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Full text of "Mirk's festial : a collection of homilies"

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MS. Gough, Eccl. Top. 4. Bodl. fol. 


J? educed facsimile. 










. s 





I I 1.3 


no, -94 
v, I 



THIS first part contains only the text and a glossary. 
In the second part, with Introduction, Notes, &c., I hope to 
give all the necessary information concerning the MSS. 
and the arrangement of the text, &c. I may, therefore, 
here confine myself to a very few remarks. 

In addition to the ordinary contraction signs the scribe 
of the Gough MS. frequently makes a stroke over or other- 
wise adds a stroke to the last letter of the words. 

1. A thin horizontal stroke over the last letter (especially 
over m or n), where on the whole they cannot mean 
anything * : facsim. 1. I , poysen ; 1. 2, don -, 1. 4, hym ; 1. 5, 
passyon, coin-, 1. 8, Then] 1. 17, lerusalem. 

Very rarely this stroke is found over the middle of a 
word, bondage. 

As in every line a number of these meaningless strokes 
occur, which would impair the legibility of the text if 
reproduced in print, it was thought advisable to leave 
them out. 

2. U at the end of a word regularly shows a bar through 
the upper part : facsim. 1. 6, schatl ; 1. 1 1 , alt ; 1. 23, wyU ; 
1. 27, schuU\ 1. 29, peputl', 1. 31, futt. Owing to the con- 
stant use of this bar throughout the whole of the MS., 
I did not give it in the text. 2 

3. The same is the case with the flourish after a final g, 
which is used regularly in the MS. : facsim. 1. 3, praynfl ; 

1 These lines differ from the more rounded contraction signs for m, n, 
and y : facsim. 1. i, ma, ano; 1. a, The; 1. 4, cofort; 1. 13, criste me (some 
for y) conception; facsim. 1. 2, anon is an exception, the scribe putting the 
stroke apparently under the influence of and in the preceding line, whei'e he 
omits the n. 

2 When a plural is needed, casteH = castelles. F.J.F. 


Provisional Preface 

1. 7, blessyng, ton"^, lori(). Also after a final r, although the 
use is not regular here: /m?, a/fa/?, butted, hedy?, offy?, 
^vaty?* ) cliyldy^. In either case the flourish has been 

4. In the same way the usual stroke across an h is dis- 
regarded : facsim. 1. 7, stegh ; 1. 2,2, slogh ; 1. 27, such. 

In MS. Claudius A. II, from which the appendix is 
taken, the various kinds of marks as mentioned above are 
hardly used at all with the exception of an occasional 
flourish after a final r and in a very few other cases, and 
their use here seems to prove that they are meant to 
represent a final e, which I consequently put in the print. 

As in many late MSS. the distinction between e and o 
and between t and c is not clearly marked, I have ventured 
in some instances to put an o or c, although the letter 
looks rather like an e or t, and vice versa. 

As regards the glossary, I have endeavoured to record 
one instance of each of the different spellings occurring in 
the text with the following exceptions. I disregard the 
difference in spellings which vary only (i) in having a, e, i, 
o, u, or y in the unaccented syllable (e. g. after, o/tyr, aftir) ; 
(2) in placing or omitting a final e ; (3) in the use of final 
d or t in the pi. and pp. 

In the case of the nouns the gen. sg. and plural forms, 
and in the case of the adjective the adverb, comparative, 
and superlative forms are omitted. 

I have to acknowledge gratefully the help of Professor 
Napier in revising the text and in other ways. 



1. Advent Sonday . .....,.. . ',-, . . i 

2. De Festo St. Andree, etc. . .,. .. , . . -., . 6 

3. De Festo St. Nicholai, etc. . ,. . ;,'. ; . . n 

4. De Concepcione Beate Marie, etc. . . . -15 

5. De Festo St. Thome Apostoli, etc. . '. . . 18 

6. De Nativitate Domini Nostri Ihesu Cristi, etc. . . 21 

7. De Festo St. Stephani, etc. .....-,;, . . . 26 

8. De Festo St. lohannis, Apostoli et Euangeliste, etc. . 30 

9. De Innocentibus, etc. . . . . . . 35 

10. De Festo St. Thome Martiris, etc. k , . . .38 

11. De Circumcisione Domini Nostri Ihesu Cristi . . 44 

12. De Epiphania Domini, etc. . .... . -47 

13. De Conuercione St. Pauli . f ; * . . . 52 

14. De Purificacione Beate Marie, etc. , . . , 56 

15. De Dominica in Septuagesima, etc. , . . , . 62 

16. De Dominica in Sexagesima, etc. . . . -. 69 

17. De Dominica in Quinquagesima, etc. . -,, .; v 74 

18. De Festo St. Mathie Apostoli, etc. ^, . ... . ; , 79 

19. De Dominica in Quadragesima, etc. . . ; c .; ..._ . 82 

20. De Dominica Prima Quadragesime . . . .86 

21. De Dominica Secunda Quadragesime . . . .92 

22. De Dominica Tercia Quadragesime . . . .96 

23. De Dominica Quarta Quadragesime . . . . 101 

24. De Anunciacione Dominica, etc. . . . . .106 

25. De Dominica in Passione Domini, etc. . . . .no 

26. Dominica in Ramis Palmarum, etc. . .114 

27. Sermo ... ad Tenebras . . . . 117 

28. Sermo Dicendus ad Parochianos in Parasceue Domini, etc. 120 

29. Quaedam Formacio Necessaria Capellanis, etc. . .124 

30. De Festo Pasche . ... 129 

viii Contents 


31. De Festo St. Georgii Martyris 132 

32. De St. Marco, etc 135 

33. De Festo Apostolorum Philippi et lacobi, etc. . . 138 

34. De Inuencione St. Crucis, etc. . . . . .142 

35. De Festo lohannis ante Portam Latinam, etc. . .146 

36. De Diebus Rogacionum, etc. . . . . 149 

37. De Ascensione Domini, etc 151 

38. De Vigilia Pentecostes, etc 155 

39. De Dominica Pentecostes, etc. . . . . -159 

40. De Festo Trinitatis, etc 163 

41. De Solempnitate Corporis Cristi, etc. . . . .168 

42. De St. Barnabe Apostolo, etc. . . . . . 175 

43. De Solempnitate St. Weneffrede . . . . . 177 

44. De Festo St. lohannis Baptiste, etc 182 

45. De Festo Apostolorum Petri et Pauli, etc. . . .186 

46. Denarracio de Morte Neronis, etc. . . . .191 

47. De Translacione St. Thome, etc 196 

48. De Solempnitate St. Margarete, etc. . . . . 199 ^ 

49. De St. Maria Magdalena, etc. . . . . . 203 

50. De Festiuitate St. lacobi Apostoli, etc 208 

51. De Solempnitate St. Anne, Matris Marie, etc. . . 213 - 

52. De Solempnitate St. Laurencii Martyris, etc. . .216 

53. De Assumpcione Beate Marie, etc 221 

54. In Die Assumpcionis Beate Marie, etc. . . . .227 

55. De Festo St. Bartholomei, etc 235 

56. De Festo St. Alkemundi, etc 240 

57. De Natiuitate Beate Marie, etc 245 

58. De Exaltacione St. Crucis, etc. . . . . .249 

59. De leiunio Quatuor Temporuin 253 

60. De Festo St. Mathei Apostoli et Euangeliste, etc. . .254 

61. De Festo St. Michaelis, etc. . . . , . . 257 

62. De Solempnitate St. Luce Euaungeliste, etc. . . .260 

63. De Festo Simonis et Ivde, etc 263 

64. De Festo Omnium Sanctorum, etc 266 

65. In Die Animarum, etc. . . . . . .269 

66. De Solempnitate St. Martini, etc. . . . .272 

67. De Festo St. Katerine, etc 275 , 




68. De Dedicacione Ecclesie, etc. . . . . . 277 

69. De Oracione Dominica . . 282 


(From MS. Claudius A. II.) 

70. Sermo de Nupcijs . . . . . . .289 

71. In Die Sepulture Alicuius Mortui . " . .294 

72. Qui Sunt Sepeliendi in Cimitorio . . ^ . 297 

73. De Salutacione Beate Marie, etc. . . . . 299 

74. De Miraclis Beate Marie (the last one from MS. Harl. 

2403) . .^ . 300 



G. = MS. Gough Eccl. Top. 4, Bodl. 
d. = MS. Douce 60, Bodl. 
D. = MS. Douce 108, Bodl. 
C. = MS. Claudius A. II, Brit. Mus. 
//. = MS. Harleian 2403, Brit. Mus. 
L. = MS. Lansdpwne 392, Brit. Mus. 

WT (j , \ -\ 

A ( 



(MS. Gough Eccl. Top. 4, Bodl.) 

GOD, maker of all fyng, be at our begynnyng, and ;if vs all 
fol. 1 a his blessyng, and bryng vs all to a good endyng. Amen. 

Hie incipit liber, qui vocatw festiualis 1 . 


Good men and woymen, fys day, as 50 knowen well, ys cleped 
Sonenday yn f e Aduent ; fat ys, f e Sonenday of Cristys comyng. 
Wherfor fys day holy chyrch makyth mencyon of two comyngys 
of Crist, Godys sonne, ynto Ipys world, forto by mankind out 8 
of fe deueles bondage, and to bryng hym and weldoers to fe 
blys fat euer schall last. And his olper comyng, fat schall be 
at fe day of dome, forto deme all wikytdoers ynto f e pyt of 
hell for euermor. But f e for[m]e comyng of Cryst yiito \>ya world 12 
broght ioy and blysse wyth hym ; f erfor holy chyrch vsyth 
summe songes of melody, as Alleluja, and olper. And for Ip e co- 
myng of Cryst to Ipe dome schall be so jrus and so cruell, fat 
no tong may tell, f erfor holy chirch layth downe sum songes 16 
of melody as: ' Te Deum laudamws/ 'Gloria in excelsis,' and 
' Weddyng.' For aftyr fat day schall weddyng neuer be. pws 
holy chirche layfe downe songys of melody befor, yn tokenyng 
of vengans fat woll come aftyr. 20 

Then of fe fyrst comyng of Cryst mto fys world, f us sayth 
Seynt Austyne : ' per ben f re f yngys fat ben ryuet yn f #s 
world: burth, trauell, and defe.' pys ys fe testament fat 
Adam, our formast fadyr, made to all his ospryng aftyr hym, fat 24 
ys : forto be borne yn sekenes, forto lyuen yn trauayle, and forto 
dye yn drede. But Crist blessyt most he be ! he come forto 
be executure of f ys testament : and was borne, and trauayld, 
and dyet. He was borne to bryng man out of sekenes ynto 28 
eueilastyng hele ; he trauaylde forto bryng man ynto euer- 

1 MS. festiuale. 


2 1. Advent Sonday 

lastyng reste ; he was ded forto || bryng man ynto f e lyfe fat 1 b 
neuer schall haue ende. p?/s was fe cause of Crystys fyrst comyng 
ynto fys world. Wherfor he fat wyll scape fe dome fat he 
4 wyll come to at fe second comyng, he most lay downe all maner 
of pride and heynes of hert, and know hymselfe fat he ys not 
but a wryche and sly me of erth, and soo hold mekenes yn his 
hert. He most trauayl his body yn good werkes, and gete his 

8 lyfe wyth swynke, and put away all ydylnes and slewth. For 
he fat wyll not trauayle here 1 wyth men, as Seynt Barnard 
sayth, he schall trauayle ay wyih fe fendes of hell. And for 
dred of deth he mot make hym redy to his God, when he woll 

12 send aftyr hym, fat ys : schryuen of his synnys, and all way 
kepe his concyens clene not forto abyde from lenton to lenton, 
but as sone as he felef e fat he hath synnet, anoon goo schryue 
hym, and mekly take Ipe dome of his schryft-fadyr : fen schall 

16 he haue yn f e day of dome gret remedy and worschip. For 
ryght as a knyght scheweth f e wondys fat he haf e yn batayle, 
yn moche comewdyng to hym ; ryght so all f e synnys fat 
a man hath schryuen hym of 2 , and taken hys penans for, schull 

20 be f er yschewet yn moch honowre to hym, and moche confucyon 
to Ipe fende. And f ose fat haue not schryuen horn, hit schall be 
schowet to all f e world yn gret confusyon and schenschyp. Jtys 
ys sayde for f e fyrst commyng of Cryst ynto f ?/s world. 

24 The secunde comyng of hym to Ipe dome schall so cruell be, 
and ferdfull, and horrybull, fat f er schal com befor xv dayes of 
gret drede; so by Ipe drede of fes dayes Ipai comen befor, a man 
may know aparty the horobylyte fat schall be yn f e dome, fat 

28 comyth aftyr. 

The fyrst day, as Saynt Jerom sayth, fe see schall aryse 
vp yn hyr styd, soo fat f e watyr schall be hear || then ayny hyll, 2 a 
by xl ti cubytys, stondyng styll yn her styd, as hit wer a wall. 

32 The ij. day hit schall fall downe, so fat vnnefe hit schall be 

The iij. day fe seeswyne and fe cloppys of fe see schull 

[G. = MS.Gough Eccl.Top. 4. J>. = MS. Douce 108. d. *= MS. Douce 60. 
C. = MS. Claudius A. IL] 

1 here d. D. herere G. 

2 hym of d. D. C. of his synnys (his synnys crossed out) G. 

1. Advent Monday 3 

stond on f e see and make roryng noyse so hyddous, fat no man 
can tell hit but l God hymselfe. 

The iiij. day f e see and all watyrs schull bren. 

The v. day treus and herbys schull swete blode, and all 4 
fowles schull come togedyr and nofer ete ne drynke for ferd of 
f e dome comyng. 

The vj. day all byldyngys and castelles 2 schull fall adowne to 
fe grownde, and an horrybull fyre schall aryse at fe sonne goyng $ 
downe, and fen a3eyne at f e vprysyng of hym. 

The vij. day all stons and rockes schull vche all tobeton olper 
wyth a hydwes noyse, whech noyse God hymselfe schall know 
and vndyrstond. 12 

The viij. day fe erf e schall quake so horribuly, fat no best 
schall stond on hit, but all schall fal to ]> e grownd. 

The ix. day all hyllys and mowntaynys schull turne ynto 
powdyr, and fe erfe schall be made playne and euen. ig 

The x. day men schull goo out of hur dennys fer fay daret 
for drede so amated for fer, Ipat non schall speke to olper. 

The xj. day all fe bones of fe ded men schull ryse and stond 
vp on hor graues, and fat day all graues Echull opyn. 20 

The xij. day sterres schull fall from heuew and spred out of 
horn brennyng lemes. 

The xiij. day all men schull be redy to aryse fat haue ben 
ded befor. 24 

The xiiij. day heuen and erfe schull bren so horrybly, fat 
no man may tell hit. 

2 b The xv. day || heuen and erf schull be made newe, and all men 
and woymen and childyrne schull aryse vp yn f e age of xxx fci 28 
jere and come to f e dome. 

Then schal Ihesn Crist, veray God and man 3 , come to f e 
dome, and al seyntys wyth hym, and schow all his wondys all 
fresch, and newe, and bledyng, as fat day fat he deyet on f e 32 
crosse. And fer f e crosse schall be schewet all blody, and all 
ofer ynstrumentys of his passyon. Then sory may fay be fat 
haue ben wont to swer by his hert, by sydes, by blod and bones 
of hym ; fat schall be to hym a hygh fure and a hygh confusyon, 36 
but fay wer sory f erof befor. 

1 but d. D. so G. 2 castelles d. D. castell G. 3 man d. D. man and G. 

1 2 


1. Advent Sonday 

Then schall Cryst heghly f onke horn, and prayse horn fat han 
don mercy to hor euen-cristyn, and schall say f us to horn : ' My 
fadyrs blessyd chyldyrne comef e ynto f e joy fat euer schall last. 
4 For when I was hongry, 36 fedden me ; when I was thursty, je 
gaf me dryngke ; when I was naket, 36 clof et me ; when I was 
herberles, 36 Herbert me ; when I was seke, 36 vyset me, 3evyng 
me fat fat was nedfull to me ; when I was yn pryson, 30 come to 
8 me and confortet me. 1 For when 30 dyddyn f us for my loue, 30 
dydden hyt to me and as moche fonke I kan you for fat 30 
dydden to f e lest of myn, as 36 hadden don hit to myn owne 
selfe ; wherfor goo 30 now ynto fat ioye fat euer schall last V 

12 Then schall he horrubly rebuken ryche men fat han don no 
mercy, and say to horn spytwysly f us : ' Goo 30 curset lystes 
ynto f e payne of helle, for 36 hadden ynogh wherof to haue fed 
me and my seruantys, and 3eue me dryngke, yclofet me, and 

16 herbert me, and holpen me yn my sekenes, and vyset me yn my 
dyses, and 30 wold not, but louet your good and not me. Wherfor 
goo 36 now ynto fe fyre of helle fat ys ordeynt to fe fendys 
of hell wythout any mercy ; for 36 wold do no mercy, and f erfor 30 

20 schull haue no mercy.' 

Then woo schall be to horn fat schall here f ys rebuke yn fat 
day ; f er schall 2 no pleder helpe, ne gold, ne syluyr, ne othyr || 
yftes ; but as a man hath don, he schall haue. He schall haue 3 a 

24 accusars aboue hym, wyihyn hym, on aythyr syde hym, and vndyr 
hym, fat he schall no way scape. Aboue hym schall be CVist his 
domes-man so wrof e, fat no tong con tell, for he dyt no mercy ; 
wytAyn hym his on concyens accusyng hym of f e lest f oght fat 

28 euer he dyd amys; hys angyll on fat on syde tellyng hym redely 
wher and how oft he haf e don amys ; on fat olper syde fendes 
chalenchyng hym horres as by ryght ; vndyr hym helle 3eonyng, 
and galpyng, and spyttyng fyre and stench redy for to swolon hym 

32 ynto f e payne fat neuer schall haue ende. 

Thys, good men, 30 schull know well fat yn f e day of dome 
pore men schull be domes-men wyth Cryst, and dome f e ryche. 
For all f e woo fat pore men hauen, hit ys by f e ryche men ; 

1 For . . . last.] And as moche thonke I coude you for that ye didde to]>e lest 
of myn, as ye hadde done hit for me. d. D. 
3 schall C. d. D. schall be 0. 


1. Advent Sonday 

and fogh fay haue moche wrong, fay may not gete amendes, 
tyll fay come to fat dome ; and f er fay schall haue all hor one 
lust of horn. For when fay haue wrong, and mow gete non 
amendys, fen fay pray ful hertely to God for to qwyt horn yn 4 
f e day of dome ; and woll he truly. For f us he sayth by his 
profyt: 'Kepytt your veniauns to me, and I wyll qwyt you/ 
Wherfor, syrs, for Goddys loue, whyll je byn here, makyth 
amendes for your mys-dedys, and makyf e horn your frendes 8 
fat schall be our domes-men, and tryst je not to horn fat schall 
com aftyr you, lest ;e ben deseyuet, and dredyth f e payne of hell 
fat schall last wythouten any ende. 

Seynt Bede tellef e fat f er was a husbond-man here yn Englond 12 
fat fell seke, and lay as for ded from f e euentyde tyll f e morow. v ^ ' 
pen aros he, and departed his gcdys yn f re partyes, and his partye 
he gaf to pore men, and jede and was made a monke yn an abbay 
fat stod by a watyr syde. Ynto f e whech watyr ych nyght he sede 16 
yn, wer hyt neuer soo coold forste, and stod ther long tyme of f e 
nyght. And when he was asket, why he put hymselfe ynto so V 
moche penaunce, he vnswered : ' Forto eschoyn f e more payne 
fat I haue seyn,' and ete barly-bred, and dranke watyr all his 20 
lyfe aftyr. And he wold tell to relygyous men f e payne fat he 
3 b segh, fat was soo gret, || fat he cowthe not tel hit openly. He 
sayde fat an angyll lad hym ynto a place fat on f e toon syde 
was suche a colde, that no tong myght tell f e payne f erof ; and 24 
on fat oper syde was suche a hete, fat no man myght tell fe 
payne f m>f, ny of f e hete : and sowles wern cast out of fat won 
into f e toper. And so fat angyll schewet hym f e fyre fat come 
out at f e mowf e, fat was f e fyre of hell ; fat was so hote, fat als 28 
ferre as he myght seen hit, hym foght he brennet for hete. And 
yn fe lees f erof he segh sowles bulmyng vp and don, cryyng 
horrybuly, and a noyse of fendes cryyng : ' Sle, sle, sle, sle, sle, 
sle, opon f e broche, rost hote, cast ynto f e cawdren, setlie fast 32 
yn pyche, and cood, and brymston, and hot leed ! J pus fay fat 
ben dampnet to hell, fay styntyn neuer to cry and 50!] e : ' Woo 
ys hym fat fedyr schall goo.' God hymselfe scheld vs ferfro, 
and bryng vs to f e blys he boght vs to. Amen. 36 


6 2. De Festo Sanctl Andree 



Good men and weymen, such a day $e schull haue Seynt 

4 Andrawys daye, and fast f e euen. pe whech dey 50 schull come 

to fe chyrch to serue God, and forto worschip the holy apostoll 

for f e speciall uertues fat he hade : an for his hygh holynes of 

lyvyng, anof<?r for gret myracles doyng, the thrid for gret pas- 

8 syon suffryng. He was a man of holy lyuing ; for when he herd 

fat Seynt Ion Baptyst prechet yn deserte, he laf[t] al his worldes 

occupacyon, and jede to hym, and was his descypull. Then 

befell hit apon a day Crist come walkyng, and when Seynt Ion 

12 segh hym walkyng, he sayde f ys to his dyscypull : ' Lo, jonde 
ys Godys lombe fat schall do away ]>e syn of f e world.' And 
when Seynt Andrew herd fat, anon he laft Ion and suet Cryst. 
And when he herd Crist preche, hym lyket soo well fat he fatte 

16 Seynt Petyr, his brof 0/*, to Crist forto here his prechyng. And 
fen fay bofe casten such a loue to Cryst, fat on a day sone 
aftyr, as 1 fay wer yn fe see of Galyle fyschyng, Cryst come by 
horn, and callet horn, pen fay bofe anon laften hor schippe, 

20 and hor nettys, and all fat fay hadden, and sewet Crist foif e ay, 
tyll he stegh ynto Heuen. And when he was gon ynto Heuen, || 
Andraw prechet Goddys worde to f e pepull. 4 a 

Among f e wheche was on, callad Nicol, fat lyvet lx t{ wyntyr and 

24 more yn lechery. But by grace of God he f oght to amende his lyfe, 
and let wryte a gospell on a boke, and had fat wyth hym yn hopyng 
fat f e vertu of Cryst schull put away his temptacyon. And soo, 
by fe \eri\i of Goddys worde, he abstaynet hym of his synne a 

28 while ; but jet by entysyng of f e fend, on a day, lie forjet hymselfe, 
and jede to f e bordell-hous, as he was wont to do. And when he 
come f edyr, f e womon criet vpon hym, and sayde : ' Vnsley old 
man, goo hef en ! for I se apon f e mony meruayles.' pen f /s 

32 Nycol byfoght hym fat he hade Goddys gospell on hym. And 

anon he jede to Seynt Andraw, and told hym ff/s caas, and 

prayde hym forto pray for hym to God fat his sole wer not 

Ibrlorne. Then Seynt Andraw sayde fat he wold neuer ete ne 

1 as C. om. G. d. D. 

2. De Festo Sancti Andree 7 

dryng, tyll he wyst whef er he schuld be saued or noo. pen he 
fast fyf dayees prayng and bysechyng for hym. pen, at f e fyuet 
dayes ende, Iper come a voyce to hym, and sayde : ' As f ou fastes 
and prayes to God, make Nycol forto don ; and fen he schall 4 
be sauet.' pen callet he fis Nicol to hym, and bade hyrn fast 
fourty dayes bred and watyr, and pray bysily to God ; and soo 
he dyd. And when fe fourty dayes wer done 1 , sone aftyr fys 
Nicol deyd, pen 2 come Iper a voyce to Andraw, and sayde : ' By g 
fy prayer I haue wonen Nicoll fat was lost/ 


Also a 3ong man com to Seynt Andraw, and preuely sayde to 7 
hym : ' Syr, my modyr haf e besoght me forto lye by hure ; but 12 
for I wold not, hoo hath accuset me to fe justyce. Wherfor 
well I wot y schall be ded. And jet I haue leuer take f e deth 
fen sclaundyr my modyr soo fowle. Wherfor, syr, for Godys 
loue pray for me fat I may take my deth mekely/ pen sayde 16 
Saynt Andraw : ' Sonne, goo forth to f y dome, and I wyll goo 
4 b wyth f e.' pen anon comme men, and || fatten hym to f e 8 justyce. 
And his modyr accusyt hym styfly to f e justice ; and he held his 
tong, and sayd naght. Then spake Seynt Andraw and sayde to 20 
hys 4 modyr: 'pou wyket woman, fat for lust of fi lechery art 
aboute to do fi sonne to deth; veniaunce wol fall apoii the!' 
pen seyd ho to f e justyce : ' Syr, syf en my sonne wold haue done 
f ?/s orybull dede, and myght not spede, he has drawen to f ys man 24 
for socowr.' pen fe justyce cowmaundet to put fe sonne yn a 
fet, and cast hym yn a watyr forto drowne hym, and Andraw 
ynto prison, tyll he wer aviset on what defe he schuld sle hym. 
Then Saynt Andraw pra[y]de bysyly to God for help, pen anon 28 
com a hydewes fondyr fat made all horn aferde, fat fay wern 
all fayne to fach Andraw out of pryson. And ferwyth com 
a bolt of layte, and brant f e modyr to colys yn syght of all men. 
And fus he sauet f e man fro f e deth, and turnet f e justyce and 32 
all f e pepull to f e faythe of Crist. Herby je may vndyrstondj 
fat he was a man of holy ly vyng. 

He was also gret yn myracles doyng. For on a day, as he 
walket on f e see-warth, he segh a drownet man cast vp on fe 86 

! done C. d. D. come G. 3 }>en d. D. }>er G. 3 >e d. D. om. G. 
4 hys inserted above the line in red ink G. 


. De Festo Sancti Andree 

watyr. pen he prayde to God to reysen hym to lyue. pen anon 
f ys body ros to lyue. And when he was raysed to lyue, Seynt 
Andraw askyt hym how he was drownet. pen he vnsward and 
4 sayd f us : ' We wer fourty jeong men ynfer^, and herden of a holy S 
man fat was yn f ?/s contre, and wolden haue * gon to hym to 
haue herd his prechyng. But when we wern yn fe see, a tempest 
comme on vs, and drownet all ynfere. But wold God fat we haden 
8 ben cast vp all ynfere, fat we myghten haue ben rayset all 
togedyr ! ' Then, at f e prayer of Seynt Andraw, all f e bodyes 
wern cast to lond on dyuerse partyes. Then Seynt Andraw 
made to gedyr horn togedyr, and knelet aclon, and prayde longe 

12 for horn, tyll fay werne rayset all. Then Seynt Andraw prechet 
horn f e fayth of Cryst, and |) folowed horn all; and when fay werne 5 a 
stedfast yn fe fayf e, he send horn to hor contray ajeayne vryih 
moche ioye and myrf e. 

1 6 Mony of er myracles he dyd fat wer to long to tell ; but hereby 
je may know fat he was myghty yn makyng of myracles, fat 
f us rayset fourty drowned bodyes infere. 

He sufferd also gret passyon for Cristis loue. For when he 

20 was yn f e cite of Patras, he turnet to f e fayth a wyf of ]>e 
iustyce, fat was called Egeas : he made men to do 2 mawrnetry, 
fat ys, to offerne to fendys. But for Saynt Andraw repr^uet 
hym f erof, anon he made to take hym, and constrayne hym forto 

24 haue done f e same. But for he stedfastly ajeynstode hym, 
preuyng by mony resons fat he and all olper men schullden 
worschyp God of Heuen, and not f e fende of hell. Then Egeas 
wax wod wroth, and made men to do Andraw naket, and bete 

28 hym wyth scorgys, fat all his body ran on blod. And aftyr he 
commaundet to bynd hym hond and fote to a cros, fat he schuld 
payne fer long, or he deyet. But when Seynt Andraw come 
to fe place \>er f e cros was made redy, he knelyd adowne, and 

32 sayd : ' Hayl be f e cros fat my maystyr Ih^su Crist deyd on. 
I worschippe f e wyth all my hert, and desyre forto clyp f e. 
Wherfor now take me to fe, and 5eld me to my maystyr fat 
deyd apon fe.' pen he stode vp, and dyd of his clofys, and $af 3 

36 horn 4 to f e tormentowrs, and bade horn do, as Egeas comma wndyd 

1 haue (7. D. om. G. 2 men to do] also men forto vndo d. men forto vndo D. 
3 jaf d. D. af G. * horn] hem d. D. om. G. 

2. De F&sto Sancti Andree 9 

horn. Then fay bonden hym to fe crosse, liond and fote, so 
hard and stray te, fat fe blod wrast apon yche a knot, pus he 
hongyt on f e crosse twoo dayes alyue, prechyng allway f e pepull, 
so fat lp er come to his prechyng mony a fowsand of folke. 4 
And for f e rewf e fay hadden of hym, fay beden Egeas do hym 
downe of f e crosse, or ellys fay wold sle hym. pen, for fer of 
fe pepull, he come forto haue taken hym downe. But fen 
Andraw a3eynestode and sayde : ' Egeas wyt f ou well fat f ou 8 
schalt haue no myght forto take me downe ; for her I woll deye || 
5 b on f e crosse.' Then f er come a gret lyght, so fat Iper myght 
no man se hym half * &n oure, and yn fat lyght he af vp 2 f e gost. 
pus, when Egeas segh fat he was ded, he jeode homward. pen 12 
aftyr fe way he waxet wod, and sone aftyr, among all men, he 
stervet yn fe way. And Maximilla, his wyfe, herd ferof. 
Anon scho mad take Seynt Andraws body downe, and bury hit yn 
a tombe. Out of f e whech tombe manna and oyle wallef out 16 
yfere, so fat men of fat centre mowun know, when fay schull 
haue derfe, and when gret chep. For when hit schall be dere, 
hit wallet h scarce ; and when hit schall be gret schep, hit 
wallef e plentwysly ynogh. 20 


Aftyrward hit fell fat fer was a byschoppe fat 3 louet well 
Saynt Andrew, so fat all f yng fat he dyd, he commendyd hit to 
Saynt Andrew. Then, for f e deuell myjt not putt hym out of 24 
purpos, he come to fis byschoppe yn fe lickenes of a fay re 
woman, prayng fat ho most speke wyth hym yn schryft ; and lie 
graunted. pen scho began to speke f us : * Syr,' ho sayde, 
' I am a kynges doghtyr and haue ben cheresly ynorysched ; but 28 
for I se fe well of f?/s world nys but a floure, I haue avowet 
chastite. And when my fadyr wold haue mariet me to a gret 
prince, for I wold not breke my vow, pryuely yn a nyght, 
I stale forf e yn pore wede. And when I hert of your gret 82 
holynes, I drewe to you to 4 haue your helpe, and consayle, and 
sokur. Wherfor, syr, I pray you fat 30 ordeyne so for me, fat 
I may be holpen, fat f e fende let me not of my purpos.' Then 
f e byschoppe confortet hur, and bade ho 5 schuld haue trust yn 36 

1 half d. D. salf G. 2 vp d. D. om. G. 3 J>at d. D. and G. 

4 you to d. D. om. G. 5 ho] she d. D. hur G. 


2, De Festo Sanctl Andree 

God ; for ho f>at had sette soo gret a purpos yn hir hert, he 1 wold 
jif hur grace v?yih. l But, Ipis day, je schull ete wyth me ; and 
aftyr mete, we schull be good cownseyle soo ordeyne for you, j>at 
4 36 schull be holpen.' ' Nay, syr, not so, lest men wold haue 
suspessyon of euell/ ' ferof no charch,' quod f>e byschop. ||For 6 a 
we schull be so fele yn company ]>at Iper schall be no suspessyon 
of rays, pen ho gentyllych f>onket hym, and was sette yn a 
8 chayre befor hym at mete. But euer when pe byschoppe loket 
on hur, hym foght hur soo fayre }?at he was soo temptyd apon 
hur, fat he had negh foi^eetyn hymselfe. Then anon )?er come 
a pylgrym to Je 3eate, and put open Ipe 3eate so hard, ]>at all 

12 fat weren yn f e halle, werne astonyet. Then sayde fe byschoppe : 
' D[a]me, schall fys man com yn or no T * Syr/ sayde ho, ' fyrst 
let hym vnswar to a questyon, and fen lette hym yn.' * Dame/ 
sayde f e byschop, ' make 30 f ys questyon, for we byn vnavyset 

16 as now.' Then sayde ho : ' Let aske hym : what ys f e grettest 
merueyll fat euer God made yn a fote of erthe 1 ' Then when }>e 
pylgrym was asket f us, he vnswerd and sayde : ' A manys face ; 
for fat ys erf e, and but a manys one fote. For f ogh all f e men 

20 and wymen, f>at euer wer borne, stonden yfere, I schuld know on 
by anofer by sumine degre.' Then when he had made J??/s vnswar, 
he was gretly commendet for his wyse vnswar. Then sayde ho : 
' I se fat he ys wyse. Byd hym make anof>er vnswar ; aske hym 

24 whefer J?at erf>e ys herre J?en Heuen 1, ' Then when f>e pylgrym 
was asket f>is, J?en he sayde : ' peras Cryst ys bodylyche. For 
Crystys body ys of oure kynd, and oure kynd ys erf>e. Wherfor, 
feras Crystys body ys, Iper is Crystys body herre }?en Heuen ; for 

28 Crist ys herre J?en any Heuen.' Then when he had made f>is 
vnswer, he was alowet and beden come yn. Then sayde ho : 
' Let him asoyle f e thryd questyon, and fen let hym com yn. 
Late aske hym, how ferre hit ys from Heuen to helle?' Then 

32 when he was aposet of fis, he vnswerd and sayd to )>e messagere : 
' Goo a3eyne/ sayde he to fe messager, ' and byd hur J?at 
syttyfe yn Ipe chayre byfor Ipe byschoppe make fis vnswar; for 
ho con bettyr f>en I. Ho ys a fende, and hafe mette hit 2 ; 

36 and so dyd I neuer. Ho fell downe, wyth Lucyfer, from Heuen 

he d. D. 5e G. 

2 hit <7. D. hytte hit G. 

2. De Festo tiandi Andree li 

to helle : scho syttyf e fer forto tempte f e byschoppe, and || 
6 b make hym les his sowle.' pen when f e messager herd f ys, he 
was all hevy ; but he made f ys v[n]swar fat all myghten here, 
pen anon fys fend vanechet away wyth an horrybull stenche. 4 
pen f e byschoppe byf oght hym of f ys temptacyon, and was sory 
yn his hert, and made send aftyr f is pylgrym. But by fat f e 
messager come to f e jeate, f e pylgrym was goon, and myjt not 
be fonde. Then f e byschoppe made all men forto pray to God 8 
forto send horn wyttyng, what fys pylgrym was fat soo godly 
halpe hym yn his nede. pen come fer a voyce and seyde hit 
was Seynt Andrew, fat come forto socour hym for f e good lyfe 
and serues fat he dyd to hym. And bade hym eft be war yn 12 
tyme comyng, and preche fat to f e pepull yn help of horn. 

Now 36 schull knele adovvne, and make your 1 prayer to fis' 
holy apostoll, Seynt Andrew, fat he be your mediator bytwyx 
God and you, prayng hym to syue you grace suche a lyfe to lede 16 
here, fat hit be plesyng to hymselfe, and to our lady, and to all 
fe company of Heuen. Amen. And also $e schull pray for fe 
state of all holy chyrch, and for fe pope 2 of Rome and all his 
cardenalles, et cetera. 20 

,) \ 


Goode men and woymen, such a day ys Saynt Nycholas-daye. 
pe wheche nome ys vndyrstonden f e praysyng of f e pepull ; for 24 
among all corseyntys of Heuen, Seynt Nycholas ys heghly 
yprayset of f e pepull, and also yn holy chyrch specyaly for f re 
vertues : for his meke lyuy/ig, for his heuenly chesyng, and for 
his gret compassyon hauyng. He was meke of lyuyng ; for as 28 
we reden, he had a fadyr fat was callet Epyphanyus, and a 
modyr fat was heton loon, pe wheche yn hor joufe geton 
Saynt Nycholas. And when he was borne, fay auoued 8 chastyte, 
and delet no mor togedyr, but hulden horn payet of f e chyld. 32 
pen fay maden forto cristen hym, and callet hym Nychol 
fat ys a manys name ; but Nicholas, fat ys a chyldys name, so 

1 your] you G. not in d. D. 2 pope scratched out, G, 

3 auoued d. D. wolden G. 


3. De Festo Sancti Nicholai 

fat, || all his lyfe-dayes, he huld fat name of a chyld, and fe7a 
vertues vtyth fat ben mekenes, and sympulnes, and wytAout 
maleys. Also when he was yn cradull, he fast AVennysday and 
4 Fryday ; f e wheche dayes he nold sowke but ones yn f e day, 
and soo hold hym apayde. And for he huld forfe fes vertues 
all his lyfe-days wyth his chyldes name, jet childyr dydden hym 
worschyp spesyaly byfor any o]>er seynt. pus all his lyfe-dayes, 
8 he lyued so mekly, and so symply, and soo wyt^out maleys, fat 
all f e pepull hym louet and praysyd for his meke leuyng. 

He was choson by a voyce, fat com from Heuen, forto be 
byschoppe of f e syte of Myrre. For when f e byschoppe of fat 

12 cyte was ded, f e byschoppys of f e contrey comen togedyr forto chese 
anof er byschoppe. pen com f er a voyce to on of horn fat was 
chef of horn, am} bade him * goo erly yn f e morow to f e chyrcher 
durre and make hym byschoppe fat he fond fer, 'and he ys 

16 callet Nycholas.' Thus on f e morow f e byschoppe was erly vp, 
and jede to fe chyrche-dyr, and fonde fer Nycholas, and sayde 
to hym : ' What ys f i name ? ' pan he, as he was full meke, 
vnswerd : ' Syr,' he sayde, lowtyng downe wyth hys hed, 

20 { Nycholas, seruant to your holynes.' pen sayde he : ' Comme. my 
sonne, wyih me; I haue forto Bpeke.w^tA fe yn pryuety.' And 
ladde hym to f es cfyer byschoppys and seyde : ' Lo, syrres, here 
he ys fat God haf e schowet vs before ! ' and sakeret hym 

24 byschoppe. pus was he made byschoppe by heuenly chesyng. 

He had also gret compassyon to all fat werne yn woo. For 
when his fadyr and his modyr bof e werne dede, fay laftyn hym 
wordely good inogh, fe wheche he spende apon horn fat weren 

28 iiedy. Then fell hit soo fat "per was a ryche man, fat had f re 
doghtren, fayre woymen and 3ong; but by myschet, he was 
fallen yn suche pouerte, fat for gret nede he ordeynet his 
doghtren forto becomyn woymen, and so to gete hor lyuyng 

32 and his, bof e. But when Nicholas herd f erof, he had gret 
compassyon of hem ; and on a nyght, priuely at a wyndow, he || 
cast ynto f e mannys chambur a gret some of gold yn a bagge. 7 b 
pen yn f e mornyng, when f ys mon foiw[d] f ys gold, he was soo 

36 glad, fat no man cowf e tell; and wyth f is gold anon he mariet 

him d. D. horn G. 

3. De Festo Sancti Nicholai 13 

his eldyst doghtyr. Then, yn anofir nyght, Seynt Nycolas kest 
yn anofir scwme of gold ynto f e inaraiys chambur, as he dede er 
befor; and soo Ipe thryd tyme, tyll fay were all yweded. But 
f e tliryt tyme, when f ys man herd f e gold fall dowen, anon he 4 
jede out, and ouertoke Nycholas, and knew pat hyt was he fat 
so holpe hym yn his nede. But Nycholas charched hym forto 
kepe hit cownsell, whyles he lyuet. 

Also anofir tyme, men weren yn Ipe see yn despeyre of hor 8 
lyues, cryyng to Seynt Nycholas for helpe. pen anon he com to 
horn, goyng on Ipe watyr, and sayd to horn : ' Loo, I am here redy at 
your callyng,' and holpe horn soo, fat fay comen sonde to hauen. 

Also fat tyme was suche a derth and hongyr yn fat contrey, 12 
fat all negh spylleden for defawte. pan hit happude so, fat f er 
comen schyppys of fe Empm>ur, freght wyth whete, ynto fe 
hauen. Then went Seynt Nycholas to horn, prayng horn to 
grawnte hym of yche skynn^/s corn yn fe schyppe a hundered 16 
boschelles, and of whete, for to releue f e pepull wyth ; and he 
wold vnctyrtake fat fay schuld want ryght noght of hor mette, 
when fay comen home; and so he had his askyng. And when 
f 2/a schyppe-men comen home, fay had all hor mette, and wonted 20 
ryght noght. And hit fat Saynt Nycholas hadde by hys holy 
prayer, hit was of suche fuson and plent[e], fat hit fond all fe 
pepull to ete and to sowe f e serthe aftyr. 

Thre knyghtes also weren enpeched to f e Emperour of traytere 24 
by fals suggestyon, and wer commawndet to pry son forto haue ben 
slayne fat nyght. But for f es knyghtys wepyng and cryyng to Seynt 
Nycholas, then he come fat nyght to f e Emperour, as he lay yn 
8 a hys bedde, and sayde f us to || hym : ' Why hast f ou soo wrongfully 28 
ydampned f es knyghtes to deth 1 Ryse vp anon, and make forto 
delyuer horn, or elles I pray God fat he rayse a batayle ajeynys f e 
yn f e whech fou schalt be ded, and bestys schull ete fe.' Then 
sayde f e Empm>ur : ' Who art f ou fat spekys so boldly to me ? ' 32 
' I am,' he sayde, ' Nycholas, f e byschoppe of Mirre.' Then was 
fe Emperour soo aferd, fat anon he send aftyr fe knyghtys to 
hym, and sayd f us : ' What wycheeraft con je, fat 36 haue trow- 
blet me al f ys nyght ; know 36 a man fat hatte Nycholas, f e 36 
byschoppe of Myrre 1 ' pen when fay herd his name, fay fellen 
to fe grownde on knees, and helden vp hor hondes, thonkyng 


3. De Festo Sancti Nicfwlai 

Seynt Nycholas. And whan l fay haden told f e Emperour of 
his lyfe, he bade horn goo to hym, and fonke hym hor lyfe, and 
pray hym heghly fat he schuld f rete hym no more so : but pray 
4 to hym fat he pray to God for me and for my reme. And so 
fay dydden. pus je mvn se fat he hadde gret compassyon of 
all fat weron yn doses. 

And fan aftyr, when he wyste 2 fat he schuld dye, he prayde to 

8 God forto send hym an angyll and fache hys soule. And when he 

segh f e angel 1 comyng, he lowtet downe wyth hys hed and sayde : 

' In man-its tuas, Domme, commendo spiriium meuwi,' and soo jelde 

vp fe gost. And when he was buryet, at fe hed of fe tombe 

12 sprong a well of oyle fat dyd medysyn to all seke. pen fell hit so 
fat, mony jere aftyr, Turkes stryeden f e cyte of Myrre f er Saynt 
Nycholas lay. And when men of fe cyte of Barus herden 
fat, seuen and fourty knyght^/s with 8 hor helpes, ordeynet horn 

16 schyppes, and jeodyn f edyr. And when fay comen f edyr, by telly ng 
of four monkes fat werne lafte f er, fay knew hys tombe ; and * 
anon fay vndedyn hit, and fonden his bones swymmyng yn oyle. 
And feu fay token horn vp, and broghton horn ynto fe cyte of 

20 Barus wyth mekyll joye and murf e. 

Then aftyr, for gret myrackles fat wern || y wroght f er, hit fell 8 b 
fat a Jew lett make an ymage of Saynt Nycholas, and set hyt yn 
his schop among his good, and bade hym kepe well his good, 

24 whyll he wer from home, othyr ellys he schuld der abye hit ; and 
soo went his waye. So, when he was gon, comen theves and 
stelen his good, and beren hit away. Soo when f ?/s Jew was corn- 
men home and fonde hys good ystolne, he was wod wroth wyt 

28 Saynt Nycholas, and toke and schowrget and bete f us image of 
Saynt Nycholas, as hyt had ben Seynt Nycholas hymselfe, and 
fus spake to hym: 'I toke fe my good to kepe, Nycholas, for 
gret tryst I had yn fe; and now fow hast fus fowle smiet me. 

82 pow schall bye hyt ych day, tyll I haue my good a3eyne.' Than, as 
fes fefes weren yfere to depart fis stolen goode, come Seynt 
Nycholas to horn and sayde: 'How 56 haue made me betyn for 
fis good 1 ' and schowet horn hys sydys all blody. ' Goth,' sayde 

1 whan D. om. G. not in d. 

2 when he wyste C. om. G. D. not in d. 3 with D. 
4 and D. and anon hys tombe and G. not in (L 

wer G. not in d. 

3. De Fedo Saiicti Nicholai 15 

he, ' and beryth f is good a3eyne, othyr elles vengeans schall falle 
apon you, and 36 schull be hongyd ych on.' Then sayde fay to 
hym : ' Who art f ou fat f retyst vs f is ? ' pen sayde he : * I am 
Nycholas, Goddys smiant, fat f e Jew betoke his good to kepe.' 4 
pen wer fay sory aferd fat anon, fat same nv,ght, fay beren 
a3eyne all fys good. Then, on fe morow, when fe Jew segh his 
good brogh[t] holy a3eyne, anon he toke fologht, and was aftyr 
a trew crysten man, and hadde fe blysse of Heuen. To fe whech 8 
blysse, f rogh f e prayer of Seynt Nycholas, God bryng vs to. 



Alsoo, good men and woymen, suche a day 36 schull haue our Lady- 
day fat ys callet f e Concepcyon. Of fe wheche day holy chyrch 12 
maketh mencyon of f e concepCT/on of hyr for f re specyall poyntes : 
for hor fad^/r holynes, for hor modyr goodnes, and for hyr owne 
9 a choson mekenes. Scho had a fadyr fat was callet || lohachym, fat 
was of such holynes fat, when he was fyften 3ere old, he departyd 16 
his good yn fre partyes: on to wydows and to fadyrles chyldyrn; 
anofyr to fo fat wern pore and nedfull, and seruet God nyght 
and day yn f e tempull ; the thryd he kepyd to his howswold. 
And when he was xx fci 3ere old, for f e gret godenesse fat he herd 20 
and knew by Saynt Anne, he weddyd hur, and werne yfere xx tl 
3ere. pe wheche tyme, Anne neuer dysplesyd hym, by nyght 
nor be day, for fe gret godenes fat was wythyn hur. But f 33 
fay wer bof e good and holy, God gaue horn no fruyth of hor 24 
body ; but wern barayne bof e. Therfor fay maden a vow to 
God, bothe, yf he wold 3if horn a chyld, fay wold offyr hit vp 
ynto fe tempull fat schulld seme hit day and nyght. Then as 
lohachym, on a day, wyth hys neghtboures 3ede to f e tempull, for- 28 
to bryng his offryng to f e byschop of fat contrey, fat heght 
Isakar, and lie rebuket hym openly, and f us to hym sayde : 
1 lohachym,' quod he, ' hyt fallyth not to f e fat art barayne, for- 
to offyr yn company wyth fes fat God hath 3euen fruyte yn 32 
Israeli.' Then was lohachym sore ascbamet of his rebuke, fat 
he went home wepyng, and preuely toke his schepherdus wyth 
his schepe, and 3ede forth yn ferre contrey among hylles, and 


4. De Concepcione Beate Marie 

purposet hym forto haue lyuet fer all his lyfe-dayes, and neuer 
efte haue sene Anne, his wyfe. Then was Anne sory, and prayde 
to God and sayde f us : ' Lord/ scho sayde, ' fat me ys woo, for I 
4 am barayne, and may haue no chyldren ; and now more, for my 
husbond ys gon, and I not whethyr. Lord, haue mercy on me ! ' 
Then, as scho prayde this, an angyll com to hur, and comforted 
hur, and sayde : ' Anne, be of good chere, f ou schalt haue a chyld 
8 suche fat neuer noon had lyke, ny neuer schall be byfore nor 
aftyr.' Then was Anne aferde of }>ys angeles worde and of }>e 
syght of hym, and lay all day yn hur prayers, as || scho had ben 9 b 
ded. Then went fis same angell to lohachym, and sayde to hym 

12 f e same wordes, and bade hym take a lombe, and offyr hit to God 
yn sacryfyce. And soo he dyd. And when he had ydone, fro 
mydday to euensong tyme he lay apon }>e erthe yn his prayers, 
f onkyng God wyth all hys hert and all hys myght. Then, on fe 

16 morow, as f e angell bade, he sede homward on soft pace wyth hys 
schepe. And when he come negh home, f e angell come to Anne, 
and bade hyr goo to f e jeate fat was called f e gylden jeate, and 
abyde hor husbond fer. pen was scho glad and fayne, and toke 

20 hor maydens wyth hor, and 3ede thedyr, and met fer wyth loha- 
chym, hor husbond, and sayde :. ' Now, Lord, I thonke f e heghly, 
for I was wedow, and now I am noon; I was barayne, and now 
I schall haue a chyld ; I was yn mornyng and woo, and now 

24 I schall be yn joy and lykyng, and cowseyue our lady. And 
when scho was borne, scho called hor Mary as fe angell bade 
before. Then aftyr, when scho was wened, fay broght hur to f e 
tempull, and laften hyr among of er maydens to serue God day 

28 and nyght. Then was scho so meke yn all hor doyngys, fat all 
othyr vyrgenes called hor qwene of maydens, so fat scho was and 
ys $et f e mekest seynt yn Heuen, and most redy ys ay to helpe 
all f o fat callyth to hyr yn nede. 

32 Narracio. 

I rede ther was a lord fat hade a peny-reue, ]jp wheche hade 
gederet hys lordes rent, and 3ede to bere hyt to hym. pen wer 
fer f efes set for hym yn a wod fat he most nede goo f rogh. But 

^6 when he come ynto f e wode, he bef oght hym fat he had not sayde 
oure lady l sawter fat he was wont to saye ych day. pen anon 
1 lady C. H. om G. not in d. D. 

4. De Goncepcione Beate Marie 17 

he kneled adowne, and bygan forto say. Then anon com oure 
lady lyke a fayre mayden, and set a garlond on his hedde ; and at 
yche 'Aue,' scho set a rose yn fe garlond fat schon as bryght as 
a sterre. So by fat he had jsayde, fe garlond was made; hyt || 4 

10 a was so bryght, fat all f e wode schon f erof. Thus when he had 
ydone, he kysset f e erf e, and went his way. pen wer f es f efes 
redy, and broght hym to hor mayster fat hade seyn all \>ys 
doyng. pen sayde f e f ef to hym : ' I wot f ou art suche a 8 
lordys seruant, and haues hys mone wyth fe. But tell me what 
woman was fat, that set f is garland apon f i hed 1 ' ' For sothe, 
I segh no woman, nor haue no garlond fat I knew. But for 
I hade forjeton forto say our lady sawter and was adred of 12 
you, I kneled adown and seyde hit, prayng to hir to helpe me at 
my nede.' Then sayde fe fef: 'For hor loue, now go fi way, 
and pray hor for vs.' And soo he jede sonde and saf hys way by 
Eocour of our lady. 16 

But now schull 30 here how fys fest was fyrst fonden. per 
was yn Englond a kyng, was cleput Wylliaw fe Conquerour 
fat send fe abbot of Ramsey to fe kyng of Denmarke on 
message. But when he was yn f e see, f er com a derkenesse to 20 
hym and such tempest wyth fat, fat he and all fat wern wyt/t 
hym, went to haue be yspyld anon ryght. Then yche man 
prayde bysyly on his ende to dyuerse sayntys of Heuen, to haue 
helpe and socour yn fat gret nede. pen as fys abbot prayde 24 
deuoutly to God, f er come a fayre man to hym and sayde f us : 
' Woldyst f ou halow f e concepcyon of oure lady, fat ys f e secunde 
daye aftyr Saynt Nycholas-day, he woll socowr f e and f i men now 
yn f ys nede/ ' Syr,' sayde he, ' wyth a hertly wyll, soo fat f on 28 
telle, what schall fat sprues ben.' pen sayde he : * pe same, worde 
for worde, fat ys yn hor natyuyte, saue turne fe natyvyte yn- 
to fe concepcyon.' Ful gladly,' sayde he, 'schall fys be don.' 
And anon sesut f e tempest, and clere wedyr com ajeyne. And 32 
he dyd his mesage, and spedde wele yn all his doyng. And when 
he had told fe kyng of fys vysion, fe kyng made preche hit 
ouer all J>e reme. And soo hit was halowet for euermore yn 

10 b holy chyrche ; and so, out of f e reme, hyt || ys now cananyset yn 36 
f e courte of Koine, and halowet f roj| all crystyndome. 

Now pray we to oure lady wyih good entent of our lyuyng 



4. De Conceptions Beate Marie 

to haue amen dement, and pray for vs to hor sonne fat we may 
[be] wyth hym yn Heuen. Lady, we pray fat hit soo be. Amen, 
amew ; pur chary te. 




Good men and woymew, such a day 50 schull haue Seynt 
Thomas- day of Ynde, fat was Crystys holy apostull, and fast 
8 f e euen, and come to chyrche fat day to worschyppe God and 
his holy apostole Seynt Thomas, as all holy chyrche dothe, and 
specyalle for f e propurtes fat f is apostle had ; fat ben to say : 
hegh pr^uyng of our fay, grette wondres yn his way, and gret 

12 myracles on his day. This holy apostoll pr^uet so oure fay, fat 
he lafte no scrypull yn no parte f eryn. For when all f e dyscy- 
pull beleuedon and tolderi hym, fat Cryst was rysyn from 
dethe to lyue, and fay haden seen hym on lyue, and spoken 

16 wyth hym, Thomas vnswaret and sayde he wold neuer beleue 
fat, tyll he had put hys fyngyr yn fe wond fer f e nayles wern 
dryuen yn Crystes hondes, and put his hondes yn Crystys syde, 
yn fe wond of fe spere. Then vin dayes aftyr, when all fe 

20 dyscypules wern yfere, and Thomas wyth horn, fen come Ihesu. 
bodely to horn, and seyde to horn : ' Pees be to you ! ' And fen 
he sayde to Thomas : ' Come and put f i fyngres yn f e 
holes of fe nayles fat parsed my hondys, and put fy hondys 

24 ynto my syde, and be no lengyr out of beleue, but heraftyr 
stedfast yn fe byleue.' Then when Thomas had soo ydo, anon 
he criet for wondyr and for fere, and sayde: 'My Loide and 
my God ! ' pat ys forto say : ' Now I beleue, Them, fat f on art 

28 God and man.' Then sayde Cryst to hym: 'Thomas, for fou 
haues seen me, fou beleuest yn me.' This fe taiyng of 
Thomas byleue broght vs yn full byleue, and to f e || beneson of 11 
Ihesu Cryst. Of thys sayth Saynt Gregory fws: 'Moch more 

32 Thomas of Iiide helpys me to f e ftiyth fat wold not byleue, tyll 
he had hondelet and groped fe wondes of Cryst, fen Mary 
Mawdelen fat byleuet anon at fe forme tyme and furst.' pus 
Thomas pr^uet our fay. 

36 He made also wonders yn his way. For when fe kyng of 

5. De Festo Sancti Thome Apostoli 19 

Inde had send a messager, fat heght Abbanes, ynto fe centre 
of Cesare, to seche hym a carpenter fat coufe make hym a 
palyce, then Crist speke wyth Abbanes, and sayde to Thomas of 
Inde : ' Goo wyt/i hym/ And when fay wer passed f e see, fay 4 
comen to a cyte of fe wheche fe kyngys doght^r was fat day 
weded. Wherfor yche man was commawndet forto come yn to 
f e mete. Then, among of er, Thomas and Abbanes comen yn to f e 
a fest. But for Thomas had all his f oght yn God, and had no lust 8 
to etc, fe butler smot hym on fe cheke, and bade hym ete. 
Then sayd Thomas : ' I nyll not ryse of f ys place, tyll fat same 
bond be gnawen wyth dogges, and be broght hedyr befor me.' 
Then anon f e butler 3ede aftyr watyr, and * a lyon slow hym, and 12 
drauke hys blod ; and dogges etyn his body. Among f e wheche 
f er was won blacke dogge fat toke hys bond yn his mowth, and 
broght hyt ynto f e hall, yn syght of all men, and leyde hit downe 
befor Saynt Thomas. Then was \er a woman, a mynstrell, fat 16 
vnd?/rstode Thomas wordes. The whech anon fell downe to 
Thomas fete, and cryed fat all men herden : ' Olper f ou art God 
olper Goddys dyscypull ; for ryght as f ou saydes, hit ys fallen ! ' 
Then was f e kyng and all men abasschet, and prayden Thomas 20 
fat he wold bless hys doghtyr and hor hosbond. Then Thomas 
prechedde horn bof e, so fat he made f e husbond byschop of f e 
cyte, and fe wyfe a nonne fat weren bothe martyres for Crystys 
sake. 24 

Then went Thomas forth ynto Inde to f e kyng, and beheght 
11 b f e || kyng to make hym a pales, abull for a kyng. Wherfor f e 
kyng was glad, and made to delyuer hym a gret som of gold 
forto make f e pales wyt/i. And sco he went ynto anof er feer 28 
centre, whyll Thomas schuld make f ys place. But for Thomas 
foght fat hit was bettyr forto make hym a palyse yn Heuen fen 
yn erth, ferfor he toke fys money and dalt hit among pore 
men and woymen, and ouer all f eras was nede. And soo aftyr 32 
went about, and preched Goddys worde to f e pepull, and turnet 
mony ynto f e faythe of Cryst. Then aftyr f e kyng come home, 
and had gret hope to haue his paleyse made redy, and herd how 
Thomas had don, he was wod wroth and wold do Thomas and 3G 

1 and f/. D. om. G. 

2 2 

20 5. De Festo Sancti Thome Apostoli 

Abbanes bothe to deth. But for his Proper was dede fat same 
tyme, f^rfore he made forto do horn bofe yn pryson, tyll fe 
tyme he had buryet his brothyr. pen, as Gcd wold, whan hys 
4 brother had layne longe ded, he ros from deth to lyue, and told 
f e kyng fat he had yseen fe palyce fat Thomas had made to 
hym : ' Wherfor I pray the, let me bye hit, and I wyll jef f e as 
moche as hit cost fe.' Then fe kyng bythoght hym, and by 
8 counsell he sayde : ' Naye ! ' and toke folojt and mony f ousand^/s 
of pepull wytA. pen seon f e byschoppys of mawmetry fat all f e 
pepull laft hor lawe, and 3eden to crysten fayth. Wherfor fay 
wer so wroth wyth Thomas, fat won of horn seyde he wold 

12 wreke his goddys ; and wyth a sper ryuede Thomas f rogh f e 
body, and slogh hym. Then crysten men buryeden hym yn 
a tombe of crystall. per God worcheth mony wondyrfull myracles 
for hym ; for the honde fat was yn Crystys syde, hit wold neuer 

16 ynto f e towmbe, but lythe euer wythout. Thus he dyd rnony 
wondres yn hys daye. 

He dyd also mony wonders on his day ; * for alle f e centre 
cometh fedur 1 on hys day, and taketh howsell of hys bond yn fis 

20 wyse. The byschop || of f e see syngyth fe masse fat day. When 12 a 
he beginyth fe masse, er he say fe 'Confyteor,' he taketh a branche 
of a vyne, and puttyth yn Thomas hond; and soo goth to masse, 
pen 2 oute of this branche burgeneth 2 out grapes. And soo, by fat 

24 fat f e gospell be sayde, f e byschop taketh f is grapes, and wrengyth 
ynto f e chales, and syngyth wyth fat wyne, and howseleth all f e 
pepull aftyrvvard f erwyth ; and puttyth f e ost ynto Thomas honde, 
and so howseleth all fe pepull. But when any comyth fat ys 

28 vnworthy, anon f e hond closyth togeclyr, and woll not open, tyll 
he be schrevyn clene; and fen hit openeth and howseleth hym. 
Also when men byn yn debate, fay ben ybroght byfor f e towmbe 
of Saynt Thomas, and sette on twyn, and f e cause of f e debates 

82 ys rehersed. pen wyll f e hond turne to hym fat ys yn f e ryght ; 
and so ben fay made at wone. Thus he pr^uet our fay and dude 
wondres yn his way, and gret myracles on his day. 

Wherfor pray we to hym to make vs studfast yn our fay 

36 And helpe vs yn oure long day, 

1 for ... ]>edur C. d. D. all that comyth G. 

3 oute . . . burgeneth d, D. j>e branche begennyth G. 

5. De Festo Sancti Thome Apostoli 21 

And bryng vs fer as ys no nyght but euer day: 

That ys f e joy fat lestyth ay. 


Ion Grysostom seyth, fat Thomas come to fat contray wher f e 4 
kynges of Coleyne were, and folowed horn, and made horn 
crysten men. For, fogh fay haden worschypped Crist yn his 
burthe, fay herden no more of hym, tyll Thomas come to home, 
and taght horn f e fay the. pe whyche now fay lyne at Colen. 8 

V v X '* 



Godde men and woymen and crysten creatures, as 50 here and 
sethe, f ys day all holy chyrche syngythe, and redythe, and maketh 12 
melody yn mynde of fe swete byrfe of our Lord, Thesu. Cryst, 
veray God and man, fat was as fys day borne of hys modyr, 
Seynt Mary, yn gret help and socour to all monkynd, but specyaly 
12 b for f re || causes: forto jyue pes to men of good wyll, forto lyghten 16 
horn fat loken ill *, and forto draw men so wyth loue hym tylle. 

Then, as to f e forme cause fat he was borne forto jeuen pes 
to men of good wyll, I may preue f us. For when he was borne 
angeles songen f us : ' Gloria in excelsis Deo.' pat ys to say : ' loye 20 
be to God fat ys hegh yn Heuen, and pes be yn erf>e to men of 
good wyll.' At mydnygh[t] Crist was borne, for fen alle fyng 
be kynd taketh rest yn schewyng fat he ys pry nee of pes, and 
was comen to make pes bytwyx God and man, and bytwyx angeles 24 
and man, and bytwyx man and man. 

He made pes bytwyx God and mon ; wherfore forto be a 
trewe mediatur bytwyx horn, he toke kynde of bofe: and veray 
God and man. And soo, by hys medyacyon, he knet f e loue of 28 
God to man so sadly, fat f e fadyr of Heuen spared not his owne 
sonne, but send hym forto bye man wyth his blod, and bryng hym 
by wayes of mekenes ajeyne to f e joye of paradyse fat man lost by 
couetyse and heghnes. Thus he made pes bytwyx God and man. 32 

He made pes bytwyx angeles and man ; for when angeles 
1 ill-<*. D. euellC?. 

22 6. De Nativitate Domini Nostri Ihesu Cristi 

seon l fat hor Lorde was wroth \fyih man for vnbuxamnes 

2 fore vmbuxomnes is a thing that angcles haten 2 wherfor fay 

kepton fe jeatys of paradyse, and letten no sowle come yn, tyll 

4 fay seen hor Lord borne yn mankynde. pen anon, for loue of hor 

Lord, fay deden mon worschippe, and speken godely and louyngly 

to pore schephordes fat kepten hor schepe yn f e contre by, and 

bade horn goo ynto }>e cyte of Bedelem ; for fer fay schuld fynd 

8 a chyld borne and layde yu a cracche, and do hym worschip. And 

soo fay dedyn, so fat euer sethen angeles haue ben frendys and 

seruandys to all good men and woymen, and all yn fe reuerens 

of f e yncarnacyon of cure Lord Ihesu Cryst. Thus he made pes 

12 bytwyx an||geles and man. 13 

He made also pes bytwyx man and man. For aseyne tyme 

fat he wold be borne, he made such pes f rogh all f e world, fat 

feras kyndomes and prouynces wern at werre, yche on wyth 

16 ofer, in his burth-tyme was soo gret pes, fat on man fat heght 

Octauian, and was Emperour 3 of Rome, and had fe gouernance 

of all fe world, 4 and all fe world was suget to fe Emperour of 

Rome, and duret soo f rytty wyntyr yn so moche fat fan was 

20 send out a mawndement f rogh all f e world 4 , comawndyng fat 

euer-yche man schuld go to f e cyte fat he drogh lynage of, and 

ley 5 a peny apon his hed, and offeren hit vp knowlachyng fat 

he was suget to f e Emperour of Rome. Then most loseph, our 

24 ladyes husbond, nedys go to f e cyte of Bedelem to offyr wyth 

of er men. But, for he had no money, he toke an ox wyth hym 

forto sell fer, and make hym money of. But, for he durst not 

leeue our lady byhynd hym for scho was negh tyme of burthe 

28 he sette hyr on an asse, and toke hyr wyth hym. But when fay 

comen ynto fe cyte, hit was soo full of pepull, fat fay myght 

gete horn no herber; but turnet ynto a caue fat was bytwene 

two howsys, f eras men setten hor capuls when fay comen to fe 

32 marked, and fonden f er a crache wyth hay, and setten f e ox 

and f e asse f erto. Then, a lytyll byfor mydny3t, oure lady bade 

loseph gete hyr mydwyues, for scho schuld be delyuerd. But, 

1 seon D. synned G. not in d. 

3 fore . . . haten d. D. ys a synne hely ]>at angeles G. 

3 Emperour d. D. cm. G. 

4 and all ... )>rogh all J-e world om. d. D. s ley d. D. leyde G. 

6. DC Nativilate Domini Nostri Ihesu Crisii 23 

whyle he was yn fe towne aftyr mydvvyues, our lady was de- 
lyuerd, and lappyd hyr sonne yn clofes, and layde hym yn the 
cracche befor fe ox and the asse. And fay anon knewen hor 
Lorde, and fellen downe on knees, and worschepen hym, and ete 4 
no more of f e hay. That same tyme as men of f e contrey 5eden 

13 b at fe plogh, exen speken to the || plogh-men and sayden : 'pese 
sedys schull encrese and men schull wax few.' Then, sone aftyr, 
com Joseph wyth two inydwyues, ^ebel and Salome. But when 8 
^ebell fonde well fat our lady was clene mayden, scho cryed anon 
and sayde : A mayden hath borne a chylde ! ' Then fat ofyr, 
Salome, would not leue fat, but busturly hondeled our lady ; and \^ ; 
fmvyth anon hor hondes dryden vp. Then come Iper an 1 angell, 12 
and bade hyr towch fe chylde, and be hole. And EOO scho dyd, (*'"' 
and was hole. Then went Joseph, and dyd hys offryng wyth 
ofyr men, and kept oure lady yn f e same caue whyll scho was 
yu chyld-bed. pus, good men, 56 mou vndyrstonde how God 16 
jeueth pes to horn fat ben men and wymen of good wyll, and 
callyth horn his chyldren. In verefiyng of thys thyng f e fyrst 
masse fat ys songon fis day sone aftyr mydnyght, begynnyth 
thus: 'Dominus dixit ad me: filitts meus es tu!' 'God sayde to 20 
me: fou art my somie.' God callefe hym his sonne fat loueth 
here pees and rest; and when he partefe from fis world, he wyll 
bryng hym to f e blysse fat euer schall last. And fay fat wyll 
haue no pees here, fay schull go hethen ynto euerlastyng wo. pus 24 
Crist jeuyth pes to men of good wyll, and blessyth hys pepull 
yn pees. 

He leghteneth also fat loketh euell. Herby, good men, 56 schull 
vndyrstond fat Cryst heled not f oo fat weren blynde yn body, but 28 
mony mo fat wern blynd yn sowle, and combyrd wyth derkenes of 
synful levyng 2 . For, as Seynt Austeyne saythe : * When Cryst 
schuld be borne, f e world was so full of derknes of synful lyuyng, 
and noinely of syn of lechery, and of syn a^eyne kynde, fat had nye 32 
to haue laft to haue ben yborne of mankynd.' Wherfor fat nyght 
fat Cryst was borne, all fat doden synne a;eyne kynd, deydyn 
sodenly f rogli all f Q world, in schowyng how horrybly fat synne 
ys before Goddys een. Then loket fay full euell and had gret nede 36 

14 a to be j||lyghnet fat haden ay her hert to synne. Wherfor Cryst 
1 an d . D. om. G. 2 levyng d. D. lyng G. 

24 6. De Nativitate Domini Nostri Ihesu Cristi 

was borne at mydnyght, and turnet f e darkenes of nyght ynto 
day-lyght, schowyng fat fan was f e sonne of ryghtwysnes comen, 
forto lyghteu all fat wern combret wythyn-forthe wyth darkenes 
4 of synne. 

Also fat same tyme fat he was yborne, as mony doctors sayn, 
Crist apered yn a bryght sterre to f re kynges yn f e est, and bade 
horn goo ynto Bedeleem, and worschip f er a chyld fat schuld be 
8 kyng of lewes fat was borne. And soo fay deden, suyng f e 
sterre, tyll fay comen f edyr. Thus he leghtenet horn fat byfore 
loked full euell. For before fay wer paynones, and leued on 
inawmetrye and fals goddys. But aftyr fay loueden Crist, and 

12 wern holy men ; and now fay lyen at Coleyn. pas f e byrth of 
Cryst made mony to see full well fat befor loked full euell. 
For he lokyth full euell fat algate haf e er to his good and to 
wordely worschippe. For fys maketh a man blynd, so fat he 

16 fo^eted his God, and hath no lyst forto desyre f e ryches of 
Heuen, ne forto see f e lyght fat f er ys but rnaketh hys good his 
god and hys mawmet. For fat a man loueth most yn f ys world, 
fat ys callet his god and his mawmet. Then for Cryst was borne 

20 forto destrye suche mawmetry whan fat Herode pursewed hym, 
and wold haue slayne hym, his modyr bare hym ynto f e lond of 
Egypt. And when he come fedyr, anon all fe mawmetys fat 
weron yn f e lond, fay fellcn downe to f e grownde, doyng to 

24 vndyrstond fat he was yn f e world fat schuld cast don yn 
monnys hert f e mawmetry of couetyse of good and of worldes 
worschyppe, and pompe, and pride fat men vseden fat tyme. 
Wherfor, f agh he hymselfe wer lord of all lordes, he was borne 

28 full porly, and of a pore mayden, and yn pore place, and yn 
a pore araye, jeuyng ensampull to all men forto set not by 
worldly ryches, nof er by pryde of f ys world ; for haue a man 
neuer so moche good ne so moch worschyp, || here he fyndythe hit, 14 b 

32 and here he schall leue hit. Thus Cryst by myracles fat he 
scheweth yn hys burthe, lyghtenyth mony-on wythyn-forthe fat 
weren before fallen blynd, 

Yn tokenyng of f is 1 f e secunde masse of this day ys sayde yn 

36 fe dawyng, when nyght and daye departyth. pe wheche masse 
begennyth f us : ' Lux fulgebit hodie super nos.' ' Lyght schall 
1 >isj C. om. G. d. D. 

6. De Nativitate Domini Nostri Ihesu Cristi 25 

schyne fys day apon vs.' For f e Fadyr of Heuen sendyth grace 
of gostly lyght apon all horn fat leueth fat Cryst was borne f is 
day, veray God and man, of his modyr Mary, veray modyr and 
mayden. And sette nogbt be vanyte of f is world, but set all bis 4 
hope yn Cryst and yn his modyr Mary, pus Crystys burth 
lyghtned mony fat befor loket l euell. 

Also wyth loue he drogh men 2 hym tyll. ^e seen wele, good men, 
by experyment al day, fat a fayre chyld drawtt loue of f o fat sene 3 
hyt, and maketh hem to haue lykyng to speke and to play wyth hyt. 
Thus Crist was borne a chyld, f e fayrest fat euer was borne of 
a woman, forto draw loue to hym of mankynd. For whyll a chyld 
ys 3eong and wythout synne, hit ys more amyable f>en hit ys aftyr, 12 
when he comyth to man-state. This not only for his bewte, but 
also for hys bonte yche man haf e mater forto drawe to hym, and 
do hym worschyppe as dude Octouiam, f e Empmmr. 

pe whech Emperour plesed so f e empyre of Rome, fat all men 16 
wolden haue worschypped hym as hor God. But fen f e Empmmr 
was so wyse, and knew well fat he was but a man as of er werne, 
and durst not take fat name apon hym ; but send aftyr Sybyll, f e 
sage, and asked hyr whef ur 3 ther shuld be after him eny 3 20 
iborne, fat schuld be grattyr fen he. Then Sybyll loket yn f e 
sonne, and sygh at mydday a cercule of gold aboute f e sonne, and 
15 a yn f e myddyll || of fe cerkyll a wondyr fayre mayden, and a chyld 
yn liyr barme. And when Syble had schewet fys to f e Empmmr, 24 
scho sayde to hym : ' This chyld schall be grettyr fen f ou ; 
wherfor do hym worschyp and reuerence.' pen fe Empmmr 
toke sens, and dyd hym sacryfyce; and charget all men fat fay 
schulden do also, and call fat chyld God, and not hym. By fys en- 28 
sampull ych crysten mon and woman schuld lerne to do reuerence, 
and seruyce, and honor fys day to f ys child. 

Wherfor fe f rydde masse of fys day ys sayde at mydday, yn 
schewyng fat yche man and woman ys holden to come and offer of 32 
f is child and of hys modyr ; and soo schowe hym smiant 4 and soget 
to hym, and knewlech fys schyld for bys God and for his Lorde. 
And, for euery man schuld do f us for loue and not for awe, f e 
masse bygynneth f us : ' Puer natus est nobis.' 'A chyld ys borne 36 

1 MS. loknet. 2 men Hurl. 2403. ow G. not in d. D. s ther . . , 
eny d. D. \>e schyld schuld be aftyr hym G. * seruaut d. D. serues O. 

26 6. De Nativitate Domini Nostri Ihesu Cri&ti 

to vs.* A chyld, he sayth, and not a man, soo pat all men and 
woynun for loue schuld haue boldnesse forto com to hym to seche 
grace. 1 And for lie ys full of grace and redy forto do mercy to 

4 hem pat askyth hit mekely wyth dew reuerence l ; and he ys ay 
redy to jeue grace and mercy. Yn tokenyng of p?/s pyng, fat 
same day Cryst was borne yn Bedel eem, a well yn Rome of 
watyr turned ynto oyle and ran soo all pat day, schewyng pat pe 

8 well of grace and of mercy was borne pat day pat schuld jeue 
grace and mercy to all pat wold come to hym perfor. 

I rede of a woman pat was defowled wyth pe synne of lechere, 

12 and almost fell yn dyspayre. For when 2 scho poght on Crystys 
dome, scho knewe hur gylty ; when scho poght on pe paynes of 
hell, scho knew well pat pylke paynes wer ordeynet for suche 
as scho was ; when scho poght on paradyse, scho wyst well scho 

16 my^t not s come per, for scho was vnworihy ; when scho poght on 
pe passyon of Cryst, scho wyst well pat scho || was vnkynde to 15 b 
hym pat suffred so moche for hur. At pe last, scho bepoght hur 
how pat chyldern don no vengeans, but lyghtly ben sa3t, pogh 

20 pay ben wrothe. Wherfor scho cryet to Cryst prayng hym for 
his chyldhede pat he wold haue mercy on hor, and forjeuen hor 
hyr synne and hyr trespas. Then scho herd a voyce on hegh 
I pat 4 sayde : ' py trespas ys for3euen pe.' 

24~ And soo hertly pray we to hym pat he forjeue vs our s'yrmes, 
and jeue vs pe blysse pat he bojt vs to. To pe wheche blys God 
bryng vs all to. Amen. 

r 7. 


28 Blessyd pepyll of Goddys mowth, pat byn comen p?/s day to 
holy chyrche yn worschyp of God and pys holy martyr, Seynt 
Steven, pat ys callet Goddys fyrst martyr, for pe enchesen pat he 
was pe fyrst martyr pat suffeid deth for Crystys loue, aftyr pat 

32 he was ascendet ynto Heuen. Then, forto ster you to deuocyon 
pe more to pis holy martyr, 30 schull now here what he sufferd 

1 and . . . reuerence. Probably a superfluous repetition of the preceding 
line G. C. om. d. D. Hurl. 2403. 3 when d. D. om. G. 

* not 1). no G. not in d. i J>at d. D. and G. 

7. De Fento Sancti Stephani 27 

for Crystys loue. As f e boke of f e dedys of f e apostoles tellyth, 
whan Cryst was styet vp inio Heuen, f e apostoles tentedon all 
to prechyng of Goddys wordes and to holy prayeours, and myght 
not serue all fat tumeden to f e fayth, fay chosen syx holy men 4 
and goode out of syxty and ten fat wern Crystys dyscyples forto 
helpen horn yn Goddys s<?ruyce. Of f e wheche Seynt Steven was 
fe fyrst and f e wysyst, and was full of grace and myght of f e 
Holy Gost, fat he dyd mony wondres and myracles yn f e pepyll. 8 
But, fagh a man be neuer soo holy a lyu^r, 3et he schall haue 

"Wherfor fe lewes of dyuerse centre fat haden envy to 
Seynt Steuen, rysen, ajeynes hym, and dysputed wyth hym 12 
ajeynes Crystys faythe, hauyng full purpos, yf fay myghten, to 
16aouercome hym by dysputson, and by || fals wytnes, to do hym to 
deth. But when Seynt Steven knew hor males, he foght forto 
sese horn wyth won of f es f re wayes : by schamyng yn dys- 16 
puteson, ofir by drede of reuelac?/on, othyr by loue and holy 
oryson. But furst he assayeth by schamyng and dysputeson. For 
fay began to dyspute wyth hym ; but he was so i'ull of f e Holy 
Gost, fat fay haden no wytte ne no povvste forto jeynestonde hym. 20 
But openly he oumsome yn all hor maters, and pr^ued hor 
wyttys fals, and sayde, he was redy forto take dethe yn verefyyng 
of all fat he had sayde. And preued wele fat hit was a gret 
schame to all horn fat werne gret clerkes, and knew f e lawe 24 
and fe profesyes fat schulden corne and wer fulfylled yn Ihesu 
Cryst fat he prechet ; and jet wold not leue in hym. But algate 
ajeynstode fe Holy Gost fat spake yn hor hertes, and schewet 
horn yn cowcyens fat fay dedden amys. And, f eras fay seen fe 28 
comyn pepull turne to fe faythe for wondyrs and myracles 
fat God schowet ynto hor syght, fay algate ajeynestoden styfly, 
and setten Goddys werkes at noght, only by males of envyus 
hertys and by no manors of resyn of scriptures, pen wer fay 32 
more anangrede l ajeynes hym, and freton hor hertys wythyn, and 
gryspude wyth hor teeth ajeynes hym. And, for fay myght not 
ouercome hym wyth dyspytson, fay f oghten forto take hym wyth 
som wordes of sclawndyr yn God, wherby fay myghten lawfully 36 
haue mater and cause to do hym to dethe. Then knew Saynt 
1 angrede D. not in d. 

7. De Festo Sancti Stephani 

Steuen hor malyce, and lyffc vp his een ynto Heuen and segh 
Ihtfsu, Goddys Sonne, stondyng at his Fadyr ryght horid. And 
fen sayde Seynt Steuen : ' Loo, I see Ihesus stondyng at hys 
4 Fadyr ryght hond, redy forto helpe me.' And ferwytA || anon his 16 b 
face schone lyght *, as f agh he had ben an angell of Heuen. But 
when fay herdyn hym speke soo, fay weren fayne and stoppet 
hor eres 2 , als f oght fay haden herde hym speke fals sclawndyr yn 
8 God, and had ben to horryble for any mon to haue herd hym 3 
lye so. Then anon fay drowen hym out of f e cyte, forto stenen 
hym to dethe, as for a sclawndyr of God, and chosen two men fat 
cowth best hurle stones at hym, and despoyled 4 hym of his clof es, 

12 and lay den horn at fe fete a 3ong man fat was callet Sawle, 
fat was aftyrward called Paule ; for he was of f e chef of horn fat 
dyden Saynt Steuen to deth. But when Saynt Steven segh fat he 
myght not sesen horn byfor by reuelacyon, fen he turnet to 

16 devot oryson ; and when 5 fay hurled at hym stones, and smyt- 
ten out his braynes, he cryed to God and sayde : ' Lord God, 
take my sowle/ And, for he wold pray more devotly for his 
enmyes fen for hymselfe, he knelet don to f e erthe and sayde : 

20 ' Lord Ihesu, reet not to horn f is synne, but forjeue horn f is gylt.' 
And when he had sayde soo, anon he sleput yn God. 

pen taketh hede, good crysten men, whyche a brennyng lone 
fys mon had yn hys hert, fat prayde more devotly for his 

24 bodely enmyes fan he dyd for hymselfe. In f is he $af an hegh 
ensampull to all crysten men forto haue chary te yche on to of ir, 
and forto pray hertfully for herre enmys, and for yche mon fat 
pursewyth horn, or doth horn any doses. For he fat praythe 

28 deuotly for his enmy, he ys yn fat a martyr ; for martyrdom 
fallyth by f re wayes : fat ys, by passyon and wyll f erto, by 
wyll wythout passyon, by passyon wythout wyll. In schewyng 
of fes fre martyrdomes, fes fre festys fat seufe||fe byrth of 17 a 

32 Crist, ben set togedyr, in tokenyng fat whosoo suft'erth any of 
fes, he schall be sett next Cryst yn Heuen. Seynt Steuen, he ys 
set next, for he had passyon and wyll ferto. Seynt Ion had 
wyll, but he was not slayne. The Innocentys, thay suffreden 

1 lyght D. lyghth O. not in d. 
3 hym C. //. horn G. om. d. D. 
5 when d. D, om. (?. 

3 eres d. D. ees G. 
despoyled d. D. dysplude Cr. 

7. De Festo Saudi Stephani 29 

deth, but fay had no wyll }>erto, but not a^eynes wyll. pas 
may a man be a martyr, f agh he sched no blod, fat ys when he 
suffereth wrong, and ys pursued of euell men, and f onketh God 
f erfor, and taketh hit wyth good wyll, and prayth for his 4 
enmyes to God yn full scharyte. For martyrdoine wythout 
charyte, as Seynt Poule saythe, profutyf e noght. Wherfor taketh 
good hede, and 50 schull fynde pat fes fre wern full of charyte. 
Seynt Steven when he schuld dye, he knelet adown forto pray 8 
for his enmyes. Seynt Ion when he went to hys deth, he sayde 
to horn fat ladden 1 hym : * My chyldyren, loueth togedyr, and fat 
ys ynogh.' The Innocentes, for fay wern so Jong, fat fay cowthe 
not speke, fay schewet hor loue by open sygne. For fay dydden 12 
lagh on horn fat slowen hem, and playde wyth hor hondes when 
fay seen hor bryght swerdes schyne. Then, for enchesen fat 
Saynt Steuen was so gloryous martyr, God schewet mony my- 
racles for hym of f e wheche f is ys on. 16 


Ther was an honest woman, and had seuen sonnes and fre 
doghtyrs. But yn a myshappe, apon a day, all fay wrafeden 
hor modyr, so fat scho yn a gret maleyse cursed horn all. And 20 y 
anon f erwyth fell vengeans apon horn, so fat f e membrys of horn 
qwoken, fat all fat seen horn, had compassyon of horn, and 
reweden horn gretly. And for fay myght not do no good, fay 
17 b }eden as maset bestes furgh || all fe contre. Then hapenet hit so 24 
fat a brothur of hem fat het Pole, and a sustyr fat het Pallyda, 
corner ynto a chyrche of Saint Steuen. And when f?/s man 
herd how deuotly Seynt Steuen prayde for hem fat sloghen 
hym, he had full tryst fat he wold pray for hym, and he wold be 28 
hys smiant alway aftyr. And so, yn f ?/s full hope, he ^ede ynto 
chansele, and wyth all hys hert prayde Seynt Steven of helpe. 
And anon yn seght of all men he was all hole, pen when his 
syster segh hyr brof er hole, prayde f e same wyse fen to Seynt 32 
Steuen. And fen, as scho prayde, scho fell on slepe ; and when 
scho woke, scho was hole, and wyth all hyr hert thonket God 
and Seynt Steuen. 

Anofer myracull Seynt Austeyn telleth fus: A senatour of 

1 ladden d. D. layden G, 


7. De Festo Sancti Stephani 

Rome wyth his wyfe went to lerusalem, and ther byld a fayre 
chapell yn worschyp of Seynt Steuen. And when he was ded, 
he ordeynet hymselfe to be buryed f eryn by Seynt Steuen. But, 
4 longe aftyr hys deth, his wyfe wold goo a}eyne to hyr contrey, 
scho wold haue f e bonys of hyr maystyr wyth hyr. And soo 
wyth praye[r]s and yftes, fe byschop broght hur fe bones of 
Steuen and of hyr husbond, and sayde to hyr : ' I know not, 
8 whef er ben f e bonys of f y maystyr/ pen sayde scho : ' Syr, 
I know well, f es ben my maysters bones,' and toke Seynt Steuen's 
bonys ynstude of hyr maystyrs, vnwyttyng. pen, when scho 
come on f e see, angeles songen yn f e ayre, and as swete sauour * 

12 come out of f e bones fat passed any spyces. And f erwyth 
fendys cryedyn : ' Wo ys vs, wo ys vs ; for Steuen goth, and 
byttyrly brennyth vs, and betyth vs.' And fenvyth reryth a 
tempest fat f e schepmen wenden to haue byn d[r]ownet, and cryed 

J6 to Seynt Steuen. And he anon||aperet to horn and seyde: ' Be 18 a 
not adred,' and anon f e tempest sesud. Then herden fay fendes 
cryyng : ' pou wykked 2 prince, our mayster brenne f e scheppe, 
for Steven, fat ys our aduersary, ys f eryn ! ' Then f e prynce of 

20 fendys sende fyue fendes forto brenne f e schyppe ; but fen was 
fe angell of God redy, and drownet horn ynto fe grownde of f e 
see. And when fay come wyth fe schyppe to londe, fendes 
cryedyn : ' Gcddys s^ruand comyth fat was stenet to deth wyth 

24 wyket lewys ! ' Then, yn f e worschyppe of Seynt Steven, men 
maden a chyrche, and put hys bonys f eryn, wher God wroght 

mony myracles for hym. 

Now pray we to f^s blesset martyr of Crist fat he woll pray 

28 for vs, fat we may come to f e blysse fat euer schall last. To f e 
whech blys God bryng you and me to. Amen. 



32 Goddys blessyd pepull, je ben comen f ys day to holy cliyrch to 
worschyp God and our lady and Seynt Ion, fe Euangelyst, fat 
ys Goddys owne derlyng. Wherfor all holy chyrche fys day 
1 sauour D. sauorn G. . not in d. 2 prince D. woman G, not in d. 

8. De Festo Sancti lohannis, Apostoli et Euang elide 31 

inaketli mencyon of f e specyall grace fat Cryst :jaf hym befor all 
olper dyscyples. He jaf hym grace of vyrgynyte, and grace of 
kepyng of his modyr fre, and grace of schowyng of hys pryuyte. 

He jaf hym grace of vyrgynyte, fat ys, of maydenhode. For as 4 
f e story telly th, and summe han an opyneon, when he schuld haue 
wedded Mary Mawdelen, Cryst called hym and bede hym sewe 
hym. And he anon laft all f is worldes vanyte, and sewed Crist 
forth, and kept hyin clene mayden tyll his endyng-day. In 8 
pruyng of fis, as we reden, when Domician, fe Emperour of 
Rome, herd fat Ion prechet yn a contrey fat ys called Asy, and 
by Id mony chyrches, he was wroth f^rwyth, and send aftyr Ion, 
18 b and made put hym yn a brasyn tonne full of || oyle, and so settyth 12 
hym Iperyn. But when he had long sothen Iperyn, and all men 
went he had ben sothyn to pesys, fen f e Emp^rour bade apon f e 
tonne. And when f e tonne was openet, Ion come out of f e oyle 
and of f e brennyng of f e fure, as hole and as sond yn ych parte 16 
of his body, as he was clene of part of womonnys body, bof e of 
f oght and of dede. And olper assay he had full hard. When he 
see a tern pull of lewes full of mawmetry, he prayde to God forto 
dystrye hit. And }>erwykh anon hit fell downe ynto powdyr ; 20 
wherfor Arystodenms, a byschop of f e tempull, pursewed Ion to 
\)e def e. pen sayde Ion to hym : f What woll ]>ou, fat I do forto 
make f e byleue on Ih^su Crist, my Lord 1 ' pen sayde he : 'I 
wyll make venym, and do men forto dryngke hit befor f e. And 24 
when f>ou sest horn ded, drynke f>0u )?at wythout harm ; and fen 
I schall leue on fy God.' Then sayd Ion : ' Goo, and do as f ou 
sayst.' pen oideynet f>is byschop poysen, and geten two men 
fat wern dampned to f e deth, and made horn drynke of fat 28 
poysen befor Ion. And when fay haden drongken, fay werne ded 
anon ryght. Then Ion toke fat poysen, and blessed hyt ; and so 
drangke hit of, and was neuer f e wors, and semede lyflaker aftyr, 
fen he was before. For as clene as he was wythout venym of 32 
lechery, so clene he was of fat poysen, aftyr he had drongken hit. 
But jet f ?/s byschop seyde, he myght not leue, tyll he segh f e 
men reyset a^eyue to lyue pat wern sleyne by dryngkyng of fat 
venym. Then Ion cast of 1 h?/s cote, and sayde : ' Haue fis, and 36 
lay hit apon f>e ded bcdyes, and say fus : Ion, Crystys apostole, 
1 of cl D. oft G. 

32 8. De Festo Sand I lokannis, Apostoli et Euangeliste 

send me to you, and bede you ryse vp yn Crystys namev' And 
when he had don so, fay rysyn a3eyne to lyue. Then this 
byschop wyt/i mony ofer leued yn Cryst, and weron || folowet of 19 a 

4 Ion ; and he was aftyr a full holy man. Thus he fat hath grace to 

kepe hym clene yn body and sowle, f agh f e fende held ynto hym 

venym of lechery or of othyr synne, hyt schall do hym no harme ; 

but yn f e a3eynestondyng of his lust, he ys a martyr befor God, and 

8 he schall be taken as for worthy to be keper of Crystys modyr. 

Then f us, for f e clennes fat Cryst sygh yn Ion befor all of er, 
when he schuld dye, he charget Ion wyth f e kepyng of hys 
modyr; and he, as a goode sonne, schuld take hyr ynto hys 

12 kepyng. So fat when Cryst was ded and ley in his tombe, Ion 
wyth of er help bare hyr ynto his hous, and kept hir f er, tyll Cryst 
was rysen a3eyne to lyue. And eft when Cryst stegh ynto Heuen, 
he kept hyr yn f e same chambyr, as long as sho lyued aftyr here 

16 yn erthe. Thus had he grace of kepyng of Crystys modyr fre. 

And he had also grace yn schowyng of Goddys pryuetye. 
Thus was furst when Cryst sate at hys soper on Scher pursday, 
for gret loue fat he had to Cryst, he lenet his hed to Crystys 

20 brest. And fen ryght as a man leneth to a well and dryngketh 
his body full of watyr, ryght soo Ion drangke of fe well of 
wysdom fat ys yn Crystys brest, and fulled hys sowle so full of 
gostly wysdome, so fat aftyr he passed all othyr yn wysdome. 

24 Thus Crist schowed hym of hys priuete before all othyr. 

Also for he wold not stynte to preche Goddys worde, the 
Emperour exilet hym alonly ynto f e yle of Pathmos. But when 
he was fer hys one, God schewet hym fe apocalyppys of fys 

28 world fat were forto come, and most of Antecryst, and of fe 
worldes endyng, and of f e day of dome. And as he segh hit, he 
wrot hit yn gret confyrmacyon of holy chyrche. But aftyr when 
fe Emperour was ded, Ion was callet a||3eyne to fe cyte oflOb 

32 Ephesim, fer he was byschop. 

And when he come f edyr, a wydow fat het Drusyan, lay ded 
on bere. pen for Ion segh mony wepe for hyr, Ion sayde to hyr : 
1 Drusyan, ryse vp, and go, and make me some mete/ And scho 

36 anon ros vp, as f ogh scho had rysen from slepe. 

Anofer day, two 3ong men and rych, by f e prechyng of Saynt 
Ion, fay solden all hor godes, and sewoden hym. pen, on a day, 

8. De Festo Sancti lohannis, Apostoli et Euangeliste 33 

as fay comen ynto a cyte of Pergame, when fay segh f os fat wer 
lior seruandys byfor, gon yn ryche araye, and fay homselfe yn 
pore wede, by temptacyon of f e fende, fay forthoght lior purpos, 
and wer sory fat fay haden so laft hor goodys. Then anon, by 4 
reuelacyon of f e priuetye of God, Ion knew hor f oght and sayde 
to horn : ' I see how f e deuell tempteth you, and makyth you 
forthynke your purpos fat 36 ben yn. "Wherfor goo 36 to fe 
wode, and bryngyth ayf er of you hys burden of jardys ; and aftyr 8 
gof e to f e see, and bryngyth ayf er of you hys borclen of stones.' 
And so fay deden. Then, at f e prayer of Seynt Ion, f e jardys 
turnet ynto gold, and f e stons ynto jewels. And fen Ion sayd to 
horn : ' Now takes f ya gold and f ese precyous stones ; and ;e be 12 
as rych as je wer befor ; and knoweth well fat 36 haue lost f e 
kyndora of Heuen.' Then happened hit fat men broghten a ded 
body to burye hit. When f e modyr of f e corse segh Ion, scho 
fell on knees to hym, prayng hym fat he wold rere hyr sonne to 16 
lyue, as he reryd Drusyan, f e wedow. pen Ion prayde to God ; 
and anon he fat was ded, roos vp. pen Ion sayde to hym : * I 
bydde f e, tell f es men whad f ou hast yseyne, and whad joy f es 
men ban lost.' Then he, yn heryng of all men, told of f e joye of 20 
paradyse and of the paynes of hell, how strong and how hoi rybly 
20 a fay wern ; || and how he segh gloryous places ordeynet for fos 
men ; and now how sore hor angeles wepton for loue of horn ; and 
moch joye feudes maden, for fay wer turnet from hor perfyt louyng. 24 
pen anon f ese weren sory yn hor hertys, and repenteden horn for 
hor doyng, and wepyng cryed to Ion fat he schuld pray to God 
for horn, and 3eue horn penaunce. And when fay haden don hor 
penaunce, anon f e gold turned a3eyne ynto 3eardes, and f e jewelles 28 
ynto stones ; and fay wer holy men aftyr. 

Anofer reuelacs/on Ion had by schowyng of Goddys priuete; 
for on a day he segh a child fat was lyke forto haue ben a good 
man. Wherfor Ion broght hym to a byschop, and bade hym kepe 32 
hym and teche hym. pen f is chyld waxed a man, and 3af hym 
to foly, and so fell to a company of f efes, and was sone aftyr 
a may sty r of horn, pew, by reuelacyon of God, Ion knew fat 
anon ; and he 3ede to f e byschop, and blamed hym sore for 36 
myskepywg of hys chyld, and bade tell hym wher he was. Then 
f e byschop, wyth moche fere, sayde he was a leder of feues yn 


34 8. De Festo Sancti lohannis, Apostoli et Euangeliste 

suche a place, pen Ion, for he was old, and myght not well goo, 
toke a hors, and rode f edyr. And when fys fef segh Ion, he was 
aschamed fat he flogh. Then Ion rode aftyr, and sayde : ' My 

4 swete sonne, my dere sonne, abyde and speke wyth me, f y old 
fadyr/ So, at f e last, f ys mon ahode. pen Ion preched hym, so 
fat he laft all hys foly, and was aftyr so holy a mon, fat he was 
a byschoppe vStyr. pus Ion had reuelacyon of Groddys pryuete. 
8 Anof^r reuelachyon he had when he was L ti wyntyr old 
and vii. pen come Thesu to hym wyth his dyscyples and fug 
to hym sayde : ' My derlyng, come now to me ; for now hit ys 
tyme to etc wyth me and thy || brethern yn my fest.' pen anon he 20 b 

12 arose, and wold have gon. Then sayde Cryst to hym : ' Apon 
Sonday f ow schalt come to me.' pen, by Sonday, he was so febull, 
fat he made lede hym to J>e chyrche, and euer, as he myght, 
speke to horn fat ladden hym : ' Chyldren, louef yche on othyr.' 

16 pen sayde on to hym: 'Fadyr, why say }e fus soo oft?' pen 
sayde he : ' For, yf 50 Ion en togedyr, hit ys jnogh to saluacyon.' 
Then made he to make hym a graue before f e auter. And when 
hyt was made, he lay downe yn hit; and ther come such a lyght 

20 apon hym, a gret whyll, fat no man myght see hym. And when 
fis lyght was gon, fe put was full of manna, and wallut vp so 
doth sonde yn well wyth watyr. 

In f e lyfe of Saynt Edward f e Confessour fat lythe at "West- 

24 mynster, ys wrytten fat Saynt Ion aperyth to Seynt Edward on 
a day, as he jode on processyon, and prayd hym forto jeue hym 
summe good for Seynt lonys loue, th' Evangelyst ; for he louet 
hym rnoche. But for f e kyng hadde noght elles redy forto :jeue 

28 hym, he toke f e ryng of hys fyngyr, and }af hym ; and soo Ion 
had f e ryng vn 5ere. And at f e vii jeri/s ende, Ion aperet to 
a knyght of f e kyngys byjonde f e see, and bade hym bere fat 
ryng to f e kyng, and bade hym bef enke hym well for whos sake 

82 he }af hyt away, and say fat he greteth hym wele, and bade hym 
make hym redy, for he schall dey sone. And so he dyd, and 
5ede to f e blysse of Heuen. To f e whech blysse God bryng you 
and me to, yf hit be his wyll. Amen. 

\ o 

9. De Innocentibus 35 

9. ' .-:.- : " 

Goddys owne blessed chyldern, fat byn comew f is day to holy 
ehyrch yn f e worschyp of God and f e chyldern fat weren yslayne 

21 a for Goddys sake. As holy || chyrche fis day maketh raynde, and 4 
reduce and syngythe of horn, fes chyldren ben called yn holy 
chyrche Innocentys, fat ys yn Englysche : wytheouten nye. 
For fay wer not nyes to God by pride, for God ys euer anyed 
wyth pryde, men arid woymew, and a^aynestondyth horn, nor to 8 
hor neghtbur by l no wrong doyng, ny to homselfe by no concent of 
synne. I may well say, fay lyueden here clanly w?/tAout schame, 
fay dyedyn wythout 2 blame, and wern folowed yn her same. This 
Innocentes fat holy chyrche syngeth 3 of, lyueden her wythout 12 
schame ; for fay wer all within 4 two }er of age. Wherfor fay 
wer not aschamet of hor owne schappe ; for when a chyld ys 
wythyn state of innocentes, he ys not aschamet of hys schappe, 
for he ys not defowled wyth fulth of synne, but of f e synne fat 16 
he 5 hathe, he draweth of f e synne of Adam and of Eue 5 . For so 
ferden fey 6 yn fe same wyse. For whyle fay wer yn paradyse 
yn fe state of jnnocentes, fay wer naket; but fay wer not 
aschamet of hor schappe, for fay wer wythout synne. But as 20 
sone as fay haden synned, fay seen hor schappe, and wern 
aschamet ferof, and hydden hit wyth leues of fygge-tre. Thus, 
when synne bygynnyth to take rote yn a chyld, fen jnnocentes 
gothe away ; for fen he begynnyth to know f e good from f e 24 
enell. pen he synneth, and fen he greueth hys God. But fes 
chyldyr lyued not soo long forto knew fe good from fe euell, 
but wern jslayne wythyn degre of jnnocentes. "Wherfor fay 
lyuedon here wythout schame. 28 

pay dyeden alsoo wythout blame; for Herode, kyng of lewes, 

21 b made to sle horn || wythout gult. For when fe kyngys comen to 
Herod, and askyt hym wher f e kyng of lewes was borne, and 
bede tell horn, for fay wern comen to worschyppe hym ferr out 32 
of f e est. pen was Herod all astonyed of hor wordes, and asked 
his clerkes wher he schuld be borne, pen sayde fay yn fe cyte 

1 by C. om. G. not in d. D. 2 wythout D. wyth G. not in d. 3 syngeth 
D. H. syngeht C. syngen G. om. d. * within d. D. wyth G. 5 hathe, . . . 
Eue.] hath of >e draught of J>e kynde of Adam and Eue. d. D. fi J>ey d. D. schoG. 



9. De Tnnocentibus 

of Bedeleem. pen sayde Herod to f e kynges, byddyng horn goo 
f edyr, and do hym worschip ; and come a}eyne to hym, and telle 
bym all hor doyng, fat he myght come and worschip hym also. 
4 But when f es kynges haden don hor offryng to Cryst, fay 3edyn 
horn by anothyr way. Then was Horod wondyr wrothe, and 
schaped anon to haue slayn Cryst. But when he had made hym 
redy f erfor, fat same tyme, f e Emperour of Rome sende to hym 
8 by lettyr forto come to hym yn all f e hast fat he myght ; for 
two of his owne sonnes hadden apechet hym of traytery to fe 
Emperour. Soo at fat tyme he laft f e sleyng of Cryst, and jede 
to Rome, and had f e bettyr of hys sonnes, and come horn wyth 

12 mor worschip fen he had byfor-hond ! . Wherfor he foght fe 
more forto sle Cryst, lest he had, when he come to monn?/s state, 
put hym out of hys kyndome. Then send he anon men, and 
bade sle all f e chyldyr fat weren yn Bedeleem and yn f e contrey 

16 abowte, fat wer too jer old and wythynn, fagh hyt were a chyld 
fat was borne fat same day. And soo fay dedyn. He was 
aferd, lest Crist fat made f e sterre brynge f e kynges so ferre, 
coufe haue turnet hym ynto dyuerse ages, and made hymselfe 

20 oldyr or %ongyr, at his one lyst. And for he was a jere goyng 
and comyng to Rome, ferfor he made to sle all fe chyldre fat 
wern 2 two ^er olde or within 2 two. And for wrach schuld falle on 
hymselfe yn party, f erfor a chyld of his owne fat was don to 

24 norysche yn f e contrey was slayn among of er. But fen come f er 
an angyll to Joseph, || and bade hym take fe chyld and his modyr, 22 a 
and fle ynto fe lond of Egypt, and be ]>er tyll he wernet hym. 
And so fay dyden. pus f es Innocentes wern slayn wytAout blame. 

28 Thay wer also folowed yn hor same, fat ys to say, yn hor 
owne blod. pay wer not folowet yn no font, but yn schedyn[g] of 
hor blod. Wherfor 50 schull vndrystond fat folojt comef f re 
manr of wyse : yn watyr, as we ben crystened yn f e fonte at f e 

32 chyrch ; in chedyng blod, as f e childyr and mony f owsandys 
of of er martyrs fat schedden hor blod for Crystys loue ; the f ryd 
fologht ys in fayth, yn fe wheche all fe patryarches, and pro- 
phetys, and all othyr holy fadyrs fat wern befor Crystys yncarna- 

36 cyon fat leuedyn yn Cristes comyng ; fay wern folowed yn 

fologht of faythe. Thws 50 mou see how moch cruelte fis man 

1 byfor-hond] before d, D. 2 two . . . within d. D. yn two 5er old oj>er G. 

9. De Innocentibus 37 

had yn hert, fat slogh so mony cbylderne for envy fat he had to 
Cryst fat noght gult to hym nor non olper. pen, for he made mony 
a modyr chyldles, and forto wepe for hor deth, God wroght so for * 
horn fat he made to sle his owne schylldren. And aftyr, as he 4 
pared an appull, wyth f e same knyfe he slogh hymselfe. Thus 
he fat was lusty for to schedde gyltles blod, at fe last he schedde 
hys l owne hert-blod. For he that 2 ys wythout mercy, vengeans 
schall fall apon hym. And he fat loueth to do mercy, God wyll 8 
jeue hym mercy. 

And fis I aferme by ensampull fat I fynde yn fe lyfe of Seynt 
Syluestyr. Ther I fynde fat Constantyn, fe Emperour, was 
mesele and, by consele of h?/s leches, he made forto get f re f owsand 12 
chyldren yfere, forto haue slayn horn ; and all hor blod schuld 
haue be done yn a vessell, and fe Empmmr be bathyd feryn, 
whyll hit had ben hote. Then when f ese chyldren wern gedert 
yn a place, fis Emperour com rydyng in a chare f edyr. But 16 
22 b when he come negh, fe modyrs || of fe chyldren comen a^eynys hym, 
cryyng, and wepyng, and rnakyng a dulfull noyse. pen asket fe 
Empmmr, what woymen fay wern. pen sayden ofer, fay wern 
f e modyrs of f e chyldren fat schuld be ded, and made fat noyse 20 
for sorow of hor chyldren. Then sayde f e Empm>ur, hyt wer 
a cruell dede of vs forto make so fele bodies to be slayn, forto hel 
my body fat am but on man ; and mony of horn may be full 3 worthy 
men here aftyr. pen stode f e Emperour yn full gret stude. 24 
'Nay!' qwod he, 'I woll not so, let horn goo horn ajayne hole and 
sonde, and I wyll take f e penance fat ys ordeynet for me ! ' And 
made jef f e modyrs gret jiftes, and so bade horn goo horn wyth 
myrth and laghyng fat comen f edyr wyth sorow and wepyng. 28 
Then fe nyght aftyr as fe Emperour slepyd yn his bed, Petyr 
and Poule coraen to hym and sayden, for f e gret compassyon fat 
he had of f e chyldren and hor modyrs, God send hym word fat 
he wold haue compassyon of hym, and bade hym send aftyr Seynt 32 
Syluestyr, and folow hym ; and fen he schuld be hole. And soo 
he dyd. So when fat he was folowed f er anon yn f e watyr, f e 
lepull felle away from hym, and he was as clene of skynne and 
hyde as any chyld fat he delyuerd before. 35 

Thus 30 mow se, good men, how he fat woll do mercy, schall 
1 hys d. D. by # 2 that inserted above the line. 3 full d. D. felle G. 

38 9. De Innocentibus 

haue mercy ; and he J?at wyll do vengeans, vengeans schall fall 
on hym. So for Herod dyd vengeans, vengeans fell on hym ; and 
for pys oper man dyd mercy, he had mercy and grace, bo)?e her 
4 and yn Heuen. To pe whech mercy God bryng you and me, }?at 
for vs dyed on pe rode-tre. Amen. 



8 Good men and woymen, pat ben ytaght by Goddys lawes forto 
come pys day to holy chyrch, forto worschip God and pys holy 
martyr Seynt Thomas pat was slayn for pe lawes of holy chyrch 
and for pe ryght of pe rem. || This holy Seynt Thomas was born yn 23 

12 pe cyte of London, and had a fadyr was callet Gylbert, }>at was 
scheryue of London. 

pen felle hit, as pys Gylbert went to pe holy lond, he was taken 
and put yn dysstres. pen come per a worschypfull woman of pe 

16 contrey to hym and sayde, yf he wold plyght hys troth to wed 
hur, echo wold helpe hym out of his doses. And soo scho dyd. 
Then went Gylbert horn to Englond. And when scho segh hyr 
tyme, scho come aftyr and met wyth hym at Seynt Poules chyrch 

20 yn London. Then made Gylbert pe byschop of pe cyte 1 forto folow 
hur, and aftyr forto wed horn. And so Gylbert gate Thomas of 
this woman. And when 2 scho was wyth chyld, scho met yn 
a nyght j?at scho come to Saynt Poulys chyrch; but when scho 

24 wold haue gon yn, hur wombe was so gret J>at scho myght not by 
no way. Then, on pe morow, scho jode to hur scheryft-fadyr, 
and told hym hur swyuew. pen sayde he : * Dame, be glad and 
pouke your God; for f>ou hast a chyld yn py body J?at schall 

28 be so holy a man, J>at all holy chyrche schall be to lytyll to 
receyue hym. pen was scho glad and fonked God jorne. And 
aftyr, when pis chyld was borne, he was folowed and callet 
Thomas, ]mt ys to vndrystond : alle mon, For he was aftyr 

32 a man at all ; for he serued pe kyng inonly, he serued God 
devotly, and deyd for J?e law mekely. 

- For wliat tyme he was made chaunseler, pys lond Was full of 
1 )>e cytp C. D. Jje ce G. London d. 2 when in red ink above the line G. 

10. De Festo Sancti Thome, Martiris 39 

Flemyngys, and so ouersette wyth horn, fat a man myght 
not goo bytwyx townes for horn vnrobbet. But yn a schort tyme, 
Thomas, what wyth wystlome, what wyth monhed, drof hom out 
of f 2/s lond, and made suche rest and pees f rogh all f e lond, 4 

23 b fat a man myght goo wher he wold vnrobbet, wyth his good ||yn 

hys hond. He was also monfull yn reparelyng of }>e kynges 
maners fat wer astryed, and namely of fe kyngys palyce yn 
London fat was all forlet. But bytwen Astyr and Whyssentyde 8 
Thomas made reparayle h^/t a3eyne ; for he had so rnony werke- 
men of dyuerse craftys, fat a man schuld not here his felow 
speke for dount of strokes. He was also monfull yn dede of 
armes. For f eras f e kyng had bejonde f e see mony castellys 12 
and townys out of his hond, and had spende nioche goode, and 
sched moche blode, forto gete hom, and myght not avayle, then 
Thomas wyth hys wytte and monhed gete hom ajeyne. And also 
yn werres of f e kynges of Fraunce, he bare hym soo, fat eu0r 16 
aftyr f e kyng loued hym cherly, and was aftyr hys best frende 
yn exhile, and his chef helpe and socoure. He was also monfull 
yn all his aray, clof ede yn f e rychest clop fat myght be fonde, 
and yn furures. He had also Ipe best horses fat wern yn Ipe 20 
reem. And also hys sadyls and brydyls, fay schone all of syluer. 
He was monfull yn howshold, fat hys hall was yche day of f e 
jere new strawed, yn somyr wyth grene rosches, and yn wyntyr 
wyth clen hay, forto saue knyghtys clof ys fat setton on f e flore 24 
for defaute of place on f e benche : so fele comen yche day to his 
mete. For of all Ipe dayntees fat weren wythyn f e reem, yn his 
howshold weren plente. So fat f e kyng hyrnselfe wold mony 
a tyme vnwarned come to f e mete, and sytte downe, bof e for f e 28 
loue fat he had to Thomas, also fortp se f e aray of Thomas 
howshold fat all men speken so moche ferof. 

For trewer loue was neu^r bytwene two men fen was bytwerc 

24 a f e kyng and || Thomas, whyll hit last. Wherfor I put here fys 32 

ensampull : Yn a cold wyntyrs-day, as f e kyng and Thomas 
rydyn yfere yn fe Chepe of London, fen was fe kyng war of 
a pore man, sore acold wyth toren clof es, and sayde to Thomas, 
hit wer almes forto jeue jondyr pore man warmer clof es fen lie 36 
haf e, ' he semeth sore acold.' ' Syr/ qwod Thomas, ' so hit wer and 
to suche je schuld take hede.' pen sayde f e kyug ; ' He schall 

40 10. De Festo Sancti Thome, Martiris 

haue f>ys/ Then had Thomas a clofe on hym ]?at was of fyne 
scarlad, well yfurred wyth grys. This clofe fe kyng pullet at 
fast, forto haue drawen hyt of, but Thomas logget ajeyne. pus 
4 f>ay wrastelet long, soo f>at fay wer negh to haue fallen to 
grounde. But forto fauer fe kyng, Thomas suffred hym to pull 
hit of. And when he had hit of, f>e kyng kest hyt to Ipe pore 
man, and bade hym ren away fast, and sayde : ' Haue fis, and 
8 sell hit, and by Ipe ofir klofes ; for yf fou besette hit well, j?ou 
myght fare Ipe bettyr al f>e dayes of f>i lyfe.' Then Thomas 
faynet hym wroth, but he was well apayde }>erof fat hit was so 
beset. Then hadeu men furst gret mervayle, whad come bytwene 

12 f e kyng and Thomas ; but when fay knew how hit was, all 
men logh and maden gret joye and borde f m>f. Thus I schow 
by ensampull how fay loued togedyr ; for bettyr loue, ne trewer, 
was neuer bytwene two bref^r, fen was bytwene fe kyng and 

16 Thomas, whyle hyt last, pus Thomas serued Ipe kyng monfully. 

He serued God devotly. For als sone as he was made arche- 
byschop of Caunturbury, anon he waxyd anofir man, and 
turned al hys lyfe ynto bettyr, and foght forto seme Ipe Kyng 

20 of Heuen als well afture, als he dyd hys kyng yn erf e befor. 
pen anon he leyde away scarlat || and ryche forres, and wered ] blake 24 b 
klofes of myddyll price, and kest away sylke and syndall, and 
wered l next his flesche an hard heyre and a breche syde to hys 

24 hommes of f e same fat bred so moch vermyn on hym, fat hit 
was an horrybull syght forto se. But fis penance no mon 
knoweth, but he fat hath seyn hit 2 . But he euer hudde hym, so fat 
fer wer but few )>at knew hit. Also, yche "VVenysday and Fryday, 

28 he made hys confessour bete hym wyth a jarde apon f> e backe al 
bare, as a chyld ys beten yn scole. Alsoo, yche day, he vsyd 
forto wasche f>e fete of xxx^ por men, knelyng, and jef yche 
man mi penyes of syluer. Moche more holynesse he vsed of 

32 prayng and of wakyng f>at wer now to longe forto telle. 

But forto schew f>at God suffrede hym specyaly, J>us ensampull 
I tell : When Thomas was exilet, and dwelled yn J>e abbay of 
Ponteney, on a day, when he had sayde his masse, he kneled 

36 adon byfor an auter yn hys prayers. And as he kneled don 
fer, the abbot of f>e place he hadde to speke Vfyih hym, 
1 wered <7. D. C. wer G. 2 seyn hit D. but he himself d. jsayde G. 

10. De Festo Sancti Thome, Martiris 41 

and abode wythout pryuely vndyr a pilere. And as he stode per, 
he herd our Lord, Thesu Cryst, speke wyth Thomas, and told hym, 
how he schuld be slayn yn his owne chyrche for his loue ; wher- 
for he bade hym be studfast, and hold forth as he had begon- 4 
nen. pen when Thomas was comen out of his chapell, pe abbot 
felle downe to pe grownde and sayde : ' Syr, 36 mowe blesse pe 
tyme pat 30 wer borne, forto haue suche vysitacion, as I now 
haue herde.' pen sayde Thomas : ' Yf pou haue oght herde, 8 
I charche pe fat pou neuer telle hit, whyll I am 1 on lyue.' Soo, 
whyllys he lyued, he kept hit clos ; but when Thomas was ded, he 
25 a told hit openly to all men. || Thus, I say, Thomas smiet God deuotly. 

He deyd also full mekely. For when he segh pe kyng ouerset 12 
holy chyrch, and made lawes suche as schuld destrye pe londe, 
pen Thomas put hym forth, and repreued pe kyng of hys mys- 
doyng. pen was pe kyng wroth, and made a parlament at 
Northhampton all yn myschaunce of Thomas. And for Thomas 16 
wold not sette to hys sele of pe curset lawe pat pe kyng and his 
sory cownsell haden made, he was dampned as a traytonr to p e 
kyng, and exiled out of pe lond. Then went Thomas to pe kyng 
of France for eocour ; and he louyngly receyued hym and his 20 
clerkys all, and fond horn almost vu jere all pat horn behoucd. 
pen, aftyr mony deseses and greues and wrongys pat he had 
mekely suffered of pe kyng of Englond and of his offycers, bope 
yn Englond and by3onde pe see, by trety of pe pope and of Jre 24 
kyng of Fraunce, per was made a faynt loueday bytwene pe 
kyng of Englond and Thomas. But when pe kyng schuld haue 
kyssed Thomas, he wold not ; for he sayde, he had made a vow 
pat he wold neuer kysse Thomas ; but bade hym boldely goo 28 
home to hys chyrche. pen, whad by cownsell of pe kyng of 
Fraunce, and pryncypaly for the byddyng of pe pope, he }ode 
horn to Canturbury. Then wer per foure knyghtys of cursed 
lyuyng pat for gret hope pat pay hadden forto be thonked of pe 32 
kyng, pay maden a vow yfere to sle Thomas. And soo at 
Chyldyrmas-day, almost at nyght, pay come to Canturbury ynto 
Thomas halle: Syr Raynald Bereson, Syr WilKam Tracy, Syr 
Rychard Bretane, Syr Hewe Morvyle. Then Raynold Bereson 36 
for he was boystres of kynde wythouten any gretyng he 
1 I am d. D. we ben G. C. we ben boojje H. we bo)>e byn L. 


10. De Festo Sancti Thome, Martiris 

sayde to Thomas f us : ' pe kyng fat ys byjonde f e see, sendes vs 
to fe, and byddys fe fat fou asoyle the || byschoppys fat fou 25 b 
hast * acursed.' Then sayd Thomas Ipus : ' Syres, fay ben 
4 acurset by f e pope, and not by me ; and I may not asoyle fat f e 
pope hath acurset.' ' Well ! ' qwod Raynald, ' fen we sene fat 
fou wyll not do fe kyngys byddyng. By fe een of God, fou 
schalt be ded ! ' perfor fen cryed the of er knyghtys : ' Sle, sle, 
8 sle/ and 5oden and armed horn yn f e eourte. Then clerkes and 
monkes droghen Thomas to fe chyrch, and sparrut fe dyrres 
to horn. But when Thomas herd f e knyghtes yarmed yn f e 
cloystyr, and wold haue com en yn, and myght not, Thomas jede 

12 to f e dyr, and vnbarret f e dyrre, and toke a knyght by hond, 
and sayde: 'Hit besemeth not to make holy chyrche a castell: 
cometh yn, my chyldern ! ' pen for hyt was darke fat fay 
myght not well know Thomas by anof er, fen on sayde : ' Wher 

16 ys fat traytour ? ' ' Nay ! ' qwod Thomas, ' no traytour, but f e 
archbyschop.' pen sayde he ajeyne : l Fie, for fou art but ded.' 
' Nay ! ' quod. Thomas, ' I come not forto fle, but to abyde, and 
take my deth for Goddys loue and for f e ryght of fys chyrch/ 

20 Then Raynald, wyth hys swerdys poynt, put of his cappe fat he 
had on hys hed, and smot at hym, and kut halfe his crowne. pen 
anothyr smot aftyr, and hut yn f e same stroke, and smot his 
crowne all of fat hit hongyt by, as hyt hade be a dysche. Then 

24 Thomas fel down on knees and elbous, and sayd : ' God, ynto thy 
hondys I betake my cawse and the ryjt of rny chyrche/ And 
fen f e thyrdde knyght 2 smot, and hutte half his stroke apon f e 
clerkeys arme fat held f e crosse before Thomas ; and fat 

28 other dele of f e stroke fell downe to Thomas hed. And he fat 
had half f e stroke anon he wythdrogh hys arme and flagh away. 
Then smot f e fourth knyght his swerde to f e pament, and barst 
f e poynt of his swerde. And when fay had so don, fay sayd : 

32 ; Goo we hens, he ys ded.' But when fay werne at f e chyrch t 
dyrr outward on Robert Brok turnet ajeyne, and set || his fote 26 a 
in Thomas necke, and scraput out fe brayne of fe scolle about 
on f e pament. pus for ryght of holy chyrch and f e lawes of f e 

36 lond, Thomas toke his deth full mekely. 

pen how fys martyrdome was knowen yn Jerusalem, hit fell 
1 >ou hast D. d. Ion hath (7. 2 MS. kynght. 

10. De Festo Sancti Thome, Martiris 43 

fus: In lerusalem was an abbay of monkes, yn fe whech fat 
same day fat Thomas deyd, lay a monke at fe poynt of deth. 
pen, for he was a good man of lyuyng, f e abbot bade hym, yf 
God wer apayde, fat he schuld com to hym aftyr his deth, and 4 
tell hym of hys fare. And soo aftyr fat he was ded, he come 
ajeyne and told f e abbot fat, when he deyd, angeles broghten hym 
befor God, and as he stode per, he segh a byschop come wyth 
a huge company of angeles and of of yr seyntys. And as he 8 
stode befor God, his hed dreppyd downe of blode of his wondes 
fat he had. Then sayde God to hym : ' Thomas, f us hit besemyth 
f e forto come ynto f y Lordes court.' And set a huge croune of 
brennyng gold on his hede fat was ywonded, and sayde : ' As 12 
moche joye as I haue geven Seynt Petyr, I ^eue to fe.' And 
fen he sayde : ' Hereby know I now, fat f ylke gret byschop of 
Caunturbury ys f ys day slayne for Goddys sake. And soo know 
je well fat I goo to blysse.' 16 

Thus told 1 fe patryarcha of Jerusalem, sone aftyr hys deth, 
when he come ynto Englond aftyr men to feght ajeynes 
f e Sarysens. Then hit be[fell] 2 aftyr, a bryd fat couthe speke, 
as he herd f e pepull fat comen on pylgremage to Seynt 20 
Thomas, on a day, he went out of his cage, and a sparow- 
hawke wold haue slayne hym. Then fis brydde cryed, 'Saynt 
Thomas, helpe ' ; and anon f T/S sparhawke fell downe ded. Thus 
so sone as Seynt Thomas herd a bryd fat wyst not what he 24 
seyde ne mant, moche more and sannyr he heruth horn fat 
26 b callyth || to hym wyth all hor hertys. 

Anofer man fat Saynt Thomas loued yn his lyue, was seke, 
and come to Saynt Thomas prayng to hym of helpe ; and anon 28 
he was helyd. But aftyr, he f oght fat God send hym fat 
sekenes for gret encrese of soule mede, and jede a^eyne to 
Saynt Thomas prayng hym, yf hit wer more helpe to his soule to 
be secke Ipen to be hoole, fat he most be seke a^eyne. Then anon f e 32 
sekenes toke hym ajeyn, and he thonkyd God and Saynt Thomas. 

Thus whan s f e kyng herd how God wroght so mony myracles for 
Saynt Thomas, he come to Caunturbury, wolward and barfote, 
and all naked but a febull cote, forto hyde his body ; and jede 36 

1 told C. d, D. he told G. 2 then hit be[fell] aftyr] and C. also d. D. 

3 whan d. D. om. G. 


10. De Festo Sancti Thome, Martiris 

barfote yn f e myre and yn f e lake, as he had ben f e porest man 

yn f e reme, cryyng and sekyng full sore, prayng Saynt Thomas 

of helpe and of for^euenepse 1 . Soo when he come to Saynt Thomas 

4 tombe, he made f e couent of f e place by and by to seue hym 

dyscyplyn 2 apon his bare backe wyth a Echarpe jerde, and f er 

fe sory costoms and lawes fat made debate by t wen Thomas and 

hym, byfor all his pepull f er he dampnet horn, and graunted 3 f e 

8 chyrch hys fredomes for euermor ; and too he 3eode his way. 

Thes foure knyghtes when fay herden, how God wroght for 
Saynt Thomas, fay weren full sory of hor cursed dedes, and 
cursed f e tyme fat hit befelle horn soo, and lafton all hor lord- 

12 schyppys and londes and rentes fat fay hadden, and wenten to 
Jerusalem ; and f er fay werredyn on Goddys enmys. But 
William Tracy, by lettyng fat he had, he taryed behynde, and 
fell seke, and rotud all his body, so fat hymselfe lompmale 

16 wyth his hondes kest away hys flesche ynto f e flore, and had an 
horrybull deth. The thre olper \\ also deyden on spytues defes, so 27 a 
fat, wythyn f re 3ere aft/r, Thomas deth was thus venget. And 
f us fay wer ded all ; but euer, whill fay lyueden, fay euer cryed 

20 mercy to God and Seynt Thomas. 

And soo do we, fat we may haue f e blys fat he boght vs to. 
To fe wheche blysse, frogh the prayer of Saynt Thomas of 
Caunturbury, God [bryng ^] vs to. 


; -, 


Goddys owne s^ruandys, as je know well, fys day ys called 
New-^erus-day, as endyng of f e jer fat ys gon, and begynnyng 
of f e 3ere fat ys comyng. Wherfor, as I hope, $e ben comen as 

28 f^s day to holy chyrch, forto contyuue your semice forth fys 
jere als well olper bettyr fat comyf e, as je dyddyn f e jere fat ys 
gon, wythouten any new cownant makyng. For a good seruand 
fat hath a good maystyr, he maketh but onys 6 cownant wyth 

32 hym, but BOO holdeth forth from jere to 3ere, hauyng full tryst yn 
his maystyr fat he woll for his good sruyce reward at hys ende 
1 forjeuenesse d. D. forjenesse G. 2 dyscyplyn d. D. dysplyn G. 

3 graunted D. C. H. gyf G. not in d. * bryng om. G. not in d. D. C. 

6 onys] ones D. jenys G. not in d. 

11. De Circumcisione Domini Nostri 45 

and at his nede. Now right soo Goddys seruandys maketh 
couenant wyth hym, onys at Ipe fonte when fay ben jcrystenet. 
And soo holden forth hor couenantys, hauyng full tryst yn hor 
God fat he woll at hor endyng l be hor socoure, and jeuen hoin 4 
auauncement in his court of Heuen. Then schull je fat ben 
Goddys ssruantys, know wele fat f is day ys called New-jeris-day, 
and also f e circwmsicyon of oure Lord, and f e vtas of f e natyuyte. 

Hit ys callet New-jerys-day, for hit ys f e forme day of f e 8 
kalender. Then, for fe jere ys rewlet and gourmet by fe 
kalender, and fis day stondeth yn fe begynnyng ferof, hit ys 
callet jeres-day. Then sayth Seynt Austeyn fat, fis day and 
fis nyght, paynene vsen mony fals opynyons of wychecraft and of 12 /,/X/ 
fals fayth, Ipe whech ben noght to telle among crysten men, lest \ 
27 b fay wer drawen yn vse 2 . Wherfor, je fat ben Goddys || seruandes, 

be 36 well war, lest 36 ben deseyvet by any sorsery and by any > 
byleue : as by takyng of howsell of on man raythyr fen of 3 anof yr, 16 
othyr forto bye othyr selle, and aske or 4 borue. Yn f e whyche 
some men haue dyuerse opynyons fat, jyf fay werne clene 
schereven, fay wer worthy gret penawnce for mysbeleue ; for fat 
corny th of f e fende, and not of God. 20 

pis ys callet alsoo f e cyrcuracysyon of our Lord. For, as holy 
chyrche techeth f ys, he was circumsiset, and sched hys blode f is 
day for our sake. For when his flesch was kytte from hym, he 
bledde jorne and full sore to hym. For he was jong and tendyr 24 
of age, but eght dayes old ; and f tfrfor he bledde f e more, pen 
56 schull know fat he bled for vs v tymes. pe fyrst day was 
fat day when he was circumcyset. pat othyr tyme was for fere 
of his passyon, as he prayde to hys fadyr ; fen he swet blode and 28 
watyr for drede. For ryght as a chyld wepyth for fere, when he 
segh f e 3erde come, and $et hath no stroke, ryght soo f e flesche 
of Cryst was aferde of fe strong passion fat was comyng; and 
soo swat blod and watyr for drede. The thryd tyme was yn 32 
flagellacyon, when he was wyth fers knyghtes beten wyth scorges 
apon his bare body, fat he was rennyng on 5 blod all aboute. The 
fourthe tyme was, when he was naylet hond and fote to f e crosse, 
and soo heuen vp, fat f e body paysude downe to hys fete. The 36 

1 endyng and of 3 written above the line G. 2 MS. vsne. , 

4 or D. C. om. &. not in rf. * on D. om. G. not in d. 


11. De Circumcisione Domini Nostri 

v tyme was, when f e spere openet hys syde, and blod and watyr 
ranne out. pes fyve tymes he sched his blod for vs. 

Then, syth fat Cryst was wythout synne, and circuwsision was 

4 ordeynet yn remedy of synne, why wold he be circumsyset ? 

Seynt Austyne seyth : for foure causes. On was forto make a syf 

wyth f e lewes ; elles fay myghten skylfully haue l sayde to hym : 

'pou art not 2 of our lawe ; wherfor we receyue f e not, ne concenten 

8 to fy || techyng.' The secnnde cause was to desayue-fe fende. For 28 a 

ryght as he deseyuet our allur modyr and soo dampntt all mon- 

kynd, ryght soo lay to Cryst forto desayue hym, wherfrogh al 

mowkynde schuld be boght to fe blysse a^eyne. pen when fe 

12 fend sygh Cryst ycircrwzcised as othyr werne, he wende, he had 
taken fat penauuce yn remedy of orygnull synne, and soo knew 
hym not by anof^r synfull mon. For yf he had knowen hym 
redely fat he had comen forto by monkynd out of his bondam 3 , he 

16 wold neuer haue tysut mon to haue don hym to deth. This was 
also f e cause, why oure lady was wedded to Joseph, forto deseyue 
fe fende, pat he schuld wene, fat he was his fadyr, and not 
conseyuet of Ipe Holy Gost. The f rid cause was why he was cir- 

20 cuwicysed, forto conferme Ipe old lawe, yn gret comfort of oure 
faders of fe old lawe and testament. For yf he 4 had ben foloet 
and anon circuwicyset, hit had byn a gret dyscomfort to all fat 
wern befor f e yncarnacyon of Cryst. The fourf e cause was of 

24 hys cyrcumcysyon. For he wyst well fat heretykes schuld come, 
fat wolden say, fat Cryst had a body of f e ayre by fantesy, and 
not veray flesch and blod as we haue. pen for a body of fe 
ayre may not bledde, ne haf e no blod yn hym, f erfor, forto put 

28 away f e erroure, Cryst was cyrcuwsysed, and bled yn fe 
kyttyng of his flesche. pe whech flesche fat was so kytte from 
hys membur, an angell broght hit aftyr to kyng Charles, for fe 
most veray relyk of all fat lond. And he, for worschyppe fat he 

32 cowf e do f erto, he broght hit ynto Rome to f e chyrch fat ys callet 
Sancta. fianctorum. For f es foure causes Cryst was circu[m]cyset. 
This day [y]s also callet f e vtas, fat ys, f e eght day of oure ladys 
byrf e, yn techyng to y[ch] 5 crysten seruand forto f enke on f e 

1 haue D. ha G. not in d. 2 not D. om G. 

3 bondam] bondage D. not in d. * he D. 30 G. 

5 ych] y G. om. D. not in d. vs J>at ben O. 

not in d. 
not in d. 

11. De Circumcisione Domini Nostri 47 

eght dayys fat sewyth fe byrth-day. pe fyrst ys forto fenke 
ynwardly on f e eede fat he ys cowceyuet of, fat ys so fowle yn 
28 b hymselfe and so wlatfull, fat man olper woman, be he neuer || so 
fayre, and he see f e matere fat he ys made of, his hert wold 4 
wlaton and be aschamed of hymselfe, to fenk fat he wer con- 
ceyuet of so fowle fyng. The secunde day ys forto fenke, how 
greuesly he paynes his modyr yn hys burthe-tyme yn so moche, 
fat hit ys Goddys hegh miracull fat sche skapyth to lyue. The 8 
f ryd, fenke how febull and how wrecche he ys, when he ys bore. 
For all bestes of kynde, yn somwhat, con l helpe hymselfe, saue 
f e man ; he nof er may, ne con helpe hymself yn no degre ; but 
schuld dye anon, jyf he wer not holpen of othyr. The fourthe ys 12 
forto fenke, how moche drede and pareyle he leueth yn alway; 
for euermore, yn ych place, deth sewef hym redy, forto falle on 
hym, what tyme, ny wher, he wot neuer 2 . The fyfte ys forto 
fenke, how horryble deth ys when he comef e ; for yn schort 16 
tyme, he makyth hym forto stynke, fat all hys best frendes ben 
besy, forto put yn f e erfe, and hyde hym fer. The syxte ys 
forto fenke, how rewf efull ys f e partyng of f e sowle from f e 
body fat may not be departyd, tyll f e hert yn f e body breke, 20 
for syghtes fat the sowle sef e. The seuent ys forto fenke, how 
dredfull ys f e dome fat he goth to. Anon fen he fat f enkyth 
bysely on f es seuen dayes, he schall be circumcyset yn fe ^eght 
day, fat ys to say, he schall kytte away from hym f e lust of his 24 
flesche and worldes lykyng ; and so schall he come to f e vtas of 
Cryst, fat ys, to f e joy fat ys yn heuew-blys. To f e whech joye 
God bryng you and me to, jif hit be hys wyll. Amen. 


jj^ 12. 

\ V l 


Goddys worschypfull seruantys, as 30 knoefe all, fis day 50 
J 29 a calleth Twelfeday. But all-|| mys ; for hit ys f e f retteneth day of 
Crystynmasse. pe whych day holy chyrche makef e and calleth 
f e Epyphany, fat ys yn Englysche tonge : f e schowyng of our 32 
Lord Ihesu Cryst, veray God and man, fat he was. For f ys day 
holy chyrche makef e mynde, how Ihesu Cryst was schewet veray 
1 con] com G. kon D. a neuer C. uer G. not in d. D. 


12. De Epiphania Domini 

God and man f re wayes : by f re kynges oftvyngys, yn his one 

folowyng, and by watyr ynto wyne turnyng, The fretten day 

aftyr his burfe, he was schewet by offryng of fre kynges; and 

4 fat same day, ix and xx^ wyntyr and xiu dayes aftyr, he was 

folowet yn fe watyr of flem Jordan. And fat same day, 

twelmo[n]f e aftyr, he turnet watyr ynto wyne at f e weddyng yn 

f e Cane of Galyle. But, for f ys fest makef e mynde of f es kyngys 

8 offryng, f erfor pursew we f e forme of holy chyrche, and tell how 

yn hor offryng Ih^su Cryst was schewet veray God and man. 

These fre kyngys werne of fe lynage of Balaam fat pro- 
physyet, how fat a sterre shuld 1 spryng of lacob; and fogh fay wern 

12 no lewes of kynde, neuerf eleesse fay haden herd by ansetry of 
f e sterre. Wherfor fay wylnet moche forto here, and oft-tyme, 
on nyghtys, comen togedyr apon a certeyne hyll, forto dyspytte 
by astronomy of fys sterre. Then apon Cristenmassenyght, fe 

16 same tyme fat Cryst was born, as fay wer if ere disputyng of 
fat sterre, a sterre come to horn bryghtyr fen any sonne, and 
yn fe sterre a fayre chyld, and vndyr hys hed a brygh[t] crosse of 
gold, and sayde f us to horn : ' Goos anon yn all f e hast ynto fe 

20 lond of lewre, and take wyth you gold, and ensens, and myrre, 
and offreth f es f re to hym fat ys now f er borne kyng of lewes, 
veray God and man. And I woll be your gyde, and led you f e 
next way f edyr.' Then fay, wythe gret hast, token dromendarys 

24 fat ben of \\ kynd so swyft, fat fay woll renne on a day fur fen 29 b 
any of er hors yn f re dayes, and soo ryden to Jerusalem, fat ys 
fe hed-cyte of lewre, hopyng forto wytte fer sone wher fys 
chyld was borne. But anon, as fay turnet ynto fe cyte, fay 

28 lost f e sight of f e sterre 2 , fat er glode tofor horn, tyll fay 
come fedyr, bryghtyr fen fe sonne. Then, for kyng Herode 
was f er, fay joden to hym, and asked wher f e kyng of lewes 
was borne, and sayden : ' We seghen his sterre yn f e est, and ben 

32 comen wyth offryng to worschyppe hym/ Then was Herod all 
trowbuld, and all f e cyte wyth hym, more for glaueryng fen for 
any loue fat fay hadden to hym. Then asked he his clerkys 
wher f e chyld schuld be borne ; and fay sayde yn Bedeleem. 

36 Then Herod asket preuely f es kynges of f e sterre, and bade horn 

1 shuld d. D. om. G. 
8 sight of ]>e sterre d. D. 

sterre anon yn J>e syght ]>eroi G. 

12. De Epiphania Domini 49 

goo to Bedeleem, and worscbyp fis chyld, and come ajeyne to 
hym, and tel hym wher he schuld fynd hym, BO fat he myght 
go and worschip hym as fay dydden. Then, when fe kynges 
passyd f e towne toward Bedeleem, anon f e sterre apered a3eyne 4 
to horn ; and when fay syghen f e sterre comyng a3eyne, fay 
wer gretly ioyet yn hor hertys. pen, as hit yn mony place ys 
payntude and corven l , fat kyng fat ys yn f e mydyll, for gret 
ioy fat he had, wryde bakward tohys felow byhynd, and pytte hys 8 
bond vp, schewyng hym f e sterre ; lewde men hauew an opynyon 
and sayne, fat be had slayne a mon, wherfor he turned backeward. 
But God forbede fat f ys opynyon wer trew. For now ys mony 
hundred of seyntes fat wer befor men-sleers, and dydden mony 12 
an holy martyr to def e ; but aftyr fay wer turnet, and wern 
holy martyrs homselfe, and seen God yn his face eumnor. Then 
f es kynges sudyn f ys sterre forth, tyll fay come ynto Bedeleera. 
pew when he come ouer f e hous wher Cryst was, he stode styll. 16 
30 a Then f es kynges lyghten don, and $oden ynto the || hous, and 
fonden fe chyld wyth hys modyr. And fen wyth all f e reuer- 
ence fat fay cowthen, fay kneleden done, and offeryd yche on of 
bom f es f re f enges : gold, and ensens, and myrre ; kuowlechyng 20 
by f e gold fat he was kyng of all kynges, and by ensens fat he 
was veray God, and by myrre fat he was veray man, fat schuld 
ie ded, and layde yn graue wythout rotyng. For gold ys kyng of 
metelles ; ensens is brent yn holy chyrche in worschip of God 2 ; 24 
myrre ys an oynement fat kepyth ded bodyes from rotyng. Thus 
when f es kynges hadden don hor offryng, by techyng of an angell, 
fay laften Herode, and wenton horn by anofer way. And fe 
sterre vanesched away ynto hor forme kynde. 28 

Then Joseph, as Bernard sayth, kept of f e gold as much as 
hym nedet for his tribut fat he schuld ijeue to fe Empmmr, and 
more fat hym nedet to oure lady, whyll scho lay yn chyld-bedde ; 
and f e remenant he dalt to suche as hadden nede. The ensens 32 
he brent to put away f e stench of f e stabull fer scho lay. And 
wyth myrre our lady wassched bur chyld, to kepe hym from 
wormes and cfyer fulfes. But what fell aftyr of fes kynges, 

1 corven d. D. crowuen G* 

8 yn holy chyrche in worschip of God d. D. yn holy chyrche yn worschyppe 
of holy chyrch jn worschip of God G, 

50 12. De Epiphania Domini 

I fynde notbyng put yn certeyne, but by opynyons fat sayn 
how Saynt Thomas of Inde when he come ynto fat centre, he 
folowed horn. And fen ryght as fe sterre lyghtneth horn to 
4 Crystys byrth, ryght so f e Holy Gost leghteneth horn wyt/tyn, 
and schewed horn, vvhad was f e most profytabull way to Heuen, 
so fat fay lafton all hor remes and hor lordschyppys, and 
3oden forth as pylgrymys to Jerusalem, and so to ofer places as 
8 Cryst suffred def e, and so forth to Melayne; and Iper fay deyeden. 
But aftyr fay werue translat to Coleyne, and so byn called lp e 
kynges of Colen. 

