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■. 1 


^ a»?,'3>'e>^ I 



Containing z Variety of 



Natural and Civil Hiftory, Geography, 
Mathematics, Poetry, Memoirs of monthly Oc- 
currences, Catalogues of new Books, &r. 


By Benjamin Martin. 


Printed and fold by W. Owen, near Temple-Bar^ and 
by the Author, at his Houfe in Fktt-ftrieU 

Mifcellaneous Correfpondence, 

in Profe and Verfe. 

For -JANU ARY, 1761. 

/ Vim faViitrid Unib ibt feSnoing Theory, fy an ingtniaut and leanud 
Frimda Warehun> ftm* Tears age. 

jf Dtmmjlralitm titU tit Mtm fag*i, M lit Timt of Ctiyunahiii ftrtb*rfiam the 
San, iban a right lini, drarwn itt-unxt fwa afili Plata, takea, ant befirt anil 
tit Bibir afitr thi CtMJknSitM, and ejid^fiant fhm it, 

LET S be the Sun ; E tbe Bartb'i -~ 

Place Rt the Time of Conjuoc- 
tioD t T and R two other Place) of 
it at an equal Diftance before and af- 
ter CoDJunaion ; L. /, two Placet 
of the Moon at the fame Timet. 
Join TR and L/, vbA. from /draw 
li perpendicular to T R 1 draw alfo 
S E, cutting T R ard L/ in n and 

«; and from T and R drawTU f 

and R u parallel to S E, and e(]ual 
to T L and R / ihc Moon'i Di- 
Ranee from the Earth : Then will 
\5 and ■ reprefcnC ibe Places where 
the Moon wonid be, if it did not 
revolve round the Earth, when 
the Earth was in T and R, and 
the Angles UTL and a R/ wiU rc- 
prefent the Angles which the Moon 
defcribes round ihe Earth while ike 
Earth defaibes the Arch» T E and 
E R. Then befaufe S E is perpen. 
dicular to TR, uR is fo too, and 
the Angle / R i is the Complement of 
kR/, a»the Angle SRt is of RS •: 
Put now S R 1 . D, R / =: y, r = 
Radins, C = Co-fine of the Ancle 
RS», f = Co-fineoftheAngJe«R/, 
or R //, and V and -u, their verfed 
Sines : Thim in the Tringle R S «, 

4 G » .^ 



592 Mifcellaneoui Correfpondence^ 

r : D : : C : S » ; and in the Triangle R I i, r : ii : : c : It r= tr. n .•. S « = 

; mm zz — .-.Sm= ; But the Moon s Diitancc from tn 

r r r 

Sun in the Cor.junclion i& equ;:I to D — d\ from which fubtra^^ing 

_ . Dr — DC — ^r4-^r T>V — d'U . __ - 

there remains = =r the Diitancc iroj] 

r r 

the Point mthat the Moon pafTcs in the ConjunAion, and if this is afiirmativ 

the Moon paifes further from thcSun» than the Line L /: But the verfcd Sine 

are always as the Squares of the Sines of half the Arches, and die Sines o 

infinitely fmall Arches are as the Arches themlclves ; therefofc the verfet 

Sineb of infinitely fmall Archer are as the Squares of half the Arches, or 3 

the Squares of the Arches themfelvcs : But the Arches which the Earth de 

fcribcs aie to thofe uhich the Moon dcfcribcs with the fame Radius a 

I : 13,36881, and their Squares as 1 : \^%,-;zy)<^\ therefore V : v;: 

: 1 78. 7241)9: Uuc D ; </: : 337.5 : I, and compounding the Ratios, D^ 

DV — ^1/ 
•: d'v :: 337.5 : 178.7:499 .'. D V is greater than d'v^ and 1 

affirmative when the Arches are infinitely fmall ; but when they have an; 

fcnfiblc Magnitude, V and «i- approach nearer to a Ratio of F quality, am 

V : «L' : : I is to a lefs Ciuantity than 17^.72499; therefore D V : d<v : 

337.5 is to a lefs Quantiry than 178.72499 ; thereibreD V is always greate 

D V — ^^ 
than d^Vy and always affirmative ; and confequently the Moon 

In Ccnjundlion with the Sun, always pafTes farther from the Sun than th< 
Line L/, wherefoever it is taken. J!^ E. D. 

Cor, I. The foregoing Ratio of 1 : 178.72499 (hews the greateft poffiblt 
Proportion of the Moon's Dillance from the Earth 'to the Earth's Diftanc 
from the Sun, in which the Concavity of the Moon's Path to the Suii wil 

be maintained, their periodical Times remaininc the fame: And i : ^^337. 
is the leart poffible Proportion of the Arch whicn the Earth can defcribe t< 
that which the Moon dcfcribcs in the fame Time v«^ith the (ame Radius, ti 
maintain the Concavity of the Moon's Path to the Sun. 

Ccr, IL Making D the Rail i us for V, and ^ the Radius for «r, 


will be the Difference of the Sagitt/r or verfcd Sines which the Earth ant 

Moon, each defcribe in their own Orbits. 

Cor. in. Makinor D and «/to exprefs the Ratio of the Diftances ofyupife 

or Saturn from the Sun, and of any of their Satellites from them, and V am 

-i; the Ratio of the Squares of the Arches which the primary Planet defcribe 

round the Sun, and which the Secondary defcribes round the primary Plane 

with the fame Radius, it will be cafy to determine whether the Path of th< 

fecondary PLinets arc concave to the Sun In Conjunction with it. 

When the Moon is in Oppofition to the Sun, theExpreffion — — — 


will become . lam. Sir, Tour*s^ (f^c. 

S. Reader 

fc Mathematicai 

j« P R O S E and VERSE. 


Mathematical Questions Anfwered. 

^eftim 305, mfwertd by Mr. T. Robinfon, the Profofer. 


LET P reprtfcnt the Port in 
N. Latitude the two Shtjn 
are aty A and B the two Port« on 
the Equinodial bound to \ then 
by 33 Euc, 3. make an Angle of 
%^ 48' at A and,B, being theNum- 
ber of Degrees the given Angle 
exceeds 9o<', and draw the Lines 
B E and A E, and £ P Radiofes 
of the Semi-drde A P B, let 
fall the PerpendiioJar £ F which 
divides the given Line A B into 
two equal Parts, draw E D pa- 
rallel to A B and produce the Perpendicular PC to D. Then 
given the Angle at A — 8° 48', A F — ^$.ft%$ Leagues, ptr 
z= 66,41; alfo, EFzrCDziio.iS, and 10.164-50 = 60.16 

y/.p El — r D» =:ED=zCI = a8.i»5, and 65.625 + 28. 
«^' B = 37»5o. Again /rr Euc^-j, and i. and.TrigonoHietryy 
620 16' Weftcrley 1 06 :»5 Leagues, the fecond Ship's Courfe 



— -^ 


in the Triangle A E F Is 
Trigonometry B B = P E 
=: PD .-. by£«f^47, 1. 

125 = 91.75 = A O, and 

the firft Ship's ConKe is S. 

8. 360 52' Eaftcrly 62.5 

^stbit S^uefilon wax wrong priutid, (viz. 13 Leagues inftiad of 131,) itwat iwipojftle 

J9r others to anjiver it, 

^uejiion 306, Anfwered by Mr,T. Scott, ^Cawthornc* 

THE Sun's Declination for that Time being. V2<^ North, fuhtrad it from the Sur\'s 
meridian ^titude, leaves 38^ for the Complement of Latitude ; therefore (he Lati- 
tude is 52^ ; then to find the Point of the CompaHt the Sun fet on that Day, it will be as 
tl>e Co- fine of Latitude : to Radius : : Sine of Sun's Declination : 19® 44' from the Weft 

This Sluejiion was alfo anftoerrd by Mr, Thomas Adams, tbi Propoftr, 

^eftion 307, anfwered by Mr. Tho. Barker. ^ 

PUT tf zr 10 rz Circle's Radius, andx=:AE = DE Q 
=: E F, then x \/*l=: A D ir A F, whence x ^ %\ 

— jf :^ 4, then x zz , z= 24^11546 nearly. •» 

V 2 — I *^ 

"Whence AD 1= A F zi 34.1 546 ; and B D =:, B E =: 
17.0773. Again, A 0=125.61595 := Parabola's Abf. 
and B C = CD s: 8.53865 j whence A G =1 29.578 i: 
Ordinate, &(. 

ir ~1M| MT^ I __ 

A G P 

^hh Siuefilon was aifo anfwered by Mr. T, Todd, tbt Propojer, Otber Answers were 
received^ imt not right. 


S^uejlim 308, Anfwered by Mr. T. Walker, the Propofer. 

UT * :z Number of Sheep ; then — « + 49f and ^ Jv -^ 49 «rc fquare Numbers, 

27 27 

whofe Roots are the Shillings apiece the Sheep in each refpedive Parcel Q^l dVSswcvX. 
Valuej tbo* equal Number) colt. 

4O % ^^^ 

Mifcellaneous Corre^ndeace, 


Bat, a fquare Number, multiplied by « fquare Number, produces a fquare Number. 
The Expreffions, being multiplied refpeOively by 9 and 4, two fquare Numbers^ will bo 

^ — X 4* 441 > and — ;!P — 106, whofe Different is 617. 
aj . 27 ^ ■* 

To find two fquare Numhers having that Difference, 
RuLK. Refolve ibe giveti Difference into any two FaAor^ » tben the Half-fum, and 
Half-«Jifference of tbofe Favors will be the Sides of the Squares having the Difference 


: 637 = 13 X 49 = 7 X 91. Therefore, liiLI? 12 31, and ^ ^ = 18, 



will be the Sides of the Squares : Confequently, rr x 4- 49 x 9 =T"1* \ and — * — 49 
^ 4 =;7v)^ ; from either of which E^DatiooSi x =1 65, the Number of Sheep : andj 


nfequently, ?! ^ 65 + 49 zz — 5 and 51 x 65 — 49 = i- j , whofc fquare Rootf 

are ^ and — - or 10 x. 4^/. and 9 x. the Sheep coft apiece, in each Parcel of 65 : Whence 

3 i 

65 X 10 s. 4</. z: 33/. IIS. %d, one Parcel cod. And 1S5 x 9«* =29/. 51. tiie other 

Parcel cod. 

Tbii SMiion was alfo anfwered by Mr, T. Barker, -r— Mr, F. Stewarrffon, Mr. Jtffcry, 
atd Mr/%Cottt take Notice, that tit t ^eHicn tvat frofofed by Mr, Bevil, in //><- Ladies 
Diary, 1751, and anfwered by the Propofer, lyca. It is Orange, that after fo 

pany repeated Admonitions, any Perfon fltopld be guilty of Pla^rifm. 

New Questions to be anfwered. 

Queftipn 317. 
By Mr. D. Haftings, at Alnwi<:k. 

A Ship from a Forty in Latitude 50^ 30' 
t\. North, failing between the South and 
Well, falls .in with 3kt> IJland, after failing 
one Day 16 Hours j and upon Examination, 
^nds the Produ£l of her Diiiance apd Diffe- 
rence of Latitude zi 20C0 Leagues j foine 
Time after, another Slyp fet fail from a Fort 
pnder the fiime Meridian, arrives at the faid 
ifland, at the fan)eTime, finds h$r Courie 
to be equ^. to the Complement of the for- 
mer SAiip*», and her Depanure zz 30 Leagiies. 
iQuery each Ship*s Courfe, Diflance failed, 
^nd Difference of Latitude ; with the Diffe- 
rence in Tim^ of their fetlKng out, fuppo- 
fmg them to have failed at equal Rates ^ 

Queftion 318. 

By Mr. T. Todd, ^/ Weft- Smith- 

THE Income of a Gent1etpan*s Eftate 
heing 1/. at the End of i Day j ^i at- 
the End of a Days ; 9/. at the End of 3 
pays 5 16/. at (tie End of 4 Days, &c» for 

jin Eternity to come, which he would dif- 
pofe of for an Equivalent in ready Money, 
and allow the Purchafer 5/. fen Cent, per 
jinnnm^ compound Intereft, and thinks 
bimfelf obliged to any Perfon who tells bim 
the Sum. 

Q^ieftion 319. 
By Mr. T. JefFery, at Ban well. 

REquired the Dimeniiona of the greatef| 
parabolic Conoid that can be infcribed 
m a Globe, whofe Diameter is 4S Inches f 

Q^ieftion 320. 

By Mr. Sam. Beeken, at Thorney 
. Abby. 

ACopper-fmith fold a Concave Globe of 
Copi>er (at it. ^d, per Cubic Inch) 
the outfide Diameter of which was 33 In- 
ches, and its Immerfion was | when in 
comnKM) Water (he not being a Man of Fi- 
gurts) .from hence dtfircB to know the Value 



in PROSE and VERSE. S9S 

at Newport, in Chc&ire, by Mr* Talbot. 

' " AfpamiTimt. 

01 4p The Stscc r flft was occulted by thcMooiiy doobt- 

iul to about 15 Seconds. 
10 25 The EmeriioD exadt to a few Seconds ; Time cor- 
reidled by correfponding Altitudes. 

43 00 Jupitir'*^ firft Satellite emerged, pretty cxadl. 
54 30 The fecond Satellite emerged, good Obfen^atian. 

5 00 Emerfion firft Ditto, pretty exad. 

9 35 EoieFiion of Ditto, very exad. 

32 00 The EdipfeofthcMoofk began, pretty cxa^. 

5 Plato 

35 Arifiarchmi 

7 14 Rtinhoidus ^inrfnerged. 

19 49 N. of Jf. Crifium 

32 14 S. of Ditto 
3 10 .Afifimrthmi 

26 16 Bmffaku alKl MamJtus 

3 1 48 MeniUms ^>^«ir/r*ri 

36 5 fUu^ ■ ^emerged. 

44 52 S, €^ M. Crifium . 
53 26 N. of Ditto 

58 45 The End of the JEclipfc, very nearly. 

36 46 The fecond Satellite emerged, good Obfcrvation. 

33 40 Emerfion firft. Doubtful, being a little Cloudy. 

N, B, From Augufty oar Time was correded by a well aujufted Meridian 

^9 the Author of the General Magazine 0/ Ayltz a0//SciENC£s. 

SINCE I wrote the Account of our aOronomicAl Ohfervation^, your Mafi:<izine came ; 
in which there are inferted two difTcrent Obfcrvattons of the Ufl MoonN EcHpfe, and 
as they and we differ too much in our Obfcrvariont for a i^ood Aftronomcc to be reconciled, 
I thought proper to add ritis foUowinf^ Supplement to our Obfervarions. 

A% it proved clear both the preceding Days of the Eclipfe, at Noon, I took great Care 
to fet and adjufl a very good Regulator that a very ingenious Watch and Clock- maker 
keeps, and a good Eight-day Clock of IVTr. y. P. H*i, which } alfo compared half an 
Hour before the Edipfe began, and found them to a Second together to the Time, and I, 
and Mr.y. P, fj, and the Watch-maker, all a^ree^l to a Second, that the Beginning, at 
Newport, was predfely at 31' pad 7, (it cert^iinly is difficult to dettrmine the Beginnint; 
or End of a lunar EcUpfe to a Second or two] it waft extreamly clear during the Edipfe, 
and the End was obferved between 9h 58' i» and 9h 59' certainly, to that the Duration 
did not exceed ah 17' at mod. while your Correfpondenr, Mr. R, fViiddington, makes it 
ah 39', too much by two Minutes or two and a Qunter, and he mud certainty be out of 
the Time at Beginning, orelfe our Maps are extreamly bad ; as for bis faying hlr,M(yer*$ 
(as he calls him} Tables erring 4' 30'' at Middle, I make them err but 1'. 

The other Obfervation, by Mr, Mafiings, is certainly wrong, both Beginning and End, 
as may eaftly be feen by comparing it with otlier Obfcrvations } he making the Duration 
but ah 19' 50". 

I hope the above Gentlemen. will not take this am'fs, as it is Truth we ought to get 
M near as we. can, and if any Midake or Ovei fight Hiould prove in my Works« I hope 
that they, or any other of your Correfpondents, will bcfo kind as ro inform me of it, by 
the (ame Means, i am, Sir, Tours ^ (sfc, 

Newport, Jan, J ^, 1761, B. TAtiOT. 































Mifcelkneoui Correfpondence, 

CakuUitM and DeUneatim if the Eclipfe cf ifie Monn that wiB happen the 
j8/Ao/May, i-jbit frin tbtlabUs puSliflxd fry Ordtr af the Aiadtmy 
rfSciaua at Pari*. By Whittoniensis. 

«o ifi io7 

Motm't LitUnde it the Beginning, Middle, Jnd End of the Xclipic. 

P Ditto It 'he M'uMIe 
r Ditto it Ihe Emeifion 
N Ditto It the End — 



Fir tie MiriJian »/ London, tftal Time. 
May Ig, il i 

End o( Eclipfe 

Durilion of total DirkncTi 

DurjrionofEeliijfi; — 

Digits tcUpfcd ~- 

»« P R O S E and VERSE. 


January i, 1761. 
This Day was perfurmed before his Majefty, 
the following Ode for the New- Year, written 
by William Whitehead, Efq; Poet-Laurrat, 
and fet to Mufic by Dr. Boyce, MaAer of the 
King's Band of Muficians. The vociil Parts 
by MeiT. Beard, Savage, Baildon, Co<<per, 
Wafs, Cox, Barrow, I^dd, Vandeman, Den- 
ham, Bufwell, Hudfon, Cofter, Wanen, and 
the Children of the Chapel Royal: The In- 
ftnsinental by Dr, Nares^ the Gentlemen of 
the Band, &c. 


OTILLmuft theMufe, indignant, bear, 
^ The clanging trump, the ratling car. 
And (i(her in each opening year 

With groans of death) and founds of war f 
0*er bleeding millions realms oppre(i*d. 
The tuneful mourner finks diihefs^d. 

Or breathes but notes of woe : 
And cannot Ga//ia learn to melt. 
Not feel, what Britain long has felt 

^or her infulting foe > 
Amidft her native rocks fecure. 

Her floating bulwarks hovering round, 
l^hat can the fca-girt realm endure, 

What dread through all her v. at*t;y bound ? 
Great queen of ocean, (he defies 
All,' but the power who nilcs the Ik'.cs, 

And bids the ftorms engage : 
Infierior foes are dafh'd, ajid loft. 
As breaks the white wave on her co.iH, 

Confum'd in idle rage. 
For alien forrows heaves her grn'rcns breall. 

She proffers peace to eafe a nvaPi pain, 
Her crowded ports, her fields in picnry dttR, 

Blefs the glad merLh<:ut, and it/ inviuil:;ous 
Do blooming youths in battle fall ? 
True to their fame the funeral urn we raife j 
And thoufands at the glorious call, 
Afpire to equal praife. 

A N T I S T R O P H E. 
Thee, glory, thee through climes unknown 

1'he* adventurous chief with zeal purfues. 
And fame brings back from every zone, 

Frefh Siubjc6^s for the Britijh Muff. 
Tremendous as th' ill omcn'd bird 
To frighted France, thy voice was heard 

From Mindenz •echoing towers : 
O'er Bijcay^ roar thy voice prcvaiFd : 
And at thy word the rocks wc fcal«'d. 

And Canada is ours. 
O potent queen of every breafl-. 

That aims at Praife by virti:oiK deeds, 
Where'er thy influence ihines rcnfeft 

The hero atls, the ev^nt luccec<!s. 
But ah, muft glory only bear, 
B^ona like, the vengeful Sf e r ? 
To fiU her mighty Aiix.d 

Muft bulwarks fall, and Cities fUunCy 
And is hor ampleft field of fame 
The mtferies of mankind ? 
On ruins pile'd, on ruins mufl fhe nfk^ 

And lend her rays to gild her fatal throne } 
Muft the qiild power, who melts in vernal 
fiy thunders only make his godhead knbwn ? 
No, be the omen far away. 
From yonder pregnant cloud a kinder glean^ 
Tho* faintly fhruggling into day. 
Portends a happier Tbone. 

E P d D E. 

And who is he of regal mien* 

Reclin'd on Albion i golden fleece, 
Whofe f clifh'd brow and eye fcrene 

Proclaim him elder- bom of Peace ; 
Another Gkokce ! —ye winds, convey 

the aufpicious name from pole to pole : 
Thames, catch the found, and tell the fufcje^l 
Beneath whofe fway, it*s waters roll : 
The hoary monarch ojf the deep. 

Who (ooth'd it's murmurs with a father's 
Doth now eternal fabbath keep. 

And leaves his trident to his blooming heir, 
' ^ O, if the Mufe aright divine, 

Fair peace fhall blefs his opening reign. 
And though it's fjHended pVc^refs fhine 
With every art to grace her train. 
Ti>c Wreaths, fo late by glory won. 
Shall weave their Foli:^e round his throne, 
'Till kings, abafh'd, fhall tremble to be 
And /tli'ioft's dreaded ftrength fecure the world's 

Verses on the demlfe of the late 
Kiftgy and the ylccejfion of his fre^ 
J'ent Majesty, 

f'^Am'd, for his juflice, our late Monarch 
Fam d, for his lenity, all hearts he won. 
Generous, he Buret's liberties maintain 'd ; 
Nor wifh'd for pow'r which rightful laws re- 

Flls mnrtial fire alarm'd the Scheldt xhtMaynei 
And his flrong navies held the watry reign : 
111 ev'ry fcs they Gallia's trade annoy'd ; 
Her coafts they ravag'd, and her fhips de- 

Freed Canada irom her corroding chain. 
And give her blifs beneath a Ijrinjh rcign. 
Wit}» lilory crown'd and years, he I'uddcn fell j 
Hovv much rever'd, let fighing nations tcil ! 
I lib Death furpriz'd ihcm, as whenicud wiiiJs 

And unexpc^ed- gloom c'e C^reSfis the /:cier. 


MifCitlanebui Cofrejpondence^ 

But thy Accc&on, like the folar ray 
Thick clouds difperfing, promised glorious day. 
Wbea final lovt in rtfe^s fott dawn appears. 
Fair is the profpeA for fucceedin^ years. 
How pleased that indiracion in thy yt^uth. 
Where native fweetneis (hone, and ipotlefs 

With each kind impulie Nature ilor*d thy 

That thou might'ft reign the darling of man- 
Yet ihouM the Gaul, informed of this, pre- 
To menace, and his wonted pride refume : 
With hofHle anns invade oar rocky (Irand, 
Swift wou'd thy fuord defend thy native land^* 
Thy late calm fpiiit, thcn» wouM fiercely 

glow J 
Then wduld'il thou hurl doftniftion on the 
So the fame J<n:Cy who bills foft Zfpbyr rife. 
Calls Boreai forth to thunder thro' the ikies. 
Whilft grjcious Nature thus endowed thy 
(Benignant Prince !) -i_. rcmainM the aid of 

She, guided by thy royal Parent's eye. 
Commands : .~. when lu ! uuvcii'd her trea- 

fures lie ; 
Inviting thcc their beauties to explore, 
And take fpontaneous, from th* exhauftlefs 

(How wife thy choice, Etry was forc'd to own, 
Wheji (he, abalh'd, fiiil h«vd thee from the 

throne.*) — ^ 
Th* enraptured Matjex led thee to their fpring, 
And Art, with Nature, fcrm'd the Patriot 
Thus the rich diamond from far IndiVt 
Rereives new fplendor from the artill's haod# 
RaisM to an empire, to thy virtues due, 
. How vaft a fccnc now opens to thy view ! 
By Heaven diredcd, let thy wifdom (hine. 
And prove that earthly kings may fcem di- 
Teaching, thro' love, free fubjefts to obey, 
As o'er thefe realms ihou hold'lt imperial fway ; 
And while thy fubftitutes the parts controul, 
Thine eye fagacious will inl'pe^l tl)e whole. 

So, at one view, Latoaa^B fon fiirvcys 
Millions of objcfls as he (hoots bis rays, 

O bear me (Famy !) 'mid the future years : 
Wing'd with felicity thy reign appears. 
Thy royal parent in her wifhes ble(^: 
Thy rojal brethren of each joy polled. 
Thy fwaias, exulting round their plentieout 

(lore : 
Thy velTels richly fraught frgm ev'ry (hore. 

• Jlis Majtjiyi fir ft Spctcb (9 Pariiametit, 
Tucluay, Nov. iS, 1760, 

Thy naval flag, beneath each (ky unfarl'd. 
Thy pow'r proclaiming to a wond'ring world ; 
Thy brave militia, watching round the coaft ; 
And Thou the Gabriel o'er that (acred hoft. 
Patty extingui.'h'd ; and thy fara'd aliy. 
The Prujpaii, crown'd with lading victory. 
BeIUrta^& rage to Stygian fields confin'd. 
And Peace redor'd in pity to mankind. 
Religion chcri(h'd j revefenc'd the laws ; 
And juftice pleading in the Pauper\ caufe. 
Bad men rejcdled j honeft men employ !d} 
And Property by ev'ry rank cnjoy'd. 
Science and Art, by thy example fir'd, 
Jn honor held ; rewarded, whilft admir'd s 
No flighted Merit fmiting* fad, his breaft j 
No Genius weeping, by dire fate oppreft : 
But all, encourag'd by thy gracious fmile. 
Darting fre(h lullre o'er this envied ifle. — — 
Thus blcft thy reign, (and poets can divine) 
Uluflnous Prince ! what glory will be thine ! 
Thy faithful Britons charm'd, will think they 

Thy Father, or an Alfred, (hine in Thee. 

For George (O Hymen! J weave the rofy 
Lsad forth the royal bride, and join their hands. 
Thro* a long feries may their years extend ; 
And, with expiring time, their lineage end ! 
In ev'ry deed their love to man difplay, 
Dread foes to Rome, and arbitrary fway. 

Paflions, too oft, are feign' d by flattering 
My humble drains fpting, genuine, from the 

With trembling hand, and truth alone in view, 
Thefe artlefs touches from the life 1 drew. 

On the Death of a promifmg young 


Fiiclium tn^s vita, 

WHEN youthful charms areblafled in the 
And rofy beauty finks into the tomb ; 
When all that's fweet in nature cannot fave 
A virtuous fair one from the yawning grave ; 
*Tis chridian and humane for us to (hare 
The deep-felt anguKh of a parent's care. 
Her bofom forrows^ foul-imbitter'd woe. 
Command tKe fympathetic tears to flow. 
So focn, in fpring of life, re(ign'd her breath. 
And dafp'd the fettery cold embrace of death. 
So have I feen the morn's fair regent rife. 
And add new glory to the fmillng (kies ; 
But foon the envious cloud/* obfcur'd his ray. 
And wrapt in fable gloom die rifing day. 
Hence learn, ye fair, prixe not thefe fading 

That pcriih in this gbadly tyrant's arms ; 
Your fmilcs, your boaftedairs, yourfliape.fa 

Your Ully brightncfs, or carnatioD hue : 


in PROSE dnd VEftSfe. 


whch awful death hit banner* doth difplay. 
Your lillies blaft, and all your charms decay. 
Farewel deceptive plrafiires, flattering fchemes. 
Dull noon -tide trances, and delufive dreams ^ 
Approve, before your lateft glafs in run, 
Th* experienced epithet yf Davitts fon, 
Atltbingi at* *vain be wile, add kam to 

Vexation, pain, and trouble dwell below. 
True happinefit, the Chriftian^s glorioui prize, 
Refidet beyond the grave, above the flues. 
Wc ftiuggle here, thro^ a dark thorny way. 
Faint pi^turM life, and vifions of a day. 
Old age is wejry'd toil without repofe. 
And fourfcore years but multiply our woes. 
The world*c a pol, and death the welcome key ^ 
That from all forrows fets the pris'ner free. 
Adieu iniipid land, of low efteem. 
The virtuous foul {>orfues a nobler theme ; 
Religion rifes dreft in hcav*n-bom charms, 
Expells all fears, and viper death dilarms. 
That ftar of BetbPbem points the fliepherd*s 

To bowers of matchlefs blifs and endlefs day : 
Death wafts tts fafe to that Efyjun ftrre, 
Wheie fm-brew*d tempefts ne'er difturb lis 

How happy thofe who leave this troubled ftate 
Before they've felt the hurricanes of fate ? 
As ifew'rs, tt^nfplanted from a barven clime, 
t'lepar'd to flouriih in thofe fields fublime. 
Let none enquire, why thus, at any age. 
Our great Creator calls us off the ftage. 
Can dungeon'd captives fee what's done a- 

Or prifon'd fouls infped the ways of God ? 
Who can unravel his unfeen decrees, 
Or who foretel what providence forefees f 
Who knows what dire difafters are in ftorc, 
What fin-bred monfters lurk at ev'ry door P 
Bur, hark ! feraphic accents ftrike my ear ! 
rm happy : why then fpend the fruitlefs tear ? 
Prepare, in time, to meet th* approaching day, 
I'm gone before to point the rujfged way : 
farewel relations dear, vain world adieu, 
All my untranqoil hours are fled with you ; 
Th* immortal crown is mine, my Saviour 

Mas fully paid my captive ranfom here ? 
Ko4r I enjoy, with him, the blifs above. 
And fing in maniions of eternal love. 
Then thank my gracious God, who let me go 
So young, fo early, from a ftate of woe. 

PROLOGUE iotheEAKt of 


/f^# iy Afr, Mukphy, and fpohe by Mr, 

WHene'er the brave, the gcn'rous, and 
the juft, 
Whcr.e*er the patriot finks to filent duft^ 

The tragic Moie attends the momful jiear^. 
And pays her tribute of immortal verfe. 
Infpir'd by noble deeds, fhe feeks the plain. 
In honoui-'s cadfe, where mighty duefi afe 

And bathes with teats the (bd that wraps the 

And bids the turf lie lightly on his head. 
Nor thiis content, ibe opens death's coU 

And burfts the cearments of the awful tomb 
To caft him up again, — . to bid him live. 
And to the fcene his fbrm and prefence give. 

Thus once fam'd EJfex at her voice appean> 
Emerging from the facred duft df yean. 

Nordeemitnocb, that we cetiaoe to night. 
A tale to which yoa*ve lift'ned with delight. 
How oft of yore> to learned Athens* Eyes 
Did new lEUSirtCs and new PbwJra's rife. 
In France how many iheban monarchs groaHy 
For Laius* blood, and inccft not their own. 
When there new Ipbigenia^ raife the £gh, 
Frcih drops of pity gum from ev'ry eye. 
On the fame theme tho' rival wits appeal'. 
The heart ftiU finds the fympathetic tear. 
If there foft (Mty pour her plenteooi ftosf. 
For fabled kings and empires now no moit } 
Mqch more fliould you from freedom*s gloriotH 

Who ftill inherit all the rights of man i 
Much more fliotfld you with kindred lorrowi 

For your own chief, your own domeiHc woe \ 
Much more a Britijb ftory fhonld impart 
The warxneft Feelings to each Britifi heart. 


H^riiie by Mr, GAaaicic, and fj^kefy Mru 
P R I T c H A a D, in the Cbara^r •fS^eep 

Jr F any here are Brifons, biit in name, 
[ Dead to their country's happinefs and fam<;^ 
et *em depart this moment, ■ ■■ let 'em fly 
My awful prefence, and my fearching eye ! 
No nx)rc your queen, but upright judge T comtf. 
To try your deeds abroad, yout lives at hom^x 
Try you in ev'ry poin', from fmall to great. 
Your wt, laws, /ajbions, val'jur, ckurcbf and 

Search you, as Britons ne'er were fearched be- 

fore : 
O tremble I for you hear the lion roar I 
Since that moft glorious time that here 1 reifjA'd, 
An age an half! wliat have you loft or gain'd > 
Your ivit — whatc'cr your poets fing or fweaf. 
Since Shahfpcares time, is fomcwhat worllb 

fcr wi-ar : 
Your laios ar*; good, your Lawyers good of 
courfc 5 nburce » 

The ftreajiis are fui^v^ ^«w^ n^i&jw «e:w "Ccct. 


.6oo A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

Id gicatcr ftcre tbrreblefTingt now are fent ye: 
Whci-e 1 had one attorney, you bnvc twenty. 
FajLibttx^ ye fair, deferve nor praife nor blame, 
Unlefs they rife as fees to fenfc or (hame ; 
Wear ruffs or gauze — but let your flcUl be fuch. 
Rather to (hew too little than too much : 
As for your t-alour, — here my lips I clofe, 
Let tliofe who bcft have piovM it — fpeak — 

your foes. 
Your morals, church, znd flat e, are ftill behind. 
But foft prophetic fury fills my Mind, 

I fee through, tinic »— behold a youfl^ful hand 

Holding thefceptreof this huppy land ; 

His heaK with juftice, love, an.l Virtue, 


Born amongil Britons, and by Britons taught ; 
Shall make the batking tongues of taction ceafe. 
And weave ;the garland of doroeftic peace. 
Long fliall he reign— no ftorms to beat his breaft. 
Unruly paHions, that diilurb'd my reft. 
Shall live, the blefiings he beftows to (hare ; 
Reap all my glory, but without my care. 

^Chronological Memoir ^Occurrences, 
For JANUARY, 1761. 


£,*traB •/* letter from Lei f fie, Dec, aS. 
«« T T IS PruHian Majeily attends con - 

XjL Aantiy every Morninfc to Bufioefs 
with his General Officers ; and Couriers are 
almoft daily difpatched to one Hlace or otlier, 
v^ith Orders for pufhing on the warlike 
Preparauons, which goon very brifkly, not 
only in thisCountry, but alfo in Branden- 
bourg^d SeliHa. 

** The PruflTians will certainly have a 
glorious Army in the Spring, the Number 
of. Recruits, already raifed, furpaffing aH 
Imagination, and none are inrolled that are 
not very Arong, healthy young Fellows ; of 
this the King is fully fen(ible, and has fpoke 
of it at Table with the gieaiclt Satisfadion. 
'Notwithftanding which, frefli Orders have 
been lately fent toSilcfia, Bcilin, and Ma^- 
<debourg, .for all the Officers to ufe their ut- 
mofl Diligence in the raifing and training up 
of Men forthe Army, his Majefly being de- 
termined to tfcgin his Operations very ear'y . ' ' 

^^g^^i 7<»»» 6. The Charter granted by 
the States General to our £a(l India com- 
pany the Sthof Auguft 7730, for the Term 
of 30 Years, being expired, their High 
Afighrtneffes, by a Piacart ifTued the 31 A of 
laft Month, and fince fent to the refpe^live 
Provinces of the Union, liave judged it pro- 
per to prolong provifionally the faid Charter 
for one Year. 

By the laft Letters from Prince Ferdinand's 
head Quarters at Uflar, of the 29ih paft, we 
have an Account of an AtTair that paflTcd on 
the 23d at HeihgtnfUdc, where Gen. Luck- 
ner, who was polled there with a Corps of 
between 3 and 40CO Men, was attacked hy 
a Body of 10,000 trench under the Cum- 
luand of CuuiiC Bro^liu, The Tovvm b^ iii j 

neatly invefted on all Sides, Gen. Ludkner 
had no other Method of Retteat but by the 
Road that leads to Witzenhaufen, where 
he gained an advanra^reous Eminence, from 
whence he cannonaded the French with fuch 
Succtft, th^t he fecured his Retreat to 
Scharffcnilein without the Lofs of a fingle 
Man or Horfe killed or taken, only a few 
wounded in the Affair. But an Officer^ 
with 34 militia Men, who where left in the 
Town, were taken. The Lofsof the French 
upon this Occalion is reckoned at above 300 
Men. On the 14th, Gen. Luckner w.m 
detached to Heiligendadi, and findmg the 
French had left it, retook Poflcffion of it. 
The other Quarters of Cantonments of the 
allied Army have been unmolclUd. The 
Marquis of Granby was in his Quarters at 
Corvey on the Wefer, on the 3cth part. 

We learn, that the young Prince of Wir. 
tenbtrg was marched intoSwediffi Pomera- 
nia, to ^(k againd the Swedes in thofe Parts j 
and that the Duke of Wirtemberg, with his 
Troops, was returned into his own Coun- 

Thclaft Letters from Leip£c, ofthezSth 
part. Cay, that every thing remained in a 
State of Inadiionin that Country. 
Prince Ferdinand* s Head S^uartcrs at Uflar^ 
Jan. 7. 

We remain quiet in our Quarters here. 
We have received an Account, that Count 
Broglio, with a large Body of Troops, and 
affiled likewife in his Operations by Lieut. 
Gen. M. de Stainv.lle. attacked, on the ad 
Inftant, the Town of Duder(taHr, which 'm 
at the Extremity of his Serene Highnefs*s 
Cantonments on the Lett. General Manf- 
ber^ WAS pulled there, but found it necef- 


For J A NU A R r, 1761. 


firy to quit the Town (which the Enemy 
entered) and to take Polfcffion of the Heijrhts 
of Hetbiihagen, where he maintained hiin- 
ielf till the Arrival of the Generate Kielmnn- 
fegt^eand Luckner to his Succour, who, the 
next Day, attacked the French in Duder- 
(ladt, drove them from thence, and pur- 

fucd them as far as Witzcnhaufen. Th© 
Lofs of the Enemy, upon this Occ^flon, 
amounts, by their own Accounts, to 600 
Men ; 200 of them have been made Prifo- 
ners ; among whom are three complete 
Companies of F^jpnch Grenadies. The Lofs, 
on our Side, is about 1 90 Men. 


Cr^arUtTown, South Carolina, OfJ.ii, 

TH E following are the 910ft authentic 
and material Advices now received 
from the Cherokee Country. 

— " It was Round O's Brother who feiz- 
ed and carried ofT Captain Stuart from the 
Field uf Blood, where fo many of our Coun- 
trymen and Friende were treacheroufly 
butchered by the perfidious Savages, and 
who delivered him to Attakulla Kulla then 
at Fort Loudoun. 

** Ju(ld*.s Friend exerted himfelf much 
that Diy in our Favour, and prevented the 
'MafTacre from being almofl general \ he 
went round the Field ordering and calling 
to the Indians to defiil, and by the Repre- 
lentations he made to them, Aopt the furl her 
Progrefs and EfTe^s of their baibarous and 
brutal Race. He declares it as his Oi/mion 
and Refolution, that if they can now obtain a 
Peace, there never fhall be more War as 
Jong at he and the Old Warriors live. 

<' On the 16th of laft Month the Bririfh 
Colours were difplayed all Day and Ni^ht 
at Nookafee, where triers wa« a Meeting of 
nearTooo Cherokees, about 1400 of whom 
were Men, and a Talk w^ delivered by 
Oucannoflotahand Judd^s Friend for a Peace 
With their Brothers the white Men ; [the 
Indians always by white Men mean Britons, 
in DiflmAion from other Europeans, whom 
they call by their common and ufual Names, 
as French, Spaniards, &c 1 which Talk was 
repeated by the Tame Headmen, and agreed 
to by all prefent, the 9th inflant at Sugar- 
town. Orders were thereupon given, that 
no white Men [Britons] coming into their 
Nation, fhoold be interrupted, but be al- 
lowed freely to pafs and repafs. This great 
Alteration in the Behaviour of the Indians, 
by. Mr. Terron and others well acquainted 
with them, is attributed entirely to the Talks 
fent to them by our Governor and Col. Byrd. 

« The whole Crop this Year in all the 
Cherekee Towns, notwithfbinding the ter- 
rifying Accounts^ eagerly aAdfedaloany pro- 

pagated, of the great Quantity of Com that 
would be made in ihedeAtoyed and defolate 
Settlements, is not fufficient to fapply them 
three Months. 

** Many of that Nation, among whom 
are nearly all the People of the Middle Set- 
tlements and Lower Towns, who were the 
moit feverety chaflifcd and fcourged by his 
Majcf>y*s Troops commanded by the Hon. 
Colonel Montgomery, are now almofl na- 
ked and in want of every NecelTary. There 
is, therefore, on the Wliole, little Reafon 
to doubt of the Sincerity of their Requefls 
for Peace." 

Ext r 08 of a Letter ffm Montreal, 

— *< I'he Cafe of the poor Canadians is 
really deplorable, occafkined by the Bank- 
rupcy of the Crown of France. Many of 
them who had, with great Danger and La- 
bour, acquirrd F.lUtes wot t h ao,oool. Ster- 
ling, hy the Fur trade, or otherwife, can 
nowfctrce procure a Dinner. All their Re- 
mittances from thtir Mother- country, con- 
filU^ in Bills oa the French King, which 
are not now wottli one Farthing, as No-bo- 
dy whatever will accept of them in Payment. 
It is computed there is above the Value of 
3,000,00c I. Sterhng of thefe ufelefs Paper- 
fcraps, circulating thro* the Colony, which, 
as a Reward to the wretched InHabitaiUs for 
all their Hard/hips and Fatigues, mult now 
fupply the Place of Affluence and Indepen- 
dence. Moft, if not all of them, are per- 
feAly reconciled to the Britifh Government, 
as they can now with Security enjoy any 
little Property I hey have ; whereas former- 
ly. Governor Vaudrcuil made no Ceremony 
of feizing rhe Produce of their Lands, their. 
Merchandize and Manufadlures of every 
Kind, and after conveying them to the 
King's Store houfes, paid to the Proprie- 
tors any Price he pleafed. If the Owners 
thereafter had Occafion for any of their own 
Commodities, they could not procure them 
under twenty Times the Price they had re- 

4 H 2 


6o2 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrfticeiy 


jtn AhBraB of an j4ff ofParliamettt^ ffiffti 
in tbi %th ^.Jfion if f bis p*efe9t Parliament ^ 
entitled f jIn jift for granting to bis Ma - 
jffiy an additi'^nal Duty upon Strong Beer 
and Ale \ and for raifing tbe %um of *? Viclve 
Millioni^ by Way of Annuities and a Lottery^ 
to be charged on the /aid Duty j and for 
further encouraging tkd Exportation of 
Strong Beer and Ale, 

f.TN rhit Aa iris en«aed, by the King's 
X nnofl excellent Miijefty, by and with 
|h« Advice and Confent of the Lords Spin- 
fyaland Temporal in Parliament aflembled, 
that from and after (he Twenty- fourth Day 
of January, 1761, an additional Duty of jt. 
per Barrel, granted on all Beer or Ale, a- 
|x>ve 6 s. the Barrel, brewed for Sale in 
England ; to commence on the 24th of Ja- 
nuary, 1 76 1. 

t. A proportional Duty to be paid for 
every Barrel of a- Penny Ale brewed for 
Sale in Scotland. All the Powers, Rules, 
and Direaions, &c. eilablirhed by Aa of 
isCar. JI. or by any other Aa now in 
Force relating to the Duties of Excife, are 
rx tended to the Duties granted by this 


3. Beer brewed before the faid 14th of 
January, if any Time thereafter mixed with 
uny frefh Guile or Brewing, is to pay the 
additional Duty. 

4. A Drawback of 8$. per Barrel isi to be 
allowed by the Commiflioners of Excife on 
all Beer and Ale brewed after the did 24th 
of January, and exported to Foreign 

5. The proper Officer deliverirvg a Certi- 
ficate of the Quantity exported, and of the 
Duties having been duly paid | deduaing 3d. 
per Ton for Charges of the Officers. 

6. A Bounty of )s. per Barrel to he paid 
by the Commiffioners of Excife on all "strong 
Beer and Ale exported, for which Duties 
liaye been paid, brewed after the faid 24th 
of January, from malted Corn, when 3ar- 
ky i« at 24s. per Quarter, or under. 

7. Duty to be paid for Strong Beer or Ate 
^jpent OB Ship- board. 

S. All Powers, Rules, Methods, and Di- 
reaions, in Aa of 33 Geo. il. withrefpea 
to tl)e Drawback and Bounty theieby allow- 
ed on Exportation of Brtti(h made Spirits, 
and the preventing of Frauds therein, to be 
in Force, and with refpea to the Draw- 
back and Bounty, &c. payable under chit 


9. The Amount of the new Duties to be 
difiinguiflied in the Officer's Accounts, and 

to be paid into the Exchequer feparately 
from all other Duties, Sec, 

Copy of a Letter from a Right Reverend Pre- 
late to his Afajejfy, 

Amidu the Conitratulations thatfurround 
the Throne, permit me to lay before your 
MajcAy a Heart, a Heart, which, thoue,h 
oppreffcd with Age and Infirmity, is no 
Stranger to the Joys of my Country. 

When thtr melancholy New» of rhe I^to 
King*s Pemife* reached us, it naturally led 
us to confH^r the Lofs we had fui^rfined, 
and upon what our Hopes of Fuiuriry de- 
pended : The firft Part excited Grief, and 
put all the tender Paflions into Motion ; hut 
the fecond brouf^ht Life and Spirit with it, 
and wiped the Tears ftpm /every Face. Oh ! 
how graciouHy did the Providence of God 
provide for h Succcflbr, able to bear the 
Weight of Government in tli;it unexpcaid 
Event. You, Sir, are the Pcrfon whom 
the People ardently de^re ; which Affcaicn 
of theirs is happily returned, by your Ma- 
jeily's declared Concern for their Profpcri- 
tji and let nothing diflurb this mutual 
Confent. Let there i)e but one Cohi eft he. 
tween them, Whether the King loves tJie 
People bc(i, or the People him : And may 
it be a long, a very long Conteft ; may it 
never be decided, but let it remain doubt* 
ful J and may the paternal Aflfcaion on the 
one Side, and the (ilial Obedience en the 
Othtr, be had in perpetual Remembrance. 

This will probably be the laft Time I 
(hall ever trouble your Majefty. I heg Leave 
to exprtfs my warmed Wifhes and Prayer) 
pn your Behalf. May the God of Heaven 
and Earth have you always under his Pro- 
teaion, and direa you to feek his Honour 
and Glory in all you do ; and may you reap 
the Benefit of it, by an Increafe of Hap^i- 
nefs in this World, and jn the next. 

Jan, I, "CpOrty Boys, belonging to tho 
J/ Royal Mathematical School ifi 
Chrift*sHofpital, founded by King Charles 
II. were prefenUKi to his Majefly, accord- 
ing to annual Cuftom, by the Prefidenty 
Treafurer, and Governors of the faid Hof- 

St, Jamei't Jan. 5 . Thi«5 Day the Condo 
de Fuentes, Ambaflador Extraordinary and 
Plenipotentiary from the King of Spairi, had 
a private Audience of his Majefty, to deliver 
bis new credential Letters. To which he 
was introducod by the Right Hon. William 


Fbr JANUART, 1761. 603 

At had iikewife the Baron WKtorf, En- 
vr^r Extraordinary from the Landj^ve of 
Heffe CaiTcty a fnivate Audience of hit Ma • 
jrftj, to deliver his credential Letters. To 
^hicb he was introduced by the Right Hon. 
the Earl of Holderoefle. 

6. HitMajcAv, preceded by the Heralds » 
Parfoivants, and Knishts of the Garter, 
Thiftle. and Bath, in the Collars of their 
refpedive Orders, went to the Chapel Roy- 
•7k St. James*!, and offered Gold, Myrrh, 
tod Frankincence, in Imitation of the Eaf- 
tern Magi's Offering to our Saviour. The 
Etrl of Hertford carried the Sword of State ; 
aod the Bilhop of CheAer attended for ttie 
Bilhop of London to receive the OflTerings. 

Od Account of the Mourning there was 
M> playing at. hazard in the Great -council- 
chamber^ nor any Ball. 

By a Letter received from Ofweilry in 
ShnDpAiire, we are informed, that nn the 
i;d of December lafl, about eight o'Clock 
a: Nighr, there was £een in that Town a 
Lttoar Rain- bow, which was perfed and 
very vifible ; but the Colours were faint, 
in Comparifon to thofc of a foUr One. 

6f. Javt<t*t, Jan 9. This Day M. d'A- 
ftno, Minifler from the Republic of Genoa, 
hid a private Audience of his Majcfty, to 
dcUiier his new credential Letters. 

To which he was introduced by the Right 
Hon. William Pitt, £fq$ one of his Majcf. 
ty'^ Principal Secretaries of State, and con- 
(!ua?d by Sir Charles Cottrell Dormer, Knr. 
Uaflerof the Ceremonies. 

u. Tlterc was a grand Council at St. 
James^i on Affairs of Importance- 

Above forty thoufand Gallons of Oil have 
been contia^cd for by the CommilSoners of 
the Navy, for the Ufe of the Men going out 
on the grand Expedition ; which makes it 
ccrjcdured that they are defined (or a hot 

His Maiefly, by his Proxy Gen. Yorke, 
^ young Stadtholder, and the Princefa 
D<>wage^of Orange, are to be the Sponfors 
(0 the new bom Son of the Princefs of 
NaflUu-Weilbourg, wbofe CbriAcning is 
pit off *tiU March. 

A Bill is preparing for the Relief of Infol* 
nat Debtors. 

Omrt M Sr, yamis^if Jan, 13. His Maje- 
A7*& Royal Predeccflbrs were pleafed, from 
Time to Time, by their refpedive Orders 
nude in Cooodl, to %Bify their Pleafure, 
tlat their Servants (hould enjoy all antient 
L>i:crtie«, Rights, and Privileges } aod that 
Boot of thttr Servants in Ordinary, with 
fee, ihookl be obliged to bear any public 
pAce, icrve 00 Juries or Inqaefts, or be 
taSjcQed unto any Mul£k or Fine for not 
tutKnittiog thereunto { bis Majefty thia Day 

taking t!)e fame into Confideration, and 
thinking it renfanahle that all hit Servants in 
Ordinary, with Fee, (hould, in regard to 
their conflant Attendance upon his Maje- 
fty's Pcrfon, enjoy the like Privileges with 
thofe of his PredecefTors , doth therefore 
hereby order, with the Advice of his Privy 
Council, that Notice he given to the Lord 
Mayor of London, and to his Majcfty*s Ju« 
ftices of the Peace within the City of Weft- 
minrter, Counties of Middlcfex and Surry, 
and to the Mayors, Sheriffs, and Bailiffs of 
any Corporation or County, and to all fuch 
ai may be therein concerned, whenfoever 
there fhall be Caofe for affcrling the faid 
Privilege, that his Majcffy hath thought 
proper, conformable to the Example of his 
PredeceHbrs in this Behalf, to order and re- 
quire that his Servants (hould have, hold, 
and enjoy, all the faid Liberties, Rights, 
and Privileges ; and that henceforward nontf 
of hi» Servants in Ordinary- with Fee, be 
enforced, or any Ways obliged to bear any 
public Office, fiirve on Juries or InqueiUf 
Watch or Ward, in any Place where they 
dwell, or elfewhere, nor fuhje^ed to any 
Muldl or Fine, for not fubmitting there- 

14. The Committee of City Lands cmi- 
tra^^ed wirh Mr. Rlagden, the Carpenter* 
(who lately purchafed feveral of the City 
Gates) for the Ground, from Moor«gate» 
on tl;e fouth Side of Fore-dreet, to Cripple* 
g^te, J 000 Feet in Length, at 7s per Foot^ 
on which he is to build an uniform Row of 
Houfcs, the Fronts to (land nine Feet back- 
warder tiun the Fronts of the prefent 
Houfes, and he i4 to give io,oooL Security, 
to complete the fame in four Years from 
Midfunlnier next. 

herd Qhamherlain* I Ofict^ J^n, l6* 
Orderifor toe CotirtU Change cf Mourning §n 
Sunday tl>e zt^th lafianf, for tit late Ma- 
jefiy Ktng Ceoige the Second, of hUJed 




The Ladies to wear black Silk, fringed 
or plain Linnen, white Gloves, black and 
white Shoes, Fans and Tippets, white 
Necklaces and Eariogs. 

t/ndrefi, white or grey Luftringt, Tab* 
biea, or Damaiks. 

The Men to wear black full trimmejd, 
fringed or plain Linnen, black Swords and 

Undt^it grey Frocks. 

Court at St, yamu*$t Jan, 16. Lord 
Henley having this Day delivered to his Ma- 
j^y in Council the Great Seal, his Ma jelly 
was gracioady pleafed to reftore theCud Seal 
Co him again, vrith the Title ol Lofd Higb 
Chaocellor oSf Great BriUi*. 


664 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

16. About 10 oXIock in the Morning, 
died at his H^ufe at Mai lew, in Duckini;-- 
hamfliire, the Rij:ht Rev. Dr. Anthony EU 
Jis, Lo:d I'ifhop ot St. David's, Vicar of Si. 
Olavc's, Old Jewry, inihisCiry. and Fel- 
low of the Royj) Society. His Lordfhip was 
confccrarcd Bilhop of St. David's in the 
Ytar I7«)i, upon ihe TranHation of Dr. 
Trevor, to the See of Doi ham. 

Wel^Kirfitr^ yjn. 20. His Majefty came 
this Day to the H 'Ufc "f Pc-.-ri, and was 
plcafcd ttigivc tl»c royal Aflentto, 

An A(\ for ^raniinR to his M..jerty an 
additional Duty upon flri-ng Bi'tr and Ale, 
and for railing tltc Sum of twelve Millions 
by Way cf Annuities, and a Lottery to l>e 
cluiged en tlte faid Duty j and for furtlw.r 
encouraging the Exportation of Arong Beer 
«nd Ale. 

An Aft for the Rcjju!afion of his Majc 
Ay's Marine Foiccs while on Shore. 

And 10 one private Aft. 

There i ave lately been fcveral confider- 

able Imports fiom our late Acquiiitions in 
America, particularly fo,ooo Bevtr Skins 
entered in iheCuAornhoufe, London, from 
QoeSrc J there werealfo 4^44 ditto Martin, 
558 ditto Otter, 535 ditto Fox, and 428 
d.iti> Rnccon, with other valuable Furs, the 
rich Effr fts of our new C<>nqurft». 

21. The Earl of DtfnSijih kiflld his Maje- 
/ly'4 Hand on beint; appointed Mafler of 
the Fox and Harrier hounds. 

On the 9th Irflant, the Earl of Errol 
was received Rtftcr of the Univerfiiy of 

uy a Gentleman lately arrived in Town 
from Gibialtai we learn, that by the Vigi- 
l;mce and AtTiduoufncf^ of the Governor, 
they hnd, after much Labour and Tains, fo 
cleared the Mole of that Place, that his Ma- 
jrlly's Ships hive now an equal Advantage 
vftti) thofe at Mahon \ it being judged an 
equal, i( not fnpei ior Place for the heaving 
down and cle.infin5 of Ships. 

Ahi%T of SUpt taken hy r/>r En c l i s h , ctntimucd from Page 588. 

The Gibraltar Packet, retaken by the 

The St. Antonio da Padua, Declin, from 
Cadiz to Cape Francois, by the little Bob 
Piivatcer of Anrieua. 

The Fortune Privatetr, of Bayonne, is 
fcnt into Plymouth by the Hero Man of 

A ^French Snow Privateer of 16 Guns, 
the Guay Trouin, by the Tweed Fric:are. 

f'Alfo, a French Cutter Privateer of 10 
Guns and 54 Men, by the Anfcn Cutter. 

The Favourite, of St. ^•alo's of 6 Guns 
and 60 Men, by his Majcfty's Sloop Dili- 

The Grivois Privateer, of St. Malo*s of 
10 Carriage and 10 Swivel Cuns, by his Ma- 
jeAy's Ship Aftseon. 

The Vaieur taken, and the Fleur de Lys, 
and the Prince Edward, run alhore hy the 
Hamfhire Man of War and the Boreas Fri- 

A French Frigate, going to Convoy 8 or 
10 large Tranfpcrts to Martinico, is taken 
by the Seahorfe and Unicorn Men of War, 
and fent into IMymouth. 

A French Privateer of 8 Guns is taken by 
the Hornet Sloop, and fcnt into Pymouth. 

Two large Sinps bound Irom Marfeilles to 
Havre, with Sundiy Kmdsof Merchandize, 
by the Hornet Privateer of Dover, offDun- 
gmcfs, and gone to perform Quarantine. 

A Brig from Dublin to Cadiz, with But- 
ter and L/pather, under Spanifh Colours, 
was taken by a French Privateer, wtiofaid 

flic was Enelifb, and is fincc retaken by 
one of our M^n of War, and carried into 

Two French Turkey Ships, by an Eng- 
lifh irivaieer, Simon Forbes Commander, 
and earned into Leghorn. 

The La brune, a French Frigate of 32 
Guns and -550 Men, by. his Majcfty*s Fri- 
gare, the Venus. 

Alfo a Priv iter of 3 Guns and 50 Men. 
htji of Siipi ttiken by tbt French, continued 
from Page 589. 

The Succtfi, Boyce, and the Prince 
George, Smith, taken by a French Priva- 
teer and fent into St. Sebaftian's. 

The GritTith, from Whitehaven, by a 
French Privateer and carried into Vigo, 

The Peter and Sally, from Alicant to 
Pool, is taken and carried into Carthagena. 

Two Ships, Names unknown, one with 
Sugar and the othtx- with Tobacco taken by 
a Privateer and carried into Breft. 

The William and Mary, Hume, oflTLeo- 
ftafF, with goods from Virginia, by a Pri- 
vateer of 16 Guns and carried into Morlaix. 

The Bellona, from Leven to Middleburg, 
by the Jealoufie Privateer and ranfomed for 
200 Guineas. 

The Conflant John, a Tranfport from 
Quebec, was taken by a French Privateer 
and ranfomed for 500I. 

The Dlante, Ramfey, from Dantzick, is 
carried into Havre de Grace. 

The Old Warren, from Barbadoes to 
Holyhead, is taken and catried into Bour- 
dcaux. The 

For y ANU ART, 1761. 


The Providence, Thompfon, from Ma- 
laga CO London, is taken and carried into 

The Edward, Davis, from Bofton, taken 
and ranfomed for 1200I. 

The Neptune, Howlett, from Newfound- 
land to Portugal, is taken and carried into 
St. Malo^s. 

The William, Richards, from Biiftol to 
Oporto taken. 

The Sibella, Trefnc, from Newfound- 
land, is taken and carried into Li(bon. 

The Charming Molly, Baitlett, from A- 
licant, is taken by a Privateer of 6 Guns 
and carried into A licant. 

The John and Gaily, Jervis, from Bof- 
tonto London, is carried imo St. MaIo's. 

The two Brothers, from Borton to Lon- 
don, is taken and fent into Bilboa. 

The Arthur and Mary, from Newfound- 
land, is taken and carried into Liibon. 

The Fox Packet, boat, from the Cn>yne 
for Falmouth, is taken and carried into St. 
^ohn de Luz. 

The Thetis, Crqman, from Maryland, 
is taken and carried into Morlaix. 

The Charming Polly, Barker, from Vir- 
ginia to London, is carried into St. Malo*s. 

The Policy, Bartholomew Lefslie, from 
Maryland to London, is carried into St. 

The Travcr, James, from London to 
Gibraltar, laden with naval Stores, is car- 
ried into Malaga. 

A Virpnia Ship for Briftol, taken and 
ranfomed for 4000I. 

The Prince of Wales, Yarrow, and tht 
Neptune, Tindal, from Maryland, are fent 
into St. Malo*s. 

The Oefar,from Newfoundland, taken 
and carried intoFerrol. 

The Succefs, Daly, fromKinfale for Qui- 
beron Bay, taken and fent into Port Louis. 
' The Countefs of Berkley, taken by M, 
Arnoux, and carried into Cathagena. 

The Earl of Leiceder Packet-boat, by a 
Frigate Man of War, and carried into Breft. 

The George, Chap, from Maryland, is 
taken and carried into St. Malo*s. 

The Endeavour, and the Nancy, Wallis, 
from Newfoundland to Cadiz, are taken 
and carried into Bayonne. 


Jan^ 1. The Rev. Mr. John Trollop, 
of Bucclebury, to Mil's Caiheiine Anndley, 
of the fame FUlc. 

