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Full text of "Minutes of the fourth annual session of the Montgomery Baptist Association (Ala.) 1885"

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Adams Street Ghurgh, Montgomery, Ala. 

OCT. 3ist, a^TOTT. Ist <3c sa, 1335. 


B. A.JACKSON, Moderator Ramah, Ala. 

J. I . LAMAR. Clerk, Deatsville. Ala. 

J.H.DICKSON, Treasurer, Pine Level, Ala. 

The Alabama Baptist Print, 



B . A. Jackson, Ramah, Ala, 

J. W. Orme, Pugh, 

M. B. Wharton, D. D., Montgomery, " 

M. M. Wamboldt, Montgomerj', " 

J. J. Cloud, Wetumpka, '• 

F. C. Waite, Montgomery, " 

J. C. McLendon, Ramah, " 

John Langridge Montgomery, " 

J. T. Brooks, licentiate, Montgomery, " 


First District. — Wetumpka, Deatsville, Mt. Hebron, Bethany, Unity. 

Second District. — Pine Level, Mt. Lebanon, Mt. Zion, Liberty 

Third District — First Montgomery, Adams Street, Ramah, Bethesda, 
Philadelphia, Friendship. 


1. Association called to oi-der by Moderator. 

2. Appoint Committee on Credentials. 

3. Introductory Sermon. 

4. Appoint Moderator, Clerk and Treasurer. 

5. Receive Correspondence and Visitors. 

6. Receive petitions from Churches desiring membership. 

7. Appoint committee to report during session — 

On Religious Exercises, 
On Finance and Auditing, 
On Documents and Requests, 
On Nominations. 

8. Read Rules of Order. 

9. Hear Reports from Committees and Treasurer. 

10. Return Correspondence. 

11. Appoint Committees to report next meeting — 

On Home and State Missions, 

On Foreign Missions, 

On Sabbath Schools, 

On Temperance, 

On Education, 

On Bible and Colportage, 

On Indigent Ministers. 

12. Hear Miscellaneous Business. 

13. Call roll and erase absentees. 

14. Arrange for printing Minutes. 

15. Correct Minutes and adjourn. 


The Fourth Annual Session of the Montgomery Baptist Association was 
held with Adams Street Baptist Ch'irch, Montgomery, Alabama, commenc- 
ing Saturday October 30, 1885, at 11 a. m. 

The former Moderator being absent, the body was called to order by J. I. 
Lamar, the former Clerk. 

Prayer by Elder A. Andrews. 

Elder B. A. Jackson was called to the chair. 

Appointed E.J. Harris, M. A. Pyron, D. J. Moore, Committee on Cre- 

The delivery of the Introductory sermon postponed until to-night 7:30 
o'clock, « 

Committe on Credentials reported delegates from the churches, as fol- 
lows : 

First Montgomery — M. B. Wharton, T. L. J.jnes, W. B. Davidson, j. 
Bullock, Wm. A. Davis. H. A. Howard. G. W. Ellis. J. F. Joseph, W. 
Gamble. B. F. Noble, S. L. Alexander, T- F. Dennis, W. C. Ray, J. C. 
Stratford, W. L. Chandler, W. G. Wharton. W. M. Nails, Berry Tatum, 
C. B. Ferrell. 

Adams Street — W. M. Wamboldt, F. C. Waite, J. F. Robertson, L- 
Nickel, W. M. Franks, G. B. Burks, A. E. Coupee. 

Bethesda — Letter; no delegates. 

Pine Level-^J. D. Wright. E. J. Harris. 

Mt. Lebanon — ^J. W. Orme. 

Raraah— B. A. Jackson, J. R. McLendon, W. R. Waller. 

Elem — Not represented. 

Salem— F. C. Waite, A. B. Brassel. 

Bethany — W. P. Dawson, J. S. Turner. 

Wetumpka — ^J. J. Cloud. 

Deatsvilh— J. I. Lamar, M. A. Pyron, W. M. Loften. 

Mt. Hebron — R.James, Miss J. Hogan, Miss L. Spigener. 

Unity — D. J Moore, Mrs. S. A. Smith. 

Friendship — (Elmore) G. AT. Harrington. 

Liberty — Not represented. 

Mt. Zion— P. O. Spear, J. S. Smith. 

Philadelphia — Letter; no delegates. 

Friendship— (Montgomery) F. A. Curtis, T. M. Harris, W. G. Sulli- 

The Association proceeded to elect officers, J. W. Orme J. Bullock, act- 
ing tellers; resulting in the choice of Elder B. A. Jackson, Moderator, J. I. 
Lamar, Clerk, J. H. Dickson, Treasurer. 


Visiting ministers were invited to seats. Dr. T.'AI. Bailey, Elders A. 
Andrews H. R. Schramm, and G. W. McQiieen were present. 

Friendship Church, Montgomery county, was received into the member- 
ship of the Association, by letter, from Salem Association. 

Appointed the following Committees: 

On Religious Exercises — E. J. Harris, W. A. Davis, with pastor and dea- 
cons of Adams Street Church. 

Called for correspondence and received from — 

Unity Association — Elder A. Andrews. 

Eufaula — Elder H. R. Schramm. 

Tallapoosa River — F. M. Flanagan, W. M. Robinson. 

Alabama— Elders G. W. McQ^ieen, F. C. Plaster and Brethren S. A. 
Sater white, W. P. Bullock. 

Troy— W. H. Barnett. 

Dr. T. M. Bailey, Secretary of Mission Board was received in his official 

Package of Minutes of Baptist State Convention, was received. 

On motion, reading the rules of order, was^mitted. 

Committee on Religious Exercises, selected Elder F. C. Plaster to preach 
on the Sabbath at II a. m., at First Baptist Church, Montgomery; Dr. T. 
M. Bailey, at Adams Street Baptist Church at II a. m. 

