Crackei- Mnfrs. 

(&« aim Vai-ers and Conftdi'mers.) 
Dickinson F E. . ..Deadwood, D T 
LilMliridse H F, 

(&<• adv) •..:MinneapoUs 

Priedeman, Lewis & Co. ..St Paul 


Laucdon Butter and Chec'se 

Factorv I.aiitrdon 

Huninjons & King O.Ktord 

Lown W B Spearlish. D T 

^Vclls Creamery \^ ells 

Croekery antl «!nss- 



Ilarnioii B A &: 

eo (SiC top Ui,Lf)...^V\m\ 

Johnson A- norland. . .Albert Lea 


Chandler .folm Austin 

MeBride F P " 

Tavlor>.t Ball •• 

Wfialen John Bi-niarck, D T 

Ora\<> &. IIar«u'.>, 

(.S< <»/.) D.-adwood. D T 

Wheeler J B Faribault 

Goodricli F X Uou-ton 

Johnson Edward ).ai,e-.l",ro 

Chai.nian J II Mankato 

$ *v -«** SELDEN & GKYGLA, 114 H. 
i Q B Bb Third St., Minneapolis, Mina. 

Heedqyerfers for Crockery ^^IIP"^: 





Crockery. (Contimicd.) 

Jones EI iliinkato 

Shei-k M A .t Sou " 

Fox A .:Miiineiska 

Fo^s C "W Minueapolis 

JoSiii-^oii CliarU'«<, 

(Sv^,/, //.„.) 

McCli'lland Brn^ 

Baker .1 K Owatonna 

BiL'rlow &: Fraser Preston 

]\IcSoiley Thomas Ked Wing 

StofkiDi: G vt Son Hochesttr 

Olsen BE vt Co Rushford 

Craig ct I-arkiu St Paul 

Gayl'e & Dion 

Lichtcuauer &: Enscl " 

Pollock, Donaldson & Og- 

dcu ". 

Scbillo John & Co " 

Schunerer J Scotland. D T 

Iloxie J W Spring Valley 

Shipl.m J II 

Kimljall C S it 

Sou Wiuneljago City 

Grecorv it Co Winona 

Stotl & Potter " 

WeisellF " 

Scbaiidciu Adolph. Yankton, D T 


CoUos! C i> (.-v. ' 

i <oln Chicago, III 

Ciiiiers Sc ftrissders. 

Bock Wm :\Iaukato 

Genevev B ^linncapolis 

He-.-ncV U H 

Miller A R(.?<v,f(/r) 


Frankf A: Sehncll St Paul 

Beuta! Depot. 

Bacon & Lanibie St Paul 


rt Lea 

Maronev .III 

Merrill WC 

Street AH 

Bell AP Alcvaudria, DT 

Hunt P.I Auoka 

PrehnFW " 

A very HA Austin 

Staples CB Aii-lin 

Bi^'clow AT Bisniank. I) r 

Dustin W O Blue Eartli fit; 

Younir S L Caledniii.i 

Allen P,F Cha-k.. 

AVanLIX ChatiieM 

Lynch R F Clear ■SVair;- 

Trow GO Coknt,. 

Thomas. I H Crook-...,, 

Buclianan R R. . . .Deadw„od. D T 

Clark J J 

Audre^vs J A Delayau Stali..,, 

AtwaterF A Del:,,,.. 

Holmes J H.... Detroit Citv 

Steere W B Dodue Ci-ntiv 

LatlitteH E ■". .Duluil, 

MetcalfMP •' 

Spencer RF .Ein.i 

Clark AB Ey.,i:. 

Hill it Kcsler Farso. D T 


Spauldins: J H 

Bogart S'C raril)aull 

Gate W, I 


Phalon R H Feriru- F:ilN 

.lebb ER Gaiy. D T 

Allen B F Gleii.-M. 

Catton A .1 Ila-ii,,.'- 

Chapin A B ■■ 

Garrison G W Ka-..^ 

Hamilton .1 R Kin->'..ii 

EstesDC LakeCin 

Brown W G Lead Citv, H ! 

E.hvards D W Le Sii.-iir 

KingSD -..Lhclili.-M 

Currver.IC Maiikat'. 

McGiaw DF 

Menter AF JIant.avilir 

Allison ED : . . .Mar-.ti.ii! 

Bailey C M Minneai.<'li> 

Bausman A L 

Boardnian C N 

Bowman J A 

Brimmer F H 

Calkins PS 

Dillinu'liam it Murray 

D..wnrv S X ". 

Fell Vi'ekers 

Hedderly T L 

.lohnson S P " 

Morgan KS 

Smith AT 

Spauldins.'- W A 

Taylor B'L 

Wooiiburu Bros 

Marden Albert X'w I 1"' 




3t, Best and Cheapest. New Ei'glar.d 

al Lifo Icsar.iiice Co. of Boston, J. J. WATSUN, 
General Aaui.t, tiX. PAUL. 


loK Oounty, Township and Ciij OfScers, v. 
, test of style pad on short notice, at F. F. HENiriQ-J 
} Brackett's Block, Minneapolis. 


iUSi-VKSs n 



Uliitin.- ]) J 



Williaiii* & t Idjaui, . r^^ 

(S,:c ml-) Duluth 


-i.ulTerll W 

T.lMr.M K 

. ..Pipe Stone 


Pro-tou i 

(■,;,rvG Ili-Wil 
W ilUami-on FA. . 

I luiMie John 

H;uiil>cr Archiliuld 

....RcdAViut' 1 

Iji-ihvood Fall. ; 

RocUent-v i 

(■Sf __ j 

Clark Mr-s H E Albert Lea 

AVilliam- Mrs 

lliue Mrs U E. . .Alexandria. D T 

\Vri2htMi>sME Appleton 

Beaure-ard Mrs A M Austin 

Petenuan Mrs L H 

Rolf -Mivs U Blooming Prairie 

Mead Miss A Blue Eartli City 

Grandleniever Mrs C. . . .Brainerd 
Ellsworth "Mrs 

EA Cannon River Falls 


i;Mii-a H w 

I.i.VMU Frank 

M.irliii .losliua... 
.lacquer E K.... 
lJ.adRr S A. ... 

St Charles j 

■.■.■.'.■.. St Cloud 
St Paul 

Biiclrin an H \V ... 

Laken Mrs L ... .Canton, D T 

KunantzC F " 

I iwton GO 

Ketterer Jt Nassie. :Mrs and 
Aliss Chaska 

I von L AV . " 

Wells Nirs F E Chatlield 

.\l"a-raAv C E " 

MmittCE " 

l-atUTsonMB " 

I'attur^on R II " 

Truax- Mrs Leonora Crookston 

.Tohn-^oi, Mr^ Delavan Station 

Cini-teii- 11 Mi-s.T Duluth 

Billiard Mr- F C . Fairmont 

ll-lmm AT 

\V,-afl>taedt E K 

AUcu.I X 

.UUnBF ■.. 

Fdw irfU D W 

,'.■.■ ;.■.■■ St Peter 


Rutherford Miss AD... 

Bassett Miss A E ...Faribault 

Carver Mrs CE 

LvonsMrs A-nes G.... 
"\fatthiessen 'Mrs .1 

i;>i-h IVtor Sioux Fal^. DT 

Thomas Estus Spring- Valley 

lI'Avard W P Stcwartvilk- 

Knapi> A R Stilhvati-r 


.Muri>hv Miss S K 

AVilmotl Mrs C .M Farmiu'iton 

CurrierMi-s Knuna. Flandreau,' D T 


Harris A' r- E B Hastings 

Ziivfi- \V 

li-vMnaa E 


I'.vrk A P 

F..X Horace 

Dixc.n A M 

I.arral.i- H () 

Swan Lake, D T 



V.' .'.'.'.' .VvV. , 

Will-: ■: 

1 Lenien Mrs M A " " 

Truax Mrs I •■ 

I , ! ' V : ^li - Minnie.. Hokah 

r V ^ Kate Houston 

: :- .:- .V Jackson 

W i \|l- .;. --e •■ 1! 

Ilivev Mi--e~ ^ A C Ka^-son 

I'.riLMinu.l L... 
W.ldi Altnd... 
I'.n.wn W 11 11. . 

I)'h4'l-ii 1) 

(.^« Jlrst 

'.'.Yankton. DT 
I n IK Ills.) 

1 -WillaW .Mrs S " 

Buvk Miss Eiiiina Lake Citv 

Gilletl Miss Alice 

Sears MivsL 11 

Comeford Mrs M Laneshoro 

Hockrid-eMi-s. Jane.... Le Sueur 
WaL'ner^Mrs Martha. . . .Litohticld 
Gritlin Miss E L Luvcrne 

j Jackson MrsK 

Pitch and Gravel Roofers. 


Oor. Eii'-h auJ Sibley Biiutts, 

Bt. Paul, Mian. 

■n.-a-r.- • 

Koiier Vlour Mills, with all in V. 
improTemcuts, IJHTNE.VPOLIS, U; 


DRP: minnksota 




Dres-sjEiakcrs. (Cont'd.) 

Browu Mi".A[av Mnukato 

Haii-n Mr- J C ■■ 

Laird Mr- M " 

McKnru'V .Mi-- 1 K..... ■' 

Scbiiiiai Mr- K 

Scbroir,i:L' Mr- .1 " 

Sudennann !Mi?- L 

Tonipkius ilrs W 1). ... 
Cvedtcutt Mi>^..Mnpletoii Station 

Quin :Miss L 

A)len EL Miuueapolis 


Beebe Maud 

Bierkriess Mrs Louise. 


Day Mrs EW 

Dres^r MifsPE.... 

Joans Mr^E 



Lone ?>ri-s S-.ilira " 

Mclludi Mi<- K 


Marsh ill Mr,-, J E.... 

Morse Mme 


Wbeilon A A 

Woodu-orfli C I 

Kinuhaiu Mi.ssS.^I :\Iinufota 

Adnni- }ilr- C E .^louticcllo Mr< M E. . . . 

"Wilsou MrsC Motley 

Olson Mr- L Ncwlmrdi 

rttcr ^livsJ A Xorlblield 

Browu Mrs L L Oronoko 

Durfev Mi-s S Owatonna 

Hurlburt .V Brown .Mrs. 

Shreck Miss Lizzie " 

Lackey Mrs Pelican Rapids 

Tayloi- Kate Pine Island 

AYced Mrs F C Pipe Stone 

Ayer .Mr- L Preston 

Lar^o^ Miss Bertba. . . .Red Wing 


Matter Mr^ E Redwood Falls 

Wat nerMi.-s Mary. R.rd-sLaudins 
Arie% A[is-es A Y.kV S . . Rochester 

Canfirld .Mr- .M E 

Chadwick .Mrs Eli/.a. . . 



Koou .Mrs.l A 


Murphy Mrs E A 

Norman .Mrs B 

Peek >[rs3I E Roeh. -i, 

Phillips Mi«F 

S,ln;.;.'t ,VA,:i,T Misses 

\V>. '^'r 1. \\': X.'.'.'.\ 

wvi.hi M- .\ i: 

I>i<kiu-,.ii 1) Rorkf..! 

Frier .Mrs Xellif Ku^l, d, 

Ilines Mr.-; liu-hlMr 

Blattuer MisOl C St Clou 

Crummett .Miss 

Baker it Letteau St Pai 

Christie Mrs E - 

DodseMrs.M ■■ 

.MonU Miss Mary " 

XcvensMrsPE •■ 

Trask.MrsAJ " 

Worley .^rr- Adam " 

Jlerrick Mrs Frances St Pen 

Haiina Mrs E B Sauk Cenlr 



Aikins .^[i-s Skvbei 

Hyde Mrs HC Sprini: Vaib 

Carli .MrsC II S'lillwat, 

Christiansen Mis-; Anna. 
Harris Mrs II 

I :\f:lIe'i;-U Mi-- M....;.. 

I -M. (■:>•' ,1,: Mr- M A Vernda 

I M ^li■- Minnie. 

.1. - i ir L Wadei 

I S'' . 1' ■: ; iTiecnwood. .AVa-rc 

Sullivan Mi- Anna. 

Winneba-o (it 

Evans :>nss M Winni 

Hanson Eniilj' 

Pa-e -iliss ■• 

Perins-tou .Mrs W .1 Wvk. ■ 

Brennan Mrs \V .1 . . Yankt.Hi.' H 


Kiinpnor .Mi- .Mary 

L,".ini- .Ml- .1 II..". 

:;,H,n:,ii .Mi- .M A. . 

ll*l•iiI^!i•i•<ts' Ssiinli'ie^ 

ILT (S,. 

DuauA Co Bismarck. I) ' 

Lyman Bros .Minneapoi 

aUnLrLnO DllUOl East Third Street, St, Paul, Miuu. 

feSllOVV, MdSh (^ ilaViS,^-^eapoU..aan 

Fcir'l^rs and 1\L?.Jl::^.' ,, 
\ Kuh Ave. Son'.li, 





V..uns >!i: Co :\IiuiK':ipolis 

;;i-'->'^K II St Paul 

\<.j c» Bro>.V Cm Sir, 

(Ste «h<, Gdicm 
Th(iini>fon it Halin. 


Albert Lua 

Kiame it Scrseaut, 

.-^.iihh A Bai-ck 

^\"ed!re ifc Spicev 

B-oth M Aldcn 

Emfr>on it Hazle " 

I.;adlaw .J Alexandria, D T 


\Tc>(:ott E A Alma Citv 

Milkr W .1 Anoka 

IVtiis A L •• 

Tickuoi- II L " 

La Hue r, F Applfton 

Sco-.t A Haiidall 

Grt^'.vc- .1 .] .\t water 

\V(,ul-<.nLB ■■ 

LumpaniusC A Vudubon 

('kiiui'.cr it I'ookn- Austin 

Dorr it Wold '• 

-Noble W W" it Co ■• 

I iian- it Hensou Avoca 

Sirom A Beaver Falls 

Moloiuy G ii Belle Plaine 

Wi-ilcrlt Oschenreiter 

Bundv D T Benson 

Gieaves II L ■• 

Munr.,e .1 A it 

Co Big Stone Citv, D T 

IU:I1 II W Bir.risland 

Dunn it Co Bismarck. D T 

Ib.llcmbaek W A. 

Blinker. I Blakeley 

< i!e>on A Co Blooming Prairie 

Williams C H... 

Coustaus C W. . ..Blue Earth Citj- 

Schuler it Thurston 

Ml Fadden Newton Braiuerd 

Workman HA Brcekenridge 

.Marsh it Bacon Brownsdale 

Skeper .-\ L it Sons. .. 

Le Blond .J B Brownsville 

Smith .111 

Bell it Thurmond Brownton 


Eookcr S C Brule City, I) T 

Co,. C'B Caledonia 

"■(.oiiuor .John 

Anderson D it Co Caml>riilge 

Ford it Tricotarin Campliell 

Gerald Lewis Canl.y 

Gilberson A '• 

Sandberg it 

Peterson.... Cannon Uivor Falls 
Scoticld Bros.. 

HoodT W Canton. DT 

Keller James 

Rowley FM 

Grillin'W A Carver 

^-el-Mju.IS " 

Bannavd II F Casselton, DT 

Jacobson F. jr 

Dillon it Fuller. Central Citv. DT 
Jlanmt Bass... 
Pen-vman R II 

it "Co 

Franken Joseph Cha.ska 

Barnard F G it Son Chatlield 

Gore J S;^ " 

BiLi'.ow X Claremout 

Pldllip- SM Clear Water 

Sehwab P 

Aames J A Clilherall 

Audei-son C J Cokato 

Trow GO " 

Couitright W \ Conlova 

Joseph Anthony.. Cormorant Mills 
Vaubushkirk J it 

Co Crook Citv, D T 

Williams WH.. 

Crocker George Crookston 


Morris C A Dasscl 

Bent it Deetken..Deadwood, DT 
Deetken Julius. .. 
Hunter it Co ... . 
Knowles itMarsh- 

man " 


Stein II it Co. ... 

Corcoran J P De Graft 

Chance .Mrs MA Delano 

Close Bros •' 

Hodge S G Delavan Station 

Cadd HA Dell Rapids, D T 

Farber II H Detroit City 


Simmons O J De.xter 

Stiles D I ■• 

Head X S it Co. . . .Dod-c Centre 

Randall AC 

Bush .V K A- Co Dover Center 

Austin James Dululh 

Pet re D A • 

Smith F B ■• 



i=J,.,«|,p and MEOHANICS' TOOLS. Kiugs- 
^drU HvdrU bury & Draper. 3 5 E. Third St., St, Paul. 





i)rHti'S-S!st.«i. (Coutiiuied.) 

Ault EG Dundiis 

Blount CE Eden. D T 

ILinjerhcimer it Reistcr . . . .Elgin 

Kimber A •' 

Blair HH Elk Point. DT 

I)e Witt E C 

KirbyB '\V Elk River 

Lewis J F 

Sterrett S O A Co Evanj.ville 

Thorap.-^on A Excelsior 

Barto C W Eyota 

Bird E ^y i Co Fairmont 

Livermore it Co 

Ebermau W S& Co. . . . Fargo, D T 

Maartmim Kurl 

Oakford vt XeUou 

Crocker S L Faribault 

Jolm.«.u Philip 

Sherwood F Z 

Stevens W II i: Co. . . . 

"Wheeler J B 

FUike & demons. . . .Farmiuston 

Thurston J H 

Jliles G C Fergus Falls 

Nelson it Morteusen . . 

Shore A L " 

Uain John Fillmore 

Freeman Bros. . .Fislier's Lauding 
Dodge it Bray. . ..Fiaudreau. D T 

White DS..." 

Booth C E Fulda 

Fonger <t Jebb Gary, D T 

Huggles Bros 

HatfLiberty Glencoe 

.MeClarv & "Simous 

Wilcox" H H Gleu ville 

Johuson O J Gleuwood 

Jacobsou F Glyndon 

Saxton J. . .Good Thunder's Ford 

Phillijis R Goodwin, D T 

Budge Georse. .Grand Forks, D T 

Ecklesit Mortran 

Holmes D.M."... 

Bakeu it Robiuson. Grand Meadow 

Rauuev W S 

Andrews F .M Granger 

Barnes it Ireland. . . .Granite Falls 

Strattou it Evans 

Eriison C J Grove City 

HadderleyA II 

Klim; it Sherven Hancock 

Thor-isan K 

BurnTull P Hartford 

Hovland C K Hartlaud 

Finch it Son Hastings 



.Uen.ii ] 
liidi F, 

Jloeseu it Funk . . 
Thoi-ne it Xorrish. 

Kunpp B A 

Bolink Elcbertus. . 

Sid'^r W H 

Christiansen J 

Fore- .IF 

Ga-kill X E 

Groat.] G ^..Hokal. 

Louir.l C Howard 

McCnIlum W I •• 

]5euiietl .1 Hutcliin-n:: 


^^ii-f,u W W 

Cowin-.I \V Jackson 

WUitmau A CA; Co •■ 

Elmer W Jamestown, DT 

Cb:,u,i!c.v ,^- Crai'.; Janesvill, 

Smith o p ": 

Kchrev it Co Jorda;i 

Kiinkliammer it Co 

Grinnell it Ostrander Ka«-_'i. 

! Xel>ou it Hi-be 

Junkins J o: Kcll.._- 

Greaves Wm Keuvoi: 

Minshall T La Creseenl 

Skarlum it Mark. . . .Lake Deiito:; 

Gibbs Thomas Lake Cit, 


Schmidt J >"■ 

Stautf C C 

Franchere it Son Lake Cr\ -i-.i: 

Ilalver-ouO .M Lake Pu k 

Morauit McClintock. . . .Lakevi;i, 

Crandall FM Lambuih.n 

Houckit Hyde Lanesl,,..,, 


Miller Louis it Co 

lugalls A O Lead City. D T 

Lawie Alexander.. 

Burrid-e J S it Sons Lencri 

Friv'n-,: F \V it Son Le Rnv 

Larrabee J M ■• 

-Meekstrouth Bvo^ Le Sueu; 

Pierce Bms 

Bal.lwin J W Leui-t-n 

Brill W II Litclilieid 

Harris V H 

Rh.ides it Wetzel Little Fall- 
France H E Lodi. DT 

Ewin- W H Loui;- Prairir 


Crawt,",rd It O Luveru'/ 

Ree^JW ■• 

CoeC B Main- 

Vilas it Scelv Mad-li i 

DverD W.." :\Iadi3on, D 1 

U^Wo Qpfa .^ ! fir^ Pn ^^- ^- ^'^^''^' ^'"'''^ ^^'"'' 

iitiU V- '-JiXi U "-U LUUti y Us 46 Ja 

Jackson St., ST. PAUL, Kii^n. 

■-t fSi T ! 5 ? ? 5'- fi T If^t \^ Sole Ag' t 

Sole Ag't CANTON PLOW.,, Tiger Rates, Kan- 
K Harrows, Tiinmph Seoders, Mi!. 
3u Tgica, etc., 1 8 W. 3d St., St.Paul 





Winston B L. Mandan. D T 

11, .,l;ipi> Wendell Mankato 

.Sitnlir^rn iV Walz 

».i-;:irstroiu K .t (See 

Wcli^tei- Xoali 

WilNi'n S Mautorvillc 

WiL-ou Samuel 

S, liweitzer John.ilapleton Station 

CuskillJ HM Marine Mills 

K. ilT .t Na-el Marion, D T 

Houston 1 W -Marshall 

Wak.-maa AValter 


i'niilson, Kverson it 

Co " Mavvillp. DT 

H!y;int & Curtis Medfnrd 

^IHiOuciifc McLaurv.MilltoAvn.D T 
r.aekd.Uil Alfred..'.. Minneapolis 



Coll.vatU ■W C 

Cii'^uu'.u ttPlummer. 


Dow vv Skinner 

Goes .John 


OraV A- Hofflin 


Hid.U-iIv Edwin 

lliL'.irius'G E 

Iluhn George 6c Co. . . 

Lvmau Bros 


Melindv.t Lvman..,. 
Palmdy AWhitaker.. 
liidgwav Alexander. . " 



Skinner O B 

Smith .1 A 

T.dhert .t White 



TliiiiL^lestad C H Miuncota 

Iviriies Smith T. . .Minnesota Lake 

Murphv i- Grilfls Montevideo 

\ViNonW B 

I'll' rper G Montgomerj- 

.\dMmsSE Monticello 


Kurt/. .V Mackall Moorhea.l 

>'""reM M Morris 

Morri,^- ISundv - 

'l.'le FM....." " 

'■■'ili'i'u K .Monistown C W Murdock 

Gardner C P New Auburn 

Everlieart P . . .New Buffalo. U T 

Clark it Swan New Richland 

BoliIiR'i- .SosepJi. . .New Ulm 

Kuhlnian George 

Weschcke Cliarles 

Blackmau it Kelly Northfield 

Goodhue it lieu rv 

Wright F W. ... : 

Dusiirt it ^lix Norwood 

Porter CF Oakwood, DT 

White L Olivia 

Barnctt .J Oronoco 

Chittenden S H Ortonville 

Lane it FrenJberg 

Chambers J S Osakis 

llaisha it Donaldson. . .Owatouua 

Hill it Luers 



Stouuhton R A it Co... 

BrauVh W S Parker, D T 

Kendall .J E.. 

Mc-Mahon R H . . .Parker's Prairie 

Scpiires CO Pelican Lake 

Biyberg it Blodgett. Pelican Rapids 

Caughev it Co Perhaui 

Wallace it Daly ■■ 

Thompson Bros Peterson 

Consor & Peiiisiiigr- 

l«!i Pine City 

Robinson it Sou Pine Island 

Bennett C IT Pipe Stone 

Scarf G Bit Co 

Goddard P A it Co Plaiuview 

Landouit Burcluud. . . . 
Cliaml)erlaiu W II .Pleasant Grove 

Mikiska Frank Prague 

Tibbetts J P Pres^ton 

Weiser Albert ■■ 

Caley DA Priuceton 


MeCall :t Taylor. . . .Quincv. D T 
Ilammeniuisf P. .Rapid City. D T 

Bjoinsaanl T R Red Wius 

P.oxrud it Festard " " 

Goebel Mrs Eliza 

.Jaehni-iV Smith 

Keul.ill it Kyllo 

Twi-tan it Sandborg. . . . 
Hitchcock D L it 

Sou Redwood Falls 


navison C H Reed's Landing 

llarijcsbeimer Gustav. . . Rochester 


Poole F A 


ARCHITECTS, MinneRpolla, Plana 
and Bpoci6oations foraiehed for all 
kicdi of Building ca ihort cotioe. 


Artistic Tailor. Dress Suits a Specir.ltT, 
239 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Mina. 


vNi> ux::<nx DRV 

Driiasri'^ts. (Oontinued.) 

Rexford Fct H. ..Sprin'r Vall.v 

Upmaii 3c Bavard Rochester 

Jackson A F '.Stowaf; 

^elKT G'-or-e 

Crandall HM Stilhva-.r 

Maun A- liass. . . .Rockerville. D T 

Fliesbur-, OpsahKtCo.. 

Aker.T M Kockford 

Hcnin;; i Millard 

Flick J D Rockport. DT 

Kiu'jr i- Sevmour 

Martell ifc Johnson Rush C'iiy 

Wilkinson "Alliert 


Murphy .t P.-ter- 

Kicrland K .t Son Rushford 


man Swan Lake 1) T 

Alleman C Ta..,n 

Reishus OS Sacred Heart 

Koto PC A- Co ■■ 

Gardner G H St Charles 

Halibnra: S .M Tavlor's Falls 

Smith Gi Co". 

Sevm-nn- G W v.t Co " - 


Wei.luv.ui J Tracv 

AVharlon B ct Sons 

ll.-arn 11 G Valley Citv. Dt 

MiU-latt Silas St Cloud 

Kerrt A- KcL'on ".Vermillion 

Schulten Charles 

Evu-C C Vermillion. D T 

Spencer G S 

Hel-esou Alfred.. 

Bacon C R St James 

Dotlse Bros 

iiardin- 11 J Vcrndalo 

Allen James P _. St Patil 

DriiikfF. Snider A: Co. .Vol-a. U T 

Bacon ifc Lambie 

Porter A C 

Becker R A " 

StODc J J Wabasha 

Boslen >t Stoven "' 

Tou>saint .t Odink 

Davenport G C " 

Whitmore J L 

Dries A: Mitsch " 

Skinner OB Wadcua 


Uovt &: AndiTson. Walnut St.iti^.n 

Miller WH '■ 

Hall A: Cummiu,-s AVas....a 

Robinson HW " 

Stronir A" Wridit 

Scheldrupi Wold " 

Sigler W H " 

Vinton Wm..". WaM-ii 

HalL'rrn C G Watertoun 

Simmon Karl " 

Meriman it Hal.-ren. .. 