5. William Bcale Brand, Efq; to the lion. 
Mifs Ann Smyth, Daughter ot Sir Robert 
Smythy Bart, of f ornham St. Genoveve; 

Mr Mallet, of Cterkenweil, to Mifs de 

12. Mr. Paterfon, an eminent Silk-man, 
of Spittlefields, to Mifs James, of Patcr- 

18. James Atkins, EHjj of .Hadley, to 
Mifs Arbuthnot, of Norfolk Arcct. 

19. Pierce Wallh, Efq; to Mifs Eleanora 
Porter, Daughter ot JotiQ Potter, Efq; of 

ai. Richard We(lon, Efq; to Mifs Coo- 
per, of Kingfton, Suny. 


Jan. I. The Lady of the Hon. Major Bru- 
denell, a Daughter of Sir William Bougliton, 
of Lavvford in Wanvickfliue. 

3. Charles Jermm Bond, Efqj of Bury 
St. Edmund's. 

5. Lieutenant General Hulkc, Governor 
of Jcrfc^y, &c. &c He left 5000I. to a Ser- 
vant who attended him in his Battles j and 
many other Legacies to his other Servants. 

8. The LiJy ot Sir Thomas Parkyns, 
£ajt. of Bunny l':!ik^ ia Noicinghamihire, 

The Hon. Lady Jane Cooke, at Bath, 
who left 4CO0I. per Ann. and io,oooL in 
Cafh, to Mifs Draycot. 

10. The Right Hon. Lord Harry Beau- 
clcrk« Uncle to the Duke of St. Alban*s, 
and Member of Parliament for Thecford in 
Norfolk, Sec, 

The Rev, Dr. Stephen Hales, F. R. S. 
Clerk of the Clofet to her Royal Highnefs 
the Princefs Dowager of Wales, in the S^df 
Year of bis Age. 

Mr. Charles Cottrell, at Philadelphia, 
Aged lao Years ; and three Days after his 
Wife, Aged rrj. This Couple lived toge- 
ther, in the Marriage btate, 98 ¥ears in 
great Union and Harmony. 

Thomas Clerk, Efq; Councellor at Law, 
in Chancery Lane. 

The Right Hon. Edward Bofcawen, next 
Brother to Lord Vifcount Falmouth, at his 
Seat atHarchlandinSurry ; one ofrhe Lords 
of the Admiralty, Admiral of the Blue, 
General of Marinrs, one of the elder Bre- 
Ihcn of the Trinity- houfc» Member of Par- 
liament for the Borough of Truro, and one 
of his Majefly^s molt Hon. Privy Council. 

Col. iireteton, in a very advanc'd Age, 
at his houfe at Windfor. 

Mr. Alderman Peach, at Northa.nptcn, 
Aged 96. 

, Lady Pylc, Wife of Sir Seymt ur Pyle, of 
Someily, near Ringwood. 

The Right Hon. L.vJy M.niy Gregory, 
Daughter ot the late l?uk of»t, 

6 o6 A Cbrmological Memoir of Occurrenies^ 

Brawn SaiK>s« Efq; at Iflin^ton. 
- 13. JohnAberton, Efq; Authorofacuri- 
eut Trearife on Architedtute. , 

14. The Lady of Thomas Ramftlen, 
Efq; in Upper Brook flreet. 
' iS. Mifs Sheafe, Sifter to Alexander 
Sheaftf Efq; one of Che Dire^ors of the 

The Rev. Mr. Innes Pearfe, a DifTcntlng 
Alinider of Tadley in Hants. 

19. Mr. John Pullen, a Mafttf' weaver 
in ^itlefields. 

Thomas Rogers. Efq; at Margate in 
Kent, hte an eminent Merchant of this 

so. Thomas Lewen, Efq; of Hammer- 

Evans E^ards, Efq; of South Wales^ in 
Ormond- ftrcet. 

dvil ttmi Military "Prefermtntt, 

The King hath been plrafed to promote 
Lieut. Col. R«fane,'Of the^i^th Regimetir, 
to he Colonel of the 76rh Regiment, of two 
Battalions (oneof which is on the Irifh Efla* 
blifhment, and the other at Senegal) in the 
Room of 

Lord Forbes, appointed to be Colonel of 
fhe 75th Regiment on the Britifh Eftablifli- 
menty in the Room of 

Col. John Bofcawen, appointed to be 
Colonel of the 23d Regiment, in the Room 
Of Lieut. Gen. HuOce, deceafed. 

Whitehall^ Jan, 10. The King has been 
pleafed to appoint [i* e. continue] Sir John 
Evelyn, Bart. Richard CaVendiHi, Heau- 
mont Hotham, Samuel Mead, William Le^ 
vintz, Edward Hooper, Thomas Tafl), 
Claudius A my and, and Henry Pelham, 
Efqrs. to be CommiiTioners of the Cuftoms 
in England. 

William Burton, John Orlebar, Augu* 
Uln^ Earle, John Wyndham Bowyer, Fre- 
derick Frankland, David Papillon tlie Youn- 
ger, William Cayley, Ceorj»e Lewis Scott, 
and Henry Poole, Efqrs. to be CommifG^n-- 
ers of Excife in England. 

Edward Aftlcy, Henry Tnlbct, Jofhua 
Churchill, John Mitbanke, nnd Denzil On- 
flow, Efqrs. to be Comminioners for the 
Receipt and Management of the Duties on 

John Cookfon, Tbom.<s Bond, John So- 
Icy \ht Younger, Tlionnas Nuthall, and 
Richard Capper, Efqrs. lo be Commiflion- 
ersforlicenfing Hackney coaches and Cliairs. 

WiHiam Mellifh, Efq; to be Receiver- 
General of the Cufloms, Suhfidies. and 
other Duties, for that P«^t of Gi tat- Britain 
c^Tiled England. 

The King has been pleafed to gfant unto 
Ed. Finch, Efq; the Office of Keeper ofYni 
Majefty*s private Roads, in the Room of 
Sir Henry Erikine, Bart. 

Edmund Mafon, Efq; is appointed # 
CoromifTioner of his Ma}efly*8 Navy, in 
the Room of Daniel Devtrt, Efq; fuperan- 

Commodore Hanway, Commander in 
Chief of his Majeay*s Ships at Plymouth, 
is appt>inted CommifBoner to his Majef(y*s 
Dock- yard at Chatham, in the Room of 
Thomas Cooper, Efq; who reiigns. 

Ecclefiaftical Preftrmentt, 

The Rev. John Juftamond, M. A. to the 

Re^ry of Tarrant Kainflon, Dorfetfhire. 

The Rev. Mr. William Harries to the 

Re^ory of St. Bartholomew the Great,' 

Weil Smithfidd. 

The Rev. Dr. Dickins, Prebendary of 
Durham, is removed, by the Bifhop of that 
Diocefe, to the late Dr. Knatchbull's Stall s 
And the Rev. Dr. Newton, Re^r of Bow* 
Church, London, fucceeds Dr. Dickens in 
bis Stall. 




Jan, 3. William Simifter, of Manchcfter^ 
but now of the Borough of Southwark, 
Linen -draper! 

13. John Darbyfhire, of Birmingham,' 

17. David Herbert, of Plymouth, De- 
▼onfhire. Inn- keeper. 

Hugh Bull, of Tbeobakl*s-row, Coach- 

William Morgan, of Warminfler, Wilts, 
fnn -holder. 

14. Sinrteon Heveningham, of Cheapfide, 
Linen- draper. 

William Hall, of great Moorgate, Di/lil- 
kr and Dealer in Hops. 

Bill tf Mortality from Jan, 6, to 20-. 


Females 3563 
Under 2 years old 215 
Between 2 and 5 52 
5 and 10 — — 
10 and 20 •— - 
20 and 30 — — 
30 and 40 — — 
40 and 50 — 
50 and 60 — 
60 and 70 — • 
70 and 80 -— 
80 and 90 — • 
90 and LOO — — 
100 and J 10 — 

Males 319 
Females 294 


36 Within the walls si 
28 Without 192; 

49 Mid, and Surry 30^ 
67 City & Sub. Jf'r/?. 152' 




Weekly J'jff. 13. 32* 
%o. 362 


( 6o7 ) 



Mifcelfeneous Correfpondence, 

in Profe and Verfe. 

For FEBRUARY, 1761* 



Mathematical Questions Jnjwired. 

.# ^eftion 309, anfwered hy Mr. Rob. Eling, tf/ Hcniejr »/Ftf« Thames. 

LET * — the Area } jp = the Diagonal ; and s ±t the greater Side. Then « — 7 = 
- =1 the lefs Side { x +y =: 73 j and jr* r: 2 »* — 14 « -f- 49 by the^ Queftion, 
and £«f. 47. 1. From the ed Equation jf* r: $3*9 — 14 6 x •{tx^.j from the 3d a nd 4th 

«» — 7*r:a64o — 73 * +^-j whence «— 3.5 + / 2652,15 — 73*+ — • From 

the I ft Equation x* — 7 « z= x j and from the 5th and 7th **^— 14S * iz — 518 o. 

"Whdnce x :r 74 — V/.196 =: 60; The reft are ca6ly found from the preceding Equi« 
tions, namely, jp n 13 ; » n i« 5 and « — 7 zr 5, W,iV^R, 

Thii S^fiioH wat aifr tmfmeni by Mr. T. Barker, Mr, S. Peerfon, Mr. T. W^kev» 
Mr, Geo.Surtees, Afr.R. Duncan, Mr, J. Scott, Mr, T.Adams, buttbeProfofer^s An^ 
Jkver did not come to Handi, 

^uejllon 310, Anjweredby Mr. Rob. Diincimy at Inherkeitbing. 

LET F repiefent the French Man of War, B the ^ O 

Briciih Man of War the Chefterfield, P the Pri- 
vatecr, C Caftfomorin City. In the right angled Tri- 
angle CFP» are given the Difference of Latitude CP 
zz 79.73, and the Difference of Longitude FP :± 69.6 ; 
whence, by Mercatcr*t Sailing, I find the Ang. ACB . 
(iz C B D) North 350 07* Weft, the Courfe the Che- 
ftei field muft fteer. But the Ang. C F B if given n 
101® 15', conrcqucntly the Ang, CBF13430 38' j 
therefore in the obhque Triangle C B F, all the Angles 
and the Side C F are given ; whence C B is found iz 
if 3. 3 Miles, the Diftance of the Chefterfield from the 
Port C. The Courfe, and Diftance being thus obtain- - * 

cd. the Difference of Latitude AC is found rz 92.7 Mites — i®, 31', 42", which fub- 
tfafted from yj^', there remains 350, 27*, i^'. the Latitude the Chefterfield fet -SaJ! 
from. LaAly, to find the Difference of Longitude A B, fay, as C F : FP : : C A t A B 
rz 81 Miles z: 1°, 2''* which fubtrjided from 7*, we have 50 39' Weft, the Longi- 
tude the Chefterfield was in, wlicn (he began the Chace, , 

This Slju/I sen wjj ol/o anfwered by Mr, T, Barker, Mr, ]: Carter, cndbj tbePro^afir^ 
Mr, W. ioms. 

4 I 



Mifcellaneous Cernjpondenee^ 

^iftim 311, anfuHTid hy Mr. John Carter. 

LFI>lh€ Semi.Tranfverfe CAz=»' = 5o; CD=tf 
=«5J Q VA =/*= 5*5. PEr: 9 = 115 J» 
=:fl* + rt. C=r3, 14159:08 IT*; GE or DB = tf H,^J! 
— * i B F or D G rz j^. The />*r Conices j* : ^» : : jr» ^ 

; ** — r*, whence « zr / '^ + ^ J^* 5 •'*<* ^ D* 

Therefore DB* + tfj' = *</* j + -^ J'*i— a^^i /r* + ^1 J'* = F*"*- Solitf 
AFG D revolving round C D, Pot L =r 19302585 + Log. ^ i— '} and write 

P P B A 

f for jr in the Fluest } and you*JI find r ^* f -f | f jk» f "" '^ f \/r» + ^*l liLL. 

L = Half the Cafk = 6754,88 Inches^ and the Whole z= 13509 J = 47,907 Ale Gai- 


T/>« SintpiM was alfo anftoered hy Mr, Tof, Scott, Mr, J, FowIer, and Mr, T. Walkerf. 
th€ Propojer. Other Jhjwen eameu Hand, but vftre not right, 

^utflim 312, Anfwerid by Mr. Geo. Surtees, <?/ Chefterlcy-flreet. 

PXST X = Icffcr Kmnber, » * rr greater,^ zz Figure in the Hundred's Place, « ~ that 
in the Ten's Place j then by QueAion 5 *» z: 100 jr + 10 » and 3 ** = loojr + « j 

by Subtraction 1 or* = 9 x .*. » z= / *~ i "^^ a;-inuit b« a whole Number, and is 
ealily found to be 8 $ hence 6 and 12 are the Numbers required. 

Proofi 6>^ ^= 36 1'44 + 36 = 1807^ ^ ^ 

*^'°^2"x 11=: 1445144 — 36 = 108 s-<i^- "' 

This S^uefiion was alfo aitfwtred ty Mr, y Carter, Mr, Rob. Eling, amd hy Mr, Rob. 
Hall, tbt'Prfof*r, . 

New Questions to be anjwered. 

Queftion 321. 
By Mr. T. Hay den. 

AT a certain Place in Northern Latitude, 
tlie Sun was obferved to rife exa^Jy at 
3 Hours 5S Minutes, and at 6 o'Clock his 
Altitude was taken the fame Morning, and 
found to be 15 Degrrcb 20 Minutes, his De- 
cHnarion being then North. Required the La« 
tiiude of the Place whcie, and Day of the 
Year when iliefc ObfcrvatioRS were made ? 

Queftion 322. 
By Mr. Sam. Beeken. 

GIVEN a Right. line = 10 Feet, termi- 
nating ia the Centers of two Circles, 
whofe Diameters are ii ^nd 8 Feet ; upoA- 
whofe Centers let fall two L inei perpend u- 
cular to the given Right-hne j and termina- 
ting in the Circumlerence of the two Cir- 
cles ; from which, if a Line he draw». it 
will cut the given Right-Iincj fo that the 


in PROS[E and VERSE. 


Parts Intercepted between the Point of In- 
terfedion, and the Peripheryt of the two 
Circles ; are in Ratio as their Diameters, 
To determine the Angles at the Point of In- 
terfedion, and the Area of the four ReOan- 
gies refpe^ively ? 

Qiieftion 323. 
ByMr. W, Mitchell. 

A Ship from the Eaft Longitude of !<> 
Jf\ fail N/orth 37** 1 6' eailerly until the 
Differenoea of the Logarithm Tangents of 
the \ Complements of her latitudes from 
and to, was, 0634. Query her Diftanceof 
different Latitude, Departure, and Longi- 
tude arrived in } 

Q^icftion 324. 
By Mr. Tho. Robinfon. 

LET the three Sides of an oblique Tri- 
angle be by c, and 4. Query tlieDe« 
monflration of the Rule aUebraicaUy fot ob- 
taining the Area without the Help of the 
Perpendicular ? 

Qucftlon 325. 
By Mr, Barak Longrnate. 

How nwiny (quare Yards of Flooring 
is there in a Room whofe Height, 
Breadth, and Length, are in geometrical 
Progreflion. their Sum equal 37, and their 
Produ^r: 1728 Feet? 

Ode to a Friend. 


No more I fing the vernal (hades. 
No more addrels th' Aanian maids. 
To aid an am^roos fong j 
But now my focial mufe employ 
With all of friend/hip, love, and joy. 
Which docs to !?•• belong. 


From childifh years our frieadihip reared | 
And when that friendOiip firft appeared 

Our mutual love began j 
And as we ftrengthniog upwards grew. 
More (bong, more beautiful, and new 

It triumphed in the man. 


upon its evly culture I 

Oft look with retrofpedHvc eye. 

And fee fchoiaftic blifs ; 
"E're be that happy time rever'd. 
That time, by lenrning*s fource endearM^ 

More happy, fure, than this. 


For there no worldly cares perplexed, 
We piayM our hour, nor fear'd the next 

To trouble would belong. 
If R****l firown'd, he could forgive j 
And when be did, the gift receiv'd 

Was tbefis for our (bng. 

V. ^ ' 

How oh we^ve fear*d his chaft^ning handy 
At his rebulce did ftatues Hand, 

Fear all our little foul ; 
As oft did be his wrath refhain 
To mitigate our ihort-liv'd pain. 

And trouble to controul. 


Ah ! R** what Gergtn terrors, own. 
Could equal Ji*^**i r^d frown 

And over-cafled look ; 
Or fay, what pleaTure equal that 
When pity on his features fat, 

And uught the myftic book« 


A bnftliog, bufy life em{rfoys 
You with its multitude of joys. 

And yet I hearypu fpeadc, 
" How little joy is in the futs 
** Of life, to what accruM to us 
In * Omnia Bene week f 




Or, when in youthful gambols we 
*' Purfu*d our harmlefs jollity 

'* Oh MaiunC% plcafant plain. 
When funmier gilt the bloomy daysj^ 
And nature fmil'd her votive praife 

** In tribute to his reign.** 


But quitting that our playful ilage, 
Let ot^ lays the mufi: engage, 

Expreflive, as they flow. 
Of fociai thought, which warms my mind, 
A long diflever*d friend to find 

And tell my abfiuit woe. 


* The week before fchool-boys break up is 
called Omnia Bene week ; becaute fay they, 
Omnia bene, fine poena, 

Tempus eft ludendi, * 
InfUt hora fine mora 
Libros deponendi, 
Dotcivtm^t adjeiKn!&.% 


MifceUaneous Corfejpondericc^ 


Oft iticfnory, sptherial luaicl, 
Whoie influence can never fade. 

Does to my mind convcY \ 
The Image of the time* that pa^, 
Aiiddweili, long dwtUs upon the laft, 

Yoa with your frtend did fbiy. 

Alas 1 vrm^ I that feafon rafe. 
And muft oblivion talce its place. 

Or will my friend regret 
He hat not wrote, -^ and quit the toil 
Of borncfs for the fecial fmHe, 

And makr me happy yet. 

^n Elegiac O D E. 


On pulling do'WH the Ung Gallery ett 
T — nt — rd — n, a noted Room for all 
fublk Diverfions, 

After the Manner ^Bion's Adonis. 

ALAS, poorT-«-ii/ — r<U^ni thy fate 
The much- griev*d poet (hall relate ^ 
A fate fo fsd^ and yet fo new, 
None hear it but (hall mourn it too. 
Weep ev*ry nyiyiph, each fvyain put lois de- 
Ah me ! thefpnghtly dance is now no more. 

Unhappy town ! how wilt thou bear 

This change of forgone fo fevere ? 

Thou that wert wont to have full meafure 

Of cv'ry fafliionable plcafurc ; 

ACembly, concert, ball and play, 

Each had its own devoted dj^ ; 

Kow art thou fallen now entire. 

By fortune's, and Sir • Edw — i's irf ! 
T^'ecp cy'ry nymph, each fwain our loft de- 
plore J 
Ah me ! the fprightly dance is now^ no more. 

Cruel Sir Etko — d! thus to blaft 

Our profpeft of improving tafte ; 

Cruel, moft cruel not to fpare 

The pleafu'res of the tender fair. 
Weep cv'ry nymph, each fwain our lofs dc- 

plort J 
Ah me ! the fprightly dance is now no more. 

5»ee ! where a group of beauties rare. 
With ftreaming eyes, difbeveid hair, 
A nd ev'ry fym|>tom of difmay. 
To the dear rums bend their viay : 
]n pity«» and in anger too-^ 
To take a folcmn fad adieu. 

I mourn their fate ; — beauty diilre^ 

Moves ev*ry but Sir Edv> — tf s brcaft ; 

Not all the (aCs charms can fave. 

Sir Edtv^'s cruel as th^ grave. 
Vfttj^ ev'ry nymph, each fwain our lofs de« 

plore ; 
Ah me ! the fprightly dance is now no more. 

Methinks | hear in plaintive fong. 

The leader of the brilliant throng ^ 

With frequent intemiping figh'^ 

And tears (Vill trickling from her eyes. 

Speak thus ; -^ * < affembly, concert, ball, 

*' Farewel, a long farewel to all : 

" We muft no more ^r pleafures roam, 

** But hunt fome dull delight at home ^ 

'* Muft quit the fiddle's ehearful found, 

*' To hear the fpinning-wheel go round ; 

** Hander% and Haffis fav'ritc airs, 

" To mind our knitting and our prayVs ; 

•* And *f^d of cutting fprightly capers, 

" There cherifh folitary vapours : 

** All gaiety ot life is gone, 

*f And dullnefs reafTumtf thy throne. 

" Weep cv'ry nymph, each fwain our lofs de- 
•* plore; 

" Ah me ! all folid joys arc now no more," 
JVrittcn, Afr, 1753. Aijhmella, 

Verses infcribed tq Mifs Betsy 

S '. — R. 

To the propitious fates might I, un- 
Prefer my pray'r, — by avarice untainted. 
For wealth and grandeur Td not deign to a He : 
Let the refplendent gold, that bane of thou- 

And alien to happrnefs, be e*er denied me : 
The gaudy glare of curs'd extravagancy. 
Pride and grandeur, be ftill, as now, un- 
known : 
All I wou'd aflc of heaven is, to partake 
With thee, OS — r, an eafy competency j 
Then a poor cottage, or a lonely cell 
Wou'd be more pleafing far than wou'd, with- 
out thee, 
A fumptuous building, or a gorgeous palace : 
There, uumolefted, I'd attend thy plcafurc. 
And ftudy to encrcafe thy happinefs : 
For thcc, the fiih-pond ihou'd not want in- 

But carp and tench /hou'd glide along the 

ftreant 1 
The orchard ihou'd afflrd its annual fruits. 
The golden pcarmain and the nonparcl, 
Th« pippin, cherry, and fweet burgamy : 
Nor fhou'd the garden's various productions 
Be wanting to complete the lov*d rq»aft ; 
Thf ftrawbcnies. firft, fhou'd offer their kind 
riavoi'.r 3 


in PROSE and VERSE. 


4nd next, the generous vine fliou*4 yield its 

The peaches, ne£l*rioe, apricots, and plumbs 
Come in their feafon, and, withjiutcous carCj 
Be all procured for thee, with true delight 
^nd inward fatisfadtion. — Ko grudging heart. 
But placid joy, fair peace, and fweet content 
Wou'd ever be tbe cunfequence of plfafing. 
O ! fwrtunty fmile, and grant mc this great 

Grant, we may live and fpend our lives toge- 
In hamilci's mirth, in innocence and love. 
Each to each other be a dearer fcif. 
Obliging both, and always both obliged. 
This lot, heaven grant me I thes my utmoft 

All my dcfires aAd hopes will be folfill'd. 

And I have quite enough, 1 aik no more, 

But leave the reft indifferently to fare. 

Jamks |Iay, Ifalefwortb, 

^ Latin Epitaph on Rich, Nash, 
Efq; trartfiited into ZngWQi. 

HERE lies interrM Richard Najb, Efqj 
If you fhould be a ilranger to his fame, 
Go, reader, at yon hofpital enquinr, 
« And aik tl^ lick, the leper, and the lame. 

If you ftill further would his merit kik>w. 
The growing fp endor of the Bath forvey ; 
How much to him thefe ftireams falubrious 

Let thefe famM ftreams and new built fabrics 


This Man of Bath extinct, lament ye fair ! 
He gave to your aflemblies decent grace j 
He form'd your conduct with a friendly care, 
A zealous guardian to the female race. 

He fcornM to hoard his treaiure while the 

Want comforts j to be rich he never ftrove ; 
By giving to the poor his earthly ftore, 
He laid up brighter (lore in heaven above. 

Immortal treafure that can never fail, 
Which neither time can wallc, nor thieves can 


Jn JE^iGMAfor the Ladies, 

djgno cottjun^a viro I Virgil. 

WITH ay?/W in my tat7, and a ring in 
my nojej 
^nd my ifoiiy all bairj : — I take my repofe. 

Like an adder encircled in fo/ds round and 

When ihe darts by reflexion, frcfli rays from 

the ground. 
"Myflature, like mighty GolioFt is tall 5 
Yet 4ts like yoni Jhit Udyfnp^ fleader with 

all : 
For fliewn to advantage, I flrftch to the 

3n's fo-^ 


Some jeB of religion, perfuafion at leaft : 
*Caufe like the old Hebrews, I fcldom re- 

My tents, 'tiU infpir'd by kind figns from 

But the truth to confels, my devotion*s fo 

I obey the foft voice of a heavenly call. 
Without any fcnfe of religion at all. 

Tho* to iilent aflfemblics, I often ref^ir, 
(Where their critical minutes I nick to a hair) 
Yet I own like the raie, no intent brings me 

But to mingle diveriion and profit tocher : 
While I charm by quaint do^lrines, (aUc*d up 

to each tahe. 
Now and then a bright ^ofefyte out from the 

For where numlers refort, I make furt to in- 
Asa pick-pocket finds the beft fport in a cro^od. 
Yet in queft of frpih pleafure, I rove here and 

As the %iH><,dcocks cb ^ngc climes with the cbange 

•/the year. 
But, fair ladies / if more of my nature, 

you'd know, 
You'll approach mc tlie nearer the decf « 

For my bufinefs lies much in the regions 

Where if 1 ihou*d inform you, what hazatis 

I run, ."1 

Foi* another's advantage, and not for my I 

own r 

You'd pity my fate, when you fee me un- I 
• done. • •' 

Nor admire, when your hear what fatigues I 

have paft. 
If I meet with a broke eonjlitution at laft ! 

Effim, TAfjLtiAtcLy 31, 

1761. G^Hajdeit. 



Mijcedaneous Correjpondefue^ 

^bi Hncal Dcfccnt of his prtftnt Majtfty from Egbert the firfi KjJ9g of England, 
Egbert was a Defendant of Cerdic, tobo *w0s a Saxon Gen&id^ and j^aag 
ariginaify from Wcden» a great Legijluior^ and Htro^ and the Root of all tbi 

. frimdpal FamsUis of the Saxons. 

In ttrit T),ble eacti Name denotes the immediate Ifliie of the Perfon whofe N«me is iet 
the very next above. The Sons of EdrntarikW, are placed collateral, being Brothers 
"whofe Iflbe at length united in the Perfoo «f Margaret ^ Queen of Scttlani, 

Margtrtt, Cbuntefs of Lenox, 'was the UTiie of this Qpeen by a fecond Marriage, and 
lb was only uterine Sifter to Jamn V. King of Scotiand, Bot both thde Brandies were 
afterwards united in thQ Perfon of James I. 

Egbert, If/fl^ 9/ England. A. 0.819. 
Ethelwolfe, AVffjr 0/ England. 
• A I frcd , King of England . 

Edward, X/jtj^ 0/ England , 
Edmund I. /Cr'n^o/* England* 
Edgar, /T/Vjf «/" England. 
Ethelred, JO'if/^ o/* England. 
Edmund Ironfide, King of Engbnd. 
Edward, fet ofidt hy the Danes. 
Margaret, ^<-^ir 0/* Stotland. 

Matilda, married to Hen, !• K» ©/"Eng. Son to Wm. the Conq. 
Matilda, the Em^e(u\ 

Henry II. Ktw 0/ England. 
John, JOng tf^ England. 
Henry III. AT.-c^ «/" England. 
Edward I. King if Enc:iand. 
Edward II. King e/ England. 
Edward III, King o/* England. 


f From this Period the 

Royal Family defcendi 

from William tie Com* 

oyercr, as well as from 


Lionel, D, 0/ Clarence, 


Roger, EarlofMATche, 


John of Ghent, Dvke 0/Lancafter. Edm. D. of York, 

John, J?tfr/9/Somcrfet, Rich. E, of Omb. 

John, Duke of Somerfet, (marrying AtMiC,* had ijfue) 

Margaret, Countejt «/ Richm. & Derby. Rich. P. 0/ York. 
Henry VII. AT/irfo/ England, who Edw.lV. K. o/E, 

united the Houjfes- of Lznc^fier and York 
l-y marrying ■ — — Elizabeth. 


Margaret, ^een 0/* Scotland. 

James V. /C/rg" ©/Scotland. * 

Mary, il^^^if 0/* Scotland, married to 

Margaret, Countefs of Lenox. 
Henry, Lord Daroley. 

^ ■ ' : V — ' 

James I. /O'/r^ «/* England tfir</ Scotland. 
Elizabeth, married to the Eleffor Palatine. 
Sophia, mtfrr;V^ r0 Erneft Auguftus, Eleilor of Hsknovtr, 
George I. King ©/"Great- Britain. 
George II. King ©/'Great- Britain. 
Frederick, Prince of Wales. 

George III. ^/w^©/" Great- BriUin, &c. Tcwbom Cod grant 
a iorgt happy ^ and glorious reign / 

Dec. 11, 1761. 


A Chronohgical Memoir of Occur rentes^ &c. 6i j 

^Chronological Memoir ^Occurrences, 
For FEBRUART, 1761. 


Lf/^99, Deemhir t6. biefki, Dowaf^er of Prince ConAantinc of 

Y£fttrdjy was the Birth- day of Che Poland, Son of a King of Poland, died her* 

Prioceft of Brazil, always celebrated the 4th Inftantin an advanced Age. 
with Joy, but this Year with Rapture, The Plagoe continues to rage with great 

their Majefties havinfrpublickly declared her Violence in the Ukraine and in Moldavia. 
piegnant. We are aflured that the Viceroy yienna^ yan.%\. The Emprefs Queen 

of the indies has completely executed the baa honoured Gener»I Laudohn with Lec- 

Ordcn that were fcnt him j has feized all ter» of NaturaHzation throughout her here* 

the Jefuits 10 ^at Colony, ibeir Papers, dirary Dominions, befides prefeotin^ hin» 

tbeir Cficds, aad even their fecret Treafury. with a fince Eftate in Bohemia. 

Naples^ Dectmber 30. A new Aperture HamSurgB, Jan, 27. A Courier has paflP 

has appeared in Mount Vefuvigs} theErup- ed through this City going to Leipfic, with 

ticn wasfo furious at about four Miles from Difpatches whereby the King of Sweden, j^s 

the Grrek Tower, that the Road to Salema we are told, invites his PnifTian Majefly to 

isabfciotely impaflable: near three hundred ratify the Convention lately concluded be- 

Acrcs, with the Houfes and Farms, have tween General Baron de Lantinghaufen and 

been iotirely laid walle : we cannot, with- Prince Eugene of Wirtemberg, according to 

out HofTOr, behold the Fire which for five which the Troops on both Sides (hould pro. 

Days paft has iflbed from the volcano; iC vifionaltyablUin from all hofttle Ads till the 

appears to be a Hell, and the Notfe it makes Middle of AprH. 

i^ like that of the firing of Artillery j and NorJbeim, Jan^ it. The Targe Body of 

aothmg is ieen in the Air bottrees and Stones Troops which were lately aflembled near 

bandied about like tennis Balls. Paderborn, have put themfelves in Motion 

Nafia^ 7<'». 6. The lafl Opening^from under the Herediury Prince, who hath a 

Mount Veiovios have ceafed to throw out large Train of Artillery ; buthisDefigns are 

thetr biiominoos Matter. The Damage al- not yet known. The Enemy have retnfor-* 

ready done amounts ro upwards of 400,000 c«d the Garrifon of Gottioken. 
Ducats. The Eruption, however, conti- Hanovtr, Jan^tj, Yefterday camo Ad- 

Aues from tfoe Summit of the Mountain, and vice that our Troops were again in Motion, 

on the 3d Inilant was fm violent that it oc- and lA^rching towards Gottingen. Thofe 

cafioned a violent Shock of an Earth<|uake. which are quartered in Weftplialia have alfo 

The poor lohabirants of Portici, delia Torre, reed ved Orders to liold themfelves ready for 

and Regioa, did not dare tp ftay in their a March, 

Houfes* They are oow in the open Coun- This D.iy we learn, that the Troops of 
fry, cxpeding every Moment to fee their, the Allies had already taken Poft befoi« 
Houfes (wai lowed up. The Earthquake has Gottint^cn, and that 15000 Pni(funs were 
Been felt in this City, and feveral Hoofes arrived in the Neighbourhood of that Place, 
have fufiered by it ! but the Shocks have been Ratijbon, Jan. a6. The MiniAen of tho 
nocb more confidcrable at Chraia and akmg Evangeh'ck wAy bad a Conference the 11 ft, 
the Coaft. All poblick Diverfions ar« put a about Matters of Religion $ and Baron Gem- 
Stop ro 00 account of this Calamity, anSi mingen Envoy from the King of Great Brl- 
Prayers are offered up in the Churches for tain, as EleAor of Brunfwick- Lunenburgh, 
the Cellatioo of it. declared to the Affembly, " That his Bri* 

Danmarkf Five Gentlemen have embarked tannic Majefty would defend and maintain, 

00 Board a Mao of War, by Order of his by all Means poffible, the Treaty of Weft* 

Gbnjih Majefty, for Conftantinople ; from phalia and the Protedant Caufe j that the 

irhcnoe they are to proceed thro* Egypt for Danger with which the Evangelick Body is 

Arabia Felix, and return by Syria into Eu- threatened, and which feems to portend the 

rope. Their Commifl)on is to attempt new hardeA Meafure to many ProteAant States, 

Diicovfries and to make a Collection of the greater chat Danger fliall be, the greater 

Manaferipts and natural Curiofities. They Efforts will the Kinc; his Mailer m4ke to ex- 

are to remain feveral Years in the Eaft. tricate them ; and that tiia Succours /Iiall 

l#V^ki9, Jin, 7. The Princefs dc So- be propotionate to the' Mifwhiefs intendtd 

theni.** .-PyiVf 

6 1 4 ^ Chronological 

Prittct Ftrdinand^i Head Starters at UJlar^ 
Feb. »8. That ch€ Army under his Com- 
mand was in Motion, and intended Co paft 
the Wefer the next Day ; afcer which the 
Troops would be afftimbled in ordet to 
march forward, and that Operations are - 
now earring on towards the upper Wemi^ 
by general Sporken« 

hagite, Feb. 13. The News of the Eleftor 
Af Colo3;oe*s beath is confirmed from fere- 
ml Parti \ his EleAoral Highnefs being (etf- 
ed. The 6th Inilant, withafuddenDrforder, 
9t EhrebreifUin, where he was pafling in 
his Road to Munich, and died that Night, 
r A frefli InvaBon having been made by the 
itnffians, under General Tottleben, into 
Pomerania, the Prince of Bevem has been 
appointed (o command againft them, and 
was aflfembling all the Force he could in 
CboTe Parts tooppofe them. 

The young Prince, Son to the Prince of 

of Occurrences^ 

NafTau Weilbourg, was baptized on the i jth' 
with the uimoft Magnificence is Hie great 
Church at the Hague ; the Sponfors were 
General Yorke. Proxy for the King 5 Count 
Bentinck reprefented the Pr^ncefs Dowager 
of Orange as Godmother 5 the Prince Stadc- 
holder and ihe Prince of NaflTau Weilbonrg 
were to (bndasiecond Godfathers, and the 
States General were reprefented hy Baron 
de Pick, BardiB WaAmaer, Baron Worfch 
and M. Berchius, Deputies of the Provinobs 
df Gueklerland, Holland ^Teahind, and 
Groninguen. Their High Mightineflei de- 
fign to fettle a Penfion oJF 4000 Florins on 
the young Ppnce. 

The French Proteftants at the Hague are 
lEoirtg to tn€t a Building for the reception of 
their Orphans and Indigent aged People, and 
have made a coUe^ion of 11,573 Florins at 
their Church for that i'nrpofe. 


Bdinburgb, Jaw,%i. The Increaiie of the 
Linen Manufadure in Scotland laft Year has 
turned out very confiderable. By the Re- 
turns from the Stampmafters, the Linen 
ftamptd for iaielaft Year (exclufive of what 
is manuDdured for private Families, which 
too is very confiderable] is no lefs than 

»ii747.7*S Yards, Value 511,1531. los. 4d. 
The Year preceding, the Number of Yards 
ftam|)ed amtwnlsd to 10,830,707, Value 
451,3901. 17s. 3d, So that the Increafe 
this laA Year is no lefi than 917,0x1 Yards^ 
Value 71,762!. 13s. jd. 


Cambridge t Jan. 24. Th»< Day, Friday, 
being the Bachelors Commencement, 68 
Gendemen from the undernnenrioned Col- 
leges were by this Univerfity admitted to the 
Degree of Bachelors of Arts, viz. * 
St John's College 15 | Sidney 4 



St. Peter's 







Clare Hall 
Corpus ChriftI 
Catherine Hall 






.Sctombetg I'O'jfe, yan. 20, 1761. Thil 
Day the Baron dc Crnmm, Envoy Extraor- 
dinary from the Duke of Brunfwick, had a 
private Audltrnce of his Royal Highnefs the 
Duke of Cumberland. 

As had like wife Baron Wittorff, Envoy 
Extraordinary from the Landgrave of Hcffc 

To which they were introduced by Ste- 
phen Cottrell, t(q\ AfTiIlant Mafter of the 

St. JamaU Jan. 23. This Day Prince 
Sa.nfevQrino Albeitini^ Envoy Sxtraord.n^ry 

from the King of&he Two Sicilies, ha J a 
private Audience of his Majefty, to deliver 
iiis new credential Letters ^ 

To which he was introdaced by the Right 
Hon. the Farl of HoldcrncfTc, one of his 
Majefty's Principal Secretaries of >tatc, and 
conduced by Sir Charles Cottrell Dormer, 
Knt. MafUr of the Ceremonies. 

St, 'jamei*n, Feb. 6 This Day the Bartm 
dc Cramm, Envoy Extraordinaiy from the 
Duke of Brunfwick, had his Audience cf 
Leave of liis Majelly. 

J 4. Ycllcrday bting the Day appointed 

For P S B RV ji k ri 1761. «i^ 

hf AvChoriff for a Gtnera! Fall, chef<m« 
was obfeired with the ucnlbft Decency. 

Hm M jjcfty aiid the Royal Famtty weira 
at the Chapel Roya), and haard a Sermon 
preached hf the Rev. Dr. Friend, Dean of 
CtnfcTtNiry . The Dufca of Somerfet carried 
the Swovd of Statei ' 

The Hoofe of Pecft went ttf Wethnmiler- 
Akkf^ and heard a Sd'inon preached hy Dr. 
Yovif;, BiOiop of Briftol, from the a i ft 
Chapcer of Prorerbt^ and the 30th and 31ft 

And f h« Hoale of ColfNftont want to St. 
Margaret's, WellnnlnAer, and beard a S«r • 
MOaa by rlie Rev. Dr. Squire, from the tSih 
Pfatm, and ibe 3d Verfe^ the Bihle Tranf- 

By a Letter from BoBon in New- Cngland. 
we have Advice, that on the lylh of Dee. a 
Body of Indians came upon the Inhabitants 
t4 the To«m of Dartmouth, oppofite to the 
Oty of HaiMfax ; th»t they killed feven of 
then, took fevcral Captives, and fcalped a 
Boy, who afterwards made bis Efcape from 
Che Indians. 

Ff^. ss« The Marqttifs of Granby wiH 
swc go to f ondon as be propoied, the Re*« 
Jayaof Horfts which were ordered to wait 
for hia Lordfhip being couotermandcd. 

%%• The Hon. William Finch, Vice- 
CKaaberlain, went to Fattfam, and fwdra 
ia die Lord Biihop of London Dean of his 
MajeflyS Chapels. 

By a moderate Computation of the Con* 
foapiiooa of Malt brewed and diftilled in 
Creac Britain yearly, it appears to amount 
to Thirty Thoofand Million Bufliels j by the 
additional Duties on which, the Amoulit 
will be near twice that of Che old Duties an« 
Dually 00 that Commodity. 

A Ssrjeant in the Royal Lanulhire Militia, 
quartered in Mancliefter, was, by a Court- 
iBsrTial, rcdpccd into the Ranks, for frau- 
dulently bringing Jofeph Berry and Jofeph 
Hiifoo, to a Seijeant of the Ottard^, and 
palSng him upon tbem for a Captain of the 
Militia, by which Means the faid Men were 
finRiled into the Guards, when they imagin- 
ed they wfre onl^ eolilling into the Lanca- 

thtf ^Mtt from Hanover, Feb. to, that 
(ha AIGeMrmy, after having been quiet for 
{■ne Weeks, are now in Motion, in order 
to fecure a Communication with the Prufli- 
aoAraay, and ftraiten the French, who ex- 
tend themfelves more and more in ThurinM 
tia, Prtnae Ferdinand removed his Qpar- 
tefi YeAerday from UAar^a OelCmar on the 
cfhsr Side of the Wefer. This Change of 
Siiaacion willwithnvtDoabt make the Eno. 
a>y lemawhat anxiom for cb* Fate of Caf - 
f ei, and perbapi obCgt (tern t»4flU iM 

their Center the hrge Detaehmenti of their 
Troops which are in Thuringia. 

From the Hend Quarttrs of Prince Ferdi* 
nand of Brunfwick, they write that tho 
French attacked both Ends of our Line ihcl 
a6th of Januafy laft ; Prince Xavi^ made 
his Attack upon the PrOlffan Quarters at 
Bonderfhaiifen op our left, and carried otf 
Part of Wunrth*s Battalion j bttt General 
LockfMr comidg up with fotir Pattalioni 
and Bftetn Squadrons, fodnd the Znemy 
upon the Retreat, and purfurd them beyond 
Lah^nfaltiei feized ofteof their Magiainei 
at DaiAivitt^ and took Prffonars two Offi- 
cc.'^aod thirty Men who wi|ia ported thercs 

Da}s appointed for holdihgthoAffizes« 


Lord Mantfield mnd Mr, Baron Swjfb^ 
City «f Tork, Saturday March 7 at the Goil^ 

Tcrkfiire, the faiM Day at thar CaAk of 

X^ne0/birt^ Saturday ai, at the CafUe of 

Lord Chit/ Jujkkt mmi, and Mr, jyjiiti 

Bueh, Monday March %: atAyleibory* 
Bedfirdjbire, Thuriday 5, at Bedford. ' 
Hunfingdon/bir*,' Saturday 7, ait Huntings 

Comhrid^tpirt^ Monday 9, «t eambridgcsg 
iforfo/k, Thurfday la, at Thecford. 
9tifolk, Monday 16, at Bury St ^rattnd*!^ 

Lord Chitf Baron Parktr^' amd Mr, JufiiH 

Rutland^ Friday Feb. 17 , at pkeham. 
^'uroJWii/Vr,. Monday* March %, at LinoolB 

Caftls. ' 
City ofLincoh, (he fame Day at the City. 
Ifottifrgktm/tirOf ThOrfday 5, at Nottin^, 

7«fiw of Ifotiinikam^ Friddy 6, at NottinK- 

Difhyfkire^ Saturday 7, at t>erby. 
Leictfier/hire, Wcdaefday 11 1 at Leiceflef 

Borotdjth of Leietfer, Thurfday la, at LcU 
- ceAcr. 

Covntty^ Satkrday 14, at Coventry. 
H^anmikf^ire, Monday t6, at Warwick. 
Nortbamfitonjf^irt, Thurfday 19, at Nor"' 


Mr, JuJUte D*^ifi,9, and Mr^.Jufifi Tofjltr^ 
Uertjbtdfiire, Wadnefday Match 4, aC 

Monday %^, atRbfibcAar* 

Fffix, Monday 9, at Chelmsford. 


6i6 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

SmftM, |(londsys3, ac EaftGrinftead. 
Smrrj^ Thurrday a6, at Kinglloii. 
Ur. BsrmManu mnd Mr, JmfHtf miwmt. 
fierkfnrt^ Monday March a» at Rcading- 
QxffAfdrt^ Wednesday 4, at Oxford. 
^orciPfrAirt, Saturday 7, at WorccAer. 
-^ty 9f W^rci^cT smdCt&my, the Ciiiit Day 

and Pbce. 
pkmaptrpirw, Wednefday T f , at Gloocefter* 
City 9fGka€4er mwi (Uamtj, the UnSt Day 
. and Place. 

Jlf»— ntf^/fciW, Saturday 14.1 at Monoioiith. 
Jfmftr^/birfyTutidiy I7» at Mctcford. 
M<r^|^r»>'MoMby s), at Sbrew(bury. 
St»fir4fbirt\ TueCday «•:, at Stafford. 

Mr, Jmftice Socl and Mr. SsroM Lhyd. 
Strntbamptn,- TttUUy March 3, at Win- 

Wii^ire, Satarday 7, at Samm. 
D^rfifjhire, Tburfday 12, at DorcheAer. 
JOtvoM^ Motiday 16. at Ezetcf. 
City of Exeter, the fame Day at the Caille of 
. : euter. 

Ctrmoall, Tuefday 14, at Launcefton. 
&9mtr jet fair €^ Tuefday 31, at Taunton* 

Mont^omerypire, March 14, at Pool. 
Dfphtgkjbtrt, 2:1, at Ruthin. 
Fiindkir^, ay, at Flint. 
£btpirt^ April a, at Cbcfter. 

SihehSf appointed by his Majcfty in Council, 

Ibr the Y«ar 1761 
MvkAirt^ jMxtm TheohaUy of Waltham 

Place, Eiqi 
JMftdjhirt^ Robert Butcher, ofCopfeyEfq; 
3mektiigBam&ire^ Sir John Vanbatten, Knt. 
CumherUMd^ Jdbn Langton, Efq} 
fihe/bire, John Ardcrae, of Ardcrne, E(q; 
CamSr* and Hunt* John Hagar, of Warelly, 

CfrttwaU, Nicholas Kempe^ of Roftteage, 

^efwi/birtt Sir John Davie, of Creedy, Bart. 
Dorfetjbire, William Pitt, of Kingflon, ^^q^ 
DeAyjblre, SafAuel Shore, of Norton, £fq$ 
Mff9x, Sir Charles Smith, Bart. 
Clouctflerjbire, John Dclafteld Phelpt, of 
.. Durfley, Efq; 
Hertfordjbire^ John Athfordby, of Che(hunt, 

Hereford/hire, J. Cotterell Brooks, of Gar- 
• -. non, Efq; 
Ktnt, William Jumper, of Leeds Abby, 

Ltici^rjbire, Sir Geo. Beaumont, of Cole 
. Oiton, Bart. 
Lincohjbire, William Roe, of Sudbrooke, 

MonwMutbOiirt^ William PhUlipSj of Whip- 

itOfty Efqj 

ihrtbtimbtrlmnd, AleJi. ColUogwood, efUt* 

thank, Elq; 
UtrthmmftMfhirt, Tho. Ward, oC GuiUbo- 

rough, Efqj 
Vff^, William Chordimao, of MangTBCO^ 

Nottingbampire, Samuel Gordon, of Ne* 

wark, E(qs 
OjtMJbire, Char. Price, of Rocheificld 

Feppaid, Efqj 
Rmtlmitd/bire, Henry Dove, of Tinwel, Eil|; 
Sbrop/, John Smithetnan, £(q; 
Smmerfetjkiref John Adams, of SUnloid 

Drew, £^; 
Stsford/bire, Jeremiah Smith, of Fenton, 

Syfo/k, Tliomas Mofely, ofOufden. Efi|; 
SmiihmmptMi, George Powleit, of Ampert, 

Sttrry, John Dawfon, of Lambeth, Efq^ 
Skjejt , Wm. Thomas the Younger, of Yap- 
ton, Efq; 
fTarwickJh, A. Backet the Younger, of 

Moxhall, Efq; 
H^oreeSerJbire, Richard Cafe, of Powic, Eli|| 
fViltfiirt, Scroop Egerton, of New Senmi, 

Tarkfiirt, Sir John Lifter Raye, of Grain^, 


Breepn, Howell Gwynn, of^Abereave, El^| 
Carmartbm^ Richard Cwyn, ofMiddetnn- 

Hall, Efq; 
CMrdigatif Walter Lh>yd, of Cardigan, Efqj 
Giamorgam, Samuel Price, of Coyton, Elq, 
Pmtroke, William Bowei^ of WiUiamAoa. 

Rsdnor, John Evans, of Liwynbarriedy Efqf 

Amgleffy, Francis Lloyd, ofMonachdti, Efq| 
Canftfrvoii, Robert Wynn, of VarchwelT^ 

Dewhigb^ Pierce Wynne, of Llanhythan, Elq; 
Fiint, Thomas Pcnant, of Downing, Efq; 
Merioneth, Lewis Owen, nf Caerberllan, Efq; 
Mongomery, Richard Price, of Ounley, Efq; 

St.Jamet^s, Feb. 3. The folk>wing Ad« 
drefs of the Prefiden^ Vice-Prefidents, ami 
Members of the Society in London, for the 
Encouragement of Arts, Manufadures, and 
Commerce, have been prefented|p his Ma-* 
jefty : Which Addrefs his Majei^was plea- 
fed to receive very gracioufly. 

To the*s mod excellent Maje/ty,, 
The humble Addrefs of the Prefident, Vice-. 
Preiidenu, and Members of the Society 
in London, for the Encouragement of 
Arts, Manufaflures, and Commerce. 

< * May it pleaje your Majefiy^ 
** We your Majefty's mod dutiful and 
loyal Subj«£ls, the Prefideot^ Vice-Prefi? 


For FEBRUARr, 1761 

cfefits, and Members of the Society for f he 
P.ncour«(einentofArts, Manufadturei, and 
Coxnmtrce, moved with a deep Senfe of 
Cratitnde for the many Dleflinfcs we enjoy- 
ed under the Government of our late moft 
giacioiu Sovereign, beg Keave to condole 
with your Majefly on the Loft of a Life fo 
valuable and important \ and, at the fame 
Time, to offer our Congratulations upon 
your happy Acceffion to the Throne of thefe 

Wc feel. Sir, in Common, with all our 
Fellow. Subjeas, the higheft Satitfadion 
for tfiofe gracious Declarations fo early 
made, of your Majeily*8 tender and pater- 
nal Care for our Civil and ReligiovM Liber- 
ties ; and in particular, as a Society for the 
Encouragement of Arts, ManufaAbres, and 
Commerce, are we emboldened to addicfs^ 
a Prince, diAinguifhed for his avowed At- 
tention to all thcfe great and national Jnte- 

" The OhjeAs our Society have in View 
are, the Impfovemtntsof Asriculture, Ma- 
fiufadurcs, and Comnnterce, with their A f- 
iillant Arts, throui;hout your Majefty*s 
Britiih Dominions and Colonies \ as well as 
to give every Encouragement here at Home, 
to thofe politer Arts of Painting, Sculpture, 
and ArchiteAure, that embellifh human Life, 
and di Ainguifh learned and polifhtd, from i^' 
norant and barbarous Nations. 

" In the Profecucion of thefe Deiigns, 
we (hall proceed with all Diligence and Vi. 
(Tour, animated with the plcafing Hopes, 
chat we are ufcI'vHy employed for the Ad- 
vantage and Honour of our Country, and 
rendering acceptable Service to oar Sove- 
reign, wip makes his Happincf» to confift 
in the Profperity of his People. 

May your M^jcfty live long to erjoy, by 
the BltrHing uf Providence, fo noble a Sati£- 

^y the unanimous Relblution of the 

Folkeftwe, Prcfldenc. 

The following Addrefs of the Roman Ca- 
4holick Noblemen and Gentlemen of the 
Counties of Meath and WeAmeath, 'having 
been tianlinitted to His Grace the Duke of 
Bedford, jLord Lieutenant of Ireland, has 
by him Deen Prefented to His Majeftys 
Which Addrefs His Majefty was prcafed to 
receive very gracioufly. 

To the King's moil excellent Majefty, 
The humble Addrefs of the Ronruin Catho • 

Jic Noblemen and Gentlemen of the 

Counties of Meath and Weftmeath in the 

Kingdom of Ireland. 

** Afofi grac:0iti ScvertifUf 

" We ycuf Majefty *» molt loyal and do- 


tiful Subjeds tlie Roman Catholic NobiW 
men and Gentlemen of the Counties of 
Meath and Weft meath, in your Kingdom 
of Ireland, humbly prefume to join our moft 
affedlionate and fincrreAfiiidiontoyour Ma- 
jefty *s Tears, for the much- lamented Death 
of your Royal Grandfather ; « Death uni- 
veilally deplored by all your mourning Sub- 
fe€ts, but not by any, more deeply, or more 
juftly felt, than by your poor and diftreflcd 
Roman Catholics of this Realm, who bear 
in their Breafts, Monuments of eternal Gra- 
titude, forthe Iftduigence, Favour and Cle- 
mency, which he »nd his Royal Father were 
moll gracioufly pkafed to extend to thexn 
on feveral Occafiont. 

** And we now rsife our flowing Eyes', 
from the Obfequies of ouf late good and 
merciful King, to your Majefty *s Throne ) 
there, with unfpeakshle and heart-frft Joy, 
we behokl aU his (hining Virtues in yoor 
Majefty s Royal Terfon as hereditary as his 

•* We cume, Sir, to yoor Feet with 
Hearts full of Loyalty, Duty, warmWiftiet 
and Affc^ion, and oft'er you all that Per- 
fons, in our Situation, can, faithful Hearts 
and Hands, unarmed indeed, but ready, 
carneft and defirous to exert themfelvea, 
ftrenuouHy and faithfully, whenever your 
Majefty fhall think them worthy to be em- 
plo>ed in your and their Country's Caofe. 

** It is an unfpeakable Confolation to the 
Roman Catholics of ihin Kingdom, to have 
fome Reafon to hope that their invariable^ 
loyal, dutiful and fubmiflive Behaviour, 
during a Scries of feventy Years, has met 
with the Appiobation of your Royal Prede- 
oeflbrs ; and the aufpicious Dawn of yoo^ 
Ma}efty*s Reign, which promifes a glorioo^ 
and perpetual Spring of univerfal Happinefb 
to your Subjeds, elates our Hearts with 
Hopes and Gladnefs, and employs our At* 
tention only, to the Means of making our^ 
felves yet more worthy Ohje^K of your Ma- 
jrAy*s Royal ProteAion and Clemency ; 
and we offer our moft feivent and zealous 
Prayers to the Almighty, that his Divine 
Majefty may be moft gracioufly pleafed to 
grant you a long and happy Reign j infpir^ 
your Councils; make your Undertaicinga 
fuccefsful; and while you, in Great Bri- 
tain, are more the Ekligbt of Mankind 
than Tilus was in Italy, that the Happineft 
of your loyal Chnfti;..n Subjeds, without 
Diftindion, may be the Wifti and Envy of 
ail other People.** 

Given at Trim, in the County of Meath, 
the fifth Day of fanuaiy. One thou(;ind 
feven hundred and fixiy-onc* 

4K» Ai 

6 1 8 A Chronological Memoir of Oecurrencis^ 

4^ nut hmit inftrttd^ in a firmer A/«- 
gaximef th Cofy of a Letter tvrcte by 
a Re^ertftd Preiate to bu frtftrA Ma- 
jify, om his Accfjpon to thf 7hro9€^ 

. ni'bicb hki hten highly agreeable to tht 
FubUe ; <u;f hanji thought the foUonjO" 
tug Letter J frefentedby tbejmme Reve^ 
rend Prelate to his Majefiy *wleft Pri/tce 
ofWtdcip itiosJd be liie*vi:ife accept^' 

_ Ms y it pJitfe y9ur R»fa/ Hifhnffs, 
^TviF unexpc^Hd Sight of your Roynl 
Jl Hifhncfx, and Prince Edward, on 
Tnoriiby U(k, cpoiTingthe Road near Rich* 
mondy afforded me an infinite Pleafore, 
paOtr to be convinced than expreflld, when 
J (»w in your Royal Hii^hneflvi a i^raceful, 
htcoming Dignity, with Tee, open, and 
fondcfcendin*; Coimtenances, that befpoj^ 
fcdate, humane, and manly Dif^ftfions, 
glowing witlty^prhful Aiduur for the irene- 
ral Welfare of Mankind, moft worthy of 
>our high Births. 

This ple^fing View caufcd me to rrfleA 
— — Thefc arc Ri'yal Princes ! the Firft, 
next in SnccelTion to one of the greateft 
Kings that ever filled the Throne (the other, 
in all Probability, will, in Time, be one of 
Itf chicftft Supports) a King whom the 
People adore, and hai jullly merited the 
additional Title, after Defender of the Faith, 
(hat of the Well-Helovcd, and the Honefl. 
— It th«Tiforc mufl be extremely grateful 
to all faithful SubjcAn, the fartlier pleafing 
pio(pi€t of having conveyed, to lateA Po- 
«ilerity, the BlcfTingt we now erjoy under 
the Ooveinment of our prpfent moft graq- 
pu% Sov'-rrign. 

Thus delighted r — I returned Thankt to 
Almighty God for b^flowing fo remarkable 
ji BkfTp^jC en thefe Kingdoms, in that of 
prefer in)r to the Crown the Defcendants of 
the mod iIlpl\riou.s and amiable I rincefs 
.!pUzAbv''^> ).Vc Uueen of Bohemia (a DAUgh. 
fcr ot Biitnin) who was parly the Darling 
pf the Englifb Narion, and whole Confort's 
Royal Houfe have, from the firft Intermar. 
riage, been revered and refptdcd by all 
go '•■ Englifiimcn. 

M Aery felates irtany Inflances of young 
Princci fo far con<^fcending ai to fpeak 
f vcn to the meant fl^of their Royal Father's 
Subjedls, which, I im airured, your High- 
rclTci have like wife done, vyrirh grta» Hu- 
fnanity and Compbcency : From thefe Ex- 
amples, 1 fljtter myfcit, 1 (hail, agreeably 
to your innate princely Goodnefs, obtain 
l^ardon for prefuming to pay my Honuige 
(0 your Higbnei^ in this yfay, and alio for 

my Prefvmption in laying before ytm n Uf^ 
tie poeMcal Defcription of my fnuill Villa at 
Richmond : Shoold I ever hm the Happi* 
nef» of the Prefence of your Royal HigKnefs 
fo fee my little Retreat -« the Heighth of 
my Ambition will be fati»iied, efpecially as 
it will honour me with an Opportunity of 
profeflTmg in Peribn, how much I am, with 
the moft awful and refpe^U'ul Sobmiffion, 
May it p'eale your Royal Highnefles, 
Your mofi dutiful, 
Moflottedicnt, and 

MofI devoted humble Servant. 


Hire follotvs the Defcriptm refernd 
ts in the preceding Letter. 

ONE fcene remains— and claims the 
Mufes care, ^ 

Let her afcend-^nd fing thy Belvidere : * 
What giaces confecrate the fweet retreat ? 
Without, how (miUng — and within, 'how 

Arpfind, the meads, their flow*ry pride dif- 


Where, with ttieir dams, the fportive lannbr 

kin» play. 
How fmiles with innocence the YitlagiB 

fccne ? 
The walks how pleafant ? and the groves 

how gieen ? 
From hence what varied profpe ds coai t tht 

Wh^t intermingling fbades, and villas rife ) 
Q 'cr the wide view dilates th* impaffion*d 

And fancy fets no bounds to the delight. 
Lo, there ()ie rival hamlets f fair aiceody 
Whofe nei(!;hbouring beauties feem in one to 

blend ; 
There pointed harrow*8 interpofing brow 
Conceals k>fl cannons— -felf-abandon*d now, 
Where rigid juflice, with too ftem regard, 
Hakblafled cliarms, which time perhaps had 

fpar*d ; 
And what magnificence was long a doing. 
If now become a heap of noble ruin ! 

A little lefs remote thelandfcape trace* 
Wh«?reA^onr— Ealing fhine, with fep'rate 

grace, ^ , 

Or flraggling Brentford; befl it difbnor 

Or Thiftlcworth, refle^ed in the flood j 
Or Kew, fweet fpoi ! where Bhtain*s dar- 
ling care, 
Fqr health, or pleafure, oftfntimes repair. 


• ^ keautifuJ RetH in ib* Homfe^ thmt 
cveriopkt the TnoM, mud mf(tnh M m»jtei 

i BifbiMti and H0m ' ead. 

For FEBRVART, 1761. 619 

Ye Guardian AogeJt ! — witch their tender For time, that hurries Princes to the graye, 

youth. As litf le fpares the monuments they leave. 