By unanimous request of the Association, Elder W. M. Wamboldt con- 
sented to preach at Adams Street Church on Sabbath night, at 7:30 
o'clock. Sabbath School mass meeting will be held at Adams Street 
Baptist Church at 3 o'clock p. m. 

Appointed hours of meeting — 9:;iO a. m. to 12:30; meet at 3 p. m. and 
adjourn at pleasure; meet at 7-30. 

Adjourned until 3 p. m. 

Prayer by Elder G. W. McQ^ieen. 


The Association met and resumed business. 

Prayer by Dr. T, M. Bailey. 

Appointed the following committees : 

Finance and Auditing — A. E. Coupee, J. Bullock, J. R. McLendon. 

Documents and Requests— W. A. Davis, W. R. Waller, G. B. Burks. 

Nominations— G. W. Ellis, E. J. Harris, M. xV. Pyron, D. J. Moore, J. 
D. Wright. 

Select Plac> of Holding Next Seesion- W. Gamble, F. A. Curtis, W. J. 
Taylor, W. P. Dawson. 

lleport of Committee on Foreign Missions was read and the whole sub- 
ject of missions made the special order for Monday morning 10 o'clock. 

The subjects Bible and Colportage work was made the order for 3 p. m., 


Monday; Education at 4 p. m.; Temperance and Indigent Ministers at 

Report of Treasurer was read and referred to Cominittee on Finance and 

The resolution allowing delegates in districts to select place of hold- 
ing Association, was repealed. 

Returned Correspondence, and appointed to 

Alabama Association — ]. W. Orme, E. J. Harris, B. A. Jackson. 

Unitj~J. J. Cloud, J. I. Lamar, M. B. Wharton, D. |. Moore. 

Tallapoosa River— M. B. Wharton, J.J. Cloud, W. P. Dawson. 

Eufaula — M. B. Wharton, Wm. A. Davis, B. A. Jackson. 

Centennial — B. A.Jackson, E.J. Harris, J. D. Wright, J. H. Dickson. 

Salem — ^J. W. Orme, E. J. Harris, B. A. Jackson. 

Troy— E.J. Harris, B. A. Jackson, T. M. Harris. J. R. McLendon.J. H. 
Dickson, J. D. Wright. 

State Convention — M. B. Wharton, B. A. Jackson, Wm. A. Davis, J. J. 
Cloud, J. W. Orme, F. C. Waite, J. 1. Lamar. J. R. McLendon, M. A. 
Pyron, W. R. Waller. 

In order of business, Nos. 5 and 8 were changed to read — 

"Receive Correspondents and visitors." 

Adjourned until 7:30 p. m. 

Prayer by Dr. M. B. Wharton. 


The Association met pursuant to adjournment. 

The Introductory Sermon was preached at night by Elder J. J. Cloud, 
text: I Corrinthians 3:9, "Ye are God's building." Subject Christ the Great 


As arranged, Elder F. C. Plaster preached at 11 a. m., at First Baptist 
Church, Montgomery, and Dr. T. M. Bailey at Adams Street Baptist 
Church at 11 a. m. Sabbath School Mass Meeting at 3 p. m. At night 
Elder W. M. Wamboldt, preached at Adams Street Baptist Church. 


Monday at 9-30 a. m. the Association met and resumed business. 
Prayer by Elder J. J. Cloud. 
Read the minutes of Saturdays proceedings. 
Called the roll and corrected list of delegates. 

Professor Frazer, Principal of Judson Female Institute, was invited to 
a seat. 

The Treasurer being absent. Brother E. J. Harris was appointed //-o /ew. 
Dr. M. B. Wharton was appointed to prepare the report on Education. 

Report on Home and State Missions read. After discussing the subject 
of Missions the reports were adopted as follows: 


The Home Mission Board during the present year has, under the bless- 
ings of God accomplished more than in any other one year of its labors. 

Many desert places have been made to blossom as the rose through its 
labors, in Arkansas, Lousiana, Florida, Texas, Carolina and among the red 
men of the forest. 

Yet never before has this Board had so many appeals and pressing claims 
upon it as at the present time. 

Railroads are now penetrating almost all parts of our land, villages and 
towns are springing up all along their lines. And where in all time before 
only the beasts of the forest roamed, and the fowls of the air reveled, now 
immortal souls are appealing for the Gospel of Jesus whose name is the only 
name under Heaven, and known among men that is able to save their im- 
mortal souls. 

The appeal comes up to us my Brethren to day, even now, and what an- 
swer shall we return ? 

The last commission of a risen and ascended Lord, coupled with those 
touching appeals, speaks to us to-day in unmistakable language and bids 
each man and each woman in all this Association to give as our God has 
prepared them . 

Many churches which were first built up by the assistance of this Board 
are now not only prosperous and flourishing churches, but are sending mis- 
sionaries at tlieir own charge into other climes to those who have not the 

Our State Board also under the wise administration of our consecrated 
Secretary Dr. T. M. Bailey, has during the past year done a larger work 
than ever before in its history, yet this Board also has increasing demands 
for both men and means, to enable them to fulfill our Savijurs command, 
anfl bless others, as we are blessed to-day, with a living ministry, to preach 
that Gospel that is able to make men wise unto Salvation. 
Respectfully submitted, 

J. W. Orme, Chairman. 


Your Committee beg leave to report, that the subject of Foreign Missions 
is so broad and extensive, that a simple report such as we are required to 
make, will give but little idea of the vastness of the work that is being done 
in this department of christian labor. When we take into consideration the 
number of men and women that are in this field, amount of money that it 
requires to sustain them annually, and the large and densely populated 
countries to which thev have gone to carry the Gospel, we can then only form 
some slight conception of the immensity of the work. Our Home Missions 
simply comprehend the Southern States and Territories of our own Gov- 
ernment. Our State Missions are narrowed down to the limits of on'.y one 
State; but our Foreign Missions are stretching out their broad arms of chris- 
tian benevolence to encompass the whole earth. The Divine Master has 
commanded to " go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every 
creature. "Foreign Missions respond, "Lo, I come to do they will O God," 
"Thv Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven." 