StierleE " 

Go^-s Charles... \Watcrtown, DT 

Stuart ifc Lutz 

Iloskin, i t>~lH'r. 

Sweenev Robert 

Tarlull Bros.... 

■\VampferAJ •' 

"Wilkes A P '• 

White .M V WaterviU.j 

Flanui-au C Waverly .Mill> 

Jones Hearv St Peter 

Nve J M W.'IU 

PaulBF..." •■ 

\V....,;;iid T \v •■ 

Oakfonl A: Nelson. . . Sank Centre 

I.inic I Wesrlv 

ISarkniau A Wliala'.i 

Perkins i Sprairue... 

MavoL Sauk Rapids 

Wal.por J P Scotland. D T 

Clark vV Fro~t Wiilmar 

Mossb.-iiT.v; Bro 

Kenvou^S S Wiit .a 

Lord F J Slmkopee 

Struuk H H i- Sous 

Patii-u D .VCo Winl ■)>! 

Currv L Sheldon 

LiV(.-f-nnd K F SliLTburnc 

Tilford J H 

Bathrick Jetlerson. 

Dimnlii.^ 1/r Sioux FaIN, U T 


Hev.Tdahl I'lrii-h 


}laeklov L E A: Sou Win.-ui 


rt)!x-r.-ou Francis Sleepv Eve 

Kcu.iaU John •■ 

Le-'eJJ ■• " J '>V A Co 

HiK-heock Sprin^tticld 

IVl/or Eduard " 

RothJ - 

Sl;ide -V O'liLld.DT 

Sti'wart Flo 

Reirsea'E Si)rin\' Gnnc 

Wedul Hi;..".'.'.'.'.'.'..... •■ 
Fitz-erald T T Woodstock 

Cobb A: Lee Spni.;:; Valley 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. ^'' 

Eobert Street, ST. PAUL. ! 
Established 1859. Olde.^t Liquoi J 
era in St. FooL 

,; I c fi, « ■ « w ■ GivepniticolAraUcntioatorot- 

LJ'Mv'hfU'lf •^■. !-?IC'«'^ A? ^'-fi^f?Q tin? ap of Er.irme Boilers and all. 





Birlicr K D AVorthinston 


Miller i; ^'mitll 

KilV A Morrel Wykoff 

(•„ate< K.M Yauktoy. D T 

Mills .^ Purdy 

ViiiuU-rhulu G W ■k 

Co Yuiiklijii, D T 

WelitT Euneue 

CUarcliill W W.. . .Zuinbro Falls 

I lain ) IKV- (>1 Zuinbrota 


Palmer H II 

l>ry C^OGiEs. 

De Lendrecie i^ 
aiiniquv Fiu-go, DT 

tovKtiuSaa Bros 

,!v- <_'<? (.Sf. (('.•I.. .Minneapolis 

ilarwood y B a; Co.. 

Auerbacb. Fitch, Culbert- 
son iV Co Si Paul 

Lee WiV- Co " 

Lindekes, Warner it Sehur- 


{Sc'C uIm Gentnd ,s7orf.«.) 

Crane G M Albert Lea 

Sweuson A AV. . .Alexandria, D T 

Plumraer II S Anoka 

Taylor U M " 

Woodburv P J >.t Co " 

Ciuuz ilrrman Austin 

Hall ^- West " 

Kin- Frederick ■' 

Ta\l..r .1 .M " 

Willard i. S " 

Ki]..ui.s(i Beaver 

Ki.eiibui- Daniel. .Bismarck, D T 

Wat-,,..! W B 

( lark .\. B Blooniiuj; Prairie 

Seliwartz Wm Brainerd 

Smith W Ai.\: Co " 

Sl.i-iMM- A L iV Sous. ..Brownsdale 

l-Inod Ixiciiolas Caledimia 

Bellivicau.J Centra! Ciiy, D T 

Tr,;, :.!.!. ■■ " 

i'arrali .\; KnL'iit Chatfield 

!;-ed J 7. CUivton{ '• 

Uol/.niau iJavid. 

a^si-nee .- Deadwo.ul, 1) T 


I.iebmaun .Morris 
Slruss it Kohoru. 

Werthheiraer JI J 

v.t Co Deadwood, D T 

Aroup J C Delano 

KPPI'-T J -^I ■•■ 

Lerharth C " 

B;indv Lsaac Duluth 

Dean" Peter • 

Steckmau G B. . . .Elk Point. D T 
De Lendrecie & 

Chiniquv Farao, D T 


Calhiart A: Co Faribault 

De.ib-ch Jacob " 

Kiusev P P " 

Kolhilann J T\' " 

Souires J T ■ " 

Carson O M Farminslon 

AVheelor Mrs E F 

Pickit Horace Fergus Falls 

Brokmcier, Stern v.V 

Bude...- Hastings 

Evre Bros " 

GiUitt Harvev 

Stucke MrsM G K HeudersoE 

Sobek Ferdinand Hokah 

Everson E :M Lake City 

.Tone- A: AVilliams. . .Lake Crystal 

I P,radvBros Lead Citv, D T 

! Braa-gMrs Sarah. 

1 Silver Bros 

Hayes AY Le Roy 

Bannatvne Daniel Le Sueur 

Tileston CM Litehtield 

Helm J L Luveruc 

Harsh PH Madi.son. D T 

Davis AY C Mandan.D T 

Brett G E 3Iaukato 

Christiansen Bros 

Lidgerwood G 1 

McCounell WWP&Co, 

Parsons C U 

PraeKt Du r.nissou.... 

Binifiiam U .Marshtield 

Bolfes G -Aledary. D T 



WooUey M T Milltown. D T 

Apt Jennie -Minneapolis 

Briu Kaltierine 


Canip, i)..ui;la->.\; * " 


Deslauiiers Peter 

Deut.sch Jacob 

Faller Mrs Flora 


Galvanized Iron Window Caps.lElgl 

f- R r ^/ ? r» V ■^^^''^^ ^^'"''' Glassware, wholesale and 
li^- tl b t^ J4. L lU , retail, E, A. HAEMON & CO., Minneapolis, 





Dry e,;«ods. (ConiM.) 

Euonnaii Minneapolis 

II;ilc G A\ ".t Co 

Harm. UvvA;Le.-ct. 

Kenyon A F 

Knitzkopf Helena .. . 

O'Connor Peter 

Parker Edwin 

Sesjelbauin Bros 


.Williams GS 

Welti GM.t Co 

RonkX Minnchka 

Gray George MonticcUo 

Kreis &• Deanison 

Sharp J H it Co Moorhead 

Kenigsberg Isaac Monls 

Gardner C P New Aubiirn 

Holt vrilson O watoana 

Moore irn.Jr 

.Seweil .Tohn. ir 

■\Vel)b .V Nel-oa 

Cailin Edward Pine Citv 

Bohn C H iV Co Plain view 

Cornell F.I 

Koenig W ' ■ 

Robinson AVF 

McKeunev it Co Qiiincv. D T 

Belanger tlifford '.lied Wing 

Graham J A 

Nelson .lohn 

Taake J F 

King Bros Redwood Falls 

Wilson R A 

Blake .1 D it Co Rochester 

McKay it Co 

Massey C F, agent 

Nelson Andrew 

Dow .1 it Son . . .Rockerville, D T 

Apple Mary Rochford, D T 

Mockeuhaupt R & J St Cloud 

Stetzler George 

Young it Bradford 

Corniirk it Gotzian St Paul 

Esterievit lleiiiemann. . . . ■■ 

FiscliiM-iii JJro* 

Habigliov.t Hit Co •■ 

Holland Miss E A.... 

Ingersoll D W it Co " 

Lindeke A H it Bro " 

Mannhcimer Bros 

Mcaley it Son 

Powers Brothers 

Rittmaster Reuben 

Rosenbaum S " 

Zahm it Mann 

.T.i>Mnaii it i;ro> Scotland. 1) T 

Kinu'-bury V,' R.Siuu.x Falls, D T 
Waters W C . .. 


'i^'ll'l^at .J C Spring Vidlrv 

Kalmasson M Simv 

Alenberg Louis Stillwat.'V 

Ilospes AC 

Kahn Ludwig 

Lowell .lothain " 


Ranim S Stockton 

Schmidt C Waconia 

Levi Israel Willinar 

Locke Sisters 

Brink .J L Winona 

Chole H " 

Lewis it Co 

Merigold .J A& Co...... " 

Rheinbergcr Bros " 

Scherer Conrad. )r " 

Thoma.s.J W.... " 

Con-letou I Yankton, D T 


Ketelmm 1! A 

Parmer L L) 

eye Works. 

Western S>.ve^Vorks, 

(&t ,tdr) Chicago, 111 

Dye iuiil t'le.'iiJiiit: 

LiUii;;stins E (fke 

adc) St Louis, Mo 

Dyers and Scourers. 

Schlamm Edward Mankato 

Abe) Herman Minneapolis 


.Ileycr .J S> 

Jumieson I) L St Paul 

Kahlcrt,IC ■' 

Burbridge .1 JI it Sou. . .Still water 

rieefrical ^Vorki. 

I'liicfii Eleelric 

Work* (Se adc), 

rJO S Clark St Chicago, III 

Bell Vernon (.S:v 

tide) Miunea[>olis 

^'A Dniffnnt P"^" foreseeth the Evil and Insurotb 
M riUUU 11 himself." Now Enf^Iand l!nt=al Life Icsu.-, Co. .: 

" Boston, J, J. WATSO:;, St, r.:nl, Qen" A-nt for,. 


^^^_, cr. ---:-- -' 







"^ {-- 

ffCA. G O. ,,.:^ 




I have made the execution of First Cl((ss 
Engraving the leading characteristic of my estab- 
lishment, and shall continue so to do. I can with 
justice guarantee entire satisfaction to my patrons, 
having been educated at the publishing house oi' 
Harper Bros., New York, in every detail of my Inisi- 
ness, adding thereto practical proficiency. 
I can safely assert, no other engraving establishment in the west can 
the advantages I am enabled to offer, by means of my extensive and spcci.ii 
facilities for the execution of all classes of engraving — Mechanical, ."^ccneiy, 
Implements, Colored Work, i\:c., &:c. My assistants are experts in superi(jr 
engraving. I employ none but eminently qualified and accurate artists, whom 
I send to any part of the country on application. Prices always reasonable. 
Soliciting patronage, sincerelv, 

A. T". SEARS. 

'^hn-tminllimsr. Clncnun: II. Khin 
■"Jl K.Vaii Iliircii St.,Cliicaw>; <'h 

wjcr nm\ Tirh.t Ayrnt C. H. T. .t P. K. '''., r'"' 
,i Mirhitiaii .^iiiilhini li'ii, Cliiniw': -I- •*<'• """ 
ni Illinoi.^ It. It.,rii;,iwi; Alvla Uulh.rl. I'l-fi 
ihjr .V. »■;»;; -V<r./,iiif Oi.. Vhiovjn ; F. HVm/- >.•<, 

Soud for Illustrated Catalogtie and Estimates Tjoforo sondinK clsowhore. Prompt- 
' noKs, Accuracy and Superior "Worltmanship guarautootL 


Offices 52 & 54, No. 116 Washington Street, Chicago, III. 

^^ .' A I, -.OX,'/ 




Artists sent to any part of the country. Send fc 


Manufactured for Banks, Mil! Men and Oon>ora- 

tiong, at low ir'.=3 and in Vest of s'.tV, ) y F. F. ESSSIG, 

B.-=ckctt's B!oA, :i;irr..: r.clis. 



No. 472 "West Lake Street, 
Moip. :.».Vs State St.. CMrCACO, Liscnliiirtli \- Co. 


nece GocHis, Ribbons, etc.. Dyed, Refijiished auil Uepiickcd like new. 

of Ne^^" York, we 
■jods and quality. 

Union Electric V/orks, 

R. A. S'lEUDELL, Proprietor, 

Electric and Phiiosophical Inslmments, 

Kxpei-inietit.d MncI 

.Y«/. J'Jf! South Clark Sttcct, 

eorr..pond..noei,, CHICAGO. ILL. 

[RDM DnnrrDC ^ ^ OEITTENDEN & CO., Coratr 
\\\\}\\ liUUiLnOi BiitL and Sibley Streets, St. Paul, Miun. 

if Vnn V^'^'^rt '^ Pr^^ni'-Ja ^If'iem Flour Mill, see "W,!. 
I 1 Uij Vi? tiiil Cl UUiiSjJICld Gnun & Co., Minneapolis, Mian. 





Fl•o^t, Perrj A: (<>, 

(Si ivh, St Paul 

Minuesota Type Foundry. . 

Elevator Buckels. 

Stafford L tt Co Minnenpoli^ 

Elevniior«i— S"oi«.t3 8is;-. 

Kcniiociy John, 

188 iind 190 F. Ohio 

St (Sj<- ,'(ff) Cliicago. Ill 

MalJaoc JoSisi, 

Eiijploj !ii*l Bureau. 

Colton Charles A Co-.-Minufapolis 

Engine ISsiHders. 

(See F'>ii,i<U'n m'l' .',''ir/,inLi!.^.) I 

{■•x( ndc) Chicago, 111 

Gillett H & Sou (iioit- 

able) I.nko City | 

' Mankato Mnfa: Co Maukato , 

Dcj)ew & J,aw.«vn, | 

(sctodr) >i r ■ 

St Paul Founili-v am'. 

Muf^Co ". 

Sproat'.M L 


Tyler ^y II & Co, 

Heaii Iloni'V (nietall. .Minneapoli: 
Willaid WPhvood). 

Baicir .1 K . niutal) Owatonn 

llir.MV Lharles (wood and 

m.'t'ali -..Si Pav: 

:TIt!!irri'ii A toMliiiin 

Priistiiis Co i.S' 

,/,/-•) Stilhvati 

Es.«*e!ie€ t)f Jajasaica 

Kcrkcy .Boim .\ A; 

Co i.Sf aih:J„jtiom ei,d).Sl Paul 

Faney Goods. 

Griswold Mrs C Anoka 

CoTxine :\!is,es H M ct S. . .Austin 

Davis Mi>.- M P Braiuerd 


:Marsh Oc liarnett. . Central Citv.D T 

Burnham 1) P Deadwood, D T 

Clark Mrs U A... 

FhIio! ?.!a.x 

.John-^ '.Vv;.;t Delano 

Siivr, M'.'Ol W '• 

Sean::iii Mr- .1 L Detroit Citv 

Olini-r KG Fargo,!) t 

Na-le .Miss M E.Graud Forks, DT 
Kiccht. BecUtA Co..3IinneapoIi- 

Fo.v.Mr. GW 

Ooo'Mi'lJow A: 




Sn ! S 5" C r n ^^ ^'^ P U Q DEAPERS and TAILOES, No. 40 
yj'SGl LhO tiWJ'Ot East Third Street, St. Paul, Miua. 


iiiproved MMmg i^llacliiiies 



ISS and 190 Ohio Si,. CHICAGO, ILL, 

CaVixity. from - - - 1.000 to 3.000 I'ouiids 

This C'l.t iv|,it.,,.ms my (.KNTKE LIFT E l.KV A Ti 'K. -a ;;1 

t».. iri,U'in-ii.I.-iit Wire CaM.^s, winds frDiii ili.' tii.i- ;. 

.■ of o :Si.inil-iir(iov,-.| Hiiril \V.,.),1 r>nim. tli.T-lii 

y with the frioiiun of ih.- plutform on thi- (Jiii.h' 

similar Pnini is plnceil ,.n thr end of thr Sliafl {■' 

C'ounleiiioisp Wfij.'lit; it runs easily, tliv plalf,.rni luiuf h.-l. 

under iieifei'l control by niv .V' ic J'alrnt Serrir liink'- 

■■ for Safety X\ 

ind lU'pi 

pect. Inn he tint 
or Hard \V,i.)dS!n 
Patented Octoher l:tth. l^ri 

s Done on Short Noti( 

IS given for Water Kiviiivs. 


1 1 



GD.pola Tiles 20 to 60 inolies Diameter. 

': BRASS FOUNDERS' ^' '""'"'' 

I I 10 to 18 INCHES 

Circle Brick. 



Foundry Facing-s.| Suppli^ 

io8 and no Franklin Street. 



ESGINE ■WORS » SwrliiHy. 
fth Ave. Jiou-.ti, 




Hiukle Mrs W P Mouticcllo 

AtcIut Mrs H Preston 

Brown U A .V Co. Rochester 

Macomber Mi>s L S. . . . 

Marklmm IKt K 

Marshall C A St .Joseph 

Classen E St Paul 

Dunn Charles 

Dutch A " 

Ernst Mrs IIP 

Goldstein Abraham 

Guiterman Ambrose 


Herwc?ri,"MvsC " 

Ilerz .T'o.eph '■ 

Kflloiir:*! X " 

MuelferA " I 

Rothschild Joseph " I 

StrouselKV M '• j 

Sullivan Mi-sS A " i 

Bu"e \- Heidenrcich . . . .Sbakopce | 
Dickinson Mr< A Wc'lls ' 

Fauiiiny; :TBiIi 51n«Vs. 

Gilbert E M Byron 

Korssaard MP DuUuh 

Scatterjiood Theodore . . .Mankato 

Grcelv Orriu Owatouna 

Boardmau L M St Peter 

Keller Henry Sauk Centre 

Feed :flin Miifrs. 

Ames Bros Austin 

Feed Mills. 

Rosers Bros Biwvnton 

Strickland & Baker 

Goulberg & Anderson. .Cambridge 

Hallbers .J A Centre City 

Gordon Bros Dod<:e Centre 

Goodrich CD Eden Pniirit 

Fuller .1 AV ^- Co Fairmont 

Ingram & Leach Faribault 

Smith Bros Famiinston 

Christiansen P llartlruid 

Dill A- Miller Lansdon 

Hunter A A Marshall 

Jacobson X Martin 

Anheier Wni Minneapolis 

Osmer Thomas 

Swcnsun i.^- Anderson Nicollet 

Van Bu,kirk Bros Northfield 

Simpson Adam Owatouna 

Riidirers J Princeton 

Alexander .Tcseiih Rochester 

Cuttinir J.uiius 

Ilcrrick G H St .lames 

Hitl T M Sprin-field, D T 

Stussi R '.Stilhvater 

Roland G A Wa^.r,, 

Seeger Paul "ftiiiil'ini 

Donaldson Jc Bro. .Yankton. 1) T 
Sampson l.iHiis. ... 
Wriglit EI 

Feiiee ITInfr;*. 

(See ahi> Iron Fenc yfnf )■■■>, ) 

Herzos Philip ^liuueapolis 

Rollins C« (•S'«'<? "<?'■) 

HerzoccCE St Paul 

St Paul Fence AVorks ... . ■• 

Fertilizer ^InlVs. 

Upham. AVyman tt Co. Minneapolis 
Minnesota Renderins and 
Fertilizing Co. . . .~". St Paid 

File >Iiifr«i. 

\ortliwo»(<i-ii File 

Works, Makes the 
Best Hand Cut File at 
Lowest Prices, Send 
for Discounts. 6.5 to 69 

S Canal Chicago. Til 

Boettcher Herman . . . Minneapolis 

Fire Briek. 
Colson C l> ^Sic 

,n!r) Chicaso, 111 

Clark A. :TSiu-kroSli, 


Fire <Llay. 

Colsoii C li (.V. 

iidi-) Chicago, 111 

Fire BejKtrlineiit 
Shj) lilies. 

I»rcstoii E IJ A: 

Co (Sec iidc) :Miuneapolis 

Fire-Prooi' Sliutler«i 
and !>ooi>. 

CiitteiuUn >I It iV « o. 

(,S- b.ltwH i;i:>) St Paul 

Fire Works. 

CliioaKO ToriJcUo Co, 

Mnfrs All Kinds of Toy 
Torpedoes Chicago, 111 

Solid Bronze Hardware. 

DRAPEB, 35 E. 3d St., St. P»-j1. 

Lamp Goods, rf ' ''"?"^' ^"' ^'^'^^ ^^-. ^t 

1^ v.wwwi)r Joinson's Crockery House, 513 Wa.sbbgt 






• Duluth 


l>i'iiit»i Fisli Co ,^ali 

audFrc..h),.s; ,,„/„;.. 
Truoiseu Uciu-y (Suli 

JIcMiUiu .t .M'Ulie- 

Rk°lisS? •■ -Grand .Marois 

*^*'(-'^*«'^^) St Paul 


f'.V *'St„rf,-)..Miiin.-ui. 

Sp:w<tiiis A r; .V 

^•^'^ '"'n ( 


, 111 

Fish, Oysjcrs and 

Taylor HK i ^^auj 

mii.ucp^'^'"^^-)"'",^ . , 

Sutherland C fj -Mmncapohs 

&S!^^--- St Paul 

Smith i- Petors. !; '.■';■." ■ .. 

FSavoi-iag Exij-aet^ 

'■^'■"'''■'*"'^;^'')..... St Paul 

Florists aisfi \ i,s-- 

st'ry jsjcit. 

Ellis A V . . 

Sc-fltonLc" i^'V" 

OIi%-cr u- c T)' ; ■, Banks 

RoIliusJW ^'•G'''.'r 

KremcTj; :::::: L-'Cypcem 

Goodyear Robert.' .' .' .; . . Jlunknto 
Loreuz Herman. ••-'JJnkato 

|''^^''^SA Mapietou Station I 

Fresenden A A Marion, 1) T 

Buckcnd,,if Wni. 
Elliot WvTiiaii.... ' 
Kenid.-e'G .V SonV.'.' 
Leacliniau Jojcph. 
•^"lartC }!....*.. ■■ 

Booth FK ■ ■■ Aiinmli-,! , 

Ald.rmanAS :.'.Moinnl (':'; 

-Uuuroc ]I C. . V,. .,-,,;;. 

Bundc H B. ... --li-ul 

iiiiij-iiot Michael 

\'>p.s Henry .. 

r"tli'iV-^-" '"Smith Lake 

Pauley ti w'. ..'.'. '. ; ; ' "_ "_ ' ,^"'^ 

Flour and Fceei. 

Griffgs it Foster nnluili 

SniliU « ys {S<'eadr] " ' ■■ 
Ma.xtield i- Co. ....StPau! 

Bolles Charles ^f,„u 

Erickson John. . . AlheVr I ,.-. 

PauKon Edward & C-^'" • 

^'"•'■" A Alexandria. D T 

Cox J vV- bon 

Crory Robert... ' 

GregsouJ ^,, ,;_ 


Dickey. . .Big Stone Citv. I) T 
Thorndike F 


C'-'^^'-^Jt Birdl.I.nd 

J^'"-^;" If Bloomiui: Prairie 

Murphy .IG D,oun<lal,- 

Hau^^rn .1 B-iiwnt')M 


feSf^'" ci;^:::,;^^!;! 

McDermott D F (lout I'rt 

Cotield; Cv!kuo 

Allen Aylmer Crook-t,.a 

Knowles A E. . . . Deadwood^ DT 
narlhoni E M A Son 

Do Smet, D T 

Mi ■ A ■ S i fyfn rfi ^'""^^ -^eent Hairs S.ife and 
■&«>^« '^jLock Co., ST. PAUL, Miua. 


Sc!c Aj't IIILECHS -WAGONS, Tieer K.-.krs, 

d.iU Pu!vtTi:i:^g Sarrows, TriHicph Seeders, C.ia- 

J ton Plows, Baegics, etc, 18 V7. SJ St,, St, Panl. 





WoDcirufl J & Sou..De Smet, D T 

lirowu CJ Dodije Centre 

Lcltau John .". .Dulutli 

OppelCII •• 

YuungbloodXaUuinioI.,.. " 

fnimrine S Elk Point. D T 

Mi-in-luim H D.... Fargo, D T 

Ikulk-y W" L Faribault 

Vuirlr-lierj F J 

Anstiii Jacob Fersrus Falls 

Merrill C Gmv, 1) T 

Messenger S Glenvilk- 

Pacidock S Y Grand Meadow- 
Gregg R A- Co Haitin-- 

ClagueP H Herman 

Gibson James Jauesville 

Bush J W Lake Benton 

Smiley J H Lakeville 

Hacklev W A Lambertou 

Posz Charles Le^vi-mn 

Gravel & Goulet Liitle Falls 

Stone Daniel Luverue 

Hunt Lfc Co Mankato 


Skante Bros " 

Warren R D 

Wetherbce F S Marshall 

Craik it Sou Minneapolis 

Duensing Louis " 

Uilstad Christopher. . 

King DP : 

Marboe i' Grottem... 

Moss & Gregory 

Kelson & Berg 

Osborne J E 

Richards & Cooler... 
Uideositr C&Co 
Thompson Tlloma^.. 
Wheeler W .t C F & 


Sloggy EM Moorhead 

Lcjwater Thomas Morris 

Miller & Sampson Xorthlicld 

Hatch J Pickwick 

Goodnow & Geori'e. . . .Pipe Stone 

Carlson Bros. . . .". Red Wins 

ileglundC&Co " ' 

Baldwin H D .t 

Son Redwood Falls 

Ciark Lewis St Clcmd 

Arzl .Mrs Caroline St Paul 


Bruggi'mann John 

Cibbens.tCo •' 

Irwine Bros 

Kemper Henry 

Knauft C F St Paul 

Howard C K. . . .Siou.x Falls, D T 
Johnson & Skin- 
Scott it Boyce'.'. 
Solie Christ. ... 


Ballard .t Tang Taylor's Falls 

Bower W G Verm"illion, D T 

Nicholls W M Volaa. I) T 

Brookens R C it Sou Willmar 

llanscom A F it Co '■ 

Stuner Samuel " 

Ji.hnsou S S Windonr 

Andcr-on H H Worthingtou 

Dillon S 11 Yankton. D T 

Hefner Frank 

Scherrer Conrad. .. 

Flouring Mills. 

(fkealso Ftrd Mi'l.i.) 

Munch Emil Afton 

Bussell&Horu '• 

Schaps ik Schatz Albany 

Averv M H (s & w 2). .Albert Lea 

Wilson Wm (s 3) Aldea 

Aldcn En(w 2). .Alexandria, D T 
Fuller it Campbell, 


Ketzback, Starkey & 

Field Alma City 

Owen R P(s o) Anoka 

AVashburn W D A Co " 

Barton it Alvord Appleton 

Lathrop lfc Thompson. . . " 
Estey Mrs Deborah it 

Sons Ash Creek 

Olson John Audubon 

City Mills (w .5) (.St ,„Ir. 

jhif/e 6.J) Austin 

Greg^on J (w .j) 

Grei;jon Matthew (,w I:!). ... 