Oh form their minds to virtue aiid to truth I Qn ftone and brafs his teeth, conTominf 
Set all their parents worth before their eye, pr^» 

And then their fpotlefs fame (hall never die. Deface the biifl— and eat ev*n |>raife away. 

Imperial Thames beneath us rolls unfeen. Not let us view. Friend C <, thy calm 

And Caves the banks of once diftinguifh'd retreat. 

Shene $ How cool, how pleafant, lookt thy little 
The feat of mif(hty Kings in ages paft, feat. 

Where great vidorious Edward $ breathM -* Within,'how chearftil does the place ap« 

his lad I pear. 

Which Renry*s § hand adqra'il with ftudir Not drefs*d in pomp; yet from dilbnfer 

ous aim, clear ; 

Then damped the iav'rite villa — with his Where decent elegance delights to reign^ 

name ; J And all is affluent, eafy, and ferene : 

And having dcsck*d it with a Sovnreign*i Where painting Aich firong images conveys. 

date. That on the canvas, half deceiv'd, we gate : 

f fere paid the debt of nature and of fate. While uieful books a juft reception find«^ 

Oh, could the Monarch from his tomb arile, ^d lieail with knowledge the laftruded 
How would he view his Richmond with mind. 

furprize ! No broils, no cares, moleft this mral cell. 

Where fcarce one fingle hattlemen remain ! Here foft repofe and fodal pleafure dwell. 

To mark his grandeur, or reward his pain. While the chain* d oiaftiff guards the parlour 


X Illd. § VUth. I RUbmMd. An honeft dog^that never bit the poor. 


J List ^Shxps, taken hy the £ N G L i s H» continued /rem 

P^ge 604. 

The Maria Therefla, of St. MaIo*s, to A French Privateer of St. Malo*s of 16 

Carriage and 10 Swivel Guns ; — ^ alfo. Cons, late the Hawk Sloop, by hia MaJdT- 

the Vulture, a Sloop Privateer of 4 Garriagv ty*s Frigate Juno. 

and 4. Swivel Guns, by his Majeftj*sFugate The Veftal, of apd from Liverpool, It 

AquiUon, and fent into Cork. tlfo retaken by the Jano. and arrived at 

The Revenge Privateer of Dieppe, of 6 Plymouth. 

Carriage and 6 Swivel Gun» by the Hunter The MoUy, from Cape Fear, is likewife 

Cutter. retaken by the Monmouth Man of War. 

The Volunteer, Potts, and the Molly, * A French Privateer of 1 8 Gum. and 130 
Dennifon, are retaken .by the Monmouth Men, Cooibrt to the Vidorie t'rivateer, is 
M4n of War; ^ and the Mary, taken by the Quebec Man of !Var. and car- 
Miller, bytheHungerford. ried into Gibraltar. 

The St. Terele. and the Royal Cantabre. The Minerva Privateer, of Dunkirk, by 

by the Aquillon, and fent into Cork. the Vengeance Frigate, with two Prizes (hla 

Le Comte de Valence, belonging to Bo- had tak^. and brought them into Ply- 

fogne, by his Maje^*s Ship Stag, Cfpt. An- mouth, 

gel, and brought into Plymouth. The Gramont Privateer, of St. Malo*s^ 

A French Frigate, called the Felidte, 3a by the Juno Capt. Towry. 

Guhs bound to Martinico, deiUx>yed by be- An £nf]i()i Snow laden with Hemp and 

ing driven afhore by the Richmond, Capt Iron, retaken by his Majefty^s Ship the 

Elphinftone; the Crew efcaped, but her Hunter. 

Cargo will be faved. her Confort The Eeureuil, belonging to Bayonne, of 

ahother French Frigate, was likewife de- 14 Guns by the Minerva* 

flroyed. The Sirenne, of 3a Gunsand iSoMen, 

The Warwick Man of War, is retaken and Valeurof loGunsand 160 Men, taken ; 

by the Minerva, of 31 Guns; (he was and the Prince Edward, a Merchant Frigate, 

l>ound for the Eaft Indies with a valuable of \% Guns burnt and deftroyed. 

pargo aiyl important Difpatches. The Fleur de Us, a King's Frigate, of 

The Chivert Privateer, of Dunkirk, of 16 %% Guns and 190 Men, likewife burnt and 
Guns, by the An^zon ^ Solebay M^ of (leftro^ by m Hampihire. Boreas, mA 

,620 jd Cbronilqgical Memoir 6f OccurreMei^ 

Lhrdy, of Admiral HoUnet't Squadfon in 
J. maica. 

The Phoenix of i8 Cum and 125 Men, 
by the Quebec Man of War. 

The John and Elizabeth of London, from 
G;iuda)oupej retaken by the BfiUiant Man 
of War. 

A Brig Cram Leghorn* for Yarmouth, re- 
taken by the Adcon. 

The Dulfe of Masarme Privateer, by hia 
Majefty*t Ship Niger. 

•A French Cvttaf^ Privateer of 6 Ovna, 
46 Mim, by hia Majeft)r*8 Ship Arcthufa. 

The Bri4 Africa U fctakoo by the WiimU 
for Man of War. 

The Society, of St. Malo*i, a Privateer 
of 6 Cartas 6 Swivel Cuoa. 

ALtft tf Sk'^ ttkm iy tbt French, e§mi' 
fftdfrmmFw 605. 

The Dorothy and Eftfaer, taken by « 
Dunkirk Frigaie, and ranibmed for. 1^00 

The Dinah, from New York, for Dant- 
aick, ia taken and carried into Havre de 

The Triton* Handy, ficom Maryland^ ia 
Uken and carried into Bayonne. 

The Nancv and Moliy, Kiogibay, is U- 
Icen and carried into St. Malo*s. 

The Prince Frederic, Robinfon, from 
MaryUp^, .by the Amaran Privateec« and 
carried into St. Malo*i. 

The Pembroke, Smith, from South Ca- 
rolina, is taken and carried into St. Ma]o*a. 

The Oollis, from Faro <o Plymouth, by 
a St. Mate's Privateer, and carried into that 

The Nanqr, Oardener, from Glafgow, 
taken and carried into Martinico. 

The Enferprize Shoooer \ — The 

and k large Schooner, 

Nancy Brig,. — 

Name unknown, all laden with Fifh from 
Newfoundland, by two French Privateers, 
and carried into Vigo. 

The Sally, Combes, from South Caroli- 
na, ia taken, and carried into Cape Fran- 

The , Cook, from Liverpool, 

by the Ceroil, and ranfonoed for loooL 

The Profperoos,, taken, and carried 
into Cape Finifterre. 

The Henry, Craig, from Virgfaaia for 
Glafgow, is taken, and carried into Bay- 

TheTyger, Caofey, fromBriftol, by the 
Reoconti^e Privateer of Bayonne. 

The Anna Maria, Pringle, by a St. Ma* 
lo*s Privateer. 

A Ship, Name unknown, with 600 HogC* 
beads of Tobacco, taken and carried into 

The Friendftiip, Beft, from Pool, and 
ranfomed for 150I. 

The Molly, Frampton, from Oporto, 
taken off the Start Point. 

The Elizabeth, fiom Newfoundland, by 
a Privateer^ and carried into Liibon. > - 

The Rofe, Tear, from Africa to Carolina, 
is taken and carried into Martinico. 

The Betfey Sloop, from Dartmouth to 
London, taken off Beachy- head by a priva- 
teer Cutter* 

The two Friends, frofn Dublin to London 

tya Dunkirk Privateer, and carried into 
t. Malo*s 

The Betfey, Cain, from Virginia, taken 
and carried into St Vfab^s 

The Mary and Elixabeth, Woodcock^ 
from London to Viana, taken and carried in- 
to Vigo. , 


Jan, 15. The Lady of the Hon. John 
Forbes, one of the Admirala of the Blue 
Squadron and Lord of the Admiralty, of two 

TA* 4. Tlie Lady of the Right Hon. the 
Earl of Lndlow, a Dsughter. 

6. The Right Hon. the Countefs of Eg- 
tnont, a Daughter. 

8. The Hon. Lady Charlotte, a fon, at 
the Doke of AthoPs Houfe. 

T4. The Dutchefaof Ancader, a Daugh- 

15. The Ladyof WiBiamCartwright, Bfq; 
a Son. 

ig. The Lady of the Right Hon. Lord 
Bolinbroke, a Daughter. 

20. Her Grace the Dutches of Orifton of 
a Son, which isfince-dead. 


Jam, 15. The Hon. and Rev. Dr. George 
Talbot, to the Hon. Mifs Ann Bouvre 

Feb. 2. Mr. Mmct, a Merchant in Fan* 
church- ft reet, toMife Lubiere, of St. Ma* 

The Hon. and Rev. Mr. Barrington, Bro- 
ther to the Lord Vifcount Barrington, to 
the Right Hon. Lady Diana Beauclerk, Sif- 
ter to his Grace the Duke of St. Albans. 

5. Robert Palk, Eq; Governor of Fort 
St George in the Eaft Indies, to Mifs Ana 

The Rev. Mr. Humphreys, of Colecne 
in WiltOiire, to Mifs Heath of StanAed io 

S. Mr. Law, an eminent Bookfeller in 
Patemofter Rc^^ to Mifs Owen, of Alder- 

IO. Tamet 

For FE BRV ART ijti. 621 

TO. James Woodroflf, Efq; of Berkley 
Square, to Mifs Harriot Jonei of Piccadilly. 

11. Bumaby Green, uqj to MiCi Carte- 
ret, ofKenfin^ton. 

13. Henry Northcote, Efqj of the )d Re- 
giment of Foot Guards, to Mils Searleof 

16. Mr. Thomas and Mr« John Dmm, Bro- 
thers, to the Mifles Mary and EJitabtth 
Parr, Two Sifters, at Carliile | their four 
Ages make Si. 

17. The Right Hon. Lord Bruce, one«f 
the Lord of the Bedchamber to his Majefty, 
to the Dowager Lady Vifcounteft Dungar- 
▼on, only Daughter oC Henry Hoare, Efq; 

20. John Davis, a Farmer's Servant, Ji 
young Fellow about %% Years of Age, to 
Mrs Scott, Miftrefs of the Orown loo at 
Callington in Cornwall, Aged ys. 

%t. Mr. Unwm, wholefalc Stationer in 
Pateinoiler-Row, to M\U Bayles, Daugh- 
ter-in-law tp hi^Partner, Mr. Job Johnibn. 


Lady Clinton, Aged 103, at Boulogne in 
France, Maid of Honour to the Queent of 
King Charles H. and James II. of England. 

Jan, 1, Clement Attguftui of BAvaria, 
uncle to the Eledor of Bavaria, bom Au- 
guA 16, 1700, BiAiop of Manfter and Pa- 
derbom in 1719, Eleaor and Archbiibopof 
Cologn, Nov. IS, 17*3* BUhopof Hiide- 
iheim, Feb. 8, 1724, Bifhop of Olh^bnig, 
Nov. 4, 1728, and Grand Mailer of tlie 
Tutonick Order, 173a. 

3. John Parker, £fq; at Chefter, Aged 

12. Richard Na(b, Eiq; at Bath, Aged 

17. The Right Hon. Lord Vifcount Fclk- 
ilone, Prefidtnt, or rather Father to the So- 
ciety for Encouragement of Arts and Sci- 

20. Samuel Vande Wall, £fq$ fuddenly, 
in Lincoln's- Ina Fietdt. 

21. James Lambe, ETqjinLincclns-lmi- 

■ ' Spencer, Efq^at Bath, a Gcotie- 
flaan ot immence Fortune. 

J^n, 21. Sir Wm. Wbitlewronge at Lam- 
beth, aged 62. 

23. Hon. William Portman, Efq; at his 
Seat, at Brianfton near Blaodford ioDorfet- 

27. Lady Ann Dunk, elded Daiightar of 
the Earl of Halifax. 

Couen Dent Efq; Firft Captain of the 
jRoyal Hofpital of Greenwich. 

Lady Frankland, Reli^ of SirThpuut 
FrankUnd, Bart. 

George Wooley, Efq ; CaOUcr of the Sooth 

Benjamin Cleve, Efqj at hit HoofiBinCheap- 

Humphry Sanders, of Chaldoo la Surry, 
Aged 103. 

BenjamiD Smart, Efq;.CoiHical]or at Law, 
in the Ten^ple. 

Civil dud MiliiMry fffvwttutu 

St, Jomet't Dec. 28. Thii Day the Right 
Hon. George Earl of Albemarle was, by his 
Majefty's Command, fwom of hit Majefty *a 
mtt^ Hpn» Privy -ootncil, and took bis 
Place at the Board accordingly. And his 
Majefty having been pleafe^ to appoint his 
LonUbip to be Gov«nor of the Ifiinivi Jer- 
fey, the nfual Oaths, appointed to beukcn 
by the Govenor of thatlfland, were iikevife 
adminiftered to bis Lordlhip. 

The Right Hon. Lord Henley WIM his 
Majefty't Hand on being appointed Lord 
High Chancellor of Engfamid. 

. The King has been pleafod to appoint 
John Pownall, Efq; Secretary to the Lords 
Commiflioners of Trade and Plaritationt. 

Admiral Pocock kiffed his Majdfly 's Hand 
on being appointed Admiral of Che Blue. 

The Hon. Cok>nel Howe, brother to Lord 
Howe, is appointed^ Brigadier OrneraL 

frntibsl/, Jan, 24. His Maje^ has 
been pleafed to appoint Stanier Porten, Efi] ; 
to be Cpnful-general at Madrid, 

Frances Aiikel, Eiq; to be Confol at Ma- 

Matthew Hiccox, Efq; to be Agent ancf! 
ConfuK General in the Madeiras. 

John Dick, Efq; to be Confol at Leghorn, 
ames Holford, Efq; to be Conful at Ge- 

Thomas Coxon, Gent, to be ConAil at 

Albert Neibitt, Gent, to be CooAiI at the 

lohnUdny, Gent, to be Conful at Venice. 

WJMithsU, Jam, 31. The fCinghas been 
pleafed toconftitute and appoint Wiliiam 
Blair, Matthew Kenrick, John Barnard, 
Robert Thompfon, and George Whitmorc, 
Eiqrs. to be hit MajetiyUCommiiBonersfor 
managing Che Duties on (Ufoped Vellum, 
Parchment, and Paper, &c. And alfo Jolin 
BreCteU, Efq; fo be Secreury or chief Clerk 
to the (kid Commiflioners. 

Edward Young, Henry Kellall, Chrifto- 
pher Rigby, Richard Frankiand, John 
Trenchard, and John Fajie, E^rs. to be^ 
Commiffloners for Taxes, 

Dudley Baactcr, £f(|; Solicitor of Excife. 

Thomas Steele, £fq| Comptrolki of the 
Duties of Excife, 

6 a 2 A Chromhpcal Metkoir of Occurrences. 

Thomas Dammer, Efq ; Surveyor of his 
Majefty*t CufU>ms of the (Tut-porCtnf Eog- 
Irod, Wales, and Berwick upon Tweed. 

Thomas Bonham Smith, Efq; Regifler of 
Warrants inwards in the Port of London. 

Edmund Mafon, EiqjoneoftbeCommir- 
fioncrs in quality oi a Principal Officer of his 
Majefty's Navy. 

Thomas Hanway, Efq; one of the Com- 
miflioners, in quality of a Principal Officer 
of his Kfajefty*s navy, for the Yards at 
Chatham and Sheemefs. 

Timothy Brett, Efqj Clerk of the Ads of 
bis Majefty*s Navy. 

Thomas Worfley, B(q; Surveyor of his 
Majefty's Works. 

James Bnidenel, Efq^ the Office of Gen- 
tleman and Mafterof his Majeily's Robes. 

f^hitekslf, Feb. 7. The King hat been 
plea(cd to oonHitute and appoint Digby 
bent, and William Bateman, Eiqrs. to be 
Commiffioners of his Ma}e(ly*s Navy. 

Oeorge Cokburoey Efq^ to be Comptrol- 
ler of his Majefty*s Navy. 

Thomas Slade and William Btteley, Efqrt. 
to be Surveyor of his Majeily*s Navy. 

Richard Hall, Efq) to be Comptroller 
of the Accounts of the Treafurer of lUs Nfa- 
jeAy's Navy. 

Robert Olbom, Eiq; to be Comptroller 
of the Viauallers Accounts of his MajcAy *s 

Richard fla|:hes, Efq; tobeCommiffioner 
of his Majrily*s Navy at Portfmouth. 

Frederick Rogers, Efq; to be Commif* 
£oner of his Majefly*s Navy at Plymouth. 
And ^ 

Charles Qolbj, Efq; to be Commiffioner 
of his MajeAy*8 Navy at Gibraltar* 

Ecdefiajlical Preferwuwtt, 

The Rev. Mr. Cumberland, Prebendary 
cf Lincoln, to be a Prebendary of St. Paul's 

The Rev. Mr. Afhburnham, Brother to 
the BIfhop of Chicheiler, to the Prebend of 
Fetring in that Cathedral. 

The Rev. Mr. Wigiey, to the ReOory of 
Chegworth in LeiceOerfliiie. 
y The Rev. Mr. Roman, Redor of Upclat- 
ford in Hants, to the Redory of Farringdon 

The Rev. Mr. John Smyth, to the Redo- 
ries of Trentley and \^eftem in Suffolk. 

The Rev. Mr. John Longe, to the Redo- 
ry of Reymerflone in Norfolk. 

The Rev. Mr. Thomas Shirley, to the 
ReAory of Welford in Berks. 

The Rev. Mr. Ready, to the Re^ry of 
Caf znerr and Peaitmore. 




ymn, \f, George Gee, of Wbite- chapel, 
Middlefex, Linendraper. 

John Davis, of Bath, Jeweller afid Toy* 

Martin Greenlow, of Darlington, in the 
County of Dur|iam, Grocer. 

Thomas Warwick, of Kintbury, Bcrk- 
fliire, Linendraper And Grocer. 

Groves Baker, of Stoke next Naylaod, 

7««. ti. Henry Burnett, of Haoover- 
ilreet, Middlefex, DiAiller. 

WUIiam WiUbs, of Leiceller, Linen- 

Feb. 3. John NichoUbn, of Fcachurcb- 
ftreet, London, Stone- mafon. 

7. Jonat. Beck, of Tothill ftreet^ Weft« 
minder, Baker. 

Martha Cooke, of Shad Thames in Surry, 

Abraham Lloyd, of Chelfea in Middk- 
fex, Viaualler. 

Samuel Gilbert, of Coventry, Shagg* 

19. John Bottbilla, late of Fleet* (Ireet^ 
London^ Merchant. 

14. William Wefton, of London^ Mer- 

Nathaniel Clarke, of Ipfwicb, Corn- 

17. James Duckworth, on the Point, 
Portfmouth, Hardwareman. 

% f . William Ricards, of G oodmans- yard, 
Glafs- maker. 

John Laflell and Thomas Slack, of Wind- 
mill -Areet, WeAminiler, Bricklayers and 
Copartners. ^ 

John Cookefley, of Bamftable, Grocer 
and Linen- draper. 

Bill •fMortsUiyfrwmJan.xOt toFeb^ ly. 


Males 790 7 

Females 768 { 

Under a years old 

Between 2 and 5 

5 and 10 — — 

10 and so — 

xo and 30 — 

30 and 40 — 

40 and 50 — — 

5« and 60 — 

60 and 70 — 

70 and So — ■ 

So and 90 — 

9oandioo — * 

looandiio — 






106 Buried, 

43 Within the walls loS 
47 Without 367 

115 Mid, and Smrrj 70S 
i44£ity 9t Sub. JT^. 375 
130 r 





Weekly Jam, 47. 3S9 

W. 3.35f 




(623 ) 

■ t » ' 1 

• ■ 


Mifcellaneous Correfpondence, 

in Profe and Verfe. 

For MARCH, 1761. 


SIR, Fef>- 7» «7^»- 

1 Received your January Magazine this Day upon coming to Nottingham^ 
but as my Demdnftration feems fomething fimpler than that you have 
publifhed there, you may not, perhaps, think the publiHiing of this altoge- 
ther improper } but this I fubmit to your Impartiality, and am, with due 
Kefpedt, Sifp Tour obligtd bumhU Sir*vau/, 

Cha. Wild^orb. 

uf Dimonftration that thi Path for Cumft) ^hich the Center of tie Moon defcrihet 
in tbt Expaftfe^ is ewrj *where concave towards the San, 

a Portion of 
the Orbit of 
the Earth, the 
Circle TL the 
Orbit of the 
Moon, S the 
San, and L the 
Moon when in 
the Syzygy ; 

let T reprcfent the periodic Time of the Earth, and / that of 
the Moon : Then, it is well known * that the kario of the 
Forces by which the Body L is attra^ed towards T and to- 


wards S, is at a Mean as 


or (multiplying both 


Terms by /*) as TL : T S x -7^, take L A =: T S „ 

and then the Force by which the Body L is drawn towards T, 
being reprefented by T L, the Force by which it is drawn to- 
wards S will be reprefented by LA: Now thcfe Forces acting 
upon the Body L (by its <u// injita tending towards B along the 
Tangent L B drawn perpendicular to 1' A*) in o ppoiice Direc- 
tions, the greater Force muft nwceflarily draw it from the Tan- 
gent h L towards itfelf, by a Force, whiCh at the nflant the 
Body moves from L, is equal to the Difference betivixt TL 
and L A, and it is manifeft that as the Facii of the Body faU« 
above, or below the Tangent BL, fo it muft be convex, or con- 
cave towards S : Now in the propo:ed Cal'c of the ^/looIv, \* K 
being equal to 7 jy x 'J' S, and T L but about -j^^ ^ t ^> \x 

4 L Ssk 

' Sco In/Ututioa 1x76, 



Mifcellaneom Gn^Jpondence^ 

is manifeft that the Path of the Body ii at L confiderably concave towards S; 
and if it is concave at L» it moil neceilarily be more fo at any other Point /, 
where the Force T L = // is divided Into two (/r and cl) and only one of 
them {'viz, c I) that is perpendicular to the Path, has any Power to bend it; 
cherefbre the Path of the Moon being concave towards the Sun at L, is fo^ 

Mathematical Questions Aajwered. 

^ueflifft 313, anfwirid bf Mr* Thomas Robinfon. 


Seriei, then Multiply by*^ —y + i^ — -^j^ + ^^^^t ^^. whofc Flu- 


cnt ii^ + 

X Hyper Log. a jf + v/ 


16 ^^' 

+ lir, yc. required, or it is i \/c% + 4 «» -ft « 

7 tf<> 1* "^ 

^ the Fluent, or by Bmtrfon, Fluxions, Page ayj, the 

4tcond Zdicion from the 9th and J3th forms *?• / — +7/ +■ — — 5-^ x Loj. 7 -f- 

^ V ♦ 4 


the required Fluent after Corredion. 


This Sluefiiw toat ttfr tnfwered by Mr, J\ Drape, Mt, P. Geoi^e, and the Prop^ftr. 
OtbtrAnJwari Vfirt alfojeni, but not inferted, as not ttgreein^ noitb tbt Prop9j§r*%^ 

^iftion 214% Anfwertihy Mr. Samuel Beeken, ^ 

UP O N O with the Radiut of xo. defcrihc a Circle { 
and draw the Diameter AB ; from the Exrremicy 
of which, draw the Right-line B ^, terminating in the 
Circumference of the Circle, at f€r QuefUon. 

Then on A, with the Diameter A B ; and on B, with 
B^ } defcribe two Circlet interfering each other in d\ 
and on B, with B A ; and on A, with B^ \ defcribe tWo 
other Circles, cutting each other in r. 

Hence, by drawing a Right- line from dxo t \\x. will 
not only pafs through the Center O, but it will alfo cut 
the Right- line B6, in tf ; and divide the Grcle into two 
equal Parts in at, and i^\ and therefore, Btf becomes 
equal to B O z: ao ; and abzz, 10. From the Conftruc- 
tion, it is evident that </x, and x t are equal, and each 
eqturi to 41 ^ } wbofc Re^ngles muft confequently t>e e- 
qual to 100, whicb was required. ^. £. J>. 

nU Sfneftiw mm sffr anfwtred by Mr, T. Robinibn^ timdbytbt Pr^ff&, Mr, J, El- I 


in ?ROS]& and V£RSE. 


^uiftim 315, anfwned iy A/r, John Cartcn 

T ET X \/i -^ xA zz Sine and Cof. of Lat. re(pe€klrt]j,y zz Sine of the Sun's Dcdl- 

natum, tbea will 


\/« — J'-l 

== Tan. of the fame. Alfo let 1 — Sine 190 56'^ 

and / ::z Tan. of 90 $5'. Then {per Spherics) x : i t : jr : t. Again, i : ■ 

-^. *.' X r: 7SX97 rr Sine of 510 31' the Latitude. •»* the Sun*i Declination was :=: 

f 5<' X9'. Afifwer the id Day of May, ff^, f^, R, 

Tbit SlueftiM wat siifo omfwered ly Mr, T, Harris, the Trofefer, Other Anftvertweriftnt^ 
hut tucre not rights 

^eftim 2^(>fiems net to have been rightly apprehended^ fince the Anfivers 
we have received are very different from that given by the Propofer^ tvhg 
makes the true Depth of the River 1 1 Feet J^^,-, the apparent Depth 8 Feet 
/o, whereas Mr. Beeken, Mr. Robinfon, (Sc. makes the Depth of the 
River 9 Feet ^. 


New Questions /^ be anjwend. 

Queftion 326. 
By Mr. Geo. Surtees. 

FROM what Height nouft a Ball of 8 
Ounces fall, to ftrike a Plane, whofe 
Inclination to the Horizon is 36° 5*', with 
thrice as much Force as another BjU of 6 
Ounces falling fronfi the Heiglit of 9 Feet on 
ji Plane, wliofe Inclination is the CoinpU- 
ment of the other to a Right- angle ? 

Queftion 327. 
By Mr. Tho. Todd. 

AGentleman*t Stock of 10,000/. i« put 
out at 4i. per C*nt, per jtrmum^ fimple 
Intereft $ and is to receive it by quarterly 
Payments, vi«. s/. the End of i Qparter, 
it% Square (1^) the End oi % Quarteia, its 
'Cube (a') the End of 3 Quarters, &e. Qoere 
the Time when the Debt is a Maximum ? 
and alfo the Time when both Principal aad 

Qiieftion 328« 
By Mr. T. Barker. 

C^ fvEN the Side of an Ifocelei. triangle 
y zz ^o, and Difference between its 
Area, ana Area of its circumicribinf^ Circle 
= 1S67.96875 Poles. QjieretbeBafeof the 
Triangle, and Circle's Diameter ? 

Queftion 329. 
By Mr. Tho. Sadler. 

A Nobleman hath a Parlour, which he 
Jl\ intends to have lined with Tapeflry, 
of fof a Yard wide, EngliOi Meafure, it is 
required to find how many Yards will line 
Che faid Room, by drawing Lines from one 
Corner of the CeiUi>g to the other 3 Corners 
of the Floor, they will meafure 18, «o, and 
1^5 Feet refpedhvely. (No Dedu^on being 
made for Doors, Windows, G^r.) Quere 
how much TapeAry wtUl line cbtlame ? 



Mifcellaneous Corfejpondence^ 


?#T'0 mebncboly, foftly.|>eDriTe powV, 
X As late I gave theVolitary hour j 
itore xny thoughts, in long fucceflion, rofe 
he fadly- varied tnio of human woes. 
To contemplation*! mount, (fcrenc retreat !) 
The mufe indulgent led my billing feet ; 
iiod while I view'd th* extended profpca 

She bade the foothing, plaintive fyre refopod. 
Here, on a verdant plain biefpread wit|i 
The fons of mirth indulge their fprightly 

pow'rj J 
With rofcs crown*d, how bh'thfome^ light, an4 

They dance and fing the flying hours away ! 
Reflection, care, and forefight, al! retreat. 
For here hath pleafure only fix'd her feat : 
Ker i»-retched vot'r^ court her filken chains 
For prefent joy, nor dream of future pains. 
Peath ready arto*d attends, and marks unfeeo. 
His fated vifiims in the mirthful fcene, ~ 
Ha ! — . whence that groan ? — from yonder 

gloomy cell : 
So near the feats of joy, can anguifli dwell ? 
Yes knecntft anguiik there and terror reign : 
Oh, would the thoughtlefs, laugbin|, frolic 

Attend, nor let that warning groan bf vain 

Unlike to thele, yon refllef^ tribe behold ! 
Their lives, inceflant toil ; their idol, gold : 
Clofe at their heels attcfnds corroding rare. 
On cither fiJe, diilruft and anxious fear. 
To friendjbip (hangers, and to fodal joys ; 
The wi/b of wealth their fordid fouls employs, 
Tbeir hopes, their cares, are loft in glict*ring 

duft : 
The toil how fnuilcfs! and how vain tfie 

Infidious death prepares his ruthlefs diirt. 
To nrnd the idol from the bleeding heart'. 

And now a difl^'rent fcene my eye furveys. 
An eager throng, the candidates for praiie. 
To gain the envy'd height, where fame bc- 

ftows ' 

Her faireft wreath, each panting bcfom 

The gbrious prise infpires their ardent toils, 
'Till on their brow the dear- bought laurel 

Behold the fons of valour, learning, wit ; 
High on an eminence fublime they fit, 
With croods of flatterers fawning at their 

But iee, mah'gnantenry ftealing nigh ! 
She btcathet — the tainted laurels droop and 

Tie changeful many mark the dire difmce, 
Af>e phck the Jittie pageants from their pUct, 


^rprjeing change ! almoft ador*d before. 
Now nam'd with infamy, or nam*d no morP. 
Such mournful fcenes, wlut heart oBmor'd 

could bear f 
Soft pity drop*d the unavailing tear. 
** Ah, wretched mortals ! a deluded train ? 
" Their hopes, tlicir J0}S, their bufy cases, 

how vain ;** 
Are gifts like thde, O eaith, thy pnmdeft 

Tby favorites prove their value to thpr coft. ' 
*Tis then their real eflimate we know. 
When fame, wealth, pkafore, end in death or 

woe, i 
The view how doleful, did there not appear 
A few of mien fedate, and chearfui air, 
A happy few, whom true reli^on guides. 
Points out theif path, and o'er their fieps pre- 

When griefs opprefs, her gentle hand fuftaint } 
Her chearing voice can foften all their pains, 
Tho* arrowi, wing*d with danger, fly aroumi, 
$kt wards the flxoke, or heals the fmartin| 

Her facrcd di£(ates they with joy obey. 
Nor wifli to leave the hrav*n-dire£led vray. 
Nor fame allures, nor pleafure^slfilken chain. 
Nor glittering dud, their nobler thoughts de- 
tain : 
Defire and hope fit fmiling in their eyes, 
With patience tempered ; while the diftan^ 

AttraA tbeir upward glance, and fpeak theic 

And fpeak their joy and expe^ation there, 
f^l heav*n>taugh( minds! my heart yoyx 

friendfliip claiqis : 
Be mine your cares, and hopes, your joys ai^ 

O for a beam of glory Trom above. 
To bid the intervening clouds remove ; 
From earth*s low dregs to purge the vifual raj. 
And clear my prorpe£t to the realms of day. 
Dim is (he eye of fenfe ; but ^ith fupplies 
(Infpir*d by heav'n) what feeble fenfe denies. 
In revelation* s glafs, celeilial aid 
Applied by faith, what wonders are difplay*d ! 
What boundlrfs glories open to the view i 
And joys forever bright ! for ever new ! 
Unfading hoixMirs ! pJeafures all refin*d ( 
And riches lafting as th' immortal mind ! 
There foil delight, a boondlefs river, fk>ws I 
There unforbid, the tree of knowledge grows \ 
And there the tree of life invites the tzftt 
To fnuts celeftial, an immortal feaft I 
There an unfading verdure cloaihs theplains. 
And conflant fpring in perfedl beauty reigns* 
A paradife with ev*ry joy replete ! 
Not pain, nor care invade the iaft retreat : 

in PROSE and VERSE. 


9w there the Ihring fource of bllft difpUys^ 
Without a cloudy bis iife-iiifpiring rays. 
ffo mortal ear has known, no mortal eye, 
Ko ftrrtch of human thought can e*frdefcxy» ^ 
Kor faith with heav'n-imparted ardour trace 
The eijdlefs glories of the blifsful place. 
Oh, happy fav'rites of almighty love, 
Whofe hopes, and cares, and heaists, are fixM 

above ! 
Siem death, to thefe, no frown of terr^ 

wears J 
Kind envoy from their Father*s court, he bean 
His bleft commiifion, to diflblve the tye 
Which holds their longing fpirits from the (ky. 

Now rife my vfiQits hit^ to joys divine ; 
O may this ftate, this blifsful ftate, be mine I 
Great Spring of life, to thee my heart afpires, 
Forgive and animate thefe faint defires. 
Thou ever-gracious, potent, wife and juft, 
Whofe promised aid invites my humble truft ; 
Inftru£t my feet to ihun, with ccmftant care, 
The path where pleafure fpreads the tempting 

Teach me to (com the joys of treafur*d earth : 
Ignoble aim, unworthy of my birth. 
Beneath my hopes j nor let deluding fame 
Allure noc with the empty found, a name. 
Thy favour is my wifli j for this alone, 
Is honour, boundleis pleafure, wealth un- 
My God, my ^ide, thy guardian care difplay. 
And let thy blifsful prefence chear my way, 
ThroMitie*s bewilcer'd maze, in ev*ry icene^ 
My light in darknefs, my fupport in pain. 
At death^s approach, O let thy {mile impart 
, Celeftial confolation to my heart } 
Thy gracious (mile (hah banifli ev*ry fear. 
And gentle death vrithont a frown appear : 
Kind meflenger, to bear me to my God, 
To dwell forever in thy bright abode ! 

Spring and Autumn. 

WHEN Spring difplays her various 
And opening bloiToms chear the eyes. 
And fancy ev^ry beauty meets. 
Whence docs the pleaiing tranfport riie ? 


Soon will their traniient date expire^ 
They ily and mock the fond purfuit ; 
New pl^fures then the thought infpire. 
And bounteous Autumn yields her fruit. 

Where fmiltng beautiesxharm^d the fight^ 
Whofe fragrance blefs*d the vernal hovt j 
Nedhirious fruits the tafte invite. 
And oompcflitfe for faded flow*n« 


Thus, when the fpring of youth decatyt, 
Tho* decked with bloffoms fweet and hitp 
Autumn a nobler fcene difplays. 
If fruits of virtue flourifh there. 


For this, the vernal buds arile| 
But if no ufeful virtues grbw, 
Their worthlefs beauty quickly ilies^ 
And bloilbnas only ferv'd for ihow« 

7%e Youth and the Philofopher. 

A Grecian youth, of talents rare, 
Whom Plato' % philofophic care 
Had fcrm'd for virtue*s nobler view» 
By precept and example too, 
Wou'd often boaft his matchlels ikiU^ 
To cutb the fteed and guide the whed. 
And as he pafs^d the gazing throng 
With gracetul eafe, and fmack*d thethon^ 
The ideot wonder they exprefs*d 
Was praife and tranfport to his breaft. 

At length quipe vain, he needs wou*d (hew 
His mailer wrhat his art coo*d do \ 
And bade his Haves the chariot Ind 
To Academuf facred (hade. 
The trembling grove confefsM its fright. 
The wood-nymphs ftartled at the ^gh^ 
The Mufes drop the learned lyte. 
And to their inmoft /hades retire ! 

Howe'er, the youth with fofwafd air. 
Bows to the fage, and mounts the car. 
The lairb refounds, the courfen fpring^ 
The chariot marks the rolling ring, 
And gathering crouds with eager eyti^ 
And (houts, purfue him as he fliet. 

Triumphant to the goal returned. 
With nobler thirft his bofom bum*d { 
And now along th* indented plain. 
The felf-fame track he marks ag;aiii, 
Purfues with care the nice defign. 
Nor ever deviates from the line. 

Amazement feiz*d the circling croad } 
The youths with emulation glow*d, 
£v'n bearded fages hail'd the bov. 
And all, but Plato, gas*d with joy. 
For be, deep-judging fage, beheld 
With pain the triumphs 0^ the fidd $ 
And when'tbe charioteer drew nigh. 
And, flo(h*d with hope, had caught ^ eyc^ ' 
Alas ! unhappy youth, he cry^d, 
£xpe£t no praife from oie (and fi^*d) 
With indignation I furvey. 
Such ficiJl and judgment thrown ftvay,' 
The time profufdy fquander^d there» 
On vulgar arts beneiith thy care. 
If well employed, at lefs expenc^ 
Had taught thee hoDonr^ ?ntM^ kak^ 


WJceBaneaa Otrrejpmiieme^ 

And nU'd tbee firem « coachman's fate 
Togovctainea, uaguMetbeftate. 


Prologue /«/*< Jealous Wife. 
WritUn By Mr^ Lloyd, and/faken hy 

jliir. GaRRICJC. 

TIE jealous wife ! a comedy ! poor man ! 
A channmg fubje£l ! but a wretched 
His fltittiih wit, o'crleaping the due bound, 
Ommits llat trefpafs upon tragick ground. 
<^rrc!s, upbraidirvgs, jcaloufics, and fplcrn, 
Crow too familiar in the comick fccnc. 
Tinge but the boguage with iieruick. chimCy 
^Tis pa(l]oo, patlios, charader, iublime ! 
What round bi^ MK*&% had fwelPd the pomp- 
ous fcene, 
A king the hu/band, and the wife a queen ! 
Then niight diAra£lion rend her pacetui hair. 
Sec fightlefs forms, and fcrcam, and gape, and 

Drtnvcarjir death had ragM without controul. 
Here the drawn dagger, there the po Hn'd 

What e)'es had ftream'd %t all the wiiining 

woe i 
What hands hid thunder*d at each bab ! and 

But pe^ce ! the gentle prok>gue cuilom fends, 
Ijke drum and ferjeant, to beat up h>r iriends. 
At vice and folJy, each a lawful game. 
Our author flies, but with no/>^r.'iWaim. 
He read the nunncrs, open as they lie 
]n nature's volume to the general ctc. 
Books too he read, nor blulh'd to uie their 

He does but what his betters did before. 
Shakefpeare has done it, and the Graian ftage 
Caught truth of c^ara^ter from Hcmtr\ page. 

If in his fcenes an honeft ikill is (hewn. 
And borrowing little, much appears his own ; 
If what a roafter's happy pencil drew 
He brings more forward in dramatic view } 
To your decifion he fubmits his caufe. 
Secure of candour, anxious for applaufe. 

But if, all nide, his artkfs fcenes deface 
The fimple beauties which he meant to grace. 
If, an invader up«n others land. 
He fpoil and plunder with a robber^s hand. 
Do jufticc on him ! — as on fools before. 
And give to blockbttuU pad one hiochttad more. 


Spokm iy Mrs. Clivb. 

IADIES I Fve had a fquabble with the 
^ poet — 
About his cbara£tert-* and you ihall know it. 

Young man, faid I, leftnin yoor fo^ b^ 

fire ! 
My part's ridiculoin — falie — onC €fa»* 

Fise dnraikhts indeed of hviiet ! Asie y<oa Wn 


Why, Str ! — my part b Jcmndshtm imgrn- 

Lord, ma*am, faid he, to €Off life flf 
And poets ^ver hare made free with ladies t 
One Simn — — the 4ucc take fuck oamm • 

thffci — 
A hard CretJt caroe — O — ay ■ Smmm- 


He (hew*d, — our freaks, this whim andcktf 

Rofe firft from earth, fea, air, nay, firaie fft^ 

■fire } 
Or that we owe our peribas, mioda, mad fea- 
To birds, foriboih, and filthy four kgi*d 
The dame, of manners Tarioiiiy 
Now all forpleafure, now thcconmeRtidc I 
Who prays , then raves, now calm, mom 

Rjfrs, another AVitm. from the ocean. 

Conftant at ev*ry Ulc, the custoua fur. 
Who longs for Drtfdtn, and old CbimM waae $ 
Who doats on pagods, a|id gives xip vile maa 
For niddle-noddle figures from Ji^€M % 
Critick in jars and jofles, flicws her birth 
Drawn, like the brittle ware iticif, irooi 
The Aaunting (he, foAately, rich, aisd vain. 
Who gains her con^ueib by her kagMi of 

train \ 
While all her %'anity is under fail. 
Sweeps, a proud p&tcock, with a gaudy tall. 
Hulband and wife, vi'ixhjwcat ! vidJiMn! 
and U^its ! 
What are they, but a pair of cooing doves > 
But feiz'd with fpleen, fits, humours, and afl 

Your dove and turtle turn to dog and cat. 
The gofiip, prude, old maid, coquette, aod 
Areparrotk, foxes, magpies, wafps, and apei t 
But ftje, with ev'ry chaim of form and mind. 
Oh ! flic's — fwcct fiwl ! — the phoenix of 

her kind. 
The Phoenix of her kind ! -— upon ny word 

He s a.fiy wretch prayp — is thoxittcha 

Thi:s his apology ! — 'tis rank abufe — 
A frcfh affront, inftead of an excufe ! 
His own iex raiher fuch defcripiion (bita s 
Why dont he draw tbeir chara£ten— 4hcbraCfi t 
Ay, let him paint tho(e vgly mooders, roan I — 
Mean time ... mend we oar Urea— be'U noid 

Ill PROSE iMi/ VERSE. t2^ 


FROM flinibs, and from trocii aDdvaft 
caverns below, 
Aad the fweat of men's bodies, oor bciag we 

But we're odd kind of beiop^ Mid ttma^ 

pranks have pkiy*dy 
Some we have deUshtady and fine made 

If two of OS me^, fir, uy, if we bethreey 
AH things topfy-tonry we turn prefently | 
Bot then if our number increased is to tour. 
We iet all things to rights, fir, as they were 

No hands ever had we, or colour e*er iaw. 
Nor ever us*d croyon, or pencil to draw % 
Yet we paint with fuch delicate colour and 

And in fuch true proportion our figures ait 

That we challenge ^m Dih, and the famM 

Such excellent pieces as our's are, to fliew. 

Enigma for the Men. 

MAtter by tne can no exiftence claim, 
Altho* *ti« matter makes me what I 
No immaterial being I can boaft. 
Yet am by mental faculties produced. 
1 have no parts, and yet extenfion know t 
No thought have J, yet oft your foul 1 ihew. 
As oppofite as day is to the night, 
Hatred to love, or pain to foft delight ; 
1 fometimes to my very fdf ;ippear ; 
Wonder no| fair one, you can make it clear. 
With angels kind, wirh devils too 1 dwell ; 
The friends of mm, or initrumcnts of hell : 
From India unto haplard I am feen. 
In polifli'd cottvts, aod on the viUage green : 
From haunts of men I never can depart, 
'Tho*^ oft far diflant from one human hc^rt. 

,Tobe^ and aoc to be, is w ood r o M ftfUi|ii - 
As wondrous full, to be the fame in change*. 
The villain oi^en brings me to his aid, 
When full iefiiv*d t* employ th* vBkmnH 

Me he affiimes, when moft he wonld deceivt-^ 
And make the widow, or the orphan griefe« 
With roaring folly I am always feen t 
Sometiroes in company with tears Ff* beai» 
When fair Ciariffa views he» angel boy. 
Where centers ail her comfort^ all htt Joyi 
Some dear ideas ta her mind h^ hring^^ 
And dra>&-s foft forrows from their chryAnl 

If joined with me, fuch tender grief appeanj 
*Tis grief no more, *tis nptore drmni'd ii^ 

When grave Lomaen with a icomfai look. 
Hears ibme pert coxcomb critidee hit book f 
To make the fting of his contempt mose ' 
He ftews me, wherel never elfe am ftea i 
Then oppofite I turn, to what I am. 
When CbU* fees me in the limpid ftreaoi : 
Yet always was, and iHll remain the fiune, 
l^i, by me can fiereeft rage difiom | 
To me her beauriea owe her greateA chanM 
I oft-times aid the conqueft ^ her eye. 
And give a melting fweetnefs to her figh* 
So well the fair one knows my mag^ po^V^ - 
She ne'er appears without me for an hont t 
But often g^ves me to her tender fwjiin. 
Who, all in raptures, views the it/aX chain »- ■ 
For know a chain 1 am, and fatal \ where 
Two of fweet Fhra'% brighteft charms appear. 
On fprightly mirth I conftantlv attend $ 
Ami always am returned from nriend to ftiends- 
By friends and lovers, I the beft am us*d ; 
By knaves, and Batterers, the worft abus'd» 
'Tis with the fair, I am the moft admir*d | 
*Tis from the great, I chicHv am defir*ds 
IF now tliou cannot find me out at onoe, 
Go block, go puzzie, and be ftiil a dunce. 
This poliOi*d compliment, perhaps may brinf- 
Myfeh, or fu! Icy brother to explain the thing. 
Cabrofuifi, 1761. AauNDO. 


^Chronolooical Memoir 0/ Occurrences, 
For M A R C H, 1761. 


MaJriJ,/^^ the 8th IrKUot, the Ring 


Jan, 1 5» V-/ f*Snc<* an Order for fitting out 
n(ty Ships of War and Frigates, ready to 
put to Sea by the 4th of March. This Or- 
deo »nd thcCoDfcntion i7|^ed by our Court 

and thofe of London and Tut in, occafioa 
much Speculation. Mr. Wall and M. d« 
S unlace, the two Se;rctari«t'\ o< Sx^ve.-* *dfc 
ordered to fix \\wl\t ^ik<&i\Mv^ ^X. ts\x'i«'A* 
Some new »js^u\a«.\ftm w.^v*i>:^%^wvc\.Va^ 

630 A Cbronohgical Memoir of Occurrences^ 

txdiiding all foreign Nations from the 
South. American Trade. 

Beriim, heh, 20. The Kin^ is determined 
fo %St vith the greateft vigour a<ain(l the 
Ruffians in Pomerania, and to diivethem 
oot of that Province, if poflihie, nt all e- 
▼eots. It's ceruin thiit the Duke of Be- 
▼em. Governor of Stettin, is marched with 
the greateft Part of hit Garrifon ; and that 
he is going to join with the 0>rpt under 
General Werner and Colonel Courbierei, in 
order afterwards to attack Ceocial Tottle- 

Pritsce FtrdhamTi Head S^artert at 
ScbvmM/herg, March 3, The Army, after 
fcaviog halted the 25th, arrived, by fevcral 
Divifions, on the 26, 27, and 2Sth paft, m 
their Quarters of Cantonment, between the 
Rivers Schwaime and Ohme. My Lord 
Cranby, with Major General d'Oheimb 
tinder him, having poAed himfelf upon the 
lift mentioned River, the Corps of the Ene- 
my, under the Command of M. de Rouge, 
lell back on Gieflen, from whence thty con- 
tinucd their Reueat towards Francfort and 
Hantu. My Lord Granby then took Pofl 
between the Lahne and the Ohme : fome of 
the light Troops uiwler h>m, made a Patty 
of an IriOi Regiment PiiTonerk 4)f War 
at Amuneburg. 

The Corps under the Hereditary Prince 
has been remforced by a Tart 0/ iht Troops 
kcely under the Command of General 
Sporcken, who has rcjomedthe Army with 
the Remainder ; and the Prince was at 
Laurerbach on the 25th pad \ and took 
Podeflionof Bodingen Yelterday, atter hav- 
yig diflodged the Enemy from thence. 

Count La Lippe having made the nectf- 
lary Preparations for the Siege of Caffel, 
opened the Trenches on the iftlnlt.atNight. 

Lieutenant Colonel Scocfchaofan hifliif 
met with a Detachment of the Enemy near 
Kauffungen, difperfed it, and took 60 Pli- 

HagMtf March 13. No Letters havebcca 
received here from Prince Ferdinand*! 
Quarters fince the 4th ; hut we have aa 
Account from thofe Parts, that the allied 
Army continued cantoned in rw^o Lineia 
with the Ri;;ht to the Lahne. ond the LA 
extending towards Fulda: That the Siegi 
of Ziegenhayn f^ill continued : Thar the 
Town of Marpurg had been ahaff>doned by 
the French upon Lord Gianby's Approach; 
and the CaAle thereof, in which they had 
left a Garrifon, would foon be attackieiL 
General Hardenberg had uken poft it 

It has been reported here, that the Fieoch 
Garrifon had made a Sally out of CaflU, 
but hid been drove back again into the 
Town, after having nailed up two V^tCM 
of Cannon, and taken two Hawitiera which 
they earned od. 

The Accounts from the French Quarten 
of the 8th InAant mention, that the Corps 
under General KLillmanfeggc, which had 
advanced towards Freybenc, and another 
under Marih;)!! Broglio in Peribn, were OD 
the 6th in Sight of each other, but that no- 
thing had paflcd, except fkirmifhmg be- 
tween the Light Troops ; that the Freoch 
continued fortifying themfeWes at Hanaa, 
Vilhet and Bergtn, and expeded fome Re- 
inforcements from the Lcwer Rhine to join 
them in a few Days. Tlie fame Advices 
add, that General Luckner had taken pof- 
fcfTion of Afchaffcnbourg, and had, on the 
71 h in the Night, thrown a Bridge over the 
Mayn at Seiigenftadt. 


Bath, Feb. 20. 

TUefday tveninf the Remains of Ri- 
chaid Nafli, Ffq; were interred in 
the Abby church in this City, after a fune- 
ral ProcefTion, wliich be^an al>out iialf an 
Hour after four oXIock, in the following 
Order: 1. the Cl.iMren of the Charity- 
fchools, Tinging a Hynm t 2. Mr. Nalh's 
and the City Band 0} Mufii:, |)layin-< the 
Dead March in Saul: 3. ihicc (:lerj:ymrn : 
4. the Body, covered with a black Velvet* 
Pall, adorne4 Willi Plumes of Feaihers, ar.d 
ftipported by the fix Senior Aldermen ; 
VeArA. Wiltlhire and Simpfcn, Mailers of 
the Affembiy^Rooms, followed as chief 
Mourners, Mccoaipamed by fevern) of the 

manv* other Gentlemen. 

In this Manner they proceeded (the Mv6c 
and Hymn being alternately continued) *till 
they came to the Chancel. The firft Fait 
of the Service being over, an Anthe^ was 
fung. taken out ot the 39th Pfalm ; and 
that being ended, the Mufic again played, 
and continued *till they arrived at the 
Grave, where the iiody was interred. 

Alter the Solemnity w.«sover. the Ring- 
ers rung a luneral Peal of Gran- fi-c Tri- 
ples, cor.fiibng of 1260 Chanrtes j the 
Clappers being mufR^^d on one Side. And 
Minute Guns were d cd 87 Times, denot- 
ing that the Deceafcd had entered into tiM 
g7th Year of his Age i born OAobcr 

Por MARCH, 1761. 



L O N 

Wbueball, Feh. 14. 

THii Day »n Exprefs irrived-at the Earl 
of Holdcrnefs'-s Office, with Letters of 
the lift Inftant, fiom the Hon, Major Ge- 
neral Yorke, hit M4Jefly*8 Pleniporentiaiy 
M the Hague, with the following Account 
chat had been received there of the Opera- 
tions of his Majefly*s Army in Helfe, dated 
the 16th Inflant from Niedenftein, the 
Head Quarters of hit Serene Highnefn Prince 
Ftrdtnand of Brunfwick. 

The Army being aflembled on the 19th 
iadkntf at their different Points of rendet- 
vous, on the Dyme), the Rhume, and in 
Saneriand, Prince Ferdinand went the fame 
Day to Ceifmar, where Lieutenant General 
Citfac had marched with the Corps under 
his Orders. The next Day the Troops 
halted, and the Difpofitions for the Motion 
of the whole were communicated to the Ge- 

The Army marched />ff on the iith in 
four Columns by Way of Warbourg, Liebe- 
nau, Sielen and Dringelbours;, and advanc- 
ed towards Caffel on Che Side of V^eft Uf- 

The Army begun again its March on the 
isth. In the fame Order as they had done 
the Day before, and arrived in the Neigh- 
bourhood of Zterenberg. 

On the i^rh, the Army came, and can- 
toned in the Neighbourhood of Niedenflein. 
The Corps under the Marquis of Granby 
marched to Kirchberg and Metz. That of 
Lieutenant General Gilfac remained in their 
former Hoiition. 

Oh the 14th the Army h;)lted, and the 
Hereditary Prince detached Major General 
Zaftrow to FeltZberg, and ordered a Part of 
the Cavahy to pafs rhe Eder. 

On the i5thy fome Bombs having been 
thrown into the Town of Fritziar, Col. De 
Narbonne offered to capitulate, \i Che mo(l 
honour«ible Terms weie allowed him. An- 
fwer was returned him, That fuch Hiould 
be granted him, in Confideration of his 
brave Defence, upon Condition however, 
that. the Garrifon (hould not ferve duitng 
the prefent Campaign ; and that the B.itta- 
ftions of Waldeck and Wildungen (hould be 
included in the Capitulation. The Com* 
roandant havin^ refufed to fuhfcribt to th..t 
Condition, a briflc Cannonade was begun 
again, and continued for half an (»our, af- 
ter which the Temis wcie accrptcH. 

In the Afternoon the Enemy ^Ht'ickcd the 
Poll of Gcntzungrn near Fi^Uzbirg, but 
was repulfcd with th? Lofs of two Officers 
and twenty Soldiers. A Magazine was found 
at Frittlar ; bur the Strength of t(ke GarriCun 
is not Mt prefent afeert^med. 

We have farther Accounts, that Guderf- 
berg had fu' rendered to the M'trquis of 
Granby. And, by Advices juft received 
from General Sporcken. dated the r sth Tn- 
Aant, at Thomas-fpruck, upon the Un» 
ftrut, between Mulhaufen and Eyfenach, 
we likewife team, that he, in Citnjundlion 
with the Pruffians, had artacked thr Saxont 
in thofe Parts, and that, befides cuttinff 
great Numbers of them to Pieces, he had 
taken five Saxon Battalions Prifonert of 

Sebomherg bouJe^Feh.jj, This Day the Ba« 
ron de Cramm, Envoy Extraordinary %from 
the Duke of Brunfwick, had his Ausiienca 
of Leave of his Royal Highnels the Duka 
of Cumberland. 

trhitebaU, F(b. If, The King has been 
pleafed to confer the Honour of Knight* 
hood on Thomas ThorrowgOfd, Eiqj High 
Sheriff of tlie County of Suffo!k. 

Asalfo onChriftopherTreife, Kfq; Higd 
Sheriff rf the County of Cornwall. 

March 1. Theodore Gardelle, a French* 
man, was re-examined befoie John Field- 
ing, Paul Vaillant, and Theodore Syden- 
ham, Efqrs. at Mr. Fielding's Houfej touch- 
ing the wilhil Murder of *v>rs. Ann Kins:, 
late of Leicefter fquare. in whofe Houfe tho 
faid Gardelle was a Lodger ; when during 
an examination of many Hours, the fald 
Gardelle perfiAed in denying the fad with 
the mcft invincible Obftinacy ; but Mr. 
Fielding haviog, prior to the Examination, 
fent Otiicers with a Carpenter and Bricklayer ' 
to the Houfe of the deceafed, wtth Orders 
to examine every P^irt of it in order to find 
the Body, after fome Time, received a 
Meffage from them, acquainting 'htm that 
they had found the IntraiU of the Body in 
the Boghoufe ; which Meffage being deli- 
vered in the Prefence cf the Prifoncr, foou 
occ«fioned his making ap.irtialconi'tHion of 
the boriid Crime, which *.vas afterwards 
made in the fulled Manner on warfiini^ be- 
ing iffued againft two of his Accomplices, 
who fince ^ippcarcd to be very Ii.ocent, and 
to the following puiport, v'z. T!iat on 
Thuifday the 19th of Fcbiuary lil\, about 
fcven in the Morning, he, G irdrlU, hdvinj 
fent Mrs. King's Maid of a Muffatce, and 
her Miftiefi notbein< up, he agreed ro wait 
in the'Front Parloui till the St rvani*a Return 
in orber to anfwcr the Street door \ thiC 
^}rs. Kmg lodged upon I he i'.ime floor, and, 
ir the M. lid's Abfcarx, wa** gettmK uparui 
fpokc to the Piiloner } whereupon he ru(h« 
ed into the Rgom, s^od *v\<.vt\v'^^ ^** ^wv.^ 
the Deceased, to v\MiX.Oc\e CVt>^0^\utsw, >av^ 

632 ji Chronological Memoir of Occurrence, 

ftunned htr bTfalllrg jgiinlVlhe Btd-poft 1 weot off, inij went dirtflly to Hvrwlch i» 

that feting her "hui mjufrd, he look ■ ■ foUT whni Chiift with two Paftilimu. 

Knife out of hit pocket ind cut litrThtoit, At ilieCourt at St. Jimei't Eh« 1716 Day 

then loclcrd up Ilic Room, »ikI 1 h« f»ine D»y of Mirth, 1761, 

artfully difcturjcd the Mii<t of the decciTeit Prefent, The KtNG'i moA EKO*llcilt 

wirlioiil ■ Djfcovery, bj whkh he got pof- Mijefty in Cooncii. 

feffion of the whole Hoolc { he ihen (tiOeG- Hii Mijefty having thii Day ihtitisht M 

ted ihe Body and divided It into minjrPaitij to dilTolve the Privy- Ccuncil, and, at the 

that be flung the Intriili down ihe nenfla- fame Time, to appoint ■ new one, qaait- 

Tf, together wiih the Knife niih which ting of the fame Memben with the farmer 

tig commiiied the Muider ; that he then Cuuitcil, logelher with Anthony Earl of 

DladeaFite in the Garret, and iheie burnt Stuflcfbury, all the Lordi and 01 hen m- 

the Held and moA ol her Banei 10 Alhei, fem ffeiE Iliercupon Iwom of hit Majelljr't 

and concealed the Flt|h at the Top of ihe mod Hon. Privy Council, and toolc their 

Houfe, brtween the Tile* and Roof, all Place* at the board accordingly. 

which were fourd. it. The Hon. Houfe of CommciM Bgraad 

The raid CardcJie ii by Trade an enamel Dpon a duiiful Addrefi to hii Majefly, »mt 

Painter i and. intheCooife of ll>eexami< hcwiuld be gracioully pleafed to fbew (bow 

natiun, it appeared that he had robbed Mri. Itnpiulir favi^ur to the Bi^ht Hon, Arthvr 

King ofa Cold Walch, twndiamondRingi, Onlluw, Efq: for bit eminent and faithfirf 

and about ten Ouineai in Money, which he Scivrcei tn hii Country ; and that whateiret 

having lor-ged in the Handt of honcA Per- hit Majclty Ihould think proper, fhonM b« 

(am, Ihcypiodncedlhenn at Evidence aplnft made good the nex[ Seflion of Pirliamenl. 

hbn. It if faid be hai a Wife and two 19. Hit Maj.fty went to the HooTeof 

(Thildren now in Pani. He ii in the Cell* Peera, and pve Ihe Roya^AfleDt to the fat- 

tn Newgate, chained down 10 the Flonr, lowmg Biltt, viz. 

and one of the Turnkeys ■■ to b\ ifp with The Bill li 

him every Night to pievL-nt hi» diftrojing and cloalh tl 

himfelf. Yari76r. 

L,rJ Chamte,hw-i Offu, Mir. j. Or- The B.ll for relief of infnlvent Debtor,. 

Hen for the Courfi further Change of The HitJ for better prererviug the CanN 

Motimin)- on Sunday next the Sth Inilant, inS.oiland. 

far hi> I lie Majclly King George the Se- The Bill to eflthlilb the Judftet in tbei» 

cond, otbleir..-d Memory, vi2. rtfpcAive Commiflioni and Silariet. 

The Ladicb to wiar black Silk or Velvet, A'ter whicli bis Ma> Dymadetbelollow. 

coloured Ribbons, Fani, and Tippers. ing mcA graciooi Speech. 