And so the glorious armies of King Emanuel are on the inarch to every 

country under the sun. They are unfurling the banners of Christ, and plant- 
ing the standard of the cross in every portion of the inhabitable world. 
Thej' are tearing down the old temples and altars of the Celestial Empire, 
and building upon their ruins the graceful Chapels of Jesus Christ. They 
are preaching a free Gospel, an open Bible, and lib'^rty of conscience 
throughout the wretched and superstitious dominions of Popish Italy. They 
are kindling the beautiful light of Heavenly Life in the dark jungles of be- 
nighted Africa, causing the miserable sons of Ethiopia to stretch out their 
arms to the Great Redeemer of the world. They have crossed over into the 
golden regions of the proud Montazumas, taming the wild Mexicans, cool- 
ing down their heated blood, and inlisting their minds and hearts in the 
cause of a pure and holy religion. 

Nor have they forgotton the great Brazlllian world, but even there, in the 
midst of those eternal tropics, the taitht\il soldiers of Jesus have gone, to 
open up the way of life and salvation, and to make ready a people prepared 
for the Lord. 

Thus the glorious work goes on. ^^This world for Jesus," is the motto 
of our Foreign Mission Board. Let it be the rallying cry ot us all. 

But, my Brethren, this brave little army of Christ is being thinned by 
death. Some are quietly sleeping in foreign soil, while others are rocked in 
the restless bosom of the ocean. And now, shall their broken ranks be re- 
cruited, and the strength of the band increased ? The Macedonian cry is 
coming up f; om everv part of the world. vThe demand was never so great. 
All the nations of the earth are seeking the Saviour. O that we could catch 
the inspiration of our Divine Master, and give the Gospel to all the world. 
Dr. Tupper wants 100,000 dollars for this Conventional year. The Bap- 
tists of Alabama are requested to give .5.000 dollars of the amount, and this, 
when divided among tlie Associations leaves to our share 222 dollars. Now, 
shall we have it? Let us have the faith and courage to make the effort. 
With God to help us we can &o all things. 

In conclusion, we respectfully suggest. First, that we have more preach- 
ing upon this subject. Second, that we have the F. M. Journal circulated in 
all our families. Third, that we organize a Ladies Missionary Society in 
every church. And fourth, that the children in our Sunday Schools be also 
organized into missionary bands. 

Respectfully submitted, 

J. J. CLOUD, Chairman. 

The Association adjourned. 
Prayer by Elder F. C. Plaster. 


The Association met pursuant to adjournment. 

Prayer by Elder A. Andrews. 

Report on Bible and Colportage, was read and adopted. 


After the many well gotten up reports which have been spread upon the 
minutes of Conventions and Associations, it would be a work of supereroga- 
tion for us to make a lengthy report. But we cannot refrain from saying, 
that the subject under consideration is of the first importance. The Bible 
cannot be estimated. Its words are pure, unadulterated, enlightening and 
accompanied by the agency of the Spirit-Saving power. 

This cannot be said of any other book. When we examine carefully the 


compositions of our fellows, we seem to get at once the intention of the writer 
and a sec nd examination does not change our opinion. We see in them 
superfluity, deficiency and needed alteration, the author is finite. 

But when we read the writings of inspired men, we feel like taking off our 
hats and making polite bows at every step; the author is infinite. The cir- 
culation of the Bible ought to engage the attention of all christians. Its im- 
portance demands it. Are there families destitute of the Bible in our bounds; 
they ought by all means to be supplied. Can God save men without the 
Word ? We will not ar^ue this question, his power is almighty. We don't 
know what he can do. But will he save men without the word.' He, we 
answer emphatically, no. We earnestly recommend the circulation of the 
Bible among the destitute. We also recognize the value of the religious 
press in circulating religious literature both for the family and the Sabbath 
School, and we would urge the importance of every family taking at least 
one religious paper for themselves and children.- We would recommend 
as among the best papers, and those worthy of support for the family the 
Alabama Baptist, now published in the boui ds of this Association, at 
Montgomery, Alabama, and the Christian Index, published at Atlanta, Ga. 

We would also report, that, the only lady colporteur in this State is in this 
Association ; Sister Mary A. Stewart, a member of Adams btreet Baptist 
Church. We append the report of the Corresponding Secretary of the State 
Mission Board, fur adoption, of work done in this department the last Con- 
ventional year. 

The American Baptist Publication Society has generously furnished us 
with Bibles and Testaments for free distribution among the destitute. A 
part of the collections for Bible work are turned over by the Society to our 
Foreign Board at Richmond to aid in the publication of translations of the 
Scriptures made by our Missionaries in foreign fields. Last year we showed 
some little appreciation of the Societys' generosity towards us. This year 
we hope to secure a contribution for Bible ^vork from every Church and 
Sunday .School in the State. Let us do our full duty in circulating "The 
Holy Scriptures that are able to make wise unto salvation." 

During the past Conventional year twenty-six of our Missionaries carried 
supplies of books with them, while eight others worked exclusively as Col- 
porteurs. The great financial depression in this country combined with 
the very unfavorable weather during the first three months of the present 
year retarded to some extent their labors. The sales amounted to 5,653 
books and pamphlets, valued at $2,679.47. We cannot well over estimate 
the good results that flow from this department of our work A good reli- 
gious book placed in a family is an ever present preacher. The work must 
be extended over the State. That this may be done, it is important that sub- 
scriptions to "Permanent Colportage Fund" not yet completed, be paid up 
as soon as possible. All honor to the Sunday Schools, Churches and As- 
sociations that have given us these funds. We hope that others will follow 
their example. 