Otlicer W II (w r,) " 

W:irner it Son (,w ?,) 

Becker FE Beaver 

Beaver Falls 31ills. . .Beaver Falls. 

E.ssler it Ahrens 

White XDit Son... 

Henry it Co Belle Plaine 

Johnson J P 

G.iylord X B Belvidere Mills 

Elias James Berne 

Jliller C '■ Wesley .Bethel 

Achlcr T. . . iBIg Stone City, D T 


AKCHITECTS. Accocstice, Eeati 

Rnd Ventilation carefully aad - 

J rectly airanged, &finr,ea).cli:i, M' 


Keeps on hand the finest Preuch, ELgli.;; 
J Scotch ar.d German Suitings, Minneajioli 

101 ■. 


.•K-;oT.V AM) 



Floui'iiij; JMUs. 

Couaut it Draper. .Biimham Lake 

Bartk-v AV G Dircli Coolev 

BeuiicltA Burt (. (ji,r.i-r.i:ii.k.r) t 
Kastlunii J P..i;i.H.; 'i ; >'■ 11 T 
Gi.l.liu-v C l)..,l;'. :■: ri- 

]MfAfoe .1 W ]■ . -'-A 

nustioiSoiuu ;;i,i;i'M.l ,;■■;, i in- 
Hollidav A(w 3i.. 

Hurst "\V S BliitTton 

HuttevSofiety. .Bon Homme. D T 

Brown Bros." Brown^ljurgh 

Brown A D ^s 41 Brownsdale 

Brown ct Holt 

Hankf Julius (w 1). . .Brownsville 

Shaller Bros (w 2) 

Tallman S E Brunswick 

HiudsAV K Byron 

Sergeant A & Co. .Caledonia, D T 
Cliristianseu vt Petersen. 


Smith V M Camden 

Plass Otto Camp 

Gregg K .t Co. Cannon Bivcr Falls 
'Thompson, Smith 

A- Co 

"VVilc.x C N.... 

Carpenter J A Canton, D T 

Spits H Carimona 

SieiTfl Philip (w y). Carver 

!Matlitr James Cedarville 

CcutreviUe Mills. .Centn,-vill,..D T 

BillFD Champion Mills 

Pratt R yi i- Co Champliu 

Bitel JG (s4) Cbaska 

HenkACo(s:3! •■ 

Lcmpe AVm (w i s 2) " 

Cusson-; JM Chatfield 

Bick-on A- Co 

Wat.-rs vt Kuhn 

Mu.,- AVm Chipp.-wa Falls 

AVinilniill Flouring Co..Claremout 
Fo^tir. Ra\mondS: Co... Clayton 

Kuraclicrj CloarGrit 

Beal A 1) Clear Water 

Davis C F .t Co 

Sherman & Co Clinton Falls 

JIcArthur A Clitherall 

Spencer Allen Clyde, D T 

Cochran .M V Cochran's Mills 

Wait,- 11 C Cold Sprin- City 

Lur:,. A Cordova 

McL. ,.d .*c Davis. Cormorant Mills 

Dorsey C H A: Co Cornet 

Heideiuan F Courtland 

Kitchie S AV is 3) Crook.ston 

Curric A: Crowl Cur;:'- 

Sisel Philip Dahl-m. 

SchultZ M I):i-Mi 

Hurlliurt A Son Davt..M 

BlandiuA With- 

an Deadwood. 1) T 

Johnson J A ])r (om:". 

Ball M l).l:,r. 

Smart J H (s 2) ■■ 

Mayhew H E Delavan Slaiion 

Vail Eps Wm. . . Dell Hapi.!., I) T 
Johnston G H (wA s>. Detroit Ciiv 
Ai-cliibald K T & 

Co Dunda- 

Cochran Robert 

Dundas Mills - 

Phippeu it Xewell 

Cote «.t Zimmerman. .. Eagle Lukf 
Murphy & Ru- 
ble.." East Chain l.ak. - 

Carlson A J East l"ni •:. 

Struble Bros & Co Eden. D T 

Balm J Eden Praiii. 

Bidwell D Earan, D T 

Elba Mills :..,K11':. 

Fairwater Mill ' 

Meeker L Elk I.Vi;- 

Crill L X A Co. . . .Elk Point, I) T 

Sheaf M AY, ir 

Mills i Houlton ElkKlv.r 

Becker J Empire Ci:> 

Dcfor A Eia;. 

May C E.\cel-i..r 

Liiiscott & Vve Fair ll.iv. i: 

Rice D B (w 3) Fairnn.:!' 

Smith D E Fairview. 1) T 

Chaffcy & Shcttield Farilaa'.t 


Greene A Gold 

HiUver A- Bin-ham 

Madison HMT 

PlanteLABro '■ 

Polar Star Mill Co 

Turner AV L 

Underwood D A Son.FarJuinL'loa 
Page A Todd (w 4, :> 

rollers^ Fergu^^ FilN 

Chandler J L Fiilm-r. 

Clauson & Bierbauer 

Slicldir tt Thompson, 

Fi.-^liers Laiidir .- 
Pettigrew R F....Flandreau. I' I 

Forest City Jlills F..reM • •■• 

Forest Mills Co Fore-l .M;. ■ 

Henry F ForrMvi... 

ilunchPaul Fraiii-.':i-. . 

Rieke & Fenrko Frank..;: 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

31 Robert St„ St, Paul, Mi 

have the Finest Stock of Caliswwiiv. 
for Hcdicinil jiurpos.;!. 

Hashow,Maish& Davis 

Funiisa fchaftingB, Pnllcys, etc., 

cc sncrt Eotico. Cor. 2i St, 3zA 

} Fifth At«. Booth, UinneapoiU. 



Fr.i7.oe R L Frazee City 

Graff & Hurley ^w 3) Frc-eburg 

Piitlt-r.-iOn G . . ". Friilley 

Hovt iV Scaler Fronteuac 

Russell W.r 

Friends AT Garden City 

Richardson WD 

^Vaton^^■an Mills 

AllTeohl Bros (s 4) Glencoe 

Kodiler Henry cvl) 

Wilson i- Brother Glen wood 

Hennerdinger John tt 

Sons. ...". Golden Gate 

Millen it Pal- 
mer Good Thunder's Ford 

Turner & Red- 

Grisg.s Alexander, 

i^A) Grand Forks. D T 

VictsFrank(s 3) 

Beto I Grancjer 


Hixson Bros (w ii. . .Granite Falls 
Pinnev W W (w6). . 

Grave"! ^ Goulet Gravelville 

.^dams Joseph Green Lake 

White J Greenleaf 

Lindberg C E Grove City 

Humi)hrey J W.Hamilton ^^tation 


Vollbrecht Bros Hanover 

Ennis J P Ihistings 

Espenschied Charles 

VoishtF " 

Bennett W E Hawlev 

CraikJ '■ 

Keene A Hebron 

Thrig F W Heidclberff 

M.i<k J G Helena 

Lahr James Helvetia 

Paul B F IS '!) Henderson 

S.hniiiltuth Carl (w 1).. 
Tl...mpson A: Kf-ndall. Heron Lake 
B.rnsdorf Frederick (w 2). .Hokah 
Brook-.. Xash i- Co(w4).. " 

Fisher Carl (w 4i " 

White Brosiwijj. •' 

White S C A: Co (w 3) " 

Ward Bros Holdinsr's Ford 

>Ionson M F Holmes Citv 

H.,\ve E B (%V>| Houston 

Hovt MrOI(^-3i 

Ri-Klin^'N A iw 2) 

Siman John (w 2l 

Williams H ^- Co(\v V2). . 

Roiri-is WF Howard 

Arncs iV Hulbert Hutchinson 

Kaercher John Isinours 

Brown Bros (w 2> Jackson 

HunterJW(w3) " 

Skinner ifcHostetter(w 4) . 

Klaus A Jamestown, D T 

Jamesville 31111 Co. Jaraesville. D T 

Stokes Bros Janesville 

Kimble i>c Keetsman Jarrett 

Callender E J (s 1) Jordan, Wells & Co (wand s 0) '• 
Xicolin Franz (w and s S) . . 

Cotshels i Co Kalmia 

Church L Kasota 

Hennikers J 

Crawlurd A Blake Kasson 

Daniels SH " 

McReynolds Kenyou 

Averv J F Kerkhoven 

CarviU J Kingston 


Cameron D J La Crescent 

Grofl' Bros 

West E R Lake Amelia 

Baker Willis Lake City 

Dou.i,'. .V - : .■.,',- 

Ch.i .. .:■ Lake Park 

I)i;-. . . ' ' .: . . ..Lauesboro 

L:.ii.-i .■• V:,;- -v 111.. 
Tlioi).li,-;t.n .laiiK's loat- 
meal and pearl barley) 


White ct Bevnon (w 7) 

Eustis A...: Lansing 

Thompson I H Le Roy 

Dorau i.\; Smith (s .D). . . .Le Sueur 

Slater Wm^w 2) 

Stewart Henry 

Kimball & Beedy (.s and 

w .5) Litclilield 

Shaw & Ellis (s S) 

McXiece Bro & Carpen- 
ter Little Sauk 

Clvde Bros Little Texas 

Rtidd S & Sou Lodi, D T 

Chandler, Fisher d: 

Wait Lonst Prairie 

Allen k Weblxr ."Luverue 

EstyiSon " 

Lcedle A: Bell Lyle 

Marceves H M Lyude 

AppefS Lyon Mills 

Fisher J T Madelia 

Campbell O H 3Ianannah 

Clark Wm(s'.>) Mankato 

Dickerson A: Hall (s-2>... 
^fankato Mill Co is 13). .. " 
Red Jacket Mill(w 4).... " 


Fire-Proof Boorsl Shutter? n^^-^^^^^^«- 

I 'J'' MmneapoUa, fiianetoti. 

Largest Slock Crockery J^oN^ 

State. E, A, FiAlV 
& CO., Mlunor.;...;. 



-M I X X J • S (1 T .V A X n DAI' 


Fioiii'isi^ Mills. 

Rockey W H & Co (s .5)..Maukato 
Afla7iis ifc Kneeland. . .Mantorville 
Crawford .J II & Co... 

Soreii-en (i F 

Fi.-ter A' Son M:iple Grove 


Judd G F '4 ^\•| Marion Mills 

Carpeulcr W C Marion. D T 

Berrv .loliu Marshall 


Strunk .t Cas^i!lius (s) . . :Marvsto\m 
Findlay. Jlaxwt-ll A: 

Co Maxwell, DT 

Aip.vM-.-n A- (■■■ ... 

y\- ]'.■■' ]■ ■ >- ro(s)...AIcdford 

:M.' ' ■: ' ' Meriden 

J..1,, . : .. i; ,;,-:.n..MiddleviIle 

Ander^.n C i' Millvllle 

Dobniever G Milltrville 

Reid C. 

Wooll.-v M T MiUtnwn, D T 

Barlx-rT) P> .V Son (10).Min:ioai>olis 
Brown H K .V Co ( sO) 
BulKV .Newtou, roller, 

000 M.K a (l;iv) 

CahiU. Flctrhrr" i Co 

Cl!ri«.;i!!ii lii'o* A: 


a day) I. Sv./ J,-) 

C'lii'iv3i:i!i J A & 

f<> uo'.ler, S.jO I.bls 

a dav) (.Sv ,ifl,-) " 

Colbui-n Bros (0) 

Crocker. Fisk >.V Co 


Croswell II .1 G i6)... 
Day Rollins i Co (10) 
Dav Le.jnard i: Co 


Fletcher it Lorinv' (8i 
Goodrich G W ^t Co 


Hawthorn Bros (i). .. 
H inkle W IKt Co (O). 
Hoburt, Shuler vfe Co 


Kraik i Sou l.")) 

Pill-burv C A et Co 

(•J.o.iiyi.Ms:, dav).. 
Rideout F C .t" Co 


Russell, lliu.-line A" 

Sidle, Fletcher, Holmes 
& Co (roller, 800 bbls 
a day) Minne.i 

Stammwitz & Schober 

'IVasliWijrs!, Cros- 
1>V A: <Co (A Mill, 

Uy &.: fo (B Mill, 
-IjO bbls a dav) (Ste 

<ir!r) ". 

W:i«lih;!iii, Cros- 

hy A: €« (C Mill, 

1,800 bbls a day) (.'^•c 


Washburn W D & Co 


White EVA Co(20). 
Elsworth A D (wi..Minncsot,i Cir 
Van Daseu G W & 


Austin itWorden. Minnesota F;i!: 

Hanson i< \\ (s) Miiuietnu!, 

Merriman S L ifeed milb 

is^ Minuetri-- 

Fuller A L ( w 3) Moiitevid.- 

Kitehel Bros (\v3).... 

:Mi!ler ic Phillips Montg-onu-r; 

Januev Charles (w and 

s 3i: Montierl! 

Phelps .John Money Co-; 

Bruns A' Finkle (s-1). . . .Moorii. ;.■ 

Johnson Ilenrv (w) .Mi.rn 

Stone II \V A"Co(w4) •• 

Hershiv C.J Morri~t..« 

Morrisinwn Mills 

Denbv .V Snuth M. .-.■..■. 

Hebei-tl):,vid ^-i...:.!ouniain i...'< 


Back Alfred N.ul.uv.-: 

Bloomantritte Bros.>'ew ll.irtr.V' 
Adams. Larson v.t 

Sperrv New Lon.i.i 

Pron.-itirA IIiltner...Nc-W .Mi;;i^' 

Darand II A Nrwj .,r 

Scotield M B A M K ■■ 

Fade -Mill Co N^-"- I '=^ 

Franek A Beiitzen 

Xew UlmCilv Mill Co.. 

Dol,^,. A Stege N *■"!■■ 

Swaiison J 

.1 F X.Mth Biaiuh M..'. ■■ 

Ames-, .Jesse Son> N.irtl.::' •■ 



Boston. Tht) best Ooaipany lo I:'- ■■■'■• ' -• 
■WATSON, Qea'l Ageat, ST. PAOU I.-- 

'■ri.-^'' ntnr'ui'^' •^°'' County, lownship and City Otncera, iu 
U U U l\" li 1 1 1 U 1 1 1 '^4 1 ^"' "'' '■'y'^ """^ ""> ^'-'"'^ "°*'"' '^^ ^'- ^- HEKKIG'S, 
*^ SJJ Brackott's Block, Minneapolis 






R!M-i:ci-olT & Ann- 
Mron- Xortli Prairie 

YnWllL' l!rns 

Kni' TMHi K Jsunda 

Wil-'.-i Win ". 

Cili.rrt T Oakflale 

Sill'.. a i^- Smith. . .Oakwood. D T 

Hii( koiit iS; Couplin Okaman 

I,in< ■'hi Bros Olivia 

(;i;i!'iraa~ijn & KcUou Oneota 

{; liiiLT i.^- AUis Oronoco 

l'.:i <"kH Ow.kis 

11: .'v, 11 iV Davis Ottawa 

liryimn it Maes Owatouua 

l)n.iielu it Simpson " 

raidcll E H & Co 

Patten C AV Palisade, D T 

Kau? A it Son Parkdale 

Appleiri'een J Pavuesvillc 

!?.■( k!rv it Phipps ■ •• 

I.aCruss Francis Pelican Lake 

Frazce P. L Pelican Piapids 

Pembina ilill Co. . .Pembina, D T 

Gormann AV Perliam 

Kemper Bros & D Drah- 


Barton S C Peterson 

Viler. Sto well & Co 


I).'ivi<. Grannis & Camp- 
bell Pickwick 

Buruham D Pilisburv 

Hammer E D Pilot Mound 

Ap;,lesarth H W Pine Island 


Dickey i- Dickey 

Curtice C C & Son.Plea.sant Grove 

Pennev F C Polk Citv 

Williams it Scha- 

fer Pomme de Terre 

V SWEPCo Potsdam 

Conkey Bros (w .5) Preston 

Kramer Bros (w 6) " 

Sariley .IT D Princeton 

Simiison it Deuel Quinev 

Kenwnrtliv S it Co Rapidan 

Ited Lake" Falls 

Mill Co Red Lake Palls 

Hiilimbach John Red "Wing 

La Gran:;e Mills 

H-d Wing Mills 

Birum Euer Redwood Falls 

Cook A A i- Co... 

Cull E& Co 

Werton it Ruter. . 

Bubey V T Riceford 

Oatman it Luttmorc 

Pratt it Baird Richfield 

Crill it Freeman. . .Richland. D T 

KasperT Rich Prairie 

Blowers, Campbell it 

Brookins Rich wood 

Cole J M Rochester 

Melleii, Cook it Hulbert 

Olds it Fishback 

Toudru Lvraan 

Florida G " W Rockf ord 

Smart it Warren " 

AVipf J Rockport, D T 

BidwoU D Roscoe, D T 

GriccsSL Ru,h Citv 

Spivak it Martin 

Gore, McLeod it Slaa:o 

(w3) ^...Rushford 

Sprairue B D (w 17) 


Schufz T St Au£rusta 

Hay ward J E (w 5) St Cloud 

Woodlmry D St Francis 

Xowack it Kaehler St George 

Linncmann J 11 St Joseph 

Nolbrecht Bros St Michael's 

WaiteH C..^ St Xicholas 

Archiliald it Sclmrmeier. .St Paul 

.1S!iK(wands4) " 

Citv Mills (w:j) " 

Deflefscn .Alaitin 3) '• 

North StarMill,-.is3) " 

ShaberMrs Miw auds3).. - 

Union Alill (w 4) '• 

Haikee Fred St Peter 

Sackett it Fay 

Harmon Holmes (s 111 

rollers) Sauk Centre 

McChire T C (w 6 and 

8 rollers) 

Stanton J A Sauk Rapids 

BaumholTer Franz (s and 

w 2) Shakopee 

Hum]ihre\' J W (w 2). . .. 

Pond Bros iw 1) 

Strait G F it Co (s G and 

6 rollers) 

Vessey Robert (,s 1) 

Day PD Shelbyville 

Thomas it Thorap.son . . 

Schneider J Sheldon 

Doolcv it Kenc-ntsou. .Shieldsville 

Oswald Henry Shingle Creek 

Sorly S Silliards 

Emerson, Sher- 
man it Co Siou.v Falls, D T 


H. OKITTEKDEN & 00,, Corner 
Sixth and Sibley Eta., St. Paul, Minn. 

\^'/ U rW--^hl P! P^ Make a^TiecialtTof Plancin- ,-: 

VV. tt bbrm cl by. B-Hi?.KK\7 process R^nern.:;:,. 

OUice— Day Bloci:, Jiianeapolis, Mms. 






Fiouriui;- Milks. 

Sioux Falls Wa- 
ter Power Co. .Sioux Fdls, D T 
Webber, Shaw it 

Walion " 

C'ochen. llynclnuan 

A Co. . . ." Smith Lake 

Sorlif u-s F H Lt IJro.Soi-liens- .Mills 
Gardner it Warner.. SpcartisU.D T 

Griiris S S Spencer Brook 

Gri iiitr iim^ i\v 81. .Sprins!; Valley 
Hill Edward ovSl. 
Ro=-inau II it Son 


Prvt< Andrew ov 3) 
Wilson G W (w 2). 

Soderlund i- Co Stanchfleld 

Furnian AV G Sterling Centre 

Collin it Stewart Stewartville 

St Croix Mills Stillwater 

Stilhvater Flour Mills.. 
Town-heudJ Ili-Co.. 

Mowbray tie Sous Stockton 

Lowe S Sunrise Citv 

Mold Mrs J M 

Danelz J M Swift Falls 

Cate it Zimmtnuau Tivoli 

I-)icker<..n it Hall •' 

Ibailhwait T V Trov 

Daniier C W '• ' 

Fisher J I Turner. DT 

BonrgralT J Two Rivers 

Tiittle C A 

Walker H Vallev City, D T 

BollesEC Valley Creek 

Buswell it Persons... 

Officer AVni ic Co Varco 

Xelsou S it Co Va-^a 

Thompson it- 
Lewis Vermillion, D T 

Berrv it Rodsers. ..Vernon C-ntn- 

Lawreui e it I larke \Va!>a<ha 

Milk-rit niiriin.- Waconia 

Maltbvit Tav!,,r Wadena 

Kin.i.erliii- (i Walhalla. D T 

Everett it^Vard Waseca 

Balm J Wa<liliurn 

Greiuer N .1 Wabiiin:;ton 


Cannon P.ivur .Mnf- Co.Walerlord 
Lii-nau it lieschersen. . Watortown 
Bouniwell C W. . . . V>'averlv .Mills 

Hitchcock J VVe.iver 

Wells Flouring Mill i> -m. . . . W.'IN 
Haney A J . . 7 We^l Union 

Williams, Fall it Co Wha'. ui 

St Ament P '. ..WbealJ m.^ 

Taher Peter 

Olson PS Wild Hi,.; 

Adams. Larson it Sperrv 

^v) .".Willniir 

Locke, Bunker it Waters 

(s) •■ 

Collins S it Co Windcii! 

Thompson it Kendall 

Coluiau CL (sl3)..\\'innehaio Citv 
HoUidav.V Aov:^i 
Pavne C H it Co 


Stockmau Charles 


Emerson J D (.3) . . . 

Miller it Ellsworth •• 

i Porter LCMilliuij Co (450 

I bills adav)....^ - 

Winona Mill Co il.OOO bbls 

adav) •■ 

Volme'rF Winsted L.!. 

Clark L. J Wi- 

Wells HC ■■ 

Huttrishc Soeietv.Wolf Creek. I) 

Walter D ". . 

Okaijeua Mill Co. . . .Worlhin-t ■ 

Sutton C Z '■ 

Clausoni Bierbauer Wvk- 

Excelsior Mill Co. .Yankton, i) ' 
Ackernianu Bros.. Young Auierii 

-Mci3aky it Phips 7.i- 

Hostetter .M S Zumbro F;.: 

Wei=,s Bros 

Halbert ET Znmbr.: 

Wells it Dickey 

Forsc AiJvII niMl 
Vise _^iEi!V. 

Kurd M J liocU. •:. 


Albert La I-^undrv 

and Ma-bine Shop.'. Alb.ri !.• 

Zwi^-;v; -Vnton 

Pr,i!lG C \"'- 

Ames i;i-.,s \u~'. 

Hille K A Cai.i'^ 

Bacon Bpis... Cannon H 

BisscH A L ( 

Carter Thoma- . 

1' I 

SCHEFERS BROS/'"' '""'""""""^" "■ '° 

E. Tldid Street, ST. PAUL, 


St. p. -1(1 Fifth 



Minnesota Iron and Steel 

Kosenl.enrtTS, Hammercl 

Fence Co Chatlield 

iV Weber St Cloud 

Hill Inn.*.- Kich Ouluth 

Stevenson J F & Co 

i:..^i(erC \V Far-o, !)T 

Burklev Martin St Paul 

M.MMv Abraham FarilMult 

I>«-l>o\v A: LawxMi, 

N-. .Iham Bros Farniinslon 

(^. a,h) " 

IIPMHT CM Fergus Falls 

Howsonct MuUally " 

Klein Bros Forest .^[ills 

Kahlert Justus 

Wluvl.r Edward. . . .Granite Falls 

McAfee Hugh J " 

.ludL-el'T Hastings 

St Paul Foundry & Mnfg 

W.r-op Andrew " 

Co ■■ 

Hi^M.n Charles Henderson 

Essler W C St Peter 

Siiiaiii 1 i;rn> llntcliinson 

Mann i: Allison Sauk Centre 

.Ih ..■ .^ ' lA l-..n..Lac Qui Parle 

Stringham & Gil- 

(;: • ' ,\ - Lake City 

leit Sioux Falls, D T 

l; ; Mankatb 

Prescott F & Son. . .Sleep v Eye 

M :■■■. r . \;:i- r,, 

Potter "W A Spring Valley 

KiliMi, X W..: Medford 

St Croix Iron Works. . .Stillwater 

r.r^ineh Xiehnlas, \c . .Mijiueapolis 

Swain Bros 

t><(iiu!a> &:. Hall, 

Briiunicum J Varco 

|S. .(/;■-■) " 

Downer & Porter AVabasha 


Paddock E L Waseca 

Ilii'liow, .llaMi 

Morris^ey J E Willmar 

A- t>:svi-. (.Sc t;p 

Clark Lvnian Windom 

Baldwin" Bros Winona 

Mulmsten, ISielson it 

Hmlburt W M " 

Campbell J & J. . ..Yankton. D T 

Wciizi'V G & it'o. 


Vordi »»lar Iron 

FouEidryraiiiJS^ a»<i 




Perkiii^ G F 

CoUoii C fiX.^x .(!/,-,).Chicago, 111 

I'ray () A .t Co 

t iiioii Sroii ^Voiks, 

l)r;ike Z'\V SiV.V.V.V.Monticello 

Freight I..iHC!«. 

Mrl'l„r<-,n & Butler . . .Moorhead 

(.Stv Transportnti'm.) 

Hau,r Marinas New Market 

Leunhaidt Charles Xew Ulm 

Kox.V Co Xorthfi.'ld 


Seva iV Watts O^akis 

liiirdi.- C W Owatnnua 


Howe T J i: Co 

:!5i!Se!- A .S A Co (.St 

Dcnsmore Bros Red Wins 

<(''■-■ Duluth 

P'lerMmOlf - ^ 

PiC>-lL-y 3 A iV SoBi, 

l"«>\ i W Kochester 

{Set ,i,U: p,'!/, -.ur), ....Maukato 

<.askill .«>; Purviss 

Baglev, San ford .V 

Hrm,.,., Frank 

Fay Minneapolis 

l-i\<!iii(>ri' E" I» N. 

Prattit Seconibc 

il'Iri ... " 

I'it-.!<-> Vi iV Co (.S< 

P'H;h,..-ter Mnf- Co 

'O'n St Paul 

SlarunodD A. Paceford 

S»\il"f ESourv iSi(((?r). . 

.H<c;if:;<>r Th<>iii:i!« 

Taylor H Knox 

A- fo (Sr .'./-) Ku-hford 

F.wter U A .\: Co Winona 

Walker Hhan> •• 

n'fiiif SV y>,c.i.'.:}.... 

Kingsbury & Draper. 

Builders' Hardware and Mechan- 
ics' Tools, 35 E Third St., St. PatA 

P 1 PT ^ I R F^ ~-^™"^ ^^^ Looking-Glasses, at CHARLES JOIL;. 

I SON'S, 513 Washington Ave. South, MinueaDcli 





Fruits and CouTce'ry 

Goesmann Arnold Mankato 


Baker Jason Miuucapolis 

Black Frauds 


Parsons Oliver 

Perry Lj-man 

Smith J A 

"Williamson J T 

Defrancby Wm St Paul 

Smith Louis B 

AVickersheiiu Mrs M " 

Fruits and Vegeta- 
bles— 'Wlioiesale. 