Now, good men, 50 haue herd how our Lord Ihesn Cryst was 

12 f is day schewed by f es kyngys offryng. Wherfor as fay offered 
fen to hym, soo || schuld 36 do your offryng to hym. pus when 50 30 b 
come to holy chyrche wyth all fe mekenes and reuerens fat 56 
can, knelyth adowne, not on your kne as to a lord temporal 1, 

16 but on bof e your knees, and do hym worschippe. And yf 36 
soo done, fen 56 offeren to hym precyous gold. For Iper nys no 
gold yn f?/s world so precyous to God, as ys a meke hert and 
a lowe of a man or of a woman, pen herwyth hold vp your 

20 hondes to hym wyth a deuot hert and say f us : ' Lord, God of 
Heuen, haue mercy on me synfull/ And fen je offren to hym 
sence. For f er nys no brent sence fat sauereth so swete yn 
mannt/s nase, as dof e a denote oreson yn Goddys nase and yn f e 

24 angeles about hym. And syf e makef e a crosse yn f e erthe and 
sayth : ' Lord, when I fat am erthe schall dye and turne ynto 
erthe, fen, Lord God, haue my soule.' And fen 50 offern to hyni 
myrre. For ryght as myrre kepyth a body from stenche and 

28 rotyng, ryght so myght of deth kepyth a soule from rotyng and 
stenche yn dedly synne. In thys wyse dofe your offryng, and 
getyth you as moche mede as f es kyngys haden. 

He was also schowet 1 at his foloyng. For whew he come to 

32 flem Jordan, he jed ynto f e 2 watyr and 3 halowet hit. For ryght 
as he was circumsyset, to fulfyll and cowferme f e old lawe, ryght 
soo he was folowed, to begynne and to halow fe crysten lawe 
for no nede fat he had ferto, for he was clene wyt/iout synne, 

36 but forto make f e sacrament fat schuld wasschen and clanse horn 

1 schowet] swowet G. schewet d. D. 

8 J>e d. D. a (?. s and <7. D. of G. 

12. De Epiphania Domini 51 

fat takyf e cristyndome yn hys name, of all synne. pen was Ion 
Baptyet redjr \er and raoche pepull wyih hym fat comew f edyr, to 
be folowed. ^ And then John seid l to Cryst qwakyng and tremblyng 
for fere : ' Lord, $e fat ben Godys lombe wythout synne, $e haue no 4 
nede to be folowed of me ; but I fat am a man getyn and borne 
yn synne, I most com to f e, to be folowed yn Jerusalem of my 

31asynnes/ pen sayde|| Crist to Ion: 'Suffyr at fya tyme, for we 
most fulfull all rightwesnes.y Then Ion folowed Itasu Cryst ; and 3 
as hit ys credebule, cure Lord was folowed, and othyr fat wern 
Cristes discipules 2 aftyr hym, and all fe pepull fat wern come 
f edyr. Then when all werne folowet, our Lord Ihesu Crist went 
out of f e watyr. And as he prayde on f e waters brynke, and all 12 
f e pepull wyth, a gret ly$i vmbeclypped hym. And so, yn syght of 
Seynt Ion and all f e pepull, f e Holy Gost yn lykenesse of a whyte 
dowe lyght on Crystes bed, and f e Fadyr of Heuen spake f us yn 
heryng of all : ' pis ys my dere belouet sonne fat well plesyth me/ 16 

Al f us was done, forto teche yche cristen man his byleue. For 
yche crysten man or woman ys holden forto beleue yn f e Fadyr, 
and yn f e Sonne, and yn f e Holy Gost, fat ben f re persons and 
won God. And f agh f e Fadyr spake abouen, and 3 f e Sonne 20 
Ihesu Crist wer ther bodely, and f e Holy Gost yn lickenesse of 
a dowve, je schull beleue fat here ben fre persons and on God 
yn Trynyte. This byleue 50 knowlachen on f e watyrs brynke, fat 
ys fe brynke of fe fonte when 50 ben folowed. Wherfor he fat 24 
byleueth and doth 4 f e werkes of f e byleue wythout dowte, he schall 
be sauet ; and he fat beleuetb not, he schall be dampnet The 
werkes of f e byleue byn mekenes and charyte. For wythout f es 
two schall f er no man be sauet ; and he fat hath f es two, he ys 28 
wrytten yn fe geanology of Cryst. Wherfor, yn wytnes of f#s 
geanology fat ys red yn mydwyntyr-nyght, begynnyth aboue at 
Abraham, and so comyth downe to loseph, arid soo to oure lady 
Mary, in schouywg fat ys most mekest of hert, ys next to oure 32 
Lorde ; and seche he avaunset. And f erfor f e geanology fat ys 

31 b red this || nyght, begynyth at Ihesu Cryst, and goth vp to Adam, 

1 then lohn seid d. D. sayden <?. 

2 J>at wern Cristes discipules d. D. dyscypuls ]>at wern of Crystys G. 

3 and d. D. yn G. 

* he fat byleueth and doth C. je J>at byleuen and don G. d. D. 

4 2 


12. De EpipJiania Domini 

and so ynto God, yn schewyng fat he fat hath perfyie lone to hys 
eme-ci ysten l , ys wryttyn yn f e geanologe of God yn Heuen ; and 
schall be as cosyn and dere derlyng to God fer 2 wythouten ende. 
4 Thus Cryst was schowet by watyr ynto wyn turnyng for fe 
fest of Ion fe Euangelyst and Mary Mawdelen. pen for Ion was 
Crystes ante somie, he and hys modyr, and moo of his dyscypuls 
werne callet f edyr. pen hit happant so fat horn wonted wyne at 
8 f e mete, pen bade Ihe&us s^ruandus full syxe stones fat stoden 
Iper wyth watyr, and when fay hadden don soo, Ihesus blessed horn, 
and bade horn holden and bere to 3 hym fat began fe bord. Then 
sayde he, fat was wyne passyng any olper. Thus Ihesus schowet 

12 hym veray God and man ; veray God yn fat he turned watyr 
ynto wyne, and veray man yn fat he etc and drangke wyth horn. 
This myracull he dyd yn schewyng fat he blessyth f e weddyng 
fat ys done, as f e la we of holy chyrche ordeyneth. 

16 Now, gcpd men, je han herd, how cure Lord Ihesu Crist f is 
day was schewed by kynges offryng, and efte yn his holy folewyng, 
and eftsonus by myracles at fe weddyng. Wherfor do hym 
honowre and worschippe wyth (jjoure offryng, and buth stydfast 

20 yn f e fayth of your folowyng, and brekyth not fat hygh troth fat 
je maken at your weddyng. And fen je schall come to f e blysse 
fat ys euprlastyng. To the wheche blysse God bryng you and 
me, yf hit be his will. Amew. 




Good men and woymen, suche a day 30 schull haue a hegh fest 
yn holy chyrch fat ys callet fe conuersjon of Saynt Pole ; fat ys 
yn Englysche: fe conuertyng of Seynt Pole. For fat day, he 

28 was conuerted from a cuiset tyrand ynto Goddys seruant, from 
an hegh || man and a prowde ynto a meke man and a devot, and 32 a 
from f e deuellys dyssypull ynto Goddys holy apostoll. Soo, for 
f is man was so yturnet from all wyckednesse ynto all goodnesse, 

82 yn gret strengf e and helpe to holy chyrch, f erfoT holy chyrch 
halewof e his conuersyori. And soo fay dof e of non of er seynt, 

1 erne- cl D. one- G. 2 J>er] day G. not in d. D. 3 to cl. D. om. G. 

13. De Conuercione Sancti Pauli 53 

hut only of bym. And fat ys for f re skylles : furst for gret 
myracull yn hys turnyng, and for gret joy yn his defendyng, and 
for hegli ensampull in amendyng. 

Furst f ys man or he was turnet, he was callet Sawle. For 4 
ryght as Saule, fe kyng of Jerusalem, pursued Dauid, to haue 
slayne hym, ryght soo f is Saule pursewet Cryst, and his dyscyples, 
and * his seru&ntys, to haue broght horn to f e def e. Wherfor, 
whill Crist jode on erth here, he wold neuer come to hym, forto 8 
here his techyng. But as sone as he was styed ynto Heuen, fen 
anon for he was lerede and cowthe fe lewes lawe he began 
to ajeynesette Crystys dyscipuls, dysputyng ajeynes horn, and 
pursuyng horn yn all fat he myght, in full entent to haue de- 12 
stryed Crystys lawes. Then, on a day, he dysputyth wyth Seynt 
Steven ; and for he myght not ouercome hym, he schaped how he 
myght bryng hym to f e deth, so fat he laft hym neuer tyll fat he 
was stenet to f e dethe. pen, as hit ys f e maner of f e fendys 16 
chyldyr when fay haue don a foule turne, fay reioysen horn 
f^ryn, and ben fayne and prowde yn hor hertys, and encresen yn 
hor maleyse, so was f ys Sawle glad of fe defe of Seynt Steven. 
And for he wold haue geten hym a name of wykednesse passyng 2Q 
all of er } he 3eode to horn fat haden f e lawe of lewes to kepe, and 
gete hym lettyrs of warant, forto take and bryng all crysten men 
and woymen fat fay myght fynde yn any place, and bryng horn 
bonden ynto Jerusalem, forto take hor deth f er. And when he 24 
32 b had f os letteres, he toke suche || a pryde, and such envy yn his hert 
ajeyn cristen men, fat when he herd speke of horn, anon he 
snorted 2 at fe nose, and frofe at fe mowth for angur, thretyng 
and manassyng so hely toward horn, fat yche man was wondyr 28 
sor aferde of hym. 

Then, for he herd fat yn fe cyte of Damaske wer mony 
crysten men hud for drede, anon he toke hys hors and his men 
wyth hym, and rode f edyrward in all f e hast. But fen our 32 
Lord Ihmi Crist blessed mote he be ! schewed fe swetnesof his 
grace f us. When fys Saule was yn his pryde and malys, and yn 
purpos forto haue don most males and harme ; fen aboute myd- 
day, when fe sonne schone allur clerust, then Crist cast a lyght 36 
of grace aboute Saule fat was ferre bryghtyr fen f e sonne ; and 
1 and d. and yn G. not in D. * snorted d. wold froton G. not in D. 


13. De Conuercione Sancti Pauli 

yn pat lyglit spak Ipus to hym : ' Saule, Saule, qwhy pursues pou 
me 1 ' pen anon he was so sore aferd, pat he fell downe of his 
hors, and for gret fere sayde : ' Lord, whad art Ipou ? ' Then 
4 sayde oure Lord : . ' I am 1\\esus of Na}areth pat pou pursues/ 
He sayde not : I am * God of Heuen, ne Goddys sonne of Heuen. 
But for crysten men byleven pat Thesu. was rysen from deth to 
lyue, perfor Saule pursued most horn and sayde 2 pat pay leuedon 
8 on a ded mon. Herfore oure Lord Ihesu sayde 2 : 'I am Ih^su 
of Na3areth ' ; for pat ys pe name of monhode. Then leued 
Saule yn hym and sayde : ' Lord, what wold pou make me ? ' 
pen sayde Ih^su, our Lord : ' Ryse and go ynto pe cyte, and per 

12 schall be sayd to pe what Ipou schalt do/ Then seen his men 
pys lyght, and herden pe voyce, but pay seen no man ; but jeden 
to Saule, and token hym by the hond, for he was blynd, and 
ladden hym ynto pe cyte to a good mannys howse. And per he 

16 was pre dayes and pre nyghtes fastyng. and myght not seon ; 
but euer he prayde to God for drede )?at he had of J?at vysyon. 
pe whech tyme, Ipe Holy Gost taght hym Crystys lawe. Then J?e 
thryd day come to hym won of Crystys dyscypuls fat hat Anany, 

20 as God bade hym, and sayde to hym full sore aferd : ' Saule, 
brothyr, oure || Lord Ih^u Cryst hathe sende me to J?e, jmt f ou 33 a 
schalt see and be Mowed/ And when he layde his hondys on 
his lied, anon he segh; and J>en \>er fellen from his eyn lyke skalus 

24 of fyssch. And when he had folowed hym, he callet hym Paule. 
And when he had eten, he was comforted, and had his strengthe 
a3eyne, and was wyth pe dyscypuls fat wer ]>er a few dayes. 
And fen he went ynto fe tempull, and openly preched Ihesu 

28 Crystys, pr^chyng clerly fat he was Cryst and non of er. So 
fat yche man wondyr of his sodeyne co^uersyon, and sayden to 
horn self fat hit was an hegh myracull of God fat he fat was so 
curset of lyvyng, was so sone turned ynto so blessyd a man. 

32 Thus, good men, 36 mo se and here how gret a myracull God 
schewet yn his conuertyng. 

Holy chyrche maketh alsoo gret joy for hi/s defendyng. Hit 
was gret gladnesse to all cristen men forto see hym fat was so 

36 lyghtly before redy forto de&trye horn, few so sodenly bysy forto 

1 sayde not : I am C. sayde : I am not G. not in d, D, 
9 ]>at . . . sayde C, om, G. d. not in J). 

13. De Conuercione Sancti Pauli 55 

encrese horn. And he fat was glad forto schede hor blode for 
horn, and he fat jede, to drawe horn to fe deth, fen put hym 
forth bo[l]dely, to take deth for horn. And f er&s no man durst 
preche Goddys worde for hym, aftyr, by comfort of hym, fay 4 
sparad nofer for kyng, ne for non olper lord; but opynly preched 
fe faytlie of Ihesu Crist yn iche place. And he fat was soo 
prowde byfor, aftyr fell to yche crysten mannys fote fat he had 
gult to, to aske mercy wyth full meke hert. Wherfor Saynt 8 
Austyn lykenef e ' him vnto an vnycorne and seith J : ' pe vnycorn, 
of kynd, he beryth a home yn his nose, and wyth f e home sley 
all bestys fat he feghtyth wyth and [is] soo feers fat f er may no 
hunter take hym, by no craft. But f us he woll spye wher hys 12 
walk ys, and Iper he settyf e a woman fat ys clene maydew. And f) i/J 
when f ys vnycorn segh hyr, anon of kynd he falleth don, and layth 
hys hed yn hur barine, myghtles wythout strengthe : and soo ys 
taken. Thus/ he seyth, ' Paule was fy[r]st so fers and prowde, fat 16 
33 b f er durst no prechour dele || wyth hym ; But when God schewed 
hym f ys maydyn, fat ys f e faythe of holy chyrch, anon he fell don 
of his pryde, and was sympull, and meke, and soget to Crystys 
smiantys. Hereof holy chyrche ys glad of his defendyng. 20 

He 2 was set also for ensampull of heg amendyng. God ys soo 
gracyous yn hymselfe, fat he woll fat no man be lorne ; but he 
woll fat all men and woymen ben sauet. Wherfor, yn hegh 
ensampull and comfort to all synfull, he settuf e Seynt Paule to 24 
loken on. For f agh a man olper woman haue don neuer so moch 
a synne or lyued so curset a lyfe, yf he woll taken ensampull 
of Seynt Paule, fat ys, leue pryde and be meke, leue synne and 
be bysy to amende, fen schall he make God and all f e Court of 28 
Heuen make moche rnor myrth yn Heuen of his co?iuercyon, 
fen dofe holy chyrch yn erth of Paules conuersyou. But mor 
harme ys : f er byn men and woymen fat lyuen hor synnes mor 
fen God ; fat woll nof er for loue of God, ne for drede of God 32 
and f e paynes of hell leue hor synne ; but sayn fat God wyll not 
lese fat he haf e boght wyth hys hert-blod. ' But fou fat says so, 
be fou war fat fou lese not fyself. But whill fou louest fy 
synne mor fen fi God, and hades leuer be fe deueles smiant fen 36 
Goddys, fou dampnes fiself, and art cause of fyn owne damp- 
1 him . . . seith d. om. G. not in D. 2 he d. hes G. not in D. 


13. De Conuercione Sancti Pauli 

nacyon/ AVherfor to sucbe, God haf e ordeynt to turment fendes, 
and b[r]yng horn to f e payne fat haf e non cnde. For, as Gregory 
seyth, f o fat schull be danipnet, fay begynnyn hor penaunce in 
4 party here, and so aftyr hor def e cowtynuef e forf e. Wherfor 
I telle fis ensampull fat was told me of suche fat knewyn hit 
done yn dede. 


8 Ther was a man, a l curset lyuer, fat was an officer to a lord. 
And as he rode to a maner of fe lordes, he fell wod, and so 
vnbrydylt his hors fat bare hym into a maner of fe lordes. But 
when he come yn, anon f e bayly sagh what f e man ayled, and 

12 made anon his hynes bynd hym to a post yn f e berne. Then 
when f e || bayly had ysoupyd, he bade on of his hynes go and loke 34 a 
how f #s man dyd. And when he come to fe berne, he segh f re 
grete doggws 2 as blacke as a cole on yche a syde plucke away h/s 

16 flesche. pen was f ?/s hyne so sore aferd, fat vnnefe he huld 
hys wytte, but 3ode to his bed, and lay seke ]>er longe aftyr. 
But, on f e morow, when men comen to f e berne, fay fonden no 
inor of f ys man, but his bare bonys and all f e flesche away. 

20 Thus who so lyueth a fowle lyfe, he may be sure of a foule 
ende. And f agh his ende be fayre to inannys syght, hyt ys ryght 
fowle yn Goddys syght and all his angeles. Wherfor ych man 
take good ensampull, whyll he ys here, by Saynt Paule, and 

24 amende hym whill he hath space and tyme of amendyng; for 
aftyr fat a man ys ded, f er nys no tyme of amendyng. And he 
fat soo dofe, he schall come to Saynt Paule and haue fe ioye 
fat euer schall last. To f e whech ioye God brmg vs all, yf hyt 

28 be his wyll. Amen. 



Good cristen men and woymerc, fat louyf e to serve * oure lady, 
^ \^ 32 and to fast hur euens bred and watyr in hegh mede to you, 

1 a C. om. G. not in d. D. * doggtts C. dogge G. not in d. D. 

3 to serve JT. L. om. G. d. D not in C. 

14. De Purificacione Beate Marie 57 

such a day je schull haue 1 Candylmasse-day ; wherfor dofe in 
fat euen as your deuocyon techefe you. For, fat day, holy 
chyrche maketh gret melody yn worschyppe of hyr and of hyr 
swete sonne Ihesu Crist, our Lord, specyaly yn f re f ynges : yn 4 
our lady puryfiyng, in Symones metyng, and yn candels offryng. 

This day, good men, is called f e puryfycacyon of our lady ; fat 
ys yn Englyssche tong, f e clansyng of oure lady ; for no nede fat 
echo had, for scho was clansed so v?y\h f e worchyng of f e Holy 8 
Gost yn conceyvyng of hur soime, fat fer was laft yn hir no 
mater of synne, ne of non othyr fulfe. But for fat day was 
f e fourty fro f e byrthe of hyr sonne, and was called yn f e lewes 
lawe f e day of purgacion 2 not only of oure lady, hut for all 12 
34 b of er wymen of fe || lawe; wherfor jet we callen hit fe pury- 
ficacyon of our lady. The lawe of the lewes was fen suche fat 
a woman fat was delyuerde of a man-chyld sculd he holden 
vnclene by f e lawe vn dayes aftyr hur burth ; and fen f e lawe jaf 16 
hur leue to go to hur husbondys bed. But jet scho was vnclene 
by f e lawe f re and xxx ti dayes aftyr, so fat tyll 3 fourty dayes 
wer fulfylled, scho schuld not come wytAyn fe temple, pen, 
fat day, scho schuld come to f e tempull wyt/A hyr offryng and 20 
wyth hur sonne, and offre for a ryche man a lombe, and for a 
pore a payre of turturs of er two culuer-bryddes. And soo offred 
oure lady for hyr sonne. And yf a woman wer delyuerd of a 
mayden - chyld, scho schuld dowbull f e dayes of comyng to 24 
chyrch, and to hur husbonddys bed, and comyng ynto f e tempull. 
For, as clerkes techen, hit ys vu dayes aftyr a woman con- 
seyueth of f e man, er fan f e sede turne ynto blod ; and f re 
and f rytty dayes aftyr fat fen, or hit haue shap * of man : 28 
and fen God sendyth lyfe ynto hit. And yf hit be a mayde- 
chylde, hit dowbulth all f e dayes, bofe of turnyrcg ynto blod, 
and ynto schappe of body. And f ys ys f e cause fat for encheson Aj( ' ' 

fat f e forme woman Eue vexude God more fen dyd man, f erfor 32 
scho ys more lengyr yn formyng Ipen fe man. pus for fleschly 
coupull of man and woman ys vnclene yn hymselfe, ferfor lawe 
ordeyneth a remedy forto clause horn. 

But fen je schull know wele fat oure lady had no nede to f ys 36 

1 haue d. D. om. G. * purgacion d. D. jourificac^on (?, 

8 tyll d. D. om. G. , * shap d. D. schappyn G. 


14. De Purijicacione Beate Marie 

clansying, for scho ccmceyuet not of coupull of ma?* but only 
of fe Holy Gost, so fat scho was clene of all maner fulthe 
towchyng conseyt of man. Neuerfeles, scho jode to fe tem- 
4 pull as oper woymen dydden for foure skylles. The fyrst was to 
fulfyll scripture fat byddef e f us : pe grettyr f ou be, f e meker 
make f e yn all fyng ' ; f us scho dyd. For f agh scho wyst fat 
scho was modyr to Godclys Sonne of Heuen, and was so full of 
8 worschyp passyng all othyr woymen, || 3et scho made hur as f e 35 a 
porest woman fat was yn hur company. The securale skyll was 
to fulfyll fe lawe. For ry^t as scho fulfylled fe lawe yn >e 
circumcysyon of hur sonne, ryght soo scho fulfylltt hit yn hur 

12 puryficacyon and offryng of 1 hur sonne yn fe tempull, doyng 
fdr hyni as ofir pore woymen dydden for hor chyldyrn. The 
frid skylle was forto stoppe mowthes, lest fay had sayde fat 
fay dyd not fe lawe, and soo cast a gret chalange a3eyns horn 

16 yn tyme comyng f eraftyr. The fowrth skylle was to ensampuli 
to all cristen woymen fat fay schuld come to fe chyrche aftyr 
hor burth, and fonke God heghly fat had saued horn hole and 
sonde yn hor trauayle ; for f er nys non euel fat gof e so nygh Ipe 

20 def e wyth scupyng as dof e hit. For f es skylles God made mynde 
of our lady purefiyng. 

He made also mynde of Symones and Anne ajeyncomyng. p^s 
Symeon was a passyng old man ; but for he prayde besely day 

24 and nygnt to God fat he most see Cryst bodely, er fen he deyd, 
and soo God grawnted hym his bone, and fis Anne also, not 
Anne, our ladyes modyr, but ano|?r fat was wecldyd seven 3ere, 
and fen when hur husband was ded, scho lyued tyll scho was 

28 foure skore jere old, and serued God yn f e tempull day and 
nyght. pat also fat 2 had grawute of God to see Crist er scho deyd. 
Then when our lady come toward f e tempull wyt hor somie, f e 
Holy Gost warnet f ys Symeon and f ys Anne ; and fay fen wyth 

32 mecull ioye 3ode ajeynes horn, and broght horn ynto fe tempull. 
pen Symeon toke hym yn his armes wyth all fe reuerens fat 
he cowfe, and cussed hym, and fonked hym heghly fat he let 
hym lyue to fe tyme forto se hym bodely wyth his een. 

36 Wherfor, 3et yn mynde of f ys processe, when a woman cometh 

offryng of] of oftryng G. not in d. D. 

3 MS. also >at. 

14. De Purificacione Beate Marie 59 

to fe chyrche-dyrre tyll fe pryst come and cast holy watyr on 
35bhyr, and clansuf || hur, and so takyth hyr by fe hond, and 
bryngyth hur to fe chyrche, }euyng hur leue to come to fe 
chyrch, and to goo to hur husbandys bed. For and scho haue 4 
ben at hys bed befor, scho most take hor penance and he, bothe. 
perfor holy chyrch maketh mynde fys day of candels offryng. 
}e seen, good men, fat hyt ys comyn vSe to all crysten men forto 
come to f e chyrche fys day, and bere a candyll yn processyon, 3 
as f agh fay jedya bodyly wyth oure lady to chyrch, and aftyr 
offyr wyth hyr yn worschip and high reuerens of hur. 

Then now hereth how f ys worschip was furst yfond, when f e 
Romaynes by gret chyualry conquered all f e world. For fay 12 
wern euerous yn hor doyng fat retten not to God of Heuen fat 
jaf horn fat euere ; but made horn dyuerse goddys, aftyr hor 
owne lust. And soo, among othyr, fay hadden a god fat was 
callet Mars, fat was byfor fat tyme a chyualrous knyght, and an 16 
euerous yn bafayle. "Wherfor fay called hym l god of batayle, 
prayng jorne to hym for helpe. And for fay wolden spede fe 
bettyr, fay dyd gret worschyp to his modyr fat was callet 
Februa ; aftyr f e whech woman, as mony haue opynyon, f ys mon 20 
fat now ys was called February. Wherfor f e fyrst day of f ys mone 
fat now ys Gandylmasse-day, f e Romans wold goo al nyght about 
f e cyte of Rome wyt/i torches, and blasus and canduls brennyng, 
yn worschip of f ys woman Februa, hopyng for fys worschip to 24 
haue f e rayf yr helpe of hyr sonne Mars yn hor doyng. 

Then was f er a pope fat heght Sergyus. For he segh cristen 
men drawe to thys mawmetry, he f oght to turne fat foule custom 
ynto Goddys worschyp and oure lady Seynt Mary, and com- 28 
maundyd all cristen men and wymmen forto come fys same day to 
36 a chyrche and iche on offyr a candyll brennyng || yn worschyp of our 
lady and hur swete sonne. Soo yche maw aftyr, by processe of 
tyme, lafton fat worschip fat fay dyden to fat woman Februa, 32 
and duden worschip to our lady and to hyr sonne, so fat now 
fys solempnyte ys halo wed frogh crystendame, and yche man, 
and woman, and chyld of age comefe fys day to fe chyrche, 
and offren brennyng condyls ; as f ogh fay wer bodyly wyth 30 
our lady to chyrche, on chyld hopyng for fys reuerens fat fay 
1 hym C. om. G. not in d. D. 


14. De Purificacione Beate Marie 

don to hyr yn erfe, to haue a gret reward ferfor yn Heuen. 
And so fay may be sure ferof. For a candyll brennyng by- 
tokenyth cure lady, and hor sonne, and a man hymselfe; for 
4 a candyll ys made of whyte weke and of wax brennyrg wyth 
fyre. pus Crystys whyt soule was hydde wyth his monhede 
and brennef e wyth f e fyre of his Godhed ; hit bytokenyth also 
our ladyys modyrhode and maydynhede, lightnet wyth f e fyre 
8 of loue ; hyt bytokeneth also yche good man and woman fat 
dof e good dedes wyth good entent, and yn full loue and charite 
to God and to his euen-cristen. Wherfor yf any of you haf e soo 
trespassyd to his neghtbur wherby fat ]>ys candyll of charyte ys 

12 qwenchet, furst go he and acord hym wyth his neghtbur, and 
so tend his condyll a^eyne, and fen offyr his condyll to f e pryst. 
For f ys ys Godys cowimauwdment ; and elles he lesyth hys meryt 
of his offryng. 

16 Narracio. 

I rede yn f e lyfe of Saynt Dunstan how fat his modv/r, when 
scho was gret wyth chyld wyih hym, scho come on Condylmasse- 
day to fe chyrch. And when all fe pepull had gon on pro- 

20 cessyon wyth candyls brennyng, and stoden all yn f e chyrche, . 
yche on wyth his lyght yn hys hond, sodenly all the condyls fat 
wern yn fe chyrche wern quaynt, and a gret derkenes come 
wyth all, so fat vnneth on myght se anojw. And when fay 

24 haden stond soo long sore aferd, J>en come Iper a fayre lyght 
from Heuen, and lyght }>e candyll fat Saynt Dunstan ys modyr 
had yn hond; and so offryd hyr cowdyll. || And so of hure 1 al 36 b 
of^r werne lyght, so fat wythyn a whyle aftyr, all fe chyrche 

28 was so lyght ajeyne, yn token he was yn hyr wombe fat schuld 
aftyr tynd mony mannys charite, fat was befor qwenchet by 


32 I rede of anothyr woman fat was soo deuot 2 yn oure lady 
seruyce, fat scho ;af for hor loue all f e clofys fat scho had, saue 
f e febullyst fat scho jod yn herselfe. Hit fell so fat on Condyl- 
masse-day, scho wold haue goon to chyrche. But for scho was 

36 not honest arayde, scho' dyrst not for schame ; for scho had non 

1 and so of hure C. om. G. and so of hir candell D. not in d. 
3 deuot] deuo G. not in d. D. 

14. De Purificacione Beate Marie 61 

honest clones, as scho was wont to haue. Then when othyr men 
went to f>e chyrch, scho was wondyr sory; for scho schuld be 
wythout masse fat holy fest. "Wherfor scho went into a chapell 
f>at was negh hur place and was ])er yn hur prayer. And so as 4 
scho prayde, scho fell on slepe, and foght )?at scho was yn a fayre 
chyrche, and sygh a gret company of maydens comyng ynto J>e 
chyrche; and on J>at was passywg fayre of horn j?en any went 
hefor, hauyng a fayre crowne of schynnyng gold on hur hed. 8 
Then sate scho done all othyr wyth. And when f>ay werne sette, 
\>er come yn won wyth a gret burthen of condylls; and furst 
jaue f>e chef-mayden >at had J>e crowne, won candyll, and so dalt 
all aftyr f>at wern yn J>e chyrche. And so scho come to f>ys 12 
woman and ;af hur a candull, and )?en was scho fayne. Then segh 
scho a prest and too dekens honestly reueschet, wyth too serge* 
berers goyng to J?e auter; and as hur jx^t Crist was f>e pryst, 
two angels f>e too dekens, and Laurence and Vyncent Jay beren 16 
\>e serges. And so too 5ong men begonnen }?e masse wyth a mery 
note. So when Ipe go[s]pell was red, f>e qwene of maydens furst 
offered hur condull to f>e prest, and soo aftyr ych on yn rew. 
37 a But when all haden offryd, and ]?is prest abode aftyr f>is || woman, 20 
J?e qwene sayde to hyr and bade hyr goo offyr. And when "pys 
messager had sayde hys ernde, j?ys woman vnswared scho wold 
not leue hyr serge, but scho wold kepe hit for gret deuocyon. 
Then send fe qwene ano]w message/* and bade say to hur ]?at 24 
scho was vncui tes forto tary Ipe prest soo ; and but yf scho wold 
offyr hit wyth a good wyll, scho bade take hit of hur. ^et scho 
sayde nay, scho wold not offyr vp hur serge. Then Ipys messager 
wold haue taken hyt of hur wyth strength. But for scho huld so 28 
fast bytwyx horn two, ]>e serge brake yn Ipe myddys. And half 
fe messager bar forth, and ]>at o]>er part Ipe woman huld wyth 
hur. And so yn wrastelyng, scho woke of hyr slepe and fonde 
halfe yn hor hond. And scho f>orikyd oure lady hertly f>at scho 32 
was not wytfiout masse f>t day, and for scho jaf hur such a 
relycke to kepe, whill scho lyued aftyr. 


Anoper woman was of so euell lyuyng, f>at scho dyd neu^r 36 

good dede yn hir lyue, but only fonde a serge brennyng byfor 

14. De Purificacione Beate Marie 

an ymage of cure lady yn a chyrch. Then fel hit, when l scho was 
ded, fendys comen and fattyn hur soule to hell. But when fay 
wern at hell-^eate, \er come two angelys and rebuket fe fendes 
4 fat fay wern soo bold to fache any soule wythouten dome. Then 
sayde fay hur nedyd no dome, for scho had neu^r don good dede 
yn hyr lyue. Then sayden f e angeles : ' Bryngyf e f e soule by- 
for our lady ' ; and soo fay dydden. But when hit was fond fat 
8 scho dyd neuer good dede, scho most nede goo to hell. Then 
sayde our lady: ' Scho fonde a serge befor me brennyng and wold 
euer whyll scho had lyued ; fen wyll I be as kynd to hur as 
scho was to me.' Wherfor scho bade an angell take a gret serge 

12 and lyght hyt, and bade hyrn sette hit so brennyng byfor Imr 
yn hell, and eowimaunde fat no fende schuld be so hardy forto || 
come nygh hit, but let hit brenne ])er for eumnor. Then sayde 37 b 
fe fendes fat hit schuld be a hoge comfort to all fat ben yn 

16 hell ; wherfor fay had leuer leue fat soule, few do such an ese 
to fe soules fat ben yn payne. pen bade 2 oure lady an angyll 
to ber f e soule a3eyne to f e body, and soo he dud. And when 
scho was comen a^eyne to lyue, fen Echo befoght hyr on fat 

20 hard dome fat scho was toward, and 5ede, and scherof hyr ; 
and was aftyr a good woman, and seruet our lady deuotly all 
hur lyue-dayes aftyr, and had fe blysse of Heuen. To fe 
wheche blis God bryng you and me tp yf hy t be hys wyll. Amen. 



f s 


Good men and woymen, 36 schull all know well fat fys day 

is called Sonday yn f e Septagesin. Then for enchesen fat holy 

chyrche ys modyr to all cristen pepull, scho taketh hede to hyr 

28 chyldern as a good modyr ouyth forto do, and seyth horn all 

sore seke yn f e sekenes of synne, and mony of horn wonded to 

clef e wyth fe swerd of synne. pe wheche sekenesse fay haue 

caght all f ys ^ere before, but namely f es Cristynmasse-dayes fat 

32 wern ordeynet in holy chyrche for gret solempnyte. For yche 

man schuld fat tyme make more solempnyte, and more bysyly, 

and more mekely, and more deuotly serue God fen any of<sr 

1 when C. when )>at, the when being Inserted above the line, G. not in d.D. 

3 J>en bade J)en bade G. 

15. De Dominica in Septuagesima 63 

tyme of f e jere ; for cause fat God schewed all mankynd thelke 
dayes hegh swetnes of his loue, fat he wold lowen hymself so, 
forto be born yn ]>e eame flesche and blod as on of vs, and was 
layde yn a cracche more porly fen any of vs, and aftyr was 4 
folowed yn watyr as won of vs, and come to a weddyng, hymself 
and his modyr wyth his dygcypuls, forto halow weddyng and 
forto clanse hit of synne all forto make vs holy, and bref era to 
hym, and ayres of f e blysse of Heuen. 8 

For fes causes, men and woymen yn old tyme wern full 
glad yn soule this tyme, and maden gret solempnite, makmg || 
38 a homselfe clene yn body and yn soule of all fulf e and vnclennes 
of synne, and dyddyn grownd horn yn sadde loue to God and 12 
to hor euen-cristen, doyng gret almes, yche mon aftyr hys 
hauyng, to horn fat haden nede. But now more harme ys fat 
solempnite and holynes ys turned ynto fulfe of synue and 
sekenes of soule, ynto pryde by dyuerse gyses of clof yng, into 16 
couetyse wylnyng worschyp on byfor anof er vnskylfully ; into 
envy, for on ys arayde bettyr fen anof^r; in gloteny by surfet 
of dyuerse metys and drynkes ; into lechery fat seweth alway 
gloteny ; into slouf e of Goddys seruyce liyng yn f e morow-tyde 20 
long yn bedde for owtrage wakyng ouer nyght ; in rawtyng, in 
reuelyng, and pi ayes of vanyte, in iapys makyng of rybawdy 
and harlottry, so fat he ys most worthi * fat most rybawdy can 
make and spende. pus f e holy dayes of fat fest fat wer ordeynt 24 
yn hegh worschyp to God and to hys sayntys, now ben turned 
ynto hegh offence of God and ynto gret hyndryng and loos of 
manys sowle. Wherfor holy chyrche seyng 2 hir chyldryn far 
f us, as a modyr full of compassyon for f e gret myslykyng fat 28 
echo hafe yn hyr hert for horn, fys day, scho layth downe 
Alleluia, and ofer songys of melody, and takefe forfe tractus, 
fat ben songys of mowrny^, and sykyng, and longyng. 

And also for f e holy sacrament of 3 weddyng ys moche defoulet 32 
by suche vanytes, scho layth horn downe fes dayes fat ben 
comyng, and yn fe Aduent, and also for new weddet 3euen 
horn to lykyng and lust of hor body, and fenke all on fe lyfe, 
and noght on f e deth. But, as a holy clerke sayth, hit ys moche 36 

1 worthi (f. wpojw G. not in D. 2 seyng d. sejed hyr G. not in D. 
5 of C. om G. cl. not in D. 


15. De Dominica in Scptuagesima 

more spedfull to manys soule forto goo to f e house feras a cors 
ys, fat all wepen fen to f e hous fat all reuelyf e and laghyth ; for 
such worldys murthe makyth a man to foi^ete his God and 
4 hymselfe alsoo. But f eras ys f e syght of corses and || wepyng, fat 38 b 
makyth a man to thenke on his deth, fat ys fe chefe helpe to 
put away synne and fe worldys vanyte. For so taght Salamon 
his sonne and bade hym haue hys last ende yn mynde, and 
8 fen he schuld neuer synne dedly. Then holy chyrche, hauyng 
gret compassyon of hure chyldryn, ordeyned f re maner of saluys 
to hele hur chyldryn \vyih ; that ben : to thynke on def e yn- 
wardly, forto labyr bysyly, and forto chastyce f e body resnably. 

12 To fe fyrst, forto thenke on deth ynwardly, holy chyrche 
jeuyth an ensampull f us yn f e offyce of f e masse, per he saythe 
f us : ' Circumdederunt me germtus mortis/ That ys in Eng- 
lisch : ' The sykyngys of deth hauen vmbeclypped me/ pus sayth 

16 he techyng his good chyldryn, forto haue yn mynde how hard 
he ys vmbstad wyth deth on yche syde yn so moch, fat he may 
not away- scape; but euer defe sewyth hym wyth his bow 
drawen and an arow feryn redy to choton at hym, he wot 

20 neuer wher ne what tyme. pys ys a pryncypall salue to ych man 
fat takefe hit to hert, to put away all maner worldes vanyte, 
and vayn murthe, and reuell. But forto vndyrstond f ys f e 
bettyr, I schew fys by ensampulL 

24 Narracio. 

I rede of a kyng fat was a man euer hevy of chere, and wold 
neuer lagh ne make glad chere ; bwt euer was yn mornyng and 
heuynesse. Then, for his meyne and all ofer men wern greuet 

28 f erwyth, fay $odyn to fe kyngys brof er pmyng hym forto speke 
to fe kyng fat he wer of gladdyr chere, yn comfort of all his 
meyne and all othyr. Then went hys brothyr to f e kyng and 
sayde fat he greuet all fat weme aboute hym, wyth his heuy 

32 chere, and counselyt hym forto leue fat heuy cowntenance and 
taken lyghtyr chere to hym, yn tyme comyng. Then was fe kyng 
wyse, and f oght forto chast hys b[r]othyr by a wyle, and wrof ly || 
bade hym go horn and medyll hym of fat he had to do of, and 39 a 

36 noght of hym. Then was hit f e maner of fat cowtre fat when 
any man schuld be don to deth, ther schuld come trompers and 

15. De Dominica in Septuagesima 65 

trompe be for fe ^eate. pen sende fe kyng trompers byddyng 
trompe befor his brothyr jeate, and men wyth, forto haue rest 
hym and bryng hym to hym. But, fis mene whyle, fe kyng 
called to hym vn men fat he tryst, and bade horn, when hys 4 
brothyr come, forto drawe hor swerdys arid stond aboute hym, 
wyth all fe poyntys about hys heit. Soo, when fys brothyr was 
comen, anon f es vn men dydden as f e kyng bade. Then f e kyng 
comma wndyt all men forto dawnce and to make al fe reuell fat 8 
fay couthe, on yche syde ; and so fay dydden. Then sayde f e 
kyng to hys brothyr: 'Brothyr, why art fou of so heuy a 
schere ? Heue vp f yn hert, and make mery. Lo, al f ys myrf e 
ys made yn con fort of f e ! ' Then vnswared he and sayde : 12 
* How sclmld I be of any chere, and se here vn swerdys set to 
my hert, and wot neuer wheche of horn schall furst be my dethe 1 ' 
Then sayde f e kyug : * Put vp your swerdys ! ' and spake to his 
brof yr f us : ' Hit faryth by me wher fat euer y be, f e vn dedly 16 
synnys ben euer redy, forto rowe me to f e hert ; and fys makyth 
me fat I make no gladdyr chere, but euer am aferde of my sowle 
def e.' Then sayde his brof er : ' Syr, y crye you mercy ! I knew 
f ys neuer or now ; and now schall I be wysyr whyle fat I lyue.' 20 
Wherfor y say bo[l]dely : he fat wyll take fys to hert, he schall 
haue bettyr lust forto lowren fen to lagh, foi to syke fen forto syng, 
to renie fen rymov, to drowpe fen to daunce ; go fat he schall 
fynde myiide of def e f e pryncipall helpe for all rnaner synne. "^24 

That othyr salue ys forto labur bysyly. To f is labour Seynt 
39 b Paule, yn hys pystyll 1 1 of fys day, techef e and saythe f us : ' Sic 
currite, ut comprehendatys.' ' Eennyth soo fat 36 may gripe fe 
gome.' By fys gomew and rennjng je schull vndyrstond bysy 2i8 
labour. For he fat rennyf e for f e gamen, he enforsuf e hym yn 
all his myght to ren swyftly. So most yche good seruand enforse 
hym forto laboure yn fe degre fat God hath sette hym yn. 
Men of holy chyrche schuld labour bysily prayng and studiyng 32 
forto teche Godys pepull ; lorclys and of er rented men schuld labur 
bysyly *, to kepe holy chirch yn pees and rest, and all othyr comyn 
pepull ; the comyns schuld labour bysyly, forto gete lyflode to 
homselfe and to all ofir. Then, for no man ne no woman schuld 36 
excuse hym of fys labour, God yn f e gospell of fys day 3euef e an 
1 labur bysyly L. be bysyly G. bysy ham C. not in d. D. 


66 15. De Dominica in Septuagesima 

ensampull, sayyng f us : 'A husband -man $ede yn fe morow at 
.pryme, and eftsones at vndyr, and efte at mydday, and eftsonys 
at none of fe day, and at euensong, and hyryd men to his vyne- 
4 jorde for labour.' Soo by all f e tydes of f e day, all f e ages and 
degres ben vndyrstonden, and ben hyred by Good, forto labour 
whyll fay ben yn f is world. For, as lop saythe, a mon ys borne 
to labour ; and Seynt Barnard seyth : ' He fat wyll not labour 
8 her wyth men, he schall labour yn hell wyih fendes. 5 For fat ys 
*fe f e testament fat Adam laft to all his ospryng : labour and sorow. 
To f ys labour holy c[h]yrche ^eueth ensampull, f eras he, f ys day, 
rehersyth how God made Adam and Eue, forto laboure and to 

12 kepe paradyse, and bade horn etc of all fe treun yn paradyse, 
excepte won tre fat he kepte a chefe to hymselfe. So, as oft as 
fay sen fat tre, fay schuld f enke on hym, and know hym as for 
God ; and for fay schuld not be to for^etfull yn hor wele, he 

16 forbade horn to ete f erof yn payne of deth. Then, for fe fende 
segh horn f er yn so moche wele and hymselfe yn so moche payne, 
he had envy to horn, and jede to Eue, and asked Eue why fay || 
ete not of fat tre. pen sayde scho : ' For God had forbedyn vs 40 a 

20 f t tre, in payne of deth/ Then sayde f e fende : ' He wot full 
well fat what tyme jet en ferof, 36 schull be as Godys, knowywg 
bof e good and euell. And yf je wyll preue fat I say sothe, ete of 
f e tre and say.' pen ete Eue of f e tre and }af Adam ; and 

24 fore Adam loued hyr and wold not wroth hur, he toke an appulL 
And anon f erwyih &y\>er segh of erys schappe, and wern aschamed 
of hyt, and token leues of a fyge-tre and hydden hit. Then come 
God anon, and for fay myght not deyn yn paradyse ne suffyr 

28 payne f er, he drof horn naket out of paradyse ynto f e wrecchet 
world, wepyng and sore sekyng. per fay schulden drye woo and 
sorow, and gete hor mete wyth labour and swot, and dye at f e 
last. Then prayde Adam sore wepyng to God fat he schuld 

82 not set to hard vengens apon hym, but haue mercy apon hym, 
and haue reward how he synned by ygnorance, and not by males, 
and was deceyuet by envy of the fende. Then had God rewf e of 
hym and for fay wer naket, he clofed horn wyt/i- pylches, and 

36 bade Adam labour and ete his mete wyth swote, and Eue here 
hur burf es yn woo and payne ; and $af Adam dyuerse ynstru- 
mentvs forto labour wyth, and laft hym f er. By f ys ensampull 

15. De Dominica in Beptuagesima 67 

56 schull take hede forto labour bysyly; for yf Adam and Eue 
had bysyede horn yn labour, f e fende schuld not baue ouercomen, 
horn so sone. For f e fend kepyth no more when he woll tempte 
a man, but fynd hym ydull. Wherfor je schull know well fat hit 4 
ys a ryche salue to hele synne : labour bysyly. 

The fryd ys forto chastes fy body dyscretly. Herto Saynt 
Paule techyth 1 vs yn f e pystyll of f ys day, f er he sayth f us : 
' Castigo corpus meum et in s^ruitutem redigo.' That ys yn 8 

40 b Englysche : || ' I chast my body and dresse hit ynto seruage of fe 

soule.' For mamiy* flesche ys so wyld and lusty to synne, fat hyt 
wyll no way leue his lust and serue f e soule tyll hit be chastet 
vtyth penance ; so fat, by scharpenes of penaunce, f e lyki?ig 12 
of synne schall be slayne yn }>e flessche fat dothe f e synne. ^\ 
Thus dyd Adam and Eue yn ensarapull to all fat comen of 
horn. For, fele jeres byfor hur deth, ayf^r of horn stode yn 
a watyr, nyghtys fer from oper, vp to f e chyn, for penaunce. 16 
pen when hor flessch was grene as grece for cold, f e fend come to 
Eue, bryght as an angell, and sayd to hur fat God had send 
hym from Heueu, and bade hur: 'Go to Adam and say hym how 
fat God byddyth hym sese of hys penawice ; for he haf e don 20 
ynogh for hys gylt, and fou also for fyn.' Then $ode Eue to 
Adam and sayde hym soo. But, for Adam wyst well fat fys 
come of f e fende, and not of Godys sonde, he sayde to hur : 
' When God drof vs out of paradyse for cure synne, and had com- 24 
passyon of vs, when we wepyd on hyrn, and mekely prayde on 
hym for mercy, he set vs here, to do penaunce to our lyues ende. 
But few, for suche a gret synne may not be qwaynt but wyth gret 
penauwce, fe more penaunce we don, fe more ys oure mede befor 28 
God. Wherfor go ajeyne ynto fy penance yn Godys name/ Eft 
he come a^eyne to Eue and sayde : ' God hafe take rewarde of 
your gret penance fat ;e suffren, and hath foijeuen your synne ; 
wherfor byd Adam be glad and leue of his penance, lest God be 32 
wrofe wyth hym fat he take no icward to his sonde.' Then, 
when Eue had sayde to Adam f us, he vnswared and sayde : * I 
wot well fat oure penawnce greueth hym mocli mor fen vs, and he 2 
ys aboute as moche as he may, to make vs to leue of, and so forto 36 

41 a lese oure mede befor God. But for || God rewaidyth a good endyng, 

1 tecbytliyth (?. a he C. om. G. not in d. D. 

5 2 


15. De Dominica in ' Septuagest-'ma, 

and not f e begynnyng, ferfor lese we not our mede, but do we 
forth oure penance tyll our lyues je.ide.' ^et fe frid tyme he 
come ajeyne to hur and sayde : ' Goo to Adam and say fat he 
4 began foule, and wel foulyr he woll ende. For 36 gylton l furst by 
ynnocens and by defaute of f e fende, and now 30 synneth by goocj. 
deliberacyon and knoweth fat 36 don mys ; wherfor your gylt ys 
now wors and dowbull dampnacyon or fat hyt was before.' Then 
i8 was Eue aferd, and 3ede to Adam, and sayde hym soo. pen 
sykut Adam sore and sayde to hur : ' Vnsely woman, God of his 
goodnesse made of on of my rybbys forto helpe me ; and now 
f ou art bysy by techyng of f e fende eft forto combyr me. But 

12 fenke on fat; for oure forme synne stanke soo yn Godys nase, 
fat all our ospryng schall be enfecte and enve[ne]mode f erof ynto 
f e worldys ende. Wherfor f ogh we myght do as moch penance as 
all our ospryng, hit wer to lytyll forto qwyt vs to our God. But 

16 for God for hys he3 grace alowef e a good wyll 2 f eras myght fay- 
leth, ferfor do we oure penance w^/t/i a good wyll, fogh hit be 
lytyll whyll we ben here; and fen I hope fat God woll 3eue vs f e 
oyle of mercy when tyme of mercy comyth.' Theft 3ede Eue a;eyne 

20 and dud hyr penaunce mekely tyll hyr lyues ende. And when 
fay haden lyued ix hundyrt wyntyr and f rytty, and haden f ritty 
sonnes and f ritty doghtyrs, fay deydyn, and wer buriet yfere. 
Thus, good men, know fat Adam and Eue wern bof e holy or fay 

24 deydyn, and f oghten on def e y[n]wardly, and laburt bof e bysely, 
and chastest hor body resnably; and so most all fat comen of 
horn, fat hopen forto come to f e joye of paradyse, and to f e lyfe 
fat euer schall last. In tokenyng of fys, fis Sonday ys called * Yn 

28 Septuagesin/ fat ys a nowmbyr of syxty dayes and x. pe wheche 
nowmbyr bygynnyth f^/s day and endythe fe Settyrday yn fe 
Estyr-weke ; so fat holy chyrche ys yn mornyng for hur chyldyr 
from || fis day ynto Setyrday yn Astyr-euen. Then scho takythe 41 b 

82 comfort to hyr yn party and sengyth on Alleluia, wyth a tract e, 
for encheson fat scho ys not 3et yn fall murth tyll Settyrday 
aftyr fat ys callyd Settyrday in Albis. pen scho leyf don 
tractys, and grayles, and syngyf e dowbull Alleluia,, techyng yche 

26 good Godis child forto do penunce and labour jn loiigyng, tyll he 
come to Astyr Setyrday ; fat is, tyll his soule passe to rest. But 
1 gylton C. gjlty G. not in d. D. 2 MS. whyll. 

15. De Dominica in Sejjtuayesima 69 

jet f e fcowle ys not yn full joy tyll Setyrday in Albys, fat is, tyll 
f e day of dome when f e body and sowle schull come togeclyr, and 
be yclof ed in albys, fat ys yn whit, seuen syf ys brightyr fen f e 
sonne. And fen schull fay syng yfere dowbull Alleluia, yn f e 4 
joye fat euer schall last. To f e whech ioy God bryng you and 
me, yf hit be his wyll. Ainen. 


Goode men and woymen, fys day ys called yn holy chirch 8 
Sonday yn Sexagesin. pen 56 schull knowe well fat Sexagesin ys 
sette for a oowmbur of fre score. By fe whech nowmbyr 30 
schull vndyrstond fat holy chyrche techeth yche man and woman, 
to f enke on how schoi t l a manuis lyfe is now in our dayes ouer fat 12 
hit was in olde tyine before 1 . For, surame tyme, men lyuedon 
ix hundyrt wyntur and more ; but, now, he fat lyuyf e fre score }er 
. or 2 summewhat more, he ys taken for a long lyuyng man. But 
f e goodnes of God ys so moche, fat yf we wyll be wyse yn our 16 
schort lyue forto plese God and saue our soules, he woll jeue vs 
as moche mede yn Heuen, as he jaf horn fat lyued soo mony 
jeres. pen he fat woll haue fat mede of God, he most haue fre 
f ynges wythe hym ; fat ys : forto suffyr tribulacyon mekly, forto 20 
do almes-dede dyscretly, and forto hate synne namly. 

pen, for a manys dayes byn schort, he most suffyr fe more 
tribulacyon wyth good wyll, and not wyth grychyng ajeyne hym. ^ $P 
42 a For hyt comyf e of specyall || grace of God when he sendys any man 24 

tribulacyon of er any dysese; for hyt ys of er for remedy of his /, p 
synnys forto haue his penance here, of er yn hey encres of his joy 
befor God. pen, for Saynt Paule, Godis holy apostoll, woll fat 
yche man take ensampull by hym forto suffyr tribulacyon \vy\h 28^ 
good wyll, he rehersyth yn f e pystyll of f ys day moche of f e 
tribulacyon fat he suffyrd and saythe thus : ' I haue be put ynto 
prison oft-tymes, and suffyrd wondys of gret chaynes and of er 
dyu^rse yrens ; and fyue tymes betyn wyt/t scorgys of f e lewes, 32 
and had yche tyme nene and frytty strokes on my bare body; 

1 a ... before //. L. ys mannys lyfe, for now our dayes byn but schort of 
fat J>ay wer tofor G. d, not i)i D. . . . a or cL of G. not in D. 

70 16. De Dominica in Sexagesirna 

and fryse beton wyth 3ardys of paynones ; and onys beton wyth 
stons; and fryse ben yn gchipwrak on fe see, and was yn fe 
grond of f e see on nyght and on day ; and ofte-tyme in pareyle of 
4 flodys, and yn pareyl of f eves, and yn pareyle of fals brefern fat 
schewedon horn to me louyng and trewe, and werne false and 
entyset of er to do me doses/ He rehersyth all f e woo fat he 
suffyrd yn dyuerse trauayls, yn myscheves, yn colde, yn naked- 
8 schip, yn f urst, yn hongur, yn long wakyng, yn fastyng, and yn 
mony of er myscheves fat he suffurd, fat wern to long to tell. 
And all he suffyrd wyth good wyll, and euer f onked God of h^/s 
swete gonde ; for wele he wyst fat all f e doses fat God send to 

12 hym, was for syn fat he dyd befor, and for encrese of his meryt 
aftyr. Wherfor yche man fat will plese God what maner doses 
comef e to hym, be hit sekenes, be hit lose of goodys fat ben 
worldly, of er deth of any frende take hyt as esely as 30 may ; for 

16 in tyme afr/r when he is maystyr of hymselfe, fen f onke he God 
and pray hym mekely of mercy of his ynpnciens. God knowef e your 
fragelte, and f erfor he for^eueth sone all f o fat askyth hym mercy 
wyth a meke hert. || pus most a man suffyr tribulacyon mekely. 42 b 

20 He most also do almys-dede dyscretly, f e wheche byn fyguret 
by f es Syxagesin fat byn syxty dayes. For syxty ys syx tyrnys 
ten, so fat by f e syx 36 schull vndyrstond f e syx werkes of 
charyte fat comen out of f e ten commawndementys of God. pe 

24 whech werkes byn : forto jyue mete to f e hongry * ; forto jeue 
drynke to fe f ursty ; to clof e horn fat byn acold for defaute of 
clofes; forto 3eue horn herber fat hauen non; forto help horn fat 
byn seke of fat horn nedyth; forto viset presoners, and socour horn 

28 wyth mete, and drynke, and of er fat horn nedyth ; and othyr 
werke holy chyrch layth to ; fat ys : forto bury f e pore fat haf e 
no helpe as Toby dude, fys ben f e werkes of charite and of 
mercy f e whech ych man and woman most nedely do, fat wyll 

32 haue mercy of God yn f e dredfull day of dome. Wherfor f is 
Sexagesin bygynnyth fys day and endyth fe Wonnysday yn 
Astyr-weke ; f e wheche holy chyrche synguf e : * Venite benedick 
Patrys mei etc./ that ys wEnglysche : 'Com 30, my fadyrys blessed 

36 chyldyrne, and takyth f e kyndome of Heuen fat ys ordeynt to 
you/ Thes same wordys God schall say to you at f e day of dome 
1 hongry d. hongur G. not in J>. 

16. De Dominica in Sexagesima 71 

and to all fat ban don fe werkes of mercy dyscretly. "Wherfor 
all fat ban wherof l , fay nioten do horn yn dede ; and fay fat 
haue not wherof, fay moten haue good wylle forto do, yf fay 
hadyn wherof; so fat hor good wyll schall fulfyll fat hor non- 4 
power may not. Then, for f es werkes moten be don dyscretly, 
lest 2 a man lese all yfere, God techythe by ensampull yn f e gospell 
of fys day how fay schull be don and seythe fus : 'A mon jode 
out, forto sowe his sede ; and when he sew, som sede fell by f e 8 
way, and fowles of f e ayre etyn hit ; and som fell on a stone, and 
hit dryet vp for defaute of humore ; and somme fell among f ornes, 
and hoo in f e grownde choket hit ; and som fell yn good erthe, 
and hyt brojt furthe frute an hundyrthfold.' This way sayf e 12 
Cryst: 'I am fe way to Heuen/ Wherfor his sede fallyth bysyde 
43 a f e way, fat || jeuefe hys almes not only for Crystys loue, but for 
pompe of f e world, and vayn glory, and forto be holden a holy man ; 
and so lesyf e al yfere. 


I rede fat f er was a wondyr ry h man, som tyme, yn Eirlond, 
and dyd so mony almys-dedys yn hys lyue, fat all men wendon 
fat he had ben a gret seynt before God. But when he was ded, 20 
he apered to won fat loued hym wele yn his lyue, as blak as 
pyche wyth an horrybull stenche, and sayde to hym : ' ^e wenyn 
I am a saynt ; bwt now I am such as f ou may se.' Then sayde 
fat o)>er: 'Wher byn all fyn almys-dedys bycomew?' pen sayde 24 
he : ' pe wynd of vayn glorye hathe blowen horn away.' Thus he 
fat dof e almys-dedys for vayne glorie, he lesyth all his mede, and 
fendys of fe ayre strien hit. His sede fallyth on a stone, fat 
jeuyth his almys to suche as he knoweth well, fat ben grouwdyd in 28 
dedly synne and woll not leue hit, or whosoo mantaynyth horn 
yn hor synne, he lesyfe his mede. His sede also fat fallyth 
^>^. v.~. ^ v.o4- Hii-rr4-V litre. olTvoa fn rvp.Vip men bat haue no 

among f ornes, fat jeuyth hys almes to ryche men fat haue no 
nede ferto, and also jeuyth hit to his smiandys in reward of hor 32 
hyre, and soo lesyth hys 3 mede. But his sede fallyfe yn good ^ 
erthe, fat jeueth his almes to good, pore, trew men fat ben 
Godys ayr, and othyr wher f er he wot, hit ys almes. And fys 
eede schall ^eld a hundrethfold fruyt, and be euerlastyng fode yn 36 

1 wherof d. wher G. not in D. 2 lest rf. let G. not in D, ^ j 

3 hys C. hor G. not in d. D. 

72 16. De Dominica in Sezagesima 

Heuen. pus $e fat don almes dyscretly, schull haue jour 1 fode 
yn Heuen perpetuall. 

He most also hate syn namely 2 , and sle hit yn all fat he may ; 

4 for lie fat hatyth synne, louyth God, and God louyth hym ; and 
so he is made on spyryte wyth God. God hatyth synne so moche, 
fat he toke vengeans on all fe world, as holy chyrche nowe 
makyth rnynde, and namely for synne of leche[ry] and of vowtrye, 
8 and for synne a^eyne kynd. Then, for God segh fis wikednes 
namly of fes synnys regnyng yn fe|| world, he sayde fus: 'Me43b 
forthenkyth fat I made man.' Wherfor he sayde to Noye : ' All 
f e world ys enfect wyth gynne so greuesly, fat I woll strye hit 

12 wytA a flod. Wherfor make f e a schyppe, as I woll teche f e, of 
planke-bordes, and make chambers 3 f 0ryn, and take of all clene 
be&tys fre coupull and on by hymself of all of er vnclene bestys take 4 
on cowpull yn, and mete wyth horn/ Then made Noye f ys schyppe 

16 as God taght hym, sqware in fe bofom, of. fre huudyit cubytes, 
yn lengthe, and yn brede fyfty cubytys, and f rytty cubites yn 
heght ; so fat fis schippe was yn makyng a hundyit wyntyr, forto 
scjiew how mercyable God ys, and how lof e he ys to do vengeans. 

20 And he dof e hit, forto loke yf men wold amend and aske mercy. 
But for f e pepull wold not amende, but was euer fe lengyr f e 
worse, al man^r of bestys, as God bade byfore, werne jbroght by- 
fore Noye by help of f e angelys, and don yn f e schippe. And 

24 when all wern broght yn, God bade Noye and his fre sonnes goo 
ynto fe schyppe by homself; and Noyeys wyfe and hys sonnes 
wyues by homselfe ; for encheson fat, yn tyme of affliccyon, men 
schuld absten horn from coupull of woymen. So when fay wern 

28 alle in, God closud f e dore aftyr horn wythout-forth ; and fen 
hit rayned so gretly fourty dayes and fourty nyghtys, fat fe 
watyr bare f e scbyppe Jjerre pen any hull by fyfty cubytys, and 
stod so styll an hundyrt dayes and fyfty, And so was all fe 

32 world drownet, bofe man and best, outtaken horn fat werne in 
f e schyppe. Neuerf eles Joseph sayth fat in Armeny ys a hull 
fat ys called Baris, fat was herre fen f e watyr where mony men 
and woymen were 6 yeaued, as men haue an oppynyon. per was 

1 jour C. hor G. not in d, D. 2 namely d. uaine G. not in D. 

8 chambers C. chabors G. chamberes d, not in D. 
* take C. H. L. om. G. d. not in D. s where C. were G. 

not in d. D, 6 were C. om G. not in d. D. 

16. De Dominica in Sexagesima 7 

Noye a twolfmonyf>e yn }>e schyppe. pen he put out a raven 
forto bryng woi de yf f>e watyr \ver all sesyd or no. pen fond ])yz 
rauen a drowned careyn, arid fulled hym J?erof, and come not 
44 a ajeyne. Aftyr Noye send 1 1 a culuer out f>at come ajeyne \vyth 
a branche of an olyue-tre in hur byll ; wherby Noye knew Jrat J>e 
watyr was sesyt and J>onkyd God heghly. Then when God bade 
hym go out, he jede out, and toke out fe hed-best of f>e clene 
bestys, and brent hym yn offiyng to God. Wherfor God was so 8 
wele payde j?at he jaf hym and all men aftyr hym leue forto ete 
flesche of clene bestys, and forto drynke wyne f>ras befor Ipe fled 
men etyn no flessche, ne drynkyd no drynke but watyr ; for Jje 
erthe was so badfull byfor, fat horn nedud uon olper fode, but 12 
suche as come of pe erth. 

Ipus, good men, je most vndyrstond how gret vengeans God 
toke on f>e world for wykednesge of synne, and now, more harme 
ys, f>e pepull ar as full of synne as J>ay wer ]?at tyme; and perfor 16 
God will take vengeans, ner fe prayers of holy sayntys and 
specyaly of our lady. 


For f>is I rede yn }?e lyfe of Seynt Domink when he was on 20 
a nyght yn his deuocyons he segh our Lord Ihesu holdyng J>re 
speres yn his hond, redy forto schote to f>e world for vengeans. ij ! 
Then come our lady anon, and kneled befor hym, and sayde : 
' My dere sonne and swet, what wyll 36 do ? ' Then sayde he : 24 
' Dere modyr, pe world ys so full of pride, and of couetyse, and 
of lechery; wherfor, vfy(h fese fre swerdys, I woll schote at 
horn.' Then sayde our lady : * My swete sonne, haue mercy, 
and jet abyde a whyle ; I haue on trew seruand, J>e wheche 28 
schall goo, and preche, and turne f>e world to }>e.' And so 
scho send forth Saynt Domink, and bade hyin go, and pr^che 
Godys worde, and turne fe pepull ; and so he dude. 

Thus, good men, 36 haue herde how by prayer of our lady and 32 
by prtfchyng of Ipys good man, God spared to do vengeans J>at 
tyme. But no we, more harme ys, J?e pepull ys combyrt wyth 
J>e same synne, and ys full like to be smytten \vyih fe same 
vengeans olper vtyih wors ; for now J?e pepull settyfe but lytyll 36 
by God: for Jmgh )?ay heren prechyng and techyng, fay \fj\\ 

74 16. De Dominica in Sexagesima 

not amende horn, ny leue hor synne. Wherfor God smytyfe 
yn parte now, and woll hereaftyr well hardyr and sarre. Wherfor 
je schull pray to God to hold vp his hond of vengeans fat hyt || 
4 fall not yn our dayes ; but fat we may come to amendement 44 b 
and haue f e blysse fat he bojt vs to. To f e wheche blysse God 
bryng you and me, yf hit be hys wyll. Amen. 



8 Good men and woymen, fys day is callet yn holy chyrche 
Sonday yn Quinqttagesin. pen schull 30 know ]>ak J?ys word 
quinqwagesin ys an nowmbur of fyfty, f>e wheche nowmbur by- 
tokenyth remission and ioye. For yn J^e old lavve, ych fyfty 

12 wynter, all men and woymen J>at wern sette vryth seruice and 
bondage, fay wern made fre in gret ioy and murth to horn. 
Wherfor fz/s nowmbur bygynnyth fys day, and endyth yn Estyr- 
day, schewywg f>at yche godys-seruand fat ys oppressyd wyth 

16 tribulacyon, and takyth hit mekely yn his hert, he schall be 
made fre yn his resurrecyon : fat ys yn f e day of dome, and be 
made f e ayre of f e kyndome of Heuen. And jet yn more comfort 
of all Godys pepull x yche fyfte jei e, ]>e pope of Rome graunty}>e 

20 a full remyssion of all synnys to yche man and weman j?at 
comyth to Rome J>at jer 1 . But for all men may not come 
fedyr and haue }>ys pardon, f>erfor f>e Pope of Heuen, Ihesu 
Cryst, of his specyall grace grauntyfe all men and woymen full 

24 pardon of hor synnys yn hor deth-day, so jxit Jmy woll kepe by 
hor lyue J?re fyngys )?at ben nedefull to horn, pe wheche ben 
j?ese : full contricion wyth schryft, full charite wytAout feynyng a , 
and stabull fayth wyt/iout flateryng. And, sothly, wythout J>es 

28 J>re, \>er may no man haue pardon at Rome ne elleswher. 

Wherfor he 3 J>at wyll be asoylet of f>e Pope of Heuen, and haue 
playne remyssyon of hys synnys, he most be full contryte, fat ys, 
ynwardly sory for hys synnys and his gyltes ; and so schryue 

32 hym clene, and be yn full purpos neu^r forto synne more. Whoso 
doj?e Ipus, leue he wele, God fo^euyth hym his trespas, and full 

1 yche . . . $er scratched out in C. 
. . 9 feynyng d. faylyng G. not in D. 3 he C. 3e G. d. not in D. 

17. De Dominica in Quinquagesima 75 

perdon f erof. For a man may haue suche a contricion, fat hyt 
schall quench all f e paynes fat wer ordeynt for hym. || 

45 a Ensampull we haue of Petyr fat forsoke Cryst wytA. hej 
othys. But for he was contryte, and byttyrly wepte, f erfor God 4 
fat ys full of mercy, foraf l hym his trespas, and made hym more 
chere f eraftyr fen he dude byfore. 
Anolper eiisampull. 

I fynde fat f er was a gret maw and was so wykyd of lyvyng 2 , 8 
fat all demede hym to helle. pen happyd hym so, fat he fell 
seke yn his def e-bed. And when he felde he schuld be ded, he 
f oght how wyckedly he had ylyued before, and caght such a con- 
tricion in his hert, fat he wepte day and nyght, and neuer sesed 12 
seuen dayes fat he lyued. And made prestys to be wyth hym, 
day and nyght; and euer as hys synne come to mynde, wyth hegh 
repentance, he schrof hym, and euer cryetl to God of mercy deuotly, 
fat iche man haf e rewthe of hym. And so deyd fruth. Then 16 
was Iper bysyde, in 3 an abbay, a monke fat deyd fat same tyme, 
fat f is man dude, and was bedon by his abbot com ajeyne, and 
telle hym of hys state. And so he dude, and sayde to his abbot : 
' Syr, I am come as je bade me. :jeue me leue to go my way; 20 
for I goo to joye.' pen sayde f e abbot : ' Was f er any soule fat 
jede to f e joye wythout payne, fat day, fat f ou dyddyst dye 1 ' 
pen sayde f e monke : ' For sof e on and no moo, and fat was 
f e soule of fat man/ and told his nome. pen sayde f e abbot : 24 
1 Now I se well fat f ou art a fend, and not my monke fat art 
ycomyn, to temp me ; for well I wot, jyf any sowle be yn payne, 
fen ys hys soule.' Then sayde f e monke : ' Ful vnworf y ys 
any man to knowe f e pryuete of Godis dome, pat man had 28 
suche contricyon, and wepte so byttyrly, er fat he deyd, for hys 
synnys, fat fe watyr of his een persued all hys clofis, and fe 
brest, and so don into f e erthe. Wherfor goo f edyr to-morrow, 
and when f ou fyndyst hit sof e fat I say, leue fat I am trew 32. 
and goo to joye.' Then jede fe abbot fedyr; and when he fonde 
all sothe fat fe monk told, fen he knelyd don, and herut God, 

45 b and bade all men be glad : for he was ]nis c^rtefyet, || fat his soule 
was yn blysse. pus f e gret cotitrycyon fat f ?/s man hadde, er 3$ 
he deyd, quenched fe gret payne fat was ordeynt to hym. 
1 MS. foraft. 8 of lyuyng oflyuyng G, 3 in inserted above the line G. 


17. .De Dominica in Quiiiquagesii 

Hereby je may know opynly how 1 spedfull hyt ys to a man 
to be contrite of his synnys. 

Wlierfor forto draw men to contrieion namly fes fyfty dayes, 

4 f e fyft psalme of fe sauter, that ys : 'Miserere mei, Deus!' ys 

more rehersyd fes dayes fen any ofer tyme of fe 5ere. pe 

wheche ys f us to say yn Englysche : ' God, aftyr f y gret mercy 

haue mercy on me ; and aftyr f y multytude of f y mercyus, do 

8 away my wickednesse ! ' and soo forth. Thus when a man ys 

sory for hys synnys and sayth fes wordys wyih full hert, God 

heryth his prayer and foijeueth 2 hym hys trespas, so fat he be yn 

full wyll to amende hym yn tyme coinyng, and ako full of 

12 charyte wytliout faynyng. 

For, what maner vertu fat a man haue, but yf he be yn 

charyte, hit stondys hym in no vayle; for fogh he wepe and 

crye to God : whyll he ys wytliout charyte to any of hys euen- 

16 cristen, God heryth hym not. Herto acordyth Seynt Paule yn f e 

pystyll of f ys day and sayth f us : ' Thagh I were as eloquent yn 

speche as any man or any angell ; fagh I had prophecy us and 

knew f e priuetyes of God ; or fagh I had so full fayth, fat I 

20 myght rernewe hylles; or fagh I dalt all my goodys to pore men 

for Godys sake ; or fagh I put my body to brenne for Godys 

loue : jif I haue no charite, all prophetyth me noght/ Wherfor, 

fagh a man wenyth he louef e his God and loue not hys euen- 

24 cristen, he ys dysceyuet ; for he louef e his God, fat louef e all f afc 

God louefe. Thus most a man haue full charite fat woll be 

sauet befor God. For he fat deyth yn charite, schali be sauet ; 

and he fat deyth yn dedly synne, schali be dampnet : wherfor of 

28 all vertues charite is most necessary. \ 

^et 50 3 most haue stabull fayth wytAout flateryng, so fat $e 
leue saddely as holy chyrche leuyth, fat is, yn f e Fadyr, and yii 
fe Sonne, and yn f e Holy Gost. pe Fadyr full God, and f e 
32 Sonne full God, and f e Holy Gost full God ; and %et fes f re but 
on God 4 fat made all f yng 1 1 of noght. Thus fayth was furst 46 a 
schewed to f e holy patryark Abraham, as holy chyrche f/s day 
maketh mynde, and sayth fat Abraham was yn fe vale of 
36 Mambre, and segh f re fayre men comyng toward hym. And 
1 how d. om G. not in D. 9 forseueth d. forjeuen G. not in D. 

3 $e corrected from an in G. * God G. gon G. not in d. D. . 

17. De Dominica in Quinquagesima 77 

fen he 3etle ajeyne horn and, f a gh he see f re, he worschepyd but 
on, jeuyng all men ensampull forto se yn hor spyryte f e Fadyr, 
and fe Sonne, and fe Holy Gost; fre persons, and on godhed; 
and worschip horn as on God. ) 4 

And alsoo je schull leue yn fe yncarnacyon of cure Lord 
Ihra Crist fat oure lady corcceyuet of fe Holy Gost wythout 
wem of hyr body, and was borne of hur yn flessch and blode 
as on of vs, and he was l veray God and man fat aftyr was ded 8 
on fe crosse, and buryet, and aros from defe to lyue fe f ryd 
clay, and stegh ynto Heuen on f e Holy pursday, and schall come 
a^eyne, forto deme f e quycke and f e ded. 

This was fygurt by Isaake, fat was ]>e sonne of Abraham, Je 12 
wheche Abraham gete by his wyfe Sare furgh byhest of God 
when fay wer bofe past age forto gete chyldyr; of fe whech 
sonne God behet Abraham, fat he schuld haue fruyt as mony as 
wer sterres of Heuen. pen when f ?/s chyld was borne, he was 16 
called Isaake. But when . he was xxv jere old, God asayde 
Abraham yn fys wyse : he bade hym take hys sonne Isaak fat 
he loued wele, and go to suche an hull fat he wold schew hym, 
and fer offyr vp hym yn sacryfyce 2 , fat was, sle hym and brenne 20 
hym, as fe maner was fat tyrne. pen Abraham, fogh he loued 
his sonne moche and had behest of God to haue gret vssu by 
hym, neuerfelese he toke hym anon wythout grucchyng, and 
jede to fat hulle, 'and made Isaak to her wod to bren hymself 24 
wyth. And when fay come to fe hullys cop, Abraham made 
an auter of f e brondys, and set horn on fure ; and fen toke his 
sonne Isaake, and wold han slayne hym, and offred hym vp soo 
to God. Then anon spake an angyll to hym, and bade hym leue 28 
of, and take f e wedyr fat ys byhynde hym, tyed by f e hornys 
46 b to brerys, || ' and offor hyt ynstede of f y sonne ' ; and so he dyd. 

Then by Abraham 50 schull vndyrstonde f e Fadyr of Heuen, 
and by Isaac his sonne Ihesu Crist, pe whech he sparyd not 32 
for no loue fat he had to hym ; but suffered f e lewes to lay f e 
wode apon hym, fat was fe crosse apon hys schuldres, and 
ladderi hym to f e mount of Caluary, and \er dydyn hym on f e 
autre of wode, fat was f e crosse, fat was made of foure treus : 36 

1 was om. G. C. not in d. D. 2 sacryfyce C. sacryce G. not in d. D. 

78 17. De Dominica in Quinquagesima 

cydyr, cypur, olyue, and palme ; and ])er dyed for all mankynd. 

Thus may Crist well be called Isaac fat ys to vndyrstond 

laghtur for mony a soule. He broght out of helle laghyng J fat 

4 jode f edyr, full sor wepyng. pen as f us was fygur of Crystys 

passyon longe or he wer borne, ryght so Crist hymselfe fys 

day yn fe gospell tolde 2 to his dyscypuls how he schuld be 

scornyd, and betyn wytA scorgys, and don to deth on f e crosse, 

8 and lyse f e f ryd day ajeyne to lyue. 

And, for fay schuld haue full leue hereto, anon befor horn 
he made a blynd man to see fat cryed to hym and sayde : f Ihesu, 
Dauid soraie, haue mercy on me ! ' pen sayde Crist to hym : 

12 'What wolt fou fat I do to fe?' And he sayde: 'Lorde, fat 
I may see!' pen sayde Ihesus : 'pyfaythe hafe heled fe, behold 
forth ! ' and anon he sygh gracyously and heryed God hertfully. 
pys most yche man fat wyll haue pardon of God : he most haue 

16 full contrycyon wyth schryft, and hole charite wi/tAout faynyng, 
and stydfast beleue wythout flateryng 3 . 


I rede fat fer was a byschop of Lyncolne fat hatte Robert 

20 Groschecl, and was holden on of fe grettyst clerkys y fe world 
in hys tyme. And when he laye in hys dethe-bedde, f^r come 
to hym a gret multytude of fendys, and spyted wyth hym so of 
fe faythe, fat fay hadden negh turned hym, and put hym ynto 

24 dyspayre. But fen was oure lady redy 4 , fat ys ay redy in nede, 
and sayde to hym : * My seruand, \\ say fou beleuyst as holy chyrch 47 a 
dof e/ And he cried and sayde : * Y beleue as holy chyrch 
beleuyth.' And f erwyth f e fendes vanechid away anon ; and he 

28 jaf vp his spyi yte. 

Now schul 36 all pray to God fat he 3eue you all stydfastnes 
yn f e beleue of holy chyrch, fat f e fencle haue no power of you 
yn your deth-tyme and graunt fat blysse to you that he boght 

32 you to. Amen, 

1 laghyng] laghyn G. lawhyng C. not in d. D. 

3 tolde C. om. G. not in d. D. s flateryng d. flynggyng G. not in D. 

* redy C. om. G. d. not in D, 

18. De Fe&to Sancti Mathie, Apostoli 79 



Good men and woymen, suche a day je schull haue Seynt 
Mathis day, Godys holy apostull. pe whech haf e now euen set 4 
yn certeyne forto fast, but at monnys deuocyon, as Ion Belet 
sayes, Ipat ys a doctor of holy chyrch ; for cause fat he was not 
chosen of Crist hymselfe, whyll he went here yn erf e. 

Then schull 50 know well, good men, fat Cryst whyll he was 8 
here yn erthe, he ches hym twelf apostull, forto sewe hym, to se, 
and to here all fat he 2 dude and pmhed ; for fay schuld here 
wyttenes to f e pepull aftyr hys assencyon of all fyng Ipat he 
dyde. For f e lewes werne so hard a^eyne hym yn all fyng, fat 12 
fay wold not beleue nofyng fat he dyd; but fat most be 
preuet by wytnes. Then was ludas Skaryot on of f os twelfe fat 
Crist had chosen to hym. pat ludas had befor slayne his owne 
fadyr, and bylayn hys owne modyr ; and so com to Crist, to be 16 
won of hys dyscypuls. pen Crist made hym on of hys dyscypull. 
But, for he was wont before to stele, and cowf e not leue his old 
wone, he wex wery of Cristys holy lyuyng ; and for heye couetyse 
of money, he sold his Lord Ih^su Crist to f e lewes for thrytty 20 
penyes. And so, when he segh fat Crist was demed to f e deth 
by hys sale, anon he fell yn dyspayre, and jede anon, and hongyd 
hymselfe wyth f e grenne of a rope. So, by ryght dome, fat f rote 
fat spake f e wordes of tiaytery a^eynys his Lord, fat f rote was 24 
ystrangled wyth f e grynne of a rope ; for he wold haue sayde 
47 b mony foule wordys by his Lord aftyr his def e, || fat dyd so foule 
by hym yn his lyue. And for fe fend myght not draw his soule 
out by f e mof e fat had kyssed f e mouf e of Godys sonne so late 28 
befor, ferfor he barst hys wombe, and outsched hys guttys, and - 
drew out his soule fat way, and bar hyt to hell. But jet, for 
bycause fat God ys so good yn hymself, and woll fat yche 
man haue his good dedes rewardud, and fat yche synne be 32 

1 MS. aposfolo, inserted on the margin. 2 he D. om. 0. not in d 


18. De Festo Sancti Mathie, A. 


"We reden fat Saynt Brandan, as he schyppyd in f e see, he 
sawe f ?/s ludas syttyng on a stone yn f e see, and a clof e hongyng 

4 befor hym fat was putte yn f e watyr, and bete hym yn f e face 
jorne and thykke. fen Brendan went hyt had ben some holy 
man, fat had suffred fer for penaunce, and asked hym yn fe 
name of God what he was. Then vnswared he and sayde: 

8 ' I am ludas, Godis traytour, }>at haue f is place of Godys curtesy, 
for refreschyng of f e gret hete fat I suffred wythyn ; and for no 
gret merete fat euer I deseruet, me thynkyth I am yn paradyse, 
whyll I am here.' Then sayde Brandan: 'Why hast fou fat 

12 stone vnefyr f e, and why betyth fat clof e f e yn f i face ] ' Then 
sayde he fat he layde f e stone yn a hegh-way f eras f e comyn 
pepull schuld trede feron, and be esyd f^rby; and fe clofe he 
jaue to a mesyll. ' But for f e clo]>e was anof er mannys, and noght 

16 myn ; fer for hit dof e but halfe f e refreschyng as hit schuld, 
had hit byn myn owne.' Then sayde Brandan : * How long has 
f ou f 2/s ees ? ' pen sayde he : * Yche Sonenday from euensong 
to euensong, and from mydwyntyr to fe xn day, and yn fe 

20 Passyon-day of oure lady, and w Candylmasse-day. 1 Then 
Brendan f onkyd God fat ys soo mercyabull yn all fyng, and 
bade hys felawes rowe fast, fat fay wer goon; for fay schuld 
here tyf yngys sone. And f erwyth come out of an hull fat was 

24 bysyde, mony fyndes and casten blomes of brennyng yerne ynto 
f e see. Aft^r fat f e see brent In ych syde of horn ; but God 

j kept horn so \ fat fay haden non harme. 

pen for bycause fat fis ludas was won of fe xn||apostoles, 48 a 

28 and f e nowmbyr of horn most nede be fulfylled aftyr fat Crist 
was styed ynto Heuen, fe eleuon apostyll wyth ofyr mony of 
Crystys dyscypuls weren togedyr yn a plase. fen sayde Petyr to 
all : ' Good men and bretherne, hit ys knowen to you how fat 

32 ludas was 2 on of vs twelfe apostols, and fore bycause fat fylke 
nombyr may not be vnfulle, hit ys nedfull to chese on of f es men, 
fat haue ben wyt/i our Lord Ihesu from fe tyrae fat he was 
folowed ynto f e tyme fat he stegh ynto Heuen, forto be wyttenes 

36 of his vprist wT/t/t vs. Then fay setten out two men, losep 

, l horn so Z>. so horn G. not in d. 

2 was D, om- G. not in d. 

18. De Fedo Sancti Mathie, Apostoli 81 

Barsabas and Ma thy, and layden loot apon horn, prayng God to 
chese, whedyr he wold haue of horn two; and soo fe lote fell 1 apon 
Mathy, and was nombyrt wyth f e of er aleuen apostolis. 

Then went Mathy anon ynto lure, and preched Godis worde ; 4 
and for he had gret grace forto do myracles, he turned moche 
pepull to f e fayf e. Then was fe fende sory, and aperyd to fe 
byschop of f e lewes la we m lykenes of a jong chyld wyih long 
herus, and hory, and vnsemely 8 , and bade horn take Mathy, and do 8 
hym to fe defe; othyr elles he wold turne all fe pepull to 
Cristys faythe, 'and fen schull je be sette at noght, and be 
wreches, and begers euermor aftyr.' Then fi/s byschopys werne 
wood wroth, and senden men to take Mathy ; and so fay dydyn, 12 
and bonden his hondys byhynd hym, and casten a rope about his 
necke, and laddon hym ynto pryson, and bonden hym wyth 
chaynes fast. But fat nyght aftyr our Lord Ih^su Crist come to 
hym wytk moche lyght, and lowsed his hondys. And when he 16 
had wele confortyd hym, he openyd fe pryson-dyrre, and bade 
hym go, and preche fe faythe, and spare for no man; and soo 
he dyd. Then, as he pruned, fer wer som fat aseynesioden hym, 
and letted 3 olper fat wold haue turned to f e faythe. Then sayde 20 
Mathy : ' Y tell you befor fat 50 schull falle done qwycke ynto 
hell'; and ferwythe anon, yn syght of all fe pepull, fe erth 
openyd, and sowoluyd horn yn body and soule, and neuer was 
48 b more seyn of horn. || pen was fe pepull sore aferde of fat syght, 24 
and turned to f e fayfe, a gret nowmbyr of horn. Then, when j?e 
byschopys herden hereof, J>ay maden to take Mathy eftsones, and 
set horn to throw stonys at hym ; and so fay 4 dyddyn. And 
when he was negh f e def e, he bade cristen men bury f e stones 28 
J>at he was slayne wyth, \vy\h hym yn his graue, yn wytnes of 
his martyrdome ; and he knelyd don, and hef vp his hondys to 
God, and jaf vp fe gost. 

Narracio. 82 

Rondylf Hyldon, monke of Chestyr, tellyfe yn hys cronyclys 
anofyr myracull and seyth : "When Saynt Wolstan vyset hys 
byschopryche, men broghten a mon befor hym fat dyd hys 
neghtbur moch doses, and woll neu<?r be yn pes, prayng fat holy 36 
1 fell inserted above the line G. 2 vnsemely Z>. vrsewly G. not in d* 
3 letted D. lettyj) G. not in d. * )>ay D. om. G. not in d. 



18. De Festo Santti Mathie, Apo&toli 

byschop fat he wold chast hym. But when fys byschop had 
preched hym al fat he couf e, and fonde hym euer fe lengur f e 
wors, fen he prayde to Seywt Mathy to schewe his myracull to 

4 hym 1 and yeve him that he was * woif y. Then anon, yns yght of 
all men, f er come of fe erthe two fendes wyih two brennyng 
howkes, and pullet Ipys man quyk don ynto hell; wherby fe 
pepull was well comfortet, and euer aftyr lyued yn pes and rest. 

8 And so y pray to God fat we may. Amen. 


Good men and woymen, f /s day ys called in holy chyrch 
Sonday yn Q^adragesin. pen ys quadragesin a nowmbitr of 

12 fourty ; for fro f is day to Astyr ben forty dayes fat byth f e tef e- 
dayes of fe ^ere. And for ych man dothe forfet more of er las, 
f erfor, forto make satysfaccyon for fat gylt, yche man ys holden 
by f e la we of holy chyrch to fast f es fourty dayes, outtaken horn 

16 fat fe lawe dyspensyth wyth for nede. That ben chyldyr wythyn 
xxi jere, woymen wyth chyld, old men passed age and myghtles 
to fast, pylgrymys, and seke, and pore, and fes fat labryn sore 
fore hor lyuelod : f us f e lawe dyspensyth wyth apon hore || 

20 concyens. pen for bycause fat Sonday ys no day of fastyng, 49 a 
f erfor 50 schull begyn your fast at Aske-Wanysday, and fat day 2 
com to holy chyrche, and take askes at f e prestys hond, and ber 
forth in your hert f at he sayth to you, when he layth askes on 

24 your hedys. pen he saythe f us : ' Man, thynke fat f ou art but 9 
eskys, and to eskys f ou schalt ajeyne turne.' pen byn fer f re 
dyuerse skylles why je schull fast fes fourty dayes. 

On ys, bycause as f e gospell * of Jri/s day tellyf e, how fat f e 

28 Holy Gost lad our Lord ynto desert 5 fat was bytwyx Jerusalem 
and leryco, forto be temptyd of fe fende. And was f er fourty 
dayes and so mony nyghtys fastyng for our loue, schouyng to vs 
and all cristen men and pepull f e uertu and f e mede fat comyth 

32 of fastyng ; f e wheche uertu and mede ben expressed yn f e 

1 and . . . was D. J>at lie G. not in d. 3 day C. om. G. ye cf. D. 
3 but d. D. but but G. 4 gospell d. D. om^ G. 

5 desert d. D. deset G. 

19. De Dominica in Quadragesima 83 

preface yn f e masse fat ys sayde in holy chyrche fes fourty dayes. 
Ther ys sayde f us : ' pe bodely fast f rostys don vysis, and lyftyf e 
manys hert to God, and jevyth hym vrtu and mede ; hit ^euyth 
hym mede in Heuen fat euer schall last, and u^rtu yn erf e gret.' 4 
For, as clerkys telly fe and techyth, for fe spolde of a fasting man 1 
may sle any eddyr bodyly. Then, moche mor, he schall sle f e myght 
of f e deuyll, fat ys f e old eddyr, f e fende of hell, fat come to Eue 
yn paradyce in lyckenes of an eddyr, forto tempt hur of gloteny, 8 
of vayne glory, and of couetyce. Eyght so he come to Crist yn 
lykenes of a man, lest he had ben knowyn, and temptyd hym of 
fat same synne. Thus, as f e gospell tellyf e, when Crist had fast so 
long, and was by kynd of manhed anhongred 2 , fe fende come to 12 
hym, and schewed hym stonys, and sayde : ' Yf f ou be Godys 
sonue, make fes stonys brede' ; fat ryght as Eue, when scho sygh 
fe appull, was raght forto ete fm>f, ryght so he had hope forto 
haue made Crist, and so by gloteny haue eten of f e brede : for 16 
gloteny ys not yn a manys mete, but yn foule appetyte. pen 
sayd Crist to hym: 'A man schall not only lyue by bred; but 
yche woid fat gofe out of Godys mowfe.' pen fe fende toke 
49 b Crist, and set hym || on a pynacull on fe tempull, and sayde: ' Yf 20 
f ou be God sonne, brywg f yselfe downe wythout monys helpe, fat 
I may know fe for Godys sonne.' Then sayde Crist : ' pou schalt 
not tempte God, f y Lorde.' }et, f e fryd tyme, he toke hym, and 
set hym on a hegh hulle, and schewed hym all f e kyndomes of f e 24 
world by takyng, and all fe ioyes of horn. And when he had all 
told hym, he sayd f us to hym : ' All fes I woll $eue f e, so fat 
f ou wolt fall don to f e erf e and worschyp me.' Then he vnswared 
and sayde : ' Goo on bak, Sathan, hit ys wryttyn : f ou schalt 28 
worschyp fy Lord God, and only s^rve hym.' pen f e fende lafte 
hym, and angelys comyn, and broghten hym mete. 

Then, for f e fende ys most bysy forto make yche man to gylt 
yn fes f re synnes, most fes fourty dayes, f erf or you nedythe fre 82 
helpys ajeynys horn; fat ben fese: a^eynys gloteny, abstynens; 
a;eynys pryde, mekenes ; ajeynes couetyse, largenes. Then a^eyne 
gloteny je most fast, fat ys, not ete befor tyme ; but abyde tyll 
none of fe daye. And when 56 byn at your mete, ete ^e not 36 

1 a fasting man d. D. fastyng G. 

2 anhongred I), anhongur G. an hondred d. 



19. De Dominica in Quadragesima 

frechudly, no more fen anof er tyme, ny sytte for lust no lengyr 
fen anof er day, and bef e well war fat 50 fast, bof e day and nyght, 
as Crist dude. Ther byth mony fat fastyn f e day at on mele ; 
4 but fay wyll sytte moche of f e nyght, and drynke, and soo full 
hor wombe wykh drynke as well as wyth mete ; and fay fat don 
so, don gloteny. And also 30 most fast from all maner flesch 
mete and whyt-mete ; for as lerom says : ' Eggys and chese byn 
8 molton flesche, and mylke ys wyth blod.' And forto shew en- 
sampull of holy chyrch, takyth hede on fe prest fat gof e to 
masse, fat ys. to Godys bord, how he at hys bygynnyng bowf e his 
knees to God, and byddyf e all of er do soo ; and also, at f e end 

12 of hys masse, he bydduf e all men bow herre hedys to God. So do 
30 when je gon to your Lord : furst worschip 30 God wyt a Pater 
Noster and an Aue of er mo, as your deuocyon ys, and maketh 
a crosse on your mete, and aftyr mete f onkyth God wyt& anof er 

16 Pater Noster and an Aue, || fat euer sendyth you mete at your 50 
nede. pus 30 schull a3eynes gloteny. 

And a3eyn vayn glory fat ys yn m&nnys hert, 30 most fast 
wytAyn-forth gostly. ^e schull put away all euell foghtes of 

20 heghnes, and haue f oghtys of lones. penkyf e how a man ys 
borne febull, and seke, and naked, and pore ; and how he gof e 
yche day a journay toward his deth, woll he, nyll he ; and how 
fat, at f e last, dethe comyf e and castyf e hyrn downe seke yn hys 

24 bed, gronyng and sykyng, and sone castyf e vp hys mete and hys 
drynke, and turnet hyde and hew ; and how his brethe stinkyth, 
hys lyppys wexyn blew, hys face pale, hys een 3olow, hys mowf e 
frof ys : and so, at f e last, wyth depe 3oskyng 3eldyth vp f e gost. 

28 Then lythe f er but a stynkyng stoke of 3erthe, and ys hyed to be 
putte ynto f e erf e, and laft f er, and sone fo^etyn. Hold f ys yn 
your mynd ; and I hope f ys schall put away pryde. 

A3eynes couetyse 36 schull fast wythyn and wythout. WytAyn: 

32 for oure bysy f oghtys of wo[r]ldys occupacyon and of hardnes, to 
hold good a3eynes Godys byddyng. Also wythout : your hondys 
fat han ben ay redy forto take, now 36 schull make horn redy 
forto reche fe pore mete, and diynke, and fat fay han nede 

36 to ; for f e hondys be not worf y to heue vp to God, fat be not 
wont to reche f e pore mete. And fi[l]ke folke fat han ben bysy 
erly and late to walke aboute worldely good, now schuld be 

19. De Dominica in Quadragesima 85 

bysy, alsoo, to vyset pore and seke, and goo on pylgrymage, and 
goo to f e chyrch, to here Godys seruyce. And je fat haf e before 
fast for chynchnes, now schall spare on hys mouf e, to jeue suche 
fat haue nede. Thys fast plesyth God more and helpeth f e soule 4 
hegly; for ryght as watyr quenchyth fyre, ryght so almys-dede 
quenchyth synne. Wherfor fe profyt sayth fus: '^eue allmes, 
and all fyng schall be clene to you, soo fat hyt be jeuen wyth 
good wyll.' But, mor harme ys, Iper byn mony fat han mor lust 8 
SObto fede hor owne bodyes wyth lusty metys, and drynkes, ||and 
dayntef s, fen forto jeue a pore man a schyue of bred. 


I rede fat f er was a nobull knyght of hys own hond and a gret 12 
lord, but he cherysched his body to moch wyth dayntef metys 
and drynkes. And so hyt fell fat he was ded, and buryet yn 
a tombe of a stone as lordys byn. pen had 1 he a sonne fat 
was a good man, and yn custom to say, yche day, befor mete ' De 16 
profundis ' for hys fadyr soule befor hys tombe. Then hit fell, on 
a day, fat he made a gret fest of lordys and gret men of hys 
contrey ; and whew fay wer redy to wasch, f e sonne f oght he had 
not sayd hys deuocyon, and prayd horn to abyde a while, whyll 20 
he jode to say ' De profundis.' pen sayde fay fat fay wold goo 
wyth hym. pen, whill fay sayde ' De profundis/ f er fell such 
lust yn hys sonneys hert to se his fadyr, fat he f oght he schuld be 
ded, but he myght se hym. Then made he men to vndo f e tombe. 24 
pen sygh he a passyng grete 2 tode, as blake as peche, wyth een 
brennyng as fyre, fat had vmbeclypped wytA hyr foure fete hys 
fadyrs f rote, and gnof fast f mm. pen, when f e sonne segh f ys, he 
sayde : ' fadyr, moche swete mete and drynke haf e gon downe 28 
fat f rote ; and now f on art strangult wyth a foule helle-best ! ' 
Then bade he hull f e body 3 ajeyne, and jede to mete, and when he 
had seruet all men ryaly, preuely he jode forth, and laft wyfe, 
and chyld, and all his lordschyp, and come to Jerusalem ; and f er 82 
lyued among beggers, all his lyue aftyr, yn gret penance, and sooj 
dyed, and had f e blysse of Heuero. To f e wheche blys God bryng 
vs all, yf hit be hys wyll. Amen. 

1 had d. D. had had G. 2 passyng grete d. D. passyng G. 

3 body d. D. bod G. 

86 20. De Dominica Prima Quadragesime 


Hortamur vos, ne m vacuum gractam Dei recipiates. 
Corintheos vi to . 

4 Good men and woymen, fes wordes fat I haue sayde yn 
Lateyn, byn f us to say yn Englysch : ' We amonechen you, fat 
36 take not f e grace of God yn vayn.' pes ben f e wordes of 
Seynt Paule, Cristys holy apostull, ||fat ben red yn fe pystyll of 51 
8 f ?/s day ; by . f e wheche word f ys holy apostull chargyth all 
good pepull, fat fay take hede what grace God sendyth horn, 
and fat fay taken not fat grace yn vayn. God jeuyth grace 
to man all tymes; but for a man nedyfe more hys grace f.ys 

12 tyme fen anof er, f erfor, of hys hegh mercy, he jeuyth now-dayes 
more habundant of Lenton fen any of er tyme. The whech grace he 
partu f e yn f re wayes, fat ys to say : in way of gracyous abydyng, 
in way of gracyous demyng, and yn way of gracyous amendys 

16 makyng. pes f re wayes God sendyth hys grace to you now. 

Wherfor, ryght as Seynt Paule monyschefe hys dyscypuls, 
ryght soo I monyssch you fat ben my chyldyr yn God, fat je 
take not }>ys grace of God yn vayn. ^e haue a comyn sayng 

20 among you, and sayn j?at Godys grace ys worth a new fayre. 
pen takyth hede how moche worth Godys grace ys ; for Jmgh 
any of you had as moche gold as a fayre ys worth, but he 
had Godys grace wyt/t hyt ; hyt schuld turne hym more ynto 

24 schenschip fen ynto worschyp. pus 30 may se by veray reson 
}>at Godys grace ys more worf>y f>en any fayre. But jet 36 schull 
know former, for, Jrngh a man had neuer soo moche riches and 
prosperyte here J?at comyth all of Godys grace, but yf he take 

28 J?at grace wele and pies his God wythall, hyt schall turne 
hym ynto dampnac?/on. But for f>e pore playnyth on J>e ryche, 
and sayn fay ben vnkynd to God, and don not as God byddyth 
horn doo, and full eldyr seen a mote yn anofer manys ee fat 

32 con not se a beem yn hor one : f erfor je schull knowe wele fat 

hyt ys a specyall grace of God, when he makyth a man ryche 

and Bom mow pore. He makyfe horn rych, fat fay wyth hor 

ryches schuld socour f e pore yn hor nede, and soo wyth hor good 

1 de dominica prima quadragesime d. D. om. G. 

20. De Dominica Prima Quadragesime 87 

by horn Heuen ; and som he makyth pore, fat hor pouerte 
schall be hor saluacyon. For God knowefe wele, yf fay wern 
rych, fay wold forjete hor God, and soo spyll homselfe. Wherfor|| 

51 b we amonyschen yow, bof e ryche and pore, fat je take not f 2/s 4 

grace of God yn ydull nor yn vayn. Bat he fat is rych, set 
not hys hert f erapon ; but euer be yn drede, lest he myspend 
hit, and f onk God of hys grace. And he fat ys pore, gruche he 
noght aijeynes his God, ne deme he not f e rych but take his 8 
pouerte \n pacyence and f onke God of hys grace : for, at f e last, 
he schall haue Ipai for f e best. But a man, be he ryche or be he 
pore, yf he haue grace of God, to se how moche he takyth of 
God, and how lytyll he 3euyth agayne, verray reson woll tell 12 
fat he ys more worfy dampnacyon fen saluacyon. But for 
God ys full of grace, and schewyth hys grace to all his hondy- 
werk, and for he knowet oure frelte, he haf e compassyon of vs, 
and ijeuyth vs hys grace in abydyng of amendement. pat ys : 16 
fa$ thow trespas sore a}eyne hym, he woll not smyte anon, but 
gracyously abydyth ; for he haf e moche leuer forto do grace then 
vengeans. And fat ys for two causes, as Saynt Austyne seyth. 
On ys, yf God had don vengeans, anon the world had ben endyd 20 
mony a day agoo, and so mony had be vnborne fat now ben holy 
sayntys yn Heuen. 

That of er cause ys, forto schewe how full he ys of grace, and 
how fayn he wyll do grace and mercy to all fat wyll leue f e 24 
euell and take fe good. Wherfor he sayth fus by his prophet: 
'Nolo mortem peccatfons, sed vt magis cowuertatur et viuat/ 
' I woll not,' he says, 'fat a synfull man be ded, but I woll 
raythyr fat he turne to good lyue/ pus ;e heryth how gracyous 28 
God ys yn abydyng. Wherfor I monyesche you fat je take not 
f 2/s grace yn vayn ; but thenkyth well how he bathe spared you 
from Astyr hydyrto, f eras he myght, by ryght, haue smytyn 
you wyth hys swerde of vengeans, ych day. For, as Saynt 82 
Anselm sayth, f e lest synne fat a man doth, hyt vnworschypyth 
God. Then, yf a man dyd any fyng fat vnworschypyd his 

52 a worldly kyng, he wer worthy to || take hys deth; moche more ys 

a man worthy fe deth fat vnworschypyth hym fat ys Kyng of 36 
Heuen, and Lord and Kyng ouer all kynges. But ryght as he 
passyth all yn dygnyte, ryght soo he passyth all yn grace and 


20. De Dominica Prima Quadragesime 

bonte. But f ogh je felen hym gracyous, be neuer f e boldyr to 
lye yn synne ; but hyth you forto clanse you Iperof. For f agh he 
abyde long, at f e last, he woll smyte suche fat woll not amende 
4 horn ; and when he l smytyth, he smytyth sore. 


I rede fat Iper was a knyght fat had no rentys of his owne, 
but he had geton moche good yn werres. And when he hadde 
8 all spend out, he jode and weddyd a lady of fat contray fat was 
rych ynogh ; and f ogh he was pore, he was a semly man of person. 
Scho sayd to hym f us : 'I wot wele fat f ou art a semly man of 
body ; but for f ou art pore, y may not, for schame, take f e, but 

12 yf f ou haue moche gold oper mony rentys. But for f ou has no 
gold, do as I teche f e, and gete gold. Goo ynto suche a place 
f er mony rych marchandys comen, and gete f e gold, and fen 
fou schalt haue me.' Then went he f edyr. And hit hapend 

16 fat f er come a ryche marchand fat way ; and he anon toke 
hym, and bar forth bys gold, and slogh hym, and buryet hym, 
and fen aftyr come to f e lady, and sayde : ' Lo f e som of gold 
I haue geton of suche a man and buryet hyrn f er.' Then sayde 

20 f e lady : ' Go aijene to-nyght and loke, yf fou oght here/ Then 
jede he fat nyght and stode by f e ded graue. And at mydnyght 
f er come a lyght from Heuen downe to f e graue ; and fen f e 
graue opened, and f e cors sate vp, and helde vp his hondys to 

24 God, and sayde : ' Lorde fat art ryghtwys juge, f ou wreke me 
apon fis man fat haf e f us falsly slayne me for my trew catayle.' 
And f erwyih come a voyce from Heuen and sayde : ' Thys day 
frytty wyntyr, fou shalt haue vengeans'; and fen fe cors 

28 f onkyd God, and lay downe yn hys graue a3eyne. pen was f ys 
knyght sore aferd, and went 2 to fys lady, and told hur all, and || 
how f e voyce sayde how, fat day frytty wyntyr, he schuld haue 52 b 
vengeance. Then sayde f e lady : ' ^e/ qwod scho, ' moche may 

32 fall yn frytty wyntyr ; goo we togedyr and be weddyd ! ' So fay 
lyuedyn yfere, xx ti jere, yn prosperyte and wele; but euer fis 
knyght was adred of fys vengeans, and sayde to f e lady : ' Now 
xxti jere byn pased, and f e x woll hye fast. AVhat is f y best 

36 cownsell ? ' pen sayde scho : ' We woll make fys castell als 
1 he written on the margin. 2 went inserted above the line. 

20. De Dominica Prima Quadragesime 89 

sykur and as strong as we may; and fat same day, we schull 
gedyr all oure frendes, and stuffe vs wyth men ynow; and soo 
we schall scape wele ynogh. And soo fay dyddyn. When Ipe 
day come, fay gedyrt a grete some of men ynto f e castell, and 4 
set horn to f e mete, and maden all Ipe myrthe fat fay cowthe. 
pen was fer an harper, and harpyd allway at fe mete. But, 
for fer may no wyked spyryte come fer, ne haue no pouste als 
fere as f e harpe ys herd, fer come out of f e kychon a brof ell 8 
bowdet wyth gres, and rubbyd hys stryngys wyth hys bawdy 
hondys. Then was fys harper wondyr wroth, and wyth hys 
harpe wold haue smyton thys brothell; but for he flagh fast 
away, f e harper suet hym out of f e castell ; and when he come 12 
out, f is brothell vaneschyd away. Then fys harper turned ajeyne, 
and sygh fys castell synke ynto fe erfe, all on.fyre. 

Thus je may se, f agh God abyde longe, at f e last he smytyth 
sore. Wherfor I amonysch you, fat 30 take not hys grace of 16 
abydyng yn vayne ; but bythynkyth you wele of your mysdedys, 
and comyth by tyme and clansyth you. For God jeuyfch you all 
an hegh grace of demyng ; for f eras he ys, ys 1 treuf and ryght- 
wysnes, and may not deme but wyth ryghtwysnes. And fen 20 
schall non scape vndampned ; for, as lop saythe : ' J)ogh we 
wold st[r]yve wyth him 2 , we may not vnswar of on good dede for 
53 a a f ousand fat he 5euyth vs.' Thus, for he sees fat no || man 
may scape his dome vndampned, f erfor he, of hys hegh grace, 24 
jeuyth hys power to a curatour, to deme all fat comen to hym, 
hauyng ferme and stabull all fat comyth to hym; as fus fer 
schall no good dede be vnquyte, nor no euell vnponysched. 
Therfor yf a curatour 3eue f e more penaunce fen f e nedyth 3 , 28 
fat ys more, hit schall be quyte, and stonde f e in gret joye of 
encrese byfor God ; :$yf he 3eue f e euen, f ou art quyte ; but yf 
he jeue f e to lytyll, fen schall hyt be fulfylled yn purgatory. 
Soo fat a man schall neuer be dampned for no synne fat he 32 
ys mekly schryuen of, and takyth hys dome mekely of hys 
schryftfadyr ; for all fyng fat ys not clansed here by schryft 
and penance, schall be clansed yn purgatory. For when fou 
comyst to schryfte, fou comyst forto be demed of thy schryft- 36 

1 ys] is d. D. om. G. a him d, D. hyre G. 

3 MS. nedythet. 


20. De Dominica Prima Quadragesime 

fach/r ; wherfor God woll neuer l deme f e twy for on f yng. Then 
take hede wheche an hegh grace God jeuyth you yn demyng, 
when he ordeynet a synfull man, as fow art, to be fy domys- 

4 man ; for all ys yn hegh helpe to you, to jeue boldnes to you to telle 
out all fat lythe yn your hert, and nof yng forto hyde ; for all 
fat ys not 2 now helyd yn schryft, schall be, at f e day of dome, 
knowen to all f e world wyth moche confusyon. And fen schall 

8 he be demed of God f <?rfor ynto f e fyre of helle. perfor f e 
apostull sayth f us : ' Horrenduw est incidere in manus Dei 
onmipotentis ' ; that ys to say : ' Hit ys horryble and grysly to 
falle ynto Godys hondys/ Wherfor I amonysch you fat 50 take 
12 not f is grace of demyng yn vayn, but schryuyth you clene, and 
leue noght yn your hert. 


For f us I rede of a woman fat had done an horrybull synne, 

16 and myght neuer, for schame, schryue hyr f erof. And oft, when 
ho come to schryf, scho was yn purpos forto haue ben schryuen ; 
but euer fe fend put such t a schame yn hur hert, fat scho had 
neuer grace || to clause hur f erofe. Then, on a nyght, as scho lay 53 b 

20 yn hur bed, and f oght moch on fat synne, Ihesu Crist come to 
hur and sayde: 'My doghtyr, why wol fou not schew me fy 
hert, and schryue f e of fat synne fat f ou lyse yn ? ' ' Lord/ 
qwod scho, ' I may not, for schame.' pen sayde Crist : ' Schew 

24 me f y hond ' ; and toke hur hond, and put hit ynto hys syde, and 
sayde, and drogh hit all blody out : * Be f ou no more aschamed to 
opyn fy hert to me, fen I am to opon my syde to f e/ Then was 
f ys woman agry[s]ed of f e blod, and wold haue weschyn hit away ; 

28 but scho myght not, be no way, tyll scho had schryuen hur of 
fat synne. Then, when scho was schryuen, anon fe hond was 
clene as fat of yr. pus God dof e grace yn esy demyng. 

He dofe alsoo grace yn amendys 3 makyng. Whyll for a 

32 lytyll penance fat a man dofe here, God forijeuyth hym f e gret 
penance yn helle, and so settyth a man at fe large to do hys 
penance, and not yn destresse ; but jeuyth hym chose whef yr he 
wyll do mekely, wyth good wyll, oper no. And yf he do mekely 

36 hys penance, he wyll forjeue hym hys gult, and cheressche hym 
1 neuer d. D. euer G. 2 not inserted above the line. 

8 amendye] amendy G. amendus C. not in d. D, 

20. De Dominica Prima Quadragesime 91 

more fen he dyd byfore, and avaunse hym yn f e court of Heuen. 
And f ogh he wold do no penance, but prudly put hit away, }et, 
ynto hys deth-day, he abydyth from 3ere to 5ere, to loke jyf he 
wyll amende ; and ^yf he wyll not, he wyll make bynde hym 4 
hond and fote, and cast hym ynto prison, fat ys, ynto f e paynes 
of helle. And soo ys wele worthy. 

Thus, good men, 30 haue herd how fat God geuyth you grace 
yn f re wayes : yn gracyous abydyng, yn gracyous demyng, and 8 
yn gracyous amendys makyng. For gracyously he abydyth and 
woll not take vengeans anon, but euer abydyth aniendement; 
and gracyously he woll fat a man be demed wyth mercy and not 
to f e vtmast here ; and gracyously he takyth l a moraiys amendys, 12 
whyll for penauwce of a schort tyme, he fo^euyth f e penaunce 
fat euer schall last. And aftyr fat he haf e done his penauwce, 
he for3euyth hym all hys gylt, and avaunsuf e hym yn Heuen. || 
54 a For f us moche y presume of Godys grace and hys mercy fat f e 16 
fende of hell, and he wold aske mercy wyU a meke hert to God, 
God woll jeue hym mercy, pen moche more he wold 3eue a man 
mercy fat he sched his hert-blod for. And herof I tell an 
ensampull, and make an end. 20 


I rede f er wer two chapmen dwellyng bysyde fe cyte of 
Norwych. Of fe whech on was a good lyuer, and fat ofer 
a curset lyuer ; but for J?ys good man durst not depart from fat 24 
oper, as oft as he durst, he conseylet hym to schryue hym, and 
amend hym of hys lyuyng. pen fat othyr wold say h?/t wer 
tyme ynogh, forto be schryuen when he schuld dye. Then hit 
fell aftyr so fat f ys euell man fell seke, and lay on hys deth-bed ; 28 
and when hys felaw knew, he cryet on hym fast and 30010 to 
schryue hym, and send aftyr his prest, for he was but ded. But 
fat ofer onerprudly sayde nay, he wold not; for he wyst well 
ynogh, God wold not foi^eue hym for hys long abydyng. Then f ys 32 
good man was wondyr sory for hym, and made fach prestys and 
frerys, and all fat he hopyd wold haue holpen hym, and consayle 
hym to goode. But euer he made f e same vnswar to horn as he 
dyd to f e good maw, and sayde he wold not schryue hym, ne 36 
1 he takyth C. om. G. not in d. D. 

20. De Dominica Prima Quadragesime 

mercy aske. pen had Ipys man a lampe brennyng on nyghtys 
byfor hys bed, and yn a bed bysyde hym lay of er two men l , to 
wake hym. Then, aboute mydnyght, fay saw Ihesu Cryst bodyly 
4 wyth blody wondys stondyng before f e seke manys bed, and 
sayde to hym Ipus : ' My sonne, why wyll f ou not schryue f e 
and put f e ynto my mercy, fat am redy alway to jeue mercy to 
all horn fat wyll mekely aske mercy.' pen wyth fat sayde he : 
8 c For I wot well I am vnworthy to haue mercy ; wherfor f ou wolt 
:jeue me non mercy.' ' ^us, sonne, for sof e, aske hyt mekely and 
f ou schalt haue ' ; and euer he vnswaret as he dyd before. Then 
Cryst toke out of hys wonde yn hys syde his hond full of blod 

12 and sayde : ' pou fendys-chyld, f ys schall be redy token bytwyx 
me and fe yn f e day of dome, fat 1 1| wold haue don f e mercy, 54 b 
and fou woldyst not.' And Iperwyth cast fe blod ynto hys 
face ; and f erwyth anon Ipys seke man cryed and sayd : * Alas ! 

16 Alas ! I am dampnet for ay ! ' and soo deyd. Then Ipys of er 
man was so aferd of Ipys syght and of bof e hor speche, fat hit 
was long or he dyd ryse. Then, at fe last, he ros vp, and lyght 
a candull at fe lampe, and come to hys felow, and fond hym 

20 dede, and f e red blod yn hys face, and f e body blacke as pych. 
pen, for ferd, ]>ys man cryed for helpe ; and when men comen, he 
told horn f e case, and how Cryst dyd to hym, and how he 
vns wared a^eyne. 

24 Wherfor y amonysch you fat 50 take not Ipys grace yn vayne ; 
but schryue you clene of your synnes, and put you fully ynto 
hys mercy and ynto his grace. And fen woll he take you ynto 
his mercy and mto hys grace, and bryng you to f e joye fat 

28 euer schall last. To f e wheche joy God graund you and me. 



Good men and woymen, fys day ys f e secunde Sonday yn 

32 clene Lent on. Wherfor, as 30 haue ben bysy all fys jere forto 

make you clene and honest wytAout-forth in body, now schull 50 

be as bysy, forto clause you wytAyn-forth yn your soule ; for fat 

ys Godys wyll fat 50 so done. Wherfor Ipys tyme of Lenton ys 

1 men d. D. me G. 

21. De Dominica Secunda Quadragesime 93 

ordeynt only to scowre and to clanse your concyens of all maiier 
roust and fulf e of synne fat scho ys defowled wytA, so fat 30 
may wytA a clene consyens receyue, on Astyr-day, f e clene body 
of our Lord Ihesu Crist. Wherfor Seynt Paule tellyth and techyf e 4 
you yn f e pystyll of f ys day and sayth ]>us : ' Hec est voluntas 
mea etc. ' : This ys Godys wyll, fat 30 be holy, and fat je con 
hold your vessell yn holynes and worschyp. pen hit prevyth 
well fat he doth God worschyp fat busyuf hym to clans his 8 
vessell ajeyne f e comyng of our Lord, pen schull je know well 
fat fys vessell ys noght elles, as Saynt Bernard sayth, but a 
55 a manys concyens ; hyt ys a trew vessell, || and a hole, and kepyf e 
truly all fat ys put f eryn, ynto f e day of dome. That day, yche 12 
inams vessell, fat ys ych manys conciens, schall be openyd, so 
fat all f e world schall see what a man haf e kepte f eryn, be hit 
bettyr, be hyt worse, pew wele schall hym be fat bryngyth fat 
day a clene vessell befor f e justyce ! 16 

Then, how schall a man kepe hys vessell clene, holy chyrche 
techyth by ensampull of an holy patryark, Jacob, fat ys red and 
songen of yn holy chyrche all fys weke, and sayth f us : ' Thys 
lacob had a fadyr fat was called Isaac, and a modyr fat was 20 
Rebecca, pen had fys Rebecca two sonnys at onys by hur 
husbond, fat on fat was furst borne het Esav, and fat of er het 
lacob. pera God ordeynt so fat fe fadyr loued Esav, and f e 
modyr louet lacob.' But, for f e story ys long, we schull, at fys 24 
tyme, take fat fat ys most spedfull, and leue fat of yr. Then 
God $af fe patryarke suche a grace fat, what maner blessyng 
fay jaue hor chyldyr, fay schulden haue hit. pen, for fys 
Isaac was old, and blynd, and nygh his def e, he bade hys sonne 28 
Esav goo, and hunt, and gete som mete, fat he myght ete of, 
and he wold jeue hym hys blessyng. But when Esav was goon, 
by techyng of hys modyr and sleght, lacob fat was fe ^ongyr, 
gate hys fadyrys blessyng, and was made ayre and lord of all his 32 
brefyrn, and curset all fat cursyfe hym, and blessyth all fat 
blessyth hym. Then when Esav come home and knew fys, he 
hatyd hys brof er lacob, and f o}t 1 to haue slayn hym. Wherfor, 
by consell of hys modyr, he went out of f e contrey to a vncull of 36 
hys fat het Laban. And as he went by fe way, he come ynto 
1 ]>o$td.D. best 6?. 

94 21. De Dominica Secunda Quadragesime 

a centre of euell-lyuyng men, and durst not herber wyth horn; 
but all nyght lay by fe way, and layde a stone vndyr hys bed 
and so slepyd. And as he slepte, hym foght he saw a laddyr 
4 fat raght from fe erth to Heuen ; and God || joynut to fe laddyr, 55 b 
and 1 angyll goyng vp and don fe ladder, pen spake God to 
hym and sayd : ' I am God of Abraham, Isaac, and lacob ; and 
woll jeue fe Ipys lond, and be fy keper yn f e way/ Then woke 
8 Jacob and sayd : Tor stfe, God ys yn Ipya place, and I wyst not.* 
And so 3ede forth to hys vncull, and was wyth hym xx ti jere 
his seruand, and wedde hys two deghtren ; fat on het Rachel, 
fat ofer het Lya. And when he had byn fer soo long, he had 

12 longyng to goo home ynto hys one contrey, and toke wyih hym 
hys wyves and chyldyr, and all f e catell and good fat he had, 
and jede forth. But jetj for he dred hys brof er, f er come, to 
helpe hym, a gret multytude of angelys yn lykenes of men*, pen 2 , 

16 when he come to a forde of laboc, he made all hys meyne and all 
his catell go befor ouer fe forde, and he hymself abode byhynd. 
And as he was yn hys prayers, an angyll com to hym lyke a 
mow, and wrasteled wyth hym, all f e nyght tyll on fe morow, 

20 and tcwched fe gret senew of hys fegh, and made hym halt 
allway aftyr. Then sayde fe angyll to lacob: 'What ys fy 
name ? ' and he sayde : ' lacob/ ' Nay,' qwod he, ' f ou schalt not 
lengyr het lacob, but Israeli schall be f y name ' ; and soo blessyd 

24 hym, and laft hym fer halt. And soo he jede home ynto his 
centre yn mycull prosperyte. 

pys story ys yn holy chyrch yn hegh ensampull to yche Goddes 
seruant fat desyiyth to gete fe blessyng of hys Fadyr of Heuen, 

28 and f e herytage fat ys f er. He most furst be lacob, and aftyr 
Israeli ; for by lacob ys vndyrstcnd a wrasteler, and by Israeli 
a man fat sef e God : for he fat wyll se God yn Heuen, he most 
wrastyll \n erf e wyih f e euell angyll, fat ys f e fende, and wyth 

32 hys one flessch f us. When he goth to schryue hym, and haf e an 
horrybull synne, f e fende puttyf e such a schame yn hys hert, so, 
f ogh hit be yn his mouthe, he may not for schan.e tell hit out ; 
fen most he wrastyll wyth f e fende, and ouercom || hym, and so 56 a 

36 tell 3 out opynly all f e circumstance f erof. Then woll hys flessch 
be aferd of hys penance, and he dof e hyt not aftyr he ys beden 
1 and d. D. an G. 2 )>en D. J>at 6?. d. s tell D. tel d. stele G. 

21. De Dominica Secunda Quadrage&ime 95 

forto do, for drede f erof. But fen most he also wrastyll wyth 
hys flesch, and make hym do hys penance fully as he ys beden. 

Takyng also ensampull of a woman fat come of ferre to Cryst, 
as f e gospell tellyf e, to haue bote and helpe of hyr doghtyr fat 4 
was trauayld wyth a fende. pen, among of>er wordys when scho 
cryet to Cryst, as Ipe gospell tellyf e, to haue helpe, he vnswaryd 
and sayde : ' Hyt ys not good to take bred of chyldyrn, and jeue 
hyt howndys to ete.' But Ipya rebuke ]>ys woman toke mekely 8 
and sayde : ' ^us, Lord, for whelpes eten of cromes fat fallen from 
hor lordeyis bord.' pen sayd Crist : * Woman, f ou art of gret 
byleue ; wherfor as f ou wolt, be f y doghtyr hole.' 

Thys woman and hur doghtyr bytokenyth l a man fat haf e hys 12 
concyens trauelyng wyth f e fende of dedly synne fat may no way 
be holpen, but jyf he goo to God and holy chyrch, and opyuly 
schryue hym to f e prest, sparyng no rebuke, ne for no schame, ne 
drede ; but mekely suffyr fat f e prest sayf e, and take hys 16 
penance deuotly; and so schall he be delyuerd of fe fend that 
trauelyth hys concyens. For fat man fat haf e don a dedly 
synne, yf he schall be saued, he schall neu<?r take rest yn hys 
concyens, tyll he be schryuen of. For ryght as a hownd gnawyth 20 
a boon, ryght soo fat synne schall gnawe hys concyens, schewyng 
by experyment how howndys of hell schull gnawe hys soule euer- 
mor, wytAout rest, fat deyfe wyttyngly yn dedly synne fat he 
myght haue be schryuen of, and wold not. 24 


I rede of a woman fat had don an horrybull synne; and oft 
scho wold haue schryuen hur f erof, but scho myght neuer for 
schame tell hit to f e prest. pen, on a nyght, as scho lay and 28 
foght moche how scho myght do for schame, Crist come to hur 
56 b bodely and sayde : || ' My doghtyr, why schryues f ou J?e not of fat 
synne ? ' fen sayde scho : ' Lord, for I may not for schame.' 
Then sayde Crist to hur: 'Schewe me fy hond'; and put hur 32 ^ / 
bond ynto hys syde, vp to fe elbow, and sayde: 'What felys 
f ou 1 ' And scho, qwakyng for ferd, sayde : ' Lorde, I fele f y 
hert.' pen sayde he : 'Be f ou no mor aschamed to schew me fy 
hert, fen I am to suffur fe to fele my hert.' Then fys woman 36 
1 and hur doghtyr bytokenyth d. D. bytokenyth and hur doghtyr G. 

96 21. Be Dominica Secunda Quadragesime 


ros vp, and wyth a candyll segh hyr bond blody, and wold haue 
waschen hyt away ; but hyt wold not be, tyll scho 3ode on f e 
morow to a prest, to schryue bur. And anon, as scho was 
4 schryuen, fen anon fat bond was as whyte as fat of yr ; and soo 
scho hade for^yfnes of God, and f e blysse of Heuen. To f e 
wheche blysse God bryng you and me to, yf hyt be hys wyll. 



Good men and woymen, fys ys f e f rydde Sonenday of Lenton. 
Wherfor we redyn yn f e gospell of f ?/s day how our Lord Ihesu. 
Crist cast out a dombe fende of a man ; and when f e fende was 

12 out, fen f e man spake. Then schull je vndyrstocd by f ?/s dombe 
man all fat haue no pouste yn hor tong to schryue horn of ydull 
of es, of ydull wordys, and of ydull f oghtys fat a man wyth delyte 
occupyeth his heit yn. And when he comyth to schryft, fen ys 

16 he dombe, and spekyf e not of horn, wenyng hyt be no synne to 
fenke on an ydull foght, ne forto speke ydull wordys to make 
men to lagh, ne forto swer an oth dof e no harme. ^us, for sofe, 
hit ys such a synne, as Crist sayth hymselfe, fat a man schall 

20 jeue acownte f erof, yn f e day of dome, of yche ydull word fat a 
man spekyth. Wherfore forto wythdraw all mew of such of es and 
wordys, Seynt Poule yn fe pystull of fys day forbedyth yche 
cristen man not to speke all maner ydull speche, and rybaudy, 

24 and harlatry, and all othyr speches fat turnyth to foly and to 
noght. And byddyth horn || speke suche wordys fat ben worschyp- 57 a 
full to God, and profet to horn fat heryn horn. And byddyf e fat 
suche foly wordys and rybawdy schuld not be nempnyd among 

28 Godis pepull; for feras fay ben oft ynempnet, fay ben foght on 1 , 
and so fay fallyn ynto f e dede of synne, and fogh f e dede of 
synne sewe not, neuerf eles fe lyst fat a man hafe yn spekyng, 
ys a gret synne. 

32 Narraceo. 

I rede of an abbas fat was a clene woman of hyr body as for 
dede of lechery; but scho had gret lust to talke ferof. So when 
1 on] vpon d. D. on hit G. 

22. De Dominica Tercia Quadragesime 97 

scho was ded, scho was buryet yn fe chyrch. And so, f e nyjt 
aftyr, fendes token vp fe body, and beten liyt wyth brennyrig 
scorgys from f e nauell vpward, fat hyt was as blak as pych ; but 
from fe uauell don ward, fay myght do nojt feito, for fat part 4 
sclion as f e sonne. But euer as fe fendes beten hyr, sho cryed so 
pittusly, fat two of hur sustyrn fat werne sextens, wer sore 
agrysut Iperof ; but jet ayfyr confortyd ofer, fat fay comen fer 
f e body lay, and sejen how f e fendys ferden wyth hur. Then 8 
sayde scho to hur sustren : t 30 knowen well ynogh fat I was ' 
clene maydeu as for dede of flessche; wherfor fat party of 1 my 
body fat was clene, fat schynyth as 56 se now. But, for I had 
lust forto speke of fulth of f e flessch and of opyr rybawdy, 12 
ferfor fat party of my body fat ys gulty, hit hafe hys penaunce 
as 50 seen. Wherfor I pray you fat $e pray for me ; for by your 
prayers I may be holpen, and buf e war by me yn tyme comyng.' 

By f ys ensampull je may know, how gret synne hyt ys to speke 16 
of rybawdy. Wherfor f e same apostull byddef e you absteyne 
you from rybawdy and all such doyng, and sewe Crist, and 
walke 2 yn loue as Crist dyd, and suffred for you mony scornes, 
and rebukes, and despytes, and mekely jeuyng ensampull to all 20 
his pepull to do ryght so ; for fat is nedefull to ych Godis 
57 b seruant. For fat schapif hym to lyue \n rest and || pes, he schall 
haue gret persecucyon of euell men ; but yf he take hit mekely 
and yn charyte, he ys a martyr befor God. "Wherfor, yn confort 24 
of all such Godys s^ruantes, holy chyrch makyth mynd, fys day 
and all f e weke aftyr, of a holy man fat was called Joseph, fat 
suffryd gret persecucyon ; but for he tcke hit mekely, God broght 
hym aftyr ynto gret worschyp, as je schull now here. But for f e 28 
story ys ouerlong, we schull take f erof fat ys most nedfull, and 
leve f et of yr. 

Thys Joseph had a fadyr fat heght lacob, and had of er eleuen 
bref ren to loseph. And for hys fadyr loued hym specyaly befor 32 
all fat ofyr, ferfor fay hatud hym, and moche more for a swyue?i 
of hys fat he had told hys bref yr, wherby fay had euer troyng 
fat he schuld be a lord to horn, and all schuld do hym worschip ; 
herfor fay had schapon to haue slayne hym. But fay durst not, 36 
for f e aw of God, sched hys blod ; but sold hym ynto f e lond of 
1 party of C. partyeth G. notind.D. 2 walke D. walkd. ^alkyfe <?. 


98 22. De Dominica Tercia Quadragesime 

Egypt to a man, for f rytty penyes. pen, for God was wyth hym, 
fe maystyr of the kyngys knyghtys fat heght Putyfare, boght 
loseph, and made hym chefe of hys howshold. But jet f e deuell 
4 had envy to hym, and made f e lady of fe howse to couet hyrn to 
haue layn by hur. And soo, on a day, when scho see tyme, scho 
toke hym by the mantell l and spake to hym of fat mater ; but 
when he herd that 2 , anon he flogh away, and lafte his mantell f er. 
8 pen f ys woman rerud cry, and told hyr lord how loseph wold 
haue layne by hur ; and, for he schuld not say nay, scho huld his 
mantell yn wytnesse ajeynys hym. Wherfor f e lord anon made 
cast loseph ynto prison wher kyng Pharo had don hys botler and 

12 hys baxter byfore. 

Then met fay two sweuons f e whech loseph dude rucche and 
sayd fat, wytAyn fre dayes aftyr, fe kyng wold restore hys 
boteler ajeyne ynto hys offyce, and f e baxter schuld, wythyn fre 

16 dayes aftyr, be hongyd:||and hit was sothe as he sayde. Then 58 a 
fell hit soo, that 3 f e kyng hymselfe met a swyue?i ; but for ]>er couf e 
no man tell what schuld fall f^rof, by steryng of fe boteler, J:e 
kyng send &%r loseph. And when fe kyng had told hym hys 

20 swyuera, fen sayde loseph fat God had send warnyng to f e kyng 
to be war and puruay before, for he schuld haue vn jere plentef e of 
corne and all o]~er vytayle, and aftyr horn schuld come seven 
}ere of hongur fat schuld ete oat and destrye all fat myght be 

24 geton f e vn good jeres befor. Then sayde f e kyng : * I know no 
man fat couf e f us do but Ipon ; wherfor I make f e vndyr me \>Q 
grettyst yn my reme, and all schall bow to J?e as to me, and do )?y 
comma wndemewt yn all f>yng.' Then Joseph anon let make ]>e 

28 gretest bernys J>at euer wer, and gedyr corne fylke vn jere. So 
at Ipe V3i jeres ende, as he sa^de, dere jere and hongyr come. 
And when 4 all me>i haden spende }?at Jray had, fen fay come to 
loseph fat had jnogh, and sold horn corne and ofyr vytayles. 

32 Then, when lacob, loseph fadyr, herd fat fer was corn to 
byen yn Egypte, he send fydyr hys x sonnes, forto bye corne. 
And when fay ?egh loseph, as hys swyuen wold xxn jere before, 
all t?ay fell on knes and hcnowred hym; for fay knew not 

36 loseph. But for he knew horn well, he spake hard wordes to 

1 mantell <J.D. matell G. 
3 that D. om. rf. G. 

2 that rf. D. om. G. 
4 when d. D. om. G. 

22. De Dominica Tercia Quadragetime 9 

horn by a latymere, lest he had ben knowen, and sayd fay 
werne spyes, and wern ccme to spye fe lond. And fay sayde 
nay, fay wern all on marys sonnes, and on brofyr fay haden 
laft at home wyth hor fadyr, anofyr brtfyr fay hadden, but he 4 
was not alyve (fat fay speken by Icseph, for fay wenden he had 
ben ded). Then sayde Joseph he wold preue licm, whefr fay 
wer trew, and made bynde on of horn fat het Symeon, and sayde 
he wold hold hym fast, tyll fay broght to hym fat brcf er fat was 8 

58 b at home, and made full hor fackes || wyth corne, and put money 

yn f e moufe of ych sake, vnwytyng horn ; and so irade horn go 
home to hor fadyr. S*o when fay come home and powred out fe 
corne, fay fonden money yn hor sakkes and tolden hor fadyr 12 
all tyt[h]yng. Then was f e fadyr scry for hys sonne fat was laft 
byhynde yn bondes, and mcst nede send hyra forth fat he louet 
most ; for he was losephys own brothyr, and fat of &r werne 
hys half-bref ern. But f ogh he wer l(/f e to leue hym, when hys 16 
corn faylyd, he most nede haue more and send forth Peniamyn 
to Joseph. And when Joseph segh hym, he myght not forgo 
to wepe, and je^e ynto hys chambur, and bade delyuer hur ofyr 
brof yr Symeon to horn, and sette hem to mete, and bade full 20 
hor Fekkes wyth corn and putte priuely hys cuppe fat he dranke 
of hym self, yn Beniamyn sacke, and soo made horn go hore 
way. But when l fay wern all gone yn good spede as fay 
wenden, fen serd Joseph afiyr horn men fat sayden fat fay 24 
wern wycked men fat aftyr fat hur lord had made horn wele at 
jees, had stolen hys cup pe fat he loued mcst. Then wern fay 
sory and payden hit was not soo, but bade horn ronsak horn 
yche on. And fay bfgoncn at fe eldyst, tyll fay come to fe 28 
jongyst, and token hym fat fay fonden hit wyth, and ladden 
hym ajeyne, to here her lordeys wylle ; for horn foght hyt had 
ben sykur \>ai hit had not ben soo. Then when fay come to 
Beniamyn fat was Joseph brofyr, fay fonden fe coppe yn fe 32 
fcofom of fe sakke. pen wer fay all sory, and turnet ?$eyne 
sore wepyng, and come before Joseph. But whew he se horn 
all wepe ar.d hys one brofyr makyng mcst sorow, for hyt was 

59 a fond wyth hym, then Joseph || spake to hym, and bade hym be 36 

of good confort, and sayde : ' I am Joseph, your brofyr, be 50 

1 when] whhen G. 

7 2 

100 22, De Dominica Tercia Quadragesime 

not aferd: God hafe send me tofore you hedyr for your good/ 
And soo send aftyr hys fadyr, and dwellut ay aftyr ]>er yn fat 
lond in gret well and prosperite. 

4 Lo, good men, Ipys story ys red fys weke yn holy c[h]yrche, 
for Godys chyldyrne schuld take ensampull at old holy fadyrs, 
to suffyr desese and persecuc^/on vryili meke hert, and yn full 
chary te for Godys loue, as he suffred for vs. And he fat takyth 

8 persecuc?/on a^eynes hert and grucchef e a^eynes God and sayth : 
' A, why dope God f us wyth me x what haue I trespassed * fat he 
faryth f us wythe me 1* I do you well to wytte fat $e most 
schryf you f erof, and aske God m^rcy for youre mpacyens and of 
12 all ofyr synnys, ben fay neuer soo small yn 2 your eye; for ]>e 
trespas of on synne may let moch grace. 







I rede yn a myracull of Saynt Wenfryd fat a man come to hur, 
vnnef e broght apon two croches, full of all maner woo. pen, be 
helpe of Ipys holy mayden and virgyn, he was helud, and soo 
al day aftyr went hole ynto yche hous of f e abbay, f onkyng God 
and fe holy mayden of hys hele. But at nyght he :jode ynto 
hys bed fer he lay before, hopyng to haue gon yn fe morow 
home all hole. Also sone as he come ynto hys bed, anon fe 
sekenes toke hym wors fan hit dyd befor ; and soo lay all nyght 
cryyng fat hit was rewth to here. Then, on f e morow, mongkes 
come to hym askyng what he had agylt, fat hys sekenes was 
comen a^eyne. And he sayde : ' Nof yng.' pen sayde on : ' "Was 
f ou schryuen sef en f ou come 1 ' And he sayde nay, for sothe he 
had no nede, and sayde he stele neuer ox ne cow ne hors, ne 
neuer dyd no greues synue ; wherfor he had no nede to schryue 
hym. pen sayde fe monke || a^eyne fus: 'For fagh a man do 59 b 
no gret synnes, he may do soo mony venyall synnys vnschryuen, 
may charche his soule, and make a dedly synne. For ryght 
as a man may wyth mony smal cornys ouercharche a strong 
hors, so, wyih mony venyall synnys v[n]schryuen, may charch hys 
soule, fat he schall fall ynto f e lake of helle. Then fys man 
toke a prest and schrof hym. And when he was schryuen, anon 
he had hys hele. and was hole ay aftyr; and heyly fonked God 
1 trespassed d. D. trespas G. 2 yn C. om. G. not in d. D. 

22. De Dominica Tercia Quadragesime 101 

fat he was helut, bof e yn body and yn roule, by confessyon and 
prayer of f is holy mayden Seynt Wenefryde. 

And so pray we to God fat we may be helud yn our bodyes 
and specyaly in oure soules, fat we may haue f e blysse fat he 4 
boght vs to. Amen. 

23. - - ; Q 


Good men and woymen, as 50 all know well, fys ys fe fourf e 
Sonday of Lenton. Yn fe wheche day all holy chyrch makyfe 8 
mynde of a holy profyt fat was called Moyses, fe whech was |M6>^ 
a figur of our Lord Ihesu Crist mony 3eres er he was borne of 
our lady. 

Then, as we redyn thys weke yn holy chyrch, as f ys Moyses 12v \ 
EIS yn desert of Synay, God spake to hym and sayde : ' Pharao, 
fe J kyng of Egypt, oppressyth the pepull 1 of Israeli wyth bondage 
and myth vnresynabull werkes, and fay, for woo of oppressyng, 
cryen to me for socour and helpe. "Wherfor goo f ou thedyr, 16 
and fache horn out of hys bondage, and bryng horn hedyr, and 
offeryth to me yn f is styd ; and I wyll bryng horn into a lond 
plentwys of all good.' So, when he had taglit Moyses all how 
he schuld do, fen he ^cde lp edyr, and gederyd all f e old men of 20 
horn fat knew by prophesy how fay schuld be lad out of fat lond, 
and sayde to horn as God bade hym. Then wer fay wondur 2 glad 
60 a and fayne, and || suyd hym forth more and lasse, tyll fay come to 
f e Red See. And God was befor horn yn a pelere of a clowde, to 24 
refresch horn for hete of f e sonne, and in fe nyght yn a pyler 
of fure, to leghten horn from harme of edyrs and olper vemens 
bestys. But when fat Pharao herd fat Moyses had lad forth f is 
pepull, he toke f re hundyrt of charyotes of hys owne, and cfyr 28 
fre hundyrt of fe lond, and fyfty fowsand of hoi smew, and two 
hundyrt fowsand of fotemen, and jode affcyr horn. But when 
Moyses segh f ys pepull comyng, he prayde to God for helpe. 
And God bade hym smyte f e see wyth his ijerde, and hyt schuld 32 
open and jeue way to hys pepull. And when he had smyten f e 

1 kyng . . . pepull C. kyng oppressyth the pepull yn Egypt jet fat J>e pepull G. 
king oppressed J>e peple in Egipt d. D. 2 wondur C. vndyr G. om. d. D. 