Respectfully submitted, 

A. E. COUPEE, Chairman. 

Committee on Nominations — Report, Elder W. M. Wamboldt, to preach 
the; Introductory, Elder F. C. Waite, alternate. Dr M. B. Wharton, to 
preach the Missionary Sermon on Sabbath, Elder J. W. Orme, alternate. 

G. W. ELLIS, Chairman. 

Th« Committee on Documents and requests submitted the following Di- 
gest of the Church Letters, to-wit : 

Adam St. Montgomery — Has decreased somewhat in numbers, but are 

spiritually alive ; at present the church is growing ; the prayer meeting held 
every Wednesday night is well attended and interesting ; reports 2 bap- 
tisms. Has a well attended Sunday School, and a Teachers meeting, Rev. 
M. M. Wamboldt became pastor on 1st July. 

Bethany — Has decreased one in membership ; has a good Sunday 

Bcthesda — Had a meeting in which Bro. F. C. Waite aided, resulting in 
three baptisms. 

Deatsville — Rev. Washington Wilkes, held a meeting with the church, 
the pastor being away by reason of serious illness of his wife. Weekly 
prayer meetings are held, and a Sunday School, but both lack interest. 
This church has suffered apparently by the enforced absence of its pastor ; 
reports one baptism. 
Elim — No letter, no delegate. 

First Baptist Church, Montgomery — Dr. M. B. Wharton entered upon the 
pastorate of the Church in December. During the year a fine meeting was 
held, in which Bro. G. C. Needham and H. M. Wharton, aided the pastor, 
and during the meeting 103 were added to the church. The weekly prayer 
meeting is well attended and so is the Sunday School. This Church shows 
a net gain of il8 and 86 baptisms. The Southern Baptist Convention will 
meet with this church in May, 1886. Bro. Wm. B. Davidson,. was ordained 
deacon in May. Bro. C. E. Nash, preached for two months during the 
summer. Has a Ladies Mipsionarj' Society, a Young Ladies Working 
Circle, and a Young People's Meeting. 

Friendship, Elmore Co. — Has grown from 18 to 39 during the year un- 
der the ministry of J. H. Norton ; asks for a letter to join Tallapoosa River 
Association. Has a prayer meeting and Sunday School. 

Friendship, Montgomery Co. — ^Jnins at this session, with a letter from 
Salem Association ; has a Sunday School with 40 members, and a prayer 
meeting held twice a week. Brother J. C. McLendon was ordained to the 
full work of the ministry in August. Reports 37 baptisms. 

Liberty — No letter, no delegates. 

Mt. Hebron — Reports a loss of two. Has neither prayer meeting nor 
Sunday School. 

Mt. Lebanon — Has ordained as deacon Brother Benjamin Jones. Re- 
ports 7 baptisms, invites the next session of the Association. 

Mt. Zion — Reports 1 baptism, and total membership 15. 

Philadelphia — No letter, no delegates. 

Pine Level — Reports 3 baptisms. Has a flourishing Sabbath School, 
and a well attended prayer meeting; Brother B. M. Bean, has been the pas- 
tor for this year, and conducted a meeting tor several days ; the church has 
not yet called a paster for ensuing year. 

Ramer — Has a weeklj' Sabbath School, reports 2 additions by letter. 

Salem — No letter, no delegate. 

L'^nity — Reports 1 baptism, has a weekly Sabbath School, and a weekly 

prayer meeting, a Ladies Missionary Society and a Juvenile Missionary 

Union — No letter, no delegate. 

Wetumpka — Reports a net loss of two; has a Sabbath School meeting 
weekly which was well attended. 

We find 160 baptisms reported; 6 prayer meetings; and 10 Sunday 
Schools,. We recommend that the letter asked tor by Friendship Church, 
Elmore County be granted, that she may unite with Tallapoosa River As- 

Respectfully submitted, 

Wm. a. Davis, Chairman. 

Letter of dismission was granted Friendship Church, Elmore County 


We, your Committee recommend Deats\ ille Elmore County, Ala., to 
commence Friday, 11 .\. m. before first Sabbath in November, 1SS6. The 
Introductory Sermon to be preached at the opening of the Session. 

W. P. DAWSON, Chairman. 

Adopted Report of Committee on Finance, with Treasurers Report. 


J. H. Dickson, Treasurer of Montgomery Association. 

Dr; , 

To E. J. Harris, vouchers ' $879 36 

" Cash 188 15 

$1067 51 

Bv J. I. Lamar, Minute money 31 90 

'T. M. Bailev, old vouchers '. 879 36 

'• ■ State Missions 86 20 

" H^me Missions 19 60 

" Indian Missions 1 65 

Foreign Missions 22 20 

•' Ministerial Education 25 00 

Colored People 160 

$1067 51 
J. H. DICKSON, Treasurer. 

Ordered, that $25.00 of the Minute fund be appropriated for printing and 
distributing the Minutes, and the balance paid to Clerk for his services. 
Report on Education was read and discussed, then adopted. 

Your Committee deem it unnecessary to present arguments in favor of 


Education at this day and time, when all ajiree that it is a thing most favor- 
able to the well being of society, and the furtherance of the cause of Christ. 
What we want to insist upon is, that our Denominational Colleges should 
be sustained with our sympathies, patronage and contributions. We must 
guard well the fountains of learning, or poluting streams will go forth to 
poison and ruin, those whom it is the design of education to benefit. How- 
ard College, stands proudly forth as the peer of any institution in the land. 
as possessing some peculiar, and most useful advantages. The Baptist of 
Alabama, should second the eftbrts of the noble President of Howard Col- 
lege, who is running the institution for the sake of merit, without the bene- 
fit of endowment or patronage from the State. We recommend most 
earnestlj'. the endowment of this College, so that its faculty may be better 
paid, and its appliances increased. We are pleased to note that it keeps up 
its high standard, and great prosperity. We urge all the churches to con- 
tribute forthwith to the Ministerial Students Fund, there being over thirty 
applicants for support by this means. 