The Men to cuntmue in black full trim-, MjLtrM, a<LdGm\imen, 

Vied, and to wear coloured Swoidt and I tannotpuiin End to thiiSrfFion, With- 

Bucketi. tnit declaring My entire SalU&aion in your 

At the annual EltQion of Officer) of the Proccediiigi during the CoU'fc of it. T!w 

Society for the encnuriEement of Aiti and Z11I yoo have (hewn for the Honour of My 

Commerce, Lord Romney was elrOed Pre- Ciown, ai wtllatfiTMy true Iiiteicn, and 

lident } the Duke of Richmond, Sir George that of your Country, which are ev.t iha 

a*viie, William Fi'yiitrbert, and Ritherd fame, is the clea r ell Demon ftrat ion of that 

Lnnj, Kfqu. adJi'ional Vice Pulid^nts ; Duty and Affi flirn to M y Perfon and Go- 

•ndllicrtftof ihrOfliteisw.rere chultn, vimmtnt, of which you fo unanimoony afc 

to. ThcfirnR»ti4:ion of iht third Regi- futeif Meat your Firft Meeting. Nuthliif 

menrrf F.ot puardi was reviewed on Ihe could fo much add to the Pleafore whiA 

■ ■ " aDraught thefe Ccrfidjiatioraafford Me, 

of tueniy I1X Mm out of uch CoBip.iny 

now able to arquaint you with the gtcat 

wai mar<e, in older to be fent oGtin.r.v. 

Proiti<;fs made of late by the Combined Ar. 

ThcClttk to Judge D.rnif»n, iv!,., .aleiy 

my in Cirmm^, under the Command of 

made off Willi 70.1. ..f Lit M»IUr%. wai 

Pr!nt<- 1 r,^ir.jnd el /Ir.-ftuiVl. J forinerlj 

Clofelf Mianiintd by the Miyor 01 Harwich, 

tnJd j,iu. That llw Natiire of the War, in 

■ few Days ai^, ai it 'he Cailum in Time 

thcfeparis, had kept (h« (.smpaiK" <her» 

«r«'ar. coKcin^ngbitBulinefsin Holland, 

nill depending i anri it now appears, to lh« 

for whidi I'Uce he was to embark ; to 

SurjirizeoiMy Eremio, the funerior 

Wb-m hr wa. an Attorney in Cban- 

Abi'iiy and indclMiE^ble Afliviiy of My 

Otry-lji'c. and was going thither to execute 

General, and the Spirit and Aid^ur of My 

fome Deeri^ of importa-M^ i altc which he 

Oftiteri and Troops, have grt-tly profited 

trrnron K-^aida I mrer, the Patqun being 

cf ihit Ptifevcrance, all 

For MARCH, 1761. 633 

By your AflTiA.'ince, I have taken the and the Maintenance of it*s unrinubfed 

i)e(t Care to rtcrcult that Army in an effec Rights and PofMRom, and been attended 

tual Manner ; 'and have m.ide fuch a Difpo- with glorious Soccefles, and great Acquifi- 

•ficion of My Fleet, for the next Summer, as tions, in various Parts of the World ; par* 

may moi\ advantageoudy defend My King- ticularly the entire Reduction ofOtnuda^ a 

doms ; prote^ the Commifce of My Sub' Conqucft of the urmoft Importance to tht 

je^s } maintain and extend Our PofTeiTions, Security of Our Colonics in North America^ 

and Acquifitions ; and annoy tlie Enemy. and to ihe Extenfit-n oi the Commerce and 

As in all My Meafures I have nothing in Navigation of My SuHjeAs. 

View but the Security and Felicity of My . May God Almighty grant Continuance to 

Dominions, the Support of My Allies, and thefe SuccefTes ! The Ufe whkh I propoft 

the reftoringof the Pubhck Tranquility, I to make of them is, to. future and promott 

thift in the Divine Providence, to give a the Welfaieof My King^onUt and to carry 

happy Ifftie to Oar farther Operations. on the War with Vigour, m order to pro- 

Uentlemencftbt Houfe cfCmiimons, cure to them the Blcflings of Peace, on faft 

I cannot fufficiently thaok you for yoar and honourable Conditions for Me and My 

Unanimity, and Difpatch, in providing for Allies ; to which 1 have been always ready 

the Expences of My Civil Government, and to heaiken. 

Che Honour and Dignity of the Crown: Firm in thefe Refolution^, Ido, withen- 

And I think My felf as much obliged to you^ tire Confidence, rely on the good Difpofi« 

fbf the prudent Ufe, which in frammgihat tions of My faithful Subje^s in the Choice 

Provifion, you have made of My Confent, of their Rrprcfematives ; and I make no 

to leave My Own Hereditary Revenues to Doubt but they will thereby dcmonftcate 

fuch DifpofKion of Parliament, as might tl^e Sincerity of thofe Aflurances, whicb 

bcfl conduce to the Urli*y and Satisf;i£tion have beenfo coidially and univerfally given 

of the Publick, as f6r what more imniedi- Me, in the loyal, affedViopate, lad unam* 

ately concerns Myfeif. mous AddrefTes of My People. 

In making My Acknowledgements for 

the large and exieniive Supplits whit^h you We are informed, that, by the late A€t 

have granted Me this Scffiun, 1 am at a for the Relief of Infolvent Debtors, all Shc« 

Lofs whether moft to applaud your Chear* riff«, or Gaolers, are to deliver in Lifts of 

fulnefs in giving, or your Wifdom in pro- their Prifoners at the firftor fecond General 

portioning them to the extraordinary Occa- or Quarter Seflft- ns of the Peace to be held 

fions of V*^ f'ublick, notwiehftanding thole after the jifl Inflantj that all Prifoners^ 

uncommon Currhens, which I heartily ve- who appear by the faid Lids to have bee« 

gret. No Caie fhall be wanting, on My in a^ual Cuflody on the a5th of October 

Part, to fee them duly applied to the Na- laft, and have continued fo ever fince, or 

tional Ends for which you intended them. who, being arreted on or before the did 

My Lords , and GentUmen^ a 5th of OAober, furrendered themfelves, or 

Tlie Expiration of this Parliament now were furrendered up, in difcharge of their 

drawing very near, I will forthwith give Bail, on or before the aSth of November 

the neceffary Oi ders for calling a new one. lad, except thofe who took the Benefit of 

But I c;innot take My Leavs of you, with- the laA Infolvent AA, thofe indebted to the 

out returning My Thanks for the mfny emi- Crown, or thofe who owe above loocl. to 

nent Proofs you have given of your Fidelity any one Perfon, are to be difcharged, updn 

and AffeAion' to My Family and Govern* their delivering, upon Oath, a Schedule of 

ment, and of your Zeal for this happy and all their Eftate and EtfeAs for the Benefit of 

excellent £onftituiion, their Creditors, except Cloaths and Impla- 

During this Parliament, the. Flame of War meots in Trade) and all Fugitives, who 

Was kindled by the injurious Encroachments were abroad for Debt on the laid 25th of 

and Ufurpations of Our Enunies ; and there- OC^ober, are aMb to be difcharged from their 

fore it became jufl and neceifary on Our Debts, upon their Return to their nativ€ 

Fart. In the Profecution of it you have gi- Country, hut all Prifoners and Fugitives, 

▼en fuch Support to My Royal Grandfather under 50 Years, oi Age, who were Soldlera 

and Myfeif, and fuch Afliftance to Our AU or Sailors before, are to ferve again duriag 

lies, as have manifefted your Publick fpi- the frefcnt War, 
rited Concern for the Honoitr of the Nation, 

4M t 

634 -^ Chrmological Memoir of Occurrences, 
GRANTS for the Tear 1761, 

FOR 70,oon Sea men • 
incJudin? lS,3S5 
JWarires, for ij 
Months, ar 41. per 
^/?aIvr'•r Mont h , 

For the pirfini^ry of the 
Ka\y. and Half pay 

For ccmpletinf; Hafljir 
Hofpiul— — — 

To^«ra^ ds Plymouth Hof- 
pita! — -.-- « 

yof Tranfport Service, 
between Od. 1,17^9, 
and Sept. 30. T760, 
inciur^in)[^ vi£l4]alling 
Land Forces . 

Towards paying ^javy 
Debt ^— 

Toward.^ Bo Jdings and 
Rebuildings Sttips for 

TotaJ of the Navy — - 



f. d. 

o o 

7 iP 


sc,ooo o p 

479.035 »9 » 


o o 

ft00,000 p O 

5'594»790 7 P 

For »bc Charge of the 

Ordnance Office— 303,167 9 % 
For the ex»ra ll^xpence 

of that Office ■' " . 416,449 4 9 

For maintaining 64,971 
Men, including 4008 
Inviiids, for Guards, 
Gahfons, &c, — 

For the Forces in the 

Pl.mta'ions. &£. A- 

. fric^ and Fafl Indies, 

and rrovifions for 

Garrifont — ^— — 

For 3 Ijifh Rci^imt^nts 
in North Ami-rita for 
1761 \ — - 

For Gene' nl and Gene- 
ra I S^dfT Officers, and 
pfficers of thi Hofpi- 
tals for Land Forces 

For the embodied Mi- 
litia, from Dec. 15, 
i7f»o, to April 15, 
1761, bein? tiiDayt 

For * loathing for Ditto, 
for 1761 

For 39.773 Hanoveri- 
ans, &c. for 1761— 

For alio Horfe, and 

'- 9900 F>K>t, Heflians, 

yvith ArtiUtry om^ 

i»576.9?S »o 7 

843,756 11 9 

ti,i79 o o 

71,896 14 1 

140,358 19 4 

56,568 15 2 

463,874 29 iJ 

268^360 t S 

For an additional Corps 
of 1576 Horfe, and 
8808 of Heffians, 
with Artillery Offi- 

cers, &c. 

For 1205 Hoffc, and 
11 c8 root Troops of 
Rrun'fwick, toi^ther 
wifh Suhfidy -rr-^ 

For Deficiency in Sum 
voted lafl SefDoos fm* 
Brunfwick troops -1* 

For five Battalions (erv. 
ing with t»}e K>ng*i 
Army in GermaDy, 
and Artillery, for 
176 1 I 

For extra Bxpences in- 
curred and not pro- 
vided for to Nov, 19, 
1760 . 

On Accoant for Forage, 
Bread, Bread- wag- 
gons. Artillery, &c. 
for combined Army 
under Prince Ferdi- 
nand _ 

for reduced Officers of 
Land Forces and Ma- 

Tptal of the Ordnance 728,716 f3 11 rines 

For Allowances to re- 
chiced Horfe- guards 
and Regiment of 
Horfe — — ■ 

For Penfions to reduced 
Officer's Widows -«. 

For Out-penfioners of 
Chelfea Hofpital > 

Fqr extra Expences in- 
curred from Nov. io» 
1 760^ tQ Dec. 14, fol- 

To the Chancery at War 
of Hanover, for Ex- 
traordmaries in 1757 
and 1758 ■ ■ 

For Difference of Pay 
to Anftruther*s Re- 
giment, and for fe- 
veral Augment<itions 
to the Army— — 

For the embodied Mili- 
tia from April ]76i» 
to Dec. 14 

Upon Account of the 
Militia when unem- 
bodied, and for 
cloathing the Militia 
now «ii\t;mb^\ftd«(QX 


•. dv 

»47»o7« S » 

57.79' ^ o 
1,569 ic o 

*5i5<H « » 

1,167,903 x% i 

ry0oo,ooo o o 

34»'54 9 % 

»»973 19 » 

1,921 o o 

18,360 % II 

993.<44 4 4i 

336,479 24 If 

12,361 1 1 S 

198,668 9 ID 


For M 4 RC H 1761. 

63 s 

the Yeir be$inning it 
Lady Diy next — - 



o o 

Total for Land fervtce 7»6i5,s93 i 4^ 

To enable hit Majefty 
to difcharge Sapply 
of Credit o( laft Sef- 

^or London 6nd|^ ' 

To eoable hit Majefty 
to difcharge Exche- 
qaer Bills made out 
before Dee. 11, pur- 
fuant to A€t of lad 
Sefiion, towards Na- 
vy Debt and naval 
Services ' 

To the King of Prulfiay 
pvrfuant to Conven- 

To certain Provinces in 
North America — • 

To tbe Ea(l- India Com- 
pany for defraying 
the Expence of a Mi- 
Hrary Force in their 
Settlements ■ 

For Nova Scotia for 
1761 ' 

Tor Georgia for 1761— 

To difchart;e Exchequer 
Bills fince Dec. 10, 
purTuant to Ad of 
la^ Seffion, towards 
Kavy Debt and naval 
Services — — — - 





For defraying theCharge 

of the Mints — — 
To the Foundling Hot* 

To tht African Forts 

and Settlements and 

Annamahoe ■ ■ 

For difcharging Debts, 

Sec, on late Lord Lo« 

vat*s Eftate- 
To his Majefty by fup- 

ply of Credit ■ 

To the Landgrave of 

Hefle-Caffel ■■ 

L •• d. 

15,000 o o 

44,197 lb o 

13,000 o o 

3«,SS3 » »l 

1,000,000 o o 

iso,ooo o o 

1,131,000 o o 





10,000 o o 


11 9 
JO -o 

Total to fandry fenrices 4,650,404 4 io| 

To the finking Fund to 
make good Deficiency 

<^ J«'y 5» 1760, of 
Malt Duties, 33 <?. 

To Ditto, for Ditto, of 
Duties upon Offices 
and Penfions ■■ 

To Ditto, for Ditto, of 
Subftdy on Poundage, 
Sec. and an additional 
Duty on Colfee and 
Chocolate 1 

To make good Deficien- 
cy of laft Grants — — 

49»4H o- o 
71,011 6 XI 

5,969 It 9{ 
$9,510 II It 

i68>ooo o o 

Total for Deficiencies 116,915 if 7^ 
Total for whole Supply 18,816,119-19 9I 

WAYS and MEAliS for ratfing thi SUPPLY, 

750,000 o o 

By Land- tax, at 4 s. 

per Pound — — »— — 1,000,000 o 

By Duties on Malt, Sec, 
continued 1 

By Annuities for 
I f ,400,000 !• and 
Lottery for 600,000 11,000,000 O O 

By Exchequer BiUs to 
be charged on next 
Aids towards Navy 

, Debt and Naval Ser* 

yiccs x,50o,oo# o o 

j|y Money remaining in 
the Exchequer, being 
Part of 90,0001. gran- 
ted in 1759, for Mi- 
litia———— 88,667 10 o 

Otttof the Sinking -food 1,761,400 o o 

Supply of Credit 

1,000,000 o . o ' 

19,101,067 10 o 
Supply 18,816,119 19 9| 

Ways, Means more 7 « - 

thaifupply 1 *«4,947 10 i^ 

Note, Dec. 18. was voted an additionaf 
Doty of 3s. per Barrel on Beer and Ale» 
which, on Dec. 10, was dedat^ for 
Payment of th^ above Annuities, and the 
Sinking-fund to be the collateral Security. 

Note alfo, on Feb. 5. the Duties upoa 
Wines, Vinegar, Cyd^r, and Beer, ap- 
propriated for Payment of 15,060!. a Year 
for Charges of the Mint, were futfaer 
continued for fiivea Yeari, 

6^6 A Chronological Memoir of OccurrenceSj 

J LiBT $/ Ship By uken by 


Tbc CMnpte de Grammont Privatrer cf 
Btyonne, of to Gont and 117 Men, by 
\a% Maj«fty *i Ship AquiloHy and carried into 

The Charming Betfey, retaken by the 
Jamaica Sloop. 

Four Privaccert, one of la, one of 10, 
ind two of S Gont, by hit MajtAy's Ship 
tiM EmcraJd, in Carlifle Bay \ -^-. 6ne of 
JO Gont, by the Levant \ — ^ and one of 8 
Cunt, and feme SwtTeJt, by the Echo. 

Tbe Sultan Privateer of Bayonne, of to 
Cons and 73 Men by th« Swallow Sloop. 

The L*Union de Cap, by x^t M.irs and 
Oxford, on a Cruife \ •^— the L* Arnemame 
and Sardoine, arm*d for War by the Mer- 
chants, of 24 Guns and 130 Men each \ -• 
tbey retook the new Bofphoroa Snow ; — — 
li loiter of Marque Sloop from Martinieo ; 
— — the Zepbire of 14 Gunt and i ia Men 
^longing to Bayonne, by tbe faid Ship and 
Squadron under Admiral Hawke. 

The Le Auglifte, of fi Guns and 67 Men» 
fjy his Majefty'*<( Ship Vengeance. 

Tbe Notre Dame, de la Grace, and the 
Union for Corrunna, by tbe Pallat, Capt. 

A Zebeque and Snow from Cadiz t« Mar- 
tinko, by the^Firme Man of War, ai.d car. 
ikd into Gibraltar. 

Tbe Marflul Broglio Privateer, of % 
Guns and to Men, by his Mii}tAy*6 Ships 
Union and Tweed. 

. The La Leycne, a Privateer of 8 Guns, 
by his Majefty*s Ship Alarm, and brought 
Into Torhay. 

The Bian Aime. a French Fngare from 
St. Domingo, by the Trent Man of War^ 
and carried into Jamaica. 

^Lr/ •/ Shift Uktn hy the French, evHti- 
nuidfrtm P^e 610. 

The Saffy, NixDn» from Briftof, by a 
Privaleer of 6 Guns, and carried into the 

The Good- Intent, from Cape Fear to 
Portfmoiith, is uken and carried into^Mar- 

AShfpfromBarbadoes, Name unknown, 
laden with t6S Hogiheads of Sugar, carried 
into St. Muloes. 

The Dunlcirk, Merchant, from London to 

the English, contimud Jrm 


Rotterdam, ia taken and carried iatoO^ 

The Thetis, from Africa to AflMrici, k 
taken and carried into Martinico. 

The Neptune, Cooper, from Jjunaical* 
London, taken and carried intoBayonn^ 

ThcKingfton, Brown, by a Frencb Pri- 
vateer, and carried into Breft, . . ^ 

The Thomas and Sally, Otton, frMl 
Denia to London, is taken and carried ipio 

A Vcflel from the Coaft of Calibrie« 4 
taken and carried into Minorca. 

The Adventure, Goodwin, from 
da for London, t«ken and carried into ; 

The Richard ind Robert, with WIm 
irom Portugal f — and the JBiedford of t^ 
Tons, and 14. Guns, by the Le Prothee, A 
French Man of War^ and carried into Mor* 

The Profpeft, Cramp, from Sooth Cace- 
lina from London, by the Zephire Privateer 
of Bayonne. 

The Duke, from Zant, it taken end car* 
ritd into Marfcilles. 

The Lord Downe, an EnglKh Ship with 
Fpuit— - and the Refolution, Gebrand Zoi* 
gan ; and a Dorch Ship, are taken andcer* 
ried tnro Marfeilles, by a French Frigate. 

The Buchanan, Slater, from Macykind 
to London, \% taken and carried into Morlaix* 

Tlie St. Gtorge, Dormer, from Oporto 
te R'iilul is »:tken. 

The Irifh Oak, Scmpie, from Ncvrry, 
and tite Fru nd.liip, Falconer, are both ta- 
ken by the D;ana Prtvateer of Bayonne. 

T!.e Syi V. n from Bofton to Bilboe, by tbe 
St. Michaei Pnvat««r, 

Two oetw^rH btnmd Ships for Guinea^ 
are taken by a fmall Privateer of Bayonne, 
and carried into Vigo. 

The Pat:Ti(r, from North Carolina Do 
Lonrfon, tatcfn by a PrivaUer, and carried 
inio Sf, 'eha/lt^n's. 

Tbe Thrte Friends, from Waterford •» 
New York, is taken by a French Pf ivatc e iv 
and carried into Corenna. 

The Neptune, DaviiTrvn. fromYarmooth 
to Berwick, taken by two French Privateers, 
and after being plundered of Cloths, Blbney, 
&c. ranfomcd for45oGeinca«, 

BiKTHS. TkeLody of Sam. Dodington, Efqj aSon 

Teh. ^s. Tbe Rt. Hon. the Cewitefs eod Heir. 

Gower, a Daughter. 13. The Lady of the Bifliop of St. Afaph, 

Mar, o. The Wife of John Prefcot, at a Son, being her i^th Child, 14 of which 

Bath, a labouring Mao, bi ought to Bed of were Boys« 

3 Female Cbildrvn. Mar* 

JF&r MAR C H, 1761 



^^» at* Tlio. Holland, of Hamberflej* 
ill Wilts, Efa; ^o Mift Maria Peachy, of 
DraetoD, in the fame County. 

Mfar, 3. Mrs. Eliz. J^mes, a Maiden Gen- 
tlewoman, aged Bi^ to Mr. John Emery, 
tier Footman, a^ ao. 

John Wogan, Efqj to Mifs Swage, at 

6. Gilbert TownfiiekT, Efqj of Stoke- 
Damerell, in Devonfhire, to Mifs Sarah 
Keeling, of Bath. 

Mr. Sapino, an eminent Merchant of 
London, toMiCiPereini, of Mark- Jane. 

S. Mr. Sam. Pope, of Aylcibury, aged 
90, to hit Servant Ann Swan, aged so. 

io« Richard Middkton, of Chirk-caitle, 
Eiq& to Mils Ru(hoiit, Daughter of the 
Right Hon. Sir John Rufliout. 

13. Jof. Calverty, of Broad, in Suflex, 
STq; late Htgh Sheriff of that County, to 
MiiaAdapia, of Heylfliam. 

17. Major Ramfden, Brother to Sir John 
Ramfden, to Mifi Ingram, Niece to Lord 
Vifcomit Irwin. 


PVi. 17. Mr. Lucas, 0/ Stratford, who 
kept one Public- hoafe 50 Years without any 

%%. Lady Bingham, Mother of Sir Charles 

Mr. Rsnyard, Mailer of' the Poft-offlce 
mm! Bulb -inn. 

Benj. Longuet, Efq; a. Hamburgh Mer- 
chant, and one of the Diredors of the 

M^r, I. The Rkht Hon. Sir Richard 
Anneffey, Bast, at his Seat at Camolm Park, 
in tlie County of Wexford, in Treland ; Ba- 
ron. AnocAcy of Newport- Pagntli in the 
County of Bucks, and Earl of Anglefcy in 
Bagland, Vifcount Valentia, Baron Mount- 
Norris, and Baron Altham, in Ireland. He 
fucccededhis Brother Arthur in 1737. His 
Ifoamirs and Eflates in Great Britain and 
Ireland, defcend to liis only Son^ Arthur , 
now Earl of Anglefey. 

The Rt. Hon. James Lord Poibes, firll 
Lord Baron of Scotland, at Putachy-houfe 
in Aberdeen, in the 73d Year of his Age: 
He is fbccceded by his Son James, now^liord 

3. Henry Roker, ISqi Secreury to the 
RtrHoD. the Speaker of theiioufe cf Com- 

' The Right Hon. the Countefs of Marr, 
nged So* 

Or. Schomberg, an eminent Phyfician in 
Fanchorch ftrcet. 

. The Rt. Hon. Charles Lord pormer. 

9. 11 
in Now 


Tho. Hall, Efq; ontof tbeGMmaMRdnfr^ 
of the Navy, 

Cotton Symonds, of Ormtflcy, 1A|{ 

10. Mr. W. Creighton, aneflsinentlooll* 
feller, at Ipfwich. 

The Lady of Wm Cracrait, Efq) of Martt- 

Mrs. Eliz. Willhims, aged S3. 

Ts. The Right Rev. Dr* Tho* Fleteher^ 
Lord Bi(hop of Kildare. 

15. The Rt. Hon. the CounCeft Gower, 
Lady of the prefcnt EkI, and Sifter to div 
Duke of Bridgwater. 

Civil and Mi/it 4ry Prtfermentu 

mitftali, March 3. The Ring has been 
pleafed to order Letters Patent tt> be ptMP* 
under the Great Seal of the Kingdom o# 
Ireland, containing a Grant unto the Riglie 
Hon. James Earl of fCildare, and his Heir» 
Male, of the Dignities of a Marquis and Ead^ 
by the Name, Stile, and Title of Marqai» 
of Kildare, and Eari of Ophaly in the Csidl 

ff^bitiball, Bfareb 7. The King has beeOT 
pleafed to grant unto the Ri|^ Hon. Wilf 
iiam Earl of Be(borough, and the Ht>n» 
Robert Hampden, the Office of Poflmafter- 

To appoint the Rt. Hon. John Vlftoirat 
Ligonier, Commander in Chief of his Ms- 
jcfty*s Forces { with the Office of Mafter- 
General of the Ordnance. 

The Marquis of Granby to be Lievtenane- 
General of t he Ordnance. 

To Charles Frederick, Efqj the Office of 
Mailer- Surveyor of the Ordnance. 

To William Rawlinfon Earl, £fq| tt» 
Office of Clerk of the Ordnance. 

To Andrew Wilkinfon, Efqj the Offior 
of Keeper of the Ordnance Stores. 

To Charles Cocks, Efq; the Office of 
Clerk of the Deliveries of Ordnance. 

To William Skinner, Eiqj the Office of 
Chief Engineer of all the Garrifon^, Caftles, 
Sec, in the Kingdom of Great Briton, 

To the Ri^ht Hen. James Earl of Waldo- 
grave, the Office or Offices of Warden of 
tite Stanariea. 

To the Right Hon. Stephen Earl of Ilcbe- 
Aer, and James Creflet, Efqj the Office of 
Comptroller of the Accounts of his Majefty *a 

To John Eyies, Efq; the Office of War- 
den of the Fleet. 

To William Poyntz, Efq; the Office of 
Infpedor of the Prdftcutions in the Court of 
Exchequer, concemirig uncuilomcd and 
prohibitrd Goods. 

To William Poole, Efq; the Office of Ro- 
ceiver-genenl of the Stamp duties. 

To Morgan Vadc, ISq-, Co be Afcoinp^ 

638 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

tiBt Mid GomptroUer- general of the Stamp* 

Hit Mjjefty was ttien pteafed en declare 
tbeltight Hon. John Carl Granville, Lord 
Prefident of hit Ma}efty*s moft Hon. Privy. 

To John Hughfon, Efq; the Office of In- 
fpe^or of the Out -ports ColIeAor*s Ac« 
cpuntf, within England, Wales, and Town 
of Berwick upon Tweed. 

To William Sharpe, Efq; the Office of 
Keeper of the Privy. council Records. 

To Thomas Harry, Efq; the Office of Re- 
ceiver ^ the Revenue of fird Fruits and 

To Geo. Aufrerf , Robert Feathcrftone- 
Wngby George Womhwell, John Barker, 
Timothy Brctt,^Roh. Wilfon, Henry Saxby, 
Albert Ndbitt, John Clevland the Youni^r, 
John Eames, and Jo|)n Gwilt, Efqrs. to 
be Commiifioners for the Sale of French 

TpJohnPanl Yvoonet, Edw Montague, 
Robert Coney, John CawHade, and John 
Bridger the Voonger, ^fqrs to he Commif 
fioncrs for Appeals, and regularing the Du- 
ties of Excife. 

To Charles Lloyd, Efq; the Office of Re- 
ceiver, and Paymafler of the Eand of Gen- 
tkmen Penfioners. And, 

To John Rylcy, Clcrkj A. M. the Rec- 
tory of Fobbing, in the County of EflVx, 
and Diocefe of London, void by the Death 
of Lucius Henry Hibbtns, the Jafl Incum- 

EccUfiaflical Pref<, 

The Rev. Tof Bateman, B. L. to the 
ReAory of Bietfoe, in Somerfctihire, and 
of Leigh in Glouceflerlhire. 

The Rev. Geo. Turner, B A. la|e of 
King*s College, Cambridee, totheRedory 
of Furneaure in LincolnOiire. 

The Rev. Geo. Morifon, M. A. to the 
Redocy of Great Sutton in ElTcx. 

The Rev. Mr. Tho. Kendall. Vicar of 
Althorne in Eflcx, to the Redory of Little 
Chilball, in the f^ime County. 

Richard Chafe, Clerk, to the Redory of 
nkerlhaU St. John (a Sine core) with the 
perpetualCuracy annexed, in Suffolk. 

Samuel Rolt, Ckrk, to tiK Re^ory of 
Croxton, Lincoln(hire. 

The Rev. Peter Beauvoir, B. L. late of 
Queen's College^ Cambn#<frc, totheRe£lo- 
rv of Down, otherwife Downham, with 
the Re€lory of Wickford, both in Eflcx. 

The Rev. James Morgan, fi. A. to the 
Vicarage of Linton, tn the Idc of Ely. 

A^'he Rfv. Mr. Harcourt, of Pendlcyin, 
in Hertfbrdlhire, to (he Rectory of War* 
Ueton in Suflcx. 




Feb. 24. John Wynn Baker, of CUidiif 
Worceftf'rfhire, Chapman. 

18. Thomas Simifter, of Feveriham is 
Kent, Draper and Chapman. 

Gilbert Sheldon Lawford, of London, 

William Rawnfley, of Bradford in York- 
(hire. Wool ftapler. 

John Crompton, of HalefworthinSufibIk« 
Grocer and Dm per. 

March 3. Wiitiam Ricards, late of Good- 
mans- yard rear G ood mans -fitr Ids, Joha 
Scott, of EaASmtthfield, and Robert New- 
com-, l.itc of MvifHl ftreet, Goodmans- 
Fields, Middlefex, Coal- merchants, Ligb- 
termcn. and Copartners. 

Johx, Brown, of Snow-hill, London, Sta« 

Jam(^s Pamell, of Bifliopfgate-ftreet, Loo- 
don, Hoficr. 

7. Thomas Bulmsn, of Houghton L€ 
Spring, in the Cuuoty of Durham, Bot* 

William Vcrtal, of Lewes in Soflex, Inn- 

Matthew Langford, of Threadneedle^ 
ftrcet, London, Tinman. 

J<:fcph Goodwin, of Glouceftcr, Dealer 
and eha(>man. 

10. Thomas Egf^Icton, of Winchmore* 
Hill, Edmonton, Middlefex, Chapman. 

21. Francis Carter, of Kingfland Road, 
Timber -merchant. * 

»4. Peter King, of Bifhopfgate-ftreet, 

Robert Heworth, of Yorlc, Wood-mer* 
John Parry, of Briaol, Halfier. 

BiLi •/ Mortality from Feb. 17, /ailf«r. 24^ 

Males 1011 7 
Females 1004 J *°' 7 

Under a years old 7 3 5 
Between % and $ 153 
5 and 10 *~ 6 
10 and 10 »» 5 
ao and 30 — — i c8 

50 and 60 — 175 
60 and 70 — 158 
70 and 80 — 
80 and 90 — 
poandioo — — 
looandiio — — 


Males 849 
Females 756 


Within the walls 147 
Without 507 

Mid, and Syrry 94^ 

30 and 40 igSjCity & Sub. ffefi, 418^ 

40 and 50 »» 194 ■ ■■ 


Weekly Feb. 24. 394 
Mar, 3.415 





Mifcellaneous Correfpondence, 

in Profe and Verfe. 

For APRIL, 1761. 

SOME Yean ago, a Vindication of Jrifleas^s Hijiury of the Seftuagimt wal 
publiQied by an anonyn^ous Author: In one Fart of which we have an 
excellent Account of the Valuation of ancient Coins, or Monies ; and as it will 
throw a confiderable Li^ht upon fome important PafTages of Scriptare, relatives 
10 that Subjed, which leem not to have been underllood by our modern Critica 
and Interprtttrs, we think the following £xtradl will be a proper Illacidatioil 
thereof, and very acceptable to our Readers, who have noti'een the above men* 
cioned Treatife. 

A Nother Accufation againft oar 
/j^ Author, and upon which no 
jmall Strefs has been laid, is taken 
from the Cods and Expences, which, 
according to Arifteas^ attended this 
Trandation. Mr. ProfeHor Hodf^ in 
his polite way, is pleafed to tell as, 
that fach as will ferioufly conf^ier the 
Matter, cannot doubt bat that Anfieas 
forged the fevcral Sums faid to be ex- 
pended upon this Occaiion. Dr, Po- 
mek^ who, for his conrummate Know* 
ledge in the Oriental Languages, can 
never be fdfficiently valued, thinks^ 
chat the whole Revenue of Egypt could 
icarcely amount to fuch a Sum. And 
the reverend and learned Author of the 
Connexion, who, I fuppofe, thooghc 
he onderflood the Value of Money as 
well as any fiody, concludes, that 
whatever the Revenues of Egypt might 
be, yet that Ptolemy Pbilade/f bus qo\x\6, 
not be fuch a Dupb as to part with fo 
large a Sam of Money, for what at 

that Time made only a Part of one of 
our prefent Bibles. Some perhaps, 
who have been wont to look upon eve« 
ry Oracle of God as a Treafurc in* 
finitely exctcJing all Price or Eilima- 
tion, may think this but a very coarfe 
Sort of a Complement upon the Holy 
Scriptures; and efpecially from the 
Pen of a learned and pious Divine, as 
I really believe Dr. Pridiaux was. 
And others, peradventure, who know 
how difficult a 1 king it is to fettle an 
Account of ten or twenty Years ftand^ 
ing in our own Days, may imagine 
that this, which was a Tranfadlion a« 
bove two thoufand Years ago, might 
as well have been let alone a> meddled 
with now ; and more efpecially, as 
we have not the lead Hint given u;i by 
any Author in all Antiquity, tbst any 
Body ever found fault either with the 
King for his Generofity u^>on this Oc- 
caiion, or with his Miniller for repre- 
fcnting him in fo amiabk a Light. But 
4 N hov\Tvcr, 


Mijccilancoui Corrcfpondcnce^ 

howevfr, fmce lo manv learned Men 
of btc havj takrn the ricdom ^> in- 
K^tAnfleai I'or tranlmittirig ffcli an 
Account to rofifriry; and fiUw-J Dr. Pri- 
iieaux^ more pmic:«lar|y, Jj^-j tl f'l'gi.t 
fit to make L'Ar of hi;- gre.t Skill in 
Number, to demon Jlrat:* tiit; Incredi- 
bility ihcrrof ; I hope I Ih ill likcwife 
bcexciif.d, on thf other [fjrid, if I 
uke the Liberty in ir.y Turn, to in- 
quire a little more narrowly into the 
Validity of what he has been plcafed 
to offer upon ihis Head. 

Arifias^ fay^ he, ** makes Vtolemy 
advance an incredible Sum of Moncv 
fer the obtaining of this V'eriion. For, 
according to him, Pif.Umy expended in 
redeeming the captive Jf^s, that were 
in his' Kingdom, 6O0 Talents ; in 
Vcfiels of bilver fent to the Temple, 
70 Taknts; in VcfieU of Gold, 50 
T alentf ; and in precious Stones to a- 
dom and imbdlilh thefe VciTcJs to the 
Valae of five Times the Gold, that is 
250 Talents ; in a Gift for Sacrifices 
and other UTes of tiie Temple, ico 
Talents. And then he give to each 
of the Seventy -two interprtiers at their 
firft coming thr<-c Talents .ipitce in Sil- 
ver, that ii, 216 Talents in the Whole ; 
und laftly to each of them at liidr part- 
ing, two Talent'- in Gold, and a Gold 
CapofaTnlert Wu'ghr; all which put 
together, make in the Sum Jotul 
1046 Talents of Silver, and 516 Ta- 
Jc: is of Gold ; which being reduced 
to our Sterlint' jVlnncy, amounts to 
One Milliot:, fJhc Hundred and Eigh- 
teen Thovfandj Five Hundred Ihirty- 
fenjen Pounds^ Ten Shillings ( ' ,9 1 S, 5 3 7A 
JO/.) and if we arid hereto tho Value 
of otluT Gift?, which, according to 
jfrifieas^ were bellowed on thefe Seven- 
ty-two Elders by the Bounty of the 
King, and th** Charge?!, which it coll 
him in fvtching them to Al^xandria^ 
maintaining tht rn there, and (ending 
them back again to ^l\'rvfjU?n, thi* 
may hf compi-ffd to mount that > am to 
rear Tivo ?*1il'i')>if Sterlinc;. (2,ooo.ocr ) 
Kliich may well be reckoned to be a- 

bove Twenty Times as much as that 
whole Library was ever worth. And 
who can then believe, that this Nar- 
rative, which makes Ptolemy expend 
fo much for one single Bock in it, 
and which neither he, nor any of his 
Ccurt, as long as they continued Hea- 
thens, couK'. have any great Valae for, 
can be a true and genuine Hiftory ?** 

Thus the learned Author of the 
Connexion argues: And indet-d it niuft 
be confeiied, that, were we to compare 
the Sum total as he hascaft it up here, 
with the Revenue or Income of an 
Efi^lijh Deanery, or even with that of 
the bed Blfhoprick in the King*^ Gift« 
it would fecm to be an incredible Pur- 
chace for any one Book ; and efpecial- 
ly, if what he fays further be true, 
that Ptoltmy could have no great Va- 
lue for it, as long as he continutd a 
Heathen. But on the other Hand, if 
we confioer this as a Tranla^ion of a 
great and generous King, who knew 
perfidlly well both how to improve, 
and how to di'pofe cf his Revenues in 
the heft and nobleft Manner; the Sum 
perhaps will not appear fo incredible as 
it is here reprefenteid. Theocritus tells 
us, "J hat he ruled over 33,339 Cities: 
And if we may fuppofe, that the An- 
nual Tribute which they p^id hioi, 
amounted but to ten Talents of Silver, 
and one Talent of Gold, one with a- 
nother ; which is not a very high Eili- 
matc, confidering that the laves of 
Alexandria alone, at the lowcll Com- 
putation, have been reckoned to amount 
to 1,500,000/ Sterling, per Anntim^ 
and upwards; his Revence at this Rate 
mull have amounted to 353.390 Ta- 
lents jdi Silver, and 33,359 'i alents of 
Gold; which according to the Doc- 
tor's way of Computation at 206/. 5/. 
for a Talent of Silver ; and 3,300/. 
for a Talent of Gold, amounts in Ster- 
ling Money to the Sum of 17 8,6 ho, 3 87/. 
ici. I know not what our Anii-i^ri- 
fieavs will fay to fuch an immenfe Re- 
venue as this; neither will 1 pretend 
to anfwer for the fame. But, if they 


ift P R O S IS and V Ek S E. 64r 

f^ill take the Trouble to audit and ex- peals to the publick Regiftcrs of that 
amine the Account thcroielves upon Ctry ; which he afTjres us wtre thea 
ih'it own Principles, and to m^ke what ttill extant and to be feen wtien he wrote. 
Ab^temrnt^ they (hall think fie ; 1 am What arc we to do' then in thi.-> Cafe i 
mcch mtftaken, if, after aN', there Are \^ to treat thii Hillonan as our 
will DOC Hill be enough left to enable learned Critics have done Aripeas% 
PttliTny ?biiadtlfhmi to expend 1\vo and fay. That h^ has forged thts Account 
MiUlons of Money upon any Work onpurpofetomagni^ theGIaryofhij own 
that he (hoald fct his Heart upon. Country^ jfp'ian ha* here given us a 
Secamdfyi We are informed by Ap- noble (dca of the Grandeur and Riches 
piaw, tfut Pioiem^ Pbiladelphus^ Land of Philadeipbus, and Art fleas has gi- 
Foices coniilted of 200,000 Foot ; ven us an Inftance of his Generomy 
40,000 Horfe; 2000 Chari3t3, ahd perfeftly confiflcnt therewith: Shall 
300 Elephants ; and that upon Occa- we then condemn the former ? or, 
fion he coold'iit out to Sea 4300 Ships ihall we acquit the latter? 
and Veffels of all Kinds ; and that the Thirdly , If the Reader is yet under 
Money «tn hu Treafury amounted to any Doubt as to the Riches and mag- 
740,000 Talents. And if we may h ficcnt DiTpofition of this illuftrious' 
fuppofc that only -{^ Part of this Mo* Prince; kt him call to MinJ the Cha- 
nty was in Gold, and the other ^^ radcr which Pltfo J udcus lis given o£ 
Paits in^ilver; the Gold will amount him, and which hai beenalrt-auy men- 
unto 74,oco Talents ; and the Silver timed; let him confidcr the P&drot 
to 666,0 io Talents ; and both loge- which he built in an Ifland of thj fame 
ther, according to the Doftor's way of Nnms near Alexandria ; which coil 
reckoning, will amount in Sterling him 800 Talents, and was' reckoned 
Money to 381,^62,500/. Now, it is one of the Winders of the World ; Itc 
perfcftly indifferent to me, whether hi^ii emiider that Canal which he 
Jfpian is here to be underllood, as if cn?frd to be made for thcConveniency 
the Royal Revenues of £^;^/ amount- of N-ivigition, from the J<ed Sea to 
ed to fo much Communibui Anttis i or^ the Bitter-Spring* ; and which was 37 
whether he only meant that Pi6/7a^r/- Miles in Length, lOO Ftet broad, 
pbui bad generally fuch»a Sum of Mo* and '40 Feet deep ; and an im- 
ney as this at hi* Command. For, m^nf;; Sum it mult coft him to finifti 
tiking it either Way, I fubmit it to fuch a Work. And, xq mention no 
the candid Reader to determine, what more, let him read the Account which 
Bunnefi any modem Critic whatfoevcr Calxmus the Rhodian has given us of 
hi?, to find Fault with a Prirtce fo im- one of his Shevv^ at Aiexandrui^ ihe Coft 
mcoiefy rich, and fo eminently fa- of whi^h amounted to 2239 Talents 
moos for the Grandeur of hi% Mind, and ^o Mina^; and tikewi.e the Db- 
ior bytng out two Millions of Money icripto.n of the Rcyal Tent which he 
apon a Book, which none, not even cauf<d to bs t-re^ied within theVergs 
the greateil of the Gentile Monarchs ofthc Court upon that Occafiun, which, 
b.-fore him, had ever fcen i and which, with its Furniture, was valued at 
abilra^ting from the peculiar Modes 10,000 Talents ; 1 fay, let any Reader 
and Rites of Worlhip whichwerc there- lay all thefe Things together, and'then 
in prefcribed to thtJe^MSt w^s able to tell me, whether he, that could nfford 
teach him more true Hiilory, and to fpenJ 2200 TaltrnH upon a Shew, 
more found Philofophy* than all the and for his Diverfion, uould think 
wife Men of the World iKfiJes ? Jp- much to by out a lets Sum for a more 
fian was a Native of Alexandria ; and fobftantial and durable Entci tainment ? 
for the Truth of this Account, he ap- If 800 Talenti was well laid out upon 

4N 2 Tkouf" 

643 ATifcellaneous CorrcJpo/iJence, 

the Pi^arcs at Alexandria i can any fo fmall a Country as Judta^ couM 

Man think, that twice that Value* or acquire fiich an immenfc Sum of Mo- 

indeed that any Sum could be too much ney as this comes to? If they can, I 

to be given far that which Providence fliall be as forward as any to congrato- 

tntended (hould give Light to the late them upon the Difcovery thereof, 

whole World ? But, (hould they at laft be forced 10 

Fourthly and lajiff ; If the Veracity confcfs, that they can by no Mciai 

of all or any of tnefe Authors (bould account for the fame ; will they there? 

likewife be' called in Queilion ; or, if fore treat the facred Hiftorian in th 

any one (hould Hill infift, that the Sum fame unbecoming Manner at tbey have 

which Arijleas tells us Ptolemy advan- treated Arifteas f Will they piefanie 

ced upon tiiis Occafion, was fo great to fay. That the infpirea Penman has 

as to exceed all Belief ; I would hum- forged thefe Numbers, on parpofe to 

bly beg Leave to offer the following magnify the Grandeur of chat peerleft 

Cafe to be coniidered. In the twen- Fabric ? Far be fuch In^piety frosi 

ty-fecond Chapter of the firil Book every honeid Heart I WhaC other An* 

of CbronicUt^ we read, That Da- fwer then may we expert to this Diffi- 

n}id in his Poverty had prepared for culty ? Will thf y be fo candid ai to 

the Houfe of the Lord an Hundred own at lad, that we are ftill ^ nuch 

Thoufand Talents of Gold, and a in the Dark as to the real Value of the 

Thoufand Thoufand Talents of Silver. Money of thofe Times, thatnocer- 

And in the 29th Chapter of the fame tain Computation can now be made 

Book, we are further informed. That thereof? If this (hould be acknow* 

he gave out of his own private Eilate ledged to be the Ca(e here ; I would 

bcfides. Three Thogfand Talents of then be glad to know« why Artfita\ 

Gold, oftheColdof Ophir^ and Se- may not hope to meet with fome 

ven Thoufand Talents of n^ned Silver. Indulgence likewife, upon the (ame 

And if we reduce thefe four feveral Score ? 
^ Sums into Steiling Money, and then Hitherto we have proceeded apon 

add them all together; the Sum toul, the Notions commonly received about 

according to the Dodor*8 way of rrc- the Value of Money among the An^ 
fconing by ^///V Talent*, will be found tients 3 and if nothing more were nfr- 

fo am')unr unto ?i<ve Hundred Forty- ceflary but only to iUence an Adver- 
frvtn Millions, Fi've Hundred Ninety- fary, perhaps what I have already of- 
ihreelhou/and. Seven Hund/ed and Fifty fered might be fufiicient for that Par* 
pounds. Sterling. Rut if we reckon pofe. But the Truth is, I have that 
the lame, by the Do£lor*5 //^^^cp Ta- Regard for the Reader*s Satisfaction* 
lents, the Sum total will then be found that I (hould be very unwilling to take 
to amount to Eleven Hundred Ninety^ my Leave of this ObjefUon in fo a* 
four Millions, Seven Hundred and Fifty brupt a Manner. I (hall therefore, in the 
noufand Pounds, Sterling, A Sum far next Place, take the Liberty to ofier 
exceeding all the Gold and Silver of fuch Conjeftures as have occurred to 
all Kinds at this Day in all the King- yoe upon this Head ; which, if they 
doms and States of Europe! Now, I do not intirely remove the Diflkultica 
would be glad to be informed, by any complained of, may yet poffibly ferve 
jDivine, or other Critic whatfoever, to render them not altogether fo for- 
whether th^y can (hew any probable midable as they have hitherto appeared 
\v»j}', how a Prince who rtigncd over to be. And, 

(Tf he continue^ ) 


/« PROSE and VERSE. 


Mathematical Questions Anjwtred. 
^iBion 31 7, anjwired by Mr. Robert Duncan, a/ Innerfkeiiijng. 

. T £T A be the Port the firft Ship fet fail from, and 

I J C the liland where both Ships arrive: And lince both 

SUfrom the fame Meridian, thmr Departures will be the 

fame, v/«. C B = 30 Leagues. Put A C = «, A B zr ^, 

tor:«, sooo = ^. Then(by£jrr/fV/yBookI. Pcpp.'47.) 


«» 1= jr* + «*, and {fer Queftiop) xyzz.h\ ,«. * ^ - 
^dJ»« = -r = jr* + «*> which equation reduced, giTet 


JF r:^ / b^J^ = 40, the nrft ShipUDif- p 

fercDce of Lat. and x =: z: 50, her Diilance \ and fince 

40 ■ 
the fails 40 Hours, her Diilance, ftr Hour, will be — zz } Leagues. Then, as A C : 

k : ! C B : S, A = 360 52' herCoqrfe. Make the Angle B C D =: se^* 52', then will D 
^ the Place the fecond Ship fet ^il from, and her Courfe B DC =i.33<> 8'. Then, at 
S, CDB : C B :: S» DCB ; DB z= 22.5, her Difference of Latitude, and S, C D B ; 
CB ;: R : Dp =1 37.5, her Diftance; which divided by i \^ gives 30 Hours for the 
lime (he (ailed \ fo (he fet (ail 10 Hours later than the firft Ship. 

IChh Sfttfftion wm» atfo. anfmertd iy Mr, T. Teffery, Mr, J. Drape, and by Mr, D. 
Hafkings, the Prottftr, Wt likewtfe received jiveral 9tber Aitfwirs, but thttr SAtiotu 
TfHTi all difftremtfrvm tht Prcpofer^s, • 

S^eftim 318, anfivired by Mr. ?• George, ofthelJU ^Wight, 

PUT a "zz •9998673 the prfcfent Value of one Pound, due at the End of one Day, then 
will 41, tf*, tf^, 04, tf5, $fc, bethepreient Valuesdueatthe^ndof i, 2, 3, 4, 5, 
Ve, THy% refpedivdy } whence it wiil be « «f 4'^ 4- 9 '' + 16 «4 + 25 a5» &c, for 
the Value of the Annuity. By taking the Difference of the Co eflUcient of theie Times, 
we have 3, 5, 7, 9, O^c, for the firft Difference, the fecond Difference is 2, and the third 
1>Uftrence is o. Then by Mr. Simpfon*% Differutions, Page 67, we have a-l-44« +9'^ 

+ 16 *4 + as aS, Off, zz >3 — 855718195121 /. 161. 3^.4. 

TVi ^efthu vfas alfo anfwered iy Mr. T. Robinfon, mnd by tbt Pr^fofer^ Mr. y. 

' ^!tft*^ 3I9> anfwered by Mr. Thomas Barker. 

TJUT a = 48r:BD, *ziBE= Parabola's A xis 5 then 

'^ ptr the Property of th e Circle 2 y/ a — x X Jz: AC the 

itenble Ordinate 5 whence 4 « * — f *» X 0.3927 x zz^olidity 
of the Conoid, a Maximum thrown mto Fluxions, and reduced, 
gives * = } tf =: 32, whence 45.2548 = A C z: double Ordi- 



Mifcellaneom Correjpondence^ 

Tbii ^uefttM mat alfo amfwered by Mr , J. Drape, Mr.T. H.irrit, Mr, P.George, Mr, 
S. Bccktiiy Mr, T. Robinfon, and by tb^ Prop^ltr, Mr, T. Jtffcry. 

' ^eflion 320, Anfwered hy the Propofer Mr, Samuel Bccken. 

LET jf = f he Diameter of the Globe. 
Then (T]' x 0.5136 zz) 1^856,663 Cubic Inches, in the Solidity of the Sphere. 

And i' — ^^ — i zz\ 6x85,554 Cubic Inches immeiied. 

Therefore (628 5,5^4 X 0.016169 :=) 2i7,3422Qx6z6 lb, the Weight of the Water dif. 
placed, orthe Weight 01 the Globe. 

And confequcntly ( V^*^^" - ?^ , ^ — ) 71.363 Cubic Inches in the Globe, the Value 

* 0.3171656 / ■> ^ . 

of which is 6/. 4*. lod. \, which was required. 

We received feveral Anjwers to tbis Slurflion, but having mijlook the Propojer^i Meaning^ 
they gave very different FaiMes of the Globe, 

New Questions to be anfwered. 

Queftion 330. 
B) Mr, Jof. Fowler, of London. 

FROM a Hemifphere, whofe Diameter 
ih unknown ; there is cut a Segnrjcnt, 
therein theDiameterof iheBafeis 38,5 In- 
ches ; the Height or vcrfed Sine is 0,5 In- 
ches ! Required the Convex Sapetficies of 
the reniaining I'art ? 

Qiicftion 331. 

By Mr. Walter Matthcwfon, of 

THE Produf^ of the Perimeter of a right- 
angled Triangle; and the Side of its 
infcribcd Square is -jag. 1478^7,1, ^r. and 
the Product of the Diameters of its ciicum* 
fcnhingand inscribed Circles is 160. Query 
the Sides and Area of the Triangle ^ 

Qiieftion 332. 
By Mr, Jof. Scott, of Cawthorne, 

GIVEN the Hyp^Thenufc of a ri^ht-an^ 
glcd Triangle n 34.5, and its Area 
r= 187.5. '^^ ^^ ^hc Legs arithmetically ;' 

Queftion 333. 

By Mr, S. Bccken, of Thorney- 



IN the given Oblique angled Triangle 
ABC, yon have the Sum of the Sides 
A C -I- C B =z 24, C A -). A B =z 18, and 
AB -f- EC =: 36 Feet j from hence it is 
required todturmlne the Sides, the Angles, 
and the Area, without letting fall 21 Perpen- 
dicular } 

An Optical ^ery. By Mr, Nation. 

Several Points may be afligned in a fpheiical Concave Speculum, on which parallel 
Rayi falling, thc> will be ufltined paraUel to each other : Whcreare thofe ToinU? 

i/ NE \V 





As o*er the plain I ^ook roy way, fur picofure at the dole of 


day, A lovdy nyrrph I there did 'fpy, on wljom I fix'd my' wand'ring ' 


-^^^ ^^m^m^m 


eye. On whom I fix'd my w<)nd'ring rve. 



"He gate, her air, her ihipe, her mciii. 
Made me cqnceive 'twas Kauty's qutren ; 
Her checks did far the roie outvie 5 
tier breafi5 did heave a gentle figh. 

Her brraftr, &i: 

Would you the Hlly's v/hitcnefs know, 
Hrr arms, her neck, theiatne dcth Hiow ; 
UtT eyes, than diamonds are more bri^lit ; 
Or than the glitt'ring ftars of light, 

Or than, fife. 

As Phtchiii when he firft dcth rife. 
Doth d)n the ftars throughout the iklcs ; 
So that (A\f nymph with light divine. 
All othtr maids do far outHxine, 

All other, (^c, 

But while with wonder rhrre I raa'd. 
On her who mc fo much aniaz'd, 

Vcrfes dcftgn'dfor Mifs Betfy S- 

WHi^cnef* demonftratcs innocence. 
In this fweec flower you fee j 
Accept it, 5-— r, without ofttncc, 
Aa emblem *tis of thee. 

This fragrant flow'r, by all admli'd^ 

^ elegintly t'air, 
Bj every nymph is much ddir'd^ 

fanniir'd.aloiliie to S r. 

i a 

Yf.une Cupid nimbly fr nt a dart, 
And g'arK*d it frrly 'lirongh my heart, 

Ajid gi«nc'd, Cyc. 
And new I langniHifor the fair j . 
Wi/];i -p cnch mom<;nr ^'.' wps n'ar: 
Levy nc*»'r couKI conquer mj btfore ^ 
But mtv. fubmilTivc I 2:01 c, 

But now fubmiilive, &V. 
rU make a fenrch hvr cctt t > f»?.d. 
Perhaps to me fhe will be liin J : 
*Tis ihc alone 1 wculd cnjcy; 
If ihe denies me then I die, 

Ix* ine denies, %isfc. 


Where angels dwell doth plf^afure fl.oyr^ 
But it would be aheav'n below 
If deareft Syivia would be kind. 
And unto pi'y b(x inclined. 
And unto pity, £sfr. 

— r, with a Lilly of the Valley. 


Then hear your em'blcm, and attend 

To th' inicruAions it impat( ; 
The off-fpring of no venal Iricni, 

Of no dec:l:ful heart. 

And you, beloved flow'r, when e'er 

Her lips you h^piy mcc. 
Forget not — — whi^pci m her r^. 

And thus the tair cae ^%vu 



Mifcellaneous Cbrrejpondence^ 


Hark, ^ r, from each tree and b^ 

The F**^)" ^'^^ do fing ; -^ 

In artlefs nocc& the merry tuni/H^lj^ 

Salutes th* approach of Ipriuk** 

VI. jsP^ 
The lark, with cfaearful^K imritet 

Iti fweet enamoured Mre, 
To ibar aloft in bouqdlBi heights, 

And heavenly bUlt^rtake. 

..r Vil. 

Obferre the mcirij) now, of this^ 

Which Ijsiiiift thus ddfinc : ' 
Yirtnc^s thl^ path that leads to blifs, 

The height of which be thine. 

B'l^'^df Jpril lOt 1761, 

.:/ On tbe prefent Military Pre- 


Farumre campis atfue Neptuno ftfptr 

Fufum eft Britanni SaHguinis, Hot. 

NMt Pax jUma vtni, T i a u l L. 

Pax optima rerum, 
^as bomini nwijfe datum efi } Pax una trium- 

hmumeris potior^ 

SiL. Ital. 

STILL muft the martial banner be dif- 
And war ptofane the (acred Mufe*s /bade ? 
Still the ilirill trumpet's clangor found alarms, 
And EufMpf, fir'd by difcord, mA to arms ?— 
Thou diic deftroycT, war! whofc dreadful 

Is mark'd by blood, mankind thy fanguine 

prey J 
By whom earth *s oobleft empires are defaced. 
And half creation*s felf is tumM to waite : 
Prayers, tears arc vain j gay youth and filver*d 

All fall Cid vi^ims to thy fatelefs rage. 
Smote fore by tHee, in vain the nation^s groan, 
* Their temples, tow'rs and pniaces o'erthrown ; 
Nor can the refuge of the peaceful grave - 
The dnft of princes fiom pollution fave : 
What tho' tbe night has feal'd the lids of care. 
And in a ffiort oblivion lull'd defpair, 
The glowing orbs of burfting bombs difplay. 
Trails of bri^t horror thro* tli* carial way, 
Deicending then^ith big deftni^lion fall 
On fome devoted city^s hapiefs wall ; 
The fpreading flames in curling wreaths af- 

And tow'rs and temples fink in floods of fire. 
-Her blooming youth oppoie their datmtle£i 

Jn Ya:n-*thcy fall by omltitodct t>ppre{l } 

Not all the tears of venerable a|^ 
Can flay the haughty vi£h>r*s mthlefs rage t 
Vain is, alas ! thevirgin*s plaintive prayV, 
The lovely fpoil but animates the war -— 
By thee, O war ! was godlike Troy o*eitDiii*4 
Her chiefs, her He^or fell, her city burned ; 
Condemned to drink tbe bitt'xtfl dregii of fat^ 
Old Priam fell amidfl the falling (late: 
What fotts at Cannae forrowing JUnae for- 

▼ey*d, , 

By thee, hurKd headlong to tfa* eternal fliade \ 
What countlefs hofb by martial fiiry fir*d. 
Where fell the firm devoted chief, expired ? 
By thee Britannia mourns her heroes Aain, 
Urg'd, ah too virtuous! to th* CDianguui^d 

At Minden*8 field what blooming wairwn fe8t 
And bade the world, in flow'r of youth hxt* 

Accept, ve generous fhades ! a tender tcar^ 
(The melting tribute of a foul fmoere \\ 
Who not for fame, or conqueft tfntx toe fbej 
Who drew the fword for peace, for peace ww 

bene the bow : 
Peace! — Dove-eyM pow^r ! in mercy pStynf 

The mournful widow's, the fad orphan*! 

With bleflings on thy wing^ from heav*n de- 

And o'er the world thy olive wand extend s 
Commerce fhall flooriih then, while' lodU 

To Thames, the tribute of her wealthy fhbres 5 
The Albion's fons no more the fword fhaU 

But peaceful till their patrimonial field. 
While golden harvef^s, nodding o'er the plaln^ 
Shall blefs the labeun of the toiling fwain^ 
The fwain, then fcftive, innocent of foul. 
And full of talk, fhall drain the focial bowl ; 
Or, devious wand' ring in the confdous grove;. 
Tell the foft tale, and pour his foul in love : 
Science once more fhall rear her drooping 

head j 
The Mufe returning, greet the Laurd (hade ; 
The bard fhall wake the lyre, or raife the 

To fing the bleflkigs that to thee belong : 
Oh peace ! — Thou lovely pow'r, with fpeedf 

Hafl'ning from heav'o, thofe happy moment* 


j1 Rural Meditation. 

WHAT foft delight the peaceful bofom 
When natuvc dreft in all herTemal charms. 
Around the beauteous landikip fmiles ferene, • 
An(} civwQi witk ^*i7 |»f^ r^ lovely iome 4 



? K O Sk and VERSE. 


Jn ev*ry p£t the Donor itiina conf^ft^ , 

And hcftT^nly bounty cheart the gratcfnl breaft. 
Now lively verdure paints the laughing meads. 
And d'tt the fields wMc-waving plenty fpi^pads. 
Here woodbines ctifnb, difpenfingtAlOun rotind j 
There fmilcs the pink, with humble beauties 

crown dj. •!«. k « k 
And while the ^w*rs their various charms 

dsfc)oi««' . ■ , 

Qoecn of the gardeiv Ihifles the ^luOiiag rofr^ 
The iragKaatuibes difplay thciy fwe^^ bloomy 
And ev'iy bxaesy whifper breathes per/ume. 