10.2 23. De Dominica Qt&zrta Qaadragesime 

see vrylh hys ijerde, hit cleue yn two partyes, so fa wabj/r 
stod oa ayfyr syde as walles, and fe grounie was dry sond. 
Than 50 Je Moyses yn, and all fa pap all sewet hym, tyll fay wer 
4 all ouerpassyd. Then went Phai'ao to haue don SOD, and 3ode yn 
aftyr. Bufc whan ha and all hys ost wern ya fa see, f e watyr went 
a^eyna togedyr, and drowned hyin and all hys ost, so fat Iper 
wer l laft of hoin not on man. Then when Moyses and his pepull 
8 segh fat, fay f ankyd God, vry\h hegh steaen, and dwellyd \>er 
seuen dayes aftyr ; and yche day 5ode to f e see wyth mynstrelsy, 
fonkyng God of hur wondyrfull scapyng. ^et yn m/nde herof, 
all fe Astyr-weke, projessyon ys made to J>e fonte. 

12 Then went Moyses forth wyth hys pepull ynto fe desert, tyll 
fay come to f e hull of Synay. And f er he laft f e pepull bynefe, 
and he hymselfe pde vp ynto f>e hull Iper God was; and was 
fourty dayes f>er and foarty nyghtys wythout mete or drynke. Then 

16 God 5af hym twoo tables of stone yn J>e whech God wrote Vfytfi 
hys fyngyrs fa x co/7imaundeinentys, and bade Moyses teche horn 
to hys pepull. And when he come done to f>e pepull, hys face 
was so bryght and two spyres of fyre stoden out of hys hed lyke 

20 two homes, so ]>at J?e pepull myght not speke || wyfch hym for 60 b 
clerte, tyll he toke a kerchef and hulyd hj/s face. Tnen wer 
J?er wry ton yn J?e on lefe f>e fre comaundementys fat longyfe to 
God, and seuen yn fat of er fat longyf e to f y neghtbur. 

24 pe fre cowmawndementys fat longyf e to God ben f ese : 
' Thow schalt loue God and worschyp hym befor all fyug, so fat 
fou schalt yn all fyng pyt Godys wyll byfore fy wyll, and so 
sewe hys wyll and not f yne.' That of er ys : ' pou schalt not take 

28 Godys name yn vayna.' pat ys : f ou schalt not be callet a 
cristen mon, but yf fou lyue a cristen lyfe; for fogh fou be 
called a cristew man and sprues f e fende, fat name stondyth f e 
in veyn. And also fou schalt not swer by God, ne by no party 

32 of hys body, ne by no f yrig fat he made, but yn affermyng of 
trewth, and jet when fou art constrayned f erto. The thryd ys 
this : * Thow schalt hold f y holyday.' pat ys : f ow schalt ben as 
erly vp and as late don, and be as besy to serue God as fou art 

86 on f e werkeday to serue f e world. The fourf e is : ' pou schalt 
worschyp fy fadyr and fy modyr fat han broght f e ynto fys 
1 wer D. otn. G. d. 

23. De Dominica Quanta Quadragesime 103 

world ', and f y god-fadyr and f y god-mod#r fat holpen to make 
fe a cristen man, and thy faydr vridyr God fat hafe f e charche 
of f y soule, and schall 3eue vnswar f erof befor God/ The v. ys 
f iys : < pow schalt nof yr sley vryih f y hond, ne \\yth f y ee, nor 4 
vryih f y tong, ne wyth euell ensampull ; ne wytAdrawe lore and 
techy ng to horn fat fou art holden to tech.' The vi. is fys : 
' pou schalt 2 do no lechery yn no degre wythout wedlok.' The 
vn. ys f ys : * pou schalt not stele no f yng, grete ne small.' The 8 
viu. is fys : 'pou schalt not here no false wyttenes a3eynys no 
man, by no way.' The ix. ys : 'pou schalt nof yr couet truant, 
ne ox, ne no fyng fat ys fy neghtbur, a;eynys hys wyll/ The 
x. ys f ys : ' pou schalt not wylne f y neghtburs wyfe, ne cownsell 12 
61 a hur, by no || manr way, to euell, ne to fat fat ys harme or veleny 
to hur husbond.' 

Thes byn f e x cowmawndementys f e whech ych crysten man 
ys bondon forto kepe. Thus was Moyses a fygur and a token of 16 
Cryst; for Moyses com before and $af fe lawe, and Crist come 
aftyr and $af grace, and mercy, and trewf e. For ryght as Moyses 
fatte f e pepull out of Egypte f rogh f e see to f e hull of Synay, 
ryght soo Cryst, when he com, he, by p?-chyng and myracles doyng, 20 
fat f e pepull out of f e darknes of synne and euell lyuyng f rogh 
f e watyr of folowyug to fe hull of vertu. For he fat woll schryue 
hym clene, and leue hys fowle leuyng, and hold f e couenantes 8 fat 
he made wyt/i God yn hys folowyng, he schall gedyr vertu so togedyr, 24 
fat f e hegh[t] of hym schall passe f e heght of any eithly hulle. 

But he fat woll fus do, he most be fed of Cryst wyth fyve 
lovys and two fyschys, as we rede yn f e gospell, how he fedde v 
f owsand of pepull \\yth v louys and two fysches. The fyrst lofe 28 
of fes v ys contrycyon of hert. The secund ys trew schryft of 
moufe. The f ryd ys satysfaccyon of hys trespas. The nn. ysdrede* 
of redemacion 6 , fat is, of turnyng ajeyne from hys synne ; for he 6 fat 
ys allgate aferde, he schall do well. The v. ys prsauarac?/on in 32 
God. The two fyschys ben orysons and almes-dede, for fes ben 
noresched yn terus of deuocyon. pes two susters geton whatso- 
euer fay woll of hym. 

1 world d. D. wold G. 2 schalt d. D. schat G. 3 couenantes (7. D. 
coramawndementys G. * drede d. D. om. G. 5 redemacion d. 

redimacion D. residmac^on G. 6 he d. D. om. G. 

104 23. De Dominica Quarto, Quadragesime 


I rede fat f er was summe tyme a man fat was called Perys, 

and was full rych; but he was so hard, fat no begger myght 

4 gete no good of hym, by no maner wyse. pen fell hyt soo, fat 

a company of beggers setyn togedyr and speken of ]) ys Perus, 

and how fay myght gete no good of hym. Then spake on fat 

was as a maystyr of horn, and sayd : ' What woll je lay wyth me 

8 fat I schall gete no good of hym 1 ' So fay layden a wager. 

pen went f e beggar forth and set hym yii f ys Peres hall-porche, to 

abyd hym, ||tyll he come, pen anon, as he segh hym come, f ys 61 b 

begger began to halson hym so heyly and so horrybly, fat fys 

12 Perys, for gret angur fat he had * of hys grete halsyng 1 as hys seruant 
come by hym wytA a basket full of bred, he kaght a lofe, and wyth 
all hys myght he cast at fys begger, and smot hym on f e brest, and 
sayde : ' Stop thy mouthe 2 herwyth ; f e deuell of hell choke f e 3 ! 

16 How begynnys f ou on me ! ' pen 4 , f ogh fys beggar had an 
stroke, jet he was fayne fat he had somwhat, forto wynne wyt& 
hys wager ; and toke f e lofe, and ;ode to hys felaws. ' Lo,' 
q?/od he, * pys I haue geton,' and had hys wagyr. Then, yn f e 

20 nyght aftyr, hyt happut soo fat f ys Perys sterfe yn hys bede ; 
and anon fendys comen and fattyn his soule to helle. But fen 
was our lady redy, and bade horn bryng fe sowle fyrst to fe 
dome, and so fay dydden. Then 5 was f er nof yng to helpe f ys 

24 soule, but only fat lofe fat he cast at f e pore man. pen sayden 
f e fendes fat he jaf hyt a^eynys hys wyll ; wherfor, by ryght, 
hyt schuld not helpe hym. Then went our lady to \\yr sonne, 
prayng hym to graunt fe soule to goo ajeyne to fe body, forto 

28 loke, jyf he wold amend hym. Then bade he bryng f e soule 
ajeyne to fe body. And when hyt was soo, anow f e body sate 
vp, and jaf a gret syke, and called to hym ajeyne all hys house- 
meyne, and told how hard a dome he was at, and how he had 

32 ben dampned, ner fat f e lofe had byn fat he cast at f e beggar. 
Wherfor anon he made to sell all hys good, and dele hit to pore 
men for Godys loue. And when he had so ydon, he was made 
a religyous man, and was aftyr a holy man. 

^ of ... halsyng C. H. and G. om. d. D. 3 mouthe C. noys G. voyce d. D. 
3 >e d. D. C. >e wyth G. * pen d. D. )>e G. 5 Then d. D. Ther G. 

23. De Dominica Quarto, Quadrage&ime 105 
Herby ;e may know how gret verfcu ys yn almys-dede. 

Oresons makyfe a man pr<me wyU God for oft spekyng vtyih 
hym ; for as oft as a man pray]? deuotly, so oft he sp ekyf e vryih 
God. And almys-dede makyth hym sykur a^eyns the day of 4 
dome. For all fat han done almes-dede for Godys loue, schall 
62 a be sauet fat day. Also for we speke aboue || of f e synne of vowtre, 
fat is, a man to 1 bylyon hys ueghtburs wyfe, olper tlie wyfe to 
take anof er fen hur husbond, ferfor I tell you fys ensampull. 8 

Narracio. _ ^ 

Ther 2 was a man fat made charcolys yn a gret lordys parke, 
and when he had made a gret fure, he lay f erby all nyght. pen 
a lytull befor mydnyght, f er come a woman, halfe naked 3 also faste 12 
os scheo myghte renne, and scheo ferde os scheo were out 3 of hur 
wytte, and aftyr hyr a knyght rydyng on a blacke hors as fast as 
he myght pryke, wyth a drawen 4 swerde, and hunted her all about 
fe cole-fure. And soo, at fe last, fys knyght slogh fys woman, IQ 
and hew hyr to pecys, and kest horn ynto fe fure, and rode 
a3eyne vtyih all hys myght. So when fys man saw f?/s syght 
fele nyghtys aftyr, at fe last, he 3ode to hys lorde and told hym 
all togedyr. Then was f ?/s man a bold man, and sayde he wold 20 
wytte what fat myght be, and come f edyr f e nyght aftyr, and 
se all fat fe man had told hym before, pen, when fe knyght 
had slayne fe woman and cast hur 5 ynto fe fure, fat ofyr lord 
halset fe knyght fat dyd soo, and bade hym tell hym what he 24 & 
was and why he did soo. Then he vnswared and sayde fat he 
was such a man fat was hys s^ruant a 6 lytyll before, and fat 
woman was such anofyr knyghtys wyfe. And for he had bylayn 
hur vndyr hor husbond, 'ferfor we wer put 7 bofe to such a 28 
penance.' And sayde fat yche nyght he all tosley hur and brent 
hur f er ; and f e hors fat he rod on, was a fende fat brent hym 
an hundyrtfold hattyr fen any erfly fure. And soo fat penance 
fay most suffur, tyll fay wer holpen by certeyne masses and of yr 32 
certeyn almys-dedys ; and told hym what. Then fat of yr knyght 

1 is a man to C. om. G. not in d. D. 2 Ther C. The G. not in d. D. 
3 also ... out C. as fast echo myght renne as a wer aferd out G. 
* a drawen C. a draw G. not in d. D. s hur C. hy t G. not in d. D. 
6 a inserted above the line. 7 put C. out G. not in d. D. 

106 23. De Dominica Quarta Quadrageaime 

behette hym fat all schuld be done for hym. and dyd so, and halp 
hym so of hys penance f rogh f e mercy of God. pe whech mercy 
God graunt vs, yf hit be hys wyll. Amen. 




Good men and woymen, fat l louen to serue our lady, suche 62 b 
a day 50 schull haue an hegh fest in holy chyrch, fat ys callyd f e 
Annurcciacyon of our lady, pe whech enen $e schull fast, ych man 
8 aftyr hys deuocyou, and aftyr he haf e made a vow, and also as he 
ys joynet of f e holy gostly fadyr. The schull 56 know well fat 
f is fest ys callet f e Annur&cyacyon of our lady. 

For fys skyll f e hygh Fadyr of Heuew send hys holy angell 

12 Gabryell downe out of Heuen into f e cite of Nazareth vnto our 
lady, fat was new yweddyd by Goxlys byddyng and reuelacyon of 
f e Holy Gost, to an old man, fat was called Joseph. And as scho 
was yn hur chambur yn hyr deuocyon, f e angyll Gabryell come, 

16 and gret hur wyth myld steuen, and sayde : ' Heyl be f ou, full of 

; grace ; God ys wyth f e ; blessyf be f ou of all woymen ! ' Then 

was scho gretly abaschot of fys metyug. For f er was fat tyme 

in fat centre a man fat cowf e ' moch of wycchecraft, and so, by 

20 helpe of f e fende, he made hym lyke an angyll, and come to 
dyuers maydyns, and sayde he was send from God to horn on fys 
message ; and soo lay by horn, and dude horn gret vylany.) Then, 
for cure lady herd tell 2 of fys manys doyng, scho was sore adred, 

24 lest hyt had be he. For oft before scho had spoken wyth angelys, 
but such wordys ny gretyng fay made neuer to hyr. Then fys 
angyll conforted hur and sayd : ' Mary, be not adred, f ou hast 
fond grace wyth God. For among all maydyns fat ben ofer 

28 wern and schull be, God haf e chosen f e for mekest to be modyr 
to hys owne sonne, and hym f ou schalt conceyue by feyfe and 
loue of f e Holy Gost wythouten any werke of man, fat schall 
vmbeschadow fe wytAout, and quenche 8 all maner flesschly lust in 

32 f e, and tend f e fyre of gostly loue yn f y hert. And so, by fayf and 
by loue, f ow schalt conceyue f e sonne of f e hye God of Heuen, and 

1 ]>at D. and J?at G. not in d. * tell inserted above the line. 

3 quenche D. om. G. not in d. 

24. De Anunciacione Dominica 107 

63af>us f>ou be modyr and mayden || yfere ; and soo was neuer non 
befor ]?e, ne aftyr schall be.' Then, when our lady herd J>?/j 
word, anon j?er come such a spmVuall swetness and a joy yn hor 
hert., }>at non erfly mon couj) tell hit. And soo, \vyih all J>e 4 
reuerence and mekenes }>at scho couf>e ; scho vnswared f>us : ' Lo 
here, Godis owne nieke houd-maydon, redy to do Godys wyll, 
prayng Ipai hyt most be don to me ryght as ]>on sayst.' pus scho 
conceyued our Lord Ihesa Crist in euerlastyng joy to all Ipe 8 

Thus may I resenably lyken to a precyous ston fat ys callyd 
Onys, and ys as clere as cristall, and schall of kynd, when )?e sonne 
schynefe hote on hym, opyn and receyue won droppe of J>e dewe 12 ^ 
of heuen ynto hyni, and clos hym ajeyne tyll ix moneys aftyr. 
And J?en hit fallyf>e, and openyth a stone out of f>e same kynd, 
and soo closyf>e a^eyne as euer hit was, wytAout any wem, and 
neuer openyth aftyr. Thus oure lady was as clene as any crystall, 16 
and Ipe hote low of Je Holy Gost openyth hyr hert, and receyuyth 
J?e vertu of J)e hegh God of Heuen. And, at Ipe ix monyth ende, 
was delyuerd of hur sonne Ihesu Crist, and scho euer aftyr as 
clene mayden as scho was befor. 20 

Then, when }>e angyll had don hys message and was gon a^eyne 
to Heuen, our lady went anon to hyr cosyn Ely^abeth J?at was 
gret vfyth chyld, wyth Saynt Ion J?e Baptyst. And soo, when scho 
come to Ely^abeth, scho grette hur full mekely. And soo anon, as 24 
our lady spake to Ely5abeth, J>e chyld yn Ely^abeth wombe 
pleyude, and made gret joy, for he saw fat our Lord had take 
mankynd, and was com forto saue horn fat wer forlore. Then 
our lady dwellyd f>er wyth hur cosyn tyll Seyiit Ion was borne, 28 
and was mydwyff to Elizabeth, and toke Ion from J>e erj>e. And 
soo scho lernd all }?at hur nedyd, forto come a3eyne fe tyme J>at 

63 b hur sonne schuld be borne of hur. Syfen || scho was parfyt J>erof, 
scho mekely toke hyr leue, and jode home a^eyne to Nazareth. 32 

Then foght loseph }>at he wold goo and loke how hys wyf 
ferde. And when our lady herd of hys come, scho jode a^eynes 
hym, and gret hym full mekely, als scho full wele couf>e. But 
when loseph se hur gret wyth chyld, he rnerueylt gretly how fat 36 
rnyght be ; for he wyst well hyt was not hys, for scho had neuer 
part of hys body. And also he knew well scho had made a vow 


24. De Anunciacione Dominica 

before fat scho wold neuer haue part of manys body, pen he 
foght how he was made to wed hur f rogh Ipe byddyng of God 
and gret schewyng of myracles, and foght yn hys hert fat he 
4 was not worf y to dwell yn hur company, and schaput hym priuely 
to goo home a^eyne and leue hur f er. Then come f er an angell 
to hym and sayd : ' Joseph, be not aferd to take Mary, f y wyfe, 
ynto f y kepyng, hit ys of f e Holy Gost fat ys qwyk yn hur. 
8 Wherfor f ou schalt be hur keper, and norys to hur chyld. And 
when hit ys borne, f ou call hyni Ihesu ; for he schall be sauyour 
of mankynd. 

Thus schull 50 knowe fat for fre sky lies, as Seynt Ambros 

12 sayth, our lady was wedded to Ipys old man Joseph. The fyrst 
was : yf scho had conceyuet out of wedlocke, f e lewes wold haue 
sayde scho had ben a lechore ; and soo by hor lawe haue stenet 
hyr to deth. The secunde cause was : fore scho was so schamfast; 

16 and had any man put any fame on hur, scho schuld for schame 
haue byn ded. The thryd cause was : for fat Joseph schuld be 
wytnes to hur of hur maydonhed ; for when f e wyfe trespassyf e 
yn fat degre, f e husbond bysyuf e hym most to knew the sof e. 

20 The fowrth cause ys: for fat Joseph most be helper to hur yn hur 
burth, and bryng hur to Bedeleew, || and aftyr ynto Egypte, and 64 a 
soo aseyne ynto hur owne contre. For fes causes scho was 
weddyt to fis holy maw; and soo, forto begyle fe fende fat he 

24 schuld not know hym by anof ?/r chyld. 

Thus, good men, 56 haue now herd of f ys aununcyacyon. pen 
ben J>er summe Ipat asken why ]?er stondyth a wyne-potte and 
a lyly bytwyx our lady and Gabyrell at hur salutac?/on. 

2S Narracio. 

Thus was f>e skyll; for our lady at hur salutacyon conceyuet by 
syght. And f>at was fe fyrst myracull fat was wroght yn pre- 
vyng of Cristys fayth. And fell f us fat 1 a cristen man and a 
32 Jewe seton togedyr talkyng of f e comyng of our lady. And f er 
as fay wern, a wyne-potte stode bytwene horn. Then sayd f e 
cristyn man to fe lewe : 'We belevyn ryght as fe stalke of fe 
g rou yl ? > an( l conceyuyth colour of grene, and aftyr bryngyth 

1 J>us J?at C. om. &. not in d. D. 

24. De Anunciacione Dominica 109 

forthe a whitte flowre wythout craft of man or any enpayryng of 
f e sta[l]ke ; ry^t soo our lady conceyuet of f e Holy Cost, and aftyr 
broght forth hor sonne wythout wera of hyr body, fat ys flour and 
chefe fruyt of all wynien. Then sayde f e lewe : * When I se 4 
a lyly spryng out of f ys potte, I wyll leue, and er not.' Then anon 
Iperwyth .a lyly sprang out of f e potte, f e fayryst fat euer was 
seyn. And when fe lew sawe fat, anon he fell down on knees 
and sayde : ' Lady, now I leue fat f ou conceyuedyst of f e Holy 8 
Gost Ihesu Cryst, God sonne of Heuen, and fou clene maydyn 
befor and aftyr.' And soo :jode, and was crystenyd, and was a 
holy man aftyr. 

For f is skyll, f e potte and f e lyly ys sette bytwyx our lady 12 
and Gabryell. For ryght as Ipys lewe dysputef e wyth Ipys crysten 
man of f e maner of f e conceyte of our lady ; ryght soo oure lady 
sputyd wyth f e angell of f e maner, and how sclio schuld conceyue, 
and be mayden er and aftyr. pen scho asentyd f erto. 16 

64 b Then $e fat fasten f e v euenes || of our lady yn worschyp of hur 
fyue joyes, 56 schull know wele fat Ipys was f e forme day of joy 
fat scho had of hyr sonne, when scho conceyuet hym of f e Holy 
Gost, and so was made modyr to Godys sonne of Heuew. The 20 
secunde joy was of Cristynmasse-day, when scho was delyuerd of 
hur sonne wyihouteu any payne of hur body. For ryght as scho 
conceyuet hym wythout any lust of flessche, ryght soo scho was 
delyuerd wythout any payne of flesche. The f ryd joy was on 24 
Astyr-day, when hur sonne ros from deth to lyue, and come 
to hur, and kyssud hur, and made hur more joyfull of hys vpryst, 
fen scho was sory before of hys deth. The fourth joy was, when 
scho segh hym stye vp ynto Heuen on Holy pursday, yn f e same 28 
flessche and blod fat he toke of hur body. The v. joye was yn 
hur assumpcyon, when scho segh hur swete sonne come wyth gret 
multitude of angelys and sayntys, and fache hur ynto Heuen, and 
crowned hur qwene of Heuen, and emperess of hell, and lady of all 82 
f e world. Syfen all fat ben yn Heuen, schull do hur reuerens 
and worschyp; and fos fat ben yn hell, schall be buxom to hur 
byddyng ; and fos fat byn yn erthe, schall do hur seruyce and 
gretyng. Thes byn f e v joyes fat scho had of 1 hur swete sonne 36 
Ihmi. Then schull }e know well fat he schall neuer fele f e 
1 of C. om. G. not in d. D. 


24. De Anunciacione Dominica 

soroues of hell fat woll deuotly yche day grete hur wyth f es v 
joyes yn ertbe. 


4 I rede of a holy mayden fat was deuot yn our lady eeruyce 
and, ych day, grete hur vry\h fese v joyes. fen hyt befell fat 
scho was seke ; aud when scho felde wele fat scho schuld be ded, 
scho sykyd wondyr sore and made gret mocn, for bycause fat 

8 scho || wyst not whedyr scho rchuld goo aftyr hur deth. pen 65 a 
come our lady to hur and sayde : * Why art fou soo sory, fat has 
made me oft joye, gretyng ire vfy\h fe v joyes fat I hadde of my 
sonne 1 ? Wherfor wytte fou well fat fou schalt goo wyih me to 
12 f e blys fat euer ?chall last/ 


I rede of Saynt Fylbeit f at was negh ded of fe swynasy. Ard when 
hys f rote was soo gret swolne, fat he myght vnnef e l draw breth, 

16 our lady ccme to hym and sayde : ' Fylbert, my seruant, hyt wer 
euell ydone fat fy throt schuld suffyr lengyr fys penance, fat 
haf e so oft gladyd me wyth my v joyes.' Ard f erwyih toke out 
hyr Ewete pappe, and mylked en hys frote, and s?oo 5ode hur 

20 way. And anew, wyth fat, he was hole as a fyssh, and fonked 
our lady heyly, and taght all othyr to do soo, and at his endyng 
went to fe blys of Heuen; to fe whech blys God bryng vs to. 




Good men and woymen, fys day ys called yn holy chyrch fe 

Sonenday yn f e Passyon ; for bycause fat our Lord Ih^su Cryst 

28 began hys passyon f ys day. The lewys and f e Phaiyses haden 

suche envy to hym, for bycause fat he told horn hor vyses and 

repreuet hor wyked lyuyng, fat fys day fay wer fully assentyd 

to do hym to deth. Oft befor fay werne about to haue slayne 

32 ?ym, rut euer fay were lettyd by drede of fe pepull ; fcr fe 

repull heldyn hym a profyt. But fys day fay knyiten horn sco 

1 vnntj)e C. om. G. not in rf. T), 

25. De Dominica in Passione Domini Nostri 111 

togedyr, fat fay nolde spare no lengyr, but algatys he schuld 
be ded. Wherfor, as fe gospell of fis day tellyth, as Crist 
prechcd yn fe tempull, fe lewes spytwysly rebuket hym so 
foule, fat fay sayde to hymselfe fat he had a deuell wytAyn hym ; 4 

65 b and all forto tempte hym, || forto haue made hym to haue spoken 

suwme worde by f e wheche fay myght haue put hym to repreue. 
And for he told horn fat he was Godys sonne of Heuen, fay 
wer about to haue stenet hym to f e deth ; but for he knew 8 
well hor malyce, he hudde hym, and 5ode from horn out of fe 

Thus, good men, Crist began f ys day hys parsyon. Wherfor 
holy chyrch redyf e fys weke fe bol:e of f e prophyt Jeremy fat 12 
fyrst prophesyet of Crystys passyon, and told how and on what 
maner lewys schuld do hym to deth. Then schull 50 know 
wele : ryght as f e lewys pursuet Cryst to f e deth whyll he was 
yn erf e, ry}t sco byn Iper now mony false crysten men fat 16 
pwrsuen hym regnyng yn Heuen. And Saynt Austyn sayf fat 
he synneth more greuysly fat pursuet hym regnyng in Henen, 
fen fe lewes fat dydden hym to defe yn erthe. Then, $'if 30 
wyll know whech f os byn, takyf hede how Crist wyth hys owne 20 
mowfe markyth hem, feras he says fus yn fe gospell of fys 
day, wher he sayth fus : ' Whosoeuer ys of God, heryth Godys 
worde.' Wherfor 50 here not, for 50 be not of God. Thus 
Cryst hymselfe schewyth whech fay ben fat pursnen hym now 24 
yn Heuen. These byn glad, when fay haue don a fowle dede, 
and ben growndud yn fowle lyuyng, and wol not amend horn 
for no fyng, for no rrechyng, ne for no techyrg. But euer 
defendyth hor gult by enFampull of such of yr as fay ben, and 28 
ben wrofe and redy forto fyght wyth hym fat 1 tellyth horn 
hor sof e. For more harme ys : f e world ys such fat he rchall 
hai:e mony enmys fat sayf fe scfe now nil way. Herby I may 

schewe you an ensampull. 



66 a I rede fat fer was summe tyme a mawmet in a cite, || fat 

wold tell of all stolen fyngys, and who hyt had. So was \er 
a ;ong man fat had stolen a fyng, and was adred of fat mawmet, 36 
1 J>at d. D. and G. 

112 25. De Dominica in Passione Domini Nostri 

lest he ' had dyskeuered hym, and sayde : ' Wele I wot f ou myght 
do me schame and vyleny, yf Ipou. wolt. But by fat God I leue 
on, and f ou dyskeuer me, I woll breke f y hed ' ; and so 5ode forth 
4 hys way. Then sone aftyr com fay fat mysseden hor fyng, 
p?ayng fe mawmet to tell horn who hyt had. And when fay 
prayde soo longe, at fe last, f?/s mawmet spake find sayde Ipus: 
' Tymes byn changet, men byn worsont ; and now f er may no maw 
8 say f e soth, but $ef hys hed be broken. Thus wo ys f e trew 
man fat lyuyth yn fys world, for he schall be so plucky t at on 
yche syde, fat he schall not wytte to whom he schall dyskeuer 
hys cour&seyl ; for f ylk fat wyll fyrst dessayue a man, fay woll 

.12 fyrst speke fayre to hym.' 

For, as we reclyn yn fe Boke of Kyngys, how f er wer two 
knyghtys fat envyut ofyr : loab and Amasa. Then, on a day 
as fay meten, loab logh on Amansa and sayd : ( Hayl brof er ! ' 

16 and toke hym by fe chynne, and cussed hym; but wyth fat ofyr 
hond, he smote hym yn f e backe and slogh hym. 

Thus faryth moche pepull now-on-dayes fat woll speke fayre 
befor a man, but bihynd 2 fay woll sle hym wyth hor tong. Thes 

20 ben fay fat heion not Godys worde, ny settyf noght ferby; for 
fogh fay heren hit vfyth hor heres, hit synkyth 3 not ynto hor 
hertys. Wherfor God compleynyfe greuously by fis holy pro- 
phyt leremy and eayth f us : ' "What gult fonde your fadyrs why 

24 fat fay wenton fro me, $yf I haue trespast to you yn anyfyng, 
telly fe ! ' Alias, for schame to your pryde, God ys yn f e ryght. 
And 5et he tretyf e wyth you fat ben yn f e wrong ; he proferyth 
mercy or we hyt aske ; he mekyth hym to vs fat dysplesyfch || 

28 hym, and schewyth loue \er non ys woify. Thus byn our 66 b 
hertys hardyr fen stonys, thus byn we worse fen lewes, thus 
ben we vnkynd to hym fat schewyth vs al maner kyndnesse, and 
euer cryeth to vs, and sayt f us : ' I am lyft on hegh, for all 

32 schuld here me speke. Ccmyth a^eyne to me, and I woll receyue 
you. Loo, myne armes ben sprad on brode, redy to klyp you ; 
my hed ys bowed, redy to kysse you ; my syde ys open, to schew 
my hei t to you ; my hondys and fete bledyth, to schew you what 

36 I suffryd for you. .And }et je wryeth away arid grucched to 

1 he d. D. he he G. 2 bihynd] bi inserted above the line. 

3 synkyth d. D. synkynkyth G. 

25. De Dominica in Passione Domini Nostri 113 

come to me, and jif l }e wyll not come to* me for lone, com for 
3yftys. Corny th to me, and I wyll ^eue you tresur wytAout 
nombyr; I schall avance you wytAout comperson: I wyll jeue 
you lyfe and rest and pees wyt^out ende, so fat all f e defaute 4 
schall be yn you, and not yn me. pus God prechet and techeth, 
and set f er byn but few fat wyll here hym, ne fat hauen f es 
wordes sadde yn hor hertys. But all byn bysy to be rych and 
wylfull yn f ys lyfe fat ys here, and recchy th lytyll of f e lyfe fat 8 
ys comyng, and takyth lytyll hede how sore Crist suffryd, to 
bryng vs to blys fat euer schall last. 

Wherfor Saynt Barnard yn Cristys person makyth gret 
waymentacyon for f e vnkyndnesse fat he sethe yn men and sayth 12 
f us : c Thow man for vanyte syngyst and rowtes, and I for f e 
crye and wepe; fou hast on fy hed a garland of flowres, and 
I for fe on my hed suffyr a wref e of stynkyng f ornes ; fou hast 
on f y hondys whyt gloues, and I for f y loue haue blody hondys ; 16 
thow hast f yn armes sprad on brode ledyng carallys, and I for 
f y loue haue myn armes sprad on f e tre, and tachut wyth grete 
nayles; thow hast fy clofe raggyd and pynchyt smale, and 
I haue my body for thy loue full of gret walus. And ouer f ys 20 
fat greuyth me most, fou settyst no}t by my passyon that I 
67 a suffryd for fe ; but by me horrybull || swerus all day, vmbraydys 
me sweryng by my face, by myn een, by myn armes, by myn 
nayles, by myn hert, by my blod, and soo forth, by all my body. 24 
And soo fou marterys me by a foule vse and custom of sweryng, 
fat schuldust do reuerence and worschip to my wondys and to 
my passion, fat I suffred soo sore for f y sake.' 

~* \ 

Narracio. 28 I 

I rede yn f e Gestus of f e Romayns fat f e Emperour send 
a gret man to a lond, to be a justice ouer horn. But befor his 
comyng, f er was no man fat cowthe swere non of yr oth but }ey 
and nay. Then aftyr fat f#s justice come, he made all men to 82 
swere on bokes, yn schyres and hundurdes. And he and all 
his men wer BOO ywont forto swere by Godys passion, and 
armes, and sydys, and blody wondys, fat all fe pepull toke 

1 jif C. jet G. if d. D. 

114 25. De Dominica in Passione Domini Nottri 

at hom soo yn vse, fat all fe pepull swere as horrybull as 
fay dyd. Then, on a day, as fys justyce sate yn hys justyre, 
yn sight of all men, f er come yn f e fayryst woman fat euer fay 
4 seghen, clothyd all l yn grene, and broght a fayre child yn hur 
lappe, blody and all tomarturd. And ho sayde to fe justyce: 
'Sir, what byn fay worfy fat han fus ferd wyt/t my child T 
Then sayde f e justyce : ' pay byn worthi to haue fe deth.' Then 
8 scho vuswared and saide f us : ' pou and f y men wyU your 
horrybull of es han dismembryd my sonne Ihesu Cryst, fat I am 
modyr to, and soo je haue taght all fys lond. Wherfor fou 
schalt haue thyn owne dome/ Then anon, yn sight of all the 

12 pepull, the erth opened and f e justyce fell don ynto hell. And 
soo aftyr fe pepull was gretly agast and amendyd horn of 
hor ofys. 

Wherfor, syrs and dames, do je as crystew men schulden do : 

leleuef your ofys, and dofe reuerence to Cristys passyon and to 
hys wondys, and techife all ofyr to do f e same. And knelif 
now adon, prayng to Crist fat he for^eue you fat 36 haue tres- 
passyd a^eyns hym by || recheles sweryng, bysechyng hym for hys 67 b 

20 gret mercy forto kepe you yn tyme comyng, fat 36 may amend fat 
30 haue don mys a3eynes hym and his swete modyr, and haue f e 
blys fat he boght you to. Amen. 


24 Cristen men and woymew, as 30 knowyfe well, fys day is 
called Palme-Sonday. But for bycause fat f e eeruyce of fys 
day is so long, I woll schortly tell you whi fys day is called soo. 
Thys day, as Seynt Ion tellyf e, our Lord Ihesn Crist was in 

28 Btthany wher he reisyd a mow from def e to lyue fat had layne 
four dayes stynkywg yn f e tombe, fat was called II&J&TUS, and 
was brofyr to Mary Mawdelen and Martha, hyr sustyr. Then 
wist Ihesu Crist hys passion was negh, and toke La3ar wyth 

32 hym, and so rydyng on an asse 3ode to lerusalem. And 
when f e pepull herdyn fat, all 2 3oden a3eynes hym, bof e for 

clothyd all d. D. and clothyd G. 

2 all d. D. om. G. 

26. Dominica in Eamis Palmarum 115 

wondyr of f e men fat was raysud from def e to lyue, and also 
forto do Crist worschip. Wherfor mony ttrawed flowres in hys 
way, and mony broken branches of olyue and of palme and 
keston in f e way, and spradden clof ys in f e way, makyng 4 
melody and syngyng fus: ' Blessid be fou fat comys in fe 
name of our Lord, Kyng of Israel ! ' 

Wherfor holy chyrch, Ipya day, makef e a solemp procescyon 
in mynd of fat procescyon fat Crist made fis day, and also for 8 
mony of you ben raysed from defe to lyue fat han leyn four 
dayes dede 1 , fat ben synfull f oghtys, synfull speches, synfull werkes, 
and synfull customs. But now I hope fat je ben reysed from 
defe of euel lyuyng to f e lyfe of grace, and fat angeles yn Heuen 12 
maken as moche melody yn Heuen for your arysyng as f e pepull 
dyd for wondyr of rysyng of fe Lajare. But for bycause we 
haue no olyf fat beren grene leues, we taken * ive instede of that 
and palmes 2 and beren about on procession ; and so f ys day we 16 
calne Palme-Sonday. And as fay songen and duden worschip to 
Crist in hor procescyon, ry^t soo we worschip fis day fe cros 
yn our procescyon, f rys kuelyng to f e cros yn worschip and in 
mynd of hym fat was for vs don on f e crosse, and welcomyng 20 
68 a hym wytA songe into || fe chirch, as fay welcomet hym syngyng 3 
into fe cyte of leiusdlem. 

pen askyfe Ion Belet a qwesticn : 'Syfen fat Crist had fe 
grattest worsen} p ridyng on an asse fat euer he had in f ya 24 
world, and aftyr of fe same pepull was don on fe cros in fe 
grattest vyleny fat euer he ha yn f ya world, whi we worschip 
f e cros, and not f e asse ? ' To f ys qwestion he vnswares hywselfe 
and sayf e fat all f e worschip of fys world twrnyf e all to vanyte 28 
and to no^t, and makyf e a man bof e to forjeton hys God and 
hymselfe, feras myschef and woo makyf e a man to thynke on 
hys God and to know hymselfe. Herefor, cristen men, puttyf e 
away vanyte fat bryngyf e a man to euerlastyng payne, and 32 
worschipyf e fe cros fat was cause of our saluacyon and fe ioy 
fat we all hop) n forto come to. 

Then, when Crist was comen into fe cyte, anon he ^ode into 
f e tempull, and drof out all byers and sellers fat he fonde 80 

1 dede d. D. om. G. s ive ... palmes d. D. vs ynstede of hit palmy* 
whyt G. 3 syngyng d. D. sy . . . ng G. 



26. Dominica in Mamis Palmarum 

feryn and sayde to horn: 'My fadyrs house ys a hous of 
prayers and of oresons, and 30 han made hyt a den of f eues ' ; 
jeuyng ych cristyn man hegh ensampull forto leue chaffaryng 
4 on Sonday, and namly in chirch. Anofyr skyll ys wlii f ys day 
is called Palme-Sonday, for bycause palme bytokenyf e victory. 

Wherfor ych cristyn man and woman jschall fys day bere 

palmes yn processyon, schewyng fat he hafe foghten vtyih fe 

8 fend, and hafe f e vyctory of hym by clene schryft of mowf e and 

repentans of hert, and mekely don his penance, and in f is wyse 

oucrcome his enmy. 


12 Hit was f e maner, suwme tyme, as we redyn in f e Gestys of 
fe Romayns, fat when any lond of the world ros a^eyne f e 
Emperour of Rome, anow fe Emperour wold send a worfy 
knyght \iyih pepull ynogh to fat lond, forto set hyt downe and 

16 make hit soget to f e Emperour. And whe/i f e kny^t had so don, 
fen schuld he be sat in a chayre, as ryaly as he myijt, wyth clof ys 
of gold drawyu ouer hym and a palme in hys hond, schewyng 
fat he had f e victory, and so Vfyih gret worschip schuld be lad 

20 a^eyne to Rome. But when he come f rogh any cyte, f er schuld 
a man stond by hym in f e char, and bete hym in f e mowth vrylh 
a branche of olyf, sayng fws: 'Anothe selitos'; fat is to say: 
' Know || thyselfe.' As fogh he sayde to hym f us : fagh fou haue 68 b 

24 f e victory now, hit may happen fat fou schalt anof yr tyme 
have fe wors, and so turne f e in as moch vyleny as now fis 
dofe to worschip; wherfor be not prowde of fyselfe. 

Thus, good men and woymew, 50 schull bete yourselfe in f e 

28 mowf e of your soule wytAyn-forth wytA- f e branch of olyfe, fat 
ys, wyt/i f e uerfcu of mekenes. And soo hold mekenes in hert, 
beyng allway adred, lest je fall a^eyne to your synne, and soo 
lese fe worschyp fat 36 haue now ywonon, wittyng well fat 

32 mekenes ys f e vertu fat most ourecomef 1 your enmy, and most 
growndyf a man in doyng good werk and vrtu. "Wherfor 30 
schull all now pray to God fat he woll of his hygh grace $eue 
you myght and strengf e in tyme comyng soo to oumjome your 

86 enmy, fat }e may haue f e victory of hym, and haue f e blys fat 
euer echall last. Amen. 

1 ourecomej) C. ouercom G. not in d. D. 

27, Sermo Iste Debet Did ad Tenebras 117 

. Iflffl v 1 ;^ 


Good men and woymen, as 50 se holy chyrch vsyfe fes fre 
clayes, forto say smiyce in fe euentyde in derkeres. Wherfor 
hyt ys called wyth you teneblus ; but holy chyrch callyf e hit 4 
tenebras, fat is to say, derkenes. Then why f ys Fmiyce is don in 
derkenes, holy farlyrs wrytyfe to vs fre skylles. On skyll ys, 
for bycause fat( Crist fys nyght, before fat he was taken, he 
^ode fries ynto pe hull of Olyuete, and prayde his fadyr to put 8 
away fe hard payne fat hym was toward, yf hit wer his wyll 
and elles not ; and soo, for drede of f e passion, fat he feld in his 
spyryte comyng, he swat blod and watyr. Anofyr skyll ys, 
for anon, aftyr mydny3t, ludas gedyrd L knyghtys, strong and 12 
bold, wytA of yr gret company of mysdoers, and comen forto take 
Crist. But for hyt was derke nyght, and fay cowfe not well 
know Crist by Saynt lame fat was soo lyke to Crist, fat he 
was callyd Cristys brothyr, lest fay \\ hadde n taken lames ynsted 16 
of Crist, ludas bade horn take hym fat he kyssud. And soo 
\vyt& a kysse beirayde hys maystyr. And so token Crist all in 
darkenes, and dydden hym all f e despyte and vylany yn bobbyng 
and spyttyng yn hys louely face. The f ryd skyll ys, for when -20 
Crist was nay let fote and hond, hcngyng on fe cros, fre oures 
of f e day frcm vndure to none, f e sonne wytAdro} hyr ly$t and 
was darke frogh fe world, schewyng fat fe maker of ly}t 
payned fat tyme to defe. 24 

For fes fre skylles f e smiyce of fes fre nyghtys is don yn 
darkenes. pe whech smiyce makyfe mynd how ludas be- 
trayde Crist, and how fes lewes comen wytA fors and armes as 
prinely as fay cowf , for drede of f e pepull. Wherfor to fys 28 
Fmiyce ys no bell rongyn, but a sowne 2 made of tre wherby ych 
cristen man ar.d woman is CL formed, forto com to fys smiyce 
wyUout noyse makyng. And all fat fay spekyn, goyng and 
comyng, schall sowne of f e tre fat Crist was don on, and of f e 82 

1 The heading C. om. G. late sermo debet dici ad vesperaa post tenebras 
D, not in d. a sowne JET. sounde D. C. sowme G. not in d. 


27. Sermo Iste Debet Did ad Tenobras 

wordes f e whech Crist spake hongyug on f e tre, fat ben : how 
he cowawndyd his modyr to Saynt Ion, his dyscypull, and how 
he grawnty fe fef paradyse fat askyd mercy, and how he 
4 betoke his soule ynto his fadyr hond, and so ^elde vp f e gost. 
pws, goyng and comyng to fys seruyce, ych cristen man and 
womaw schall leue talkyng of all vanyte, and only talke of 
f e cros. 

8 Anof yr skyll is, when fat ludas had trayde Crist, and sy5 fat 
by his traytery he schuld be ded, anon he fell ynto dyspayre, and 
5ode and hongyd hymself on a tre, so fat he wraf ut Crist more 
for hongyng hymselfe yn dyspayre, fen dyd f e traytery fat he 

12 dyd befor. For Crist is so mercyabull in hymself, fat he wold 
haue 3yuen hym mercy, and he wold haue askyd hyt wyU 
contryte hert. 

Also at fys seruyce is set a hers vrytfi candull brennyng, aftyr 

16 as f e vse ys som plase moo, summe las. pe whech ben q wenched 
ych on aftyi' ofyr, yn schewyng how Crist is dyscypull 1 stelen from 
hym, when he was taken, yche on aftyr ofyr. But when all ben 
quenchyd, $et || on leuef e lyght. pe whech ys borne away a whyll, 69 b 

20 whill fe clerkes syngen Kyrieleysons and f e versys wyt& fe 
whech bytokenyf e f e womaw fat made lamewtacyon ouer Cristis 
sepulcur. Then, aftyr f ys, f e candyll ys broght ajeyne, and all 
ofyr at hit jlyght. pe whech bytokenyth Crist, fat was for a 

21 whyll ded and hud yn hys sepulcur, but sone aftyr he ros from 
def to lyue, and jaf ly^t of lyfe to all horn fat werne qwenchit by 

pe strokes fat f e prest 3euyf on f e boke bytokenyf e f e clappys 

28 of f ondyr fat Crist brake hell-jatys wyt&, when he come f edyr 

and spylud horn. Now, good men, je haue herde what f ys seruyce 

betokenyfe. Wherfor holdufe hit in your hert, and be $e not 

vnkynd to your God, fat f us suffryd for you ; for vnkyndnes ys a 

32 synne fat he hatyf he$ly. Wherfor Seynt Ambros sayf e fat f er 

may no man fynde a payne, forto poynych dewly f e vyce of 


1 MS. dyscypu. 

27. Sermo Ibte Debet Did ad Tenebras 119 


An ensampull of f ys I fynd, as Alisandyr Nekkam tellef e, and 
is f ys. per was suwme tyme a knyjt fat went out of his cowtrey 
iwto ferre cowtray, forto sech aventurs. And so hyt fell fat he 4 

come into a gret forest and herd a gret noyse of a best fat was, 
as hym f o:jt, in gret dystres. Then, for he wold se what hit was, 
be $ode nygh and sech how an horrybull neddyr of gretnes and of V 
lewgf e had vmbeclyppyd a lyon, and soo bond hym to a tre as he 8 
lened hym to slepe *. And when f ys lyon awoke, and fond hym- 
gelf fast, and myjt not helpe hymselfe, he made an bygys noyse ; 
and when he saw f ys knyght, fen made he grettyr noyse, wilnyng 
helpe of hym. Then had fys kny$t compassyon of fys lyon, but 12 
^et he dred, lest, whew he had losyd hym, he wold haue fallen to 
bym and fojtew vtyih hym. But 5et, for bycause fat he was a 
kny}t, and saw fe lyon, fat ys kyng of all bestys, yn destres, he 
drogh out his swerde, and smot f e edyr yn two pecys. Then 16 
anon, f e lyon felywg hym lose, 2 he fell downe to f e knightes fete 
as * meke as a spaynell. And soo allgate, nyjt and day, in ych 
70 a pase, he sewet \> ys kny^t, and lay at his bedys fete ych ny$t, || and 
in ich turmerct and batayle he helpe hys maystyr, soo fat all mew 20 
speken of f ys knyght and of f ys lyon. ^et, by couwsell of summe 
mew, he had fys lyon yn suspescyon. Wherfor when he 3ode 
ajeyne bom to hys one centre, priuelych, wyll fe lyon slepte, he 
3ode iwto a schyp, and soo saylet forth. But when f e lyon woke 24 
and myst hys maystyr, anon he }af a gret rore, and jode aftyr 
hym to f e see ; and when he se non of yr bote, he swam aftyr hym 
als ferre as he my^t, and when his my$t fayled hym, few was he / 
drowned. 28 

By f ys knyjt we may vndyrstond Crist, Godys sonne of Heuen, 
fat come of a ferre cowtre, fat ys, out of Heuen, iwto f ys world, 
and fonde mankynd bondyn wyU f e old neddyr, fat is, wyt/i f e 
fende, to f e tre of ynobedyens. Wherfor wyth f e swerde of his 32 
holy worde and wyt^ hys hard pascyon, he lowsed monkynd out of 
bys bondys and made hym fre. Wherfor ich maw fat is kynd to 
hys God, he woll f onke hym for fat lawsyng, and loue hym, and 

1 lened hym to elepe JD. C. lened hym G. not in d. 

2 he ... as D. C. om. G. not in d. 


27. Sermo Iste Debet Dici ad Tenebras 

il f 

be buxom to hym all f e tyme fat he lyuef e here, sewyng f e lore 
and f e techyng of hys God. And soo, when he passyth f rogh f e 
salt-watyr of payne of def e, he Echall com to f e joy fat ever 
4 schall last. To f e whech ioy God bryng you and me. Amen. 



Cristen mew and women, 36 schull vndyrstond fat Crist fys 

8 day gched hys hert-blod for vs. As 30 all knowen wele, fys day 

is called Good Fryday; for all fyng turned fe pepull to good fat 

Crist fys day suffryd for bom vndyr Pounce Pylat. Then, for 

hyt ys oft sene, all euell bygynnyng haf e a foule endyng, wherfor 

12 we se now how fys Pylat bygan and how he endyd ; and for he 
began cursetly, he endyd wrecchedly. For as Seynt Austyn 
sayth: 'A cursyd lyuyng before, askyf e a cursyd endyng aftyr; 
and he fat fo^etyf e God in his lyuyng, he schall for3ete hymself 

16 yn his endyng/ 

Stus Pylat was a kyngws 2 sonne fat was called Tyrus, fat 
gate hym of a woman fat hatte Ato. So when fys chyld was 
borne, fen setten fay fe || modyr name befor and fen fe graunsyre 70 b 

20 name aftyr, and sco of bof e hor names called hym Pylat. pen 
aftyr fat he was f re 3er old, f e modyr bro3t hym to f e kyngys 
court to s his fadyr. Then had f e kyng by his wyfe anof yr sonne 
negh euen-old to Pylat. But for fys chyld was yn all doyng more 

24 gentyll and more monfull, Pylat had envy to hym and ofttyme 
fa3t wyth hym. So, at fe last, he slogh hym. Soo when fys 
chyld was ded, fe kyng was wondyr sory for hym; but for he 
wold not sle hym fen anon aftyr fat ofyr, and soo make two 

28 harmes of on, he send Pylat to Rome, forto be f^r yn hostage for 
a tribet fat f e kyng schuld 3eue to f e Empmmr. pen fell hit so 
fat f e kyng of Fraunce had send his sonne also fedyr for f e 
same cause. Then, for Pylat segh fat he had more loue, and for 

82 men dydden f e kyng sonne more reuerence fen hym, he had envy 
f erto, and on a day way ted his tyme, and slogh hym. Then, for he 

1 The heading C. omG. notind.D. 3 kynga knyghtysG. notind.D. 
9 to inserted above Ike line. 

28. Sermo in Parasceue Domini 121 

was so fers and cursyd, f e Empmwr, by consell of f e Romayns, 
send hym ynto a coiitre fat was called Ponse, wheryn wer men so 
cursed, fat fay slogh all fat wer send forto be maystyr ouyr horn. 
So when Pylat come f edyr, he conformed hym so to hor manors, 4 
fat wyih wyll and sleghtys he had fe maystry ouer horn; and 
soo gate his nome and was called Pylat of Ponse. Then when 
fat Herod, kyng of Jerusalem, knew f e fershode of Pylat, he 
send aftyr hym, and made hym lefetenant vndyr hym of all his 8 
lond of lury. Then, for Pylat lyked well fat offyce, priuely he 
send to f e Emp^rour and had his office confermyd of hym, vn- 
wyttyng of Herod f e kyng. Wherfor Herocle and he wern enmys 
tyll f e tyme fat Crist was taken ; and soo in f e assent of Cristys 12 
defe fay becom frendys. 

Then fell hit soo fat f e Empmmr was seke and send aftyr 
TlaCryst, to hele hym; for hit was || told hym fat Crist helyd all 
men fat come to hym. pen was Pylat adred and toke on hym 16 
Cristys cote, soo fat euer whill fat cote was on hym, f e Emp^rour 
and all ofyr made hym gret chere. Then had mony ofyr gret 
wondyr why f e Emperour made hym so gret chere, fat befor had 
sworen his defe, and counseylet f e Empmmr forto dyspoyle 20 
hym. And anon as Pylat was dyspoyled of Cristys cote, anon fe 
Empmmr was gretly agreued a^eynys hym, fat he made to cast 
hym yn prison, tyll he had taken counsell on what foule defe he 
schuld dye. Then, when Pylat knewe fat, anon wytA hys owne 24 
knyfe he slogh hymselfe. Then, whew f e Emperour herd fat, he 
made to bynd a gret ston to his nekke, and cast hym into fe 
watyr of Tybur. But for fendes madyn such a noyse abowte hym 
f er, fat all f e cyte was l afrayde f erof, he was cast ynto a 28 
watyr bytwyx too hylles. per wer long tyme aftyr horribull 
syghtys yseen. 

Vndyr fis cursyd man our Lord Ih^su Crist fys day suffred 
defe for all cristen pepull. For when he was taken, fay buffed 32 
hym and bobbyd hym, and aftyr striput hym naked, and betyn 
soo dysputysly wyih scorgys all hys body, soo fat from his toppe 
to hys too was nofyng laft hole on hym, but all ran on blod. 
And aftyr fay wrythen a crowne of f ornys and setten on his hed, 33 
and so betyn hit on wyih staues of redys, fat f e f ornys parsed 
1 MS. was all. 


28. Sermo in Parasceue Domini 

hys braynes. And when fay hadyn payned hym soo, thay ladden 
hym all blody toward f e hull of Caluary, forto be done to def e. 
Then woymen fat seghen hym f us ferd wyt/i, had compassyon of 
4 hym, and wayled, and wepyd for hym. Then spake Crist to 
horn and sayde: 'Doghturs of Jerusalem, wepyfe je noght on 
me, but wepuf e on yourselfe and apon your chyldren ; || for Iper 71 b 
schall dayes come yn }>e whech 30 schull blesse f e wowbes fat 
8 wern barayne, and f e pappes fat neuer :jaf sowke.' 

pus he few prophysyet before of wracch fat a%r fell on fat 
cite of lerusalew for vengeans of hys def e. pe whech vewgeans 
leremy f e prophit spekyf e of in trenis fat is red f es f re dayes at 

12 tenebr^/s. pe whech was so horrybull of dyu^rce myscheues and 
specyaly of hongyr. Of f e whech losephus tellyth, fat ]>er was 
J?en yn }>e cyte of Itfrwsalem, when hit was beseget, so gret 
hunger, fat chyldyr lay 1 J>e stretes full, for defawte of mete, 

16 criyng to hor modyr for mete. 






Then tyr was a woman of gret kynne fat for hunger toke hor 
one chyld fat scho fed w/tA hor owne pappys, and slogh hyt, and 
partyd hyt yn too. Soo f e halfe scho rostud at f e fyre, and half 
kepyd tyll f e morow. Then, as men 2 come by f e strete, fay 
hadden saner of f e rost and com yn, forto haue parte. But 
when fay segh how fe modyr rostyd hur own child, fay wern 
anvgged f erof and myght not ete. pew toke f e modyr and ete 
f erof boldly and sayd : ' pis ys myn owne chyld fat I bare of 
myn own body, and fedde of my brest. But set I woll rayf er 
ete h#t, few dee for hongyr.' pys I tell, forto schew fe yen-' 
geans fat fell ynto fat cyte aftyr Crystys def e. 

Soo aftyr fat fay had broght hym to Caluary, fay strayned 
hym soo wyth cordys on f e cros, fat ych boon of hys body my^t 
haue ben told. And soo nayled hys hondys and hys fete to fe 
cros, and heuyn hym vp, fat f e body paysyd soo downe, fat f e 
blod ran down by his armys and by his sidys, down to f e ground. 
And soo, when he schuld dey. he bygan, as Ion Belet tellyfe, 
and sayde : * Deus, Deus meus, respice in me ! ' And so forf e 
all f e ix psalmys sewyng, tyll he come to : 'In te, Domiue, 

1 lay C. lay in G. not in d. D. a men C. a man G. not in d. D. 

28. Sermo in Parasctue Domini 123 

speram ! ' And soo at f e verse : ' In manw? tuas, Domine/ while 
he seyde fat verse, he 1 ^af vp f 3 gost, jevyng an hygh ensarnpull to 
cristen man and woman forto 2 haue f ys verse yn mynde, when 
he schall $eld vp ]>e gost. 4 

72 a Wherfor yche man fat con rede, schuld say fes psalmes || fys 
day; and he fat sayf e fes ych Fry day, schall neuer dey euell def e. 
Then, aftyr f e passyon, \>er suen orysons wyth knelyng at ych 
oryson, saue at f e oryson fat ys sayde for f e lewes ; at hyt 8 
holy chyrch knelyf e not : for f e lewes as fys day skornyd oure 
Lord knelyng thryse. Then, yn fes orisons, holy chyrch prayth 
for all maner folke, for lewes, and Sarsyns, for herytykys, for 
scismatys. But for cursed men holy chyrch prayf e not ; for 12 
whill a man or a woman stondyj>e acursed, he ys dampned befor 
God, and schall be dampned for euerrnore, but yf he repent and 
aske mercy. Wherfor Seynt Austyn sayf e f us : * Yf fat I wist 
for certeyne fat my fadyr wer dampned, I wold pray no mor for 16 
hym fen a fende ' ; for ]>er is no suffrage of holy chyrch fat may 
help a dampned mon. Then, aftyr J?e oryson, J>e cros is bro^t 
forj?e, )?e whech ych cristen maw and woman schall worschip fys 
day, in worschip of hyra J>at as fys day dyed on fe cros, and pray 20 
to God to for^eue all }>at haue trespast a^eynys you, as Crist 
prayd hys fadyr to for^eue J>ilke Ipai dydden hyw to dej>e J>is 
day, hongyng on f>e cros. 

Narracto. ^\i 

Thus dyd a knyght Ipai, was a gret lord, and had a jong maw 
to hys sonne fe whech schuld haue ben hys ayre. pe whech 
sonne anof>er kny^t J>at wonet bysyde, as fay fallen at debate, 
slogh lp ys ;ong maw ; wherfor J>3 fadyr of fys Jong man J>at was 28 
ded, gedered a gret company, and pursued fys kny^t J>at soo had 
slayne 8 hys sonne, ny$t and day, }>at he my^t nowher haue rest, 
but ay flo} for fere of dej?e. Then fell hyt on a Good Fryday, 
when he saw all cristen mew and woymew draw to chirch, forto 32 
worschip hor God, he fo^t fat Crist deyd fat day on f e cros 
for all mankynd, and put hym holy yn Godis mercy, and 5ede 
to f e chyrch wyth ofyr mew, to here and to se Godys seruyce. 
But when he was in f e chyrch, anow fat ofyr knyjt had 36 

1 while he seyde J>at verse, he Harl. 2403. wyth he sayde and so C. G. not in d. I). 
2 forto C. and G. not in d. D, * slayne C. so slayne G. not in d. D. 

124 28. Sermo in Parasceue Domini 

warnyng, and come wyth gret company of men wyU hym ynto 
fe cbyrch, wyth his swerd drawen in his bond. And when fat 
ofyr knyjt 863 and knew well he || had trespast to heyly a3eynes 72 b 
4 hym, he 3ode a3eynys fat of yr knyght, and fell downe to f e 
grownd, vryth hys armes sprad abrod, as Crist sprad hys armes 
on f e cros, and sayd to hym : ' For his loue fat f ys day sprad 
hys armes on f e cros, and deyd for f e and me and all mankynd, 
8 and for^af f ylke fat dydden hym to dtf e, haue mercy on me, 
and for^eue me fat I haue trespast a3eynys f e ! ' Then f ys ofyr 
kny3t f 03t fat had ben to horrybull a dede forto haue don ojt 
amys to hym \er yn fe chirche, whill fat he meked hym soo, 

12 and soo lowly prayde of mercy for Cristys sake. And when he 
had well befo^t hym, he vnswared and sayde: 'Now, for hys 
loue fat f is day deyd on fe crosse for mankynd, I foi^eue f e,' and 
toke hym vp, and kyssyd hym, and so went togedyr, to worschyp 

16 fe cros. pen, when fys knyjt com crepyng to fe cros and 
kyssud fe fete, fe ymage losyd his armes, and clyppyd fe 
knyjt about f e necke, and kyssyd hym, and sayde f us fat all f e 
chyrch herd : ' I for^eue fe, as fow hast fo^euera for 1 me.' 

20 fus schull 36 for^ene of yr for Cristis lone, and klip, and kys, 
and be frendes ; and few woll Crist clyppe and kys you, and 30 ue 
you fe joy fat euer schall last. To fe whech joy God bryng 
you and me. Amcw. 



For hyt ys of[t] ysene fat lewde men fe wbeche buf e of mony 

28 wordys and proude in hor wit, woll aske prestes dyuerse ques- 

tyons of fynges fat towchen to seruyce of holy chyrche, and 

namly of fys tyme, and gladly suche prestys as con not make 

a grayfe vnswar so, forto put horn to aschame, wherfor I haue 

32 tytuld here dyuerse poyntys whech fat byn nedfull to yche 

prest to know. So he fat woll loke and hold hit yn hys hert, 

1 for C. written in red inlc above the line G. 

3 The heading taken from C. om. G. not in d. D, 

29. Formacio Necessaria Capdlanis 125 

he may make an vnswar, soo fat he schall do hymselfe worschyp 
and ofyr profyt. || 
73 a Furst, yf a man aske why Schere pursday ys called soo, say 

fat in holy chyrch hit is called our Lordys supperday. For 4 J^ 
fy[l]ke day he sowped vryth hys dyscypuls openly; and a%r f 
supper $af horn his flesche and hys blod forto ete and forto 
drynke; and sone aftyr waschod all 1 hor fete, schewyng fe he$ 
mekenes fat was in hym and f e gret loue fat he had to horn. 8 
Hyt is alsoo in Englysch tonge : Scher pursday ; for, in old 
fadyrs dayes, men wold fat day make scher horn honest, and 
dodde hor heddys, and clyp hor berdys, and so make horn onest 
a^eynes Astyr-day. For, on f e morow, fay wold do hor body 12 
non ese, but suffyr penance yn mynd of hym fat suffred so 
hard for horn. On Settyrday fay my^t not haue 2 whyll, what for 
long smiyce, what for ofyr occupacyon fat fay haden for f e 
weke comyng ; and aftyr mete was no tyme for holyday. ie 


For I rede yn fe lyfe of Seynt Rychard fat was bysy on ft 
a Settyrday befor none, fat he makud to 3 schaue his herd 
on Settyrday aftyr none. And fen was f e fende redy and 20 
gedyrd vp fe herys; but when fis holy man segh fat, he 
coniured fe fende, and bade hym tell why he dyd soo. Then 
sayde he : ' For f oa dos no reuerence to Sonenday, fat ys 
Godys owne day; to fe whech day ych man fat ys cristen, ys 24 
holden forto do reuerence yn worschip of Cristys resurreccyon. 
Wherfor f es heres I woll kepe tyll f e day of dome in hegh 
repreue to f e. Then anon fis man made leef his schavyng, and 
toke f e herys of f e fende, and made forto bren horn yn hys owne 28 
hond for penance ; and soo abode half schauen and half vn- 
schauen tyll f e Monday aftyr. This y sette here yn a repref of 
horn fat sparyth not forto worch on Settyrdayes aftyr none. 

Then, as John Belet tellyth and techyf e, on Scher pursday 33 
a man schall dodde his hed and klippe his berd; and a prest 
73 b schall schaue hys crowne, soo || fat \>er schall nofyng be bytwene 

* all] all all G. 

2 haue Harl. 2403. om. G. C. not in d. D. 

9 makud to CH. myght not G not in d. D. 


29. Formacio Neeesearia Capellanis 

God almyghty and hym. He schall alsoo schaue }>e herys of his 
berd fat comyth of superfluyte of humors of fe stomok, and 
par fe nayles of his hondys fat comyf of sup^rfluyte of humors 
4 of fe hert. So ry^t as we schauen and scheren away J>e su^er- 
fluyte of fulf e wytAout, so we schall schaue and schere away f e 
superfluyte of synne and of vyce wytAw-forf e. 

pe vayle fat haf e be drawen all f e Lent on bytwene f e auter 

8 and fe qwere, fat bytokenyf e f e prophesy of Cristis passion fat 

was huld and vnknowtw, tyll fes days comew. pe whech f^s 

dayes ben don away, and fe auter opyiily schewed to all men. 

For ])es days Crist suflred so opynly hys passyon, fat he sayde 

12 hongyng on fe cros: ' Consummatum est* ; that is: all fe prophesy 

of my passion now haf e an end. Wherfor f e clof ys of f e auter 

byn taken away j for Cristis clolpys wern drawn of hym and don 

all naked, save hur lady, his modyr, wonde \\yr kerchef about hym 

16 to hyll his mewbiys. 

The auter-ston bytokenyfe Cristis body f>at was drawon * on (?e 
crosse as ys a skyn of parchemewt on J>e harow, soo J?at all his 
bonys my^t be told. 

20 The besom fat hit ys waschen wyth, betokenyf fe scorges \>ai 
beton hys body, and fe fornes Ipai, he was crowned wyth&ll. 

The watyr and fe wyne fat \\yi is waschew wyih, bitoknef e 
f e blod and f e watyr fat ran downe aft^r f e spere from Cristis 
24 hert fat waschet 2 his body. 

The wyne fat is powred on fe v crossys, bytolmefe fe blod 
fat ran out of f e fyue wondys principale of hys body. 

This day nys no pax jeuyn at mas, for ludas betrayde Crist 

28 f ys nyjt wyih a cosse : f us was f e prophesy of f e passion f ys day 

endyd. Wherfor fys ny3t, whew he had sowped, he made fe sacra- 

mewt of hys owne body, and 3af hyt to hys dyscypulys forto ete 

and forto dryuke, and so begawr f e sacrament of f e masse and of 

32 f e new law ; and aftyr f ys soper, he wassched his dyscyples fete 

fat was a maner of new folgh[t]. For as he sayd f en to Petyr : 

* He fat is waschew wytA watyr, he is clene of folghft] of all dedly 

synne, he haf e no nede but to wasche his fete 3 , for fat bytokenef e 

36 f e affeccyon of venyall synne. 

drawon C. draw G. not in d. D. 2 MS. waschent. 

draw G. not in d. D. 

3 fete C. om. G. not in d. D. 

29. Formacio Necessaria Gapellanis 127 

Then, yf a man askef why prestcs don not hor masse a%r soper, 
74 a as Crist dyd, say f ou : for fat was turned into \\ more honest[e] and 
mor saluacyon of mannys soule. For, as Haynie telly}? apon f e 
pystyll of Seynt Powle, mony yn f e begynnyng of f e fayth comen 4 
to chyrch on f e Scher pursday. And f ylk fat wer rych brost 
mete and drynke wyth horn and \er eten and dronken, tyll fay 
wer dronke and to full of mete, and soo at nyjt token hor 
howsull, sayyng fat Crist }af horn f ctt ensampull. But whyll f e 8 
rych etyn and dronken, f e pore fat had nojt aboden, till f e rych 
had don, sor ahong?/r ; and fen eton of relef, and soo aftyr toke 
hor howsull. Wherfor, as f ys pystyll of f ys day tellyf e, Seynt 
Poule rebukef e horn f 0rof, and turnyf fat foule vse into more 12 
honest[e] and holynes, fat :s, forto syng jre mas fastyng, and all men 
forto take hor howsull fastyng. 

On Astyr-euen fe paschall is makyfe, fat bytokenyfe Crist; 
for as f e paschall is f e chef tapor fat is in f e chyrch, so is Crist 16 
f e chef saynt fat ys in the chyrch. Also f ys paschall bytokenef e 
f e pyler of fure fat ^ode befor f e chyldyr of Israeli, when fay 
went out of Egypte into f e lond of behest, fat is now lerusalem, 
and as fay joden f rogh f e Red See, hole and sonde, seuen dayes, 20 
aftyr fay comen to f e see all, ych day, and f onked God for hor 
passage. Herfor holy chirch all f e Astyr-weke gon yn prosessyon 
to fe font, fat is now f e Red See to all cristen pepull fat ben 
fo'owed in font. For f e wat^r yn f e fonte betokenyf f e red 24 
blod and watyr fat ran down of f e wondys of Cristis syde in f e 
wheche f e power of Pharo, fat is, f e veray fend, ys drowned, and 
all hys my5t lorne, and all cristen pepull sauet. 

The font is on Astyr-even halowed and on Whytsone-even ; 28 
for, at f e begynnyng of holy chirch, all men, and woymen, and 
chyldren wern kepte to be folowed at f es days at f e font-halowyng. 
But now, for bycause fat mony in so long abydynge 1 deyd bout foloijt, 
f erfor holy chirch ordeynyf e to folow all f e tyme of f e ^ere, saue vin 32 
dayes befor f es euens a child schall be kepte to f e fonte-halowyng, 
yf fat he may sauely for parell of def e, and elles not. 

Thus is fe paschall halowed, and lyjt vtyih new fure, and of 
hyt all of yr tapyrs byn Iy3t ; for all ly^t and holynes of good 36 

1 abydynge C. om. G. not in d. Z>. 


29. Formacio Necessaria Capdlanis 

worchyng comyfe of Cristis lore, and holy chyrch ys li^t wyU 
brennyng charyte of his behestys. 

Fyue pepynce of || encens ben steked in fe paschall lyke to fe 74 b 
4 crosse. pat bytokenyf e f e v wondys, as Bede sayf e, fat Crist 
suffred in lays body, and schull be kepte fresch and swete as 
encense tyll fe day of dome, in rebuke of horn fat schall be 
dampned, fat haden no beleue in Cristis passion, and wold aske 
8 hyw no mercy for hor synnes. 

In f e fonte-halowyng f e presi castys watyr out in four partyes 
of f e fonte ; for Crist bade hys dyscyples go in foure partyes of 
fe world, and prech and tech fe foure gospels, and folowing in ]>e 
12 name of f e Fadyr, and of f e Sonne, and of f e Holy Gost. 

Aftyr fe prest brefes in fe watyr; for fe Holy Gost, in fe 
makyng of f e wor[l]d, was born on f e watyrs. Wherfor, whew God 
for Adam synne cwrsed f e erf e, he sparud f e watyr. 
16 Aftyr he droppyf in f e watyr wax of a tapur brennyng ; f e 
whech bytokenyf f e manhode of Crist fat was folowed in f e 
watyr, and in his folo^t halowed all J>e watyr of folo^t. 

Aftyr oyle and creme byn put in fe watyr ; for yn J?at sacra- 

20 ment filk J>at ben in Heuen and }>ilk J?at ben in erfe, ben joynet 

toged^r. pat was preued in Cristis baptyem; for \er J>e Fadyr 

of Heuen spake, f>at all fe pepull herd, fe Holy Gost was send 

like a culuer. pus was f>e fonte halowed twyys in J>e 3ere, at J?e 

24 begynnyng of holy chyrche, and now aftyr by f>e jere f>at was on 

Astyr-euen, for J>ew all f>e pepull was bro5t out of fraldam of |?e 

fende by Cristis passion; and on Whytson-euen, for \>zn is f>e 

Holi Gost ^euen J , fat is, remyssyon of all synnys. 

28 pen, from fe font, men gon to f>e qwere syngyng j?e letany, 

prayng all J>e sayntys of Heuen forto pray to God, 3eue how f>at 

ben folowed grace forto kepe J?e he^ couenant fat fay haue made 

in hor folowyng. 

32 Then men gon to masse fat is bygonnen wytAout office, fat is 
called fe hed of fe masse; for Crist, fat is hed of all holy chyrch, 
ys not 3et rysen from def to lyue. 

Kyrieleyson is sayd; for in iche office of holy chyrch, and namly yn 
36 f e masse, hit ys gret nede forto aske helpe and socour of God, forto 
defende YS out of temptacyon fat assay lyf vs namly in Godys seruyce. 
1 jeuen] yeven Harl. 2403. jeue C. G. not in d. D. 

29. Formacio Necessaria Capellanis 129 

75 a ' Gloria in excelsis ' ys sayde ; for f e Fadyr of Heuew || is gretly 
ioyet forto behold fe pepull fat his sonue haj>e bo;! wyt^ hys 
passyon, fat lyuew in charyte and in pes, ych on wyth of yr. 

Grayle is now sayde ; for f ylke fat ben folowed, be not jet 4 
parfyte to walke yn f e greus of \eriu. 

Alleluia, ys songen; for hyt ys gret ioy to angeles to sen fe 
ruyne of angeles be restowred by f ylke fat ben folowed. 

Aftyr Alleluia, f e tracte ys songen ; for f agh fay bera, in hor folojt, 8 
waschan of all synnys, jet fay most travayle bysyly, forto kepe horn 
out of combrans of f e fend, fat he fall not into dedly synne ajeyne. 

Offertory is now sayde ; for f e wymmew fat camera, forto offyr 
to Cristys body oynmewtes, fay fond hym l not in his tombe. 12 
'Agnus Dei* ys sayde, but no pax ys borne ; for Crist fat 2 is hed 
of pes, was not jet rysen. 

Postcomyn is now sayde ; for fay fat ben folowed schul not be 
howsyld f ys day, but on f e morow ; for in f e begynnyng of holy 16 
chirch f er comew moo to folow of gret age few of chyldren. 

A schort euensong ys don, lest fay fat ben folowet for cold 
of yr sekenes 3 wer anyet of long smiyce. 

J)ew is all f ys Emiyce endyd vndyr on colet for all f e sacra- 20 
merat of holy chirch, and of folojt is endyd iw f e passion of Crist. 

30. | ; J 


Cristes pepull, bof e mew and woymew, as je all knowen wele, 
f ys day is called iw sum place Astyr-day, and iw suw plase Pase- 24 
day, and iw sum plas Godis Sonday. 

Hyt is called Astyr-day, as Candylmas-day of candyls, and Palme- 
Sonday of palmes. For wel nygh iw ych plase, hyt ys f e mai^r f ys 
day forto do fyre out of f e hall at f e astyr, fat haf e all f e wyutyr 28 
brent wyth fyre and blakyd wyth smoke. Hit schall f ys day ben 
75 b arayde wyth grene rusches, and swete flowres strawed 4 1| all aboute, 
schevvyng an hegh ensampull to all mew and woymera fat, ryght 
as fay maken clene f e howse all wythyn, beryng out fe fure and 32 
strawyng flowres, ryjt soo je schull clanse f e howse of your soule, 

1 hym C. om. 0. not in d. D. 2 \at C. om. G. not in d. D. 

3 sekenes C. seke G. not in d. D. * strawed c7. D. straw G. 



30. De Festo Pasche 

doyng away f e fyre of lechery and of dedly wraf and of envy, and 
straw \er swete erbes and flowres ; and fat ben virtues of goodnes 
and of mekenes, of kyndnes, of loue and charite, of pes and of rest : 

4 and soo make f e howse of your soule abull to receyue your God. 
For ryjt as 30 wyll not suffyr no f yng in your howse fat stynkyf e 
or saueryth euell, wherby f at 30 may be dosesyd ; ryght soo Crist, 
when he comyf into f e hows of your soule, and fyndeth l Iper any 

8 stynkyng f yng of wraf or of envy or any of yr dedly synne, he 
woll not abyde Iper : but anon he gof e out, and f e fende comyf e 
yn and abydyf e \er. Then may fat soule be full sory fat scho 
ys forsaken of God and betaken to J>e fende. pus don fay fat 

12 holden dedly wraf e and dedly envy in hor hertys, and woll not 
fo^eue fylk fat haue trespast to hom, for no prayer. Wherfor 
take hit wyth ceiteyne: fogh 30 mow vtyih glosyng wordys 
dcsayve me, and say 30 ben yn full eharyte as 30 owen forto be, 

16 fogh 36 be not soo, you ^aynef not forto begyle God, fat sef e yeh 
Cornell of your hertys. \ Wherfor, for Godys loue, dessayue 36 not 
yourselfe, but buf e all besy forto kepe your soules clene wytAyn to 
Godis sy3t, as 36 ben to make your house clene to mannys sy3t. 

20 And ryght as .30 olof uf your astyr wyt/i fresche flowres and 
swete, ry3t so clof e your asfa/r of your soule, fat is, your hert, in 
fayr clof e of eharyte, and of loue, and of pes, and of rest wyt/t all 
Godys pepull, fat 36 mow abull be forto receyve f e best frende 

24 fat 36 haue, fat is Crist, Godis sonrie of Heuen, fat f ys tyme 
suffred def e, forto bryng you to f e lyfe fat euer schall last. 

This day is also callyd Pase-day, fat is in Englysch, fe pas- 
syng day. And soo hyt is for two skylles : on for fys day ||ych 76 

28 cristen man, in reuerence of God, schuld foi^eue fat haue gylt to 
hom, and ben in full loue and eharyte to Godis pepull passyng all 
ofer dayes of fe 3ere ; for all fat is mysdon all fe 3ere befor, 
schall be helyd f/s day wytA f e salue of eharyte. Hit ys alsoo a 

32 passyng clay : for ych Godys chyld schall passe out of euell levyng 
into good lyuyng, out of vyces ynto veituys, out of pride into 
mekenes, out of couetyse into largenes, out of slof into holy 
bysynes, out of envy into loue and charite, out of wraf e into 

36 mercy, out of gloteny into abstynens, out of lechery into chastyte, 
out of fe fendys clcchus yuto Godis barm; and soo of Godys 
1 fyndeth d. D. fynd Q. 

30. De Festo Pasche 131 

enmy make hym hys frende and derlyng. Whoso passyf>e }ms, he 
ys wor}>y forto come to f>at gret fest fat God inakyfe ]?ys day to 
all Ipat J?ys passage makut. 

This day ys called Godis Sonday; for Crist, Godis sonne of 4 
Heuen, J?ys day roos from dej? to lyue, and soo gladyj? all hys 
seru&nies and frendys wyth his vprist. Wherfor all holy chrych 
makyfe myrf> fys day and syngyth f>us : ' This ys J>e day fat our 
lord made ; be we glad and ioyfull in hure ! ' pe Fadyr of Heuen 8 
makyth wyih all hys angelys soo gret melody for }>e vpryst of hys 
sonne, Ipat he makyf e f ys day a gret passyng fest, and byddyf e 
all hys pepull ferto, als wele horn fat ben in Heuen as fylke fat 
ben in erf e. pen as wele as hym schall be fat comyf e to f ys fest 12 
wele arayde in Godys lyuere, clofyd in loue and scharyte, als 
euell schall hym be J?at comyf>e yn fendys lyuere, cloj>yd in envy 
and dedly wrafe ; for ]?es, as J?e gospell tellyfe, schall be taken 
and cast into }>e prison of hell. Soo that while 1 oj?yr lagh and make 16 
mery, fes ofyr wepe and be sory ; and whyll Ipat of yr eten and 
drynken at Godis bord, }>ay schall sytte grennyng wyth hor te)?e 
for paynyng of hell-wormys Jat gnawen horn. For as J?ay eten 
ofyr wyth bakbytyng here in erj>e, f>ay schull etc hym backe and 20 
body wythoiit end in payne of hell. 

76 b Wherfor, good men and woymen,! || charch you heyly in Godys 
byhalue Ipat non of you to-day com to Godys bord, but he be in 
full charyte to all Godis pepull ; and also Ipat 50 be clene schryuen 24 
and yn full wyll to leue your synne. For yf I wyst whech of 
you wer out of charyte and vnschryuen, I most, be techyng of 
holy men, wyt^ a foule mouj>e say )?us to hym, in audyens of all 
men : ' I ^eue f>e here not fy howsyll, but }>y dampnacyon into 28 
euerlastyng payne, tyll J?ou com to amendement/ Wherfor, for 
Cristis loue, yche man sech well his conciens and clanse hyt, J>at 
he may abull receyue hys sauyour. And 3et, forto styr you more 
in concyens, y tell you )?ys ensampull. 32 


I rede of a holy byschop Ipat prayd God bysily to ^eue hym 
grace to wytte whecli wer wor)?y to receyue }>e sacrament and 
whech onworthy. Then, when J>e pepull com to Godys bord, he 36 
1 that while d. D. woll }>at G. 




SO. De Festo Pasche 

sagh Bom com wyth hor face red as blod, and blod droppyng out 
of hor mowfys, som hor face as blacke as any pyche 1 , summe as 
whyte as snow, and surame fayre and rody and lusty forto behold 2 . 
4 Then, among olpyr, he sagh two comyn wymew comyng and hor 
facys schonywg as bryght as f e sonne. pen had he moch wondyr 
of Ipys syght, and prayde to God to ^eue hym reuelac^/on and 
knowyng what all Ipys bytokenyd. 

8 Then come Iper an 3 angyll to hym and sayd : ' pes fat han 
blody facys and blod droppe out of hor mowf es, f o ben erivyous 
mew and woymew, and full of dedly wraf e, and woll not amend 
horn, and gnawen how byhynd, and be vsed to swere horrybull 

12 of ys by Godys sydys and his blod, and vmbraydew God of his 
passyon, and don hym no reuerence : wherfor hor mowf ys schull 
droppe of blod, tyll fay com to amendemewt. pay fat haue 
blak facys, ben lecherys mew and woymew fat wyll not leue hor 

16 synne, ne hor lyst, ne schryue horn f erof. pay fat haue whit 
facys as snow, || ben fay fat haue don gret synnys, and ben 77 a 
schryuew f erof, and wykh f e wepyng of hor een han wasshen hor 
goules so whyfc and clene. pylke fat ben fayre and rody, ben 

20 good comyn lyuers fat lyuen truly by hor mayn swynke, and so 
kepyfe horn out of dedly synne. And fes two woymew fat 
schynen passyng all of^/r, wer two comyn woymew and of eueli 
lyuyng; but whew fay come iwto fe chyrch, fay toke suche 

24 repewtans in hor hertys, fat fay maden a vow to God fat fay 
wold do neu^nnore amys wyih f e helpe of his grace. Wherfor 
God of hys m^rcy haf for^euen horn hor gynne, and so clene 
wasschen hor sowles, fat fay schyne f us passyng all of er? 

28 Then f/s angyll went his way, and f ys byschop f onkyd God of 
hys hegh grace fat he schewed hym reuelacyou, and serued God 
ever aftyr wyth all hys myght, and had fe blysse of Heuen. 
The wheche blysse God graunte you and me. Amen. 


Good men and woymen, such a day 36 schull haue f e fest of 
Saynt George, pe wheche day 36 schull come to holy chyrch, in 

1 MS. byche. a behold] hold Q. beholden G. not in d. D. 

3 an C. om. G. not in d. D. 

31. De Fetto Sancti Georgii 133 

worschyp of God and of fat holy martyr Seynt George fat bo}t 
his day full dere. 

For as I rede in hys lyfe, I fynde fat Iper was an horrybull 
dragon, fat men of Ipe cyte wer so aferd, fat fay, by cownsell of 4c V 
f e kyng, yche day, 3euen hym a schepe and a chyld forto ete ; for 
he schuld not come into f e cyte and ete horn. Then when all f e 
chyldyr of fe cyte wer eten, for bycause Ipai Ipe kyng }af horn fat 
concell, fay constrayned hym fat had but l on doghtyr forto ^eue 8 
hyr to f e dragon, as fay had hor chyldyr before. Then f e kyng, 
for fere of f e pepull, wyth wepyng and gret sorow makyng, 
delyuerd horn hys doghtyr yn hyr best aray. Then fay settyn 
77 b hur yn f e place f er fay wer || wont to set of yr chyldyr, and 12 
a schepe wykh hyr, forto abyde fe tyme tyll fe dragon wold 
come. But f era, by ordenance of God, Seynt George come rydyng 
fat way ; and when he saw f e aray of f ys damesell, hym f oght 
well fat hyt schuld be a womon of gret renon, and askyd hur 16 
why scho stode f er wyth soo mornyng a chere. pen vnswared 
scho and sayde : ' Gentyll kny^t, well may I be of heuy chere, 
fat am a kyngys doghtyr of f ys cyte, and am sette here forto be 
deuoured anon of an horrybull dragon fat haf e eton all f e 20 
chyldyr of f ys cyte. And for all ben eten, now most I be eten ; 
for my fadyr $af f e cyte fat consell. Wherfor, gentyll knyght, 
gos hens fast and saue f yselfe, lest he les f e as he woll me ! ' 
' Damesell,' quod George, ' fat wer a gret vyleny to me, fat am 24 
a kny^t well i-armed, yf I schuld fle, and foil fat art a woman 
schuld abyde/ Then wyth f ys worde, f e horrybull best put vp 
his hed 2 , spyttyng out fure, and proferet batayll to George, pen 
made George a cros befor hym, and set hys spere in Ipe grate, and 28 
wyt/i such myght bare down f e dragon into f e erth, fat he bade 
fis damysell bynd hur gurdull about his necke and lede hym 
aftyr hur into f e cyte. Then f ys dragon sewet her forth, as hyt 
had ben a gentyll hownde, mekly wyt^out any mysdoyng. But 32 
when f e pepull of f e cyte saw f e dragon come, fay floen, ych 
man into hys hyrn, for ferd. Then callyd George fe pepull 
a5eyne, and bade fay schuld not be aferd ; for yf fay wolden 
leue in Crist and take fologht, he wold befor horn all sle hym, 36 

1 had but d. D. he put G. 2 hed d. D. hed and G. 


31. De Festo Sancti Georgii 

and so delyuer horn of hor enmy. Then wer fay all so glad, fat 
xx fci f owsand of men, wythoui woymen and chyldren, wer folowed, 
and f e kyng was fyrst folowed and all hys houshold. pen George 
4 slogh f ys dragon, and bade bryng x exen to hym, and draw hym 
out of fe cyte, fat ]>e sauer of hym schuld do hoin no greue. 
And || bade f e kyng byld fast in euery hurne of hys lond chyrches, 78 a 
and be lusty forto here Godys seruyce, and do honour to all men 
8 of holy chrych, and euer haue mynd and compassion of all men 
fat wer nedy and pore. 

Then, when fat George had Ipus turnyd f ys lond to Godis 

fayfe, he herd how fe Empmmr Dyaclisian dyd mony cristen 

12 men to def . Then J he went to hym boldely, and repreued hym 

of f e cursed dede. Then f e Emp^rour anon commawndyd forto 

do hym into prison and lay hym per vpryght, and a mylne-ston 

vpon his brest, forto haue so cruschet hym to def. But when he 

16 was seruet so, he prayd to God of help ; and God kept hym so, 

fat he feld no harme yn 2 no party of hys body. But when fe 

Emperour herd f erof, he bade make a whele s set full of howkes 

yn fat on syde of fe whele, and 4 swerde poyntys in fat olpyr 

20 syde a5eyne fat, and set George in Ipe myddys, and so forto turne 

f e wheles and all torase hys body on ayfyr syde. But when he 

was yn fe turment, he prayd to Crist of socour, and was holpen 

anon. Aftyr he was put in an G hote brennyng lyme-kylne and 

24 closed feryn, forto haue ben brent; but God twrnet wyt/t hys 

my5t J>e hete into cold dew. ^ette, J?e fryd day aftyr, when all 

men wendon he had ben brent to coles, fen was he fonde lyght 

and mery, and f onked God. Aftyr when he was fatte and sette 

28 before fe Emperour, he repreuyd hym of hys false goddys, and 

sayde fay wer but fendys, and wythout myght, and false at nede. 

Then made fys Emperour forto bete his moufe vryih stonys, 

tyll liyt was all topounet, and made to bete hys body wytA dry 

32 bolle-senows, tyll f e flessch fell from f e bon and hys guttes myght 

be seyne. ^et aftyr fay made hym to drynke venom fat was 

made strong for f e nom/s, forto haue poysont hym to f e def anon. 

But when George had made f e syngne of f e cros on hit, he dranke 

86 hyt wytAout any greve, || soo fat, for wonder f erof, f e man fat 78 b 

1 Then d. D. om. G. 3 yn d. D. ny 0. z whele d. D. wlele G. 

4 and d. D. om. G. 5 an d. D. om. G. 

31. De Festo Sancti Georgii 135 

made f e poysen, anon turned to the fayf e, and anon was don to 
defe for Crystys sake. Then, fe ny$t aftyr, as George was in 
prison prayng to God, God come to hym wyih gret lyght, and 
bade hym be of good comfort ; for in Ipe morow he schuld make 4 
an end of hys passyon, and so com to hym into f e ioy fat euer 
schall last. And when he had set a crown of gold apon hys hed, 
he 3af hym hys blessyng and stegh into Heuen. Then anon, on 
f e morow, for he wold not do sacryfice to Ipe Emp^rourys false 8 
goddys, he made to smyte of hys hed; and soo passed to God. 
And when fe Empmmr wold haue gone to hys palys, fe layte 
fure brent hym and all hys seruante*. 

Narracio. 12 

In a story of Antioch ys wrytton fat, when cristen men 
beseget lerusalem, a fayre $ong kny^t aperut to a prest, and 
sayde \>ai he was Saynt George and leder of cristen men, and 
commaundyd fat he schuld bere wyt/* horn hys relykes } and com 16 
vfyih hom to fe sege. But when fay comen to fe walles of 
lerusalem, fe Saracens weren so strong wytAyn J?at cristen 
men durst not clymbe vp hor laddres. Then com Seynt George, 
clof>yd yn whyte, and a red crosse on hys brest, and 5ode vp 20 
}>e laddyrs, and bade fe cristen men com aftyr hym. And 
so wytft f>e helpe of Seynt George, f>ay wonen fe cyte, and 
slogh all J>e Saresyns j?ay fonden Iperyu. And ferfor pray we 
to Saynt George f>at he wyll be our helpe at oure nede, and saue 24 
J?ys reem to f>e worschyp of God and his modyr Mary and all fe 
company of Heuen. Amen. 


Good men and woymen, such a day }e schull haue Seynt Harcws 28 
day, f>at was on of f>e foure fat wryton Je gospellys, and prechet 
hom to fe pepull. Then was J?ys Marke furst an hefen man, 
but aftyr he was folowet of Seynt Petyr and soo sewet Petyr 
79 a long aftyr, tyll he was full ta$t || in fe byleue. And when he 32 
was full ylurned of Cristys fayfe, fen Seynt Petyr made hyrn 
goo and pr^ch f e pepull Godys word. And for he was soo holy 
a man, fe pepull allgate wold make hym a prst, he, for gret 


32. De Sancto Marco 

mekenes of hymselfe, made to kyt of his fombe; neuerfeles 
when God wold haue hyt, Seywt Petyr vryih gret instauwce made 
hym to take f e ordyr of prest. Then was he besy day and ny^t 
4 forto precla. Godys word to f e pepull ; and all fat he sayde vryth 
worde, he cowfermed wytA good ensampull and wyth doyng; of 

Thus, by iwspyracyon of f e Holy Gost, he 3ode to fe cyte of 

8 Alysandyr, forto turne f e pepull of f e cyte to f e fayf of Crist. 

Then when he come into f e cyte, at f e forme fote fat he set yn 

at fe 5ate, hys scho} barst and was toren; wherby he wyst 

well fat he schuld not go from fens, but fat he 1 schuld take 

12 hys ende Iper : and soo dyd. Then, when he com ynto f e cyte, 
he saw a maw clowtyng pore mew schone fat werne torne; and 
foj fis man wer a panyme, he was cristen yn hys doyng. 
Wherfor Saynt Marke prayde forto amende his schone fat wer 

16 torne. pew f is maw, for he saw fat Marke was pore, and nedy, 
and of sympull aray, hym fojt fat hyt was almys forto helpe 
hym, and toke hys schone to hym, and began forto sawe on hit. 
And as he sewet full helt, by Godis ordenance, he wondyd hy??i- 

20 selfe in f e honde wyth his nalle grevesly ; and so, what for ache 
and penance fat he had fm>f, among his woo he called helpe 2 
of God. And when Saynt Marke herd fat, he fowkyd God; 
and 8 anon he spytte in fe erfe, and rnakyd fene, and wyth fat 

24 fen anoynted f e manm/s hond in f e name of Xhesn Crist : and 
anon he was hole. Then, when f#s maw segh such vertu yn 
Saynt Marke, he prayde hym forto dwell wyth hym. Then 
Marke dwelled wyth fys man and preched hym, so fat he 

28 folewet hym and all hys |j howshold ; and aftur for gret holynes 79 b 
fat he saw yn hym, he made fys man a byschop. 

Thus when men of f e cyte seen how Marke preched f e fayth 
of Crist, and dyspysyd hor fals goddys, they 4 token hym, and tyed 

32 hym by f e neke wyth a rope, and drewew 5 hym on f e stonys, 
cryyng yfere in despyte of hym : ' Draw we fys bugull to f e 
bygulstede 6 ! * So whew fay had drawew hym negh to f e def e, 
fen fay puttew hym ynto fe prison tyll on fe morow. pen 

1 he d. D. ha G. 3 helpe of d. D. of helpe of on G. 3 and d. D. 

om. G. 4 they d. D. \>at G. ' drewen d. D. druen G. 6 bygulstede C. 
bugleatede H. begullplace L. bygullstete G. bugullstede D. not in d. 

32. De Sancto Marco 137 

com fat ny$t Crist into f e prison to hym and sayde : ' Pes be 
to f e, Marke our euangelyst, be nost agast ; for I am wyth f e ! ' 
Then on f e inorow fey l come a^eyn, and fat hym out a5eyn, and 
drewen hym tyll he was ded. And when he felde fat he schuld 4 
dye, he sayd : ' In manws tuas, Domme, commendo spiritum 
meum, redimisti ' ; and so f erwyth ^af vp hys gost. Then aftyr, 
when fay wold haue brent hys body for malyce, anon ]>er come 
such a powdyr and layte and erf e - qwake, fat no man durst 8 
abyde, but all fleen away, pen yn fe nyjt aftyr cristen men 
token hys body, and buryet hyt wyth gret worschyp, as hyt was 

Then fell hyt soo aftyr fat yche contrey halowet Seynt 12 
Markeys day, saue on contrey the whech was callyd Appuleo. 
pe whech contrey was so desesut by hete and vnkynd dro^t, fat 
all f e comes and frutys faylut how, fat fay wer negh enfamyscht 
for defaute of corne. But f en come f er a voyce from Heuen, 16 
and bade halow Saynt Markeys day, as of yr crysten men duden, 
and fen schuld fay be releuet 2 . And when fay dydden soo, God 
send to horn all man^r of frutys. 

Now, good men and woymen, je haue herd of f is seyntis lyfe, 20 
and why hys day ys halowet ; fen hit is nedfull to tell you why 
$e schull fast his day and goo in processyon. 


I rede fat in f e cyte of Rome on f is day fell such a qwalme 24 
and soden deth among f e pepull of f e cyte, fat when a man 
ofyr neset, || anon f^rwytA he jaf vp fe gost; and o\>yr 
deydyn sodenly a gret nownbyr. Then fe pope Pelagius bade 
ych man, when he gonet, to make a cros on his mouf e ; and 28 
when a man herd anof yr nese, he schuld bydde : ' Crist helpe 
f e ! ' and so mony wern sauet. And also he made f e pepull fast, 
and to go 3 about in procession barfot, and soo pray holy seyntys 
of Heuen forto pray for horn to God, fat he of his goodnes 32 
schuld haue mercy of horn; and soo dyd. Then come aftyr 
Seynt Gregory, and made horn do f e same ych jere on Saynt 
Markeys day, bofe fast and go on processyon, and canonysyt 
hit, forto be don alway aftyr. Then come a%r a pope was 36 

1 J>ey d. D. J>at G. 3 MS. reuelet. 3 to go d. D. om. G. 


32. De Sancto Marco 

called Liberia, and segh how fe frute of fe erth and of tren, 
for tendyrne[s] of homselfe, token at fys day ofte-tyme gret harme, 
what by fondyr and by layte, by vnkynde hete, be vnkynd 
4 stormys, by whyrlyng-wynde, by mystes, by myldewys, be 
grene wormys, be long-taylet fleys. And also, for f e pepull to 
sone aftyr f e receyuyng of hor howsyll turnei a3eyne to synne, 
hauyng no reward to fat hegh sacrament, f erf or God send 
8 vengeans among f e pepull mor fat tyme of f e 3ere fen anof yr, 
of pestylens, of werres, of derf es, of dyuerse sekenes. Wherfor 
fys holy pope, forto put away Godys wraf from fe pepull, he 
commaundet all cristen mew and woymen forto halow fys day, 

12 and fast not to certeyne 3eres as lewde pepull tellyth, but allway 
forth on, and forto come fat day to f e chyrch, and goo on pro- 
cession wytA f e letany. Wherfor, good men, 30 schull wete well 
fat all fylke fat don a3eyne f e cowstytucyons of holy chyrche 

16 wytyng, he ys acurset tyll he come to amendement ; and yf he 
dey yn fat curs vnschryuen, he is dampnet fore euer befor God. 
Herefor, good mew and woymew, I charch you on holy chyrche 
byhalfe, fat 30 fast fat day, but hit fall on a Sonenday of yr yn 

20 Astyr weke; and comyth || fat day to fe chyrch ; and heruth God 80 b 
eeruyce as cristen mew owen forto do; and prayfe hertly to 
Seynt Marke fat he woll pray for you to God forto put away all 
myscheues of body and of soule, and fat 36 may haue f e blys fat 

24 he bo3t you to. To fe whech blys God bryng you and me to, yf 
hyt be hys will. Amew. 



28 Good mew and woymew, such a day N 30 schull haue an hegh 
fest iw holy c[h]yrch : Seynt Phelypys day and Seywt Jacobs, Cristys 
holy apostolys. But for fys coniyf wyt/tyn J?e tyme of Astyr 
Eeruyce, 30 schull not fast fe euen ; but comyth to J?e chyrch 

32 as Godys owne pepull, to worschyp God and his holy apostolys. 

Then schull 30 know fat fys Phylyp was send by all fat ofyr 
apostolys mto a contre fat was called Cythya, forto prech Godis 

33. De Festo Apostolorum Philippi et lacobi 139 

worde to fe vnbeleued pepull. But when he come fedyr, and 
pr^ched ajeyn hor mawmetys, preuyng fat fay wer fendys, and 
not goddys, anon fys mysbeleued pep all token fys holy apostull, 
and ladden hym ynto hor tempull, and constrayned hywi to do 4 
sacryfyce to hor mawmetys, of ir ellys he schuld be ded. Then, as 
fay wern besy forto haue done f ys doses, sodenly a gret dragon 
com out of f e erf e, and slogh f re of f es mysbeleued men, and 
venemet l so f e pepull wyth hys bref yng, fat Iper fell on horn all 8 
such a sekenes, fat for woo and passyon fat fay hadon, fay cryed 
all waylyng and wepyng yche on to [o]fyr. Then sayde Phelyp 
to horn : * gyf 50 woll be helyd of your sekenes fat greuef e you, 
and also f es men be bro^t ^eyne to lyve fat ben ded, castys don 12 
f es mawmetys fat 30 wolden haue me to worschyp, and settyf e 
f er a cros lyke to f e cros fat 2 my maystyr dyed apon, and worschyp 
hyt.' Then dyd fay so gladly and fayn, forto be holpen of hor 
81 a woo fat || greuet horn soo sore. And when fay hadden soo don, 16 
anon ry$t fay wern all hole j and Saynt Phelyp, be callyng of 
Cristys nome, reryd vp a3eyne to lyue fre men fat wern ded. 
And when he had don soo, he commaundyd fe dragon forto go 
into wyldyrnes f eras he schuld neuer greue man ny best ; and so 20 
jode forth, and was neuer seen aftyr. 

Thus when Seynt Phelyp had prashed f e pepull, and made horn 
stedfast in fe fayf e of Xhesu Crist, and ^ode forth into a cyte 
leropolym ; and for he prechet f e fayf e of Ihesu Crist fat was don 24 
on f e cros, ferfor wykked men of fat cyte token hym, and 
dydden hym on a cros, as Crist was, and soo payned hym to f e 
def e. And BOO he 3ode to Crist, hys maystyr, forto dwell wyfe 
hym in f e ioy fat neuer schall haue ende. 28 

Now $e schull here of Seynt lacob, fat was called among fe 
apostolys 'lamys fe lasse/ forto be know from 'lamysfe more' fat 
was Seynt lonys brof yr. But f ys lacob, of yr lames, fat ys all 
on name, was called Cristys brof yr ; for he was goo lyke to 32 
Crist, fat when f e lewes token oure Lord Crist, fay cowf e not 
know fat on by fat of yr, but as ludas trayde Crist by a cosse, 
and soo ta;t horn to hym. Thys lamys was soo holy from f e 
tyme fat he was borne, all f e tyme of hys lyfe, fat he dranke no 36 
wyne ny syser ne ale ; for f ys f [e]re nys non yn fat contrey. And 
1 MS. vememet. 2 J>at (7. of G. om. d. D. 

140 33. De Festo Apostolorum Philippi et lacobi 

alsoo he ete neu<?r flessche, ne his hed was neuer schauen; he 
vset neuer forto be bawmet wyth oyle, as f e man^r of f e contray 
ys for hete of f e sonne ; he was neuer baf uf ; he weryd neu^r 
4 lynnen clofe; he vset forto knell soo moche yn hys prayers, fat 
hys kneus wern soo f ekke of ylle, fat fay weren boched lyke l 
a camele. Thys was f e fyrst man fat euer song masse yn veste- 
mewtys, as pastes now dof e. 

8 pen fell hit soo fat f e cyte of Jerusalem was enfect wytA f e 
synne of f e slaght of Crist, fat hit most nede be destriet. || Wher- 81 b 
for f ys holy man Saynt lames was made byschop of f e cyte of 
Jerusalem, and laft f er forto pr^ch f e pepull, and turne horn ynto 

12 bettyr leuyng. But for fay wer soo combred wytA synne, fat 
fay had no grace of amendemerat, nedly 2 Crystys prophesy 
most be fuliylled and fe cyte destryet. Wherfor men token 
Seynt lames, and set hym on a hegh place, prayng hym forto 

16 preche f e pepull a^eynys Cristys fayf e ; for moch of f e pepull 
was turnet to fe fayth. pen lamys boldely and styfly prechet 
f e fayf e of Cryst, and pruned by godde opyn reson fat all fat 
leuet not 3 on Crist schuld be dampned at f e day of dome ynto f e 

20 fure of hell, fat neuer schall have end. Then f e maystyr of f e 
lewes lawe f roston hym don from loft, and wyth stonys pounet 
hym, so fat he was negh ded. Then he, knelyng on hys kneys, 
prayet to God forto for^eue horn hys def e. And f erwy^Ji a curset 

24 man of horn wyth a walkerys staf smot hym on f e hed, fat f e 
brayne wallut out ; and soo :jeld vp f e gost. 

Then aftyr, what for synne of Cristys def e and for f e synne 
of f ys holy manys deth, f e cyte of Jerusalem, fat was f e strengest 

28 cyte yn all fe world, and vnlykly forto haue ben wonon, was 
stryet soo into f e vtmast, fat ych stone of ych wall was turnet 
vpso don, and neuer on laft on of yr ; for so Crist, fourty $ere befor, 
sayde hit schuld fall. And f e lewes wer dryuen ynto * dyuerse 

82 contrays and cytyes, and dyspoylet, soo fat hor kyndom syf en 
haf e ben destryet, and fay weren, and $et byn, hyndyrlyngys to 
all of yr pepull. }et woll I tell you more of f e destruccyon of fat 
cyte of Jerusalem, forto schew you how vengabull God ys apon 

36 horn fat ben lef forto sched Cristys blod, as fay weren. 

1 lyke D. om. G. not in d. os C. 2 nedly d. D. but nedly G. 

3 not inserted above the line. * ynto D. to d. om. G. 

33. De Festo Apostolorum Philippi et lacobi 141 

Narracio \ 
Thus when God wold do vengeans on f ys cyte, hyt fell soo, fat 

82 a a man of Pylatus fat dyd Crist || to def e, come from Jerusalem 
toward Rome ; but by a tempest he was cast apon f e lond f er 4 
as a gret lord dwellet, fat was called Vaspasyanws. Then had 
f is Vaspasyan such a maledy yn hys vysage, fat out of hys nase- 
f urles droppyd wormys out lyke waspes. Then sayde Vaspasyan 
to f ys man : ' Of what contre comes f ou ? ' pew sayde he : ' From 8 
f e cyte of Jerusalem/ Then sayde Vaspasyan : ' I am full glad 
fm>f, for as I haue lernet Ipat contre hafe mony good leches. 
Wherfor I wot fat fou con hele me; and but yf fou do soo, 
for sof e fou schalt be ded/ pen sayde he a^eyn : ' I am no leche 12 
myselfe ; but he Ipat helyd all seke, and raysed f e ded to lyue, 
he may hele fe, yf he woll.' 'Who ys fat?' qwod Vaspasyan. 
1 Syr/ quod he, ' Jhesus of Nazareth fat lewys han slayne ; yn 
whom, yf fou wolt beleue, fou schalt be hole/ Then sayde 16 
Vaspasyan: 'I beleue wele he may hele me fat raysyth men 
from def e to lyue/ And auon, wyth f ys word, he was hole as 
fysch. Then was Vaspasyan so glad of hys hele, fat he send 
anon to f e Empm)ur of Rome, and gete leue to destrye f e cyte 20 
of Jerusalem ; and soo gedyrd gret nowmbyr of pepull and toke 
Tytus, his sonne, v?yth hym and 3ode f edyr. Then, in f e niene 
tyme, whill he seget fe cyte, fe Empmmr deyd, and he was 
choson Ernpmmr of Rome, pen went he to Rome, and lafte 24 
Tytus, hys sonne, yn hys styd, wyth pepull ynogh forto destrye 
fe cyte. Then Tytus lay BOO hard on f e cyte and enfamecht 
horn so, fat fay eton hor schone and hor botes for hunger ; and 
f e fadyr raft f e mete out of f e sonnes hond, and toke hit out of 28 
his moufe, and fe sonne of fe fadyrs; fe husbond of fe wyfe, 
and f e wyfe of f e husbond. 

Then, among of yr, f er was a woman of gret blod fat had a }ong 
chyld, and for hongyr sayde f us to hym : c My sonne dere, 82 

82 b I haue moche more payne for f e fen f ou || had for me ; wherfor 
hit ys more resyn fat I bete my hongyr on f e, fen fat I dee, and 
f ou bof e. Then toke scho hyr chyld, and slo^ hym, and rostyd 
fat on halfe, and kept fat of yr halfe raw. pus as f e flesche 36 

1 Narracio J>. om. Q. not in d. 

142 33. De Festo Apostolorum Philippi et lacobi 

rostyd, f e sauer f 0rof went out ynto fe strete, and men fat 

felden fat sauer, wenden tyer had ben plentef of mete, and comen 

yn, forto haue part of f e mete. But when fay come yn, fys 

4 womow wold haue hyd fys mete from horn ; but fay a5eynstoden, 

and sayden scho schuld not, for fay wendon fat hyt had ben of yr 

mete fen of a chyld. Then sayde f e woman : * Here I haue rostyd 

half my chyld, forto ete ; and yf 56 woll not leue me : lo her fat othyr 

8 halfe raw a^eynys to-morou ! ' pen weren f es men so agryset of fat 

syijt, fat fay jode forth and laft f e modyr etyng hyr owne chyld. 

Then encreset hungyr so in ]>e cyte, fat fay dedyn soo f ykke, 
fat fay casten ded bodyes ouer f e walles, and fullet fe dyches 

12 soo, fat f e sauour of horn jjode ferre into f e contrey. Then, at 
fe last, nede made horn fat wer on lyue to 3eue vp fe cyte. 
pen com Tytus yn wyth his ost ; and ryght as f e lewes sold 
Crist for thrytty penyes, so fay sold f rytte lewes for on peny, 

16 and turned vp f e cyte, fat fay laft not on ston apon anof yr, but 
destriet hyt ynto f e vtmast. 

Thus, good men, }e mou segh, fogh God abyde longe, how 
sore he smytyfe at f e last, and sendyth vengeans apon all fat 

20 ben lusty forto sched crysten blod. Suche mew God hatyf e 
heghly ; wherfor yche man amende * hymselfe, prayyng to f es 
apostolys to be hur medyatours bytwyx horn and God, fat fay 
may haue her 2 veray repentans in hert wyth schry[f]t of mouf , 

24 and so, wy\.h satysfaccyon of good edes, cow to f e blys fat f es 
holy apostolys byth yn. Amen. 



28 Good men and woymen, such a day je schull haue f e Holy- 83 a 
rode-day. pe whech day je schull not fast f e euen, but 3 comyth to 
fe chyrch as cristen pepull, in worschip of hym fat deyd on fe 
rode for saluacyon of mankynd. Then schull 50 know fat fys 

32 fest is callet f e fyndyng of f is crosse, fat was fonde in f ys wyse. 

1 amende D. to amende G. not in d. 2 haue her d. D. om. G. 

3 but H. L. d. D. but on deuocyon but G. C. 

34. De Inuencione Sancte Crucis 143 

When Adam, our forme fadyr, was seke for age *, and wold 
fayn haue ben ded, he send Seth, hys sonne, to fa angyll to 
paradyse, prayng hym forto sende hym f e oyle of mercy, to anoynt 
his body wyth when he wer ded. Then vnswared }>e angyll and 4 
sayde fat 2 he my3t in no maner, tyll fyue f owsand and ij c. jere 
wer fulfylled. ' But haue f e branch of fe tre fat thy fadyr synned 
wyth, and set hyt on hys graue ; and when hit beryth fryte, fen 
schall he haue mercy, and no}t ere/ Then toke Seth fis branche, 8 
and fonde hys fadyr ded, and soo sette fy branch on his 
burines as f e angyll bade ; f e wheche growet fere tyll Salamow- 
ys tynie. So when Salamon made his tempull, for f?/s tre was 
passyng of yr, he made to hew hit don to f e weike. But for hit 12 
wold not accorde wyth fe werke, Salamon made to dygge hit 
depe yn fe erthe; and soo was hit hyd fer yn fe tyme fat 
byschopys of f e tempull let make a were yn f e same plas, forto 
wasch schepe yn, fat were offred vp to fe tempull, feras fe tre 16 
lay. Then, when fis wer was made, fay callet hit on hor 
lauggage Probatica Pyscyna. Yn f e whech wer, yche day, come 
an angyll from Heuen don in worschip of fat tre fat lay yn f e 
gronde f erof, and soo steret f e watyr, soo fat he fat come furst 20 
ynto f e watyr aftyr f e steryng of f e angell, was heled of what 
maner euell fat hym greuet, by uertu of fat tre. Soo fis last 
83 b niony 5eres, tyll Crist was taken forto be || don to def e on fe cros. 
Then f 3/3 ti e, by Godys ordenance, plumbet vp and swam on f e 24 
watyr ; and for f e lewes haddew non of er tre redy to make f e 
cros of, for gret hast, fay toke fat tre, and made hit cros, and 
soo hongyd Crist f eron. And few f ys tre bare fys blesset frute, 
Cristys body, of fe wheche wallut mercy to Adam and Eue, and 28 
to all hor osprywg. But when Crist was ded and taken don of 
f?/s cros, fe lewes, for envy of hym, token f e cros, and fe ofyr 
fat fe twoo feues honget apon ayf er syde of Crist, and buryet 
horn depe yn f e erthe ; for cristen men schuld not wete wher fay 32 
wer. And layn f er hude two hundryt wyntyr and mor, tyll Seynt 
Elyn, f e Emperourys modyr Constantyn, fonde hit yn f ys wyse. 
In tyme of fis Constantyiie, Maxenciws w?/tA strong hond helde 
f e Empyre of Borne, pen Constantyne gedyrt hym power, forto 36 

. l for age d. D. and for eld G. 2 )>at written on the margin. 


34. De Inuencione Sancte Crucis 

feght wyth Maxenciws at pe gret wat?/r ; ouer pe wheche watyr 
lay a gret brygge, so pat in pe medyll of pis brygge Maxenciws, 
for dyssayte of Constawtyne, lete make a trappe, forto haue 
4 destryet Constawtyne. But pe ny:jt befor pe batayle, as Con- 
stantyne lay yn his bed for drede of Maxens for he was byggyr 
of pepull pen he was Crist come to hym wytA a sygne of a cros, 
schynyng as gold, and sayde to hym : ( To-morow when pou gos to 
8 pe batayle, take pys syngne yn py hond, and by uertu pm>f, p on. 
schalt haue pe victory.' Then was Constantyne wondyr glad and 
let make a cros of tre, and pay bare hit befor hym to pe batayle. 
But when Maxenciws saw hym riygh pe brygge, he was so fers yn 

12 hymself, pat he forgale pe trappe pat he made ; and soo, as he 
come a^eynys Constantyn, he fell by pe trappe don ynto pe 
watyr and was drowned, pen was hys ost wondyr fayn, and 
joldyn horn wyth fre wyll to Constantyn. || 

16 Then, be counsell of pe pope *, he send to hys modyr Elyn, pat 84 a 
was qwene of Jerusalem, and prayet hyr forto seche pe cros pat 
Crist was don on. Then was pys Elyn a kyiigys doghtyr of 
Engelond pat was callet Ceolus; and when Constantyne, fadyr 

20 of pys Constantyne, com ynto J>e lond of Engelond and saw Elyn 
so fayre, he weddyd hyr for hyr bewte, and soo made hur 
Emperes of Rome. But aftyr hyr husbond def e, scho had f>e 
kyndom of Jerusalem to hur dowre ; wherfor scho made to gedyr 

24 all f>e lewes pat myjt be fonde, and sayde horn soply J>at all 
schuld be brent, but yf J>ay schewedyn hur \>Q cros of Crist. 
Then, by counsell of horn all, f>ay token on man J?at J>ay called 
ludas, and sayde fat he wyst wher J>e cros was, and how he 

28 cowf>e bryng hur Iperio. Then was scho glad and put J?ys ludas 
ynto prison and dystresse, tyll he wold telle hur wher pis cros 
was. pen sygh Ipys man he most nedys, o\>yr be ded, and bade 
sewe hym to )?e hull of Caluarye. And when he had prayet per 

32 long, pe erth quaked 2 per pe cros lay, and a smoke swete as any 
spycery com out of pe erth ; and when pay dygged per, pay fonde 
pre crosses. Then, forto know wheche was Cristis cros, pay 
layden horn yche on aftyr opyr apon a ded body ; but when Cristis 

36 cros com, anon pe body pat was ded roos, and ponkyt God. 

1 pope D. not in <?. scratched out G. 2 quaked D. qwaquyt G. not in d. 

34. De Inuencione Sancte Crucis 145 

Then toke Elyn a party of fys cros and send to Rome to hur 
sonne; and fe remenant scho made to schryne hyt yn syluer, 
and laft hyfc yn Jerusalem wyth all fe worschyppe fat scho 
cowthe. pws, good men, as holy chyrche makyth mynd f ys day, 4 
f e holy cros was foiide. 


Then, as I rede, I fynde fat yn a cyte was callet Beritus 
a cristen man hyred an howse at a lew to wone yn. Then had 8 
fis cristen mon a rode }>e whech fat Nychodemus made in 
84 b worschip || and yn mynd of Crist, pen toke he f ys rode, and set 
hit in a preuy plase yn his howse for sy^t of f e lewes, and dyd 
hit worschyp aftyr his coraiyng. pen aftyr hyt fell soo fat fis 12 
man steryd ynto anofyr howse, and toke out all his good wyth 
hym, saue only fys rode he forgate, as God wold he schuld. v 
Then come fys lew and wone[d] in f e same howse fat fys cristen 
ma?i laft, and forto make hym dalyance, he called on of his 16 
nejtburs to hym, and made hym forto sowpe wyth hym. So as 
fay setten at 1 sowpere and talked togedyr of fys cristen man 
fat wonet fer before, fys ne^tbur lokut bysyly abowte and few 
was he war of f e rode stondyng yn a preuy hurne, and when he 20 
saw hyt, anon he began 2 grewne and grynd his tef e, and rebuked 
sputwyslyche fys ofyr lew, and bare on hym styfly fat he was 
a cristen man, and had f e rode f er, forto don hit worschyp. And 
he swor f er as depe as he couf e, fat hit was not soo, for he 24 
had neuer befor sen hit. ^et went fys ofer lew anon to his 
neghtburs, and told horn all fat fys lew was a preuy cristew 
man, and how he had a rode hyd yn his howse. Then come fay 
all wrof e and beten f ys man on f e worst maner fat fay cowf e. 28 
And so, at f e last, fay saydeyi yfere : ' pys ys an ymage of fat Ihesu 
fat our fadyrs dydden to cleth; wherfor, as fay dydden to hys 
body, do we now to hys ymage ! ' Then fay token f ys ymage 
and blyndwaruet hit, and boffeton hit, and bobbyd hyt, and 82 
aftyr beton hit wyth scorgys, and crownet hit wyth f ornys, and 
aftyr dydden hit on f e cros, and naylet hyt fote and bond to f e 
cros. And soo, at f e last, fay maden f e strengest man of horn 
take a sper, and wyth all his myght frost hit to f e hert. And 86 

1 setten at written above the line G. 

2 began Harl. 2403. come G. not in d. J). C. 



34. De Inuencione Sancte Crucis 

anon when he dyd soo, blod and watyr ran out down by f e syde. 
Then wer fay al sore agryset of fat sy$t and say den : ' Take we 
a pycher, and full we hyt full of fys blod, and bere we hit || to 85 a 

4 our tempull fat lyf e full of seke men of dyuerse malodyes, and 
anoynt we horn wyth fys blod ; and $yf fay be hole, anon cry we 
Crist mercy, and take we fologht ! ' Then fay anon anoynt ed f es 
seke men wyth fys blod, and fay anou wer hote and sownde. 

& Then went f es lewes to f e byschop of f e cyte, and tolden hym 
}>e case how hyt befell. And when he herd fat, he kneled adon 
and f onket God of his hegh miracull. And when he had folowed 
fes lewes, he toke vyals of cristall and of lambur and of glas, 
12 and put fys blod yn horn, and send hit all aboute to dyuers 
chyrches. And of fys blod, as mony men sayn and vndyrstondyn, 
com f e blod of Hayles f erof. 


16 As Myletus tellyfe in hys cronyculs, mony 1 5ere aftyr fat 
Jerusalem was destriet, f e lewys wolden haue bylde hyt aijeyne. 
Then, as fay 5oden yn f e morow f edyrward, fay fonden mony 
crosses yn fe dewe, soo fat fay wern aferd and turned homward. 

20 pat of yr morne fay comen a^eyne, and Ipen wer hor clof es full of 
crosses of red blod ; and when fay seghen fat, fay floghen home 
for fere, ^et fay wold not be warnet, but comen a^eyne f e fryd 
day; and few anow sodenlich a fyre ros vp out of fe erth, and 

24 brent horn all to cold colys and askes. 

And f erfor I counsell fat we do reuerence and worschyp to f e 
cros, for ofyr defence haue we not a^eyne oure gostly enmys. 
And pray we hertly to God fat we may worschyp hit soo here 

28 in our lyfe, fat we may haue f e b[l]ysse fat he bo3t vs to, hongyng 
f eron ; and soo mote hit be. Amen. 




32 Cristen men and woyinen, such a day 56 schull haue Saynt 
lonys day at 2 f e Port Latyne ; f e wheche || day ^e schull come to 85 b 

1 mony Harl. 2403. nony G. not in C. d. D. 2 at d. D. om. G, 

35. De Festo lohaniiis ante Pbrtam Latinam 147 

pe chyrch, and worschyp God and Saynt Ion. But why pi/s day 
ys called soo, now 36 schull here. 

As Ipys holy Saynt Ion prechet Godis woide yn a cyte pat was 
Ephasy, pe justyce of pat cyte segh pat Saynt Ion turned 'pe 4 
pepull fast to cristen fayth. Wherfor he made to take Seynt 
Ion, and constrayn hym forto haue don sacrifice to his l mawmetes. 
And for he wold not, bwt he wold rayfer hys lyfe pen do 
suche a synne befor God, then Ipys justyce cowmawndyd forto put 8 
Seynt Ion ynto prison, whyll he send to pe Emperour of Rome, 
forto wyt what he schuld do wyth Seynt Ion. Soo wheji his 
lettyrs come to pe Empmmr yn pe whech lettyrs he call et Ion 
all pat no^t was : wych, and trohulere, and a desayuour of pe 12 
pepull then pe Emperour wrot a^eyne to pe justyce, and Taade 
send hym to Rome ; and soo he dyd. And when he was comyn 
pedyr, and apposyd of hys doyng, and, for he stod stydfast yn pe 
beleue of Crist, for gret scorne pe Emperour made to clyppe 16 
away pe heris of lonys hed (for he had a fayre hed of fax). 
Then, when he was so clypped, all men loghen hym to scoine, and 
dydden hym doses, pen was he for scorne lad to pe ^ate of pe 
cyte of Rome pat was called Port Latyn. And j?er was a tonne 20i 
of bras, full of wallyng oyle, into ]?e wheche tonne he was put 
and closyd J>eryn, and fure made vndyr hote, and so fei weren 
^erne 2 about for pat Seynt Ion schuld haue ben 3 brent peryn. 
But for he was Godys one derlyng, he kepte hym soo, pat he 24 
feld no payne. pen, when all men wenclen, he had ben all for- 
sopen to powdyr, pay vndedyn pe ton, and sygh Ion als hole and 
sonde yn ych parte of hys body and of hys coloure, as nopyng 
had towched hym. Wherfor cristen men maden per a chyrche || 28 
86 a in worschyp of God and Saynt Ion, and In memory of pe martyr- 
dom pat he suffred per. Then, for pe Emperour segh pat he 
my^t not ouercorne Saynt Ion for fere of no penance, lie made to 
exile hym ynto an yle pat is callet Pathmos. 82 

Then herd Saynt lonys modyr how hur sonne was send to 
Rome, forto haue be don to depe; and for gret sorow and 

1 his d. D. hor G. .. . .. - 

2 so >ei weren Berne C. so they hied hem fast d. D. om G 

3 schuld haue ben C. were d. D. schuld haue G. 

10 2 

148 35. De Festo lohannis ante Portam Latinam 


passion of hym, scho jode afti/r hym to Rome. But when scho 
herd fat he was send ynto an exyle, scho turnet a^eyne homward. 
And scho come to a cyte fat was called Ventulan ; Iper scho fell 

4 seke, and deyd, and was buryet bysyde f e cyte vndyr a roche. 
And when scho had layne ]>er mony jerys, Seynt lames, hur cfyyr 
sonne, come f edyr, and toke vp hys modyrys body fat smelled 
few- as swete as any spycery, and broght hit Ipen ynto fe cyte, 

8 and buriet hit f er wyth gret honour and worschyppe. 


In f e lyfe of Saynt Edward I fynd fat f is holy man louet so * 
Seynt Ion fe Euangelyst, fat he wold werne no pore man good 

12 fat askyd hyt for Saynt lonys loue. Then fel hyt on an hygh 
holyday, as fys kyng went yn processyon, Seynt Ion come to 
hym yn lykenes of a pylgrym, and prayde to 3eue hym som good 
for Saynt lonys loue. pen, for f e kyng at fat tyme had non olpyr 

16 fyng redy, he toke f e ryng of his fjugyr and }af f e pylgrym. 
Then sone f eraftyr two knyghtys of f is kyngys howshold jedon 
to lerusalem on pylgrymage ; and when fay come ne$ f edyr, as 
hit happyd horn, fen fay laft hor company, and ^ode homself 

20 tyll hyt was ny^t. And when hit was nyijt, hit wax so derke, 
fat fay my^t neuer on see of yr ; wherfor fay wer all dyswayre of 
homself. And as fay stoden f us all adred, talkyng yfer, f er come 
by horn an oldely man wyth glad chere and semely of person 

24 wyth two chyld^r 1 1 beryng two torches brennyng for hym, f e 86 b 
wheche spake yn Englysch and sayde : ' Heyle, syrs ! Why stond ^e 
here fys tyme of ny^t, and what centre be ^e of?' pen sayde 
fay: 'We stqnden here all dyswayre of cure way; we ben 

28 pylgrymes, and men of Englond, and wolden fayne haue herber 
for of cures.' Then sayde fys man to horn : * How faryth f e kyng 
of Englond ? ' Then sayde fay fat he ferd wele, as fay hopyd ; 
for he was a good man and a holy, as fay vndyrstode. Then 

82 sayde fys man to horn: 'Syrs, for fe kyngys sake comyf now 
vryth me, and }e schull haue good herber and good ese.' And so 
he lad horn ynto a fayre place, and made horn well at ese yn all 
degre. On the morow he was redy, and bro^t f es men on hor 

36 way, and sayd f us to horn : ' Gretyth wele your kyng of Englond 

1 so C. D. so well d. om. G, 

35. De Festo lohannis ante Portam Latinam 149 

on Ipys token!' And he betoke horn a ryng and bade horn: 
' Ber fat ryng to f e kyng, bydyng hym byf ewke hym for whos 
loue lie }af hyt away, fat was Seyrat Ion fe Euangelyst; and byd 
hym make hym redy, for wytftyn vj moneys aftyr }e comew horn, 4 
he schall be ded and come to me. And $e schull go horn sond 
and safe in all prosperyte.' So when fes men comen horn, fay 
dydden hor message, as fay wer beden, and betoken f e kyng hys 
ryng. Then kneled he down on his kneys and f onked God and 8 
Saynt Ion. The[n] whoso lust to haue f is preuet sof e, go he to 
Westmynstyr; and fer he may se fe same ryng fat was 1 seuen 
jere yn paradys. And so f ys kyng deyd and went to f e blis of " 
Heuen, to Saynt Ion. To f e whech blys God bryng you and me 12 
to. Amen. 



Good men and woymew, f es f re dayes suyng Mowday, Tuysday, 
87 a and Wanysday 50 schull fast and come to chyrch : || husbond, 16 
wyfe, and s^ruant ; for all we byn synners, and nedyf e f e * 
mercy of God. Wherfor ry^t as a man may not 3 excuse hym 
of synne, ryjt soo holy chyrche ordeynefe fat no man schall 
excuse hym of f es processyons fat may godly be f er. Then he 20 
fat wythdrawyth hym from holy chyrche f es dayes, he synnyf e 
greusely befor God and hys sayntys. Furst he synnes yn pryde ; 
for he ys vnbuxom to holy chyrche not doyng hor cowaunde- 
mewt. He synnyf e also yn slouf e fat wot hymself yn synne, fat 24 
woll not com to f e chyrche, forto pray to God and hys sayntys for 
socour and remission. He synnef e also gretly forto absent hym 
from Godys seruyce yn dew tyme. Wherfor ry^t as he vryth- 
drawyth hym wylfully from f e * company of Godys pepull fat 28 
ben gedered, forto smie God yn holy tyme, ry$t soo God de- 
partyf e horn from f e company of Heuen and of suffrages fat ben 
done 5 yn holy chyrche, tyll fay com to amendement. Wherfor 
yche man and woman enfors hym forto com to f e chyrche f es 32 

1 was d. D. om. G. 3 rogacionum D. rogacionibus G. not in d. 

3 not written in red ink above the line G-. 

4 }>e D. om. G. not in d. 5 done (7, om. D, G. not in d. 


36. De Diebus Rogacionum 

dayes, and pray deuotly to fe holy sayntys of Heuen fat fay now 
helpe vs in our nede, as fay wolden sum tyme haue ben holpen, 
whill fay wer lyuyng here in erf e at hor nede. Then for we 

4 synnen in f re wayes, fat ys : yn f O3t, in worde, and yn dede, we 
schull fast f es f re dayes and do of yr penaunce wyth ; for wyth 
prayers and fastyng f e power of f e fende ys put away. God for- 
}euyth man hys gylt, and all fe angelys of Heuen ben made glad 

8 and ioyfull. pus schull %e fyrst pray to God for remission of 
your synnes, and syfen to be holpen and socourt in dyuers 
myscheues and perelles fat fallyf e namely yn f is tyme of f e 5ere 
mor fen any othyr tyme ; for now f ondyrs ben oft herd. 

12 And few, as Lyncolnyens saythe, fendys fat floteref yn f e 
ayre || for fere of a brest of f ondyr fat Crist come to, helle-^ates 87 b 
wyth and all todrofe horn, ^et fe fendys ben so 1 agast, when 
fay heren f e f ondyr, fat fay fallen don to f e erf e ; and few 

16 fay gon not vp a^eyne, tyll fay don som wycked dede. Then 
fay reryfe warres; fay makyf tempestys in Ipe see, and drow- 
nyf e schyppes and men, fay makyf e debate bytwyx neghtburs 
and mansla^t ferwyth; fay tendyfe fyres, and brennen howses 

20 and townes ; fay reryth wyndys, and blowyf don howsys, stepuls, 
and trees ; fay make wymen to ouerlye hor children ; fay makyf 
men to sle homselfe, to hong homself ofyr drowne horn in 
wanhope, and such mony ofyr curset dedys. 

24 Thus forto put away all f es perelles and myscheues, holy chyrche 
ordeynyfe ych man forto fast fes dayes and forto goo in pro- 
cessyon, forto haue helpe and socour of God and of his sayntys. 
Wherfor yn processyon bellys ryngyf e, baners ben borne befor, f e 

28 crosse comyf aftyr, and all f e pepull suyth. For ryjt as a kyng, 
when he gofe to batayle, trompes gon befor, f e baner ys des- 
playde and comyf aftyr, fen comyf fe kyng and his ost aftyr 
sewywg hym; ryght so in Cristys batayle fe belles, fat ben 

82 Godys trompes, ryngen 2 , baners byn vnfolden, and openly born 
on hegh yn f e ayre. Then f e cros yn Cristys lykenes comyth as 
a kyng of cristen men, and his ost, fat ys Cristys pepull, sewyf e 
hym. pus he dryuyf f e fend out of hys lordschip and reuef hym 

so C. om. G. D. not in d. 

ryngeii J>. ryngyng C. G. not in d. 

36. De Diebus Eogacionum 151 

hys power. And as a tyrand wold drede, and he herd ^f e trompes 
of a kyng fat wer his enmy, and se) hys baner dysplayde in Ipe 
feld ; ry3t soo f e fend, the curset tyrand of hell, dredyf e hym 
wondyr sore, when he heryf f e Kyngys trompes of Heuen ryng, 4 
and cros and banei s bro^t about. For fis cause, when any tem- 
pest ys, men vsyf forto ryng belly s, and so forto dryue f e fend 

Narrac^o. 8 

88 a I rede at fe cyte of Constantyne, as|| fay went in processyon 
for a gret fray and doses fat Ipe pepull had. [And when] 1 fay gon 
in procession and songen f e letany, sodercly a chyld was pult vp 
ynto fe ayre and soo into Heuen and f er angeles taghten hym 12 
forto syng fys song: 'Sanctus Deus, sanctus fortis, zanctus et 
immortalis, miserere nobis ! ' And wherc. he was set f er fayre don 
a3eyne, fen he sang fe same song, and anon fay werne holpen. 
Then ys fis forto say in Englysch: 'Holy God, holy strong, holy IQ 
and neuer schall deye, haue mercy on vs ! ' 

God wylnyf e fat 30 be holy, and he wylnyf e fat 36 be strong, 
forto feght wyth the fende, wyth f e world, and \vyth your owne 
flessh ; and fen woll he haue mercy on vs, and bryng vs to f e 20 
lyfe fat neuer mon schall deye. To f e whech life God bryrag you 
and me to. Amen. 



Good men and woymcra, f^/s day ys an he3 day and an hegh 
fest in all holy chyrche; for fis day, as fe fayfe of holy chyrche 
beleueth and pr^chef , Crist, God of Heuen, veray God and man, 
stegh vp ynto Heuen, and syttyf f er on hys fadyr ryght hond 28 
in f e blis fat ever schall last. Wherfor yn tokenyng of f ys f yng 
fat ys f e schef lyght fat ys yn holy chyrche, fat haf e stonden from 
Astyr hedyrto oponly yn f e quere, fys day is remuet away in 
schewyng fat Crist fe whech ys fe chef Iy3t yn holy chyrch and 32 

1 And when om. G. not in d. D. And when J>ay gon in procession and 
was in J>ei C. 


37. De Ascemione Domini Nostri 

haf e f es fourty dayes oponly apperyd to hys dyscyplys by mony 
wayes and ta^t horn fe fajfe, thys day lie ste} vp ynto Heuen, 
and }>er schall abyde tyll f e day of dome. But now 30 schull 
4 here }>e maner of hys assencyon. 

From Astyr-day to f ys day he was not algatys wyth his dis- 
cipuls, but aperut to horn dyuers tymes. But f ys day he apperut 
to horn, as fay setten at hor mete ; and f er he 5ete wyth horn, forto 
8 schew || ]>at he was um*ay man yn flesche and blod as fay werne. 88 b 
For sum of horn jet f edyrto weren yn dout, and wendon fat he 
had ben a spyryte fat haf e no flesche ne blod. Wherfor forto 
preue f e sof e and put horn out of all maner dowte, he ete wyth 

12 horn yn hor allur syght, and soo bade horn goo ynto f e mont 
of Olyuete. And f er, in sy}t of all }>e dyscypuls, he blessed 
horn, and soo stejt vp ynto Heuen, and fer laft f e steppus of 
hys fete frost downe into f e hard erth, fat euer sythen has ben 

16 sen. Then schull je know fat f e tre of olyue bryngyth forf e 
oyle fat bytokenyf e mercy ; wherfor Crist stegh vp ynto f e hulle 
of Olyuete, schewyng oponly fat he ys hed of mercy, and ys redy 
to $eue mercy to all fat askyn hit wyth meke hert. Then yn 

T20 f ys vpsteypg fat ys callet f e assencyon, angelys maden such a 
melody, fat non erfly tong cowfe tell; soo fayne fay wer of fe 
hom-comyng of our Lord. 

He styet vp, for, as hyt wer yn a moment, he was from erf e 

24 ynto Heuen. And f us sayde a gret phylosophur, raby Moyses, 
fat hit ys as 1 ferre from erthe to Heuen as an hole man myjt 
lyue a f owsand jere, and yche day goo a f owsand myle. But he 
fat metyf e f is way, he can best telle f e myles and f e lengfe 

28 of horn, pen in bis ascencyon he had vrylh hym a gret multy- 
tude of soules f e wheche fat he fat out of hell from f e fendis 

He stygh alsoo vp wyt& his wondis redy and fresshe, all blody, 

32 and so, as Bede sayfe 8 , for fyve causes. The fyrst ys, forto 
verefy f e fayf of his resurreccyon ; for he ros yn verray flessh 
and blod, and deyd on f e cros. The seconde, forto schew hys 
fadyr his wondys yn helpe of mankynd. The f ryd, how men 

36 schall se 3 , how merely he is saued. The fourthe, fat euell men 

1 as <J. D. a a. 2 Bede say>e d. C. bedes fayj>e G. not in D. 

3 se d. soo G. not in D. 

37. De Ascensione Domini JNostri 153 

89 a schall see how ryghtfull fay ben dawp||net. The v. fat he may 
ber algate wyth horn a syngne of perpetuall victory. 

He stegh also vp for gret sycurnes to all monkynde; for 
ryght as a lord ys sycour fat hafe algate a trew avoket befor 4 
f e juge to vnswar fore hym, ryght soo in sykurnes *>f al monkynd 
we han hym our trew avoket euermor, redy to vnswar for vs at 
ych apechyng fat our enmy hafe aseynes vs. Wherfor Seynt 
Barnard sayf e f us : ' A sykur accyon may a man haue to God 8 
wher f e modyr, fat ys our lady, schewyf e hyr sonne hyr brest 
and hur pappes, fe sonne schewyf e hys fadyr hys betyn sydis 
and his blody wondys.' Then how schall he be put away fat 
hath l scch two frendes yn f e court of Heuen, and next frendys, 12 
and most may do wy t/t f e kyng ? 

Also by steyng of Crist ynto Heucw, man haf e geten a gret 
dignyte yn 2 Heuen; for hit ys a gret dygnyte to a man to se 
hys one kynde, fat ys hys OWKC flesshe and hys blod, sytte at f e 16 
ry}t bond of f e Fadyr of Heuen yn his trone. Wherfor angelis*, 
consyderyng the dygnyte of man, now fay woll not suffyr mon to 
do horn worschyp, as fay dydden befor f e incarnacyon ; but fay 
worschepen horn in reuerence of f e monkynd fat Crist haf e 20 
bodyly yn Heuen. Here may a man se how moch a man is 
holden to his God, fat was befor bond and fral and vndyrlyng 
to f e fende of helle, and now haf e made hym of suche fredom 
and dygnyte, fat angelis schul do hym worschyp and seruyce. 24 

And feras angelis summe tyme keput fe 3atys of paradyse, 
fat no manys soule schuld come yn, wyth brennyng swerdys, 
now Crist hafe cast apon fe ^atys, and warnef s entre to none 
fat is s stedfast yn f e beleue. 30 schull also wytte fat ry}t 28 
as a kyng yn f ys world hafe yn his court offycers, bofe herre 
and louer, and some nere and more preuy fen othyr, ryght 
soo f e Kyng of Heuen haf yn his court angelys, som herre || 
89 b and suwme louer, and suwme more preuy fen some. Wherfor, in 32 
steywg of our Lord Ih^su Crist, f e lowe angelis for gret wondyr 
fat fay hadden yn Crist ascencyon, when fay seen hym in 
flessh and blod bodyly stey vp wyth soo gret multitude of angeles 

1 hath d. om. G. not in D. 3 yn] y 0. in C. not in d. D. 

3 entre ... is (7. L. J>at non entre to J>o >at ben G. non to entre >at is H. 
none to entre in to tho ]>at ben d. not in D. 

154 37. De Ascensione Domini Nostri 

makyng melody, and so gret multitude of sowles wyth hyw, 
and also for gret wondyr fat fay haddm, when fay seghen f e 
fendys of f e ayre fle away for gret drede fat wer befor wont 
4 wyt/t gret pryde assayle all f e soules wytAouten any spare and 
also all good angeles, yn all f e hast fat fay my3ten, fay comyn, 
forto do Crist seruyce and reuerens. pus, for gret wondyr fat 
f es angelis hadden, fay astyd f e he^ur angeles and sayden f us : 
8 ' What ys f ys fat comyth out of f e world wyt f e blody clof es, 
as 1 he wer kyng of joy ? ' pen 2 sayden f e grattyr angelys to 
horn f us : * fys ys f e lord of all vertu and ys also f e kyng of 
joy. Thys ys he fat ys whyt of his modyr ; rody yn hys 

12 scorgyng ; seke yn f e crosse ; strong yn helle ; lovely yn deynge ; 
fayre yn his rysyng \ ouercomer of hys enmy ; and now ys kyng 
glorious yn Heuen.' 

pus, good men, Crist steyd ynto Heuen, and his dyscyples 

16 stonden vryih his modyr for gret wondyr fat fay haden of sy3t 
and of heryng, fay loket vp ynto Heuen. And sodenly f er stod 
two angelis by bom, clof et yn whyt and sayden f us : ' Men of 
Galyle, what stond 50 here f us lokyng vp into Heuen ? Eyght 

20 as 30 sen Ih^su, our Lord, stye vp into Heuen, ri^t soo he schall 

ccme at f e day of dome a^eyne, forto deme f e qwycke and f e ded.' 