We are pleased ro recognize in our midst, the presence cf President Ro- 
bert Frazer, of the Judson Institute, that noble ^/wf? mater oi so many hun- 
dred of the best, and most cultivated ladies of the land. This Institution is 
so well established, and its great merits so well understood that words of 
commendation are useless. We call attention also, to the Alabama Central 
Female College, at Tuscaloosa, over which Dr. G. W. Thomas, a former 
member of this \ssociation presides. We feel that the Baptist of the whole 
State should rally to the support of this Institution which has property 
that cost about $200.00Q dollars, which will pass out of the hands of Bap- 
tists, in case of the failure of the Female College there. Dr. Thomas has 
thoroughly renovated and refitted the buildings, and with an excellent fac- 
ulty is prepared to furnish the best instruction to voung ladies of the land. 

The Southern Saptist Theological Seminary, located at Louisville, Ky., 
educating annually, about one hundred young Ministers, is greatly in need 
of funds to complete the endowment, to support indigent students there, and 
to erect permanent buildings for the Seminary. The Board of Trustees is 
now in session at Louisville. Kv., devising ways and means to erect build- 
ings, and we invoke the blessing of God upon their labors, and promise to 
give all the assistance in our power. We trust that each church in this As- 
sociation will bear in mind the points referred to in this report, and do 
something the next Associational year, for the work prosecuted by the 
aforesaid Institutions. 

M. B. WHARTON, Chairman. 

Appointed the following Committees to report at the next Session : 

On Foreign Missions — M. B Wharton, M. B. Davidson, J. F. Robert- 
son; J. Bullock, W. M. Franks. 

On Home and State Missions— J. J. Cloud, S. F. Lacy, W. M. Loften, 
R. James, W. G. Warrcl. 

On Sabbath Schools— J. H. Dickson, W. R. Waller, E. J. Harris, J. R. 
McLendon, J. G. Jones. 

On Temperance — ^J. I. Lamar, M. A. Pyron, J. Hogan, J. D. Wright, D 
J. Moore. 

On Education— M M. Wamboldt, W. A. Davis, G. D. Burks, W. L. 
Chandler, B. Tatum, A. E. Coupee. 

Bible and Colportage — ^J. W. Orme, W. P. Dawson, W. G. Sullivant, 
G. W. Harrington, J. T. Boyd. 


Indigent Ministers — F. C. Waite, W. Gamble, J. S. Turner, T.L.Jones, 
W. M. Nails. 

Executive Board^ — ]. W. Orme, W. A. Davis, W. G Worrel. 
Adjourned until 7:30 p. m. Prayer by Elder M. M. Wamboldt. 


Met and VJ.esumed business. Praj'er by Elder W. H. Barnett. 
Report on Temperance was read, and after discussion was adopted. 


It is with profound gratitude that your Committee can report, that the 
cause of Temperance is taking a high and permanent stand, Isoth local and 
national. Its advocates have labored earnestly and long, and their argu- 
ments are undeniable, that intoxicants are useless, and brings misery, deg- 
redation and bankruptcy to our people. 

As the question of leg^l interference has b^en settled, we hail with glad- 
ness the new dawn upon the great cause, such as never opened before. 
The local option laws have done great gooi, in driving the traffic of ardent 
spirits from our midst, which is very gratifying to us. 

Such being the case, we should labor earnestly to get our Legislatures to 
enact laws tliat will banish the manufacture and sale of it from our land. 

Let the churches and trustees of high schools take a decided stand against 
its use, and sale, and much good will result. We as a denomination need 
no prompting, our duties are plain. Then let us do our duty, and save the 
youths of our country from degridation, pauperism, and drunkeimess, and 
our own gray hairs from being brought in disgrace to the grave. Let us as 
Baptists, see that the teaching of the Scriptures are rigi#ly enforced in our 
midst, and a great deal_ may be accomplished. 

For we are taught that no drunkard shall inherit the kingdom of Heaven. 
While great good has been accomplished, much remains to be done 

Then let all Christians labor faithfully in the good work, and the great 
day of deliverance will surelv dawn. 

E.J. HARRIS, Chairman. 

On motion, rescinded the resolution appended to the Report on Temper- 
ance, last session. 


The help that was extended last Conventional year, to the twenty-one 
Indigent Ministers and nine widows of deceased Ministers, was very greatly 
appreciated. The servants of our Master, who have toiled m his cause, 
must not be allowed to suffer when health fails or old age is upon them. 

The families of those who have fallen at the post of duty must not be 
neglected. They are dear to God, and they should be so to his people. It 
i& proposed to raise in our own State this year, .$L000 for this praise worthy 
object — of this amount our Association is asked to give $52.15. Let col- 
lections be taken up in all our churches for this purpose. 

L. NICKEL, Chairman. 

Report on Sabbath Schools, read and adopted. 



The number of schools reported by the churches, 10 ; Teachers, 37; 
Scholars 55;^ ; amount contributed. — 

We are glad to report that most of our churches have Sab- 
bath Schools, and they are generally in a healthy condition. We 
are aware of the difficulties in keeping up schools in the country, and 
that it requires no small amount of sacrifice, as well as God's grace. 
Yet we believe, that no church can afford to do without this element of 
spiritual power. Every church that has a school, is more than repaid for 
their efforts, by the spiritual development of its members, and their own 
individual growth in grace, to say nothing of the good work done among 
the children. 