But thif Mighdvl Teaibo muft decay ; 
The year toils 00, and deals it> chanmaway. 
How fwift the pifiy traafient pieafure flks ! 
Stern wiafiBrcomct, and ev^ bcattfy.di^i. 
The fleeuos bills whiJe penilve thought de- 

pkife^ ( 

Themiadin ievch of nobler p)«Uaie jbara; 
And feeka a iaucr pandifis oa high, 
Whoe beauties riie and bloomy that never dk. 
These wiBtcrae*cr invades widi hoftilearms. 
Bat cvedaftin^ ^ring di^lays her charau s 
Oldlial fragrance fills the blcft retreats^ 
Unknown, to^arth in all her fiojv^ry fwoett. 
£nraprar*il there the mind aaweaiy'd roves 
Thro* fioNr^ry paths, sod ever -verdant groves : 
Such bli^lul-groTet not happy Eden knew. 
Nor <ancy*s holdeft pencil ever 6k», 
Ko 6in<lepatting, leaves the foene to mourn 
In ibadcs^ and languiHi for his kindi remrn ; - 
Or with ikort viTits chears, the wintry hcurs. 
And £untly ibuks 00 Aaturc's drooping pow'rs. 
hot there tbcfcOeiiCy himfelf difpla).<s 
The bri^cfib^ence of his glorious rays ; 
Immonal life and joy his fmile bellows, 
A.'vd boondJefs bH^ forever, ever fiows. 


QOfTLY-pieafiilg SoUttide, * 
^ Woe thy bleffinp uaderftood ; 
Seen 'waaiA tbougbtlefs mortals gro^y 
Tir'd of nmfeand pomp and fliow ; 
And with thee retreating, gain 
Pxafore crowds porfise in vain. 
Tme, the firieadiy ibdal mind 
joy in ooavctii; on can find ^ 
1w wbtn empty mirth prefidcs, 
dot with thofe whom wiidom guides.- 
fct the kmg-contiBoed feaft 
Ui:;rtJDes palls upon ^c tafte t 

Kind alternate^ then to be »-^ 
Lo'ft*ifi'thfcught irwhilewith thed - 
In:elledtual pJeafures here 
In thf if truei^ light apjjcar^ 
Grave refiefhofi, friendly jtowV, 
Waits the lonely filent hour ; 
-Slpr^ad hpfqrc the tncdtal fyc, 
Atlions pail in order lie ; 
^yrefiedlion*«nettdfiiI aid, ' 
Latent plcafurea are djifplay'd t 
Thus humility is taught, 
;i'hu& confirmed the l^ter thought. 
Friends and (bothing praife apart, 
Solitude unveils the heart | 
When the veil ia thiown afide. 
Can we fee a caufe fon pride ? 
Empty ist^e.hoMTtand poor, 
Srripp'd of all it's fancyM.ftore j 
Confcioua Mfaat awake%>d(^. 
Bids the idUcfi wiA atpirs, 
Wiih for riches never found 
Thro* the g|obe>4:ap|bciouf round ( 
Contempkuofl^ facndgueft, 
Now in&irQB tho ardent bttatk^ 
Spreads her wing, and bids the mind« 
Ri(s and leave the world behind. 
Now the mind eacapttirM foars ^ 
All the wealth of India's Aoret 
Is but dull beaekch hereye ; 
Npbkrtreafurns kppton high, 
Trcafuies of eternal j^y. 
Now her great puriiui employ. 
M^niioQS of.inuoenfe dekght I 

Languag! cannot fay how bright ! 
See ! the opening gat«s display 
Bcamiftg far,- immortal day ! 
See ! inviting angc\^ (inile. 
And appland the glorious toil ! 
Hark ! tliey tune the charming lyre ; 
Who can hev and not defire ? . 
O the fweet, tho* diiant drain ! 
All the joys of earth, how vain! 
Nearer fain the mind would riie^ 
Fain would gaze with eager eyes 
On the glories of thc/kies ^ 
But mortality denies, 
Duiky vapours clpud her fight, 
I>own (he finks to earth and night j 
Then to friendfhip calls again, 
Oeatie folace of her pain i 
Friend/hip, with thy plcafing pow.Vy 
Cosne and diear the mournful hour ; 
Only fuiitude and thee . 
CairaSurd a joy for me. 



(64S ) 

!if Chronological Memoir c/ Occurrences, 
For APRIL, 1761. 


prince Terdirar.iVB Hfad-quarttrt at SchoKtu^ 
bcrgf March 1 5. 

OUR Army keeps its former Pofition, 
(with very little Alteration in the can • 
tonment of the Troops) between the Rivers 
Schwa Ime and Ohm. The Hereditary 
Prince havinj? exrcuttd the different Services 
on which he been employed, has drawn 
nearer the Army, and fent fome part of his 
Corps to Laubacb. 

My Lord Granby, on the nth Indant, 
removed his Quarters into the Neighbour- 
hood of Lohr, naving Itft at Marpur^ the 
Kegiments that had taken Poffeflion of the 
Town. And (he Corps under General 
Hardenbcig arrived on the i.«,th at Kirch lyn. 

We hear that MaHhal Bro^lio, having 
t)een joined by his Reinforcements from the 
Lower Rhine, moved forward en the loth ; 
and at prefer t occupies, wi»h h:i Van- 
Guard, Geiffcn, and the Count iv about ir. 
His own Quarters were, tlic Day before 
Yefterday, at Fiiedbergj and he was cx- 
peAed Yeflcrday at Butzbach. 

Hague y Afjrch 17. The Letfers from 
the Army under Prince Ferdinand cf 
Brunfwick, of the 8th Inftant, informs us, 
chat his Serene Highncfs's Quarters cctinued 
at Sthw&infbtrT. We have received by 
<hcm, a Confij mation of the News of the 
Sally, that was made on the 7th Inft;int by 
the Gn-rifon at Crilfcl 5 in which the French 
took l^cfTclTion of the Trenches, carried 
off four Mortars, and nadcd up one Piece 
of Cannon, and deftroyed the Wcrks of the 
grand Bartery. But Count La Lippc, at 
the Head of the Gaurcls and Wan- 
hetnrs Grcnu(iicr», diove them back into 
the Town. 

Our bft Accounts from the French Army 
of the uth Ir.t^ant mention, that Mr.rihal 
Broglio had moved his Hc:.d-quartt,Ts irom 
Bcigen to Fritdbcrg ; and that the vrearefl 
part of the remforccment exped^ed hy him 
from the Lov/er Rhine, was arrived upon 
the Meyn. 

By Letters of the nth from Leipzig, eve- 
ry Thing was quiet in thofc Pailv. The 
King of PnifTia, it was expected, woold 
fbon vifit rbc Poils of Chemniti ami Frey-* 
herKi and afterwards fix hU Qjiiutii* Jt« 

Mciflen. General Sibours, wa*-*^* 

under his Commandj 
Qgi^ten of 

Ilamburgbf Afjrch to. From what we 
can learn concerning the difpofitions of tite 
•. Ruffians, it feemt they cannot undertake 
any Thing till towards the end of Apt il, b»- 
caufe the inundations in Poland prevcrlt the 
arrival of their Recruits : and •% to the 
Swedes, tlKy will not begin to A6k till tht 
expiration of their fufpenfion of Arms wirh 
the Pruflians. The overflowing of the Vif- 
tula, in particular, has made great devafta- 
tion ; many Perri*n*i, with abundance of 
Horfes, Sheep and Oxen, have perifhed in 
the Waters, which in their rapid courfehave 
alfo carried away Waggons, Trees, Beds, 
and other Furniture, overthrown diveis 
Houfes, and even forced out Coffint from 
the Tombs. 

Brunftoick^ March ao, 5»omc letters 
from the Camp before Caffel of the ijih 
mention, that the Enemy had made a con- 
fiderable Sally the Ni<;ht before, in order Co 
defiroy a Battery, which was erecting near 
the Town ; hut chat they had been repulfed 
with great lofs. 

M. de Belfunce, who has for fome Time 
pnft held the Poit of Northeim with part of 
the Garrifcn of Gottingen, has been forced 
by fome Troops tent from hence, and from 
Hrmover, joined with a fmall Body of Piuf- 
fian.i, to quit the PoffelFion of it. 

HigkjT, Mitfbi'^. Letters from Coloc;n': 
advifc, that the Birtiop of Angfbourg had 
declard himfelf a Candidate for the Elec- I 

liiigue, March 24, By Letters from tke 
Army under Ptince Ferdinand, we aoder- 
dcrAand, that the main-Body had its Pofiti- 
on, on the 10th InAant, upon the heights of 
Hombourgh : that his Serene Highnefs had 
his Head-qiiarterii A ill at Schweinlberg ; the 
Marquis of Granby at Kirchayn ; General 
Hardcnberg behind Redcchen, and Schwein. 
fberg ; and that the Hereditary Prince was 
advanced with his Corps towards Grunberg. 
At the fame Time the Enemy occupied the 
Country along the Lahne, from Gladenbach 
to Allendorif, Lich, Hungen, and Laubach. 

The fiege of Ziegenhayn ftill continued. 
There are no certain Accounts, in relation 
to that of Caflcl ; but it it faid> that tho 
Fmch Oacrifea bad made latdy two very 



For APRIL, 176 r. 649 

*^ an Account from the Arinx» that the ff^g**'* April ^, We hive no LeCteii 

CVrp, under the Ccmmand of the Hercdi- from the allied Army fince thofe of the 2Qtbi 

tn>y Prince was att;ickcrd, tlie 21 Infbnt^ paft. In the mean Time, we have various 

in tUir retreat from Heimbach, jufta&they Reports concerning the late Marches sad 

wrie interinf; a defile near Grunberg, b^ Operations of the French Forces^ fome of 

th>ee Columns of French Cavalry, com- which import, that Marihal Broglio was at 

in micd by M. de Clozen j and, it is faid, Ziegenhayn the 15th, having raifed the fiegf 

t '•.)'! he French had fo far rhe advantage In of that Place, and had fonpe Advantages 

«^*<^ :iftack, that they had repulfed fome over the Corps, employed in befieging it^ 

S'^.uaHrons of Hanoverian cavalry, who upon their retreat. 

came to the affiftance of the Foot, and ta. The Allies tad 'begun to withdraw their 

ken finreral Prifoners of Che Branfwick Forces from before Caifel on the 17th ; and 

Troops, with feme Colours and Cannon : it Prince Ferdinand of Brunfwick had 'his 

is added that General Rhcdcn, who com- Head- quarters in the Neighbourhood ctf 

manded the Hanoverians, was wounded Fri'zlar tlie i9tb. 

and uken , though other Accounts me ntion 'By Letters from Brunfwick we titt inftMtn- 

that officer as killed. The Hereditary ed, that the Prifoners taken by M. Clofto, 

Prince, with the remainder of that Corps, in the Affair of the zift, were already fe» 

retired to Hombourg, where the allied Ai*- Jeafied. 

my was encampied. ff'gue, April 4. The Prince of Orenft, 

Venice^ March ao. A /ew Uays ago Ca- who has been very til for a Day or two« U 

valier Rezzonico, nephew oftheP(^, was better ^s Morning. 

chAfrn Procurator of fit. Mark*s by the Bugut^ April lo* We hanre an Acoo«iit 

great Council. from the Empire, that Major General 

Bagie^ March 3 r . We have nothing of SchenkendosfF, with a Body of Pruffians bad 

Confeqnencefromthe Armies in Hefle ; hut attacked, in the Neigbboiirhoo^ of SaalGsId, 

the fiege of Caflel was ftiU carried on with • detachment of the Army of tbe Circlai» 

great Vigour the 23d. conlifting of fix Battalions* and 800 HoHtj 

The Troops, which are to -ferve under had totally defeated tfaem» having taken oii» 

the Prince de Soubtfeupon the Lower Rhine Colonel, one Major, 27 other Officers, 809 

are upon their March. Men, 6 Cannons, andfourSUndards. All 

Our Letters from Saxony of the 25th pad , the reft of that Corps were 0ttt to Pk(es or 

jsention only, that his Pmffiaa MajeAy difperfed. 
was (Ull at Metflcn. 


CharltM TVwiv, Jan.-j, and a detachment of 75 of his party with 

ON Monday laft arrived off our Bar advices to Albany $ almoft all the Men were 

from New York the foltowing twelve confiderably froft- bitten \ one was froze tm 

Gcmpaoies, viz. two of Monkton's> two of Death in the Woods t the Britiih Troops 

Whitmore*s, and eight independent ones ; being in Pofleffion of Detroit, Major Ro- 

Lhe wtiole under the Command of Lieut, gers fet out from thenoe with about 50 of 

Col. James Grant of the 49tb Regiment, late his Rangen, and intended to proceed 400 

of Montgomery's Highlanders. Miles further. 

Bc/^M, ¥A, 19. We have Advice that CharUsTnoti, Fih,%i. On Tuefday laft 

Major Rogers, on his Way to Detroit, met the Wolf-King, and the other Creek Indi« 

With no Oppofition from the Indians | ans that accompanied him, embarked oil 

on the contrary, they laid down their Board one of the Scout boats for Georgia, 

Hitchets, and willingly fobmittcd them- on his Way home, perfedly fatisfied with 

fdvcs to the Brittlh government t that th« their reception and treatmeot here, and 

M^or having taken poffeffion of Detroit, he loaded with PEslents. 
UsA the French Oarrifon to Penafylvania % 



Carke, Marth ti • Exchange, in the Merchants CoflTeit-haufir, 

Q^nrtfr after Twelve this Day a Shock and from the beginning of the Red-houfe* 
of an £artlifaak« w#i felt here in (|| i W Jlk to the £«ft Mar(h^ betw^a \Jbk G atea 

4O a ^ miyj 

650 A Chronokglcal Memoir of Occurences ^ 

rn]y, juft .as it in N'ovcmhcr i--. 5, hut 
allowed to Imvc Keen more violcr.r hy all 
that fek it. It did not continue above one 

Minutf, undnlaiing fr^m Eaft to Weft 
and vice vciTj. 


Extra£I ef a Litter /■ en Fort /l.'guf.uif 

ON Taffd;»y th; 31ft of M.irch, btrwetn 
the Hoursof Twelve and one ti' Clock, 
Lov!M".cfs roft 4"iiddeply near 30 Inches, and 
crp'ip.ucd fi> for halt* and Hour, duiins; 
whicli Tinri'' *he W.ifer wabfo niuch a.;iMttd 
t' ;ir .,11 the r.o.Tts !:ere were drove upon the 
<jv r:nk». Tl»c:c wai nokindof exicinal 

caufj for this Phrcr.omcnon. fuch as R.ilnii, 
\Vir.d>, or any TIui.;;: of tljc Iiki; Na:i:rt, 
but, onlht a'l'itf.ry. tlut Day, and OiVcial 
befoie ir, v. -/re n-inaikjKly fine. An Ii;<t 
flrfPLS alinoll urriiljr r.v rhis bippencd here 
the rime ol th"- Kar'l.qu-ike at Lilb'*n ; but 
hkv?' ai any olhi.r Time forthcfc 50 Year* 

C O U N T R 

Trcfr^rey in Cctnv/ill^ M-ircb i 5. 
' A - fon-.e of cur Tintiers were lately rm- 
Jr^ picycd ^n a nrw Mine, one of 
iiccid*^n?al!y ArucU his i itk ax en a S ore. 
The Earth bcirflfrrcni.'veri, thiy mu2.;^«l. 
ff < m it%Si£i', tliatir was a Rock ; but f.>n«* 
Chara^crs perceived en 1 innre c'c.f« In! .t • 
ttor, toJtctfitT with its Shape aid h^H'W 
Sound, when ftruck, made them contfiMl'^ 
ir to Ixr (what- ion ojK-nini; it prcvcri \ i L?of;':n. 
On rcmovi'-.l of the Lid thiry dilu.»>ff.rv'! the 
SYceleton ol-rf Man of (irrangicS.rp., which, 
en the AdmilTion oUhf. Aii, n^ciiidtTcd in- 
fo Duft. On« in?ire 'JV. ih rc.ini^icd whr.jc, 
v/hich was two lncl.C!»and a h.ilf Icn.;:, and 
n-.ick in IVopnrtion: The L'.rr/h of the 
Coffirt v/as elcvtn fctt thri;e iriches, r.nd 
Dep-!» t!jre« Feet nine fp.clic*. 

Porfj-..'uff\ Aiar:b 30. Ycftrrdav our 
grand Ly.,u!riitirn f.kili d from S;»t'^<:iH, 
•^l.c»oi?s f.iiltd rhrouch the Ncciliw .. 
undtr Convoy oi ihc Friv^At^s ; :he S'ii s c-i 
iht: Line aic t.) mwr thtni asfhcyf.iilrcui c! 
the lllc 01 Wight. TIic Sh;j>s of W^r Jirc as 
folio ,vs : 

S!ii;>s of the Line: V.ili-^Pt. C'».n. K-m- 
pe!, Sandwici', i'niice oTOianye, SwiT'iure, 
Ten\cra:rc, 'ro:hay,Uja;on, ^'<;»Mb. r^'Tcx, 
AcliiMcs. Fii»<;itts: Si.uthan;»«>n, F»cort, 
andfevcral other Fncalet, Names unki^own 
a) yet. Fiic SI:i^^^; JLlnii,, 
Fiiinacc, Infeina!. 

The FIctt is t»» he in three Div-fjons ; the 
Hon. Mr. Ktppci'sa icd Tcncunr, Sit Tho- 

Y N E \V S, 

mas SMnhoneSthe White, and Capt. Bar- 
ton'", ♦he Whitr. 

r . V ?• .' , /fprii 3 . On Wf -^ -".r ff!,;-^ III! ^ r Ji 

F rj:c:i i'lifrr »rs 'vcrcr bi-u.-'ir-from rorf- 
chtf^rr Caflle to Fof t, r..r.r thi-, Town, 
late /in M^fjjit^i ior nuiini ■», bur now fittfH 
(or a French I'lium. I liry wtre Caarded 
h/ J 0'i"y ^^ M«rin*s. y»llt'id-*y ^00 
Were yuniTwlit thrrr, efi"r»-cd bv a Paitv of 
the Siirry Md:t:n j and this Day rcc more 
a-'- tfi hf; l);oii.:Jit thvic. Room !> made to 
fliMC Kimmocks for »:•♦.-. It i* f.^ld that 
t'.:e iL.'^iment of Old Fiuffs* arc to do Duty 
over til -m. 

C.'r^'iyfrr.^ /Ipif ^. TheMon. Mr. Finrh 
arivi rl-,.' Hnn. Mr. Towpfhcnr*, hiv-rij pro- 
prfi '! Ti. t.ivc two p! i/c's . f 1 5 Cu'nca" each, 
to iv.'O ft-rior Bachelor^ of Aits, and tb- 
I»ke ».■ 'wo piiofllp liatchrl'^rs, \vb."> (hnll 
comjv "., the ht ft Kxcrtifts in Latm Profe \ 
»!k' Vr.j C'>ancpl!or g»vc< Notice. t!}at the 
Su'i'^cS rot t|;;s Vts*- .110. for f.n. Badu lois j 

* V '-j.v. lir j-,;2.f\antius nova invcoite an in- 
v:^i.f.* LLi;:u;n iiirlcre A: ornafum." * Which 
it t!i- I'.rirt.tifl Merit, To iovc;i»", 01 to im- 
I M.«e inv*:ofivm.* For the voioHl-.' Bjrhe- 
i<.rs: • Utrum boni plus, an mai:, nrptT- 
tt.ri* icrequi r'rre^jnn-inror i'i.">|fr:fn*'j|i.'* 

* \1 brine r Yo'jrh arc more commonly hart, 
c* b ::;'fift:d, !>y travtllin;; 

"i\\i D.iy Mr. ro:nh;..-:i, cf VminucI Col- 
ls,;*. Mr. Putchir, of S\ J ,hn'x ColNec^ 
arii Mr, C.itflo-A*. of Cnfncii.K- i-i ill, wcie 
aJ.''.i<r:cu lo (iu Dcitrce (Jt iVi,.!)ci>\^ of At's. 

L O N D- O N, 

I • 

niutch 11. QUNDAY laa being Eiiler- , bis Mijtfly and the rcA oftbeBovdl K..mi- 
Qr*.iy;'ihe fame vi>\'^^il-r'. ' ly,.wt|tf.iu (IwCbapel Rtiy-i!, arid hw,:.d ji 

Wa • 

For APR I L, 176 1. 


Divine Service his Majefty received the lio- 
ly ConinuiRi(>n hy the Lord Bifhop of Dur- 
Kam, aiTiflrrt by \\\t Sub D.*an of iheCh.i- 
pel, Th*? Sword of Stat;.* was cirricd to 
and from Ch?.pcl hy Earl Dtlnwarr. 

We are informed, hy Auiliority, of a 
Dedararion made hy her M;iji'fly the Em- 
prtfs Queen of Kun^Mry and Boliemia, for 
an')n niiiongl\ the contending 
Feweri at W;ir ; anci a like Declaratior in 
the Name and un the Hart of their MvijeHifs 
the Emprrfs of all the RufTias, the Mc ft 
Chriftain King, the King of Sweden, the 
King of Poland, EleAor of S.ixony, and 
Jikewife rn the Part of thcii Britanic and 
Pruilian Majefties ; purfumt ro whicli, die 
feveral Plenipotentiaries are appointed, and 
a Confrfft, for a General liacification, is 
tn be held at the Imperial City of Aug. 

31. His Royal Highnefs thf Duke of York, 
was appointed a Rear Admiral. 

April %. The Poll for Meml>ers to repre- 
fent thiti < ity in the enfuin^ Parliament, 
finally clofed, when Sir Robert Ladbroke, 
Knt. rhc Hon. Mr. Harlcy, William Beck- 
ford, Efq; and Sir Richard Glynn, Bait, 
were declared duly cleft ed. 

Lord Chamber !aiti^s OJ^ce, ^pril 11, 176 1. 
Orders for the Court to go cut of Mourning 
on Sunday the i9chlnftant, for his late Ma- 
jefty King George the Second, of bleiLd 

Mar^ 25. Beintc the Birth- day of his Royal 
Highnefs the Duke of York, |iis Majefty 
received the Compliments of the Nobility, 
&c. on the Occflfion; as did her 
Highnefs the Princefs Dowager of Wales, at 
Lciccfter- houfe. 

We hear that the Society fuv the Encou- 
ragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Com- 
meice, have adjudged the firft Premium of 
100 Guineas for the beft Hiftorical Paintfng, 
on .1 SubjeA taken from the Critilh Hiftory, 
x*> the Chevalier Cafali, whofe Pifture of 
Cunhilda obtained a Prize of 50 Guineas 
laft Year. The Story is that of Edward 
the Martyr, and is thus i dated by Dr, 

Smollet in his Hiftory of England 1 « Refides 
the Ecclefiaflical AfFiirs, no Tranfaftlon of 
Conrcqii»nce diftin«:ui(hed the Reign of Ed- 
ward, which Lifted but four Years, and 
was concluded in a very tragical Manner. 
The Kinc: rcturninjr one Day from the Chafe, 
in Doifetfhirc, rode up fingly to the Gate of 
Corfe Caftle, to pay his Compliments to hia 
Step Mother, Elfrida, who invited him very 
courteoufly to alight ; and finding him in a 
Hurry to be pone, infifted upon his drinking^ 
a Cup of Wine as he fat on Horfehack : 
The young King complied with her Requeft, 
and as he fwallowed the Liquor was ftabb*d 
in the Backbyone ofherDomeftics, tutor- 
ed for thati^urpofe. Edward, finding him- 
felf wounded, clapped Spurs to his Horfc» 
hut fainted with Lofs of Blocd j and hit 
Foot being entangled in the Stirrup, as he 
fell was dragged a confiderable Way, when 
his Horfc made a Stop of his own Accord 
before (he Door of a poor old blind woman ; 
thtte ilic Servants of Elfrida, fcnt by their 
Miftrefs to know the IlFue of her Treafon, 
found the unhappy Prince quite dead, and- 
terribly defaced by the Flints over which ho 
had been dragged. They threw the Body 
into a Well, where in a few Days it was 
found, and interred at Wareham j froai 
whence it was afterward tranfported to the 
Monaftery of Shaftefl>ury, where it is faid 
to have performed a great many Miracles ; 
and Edward was canonized as a Saint and 

The Society likewifc adjudged a Premium, 
of 50 Guineas for the beft otiginalLandlkip 
to Mr. Geo. Smith, of Chichefter, and a 
Premium of 25 Guineas to the fecond Beft,, 
to his Brother Mr. John Smith. 'Tis re- 
markable that both of them obtained the 
Premiums laft Year, when the Ballot was 
fo exndlly equal, that the Chairman only 
decided in Favour of Mr. Geo. Smixh, and 
the Merit of their prcfent Exhibitions were 
fo difficult to be determined, that many of 
the Committee refufed to give their Vote at 
all, left it ihould be deemed partial. 


April 13, The Lady »)f the Rr. Hon. and 
Rev. Lord Francis Seymour, a Daughter. 

April zi^. The Countefsof Dalkeith, Lady 
of theRt. Hon. Cha.Townlhend, a Son. 

The Rt. Hon. I^ady Abe:duur, a Son. 

TheWif^of Mr. Whitiie, aWatch-ma- 
ker* near Cfiaring- crofs, of three nne Boys, 
iRTfao are «U likely to live. 


.* JffT. 11. The Rev. Dr. Gill, to Mifs 

Henry Drummond, of Spring- garden). 
Efq; to Lady Eliz. Compton, Siftqrtothe 
Earl of Northampton. 

2S. Nicholas Fenwick, Efq; his Majefty *s 
Conful at Elfinore, to Mifs Lewis, t>augh- 
terof Admiral Lewis, in the Service of the 
Emprefsof Ruflia. 

31. The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Harbo*. 
rough t to Mifs Hill, Daughter of Thomas 
Hill, Efq^ 

Mr. Wm. Greenwood, an eminent Mer- 
chant, to Mifs Befwicke^ Nelce to \qVc& 
Befwickc, Efq^^ 



A ChrGmhgical Memoir of Occurrences. 

Mr. Tho. Wliite. Merchant, in S.ivage 
Cardens, to Mifs Harding, of Red- Lion- 

Afrit 7. John Chomlcy, Efq; Brewer, 
in Souihwark^toMifs Ann Hankcy, Daugh- 
Xtxci Sir Tho. Hankcy . 

Jof. FortiTque, Kfq; a nca- Relation of 
Lord Forttfque, to Mif* Foitcfuue of De- 

13. Sir Tho. Newcmien, Bart, fo tbc 
lecond Daughter of Jcbn Bi>urke, Efq; 

The Rev. Mr. Duncomhc. Rtd^or of St. 
Andfews, Canterbury, to Mifs Hi^hnjore, 
of Lincoln's- Inn Fields. 


Mar, ao. The Rt. H«jn. thcYaHy Vif . 
countcfs Hir.chinhrook, Mother tu tiiepre- 
Ivnt Ear] of Sandwich. 

Geo. Napier, Efq; a RuiTia Merchant. 

1%. James Pattifun, £fq^ Merchant, at 

Dr. Edw. Cobden, A'chdeacoa of Lon- 
don, Redtor of St. Auc^uftine. 

79. Mr. Griffith) at Lannbeth,/did to be 
the greateft Potter in England. 

30. Tho. Bafkett, Efq^ Printer to his 

The Rev. William Lpw, M. A. well 
known to the World by a Numlxr of piui^ 

Tho, Tench, Ffq; in Dukeftrect. 

The Rt. Hon. Loid Vifcount Irwin, at 
his Seat near Horlham. 

31. Sir Edw. Goodyer, Bart, at Clap- 

. April'], Lady Abney« Relidt of SirTho. 
Aisncy, late one of the Judge;i in the Cojurt 
of Common- pleas. 

Sir Henry Bellendcn, Knt. Gentleman of 
the Black rod. 

14. Capt. Al?x. Gray, at Edinburgh, 
Brother to Lord Giay. 

The moft nobJe l*i mce Archibald Camp- 
bell, Dukeuf Argylc (fuddcnly. at his Houfe 
in Arti:yle bui'din^s) M^tiquss and Earl of 
Areyltr, M mjujfx'i Ciuiniire «nd Lorn, E^rl 
ol Cimphcll and CowaII, Vn'count Lochow 
andOlcniiU, Lo:dor Inverary, Mull,Mor- 
veii) and Ty i ic, Lot d Lieutenant of Argyle- 
fliirc, and Adaii .il cf rhc VVefUin lilcs, alfo 
Vifcount and Earl of lla, Baron Orufay, 
UunooOr'and Aros, Keeper of the Great 
Soal, Jnflice General, Extraordinary Lord 
of SeHion, Hei editable Ma(ler of the King's 
Hou/hold, Hercditable Keeper of Dunftaff- 
ragc and Cirrick, Chancellor of the Uni* 
verfity of Aberdeen, and one of his MajeftyU 
moft Hon. Privy. council, He was born In 
i6Sx, and fuccecded his Brother Joha in 
November 1743. His Titles JH|4 
defcend to the Hon. Lieatenant ^ "' 
Campbell, lately ehota H 
Sbirc of Dumlwtfton l> * 

G. Oidys, Efq; Norroy King at Amiy 
in the 74th Ve%r of his Age, 

16. Arthur Abtrcrombie, Efq; at hit 
Houfe in Craven Orcet. 

17. The Ri^ht Rev. Dr. Benj. Hoadly, 
Lord Bifhopof WtncliLdcrr, and PieUteof 
the mod nohlc Order of the G;irter, at his 
P.t!ace at Chelfea, after a few Hours Indif. 
pofition, Hi^ Loidfhip was the firft Perfon 
ap{>ointcd a BiHitp in tliK Rei«;n of King 
George I. w.»s confecrate.1 Blfhop of Ban- 
prr on the Tranflition of Dr. Evam fioai 
ihat See in 171^, and was promoted to the 
Biflioprick of Hereford in i7ai, on the 
D^raili oi Dr. BifTe, fiom whence he wm ad- 
vanced to the Diocefe of Saliibury on ihe 
Tranflition of Dr. Willik to the '-cc of Win- 
cheder in 1723^ and upon tjiePeathof that 
Rrfhop in 17 '54, he fucceedcd him in the 
Diorcfeof Wmclicftjr lo the prefect Period, 
and died full of Age, beini» 85 Years o'd, 
wh.^fe Character will perjxtujte his Memory 
with Monouf to lalell Poderity. 

Henry Champion, Efq; at Lewei, in 

20. Sir Tho Denny, Knf. 

2r. )ohnAnfcll, Efq^ aihis Seatat Grea^ 
Mi/fcr.den in Lucks. 

C/v// and Hdllitary Prrfcrmtnts, 

St, yj«. r», M^rr:b 10. His Majcfty in 
Cwuncil wjs i\m Day pleafed to declare tho 
Right Hon. Gcoi«;e Cu::k Uarl of Halifax, 
Licuecn;«nt General aud G::neral Governor 
of lu> M:i3eAy*s Kingdom of Ireland. 

This D.-iy the Rifj^ht Hon. Sir Francit 
Dnlhwood, Bart, appointed Treafurer of 
his Majclly^s Ciiambor, was, by his Ma- 
j.ily's Command, fworn of his Majefly*t 
nv)fl Hon. Privy council, and took his 
i'iace at the Board according. 

WhitehaU, Afj'ch 21. Hisi Majefly hat- 
irif "been pleafed to ap|)oinr the Right Hon. 
William Pjtr, Efqj to bi'. one of his Ma- 
jjty'i Principal wccrctuiics of State, the 
oath of Secret;iry of State was this Day, bv 
hi« MajeHy^b Command, adminiftered to 
him m Council. 

The King has been pleafed to grant unto 
the Ri^ht Hon. William Talbot, Baron of 
Helfol in the County of Glamorgan, and 
his Heirs male, the Dignity of an Earl of 
Great Briuin, hy the Title x>f Earl Talbot. 

To the Right Hon. John Lord Delawarrt 
and hit Heirs Male, the Dignity of a Vif- 
cotmt and Earl oF Great Britain, by tbf 
TjUajtf ViftomiK Cantal«ipe« and Earl D«^ 

For A P R I L, 1761 653 


rington. Lord Mortfi, James CXwaM, and DTmcr, Knt. to be Mafter of the Cere- 

Cilbert Elliot, Efqrs. Lords of thcTrcafury. monies ; and alfo Stephen Cottrcll, Efqj to 

To grant tu Loid Biffinf^ton thcOtficss be AHTidant Matter and Mar(hall of the 

©f Chancellor and Under- Trcafurcr of the Ceremonies. 

Exchequer. If^kitebali, March 24. The King has been 

To appoint L'^rd Anfon. Dr. Hay, Tho- plesfed to conftitutc and'^ppoint the Right 

mas Orby Hunter, John Forbes, and Hans Hon. Chatles Townflier.d, Efqj to be his 

Stanley, Efqj with lx«rd VilHerk, and Tho- Majcfty's Secretary at War. 

mas PeJham, Efq; Lords of tl»c Admirnlty. To conditute and appoint Sir John Evc- 

To grant to Dr. Hay the Office of his lyn, Cart. Beaumont Hotham, Samuel 

Majefly's Advocate General. Mead, William Levinz, £d\v;krd Hooper, 

To appoint the Right Hon. Robert Lord Thomas Ta(h, Claudius Amyand, and Hen- 
Ken ley, Ch a net 1 lor and Keeper of 1 he Great ry Pelham, Efqis. together with John 
Seal of Great Biitain, for the Time being, Frederick, Efq; in the room of Richard 
•nd alfo feveral other Miniftcrs of State now Cavendifh, Efq; to be his Mnjefly's Com- 
ardfor the Time being, and alfo the RigrU miffionerg for managing and caofmg to be 
Hen. Samuel Lord Sandys, Andrew Stone, levied nrd colIeQed all and lingular his Ma* 
Soamcjenyns, Edward Elliot, and Edw.ird jeQy*j Cufkoms, Subfidies, and other Du- 
Bacon, Efqrs. together with John Yorke, ties, and all Arrears of the fnm^, within 
Elq; Sir Edmund Thcni.-.s, Bart, and that Part of the Kingdom of Great Britain 
George Rice, Efq; Ms Majcfty's Cnmmif- called England. 
tfioner» for Trade and Plantations. To grant unto the Right Hen. Charles 

George Cockburne. Slade, WiJ. Earl of Cornwaliis, tlte OfBce of Conftable 

liam Bately, Edmund Mafon^Timotliy Brett, of his Majt'dy's Tower of London. 

Robert Ofborne, Willism Bafeman, and To grant unto Henry Cornwaliis, Efq; 

Dii?by Dent, Efqrs. Sir Richard Temple, the Office or Place of Chief Porter of his 

Bart. Sir John Bcntley Knight, Frederick M;o«-fty's Tower of London, 

Rogers, Richard Hughes, Thcmait Han- To grant unto I«ovclt Stanhope, Efq; the 

way, and Ch.'irles Colby, Efqrs. Commif' Office of Law Clerk to the Offices of Itis 

fionersof his Majefty's Navy. Majerty's Principal Secretaries of State. 

James Wallace, Efq; Sir Francis Hcfkins H'hitehally March z%. The King has been 

Eyles Stiles, Bart, the Hon. Horatio Town- pleafcd to appoint Thomas Earl of Dundo- 

(hend, Rodert Pott, Efqis. Sir Roger Bur- nald, George Drummond, Alexander Udny, 

goyne, Bart. John Rule, and Tyiingham Richard Dunber, and George Burges, EfqM. 

Stephens, Efqrs. Commiffioners for viAu- Commiffioners of his M^jefly^s Excifc in 

ailing his Majcfty^s Navy. Scotland. 

To Sir Francis Charlton, Bart, the of- The Earl of Morton to be Lord Regifter 

i&ce of Receiver- general of the Pofl- rffic«. of Scotland. 

To Robert Herbert, Efq; the Office of To grant to Thomas Morgan, Efq; the 

Surveyor-general of all his M'»'ysi\y^%To- Office of Advocite General, or Judge Mar- 

reAs, &c.^in England and Wales. fhal of all his Majelly's Land Forces. 

To Thomas Gore, Efq; the Office of To George Pcwiett, Efq; the Office of 

Ci'mmiflfary* general cf hisMajcrty*s Forces. Lieutenant ol the Tower. 

To Henry Penton, jun, Efq; the Office St, yomes's, March 29. His Majefty hav- 

of Carrier of all his MajcAy*$ Letters and ing been pleafcd to appoint the Right Hon. 

Difpatchet between his Maje(ly*8 Court cr John £nrl of Bute, to be one of his Ma- 

.Falace of Residence, and the Pori-cffice ; j;;lly*s Principal Secretaries of State ; his 

and alfo between the Offices of his Mil jefly *s Lordihip was this Day, by hh Majelly's 

Principal Secretaries of State, andthePoft- Cominand, fworn one of his Principal So- 

office. cretaries of Sutc, and took his Place at the 

To' John Elliot, Efq; the Office of Re- board uccotdingly, 

xeiver- general of the Dutchy of Cornwall. This Day the Right Hon. William E;fr| 

ToJohnJeffreyt, Efq; the Office of War- Talbot, Lord Steward of his Mijcrty's 

Ot" the Mint. . Houfliold, was, by his Majcfty's-Command, 

To John Pitt, Efq; the Office or Office* fw<»rn of his Majclly's niolk Hon. Privy* 

of Surveyor* general of all his Majcdy's council, and took his Place at titc Board 

Wooda Vforth and South of the River Trent, accordin^viy. 

To Charles Trelawney, Efq; the Otfice //X//tZv//, yffirii ^. Tlilj D.iy the Right 

^Afif-nafter of Tin at all the Coinages Hon. JamciCrtnvillc, I:Tq- Coifcicr vi Ui^ 

.^.Tia in Cornwall and Devon. MajjOy'sHoushold, \vis, by lii» M.^jcdy't 

appoint Sir Charlet CcUrcU Cisnimand, iworn vi hi> M^jwdy** mv(\ 

fj 5 'r A Chronological Mamlr of Occurrences, 

ll-n. Vi'.vf Cuy,-til, and touk lib I'Ucc at Gov?mnr. Cbirlct Skinner, Eft: 

Ihe r..>!„'i jCLOTtlinilty. JiJlli::. 

U-;.,:.l.,ll, ^firilii. The Kinf hM betn I'-'rvJ S. 

pPcjf-J lo fill up eli^ven «l (lie vacint nr.i . Jon 

.St^lk nr Wt-nniinflir, •■! ilie KvC Honour- Cm-crnor. 

thiiiO.dtii (il HiL- B,ilh, hy con|-i;rtin;ilie Giirpj 
Ri):h: ll'in. l^r-l Or; ^rort, the linn. UtL 

icnant-Ccncril Yrrhc, Sir Jamm Cr.iy, Nmi, Jitnct jj],n{ion,ECq; Litacatant' 

Bart. Sir Will.Jiii C.-nuchainp Pioftor, Governor. 

Ikiil. Su lolin OiMu'.ni, Rjit. Admiral Unajri Ij't^.1i, Thomai Cotlle, Z(a: 

Ccor<-r I'oLwk. M4irGvncr^l IrlFcry Am- S..!liciIor-Gi:neril. 

herft, Major.Gcncr^l John Giil.'m CriAin, A'wA Ctr^.'-ia. Thomai Falkncr. Efqi 

Francit fiUk-.- l^elival, Charles Frcdeiick, Secretary amTCLrk o[ the Ctavrn. Robert 

and Cepnie Waircn, And hit Ma- Jonc]> junLar, Efij; Atcorncy -Genera I. 
jdty liuk liecn |i!c.ire(l lo appciiu 'hu 

|jl'i>'Ti oniit fjld Kniilits of the Ilalh to be B ,KR .S. 

un Till. May llie i6tli l>>iy of May next. Afril ii. SeriihaidSmich.of Uniry-tane, 

Tn Etanl unto John Larl of rortfmoulh, Sugar-baktr. 

the OtYiLtK of GoveiDi't and Ca|)tain of the John Bainniaw, of St. John Wappin), 

l(le of Wifihl, ami Cdvemor of Carilbrooke Butcher. 

Ca(l)cln thefiid [Oe- Jchn Ouram, of BarneOey, Yorklhire, 

To appoint Willinm de Grey, to be Giucer. 

Comptroller of the Firft-I'culis and Tenths Kichird Sandi, of King't Lynn in 

folk, Maner- mariner and Merchant. 

Si. y, •":••' 1, jlfril \^. The fnllonint iS. WilliamDutlon andEdward Dutton, 

GDV(rn(,ri, and otTitr Uflicvri, arc con li- lale of Feller- lane, Coffeeoien and ViAual. 

nutJ in Their [crpeflivc Emjiluyments in len. 

Amufita, viz. David Armfliong, of Weft-SmllhfitM, 

I.ifvarJ J,ljrJi, Georrc Tliomas, Efq; I.ini;n-dr»|wr. 

Chiuf Covtrnor, Gilbert Fl-ming, Efq; Ceotje Brownleft, laicof Janiai:a, now 

fJeUIenant-Gi:ncra] ol ilie laid lHandi, and of London, Merchant. 

I.lenlcnirii.G.iv>:mor of St. Clii iHoplicr't. Robert Miller, ofKirtonin LincolnUiire, 

Lordllawley. Ueulenart-Govfinorof An- Linen- draiiur. 

ligua. Ralph I'ayni;, l:<'qi Chirfjuilice of ibmia^ Gravel, of Red -Lion' Slrctt, 

St. Chtillopber'i. Thomas Warner, Ef(]i Soutliwark, Hop-merchant. 

Attornry-Gcntra'cr 'he Lreward Illands. n- Daviil Baiclay, of Catcilon ftreet, 

yamaice, Henry Muore, tfq; Lieote- London, hferchani andlnfuier. 

nam -Governor. John Biss*, of Cliertfey in Suriy, But- 

St^atCirtlirj, Wi:Uam Bull, Efqj Lieu- clitr. 

tenant Governor. Uavid Ciecne, Efq; ■ 

Allorni:y.Gt«r,l. ■ 

Gn'jia, Wilim 

Chief lunice. 

Niii rck. 
Attorntry. Gene 

A-™ J.rfy, 

jefty\ I'ijr.ialii 
vemor. Cadw 

J Chief lull ice. 
Sfuik C*r$b'» 


Mifeellaneous Correfpondence, 

in Profe and Verfe. 

For MAT, 1761. 

Aristeas's Account ef the Valualion of anticnt Coins, &c, 
continued from Page 642. 

FIRST i r fufprft that our Anti- ivertb lo.ncxil. Siirlhg in GolJ. avil 

Jrijiteiii hive greatly erred in amihcr ■wortb 10,000/. Sitrling in Sil- 

computino the Weight and Value of •utr i 'V}bat ii here meant thirehj f 

thcGoMTaleat. The sntient Gwii Will any one fay. That becauic the 

leckomd their Money by ^'alenf, \fi- one has his 10.000/. Sterling in Cjo!d, 

VU >nd Drachms, jull as we compute and the other has his io,oooZ Sf.Tling 

Englifii Money by Founds, Shillings only in Silvi;r, and bec.iufe one Pound 

and f«o^. And with them, i.i with Weight of Gold li equal in Vatuc to 

ut. Silver was the chief Coin. And Sixteen Pound Weight of Siher, that 

the jittit Pondera] and Numeral Talent therefore the Jirll is Sixteen Timet 

of Silvcj were exaflly equal to one richer the other? No, furelyi 

another; as oqr Pound Sterling was no Body vviih us would be fo ridi- 

originally exailly c<]unl 10 a Pound culou; as tu reckon after this Mnnner. 

Wtight of Silvir, And as the Pound If it were required to know the Weight 

Steiling, when it confilUd of Twelve of 10,000/. Sterling in Gold, aod of 

OuDCCf, as wtll :i3 now th^t it confilh 10,000/ Sterling in Silver! wouldany 

but of Four O^ncei of Silver, wjs Body anWr, that the Weight of the 

then and is dill the common M'afure Go'J vtas eqii:il to the Weight of the 

by which' we compute the Value of Silver ; or that either of them was e- 

GoWai well »s Silver; fo I imagine, qual f. io,or--c.//.. of ourTroy Weight ? 

ibat the >ft//c Silver Talent, whether No ; luch Anfivcrs would be every 

0iore,or leTs in Weight, was the coir.- whit .13 ridkulo'j^ as the other. A Per- 

which the antient (on uf any Skill in Money would con- 

the Value of their fidiT, that one Pound Sierlirg in Silver 

Silver. Now. the is tcj.ini in WL-ight but to Kour OuncM 

ing with us the, com- of Silver 1 arid therctbre reckoning 

valuing of all Sorts Tw.-ive Ounces to the Pound Weight, 

rGoJd or Silver; I ht- would hy, that 10,000/. Sterling 

Man^oai fiiJ it it in Silver, is equal in We ght only i3 

4 P i<H^ 


MiJce/liJfieous Correfpondence^ 

i':3% I'ouni]; and 4 Ounces of Silver. 

.Aim III iki; niUM.1,1, upon the ^iippo- 
fiticn (hit ime I'oond Wcighi of Gold 
M <rqu..l ii) Value to Si)Hei;n Pound 
\V[ig)it (if t-i'vcr, and tnnlr-ijiiiiii'j' 
tli:i( I'uunJ Siciling in CioiJ i> <;- 
(]ual in V^Vight but to l'"ivf ftnii) wiight 
v\ Uii\.\, he unuM ciindude, UiHt 
to,coc/. SlL'tlirig in (iald is t qua! in 
Wfiglit only to J^oo Ouik:i-j, or to 
20S l'o>.n.i,- and 4 Ounces ot Goldi 
and ct>nl'i.(]i.iintly that the Weight 
of thtf liold which giK.-s to mike up 
lO.oco/. StiTlirg, i) jiill equal to^j 
P.11I of till- VVeiglic of th.- Silver that 
gots to msl:e up the fame Sum. Now, 
Hi the rciuiid Sterling here in Er-ghnd 
h thus mv.ii£ the common Mealure for 
Gold a) well »i Silver; by which 
Mcanj one Pound Sterling in Silver is 
equni in V.ilue to one Pound Sterling 
in Gold; though at the fjine'l'ime, 
the VV. ight of the latter i) but the ]s 
Pan of til- former : So J conceivr th:;t 
an .JiiJi Talent in SiKer wai- equal in 
Value loan ^//A-'l'alent in Gold; and 
that the oijy PifR-rcncc between ihtm 
lay in [iii- ; that when they eime to 
j»ay or rtceive any Sum or Sums of 
^icney, whatever the Wei'jht of the 
Silver TnlL-nt wa. fet ar, the Gold Tri- 
lent «'a! equal in Weight only 10 J ,_, j ,-, 
or ;- Pan of the lame, more or Itb, 
aiotding to the eftablilhcd Proportion 
I),-twten Gold and Silver at the Time. 
Now, if we proceed upon this Foot, 
and fuppiife the" vAz/V 'I'alen: to have 
been iqn;;! in Value to loW. li'- of 
our Motif V, :.i it has been lately com- 
puted by n learned Hand ; and con'e- 
cjoenilv njual in Weight to 64 ^^ 
Pound Weight of Silver ; and if >ve 
fuppiifi- the I'loportion of Gold to Silver 
to luve Iwen as Thirteen to One ; .ind 
con fcqu rally that 4, -J^ 
of(;.Al was equal in V 
Jen' of Silver ; und if 1 
cait ip the \'aliie and 
abovL-imntiiinrd 1046 
vcr, ajid ;i6, Tnlents 
former will be faund ta 
to lc1,$6t/. 10/. Sio* 

equal in Weight and Value to 67,j;4 
Pubnds and Two Ounces of Silver i 
and ihe latter will be found to amoant 
unio t)9,97i/. Sterling ; and to be e- 
qual in Weight and Value to 2:6} *j 
Pound Weight of Gold: And both 
6iimi together will amount to no more 
kut 10*. Sterling, So thai 
if any of our Money Criticks for ibc 
future fhuuld think, ibat 1,918,^)7/. 
lOJ. Sierlinjr was too great a Sum fer 
Pt'Jimr PiihMlpl'ai to advance for 
procuring ■ Tranllation of tbe Hibrra 
Scriptures into Grift, they may, if 
they phafc, take hick and returaa- 
bove rive Parti out of Six to the rigkt 
Owner thereof; and flill thercwillbt 
ciiough left to aiiltver all jlri^tat'i Dc- 

If it flinuld be objefled, that tbuis 
a new Way of computing the Value of 
Gold Talents ; I anfwer, that what- 
ever Opinion Tome may entertain of it, 
yet I cannot but think ii moie ch*D 
probable, not nnly that the Grttii, 
but that al! other Nations, when- Gold 
and Silver W3!i coined, and paffcd by 
Tale, computed the Gold Taliri ai I 
have done. Por, though our modem 
Wrtienhave takrn upon tbemfelvei to 
mike a Talent of Gold equalin Weight 
toaTalent of Silver} and confequently 
to make the one 10, iz, 13, or 16 
tinifj mote valuable than the other; 
yet 1 do'ilit they would find it ex- 
tremely diflisult, if not impolHble, to 
froiv, that the Antient* computed tbe 
alue of any of their Money Talents 
after this Manner. Whereas on the 
other Hand, I think, many InJlances 
mny be produced to Iliew, tliai al) thofe 
CouDtiicx which reckoned by Talent), 
Min3s,aiid Dra^hnti, had buione Mo- 
ney or Silver Talent, which wai the 

m PROSE md VERSE. 657 

DncKmi, or of 60 Minas of too rxprefi himCrir upon this Occiflonf 

Unchm* each ; >n<l ■> 10 their Gold. Does he lav, ihai the P,r^ani:nt IhcU 

he further tells u). That the Jjirrui or fuch a Nun>b»t of Guld Talents; 

or GoUcn Staler of the Aihiiiiaiu was No, nothing like it. H01.V then i 

equal in Weight to two ,^(r/< Drachms ; VV'hy, his Words an: tlufi.- j hittiim 

and that the fraportioo of Gold to ail- fiU'rauJla i'i^Mh/ui all^uanvlptr Ar.i- 

ver wai is Ten to One. So that one ms, ^niJ patiffmum *^jiet. taaitm in 

./ftrmf.oftheWeightorTwaDrachini, CifTciam Jimxralem KMimn mi I tit ; 

W» equal in Value to, and confequenl- daitfu* haic /iuia, qu»d r/i-grBti lalmla 

Ijr in all Kecctpt) and I'aymenis was jumquagiiita trjurrrti, (cTg^ yavvUl 

takes and paid away for Twenty ^r/iV i{ TiiTiiKtiiT* Tiif.ArT<t 'AejiaO 

Drachm) of Silver. And 300 Tuch opeiam darn, liaperai, at id ia Pne- 

.Jtni were equal in Value to one Ta- Jida Civilalun Ji/lriiacn-i Now, had 

lent of Siltvr. Now tbii being the the GVtvitiknownany Tfaingof aGold 

Cafe, I would defire to know, whe- Talent equalin Value to ten SilvcrTa- 

theran Ahmiait i\iu wai topny al'a- lent^i what Occafiun was there for thi> 

Icfit of Moner in Gold, would h^ve Ptiifhrafii here? Inllead of fiiying, 

been thought to have difchai^td bis ih:ii the PciJiaK Gcnrral fern a Sum of 

Ofalintion by paying 300 Jirr^it or Money in Gold equal in Value to fifty 

600 Dnchmi of Gold, which ii here Talents of bilvcr ; might he not in 

reckoned to be equal in Value to a Ta- fewer Wordr, and with mote Proprk'- 

Icnt of Silver.' Orwhethcr, accutding ty. have told w at once, according in 

10 the modern Way of Computation, the modern Way (if Computation, ih:it 

Ite null have paid 6000 Drachm:! of he fent fi^t Talemi ef Gti.n r But 

Gold, wliich was equal in Value to Xtnepl.'on ij not to be taught by u>^, ei- 

TcnTalenu of Silver? ' ther how to write, or how 10 count 

Bnt further; That the Talent by Money. Le^fy; in his Accotint of 

whicb all Gold as well as Silver wa« the Kxpedilion of Cyrui the Younger, 

cftinatcd, was the Silver Talent, nuy he tell> nt, that (hat Prince, b.'ii><T 

be cridenity eollcfled lromfev<Tii) P,if- apprehenfivc of being forced to come 

fcgci a\ Xtitphatii Work". Thus in to an Fngagcmeni with his Brorher 

hi) InftiuiionjofCyru we read. That fooncr than heiniendrd, confulicd &'- 

'jtrmtvas computed his Riches altoge- lanvi the Soothfuyer theteupon t and 

ther by iheSiiver Talent: 7tllme[Uyi thai, upon Ji/naii/] prophijCying, that 

Cjftu to him) -what Mtwcj yu have: there wnuld be no ^tile in ten D.iys, 

Aifw i 1^ -riff* vpilfirtTa. To he promifed to make him a Prefeni of 

whkh ArmiHtiis anfwers ; The Mimij ten Talentf, in Cafe his Predifliiin 

mMth liMvt, lagithtr ivifi ibrJrta- ihould prove ifue. Accordingly, ten 

faravAithmffttthtrkft mtthtingrt- Dayipafled, and no Biltle happened, 

imni I* Siiwr, mmalutt it mtriltan and Cyrui complied with his Promifr. 

MTtt |5i But how did hu comply with it? Was 

• ira.Tif he at Liberty to have paid the ten Tii- 

TPION )enU in Silver, if he had fo thought 

wKiiii'/t fit? Yes. certainly. And what would 

HiHoty (en thoufand Talents in Silver have a- 

tells «, mounted to? To 6o,ceo DrKhmn. 

General Did he then pay him in Silver ? No j 

IplGrime the Payment was made in Gold And 

I'oLD, to how was the Gold reckontd ■ By the 

nk with Talent ? No. How then i Why, the 

Mr dwt be Hillorian telli lu, that it wa& tccVwi- 

4P * ti 

6^8 Mifccllaneous Correjpondence^ 

ed by Darhksi and thai Cyiusg^yt mounted, in the Whole, to 2239 Ti« 

Si.aKnj 3C0C Pjccfi of thnt Coin, for Inis, and ^o A/has; j^ iyivtjo ri 

th^ ten i nicncs which he had promifed J^A'jr^vfifAA rS UotxifffdMLj®- fd^$Ur^* 

him. Nf w ue are iitfGrmtd by others, J^fo-^iA/et J^sailv^ia rffdtto/lAifvid.9 

that a /;i»Wt/J was a /'r/j/ifl/f Gold Coin, Mv£ Tirrw 7tf . And u for ibc 

equal in Weight and V:iUi. to the Ju- Romani, we arc certain, that, m all 

reus^ or golden Stater of ihc Jthrnians ; their Tranfaflioni with the Greeks^ 

and conlr ]utntiy, th..t 30C0 Daticki and other Eaftern Nations, they con- 

ucrc txaiflly equsl to ten thouland ftr.ntly reckon by the Silver Talent. 

7'alini , or 6c, coo Drachms of Silver. Thus Pofyhrm tells u«, that in the 

New from thtfe ]n^ance^, who does Treaty bttween the Romans and jhii* 

net ito, (hat a Talenr, among the an- ccbus King of «!^r/«, itwasagreed, that 

tirnt Ciiiks, was a nominal Thing, the latter (hould pay to the forner 

jiill as a Pcund Sterling ib with us; f 2,000 ^ttic Talmts of fine Sihrer 

that it was the conimi n and invariable in twelve Years, by twelve equal Pay* 

M(ai(jrc, by which all Gold, as vrtll ments; and that each Talent fliould 

as Si!\er, was ellimattd ; and, in a not weigh Itfs than 80 Reman Poundt. 

Word, that, a* eighty Penny-weight And we read in Lkjy^ that one of the 

ofhilvtr, or five Penny- u tight of Gold, Conditions of Peace offered by tbei?ff« 

in;ikc:^ n Pound Sterling with us ; fo avail General to the ^/e//air, was, that 

6: cc Drachms of Silver, or 3C0 Anrei^ the latter (hould pay to tfav former cco 

or 600 Ijracl.m'' of Gold, m«'.deaTa- Talents of Silvtrdown; ard ^coTa* 

lent wit.) thim. lents more after ward:;; And that, apoQ 

M;.ny njort Inllances to (he like their Apph'cacion to the Roman Scnait 

Pur pert- might tvfi v b • produced ; bi.t forlbme Mit'gJtion thereof, all the J''a- 

tiir .illowing. It: Aadition to what I vour that they could obtain, was, that 

hive »irL-av:y mciit'fMicd, wii), 1 hope, iftheychoic to f>ay the Money in Gold, 

be fbh^L.tnt. The I'lrnifiirc of the nther than in Silver, tht-y might do 

T« nt which Ptolemy Phiiadiiphus eitc- it ; p-ovided they psid one Dracnm of 

ttd, upnn Oci:if]0'i of tltt >h'w which GoM for ten Drachms of . Silver, And 

he exhibit, d to ut People of jiUxan- 7^0/1 ^'///, who his I ike wile recorded the 

dria^ as a bo V •meimui evl, cor filled of f» me Treaty r.i large, thoogh he dif» 

many rich Han^^irig^, Statues, P .ture*, ftrs from Z,r<i^ as to the Mum Total, yet 

Gold and Silver \ eiiel-. !tnd oir rOr- he ngrees with him in thi»; that they 

namtnt5 : bur, ir. rafting up tht Value wen- permitted to pay one third Pan 

of the whole, Ctf//\x-<fff«i d(K*s not m^ke of the Nm impoftd upon them in 

life of one Sort of luKnt ior the Go!d, GoM ; provided they paid one Jlfrmi 

and another for the Silver, and orhcr o( Gold for every ten il/m*/ of Silver, 

Ihings; but telKs us that the VVho^e Now, here it is cbiervable, that it is 

amounted to tm thoufand Talents of notfaid, that for every ten Talents of 

Silver; h^ i/v^i cCTtf A «rT« *Af^t/^'K- Silver, they might pay one Taknt of 

And when he comes to call up the Gold; bat tluit they migbt* if they 

CoU«i and t xpt nee* of the Shew, which pleafed, pay a ceruin Number of Ta- 

Confilled likewile of a great Variety of lents in Gold, at ahd after the Rate 

Gold and Silver Veilels, and other of one Drachm or Afriw of GoM, for 

Ornaments, he tclU ^us, that cheya- lea DfachnuorMiwV of Silver. 

ttt PROSB and VBRSB. 



Mathematical Quest Ions Jnfwerid. 

^efiirni 321, ahfivired by Mr. Thomas Barker. 

UT « :r natural Sine of the Sun*8 Altitude, b zz Sine of the afcenfional Difference^ 
and X zz Sine of the Latitude, to Radius Unity ; then per Spherics, as 4r s i : : 4 ; 

- :r Sine of the Latitude, Again^ by another well known Theorem^ we have at i : 

1 1 

t h I whence 

tailed I and we have after proper Reduction 

y.-i:x."Il7| = -. 


1647 the natural Sine of iS^ 

%79 {he SQh's Declination iniWering to Msj tHe i^lh^ whenoe the Latitude wu ^6^ 4^ 
30" North. 

Hhifame anjweniby Mr, E. Kimptoti, Jun. 

SIX Hours «^ 3h 58' r= ih z' z= 30^* 30' ir the Sun*s afcenfional Difference : And by 
Trii^l and €rror, and working with their Errors, 1 And the Sun's Declination z= iS* 
Vj* North ; Per Trigonometry, I find thie LaCiriide of thfc Place zz ^6® 40' North, and 
the Son*s Declination being = 18® ^^* North, anfwers to May the 13th, or July the 30th. 

Thii Slueftion vat alfr anfwtnd iy Mr. T. BoTwerthj Mr, T. Robinto, s^d Mr. 
C. Haydeiij^ tbt Frfjer. ' 


^iftion 322, aftjweredhj Mr. Thomas Jcffcry. 