Wherfor, good men and woymen, lyftuf vp your hertis to 

Ihesu Crist fat now syttyf in Heuen at his fadyr ri^t hond, 

24 redy forto ^eue mercy to all fat wyll aske mercy wyf e a meke 
hert, so fat 30 may have non excusacyon but fat 30 mow be 
sauet. But f ogh a man or a woman be neuer so synfull, and he 
wyll aske mercy wyth a meke hert, he wyll 3ene hym mercy 

28 and take hym to || hym. pen forto schew f e gret gcdenes of hym, 90 a 
and how gret cowpassyon he hafe of monkynd, I tell you fis 
ensampull : 


82 Hit was summe tyme, as we reden yn f e lyfe of Seynt Karpe, 
how a misbeleuet mon turned a cristen men out of his fayfe to 
hys mysbeleue ; wherfor f ys holy man Karpe was soo wrof e, fat 
he fell ynto a gret sekenes. And when he schuld haue s prayde for 

36 hor bof e amendement, he prayde bysyly day and ny3t to God to 

1 as C. cf. a G. not in D. 2 J?en d. }>ay G. not in D. 

3 haue C. a. G. not in d. D. 

37. De Ascensione Domini Nostri 155 

sende horn bodely vengeans. Thew, as he prayde f us, at myd- 
ny3t sodenly f e how[s] fat he was yn cleue yn two, and he sa} an 
hoge o[ve]n brennyng so dyspytously, fat wondur was to seen. 
Then loket he vp ynto Heuen, and segh Ih^su vryth gret raulty- 4 
tude of angeles syttyng \n hys trone. And fen he loket a3eyne, 
and saw fes two men stondyng befor an ove-mowthe, qwakyng 
and tremblyng for gret fere and drede, and neddyrs and brennyng 
wormes com out of f e ove mowf e, forto draw fes me?* in wyth horn, 8 
and olpyr fendys holpen to put on wyth ynto f e oue. Then was f is 
Karpe so fayne of f e menys vengenans, fat he laft f e sy3t of 
our Lord Ih^su Crist and of his angeles, and loket to fe menys 
vengeans, and was wrof e fat fay taryet soo longe to be put 12 
ynto * hor payne, fat he set to hond hymselfe and help what he 
my3t. And when fay wer yn f>ys fyre, J?en loket he vp to God 
almy^ty, and segh hym for gret compassyon ]?at he had of ]?es 
two men ryse from hys trone, and come don to f>es men, and toke 16 
horn out of hor payne, and sayde fus to J?os men : ' Karpe, strech 
forth J?y hond and fe^t a5eynys me. I am :jet redy, and nede w_er, - 
to dye eft for monkynd.' 

By J>?/s ensampull 30 mow wele knowe how redy God ys to all 20 
fat will aske m^rcy and desmie to haue mercy. He is worthy to 
haue mercy fat is sory for his trespas, and is yn full wyll forto 
amende hym. J)e wheche wyll God 2 graunt you and me. Amen.|| 



Cristen men and woymen, Setyrday fat next comyfe, as 30 

knowef e well, ys Whytson-euen, 30 schull all fast and come to f e 
chyrche, forto here and se f e seruyce fat ys fat day don yn holy 
chyrche. perfor 30 schull all make you redy and clene yn soule, 28 
fat 30 mow be abull fat day to recyue f e Holy Gost fat f e Fadyr 
of Heuen senduf e among all monkynd. Wherfor I pray you and 
charche you, yf any of you ys fallen into any greues synne, fat 
he come to me and clanse hym f erof, er f en Sonday s com ; and 32 

1 ynto] to inserted above the line. 2 god d. god god G. not in D. 

3 Sonday .Z>. Sondon G. not in d. 


38. De Vigilia Pentecostes 

I wyll be recly forto helpe, \n all fat lyf e yn me, forfco do wyth 
good wyll wyth f e grace of God. For takef e in certeyne : ry}t 
as non of you woll goo ynto a place f eras stynkyng caren ys, but 
4 stoppyf e his nase and hyf e hym fens ; ry$t soo f e Holy Gost 
flefe from fe soule fat ys combryd wyth dedly synne, and all 
angeles, wyt/i stoppyng hor nosys, for moche more and fouler styn- 
kef dedly synne yn hor noses few dof e any foule kareyn yn our 
8 noses. And ry3t soo f e Holy Gost flefe from horn fat ben 
combret wyth synne; ryjt soo he hyuf to fylke fat lyuen in 
clannes of body and soule, and ben yn charite to God and to 
man, and han mercy yn hert and compassion of horn fat ben yn 

12 myschef and doses. To suche f e Holy Gost comyth, such he 
vysetyf e, suche he louef , wyth suche he haf lust and lykyng 
forto abyde, and techef horn, and confortef horn yn all nede. 
But at fe smiyce of fat fest he ys mor present few any ofyr 

16 tyme ; for at fat fest all holy chyrche halowf e of hym, and 
specyaly calluf e to hym for help and grace and part of f e dole 
fat he makef , few to all horn fat ben abull to receyue hys }iftys. 
But ;et 30 schull vndyrstond fat f e Holy Gost makyf e his 1 1 

20 dole of yr wayes few mew don ; fay delon yche maw in lych moche, 91 a 
but fe Holy Gost delufe to yche man, as he wot fat ys spedfull 
to hym, and ^euef soin more and som las, and som of on }ift 
and som of anof yr. 

24 Sowime he 3euyth grace of wysdom, and makef horn clerkes and 
wyse iw holy scripture, and 3ef horn so gret sauor and lykyng f er- 
yn, fat fay ben lusty forto teche and preche fe vertu and fe 
grace fat fay felen feryn; but for fay ben wyse, fay don hyt 

28 yn tyme and to suche fat fay hopen woll here hyt, and do f er- 
aftyr, and bere hit forth wyth horn. For sum sette no3t by 
Godys worde, but hadden leuer here a tale of rybowdy fen hit ; 
wherfor to suche Godys word schall not be preched, for fay loue 

32 not God. 

Som be jeuen grace of vndyrstondyng fat not only vndyr- 
stondyf e hor owne speche, but alsoo of yr langwagys, as Frenche 
ofer Romayns wytfouten any trauayle of lernyng. Hit ys a 

36 gret gyft of God fat ych man can vndyrstond of yr yn spekyng. 
For v lettyrs makyf e ych word of all languagys fat ben vndyr 
f e heuew to vndyrstoud, and wythout on of f os v lettyrs f er 

38. De Vigllia Pentecostes 157 

may no man know what anof yr spekef e ; and f es ben ]>e lettres : 
A, E, I, O, V. 

Som he $af grace of coiwsell, some to :jeue cou^sell, and som to 
do aftyr consell. Some he enspyryf e so wythyn-forth, fat he 4 
schewyf horn, and makyf horn know befor fat woll fall aftyr, 
and $euef e horn dyscrescyon forto know f e good from f e euell, 
and f e bettyr from f e wors. Wherfor fay ben soo war and wyse 
and councellyng, fat ych man ys lusty forto here horn speke and 8 
forto haue counsell of horn. Some he }euyf e grace to do aftyr 
counsell fat Crist }af hymselfe, counselyng a mon fat woll be || 
91 b parfyte forto leue all fat he haf e, and go into religyon, and Iper 
be lad and gouernet by hys wa[r]deynes councell and no}t by hys 12 
owne. Thys counsell comyth of God, and well ys hym fat hit 
may performe. 

Som he 3euyf grace of strengfe, bof e yn body and yn soule, 
forto ber mekly and wyt^ glad chere gret bodyly harmes, and 16 
dyuers sekenes, and losse of goodys, and catayle, and of frende- 
schip. He haf e a specyall ^yft of f e Holy Gost fat may ber 
such berf ens wykh esy hert, f onkyng God f erof. 

He ^euyfe also grace of dyuers sciens in lernyng of dyuers 20 
craftes, and som to lerne on and som anofyr, so j?at ych man 
hafe by }yft of Ipe Holy Gost grace forto lerne a science by \>e 
wheche he may gete his lyflode * wyth trewfe. 

Some he ^euef grace of pyte, and fullfyllej?e hor hert soo wytA 24 
pyte and compassyon of all ]?at ben yn doses and myscheues, fat 
f>ay 3euefe horn of hor good, and helpefe horn yn hor nede, and 
seruefe horn to hond and fote, as fogh fay haddon Crist yn 
presence before horn, and haue suche hert of mercy, fat fay ben 28 
euer redy forto for^eue fat trespassuf e a^eynes horn. 

Some he jeuyth grace of Godys drede, so fat fay haue ay yn 
hert of f e hegh vengeans fat Crist schall jeue to fe euell yn f e 
day of dome and horrybull paynes of helle. "Wherfor fay ben 32 
dred day and ny^t forto do any f yng mys, and ben ay besy forto 
do wele, also welle yn priuety, yn syght of his angell, als yn 
opon, yn syght of men. pen he fat haf e f ys jyft he ys moche 
holden to f onke f e Holy Gost, for f is ys a specyall ijyft of hym, 36 
and f er ben fewe fat haue f is jift. 

1 MS. lyfolde. 

158 38. De Vigilia Pentecottes 

Thus ben f e vjj jyftys fat f e Holy Gost partuf among mon- 
kynd and jeuef e som more and some lasse, so fat none * may be 
excuset, but he haf som what of||fes jyftes. And fas fe Holy 92 a 

4 Gost asynyf ych man in his cristeny/ig tyme ; wherfor f e byschop 2 , 
when he confermef childyr fat ben folowet, he rehersyth fes 
eftys prayng f e Holy Gost to conferme in horn aftyr yn hor 
lyuyng fat he asyngnef e to horn in hor cristenyng. pen forto 

8 styre your deuocyon more to f /s holy sacrament, I tell you f ys 


I fynde yn f e lyfe of Seynt Eemus fat f er wai an holy byschop, 

12 and turnet Lewys f e kyng of Fraunce to cristen fayth. And 
when f e kyng was comen to be folowet, at f e font-halowyng was 
so gret furst on fe pepull, fat fe byschopis clerk e fe whech bare 
his crismatory myght by no way bryng hit to f e byschope. Then, 

16 when f e fonte was halowde to f e takyng of f e creem and myjt 
haue non, he lyft vp his hert and hys een to God, prayng hym 
deuotly of helpe. And fen anorc ferwytA com f er fleyng from, 
Heuen yn sy3t of all f e pepull a culuer as whyt as mylke, beryng 

20 yn hor byll a fyoll full of creem to f e byschop. And when he 
openyd f e fyoll, f er come out so swete a smell, fat all f e pepull 
was gretly wondryd f erof, and wer gretly conforted f erwyth, and 
last soo tyll all f e seruyce was don. 

24 Herby 30 may knowe well, fo} fe prest say fe wordys, f e Holy 
Gost worchef f e dedys of f e sacrament, and dof e f e v^rtu of f e 
wordys by halowyng fat f e prest sayf e yn manys heryng. Then 
schull }e all knell adon, and pray f e Holy Gost forto make you 

28 clene yn body and yn soule, so fat }e mown be redy fat day forto 
receyue f e grace of his ^ift to f e reuerence of God and saluacyon 
to your lyues and your soules, and so to haue fe blis fat euer 
schall last. To f e wheche blysse God bryng you and me to, yf 

32 hit be his wyll. Amen. 

1 none C. unintelligible G. not in d. D 

2 byschop] byschopys G. bisshopp D. not in d. 

39. De Dominica Pentecostes 159 


Goode men and woymen, as je knowen wele all, f ys l day ys 
called Whitsonday, for bycause fat f e Holy Gost as f ys day bro$t 4 
82 b wyt and wysdome ynto all Cristes dyscyples, || and goo by hor 
prechyng aftyr ynto all Cristys pepull. Then schull ;e knowe fat 
mony haue wyt but not wysdom ; for mony haue wyt forto speke 
wele and forto teclie well and wysly, but all to fewe 2 fat han S 
wysdom forto do well. For f er ben mony wyse techers, but mor 
harme ys, all to few good lyuers ; for mony traueluf e bysyly forto ^ 
haue wyt and cownyng, but few fat trauelythe aftyr knowlech of 
good lyuyng. pus wyt of sle^t ys made moch of, and wysdom of 12 
holynes ys not sette by. For he fat haf e wyt to gete goode, he 
ys holdew a wyse man; but he fat hafe wysdom forto forsake 
good and be pore for Godys sake, he ys holden a fole. Neuer- 
f eles be a mon neuer so ryche, at f e last he schall be pore ; for 16 
nojt he bryngyfe ynto fys world, and no^t he schal bere out 
wyth hym. But f e Holy Gost, he bryngyf wyih hym boj?e wyt 
of his prechyng and wysdom of goode lyuyng ; for he fat lyuefe 
well, he techej? wele, for a good ensampull ys a good doctryne. 20 
The grace as fis day was yn Cristys dyscyples, for jmy tauten 
wele and lyueden well. Soo by hor good techyiig and by ensampull 
of goode lyuyng, fe fayf>e of holy chyrche ys sprad f>rogh all Ipe 
world, pen how J>ay comen to f>7/s grace, now schull ^e here. 24 

When our Lord Crist was steyut ynto Heuen, his dyscyples 
wern in care and mornyng, and sorowfull at hert ; for f>ay had 
lost s hor maystyr fat fay louedon so moch, and- for hys loue had 
laft hor good and hor frendschip, and seweden hym yn hope fat 28 
fay schuld haue ben gretly holpen by hym. And fen fay wer 
maset and f rat of f e lewes to be taken, and cast into pryson, 
and aftyr don to def e. pis made hor hertys sore and cold, and 
durst not go openly among f e pepull, but in hudeloke, to gete 32 
horn mete of som preue frendys fat fay had. But }et as Crist 

1 ]>ys d. D. J>afc J>ys G. a fewe cL D. om. G. 3 lost cl D. laft G. 

160 39. De Dominica Pentecostes 

bade Lorn yn hys assencyon, || fay jode ynto f e cyte of Jerusalem ; 03 a 
and \>er yn a howse of ostage, fay setten yfere prayng to God 
w/t7* on hert and on spyryte for helpe, and socour, and confort 
4 yn hor gret doses. Then, as fay weren f us yn hor prayers, 
sodenly a gret sowne was made yn fe fyrmament lyke a gret 
barst of fondyr and ferwyth anon fe Holy Gost com adone 
among horn, and ly$t yn yche of horn yn liknes of tonges of fyre, 
8 as hit wer f e leem of lyght fyre, schapon lyke tonges, brennyng 
and not smertyng, warmyng not harmyng, ly^tyng not fryghtyng. 
And fullet horn so full of gostly wit and wysdom, fat anon f eras 
fay before were but veray ydeotes and lewde men and ry:jt no^t 

12 cou}>e of clerge, sodenly fay wern f e best clerkes yn all f e world, 
and speken all maner langages vndyr fe sonne. And feras 
befor hor hertys werne cold and sore for persecucyon and drede 
of def e fat fay durst not wher goo, then soilenly f e Holy Gost 

16 so chafet hor hertys wyth fyre of loue, fat anon fay prechet and 
taght Godys word sparyng for no drede of deth ny of o\>yr 
penaunce; but fayne werne and redy to take def for Cristys 
loue. Then wern ]>er yn lerusalem, as God wold, fat day men 

20 of all f e nacyons of f e world vndyr f e heuen, and werne comen 
togedyr ynto f e tempull for fere of f e berst fat fay herd yn f e 
welken, and dowtyd what hit myght be. Then, as fay wern 
}>er, fe apo&tolys comen ynto fe tempull, and bo[l]dely prechet 

24 Cristys fayf e. pen wer f es men gretly astonyet and mervelet 
fat ych on of horn herd horn speke hys owne langage. Then 
sayde som of horn : ' pes men han dronken so moche of muste ' fat 
ys new wyne ' fat fay ben all dronken, and mameluth fay wot not 

28 what/ Then on vnswared, || and fat was Seynt Petyr, for al his 93 b 
felaws : * Syrs and bref ern, we be not dronken as 36 wenef e ; for 
hit ys not jet vnctyr of fe day, and as $e wetyf wele, hit ys not 
lawfull nofyr foito etc ne forto drynke befor vndyr of fe day. 

32 But f ys was proficiet be f e profet loel ; how fat f e Holy Gost 
schuld be halowet so plentwysly on Godys pepull, fat fay schuld 
speke wyt/i all tonges and prophesye, fat is, forto preche, of f e 
joy fat ys foito com to all fat beleuen yn Crist. Then moch of 

36 f e pepull fat herd of f es wordes, turned to Crist. And when 
fay comen ynto hor owne centre, fay tolden of gret wondyrs and 
myrakles fat fay had seen ; and soo turned mony of yr to cristen 

39. De Dominica Pentecostes 161 

fayth, so fat wythyn a schort tyme of jerus fe fay]re was sprad 
f rogh all f e world. 

Then hit ys now forto wyt why f e Holy Gost come yn lykenes 
of 1 tonges rayfyr fen any olpyr membre of monys body, and why 4 
to horn syttyng yfere rayfyr fen stondyng. Then to fe fyrst, 
why he come yn lykenes of tonges, f /s was f e skyll : for a tonge 
ys f e best membyr of a man whyll hit ys rewlet, and f e worst 
when hyt ys out of rewle. For as Saynt lames sayf e : ' A tonge 8 
ys furut wyth Ipe fyre of helle, and may neuer be chastist whyll 
fat fyre brercnyth hur. And for Ipe tonge most nede speke the 
wordys of f e fayf e, f erfor Ipe Holy Gost come yn tonges of fare. 
For ryjt as a blest fure ouercomyf e and dryuef e away Ipe fure of 12 
layte, ryjt soo Ipe fure of tongys of f e Holy Gost schuld dryue 
away and ouercome f e fure of hell fat raynet fen, and jet dof e 
yn manis tonge. And jet for bycause fat fe apostolys and all 
of yr prechours aftt/r horn schuld speke brennyng wordys, fat ys : 16 
94 a nof yr for loue, ne for hate, ne for drede of def e spare to tell || f e 
pepull hor vyces and f e synne fat reyneth wythm hem 2 . And say 
bo[l]dely : ' Whoso woll not leue hor synne and amende horn, but 
contynew vnto hor def e-day, he schall wythout remedy goo ynto f e 20 
fyre of hell. And he fat woll leue hys syn, and mende hym, f ogh 
he haue synnet neuer soo greuesly befor, he schall goo to f e blessed 
fure of Heuen, fat ys, fe loue of God fat brennefe amonge 
angeles and all holy sayntys.' Also he come yn brennyng tonges, 24 
for hit ys f e kynd of fure to make lowe fat ys hegh, and warme 
fat is cold, and nesch fat ys hard. So fe Holy Gost makufe 
wyik hys fure hegh heitys and prowde, by grace fat he jeuefe, 
lowje and meke. And horn fat lyf e cold in envy, he makefe 28 
horn warm yn loue and charite. And hertis fat are hard yn 3 
gederyng of good and holdyng, he makefe horn nesch and 
liberalule to dele to f e pore for Godys sake, and forto do mony 
werkes of charyte. And nesche yn fleschly lustys he makefe 32 
hard yn doyng of penauwce and stray tenes of lyuyng. Thus ys 
f e Holy Gost besy yn all wayes forto make salue to all maner of 
synne, and to hele f e seke of all maner sorows. 

That of yr skyll ys f ys, why fe Holy Gost come mto f e 36 

1 of c?. D. om. G. a reyneth w#t/an hem C. J>ay rentyn G, om. d. D. 
3 are hard yn d . ben harde and C. am and G, J?. 


162 39. De Dominica Pentecostes 

apostolys syttyng yfere rayf 2/r few stondyng. For syttyng yfere 
bytokenyth inekenes of hert in vnyte of pes and rest ; f e whech 
a man most J nede haue fat woll be vyseted of f e Holy Gost, for to 
4 such he comef e and to non of yr. For ryijt as drye brondes, whyll fay 
lien togedyr at f e fure wytA-out steryng, fay brennyth fayr and 
Iy3t togedyr, ryght soo, whyll mew, togedyr wytAout sowrnes or 
moystur of malyce, ych on louef e of yr, and ych on ys fayn of of yr, 
8 and all makef e and sustenef e good tonges. But as sone as fe 
brondes ben cast atwyn by dyscencyon and dyscord, anon f e fure 
of loue qwenchef e, and smokef e of malyce and of envy rysuf e 
bytwyx || part yes, and greuef so f e ey of fe hert, fat hit may haue 94 b 

12 no grace forto se reson. For fen ys f e wykket gost redy and 
buyluf e fat hert soo yn envy, fat hyt may haue no rest ny^t ne 
day, but ay f ynkyf e and studyefe how he may be wroken on his 
enmy. And f us ys a man brojt yn plyte forto be lore, body and 

16 sowle, but yf f e helpe of f e Holy Gost socour hym, and all ys 
long on 2 wyket tonges. Wherfor f e Holy Gost come in tonges of 
fure forto brenne out the wikket tonges 3 malyce, and so anoynt horn 
wyih fe swetnes of his grace, fat fay schuld leue malyce, and 

20 speke of goodnes, and leue wordes of envy and debate, and speke 
of rest and pes. Wherfor, good men and woymeu, $e schull so 
pray f e Holy Gost, fat he 3eue you grace soo forto tempur your 
tonges, fat 4 ye may algate speke goode, and leve the euell, and that 

24 he fynde your 4 hertys soo wyth f e f oghtes of mekenes, fat 30 
ben ay worfy to be vysetut of hym, as Seynt Gregory was, when 
he expownet f e prophesy of E^echyel, f e prophete. 


28 Thys holy pope, Seywt Gregory, when he expownet fys pro- 
phesy, he toke to hym Petyr, his deken, forto wryte as he 
expowned, and made forto draw a rydell bytwyx horn, fat Petyr 
schuld not wyt how he dyd yn his studyyng. Then, as Gregory 

32 sate yn hys chayre studyyng and holdyng vp his hondys ynto 
Heuen, anon come fe Holy Gost lyke a culu^r, whyt as mylke 
wyt h fete and bylle of brennywg gold, and ly^t on his ryght 
schuldur, and put hor bylle ynto Gregoryys moufe a whyle. 

1 most d. om. G. not in D. 2 on C. H. L. of G. d. not in D. 

. 3 the wikket tonges d. of wykket hor G. not in D. 
* jye . . . your d. om. G. not in D. 

39. De Dominica Pentecbstes 163 

And when he wytMrogh hym, fen Gregory bade Petyr wryte; 
and eft-sones when he began to study, fe Holy Gost put a;eyne 
his byll ynto his mouf e, and so all f e tyme tyll he had made an 
end. But for encheson l fat he expowned fat harde prophesye so 4 
clerkelyk, Petur hadde 1 gret mervayle ferof and fo$t forto wit, 
95 a how fat he dyd ; and soo he made pryuely in \\ f e rydell an hole, 
and segh all how f e Holy Gost fed hym wytA holy f o}tys. Then 
f e Holy Gost warne[d] eynt Gregory how Petyr aspyet on hym. 8 
Then Gregory blamet Petyr ferfore, and charchet hym hejly fat 
he schuld neuer dyskeuer hym whill fat fay wern bofe on 
lyue; ny he dud not. But when he was ded, herytykes wold 
haue brent f e bokes of fs/s holy mawys makyng. Then Petyr 12 
a^eynestode horn, and told openly how he segh fe Holy Gost 
fede hym, whyll he expownet fat prophesy; and so sauet his 
bokes vnbrent f rogh f e grace and f e mercy of God. The wheche 
grace God graunt vs, $yf hit be his wyll. Amen. 16 


Goode cristen men and woymew, as 50 all knowen, fys day is 

called Trynyte Sonenday, and ys an he} princypall fest in holy 
chyrche. For feras ofyr tymes of f e ^ere holy chyrch makef 20 
solempnyte of of yr festys fat ben halowet yn f e worschyp of f e 
Sonne, as Cristenmas-day, and Astyr-day, and fe A scency on-day; 
and in f e worschyp of f e Holy Gost as Whytsonenday and f e weke 
aftyr ; but now f is day is halowet in f e worschip of f re persons 24 
yn Trinite : Fadyr, and Sonne, and Holy Gost. Wherfor, as I 
hope, }e ben comew f is day to f e chyrche forto do reuerence and 
worschip to f e holy Trynyte, hauyng prfet fayth and full beleue 
in f e Trynyte. Neuerfeles, forto styr your deuocyon more to 28 
f e Trinite, 56 schull know why, and how, and what was f e cause 
fat f ys fest was ordeynet. This fest was ordeynet for f re skylles : 
for fe trynyte furst fyndyng, for heretykes hegh confondyng, 
and for f e hegh Trynyte worschypyng. 32 

Furst hit was ordeynet for f e forme trynyte fyndyng ; and fat 

1 cheson . . . hadde C. om. G. not in d. D. 

11 2 

164 40. De Festo Trinitatis 

was, as a gret clerk, ||Ion Belet tellef, fat fe forme trinite was 95 b 
fonden in a men fat was Adam our forme fadyr. As f ys Adam 
was foimet of erfe on person, and Eue of Adam f e secimde 
4 person, and a mon of horn bof e fat was f e f ryd person. Thys 
trinite was ]>us fonde yn man furst by worchyng of f e Trinite of 
Heuen. Wherfor fat man schulde haue mynde of f e Trynyte, 
holy chyrch ordeynef e fat yn weddyng of mon and woman fat 
8 masse of f e Trinite ys songen ; and yn f e def of a man f er at 
hys knyle, f re tretys schuld be songon * ; and at a woymon tweyne 
tretus, as f e secunde person yn f e trynyte. Then, for holy 

% chirche ordeynef suche worschyp forto be don to a mon in 

12 mynd of fe Trinite, a 2 mon ys moch 8 holden forto do honowr and 
reuerence to f e Holy Trinite of Heuen. 

The secunde skyll 4 why f ys fest was ordeynet ys : yn con- 
fondyng heretykes, and forto destrye fe fals oppynyons fat fay 

16 holden a^eynes f e holy Trinite, as Lombardys dof e now. For 
ry^t as heretykes yn f e begynnyng of f e fayf e wern about wyth 
hor smef wordys and plesyng and fals oppynyons to haue destriet 
fe fayfe of f e Trinite, ryght soo now f es Lombardes wyth hor 

20 smef e wordes and plesyng to f e pepull ben aboute forto draw 
fe pepull from fe faythe of holy chyrche fat holy popys, 
byschopes, and doctores taghten, and han ben vset and holden 
all way vnto f ys tyme. Wherfor ry^t as heritykes yn f e begynnyng 

24 of fe holy chirch pursuet holy popes, martyres, and confessores 
to fe deth, ry}t so now f es Lombardes pursuen men of holy 
chirche, and ben about forto vndo horn in all fat fay mow, yf 
fay my^ten haue hor purpos forth. And so, yn fat, fay schewen 

28 oponly j:at they 5 ben not Godys seruaw||tys, for fay ben ferre out of 96 a 
charite ; and he fat is out of charite, he ys fer from God. For 
God byddyfe hys seruandys do good to hor enmys, and pray for 
horn, and suffur doses and persecucyon mekely, and qwyt horn 

32 a}eyne by no way. But f 03 God suffyr holy chyrche to be 
pursuet by seche mysbeleuet men euermore, at nede he ordeynef e 
such a helpe, fat fay haue hor purpos forth, and hor enmys ben 

1 songon C. rongen &. d. D. 2 a d. D. and G. 

8 ys moch d. D. ys moch ys G. * skyll C. skyll ys G t . D. d. 

5 they d. D. om. G. 

40. De Festo Trinitatis 165 


This fell yn tyme of an Empmmr of Rome fat heght Attyla, 
and was made by counseyle of heretykes, as Ion Belet tellefe, 
forto pursew cristen pepull and destrie holy chyrche ; wherfore 4 
all f e bokes fat he my3t fynde of holy chyrche fayf , he made 
forto bren. But fen, as God wold, f er was a good holy man and 
a gret clerke was callet Alpynyus, fat yn mayntenyng of f e 
fayf e made f e story of f e Trynyte and of Seynt Steuen, and 8 
broght horn vnto f e pope Alysaundyr, forto haue ben songen yn 
holy chyrche. But f is pope, by couwsell of othyr gret clerkes, 
toke fe storye of Seynt Steuen, and refuset fe story of fe 
Trynyte, and sayde fat holy chyrche schuld syng no mor of f e 12 
Trynyte fen hit dud of fe vnyte. But aftyr hit felle soo fat 
for malyce of heretykes fat ryson so f ekke, fat Saynt Gregory 
f e holy doctor so^t vp f is story of f e Trinite, and ordeynet hit 
to be halowet in holy chyrche *, and f e story songen in con- 16 
fusyon of heretykes fat berket aseyne fe Trynyte. Soo, by 
halowyng of fys fest and by f e seruyce fat ys don fys day in 
holy chyrche, f e fest of Ipe Trynyte ys worscheput and leuod in 
cristen pepull. 20 

pe thryd skyll why ]>ys fest was fonden, ys 2 : for J?e hegh 
worschypyng, and forto know how and what maner a man 
schall beleue yn f>e Trynyte. For, as holy chyrche techyth, he 
96 b \>ai beleue}) wele yn j>e Trynyte, he schall be sauet ; and he || Ipai 24 
beleuefe not, schall be dampnet. Theft, ys hit nedfull to iche 
man to lerne how he schall haue J?ys beleue. Ipen schull :je know 
wele )>ai perfyte loue to God makyj> a man to com to f>e beleue ; 
for he Ipat leuefe wele, he maky)?e noon aposayls ny questyons 28 
why, for loue haj?e no lake, feras he fat hafe no loue, woll make 
questyons and aposayls of suche maters fat schull neuer avayle. 
For fayf haf e no merit wher manys wit ^euef e experiment, pew 
hit 8 is good to ych man to make loue to be hys medyatour to J>e 32 
Holy Gost, fat is, to pray hym soo forto lyjt hym wytAyn, fat 
he may haue grace forto se how he schall beleue. Herfor was 
f 2/s day set next aftyr "Wytsonday, hopyng fat fe Holy Gost 

1 MS. chyrchyrche. 3 ys om. G. d. D. C. 

3 hit d. D. om. G. 

166 40. De Festo Trinitatis 

woll be redy to ych man fat wol call to hym, and namly yn 
heryng of f e fayf e. But $et for fat mony wyttys ben lat and 
heuy forto leue fat fay may not here ny se, but fay be broght 
4 yn by ensampull. For fogh f e ensampull be not most commen- 
dabull, jet for f e more parte hit may soo lyghten his wit, fat 
he may f e sondyr come to beleue. 


8 Ensampull l is f is : Take hede l on watyr, and on yse, and on 
snow ; how fay ben ych on dyvrse in substance, and $et fay ben 
but watyr. Wherfor by f e watyr $e may vndyrstond f e Fadyr, by 
fe yse f e Sonne, by fe snow f e Holy Gost. For watyr ys an 

12 element fat haf e gret myth 2 and strengf e, and ys aboue f e 

- Heuen, as maystyr Alysandyr sayf e, \n maner of yse lyke to cristall 

and dof e worschip to Heuew ; and anone 3 hit is vndyr f e erf e 

and fe erfe grouef ferapon. So Davyd yn fe sawter sayfe: 

16 ' Hyt * ys also all aboute f e world, and yn all f yng ; for hard 
ston and forne summe tyme swetyfe watyr.' Wherfor by f is 
watyr 30 may vndyrstond f e Fadyr fat ys soo gret of my5t and 
stren}f , fat he gouernef e all f yng, he beryth all f yng, and all 

20 f yng ys at hys wyll and commaundement. Be 5 f e yse, fat is 
watyr congelut hard and bruchull, 30 may vndyrstond fe Son, || 
Ihsu Crist, fat is veray God, and toke f e substarae and f e freylt 97 a 
of monkynd, whera he was conseyuet of f e Holy Gost in f e virgyn 

24 Mary, and born of hur veray God and man, and aftyr suffred 
payne and passion, and deed on f e cros, and was buriet, and ros 
from defe to lyue, and a%r stegh vp into Heuew, and schall 
com a^eyne forto deme f e qwyk and f e ded at f e day of dome. 

28 By f e snow 30 may vndyrstond f e Holy Gost ; for ry$t as snow 
comyf e of watyr and of yse on hegh in f e eyre, but how no maw 
con tell, BO comef f e Holi Gost of f e Fadyr and of f e Sonne, 
bwt how we may not dispute, bwt sadly leue. Thus ys fe 

32 Fadyr full of my3t, and of hym comef f e Sonne, and so of f e 
Fadyr and of f e Sowne comefe f e Holy Gost. Tims f e Trinyte 
was knowew. in foloyng of Ihsu Crist. For as f e gospell tellef e, 

1 is ... hede C. by J>is take he G. not in d. D. 

3 myth C. om. G. not in d. D. 3 anone C. not any G. not in d. D. 

* hyt C. hys G. not in d. D. be C. but G. not in d. D. 

40. De Festo Trinitatis 167 

when our Lord Ihesu Crist was bap^et (Ipat is foloyng) in flem 
of Jordan, and all f>e pepul nej of }>at centre was folowot wytA 
hym Iper, and wern in hor prayers and Ihesu prayed for horn, 
then Heuon opened, and a huge Ii5t com from Heuen. pen ]>e 4 
Holy Gost in lykenes of a culuer li^t apon Crtstis hed in si}t of 
al pe pepull, and J?en f>e Fadyr of Heuen spak \>us to Crist and 
sayde : * pou art my lefe sonne J?e whech lykyfe me wele.' pus 
was Ipe Holy Trinyte Ipen knowen : }?e Fad^r was herd spekyng 8 
in hys person, Ipe Holy Gost was sen in hys person, and fe Sonne 
was Iper bodely in his person ; and }et J?es f>re persons ben but on 
God. Wherfor hit is nedfull to yche cristen man and womon 
forto pray to God bisily, J?at he 5eue hym grace of vndyrstondyng 12 
and of perfyte beleue in Ipe Trinite. 


I rede f>at \>e modyr of Seynt Edmunde of Pontenay aperit to 
hym stondyng, and layde in hys hond J?re f>ynges, ych on wytAyn 16 
opyr; and in f>e forme wrytten Ipe Fadyr, and in }>e ofyr Ipe 
Sonne, and in J>e )?ryd \>e Holy Gost, and sayde to hym: 'My 
dere sonne, to such fugurs take hede and lerne what f>ou myjt.' 
Wherby we haue ensampull forto be bysy to lerne Ipe beleue of 20 
J>e Holy Trinite, and know wele J?at ry$t as a ryng ys rownde 
wyt^out begynnyng and wytAout endyng, ry$t so is Ipe Fadyr, so 
is f>e Sonne, so is J?e Holy Gost wythout begynnyng and wythont 
endyng : J?re persons in on godhed. But forto study how lp is may 24 
97 b be, hit is but a foly ; for || monnys wyt may neuer comprehend hit. 


I rede of a gret maystyr of diuinyte ]>at studyet bysily, forto 
haue bro^t into won boke why God wold be leuot on God in f>re 28 
persons. Then, on a day, as he walket by f>e se-syde duply studiyng 
in )?2/s mater, he was warre of a fayre chyld syttyng on J>e see- 
sond, and had made a lytyll put in J>e sonde, and wyth his hond 
Vfyth a lytyll schell he toke of Ipe see-watyr and powret into \>at 32 
put. Then f>oght \>ys maystyr he was a fole forto do so, and 
spake to hym, and sayde : ' Sonne, wheraboutes art j?ow ? ' Then 
sayde he : ' Syr, I am about forto helde all Ipe watyr yn Ipe see 
ynto this put/ Then sayde J?e maystyr : ' Lef of, sonne, for f>ou 36 
schalt neuer do that.' ' Syr/ qwod he ajeyne, ' I schall als sone 

168 40. De Festo Trinitatis 

do thys, as thow schalt do that fat thow art abowte/ And when 
he had sayde so, he vanesched away, pen the maystyr bethoght 
hym how hyt was not Godys wyll that he was abowte, and laft 

Mj>f hys studiyng, and thonket God that soo fayre warnet hym. 

Goode men and woymen, thys I haue sayde to you, as God hath 
enspyret me, wylnyng you forto haue fulle beleue yn the Holy 
Trynyte. And alsoo I tell you on Thursday next 50 schull haue 
8 an hegh fest yn holy chyrche, the fest of Corpi^s Cristi. The 
wheche day 36 schull come to f e chyrch, and then woll I telle 
you of that fest so as God woll then vouchesaf forto enspyre 
me. And praye we now alle to the Holy Trynyte that we may so 

12 worschip here yn erthe yn vnyte, that we may come ynto hys 
mageste where he ys veraye Gode yn persons thre. Amen. || 




16 Crtsten men and women, $e schul knowe well fat fis is an 
he^e feste in holy chirch of Cristes body, f e which is eche day 
offred * vp in holy chirch in f e auter to f e Fader of Heuen in 
remission of sywne to 2 al fat lyuen here in perfite charite and in 

20 gret socoure and reles of her payne fat ben in purgatori. Then 
schul 56 know fat fis fest was fondon by a pope 3 Ipai was called 
Vrban fe fourth. He had gret deuocion in fis sacrament, con- 
syderyng f e gret grace of God and heje help Ipai God ^euet to al 

24 his pepul by verin of fis sacrament. Wherfor he ordeynet fis 
fest forto be halouet fis pursday, next after f e fest of f e Trinite. 
For ry3t as eche cristen man and woman ]?at wol be saued mot 
nede haue perfite charite in Ipe Trinite, ry3t so mot he haue ful 

28 fayth and beleue in f>e sacramewt of Cristis body fat is made in 
\> e auter by veriu of fe holy wordys fat f e prest sayed fer, and 
by worchyng of fe Holy Gost. Then, for fis holy pope 3 fo^t 
forto draw Godis pepul wyih f e better wyl to f e chirch fat day, 

32 he grawntef al f o fat ben verely schryuen and contrite for hyr 
synnes, and ben in f e chirch at bof e euensonges of f is fest, and 

1 offred d. D. offerth G. * to d. D. om. &. 3 pope scratched out in G. 

41. De Solempnitate Corporis Cristi 169 

at masse, and at maytines, for eche of f>es a hundret days of 
pardon, and for eche ofyr owre of f>is day fourty days to pardon, 
and for eche day of f>is vtas a hundret days to pardon to dure 
fore eu^rmore. 4 

Then schul $e know well Ipat oure Lord Ihesu Crist on Chere 
pursday at nyjt, when he had sowput and wyst how Ipat he schul 
in J>e morow suffre deth and so passe out of J?is world vnto his 
Fader, he ordeynet a perpetual memory of his passion forto abyde 8 
wyth his pepul. Thus he toke bred and wyne, and made hit his 
owne flessch and his blod, and $af hit to his discyples, and bade 
hem ete hit and drynk hit in mynde of hym. And so }af hit to 
hem and to al olpyr prestes, 366 and to al olpyr prestes, power and 12 
d ignite forto make his body of bred and wyne yn Ipe auter, so Ipat 
eche prest haf> of Cristis }eft power forto make J>is sacrament, be 
he bettyr, be he wors. For Ipat sacrament is so he^e and holy in 
hywiself, Ipat Iper may no good man amende hit, ne no euel man 16 
apayre hit. But J>e prest f>e which is a good lyuere, and doj> his 
offyce well and worfely, hym schal be well fat euer he was borne ; 
98 b for he haj? of || Godis ;eft here in erth Jjat he }af neuer to no * angele 
in Heuen : Ipat is, forto make Godis body. Wherfor he schal haue 20 
suche a worsschypp in Heuen amonge angeles and passyng, ]pat no 
tonge may telle ne hert f>enke. And he Ipat is an euel lyuer, 
and wot hymself in dedly synne, and is in no purpos to amende 
hym, be hym sekyr forto haue a perpetual confusion of fendys in 24 
helle, and be vndur hem in euerlastyng payne. 

Then schal 36 knowe well J?at Crist laft J>us fis sacrament forto 
be vset algate in holy chirch for foure skylles to al Godis pepul : * 
for manes gret helpyng, for Cristis passione mynnyng, for gret 28 
loue schowyng, and for gret mede getyng. 

The forme is for manes gret helpyng, bof>e in lyf and in deth. 
First in lyuyng. For, as Saynt Austyn sayed, als ofte as a man 
or a woman cometh into j?e chirch to here masse, God 3eueth hym 32 
seuen jeftis ; and Ipo ben pes : That day hym schal wonte no 
bodely fode ; idul speche Ipat day is for^euen hym ; his idul ly^t 
ofes 2 ben forjeton ; he schal not f>t day lese his si^th ; he schal 
not.J?at day dey no sodeyne deth; and as longe as }>e masse lesteth 36 
he schal not wax olde; and his angele telleth eche paas f>at he 
1 no D. none d. om. G. 3 o]?es 0. ojmes G. om. d. D. 

170 41. De Solempnitate Corporis Cristi 

gof> to f>e chirch in gret worschip to hym. Befor God f is help 
he ha)) in lyuyng. 

In deyng a cristen man sendyth aftur f>e preste forto come to 

4 hym vryih Godys body for two causes nedeful at his endyng. On 

is forto se f e sacrament of Godys body, and receyue hit knolechyng 

j?at he beleueth stedefastly f>at hit is Ipe same flessch and blod f>at 

Crist toke in mayden Mary, and was borne of hyr verray God 

8 and man, and aftur soffreth deth on )?e crosse, and was buryed, 

and ros from deth to lyue, and now settyth on f>e Faderis ryght 

hond in Heuen, and schal come a$en forto deme J>e qweke and }>e 

dede. And so v?ykh his perfite beleue he armeth hym, and maketh 

12 hym strong and myjty forto asenstond }?e fendes Ipat wol assayle 
hyw, when he passeth oute from )?e body, in al wyse Ipat J?ai con, 
forto assay, }ef fei mow bryng hyw oute of j?e beleue. Then schal 
f>e sacrament f>at he receyuet make hym so myghty, j?at he schal 

16 outcome hem and sett no^t by hem. 

That olpyr skyl is forto aske mercy of Crist and remission of his 
synnes, hauyng ful beleue Ipat Crist is euer redy to fo^eue al Ipat 
asket mercy wyth trew hert. This was schowet by ensample, when 

20 he honget on ]?e crosse bytwyx two feues Ipat weren men of curse th || 
lyuyng, and were Jrerfore dampned to be dede. Then one of hem 99 a 
asket Crist mercy wytA meke hert and repentyng, and at J>e forme 
prayer anon Crist jaf 1 hym mercy, and morewytA grawnted hym 

24 forto come to paradyce anone J>at same day. That olpyr nolde aske 
no mercy for a prowde hert J>at he had; and J?erfor he was dampned. 
Then as Crist fat day schedde 2 his blod on ]>e crosse in helpe of al 
mankynd, so }et eche day in f>e masse he scheddet his blod in he^e 

28 mede to al j?at f>is beleuet ; for wyt^out fis beleue ]>er may no 
man be sauet. Wherfor I telle J?is ensample \>ai y rede in J?e lyue 
of Saynt Ode Ipat was bischop of Canturbury. 


32 This byschop had wyth hym of his clerkys J>at beleuet not 
perfitly in j?e sacrament of Je auter, and sayde Ipat |?ai my3t not 
beleue \>at Crist schedd his blod in J?e masse. Then was fis 
bischop sory for her mysbeleue and prayed to God $orne for her 

36 amendement. And so, on a day, as he was at his masse, when he 

1 5af rf. D. jyf G. 3 schedde C. schdde G. not in d. D. 

41. De Solempnitate Gorporis Cristi 171 

had made J?e fraction as \>Q maner is, he sa^e f>e blod drop doura 
from J?e ost fast into J>e chalice, pen he made syne to hem Ipat 
mysbeleuet, to come and se. And whew f>ei saue his fyngurys 
blody and blod rane of Cristis body into }> e chalis, f>ai weron 4 
agryset Ipat for veray fer f>ai cryet and sayd : f Be fow blesset, 
man, j?at has f>is grace fms to handul Cristis body ! We beleue 
now fully Ipat 1 f>is is verray Godis body, and his blod Ipat dropet 
Iper into fe chalis. But now pray to hym J?at ]?0u hast ]>er in f>i 8 
hondys, Ipat he sende no vengauwce vpon vs for oure mysbeleue ! ' 
and so fe sacrament turnet into his forme of bred as hit was beforn ; 
and f>ai weren good men and perfyte alway aftyr in f>e beleue. 

The secuwd cause Ipat J>e sacrament is vset in f>e auter is, fortiolL2 
make man by ofte seynge to haue j?e sadur mynde of Cristis passion 
in his hert, and so to be armet algate a^en J>e fende. For as 
Saynt Austyn sayde : ' pe mynde of Cristis passion is j?e best 
defence a}ens temptacions of fe fende.' Herefor ben roodes sett 16 
on hey in holy chirch, and so by syijt ])erof haue my/id of Cristis 
passion. And Iperfor roodes and opyr ymages ben necessary in holy 
chirch, whateuer J?es Lollardes sayn; for yf Jmy nade ben profitable, 
99 b goode holy faders \>at haue be tofore vs wold haue || don hem out of 2Q 
holy chirch mony a 5ere gon. But ryjt as a man dof> worschip to 
J?e kyngis sele, not for loue of f>e sele, but for reuerence of f>e man 
\>at owet hit ; so for j?e roode is f>e Kyngis sele of Heuen, and 
o]?yr ymages Ipat ben made of holy sayntes Ipat ben in Heuen wyth 24 
hym: and f>erfore men worschipen ymages. For, as Ion Bellet 
tellet, ymages and payntours ben levvde menys bokys, and I say 
bo[l]dyly J? Iper ben mony Jxmsaund of pepul \>at cou]? not ymagen 
in her hert how Crist was don on J>e rood, but as fai lerne hit be 28 
sy5t of ymages and payntours. Thus forto make $ow haue f>e 
bettur mynde of Cristis passion, I telle yow J>is en sample. 


I rede Ipat Iper was a cristen man of Engelond, and ;ede into 32 
hef>enes forto se wondurs of f>e lond, and hyrut a Saresyn forto be 
his gyde. And so )?ei come into a fayre wode, but al stylle was, 
and nofyng steryng of bryddys, ne of opyr fowles. pen sayde f>e 
cristen man : ' I meruayle muche Ipat f>er is no noys of briddys in 36 

1 }>at )>at G. 

172 41. De Solempnitate Gjrporis Cristi 

f is fayre wode.' Then onsueret f e Saresyn and sayde : ' pis is f e 

wyke fat }oure gret profete deyt in. Wherfore on Sonday fat 

last was, fat 56 calle Palme-Sonday, al f e bryddes of f is wode 

4 weren dede for mornyng, and al f is wyke schal be. But on Sonday 

fat next comet fat 50 called Estyr-day, f ai schal qwyken a:jen, and 

"pen schal f ai al Ipe $ere aftur fulle f is wode wykh melody of swete 

songes. Wherfor lok vp into Ipe trees and see ! ' And he saue 

8 eche tre full of bryddes lying vpryijt dede, and her wyngys 

sprade als f ai hade ben stark of f e crosse. Then if 1 f ese bryddys 

haue mynde of Cristis passion, muche more schuld a man fat was 

I boght by his passion. 

ttr The fryde cause why fe sacrament is vset in Ipe auter is for 
loue, fat man schal for sy^t f erof f enk, how Ipe Fader of Heuen 
hade but one soraie fat he loued passyng alle fyng. And ^et 
forto by man out of Ipe deueles fraldam, he sende hym into fis 

J6 world, and wytTi his owne hert-blod wrot hym a chartur of fredome, 
and made hym fre for euer, but hit so be }>ai he forfet his chartur. 
So whyle Ipai he loued God, he kepeth his || chartur ; for God asket 100 a 
no more of a man but loue. Wherefor he sayde f>us to hym : 

20 * Sonne, 5yf me ]?i hert, and Ipai is yno5e for me.' 

Then taket f>is ensample of syr Auberk Ipat was erle of Venys, 
and louet fe sacrament of Ipe auter, and dyde to hit al Ipe 2 reuerence 
24 j?at he cou>e. But when he schuld dye, he my:jt not receue hit 
for vpcasting. Then made he to clanse his syde, and hull hit 
vryth a clene clote of sandelle; and layde "jperon Godys body, and 
sayde J>us to hym: 'Lorde, fou knowes well fxzt y loue Ipe, and 
28 wold fayn receue J>e wyth my moufe, and I durst ; but for I may 
not, I lay j?e on J?e place fat is next myn hert, and so schow Ipe 
my hert and my loue/ And Iperwyth, in sy^t of al men, J?e syde 
opened, and fe ost glode into J>e body; and fen fe syde closet 
32 a5en, hole as hit was befor, and so sone aftir he 3af fe gost vp. 
pus loue ;e f e sacramewt of Godis body in ^oure lyfe, and he wol 
socoure jow in ^oure deth. 

The fourte cause why f is sacramewt is vset, is for gret mede 
36 getyng to eche man and woma^ fat perfitly leuet f eron, f 05 hit 
1 if d. D. om. G. * al J>e C. om. G. not in d. D. 

41. De Solempnitate Corporis Cristi 173 

haue f e lykenes of bred and f e tast. Also he must p^rfitly beleue 
Ipat f is is verray Cristis body f e which he toke in f e virgin Mary, 
and aftyr deyt on f e crosse, and ros from deth to lyue, and now is 
in Heuen, and schal come to deme f e qweke and f e dede. Then 4 
he fat receuet hit in f is beleue, he getet hym gret merite ; fore 
he getet hym f e kyngdome of Heuen. And he Ipat leuet not f us 
and receuet hit, he taket hit to his dampnacyon in f e payne fat 
euer schal last, pen forto scharpen joure beleue f e better, I telle 8 
3ou f is ensample. 


I rede fat in Saynt Gregorys tyme was a womaw fat het 
Lasma and made 1 bred fat f e pope sang wyth and howsulde f e 12 
pepul. pen, on a day, when f is pope howsulde f e peple, he come 
to f is woma^ Lasma and sayde : ' Take here Godis body.' And 
fen she smylut. But when f e pope see hir smyle, he wyt^draj his 
hond, and layd f e ost on f e auter, and tui net to f is woman, and 16 
100 b sayde: 'Lasma, why smyleste fou, ||when fou schuldest haue 
taken Godys body 1 ' Then sayde sche : ' For fou calles fat Godys 
body fat I made wyih myn owne hondys/ pen was Gregory sory 
for hyr mysbeleue, and bade 2 f e pepull pray to God forto schow so 20 
his myracle, fat f e woman my^t be holpen out of hir mysbeleue. 
And when f ai hade prayet, Gregory ijode to f e auter, and fonde f e 
ost turnet into raw flessch bledyng ; f e which he toke and schowet 
f is woman. Then sche cryet and sayed : ' Lorde, now I beleue 24 
fat fou art Cribt, Godys Soraie of Heuen, in forme of bred!' 
Then bade he f e pepul pray eft sones fat hit muste turne a^en 
into f e lykenes of bred, and so hit dude. And so wykh f e same ost 
he howsulde f is woman. Now, good men and women, for Godys 28 
loue taket hyde what I haue sayde to 5ow, and worschyppeth Godis 
body wyih al joure my5t ; fore here 30 schal here a fayre ensample. 


I Devonschyre bysyde Auxbryge 3 f er dwellet an holy vykere 32 
and hade one of his paryche, a woman, fat lay seke at f e poynt of 
deth half a myle from hym in a to wen. pe which woman at 

1 made D. om. G. not in d. 2 bade D. om. G. not in d. 

3 Auxbryge G. Axobrurgge C. Axbrugge H. Axsebrygge L. Axbrige D. 
not in d. 

174 41. De Solempnitate Corporis Cristi 

mydny^t sende aftur hym to do hure hyr ry;tis. pen f is man wyih 
al f e haste fat he my5t, he ros vp, and }ede to f e chirch, and toke 
Godis bcdy in a boxe of yuory, and put hit in his spayre ; for fat 
4 tyme men vset spayres. And he 5ode towarde f is womaw, and 
went over a medow, fat was f e next way. Then as he hyet on 
his way or eu^r he wyst, f e box schoget out of his bosome, and fel 
dowen on f e erf e 1 ; and in f e fallyng f e box openet, and f e ost 
8 ti ondelut on f e grene. Then, when he hade schryuen f is womaw, 
he asket hyr yf sche wold be howsuld, and Eche sayde : * }ee.' pen 
put he his bond in his bosome, and so^t f e box. When he fonde 
hit not, he was hegly aferde, and sayde to fe woman: 'Dame, 

12 I schal feche Godis body and hye me a$en in al "pat I may/ And 
so he come by a wythen-tre 2 , and made ferof a goode 3erde, and 
dyde hymself nakyd, and bete hymself als fast as he my3t, fat f e 
blod ran doune by his sydys, and sayde to hym||self f us : ' pou 101 a 

16 foule f ef fat hast lost fi creature, fou schalt abye.' And when 
he hade beten hymself J?us, J>en kest he on his clotbes and ran 
furth. And )>en was he warre of a pyler of fyre fat last from J?e 
erth vp to Heuen. Then was he fyrst agast, but aftyr he blesset 

20 hym, and ^ode nere hyt ; f>en saue he al }> e bestes of fe medow 
about fat pyler in compas. So when he come to fis pyler, hit 
schon als bryijt as any sonne. pen was he warre of Godis body 
lyyng on j>e gras, and f e pyler of fyre from hit vp to Heuen. pen 

24 fel he douwe on knes and asket mercy wyth al his hert, wepywg 
sore for his neclygens. But when he hade made his prayer, he ros 
vp, an[d] loket about, and saue al }>e bestys knele on bothe her knes 
and worschyppyd Godis body, saue one blak hors knelet but on 

28 his one kne. pen sayde fis good man to hym fus : ' Yf f ou be 
any best fat may speke, I bydde f e \n f e vertu of f is body fat 
here lyet, fat f ou speke and telle me, why fou kneles but on one 
kne, whyle al f es ofyr bestes knelen on bof e her knes.' Then 

32 ansuered 8 he and sayd : ' I am a fende of belle and wold not knele 
on nof yr kne my wylles, but I am made to do so a;en my wylle ; 
for hit is wryten fat eche man of Heuen, and erth, and helle schal 
bowe to hym.' Then sayde he to hym : * Why art fou lyke an 

1 ei )>e C. D. hert G. not in d. 

2 wythen-tre JD. wydye-tre G. not in d. 

3 aimierecl D. ansuereth G. not in d. 


41. De Solempnitate Corporis Cristi 175 

hors ? ' pen sayde he : * I go f>is like an hors, forto make men 
forto stele me. And f>us was a man of suche a toura honget for 
me, and eft anofi/r, and at suche a town Ipe f>ryde.' Then sayde 
pis vykery : ' I cowmaunde Ipe in J>e vertu of fis body f>at here is 4 
\>ai f>ou go into wyldernes \>er no maw comet, and be Iper tyl domes- 
day ! ' And so anone he vanescet away. And wyth al Ipe reuerens 
j?at he coufe, he toke vp f>e ost, and put hit into lp e box, and so 
3ede a^en to f>e woman, and howsulede hyr Iperwyth. And so he 8 
5ede home, f>onkyng God wyth al his hert for schewyng of hys 

Now, good men and women, for Godis loue taket hede what 
I haue sayde yow, and worschyppet Godis body wyth al youre 12 
101 b my3t, and loue hit wyth l \ \ al youre hert, and beleue sadly Iperin as 
I haue sayde 30 w. And J?en wol he loue you, and bryng 30 w to J?e 
blysse J?er he is in ; and so God graunt. 


Good men and women, suche day is f>e fest of Seynt Barnabe, 
Cristis holy apostul. But for he was not one of f>e nombre of J?e 
twelfe apostulisj Jwfore his day is not halouet but in diuerse 20 
places ; bot in cure iche place 2 his day ys womons holy, and plees 
for Godis loue men. Thys man was an holy man; for when he 
herd Crist preche, he dude anone as he concelet hym, he 3ode and 
sold al his lond and al cfyyr thyng )?at he hade, and broght f>e price 24 
to Ipe apostul es, and put hit into her dysposicione. And he hym- 
self sewet Crist, pore bof>e in body and in spyrite. For he hade 
ful beleue in Godis mercy, and j?at he preuet. When he hade 
cowuertit Saynt Poule, he come to Jerusalem forto haue ben in 28 
company wyth Cristis disciplus ; but J>ai al fled from hym as schep 
from Ipe wolfe, and durst not be in his company be no way. Then 
Barnabe trust in f>e mercy of God }>at makyth * of lyons schepe ; 

1 wytA] wyth wyih G. 

2 bot in eure iche place (7. boj>e here and ower G. not in d. D. 
s |>at makyth C, and made G. not in d. D. 

176 42. De Sancto Barnabe 

fat is, of prowd men and hye he made symple and meke; and 
prowde he made hem lowe, and symple, and ful of al vertu. Wher- 
fore he 3ode to Poule, and broght hym to fe apostlus, and was wyih 
4 Poule, and sewet hym in mony myscheues, and dyses, and per- 

Barnabe was also ful of compassion and ful of mercy ; and fat 
was preuet, when Poule forsoke a man fat was callet Ion Marke, 
8 fat was a man fat hade sewot Poule and Barnabe in Godis 
prechyng. But when he schuld haue goon wto a cyte f er were 
fers men ferin, he durst not; but openly ajenstode Paule, and 
sayed he wold not, and wytMro^e hym. But aftyr he com a$en and 

12 repentyt hym ; but neuerf elese Poule wold not suffre hym lenger 

in his company, lest by ensample of hym||ofyr wold haue ben 102 a 
bolde forto haue don amys. pen hade Barnabe compassyon of fis 
man ; for he was sory for his trespas, and also for he was his 

16 brof yr soraie. Wherefor he made fis man sewe hym ; and so for 
loue of fis man Barnabe left Poule, and 5ede mto anofyr centre 
foito preche. And so fis Ion was an holy man aftur in so muche 
fat Crist apperyt to hym, and comfortet hym in his tribulacione. 

20 Barnabe hade also gret desire forto suffre deth for Cristis loue; 
Wherefor Crist apperet to hym in a vysion, and bade hym goo 
into Cypure, and take martirdome Iper for his loue. Then was 
Barnabe glad and fayne, and 5ede f yder wyth glade chere. And 

24 when fay corner fydur, fai seen bof e men and women at her 
temple rewne nakyd and makyng playes of mawmetry. Wherefor 
Barnabe was so wroth, fat he cursed f e temple, and sodenly 
a parte ferof fel douw, and ouerfel mony of hem. pen were J?e 

28 byschopes of J>e temple so wroth, Jrat ]> ai token Barnabe, and 
bownden hym wyth cordes, and dyde hym gret passion, and aftyr 
J?ai dro^ hym out of J>e cyte, and made l a gret fyre, and kest 
Barnabe )?er in, and so bient hym to J>e deth. But on f>e nyijt 

32 a%r Ion wyth his feres token \>ai was vnbrennet of Barnabe and 
buryed hit in a preuy place. Thus fis man made an a ende wyth 
J?is world, and is now an holy martyr wyth God in Heuen. 
Wherfor 36 schal knele doura and pray Jis holy saynt Ipat he wol 

36 so pray for :jow to God fat he 3eue $ow grace, forto be pore in 

1 made om. G. not in d. D. 2 an] and G. not in d. D. 

43. De Sancta Wene/rede 177 

hert, and haue ful fayth l in Godis mercy, and also to haue com- 
passyon of al fat ben in diseas, and fat 50 mow dey in ful charite 
and in wyll forto com to Crist, forto dwelle vryih hym for euer 
in f e ioye fat euer schal last. To f e whiche ioye God bryng vs. 4 



\ t 
Cristen men and womew, suche a day schal be Seynt Wynfrydus 

102 b day. pe which day is now ordeynet || to be halowet, an[d] \>er ar 8 
mony men that han deuoc?/on to fis holy mayden. "Wherfor 56 
fat haue deuocion to fis holy seynt, comet fat day to f e chyrch 
to worschyp God and fis holy mayden and martyr. Then how 
sche suffret martyrdome ^e schal now here. For, f o^e some 12 
knowen hit, f er ar mony fat kuowen hyt not ; and f o^e a good 
tale be twys tolde, hit is f e better to lernen and forto vndurstond. 

Ther was in ^oure tyme a holy herein yt fat was callet Bewnow, 
f e which com to a good man f e whych was callet Thewythe, f e 16 
which was Wynfredes fader, fat was a ryche man of londes and 
rentys, and prayet fis Thewyt forto ;jeue hym a place of erth on 
f e which he myijt bylde a chirche to serue God in, and to preche 
Godis word to fe pepul. Then was Thewyt glad of fis askyng, 20 
and ordeynet hym a place ne} to his owen house, fat he my^t 
vfyih ofyr come to seruyce of God. Thus, in fe raene whyle fis 
chirch was in byldyng, ofte he preched Godys word to fe pepul, 
and Wynfrede come f ydur wyih hyr fader. And when sche herd 24 
hym speke of the gret mede fat maydenys schulde haue in Heuen 
passyng al of yr orders, fen hade sche so gret deuocion in his 
sayng, fat anone sche made a vow fat sche wold neuer haue part 
of manes body, but abyde alwey in hir maydenhode whyl fat 28 
sche lyuet. ^-n 

Then on a Soneday, when fis chirch was made and byld, Thewyt ! 
vtyth al his meyne 5ede to f e chirch ; but Wynfrede bode at home 
for a sekenes fat greuet hir fen, and nayijt not go to f e chyrch. 32 
pen als sche sat at home hurself, come f er in a kynges sowne fat 

1 fayth L. fayet G. not in d. D. C. 


178 43. De Sancta Wene/rede 

was callet Cradok, forto ly by fis mayden. But when he spak 
to hyr of doyng of fat synne, sche sayde fat sche wold go iwto 
hir chambre, and make hyr more honest fen sche was, and so 
4 come to hym anone ajen. And when sche come into f e chambre, 
by an vtture dore sche ran towarde fe chirch als fast as sche 
myjt, hopyng fore haue secure fer. But when Cradok saue hyr 
renne toward f e chirch, he ouertoke hir, and sayde || but yf sche 103 a 
.8 wolde asent to his wyll, he wolde anone smyt of hir hede. Then 
knelet Wynfrede douw and sayde : ' I haue leuer f ou do me to 
deth fen defowle my body fat I made a vowe forto kepe clene iw 
maydenhode, whyle fat I leue, to my Lord Ihmi Crist.' Then 

12 Cradok out wyth his swerde, and at on strok * smot of hir hede ; 
and for hit was douw f e hylle to f e chirch, f e hede neu^r stynt 
tombelyng, til hit come fyder in syjt of al fat weren fer. 
Wherfor mew were sore afryjt, fat f ai made suche a noyse, fat 

16 Bewnow hade gret wondyr what hit myjt be, and come to hem 
forto wyte what was f e cause of fat noyse. Then, when he saue 
f e hede, he toke hit vp, and kysset hit ofte-tymes sore wepyng, 
and bare hit vp to f 3 body, beholdyng on Cradok, how he wyput 

20 his sword on f e gresse fat was al blody of f e strok. pen sayd 
Bewnow to hym : ' pou wykket mow, ask mercy of God for f ys 
horryble dede, and jet God wol haue mercy on f e ; and jyf f ou 
wol not, I pray God sende vengance on f e anow ryjt iw syjt of al 

24 f ys pepul.' But for he wol not, but loje f 0rat, anon he felle douw 
to f e erf e ded ; and anon f e erf e oponet, and swolut hym bode 
and soule iwto helle. 

pew tok Bewnow f e hed, and set hyt ajeyn to f e body, and huld 

28 hyt w/t/i hure mawtule, and jede to hys masse. And whew he had 
songon and prechet f e pepyl meche of fys maydyne, he saydy 
God wold not fat scho schulde be dede jet, for he hade ordeynt 
meche pepul to be holpyn by hur. Wherefor he bade vche mon 

32 and womon to pray to God, to rase hur ajayn to lyue ; and 
so he dudde. And qwhen sche set vp wyih hyr hondys, sche 
wyput her face of the dwst fat was f eron, and speke to horn hole 
l^jind sownde as sche was before. 

36 Then God schewyd f 0r f re fayr miracles. On was, when f e erf e 
swolyt hym bodyly fat had slayn hur. Anof ur was for f eras f e 
1 strok] strong G. not in cL D. 

43. De Sancta Weneffrede 179 

lied abode, anow sprang a fayr walle, feras was neuer sayn on 
before. The III ys, whew sche fat was slayn, ros a^ayn to lyue. 
pen f e furfe was fat eu^rmore aftyr whyl scho leued, Iper was 
a whyt cercule aboute hyr nekke f eras f e strok was, lyk to a 4 
103 b why t || f rede ; wherfor feras before scho was calut Brewafour, 
Ipat day forthe men callut hure Wenfrede, Ipat ys in Englysch, a 
whyt frede. Then se^e Wenfrede fe gret myracle Ipat God 
schowet for hyr, and 1 tok hyt hele in herte, and }af hur alway 8 
aftyr to hole lyuyng, and was bysy nyijt and day to serue 2 God, as 
Bewnow ta^t hure. Then, when seho was perfete in alle doyng 
Bewnow }ode to anof er place forto dwelle in ; and 3 whan scheo 
hadde lyuid fere fele $erus 3 scho was warnyd by reuelacyon of 12 
God and 4 ijede to a place Iper wer yn mony uirginis. And when 
sche com fyder, gche lyuyd so perfytly in al ways, fat al tokyn 
ensample of hyr; and for Ipat whyt cerkyl was ay euydente and 
token of hur marturdom, f erfor alle men and wymew hadyn gret 16 
deuoc/on in hur worde and in al hur doyng, so fat mony lafton 
f e worldys occupacyon, and werew fayn forto come and dwelle in 
hur company. So whew scho hade lyued Iper fele ijeres, f e spase 
of fyftene wynfa/r, few scho was warnet by God Ipat hur def-day 20 
was ne^e. Wherfor scho made hur rede, and whew scho hade fe 
sacramewt of hole chyrche, in sy^t of all hur sustern 5 , scho ^af 
hure sole to Ihesn Cryst fat scho louet vryth alle hur hert, and 
so was buryet in f e chyrche~5orde fyr mony olper saynte weren 24 
buryt in before. 

Now how f ys holy saynte cam 6 into fe abbay of Schrewsbury, 
^e schul here. Whew fe abbe of Schrewsbre was new made, 
monkys of f e plase madyn gret mon, for fay hade no seynt w/t/i 28 
horn forto ben 7 hor patron and berer of hor pra[y]ers to God, as 
ofer abbotes of fe cuwtre hade. Wherfore fe abbotte 8 of fat 
hows, for he hade herde before of Seynt Wenfrede, he made hys 
pryour go into Walys, and seche wher fat scho was buryet. So 32 
went f ys prior forf , and, be f e grace of God and reuelacyon of 

1 and L (Lansdowne 392). scho G. C. not in d. D. 

2 serue] the r is inserted atjove the line. 

3 whan . . . $erus C. om. G. not in d. D. * and C. om. G-. not in d. D. 

5 sustern] the r is inserted above the line. 

6 cam C. om. G. not in d. D. 7 ben C. om. G. not in d. D. 
9 abbotte C. om. G. not in d. D. 

12 2 

180 43. De Sancta Wene/rede 

fys mayden, he com to fe place wher scho lay. And so wyt/* 
strengf of lordschepe and olper helpe fat he hade, he bro^t hur 
bones into Seynt Gylus chyrche at Scherosbre-townes ende; and 
4 Iper abode a certeyn day in f e whyche scho schuld be translate, and 
\ty\Ji honor and worschyp || be bro^t a into fe abbay of Schrosbre. 104 a 
Then, whe?i fys day com, gret multitude of pepyl cum Iper, in 
party for a gret miracule fat was don in fat chyrche of a chylde 
8 fat was helut of a gret seknes, and forto do worschyp to fys 
hole maydon. And so wytA f e abbot of fe sam place, and f e 
couent and mony olper men of holy chyrche, fay broijt hur mto 
f e abby, and letten hur f era[s] cho ys now, wher God yn schort 

12 tyme aftyr schewed for hur pryde f rytty gret myrackles fat byn 
wrytyn wytft 2 mony other fat byth wrytyn, bof of thilke fat scho 
dyde yn her lyue, and othyr mony fat scho wroght at her walle. 
Then, forto ster 5our deuocyon f e mor to fys saynt, now y telle 

16 you a myrackle fat was don to a mon of Erkaleton fat was callyd 
Adam. Thys man was gretly jpaynyd \vykh f e fallyng-euyl, and 
bof e his hondys weren a^eynward, and liyn flat to his arrays, soo 
fat the armys wern stompys and no armys. He had also such 

20 grevance yn hys leg, fat he myght not goo but wytA, moch penance. 
Soo thys Adam wyt& f es thre wondys, wyth moche penance, he 
com to f e chyrch and to f e scryne of Saynt "Wenefryd, and was 
f er yn his prayers al a nyght. But on f e morow, what for wach, 

24 what for wery, he fylle on slepe ; and when he woke, he felde 
hymself hole yn al his lymmes, and saw hys hondys streght evvn, 
and styryd his fyngyrs at his likyng, and asayde whethyr he 
myght goo, and he 5ede forth wytAout greve, and felde wel fat he 

28 was hole of fe fallyng-euyl. Wherfor he thonkyd God wyth hye 
voys, and fys holy maydyn. And he was so fayne of his hele, fat 
he made a vow fat he wold neuer goo from her, but ben 3 a 
seruant yn fat chirch al his lyfe aftyr ; and soo he was. 

32 Thus, good men and woymen, 50 haue ensampyl forto do worschip 
to fys holy maydyn and martyr. And f ach 56 ben now hole yn 
body, ful helt mony of you byn seke yn sowle, wher ^e haue mor 
nede forto seche her forto haue hele yn sowle fen yn body. For 

1 brojt] the r is inserted above the line. 

2 \vyih. w7/tAout G. not in d. D. 

3 ben C. om. G. not in d. D. 

43. De Sancta Wene/rede 181 

oft-tymys God sendyth sekenes yn body, forto hele fe sole, but 
sekenes of sole is l hor def but yf scho be helyd f e sandyr. 
104 b Wherfor prayth to her to gete you || helth both m 2 body and in* 
sowle, fat 50 may come to hyrn fat ys hele to al sowlys, Ihmi Cryst, 4 
God Sone of Heuyn. 


In ])e towne of Schorosbury syttyn thre men togedyr. And also 
f ai syttyn talkyng, an adyrcope fat somme men callyn an vryn 8 
come of f e woch, and bot horn all f re yn f e necke ; and f ach hit 
grevyd horn at fat tyme but lytyl, sone aftyr hyt rankut, and soo 
swal al hor throtes and stopyd hor brethys, fat too of horn wern 
ded. pe thryd was soo nygh ded, fat he made hys testament, and 12 
made hym redy yn al wyse, for he hopyd noght ellys but on def e. 
Then, as he lay yn hys turnement, he thoght on Saynt Wenefryd 
and her myracles ; and soo, as he myght, bade hys modyr goo offyr 
a candyl to f e scryne, and bryng hym to f e watyr that hor bonys 16 
wer waschyn yn, and soo scho dyd. And when he had f ys watyr 3 , 
he made to wasch his sore f erwyt/i ; and when he had done soo, he 
felde fat he amendyd. Then he made a vow to Saynt Wenefryd 
fat, yf he myght haue lyfe and hele, he wold make an ymage of 20 
syluyr and offyr 4 to her. Thus he amendyd yche day aftyr othyr 
ynto f e tyme fat he was hole ; and fen he dud make an ymage of 
syluyr as he behette, and went thydyr, and offyrd hit vp to f e 
scryne, and become her seruani euyr whyl he lyvyd aftyr. 24 


Also fat day of her translacyon comroe out of Walys knyghtys 
and mony men wyth horn, to se f e solempnite and f e maner f erof, 
and in her company come a grete man fat was dombe and myght 28 
nothyng speke, but al by synys. So when thay comme into 5 f e 
chyrch, sodynly f T/S dombe man felle downe to f e grownde and lost 
hys wyt. Then, as he lay, Seynt Wenefryd come to hym, and bade 
hym drynke of f e watyr fat her bonys wern waschyn yn, and he 32 
schuld be hole of his spech and of anof er euyl fat he had. And 
fen anon he woke, and bade $eue hym holy watyr. Then haddyn 

1 is C. om. G. not in d. D. 2 In inserted above the line. 

3 watyr C. om. G. not in d. D. * offyr] offren C. offyrd G. not in d. D. 

5 into] in inserted above the line. 

182 43. De Sancta Wene/rede 

his felaws gret wondyr fat fay herdyn hym speke, and askyd hym 
what watyr he wold haue. pen sayde he of f e watyr fat Saynt 
Wenefryd bonys wer waschyn yn. And when he had dronken of 

4 fe watyr, he was hole as any || fysch, and anon went to f e quere, 105 a 
and byfor f e couent he told horn opynly fat he come not thydyr 
for non odyr thyng, but only forto se f e solempnite. * But now 
for loue fat he haj) of hur grete curtesy 3euyn me my spech, and 

8 heled me yn body also, I wol come and be hur pylgrym whyl fat 
I lyue ; ' and soo was. 

Now pray we f ys holy maydyn and martyr fat scho wyl pray 
for vs to our Lord Ihesu. Crist, fat we may lyue so here, fat we 
12 may come to f e blysse fat he boght vs to. Amen. 



Crystyn men and woymen, such day 36 schul haue Saynt lonys 

16 day f e Baptist, fat ys callyd so, for he folowet oure Lord Ihesn 
Crist yn f e watyr of Jordan. "Wherfor 30 schul fat day com to 
chyrch yn worschyp of God and Saynt Ion, and also 30 schul fast 
f e euyn. fen 30 schul know how such euons werne furst fownde 

20 yn olde tyme. At f e begynnyng of holy chyrch men and woymen 
comen oner nyght to f e c[h]yrch wytA candels and ofer lyght, and 
wakyd in fe chyrch al fe nyht yn hor deuocions; but aftyr by 
proces of tyme men laftyn such deuocyon, and vsut songys and 

24 daunsys, and soo fellyn ynto lechery and gloteny, and f us turnyd 
f e good holy deuocion ynto syn. Wherfor holy fadyrs ordeynut f e 
pepull forto leue fat wakyng, and fast f e euyn ; and soo turnet f e 
wakyng ynto fastyng. But 3et hit haldyth f e name, and ys callyd 

28 yn Lateyne vigilia, fat ys wakyng yn Englysch ; and yn Englysch 
ys callyd f e euyn, for at evyn fay werne wont forto come to the 
chyrch as I haue told you. But 3et, yn f e worschip of Saynt Ion, 
men waken at evyu, and maken f re maner of fyrys : on ys clen 

32 bonys and no wod, and ys callyd a bonnefyre ; anof er ys of clene 
wod and no bonys, and ys callyd a wakefyre, for men syttyth and 
wakyth by hyt ; the thryd ys made of bonys and of wode, and ys 
callyd Saynt lonys fyre. 

44. De Festo Sancto lohannis 183 

The fyrst fyre was made of bonys, as Ion Bellet sayth, for yn f at^ 
contray ys gret hete f e whech hete encawsut dragons fat fay gedryn 
ynfere, and fleyn yn f e ayre, and fallyn downe ynto watyrs f e l 
frof e of hur kynde, and soo venemyth f e watyrs, fat modi pepyll 4 
takyii her deth f <?rby and of r mony gret sekenes. Then wer Iper 
105 b mony gret clerkys, and haddyn red of kyng Ali^andyr || how when 
he schulde haue a batayle wyiA fe kycg of Inde, and fe kyng 
broght \fyth hym mony olyfaundys beryng castellys of tre on hor 8 
backys, as f e kynde of horn ys, and knyghtys armyd yn ]) e castels, 
arayde al for f e warre. Then knew Alyjaundyr f e kynde 2 of f e 
olyfauudys, fat fay dredyn nothyng so moch as* rorryng of swyne. 
Wherfor he let gedyr alle f e swyne fat myght be getyn, and made 12 
horn to dry tie horn also nygh fe olyfaundys, as fai myghtyn wele 
here hor roryng. And fen he let make a pig for to crye, and fen 
anon alle mfere made soch a rorryng, fat all f e olyfaundys floen, and 
castyn downe hor castels, and sloyn f e knyghtys fat werne yn 16 
ham; and soo Alesaundyr had fe victori. Thes wyse clerkys 
kneuyn wele fat dragons hatyth nothyng so meche as brent bonys. 
Wherfor fay tacht f e pepyll forto gedyr al f e bouys fat fay myght 
fynde, and sett horn on fyre ; and soo wyih f e stench of horn fay 20 

dry ven away the dragon, and soo werne holpyn of hor deses. _ J 

The secunde fyre was made of wod forto bren and forto lyght ; 
for Saynt Ion was a lavntyrne brennyng and lytyng. And also 
fay madyn blasys of fyre forto be eeyn on ferre ; for hyt ys f e 24 
kynd of f e fyre to be seyn ferre on ny^t. And soo was Saynt Ion ; 
for leremy f e profyt, mony 5er or Ion was borne, prophesyet of 
hym and spake Ipus wyih Godys mowth and sayde: 'Befor fat I 
fowrmyd f e yn f i modyr wombe, y knew f e ; and byfor fat f ou 28 
jedes out of hor body, I halowed f e and }af f e a profytte to f e 
pepull.' Then, for Saynt Ion schuld be holy or fen he wer borne, 
God send his angyll Gabryel to ^akary, Saynt lonys fadyr 4 , as he 
dyde f e sacrifice ynstyd of Abia, f e byschop, yn f e tempyl, and 32 
prayd to God bysyly to haue a chylde ; for bof e he and Elizabeth, 
hys wyfe, werne barayne and old. pen sayde f/s angyli to hym 
\)us: '^akary, God hath herde fi prayer, and grawntyth f e a 
chylde fat f ou schalt cal Ion ; and he schall be fulfyllyd of f e 36 

1 JHJ d. D. om. G. * kynde d. D. kyng G. 

3 as d. D. a G. * fadyr d. D. fadyr inodyr G. 

184 44. De Fedo Sancto lohannis 

Holy Gost yn his modyr wombe, and mony schuld be glad yn fe 
day of his byrth/ Then, for Sakary was old, he prayde f e angyl 
4 forto haue a tokyn of his behest, pen || sayde f e angyl fat he 106 a 
schuld be dombe tyl f e chylde wer borne, and soo he was. pen 
conceyvyd Ely3abeth; and when scho was qwyke wyth chylde, 
cure lady, also wyih chylde, come forto speke wyili Elizabeth. And 
8 anon as scho gret Elizabeth, Saynt Ion playde yn his modyr wombe 
for joy of Crystys presence pat he se^e yn our lady. Wherfor oure 
lady was vryth Elizabeth tyl Ion was borne, and was mydwyf, and 
tok hym from f e erth. And when f e neghtburs herdyn fat Eli3a- 

12 beth hade a sonne, fay werne glad, and come as f e maner was fat 
tyme, forto 5eve f e chylde his name, and callyd hym ^akary aftyr 
hys fadyr, and Elizabeth bad cal hym Ion. But for f er was non of 
her kynne fat bet soo, f ai askyd ^akary by synys what f e chylde 

16 schold hette. pen he wrot to horn and bade hanr calle hym Ion. 
And ferwyt/& anon God lowset ^akaryys tong, and speke redely, 
and blessyd God he^ly for al hys sondes 1 . Thus was Ion holy 
or he was borne ; wherfor he wold ^eue yche man ly}t of goode 

20 Also sone as he was of couenable age, he 3ede into desert and 
was Iper prechyug and folewyng f e pepull tyl Crist com forto be 
folowde of hym. Then was Ion clop ed yn herus of camels, and 
gurd above wykh a gyrdyll of a roch skyn, and ete a maner of 

24 wormys fat byn noriched yn fat desert among erbys, and byn 
alsoo gret as a manys fyngyr, but somdele schorture, and sowkyth 
hony of flowrys, and bef calyd honysoculs fe whech pore men 
gedyrth and fryeth yn oyle to hor fode. Also Saynt Ion ete 

28 leues, brod and rownd and whyt, fat growth on tren also yn fat 
desert 2 ; and when fay byn frotude bytwyx menys hondys, thay 
byn swete as hony and good forto ete, and byn callyd wod-hony. 
Also he drangke watyr of a well fat ys f er. pus ys lonys lyfe yn 

32 desert tyl fat oure Lord Ihmi Crist was thrytty }er old. And fen 
he and Ion metyn at f e watyr of flem lordan ; and f er Ion tolde 
fe pepull of Crist, and wyth hys fyngyr schewyd hym, and sayde 
f us : ' Se, f ys ys Godys lombe, f is ys he fat I haue tolde you of. 

36 I haue folowet you yn f e watyr, but this schall folow [| yn f e Holy 106 b 

1 sondes d. D. S. sondus L. sowndes G. om. C. 

2 desert] de inserted above the line. 

44. De Festo Sancto lohannis 185 

Gost/ Then went Ion and Crist ynto }>e watyr, and Iper Ion 
folowed Crist. And when he was folowed, f>er com such a lyght 
from Heuyn, f>at Ion was abaschet. Then l herd he f e Fadyr yn 
Hevyn. Here Ion lernyd furst to know \>e ]) re persons of Ipe 4 
Trinite. Al J>?/s ys token of ]>e secunde fyre. 

The thryd fyre of bonys and of wode bytokenyth lonys martyr- 
dome, for his bonys weren brent; but how 50 schul here. We 
redyn f>at Herod, f>e kyng, had a broker ]mt het Phelip ; and for 8 
Ipys Felip hade a fayr wyfe J?at Herod lykyd, he toke her, and 
made her hys wyfe. Wherfor Saynt Ion repreuyd hym oft-tyme, 
and sayde hyt was not lawfulle to hym to haue hys broker wyfe. 
Wherfor Herod made Ion don to prison, and schapute bytwyx 12 
hym and hys wyfe, how Ion myght be don to deth wytAout 
sturbans of Ipe pepyll ; for Ipe pepyll louyth Ion. Then schapud 
Herod to make a gret fest of all men of J>e contrey, forto holde 
wyth hym, yf f>e pepull hadde rysyn. And soo, when f>e day of }>e 16 
fest come and all men wer 2 rychely serued, Ipe wyfe, as cownant was, 
sende her doghtyr ynto Ipe halle, forto dawnse and forto tomble 
befor f>e gestys, and soo she 3 plesyd Herod, f>at he bad hur aske 
of hym what scho wold, and scho schuld haue hyt ; and )?erto 20 
swer a gret othe. Then f>ys damysel, also scho was taght, askyd 
lonys hede Ipe Baptyst. pen Herod faynet hym, as he had byn 
wroth; but he was fayne Iperof. But for he had made such an 
othe before so mony worthy men, he wold not be fals, but send 24 
anon, and made to smyte of lonys hed yn prison w^/tAout any 
oper dome, 4 and was broght to Ipe damysel. And so hyr modur 
lette bery f>e hede in a * pryue place, 5 f>eras scheo ordeyned, fer 5 
from Ipe body. Soo, Ipe nyght aftyr, lonys dyscypyls stelyn Ipe body, 28 
and buryeth hit, and was Iper tyl lulianws Apostata, Ipe Emperour 
of Rome, com }?ylke way. Then made he to take vp J>e bonys of 
lonys body, and bren horn, and aftyr wynou ham yn J>e wynde, 
hopyng Ipai aftyr |?at he schuld neu^r ryse a^eayne to lyue. 32 

Thus, good men, 56 may vndyrstond how holy f2/s man was, }?at 

an angyl com from Heuyn forto telle of his conceyuyng, and 

107 a brocht his name from Hevyn, and yn his burthe || oure lady toke 

1 Then d. D. The G. 2 wer d. D. om. G. 3 she <L D. om. G. 
4 and . . . a C. d. D. om. G. 5 >eras ... fer C. om. #. d. D. 

186 44. De Festo Sancto lohannis 

hym from f e ei th, and was halowyd yn hys modyr wombe, and 
aftyr folowde cure Lorde Ihesu Cmt. 36 schuld know alsoo fat 
Saynt Ion f e Euangelyst deyde f 2/s same daye ; but holy chyrche 
4 makyth no mencyon f m>f, for hys day ys halowd yn Crystynmasse. 
Then, for f ese too lonys byn holdyn f e gretyst sayntys yn Heven l , 
hyt fel fat too maystyrs of deuenyte, on louyd fat on, and fat 
oper f e tof er Ion. And soo ayf 0r of horn was besy forto preven 2 
8 hys Ion mor worthy Tpen fat op ers, and hereopyn on ordeynet a day 
forto dyspyte of fe mater. But yn f e nyght befor fe day of 
dysputac^/on eyf yr Ion apperet to hys louere, and bade ham leve 
of hor dysputac?/on, for fay werne well acordyd yn Hevyn. And 

12 soo, on f e morow, eyf yr s told hys vysyon to f e pepull fat com 
forto haue herde hor dysputacyon, and 00 al f e pepull blessyd 
Gode and both lonys. 

\ 01 ?W^ Narracio. 

16 Alsoo too mesyls louedon 4 wele fe too sayntys, soo fat on mesyl 
louyd wele Saynt Ion f e Babtyst, and fat of er Saynt Ion f e 
Euangelyst. And soo as fay felle yn talkyng of horn, fat on 
sayde fat his Ion was f e grattyr, and f ?/s of er sayde nay ; and f MS 

20 by stryvyng f ai begonyn and wold haue fochtyn. pen come f er 
a voyce from Heuen and sayde to horn : ' Let be your feghtyng yn 
erthe, for we byn yn hye pees yn Hevyn.' And anon wyth fat 
worde bofe werne heelyd of fat mesylry, soo fat fay wer as 

24 clene as a chylde yn yche place of hor bodiyg. Then kussyd fay, 
and werne fryndys, and f ankyd God and f os holy sayntys, as fay 
hadyn gret enchosen. 

Pray we now f es holy sayntys to ber our ernde to our Lorde 

28 Ih^su Crist fat we may soo do here, fat we may haue f ya blys 
fat he boght vs to. Amen. 



32 Goode men [and] woymen, such a day 36 schal haue an hie fest yn 
holi chirch of Seynt Petyr and Saynt Pole, Godys chefe apostols. 

1 yn heven C. ys hefnys G. not in d. D. 2 preven C. pray G. not in d. D. 
3 eyj>yr C. eyjris G. not in d. D. 4 louedon C. lyfdyn G. not in d. D. 

45. De Festo Apostolorum Petri et Pauli 187 

Wherfor 30 schul fast f e evyn, and on f e morow come to f e chirche 
and worscbip God and his holy apostols. Then schul 30 take hede 

107 b how fat Crist wher || fat he syttyf e, he hath Petyr on fat on syde 

and Powle on Ipat cfyer syde, and he hath hys wondys opyn and 4 
bledyng, schewing l to ych man and woymon fat he suffyrd f ylke 
wondys fat byn fyve wellys of mercy yn v partys of hys body for 
soch men and woymen as Petyr and Poule werne. Wherfor ye 
schul know well fat f es n apostyls werne grete synners pasyng 8 
mony olper. But for fay laftyn hor synne, and werne sory f 0rof, 
and }euon ham aftyr to 2 good lyuyng, God toke horn to hym yn 
ensampull to al olper, and made hom as a schoer to al olper synfull, 
schowyng wele fat, as he . tok f os too men to hym aftyr hor 12 
repentans and set hom next to hym, soo wyll he take al olper Ipat 
wyll leue her evyl levyng and take to amendment. And as glad 
as f e Fadyr ys forto see f e childe ryse from def e to lyfe, soo glad 
ys Crist, and moch mor, forto se a mon to ryse out of dedly syn, 16 
and nevyr aftyr do hit mor. Wherfor Powle hath a sworde, and 
Peter hath f e keys of Heuyn, schowyng Ipat al Ipai wyll by en- 
sampull of Powle kut away wyt/i f e sworde of cowfessyon the 
cheynes of dedly synne, and neuer aftyr do hyt whiche byndyth 20 
a manys sowle to f e fende. Petyr ys redy to opyn f e jeate of 
Hevyn, and bryng hom into fe blys Ipat euer schal last, pen 
schul :je know Ipat Powle was fyrst so heje and fers a5eynys holy 
chirch and all Ipat seruyd Crist, Ipat non durst dele wyth hym. 24 
But aftyr he laft fat malice, and feras he was befor fers and 
cruele, aftyr he was gracyous and mercyable; and feras he was 
befor high and prowde of hert, aftyr he was lowe 3 and vndyrlyng 4 
to al Godys seruantys. 

Petyr hulde 5 hymselfe most perfet and stydfast of al Cristys 
cliscipuls ; wherfor he made bost by a vayne glory fat he was 
redy forto goo wyth Crist ynto f e deth and prison. And when p \i 
Criste sayd fat al his decypyls schuld forsake hym, Petyr for hygh 32 
bost in heryng of 6 al his brethyrne sayde, fach all forsoke hym, 

108 a he || wold neuer forsake hym. And 5eet mor, when Crist was taken, 

1 schewing C. schyuyng G. 2 to C. om. G. 

3 lowe C. H. legh G. * vndyrlyng C. H. hyndyrlyng G. 

5 hulde C. held H. hadde G. 

6 in heryng of L. heryng (7. hauyng G. 

d vndyrlyng 4 

of al Cristys 

188 45. De Festo Apostolorum Petri et Pauli 

Petyr dro hys sworde, and smot of Malkys ere ; but sone aftyr, 
when he dyd se fat Crist schold be dede, fen he l swor and stant 2 
fat he neu^r knewe Crist, and forsoke hym at alle. But when 
4 fat he herd f e coke crow, fen he bethoght hym how fat he 
schulde forsake hym f ryes or f e coke cru. pen anon Petyr 5ede 
out, and wepyd byttyrly, and went and hyd hym yn a caue, and 
durst not for schame com among his brethyrne, tyl fat Criste 
8 sende to hym be name. Then was he aschamyd so sor f eraftyr 
and sory for his trespas, fat f eras he was before a boster and 
vnstabyll of hys worde, aftyr he was trewe and soo growndyd yn 
perfyt lyuyng and studfastnes, fat Crist callyd hym Petyr, fat ys 

12 yn Englysch, a ston ; for f eras f ou lays a ston, Iper f ou schalt 
fynde hit. So was Petyr aftyr so stydfast, fat for weyle ny wo he 
neure 3 floterut; but stod euer stydfast yn Cristys loue, and hadde* 
algatys hys syn yn mynd. And forto amende fat lie dyd mys, 

16 he was of such abstynens, Ipai he ete neuer aftyr but bred wytA 
oyle 6]per seldyn flesch wyth wortes, and weryd but on sengyl 
curtyll vtyih a mantel. And eumnore when he herde any man 
myng Ih^su, anon he wolde wepe. And ych ny^t when he herd 

20 f e cok crow, anon he wold aryse, and gco to his prayers ; and fen 
wepe soo bytyrly, fat f e terys of hys een brennyn his face soo, 
fat he had a cloth algatys yn his bosom, forto wepen 5 away fe 
terys. pen wa she so holy, fat wher fat euer he $eode, and his 

24 schadow glod on a seke body, he was hole anon. 

On a tyme he send too of hys dyscypuls ynto a fere 6 contrey 
forto prech. But when fay werne passyd xx ti dayes jowrnay, on 
of horn dyed, pen turnyd fat of er a^eyn to Petyr and tolde hym. 

28 pen Petyr betoke hym his staf, and bade him goo a^eyn, and lay 
hit on hym fat was dede, and he schuld aryse a^eyn to lyfe. And 
soo he fat was forty dayes ded ros a^en to lyfe, and 3ede forf e 
ynto fer contrey, || and prechet Godys word. 108 b 

32 Then euyl men wern so wroth \\yth Petyr, fat he turnyd so 

1 he C. om. G. 2 stant] stared C. om. H. L, 

3 neure C. ne G-. * hadde C. om. G. 

5 wepen] we G. wypon C. 6 a fere C. for G. 

As most of the following sermons are wanting in d. D., I only shall quote 
these MSS. if the passage in question is contained in either or both of them. 
On the other hand it will be necessary sometimes to give the readings of 
H. (Harl. 2403) or L. (Lansdowne 392). 

45. De Festo Apostolorum Petri et Pauti 189 

moch pepyl to Cristys fayth, Ipat fay toke liym, and put hym ynto 
prison, and didyn so gret dystres, fat he was nygh dede, and 
sendyn mony knyghtys forto wake hym, lest he had byn stolne 
out of prison. Wherfor, yn mynde f erof, yn mony contrey 4 
knyghtes waken yn worschip of Saynt Petyr as Ipys nyght ; and 
soo f e comynty takyn ensampull of horn, and so fay makyn a fyre 
^et, and wakyn yn fe worschip of 1 Saynt Petyr. But for Petyr 
was 2 Ipus dystressyd yn prison, Cryst come to hym, and confortyd 8 
hym, and bade a 3 angyl to lade hym out ynto f e large ; and so 
he dyd. 

Then went Petyr to Rome, and was \er v and xx^ 5ere popa, 
and turnyd moch pepyll to Cristys fayth. But fen come \er a 12 
fendys lym fat was callyd Symon Magus, fat was soo perfyt yn 
f e deuyh/s craft, Ipat he made men summe blynde, and suwme defe, 
and dombe, croket, and halt, and seke. So what for fer, what 
for wondyr, f e pepul leued moche yn hym. pen come Petyr 16 
aftyr, and helyd al fat Symon hurt, and bade horn schuld not 
leue yn hym, for he was fals, and wroght by f e fyndeys craft al 
fat he dyd. pen was Symon so wroth with Petyr, for he myght 
not haue his wyll forf for hym ; and namely he myght not rayse 20 
a man from def to lyfe fat Petyr raised aftyr. He turnyd a 
fende yn lykenes of a dogge f eras Petyr schuld come, forto haue 
woryet hym. But when Petyr blessyd hym, and lete fys dogge 
los, f e dogge anon lept to Symon, and pullet hym down vndyr his 24 
fete, and wold haue woryet hym. pen Petyr sayde nay, he schuld 
do no harme vnto hys body ; but he rent so his clothes, fat Symon 
3ede nakyd away, and schapyd all 4 fat he my3t \vyih wyles 4 forto 
haue had Petyr dede. 23 

Then come Crist to Petyr yn a nyght yn vysyon, and sayde to 
hym: 'Petyr, be stydfast, for Symon and Nero, fe Empmmr, 
han shapyd thi deth ; but I woll send to f e to-morow Poule, my 
seruant, yn confort and solas. And soo schul 36 suffyr martyrdom 32 
for me, and come, and be wyth me yn euyrlastyng joy/ Then Petyr 
109 a fonkyd Cryst || wyth all his hert, and at nyght he told hys brofdr 
hys vysion. Yn sy3t of all horn he toke Clement by f e bond, and 
hym set yn hys chayre, and made hym pope and successor aftyr 36 

1 of C. om. O. 2 was C. om. G. 3 a C. om. G. 

* }>at . . . wyles H. >e wchiles )>at he cowth 6?. Ipe wyse J>at he cowth C. 

190 45. De Festo Apostolorum Petri et Pauli 

hym. Then on f e morow come Pole, and fen worn fay al glad. 
And anon Petyr and he :jedyn forth, and prechet f e pepull. So, f is 
men whyl, Symon hade soo enscharmyd f e Emperour, and he leued 
4 on hym, so fat he went fat he had byn God sonne of Heuyn. 
Then sayde Symon to the Emp^-our : ' per byn yn f ?/s cyte too 
men of Galyle, on he^t Petyr, and anofer he^t Powle, whych don so 
doses to me, fat I may no lengyr lyfe here yn erth. Wherfor * 
8 cowmaunde al men fat fay be redy such a day at Capitolion, and 
per yn syght of al horn, I wyll fle ynto Heuyn.' So when f e pepul 
was gedyrt, Symon went vp ynto f e toure of Capitolion. And 
when he was ther, f er cowime too fendes lyke too angyls, and set 

12 on hys hed a crowne of lorel, and sone aftyr fay beryn hym vp ynto 
fe ayre lyke as he had flowen. Then spake Petyr to Pole: 
' Brofer, loke vp and se/ pen sayde Pole : * Hit lyth to f e forto 
cowmaunde and me forto pray.' Then sayde Petyr : ' I cora- 

16 maunde you fendys fat beryth fat mon f er fat 56 lowse your 
hondys from hym ! ' And fen anon Symon fel downe and al 
tobarst to pecis. Then f e 2 Empmmr was soo wroth, fat he made 
lede horn forth, and do Petyr to deth on a cros for a pore mon, 

20 and Poule he made to smyte of hys hede for gret worschip fat he 
was a gret gentylman. Then sygh fe pepull angyls stondyng 
bysyde f e crose by Petyr wyth crownys of rosys and lylyus, so 
swete and so fayre fay segh neuer befor. And when Poleys hed 

24 was smyte of, fyrst come gret plent[e] of mylke and aftyr blode. 
pen, on a ny^t after, crysten men tokyn her bodyes, and laydyn 
horn yn a graue fer ; and soo wern, tyll fat crystyn fayth was 
open yn Rome, pen f e Emperoures s maden to eyf ur of horn 

28 a gret chyrch yn Eome, and wold haue borne eyf ur bones to hys 
chirch ; but fay couf e not know fat on by fat olper. Then come 
ther a voyce from Heuyn and sayde f e mor bones ben of fe 
prtfchurs, and f e lasse of f e fyschers. 

32 pen, aftyr when cristendome com ynto f ys lond, kyng Ethelbert || 

made a gret chirch yn London yn f e worschip of Saynt Pole, and 109 b 
anof er, yn f e west, of Saynt Petyr, and ordeynt what day f ea 
chyrches Echuld be halowde of Saynt Petyr. Then on f e nyijt 

1 wherfor] wherefore C. wherfo G. s >e C. om. G. 

3 Emperoures C'. Emperour 0. 


45. De Fedo Apostolorum Petri et Pauli 191 


before fat day was f er a mon fyschyng yn Temmys vndyr "West- p, 
mynstyr. pen, a lytyl befor mydnyijt, come Saynt Petyr to hym 
lyke a pylgrym, and prayde Ipys fyscher to lede hym ouer to 
Westmynstyr, and so he dyd. When he was gon ouer, he jede to 4 
f e chyrch. And fen anon Ipys fyscher saw gret ly^t yn f e chyrch, 
as hyt had byn al on fyre; and Iperwyth he felde Ipe swetyst 
smell fat euer he saverde, and herd so mery song, fat he was 
nygh of mynde for joy and for wondyr. But when he had herd 8 
an seyn Ipys long, fan come Petyr a^eyn, and fonde hym as f ach 
he had byn yn travnsyn, and sayde to hym : ' Hast f ou oijt takyn 
f is ny}t 1 ' pen he onsweret and sayde nay, he was so astoned l of 
tliys ly^t, and of f ?/s swete smel, and of f e swete melody of song 12 
fat he herde, fat he my^t nothyng done. Then Petyr bad hym cast 
hys net ynto Ipe watyr, and he wolde helpe hym ; and he did so, and 
he toke a grete qucmtite of fysch. Then Petyr chos Ipe gretyst fysch 
and sayde to Ipe fyscher : ' I am Saynt Petyr fat haue halowd 16 
your cliirch to-ny^t. Wherfor take f?/s fysch, and to-moro erly 
ber hit to f e byschop on my nome, and byd hym on fe tokyn fat 
he do no mor to f e haloyng of f e chirch, but only syng f e masse 
and make a sermon to f e pepull. And forto know fat hit ys soth 20 
fat f on sayst, byd hym 2 goo ynto f e chirch, and se how al f e 
pament $et ys wete of fe holy watyr, and $et the endys of f e 
condyls stekon on f e wallys.' Thus f is fischer dyd his message. 
And fen 5ode f e byschop to f e chirch, and fond all f yag soth and 24 
veray, as f e fyscher sayde. And fen f e byschoppe 3 v?yth all f e 
pepull knelyng, fay songyn Te Deura laudamws/ f onkyng God 
and Seynt Petyr and Poule, fat thay wold pray for vs to our 
Lorde Ihesu Crist, fat we may come to f e blysse f e whech God 28 
bryng vs to. Amen. 


3et, for mony haue lyst to here honest talkyng and namely yn 
hyr holydays forto be ocupyed yn gode, ferfor 56 schul here how 32 
Ipys Emperour Nero twrnyd hys wyt al ynto foly, and whech an 
ende he had at fe last. Hyt ys profytabyl and nedfull to fe 

1 astoned C. etaynd G. 2 hym C. om. Q. 3 byschoppe C. bysch 6?. 
* The heading is taken from C. om. G. 


46. De Morte Neronis 

soule and to f e lyf alsto forto speke alway fat ys good, and take 
fat ys honest, and namely to a pryst ; for hys mouthe ys halowde 
to spek Godys wordys, and schal notliyng speke, but fat ys 
profytabull to f e lyf and to f e sowle. For rybawdy and vice ys 
poyson to a prystys mowth and atture, for hit poysynnyth his 
one sowle, and envenomyth of ir fat heryn hym. For f es leude 
pepull wenyth hit be laufull to horn bof e to speke and to do 
8 bof e fat fay seyn a pryst speke, and say : ' Thus I se a pryst do, 
and f ?/s he sayde ; wherfor I may do ryght soo : he ys letturt, and 
seth yn his boke what hym faylyth and owyth to do.' Thus 
a pryst hath gret nede to depe hym, bof e yn worde and yn dede, 

12 so fat non olper be corrupt by ensampull of hym. For Sayn[t] 
Austyn saythe : ' Whyl an euyll ensampul raynyth, he fat 5af fat 
euyl eneampull, schall neuer come to perfyte joy/ pen, forto 
be war of spekyng rybawdy I tell you f ?/s ensampul. 

16 I rede fat f er was a prest yn Yerlond fat was lusty to speke 
of rybawdy and iapys fat turnyd men to lechery, pe whech, yn 
a ny^t, wyth fendys was fachyd out of his bed, and soo was out 
thre days and f re nyijtys. But yn fe thryd ny^t he was broght 

20 agayne to hys bed all forbetyn arid brent, and al his body ful 
of choynus as a erthyn woch a^eynys fe sonne. pe whech 
choynus stonk as a pulled honde euermor aftyr whil he lyfuyd, 
and myght neu^r aftyr be hole, by no craft. And fen he told 

24 how fat fendys brendon hym and beton hym so, for he was lusty 
forto defowle his mowth vfyih fylf of ribawdy. And al his lyf 
aftyr, when he herd any mon speke of rybaudy, he wold say a 
' Syr, be war be me/ But $et ben f er som fat byn soo rotyd 

28 yn lust of vanyte, fat fay wenyn || fat Godys 1 worde be but 110 b 
vanyte; wherfor fay lesyth hor grace, and haue no sauer yn 

: _Godys worde. 

Thus was f ys Emperour Nero prechyt and taght by Petyr and 

32 Powle. But for he sett noght by hor lore, God sunyrd Syrnon 
Magus to betraylon and encharme hym 2 , fat he lost hys kynd 
wytte fat God jaf hym, and $af hym all to foly aftyr, and laft hit 
neuer til he wer vndon. perfor and 3 how $e schul here. We 

1 Godys] ys is inserted above the line. 

2 traylon and encharme C. charmed G. 

3 )>erfor and C. and }>erfor G. 

46. De Morte Neronis 193 

redyn of 1 f?/s Nero f e Emperour fat, when Seneca his maystyr 
taght hym yn his ^outh, com to hym and askyd his waryson as 
f e maner was, Nero \vyih al his my^t smot hym on f e hed wyth 
a bradlyng sworde ; and for Seneca blent e 2 at f e stroke s he 4 
askyd hym why he was ferde. Then sayde Seneca: 'For I am 
a man, and a man of kynd dredyth def e/ Then sayde Nero : 
' For f ou dredyst deth, I ^eue f e leue forto ches a bogh of a tre 
fat f ou wolt forto hong on ; for f ou schalt be ded algatys. For 8 
I am 3et also oft as I se f e also sore aferd of f e as I was yn my 
3outh, and my^t not haue my full lykyng for fe.' Then sayde 
Seneca : ' Yf hit may no bettyr be, yf me leue to ches myn 
oune deth,' and he grauntyd. Then he ordeynyt a bath of war me 12 
watyr, and ^ede ynto hit, and made let hym blode on both his 
armys, and so bled to deth yn f e baf e. Wherfor he was callyd 
Seneca, quasi se necans ; for he yn fat maner sloch hymself. 

Anof er tyme, when he herd of f e 4 brennyng of Troye, he 16 
caght a lyst yn his hert forto se townys brent, and made forto 
sett Rome on fyre, and soo brent vn days and vn nyghtys. 
And he f#s while sete yn a hych towre, and beheld, and loch, 
and made gret joye f erat, whil mony anofer wrong his hondys 20 
and weput fvll sory. 

Anof er tyme, as he walkyd yn f e strete, he herd a womon cry 
trauelyng on chyld. Wherfor he made to sle his oune modyr, 
and vndo hur, to se wher he was norychyd yn hor wombe. pen 24 
sayde f ys fesycyon how he dyd a^eyne all maner kynde and lawe, 
for f e sone schuld by no maner of way sle hys modyr fat sufferd 
111 a soo || moch peyne 8 yn bryngyng forth of hym. Then commawndyd 
he f ose fesiscyons to make hym w^/t/i chyld anon, to preue whethyr 28 
fei 6 sayde sof or noo. pan sayde fay fat my^t not be, by no 
way of reson, for hyt was agaynys kynd of mon forto be wyth 
chyld. Then sayde he treuly fay schuld al be ded, but fay make 
hym wyU schylde. Then, by cownsell of horn al, fay madyn hym 32 
drynke of a lytyll frogge ; and soo fay deddyn hym wyth such 
mete and drynke fat made f?/s frogge swell yn hys wombe, fat 
he 7 was abrefut yn schort tyme. Then, when he feld his bref 

1 of C. >at O. 2 blente C. bleytow G. 

3 stroke C. stoke G. * >e C. om. G. 

pyne G. 6 >ei C. om. G. 7 he C. om. G. 


194 46. De Morte Neronis 

fayle liym, pen he cald hys fesyscyons, and bad honi hye yn all 
pat pay rnyjt, pat he wer delyuerd of hys schyll[d], for ellys he 
schuld be ded anon for defawt of breth. Then sayde pay yf he 
4 wer delyuml or pe tyme of kynde, hys schyld wolde be bodely pat 
he schuld not loke apon hym for abominacion. pen sayde he 
pat he niyijt abyde no lengyr, but he schuld dye ; and leuyr hym 
were lese his schylde pen hymselfe. Then pes fesyscyons madyn 
8 hym a drynke, and so cast vp p^/s frogge lappyd yn glette l and 
fulthe, and aboininabull forto loke on. And when he sej pat 2 , 
he sayde : ' For soth, here ys a foule chyld ; but jet for hyt ys 
my chylde, I charch you pat hit be kepyd yn pe best wyse pat 

12 hyt may.' Then pay made forto close hyt 3 yn a wall per was 
affcyr made a chyrch yn pe worschyp of Saynt Ion pe Ewangelyst, 
and ys callyd Latrens ; pat ys yn Lateyne, Latens, and yn Englysch, 
a daring 4 frogge. 

16 Then pe Romayns seen how pys man was all yn a fransy, and 
huiitet hym out of pe cyte, and woldyn hauen slayne hym. And 
he pen fond a staf, and wyth hys tepe he gnow 5 hit scharpe, 
and soo rowude hym peron ; and jet er pen he wer all dede, 

20 wolfes corne and al totoryn hym. And pws had he a fowle ende, 
and an ende as he was well worthi. 

Thus algatys a curset lyfuyng schewythe a fowle ende. Thus 


deut Herod pat slogh pe Innocewtes; || he w^/tA a knyf, as he 111 b 

24 paryd an appul, smot hymselfe to pe hert. Thus dyde Pylat 
pat dyd Crist to depe ; he w^/t/i a payre of scherys pat he borowde 
forto kytte hys naylys wyth, smote hymselfe to pe hert. And 
pus pose 6 pat sloch pes holy apostols pus fowle, pay maydyn 

28 hor ende of homselfe. Thus whoso lyuyth cursydly, he may be 
sykur forto ende dolfully 7 . pws Syrnon Magvs, for he trifuld pe 
pepull to holde hym an holy man and forto beleue yn hym, for pe 
hych pryde pat he was yn, he fel 8 downe, not only to pe erth, but 

32 depe ynto hell. So al pay pat schoth horn holy to man syght, forto 
be praysyd of horn, he may dye fayre to pe worldys ee, but to 
Godys ee he gop to 9 his dampnacyon. Wherfor I tell pis ensampull 
pat I fynd wryttyn yn a boke pat ys callyd * Vitas Patruw.' 

1 glette C. glute G. 2 >at C. om. G. 3 hyt inserted on the margin. 
4 daring C. drawyng G. darynge II. 5 gnow C. knose G. 6 ]?ose (7. 
he G. 7 dolf ..illy C. devylfull G. 8 fel C. fyll G. 9 to C. to to G. 

46. De Morte Neronis 195 


Ther I fynde an holy ermyd fat dowellyd yn desert, and prayde 
God besely fat he most se fe sowle of an holy man, when hyt 
departyth from f e body. Then Iper come an angyl to hym, and 4 
sayde such a man schuld dye fat day : ' Goo f edyr and se ! ' pen 
was lp 2/s mon Enklus, and was holdyn an holy man passyng mony 
oper. AVherfor fys ermet was wondyr glad, and ^ode f edyr wyth 
glad chere, hopyng forto se summe spyritual visyon wherby fat 8 
he myjt haue ben confortyd yn sowle. Sco when he come thedyr, 
he sawe moch pepull hyyng to fys mcnys endyng. But when he 
come, he saw too horrybyll fendys syttyng at his hed, wyth too 
brennyng evyllys thrast ynto his throt, rakyng aftyr fe sowle; 12 
and he made an hoge crie f e whech crye no man 863 ne herd, but 
only f 2/s ermyd. And when fay hadyn rakyd out f e sowle, fay 
tokyn hit, and beryu hit forth wyth horn to his payne. pen was 
fis ermyt nych fallyn yn dispayre for drede. But fen spake 16 
112 a f e angyll to hym, and sayde : ' Syre, be f ou || not yn dyspayre, for 
f 2/s man dyd nothyng for Godys loue, but forto pies f e pepull, and 
forto be hoklyn holy of horn ; wherfor he hath as he detmiyd. 
But yf f ou wolt see a holy man dye, goo downe ynto f e strete, and 20 
f:e \er a pylgiym lyyng yn fe chanell and no lyfe wyth hym.' 
But when he come f ydyr, he saw angyls come from Heuyn, and 
saydyn fys to his sowle : ' Com out, Godys derlyng, com out, and 
goo wyth YS ynto f e blysse fat euer schal last/ Then fe sowle 24 
put out f e hed at f e mowth, and wold haue gon ; fen spake f er 
a voyce aboue and sayde : ' Abyde a chyle, whyl I send Dauid 
vfyth hys harpe ; for he fat hath moch woo for me yn hys lyfuyng, 
he schall haue gret joy of me yn hys deyng.' And f erwyth come 28 
Dauid wyth his harpe, and mony of er angels wyth hyir mynstrelcy, 
and soo wytA gret melody beren f^/s soule vp ynto f e blysse. 
Then sayde f^/s angyl to fe eimyt: Tor fys man was a good 
man, and had no lykyng ne lust of fys woild, but only forto pies 32 
God, and was desolate of helpe at his ende, f^rfor God halpe 
hym, and send hys angels forto kepe hym, and bryng hym to f e 
blysse fat euer schal last/ Then 5ede f ys ermyd horn to hys 
ermytage, f onkyng God wytA all his myght. 36 

This ys here wryttyri, to ^eve prestys ensampul, how fay schall ^ 

13 2 


196 46. De Morte Neronis 

occupy holy festys of f e :jere ; for al fat ys occupiet of such festys 
yn vanyte, he hath a gret onsvvar befor God. For f e hyure fat 
f e fest ys, f e holyure most a prist be ; fat ys, mor bysely serue his 
4 God, not only owtewyf wyth sayng, but also ynwyth wyth holy 
thynkyng. ' Quia l si vox vitam non remordet, dulcis est sym- 
phonia, etc.' 



8 Crystyn men and woymen, suche a day 56 schull have Seyut 
Thomas day of Cawntyrbury. Whech day ^e schul come to God 
and holy chyrche || yn worschip of God and Saynt Thomas. For as 112 b 
fat day he was translate, fat ys, he was takyn vp of hys graue, 

12 and his bonys layde yn a schryne ; and how, now I schall tell you. 

This man was ordeynt of God yn his youthe to be aftyr an 

holy man and an hygh saynt yn Heuyn ; for fat was furst 

schowed to his modyr, while fat he lay yn his kradyll yn forf ir 

16 age, and now ys knowyn froch al cristyndom. Furst hyt was 
knowyn to his modyr; for on a ny^t, as scho lay yn hur bed 
slepyng, scho hade a dreme, and faj[t] fat Thomas lay yn his 
cradyll and wepte. And when scho herd f e chylde grete, scho 

20 callyd to f e norse, and bad her loke what hyin aylyd. Then 
scho f oght how f e norse arose, and come to Thomas cradyl, and 
his clofes were lompurt, and scho wold haue amende horn, but 
scho myght not, for fay wern so wyde. Then callyd f e norys to 

24 f e modyr, and bade hur ryse, and helpe hur forto folde f e chyldys 
clofis; for scho was to woke, and myght not welde horn. Then 
f oght f e modyr how fat scho roos, and come to f e noris, and toke 
f e ton $ende of f e couerlyt, and f e norys fat of er. But fen was 

28 hyt so moch, fat fay myght not aweylde hit yn fat schambyr, and 
5ede vryth hit ynto f e halle. And jet f er hyt was soo moch, fat 
fay myght not ouerwelde hit, but jedyn out into f e Scheppe, fat 
ys f e chef strete yn London ; for f er Thomas was borne. And 

32 fen hur f oght fat f e clof e sprad ouer al London. Then, on f e 
morow, his modyr jede to hure schryft-fadyr, and tolde hym her 
dreme. pen sayde he to hur: ' pou art moch holdyn forto 
1 quia C. qui G. om. H. 

47. De Translacione Sancti Thome 197 

thonke thy God ; for f /s chyld fat ys now yn cradyll, schal be 
soo gret of myjt and of power, fat al London schall be at his 

Thys, aftyr, when Thomas was of age, hys fadyr send hym to f e 4 
abbey of Morton, a howse of schanons, forto lerne and forto be 
norychyd. Then aftyr, on a day, Thomas fadyr come thedyr, forto 

113 a loke how he ferd. And when Thomas || was bro^t by for his fadyr, 
anon, yn syght of alle men, hys fadyr fel doun on hys kneys byfor 8 
Thomas, and dydde hym reuerens. Then f e priour of fat doyng 
rebuked hym and sayde : ' Olde fole, Ipys reuerens f i sonne schuld 
do to f e, and not foil to hym/ pen f e fadyr toke J>e prior and 
sayd to hym : ' Syr, I wot full well what I haue don, for f ys chyld 12 
schal be a gret man befor God.' Then Thomas waxet soo wyse 
and actife yn al wysdom and honeste, fat f ys archbyschop sende 
aftyr hym, and made hym to dowel wyih hym of meyne. And for 
he fownde hym redy and wyse yn al thyng, he spake soo to fe 16 
kyng, fat f e kyng made Thomas chawnseler of Englond ; and for 
he gouernyd fat offyce wysly yn yche syde, when f e archebyschop 
dyet, he made hym archebyschop 1 aftyr. 

Thus, when he was made archebyschop, anon he turnyd al ynto 20 
holynes of fastyng, and of prayng, and large almys-^evyng, and 
werd f e her next to hys flesch, and breches of f e same syde to f e 
hommes f e whych norychyd soo moche vermyn on hym, fat hit 
was an horryble syght for to se hit. But f agh hit wer neuer soo 24 
orrybly fyng forto sen hyt, he chanchyd hit neu^r, but ons yn 
forty days. Thus, when Thomas feld fat he had ca^t such a loue 
yn God, fat he dred not for his sake, fen he began and repreuyd 
f e kyng of his mys fat he dydde a^eyne holy chyrch and of ap- 28 
pressyon of f e reme. Soo when f e kyng herd f is, he toke such 
yndygnacyon a3eyne Thomas, and made exile hym of fe reme. 
And sone after, to don Thomas al f e nye and f e gref fat he cowth, 
he made to exile al f e men and woymen, bof e olde and ^eong, and 32 
chyldyr and wymen fat leon on chyld-bed, soo fat he sparyd non 
fat was kyn to Thomas, but all he mad ham swer on a boke fat 
fay schuld neuer abyde yn a place, tyll fay come byfor Saynt 
Thomas, soo forto encres his penance. Then was hit an orryble 33 

113 b sy}t forto se 1 1 ;eong and old, som lenyng on krucches for elde, 

1 MS. archebyschohp. 

198 47. De Translacione Sancti Thome 

som halt and lame lenyng on stauys, wymen w?/t/i chylclyrn 

sowkyng on hor brestys, and olper childyrn sewyng, criyng and 

wepyng for woo, and for defavt of helpe and of lyuyng. Then was 

4 Thomas so sory of f ys syght, fat he wepyd for compassion fat he 

had of horn, and pryuely prayde to God for helpe and succor to 

horn. Then herd f e kyng of Fraunce of f is, and sende aftyr lp es 

pepull. And for compassion fat he had of horn, he ordeynt so for 

8 horn all, fat yn a lytyll while aftyr fay werne bettyr at ees yn 

Fraunce fen fay wer yn Englond. 

Then when, affcyr fat God wold fat Thomas schuld passe out 
of f ys world, by byddyng of f e pope, he come horn to Cauntyrbury 

12 to his owne chirch, and when f e kyngys knyghtys herdyn f erof, 
foure of horn fat wern cursyt lyuers }edyn aftyr hym. And so yn 
f e v. day of Crystynmas fay sloen Thomas yn his chirch befor an 
auter of Saynt Benet, and laftyn hym f er ded, and soo ^edyn hor 

16 way. Then f e monkes of f e plase, wepyng and gret sorow makyng, 
buryet hym yn a new tombe fat was made f er redy. 

But for God schewyd so gret miracles and so fele by hyrn, fat 
f e pope Alexandyr sende letters ynto Englond to f e archebyschop 

20 Steuon and to of er bischoppys and grete abbotes, commaundyng 
to take vp Thomas bonys, and do horn yn a schryne, and sette hit 
f eras hit my^ht be worschepyd of al f e pepull, as he was well 
worthy. Then ordeynt f es abbotes and archebyschoppys a day 

24 when f ys translacyon schuld be done. And ouyr ny3t, while fay 
my^t haue rowme, he toke wytA hym f e byschop of Salysbury and 
olper monkys and clerkys fele, and 5ecle to f e plase f eras Thomas 
had layne fyfty 3ere aftyr his passyon. And when fay come f ydyr, 

28 f ei 1 fel downe to f e erf, prayng Thomas devowtly of his helpe. And 
when fay hadyn long jprayde, fowre || of hem reves[t]yd 2 vnduden 114 a 
f e tombe wytA gret drede and quakyng for fere. And fay fondyn ' 
a tytyl wrytton fws : 'Here restyth Thomas, archebischop of Caun- 

32 tyrbury, prymet of Englond, and fe popeys legat, fat for ryjt of 
holy chirch was slayne f e v. day of Cristynmas.' Then, for gret 
deuocyon fat fay hadyn at sy;t, al wyth on voyce cryet : c Saynt 
Thomas, Saynt Thomas.' And when fys crye was sesyd, fay 

36 tokyn vp f e hed, and rechyt hit to f e archebyschop forto kysse 

1 J>ei C. om. G. 

* of hem reves[t]yd C. rauechst G. of hem arayed in vestementys H. 

47. De Tmndacione Sancti Thome 199 

hit. Arid when fay all had kyssyd hit, fe archebyschop l lokyd 
bysily on his wondys, and sayde f?/s to horn : ' Thay loued f e ful 
lowsly fat wondyt f e f us wekedly.' And soo layde Ipe hedde ynto 
f e schrine, and al Ipe bonys aftyr, and beryn Ipe scryne 2 ynto a 3 4 
certeyne place, and helde f e scryne wyth clones of gold, and settyn 
torches brennyng about tyl on f e morpw, and lafte men Iperwykh 
to wake. Then, on Ipe morow, com f idyr the kyng and al Ipe gret 
of Ipe reme, and beryn Ipe schryne to Ipe plas f er hit ys now, wyth 8 
al Ipe worschip and reuerens fat fay cowth and myghtyn, yn 
worschip of God, and honor of [fat] holy ma[r]tyr, and gret 
fortheryng of al f is reme. 

Wherfor 56 schul al knell adowne, and pray Saynt Thomas of his 12 
helpe, so fat God kepe you bof e yn body and yn sowle, and bryng 
you to f e blysse fat ener schall last. Amen. 



God men and wbymen, such a day 50 schul haue Seynt 16 
Margretys day. And fagh hit be a 3 ly$t holyday, saue fmis 
a chirch ys deyrit yn hor name, ^et I warne you, for as I suppos 
f er byn some of you fat hauen such a loue to hure, fat 50 wol fast 
hor evyn. But fen ^e fat fastyn hur evyn, }e qwyt you not to 20 
her as 56 schuld do, but yf 50 come to chyrch on f e morow to here 
a masse of her; for scho wyll con you more fonk forto make 
a masse sayd yn f e worschip of her fen forto fast mony evenes 4 ^ 
bred and watyr wythout masse. For f e masse makyth ioyfull all 24 
f e angels of Heuen, hit fedy th and corcfortyf f e sowlys yn purgatory, 
114 b and sokeryth all fat lyuy || yn erf and charite. And he fat fastyth 
fe euyn, he helpyth hymselfe, and no fyrf ir. Then forto sture 
your deuocyon f e more to f ?/s holy maydyn, I wyll schow yn parte 28 
of his lyfe, and what scho suffyrde for Godys loue. 

I red yn her lyfe fat scho had a gret man to her fadyr, and was 

1 MS. archebysch. 2 J>e scryne C. om. G. 

3 a C. om. G. * evenes C. om. G. 

200 48. De Solempnitate Sancte Margarete Virgin is 

paynera, and leued on false goddys and mawmetry. Bat when 1 
Margret was borne, ]>e fadyr sende hor ynto f e contrey to a nors. 
Soo whyl )?at scho was long f er among of er maydyns, scho herde 
4 speke of God and of oure Lorde Ihesn Crist, how he bost mankynd 
wyth his deth out of thraldom of fe fende, and how he louyd 
specialy all fat woldon leven in 2 chastite, and seruyn hym yn sym- 
pulnes and yn poverte. Then, when Margret herde of fys, scho 
8 toke such a Ibue to Ihesu Cryst, fat scho mad a vow yn her hert, 
fat scho wold neuer haue part of a inanys body, but lyf yn her 
maydynhed al her lyfe-dayes aftyr. But when hur fadyr herde 
how Margret, hys do3tyr, was levyng on Crist, he forsoke hur for 

12 his doghtyr, and dispisyd hur to f e outmast. Then dowellyd scho 
wyth her nors tyl fat scho was fyftene $er olde, and scho made 
hur forto kepe her schepe wyth othir maydyns of hur age. 

Then as scho sat by f e way com f e justyce of f e contre rydyng 

16 fat way fat was callyd Olybryits, and saw Margret fat scho was 
fayr passyng all of ir, anon he caste such a loue to her for hyre 
beute, fat he bade his mon bryng hur to hym, and yf scho wer 
gentyll of kynd, he wolde wed her, and yf scho wer f rale, he wold 

20 haue her to leman. But when scho was bn>3t before hym, and 
wyst fat scho was of cry sty n fayth, fen was he nygh wod for 
wroth. And for scho wold not asent to hym, he made forto honge 
her vp by f e here, and soo bet her wyth scowrgis, and forto rase 

24 hur fayre body wyth evylys, fat hit was wondyr forto see f e grette 
plent[e] of blod fat come out of her body, and aftyr made cast || 
her ynto prison tyl on f e morow, fat he my^t bef enke hym what 115 
wer best forto do wyt her. 

28 Then prayde Margret to God fat scho most se f e fende wyth 
bodly syght fat so raysyd soo strong enmys ajeynys hur. Then 
anon come f er out of a hyrne of f e prison a gret horryble dragon 
and ijeonet on her, so fat his mowthe was on her bed, and his tong 

32 last downe to her hele, and he wold haue swolyt her. And when 
he had her al yn hys mowth, Margret anon made f e sygne of f e 
cros, and anon f e dragon barst on-sondyr. pen Margret lokyd 
abowte hur, and segh f e fende stondyng yn a hurne, al maset, 

36 wyth hys hondys bowndyn byhynd hym ; and scho start to hym, 

1 when] after when stands that inserted above the line. 

2 woldon leven in C. lyfuyn G. 

48. De Solempnitate Sancte Margaret e Virginis 201 

and pullyd hym downe vndyr her fete, and sette her fote yn his 
necke, and froste hym downe to fe erfe wyth al her my^ht. 
Then cryed f e fende and sayde : ' Alas, I am vndon for euer, and 
al my 1 my^t ys lorne, now such a 3eong wench hath ou^rcomen me ; 4 
for mony a byge and a strong I haue ouercom, and now suche a 
no^tyng hafe getyn f e maystry, and putte me vndyr her fote.' 
Herfor Margret ys payntyd of ur coruew wher scho ys wykh 
a dragon vndyr her fete and a cros yn her hond, schowyng how by 8 
uertu of f e cros scho gate f e victory of f e fynde. Then sayde 
Margret : ' Hold thy jangelyng, f ou fynde, and tel me anon what 
ys fi lynage, and what byn fi werkysT pen vnswerd he and 
sayde : ' My fadyr ys Lucifer, and was fyrst f e fayryst angyll yn 12 
Heuyn, and now ys f e fowlyst fende yn hell. And of my werkes 
I telle f e fat by my techyng f e lays sloen Cryst on f e crosse and 
his apostols aftyr, and mony olper martyre I haue made forto do to 
deth. I haue made mony on to sle men, and forto syn yn lechery 16 
and yn vowtry, and soo to lese hor sowlys ; and most leuest me ys 
forto make a crystyn man, forto breke fat vow fat he made at f e 
font when he takyth hys cristyndome.' And 5eet he sayd more 
115 b fat he was on of f e fendys fat Salamon || closyt yn a vessell and 20 
hulde yn f e erth. ' But aftyr Salamons 2 deth, for men seon smok 
com out of f e erfe f er we wern, fay wende to haue fund gret 
plente of tresure, and dyggut to oure 3 vessel f er we were in wyth- 
out nowmbur, and soo breken f e vessel, and leton vs out. And 24 
soo we fullyf f e erth, and don cristyn men f e grefe and f e nye 
fat we kan and moue.' 

Then, when Margret herd fys, scho prayde to God fat euyry 
fynde most synke ynto helle, and neuer greve mor cristyn men. 28 
Then anon f e erth opynde, and swolut hym ynto hell. Then, on 
fe morow, Olibryus send aftyr Margret; but for he myjt by no 
way ouercome her, he made forto full a gret fet full of watyr, and 
bynd her hondys and fete, and cast her f eryn, forto haue drownd 32 
her fere. Then scho besoght God how fat fet most be her fonte, 
and f e watyr f e lauere and waschyng of her synnys, and soo be 
folowde yn f e nowmbyr of cristyn pepull. And when scho was yn 
fe watyr and prayd fus, anon f e bondys breken, and scho come 36 

1 ray C. om. G. 2 MS. Samaraons. s oure C. on ]>er G . 

202 48. De Solempnitate Sancte Margarete Virginis 

out sownde and safe. And fen f e erf qwakyt so grysly, fat al f e 
pepull was gretly aferde. And f erwyth f er come a mylke-whyte 
coluer from Heuyn, beryng a crowne of bryst gold yn Iier byll, and 
4 Iy3t on Saynt Margretys hede. And f mvyt/i a voyce come from 
Heuen and sayde : ' Margret, myn one derlyng, be stydfast yn f i 
turnement, for al f e company of Heuyn abydyth f i comyng.' 

Then, when f e pepul sygh and herde f is, anon fay cryde and 

8 sayde : c per ys no God, but he fat Margret beleuyth on.' And 

soo v f owsant of f e pepull wytAout woymen and chyldyrne turnyd 

to crystyn faythe. pe wheche Olibryus made anon forto hede, and 

werne soo fowlut yn hor owne blod, and soo 3eden to Hevyn lioly 

12 martyrs. Then Olibryus commawndyd forto led Margret to a 1 
certeyne plase, and fer to smyt of her hed. But when scho come 
to lp e place, scho knelyd downe, and prayde to God fat ych man 
fat made a || chirch yn hur name of er fownde any ly^t f er yn f e 116 a 

16 worschyp of her, and all fat wryttyn her passyon of ir redyth hit 
or callyth to hyr yn gret clystres, fat God schuld do horn succoure 
radly, and graunt horn f e joye fat euyr schall last, and yche 
women fat callyth to her yn tyme of trauelyng of chyld, fat scho 

20 most be sownde delyuerd, and f e chyld come to crystyndome. 
Then come fer a voyce from Hevyn and sayde : ' Margret, f i bone 
ys grawntyd, and schall last for euermore/ pen scho put furth 
her necke, and f e turmentoure smot her hed of at on stroke. 

24 Soo fay fat stodyn by, saw her sowle come out of her body as 
a mylke-whyte coluer ; and angelys token hit, and beren hit ynto 
Heuyn. pen, yn f e ny3t aftyr, a cristyn mon stele f e body and 
buryet hit. 

28 Now schal 30 knele adowne and pray Saynt 2 Margret to kepe 
you from al inyschevys and from f e fyndys comburment so fat 36 
may lyue and ende fat 30 may haue f e blysse fat Ihesu bo3t you 
to. Amen. 

1 a cl D. om. G. a saynt d. I), saynt y G. 

49. De Sancta Maria Magdalena 203 



Crystyn men and woymen, suche a day 30 schal haue fe fest 
of Saynt Mary Mawdelen fat was soo holy a womon, fat our 4 
Lorde Ihesu Crist aftyr his modyr louyd her most of all woymen. 
Wherfore }e chull come fat day to holy chyrch, forto worschip 
God and f is holy woman, for scho was f e forme yn tyme of grace 
fat dyde penawnce for her syynnes, and soo recouered a^ayn f e l 8 
grace by doyng of penaunce, and repentyng fat scho had lost 
by lust of flesch and sore synnyng. pe whech ys made a spec- 
takyll to a synfull to schow to all fat wyll leue hor synne, and 
do penawnce for her trespas, fay schuld rekeuyr a^eyne Ipe grace 12 
fat fay haue 2 lost, and oft moch more. And soo dyde f is womon, \ 
and how 56 schul here. 

Thys woman Mary Madelen had a fadyr fat was a gret lord 
and comen of kynges blode, and had a gret lordschip yn Jerusalem 16\ 
116 b Ipe whech he }af Lazarus at || his deyng. And Ipe lordschip fat he 
had yn Betanye, he $af Martha, hys do^tyr ; and Mawdelen-castell 
wyth all fe lordschip he af Mary Mawdelen, his ofer dochtyr. 
Of f e wheche castell scho was callyd Mary Mawdelen, for scho 20 
was lady ferof. Then, as mony bokys tellyth 3 , when Ion fe 
Ewangelyst schuld haue weddyd her, Cryst bade Ion sewe hym, 
and lyf yn maydynhode ; and soo he dyd. Herfore Mary was 
wrath, and :jaf her al to synne and namely to lechery, yn so moch 24 
fat scho lost fe name of Mawdelen, and was callyd fe synfull 
woman. Then, for hyfc was oft seen fat Cryst of fe gretyst 
synners makyth f e most holy aftyr, wherfor when he se:j hys 
tyme, he gaf f is woman grace forto know herselfe and to haue 4 28 
repentaunce of hur mysdedys. 

Wherfor, when scho herde when Cryst was at his mete yn 
a manys howse fat was callyd Symon f e Faryse, scho toke a buysty 
wyth vnement, such as men vsyn yn fat contre for hete of f e 32 
sonne, and 5ede f yder. But for 5 scho durst not for schame goo 

1 recouered ajayn J>e H. recoured ageyne C. reswordyd agayne to G. 
resorte again to d. D. 2 haue d. D. hue G. 3 tellyth] tellen d. D. 

tellyth ]>at G. * to haue d. D. om. G. 5 for d. D. om. G. 

204 49. De Sancta Maria Magdalena 

byfor Cryst, scho 3ede byhynd hym, and toke liys fete yn her 
hondys; and for sorow fat scho had yn her hert, scho wepte so 
tendyrly, fat wyt f e terys of her een scho waschyd Crystys fete ; 
4 and fen wyth her fayre fax scho wepyd horn aftyr ; and fen wyth 
all fe loue fat was yn her hert, scho kyssyd his fete and soo 
her box anoyntyd hym. But no word spak scho fat mon 
here, saue in hert scho cryde hely to Cryst for mercy, and made 
8 a vowe to hym fat scho wold neuer trespas no mor. pen had 
Crist compassyon of hurre, and clansyd her of vn fendes Ipe 
whech scho had wythyn her, and forjaf her al hur gyltes of synne 
yn heryng of all f e pepyll fat werne f er. 

12 Then for fat joye fat scho was f us delyuerde of f e deuelys bondes, 
scho toke suche a tendyr loue to Cryst, fat euer aftyr scho || was glad 117 a 
and fayne to leve all her leudeschip, and sew hym forthe ay wyth 
soo feruent loue, fat yn hys passyon f eras hys dyscypuls floen 

16 away from hym for drede of deth, scho laft hym neuer tyl scho 
vfyiTi olper had layde hym yn hys tombe. And when no man dyrst 
goo f idyr for drede of f e armyd knyghtys fat kepte Ipe tombe, 
scho sparyd for no drede of lyue, ne deth ; but yn derke dawnyng 

20 toke wyt h her swete bawmes, and $ede f edyr forto haue enbaw- 
met 2 Cristys body, pus scho louyd Cryst, bof e qwyke and dede. 
Wherfor he 3 , yn hys lyue, for loue of her, helyd 4 Martha, her 
sustyr, of f e red flyx fat paynyd her vn 5ere, and also raysyd 

24 her broker Lazarus from def e to lyue, aftyr he had layne foure 
days stynkyng yn his graue. And when he ros from def> to lyue, 
he apperude bodely to her fyrst of all ofir, and suffyrd her to 
towch hym and kys hys fete. 

28 Then, for hit was knowyn to Ipe lewys f>at Crist schowed her 
soo mony syngnys of loue befor mony of>yr, aftyr fat Cryst was 
styed ynto Heuen, the lewes token Mary Mawdelen and Martha, 
her sustyr, and Lazarus, her broker, and Saynt Maximinus, a 

32 byschop, and mony olper, and dyddyn horn al into an old schip, 
and put horn ynto f e see, hopyng soo forto haue drownyd horn al. 
But God fat ordeynt for all aftyr his lyst, he bro^t horn al hole 
and sownde ynto f e londe of Marcyle ; and Iper, vndyr a bonke 

1 myst the y t* inserted above the line. 2 MS. enbawmenfc. 

3 he d. D. he 5ede G. * helyd] heled <7. D. he helyd G. 

49. De Saneta Maria Magdalena 205 

fat was nj5 a tempyll, f ai tokyn hor rest. Then sawe Maudelen 
mony pepyll comyng towart f e tempyll and f e lorde of fat centre, 
forto haue don ofryng and sacrefise to hor mawmetys. But 
Mawdelen was so ful of grace of f e Holy Gost, fat scho fur} her 4 
gracyous wordys turnyd horn al a$eyne home. And for f is lord 
sej her ful of al swetenes and gentre, he had gret lyst forto here || 
117 b her speke, and sayde f us to her : ' Yf f i God f on. preches, ys soo 
full of my}t as f ou sayst, pray to hym fat I most haue a chyld 8 
by my wyfe fat ys barayne, and I wyll leue on hym.' Then 
grawntyd Maudelen ; and so wytAyn a schort whyle f e lady con- 
ceyvyd, and was wytA chyld. 

Then schapyt f e lorde forto goo to Jerusalem, to speke wyt 12 
Saynt Petyr, and wytte whefyr hit wer soth fat Mawdelen 
prechet of yr noo. And when he had vyteld his schippis, and 
made hym redy, fen conie f e lady, his wyfe, prayng hym wepyng 
fat scho most goo \vyth hym. And soo vtyth gret stren$f x of 16 
prayer, scho gate leue, fa} scho was gret wyth schyld. Then, 
wyth bof e her asent, fay token al hor good to Maudelen forto 
kepe ; and scho set on ayf ir of hor schuldyr a crosse, and bade 
horn goo forth yn f e name of God. But when f ai hade rowde 20 
a day and a nyijt yn f e see, fen began hit forto swelle, and f e 
wynde stormely forto blow, and such tempest forto ryse, fat f ai 
went al to ben spyllyd. Wherfor f ys lady was soo afry^t, fat 
scho began to trauell of chyld, and soo was delyuerde of a knaue- 24 
chyld. And scho yn the byrth fel downe and diet. Then, when 
the fadyr saw hys wyfe ded, and f e child borne and graspyng 
toward f e modyr pappys, he began to wepe, and wrong his 
hondys, and was soo woo on ych a syde, fat he wyst not what 28 
he myijt do. For wondyr sory he was for his wyfys deth, and 
nedys he most se his schild dye ; for f er was no womans succurre 
forto helpe her. And fen cryed he to Mary Maudelen and sayde : 
' Alas, Mary Mawdelen, whi dos f ou. so hard by me ? pou be- 32 
hetyst me a chyld, but now his modyr ys ded, and hit most nede 
dye fat hath no helpe, and I myselfe redy forto be drownd. 
Helpe me, lady, and haue compassion of me, and namely of f e 
chyld fat ys borne ! ' Then toke f e schipmen f e ded body, and 36 

1 strenjj)] strej]) G. strench C. 