Itlaitiiiiii; Tlionias St Paul 

Furnaces— Hot Air. 

Clark P B Jlinneapolis 

Hare Utlev 

Stafford L\t Co 

AViS»on & JRogcrsi (See 

adf) St Paul 

Flint Furnace Co Winona 

Landon & Roberts Bros. . 

Fur Mnfrs and Deal- 

Hallett CP Brainerd 

Bennet C C Minneapolis 

Brzezinsky Julius. .. . 

Koch Julius 

Tetter George 

Wolff Julius 

Gross Henry Red Win" 

AlbrccUl E <fc Bro, 

{See adv. 2d fly paf/c) St Paul 

Danueberg Charles 

Ryder Mcrrell(&earfi') 

Wood W W Warren 

Ban Joseph & Son Watab 

Mues E F Winona 

Fnrnitnre .^Santifae- 
turers and Stealers. 

(Set aho School Furniture.) 

Wagen F. Adrian 

Chicago Furniture Co. .Albert Lea 

ChauK-n Peter 

Anderson i Lund- 
gren Alexandria, I) T 

Jones W B Alexandria, 1) T 

Douglas J M ViKik'i 

Hiclvman J B , ' •• 

Fernald cV Kimball AiNiin 

Olson C S •■ 

O'Callasrhan James Av.k i 

Town Mrs CE Balaton 

Schultze P Beaver Hay 

Kraiger Adam Belle Plalne 

Cosgrove Michael Beusnu 

Miller H L Bird I>lan,l 

Cady J C Bismarck, I) T 

Giese Henry Blue Earth Citv 

Nevers J N Brainerd 

Dable T K BrowuMlule 

Gratz F R Brownton 

Schunimers N Caledcmia 

Aslakson O Canbv 

VanJ •■ 

Thoorsell John. Cannon River Fall- 
Bear Harvey Canton, I) T 

Woerc Herman 

Sweusen AM CarviT 

Privre&Co Casselton. I) T 

Burkhart Bros Clia^ka 

DolsJohn •• 

Jorgensen Hans Chatlieid 

lloriiiiii^ A L. (Sc 

adi-) Chicago. Ill 

Runions it Hull Col;a!u 

Vail A S Corduva 

Bataglia Paul Cooksmn 

Bristodeau H Dayton 

Weizel F •' 

Grave!. A: Bar- 

nfy{S.c- .'.^f)...Deadwood, DT 


Ravmoud A A. . . . 
Stone, Gib.t Co.. 

Coolen John Delano 

Johnson L Delavan Stati.iii 

Walters J W. . . .Dell Rapids. ]) V 

Steppe Wni DeM.T 

Hoard Emmett Dodge Ciinrc 

Seaman & Keller Dover ( enter 

Kruschke F C Duluth 

McDaniel H E ■ 

Ault E G 

Henick L L KL-in 

Bri-tcs Benjamin.. Elk Point. I) T 

Baltzell J F A Son Elk River 

Galley Henry 

Hansen H C'. Elm Dali' 

Aldbtead J H k. Co . . . .Evan-ville 

Latham A B K\ivI-ior AD Kyi:. 

Mullley T A FainM(,nt 

Haii's Patent Infallible 

Double Ohronomentric Attac h- 

mant Time-Lcck, 46 Jaokwu iJirMt, 
St. 1**01, Miaa. 

n n TiV^l^^Tf'iM SoloAg'tTIGEF.EAKEi 

Ag't, TIGEF. RAKES, Minrnrn Wa>,-oiis, Bag- 

'IPukeriringHarrows, Triumob Secd- 

i, Canton Plows, etc.. 18 W, 3d St,, St. Paul, 





....Far-0. DT 

JIcLauffhlin & 


Proehl Jlapleton Station 

Flint MM 


Mclntvre D A Marshall 

Hill AL 

lu-allsDH Minneiska 

\Vamlell Christ . . 

Badixer G A Minneapolis 

Iiraia*tL-(lt D H... 

.. .FarininL'ton 

Barnard & Cope, 

(;r<^utiu ct Beck. 

. . .Fersus Falls 

(Mnfrs) (.Sl'« arfi') 

\V..o.lhamE J.... 



Mantor Lewis. . . . 


Gilmore 6: McCulIoch 

Mall.irv C H Fisliei-'s Landina; 

Glessner W& Son... AS 

='laudreau, D T 

Hanson J D 

Smith .IC 


Himmelsbach C 



Hochstaetter Wm.... 


LLVeenP N 

Knickerbocker Furni- 

i^cannel \V H 

Garv, DT 



Phelps ..V Bradstreet. . 

Caswell MC... Grand Forks DT 

l^adcliffe J C 

Thomas E... 

Reinen Henry 


Grand Meadow 

Koiineii & Wcrlh- 

Burton Carlos 

..Granite Falls 

niiiiiii (Mnfrs) (See 

Bell Bros 



IhjttrulT Henrv. . . 


Kramer Henry 

Read Wra Minnesota Falls 

MertzJG...: ... 

Stephenson John.. Minnesota Lake 



Gifford C C Montevideo 

Ge'iske Frank . . . 


Thaver WF 

Keen A F (Set a(fi')..MonticelIo- 
Wilson A Motlev 

I.anirerson C T. . . 


QuadaG A 

Sped Christ Miirdock- 

lio'snas Ole 


Smith & Graves New Auburn 



Tvnhohnv.t Son.... 

Chambers .J W... 


Buenger Louis New \J\m 

Tnllefson Holvor. 


Held CF 

Baldwin & Ilinckk 

Wagner Charles 

Erick>,on Gust. . . . 

HeibJ Menno. DT 

Koch & Hinckley. 

I5ourquin J H North Branch 

LutfordE .1 


Miller Theodore Northtield 

Keck John 

. . . .Lanesboro 

Phillips EH 

Jaeobson Haus. . . 

Drews F Norwood 

Smith SR 

Lead Citv, D T 

Blom Adolph Ortonville 

l.oasbreck H 


Fuller & Green Owatouna. 



Hafermann A A 


Rosebrock H U 

WierswiU H 6c Co 

Vernon & Hodgin . . . Parker, D r 

J-':i-er .Joseph 


Williams C D C & Son. . .Perham 


Sawyer & Mellinger . .Pine Island 

I.andwter J 

. . LoniT Prairie 

Drew CO Pipe Stone 



Phelps .J A 

l."onHs A Fore^:ter 

Wadleigh <fc Son Plainview 

n'-L'lmann Antou. 


Slowick V Prague 

Klein .John 

Archer John ; Preston 

Kr.ut/er Georse. . 

Loomis i- Smith 


BehrensH Rapid Citv, DT 

Kav>er .'<. Wcttstein. . . . Red' W'iusr 

1'-. attv Edmund. . . 


.. Manturviile 



and Specifications furnished for all 

J kinds of Building, on short notice. 

QPf5In«f^ fiyPPPP A T^ Of Latest Stjle made to order, ai 





FsifEiif eire. (CoiitM) 

Reel ■\Vi]!S,' ■ Funiiture 

Fatlun-r Ked Wins; 

Bell H :N" >fc Co. . . .Rechvood Falfs 

Bunch ST 

Homhogcn Chas. .Reed's Landing 

Johnson P F Rochester 

Owen T C (repairer) 


Eldwcll J F Rush City 

Gore C W Rushford 

Rodum C 

Bacon Delos St Charles 


Herschhach Henrv St Cloud 

Spicer D II " 

Techumpcrlin Alois 

BassFBct Co St Paul 

Cardozo Benjamin 

DcCoster i Clark " 

Eldred-e .1 A " 

Finkelsteiu & Cohen 

clioUc, (Office and 

Church) (Sec edv) 

HillL " 

Hitchcock G W & Co " 

Meyerding Henry 

Potter Samuel " 

Rochette Stephen 

Roedler August 

Rubenstciu A: Levy 

Schroder HH " 

Stees Bros 

Klein Wm St Peter 

Volk & Co 

' Waleu John 

Barnum E P Sauk Centre 

Essex John Scotland. D T 

Hircher F X Shakopee 

Philipp Ileinrich 

Dixon I C Sioux Falls, D T 

AS'eston iV Peterson 

JIajewski Peter Sleepy Eye 

Stephens J H Springtield, D T 

Evansen Ole Spring Valley 

Minott 11 W 



Simonel ScliastiaQ 

AVillard MS 

Wiseman H Stockton 

Engelretli J S Tiyoli 

Berghoff J Torah 

Warden J M Tracy 

Sch\vager.\ Turtle River, 1) T 

Kin- P O Valley City, 1) T 

Snyder C Vermilliun. |) T 

HaVrison A D XiAsa. \> 1' 

Gcnsnaslc Jacob Waiiasln 

Luger Hros 

Boetcher G Wacoiiiu 

KohlerA ' •■ 

Potter lV- Whitney Waddii 

Longnecker S A.. .Walnut Siaii.ii, 

Comee Bros Wa->r,-i 

Grapp August 

Jlocrs E.. r Watortfiuii 

Babcock J Waicrvill.- 

Merrimanll I W( li. 

Johnson J P WilliMiu 

Sonnen J B 

Smith LI) Windom 

Ritter J D Winnebago Citv 

Robertson J S 

Castle A T Winona 

Hillyer George 

Slott & Potter 

ThruneAA-Co '■ 

WedclWm " 

Gahl Wm Winsted LMkr 

AVineback II 

Torrence II K WorthiiiLTioii 

Steppie II WykniT 

Liudholra P L Yankton, D T 

Sanborn R S: Son. . 

Cram James Zumbrci' i 

F II r Bi i 1 ij r c — O f ti v v 
smd Chsirch. 

Haiisci, t'aiSy A; ySv- 
tliokc -{Sir adt; pa'/c 
621) St Paul 

Seyiiiniir, ^iabin & 

Co (-*( «rfi') Stilhvatrr 

Galvanic Kal'y.^liilV* 

I'liioii i;ii-tlrio 
■\Vorks (.V)- all-, 
piir/e 1007), 12(5 
South Clark .^t.. Chicago, 11! 

Galvaeiixed Broii Cor- 
nice i^liiiVs. 

AVhiU' Wm I J (Nt. 

adi) Chicago, III 

Seidell A <;i-y«la, 

{Stc /,;lt.,m .;»„.,.... 
Ci-ilU-iadciiT] II<VC'(», 

{.^'t- /j.,iin,n /»(..! St r. i' 

Ui<liar<N i; .\ (S' ,„lr. 

1"'0^ <''!'•'» 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. ^^v 

Robert St,, St. Paul, M;nn.. 

have all br.mda of Kentcck Boar^-ii t-} 
itye Wbisk^y cuu»untly ou li-~ 


Cor. 2d St. Bud i::-.\i Ave. South, 
J Minneapolis, Minn, 





Gas Coinitiianes. 

■\Y;ilkfr ct Son Faribault 

Jlinncapolis Gas Light 

Co MiDneapolis 

HcnVins Gas Light Co.Rcd Wuj? 
St Paul Gas Light Co. . . .St Paul 
Stillwater Gas Light Co. Stillwater 

Gas Fixtures . 

AVIIsoii A. Kosers (.S-t 
nrfr) St Paul 

Gas ^lachiiies. 


75 Dearborn st Chicago, 111 

Gas Retorts. 


Gas anc3 !?»teaiii Fit- 
ters' Supplies. 

Kugg Horace P St Paul 

Geueral Stores. 

Barnes G S i Co Ada 

Sauer Johu " 

Bertram A Adams 

KrebsbachMifcCo........ ' 

Carr G H Adrian 

Backus & Blasieus 

Davis II " 

Jones K 

Patterson S 11 <fe Son Afton 

Winkler Frank '. Airlie 

Knox ifc Richardson Aitkiu 

Potter W it Co " 

Ilcrberger C Albany 

Kraker J 

Duyer D E Albert Lea 

Hewitt CM 

Jerlow & Xarvson. . . . 

Murphy E W 


Prescott Daniel 

Smith .ICi Co 

Smith.! W 

Si'.udbv G O 

Davis "C A & Sod Alden 

HallAG " 

Pletler Charles '• 

HrvMMt \V A&Bro Aldrich 

<iill.-iu,. .lohu ■• 

Aaker L K cc Co. . Alexandria, DT 

Brown L .1 i: Co.. Alexandria, D T 
I ColborneBB.... 
i Madolc & Iliuk 


Moses i Wiley. . " 

Xorde S: Kortsch " 

Sundblad, Larsen 

i- Co 


ZimmerraauD Ru- 

Burling E Alma City 

Lock wood "SV E i Co. . 

Smith i Hofeld 

Sisson JH Alton 

!Moore J M Amboy 

Babcock EL Amherst 

Wheelock C A Amiret 

Sparks S: Co Anoka 

Berg J N Appleton 

Lathrop & Ireland 

Scott i-t Randall 

Simmons .T " 

Wells XO 

Ilaupt & Co Arlington 

Streissguth & Co 

Goward it Sou Armstrong 

Hunt D X, ,ir Ashton, D T 

Aspclund Society Aspeluiid 

Christgau A Atwater 

EricksonOE ■■ 

Grounerud Bros 

Johnson M " 

Spcrry AH 

Dunlap & Gillespie .... .Audubon 

Moore J A & Co 

Gowdy L Aurora 

Richardson FA Austin 

Solmer J 

Sprague Heman " 

WillardLS.. " 

Buffingloa AW Avoca 

Drueke AH •' 

Rigg John " 

Kepper X S Avon 

Murpliy Wm ■ 

Aahye Andrew Avr 

Wolf A- Muggle Badus, D'T 

Moore & Weberg. Balaton 

Parker A 

Payne WO Banks 

15a"rnes G S Sc Co Barnesville 

Marth .lohu 

Towiisend & Oliver Barnura 

Driuken W Barton, DT 

Van Valkenberg.V- 
Ki-h,r ^..BearGuUh.DT 

Galvanized Iron Gornicss. '^IfUZZt 


By G.illon or Gar-load. E, 
HARMON & CO., Minnc.i 






General Stores. 


Wieland C C& Co Beaver Bay 

AVhite H Beaver Creek 

Berndyen Peter Beaver FtiUs 

Storm A 

Fridley A Merritt Becker 

Kogers & Ham- 
mond Belcher's Ford.D T 

Caspar Anthony Belle Chester 

Henry P Belle Plaiue 

Hooper CM 

Montgomery .J B 

Schlitz Jo>eph 

Theviot Henry 


Gayloid X B Belvidere Jlills 

Arnesen it Bergendahl. . . .Benson 

Croonquist John " 

Hansen Theodore " 

Hoban Michael " 

Johnson A M & Co " 

Barrett L C Berlin 

Sloan it Fox " 

Andrist G Berne 

Mewbert H Bethel 

De Boos James Biselow 

Lindsey J P Big Lake 

Wilcox it Co 

Wilcox & Co Big Stone 

Coward & Ste- 
venson Big Stone City, D T 

Heines&Co. . " 

Randall G W & Co.Bin<:hamLake 

Hodgdon Bros Bird Island 



Ludewig John . . . .Bismarck, D T 
McLean & Macnider, 

Rollis Timothy Black Oak 

Rosing it Do vie 

Kellv J ." Blakelv 

McKnishtit Kelly " " 

Quickstad ME Blom, D T 

Heblen & Jensen. Blooming Prairie 
McConnell J A.. 

Paulson K 

Camming A Blnoniingtnn 

Anderson J it Son . Blue Earth Citv 

Cole Bros 

Conklin J it Son. . " 

Converge GS 

Deartiorn C H, . . . 
Dublin Wm it Son. 
More J W....:... 

Teskey Samuel. . .Blue Earth Ciiv 

Baker'C D it Co BhilltnL 


Zievest A Bon Homme. I> T 

Davenport P D Braiu.r.l 

Smith it Campbell 

Sto\veM.._. Brandon 

Fisher it Xclson . . . .Breckenii(lL,'L- 
[ Hanson it Smith. ... 

1 Peterson it Jenson Bri^'hliiii 

I Smeckar J Brockwav 

Howe C R Brooklyn Centnr 

Bacon B F Bfowu.-d.iU- 

Ellsworth L J 

Lawrence W U 

Baker A Brown's Vallry 


Prescott it Co. . . . 

Todd J G 

Darling A L Bro^\-u^vilk 

Powers Wm 

Rippe JH 

Strickland it Baker . . . .Brownlnn 
Hemingway it Co.. Brule City. 1) T 
Spalding D AV. . . . 
Dauforth Bros it Bean.. Brunswick 

Rims J 

Oakley CE Buffalo 

Putnam S A 

Duttou A Eit Son..Burbank. D T 

Kendall JB Byruii 

HolenJO " 

Corpstein Michael CaIpdoni:i 

Dunbar W F 

Fosten Josepli 

Kood Nicholas " 

Morgan it Bro " 

Olson it Lommen 

Sprague Bros 

Paulson J E Caledonia. I) T 

Anderson D it Co CamhridL-'j 

Goulborg & Anderson.. 

Smith M 

Clark W J Cameron, D T 

Nelson S Camp 

ThieleL " 

Davis, Paine & Taylor.. .Campbi'.l 

Feldhammer AG Canhy 

Sweuson J " 

WaltnerAA " 

WestbyHC " 

Canticld it Sherwood Cautield 

"Waldron J Cannon City 

Clilford A L. .Cannon River FalN 

Lee A J 


Slocum George.. 


OVER & I 5,000,000. Tha "New r -;."i 

Lift " is P U K T. Li M "J T U A L. J. J. 'V: A1 60S, 

8t. P.tal, Qeaeral A-cat for HiiMsota, 

Dl'>nl^ Pnn!/0 Ma^nufactured for Banks, Mill Men and Oorpora- 

DiQli!\*'PUUt\Q tions, at low rates and in best of style, by F. P. HEKNIG, 


Brackett's Block, Minaeapolis. 


Slocum Giles. .Cannon River Falls 
Van Campeu HA 

Benedict J S Canton, D T 

GilliertHG • " 

Mailole A Hinklev. . . 

Miller W H '. . . . 

Rowley F.AI 

Wendt Ernest " 

King A Carimona 

Kloedel John Carver 

Brittle & Bengtson " 

Guetze C A " 

• Holmes ife Anderson " 

JossovADJ " 

Sundine Jolin " 

Fisher it Hunter. .Casselton, D T 
Hopkins & O'Con- 


Hubbard ifc Parlen. 

Lawrence Bros.... 

.Meeker .M Castle Rock 

Au.-tin L E & Co Cedar .Mill^ 

Wade E F Cedarville 

Iliirliy i: Co. . . .Central City, D T 

Heilly A Heffner 

Lougit VanRensselaer. Centre City 

Pettrson J E 

Swanson A 

Eye Wm Centre ville, D T 

Faber X Cliaraplin 

Herbst H 

Goodrich Horace Chaska 

Hcuniug F W & Bro 

Lineul'eTser & Faber 

Seeger Wm & Son 

Streissguth Otto 

Young Mrs MH " 

Bemis L & Son Cbatfitld 

Briley W L 

Haven G H 

Lovell & Shimer 

White Milo 

f,'''>^^ J Chester 

(»'^^^n G Chippewa Falls 

Moses Wm ■■ 

Wheeler GR 

Amquist D S Chisago City 

{^"o^-lesE Christiana 

I'oc U H & Son Claremont 



Hiuikins DCit Sons... 

•'"rter Mrs MS.' .".';.'.'.': 

[."unlaiu Bros Clark. 1) T 

>-veretl C E iV Co Clavtou 

Sherman Thomas Clavtnu 

Sherman & Ravmond. .. 

.lacpiish .TB . . .' .Clear Grit 

Roberts W H 

Dane W Clear Lake 

Stewart Milton 

Fuller it Blackburn. .Clear Water 

Johnson L C 

Webster WW 

Adams W H Cleveland 


Knapp G W Clinton Falls 

Alliertson O Clitheral! 

Whiting S J 

Green J L Clontarf 

Turner W J Clvde. D T 

Allen J E " .Cokato 

Bodin Bros it Croomquist. 

Carlson J it Co ■ 

Stevenson P 

Maurin Bros Cold Sprinij City 

Xiedred it Kiswell. •• ~' 

Wait, BatZitRuett, 

Corcoran P B Corcoran 

A verv W G Concord 

Wheeler E 

Courtrisht J M Cordova 

Foley \\' 

McLeod it Davis. Cormorant Mills 

Pratt J F Corra 

Furber G M Cottage Grove 

Edward Y Y Courtlaud 


Stcge C H 

Rowland J it Co. . Crook City.D T 

Shanon T 

Valentine L W. . . 
Alderman, Hemsing & Co, 


Fontaine it Anglim 

Priedrich it Hack 

Kretzschmar C AI 

Yoveruault Arthur 

Hubbard J E Crow River 

Currie Neil Currie 

Fling A C " 

Lagerstrom C Dahlcren 

Brown AC Dakota 

Dalton C H 

Curran J Darwin 

Larapher L W Da.vsel 

Norgren it Co • • 

Rudbcrir Bros • ' 

Brimme^r W D Davton 

Gaul, PH :• 

P.obinsimEH •• 

Bailey T it Son. . .Delavau Station 

Hayes' Patent Veniiiafinglgt: 

ts. M. H. CKir- 

CO , Corr-r S: nh 

bieySts., St.Pau;, J:i:a 

I AIiiinc.T.poli^ 



>•[) DAKOT. 


General Stores. 


Dutchcr E A Dclavan Station 

Conmy E AV De Graff 

FogarU' & C'orcoiau 

. AnipJC Delano 

Borscli John 


Eppel Charles 

EpplerJM " 

RauschLD " 

Sebret Charles " 

Crossmau Bros . . Ucll Rapids, D T 
Haywood Georso 
Morris Bros. ..■:. 
Norton Jolin. ... 
Putnam W C . . . 


Dix C W Detroit City 

Furber & Baldwin .. . 

Holmes J B 

Horneck S N & Co. . . 

BuckG W Dexter 

PearceGD " 

Swan J A " 

Yana C AV Diamond, D T 

Edison P JI Dodge Centre 

George Jloses 

Palmerlee AS 

Son-enson it Co ... . 

Burns A Dodge City 

Welcome & Williams Donnelly 

Morrill C H Douglas 

Coppersmith G Dover Center 

Evans N & A " 

Hendricks J B& Co. 
MePhersou Wm. ... 

Goff W P Drayton, D T 

Becker H Dresliach 

Dickson Wm 

Inman JI C " 

Hunck C A Daelm 

Campbell it Smitli Duluth 

Graff. Little it Co •• 

Oppel C H " 

Spaldinir W W •• 

Triielxt'si lloiirj {Sfe 


Hutchinson H U it Co Dundus 

Shandorf Frederick 

thielbar A F 

Phelps W W Eagle Lake 

Phelps it .\llvn 


Murphy l'll....l-:u<t Chain Lakes 
Edwards IIP Eastou 

Lehman P EiiM..n 

Lager.Ntmm (' East rui.m 

Laserstmm .1 A 

Culberls,,n SB Eden. DT 

Over.sethit Dy.Kte 

Vrcelaud J P." 

Mills WT Eden Lab- 

Goodrich CD Eden Pnirir 

Barron P P Ed.'.aln,, 

Fitz-erald T K "•• 

Cornelius E H 1-Mii:i 

Moore Bros E<'an I) T 

Peterson K L'-i;li-.t,.., 

RosliN J itBro. ^^■■ 

Foreniug I) 11 EidswcM 

BungeC, jr Kiix.,„ 

Bullen J it Son F.lha 

Kramer .1 ■■ 

Luetke A Fl"in 

Richardson 11 G it Co ■■ 

BeggsC W Elk Point, 1) T 

Freeman Bros 

Sevilleit Muhs 

Heebner H J it Co Elk liivrr 

Houlton Horatio 

Norval it Wheaton . . . . 

Armstrong W J EIHmI i 

Arnold J.^scn Elm l)..!.- 

Gunderson K H 

Johnson it Johu. .Elm River, DT 

Lange A H E Elv^ian 

RickerCH "• 

Ronan T Emmell. 1) T 

Gales G N Enterpri- 

McGum II Ernest, D l 

Etter A W Klirr 

Misner it Lin-^ley Euclid 

Monroe it Klli^.". " 

Johnson L Evansvill- 

Kron it ilvhcr 

Jones W B E.\.el-.i..r 


Sam|),son LP' 

Thomp^oM .\. 

lilairBros Fwi:. 

Plank GW '■■ 

PlankJC •• 

RussellCP •• 

Co-operative Associa- 
tion Fair llavni 

Grinols it Cooper. ... 

Headley F Fairin.iil 

Ileinze Robert 

LelaudW S 

Livermnr<a4 S 

Ward it Cad well 

W'ollaston P it Co 


Fine Merchant Tailoring, No, 4C 
E. Third Street, ST, PAUL, Mi::- 


ctor. i 

2d St.& 6th Ave. S,, lainaaapolis. 





Kilsey J H & Bro Fair Point 

l);ivison Bros Fairvicw, D T 

Hiirirar L D & Co Fargo, D T 

Goinlnian iV Ytrxa. ... 

Kjc.isA- Jeiiseu 

McDonrll T D S 

Noril David 

Olson ife Xelsou 

Brand void AT Faribault 

Df-ren Charles 

Donoliue & Dandelet. ... " 

Healy Bros " 

Stockems Joseph 

Cropper Madison Farmington 

Griebic C R 


Kuowlcs W L 

Record Knight 

Chase OC Fergus Falls 

Dahl G O 

Martin GB 

Priiizl Peter 

Skvelem it Knudson. 

Sundahl O J 


Zaiser Mrs Bertha 

Kiibbins it Mosher Fillmore 

liurn-. M Fisher's Landing 

Gleason & Co 

Johusonifc Stevens 

Thompson H 

Thompson & 


BollesG Flaudrcau, DT 

Jones M M 

Junes WM& Co. 
l.andin, Nelson ifc 


Milam Benjamin. " 

Krouse C A Fon.l du Lac 

Boom ijc Eystern Forest City 

Plummer 11 C 


Kdller John & Co Forest Lake 

Halverson 6c Olsen. . . .Forest .Mills 

t";ickden J Forest Prairie 

<.';mipbell Peter.Forest Kiver. D T 

Mi-iglieu F Forestville 

Keteluim F R. . . .Fort Pierre, DT 


Hill-ar 6c Gerdes. . . .Fort Ridgely 

Ihirl,. s •■ 

I'.obcrisou \V G Fort Suelliug 

Vil^'lis (• Franconia 

lV"'k.|;i-,hcl C ir .^Fraiikliu 

Gillmorc O S Freeliorn 

Southwick 5[ A 

Southwi.-k OF 

Roster .M L Frcebursli 

Buechler C Freeman. D T 

Kelly J A Freemont 

Spencer II French Lake 

Doilge G H & Co Fiontenac 

SchrTeider J " 

BrindtC A Fulda 

Carroll Wm 

Hill i Casper " 

.Johnson W H " 

Smith J F " 

Timlin AG " 

Frazer C B Garden City 

Warner A 

Williams D 

FetonHL Gary, DT 



Wells J Y 

Bagstad J Gayville, D T 

Osborn Mrs MI .Geneva 

IloUenheck J Genoa 

Jliller H " 

Hess tt Xilsou Georgeville 

Buchanan C T Glencoe 

Preiss John & Son 

ReedAH&Co " 

Sievers ifc Dittmarr. . . .■ . . . 