Do not depend much t>n tbt Truth of the following, for I confefs the Queilion feemt 
to me fcarco intelligible 1 I have feen a Solution of it very different from my own, 

T*». J^try. 

^TiBaiiufe D I and J I are in Proportion at 
Xl A B and tf ^ ^ Queftion, and D I + 
7l=: C D + tf 1/. Then D I = C D z= 6, 
and VI £= ^r =: 4. Now by Trigonome- 
try, the AiV|{let of iMerfeAion at I, which 
art an cqOkly ire found =: a6^ 34', Alfo 

^' ^^^ =: 36 = the Am of the Reft- 

aii8leACI=:CBl, andllii-lf zz 16 
SZthtAfWiof theRc^hnglelrtf = Ir^. ^ £. P. 

na ^m^Hmmas alfi anfwered by Mr. Tho. Barker, ani Mr. T. ReMnfon^ km tb^ 
0t Wft tmiflly sgrtt witl each atber, nor vfith tbi Proftfer, 

^ys/^onja^i Anfwiridbytbi'Prepofir. 

Tfjg. diff. il^Comp. Log. Jang, tt^Radii : Mird. diff. Lat ^ 501', 

t Tanc. Courle t : Merid. diff. Lat. ; diff. Long 


66o Mifcellanioui Correfpondtnce^ 

At SioeCo»rf« : Pfpjtliire :% Co-Sinc Cnurfe : to Ihc proper dilT. Ltt. — %t^, 

Ai^'inrCnuric i ricpirturc : : Ritlii i proper D>nincc;;6'. 

Ai MtridUn diir Lat. : proper ditt Lit. : : Ridil : Cn Sine'tkriT. Lu. 









^'/'" "' 

M*fv!irtd fy Mr, Tonii. 
^rftlon 314, at^uMTtd k) tbt. Preptfer. 
nER <' 4tli Trij. * : if -)- c ::if — 11 — P'— difliruit Scfmeoti .-. t- 

the Icfler Segment. 

l4 + l«»rfl_A- 

pcndiculir i ihrn wt /Iiall luve - / . 

=: itie Ares = / — Z _ —Z wfcidnriS W 

yM + I*., + J. _ (t — A. + kl.J _ rf' + t» 
. X - , I'd Tot 
4 4 ■> 


fort her, 

4 4 ■ 

X •— X ^ Arei and Rala i«- 

^/r. W. Allcn'i Ant-Birr, et aUt Mr. Toms'i, tamt H* Ian 1$ ti itfiriHl. 

Mr. Fowre. c:,r^^in,, ib^tli, anH^t^y W"f™". i> Mr. Beeken'! ^iJUn <io wen Jt»lr, 
a-.l M- . B»k.-o-. .. fuljr, a^d U: ../,-: .Irfirn Iha, ti, tUmi^may t,f,i.Hd, JiU 

THF Muc Weight of the Globe i> frjund ro he iiCnS^qjei A. .^vHr^^'if-whichh 
fHiuy n>xh ilie Umg » Mr. liHjtra'i ; and ihe cubic or MM IndiM will b* ibfe- 
luiel) Iouiidtohc;i;,t7aj j conrequentJy themie Vajueof IheClobc v'iUbefo,5)6i£S7J 
= 61/. 111. Srf j,7. 

% M-, 

in PR OS E and VERSE. 66i 

Had, lung, ind Lingrh are »S,i1t, »nd Oucftion t-it 

4f Hfpraivdy. *iMl <n contain 101,1987 v<ucnion 337. 

Ata Cilkm, but ftnding the Oimtnfioni Bj Mr. John Dnpe. 
too Util*, he i) mindn) to lufinient Eich 

Dimenfion hj the f»me Numhrr of Inehet A ^"""^ ^' "■"* prefented to > Udy, 

10 nuke it hold Ihc above (^anlily : I de- ■/»■ i" ^""n of a Fruflum nf a Globe, ita 

nund the true Dinunlioiu' *'"'' f'i"'«'n- within 4. Inch**, aiKt the 

jrejrtft H tight 1,6, containing. an upright 

rt a- , cruel Wedge of Cnld, faid to be the great. 

l^cHlon 33b. eilthateooWpofliblybeputihereiowith it* 

» »t -w- T, <.- r Vertex at the Center of the Bafe. N*w u 

By Mr. T. Rubtnfon. it cantioibe deiomined a Maximumbyihs 

WW.... . .. ^y- "" '' "■• '^•'y *'"«' '" """ch Cjlcu- 

\rt/ " "" "'""''" "^ Degree* of liiiotu, Hie dtlirti that you will give it ■ 

VV whith the Tangent and Co-Taal Place in your Colle£«on, expeainiromeor 

peni, when added ingetlier. nuke a Sura your learned CorreftwndcnK will put down 

equsi to four Timei the Radiut > itt l>iin«iliofii, which will jreally obBg0, , 

If aitf of aur ingtpisus Corrt/pendnts tvUlfkaft it aimmunuatt^nf Ohv 
/(rvaHtnttbtj maymakt onlhfTranfit »/" Veiius, they will be carefully in' 
farted, and Ifx Favour gratefully aiimvjltdged. 

A ti EW SONG. 

OaTe.tiir O-U-a, ceafc to chidtme, <io not let me figh . 

I on fancy none bcCdc 


Tell me why the blooming tufei. 

If M^ ni.jlic niKplii.k lhof.i pulki. 
Wily ijico LV.rj ilu llie> gto« ( 

jv. .V 


Mifcellaneous Correjpondencey 


As the fragrant blooming flowers. 
Do regale' the Tmell and fight ; 
So m^ids had fure that plcitfing pow<*r» 
L:ke%vi(e for to give delight. 


Btit the Bneft flowers wither. 
The* they once be c'ur<o gay : 
Youth and beauty ^ togetler j 
You'U grow old ^ well as tlicy ! 


Then let*s quickly taftc of pleafure. 
While' each charm is in it*s bloom : 
Reaping blifTes without meafure. 
We, alafs, grow old to fcon ! 

jfn Ode to Evening. 

SOFT tTanqail daughter of the day ! 
On whoCe fair face autumnal Zfphyrs 
play ; 

0*er whofc ferene unclouded eye, 
Sol /heds the midleil luftre of the fky : 

Thee, unraofted, let me hail, 
And tread the carpet of thy (hady vale ; 

Ncur which, with bonmt wheatpi-boiind. 
Sits Cerrslift'ning to the (hcep-bells found ! 

Or let me woe thee by the flream, 
Obliquely gildtd by the weflem beam : 

While flies and gnats unnumbered throng. 
And faintly murmur no unpleafmg foog. 

Now to enjoy the balmy hour, 
The lark dcfcends from his aerial towV. 

Apollo is reciin d to reft 
On the fmooth downof Amphitrite*s breafl. 

The bird, who loves th' approach of night, 
Hoots tremulous, and flaps his wings for flight. 

With wheeling plume the bat flies by. 
And mocks th* i/npcrfcft motion of the e)e. 

Ti>c buzzing chafer here and tnere 
Spreads his gauae wing, and fpins along the air. 

But dark-cy*d night (fo heaven ordains) 
Comes nodding on, and blackens all the plains, 

The pleafing fcenes, which nature drew, 
Are clouded o*er, and vani/h'd froip the view. 

The brilliant mom, the noon of day. 
And thy fweet ihadows, evening ! arc away. 

But foon the brilliant morn again 
Sliall radiate all the flrmamcntal plain j 

And foon the fun's meridian ray, 
Zcnith'd on high (hall give us back the day ; 

And cv'ninj; I thou, with afptf^l bland. 
Shall pour thy lengthening fliadows o'er the 

But kr not (his thy ibul affinglir ; 
Be virtue*s pup i l t read the path of rigjit } 

Then fhait thou Ycape the finner'tdooniv 
And rife, new-bom, triumphant o^er tketnabt 

yer/a infcrUnd tp tlje Rt. Hon. At- 
THUR Onslow: OnhisrefyH' 
ing the Chair of the Houft of Cm* 
monsy Wednefday the l8/i ^ 
March, 1761. 


Such is thy pi£lur'd life, oh man ! 
Which daily dies, and fades as it began. 

Thy in!ant morn (h.ill fink away, 
y^.y noon of youth, jnd ev'mng age decay j 
■ I'ulc «icuth (hall w:ap thee in his urn, 
Fcr dull thou wall, and (halt 10 duii rclurn. 

j4 Ccept, (leara'd Ohslow!) fivm tk 
jf\ world retir'd ; 
in bufinefs great, in quitting it admired. 
This honeil verft devoted to thy nam^ 
Long fmce recorded in the rolls of fame 

Stiong were th* exertions of thy eady yooth. 
In tracing fcierce, and in wooing truth : 
Duly to fit the for the mighty cares 
By heaven allotted to thy riper years. 

Thy progrefs, at the bar, made ail agree 
Its brighteft treafua's were refervM for thee : 
But thy brave fpir't which couM gold <lefpife^ 
Saw fair Britannia fix on thee her cyca ; 
Next bid thee for exalted fcenes prepare ; 
7'hcn, pleas'd, conduct thee to her pitiioc 

That chair f Palladium of our happy land. 
Whence Liberty oft made a glorious ftand : 
Majeflic rofe ; — bid thence her mandates fliy. 
To blafl th* attempts of direful Tjram^ : 
To fell the monftcr, and in ihackles bmd. 
That his dread havock might not thin mao« 

kind ; ' 
Whom oa.ure formed for wifdom*s gantk 

Not the c.iprice of a del'.rioos brain. 
Which grafping, on a throne, defpocic fway. 
Includes all juftice in the word,— -O^ey / 

Firm in th* allegiance to good fovcragns doe. 
The people's welfare was thy darljng view. 
Warm'd was thy heart by Liberty s bright 

T\i2it Liberty which righteous laws proclaim i 
Suited to man ; by limits dur reftrain'd j 
That Liberty which gracious heaven ordain*d : 
Not Anarchy, whence every evil fprings. 
For tiiou lov'ft Order in thelcale of things ; 
Order^ which government's vaft frame fuflains. 
And thro* the univerfe fupren:ely reigns. 

Thy eloquence cou*d patties recoiiale 
When the:r commottons ihook our envied ifle : 
Thc.r h.-ats allay, by pouring :n their ear 
AHuafr.e lanjiuagc till tiicy rcafon hear: 
Till l.iirmoniz d, they no refentment feel. 
But all u .:ting, aid the general weal, 

Th.- judgment ihown in thy great a£Hons 
Diit*. tcrth dift-nguilKM luftit o'er this Uft. — 
1> b.uc all bufinet's, at a point of time 
When ftill tliy faculties i»m in their prime : 


in PROSE ffid VgR6E. 


AarftiMiftfii^Kioully tkcfboBcr (him 

Of unifliinK the oophies thou hitA won : — — 

la hmm% 1ot*4 bcts^c t9 U^ thy boooUfs 

Wic« oangbt capiiiaM thy braghte^ views to 

Each claim to tkle, penfion, pl^ce^ Kfign*4> 
Too* thy chief wealth ii dignity 0i' nuod : 
Ctanm, Uiy fejc junbitsoo tpdeferve 
The chmlu pf Briton Ukou ib wdl didfl 

ArieiT— r-r- 
Thit fpeaks the Patriot t — This embalms a 

Oyr hiteft feii« will gntafoUy proclaim.* 

Of^miM i»y I ever muft rcvcxe ! 
The day tbaClhoo J«6gD*d*ft the awful c^r. 

Thy piobtcy, ahilities aod afij j; 
Thy ooQtic of bbours ibr thr pubUc weal, 
-(Ijoo^ f tliao«*cr ihy pcedcadocs niii> 
&p giE^iy clts*^ lo Iwiiy hcg»a j) 
Thy thirft of freedom whepcc 'fwfet comforts 

Tby paflioa for thy country, and ^y king :— 
Hi^ dicm^ ! :we« in ih^ livciicft^iMs ^' 

Aod wSib«anB tbtoks thy fernoesMpatd t 
T h^nka hf a fuU, united fenate ^ v'n j 
Thanks JoudDy echoing at a voice horn h(Bat/rtp» 

OgJknMuhoomutl sot9icyjti^t$^^e, 
Jnftly <cicrv*dfor thee, amtd the ifiye i 
Soperior £tf to tfanie which poets give ) 
To thattf ifhcn iLulptiiie hids ptpvfi Pmtfe 

To JsTs Writing nttid the hcro*« car. 
Re usBin(.«iith the fcnpous (ppysi)f war 1 9* 
Thy honoars irom the pureft fources flow. 
The Mt, the nohleft, mortals can bcftow. 

iiow deep the lilenee' how intipt our«yc» ! 
When, to bxtathe fortii thy thanks; we faw 
tfate ftfe. 

Asrfol, jnft Gtfs*> Mnage feemM to.fta0dp 
(As anpcicos thou for thy lov*d naUTC tandi) 
Takiagy with boithen d fool, hi« hlft fare* 

Worisy as pathetic, mid thy ftmgglings fell ; 
Words, not th* cflfiifionsof a ftoic mind, 
Alt to the wiH ff providence rcfig|i'd# 
A znodeft veil they o*er thy anions threw. 
To fliade tbeir lofhe ftota the public view j 
Whilft elhcr*a deada were in ilroag day*light 

4ad thtti fwe ^opble ivdiaBee to thy own* 

The warmth of gratitude thy lips expreft, 
Xats'd Jcin4 fenfttions in each hearer's breaft j 
hof*d that, fiom heavX this quaen of vir- 

flv tafptntiofM M^ arfbmal(h|9u^ 

* jSlAeaiq^pt linn twrv nrrit twt /ttft Ar- 
f»i tbt Sfeaker rf/Sgned, 
t Thrtr-tkrtiiHtnmdwfmsr^ in tbt fJbmtk 

Which, when ohcy'd. hid fiiv^ttdl tfaA(poitt 

rifej • • • 

And man an angd ieems to human eyes. 

Not to offend has been thy conilant view { 
Hence Who could hear thee for forgi^eenefi fua f 
Thou, whofe good heart <;onrulufig the wt)rld*t 

s thep beft plcasMi when it can others pleaiSp. 
How ardent was thv cloCnfi;, patriot ^y^^p 
That Britaitt might be )ieaven s peculiar c^!-« 
Fair liberty iUJl cheer us wiiji. her (mile { 
Still reign t^e guardian geilius of our ii^e ! 
Our conftlcution thro* all tisM eijJure ; 
from oivil 17^ a^ fbrrignfoes icQUVtt * 
Whit man to whom his country *s rights alt 
l^mnoy*d, cou'dtheTe ^mphatiC accents ^earf 
Waft them (ye winds !) thro* C^trge^f wide 
domam : [r^go ^ 

Tell, round tfaeidobe, that Gtftve zni/reiktm 
That JSritMs, who their own juft laws obey, 
Enjoy each bli(s beneath hi«^ gracious fwAy« 
Thif fpcech^fair tran/(:upt of thy ge&^xp^ 
By ;u> '^ilj^9p4s /^roai^nts rcBn*4« 
The fenate moves, ^hp jv;th i)«w pl^ust 

And fcarce nnd language * equal to thy^praifis* 
Qh^rip'd >vj|h,thy iptrjtVi^icti.^aa wealth ff*> 

And glittering- honotti^ -i kind firilc co* 

fues. -r* 
Whilft (hou doft labre^s^fordid pith decline, 
AQd.prjy, .t^at no emolqmeot he d^ine s ^ 
7h^ utfc^ ; l£ thou unrecompenc^d remain, 
*Twill, on their fenate, caft a iallif g ftain* 
Grateful, thy countlefs fervices they own j 
Aad,iA4hy~favoar, willaddicisthethCQ8l6..9* 
Inftant our liege «vith their rcqueft compliet, 
Whence Ihoyts of gen*nl appfobation lue. - , 
JBleft in each thought, bleil in ^y (bul*t de- 
'T|iou? thy idazling tufitbm retite* 
hihft^y^^i th^> ^yf^ft tranfaftlons fcas. 
And nnd them founded on t^e happieft plan t 
Reflet with rapture on thy blamelefs heart. 

Where fways oufc wiOJpio uivlifguU*4 ^Y '^ ^r^ 
In thy cahn noun revolvt the learned page, 
Whofe filtnt oeijiverfe cheers the gloxn m age« 
Soe ycorthicB oAt^i to thy inootal view, 
Mfho. £am*4^et^, tofolitudcswiihtirew :t* 
In pptifli^d.arts a fweet amulemcDt find, 
Whoic cuUuicIong iui dignified thy mind :— 

•• ffif pntlfmm «&» Mti Off this xatftv^t 
wart &r /ohn I^iUips, Jwr.j^^^c, ^ir John 
Ruihout, Mr. Anjiyr, ilf r, -Cornowall, »yrf 
Ceoi-gr Savile, Xfr, AUermx^ ^cldbrd, wr, 
Cooke, itd Mr. Moore. — - A rtlaticn of tht 
whole proceedings of this memotahle day might 
ierve as a grft;t fuluc4b for cmuUtto to all 


Mifcellaneous Correjponderue, 

Ot with illnftrlfat friend) thy time divide. 
Thou thrir dctifht, rtieii ancle, thi;ir friiie. 
O IBij'tt (beu quit chii feme wiih fant i 

All pt*(« tbylbd, lad fii'd as heivu :hiae 

Wiih falribi 5ni«irri, inj with fj/Ltftanc, 
Mrnwhrrricnrth'al ifli wen4cini'^c!ivin.': 
WbaTinwInT'd; her liws w>U unlcrftoDdi 
And li*'d fublcrrient to <he public good : ' 
1'hit, the fond prayer of ihf ir np:ring bnith ; 
7'hii rhccr'a iheir bopet, and Tmontli'd the 
bri of death. 
Blnlhing, thcmufc, (O Ohilow 1} friiti'd 
Thit hills the ^h of thy rtfrlmdent dw. 
To r«cll thy pr^ile whiih rouod our iOindi 

Whit ii hn i«ice > A taper te the liui. 

Yet lir'd by Gratitude, tliD',nide lo an, 
U;( cou'd not check th' iinpuUei of her bean. 
Chann'd Ihc recalt'd thy goodnefi to ha IhowD j 
And chief, when hnaibly Ike appRuch'd the 

5iicc«f), Ae hopfi, will her fbnd viewi at- 
tend;— ^^— 
H er fainc'i fecuit, Ci)ccOii*l.awiibetrriead. 

Prologue to tht Regicter- 

Spolten by Mr. Kikc. 

rHE bard, whole hopn 
Muft Itrive inAruCtior 

cuic the fploeii | 

While he, who boundi h 

Tr'ftr.i, the imIt./ dI 

Wiih ph'jfinliv alone nu 

Hit BLifinE'.'ichiertyihit; 

I'o rjife the penfive mind tmiapatn B 

And help 10 laugh a thouthtfuf hour i 

If any quibbling wit dirpule ny ihclii, 
I'd alk the lie of half our hrrry iitn t 
N't, Sin, my queftiea Kill (hall bigiwr diinki 
Pijy whil'i the ufc rS fidl-frir'i puiaDumr t 

Haw doei Ihe pleafur'd eje witk npnn 
When mingling witcfan join in MdAiy J«wcrt 
W hen H-riggling H^rtrjiUii, the bu^c ti|m 
In hoiB-pipe amble tnvcila (he Ibge I 
When trembling Fitmt in Ui qoimrinf ftTwi. 
AnoltrL-h rntcn, ot ■ brpcnt twiiwi I 
When bt^cp uylon laife the bd^iini ttt. 
Or Aaor-ilrHli'd ftMmeD twirl upui ■ l^i !^ 
But oh '. how loud the roB, bow dor tb* 

When Icaffoldi, mortu-lxttidt, ud hrickl^Oi 

When Otifmt tum, at limpi^ oc yMiittly 

It comprrhended in tlie cry — O Laa t 

Out authot, ia thit aw^l court of Drwrj, 
Submits hi" aufe to an inipartial jury. 
No IHendly junto he ta-ngat nnpiayt 
To catch, by fuvmrii^ baa*, the paWc 

with delight u 

As tht iatt EnptdilittH and Dtfttnt madi »n the French IJIaitd af Belle- Ifle 
mufl prehaify engrefi tht Alteniim rf the PuhlU, we thtught a tmtiji 
Dtjiriptim of this Ifland, ilhiflrattd bj a Map af thifamt^ andparii- 
tuUirlj Ttlativt U tbrAdvitti vn bout rtteived, might te Mteptatit to mtr 


ELLE-ISLBt fitaated on the ueefteemed good and fafe for Sh^ 
CoiA of BriiBKj, about &x piiig, whicti are in ffitttiX well m~ 

I«aguM diftant from 
twin Pftt LoKi and 
^a3sxB*ile-lJ2t, given i 
figniliei tite BeonilfiJ . 
boDt four Leaguei Ic 
two over : It ■« dividec 
cipa] Hnndredi, or 
SaiiKtm, PeJaU, Am| 
MMnii, wh<cli inclnde 
On the Sen Coaft tha 
of Porta wd HMttmn* 


m P R O S E and V E R S B. 665 

fmrt^ thejr have one diftinguiOied by Ar//?« made the Women put oa 

the Name of Great ff'atch, or Guard- Men's Apparel and appear with them 

houfe. This Ifland is very fraitful in on the Coaft. which made the Ap* 

Corn and Pallurage, and the lefs fer- pearance fo niimerouSy and the Sne- 

die Parts aboand with Rabbits, and my uking them for Troops, that it 

fome valuable Salt-pits: The Ifland prevented their farther Attempt. P^rt 

u populous not only from a Plenty of de Smmoon is their beft fortified Town, 

Provifion, but from its maritime Trade, being defended by a ftrong Caftle tad 

it being die principal Rendezvous of feveral large Batteries ; here the 

the Frtmeb Fleet for Channel Service, Tranfportt now attempt^ a Defceat, 

and oft Times of the Eaft-lndta Ships : while ibme of his Majefty *• Troops 

For which Reafons it has been the made good their Lapding on the 

Envy of their Enemies in Time of Rocks near Pm/I^oMritf: Bntwith 

Wars And they, on the other Hand, what Succefs will be communicated' 

fpan no Pains to fecnre it. The as we ihall receive further authentic 

^MgUff and Dwich Fleets appeared off Advices, 
of it in 1703, when a Prieft, fays La 

A Chronological Memoir 0/* OccurreDces, 

For M A T^ 1761. 


hifiw^ Aptril 1. thU Occafioo, only Major FTunt of Zietten*a 

ON Tuefday bfl, about twelve oXIock HufTirt, a Ueutenant, and 30 Men, 

at Noon, this City wat alarmed with Ha/»'» A^H%^% By Letcen from We* 

a Mtock of an Earthquake, which IdfUd fel, an Account hat been received here, 

fcar or five Minutes. The Mvtion was ho- that on Monday laft, the %\ loAant, t 

#iaontaly and pretty ftrong, but hat done large Magaxine of Hay, which the French 

no other Damage than the throwing down had colleAed at that Place, had tal^eii fire, 

feme old Walls t this it by far the Jongeft and that there were confumed cwelve hun- 

that has been felt fince the i ft of November dred and fifty thoufand Rations, The loft 

>755i though not to be compared, either is computed at two Millions of Livres. 

in Strength or Duration, to the firft that Thirty- three Soldiers of the Regiment of 

happened that Day. There have been fe- Normandy perifhed in the Flames. And the 

▼eral fraall Shocks fince. Their moft faith- Number of Boats burnt and funk, it faid to 

fill Majcfties, and the reft of the Royal amount to fixty. When the poft left We- 

Famity, are in perfe^ Heahh. All the fel on the 11 ft, the Danger was not thought 

Britifti SuKje^ are fafc and well, and their to he quite over ; and it wat feared that the 

Houfes very little damaged. The Inhabi- Flames would reach another Magasinc above 

tanti, who were at firft put into great con- the Town. 

ilematk>n, very loon recovered thcmfelves, ^ff*'* Maj 13. By Lettenfirom the al- 
and Bufinefs immediately went on as ufual. lied Army we have an Account, that M. 
Arm, ai. The Troope of his Pruil&an Luckner having received Intelligence that a 
Majetty have pined another Advanuge detachment of the Garrifon ot Oortingeii 
over Part of the Army of the Empire. On had marched upon an Expedition towaids 
Che 6cb Inftant, a Detachment of the former the Hartx, and in order to raife Contribu* 
attacked the Corps under General Guafco tions upon the country of Hanover, he had 
sicar Plauen In the Voigtland, took one immediately fet out In fearch of that Corps, 
Colonel, eight other Officers, with about with a Body of 100 Hoilars under his com-* 
Bjo Men, and four Pieces of Cannon, and mand, and that having come up wirh the 
afi their Bsggsge. The Prui&ans WA on Enemy, who oonfifted ol 300 Horfe» ctv 

666 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

ibe 5th Ihfhint in the Mnminr, be bad 
thf food Fortune to rc»ut rhem entirely, and 
to take Prifobert, one Officer, 30 Tioopert 
•nd6i Horfet. 

That the fkine Day Captain t^rlnrKy, w1u> 
t»»J been detaibtd by M, Locl<n»?r, h*d 
likrwire attacked them with 100 HtifTir^ »nd 
^o of the Brurf«*ric Cavalry, and t»ith fuch 
Inccefs. that he had drfven them before 
bim into Gorrint[hen, and had taken Prifon* 
crs two Capfains, one Lieutenant, two 
Comert, and c 3 Dr^it^oons ; and that fhrtr 
Commander M. de Brlfunre n^irrowly 
tfcaiK ri being hipifcK taken in the purfuit. 
, There is alfo an Accnant, that Captain 
Riedere), at the Hrad of 100 of the Br unf- 
wic Huflars, having atttacked the Villa{^e 
ef Spielen beyond the Falda, in ivbich was 
•n Officer with 50 of the Enemy, had taken 
30 of them, and killed the reft, with the 
lofs of five Huflars killed, and fome few 

From MetflTen we heafi that the Pruflian 

Cavalry pafled the Elbe it Torgau M 
the 3d Inilant. and the Infantry the next 
Day, on a Bnr'ge thrown over tha** River af 
Lorenkiik near Strt;hlcn, and were to en* 
camp rhat Night at WildenhayA. Tt it ad- 
ded that the New> there was, thit Oaneraf 
Laudohn had already began hla OperilkNli 
in Sflrfia. 

Hjfiuc^ At^yi^, We hear from the Low* 
er Rhine, that the French under Marfhai 
Soubife talked of forming threb ^rnnpt inf. 
mediately ; one at Rees, one at Duflddofff, 
and one at Welti. 

The Prince of Hefle PIriltpflal, Oovembf 
of Breda, and General of Horfc in the fbr^ 
vice of the Sutes General, died on the i^tt 
at Breda. 

In Saxony tiothing remarkabte fnd pfalM* 
Pnnce fienry was encamped at schfotM^ 
and General Hulfen at Katzenhaufefiv on 
hi« rig^tu Flank. Mar(hal Daun had as yet 
made no Movement, his Army conttnuiof 
in their Quarters of CantonntenC 


Philadelphia^ March to, 

BY rhe Hon. James Hamilton, Efq; 
Lieut. Governor and Commandtr in 
chief of the Province of Penfylvania, ahd 
the Counties of Newcadle, Kent, and Suf- 
KX, on Delaware, a Proclamation. 

WiixaEAs byan AA of AHembly of this 
Province, p^t/Tcd at Philndelphia on the 14th 
Inflant it is provided. That there Aiall be 
Icrthwirh raiftd 300 tiledljvcMen, proper- 
ly officered, to a£t in Coijun^ion with his 
J4a]e^y*8 regular Foices. within the com- 
munication to INttiburgh, nnrill the t^th 
t>ay of November next, or the Conclufion of 
• Peace with France, which (hall firfl hap- 
pen. As an Encouragement, therefore, for 
fble-bcdied Men to inlifl in the faid fervice, 
I do hereby offer a Bounty of 61. as a free 
Ciftj to each Perfon To inlilling ; as alfo 

9I. advance Mhney, including their Cloarh- 
ing, which i» to be provided for them by 
the Government! and to each OflScer, pro- 
perly authoriied to inlifl Men, los. for 
every able bodied Man he QislI inlifl into 
the Service, after he hai paffed Muficr 
at rhe Town of CarliOe, in the County tM 
CumberUnd \ with the following Rarct ni 
P;ty to the non commiflioned QjiiGers anj 
Men } to wit, to Serjeants as. per Day 4 
Corporalii and Drummers, is. Sd. per Day ; 
and to each private Man, 45s. per Month* 
I have therefore thought fit to make this 
known, by Proclamarion, to all his Majdf- 
ty's Subjcdls, earneflly inviting them toen- 
lifl, and promifing to all thofe who fhall en- 
ter into this Service the Bounty and other 
Encouragement before mentioned. 

Jamzs HAMiiLTOir, 



Edinburgh, May 7. Ear] of fx)iidoun, Earl of BnMtUIbiat, Birl 

TUESDAY lafl the following Nlcblemen of Dunmore, Ewrlof March^ Earli^llBMka 

were ele£led the Oxteen Peers for tnont. Earl «f BuM, Vilboav%. 

Scotland, at Hoi y rood houfe. Duke of Lord CailKact*. 1%ii^f! 

Argyle, M^irq . of Tweedale, Earl cf Rothes, ihara WCQ^f - - — ■ — 

Earl of Mnrtrn, Earl of EgKngtoun, Earl id*" 
pfMora/, ^rlof Hom^j Eaiiof Abcr^OfD, 

Far M A T^ lytt. 667 


Ftrtfinut, MtH IT. 

S Saoriir Morning Tiikil fram Spit' 

biad the Sug Frigid, on bond 'if nour. 

I Gtmnl Piiflow hii emhiited for Hii 

lur, in (iaalitf of Coignicr <rflh*t hdr, 

MM fonrcA, diam< 

Mij'.fly't Ship (he Wiifpite, wt 
k to convny lb* oicward bound In* 
I at far n the Cifie of Good Hope. 


WUuhmll, Afillt. 
IS Mijiftf WW ihit 0*7 pIfsM ro 
lunic l'>c Rijcht Hon. CharJii Wynd- 
Eirl of Etmnoni ; the Righi Hon, 
I Lord Vircounl Stormoni, hii Mnjaf- 
Invoy Excnorduury to The King and 
Uic of Pnlind [ iwl the Hon. Uiut. 
Sir Inrcph Voike, Knl. of (he Balli, 
Iijtfty'i MiniAcf Planipotentiarr to 
Hijih MijilKintaci lb* Sum Gcnarii 
t UnitH Provincet, to b> liii Minrf- 
Icniporaitiiry at [he Crnijirefi, which 
n to be opened it Ihg imptrial Citjr «f 

I Uofl Chri/Uin Mejeny hii nude 
1 of the Count o( Choifcul, tt pt^mt 
mbitridnr It (he Count of Vieniu, to 
1 Miniller Tleiiipotentiiry it tbt bid 

• King of PrulGa hit miMd Baron 
a, at (vefeni hie Minitlrr at ihe dyet 
tilbun, and M. flMllcr, hifcMinilleit 
polentiaryatthefaid Caingreii. 
LiMHtfrom AuKlbniiiK, djrcdihe i]d 
lyt, " The AmbiflMan of ilwScven 
'lu, which *re to fonn ihr ipprOKliIng 
nil, vlt. the Emprefa Qiften of Hhr. 
•nd Bohimia. (he Emprcfi of all tlic 
u, tlie King of France, EiKiind, Swe- 


, wil1»l 

Mn the ill and 7th of July. Houfei 

ic rollowin; it theSubdiiKa of a letter 
Berlin, dited April 17, " The King, 
tt attentive ro what may pr^rniote rhe 
itaaft of hii SubjeOa, and moved wiih 
Mradia of Eorope in general, and G er . 
' in particDUr, ba> a^cracd to Ihe hold- 
fa Congief* at AatJbunt | bat at tht 
TkM tiM he agreed to thi> Con^reft, 

ln« pcrfuaried that her MaJaAy, touched 
iBi:hiha Etturion of innocent Blood, would 
be riticfitd with fuel) a SactiAcei bal ifher 
UtjcAf clainKd rot only the whole of that 
Duchy, hut alfo an Inderrmiflcalion for iba 
K'mf afPulind, he wnuldcmploy thePnw. 
er Khieti Cod had put into hii Hindi, to 
■Rcrl hi« jull [li<:htt, and defend hit Dnini- 
nioni) and the EmprefiQueen albne would 
be anfwenhle for iIm toirenu of Blood, 
tl»c would flill be fpilt. 

Mjj {. At a C[>urt of Common couacil, 
it wai uniinimoully agretrt 10 prefont Iheftt. 
Hon. Anhor OnHow, Efq; late Speaker of 
■he Honfe oF Coninians, with the Freerlmn 
of thii City in a gold Box, of the Value of 
one hundred Pounds. 

7. Th«St(wird4fortlMSonioftheCIer' 
gy Mlleaadai the Rehearfal of the MuQc in 
St. PbuI's Chnrch un Tuefday bft 148). iSi. 
jd. at the Churcli Doon on Thorfday 179I, 
71. jd. and at the Dinner at Merchant Tay- 
ioif ball <;q1. at. 3d. in the whola loyll. 
1(1. ]d. Mr. Gideon wai fo generoua ttt 
Cdnlinuc hit Bgnela£tion of tool. 

At a Court of CDnlm'^^ council held lift 
Week at Cuildball, the Freedom of the G- 
ty of l^Hidon wai unanimoully Toted to Sir 
John Philiia, Bin. and the Chamberlain 
and Tiwn-c!erlt were ordosd to attend 
him wLlh Hie f^mt. 

10, About three o'clock in the Af^J 
noon, a Duel wi^ foiijhl al the Cardigan 
Head Ta»em, Charing -crofi, between a 
late Captain in Ihe Navy, and a Oentteman 
of Briflol. They »%i*ai to lay by their 
Sworda, and decide the Quarrel with Pif- 
taU. Atthefiift Difehaije the Captain te. 
ceivtd a Bill in hii right Breaft, which 
went out at hit Shoulrfer, upon which he 
fell. Tlie Genilemin wai immediately fe- 
cuied and carried hcfrire juAice Fielding, 
who comrniitcd him to Nne Prifon. The 
Captain wat gen;ri>ui rnoujh to declare, 
that theCctitlemen wai not tn blame, at he 
himfelf hud been the Aggreflbr. Thoufh 
At Sstteon* apon fiiA Mumininc the 

668 A Qjronological Memoir of Occurrences. 

Wound, werr of Opinion it wn not Mortal, 
yet *cu faid he died the next Day. 

St. Jamn*s, May 15. His Majefty in 
CmmcTl was this Day pleafed to order the 
Ri^lit Hon. the Lord Hifh Chancellor to if- 
fue Writs for proroguing the Parliament 
which was appointed to nieet on Tuefday 
the 19th of this Inftant, to Thurfday the 
•d Day of July next : And aKb for pro- 
roguing the Convocations of dnrerbury and 
York, which were appointed to meet on 
Friday the lad of this InAant, to Friday 
the 3d Day of the faid Month of July. 

lifay 18. Three Purfers arrived at the In- 
Aa houfe, with tlie agreeable News a€ the 
Shafrcfbury, Inglis, the Harcomrt, Webber, 
and the Stormont, Fletcher, bf\n% fafe ar- 
rived at Portfmouth : the Shafteibary Called 
from England in March 17579 and the other 
two in April 17 ^9. 

Thefe three Ships failed from the Eaft In- 
dies the iid of November lad ; at which 
Time it was every hour expeQcd to hear of 
the Sui render of Pordicherry, as the Garri- 
fun was in a dift re/Ted Condition, and the 
Town fo clofely befieged both by Sea and 
Land, that it was in vain for them to exped 
any ReKef. Captain HaflT, who has been (e- 
veial Years Superintendant of the compa- 
ny's Forces in thne Eaft Indies, came Paflen* 
ger in the Stormont. 

10. Mr. Godfrey's Experiment forextin- 
gniming Fire, was tried in the Houfe erec- 
ted for that Purpofe near .laryhone. Great 
Numbers of Perfons of Diftin^ion gave thei^ 
Attendance upon this Occnfion. The Houfe, 
which is of Brick, confilU of three Rooms 
one above another, a Stair-cafe, Chimney, 
lath and plainer Ceilings, and a kind of 
Wainfcotting round the Rooms of rough 
Deal. At twelve o'Ctock the Gronnd- room, 
and that up one pair of Stairs, were fet on 
Fire, by lighting Faggots and Shavings laid 
In there for that Purpofe : in about 15 Mi- 

nurei the Wainfcot of the under Room 
thought to be fufficiently in Flames, aai 
three of the Machines were cbrowa ilt 

which , by immediate and fsAleit ExpMoi^ 
inftantaneoufly exttnguifbed Che FImm^i 

and the very Smoke in a few MinMca dKf* 
peared. By this Time the FireawB, tt. 
who had the Care of the Macbinea, ptnm 
Alarm that the Suir cafe had Cirisoi Fln^ 
and that it was neceilary direAly to ga la 
work upon the next Roeim, wlricji was ae^ 
cordingly done, and with the finne tStCU 
The Experimeot, however, hithertD did 
not univerfally fetisfy ; and the Populace 
without-fide the Paling, who were fuppefed 
to amount to near ao,ooo, remainca lOKh 
dtfatisiied, began to grow rather riotoos, 
and talk of a fecond BotHe Coojom. 
Therefore, to remove all manner of DMkt^ 
Mr. Godfrey confented to a third Expert* 
ment m the upper Room, wbich wit ea* 
tireJy of wood. The Flames were now fuf* 
fered to get to a confiderable height, aiid 
even the Window frames deftroyed, befeft 
the Machines were thrown in, which bow* 
ever, anfwered exaAly as before ; and he*, 
ing quite in Sight of flie oot-ftanders^ met 
with univerfal Applaufe. 

a4. Arrived Col. Howe, Exprefsfrom 
Belleifle, which Place he left the 20th Inft. 
with the agreeable News, that our Troops 
had made themfelvrs MaAers ^ the Out- 
works, and were Battering the Citadel of 
Palais, with the urmoft Vigour : tffiat it. 
was thought the Enemy muftfut render tfait 
Fort, wi0n three Days from that Date. 

The Sotiety for the Encouragement of 
Arts, have offered a Gratuity of twenty 
Guineas to the Perfon who (haU produce 
(within the Month of June next} the bell 
Drawing and Likenefs of his prefent Majef- 
ty In Profile } from which a Die of a Guinea 
may be executed with the greatell Proprie- 

ji Lj$T of Ships taken ly the £k 

The St. Jofeph and St. Antoine, of la 
Guns, and 85 Man, by his Majeily^s Ship 

The Charmilant, a French Sloop Priva- 
teer, by the faid Ship. 

The Hazard Pnvateer, 6 Swivels, aa 
Men, by the Albany. 

A French Privateer, Shallop, % Carriage 
and 6 Swivel Guns, by the Grace armed 

The Expedition, Rothery, was retaken 
by the Savage Sloop of War. 

The Marquis de la Chartre, of St Malo*a» 
of 6 Guns, and '76 Men, by the Magna- 
Dime, Chicheiler and Niger, 

G L I SM, contimyed from Page 636. 

The Entreprenant, of a6 Guns, ladco 
with diverfe kinds of Good, from Martinicoy 
by his Majefty*sShip Vengeance, •^— »-• 
and a fmalJ Privateer, of 4 Carriage, 4 Swi- 
vel Guns and a6 Men. 

The Comete, French Frigate of War, 
3% Guns, and 250 Men, by the Bedford 
Klaivof War. 

Seven Sail of VeiTets cut out that were at 
Anchor at the Granades, by the Griffin, 
and Temple Men of War : -— . Thefe 
Ships in their return took 13 other Veflela, 
going to Martinico with Provjfions, and 
a fimall Privateen. 


For MAT, 1761. 


Four Priviteerv, vii. one of i» Gun«» 
of 10, and two of 8 ; by the Emerald. 
And Che Levant, hai likewise ta 

fcaa one of 10 Guns, and the Echo one of 
I, and a fmall Petit Au|;ie with 10 Swivels. 

The VaiD^Qer, of 10 Carrlase» 16 Swi. 
wl Gona, 90 Men. 

Tte Madun, of 6 Swivel, by the Bo- 

Thc le Bien Aime, aFiif^te of ao Cant, 
and S5 Men, by hit Ma}cfty*s Ship Trent. 

The Betty, Herd, from London to Bra- 
HMO la rvtafccn and brought into Dover. 

A French Privateer, of la Guni and S 
Men ; by the Favourite Frigare. 

The Fhealant, a French Frigate, by the 
Albany Sloop of War. 

Le* Carnival, 4 Carriages, 10 Swivel 
Cuna, by the iSolos Sloop of War. 

Tbo Hardi Pnviteer of Bayonne of to 
Guns and 115 Men, by hit Majefty*t Ship 

The Grand Cypmt, of 400 Tons Qur- 
(hen, iS Guns, and 75 Men, from Bour- 
deaux to St. Domingo, by his Maje(ly*t 
Ship Blonde. 

The Bienbroynon, of one Carriage Gun, 
and ift Swivel, by his Majefty*s Ship Terp. 

A French 'Ball India Ship, called the 

Berlin, pierced for 64 Gum, mounting ig, 
and 3^3 Men, by the Hero and Venus, and 
carried into Plymouth ; ■ alfo the Ly. 

on Privateer of Baynnne, of 6 Carriage, 
la Swivel Guns, and g^ Men, by the Ve- 
nus, as (he was conducing the other into 

The Auguitine, a French Cutter Priva- 
teer, of 8 carriage and 6 fwivel Guns» 61 
Men, by the Biddcford. 

A Lift 9f Ships taken hy the Fren^, cm//. 
nuedfrtmPag* 636* 

The Elizabeth, Bailey, for Liverpool; 
and a Snow bound to Lancaller, arc taken 
and carried into Marti nico. 

The William, Wilcox, for Liverpool^ 
taken and carried into Port au Prince. 

TheBeckford, Hunter, is taken and car- 
ried into Bred t^ a 64 Gun Ship. 

The Molly, H umber, from North Ame- 
rica for Ireland is taken and carried into 
Port by a Privateer of 16 Gum. 

A Ship, Name not mentioned, from 
Virginia to Briftol, is taken and carried in. 
to St. Malo*s. 

The DevonAiire, Brown, from Briilol. 
to Boftoo, by a Priv4tecr and carried into 

.^prf/ig. The Lady of James aiflford, 

S4.' The Lady of the Right Hon. William 
Pitt, a Son. 

s6. The Lady of Sir Richard Warwick 
Bampfieldy a Son. 

JMitfy 6. Lady Dartmouth, a Son. 

I a. The Lady of Sir Francis GoHing, a 
• Son. 

16. The Lady of the Hon. Vere Poulet, 
a Son. 


Afrit 24, The Lady Ann Bellafii, to the 
Hon. Talbot, Z(qi 

a$. Mr. Richard Baglhaw, Merchant, to 
if ifs DonaMfon of Chelfea. 

a6. The Rev. Dr. Hunt, of Sfoke Pale, 
in Northamptonlhire, to Mifs WclU, of the 
6me Place. 

May 4. Robert Cotton Trefufis, to the 
Ri^t Hon. Mifs Ann St. John. 

ID. Jamet Williams, £fq; of Clitlnif- 
Ibitiv to MifsRofe, of Eaft Ham. 

ii« Matthew Skinner, ofLincohi^s Inn, 
BIqi 10 lifift Moody, of Devonlhire Arret. 

If. Lafccliet, Efq; Me.*nber for 

Mwdl'AUBCtOP^ to ASiiOi AonChallootr. 


April 16, The Right Hon. Sophia, Coon- 
tef« of Fmdlater. 

Af^y 3. Sir William Calvert, Knt. Al- 
derman of Hortfoken Ward. 

The Right Hon, the CounteCi of R/Khet, 

JO. The Right Hon. Richard Edgcombe^ 
of Mount Edf^ccomlk: in Cornwall, Comp> 
trolkT of his Majefly** Houfehold. 

The Lady of Sir William Beauchamp 
Prober, Knight of the bath, and Knight 
of the Shire. 

n. Capt. Jafper, who was (hot in a Du- 
el at Charing -Crofs. 

The L:«dy of James Grundy, Efq; 

14. The Right Hon. William Firxmerris, 
Earl of Shelborne and Kerry, Sec. 

I'he Rev. Mr. Samuel Clarke, RcAor of 

15* - Lewes, Efq; formerly Gen- 

tleman tu the Uuchtfi uf Marlborough, 
who had a Prize of 10,000 1. in the Lottery 
about fcvcn Vcars ago. 

17. Mifs rieUwncy, Daughter of the 
Hon. Capt. i:elawney. 

Civii uttt M:ittary Preftrmentt, 

jri:i:ba//. Ma) i. This Da/ the mod 
Hon. John Marquis o\ Granby, Ueurcn^nt 
G<.nvral of ihc Ordnaace, was, by hti NU- 

670 ' ^ Chromhgical Memoir ^ Qecurrencei^ 

jefty*t CommJin^, fworn of M* Maj#fly*s 
fnoft Hon. Pfity Council, and took hit 
PlACt at th« Boanl accoHinfly. 

The Ring has hcon pieafed to appoint tho 
Hon. Henry Orcnville, Bfq} to be hts Ma- 
)fl!hf% Ambaflador 10 reAda at tha Ooupt of 
the Grand Signior. 

The FCinf hat been pleafed to appoint Sir 
Henry Franltlandj Bart. Conful General at 

Ifaac Jamineau, Efq; CoDful General at 

SanhopeAfpiAvally Eiq; Conful Gene* 
fal at Algieri. 

Tofeph ^opiham, %k{\ Conful Gcnoril at 
Tvuan. • 

Charles Gordon, Efqj Conful General at 

Robert WMle, Cftj; Conful Gcnanl tt 

hunca MUlor, Clq \ Conful at laroelona; 

Burfingroo OoMfworthy, £fq; Conful at 

Jofeph Jordan, ECq; Conful tt Oorunna. 

whn^Kint, Efq; Conful at Zant«. 

Whiubah, ^ny 16* The Kin^ has boen 
pleafed to appoint the Ri^ht Hon. Cbarici 
Earl oC ffrrmanipton, his Maje^v*s Am- 
teallador EjcrniordNKiry and Rlcnifocontiar;^ 
to the Republic of Venice. 

The Kin£ has been plcrafed to fill up the 
vacant Stall at WeAminfter, of the moft 
Honourable Order of the Bath, by confer. 
ting the Honour of Knighthood of that Or- 
der on Charles Saunders, Bfq; Vice- Ad- 
miral "Of the Bhie Squadron of*hts Majefty's 

ChaHei Waloot, Bfq; to 'be Deputy to 
Sir Francis Dafhwood, Bart. Treilofer ef 
kis Ma}efty*a Chamber. 

E<^J!tJHeMl Brefirmttitu 

The Ret. Tliomas Kendall, M. A. to 
the Vicarage of Althorne, and Rcfftory of 
Little Chiftiall In Eflex. 

The Rev. Mr. T^yon, of St. Mary 1e 
Strand, to the Re6bory of St. Ceorge, 

Th« Rev. VTHliam Harper, M. A. to the 
KeAory ^f ILifington, in the County of 

The R«t. John Parlcer, LL.H.-L. to the 
4lcftories of Elton and Haddam, both in 
the Coumygnd Diocefe of York. 

The King has been pleafed to order « 
Congi dVlife to the Dean and Chapter 6f 
the Cathedral Church of Wincheiler, for 
fleeing a Bllhop of that See, void by the 
t>eath of Dr. Benjamin Hoadley, late Bi- 
ihop thereof: And lilcewife his Majefty*s 
letter recomnendtng f he Right Rev. Father 
*Vk 'God« Dr. John Thomas^ now Biihop o£ 

SaKlburf, to he oleAed, hf ^ 0ti^ B^tt 
and Chapter, Bishop of 4hat See. 

The Revi Dr. Afliton, ReAor of Sr. 
Boiolph, Biflaapfgaie, so be Prwtfiiflr tm 
the Hon. Society of Lifia»l»*s Ino. 

The Rev. John WiSiaony, M. ▲. late of 
King^a Colleg^e, Cambridgo, to the R^do^ 
ries of VichoUkme ind CheritonAA Ctamor- 

Tlie Rev. Daniel Walter, to theVicatage 
of Oving in Suifox, and the Ro^pry of 
Wylboroogh in the fame County. 

The Right Rev. Samuel fiquM«« Utd Bir 
fhop of St. David*8« totbeHoOory of St« 
Ann, Weilmiofter, and the Irfvii^ of £aft 

Af^a «5. John Tonar, Aamo Toger, 
•nd John ChiiAoplKr Wapxrlifi, J«s of 
London, Merchants and Copartners. 

f»hn Tozer, of £3BBter, J4eraer. 

Willim Grisricy, of Cbahttg^Qrofi^ U^ 
tlQD-^riperond Habardadbcr. 

a8. The. Mead, of Thames*Araet, Los* 
dan, Ohaefcmoogor. 

A&jr.a. Mofts Meigh, 4>f Rotherhitfac. 

Henry Untheff a«d Nkhohi Aattiei^ of 
London, Merchants and Partners. 

Claude Paffavant, oTExeter, ^Merchant. 

9. John Birrles, Herbert Norton, and 
Robert Henry Larpent, of Hatton- garden, 
Middleftx, M4rchanrsoAdi3^aitn4n. 

John Graham, of Thomey Flatu, .in Cl» 
FuriBi^XiflHingtoosn tbeiSoiaitir of Gmi- 
berland, Dealer. 

14. Edwin Caeter, dfiLondon. Mariner. 

George Brabins, late of Bepfiagton ia 
LioGolnfliire, Dealer in Wool. 

BiiL^Afi^Mffry/raaii^, fHa^ 19. 

I Ohriftened 
773K5JMales 591 
7 3 1 S ^ ^IPemalea .574 


F<emdlea , ^ . ^ 

Under 2 ye^rs 0^48 5J 

Oet#eeiiiiand $ iiS 

5 and 10 — - 

10 and &o •»«- 40 

%o and 30 — ~ 111 

66|Withintiie/wallB 109 
Without 356 

\^MASmrry 69S 

30 and 40 — i36City & Sub.iiP;^. 341 
4oand 50 — 158 ..«-« 

50 and 60 -— 1 17 '504. 

60 and 70 — 116 
70 and So «— 96 Wack^ A^* 48«- 344; 

80 and 90 — 3a 

9oandioo — 7 

looandito — • 1 


M^y 5.416 


(hi ) 

Tn I* 

Mifcellaiieous Correfpondence, - 

in Profe and Verfe. 

t?or y U N Ei 1761. 

AristbAs's Account bf ibe Valuatim of antiirU Coinsj &C4 

continued from Page 658; 

WHICH plainly (hcws» that the madl; ufe of in each refpe^live Coun- 

Rmmuu knew of no other but try. And therefore, in a Queftioa 

the Silver Talcm i and chat they look- coDcemii^ th*e Value of Prefents made 

td ujpoD the' fame as th^ ConunoQ by an Egyfiian King, I chink it would 

Meaiore, by which all Payments in have been but fair in the Criticks to 

Gold, as well a^ in Silirery were to be have fettled the Weight and Value o( 

^e; at leaft, in all their Tranfac^ the Egyptian Money-Talent/ before 

^ with the Gruls, and other Ea- they had pretended to caft up the Va-^ 

^rn Nationfi Add thus much* I lue of fuch Prefents in EngRp Money. 

I^ope, may be fuflicient to (hew, that But had they thought fit to have cFeared 

b redociiig the Value of FfoUmf^ Pre* up this Point firft, perhaps they wbuld 

wfrom i»9i8,C37,io/. to the Sum not have found fuch Gaufe to tfiulnpk 

of 102,637,10^ I have not proceeded over Arifttat^ zi they ha^ie imagined 

^bicrarily^ and without good Grounds to (hemfclves. All Authors agree^ 

fw lb doing. th/t the Auk Silver Talent confilled 

Bot if the Som of ^021637.20/. of 6000 Drachms : And we learn from 

flwuld ftill be thought too much for Lhy iud Po^&ius, That tht Ai lie SlU 

Pttkmy PhilaJtIphm to expend upon ver Talent was equal in Value to 80 

tbis Occafion 1 it muft be obferved^, Ro$nan Pounds* And Pllnf aiTures us^ 

^ai We have hitherto computed the upon the Authority of Farro^ That 

Value of his Prefentf^ {sTc. by Attic the ^^)^//«» Talent ^aslikewifc equal 

Talents. But the Learned kiu)w very to 80 Roman Pounds. Aod the fame 

Veil, that almoft every Country had a is confirmed by GaUn^ who tells us» 

Talent of their own ; and that attbo* That the Attic and Egyptian Mna con- 

JilTilents, generally fpeaking, were fitted each of 16 Ounces: And every 

^jf^^vided into to Jidina^s^ and each Body knows that 60 Times 16 Oun- 

^*a ioto looDnchmi; yet that in ces is eaa£ily equal to 80 Roman 

tvery Country where Mina^s and Pounds. And iince Cleopatra informs 

^racbms were ufcd, ihey differed in us ^rther. That this Mina^ which 

^^kt, and coniiBquendy in Value, confUled of 16 Ounces^ was the Pon* 

homthofc of other Countries, in Pro* deral Mina, I think we a^e fuffictently 

^^"^ to the Weight of the Talent warranted to conciade^opoo- the whole^ 

4 R Thai 

6;' 2 Mifcelhineous Ccrrejpondence^ 

That thcFondcral Talenc of the Ezyp^ Accounts concerning iLe EgyptianTtr 

tiam was the fame with that ofthe lent, who will take apon himlLli, at 

Greeks, and thit they were each equal this Time of Day, to lay pofitivciy, 

in Weight to So Roman Pounds. by which, or, whether by any of 

Now this Point being fettled, the them, the Gold and Silver was n- 

next, and indeed the main Queftion is, lued^ which Arlfleus tells us PtBiemftX' 

Whether the Egyptian Silver Talent pended upon this Occafion ? For mj 

was equal in Weight to their Ponderal own Part, 1 own, I cannot but look 

Talent, or not? Or, if the one was upon it as a Piece of great Preiompdoa 

heavier or liehter than the other, in any Body, to prttend xo compote. 

What Proportion the one bore to the to any tolerable Exadlncis, what the 

other ? Now, though it may be gran- Value of the Whole would amonnt la 

ted, that the Jtiic Silver Talent might io Sterling Money. But if I were to 

be equal in Weight to their Ponderal guefs, 1 would chufe to value the £- 

Talent ; and although it has been ge- gyptian^ or Ptolemaic Money Talent, 

nerally averted, that one £^]^//a» Sil- at 1500, or at 1000 ^//ir Drachns, 

ver Talent was equal in Weight and rather than at the higheft or loweft a( 

Value to two jittic Silver 1 alents ; the above-mentioned Rates. And then, 

yet, if J might prefume to offer my upon the Suppofition, that the Jittc 

Opinion, I fhould fay. That the great- Talent was equal to 80 "Hamam Pounds, 

er Prob.ibiKcy lies on the other ^^idQ^ that the Proportion of Gold to Silfcr 

which maintains. That -the Egyptian was as 10 to 1 ; that l\\t Roman O^tnot 

Money Talent was much lighter in wasequal toour ^^/^A^/ Ounce, or 

Weight than the Ponderal Talent. For to 437 I Grains Treyi and that one 

as to that Pafil^ge o^Fefius, from which Ounce 7rty of Srlver, is equal in Va- 

fome have pretended to prove, that lue to 5/. Sterling; the Calculation 

one Alexandrian Talent was equal in would (bnd thus : One Roman Pound it 

Weight and Value to two Attic Ta- equal to 12 x 437 4 Grains =: 5250 

lents, we are affured, by a very good Grains: And 80 ^0i»^7« Pounds arcequal 

Judge in thefe Kind of Matters, that to 420,000 Grains. And thefe divided 

nothing can be concluded from thence, by 480, the Number of Grams in oar 

to be depended upon. On the other CKmce Troy^ gives 80 Roman Pounds, 

Hand, feme Copies of Julius Pollux or one ^^///V Talent equal to 875 Ounces 

make the Egyptian Money Talent e- Trsjr. And if we take the -J or ^ Part 

qual in Value only to 5C0 Attic of this, the Weight of the Egypeimt 

Drachms ; and others, to 1500. Cfe^ Silver Talent will be found to be equal 

opatra tells us, 7'hat there was an E- to 218,75 OuncesTro^', or to 145,8333 

gyptian Drachm, which was equal in Ounces frey ; and the Value of the 

Weieht only 10 ihe fixth P<irt an ^ffic feirmer, in Stirling Money, will be 

Drachm: And if fo, there mud like- found to be equal to 58/ 131. 9^; 

wife have been an Egyptian Talent e- and tXat of tht* latter, to be 36/. 9/. 

qual in Vfilue only to loco ^tic zd, Atid the Value of c 16 Talents in 

Drachms. And Hero^ in one Place, Gold, and of 1046 Talents inSilTcr, 

tells u5. That the Ptolemaic Money will amount, in Stirling Money^ to 

Talent was equal in Value to 1 500 At- IS ^,42 1 /. 1 7/. 61^ ; or to 56,947/. 1 8/. 

tic r)r:.chms : And in another. That 44^. rrfpe^lively ; and the Weight of 

the Ptolemaic Mina Was equal to one the Egyptian, or Ptolemaic Taletit lA 

P'ifthof tho* ^ginean Mina; and con> Silver, will be equal to 18,23 Pounds, 

fequently, that the Ptolemaic Money or to 12,1528 Pounds 7>0^; and the 

Talent was equal to 2000 Attic Weight of an Egyptian or PtoIenmiT^'- 

D;aehms. Now^ in fuch Diverfity of kat in Gold will be e^vuil to i,8js 


in PROSE and VERSE. 673 

pDOsds, or, to i^ti^zS Pounds of So that thefe two Authors not only d if - 
Mr Trvf Weight. And as either of fer widely from one another, but are 
litk Weights of the Gold and Silver even inconfiftent with themfelves. The 
Talent will be found to agTiC very Well Charge, I muft own, feems, at firft 
Kith ArifiHUf who tells us, in one fight, perplexing enough : But how 
P!ace, That Ft^Umf Thiladelfhut far, or whether it will at all afFeA the 
iBxie a Prefent to each of the LXXII main Caufe, is not quite fo evidcnr. Ac- 
IntCTprctefS, oi three Talents tf Silver^ cording to our preient Copies of .^r/* 
timber with the i?0y that brought the fleas and Jofepbus, each contradidls 
ixA three Talents to each of them ; himfelf. Anid what then ? Does ic 
aod in another. That he made a Prcr follow, that j^ecaufe 4rifleas contra- 
ieottoeach of them afterwards of a didh, or is inconfiftent with himfelf as. 
fmaJl Drinking-cup of ^ Talent of to this ot>e Particular, therefore he did 
Gold: So, on the other Hand, 1 hope not write the Hiftorj tf the Seventy In^ 
it win not ^ (iifputed but that this terfretersr If io, then, by ;he fame, 
great and generous Prince mieht, op- Rule, Jofefhsis^ who likewife contra- 
os this OccaCoo, expend fuch a Sum didb and is inconfiftent with himfelf 
(or twice as much) as either of thofe upon the fame Head, did not write 
lift ncntioiied, without putting him- the Hiflory cf the Jntiquities of the 
^ to any Ineonvenieocy ; anoconfe- Je*ws. fiutthis, I flatter my fel^ few 
qt^ently, that Jrifteas^ in the Account Criticks will be fo hardy as to affirip. 
vhxh he has given us thereof, has been What other Condufion then are we to 
Br enough from exceeding, the Bounds draw from thefe Inconfiftenoes and 
of Probability. Cbntradidions ? If I mav prefume ro 
Aoother Ofapedion, of near Affinity offer my Opiniit. I would fay, That 
to the laf(, and Yhich therefore I (hall many an old Author has fufjenrd g^eat- 
ab the Liberty to mention in the ly under the Hands of carelof^ Tran- 
ent Place, is ujceo from the different fcribers ; and that fome one or more 
Accoonu given by /h-ifleas znd Jo/e' of them, inftead of keeping up to the 
ffxs, as to the Sum of Money which Purity of the Text, have gro(^y cor- 
fttiemy PhilaJe^hus pid for the Re- rnpted the fame in both thele Writers. 
(Option of thofe Captive Jews^ I can eafily adpnit, that one Author 
«hkb he fet at Libeny at the Requeft may tell a Story one Way, and ano- 
of Jlrifteas^ and other great Men of ther may di^^r from himy and tell the 
iis Court. If Ptolemy^ fay the Cri- fame Story with different Circumllan- 
^, expended 660 l*alents upon this ces : Kut I can never be perfuaded tp 
O^^fioQy and paid no more but 20 think that Jofefhus^ who had perufed 
Drachms for e^cb^ the whole Number the Hiflory of Arifteas^ and who has 
^ the Redeemed mufl have amounted only abridged the fame, could give an 
•xxo 198,000 ; whereas AriJUas fays, Account o? this Affair, fo widmy dif- 
t^ the whole Number amounted to ferent from the Original, as we have 
^i&orebat about toc,ooo. And on it now ; and much lefs, that either of 
t^odstrHand, fey they, if Ptolesry them, or even that any Tmpollorp 
a^fd no more upon the Whole could be fo weak, as to contradidl them- 
'•^460 Talents, and paid at and af- (elves in fo grofs a Manner as has been 
t<r the Rate of 120 Drachms for each reprefented. 