206 49. De Sancta Maria Magdalena 

wold haue cast hit to }>e see, and sayde pay schuld haue no 

rest, whyll pe cors were yn pe schip. Then sayde he ful helt: 

' Si ho nys not dede, but swownyd l for drede. Wherfore, for of 

4 myne cost 2 , bryngyth pe schip to 5ondyr skeire fast by, pat I may 

rayper graue her per pen cast her yn pe see, forto be devowryd 

of cursid bestys?.' || Then toke he vp pis cors, and bare hit vp. 118 a 

And for per was non erpe to make a giaue, he layde hit vndyr 

8 a hongyng skyrre, and the chy[l]d \\yih, and hult horn vryth a 

mantell, and betoke horn Maudelen forto kepe, and ^ode a^eyne 

to pe schip wyt/i wryngyng his hondys arid wondyr sore hert. 

Then, when he come to Jerusalem, Say/it Petyr was redy, and 

12 welcomed hyin, and bade pat he schuld not be heuy ne dyscomfort, 
pa} his wyfe was dede; for God was of my^t forto make hyin 
auoper tyme as glad as he was pen sory. And go lad hym forth, 
and schowyd hym al pe placys of Cristys doyng yn erpe, of his 

16 natiuyte, of hys passyon, and his sepulture, and of his ascencion ; 
and soo enfowrmyd hym full yn pe fayth. And when he had byn 
~per too $eer, Saynt Petyr send hym horn a;eyne, and bade hym 
be yn full beleve yn Crist, and gaf hym his bleSsyng, and bade 

20 hym grete well Mary Mawdelen and al hur felas. 

Then, when pys lord come rowvyng yn pe see, he saw he skyrie 
per he laft hys wyf and hys chylde. pen felle per such a lougyng 
yn his herfc forto goo pydyr, pat hym poght pat he schulde dye, 

24 but ^if he went pidyr. Then made he pe schipmen sette pe 
schype pedyr ; and when he come pedyr vpon pe skyrre, pen saw 
he a chylde syttyng on pe see-sownde, playug wyth smal stonys 
as chyldyrne wold. But when pe chyld saw hyin, he ran forth to 

28 pe skerre. pen sewyd pe fadyr aftyr, and come per he laft his 
wyfe dede, and lyft vp pe mantel, and fonde pe chylde sovvkyng 
hor pappys. Then thonkyd he Mary Maudelen vf^ih al his my^t 
and sayde: 'O pou Maie Mawdelen, pou art of gret myght wyth 

32 God pat pus hath kepte and fedde p^/s chyld of pis ded body 
now too 5eer yn gret ccmfoit and joy to me! Woldyst pou now 
of pi godnes ryse my wyfe to lyfe, pen wold I be bowndyn euer 
to be thi seruant, and wyll wyth a good wille 3 ! ' pen, wyt/i pat 

36 worde, pe body sate vp and sayde : ' Mare Mawdelen, blessyd most 

1 swoAvnyd] sv\ owned C. sownyd G. 2 cost II, cm. C. G. 

3 wille C. I>. woll d. om. G. 

49. De Sancta Maria Magdalena 207 

f ou be fat was * mydwyf to me yn my burth-tyme, and sythyn 
hast noryschut my schild hoi and sonde, whil I haue byn yn my 

118 b pylgrymage !' Then sayde he : || ' My wyfe, lyvys f ou 1 ' And scho 

onswerd and sayde : ' ^ee, syr, I lyue, and come out of my pyl- 4 
grymage, as ;e dyddyn. For as Saynt Petyr hath lad f e abowte, 
so hath Mare Mawdelen lad me f e same way ; and tolde hym all 
f yng, and varyet yn no poynt.' Then hevyn fay vp hor honclys 
to God, and thonkyd hyrn and Mary Maudelen of fat gret myracull 8 
fat fai schowdon yn horn. And when fay comyn horn, fay 
fowndyn Mawdelen prechyng f e pepull. And fen anon fay felle 
dowue to f e erth on kneys, and f onkyd hor vrykh all 2 hor myijt, and 
bade hir telle horn what fay schuld do, and fay wold wyth glad 12 
hert. Then Mawdelen bade horn destri the templus of hor lond, 
and make f er holy chirche, and rere fontes fat f e pepul my3t be 
cristonet. And soo, yn schort tyrns, al fe land was turnyd to 
cristyn fayf e.. 16 

Then, for Mawdelen wolde ^yue her al to contempplacion, scho 
jode pryuely ferre ynto a wyldyrnes, and was Iper frytte 3 ere 
vnknowon of all men wythout mete ofir drynke. Then, vche 
day seuen syf es, angels beroii her vp ynto f e eyre, and f er scho 20 
was fulfuld wyt7i melody of angels, fat scho nedude non olper 
bodyly fode. But when God wold fat scho schuld passe out of 
fys world, he made a holy prest to se how angels beren hor vp 
and downe. And he, forto wytte f e soth how hit was, he jede to 24 
f e place and halowst yf f er wer any cristyn creature fat he schuld 
speke, and tell hym what he wer. Then onswarde Mawdelen, and 
sayde fa.t scho was fe synfull woman fat fe gospel spake of, fat 
waschut Crystys fete, and bade hym goo to Maxiniw,?, f e bischop, 23 
byddyng hym com on aftyr morow to Ipe chirch ; ' for f er I wyll 
mete hym/ Thus when Ipys pryst htrd of fis, he was wondyr glad; 
and when he come to f e chirche, fen saw he Mawdelen borne vp 
vryih angels too cubytys from f e erf e, and fen was he agas>t. 32 
Then Mary Mawdelen called to 3 hym, and bade hym come ner, and 
goo syng a masse, fat scho my^t be howsyld. Soo, yn sy5t of all 

119 a fe pepull, when fe masse was don, scho v/yth hye deuoj|cyon 

receuyth Godys body ; and anon f erwyth Echo }af vp f e gost. 36 

1 was d. D. om. G. 2 all d. D. om. (?. 

3 called to d. D. om. G. 


49. De Sancta Maria Magdalena 

Then toke f e byschop her body, and layd hit yn a towmbe of ston, 
and made forto graue alle abowte f e lyf of hur, yn worschip of 
God, fat dyd soo godely by hur, and yn honowre of her, and also 
4 yn hyj comfort to al synfull. 

"Wherfor 36 schul now knele downe and pray to God as he for^af 
Mary Maudelen her synnys, soo he forgeue you your synnys ; and 
grawnt you f e blys fat he bojt you to. Amew. 




Good men and woymen, such a day je schul haue Saynt larays 
day, Godys holy apostol. Wherfor 50 schul fast his euen, and on 

12 fe morow come to f e chyrch, and worschip God and hys holy 
apostoll. Thys lames apostoll was a ful holy saynt, for he come 
of full holy kynde: he was our lady sustyr sonne and Crystys 
awnte, and Seynt Ion fe Euangelyst brofer, and was send by 

16 ordenauwce of al f e apostols ynto Spayne, forto prech Godys 
worde, and forto turne f e pepull fat wer out of f e beleue ynto 
Cristys fayth. But, for f e pepull was so fers and so comburet 
wyth deseyt of mawmetry, he myjt turne no mo but nene 1 men. 

20 Of f e whech he lafte too f er forto preche, and vij toke wytA hym, 
and 5ede asegne ynto f e lury, for he herd fat f er was a man fat 
was full of deuelys craft, fat was callyd Ermegines, and his dyscyple 
fat was callet Filet. 

24 Thes too hadyn soo by hur 2 craft betroylet and pemertyd f e 
pepyll f e whech Seynt lames hade turnyd befor to f e cristyn fayth, 
fat fay lafton f e crystyn fayth, and sewedon f e techyng of cursyt 
men. But when lamys come a3eyne to horn, he blamyd 3 fe 

28 pepull fat fay wer soo sone ytwnyd from f e fayth fat schuld 
saue hor sowles, and take a3eyne fat fals beleue fat was dampnacyon 
to how, and leuedon on horn fat wrajton al by deueles craft and 
his love, and betryfuldyn f e pepull wyth wychcraft. || Then herde 119 b 

1 nene C. x G. 

2 hur C. for G. 

s blamyd C. beinyd (?. 

50. De FeUiuitate Sancti lac obi Apostoli 209 

Ermogines of f ys, and send aftyr lames Filet *, his discipull, forto 
dyspute wyih hym of f e fayth, hopyng fat wyth f e helpe of f e 
deuyll he schuld haue ouyrcome hym. But when lame was comyn, 
yn heryng of al f e pepull he had ouercome hym, and dyd so gret 4 
myrakyll yn his sy3t, fat Fylete forsoke his maystyr and al fe 
deuelys craft, and become lames dyscipull. Then herd Ermogines 
hereof, and 2 he was ne3 wod for wrof, and callyd to hym a 
company of fendys, and bade horn goo and bynde lames and Fylet, 8 
his discipull, and so bryng horn to hym. But when f es fendes 
come towarde lames, Godys angelys werne redy, and bonden f es 
fendys so sor wyih brennyng cheynys, fat fay cryden to lames 
for wo and saydyn : ' lames, Godys apostoll, haue mercy on vs ; 12 
for angels han bonden vs soo vryih chaynes brennyng, fat wo ys 
vs on ych syde ! ' Then sayde lames : ' Wharto byn 36 s comyn 
hedyr 1 ' pen sayde fay : * Ermogines for gret wrof send vs 
hedyr, forto bryng f e and Fylet ybondyn to hym ; and now Godys 16 
angels han bonden vs fat we may nof er styre hond 4 ne fote, and 
woo ys vs forto suffyr f is payne.' Then sayde lames : ' God lose 8 
you soo fat 36 goo to Ermogines, and bryngyth hym bondon hydyr 
to me, so fat 36 do hym no skath/ Then comyn f es fyndys to 20 
Ermogines and saydyn to hym : ' pow sendyst vs f edyr as we wern 
bonden wyth brennyng cheynys, but now schul we bynd fe, and 
bryng f e by for lames. Bote wo ys vs fat we may not, for lames 
forbede fat we mow do f e no scaf e ; ' and so broghtyn hym bondyn 24 
befor lames, and saydyn thus : ' This man hath don vs moch per- 
secucion and moch penance ; wherfor 3eue vs power, and we schall 
venge j?e and vs anon.' Then sayde lamys : ' My maystyr Them 
Crist bade me and al of ir do good a3eynys euyl.' And fen he 28 
120 a bad Fylet goo and vnbynd Ermogines; and so || lete hym go lose 
whedyr fat he 6 wold. Then was Ermogines so confusyd, fat he 
sayde : ' I know f e malefs] of fyndes ; wherfor I pray f e, 3eue me 
somwhat of f yn wyth me, of er ellys fay wyll sle me.' Then 32 
lamys betoke hym his owne staf ; and when he had hit, he went 
bo[l]dely forth to his howse, and toke his bokis, and bar horn alle 
to f e see, and drownot horn f er } lest fat f e sauer of horn, yf fay 

1 Filet C. and Filet G. * and C. om. G. 

3 3e inserted above the line* * hond C. hon &. 

5 lose C. he lose G. 6 he inserted above the line. 


210 50. De Festiuitate Sancti lacobi Apostoli 

had byn brant, wold haue enfecte mony on. And when he had soo 
done, he come to lamys, and fel downe to his fete, and cryde hym 
mercy, and prayde hym mekly fat he wold crystyn hym. Then 

4 was lamys fayne, and folowde hym, and made hym stydfast yn f e 
byleue of Ihesu Cryst, so fat he was aftyr a holy man, and of such 
perfeccion, fat God wrojt mony myracles for hym. 

Then herde f e lewys herof and anon token lames and bowndyn 

8 a rope abowte his neke, and luggut hym to Herod, prayng hym of 

leue to do hym to deth, of ir ellys he wold turne al hor nacion to 

crystyn fayth, and soo destrie here 1 lawe. Then Herod com- 

mawndyd to smyte of his bed. And soo, when he was beheded, 

12 Ermogines, and Fylet, and olpir mo of his dyscyples tokyn lamys 
body ; and for fay durst not for drede of f e lewys bury hym f er, 
fay tokyn hym wyth horn ynto a schype, and rowuyn ynto f e see, 
prayug God to lede horn J>edyr as he wold ]>e cors wer buryde. 

16 Then God gouernet f e schippe soo, fat hit londyd 2 yii Spayne 
f eras was a qwene fat was callytte Lupa, fat ys yn Englysch, an 
hoo-wolfe, fat for her wykyd lyuyng was callet so. Then token 
fay f ys cors, and laydyn hit on a gret stone ; f e w[e]che waxyt so 

20 soft vndyr f e cors, fat f e cors syngkyt downe ynto f e stone, and 
lay yn f e stone, as hyt hade byn a tombe makyd f erfore. And 
when fay haddyn soo don, some of horn kepte f e cors, and summe 
jeden to f e whene Lupa, and saydyn her fat, for enchesen fat || 

24 scho wold not receyue lames, Godys apostoll, while he was on lyue, 120 b 
God had 3 send his body f idyr wytfcout any goutfrnance of chypmen, 
forto be buriet fer. Wherfor fay prayde her of an abule place, 
forto bury hym to his worschip, as felle for such an holy saynt. 

28 Then f ys whene dyde hyr wolfys kynde, and for scho wyst fat f e 
kyng of Spayne was a wyckyd man of maners and wold wekedly 
do by horn, ferfor scho send horn* to fys kyng prayng hym to 
ordeyne such a place, as wer abull to hure cors. 

32 Then, when fay comyn to f e kyng and dyde hure message, fen 
he made anon to cast horn to prison and bynde horn fast vrykh yerns. 
Butte when he sate at his mete, an angyl come from Heuen, and 
opynd f e prison, and bade ham gone hor waye ; and soo fay dyd. 

86 But when fe kyng herd fat fay were 5 goon, he seude aftyr horn 

1 here C. how 0. 2 londyd C. londydte G. * had C. hath G. 
4 hoin C. om. G. 5 were C. we G. 

50. De Fettiuitate Saudi lacobi Apostoli 211 

yn gret wrof mony kny3tys, to fache horn ajeyne. But when f es 
kn[y]$ttys comyn to f e brygge f er fay wer gon ouer, and fay sewdyn 
fersly aftyr, anon f e brygge brake vndyr horn, and fay fellen ynto 
f e watyr, and wer drownt euerych on. Then was f e kyng aferd 4 
of fat vengaunce, and sende aftyr horn ofir men, prayng horn 
plesantly forto come ajeyne to hym, and fay schuld haue al hor 
wyll. Soo fay turnyd agayne to f e kyng, and conuertyd al fe 
pepull of f e cyte to crystyn beleue. 8 

But when f is come to f e qwhene, sco went nyj wode wrof , and 
f ojt forto don horn bof e harme and despyte, and send aftyr horn 
prayng fayr fat fay wold come to her, and scho wolde ordeyne wel 
for horn. Soo, when fay comyn to hur, scho sayde to horn : 12 
' Gothe to such a hyll, and take f re bulles and jokyn ham yn 
a wayne, and lay f e cors yn f e wayne, and let f e bullus chose hor 
way, and whydyr fat fay ledyn f e wayne, I graunte you f e place 
121 a forto bury fe cors yn.' Thus scho sayde || for gret males, hopyng 16 
fat f e wyld bulles wold aslayne horn of ir al todraw horn to f e 
wayne, and soo pece-malle al toteren lames body. But when f os 
men comyn to f e hyll, and seen fes bulles, fay madyn a cros 
ajeynys ; and so f e bulles mekely stodyn styll, tyll fay had ^eokyn 20 
ham yn f e wayne. And fen letyn horn goo, and soo, yn syjt of 
all men, wythout any tokyn, fay lad the wayne wyth fe cors 
streght ynto f e whenys p[a]lace. And when f e whene see f 3/8, fen 
scho repentyd her, and askyte m*rcy of Saynt lamys, * and was 24 
made cristen, and with gode wylle jaf fat palys to Seynt lamys l 
vfyih al f e lordschip fat lay f crto, and byldytte f er a newe chyrch, 
and soo buryet Saynt lame v?y(h al f e worschip fat scho cowf e ; 
wher God vnto f ys day worschef mony gret myrakyll of f e which 28 
f 2/s ys on. 


A man fat was cald Berna[r]d was takyn wyt enmyes 2 , and 
don to f e grovnde of an hi} towre yn a dep dongen, and was 32 
semot wyth yerns also mony as he my^t bere. And when he was 
yn fat woo, he cryde hertely to Saynt lames for help. Then 
Saynt lames come to hym, and bede hym be of good confort, 
and breke f e yerns fat he was bonden wyt#, and hongyd horn 36 
abowte hys neke, and bade hym sewe hym vp to f e top of f e 
1 and . . . lamys C. om, G. 2 enmyes C. emyes G. 

14 2 

212 50. De Festiuitate Sancti lacobi Apostoli 

towre, and bade hym lepe downe, and here his cheynys to his body 
in Spayne and soo lept douw to fe erf vtythout harme, and 
;ode to Seynt lames, and offird f er his bondys, as Saynt a lame 
4 bade hym. 


Thre knytus 2 jodyn to Saynt lames yn co?7ipany. Of f e whech 
on by prayere of a por woman toke hyr skryp, and bere hyt ; for 
8 scho was wery. And sone aftyr he fonde a seke man yn f e way 
toward Seynt lames ; and, for he myjt not goo, he sette hym on 
his hors to ryde, and he hymselfe $ede on his fete, beryng f e pore 
woman skryppe and f e seke man staf. But, what for hete of f e 

32 sonne, || what for trauel, when he come to Saynt lames, he fell 121 b 
seke, and lay f er f re dayes specheles. So Ipe in day he $af a gret 
syke, and spake, and sayde : ' I thonke God and Saynt lames, 
for by hys prayers I am delyuerd of a gret multitude of fendes. 

!6 For now come Saynt lames hedyr yn wyth f e pore woman scrype s 
fat I bar abowte my necke, and vryth Ipe seke manys staf fat 
I lad on my hors he has dryvyn Ipe fendes hennys. But now getyth 
me a pryst, for I schal lyf but a chyle.' And fen he twrnyd to on 

20 of hys felaws and sayde : ' Trend, leue f i lord fat f ou seruyst ; for 
he ys sothely dampnyd, and schall on a schort tyme dye on a wykyd 
deth.' So, when he had buryet fis knyijt, he ^ode home, and 
tolde his lorde how fe ded knyijt sayde. But he sette fat at 

24 nojt; and soo wytAyn a schort tyme, he deyd as fe kny$t told, 
and was dampnyd. 

And of er thrytty men ply^ten trof is forto goo to Saynt lamys 

28 and to abyde togedyr yn helth and yn sekenes 4 , save on of f e 
men void not ply$t his trof e, but 3ode forth wyih horn yn company. 
Then hit hapynd so fat on of ham felle seke and lay xv dayes ; 
and for he lay soo long and he semyd fat he schuld be dede and 

82 not scape, al hys felaws 5odyn forf e hor way, and laft non wyth 
hym of alle 8 fat had ply5t trowfe. Then Ipys man fat wold 
ply^t no troth, he abode wyth hym and, as he myjt, caried hyra 

1 Saynt the y it inserted above the line. 2 knytus C. kyngys G. 

8 MS. scyrpe. * sekenes the first syllable se is inserted above the line. 
6 of alle C. om. G. 

50. De Festiuitate Sancti lacobi Apostoli 213 

forth vfyih hym. But for he my^t not trauell but softly, he was 
byny$tet vndyr an hyll ; and so wer fay aferde bof e for drede of 
wyld bestys and cursyd men of f e centre. But fen, abowte myd- 
ny^t, come Seynt lamys rydyng, and confortyd horn, and sayde : 4 
' Schow me thi felaw, for he ys now ded, and lay hym befor me, 
and lepe f ou vp byhynd me.' And soo, by fat f e sonne ros, fay 
hadyn gon fyftyne day-journes, and come to f e mount loy, halfe 
122 a a myle from Saynt lames, per Saynt || lame leyd bof e downe, 8 
and bade f e man fach f e chanons of Saynt lames forto bury his 
felaw, and bade hym say to his felaws how Seynt lame send hom 
worde fat pylgrymage stode hom yn no profytte, for fay hild not 
f e troth fat fay had made. 12 

Now 56 schul knele adowne, and pray to God and to Seynt 
lames fat he wyl helpe you at your nede to f e saluacyon of your 
sowles. Amen. 



BREUIS SEEMO. '7v ) ^ 

Good men and woymen, suche a day 50 schul haue Seynt "\ 
Anneys day, on fe morow aftyr Seynt lameys day, fat was (" 
modyr to our lady. Wherfor, yn worschip of fat gentyll lady, 20 
$e schul come fat day to f e chyrch, and worschip her modyr, 
Seynt Anne. Then schul $e know fat we redyn of v holy 
woymen fat werne cald Anne, and lest any vnconyng man take 
on for anofir, I will tell you f es woymen, forto know on by 24 

The fyrst Anne was modyr to Samuel, Godys holy profytte, 
fat was byschop aftyr Hely, and gouemyd f e pepull of Israeli 
mony jjeres. pis Anne had an husband and was cald Elcana, 28 
and he myght haue no childyrne by fys Anne, for scho was 
barayne. But, at fe last, by geuyng of gret almys-dede and 
prayers to God, God grawntyd f ys Anne a sonne fat was cald 
Samuel, as I sayde befor. 32 


51. De Solempnitate Sancte Anne 

Anofer Anne was wyfe to a mon fat was cald Raguel; and 
fay had a dochtyr and fat was * cald Sare. pe whech Sare had 
vn husbondys ; and ever ]>e fyrst ny$t f e fende strangylt horn, 
4 for fay wold haue cowpult wyth f ys woman Sare for gret lust of 
flesch, and not yn f e reu^rens of God, ne yn purpos forto gett 
chyldyrn to Godys smiyce. Wherfor God }af fe fende power 
to sle horn, er fat fay had defowlyd f 3/3 woman. But aftyr come 
8 Toby, fe ^onge, f e whech an angyl bro}t to f ys Raguell hows. 
And soo, by techyng of this angyl, f is Toby weddyt f ys Sare, 
and thre da yes and thre || ny$tys forbare hys wyf, and werne yn 122 b 
hor prayers, and soo f e forf e ny^t ;ode to hor bed and hade 

12 childyrne. 

The thryd Anne was Tobyys wyfe, f e aldyr, fe whech was 
fadyr and scho modir to Toby fat I haue spokyn of befor. pe 
whech f e aldyr was an holy man, and bysely did ? f e werkys 3 of 

16 mercy and of charyte. And }et God, forto preue hym and his 
meke suffrance, made hym blynd. pws, on a day, when he had 
buryet soo mony dede bodyes fat werne slayne, he was soo wery 
of travayle, fat he layde hym downe yn his hows by f e woch, 

20 forto rest hym ; and soo, as he lokyd vp, f e fewte of swalows 
felle on his een, and soo he was blynd. But for he toke Ipys deses 
paciently, and euer thonkyd God of his vysitacyon, God send 
hym his syjt a^eyne. 

24 The fowrte Anne was yn f e tempull of Jerusalem whan 4 
Joseph and our lady bro}t Crist ynto f e temple on Condylmas-day. 
And fen come Ipys Anne, and profyseyt of Cryst how hit fell of 
hym aftyrward. This Anne was soo holy, fat when scho had 

28 byn weddyt seuen jere, and her husbond deyd, scho 5od ynto f e 
tempul of Jerusalem, and was f er seruyng day and ny^t, tyl fat 
she 5 was foure score ^ere old. And fen scho hade such grace, fat 
scho sa5e, or scho deyt, Crist wyth her een, and scho hondylt 

32 hym vryth her hondys. 

The v Anne ys scho fat bare oure lady of hir body, and fostrut ' 
her wyth her brestes. And when scho was of age, scho bro^t her 
ynto f e tempull of Jerusalem, and laft hyr f er among of er virgyns 

1 was C. om. G. 

8 werkys the r is written above the line. 

* she d. om. G. not in D. 

2 did d. om. G. not in D. 

4 whan d. whom }>at G. not in D. 

6 MS. forstrut. 

51. De Solempnitate Sancte Anne 215 

of her age, forto lerne Moyses lawe, and forto serue God hope day 
and ny3t; and soo scho dyde. This Anne hade a husbond pat 
was loachym pat come of lyne of pe kynde of Dauid pe kyng. 
But for encheson pat profetys toldyn long byfor how pe kyngdom 4 
of Dauid schuld descende to Cryst, and soo dyddyn wryte yn 
bokes; pe whech bokes wer kepte yn tresowr yn pe tempull yn 
123 a mynde of pys pyng, for Herode, kyng of || Jerusalem, pocht 
forto turne pys lynage ynto hym and ynto his eyres aftyr hym, 8 
wherfor he toke pes bokys out of pe tresery, and made forto bren 
horn, soo pat, when pay wern don away, pe mynde of Crist schuld 
haue be * foqeton, and he myjt soo conceyue by sleghtes pe lynage 
of kyiig Dauid don ynto hym and ynto his. Wherfor per byn but 12 
few bokes pat tellyn opynly how pat loachym com by descent 
from Dauid. Neuerpeles when Herod had don pys fowle dede, 
jet wer ]>er good men and wyse pat had copies of pes bokes wyth 
horn at hoome, pe whech tellyth how pat loachym come of pe 16 
kynde of Dauit. 

For Daufd had mony chyldyrn, among pe whech he had on 
son pat was cald Nathan of pe whech come Leuy, and of Leuy 
Panther, and of Panther Barpanther. pe whech Barpanther was 20 
loachymys fadyr, and he was fadyr to Mary, Cristys modyr, pe 
whech he had by Anne, hys wyfe, and aftyr }af her to 2 maryge 
to Joseph. And pen deyt aftyr loachym, and toke Anne anoper 
husbond pat was calyd Cleophace, and had by hym anoper dojtyr 24 
called 3 Mary Cleophe, and pen he deet. And pen scho had pe 
in. husband pat was cald Salome, and by hym scho had pe in. 
doghtyr, and scho was cald Mary Salome. And soo, when scho 
had getyn her in chyldyrne yn pe worschip of pe Trinite, scho wold 28 
haue no mor. But aftyr all her lyue scho jaf her to chastyte and 
to holynes; and so of pes pre dojters per come on holy lynage. 
For pe forme doijtyr * Mary, scho bar our Lorde Ihesu Crist. The 
n. Mary Cleophe was wedclyt to a man pat was cald Alpheus, 32 
and by hym scho had fowre sonnes : lames pe lasse, and Joseph 
pat was callyd Barsabas, Symon, and lude. The in. Mary was 
weddyt to a man pat was callyd 3ebede, and by hym Echo had 

1 haue be H. abyn G. aben C. * to d. a G. not in D. 

3 called d. J>at G. not in D. 4 forme dojtyr C. ill dojtyrg G. 


51. De Solempnitate Sancte Anne 

too sonnes, lamys fe mor and Saynt Ion f e Euangelyst. || Thus 123 b 
God sayth hymself : ' Of a good tre comyfe good frute ; J soo of 
\>y$ l holy woman, Saynt Anne, com an holy ospryng. 

4 Wherfor 30 schul now knele adowne, and pray Saynt Anne to 
pray to her holy doghtyr, cure lady, fat scho pray to her sonne 
fat he 3eue you hele yn body and yn sowle, and grace to kepe 
your ordyr of wedlok, and gete such chyldyrn fat byn plesant and 

8 trew s^ruandys to God, and soo com to f e blys fat Saynt Anne ys 
yn. Amen. 




12 God men and woymen, such a day 56 schull haue Seynt 
Laurenceys day, fat ys Godys holy martyr, pe wheche martyr- 
dome, as Mannws seyth, schynyth to al holy chirch, and lyghtyf 
al f e worlde. Wherfor 56 schull fast his euyn and com on fe 

16 morow to f e chirch yn J>e worschip of God and his holy martyr ; 
for he was holy yn lyuyng, he was meke 2 yn passion suffryng, and 
prfet yn ensampull 5euyng. pen saythe Seynt Austeyn fat an 
ensampull yn doyng ys mor coramendabull fen ys techyng olper 

20 prchyng. Therfor Seynt Laurance ^af all cristen men ensampull 
yn doyng techyng ych man forto schewe a^eaynys malyce mekenes, 
r ajeynys couetyes largenes, ajeynys persecucyon louyng swetnes. 

This holy martyr schewyth ajeynys malyce mekenes ; for when 

24 Sent Syxti j>e pope had byn yn Spayne, and bro^t Laurence wyt 
hym from )?ens to Rome, he ordeynt hym his archedecon forto 
serue holy chyrche and to serue horn J>at werne pore. Herefor J>e 
Emp^rour hade envy to horn, and schaput forto do horn to deth. 

28 pen ]?ocht Laurence to schow mekenes a^eynys malyce, and herkut 
j?er sfter por men and woymen, and 5ode to horn, and :jaf hom fat 
horn nedut, mete, and drynke, and klothys. And soo he com to 1 1 
a wedoys howse fat had mony pore men hud vfyih hyre. pe 124 a 

82 whech wedow had byn long seke of f e hedake, but Saynt Laurence 
had compacyon of her, and helet her of her sekenes, and toke all 

F. )>eis C. om. O. 

3 meke H. om. G. C. 

52. De Solempnitate Bancti Laurencii Martyrls 217 

f e pore men fat werne yn her hous, and mekely knelyd downe on 
his kneys, and waschid hor fete, and seruyd horn of mete 1 and 
drynke. And for he herde fat ])er was a pore blynd mon yn 
a howse bysyde, he jode f edyr anon and helut hym. Thus f e 4 
more fat he herd of f e Emperourys malys a^eynys hym, f e more 
he $af hym to mekenes and to holy deuocyon. 

He schewyd a^eynys couitys largenes 2 ; for when f e pope 
Sixtws had betakyn 8 hym f e tresour of f e chyrch, forto dele to 4 8 
hom fat werne pore, and seke, and blynd, and olper fat hadyn 
nede, fen was f e pope Sixtus takyn, and lad furth forto be hedyt 
by byddyng of f e Emjperour. Then sewyd Laurence his maystyr 
remyng and sayde to hym on hyj fat all my^tyn here : ' Holy 12 
fadyr, forsake me not, for I haue al f e tresowre fat 36 betake me. 
Wherfor, fadyr, goo f ou not to f i passion thyn one selfe, let me 
goo wyth fe; and as we han seruyd God togedyr, let vs sulfur 
deth togedyr.' Then sayde f e pope : ' I wil goo byfor, and f ou 16 
schalt come aftyr and suffyr mor payne fen I ; for I am old and 
may not dure and f ou art $ong and may suffyr. Wherfor make 
f e redy, for f e ys moch turnement towart.' Then wer f er suwme, 
for f ai herden Laurence speke of tresoure, fay 5 went to f e 20 
Emperour anon, and tolde hym how Laurence had tresoure hyddyn 
yn his warde. Then sende f e Emperour aftyr Laurence, and bade 
hym delyuer f e tresoure fat he had hyddyn wyth hym ; and yf he 
wold not delyuer hit, he wold put hym ynto suche a turment and 24 
passion, fat he schold be fayne forto delyuer hit. Then was 
124 b Laurence || styll, and $af hym non vnswar; wherfor fe Emperour 
commawndyd anon forto cast hym ynto f e prison, and do hym all 
f e payne fat fay myjtyn, tyl fat he wold fayne jeue vp the 28 
tresowre. But how fys pop Sixtus and Laurence com to fys 
tresowre, now hit ys forto telle. 

We redyn how fer was an 6 holy man Orygines fat cowuertyd 
Philip f e Emperour to cristyn fayth and alsoo Philip, f e Emperour 32 
son. And fen, for f e reme of Frawnce was rebell a^eynys f e 
Emperour of Rome, f ys Emperour Philyp send a knyjt of his to 
France v?yth a gret ost. J)e whech kny^t was callyd Decius, and 

1 mete C. me <?. a M8. largenenes. 

3 betakyn C. ben takyn G. * to C. om. a. 

5 }>ay H. and G. C. 6 an C. om. G. 

218 52. De Solempnitate Sancti Laurencii Marty ris 

he was a worthy kny^t and a evourus yn batayle ; wherfor he 
outcome f e reme of Fraunce yn schort tyme, and mad horn buxum 
to fe Emprour as fay wer befor. Then when fe Empmmr 
4 Philip herd how he had don to hym, and yn gret worschip of f>/s 
Deciws and forto thonke hym, he toke to hym a smal mayne, and 
;ode fer out of Rome a}eynys hym. Then, for Ipy3 Deems sy^ hym 
do hym soo gret worschip, he * f o$t yn his hert fat he was aferde 
8 of hym, and fen f o}t fat he wold be Emperour hymself, f enkyng 2 
fat he was moch more worthe fen he. Wherfor, yn f e ny}t aftyr, 
as f e Emperour lay yn his bed slepyng, f ya kny$t Deems 5ode to 
hym, and sloch hym, and toke hys ost \\yih hym to Rome. And 

12 when f e Romanes and f e senatowrs herdyn herof, what for mon- 
hode of hym, f er fay crownet hym Emp^rour. 

Then herd Philyp, f e Emperourys sonne, how Decius had slayne 
his fadyr and was Emperour, he dred lest he wold haue slayne 

16 hym, and toke al his fadyrys tresowre, and bro}t hit to f e pope 
Syxty and Seynt Laurews, prayng horn, jyf soo befelle fat Deems 
sloch hym, fat fay schuld dele fat tresowre, summ to holy chyrches 
worschyp, and f e remenant jef to pore men fat had nede ferto. 

20 Then sone aftyr fys Decius made to take fys Philip and sle hym. 

And when he herd fat Laurens had f ys tresoure, || he made to pyt 125 a 
hym ynto prison, and cowstraynet hym wyth grete penauwce forto 
bryng forth f ys tresowre. Then was fer yn fat prison a mon fat 

24 het Lucilles, fat by gret wepyng had lost his sy^t. J)e whech 
Seynt Larence folewet, and made hym forto se anone a^eyne ; 
wherfor mony a blynd fat 3 herd f erof, comyn to Laurence, and he 
heled horn by uertu of God. Then, sone aftyr, f e Emperour send 

28 to Laurence, to loke yf he wold schow f e tresowre. pen Laurens 
prayde of f re days fyrst, and sayde fen he wold schew f e tresoure. 
Soo f es f re dayes he 3ede lawse, and gedyrt togedyr al f e pore, 
and halt, and crowket, and blynd fat he my3t fynde, and brojt 

32 horn f e f ryde day befor f e Emperour yn his palice, and sayde : 
* Loo, her ys f e tresowr fat I behest forto schow f e. fys tresowr 
wol abyde and neur be lorne, ]>ys schall neuer fayle, but euer 
Bchall last befor God yn Heuen. By f es I haue send f e tresowre 

36 befor fat f ou askys, ynto Heuen.' This Saynt Laurence schowet 

1 he H. and G. C. 3 )*mkyng C. H. Jx>3t G. 

3 J>at C. om. G. 

52. De Solempnitate Sancti Laurencii Martyr is 219 

a}eyne couytyce largynes ; for he largely dalt abowte for Godys 
sake fat fay wolden haue spend yn vanyte and lust of synne. 

He schewet alsoo aseynys torment louyng swetnes ; for when f e 
Empirour herd f ys, he cowmawndyt forto bryng byfore Laurence 4 
al maner of turment : gynnys, jerdus, skorgis, staues, evillys, 
howkys, pannys vryth brennyng colys, fures-brondys, brennyng 
schaffa/s of eyron, salt, pych, code, brynston, myltyn led, fure, 
forkys, barres of a gret grydyr, and cowmawndyd fat al schuld be 8 
spend on hym, but yf he wold schewe f e chyrch-tresowre, and for- 
sake his God, and offyr to mawmetys. Then sayde Laurens : 
* Vnblessyd, f es tormentys I haue jore desyred l , for ryijt as swete 
metes plesyn f i body, ryjt soo f es turmentys plesyn my sowle, and 12 
makyth hym strong forto suffyr passyon for my Lorde sake/ Then 
125 b was f ys Emperour || ny$ wode for wroth, and cowmaundyt forto 
bete hym wyt scorgis, and knottys 2 vtyih lede, fat f e blod ran 
downe on yche syde, and aftyr laydyn $eardys of jron brennyng 16 
to his sydys fat brent f e flesch to f e bar bones. But Laurens 
euer thonkyd God wyik glad chere fat made Deems wondur 8 sore 
tenet and sayde to hym : * Thogh 4 Ipon wyih Ipi wychecraft scorne 
J??/s turment, f>ou schalt not 5 scorne me.' Wherfor he commauwdytt 20 
efteson?/s to bete hym wyth whippys, knottyt vryih lede, fat his 
bonys weren bare al abowte, and J>e flesch vtyih fe blod droppyd 
downe on ysche syde. Then Laurence hevyd vp his hondys, and 
prayde to God forto take his sowle. pen a voyce from Heuyn 24 
vnsward and sayde fat Decius herd : ' ^et f ou most abyde more 
torment and passion for my loue, and fen f ou schalt comme to me 
wyth grete worschip and ioye/ Then sayde Decius : ' Heryn }e 
al how fendys confortyf f y& prowde rebelle wreche ! ' and bade 28 
eftsone bete hym vfyih scowrgis. 

Then was \>er a kny^t fat hette Eomanws, fat sy; an 6 angyl 
\\yih a whyt schete of selke wepe fe sydys of Saynt Laurens; 
wherfor he halsut Laurence fat he schuld not forsake hym, but 32 
hye fat he wer folowed. So, when Laurence had crystonet hym, 
anow be co/Timauwlement of Decius he was hedet. Then bade 
Deems make a gret note fure of brennywg colys, and sett f m>n 

1 jore desyred C. your desyre G. 2 knottys C. knottycl Cr. 

3 wondur C. vndyr G. 4 thogh (7. thonke G. 

5 not C* om. G, 6 an C. om. G. 

220 52. De Solempnitate Sancti Laurencii Martyris 

a grydull, and lay Laurence fmm, and soo rost hym to dethe. 

So, when he was layde fron, and f rust downe vrykh fyre-forkes, 

Laurence lokyd on the Empm>wre and sayd to hym : ' Wreche, 
4 f is syde ys ynoch ; turne and etyth, whyle fat othir rostyth ! ' 

And then Laurence turnyd vp his ejen to God, thonkyng hym of 

al hys sondes ; and soo he 3eaf vp his spyryt ynto Goddys || hondys. 126 a 

Then ;eden f e tormentowrys hor way, and laftyn f e body lying on 
8 f e gredyr. And f er come cristyn men by nyght, and tokyn f e body, 

and buryet hit wyth gret lamentacyon and wepyng, bofe wyth 

ee and hert. 

Thus Seynt Laurence schewyd a^eaynys males mekenes ; for f e 
12 mor fat he was f rat, f e mor meke he was. And a$eynys couetyse 

he schewyd largines; for fe mor fat fay couetyd fe chirches 

tresowre, f e mor largyr he dalt hyt to horn fat hadyn nede to hyt. 

And a3eynes passyon he schowyd louyng swetenes ; for the swetnes 
16 fat he had of fe louyng of God yn his hert wyt^yn-forfe made 

hym to sette noght by f e passyon, nor f e torment fat he suffyrde 



20 Seynt Gregory tellyth fat a pryst was callyd Scatulus, was 
aboute to amend a chyrch of Seynt Laurence fat was destryed 
wyth Lumbardys. But when he wanted * mete to hys werkemen, 
he was sory, and prayde to Seynt Laurence for helpe ; and soo he 

24 lokyd ynto his ovyn, and fonde hit full of new bred and whyte. 
But when he for-lytyll wende hyt wold haue semyd but to on 
mele, hyt suflycyt to all ynoch for x dayes. 


28 I fynde fat f er was an 2 Empmmr of euyll lyfyng. And when 
he was ded, a legyon of fendys come rennyng nygh a celle of 
a holy ermyd ; and he, for wondyr of f e noyce, opynd a wyndow, 
and callyd to hym fat was 3 the hyndmast of horn, and askyd 

32 what fay weryne. Then sayde he fat fay weryn fendys, send 
to fe Emperours deth, forto loke yf fay myght oght gete of 
hym. Then commawndyt f ys ermyd fat he schuld come agayne 

1 wanted C. went wyth #. f I fynde J>at J>er was an C. and &. 

3 >at was C. om. G. 

52. De Solempnitate Sancti Laurencii Marty ins 221 

by hym, and tell hym of hor spede. Soo, when he come a^eyne, || 

126 b he told, when alle his synnys wern layde on f e balans and was 

nygh ouercomyn, then come J thylke bremiet dekon, and layde 
a grete pote on f e wey f e whech anon weyit vp al togedyr. ' Then 4 
was I wroth Iperwyth, and pullyd of fat on ere of f e pote.' 
This pote he called a gret chalice fat f ys Empmmr let make in f e 
worschyp of Seynt Laurence ; and for hit was soo moch, f e fynd 
callyd hit a potte. And lp us was f ys Emperour saued f rogh 8 
the helpe of Seynt Laurence; and soo pray we to God fat we 
may be. 




Gocde men and woymen, such a day N. 56 schull haue an hygh 
fest yn holy chyrch fat ys callyd f e Assumpcyon of our lady, fat 
ys yn Englysch, f e takyng vp of our lady. For fat day scho was 
takyn vp into Hevyn, and now ys helpe and socoure to all fat 16 
callen to her wyth full hert. Wherfor je schull fast f e euyn, ych 
man and woman fat is xn $ere old, ych mon as his deuocyon 
techith hym, and aftyr he ys bedyn do by his scheryft-fadyr. 
And on f e morow 30 schull come to f e chirch, and worschip oure 20 
holy lady wyth all your myght and conyng. Then schull }e know 
well fat fys assumpcyon was don worschipfull, and joyfull, and 
also holy, fat ys, bof e yn body and yn sowle ircfere. 

Hit was don worscypfully ; for God taght hymself yn fe 24 
x cowmawndmentys fat ych chyld schuld worschip lays fadyr and 
his modyr. Wherfor Cryst schowyd and dyd fat he taght byfor, 
yn gret worschyp to hys modyr, when he wold take bur out of 
f is world ynto f e blysse fat he ys yn. He send an angyll on 28 
message to hur wyth gret lyght, beryng to hur a branche of 
palme of paradyse of f e wheche f e ijearde was grene as gresse, and 
f e leues dytdyn schyne as f e day-ster, and bare datus swettyr fen 
any wordely spyces. And when he come to her, he knelyd downe, 32 

127 a and || worschepyd hur as hym oght forto do to hys Lordys modyr, 

and sayde mekely to hir : ' Hayle Mary, my Lordys dere inodyr, 
1 come C. come he G. 

222 53. De Assumpcione Beate Marie 

take hys blessyng fat was borne of fe; he sendyth fe worde fat 
the thryd day hethens he wyll come and fach f e to hym, forto 
dwell wyth hym in 1 ioy and blysse wythout end. Wherfor yn 
4 tokyn f erof he sendyth to f e a branch of a palme fat was yn 
paradyse ; f e whech schall be borne byfore f y bere to f i towmbe, 
and be not adrede, but be glad and blythe, for yn tyme of f i 
deyng all wekyd spyrytys schall for ferd fle away from f e. For 
8 fen wyll my Lord, f i sonne, come to f e, and fache f i soule wyth 
multitude of angelys, and bere hit vp ynto Heuyn wyth gret joy 
and blysse/ Then oure lady knelyd downe, and held vp her 
hondys and her hert yfere, and thonkyd her sonne of hys swete 

12 sonde, and toke f ys palme yn her honde wyth gret reu^rence 
and sayde : ' I wold, yf hyt be my sonneys will, fat my 
brethyrne, fe apostols, myght byn here at my dyryge, fat I 
myght ons haue seyne horn, er fat I had passyd out of f is world/ 

16 ' Thus, my lady/ sayde f e angyll, ' ]>ya day all schall come to f e 
forto do ]>e smiyce, and bryng f e to f i tombe, and soo bury f e/ 

Then flogh f e angyll a^eyne, and anon a ly^th clowde lyght 
apon Seynt Ion fe Euangelyst feras he prechyd yn J?e syte of 

20 Ephesym, and sette hym byfor our lady chambyr-dyre. pen Ion 
knokyd on ]?e dyr, and come yn, and knelyd adowne, and gret 
our lady. Then, when scho sygh Ion, scho my^t no lengyr for- 
bere, but anon wepyd for joy and sayde : ' Welconi, my swete son 

24 and cosyn/ and told Ion of f>e message pat fe angyll broght to 
hur from her sonne, and how scho schuld dye f>e f>rid day aftyr, 
and schowed hym }?e palme. And fen anon all ]?e apostols wern 
broght wyth clowdes, and || set byfor our lady dyr; and when 127 b 

28 jche sygh othyr, fay merueyld gretly wherto fay wern soo sodenly 
brocht f edyr. Then herde Ion horn speke, and come out to horn, 
and welcomyd horn, and told horn what message our Lorde send 
to his modyr, and how at her prayer fay wern fachet f idyr, to 

32 be at her endyng. pen Ion broght horn before oure lady, and 
fay al rnekely fel downe on her kneys, and gret hur. pen scho 
ful mekely welcomyd horn all by and by, and by name welcomyd 
Poule. Then sayde he a$eyne : ' pagh I haue not seen my Lord 

36 bodely here on eithe, now I se you, I am gretly confortyd as f agh 
I se hym present now here wyth myn een/ Then com ther alsoo to 
1 in C. and G. 

53. De Assumpcione Beate Marie 223 

cure lady sex score of woymen J>at were clene maydyns, forto don 
hur serayce. Wherfor anon }>ay madyn her bed, and dydyn hur 
J?eryn, and sette tapurs 1 about al nyght brennyng, and waken tyll 
hyt was mydnyght ; then all fellyn on slepe saue lp e apostols. 4 

And ]>en come our Lord Thesu Cryst 2 downe from Heuen wytfi 
a gret ly$t and a gret multitude of angels, and gret hys 8 modyr, 
and sayde : 4 ' Wei be f>e, blessyd modur ! ' And so turnyd to Ipe 
apostelus and sayde to ham 4 : ' Pes be to you all, bref>ir all ! ' And 8 
J>en sayde he to his modyr : * Cowme now, modyr, wyih me ynto Ipe 
blysse J?at neuer shall haue ende/ Then scho held up her hondys 
and sayde : ' My dere sonne, I $ef vp my sowle ynto J?i hondes/ 
And soo Cryst toke her sowle yn his armys, and bade J?e apostols 12 
bere her body ynto a place f>at was cald Gethsemany, and bury 
hur Iper yn a tombe }>at ]my schuld fynd Iper, and abyde J?er tyll }>e 
J>ryd day }>at he come agayne to horn. And soo wyih his modyr 
soule klippyng yn his armes in 5 syght of all Ipe apostols he bare 16 
hit ynto Hewen. 

128 a Then toke f>es maydyns || and waschid her body as f>e maner 
ys of }>at contray, fat f>en cho chane as ]?e sonne, and sauyrd 
swettyr J?en any spices, and layde hit on a bere. Then toke Ion 20 
f>e palme, and ^ede before, and Petyr and Poule broghten Ipe bere 
aftyr, and Ipe tolper apostols comen syngyng wyth angels, soo J>at 
J>e song of horn was herd ynto J?e cyte. And when J>ay of ]>e 
cyte herd horn make such melody, J>ay ren toward horn wyih 24 
bottys, and staues, and olper wepon, yn ful purpos forto haue 
drawyn downe Ipe bere, and cast Ipe body yn J>e fenne. But he 
J?at layde fyrst hond on f>e bere, anon boj^e hys 6 hondys wern 
puld ofbype elboues, and hongyt soo styll on f>e bere; and he 28 
wyih hys stompes stode soo, cryng and ijellyng for ake and sorow 
J?at he suffyrd. Then sayde Petyr : l Kys Ipe body of oure lady, 
and knowlech welle wyt/i trew hert J>at Crist, veray God and 
man, was borne of )?at same lady, and J>0u schalt be hole/ pen 32 
dyd he soo, and he was hole anon as he was byforne. Then toke 
Petyr a date of Ipe palme, and betoke hyt hyin, and bede hym goo 
ynto Tpe syte, and lay hit on all Ipai werne seke ; and fay wold 

1 MS. taburs. taperres C. tapres H. 2 Cryst C. Cryst come G. 

3 hys C. om. G. 4 well . . . ham C. H. om. G. 

6 in C. and G. 6 hys C. is G. 


53. De Assumpcione Becde Marie 

leue as he dyd, fay schuld be hole of what maner sekenes fat fay 
had. And soo he heelyd gret nowmbyr of horn. Thus when 
fay come to Gethsemany, fay dytdyn f ys body in a towmbe fat 
4 thay fowndyn f er, wyth all f e reuerens fat fay cowf e, and set 
horn down by hyt, as Cryst bade horn abyde tyll f e f ryt day. pus 
was f e Assumpcyon don worschypfully. 

Hit was also ioyfull ; for f e f ryd day, as Cryst sayde, he come 

8 downe out of Heuyn wyth gret multitude of angyls, of prophetes, 

of patriarchus, and of othyr holy seyntys wythout nowmbyr || and 128 b 

Seynt Myghel beryng our lady sowle yn lays armes, bryghtyr fen 

f e sonne. Then sayde Crist to hym : ' Myghell, do my modyr 

12 soule a3eyne ! ' And when he had don soo, Crist sayde to hur : 
' Com, my swete, com my flour, com my culuer, myn owne boure, 
com my modyr, now wyth me ; for Heuyn qwene I make f e ! ' 
Then f e body sat up, and lowted to Crist, and sayde : ' My swete 

16 sonne, wyth al my loue I com wyth f e to f yn aboue ; wher f ou 
art now, let me be, for al my loue ys layde on fe.' Then al fe 
angels token up a song of swete melody and heuynly mynstrelcy, 
fat all f e tongys yn erf e cowf e not tell on poynt f erof, so swete 

20 hyt was and so mery to here. And so wyth al fys myrthe and 
melody fay beryn our lady ynto Heuyn, bof e body and soule, and 
soo Crist set hur f er by hym yn his trone, and crowned hur qwene 
of Heuen, and empmce of hell, and lady of al fe worlde, and 

24 hath l a hygh ioy passyng all f e sayntys. And as f e sonne legh- 
tenyth al f e day, ryght soo scho lyghtenyth al f e cowrt of Heuen. 
And al fat byn yn Heuyn byn buxom to hur and recly at hur com- 
maundement, and don hur worschyp in honowre, as fay owyn forto 

28 do to hor Lordis modyr and hor qwene ; and ys f er of on wyll and 
one loue wyth f e holy Trinyte fat grauntyth hur what fat euer 
scho askyth, and at hur prayer rewardyth all hur seruantes. And 
f MS scho sittyf e yn Heuen next to f e Trinite, wyth body gloryfyet, 

32 and 2 ys yn full certeyne fat f es ioyes schuld dure for cuermor. 
])UB was f is assumpcyon don ioyfully. 

Hit was don alsoo holy, fat is, yn body and yn soule, puttyng 
away the comyn condicion 3 of rnonkynd, fat ys, forto dey ; and so 

36 f e body turnyd ynto corupcyon and stynkyng careyne. But for 
encheson fat Crist toke flesch and blode of oure ladyys body, and 
1 hath C. om. G. 2 and C. in G. 3 condicion C. conducyon G. 

53. De Assumpcione Beate Marie 225 

so were on flesch and on body, f erfor scho was outtakyn of fat 
condicion \ and was fat ynto Heuen yn body and yn soule. But 
for summe wern yn doute f erof, hit myjt be by Godys ordenaunce 
fat Thomas of Inde was not fer, when f e Assuwpcyon was don, 4 
but come aftyr, and sayde he myght not leue fat yn body and yn 
129 a soule. Wherfor ryght as he spake fat word, ||oure lady lat her 
gurdyll fall downe from Heuen ynto Thomas hondys, as fogh scho 
had sayde to hym f us : ' Ryght as f ou woldyst not leue fat my 8 r^ 
son was resyn from deth to lyue yn veray body, tyll fat f ou 
pyttyst f i hondys ynto his syde and praiyd f e soth, soo, by fat 
sonde of my gurdyll fat I send f e, leue well fat I am yn Heuen ? 
wytA my sonne, in body and in soule, as he ys/ 12 

Othir probacyons byn mony of f e wheche Seynt Barnard says 
f us : ' Yf hit wer soo fat our ladyys body wer yn erthe, al men 
wold seche 2 hit, as men dofe Petyr, and Poule, and ofer mony 
seyntys. But for scho ys bodely yn Heuen, men sechyn not hur by 16 
walkyng on erf e, but by deuocyon yn Heuen.' Saynt Austeyn sayf e 
so fat corupcyon of synne makyth mankynd to turne into corupcyon 
of caren, but God forbede fat fe body of Godys modyr schuld 
turne into corupcyon and styngkyng careyn, fat was halowd yn 20 
hur modyr wombe, and alway aftyr kepyd wytA fe Holy Gost 
from al maner corrupcyon, and anoyntyd wyt/t f e ci eem of al maner 
holynes and clannes of lyuyng. 

Then wytAdrawef e he moch of f e sonnys worschip fat any 24 
fulf e f enkuf be hys modyr ; for he fat is hur sonne and walle of 
loue, lofe he had byn forto haue sene f ilke pappis sowken and 
gnawyn wytA styukyng wormys fat he befor dyd sowke, and had 
his fode ful swete. Loth had hym ben to see f os swete lyppys 28 
haue byn turned to styngkyng careyne fat he ful swetly had 
kyssyd befor. Lof had he ben forto haue seen fat fayr face of 
hys modyr to rotte of er to stynke fat made hym to lagh, when he 
lokyd f erou. Lof had he ben forto haue seen f os swete and 32 
qwyte hondys haue ben turnyd ynto fulthe and corrupcyon fat so 
ofte worschipet hym, and waschet hym, and mad hym clene of 
corupcyon. Lof had he byn forto haue seyn fos armys rotte away 
by f e ioyntys fat soo oft clyppyd hym for gret loue, and beryn 36 
hym aboute to comfort hym, when he wepyd. Lofe had he byn 
1 condicion C. conducyon G. 2 seche C. suche G. 



53. De Assumptions Beate Marie 

forto haue seen wormes and grubbes wale we || yn fat blessyd full 129 b 
wombe yn fe whech he lay and turnyd hym ix monyths. Thus 
for he bade }>e chyld worschip Ipe modyr, he toke his modyr from 
4 all f is fulf e, and broght hur f edi/r as scho schal be in l euerlastyng 
clennes and p^rpetuall worschip. 

Sayrct Elisabeth of Spayne yn hur reuelacyon tellyf how scho 
saw a towmbe and a gret ly^t about hit, and as hit wer a fay re 
8 woman yn f e towmbe, and angels stowdyng al aboute, and sone 
aftyr scho was takyn up wyth angels of f e tombe. And ]>er come 
f edyr from Heuen a glorias man beryng yn his bond a syngne of 
fe crosse, and gret multitude of angels, and olper sayntys wyth 

12 hym, and soo token fys woman ynto Heuen. Then Eliijabet 
askyd an angyll fat scho spake wyth, what f ys myght be. pen 
sayde f e angyll : ' God haf e schowet f e how our lady was taken 
ynto Heuen, yn body and in soule.' pws clerkys preven how our 

16 lady was assuwpted bodely ynto Heuen. 

Wherfor I red of a clerke fat louyd oure lady and wold yche 
day grete hur wyth Ipe v ioyea fat scho had of hur sonne yn erf e. 
But when he schuld dye, he was adred of Godys dome, and qwakyt 

20 for fere, pen come oure lady to hym, and cowifortet hym, and 
sayde f us : 'My dere seruand, be not aferd; but for fou hast 
gladyd me ofte rehersyng to me J>e ioyes j?at I had of my son yn 
erj>e, wherfor J>ou schalt goo wyth me ynto J>e ioy )>at eur schal 

24 laste.' 


I rede of a woman j?at greuysly was tewptyd \vyih Ipe fende, so 
fat ofte-tyme he com to hur yn lyknes of a man and spake to hur. 

28 Then scho soght al }?e remedy J?at any man coufe teche hir, forto 
dryue hym away wyth holy watyr and olper holy wordys, but al 
gaynet not. pen jede scho to an holy ermet forto haue cownsell ; 
fen taght he hur to say fus : ' Saynt Mary, helpe me ! ' So, 

82 when f e fende come agayne to hur, scho huld vp hur hondys and 
sayde : ' Saynt Mary, helpe me ! ' and anon f e fend was aferd, and 
starte on bakke, and sayde : ' An euol || deuyl goo ynto his mowth 130 a 
fat fe fat taght.' And so scho was deliuerd of fe fend for 

36 euermor. 

1 in inserted above the line. 

53. De Assumpcione Beate Marie 227 


A Ive set his son to a scole among o]>er cristyn chyldyr. And 
soo, on Estyr-day, when olper chyldyr went to be howsyld, he for 
felyschip went wyth horn thidyr. And when f e masse was done, 4 J\|/~ 
and f es pepull schuld be howsyld, fys child sagh a fayre lady 
stond at f e auter and reched yche man hys howsyl. Then he 
among other childyr toke howsyle at f ys lady hond, and soo jode 
home. But for he had ben long out, his fadyr askyd hym wher he 8 
had byn. pen was he adred, and durst not say but soth, and told 
all how he had ben at f e chirch, and was howsyld vryth olper. 
Then was hys fadyr so wod wrofe, fat he cast fys child yn 
a brennyng hote oue fat was bysyde, and soo stoppyd hym ferin 12 
yn hope to haue brent hym to colus. Then was fe modyr soo sory 
for hure schylde and rerut suche a cry, fat mony cristyn men 
comyn yn to wytte what hur was. pen sayde scho how hur 
husbond had brent her chyld yn f e hote oue. Then fay vndedyn 16 
fe oue-mowfe, and segh f e chyld syttyng all hole playyng wytA 
f e leem of f e fyre. And when he was takyn out, thay askyd how 
he was sauet yn fe oue. And he sayde how fat fayre lady fat 
stode on f e hye auter and $af hym hys howsyll, scho com to hym 20 
yn fe oue, and saued hym from fe fyre \vyih her mantell-lappe 
about hym. 

Now knele we all adowne, and pray we to our lady fat scho wyll 
helpe vs yn oure nede, fat we may haue f e blysse fat hur son 24 
boght vs to. Amen. 



Good men and woymen, f ys day ys an hygh day and an hygh 28 
fest yn all holy chyrch, f e heghest fat ys of our lady. For fys 
day, as holy chyrch makyth mencyon, Crist, Goddys Sonne of 
Heuen, and our one lady dere sonne, fat was borne of hur blessyd 
130 b body and fosterd wyth hur brestys, f ys day haf e || taken vp our 32 
lady yn body and in sowle ynto Heuen, and set hur by hym yn 
hys trone, and crowned hur qwene of Heuen, and emperice of helle, 

15 2 

228 54. In Die Assumpcionis Beate Marie 

and lady of al f e world. Wherfor f ys day al f e angels comyn 

byfor hur, doyng to hur al f e reuerens and seruyce fat fay cowf e, 

as fay owdyn to do to hor qwene and hor Lordys modyr. This 

4 dey also f e seyntys fat wern yn Heuen comyn wytA, processyon 

a^eynes hur, beryng rosys and lylius of paradise yn tokenyng fat 

scho ys flowre of woymen and lylly of virgyns, and so dyddyn 

vmage to hure. Thus al fe angels and fe seyntys yn Heuen 

8 wern so gretly ioyet of hur come, fat fay madyn all f e myrthe 

and melody fat fay cowf e, al yn honowur and worschyp of hur. 

Then, for holy chyrch makyf e melody fys day of fys holy lady 1 , 
and redyf and syngyth bysyly of hur worschip, mony han meruayl 

12 qwhy f e gospell of fys day makyth no mencyon of hur, but only 
of too sustyrs, Martha and Mari, hur sustyr, and sayth fus: 
' Ihesus entret ynto a castell, and a woman fat was cald Martha 
fat toke hym ynto hur hows, pe wheche had a sustyr fat was 

16 cald Maria fat sate at Cristys fote, and herd f e wordys fat come 
out of hys mof e. Then, for Martha was besy forto s^rue Crist 
and f os fat come wytA hym, scho stode and sayde to Crist : " Syr, 
say to my sustyr fat sco ryse and helpe me." Then Cryst vnsward 

20 and sayd : " Martha, Martha, f ou art besy and art trowbult about 
mony thyngus 2 , whyll fat on ys necessary: Mary hath chosyn fe 
best part fat schall not be takyn from hur." ' Thes byn f e wordes 
of fe gospell of fys day, and here ys no mewcyon of our lady 

24 bysemyng to mony mennys vndyrstondyng. 

But fay fat wyll rede fat Seynt Ancelme sayf e f m>f, fay schull 
se well fat fys gospell partaynyth all to our lady and to f e lyfyng 
of hur. Scho was f e castell fat Ihesu entred into ; for ryght as 

28 a castell hath dyuerse propyrtyes fat longyth to a castell fat 
schall be byge and strong, ryght so had our lady 3 dyurse uertues 
fat made hur abolle befor all woymen forto receyue Cryst. For 
f eras woymen byn frele and febull, || and eth to be ouercomyn, our 131 a 

32 lady was strong as a castell, and a5eynestode f e saute of f e fyndes 
engynes ; and put hym of at al. For ryght as a castell hath a depe 
dych yn strengyth of hyt, soo hath our lady a dyche of inekenes so 
depe downe ynto f e erf e of hur hert, fat f er myght neuer no mon 

36 go oner hit. Scho passyd all yn u^rtu of mekenes, wherfor God 

1 MS. lay. 

2 thyngus C. om. G. 

* MS. ladyes. 

54. IYI Die Assumpdoni* Beate Marie 229 

chose hur to be modyr to his sonne befor all of er woymen. Herto 

echo hurselfe beryf wytnes and sayth : ' Quia respexit, &c. For 

God byhelde f e mekenes of his owne maydyn, f erfor all generacyon 

schall blesse me.' Thys dych also, yf hyt be full of watyr, hyt ys 4 ~ (p 

f e mor strewgyr to f e castell ; f ys watyr ys compassyon fat a man 

haf e for his owne gylt ofer for any ofer monnys deses. This ^ft 

watyr had cure lady, when scho wepte for hur sonnys passyon and 

for his deth so moch, fat when scho hade wepte all f e watyr fat 8 

was yn hur een, scho wepte blode ouer this dyche, lyke a draw- 

bryge fat schall be drawen vp a^eynys enmys, and lete downe f e 

frendys fat wyl kepe fys castell. By fys bryge }e schull vndyr- 

stond discret 1 obedyens. For ryght as a man schall not lette 12 

downe the bryge to his enmy, f agh he be bedyn, ryght so a man 

schall not do nothyng for no byddyng fat wyll lette yn f e fende 

to his soule. But when he ys bedyn do fat ys spedeful to his sowle, 

fen schall he lette downe f e bryge 2 of obediens, and fen f e 16 

sandyr, f e bettyr and f e buxom to hym. 

Thus dyd oure lady ; when Gabryell f e angyll come to hur, and 
spake to hur of f e concepcyon of hur sonne, scho lette not downe 
f e bryge anon, tyll scho knew well fat he was frend and non enmy, 20 
and how scho schuld conceyue and be maydyn, and so kepte fe 
vow of chastyte fat scho had made befor. So, when scho herd f ys, 
anon scho lette downe f e brige of obediens and sayde f us : ' Ecce 
ancilla Domini. Lo, here Goddys owne maydyn ; be hit don to 24 
131 b me aftyr f i worde.' Thys || castell ys dowbull-wald : a forfer fat ys 
lowyr, and a hyndyr fat ys heghyr. pe forthyr bytokenyth 
wedloke; for scho was a wyfe to Joseph, ellis fe lewys woldyn 
haue stenet hur as a lechonre, yf ho had conceyuyd out of wedloke. 28 
Alsoo fe forf er wall bytokenyth pacience, f e hyndyr bytokenyth 
virginite, fat ys, maydenhode; for maydenhode ys lytyll helpe 
wyt&, but yf hyt be strongyt wyth pacience. For a mayden ys 
lytyll worf e fat con nothyng suffyre of p^rsecucyon ne of deses, 32 
but scho playne ; and ys a claterer, a ianguler, a flyter, a curser, 
a swerer, and a skold of hur mowf e. This defendyth not mayden- 
hode, but 8 rayf er castyth hit downe. Wherfor a mayden most be 
of lytyll wordys, and loke fat scho speke by honeste and worschyp 35 

1 discret C. disgret G. 2 MS. byge. 3 but H. bot C. hut G. 

230 54. In Die Assumpcionis Beate Marie 

to hur person; for hyt ys an old Englysch sawe 1 : 'A mayde 
schuld be seen, but not herd/ This uertu had our lady ; for Seynt 
Barnard seyf e : rede al f e gospels ouer, and f ou scha[l]t not fynd 
4 fat our lady in alle hyr lyfe spak 2 non oftyr but foure syf es, ons 
to Gabryell, the secunde to Ely5abeth, f e fryd to her sonne yn fe 
tempyll, f e fourf e at f e wedclyng yn the Cane of Galyle. pus 
most f e wall of pacience defende f e wall of maydenhode. 
8 This wall, fat ys f e ordyr of maydenhod, ys passyng hegh ; for 
feras hit ys well kepte, hit ys herre fen wedloke, hit ys her fen 
wedowhod, and hath worschip yn Heuen passyng all of er. This 
wall kepyth our lady ; for scho was clene maydyn, bof e by fre 

12 wyll and by a vow. And 3et scho had a degre passyng al maydens 
fat euer werne o]>er euer schall be, for scho was maydyn and 
modyr. Yn ]>ys wall ys a $ate fat bytokenyf e fayf e ; for ryjt as 
hyt ys ynpossybull for a man to goo ynto a castell f rogh f e hoole 

16 wall, ryght soo hit ys ynpossybull for any mon forto pies God 
wytAout faythe. This fayth hade our lady passywg all of er ; for 
f eras, hit was semyng forto be ynpossybull fat scho schuld con- 
ceyue wytAout || cowpule of man for hit was neuer befor seen 132 a 

20 scho by techywg and ynformacyon of fe angyll, scho beleuyd, and 
BOO com Cryst, and entyrd by J>ys }ate of byleue ynto Jys castell, 
fat ys, ynto }>e body of our lady. This 5eate had a toure aboven 
J?at bytokenyth charyte, hit ys aboue al uertues. pys uertu 

24 had our. lady and :jet hath ; for ry^t as men and woymen and 
childyrn fleyn ynto a castell for drede of enmys, to haue socoure, 
so all men and woymen fleon to oure lady for socoure in all hor 
deses, yn so moch fat fe lest chyld fat con speke, anon as he ys 

28 aferd, he cryf e : ' Lady, lady ! ' pus ys scho socour to all, bof e 
old and ijeong, rych and pore, seke and hole. The capteu of f is 
castell ys fe Holy Gost, and the sowdyours holy angels fat 
walkyth vtyih hur day and nyght, forto kepe hur safe yn yche 

32 way. In fys castell byn too susturs, Martha and Maria; but 
Martha, scho receyued Crist ynto hur howse, and was besy forto 
smie hym and fos fat come wyth hym, Mary sat at Grists fete, 
and hade gret lust to here fe wordys of hys mowf e. 

36 By fes too sustyrs holy chyrch vndyrstondyth too maner of 
lyuyng of man, fat on ys actyf, fat ofer ys contemplatyf. Actyf 
1 sawe H. seyde C. om. G. 3 in alle hyr lyfe spak C. om. G. 

54. In Die Assumpcionis Beate Marie 231 

yn besynes of f e world f e whech may not be wythout trowbull 
and gret bysynes. But hit schall be done only for God sake, and 
forto haue wherwyth a mon may receyue pore, and jeue fat horn 
nedyth mete and dryng, and clof yrig, and herbar 1 , and helpe f e 4 
seke, and vysed horn fat be in 2 prison, and bury f e dede. pys ys 
vndyrstond by Martha. By Mary je schull vndyrstond Ipe con- 
templatyf fat lyf e to men of holy chirch fat schuld voyde from 
horn, yn all f 6tt fay mowe, al maner wor[l]dely bysynes, and jyue 8 
hom all to spmtfuall occupacyon ; fat ys, to redyng and to prayyng, 
to wrytyng and to contemplacyon. And jet f agh fay lyue fas 
perfytly, jet ben f er couetowse men fat sayn fat hit ys lost all fat 
men of holy chyrch hauen ; for hit ys semyng to hom fat fay do 12 
no good, but playen hom. And fogh men of f e world playne f us, 
132 b hit ys no wondyr 3 ; for Saynt || Austyn uayfe fat all f e world ys 
holy chyrch. And jet fe world, fat is wordely men, hatyf holy 
chyrch ; but euer Cryst vnsweryth for hom, and ys hor avoket, 16 
and wol all f e tyme .fat fay lyuen yn pees and rest wytfc homself. 
But now se we how our lady fulfyllyth bof e f es lyues. 

Scho was furst Martha ; for f eras Martha was bysy forto receyue 
Crist ynto hur houce 4 , was Mary receyuyng hym ynto hur owne 20 
body and feryn was ix monefs; and feras echo fedde pore vjyih , -"" 
mete and dryng, scho fedde Crist hurselfe wytA, hur hondys, 
and af hym dryng wytA. hur owne brestys. And when he was 
nakyd, echo klofyd hym, as norses don. And when he was seke 24 
for by kynd of youf e, scho com to hym, and v[y]sytut hyrn, and 
wossche 5 hym and his klofis, and beddut hys bed, and lay hym 
feryn. And when he was bowndyn hondys and fote wyth his 
swef eles, and was as a presynner, scho come to hym, and toke hym 28 
vp, and vnbond hym, and so losed hym of his bondes, and helet 
hys sores wyth mylke of hur pappys. And when he was dede, 
scho helpe forto bury hym and to lay hym yn hys towmbe ; and 
f us scho fulfylled f e offyce of Martha, performyng f e seuen werkys 32 
of mercy. And jet scho was oft ytrowbuld hard 6 f erwyth, for hyt 
was gret trowbelyng to hur hert, when scho was so porsuet, fat 
scho most nedely take hur jong sonne, and bere hym out of hur 

1 herbar C. herbe G. * be in C. byn &. 

3 wondyr] wodyr G. wondur C. 4 houce C. ho 0. 

5 wossche C. worschyp G. 6 hard] the r is inserted above the line. 

232 54. In Die Assumpcionis Beate Marie 

owne hows and her her, and goo fer out of centre ynto anof er lond 

fat was full of mawmetes, and f eras scho knew no mon. Scho 

was also gretly trowbuld, when scho saw hur sonne taken, and 

4 beten, and bofetut, and doon nakyd, and soo betyn w?/U scowrges, 

fat his body fat was white as any mylke, aftyr hyt was all red 

blode, and aftyr was nayled to fe crosse bond and fote, and soo 

idon to deth befor hur owne blessyd een. pys was to hur a gret 

8 trowbull ; f us was scho actyf. 

Sho was also contemplatyf ; for as fe gospell telly th fat scho 
;af so gret diligens to hur sonneys worde, and forto here hys 
prchyng, fat scho bare yn hur hert al hur lyfe-tyme a%r, and f e 

12 techyng 1 of Cryst from fe tyme fat he 2 was borne yn||to fe tyme 133 a 
fat he steut ynto Heuen, in so moch fat scho taght f e euangelystys 
much fat fay wrytton, and namely Seynt Luke ; for all fat he 
wrot negh-hond he lurnyd at hure. pus scheo 3 fullut f e lyfe of 

16 Mary ; and for hit was f e bettyr, aftyr fat hur sonne was steuet 
ynto Heuen, scho laft all hur bysynes, and $af hurre all to con- 
templacyon vnto fe tyme fat hur sowne fatte hur out 4 of fis 
world. This, good men and woymen, 36 fat con vndyrstond, 50 

20 may se fat f ys gospell of f ys day ys couenably red yn holy 

Then schull $e know fat scho had v specyall ioys of hur sonne 
here yn erf e, f e whech gladyth hur moch, when fay byn rehersyd 

24 to hur. But nowe scho hath vij speciall yn Heuen f e wheche 
scho schowet to Seynt Thomas of Caunturbury, and bade hym gret 
hur wyth horn on f ys wyse, behetyng hym for certeyne fat all f o 
fat B deuowtly yche day gret hur wytA f es seuen ioyes, he schall 

28 see hur here yn hys body, er fat he dey ; and scho wyll bryng his 
soule f idyr, as hit schall come to f e ioy for euer. 

pen schull y say wyth mynd and deuocyon: 
Be glad and blyf e, qwene of blys, ) 

32 For f i ioy passyng is } In Heuen court and halle - 

In fat court 50 haue no pere ) 

Of ioye and blysse and gentyll cherej Saue 1* Lorde of alle ' 

1 techyng C. tochyng G. 
* scheo C. om. G. 

6 ]>at C. 

2 he C. scho G. 
* out inserted above the line. 

54. In Die Assumpcionis Eeaie Marie 

Be glad and blyf, swete as creme ] 

Bryghtyr fen f e sonne beme When scho J 8 most schene. 


Ine chere of you ys so biyjt ) 

That all Heuen hit makyf e lyght } And s ^ ni ? 8 a11 bedene ' 

Be glad, my lady, and so :je mow 
Forto seen all bow 

All you louton and don honowr, 
Thus yn Heuen 50 haue f e flowr 

Be glad and blyf e, swete f yng, 
per 56 byn qwene, [j]our sowne is ! 

133 b Whateuer hit be, 50 prayen forre 
'Modyr/ he sayfe, 'and qwene 

Be glad and blyf, lady fre, 
Sittyng by f e Trinite 

Full of ioy and full of grace, 
God haf e made f er f i place, 

Be glad and blyf e yn al wyse, 
For all fat done you smiyse 

Thi sonne ys gent, and dofe hym' 
And byddyf e horn all loue f e 

I To you fat byn yn blysse. 
Next to God iwysse. 

Syttyng yn hys trone. 

I graunt wol your bone/ 

In blod and flesche yfere. 
I As to hys modyr dere. 

Full wele ys qwyt hor mede. 

And he will be at hor nede. 

Be glad and blyfa, qwene of Heuen,) 

For f es ioys all seuen } Neuer schul 

Well ys you fat ;e wer bore, 
Thus to ioye for euermore 

Now, swete lady, I you pray 
Helpe vs at oure endyng-day 

And graunt vs alle suche myght 
Of you forto haue a syght, 

56 misse. 

[ Wyth f e he5e kyng of blysse. 
I And scheld us from f e fende. 
I Or fat we hef en wende. 




is inserted above the line, 

234 54. In Die As&umpcionis Beate Marie 


I rede of a clerke fat louyd our lady moch ; and for he redde 

of her bewte, he had a gret lust .forto se hur. Then prayde he 

4 blyf e fat he most se hur ones, or he dyet. pen, at f e last, come 

an angyll to hym and sayde : ' Syr, for fou seruyst our lady welle 

to pay, scho wyll fat fou haue f i prayer. But yf f ow see hur yn 

f j/s world, fou most lese f yn een-syght ; for f e ly$t and f e clerte 

8 of hur ys soo bryght, fat f yn een mow not ber f e syght f rof/ 

Then sayde he : ' Syr, I vouchesaf wele, so fat I may se hur/ pen 

sayde f e angyll : ' Come suche a day to fat plas, and f er fou 

schalt se hur/ Then was he wondyr fayne and glad of fat ioyfull 

12 sight; but fen he befoght hym, how he schuld do when he wer 
blynd. pen sayde he to hymselfe : ' I wyll hyde f e toon ee, and 
loke \\*y(h myne || ofir ee, so fat f ogh fat on ee be blynd, I schall 134 a 
se wyth fat of er/ Thus, when he come to f e place, he layde f e 

16 toon hond on f e toon ee, and lokyd forth wyth fat of er. So come 
our lady, and Echowet hur to hym ; and when scho had soo don, 
echo went hur way. And when scho was passyd, he toke away 
his hond from his ee, and fen was he blynd on fat on ee, and 

20 my5t loke wele wyth f e tof er. Then was he so ioyfull of fat syght, 
fat no man my3t telle f e ioy fat he hadde yn his hert f erof. pus, 
for he was soo ioyet of fat on syght, hym f oght fat he schuld deye, 
but yf he had anofer syght of hur. Then prayde he bysyly day 

24 and nyght fat he most se hur eftsones. pen come f e angyll a^eyne, 
and sayde : ' pou art blynd on fat on ee, and yf f ou se hur efte- 
sone, fen most f ou be blynd on fat of er.' Then sayde he : ' Syr, 
I vouchsaf so fat I may se hur/ pen sayde f e angyll : ' Come 

28 a^eyne such a day to f e same styd, and f er fou schalt se hur/ 
So, when he was comyn, our lady aperut to hym ; and when he 
had lokyd on hur a while, fen scho spake to hym and sayde : ' My 
dere emiant, when f on dyddyst se me last, f ow loste f e toon ee ; 

82 how wylt fou do now, and fou lese f yn of er ee 1 ' Then sayde he : 
' My dere lady, f agh I had a thowsand een, I vouchsaf forto lese 
horn forto haue fat ioyfull syght fat I haue of you/ Then sayde 
oure lady : ' For fou hast so gret lykyng yn f e syght of me, 

36 I woll not bereve f e of f i syght, but se now wyth bof e f yn een, 
as fou dyddyst byfor ; ' and soo went hur way. Then f is clerke 
anon sygh wyth bof e his een bettyr feu euer he dyd before. 

54. In Die Asmmpcionis Beate Marie 235 

Now knele 56 adowne, and pray 30 to fys blessyd qwene of 
Heuen fat scho will so pray for you to hur blessyd sonne, fat 30 
may worschip hur so yn erfe, fat 36 may haue f e kyndom fat 
scho ys yn. Amen. 4 




Goode men and woymen, suche a day }e schull haue Seynt 
Bartholomews day fat ys Godys holy apostoll. Wherfor je schull 8 
fast his euen, and com on fe morow to fe chirch, and worschip 
God and his holy apostull. pen schull 30 know fat Bartholomew 
ys yn Lateyne ' Bartholomeus ; et interpretatur : films suspendentis 
aquas, siue filius suspendentis me/ This Bartholomew ys vndyr- 12 
stond yn Englysche : pe sone of hongyng vp watyrs of er hongyng 
vp me. 

Then, as 36 knowef e wel, God ys he fat hongyth vp watyrs too 
ways. On ys, when he holdyth vp clowdys yn fe fyrmament, tyll 16 
lie se tyme forto lette horn falle, and reynyfe wher hym lust. 
Anof er way he hongyf e vp watyr, when a man of er woman ys 
sory ofer contryte for hys synne, fat he wepyfe for hys gylt 
byttyrly. Then God takyth f es teres, and hongyfe horn yn f e 20 
halle of Heuen, fat all f e seyntys mow haue syght of horn yn gret 
ioye to all f e angels fat f er byn. For hit ys gret ioye to all fat 
byn yn Heuen, when fay seen man or woman fat myesedofe, 
turne and leue hor synne, wepyng for cor&trycyon. Wherfor on 24 
teer of a man ofer woman fat wepyth yn f ?/s maner, hit qwenchyf e 
fe brennyng fyre of hell fat was ordeynt to hym. Of fys teer 
f us sayf e Ion Grisostome : ' O f on teer, fat art mekely lette yn 
oryson, f y myght ys soo gret, fat f on gos ynto Heuen vp to 28 
Goddys trone wythout any warnyng, and takes f e worde of f e 
iuges mowth, makyng hym forto turne his dome ynto saluac^on, 
f eras he most befor haue spoken hit ynto dampnacs/on, and f er f ou 
makyst f yn accusers, f e fendes, dombe, so fat fay haue nof yng 32 
to lay a^eynys f e. And also f er f ou qwenchyst f e fyre of hell 
fat f e fendys haden redy bed a3eyns f y co/wmyng, and f us f ow 
1 MS. Bratholomei. 


55. De Fedo Sancti Bartholomei 

paynyst f e deuyll wors fen he myglit han 1 paynyd f e/ Thus God 
hongyth vp watyr. pen, for Bertholomew was Goddys sonne, as 
all byn fat smtyn hym devowtly, he was hongyt || vp yn f re 135 a 
4 wysys : yn deuot oreson, yn faythfull monycion, and suffryng of 
gret passyon. 

He was hongyt vp yn deuout oryson ; for al fat he sayde wytA 
his mowf e, he spake wykh hys hert, so fat yn all hys orysons his 
8 hert was hongyd vp to God, as f e prist byddyth f e pepull yn his 
masse, when he sayth : ' Sursum corda/ that ys : ' Haue vp your 
hertys to Godd/ and fay vnsward ajeyne : 'Habemus ad 'Dominum' 
' we haue to God.' Thus hadde f ys holy seynt his hert hougyd vp 

12 to God. Soo for fat gret deuocyon fat he had yn hys orysons, 
ych day he knelud an hundyrd syfis to God, and an hundyrd 
sythes yn f e nyght. But for he schuld not be wery of hys gret 
trauayle, God made angels to sewen hym, forto kepe hym and to 

J 6 comfort hym, fat he schuld not be wery. pws was he hongyd vp 
by holy orysons. 

He was also hongyt vp by fayf efull monycyon ; for he jaf hym 
so gret power ouer fendes, fat he by his monycyon, fat ys, by his 

20 cowmawndement, he suspendyt horn of hor pouer fat fay haddyn 
yn Cristys creatures, bof e man and woman, and of er mawmetes. 
Of f ys we redyn how fat Bartholomew com ynto f e lond of Inde, 
and jede ynto a tempill f er was yn a mawmet fat was cald 

24 Astaroth, fat ys, an ymage made of golde, or of syluyr, or ston, 
or of tre by monnys hondys, and sette vp yn fe temple. Then 
a fende went ynto fys ymage, and oft wold speke to horn fat 
dyddyn hyt worschip, so fat by such betroylyng of fals wordy s he 

28 made f e pepull to beleue fat he was hor God, and non of er. And 
jet, forto make horn to haue fe more beleue yn hym, he made 
mony croke, seke, halt, and blynd, defe, and dombe, and mony 
of er wayes seke. And he wold bydde bryng horn to hym ; and 

32 when fay weron broght to hym, he lowset horn of hor sekenes fat 
he layde on horn, and so semyng to horn fat fay were helyt by 
hym. But by f e sekenes fat God send on any mon, fat he myght 
not hele, by no craft fat he cowf e do. pen was f is tempull full 

36 of seke pepull 2 , broght forto haue byn heelyd of hor God. But 

1 han C. om. G. 

3 pepull] pull G. peple H. folke C. 

55. De Febto Sancti Bartholomei 237 

from f e tyme fat Bartholomew com ynto f e tempull, he suspendyt 
IS 5 b vp so his power, fat he myjt || not hele no mon of horn. 

Wherfor fay $eodyn to anofer tempull feras anofer mawmet 
was, and askyt hym why fat hor God $af horn non vnswar, ne helut 4 
noii of hor seke men. pen vnsward he and sayde, for Godys holy 
apostull Bartholomew 1 was comyn ynto hor tempull, and had 
bondon hor God so sore wyih brennyng chaynys, fat he myght 
not, ne dyrst, speke no worde, and told horn f e feture of Saynt 8 
Bartholomew, and sayde for sof e fat Bartholomew knew and herd 
yche word fat he spake to horn, by reuelacyon of an angyll, fat 
told hym, and sayde : ' Yf 56 scene hym, and he vvyll, he may 
schow hym to you ; and yf he wyll not, 50 schull not fynd hym 12 
tyll hys owne lykyng.' pen ^eodyn fay a^eyne home, and soghtyn 
hym, and myght not fynde hym, by no waye. Then, as Bartho- 
lomew walkyd amonge fe folke, a wodde man fat had a fend 
\vyihjn hym crj et to Bartholomew and sayde : ' Bartholomew, 16 
Goddys apostull, thy holy prayer brennyth me sore.' Then 
vnsward he and sayde : * Holde f i pes ; but f ou fende goo out of 
fat man ! ' And anon f e fende wyih fat worde lafte hym, and he 
was hoole anon. 20 

Then hadde f e kyng of f e cyte a doghtyr fat was wode and 
bowndyn wyih chaynes, for harine fat scho wold do to horn fat 
scho myght euer rechyn. And when f e kyng herd of f ys wode 
man, how he was helut, anon he send to Bartholomew, prayng 24 
hym to come to hele hys doghtyr ; and so he dyd. And when he 
hadde don soo, he pr^chet so f e kyng fat he 2 turned to f e fayf e, 
so fat he co7/imawndyt to drawe downe f e mawmttes fat wern yn 
f e tempull. pen went men, and kyst ropys abowt f e nekkes of 28 
hore goddys, and woldyn haue drawen hem downe, but fay myijt 
not sturre horn for f e fynd fat was yn horn. Then commawndyt 
Bartholomew f e fend forto goo out of f e ymages, and all topwine 
horn to poudyr. pen, for f e tempull was full of seke pepull, he 32 
prayde to God fat fay most haue hele ; and anon fay wern all 
hoole. Soo f ervtyth come fer an angyll of Heuen yn syght of 
horn all, so bryjt fat all f e pepull schone of hym, and flogh about 
136 a fe tempull, || and yn foure partys made a sygne of fe crosse wyth 36 

1 Bartholomew] lo is inserted above the line, 

2 >at he C. om. O. 


55. De Festo Sancti Bartholomei 

hys fyngyr yn f e walle, and sayde f us to f e tempull : ' Ryght as 
all you ben helet of your sekenes, ryght so schull f ys tempull be 
clansyd of all fyllfe of mawmetry and of fe fendeys craft and 
4 power. But furst I wyll schow you f e same fende fat 50 haue 
worschepyt and holdyn as for your God.' 

Then f e fende aperyd yn syght of all fe pepull lyke a man of 
Inde, blak altogedyr as pich, wyth a scharpe nase and a lodely 
8 face, wyth a berde downe to his fete, blake as soote, wyth een 
brennyng as dofe yern yn fe fyre spaiklyng on yche syde, and 
blowyng out of hys mowth flamys of brennywg fure, wyth hys 
hondys bownden byhynde hym wyth chaynys brennywg. Then 

12 sayde fe angyll: 'Lo, fys ys he fat 56 haue called your god!' 
But for f e pepull was afrayde of hym, he bade horn make l a sygne 
of f e crosse yn hor forhede and haue no drede. Then, yn syght 
of horn alle, f e augyll vnbonde f ys fynde, and bade hym goo f eras 

16 was non accesse of man ne best, and be fer tyll fe day of dome. 
pen 2 went he forth wyth gret waylyng, and fe angyll flogh vp 
ynto Heuen yn syght of all f e pepull. Then was f e kyng and his 
wyfe wyth all f e pepull turnyd to fe fayth and folowet of Saynt 

20 Bartholomew. \)us was Bartholomew hongyt vp by fayf full 
monycyon ; for he so suspendyt f e fendys power, fat he nof er 
myght ne dirst do nothyng but at hys suffryng and byddyng. 
He was also hongyt vp by suffryng of gret passion. For when 

24 fe byschoppys of f e tempull seen all f e pepull go to Cristes fayth 
and leue f e fendys mawmetry, fen 5eode fay to a 3 cyte bysydys 
f eras was a kyng fat hette Astragesse, and was brofer to fe kyng 
Pollymyvs, and playnet to hym, wepyng sore and sayde fat f er was 

28 a man comon to horn fat was callyd Bartholomew, fe whech had 

so turnyd hys brofer || and all f e pepull to criston fayth, fat fay 136 b 
settyn noght by hor goddys, but hadon drawen horn downe, and 
brusset horn ynto powdyr, and soo was hor tempull to Crist 

32 yhalowet fat was don on f e crosse ; and so prayde hym for helpe 
and socour. Then fys kyng anon send a fowsand armet men 
aftyr Bertholomew ; and when he com befor hym, he askyt hym 
why he had turnet his brof er from f e fayth, and made hym to 

36 beleue on a ded man fat was hongyt and slayne on fe crosse. 

1 make C. made G. 2 )>en inserted above the line. 

3 a C. om, G. 

55. De Festo Sancti Bartholomei 239 

Then sayde Bartholomew : * I haue bondyn f e fynde fat f i brof 0r 
huld for his god, and schowyt hym to hym ; and yf f ou wolt do 
soo -Myth my God, I will beleue as f ou dos, and ellys not/ Then 
cowmawndyt f ys kyng forto hong f ?/s Bartholomew on f e crosse 4 
and turment hym per long. And when he was turmentyd on f e 
crosse, he made to take hym downe and sle hym alltogedyr. And 
when he was all sleyn, fen he made forto smyte of his hedde; 
and when he was dede, crysten men comyn and buryet hym wyth 8 
fe reuerence fat fay cowf e. Thus was Bartholomew hongyt vp 
yn gret passyon suffryng. 

We redyn yn 'Gestus of Romauns' fat when fe Empmmr 
Fredwyk had destryet a gret cyte \er was yn a chefe chyrch of 12 
Saynt Bartholomew and of er moo of holy sayntys, a good holy 
man com by fat cyte and sygh a gret company of men stondyng, 
al clade * wytA white, and cownselyng togedyr. And for f ys mon 
had gret wondyr of horn, he askyt on of horn what men fay wern, 16 
and what was hor cownsell. Then sayde he, how he was Seynt 
Bartholomew and ofer seyntys fat hadyn chirches yn fat cyte 
destryet, and fer token hor cownsell, what fay myght do wyth 
fat Empm>ur fat had don horn fat vilony and harme. And now 20 
fay han takyn full pwrpos fat f e Emperour schall comme anon 
befor God, to make an vnswar of fys mysdede. And soo anon 
f e Emperour deyd on a fowle deth 2 , and was dampnyd ynto helle 
for ever. 24 

Narracio. f -7 

We redyn yn f e lyfe of Saynt Gowdelake fat fyrst ynhabit 
Crowland yn fe fennys. And for fe forme day fat he come 
f \&yr was Bartholomew day, he prayde f ys holy apostoll to be his 2&- 
137 a patron and his socour || aijeynys wykyt spyrytys fat wonet yn fat 
wyld place ; for fat place was nomet and callyd f e abytac/on of 
fendes f rogh all f e centre. Wherfor yche mon was aferd forto 
comme f ydyr, and no mon durst dwell fer, 3 for drede of hem. 82 
Then 3 forto dryue hem 4 away, f es fendeus wern so wrof e, fat fay 
tokyn f?/s man bodyly, and beryii hym vp ynto fe eyre, and 

1 clade] closed H. bkk C. lade &. 2 deth C. day G. 

3 for drede of hem. Then H. C. om. G. 

4 hem H. om. G. not in C. 


55. De Festo Sancti Bartholomew 

turmentyt hym dyspytwysly mony wayes. At f e last, fay woldyn 
haue broght hym to paynys of helle, and when he sygh horn, he 
was so sore afryght, fat he had nygh lost hys wytte ; but jet by 
4 grace of God he had mynde of Seynt Bartholomew, and fen he 
callyd to hym wyth all his myght, besechyng hyin of helpe and 
socowr. And * fen anon come Seynt Bartholomew schynyng ferre 
bryghtyr fen f e sonne, and spytwysly rebuket f e fendes, and com- 
8 mawndyt horn forto bryng hym ajeyne to hys place, soft and fayre, 
wythout any harme or deses. Then, when he was broght ajeyne 
to hys place, fes fendes madyn a jellyng and a cryyng, fat any 
myght be agast forto here hit and saydyra : ' Alias, now we haue 

12 lost oure myght and our habitacyon, and now schull go to helle 
for euer ynto fe paynes fat euer schall last,' and soo jellyng 
jedyn hor way. Then Ipya holy man fonkyt God and Saynt 
Bartholomew for f e socowr and f e helpe fat he dyd hym, and was 

16 ever redy to hym aftyr yn ych nede, when he callyd to hym. 

Herby je may vndyrston[d] fat f ys holy apostoll ys redy to all 
fat callyf e to hym wyth full hert. Wherfor f ilke fat ben wont 
forto worche on hys evyn aftyr none and on his day aftyr euen- 

20 song 2 , be horn war, lest f ys holy apostoll suffyr f e fendes forto 
haue pouer ou^r hym, and for couetyes of a lytyll werke bryng 
horn Jreras fay schull haide be werkyd for eumnoie yn fe payne 
of helle. Fro f e wheche payne God and Saynt Bartholomew 

24 deliuer vs, yf hyt be hys wyll. Amen. 



Goode men and woymen, such a day N $e schull haue Seynt 
28 Alkmundys day. Therefore 3 comyth to fe chirche, forto || wor- 137 b 
schip God and Saynt Alkamunde, fe whech ys patron of fys 
chyrche. Then schall je know fat patron yn Englysche ys a 
defender; wherfor je schul vndyrstond fat ych chirch hath too 
32 patrons, on yn erf e and anof er yn Heuen : on forto defende her 
from bodyly enmys, and anof er forto defende from gostly enmys. 

1 and C. an G. 3 euensong C. ensong G. 

8 therefore C. om. G. 

56. De Fetto Sancti Alkemundi 241 

He fat ys patron yn erf e, ys holdyn forto defende his chirche 
from all hor eranyes, nyght and daye, so fat fay don devyne 
semes lp eryn, ben not dystrowbult, ne let by no wyse. For yn f e 
begynnywg of holy chirch, when summe wern cristen and summed 
wern peynones, f e paynones hadyn suche envy to f e crystyn men, 
fat, when men wern at fe plogh and at hor o]>er labyrs, fes 
payne[n]s comen to horn, and dyddyn horn gret dyspytes and dosesus, 
so fat fay durst not goo to hor labyr for drede of horn. And also 8 
fay }edon ynto holy chyrche, and dyspoylet fe prystys as fay 
wern at hor masse, and kestyn downe f e chales wykh Godys blod, 
and token Goddys body and tredon hit vndyr hor fete. And yf 
f e cristyn men wern byggyr fen fay, fen fay chalanchet f e prestys, 1*2 
and sayden how fe gospell was false and of no fayfe, and f3/s 
dyddyn gret deses and gret dysturbans yn holy chyrche. Then 
lordes and good gentyls, for loue fat fay haddyn to God, fat token ^j^ 
on horn to be patrons, fat ys, forto be defenders, yche mon to hys 16 
chyrche ; and so wytft strong hond keptyn f e pareschons fat fay p* 
5eden yn pees and to hor labour, and kepton so her chyrches, fat 
Goddys seruyce was don f eryn wythout dysturbans of any paynews. ^ 
Wherfor ijeet yn the l lond of Surry ys an vsage fat, when f e 20 IB ' 
gospell schall be red, anon yche knyght fat ys yn fe chyrche 
draweth out his sword, and soo holdyf hit nakyd yn his hond till 
138 a hit be don, yn schowyng fat he ys redy for || to feght wytb a man 

fat wyll come and chalanch oght fat ys red yn fe gospell, for fat 24 
lond ys fast to f e paynens. Thus patrons of holy chirch begywnyf e 2 
furst yn erf e. 

Holy chyrch haf e also a patron yn Heuen, fat ys f e seynt yn 
worschip of f e wheche f e chyrche ys made and halowet. This 28 
patron kepte his pareschons, prayng for horn bysyly to God nyght 
and daye ; for by hor mayne swynke holy chyrche ys holdon vp 
and 3 Goddys seruice f eryn mantaynet. He also takyf e al f e 
prayers of Goddys semantes fat byn yn his chyrch, and offerf e 32 
horn vp befor f e hygh mageste of God. For ryght as a temporall 
lord helpyth and defendyth all fat byn parechons or tenantys, 
ryght soo fe saynt fat ys patron of fe chyrche helpyth and 
defendyth all fat byn paryschons to hym, and don hym worschyp 36 

1 the C. the ge G. 2 begynyj>e C. tegonny]>e G. 

3 and C. yn G. 


242 56. De Festo Sancti Alkemundi 

halowyng his day, and offyrne to hym. Then, how Seynt Alk- 
munde was made patrone of f i/s chyrche, now 56 schull here. 

pys holy Saynt Alkmunde, as we redyn yn his lyfe, he was 

4 kyng of Northhumbyrlond. And for he was yn hys ^outhe of 

good maners, and curteyse, and hende, and full of all uertues, fat 

all men louyd hym, wherfor he was made kyng, not only for f e 

kyndom felle to hym by erytage, but alsoo he was full of grace 

8 and alle good f ewes ; herefor all f e pepull made hym kyng. And 

)x>gh he wer fws avawnsyt passyng aboue all olper, he was neuer 

f e prowdyr of his state, but f e her fat he was avawnset, the lower 

he was yn hert, and f e more meke yn all his doyng, thynkyng 

12 algates, f e more a man hath, f e more he hath to $eue cowntys of, 
and f e more greuesly he schall be apechyt befor God. Wherfor 
to horn fat wern meke, he was logh and sympull, and to horn fat 
wern rebell, he was styf forto 3eynstond horn yn all hor males. 

16 He had algatys gret compassyon to all fat wern yn any dyses ; 
and to fe seke and to f e pore he was bof e fadyr and modyr, to 
helpe horn and socoure horn to all fat fay haddyn nede to. He was 
large of mete and drynke to all fat woldyn aske hit for Goddys 

20 sake. He || was devowte yn holy chyrch and susteynyng all fat 138 b 
wern servyng feryn ynto f e worschip of God. He had allgatys 
a feruent desyre forto dey for f e ryght of God and for defence of 
Goddys pepull, and herefor he prayde to God nyght and day. 

24 Then wern yn Englond fowre kynges, wherfor fer was al day 
gret debate bytwene horn, and muche crystyn blode sched yn 
dyucrse parties yn Englond. Then was f er a duke of f e Marche 
and Wales, and was a cursyt lyuer, and purse wet fe duke of 

28 Wyllschyr and all of er of fat contrey, and destryed horn, and ouer- 
rode horn, and so oft-tyme ryfult and pyllet horn so greuysly w/tA- 
out compassyon of any person. Then, for Saynt Alkemuwd had 
lordschyp yn fat centre nygh to Wylschyre, by cownsell of his 

32 frendes he 5ode f idyr forto kepe his tenantes from hor enmyes. 
And when he come fedyr, he jode bytwene fos too dukes, and 
asayde yf he myght h[a]ue broght horn to pece, and soo forto haue 
savytte gyltles blode vnsched on bof e parties. But f e duke of f e 

36 March and all his ost wern soo prowde of homselfe, fat fay wold 
not acorde ; wherfor fay settyn a day of batayle besydys a forde 
fat was calde Chelmes-forde. Then wern fes men of Wylschyre 

56. De Festo Sancti Alkemundi 243 

soo adred, what for fay knew fe myght of hor enmyes, and wern 
to woke to astond horn. And soo fay come to Saynt Alkmunde 
prayng hym of helpe and socoure, and forto stonde wyth horn yn 
hor ryght yn f e day of batayle for f e loue of God, and helpe and 4 
saluacyon of gyltles pepull. Then was Saynt Alkemimde glad 
and fayne ; for he sygh f e day was comen fat he had oft prayde 
fore, fat he most dey yn a ryghtwys qwerayll and yn helpe of 
Goddys gyltles pepull, and grawntyd horn forto come wytA. good 8 
wyll. Soo, when f e day of batayle was comen, }>ay foghtyn so 
egurly on eyf er parte, fat bof e dukes wer slayne and moche of er 
pepull. And as Saynt Alkmunde faght monly for Goddys pepull, 
he was slayne also ; * and so, be Goddys help and f ys holy mannes l , 12 
men of Wylschire hadyn f e feelde. Thus, for he sched his blod 
139 a and suffurd deth for Goddys loue, he was made an holy || martyr 
befor God and all his angels. But 5et, forto schow you how wele 
apayde God ys wyth horn }>at feghtyth for his pepull, I telle you 16 
f 2/s ensampull. 

Narracio. ] 

I rede yn f e lyfe of Saynt Ode, fat was archebyschop of 
Cawnturbury, how f e kyng of Englond, Adulston, faght ajeynes 20 
curset men fat wern comyn ynto his reme, forto haue destryet 
hit ; and as he knyghtly faght a^eynys f e curset men, his swerd 
barst fast by f e crosse. And when his swerd was brokyn, he stode 
all ascowmfet of hymselfe ; wherfor his enmyes fat befor began 24 
to fle, when f ei knewyn 2 f e kynges myschef, fay turnet hertely 
a^ayne, and geton lond fast on fe kynges ost. Then, os 8 Saynt 
Ode was bysydis praywg for f e kyng, he sygh f e kyng all dyscom- 
fort for defaute of wepon and callyd to hym and sayde : * "Why 28 
stondyst f ou soo styll and hast a swerd by thy syde ; pull hit out, 
and feght wy th f yn enmyes, and f ou schalt haue f e victory of ham ! ' 
Then lokyd f e kyng to his syde, and fond a swerde f eras he wyst 
now befor ; and whew he had fat out, God :jaf hym f e victory of 32 
horn sone aftyr. Thus God send hym a swerde by myrakyll, 
schowyng fat he helpuf e all fat feghtef e yn f e ryght. 

Thus Saynt Alkmunde sched his blod, and suffurd dethe for 

1 and so be Godctys help and J>ys holy mannes C. by his helt 0. 

2 J>ei knewyn C. om. G. 3 os C. om. G. 

16 2 

244 56, De Festo Sancti Alkemundi 

Goddys pepull. Wherfor he ys now an holy martyr befor God and 
all his angels ; wherfor God schowet mony myrakles yn fat plas 
wher his body bledde. But, for enchoson fat Saynt Alkmunde 
4 was slayne ferre out of hys contre, his men token his body forth 
vryth horn for gret loue fat fay haddyn to hym, and laddyn hym 
to fe towne of Lulselle. And as summe sayne, for enchosen fat 
lytyll before fer fast by was a gret batayle bytwyx men of 
8 Scheropschyre and of Staffordschyre, and moch pepull was fer 
slayne of gret and small, and buriet yn fat chyrch-^eorde, f erfor 
fay buryet Saynt AlkemuTwle per ; and, as old men tellyth, gret 
lyght has ben seen oftyme feras his body lay. But, sone aftyr, 

12 for hys frendys foghten fat he lay || not onestly, as fel for suche 139 b 
a kyng, Iperfor fay token vp his body, and laddon hit to f e syte of 
Derbe, and buryet hym yn a chirche 1 at fe towneys ende fe 
wheche was called Whytchirch. To fe whech place f e bodyus 

16 of gret men wer caryet, and \er buryet as for gret worschip. But 
aftyr f e prestys of fat chirche, for too certeyn causys, fay remuet 
his towmbe f eras hit now ys to mor worschip and honeste to f ys 
holy martyr, wher God hath schewet gret myracles. Soo, when 

20 fay remewet his tombe, f er come out so swete a sauore, fat yche 
man fat felde hit, knew well fat hit was of no erf ly sauore, but 
of gostly sonde by f e myght of God. pe wheche swete sauore 
duret longe yn fat chirche, til a reneyed man fat was not worf y 

24 to saner hyt, come ynto f e chirche, and fen anon fat sauer sesyd. 
This for gret myracles fat God schewet, f erby Saynt Alkmunde 
fe nome of his holynes sprad wyde yn mony centres. Wherfor 
a qwene of f ys March of Wales fat was cosyn to Saynt Alkmunde 

28 let make f ys chirch yn f e worschip of God and Saynt Alkemunde, 
and f us he was made patron of f is chirch. 

Wherfor }e schull now knele adowne, and pray to fis patron 
fat he kepe you yn body and yn sowle from all your enmys, and 

32 oo come to f e blysse fat God boght you to. 

1 chirche C. chirchest G. 

57. De Natiuitate Beate Marie 245 



Good men and woymen, such a day N. 56 schull haue an hegh 
fest yn holy chyrch fat ys callet f e Natiuyte of our lade, fat ys * Q 
yn Englysch, f e byrf e-day of oure lady ; for as fat day scho was 
borne of hyr holy modyr, Saynt Anne, yn a blessyd tyme to all 
cristyn pepull. Wherfor 30 schull on fe morow come to fe 
chyrche, and worschip our lady, and hur holy fadyr, Seynt 8 
14O a lohachym, and Saynt Anne hur modyr. For hit ys yn||possybull 
to me to telle f e ioy and f e gladnes fat fay haddyn yn hor hertes 
fat day, fat fay seen hor child borne for f e wheche fay hadde 
twenty 3ere byfore prayde, nyght and day, to God, and dalton 12 
moche worldes goode yn almes. And ferfor fay haddyn by 
certeyne reuelacy on of God f at scho schuld be holy and * pies God 
passyng all of er woymen. And also, by f e byrf e of hur, f e gret 
repreues fat fay haddyn suffirde so longe tyme for hur barennes, 16 
fen was put away, and from fens forth fay 5eodyn bo[l]dely amonge 
of ir of hur lynage wyih worschip and honoure. Thus f e byrthe 
of f ys doijtyr gladut f e fadyr, and f e modyr, and all olper neght- 
burs about. Wherfor, fore God had ^euyn horn fryte of hur bodies 20 
by grace more fen by kynd, all hur neghtburs comow forto comfort 
Anne, and callyd hur doghtyr Mary; for so bad fe angyll er fat 
scho was getyn. 

Then schull 50 know well fat holy chyrch halowf e only f e 24 
byrthe-dayes fat bene on of oure Lord Ihesu Cryst, and of oure 
lady, and of Saynt Ion f e Baptyst, schowyng opynly fat yche man, 
and woman, and chyld fat schall be sauet, he mote be fries borne : 
fyrst of his modyr wyih f rowes and wepyng, and efte out of synne 28 
vryih watyr waschyng, and f e f ryt tyme out of f ys world to ioy 
passyng. The forme is tokened 2 by fe byrth of our lady, fe 
secunde by Saynt Ion f e Baptyst fat was a folower, and f e f rytte 
by oure Lord Ihesu. Cryst. For yn his byrthe was gret myrthe 32 
seen and herde. But fogh a woman by Goddys sentence here hur 

1 and inserted above the line. 2 is tokened C. bytokenyth G. 

246 57. De Natiuitate Beate Marie 

childyr wyth so gret penance, fat hit is wondyr fat scho ys not 
all tobroken and braydon lymemal 1 yn hur burthe-tyme, neuerfe- 
lesse I may haue full beleue fat Saynt Anne was 3eesyt of fat 
4 penawnce yn gret part yn beryng of hur doghtyr ; for scho was 
halo wet yn hyr wombe, and holy yborne, and holy allgatys || 
aftyr. 140 b 

Thus aftyr fat scho was borne and was f re 5ere old, lohachyrn, 

8 and Anne, and of er wyth of hur frendes broghten Mary to f e 

cyte of Jerusalem, forto offyr hur to f e tewpull, as fay haddyn 

befor made hor vow. Then, for f e tempull stode on a hyll and 

had xv grees to f e dyr, fay settyn Mary at f e rief emost grees, 

12 whill fay madyn horn redy forto do hor offryng. Then 3ede our 
lady hur on vp all f e greces, and knelyd downe at f e ouemast 
grece, and f er made hur prayers, as f ogh scho had ben of full age ; 
for fe Holy Gost was algatys wyth hur, and af hur grace and 

16 wyt forto know Good, fogh scho were ;eong, and send angels 
forto teche hur, and forto kepe hur yn all ways. Wherfor, when 
hur fadyr and hur modyr ;odyn home, and laftyn hur fer hur one, 
Echo made no here of wepyng, ne chaunged 2 no chere as ofer 

20 chyldyr don, but jaf hur anon to spyrytuall occupacyon and 
deuocyons, and toke suche a rewle forthe fat yche day from morow 
vnto vndur of f e day scho was algatys yn holy prayers, and from 
vndyr to none scho occupiet hir craft of weuyng clof es and orna- 

24 mentes to f e auter, and at f e none f e mete fat was bro^t huiv 
forto ete, scho jaf fat to f e pore folke, and was hurself yn 
deuocyon, tyll an angyll broght hur mete. Thus scho lyvet clene 
and honestly, and was passyng all olper yn bewte, fat all hur' 

28 felaws callyd hur qwene of maydyns. And when any man spake 
oght to hur mekely, scho lowtet f e hed and sayde : 'Deo gracias ;' 
for fys word was algatys comyn yn hur mowfe. Thus ys scho 
lyknet to a spycerys schoppe; for as a spycers schoppe smellefe' 

32 swete of dyuerse spices, soo scho for f e presens of f e Holy Gost 
fat was yn hur, and fe abundance of vertues fat scho smelly th 
swettyr fen any wordly spycery. And soo resyn wold, for scho 
most nedys be swete of uertu||es fat scho schuld bere of hur body 141 a 

36 fe kyng of all vertues. Then, for hur byrth-day ys ioy and gladnes 

1 lymemal C. lyrnmalu G. 2 chaunged C. chanchyng G. - 

57. De Natiuitate Beate Marie 247 

to all c?-istyn pepull, 56 schull here how ]>ys day was furst schowet 
to all cristyn men. 

A gret clerke, Ion Belet, tellyth how f er was an holy man fat 
prayde by nyght-tyme to God bysyly, and when he was yn his 4 
deuocyon, he herd song of angels yn Heuen on nyght yn f e $ere, 
and soo hit fell mony jeres algatys. So hit fell yn a nyght he 
prayd 1 to God fat he most wytte fe cause why he herd fe 
melody fat certeyne nyght and non ofer nyght. pen come f er 8 
an a angyll, and told how fat nyght oure lade was borne of hir 
modyr, and f erfor angels and all olper sayntys madyn fat melody 
yn Heuen. Then }ode f ya man to f e pope and told hym f ys ; 
and he fen sende frogh all cristyndome, commawndyng all men 12 
forto halow f is fest, and soo come f ys fest forf e. 

Also oure lady was eft borne by watyr waschyng, fat ys, by 
folowyng. For when hur sonne Ihesus was folowde yn flem 
Jordan, fen, as holy fadyrs tellyth, scho and f e holy apostols 16 
wern folowde wytA- fat tyme ; for ryght as Cryst fulfylled f e old 
la we and fe newe yn all fat lay to a man, ryght so oure lady 
fulfyllet bof e lawes yn all fat lay to a woman. At f e whyche 
folewyng hur sonne toke his ryght name and scho also. For, as 20 
f e gospell tellefe, tyll Ih^su was folowet, and f e fadyr spake to 
hym from Heuen, and callet hym his dere sonne, all men wenten 
fat he had ben Joseph son, getyn of oure lady; but aftyr fat 
tyme he was callet Ihesu, God sonne. So oure lady before was 24 
callet Josephs wyfe ; but aftyr echo was callet Ihesws modyr, and 
was fe passyngar nome 8 of worschip to hur and more lykyng 
to hor alway aftyr. Wherfor jet, forto schew all crystyn pepull 
how moche scho louet hor sonne Ihesu, wher fat any ymage of 28 
141 b hur ys, euer scho haf e hure sonne Ihesu on hur || arme wyth hur. 


We redyn yn f e myracles of hur how f er was a wedow fat had 
but on sonne, f e whech scho louet as hur sowle, and was taken 32 
wyth enmyes, and don yn prison, and put yn gret dystresse. 
Wherfor his modyr criet to our lady nyght and day forto helpe 
hur, fat scho myght haue hor sonne delyuert out of fat deses fat 

1 he prayd inserted on the margin. 2 an D. d. om. G. 

3 passyngar nome C. passyng nome G. passyngwr name ff. 

248 57. De Natiuitate Beate Marie 


he was yn. But for ho f oght fat hur prayer avaylet noght, scho 
5ode ynto f e chyrche to an ymage of our lady and sayde f us to 
hur : ' Blessyd maydyn, oft I haue prayde f e for delyuerance of 
4 my sonne, and am not holpen. Wherfore, so as $e wyll not helpe 
me to haue my son, I wyll take youris ynstyd of myn, tyll $e send 
myn home/ and toke f e ymage fat was on cure lady kne, and 
bare hit home, and lappyt hit yn whitte clones, and clene lokket 
8 hyt vp yn hur cofur. Then, yn f e nyght aftyr, oure lady aperet 
to hur sonne yn Ipe prison, and vndyd his bondes, and openet all 
f e dyrres, and sayde to hym : ' Go horn to f i modyr, and say 
I pray hur, as I send to hir hor sonne hole and sownde, so bryng 

12 scho my sonne a^eyne to me wythout harme.' Then was fys 
womon wondyr glad of Ipe comyng of hur sonne, and anon scho 
^ode to f e ymage, and bar hit a^eyne to Ipe chyrch, and set hit 
a3eyne, and sayde : ' Blessyd lady, I thonke Ipe wytA, all myn 

16 hert for f e sonde of my sonne, and now I haue broght you your 
sonne a^eyne wytAout harme, and euer whyl I lyue, my sonne 
and I, wyll be f i seruantys vtyth a good wyll.' 

The thryd tyme our lady was borne to ioy passyng. For when 

20 scho passyt out of f ys world, hur sonne Ihesu was redy vtyth gret 
multytude of angels and ofer sayntys, and broght hur wyth gret 
worschip ynto Heuen, and ])er crownet her qwene of Heuen, and 
emperyce of helle, and lady of all f ys world, so fat scho ys now 

24 yn f e blysse fat euer schall last, and hath * power forto do yn 

Heuen, and yn helle, and yn fys world, what fat || euer hur lust 142 a 
ys. Wherfor I tell you f us ensampull. 


28 I rede yn f e myracles of oure lady how f er was a Ive fat was 
borne yn Fraunce, and come to London for certeyne nedys fat 
he had to do wyth of er of his nacyon ; and so from fens he went 
to Glowsetyr, and so to Brystow. And as he wold haue gon 

32 from Brystow to Wylton, he was taken wyth thevys, and fowle 
ferde wytA., and so broght ynto an old howse fat was an outsette 
place, and bownden hym to a post by fe fete and his hondys 
byhynd hym, and laft hym ]>er all nyght. Then, as he fell yn 

26 a slepe, he sygh a fayre lady clothyd all yn whytte, suche anof er 
1 hath H. haue G. not in C. 

57. De Natiuitate Beate Marie 249 

of bewte lie sygh neuer ere. pe wheclie com to hym, and vnbond 
hym, and fer, when he woke, and loket abowte hym, and stode 
hymselfe los, he wondyrt gretly how fat myght be. Then sagh 
he oure lady so bryght, fat hym f oght fat scho passet f e sonne 4 
yn bryghtnes. pen sayde he to hur : ' What gentyll lady ben ;e 
fat f us goodely han holpen me f ys tyme of f e nyght 1 ' Then 
vnsward scho : ' I am Mary fat thow and all f i nacyon despysyf e, 
and sayne I bare neuer Goddys sonne of my body. But neuerf e- 8 
lese I am corner, forto bryng f e out of f yn erroure fat f ou art yn. 
Wherfor come now wytA me, and stond on ^ondyr stonde befor 
f e and loke downeward/ So whan he lokud doune *, he sygh f e 
orybyll paynes of hell, fat he was nygh out of hys wytte for 12 
ferde. Then sayde oure lady to hym : ' pes paynes ben ordeynt 
to all f like fat woll not leue on Cristys fayf e. }et come forf e 
and sew me ! ' and so sette hym on hegh hyll, and f er schowet 
hym places of f e gret ioye and blysse, fat he cowf e not telle f e 16 
142 b forf e part of f e ioye fat he segh || and of swete smell fat he 
felde. Then sayde oure lady to hym : * pus place ys ordeynt for 
horn fat leuefe yn f e yncarnacyon, and how Goddys sonne of 
Heuen ys bof e of me, and I clen maydyn befor and aftyr, and 20 
aftyr he sched his blode on f e crosse for monkynd. But now 
I haue schowet f e bof e f e ioy and f e payne, ches whef yr f e ys 
leuer/ and soo passyd from hym. pen }ode he moche of f e nyght, 
he wyst neuer whef ir. But yn f e morow he come to Baf e, and 24 
\>er was folowet of f e byschop, and callet Ion, and was aftyr a 
holy mon and euermore aftyr full deuote to oure lady. 

Now 50 schull knele downe, and pray to our lady. As scho 
gaf f ys Ive chos whef er he wold goo to ioy or to payne, so scho 28 
kepe yow fro f e payne of helle, and bryng you to f e ioy fat euer 
schall last. Amen. 

Goode men and woymen, suche a day ;e schull haue f e Holy-rode- 32 C' 
day. pe whech day ije schull come to f e chirche, and worschip f e 
holy rode yn worschip of f e crosse fat Cryst deyet on, to bye al 
monkynd. Then schull 50 know how fat f e Holy-rode-day fat 
1 so whan he lokud doune C. om. G. 

250 58. De Exaltacione Sancte Crucis 

comytb aftyr Astyr, ys callet f e fyndyng of f e crosse. pat day holy 
chirch makyth mynde how Seynt Elyn fond f e crosse. But f ys day 
ys callet f e exultacyon of f e crosse, for aftyr fat Saynt Elyn hade 
4 fonde f e crosse yn f e tempull of Jerusalem, cryston duden hit gret 
honowre and worschyppe. But aftyr fat worschip hit was cast 
downe by a curset kyng, as }e schull now here, }>at come to f e 
tempull of Jerusalem feras fe crosse stode rychly arayde, and 1 
8 toke f e crosse forth wyth hym. And soo whe^ f e crosse was gon, 
f e worschyp f erof sesut and deut. Thys kyng was kyng of Perse, 
and was callet Cosdre, Ipe whech fat God sufferd to haue suche 
an 8 euer for fe curset lyfe fat fe pepull was yn, fat aftyr 

12 he hadde destroyed 8 fele kyndoms fen he come ynto Jerusalem, and 
pullet soo f e cyte, and || ^ode ynto f e tempull, and toke all f e 143 a 
tresowre, and all f e syluer vessel fat he fonde f eryn, and chalays, 
and vestementys, and bare all away ; and soo toke f e holy crosse 

16 forth vryih hym ynto his one contrey. 

Then herd Erraclyus f e Emperour herof, and was wondyr sory, 
and send to fys kyng Cosdre, forto haue trete 4 ; and he prowdly 
}af an vnswar he wold no trety hold wyth hym, tyll he and his 

20 pepull had forsakyn cristyn fay the, and don sacramentys to his 
mawmety$. Then f ys Emperour Erraclitts betoke hym al to Godys 
kepyng, and gedyrt hym an ost forto feght wyth fys mysbeleuet 
kyng, hopyng to God forto gete f e holy crosse out of hys 5 bond. 

24 Then, when this kyng Cosdre come home, such a fantasy fell 
yn hys hert, fat he betoke his sonne f e goumiance of his reme, 
and he lette hymselfe make a howse yn a maner of a towre, lyke 
to Heuon, of gold, and syluer, and of mony schynyng precyous 

28 stones. And soo he sett hym yn a chayre of gold full of perre, 
and cowmawndyt fat all men schuld call hym God of Heuon, and 
sette on his ryght honde f e holy crosse as ynstede of f e Sonne, 
and on his lyfte honde he sette a towne-cok ynsted of f e Holy 

32 Gost ; and f us sate he f er as a fonnet man. 

Then, when his sonne herd fat fe Emperour Erracliws come 
f edyrwart wyth his ost, he 3eode aijeynys hym wyth his ost, and 
mettyn at 6 a gret watyr ouer J>e which lay a brygge. But by 

86 Goddys ordenans f es too hostes assentyt soo fat hor too chevetens 

1 and C. an G. * suche an C. sche G. 3 destroyed C. destruyde G. 
4 trete C. tretre G. e hys C. hur G. at written hvice G. 

58. De Exalt acione Sancte Crucis 251 

schuld feglit on f e brygge homselfe, and whef <?r of horn too had f e 
victory schuld haue bofe hor remes. Then had fe Emperour 
Erraclitts so full fayf e yn f e vrtu of f e holy crosse and yn prayere 
of his criston pepull, fat he ouercome his enmy anon ; wherfor al 4 
f e ost on fat of er syde wern soo isteryt by f e Holy Gost, fat fay 

143 b of fre wyll comen || to f e crystyn fayth. And when fay wern all 

folowefc, Erraclms 1 ^ode to fys kyng Cosdre, as he sat yn his 
heuen, and sayde to hym : ' For encheson fat f ou hast done to f e 8 
holy crosse, f ou schalt chose, whedyr f ou wylt be criston and haue 
f e reme for a lytyll trybute, or ellys take def e anon.' But he nold 
no wayse be criston, Erracliws anon smot of his hed, and made 
breke f e howse, and f e syluer he partyt among his ost ; but f e 12 
gold and fe precyous stones he kepte to restore chyrches fe 
wheche f ys kyng had destriet. And so toke f e crosse and jode to 

And when he come to f e mownte of Olyuete toward f e cyte, 16 
rydyng gayly on his trappet stede, and wold so haue gon ynto f e 
cyte, sodenly f e jeate fell togedyr, and was as a clene wall. Then 
was f 2/s Emperoure and all hys ost gretly astonyet and sory yn 
hor hert, and wondryng on f ys myschef fat befell horn so. Then as 20 , 

fay yche on made hor mone 2 to of er, fay seen an angell bryghtyr 
fen fe sonne come downe from Heuen, wyth a sygne of fe crosse x^jQ 
yn his honde, and stode on f e 5eate and sayde : * When f e kyng of J( 
Heuen come f rogh f //s ^eate towart his passyon, he come nof er on 24 
hegh hors, ne yn clofys of gold ; but mekely rod on a sympyll / 
asse-backe, leuywg ensampull of mekenes to all crystyn pepull aftyr 
hym.' And when he had sayde fis, he ste^e vp aseyrie ynto Heuen. 
pen fys Emperoure, wyth all f e deuocyon fat he cowf e, dyspoylut 28 
hym to his schorte, and soo barfote toke f e crosse yn his hond, and 
jode to f e 5eate. And fen hit anon openet a^eynys hym ; and so 
5ode to fe tempull, and offert fe crosse a3eyne feras hit was befor 
wyt& all f e reuerence and worschyp fat fay cowf e. 32 

Then, what for ioye fat fay hadyn getyn fe crosse a^eyne, what 
for myracles fat God schowet f er fat tyme, f e crosse was more 
worschepet aftyr fen befor; and soo fe worschip of f e crosse fat || 

144 a was cast downe before was f us hawnsut 3 vp a5eyne, for f ys day 86 

1 Erraclius] ra inserted above the line. 3 mone C. moo G. 

s hawnsut] hawsut G. enaunsed C. 

252 58. De Exaltacione Sancte Crucis 

ys callet f e exaltacyon of f e crosse. For, as Saynt Austyne sayf e, 
f e crosse l fat was fyrst a lp yng of gret dyspyte and of vylene, 
now hit ys of hygh worschip fat Emperours worschypyth hit 2 . 

r4_ Narraczb. 

I rede yn ' Legenda Aurea ' how a lew come 3 to a chyrch. And 
for he sygh no man f eryn, he 5eode to a rode, and for gret envy 
fat he had to Crist, vjyih his swerde, he kytte f e f rote, and anon 

8 f 0rwyth f e blode sporrut out, fat hyt besprong al his clof ys. 
And when he segh hymselfe soo bebled, he was adrecl, wherfore he 

rtoke fys rode and hyd hit yn a priuey 4 plas. And soo, as he 
^eode homward, a cristyn mon mette wytA hym, and sygh hym all 
12 blode, and sayd to hym : ' pou man-qweller, wher hast f ou don 

hym fat f ou hast slayn ? ' Then forsoke f e lewe, and sayde hit 

was not soo. ' :jeus/ quod J>e cristyn man, ' and 5et )?y clofis byn 

all blode of hym.' pen fis lewe knelit adowne and sayde : ' For 
16 so)?e, J?at God fat $e cristyn men leuen apon ys of gret myght/ 

and told hym all how he had don, and cried Crist mercy wykh all 

his hert, and was folowet and aftyr an holy man. 

Now 56 schull all knele downe, and pray to hym J>at sched his 
20 blode on fe crosse for you and 6 al monkynd, fat he jef you full 

beleue yn f e crosse and yn his passyon, fat he sufiyrd on f e crosse. 

By f e whech beleue $e schull come befor hym yn f e ^day of dome. 

])er the crosse and all f e ynstrumentys of his passyon schull be 
24 schowet, and so, by J>e uertu of f e crosse, com to f e ioye fat 

euer schall last. 

Here forget f ou not to prononce f e Ymbryng-dayes. For euer- 
more f e nexte Wannysday aftyr f e exaltac?/on of f e crosse fay 
28 begynnyn ; for f agh f e exaltacyon of f e crosse be on a Wannys- 
day, fen fe Ymbryng-||dayes schall be yn fe Wannysday next 144 b 

1 ]>e crosse written twice (7. 

2 hit C. hor frytys jerwyth G. hit for an hed-relyke H. 

3 come written twice G. * priuey C. praue G. 
5 and C. om. G. 

59. De leiunio Quatuor Temporum 253 


Goode men and woymen, 56 schull haue f e next weke f e . * 
Ymbryng-days, fat ys to saye, Wannysday, Fryday, and Settyrday. 
pe wheche dayes Seynt Kalyx l ordeynt forto be fast foure tymes 4 sjgjj c 
yn fe sere of all fat byn xvi 5ere old, for certeyne skyllys fe 
whech je schull now here. 

Oure holy fadyrs of f e old lawe fay fastyn foure tymes yn f e 
3ere a5eynes foure hygh festys fat fay hadden. pen, for we schuld 8 
schew vs Goddys chyldyr, and sew f e trace of our holy fadyrs, 
f tfrfor we fast foure tymes of f e 5ere : furst yn March, yn Wytson- 
tyde, bytwyx fat heruest ys yn and 2 fe sede-tyme, and befor 
Cristynmasse yn dede wyntyr. March ys f e tyme fat dryfe fe 12 
erfe of slobur and wete fat ys f ryn. Wherfor we fast fat tyme, 
forto drye f e erf e of our body of humeres fat byf e bof e nyus to 
fe bodye and to fe sowle. That tyme f e humeres of lechery 
temptyf e a man most. We fastyn yn f e Wytson-weke, forto gete 16 
grace of fe Holy Gost, fat we may leue yn perfette chary te 
towart God and all of er crysten men, and forto haue mekenes yn 
hert forto pytte away pryde fat temptefe a mon gretly fat tyme. 
We fasten bytwyx heruest and syde-tyme, forto haue grace to 20 
gedyr frute of goode werkes ynto f e berne of oure conciens, and 
so by good ensampull of good lyuyng sowe horn among all fat we 
conceyuef e wyth, pore and rych. We fasten yn f e wyntyr fat 
deyf e and sleyf e all stynkyng wedys, forto sle yn vs all f e 24 
stynkyng wedys of vyces f e whech han groen yn fowle erf e of oure 
flesche fat makyfe our angelys and ofer good men eschew our 
company ; for yche good man ys lof e forto be yn company wyth 
a vycyous man. For as a netyll brennyth roses and of er flowres 28 
fat byn nygh hur, so a vicious man steruf 3 and settef e on fure 
145 a horn fat byn by || hyni, so fat a good man schall ofte be greuet 
Tvyih hym. 

For f es skylles we fasten four tymes yn f e 5ere, and yche tyme 32 

thre dayes : Wennysday, Fryday, and Settyrday, fat bytokenyf e 

fre specyall ueriues fat most helpyfe a synfull mannys sowle to 

1 Kalyx C. scratched out G. 2 and d. D. om. G, 

3 stern]) C. steruej>e G. 

254 59. De leiunio Quatuor Temporum 

gete l grece and mercy of God, fat ys : fastyng, and denote prayng, 
and almes-^evyng 2 . Fastyng hit clansyfe a mannys flesch of 
evyll steryng and lyst to syn of gloteny and of lechery ; for f es 
4 byn synnys of fe flesch. Devout payer hit mekyf e a man sowle, 
and pyttyfe away slowthe and envy. Almes-dede hit qwenchyth 
f e fure of couetyse, and pyttyfe away dedly wrath out of a mannys 
hert, and makyf e hym m^rcyabull. Then 50 schull know 8 fat f es 
8 dayes byn callet Ymbryng-dayes, for, as opynion of summe ys, fay 
byn callet Ymbryng-dayes for encheson fat our old faders wolden 
etc f es dayes kakes bakyn yn f e ymbres and was callyt ' panis 
subciner[ic]ius/ ' brede bakyn vndyr f e askes/ and to askes schuld 

12 turne fay wyst neuer when ; so fat yn etyng of f ys bred, fay 
reducet to mynde how fay were but askes ; and so by f 3/8 foght 
fay putten away all delicate * metes and drynkes, and werne well 
apayde on dry mete, and toke no hede what fat fay haden but 

16 a sympull sustenaunce. For f e foght of def e makyf e a man forto 
haue a lytyll wyll forto ete or forto dryngke, but only fat nede 
dryuyth hym to. Thus yn your fast f enkef e on your def e, and 
paityf e your mete wyt/t such fat haue not such as 36 hauen, and 

20 fen God wyll fede you of his borde yn Heuen. And so God 
graunte. Amen. 



24 Good men and woymen, suche day N. je schull haue Seynt 
Matheus day fat was Godys holy apostoll and euangelyst. Wher- 
for 50 schull fast on f e euon, and comm on fe morow to f e 
chyrche, and worschip God and his holy apostoll Saynt Mathew. 

28 Then schull je knowe well fat f 2/s holy apostoll Seynt Mathew ys 
commendyt yn all holy chyrche for foure uMues fat he had: 
he was||obedyent to Cryst radly, also he fedde Crist gladly, he 145 b 

prcchet f e gospell boldely, and sufferd his passyon mekely. 
32 Furst he was obedyent to Crist radly. For as he sat yn a tolle- 
bofe ful besy forto gete worldly lucure, and tentut all ferfore, 

1 gete d. D. gret G. 2 almes-jevyng H. alines-dede-jevyng &. C. 

8 know e?. D. om. G. 4 delicate C. delycatjs G. delycious H. 

60. De Festo Sancti Mathei 255 

'Cryst com fat way, and loket on hym, and bade hym com and 
sewe hym. And he anon l radly laft all his scores, and cownturs, 
and his bokes, and suet Cryst forfe, and had suche a loue to 
Crist, fat a he was wondyr fayne yn his hert to forsake all his 4 
good, and so to sewe Cryst pouer and sympyll. 

Also he fed Crist gladly \ for fen he prayde Crist to ete vtyili 
hym, and made hym a gret fest, not of dayntef e metys ne drynkes, 
but yn fedywg of Cryst and of f e gret company fat suet Cryst. 8 
For he putte away non, but was glad forto fede horn al for Crystys 
sake. For wher fat Cryst went, gret pepull suet hym, somme for 
to se f e myracles fat he dyd, somme forto be helyd of hor sekenes, 
somme forto here hys prechyng, somme forto haue hor lyflode, 12 
somme fat werne hys enmys forto haue taken hym yn somme 
worde, yf fay myght, forto haue desesyt hym f erby. 

When Mathew had fede Crist and all fat come wyth hym, Crist 
made hym on of his dyssipull, and jaf hym conyng forto preche 16 
fe beleue, soo fat aftyr he prechet Goddys worde boldely, and 
sparit neuer for frate ne for drede of defe. Wherfor he was 
,send to a cyte fat was callet Nadabere wher he fond too men fat 
wern f e fend al betaght ; for by nygremancy and iogulry fay 20 
dydden mony thyngys fat werne wondyrfull to mennys syght and 
all for men schuld leue on horn, and jeue horn, and fostyr horn, and 
do horn gret worschyp. But when Saynt Mathew come, he dys- 
keuert all hor wychecraft, so fat f e pepull knew opynly fat all 24 
was of fe fende fat fay wroghtyn \\ykh. Wherfor fay wern so 
wrof e, fat by hor crafte fay maden too dragons, gret and horribly, 
forto spowte fyre and so fowle stenche, fat fay sloen mony men. 
146 a pes dragons fay broght wyth horn forto || haue devowret Saynt 28 
Mathew ; but when Seynt Mathew herd f ys, he made a syngne of 
f e crosse befor hym, and ^ode ajeynys horn, and anon f e dragons 
fellen downe ded befor hym at his fete. Then sayde Mathew to 
horn : ' 3[i]f je haue 3 myght, raysyth horn to lyue a3eyne.' But for 32 
fay myght haue no power yn his presence, he sayde : ' Yf I wer 
not Goddys seruant, I wold make horn to do to you fat je had 
purposut to do to me. But hit ys fe techyng of our maystyr, 
algatys forto do good ajeynys euell, wher for I byd you dragons 36 

1 anon C. anon and G. a J>at C. and G. 

3 haue C. hue G. 

256 60. De Festo Sancti Mathei 

fat je arysyth vp, and gofe f edyr as je schall neuer greue man ne 

beest.' And so fay resyn vp and joden hor way. Then Saynt 

Mathew turnet hym to f e pepull fat was gedyrt to, and pricket 

4 horn fe ioye of paradyse, and sayde how fat fere was 1 euer day 

and neuer nyght, ther was euerlastyng youfe and neuer eld, 

algates helf e and neuer sekenes, song and myrf e w?/tAout sese, 

roses and flowres wyt^out welewyng, popynjayes 2 and bryddes 

8 euermore syngyng, loue, and rest, and all maner lykyng. So all fat 

wyll be of Cristys beleue schull comme fedyr, and haue f2/s ioy 

wythout endyng. Thus he prechet Goddys worde bo[l]dely. 

He suffyrd also passyon mekly. For as he prechet yn a cyte, 

12 wykket men token hym, and betyn hym sore, and aftyr puttyn 
out his een, and castyn hym yn a prison, tyll fay hadyn cownselet 
what defe he schulld haue deyet apon. But fen come fer an 
angell to Andraw f eras he prechet yn a fer centre from hym, and 

16 broght hym ouer f e see to f e prison wher Mathew was yn. And 
when Andraw sygh hym so fowle ferde wyth, he wepyd full sore 
for reuf e of hym, and prayed to God for hym ; and so anon God 
restoret hym hys syght a^eyne. And fen Andraw lad hym out 

20 of prison, and bade hym goo a^eyne and preche Goddys word ; 
and Andraw 5ode a5eyn to hya contrey. 

Then, as Seynt Mathew prechet yn f e cyte of Nadaber, fe 
kyngys sowne of fe cyte deyet. Wherfor fe kyng send aftyr 

24 Mathew, and prayde hym forto reyse 3 his sonne aijeyne to lyue, 
and soo he dyd. Wherfor f e kyng, and his wyfe, and a doghtyr 
fat 1 1 was callet Eufanisia token cristen fayf e, and f e more part 146 b 
of fe pepull. And for he knew fat God had chosen hur forto be 

28 an holy woman, he :jaf hur f e vayle of chastyte, and blesset hur ; 
and aftyr scho was a keper of mony holy woymen and virgyns. 
Then deyt f e kyng, hur fadyr, and fen comme fer anof ir, Hirtacus, 
and loued fys Eufanisia, and spake to Saynt Mathew, prayng 

32 hym of helpe, yf Eufanisia wold assent to hym and ben his wyfe ; 
for aftyr hym scho wold do and aftyr non ofer. Then sayde 
Mathew fat myght not be, for scho was weddyt to f e Kyng of 
Heuen, and my3t by no way breke hur spowsehode. Then was f e 

36 kyng so wrof e, fat he send men to sle Seynt Mathew ; and soo, 

1 >ere was] f>ere is C. cm. G. 

2 popj njayes -ET. popians G. popinio^es C. 3 reyse H. ryse G. rercnO. 

60. De Festo Sancti Mathei 257 

as he had sayde his masse, and stode at his atiters ende yn his 
deuocyons, on come behynd wyt/t a swerd and slogh hym. Then 
cristen men token his body and buryet hit yn fat same chirche. 
pen also f e kyng let set fyre on Eufanisia hows, forto haue brent 4 
hur f eryn. But fen Saynt Mathew aperyt, and turnet fe fyre 
to f e kynges palyce, and brent hyt vp altogedyr, so fat nof yng 
lafte saue f e kyng, fat vnnef e scope, and a 5eong sonne of his l 
wyfe. And fen was f ys kyng smyton wyili a meselry fat was 8 
soo vyolent to hym, fat for sorow fat he had, wyt his owne swerde 
he slogh hymselfe ; and soo for he schapput a fowle deth to of er, 
hit fell apon hymselfe. 

Now pray we to Seynt Mathew, as he sauet f ys holy mayden 12 
Eufagenia, fat he wyll pray for vs, fat we may be sauet, bof e 
body and sowle. Amen. 



Good men and woymen, suche a day 30 gchull haue Seywt 10 
Michaeles day, Goddys holy archangyll. pe whech day je schull 
comme to ch} rch and worschyp God and f ys holy archangyll. Then 
schull 36 know fat holy chyrche fat day makyf>e me^cyon of all 
Goddys holy angels for J?e gret helpe and seruice fat niankyiid 20 
hafe of horn. But specyale he make}? e mynde of Saynt Mychaell 
147 a for f>e prerogatyues fat he hafe before || all ofer; for he ys ( 
wondurfull yn aperyng, he ys mervelous yn myracles worchyng, 
and victoryus yn his feghtyng. 

He ys wondyrfull yn aperyng for, as Seynt Gregory sayth, , 
when God wold do wondurfull f yng or dede, fen he sendyf e forf e 
Saynt Mychaell as [h]ys one banrer. And as he fat beryf e hys scheld 
and hys sygne of his armes f eryn, fat ys, f e syngne of f e crosse, 28 
herfor he was send wyih Moyses and Aaron ynto Egypt, forto 
worche meruayles fat Iper wer done; for fogh fe sygne wer yn 
Moyses hond, fe myght of f e doyng was yn Mychaell. Michaell 
also departyd f e Red See and huld f e watyr on 2 twyn, whill f e 32 
childyr of Ysraell ijeodyn f rogh f e see, drye fote. He had horn 
fourty ijere yn deserte, he broght horn ouer fleem Jordan, and 
huld f e watyr ajeyne, soo fat f e watyr rebondet a^eyne lyke to 
1 MS. hir. 2 on C. o G. 


258 61. De Festo Sancti Michaelis 

a gret hyll, whyll f e pepull jeode over drye schodde, and so he * 

broght horn ynto f e londe of byhest. Also he kepyth paradyse 2 , 

and takyf e yn sowles fat ben send f edyr. He schall sle f e Ante- 

4 cryst yn f e mownt of Olyuete. He schall byd all f e ded ryse 

yn fe day of dome. He schall bryng to f e dome fe crosse of 

Cryst, fe nayles, fe spere, fe crowne 3 of fornes, and all olper 

ynstrumentys of his passyon, forto schow how ryghtwysly fay 

8 schull be dampnet fat day f o fat settyth noght by Crystys 

passyon. Thus Seynt Mychaell aperuf e wondyrfully. 

He worchyf e myracles meru[el]esly. For, as we redyn, 4 in a 
centre fat is called Appulea f er 4 ys an hygh hyll ys callet Garganus. 