We would therefore recommend, that everv church be urged to keep up a 
Subbath School, and that the children be taught to attend regular preach- 
ing also. For if the preaching of the gospel be God's plan to save the world 
shall we deprive our children of this means of grace .' We wouKl also rec- 
ommend that each pastor have special services of preaching for the children 
occasionally, Also, that there be a special collection taken up in every 
school, at least once a quarter for Missions, that we may teach our children 
benevolence. We would also recommend that a Sunday School Mass 
Meeting be held every 5th Sabbalh within the bounds of this Association, 
and that .a Committee be appointed at each meeting to select the place, and 
arrange programme for the next. We would suggest, that instead of the 
speakers being appointed, that some minister be appointed to preach upon 
soine topic appropriate to Sunday School work, and then the subject be 
submitted to the meeting for discussion. 

Respectfully snbmitted, 

F. C. WAITE, Chairman. 

Ordered, that any member of a church in this Association attending any 
other Association shall be considered our correspondent. 

The following resolutions were adopted : 

Resol-oed, First. That this Association accept its proportional part of 
the funds recommended and endeavor to raise it during the year. 

Resolved, Second. That all collections for this purpose be forwarded 
through the State Board. 

Resolved, That this Association tender their gratitude to this Church and 
community for their generous hospitaliy shown this body during its ses- 
sion, and to the choir for its splendid music. 

The Association then adjourned to meet with Deatsville Church, Friday, 
before the first Sabbath in November, 1886. Prayer bv Elder M. M. Wam- 

B. A. JACKSON, Moderator, Ramah Ala. 

J. I. LAMAR, Clerk, Deatsville, Ala. 


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M.B. Whai 
M. M. Wai 
F. C. Wait 
B. M. Bear 
B. A.Jacks 
B. A.Jacks 

J. Faulknei 
J.J. Cloud 
J. L. Thorn 
J. M. Johns 
J.J. Cloud 
J. H Norto 
B. A. Jacksc 
W. C. Ava 
J. C. McLe 


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Article I. This union of churchs shall be known and distinguished by 
the style and title of the Montgomery Baptist Association. 

II. This Association shall be composed of representatives from the 
churches in union. 

Each church shall be entitled to three delegates, and for every additional 
twenty-five members above the first hundred, shall be entitled to an addi- 
tional delegate; but in the business of the Association, whenever the dele- 
gates from any church of the body shall request it, the vote shall be '.aken 
by churches, and in that event each church shall be entitled to three votes. 

III. The delegates, when convened shall organize themselves into a delib- 
erative body, by the appointment of a Moderator and Clerk; these officers 
shall be chosen by ballot, at each annual meeting, and continue in office until 
new ones are chosen. 

Should any event transpire so as to prevent an annual meeting of this As- 
sociation, the Moderator shall have the power to call a meeting at any time 
or place; which meeting, when convened, shall have all the rights of a regu- 
lar annual meeting. 

IV. This Association shall not interfere with the rights of the churches 
of which she is composed, -^he shall regard them as independent bodies in 
all measures of internal government, and shall only act as an advisory council; 
assuming no authority but what is expressly delegated to her by the churches, 
or evidently implied bv the very nature of the compact. She nevertheless 
claims authoritv over her own members, the delegates of the churches, and 
in justice and propriety must have power to withdraw from and disown all 
churches that depart from the principles of this compact, by becoming 
heterodox in faith or disorderly in practice. She should, therefore, regard 
all the churches, united under the constitution, with a vigilant eye for good. 
Her principal business shall be to promote the declarative glory of God, by 
extending his kingdom of grace on earth, through the medium of preaching 
the Gospel, and other means, in accordance with that Gospel; to cultivate 
union and fellowship with all the churches of Christ, and especially with 
those united in this Association. 

V. Newly constituted churches dismissed from other Associations, of 
the same faith and order, may be admitted into this union, on their sending 
tip delegates to an annual meeting, with a petition and by those delegates 
agreeing to the abstract of principles adopted by this Association, 

VI. The churches in this union shall transmit to every annual session of 
the Association written communications specifying the names of the dele- 
gates, number in fellowship, baptised, received by letter, dismissed, excluded, 
restored, deceased since last session, and all other information which 
churches may deem of importance, which shall be read and minuted ac- 

VII. This Association shall have a fund, supplied by the voluntary con- 


tributions of the churches, and all monies thus contributed shall be trans* 
mitted from the churches and paid over through the Committee on Finance 
to the Treasurer, who shall be elected by ballot, and hold his office during 
the pleasure of the Association. He shall receive and manage the funds 
according to the order of the Association, and present annually, for inser- 
tion in the Minutes, a clear and full statement of all receipts and expendi- 

VIII. This Association shall furnish the churches with the Minutes of 
every session. 

IX. This Association shall take cognizance of no query sent up from the 
chuiches unless they have endeavored to solve the same and have failed, nor 
of any difficulty between churches, unless they have pursued the directions 
contained in the XVIII chapter of Matthew, and have not been able to set- 
tle them; then the Association shall take such matters into consideration 
and act upon them at her discretion. 

X. It shall be the duty of the clerk of this Association to keep a regular 
file of printed Minutes of every session of this body, and deliver over the 
same to his successor in office. 

XI. This Association, when convened, shall be governed by proper rules 
of decorum, which she is authorized to form and amend according to her 
own views. 

XII. This constitution may be altered or amended at a regular meeting 
of the Association, by a concurring voice of two-thirds of the members 
present; provided, such alteration or amendment be approved by a majority 
of the churches. 




1. At every annual meeting of this Association, immediately after the 
delegates names are enrolled, tellers shall be appointed by the chair, and 
the Association shall proceed to choose from among their number a Mode- 
rator, Clerk and Treasurer, who are to hold their offices until new ones are 

2. The Moderator shall take the chair every day at the hour to which 
the Association shall have adjourned on the preceding day ; shall iinmedi- 
ately call the members to order, and on the appearance of a quorum shall 
cause the minutes of the preceding day to be read. 