Welch Frederick " 

Gillrup it Mackeu Glenville 

Koontz H G 

Woodrufr L B it Co 

Fremand .Vssociation, ..Glen wood 

RueT J 

Whittemore J G & Co . . 

Barnes G S it Co Glvndon 

Carter C Wit Co " •' 

Simmons R B Golden Gate 


Bliss A F. . .Good Thunder's Ford 

Graham J G 

Hawes B S. 

Just it Mann " 


Beard AM Goodwin, D T 

Nelson it Hebae... 
Parkinson C: B. . . . 

Abliott J W Gordonsville 

Costello MS Graceville 

McDonnell M J 


Peterson O II Granby 


Abraham.. Grand Forks. D T 

Kingsbury & Draper 

Keep a full line of Darling, Br. 

&, Eharpe'B"' T(«ils. 35 
TWid St., bi. Piul. 

15'^''^Q ir»?.',i.iif-ij-.f* Crockery and Glassware, 513 Wa-I; 
a! [155 iwSJyi^'JiSj ington Ave,' South, MINNEAPOLIS 

1020 GEX 



ri) IiAKOT. 


Cieiicral Stores. 


Calvert & Har- 
ris Grand Forks. D T 

Dow J E 



Lyons J H... 

Metier PT... 

Smith & Wis- 
ner " 

Tharaldson H 

Jtavhew H Grand Marais 

Fjelstad M 11 Grand :Meadow 

Gilbertsou J J 


Lovell .V- Sheldon . . 

Schleiger Philip. . . 

Skyberg it Johnson 

"Wilson XT Grand Portage 

Knox L F Grand Rapids 

Jones & Peterson Granger 

Kittleson K 

Holey ct Orwold. . . .Granite Falls 


Keste K E A- Bro . . . 

Odson John 

Rice L J .t Son 

Russell 10 

Sullivan MC 

Gravel .t Goulet Gravelville 

Downs Bros Green Isle 


Adams John Green Lake 

HotcUkiss Wm Greenleaf 

Pratt iV Sou 

Huetink H J Greenleaf ton 

Razennaker G 

Dudlev & Xelson Grove City 


Brown T W Grove Lake 

Rasvold & Holstod Hader 

Lukkasiu L Iladley 

Daly P Hallock 

Payne Bros Hamilton 

Stewart DG 

Berrisford J . . . .Hamilton Station 

Carre J 

Quinn Bros 

Brucker X Hammondsford 

WiUiam.son H T.. 

Helegesau & Wilcox . . . .Hancock 

HuelCWiCo " 

Mason E 


HaeferL W Hanover 

Bergan C C Har,..,.,, 

Xelson XT •■ 

Staugland S 

Larsom PT ITarnionv 

TrogstadTM ■ " 

Flanders G AV Harris 

HalsF •• 

Wolf FH •• 

Wolfram CH Hart 

Davis i' Bros Hartford 

Kellogg WE 

Grinager Hartland 

Lee " 


Mej'er. Whitman & Frve. Hastings 

XorrishJF ."... 

Kenyon AM Havana 

Chant G Hawley 

Xel.son C 

Hanson Bros Hay ward 

Ru.shan & Le'ghton 

McCabe James Hazehvood 

Abbott M Hector 

Gritlith W D " 

Xixon C H " 

JIartz Theresia Heidelberg 

Mock J G Helena 

Zahler Mrs F Helvetia 

Zeigline R 

Hansen Peter Henderson 

Keller Carl 

Minkiewitz John 

O'.Meara James 

Pochler H .t Co 

Wolf Mrs Elizabeth... 

Frogner S Herman 

Van Doren J K 

Wells Bros " 

Mullen & McGillivray, 

Herman. D T 
Ben.son J W & Co. . . .Heron Lake 
Johnson it Dieson. .. . 

Smith J T 

Heiser.AI Hersey 

Burk E D High Forest 

GaskiU X E 

Grant A 

Olson A Highland 

Simenson J J Highland. D T 

BronsonE J Hill Citv. D T 

Morrison J Hinckley 

BailevM H Ibikah 

House David ■' 

JovsCE ■• 

Lvon A 15 .t L T " 

Strne A Glemiue IlnM.n 

Holding U Holding'.- l'""i 

H^lHftC^.-,^*^ '.^ I rtnVt'n ManufaotitrersofrireandBurg- 
Cili i> ^£iJ d &> LUbA bU. kr Proof Safes, St. Paul, Miu"- 

CTS T f E 3 3 ri' f*T n v\ 3 ^°'° ^e'^ triumph seeders, Randall Palveriz- 
I Ol I riUrid I L"i^l i?,S Harrows, T.gerRakes, Canton Plow., Milbara 





Ueuricson & Enge- 

moen !". .Holmes City 

Jlonson M F 

Norton R F Homer 

Abrahamson Isaac Houston 


FifkKt Briffgs 


lluruer E A 

Johnson A P " 

Goodscll & Hayward Howaid 

Hounson H H 

Jones &, Clark. " 

Parker & Hobson 

lielden & Brobec Hutchinson 

Goodu ow (S: Ives 

Hewitt G A 


Kice Bros Isanti 

Huberts AV H If incurs 

King I R Island Lake 

AshlevB AV Jackson 



Cowing J AV 

Hunter J "W 

01-«on Bros 

Strong Bros & Berge. ... 

Knudson H Jackson Centre 

Bil W AV Jamestown, D T 

Custer &AVinsIow 


A'essey & Smith. . 

Herver H Jamesville, D T 

Bradish J & Son Jauesville 

Chase & Cordrj' 

Finley Bros 

Jennison it Miner 

Leland Bros 

Satterlee OP 

Shaw AV F Jarrett 

Anthiers & Mon- 
tague Jefferson, DT 


Nicolin Franz Jordan 

Of^tieJE '■ 

SchfielTer John " 

Sfhniitt G C " 

Schreiner Stephen " 

SeudellXels " 

Saiidstron Borie Judson 

Hean Peter Junction 

Dunlap AVm 

Paine dj Co 

liilievT G 

JV:.i"-,i, JA...Kaudiv,.]ii Sh,ti„n 
l-lnt.rsU K:..otH 

Anderson A E Kasson. 

Bradford A " 

Porter Bros 

Schutz ..t Leuthold 

AVilsou Bros ifc Co 

McCullough J Kecsan 

O'SheaM Kellogg 

Potter Calvin 

Scbonweiler Bros " 

Faulkner E O Kensington, D T 

Slee Bros Kenyou 

Odncy ifc LafrgTen. . . .KcvkhoVen 

Saland O E Kilboru, D T 

Tucker A C 

Dovle D Kilkenny 


Briggs E A Kingston 

Peck, Hutchinson & Co. 

Hover P Y Korustad, D T 

Bre'chter F Kransburg, D T 

Fo.\ Bros 

Lortz & Larson Lac qui Parle 

Stone, Anderson & 


Ferguson P La Crescent 

AVest E R, Lake Amelia 

Christcron P. ..Lake Badger, D T 
Morse A AV & Bro. ..Lake Benton 

Potter H 

Anderson & Rallson.. . .Lake City 

Cain Thomas 


Farrow J E 

Finch CE 

Hnu,5wedell R C 

Kemp ik Schmidt " 

Knapp & Baker 

Mclnernev P M 


Thomas GAV 

AVilliamsouH F 

Young C F it Bro 

Kelley AI AV Lake Crystal 

Larson it Davis 


Marstou & Perry " 

Lohmanu J AV Lake Elmo 

Huntoon LA Lakeland 

Abraham R H Lake Park 

Carlson it Ebeltoft 


Peiffer Bros Lakcport, D T 

Egertou ifc Dean Lake Road 

Ackcrman B Lakeville 

Moran it AlcClintock 

-Mui-au E •• 

Fuller L Laniberton 


i^llUni i E.U I Oj to Public BuUdings, Schools, Coort-E 


' SpiLia! attoatun 

Coart-Eou:„j and Chuiciis. 

I U'l^ Lfciibdi L»U4*I^JiO MeroLant Tailor, Minneapolis. 





fKCiiera! Stores. 


Lctford J S Lamberton 

Praxil A- t>han,kTa 

(rreer i- Greer Kauesboro 

Langlie Ole 

Lyngaas Ilaus. 

Lyngaas Ilaus 

ilendelssolin ,S: Co. 
Nelson ct Xepstad. . 
Roberts W H 

Smith J C it Co 

Barritt B L & Co Laugdon 

AVoodward & Son 

Bartlett i Mclatyie Lansing 

Yaughan P D & W B. . . . " 

Fa-ncctt AV H Lead City, D T 

James Thomas 

Jost it Son 

"Wardian M Leedston 

Johnson AN Leaora 

Stevcus W T 

Wa~hburu P: D 

AvciyFH LeRov 

KillenTA " " 

Murray M 

Thompson I II 

Young R G ■. 

Budke August Lc Sueur 

Dane Mr^ LA ■■ 

FuuU Bros 

Patten W II iV Co . . . 

Smith n C 

Kelly P Lc Sueur Centre 

Van Buren J 


Rice J W Lewiston 

■\Vasen Bros 

Cairncross Bros Litehtield 

Cary Phineas 

Dar"tCF " 

De Coster FY 

Ekboin Louis 

Tharalson.t Xels 

Todd \V P 

Butler \Vm Little Falls 

Iloude Leon. ...:... 

Lafond .M 

Mauriu & Uledera. . . . 

& Tanner 

Yeniiilyu Bros Little Valley 

Rudd A.I .t Co Lo<li, DT 

Chandler, Fisher »S: 

Wait L.nig Prairie 


Bissett J Luwvilie 

Batlelie .M F Luverne 

Glass WH Luveru.. 

Jaeobson W m 

Landin vV ^'el^on 

Osteru ( ) J i Son 

■\Vol.Kt Boswell ■• 

Frazee J W I.vdi.i 

Squires lU' "•■ 

Whipps Samuel " 

Ilalvnrsoii J Lyh; 

Iliunel J F "• 

Myhre JO •• 

Langevin Sz 3Iesser.AIc(,'auleyvilK- 
Schmidts Albert. .. 

Bents >.t Taylor Mabr! 

Jones Bros 

Tolloffsou E F •■ 

Bisbcc & Olson Ma(Kii;i 

Bradford G A ■• 

Packard I-I H '• 

McKay A Madison. DT 

King C A Mali-tn-.^a 

Jloon P & Co Maine Prairu- 

Stanley D B& Co.. 

Bristol v.t Haight Mauannah 

Lang James 

Fu>um Bros it Stren- 

.surd Manehe-ter 

Kron F Mankatu 

Krost Mrs JP ■ •• 

Lamm Steplien 

Leonard (^. 

Mahowakl John " 

Miller A: Busch " 

Sclireiber B " 

Adams F X it F E. . ..Alaiitoryiiie 

Crandall Bros 

Cushman C \Y 

Kundert Baltz 

Van Anden L 

Thornton P H .Maple 01, n 

Conklin J V. . .Maple \) T 
Schafer 11 H >k Co 

Drake B Maple I'l.iia 

Smitli G W 

Brown J E JIapleton Slai;,.>ii 

Peet Shenuau... 
Kima Albert.... 
Shephard \V O. . 
Stroebel \Vm. . . . 

Taylor MR 


Schmidt W'm .Marin.- .MuN 

Walker, J mid it Vea/.ie 

Faweett J II Mai-i. 

Allen J". I> ' 

Beuchler it llieb.... 

Montgomery J 


Parkins, Lyons & Co. i*|iS;S«-^- 




Cliambcrs J M Marshall 

(.•l.ittciidcu AC " 

HillycrAVD " 

Niiytlu' it Pelirson 

Srhiitz it Kvlo 

lArhci- J P"& Co IMarshfleld 

Manchester Stephen.... 

Vdlk iV Co Marysburgh 

Beisang Blasius Mary^town 

Chautland Bros & 

Co MayviUe, D T 

AUeu E ifc Co ." . Maywood 

Tavlor C N Meekliuii, n T 

Xati>ta J Medarv. DT 

Abbott it Bailey Medford 

Skilraau & Co 

• Falcy J Medo 

Bevins J B ilendota 

FeeT " 

Hayes TVm 

Leclair O " 

Goodsell F W Meridcn 

Kcve FD Middle River 

McClintock W D. . . . 

Waterman S Middleton, T> T 

Marcley J M MiddleviUe 

Hanson P Miller's Station 

Langevin & Messer 

Smith A 

Miksehe A & Co Millerville 

Anderson C P .MillviUo 

Huny I 

Leonhard & McMullen . . . " 

McGeigen J 

Miller A " 

Miller J B 

Mullen T " 

Blakeman Wm Minneapolis 

Girrbach G F 

Keef Matthias " 

Lange Joachim " 


Rauen Peter 

Reyel K... 

Coats Bros Miuneota 

HansonT -•■ 


Seals D " 

Adams J H Minnesota City 

Howe W S 

Southwick C "\V.. 

Herron W W. .. .Minnesota Falls 

Lewis CD 

Clark A it Co Minnesota Lake 

Cole L.I 

Gules. Lockuood 
it Co 

Vance N W Jlinnesota Lake 

Eidam EH Miuuetonka 

Laird it Thomas. ...Mission Creek 

Emery M Money Creek 

FVcam Paris Montevideo 

Reins it Co 

Stone it Anderson 

Toedt Bros 

AVhitmore it Lee " 

Becker it Richter Montuomery 


Murphy, Brown & 


Richter A 

Smith PD 

Sullivan M 

Carpenter George Monticello 

Hitter Frederick 

Kreis it Dennison 

MealevT Git Son.... 

Miller J F & Co Montrose 

Bruns & Finkle Moorhead 


WahlquistG A 

Dunsmore Thomas. . .Moose Lake 

Croonquist C J Morris 

Danielson J E " 

Helgenson it Hanson " 

Langdon & Co " 

Larsen & ISTilsen " 

Wolff &AVells " 

Chapman T R Morristown 




WardH G Morse 

Pace P E iroscow 

Hardstrom & :McMilUui. . . .Motley 

Hoskins C " 

McMillan J L " 

SchafferF A " 

GriiTiTs. Johu.son it 

Rhodes Mound City 

Eberhard J A Mound Prairie 

Goerz Peter Moimtain Lake 

Lewis E 

Penner Abraham.. " 

Siemmens it Co. .. 

Liter Louis Jlountville 

Anderson it Co Murdock 

Briggs ife Botham 

Solandit Shelgrene 

Thornton it Farneu " 

Bacon S it Co. . .Nasliville Centre 

Bullard Bros Nation. DT 

Taljurit Urrrv •• ..:; 

Brokkcit Heiues Xcrstrand 

RnnfsH'y f'^'^atPJ'isI barred relt, Building Paper, pitch, etc. 
riUUIlHij iVldlDlluU Selden&Grygla, 114 N. 3d St., Minneapolis. 


rrench China. Glassware, wbolesalo ana 
J retail. E, A. HARMON & 00., Minneapolis. 




gp:n Stores. 


Howk, W J. . . .New Buffalo, DT 

Strand H B. . . . 

Gabrklson G New burgh 

Harvev H 

Berg Halvor Newbursrh, D T 

Young B H New Hartford 

Keer .1 H New London 

Sweuson & Broberg.. 

Baltes J New Market 

Vogt AT New Munich 

Hugunin J H Newport 

Johnson ifc Sunde . . New Richland 

Larsen .J 

&inith Joseph & Co. 

Bonne AVm & Co New Rome 


Gores F New Trier 

Moes John " 

Repplini;er N 


Behnke B & E C New Ulm 

Beltrusch Charles 

Crone Theodore 

Jacobs George 

Kiesliug, Keller ^t Co., 

Neumann & Rosskopf . . " 

Redmann & Schramm. . " 

Sommer Charles 

Tousley ifc Wins- 
low New York Mills 

Olson J M Nicollet 

Rabe Bros 

Lawrence M H Nordland, D T 

Olson A Stromback. 

Burke John Norseland 

Johnson SH 

De Lamater 
J W North Branch Station 

HerriedHO . 

Long EC.. 


Norell E A 

Beueke Henry Northfield 

Bjoraker Bros 

Beutscli Adolph 

Jones J R 

Law Bros " 

Lockwood E & Co 

Plummer Royal 

Scriver Hiram " 

Skimier A Drew 

Tlioiv-.,u ILirold,„,uT J North Fork 

Gei>-.i.l G North Prairie 

Borlaug B J Norwuy 

Gordhamer & Chris- 

teuscn Norway Laki- 

Back H Norwegian Grove 

Diiil V L Norwood 


Meikle Wm 

Slocum James, jr " 

Sunon witch M 

Donohiic P Nunda 

Eaton H 

McCallF ■' 

Rider E A Oak Cent rr 

Streiff J Oakdalr 

Denbv AF Oakland 

PacePE •■ 

Harscheu John Oak Station 

Downing Bros Oakwood. U T 

Pappitz E Oberle's Corners 

Beardslev AD Odes.^a 

WildinsH " 

RickerCH Okaman 

White WB Olivet, DT 

Berndgen P Olivia 

Christcnsen F S " 

Stone N " 

Cross S Olmsted 

Swanstrom A F Oneol^i 

Bascomb D J Oronoco 

Clay W M 

Batimau PG Ortouvillr 

Blom Adolph 

Eyre & Yanz 

Herkelrath Bros " 


Potter MF 

Shumaker& Rietmaun. 

Chambers I S Osaki.- 

Flore & Farnseth ''^ 

Johnson J B 

MiiisH ;; 

Vauderwater J S 

Sohlberg AG Oscar 1. ike 

Latlirop & Faribault. .Osceola. 1) 1 

Tucker AC 

McOuat I OshawA 

Hcchtman Joseph U^v/o 

Lcfebvre E " 

Patten D& Co Otla«:i 

Albertus G F Owatouua 

Jahreiss J C 



Morford J W " 

Thompson James 

AVhitson J P '■ ,,, 

Harvey A Pactolu, D 1 



F. F. Hennig/M 

ook-Einder and Blauk-Book 

"auafactnrer, Bracki'tt's Eiock, 
Minneapolis, Iilinn. 






Xilcy N W Puctohi, D T 

SlKTiiian J C 

Kovce K Palisade. DT 

llaVris & Ruslad. Parkdale 


Traukuoiz M 

Gilbert G Parker, D T 



Teabout & Vallean. . . 

Asselcw Henry. . .Parker's Prairie 

Cale Brothers Paxton 

Ilaines J C Paynesville 

Tuttle J& Son 

Lacross Francis Pelican Lake 

Blyberg O A E. . . .Pelican Rapids 

Frazee T 

Crawford C Pembina, D T 

La Moure, Webb, 



Winters G 


Kemper Bros & Drah- 

niann Perham 

Pancratz Carl 

Walz Michael 

Jackson Peterson 

Thompson Bros 

Suffrins iirs J D Pickwick 

Woods L J 

BalmerG Pillsbury 

Locke J F " 

Smith C A 

Todd W " 

Jackson & Bro Pilot Mound 

Maltby MC Pine Bend 

Conture Joseph Pine City 

GlassowWm. '■ ^ 

Strong Martin 

Collins D F Pine L^Iand 



Jewell WW 

Thorn nson & Batson. . 

HandJ F 

Dyer AS Pipe Stone 

ElvAL " 


KiernJC " 

I'easc FL 

Umire L Plato 

Heh^e.^-Co " 

Husrll C W & Co.Plea'^ant Grove 

I'arks .J S Pleasant Mounds 

Clui^tian-cn P. .. .Pleasant Vallev 
^""les J \V Plum Creek 

Austin A J Polk City 

Johnson L Ponime de Terra 

Puntches XQ... 

Hansen O >.t Bro. . . .Poinsett, D T 

Ingleljy J Pot.,dam 

Kolars it Brosh Prague 

Mertens August '" 

Auushynsky B Preston 

Conkey Bros 

Kincslou WD 

Kramer AH " 

Smith J C& Co 

AVichstrom C 

Bjers S M Princeton 


Head it LOring 

Jesmer N E /' 

Rives CH 

Reed W B & Co Prior Lake 

Johnson G H Quincy, D T 

Johnson it Johnson.. 

Morris Jacob Rapid City D T 

Schnarse it Gram- 

Olson Olof Rapidan 

Beaulieu C A H Red Lake 

Fairbanks R " 

Jourdan B 

Hunt F E Red Lake Falls 

Boxrud Bros Red Wing 

Clauson Claus 

Diepeubrock J G 

Gross Henry 

Sheldon B P 

Wilkinson it Hodgman. 

Clayson W S Redwood Falls 

McJIillan James. .. 

Philbrick it Fran- 
cois " 

Sewell Joseph 

Stickle it Wiltshire 

Kuapp Stout & Co . 
Company The. .Reed's Landing 

Mohk-FitCo " 

Kank J Riceford 

Kobe >[ark Rice's 

WooditEarle •• 

Richardson J N Richfield 

Robinson F Richland, D T 

Scott J 

Blake it Bentfield Rich Prairie 

Ycrger F 

Blowers AS Richwood 

Johnson J S 

Kellogg it Johnson Rochester 

Hayward C Rochford. D T 

Fire-Proof OoorslShiiiters-nss-: 

'J:J (i 


Mill Buillcrrs and General 2.1:11 

isheis, 401 Wasliicgton Avtnuo Sr.ih, 
Minneapolis, Minu, 






General Slorei^. 

Clawson S: Stauge- 

land ItockDcll 

Hanjou ifc Nelson 

Benner J Uockford 

Lackner J C Rockport. D T 


Backler Joseph Rolling Stone 

Jung it Koliner. ... " 

Rivers H & Bro. . . . 

Webb M L Ro^coe 

Bidwell, Harden & Co. 

Roscoe, D T 

Moore Bros 

Smith ^y V Roscoe Centre 

McTabish & AVilliams.Roso Creek 


■Gerrighlv J C Rosemount 


Ne\\inan G Royalton 

Wilder Bros. Running Water. D T 
Mver A, StahlbergLtCo.Rush City 

OlesonSW t 


Ruppe Joseph 


Smith C'^W 

Ask C W Rushford 


Haves G A 

Julsrud J 

Norem Lars 

Smith F.M 

Smith J C 

Wangsnes A- Sou 

Dahlron. Merer & Co.. Rush Point 

■Olson 6 W 

Evenson, Stenson 

iS: Co Sacred Heart 

Gundcrson E S 

Torbenson O 

Beuracr H St Augusta 

Shieh J St ]5onifacius 

Bawu A Adain^ St Charles 

Cartwrisht E R 

Gate- v-t^Wardner 

Keeler H J 

Stevens & Hyde 

Bauk-r Theodore St Cloud 

Bellenburg Frank 

Edelbrock Joseph 

Otteusmever Henry " 

McClure !• :. . . .St Francis 


Kaehlt'v F S( Goorw 

Hubcr P St Hubertus 

Herrick G II St Jmnrs 



Veltuin Thomas 

Arnt<un J St Jolin'.s 

Berwick P St Joseph 

Linaemann J H 

Marvin Bros 

Tan.scher J 

Ayott FT St Michael's 

Zachmaii J " 

Cowinu- W H St OlofT 

Foot John St Paul 

Aniundson C & Co St Peter 

Anderson Oliver 

Babcrich Caspar " 

DeGraffHC&Co '• 

Deutschman Carl " 

Dick P. t Co " 

Klitzkc Herman 

Knoll Theodore " 

Lamberton A J 

Schumacher Stephen 

Stark Bros v.fc Davis " 

Stempel F A '■ 

Ronan P St Thomas 

Rona^-ne J W " 

Flynn & O'Keefe St Vincent 


Winter J B 

Lenham G L & Co.. Sanborn, D T 

Babcock W L Sanliairo 

Bishop L S, jr Sauk Centre 

Capscr Joseph 

Harrison EJ 

Hendry Nicholas 

Pettit A H 

Smith A J 

White Robert 

Wood C G Sauk Ra]nds 

Busby A Hampton. Scotland, i) T 


Jassmaii George ... 

Lavender AW 

Seller H 

Stafford it Williams 

Berens i Gallenbeck. . ..Shaki.pir 

Berens ifc Nachtsheim. . . 

Frazee J W 

Geycrmaim Peter 

Gutenberg John 

Hind-i Henry 

Kohls A Berens 

Richardsor, R Shclbvviile 

\Villiain> J li Shrld-n 

.\u-u-t.en J A C:o . . . .Shrrlmrur 

Fanner IP 




and excbp.iige all kiadr 

;s and Mr.oliiDerv, Cor. 

J 2dStr&6tliAve,S.,Kmnfipoli3, 




] Uo3 

T:ilnmdffeSD Sl.erburue 

Uruwu M ShicldsvUle 

lI.itriTly J 

Vfiaev O G Silliards 

Mimt"T Silver Lake 

lio/.lan P P Sioux Fulls, D T 

Howard C K 

Saramous G B. .. 

Abclson & Skyberg Skyberg 

Blake OB Sleepy Eye 

Kiigan Bros 


Hiinitz A- Bendixen... 


Salkowske Christian. . " 

Talbot & Piinke 

Morgan KM Smith Lake 

Smith S S Smith's Mill 

Davis D P South Bend 

Tonn Mrs M G Spearlish, D T 

Smith W A Spencer Brook 

Beudixen H Springfield 

Bonestecl ifc Turner 

Crone & Nussle 



Roth J 

Sist ifc Altennat 

Fladager M Spring Grove 


Hendricksen Xels. . . 

Horgh C 

Olson & Kieland.... 

Emmcl II J...: Spring Hill 

■\Veier ° 

Booth &: Ashlcv. . . .Spring Valley 
Clark CM....'..... 

Dfttelbach Leon " 

Evans C H 

llalbkat J C 

King <k Gray " 

Larson A: Bro " 

Miller H Vk Son.. 
-Molstad A Hjelle... 

Payne I'.ros 

Smilh JC&Co.... 
Tiiiklepaugh WX.. 