12 And f er ys 5 a cyte negh to hit yn f e wheche cyfce dwellyt a ryche 
man of dyuerse catell, and for his bestys lesuet apon fat hyll, 
apone a tyme a bull was laft byhynd f e of er bestys. Wherfor 
f 2/s man wyih his seruandys jeodyn forto seche f ys bull, and soo 

16 fay fondon hym stowdyng al hymselfe befor an hole of a den fat 
fer was. Then won schot an arow at fys bull, but fe arow 
turnet a^eyne, and smot hym fat schot hur, and wondyt hym sore. 
"Wherfor fay wer all aferde, and ijeoden, and told en fe byschop 

20 of f?/s fyng. || Then, as this byschop prayde to haue wyttyng of 147 b 
fys thyng, Seynt Mychell come to hym, and sayde how hit was 
hys wyll fat fe man was hurt wyth hys arowe. 'For by fat 
doyng men schuld know fat I am keper of fat place. Wherfor go 

24 f edur 6 and make of fat den a chyrch, fat f e pepull may come f eclyr, 
and worschyp God and me,' and soo he dyd. 

He aperet also to anof er byschop at a place fat ys callet now 
Mychaell yn f e mownt yn Corneweyle, and bade hym go to a 

28 hullus top fat ys f er, and f eras he fonde a bull tent wyih f eues, 
\>er he bade make a chyrche yn f e worschyp of hym. But for f er 
wer too roches, won on ayf ir syde f e chyrche, fat f e werke myght 
not vp for horn, Saynt Mychaell bade a man yn a nyght goo f edyr 

32 and put away f es roches, and drede nothyng. pen ^ede f ys man 
f edyr, and set to f e roches his schuldyr, and bade horn yn f e 
name of God and Saynt Mychaell sterte vttyr ; and so fay dydden 
as moche as nede was. 

1 he C. be #. 2 paradyse C. paradyde G. 3 MS. crownes. 

4 in ... J>er H. yn Appulea }>at yn his contre G. ]>at in Appulea in }>at cuntre C. 

5 And J>er ys d. D. yn G. 6 go j>edur H. do G, go }>ou C. 

61. De Festo Sancti Michaelis 259 

In Seynt Gregoryys lyfe we redyn how \>er was suche a qwalme 
of pepull yn Rome, fat fay seen l arows of fuyr comyng from f e 
erthe and slogh men, an hvge nowmbyr. Then Seynt Gregory 
prayde to God forto ses fat pestylens. And fen he sygh an angyll 4 
stondyng on a castell fat ys callet Anglestowre, wypyng his blody 
swerde, and put hit vp ynto his schef e 2 . The wheche angyll, fay 
sayden, was Saynt Mychaell fat was send f edyr from 3 God, forto 
ponesche f e pepull for hor synne. Thus Mychaell was meruelyus 8 
yn miracles worchyng. 

He was also victories yn his feghtyng. For when f e cytesons 
of Sepontyne wern ouersette wyth paynones, and schuld jeue horn 
a bateyll, fay prayde jorne to Seynt Mychaell for helpe. pen, f e 12 
nyght befor fe day of batayll, Seynt Mychaell aperut to fe 
byschoppe, and bade hyni haue no drede, but goo ynto f e bateyle 
boldely, and he wold helpe hym. Then, on 4 the morow when 
148 a the || batayle schuld mete, f e hull of Garganus was hullyd wyth 16 
a dark myst. And out 5 of fat myst com fleyng so thycke arowse 
of fyre and boltes of Ihondyr, and wondet f e paynems, fat 
fay floen all fat myghten, and mony of horn wern slayne, and 
filke fat wern sauet fay seon f e myracles of God, and werne 20 
made crysten men by helpe of Saynt Michaell. 

Seynt Ion f e Euangelyst segh yn f e apocalyps how fat Mychaell 
and his angelys foghten wyth Lucifer yn Heuen, fat ys callet f e 
dragonne and his angels. And soo, wy(h helpe of God, Mychaell 24 
had f e bettyr, and drof out of Heuen f e dragon and all hys feres 
ynto erfe, bytwx Heuen and erf e, and \er ben as thyicke as 
motes yn f e sonne. But for Crist come to helle wyt/i a berst of 
thondyr, jet when fay herdyn f ondyr, for fer f erof fay fallen don 28 
ynto f e erfe, and fen fay gon not a^eyne vp tyll fay haue don 
some gret maleyce. Then fay reron debate and makew man- 
slaght, fay maken wymen to ouerlye hor Echyldyrne, fay reren 
fyre, and brennen howses, fay reryn wyndys, and castyn downe 32 
trees and howses, and don moche harme, and drowne schyppys yn 
fe see, doyng fe harme fat fay mown and moche more fay 

seen d. D. otn. G. 2 schcj>3 C. schope Gr. she]>e d. D. 

3 from fZ. D. for G. 4 on inserted above the line. 

5 out inserted alore \he line., 


260 61. De Feslo Sancti Michaelis 

wolden nere fe helpe of Saynt Mychaell. For all hor sorow ys 
forto se angeles beron vp sowles ynto Heuen, ynto fat plus of 
ioye feras fay wer. Of er spyrytys were yn Heuen fat stod 
4 not yn stydfast charyte toward God, but somwhat floturet ; f e 
wheche Seynt Mychaell drof out of Heuen ynto an yle of f e see. 
pe wheche Saynt Brawdan segh and tellyth f us. 

. Narracio. 

(-8 As ^ I was schyppyng yn fe see, I come to an yle, and segh 

"> a tre *oo brod and so moche, fat ys wondyr forto tell. On f e 
whech tre settyn bryddys, whit as snow, fat wern thyckyr fen 
leues on the tre, The[n] I prayde to God forto haue wyttyng what 

12 fay wern. Then come f er on of horn, and sat on f e home of f e || 

schippe, and baturde wyth hor wynges, and gave a song as hit 148 b 
wer organs, pen sayde I to hur : ' Yf f ou be Godys messager, 
tell me what 30 ben.' Then he sayde : ' We werne angeles yn 

16 Heuen, when Mychaell drof out Lucifer and his angeles ; and for 
we a^eynstod not hym as Lucyfer dyd, we werne dryfvyn out also, 
but we byn soo departyd fat we corner yche holyday hedyr, and 
here we worschepon God seuen syf es yn f e nyght and seuen yn 

20 f e day, as 30 don, and haue non of ir payne, but only fat we ben 2 put 
out of Godys presence. Thus Seynt Mychaell was wondyrfull yn 
aperyng, he was mervayles yn myracles doyng, and victorius yn 
his feghtyng. 

24 Then schull 36 all knel adowne, and pray to Seynt Michaell fat 
he apere to you, when 30 schull passe out of f ?/s world, and defende 
you from your enmyes, and bryng you to fe ioye of paradise. 




Good men and woymen, such a day N. 36 scliull haue Seynt 
Lukes day, Goddys holy euangelyst. pe wheche day 30 schull 
32 com to chyrch, and worschip God and his holy euangelyst. Then 
echull 30 know fat Cryst had mi euangelystys : Marke, Mathew, 
1 As C. om. G. * j>t we ben C. om. 0. 

62. De Solempnitate Sancti Luce 261 

Luke, and Ion. pe whech wryttyn fe foure gospell fat ben 

Cristys wordis ; for gospell ys yn redy Englysch, Goddys spelle, 

fat ys, Goddys word. Wherfore f ese foure l wrytton not only 

what Crist spake, but also what he dyd and what he suffyrde here 4 

yn erf e for mankynd, for encheson fat we and all of er fat werne 

before vs and schull come aftyr vs, schull know and wyte, what he 

dyd and taght yn helpe and saluacyon of monkynd. r)8 

Then for 2 fes foure euangelystys ben lyknet to fowre dyuerse 8 
bestys, and soo byn paynted yn fowre partyes of Cryst, fat ys: 
for Marke a lyon, for Mathew a man, for Luke a calfe, and for 
Ion an eron. Wherfor mony lewde men wenen fat fay wera U 
suche bestys and not men. But fay fat soo vndyrstondes 12 
fay schull know fay ben soo lyknet to fes bestys, for Cristys 
149 a doyng yn f e gospell fat fay wrytton was lyke || to fes bestys 
kynde. As fus Mathew he wrot most of Crystys monhed and 
ferfor he ys lykenet to a man. Luke he wrot most of Crystys 16 
sacryfyce and his def e, and f erfor he ys lyknet to a calfe or an 
ox ; for a calfe fat was offerd yn sacurfyce yn f e old law for sywne, 
yn tokenyng fat Cryst schuld come, fat schuld be offurt yn 
sacryfyce for symie of f e pepull yn f e auter of f e crosse. Marke 20 
wrot most of Crystys vpryst from def e and f erfor he ys lyknet 
to a lyon, for as bokes telleth f e kynd of f e lyon ys suche fat 
his whelpes f re dayes aftyr fat fay ben born fay shull lye ded* 
Then f e thryd day f e lyon comef e, and for he sees his whelpys 24 
ded, for sorow he maketh such a rore, fat f e ded whelpys f erwyth 
qwykenef e and so takef e lyfe. Thus, when Cryst had layne ded 
f re dayes, f e f ryd daye f e Fadyr of Heuen spake to hym, and 
bade hym ryse ; and soo rayset hym from def e to lyve. Ion ys 28 
lyknet a eron fat ys kyng of fowles, and of kynd fleyng hext 
and next to f e son, and haf e gret' delyte forto loke on f e sonne. 
Soo Seynt Ion he went next to God, for he prechet and wrot 
most of Crystys godhed and lytyll 3 of his monhede. For fes 32 Yj^ 
skylles fes euangelystys ben lyknet to fes bestys. 

But fen 36 schull know fat Saynt Luke ys lyknet to a calfe 
fat was offert yn sacurfyce, for he offert hymsclfe yn sacurfyce to 
God, day and nyght, by f re wayes : yn f oglit, and worde, and 36 

1 J>ese foure C. om. G. * for C. four G. s MS. lythyll. 


262 62. De Solempnitate Sancti Luce 

^ dede. He offert his f oght to God for f eras he was wonte before 1 forto 
tEyrcke on vanyte and how he myght gete wor[l]dely goodys ; for he 
was leche of craft, and as bokes sayne, a lech boldely slef e a mon, 
4 and he 2 ful helt had sommtyme do mys before. Wherfor he 
turnet his f oght yn sacurfyce to God ; for as f e boke sayth God 
ys gretly plesyt wythe fat f oght fat ys sory for his synne. 

He offert also his worde to God yn sacurfice ; for f eras he was 

8 wont before fat he come to f e apostles to speke mony an ydull 

worde and of no vayle, aftyr he turnet al his speche ynto profyt 

to hym and to all ofer cristyn pepull. || Wherfor he 3ede to our 149 b 

lady and lurnet at hur f e gospell fat he wrot, and for encheson 

12 fat he was clene maydon, and had nof er wyfe ne chyld, he was 
inoch more chere to oure lady, and scho taght hym full godely 
how f e angyll come to hur on message from f e kyng of Heven 3 ; 
and what he spake to hur, and hur vnswar agayne, and so forf e 

16 all f yng fat scho dydde wyfe hur sonne yn his 3ouf e and aftyr, 

tyll he was steyt vp ynto Heuen. And when he had lurnet f?/s 

-, perfytly, fen he loket what Marke and Mathew hadon wrytton, 

and soo toke at horn; and feras fei 4 passut derkely forth, he 

30 wrot opynly all f yng. And f us yn techyng and yn prechyng he 

I offeret his word vp to God. 

He offeret his dedys also to God yn sacurfyce ; for he paynet 
his owne body wyth dyuerse penaunce of fastyng, of hard lyuyng, 

24 of hard knelyng. Alsoo he was wyth f e apostolys yn all hor 
purse wt fat fay sufferd of f e lewes yn Jerusalem, and wyth horn 
had gret pu[r]sewt for Crystys sake, and wrot all f e persecucyon 
fat f e apostoles sufferet. And alsoo he wrot all f e persecucyon 

28 fat Seynt Steven sufferet, and how he was stenet to deth. And 
aftyr hys defe he 3ode to Seynt Poule, and sewet hym yn bonchef 
and myschef, and laft hym neuer tyll fat defe depai tyd horn. And 
fen he 3eod ynto a contray fat was callet Bytinys, and f er prechet 

32 Goddys worde. And when he was foure score 3ere old and ten, 
fen he deyet full of fe Holy Gost and holy vertues. So, aftyr 
his defe, God schowot for hym mony myrakles. 

Now pray we to Saynt Luke f e holy euangelyst fat he wyll 

36 pray for vs vryih Marke and Mathew and Ion, fat f rogh hor 

1 wonte before C. won G. 3 he C. om. G. 3 Heven C. om. G. 

4 j>ei C. Bcho G. 

62. De Solempnitate Sancti Luce 263 

prayer we may liaue grace of good lyuyng and Heuen at our 
endyng. Amen. 


Good men and woymen, suche a day N. 50 schull haue an hegh 4 
fest and a holyday yn holy chyrche of Goddys too apostoles 
150 a Seynt Symon and lude. Wherfor 56 schull fast || fe even, and 
come on fe morow to chyrch and 1 worschip God and his holy 
apostols. Then schull 56 know fat ayf ir of f es apostoles hadden 8 
two names, fat won was callet Symon gelotes and Symon 
Chananeus, and fat ofer was callet ludas lacobi and ludas 
Thaddeus, in f is schoyng, how f e name fat 2 a man or of a woman 
hafe, hit dyeth 3 yn this world and passuf out of mynde yn schort 12 
tyme aftyr his dethe. "Wherfor ych crystyn man wyll be bysy 
to gete hym a nome fat schall be wrytten yn Heuen yn f e boke 
of lyfe, fat schall last for euermore. Herefore fe apostoles 
suffren gret dyspyte, and doses, and trauayle, and penance, and 16 
at f e last payne of def e for Goddys sake w?/t/i ineke hert and clene 
consyence. For Symon ys vndyrstondon obedience 4 fat rnakef e a 
man meke yn hert, and ludas ys vndyrstowlon confessyon, fat 
clansyf a mannas consciens of all maner fulfe of synne. Thus 20 
befor defe fay euen yche man and woman ensampull, and 
techefe how fat fay fat suffyrth any doses for Goddys sake wyt 
meke hert and clene conscyens, fay ay schull be worschepyt hely I 
of God yn Heuen, and hor names wrytton f er wyth gret worschyp ^ 
ynto f e fraternite of all f e seyntys yn Heuen. But fen ben per \ 
mony fat God sendyf e doses and greues for gret loue and encres 
of mede yn Heuen ; but for fay take not hit wyth meke hert and 
clannes of conscience, but grucchyth f erwyth and playneth 3erne 28 
f 0rapon, wherfor fay haue gret iiede forto pray God of help, and 
forto be helut of fat sekenes fat fay haue yn hor hert and yn hor 
spyryte, as we redyn yn f e lyfe of f es apostles, how a kyng fat 
was callet Abagarus dyet. 

1 and C. om. G. a >at C. of G. 3 dyeth H. deduj> C. G. 

* obedience H. obedient G. not in C. 

264 63. De Festo Simionits et lude 



We redyn f us : this kyng was lepur * and herd how oure Lord 

Ihesu Cryst wroght mony myracles and helyd all seke. Wherfor 

4 he wrot a lettyr to hym yn f is wyse : ' Kyng Abagarus gretyth 

well Ihesus, sauyour, fat precheth yn plases of Jerusalem. I haue 

herd of f i myracles fat f ou dos ; how f ou || helyst all man^r seke 150 b 

wythout herbes of er any salue, and cures blynde,and halt and 2 crokut 

8 wyth a worde, and fat ys more wondyrfull, f ou reysys ded bodyes 

a3eyne to lyue. Wherfor I thenke yn my hert fat f ou art Goddys 

Sonne, and art coinen don frome Heuen ynto erthe, and lyues 

among men as on of horn. Wherfor I wrytte to f e, prayng fat 

12 f ou come to me, and helpe me of my lypur fat greueth me ; for 
I haue vndyrstoudyng how fe lewes han schaput to do fe to 
dethe. And I haue a lytyll cyte fat ys good and honest and 
plentwes and ys inogh for vs bof e ; wherfor y pray f e come to 

16 me, and dwelle we togedyr yn rest and yn pes allway from f yn 
enmyes/ Then Cryst wrot agayne to hym and sayde : ' pou art 
blesset fat leues yn me, and has not }et sen me. But for f ou 
wylnes me to come to f e, I say fat I mot do fat I am coinen for ; 

20 and fen will I send som of my dyscypull to f e fat scball help 
'\r f e of f y sekenes.' 

Then, for fys kyng myght not haue Cryst to hym, for gret 
desyre fat he had to hym and for to haue sen hym, he sende 

24 a naaysfcyr payntur to Cryst, forto paynt his vysage as lyke as he 
cowfe and bryng to 3 hym, hopyng so forto haue som maner 
knole} of hym. But when fys payuter lokyt on Crist, hys vysage 
schon so bryght fat he myght nof yng se of hyin. Wherfor he 

28 was all mowruyng yn his hert fat he was send so fer and myght 
not spede. Then Cryst toke a clofe of fys payntur, and wypet 
his one vysage f erwyth, and fen was f e fowrme of his vysage 
apertly f eron all of ur. pen f e payntur cowfe make hyt, and he 

32 bar fat from Cryst to f e kyng. Then was fys kyng wondyr glad 
of fys sonde, and dyd hit all f e reuerens fat he cowfe, tyll aftyr 
Crystys ascencyon Seynt Thomas of Ynde send on of f e apostoles, 
Seynt lude, to f is kyng. And when f is kyng segh Seynt lude, 

36 fen segh he a schynyng yn hys face, fat he wend fat hit had ben 
1 lepur C. lethyre altered from lethyrd. 2 and C. om. G. 

3 to C. om. G. 

63. De Festo Simonis et lude 265 

Cryst hymselfe. Then sayde lude : ' Byleue yn Cryst, and f ou 
schalt haue fy hele/ pen sayde he : ' I beleue yn hym, and fayne || 

151 a wold be wroken on horn fat han don hym to dethe, yf hyt wer 
yn my power/ Then toke lude f e lettyr fat Cryst send to f e 4 
kyng befor, and weput f e kyngys forhede f erwyth, and anon f e 
lepur fel from hym and he was hole as a fjsche. 

Then, when fis was don, lude 3eode to*Symon, and 5eodon bof e 
yfere ynto Perse to preche Goddys worde ; and f er wroghten mony 8 
myracles, so fat fay turnet f e kyng and two and syxty f ousant of 
othyr pepull to cryston fayth. Then crysten pepull encresyt so, fat 
f e kyng and negh all f e pepull of f e centre wythdrogh f e offryngys 
fat fay weron wont to offur to hor mawmetus, fe wheche f e 12 
byschoppys of f e tempull haden to hor lyflode. But when f is 
was wythdrawen, f e byschoppys wern so wroth, fat fay gedyrt 
horn togedyr, and als mony as fay inyghten by frendeschyppe 
and for hyre, and token f es apostoles, and ladden horn ynto hor 16 
tempull, ofr forto haue don sacurfyce to hor mawmetys ofir 
ellys forto haue byn don to dethe. Then come f er an 1 angyll from 
Heuen, and asket horn whethyr fay wold haue hor enmyes ded 
anon befor horn othyr suffyr marturdome for Goddys sake. Then 20 
sayde f e apostoles a^eyne : * Bof e we desyre, forto haue cure 
enmyes forto turne to f e faythe, and we forto suffyr deth for oure 
Lordes loue. J Then fay turnet horn to f e mawmetes fat weron 
yn fe tempull, and commawndet fe fendes fat weron yn horn 24 
forto come out, and schow horn to fe pepull, and fen plucke fe 
ymages al to powdyr ; and soo fay dyd. Wherfor f es byschoppys 
wern soo wrof e, fat fay anon fellen on f es apostoles, and all tohew 
horn to deth yn peces. Then f erwyth anon come a f ondyr and 28 
a layte wyth fat, and clefe f e tempull yn f re partyes downe to f e 
grownde. pen toke fe kyng hor bodyes and buryet horn, and 
made a ryall chyrch yn worschyp of horn. 

Now 50 schull knele downe and pray to God as he helet f ys 32 

151 b kyng Abagarus of his lepur, so, by prayer of f es apostoles, || fat he 
hele yow of all maner sekenes, bof e yn body and sowle. 

1 an inserted above the line. 

266 64. De Fedo Omnium Sanctorum 


Good men and woymen, such a day N. je schull haue a solen 

fest yn all holy chyrche, fat ys, f e fest of all halowes of Heuen. 

4 Wherfor yn worschyppe of God and all f es seyntys 30 schull fast 

f e euen, and come to f e chyrch to f e fyrst euensong, and on f e 

morow to matens, and to masse, and to fe secnnde evensong, 

and worschip God and all hys haloues for oure neglegence of all fe 

8 }ere before. Then 50 schull know fat f ys fest was ordenet to gret 

helpe of all cryston pepull fore f re skylles fat f er ben, fat ys : for 

a tempull halowyng, for omissyons fullyng, and for neclygeuce 


12 Fyrst hit was ordeynet for a tempull halowyng. For when fat 
}>e Romaynes wern lordes of all f e world, fay maden a tempull yn 
Rome rownde as a dofhowse, and callet hyt Pantyon, and setten 
yn f e mydyll of f e tempull an ymage fat was f e cheff mawmete 

16 of Rome, and fen of yche a lond anoj>ir ymage * rownde all aboute 
by f e wall, and Ipe nome of f e loud fat f e ymage was of wrytton 
vndyr his fote. And all wern made so w?/tA nygramancy, fat 
when any lond turnet from f e Emperour of Rome, anon fat 

20 ymage of fat lond turnet hys face to Ipe wall and his bake to f e 
ymage of Rome. So, when f e byschoppys comen ynto f e tempull 
and seen any ymage turnet, fay loket what lond fat ymage was 
of, and soo 5eoden forth and told f e Emperour. And fen he wold 

24 gedyr a gret ost, and send f edyr and sett horn yn rest and pece 
a^eyne. Then duret fis tempull tyll fe pope 2 Boneface fe furf 
come. The whech 5ede to f e Emp^rour fat was callet Foca, and 
prayde forto jeue hym f e tempull fat he myght put out of hit f e 

28 multutud || of fendes, and halow hit yn f e worschyp of oure lady 152 a 
and of all martyres ; and soo he dydde. Then aftyr com anof er 
pope 2 fat was callet Gregory, and he ordeynet fys day forto be 
halowet yn worschip of God and of all f e seyntys, and so cow- 

32 mawndet all holy chyrche forto do to fis fest as furst was 

This fest was alsoo ordeynet of f e same pope 2 , forto be fulfullet 
1 MS. y mages. a pope scratched out. 

64. De Fe&to Omnium Sanctorum 267 

yn oure omyssyons for mony seyntys-dayes we leuen yn fe 3ere 
vns^ruet ; for fay ben so mony fat we may not serue horn all. 
For, as * Seynt Ion tellyth, yche day of f e jere ben mor fen foure 
lp ousand of martyres, outtaken f e forme day of lanuare. Wherfor 4 
holy chyrch ordeyneth fat cownably fat, for hit so ys fat we may 
not halow yche day of f e seyntys at hor festys, we schull halow 
hom on won day, and soo fulfull yn won day fat we han lafte all f e 
3ere behynd. Thus yche seynt of Heuen hath his worschip of vs 8 
whyll we halewon f ys day deuotly as we owen forto do. 

Thys fest was ordeynet forto clanse oure neclygence ; for f ogh 
we halo wen but few sayntes-dayes, jet we ben full neclygent yn 
oure seruyce, and forjetuf mony thynges by vnconnyng, and by 12 
lettyng o\er wor[l]des ocupacyon. Wherfor yn f ys fest we schull 
make amendes of fat we haue trespaste yn oure festys before. 
Wherfor 30 schull know fat fay haue gret synne fat don not hor 
bysynes f is day, forto seme God and all his seyntys, yche man and 16 
woman, yn hys degre, aftyr hys conyng and hys hauere. And 
know well fat f is day your prayers schull be sandyr herd of God 
fen anof er clay, for f is day all f e sayntys of Heuen yfere praythe 
for vs ; wherfor 30 schull know for certeyne fat all f e sayntes 20 
prayng at ones schull be raythyr herd then on othyr too by hom- 
selfe. For f e seyntes fat now ben yn Heuen wern summe tyme, 
as we ben now, of oure flesch and oure blode and our forme fadyrs. 
152 b Wherfor fay haue compassyon || of vs, and byn fayne forto get any 24 
prayers of vs f e whech fay mow pmend God wyth yn oure name. 
Then, forto schow fat all fe seyntys comen togedyr f ys day forto 
pray for vs, I tell you thys fat I fynde wryttou yn ' Legenda 
Aurea.' pis vysion was seen yn f e secunde 3ere next aftyr f is 28 
fest was ordeynet to be halo wet. 


Ther was a keper of Saynt Petrus chyrche yn Eome fat fys 
day, aftyr maytens, at mydnyght when all wern gon to bedde, for 32 
deuocyon fat f ys man had, he 3ede to yche auter yn f e chyrche 
and dyd hys deuocyons. And when he had gon all abowte, fen 
jede he to f e hye auter ; and when he had ben long f er yn hys 

1 as inserted above the line. 

46. De Festo Omnium Sanctorum 

deuocyon, lie fell on slepe byfor f e auter. pen anon he was raput 
in slepe, and segh f e kyng of blysse syttyng yn his maieste, and 
gret multytude of angeles abowt hym. Then com f er a qwene 
4 wyth a ryche crowne on hur hed, rychely arayed, wyth a gret 
company of virgines and of woymen sewyng hur, and when scho 
come, f e kyng roos a3eynes hur, and made to sette hur a chayre of 
gold arid hur to sytte f eryn. Aftyr com on clad yn camels skylines, 
8 and hym sewet a gret company of old men. Aftyr come on clad 
lyke a byschoppe, and hym sewet anofir company, lyke to hym 
honestly clof yd lyke byschoppys. Aftyr come multitude lyke to 
knyghtes of dyuerse pepull, and all comen befor f e kyng, and soo 

12 knelyng downe dydden hym worschype. pen fay fat weron lyke 
byschoppys, fay begonnen and sayden matens. Then spake thys 
mon to the angell fat lad hym, and asked what wer all f ys pepull 
fat he segh f er yn such aray. pen sayde f e angell fat f e kyng 

16 was God hymselfe, f e qwene was oure lady, and he fat was 
clothyd yn camell skynnes was Saynt Ion f e Baptyst and othyr 
patryarches and othir 1 prophetys wyth hym. pe byschoppe was 
Saynt Petyr and othyr apostoles wyth hym and othyr men of holy 

20 chyrche. The knyghtes weron marturs, and cowfessours, || and 153 a 
othyr pepull fat wern Goddys trew smiantys yn erth, and comen 
all f us before hym, and f onket hym f e worschyp fat fay haden 
fys day yn erth of all mankynd. Wherfor fay prayet all to God 

24 for you fat ben yn erthe fat God schuld qwyte you for 2 your 
trauayle yn Heuen. 

Wherfor $e schull now knele adowne, and pray oure lady and 
of&r holy seyntys fat fay pray so for you to God, fat he 3eue you 

28 such a grace to do hym suche worschyp and seruyce here yn erth, 
fat 30 may be worthy forto come and here fe seruyce fat fay 
maken yn Heuen before f e gloryous Trynite, fat ys f e Fadyr, and 
f e Sonne, and f e Holy Gost- 

1 othir inserted above the line. z for C. om, G. 

65. In Die Animarum 269 


Good men and woymen, as 30 kneweth well, fe morow afts/r 
All-halow-day ys euermor Sowlemasse-day, fat ben yn purgatory 
yn Goddys pryson and haue gret nede to be holpon. Wherfor as 4 
holy chyrche }>ys day worschepyth all f e seyntes of Heuen generaly 
yfere, hopyng to be holpen by horn, ryght soo, on Sowlemasse-day, 
holy chyrch makyth mynd, and syngyth, and redythe generaly for 
all f e sowles fat ben yn purgatory, havyng full beleue forto relesch 8 
horn of hor payne, othyr yn parte, othyr yn all. Wherfor ych 
crysten man and woman schall as fys day helpe fe sowles fat ben 
yii payne, for soo fay mown and fay woll ; for f e lest prayer fat 
ys made for horn dothe horn ese. So fagh a man say but f us : 12 
' God haue mercy on all crysten sowles ! ' so fat 2 he fat sayth f us, be 
yn charyte and out of dedly synne. Then schull 50 know wele fat 
f re f ynges helpen soules most out of penance, fat ys : devot prayng, 
almes-5euyng, and masse-syngyng. 16 

Devot prayer helpyth moch a man sowle ; for as a lord fat hath 
a man yn dystres, at fe prayer of his godde seruand, ofer he 
relesches all, of er som, soo God, at f e prayer of his trew seruand, 
releschuth a sowle fat he prayth for, othyr yn party, ofer yn all. 20 
Then, forto schow you how gretly good prayers helpeth f e sowles, || 
153 b I tell you fis ensampull fat I fynde wrytten yn ' Legenda Aurea.' 
per he sayth f us : 

Narraczo. 24 

Ther was a man fat had his howse by f e chyrch-^eorde, so f at^\ 
f e dure openet toward the chyrche. pen had he a maner fat, als / 
oft as he come ofer 5ede ouer fe chyrche-jeorde, he wold say 
a ' De profundis ' for all crysten soules. Then, on a day, hyt 28 
happonet so fat he was pursewet wyth enmys, fat he flogh horn- 
ward ; but when he come ynto f e chyrch-^eorde, he f oght : ' Now 
ys tyme forto say "De profundys," ' and knelut adowne, and sayde. 
And anon f erwyth all f e chrych^eorde rose full of bodyes, yche on 32 
wyth an ynstrument yn hys hond of his craft, and dryuen a^eyne 

1 ad C. om. G. 2 >at C. ff. om. Q. 

270 65. In Die Animarum 

his enmyes. And when fay seen fat, fay cryed Gocl mercy, and 
f es men and he allway aftyr were f e more deuot forto p*ay for f e 
sowles. Thus devout prayer helpyth moch sowles. 

4 Also almes-^euyng * helpyth moch horn ; for as watyr quench- 
efe fure yn our syght, ryght soo almes-dede qwenchefe fe 
fure fat brenneth horn yn hor payne. And yf almes be don for 
horn fat ben yn blys, for fay haue no nede f erto, hit ys putt ynto 

8 f e tresowre of holy chyrche, and at Goddys byddyng hit ys dalt 
among horn feras he asynet hit. And fen fe sowles fat ben 
holpen f erwyth, heyley fay f onken f e sowles fat hit was 5euen for. 
Thus schull 30 know fat almes-dede helpethe moch sowles ; for 

12 oft-tyyme seyntes han herd fendes waylyng and $elle, for fat by 
alrnes-dede and good prayers oft-tymes sowles wern taken out of hor 
bondes. Wherfor, yn old tyme, good men and woymen wolden 
f ys day by bred and dele hit for f e sowles fat fay louedon 2 , hopyng 

16 wyth yche a lofe to get a soule out of purgatory ; and summe ben 
fat 3et vsyth fat; but more harme ys, to few. I rede yn fe 
same boke ' Legenda Aurea ' 


20 A || knyght, as he ;ode toward a batayle, he bade hys cosyn, yf 154 a 

fat he deyd yn f e batayle, fat he schuld sell hys hors, and dele f e 

money yn almes for his sowle. Then, when f ys knyght was ded, 

hys cosyn lyket well hys hors and toke hym to hys owne vse. 

24 pen, sone aftyr, f is knyght aperet to hys cosyn and sayde : ' For 

f ou hast not done by my hors as I bade f e, f ou hast made me to 

be yn purgatory viij dayes. Wherfor God wyll take vengans on 

f e ; for f i soule schall goo to hell, and my sowle schall goo to f e 

28 blys/ Then anon an horrybull voys was herd yn f e eyre of lyons, 

and berys, and wolues fat kaghten vp f ys man bodely and beren 

I hym forth, fat neumnor aftyr herd man of hym. 

The f rydde helpe fat f e sowle hathe ys massys syngyng ; for 

32 when any soule apereth to any man, euermore he wylneth and 

prayth forto haue massys songen for hym. For ryght as mete and 

drynke conforteth a man when he ys febull, ryght soo f e sacurment 

comfortef e and strenktheth 3 f e sowles fat hyt byn don fore. 

1 almes-5euyng IT. alraes-dede-jeuyng G. C. 2 louedon C. Jyfden G. 

3 strenktheth G. strengthe G. 

65. In Die Animarum 271 


I rede alsoo yn f e same legend how a byschop suspendet a prest, 
for he cowf e syng non ofer masse but of requiem, f e whech he 
song yche daye deuowtly aftyr his conyng. Then 1 , on a hegh holy- 4 
day, as f is byschopp jode toward f e chyrche to matens, when he 
come to Ipe chyrch-^orde, ded bodyes rysen vp aboute hym, a gret 
nowmbyr, and sayden to hym : ' pou says no masse for vs and now 
f ou has taken our preste from vs 2 . Do fat f is be amendet, oper 8 
for sof e f ou schalt be ded/ pen was f ys byschop soo agast, fat 
he send for f is prest anon, and bade hym synge as he ere dyd, and 
he hymselfe dyd als offt as he myght aftyr. 

Narracto. "~^12 

In f e same boke we fynden how fat fyschers of Seynt Tybaude s \ 
154 b yn fe hote heruest token yn hor nettes|| a gret clot of yse, and 
beron hyt to hym, for he was pottagur; and wyth fat yse fay 
refreschet f e gret hete of his fete, as oft as hit was layde to. 16 
Then herd he a voyce fat spake to hym out of f e yse and sayde : 
' I am a sowle fat dray my penons her ; and woldyst f ou syng 
thrytty masses contynuantly, I schuld be delyuerd of my penance.' 
Then fys good man sayde he wold. And soo, when he had sayde 20 
a qwantyte of f es massys, be steryng of f e fende on come to -hym, 
and told hym how all f e towne was at debate, and yche was redy 
to sle of er, and he most nedes come forto ses horn ; and soo he dyd. 
Eftsones he began ajeyne, and when he had seyd halfe f e masses, 24 
fen come f er anof er, and told hym how enmyes wer comen, and 
bysegyd fe towne, and he mcst nedys go and ordeyne ferfor; 
and so he laft hys masse. Eftsones and $et he beganne a^eyne. 
And when he had songen all f e masses but f e last, fen come f er 28 
a worde fat 4 all hys place and moche of f e towne was on fure, 
and he most helpe hymselfe, lest he wer brent. Then sayde he 
' f agh all bren and I bof e, wyth f e helpe of God I wyll syngne f is 
masse/ And when f e masse was sayde, hit was fonde all fantesy 32 
of f e fend and noght els ; and fen was f e yse molten away, and so 
f e soule holpen. 

And pray we so to Ihesu fat he wol help all f e sowles fat we 
ben bonden here forto pray for. Amen. 36 

1 Then] The G. pan C. * preste from vs C. om. G, 

3 Tybaude C. Tybauce &. * J>at C. to }>at G. 

272 66. De Soleinpmtate Sancti Martini 



Good men and woymen, suche a day N". 30 schull haue Saynt 
Martynes day, and come to f e chyrche, and worschyp God and 
k 4 Saynt Marteyne, fat ys aftyr f e apostoles holden f e holyest con- 
fessour fat ys yn holy cliyrche. And fat ys knowen by f e gret 
myracles fat God hath schewed by hym, bofe yn hys lyfe and 
aftyr hys deth. Fyrst, when he was but xv ;ere old, as he rode 
8 among of er knyghtys and was not :jet folowed, he kyt his mantell || 
yn too partes, and $af halfe to a pore man fat was naket. Wherfor 155 a 
yn fe nyght aftyr he saw Cryst cloth yd yn fe same clofe and 
sayde to hys angell by hym : ' Martyn fat ys not ;et folowet haf e 

12 claf yd me yn f ?/s clofe/ Wherfor he was aftyr folowet, and laft 
all f e worlde occupacyon, and $af hym all to holynes. Then as he 
3ede by f e waye, f e fende mette hym yn lyckenes of a man, and 
askyd hym whedyr he wold; and he sayde whedyr fat God wold. 

16 Then sayde f e fende : ' Go whedyr f ou wolt, I woll be f yn enniy 
yn all f yng fat I con of er may.' pen sayde he : ' God is * my 
helper, wherfor 2 I drede not what fat euer men do to me.' pen 
he lyuet so holy aftyr, fat he reyset f re mon from deth to lyue. 

20 So for f e gret holynes of hym he was chosen byschop of Towres, 
and as men wern yn f e see negh to haue ben spyllet, on of horn 
fat knew fe holynes of hym cryet and sayde: 'Seynt Martyne, 
helpe vs now ! ' and anon fay werne holpen. And as he rode 

24 abowte yn his vysytacyon, howndys hunted a hare vndyr his hors 
wombe. Then, for he had compassyon of fat sely best, he bade f e 
howndys stond styll, tyll f e gyltles best were paste 3 hor enmys. 
Then anon f e howndes stoden styll, as fay haden be pyght yn f e 

28 erth, tyll he $af horn leue forto goo. Then, as he rode forth, he 
sawe a gret eddyr swym ouer a watyr. pen sayde Martyn to hyr : 
( Turne agayne to f e 4 bongke fat f on come fro,' and so dyd scho 
anon, pen sykyt Seynt Martyn ynwartly and sayd : ' I am soiy 

32 fat neddyrs heren me, and men wol not here me/ Anothyr tyme, 

1 is C. om. G. 3 wherfor C. am. G. 

3 were paste C. passyth G. * J)e inserted above the line. 

66. De Solempnitate Sancti Martini 273 

in 1 fe ^atys of Paryse, he cusset an horrybull mesell, wherby he 
was hole anon. He was of soo gret pacyens and suffrence fat hys 
clerkes smoton hym ; but he toke hit pacyently, and was neuer f e 
wroper aftyr wyth horn. 4 

Anolper tyme as he rod by f e way all his one, for fat was hys 
maner, and had on hym a rogh blake mantell, fen come \er a cart 

155 b wyth caryge. But when f e bestys fat droghen f e || cart seen hys 

mantell waftyr wyth f e wynde, yche on hurlet soo wyth otyer for 8 
ferd, fat fay borston hor gere and ferden fowle wyth homselfe. 
Then fay fat dryuew f is cart betyn Martyne wyth hor hoytes, and 
jeuen hym mony strokes; but all he suffred and sayde noght. 
pen wenten fay a}eyne, and rycched hor ger, and wolden haue gon 12 
hor way ; but for all fat fay myghten do, fay myght not sture horn 
on fote out of f e place, tyll fay knew how hit was Martyn fat fay 
haden betora, and cryet hym mercy. And anon he forjeue horn ; 
fen hor bestes }oden hor way esly ynogh. 16 

Anothyr tyme as he sate yn hys selle, f e fende come to hym lyke 
a kyng, clof ed yn purpure and crownet wyth a schynyng crowne 
of gold, and sayde to hym : * 1 2 am comen from Heuen to erth ; 
furste I come to f e 3 to speke wytA- f e for gret loue fat I haue to 20 
f e : beleue yn me, for I am f i Lord Ihesu Cryst.' Then Martyne 
loket on hym and sayde : l My Lord Ihesu Cryst wol not com yn 
f ys aray ; but }yf f ou be he 4 , schow me f i wondes fat f ou suffyrst 
for me, and fen wyll I beleue.' Then anon f e fende vanesched 24 
away as smoke 6 , and laft an horrybull stench fat fullet his sell 
full. Anof er tyme aftyr f e fend come to hym, and repreuet hym 
fat he toke to hym men fat 6 aftyr fay had synned and weren 
schryuen, fay fell eftsones ynto fat same synne ; and sayde f 03 28 
he toke horn to his mercy, God wold not. pen sayde Marten : 
'Wrecche, and fou woldest leue fy pwsuyng crysten pepull, and 
aske God mercy wyth a meke hert, y tryst to God fat he wold 3eue 
f e mercy, and take f e to grace/ 32 

Then when he schuld passe out of f is world and lay on his deth- 
bed) he saw f e fende syttyng and aspyyng on hym, yf he myght 

156 a haue caght any mys of || hym yn his ende. pen sayde Marten to 

1 in C. om. G. 2 I C. for I G. 

3 furste I come to J>e C. seust J>ou not G. 4 he C. om. G. 

5 smoke C. snow G. 6 men )>at C. meyne G. 


274 66. De Solempnitate Sancti Martini 

hym : ' Go forth, f ou vnsely best, f ou schalt fynd no mys yn me ; 
but Abrahams barm schall receyue me ynto f e blysse/ pen sone 
aftyr he $af vp f e gost, and was buryed wyth gret honoure yn his 
4 owne chyrch of TWres. 

Then foure and fourty $ere aftyr fer come a byschop fat 
translatud hym. And when he hadde made all f yng redy, he 
layde hond to Martyns body, forto haue born hit forth ; but he 
8 myght not sture hit by no craft fat he cowthe. Then he f oght 
hit was not Seynt Martyns will to be sturet fro thens, and f oght 
forto leue of. And f mvyth come an old fayre man, and bade horn 
goo to, and he wold helpe horn ; and fen anon fay beren forth 

12 f e body wyt/tout any lette. So when f e seruyce was done, f is 
old man vaneschut away, wherby fay knew fat he was Seynt 

Then for God schewet gret myracles for hym yche jere at f e 

16 day of his translacyon, moch pepull drogh f edyr, forto bere hys 
schryne aboute yn dyuers stretys of fe towne. Then werne ])er 
two beggers of f e whych on was blynd and fat of er was crepull. 
pen forto make men forto haue compassyon of horn, he fat was 

20 blynd bare f e crepull on his schuldur, and he taght f e blynde wher 
he schuld goo. And for fay geton moche good fws, fay wern 
aferd, lest fay had met wyt& f e schryne of Seynt Martyne, lest 
h?/t wold haue heled horn. Wherfor fay schaput horn forto goo 

24 out of f e way ynto anothyr strete f er as f e schryne schuld not 
come. But fen hit fell so fat sodenly * fay metten f e schryne at 
a Cornell of a strete, wherfor fay wern anon hole bof e. pen sayde 
fay to Seynt Martyne : ' We thonken f e for f e gret good fat we 

28 haue had for f y loue, but for oure hele we thonke f e not ; for now 
we most gete oure lyuelod wyth swynke and trauayle fat haue 
lyued all oure lyue yn oure es/ 

Now 50 schull pray to God || and Seynfc Martyne fat 50 may 156 b 

82 haue suche lyuyng fat je may haue f e blysse at oure endyng. 

1 sodenly] solenly G. soddeyn C. 

67. De Festo Sancie Katerine 275 



Good men and woymen, such a day N. 56 schull haue Seynt 
Kateryns day. pe whech day 56 schull come to f e chyrcb, and 4 
worschyppe God and thys holy mayden and martyr Seynt Kateryn. 
Then schull 56 know fat Seynt Kateryn was a kynges doghtyr. 
But lp ogh scho wer com en of so gentyll blod, 50 1, for Goddys sake, 
scho sette noght by }>e pompe of thys world ; but set al hur hert 8 

and was lernet at f e full, and cowth dyspute wyth any clerke fat 

yn oure Lord Ihesu Cryst. Wherfor when scho hadde ben at scole, 
and was lernet at f e full, and cowth dyspute wyth any clerke fat 
come to fe scole, when scho herd fat Maxenciws fe Emperour 

fom t.n bfi rwH-.A nf Alvsn.nnrlvr. fnrfn ma.lcfi n. solemn nffrvnor fn 12 r^ 

come to f e cyte of Alysaundyr, forto make a solemp offryng to 12 
his mawmetys of bullus, and caluure, and othyr bestys, soo fat all 
f e cyte dynned of f e noyse of horn, then Kateryn blessyd hur, and 
jede ynto f e tempull to f e Emperour, and bo[l]dely rebuked hym, 
and sayde he dyd fowle forto worschip f es fendes, and leue f e 16 
worschyppe fat he schuld do to his God of Heuen, fat made all 
fyng of noght, and send hym lyfe, and hele, and all f yng to hys 
nede, and preuet hym by open reson fat Crist was God, and boght 
mankynd on f e crosse wyth his deth out of f e fendes bondage. 20 
Then bade f is Emperour do hur ynto ward tyll he myght be at 
leysyr forto here hur; for fen he was so besy forto pies hys 
goddes, fat he myght not tend to hur. 

Then f ys Emperour made to sende aftyr fyfty scole '-maystyrs 24 
of fe wysest fat wern yn any contrey. And when fay wern yy^ 

comen, he bade horn goo, and dyspute wyth hur, and ouercome 
hur 2 ; and he wold reward horn heghly for hor trauayle. Then {,J^' 
haden f es maystyrs gret hokur fat fay wern comen of soo fer 28 
157 a centre, forto dyspute wyth a woman, whil f e lest scoler of || hors 
had byn wyse ynogh forto haue ouercome hyr. But when Kateryn 
had spoken wyth horn a lytyll whyle, by helpe of f e Holy Gost, 
scho conuerted horn, so fat fay leuet on Crist, and wold gladly 32 
take deth for his loue. 

1 scole d. D. score <?. 2 hur G. om. G. 


276 67. De Festo Sancte Katerine 

Then anon Maxens cowraiaundet 1 to make a gret fyre, and brenne 

honi all f eryn. But God schewet f er his myracull for horn, so fat 

f <?r was no clothe of hors, ny heere of hor hede ytamet wyth f e 

4 fyre ; but all leon ded by othyr wyth as fayre chere, as f agh fay 

had ben on slepe. Then was fe Empmmr wode for tene, and 

made forto do Kateryn nakyd and so beton hor fayre bode wyth 

scowrges, fat all hor body was full of wondes, and rennyng all on 

8 blode, and so puttyn hur ynto prison, forto abyde f er xxx te dayes 

wythout mete or drynke, tyll he come a^eyne, for nedys fat he 

most 2 goo fore. 

Then had fe qwene a gret longyng forto speke wyth Kateryn, 

12 and toke wyth hur yn a nyght a knygkt fat scho tryst well, fat 
was callet Porphirius, and jodon to fe pryson, and spake wyth 
Kateryn. And fen scho segh an angejil fat had yn aythyr hond 
a schynyng crowne of gold, and sette fat on on f e qwenes hede 

16 and fat of er on Porphiriws hede, and bade horn be stedfast yn f e 
byleue, for wythyn f e thryd day fay schull bof e come to God by 
martyrdom e. 

Then com f ^s Emperour to horn, and anon sende aftyr Kateryn, 

20 and wende scho had ben negh ded for hungur ; and fen was scho 
all f ylke dayes fedde wyth a coluere from Heuen, so fat scho was 
yn bettyr poynt fen scho was before. Wherfor fys Emperour 
was negh wod, and commawnde forto set Kateryn bytwyx fowre 

24 wheles fat wer wondyrly maket, so fat two turned vpward and 
two downeward, full of kene hokus, so fat two schuld haue raset 
hur vpwart and two downeward. But when Kateryn was sette yn 
f e wheles, scho prayde to God for helpe ; and anon f er come an 

28 angyll from Heuen, and smot || al f e wheles into 3 peces, and 4 , as 157 b 
f ogh hyd had ben a whyrlwynde fay rennon ouer fe pepull, and 
slogh anon ryght foure f ousand of horn, Then saw f e qwene f ?/s 
myracull, and anon come downe before hur husbond, and spake to 

32 hym boldely rebukyng hym, for he segh Goddys myracull so opynly, 
and }et wold not beleue yn God. Then anon fys tyraunt cora- 
mawndet forto lede forth fis qwene, and furst rase hur pappes 
wyth hokes from hur body, and fen sanyte of hur hed ; and so fay 

1 comaundet C. ewnmaundet anon G. In d. D. the first anon is omitted, 

2 nedys Jjat he most d. D. fat he most nedys G. 

3 into d. D. y two G. * and d. D. vm. G. 

67. De Festo Sancte Katerme 277 

dydden. Then on f e morow, for Porphirms had buryed f e qwene, 
he was taken and a hundret knyghtes of hys felawes, and weron 
beheduth *, ych for Goddys sake. 

Then f e Emperoure spake fayre to Kateryn, and byhet hur fat 4 
he wold wed hur, and do to hur all f e worschyppe fat he cowth, 
yf scho wold forsake Cryst and leue on his goddys. But for scho 
sette noght by hym ne by his goddes, he made forto smyt of hur 
bed. Then when f e bed was smytten of, ynstyd of blod ran out 8 
>vhyt mylke. And anon ferwyth come angeles, and token hyr 
body, and beren hit vp ynto f e eyre, and soo forth xx*i dayes 
iourne f ennys to f e mownt of 2 Synay, and f er buryet hit Vfytii gret 
worschyp wher God haf e wroght 8 mony gret myracles, and $et dof e 12 
ynto lp ys day. 


I rede of a woman fat fyrst seruet Saynt Kateryn, and fast hur 
euen, as mony don, but aftyr scho laft of. Then yn a vysyon seho 16 
saw a company of fayre maydens comyng by hur, and among horn 
was on passyng all yn beute. But when scho come by }>at on, seho 
hudde hor face, and wold not loke on hur. Then askyd ho won of 
horn fat come byhynd whad fay wer. pen sayde soho fat fay 20 
wern all seyntys of Heuen, ' and fat was Kateryn Jmt hudde hur 
face from f e, and wold not know f e, for encheson fat f ou hast laft 
158 a fe knowlech of hur/ Then this || woman repentyd and turned 
a^eyne to hyr deuocyon fat scho had don befor, and was a trew 24 
seruand to Kateryn euer aftyr, and had f e blysse of Heuen to hyr 
mede. pe whech blysse f rogh f e prayer of Seynt Kateryn God 
geue 4 you and me. Amen. 


Goode men and woymen, such a day N. 56 schull haue your 
chyrche-halyday. pe whech day :je schull come to chyrch to 
Worschyp God, hauyng yn mynde 5 f re causes why f e chyrche ys 
halovved : on for the chyrch-clausyng, and for deuot prayng, and $2 

1 and weron beheduth C. he let smyt of her hedys G. 

2 of d. D. om. G. 3 MS. worght. wrought d. wrougth D. 
* geue inserted above the line. 

5 <*fty r niynde the word of is inserted in the margin in red inlc. 

278 68. De Dedicacione Ecdesie 

for fe dede-buriyng. Mony othyr causes byn why f e chyrch ys 
halowet, but of f es f re we schull as f ys tyme say, so as God ^eueth 

4 Furst hit was halowet for hur owne clansyng ; for f e chyrch ys 
a place ordeynet fat cryston pepull schull come togedyr yn 
charyte, forto worschyp hor God yn rest and yn pees, ych on wyth 
othyr. Then ys God fayn of horn, and cometh to horn, and ijeueth 

8 horn hys blessyng, and walketh among horn, and ys wondyr fayn 
of horn, and dwellyth wyth horn, whyll fay ben yn rest and yn 
pes, ych wyth othyr. But when f e fende seyth this, fen ys he 
sory, and schowef e all hys malyce forto asay, jif he mow by 

12 hymselfe of er by any of er of hys dyscypoles forto bryng hom out 
of charyte, and make debate and dyscencyon among hom, and so 
forto dryve God away from hom : for well I wot fat God ys not 
f er&s debate and dyscencyon ys. Then, for our holy fadyrs knew 

16 hys manors and his malyce, fay ordeynet f e chyrch to be halowet ; 
and so, by holy prayer and halowyng, scho ys clanset of f e fende 
and of hys malyce, and he hath no power aftyr forto come ynto 
f e chyrch, but hit so be fat som wykkyd lyuer fat ys belafte wyth 

20 f e fende, bryng hym ynto f e chyrche wyth hym ; for als longe as 

a || man ofer woman ys out of charite, fe fend ys yn hym and 158 b 
haf e power ouer hym. Then, forto schewe you how f e fende ys 
! dryuen out of f e chyrche by halowyng, I tell you f ys ensampull 

24 fat I fynde wrytton yn ' Legenda Aurea,' and Saynt Gregory 
rehersuth hit yn his boke fat ys callet ' Dyalogus.' 

He sayth fat, when a chyrch was halowed, and relekys of sayntys 

28 broght f edyryn, sodenly a swyne ran among f e pepullys fete, 
hedyr and f edyr, and so :$ode out of f e chyrch-dorre and was sene 
no mor aftyr. Thus God schewed opynly how fe fende by 
halowyng of f e chyrch was dryuen out of hur. And forto schew 

32 how sory he was forto lese his habytacyon, f e fende com a^eyne 
f e nyght aftyr, and ran on f e chyrch wyth suche noyse, fat he 
fered all f e pepull fat herden hit. And f e secunde nyght he come 
a^eyne, and made a more hydwes noyse; and fe fryd nyght he 

36 made a noyse, as all f e chyrch hadden fallen downe at ones, and 
fen went he forthe and come no more a5eyiie. 

(58. De Dedicacione Ecclesie 279 

The chyrche ys also halowet for deuout prayng. I hope fat je 
all l prayen well at horn yn your houses. For, as Seynt Austeyn 
seyth, a good dede ys a good prayer ; so, whyll fat a man dof e 
well, he prayth well. But jet, when any of you wyll speke wyth 4 
hys frende for any spedfull thyng, he goth home to his howse, 
hopyng wel fat he woll make hym f er bettyr chere fen yn any 
othir place. Then ryght so, when je woll speke \\yih God, comyth 
to hys howse and f er spekyth wyth hym, fat ys, holy chyrche ; 8 
for whill a man prayefe, he spekyth wytA God, and whyll he 
redyf e, God spekyth wyth hym. 

But for mony of you wyttuf e noght how je schull pray to God, 
f e settyng of f e chyrch hyt tellyf e you : Hit ys sette yn f e est, 12 
techyng yche man, when he praythe, to haue his hert ynto f e est, 
and thenke fat paradyse ys yn f e est. "Wherfor je schull pray 
God deuotly fat he haue compassyon of you, fat ben exilet out of 
159 a your eritage 1 1 by males of your enmyes, and jeue you grace to 16 
dyscomfet your enmy, so fat God yn your deyng send his angell, 
and fach your soules ynto paradyse ajeyne ynto fat blysse fat je 
losten by your old-fadyrs trespas. Also $e schull thenke how fat 
Crist deyd yn f e est on f e crosse ; wherfor je schull pray deuotly 20 
to hym fat he jeue you grace, forto thenke on f e passyon, fat je 
be worthy, to be wrytton yn f e nowmbur of horn fat he deyt for 
on f e crosse. Also f enke fat Cryst schall com out of f e est to f e 
dome ; wherfor je schull pray to hym to jeue you such contrisyon 24 
of hert for your mys-dedys, and apon scheryft wytA mowthe and 
satysfaccyon yn dede, fat 56 may be 2 sure forto stond on Cristys 
ryght hond yn fat dome, and scape fat horrybull rebuke fat schall 
be done to horn fat schall be dampnet for hor gret hert fat woll 28 
not be sory for hor mys-dedes, ne aske no mercy yn tyme of mercy. 
For suche deuot prayers holy chyrch was halowed ; for God hym- 
selfe sayth f us : ' My howse ys an house of oresons.' But more 
harme ys, now hit ys made an hous of dadull, and of whisperyng 32 f ^ 
and rownyng, and of spekyng of vanyte and of of er fylthe. 

Wherfor I rede fat, as 3 an holy byschop was at his masse, his 
deken turnet forto byd f e pepull bowe horn to f e blessyng ; fen he 
eygh too woyrnen rowne togedyr, and f e fende sate on hor schuldyrs, 36 

1 all inserted above the line. * be (7. om. &. 3 as (7. vm. G. 

280 68. De Dedkacione Ecclesie 

wrytyng on a long roll als fast as lie myght. Then aftyr masse, 
by byddyng of fys deken, f e byschop send aftyr f es woymew, and 
asket horn how fay had occupyet f e masse tyme. pen sayd fay 

4 how fay haddyn sayde hor ' Pater Noster.' Then f e bischop com- 
mawndet f e fende forto rede fat he had wrytton, and when he had 
red * all fat fay hadden talked of, fay fellen downe to f e grownde 
and asked nwcy. 

Holy chyrch ys also halowet for f e long restyng ; for when any 
lyfe ys dede, fen ys he broght to f e chyrche to hys longe home. 
For, as Seynt Ion Belet say the, som tyme ryche || men wern on 
hylles toppes buried 8 , and at fe fote, and yn fe sydes yn towmbys 

12 makut yn f e roche of f e hulle, and 3 pore mew werne buried at 159 b 
home in hor owne howses. But for f e sauor and f e odure of f e 
cors was soo greues to horn fat lyued, f erfor holy fadyrs ordeynet 
chyrch-jeordys, and f e cors to be broght f edyr and buried f er for 

16 two skylles : on, forto be prayde fore for euermore, for holy chirche 
vsyth forto pray for all fat restyf e yn fat chyrch olper yn f e 
chyrch-^orde ; anothyr for f e bodyes of f e ded schuld lye f er wytA- 
out trauelyng of ir vexyng of f e fende. Wherfor f e fende haf e no 

20 power forto do noght to no body fat ys buryed yn cristen burynes, 
but hit so be fat he haue soo trespast, fat he be not worthy forto 
be f er. For Ion Belette telleth how fat non schuld be buryed yn 
f e chirche but fe patrons fat defendyth fe chyrch, and prestes 

24 and clerkes fat defendyn f e chyrch fro gostly enmyes wytA hor 
prayers, and othir patrons fat defendyth hor chyrche fro bodely 
enmyes. For suche haue ben buryed yn chyrche, fat yn f e morow 
f e cors haue ben fownden cast out of f e chyrche, and all f e clof es 

28 laft yn f e burynes. 


Also an angell com to f e wardeyne of a chyrche, and bade hym 
goo to f e byschop, and byd hym do out of f e chyrche hym fat he 

32 had buryed f eryn, othyr he schuld be ded hymselfe vtyihyn xxxti 
dayes aftyr. Aud so he was, for he wold not do as he was 

1 red C. wrytten G. 8 buried C. om. G. 

3 and C. an G. 

68. De Dedicacione Ecclesie 281 


We redyn also yn pe * Gestes of Fraunce ' pat an angyll told an 
lioly byschop Eukeriws how fat Charlys, pe kyng of Fraunce, was 
clampned, for encheson pat he raft l holy chyrche hur ryght pat 
holy men had ijeuen hur before, and bade hym go and opyn his 4 
tombe, and soo see pe sope. Then toke p?/s byschop olper men 
160 a wyth hym; and when he openyd pys tombe, per come out || a gret 
dragon, and flogh forpe, and laft pys tombe brent wyt/iyn, as hit 
had ben a culn-mowth. Thus buryyng yn holy plas helpype not 8 
horn pat byn worthy to be dampned. 

Also per ben mony }>at walketh aftyr pat pay ben ded and 
buryet yn holy plase ; but pat is of no wexyng of pe fend, but of 
grace of God, forto gete horn som helpe of som synne pat pay ben 12 ^p 
gylty yn, and may not haue no rest, tyll pat synne be holpen. As 
hit fell bysyde pe abbay of Lulsull by pre men pat hadden stolen 
an ox of pe abbot, and he had made a sentens perfor ; then two of 
pilke wern schryuen and asked mercy, but pe pryd deyd and was 16 
not asoylet. Wherfor his spyryte 5ede nyghtes and soo feeryd pe 
parysch pat aftyr pe sonne going downe per dyrst no man go out 
of his yn. Then, as pe prest, Syr Thomas Wodward, pat pen 2 was 
parysche prest, ther he toke Godys body, and jede toward a seke 20 
woman at pe sonne goyng don. And pen come pis spyryte, and 
mete hym, and told hym who he was and why he 3ede, and prayde 
hym forto take his wyfe, and go to pe abbot of Lulsull, and help 
pat he wer asoylet, and er he myijt haue 3 no rest. And soo 24 
he come to Lulsull, and made pe mon asoylet, and pen he had 

Now pray 56 to allmyghty God, as all goodnes and grace ys 
vryth hym, to 4 jeue you grace of pe Holy Gost yn holy chyrche 28 
hym to worschyp here, pat 36 may come to pe rest pat he bo$t you 
to. Amen. 

1 raft] rat G. berafts C. 

* J>at J>en H. ]>eras he G. aftur was parson of Rokeley fan C. 

8 haue C. om. G. 4 to om. G. not in C. H. L. 

282 69. De Oracione Dominica 


Goode men and woyme[n], 50 scliull know wele fat ych curatour 
ys holden by all f e lawe yn holy chyrche, forto expowne f e ' Pater 

4 Noster ' to his paryschons ones of yr twyse yn Ipe ^ere ; and yf he 
do not so, he schall be hard enpechet of God for fys necligens. 
Wherfor as God hafe 3eue me grace of vndyrstondywg, || I wol at 160 b 
f is tyme schew you, as I fynde wryton. Then schull 30 know at 
8 f e begynnyng fat hit ys moch more spedfull and meritabull to 
you to say your ' Pater Noster ' yn Englysche fen yn suche Lateyn, 
as 36 dof e. For when 30 spekyth yn Englysche, fen je knowen 
and vndyrstondyn wele what 30 sayn ; and BOO, by your vndyr- 

12 stondyng, 30 haue lykyng and deuocyon forto say hit. Then schull 
30 know fat yn f e ' Pater Roster ' ben vij prayers f e whech yche 
man and woman han gret nede forto pray God for ; for fat 
puttyth away f e vij dedly synnys, and getyth grace of God forto 

16 haue all fat man nedyth forto haue necessary, bof e to f e lyfe and 
to f e soule. 

Of f e wheche prayers the fyrst ys thys : ' Pater noster, qui es in 
celis, sanctfificetwr nomen tuum ! ' That ys yn Englysch to say 

20 f us : * Fadyr owren fat art \n Heuen, halowed be thy name 1 ' 
pus, when je l sayn fadyr owren, 30 knowlechyn fat 30 ben Godys 
chyldryn, and bref er and sustyr yn God, and ben so yf we lyuen 
yn loue, and charite, and rest, and pes, yche on \fyih cfyer, as 

24 brethern owen forto do. And yf a 30 lyuen f us, fen be 30 brefern 
and sustyrne to our Lord Ihmi Cryst, God Sonne of Heuen, and 
schull be w/t/i hym cyvys yn f e kyndome of Heuen, and f e Fadyr 
of Heuen ys glad and fayne of you, and takenyf e you to hym as 

28 for hys dere chyldryn, and hafe gret lykyng forto here your 
prayers. Wherfor reysyth vp your hertys to hym and gaythe f us 
mekely to hym: l Fadyr oures fat art in Heuen, fy name be 
halowed/ Yn f ys 30 prayen for all mysbeleued pepull, wylnyng 

32 fat all fay schuld come to f e fayth fat 36 haue, and so leef hor 

fals goddys, and leue yn your Fadyr, fat ys, God yn Heuen, and 

knewleche hym for God and maker of all f yng yn Heuen and on 

erthe, and non ofer but only he. And f us 36 halowefe Godys 

1 3e C. we (7. 2 y f u. om. G. C. 

69. De Oracione Dominica 283 

name, schowyng fat 30 ben yn full charyte to your Fadyr, God yn 
161 a Heuen, and to all hys pepull. And f us 50 louef e your || neghtbur 
as yourselfe, wylnyng horn to come to f e ioye of Heuen as 50 hopen 
all to done. Also yn fat 30 sayn to God : ' py name be halowed/ 4 
36 sleen f e fowle synne of pride. For he of er scho fat ys dedly 
prowde, he wold f er wer non of er lyke to hym yn no degre ; but 
desyryth fat his name schuld be worschypud and dered befor all 
of ir, and ben praysed befor all of er, and forto be so well before 8 
and passyng all ofer, and wold fer wer no God aboue hym forto 
chastyce hym. And f us, in all fat he may and fat ys in hys 
my3t, he is aboute forto destrye Godys name and hys worschip, 
and take on hym f e worschip fat is dew to God. Thus ys he lyke 12 
to Lucyfere fat wold haue beraft God his worschip. "Wherfor yn 
a poynt he fell done ynto hell, and syfen hafe ben fe fowlyst 
fende yn hell fat before was f e fayrist angell fat was yn Heuen. 
And soo schull all fay fat sewen his trace, but yf fay haue grace 16 
of amendement. 

The secunde prayer is f ys : ' Adueniat regnuw tuum ! ' ' Thy 
kyndom be forto come ! ' Yn f ys prayer 30 schewon * fat 36 haue 
so feruent a loue to your Fadyr m Heuew, fat 30 settyth noght by 20 
no wor[l]dely worschyp, ny ryches, ny lordschyp ; but wyth all your 
hert 30 desyryn to come to your Fadyr kyndom fat ys yn Heuen, 
and forto se hym gloryous kyng wher 36 schull be kyng wyt/t hym 
yn euerlastyng blysse, sewyng f e trace of Godys chyldyr fat haue 24 
gret desyre forto se hor Fadyr and dwell vtyth hym f eras he ys. 
Thus he sleth f e fowle synne of couetyse fat ys euer about forto 
spare, forto gedyr gold and tresoure wherwytA fat he may purches 
his heuen here yn f ys world, and yf he myght haue f ys worlde 2 28 
at his 3 wyll, he kept neuer forto come ynto Heuen, ny Godis 
syght, ny othyr Heuen haue but his lust here. Thus he fat hafe 
more lust forto se gold yn his cofur fen God yn his blysse, he 
schall lese f e syght of bof e, and bene 4 put ynto f e darknes, so 82 
161 b fat he schall neuer || se lyght aftyr. Thus, for he louet more f e 
lykyng of f ys world, fat ys fals and fadyth as a flowre, fen f e 
euerlastyng blysse of Heuen, he schall lese bofe, and go f edyr 
wher ys euerlastyng begere and pouerte and myschef. 36 

1 schewon C. knowejje G. 2 worlde H. om. C. G. 

3 his] hor G. her C. om. H. 4 bene C. om. G. 

284 69. De Oracione Dominica 

The f ryd prayer ys f is : ' Fiat uoluntas tua, sicut in celo et \n 
terra ! ' * Thy wyll be don yn erf e, as hit ys done yn Heuen ! ' 
In f is prayer 50 schewen fat %e be boxom to Godys wyll, desyryng 
4 fat his wyll be done algatys befor youres, and 56 be 1 redy vfyth good 
wyll to leue 5oure wyll and sew Godys wyll, as good chyldyr dof e, 
fat byn boxom to f e fadyr, and dof e reuerence yche on to of yr, 
f e jongyr to f e aldyr, and so yche on to dper yn f e degre fat God 
8 haf e sette hym yn ; as angeles don yche on to of er yn Heuen, so 
fat fe 2 lower degre dof e worschyppe and reuerence to hym fat is 3 
yn herre degre, wytfamt any simylacyon. Herfor 50 pray to God 
forto haue suche, and mekenes yn hert, and grace forto do worschip 

12 and reuerence yche on, he fat is lower to hym fat ys her, for 
loue. For he fat ys herre dof e worschip to hym fat ys lower for 
gret mekenes of hert, and yche on helpyth ofr yn nede, fayne 
and gladde yche on of othyr encrese and sory of hys mischef. 

16 Thus je schull sle fe foule synne of envy, fat may not fynd at* 
his hert forto do reuerence and worschyp to horn fat he ys yn 
company wyth ; but haf e endeyn of all fat byn compenabull and 
seruyabull, and is 5 redy to bakbyte all fat well don, and demyn 

20 horn allgatys mysse, and ben sory when fay seen any man holpen, 
and ben well payut of hys harme, and yf he here a lytyll worde 
amysse, he woll lay more to and so encrese hit yn all fat he may, 
yn hyndryng of his neghtbur. But foo 6 fat louen to bakbyte 

24 so, helle-howndes schull gnawe horn bak and bely wythouten any 
lesyng, but yf fay amende er fay hethen passe. 

The forthe prayer is fys: 'Panem nostrum cotidi||anum da 162 a 
nobis hodie ! ' ' Oure yche dayys bred f ou 5yue vs f is day ! ' 

28 }e say not f us, for God schuld ijeue you f us yn on day all f e 
bred fat 30 schuld haue yche day aftyr, but bycause fat bred is 
yche dayys fode, and makef e man myghty forto trauayle for all 
ofer fing fat ys nedfull to hym. ])us is sayde, for bred fat 

32 fedyth f e body ; for yn prayng of f ys bred, je prayen to God 
forto haue kynde wedryng to all maner of sedys fat ben cast yn 
f e erthe. For when sedys ben cast yn the erthe, manys myght 
and conyng sesythe, and all is yn Godys doyng and }efture. Thus 

36 je prayth for bred fat ys bodely fode. pen ys f er bred fat ys 

1 be H. om C. G. 2 >e C. om. , 8 is C. om. G. 

4 at C. all G. 5 is H. ben G. C.. ' >oo (7. ye G. 

69. De Oracione Dominica 285 

gostly fode and susteynyth f e sowle as of er bred dof e f e body, 
pe wheche bred je schull pray our gostly Fadyr forto 3eue you on 
f e holyday, fat 36 mowe etc fat m your hert yche day aftyr yn 
your labour, and soo strenkf en l your soule f erwyth fat 50 grucche 4 
not ajeyn God for doses fat 30 haue yn your labour, but taketh 
hit in paciens and yn penaunce 2 for your synnys. And }>us 36 
schull put away fe foule synne of sloufe fat woll nof er trauayll to 
helpe his body, ny his soule, but faryth as a swyne, etyth and 8 
drynkyth and slepyth. Wherfor Saynt Barnard sayth fat suche 
fat woll not trauayle wyth men here yn erf e, fay schull traueyll 
yn helle wyth fendes. 

The fyfthe prayer is f?/s: 'Et dimitte nobis debyta nostra, sicwt 12 
et nos dimittinms debitoribws nosfris I ' ' And for^eue vs oure 
trespas, as we fo^euen horn fat trespas to vs ! ' Here 30 prayen 
f e Fadyr of Heuen forto 3ue you hertes, fat 30 mow wyth full 
hert for3eue all fat gyltyth to you, and so pray hym fat he 16 
for3eue you fat 30 gultuf e a3eynys hym. For our Fadyr of Heuen 
ys Fadyr of mrcy, and woll fat all his childyr be mercyabull as 
he ys, and blessyth all horn fat ben mercyabull and sayth f us : 
' Beati misericordes ! ' * Blessed be fay fat ben mercyabull/ for 20 
fay schull sewe merci. pus your Fadyr of Heuen yn all louyng 
162 b maner corastreynef e || you forto do mercy at your prayer ; for f er 
may no man haue mercy of hym, but fay do mercy. And yn fat 
36 don mercy, 30 sleyne f e foule synne of dedly wrath, fat is so 24 
full of vengeans and cruelte of maleyse, fat hit woll neuer fo^eue, 
but al gate do fe vtmast and fe vengeans fat he may. Wherfor 
he schall haue no mercy yn fe day of dome, but be dampned 3 
ynto fe payne of helle, and curset and vnworf y to come among 28 
Godis childyr ; for dome without mercy schall be don to hym fat 
dof e no mercy. Thus 3if 36 wollnoth to haue mercy of God and 
foi^euenes of your trespas, 36 most fo^eue horn fat trespas a3eynes 
you, of er ellys he woll not here your prayer. 32 

The syxte prayer ys f is : ' Et ne nos inducas in temptactonem ! ' 
{ Thow suffyr not vs to be lad ynto temptacyon!' p?/s ys for 30 
felyth wele how f e fende ys besy day and nyght forto tempt you 
to synne ; f erfor 30 prayen to your Fadyr yn Heuen fat he suffyr 36 

1 strenkj>en C. stryuyth Cr. 2 penaunce C. pacieus G. 

3 be dampned //. suche te dampned G. dampae suche C. 

286 69. De Oracione Dominica 

not you to be ladde ynto temptacyon by f e fendes entysyng, for 
sleghly he bryngyfch a man of er a woman ynto synne. Furst he 
temptyth hym, fat ys, asaythe hym whethir he be strong o\>er 
4 lethy yn loue to his God. And yf he fyndyth hym lethy, he 
makef e hym to seen fat ys lykyng to his flessche. And so wyth 
f e syght he makyth hym cacche a delyte yn hit and a lust f erto ; 
and when he hafe a lust, fen makyth he hym to fall yn concent 
8 f ^rto and so forth ynto f e dede of synne. Thus he temptyf all 
Godis chyldyr and namely yn f e synne of gloteny ; for wyih fat 
synne he dysseyueth oure forme fadyr Adam and Eue. And 
knowef e wele fat yche best of kynde ys sonnest taken vtyih mete, 

12 layde yn grynnys and othyr gynnes. Wherfor, when 50 etuf e or 
drynkythe, l he temptuth 3ow moste to glotterye. Furst wit sy^te 
of mete of ur offdrunke \ and so makyth you haue lust Iperto, and 
fen forto tast hyt, and so, by lust of f e tast, forto etc othyr drynke 

16 to euorously therof, and to take to moche, of^r ete or f e tyme as 
fastyng dayes or elles er f e tyme of day, of ur aftyr tyme as rere 
sopers, ofer yn fastyng-dayes sytte at nyght and drynke to || 
moche, and so breke your fast. And oft makef e a pore man to 163 a 

20 spend his good yn vayne, bof e yn dayntef e 2 mefcys and drynkys 
fur fen hys state askyth, and soo ys made a begger and a borower 
of anofer manys good, and neuer wol qwyt. Suche gynnes f e 
fendys vsyth to lede a man 6\>er woman ynto f e synne of gloteny. 

24 Wherfor 50 haue gret nede forto pray bysyly to God forto kepe 
you from f e fendeys temptac?/on. And forto put away f ?/s temp- 
tacyon 50 schull begynne your mete wyth blessyng, fat ys, to 
make a crosse ouer your mete, prayng God to kepe you so, fat 

28 ^e fall not ynto gloteny. And aftyr mete 36 schull ende your 
mete wyth graces, fat ys, fonkyng God fat he hafe 3euen you 
grace to kepe you, fat 36 haue don no surfet. 

The seuent prayer ys fys: 'Sed libera nosamalo!' That ys 
v. 52 to say: 'But delyuer vs from all euell.' pys euell 30 may calle 
wele f e synne of lecherye; for f er nys no man lyuyng fat may 
telle f e euoll fat hafe comen by lechery, fat is to say : monslaght, 
envy, fals of es, avowtre, fals ayres, fals deuors, rnurf ur, fals de- 

36 famacyon, fals suspicyon, and mony a soule lorne. And when hit 

1 he ... drunke C. H. om. O. 

2 daynte])e] dajntejis G. deynte>e H. deynte C. 

69. De Oracione Dominica 287 

fallyth on a man yn hys elde, hit maketh hym lese his good, and 
his cateyle, and hys worschyppe, and his name, and maketh hys 
frendys to lof e hyin and hys company, and to speke mony an 
euoll worde by hym, for hys grace schall fall from l hym. And so, 4 
whad for defawte of grace and losse of hys grace, his wyt schall 
apayre lytyll and lytyll, tyll he be a mopysche fole, and so suffyr 
hys lemon to be hys maystyr. And fen schall he go to noght, and 
schall neuer be delyuerd f erof, but God sette \fyih grete prayer 8 
hond to and delyuer[d] hym. 

I rede, jisj>e maystyr of stories telly th, how fe kyng Darius 

t'UO made a questyon to fre of hys wardcorsis, and asked horn whech 12 J^'} 
was f e strenggyst of horn fre : a kyng, othyr wyne, of yr a woman. 

163 b Then sayde on : ' A kyng, for he may cowimawnde all men, || and 
hor lyfe and hor lymmes lyfe yn hys hond/ Then vnswared fat 
of ir, and sayde how fat wyne was strengyr then a kyng ; for 16 
wyne oft so ouercomyth a kyng, be he neuer soo strong, fat hit 
mekyfe hym myghtles and wyt/iout strengfe. Then sayde fe 
fryd, fat was ^orebabell, how fat a woman was strengur fen 
a kyng olper wyne; for a woman fosturs vp a kyng of a chyld 20 r 
and hom fat settuf and kepuf e wynes, and men ben not adrede 
for to lese hor strength and hor lyue for a woman. And sayde how 
fat he sawe a kyngys lemon smyt f e kyng vndyr f e cheke wyth 
hur hond ; and when scho logh, scho made hym to lagh ; and whan 2 
scho wepte, scho made hym to wepe. Thus ys a woman strengyr fen 
a kyng ofyr wyne ; and f us f e fowle synne of lechery destryth 
a man, bof e yn hys lyfe and yn hys def e, and makyth hym so 
ferre from Godys grace, fat he dredyth nof yr God ny man. 28 


I rede of a woman fat was lemmon to a man and had ben mony 
jerys. But fen hit happy nd soo fat on a day, as scho was yn f e 
chyrche and herd a predicacyon yn f e wheche predycacyon scho 32 
herd soo horrybull paynes of helle 3 yordeynt to 4 all fat vsyth 
lechery and wold not leue hit fat scho was contryte and steryd 
by fe Holy Gost, fat scho ^ode, and schrof hur, and toke hur 

1 fall from H. from G. fronee (?) C. 2 whan C. om. G. 

3 helle C. herre G. * to C. om. G. 

69. De Oracione Dominica 

penaunce, and was yn full purpos forto liaue lafte hur synne for 
all way aftyr. But fen as scho 3ode homwaide scheo mette 1 wv/t/i 
hur lemman, fat spake to hur to do fe synne, as he was wont 
4 befor. But scho forsoke and sayde nay ; for scho had herd a 
predycacyon how horrybull penauwce ys ordeynt for all such yn 
hell, and scho was ferd f erof, and was schryuen, and wold no mor 
trespas. Then sayde he : ' Yf all f yng wer sof e fat ys preened, 
8 f er schuld no man ny woman be sauet ; and f erfor leue hyt not, 
for hit ys not sof e. But be we heraftyr of won assent, as we haue 
ben befor, and I wyll plyght f e my trof e fat I woll neuer leue, 
but hold f e all way.' Then turned || f e womon hur hert, and 164 a 

12 dyddyn f e synne as fay dyddyn befor. But hit hapenyd soo fat 
yn schort tyme aftyr fay dyet sodenly 2 ; and fen was f er a good 
holy man fiat knew bofe hor lyues, and prayde to God forto 
wyte how hyt was wyth horn. Then, on a day, as he walked by 

16 a watyr prayng for thys f yng, he sawe a blak derke myst on f e 
watyr ; and yn f e niyst he herd f e man and f e womon speke \>us 
ayf er to cfyer, and he knew well hor voyces bofe. pen sayde f>e 
woman to \> e man : ' Icursed be J>ou of all men, and cursed be f e 

20 tyme fat f ou wer borne, for by f e I am dampned ynto euerlastyng 
paynes.' Then vnswared fe man : * Cursed be f ou and f e tyme 
J>at f ou was borne, for J?ou hast made me dampned for euer ! For 
had I onys be contryte for my syniies as f ou wer, I wold neuer 

24 haue turned as pou duddyst ; and yf J>ou hadyst holden good 
couenant wyth hym J>at f>ou madyst, f ou myghtyst haue sauid 3 vs 
bothe. But I behette f e fat I wold neuer leue f e. Wherfor go 
we now bof e ynto f e payne of hell fat ys ordeynt for vs bof e ! ' 

28 From fe whech payne God kepe you and me, yf hyt be hys 
wyll. Amen. 

Explicit Liber Festiuale. 

1 sode homwarde scheo mette C. met goyng homward G. 

2 sodenly C. sodenly aftyr Q. 3 sauid C. sauen G. 

70. Sermo de Nupcijs 289 


[From MS. Claudius A, II.] 


As 56 here all seyne, a man and a woman ben weddut togydur 
os f e lawe of holy chyrch techuth. God of hyg godenesse :jef hem 
grace so to kepon Je sacrament fat f ei han takon, so fat God be 4 
payut, and fei worscheput f^rby 1 in Heuen and in erthe. But 
for ]>er ben many f at takuth fis sacrament and wyttuth lytul 
whatte charge is ferwyth, ferfore 1 wil schortely at fis tyme 
schew 2 3ow what fis sacrament is, fat $e schullon in tyme comyng 8 
drede God f e more and kepon jjoure ordur f e bettur. Wherefore 
50 schul knowon fat fis sacrament is holy, furste for gode begyn- 
nyng, sython for gode leuing, and aftur for gode endyng ; for fei 
Ipat takuth hede what charge fei take at f e begynnyng and ben 12 
besy to kepon it aftur in hure lyuyng, fey 3 schul comyn to J>e 
blysse fat is wyt/iowtyn endyng. 

^e schul knowon fat fis ordur was not furste fondon be erthely 
man, bot be )?e holy Trenite of Heuen ; Fadur and Sone and Holy 16 
Gost made hit in paradise erthely, and is in a place in Ipe est, and 
so heygh J>at Ipe flode of Noe cam not nygh it. In Ipe whyche 
place is so myche ioy and blysse fat no tonge may telle, ne no 4 
herte may thenk. And for encheson fat f is ordur was made in 20 
Ipat rnery place, 5it holy chirch suffreth it to be made here in erthe 
wyth myrth fat is holy hymself, and wyt/ioute vylony. pan was 
it made fus : whan God hadde makud f is worlde and all f inge at 
hys wille f erin for man, fan, at f e laste, he makut man. So whan 24 
fat he was makud, he fond alle f ing redy and buxum to hys honde. 
pan sayde f e holy Trenite yfere fus : ' Make we man lyk to vs in 
ymage ! ' pat is, be ymaginacion and 5 be virtues fat a man hath 
in hym, mon is lyke to God in soule, but not in body, p^rfore 28 
alle f e uertues fat a man hath, f ei comyw oute of f e soule into f e 

1 Jwby H. }>rtt by C. 2 schew H. sewe G. 3 >ey H. 30 C. 

4 ne no] no ne C. ne II, 5 and II. om. C. 


29Q 70. Sermo de Nupcijs 

body, pan browthe God pis man Adam into paradyse and makyd 
hym keper perof; and hit 1 is ful of trees bering froyte alle pe 
tymes of pe ^ere, suche as 2 ben none lyke in pis worlde. pan, in 

4 pe mydul of paradyse, God sette on tree pat was passing alle olpur 
in bewte and of uertu, as for a princepal reseruot to hymself, pat 
also ofte os Adam seygh 3 pat tree he schulde haue mynde of God ; 
for in wele a man forijeteth God and hymself, bot he be holpon be 
8 grace, pan seyde God to Adam : ' Etc of alle pe tren pat ben in 
paradyse, saue only of pis tree ete not, in peyne of deth.' And 
pus be Adam pis same forbode passud into Eue. pan seyde God : 
'It is not gode a man to ben hymself. 5 Here begane pe forme 

12 worde [of] || weddyng of man and wowiman. 117 a 

Wherefore, os by Goddys ordynaunce, a man schal takon a wyf 
lyke of age, lyk of condicions, and lyk of burth ; for pereos pese 
ben acordyng, it is lyk to fare wel, and ellys not. In mynd hereof 

1C pe preste schal makon a quere be hure oth wether pei ben 
cosynnes wyt/dnne degre of mariage or no, whepwr eyther of other 
haue any better ryght to any other, wethwr pei ben in ful wylle 
eythwr to otlmr to lyvon togydur and kepe pe scharge pe whyche 

20 he wyl leyne on hem. 

In tokenynge of pis, angellus, be Goddys byddyng, browthon 
alle maner bestys before Adam ; bot for per was no best lyk to 
Adam, God made hym to slepon, and panne anone hys spryte was 

24 rapyt into Heven, and per he sagh alle p[y]ngge pat schulde fallon 
aftwr by hym and alle hys ospring. But pis mene wyle God toke 
on ryb wytA pe flesse of Adam, and sayde : ' Make it a wcmman, 
flesse of fiesse, and bon of bon.' pan wakud God Adam, and sette 

28 pe wowiman before hym, and jaf hure to Adam. 

And so doth pe preste, wan he ^eveth 4 pe womman to pe man. 
pan leyth 5 pe mon syluer and money on pe boke pat beruth a 
ymage of a man, in tokenyng pat he 6 takuth hure in atent to 

32 geton chyldron pat ben Goddys ymages, forto restore pe noumbur 
of angellus. 

pan toke Adam pe womman and seyde: 'pis is 7 now bon of 
bon and flesse of flesse/ for a man schal levon fadur and niodur, 

1 hit H. om. C. 2 suche as H. schul C. 

3 MS. seyght. * 5 eveth H. jeth C. 5 leyth H. legh C. 

6 J>at he H. om. C. 7 is H. om. C. 

70. Sermo de Nupeijs 291 

and draw to hur as a parcel of hymself, and louon hym and he hure 
trewly iufere, and schuld ben too in on flesse ; for f e schylde of 
hem is on flesse of failur and modur. pan aftur, for f e womrnan, 
be techyng of f e fende, wyt/j hure honde toke froyte of fat tree 4 
fat was forbodon, and ete ferof, and }af hur husbonde Adam, 
i-chewing "pat heo louid more l hyre husbonde fan God. 

perfore f e prest blessuth a ring, Ipat, betokeueth God, fat hath 
neyther begynnyng ne endyng, and duth hit on 2 hur fyngur fat 8 
haf e a 3 veyne to hure herte, tokenyng fat he schal loue God oure. 
all thyng, and f anne hure husbond. 

pan, f us whan f ei haddyn brokyn Goddys forbedyng, anone be 
Goddys bydyng an angel drof ham oute of paradyse into f is worlde, 12 
to geton hure lyflode w?/tA travayle and desese, and f e wowman to 
beron hure frythe wyth woo and peyne. 

Herefore f e preste takuth hem be f e hande and brynguth hem 
into chyrch, fat is Goddys hous, as f ilk fat han sworne and made 16 
an opon oth to lyvon in Goddys lawe, and to fulfyllon hys com- 
maundementes ; and so setteth hem beforon fe auter as before 
Goddys awne faas. pan, for f e holy Trynyie 4 dyde alle f is offyce 
before sayde, in tokeny[n]g ferof f e prest begynnyth f e masse of 20 
117 b fe || Trenite 5 . 

^ette, for Adam and Eue weron nakud, God hadd compassion of 
ham and clothed ham wyth pylches, fat is, a cloth makud of dede 
bestus ; so is 6 f er a clothe holdyn oure hur 7 f eis, teching hem to 24 
haue cleth in mynde, and f e hyllyng of hure graue, and so for 
drede levon f e ele and done f e gode. 

And for also rnyche os f e womman gultud more fan Adam, f er- 
fore f e preste reduth more ouer f e womman fan oure f e man. 28 
pan aftur, f e man cusseth f e preste and beruth it to hys wyfe, 
betokenyng fat f er is ful pes and ful acorde of loue betwyx God 
and ham, and cure schal ben whil f ei holdon f e ordur fat f ei haue 
takyn vpon hem. pan to schewow whate penaunce f ei ben worthy 32 
fat brekon f is ordur, I telle 3ow f is ensaumpul. 

J rede fat f er was an olde knythe and weddud a 5ung ladi ; but 

1 heo louid more H. he louid C. 2 hit on H. om. C. 

3 ha}>e a H. ha C. 4 Trynyte H. tyme C. 

MS. Tretrenite. 6 is H. hys C. 

7 hur H. om. C. 

19 2 

292 70. Sermo de Nupcijs 

for f>is olde mail plesud not hurc alle to lekyng of bur, scheo toke 
anothur freke knyte fat was neghtbur to hem. But whan f>ei hadde 
long lyuod in synne, at f>e laste J>ei dyud bothe sodenly. pan 

4 was Iper a man J>at made charkolus in a park of a lordys besydes, 
and whan he hadde makud a grete fyre of colus, he lay by it alle 
nyght forto wakon on it. pan, before mydnyght, he sagh a 
womman comyng rennyng as faste os scheo my the, wondur 1 

8 gastely criing for fere, pan cam ]>er aftur hure a man, al in blak, 
rydyng on a blak hors, and a drawon swerde in hys hande, and 
huntod ])is womman aboute J?is cole-fyre, and, at J>e laste, he caghte 
hure, and al tohew hyre on peces, and caste hure in J?e cole-fyre, 

12 and rode forth hys way. pe same wyse he dude f>e nexte nyght 
aftur, and cure f>is coleman seygh J>at nythe be nythe, f>at he was so 
agaste, J>at he 3ode to hys lorde and tolde hym why he durste not 
dwel ]>er no lengar. pan sayde fne lorde : ' Go ageyne and I wil 

16 cum to Ipe J?is nyght, and wyth fe myght of God I schal wyton 
whatte J>ei ben/ pan cam. J?is lorde f>idur, and whan j?is odur 
hed 2 he won J>is womman in peson and caste hur into fyre, J>is 
lorde was redy and toke hym be J>e bridul and coniurid hym to 

20 tellon whatte fei weron. pan sayde he 3 : ' I am such a man, and 
scheo such a wowraian f>at I hadde vndur hur husband ; and Ipus 
uche nyghte I schal slene hure and brenne hur in J>is fyre, for 
scheo was cause of my synne. And I ryde here on a fende lyk an 

24 horse, and J>is sadul brennuth hatter )?an any erthely fyre ; and 
)5us we schul done til we ben holpon be sume gode man.' pan 
sayde J?e lorde : ' What may ben 3oure helpe 1 Telle .me, and it 
schal be don.' pan he tolde hym how many masses mosten ben 

28 songon for hem, and whatte of almus-dedus. pan dude ]?is lorde, 
as he behyghte ham, and so were bof>e jholpon. pus is weddyng 
holy in begynnyng. 

And also it is || holy in lyuing. In tokening ]>erof Cryste and us a 

32 hys modur Mary and hys disciplus weron callud to a wedding 
betwysse lohn Euangeliste and Mary Mawdeleyne ; and so be hys 
comyng he halowod weddyng, J?t is now vsud as I haue sayde 
before. In tokening hereof aftur masse Ipe prest is prayed to Ipe 

1 wondur II. wndur C. 2 hed H. om. C. 

3 he U. om. G. 

70. Sermo de Nupcijs 293 

mete, pan comuth he and blessuth hure mete and hur clrinke ; and 
CViste wyth hys blessing, at fe preyere of our lady, he turnud 
watwr into wyne. pan to schew. ;QW f e vertu of a prestes blessing, 
I telle 5ow f is tale fat was don in dede. ._ 4 

A cumpanye of l felowes haddon takon a stene of ale to drynkon 
in a erbere. pan schulde Ipe preste of f e toune ha[ue] 2 ben on of 
hem, but for he hadde not songon, he badde hem drynkon wyl he 
3ode to syngon. pen sayde on of hem : 'Sir, blesse fe drynk er 8 
50 gone/ pan sayde he : ' God blesse it, and I do : In nomine 
Patfm et Filii et SpifUus Sancti. Amen.' And anone ferwyt/i 
fe stene barste al to pesus, and a grete tode 3 was in fe stene 
bothom. pan alle heldon vp hure handus to God, f onkyng hym 12 
fat sauid hym Vfyih hys blessing from poysynnyng. 

Weddyng is also holy at hys ending ; for f ei fat keputh it wel 
in hure lyuing, f ei schul come and ben takon in at Ipe gret 4 wed' 
dyng fat schul ben aftur f e day of dome, whan God au.d holy 10 
chyrch schul be wedded, togydur for eurelasting blysse. 

So besyde Northamton was a chylde of eleven ^ere olde, f>at was 
syk in a pestelens and was in a transon ; but whan he woke, he tolde 
many wondrus. pan among othur \>er was neygh besyde a man 2Q 
J?at hadde a leraman vndur hys wyf so priue[l]y f>at no man wyste 
hit. pan J?oght J^is man to gone and spekon viyih ]?is chylde; 
and as he jode f>idurwarde, he mete Ipe fende lyk to hys lemman, 
and kussyd hur, and }ode forth. And whan he com to Jns schylde, 21 
he askud hym, how he ferde. pan sayde he : ' Syr, wel ; but j?ou 
farust ful ylle, for )?ou haste a lemman vudur lp i wyf a^eynus 
Goddys lawe, J?e wyche f>ou wendust J?t J?ou haddust cussud in J>e 
way hydurwarde, bot it was a fende lyk to hur, and hath \fyiU Ipctk 28 
cusse sette a kanckyr in J?i lypp, fat schal ete Ipe into Ipe herte- 
cow, but Ipovi amende Ipe.' But, for J?is man toke hys wordes bot 
for a fantasye, fis kanckur quikkonod, and ete hym os he sayde, 
and dyud Iperou. 32 

AVherefore vch man and wowman be ware fat he holde fat hye 
othe s fat he hath made before 6 God and all hys seyntes ; for 
whoso brekef e fat, he schaU not scape 6 wyt/ioute vengeans. 

1 cumpanye of //. certeyne C. 2 haue] ha C. om. H. 

3 tode //. tote C. * at >e gret H. >at degre C. 

6 }>at hye othe H. om. C. 6 God . . . scape H. om. C. 

294 71. In Die Sepulture 



Gode men, as je alle se *, here is a myrroure to vs alle : a corse 

browth to f e chyrch. God haue mercy on hym for hys mercy, 

4 and bryng hym into hys blysse fat cure schal laston. But, gode 

men, 56 schal vndurstande fat fis cors is broght to chyrch for 

free pryncepal causes. 

pe forme is to schewon vs fat he was || in eke and buxum in hys 118 b 

8 lyue to God and to holy chyrch. But, for he knew fat he ofte- 

tyme mystoke hym a^eyn^s God be pride, os we alle doth, f erfore, 

at hys 2 dying, he bequeth hys soule into Goddys handy s and hys 

body to holy chyrch, pottyng hym holy into Goddys mercy to don 

12 wyth hys body and hys soule what hys owne wille be ; for Iper 
schal neure man ben sauid, bot only fat is meke to God and to 
holy chyrch. pis is f e forme cause why hys corse is browthe to 
chyrch : ryghte os f e modur forsakuth not hur chylde fat wol 

16 mekon hym to hur, ryght so holy chyrch reseyueth vche man fat 
wyl mekon hym and knolach hys gylte in purpos of amendement. 

pe secunde cause is, mankynde was makyd of slem of f e erth, 
fat is, of kynde stinkyng in hymself ; f 0rfore mannus flesse, be hit 

20 neure so fayre no swete whyl it is on lyue, anone os it is dede, 
hit begyraiuth to stynke and turne to foulest careyn fat is, and 
sonnest a man schall takon hys deth of f e sauwr f erof. Wherefore 
hyt is broght to fe chyrch, to ben hud in fe erth fat is halowod; 

24 for vche cors is vrth, and comyth of f e erth, and lyuuth be f e 
erth, and is, at f e laste, beried in f e erth. pan hath he 3 a white 
schete on him 3 , schewing fat he was clene schryvon, and clansud 
of hys synnws be contricion of herte and be asoyling of holy 

28 chyrch. pan is hys hed leyde into f e west and hys fette into f e 
est, to ben f e more redy to sene Criste fat comyth oute of f e est 
to f e dome, and so ryson a3eyims hym. He hath also a cros of 
tre sette at hys hed, schewing fat he hath fulle Icue to ben sauid 

1 se H. heroii C. 2 hys written tioice C. 

3 a white schete on him II, on of hem a whyte schote C. 

71. In Die Sepulture 295 

be Oystus passion, fat dyud for hym on f e cros of tre. pan 
is f er anof er cros of a wax-candul Icyde on hys breste, in tokenyng 
fat lie dyed in brennywg charite to God and man; for alle fi[l]k 
fat dyon in ful cliarite, f ei schul haue helpe and parte of alle f 3 4 
suffrages of holy chyrch in 1 all fe worlde. And fei fat dyoth 
oute of charite schal haue no parte of f e prayeres of holy chyrch. 
fer is also a mete^orde leyde be hym instede of a staf, in tokenyng 
fat he goth to hys long home ; bot f is staf is broken, in tokenyng 8 
fat f er'm is 2 no defence, but mote nede take 3 bettur and worse, 
as he hath deseruyth. pen is f e erth caste on hym, and BO f e 
dor tyneth on hym for euermore and so eurelasting farewel 
worthe 4 hym and hys werkys. Bot for encheson fat fyndys schal 12 
haue no pouste in hys graue, fe preste springy th it wyih haly 
watur and goth his way. And ijyt hit is ofton sene fat fendis 
ban pouste to trobolon a cors fat hath not hys ful sacrament of 
holy chyrch, and fat I preue by 5 f is ensaumpul. 16 

I fynde fat f er wer 6 f re bretheren at debate in a toune, and 

weron slayne alle fre; but fe too haddon alle fer rythus, and 

119 a f e f rydde was not hosullud, and so weron beried togydwr || in f e 

chyrch. pan com a fend and toke f is cors fat was not anoylud, 20 
and 5ode into itte and so forth into f e toun, and makud many 
cryes be f e whych men weron sore agaste ; and dured f us a long 
tyme. pan was f er an awkur in fat toun in f e chyrch, fat was in 
hys preyeres before mydnythe, and seygh f e fende come be lythe of 24 
f e inone leke an ape ; and whan he com to f e graue, anone f e 
corse arose, and he 5ode into hytte, and so forth in hys iurney, as 
he was wonte. fan, whan he com a5eyne, f is ankur coniured f is 
fende, in f e vertu of hym fat dyod on f e cros for mankynde, fat 28 
he schulde tellyn hym, why he hadde such power in fat cors rathar 
fan in any othur. pan sayde he : ' For f is was 7 not annoylid, 
f erfore I haue power in f is cors; bot f e soule is saffe. Wherefore 
I go not f us for harme of hys soule, but to makon of ur to synnon 32 
on hym and to demon hym of ur fan he is, so fat I may putton 
fat a^eyims hym in f e day of dome, and say ? how f ei demod here 

1 in H. om. C. 2 J>at Jjmn is] J>at is H. J>mn is C. 

3 take H. token (7. 4 worthe] and worthe C. II. 

5 by U. om. C. 6 wer H. om. C. 

7 was H. wat C. 8 say H. seygh C. - 

296 71. In Die Sepulture 

neyghburres othur fan fei schulde done, a^eynus Goddys com- 

maundement. pan f is ankur charged hym be f e uertu of Goddys 

passion to leue of, and no more tempton Goddus pepul, and so 

4 sesud. pis is f e secunde cause why fis cors is browthe to chyrcli. 

pe f rid cause is 1 , forto ben yholpon be prayeres and sacraments 

fat ben done in holy chyrch. For sum tyme, os lohn Belete sayth, 

f e comyn pepul weron byryed at home in here owne houce ; but 

8 fan was f er so grete stynoh of Ipe cors and so vyolent, fat it 

my the not ben suffred. pan, be comyn assent, fey * makyt a place 

otwyth f e toun, and byried fere f e corses ; but f e ryohe men 

f ei 3 weron byried on hullus and in roches vndur hullus, but f us 

12 was no sokur don to ham aftur hur deth. Wherefore ofton soules 
apperuth to hure frendys pleynyng sore fat f ei haddon none helpe. 
\Yherefore holy chyrch is halowod be holy byschoppes, f e wyche 
leton maken chyrch-^ordys, and halowod hem, and makud to 

16 bryngon all to holy chyrch, so fat alle schuldon haue parte of f e 
suffrages of f e masse and of holy chyrch. 

Wherefore we prayon bysyly for alle of f e which f e bodyes 4 
regtuth in holy chyrch or in chyrch-^arde, and alle f ei ben browth 

20 to chyrch, For as ofton as hure frendys sene hure byrinesse, fei 
schullon hauen mynde of hem and prayen for hem ; but for alle 
f e prayeres fat ben don for helpe of mannes sowles, f e masse is 
chef and princepal sokur to alle soules. But to a soule be hywself 

24 f e masse fat he louyth moste 5 in hys life, fat helpeth him moste q 
whan he is dede; as }ef a man or womman loue a masse of fe 
Trenite, or of f e Holy Gost, or of oure ladyes, fat masse schulde 
moste helpon hym, whan he is dedV But for comyn helpe of alle 

28 criston soules aftur masse, f e salmes of f e sawter and specialyche 
f e seven psalmes 7 wyth Ipe letany [ben songon] 3 , for fei ben sokur 
aijaynws fe seven dedly synnws, vfyih f e preyeres of fe seyntws 
fat ben called to forto helpon. Also < Placebo ' and * Dirrige * 

32 wytA nyne lessones, wyth fe 'Laudes' and masse of || requiem sung, 119 b 
hit feduth soules, and makuth hem strong to suffren here peyne 
vryth f e more paciens. 

1 is H. om. C, 2 j^ey S. J>e C. 3 MS. >ei >ei. 

* of J>e which fe bodyes H. >at >e bonus of hem C. 

5 in ... moste H. om. C. 6 ded H. ded moste C. 

7 MS. psalmes. ben songon om. C. H. 

71. In Die Sepulture 297 

And fe ioy of oure lady doth hem also grete socur and re- 
fressyng. pus tolde a spryte fat com and spak oponly to a prior 
in audiens of moni othur fat weron callud fidur to heron fe 
spyryte speken. And when f e spyrite goth first oute of f e body, 4 
if it haue alle hys ryghtes of holy chyrch, fan is oure lady redy 
to sokurron hym a^ejnus f e fray fat f e fendys makon on hym, 
schewyng * hym wryton alle f e synnes fat he hath done, 5elling 
on hym, and f reting fat f ei wil drawon hym to helle vryth hem. 8 
But fan is oure lady redy blessud mote sche ben ! and rebukyth 
f c fendys, and sayth to hem f us : ( I am Goddus modur, and fat 
I pray my sone fat he $ef f is soule a place in Hewuen. I am also 
empmice of helle, and haue power oure alle }ow fyndys ; and f er- 12 
fore I cowmaunde }ow fat 50 frayne f is soule no lengar, but goth 
jowre way and latte hym han reste. I am also lady of alle f e 
worlde, and f erfoi-e I graunte f is soule helpe and sokur of alle f e 
suffrages fat ben done in holy chyrch, and of alle f e prayeres of 16 
seyntus in Heven. pen goth fe fendes fleyng away selling, for 
f ei mow not haue hur purpos, pus 30 schul knowon, 2 good men 
and women, fat for fese in skylles corses ben brojt to holy 
cjiurche 2 to ben ybyried ; wherefore vche man and wo/?iman fat is 20 
wyse, make hym redy f erto, for alle we schul dyon and we wyte 
note how sone, eto. 


Now, sir preste, tak gode hede in f i byriwg, lest f on do any 24 
error, as ofton is seyne; for fou schalte know fat fer ben some 
fat schullon ben byriod in chyrch and in chyrch-^arde, and some 
in chyrch~3orde and not in chyrch, and some neyther in chyrch ne 
in chirch-^orde. 28 

pilk schul ben beried in chirch fat ben mynisteres in holy 
chyrch, and also f e patrones of f e chyrch fat in hure lyf defenduth 
holy chyrch from here enmyes. 

Othur schulde not ben beryed in chyrch, wyt/i no reson ; but 32 
fei ben suffred, becaus fe chyrch schulde haue no grete 

1 gchewyng H. sweryng (7. 2 goode . . . xshurche H. om. C. 

298 72. Qui Sunt Sepeliendi in Cimiterio 

harme in warnyng ferof. But 3itte it is notte profytte for a man 

to ben byried in chirch, no more fan he hath to be byriod in 

chyrch-3orde, for in }>is cas holy place helput notte. Heven is an 
4 holy place, and 3ytte Lucifer was caste oute of hyt os forcursyd ; 

paradyse is an holy place, but Adam, for he was vnbuxuw to God, 

he was dryuon oute Iperof. So he fat is vnbuxum to God and to 

holy chirch, and is cursyd, schal not ben byried in sentuary. 
8 For, os lohn Belet telluth, \>er was a cursud man byried in 

chyrch, and on morowon hys body was fondon nakud vtwyth f e 

chyrch-3orde, bot fe clof ws fat he was byried in lafton in fe 

12 Also he telluth of another fat was byried in f e chirch, and fat 

same nyght an angel spake to an holy man, and bad hym go to fe 

bysschop and bydde hym caste oute fat cursyd body ; bot |) for f e 120 a 

byschop wolde not don as f e angel badde hym, Jwfore he dyed 
16 wyt/dnne f rytti dayes aftur. 

Werfore, he fat is cursyd be holy chyrch, he schal not ben 

byrie[d] in centuary, bot it be so fat, before hure dying, f ei weron 

repentant and askud mercy. 
20 And a thef fat is slayne in hys f efte schal not ben beried in' 


A man or a wowman fat is slayne in a-vowtry schal not ben 

byried in sentuary, but he crye mercy before * hure deth ; for, in 
24 fat f ei brekon here spowsehed, f ei ben vnbuxum to God and falce 


And a f eff schal not ben byryed in sentuary, bot it be so fat he 

haue made satisfaccion or he dye. 
28 A womman fat dyeth in chyldyng schal not ben byred in chirch, 

but in chirch-^arde, so fat f e schylde furste be takon oute of hure 

and byried outewyth chyrch-^orde. 

And he fat dyeth in iustes, bot he ask a preste ere he dye, he 
32 schal not ben byried in sentuary. 

And he fat dyed sodenly, or is slayne cummyng fro hys lemman, 

and hyt may be foudon fat he dyd lechery, he schal not beri byried 

in sentuary. 
36 But he fat dyeth sodenly, or sleygh hymself be myschef a^eynws 

1 before written twice in C. 

72. Qui Sunt Sepeliendi in Cimiterio 299 

hys wylle, or is drownyd be myshappe, he schal neurefelatter ben 
byried in sentuary ; for whate manner deth a gode man or a gode 
woftunan dyoth on, f ei schal ben saf. 

But he fat in wanhope sleyth hymself be any wyse, he schal not 4 
comme wytAinne sentuary, ne holy chyrch schal not makon no 
prayeres no more for such fan for a hounde, f ow it so happyn fat 
be priuylage of f e courte of Ptoine fei ben byried w^tAinne 

A body fat is foundon drownod on fe see-warth or in othur 
place, it may be beryed in seyntwary. 



Hit is gode to serue oure lady deuotely next aftur God, and 12 
greton hur wyt/i f e holy Aue fat f e angil Gabriel broght to hure 
from God of Heven and sayde to hure : ' Heyle be f on, Marie, ful 
of grace, God is vryth f e ; blessud be f ou among alle womman, 
and blessut be f e froyte of f i body, Ihesus ! Amen.' 16 

Teche hem to sayne f us in Ynglis tonge, fat f ei mown vndur- 
stande what f ei sayne. And algate, whan f ei comyn to f is worde 
' God is vtyth f e,' fat fei sayne hyt deuowtely and wytA ful 
deuocion, not to hastely, to seyne mony Avees ; for it plesuth oure 20 
lady more to bene grete devotely 1 wytA one Aue, fan wyth many 
wyt/zowte deuocion. 

For f us I rede, fat f er was sum tyme in f e nonnery of Schaftes- 
bery a nonne fat heghte Evlalya, fat vch day for deuocion sayde 24 
as many Auees to oure lady as ben psalmus in f e sawter fat we 
calluth oure ladyes sawter ; but for f is womman wolde not ben 
behynde no day of fat nourabur, scheo sayde hem spakly and 
passyngly. pan, in a nyght, as sche lay in hure bedde, our0 lady 28 
aperud to hure wyt/i grete lyght and sayde to hure : 'Sustw Eulalya, 
I thank f e for fin deuoute seruice fat f ou dust vche day to me, 
120 b but 3ytte fou mythe||plese me bettur fan fou duste, and fou 

woldon as I teche f e.' pan seyde scheo : ' My dere lady, ful faync, 32 
and ;e wil telle me how.' pan seyde oure lady : * Lef half f e 
Aues fat fou seyste 2 , and say fat othiir half alle in trete, and whan 
1 devotely II. devowth C. 2 seyste H. sayte C. 

300 73. De Salutacione Beate Marie 

f ou comyst to f is worde " God is w?/t/i ]) e," fan say fat \\yih alle 
fine herte and alle in trete. For f er 1 is no tong fat 2 may telle 
f e ioy fat I haue in myn herte, whan fat worde is sayde to me 

4 deuoutely ; for me thynkef e s fat I fele my son Ih^su vryth fat 
worde 4 pleying in my body, and so fat is so hegh a ioye fat it 
gladuth me passing alle othur ioyes/ pan sayde f is wownmn : 
' Lady, wyt/i a gode wille,' and so aftur lafte f e one half dole and 

8 sayde fat of er halfe dole, as sche was taglit be our lady ; for God 
and our lady bofe and alle seyntus of Heven ban lever fewe 
wordy s wyt/t deuocion, fan many wyt/ioute deuocion. 



12 Ther was a man on a time fat 5 lant to anothur man mi s of 
money to an certeyn day, fat he schuld payen hym a^eyne. And 
so fat day com and 6 passyd fer oure, fat he schulde ban payed f e 
man fat lant hym f e money. And so hyt happut on a day fat 

16 f is man rnette fat othur man fat aght hym money, and bad hyt 
hym ; and he sayde fat he had payed hym, and swore fast f erto. 
And f e othur man sayde : nay, he payed hym no peny. And f is 
man pwsewod f e of ur be f e lawe, and he sayde he wolde swere on 

20 a boke fat he hadde payed hyin fat money ; and so fat of ur man 
fat lant fat money lette hym sweron falce on a boke. And \er- 
fore anone as he com homwarde, he fel syk, and hys spryte was 
berafte oute of hym too dayes and too nygthes. And hyt was so 

24 fat hys spryte com Iperos he segh God ryght os he was done on 
f e rode, wyth blody woundys ryght f o 7 bledyng, wyt/t nayles in 
hys handys and in hys fette, vryih hys crowne of thornys on hys 
bed. And God lokud so sterne on hym, fat alle f e sygthes fat 

28 eure he sawgh, he was neure so sore aferde ; for he wolde haue 
kropon into fe erthe, and he hadde mythe. And fan God askud 
hym why he hadde made hym forlorne fat he dere boght for fat 
gode fat he sende hyin, ' for f ou haste madon hym to sweron, and 

1 J>er H. om. C. 2 \>ai H. om. C. 

3 thynkej>e H, thynkut C, 4 worde H. >an C. 

5 J>at //. om. (7. 6 and H. an C. 
7 >o H. >ae C. 

74. De Mirac[u]lis Beate Marie 301 

made hym forlorne body and soule.' And fan he commawnded 
serteyne servauntes of hys to gone and skorge hym and beton hym ; 
and so f ei dudun, and made hym so sore fttt too 3ere aftur and 
a half he lay in hys bede seke. And whan f e sprythe com to hym 4 
a}eyne, he tolde vche man ferof and bad hym be ware of fat 
poynte for euremore aftur. 

Aliud miracwl-wm de Sancta Maria. 

[MS. Sari. 2403.] 8 

Hit was sum tyme an holy monke fat loued our lady wondwr 
muche. pe whyche monke was neuer wery to preyse hur, and tell 
feyr myracles of our lady, and feyre talus of hur ny$t and day ; 
and so \>ys monke was f e feyrest wryter fat was knowen in all 12 
f e world. And so f e Empm>ur of Rome hed a syb cosyn to hym 
190 a fat was a yonge man> and he send || aftwr f e monke and prayed 
him to teche his cosyn to wryte as wel as he did, for encheson fat 
he was his cosyn. And so f e monke tawght him to wryte as wel 16 
as he did. And fen f is yonge man hed an envye to his mastwr and 
fayne wold haue had him ded, for he wold haue had f e mastrye 
himself of wrytyng as his master hed befor ; and so he caste how 
he my5t haue him ded. So he bef ou^t him and made a lettre to 20 
f e Sowdan, and wryt ferin fat fe Emperowr wolde in schorte 
tyme and hed ordeyned to sle hym and destroye all his londes. 
And f erfor in all f e haste fat he my3t, he bade fat he schuld 
ordeyne him to comme and destroye f e Empmwr. And so when 24 
f ?/s lettre was made, he let fall hit in f e Emperours hall. And so 
.f ys lettwr was found and rad, and was brou^t to f e Emperour 
anow. And he merveled muche who hed wrytte Ipys lettre. And 
fen come \>er f#s yonge man and sye f is le^re, and anorc he seyde 28 
f er was no man fat cowthe wryte suche a le^re but his mastw 
and he, and seyde : ' Ye may wel wyt f at it was not I.' And fen 
anon f e Empgrour send aftw f ys monke and apeched hym of f ?/s 
le^re ; and he seyde he knew it not. And fen they schewed him 32 
fis le^re, and seyde hit was his honde. And he seyde fat he 
neuer wrote hit. And wyt/wute eny of er jugement f e Emf erour 
commaunded to smyte of his arme by the elbowe. And so they 
dyd, and send hym home to f e abbey, and f e arme wyt/i him, || 36 

302 74. De Mimc\u\lis Beate Marie 

and co??imaunded f e abbot to set him in prison, and let no lecne- 190 b 
crafte be do to hym. And so f e abbot dyd. And as he lay in 
prison, he cried eu^r to our lady for helpe, for f e ache fat he hed 
4 on his arme as hit roted away. And so, at fe laste, our lady ? 
on a nyjt-, come to hym and seyde : 'How farest fouT And he 
seyde: 'Ful soryly; for niyn arme is roted awey fat was wont 
to peynte an ymage of f e whereuer I went.' And fen heo seyde : 
8 ' Come to me and schew me f yn arme.' ' Lady/ quod he, ' hit 
is roted away/ 'Brynge it hed?/r to me/ quod heo, 'and schew 
hyt me.' And so he went amonge fe rokes of stones feras his 
arme lay, and brou^t hit to our lady, and schewed it hur. And 

12 heo bade hym sette hit ayen to hys arme, as hit stode befor. 
' Lady/ quod he, * hit is al toroted to gobetes/ ' Set it ayen to/ 
quod heo, 'and hit schal be hole.' And so he did as heo bade 
him, and hit was as hole as euer hit was, and as wel he wrot as 

16 euer he did befor. And fen he yede and rounge all f e belles in 
fe abbey; and so fe abbot and all his covent rysen and sye fys 
hye myracle, and fonked God and our lady. And so a steven 
comme and tolde f e Emperowr fat hit was f e yong man, h^/s cosyn, 

20 fat hed wryt f ylke lettre, and not f e monke. And f erfor, in f e 
same maner fat he let serue f e monke, he let serve his cosyn. 

And so fe monke went forth to ~Lerusa\ew. on pylgr image and to 
many of er good holy places. And so, vpon a day, a lew fat was 

24 a grete || master of fat centre, and he sete yfer and speke of our 191 a 
lady. And so fe lew seyde fat a mayde rny^t neuer bere a 
chylde ; and f e monke seyde ye, and so fey stryveii faste f erfor. 
And so, at f e laste, for the monke praysed our lady so faste and so 

28 muche, f e lew prayed him to purtray an ymage of hur on a borde, 
fat he my^t se f e ymage. And so he purtrayed a wonder fayre 
ymage of our lady, and hur chylde in hur arme, and a lytel feyre 
pappe on hur brest. And fen f e lew behelde faste on hur and 

32 f ou^t hur ful feyr. And so he asked f e monke whedwr heo wos 
so feyr as he hed made hur; and fe rnonke sayde ye, and xx m 
sythe feyrer fen eny man cowf e make hur. And so, as f e lew 
stode and loked on hur, f e chylde fat was on hur arme, toke his 

36 heed awey fro f e borde. and toke his modyr pap in his honde, and 
mylked oute rnylke, and sowked f erof. And when f e lew sye fat, 
he kueled udown and f onked God, and crycd our lady mercy, and 

74. De Mirac[u]lis Beate Marie 303 

seyde he wyst wel Ipai hit was lasse wonder a mayde to ber a 
chylde, J>en that ymage }mt was portrayed on fat borde, forto 
take his heed fro J?e borde, and also J?at pap to yeve mylke. And 
so fe lew was fulwed, and turned to j?e fayth, and made many 4 
a erysten man nioo, 

Deo gracias. 


a, art. a, an, 1/2; an, 5/15. 

Aaron, pr. n., Aaron, brother of 

Moses, 257/29. 
Abagarus, pr. n., Abgarus, a kins', 

abaschen, v. (abash), to frighten, 

terrify ; pp. abasschet, 19/2O ; aba- 

schot, 106/18. 
Abbanes, pr. n., Abbanes, a messenger 

of the king of India, 19/1. 
abbas, sb., abbess, 96/33. 
abbay, si., abbey, 5/15 ; abbe, 179/27 ; 

abbey, 107/5; abby, 180/u. 
abbot, si)., abbot, 17/iQ. 
Abia, pr. n. } a priest in the temple of 

Jerusalem, 188/32. 
abominabull, adj., abominable, 194/9- 
abominacion, sb., abomination, horror, 

aboue, pr. p., above, 4/24; abouen, 


aboute, adv., about, 7/22. 
Abraham, pr. n., Abraham, 51/31, 

76/34, 77/12, 94/6. 
abrejjut, pp., out of breath, 193/35- 
abrod, adv., abroad, 124/5. 
absent, v., to keep aloof, inf., 149/26. 
absten, v., to abstain, inf., 72/27; 

absteyne, 97/17 ; pt. abstaynet, 


abstynens, sb., abstinence, 88/33. 
abull, adj., able, suitable, apt, 19/26 ; 

abule, 210/26. 

abundance, sb., abundance, 246/33. 
abyde, v., to abide, remain, await, inf., 

2/13; pr. 3 sg. abydy>e, 130/io; 

imp. sg. abyde, 34/4 ; pt. $sg. abode, 

34/5; bode, 177/31 ', pi. aboclen, 


abydyng, sb., abiding, waiting, 86/14. 
abye, v., to buy, pay for, inf., 

14/2 4 . 

abytacyon : see habitacyon. 
accesse, sb., access, 238/1 6. 
accusars, sb. pi., accuser, 4/24. 
accuse, v., to accuse; pt. accnsyt, 

7/19; pr. p. accusing, 4/27 ; pp. 

accuse!-, 7/13. 

{ accyon, sb., action, 153/8. 
ache, sb., ache, pain, 136/2O ; ake, 


| acold, adj., cooled, chilled, 80/37. 
; acorde, sb. } accord, harmony, 29 1/ 30. 
I acorde, v., to accord, reconcile, inf.. 
242/37 J accorde, 143/J 3 ; pr. 3 g. 
acordyth, - 76/i6 ; pp. acordyd. 

acordyng, adj., accordant, 290/1. : . 
| acownte, sb., account, 96/2O. 
! actyf, adj., active, 230/37. 
acursed,^., cursed, 42/3- 
Adam, pr. n., Adam, 1/24. 
Adam, pr. n., a citizen of the t<>\\n 

of Erkaleton, 180/17- 
j adon, adowne : see downe. 
! adred, adj., adread, afraid, 17/12. 
Aduent, sb. and pr. n., Advent, 

aduersary, sb., adversary, 80/19. 

Adulston, pr. n., Aethelstan, king of 
England, 243/2O. 

adyrcope, sb., spider, 181/8. 

af : see sif. 

aferde, pp., afraid, frightened, 7/29. 

aferme, v., to affirm ; pr. I sg. aferme, 

affeccyon, sb., affection, 126/36. 

affermyng, sb., affirmation, 102/32. 

affliccyon, sb., affliction, 72/26. 

afrayde, adj., afraid, 121/28. 

afryst, adj., frightened, 178/15. 

aftyr, adv. and prp., after, 1/2O. 

aftyrward, adv., afterward, 9/22. 

agast, adj., aghast, 174/19. 

age, sb., age, 8/28. 

ajenstond, v., to object, resist, inf., 
170/12 ; pr. 3 sg. ajaynestondyth, 
35/8 ; pt. sg. ajeynstode, 8/24 ; 
pi. ajeynestoclen, 27/3O. 

ajeyncomyng, s&,, meeting, 58/22. 

ajeyne, adv., again, back, 8/9, 26^9/33; 
ajayn, 203/8. 

ajeynesette, v., to withstand, resist, 
inf., 53/ii. 

ajeynestondyng, sb., resisting, re- 
sistance, 32/7. 



Mirk's Festial 

ajeynward. adv., against one another, ! 

a3eynye,pr.j?., against, 13/30; ajeyne, i 

22/13; ajeyns, 68/15; ajens, | 

171/i6; agaynys,193/?,o; ajeaynys, \ 


agoo, adr., ago, 87/21. 
agreued, pp., aggrieved, 121/22. 
agryset,>p., horrified, 146/2 ; agrysut, 

jigylt, v., to sin ; incur guilt ; pp. agylt, 

ahongyr, adj., hungry, 127/IO. 

ale, *&., ale, 139/37- 

algate, adv., always, 24/14 ; algatys, 

188/15 ; allgatys, 242/21. 
Alkmund, St., 240/25- 
all, adj. and adv., all, wholly, l/i ; 

pi. gen. allur, 46/9. 
alias, interj., alas, 240/1 1. 
Alleluja, pr. n., Hallelujah (name of 

a hymn), 1/14. 
Ail-halcnv-day, pr. n., All Saints' day, 

269/ 3 . 
allway, adr., always, 2/12; alvvey, | 

almes, sb., alms, 89/36 ; allnies, 

almyjty, adj., almighty, 155/15; 

allmyghty, 281/27. 
almys-dede, sb., alms-deed, 86/5; 

almes-dede, 103/33; P^ almys- 

dedys, 71/19. 
almys - jevyng, sb., alms - giving, 

alonly, adj. and adv., alone, lonely, 

alonely, 32/26. 
alowe, v., to allow ; pr. 3 sg. alowe]>e, 

68/16 ; pp. alowet, 10/29. 
Alpheus, pr. n., Alphaeus, father of 

St. James, 215/32. 
Alpynyus, pr. n., Alpinius, 165/7. 
als, also : see as. 

also, adv., also, 7/35 > alsoo, 15/n. 
altogedyr, adv., altogether, 238/7; 

alltogedyr, 239/6. 
alyue, adr., alive, 9/3. 
Alisandyr Nekkam, pr. n., Alex- 
ander Neckam, 119/2. 
Alysandyr, pr. n., Alexander, master, 


Alysandyr, pr. n., the town of Alex- 
andria, 136/8 ; Alysaundyr, 275/1 2. 
Alysaundyr, pr. n., Alexander, the 

king, 183/10 ; Alesaundyr, 188/17. 
Alysaundyr, pr. n., Alexander, a pope, 

165/9 ; Alexandyr, 198/19. 

Amasa, pr. n., Amasa, a knight, 

amated, pp., dismayed, overwhelmed, 

Ambros, St., pr. n., St. Ambrose, 

108/x T, 118/32. 

amende, v., to amend, inf., 6/24. 
amendement, *7>., correction, improve- 

ment, 18/i. 
amendes,, reparation, fine, com- 

pensation, 5/i. 

amendyng, sb., amending, 53/3. 
among, pr. p., among, 6/23. 
amonysche, v., admonish; pr. i sg. 
amonysch,89/i6; i pi. amonechen, 
amyable, adj., amiable, friendly, 


amys, adv., amiss, 4/28 ; amysse, 
284/22 ; he did amys, he did wrong, 
erred, 4/28. 
an : see a, one. 
anangren, v., to make exceedingly 

angry ; pp. anangrede, 27/33- 
Anany, pr. ??., Ananias, 54/19. 
and, pron. (put for that), 173/33, 

184/26, 213/28. 
and, conj., and, if, l/i, 59/4- 
Andraw, St.,pr. %.,St. Andrew, 6/33 ; 

Anglestowre, pr. n., Angel's tower, 


angur, sb. } anger, grief, 68/27. 
angyll, sb., angel, 4/28. 
anhongred, pp., famished, 88/12. 
ankur, sb., anchorite, 295/23. 
Anne, St., pr. n., St. Anne, 15/21, 

213/16, 245/9. 
Anne, pr. n., Anne (wife of Tobias 

the elder), 214/13. 
Anne,pr. n., Anne (Samuel's mother), 


Anne, pr. n., Anne (the woman who 
waited for Christ's being presented 
in the temple), 58/22, 214/24. 
Anne, pr. n.. Anne (Raguel's wife), 


anoon, adv., anon, immediately, 2/14. 
ano]?er, adj., another, 10/21. 
Anothe selitos, probably a corruption 
of IVa>0t ffcavr6v, ' know thyself,' 


anoylen, t?., to anoint with oil; pp. 

anoylud, 295/2O. 
anoynt, v., to anoint, inf., 143/3 5 P$- 

anoyntyd, 204/6; pp. anoyntyd, 


Glossarial Index 


Anselm,St.,2>r. w.,St. Anselm, 87/33, 


ansetry, sb., ancestry, 48/i 2. 
ante : see awnte. 

Antecryst, pr. n., Antichrist, 32/28. 
Antioch, pr. n., Antiochia, 135/13. 
anvgged, pp., annoyed, disgusted, 

anunciacyon, sb., annunciation, 

any, adj., any, 10/28; eny, 301/34; 

ayny, 2/30. 

anyed, pp., annoyed, 35/7. 
aparty, adv., in part, partly, 2/27. 
apayde, pp., satisfied, 12/5. 
apayre, v., to impair, become worse, 

decay, inf., 169/1 7. 
ape, sb., ape, 295/25. 
apechet, pp., impeached, accused, 

36/ 9 . 
apechyng, sb , impeaching, accusation, 

apere, v., to appear ; pr. 3 sg. aper- 

u>e, 258/9 J 3 P^ apperuth, 

296/13; pt*. 3 sg. apered, 24/6; 

aperyth, 34/24 ; pp. apperyd, 

apertly, adv., apertly, openly, mani- 

iestly, 264/3L 

aperyng, sb., appearing, 257/23. 
apocalyppys, sb., apocalypse, 82/27. 
apon : see upon, open, 
aposayls, sb. pi., question, 165/28. 
aposet, pp., opposed, 10/32 ; apposyd, 

apostoll, sb., apostle, 6/5 ; apostole, 

18/9; apostle, 18/io. 
appetyte, sb. } appetite, 88/17. 
appressyon, sb., oppression, 197/28. 
Appulea, pr. n., Apulia, 137/13, 


appull, sb., apple, 37/5- 
aray, sb., array, 89/19. 
arayde, pp., arrayed, dressed, 60/36 ; 

arayed, 268/4. 

archangyll, sb., archangel, 257/1 7. 
archebyschop, sb., archbishop, 40/17. 
archedecon, sb., archdeacon, 216/2f . 
arme, sb., arm, 42/27. 
arme, v., to arm ; pr. 3 sg. armeth, 

170/1 1 ; pp. yarmed, 42/io ; armyd, 


Armeny, pr. n., Armenia, 72/33. 
armes, sb. pi., arms, weapons, 88/12. 
arow, sb., arrow, 64/19. 
aryse, v., rise, inf., 2/29; pr. 2 pi. 

arysyth, 256/1 ; pt. aros, 6/14. 

Arystodernus, pr. n., Aristodemus. 


arysyng, sb., rising, 115/13. 
I as, conj. and adv., as, where, 1/5; 

als, 5/28 ; also, 181/7 ; alsoo, 


a,a,prp., on, at, 286/i6. 
asay : see assay, 
ascencyon, sb., ascension, 152/28 ; as- 

sencyon, 152/4. 
ascendet, pp., ascended, 26/32. 
aschame, sb., shame, 124/31. 
aschamed, adj., ashamed, 34/3. 
ascowmfet, adj., perplexed, confused , 

asent, sb., assent, consent, 205/1 8 ; 

assent, 121/12. 
asent, v., to assent, inf., 200/22 ; 

assent, 256/32 ; pt. asentyd, 109/i6 ; 

assentyt, 250/36; pp. assentyd, 

aske, v., to ask, inf., 10/i6 ; pr. 

2 sg. askys, 218/36; 3 sg. asket, 
172/i8 ; aske>, 127/1 ; 3 pi. asken, 
108/26 ; pt. askyt, 8/3 ; pp. asket, 

askes, sb. pi., ashes, 146/24 ; eskys, 
82/2 5 . 

Aske-Wanysday, pr. n., Ash- Wed- 
nesday, 82/21. 

askyng, sb., asking, demand, 18/19. 

aslayne, v., to slay, inf., 211/17. 

asoyle, v., to absolve, pardon, solve, 
inf., 10/30. 

asoyling, sb., absolution, pardon, 

aspye, r., to spy, espy; pt. aspyet, 
163/8 ; pr. p. aspyyng, 273/34- 

assay, sb., trial, test, 31/i8. 

assay, v., to try, test, inf., 170/14; 
asay, 278/1 1; pr. 3 sg. assayeth, 
27/i8 ; asaythe, 286/3 ; P*> asayde, 

assayle, v., to assail, inf., 154/4; P r ' 

3 sg. assaylyj), 128/37. 
asse, sb., ass, 22/28. 
asse-backe, sb., ass-back, 251/26. 
assumpcyon, sb., assumption, 109/3O. 
assumpted, pp., assumed, taken up, 


Astaroth, pr. n., Ashtaroth, 286/24. 
astond, v., to withstand, inf., 


astoned, pp., astounded, 191/1 1. 
astonyet,j?jx, astounded, 10/12. 
Astragesse, pr. n., Astrages, a king, 



Mirk's Festial 

astronomy, ?>., astronomy, 48/15. 
astryed, pp., destroyed, 39/7. 
astyr, sb., hearth, 129/28. 
Astyr, pr. n., Easter, 39/8. 
Astyr-euen, sb., Easter-eve, 68/31. 
Astyr-weke, sb., Easter-week, 70/34. 
Asy, pr. n., Asia, 31/io. 
asyne, v., to assign ; pr. 3 $g. asyny)>, 

158/4 ; asyngne>e, 158/7 P f - 

asynet, 270/9- 
at, pr. p., at, 8/9. 
at al, adv., altogether, 228/3$. 
in atent, ado., with the intention, 

Ato, pr. n., Pilate's mother, 120/1 8. 

See note. 

atture, sb., poison, 192/5. 
Attyla, pi: n., Attil.-i, 165/2. 
. atwyn, adv., asunder, 162/9. 
Auberk, pr. n., a nobleman in Venice, 


audyens, sb., audience, 131/27. 
Austyne, St., pr. n., St. Augustine, 

1/22 ; Austeyn, 279/2. 
auter, sb., altar, 34/i8 ; autre, 77/^6. 
auter-ston, sb., altar-stone, 126/17. 
auauncement, sb. , advancement, 

Auxbryge,^/-. n., Axe Bridge, a place 

in Devonshire, 178/32. 
avaunse, t-., to advance, inf., 91/1 ; 

avance, 113/3 ; pr. 3 sy. avaunsuj)e, 

91/15 ; pt. avaunset, 51/33 ; pp. 

avawnsyt, 242/9. 
avayle, v., to succeed, avail, inf., 

39/14 ; pt. 3 sff. avaylet, 248/1. 
Aue, Lat., hail (first word of a 

prayer), 17/3. 

arenturs,, aventure, 119/4- 
aviset, pp., advised, councelled, 7/27. 
avoket, sb., advocate, 153/4- 
avowe, v., to vow ; pt. auoued, 11/31 ; 

pp. avowet, 9/29. 
avowtre, sb., adultery, 286/35(5 

avowtry, 298/22. 
away, adv., away, 2/8. 
away-scape, v., to escape, inf., 


awe, sb., awe, terror, 25/35. 
aweylde, v., to govern, get the 

mastery over, manage, inf., 


awne : see owne. 

awnte, sb., aunt, 208/15 ; ante, 52/6. 
ay, adv., aye, always, 6/20. 
ayle, v., to trouble, afflict; pt. 

ayled, 56/u ; aylyd, 196/2O. 

ayre, sb., air, 30/n ; eyre, 239/34. 
ayre, sb., heir, 98/32 ; pi. ayres, 

63/8 ; ayr, 71/35 J eyres, 215/8. 
aythyr, adj., either, 4/2 4 ; eyjmr, 
* 190/27. 

backe, 6. } back, 40/28 ; bak, 284/24. 
backeward, adv., backward, 49/io ; 

bakward, 49/8. 
bad, adj., bad, 169/1 1. 
badfull (for batfull), adj., fertile, 


bagge, sb., bag, 12/34- 
bak, adv., back, 88/28. 
bakbyte, v., to backbite, calumniate, 

inf., 284/19- 
bakbytyng, sb., backbiting, calumny, 


bakyn, pp., baked, 254/1O. 

Balaam, pr. n., Balaam or Bileam (a 

famous sorcerer), 48/io. 
balans, -s7>., balance, 221/2. 
baner, sb., banner, 160/29. 
banrer, sb., standard-bearer, 257/27- 
baptijet, pp., baptised, 167/1. 
baptyem, sb., baptism, 128/21. 
barayne, adj.', barren, 15/25. 
bare, adj., bare, naked, 40/29. 
barennes, sb., barrenness, 245/i6. 
barfote, adj., barefoot, 43/35. 
Baris, pr. n., Baris, a hill in Armenia, 


barly-bred, .&., '.barley-bread, 5/2O. 
barme, sb., bosom, lap, 25/24. 
Barnabe, St., pr. n., St. Barnabas, 

Bar panther, pr. n., Barpanther (the 

Holy Virgin'sgrandfather), 215/ao. 
barres, sb. pi., bar, 219/8. 
barst, sb., burst, 160/6 ; berst, 


Bartholomew, St., pr. n., St. Bartho- 
lomew, 235/5 > Bartholomew, 

238/3 4 . 

Barus, pr. n., Barea, a town, 14/14. 
basket, sb., basket, 104/13- 
batayle, sb., battle, 2/17; batayll, 

,133/27; bateyll, 259/12'; hateyle, 


bath, sb., bath, 193/12. 
Ba>e, pr. n., Bath, 249/24. 
bathycf, pp., bathed, 37/14 ; baj>uj>, 

batren, v., to batter, beat ; pt., 

baturde, 260/13- 
bawded, adj., befouled, dirty ; bowdet, 

89/ 9 . 

Glossarial Index 


bawdy, adj., dirty, 88/9. 

bawmes,, balm, 204/2O. 

bawmet, pp., anointed, 140/2. 

baxter, sb., baker, 98/12. 

bayly, sb., bailiff, 56/n. 

be, v., to be, inf., l/io ; ben, 17/29 ; 
byn 222/14 ; pi\ I sg. am, 9/28 ; 2 
sg. art, 7/21 ; 3 sg. ys, l/ 5 ; pi. byn, 
10/15; ben, 30/32; be, 88/12; 
be>, 184/26 ; ar, 177/8 ; by>, 84/3 ; 
imp. sg. be, 232/31; pi. buth, 
52/19 ; bethe, 84/2 ; pt. sg. was, 
4/4; wos, 302/32; pi. wer, 8/4; 
wern, 8/6 ; weren, lO/i 2 ; ^jp. ben, 
3/23; be, 69/30. 

be : see by. 

bebled, pj?., covered with blood, 
252/ 9 . 

becaus, conj., because, 297/33* 

become, i\, to become ; pt. 3 pi. becom, 
121/14; pp. bycomen, 71/24. 

bed : see beten. 

bedde, si., bed, 13/28 ; bed, 87/29. 

beddien (a bed), v. to make (a bed) ; 
pt. 3 sg. beddut. 231/26. 

Bede, St., pr. ., St. Bede, 5/12, 
128/4, 152/32. 

Bedelem, pr. ., Bethlehem, 22/7, 
36/i, 49/i, 108/21. 

bederie. adv., at once, at the same 
time,' 233/3. 

beem, si., beam, 86/32. 

befelle, v., to fall, happen ; pt. befell, 

befor, adv. and prp., before, 1/19 ; 
beforn, 171/IO ; byforne, 223/33- 

begere, sb., beggary, 288/36. 

begger, si., beggar, 104/3. 

bejonde, p rp., beyond, 39/12. 

begyle, v.. to beguile, inf., 108/23. 

begynne, v., to begin, inf., 50/34 ; 
pr. 2 sff. begynnys, 104/1 6; 3 sg. 
begynnyth, 61/30; begennytli, 
24/37; bygynnyth, 35/23; 3 pi. 
begynnyn, 56/3 ? begynnyj>e, 
241/25 ; pt. 3 *ff. began, 52/IO ; 
bygan, 122/34; beganne, 271/27; 
3 pi. begonen. 99/28; begonuen. 
268/13; began,' 27/19; pp. begon- 
nen, 41/4 J bygonnen, 128/32. 

begynnyng, sb., beginning, l/i. 

beheded, pp., beheaded, 210/1 1. 

behest, sb., promise, 77/22 ; byhest, 


beheten, v., to promise ; pr. 2 sg. be- 
hetyst, 205/32 ; ^.behe$t, 218/33 ; 
behette, 288/26; byhet. 277/4; 

behyghte, 292/29 ; pr.p. behetyng, 

behold, i'., to behold, see, inf.. 129/2 ; behold. 78/13; pt. beheld, 

193/19; byhelde, 229/3; pr. p. 

beholdyng, 178/19. 
beliouen, v., to behove ; pt. 3 sg. be- 

houed, 41/21. 
behynde, adv. and prp., behind, 

belafte, pp., left in the power (of\ 

278/i 9 . 
beleue. sb., belief, 18/24; byleue, 

beleue, v., to believe, inf., 18/i6 ; 

byleue, 18/32 ; pr. i sy. beleue, 

18/27; 2 sg. beleuest, 18/29 ; be- 

leuyst, 78/25 ; 3 sg. beleueth. 

51/26; belevyn, 108/34; beleue. 

171/6 ; byleuen, 51/25 ; imp. xy. 

byleue, 265/1 ; pt. sg. byleuet, 

18/34 ! pL beleuedon, 18/14. 
bell, sb., bell, 117/29. 
belouet, adj., beloved, 51/i6. 
bely, sb., belly, 284/24. 
beine, si., beam, 233/2. 
benche, sb., bench, 89/25. 
beneson, sb. , benisou, blessing, 18/30. 
Benet, St., pr. n., St. Benedict. 

198/I 5 . 

Beniamyn, pr. n., Benjamin, 99/J/. 
bequethen, v., to bequeath, commend ; 

pt. sg. bequeth, 294/1 o. 
berd, sb., beard, 125/19. 
bere, sb., gesture, 246/19. 
bere, sb.. bier, 82/34. 
bere, v., to bear, inf., 16/34 ; beron, 

260/2; pr. 3 sg. beryth, 55/io ; 

pi. berytb, 190/i6 ; imp. sg. ber, 

191/18; pi. beryth, 15/1 ; pt. sg. 