^pdvt, as Jefephus has it ; then the Is it pofTible then, you'll fay, to 

^tfoberof the Redeemed could amount reconcile thefe Authors to themtelyes, 

|o no more than 23,000; whereas the or to one another ^ Yes, ^ith a little 

'^tt? Author affures us, that the whole Attention, I think, it maybe done. 

Nioikraffloooted to about 120,000. Let us beg^ with Jofephut^ ifho feems 

4 R 2 to 

674 Mifcellaneous Correfpcndencey 

to h^.i-c fuffered the Itafl, and who u J^T^i fayi it du). Aai i\nt\x.- 
therefore i) bed able 10 help out, and ing tneCale, 1 hambty fabmit it, whe- 
to rxpbin his own MunJDg; In the tber he mull not be either very igno- 
fitftPlsc^ he cell] u<, Th^t the Num- rini, that can doubt whether Inn- 
ber of the Redeemed ampunied to a- fcriben could be To negligent u 10 
bout I ; and ihat the Price, or dmp a fingle Letter, or to oiiftjlu 
Kaofom, the King pid for one for another, now and then; or 
each, M-ai 1:0 Dracbms. 1 he Sum very ilUnatuied. if he on thinkmud 
Total iherefore amounted unto to admit of one fingle Letter more into 
1 4.400.000 Drachms, or to 1,400 the Text, than oar prefent printed Co- 
Talenii, Wherefore I make no Man- pie( have, in order to reconcile To grtu 
ncr of Dcubc, but ihnt Jijrfiu!, in- and To valuable an Author as Ja/<rbt, 
fiead of faying in one Piace. Th.t the to himlelf. 

Slim Totdl was at fii ft computed 10 a- Ai to Arifiias, the Faults, iodeed, 
mount unto ^co Talents, wrote. That are more nuiperous in him: For the 
the Sum Toral w*i computed to a- Tianrcribersbave not only ]pFt oat^ 
mount to 2,400 Tulenl; ; and confe- the numeral Letter for zooo, in the 
quently, that, inilead of th; Wordi, Sumi Total, and dropt the nuiocni 
tsKtu-yuy n i> lah^'lm-, he wrote. Letter f, in thu Price that was paid 
-r^ rttrtr ii 3u Taf.ii:1ai: . So thit, for each Head ; but have likcwife, by 

inflead of iht: Words ti\(aii'Mm to.- ' '" 

f.a'/itiv, in oMr prcfent Copies, it ought 
10 be read, J'i^yif.iay Ttjeaxoaiut 
TaW'i'Jw. An'd in like'ilpnner. 
when he eomts aitf, irds to tell us 
more txaflly what tl.c Sum Total a- 
moui.ird uRio, 1 m-.I;e no QiieSion 
but thai, infttad of faying, thut it a- 
mountt.'! iinro 460 Taknts and up- 
wards, he uTuie, that it amounted conclude; that the I'alents here fpok;,ii 
unio 2,460 Talents and upwards; of. weie Egjptiaa, and not ^ttUTi- 
and conle(]uenily. that iriftead of [he lent;. Ana therefore, fince zo Egyf- 
W'oids Tii^j^'ja. Q i-':iij ur. -i^" ?<v- /i«« Drachm* were equaJ only to J-}. 
7»eT ii''.::/'- he wrote. TciAat]* ij or.itmolt to 5 jink Drachm', which 
' '' ' ivould have been but a wry tn'fling 

Ranfom for fo g^eat a King to have 
paid i I think ii is a further Confir- 
mation, that the I'f ice vrm fixed u 1 :□ 
Eiyflian Drachms, as Jefrfbus hit It 
now. and at Aifiiat undoubtedly had 
it at iirlt. But ihat tfaele 1 10 EgjftiaM 
Dracbmi were equal to 30 jtv'J^ 

I eafy Miflake, changed a y into * 
>. and [hereby made the Number of 
Talents above 200c, to be 600 i^llead 
of 40a But as all thele Millskesia 
the OriginJ may may be now eafily 
rrfiiiird from the Abllraft thereofia 
Jofifhus, I Ihall only beg Leave «t 
obferve farther, That as Aiflrai lived 
we mull 

tli^jt, iiilitad of the Words i?HK«'j* 
Vj 7'.7ei'f.>/s ir; our preftnr Copies, 
it ought to be read, J^iiviAiu ~{iey' 
Koc/a X- ir.mxlu.. Now, by the 
K-IroFthis imall Emendation, all the 
JJillicultie, in 7=/#Bj will vanift in- 
i:-e'y, and hit Accourit of this Affair 
iiiii be perfeflly confiiUnt with i 
For liO.noc Captives, at iioDiat 
each, comes jj(l to z^ro Tali 
And if we fuppofi: [he Nimibi 
Ciii-dren, that were likewife red 
ed at ihe famr Ra[e, [o have beei 
nveen 3000 and 3500, the Tot 
the Kan<bm Money will amoaot 
2,460 Talenti and upivutb^ ex 

F«PRO&E and VERSE. 675 

Mathematical Questions Anfwtrei. 

^iftm 325, anfwired by Mr. W. Allen, Southwark. 

T ET X, y, apd s, denote the Height, Breadth, and Length of the Room. Tfieft 
*^ * 4-^ + « = 37, and *« =jrjr, likewife *jr» 2= 17*8, xxzz i^ =:j'J',/a 
i7aSp and y ^ is, whence »'^xzz^s* *"^ ^ a; iz 1449 from which two Equationt 
s z 9« and « ^ 16 is eafily found, and . . i zz si ^ Yards. 

Tbit S^mtftitm ^^t $tf9 snjwred hy Mr, Walter Matthewfon, Mr. Rob. Duncan, Jllr« 
T. Sofwofth, Mr. T. Robinfon» Mr, T. JeflPerys, Mr, Rob. Emanuel Fifli, Afr. T. 
Backer, Jlr. Ja. F<»w4er» M4r, Pw G«orgB» « m^ J7 «W ^r^ftfer, Mr, Barak Longmate. 

^eftien 326, anfiveredby Mr. Thomas Backer* 


SUppofe tha Force of the leflcr Bait falling from the Height of 9 Feet, on the Plana 
wfaofe IncJination is 5 30 8' be Unity t Then will the Impetus of the greater Ball falU 

ing from the above Height (on the fame PJane) be Ij \ But by the Laws of Mechanics, the 

Sir<c of 360 ^a' : Sine of 53^ 6' : : 4 « 1*778 very near =: the Impetus of this Ball. Now 
the Force beinfe as the Velocity, and the Velocity >s the Square- root of the Space defcend- 
ed through, Todetermtneithe Height a Ball muft fal lfrom , to gain an Impetus 3. that 

acquire an Impetus r: 1.778 in falling 9 Feet^ fay as 1.778I* * 3 * : 1 9 s 15.61 Feet, tha 
Hdghtreqniredy Arc 

Thh ^r/lt'tn tpss alfo anftoered by Mr, P. George, stii hy the Proffer, Mr, Geo. 
Surtecs. fre received otber Anjweri^ but tbey were not right, 

^u^ton 327, Anftoiredby Mr, P. George of the IJle «/ Wight. 

PUT P rr loooo, 4 = a/, the Mi Quarter- payment, r =: .01 the Infereft of lA quar- 
terly, and « =: the Time required ; then will theDebr he a M«ximum. Include cbd 
Irttereft of the laft Payment («**-ri) whence we have from the Nature of the Queftion, 

P 4 Prx — « •— «A _ 4}, f^t, — r X «*— * + 1 ^»— » + 3 ** — \ GTc. continued 
<o a — > f Teims a Maximum. The Sum of tbefe Series will be found P ;|p P r 1 «- 

tfZ «^ I f ^ .... ■ ■ ■ ■ II.. 

— . _ X«*+a — «a — 1 by putting this into Fluxioiu, and by Contrac- 

^. . - - loo.oa . oa ^^' 98.0^88 _ - 

tion, wefaave « x Log. a n Log. r: q8.oc88 .•. « = — -r = 6.6x5 = 

i.oi ^ ^ Log. » ■* 

1 Year, % Qgart. 8 Weeks, and P + Pr x ^ t.oi «s .^ .011 — i.oi .*. 4^ — 98 05881 
= 9804.92156, by the Nature of Logarithms, % will be found 1 3.44 ii zz 3 Years, 
iQaarter, 5 Weeks. 5 Days, then will the Debt be a Maximum at the End of i Year, 
s Quattera, 8 Weeks, and (he Principle and Intereft will be reeeivad at the Endof 3 Years,' 

2 Quarter, 5 Weeks, 5 Days. fV. IV, R, 

7pit S^.-fiipn WM a/fe unjvftred by the Profoftr, Mr, T. Todd. 


Mifcellaneous Correjpondence^ 

^ejilm 328^ anjwired by Mr. T. Bofworth. 

JTjzrAB = AC=: 5 0, </ = 1867.96875 > a r= 0.78s,. ^ 
ind X = AD, then y/ya— i>l r= B D, and, ^*r fimiUr ^ 

F^. « : \/ Jf* — i»l : : « ; — ^ 

'— = AE: then, ^rrQucft. tfx» — «= ■ ' \ X--, ^ 

^ * I * - ' 

whence we find x zz 61.5, and B C := 60. 

*rhis Shejiiw wa» clfo anftoered by Mr. T. Robtnfofi, Mr, J. Scott, Mr, W. Allen. 
Mr, P. George, and hy Mr. T. Barker, tbt Profojer, Other Anfmri wtre rece^td, £•/ 
%9<r« xtff ri^ht. 

New Questions ^c ^^ anjwered. 

Queftion 338. 
By Mr. Mark Liddle, of FatficIJ, 

after his Departure, he nrtight ftill hear the 
«|[$.eport aiK) Stroke both at once ? 

Q^ieftion 340. 

THERE is a right-angled Parallelograni 
whofe Breadth and Len{(th are as a tp 
3, and its Area Icfs by 105.3186, than the 

Area of its Circle. Quere, ■ j^^^ ^^ j,,^ §„„., Altitude at 6 
Its Length and Breadth, and the Diameter ^ciock be double his Altitude when du« 
of the Circle? Eaftf 


By Mr. T. Harris. 

N what North Latitude, on the firfi of 

Q^ieftion 339. 

By Mr. J. W. P. of Burton, in 


SUppofe a loaded Cannon planted againft 
an Obje£i, (whofe Diftance r= 0) and 
itfppofe the Ratio of the Velocity of Sound 
to that of the Ball be as C : ^, and that a 
Perfon was ftanding in that Part of the right 
Line joining the two Places where he might 
hear the Sound of the Cannon and Stroke of 
the Ball both at the fame Inftant : *Tis re- 
quired, in what Kind of a Curve the i'er- 
fon muft walk from the above i'lace, fo 
that if the Cannon was fired at any Time 

Queftion 341. 
By Mr. T. Robinfon. 

A N Ale- houfe- keeper having a Cafic of 
r\^ Strong- beer containing 80 Gallons^ 
finding he cannot fell the fame at th« com* 
mon Price without Icfmg by i», therefore is 
minded to mix the fame with Small beer, 
he fird draws off a certain Quantity of 
Strong- beer and fiils up the Calk with the 
fame Quantity of Small -beer, and repeat- 
ing the fame for 7 Times, he finds there was 
6i.a204.GalIonsof Strong- brer in the Caik ^ 
Query what Numher of Gallons was drawn 
at each Time, and what Qnantity of Stroogj- 
beer and Small ? 

fVe ac knowledge to have Ixtd the Favour of fever al Obfexvatiom of the 
Tranfit o/* Venus, which we purpofe to commtmicate to the Public in our 
next : By which Time we hope to receive farther Accounts from other of our 

in PROSE and VERSE. 


Tftc IbllowiDg Odx for his Majsst*s 
Btfth-day, written by William White- • 
■SAD, rfq; Poet'Laureat, and fet to Mufic 
hj Dr. Boy ex. Mailer of the King's Band 
cf Muficians. The Vocal Parts by MeO*. 
Beard, Savage^ Balldon, Wais, Cooper, Cox, 
Barnxwh*, Ladd, Denham, Bufwdl, Hudfon, 
WArreo, and the Children of theChapei Royal : 
The Infirumentai^y Dr. Naxes, the Gentle- 
men of the Band, Sec. 

Ode for his Majesty's Birth- 
day, June 4, 1761. 


>rT^WAS at the ncOarM feaft of Jove, 

M When fair AJcmcoa*s fon 
His deftin'd courfc on earth had run, 

ADdcIaim*d the thrones above. 
Around their king, in deep debate, 
CoiTvenM the heavenly Synod fate. 
And meditated Boons refin*d, 
To grace the friend of humankind ; 
When lo, to mark th' advancing God, 
Propitious Hermes ftretch'd hid rod. 

The roofs with mufic rung ! 
For, from amidft the circling choir, 
ApoUo ftruck th* alarming lyre. 

And thus the mufes fung ^ 
** What boon divine would heaven beflow ? 
** Ye gcds, unbend the ftudious brow^ 

** The fniitlcfs fearch give o*er j 
** Whiift we the juft revrard aflign : 
*' Lee Hercules with Hebe join, 

*' And YovTH unite with PowsR !** 


O fjucnd tmdi in emblem dreft ! -• 

Again the mufes fung, 
A|^n in Britain's blooming king 

Alddes fia|ids confeft. 
By temperance nurs*d, and early taught 
To ihun the fmooth fallacious draught 
Which Iparkles high in Ciroe*8 bowl : 
To tame each hydra of the foul, 
Cach lurking pefl, which mocks its birth. 
And ties the fpirst down to earth 

Iromers*d in mortal coil : 
His choice was that fcverer road 
Which leads Id virtue's calm abode^ 

And well repays the toil. 
In vain ye tempt; ye fpecious harms, 
Tc flowery wiles, ye flattering chaiios. 

That breathe from yonder bower : 
And heaven the juft reward aiSgns, 
For Hercolos with Hebe joins. 

And YooTR outes with Powix, 

*d by heaven to 6U that awfal throne 
Edward, Henry, WHliam^ George 
hate fliooe. 

(WJiere love with reverence, laws with power 

And *d6 each fubje£b*s birth-right to be free.) 
The faireft wreaths already won 

Are but a prelude to the whole : 
Thy arduous race is now begun. 

And, ftarting from a nobler gaol. 
Heroes and kitogs of ages paft 

Are thy compeers ; extended high 

The trump of fame expels the blaft. 

The radiant lifts before thee lie. 

The field is time, the prize Etirnxtt* 

Beyond exapple^s bounded light 

'Tis thine to urge the daring flight. 

And heights untried exploit : 
O think what thou alone can*ft give. 
What bleflings Britain may receive. 
When YovTH unites with Powxx ! 



MAY-moming ! e»'ry pratfe is thine^ 
All nature owns thy pow*r benign. 
• uw Mioral warblers of the fpring. 
To thee their virgin anthems ling. 
To thee the linnet fwells his note. 
To thee the rcd-breaft ftrains his throat. 
And ev'ry ftirub, and every tree 
Is t'uU of mufic, full of thee. 


The IQly now exalts her head 
And humble cowflips gild the mead. 
The tulip fmiks upon the day. 
Enamoured of its maiden ray. 
The vi'kt fpreads her purple breaft. 
The rofe puts on her crimfon veft. 
But cv'ry fplendid flow*r we fee. 
May- morning, owes its charmt to thee. 

III. ^ 
Love enters now his golden retgn. 
And deals out plcafure mix'd with pain. 
The (hepherd feels the tender flame. 
And longs for ioys he fears to name. 
The nymph lifts up her fwimming eyes,^ 
And languifties, and pants, and fighs, ' 
She breathes the fofcneli of the dove. 
And all her fluttering foul is love, 

Then come, my fair, and let us provs 
The 9far delights of virtuous lovej 
For virtue dignifies the mind, 
And makes the paflion more refin'd. 
When boundlefs rapture we fhatl tafte 
When facred Hymen binds us faft ! 
Then fpring fliall make lier conftaat flay. 
And every m^raing (hall be May. 



Mifcellaneom Correjpondence^ 

ImpromtU, ////, aloifir, pwr U 
matin JuGk AUD PhjenomenE. 

LA PLANETTI, dont fttH/cftBLAKC, 
((urfoiul vtnruiif) 
ViHUJ, coelfftf, EcLirsi, aujourdhuy, Ic 
Soleil } 


Que je tachc de pthdre^ avcc Dxlxca- 

Do'.ne, aux ytux du Public, tdjfeaack, et 

Yvf droit dctre A«rbable, etGAY, quoi- 

r AMiTlE', (pour r(j>iff,)n'«ft P" iUtpime, 
'Lc CoMTE, fin epoux, (HtuEEUE,) m*atme, 

et m^efiifKe \ 
pay rcyu, d'uuc Dams, (ayje voix d'un Me- 

DCE ?) 
En Six SouscRiPTEUEt, quoy? dcja. 

Six Pieces jI'Oe, 
Va^PtdiMn deMoN Sublime Alizam- 

Vifcaxeaux DuHdUey n'eft pas, toujouri, /•m 

Fimtf^Mur ofms, et detlarat cftfican. 
Fait, tfLoMOEES, cetemejuin, 1761. 

In foch diftrefs, to cheer the gloomy fceii*, 
And guard againft that worft of foes, — di^ 

What charm's Tdflldent ? what d^ofiest? 

fay : 
Our laft and fole rdborce is in «£* a pfsy. 
Here, to ftrike cenfurc dumb, from Inds U 

Wc have fcleficd bat fomefferyfcw ; 
Such as for moral di£Hon or good fenfe, 
Wc thought muft pleafe without the Inft of- 
This notwithftanding, Yrt been told to-dsy. 
Some fqueamtih ftonachs can't digeft a pby; 
But dare to call it impious, vjle and kwd, 
Tho' countenanced by princes of the UonL 
*Tis m this fcore Fm come to fet yoa iS^-i 
O yes ! if any perfon here to-night 
Thinks aAing fober troths are crying fins. 
Let fuch depart before thej>hyb^ns j 
For, without nice-fpon caiuiffry, 'tis clekr, 
Hc*s paither in oar guilt who ftayt to hear. 
For you, indulgent firs and ladies brii^t, 
Who come on purpofe to be pleasM tbM ni||kt} 
Who judge with candor and with candor hear, 
And think with aU our blunders yon am bear 1 
(Blunders are venial in fuch young bmnnen, 
Cenfure (hoold be refezr'd for hony &men) 
We beg your kind acceptance of this treat. 
Nor rife difgufted if you cannot eat | 
The cook'ry*s not fb good as we defigp'd it. 
But you*ve our hearty wel c o me i s yoo fiind it* 


Spokn fyMr, H— FF— ND— n. Oao- 
bcr 18, 1753. ^ t^ * ThoicM 
Theatre in Tciideitien, at a pH<uati 
Reffefentatifm of Plays h young Giu^ 
tlemn ami Ladiis if that Place for 
their Diverfion. 

T ADIES and firs, alTembled in this pltoi:, 

I J E'le wc fall to, fuppofe I (ay— a grace. 

Tn hJippier f times, c'le yet th' unpraftu d 

Had Icam'd to weep, orheav'd the heart-fell 

Then did we laugh and, fiddle, dance and fing, 
And turn <he tedious winters into fpring. 
But now — how wild the ruin*d f place ap- 

pfears I 

The fad reflection mcTts me into tears j 

( Wc riWurn with real tears and true concern. 

From envied f ball-room humbled to a — • 

• barn.) 
The votcc of joy's no more : no mufic^s found | 
No nymphs and fwains to fprighly meafurei 


t Scemagarinefor Febniaiy laft, pagp 6lo. 
• For want of better convenience a bam 
w» haadCotaely fitted up for the pxirpofe^ 


Spoken by Mifs F — su — r. 

DEAR hdiet, in oamptiince with the 
Your flave is come to fpeak an epilogoe. 
She's come to thank you for your many h* 
In countenancing thefe oar poor eudeavuuii ; 
In helping us fo oft to crowded hoofei, 
In having left your hoops and broog^t yeor 

' fponfes : 
Ourftagerofenot, but as indulgM by yoo ; 
Accept ouf thanks then; — — fior oar thadu 
are due. 
Our foukt art too confptcuous to enbtge 01^ 
And what ti^e critia have already dharge 00 ; 
Candor itfdfhas marked out muy a icore^ 
Cenfure, no doubt, has added thoafiuds mak\ 
But be it mine to tell, in modeft kyt. 
How far we may prefume to challenge pndfi. 
And firft for action j — there we've all 
our paces, 
And take uncommon freedom with the graces \ 
Poftuxes fo quaint, and attitudes fo new 
Maddox ne*er ptov'd, nor Hogarth's pencil 



in FKOSE ami VERS E. '679 

Kame as the haideft chancer — • we ftrike iX i If we have fbnnMo«r fbgp on decent laws, ««* 

S» MttCnral — • that oothin^can be like it. Let a loud clap re-echo your appbofe : 

Keep ap to nature ! — - then we're don^ oiir For all her bi-ithen; Men, felf ihe begs it | 

part ; And To your humble temat makes ho* 

Oars mail be nature, -—for ^e know no art. Exit» 
— Tttre tfaeglibbeR fellbws I 

Witnefi the Toj^, Dmus, and Sir JtalKa\ An Anfwer tofoUT AEmgmaSy fhum" 

' ^^^t^Jr * ^' «~^ «°^» ^"^ ""^ ^ tfy infcribed to Mfs •••••*•,) 

Ana llalh and blase npon youev'ry line i Th firji MfUgm^ in thi Mag4^ 

At ly^fhoi thus th* enthuYuftic finner zinefor April, 1 760, * A WbD- 

R ape in oonvulfions itlt the Demon in heir : •«,^.'l J%^jl^. <rl r r HvT 

StaTdfurionQy and labour'd with the fa« f /^^^ ^^^^ } ^ fi^^^ Mr- 

Of Ibme Cid tale, — for utterance too great* Haydcn /, A^ I761, *AFlSH- 

la tra^cftonet--fo profoundly deep, LiNE : Ihi Hvo Iq/fy March 

Ttetyoumaylaugh. orchat, ortallafleep; .aa, i V^w,^ v;,...»v«^a4 

OriJ^iouoaatwhift.orhunt/orP!uii, '7^^» ^ ^OUR ttEMENTS t 

The t moraBS icene wiU not dHbrb yoiir Ahd ^ A SmILB. 

^ «Mnc? . 

Cviefwe exprers by fuch affe^og tonek TT^AIR maid, beliere, when e^ei'thefeliaei 

As rais*d a unile from dying Cato'i groahs. P you rod. 

In onmcdy — fo comical, and dry, ** The writer fiU*d witi& love 1m4 conTcioot 
Yoa hardly know if you fbould laugh Ot ciy. dftad. 

Not Pickhi'herriui at a countrr fair ** Long have 1 ftttyve ray paifioa to cqntroQl» 

Haiangoes the crowd with half fo arch an air 1 " And hide your beatitcona image fiom in/ 
We bound and frilk about, now here, now ibol i** 

there) dttt ah! whit pa&gs did Ihtn inypCKe^^ 
Our whole deportment To exceeding queer, ^^9 

Things that in Ctrridt had been hifs'd, (moft To' part from thte I fighM, and thus did qy i 

trve'tis} Ungrateful fair, give ear to what I fay, . * . 

When crac*d by us have brighten*d into beao- Affift with powV, great Ood of peace aa4 day, 

ties. Do thoa oompofe my thoughts, and fotth a^ 

Great D/fdSs^tfn, fam*d in iSeiiMff.ftory, cares. 

Brought up in courts, and exercised in glory i If poflible, releafe me from my feats, 

Ck»y*d with Icud fame ^nd pageantry of ftate. And with foft pity charm my fair (inkind, 

Sigh*d for the verdant Oiade and calm retreat : To eafe the rapcUrta of a love-fick mind t 

So your poor vet*rans, who two long cam* Tb knfe, foft converfe yet one hour impart^ 

paigna And leave one p/ec* hr pity in thy heart. 

Have done hard dnty on theatric plains ; And with a 4SMtftB, icrive your finlum 
And tpod in farce of ftate on honour's wings, fwain, 

Been lords, been princes, emperors and kings— And raife him to the joys of blifs agam. 

Now beg to be difcharg*d, if you think meet. Accept this > Plv oc 1, in toleen of my tnitlli. 

To lay our wreaths of laurel at your feet. Excole the weaknefs of a &^nder youth. 

One favour more your fuppliant «x}uld be- Whofe ztooousfwi to you is fo iadin n, . 

feech: Pure as the ^ ELtMXNTs his love ybo'U find | 

Pray, firs, indolge her ; *tis her dying fpcech. Harmlefs as fi/hes, which in bt«ok« do twine. 

If we've endeavoor'd in our various fcene Not tl^^nkiog that the. bait hkngs ftoo a 
To mend the heart, or but divert the fpleen ; * LiXit 

Then, O dear maid, tiiay thefe few lines la* 

e A term of art nearly engroifcd by the he- fpire, 

IOCS and heroines of the Lonion theatres j but And klodle in thy breaft that mutual fiie, 

as merit is not local, why may not now and As may thy tender hiind to friendftip move, 

then a country meteor be allowed to (hine ? Awake thy foul to fweet tetnrns oC love, 

the g^cle reader will pais over my ftealing a ** Of all your fcx fupenor, who can find 

line from honeft Nat, Lee, for really ( could '* Expreffions fit to pkint your face and mind ^** 

not make to good a one myfclf. One more requeft 1 have to a(k however, 

f The tender fcene of diftrefs betwixt Pw* Say you 11 be kind, I'U be your flave for ever. 
r/M andXjKitf in the ^d a£l of C/ro, emphati- Briinvortb, jAsats Mills. 

cally fo called by an nonefi ToriJhiriMun who ^ortbMwpfnfbirt* 
poioaatcd Pvtiuu 

^ S 4 Chrq- 

( 68o ) 

— »» 

A Chronological Memoir ^ OccurreiKes, 

For J V N £, 1761. 

IIjK'-argbf AJay 1 <. 

BARON WrangeJ, appointed Miniflcr 
in this Refidence from ilie Court of 
Sweden, delivered the Day before Yefter- 
t*ay his Credentials in that Character to the 

Ce/egtt^ May t6. The fii ft Line of Infan- 
try, as \i'ella>alJtheDra|oon8 of the Prince 
«f Soubife*s Army, have received Orders to 
mirch forward, and from three different 
Camp< at Dofleldorff, Burich, and Reel, 
the i4ih, i;th, and i6th of this Month. 
The reft of that Army continue yet in their 

ffcgue. May 19. They write from Saxo- 
ny, that tiic King of Pruflia was arrived 
with his Army upon the Frontiers of Sile- 
fia, on tl»e loth Inftant, wilbout any Im- 
pedlmenr rr MoleiUtion from the Enemy ; 
and that Oencral Laicy followed bis Maje- 
ily at a Diflance. Prince Henry continued 
in bis Camp at Scblettau and Knaenbaufen, 
and Marftiat Daun in his at Plauen : That 
upon GeneraJ Hnlfen*s having quitted Frey- 
berg, and ihc Auflrians taking Pofllffion 
of it. Colonel Kieift had been detached to 
diflodge them from rbence i upon whofe 
approach they ietreated| and- repaflfed the 
McJdau wirh Precipitation. Colonel Klcift 
brought back to the Camp S4 Prifoners, and 
above looHorfes. 

lUmbur^, May 19. Letters from Berlin, 
of the 16th Inilant, received here Yeftcrday 
infcrnis ii», that, upon the King of ^ruflia's 
Approach, the Aufbrian» icemed preparing 
fo ab2ind.>n Silefia That his Majefty had 
been jcjired by the Corps of Tioops under 
tin (omnnrid of General Goltae, and was 
with his Army between Jauer and Schweid- 


Hij^ue, May aa. The Prince dc Soubife 
arrivcrt, as we hear, the i6ih at Wefcl, 
and rcvicwc-d the Troops there j and our 
Accounts larthci meniion, that his whole 
Army wjs to encamp the ?5th, except the 
Kou'liold Troops. 

The Kint; of Pruffia was on the 9th at 
Coriuz, Miid on the loch concu:uul hU 

March in order to paft the Qpiefs. and cb. 
ter Silefia. ^ 

Lie£e. May 13. This Day the BatCafioii 
of Militia, which came here to guard tfat 
French Magazines, nurched forward, ud 
were replaced by fix other Companies of 
Mi litia. To- morrow the Regimens of Ca. 
valry, who had their Winter- quar ten in 
this Bifhopric, bc;gan their march to the 
Lower Rhine. 

Haiue, May xc. It il now laid, that the 
Army of Prince Soubife will not be formed 
before the 4th or 5th of June, and that even 
then part of the Cavalry muft be kit be- 

The Ught Troopt of the Army mder the 
Hereditary Prince, have attacked and rout- 
ed (omt of the advanced Po(h of the two 
Fiench Camps at Rett and Wefd, which 
caufed great Alarms in thoTeCampe, wherp 
the Defertion is very tonMerable. 

Letters from Leipzig fay, that the bA 
Accounts froin Silefia, of the izth Inriant, 
confirm the News, that, upon the King of 
Pruffia*^ Approach near to Jauer, General 
Laudon bad retired Into Bohemia. 

CoJonef Kleift, of the IVufflan Huffivt, 
atucked on the 17th, part of the Corps 
commanded by Gen. Guafco, which was Si 
fembbd at Schellenberg, and made three 
Officers and irS Men Prifoners. 

-^"//if y*"' S- His Pnifflan Majeft* 
continues dill at Kuntzendorff, and notbine 
of any Sort has yet piilTed in Silefia. 

Every Thing remains quiet in th^Camp 
ofSchietUu. and tlieArniy of the Empir^ 
has not yet bfgun to move. Marflial Ser- 
belloni has hii Quarter at Statelftein, and 
General Clefeld is at Hoff with a few Bat- 
tallons. That Army Is reported not to ex- 
ceed 7 or 8000 Men, and to be ill provided 
with every Thing. 

Extroa^fa Letter from Pmdtrhcm^ ^unt 10. 
•• All our Accounts agree, that Tht fine-' 
my are in Motion on all Siues, fo chat the 
Campaign wUi opui iu a iew Days. 



for y 17 N E, 1761. 

68 1 

" The French are defcfmincd, if poOi^ Work to go through with HeforMh^ Mrry 

hie, to set Poffeffioii of Che Elcaorate dl their Point ; a> all our Men are in hiRh 

ManoYer i bm they will find, nntwirhibnd* Spirits, and wc are every where in RcadK 

ins their Superiority, a vaft Deal of Bloodjr hefs to receive them.** 


St» yames^s, Mav so. 

THIS Day Count Coiumbo, Refident 
from Venice* had his Audience of 
Leave of bis Majdfty. And oexcDayhe 
kad hii Audience of Leave of her Royal 
Highnefs the Princefs Dowager 0/ Wal«t i 
ard afterwards of the Duke of York and 
Princcf< Augu/la. 

s6. Arrived at fit. James* tan Ambafladof 
from the Dey of Algiers. It is not unqufto* 
mary lor thefe AmbalTadors to brios with 
them, at Prefentt to cur Sovereigns, the 
rare Produ^s of their Country. This Am- 
b^fT^dor has brought over twenty -four 6ne 
Uorfcs, partly of the Arabian Kind, tho* 
they were bred In Africa, eii^ht of ^iiich 
are by rhe Dey ' ordered to be preientcd to 
hii Majefty by his Ambaflador ) the reA are 
for Admiral Saunders, and o^her Gentle- 
men, who have the Honour to enjoy the 
Ifleem of the Dey. The King's Prcfcot 
is eohaiKed with aLiop* whioh is not of 
the (hagsy and bearded Kind, buc almoft 
fmoocb, and rather tradable $ which may, 
perhaps, be owing to the Fatigue he has 
^odargope in the Voyage from Afiica to 
England. There are alfo two fine Tyge^ 
brought over by his Amhstfsdor, ae a fur- 
ther Eohanoemenc of ttie Prefent to the 
King, which, together with the Lien, ar# 
drpofited in the Tower, in Dent properly 
prepared for their Reception, amang ^ 
other wild Bcalis in that Place. 

Tbe following is a Lift of the Knights of 
the Bath, who were inAalled in WtftfOin* 
fter-abbey, with their ECquires. 

The Right Hon. Lord filakenty. 

His Eiquircs. Crice Blakcney, Matthew 

Howard, Ilaac Akcrman. 

Tbe Right Hon. Lord Carysfort. 

His Efqoires. The Hon. Jolhua John Proby, 

Henry HiU, Richard Bigland. 

The Hon. tieut. Gen. Sir jofcph Vorke* 

Hit Elqulres. .Stephen Mai tin Leake, jua. 

Ralph Winter, John Martin Leake. 

Sir James Gray, Bart. 

Hit Elquirrs. Thomas Sheriffe, Charles 

Brickendcn, John NicoU. 

Sir William Beaucharop Prober, Bart. 

His Efquires. William Dormer, rhomit 

^peever, Abraham Ackworth* 

Sir John Gibbons, Bart. 

His Efquires. John Kenricke^ Will^ 

CoqM> Witfiam Oibbooi. 

Admiral Sir George Pooock* 

His Efquires. John Ofbom, John Bynj^ 

Thdmas Fytche. 

Major General Sir Jeffcry Amherft. 

His Efquires. Richard Cox. George Bof- 

cawen, Thomas Lenox Frederick. 

Major Gen. Sir John Griffin Grifto. 

His Efquires. Lieut Col. Willi tm Evelyn, 

Lieut. CoU Thomas Bowycr. John Schutt. 

Sir Francis BUkc DclJivaT. 

His Efquires. Thomas Delaval, Thoma^ 

Hufley Aprcece, James John Fcnouhlct. 

Sir Charles Frederick. 

His E^iuires. Edv^ard Hu|!h Bofcawen, 

John Frcmantle, Charles Frederick. 

Sir George Warren. ' 

His Efqulrfes. William Egtrron, PMITp 

Champion Crefoipy, George Wilbraha'm. 

Admiral Sir Cliarles Saunders. 
His Efquires. John Young, Hu^b PigB'5% 

John Clerke. 


Six of the Knights were inftallcd by Proxy, 
viz. Lord Btakeney, hy Sir WilKam Sw- 
phenfon, Knt. ^nd Atdermv^ f)f Londpn ; 
Sir" James Cray, by Sir William Hart, She- 
riif of London \ Sir William Betuchamp 
Ppodor, by Sir William Burnaby ; SlrW- 
fery Amherft, by Sir Charles Cottrcll Dor- 
mer 5 Sir John Griffin Griflin, bySirFnm- 
CIS Gofling, Knt. and Aldermai^, of London Y 
and Sir Charlea Saunders, by Sir John 
Bently, Knt. 

Tb^ wertboqly five other KnlcdiU Com- 
pinions prefetir, viz. Sir William Stanhope 
(whoaded as Grand Mailer) Lord' Gran- 
Iham.^Sif Bdwkrtt Hawke, Lord IV>IlAig. 
ton, end glr€dward Walpole. 
^ The following it a Lift of the Old Knights 
Gompenioniof this moft Hon. Order. 


p. of Cumberland, 
Earl Cholmondeley, 
Sari Dstawar, 
Sir W. Stanhope, 
Sir Rob. Cliltoh, 
Earl of Incliequin, 
Duke of Chandpis, 
Lord Granfham, 
Vifcount Ligomer, 
Vifs. Fitzwilliam, 
Sir Tho. Wbitmorc, 

Sir Henry Calthrop, 

Sir Edw. Hawke, 
Sir Cha. Howard, 
Sir John Mordaunt, 
Lord PolHngton,' 
Lord Onflow, 
Sir Edw. Walpole, 
Duke ot Bullion, • 
Sir Rich. LytUcton, 
Sir Edw. MoDtaj;u» 
Sir Wm. Rowley. 

6 S 2 A GcronohgicaJ Memoir cf Occurrences. 

31. M. Buify, Mintfttr Plcrip^ftn'iary, Frmch Garrifon ro the Main, and keep fbe 

fmm tlie Frcnrfi Kinjc, arnvtd in Town, Squadron, under my Ordem, in Readincf^ 

Junei. The Hon. The. HaH?y. Efq; f-ir any Ccmniands hit Majefly may luvt 

w«» fvporn in Alderman r^f Por* Token- for ir. 

Ward, in the Room of Sir William Calvert, ** Mijcr reneril Hod^on, hy his con. 

^•eeafed. ^^"t Approbition of fhe Behaviour M the 

I. W.»s laun«?hed The CaifToon f^r build- l*artalu-.n of Marine^ landed from Che Ships, 

§n!E the firft Peer of the Bridge ar Black- «nd put under his Command, givet me the 

Friars. pieafing Satisfaflion of acquaintinc: you of 

4. Hcinjc the Biith-day of hi* Majefty, 'f. *^'Jt his Majefly may be informed of thf 

vrho then entered into the S4th Year of hi» Goodrtefs and fpirii^ BehsTiour cf that 

Age, the N'crninK was ufher-.d in with Corps. 

ringing of Belh, difplay ins Colours, a moft " i have fent hpme Capt. Bvton» who 
brilliant Appearance of the Nobi!:ry and will inform you of any Particulan yoa aiv 
Gentry attending at tisf Royal P«Iace to defiruis of knowing, 
pay their Cnnipliment, and in theEvenipg lam, &c. AKirrBd 
were Bonfiie*, and fuch a general 1 Gemi- 
nation throughout the City, with an Exhi- Capitulation for the Citadel of 
hition of curious Fire-works both at tbs Billkiilb, made June 7, 1761. 
Tower, St. James *8 fquai«, and at Kew, at Preliminary Article. The Chevalier de 
expreff^ an univerfal Jpy throuj^hout this ^^« Croix, Brifadier in the King's Army, 
City and Parts adjacent. Then; was likewife ^^^ Commandant of the Citadel of Bellcifle| 
a Ball at St. James*s for the Nobility and propofes that the Place (hall furrender 00 
Oentiy. T|ie whole was conduced with ^^^ »-^h of June, in Cafe no Succours ar- 
A4agoificence, and concluded with Peep- i*''*^^ before that Time j and that in the 
rum. mean While, no Works (^kculd be carried 

10. Being the Birth day of her Royal ©"• on either Side, nor any AA of HoflJ- 

Highnef^the Princtls Amelia, his AUjtUy *'*y» ^^^ any Communication between ihp 

recti vtd the Complimtnts of the Ncbility ^r.?liih befieging^ and the French befteged. 

on the pccafion, as did her Roy^i Hi^hncfs, Rctufcd. 

atherHoufeinCavendiftifquare. Article T. The entire Oarrifon fliaU 

march through the Breach with the Honourf 

From the LoNnpNGASKTTX ^/ War, Drums beating, Colours flying, 

^xTXAoRoiKARY. lighted Matches, and three Pieces of Can- 

WhiUball, June ij^, Laft Nieht Major ^"» with twelve Roondj. each. Each Sol- 

^ooke and Capt. Barton arrived from Belle- ^^^^ ^^'' h^^P ^^'een Rounds in his Car. 

ifle with the following Letters from Major- touch-box. All the Oflficers, Serjeants, 

general Hodgfon. and ihc H«^n Commo- Soldiers, and Inhabitant.^, are to carry off 

dorc Kcpp^I, to the Right Ken. Mf. Secie- *'*^''* ^^Kgage t The Women to go with 

tary Pitt. " their Hufbands. — Granted ; in Favour of 

the ganint Offence which the Citadel has 

" Tfl»ndofDelleifle,June8, 1761. .niadc, under the Orders of the Chevalier de 

€i S J j^ "St. Crnijf. 

•• I have (he Honour to acquaint you, ^./i '^'^"i ^^t'^'^l^^SSpn* Jh-II be pro.- 

that the Citadel of Palais fun endried Ye. S n V"". r F'^' '''**'^** they carry 

ftcrday to his Majefty's Arms. This Left 2vL "^'^^'^^^ »".;'^° ^^ ^«?» 

ter, and the Cipitplation, I do myfelf tU S? " *" ""' to be vifited. — The covered 

Honour to fend you by the Hands of M-^jor ^^^^K''"' »;« ^tMtdj but Care /haU be ta- 

Rooke, wlio will inform you of every Far- J^P «<> '"'"P^JT «" «h« B^Kage to Che Coi^- 

t.cular relative to the .siege, that yoi may ''"f"/ ^^iJ^V^^^ ^.^'^ro,^ , 

flunk fi? to lay before his Majefty. • . "J' ^5"^.' "^" ^ furnifhed for carrymg 

J have the Konour to he, /tc. It v J'""^^.^i ^^^ ^^^^ ^*> *"? 

S Honc.«v •' ™ ""'^'** P^*^'* ^^ f"nce by the firft fair 

».«oocsoN. y^^,^ Gi-nted. 

« Valiant, BclIeifJeRoad, JuneS, 1761. ^JJ' '?^iL"">^'' T.T'?' '*1?^ !■"* ^»"^' 

'J «• y*". barlc^re to be vidu;»llcd in the fanM Pro- 

./It ' ^\ r>. . poition with the Troops of his Britannic 

I have thePJcafurc to mform you of MAJertyj and r he fame Proportion of Ton- 

the Surrender of the v^itad-.l of Palais, and hage is to he allowed to the Officers and Soi- 

a Copy of the Aiticli s of Cjpifulaticn I have ditrs which the Enrlifh Troops have. - 

^/jeHonour to incKfcynu. I (11^11, asfpcc- Granud. 

{f:// and convenicntiy as po/Tible, ftnd llic ' ' V 

Por y U N «, 1761. 


V. When the Troops fluH be embarked, 
a Vcflcl is to be fomiibed for the Chevalier 
^ St. Croix, Brigadier in (he Ktng*t Ar* 
my, to M. de la VUle, the King*s Lteute- 
nant, to M. de U Garique, Colonel of 
Foot, vrirh riirevet of Commandant in the 
Abfence of the Chevalier de St. Croix, and 
to the Field OfRcert , including thofe of the 
Artillery and Engineers ; as. alfo for the 
three Pieces of Gannon, as well as for the 
Soldiers of the Coor Royale, to be traofpor* 
t«d to Nantx, with their Wives, ServaoU, 
and the Baggage whicb they have in the Ci- 
tadel, which is not to be vifited. They are 
to be viAualltt! in the fame Proportion wicb 
Engtiib Officers of the fame Rank. — Care 
Ihall be taken that all thofe who are men* 
tioaed in this Article (ball be tranfported, 
without Lofs of Time toNantz, with their 
Baggage and Effefts, as well as the three 
Pieces of Cannon granted by the fird Arti- 

VI. Al^er the Expiration of the Term 
mcntioiied in the firA Article, a Gate of 
the Otadel (hall be delivered up to the 
Troops of his Britannic Majefty } at which 
there (l)all be kept a French Guard of equal 
Number, yntil the King*s Troops (hall 
march nut to embark. Thofe Guards ihall 
be ordered to permit no Bni;U(h Soldier to 
enter, nor no French Soldier to go out. — 
A Gate (haU be delivered to the Troops of 
hi^ Britannic Majefly, the Moment the Ca • 
pitulattonia figncd } and an equal Number 
of Freni^h Troops Auil occupy the fame 
Gate. , 

VII. A VefTel (hall be fumiflied to the 
Commiflariesof War, and to eheTreafurer, 
in which they may carry their Baggage, 
with their Secretaries, Clerks, and Ser- 
vants, without being moIeAed or vilited. 
They ftialJ be conduced, as well as the 
pther Troops^ to the neareft Port of France. 

VI|T. MtfT, de Taille, Captain- general 
•f the Garde CoAe, Lamp, Major, two 
Lieutenants of Cannoneers, of the Garde 
Cofle, a|id ninety Bornb^fdeers, Cannoneers, 
Serjeants, and Fpi^ leers, Gardes CoAes of 
Bellrille, paid by the King, ihall have it in 
their Choice to remain ir\ the I (land » as 
well as the other Inhabitants, without be- 
ing moleAed, either as to their Perfons or 
Goods. And if they t\Aye ;| Mind to fell 
their Goods, Furniture, floats. Nets, and, 
in general, any EflfeAs which belong to 
them, within iix Months, and to pafs over 
to the Continent, they ihall not be hinder- 
ed ; but on the contrary, they (hall have 
proper Affiilance and the necrOary Paif- 
porcs. I They (hall remain in rhe Ifland 
under ProCc^on of ciie King Of Great- Bri- 

tain, as the other Tnhabttants, or ihall be 
tranfported to the Continent, if they pleafe^ 
with the Garrifoo. 

IX. M. Sarignon, Clerk of the Trtafury 
of the French Troops, the Armourer, the 
Bourgeois Cannoneers, the Store- keepers, 
and all the Workmen belonging to the En- 
gineers, may remain at Belleiile with their 
Families, or go to the Continent with the 
fame Privileges above-mentioned ■ 
Granted. To remain in the Ifland upon the 
£ime Footing with the other Inhabitants, 
or to be tranfported with the Garrifon to 
the Continent, as they ihall thioH pro« 

X. The Roman Catholic Religion ihill be 
exercifed in the liland with the fame Free* 
dom as under a French Goverhment. The 
Churches ihall be preferved, and the Rec- 
tors and other Prieils continued s And io 
Cafe of Death, they ihali he replaced by tbo 
Biihopof Vannes. They fball be maintain^ 
ed in their Fundions, Privileges, and Im«^ 
munities, and Revenues. — All thelnha- 
btrants, without DiAin^ion, ihall enjoy 
the free Exercife of their Religion Tho 
other Part of the Article maA neceifarily 
depend on the Pleafure of his Britannic Ma* 

Xf . The Of!icers and Soldiers who are in 
the Hpfpitals of thel'own and Ciudel, ihall 
be treated in the fame Manner as the Gari- 
rifon { and after their Recovery they ihall 
be fumiihed with VeiTels to carry them to 
France. * In the mesn while, they ihall be 
fuppjied with SubiiAence and Remedies rill 
their Departure, according to the State 
which the Comptroller and Surgeons ihali 
give in.— '—Granted. 

XII. After the Term mentioned in the 
preliminary Article is expired, Order* ihall 
be given that the Commiifariesof Artillery, 
Engineers and Provifinns, flviU make an In-, 
yentory of wh^ ihall be found in the King's 
Magazines, out of which Bread, Wine, and 
Meat ihall be furniihed to fubiiA the French 
Troops to the Moment of their Departure. 
— They ihall be furniihed with neceifary 
Subfiilence till their Departure, on the fame 
Footing with the Troops of his Britannic 

XIII. Major- general Craufaid, as wall 
as all the Engliih Ofiicers and Soldiert, who 
have been made Prifoners iince the gth of 
April 1761, inclufive, ihall he fet at Liberty 
after the Signing of the Capitulation, and 
ihajl be difengaged from their Parole. The 
French Oiiicers of different Ranks, Vo)un« 
teers, Serjeants, and Soldiers, who have 
been made Prifoners fmce the 3th of April, 

Aiall alfo be fet at Liberty 7 he Eoglifh 

Oflicers and Sotiiers, Prifopers of War in 


6?4 -^ CfjroHo/ogic'al Memoir of Occurrences y 

the Ci( jdely are to he free the Moment the long Continutnce of wiftf, (lead/, and fic- 

Capitulation is figned. The French Offi« ccfiful Meafures. 

cere and Soldiers, who are Prifoners of " A Blow fo humiliating to the Pride and 

War, ihall He exchanged according to the Power of France, cannot hut imprefs that 

Cartel of Sluys. haui^hty Nation with a due Senfecf the So- 

AD the abo\ro Articles (hall be executed periority of a PaMiot Kmg» ruling over a 

faithfully on both Sides $ and fuch as may free, brave, and united People; and win, 

He doubtful (haJl be faiily interpreted.— we trufl, convince them of the Danger of 

Cranted. delaying to accept fuch Terms of Peace as 

After the Signature, lloftazes fliall be fer>t your MajeAy*s Equity, Wifdom and Modc- 

on both Sides, for the Sccuriryof the Arti. ration mall think Hz to prefcribe. 

cles of the Capitulation. Cranted. *' What therefore hare we more to wifli. 

All the Afiihivcs, Regiflers, public Pa- but that your Majefty may long, very long, 

pers, and Writings, which luve any Rela- continue the Guardian and Prote£lor of the 

tion to the Government of the Ifland, (hall Religious, Civil, and Commercial Rigbta 

be faithfully given up to his Britannic Ma- of Great Britain, and her Colonies $ and 

jeAy'sCommifTary: Two Days (hall be al- <^'t your MajcAy*s Wifdom may ever be 

lowed f^r Ihe Evacuation of the Cit;idel ; frc^ nded by equally faithful and fpirited 

and the Tranfports, neccfTiry for their Em- Coynals ; and your Commands executed 

Karkation, (hall be ready to receive the with nj lefs Ardour, Emulation, and Suc- 

Garrifon and their EfFrfts. ' A French Offi- cefs. 

cer (hall be ordered to deliver up all the " On our Part, permit us humbly to af' 

Warlike Stores and Provifions ; and, in furc your Mj'jcfty that your faithful Citirens 

general, every Thing which belongs to his of London wiJl, with unwe.iried Zeal and 

tnoft Chriftian Majefty, to an EngliihCom- Chearfulntfs, contribute to fupport a vigo* 

ini(rary appointed for Purpofe. And rous Prof»;.wUti')n of this jult and nccefTary 

ftnOfticerlhail hcnrdfrrtt !o (hewusalicbe War; until your Majcrty, having fufAci- 

Mines and Snutcraiits of the Place. ently vindicated the Honour of your Ciown, 

S. HoorsoN. A. KerPEt. and fecured the Trade, Navigation, and 

Le Clievalier dc St. Cr o i z. PoffefTion of your Subjcfts, (hall enjoy the 

BlefTmg and Glory of giving Repofe to £u- 

St,yijn:ts*i, Juite ij, Thi? Pny 'he Rt. ro;>c. of wholly attending to and promoting 

Won. the Lord Mayor,, and the Virtue and Happirefs of your People, 

Commons of the City of Lc.:.r.:.r., :<. Conv- and of cultivating all the fofter Arts of 

mon-council alTcmhkd, w:ii:vJ I r ;.. Ma- Peace, 

i*:fty, and being introductd ♦ ■ 'i.n ' I. j-fly Signed by Order of Court, 

by the Rt. Hun. Mr. V.v »;i:. '« :nn Jamxs Hodgxs. 
Finch, m-^de their Ccmpli.iicif^ .o 'Vi^- id- 

lowing Addrefii, which was f^^,,:,, .s.- ^,,r To which Addrcfi his Majefty was pleafed 

William Moiton, Knt. ii»t Ke».oi ii r. ' to rcrurn this moft gracious Anfwer. 

-,..-,., AW •!.».•. *• ' return you my hearty Thanks for 

To the K;ns-« moft Excellent X,.>^.y. „,;, f„f„ y„^ ^f yo»r Affeftion to my Per- 

The humble AdHreft of the Lo-d M... f ,„j rf y,,urconft3ntZ«l tcr.heLuftre 

Alderitien. and Common! of theC.ry oi „f „ ^^^f .^j f^^ ,he Glory of my 

l^ndon, m Common-council alTembled. J^^■^l Your repeated Affurance* of chear- 

** ilffl/? Gracious Sovereign, ful and (^eady Support in the Profecution qf 

'• With reverential Awe and Gratitude this necttrny War, urt m^^ft highly pleafing 

to the Supreme Giver of all Viftory, we tome, and cmnot fail to promote the de- 

your Maje(ty's moft dutiful and loyal Sub- Arabic O^jeA of Peace, on juft, bonoura- 

jc^, the Lord Mayor, Alderm«n, and ble, and .-idvantageous Conditions. The 

Commons ot your City of London, in Com- City of London may always depend on my 

mon council a/Tembled, humbly approach unwearied Endeavours for the Security and 

your Royal Prefence^ to exprefs our Joy Extention of their Trade, Navigation, and 

and Exultation on the entire ReduOion of Commerce.** 

the important Ifland of Relleifle, by the They were all very gr^clou fly received, 
Condiid, Tfitiepidity, and Perfeverence of and had the Honour to kifs his Mi«je(ly*8 
your MajeOy^b Land and Naval Forces : A Hand. And, .jnf> as they were withdraw- 
Conque(f, which after more than one fruit- ing from tlie Prrfence, his Majtfty mod 
Itfs Attempt in former Times, fccms to obligingly condefcended to quit his Chair, 
have been rrfervcd by Divine* Providence to and moft complaifantiy, with great Free- 
grace the aufpicions Beginning of your Ma- dom, entered into many Minutes Conver- 
jelly*s Rd^n, and confirms our Hopes of a fation with his Lordlhip and the Aldermen, 


For y U N E, 1761.. . 685 

;*oUtely look hii Leavje Ux/K^y of 

4li£cfipCion oq the fir A Stone of the 
«ach of Black-friars B^id^e is u foU* 

.1 the 23d THy of Jane, 17^1, 

the Ftr/l Year of the Reign of 


h Stofie of the firA Pier was laM 

III* Alderman, and Chairman of 
n>mittee appointed by the Court of 

n< council to cany into Execution 
* of Parliament for BuMdins a Brid|se 
'10 River- Thames at Black firiari, to 
•lAAte Side in the Cotmty of Surry, 

{{ERT MYLNE, Arebiua. 

Medal of his prcfent MajeAy, let 
ock Marble, was laid by Defire o^ 
4i3cit Goflins, Kjiight, and Aider- 

Mr» Alderman Naflf, and Mr. AU 
.Caitwright, wec« elected Sheriffa of 
.ty «m1 Coancy of hUddkiex, for the 

. ; s appointed for holding the Suminer 

Chief Bsrw Parker^ Mr. B^rmAtbm* 
. Monday July 6, at.Abingdon* 
Wedncfday B, at Oxford, 
'itr/birt, Saturday 11, at WorceAer. 
flVsrcejitr^ fame Day and Place. 
*fif/iirt^ T)iuriday 16, at GbuccAer* 
v' Gt9meeper\ the fame Day and Place. 
-'^vtUtnre^ Monday ao» a| Aloomouth. 
for^rt^ Wednefdayaa. at Hereford* 
-^^in^ ToefdayaS, at Shrewsbury. 
'^ardjbirtj Saturday AuguA i ,atStaSSbrd. 

.uri idsnifitU and Mr, Jvjiice D^nifou, 
ij, MoodayJuTy 6, at Buckingham. 
Ifi^Jbiw^ Tbdirfday 9» at Bcdfofd. 
' •thgiitm/hirt^ Saturday ii» at IJuotiog" 

'm^idgtf>irtf Monday f 3, at Cambridge. 
-fiik^ Tburfday i6»at Bury St. Edmund*a. 
AVjfW*, Monday 20, at the CaAle of Nor- 
Citj •fNtrmUb, the fame Day at the Guild- 

Uri Chief JufUt miUt and Mr. Jufiiu 

t!:ftf9rd, Thurfday July %, at Hertford* 
tjfc*^ Tuefday 7, at Chelmsford. 
Kr*tf Tujciday 14, at Maldllone, 
&frjr, Monday to, at Croydon. 
S&toiday 15* at Lewes. 


Afr. Jufiiu mimct awd Mr. Jmftui Uni. 

Sputham^ton, Monday June 19. at Wlotoa* 

JTiV/r, Tueiday luly 3^ at New Sarum. 

D^rftt, WedoefdayS, at Dorchcftcr. 

City of Exeter, S»tvT<\aLy ix, at the Guildhall. 

Jf^fom, the Cvne Day, at the Caftle of £]ie- 

Cornrvall, Saturday iS, at Bodmin. 

Stmrjet, Saeurdayii5, at the City of Wells. / 

City ofBriJiQl^ Thurfday «p» at the Guild- 

Mr, JupUe Forjltr ana Mr. Bmron Smytbem 

NfiHb^mptvmfbire^ Tueftiay July 7, at Nor- 

Rutland^ Friday to, at Ok^ham. 

Lincolti/hlrx^ Monday 13^ at the Caftle oC 

CiifrfMnnin, the bine Day at the City of 
Lincoli^. ■ 

Notiingbamjbfre, Thurfday z6, at Notting- 

Tova of Ntitiagham, Tucfd^ ly^ at th» 

Derby Airt^ Saturday iS, at Derby. 

heicehtrfkire^ Wedoefday aa, at the Caftia 
of Leictfter. 

BeiTQi^b^f Ditt9, Thurfday a3» at the Bo- 
rough of Leiceiler. 

City of Coventry, Saturday 25^ at the City 
ot Corentry. 

Warmiekpire^ the fame Day at Warwick. 

ir«a. Afr.. Jufiice Btthurfi and Mr. Baruk 


Tovon of Kingjion up^n Hull, and County of 
the ume, Wedncfday July %, at the Town 
of KlnsAon upon Ifciu. 

City ofTork, Saturday iithj at the Guilds 

^ hall of the faid City. 

TorkAire^ the fame Day at the Caftle of 

Dttrbam^ Tuefday the iift, at the Caftleol 

Tevm of NeweaJIfe upon Tine^ Monday tbt 
aythy attbeljaildhall of the fame Town. 

NortbumberUnd, the fame Diy, at the CalUo 
of Newcadle upon Ty ne. 

CnmberUnd^ Saturday Augull i, at the City 
of CarliOe, 

WefimoreUnd, Thuriday the 6tfa, at Ap« 

Lanesibire, Saturday the 9th, at the Cafti« 
of Lancaftcr. 


Mr, Juftici Nod, and Taylor PVbite, Effete 

Montgomery, Wedncfday July 29, at Pool. 

Denbigbjbire, Wednefday Auguil 5, at Ru« 

Flintjhirt, Tuefijay Ai»uR if , at PKn|| 
Cb'fiire, Mooday Au^im 1;^ at Cliriter. 


686 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

7««' t6. The Lady of Col. Townfcnc!, a 
The Hon. Lady Spencer, a Daughter. 

May 16. 


Hannam, Eiq; to Mifs 

Clara VilUers PUt» Sifter to the Rt. Hon. 
Wr. Secretary Pitt. 

iq. Loftus Turner, Efq; to Mifs Dela- 
main, Daughter to Wm. Delaxnain, £fq; oT 

xo. Bemey Brograve, £fq; to Mils Haw- 
ker of Radow in Efl*ex. 