Hayes i t'o Stacy 

Goudy Wm Stanlon 

HullF Stark 

Wlis \Vm Sterling Centre 

li'icdiirheiiuer A TStewart 

Brown J F 

\\":.l,„n A •• 

^mitil \V K StL'wanvillc 

Bronsoii & Fidsotn Stillwater 

Ifl *•!•*«.• J, IlCitll & 


Nelson C N ct Co 

Schulenliurg Boeckeler 

Luniljor Co " 

Schupp .lo-;cph 

Staples Isaac 

Churchill W H Stockton 

McNutl George 

Han lion & Co Sturgis, D T 

Keed it Brothers Sue! 

Stephen D Sunnyside, D T 

McClure S Sunrise City 

Mold Mrs J M 

Alien J Swan Lake, D T 

Blaken O A Sweden, D T 

Mackenzie Wm 

Alleman C Taopi 

Corbitt G W " 

OlbergOX " 

Olberg it Swenison " 

Goddard J B Taopi, DT 

Comer G S & "W W . Taylor's Falls 

Comer '^''m 

Ellison >t Stanuard. 


Decker C E Tenhassen 

Hall Peter Thielraanton 

Hayes. I P Thomson 

Litchiield I W 

Simonitsch J Torali 

Tvete K K Town Site 

Davis J P Tracy 

Hughes & Owen • ■ 

Anton J Trout Brook 

Stevens Bros Tro-\- 

Christian A. . . .Turtle River, D t 

Jacobi E 

Oei.sel G Two Rivers 

Gunderson F '• 

Lechler .IP Tyler 

Tisdale it Harris ■•• 

Wakefield, Trow & Co 

EvansG Utica 

Encrsou & Hauser. Valley City.D T 
Parkhouse it Co . . 


Kolles E Valley Creek 

Parsons C Valley Farm, D T 

Varco C: R Varco 

EngbergL Vasa 

Grange .J W Vermillion, D T 

Lee it Pientis. . . . 
Lewisoii Lewis. . . 


Reeve it Kin- .. . 

Kingsbury & Draper: 

p a full line of Darliug, Brown 

harpo'a Machinists' Tools," 35 Eiat 
TLird St., St. Paul. 

Lamp Goods 

Table Cutlery and Plated Ware, at Chr.rlw 
5 Johnson's Crockery House, ^^^ YuNNEfpout"'^'' 

1034 GEN 


Genera! Stores. 


Graves W Pf Verndale 

Harris HC 

Smith E A it Co 

Pierce J B it Co. . .Vernon Centre 

"VVashburue E W . . 

Watts D Viola 

Ask J"\V Volga, DT 

De Grail it Co 

Kirbv it Nelson 

Rinsi Rowley 

Savage & Jackson ... . 

Du'jan E J Wabasha 

Grubl) i- Miller 

Kuehn Lucas " 

Lindem, Jacoby & Co. . . 

Schwirtz John 

Shebat Valentine 

•Eiselein A Waconia 

Lassen AC 

Baumbach it Merer Wadena 

BurcUHF&Co ' 


Eotseherau J Wahpeton, D T 

Kraker it Mitscher. 

Fitch John R Walnut Statiou 

Owens Wn 

Halverson Martin . . . .Wanaminga 


Brusegaard it Olson Wangs 

Gilbert N P it Co Warren 

Johnson, Allen it Co " 

McCrea Bros " 

Outhouse J W Warsaw 

Piatt, Hollister it Co " 

Blake L S Waseca 

Brandvold K T 

Buehler Gottfiried " 

Everett it Eokeubeck 

Hanson N P " 

McKinna Charles 

McLauLiilin Dennis " 

Miller fieinliart 

Goodrich J C Washburn 

Yearian R Washington 

Vinton Wm Wasioja 

Opsal MT Wastcdo 


Empy J P Waterford 

Barth & Dressier Watcrtown 

Campbell P 

Schlefke G 

Bradford A Watertown, D T 

C'hitiendcn AC 
Owsley Bro', 

Rice Bros Watertown. D T 

Knaak F Wati-rvillr 

Potter I) E .- 

Rogers LZ 

Hanson Theo Wat-.m 

Iversou H it Bro ■■ 

Cullen J K Waverly Mill- 

Fallihee it O'Gormau ■' 

Giblin J 

Hedderly G W Wav7:\ta 

Hopkins WH Weav.r 

Neste Bros it Arndtsou. .WeL'd;ihl 

Adamson.Tohu Wells 

Leland MN •• 

Schellen A ■• 

Seiljert Charles " 

Soulhwick OF " 

Harkin A West Newtou 

Broker W J West Union 

Harrison E 

Dyer GH Whalan 

Streeter John 

Ward Mrs A " 

Bates George Wheatland 

Braudenberg Geo. Wheatland D T 

Hadweu P 

Taber P 

Wolland A- Peter- 
sen White Bear Centre 

Getty D & Co. . .White Bear Lake 
Westerson J & J S. . .White R.-ok 

Sperry C C White Swan, 1) T 

Johnson Anthon Wild Rice 

Dale it Roise Willmar 

Hanson Peter " 

Poul-<ou Hans " 

Rice O P & Co " 

Rodluni it Johnson 

Spicer, Larson it Co 

Blacser H Wils.m 

Scott C L Wili..n 

Thoniscn T Wilton Ceuirc 

Hutton John Wiudnm 

Jenness R R 

Quevti Andrus 

SeegerPaul " 

Jost -M Winnebago Agem y 

O'Connor C . . 

Damon D it Co. .Winnebago City 

McCabo C 

McKinstrv P it Co 


Wilson Pi M 

Mue- EF Win..n:i 

Netz Charles 

Green E Wiiistcl l.ak'- 


Hall's Paient Infallible 

Double Chronomentnc Att.irh-. 

meat Time-Lock, 48 Jackion Htit--'" 
St. Paul, Mjno. 

Sole Ag't TRirarH^SEEDEKS, Kiiadall Pu'.vorii- 


1 lilUilO 


., 13 W, 3d St., ST, PAUL. 



GOL 1035 

Tliompson J P Winstcd Lake 

AbcUO Witoka 

Fitzserakl & Co Woodstock 

Lcftv^itt L G AVorthiDg, D T 

Davis Heury Wortbiugtoii 


WvckoS S V 

Esleston U Wykoff 

Esrk'Ston & Stiner 

OdellK " 


Tombler M C Wyoming 

Anderson Xiles Yankton, D T 

Mnx Jacob 

Roister & Baesscler. 

Ackemiann ifc Co. Young America 

Haucli Frederick. . 

Ilaradon E A Zumbro Falls 

Secley ifc Buck 

Anderson John Zumbrota 

Clawson C 

Dorman J B 

George Frederick 


Palmer HH 

CJcuts' Fiii'iiisliiiig- 

■ (\\7iokmle.) 

Brccher, Becht & Co St Paul 


Hanson 11 A Albert Lea 

Cashing Bros Deadwood, D T 

Cudihee & Wiley Farco. D T 

Fitch C W Faribault 

Barnaby E G Minneapolis 

llcmtoii One I^rii-c ' 
Clolliiii:; Store, 

{&--.■ udr) 

Fuller it Simpson. ... 


Williams Wm 

Foot E & Co Bed Wing 

Nelson John 

Black & Knapp Rochester 

Klake JD& Co 

Johnson H F St Paul 

Lanpher H A i: Co " 

SI;u!it>, (iiunl A; 
Si'Imriiicicr {See back 

, o^i'f'-) " 

I'aiu.dl J F " 

'i:irl!ett J Winona 

I'oud it Thomas 


Blakemore George St Paul 

Giitfiiciesi Dealers. 

Marks Isaac Mankato 

Kjder Merrcll (See 
adv) St Paul 

Ginseng-, Seiie;ia and 

Beeswax— Wiiole- 


Xoyes Bros <^ Cutter, 

(See adc) St Paul 

Glass— Dealers. 

Greenwood Jii- 

cal> (See ade) St Louis, Mo 

Glass— Or Jiantental 
aud Ground. 

Northwestern Sand Blast 

Co Jlinneapolis 

G I a s s — P 1 a t e and 
Sheet- \¥hoU'sale. 

Xoj es Bros «V Cutler, 

Sole Agents for " De- 
Pauw Plate Glass Works, " 
(Largest in America) (Ste 
adv) St Paul 


(See Crockery and Gliu^.^ware.) 

Glove and 3Iitteu 

Mattox G W Crook City. D T 

Pichler Sebastian Minneapolis 

Putnian J H 

Slocum it Woodruff.. 

Hill W H Owatonna 

Briggs E E Rochester 

Glncose Mntrs. 

Davenport <ilii- 
cose .Ylnli; Co. .Davenport. la 

Gold and f?iilver 

(See Platers, Guld aiul Silcer.) 


ARCHITECTS. AocoIl«t^c^ Heating 
and Ventilation carefuUj and cor- 
rectly ura2i2»d. mau&palia, Uiuik 


XGTON'S, 239 Nicollot. 
, Minneapolis, 



Graiu CoinniHi^^ioii. 

Adams J Q St Paul 

Mcllratb& Gilbert " 

Grain Biiielers. 

Minneapolis Grain 
Binder Co Minnciipolis 

Gi'.iin Dealers. 

(56* aho Commimoii, Merchants, 
alio Flouring Mills.) 

Barnes G S & Co Ada 

Krebsbach 31 & Co Adams 

Furber JP Afton 

DahlX Airlie 

Brown it Skinner Albert Lea 

Cargill ifc Van 


Rowell Henrv " 

Todd R Mi- Co 

Bonner it Hyde Alden 

Carsill it Va"n " 

Pfeffer Charles " 

Van HoesenF B.Alexandria, D T 
Pillsbury it Hul- 


Lawshe I N Amiret 

Childs E D Angus 

Armstrong F H Armstrong 

Austin Elevator Co. ..... ..Austin 

Whitton Cliarles " 

Backus Bros it Strong Balaton 

Colbv L II T .Barnesville 

Fridiey & Merritt Becker 

Minneapolis Jliils Associa- 
tion Benson 

Ladd J W Bird Island 

McDermott A Blakelv 

Barden R Blue Earth City 

Mclllrath & Gil- 

Minneapolis Mill 


Adams J Q Brandon 

Pillsbury i- Ilulbert 

Hausou it Siiiitb. . . . Breckenridge 

Phelps Ransom 

Atca it Munry Brownsdale 

Bonner & Hyde 

Brown H A 

Cargill it Van 

Glover RT 

Thatcher I C 

McMicliael lirus Brownsville 

Andrews C Burbaiik. D T 

Cusick N AV Burbank, li T 

McMichael A it T Caledonia 

Minneapolis Millers' Asso- 
ciation Carver 

Barnes it Tennv. ..Casselton. D T 
Hubbard it Parlin. 

Wade E F Cedawille 

Sees:er Wm & Son Chaska 

Allen L L Chester 

Shaw .7 " 

Edmonds J Claremont 

Vaudnseu G Wit Co.. 

Karaeher J Clear Gr it 

Furber J P Cottage Grove 

DadvJ Courtland 

Allen A it Co Crookston 

Barnes G S it Co 

Stone N P it Co 

Brown C I) Darwin 

Curran .1 

Breed H P Da>sel 

LandisW H Delano 

GilTord C S Dell Rapids, D T 

Putnam WC... 
Richardson JR. 

UlineG A 

Phinnev J U Detroit Citv 

Kings". De.xter 

Loomis G " 

Stewart Alexander " 

Fairbank DC Dodge Centre 

Robbins A A 

Van Dusen G W & 


Washburn C F Donnellv 

Douglas H Douglas 

Dvaf, Insiham it Co.DoverCenIre 
Htndricks.J B&Co. 

Burns E S Dresbach 

Graves C Hit Co Dul.itk 

Griggs it Foster 

Lake Superior Elevator Co 

Sawyer it Davis 

SiniSli C; yi (Seeadc).. " 
Union Improvement & 

Elevator Co " 

FoyleG II Du.idre 

Bonner it Hvde Eastoii 

CargiUit Vau " 

Edwards HP ;'_ 

Quimbv H 

Car^nllitVan Edgerton 

Bullen .Tit Son Kl'.''^ 

Bryant Bros it Johnson iCli-'in 

Richardson H G it Co • . 

Beggsit (•aton....Elk Poinl. I> ' 
Freeman it Lansing 

PerkinSj Lyons & Co. Ig 

Eobort St., St. Paul, Minn., aro 
ents for Tolu, Eock and Bye. 


J faction guaranteed. Minneapolis. 




Van Dusen G W & Co Eyota 

Cargill ct Van Fairmout 

Kelsey J H & Bro Fair Point 

Barnes & Tcnnej- Fargo, D T 

Parmeter J W Faribault 

Pratt & Robinson 

Pillsbury & Ilulburt.. Fergus Falls 

Wallace GF 

Bonner & Hyde . .Flandreau, D T 

Cargill & Van 

Marsh H C 

Kimball & Bcedv Forest Citv 

Putnam DR...".. .Freeman. D T 

Bodge G H & Co Frontenac 

Carlson A Gary, D T 

Van Dusen GAV& Co. 
AVclls, Kierhind &, Fetsu 

Buchanan CT Glencoe 

Lang C II Li- Co 

RecdAH&Co " 

Carter F F Glenville 


Ramsdell TT R Goodwin, D T 

Rohweder Wm. ... 
VanDurenG W& 


Beighley J & Co Gordonsville 

Corgill S S 

McCormick it 

Griggs Grand Forks, D T 

Barnard & Martin.. Grand Meadow 
Bonner &, Hyde. . . 

Cargill & Van 

Lamb Charles 

Wood G W 

Vaughan J M Grand View 

Pillsburv & C;o Granite Falls 

Weaver "d; Tasker... 

Hansen X E Grove City 

Hubbard L F & 

Co Haramondsford 

Bush H Hancock 

Eigel.^on Harmony 

Hart Wni 

Cargill & White Hartlaud 

Whilton C 

Gardner & Mcloy Hastings 

LangCHL&Co " 

Sanborn L C '' 

Smith & Thompson 

Van Wegen & Co 

Glasgow A Hawley 

Mock J G Helena 

Poihler H&Co Henderson 

Chapman S: Drake. . .Heron Lake 

Ilouner.t ITvde Hokali 

Weber WF'. " 

Baumgardner R Houston 

Bonner it Hyde Jackson 

Shepard & Samborn Jauesville 

La Mont S .Jarrett 

Porter Bros Kasson 

Van Dusen G W & Co " 

Wheeler & Houston 

Judge .John Keeaan 

Fletcher L L & .1 Kellogg 

Miller & Ellsworth " " 

Dovie D Kilkenny 

Anisln-y & Fletcher Lake City 

Barlletl A: Wil.-^on 

Center Hiram 


Post G D 


Ferguson P La Crescent 

Higgins J C Lakeland 

Berg 1 Lake Park 

Perkins & Balch Lake villa 

Nelson X P Lamberton 


Bonner &■ Hyde Lanesboro 

Cargill A- Van 

Dell it 3Iiller Langdou 

Hayes W Le Roy 

Henderson W L & Co ... . " 

Larrabee J M 

Cochrane it Cosgrove . . . Le Sueur 

Taylor .J & Co 

Atkinson .IB Litchfield 

Esbjornessen John 

Minneapolis Millers' As- 

Xelson A & Bro " 

Cullen B S Luverne 

Hinds >t Herren 

Jacobsou Wm " 

Stone & Wold 

McLaughlin T Lyle 

Sherman L W - 

Estcs Bros Madelia 

Bradle V Edwin Mankato 

Cargill i Van " 

Pirath P E 

Bonner it Hyde. .Mapleton Station 
Cargill tt Van. . . 

Dyer EM 

Spaulding CG.. 

Van i:)usen G W & Co. . .Marshall 

Tavlor C N Meckliug 

<)l<onG B Menno, DT 

Putnam I) R 


Barmaid .1 Z Meriden 

Clark it Linton Minneapolis 

Pitch and Grsve! Roofers/St.!lt."!,-; 

Largest Siock Crockery J 

n the State. E. A, BAH- 
MON & CO., Minneapolis. 





CKraiu Dealers. 


Dole A M ilinneapolis 

Taylor A B 

AVeeks i Loring 

Brooks Bros Jlinneiska 


Jacobscn & Pcdersen . . . Jliimeota 

Barnes ST Minnesota Lake 

Foster OC 

Krcruer Peter ... . 

Case & AVhitmore . . . .Montevideo 

Pi-att & Robinson 

Bnins it Finkle Moorhead 

Erickson John " 

Cocrel tt De Kay ilorris 

Mumo G H " 

Sutherland D R & Co '• 

Barnes ^ Tinney Alotley 

Chandler. Foster i Wait. . " 

HoskinsC " 

Ewers David Mountain Lake 

Belsem A New Lisbon 

Elliniiboc AT 

EllingbocT T 

Jolmson E 

Bakes J New Market 

Fowler G H Newport 

Van Dusen G W & Co. .New Ulm 

Pratt & Robinson Northfleld 

Horshen J Oak Station 

Webster H D Olmsted 

Van Inwegentt Norrish.Ortonville 

Backus Bros O watotma 

Pratt it Robinson 

Reed D AV Parker, D T 

AVebb D Paxton 

Kemper Bros&Drahmann.Perham 

Coates G AV Pine Bend 

Goodnow & Georsce . . .Pipe Stone 

McMichael A it T. Preston 

Bennewitz J C Red AVing 

Davis G AV 

Hubbard & Bro-nii 


Post Henrv " 

Sandbnrg F F it Co. . . . 

Sheldon T B d; Co 

Stevens SB 

Brainard AV P Redwood Falls 

Whitcomb O P. . . . 

Kobe M Rice's 

WooditEarle " 

Buck AVm Rochester 

Goodins A 


A'an Dusen G AY it Co. . 

AVhitinc Anderson Rochostor 


AVhitteu it .ludd 

Cronan John Rose Creek 


Sutton George " ' 

Hammond J Round Mound 

Haidy F A Royalton 

Newman G 

Rush Citv Elevator Co.. Rush Citv 

Bonner it Hyde Rushford 

Lange it Co Sacred Heart 

Pratu Robinson & Co 

Schuell Louis St Charles 



Bishop L H St .James 

Barden Rowland St Paul 

Hevderstaedt F V " 

McTlrathit Gilbert " 

Van Dusen G W it Co '■ 

ScUimmel AVm " 

Harmon, Holmes & 

Co Sauk Centre 

Hoople Nelson 

Boyce, Fairbank it 

Co Sioux Falls, DT 

Howard C K 

Jones O H 

Roderick BF... 

Alorgan R M Smith Lake 

Anderson A G Springfield 

AlcCormick M Spring Grove 

AIcAIichael A & T.. 

Bonner it Hyde. . . .Spring A'alley 

Brass A R it Son . . 

Caririll it A'an 

Evans C H 

Griswold it Lee 

Harsreaves S 


Sehmoker A J 

Bracket Bros Stewart 

Jackson it Boedighcimer . . 

Reed & Hull Suel 

Allen J ...Swan Lake. DT 

Brainerd AV P Taopi 

CorbittGW " 

ThielmannC Thielmanton 

Siinonitsch J Torah 

Bockas Bros & Story Tvler 

Ellsworth B Lii<-^ 

McCutcheon W M & Co ' 

Porter L C " 

SeafieldC " 

Buswell it Horn Valley Cr^-.-k 

Bassett it Hunting A ano 


OVER SI 5,000,000. The "New Enr!and 


St. Faol, Geceral Agent for Minneaota. 

F. F. 


Book-Binder aud Blank-Book 

Manufacturer, Bracken's Block, 
Minneapolis, Minn. 





Austin it Palmer. Vermillion, D T 
Jones v.% Lathrop. 

Robinson J II Vernou Centre 

Armstrong O G Viola 

Lawrence & Krick Wabasha 

Peake C H Wadena 

EmmerlingG Walhalla, DT 

Bedal E Walnut Station 

McCutcheon it Co Waseca 

Van Dusen G W & Co " 

Brooke Bros Weaver 

O'XeillHJ " 

Bonner ifc Iljde Wells 

Cargilli-Van " 

Eaton Andrew " 

Taylor Bros " 

Broker W J West Union 

Kellogg G 

JonesT) F Whalan 

Barns & Lenny. . Wheatland. D T 

Getty D White Bear Lake 

Bunker ifc .Jacobson Willmar 

DavidsonWF •- 

Korte Rasmus 

Locke E 

Hutton .John Windom 

Patten D it Co 

Seager Paul 

Bonner >t Hyde. .Winnebago City 
Coman it Williams 

Crays James " 

Koch & Wasgatt.. 

Garlock & Stout Winona 

Gernes it Son 

Krumdick G H 

-McCutcheon AV G & Co. . 

Morrell & Son 

Randall J J •' 

Son Jag Olto (.'vf <«/(■). . 
Madden & Gerber. Worthing. D T 

Hice Ezra AVorthington 

1 hompson Peter 

Bartlett ED Wykoff 

Crain Bros 

Egleston M 

Stout it Bro 

Gardner Bros Yankton, T> T 

Wilcox & Williams 

Hubbard L F it Co Zumbrota 

VanDusenG Wit Co.. 

fcJraiii K!cvji«or :^Ba- 

n<»!t<>ii c V iv to, 

'•""■••"/£) Cbirago, 111 

ftratJi lEIevaCors. 

Cargill it Van Albert Lea 

Brown it Skinner 

Cargill i- Van Alden 

Salter E A D Atwatcr 

Davidson W F Benson 

Thornton FJI " 

Pillsburv it Ilulburt Bia: Lake 

Reed A H it Co Bird^Islaud 

McDermott A Blakelev 

Anderzon J S Blue Earth City 

Crahen it Lance Brownton 

Strickland it Beaker .... 

Knapp Charles Campbell 

White RM •• 

Sweuson J Canby 

Minneapolis Millers' Associ- 
ation Carver 

Jlceker M Castle Rock 

Seeger Wni & Son Chaska 

Brown L V. man.ager Darwin 

Gilbert AM De Graff 

Fairbank DC Dodge Center 

Bobbins A E 

Washburn C F, agent. . .Donnelly 
Lake Superior Elevator Co . Duluth 
Union Improvement and 

Elevator Co " 

Cummin^s H Eagle Lake 

Begg it Caton Elk Point, D T 

Freeman & Lansing " 

Rieger A Empire City 

Pilisbury & Hulburt. . .Evansville 

Van Dusen G W it Co Eyota 

Barnes & Tenney Fargo. D T 

Pratt it Robinson Faribault 

Barnes J S it Co.Ftsher's Landing 

Pilisbury & Co Granite Falls 

Hooper Isaac C it Co.. Grove City 


Poehler H & Co Henderson 

Hodffson it Frewke Herman 

Smith C Alt Co " 

Bonner it Hyde Hokah 

Shepard it Samborn. . . .Janesville 
Eklund A M. ..Kandiyolii Station 
Flanders J B... 
Van Dusen G W it Co. . . .Kasson 

Wheeler & Houston 

Amsbrv it Fletcher Lake City 

Perkins it Balch Lakoville 

Wliitten it Judd Lamberton 

Nash A G Lanesboro 

Peart T C. agent Madelia 

St Paul & Siou.x City R R 
Co .'. JIankato 

hi H, Crittenden & Co 

8teet-Iroa Archltectaxal Workers 
and Roofers. Oor. Sixth and Bibloy 
I BtreetB, St. PanJ, Mian. 

Ill y y [^ jM dj b Oe ?""" ^^'^ *t"'^' ^-^^ «" 

improvenieats, MTSNIAPOLIS, Ki: 




Grain i:!ev;itos's. 

Van Dusen G "W A- Co. ..Maukato 
. , Van Du.-^en G W & Co. ..Marshall 
Chicago, Milwaukee 

ifc St Paul Hv Co. . .Minneapolis 

Davidson AV F 

ilinneapolis Elevator 


Case A Whitniore Montevideo 

Standard Elevator Co.. Murdock 
- Van Cleve .t Faruham. . . 
~ Dunwoody it Cor- 

.^sen Xew Richland 

Eagle Mill Co New Ulm 

Pratt & Robinson Xorthfield 

Pratt & Robinson Odessa 

, La Granare Mill Co Olivia 

• Lincoln l5ros " 

Van Lnwegen it Xor- 

ri^h Ortonville 

Johnson J B Osakis 

Backus Bros Owatonna 

Pratt tt Bobiusou 

Davis H A Pine Island 

Holmes E Plato 

Brainard W P Redwood Falls 

Whitcotnb P 

Buck Wni Rochester 

Gooding A 

Van Dusen G AV & Co 

Whiting T A 

■VVhitteui Judd 

Rush City Elevator Co.. Rush Citv 

Bonner it ]Ivde Uushford 

Schnell Louis St Charles 

SeefieldC W 

BishopLH St .James 

St Paul Warehouse it Eleva- 

„ 'or Co St Paul 

St Paul it S C Ry St Peter 

Rod A\ ingCo St Vincent 

C, St P, M it O 

Hy -....Sioux Falls. D T 

Sprout H O. agent Stillwater 

McCutcheou it Co Waseca 

Van Dusen G AV it Co. . 

Rogers LZ Waterville 

If^SC V Watsou 

Kyte L V Waverlv Mills 

Patten D & Co Windom 

Coe L Winneba-o Citv 

Soiila;: OJio {Ke ,„!,■). . Winona 

Sutton eZ AVortliiii'toM 

lIubl,:mlLFit( o Zumirn.f. 


I6t'i>i>ci- J II (.s,' 
«<'0 Minneapolis 

iivist Mil! .MbiCis. 

Iloltoii C C A: Co, 

(^'^ adc) Chicago, III 


T]itir.>.l<tn ^1 IS 

A; fo (.Sr '/rf').. Bismarck, D T 

Hartley it Knox Bros Braiuerd 

Chicago Torpedo 

„<-'« Chicago, 111 

Hetzel, Johnston it 

Co Deadwood, D T 

Miller A i dc Co, 

(^<: "rff) Duluth 

Raymond V M Fargo D T 

Harris G AV Fort Pierre,' D T 

Dunham it Johnson. .Minneapolis 

Harrison AV AV 

Harrison it Alarr " 

Kelly Aiitlioii} 

«5t 4'o 

McMullen it Palmer.. 

xcwcii a n &. 

Co (fk-e arif) 

Evans it Loveland. Rapid Citv, D T 

Morrill C H IWholer 

Beaupre, Allen it Keo''h. .St I'aul 

Holl it Paar 

KellvPHitCo .■ ■■ 

McFarland (> 

^Visile ^, C {.Pernio... Winoiui 
Bramble, Miner it 

Co Yankton, I) T 

{Sieal.y, Goural t^tuns.) 

Thompson it llahn Vda 

Johnson it Hovland. . .Albert J>ea 
N'elson Oliver. . . 