3 He shall preserve order and decorum ; may speak on points of order 
in preference to other members, rising from his seat for that pm-pose ; and 
shall decide questions of order, subject to an appeal to the Association, by 
any two members, on which appeal no member shall speak more than once 
unless by leave of the Association, 

4. He shall rise to put a question, but may state it sitting. 

5. Qj.iestions shall be distinctly put ; those voting in the affirmative shall 
say aye, and those of a contrary opinion no. If the Moderator doubts, or 
a division be called for, the delegates shall divide ; those voting in the affirm- 
ative shall first arise from their seats, and afterwards those voting in the 


6. The Moderator shall appoint all committees, unless otherwise spe- 
cially directed bv the Association. 

7. In all cases of election, the Moderator may vote ; in other cases, he 
shall not vote, unless the body be equally divided ; in that event he shall 
give the casting vote. He may speak on any question, provided he shall call 
some other member to the chair while he is speaking. 

8. The Clerk shall enroll the names of tlie delegates minute the pro- 
ceedings of the body, and perform such other duties as the As.^ociation may 

9. The Treasurer shall receive, account for and pay all monies be- 
longing to this body, accordiug to the instructions of the Association, and 
perform such other duties as the Association may direct. 

10. When any member is about to speak or deliver anj' matter to the 
Association, he shall rise from his seat and respectfully address the Mode- 
rator, and shall confine himself to the question under debate and avoid per- 

11. If any member, in speaking or otherwise, transgress the rules of the 
Association, the Moderator shall, or anv member may, call him to order ; 
in which case t'le member so called to order shall immediately sitdowu un- 
less permitted to explain ; and the Association shall, if appealed to, decide 
on the case, but without debate. If there be no appeal, the decision of the 
Chair shall be submitted to ; if the decision be in favor of the member called 
to order he shall be at liberty to proceed ; if otherwise he shall not be per- 
mitted to proceed, in case any member object, without leave of the Asso- 

12. When two or more members happen to rise at once the Moderator 
shall name the one who is to speak first. 

13. No member shall speak more than once to the same question with- 
out leave of the Association, unless he be the mo\er, proposer or introducer 
of the matter pending, in which case he shall be permitted to speak in reply, 
but not until every member choosing to speak shall have spoken. 

14. Every member who shall be in the house when a question is put 
shall give his vote, unless the Association, for special reason excuse him. 

15. When a motion is made and seconded, it shall be stated by the 
Chair ; or, being in writing, it shall be handed to the Moderator, and rerd 
aloud before debated. 

16. Every motion shall be reduced to writing, if the Chair or any mem- 
ber desire it. 

17. After a motion is stated by the Chair, or read aloud by the Clerk, it 
shall be deemed to be in possession of the body, but may be withdrawn, bv 
leave of the Association, at any time before a decision or amendment. 

IS. When a question is under debate no motion shall be entertained but 
to adjourn, to lie on the table, for previous question, to postpone to a day 
certain, commit, amend, to postpone indefinitely ; which several motions 
shall ha\e precedence in the order in which the}' are arranged and no mo- 
tion to postpone to a day certain, to commit, or postpone indefinitely, being 
decided, shall again be allowed diu-ing the session, 

19. A motion to adjourn shall alwavs be in order, except the Associa- 
tion be engaged in voting. 

20. A motion to lay on the table shall be taken without debate ; and 
shall always be in order, except a member be speaking, or the body engaged 
in voting. 

21. On a previous question there shall be no debate. All incidental 
questions of order arising after the motion is made for the previous ques- 
tion, and pending such motion shall be decided, whether on appeal or oth- 
wise, without debate. 


22. The previous question shall be in this form : Shall the main ques- 
tion be now put ? It shall only be admitted when demanded by a majority 
of the members present ; its effect shall be to pnt an end to all debate, and 
bring the Association to a direct vote upon amendments reported by com- 
mittee, if any : upon pending amendments, and then upon the main ques- 

•23. No motion or proposition on a subject different from that under 
consideration shall be admitted under color of amendment. 

2i. When a motion has been once made and carried, in the affirmative 
or negative, it shall be in order for any member of the majority to move a 
reconsideration thereof, on the same or succeeding business day, and such 
motion shall take precedence of all other questions, except a motion to ad- 

25. No member shall absent himself from the house without leave of the 
Moderator ; or leave the meeting without leave of the Association. 

2(5. Should any member of this Association absent himself before the 
close of the session, without permission of the body, he shall be marked in 
the Minutes as absent without leave. 




I. Of the Scriptures. — We believe that the Holy Bible was written 
by men divinely inspired, and is a perfect treasure of heavenly instruction; 
that it has God for its author, salvation for it* end, and trutli without any 
mixture of error tor its matter; that it reveals the principles by which God 
will judge us; and therefore is, and shall remain to the end of the world, the 
true centre of Christian union and the supreme standard by which all hu- 
man conduct, creeds and opinions should be tried. 

II. Of the True God — That there is one, and onlv one, true and 
living God. whose name is jehovah; the Maker and Supreme Ruler oj 
Heaven and earth; inexpressibly glorious in holiness; worthy of all confi- 
dence and love; revealed under the personal and relative distinctions of the 
Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost: equal in every divine perfection, and 
executing distinct but harmonious offices in the ^reat work of redemption. 

III. Of the Fall of Max — That man was created in a state of holi- 
ness, under the law of his Maker, but b\- voluntarv transgressions fell from 
that holy and happ\- state; in consequence of which all mankind are sin- 
ners, not by constraint but choice, being by nature utterly void of that holi- 
ness required by the law of God, wholly given to the gratification of the 
world, of Satan, and of their own sinful passions; and therefore under just 
condemnation to eternal ruin, without defense or excuse. 