\)&r, 212/17; pi. beren, 14/26; 

pr. p. beryng, 148/24; pp. borne, 

1/25 ; yborne, 24/5 5 bore > 47/9- 
berer, sb., bearer, 179/29. 
Bereson, Syr Raynald, pr. n., Sir 

Reginald Fitz-Orson, 41/36. 
bereve, r., to bereave, deprive, inf., 

234/36 ; pp. beraft, 288/13. 
Beritus, pr. n., a town, 145/7. 
bei'ken, v., to bark; pt. 3 pi. berke*, 

Berna[r]d, pr. ., the man who was 

saved by St. James from the devil's 

tortures, 21 1/30. 
berne,*??., barn, 56/12. 
Bernhard, St., pr. n., St. Bernhard, 

2/9, 49/29, 66/7, 93/10, 113/u, 


Mirk's Festial 

153/9, 225/13, 230/3 ; Barnard, 


berthens : see burden, 
beryng, sb., bearing, 246/4- 
berys, sb. pi., bear, 270/29. 
besechen, v., to beseech ; pt. 3. sg. be- 

soght, 7/12 ; pr. p. bysechyng, 


besegen, v., to besiege ; pt. beseget, 

135/14; besegyd, 271/26; pp. 

beseget, 122/14. 
beseraen, v., to beseem, seem, befit ; 

pr. 3 sg. besemeth, 42/13 ; pr. p. 

bysemyng, 228/24. 
besetten, v., to arrange, place ; pp. 

beset, 40/n. 

besom, sb., besom, 126/2O. 
bespryngen, v., to besprinkle ; pt. sg. 

besprong, 252/8. 
best, sb., beast, 8/13 ; beest, 256/2 ; 

pLbestys, 13/31. 
best, adj., best, 28/12. 
besy : see bysyly. 
betaght, pp., committed to, given 

over to, 255/2O. 
betaken, v., to entrust, give in charge 

to, pr. i 8ff. betake, 42/25; P** S 9' 

betoke, 15/4; pi- betoke, 217/1 3; 

betoken, 149/7 ; pp. betaken, 

Betanye, pr. n., Bethany, 114/28 ; 

bete, v., to beat, inf., 40/28; beton, 

276/6; pr. 3 sg. betyth, 80/14; 

pt. sg. bete, 8/27 ; pi. beten, 
145/28 ;#p.- 
beten, v., to kindle; pp. bed, 235/34. 

L45/28 ; pp. betyn, 14/34. 

beten, i-., to mend, remedy ;pr. i sg. 

bete, 141/34. 
be]?enke, v., to think upon, remind, 

bethink, inf., 34/31 ; imp. pi. by- 

Ihynkyth, 89/17; pt. sg. by- 

Jn.ght, 6/32 ; bejxght, 16/36 ; 

bepought, 301/2O : pp. be]x>3t, 

betrayen, v., to betray; pt. betrayde, 

betraylon, v., to deceive, cheat, inf., 

192/33 ; pp. betroylet, 208/24. 
betroylyng, sb., betraying, 286/27. 
betryflen, v., to trifle, beguile ; pt. pi. 

betryfuldyn, 208/31. 
bettyr, adj., better, 19/30. 
beute, sb., beauty, 200/1 8; bewte, 

Bewnow, pr. n., Beunotis, Beiiow, a 

hermit, 177/15- 

blacke, adj., black, 19/14 ; blake, 


blakyd, pp., blackened, 129/29- 
blamen, v., to blame; pt. blamed, 


blasys, sb. pi., blaze, torch, 188/24. 
blede, v., to bleed, inf., bledde, 46/27 ; 
pr. 3 sg. bledyth, 112/35 5 P*. sg. 
bledde, 45/25; pr. p. bledvng, 
blenchen, v., to flinch ; pt. 3 sg. blente, 


blesse, v., to bless, inf., 41/6; pr. 3 
sg. blessyth, 28/25 ; imp. sg. blesse, 
293/8 ; pt. blessed, 52/9; pp. blessyt, 

blessyng, sb., blessing, 1/2. 
blest, sb., blast, 161/12. 
blew, adj.y blue, 84/26. 
Mode, sb., blood, 8/4. 
blody, adj., bloody, 14/35; blode, 


blomes, sb. pi., mass of iron, 80/24. 
blowen, v., to blow ; pr. pi. blowyj), 
150/ao; pr. p. blowyng, 238/io; 
pp. blowen, 71/25. 
blynde, adj., blind, 23/28. 
blyndwarven, v., to blind; pt. blynd- 

waruet, 145/32. 
blysse, sb., bliss, joy, 1/13. 
blyj>e, adj., cheerful, blithe, 222/6. 
bobbin, v. , to beat ; pt. 3 pi. bobbyd, 


bobbyng, sb., beating, 117/19- 
boched, pp., having a hump or lump, 


bode : see abyde. 
bodely, adv., bodily, 18/21. 
body, sb., body, 2/7; bode, 178/25; 

bodye, 268/15. 

bodylyche, adv., bodily, 10/25. 
boffeten, v., to buffet, strike ; pt. 3 pL 
boffeton, 145/32; pp. bofetut, 282/4- 
bogh, sb., bough, 193/7. 
boke, sb., book, 6/25. 
Boke of Kyngys, pr. n., the Book of 

the Kings, 112/13. 
bold, adj., bold, 88/14. 
boldnesse, sb., boldness, 26/2. 
bolle-senows,, the penis of the 
bull (used for flagellation), 134/32. 
bolt, sb., bolt, 7/31. 
bon, sb., bone, 290/27 ; boon, 95/21. 
bonchef, sb., good luck, happiness, 


bond, *&., servant, 153/22. 
bondage, sb., bondage, 1/9. 

Giossarial Index 


bondatn, sb., bondage, 46/15. 
bondys, si. pl. t bond, 201/36. 
bone, sb., boon, request, prayer, 


Boneface >e furj>, pr. n., Boniface the 

fourth, 266/25. 
bonke, sb. t bench, bank, 204/35 ; 

bongke, 2 72/30. 
bonnefyre, sb., bonfire, 182/32. 
bonte, sb., goodness, 25/14. 
borde,s&., board, entertainment, table, 

joke, fun, 40/13. 
bordell-hous, sb., brothel, 6/29. 
borower, sb., borrower, 286/21. 
borue, v. } to borrow, inf., 45/17 5 l>t- 

3 sy. borowde, 194/25. 
boschelles, sb. pi., bushel, 18/17. 
bosome, sb., bosom, 174/6. 
bost, sb., boast, 187/3Q. 
boster, sb., boaster, 188/9. 
bote, sb., boat, 119/26.' 
bote, sb., repair, remedy, 90/4. 
bote : see but. 
botes,, boot, 141/27. 
bope, adj., both, 6/17. 
bojwm, sb., bottom, 72/i6. 
bottys, sb. pi., cudgel, 228/25. 
boure, sb., bower, 224/13. 
bout, prp., without, 127/31. 
bow, sb., bow, 64/i8. 
bow, v., to bow, bend, inf., 84/1 2 ; pr. 

3 8ff. bow>e, 84/10. 
bowdet : see bawded. 
boxe, *&., box, 174/3. 
boxom : see buxom, 
boystres, adj., boisterous, rough, 

bradlyng,a<7/.,wyth abradlyiig sworde, 

with the flat side of his sword, 193/4- 
branche, sb., branch, 20/21. 
Braridan,St., pr. w.,St.Brandan, 80/i; 


bras, sb., brass, 147/21. 
brasyn, adj., brazen, 31/12. 
braydon, pp., brayed, crushed, 246/2. 
brayne, sb., brain, 42/34- 
breche, sb., breech, breeches, 40/23. 
brede, sb., bread, 254/1 1. 
breden, v., to breed ; pt. 3 sg. bred, 

40/2 4 . 
breke, v., to break, inf., 9/31 ; pr. 3 

sg. breke)>e, 293/35 ; pi. brekon, 

291/33; imp. pi. brekyth, 52/2O ; 

pt> 3 *{/ brake, 61/29 ; breke, 

211/36; pi. breken, 201/24; pp. 

broken, 112/8. 
brenne, v., to burn, inf., 30/2O ; 

pr. 3 sg. brennyth, 80/14 ; pl.bren- 

nen, 150/19; brennyth, 162/5; pt" 

3 sg. brennet, 5/29 ; brant, 7/31 ; 

brent, 146/23 ; pi. brennyn, 188/ai; 

brendon, 192/24 ; pp. brent, 147/23; 

brant, 210/1 ; brennet, 221/3. 
brennyng, adj. and sb., burning, 8/22. 
brerys, sb. pi., brier, 77/3O. 
brest, sb., breast, chest, 32/2O. 
Bretane, Syr Rychard, pr. n., Sir 

Richard Briton, 41/36. 
brethe, sb., breath, 84/24. 
breden, v., to breathe ; pr. 3 sg. bre>es, 

128/i 3 . 

bre]jyng,*i., breathing, breath, 139/8. 
Brewafour, pr. n., Gwenfrewi, Gwen- 

frwd (Acta Sanct) (original name 

of St. Winifred), 179/5. 
bridul, sb., bridle, 292/19. 
broche, sb., broach, 6/32. 
brod, adj., broad, 260/9. 
brode, on, adv., abroad, 112/33. 
Brok, Robert, pr. n., Robert Brook, 


brondys, sb. pi., burning wood, 

broj>ell, sb., wretch, worthless person, 

broker, sb. } brother, 6/16; pi. 
brethern, 34/n; brejjer, 40/15; 
bretheren, 295/17- 

bruchull, adj., brittle, 166/21. 

brusset, pp., broken, 288/31. 

brydde, sb., bird, 43/22. 

brydyls : see bridul. 

brygge, sb., bridge, 144/2; bryge, 

bryght, adj., bright, 17/5- 

bryghtnes, sb., brightness, 249/5. 

brymston, sb., brimstone, sulplur, 
5/33 5 brynston, 219/7. 

brynge, v., to bring, inf., 86/18 ; 
bryngon, 296/i6 ; pr. 3 sy. bryng- 
uth, 291/15; imp. sg. brynge, 302/9; 
pi. bryngyth, 33/8 ; pt..$ sg. broght, 
1/13; brocht, 185/35; browthe, 
290/i; ^^.broghton, 14/19; broght, 
16/26; browthon, 290/21 ; pp. y- 
broght, 20/30 ; broght, 53/7 5 brojt, 
123/i8; brocht, 222/29; browth, 
294/3; broujt, 301/26. 

bryngyng, sb., bringing, 193/27. 

brynke, sb., brink, 51/12. 

Brystow, pr. n., Bristol, 248/31. 

buifen, v., to strike; pt. 3 pi. buffed, 

bugull, sb., ox, 136/33. 

Hrk's Featial 

bull, &., bull, 258/15. 

bulmyng (?), 5/30. 

burden, sb., burden, load, 33/8 ; bor- 

den, 33/9; burthen, 61/io; pi. 

berthens, 157/1 9. 
burgenen, v., to bud, sprout ; pr. 3 pi. 

burgeneth, 20/23. 
burin es : see burynes. 
bursten, v., to burst, break ; pt. 3 sg. 

barst, 42/30; pi. borston, 273/9- 
burthe, sb., birth, giving birth, 21/7 ; 

byr>e, 21/13. 
bui-the-tyme, sb., time of birth, 

bury, v., to bury, inf., 9/15 ; pt. pi 

buryeden, 20/13 ; buryeth, 186/29 ; 

buryet, 220/9 ; byried,296/io; pp. 

buryet, 14/n; buryt, 179/25; 

buryde, 210/15; beried, 294/25; 

byryed, 296/7 ; ybyried, 297/2O. 
burynes, sb., burying - place, tornb, 

280/20; byrinesse, 296/2O. 
buryyng, sb., burying, 281/8 ; byri- 

ing, 297/24. 

busturly, adv., roughly, 23/n. 
but, cow/., prp., adv., but, except, 

unless, 2/6; butte, 210/34; bote, 

butler, sb., butler, 19/9; botler, 

98/1 1 ; boteler, 98/15. 
buxom, adj., obedient, 109/34 ; boxom, 

buylen, ?'., to boil ; pr. 3 sg. buylube, 


buysty, sb., box, 203/31. 
by, prp., by, 2/26 ; be, 10/3- 
by and by, adv. , by and by, slowly, 

44/ 4 . 
bydde, v., to bid, ask, command, inf., 

286/31 ; pr. I sg. bydde, 88/19 ; 

3 sff. byddys, 42/2 ; bydde]>e, 68/5 ; 

imp. sg. byd, 10/23; P*- 3 *0. 

bade, 7/5; bede, 31/6; badde, 

298/15 ; pi bade, 75/2O ; beden, 

U/5 ; bede, 35/32 ; pr. p. byddyng, 

36/1 ; bydyng, 149/2; pp. beden, 

10/29 5 bed, 235/34. 
byddyng, &., bidding, praying, 41/3; 

bydyng, 291/12. 
byen, n, to buy, inf., 98/33 ; bye, 

14/32 ; imp. sg. by, 40/8 ; pt. 3 sg. 

boght, 5/36 ; pp. boght, 65/34. 
byers, sb. pi., buyer, purchaser, 

byfor-hond, adv., beforehand, before, 

byge, <-t<U> W* big, strong, 201/5- 

bygulstede, yb., slaughter-house, 

byhalfe, sb., behalf, 188/19; byhalue, 

byhynd, adv., behind, 22/27; bihynd, 

112/19; behynde, 299/27. 
byld, v., to build, inf., 134/6; pt. 

3 sg. byld, 30/i ; byldytte, 211/26; 

pp. bylde, 146/17. 
byldyng, sb., building, 177/23. 
byleue : see beleue. 
byll, sb., bill, beak, 73/5. 
bylyon, v., to cohabit with, inf., 

105/7 ; PP- bylayn, 105/27. 
bynde, v., to bind, oblige, inf., 209/8 ; 

bynd, 8/26; pr. 3 sg. byndyth, 

187/20; pt. 3 sg. bond, 119/8; 

pi. bonden, 9/i; bownden, 176/29; 

bowndyn, 210/7 5 PP- bonden, 

53/24 ; bowndyn, 200/36 ; ybou- 

dyn, 209/16. 

byne)>e, adv., beneath, 102/13- 
bynyjtet, pp., benighted, 213/2. 
byrth : see burth. 
byrth-day, sb., birthday, 47/1. 
byschoppe, sb., bishop, 9/22. 
byschopryche, sb., bishopric, 81/35. 
bysyde, prp., beside, close by, 71/13; 

bysydys, 288/25 ; besydys, 242/37- 
bysyen, v. t to be busy, occupy oneself; 

pr. 3 sg. busyu]>, 93/8; bysyu)>e, 

108/19 ; pp. bysyede, 67/2. 
bysyly, adj., busy, 66/35; besy, 

bysynes, sb., business, 130/35 5 

besynes, 231/1. 

EjtinjB,pr. n., Bithynia, 262/31. 
bytokenen, v., to betoken, signify ; 

pr. 3 sg. bytokenyth, 60/2 ; pi. 

bytokenyth, 95/12 ; bitokne>e, 

126/22 ; pt. 3 sg. bytokenyd, 


byttyrly, adv., bitterly, 80/14. 
bytwene, prp., between, 22/3O. 
bytwyx, prp., between, 11/15; be- 

twyx, 291/30; betwysse, 292/33. 

caas : see case. 

cacche, v., to catch, inf.. 286/6 ; pt. 

3sg. caght, 193/17; kaght, 104/1 3; 

pi. kaghten, 270/29 ; pp. caght, 


cage, sb., cage, 43/2 1. 
calfe, sb., calf, 261/io. 
calle, v., to call, inf., 184/1 6; 

pr. 2 sg. calles, 173/l8; 3 sg. 

Glotsaarial Index 


callyth, 23/i8 ; pi. callen, 57/13 ; 

cahie, 115/17; calluth, 299/26; 

calle, 172/3 ; called, 172/5 ; pt. 

callet, 6/19; pp. callyd, 182/29; 

calyd; 184/26; cald, 213/23; 

callad, 6/23. 

uallyng, sb., calling, 13/n. 
Caluary, pr. n., the hill of Calvary, 

77/35, 122/2, 144/31. 
camele, si)., camel, 140/6 ; camell, 

candyli, sb., candle, 59/30; condyll, 

Candylmasse-day, pr. n., Candlemas - 

day, 57/1 ; Condylmasse - day, 

60/i 8. 
Cane of Galyle, pr. n., Cana in 

Galilee, 48/7, 230/6. 
canonysen, v., to canonize ; pt. cano- 

nysyt, 137/35 ; pp. cananyset, 


Capitolion, pr. n., Capitol, 190/IO. 
cappe, si., cap, 42/2O. 
capten, sb., captain, 280/29. 
capuls, sb. pi., horse, nag, 22/31. 
carallys, sb. pi., coral, 113/17- 
cardenalles, sb. pi., cardinal, 11/2O. 
careyn, sb., carrion, carcase, 73/3 ; 

caren, 156/3 ; kareyn, 156/7. 
carien, v., to carry ; pt. caried, 


carpenter, sb., carpenter, 19/2. 
cart, sb., cart, 273/6. 
caryge, sb., carriage, 273/7- 
case, sb., case, 146/9; aas, 6/33. 
cast, v. t to cast, deliberate, inf., 7/26 ; 

pr. 3 sg. castyj>e, 84/23; castys, 

128/9 > i m P' pl" cas *> V3 2 > castys, 

139/12 ; pt. 3 sg. kest, 13/i ; cast, 

53/36 ; pi. casten, 6/17 ; keston, 

115/4; kjst, 237/28; pp. cast, 


castell, sb., castle, fort, 42/13. 
catayle, sb., cattle, property, 88/25; 

catell, 94/13; cateyle, 287/2. 
cause, sb., cause, 2/2 ; cawse, 

42/2 5 . 

caue, sb., cave, 22/30. 
cawdren, sb., caldron, 5/32. 
Cawnturbury, pr. n., Canterbury, 

243/20; Caunturbury, 40/i8; 

Canturbury, 41/31. 
celle, sb., cell, 220/29. 
centuary, sb., cemetery, 298/i8 ; sen- 

tuary, 298/7; sentuari, 298/2 1; 

seyntvvary, 299/io. 
Ceolus, pr. n., Ceol, 144/19. 

cercule, sb., circle, 25/22 ; cerkyll, 

20/23 ; cerkyl, 179/15- 
certefyet, pp., certified, 75/35. 
certeyne, adj., certain, 48/14; ser- 

teyne, 301/2. 

Cesare, pr. n., Caesarea, 19/2. 
chafen, v., to make warm ; pt. chafet, 

chaffaryng, sb., chaffering, trading, 

chalanch, ?., to challenge, accuse, 

inf., 241/24 J P^ chalanchet, 

241/12 ; pp. chalenchyng, 4/30. 
chalange, sb., challenge, 58/15. 
chalice, sb., chalice, 171/2 ; chalis, 

171/8 ; chales, 20/25 ; pi. chalays, 

chambyr, sb., chamber, 82/15; chain- 

bre, 178/3. 
chauibyr-dyre, sb., chamber door, 


chanell, sb., gutter, 195/21. 
changen, v., to change; pt. chanchyd, 

197/25; chaunged, 246/19; pp. 

changet, 112/7. 
chansele, sb., chancel, 29/30. 
chapell, sb., chapel, 30/2. 
chapmen, sb. pi., chapman, merchant, 


charch, sb., charge, 10/5. 

charche, v., to charge, inf., 100/31 

pr. i sg. charche, 41/9; 3 sg. 

chargyth, 86/8; pt. charched, 13/6; 

charget, 25/27 ; charchet, 168/9. 
charcolys, sb. pi., charcoal, 105/ic; 

charkolus, 292/4. 
chare, sb., cart, 37/i6. 
Charles, pr. n., Charles, 46/3O. 
chartur, sb., charter, 172/1 6. 
charyotes,, chariot, 101/28. 
chary te, sb., charity, 70/23. 
chastyce, v., to chastise, chasten, inf., 

283/io; chastes, 67/6; chast, 

64/34 ; pr. i sg. chast, 67/9 5 P*- 

pi. chastest, 68/25; pp. chastist, 


chastyte, sb., chastity, 11/31. 
chaunseler, sb., chancellor, 88/34. 
chaynes, sb. pi., chain, 69/31 ; 

cheynes, 187/2O. 
chayre, sb., chair, 10/8. 
chedyng, sb., shedding, 86/32. 
chef,sb. and adj., chief, 12/14 ; cheff, 


cheke, sb., cheek, 19/9- 
Chelmes-forde, pr. n., Chelmsford, 



Mirk's Festial 

chep, sb., cheap, bargain, 9/i8. 
Chepe, pr. n., Cheapside, 39/34 5 

Scheppe, 196/so. 

cliere, sb., cheer, countenance, 16/7- 
cheresly, adv., lovingly , tenderly, 9/28. 
cheressche, v., to cherish, inf., 90/36 ; 

pt. cherysched, 85/12. 
Chere-Jmrsday, pr. n., Maundy 

Thursday, 169/5- 
cherly, adv., dearly, 39/17. 
chese, sb., cheese, 84/7. 
chese, v., to choose, inf., 12/12 ; 

chose, 211/14 ; imp. sg. ches, 

249/22; pt. 3 sg. ches, 79/9; chos, 

191/15; pi. chosen, 28/io ; pp. 

choson, 12/IO. 

chesyng, sb., choosing, 11/27. 
chevetens, sb. pi., chieftain, 250/36. 
choken, v., to choke; pt. choket, 


chose, sb., choice, 90/34- 
choton, v., to shoot, inf., 64/19. 
choyims, sb. pi, fissure, crack, 192/2 1 . 
chyld, sb., child, 11/32 ; schyld, 

25/20; scbyll[d], 194/2; schild, 

205/30 ; pi. childynie, 8/28 ; 

chyldyrne, 4/3; childyr, 12/6; 

chyldren, 23/i8 ; chyldyren, 29/io; 

chyldre, 36/21 ; chyldyr, 271/1 ; 

schylldren, 37/4 > schyldyrne, 


chyld-bedde, sb., child-bed, 49/31. 
chyldhede, sb., childhood, 26/21. 
chyldles, adj., childless, 37/3- 
chyldyng, sb., child-bearing, delivery, 

Chyldyrmas-day, pr. n., Childermas- 

day, 41/34. 

chyle, sb., moment, 195/26, 212/19. 
chyn, sb., chin, 67/i6. 
chynchnes, sb., stinginess, parsimony, 

85/ 3 . 
chyrch, sb., church, 1/7 ; chirch, 

I/ 1 6. 
chyrche-dyr, *&., church-door, 12/17 ; 

chyrche-durre, 12/14 ;chyrch-dorre, 

278/2 9 . 
chyrche-$orde,s&.,churchyard, 179/24; 

chii-ch-jorde, 297/28; chyrch-jeorde, 

244/9 J chirch-sarde, 298/29 ; 

chyrch-jarde, 296/19. 
chyrche-halyday, sb., qhurch -holiday, 

chyrch -tresowre, sb., church-treasure, 

219/ 9 . 

chyualrous, adj., chivalrous, 59/i6. 
chyualry, sb., chivalry, 59/12. 

circumcysed, pp., circumcised, 46/ao ; 

circumsiset, 45/22 ; ycircumcised, 


circumstance, sb., circumstance, 94/36. 
c\&de,pp., dressed, 239/15- 
clause, v. t to cleanse, purify, inf., 

50/36 ; pr. 3 sg. clansu}?, 59/2 ; 

imp. pi. clansyth, 89/i8; pt. 

clansyd, 204/9 > PP- clansed, 57/8. 
clansyng, sb., cleansing, 57/7 > clansy- 

ing, 58/i. 

clappys, sb. pi., clap, noise, 118/27- 
claterer, sb., clatterer, 229/33. 
Clement, pr. n., Clement, 189/35- 
clene, adj., clean, 2/13; adv. clanly, 

cleimes, sb., cleanness, 32/9 5 clannes, 


Cleophace, pr. n., Cleophas, 215/24. 
cleped, pp., called, 1/5. 
clere, adj., clear, 17/32. 
clerge, sb., clergy, 160/12. 
clerk, sb., clerk, scholar, 164/1. 
clerkelyk, adv., like a clerk, 163/5- 
clerte, sb., splendour, 102/21. 
cleuen, v., to cleave, split; pt. 3 sy., 

cleue, 102/1 ; clefe, 266/29. 
clochus, sb. pi, claw, 130/37- 
cloppys, sb. pi, monster, (Leyenda 

aurea : marinae beluae), 2/34. 
clos, adj., close, shut up, secret, 

close, ?., to close, inf., 194/12 ; pr. 3 

^.closyth, 20/28,; pt. closud,72/28 ; 

pp. closyd, 147/22. 
clote, sb., lump, piece (of cloth), 


cloj>, sb. t cloth, 39/19. 
clo)>e, v., to clothe, inf., 70/25 ; pr. 

pi. clojm>, 130/21 ; elope, 130/22 ; 

pt. kloj>yd, 231/24 ; pp. cloj>ede, 

89/19 ; yclojxst, 4/15 ; cla>yd, 


cloj>yng, sb., clothing, 63/i6. 
clowde, sb., cloud, 101/24. 
clowten, v., to repair ; pr. p. clowtyng, 


cloystyr, sb., cloister, 42/u. 
clymbe, v., to climb, inf., 135/19- 
clyp, v., to embrace, inf., 8/33 ; klyp, 

112/33 5 kli P> 124/20 ; pt. clyppyd, 

clyppe, r., to clip, inf., 147/i6 ; clyp, 

125/1 1 ; klippe, 125/33; PP- 


code, sb., pitch, 219/7- 
cofur, sb., cotter, 248/8. 

Glossamcd Index 


coke, sb., cock, 188/4. 

colde, sb., cold, 6/24. 

cole, sb., coal, 56/15. 

cole-fyre, sb., coal-fire, 292/1 1 ; cole- 

fure, 105/i6. 

coleman, sb., coal-man, 292/13. 
colet, sb., collect (short prayer), 129/2O. 
Coleyne, pr. n., Cologne, 21/5. 
coloure, sit., colour, 147/27. 
combrans, sb., trouble, annoyance, 


comburment, sit. , encumbrance,202/2 9. 
conibyr, v., to annoy, encumber, 

entangle, inf., 68/1 1 ;pp. comburet, 

208/1 8 ; combyrd, 28/29; combret, 


come, v., to come, inf., 1/2O ; comtn, 
254/26; comyn, 289/13 ; cum, 
292/i6 ; pr. 2 sg. comyst, 89/36 ; 
comys, 115/5 5 come 272/3 ; 3 sg. 
comyth, 2/28 ; comet, 172/5 ; pi. 
come, 50/14; comen, 2/26; imp. 
sg. comme, 12/2O ; come, 18/22; 
pi. come]>e, 4/3 ; pt. 3 sg. come, 
1/26 ; comme, 8/7 ; cum, 180/6 ; 
cam, 289/i8 ; pi. come, 4/7 ; comine, 
7/i 8 ; comen, 12/12; pr. p. cum- 
myng, 298/33; pp. commen, 14/26; 
comyn, 147/14 ; ycomyn, 75/26. 

coinendyng, sb., commending, com- 
mendation, 2/1 8. 

comfort, sb., comfort, 46/2O ; confort, 
55/ 4 . 

comfort, v., to comfort, strengthen, 
inf., 245/21; pr. 3 sg. conforte]), 
156/14; 3 pi. conforty)>, 219/28; 
pt. confortet, 9/36 ; comfortet, 16/6 ; 
pp. conforted, 54/25 5 comfortet, 

commaunde, v. t to command, inf., 
62/13 ; pr. i sg. commaunde, 
175/4; imp. sg. commaunde, 
190/8 ; pt. commaundet, 7/25 ; 
commawndyd, 8/36 ; commaundytt, 
219/20 ; commawnde, 276/23 ;pr. 
p. comawndyng, 22/2O ; pp. com- 
mawndet, 18/25. 

commaundenient, sb., commandment, 
219/34 ; comaundement, 149/23. 

commendabull, adj., recommendable, 

commenden, v., to commend ; pt. coin- 
mendyd, 9/23; pp. commendet, 


company, sb., company, 10/6 ; cum- 

panye, 293/5- 
compas, sit., compass, 174/21. 

compassyon, sb., compassion, 11/28 ; 

compacyon, 216/33. 
compenabull, adj., companionable, 

friendly, 284/1 8. 

comperson, sb., comparison, 118/3. 
compleynen, v., to complain ; pr. 3 sg. 

compleynyj>e, 112/22. 
comprehend, v., to understand, inf., 

167/2 5 . 
comyn, sb. and adj., common, 27/29 ; pi. 

comyns, the common people, 65/35. 
coniyng, sb. and adj., coming, arrival, 

1/6 ; commyng, 2/23. 
comynty, sb., people, public, 189/6. 
con, v., to offer, to be able to do (some- 
thing), inf., 199/22; pr. i sg. 

kan, 4/9; 3 sg. can, 8/2; con, 

W35 > P 1 ' con > 13 /35 ; can > 50/is ; 

pt. 3 sg. cowthe, 5/22 ; pi. cowth, 

28/i i ; cowthen, 49/19. 
concent, sb., consent, 35/9- 
concenten, v., to consent ; pr. I pi. 

concenten, 46/7. 

concepcyon, sb., conception, 15/12. 
coiiceyte, sb., conception, 169/14; 

conseyt, 68/3. 
conceyue, v., to conceive, inf., 106/29 ; 

conseyue, 16/24; pr. 3 sg. con- 

seyueth, 57/26 ; pi. conceyuejw, 

253/23 ; pt. 2 sg. conceyuedyst, 

109/8 ; 3 sg. conceyuet, 58/i ; pp. 

conseyuet, 46/19; conceyuet, 47/2. 
conceyvyng, sb., conceiving, 57/9. 
concyens, sb., conscience, 2/13 ; con- 

syens, 93/3 > consyence, 263/1 8 ; 

conscyens, 268/23. 
condicion, sb., condition, 224/35 ; pi. 

condicions, 290/14. 
condyll, &c. : see candle, 
conferme, v., to confirm, inf., 46/2O ; 

pr. 3 sg. confermej), 158/4 > P^ 

confermed, 136/5 > PP- conferrnyd. 


confessour, sb., confessor, 40/28. 
confondyng, sb., confounding, 168/31. 
conformen, v., to conform ; pt. con- 
formed, 121/4. 

confoundet, pp., confounded, 164/35. 
confusyd, pp., confused, 209 /3O. 
confusyon, sb., confusion, 2/22 ; con- 

fucyon, 2/2 o. 
confyrmacyon, sb., confirmation, 


congelut, pp., congealed, 166/21. 
coniuren, /'., to conjure; pt. coniured, 


connably : see couenable. 


Mirk'ts Fevtial 

connyng, s&., experience, skill, know- 
ledge, 145/12 ; conyng, 221/21. 
conqueren, v., to conquer; pt. con- 
quered, 59/12. 

consayle, consel, &c. : see cownsell. 
Constantyn, pr. n., the emperor 

Constantin, 37 A I 5 Constantyne, 

Constantyne, pr. n., the town of 

Constantinople, 151/9- 
constrayne, v., to constrain, inf., 8/23 ; 

pr. 3 S(j. constreyne)>e, 285/22 ; pp. 

constrayned, 102/33- 
eonstytucyons, sb. pi., constitution, 

rule, 188/15. 
consyderen, v., to consider ; pr. p. 

consyderyng, 158/1 8. 
contemplatyf, adj., contemplative, 

contempplacion, sb., contemplation, 


contre, sb., country, 8/5 ; contray, 

8/14 ; contrey, 12/12 ; cuntre, 

contrycyon, sb., contrition, 78/i6 ; 

contricion, 74/26 ; coiitrisyon, 


contryte, adj., contrite, 74/3O. 
contynue, t'.,to continue, inf., 44/28 ; 

contynew, 161/ip; pr. pi. conty- 

nuejxj, 66/4. 

conuersyon, sb., conversion, 52/26. 
conuerten, v. y to convert ; pt. con- 

uertyd, 217/31 ; pp. conuerted, 


conuertyng, sb., converting, 52/27. 
cood, sb., pitch, 5/33. 
coold, adj., cold, 6/17. 
cop, fib., summit, head, 77/25. 
copies, sb. pi., copy, 215/15. 
cordys, sb. pi., cord, 122/3O. 
Corintheos, Lat., pr.n., epistle to the 

Corinthians, 86/3. 
come, si., corn, grain, 98/22. 
Cornell, sb., corner, 130/17- 
Cornweyle, pr. n., Cornwall, 268/27. 
corrupt, adj., corrupt, 192/12. 
cors, sb., corpse, body, 64/1. 
corseyntys, sb. pi, a holy body, saint, 


corupcyon, sb., corruption, 224/s6. 
coruen, pp., carved, 201/7. 
Cosdre,2>r. w.,Cosdroe,king of Persia, 


cosse : see kysse. 
cost, sb., cost, expense, 206/4- 

costen, r., to cost; pt. 3 stj. cost, 20/7- 

cosyn, si., cousin, 52/3- 

cote, sb., coat, 81/36. 

councellyng, adj., counselling, 157/8. 

courte, sb., court, 17/37. 

couenable, adj., suitable, convenient, 

184/20 ; adv. connably, 267/5- 
couenant, sb., covenant, 45/2 ; cow- 

nant, 44/so. 

couerlyt, sb., coverlet, 196/27. 
couet, r., to covet, inf., 98/4 > pt f 

couetyd, 220/13- 

couetowse, adj., covetous, 231/1 1. 
couetyse, sb., covetousness, 21/32 ; 

couetyes, 216/22; couitys, 217/7; 

couytyce., 219/1. 
cow, sb., cow, 100/27. 
cownsell, sb., counsel, 41/i8; consayle, 

9/335 consele, 37/12 ; cownseyle, 

10/3 i counseyl, 112/1 1 ; concell, 

133/8 ; counsell, 157/3 J consell, 

157/4; councell, 157/12. 
cownsell, v., to counsel, inf., 103/12 ; 

consayle, 91/34; P r - l S 9' counsell, 

146/25 ; pt. counselyt, 64/32 ; 

conseylet, 91/25 ; concelet, 175/23 ; 

pr. p. counselyng, 157/TO ; cown- 

selyng, 239/1 5; pp. counseylet, 


cownsell, pp. concealed, 13/7. 

cowntanance, sb., countenance, 64/32. 

cownturs, sb. 2)1., counter, 255/2. 

cowntys, sb., account, 242/12. 

cowpull, sb., couple, coupling, union, 

cowpult, pp., coupled, 214/4. 

cowthe : see con. 

cracche, sb., manger, crib, 22/8. 

Cradok, pr. n., Cradoc (murderer of 
St. Winifred), 178/1. 

cradull, fib., cradle, 12/3 '> kradyll, 
196/15; cradyl, 196/21. 

craft, sb., craft, 55/12. 

creature, sb., creator, !74/i6. 

creatures, sb. pi., creature, 236/21. 

credebule, adj., credible, 51/9. 

creme, sb., cream, 233/1 ; creem, 

crepen, v., to creep ; pr. p. crepyny , 
124/16 ; pp. kropon, 800/29. 

crepull, sb., cripple, 274/1 8. 

crismatory, sb., chrismatory, 158/15- 

Cristenmasse-day, pr. n., Christmas- 
day, 109/21 

Cristenmasse-nyght,p?'. n., Christmas- 
night, 48/15- 

cristenyng, sb., baptism, 158/7- 

Olossarial Index 


cristenyng tyme, sb., time of baptism, 


cristyn : see crysten. 
croches, sb. pi., crutch, 100/i6. 
croket, adj. andsb., crooked, 189/15 ; 

crowket, 218/31 ; croke, 286/30. 
cromes, sb. pL, crumb, 96/9. 
cronyclys, sb. pi., chronicle, 81/33 ; 

cronycub, 146/i6. 
crosse, sb., cross, 8/33. 
crow, v., to crow, inf., 188/4 ; pt. 3 s<j. 

cru, 188/5- 
Crowland, pr. /<., Crowland, a town in 

Lincolnshire, 239/27. 
crowne, sb., crown, tonsure, 42/23. 
crownen, v., to crown ; pt. crowned, 

cruell, adj., cruel, 1/15 ; cruele, 


cruelte, sb., cruelty, 86/37. 
cruschet, pp., crushed, 134/15- 
cry, sb., cry, shouting, 98/8 ; crie, 

cry, v., to ciy, inf., 0/34; pr. i sy. 

crye, 66/19; 3 sg. cryeth, 112/31 ; 

pi. cryen, 101/i6 ; pt. 3 sg. criet, 

6/30; cryed, 19/1 8; pi. cryedyn, 

30/13 ; cryed, 80/15 ; cryde, 202/7 ; 

cryden,209/i i; pr. p. cryyng, 5/30 ; 

cryng, 228/29. 

Cryst, pr. n., Christ, 1/12 ; Crist, 1/8. 
crystall, sb., crystal, 20/14; cristall, 

crysten, sb. and ac//.,'christian, 21/n; 

cristyn, 227/1. 
crystyn, v., to christen, baptise, inf., 

210/3; cristen, 11/33; pp. cry- 

stened, 86/31 ; icrystenet, 45/2 ; 

crysteuyd, 109/IO ; cristonet, 

207/15 ; crystonet, 219/33. 
crystyndome, sb., Christendom, 17/37 > 

crystendame, 68/34; cristyndom, 


cryyng, sb., crying, 13/26. 
cubytys, sb. pi., cubit, 2/31 ; cubites, 

culn-mowth, sb., kiln-mouth, opening 

of a furnace, 281/8. 
culuer, sb., pigeon, dove, 73/4; coluer, 


culuer- bryddes, sb. pi., dove, 57/22. 
cum, cummyng : see come, 
cuppe, sb., cup, 99/21 ; coppe, 99/32. 
curatour, sb., curator, 89/25. 
curen, r., to cure ; pr. 2 sg. cures, 

curs, sb., curse, 188/17. 

cursed, pp. (adj.}, cursed, 121/3 ; 

curseth, 170/2O ; icursed, 288/19. 
cursen, v., to curse ;pt. cursed, 29/2O. 
curtesy, sb. , courtesy, kindness, 80/8. 
curteyse, adj., courteous, 242/5. 
curtyll, sb., kirtle, tunic, 188/1 8. 
custom, sb., custom, 118/25 ; pi. 

costoms, 44/6. 
cydyr, sb., cedar, 78/1. 
cypur, sb , cypress, 78/1. 
Cypure, pr. n., Cyprus, 176/22. 
cyrcumcysyon, s6.,circumcision,45/2 1 ; 

circumsicyon, 45/7. 
cyte, sb., city, 12/12; cite, 8/20; 

syte, 12/n. 

cytesons, sb. pi., citizen, 259/1 o. 
Cythya, pr. n., Scythia, 188/34. 
cyvys, sb. pi., citizen, 282/26. 

daclull, sb., tattle, 279/32. 
dalyance, sb., dalliance, 145/i6. 
Damaske, pr. n., Damascus, 68/30. 
dame, sb., dame, lady, 10/13. 
dampnacyon, sb., damnation, 68/7. 
dampnen, v., to condemn, pr. 2 sy. 

dampnes, 55/37 > P*> dampnet, 

46/9 5 PP> dampnet, 5/34 ; y- 

dampned, 18/29. 

damysel, sb., damsel, 185/21 ; dame- 
sell, 133/15. 
daren, v., to lurk, be concealed ; pt. 

daret, 8/17; pr. p. davyng, 


Darius, pr. n., Darius, 287/1 1. 
darknes : see derkenesse. 
date, sb., date, 223/34- 
daunsys, sb. pi., dance, 182/24. 
Davyd,pr. n., David, 166/15 ; Dauit, 

dawnce, v., to dance, inf., 65/8 ; 

dawnse, 185/1 8. 
dawnyng, sb., dawning, 204/19 > 

dawyng, 24/36. 
day, sb., day, 1/5 ; dey, 6/4. 
day-journes, sb. pi., day's journey, 

dayntees, sb., dainties, 39/26 ; dayn- 

tej>s, 85/10. 

daynte]), adj., dainty, 86/13. 
day-ster, sb., day star, 221/31. 
debate, sb., debate, strife, 20/3O. 
Decius, pr. n., Decius, 217/35. 
ded, adj., dead, 2/1. 
dede, sb., deed, 31/i8. 
dedly, adj., deadly, mortal, 60/29. 
Dedys of )>e apostoles, Acts of the 

Apostles, 27/1- 


Mirk's Festiat 

defamacyon, si)., defamation, calumny, 


defawte, sb., default, want, 18/13. 
defe, adj., deaf, 188/14. 
defence, sb., defence, 146/26. 
defende, v., to defend, inf., 128/37 5 

pr. pi. defendyth, 111/28; de- 

fendyn, 280/24. 
defender, si)., defender, 240/31. 
defendyng, sb., defending, 58/2. 
defowle, v., to defoul, insult, inf., 

192/25 ; pp. defowled, 26/io. 
degre, sb., degree, 10/21. 
deken, sb., deacon, 162/29. 
dele, sb., deal, part, 42/28. See also 

dele, v., to deal, inf., 55 /if ; pr. 3 sg. 

delude, 156/21 ; pi. delon, 156/2O ; 

pt. sg. dalt, 19/31 ; pi. dalton, 

245/12; delet togedyr, 'had inter- 
course,' 11/32 ; pp. dalt, 270/8. 
deliberacyon, sb., deliberation, 68/6. 
delicate, adj., delicate, 254/14. 
delyte, sb., delight, 96/14. 
delyuer, v. t to liberate, deliver, inf., 

18/30; imp. sg. delyuer, 286/32; 

pt. delyuerd, 87/36 ; pp. delyuerd, 

22/34 J deliuerd, 226/35. 
delyuerance, sb., deliverance, 248/3- 
deme, v., to deem, judge, inf., 1/u ; 

dome, 4/34; demon, 295/33; pr> 

pi. demyn, 284/ip; pt. demede, 

75/9; pp. denied, 79/21. 
demyng, sb., deeming, punishing, 


den, sb., den, cave, 258/i6. 
Denmarke, pr. n., Denmark, 17/19. 
depart, v., to divide, depart, go away, 

inf., 14/33; pr- 3 */ departyth, 

24/36 ; pt. departed, 5/14; pp. de- 

partyd, 47/2O. 
depe, adj., deep, 145/24 ; adv. duply, 

depe, v , to immerse deeply, inf., 


Derbe, pr. n., Derby, 244/14- 
dere, sb., dearth, 9/i8. 
dere, adj., dear, 223/1 1. 
dered, pp., loved, honoured, 283/7. 
derke, adj., dark, 148/ao. 
derkenesse, sb., darkness, 17/2O; 

derkenes, 28/29 ; derknes, 28/31 ; 

darkene^, 24/3 5 darknes, 103/21. 
derlyng, sb., darling, 80/34. 
derjje, sb., dearth, 9/1 8. 
des . . . : see also under dys . . . 
desayue, dessayue : see deseyue. 

desayuour, sb., deceiver, 147/12. 
descende, v., to descend, inf., 215/5. 
descent, sb., descent, 215/13. 
deserte, sb., desert, 6/9. 
deseruen, v., to deserve ; pr. pi. de- 

serue, 155/21 ; pt. deseruet, 80/IO. 
desesyt, pp., troubled, annoyed, 

deseyt, sb., deceit, 208/19; dyssayte, 

deseyue, v., to deceive, inf., 46/17 ; 

desayue, 46/io ; dessayue, 112/1 1 ; 

imp. pi. dessayue, 130/17 ; pt. de- 

seyuet, 46/9 J dysseyueth, 286/io ; 

pp. deseyuet, 5/io; desey vet, 45/15; 

dysceyuet, 76/24. 

desolate, adj., desolate, lonely, 195/33. 
despeyre, sb., despair, 13/8 ; dy- 

spayre, 26/12. 
despyte, sb., contumely, spite, 117/19; 

pi. despytes, 97/2O. 
destruccyon, sb., destruction, 140/34. 
destrye, v., to destroy, inf., 24/2O ; 

dystrye, 31/2O ; destri, 2*07/13 ; de- 

stroye, 301/22 ; pr. 3 sg. destryth, 

287/26; pp. destriet, 146/17 ;'de- 

stryed, 53/12. 
desyre, v., to desire, inf., 24/i6; pr. 

i sg. desyre, 8/33 ; 3 sg. desyryth, 

94/27 ; pi. desyre, 265/21 ; desyryn, 

283/22 ; pr. p. desyryng, 284/3. 
de>e, sb., death, 1/23. 
dethe-bedde, sb., death-bed, 78/21. 
de>-day, sb., death-day, 179/2O. 
de>-tyme, sb., time of death, 78/31. 
deuell, sb., devil, fiend, 9/24. 
deuenyte : see divinity, 
deuocyon, sb., devotion, 26/32. 
Devonschyre, pr. n., Devonshire, 


deuors, sb., divorce, 286/35. 
devot, adj., devout, 52/29 ; deuout, 

devowryd, pp., devoured, 206/5 ; de- 

uoured, 133/2O. 
devyne, adj., divine, 241/2. 
dew, adj., due, 26/4. 
dewe, sb., dew, 146/19. 
deye : see dye. 
deyen, v., to dye; pr. 3 sg. deyj>e, 


deynt, pp., hallowed, 199/i8. 
diligens, sb., attention, 232/IO. 
dismembryd, pp., dismembered, 114/9- 
diuinyte, sb., divinity, 167/27 ; de- 
uenyte, 186/6. 
do, v., to do, inf., 4/19 ; don, 7/4 ; pi'. 

Glossarial Index 


i sg. do, 293/9; 2 sg. dos, 205/32 ; 
dust, 299/30; 3 sg. doth, 28/27; 
duth, 291/8; pi. do, 146/25 ; done, 
50/i 7 ; do>e, 52/33 J wjp- s <7- do, 
25/26; #Z. do]>e, 50/29; pt. i s#. 
dyd, 10/36 ; 2 /. dycldyst, 75/22 ; 
duddyst, 288/24 ; 3 sg. dyt, 4/26 ; 
dede, 13/2; dude, 20/33; dudde, 
178/33 5 Pi- dyddyn, 4/8 ; deden, 
22/s; doden,23/34; dedden,27/28; 
dytdyn, 221/31, 224/3; dudun, 
301/3 ; pr. p. doyng, 6/7 ; pp. don, 
4/2 ; ydone, 16/13 5 jdo, 18/25. 

doctor, sb., doctor, scholar, 79/6. 

doctryne, sb., doctrine, 159/2O. 

dodde, v., to shave, clip, inf., 125/1 1. 

dofhowse, sb., dove-cot, 266/14. 

dogge, Kb., dog, 19/14. 

doghtyr, sb., daughter, 9/28 ; dochtyr, 
203/19; dojtyr, 245/19. 

dole, sb., division, part, 156/17. 

dolfully, adv., in a doleful manner, 
sorrowfully, sadly, 194/29- 

dombe, adj., dumb, 96/n. 

dome, sb., doom, 8/6. 

dome, r. : see derne. 

domes-man, sb., doomsman, 4/26. 

Pomician, pr. n., Domitian, 81/9. 

Domink, St., pr. n., St. Dominic, 

don : see downe. 

dongen, sb., dungeon, 211/32. 

dore, sb., door, 72/28. 

doses : see dyses. 

dosesyd, pp., diseased, 130/6 ; de- 
sesut, 137/14. 

dount, sb., force, violence, 39/n. 

dowbull, adj., double, 68/7. 

dowbull, v., to double, inf., 57/24; 
pr. 3 sg. dowbulth, 57/3O. 

dowbull-wald, pp., surrounded with 

a double wall, 229/25. 
dowe,*b.,pigeon,51/i5; dowve,51/22. 

dowen : see downe. 
downe, jprp., down; don, 5/30; dowen, 
13/4; doune, 249/1 1 ; adon, 8/u ; 
adowne, 8/7. 
downeward, adv., downward, 249/1 1 ; 

donward, 97/4. 

dowre, sb., dowry, dower, 144/23. 
dowte, sb., doubt, 51/27 ; doute, 225/3. 
dowten, v., to doubt; pt. dowtyd, 


doyng, sb., doing, 17/8. 
dragon, sb., dragon, 200/3O. 
draw-bryge, sb., draw-bridge, 229/9- 
drawe, v., to draw, withdraw, carry, 

inf., 25/14; drawon, 297/8; pr. i 

sg. dray, 271/1 8 ; 3 sg. drawet, 25/8; 

pt. I sg. drewe, 9/33 ; dro, 188/1 ; 

3 sg. drogh, 22/21; drew, 79/3O; 

pi. drewen, 186/32 ; droghen, 42/9 > 

pp. drawen, 7/24 ; drawn, 126/14. 
dred, adj., adread, afraid, 157/33. 
drede, sb., dread, terror, 1/26. 
drede, v., to dread, inf., 151/1 ; pr. 2 

sg. dredyst, 193/7 ; 3 sg. dredy>e, 

151/3 ; i m P- Pi- dredyth, 5/io ; pt. 

3 sg. dred, 94/14; pi. dredyn, 


dredfull, adj., dreadful, 47/22. 
dreme, sb., dream, 196/1 8. 
dressen, v., to direct, prepare; pr. i 

sg. dresse, 67/9- 
drojt, sb., drought, 137/14- 
dromendarys, sb. pi., dromedary, 

48/2 3 . 

dronke, adj., drunk, 127/7. 
droppe, sb., drop, 107/12. 
droppe, v., to drop, inf., 182/14; 

pr. 3 sg. droppyj), 128/i6; pt. 

dreppyd, 43/9; dropet, 171/7; 

droppyd, 141/7; P r > P- droppyng, 

drowne, v., to drown, inf., 7/26; pr. 

pi. drownyj>e, 150/17; drowne, 

259/33; drownot, 209/35; 

pp. drownet, 8/3; drownd, 201/32. 
drowpe, v., to droop, to be humble, 

inf., 65/2 3 . 
Drusyan, pr. n., Drusiana, a widow, 


dry, adj., dry, 102/2. 
drye, v.,io dry, inf., 66/29 ; pr. 3 sg. 

dry>e, 253/1 2 ; pt. 3 sg. dryet, 

71/ioj pi. dryden, 23/12. 
dryngke, sb., drink, 4/5 ; drinke, 

293/1 ; drynk, 293/8. 
drynke, v., to drink, inf., 8/5 ; dryng, 

7/1 ; dryngke, 81/24 ; drynkon, 

293/5 ; imp. sg. drynke, 81/25 ; pr. 

3 sg. dryngketh, 32/2O ; drynkyth, 

285/9; pi. drynkythe, 286/13; 

pt. 3 sg. dranke, 5/2O ; drangke, 

31/31 ; pi. dronken, 127/6 ; pr. p. 

dryngkyng, 31/35 ; pp. drongken, 

31/29; dronken, 160/26. 
dryve, v., to drive, inf., 278/14 ; pr. 

3 sg. dryuy)>, 150/35 5 P*> 3 *g. 

drof, 66/28 ; pi. drowen, 28/9 J 

dryven, 183/2 i;pp. dryuen,18/i8; 

dryfvyn, 260/17. 
duke, sb., duke, 242/26. 
dulfull, adj., doleful, 37/i8. 


Dunstan, St., pr. n., St. Dunstan, 

60/ 17. 
dure, v., to last, endure, inf., 169/3 ; 

pt. 3 sg. duret, 22/19. 
durren, ., to dare ; pt. i ay. durst, 

172/28 ; 3 sg. durst, 22/26 ; dyrst, 

60/36; dirst, 238/22; pi. durst, 

dwelle, v., to dwell, inf., 177/3 J 

dowel, 197/15; dwel, 292/15; pr. 

3 0. dwellyth, 278/9; dwelled, 

40/34 5 dowellyd, 195/1 ; pr. p. 

dwellyng, 91/21. 
dwst, sb., dust, 178/34. 
Dyaclisian,^??-. n., Diocletian, 134/Ji. 
Dyalogus, pr. n., Dialogue, 2/8/25. 
dych, sb., ditch, 228/34. 
dye, v., to die, inf., 1/26 ; dyon, 

297/21; deye, 9/9; deyn, 66/27; 

dee, 122/27; pr. isg. dee, 141/34 : 

3 sg. deyth, 76/27 ;'dyeth, 298/28 ; 

pi.' dyon, 295/3; dyoth, 295/4; 

pt. 3 8(j. dyet, 1/28; deyet, 8/32 ; 

deyd, 7/8; diet, 205/25; pi. 

deydyn, 23/3 4 ; dyedyn, 35/n ; 

deyeden, 50/8; dyet, 288/13; pp. 

deyet, 266/14. 
dygge, v., to dig, inf., 143/1 3; #. 3 

2>Z. dygged, 144/33. 
dygnyte,*6., dignity, 153/1 5 ; dignyte. 

dying, sb., dying, death, 294/IO ; 

deynge, 154/12. 
dynien, v., to din, resound; pt. 3 sg. 

dynned, 275/14. 
dyrre, sb., door, 42/12 ; dure. 


dyryge, sb., dirge, 222/14. 
dyscencyon, sb., dissension, 162/9- 
dysche, sb., table, dish, 42/23. 
dyscomfet, v., to defeat, inf., 279/17. 
dyscomfort, sb., discomfort, 46/22. 
dyscomfort,f>p., discomforted, 243/27. 
dyscord, sb., discord, 162/9- 
dyscrecyon, sb., discretion, 157/6. 
dyscretly, adv., discreetly, 70/2O. 
dyscyplyn, sb., discipline, 44/5. 
dyscypull, sb., disciple, 52/3 ; dys- 

sipull, 255/1 6 ; descypull, 6/10 ; 

discipull, 209/9. 
dysese, sb., disease, 69/25 ; diseas, 

177/2 ; doses, 14/6. 
dyskeuer, r., to discover, inf., 112/IO ; 

pt. dyskeuert, 255/23; pp. dys- 

keuered, 112/1. 
dyspensen, v., to dispense ; pr, 3 sg. 

dyspensyth, 82/l6. 

dysplayen, v., to unfold, disclose, 
display; pp. desplayde, 150/29. 

dysplesen, v., to displease; pr. pi. 
dysplesyth, 112/27 ; pt. dysplesyd, 


dysposicione, sb., disposition, 175/25. 

dyspoyle, v., to despoil, take away, 
annihilate, inf., 121/21; pt. de- 
spoyled, 28/J 2 ; dyspoylut, 251/28 ; 
pp. dyspoyled, 121/21. 

dyspute, P., to dispute, inf., 27/19 ; 
dyspytte, 48/14; dispute, 166/31 ; 
dyspyte, 186/9 >P r ' 3 ^.dysputyth, 
53/13 ; pt. sputyd, 109/15 ; dys- 
puted, 27/12; pr. p. dispuhyng, 
48/i6; dysputyng, 53/n. 

dysputson, sb., disputation, 27/H ; 
dysputeson, 27/i6; dyspytson, 

dyspysen, v., to despise; pr. pi. dys- 

pysyj>e, 249/7 ; pt. 3 sg. dispisyd, 

200/12; dyapysyd, 186/31. 
dyspytes, sb. pi., contumely, scorn, 

spite, 241/7. 
dyspytously, adv., scornfully, 1.55/3 ; 

dysputy*ly, 121/34; dyspytwysly, 

dystresse, sb., distress, 247/33 ; dys- 

stres, 88/15 ; destresse, 90/34. 
dystressyd, pp., distressed, 189/8. 
dystrowbult, pp., disturbed, troubled, 


dystrye : see destrye. 
dysturbans, sb., disturbance, 241/14. 
dyswayre, adj., strayed, gone astray, 

dyuerse, adj., divers, 8/10 ; dyuerce, 


eddyr, sb., adder, 83/6. 

Edmunde, St., pr. n., St. Edmund, 

Edward, St., the Confessour, pr. n., 

St. Edward the Confessor, 84/23, 


ee, sb., eye, 86/31 ; eye, 100/12. 
een-syght, sb., eye-sight, 234/7. 
eft, adv., afterwards, 11/12. 
eftsonus, adv., eftsoons, 52/i8. 
eftys : see jift. 
Egeas, pr. n., Egeas, justice of Patras, 


Esechyel, _pr. n., Ezekiel, 162/26. 
egarys,, egg, 84/7. 
eght, num., eight, 45/25 ; seght, 


Glossarial Index 


egurly, adv., eagerly, 243/iQ. 
Egypt, pr. ., Egypt, 24/22. 
Eirlond, _pr. n., Ireland, 71/i8 ; Yer- 

lond, 192/i6. 
elbowe, s6., elbow, 801/35. 
Elcana, pr. n., Elkanah, 213/28. 
elde, sb., age, 197/37- 
ele : see euell. 

element, sb., element, 166/12. 
eleuon, num., eleven, 80/29 ; aleuen, 

Elizabeth, St., of Spayne, pr. n., St. 

Elizabeth of Spain, 226/6. 
elleswher, adv., elsewhere, 74/28. 
ellys, adv., else, 9/6 ; els, 271/33. 
eloquent, adj., eloquent, 7 6/17. 
Elyn, St., pr. n., St. Helen, 143/34, 

Elyzabeth, pr. n., Elizabeth, St. John 

the Baptist's mother, 107/22. 
emperess, sb., empress, 109/32 ; 

emperice, sb., empress, 224/23 ; 

emperace, 297/12. 
emperour, sb., emperor, 18/14. 
empyre, sb., empire, 25/i6. 
enbawmet, pp., embalmed, 204/21. 
encawsen, v., to cause, induce; pt. 

encawsut, 183/2. 
encharme, v., to charm, enchant, inf., 

encheson, sb., cause, occasion ; in 

phrase, for J>e enchesen ]>at,' because,' 


encrese, sb., increase, welfare, 43/3O. 
encrese, v., to increase, inf., 28/7 ; encresen, 53/i8 ;pt. encreset, 


ende, 'sb., end, 4/32 ; jende, 68/2. 
ende, v., to end, inf., 286/28; pr. 3 

sg. endythe, 68/29 ; pp. endyd, 


endeyn, sb., indignation, 284/1 8. 
endyng, sb., ending, 1/2. 
endyng-day, sb., last day, 31/8. 
enfamyschen, v., to famish, starve ; pt. 

enfamecht, 141/26; pp. enfamyscht, 


enfecte, pp., infected, tainted, 68/13. 
en forinen, v. to inform ; pt. enfowrmyd, 

206/17 ; pp. enformed, 117/3O. 
enforse, v., to enforce, inf., 66/30 ; 

pr. 3 sg. enforsujie, 66/29. 
Englond, pr. n., England, 5/12. 
Englysche, sb. and adj., English, 

engynes, ab. pi., engine, 228/33. 

Enklus, pr. n., a hermit, 195/6. 
enmy, sb., enemy, 28/28. 
eupayryng, sb., impairing, damage, 

enpeched, pp., impeached, accused, 

13/2 4 . 
ensampull, sb., example, 24/29 > en * 

sample, 170/19 ; ensaumpul, 

enscharmen, v., to charm, enchant, pt. 

enscharmyd, 190/3. 
ensens, sb., incense, 48/2O ; enceus, 

enspyre, v., to inspire, inf., 168/io ; 

pr. 3 sg. enspyry>e, 157/4; PP- 

enspyret, 168/6. 
entent, sb., intent, 17/38. 
entren, v., to enter, pt. entred, 

228/27 ; entyrd, 230/21. 
entysen, v., to entice, mislead ; pt. 

entyset, 70/6. 
entysyng, sb., enticing, enticement, 

envenome, v., to envenom ; pr. 3 sg. 

envenomyth, 192/6 ; pp. enve[ne]- 

mode, 68/13. 
envy, sb., envy, 27/n. 
envye, v., to envy ; pt. envyut, 

envyus, adj., envious, 27/31; envyous, 

132/ 9 . 

eny : see any. 
Ephesym, pr. n., Ephesus, 222/2O ; 

Ephasy, 147/4 ; Ephesim, 82/32. 
Epyphany, pr. n., Epiphany, 47/32. 
Epyphanyus, pr. n., Epiphanius, 

father of St. Nicholas, 11/29, 
erber : see herber. 
erbys, erbes : see herbys. 
ere, sb., ear, handle, $21/5 ; heres, 


ere, adv., before, formerly, 249/1 ; 
or, 184/18. 

erle, sb., earl, 172/22. 

erly, adv., early, 12/14. 

Ermogines, jor. n. , Hermogines, a magi- 
cian, 209/1 ; Ermegines, 208/22. 

errnyd, &c. .- see heremyt. 

ermytage, sb., hermitage, 195/36. 

ernde, sb., errand, 61/22. 

eron, sb., eagle, 261/1 1. 

Erraclyus, pr. n., Htraclius, 250/17 ; 
Erraclius, 250/21. 

erroure, sb., error, 46/28. 

er]>e, sb., earth, 8/13 ; jerthe, 18/23 ; 
vrth, 294/24. 

erj>e-qwake, s&., earthquake, 137/8. 



Mirk's Festial 

erthyn, adj., earthen, 192/21. 
erytage : see herytage. 
Eeav, pr. n., Esau, 93/22. 
eschoyn, v., to avoid, escape, inf., 

5/19 ; eschew, 253/26. 
ese, sb., ease, 148/33; ees > 80/i8; 

3ees, 99/26. 
eskys : see askes. 
est, sb., east, 24/6. 

Estyr-day, pr. n., Easter-day, 227/3- 
Estyr-weke,^>r.w., Easter- week,68/3o. 
esy, adj., easy, 90/3O. 
esyd, pp., eased, delivered, 86/14; 

Seesyt, 246/ 3 . 
ete, v., to eat, inf., 8/5 ; pr. 3 sg. 

etyth, 285/8; pi. eten, 66/21; 

etu>e, 286/12 ; imp. sg. ete, 290/8 ; 

pt. ete, 66/22 ; etyth, 220/4 ; pt. 3 

sg. ete, 5/2O; jete, 152/7 5 P l - (with 

pron.) jeten, 66/21; etyn, 19/13; 

ete, 23/4 ; pr. p. etyng, 142/9 ; 

pp. eten, 54/25 ; eton, 133/2O. 
eth, adj., easy, 228/31. 
Ethelbert, pr. n., Ethelbert, 190/32. 
euangelyst, sb., evangelist, 260/32. 
Eue, pr. n., Eve, 35/17. 
euell, sb., evil, 10/5 J ele 291/26. 
euell-lyuyng, adj., evil living, 94/1. 
euen, sb., evening, 6/4. 
euen, adj., even, flat, 8/16. 
euen-cristyn, sb. pi., fellow Christian, 


euen-old,ad/., of the same age, 120/23. 
euensonges, sb. pi., evensong, 168/33. 
euentyde, sb., eventide, 5/13. 
euer, adv. t ever, l/io; cure, 291/31. 
euere, sb., good fortune, 59/14. 
euerlastyng, adj., everlasting, 1/29; 

eurelastyng, 293/17. 

ermore, adv., evermore, 164/33 ; 

59/13 ; 


euremore, 301/6. 
euerous, adj., fortunate, 

evourous, 218/1. 
euer-ych, adj., every, 22/21. 
euerych on, adj., every one, 211/4. 
Eufanisia, pr. n., Ephigenia, the 

king of Nadaber's daughter, 

Eukerius, pr. n., Eucarius, a bishop, 

Evlalya, pr. n., Eulalia, a nun, 


euol, adj., evil, 226/34. 
euydente, adj., visible, .179/15. 
evyllys, sb. pi., a hooked instrument 

of torture, 195/12, 200/24; evilly*, 


euyry, adj., every, 201/27. 
exaltacyon, sb., exaltation, 252/1 ; 

exultacyon, 250/3. 
excepte, pr})., except, 66/13. 
excusacyon, sb., excuse, 154/25. 
excuse, v., to excuse, inf., *65/37 ; 

pp. excuset, 158/3. 
executure, sb., executor, 1/27. 
exen, sb. pi., axe, 134/4. 
exen : see ox. 

experiment, sb., experiment, 25/8. 
expowne, v., to expound, interpret, 

inf., 282/3 ; pt. expowned, 162/3O. 
expressed, pp., expressed, 82/32. 
exyle, sb., exile, 148/2; exhile, 

exyle, v., to exile, inf., 147/32 ; exile, 

197/32 ; pp. exiled, 41/2O. 
eyre : see ayre. 
eyron : see yerne. 
eyther, adj., either, 290/17. 

face, sb. } face, 10/i8; pi. facy?, 

fache, v., to fetch, inf., 14/8; feche, 
174/12; imp. sg. fache, 101/17; 
pp. fachyd, 192/1 8. 

faden, v., to fade; pr. 3 sg. fadyth, 

fadyr, sb., father, 1/24. 

fadyrles, adj., fatherless, 15/17- 

fall, v., to fall, let fall, happen, be- 
come, suit, inf., 2/32 ; fal, 8/14 ; 
fallen, 290/24; pr. 3 sg. fallyth, 
15/31 ; pi. fall, 286/28 ; fallen, 
95/9 ; fally)>e, 150/io ; pt. 3 tg. 
fell, 5/13; fylle, 180/24; pi. fellen, 
13/37; fallyn, 183/3; fel, 198/28; 

pp. fallen, 12/30. 

fallyng, si., fulling, 174/7. 

fallyng-euyl, sb., epilepsy, 180/17. 

fals, adj., false, 13/25 ; falce, 298/24. 

fame, sb., fame, slander, 108/1 6. 

fantasy, sb., fancy, 250/24 ; fantesy, 
46/2 5 . 

fare, sb., journay, success, fortune, 
behaviour, 43/5. 

fare, v., to go, travel, be, treat, inf., 
40/9; pr- 2 S 9- ferust, 293/26; 
3 sg. faryth, 148/29; pt. 3 *g. ferd, 
148/30; pi. ferden, 35/i8 ; ferd, 
114/6 ; ferden fowle wyth hornselfe, 
' fell foul with themselves/ 273/9 ; 
pp. ferde, 248/ 33 . 

farewel, sb., farewell, 295/1 1. 

fast, adj. and adv., firm, quick, 6/32. 

fast, v., to fast, inf., 6/4 ; pr. 2 sg. 

Glossarial Index 


fastes, 7/3; 3 sg. fastyth, 199/26; 

pi. fast, 253/ioj fastyn, 253/i6 ; 

pt. 3 sg. fast, 7/2 ; _p/. fastyn, 

253/7 ; pr. p. fastyng, 54/i6; pp. 

fast, 83/n. 

faste, sb., fast, abstinence, 82/21. 
fastyng, sb., fasting, 82/2O. 
fastyng-dayes, sb. pL, fasting-day, 


fat, fatte, &c. : see feten. 
fauer, v. } to favour, please, inf., 40/5. 
fax, sb., hair, 147/1 7. 
fay : see faythe. 
fayle, v., to fail, inf., 194/1 ; pr. 3 sg. 

fayleth, 68/16 ; pt. faylyd, 99/17. 
fayne, adj., joyful, willing, inclined, 


faynen, r., to feign ; pt. faynet, 40/H. 
faynt, adj., feigned, 41/25. 
faynyng, sb., feigning, 76/1 2 ; feynyng, 


fayre, sb., fairing, 86/20, 86/25. 
fayre, adj., fair, 9/25; feyr, 301/1 1; 

feer, 19/28. 
faythe, sb., faith, 7/33 ; fa 7> W" i 

fey)>e, 106/29. 

fay)>efull, adj., faithful, 236/1 8. 
Februa, pr. n., Februa, 59/ao. 
February, pr. n., February, 59/21. 
febull, adj., feeble, 84/13. 
fede, v., to feed, inf., 85/9 ; pr. 3 sg. 

feduth, 296/33; pt. 3 sg. fedde, 

103/27 ; pi. fedden, 4/4 ; pp. fed, 


fedyng, sb., feeding, 255 / 
feer : see fayre. 
feght, v., to fight, inf., 43 /1 8; fyght, 

111/29; P r - 3 S 9- feghtyth, 55/n ; 

pi. feghtyth, 243/i6; imp. sg. 

feght, 243/30; pt. 3 sg. faght, 

243/1 1 ; pp. fochtyn, 186/2O ; 

foghten, 116/7. 

feghtyng, sb., fighting, 186/21. 
felaw, sb., fellow, 91/28; felow, 


feld, sb., field, 151/3; feclde, 243/13. 
fele, v., to feel, inf., 95/36 ; pr. i sg. 

fele, 95/34; 2 s0. felys, 95/33; 

3 *0. fele>e, 2/14 ; pi. felen, 88/1 ; 

felyth, 285/35 ; pt. 3 s0. feld, 

147/25 ; pi. felden, 142/2 ; pr. p. 

felyng, 119/17. 
fele, adj., many, 10/6. 
felyschip, sb., fellowship, 227/4- 
fende, sb., fiend, devil, 2/2 1 ; fynde, 

fendys-chyld, si., fiend's-child, 92/1 2. 

fene, sb., dirt, mud, clay, 186/23 ; 

fenne, 223/26. 

fer, sb., fear, 3/i8 ; ferd, 8/5. 
ferde, pp., frightened, 193/5- 
ferdfull, adj., fearful, dreadful, 2/25. 
feren, v., to frighten ; pt. fered, 

278/34; feeryd, 281/1?. 
feres, sb. pL, companion, 176/32. 
ferre, adj. and adv., far, 6/29. 
fers, adj., fierce, wild, 55/i6 ; feers, 


feruent, adj., fervent, 204/15. 
fest, sb., feast, 19/8. 
fesycyon, sb., physician, 193/25. 
fet, sb., vessel, cask, 7/26. 
feten, ?., to fetch ; pt. 3 sg. fatte, 

6/15 ; fat, 103/21 ; pi. fatten, 7/i8 ; 

fattyn, 62/2 ; pp. fatte, 134/2?. 
feture, sb., feature, 237/8. 
few, adj., few, 28/7. 
fewte, sb., dirt, 214/2O. 
feynyng : see faynyng. 
Filet, pr. n., Philet, a magician, 


flagellacyon, sb., flagellation, 45/33. 
flamys, sb. pi., flame, 238/IO. 
flat, adj., flat, 180/1 8. 
flateryng, sb., flattering, 74/2?. 
fle, v., to flee, inf., 86/26 ; pr. 3 sg. 

fle>e, 156/5; pi- fleyn, 230/25; 

imp. sg. fle, 42/17 J pt. 3 sg. flogh, 

34/3; flagh, 42/29; pi. floghen, 

146/21 ; floen, 188/15 ; 204/15 ; 

fleen, 137/9 5 fleon > 230/26. 
fle, v., to fly, inf., 190/9; pt. 3 sg. 

flogh, 222/i8 ; .pi. fleyn, 188/3 ; 

pr. p. fleyng, 158/i8; pp. flowen, 


flem, sb., river, 48/5- 
Flemyngys, sb. pi., fugitive, outlaw, 

flesche, sb., flesh, 40/23 ; flessch, 

94/32 ; flesse, 290/26. 
fleschly, adj., fleshly, 57/33- 
fleys, sb. pi., fly, 138/5. 
flode, sb., flood, 289/1 8. 
flore, sb., floor, 80/24. 
floteren, v., to flutter, to be un stead- 
fast ; pt. 3 sg. floterut, 188/14 ; pr. 

pi. flotere]), 150/12 ; pi. floturet, 


floure, sb., flower, 9/29. 
flyter, sb., one who quarrels, 229/33, 
flyx, sb., flux, 204/23. 
fode, sb., food, 71/36. 
Foka, pr. n., Phocas, 266/26. 
folde, v., to fold, inf., 196/24. 

21 3 


Mirk's Festial 

fo'e, si., fool, 159/15. 

folke, sb., folk, people, 9/4- 

fologht, sb., baptism, 15/7; fol g n lAl> 

folow, v., to baptise, inf., 37/33 5 P*. 

Mowed, 8/13; folewet, 136/28; 

folowde, 210/4 ; pr. p. folewyng, 

184/2 1 ; pp. folowed, 35/1 1 ; foloet, 

46/2i; folowde, 184/22; fowlut, 

202/1 1 ; fulwed, 303/4- 
folower, sb., baptiser, 245/31. 
folowyng, sb., baptism, 48/2 ; foloyng, 

50/31 ; folewyng, 52/17. 
foly, si., folly, 33/34. 
foly, adj., foolish, 96/27. 
fonnet, jop., foolish, infatuated, 250/32. 
fonte, si., font, 86/31. 
fonte-halowyng, sb., hallowing of the 

font, 128/9. 

for, prp., for, as to, 1/12. 
for, conj., for, 1/iS ; (with inf.\ in 

order to ; fore, 178/6. 
forbeden, ?.'., to forbid ; pr. 3 sg. for- 

be-lyth, 96/22 ; pt. 3 sg. forbede, 

49/1 1 ; forbade, 66/16 ; pp. for- 

bedyn, 66/19; forbodon, 291/5- 
forbedyng, si., forbidding, 291/1 1. 
forbere, v., to forbear, inf., 222/22 ; 

pt. 3 sg. forbare, 214/IO. 
forbetyn, pp., badly beaten, 192/2O. 
forbode, sb., interdiction, 290/1 o. 
forcursyd, pp., cursed, 298/4. 
forde, i-b., ford, 94/17. 
forest, sb., forest, wood, 119/5. 
forfet, sb., forfeit, offence, sin, 

forfeten, v., to forfeit ; pr. subj. 3 sg. 

forfet, 172/17. 
forjete, v., to forget, inf., 64/3 ; for- 

jeton, 115/29 ; pr. pi. forjetuj). 

267/12; imp. sg. forjet, 252/26; 
Pt- 3 *g- forset, 6/28 ; forjeted, 

24/i6 ; forgate, 145/14; pp. for- 

jtetyn, lO/io; forjeton, 17/12. 
forjetfull, adj., forgetful, 66/15. 
forjeuen, v., to forgive, inf., 26/21 ; 

forjeue, 124/2O ; pr. I sg. forjeue, 

124/i4;^)L forjeuen, 285/14; imp. 

sg. forseue, 28/2O ; pt. 3 sg. forjeue, 

273/15 ; pp. forjeuen, 26/22. 
forjeuenesse, sb., forgiveness, 44/3 > 

forjyfnes, 96/5 > forjeuenes, 285/31. 
forgo, v., to escape, forgo, abstain from, 

inf. ,Q9/i8. 

forhede, sb., forehead, 288/14. 
forkys, sb. pi., fork, 219/8. 
forlet, pp., left to go to ruin, 39/8. 

forlorne, adj., lost, 6/35 ; forlore, 


for-lytyll, adv., very little, 220/25. 
forrnast, adj., foremost, first, 1/24. 
forme, sb., form, manner, fashion, 

48/8 ; fowrme, 264/3O. 
forme, adj., former, 18/34. 
formen, v., to form ; pt. fowrmyd, 

183/28 ; pp. formet, 164/3. 
formyng, sb., formation, 57/33. 
forres : see furures. 
fors, sb., force, 117/27. 
forsake, v., to forsake, deny, inf., 

159/14; P r - 3 *9- foreakuth, 

294/15 J im P- s fl- forsake, 217/13 ; 

pt. 3 sg. forsoke, 75/3 ; pp. forsaken, 

foroj>en, pp., seethed, boiled to pieces, 


forste, sb., frost, 6/17. 
forsworne, pp., forsworn, 298/25- 
forj>e, adv., forth, 6/20; furthe, 

71/12; fruth, 75/i 6. 
former, adv., further, 86/26. 
fortheryng, sb., furthering, promotion, 

forthynke, v., to repent, .inf., 33/7 ; 

pr. 3 sg. forthenkyth, 72/1 o ; pt. pi. 

tbrthoght, 88/3. 
forthyr, adj., earlier, former, fore, 


forto (with inf.}, to, in order to, 1/n. 
fostyr, v., to foster, inf., 255/22 ; pr. 

3 sg. fosturs, 287/2O ; pt. 3 sg. fos- 

trut, 214/33; PP- fosterd, 227/32. 
fote, sb., foot, 10/17 ; pi. fote, 8/29 ; 

fete, 19/i8 ; fette, 294/28. 
fotemen, sb. pi., footman, 10 1/ 30. 
founden, v., to found, set ; pt. 3 sg. 

fonde, 62/9; pp., fonden, 17/17 ; 

yfond,.5^/u ; fownde, 182/19. 
foure, card, num., four, 44/9. 
fourthe, ord. num., fourth, 45/35 > 

fourte, 172/35; furj,e, 179/3 ; 

for]>e, 249/17". 
fonrty, card, num., forty, 7/6 ; forty, 


fourty, ord. num., fortieth, 57/n. 
fowle, adj. and adv., foul, 7/15. 
fowles, sb. pi., foul, bird, 8/5. 
fraction, sb., breaking of the bread in 

the Eucharist, 171/1. 
fragelte, sb , fragility, frailty, 70/i8. 
fransy, sb., frenzy, 194/i6. 
fraternite, sb., fraternity, 268/25. 
Fraunce, pr. n., France, 39/i6, 

120/30; France, 41/2O. 

Glossarial Index 


fray, sb., terror, 151/IO. 

fraynen, v., to ask, inquire ; pr. a pi. 

frayne, 297/13- 
fre, adj., free, 31/3. 
frechudly, adv., greedily, 84/1. 
fredome, sb., freedom, 172/i6. 
Fredwyk, pr. n., Frederick, 239/12. 
freght, pp., freighted, loaded, 18/14. 
freke, adj., insolent, daring, 292/2. 
frele, adj., frail, 228/31 . 
frelte, sb., frailty, 87/15; freylt, 


Frenche, adj '., French, 156/34. 
frende, sb., friend, 39/i;. 
frentleschip, sb., friendship, 157/17; 

frendesohyppe, 265/15- 
frerys, si. pi., friar, 91/34. 
fresche, adj., fresh, 130/2O; fresshe, 

freten, v., to eat, devour; pt. pi. 

freton, 27/33- 
fro, prp., from, 274/9. 
frogge, sb., frog, 193/33- 
from, prp., from, 2/13. 
froj>e, sb., foam, spume, scum, 183/4. 
froj>e, v., to froth ; inf., 53/2; ; jpr. 3 

gr. fro>ys, 84/27. 

froton, v., to rub ; pp. frotude, 184/29- 
fruyte, *b., fruit, 15/32 ; fruyth, 

15/24 ; frute, 138/1 ; fryte, 143/7 5 

froyte, 290/2 ; trythe, 291/14. 
Fryday, pr. n., Friday, 12/4. 
fryen, v., to fry ; pr. 3 pi. fryeth, 

fryghten, v., to make afraid ; pr. p. 

fryghtyng, 160/9. 
fulfyll, v., to fulfil ; inf., 60/33 ; ful- 

full, 51/8 ; fulfyllon, 291/1 7 ; pr. 3 

off. fullfylle>e, 157/24; fulfyllyth, 

231/19; pp. fulfylled, 27/25; ful- 

fuld, 207/21 ; fulfullet, 266/34. 
full, adj. and adv., full, 18/30 ; ful, 

5/ 4 . 
fulle, v., to fill, fulfil, inf., 84/4; 

pr. pi. fully>, 201/25; pt. fulled, 


fullyng, sb., filling, 266/xo. 

fulthe, sb., filth, 194/9 > f y n > e > 238 /3- 

fulwed : see Mow. 

fur, .adv., farther, 48/24. 

fur, adv., more, 286/21. 

fures-brondys,, firebrand, 219/6. 

furures, sb. pl. } fur, 39/2O ; forres, 


furut, pp., fired, heated, 161/9. 
fftson,g&.j plenty, abundance, 13/22. 
fyf, card, num., five, 7/2. 

fyfte, ord. num., fifth, 47/15 ; fyve, 

46/ 2 ; fyuet, 7/2; fyf the, 285/12. 
fyftene, card, num., fifteen, 179/2O. 
fyfty, card, num., fifty, 72/17. 
fygge-tre, sb., fig-tree, 35/22; fyge- 

tre, 66/26. 
fygur, sb., figure, representation, 

78/4 ; figur, 101/xo ; pi. fugurs, 


fyguret, pp., represented, 70 /2o. 
Fylbert, St., pr. n., St. Filbert, 

fylle : see fall, 
fynde, v., to find, supply with food, 

inf., 53/23 ; pr. I sg. fynde, 50/1 ; 

2 sg. fyndest, 75/33 ; 3 sg. fyn- 

dythe, 24/31 ; pt. 3 sg. fonde, 

12/17; fownde, 197/i6; pi. fon- 

den, 14/i8 ; fowndyn, 207/io ; 

fond, 129/12; pp. fonde, 11/8; 

fund, 201/22; foundon, 299/9; 

fownden, 280/27. 
fyndyng, sb. f finding, invention 

(of the Cross), 142/32. 
fyndyng, sb., finding, 163/31. 
fyne, adj., fine, 40/i. 
fyngy r > 6-t finger, 18/17. 
fyoll, sb., vial, phial, 158/2O ; pi. 

vyals, 146/n. 
fyre, sb., fire, 3/8; fure, 31/i6 ; fuyr, 


fyre-forkes, sb. pi., fire -fork, 220/2. 
fyrmament, sb., firmament, 160/5. 
fyrst, ord. num., first, 1/2 1 ; furst, 


fyr>ir, adv., further, 199/27. 
fyschen, v., to fish ; pr. p., fyschyng, 

fyscher, sb., fisher, 191/3; fischer, 

fyssch, sb., fish, 54/24- 

Gabryell, pr. n., Gabriel, 106/1 2; 

Gabriel, 299/13- 
galpyng, adj., gaping, yawning, 

4/3 1 - 

Galyle, pr. n., Galilee, 154/19- 
Garganus, pr. ., Gargano, 258/1 1. 
garlond, sb., garland, j.7/2 ; garland, 

gastely, adj. and adv., ghastly, 


gayly, adv., gaily, > 251/i7. 
gaynen, v., to gain ; pr. pi. gaynej) ; 

130/i6; pt. 3 sg. gaynet, 



Mirk's Festial 

geanology, sb., genealogy, 51/3O ; 

geanoioge, 52/2. 

gederyng, sh., gathering, 161/3O. 
gedyr, v., to gather, inf., 8/1 1 ; pr. 

pi., gedyrth, 184/27; pt. 3 *g. 

gederyd, 101/2O ; gedyrd, 125/2 i ; 

pi. gedyrt, 29/4 '> g e <iryn, 183/2 ; 

pp. gederet, 16/34 ; gedert, 

generacyon, sb., generation, mankind, 


generaly, adv., generally, 269/5. 
gent, adj., gentle, 233/21. 
gentre, sb., gentry, gentility, 205/6. 
gentyll, adj. and s'y., gentle, noble, 

nobleman, 200/19. 
gentyllych, adv., gently, 10/7. 
gentylman, sb., gentleman, 190/21. 
George, St., pr. n., St. George, 


gere, sb., gear, harness, 273/9. 
Gestes of Fraunce, pr, n., Gests of 

France, 281/1. 
Gestus of )>e Komayns, pr. n., Gesta 

Komanorum, 113/29, 116/12, 


gestys, sb. pi., guest, 185/19. 
gete, v., to get, inf., 2/7 ; geten, 

31/27; gett, 214/s; pr. 3 sg. 

getet, 173/5; imp. Kg. gete, 88/13; 

pi. getyth, 50/30 ; pt. 3 sg. gate, 

38/2i; gete, 89/15; pi. geton, 

11/3; geton lond, 'gained 

ground,' 243/26 ; pp. getyn, 51/5- 
Gethsemany, pr. ., Gethsernane, 


getyng, sb., getting, 168/29. 
glad, adj., glad, 12/36. 
gladien, v., to make glad, be glad ; 

pr. 3 sg. glady>, 131/5 5 P l > 

gladyth, 232/23 ; pt. 3 sg. gladut, 

245/19; pp. gladyd, 110/18. 
gladnesse, sb., gladness, 54/35. 
glas, sb., glass, 146/1 1. 
glaueryng, sb., flattering, deceiving, 

glette, sb., slimy matter, greasy filth, 


glory e, &., glory, 71/25. 
gloryfyet, pp., glorified, 224/31. 
gloryous, adj., glorious, 29/15. 
glosyng, adj., flattering, 130/i.j. 
gloteny, sb., gluttony, 83/8. ' 
glotterye, s'>., gluttony, 286/13. 
gloues, sb. pi., glove, 113/i6. 
Glowsetyr, pr. n., Gloucester, 


glyden, v., to glide ; pt. 3 sg. glode, 

gnawe, v., to gnaw, inf., 95/21 ; pr. 
3 Kg. gnawyth, 95/2O ; pi. gnawen, 
132/1 1 ; pt. 3 sg. gnof, 86/27; 
gnow, 194/i8; pp. gnawen, 
19/1 1 ; gnawyn, 225/27. 

gobetes, sb. pi., small piece, 802/13. 

God, sb., God, 8/30; Good, 66/5, 

goddys, sb. pi., god, 20/i 2. 

godely, adj., goodly, gracious, 

godenes, &c. : see goodnes. 

god-fadyr, sb., godfather, 103/1. 

godhed, sb., godhead, 60/6. 

god-modyr, sb., godmother, 103/1. 

gold, sb., gold, 4/22. 

gome, sb., jest, game, 65/28; gomen, 
65/28 ; gamen, 66/29. 

gonen, v., to yawn; pt. 3 sg. gonet, 

goo, v., to go inf., 2/14 ; gon, 33/2 ; 
pr. i sg. goo, 4 3/i 6 ; 3 tg. goth, 
20/22 ; pi. gon, 84/13 ; imp. sg. 
goo, 6/31 ; go, 17/14 ; gos, 133/23; 
pi. goo, 4/i i ; gooth, 14/35 J gK 
33/9, gos, 48/19 ; pt. i sg. went, 
302/7 ; 2 sg. jedes, 188/29; 3 *9* 
3ede, 5/i6; jeode, 9/12 ; went, 
14/25; 3ode, 212/22; yede, 
302/i6; pi. 3eodyn, 14/i6; ?eden, 
20/io; went, 146/8; soden, 
146/18; wenten, 44/13 ; gon, 
151/io; pr. p. goyng, 3/8; pp. 
gon, 6/2 1 ; goon, 11/7. 

good, s\, good, 4/17. 

good, adj., good, 1/2 ; godde, 

Good : see God. 

goodnes, sb., goodness, 15/14; gode- 
nes, 15/23. 

gospell, sb., gospel, 6/25. 

gost, sb., ghost, spirit, 9/u. 

gostly, adj., spiritual, 25/2. 

gouernance, sb., government, 22/17. 

gouernen, v., to govern ; pt. 3 sg. 
gouernyd, !7/i8;pp. gouernet, 

Gowdelake, St., pr. n., St. Guthlac, 

grace, sb., grace, 6/24 ; grece, 

gracyous, adj., gracious, 55/22. 

grapes, sb., grapes, 20/23. 

gras, sb., grass, 174/23; gresse, 
221/3o; grece, 67/17. 

Glossarial Index 


graspen, t\,to grasp ; pr.p. graspyng, 

grate, sb., position of the spear when 

ready for striking, 133/28. 
graue, sb., grave, 29 8/1 1. 
graue, v., to bury, engrave, write 

down, inf., 206/5. 
graunsyre, sb., grandsire, grandfather, 


grawnte, sb., grant, 58/29. 
grawnte, v., to grant, inf., 13/1 6 ; 

graund, 92/28 ; pr. 3 sg. graunty]>e, 

74/19; imp. sg. graunt, 233/3O; 

pt. graunted, 9/27 ; grawnted, 

58/25 ; pp. grawntyd, 202/22. 
grayle, sb., gradual, 129/4- 
gray)>e, adj., suitable, prepared, 


gre, sb., favour, goodwill, 233/22. 
grece, sb., step, 246/14 ; grees, 

246/1 1 ; greus, 129/5. 
Gregory, St., pr. n., St. Gregory, 


Gregory, pr. n., Gregory, 266/30. 
grene, adj. and sb., green, fresh, 


grenne : see grynne. 
grenne, v., to gnash the teeth, inf., 

145/21 ; pr.p. grennyng, 131/i8. 
gret, adj. and sb., great, 2/i6. 
grete, v., to cry, weep, inf., 

grete, v., to greet, inf., 110/1 ; greton, 

299/13 ; pr. 3 sg. gretyth, 264/4 ; 

imp. pi. gretyth, 148/36 ; pt. 3 

sg. greteth, 34/32 ; grette, 107/24 ; 

grete, 110/5; P*- g refc > 222/33; 

pp. grete, 299/21. 
gretnea, sb., greatness, 119/7. 
gretyng, sb., greeting, 41/37. 
grevance, sb., grievance, pain, 

greve, sb., grief, sorrow, pain, 180/27 ; 

grefe, 201/25. 
greve, v., to grieve, vex, inf., 201/28 ; 

P r ' 3 *<} greueth, 35/25 ; pi. 3 sg. 

greuet, 64/31. 
greues, adj., grievous, 155/31 ; 

adv. greuesly, 47/7 > greuously, 


gripe, v., to grip, seize, grasp, inf., 

gronen, v., to groan, pr. p. gronyng, 

84/2 4 . 
gropen, v., to grope, handle ; pp. 

groped, 18/33. 
GroscheJ, Robert, pr. n. } Robert 

Grosseteste, bishop of Lincoln, 

growen, v., to grow ; pr. 3 sg. grouyj), 

108/35 5 P l - growth, 184/28 ; pt. 

3 sg. growet, 143/1 o ; y>p> groen, 

grownd, v., to ground, inf., 63/12; 

pr. 3 *g. growndyj), 116/33 ', PP> 

groundyd, 71/28. 
grownde, sb., ground, bottom, 3/8 ; 

grond, 70/3. 
grubbes, sb. pi., grub, caterpillar, 

grucchen, v. , to grudge; pr. 3 sg. 

grucchej>e, 100/8 ; pi. grucohyth, 

grucchyng, sb., grudging, 77/23 ; 

giychyng, 69/23- 
grydull, sb., gridiron, 220/T. 
grydyr, si., gridiron, 219/8 ; gredyr, 

grynd, v., to grind, gnash, inf. t 

grynne, sb., noose, snare, trap, 

79/25 ; grenne, 79/24. 
grys, sb., gray fur, 40/2. 
grysly, adj., grisly, horrible, 90/IO. 
gryspen, v., to gnash (the teeth) ; pt* 

gryspude, 27/34- 
gurd, pp., girded, 184/23. 
guttys, sb. pL, gut, 79/29. 
gyde, sb., guide, 48/22. 
Gylbert, pr. n., Gilbert, 38/1 a. 
gylden, adj., golden, 16/i8. 
gylt, sb., guilt, 28/20 ; gult, 35/so. 
gylt, v., to sin, incur guilt, inf., 

83/3i;\tj, 68/4; gultuj>e, 

285/17; gyltyth, 285/i6 ; pi. 3 

sg. gult, 37/2; gultud, 291/27; 

pp. gylt, 130/28. 
gyltles, adj., guiltless, 37/6. 
gylty, adj., guilty, 26/13. 
Gylus, St., pr. n., St. Giles, 180/3. 
gynnys, sb. pi., snare, 219/5. 
gyrdyll, sb., girdle, 184/23 ; gurdull, 

gyses, sb. pL, guise, kind, 63/i6. 

habitacyon, sb., habitation, 240/12; 

abytacyon, 239/3O. 
habundant, adj., abundant, 86/13. 
half, adj., half, 9/i i. 
half- bre^ern, sb. pL, half-brother, 

halle, sb., hall, 10/12.- 


Mirk's Fettial 

hall-porche, sb., hall-porch, 104/9. 
halow, v., to hallow, keep holy, inf., 

17/26 ; pr. 3 sg. halewo>e, 52/33 5 

halow)>e,245/24 ; j?Z.halewon,267/9; 

halowen, 267/n ;halowe>e, 282/35; 

pt. i wj.halowed, 188/29 ; 3 sg. ha- 

lowet, 50/32 ; pi halowod, 296/is ; 

pp. halowet, 17/35 5 halowde, 

158/i6 ; yhalowet, 288/32. 
halowes, sb. pi., saint, 266/3 ; haloues, 


halowyng, sb., hallowing, 165/1 8. 
halson, v., to conjare, adjure, salute, 

inf., 104/II ; pt. 3 sg. halset, 

105/24 ; halowst, 207/25. 
halt, adj., lame, 94/24. 
handul, v., to handle, inf., 171/6; 

pt. 3 sg. hondeled, 23/u; hondylt, 

214/31 ; pp. hondelet, 18/33. 
happen, v., to happen, inf., 116/24; 

pt. 3 sg. happude, 18/13; hapenet, 

29/24; happyd, 148/19 ; happant, 

52/7; hapend, 88/15; happonet, 


hard, adj. and adv., hard, 9/2. 
hardnes, sb., hardness, 84/32. 
hardy, adj., brave, bold, 62/13. 
hare, sb., hare, 272/24, 
harlottry, sb., tale- telling, buffoonery, 

evil - doing, 68/23 ; haflatry, 

96/2 4 . 

harm, sb., harm, injury, 81/24. 
harow, sb., harrow, 126/1 8. 
harpe, sb., harp, 89/8. 
harpen, v., to play the harp; pt. 

harpyd, 89/6. 
harper, sb., harper, 89/6. 
hast, sb., haste, speed, 36/8, 
hastely, adv., hastily, 299/2O. 
hate, i:, to hate, inf., 69/21 ; pr. 3 

s g. hatyth, 72/4 ; pL, haten, 22/2 ; 

pt. pi. hatud, 97/33. 
haue, v.,to have, inf., 2/2; han,77/27; 

hauen, 296/21 ; pr. i sg. haue, 

5/ao; 2 sg. hast, 13/28; haues, 

17/9J has, 88/12; 3 sg. hath, 

2/14 ; has, 7/24 ; pi. haue, 146/26 ; 

han, 153/7; hauen, 254/19; 

imp. sg. haue, 81/36 ; pt. 2 sg. 

hadyst, 288/24; haddust, 293/27; 

3 sg. hade, 6/6 ; hadd, 291/22 ; 

hed, 292/18 ; pi haden, 8/7 ; 

hadden,4/io;hade. 173/22; hadde, 


hauen, ab., haven, port, 13/n. 
hauere, sb., property, 267/17. 
hauyng, sb., having, 11/28. 

hawnsut, -pp., enhanced, exalted, 


hay, sb., hay, 22/32. 
hayl, interj.,h&i\, 8/32; heyle, 148/25- 
Hayles, pr. n., Abbey of Hailes, 

146/i 4 . 

Hayme, pr. n., Haymo, 127/3- 
he, pron., he, 1/26. 
hear : see hygh. 
hed, sb., head, 12/19; heed, 


hedake, sb., headache, 216/32. 
hed-cyte, sb., capital, 48/26. 
hede, sb., heed, care, attention, 

28/22; hyde, 178/29. 
hede, v., to behead, inf., 202/IO ; pp. 

hedyt, 217/IO. 
hedyr, adv., hither, 19/n. 
heere, sb., hair, 276/3. 
hegh, heghly : see hygh. 
heghnes, sb., haughtiness, 21/32. 
heght, sb., height, 72/i8. 
hegh-way, sb., highway, 80/13. 
helde, v., to pour, inf., 167/35; P*- 

3 sg. held, 82/5. See also under 


hele, sb., heel, 200/32. 
hele, sb., health, 1/29. 
hele, r., to heal, inf., 64/xo ; pr. 2 

sg. helyst, 264/6 ; pt. 3 sg. heled, 

23/28 ; heelyd, 224/2 ; pp. helyd, 

43/29 ; heelyd, 186/23. 
helle, sb., hell, 4/14. 
helle-howndes, sb. pi, hell-hound, 

284/2 4 . 

hell-jeate, sb., hell-gate, 62/3. 
hell-wormys, sb. pi, hell-worm, 


helpe, sb., help, 9/33. 
helpen, v., to help, inf., 27/6 ; helpe, 

4/22; pr. 3 *g. helpupe, 243/34; 

helput, 298/3; helpys, 18/32 ; pi. 

helpe J>e, 157/26; imp. sg. helpe, 

43/23; pt. 3 sg. halpe, ll/io ; 

holpe, 13/6 ; pi holpen, 103/1 ; pp. 

holpen, 4/i 6 ; jholpon, 292/29 ; 

yholpon, 296/5- 
helper, sb., helper, 108/2O. 
helt, adv., assuredly, with assur- 
ance, willingly, 186/19, 180/34, 


helth, sb., health, 212/28. 
hende, adj., handy, gentle, 242/5. 
hennysa, adv., hence, 212/1 8. 
her, pron., her, 2/31 ; hir, 10/1 ; 

hyr, 2/30; hure, 7/12; hor, 

Glossarial Index 


heraftyr, adv., hereafter, 18/24. 
lierber, ?>., inn, lodging, 22/30 ; 

erbere, 293/6. 
herber, v. f to entertain, inf., 94/1 ; pt. 

pi. herbevt, 4/6 ; pp. herbert, 4/i6. 
berberies, adj., shelterless, without a 

lodging, 4/6. 

herby, adv., hereby, 7/33. 
herbys, sb. pi., herb, 8/4 ; erbys, 

184/2 4 . 
here, v,, to hear, inf., 4/2 1 ; heron, 

297/3 ; pr. 3 sg. heruth, 48/25 J 

yJ. here, 21/n ; heryth, 87/28; 

heryn, 219/27 ; pt. I sy. hert, 

9 /3 2 5 3 #/ nercl > 6/8 ; joZ. herden, 

8/4; herd, 18/37; !>!> herd > 8 /6 J 

herde, 28/8. 
here, adv., here, 5/7. 
herefor, adv., herefore, 242/8. 
heremyt, sb., hermit, 177/15 ; ermyd, 

195/1 ; ennet, 195/7- 
hereopyn, adv., hereupon, 186/8. 
herea : see er. 
heretykes, sb. pi., heretic, 46/24 ; 

herytykes, 163/1 1 ; heritykes, 

herien, v., to praise, glorify ; pt. 3 

sg. herut, 75/34 ; heryed, 78/14. 
herken, v., to hearken; pt. 3 sy. 

herkut, 216/28. 
Herode, pr. n., Herod, 24/2O. 
herof, adv., hereof, 210/7. 
hers, sb., hearse, frame for holding 

candles in church, 118/15. 
hert, sb., heart, 2/5. 
hert-blod, sb., heart-blood, 87/7- 
herte-cow, sb., cove, cell of the 

heart, 293/29. 
hertely, adv., heartily, 5/4 ; hertly, 


hertfully, adv., heartily, 28/26. 
heruest, sb., harvest, 253/1 1. 
herwyth, adv., herewith, 50/19. 
heryng, sb., hearing, 33/2O. 
herytage, sb., inheritance, 94/28 ; 

erytage, 242/7. 
bet, v., to call, to be called, inf., 

94/23; hette, 184/i6; pt. 3 sg. 

hatte, 13/36; heght, 15/29; het, 

29/25 ; pp. heton, 11/30. 
bete, sb., heat, 5/25. 
he]>en, adv., hence, 6/31 ; hethens, 


hej;en man, sb., heathen, 135/3O. 
hej>enes, sb., heathen country, 171/33- 
heue, v., to heave, lift, inf., 84/36 ; 

imp. -sg. heue, 65/n ; pi. haue, 

236/ 9 ; pt. 3 sg. hef, 81/30; 

hevyd, 219/23; 3 pi. hevyn, 

207/7; PP- heuen, 46/1. 
heuen, *,&., heaven, 3/2 1; hewuen, 

heuen-blys, sb., bliss of Heaven, 


heuenly, adj., heavenly, 11/27. 
hevy, adj., heavy, frightened, 11/3. 
heuynesse, sb., heaviness, 64/27. 
hew, sb., colour, 84/25. 
hew, v., to hew, cut, strike, inf., 

143/12 ; pt. 3 sg. hew, 105/17. " 
hey, on, adv., on high, aloft, up, 


heynes, sb., highness, haughtiness, 


heyre, sb., garment made of hair- 
cloth, 40/23. 

hir : see bur. 

Hirtacus, pr. n., Hirtacus, a king, 

ho, pron., she, 7/23 ; boo, 7/13- 

hoge : see huge. 

hokur, sb., mockery, derision, 

hold, v., to hold, keep, inf., 2/6; 
holden, 52/1 o ; pr. 3 sg. holdeth, 
44/3 2 ;haldyth, 182/2 7; ^.holden, 
45/3 J imp. sg. holde, 237/i8; 
pi. hold, 50/19; holdu>e, 118/3O ; 
pt. 3 sg. held, 7/19 ; huld, 12/1 ; 
pi. hidden, 11/32 ; heldcn, 18/38; 
hild, 213/11 ; pp. holden, 25/32. 

holdyng, sb., holding, keeping, pos- 
session, 161/3O. 

hole, sb., hole, 163/6. 

hole, adj., well, healthy, whole, hale, 
147/26; hoole, 43/32; holy, 
15/7. See also under holy. 

holy, adj., holy, 1/7 ; hole, 93/J i ; 
haly, 295/12. See also -under 

holyday, sb., saint's-day, 148/13. 

holynesse, sb., holiness, 40/31. 

Holy-rode-day, pr. n., Holy-rood- 
day, 142/28. 

horn, pron., them, themselves, 2/2 1. 

horn, adv., home, 149/4- 

hom-comyng, sb., return home, 


home, sb., home, 296/6 j hoome, 

hommes, sb. pi., ham (bend of the 

knee), 40/24. 

homselfe, pron., themselves, 33/2. 
homward, adv., homeward, 9/12. 


Mirk's Festial 

honde, sb., hand, 20/15 ; hande, 


hond-maydon, sb., hand-maid, 107/6. 
hondywerk, sb., work, creation of 

one's hands, 87/14- 
honest, adj., honest, seemly, 29/i8 ; 

adv. onestly, 244/1 2. 
honeste, sb., honesty, decorum, 197/14- 
honge, v., to hang, inf., 200/22 ; pt. 

3 sg. hongyt, 9/3 ; pr. p. hou- 

gyng, 80/3 J PP- hongyd, 15/2. 
hongry, adj., hungry, 4/4. 
hongyng, sb., hanging, 235/13. 
hongyr, sb., hunger, 13/12 ; hungyr, 

honowre, sb., honour, 2/2O ; honor, 

180/5 ; honowur, 228/9- 
hony, sb., honey, 184/26.. 
honysoculs, sb. pi, honeysuckle, 

hoo : see scho. 

hoo-wolfe, sb., she-wolf, 210/i8. 
hope, sb., hope, 19/35- 
hope, v , to hope, expect ; pr. I fg. 

hope, 44/27 ; pi. hopyn, 115/34 5 

pt. pi. hopyd, 148/3O ; pr. p. hop- 

yng, 6/25. 
hor, pron., the ? r, 6/19 ; herre, 28/27 ; 

hur, 8/17; here, 295/34* 
home, sb., horn, 55/io. 
horobylyte, sb., horribility, 2/27. 
horres : see hors. 
horrybull, adj., horrible, 2/25; ory- 

bull, 7/24; horryble, 28/8; hor- 

rybly, 33/21 ; orrybly, 197/25 ; 

horribly, 255/27. 
hors, pron., theirs, 275/29; horres, 


hors, sb., horse, 48/25- 

horsmen, sb. pi., horseman, 101/29- 

hory, adj., filthy, dirty, 81/8. 

hostage, sb., hostage, 120/28. 

hostes : see ost. 

hote, adj., hot, 5/28 ; comp. hattyr, 

hous, sb., house, 82/13 ; houce, 

how, adv., how', 4/29. 

howkes, sb. pi, hook, 82/6. 

hownde, sb., hound, dog, 133/32. 

howselen, v., to administer the Eu- 
charist ; pr. 3 sg. howselethj 
20/25; pi. 3 sg. howsulde, 173/13; 
howsulede, 175/8; pp. howsuld, 
174/9; hosullud, 295/19. 

howsell, sb., hoiisel, receiving of the 
Eucharist, 20/19; howsyl, 227/6. 

howswold, sb., household, 15/19. 

hoytes, sb. pi., a long stick, 273/IO. 

hudeloke, sb., concealment, 159/32 ; 
in , disguised, veiled. 

huge, adj., huge, 43/n ; hoge, 62/15. 

hull, v., to cover, conceal, inf., 85/3 ; 
pt. 3 sg. hulyd, 102/2 1 ; huld, 
178/27; hult, 206/8; pi. helde, 
199/5 5 PP- hullyd, 259/i6. 

humore, sb., humour, 71/xo. 

hundered, a, card, num., a hundred, 
13/i6; an hundyrd, 286/13. 

hundyrthfold, adj., hundredfold, 


hunt, v., to hunt, inf., 93/29; pt. 
3 sg. hunted ; 105/15 ; pi. huntet, 

hunter, sb., hunter, 55/n. 

hurle, v., to hurl, inf., 28/1 1 ; pt. 
hurled, 28/i6. 

hurne : see nyrne. 

hurselfe, pron., herself, 229/2. 

hurten, v., to hurt ; pt. 3 sg. hurt, 
189/17; pp. hurt, 258/22. 

husbond, sb., husband, 16/5 > h s ~ 
bond, 19/21. 

husbond-man, sb., husbandman, far- 
mer, holder of husband - land, 


hyddous, adj., hideous, 3/i ; hydwes, 

3/11 ; hydewes, 7/29. 
hyde, sb., hide, skin, 37/35- 
hyde, v., to hide, inf., 48/36 ; pt. 3 

sg. hudde, 40/26 ; pi. hydden, 

35/22 ; pp. hud, 68/31 ; hydde, 

60/s; hyddyn, 217/21. 
hydurwarde,adr.,hitherward, 293/28. 
hydwes, hydewes : see hyddous. 
hydyr, adv., hither, 209/19. 
hydyrto, adv., hitherto, 87/31. 
hye, r., to hie, haste, inf., 88/35 5 P r > 

3 sff. hy>e, 156/ 4 ; hyu>, 156/ 9 ; 

imp. pi. hyth, 88/2 ; pt. 3 fg. hyet, 

174/5 ; pr. p. hyyng, 195/IO ; pp. 

hyed, 84/28. 
hygh, adj., high, 8/36 ; heygh, 

289/i8 ; hegh, 18/n ; heg, 55/21 ; 

heye, 79/19 ; hye, 176/1 ; hie, 

186/32; hych, 193/10. 
hyj, on, adv., aloud, 21 1 /i 2. 
hygys, adj., huge, 119/IO. 
Hyldon, Roudylf, pr. n., Banulphus 

Higden, 81/33. 

hyll,s?>., hill, 2/30; hull, 72/30, 
hyllyng, sb., covering, 291/25. 
hym, pron., him, 1/9. 
hymselfe, pron., himself, 2/5. 

Glossarial Index 


hyndmost, adj. and sb., hindmost, 


hyndryng, sb., hindering, 68/26. 
hyndyr, adj., hinder, 229/26. 
hyndyrlyngys, sb. pi., a despised 

person, 140/33. 
hyne, sb., servant, 56/i 6. 
hyr : see her. 
hyre, sb., hire, 71/33- 
hyren, v., to hire; pt. 3 sg. hyred, 

145/8 ; pp. hyred, 66/5. 
hyrne, sb., corner, nook, 200/3O ; 

hurne, 200/35. 

hys, pron., his, 14/8 ; his, 1/2. 
hyt, pron., it, 6/17; hit, 2/2 1 ; 

itte, 295/20. 
hytten, v., to hit;^. 3 sg. hut, 42/22 ; 

hutte, 42/26. 

I, pron., I, 7/135 y>7/i4. 

i (for many forms with the prefix 

i-(j), see the simple forms). 
Inde, pr. n., India, 19/1 ; Ynde, 


infere : see ynfere. 
Innocentys, the Innocents, 28/35; 

innocentes, 86/19. 
inogh : see ynogh. 
inspyracyon, sb., inspiration, 136/7. 
instaunce, sb., instance, 136/2. 
into, prp., into, 1/21. 
jrus, adj., wrathful, 1/15. 
Isaac, pr. ., Isaac, 77/12, 93/2O, 

94/6; Isaake, 77/17. 
Isakar, pr. n., Isacar, a bishop, 15/3O. 
Israeli, pr. n., Israel, son of Isaac, 

Israeli, pr. n., Israel, the Jewish 

nation, 15/33. 
Ive : see Jew. 
iwysse, adv., certainly, 233/7. 

Jaboc, pr. n., Jaboc, 94/i 6. 
Jacob, pr. n., Jacob, 48/1 1. 
James, St., ]>e laese, pr. n., St. James, 
Alphaeus's son, 117/i6;Jame, 

James, St.,^r. ., St. James, brother 

of St. John ante Portam Latinam, 

Jamys, St., J?e mor,pr. n., St. James, 

Zebedee's son, 208/1 o. 
jangelyng, sb., jangling, 201/IO. 
ianguler, sb., jangler, 229/33. 
Jauuare, pr. n., January, 267/4. 
iapys, sb. pi., joke, trick, 63/22. 
Jeremy, pr. n., Jeremiah, 111/12. 

Jerom, St.,pr. n., St. Jerome, 2/29. 
Jeropolym, pr. n., Hierapolis, 


Jerusalem, pr. n., Jerusalem, 30/ii 
Jeryco, / r. n., Jericho, 8 2/2 9. 
Jew, sb.', Jew, 14/22 ; Ive, 227/1. 
jewels,, jewel, 83/n ; jewelles, 

Jewre, pr. n., Judaea, 48/2O ; Jure, 

81/4; Jury, 121/ 9 . 
Jhesu, pr. n., Jesus, 8/32 ; Jhesus, 


Joab, pr. n., Joab, 112/14. 
Joel, pr. n., Joel, 160/32. 
iogulry, sb., jugglery, 255/2O. 
Johachym, St., pr. n., St. Joachim, 

John Baptyst, St.,^?;. n., St. John the 

Baptist, 6/9. 
John, St., J>e Evangelyst, pr. n., St. 

John the Evangelist, 30/32. 
Jon, pr. n., John the converted Jew, 

Jon Belet, pr. n., John Beleth, 79/5, 

115/23, 122/34, 125/32, 164/1, 

165/3, 171/25, 183/1, 247/3, 

280/10, 298/8 ; Jon Belette, 

280/22; Jon Belete, 296/6. 
Jon Grysostom, pr. n ., John Chrysos- 

tom, 21/4, 235/27. 
Jon, St., at the Port Latyne, pr. n., 

St. John at the Latin gate, 146/3O. 
Jon Marke, pr. n., John Markus, 

Joon, pr. n., Johanna, St. Nicholas's 

mother, 11/3O. 
Jop, pr.. n., Job, 66/6, 89/21. 
Jordan, ,pr. n., Jordan, 48/5. 
Joseph, pr. n.. Joseph, Jacob's son, 

Joseph, pr. n., Joseph, the holy 

virgin's husband, 22/23. 
Joseph Barsabas, pr. n., Joseph Bar- 

sabas, 215/33; Josep Barsabas, 

Josephus, pr. n., Josephus, 72/33, 

journay, sb., journey, day's journey, 

84/22 ; iourne, 277/n J iurney, 


joy, *b., joy, 4/3. 
Joy, pr. n., mount Joy, ' rnons gaudu, 


ioyet, pp., delighted, glad, 49/6. 
ioyfully, adv., joyfully, 224/32. 
joynen, v., to join, pt. 3 sg. joynut, 

94/4 J PP- Jy net > 106/9- 


Mirk's Festial 

ioyntys, sb. pi., joint, 225/36. 
Judas, pr. n., Judas, who knew the 

place where the holy rood was 

hidden, 144/2;. 
Judas Skaryot, pr. n., Judas Iscariot, 


Jude, St., pr. n., St. Jude, 263/3- 
juge, sb.,, 88/24. 
jugement, sb., judgement, 801/34. 
Julianus Apostata, pr. n., Julian the 

Apostate, 18 5/2 9. 

iustes, sb., joust, tournament, 298/31. 
justyce, sb., justice, judge, 7/i8. 
justyre, sb., justice eyre, 114/2 ; the 

circuit court of a travelling judge. 

k : for many forms beginning with a 

Jc, see under c. 
kakes, sb. pi., cake, 254/1 o. 
kaleuder, sb., calendar, 45/1 o. 
Kalyx, St., pr. n., St. Kalixtus, 


kanckyr, sb., canker, 293/29. 
Karpe, St.,pr.n., St. Carpeus, 154/32. 
Kateryn, St., pi: n., St. Katherine, 

kepe, v., to keep, inf., 2/13; kepon, 

289/4 ; pr. 3 sg. kepyth, 49/25 ; pi. 

kepyj>e, 132/21 ; imp. pi. kepytt, 

5/6 ; pt. 3 sg. kepyd, 15/19 ; 

kept, 23/15 ; pi. kepton, 22/3 5 

keput, 153/25 ; kepte, 210/22 ; 

pr. p. kepyng, 31/3 ; pp. kepte, 

93/14; kepyd, 194/1 1. 
keper, sb., keeper, 32/8. 
kepyng, sb., keeping, 32/io. 
kerchfcf, sb., kerchief, 102/21. 
keys, sb. pi., key, 187/i8. 
klippyng, sb., embracing, 223/1 6. 
knaue-chyld, sb., male child, 


kne, sb., knee, 50/15. 
knele, v., to kneel, inf., 11/14; knell, 

140/4; P r > 2 *.</ kneles, 174/3O ; 

3 sg. knelyj>e, 123/8 ; jjl. knelen, 

174/31 ; imp. pi. knelyth, 50/15 ; 

pt. i sg. kneled, 17/13; 3 sg. kne- 

let, 8/1 1. 

knelyng, sb., kneeling, 262/24. 
knewlech, v., to acknowledge, inf., 

25/34; knolach, 294/17; pr. pi. 

knowlechyn, 282/21 ; knowlachen, 

51/23 ; imp. sg. knowlech, 

223/31 ; pr. p. knowlachyng, 

22/22 ; knowlechyng,. 49/20; kno- 

lechyng, 170/5. 

knoken, v., to knock ; pt. 3 sy. kno- 

kyd, 222/21. 
knot, sb., knot, 9/2. 
know, v., to know, inf., 2/27 ; 

knowon, 289/io; pr. I sg. know, 

30/7; 2 *9' knowes, 172/27; pi. 

knowen, 1/5 ; know, 18/36 ; 

knoe>e, 47/29 ; knoweth, 68/6 ; 

imp. pi. knowej>e, 235/15 ; pt. i 

sg. knew, 17/n ; 3 sg. knew, 

13/5 J Pi- knewen, 23/3 5 knew, 

101/21; kneuyn, 183/i8; pp. 

knowen, 80/31. 
knowlech, sb., knowledge, 159/1 1; 

knoles, 264/26. 
knowyng, sb., knowing, knowledge, 


knyfe, sb., knife, 37/5. 
knyght, sb., knight, 2/17; knythe, 

291/34; knyte, 292/2. 
knyghtly, adv,, knightly, 243/22. 
knyle, sk, knell, 164/9. 
knytten, ??., to knit ; pt. 3 sg. knet, 

21/28 ; pi. knytten, 110/33 5 PP> 

knotty t, 219/21. 
krucches, sb. pi., crutch, 197/37. 
kychon, sb., kitchen, 89/8. 
kyn, adj., akin, 197/34- 
kynd, sb., kind, nature, 21/23. 
kyndnesse, sb., kindness, 112/3O. 
kyndom, sb., kingdom, 88/14; kyng- 

dome, 173/6. 
kyng, sb., king, 148/29. 
kynne, sb., kin, 184/15. 
kyrieleyson, interj., kyrie eleison 

(beginning of an antiphon), 128/35. 
kysse, sb., kiss, 117/i8; cosse, 

126/28 ; cusse, 293/29. 
kysse, v., to kiss, inf., 41/28; 

pr. 3 sg. cusseth, 291/29 ; 

imp. 2 sg. kys, 228/30 ; pt. 3 sg. 

ky^set, 17/6 ; cussed, 68/34 ; kus- 

syd, 293/24; pi. kussyd, 186/24; 

pp. kyssed, 41/27 '> cussud, 

kytte, v., to cut, inf., 47/24; kut, 

187/19 ; pt. 3 sg. kut, 42/21 ; pp. 

kytte, 45/23. 
kyttyng, si)., cutting, 46/29. 

Laban, pr. n., Laban, 93/37- 
labour, sb., labour, work, 66/25. 
laboure, v., to labour, work, inf., 

65/32; labyr, 64/n ; pr. pi. 

labryn, 82/i8; pt. labourt, 68/24. 
laddyr, sb., ladder, 94/3- 

Glossarial Index 


lady, sb., lady, 11/17; lade, 


Lajarus, pr. n., Lazarus, 114/29. 
lagh, v., to laugh, inf., 29/13; pr. 

pi. laghyth, 64/2 ; pt. 3 sg. login, 

287/23; pi. logh, 40/14; loje, 

178/24 ; loch, 193/19. 
laghtur, sb., laughter, 78/3. 
laghyng, *b., laughing, 37/28. 
lake, sb., pond, wet place in the 

road, 44/1. 

lake, sb., lack, reproach, 166/29. 
lambur, sb., amber, 146/1 1. 
lamentacyon, sb., lamentation, 


lampe, sb., lamp, 02/19. 

langage, sb., language, 160/25 ; lang- 

gage, 143/1 8. 
lappen, v., to wrap up, embrace ; 

pt. 3 sg. lappyd, 23/2; pp. lappyd, 

large, adj. (*b.\ large, wide, liberal, 

generous, 189/9. 
largenes, sb., liberality, 88/33 ; 

largiiies, 220/13. 
las, adj. and adv., less, 82/13 ; lasse, 


Lasma, pr. n., Lasma, 173/12. 
last, v., to last, inf., l/io ; laston, 

294/4 i pr- 3 *9- lestyth, 21/2 ; pt. 

3 sg. last, 39/32 ; ' to extend/ 

174/i8, 200/32. 
last, adj., last, 213/7- 
late, adv., late, recently, 79/z8. 
Lateyne, sb. and adj., Latin, 182/28; 

Latyne, 146/33. 

Latrena, pr. n., Lateran, 194/14. 
latymere, sb., interpreter, 99/1. 
lavntyrne, ,b., lantern, 188/23. 
Laurence, St., pr. n., St. Lawrence, 

61/i6; Laurance, 216/2O; Lau- 

rens, 218/17. 
latiere, sb., laver, washing vessel, 

lawe, sb., religion, law, dispensation, 

20/10, 50/33. 

lawfull, adj., lawful, 160/31. 
lawse, adj., loose, 218/30. 
lawsyng, sb., loosing, 119/35. 
lay, v., to lay, inf., 2/4; leyne, 

290/20; pr. i sg. lay, 172/29; 

2 sg. lays, 188/12; 3 sg. layth, 

l/i6; leyth, 290/so; imp. gg. lay, 

31/375 Pi- 3 *9. leyde, 19/i 5 ; 

layde, 23/2 ; pi. layden, 28/13 ; 

pp. layde, 22/8. 
layte, sb., lightning, 7/31. 

leche, sb., leech, physician, 141/12. 
leche-crafte, sb., art of healing, 

lechery, *b., lechery, 6/24 ; lechere, 


lechery*, adj., lecherous, 132/15. 
lechore, sb., lecher, 108/14; lechoure, 

lede, v., to lead, wear, inf., Il/i6; 

lade, 189/9; pt. i sg. lad, 212/i8; 

3 sg. lad, 5/23 ; ladde, 12/22 ; 

lede, 133/30;^. ladden, 29/io ; 

lad, 211/22 ; pr. p. ledyng, 

113/17; pp. lad, 147/19. 
leder, sb., leader, 88/38. 
leed, sb., lead, 5/33 ; lede, 219/21. 
lem, sb., light, gleam, brightness, 


lees, sb. pi., flame, 6/30. 
lef, adj., desirous, willing, 140/36. 
lefe, adj., dear, 167/7 > comp. leuer, 

7/14 ; hym were, ' he would 

rather'; saperl. leuest, 201/17; 

me ys, ' I like best.' 
lefe, sb., leaf, 102/22. 
lefetenant, sb., lieutenant, 121/8. 
leg, sb., leg, 180/20. 
Legenda Aurea, pr. n., Golden 

Legend, 252/5- 
legyon, sb., legion, 220/29. 
lemon, sb., leman, 287/7 > lemmon, 

287/30 ; lemman, 288/3. 
lenden, v., to lend ; pt. 3 sg. lant, 

lenen, v., to lean, incline ; pr. 3 sg. 

leneth, 32/2O ; pt. lened, 119/9 J 

pr. p. lenyng, 198/1. 
leng>e, sb., length, 152/27. 
lenton, sb., Lent, spring, 2/13. 
lepe, v., to leap, run, jump, inf. 

212/1 ; imp. sg. lepe, 213/6; pt. 

3 sg. lept, 189/24- 
lepull, sb., leprosy, 37/355 lypur, 


lepur, adj., leprous, 264/2. 
lerede, adj., learned, 53/IO. 
lerne, v., to learn, inf., 157/2 r ; 

lernen, 17 7/14; pr. pi. lerne, 

171/28; imp. sg. lerne, 167/19; 

pt. 3 sg. lernd, 107/3O ; lernyd, 

184/4; lurnyd, 232/is ; pp. 

ylurned, 135/33. 
lernet, pp., learned, 275 /io. 
lernyng, sb., learning, 156/35. 
lese, v., to lose, destroy, inf., 55/34 ; 

pr. 3 sg. lesyth, 60/14 ; pi. lesyth, 

192/29 ; pt. 2 sg. loste, 234/31; 


firk'a Fe 

3 /. lost, 21/31 ; pi. losten, 
279/19; lost, 48/28 ; 'pp. lost, 
7/9 ; lorne, 55/22. 

lessones, sb. p/., lesson, 296/32. 

lest, adj. (sb.}, leasfc > 4 / Ia 

lest, coy., lest, 5/io. 

lesuien, v., to pasture; pt. 3 pZ. 
lesuet, 258/13. 

lesyng, sb., deliverance, release, 

letany, sb., litany, 151/1 1. 

lethy, adj., weak, 286/4. 

lette, sb., let, hindrance, delay, 

lette, v., to let, leave, inf., 235/17 ; latte, 297/14 ; imp. sg. let, 
10/14; lette ? 10/ J 4; late > 10/3 1 ; 
2>/. let, 186/21 ; pt. 3 s#. let, 6/25 ; 
lett, 14/22 ; lat, 225/6; 3 pi. let- 
ten, 22/3 J leton, 201/24 ; pr. p. 
lettyng, 44/14;^. lete, 229/io; 
lette, 235/27. 

letten, v. t to retard, impede, keep 
back ; pt. pi. letted, 81/2O ; pp. 
lettyd, 110/32. 

letturt, adj., learned, 192/9. 

lettyr, sb., letter, 36/8; lettre, 

leudeschip, sb., wickedness, 204/14. 

leue, sb., leave, 59/3. 

leue, v., to leave, be left, remain, 
inf., 55_/27; leef, 125/2;; levon, 
290/35 ; pr. 3 sg. leuej?e, 118/19 ; 
pi. leuen, 267/1 ; imp. sg. lef, 
299/33; pi. leue, 90/13; lef, 
167/36 ; leue)>, 114/i6 ; pt. 3 sg. 
laft, 6/14; pi. laften, 6/19; laft, 
20/io; pp. lafte, 14/17; lafton, 

leue, v., to believe, inf., 23/n ; 
pr. I sg. leue, 112/2 ; 2 sg. leues, 
264/18 ; 3 sg. leuet, 173/6 ; 
pi. leuen, 252/i6 ; leueth, 25/2 ; 
leuet, 172/36 ; pt. 3 sg. leued, 
32/3; pi. leued, 24/io; ienedyn, 
86/36 ; pr. p. leuyng, 200/1 1 ; 
pp. leuod, 165/19. 

leue : see also lyuen. 

leuer, leuest : see lefe. 

leues, sb. pi., leaf, 35/22. 

Leuy, pr. n., Levi, 215/19. 

leuyng : see lyuyng. 

lewde, adj., unlearned, ignorant, 
49/ 9 . 

Lewya, pr. n., Lewis, 158/12. 

liberalule, adj., liberal, generous, 

Liberiua, pr. n., Liberius, 138/1. 

lo, inter j.', lo, 6/12. 

lodely, adj., loathful, 238/7. 

lofe, sb., loaf, 103/28. 

loft, adv., from loft, ' from above, 
down,' 140/21. 

logget : see luggen. 

logh : see lowe. 

loken, v., to look, see, inf., 55/25 > 
loke, 56/13 ; pr. pi. loken, 21/17 5 
loketh, 23/27 ; imp. sg. loke, 
88/20 ; pt. loket, 10/8 ; pr. p. 
lokyng, 154/19. 

lokken, v., to lock ; pt. 3 sg. lokket, 

Lollardes, pr. n., the Lollards, 

Lombardys, pr. n., Lombards, 164/1 6; 

Lumbardys, 220/22. 
lombe, sb., lamb, 6/13. 
lompmale, adv., in lumps, 44/15. 
lompurt, pp., entangled, 196/22. 
lond, sb., land, 8/10. 
londen, v., to land ; pt. 3 sg. londyd, 


London, pr. n., London, 38/12. 
lones, sb. } lowliness, meekness, 

long, adj., long, 6/17 ; comp. lengyr, 

longen, v., to long, belong; pr. pi. 

longy]>e, 102/22. 

long-taylet, adj., long- tailed, 138/5. 
longyng, sb., longing, desire, 68/31. 
lord, sb., lord, 16/3, 16/33- 
lordschepe, sb., lordship, 180/2. 
lore, sb., lore, precept, 103/5. 
lorel, sb., laurel, 190/12. 
lose, adv., loose, 119/17; lowsly, 

losen, v., to loose ; pt. lowsed, 


losse, sb., loss, 157/17; loos, 68/26; 
lose, 70/14. 

lote, sb., lot, 81/2 ; loot, 81/1. 

lo>e, adj., loath, 72/19. 

!<]>e, v., to loathe, inf., 287/3- 

loue, sb., love, 4/8. 

loue, v., to love, inf., 291/9 ; louon, 
291/i; pr. I sg. loue, 172/27; 
2 sg. louest, 55/35 5 3 *Q- kmeth, 
23/21 ; pi. louen, 34/17 ; louyj>e, 
56/31 ; lyuen, 55/31 ; imp. pi. 
loueth, 29/io ; pt. 3 sg. louyth, 
185/14 ; louid, 291/6 ; pi. louet, 
4/17; loueden, 24/1 1. 

loueday, sb., love-day, day for the 

Glossarial Index 


amicable settlement of differences, 

41/2 5 . 

louere, sb., lover, 186/ro. 
louyngly, adv., lovingly, kindly, 22/5. 
low, si., flame, 107/17. 
lowe, adj., low, 50/i 9 ; lowje, 

161/28 .; logh, 242/14. 
lowen, v., to make low, inf., 63/2. 
lowren, v., to look sullen, inf., 65/22. 
lowten, v., to bow, incline; pr. pi. 

louton, 233/7 5 pt> 3 *</ lowtet, 

14/ 9 . 

Lucilles, pr. n., Lucillus, 218/24. 
lucure, si)., lucre, 254/33. 
Lucyfer, p*. n., Lucifer, 10/36. 
luggen, r., to lug, drag, pull ; pt. 3 sg. 

logget, 40/3 5 pi" l"ggut, 210/8. 
Luke, St., pr. n., St. Luke, 232/14. 
Lulselle, pr. n., Lilleshall (Shrop- 
shire), 244/6 ; Lulsull, 281/14. 
Lupa, pr. n., Lupa, a queen of Spain, 


lust, sb., lust, 5/3- 
lusten, r., to be pleased, lust like; 

pr. subj. 3 sg. lust, 149/9. 
lusty, adj., desirous, 37/5- 
Lya, pr. n., Lea, 94/n. 
lych : see lyke. 

lye, ?., to lie, tell lies, inf., 28/p. 
lye, v., to lie, inf., 7/12 ; pr. a sg. 

lyse, 90/22 ; 3 sg. lythe, 20/i6 ; 

lyet, 174/30; pi. lyne, 21/8 ; lyen, 

24/12 ; lien, 162/5 ; lyj>e, 287/15 ; 

pt. 3 sg. lay, 5/13; ley, 32/12 ; 

lay to, ' suited, became,' 247/19 ; 

pi. liyn, 180/18 ; lay, 122/1 5; leon, 

276/4 ; pr. p. liyng, 68/20 ; lying, 

220/7; pp. layne, 20/4; leyn, 

lyfe, sb., life, animate existence, 2/1 ; 

living being, person, 195/21, 


lyfe-tyme, sb., life-time, 232/1 1. 
lyflaker, comp., more lively, 31/31. 
lyflode, sb., living, 66/35; lyuelod, 

82/i 9. 

lyfte, adj., left, 250/31. 
lyften, v., to lift; pr. 3 sg. lyfty>e, 

83/2 ; imp. pi. 'lyftu>, 154/24 ; 

pt. 3 sg. lyit, 28/1 ; pp. lyft, 


lyfyng, lyfuyng : see lyvyng. 
lyght, sb., light, 9/io ; lythe, 295/24. 
lyghten, v., to light, enlighten, inf., 

21/i6 ; lyght, 62/12 ; leghten, 

101/26 ; pr. 3 sg. leghteneth, 

23/27; lyghtenyth, 24/33; lyght- 

neth, 50/3 5 lyghtyj>, 216/i 4 ; 
, pt. 3 sg. leghtenet, 24/y ; lyghtned, 

25/6 ; lyght, 51/15 ; pr. P> IjStyng, 

160/9 ! ijtyng, 188/23 ; pp. jlygh- 

net, 23/37 ; lightnel, 60/7 J ly g nt > 

60/28 ; jlyght, 118/2 3 . 
lyghten, v., to descend; pt. 3 pi. 

lyghten, 49/17. 
lyjth, adj., light, easy, 222/i8 ; adv. 

lyghtly, 26/i 9. 
lyke, adj. and adv., like, likely, 16/8 ; 

lych, 156/20; like, 175/1 ; leke, 

lyken, v., to like; pt. 3 so. lyket, 

lyken, v., to liken, compare, inf., 

107/io; pr. 3 tg. lykene)>e, 55/9 > 

pp. lyknet, '261/8; lykenet, 

lykenesse, sb., likeness, 61/14; licke- 

nes, 9/25. 
lykyng, sb., liking, pleasure, 16/24 > 

lekyng, 292/1. 

lyly, sb., lily, 108/27 ; lylly, 228/6. 
lym, sb., in phrase, fendys lym, 

'fiend's limb,' 189/13. 
lyme-kylrie, sb., lime-kiln, 134/23. 
ly menial, adv., piecemeal, limb by 

limb, 246/2. 

lymmes, sb. pi., limb, 180/25. 
lynage, sb., lineage, 22/21. 
Lyncolnyens, pr. n., Lincolniensis, 


lynnen, adj.j made of linen, 140/4- 
lyon, sb., lion, 19/12. 
lypp, sb., lip, 293/29. 
lypur : see lepull. 
lystes, sb. pi., sinner, 4/13. 
lytyll, adj., little, 88/28 ; lytul, 


lyue : see lyfe. 

lyue-dayes, sb., life-days, 62/22. 
lyuen, v., to live, inf., 1/25 ; lyfe, 

190/7 ; leven, 200/6 ; leue, 253/17 ; 

pr. i sff. lyue, 65/20 ; leue, 

178/u ; 2 sgr.lyuys, 207/3 ; lyues, 

264/10 ; 3 sg. leueth, 47/13 ; 

lyueth, 56/20 ; pi. lyuen, 282/24 ; 

pt. 3 sg lyued, 12/8 ; leued, 

179/3 ; pi. lyueden, 35/io ; lyued, 

35/26; pp. lyuet, 16/i; ylyued, 


lyuer, sb., liver, man, 91/23. 
lyuere, sb., livery, 131/13. 
lyvyng, sb., life, 6/7 ; lyfuyng, 

194/22 ; leuyng, 12/9 ; lyfyng, 



ttrk's Festial 

m, one thousand, 302/33. 

inageste, sb., majesty, 168/13 ; 

maieste, 268/2. 
make, v., to make, inf., 3/i ; makon, 

290/i6; pr. I sg. make, 91/zo ; 

2 sg. makyst, 235/32 ; $ sg. 

makyth, 1/7 ; meky>e, 287/1 8 ; 

pi. maken, 52/21 ; maketh, 84/14; 

imp. sg. make, 7/4 ; pi' make, 

10/r5; make>e, 60/24; pt. 2 sg. 

madyst, 288/25 ; 3 sg. made, 1/24 ; 

makut, 289/24 ; pi. maden, 11/33; 

makut, 131/3 ; mad, 225/34 J 

pp. made, 8/16 ; maky)>e, 127/15 ; 

makud, 289/23; madon, 300/31. 
maker, sb., maker, creator, l/i. 
makyng, sb., making, 8/17. 
maledy, sb., malady, disease, 

maleyse, sb., malice, 29/2O ; males, 

27/15; malyce, 28/i ; maleyce, 


Malkys, pr. n., Malchus, 188/1. 
Mambre, pr. n., Mamre, 76/36. 
mainelen, v., to chatter; pr. pi. ma- 

meluth, 160/27. 

man, sb., man, 2/i ; pi. men, 1/5. 
mana?sen, v., to menace; pr. p., ma- 

nassyng, 53/28. 

man-chyld, sb., male child, 57/15- 
maner, sb., manner, custom, 2/4. 
maner, sb., manor, 56/9. 
mankind, sb., mankind, 1/8 ; mon- 

kynd, 21/15. 
manna, sb., manna, 9/i6. 
Mannus, pr. n., Manes, 216/14. 
man-qweller, sb., manslayer, 252/12. 
manslast, sb., manslaughter, 150/19 ; 

monsla.ght, 286/34. 
man -state, sb., state of manhood, 

manhood, 25/13. 
mantaynen, v., to maintain ; pr. 3 sg. 

mantaynyth, 71/29 ; pp. man- 

taynet, 241/31. 
mantell-lappe, sb., mantle-border, 


mantule, sb., mantle, 178/28. 
many : see mony. 
March, pr. n., the month of March, 


marchand, sb., merchant, 88/16. 
Marche, pr. n., Marche, former 

province of Central France, 


Marcyle, pr. n., Marseilles, 204/35. 
Margarete, St., pr. n., St. Margaret, 

199/I 5 . 

manage, sb., marriage, 290/17 ; ina- 
ryge, 215/22. 

marien, v., to marry; pt. 3 sg. mariet, 
12/36 ; pp. mariet, 9/30. 

Marke, St.,jr. n., St. Mark, 135/28. 

marked, sb., market, 22/32. 

mark en, v., to mark ; pr. 3 sg. mar- 
kyth, 111/21. 

Mars, pr. n., Mars, 59/i6. 

marteren, v., to martyr ; pr. 2 sg. 
marterys, 113/25. 

Martha, pr. n., Martha, 114/so. 

Martyne, St., pr. n., St. Martin, 
272/22; Marteyne, 272/4; Mar- 
ten, 273/29. 

martyr, sb. } martyr, 38/io. 

martyrdom, sb., martyrdom, 28/28. 

Mary, pr. n., Mary, sister of Martha, 

228/i 3 . 

Mary, St., p)\ n., St. Mary, the vir- 
gin, 21/15. 

Mary Cleophe, pr. n., Mary Cleophe, 

Mary Mawdelen, pr. n., Mary Mag- 
dalene, 18/33. 

Mary Salome, pr. n., Mary Salome, 

maset, adj., mazed, 29/24. 

masse, sb., mass, 20/2O ; mas, 126/27. 

mater, sb., matter, 25/14. 

MatheWjSt., pr.n.,St. Matthew, 79/1. 

Mawdelen castell, pr. n., Magdalene 
castle, 203/iS. 

mawmet, sb., idol, 24/i8. 

mawmetry, sb., idolatry, 8/21. 

mawndement, sb., command, 22/2O. 

Maxencius, pr. n., Maxentius, 
143/35; Maxens, 276/T. 

Maximilla,^r.w., Maximilla, the wife 
of Egeas, the justiceof Patras,9/i4. 

Maximius, St., pr. n., Maximinus, a 
bishop, 204/31. 

may, v., I may, be able; pr. 3 sg. 
may, l/i6 ; pi. may, 30/28; moue, 
201/26 ; mvn, 14/5 >' mo > 54/3 2 ; 
mown, 158/28; mow, 5/3 ; mowun, 
9/17 ; pt. 2 sg. myght, 40/9 > 
myghtyst, 288/25; mylhe, 299/31 ; 
3 sg. myght, 5/24 ; mythe, 292/7 ; 
pi. myghten, 8/8 ; pp. mythe, 

mayden, sb., maiden, 23/IO ; mayde, 

mayden- chyld, sb., female child, 
57/24; mayde-chylde, 57/29. 

maydenhode, sb., maidenhood, 31/4; 
maydenhede, 60/7. 

Glossarial Index 


mayn, adj., main, 132/2O. 
mayntenyng, sb., maintaining, 165/7- 
maystry, sb., mastery, dominion, 201/6. 
maystyr, sb., master, 8/32 ; mastur, 

maytines, sb. pi., matin, 169/1 ; 

maytens, 267/32 ; matens, 266/6. 
me, pron., me, 7/13. 
mede, sb., meed, reward, 43/3O. 
mediator, sb., mediator, 11/15 ; me- 

dyatour, 165/32. 
medow, sb., meadow, 174/5. 
medyacyon, sb., mediation, 21/28. 
medyll, v., to meddle, inf., 64/35. 
medysyn, sb., medicine, 14/12. 
meke, adj., meek, mild, 11/27. 
mekenes, sb., meekness, 2/6. 
mekon, v., to render meek, inf., 
294/i6; pr. 3 sg. mekyth, 112/27; 
pt. 3 sg. meked, 124/1 1. 
mekyll, adj., much, great, 14/2O. 
Melayne, pr. n., Milan (?), 50/8. 
mele, sb., meal, 84/3. 
melody, sb., melody, 1/14. 
meinbur, sb., member, 46/30; mem- 

bre, 161/4. 

memory, sb., memory, 1 47/29. 
mencyon, sb., mention, 1/7. 
mene, adj., mean, 66/3. 
menen, v., to mean ; pt. 3 sg. mant, 


men-sleers, sb. pi., murderer, 49/12. 
mercy, sb., mercy, 76/7. 
mercyable, adj., merciful, 72/ig. 
meritabull, adj., profitable, meri- 
torious, 282/8. 

merely, adv., merrily, 152/36. 
Merton, pr. n., Merton, 197/5- 
meruayl, sb., marvel, 228/n. 
mervelous, adj., marvellous, 257/23 ; 
mervelyus, 259/8 ; mervayles, 

merueylen, v., to marvel ; pr. i sg. 
meruayle, 171/36 ; pt. 3 sg. mer- 
ueylt, 107/36 ; merveled, 301/27 ; 
pi. meruelet, 160/24 ; merueyld, 

merueyll, sb., marvel, 10/17. 
meryt, sb., merit, 60/14; merete, 

mesele, adj. and sb., leper, leprous, 

37/12; mesyll, 80/15. 
message, sb., message, 17/2O; me- 

sage, 17/33- 

messagere, sb., messenger, 10/32. 
mesylry, sb., leprosy, 186/23 > me ~ 
selry, 257/8. 

mete, sb., food, meat, 10/3 > mette, 

mete, v., to meet, inf., 207/3O ; pt. 