Parks RX 

Ransom RG 

Raymond Bros it Pren- 
tice (wh and retail i. . 

Emer.-^on it Hazle. . .' Aldeu 

Abcrle Frederick 

it Bro Alexandria. Tl T 

AN'aiker'it Ward. 

Daly M S .Utanin.e, 1) T 



and TAILOES, No. 40 
East Tliird Street, St Pavl, Miun, 



liUblXJCSS 1) 



Bailey Oiville 


Vinegar & Slachl 

■ Campbell 

Chase WF 

Chester N A 


Norell Olof 

Trott H B 

Richards Harvey 

Scotield Bros.. Cannon 

River Falls 

Robbins Dauiel 


Christopher Charles.. Canton. U T 

Christgan J 

Falde John 

Basford LG 


Hicks J W 

Chandler John 

Keller James 

Hill A H 

Holm & Jolmsen 

McBrideF P 


O'Flynn P 

Cedar Lake 

Revord J B 

Brasch J Centennia 

Kieliards G T 

1 Park D T 

Taylor .t Ball 

Walsh John 

Frank & Gotts- 


Keene Edward 


Gilbert Nathan. 


Detamore S 


Hewes Julius.. 

Fox-C W 


Hiffbv & Co. . . . 


DeBoos John 


:Matthiessen P.. 


Holmes C L. .Big Stone Citv, D T 

Ogden David... 

CroTviev George 

Bird Island 

Phillips Bros... 


Boyle John Bi 

-marck, D T 

Sparks A: Allen. 

Glitschka "SVm. . . . 

Hills G A 


Kupitz it Griffin.. 

Underleak F & Bro. . . 


Logan J A 

Wilson J N 

JlcClcar Michael.. 


. Claremont 

Raymond J ^Y & 

Dillon P 

. . .Cordova 


AshH Crook City, DT 


Vaubuskirk J & 




Dickev WT 



Markham SF 



Adams Bros Dear 

wood, D T 

Yegan John 

Browning <fc Wring- 

Downs D 



O'Neil M 


Anderson A Blue Earth City 

Carpenter it Gallup 

Pratt J C 


Brock way S 

. . .Brainerd 

Fargo S C dr Son . . 

Davenport f^ederick 




Knox J C 


Hardiui^J A 

Linnemann & Koop. 

Hattenbach N & 




Kelly RD 

Lewis CH 

Bacon FL 


Marsh & Bacon 


Sleeper A LA- Sons. 

Peeney Michael 


Meeker J A 

Powers Mrs C 

Miller JPK 

Thoman Wm 

Boltz Thomas 





Spencer FH 


AVeisand Wm 

Swan W D 

Vuughan it Hakcr. 

Comfort \\'m Caledonia, D T 

Solid Bronze Hardiwe. IS™ 

vat« Residences and Pnb- 

nf:B. KINGSEnRY & 

DEAPEK, 35 E. 3d St., St, Panl. 

flhrti'IPQ InhnQnn ^^°'^^^^ ^nd Glassware, 513 WaJi- 

UlianiOO .*UJii!^iJ|!jjngton Ave. South, MUTNEAPOLIB. 

10+2 GKO 



CJroeers. (Continued.) 
WhittakcrThomas.Deadwood DT 

"Williams L O 

Ealpin MA De Graff 

McKayTP •■ 

Barker C P De Snut, D T 

■ GoreFj: 

Barthom E M & 

Son " 

Wilmarth G 

Simmons O J Dexter 

Sawyer J Diamond, DT 

Babcock AH Dodge Centre 

Beaman Henry 

Nash V,'m Donnelly 

Eutledge T S Dover Centre 

Kelly iliss Lucy Dulutli 

Kreimer C D •' 

McLennan & Morrison " 

Main Edward " 

aiiller A J <<k Co {&e 

o<?b) " 

Noble HG '■ 

Kakowsky J G 

Stenson O P 

StensonOF " 

Stewart MS " 


AultEG Dundas 

HuckinsJ^V ■• 

Quint MB Eden, D T 

Bigelow N Elk Pouit, D T 



DeWitt EC 

Fleming Heurv. .. 
Gore A & A E. . . . 

Rowe A A 

Wilson Z M Eyota 

Cox Frank Fairmont 

Huggins T 51 Fairview, D T 

Hibbard W B Far^o, D T 

Paine SS 

Perry E A 


Ready James 

Sorenson & Bye 

Daigle Clement Faribault 

Dennisou L W " 

Grant A J 

Haskell MB 

Holman MP 

Hughes J M 

Judge Michael 

Kaul Evcrhard 

Kiekenapp C F " 

Llovd D I) 

McCarthy T J Faribault 

Meyer .t Piepho 

Xewcomb L D 

Xutting Frank 

Ollcrmanu Matthew 

Petersen J A 

Puffer ED 

Smith it Winter 

Theopold T A 

Wendt C F 

Wheeler J B 

Fletcher Bros. Farming ton 

Van Valkenburg Hi- 

Austiu A- Hilton Fertjus Falls 

Eldeu ct P.oenltold. . . " •' 

Pickit Ju>tU3 

Ward it Marsh Fillmore 

Dickson & Few.. .Flandreau, D T 


Horin H H Forest Milk 

Fonger i Jebb Gary, D T 

Isham C H 

Brooks D Geneva 

Louden J K Gleucoe 

Crandall F M. .Grand Forks, D T 
Langdon HA.. 
White Thomas. 

Corell G J A Grand ileadow 

Gregg G F Granite Falls 

Wetheren B 

Lockwood ifc Pettis 

Grant Centre, D .T 

Stark HO Grove Citv 

Newcomb T B Halloek 

Dudlev John Haslhitrs 

GrittinP •• 

Mares Jacob " 

Mather Charles " 

Reed ifc Oliver " 

Schauble it Graus " 

Schinith Peter 

Twichell J H d: Co " 

YanzFrank " 

Yanz Jacob " 

Hoyt Wm Havward 

Pushan it Dustiu. ..Havward, DT 

Wood L C Heron Lake 

Callihan J H Hokali 

Mellon Bernard " 

Millers Git Co " 

Rasmusson C Hou-ton 

Fenu CB Hutchlii'-ou 

Lewis J E 

Wilson W W 

Whitman .\ C it Co lack-.ii 

Merrill it Cuuunins Jam -v ili'- 

m. A. B!rford,S'l!^rp"r'Sf 

CB Tni5n;C'Ti^M Sole Ag't CAIITON plows, Ti^iT Kakes, Ean- 
I Erf-I I IKUIIV4 5 (iiiSyj bain Wagons, -buggies, etc., 18 V7. 3d St., St.Paul 

liUsixEss DiEECTony. 

Moore, Cummins & Cur- 

tiss Janesville 

Bryson Bros Jordan 

Sandalil A A, jr " 

Thorson J H. . .Kandiyohi Station 
Thompson CH Ka.sson 

Bateraan M 

Graut J 

Lang M 

Allen i Pardv (wli 

retail) " 

Christenscn Bros. . . 
Clements & Piper 

Mandau, D T 


Anderson J 

Anderson LP 


.. .Kerkhoven 
.Lake Benton 

Davis BF& Son " 

Freshholtz John 

Glavin John 

Allen WH 

Skartum & Mark. . 
Carrier D E 

Jones EI 

Karmanv U S 

Lobdellli E 

Martin W J 

Obers K P & Sons 

;::: '< 

Corwin DC 


Kennedy & Hassins 

er.. " 

JIcBride J A 

O'Leary Edward " 


Pierce F J 

Prael & Du Buisson 
Presley J X \. 

(&,' adc, page 34.>) 


Smith DM 

Crane Bros 

Thomas Bros 


.Lake Crystal 
.'.... Lake villa 


Anderson OF 

Johnson Edward.. 


Nash A G . 


SontagM J 

Thomas R J 

West Truman... Ma 

Young M 

Healv E L 

jleton Station 

Petrick August. . . 

Beaupre & Bro 1 

Edwards & Camp- 

Jea'd City, D T 
Le Sueur 


Waldron Robert " 

Wetlierbee F S " 


Bryant & Curtis 

.Medary. D T 




Fawcett W H 

Grishurst PA 

Oilman S 

Heib J & Co 

'Wpnnr. DT 

Hayes Mrs Eliza.. 


James T 



Yost E & Son 

Woolley M T MilUown, D T 

Aldeu Lyman Minneapolis 

Arnold I W - 

Diener & Derby . . . 
St John A & Co . . 
Woods J P 

Averill. Morrison iCo 
Bain Bros 

George Casper 

Dougherty Thomas 


Koerner .Jacob. . . . 



Sevens James 

Blood II D 

BotTerding John 

BolTordin" P B " 

McLane Daniel. . . 

Morris J 11 

Briggs C W 

Barton SS 

..Long Prairie 

Landwecr J 

Schuyler PR 

Cobbi Co 

Crow 11 A 

Dcmeulcs Zephirin. 
Dudlcv & Xelson. . 
Dur"-in E T 

Langiocn &, Messer 
HmsI.P II 

.Madi.son, D T 




rty-five yeara' ei- 

GP E' '^ P P 5 ' f PTH ^! I^^clusive Merchant Tailor, 239 
I Fi rMtlBUllNiiU I UlM J Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis. 





Grocers. (Contiuued.) 
Noble ifc Armstroug. .Miuneapoli: 



Foster Thomas 


Freer J M 

Frldlev D H 



Gal pin G R 

Gehritz Wm 

Giertsen N H 

Gross ilathias 

Hanson Bros " 

Hanson PM 

Harmon E A <& 

Co, (&e top lines). " 

Haugan AC 

Hauser Jacob " 

Hawes ife Smith 

Hayes G E 

Hayes Johu 

Healv Denis " 

Hedderly Daniel 

Hefty J 

Heinrichs Peter " 

Heneea John " 

Higgins J C :.. 

Holfmaun Ilenrj' 

Hudson Bros " 

Jacobson Christian. . . " 

Jar vie Mathew 

Jasperson Hans " 

Johnson L G " 

Jones H L 

Kelly W F 

Kingslev & Co " 

Kliniienberg R 

Lane AS " 

Lasher C W 


Lewis Homer 

LivincstOQ Andrew.. 

Lowell FP 



Madson & Johnson. . . 

Marr Benjamin 

Marshall Allen 

Merrill OC 

Miller Albert 

Minor & Carter 

Moore Bros " 

Morrison Mathew. ... " 

Muller Christopher. . . 
Neill Weslfv 

Erb Alexander Minufapolis 

Ol.sen John 

Oos Peter 

Parkhurst O it Son.. 

Perry Ale.vander 

Peterson H C (whole- 
sale and retail) " 

Peterson Otto 

Pierce J >I " 

Raths Nicholas 

Reeves IP 

Schafers Albert " 

Schienlc Charles 

Schwappach M " 


Siegmann August 

Skinner Albert " 

Smith Sidney 

Speck Reimer " 

Sprinssate J L " 

Stevens Frank 


Tharalson Andrew. . . " 

Thiekn 3 & Co 


Vorwerk Louis " 

Waterman A E " 

Waterman WW 

Weber Margaret " 

Wehes Helen " 

Weingart Mrs P 

Weld Bros 

Winter G S 

Woodward PG 

Fox A Jlinnci.'ika 

Howe W S Minnesota City 

Warra J K .t Co. Minnesota Lake 

Cortelvou T H Montevideo 



Zeten F A 

Mapes AV n 

Davy W H Moorhea.l 

O'Hern John 

Ward Joseph 

Brisbine A S & Co Morris 

Waterston T W " 

Potter S L Morri.slown 

Gardner C P New Aulmru 

Rannev X 

Brunefl C New Riclihiml 

Stearns H K 

Beinghorn Frederick New L Ini 


Pfefferle Richard " ,, 

Ble-sner J P Norihluld 

Ebel Wm 

Perkins, Lyons & Co. 

31 Eobcrt St., St. Paul, Mian., 

aro Sole AiTents for the Kew CrlnaJ 
Eigb Life Ciffors. 

f" } 2im^'n- 






Ilitolicock D M Noithtield 

Hunt J A 

Morris A P 


Sleile Svien 

Tosney John 

Bartsch John Owntonna 

Clark EW 

Da\-idson Wm 

Dowuie Kros 

Farmer it Kiles 

Frcdentmrs ct Farmer.. 

MitclielUt) , 

Mudekins Frederick .. . 

O' Male V Patrick 

Webb & Nelson 

Crock E W Parker. D T 

McMahon Parker's Prairie 

Ferguson P Pemliina D T 

Coiijjer A; Peniiing- 
•oii Pine City 

Millett Samuel 

Dickey O A Pine Island 

Bolin C II & Co Plainview 


Dodge & Smith 

Koenlg Wm 

Landon it Burchard. . . . " 
Lawton Bros 

Robinson W F 

Atwater W Point DouHas 

Clothur O 

Martz Joseph Pra£rue 

Summer M ■" 

Bigelow & Fraser ...Preston 

Dougherty D & Son 

Hall Thomas " 

Schulenburg H C 

Clement & Johnson.. Quincy, D T 
Holcomb W L. . .Rapid City, D T 

Zaiser J Red Lake Falls 

Carlson Bros Red Wing 

ChelsenFvfcC •' 

Knz JF 

I^iedrich& Hack 


Hickman ilichael 

Howe Allen 


KeiidalKt Kvllo 


I'illyblad G & Co 

Linne F J . . . 

I'iitle FF '.'.'.'.'.'." 

I-uce W L 

M'lntvre F J 

I'ark il A.... 

Richter AC Red Wing 

Richter Wm 

Roathit Clark 

Sexton Jared " 

Sherman Watts " 

Smith CJF 

Stearns & Graves 

Tolve C J 

Turnblad & Jolinson ... 

Webster F S 

Bunce Jacob D Redwood Falls 

Crocker Charles. . . 

Cvouley Wm 

Johnson Benjamin. " 

Lechner & Ack- 

mann " 

?IcKay & Race. ... " 

Donehower J E Richmond 

Atherton C Rochester 

Crawford & Caniff 

Crocker EW 

Dee John " 

Douglass A J 


Morrill CH 

^^lorrison D A 

Mueller Rudolph 

Root G W 

Schl Wm 

Stedman H W 

Youuglove & Fulkerson " 

Dow J & Son Rockerville, D T 

Golden Isaac (whol 

and retail) " 

Shoemaker J & 


Smith Bros 

HesslerS Rockford 

Keeler F E Roehford, D T 

Kelly RD ■• 

Presslev & Patrick 


Oldberd ifc Surngeuson.Rose Creek 

Hanson AM Rushford 

NilsonJohn " 

OlsenBE&Co " 

Streeler L L it Co 

Reishus OS Sacred Heart 

Aupperle Joseph St Charles 

Hall WM 

Howe it Beach " 



Xeuuian Bernliard " 

Olds T T 

Smith Git Co 

Beiiseu J X St Cloud 

Selden & Grygle 

Eoofers and Sheet-Iron Architectural 
5 Workers, 114 N. 3d St., Minneapolis. 

Headquarters for Croi 

'nvil "* MINNESOTA. 

kOiV ^^ ^ .".^^0^' 'S' CO.. 






Gvncvvs. (Continued.) 
Bo.v.l K .\... St Cloud 

Miickien'j^uiiiuVK .'."..'.';; 

RticlK-rt S A- Sou 

Kok-rKi.u K 

Kupp FrtMl.Tick 

B'i""i <-• H. St James 

lluarnian li L St Jo>ei)h 

Anderson Bros st Paul 

Anderson G W 

Aj-d Edward 

Bahnenianu George 

Balme Morgan " 

Bast Johu.t " 

Banning Bernard .".'. 

Birmingham T P & Bro 

Biasing HA - 

Breg Joseph " 

Brings Joseph 

Brown J H 

Buneman & Schoch ' 

Burch J .M 

Burke Kllcn "■ •• 

Burton H 

Callahan David 

Cariveau, Priedeman & 

Co <. 

Chambcrlin WE 

Clarkin John [ 

Damroger Henry ...'.' 

Eggers Henry 

Eibcrt & Scliram 

Engelbrecht & .Moeller. . 

Fitzgerald & Currcu 

Polev Mrs Cutheriue. 

Gay W H 

Giesekiu:; Wm •' 

Gray G \V .'.".".'.'.'; •■ 

Griggs ifc Co (who! uud re- 

HessCB .. 

HcssGE ■.'.■.■.■ •< 

Hoffman Jacob 

Hoflman Phillip 

Hoegan P J •' 

Iten -Michael '.[ 

Jahnke Charles " 

Johns Peter 

Keighcr P A- Co.... 

KrockPA '. 

Kugler & Koruuinn 

Lam brecht Frederick 

Langevin Edward 

McCarthy J C \_\\' 

Mannin- Tlii.uius 
Micha.r I;ros (wi,;,i"an/l 

Monfnrt C J d: Co St Pa 

! M...< A I! .. 

Keiiner J .M 

Uctzmanu Henrv. 

PittG P ■.. 

Hitt.t Kbcl 

ItuKhe Peter 



ScUuiidlini J M " 

Schoch it Wechsler 

Scbott Caspar " 

Schultz Bros & Hansen. .. 

Schwave A W 

SheeliyJW " 

Simmer Jacob 

Smith & Co 

Stormer ife Otto 

Slrahlien John 

Swanson Thomas 

Swedish Co-operative As- 
sociation " 

Timme H H '. . 

Vonderlac P A 

Wagcner John 

■\Vel>er Fredoliu " 

Weber John " 


WcngerJM " 

■\Viemann Tlieodore " 

Winter Andrew 

Weis Oswald " 

Woudra Mathias 

Wurm Conrad 

IJoyd Bcujamin St Peter 

Mc.-Vllister Chauncey 

RaiKlalUt Noble " 

Seymour J F 

Bruce S M Sauk Centre 

Dahiera Alfred 


Bu.sse C E Shakopee 

Grady Wm 

O Dowd Roderick Shakopee 

Stover D M 

Caiiipbell Wm Shingle Creek 

Buck [ K ct Son.Siou.v Falls, 1) T 

Cochran TT 

Gerin .Michal .... 
Jleuiun John.... 

Uavitt liros 

-Muirav J \V 

ThomiH.ju P v.. 

Chute A \V..,„ll,nui.Sprarii-li.l)T 

EvausC JI Snrin- Vi.lLy 

NEW ENGLAND -sft^^^^it^ns:^^^^ 

Dl'^nl^ Dnnlro Manufactured for Banks, Mill Men and Corpora,- 

PluiiEv'*DUUl\d tionsiatlowratcaandmbest of_style,by F. T. HEliTTIG, 

Brackett's Block, Minneapolis. 





Halbkat J C Spring Valley 


SliiptonJ H 

lloxif J W 

^Vnshl,uru W \V.... 

Dalim Joseph Stillwater 


Ilospes A C 

Kiltj- Bros 

Lowell Jotham 

McCoy J A 

Wheeler Bros '■ 

Ramm S Stockton 

Kotol'Oi- Co Taopi 

TubbsLM •■ 

Folsom S W Taylor's Falls 

Beach N ct Co .'..... Tracy 

"Warren ifc Co " 

Hammer T J , Utica 

Keert & Regon Vermillion 

Powell G 

Eves C C Vermillion, D T 

Miller i- Co 

Apple2:ate C Verndale 

Ford S Viola 

Drurv S E Wabasha 


Kuehn Conrad 

Murphey Michael 

SteutzelF & Co 

Tcnuy G W 

Maiser B Waconia 

Burns D W Walnut Station 

Webber XW 

Gatzman Joseph Waseca 

Johnson J W " 

KceleyMB " 

Krausse Christ " 

Madden J & Co 

Saudretzky J 

Sproat Win 

Stevens Charles " 

Dennis W M Watertown, D T 

Weaver A 

Zander F H Walerville 

Burton ifc Crandall Wells 

George Mrs Abbie " 

Perrine John " 

Smith FA " 

Starr HS ■' 

WhiteisHJ " 

Glarum S S Willmar 

Goldhahn Heinrich 

Manning M D " 

Mossberg.t Bro " 

Cayman A C Wiuuebago City 

Kimball C S & 

Mapson Mrs Ann, Winnebago City 
Richardson S. . .. 

Anderson I'etcr Winona 

Bambenek John 

Bartle John 

Beyerstadt Arthur " 

Barth Herman " 

Bovnton Sons " 

Brink V A " 

Curtis EF " 

Fockens >.*^' Dolan " 

GernesC M " 

Hennini; Christian " 

Hering \V tt Bro 


Jordan E A " 

Kelley & Dunne : 

Kingsbury, Holland & Co " 

Latsch John 

Milanowski Joseph " 

Miller Charles 

ilowery Jacob " 


•Perkins H G " 


Schmidt H G C 

Schneider Frank 

Staaki Kinfeldt 

Vatruba Frank " 

Williams WR 

Fitzgerald T T Woodstock 

Bigelow O & Co..- . . .Worthington 

Ludlow H J 


Torrcnce H E 

Blatt & Buerdorf. . .Yankton, D T 
Bronson Frank .... 




Lavender AW " 

Marshall T F 

Morris J L 


Vance W B 

Zemlicka Albert... 

Huddleson J Zumbro Falls 

Lee T N Zurabrota 

Person Ralsa " 

Rowell it Co 

Smith Hubert 


Cushman Samuel, 

agent Deadwood, D T 


Duidiam & Johnson. .Minneapolis 

Galvanized Iron Window Caps. SelJ 

Orltteadea & 



Modem Hour Mill, see W, F. 

Gunn & Co., Mumeapolia, Hint. 



Gu«iioivder. (Cont'd.) 

Proslcv B & Co (See 

adr) St Piiul 

Taylor J G 

Schultz Carl,. . ...Alexandria, D T 

AV right J B Anoka 

Knutson J T Audubon 

"Waldecker II C Austin 

BealOH Bismarck, D T 

Peterson Jonas. ... 

Eastman A Blue Earth City 

Hadlevvl- Davis.. 
TV'asserman Bernhard, 

Central City, D T 
Koenigsberger Bros, 

Deadwood, D T 
llcCausland Bros . 
Roche Theodore . . 
PomtToy € M & 

Co (.V* Mh) Fargo, D T 

Blosam AS Faribault 

Nichols G L Fergus Falls 

Denny Wm Glencoc 

Fischer Michael Hastings 

Ryberg A Jordan 

Johnson A A Kasson 

Rueckert F AV Lake City 

Hatch E J Litchfield 

Andrews T H Mankato 

Haskell Charles Marshall 

Bachner Bros Minneapolis 

Krueger Henry " 

Jlossberg G P New London 

Hess Florean New Ulm 

Sandyrust J J Norwood 

Zamboni Carl Owatonna 

Bailey F Perham 

Whitney Charles Red Wing 

Fo.\ IrviiiK^ W Rochester 

Bennett H P St Cloud 

Burkhard W R St Paul 

Kennedy M F i Bros ... . " 

Schilling CF " 

Colby C D St Peter 

Frazier Aaron 

Niebels Jacob Waseca 

Felsted & Artz Winona 

Wagner George. . . .Yankton, D T 
White HW 

Hair <»ood«*. 

Kellington Mrs M E. . . .Faribault 
Babcock Mrs S L Ka,^son 

Newell Jlrs C L Kassun 

Stevens 3trs HA Lake City 

Balcon OS Minneapolis 

CoUmru Mrs C J.... 

Harris Mrs L J 

Hodston Mr.s Mamie.. 

Page Mrs S A 

Shi'blevJ R 

Burk Sirs MA Rochester 


Franklin L P St Paul 

LvksMrsTH " 

Scanuell Miss M J Stillwater 

Cussin Josephine Winona 

Hanson Emily 

Larson Mrs Clara " 

MuesMissM C " 


Stevens 1^ Stolpli, 

(&■€ adr) Fargo, D T 

Janney, Brooks (& East- 
man Minneapuli'- 

Smith & Scribncr. .. . 

FtirweSl CJeoi-jje L,(Sv 

ddi') StPaiil 

Mayo & Clark •■ 

Nicols i& Dean (heavy). ... 
(See also Stoves and Tinicnrc.) 

Saudvig Bros Ada 

King & Sabel Adams 

LudlowH J Adrian 

Hodel Albany 

Boyce & Powell Albert Lea 

Gulbrandsou Bros 

Knatvold Bros 

Patrick it Van Vechten 

Davis C A i.^- Son Alden 

Wheelock L L 

Cowing it Rob- 
ards Alexandria, DT 


Seins it Jenkins. " 

Solum it Narves- 

Eean A Giiderean Anukn 

Putnam. Chesley& Lindsay 

Maltice W A Applet.,.. 

DuTarACitCo Alwain 


Andrews J F Vu-lii. 

Austin C W ■• 

Jonesira " 


I R n Q Importers of Pino Wooleris, No. 40 
*l'iUOi E Third Street, ST. PAUL, ilina. 


Aro A jentf for all kinds of Ma- 

cMrK-ry. Cor, 2d St. and Fifth 

Ave. South, Minneapolis. 



McMuUen Edward Avoca 

Kccne Edward Baruesville 

HciDS & JlcClure. . . .Beaver Falls 

Callahan D Belle Plaiue 

Farwell & JIvsick Benson 

Thornton F.V[ 

De Boos John Bigelow 

Furber & Re- 

qna Big Stone Citv, D T 

Conklin & Clark Bu-d Island 

Bailoy » I «fc 

fo (.•i-e adv) Bismarck, D T 

Peoples George. . . 

Mi>rton E Blooming Prairie 

Kau|iii it Kabe. . .Blue Earth Citv 
South ED &Bro. 

Bason T '. Braiuerd 

Brown & Basson 

Mason Bros " 


Todd O B Breckenridse 

Dahle T K Brownsdale 

Clu'^s .lohn Browuville 

Schmidt .S: Kalb. .... . ..Brownton 

Cornell Wm Bvrou 

Belden J .J Caledonia 


Spencer UP 

Sprague AD " 

Jahr E F Caledonia. D T 

Gates Bros Canbj' 

I.undOX " 

Hansen J J Cannon River Falls 


Rudolph O A Canton, DT 

Thompson T P 

Denny II R Carver 

Funk .John 

Tinner F S Casscltou. D T 

Wenke J G Central City, I) T 

Woods & Mc- 
donald " 

Mold C Centre Citv 

Henk Phillip ...Chaska 

Lombard A M Chatticld 

I.ovell K B •• 

Moore LL " 

Gibbons T & J Claremont 

Tuhct Bros 

C'rosman E P Clear Water 

Almquist AW L Cokato 

KerrelND " 

Menwerssen & Weitz Cologne 

Vroniau II M <fc 

,^on Crook City. D T 

•"'owing r.ros Crriok-ton 

Walsh "EM 

Xorton G Dassel 

Jensen i: Bliss. . .Deadwood, D T 

Lake R C 


Rowland John ... " 

Starr it Bullock.. 
Treanor Joseph. .. 