IV. Of the Way of Salvatiox — That the salvation of sinners is 
wholly of grace, through the mediatorial office of the .Son of God, who took 
on Him our nature, yet without sin, honored the law by His personal 
obedience, and made atonement for our sins by His death; being risen from 
the dead He is now enthroned in Heaven, and uniting in His wonderful per- 
son the tenderesf sympathies with divine perfections. He iseverv wav quali- 
fide to be a suitable, a coinpassionate and an allsutficient Saviour. 


V. Of Justification — That the great Gospel blessing, which Christ 
or His fulness bestows on such as believe in Him. is justification; and justi- 
fication consists in the pardon of sin and the promise of eternal life on prin- 
ciples of righteousness ; that it is bestowed, not in consideration of any work 
of righteousness which we ha\'e done, but solely through His own redemp- 
tion and righteouness; that it brings us into a state of most blessed peace 
and favor with God, and secures every other blessing needful for time and 

VI. Of the Freeness of Salvation — That tlie blessings of salva- 
tion are made free to all by the Gospel; that it is the immediate duty of all 
to accept them by cordial and obedient faith; and that nothing prevents the 
salvation of the greatest sinner on earth, except his own voluntary refusal 
to submit the Lord Jesus Christ, which refusal will subject him to an aggra- 
vated condemnation. 

VII. Of Grace in Regkxeratiox — That in order to be saved, we 
must be legenerated, or born again; that regeneration consists in giving a 
holy disposition to the mind; and is effected in a manner above our compre- 
hension or calculation by the power of the Hol_v Spirit, so as to secure our 
voluntary obedience to the Gospel; and that its proper evidence is found in 
the holy fruit we bring forth to the glorv of God. 

VIII. Of God's Purpose of Grace — That election is the gracious pur- 
pose of God, according to which he regenerates; sanctifies and saves sinners; 
that, being perfectly consistent with the free agency of man, it compre- 
hends all the means in connection with the end; that it is a most glorious 
display of God's sovereign goodness, being infinitely wise, holy and un- 
changeable; that it utterly excludes boasting and promotes humility, prayer, 
praise, trust in God and active imitation of His free mercy; that it encour- 
ages the use of means in the highest degree; that it is ascertained by its 
effects in all who believe the Gospel ; is the foundation of Christian assurance, 
and that to ascertain it with regard to ourselves demands and deserves our 
utmost diligence. 

IX- Of the Perseverance of Saints — That such only are real be- 
lievers as endure to the end; that their persevering attachment to Christ is 
the grand mark which distinguishes them from superficial profession, that a 
special Providence watches over their welfare; and that they are kept by the 
power of God through faith imto salvation. 

X. Harmony of the Law and Gospel — Tliat the law of God is the 
eternal and unchangeable rule of His moral government; that it is holy, just 
and good; that the inability which the Scriptures ascribe to fallen men to 
fulfill its precepts, arises entirely from their love of sin; to deliver them from 
which, and to restore them, through a Mediator, to unfeigned obedience to 
the holy law, is one great end of the Gospel, and of the means of grace con- 
nected with the establishment of the visible church. 

XI. Of a Gospel Church — That a visible church of Christ is i' con- 
gregation of baptised believers, associated by covenant in the faith and fel- 
lowship of the Gospel, observing the ordinances of Christ, governed by His 
laws, and exercising the gifts, rights and privileges invc^sted in them by iiis 
word, that its only proper officers are bishops or pastors, and deacons, 
whose qualifications, claims and duties are defined in the Epistles to Timothy 
and Titus. 

XII. Of B.\ptism and the Lord's Supper — That Christian Baptism 
is the immersion of a believer, in water, in the name of the Father, Son and 
Spirit to show forth in a solemn and beautiful emblem our fait Ji in a cruci- 
fied and risen Saviour, with its purifying power^ and that it is a prerequisite 
to the relatives of a church relation and to the Lord's Supper, in which the 
members of the church, by the use of bread and wine, ai-e to commemorate 


together the dying love of Christ preceded always by solemn self-examina- 

XIII. Of the Christian Sabbath — That the first day of the week is 
the Lord's Day, or Christian Sabbath and is to be kept sacred to religious 
purposes, by abstaining from all secular labor and recreations, by the devout 
observance of all the means of grace, both private and public, and by pre- 
paration for that rest which remaineth for the people of God. 

XIV. Of Civil Government. — That civil government is of Divine 
appointment, for the interest and good order of human society, and that 
magistrates are to be prayed for, conscientiously honored and obeyed, ex- 
cept in things opposed to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only 
Lord of the conscience, and Prince of the Kings of the earth. 

XV. Of the Righteous and the Wicked. — That there is a radical 
and essential difference between the righteous and the wicked ; that such 
only as through faith are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and sanc- 
tified by the Spirit of God, are truly righteous in his esteem ; while all such 
as continue in impotence and unbelief are in his sight wicked, and under 
the curse ; and this distinction holds among men both in and after death. 

XVI. Of thr World to Come. — That the end of this world is ap- 
proaching : that at the last day Christ will descend from heaven and raise 
the dead from the grave for final retribution ; that a solemn separation will 
then take place ; that the wicked will be adjudged to endless punishment, 
and the righteous to endless joy • and that this judgment will fix forever the 
final state of men in heaven on hell, or principles of righteousness. 




||pi§|HERE is no more important interest fostered by the 
^1^ denomination than this paper. It ought to be read 
in every Baptist family in Alabama. This is not asking too 

Having removed to Montgomery, the capital of the State, 
the publishers hope to deserve more than ever the support 
of the denomination. 


^tf^We will pay a commission to agents soliciting sub- 
scriptions in any Church or Aosociation. 


Editors and Proprietors. 

SAMUEL HENDERSON, D. D.. Associate Editor. 

fWe are prepared to do alt leinds of 

Job Printing, Ruling and Binding, 


jrrijruTEs, letter he^ds, be^jtk books, Sfc. 

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