3 sg. mete, 281/22 ; mette, 

300/i6; pi. meten, 112/15; met- 

tyn, 250/35. 
mete-jorde, sb. t measuring -yard, 


metelles, sb. pi., metal, 49/24. 
meten, v., to measure ; pr. 3 sg. me- 

tyj>e, 152/27 ; pp. mette, 10/35. 
metyng, sb., meeting, encounter, 57/5- 
meyne, sb., household, servants, 


misbeleuet, adj., unbelieving, 154/33- 
misse, v., to miss, inf., 233/24 ; pt. 

3 pi. niyssedon, 112/4. 
mo, adv., more, 28/29. 
moche, adj. and adv., much, large, 

great, 2/i8 ; meche, 178/29. 
modyr, sb., mother, 7/12. 
modyrhode, sb., motherhood, 60/7- 
molton, pp., melted, liquified, liquid, 

84/8 ; myltyn, 219/7. 
moment, sb., moment, 152/23. 
Monday, pr. n., Monday, 149/15- 
mone, s6., moan, 251/21 ; moon, 


mone, sb., month, 59/21. 
money, sb., money, 19/31 ; mone, 


monfull, adj., manful, 39/8. 
monhed, sb., manhood, mankind, 

39/15 ; monhode, 54/9; monhede, 

60/5; manned, 88/12. 
monke, sb., monk, 5/15. 
monly, adj. and adv., manly, 88/32. 
mont, sb., mount, 152/12. 
mony, adj., many, 6/31 ; many, 


monycion, si., admonition, 236/4- 
rnony-on, sb., many-one,, many, 

monysschen, v., to admonish, exhort ; 

pr. i sg. rnonyssche, 87/29 ; 3 sy. 

monyschej>e, 86/17. 
mopysche, adj., foolish, stupid, 287/6. 
more wyth, adv., moreover, 176/23. 
morne, sb., morning, 146/2O. 
mornyng, sb., morning, 12/35. > ee 

alto under mowrnyng. 
morow, sb., morrow, morning, 6/13; 

morowon, 298/9. 
morow-tyde, eb. t morning time, 

Morvyle, Syr Hewe, pr. n., Sir Hugh 

Morville, 41/36. 



Mirk's Festial 

most, adv., most, 24/F8. 

moste, v., must ; pr. 3 sg. most, 1/26 ; 

pi. most, lOO/io ; pt. 3 sg. most, 
9/26 ; muste t 173/26 ; pi. mosten, 

mot, v., must ; pr. 3 80., mot, 
2/i i ; mote, 146/29; pZ. moten, 


mote, sb. t mote, atom, 86/31. 
mow, &c. : see may. 
mowntaynyS) sb., mountains, 8/15. 
mowrnyng, adj. and sb., mourning, 

68/31 ; mornyng, 16/23. 
mowj>e, sb., mouth, 6/28; mo)>e, 


Moyses, pr. n., Moses, 101/9. 
Moyses, raby, pr. n., rabbi Moses, 


moystur, sb., moisture, 162/7. 
multytude, sb. t multitude, 76/7- 
murjie : see myrj>e. 
inui-Jmr, sb., murder, 286/35. 
muste, sb., must, new wine, 160/26. 
my, pron., my, 4/2. 
Mychaell, St., pr. n., St. Michael, 

257/1 5 ; Michaell, 257/3 ' 5 Myghel, 

224/io; Myehell, 258/2 1 ; Myghell, 

Mychaell yn J>e mownt, pr. n., 

Michael's mount, 258/27. 
mydday, sb., midday, 16/14. 
myddyl, sb. and adj., middle, 25/23 ; 

myddys, 61/29 ; mydyl, 290/4. 
mydnyght, sb., midnight, 23/19; 

mydnyjt, 22/33 ; mydnythe, 295/24. 
mydwyif, sb., midwife, 107/29. 
mydwyntyr-nyght, sb., midwinter- 
night, 51/3O. 
myght, sb., might, 9/9 ; myth, 

myghtles, adj., powerless, impotent, 


m yg h ty, adj., mighty, 8/17. 
myld, adj., mild, soft, 106/i6. 
myldewys, sb. pi., mildew, 138/4- 
myle, *b., mile, 173/34. 
Myletus, pr. n., Miletus, 146/1 6. 
mylke, sb., milk, 302/37. 
mylken, v., to milk ; pt. 3 sg. mylked, 


mylne-ston, sb., mill-stone, 134/14. 
myn, adj. and sb., mine, my, 4/io ; 

myue, 112/33. 

mynde, sb., mind, memory, 21/13. 
myng, v., to remember, mention, inf., 

188/i 9 . 
mynisteres, si. pi., minister, 297/29. 

mynnyng, sb., remembrance, com- 
memoration, 169/28. 
mynstrell, sb., minstrel, 19/i6. 
mynstrelsy, sb., minstrelsy, 102/9 ; 

mynstrelcy, 195/29. 
myracull, sb., miracle, 29/36 ; myr- 

ackle, 180/i6 ; myracle, 179/7 ; 

miracule, 180/7. 
myre, sb., mire, 44/i. 
Myrre, pr. n,, Myra, a town, 12/u. 
myrre, sb., myrrh, 48/2O. 
niyrroure, sb., mirror, 294/2. 
myrj>e, *b., mirth, amusement, 8/15 ; 

murj>e, 14/2O. 
mys, sb., wrong, 10/7. 
mys, adv., badly, wrongly, 47/3O. 
mysbeleue, sb., misbelief, 45/19. 
myschaunce, sb., mischance, 41/i6. 
myschef, *b., mischief, misfortune, 

70/7; mischef, 284/15. 
myschet, sb., misfortune, 12/29. 
mysdede, si., misdeed, 239/22. 
mysdoers, sb. pi., malefactor, 117/13- 
mysdon, pp., misdone, 130/3O. 
mysdoyng, sb., misdoing, 133/32. 
myshappe, sb., mishap, 29/19. 
myskepyng, sb., miskeeping, 88/37, 
myslykyng, sb., dislike. 68/28. 
myspenden, v., to misspend ; pr. subj. 

3 sg. myspend, 87/6. 
myssen, v., to miss ; pt. 3 sg. myst, 


myst, sb., mist, 259/17. 
mystaken, v., to trespass ; pt. 3 sy. 

mystoke him, trespassed, 2'J4/9. 
myth : see myght. 

nacyon, sb., nation, 248/3O. 

Nadabere, pr. n., Naddaber, 255/rQ. 

Najareth, pr. n , Nazareth, 54/4, 

naght : see noght. 

nakedschip, *<b., nakedness, 70/7. 

naket, adj., naked, 4/5. 

nalle, sb., awl, 136/2O. 

name, sb., name, 11/34 ; nome, 

name, v., to name ; pp. nomet, 

namely, adv., namely, especially, 

72/3 ; nomely, 23/32. 
nasejmrles, sb. pl. t nostril, 141/6. 
Nathan, pr. n., Nathan, 215/19. 
natyuyte, sb., nativity, 17/3O. 
nauell, sb., navel, 97/3. 
nay, interj., nay, 10/4. 

Glossarial Index 


naylen, v., to nail ; pt. pi. nayled, 

122/31 ; pp. nay let, 45/ 35 . 
nayles,, nail, 18/17. 
ne : see no. 

necessary, adj., necessary, 228/21. 
necke, sb., neck, 42/34; nekke, 

179/45 neke, 211/37. 
neclygens, sb., negligence, 174/25 ; 

neglegence, 266/7 5 ueclygence, 


neclygent, adj., negligent, 267/1 1 , 
neddyrs, ah. pi., adder, viper, 155/7. 
nede, $&., need, ll/io. 
nede, adv., needs, 16/35 > nedys, 

neden, v., to need, want ; pr. pi. 

nedyj>e, 149/1 7; pt. 3 sy. nedet, 

nedfull, adj., needful, 4/7 ; nedefull, 


nedy, adj., needy, 12/28. 

negh, adv., nearly, almost, lO/io; 

aye, 23/32 ; nych, 195/1 6 ; neygh, 


negh-hond, adv., nearly, 232/15. 
nejtbur, sb., neighbour, 145/1 9. 
nempnyd, pp., called, named, 96/27 ; 

ynempnet, 96/28. 
nene, card, num., nine, 69/33. 
ner, put for were not, 73/17. 
ner, con/., unless, 104/32. 
nere, adj., nearer, 153/3O. 
Nero, pr. n., Nero, 189/3O. 
nesch, adj., soft, tender, 161/26. 
nese, v. t sneeze, inf., 137/29 ; pt. 3 %g. 

neset, 137/26. 

ne)>emost, adj., lowest, 246/1 1. 
nettyll, sb., nettle, 253/28. 
nettys, sb. pi., net, 6/20. 
neuer, adv., never, 5/17. 
neurej>elatter, adv., nevertheless, 


neuer J>elegse, conj. and adv., never- 
theless, 58/3 ; neuer}>eleesse, 48/1 a ; 

neuer ]?elese, 77/23. 
newe, adj., new, 8/27. 
New-3erus-day, sb., New-year's-day, 


next, adj. and adv., next, 28/34. 
neyther . . . ne, neither . . . nor, 

Nicol,_pr. n., Nicholas, 6/23 ; Nycol, 

6/32 ; Nicoll, 7/9- 
no, adj. and adv., no, none, 3/1 ; 

noon, 16/8 ; none, 296/13 ; no . . . 

ne, neither . . . nor, 4/22. 
nobull, adj., noble, 85/12. 

noght, sb., nought, nothing, 13/i8; 

uaght, 7/2O. 

nojtyng, sb., inferior person, 201/6. 
nold, put for ne wold, would not, 

12/4; nolde,lll/i. 
nombyrt, pp., counted, reckoned, 


nome, &c. : see name, &c. 
non, sb., no one, nobody, 3/i8. 
non : see not. 
none, {&., noon, 66/3. 
nonne, sb., nun, 19/23. 
nonnery, sb., nunnery, 299/23. 
non-power, sb., want of power, im- 
potence, feebleness, 71/4- 
nonys, in phrase for ]>e nonys (for 

>en onys), for the nonce, 134/34- ^ 
noo : see not. 
noon : see jio. 
Northhampton, pr. n. t Northampton, 

41/i6 ; Northamton, 293/1 8. 
Northhumbyrlond, pr. n., Northum- 
berland, 242/4. 

Norwych, pr. n., Norwich, 91/23. 
norys, sb., nurse, 108/8 ; norse, 

196/20 ; nors, 200/2. 
norysche, v., to nourish, nurse, inf., 

86/24 ; pp. ynorysched, 9/28 ; 

noresched, 103/34 ; noriched, 

184/2 4 . 

nose, sb. t nose, 55/ro ; nase, 60/23. 
not, adv., not, 2/13 ; noo, 7/i ; non, 

129/4 + 11 + 15; notfce > 298/3. 
not, sb., nought, nothing, 2/5. 
not, put for ne wot, know not, 16/5. 
note, sb., note, 61/i8. 
no)>er . . . ne, neither . . . nor, 8/5. 
noj>yng, sb., nothing, 100/25. 
now, adv., now, 4/ii. 
now-dayes, 'adv., nowadays, 86/12; 

now-on-dayes, 112/i8. 
nowmbyr, sb., number, 68/28 ; nom- 

byr, 80/33 ! nombre, 1/5/19. 
Noye, pr. n., Noah, 72/io ; Noe, 


noyse, sb., noise, 3/1 ; noyce, 220/3O. 
ny, adv., nor, 5/26. 
Nychodemus, pr. n., Nicodemus, 

Nycholas, St., pr. n., St. Nicholas, 

11/25 ; Nicholas, 12/32. 
nye, sb., harm, guilt, 35/6. 
nyes, adj., noxious, 35/7- 
nyght, sb., night, 5/i6; nyht, 182/22 ; 

nythe, 292/13. 

nyght-tyme, sb., night-time, 247/4- 
nyghtys, adv., at night, 67/i6. 

22 2 


Mirk's Festial 

nygremancy, si., necromancy, 255/2O ; 

nygramancy, 266/i8. 
nyll, put for ne wyll, will not, 19/IO. 
nys, put for ne ys, is not, 9/29. 

obediens, sb., obedience, 229/i6 ; 

obedience, 263/1 8. 
obedyent, adj., obedient, 254/3O. 
occupacyon, sb., occupation, 6/10. 
occupy, v., to occupy, inf., 196/1. 
Octauian, pr. ., Octavian, 22/17. 
Ode, St., pr. n. t St. Odo, 170/3O, 


odure, sb., odour, 280/13. 
of, prp., of, among, 28/13. 
offence, $b., offence, 68/26. 
offerne, i\, to offer, sacrifice, inf., 8/22 ; 

offyr, 15/26 ; offeren, 22/22 ; oflre, 

57/21 ; pr. 3 sg. offeree, 241/32 ; 

pi. offeren, 50/17; offren, 59/36 ; 

imp. sg. offbr, 77/3O ; p. offreth, 

48/21 ; offeryth, 101/i8 ; pt. 3 sg. 

offred, 57/22 ; offird, 212/3 J oflert, 

251/31 ; offeret, 262/2 1 ; pi. offeryd, 

49/19; PP- oftryd, 61/20; offurt, 

261/j 9 . 

offertory, sb., offertory, 129/1 1. 
officer, sb., officer, 56/8. 
offryng, sb., offering, 15/29; ofryng, 


offyce, sb., office, 64/13. 
oft, adv., often, 4/29; offt, 271/H ; 

ofton, 296/12. 
oft-tyme, adv., oft-times, 48/13 ; ofte- 

tyme, 138/2 ; oft-tyyme, 270/12 ; 

oft-tymes, 270/13. 
oght, sb., ought, any thing, 88/20. 
old, adj., old, 6/30; comp. eldyr, 

' earlier,' 86/31 ; aldyr, 214/13. 
oldely, adj., oldish, 148/23. 
old-fadyrs, sb. pi., ancestor, 279/19. 
Olybryus,2>r. n., Olybrius, 200/1 6. 
olyfaundys, sb. pi., elephant, 183/8. 
*>lyue,sb., olive, 78/1 ; olyfe, 116/28. 
Olyuete, pr. n., Mount Olivet, 117/8. 
olyue-tre, sb., olive-tree, 73/5. 
omyesyons, sb. pi., omission, 267/r. 
on , prp. , on , 3/ 1 . See also under owne. 
on, card. num., one, 167/io; an, 

6/6; oon, 6/23; won, 5/26; to 

make at wone, ' to reconcile/ 20/33. 

See also under owne. 
ones, adv., once, 12/4 5 ons > 197/25. 
oneatly : see honest, 
on-sondyr, adv., asunder, 200/34- 
onswar : see vnswar. 

Onys, pr, n., Onyx, 107/1 1. 

oon : see one. 

open, v., to open, inf., 20/28 ; apon, 
31/14 ; pr. 3 sg. openeth, 20/29 5 
pt. 3 sg. openyd, 81/17; oponed, 
167/4 5 opynde, 201/29 ;j?p. openet, 

open, adj., open, 10/11. 

opon: see vpon. 

oppressen, v., to oppress; pr. 3 sg. 

oppressyth, 101/14 ; pp. oppressyd, 


oppressyng, sb., oppression, 101/15- 
opyneon, sb., opinion, 31/5- 
or, conj., or, 9/6. 
ordenaunce, sb., ordinance, provision, 

208/i6; ordenans, 250/36; ordy- 

naunce, 290/13. 
ordeyne, v., to ordain, appoint, inf., 

10/3 J /w. 3 *g- ordeyneth, 52/15 ; 

pi. ordeyne, 9/34 ; pt. 3 ></. ordeynet, 

12/30 ; ordeynt, 198/7 > pi- ordey- 

net, 14/15 J ordeynt; 198/23 ; pp. 

ordeynt, 4/i8; ordeynet, 33/22; 

ordenet, 266/8 ; yordeynt, 287/33- 
ordyr, sb., order, 186/3. 
organs, sb. pi., organ, 260/14. 
ornamentys,, ornament, 246/23- 
orybull : see horrybull. 
Orygines, pr. n., Origines, 217/3 T. 
orygnall, adj., original, 46/13. 
oryson, ,s-6., orison, prayer, 27/i8. 
os, conj. and adv., as, 289/3. 
ospryng, sb., offspring, 1/24. 
ost, sb., host, consecrated bread, 

ost, sb., host, army, 102/5 ; pi. hostes, 


ostage, sb., hostage, hostel, 160/2. 
othe, sb., oath, 185/21. 
oj>er, adj., other, l/io ; odur, 292/17- 
our, pron., our, l/i ; owren, 282/2O ; 

cures, 282/30. 
oure, sb., hour, 9/i I. 
out, prp., out, 1/8. 
outscheden, v., to pour out ; pt. 3 *g. 

outsched, 79/29. 
outsette, pp., remote, out of the way, 

outtaken, adj. and adv.,. excepted, 

except, but, 72/32. 
outward, adv., outward, 42/33- 
ove, sb., oven, 155/6; ovyn, 220/24. 
ouemast, adj., highest, uppermost, 

246/i 3 . 
ove-mowthe. sb., opening of an oven, 


Glossarial Index 


ouer, prp.j over, 66/27. 

ouercharche, v., to overcharge, over- 
burden, inf., 100/32. 

ouercome, v., to overcome, inf., 
27/14; pr. 3 sg. ouercomyj)e, 
161/12 ; pt. 3 sg. ouercome, 
27/ai ; pp. ouercomen, 67/2 ; 
ouercom, 201/5. 

ouercomer, sb., conqueror, subduer, 

ouerfallen, v., to fall over ; pt. 3 sg. 
ouerfel, 176/2;. 

ouerlong, adj., overlong, 97/29. 

ouerlye, v., to overlie, inf., 150/21. 

ouerprudly, adv., overproudly, 

ouerryden, v., to ride over ; pt. 3 sg. 

ouerrode, 242/28. 
ouerset, v., to overrun, upset, inf. t 

41/12 ; pp. ouersette, 39/1. 
ouertaken, v., to overtake ; pt. 3 eg. 

ouertoke, 13/5. 
ouerwelde, v., to subdue, govern, 

inf., 196/30. 
owen, v., to own, owe, have ; pr. 3 

sg. ouyth, 62/28 ; owet, 171/23 ; 

owyth, 192/10 ; pi. owen, 130/1 5 ; 

pt. 3 *g. aght, 300/i6 ; pi. owdyn, 

owne, adj., own, 4/io; owen, 

177/21 ; on, 4/27 ; awne, 291/ip. 
owtewyj), adv., outwardly, 196/4; 

otwyth, prp. outside, 296/IO. 
owtrage, adj., outrageous, excessive, 


ox, sb., ox, 22/25 ; pi. exen, 23/6. 
oyle, sb., oil, 9/i6. 
oynement, sb., ointment, 49/25 ; 

vnement, 203/32. 

pace, sb., pace, 16/i6; paas, 169/37- 
pacyently, adv., patiently, 273/3. 
pale, adj., pale, Si/26. 
pales, &c. : see palyce. 
Pallyda, pr. n., Palladia, 29/25. 
palme, sb., palm, palm-tree, 78/1. 
Palme-Sonday, pr. n., Palm-Sunday, 

palyce, sb., palace, 19/3; P ales > 

19/26; palyse, 19/3O; paleyse, 


patnent, sb., pavement, 42/3O. 
pannys, sb. pi., pan, 219/6. 
Panther, pr. n., Panther, 215/2O. 
Pantyon, pr. n., Pantheon, 266/14. 
panyme, sb. } pagan, heathen, 186/14; 

pi. paynones, 241/5; peynones, 

241/5; paynens ; 241/19; pay- 

nems, 259/1 8 ; paynene, 45/ia. 
pappe, sb., pap, 1 10/19. 
paradyse, sb., paradise, 66/12 ; para- 

dyce, 83/8 ; paradise, 289/1 7. 
parcel, sb., part, 291/1. 
parchement, sb., parchment, 126/i8. 
pardon, sb., pardon, 74/22 ; perdon, 

paren, v., to pare ; pt. 3 sg. pared, 

pareschons, sb. pi., parishioner, 

241/17; parechone, 241/34. 
pareyle, sb., peril, danger, 47/13; 

parell, 127/34- 
parke, sb., park, 105/IO. 
parlament, sb., parliament, 41/15- 
partaynen, v., to pertain; pr. 3 sg. 

partaynyth, 228/26. 
parte, &., part, 18/13. 
parten, v., to depart, divide ; pr. 3 sg. 

parte|>e, 23/22 ; imp. pi. party )>e, 

254/19; pt. 3 sg. party t, 251/12. 
partye, sb., part, 6/14. 
party ng, sb., imparting, departure, 

paryche, sb., parish, 173/33 ; pa- 

rysch, 281/1 8. 
parysche prest, sb., parish priest, 


Paryse, pr. n., Paris, 273/1. 
paschall, sb., paschal, 127/15- 
Pasche, pr. n., Pascha, 129/22. 
Pase-day, pr. n., Easter, 129/24. 
passage, sb., passage, 127/22. 
passe, v., to pass, surpass, inf., 

103/25 ; pr. 3 sg. passype, 131/1 ; 

pi. passe, 284/25 ; pt. 3 sg. passed, 

30/ia;jpZ. passyd, 49/4; P r - P- 

pasyng, 187/8; passyng, 195/6; 

pp. passed, 19/4; P ased 88 /35- 
passyng, adj., passing, 195/6 ; adv. 

passyng, 'very, exceedingly/ 85/25. 
passyngar, sb., passenger, 247/26. 
passyngly, adv., cursorily, hastily, 


passyon, sb., passion, 8/34. 
past, prp., past, beyond, 77/14; 

passed, 82/17. 

Pathmos, pr. n., Patmos, 32/26. 
Patras, pr. n., Patras, 8/20. 
patron, sb., patron, 179/29. 
patryarcha, sb., patriarch, 43/17; 

patryark, 76/34. 
Paule, St., pr. n., St. Paul, 28/13; 

Powle, 127/4J Pole, 52/26. 


Mirk's Festial 

pay, v., to pay, satisfy, inf., 234/6 ; 
pay en, 300/13 ; pt. 3 gg. payed, 
300/iS; pp. payed, 300/14- 
payne, b , pain, 4/14 ; peyne, 


payne, v., to have pain, give pain ; 
pr. 2 sff. paynyst, 236/1 ; 3 /. 
paynes, 47/7; PP P a y necl > W/*4 
jpaynyd, 180/17. 
pay nones : see panyme. 
paynt, v., to paint, inf., 264/24; 
peynte, 302/7 ; pp. paynted, 

payntours, sb. pi., painting, 171/26. 
payntur, tb., painter, 264/24, 
paynyng, sb., paining, 131/19. 
payre, sb., pair, 57/22. 
paysen, v., to weigh; pt. 3 sg. pay- 

syd, 122/32. 
pece, sb., peace, 242/34; P ees > 18/21 5 

pes, 21/l6. 

pece-malle, adv., piece-meal, 211/1 8. 
peche : see pyche. 
Pelagius, pr. n., Pelagius, 137/27- 
penaunce, sb., penance, suffering, 
5/19; penans, 2/19; penons, 

peny, sb., penny, 22/22. 
peny-reue, sb., overseer, collector of 

rents, 16/33. 
pepynce, sb., pip, 128/3. 
perelles : see pareyle. 
perfeccion, sb., perfection, 210/6. 
Pergame, pr. n., Perganios, 33/i. 
pepull, sb., people, 6/22; pepul, 

173/13; peple, 173/13- 
pere, sb., equal, 232/33. 
performe, v., to perform, inf., 
157/14; pr. p. performyng, 
perfyt, a<lj., perfect, 88/24 ; parfyt, 

107/3i; perfette, 253/17- 
perpetuall, adv., perpetually, 72/2. 
perre, sb., precious stones, 250/28. 
persauaracyon, eb., perseverance, 


Perse, pr. n., Persia, 250/9, 265/8. 
persecucyon, sb., persecution, 97/23- 
persen, v., to pierce ; pt. persued, 

75/3o; persed, 121/37. 
person, sb., person, 113/1 1. 
peruertyd, pp., perverted, 208/24. 
Perys, pr. n., Piers the Usurer, 


pestylens, sb., pestilence, 188/9. 
peays, sb. pi., piece, 81/14 J P ecifii 
190/18; peson, 292/18. 

Petrus chyrche, St., pr. n., St. Peter's 

church, 267/31. 

Petyr, St., pr. n., St. Peter, 37/29. 
Petyr, pr. n., Peter, deacon of the 

pope Gregory, 162/29. 
Pharao, pr. n., Pharao, 101/13; 

Pharo, 98/11. 
Pharyses, pr. n., the Pharisees, 

Phelip, pr. n., Philip, King Herod's 

brother, 185/8. 
Phelyp, St., pr. n., St. Philip, 139/io; 

Phylyp, 138/33. 
Philip, pr. n., Philip, Roman em- 
peror, 217/32. 
Philip, pr. n., Philip, the emperor's 

son, 217/32. 
phylosophur, sb., philosopher, 152/24- 
pig, sb., pig, 188/14. 
pilere, sb., pillar, 43/1. 
pittusly, adv., piteously, 97/6. 
place, sb., place, 5/23; plage, 145/1 1. 
planke-bordes, sb. pi., board, plaiik, 


play, v., to play, inf., 25/9 ; pr. pi. 
playen, 231/13 ; pt. 3 sg. pleyude, 
107/26; playde, 184/8; pi. 
playde, 29/13; pr. p. playyng, 
227/17; Paying, 300/5. 
playes, *b. pi., play, 68/22. 
playne, adj., flat, even, clear, full, 


playnen, v., to complain; pr. 3 pi. 
playnyth, 86/29 ; playne, 231/13 ; 
pr. p. pleynyng, 296/13. 
pleder, sb., pleader, 4/22. 
plente, sb., plenty, 88/27 ; plentej>e, 

plentwys, adj., plenteous, abundant, 

101/19- ' 

pies, v., to please, inf., 195/1 8 ; pr. 
8 sg. plesyth, 51/i6 ; plees, 
175/21; pi. plesyn, 219/12; pt. 
3 sg. plesed, 25/i6 ; pp. plesyt, 
plesant, adj., pleasant, 216/7; adv. 

plesantly, 211/6. 
plesyng, adj., pleasing, 11/17. 
plogh, sb., plough, 23/6. 
plogh-men, sb. pi., plough-man, 23/6. 
plucke, v., to pluck, inf., 66/15; pp. 

plucky t, 112/9- 
plumben vp, v., to be thrown up ; pt. 

3 sg. plumbet vp, 143/24- 
plyght, v., to plight, engage, pledge, 
V, 88/16; pt. 3 pi. 

pp. plyst, 212/33. 

Glostaricd Index 


plyte, sb., danger, plight, 162/15. 
Pole, pr. n., Paul, 20/25. 
Pollyinyvs, pr. n., Polemius, 288/27. 
porape, sb., pomp, 24/26. 
ponesche, v., to punish, inf., 259/8 ; 

pp. yponysched, 79/33- 
Ponse, pr. n., Pontus, 121/2. 
Ponteney, pr. n. , Pontigny, 40/35- 
pope, sb., pope, 11/19. 
popynjayes, sb. pi., popinjay, 256/7. 
porche, sb., porch, 104/9. 
pore, adj., poor, 4/34; pouer, 

Porphirius, pr. n., Porphirius, 


porsuet : see pursew. 
port, g6., gate, 146/33- 
post, sb., post, 56/12. 
Postcomyn, pr. n., first word of an 

antiphon, 129/15- 

pottagur, sb., pottage-maker, 271/15- 
potte, sb., pot, 109/5 5 Pte, 221/4. 
pouerty, sb., poverty, 12/30. 
Poules chyrch, St., pr. ., St. Paul's 

cathedral, 88/19. 
pounet : see punnen. 
powdyr, sb., powder, 3/i6. 
power, sb., power, 78/30. 
powren, v., to pour, powred, 99/1 1 ; 

pp. powred, 126/25. 
powste, sb., power, force, 27/2O. 
poynt, sb., point, 42/2O. 
poynych, v., to punish, inf., 118/33. 
poysen, sb., poison, 31/27- 
poysonnen, v., to poison ; pr. 3 sg. 

poysynnyth, 192/5 ; pp. poysont, 


poysynnyng, sb., poisoning, 293/13- 
pray, v., to pray, inf., 6/34; prayen, 

296/21 ; pr. i sg. pray, 9/34; 2 sg. 

prayes, 7/45 3 *9- praythe, 28/27; 

pi. pray, 20/35 5 pray<> n 296/i8 ; 

praythe, 267/19 ; imp. sg. pray, 

7/i6 ; pi. pray, 14/3 ; prayth, 

181/3 5 pt- i *g> prayde, 260/1 1 ; 

3 sg. prayde, 6/34 ; pi. prayden, 

19/20; prayet, 268/23; pr. p. 

prayng, 7/2 ; prayyng, 142/21 ; 

pp. prayet, 144/31. 
prayer, sb., prayer, 7/9; prey ere, 

prayse, v., to praise, inf., 4/i ; 

preyse, 301/IO ; pt. pi. praysyd, 

12/9; pp. yprayset, 

praysyd, 194/33. 
praysyng, sb., praising, 11/24. 
prayyng, sb., praying, 231/9. 

preclie, v., to preach, inf., 6/15 ; pr. 

2 sg. preches, 205/7; 3 S 9' prechet, 

113/5 J ?* 3 sg. prechet, 6/9 ; 

preche, 11/13 ; prechedde, 19/22 ; 

pi. prechet, 160/i6 ; pp. prechyt, 


prechour, sb., preacher, 55/17. 
prechyng, sb., preaching, 6/16. 
precyous, adj., precious, 33/12. 
predycacyon, sb., preaching, 288/5; 

predicacyon, 287/32. 
preface, sb., preface, introduction, 

prerogatynes, sb. pi., prerogative, 

presence, sb., presence, 157/28 ; pre- 

sens, 246/32. 
presend, v., to present, inf., 


present, adj., present, 156/15. 
presumen, v., to presume ; pr. 1 sg. 

presume, 91/i6. 
presynner, sb., prisoner, 231/28. 
preue, v., to prove, inf., 21/19 ; 

preven, 186/7 J P r ' 3 s ff- prevyth, 

93/7 5 pt- 3 sg. preued, 27/21 ; pr. 

?. preuyng, 8/25; pp. preuet, 
49/ 9 . 
preuy, adj., privy, secret, 145/1 1 ; 

priuey, 252/ic. 
preuyng, sb., proving, 18/II. 
prime, sb., prime (six o'clock in the 

morning), 66/2. 
priuylage, sb., privilege, 299/7- 
probacyons, sb. pi., probation, 

Probatica Pyscyna, pr. n., Bethesda, 

proceese, sb., process, event, progress, 

68/36 ; proces, 182/23. 
processyon, sb., procession, 34/25. 
proferen, v., to proffer; pr. 3 sg. 

proferyth, 112/26 ; pt. 3 sg. pro- 

feret, 188/27. 
profesyes, sb. pi., prophecy, 27/25 ; 

prophecyus, 76/i8. 
profutyn, v., to profit, help; pr. 3 

sg. profutyjje, 29/6; prophetyth, 


profytabull, adj., profitable, 50/5; 

profytabyl, 191/34. 
profytte, sb., profit, 213/1 1 ; profet, 

prononce, v., to announce, inf., 

prophet, sb., prophet, 87/25 ; profyt, 

5/6; prophyt, 111/12. 


Mirk's Festial 

prophysyen, v., to prophesy ; pt. 3 *g. 

prophysyet, 48/io ; profyseyt, 

214/26 ; pp. proficiet, 160/32. 
propurtes, sb. pL, quality, 18/io; 

propyrtyes, 228/28. 
prosperyte, sb., prosperity, 88/33, 
prouyaces, sb. pi., province, 22/15. 
prowde, adj., proud, 52/29. 
pryde, sb., pride, 68/25. 
pryke, v., to prick, spur, inf., 


prymet, sb., chancelor, 198/32. 
prynce, sb., prince, 21/23. 
piyncepal, adj., principal, 294/6 ; 

principale, 126/26. 
pryour, sb., prior, 179/32 ; prior, 

pryson, sb. t prison, 4/7 ; preson, 

pryson-dyrre, sb., door of the prison, 

pryst, sb., priest, 59/1 ; prest, 61/14. 

pryuety, sb., privacy, 12/21. 

psalme, sb. t psalme, 76/4. 

pull, v., to pull, inf., 40/5 ; imp. sg. 
pull, 243/29 ; pt. pullyd, 221/5 5 
pp. pult, 151/n. 

punne, v., to pound, inf., 237/31 5 
pp. pounet, 140/21. 

pur, anj. t pure, simple, 18/3. 

purches, ^., to purchase, inf., 288/27. 

purgacion, sb., purification, 57/12. 

purpos, sb., purpose, 9/25. 

purposen, v., to purpose ; pt. 3 sg. 
purpose^ 16/1 ; pp. purposut, 

purpure, sb., purple, 273/1 8. 

pursew, v., to pursue, inf., 165/4 ; 
pr. 2 sg. pursues, 54/1 ; 3 sg. pur- 
sewyth, 28/27 ; pi. pursew, 48/8 ; 
pursuen, 111/17 ; pt. 3 sg. pur- 
sewed, 24/20 ; pursued, 53/5 ', pl> 
pursuet, 164/24 5 P r > P- pwsuyng, 
53/1 2 ; pp. porsuet, 231/34. 

pursewt, sb., pursuit, 262/25. 

purtray, v., to portray, inf., " 802/28 ; 
pt. 3 sg. purtrayed, 302/29 J PP- 
purtrayed, 303/2. 

pnruay , v., to provide, inf., 98/2 1 . 

puryfiyng, sb., purifying, 57/5. 

puryfycacyon, sb., purification, 57/6. 

put, v., to put, inf., 2/8 ; putt, 9/24 ; 
pyt, 102/26 ; puttou ; 295/33 ; pr. 
i sg. put, 39/32; 3 sg. puttyth, 
20/22; pyttyjjo, 254/s; imp. sg. 
put, 18/22 ; pi. put, 65/1 5 ; puttyj^e, 
115/31 ; pt. 2 sg. pyttyst, 225/iOj 

3 sg. put, 5/i 8; pytte, 49/8; 

putte, 201/6; pi. put, 80/25; 

putten, 136/35; pr. p. puttyng, 

224/34; pottyng, 294/1 1 ; pp. 

put, 18/17; putte, 80/4. 
put : see pyt. 

Putyfare, pr. n., Potiphar, 98/2. 
pyche, sb., pitch, 71/22 ; peche, 

85/2 5 . 

pycher, sb., pitcher, 146/3- 
pyght, pp., fixed (in the earth), 

Pylat, pr. n., Pilate, 120/IO, 194/24; 

Pylatus, 141/3. 
pylches, sb. pi., pilch, fur garment, 

pyler, sb., pillar, 101/25 ; pelere, 


pylgrym, sb., pilgrim, 10/n. 
pylgiyrnage, sb., pilgrimage, 148/1 8. 
pyllen, v., to peel, rob; pt. 3 sg. 

pyllet, 242/2p. 

pynacull, sb., pinnacle, 88/20. 
pynchyt, pp., pinched, 113/19. 
pystyll, sb., epistle, 65/26. 
pyt, sb., pit, l/i i ; put, 34/21. 
pyte, sb., pity, 157/24. 

Quadragesin, pr. n., Quadragesima, 

quake, v., to quake, tremble, inf., 

3/13 J Pt- 3 sg. qwakyt, 202/1 ; 

quaked, 144/32 ; pi. qwoken, 

29/22 ; pr. p. qwakyng, 51/3. 
quantite, sb., quantity, 191/15- 
quench, v., to quench, inf., 75/2 ; 

pr. 2 sg. qwenchyst, 235/33 ; 3 sg. 

quenchyth, 85/5 > P^ quenched, 

75/37; pp. qwenchet, 60/12; 

quaynt, 60/22. 
quere, sb., inquiry, 290/i6. 
quere, sb., choir, 151/31. 
questyon, sb., question, 10/15. 
Quinquagesin, pr. n., Quinquage- 

sima, 74/9. 

quod (pt. to cweoen), quoth, 10/5. 
quycke, adj., living, quick, 77/1 1 ; 

qweke, 170/IO. 
quyte, adj., quit, 89/29. See also 

under whyt. 

qwalme, sb., death, slaughter, tor- 
ture, 137/24. 
qwene, sb., queen, 16/29 ; whene, 

210/23 ; q whene, 211/9. 
qwerayl, sb., quarrel, fight, 243/7- 
qwhen : see when, 
qwhy : see why. 

Glossaricd Index 


qwyken, v , to quicken, receive life, 
inf., 172/5 ; pr. pi. qwykenej>e, 
261/z6; pt. 3 sg. quikkonod, 
293/31. ' 

qwyt, v., to requite, acquit (oneself), 
inf., 5/4 ; pr. pi. qwyt, 199/2O. 

Eachel, pr. n., Rachel, 94/io. 
radly, adv., quickly, 202/1 8. 
r ggyd, PP-> ragged, shaggy, 118/19. 
raght, adj., desirous, tempted, 88/15. 
Raguel, pr. n., Raguel, 214/i ; 

Eaguell, 214/8. 
raken, v., to rake ; pr. p. rakyng, 

195/12 ; pp. rakyd, 195/14. 
Ramsey, pr. n., Ramsey, 17/19. 
ranklen, v., to rankle ; pt. 3 sg. 

rankut, 181/IO. 
rapen, v., to carry off, transport ; pp. 

rapyt, 290/2 4 . 

rase, v., to tear, inf., 276/34. 
rathar, adv., rather, 295/29. 
raven, sb., raven, 78/1. 
raw, adj., raw, 173/23. 
rawtyng, sb., noisy revelry, 63/21. 
raynen, v., to rain ; pt. 3 sg. rayned, 

72/2 9 . 
rayse, v., to raise, inf., 189/ao; 

reysen, 8/1 ; reyse, 256/24 ; rase, 

178/32 ; pr. 2 sg. reysys, 264/8 ; 

3 sg. raysyth, 141/17 ; imp. pi. 

raysyth, 255/32 ; reysyth, 282/29 ; 

pt. raised, 189/21; pp. raysed, 

115/9; reysed, 115/11 J raset, 

276/2 5 . 

Rebecca, pr. n., Rebecca, 93/21. 
rebell, adj., rebellious, 217/33. 
rebonden, v., to rebound ; pt. 3 sg. 

rebondet, 257/35. 
rebuke, sb., rebuke, reproach, 4/2 1. 
rebuken, v., to rebuke, blame, inf., 

4/1 2 ; pr. 3 sg. rebukej>e, 127/1 2 ; 

pt. rebuked, 275/15; pr. p. re- 

bukyng, 276/32. 
recchen, v., to expound, inf., rucche, 

98/i 3 . 
receyue, v., to receive, inf., 88/29 ; 

pr. 3 sg. receuet, 173/5 ; resey- 

ueth, 294/1 6 ; pi. receyue, 46/7; 

pt. 3 sg. receyued, 41/2O. 
receyuyng, sb., receiving, 138/6. 
recheles, adj., reckless, 114/19. 
rechen, v., to reach, give, inf., 84/35 J 

rechyn, 237/23 ; pt. reched, 227/5 ; 

raght, 94/ 4 . 
rechen, v., to reck, care; pr. 3 *g. 

recchyth, 113/8. 

recouered : see rekeuyr. 

Red See, pr. n., Red Sea, 101/24. 

rede, v., to read, inf., 123/5; P r - 

i sg., rede, 277/15 ; pr. 3 sg. 

redythe, 21/12 ; pi. reden, 11/29 ; 

rede, 103/27 ; imp. eg. rede, 

230/3 5 Pt. 3 ff* redde, 234/1 5 

pp. red, 86/7 5 rad > 301/26. 
redemacion, sb., redemption, 108/31. 
reducen, v., to reduce, convey back ; 

pt. reducet, 254/13. 
redy, adj., ready, 2/u. 
redyng, sb., reading, 231/9- 
reet : see reten. 
refresch, v.. to refresh, inf., 101/25 ; 

pt. refreschet, 271/i6. ^ 
refreschyng, sb., refreshing, refresh- 
ment, 80/9 ; refressyng, 297/1. 
refusen, v., to refuse; pt. refuset, 

rehersen, v., to rehearse ; pr. 3 sg. 

rehersyth, 66/1 1 ; pr. p. reher- 

syug, 226/22 ; pp. rehersed, 20/32. 
reioysen, v., to rejoice; pr. pi. re- 

ioysen, 53/17. 
rekeuyr, v., to recover, inf., 203/1 2 ; 

pt. recouered, 203/8. 
relef, sb., relief, remains of a meal, 


reles, sb., release, 168/2O. 
relesch, v., to release, inf., 269/8;' 

pr. 3 sg. relesches, 269/19; rele- 

schuth, 269/20. 
releue, v., to relieve, inf., 13/17; 

pp. releued, 137/i8. 
religyon, sb., religion, 157/1 1. 
relygyous, adj., religious, 5/21. 
relyk, sb., relic, 46/31 ; relycke, 

61/3 4 . 
reme, sb., realm, estate, 14/4 > reem, 

reme, v., to cry out, inf., 65/23 ; pr. 

p. remyng, 217/12. 
remedy, sb., remedy, 2/i6. 
remenant, sb., remnant, 145/2. 
remewe, v., to remove, inf., 76/2o; 

pt. remuet, 244/1 7 ; * remevvet, 

244/20; pp. remuet, 151/31. 
remission, sb., remission, 74/11. 
Remus, St., pr. n., St. Remy, 158/IO. 
ren, v., to run, inf., 40/7 > P r - 3 *# 

renny]>e, 66/29 ; imp. pi. rennyth, 

65/27; pt. 3 *g. ran, 8/28; pi. 

rennon ; 276/29 ; pr. p. rennyng, 


renden, v., to rend, tear ; pt. 3 sg. 
rent, 189/26. 


Mirk's Festial 

reneyed man, renegade, 244/23- 

rennyng, sb., running, 65/28. 

renon, sb., renown, 133/1 6. 

rent, *&., rent, 16/34. 

rented, adj., endowed, provided with 

rents, 65/33- 

reparayle, v., to repair, inf., 39/Q. 
reparelyng, sb., repairing, 39/6. 
repentance, sb., repentance, 75/15 ; 

repentaunce, 203/29- 
repente, v., to repent ; pt. 3 sy. 

repentyt, 176/12 ; pi. repentedeii, 

33/25 ; pr. p. repentant, 298/19. 
repentyng, sb., repenting, repent- 
ance, 170/22. 
repreue, sb. } reproof, 111/6 ; repref, 

repreuen, v., to reprove ; pt. 3 sg. 

repreuet, 8/22. 
requiem, sb., requiem, 271/3. 
rere, r., to move, rise, raise, inf., 

33/i6; pr. 3 eg. reryth, 80/14; 

pi. rery)>e, 150/17; reron, 259/3 ; 

pt. 3 eg. reryd, 88/17. 
rere soper, a late supper, 286/17. 
reseruot, sb., reservation, 290/5. 
resnably, adv., reasonably, 64/1 1 ; 

resenably, 107/IO. 
reson, sb., reason, 86/24. 
rest, pp., arrested, 65/2. 
reste, sb., rest, 2/i. 
resten, v., to rest ; pr. 3 sg. restyth, 

198/31 ; pi. resty>e, 280/17. 
restore, v., to restore, replace, inf., 

98/14; pt. 3 sg. restoret, 256/19 ; 

pp. restowred, 129/7. 
restyng, sb., resting, rest, 280/8. 
resurreccyon, sb., resurrection, 152/33 ; 

resurrecyon, 74/17. 
reten, v., to ascribe to, impute; 

imp. sg. reet, 28/2O ; Jwit retten 

not to God, 'who did not 

ascribe (their success) to God/ 

reuelacyon, sb., revelation, 27/i7; 

reuelachyon, 34/8. 
reuelen, v., to revel; pr. pi. reuely]>e, 


reuell, sb., revel, 65/8. 
reuelyng, sb., revelling, 68/22. 
reuen, v., to rob; pr. 3 gg. reuej), 

150/35 5 pt- 3 eg- raft, 141/28. 
reuerens, sb., reuerence, 22/IO. 
reueschet, pp. t clothed, 61/14. 
rew, sb., row, line, 61/19. 
reward, sb., reward, regard, 60/1. 
reward, v., to reward, inf., 44/33 5 

pr. 3 s t g. rewardyth, 67/37; /*/> 

rewardud, 79/32. 
rewen, v., to rue, pity^ repent ; pt. pi. 

reweden, 29/23. 
rewle, sb., rule, 161/8. 
rewlen, v., to rule ; pp. rewlet, 45/9- 
rewj>e, sb., ruth, repentance, grief, 


rew>efull, adj., ruthful, 47/19. 
reynen, v., to reign ; pr. 3 sg. rayny th, 

192/13; reynype, 235/17; pi. 

reyneth, 161/)8; pt. raynet, 

161/14 ; pr. p. regnyng, 72/9. 
reysen : see 
roch : see rogh. 
roche, sb., rock, 148/4- 
rode, sb., rood, cross, 145/io; pi. 

roodes, 171/i6. 

rode-tree, sb., rood, cross, 88/5. 
rody, adj., ruddy, 154/n. 
rogh, adj., rough, 273/6; roch, 


rokes, sb. pi., rock, 302/io. 
roll, sb., roll, 280/1. 
Romanus, pr. n., Romanus, a knight, 

Romaynes, pr. n., the Romans, 


Romayns, adj., Latin, 166/35. 
Rome,pr. n., Rome, 17/37. 
ronsak, v., to ransack, inf., 99/27. 
rope, sb., rope, 79/23. 
rore, sb., uproar, 119/25. 
roiyng, adj., roaring, 3/1 ; rorryng, 


rose, sb., rose, 17/3- 
rost, sb., roast meat, 122/22. 
rost, v., to roast, inf., 220/1 ; pr. 3 /. 

rostyth, 220/4 ; imp. pi. rost, 

5/3 2 5 P* 3 *9> rostud, 122/2O. 
rote, sb., root, 3 5/2 3. 
roijd,pp., rooted, 192/27. 
rotte, v., to rot, become putrid, inf. , 

225/31; pt. 3 sg. rotud, 44/15 ; 

pr. p. rotyng, 49/23; pp. roted, 


rotyng, sb., rotting, 49/25. 
roust, sb., rust, 93/2. 
rowe, v., to pierce, inf., 65/17 ; 

pt. 3 sg. rowude, 194/19. 
rowe, v., to row, inf., 80/22; pt. pL 

rowuyn, 210/14; pr. p. rowvyng, 

206/21 ; pp. rowde, 205/2O. 
rowme, sb., room, space, 198/25. 
rownde, adj., round, 167/21. 
rowne, v., to -whisper, talk, inf.-, 


Glossarial Index 


rownyng, sb., talking, whispering, 

row ten, ?;., to make a noise; pr. 2 sg. 

rowtes, 113/13. 
rubben, v., to rub ; pt. 3 sg., rubby*!, 

89/ 9 . 

rucche : see recche. 
rusches, sb. pi., rash, 129/3O. 
ruyne, sb., ruin, 129/7. 
ryaly, adv., royally, 85/31. 
ryb, sb., rib, 290/26. 
ry bawdy, sb., ribaldry, 68/22; ry- 

bowdy, 156/30. 
rycchen, v., to put in order; pt. 

rycched, 273/12. 
Rychard, St., pr. n., St, Richard, 


ryche, adj., rich, 4/12. 
ryches, sb., riches, 24/i6. 
ryde, i\, to ride, inf., 212/xo ; pr. I 6<j. 

ryde, 292/23 ; pt. 3 sg. rode, 34/2 ; 

wryde, 49/8; pi. rydyn, 39/34; 

pr. p. rydyng, 37/i6. 
rydell, sb. t curtain, 162/3O. 
ryflen, v., to rifle, rob ; pt. 3 sg. 

ryfult, 242/29. 
ryght, sb., right, 4/30. 
ryght, adj. and adv., right, just, 


ryghtfull, adv., justly, 153/1. 
ryghtwys, adj., righteous, 88/24. 
ryghtwysnes, sb., righteousness, 24/2. 
rymov, v., to rhyme, sing, make a 

noise, inf., 65/23. 
ryng, sb., ring, 148/i6. 
ryng, v., to ring, inf., 151/4 ; pr. pi. 

ryngyj>e, 150/2 7 ; pt. 3 sg. rounge, 

302/16 ; pp. rongyn, 117/29. 
ryse, v., to rise, inf., 8/19; ryson, 

294/30; pr. 3 sg. rysu>e, 162/io ; 

imp. sg. ryse, 13/29 ; pt. 3 sy. ros, 

8/2; roos, 33/i8; ryse, 78/8; pi. 

rysen, 27/12; resyn, 256/2; pp. 

rysyn, 18/14 ; resyn, 225/9- 
rysyng, sb., rising, 154/13. 
ryuen, v., to rive; pt. 3 eg. ryuede, 

ryuet, adj., rife, abundant, 1/22. 

s, shilling, shillings, 300/12. 

sacke, sb., sack, 99/22 ; sakke, 

99/33; P l - sekkes, 99/21. 
sacrament, sb., sacrament, 50/36 ; 

sacurment, 270/34. 
sacryfyce, sb., sacrifice, 261/2O; 

sacrefise, 205/3,; saeurfyce, 261/1 8. 

sadde, adj., sad, solid, 63/12. 

sadul, sb., saddle, 292/24- 

saf, adj., safe, 17/15. 

sage, adj. and sb., wise, wise person, 

sajt, adj., reconciled, at peace, 


sake, sb., sake, 19/24. 
sakeren, v., to consecrate; pt. 3 sg. 

sakeret, 12/23. 
Salamon, pr. n., Solomon, 64/6, 


sale, sb., sale, 79/22. 
salmes, sb. pi., psalm, 296/28. 
Salome, pr. n., Salome, third husband 

of Anne, the Holy Virgin's mother, 

Salome, pr. n., Salome, one of the 

Holy Virgin's midwives, 23/8. 
salt, sb., salt, 219/7. 
salt-watyr, sb., salt-water, 120/3- 
saluacyon, sb., salvation, 84/17. 
salue, sb., salve, ointment, 64/2O. 
salutacyon, sb., salutation, 108/27. 
Salysbury, pr. n., Salisbury, 198/25- 
same, sb., 85/1 1 (see 86/28, 29). 
same, adj., same, 8/24. 
Samuel, pr. n., Samuel, 213/26. 
Sancta Sanctorum, pr. n., Sancta 

Sanctorum, a church in Home, 

sandelle, sb., a silk stuff, 172/26. 

sandyr, sannyr : see sone. 

Sare, pr. n., Sarah, Abraham's wife, 

Sare, pr. n., Sarah, daughter of Anne 

and Raguel, 214/2. 
Saresyn, or. n.. Saracen, heathen, 


Sathan, sb., Satan, 88/28.^ 
satysfaccyon, sb., satisfaction, 82/14. 
saue, v., to save, inf., 39/24 ; imp. sg. 

saue, 133/23; pt. 3 sg. sauid, 

293/13; pp. saued, 7/i J ysaued, 

72/35 ; savytte, 242/35- 
saue, adv. and conj., except, save, 

sauer, v., to savour, inf., 244/24; 

pr. 3 sg. sauereth, 50/22 ; pt. 3 sg. 

saverde, 191/7- 
Saule, pr. n., Saul, king of the Jews, 


saute, sb., assault, 228/32. 
sauour, sb., savour, smell, taste for, 

liking, 142/12 ; sauer, 142/2. 
sauyour, sb., saviour, 108/9- 
sawe, sb., saying, proverb, 230/1. 


Mirk's Festial 

sawe, v., to sew, inf., 136/i8; pt. 

sewet, 186/19. 
Sawle, pr. n., Saul, original name of 

St. Paul, 28/12. 
sawter, sb., psalter, 16/37. 
say, v., to say, inf., 4/2 ; seyne, 

299/20; pr. i sg. say, 65/21 ; 2 sg. 

saydes, 19/19 ; sayst, 31/26 ; says, 

55/34 ; seyste, 299/3 4 ; 3 sg. sayth, 

1/2 1 ; seyth, 21/4; sa J es 79/6; 

says, 111/21 ; pi. sayn, 282/21 ; 

say, 84/i6; imp. sg. say, 81/36; 

pL say, 50/20; sayth, 60/25; 

pt. 3 sg. sayde, 5/23 ; seyd, 

7/23; sayed, 168/29; saydy, 

178/29; pi. sayden, 23/6; pp. 

sayde, 2/23; jsayde, 17/4; Be J d > 

271/2 4 . 
saylen, v. t to sail; pt. 3 sg. eaylet, 


sayng, sb., saying, proverb, 86/19. 
saynte, sb., saint, 179/26. 
sayntes-dayes, sb. pl. } saint's-day, 

267/n ; seyntys-dayes, 267/1. 
scape, v., to escape, 2/3; pr. 3 sg. 

skapyth, 47/8; pt. 3 sg. scope, 


scapyng, sb., escaping, escape, 58/2O. 
scarce, adj., scarce, 9/19. 
scarlad, sb., scarlet, 40/2. 
scaj>e, sb., injury, harm, 209/24 ; 

skath, 209/20. 
Scatulus, pr. n., Scatulus, a priest, 


schadow, sb., shadow, 188/24. 
Schaftesbery, pr. n., Shaftesbury, 


schaftys, sb. pi., shaft, pole, 219/7. 
schall, v., to owe, shall ; pr. 2 sg. 

schalt, 9/9 ; schall, 14/32 ; 3 sg. 

schall, l/io; schull, 2/19; schal, 

2/25; pi. schull, 6/4; chull, 203/6 ; 

schullon, 289/8 ; pt. 2 sg. schuldest, 

173/17 ; 3 eg. schull, 6/26 ; schuld, 

7/i ; schulld, 15/27 ; scald, 57/15 ; 

schul, 169/6; schold, 188/2; pi. 

schuld, 50/13; schullden, 8/25; 

schulden, 25/28 ; schulde, 290/24. 
schambyr, sb., chamber, 196/28. 
echame, sb., shame, 27/24. 
schamfast, adj., modest, 108/15. 
scbamyng, sb., shame, abashing, 


schanona, sb. pi., canon, 197/5- 
schapen, v., to shape, resolve, deter- 
mine; pr. 3 sg. schapi}>, 97/22; 

pt- 3 *(/. schaped, 36/6; schap- 

put, 257/io ; pi. schaput, 274/33 ; 

pp. schapon, 9 7/36; shapyd, 

schappe, sb., shape, * membrum geni- 

tale,' 35/15. 

scharge, sb., charge, 290/19. 
scharpe, adj., sharp, 44/5. 
scharpen, v., to sharpen, inf., 173/8. 
scharpenes, sb., sharpness, 67/12. 
scharyte, *&., charity, 29/5. 
schaue, v., to shave, inf., 125/19 

pr. i pi. schauen, 126/4. 
schauyng, sb., shaving, 125/27. 
schedde, v., to shed, pour, inf., 37/6 ; 

schede, 55/1 ; pr. 3 sg. scheddet, 

170/27 ; pt. 3 sg. sched, 29/2 ; 

schedd, 170/34; pi. schedden, 


schedyng, sb., shedding, 86/29. 
schef, adj., chief, 151/so. 
scheld, sb., shield, 257/27. 
schelden, v., to shield, protect ; imp. 

sg. scheld, 233/28. 
schell, sb., shell, 167/32. 
schene, adj., beautiful, splendid, 

schenschip, sb., ignominy, disgrace, 


schep, adj., cheap, 9/19. 

schepe, sb., sheep, 133/5. 

schepherdus, sb. pi., shepherd, 15/34- 

Scheppe : see Chepe. 

sehere, v., to shear, inf., 126/5 > P r - 
I pi. scheren, 126/4. 

sehere, sb., cheer, countenance, 65/i i. 

Scheropschyre, pr. n., Shropshire, 

Scher pursday, pr. n., Maundy Thurs- 
day, 125/3. & ee a ^ so Chere purs- 

scherys, sb., scissors, 194/25. 

scheryue, sb., sheriff, 88/13. 

schete, sb., sheet, 219/31. 

scheme, sb., sheath, 259/6. 

schipwrak, sb., shipwreck, 70/2. 

scho, pron., she, 9/15, 7/13; she, 
173/15; sche, 173/18; sco, 211/9, 

schodde, sb., parting of the hair, top 
of the head, 258/1. 

schoer, sb., mirror, 187/1 1. 

schoj, sb., shoe, 136/io; pi. schone, 

schogen, v., to be jerked; pt. schoget, 

schop, sb., shop, 14/23. 

schort, adj., short, 91/13- 

Glossarial Index 


schorte, sb., shirt, 261/29. 

schote, v., to shoot, inf., 73/22 ; 

pt. 3 sg. schot, 258/1 8. " 
schow, v., to show, inf., 8/31 ; schew, 

40/33 ; schewon, 291/32 ; pr. I sy. 

schow, 40/13 ; schew, 64/23 ; 3 sg. 

scheweth, 2/17 ; schowe)>e, 278/1 1 ; 

pi. schewen, 284/3; schoth, 194/32 ; 

imp. sg. schew, 00/23; pt. 3 sg. 

schewet, 6/27; schowyd, 221/26; 

pi. schewet, 29/12 ; schewedon, 

70/5 ; schowdon, 207/9 > P r - P- 

schewyng, 21/23 ; schouyng, 61/32; 

pp. schowet, 2/22; schewet, 


schowyng, sb., showing, 47/32. 
Schrewsbury, pr. n., Shrewsbury, 

schryft, sb., confession, 9/26 ; schryf, 

90/17 J scheryft, 279/25. 
schi-yft-fadyr, sb., confessor, 2/15 ; 

scheryft-fadyr, 88/25. 
schryne, v. t to lay into a shrine, inf., 

schryuen, v., to shrive, confess, inf., 

2/12; schryue, 2/14 ; schryf, 

lOO/i i ; pr. 2 sg. schryues, 95/3O ; 

imp. pi. schryuyth, 90/i 2 ; schryue, 

92/25 ; pt. 3 sg. scherof, 62/2O ; 

schrof, 75/15 ; pp. schryuen, 

2/19 ; schrevyn, 20/29 J schereven, 


schuldur, sb., shoulder, 162/35- 
schyld : see chyld. 
schyne, v., to shine, inf., 25/i ; 

pr. 3 sg. schyne>e, 107/12 ; pi. 

schynen, 132/22 ; schyne, 132/27; 

pt. 3 sg. schon, 17/3 5 chane, 

223/J9; pi. schone, 39/21 ; pr. p. 

schynyng, 61/8 ; schonyng, 132/5. 
schynyng, sb., shining, 264/36. 
schype, sb. t ship, 210/14; schipne, 

schyppe-men, sb. pi., sailor, 13/2O ; 

Bchipmen, 205/36 ; chypmen, 

210/25 ; schepmen, 80/15. 
scliyppen, v., to ship, sail ; pt. 3 sg. 

schyppyd, 80/1 ; pr. p. schyppyng, 

schyres, sb. pi., shire, province, 


schyue, sb., scrap, slice, 86/9. 
sciens, sb. pi., knowledge, 157/2O. 
scismatys, sb. pi., schismatic, 123/12. 
Bclaundyr, v., to slander, inf., 7/15. 
sclawndyr, sb., slander, 27/36. 
scole, sb., school, 40/29. 

scole-maystyrs, si. pi., schoolmaster, 

275/2 4 . 

scoler, sb., pupil, 275/29. 
scolle, *b., scull, 42/34. 
scores, sb. pi., score, 255/2. 
scorgyng, sb., scourging, 154/12. 
scorgys, *b. pi., scourge, 8/28 ; 

scowrgis, 200/23 ; skorgis, 219/5. 
scorne, sb., scorn, 147/1 6. 
scorne, v., to scorn, deride, inf., 

219/19; pt. skornyd, 123/9 '> PP- 

scornyd, 78/7. 
scowre, v., to scour, cleanse, inf., 

scrapen, v., to scrape; pt. scraput, 


scripture, sb., scripture, 68/5. 

scryne, sb., slirine, 180/22. 

scrype : see skryp. 

scrypull, sb., scruple, 18/13. 

seche, v., to seek, examine, inf., 19/2 ; 
pr. pi. seche, 237/1 1 ; sechyn, 
225/i6 : pt. 3 sg. sojt, 166/15 ; pi. 
soghtyn, 237/13- 

second, ord. num., second, 2/4 ; 
secunde, 2/24. 

sede, sb., seed, 47/2. 

sede-tyme, sb., seed-time, 253/1 1 ; 
syde-tyme, 253/2O. 

see, sb., sea, 2/29. 

see, sb., see (seat of a bishop), 

seen, v., to see, inf., 6/29; se, 9/n ; 
see, 148/21 ; pr. i sg. se, 6/31 ; 
2 sg. sest, 31/25; 3 sg. sejxj, 
47/21 ; seyth, 62/28 ; sees, 89/23; 
pi. sene, 42/5 ; sethe, 21/12 ; seen, 
25/7; S G > 97/n ; seyne, 289/2, 
234/6; imp. pi. se, 184/35; 
pt. i sg. segh, 17/n ; 3 sg. segh, 
5/22; sygh, 25/22; see, 31/19; 
sagh, 56/1 1 ; sawe, 80/3; secn > 
119/7 ; seygh, 290/6 ; sawgh, 
300/28; sye, 301/28; pi. seghen, 
48/31 ; seon, 20/9 5 seen > 22 /4 5 
sygh, 147/26 ; syghen, 49/5 J saue > 
171/3J sye, 302/17 ; pr. p. seyng, 
68/27; pp. yseyne, 2/33; seyn, 
6/20; sene, 16/2; seen, 18/15; 
yseen, 20/5 ; sayn, 179/1. 

see-sond, >b., sea-sand, 167/3O; see- 
sownde, 206/26. 

seeswyne, sb. pi., dolphin, porpoise, 


see-warth, sb., sea-shore, 7/36. 
see-watyr, si., sea- water, 167/32. 
sege, si)., siege, 135/17. 


Mirk's Festial 

eegen, v., to besiege ; pt. 3 tg. eeget, 


seght : see syght. 
seinien, v., to bless; pt. 3 sg. sang, 

seke, adj., sick, ill, 4/6; secke, 

43/3a; syk, 293/19. 
sekenes, sb., sickness, 1/25. 
seldyn, adv., seldom, 188/1 7. 
sole, *&., seal, 41/17- 
selfe, adj., self, 4/n. 
sell, v. t to sell, inf., 22/26; imp. 

sg. sell, 40/8; pt. pi. solden, 


selle,*., cell, 273/17. 
sellers, sb. pi., seller, 115/36. 
semely, adj., seemly, 148/33 ; semly, 

semen, v., to seem ; pr. 3 sg. semeth, 

30/37; pt. 3 sg. semede, 81/31 ; 

pr. p. semyng, 230/1 8. 
semen, v., to burden ; pp. semot, 


senatour, sb., senator, 29/36. 

send, v., to send, inf., 2/ia ; pr. 2 sg. 
sendyst, 209/21 ; 3 sg. sendyth, 
25/i ; sendes, 42/i; pi. send, 248/5; 
pt. I sg. send, 225/1 1 ; 3 sg. send, 
13/34; pl* senden, 81/12; pp. 
send, 19/1. 

Seneca, pr. n., Seneca, 193/1. 

senew, sb., sinew, 94/2O. 

sengyl, adj., single, 188/17. 

sens, sb., incense, 25/27; sence, 


sentence, sb., sentence, 245/33 ; sen- 
tens, 281/15. 

sentuary : see centuary. 

Sepontyne, pr. n., Sipontanis (' Leg. 
Aurea'), a town, 259/1 1. 

Septagesin, pr. n., Septuagesima, 

sepulcur, sb., grave, sepulchre, 


sepulture, sb., burial, 206/1 6. 
serge, sb., wax-candle, 61/23. 
serge-berers, sb. pi., candle-bearer, 


Sergyus, pr. n., Sergius, 59/26. 
sermon, sb., sermon, 191/2O. 
serteyne : see certeyne. 
seruage, sb., servitude, service, 67/9. 
seruantys, sb. pi., servant, 4/15; 

seruandus, 52/8. 
serue, r., to serve, inf., 6/5 ; pr. 2 /. 

serues, 102/3O ; seruyst, 212/ao; 

pi. seruej>e, 157/27; seruyn, 200/6 ; 

pt. seruet, 15/i8; pp. seruet, 


serues : see servyce. 
seruyabull, adj., ready to serve others, 

seruyce, sb., service, 27/6 ; serues, 


sese, v., to seize, inf., 27/i6; sesen, 


sese, sb., cessation, 256/6. 
sese, v., to cease, inf., 67/20 ; pr. 3 sg. 

sesythe, 284/35; P*- 3 / sesut, 

17/32 ; pp. sesyd, 73/2. 
se-syde, sb., sea-side, 167/29. 
set, v., to set, place, inf., 24/29 ; 

pr. i sg. sette, 120/30; 2 sg. 

settyst, 113/21 ; 3 sg. settyth, 

31/12; pi. settyth, 283/20; imp. 

sg. set, 302/13 ; pi. setty]>e, 139/13 ; 

pt. 3 sg. set, 17/2 ; pi. setten, 

22/31 ; set, 81/27 ; pp. set, 16/35. 
Seth, pr. n., Seth, 143/2. 
sethen, v., to seethe, boil; imp. pi. 

sethe, 5/32 ; pp. sothen, 81/13. 
sethen : see sy]>en. 

settyng, sb., setting, building, 279/12. 
Settyrday, pr. n., Saturday, 125/19 ; 

Setyrday, 155/35. 
Settyrday in Albis, pr. n., Saturday 

after Easter, 68/34. 
seuen, card, num., seven, 14/15. 
seuent, ord. num., seventh, 47/21. 
sewe, #.,to follow, inf.) 31/6 ; sewen, 

236/is; pr. 3 sg. sewej>, 47/U5 

pi. seu>e, 28/31; sewyth, 47/i ; 

imp. sg. sew, 249/15; pi. sewe, 

97/i8; pt. 3 sg. suet, 6/14; pi. 

sewet, 6/20; sewoden, 82/38; 

sudyn, 49/15; suyd, 101/23; 

sewdyn, 211/2 ; pr. p. suyng, 24/8 ; 

sewyng, 150/31 ; pp.sewot, 176/8. 
sex, card, num., six, 223/1. 
Sexagesin, pr. n., Sexagesima, 69/9- 
sextens, sb. pi., sexton, 97/6. 
seynge, sb., seeing, 171/13. 
seynt : see saynt. 
shap : see schappe. 
simylacyon, sb., simulation, 284/io. 
Sixtus, pr. n., Sixtus, 217/8 ; Syxti, 

216/2 4 . 

skalus, sb. pi., scale, 54/23. 
skerre, sb., projecting rock, 206/4; 

skyrre, 206/8. 

skold, sb., scold, blamer, 229/34- 
skore, sb., score, twenty, 58/28. 
skorge, v., to scourge, inf., 301/2 ; 

pt. 3 sg. schowrget, 14/28. 

Glossarial Index 


fkryp, .vfc., scrip, bag, 212/7 > scrype, 

skylfully, adv., skilfully, 46/6. 

skylle, sb., reason, 68/14. 

skynne, sb., skin, 37/35. 

skynnys, sb., yche skynnys corn, 'each 
kind of corn,' 13/i6. 

slaght, sb., slaughter, 140/9. 

sle, v., to slay, kill, inf., 7/27 ; sley, 
103/4; slene, 292/22; pr. 3 sg. 
sley, 55/io; sleth, 283/26 ; sleyth, 
299/4 J PL sleyne, 285/24 ; imp. pi. 
sle, 5/31;^. 3 *9> slow, 19/12; 
slogh, 20/13; sloch,193/i5; sleygh, 
298/36 ; pi. slowen,29/i3; sloghen, 
29/27; sloyn, 183/1 6; sloch, 
194/27; sloen, 198/14; slogh, 
121/3; pp. slayne, 13/26; sleyne, 


sleghly, adv., cunningly, 286/2. 
sleght, *&., sleight, contrivance, 

93/ 3 r. 

slepe, sb., sleep, 29/33. 
slepon, v. } to sleep, inf., 290/23 ; 

pr. 3 sg. slepyth, 285/9 ; pt. sleput, 

28/21 ; slepte, 94/3 5 pr*P- slepyng, 


slewth, sb., sloth, 2/8 ; slou>e, 68/20. 
sleyng, sb., slaughter, murder, 36/IO. 
slobur, sb., mud, slush, 253/13. 
slou]>e : see slewth. 
slyme, sb., slime, 2/6. 
small, adj., small, 100/12 ; smal, 

smellen, v., to smell ; pr. 3 sg. smel- 

lej>e, 246/31 ; smellyth, 246/33 ; 

pt. smelled, L48/6. 
smerten, r., to smart ; pr.p. smertyng, 


sine]), adj., smooth, flat, 164/1 8. 
smoken, v., to smoke; pr. 3 sg. 

smokejje, 162/io. 
smyle, v., to smile, inf., 173/15; 

pr. 2 sg. smyleste, 173/17; pt. 

smylut, 173/15. 
smyte, v., to smite, inf., 87/17; 

pr. 3 sg. smyty>e, 74/i ; pt. 3 sg. 

smot, 19/9; pi. smytten, 28/lOj 

pp. smytten, 73/35; smytyn, 

87/31 ; smyte, 190/24. 
snorten, v., to snort; pt. snorted, 


snow, sb., snow, 166/9. 
so, adv., so, as, 1/15 ; soo, 2/6. 
socowr, sb., succour, 7/25 ; sokur, 

9/34 succor, 198/5 5 succurre, 

205/30; socur, 297/r. 

aocowr, v., to succour, inf., 17/27; 

sokurron, 2!>7/6 ; pr. 3 .*/. sokerylli, 

199/26; pp. socourt, 150/9. 
sodenly, adv., suddenly, 28/35 > s - 

denlich, 146/23. 
sodeyne, adj., sudden, 54/29; soclen, 


soft, adj., soft, 16/i 6. 
soget : see suget. 
solas, sb., solace, 189/32. 
sole : see soul, 
solemp, adj., solemn, 115/7 ; sol en, 


somdele, adv., somewhat, 184/25. 
some, sb., sum, 12/34 > somme, 


sonur.etyme, adv., sometimes, once, 

somwhat, adv., somewhat, 104/17; 

summewhat, 60/15. 
somyr, &., summer, 39/23. 
Sonday, *&., Sunday, 1/4 ; Sonenday, 

1/6 ; Soneday, 177/3Q. 
sonde, sb., sand, 34/22. 
sonde, sb., mission, message, 67/23, 

sonde, adj., sound, healthy, 13/u; 

sownde, 146/7. 
sone, adv., soon, 2/14 ; comp. sannyr, 

43/25 ; sondyr, 166/6 ; sandyr, 

181/2, 229/17. 

songes, sb. pi., song, 1/14. 

sonne, sb., son, 1/8 ; sone, 289/i6. 

sonne, sb., sun, 3/8. 

soote, sb., soot, 238/8. 

sore, adj. (sb.~), sore, grievous, sad ; 

comp. sarre, 74/2. 
sorow, sb., sorrow, 147/34- 
sorowfull, adj , sorrowful, sad, 


sorsery, sb., sorcery, 45/15- 
sory, adj., sorry, miserable, 8/34. 
sothe, sb. and adj., truth, sooth, true ; 

adv. for sothe, l7/io ; sothely, 


soule, sb., soul, 14/8 ; sole, 6/34. 
Sowdan, sb., Sultan, 301/21. 
sowdyours, sb. pi., soldier, 230/3O. 
sowe, v., to sow, in/., 18/23 ; pt. 3 ag. 

sew, 71/8. 

sowke, sb., suck, 122/8. 
sowke, v., to suck, inf., 12/4; 

pr. pi. sowkyth, 184/25; pt. 

sowked, 302/37; pp. sowken, 

Sowlemasse-day, pr. n. t All Souls' 

Day, 269/3- 


Mirk's Festial 

sowne, sl>., sound, 160/5- 

sowne, v., to sound, inf., 117/32. ^ 

sowpe, v., to sup, take food, inf., 

145/17; pt. sowped, 125/5; 
pp. ysoupyd, 66/13; sowped, 

sowpere, T >., supper, 145/i8; soper, 


sowrnes, sb., sourness, 162/6. 
space, sb., space, 66/24. 
spakly, adv., quickly, hastily, 


spare, sb., sparing, 154/4. 
spare, v., to spare, inf., 81/i8 ; pr. pi. 

sparyth, 125/31 ; pt. spared, 21/29 ; 

pr. p. sparyng, 95/J 5 ; pp. spared, 

sparow-hawke, sb., sparrow-hawk, 

sparren, v., to close, bar ; pt. sparrut, 

42/ 9 . 

spase, sb., space, 179/19- 
Spayne, pr. n., Spain, 208/i6, 


spaynell, sb., spaniel, 119/1 8. 
spayre, sb., the opening in a garment, 

pocket, 174/3- 
speche, sb., speech, 92/17. 
specheles, adj., speechless, 212/13. 
special!, a<lj., special, 6/6. 
spectakyll, sb., spectacle, 203/1 o. 
spede, t;., to speed, prosper, inf., 7/24; 

pt. 3 sg. spedde, 17/33- 
spedfull, adj., speedful, useful, 64/i ; 

spedeful, 229/15. 
speke, v. , to speak, inf., 3/i 8 ; spekon, 

293/22; pr. 3 sg. spekys, 13/22; 

spekej>e, 157/1 ; pi. spekyth, 

282/10 ; spekyn, 117/31 J imp. sg. 

speke, 34/4 ; pt. 3 sg. spake, 7/20 ; 

speke, 19/3 5 pl> speken, 22/5 ; 

spake, 148/25 ; pp. spoken, 18/15 ; 

ppokyn, 214/14. 
spekyng, sb., speaking, 96/30. 
spelle, sb., word, 261/2. 
spenden, v., to spend ; pt. 3 sg. spende, 

12/27 J PP. spende, 89/13. 
spere, sb., spear, 18/19. 
spirituall, adj., spiritual, 107/3. 
spolde, sb., spittle, 88/5. 
sporten, v., to spurt ; pt v $ sg. sporrut, 

spowsehode, sb., marriage vow, 

256/35 5 spowsehed, 298/24. 
spowte, v., to spout, vomit, inf.. 

255/2 7 . 
spred, v., to spread, inf., 3/21 ; pt. pL 

spradden, 115/4; pp. snrade, 

172/ 9 . 
spryngen, v., to sprinkle ; pr. 3 sg. 

springyth, 295/13- 
spryng, v., to spring, rise, inf., 48/n ; 

pt. 3 sg. sprong, 14/12 ; sprang, 


spryte, sprythe : see spyrite. 
sputyd : see spy ten. 
spycerys, sb. gen., grocer, 246/31. 
spy eery, sb., spices, 148/7- 
spyces, sb., spices, 30/12. 
spye, v., to spy, espy, inf., 55/12. 
spyes, sb. pi., spy, 99/2. 
spyll, v., to spill, lose, kill, be de- 
stroyed, inf., 87/3 5 pt. 3 7- pyld, 

118/29 ; pi. spylleden, 18/13 ; 

pp. yspyld, 17/22 ; spyllyd, 


spyres, sb. pi., sprout, 102/19. 
spyrite, sb., spirit, 297/4; spryte, 

290/23, 297/2 ; sprythe, 301/4. 
spyten, v., to dispute; pt. spyted, 

78/22 ; sputyd, 109/15. 
spytten, v., to spit; pt. 3 sg. spytte, 

136/24 ; pr.p. spyttyng,'4/3i. 

spyttyng, sb., spitting, 117/2O. 
spytues, adj., spiteful, angry, terrible, 


sqware, adj., square, 72/1 6. 
stabull, sb., stable, 49/33. 
stabull, adj., stable, tirin, 74/27- 
staf, sb., staff, 188/28. 
Statfordschyre, pr. n., Staffordshire, 

244/8. " 

stalke, sb., stalk, reed, 108/34. 
stanten, v., to assert; pt. 3 /. stant, 

staren, v., to stare ; pt. 3 sg. start, 


stark, adj., stark, rigid, 172/9. 
state, sb., state, 11/19. 
stede, *b., horse, 251/17. 
stedfast, adj., steadfast, 8/14; stud- 
fast, 20/35 5 stydfaet, 147/15. 
steken, v., to stick, put ; pp. steked, 

stele, v., to steal, hide, inf., 79/i8 ; 

pt. I sg. stair, 9/32 ; pi. stelen, 

14/26 ; pp. ystolne, 14/27 ; stolen, 

99/26 ; stolne, 189/3- 
stench, sb., stench, smell, 4/31 ; 

stynch, 296/8. 

stene, sb., pot, waterpot, 293/5- 
stenen, v., to stone, inf., 28/9; pp. 

stenet, 80/23. 
steppus, sb. pi., step, 152/14. 

Glossarial Index 


stepuls, sb. pi., steeple, high tower, 

ster, v., to stir, move, excite, inf., 

26/32 ; styre, 158/8 ; sture, 

199/27; sturre, 237/3O ; pr. 3 sg. 

steruj), 253/29 ; pt. 3 sg. steryd, 

145/13; styryd, 180/26; pp. 

isteryt, 251/3 5 sturet, 274/5 ; 

steryd, 287/34- 
sterne, adj., stern, 300/2 7. 
sterre, sb., star, 17/4- 
sterte, v., to start, leap, inf., 258/34 ; 

pt. 3 sg. starte, 226/3 4 . 
sterven, v., to starve, die, perish ; 

pt. 3 sg. sterfe, 104/2O ; stervet, 

9/i 4 . 
steiyng, sb., instigation, stirring, 

Steuen, St., pr. n., St. Stephen, 


steven, sb., voice, 302/1 8. 
Steuon, pr. n., Stephen, archbishop of 

Canterbury, 198/ao. 
steyng, sb., rising, ascension, 153/14. 
stoke, fib., stock, log, 84/28. 
stomok, sb., stomach, 126/2. 
stompes, sb. pi., stump, trunk, 

stond, v., to stand, inf., 3/1 ; pr. 2 sg. 

stondyst, 243/29 ; 3 sg. stondeth, 

45/10 ; stondys, 76/14 ; pi. stonden, 

148/27; stond, 148/25; P** 3 9- 

stod, 5/i6; stode, 8/35; pi. 

stonden, 10/2O ; stoden, 52/8 ; 

stod, 154/17; pr. p. stondyng, 

2/3 1 ; pp. stond, 60/34. 
etonde, sb., stand, position, 249/1 o. 
stone, sb., stone, 71/9. 
stoppe, v., to close, stop, inf., 58/14; 

pr. 3 sg. stoppype, 156/4 ; imp. sg. 

stop, 104/15; pt. stopyd, 181/1 1 ; 

stoppyd, 227/1 2 ; pr. p. stoppyng, 


stormely, adv., stormily, 205/22. 
Btory, sb., story, 31/5. 
stranglen, v., to strangle ; pt. 3 sg. 

strangylt, 214/3; PP' ystrangled, 

79/25 ; strangult, 86/29. 
strawen, v., to strew ; imp. pi. straw, 

130/2 ; pt. strawed, 115/2 ; pr. p. 

etrawyng, 129/33 > PP' strawed, 

straynen, ?;., to strain, stretch; 

pt. 3 pi. strayned, 122/29. 
stray te, adv., straitly, tightly, 9/2. 
Btraytenes, sb., straitness, strictness, 


strechen, v., to stretch; imp. fg. 

strech, 155/17. 

streght, adv., straight, 180/25. 
strengj)e, sb., strength, 52/32 ; 

strengyth, 228/34. 
strenkjen, v., to strengthen, inf., 

285/4; pr. 3 sg. strenktheth, 


strete, sb., street, 193/22. 
stripen, v.,> to strip ; pt, striput, 

stroke, sb., stroke, 42/22. 
strong, adj., strong, 33/21. 
strongyt, pp., strengthened, 

strye, v., to destroy, inf., 72/H ; 

pr. pi. strien, 71/37 ; pt. pi. 

stryeden, 14/13; pp. istryet, 


stryngys, sb. pi., string, 89/9. 
stryve, v., to strive, inf., 89/22 ; 

pt. pi. stryven, 302/26. 
stryvyng, sb., striving, 186/2O. 
stude, sb., study, thought, 37/24. 
studfast : see stedfast. 
study, v., to study, inf., 163/2 ; 

pr. 3 sg., studye>e, 162/14 ; pt. 3 sg. 

studyet, 167/2 7; pr. p. studiyng, 


studyyng, sb., studying, 162/31. 
stuffe, v., to stiffen, strengthen, re- 
inforce, inf., 89/2. 
sturbans, sb., disturbance, 185/14. 
styd, sb., stead, place, 2/30. 
stydfastnes, sb., steadfastness, 78/29 ; 

studfastnes, 188/1 1. 
stye, v., to rise, ascend, inf., 109/28 ; 

Btey, 153/35; P*- 3 *flf-, stegh, 

6/21 ; stejt, 152/14; styed, 

152/23; stygh, 152/31; steyd, 

154/15 ; steyut, 159/25 ; pp. 

styet, 27/2; steyt, 262/17 ; steuet, 


styfly, adv., stiffly, strongly, 7/19. 
styll, adj. and adv., still, 49/i6. 
stynkyng, adj., stinking, 84/28; 

styngkyng, 225/2O. 
stynke, v., to stink, inf., 47/17; 

pr. 3 sg. stinkyth, 84/25 ; stynke>, 

156/6 ; pt. 3 sg. stanke, 68/12 ; pi. 

stonk, 192/2 2 . 
stynte, v., to stint, cease, stop, inf., 

32/25; pr. pi. styntyn, 5/34; 

pt. 3 sg. stynt, 178/13- 
styre : see ster. 

substance, *b., substance, 166/9. 
successor, sb., successor, 189/36. 



Mirk's Festial 

suche, adj., such, 0/24 ; soch, 187/7 > 
seche, 51/33. 

suffrages, sb. pl. } suffrage, interces- 
sion, 149/30. 

suffrance, sb., sufferance, 214/17- 

Buffre, v., to suffer, inf., 169/7 ; suffyr, 
125/J3 ; pr. i sg. suffyr, 113/15 ; 
3 sg. suffereth, 29/3 5 pl> suffren, 
67/3i; imp. sg. suffyr, 51/7; 
pt. 2 Kg. suffyrst, 273/23 ; 3 sg. 
sufferd, 8/19 ; suffred, 26/i8; suf- 
fered, 41/23 ; pi. suffreden, 28/35 ; 
sufferd, 262/25; sufferet, 262/27; 
pr. p. suffryng, 6/8 ; pp. suffirde, 

suffycen, v., to suffice; pt. 3 sg. 
suffycyt, 220/26. 

suget, adj., subject, 22/i8; soget, 

suggestyon, sb., suggestion, criminal 

charge, 18/25. 
sum, adj. and pron., some, l/i6; 

summ, 21 8/1 8. 

superfluyte, si)., superfluity, 126/2. 
supperday, our Lordys, pr. n., 

Maundy Thursday, 125/4. 
supposen, P., to suppose ; pr. I sg. 

suppos, 199/18. 
sure, adj., sure, 56/2O. 
surfet, sb., surfeit, 63/i8. 
Surry, pr. n., Surrey, 241/2O. 
suspenden, v., to suspend ; pt. sus- 

pendyt, 236/2O. 
suspessyon, sb., suspicion, 10/5; sus- 

picyon, 286/36. 

sustenaunce, sb., sustenance, 254/i6. 
susteynen, v., to sustain ; pr. 3 sg. 

susteynyth, 285/1 ; pi. sustene>e, 

162/8 ; pr. p. susteynyng, 242/2O. 
sustyr : see syster. 
swalows, sb. pi., swallow, 214/2O. 
swell, v., lo swell, inf., 193/34; 

pt. 3 so. swal, 181/n ; pp. swolne, 

swer, v., to swear, inf., 8/35 ; sweron, 

300/21 ; pr. 2 sg. 'swerus, 113/22 ; 

pt. 3 sg. swore, 300/17 > PP* sworen, 

121/20; sworne, 291/1 6. 
swerde, sb., sword, 42/30., sb., swearer, 229/34. 
sweryng, sb., swearing, 113/25. 
swete, adj., sweet, 191/12. 
swete, v., to sweat, perspire, inf., 

3/4; pr. 3 sg. swety>e, 166/17; 

pt. 3 sg. swet, 45/28 ; swat, 45/32. 
swetnes, sb., sweetness, 53/33 ; swete- 

nes, 220/15. 

swebeles, sb. pi., swaddling band, 

swolon, v., to swallow, overwhelm, 

inf., 4/31; pt. 3 sg. sowoluyd, 

81/23 ; swolut, 178/25 ; pp. swolyt, 

swownen, v., to swoon; pt. 3 sg. 

swownyd, 206/3. 

swot, sb., sweat, perspiration, 66/30. 
swyft, adj., swift, 48/24. 
swym, v., to swim, inf., 272/29; 

pt. 3 sg. swam, 119/26 ; pr. p. 

swymmyng, 14/i8. 
swynasy, sb., quinsy, 110/14. 
swyne, sb., swine, 278/28. 
swynke, sb., labour, 2/8. 
swyuen, sb., vision, dream, 88/26. 
syb, adj., related, 801/13. 
Sybyl, pr. n., Sibylla, a wise woman, 

25/i 9 . 

syde, sb., side, 4/24. 
syde to, prp., beside, 40/23, 197/22. 
syght, sb., sight, 7/31 ; seght, 29/31. 
sygne, sb., sign, 29/1 2; syngne, 

153/3 5 syne, 171/2. 
syke, sb., sigh, 104/3O. 
syke, ??., to sigh, inf., 65/22 ; pt. 3 sg. 

sykut, 68/9 5 P*. P- sekyng, 44/2 ; 

sykyng, 84/23. 
sykur, adj., safe, 153/9 '> sycour, 

153/4 J sekyr, 169/2 4 . 
sykurnes, sb., safety, 153/5. 
sykyng, sb., sighing, 68/31. 
sylke, sb., silk, 40/22 ; selke, 219/3L 
syluer, sb., silver, 39/21. 
Syluestyr, St., pr. n., St. Sylvester, 


Symeon, pr. n., Simeon, 99/7. 
Symon, St., pr. n., St. Simon, 57/5- 
Symon, pr. n., Simon, the Pharisee, 


Symon Magus, pr. n., Simon, a ma- 
gician, 194/29. 
symple, adj., simple, 176/1 ; sympyll, 


sympulnes, sb., simpleness, 12/2. 
syn, sb., sin, 6/13. 

Synay, pr. n., Sinai, 101/13, 277/1 1. 
syndall, sb., senclal, silken stuff, 


syne, synys : see sygne. 

synful, adj., sinful, 28/30; synfull, 

46/i 4 . 
syng, v. t to sing, inf., 151/1 3 ; syngne, 

271/31 J syngon, 293/8 ; pr. 2 sg. 

syngyst, 113/rs ; pr. 3 sg. syngyth, 

20/25; sengyth, 68/32; pi. syng, 

Glossanal Index 


69/35 syngen, 118/2O; pt. 3 sg. 

sang, 151/15 ; pi. songen, 21/2O ; 

pr. p. syngyng, 223/22; pp. 

songon, 23/19. 
synke, t?., to sink, inf. , 89/14 > P r - 3 SQ'- 

synkyfch, 112/21; p. Byngkyt, 

synne, v., to sin, inf., 64/8 ; synnon, 

295/32 ; pr. 3 eg. synnyj>e, 149/21 ; 

synnes, 149/22; pr. pi. synnen, 

150/4 ; synneth, 68/5. 
synners, sb. pi., sinner, 149/17. 
syr, sb., sir, 7/11. 
syser, sb., cider, 139/37. 
syster, sb. } sister, 29/32 ; sustyr, 

29/2 5 . 

sy te : see cyte. 
sy}>, sb., compact, 46/5. 
syj>en, adv. and conj., since, after- 
ward, 7/23; sethen, 22/9; syth, 

sythes, sb., times, 286/14; sythe, 

sytte, v., to sit, inf., 39/28 ; pr. 3 sg. 

Byttyjje, 10/34J settyth, 170/9; 

sitty>e, 224/31; pi syttyth, 

182/33; wp. pi- sytte, 84/i ; 

_pf. 3 eg. sate,32/i8; sete, 193/19; 

pi. setten, 145/i8 ; setyn, 104/5; 

syttyn, 181/7; P r - P> B ytty n g> 


syx, card, num., six, 27/4- 
syxte, ord. num., sixth, 47/i8. 
Syxti : see Sixtus. 
syxty, card, num., sixty, 27/5- 

table, sb., table, plate, 102/1 6. 
tachut, pp., attached, 113/i8. 
take, v., to take, inf., 2/15; taken, 

64/33; pr. 2 sg. takes, 235/29; 

3 sg. taketh, 21/23 ; taket, 173/7; 

takeny>e, 282/27 ; pi. taken, 

115/15; takuth, 289/6; imp. sg. 

take, 8/34; pZ. taketh, 28/22; 

takes, 33/12; take, 48/2O ; taket, 

172/22; pt. i sg. toke, 14/3O; 

pZ. token, 14/19 ; pp. taken, 2/19 ; 

take, 67/30. 
takyng, sb., taking, 158/1 6. Set also 

under talkyng. 
tale, sb., tale, 177/14. 
talke, v., to talk, inf., 96/34; pt. 

talked, 145/i8; pr. p. talkyng, 

148/22 ; pp. talked, 280/6. 
talkyng, sb., talking, 118/6; takyng, 

83/2 5 . 
tapor, sb., taper, 127/i6. 

tary, v., to delay, inf., 61/25 > P** 
taryed, 44/14. 

taryng, sb., slowness, 18/29. 

tast, sb., taste, 173/r. 

tast, v., to taste, inf., 286/15. 

teche, v., to teach, inf., 88/33; 
pr. i sg. teche, 88/13 ; 3 sg. techeth, 
45/22; teche>s, 57/2; techith, 
221/19; techuth, 289/3; 3 pi- 
techen, 57/26; techyth, 88/5; 
imp. sg. teche, 299/17 ; pt. 3 sg. 
taght,21/8; tawght,301/i6 ; 3pl. 
taghten, -151/12; taght, 160/17; 
tacht, 188/19; pr. p. techyng, 
279/13; teching, 291/24; pp. 
ytaght, 38/8. 

techers, sb. pi., teacher, 159/9. 

techyng, sb., teaching, 46/8, 

teer, sb., tear, 235/25; pi. terys, 

tell, v., to tell, inf., l/i6 ; tel, 5/22 ; 
telle, 36/2 ; tellon, 292/2O ; tellyn, 
295/29; pr. i sg. telle, 293/4; 

$sg. telleK 5/12; tellyfch, 31/5 ; 
tellet, 171/26 ; i pi. tell, 48/8 ; 
., tellyjje, 88/5 ; tellyn, 215/13; 

tellyth, 244/ioj pr. subj. 2 sg. 
telle, 17/29; imp. sg. tell, 17/9; 
pi. telly]>e, 112/25 ; pt. 3 sg. told, 


tellyng, ab., telling, 14/i6. 
Temmys, pr. n., Thames, 191/1. 
tempest, sb., tempest, 8/6. 
temporal!, adj., temporal, temporary, 

secular, worldly, 60/15. 
temptacyon, sb., temptation, 6/22. 
tempte, v., to tempt, inf., ll/i ; 

tempton, 296/3 ; pr. 3 sg. tempteth, 

33/6; pi. temptyj>e, 253/i6 ; pp. 

temptyd, 10/9. 
tempull, sb., temple, 15/19 ; temple, 

57/19 ; tempyl, 188/32. 
tempur, v., to temper, moderate, inf., 


ten, card, num., ten, 27/5- 

tenantys, sb. pi., tenant, 241/34 ; 
tenayntys, 242/32. 

tend, v., to set on fire, burn, inf., 
106/32 ; tynd, 60/29 ; pr. pi. 
tendyj>e, 150/19. 

tenden, v., to attend, give one's at- 
tention to ; pt. 3 sg. tentut, 254/33 ; 
pi. tendedon, 27/2. 

tendyr, adj., tender, 45/24. 

tendyrne[s], sb., tenderness, 138/2. 

tene, *b., vexation, 276/5- 

teneblus, sb. pi., dusk, 117/4. 


Mirk's Festial 

tenebrys, sb., dusk, 122/1 2. 

tenet, pp., irritated, angry, 219/19. 

tent, pp., tied, shut in, 258/28. 

testament, sb., testament, 1/23. 

te)>e, sb. pi., tooth, 194/1 8. 

tej>e, sb. and adj., tithe; te]?e-day, 

'tithe-day,' 82/12. 
)?e toon (put for )>at oon), that one, 

5/23, 234/13; J)e ton, 196/27. 
J>e toj>er ( put, for J>at ofer),that other, 

5/27, 186/7, 223/22. 
to, prp., to, 1/2. 
to, adv., too, 28/8. 
tobeton, v., to beat in pieces, inf., 

tobroken, pp., broken in pieces, 

tobursten, v., to burst, break in 

pieces; pt. 3 sg. tobarst, 190/1 8. 
Toby,pr. n., Tobias, 214/8. 
to-day, adv., to-day, 131/23. 
tode, sb., toad, 85/25. 
todraw, v., to draw asunder, inf., 


tofor, prp. and adv., before, 48/28. 
togedyr, adv., together, 8/5 ; togydur, 

tohewe, v., to hew, cut in pieces ; 

pt. 3 sg. tohew, 292/1 1 ; pi. tohew, 


token, sb., token, sign, 60/28. 
tokened, pp. signified, indicated, 


tokenyng, sb., betokening, significa- 
tion, 1/19. 

tolle-bofo sb., toll-booth, 254/32. 
tomarturd, pp., cruelly martyred, 

tombe, sb., tomb, 9/i6; towmbe, 


tomble, v., to tumble, inf., 185/1 8. 
tombelyng, sb., tumbling, 178/14. 
to-morrow, adv., to-morrow, 75/31 ; 

to-moro, 191/17 ; to-morou, 142/8. 
tong, sb., tongue, 4/26. 
tonne, sb., tun, 31/12. 
to-nyght, adv., to-night, 88/20. 
too, sb., toe, 121/36. See also two. 
toppe, sb., top, 121/34. 
topunne, v., to pound to bits, inf., 

237/31 ; pp. topounet, 184/31. 
torase, v., to lacerate, tear to pieces, 

inf., 134/21. 

torches, sb. pi., torch, 148/24. 
toren, adj., torn, 89/35; tome, 

tormentowrs : see turmentoure. 

tosley, v., to hew to pieces ; p*. *i(bj. 

3 sg. tosley, 105/29. 
toteren, v., to tear to pieces, inf., 

toward, prp., towards, 53/28 ; to- 

wart, 205/2. 
towch, v., to touch, inf., 23/13 ; 

pr. 3 pi. towchen, 124/29 ; pt. 3 sg. 

towched, 94/2O ; pr. p. towchyng, 

58/3 5 PP- towched, 147/28. 
towne, sb., town, 23/i ; towen, 

l73/3 4 ; toun, 175/2. 
towne-cok, sb., town-cock, 250/31. 
towre, sb., tower, 193/19. 
Towres, pr. ., Tours, 272/ao, 274/4. 
trace, sb., trace, 253/9. 
tractus, sb. pi., tract, tractate, 68/30. 
Tracy, Syr William, pr. n., Sir Wil- 
liam Tracy, 41/35. 
translacyon, sb., translation, 181/a6. 
translaten, v., to translate, transfer ; 

pt. translatud, 274/6 ; pp. trans- 

lat, 50/9. 
transon, sb., trance, 293/19; travnsyn, 


trappe, sb., trap, 144/3. 
trappet, >>., furnished with trappings, 

251/I 7 . 
trauayle, sb., travail, labour, 1/25 ; 

trauell, 1/23. 
trauayle, r.,.to travail, labour, rag, 

exercise, travel, inf., 2/9 ; trauell, 

205/24 ; traueyll, 285/1 o ; pr. 3 sg. 

trauelyth, 95/i8; pi. traueluj>e, 

159/ioj pt. 3 sg. trauayld, 1/27; 

pr. p. trauelyng, 95/13; pp. 

trauayld, 95/5. 
trauelyng, sb., trouble, vexation, 


trayde, pp., betrayed, 118/8. 
traytere, sb., treachery, 18/24. 
traytour, b., traitor, 41/i 8. 
tre, *b., tree, wood, 66/23. 
trede, v., to tread, inf., 80/14 ; 

tredon, 241/1 1. 
tremblen, v., to tremble ; pr. p. 

tremblyng, 51/3. 
trenis, sb., lamentation, 122/1 1. 
tresery, *b., treasury, 215/9. 
trespas, sb., trespass, sin, 26/21. 
trespas, r., to trespass, inf., 204/8; 

pr. 3 sg. trespassyj>e, 108/i8; pi. 

trespassuj>e, 157/29 ; trespas, 

285/14; pp. trespassyd, 60/u; 

trespast, 112/24. 
tresure, sb., treasure, 201/23 ; tre- 

sowr, 215/6. 

Glossarial Index 


treten, v., to treat ; pr. 3 sg. tretyj>e, 

trety, sb., treaty, treatise, 41/24; 

trete, 250/1 8. 
trew, adj., true, 15/1 8. 
tribulacyon, sb., tribulation, 69/2 o. 
tribut, "sb. } tribute, 49/30; tribet, 

triflen, v., to trifle, beguile ; pt. 3 sg. 

trifuld, 194/29. 
trobolon, v., to trouble, in/ 1 ., 295/15; 

pp. trowbet, 18/35 trowbuld, 

48/33 ; ytrowbuld, 231/34. 
trobulere, sb., troubler, 147/12. 
trompe, v., to trumpet, inf., 65/i. 
trompers, sb. pi., trumpeter, 64/37. 
trondelen, v., to trundle ; pt, 3 sg. 

trondelut, 174/8. 
trone, sb., throne, 153/17. 
troth, sb., truth, faith, vow, 88/16; 

treuj), 89/19. 

trowbelyng, sb., trouble, 281/34. 
Troye,r. n., Troy, 193/i6. 
troyng, sb., trowing, 97/34. 
trust, sb., trust, 9/g6 ; tryst, 14/31. 
Trynyte, sb., Trinity, 163/1 9 ; Trenite, 

trysten, v., to trust ; pr. I sg. tryst, 

273/31 ; imp. pi. tryst, 5/9 ; 

pt. 3 sg. tryst, 60/4; trust, 


Turkes, pr. n., the Turks, 14/13. 
turment, v., to torment, inf., 56/1 ; 

torment, 219/26 ; pt. turnientyt, 


turment, sb., tournament, 119/2O. 
turment, sb., torment, 134/22; tor- 
ment, 219/26. 

turmentoure, sb., tormentor, 202/23. 
turne, sb., turn, trick, 58/17. 
turne, v., to turn, inf., 3/i 5 ; pr. 3 sg. 

turnyj), 127/12; imp. sg. turne, 

17/30; pt. 3 sg. turnet, 7/32; 

pi. turneden, 27/4 5 P r - P- turn y u g> 

48/2 ; pp. yturnet, 52/31. 
turnement, sb., torment, agony, 

181/14, 202/6, 217/19. 
turnyng, s&., turning, conversion, 


tnrturs,, turtle-dove, 57/22. 
Tuysday,2>r. n., Tuesday, 149/1 5. 
twelfe, card, num., twelve, 79/14- 
Twelfeday,2>r. n., Twelfth-day, 47/3O. 
'twelmo[n]J>e, sb., twelve months, 

48/6 ; twolfmonyj?e, 73/1. 
two, card, num., two, 1/7 ; twoo, 

9/3; tweyne, 164/9; too, 61/17. 

twyn, on, asunder, 257/32. 

twys, adv., twice, 177/14; twy, 

90/r ; twyys, 128/23. 
Tybaude, St., pr. n., St. Thibaut, 


Tybur, pr. n., Tiber, 121/27. 
tydes, sb. pi., time, 66/4, 
tyen, v., to tie, bind ; pt, tyed, 

136/31 ; pp. tyed, 77/2g. 
ij\\,prp., to, till, 5/13; til, 244/23. 
tyme, sb., time, 6/17. 
tynen, v., to close ; pr. 3 sg. tyneth, 

tyrand, sb., tyrant, 52/28; tyraunt, 

Tyrus, pr. n., Tyrus, Pilate's father, 


tysut,^., enticed, 46/i6. 
tytuld, pp. entitled, 124/32. 
tyt[h]yng, sb., event, tidings, ty- 

thyng, 99/13; pi. tyj>yngys, 

80/2 3 . 

Tytus, pr. n., Titus, 141/22. 
tytyl, sb., title, 198/31. 
J>a5 : see Jjogh. 
J>at, conj., that, 1/15. 
}>at, pron., that, who, which, l/io; 

pi. >es, 2/26, 
J>at (put for fer), adv., where, 


J)ay, pron., they, 8/17 ; >ei, 147/22. 
>e (the), art., the, 1/6; >y, 76/7, 


the, pron., thee, 7/22. 
J>edyr, adv. t thither, 5/35 > Jidur, 

]>edyrward, adv., thitherward, 146/1 8 ; 

j)idurwarde, 293/23. 
fedyryn, adv., therein, 278/28. 
J>ef, sb., thief, 17/8 ; >eff, 298/26. 
>efte, sb., theft, 298/2O. 
J>ei : see ]>ay, 

>eis, sb. pi, thigh, 291/24. 
J>en, conj. and adv., then, when, 

2/i 5 ; >anne, 290/2 3 . 
Jjenke, v., to think, inf., 47/2 ; thynke, 

115/30 ; pr. 3 sg. fenkyth, 47/22 ; 

J>ynky]?e, 162/14; imp. sg. )>enke, 

68/12 ; thynke, 82/24 ; pi. J;enke)>e, 

254/18 ; >enke, 279/23 ; pt. 3 sg. 

>oght, 5/29 ; >ocht, 216/28 ; 

Bought, 302/32;- pi. ]>oghten, 


)?ens, adv., thence, 156/4- 
J?er (ther), adv., there, where, 1/22; 

Jyr, 179/24. 
J?erapon, adv., thereupon, 166/15. 


Mirk's Fedial 

peras, adv., thereas, where, 10/25 ; 

pereos, 290/14- 
}?erfor, adv., therefore, 1/13. 
perfro, adv., therefrom, 6/35. 
perof, adv., thereof, 90/i6. 
peron, adv., thereon, 146/29. 
perto, adv , thereto, 120/33. 
J>erwyth, adv. , therewith, 7/3O. 
peryn, adv., therein, 80/3. 
pea : see pye, pat. 

pewes, sb. pL, manner, virtue, 242/8. 
Thewythe, pr. n., Theuyth (St. Wini- 
fred's father), 177/i6; Thewyt, 


piself, pron., thyself, 55/37. 
po, poo : see pys. 

po, adr., then, at that time, 300/25. 
pogh, conj., though, 5/i ; pas, 15/23 ; 

pach, 180/33. 
poght, sb., thought, 19/8. 
Thomas, St. (of Canterbury), pr. n., 

St. Thomas, S8/io. 
Thomas, St. (of Inde), pr. n. } St. 

Thomas, 18/4. 
pombe, sb., thumb, 136/1. 
pondyr, sb., thunder, 7/29. 
ponke, v., to thank, inf., 4/1 ; pr. \ sg. 

thonke, 16/19; thank, 299/3O ; 

3 sg., ponketb, 29/3 ; pi. thonken, 

274/27; thonke, 274/2 8; ponkyth, 

84/15 ; pt. ponket, 10/7 5 pankyd, 

186/25 ; pr.p, thonkyng, 18/38. 
porne, sb., thorn, 166/17, 
pose : see pys. 
pou, pron., thou, 7/3- 
powsand, card, num., thousand, 9/4 ; 

powsant, 202/9. 
pral, sb., thrall, slave, 153/23. 
praldam, sb., thraldom, 172/15- 
prale, adj., low, base, of low birth, 


prate, ab., threat, 255/iS. 
pre, card, num., three, 6/14 ; pree, 


}rede, sb., thread, 179/5. 
prete, v., to threaten, inf., 14/3 > 

pr. 2 sg. pretyst, 15/3; pr. p. 

thretyng, 58/27 ; pp. prat, 159/3O. 
pretteneth, ord. num., thirteenth, 

47/30 ; pretten, 48/2. 
progh, prp., through, 15/9; > ur g n > 

29/24; proch, 196/i6. 
prost, v., to thrust, cast, inf., 145/36 ; 

pr. 3 sg. prostys, 83/2 ; pt. 3 sg. 

proste, 201/2 ; pi. proston, 140/21 ; 

pp. prost, 152/15 ; thrast, 195/12 ; 

>rust, 220/2. 

prote, sb., throat, 110/15. 
throw, v., to throw, inf., 81/27. 
prowes, sb. pi., suffering, pain, 

prydde, ord. num., third, 96/9 5 Kpde, 

218/32 ; prytte, 245/31. 
pryse, adv., thrice, 70/1 ; pryes, 

188/5; pries, 245/27. 
prytty, card, num., thirty, 22/19 ; 

prytte, 142/15. 
purgh : see progh. 
pursday, pr. n., Thursday, 77/xo. 
purst, sb., press, crush, 158/14. 
purst, sb., thirst, 70/8. 
thursty, adj., thirsty, 4/4. 
pus, adv., thus, so, l/i8 ; thys, 4/33. 

See also pys. 
Py, pron., thy, 7/9 ; pi, 7/21 ; pine, 

800/2. See aho under pe. 
thykke, adj., thick, 80/5; pekke, 

thylke, adj., such, these, 221/3; 

thelke, 63/1. 
pyn, pron., thine, 67/21. 
pyng, sb., thing, l/i ; penges, 49/2O. 
pynkyng, sb., thinking, 196/5- 
pys, pron., this, 1/8 ; this, 165/2 ; 

pus, 14/28; pi. pose, 2/2 1 ; po, 

15/i8; pes, 15/32; poo, 23/28. 

See also pus and pe. 

vche : see ych. 

vmage, sb., homage, 228/7. 

vmbeclyppen, v., to embrace ; pt. 3 sg. 

vmbeclypped, 51/13; pp. vmbe- 

clypped, 64/15. 
vmbeschadow, v., to shade around, 

inf., 106/31. 
vmbrayden, v., to reproach ; pr. 2 sg. 

vmbraydys, 113/22 ; pi. vmbray- 
den, 132/12. 

vmbstad, pp., surrounded, 64/17. 
vnavyset, adj., unadvised, uucoun- 

selled, 10/15. 
vnbarren, v., to unbar, open ; pt. 

vnbarret, 42/12. 

vnbeleued, adj., unbelieving, 139/1. 
vnblessyd, adj., unblessed, 219/n. 
vnboi-ne, adj., unborn, 87/21. 
vnbrent, adj., unburnt, 168/15; vn- 

brennet, 176/32. 
vnbrydlen, v., to unbridle; pt. vn- 

brydylt, 56/IO. 
vnbuxamnes, sb., disobedience, 22/1 ; 

vmbuxomnes, 22/2. 
vnbynd, v., to unbind, inf., 209/29; 

pt. 3 sg. vnbond, 231/2y. 

Glossarial Index 


vnclene, adj., unclean, 57/1 6. 
vnclennes, sb., uncleanness, 63/n. 
vnconnyBg, sb., ignorance, 267/12. 
vnconyng, adj., unlearned, 218/23. 
vncull, sb., uncle, 93/36. 
vncurtes, adj., uncourteous, 61/25. 
vndampned, adj., uncondemned, 

vndo, v., to undo, open, inf., 86/24 ; 

pt. 3 sg. vndyd, 248/9 P^- vndedyn, 

14/i8; vnduden, 198/29; pp. 

vndon, 192/35- 
vndyr, sb., the time from nine to 

twelve o'clock in the morning, 


vndyr, prp., under, 4/24. 
vndyrlyng, sb., underling, 187/27- 
vndyrstond, v., to understand, inf., 

3/1 2 ; vndurstande, 294/5 ; pr. pi. 

vndyrstondyn, 282/1 1 ; vndyr- 

stondy)>e, 156/33 vndyrstondes, 

261/12; pt. 3 sg. vndyrstode, 

19/17 ; pi. vndyrstode, 148/31 ; 

pp. vndyrstonden, 11/24 ; vndyr- 

stond, 94/29. 
vndyrstondyng, sb., understanding, 

vndyrtake, v., to undertake, inf., 

vnement : see oynement. 
vnfolden, pp., unfolded, 150/32. 
vnfnlle, adj., incomplet, 80/33. 
vnknowon, adj., unknown, 207/19- 
vnkynde, adj., unkind, 26/17. 
vnkyndnesse, sb. , unkindness, 113/12. 
vnlykly, adj., unlikely, 140/28. 
vnne>e, adv., with difficulty, scarcely, 

vnponysched, adj., unpunished, 


vnquyte, adj., unrewarded, 89/27- 
vnresynabull, adj., unreasonable, 


vnrobbet, pp., unrobbed, 39/5- 
vnschauen, pp., unshaven, 125/2 9. 
vnsched, adj., unshed, 242/35- 
vnschryuen, adj., unshriven, 100/3O. 
vnsely, adj., unhappy, wretched ; 

vnsley, 6/30. 

vnsemely, adj., unseemly, 81/8. 
vnservet, adj., unserved, 267/2. 
vnskylfully, adv., unreasonably, 


vnstabyll, adj., tmstable, 188/io. 
vnswar, sb., answer, 10/ai ; vnswer, 

10/29; onswar, 196/2. 
vnswar, v., to answer, inf., 10/14; 

pr. 3 sg. vnswares, 115/27 '> vn - 
sweryth, 231/i6; pt. vnswered, 
5/19; vnsward, 8/3; vnswerd, 
10/i8 ; onsueret, 172/1. 

vnwarned, adj., unwarned, 39/28. 

vnworschypen, v., to do dishonour 
to ; pr. 3 sg. vnworschypyth, 87/33 J 
pt. 3 sg. vnworschypyd, 87/34- 

vnworthy, adj., unworthy, 20/28 ; 
onworthy, 131/36. 

vnwyttyng, adj. and adv., unwitting, 

vnycorn, sb., unicorn, 55/9. 

vnyte, s&., unity, 162/2. 

vp, adv. and prp., up, 2/30. 

vpcasting, sb., vomiting, 172/25. 

vpon,prp., upon, 6/30; apon, 6/n ; 
opon, 5/32. 

vprist, sb., resurrection, 80/36. 

vpryjt, adv., upright, 172/8. 

vprysyng, sb., rising, 8/9. 

vp so don, adv., upside down, 140/30. 

vpsteyng, sb., rising, ascending, 
ascension, 152/2O. 

vpward, adv., upward, 97/3 > vpwart, 

Urban, pr. n., Urban, 168/22. 

vrth : see erth. 

vryn, sb., spider, 181/8. 

vs, pron., us, l/i. 

vsage, s&., usage, custom, 241/2O. 

vse, sb., use, 118/25. 

veen, v., to use; pr. 3 sg. vsyth, 
1/13; pi. vsen, 45/12; vsy>, 
15/i 6 ; pt. 3 sg. vsyd, 40/29 5 P l - 
vseden, 24/26 ; vsut, 182/23 ; pp. 
vset, 169/27. 

vssu, sb., issue, offspring, 77/22. 

vtas, sb., octave, 45/7. 

vtmast, adj. (sb.), utmost, 91/12. 

vtture, adj., utter, outer, 178/5- 

vttyr, adv., outwards, out, 258/34- 

vale, sb., valley, 76/35- 

vaneschen, v., to vanish ; pt. vanechet, 

11/4 ; vanescet, 175/6 ; vanechid, 

78/2 7 . 

vanyte, &., vanity, 25/4. 
varyen, v., to vary, differ ; pt. varyet, 


Vaspasyan, pr. n., Vespasian, 141/6. 
vayle, sb., avail, aid, 76/14. 
vayle, sb., veil, 126/7. 
vayn, adj., vain, 64/22; veyn, 


vemens, adj., venomous, 101/26. 
venemen, r., to envenom; pr. pi. 


Mirk's Festal 

venemyth, 183/4 ; pt. 3 sg. ve[n]e- 

met, 139/8. 

vengabull, adj., avenging, 140/35- 
vengans, sb., vengeance, 1/ao; ven- 

gens, 66/32 ; vengeans, 141/2 ; 

veniauns, 5/6 ; veniaunce, 7/22. 
venge, v., to avenge, inf., 209/2; ; 

pp. venget, 44/1 8. 
Ventulan, pr. n., a town, 148/3. 
venyin, sb., poison, 81/24. 
Venys, pr. n., Venice, 172/22. 
veray, adj., true, 8/30; verray, 

verefiyng, sb., verifying, verification, 


verefy, v., to verify, in/., 152/33. 
vermyn, sb., vermin, 40/24. 
vertu, sb., virtue, 6/26. 
vessell, sb., vessel ; fig, conscience, 

37/14; vessel, 250/14. 
vestementys, sb. pi., vestment, 

vexen, v,, to vex ; pt. vexude, 

vexyng, sb., vexing, 280/19; wexyng, 


veyne, sb,, vein, 291/9- 
victory, 8?)., victory, 116/5- 
victoryus, adj., victorious, 257/24- 
Vitas Patrum, pr. n., Vitae Patrum, 

the lives of the fathers, 194/35. 
vouchesaf, v., to vouchsafe, inf., 

168/io; pr. I sg. vouchesaf, 

234/9; vouchsaf, 234/2 J-. 
vow, sb., vow, 9/31. 
vowtrye, sb., adultery, 72/7 ; vowtre, 


voyce, sb., voice, 7/3 ; voys, 270/28. 
voyde, v., to remove, keep away, inf., 


vyals : see fyoll. 
vyce, sb., vice, 118/33; pi* vysis, 


vycyous, adj., vicious, 253/28. 
vykere, sb., vicar, 173/32. 
vylany, sb., villainy, 106/22 ; vilony, 

239/20 ; veleny, 103/13. 
Vyncent, pr. n., Vincent, 61/i6. 
vyne, sb., vine, 20/22. 
vyne-jorde, sb., vineyard, 66/3. 
vyolent, adj., violent, 257/9. 
vyrgenes, sb. pL, virgin, 16/29; 

virgyns, 214/35. 

vyrgynyte, sb., maidenhood, 31/2. 
vypage, sb., face, 141/6. 
vyset, v., to visit, inf., vysed, 231/5; 

viset, 70/27 ; pr. 3 sg. vyeety>e, 

156/is; pt. v[y]sytut, 231/25; 

vyset, 4/6; pp. vyset, 4/i6; vy- 

seted, 162/3. 
vysion, sb., vision, 17/34- 
vysitacion, sb., visitation, 41/7- 
vytayle, sb., victuals, 98/22 ; vy- 

tayles, 98/31. 
vyteld, pp., stored, victualed, 205/14- 

wach, sb., watch, vigil, 180/23. 
waftyr, v., to wave, inf., 273/8. 
wager, sb., wager, 104/8. 
wake, v., to wake, be awake, watch, 

inf., 189/? ; wakon, 292/6 ; 

waken, 182/31 ; wakyth, 182/34; 

pt. 3 sg. wakud, 290/27 ; pi. wakyd, 

182/22 ; waken, 223/3. 
waken, v., to awake ; pt. 3 sg. woke, 

29/34J awoke, 119/ 9 . 
wakefyre, sb., watchfire, 182/33- 
wakyng, sb., waking, 40/32. 
Wales, pr. n., Wales, 179/32, 242/27- 
walewe, v., to turn, wallow, roll, inf., 


walk, sb., walk, march, 55/13. 
walke, v., to walk, inf., 84/38; 

pr. 3 sg. walketh, 278/8 ; pi. 

walkyth, 230/31 ; pt. walket, 7/36 ; 

pr. p. walkyng, 6/u. 
walker, sb., fuller, 140/24- 
walkyng, sb., walking, 225/17- 
wall, sb., wall, 2/31, 
walle : see well, 
wallen, v., to well up ; pr. 3 sg. 

walleth, 9/19; pi. walle>, 9/i6 ; 

pt. 3 sg. wallut, 140/25- 
wallyng, adj., welling, 147/21. 
walus, sb. pi., weal, 113/2O. 
wan : see when, 
wanhope, sb , despair, 150/23. 
want, v., to want, inf., 13/iS; pt. 

wonted, 52/7 5 wanted, 220/22. 
war, adj., aware, 11/12. 
warant, sb., guarantee, safeguard, 


wardcorsis,J.pZ., body-guard, 287/1 2. 
warde, sb., guard, care, 217/22. 
wardeynes, sb. pi., guardian, 157/12. 
warmer, adj , warmer, 89/36. 
warmyng, adj., warming, 160/9. 
warnen, v,, to warn; pr. i sg. warne, 

199/i8; 3 sg. warne)>, 158/27; 

pt. 3 sg. wernet, 86/26 ; pp. 

warnet, 146/22. See also under 

warnyng, sb. } warning, admonition, 


Glossarial Index 


waryson, sb., treasure, salary, pay- 
ment, 193/2. 
wasche, v., to wash, inf., 40/3O ; 

wasschen, 60/36 ; pt. wassched, 

49/34 5 wossche, 231/26 ; pp. 

weschyn, 90/27; wasschen, 96/2 ; 

waschyn, 181/17. 
waspes, gb. pi., wasp, 141/7. 
watyr, sb., water, 2/30. 
wax, sb., wax, 60/4. 
wax, t'., to wax, inf., 23/7 > P r - P^- 

wexyn, 84/26; pt. wax, 8/27; 

waxet, 9/13; wex, 79/1 9. 
wax-candul, sb., wax-candle, 295/2. 
way, sb., way, 9/13. 
way, no, adv. by no means, 4/25 ; 

no wayse, 251/1 1 ; by wayes, 'by 

means,' 21/31. 
waylen, v., to lament ; pt. wayled, 

122/4 '. P r - P- waylyug, 139/ro. 
waylyng, sb , lamenting, 238/17. 
waymentacyon, sb., lamentation, 


wayne, si)., wain, cart, 211/14. 
wayten, v . , to wait ; pt. wayted, 

wed, v., to wed, inf., 38/i6; pt. 

weddyd, 15/21 ; wedde, 94/io; 

pp. weddet, 68/34; ywedded, 

106/13; yweded, 13/3; wedet, 


weddyng, sb., wedding, l/i8. 
wede, sb., garment, dress, 88/3. 
wedlok, sb., wedlock, marriage, 103/7 ; 

wedlocke, 108/13. 
wedow, sb., widow, 16/22 ; wydow, 


wedowhod, sb., widowhood, 230/IO. 
wedryng, sb., weather, 284/33. 
wedyr, sb., weather, 17/32. 
wedyr, sb., wether, 77/29. 
wedys, sb. pi., weed, 253/24. 
weke, *&., week. 163/23 ; wyke, 


weke, sb., wick, 60/4. 
welcom, interj., welcome, 222/23. 
welcomen, v., to welcome ; pt. 

welcomed, 206/12 ; pr. p. wel- 

comyng, 115/2O. 
welde, r., to wield, dominate, rule, 

inf., 196/2 5 . 

weldoers, sb. pi., welldoer, 1/9. 
welewyng, sb., fading away, 


welken, sb. pi., cloud, sky, 160/22. 
well, sb., well, fountain, 14/12; 

walle, 179/1, 180/14, 225/25. 

well, sb., wealth, happiness, 9/29 ; 

wele, 66/15; weyle, 188/13. 
well, adv., well, 1/5 ; wele, 27/23. 
wem, sb., spot, stain, crime, 77/7- 
wench, sb., wench, girl, 201/4. 
wenden, v., to turn, go ; pr. subj. I pi. 

wende, 233/31. 
wene, v., to ween, suppose, inf., 

46/i8; pr. 3 sg. wenyth, 76/23; 

pi. wenyn, 71/22 ; wenej>e, 160/29; 

pt. 2 sy. wenduat, 293/27; 3^. 

wende, 46/12; pi. went, 17/2O ; 

wenden, 80/15; pr. p. wenyng, 


wened, pp., weaned, 16/26. 
Wenfryd, St. : see Wynfrede, St. 
Wennysday, pr. n., Wednesday, 12/3 1 

Wenysday, 40/27 5 Wonnysd'ay, 

70/33 J Wannysday, 252/28 ; 

Wanysday, 149/1 6. 
wepe, v., to weep, inf., 82/34; 

pr. i sg. wepe, 118/14; 3 S 9- 

wepyth, 45/29; pi. wepen, 64/2; 

imp. pi. wepy>e, 122/5 ; pt- 3 *9- 

wepte, 196/19; pi. wepyd, 67/25; 

wepton, 88/23 ; pr. p. wepyng, 

15/34 ;#P- wepte, 229/8. 
wepen, v., to wipe, inf., 188/22 ; 

wepe, 219/31 ; pt. wyput, 178/19 ; 

wepyd, 204/4; P r - P- wypyng, 


wepon, sb., weapon, 228/25. 
wepyng, sb., weeping, 13/26. 
were, sb., pond, 143/15. 
weren, v., to wear ; pt. wered, 40/2 1 ; 

werd, 197/32. 
werk, sb., work, 116/33. 
werkeday, sb., working-day, 102/36. 
werkemen, sb. pi., workman, 39/9. 
werne, v., to refuse, deny, inf., 

148/u ; pr. $sg. warneth, 153/27. 
werre, sb., war, 22/15; warre, 

werren, v., to make war, fight, werredyn, 44/13. 
wery, sb., weariness, 180/24. 
wery, adj., weary, 79/19. 
west, sb., west, 294/28. 
Westmynster, pr. n., Westminster, 


wete, adj. (sb.\ wet, 191/22. 
weuen, v., to weave ; pr. p. weuyng, 

246/2 3 . 

wexyng : see vexing, 
wey, sb., balance, scale, 221/4- 
weyen, v., to weigh ; pt, weyit ; 

221/ 4 . 


Mirk'tt Festicd 

weymen : see woman. 

wharto, adv., what for, for what 

reason, 209/14- 

what, pron.,what,10/i6;whad, 33/19- 
whatsoeuer, pron., whatsoever, 


whech, wheche : see whych. 
whele, *b., wheel, 134/19- 
whelpes, sb. pi., whelp, 95/9- 
when, conj., when, 4/4; qwhen, 

178/33 ; wan, 290/2 9 . 
whene : see qwene. 
wher, adv., where, 4/29. 
wheraboutes, adv., whereabout, 


wherby, adv., whereby, 195/8. 
whereuer, conj., wherever, 302/7. 
wherfor, adv., wherefore, 1/7- 
wheorf, adv., whereof, 4/14. 
wherwyth, adv., wherewith, 231/3. 
wheryn, adv., wherein, 121/2. 
whete, sb., wheat, 13/14. 
whej>er, pron. and conj., whether, 

which of both, 7/1. 
whethyr, adv., whither, 16/5 

whydyr, 211/15. 
whippys, sb. pi., whip, 219/21. 
whisperyng, sb., whispering, 279/32. 
whosoo, pron., whoso, 28/32. 
whosoeuer, pron., whosoever, 111/22. 
why, conj., why, 5/i8 ; qwhy, 54/1. 
whych, pron. (adj.\ which; whech, 

3/i i ; wyche, 296/14. 
whyle, sb., while, time, 65/3 ; why 11, 

125/I 4 . 
whyll, conj., while, 5/7 ; whyles, 

13/7 ; *yl, 293/7 ; whyllys, 41/io ; 

whil, 193/20. 
whyll : see wyll. 
whyrlwynde, sb., whirlwind, 276/29; 

whyrlyng-wynde, 138/4- 
Whyssentyde, sb., Whitsuntide, 39/8 ; 

Wytsontyde, 253/IO. 
whyt, adj., white, 154/1 1 ; qwyte, 

Whytchirch, pr. n., Whitechurch, 

244/i 5 . 
whyt- mete, sb., food prepared with 

milk, 84/7- 
Whitsonday, pr. n., Whitsunday, 

Whytson-euen, pr. n., Whitsun-eve, 


wikytdoers, sl>. pi., misdoer, 1/n. 
wlatfull, adj., disgusting, 47/3- 
wlaton, r., to feel disgubt, inf., 

4 7/5- 

woch, sb., wall, 181/9, 192/21, 


wod, sb., wood, 16/35." 
wod, adj., mad, furious, 8/27; wood, 


wod-honey, sb., wood-honey, 1 84/30. 
Wodward, Syr Thomas, pr. n., Sir 

Thomas Woodward, a priest, 


woke, adj., weak, feeble, 196/25- 
wolfe, sb., wolf, 175/30. 
Wolstan, St., pr. n., St. Wulfstan, 

wolward, adj., clothed in wool, 

43/35- ^ 
woman, so., woman, 7/2 1; womon, 

6/30 ; w;oymon, 187/5 > womman, 

291/3 ; pi. woymen, 1/5 ; weymen, 

6/3; wymen, 23/17; wymmen, 

59/29 ; women, 297/19; womman, 


wombe, sb., womb, belly, 88/24. 
won : see one. 
woiid, sb., wound, 18/17- 
wonden, v., to wound; pt. wondyd, 

186/19; pp. ywonded, 43/12; 

wonded, 62/29. 

wondyr, sb., wonder, surprise, 18/26. 
wondyr, v., to wonder ; pt. wondyr, 

54/29 ; wondyrt, 249/3 ; pr. p. 

wondryng, 251/2O. 
wondyr- (in comp.\ very, 25/23. 
wondyrfull, adj., wonderful, 20/14. 
wondyrly, adv., marvellously, 276/24. 
wone, *b., custom, habit, 79/19. 
wone, v., to dwell, inf., 145/8 ; pt. 

wonet, 145/19. 
wone : see one. 
wont, adj., accustomed, 133/12; 

ywont, 113/34- 

wonte, v., to want, inf., 169/33- 
woo, sb., woe, 4/2i ; wo, 28/24. 
worch, v., to work, do, inf., 125/3 1; 

P r - 3 g ff> worcheth, 20/13 ; pt. 3 sg. 

wroght, 30/25 ; pi. wrojton, 

208/30 ; pr. p. worchyng, 57/8 ; 

?p. ywroght, 14/21 ; werkyd, 

worchyng, sb., working, 164/5- 

worde, *b., word, 16/9. 

world, sb., world, 1/2 1. 

worldly, adj., worldly, 24/3O ; 

wor[l]dely, 12/27. 
wormes, sb. pi., worm, 49/35- 
worschip sb., worship, honour, 

worschip, v., to worship, 6/5; pr. I sg. 

Glossarial Index 


worschippe, 8/33 ; pL worschip, 
115/26; worschepon, 260/19 ; wor- 
schipen, 171/25 ; worschypyth, 
252/3 ; imp. pi. worschyppeth, 
173/29; worschyppet, 175/12; 
pt. 3 sg. worschepyd, 77/i ; 
pi. worschepen, 23/4; worschipet, 
225/34 5 PP- worschypped, 21/6 ; 
worscheput, 165/19; worschypud, 

worschypfull, adj., worshipful, 88/15. 
worschypyng, sb., worshipping, 


worse, adj., worse, 72/22. 
worsont, pp., worsted, rendered 

worse, 112/7. 
worst, adj., worst, 145/28. 
wortes, sl\ pi., root, herb, 188/17. 
worth, adj., worth, 86/20. 
wor>y, adj., worthy, 86/25. 
worthen, v., to become ; pr. 3 sg. 

worthe, 295/12. 
woryet, pp., worried, 189/23. 
wossche : see wasche. 
woymen : see woman. ' 
wrach, sb., vengeance, punishment, 


wrasteler, $&., wrestler, 94/29. 
wrastelyng, sb., wrestling, 61/31. 
wrastyll, r., to wrestle, inf., 94/31 ; 

pt. wrasteled, 94/19. 
wrecche, adj., wretched, 47/9. 
wrecchet, adj., wretched, 66/28. 
wreche, sb., wretch, wretched person ; 

wryche, 2/6 ; pi. wreches, 81/i I. 
wreke, v., to wreak, avenge, inf., 

20/12; imp. sg. wreke, 88/24; 

pp. wroken, 162/14. 
wrengen : see wryngen. 
wresten, v., to wrest, twist; pt. 3 sg. 

wrast, 9/2. 

wre]>e, sb., wreath, 118/15. 
wrong, sb., wrong, 5/1. 
wrongfully, adv., wrongfully, 13/28. 
wroth, v. } to make wroth, become 

wroth, inf., 66/24 ; pt. 3 sg. 

wrajmt, 118/io; pi. wrajwden, 

29/i 9 . 

wroj>e, adj., wroth, angry, 4/26. 
wryche: see wreche. 
wiyde : see ryde. 
wry en, v., to turn; pr. pi. wryeth, 

wryngen, v., to wring, twist, press ; 
pr. 3 sg. wrengyth, 20/24 ; pt. 3 tg. 
wrong, 205/27; pr. p. wryngyng, 

wryte, v., to write, inf., 6/25; 
pr. I sg. wrytte, 264/1 1 ; pi. 
wrytyjje, 117/6; pt. 3 sg. wrot, 
82/30 ; pi. wryton, 135/29 ; wryt- 
ton, 232/14; PP- wrytten, 84/24; 
wryton, 102/22 ; wrytte, 801/27. 
wryter, sb., writer, 301/12. 
wrythen, v., to wreathe, twist; 

pt. pi. wrythen, 121/36. 
wrytyng, sb., writing, 231/ic. 
wych, sb., witch, 147/12. 
wychecraft, sb., witchcraft, 18/35. 
wyckednesse, sb., wickedness, 52/31 ; 

wykednesse, 53/2O. 
wyde, adj., wide, 196/23. 
wydow : see wedow. 
wyf, sb., wife, 8/20. 
wyked, adj., wicked, 7/2 1 ; wykked, 

30/18; wekyd, 222/7. 
wyld, adj., wild, 67/io. 
wyldernes, sb., wilderness, 175/5. 
wyle, sb., wile, trick, 64/34. 
wylfully, adv., wilfully, 149/28. 
wyll, sb., will, 21/i6. 
wyll, v., to will ; pr. I sg., wyll, 5/6 ; 
wil, 289/7; 2 gy. woll, 31/22; 
wold, 54/10 ; wyll, 92/5 ; wylt, 
234/32 ; wolt, 239/2 ; 3 sg. woll, 
1/20 ; wyll, 2/3 ; pi. wil, 299/ 3 3 ; 
pt. I sg. wold, 9/31 ; 2 gg. woldyst, 
17/26; 3 sg. wold, 6/35; pi. 
wolden, 8/5 ; wold, 4/17. 
wylles, my, adv., with my will, 


Wylliam J>e Conqueror, pr. n., Wil- 
liam the Conqueror, 17/1 8. 
wylne, v., to desire, inf., 103/12; 
pr. 3 sg. wylnyfe, 151/1 8 ; pi. 
wollnoth, 285/30 ; pt. pi. wyl- 
net, 48/13; pr. p. wylnyng, 

Wylschyre, pr. n., Wiltshire, 242/a8. 
Wylton, pr. n., Wilton, 248/32. 
wymen : see woman, 
wynden, v., to wind; pt. 3 sg. wonde, 

126/i 5 . 

wyndow, sb., window, 12/33. 
wyndys, sb. pi., wind, 150/2O. 
wyne, sb., wine, 20/25. 
wyne-potte, sb., wine-pot, 108/26. 
Wynfrede, St., pr. n., St. Winifred, 
177/24 ; Wenefryde, 101/2 ; Wen- 
frede, 179/7. 

wyngys, sb. pi., wing, 172/8. 
wynne, v., to win, inf., 104/17; 
pt. pi. wonen, 135/22 ; pp. woneii, 
7/9 ywonou, 116/31. 


Mirk's Festial 

wynon, v., to winnow, throw, inf., 


wyntyr, si. pi., winter, 6/23. 
wyntyrs-day, sb., winter-day, 39/33. 
wysdom, sb., wisdom, 32/22. 
wyse, sb., wise, manner, 20/2O. 
wyse, adj., wise, 10/22. 
wyth, prp., with, 1/13 ; wyt, 101/H. 
wythall, adv., withal, 86/28. 
wythdraw, v., to withdraw, inf., 

96/21 ; pr. 3 sg. wythdrawyth, 

149/21; ]A. 3 sg. wythdrogh, 

42/29; pi. wythdrogh, 265/1 1; 

pp. wythdrawen, 266/14. 
wythen-tre, *&., willow, 174/13- 
wythout, p rp., without, 4/ T 9 > 

wythouten, 5/u ; wytheouten, 


wythout, adv., outside, 20/i6. 
wythout-forth, adv., without, from 

outside, 72/28. 
wythyn,2rp., within, 4/24; wythinne, 

290/17; wythynn, 56/i6. 
wythyn-forthe, adv., within, 24/3. 
wytnes, sb., witnes, testimony, 

27/14; wyttenes, 79/u. 
Wytson-weke, pr. n., Whitsun-week, 

wytte, sb. } wit, intelligence, mind, 

wytte, v., to know, inf., 48/26 ; wete, 

138/14; wyte, 178/17; wyton, 

292/16 ; pr. i sg. wot, 7/14 ; 3 sg. 

wot, 47/15; pi. wyte, 297/21; 

wetyj>, 160/30 ; wyttu>e, 279/11 ; 

imp. sg. wyt, 9/8 ; pt. i sg. wyst, 

94/8 ; 3 eg. wyst, 7/i. 
wyttyng, sb., information, ll/g. 
wytyng, adj., witting, knowing, 


y : see I. 

y-. For many forms with the prefix 

y- Bee the simple forms, 
ych, adj., each, 5/i6 ; vche, 3/io. 
ydeotes, sb. pi., idiot, uneducated 

person, 160/1 1. 
ydull, adj., idle, vain, 67/4; idul > 

169/3 4 . 

ydylnes, &., idleness, vanity, 2/8. 
Yerlond : see Eirlond. 
yerne, sb., iron, 80/24 ; eyron, 

219/7; yern, 238/9 ; pl> yens, 

69/32 ; yerns, 210/33. 

yfere : see ynfere. 

yftes : see jift. 

yfuiTed, adj., furred, 40/2. 

ygnorance, sb., ignorance, 66/33. 

yle, sb., isle, 260/8. 

ylle, sb., hard skin, 140/5. 

ymage, sb., image, picture, 14/22. 

ymagen, v., to imagine, inf., 171/27- 

ymaginacion, sb., imagination, 


ymbres, sb., embers, 254/1O. 
Ymbryng-dayes, pr. n,, Ember-days, 


yn, sb., house, 281/19. 
;., in, 

yn, prp, and adv., in, into, within, 

yncarnacyon, sb., incarnation, 22/11, 

Ynde : see Inde. 

yndygnacyon, sb. t indignation, 

ynfere, adv., together, 8/4 ; yfere, 

9/17; ifere, 48/i6; infere, 291/2. 
ynfbrmacyon, sb., information, 230/2O. 
Ynglis, adj., English, 299/17. 
ynhabiten, v., to inhabit; pt. 3 sg. 

ynhabit, 239/26. 
ynnocens, sb., innocence, 68/5. 
ynobedyens, sb., disobedience, 119/32. 
ynogh, adv., enough, 4/14; ynow, 

89/2 ; ynoch, 220/4. 
ynpaciens, sb., inpacience, 70/17. 
ynpossybull, adj., impossible, 230/15- 
ynstrument, sb., instrument, 269/33- 
ynstude, adv., instead, 30/io; ynsted, 

117/16; ynstyd, 183/32. 
ynto, prp., into, 1/8. 
ynwardly, adv., inwardly, 47/2 ; 

ynwartly, 272/31. 

ynwyth, adv., within, innerly, in- 
wardly, 196/4- 
you, pron., you, 5/6. 
your, p row., your, 5/6; joure, 173/3O. 
youris, pron., yours, 248/5 '> youres, 

284/ 4 . 
ys : see hys. 
yse, sb., ice, 166/8. 
ytamet, pp., singed, hurt, 276/3- 
yuory, sb., ivory, 174/3. 

Jakary, pr. n., Zacharias, 183/31. 
jarde, sb., yard, fagot, 40/28 ; jerde, 

44/5 5 3earde, 221/3O. 
$e,pron., ye, you, 1/5. 
3e, adv., yea, 88/31; 3s, 92/9; 

3ey, 113/31 ; see, 169/12 ; seus, 

252/i 4 . 
jeate, sb., gate, 10/n ; jate, 147/ip- 

Glossarial Index 


3ebede, pr. ., Zebedee, 215/35. 
3ebel, pr. n., Tebel, midwife to the 

Holy Virgin, 23/8. 
3eesyt : see esyd. 
jef : see yf. 

3efture, sb., gift, 284/35. 
3eght : see eght. 
3eld, 17., to yield, inf., 123/4 > P r - 3 

sg., jeldyth, 84/27 ; imp. sg. selde, 

14/io; pt. 3 sg. jeld, 140/25; pi. 

joldyn, 144/15. 
3elle, v., to yell, shout, scream, tn/., 

5/34 5 P r - P- Sellyng, 223/2Q. 
jellyng, sb., yelling, shouting, 


jende : see ende. 
Seonien, r., to yawn; jpf. jeonet, 

200/31 ; pr. p. jeonyng, 4/30. 
3ere, sb., year, 44/29. 
Serne, adj. and adv., eager, willing, 


3erthe : see erj>e. 
jet, adv., yet, 6/28; 3eet, 187/34; 

3it, 289/21. 
3eten : see ete. 
3euen, r., to give, inf., 21/i8; 3if, 

10/2 ; jef, 20/6 ; 3yue, 

pr. i gg. 3eue, 43/13; 3ef, 223/1 1 ; 

3 sg. seueth, 23/17 ; pi. 3eue]>e, 

157/26; euen, 263/21; imp. sg. 

3yf, 172/20; pt. 3 sgr. gaf, 6/15; 

3aue, 80/15 ; jef, 156/25 ; 3 eaf, 

220/6; af, 231/2 3 ; pi. gaf, 4/5; 

;euen, 273/1 1 ; pr. p. jeuyng, 4/6 ; 

pp. 3eue, 4/15 ; 3 euen, 15/33 ; 

geven, 43/13. 

jeynestonde, v., to oppose, inf., 27/2O. 
3ift, sb., gift, 156/22; jeft, 169/14; 

pi. yftes, 4/23 ; eftys, 158/6. 
3oken, v., to yoke; imp. pi. 3okyn, 

211/13 ; pp. seokyn, 211/2O. 
3olow, adj., yellow, 84/26, 
3onde, adv., yonder, 6/12. 
3ondyr, adj., yonder, 39/36. 
3ong, adj., young, 7/1 1 J 3ung, 

291/34 ; Seong, 8/4. 
Borebabell, pr. n., Zorebabel, a 

soldier, 287/10. 
3oskyng, sb., sobbing, 84/27. 
3oure, pron., your, 289/9. 
3ouJ)e, sb., youth, 11/3O. 
3 us : see 30. 


OV i .,. 

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