Caster & Pauley De Graff 

Bliun II n...." Delano 

Haffner John 

Coombs L Delavan Station 

Hodge Bros 

Martin & Scri- 

ver Dell Rapids, D T 

Crook W G De Smet, D T 

Fuller ifcDox 


Roberts R M Detroit City 

Rule Thomas 

Bennett D Dexter 

Charles EH Dodge Centre 

Thuet Bros 

Evans Bros Dover Centre 

Costello J J ■. Duluth 

Fiebiger Edward " 

HunterJC " 

Huckius J W Dundas 

Shaudorf Fred 

Slade W K d- Co Eden. D T 

Barlow J B Edgerton 

Hobart J it Co Egan, I) T 

JIathewson & Herrington. . . Elgin 
Hoffman Michael.. Elk Point, D T 

Rowe E it Sou " 

Crockett J. M Elk River 

John >t Clcmment, Elm River, D T 

Alldrin it Co Evansville 

Dixon Walter Eyota 

Houihtaling it Sinclair. Fairmont 

Henderson A E Fargo, U T 

Parrctt Ed war 1 '• , 

SJcvt'Hs «fc Siolpli 


Wilson Peter 

Cavanaugh it Co Faribault 


Lovhed T H " 

WillSP " 

Wall it Burglehner 

Atz i- Saurer Farmington 

Fluke it demons 

Hammer G E Fergus Falls 

Harris K O 

Wright it Cockroft. .. 
Kravenludd Bros. Fisher's Lamlinir 

I'.rown R L Flandn/au. I) T 

Dieksr)n it Few. . . 


Builders' Hardware and Mechan- 
ics' Tools, 35 E. Thiid St., St. Paul 

■!' ) 

Crockery I GlesswsrG 

Wholesale and Ectail. CH.'lELEo 
JOHNSON, 513 Was'uintrton Avtnsj 
J Sonth, lirairaAPOLIS. 





IfiartUvare. (Cont'd.) 

Martin C C Flandreau, D T 

Smith J T Fulda 

Kirkland E & Son Gary, D T 

Brandt zVusust Glencoe 

Egbert J L. 

EgbertJL&Co " 

Frankeuficld & Co 

"VVads worth H & Co 

Peck H W Gleuville 

Bigg 15ros .Glenwood 

Hensilwood it Folan Glvndon 

■Graf J J F. .Good Thunder's Ford 

Kennedy F E Goodwin, D T 

Rohwed'er Wm 

■Costello MS Graceville 

Brown & Metz- 

ler Grand Forks, DT 

•Callaghau Michael 
Crookstou B G ifc 


Steele Luke & Co 
Greening & War- 
ner Grand Meadow 

Swenson OS 

Wallace W Granite Falls 


Winter Andrew 

'Olsen AM Hadley 

Brevig & Erickson Hancock 

Wilcox & Noyes 

Cliri.stopherson C Hartland 

Johnson & Greiner Hastings 

McHughJP " 

Pringles H H (estate of). . " 

Williams CW " 

Dretchko Wm Henderson 

Fi-ankentield .J S 

-ClagueP H Herman 

Earlev A C 

Millcf S G & Co Hokah 

Weber ifc Suure 

Tennison LA Houston 

Smith Bros Howard 

Day ifc Lawsou Hutchinson 


Brown t" F & Son Jackson 

Fiddes Alexander 

-Grimm, Gusteus 

ifc Co Jamestown, D T 

Xeonard Bros. ... 

Dodge i: Co Janesville 


Moore, Cummins ifc Cur- 

Gran C ifc Sou Jordan 

Knott C E " 

Hatch Hiram Kassou 

Perrv Bros 

Parkhurst J C KcIIol'.' 

Blum H HifcBro Kenv..., 

Woodford & Gibb. . .Lake Beii'tmi 

Doughty J Cole Lake City 

Peirce Anson 

Richardson Bros " 

Davis W C Lake Crystal 

Thomas Bros 

Bonham A J Lakevilli; 

Larson John Lamberton 

Johnson C ifc Co .Lanesboro 

O'Brien Daniel 

Salmon BE Lead Citv, I) T 

Allen J D Le Uoy 

Ginthuer C H & Co Le Sueur 

Tomlinsnn W H 

Wetsel X Le Sueur Center 

Gensmerifc Neumann. . .Lewi-ton 

Brown MA Litchtield 


Schlensucr ifc Berg. . . .Little Falls 

Handy H Long Prairie 

Wheeler J S Xuverne 

WilsonWH " 

Knutson P Lylc 

Jones ifc Tenner Malnl 

Davis OH M.i.lilia 

DverE W Madison, DT 

Davis it Dean . Mankalo 

Lulsdorff G 

Meagher J F 

Tuttle Burton 

Weis ifc Gebhard - 

AVells Charles Mantorvill'' 

Boj-nton A Maple Grove. D T 

Gates Joel Mapleton Stati' 'u 

Sprasue J M. . . . " 

Reiffl^ifc Nasel Marion, D T 


Watson J P Marshall 

Williams J W " 

Morton Richard Medr..rd_ 

Schuaidt ic Co 3Ienno, D 1 

Birbv J L Millville 

Anderson ifc Stuft Minneanohi 

Chambers it Williams 

Dake GB 

Emery T W '] 

Henry Charles 

Hunt ifc- Lawrence. ... 

Janney Bros 

Learned Bros 

Lucas G A ifc J T.... 
rtSiHer A !I (.'vf,///'-) 
Mitt wer John 

Kali'sSafel Lock Co.;::4eirnSS 


SoleAp't iniEUKN WAGONS, Tiger Kakes, Ran- 
dall Pnlveriiing Harrows, Trinmph Seeders, C.\n- 
J toa Plows, Bnggiea, etc., 13 W, SJ St., St. Paul. 





Newmau W J & Co. .Miunoapolis 

Pond A A 

Koach Chester 

Smith C B A-J U.... 

iSinilli iV Day 

Smith it Scribner. ... " 

Warner L 

Wood H D 

Ingalls D II Minneiska 

Yearly L G Minnesota Falls 

Ellithorp A -M Montevideo 

FullertoDifc Soa 

Heins John 

Kreis ifc Adams Monticello 

Houser J Montrose 

Kniuse C 

Hunter K M Moorhead 

Good J B Morri.s 

PearceLEitES " 

Stone ifc Ilnirerman " 

Jackson C B Morristown 

Prender^ast J B Murdock 

Olson H H New Lisbon 

Johnson it ilurphy.Xew Richland 

WightmanJ H 

Arnold J B New Ulm 

Beu-ssmann H H 

Braflbury W H 

Laudenschlager Henry. 

Mullen Mich7iel 

Swenson P Nicollet 

Cornell Wm Nordland, D T 

Maxwell ct Baner. 

Revelge John, 

North Branch Station 

Allen & Trucsdell Xorthiield 

Hyde J B 

Manning it Boe 

Meibsen, Peterson & Co. Norwood 

Bradburv W II Oakwood, D T 

Heins WP Olivia 

Wirt G \V Oronoco 

Clarke it Hartnctt Ortonvillc 


Wood Bros 

Hossuot A Ottawa 

Hy nes W A it Co Owatouna 


K-nobloch Adolph 

l-«r.son N C 

f^earles D O 

Howard M T >t Co. . .Parker. I) T 

Strong &, Thomp- 

, ■'•on Pembina, 1) T 

i'Uler Stephfu Perliam 

\ ^Ulare A: Daly •• 

•''"■ksuu Peterson 


Millctt Samuel Pine City 

Buckholtz E Pine Island 

Burt & Cole Pipe Stone 


Cornwell it Son Plainvicw 

Douglas it Co 

Minder A Plato 

Ross it Russell Pleasant Grove 

Vanasek T F Prague 

Dougherty D it Son Preston 

Lin.\weilerit Ruswick. ... • " 

O'Brien Jeremiah 

Caley it Meeley Princeton 

Clement it Johnson. .Quiucv, D T 

Baker EL Red Wing 

Betcher C it Co 

Delano J W 

Nelson & Peterson 

Chandler it Rock- 
well Redwood Falls 

Laird & Dornberg. " 

Ozmim A it Sou (whol 

and retail) Rochester 

Stebbins & Co (whol and 


Van Dooser J F 

Piper D M Rockerville, D T 

Tooley P H Rockford. D T 

Weidenbaush M G Rockford 

Hobart J it Co Roscoe. D T 

Kloepping F it Co Rosemount 

Martemus it Co Rush City 

Ruppe Joseph 

Hanson A K Rushford 

Hourn it Graham 

Wolstad Bro Sacred Heart 

Johnson S A it Co St Charles 

Wheelock Mrs Ellen... 

Bonham T J St Cloud 

Griebler it Tolman 


Powell CF it W 

Rosenberger Bros " 

Herrick S F & Co St James 

Olson Mrs E 

Adams George St Paul 

Biebigluuiser & Otto " 

Bohrer J H " 

Braden J B it Bro " 

Breidert L " 

Decker Adam " 

Fischer it Schulze 

Foosit Prudeu " 

H<.asJ,,s,.pl, " 

Hamilton K K " 

Ilausun A L...^. 

Horst C L.... " 


ARCHITECTS. Acconstica, Heating: 

and Ventilation carefully and cor"^ 

J rectly anangei Minneapolis, Mi ■ . 

The Laiesi Designs 

Can be found at G, P. Faningvon'i 
Merchaiit Tailor, Minneapolis. 





Hardware. (ContM.) 

Kiii^«lMir.v A I>ra- 

ivcr, (■"<■> Ixjtlvm liiM's)..St Paul 

Kirsch C H " 

Knauft Fenlinaud 

Pcndergast Bros 

StrongrHackett & Co 

AVolterstorff & Moritz 

Evanson JI G St Peter 

Mason Jcsopli 

Nutter & Heritage 

PaetowFL " 

Woods CR •• 

Dauaher & Co Sauk Ceutre 

Gallup HP 

Pendersrast .S: Willie. 

Berg ^'Xeils Sauk Rapids 

W ynn i- Buckwater . Scotland, D T 

McJhillen Jolm Shakopee 

' Reis George 

EricsoQ tV Weizle Sherburne 

JenkinasM M 

Graves & Taylor, 

(&(! adf) Sioux Falls, D T 

Larson Edward. . 

Leavitt it Vincent 

Bingham R H . . . 

3I0II & .Maucli. . . 


James HA 

Kuudsou H 

Fry John Spriugtield, D T 

Flower A P Spring Valley 


Thayer J J 

Jackson A F Stewart 

Ho-^pes E L & Co Stillwater 

Karsi John 

Sawyer, Wallace & Co. . 

Torinus L E " 

Beebe J B Swan Lake, D T 

Smith C iV Son Taopi 

Arnold M H Taylor's Falls 

Beach N & Co Tracy 

Evans D " 

Stafford D " 

Hall JL & Co Tyler 

Benson C A ifc 

Co Valley City, DT 

Deming Wra Vermillion, D T 


Smith CE Verndale 

Hin" F C Vernon Centre 

Kios N... Volga, DT 

Maguire T H 

Jewell H U ^- WaUisha 

Schwirz John 

. . Sleepy Eye 

. Smith Lake 
. . Springtield 

Kohler A Wacoiii* 

Miller it Foss Wuden.-i 

Hills F H Walnut Staiii.n 

JlcCrea Bros W:irr>'n 

Pettit it Latham W'ascc* 

Robertson J M & Co 

White J C " 

Hecks V Waterlown 

Gesley it Dux- 

stad Watertown, P T 

Kemp Bros 

Monks it Wiser.. 

Carllou it Roberts Watervillr 

JacUlin R W 

Kletschke V 

Morris TD Wells 

Park H A " 

Costcllo R A WillniKr 

LewisAN •■ 

Be^ser W M Windom 


Wallace Charles.. Winnebago Citj 

Welsh J H 

Cone RD..... Winonn 

Elmer it Cunuinaham. ... 

Giese J it Sou . ."". 

Landon it Roberts Bros. . . 

Maverick Munu 

Scherltins Jacob 

Hewitt it Martin Worthingifn 

Colcn J V WykoiT 

Hawley G E Yankton, D 1 

Mormann J C 


Schnaidt Jit Co... 

Schroder it Bates . . 

Wenzlaff J C 

Winmt Buckwaltcr 

Martin Julius Young Amrnj -^ 

Doty E Zumbro taU' 

BarteauSB Zumbrou 

Mason Bros '\ 

Person George 

liarvester autl Bin''- 
cr Sliilrs. 

Rochester Manufactur- 
ing Co KoclR-"' 

Hats, Caps and Fur"- 

Albrechl.LanphcritFincli.Si I'.i :• 
Gordon it Ferguson 

I* I ■ I O ft 31 Robert Strfet, ST. PAtJL, K.-^ 

Perkins, Lyons & Go. ^^^°"^^„rri.;?«;"'"""- 



ssorstoDENXIS..>N ^ CO,) 


-- <;^^<QSr5^= 


Stationers' Specialties. 


Stratton'j^ Gummed I.n'itl ' i.:'i i I'm- ' ■" t ■ V^'-s; Letral and Notarial 

Seals; Foldin?anfl I .1 , , • ~, ! .nsion Rings: The 

Star Copying Pa. I ' ' ,,ii,' Cake Boxes: 


Phillips' Hook and Clasp Taq-s: Kimballs Self-Fast enins Tioktis; Postal Envelopes; 
McGill's Paper Fastt-ners at :ManuI'actiners' Discounts; 
Dickinson's Rubber Bands, etc. 


Tiss-ae Papers. 

Proprietors " Globe " and Centennial Prize " Excelsior," and Importers of English 

Grass Bleached and Colored Tissue Papers, from the Celebrated 39 MUI. 

t^~ Proprietors of •• Silver White." best article for Polishing 

Silver, and Miller's "Jen-elrT Cleaning Casket," 

and " SUver 'NVhite Casket." 


Jewelers" Cards, Pink ainl While Cotton. Fine T-tvines, Etc., Etc. 


Apothecaries' Powder Papers .aud Countur Papers. Dennisnn's Shaving 

Papers, Dennison's Absorlient Cotton for Dental and Surjrical 


All of our goods are for sale by Dealei-s everywhere, and by 

mison Maiiuiacturing C:. 

Philndelphia, Cincinnati, Chlcnf;o and St. Louis. 

:^ ^-y^ 


Z-^:^^" 'v"* ?.Vc:.. 


Prencli China. Glassware, wholesale and 
J retail. E.'A. HAKMON & CO., Minneapolis. 





Hats, KtC. (Contiiuie.l) 

(Sti aUo Genenil SUii-a.) 

Cudihcc * Wiley Fargc, D T 

Sundt MO Miinkato 

IIo<i1<iii Olio Prifo 
Clolliiii^' Store. ilinueapolis 

FicholziT .^: Co 

Fisi-lKT Adolph 

Fuller ^- Simj.Mni 

Hahn, Knight .t Co.. 

Frank Courad St Paul 

Jones TC " 

Lanphcr R A A: Co 

Mason \\V 

I'anncll.TF . '; 

Ransom iV llorton 

Hay— Baled. 

Gillett I. C Brown.sdale 

Benson J \V & Co. . . .Heron Lake 

Smith J T 

Smiths Lewis St Paul 

Mason M Shiujjle Creek 

Heat iii$^ Apparatus. 

(Stndii and Hut Air.) 
"IVilsoii & Rogers (S, 

adv) St Paul 

Hides, I'elis and 

Gillette AValt Albert Lea 

Oberne, Ilosick it 

Co Bismarck. I) T 

Mather C W Deadwood, U T 

Sigel tk Vanocker. 

Gilford C S. . . . . Dell Rapids, D T 

Wielaiul Kriist (Vt 

adx) Duluth 

Lieb R J Faribault 

Beltz & Otte Hastings 

Beebe R^^' Mankato 

Lang Nicholas 

Long .1 II .L- Co 

Crockett R L .Minneapolis 

Grove C Li: Co 

McMillan .James A; Co. 

Roeder .John 

Squires J .Kt Co Rush Citv 

Bailey AO St I'aul 

BerL'inau Soloinun 

Ryder .llerrell (*ce^ 

adi-) " 

Ullmann Joseph St Paul 

Howard C K. . . .Sioux Falls. I) T 

Hille Charles Winonu 

Peir Joseph Yankton. I) T 

Hoisting' .^lacliiiu-s. 

(.^■f alfo EkCiil'irK.) 
Kenned) .lolin, 

188 and 100 E Ohio 


Uoiiia-opatliie l»liar- 

Ciarcliner Tlionias, 

(&radr) Minm-apoli, 

Stark's Ilouuro- 
patliie I'liarnia- 

ey(.^'' "(/(•) 

Horse Breeders and 

Dillon i: A. Co, 

(.Sif udr) Bloomiiijrti'n. HI 

Horse Collar MntV'.. 

Jlorse Collar Support 


Horse !«*lioers. 

(tkeahu BUtck-tinithf.) 

Dutiin Daniel \"-'' 

Patterson W W ". 

Battis Oc Palmer. .Blue Earth ( H 

CoUeran James Brown-^ !'• 

Doimhertv Bros .Mank:i 

Brown F'D MiniiralH'li 

Uriseoll iV rorsytli, ' 

Ferrier Charles '[ 

Ivtvs John 

Lil^byGF .'. 

Lincoln it Lee 

Myers A: Jewett 

Quinn Thomas 

Cashill & Jackson St I .ii 

Ebel Henry (.St mIc. 

piif/c 023) 

Grain .Michael 

llaulrv Thomas .. 

llanii-h .Vntou 

O' Jeremiah .. 

Slater it Kellv 

"A Prudent EBi'i 


' Now El 

the Evil and Insurcth 

' Mntiial Lifo Ijiwr.-iv ■■ < ■ • 
b', Paul, Geu'IAruiitf..- "■!;.■■ ■• 

H08STir;lG rwlACHil^ERV! 


'- yFm'^ 

; ^.-\ ~~T- ; - 

•^ ^1 

-, 1 

- V'^ 

i j; 

i 1; 
; . 1: 

: 1 \ 

r :' 

1 1 '- 
! I 



! ■ . 

.l<-vutor being guaranti-e(l to t;ive iwrfn 

instnictions, or comneteut iiun'haiiii'^ 

plumb size of hatcli an.l lici, 

J' Wallace, - 8o and 82 Illinois street, 


ROUiS. Send for Circular and Pnc. -. 
Minneapolis, Minn, 

105G IIOR 




Hoi'iie M»hocrs. (Cont'd.) 

Slater & Kilev St Paul 

Tipper Gil.". 

Wallace Thomas 

Lammoml W 1). . . .Spriug Valley 

Motel Cookiuj; Ap 

Simoiid> X -M Chicago, 111 


Bergquest F Ada 

Mcrrith WG " 

Adrian House Vdrian 

Coleman House 

Colony House 

Gushing Mrs P Aftnn 

Smith X H Airlie 

Douglas C H Aitkin 

Whipple Mrs N ■ 

KulzcrG Albany 

Obermiller I " 

Albert Lea Hou-e isl).. Albert Lea 

City Hotel (Kl) 

Gardner House O'?! =iQii 


Hall lloiise {'i.-i) 

{&■!' 11(1 r, page 4.1). .. . 
Kational House («1). . . 
Winslow House (.^2). . 

Aldeu House ($L.JU) Alden 

HazleJA •• 

City Hotel (A\) . .Alexandria, D T 

LetM.n J His-,>, 

Minnesota I!. .ii-e(.i:l) 
Wi^j;ihii:kim Hotel 


Runnels W M Alma City 

Maloucv W 


Kcllv H & Son Viniret 

Eckert AR Anawauk 

Anoka House (.■Jli Ancka 

Kimball Hou-cl-rJ) •• 

Thiitl .lv<i!iu' i-v. ."/ I 

App>-ton ILm-r ^.pleton 

Franklin Hnu>e •■ 

Norsk Hou-e (Oli- Bmun 

, P'-<'1"- •' 


Klinkeit C Vrlinirt.iii 

Bowman S \V V-ht..,,. I) T 

Hunt 1) N. jr 

Knei-el 1 



Coon C A 

r»av-.!^>.;, 1I,>:-. 

Y\-r\. ■ } : ;■: •■ 

Fir,;. II . , ■: ■• 

! G liM;; iMi'i: si, ■• 

Kolllr 11 II (SI) •■ 

Mnnjiield House (.$•>) - 

Moonan Audre^y {^i) " 

Nugent L (>;l) •■ 

Railway House (§3) '. . ■• 

Zeller Peter (Si). •• 

Avoea House Avocn 

Lincoln House " 

Rowan Wm 

Mii-gle.To Radu-.Tl 

Haun Wm lialatmi 

Town .Mr- CE ' 

Payne W O Hank. 

I Grindy X E Barnesvill, 

I Card S HeaM-i 

Tyler J O Beaver CnrV 

j Holt/ Carl Beaver Fall' 

Ca<s Houve . .Belchers Fcird. I) 'I 
Btnvoii House (S-'i 

(S., ,nlr) Ben-u, 

I Merchants' Hotel (SI) ■' 

I Pacilic Hou-e (SI) 

I Sawyer G W Beriii 

Cooper James 
Brown Mrs .J . 

Daw Mrs y\ I?. . . 
Bradberry C .1 

Haight Bros. 
Knapp C. . . . 
St Charles 


.Jewell W H 

Dinon WP Bird 1- 

Kins Capt .John 


Thornton O H 

Ciislcr Hc»ii-!, 

(SL.-,(1) Bi-m.irck. 

Gannou's lI.Mrl (^11 





Guthrie >L.. 
O'Toole >Ir-. 
Pettre A .T. . , 
Ciunmin- A. 


of Fine Woolens, No. 40 
Tlird Street, ST. PAUL, Mi:r.i. 


Millie a spcoiahy of EKEWER3' 
Mftclimery, Cor. 2d St. and Fifth 
J Avenne South, Minneapolis. 




Niitional Hotel. 

(ij;2) Blue Eiuth City 

Cog;in B BonHoniine. D T 

Braincrd House (T5c). . . .Bniinerd 
Fifth Street )Iotcl(§l). .. 
Hciidquiirter.-; Hotel (A-2) . 
Lolaiul Itoii<>e, 

(Sl.50 to s-.?) (.V< adv). 

Marshall House (sll " 

ilerchants' Hotel ($1) 

Dewey H C Braudon 

Lasin E 

Ladwaen Andrew 

(SI) Breckenridge 

Kliniieisota Hon**-, 

(SI) (■'Sff «di-) 

Railroad House (^2). ... " 

Bchrns C Breiuen 

Bouiiie W S Brooklyn. D T 

Anderson Kalpb Brownsdale 

Brown H S ($1) Brownsdale 

Brownsdale Housp(82i 
Oliiok rrod (s;l..')0)IirowusviUe 
Roster ilatthew (^1).. 
TUimuiisch Peter (^l) 

Brown A L Browntou 

Brule City House. Brule City, D T 
Danforth Bros& Bean.Bruuswiek 

Harvey CL Bullalo 

Kniuht R " 

Taylor I 

Morse A Byron 

De Soto ($1) Caledonia 

Northwesttrn House(;i;l) 

Styer Peter («1) 

Midititus !<>j»airor<l, 


Hou-hton Mrs. . ..Caledonia, D T 


Ko.stermau Mrs K Cambridge 


F. S. FIELD, Lessee 

{Formerly of the National Hotel. Red TVing.) 

1 shall be pleased to see my old patrons who come this way, and the 

public in general at this new house. Special attention given 

to Commercial Men. Satisfaction guaranteed 

and terms reasonable. Sample Rooms 

on first floor. 



STI£ATT<IK\" A: IllL^ATll, Fro!)'rs. 

Good liunting iind ti-binn ir- the vicii 
pain- to innki- thf stay 

iid the Proprietors take evt 
ir-^t-- pleasant. 

Terms. 81..".0 ami yj.(t(). 

lor Pactories, Mills, Bridges, etc. Sel- 

VilQat frfSn ^Sriflff •torJ:actones,M.ills,iinclges,etc. fc)eJ 

VJ/Ji^^^PSS Ull CiUilil^l den & Grygla, 114 N. 3d St., MiuneapoU 

PICTflRF^ ^'■'''™'' ^°^ Looking-Glasscs, at CHARLES JOHN- 
-_ _ ^ SON'S, 513 Washington Ave. South, Miuneapoli, 






Holelsi. (Continued.) 

• Rapp A CumbritVc 

LampLire W C Cameron, I)T 

^en^'if J--- Campbell 

Knowlcs J R " 

Le Sueur House 

Moore J 

^'■o^'D JL Canfield 

CantieldTJ •• 

, Gordou J Caiiuou Citv 

- EIlKxiorlli House, 

{See ridv). . . .Canuou River Falls 
Excbangc Hotel 
Falls House.... 
Field V S 

(See adr) 

Lamphear C A, 

Colony Jobu Canton D T 

Aaylor Ilou^ie, 

(Seeadf) , 

\ Thorn p.-<on House 

Carlisle House Carlisle, D T 

Carlton House Carlton, T) T 

I lanters' House {A2) Carver 

Temperance Hotel (ijl) 

Bierbaucr H CMB.-^elton D T 

Cornwell AC 

Hammond AT.... 

Smith it McDou- 


• Watson it Burdick. 

Graves W J Cate« Station 

glarkb... Cedarville 

Kichards G J. Centennial Park, I) T 

-,,(^2). Central Citv. DT 

Eldorado Hotel, 




Occidental Hotel. 


Rustic House. 




Hallbcrtr John A 
Johnson P ,J 

Doui;la,G '. 


• Clayton 

Centreville, D T 


Brinkbaus Hermann (s;l) 
Wercliaiil*" lintel 

i^l.oi). S,r,„/r) 

National Hotel (si r,0) 

RiedrleAn.ln.;,s ■,.<!) 

Traveller.-:- H,„nc is:.')...';; 
Sargents Hotel ' 

"Washincrton House ($1.,50) Cliaska 

Hicks House Cbatlicld 

-Medarv House 

g^^^n'-'^'y 1' V. v.. Chester 

Heath James Chippewa Falls 

^,^^{'"'/"P .Xlaremd',; 


Clayton . . 
Frontier House . . 

Morrison House Clear Water 

MurdockH Clitberall 

JlcDermott D F Clonlarf 

Grand Central Cokato 

Pacific House . . 

Bold Philip Coid'Sp'rinsr Citv 

Lhten S 

Krav J 


Gullev P 

Pool W J Concord 

C orcoran P B Corcoran 

Hogle House Cordova 

Joseph Anthony. .Cormorant Mills 
aMcLeod \y W... 

Glenn W Cottage