14. Cuthbert Faikin, aged 76* to Re« 
becca Milburn^ aged gr, ac Newcaftle. 

June %. W. Henry Littleton, Efqj Go* 
▼ernor of Jamaica, to Mifs Mary Macart* 

The Rev. Mr. Jeffreys, Rc^^ory of St. 
Nicholas Cole-abbey, to Mi& Darell of 

J 6. W. Clayton, Efqj Member of Par* 
liament fsr Marlow in Backs, to Mifs 
Lloyd of Berkeley- fquare. 

17. James Evelyn, of Oodftone, Surry, 
to Mrs. Fane, Sifter of Sir John Guft, 

Sir Francis Vincent, Bart. Knt. of the 
Shire for Surry, to Mrs. Swymmer, Wi- 
dow of the late Langley Swymmer, iSs\\ 


May 14. The Rev. Mr. Cullis, of Brlftol, 

ftooping down to pick up a Paper be had 

dropped, he inftantly expired s *Tis re- 

Vnarkable that his Brother died in the fame 

ACMj^er fome time ago. 

A6wThe Hon. Henry Finch, Efq; Mem- 
ber of Parliament for Malton, Brother to 
theEarlof Winchelfea. 

27. 'Dr. Nclbit, at Anfen-Comer, Senior 
Fellow of the Royal College of Phyficians, 
Fellow of the Antiquarian Society, and 
many Years Reader of Anatomy to the 
Sui-geon's Company. 

38. The Hon. Lady Eriz. Piercy, eldeft 
Daughter of the Earl of Northumberland. 

The Rr. Hon. the Earl of Home, at Gi- 
braltar, Governor of that Place, Lieut. 
Gen. and Col. of the a5th Reffment of 
Foot, and chofen one of' the 16 Peers of 

' 30. The Rt. Hon. the Marchioneft Dow* 
agcr of Rockingham. 

Juu€ I. The Lady of Alex. Thiftlewaite, 
EA2I in Hampibire. 

Jofeph Morton, of the Old Change, Loa- 
don» Carpenter. 

30. Jofeph Hawthorne, late of Mancbe- 
fter. Dealer. 

Robert Wife, of Allanby, near White- 
haven in Oumberland, Merchant. 

Jonathan Beck, late of Tochill.ftreet, 
Weftminfter, Baker. 

Jofeph Grantham, of Camaby ftreet. 

Jmnti. Thomas Holford and John Mayd- 
well, of London, Dry-ialters. 

John Key, of Priors Marfton in War- 
wickftiire, Dealer. 

GamaUel Walker, of Manchefter, Chap- 

Samuel Bradley, late of Worcefter, 
Watchmaker and SiWerfmith. 

Richard Holdihip, late of Worcefter. 

6. Walter Taylor the Younger, of Sou- 
thampton, Blockmaker. 

9. John Knell, late of St. Mary le Bone, 
but now of St. George Bk>omrbury, in Mid- 
dlefex, Coach and Coach- hameft maker. 

Thomas Holford, of Dowgate-hill, in 
the City of London, Ehyfalter and Oi- 

13. James Boys of Pennington, Sou- 
thampton, Merchant. 

James Armftrong, hte of Midhurft in 
Suffex, Dealer. 

Obed Porter, of Taunton St James*!, 
Somerferfhire, Serge-maker. 

Ferdinando Southam, of Window ui 
Bucks, Scrivener. 

John Ulric Paflavant, of Exeter, Men. 

16. Jofeph Llewillin, and John Hanif, 
of the City of Briftol, Carpenters and Co- 

Bit L of Mortality frtm Maf 19, to June 13. 

Males 1001 7 , « 
Females 9i5j*9»« 

Under 2 years old 6co 
Between % and 5 163 
5 and 10 — 55 

loandao— 53{Without 
ao and 30 — > 162 

30 and 40 — > V99 City & Sub. fFeft. 43 c 

40 and 50 — 208 ■ 

50 and 60 — 149 





Males 705 7 ^ . 
Females ejSi*^*! 


Within the walls 144 

Without 437 

Mid, and Surry 906 


May at. William Brown, of Carry* 
jftrcet, H^ierand Hatter. 

a6. Rol^rrt Peaeh, of Wilby in Nor- 
ib$tnpt0tiQiirtg Tanaw, 

j6o and 70 — 1324 Weekly May 26. 438 

70 and 80 — 92 June 2. 379 

80 and 90 ^— 48 9, 393 

9oandioo — 6l 16. 355 

100 and J 10 —— li 23*3S3 



Mifcellaneous Correfpondence, 

in Profe and Verfe. 

For y U L r, i^6ri 

Mathiuatical Questions Jnfwered. 
^Ui/Km 3i9i anjivtrtit if Mr. Rob. Duncan, e/'Innerikdtliing; 

^^UT x:=HciBl>i; j^Btndib, x = Length. Thvnwill^* + z* = thediagonll 
X^ SqoJTB (bj £«. 47. 1.) Alfo*»+j,» = j»4. «>+«,» = 400, jnd «»+/• + »' 
— '■{(Z'^*^''''"''' >n<leiir.47. i.J From rhit Ull Eqnilion AihtTiQini: f«ver«ny the 
l<M MR Bi)nMion*, we hive s> = ]0i, j>^ = >!;• conlequenllf r> ^99-. Hence 
M — 17.4 tiarif , / = i;, arid ' :~ 10 ttarly. tlow %j + txit x ~ 64S fiinre Feet 
In tha Sida of (he Ptrlojr j and 9) 64S (=: ^i fquirc Tirdi. Then 3 1 4 1 1 7s : 96, 
tfaa Yartb of Tapeflr]' requind. 

<Wgnh, Mr. Sam. 
Afr. T. CariilL 


^tftim 330, anjwertdbj Mr, JameS Launders. 
ftzk. kttatjn't MmTiiratioc, Page t»4, Steond Edition, — 1- 'L_ - — — J* 
f^tAlC — »4'f'4''^9 c:CoD*aSnrfaGe rtqaireil. 

rtrl SfMta mi -//. «■/«*«( ^ Mr. W. Allen, 3ft.. t. fdfe^, jtfr. t.Barbefi 
te-. T. BoAraith, Mr. C. RciJawir, Mr. T. Ri>blnron, Mr. I. Rofe, Mr. T. Afkjnfun, 
Jfr. Vir. Bamci, iVr. T. Cargill, aeJ Mr. W.Tomt. Smul tihtr GtUtema rrfkjii it 
0ifmrit*i iiiigttfrranJfrn, Mr. RoWnfon-i Triirifi tf MafiiraiiM. 

J^fffSfK 33it jti^mrfdby Mr. Barak Long- 

Pirra=A(:, > = BC, « = AB| •=: Ji9;tfr. 
i — 160) Then ffir En. ^j.t) jj =** + «iHD. 

Ag^, — ±: Kde Square by Ear. 4: and t6.6, and 

4tjfets)^±:Ml*ndtlie Ana e 96. £>, £. A, 

688 Mijcenaneous Correjpondence^ 



Thifame anfwindhj Mr, Geo* Surtees. 
ET * + jf =: Bafe, * — jr — Perpendicular, then by known Theorems We will hvtm 


V^ajrx + ijjl X v/a«* + »>^ =3 i6o r= * J ironti the litter \/'%xx + zyy] n 
* + v/j« * — ^,\ and « X — jrjf rz X* — * ^x* — i\ + -, which being fubAicuteit 

in the former, we hare 2 x' — » ** \/** — ^1 -f -5 — ^ - vx« — *) := z i x $ 

foWed X r= 14, hence the Bafe zz. 16, Perpendicular =: 12, Hypothenufe rr 20, and 
Area = 96. ^ £. D. 

This Slutjiion xvat s/fo atifwered by Mr. T. Barker, Jfr. T. Robtnfon, Mr, Jamet 
Launders, Mr, T. Scott, Afr. W. Allen, Mr, J. Rofc, Afr. T. Carfill, Mr. W. Tocnt. 
and by the Proptjer, Mr, Walter Matthewlbn. Otbtr jiwfwtrs tMr# nceiviJbgt were not rigbtm 

^uiJHm 332, anjwind by. Mr. Geo. Redaway, ^Crediton. 

BY a Theorem in ^iMr^/m's Algebra, Page 324, we have, As 16.25)^ * >^*5 ^ s^^*'* 
1 ,710059 iz double the natural Sine oif the lead acute Angle, hence the Legs are 
ii,t9S and 30.13 nearly. H^, fK R, 

7%is ^eft/oH was aifo anfweredby Mr, T. Bailcer, Mr. T. Robinfbn, /Wr. Matthew* 
Ibii, Mr^ W. Allen. Mr, J, Rofe, Mr, T; Bofworth, Mr. T. Jefferys, Mr, Barak Long- 
ihatCy Mr, T. Atkinfon, Mr, T. Cargill, Mr, W. Toms, «»!/ by the Frofo/er, Mr. J. Scott. 

New Questions to be anjwered. 

Qucftion 342. Vertex to the Center of Gravity, and ano- 
ther drawn from the Center of Gravity to 

TJ njr 'm. t tr terminate in the Extremity of the SetW- 

/>y yifr. 1 no. Jetterys, Ordinate, the Difference between theft two 

Lines is equal to the DifFefence between the 

A is there is a great Deception in the bounding Ordinate and AbfciiTi. Query 

common Method (ufed by Carpen- the Dimenfiolis of the Parabola f 
ters, &e.) of meafuring round Timber, by 

snuUiplying the Square of one fourth of the CkxtMir^n f%AM 

mean Girt into the Length for the Con- V^cinon 344. 

tent. Now having the greater and kflfer P« Af T M 

Gifts, with the Length given 5 a general ^J ''•"'• * • "^1X15. 

Theorem is required, for detertnining where .^-^.••wmIl • ..^ * i^ 

any Tree Oiall be cut off j fo as lo meafur* 0*1 p^J.^'^i'^I^^K**^.^ *^ *."'^ ^'!?"«'* 

the greatcft Quantity poflible by the faid VJ A BC toftnd the Areaof itsleaftcir- 

common Mcafurc J fuppofing it every where cumfcribmg Circle ? 
tape^ng alike ? 

Qiieftion 345. 

Qucftion 343. By Mr. Sam. Beckon. 

By Mr, T. Robinfon. -^vt-. r /s . ^ . « 

^ QUppofe a Gentleftian*s Expcnces w be, 

LIT thtre be a Pieceof Ground in Form O one Day with another = a. Query 
of a- Parabola, whofe Area is i.J thclamq, whena^- ,4 « 1 = ,6 Pounda> 
Acres, Then jf a Line be drawn from the ^ ^ a «^""ii"» 

Mr. Todd 

in PROSE and VERSE. 689 

Mr. Todd has tkfind the fittowingSGlution of his ^eftion 327, to be in" 

JertiJ^ as Mr. Gcorgc'j is not right. 

TF «=:«/. fZ^ 10000/. r r= — (:r .01) the Intereft of one Pound for one Quarter, 

^ and «, Ihe Number of Qutrtcrs ; then the Amount of /, at Intered ■ Quarters 
\f^»^t}* diminiQied by the Amount of all the quarurly payments exclufive th^ U(k 

^— +— =E-=:— — — 1 muft be 

-—1 ;Trn» «-iy 

a maximum to anfwer the firil part of 


^ iv*|> I 

tbe (^idlioo,«is. f-^-tirf^ UlJL ^ ^i! ~^ . " ^ ''" 4. J..U1 . whofe Fluxion when 
»= Hyp. Log. rf* (.69314713), is/>r«-.- . =Sr~^ + TZTi ^ ®* 

- - « 4"ir;)* - - ' 

wUgIi reduced, s>^ «* = ^ r x 4 — i -j-^r x 4— i _ ^ ^^^ whence follows if = 

t X*— 1 +*r 

7^' ■ :r 7«I443 Qjiarters, the Time when moft Money was due. But to find the pre- 

dfc TlflM when the Debt is paid off i make the Amount of f, ttper Data equal the 
Anoonc of all the quarterly payments, fuppofing each payment put to Intereft the Mo- 

■■itwhcnpuid, and continued *tillthe Debt isdifchai^ged, v/x, p^prmzz, '— ==rT— 

r— if 

» JLI— 4. "" . From whence (but with fome difficulty) the vahie of n may 


Otherxvife thus. If we ntatn the preceJing Notation^ 

J HEN the Sum Irft at the End of 
I, 1, 3, 4, filTr. » Quarters, 
be denoted by the Sum of the 
KiM Number of St^. 





And therefore when the Debt is a Maximum, it will be denoted by the Sum of m Steps, 
cxchrihre — 4" the laft payment. But when tlie Debt is paid off, the Sum of m Steps 
iiiufl=:o, Tix. / + ^''"— »+ i. <"'—» + x-»'4*—»'f 3, r4'— , &c. .^^ra"^^^ 
— 1 r ^"^ ^.^ra" ' .« 4 «. « a ^ 41^, Sec 4", whofe Slim, by known Theorems 

S»4">^»— ■' y - ^ — — r= o, which is cxadly coincident 

with the laft of the above Theorems. And if to which, 4* the laft payment be added, 
cbc Sum will gife the ftrft of the preceding Theorems before it is put in FluxiooSk 

/fV arifaeownd luith the following Account of the Tranjit of Vmiusftom 

Mr* Tdlbotp fi/" Newport, i;i Shropfliirc. 

JUBIB the 6tti beiof a deU|htful Morning, the Sun rofe rcmarkAbly clear at about ^h 
43' I with the Planet t^twus upon hts Di(k nearly as was expe^Ved, but (he at firfi ap- 
peared a very irresubs Sort of Ooloog or Oval Figure occafioned by the tcira^v^^Vo^'w^t 

4T » ^ 


Mifcellaneous Correjpqndence^ 

6f the Afmofphere, after we h«(l feaft^ our Eyes for abput half an. Hour, and tbeLimbf 
pf the Sun and Fenut became pretty well defined, I began' to makeufe of the Micrometer, 
and at 4h 15' I noeafored Krina's Diilance from the Sun^s Madir z= 5' 3".. At 5h 51^ 
ihe was 5' 5" from the near^ft Limb of the Sun. At 5h 30' flie was 5' 50" ^, between 
|his Time and the Emerfion I made fome Obfervations of the Difference of Right-alcen* 
fions and Declinations between the Sun and yenut^ and at 8h lo' 5" I make the Time Ft- 
jvtti-s, and the Sun*s weilem Limbs were in conta^, or bei^inning of Bmerfioft % the final 
£merfioh w^s at 8h aS' 8". 'At 8h 15I I alfo meafiired the Diliance of Venm fmxa the 
reared Spot that was on the Sun^s Di(k and found it 7' 49^'. — We alio meafared t|ie 
DianfMftcr of Vtnus with three different Telefcbpes, vix. two Refradors and on^ Reflednr, 
one of the Refraf^ors gave 50", the other 51'', and the Refledor ^4" \ and according to 
tlie obferved Time of the Planet's tranfitihg the Sun's Ljmb, thelaff feems to be quite cor* 
1^, which differs greatly from what has t^een made ufe of in the Calculatioas by Dr« 
B^Uej^ apd all that have foUowed him. 

The Duration of the Egrefs of the Plqmt Vfilf us, as obfervtd in thi foU 

lowing Places. 


GReenwich Obfervatory 
Leiceffer Houfe — 
Spiral Square .. 

Chrift HoTpital — - 
fleet. Street ■ 


Derby ■ 
Wadenho, Northamptonihire 
Leicefter ■ i— 

Spaldmg .1..-^.. 




9 Anonymous Letter 

42 Milveiton, Devon 

23 Great Bi)dwortb 

41 Guildford, Surrey 

1% 30 Sralbrid^ *— 

18 4 Bath ■ 

17 40 Exeter ■ 

18 21 Nfwport, Shroplhire 

17 o Iflington ' --— - 

18 o 












N. B. This laft Obfervation was made by forming the Sun's Image on 9 Sheet of 
Paflboard, al^ut ^8 Inches Diameter, and that of Vtnus about half in Inch* The inttr* 
hat Contaff was obferved by a great Number of Gentlemen, many of whom had Watches 
in their Hands to obfwrve the Moment to bsifa Second, and it was agreed by all, there 
|;ould not he an Error of 2 Seconds, it waf (o very eafy to fee the Thread of Light vaniih. 
And, with re(peA to the external CentaS, that there could be no HcTitation of more than 
4 pr 5 Seconds at moi^, was the unanimous Opinion of aU the Con^pany who otijfervfd it. 

4 Cat^lcgyc of th vi/itU EcUpfis (f Jupiter*/ Satellites for l^(>u 
By My^ Talbot. A f parent Time ^t Greenwich. 



i, h 1 " 



6 14 23 44 



13 13 «2 53 


2a 12 37 42 



29 IX 22 43 

5. 3. J 

H 19 43 

14 31 9 



5 M *3 4S 



16 25 49 

L I. 

7 »o 3^ 51 


10 54 38 

L I. 

10 14 45 37 


14 12 49 10 

L I. 

13 11 39 


21 14 45 


1$ 50 27 


d. h 



9 14 4 


9 9 10 


II 40 12 


x6 40 56 


II 10 8 


7 37 50 


13 6 21 


7 35 3? 

IQ 29 58 



11 40 4f 


15 4 3 


9 3» '4 

13 9 41 


15 43 20 


16 59 46 

(Phaie 1 


1.4. 1 
E. 4. S 






L I. 







22 13 40 

24 8 9 

26 7 53 

29 15 36 

I xo 6 

3 10 34 

8 12 3 

9 6 40 
10 6 32 

13 14 

15 M 59 

16 10 42 

17 8 28 
23 12 I 

'4 45 

E. I. 
£. I. 
E. 2.^ 
£. X. 
£. I. 
48|£. 2. 
£. X. 
£. 3. 
£. I. 
£. 2, 
£. I. 









29'E. 3, 
48IE. I. 

i3l£. 3. S 


Iff P R O S E and VERSE. 



# /♦ 



*4 58 



5> 7 



20 27 



49 »9 


55 »7 


*J 7 



»» 55 



44 29 



5 43 



39 9 







45 5^ 

59 »o 
32 52 

o 51 

5 4 
10 45 24 





Phafe I 
E. !• N(/v, 

E. 2. 

E. I. 

1.4. 7 


E. X. 

E. 2. 
E. I. 

HaUejf^i Tables makis 4 Sat. paff by the Shadow. 











£. I. 
2^ 1.4. 7 
25 E. 4. 5 

E. 3. 

E. 2. 

E. I. 

E. X. 







h ' 

7 33 


xo 8 

10 47 
5 H 









E; 2. 
E. I. 


E. X. 
£. I. 

E. 2. 

J Pastoral Elegy. 

T. . 

>IEU ! to each fcence of delight. 
To all the dear pleafuies of youth ; 
Dw^ ii gone from my fight, 
Imcan my oUeriei footh. 

dds once fo plealaiit and gay, 
i a doll afpeu now wear ; 
itib that iang wekome to day, 
■e can enrapture my ear. 

IR can my teed or my lyre, 
r their melodiooj finun j 
the fClleckfl my lambs now retirr, 
flapping and frolic retrain. 

and my fruit-txeei run wild, 
Aiven ungatber'd decay, 
anmt and plough-fliaxts unfoil^d, 
»iii the Bam all the Day. 

toic kx^ gloomv and (ad, 
nhiichafte bluioes withholds | 
every ^Ke, joy is fled : 
foy tongue^ grief unfolds 

h the faireft and beft 
oie gay nymphs on the plain } 
!f^ my love ftands confdil, 
ff/jf my heart beats with pain. 

p day in my thoughts (he does live, 
ht by my drrams (he appears j 
c that could happinefs give, 
R that could fweeten lile^s cares. 

ft have I heard the foft fighs 
ch* langua(|:e of wiitiom and troth ; 
(ten beheld her Bright Eyes, 
sen ftnick with her Beauty and youth. 

itfa BOW hit arrow has (hot, 
aunded thofe ncellent charms, 
th ! of all living the lot, 
Mtch*t her away from xny arms* 


The Raell that prodaimM DetJ^*i Utjo^ 
In fancy ftill grates on my car j 
The Knell that forewarns e*ertoo late 
Vain mortals for Death to prepare. 

The hills and the vallies reibun^ 
With mournful complaints, from afar j 
The ravens axid fwallow fly round 
My Cottage, and croak for my hk. 

In fliades unfrequented 1*11 rove. 
Where filence in majefty (at. 
Lamenting the abfence of love. 
Like the turtle bereft of its mate, 


Or to the pure ftream I'll repair. 
That glides in foft murmurs along. 
There fili*d with corroding defpair ; 
Her name ihall ftill live on my tongue. 

Rich garlands of green Tli compofe. 
To adorn and furroond her fair Head ; 
With th' leaves of the hlly and Rofc, 
For her limbs a foft coveriog fpread, 

On the bark of the oak of vaft fame^ 
\/hofe verdure, whole agrs furvives, 
I'll engrave in large letten her name, 
I'o catch and fteal tears from all eyes. 

At night's fulemn hour I'll go, 
Tu die place, where my Dajy is la*d. 
There a flirine to her virtues bellow | 
And over it frankincenfe (hed. 

Ye minutes ! tliat once flew fo faft, 
What make ye thus flowly move on f 
Since tbouMt not give me oack what's paft^ 
To finifli my forrows — — — — begone. 


FaieiA-ell to the dance on the green. 
Where the lads with their laflTes oft mett ; 
Farewell to the tranfports ferene, 
And to'all Uut U Dk^XuiX «XMi i>K«^ 


Mifcellaneom Correfpondenciy 


Ah me ! that To lately was bleft. 
So lately all jocund and gay. 
Sad ang;uiih now furrows my breafly 
With anguiih my life waftcs away. 

Alafs ! how fubftantial oar cares. 
How tranfieot are pleafurcs below ! 
Now life, big with blcHings appears. 
Now proves only forrow and woe. 

Norwich, Joly 16, 1761. S. P. 

On Friendship. 

rtAfL fnend{h:p, 'tis to thee I tune my 
To thee I confecrate my humble Verfc, 
Thou goddefs of fincere and real joy, 
Thoo loveliefk virtue that adorns the breaft. 
And renders dear the A£lions of mankind ; 
On thy bright wings the foul unbounded foon. 
To realms, where peace and harmony com- 
Where jealoufy and difcord ne*er intrude, 
Wliese extaCrs imnr.enfe and richeft blifs. 
With unity is ever found Jo dwell. 
At thy aofpidous (hrine the focial mind 
Unloads its weight of forrow and affliflion. 
In hopes, and never fails to find relief; 
Pours fcHirth its darling trrafures unreftrain'd. 
And by the fweet efFufion heightens joy. 
AH facred friend/hip, offspring of the flcies. 
Arrayed in robes of confhncjr and truth. 
Whom neither wjuit nor mifery can exclude. 
Nor time nor fpace thy influence abate j 
Thou reconciler of inteftine feuds, 
Thou afylum of innocence dx(lrcfs*d, 
And goodneCs moft incffjble and true. 
To thee i» juftly due far nobler fbains. 
Pure gratitudt, fidelity and love. 

Thf Wish, 

Jnfin'M to Mifs ^••** 

TIE cottage, which the gay defpife. 
Where truth prevails without difguiie. 
Where fweet contentment finds a piace^ ^ 
Where rofy health adorns e.ich face, > 

While ftrengih does every nerve embrace ; j 
Where rich Induftry plys her art. 
And holy fr".endfhip fires the heart 5 
Where peace and virtue ever reipi, 
Remote from envy and difdain, 
From frantic myrth and giddy dance, 
Viom gaud) drcisof Impiidence, 
Ficm whnc loofc fancy does refort, 
And wan'OM pKai'nrc keeps her court ; 
From fplf n Jid manfj'^ns of the great, 
(.'r.ntmr \cCJcd$ ! for my retreat: 
NV -r to Tonic cool andxrryflul rill, 
Wi.frr tiijf fly cattle driojc th^.Jrfil.'i 

Where nature flourifhes and thrivet^ 
And Innocence fecurely lives ; 
■ A few choice books of moral kiaJ| 
To cultivate and glad the mind. 
To lead it from blind errors way. 
To tnith*s refplendant (acred Ray : 
Of Aiftenance a medium ihare. 
With raiment dean and whole to wears 
Add llkcwife to compleat my bliis 
The Maid ! who beft deferves my wiA, 
On whofe foft mind, pure wifdom beaai9 
Whofe modefly, defires enflames. 
On whofe fair face, the graces {jinUtp 
To chetifh hopes and cares beguile £ 
Whofe voice is mufic to the ear. 
Of matchlcfs form and eafV air ; 
Then when the years of life are full 
That (be the obje£t of my Soul, 
May kindly take me to her breafi 
Till tired-nature fioks to reft* 

.//Hymn to God. 

X T THIL£ on the ftormy waves I wdktuf 

Or long the dreary heaths and foreAs finy; 
Where favage nature hunts in queft of food. 
Or man more fieree lurks after httinan blood | 
Tho' dangers threaten me on every fide. 
In God ni truft, in him alone coofidey 
On him, my life and fafety muft depend^ 
In him, my health and fortune find a friend | 
*Tis he prefcrves me, on the fea and fboic,- 
Where iafhing furges and the cannons roar j 
Where balefull Envy rears her poifonous odl^ 
Where famine, peftilence and rapine (tkA \ 
Midft rocks and mountains of enormoin 6te$ 
Caverns and gulphs tremendous to the eye^ 
From greedy death, deftruAion tad the gnv^ 
*Tis only he, my wandring fteps can iave : 
When filent night her fable mantle wear ) 
And I grow faint, opprefs'dwith toil and caxe^ 
*Tis he provides a couch for my repofe, 
Andfendshisbalmy fleep my e}'es todofe; . 
When bright Aurora from her bed ariie. 
And with chafte blu/hes ting the rofy ikies } 
*Tis he reftores me to an aAive ibte, 
And widi freih hopes my weakfull foul eltt^ 
When nature finks and droops her chearldt 

How vain stll /kill to raife without his aid ; 
The pill compounded wants the power to heal, 
Unlefs it takes its virtues from his feal 3 
Altho^ it vifits every pore Al vein, 
I'he patient neither flrength nor eafe cai>Miii s 
At whofe grand fiat dawn'd primaeval liJB^ 
And atoms into Mtnu took their flight ; 
The earth, the lea, and all things on, orla. 
From him alone, derives their orion { 
By whofe dirc£hon, whole peiminWe will, ^ 
Now beau thepuUeof lilt and now itandsiHiU 


in PROSE and VERSE. 693 


-fp All IK THB W&airQ, a Comesfy of 

Fvut ABs. By Mr. Murphy ; »fw H^rittoi ly Mr. Garrick. 

m3i9g mi Drary-Lane. 

Wfittin and/foh by Mr. FooTB. Spoktn by Mn. Yates. 

rrX) night be it known to Box, Cairrics, 

I and Pit, T^Lefs mt, this Summer work Is Co fiitlni- 

WiH be open^d the Oiig^aal Wharehoule for J3 ing ! 

wit^ ^ And then our pUy*s fo buftling, fo intriguii^ I 

The new Maattfafinrey Foote and Co. Under- Such miffing, figbing, fcolding, all together, 

takers/ ^ Thefc lore affain fuit beft in colder weather. 

Plaj, Opera, Pantoaaiiiey Faice»— > by the At this warm time thefe writers fhouldnot 

Makers. treat you 

Wc fan, like our brtthren, oar fortunes to With too much kive and paffion — > £or iLer 

ewe heat you ; 

To Sbskffear and Smthem, to Ofw^iy and Pbets like Weavers ihotiM with tafle and reaiba 

M^ne: Adapt th^Tarioos goods to erery feafon — 

Tho* onr jadgmeBt may esr | yet our juAice For the hot months the fanciful and flight,-^ 

is fliown, For mind and body fomethlng coo! and light : 

For veffomifeto manglcno works butourown j Authors themfelves indeed, hegled this rule. 

And nurcerer on this you may firmly rely, Dtds warm in fumm^, and at Cbrifimas cooL 

If wc can't make you laugh, that wc won*t I told our author, that thefe F/iw aa pbya. 

make you cry. Were rich brocades, unfit for fultiy days. 

For our Monarch, who knew we were myrth- Were vou a (kok^ faid I, wou'd yon piepare 

loving fouls, Large hams and roafted furloins for your fare > 

Has ]ock*d np his light'oing, his daggers and Their very fmoke wouM pall a dfy glutton -^ 

bovli % A Tragedy ! wouM make you all unbutton ! ' 

Rcfclv'd that in bulkim no heroes Aoald ftalk. Bodi appetites now aflc for daintier picking. 

He ha ihttt us auicc out of the Tragedy walk. Farce, »-^ Pantomine, .— cold lamb, — or 
No bbo^ 00 blank varfe^ in Aort we*re ua- whise-legg'd chicben. 

done At MtmHagb^ -~ fine rolls snd bvtttr fee I 

Uolefs you*re coatented with fi«lk and fua. Signior Tendueci, and the beft green tea. 

U tirM of her nmnd in the B^wdagb miil* UaHn fuiglng is as light as feather. 

There (hould be one female inclined to fit fHU { Bwd is too lottd, too powerful for this wra* 

If blind to the beauties, or fickof the fquall, ther, 

A party ihc«ld not zhnk to catch cold at^nr;!* ymnbmH more Iblidly regales your p^btes, 

ball. Good wine, cantatas, sold boiled beef, and 
If at JM^tr-t fweet w«Us, the wine fhouM be balbds. 

thick. What fliall we do your dififerent taftes to hit ? 

The cbeefecakes be few*r> or mi£i JKilkinfin Tm relilh Satiu [/• the Bit] yw Ragouts of 

fick : wit — \t9 tb€ Baxn. 

u the mme of the pipes flkould prove pow*tfttl Twr tafte is humoar and high-feaioa'd j«ke, 

/v. .^ "^' . ir'irft GaUtfj. 

Or the tuaUersbe lame, or the bells out of TWr call for Hornpipes, and for Hearts of Oak, 

» .^ *****».« . [Stand Gallery. 

We hqfe you will ctU at our warehonfe in O could I wlih and hate »- A conjuring saan 

^ Drmry^ Once told my fortune *^ And heoharmed this 
w«*ve a carious aflbrtment of giods I aflhre hn ■■■ ■ ■ 

y««» Said, with a flirt^I might enjoy ray wi(h t 

, DotBeftic and foreign, indeed all kindsof wares. If ia V\\ give you. Sirs, an EneliA diih. 

f •rt^ctorhs, //T> liaeBS, and Fi^ Pa-ea- If I like Harlequin have power o*er men, 

tain J I'll fiirt and wiih, and wifli and flirt again ^ 

It for want of good caAom or loflfes in trade, Come then — a fong (fiirtx, and muJUk it 

TUpoetkalpartnenflwoldbanksvpUbemade} beard ^ ) in^tx^l 1 fee * twill do } 

If Aota dealings too ktfe, we plunge deeply in Take heed gallants, F 11 play the duce with you 

^^^ When e'er I pleafc, will charm you to my 
Aod a whertoM oomesout in the MafkCaxitttf fight, 

' iSiS^ on yoa oar affi^BS for ccscificales call. And tear a fan with fiirtiiig evtir night. 
Tbo* laftlvetits «e*xc hoodkt vA give up our 

^ g> SONG. 

694 Mifcettaneous Corre^Mience^ 

^SOllG. WritttnlrfMr.QKK%iZfi. PHILOSOPHY. A VotH* 

YE Critics above, and ye Critics below^ *. >. . ^ .. r r » 

Ye finet.fpun Critics who keep ;he ^'•'' f « P^^ ^'^ 'Ve/^'»* ^^i^ / 

mWtow, VmciL, 

Oha tarry one moment, rU fing you a fong, X T THILE dear the m^t^ and ev*ry 

Shall prove that like ui ^~ Tau are all in the V V thought ferene, 

IFron^. Sing Tantara rara^ Wrong ally Let fancy wander o>r the folemn (eene ; 

H^rongatt^StngTantararara,allfrr9ng^ And, wtog*d by a£tive contemplation^ rife. 

Ye Poets who mount on the famM winged Amidft the radiant wonders of the (kies. 

fteed. Here Cajftopeia fiJJs a lucid thrdne. 

Of prancing, and wincing, and kitking take There blase the fplendours of the northanr 

heed j tr^am i 

Tbt when by thofc horncti the critics, he's While the flow tar the cold TriMh rowl, 

ftung, ^'o" *c l»*c countries tff thefmsen fok ! ' 

You are thrown n in the dirt — jfrd are all the Throughoi^t the Gataifft extended line, 

fOTVitf . ^ing Tantara rara, Set. Unntimber d orbs in gay profufion flunc : 

Yc aaois who aft, what ihofe writcis have W*>«« ^*/y ^^* ^*»« «*»«rt the gloom of 

writ, "'8**^ 

Prayftlckto vourpoet, and fpare your own wit 1 J^^ the faint trembUng of tdiftint light j 

tn when with your own, yoo unhridic your Sf^^u "H?"^ ^ fyftem of its owri 

tongue yf\ih the ftrong influence of a radiant fun. 

rn hold ten to oJ»e — Tou arjtaU in the wrong. ^^""^^ <^ *« ^^^* ^*»ich PbaehmT realm 

Ye knans^bo .Ike news for the fboUih to ^^JL^^^^^S^^^^^^ 

Vho print daUy «»J^f«?; JJ^^^""^. K tt^l ^^' «« gay'^limates with tht bbte of day, 

for a whileyou miilead em, the new* hunting ^„ thofedSrk regions glimmers ftom rfar,^ 

tt . .u ..•'*"*"8. With the pale luftre of a twinkling ftar. 

ButthepiUorypn,ves--nu-«^//,«/;*«.««^ ^„j P^,,^ while we our Stion priae, 

5/1.^ Wrtf ^^'•f' *^^- Bleftwith^hewaiinthof moreimlulgcnt flcies J 

Ye grave po lUcuns, fo deep and To wife Some cold Satumian, when the lifted tubfe. 

With yoor hums, and your flxngs, and your shows to his wand'ring eyes our peniile globe, 

op-hftcd eyes, pjjie, oor thirfty fail and dufty air, 

Th»ioad that you tiaviHs tedious and long^ ^nd thanks the friendly pow'r that fixM him 

Bat C pray you jog on — /oir are all in toe ivrong, there < 

Sing Tantara rara, *c. i;ct ftupid 'Atbcijii boaft th' atomic dance. 

Ye happy fond hufbands and fond happy wivcfk. And call yon beauteous orbs the work of 

Let never fufpicions embitter your lives ; chance j 

Let yoor prudence he ftout, and your faith be fiut nobler minds, from fenfe aifd paflion free, 

as ftrong ; Where truth unclouded darts her heavenly ray. 

Who watch, or who catch — Thty an all in Or in the earth, or in th* aetherial road, 

rbe wrong. SingTantara, &c. Siirvey the footfteps of a ruling God ; 

Ye unmarried folks be not bought, or be folJ ; Sole Lord of nature's nniveriaj frame. 

Let age avoid youth, and the young ones the old ; Thro' endlefs years unchangeably the fame ; 

For they'll fcon get together, the young vrith Whofc prefcneei uflconfio'd by time or place, 

the young ; Fills the vaft immenfity of fpace. 

And then my wife old ones — Yw\e all in the He faw^ while mattcf ^ a Chaos lay, 

wrong. ' Sing tantara, rara^ Sec. The ibapelefs CJI>aos own*d his potent fway. 

Ye foldiers and Tailors who bravely have fought j ^is fin^e Fiat form'd th* amactng whole^ 

Who honour, and glory, and laurels have bro't; And taught the new-born planeu where tef 

Let vour fors but appear, you'll be at them ^^ . !? . ,» ^. j . * 

dingdong/ With wife direftiofi.tttrv'dtlieiffteadycourfe^ 

Aod if they come near yon-^Tlnre ail in the Impteft their eenfrai ^ndprojeffile force : 

ivnmg. Sing Tantara rara, &t. ^^ »» <>"« «»^» «**«» «^ eonftts'd ffionld 

Yeludpesoftaftc to our labours be kind, , _^ 7""t. .^„rv -^ -r.i. / 

Our errors are many, pray wink ori.e Mind 5 ?^*^".^y;^ amaaive vutueof tl^efun t 

Still find vour way hitller, to glad us each ^^ *1"*V!*»*^ harmonious round, and wildly 

hieht *"y* 

And our note wcwiUchange to -n«'fr-//ii. Bejrond the iinrits oftts genial ray; 

the right. SingTantara rara, Sec. &A^?^yitiP G.Hay»EK. 

•30, I761. 

in PROSE atiH VEKSE. 6^^ 

A Enigma. Addrtljid to Mr.G. 'Ex TejiiPOKZ epptrtuiu. 

Hayden, ij Mifs Klaria G*«**» 

— -1- 

^Epfem. ___ ^'***' ^f^'* 

Umfhma t§rrmJMMif iMfirme, in^,jm lumen Mon xslx eft, attmoiiM* vi/1 et« (gnce a 

XTOR fi» Bor fuMbace in my being ^^ "inc.s.e du iako dis duoi ot 

iWitbcrfcrnorwiftr, e«thiiorair: — A,teoamp,dcBoKH^yM monirtPtii 

Nor tmie nor place my wiW ezculioiii bouad^ q^ !«,&«• filn *«««,* .A r*-iflU!. •» ^^.. ^ .^. ^^ 

Raife IdKmci without corniiraoce or'<Wfign, *^»««*^««Awxj^nt Hall.y refott i& def- 

Vtktii^Bfmatfr to ihfhopok fat* t ~ ' ^ — ~ 

MidftZMAi'kicebi^blofliingnibioeloir, , Osoaox tx Ttotsxcm, (itifinat, (aat 

Aiid M^tA hanrdb bloom in Stythieai Cnovr t donCe,) a i*ahx, 

CrtfetremUiiig flock to fcim the tai^ng main, Dmii coars, tffa«ft^, etAaMr, d'un (>«/- 

And Scaly flfles grace the ytrfaat plain ; f ^>) ahgs moam/, 

Make lii^t defcen^, and heavy bodies rife, Cfaw, qn'il vimt dc foiit, cftobJeaD*£F». 

Stvslink to eaxth^and earth a&end the ildes, ^ , tmai.a««, 

If oatve lie defatm'd in wintry ftoft, 7*'^ (« «>» «« /*«^,) fc fiii*, A>nt il eft 

Anddlthebeantictof thefpringbeM, * , «» "^' 

Rjw'd hy my pow'r new Tenhtfe deckj the •* ^o^ »" Rort An* Ik rnva on akok 

And fim&ig Ibw'ft ^ffble thdr fweeta a- ©o Je nn MMpw pm de Mtfaion^AflLit 


The flECpng dead Tibmmon from the tomb, ^ dewijae j> «Maiir one Pn Air«MS Mow- 
And oft anticipate the living^! doom; TAeiii, 

Carey itffenders to the fatal tn^ Jay *««» (P^r • CaiAMCiia*,) vMr/nr^ 
Wbca inr or ftiatanm have fet them ftee. ai^Batoiittj 

Aw'd by no chedKi, my mriog flij^t can Afw avoir /«fA PattfioM PATiatiiLLK^ 

{an SwQaPBaowir«»2^, aMAMTXt, (par^fi- 

Bemd imagiaatioa^t a£HTe pow*r ; _. ^»^0 

lT»eweach country of the fpadoos earth, OhqoeMA roarviiieeft«rfMi^,et)MeaMM2M 

Ifay Tifit realms that never yet had birth, /« »« fn« ^'« Coa » a, /mr, eneor, comme 

Can trace the patUeft regions of the air, «*>< Tova . 

And fly with ealb beyond the ftaftyfpbiere: -. . , ^ .„ ^ ^ 

So fwih my operations, inanhoor, F^ii, ^Lownama, u^imJmlUt, iy6i. 

I can ddboy a town or build a tow*r. . ^ . . _, 

Play tricks WouUpoialeaU the fcatch of wit, « ^' *"' ''P^f^ V'««* Lj'*«« 

And Aew whole volumes that were never ?T»atii»cs, sni/iri, Miiuatre, mri», ^ 

^f^^^ /f ar peiahfm ftLj»,Jam A« imt ak c»r, 

la fine iccordtf my myftle pow*r*t confeft, ' *' 

Who »^ with care, . haughty qmtt-i \ffiMlCMA. 

event; jyjj 

696 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrenaty 

Men call her falfe, inconftant^ cniel, vain. For all that, flie prefcnts more lightj we fiod. 

Yet feek her favours, with uaw^axied pain* Than air or. froth \ more wav*riflg than tite 

Th' unhappy bear her frowns, ftill led away wind. 

In expcAatioa of a better day. A fairy kingdom, a fantaftic good$ 

Th* ambitious court her imilei, only the Remote, alluiiagi nothing, ncairr view*d. 

wife, Cohbridgef Tho, Walkeb. 

Do her and all her gilded pomp defpile. June i^ch, 1761. 

^Chronological Memoir ^Occurrences^ 
VoT y V L r, lyti. 


WE have received the following Par- 
ticulars of Major Scheiter's late 
fuccefsfu! Expedition. He croifed the Rhine 
at Billick, with 36 Horfes, and burnt the 
French Magazine! atXarten, which coofifl- 
ed cf about 35,000 Rationa of Hay and 
Straw, and 1400 Sacks of Oats. From 
thence he went to Sofiibeck^ and pafled by 
Gueldran and Stralen, in his Way to Ka- 
kirchen and Ruremonde, but learning that 
Ruremond was poilefled by Auflrian 
Troops, he went to Aerfen, where he 
burnt a very great Magazitfe of Hay and 
Straw, which at a moderate Computation , 
confided, at lea A, of a Million and a Half 
of-Rattoms and two Boats, having on 
Board 4000 Sacks of Oats, wliich he call 
into the Maas. Near Celdern be met 100 
Carts with Forage, which he caufed to be 
unloaded and burnt. From Aei fen betook 
the Route of Gennep, and burnt tIte Maga- 
tine there, coniifting of j 00, 000 Rations of 
Hay and Straw ; and foroe thoufand Rations* 
of Oats. In this Tour, he made 16 Prt- 
foners, whom he took along with him, be- 
fides a Serjeant, and 1% Auftrian and 40 
French Boatmen, whom, not being able to 
take with him, he left to the-Magiftrates 
ofStralen and Aerfen, till his return. He 
aftewards burnt four doable Boats with Fo* 
rage, and croiTcd the Rhine at Loburg. 

At Buderick there was a Regiment of 
French Cavalry with glfndered Horfes : 
They detached 150 Horfemen after him. 
Two hundred Foot were Tent after him, in 
three Detachments, fiom Wefel; hut he 
happily efcaped them. At Bockholt, a 
ftrong Party ' waited for him in ht^ Return j 
but he made his Retxeat, and efcaped from 
them too. 

He performed all this in ninety- three 
Hour's Time. 

By Letters from WeAphatia we under- 
hand that Prince Ferdinand*a Head Quar- 
terswcje, onthet6th, atSocA, where his 
.Highnefs had aflfemhled his whole Army. 
The Prince of Soubife, who had marched 
by Bockum, and Dortmund, to Unna, was 
at the laA of thofe Places on the a 6th, when 
the two Armies were within a Day *s March 
of each other. Marihal Broglio too was in 

Every Thing continued in the fame State 
in Saxony on the 13d Inft. and in Silefia on 
the 18th. 

Augjhourgb, Junt 19. We have fome Ap. 
pearances of the Apptoach of the enfuing 
Congrefs ; the Plenipotentiaries of feven of 
the belligerant Powers having taken Houfts 
here \ and Minil^ers are even expe^ed from 
Rome, Spain, and Naples. The Piinces 
and .States of the Empire will not declire 
fenjding their MiniAcrs alfo, in order to put 
in their Claims of Indemnification for the 
Damage they havr fuffei ed during the prcfent 
War. The late Decree of the Emperor 
fetms to have in View to invite them to 
give into his Hands the united Interefts of 
the whole Body, but this has dot yet been 
agreed to by all Parties. 

SchweidnitXf yunt ao. This Morning, 
between two and three o*Clock, aoco Au- 
flrians, part Horfe ;*nd part Infantry, who 
had come from Bohemia in two Divlfions 
byFriedland and Liebau, being favoured by 
irregular Dtfiles, and having a Spy at their 
Head, penetrated as far as the flying Camp 
of the PrufTunS, and, as the Surprize was 
general, they ma<^e 200 Men Prifonerj, 
moftly Dragoons, and carried off 300 

Horfe I 

For JUL' ir, 1761. 


Horfe; but tKe Refitment of Normandy, 
«t^ feveral other Corps, comme tip in 
Time, prevented their Defign, which was 
to march to the Kln;*t Head quarters at 
Hcrtmaofdorflr) and obfifced them ro retire 
rewards Retchcrnia, GiefmandorfT, and 
WtckendorfT ; they made fome Booty, as 
well from the Soldiers in the flying Camp, 
j« frooi the P^fants in th«: Villages through 
which they pafled in their Retreat. 

A few Hours after this Event, the whole 
Pniffian Army marched towards the Moun- 
tjint: The firft Line confifts of 36 Squa- 
ixoM and 10 Battalions ; the Second, of 
tS Squadrons, and 16 Battalions ; in the 
whole I4 Squadrons and 51 Battalions, with 
106 Pieces of Cannon, twelve andfixPoun- 
den, excla6ve of the Field pieces. The 
Corps under Gcfi. Goltz confiftsof 15 Bat- 
talons and 14. Squadrons. 

dtflh^ June ^Oi In Conformity to the 
King's Orders, feveral magniliccm Prefents 
are preparing for the Grand Signior; a- 
nrnif the reft is a fuperb Coach, with Mar- 
ncfs for eight Horfes, a Sabre, the Hilt bf 
wtiicb is to be enriched with Diamonds, two 
hrte Looking-glafres, and a Secvice for 
Cfliiree of maflfy Gold, and two Figures of 
hit Majcfty richly ornamented. The whole, 
it ii imagined, will amount to 200,000 
Crowns German Money. As we in fome 
Mafarc apprehend that either the Auflrians 
or Roflunt may attempt an Invafion into 
tbelkaDral Marcbe of Brandenburgh this 
Campaign, we are putting every Place in a 
good State of Defence. 

Berlin ^ July 1. At Landfhut the Auftri,-^ 
ans lately lurprized, with fuperior Force, a* 
Detachment of 400 Horfe, of which they 
made 85 Prifoners 5 hut the Pruflians im- 
mediately reoccupied that Poft. The grand 
RuHian Army, which was affemhled at Po- 
fen the 15th, decamped from thence on the 
26fh of June, and fecm to be marching to- 
wards Stlefla, Gen. Ziethen, in order to 
watch their Motions, is advanced intoPo-' 
land ; fo that we are In daily £xpe£latIoa 
of fome important Event. 

^ogiff J^b 7« From Paderbom we hear 
that General Sporcken had been obliged to 
abandon WarfaMourg upon the Approach of 
Marihal Broglio*8 Army, and had loft in 
his Retreat, fome Pieces of Cannon, and a 
very fmall Number of Men. The Marflul 
had thereupon fent a Detachment by Brake! 
toSteinhelm, on the Road toHamelen ; and 
had likewife ppfted Troops at Hoxter and 
Corvey on the Wefer ; but the I.iitht-troops 
of the Allies were in Pofleflton of Hohzmin- 

General Sporcken was retiring from Pa- 
derbom to Bielefeldt. 

Hogut^ Jufy 10. The allied Army was 
got on the Sth to Hulbeck, Prince Ferdi- 
nand having made a furtW Attpmpt To 
bring the Enemy to AAign on the 7th, but • 
the Prince of Soubize again declined it, 
marching towards Soeft; at which Place 
Marihal Broglio, af^er having taken Poflef. 
fion of Warbourg and Padtrborn, wasfaid 
to be arrived on the 5th. 


BaVfjM^ in N*vf'Sc9tia, May 14. 

THorfday laft failed his Ma}efty*s Ship 
Diana, Captain Adams, for Quebec, 
V'tb a great Number of Merchant Veffels 
t*«^ Convoy. 

f^tte T^rk, May 15. We hear from Mon* 
^ that the Vicar.general of all Canada, 
^^g at Montreal, had wrote a Letter to 
»^ Rev. Mr, Udang, Chaplain of aRegi- 
J*M at Quebec, to return to the Romilh 
*«l»gK», with a Promife of great Prefer- 
■»«« m the CMrcb j which Mr. Udang put 

into the Hands of General Murray, whn 
fent it inciofed to General Gage, Who, up- 
on the Receipt of it, fent a Guard to take 
the Vicar- general into Cuftody. What will' 
be the Iflbe is not known. 

£»Pm, Junt 4. Thurfday Morning laft 
feveral Venels arrived here in 12 Days from 
Quebec, by whom we learn, that the Gar- 
rifon at that Place were in good Health, 
and had been fo all Winter j having plcnt|| 
of Provifions and other Neceflaries. 


A Mew Wharf has been made at the Pounders, were pliced on their new Iron- 
Tower for mourning the Tower- carriages, and make a uniform agreeable 
pV, aodthea4tbalt, a4BrafS'Cannon|i4 Appearance, - * 

4 U a iMtrfttrm 

698 A Cbromhgical Memoir of Occurrences^ 

ttittftr houjt^ July a. This Day bis Ex- May 4. 17 5*) U a Daughter of Dokc Eraeft 

^llency M. BofmI, Ambaflador ExtraordU Frederick of Saxe Hildbourg-haiiftiiy mA 

nary from the States- general, had a private was bom in 1 7 1 3. 

Audience oJF her Royal Highneis the Frincrft The Country belonging to the Hoolc el 

Dowjgerof Waiet. Mecklenbourg, which it ahoat looMikt 

5«<vi//r Wr, July 5. This Day his Ex- long and 60 broad, lies in the Circle cf 

celkncy M. BorceU AmbaiTador Extraordi- Lower Saxony. It hath Hoiftein and Saata* 

fiary (rom theSiates-genenJ, had a private Lauenbourg on the Wtft> the Baltic Scaott 

Audience of his Royal Highneft the Duke the North, Pomerania on the JjA, and 

of York. Brandenbourg on the South. 

Aftei wards of her Royal Highneis the The fane Day his Majefty in Council was 

Princefs Auftufta at LeiccAer- houfe. , pleafed to appoint Tuefday the aid Day cf 

C^rt of St. JametU, July 8. His Ma}e- September, for folemnizing his Coronation } 

fly being this Day prefeoc in Council, was and to order, that a Prodamation ihould 

pleafed to make the following Declaration, be ifTued for notifjring the fame ; as atfb for 

^iz. notifying that bis Majeily hath ordefada 

*' Having nothing fo much ft Heart, as Commiffion to be pafled under the Oresc 

to procure the Welfare, anfi Hiippinefb of Seal, conftitotiog a Court of Claims, which 

my People, and to render the (ame Staple, Court held their firft Meeting in the 

imd Permanent to Pofterity, I have, ever painted Chamber of his Majefty*s Palace at 

Ikice my AcceiTion to the Throne, turned Weftminiter, on Tuefiday the aift Day of 

ny Thoughts towards the Choice of a Prin- this tnilant July. 

txki for my Confort j and I now, with great Charles Earl of Egremont was, by his 

Satisfaction, acquaint you, that, after the Majefty *s Command, f worn of his Majd(ly*s 

iifUeft Information, and mature Dehbera> mod Hon. Privy- council, and took bis 

fion, I am come to a Reibloiion to demand Place at the Board accordingly, 

in Marriage the Princefs Charlotte of Meek- St, Jamtt^t, Juiy 10. This Day M. Zac- 

lenburg Strelitf \ a Princefs diftinguiOied cato, Refident froan Venice, had a private 

by every eminent Virtue and amiable En- Audience of his Majefty, to deliver his Cre* 

dowment, whofe illufliious Line has con- dential Letters. To which he was intro- 

Aantly ihpwn the firmeft Zeal for the Pro- duced by the Right Hon. William Pitt, Sfi)i 

tcftant Religion, and a particular Attach- one of hi« Majefly*s Principal Secretaries of 

ment to my Family. 1 have judged proper State, and conduced by Stephen Cotti^ 

ta communicate to you thefe my Intentions,' Efq; Aifi(bnt Mafter of the Ceremonies. 

in order that you may be fully appriiied of a fVkiteball^ July 11; The King hat 

Matter fo highly important to me, and to pleafcd to conflitute and appoint the mod 

my Kingdoms, and which, I perfuade my- Hon. John Marquis of Tweeddale to be hts 

iej[f, wiii be moil acceptable to all my Lov- Majefty'sJuAice General of that Part of the 

ing- fybjcAs. Kingdom of Great- Britain called Scotland, 

** Whereupon all the Privy- councillors in the Room of Archibald Duke of Argyll, 

prtfent, made it their humble Requeil to deceafed. 

iiis Majefly, that his Majcfly*s moft gra- 13. A Proclamation was publiihed at 

Cious Declaration to them might be made Weftminfler, Temple-bar, and the Royal 

^blic 'y which his Ma^y was pleafed to Exchange, that the King's Coronation 

IV^df r aCcoidingly, would be folemnijed the asd of September 

W. SuAars.** next. 

. Afterwards, upon an Invitation from the 

The Princefs Charlotte of Mecklenbottrg. Loid Mayor, the Officers of Arms dined 

Skrelitz was feventeen Years of Age on the with his Lord(hip, at tlie Manfion-hoofe, 

x6th of May laft. Her eldeil Brother the where they were mofl elegantly and politely 

feigning. Duke, unmarried, was born May eotertainly. 

5,; 1738, and fp^ceeded to the Efbte in SeveralfineDrairingsof his Majefty have 

Qeccmber 175a. Another Brother Charles been made, in Confequence of the Adver- 

Frederick, aged twenty, is a Major in the tifement, publifhed by the Society for the 

Hanoverian Service : A third Bruther, £r- Encouragement of Arts. . The Committee 

neA Cottlot^. Albert, is nineteen the ad of who have had the Management of the Af- 

next Month: George Augullus, her young, fair agreed to reduce the Number to two, 

eil Brother will be thirteen the t6th of next which were on Tuefday, by hu Grace the 

Month. Her SifVer Princefs Chnfliana So- Duke of Devonlhire, laid before his Majcity, 

phia Albtrtina, wiU be twenty -fix the 6th for his ktfpedion, in order that one of them 

fl/ December, Her Mother. Dowager of may ba uHiaiaCely fijied on. 
pyff fftiu-ki Um$ Frederi9k j(who dit(| 15. Thf 

. Rr y U L Ty 17^1. 699 

baalBtaa of Oonrnoo-eaiificiU foUowid ^In^ in the Bafl-fni'm. 

^iteCoaunittec of the Oroccr*fl Company, Rear Admiral Steevens, in Mt Lecten 

«HC to Savilo-hoafe, by Appointment of of th< 6th and 7th of Febraary Uil, to Mr, 

lb Royal Highncft the IHike of Yoric, to CleHand, informs the Lords Commiflion«rt 

infeK bim with the Freedom of thnCirj of the Admiralty, that Pondicherry furren. 

Md of diaK Company s Upon which the dered to his Ma}efty*s Arms on the 15th of 

lOfd ftiayor and Committee of Common* the preceding Month, bavin;; been very 

CDoncil vera imroduced I9 Major St. John, diligently blockaded by hit Majcfty*s Sqna- 

Sir ¥^am Moreton, the Recorder, dron under his ComnMnd for upwards of 

thosr CooipliflMnU io cbe following eight Months ; and for a confidci able Time 

li I by Colonel Coote, Comnfiander in Chief of 

•• MigyiiflmpT%mrRtf0lHiibmtJi, his Majvfty*s Land Foroet. Gen. Lallj, 

<« Tha Lord Mayor, Akwrmen» and Com- in Expeftacion o^ Relief from the French 

It of Che City of London, in Common- Sfiuadron, fufTertd himfelf, Garrifon, and 

affdnbled, in Tcftimooy of their Inhabitanu, to be reduced to the utmoil 

ACcaion for their iUuftrioiM Sove- Degree of DiftreTs and Mifery for Want of 

reign (whofa peadiar glory it is, to reign PioviHons. Col. Coote began the biege 

w^^ alrea, happy, and anited People) and, about a Month before Hs Surrender ; and 

aa a PJadge of the grateful Refpcd they bear the laft Battery, confiding of elevenTwenty. 

yonr Royal Highnefs, for your eaily En- four Pounders, which he raifed, was M^thin 

traoee into tba naval Service of your King about five hundred Yards of the Walts. In 

aadCoBOtryy the ooblaft and moll cffedual two Days after this they gave up the Place 

Encowagamant 10 that natural and fa- at Difcretion. The i6th, In the Morning^ 

voniu Bulwark of the Wealth, Reputation, at Eight o*Clock, a Company of Greoadiera 

and Indcpcodenca of this commercial Na- took Poflfeflion of the Valedour Gate \ and 

tioa, hnva onanimoully rcfohred, that your on the 17th, at the fame Time, Col. Coote, 

iLapX Hishsicfs be huinbly reqoefted to ho- accompanied by Rear Admiral CcNmiilr, and 

aoor thi* City by your Acceptance of its the Captains Haldane and Tinker, took 

fiaadooi.^ * PoOeflion of the Ciudel on the Part of both 

^hareupon the Comptroller of the City Services, as they were fo conneded toge- 

(tfae Chaofinfrtiin being confined with the ther in the Reduction of this impottant 

OoM) prdentcd the Freedom in a Gold Box Conqueil to his Ma}efty*s Arms, and to tho 

to his Royal Highnefs, who, upon receiv- Eaft- India Company in particular. 
iag Ibofiine, %oke asfbllowfl : He flatters himfelf, that the Zeal, which 

«• My Lafd nd Gemttrntn, have ever animated him in the faithful Dif. 

•' It is withPleafore I receive this Com- charge of his Duty to his Royal Mafter and 

pliflBCStt from the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, his Country, will meet with their Lordihim 

and Common-council of London, as a frefli Approbation ; and he thinks It his Duty to 

laRaoca of their Duty to the King^ and as acquaint their Lordfliips, how well he is 

a fbiliiiguiihing Mark of their Attention to latisfied with the Conduft and Behaviour 

me. I fliall think mylelf happy in any Op- of Rear Admiral Comilh, and the Captamt 

portonity of Aevring my Regard to the City of his Ma}efty*s Ships under his Command, 

of London, and in promoting itt Trade and in carrying on the public Service. 
Pirefpariry $ and I fliall always exert my heft He alfo informs their Lordfhips, that on 
Endeavours in that Profeflion to which I be- the lA of January, a violent Storm of Wind 
:, and which is fo ellbntially conneAed coming on, he found it abfolutely nece/Tary, 
I the Repmation and Independence of for the Safety of his Majefty's Ships, to cut 
canan e rual Couotsy." their CaMes and put to Sea } where he 

parted Company with the other Ships of 

_jr Francis Drake, Bart, of the Board of the Squadron ; and on tlie 4rh, returning 
Giaan-ckMb, goes to Mecklenburg to at- into Pondicherry Road, he had the Misfor- 
tend tha Prinoaiii as Purveyor till her arrival tune to find hie Majefty *s Ship Duke of A- 
ai St. James*!. ■ ■ • Which it now eW- quitain had foundered about two Leagues 
f aiuly mtiog up. to the Southward, and the Sunderland a- 

bout two Leagues to the Norward of that 

Frm tht LonaonGAaiTTB Place, and moft of the Crews periflied. 

IsTaAoaatNAay. The Ships Newcaftle and Qoeenhorough, 

Admiralty. OOco, J^ly 10, 1761. with the Proteftor Firefliip, were drove on 

9^ Mtruim^Caft* Afte, /fffr Cmmsnt'- Shore and loft a 4ittlt to the Southward of 
dtr rf hit MSajtfyU Ubip Tvrk, sirivtd here Ariancopang, but t*\t ?to^\« wcc^lvtet^ -^ 
«M Di^^hn f^m Aaar Mmhmi Sh- at alfo the OrdMACC, tiA tooK a\\ut5^toT«t 

700 A Cbronalogical Memoir of Occttrrences. 

and ProTifions. Several of the other Ships 
lUirererf in the Storm jv^t with the Help 
oif ibc Mafts, YaxA^, ahd Stores fave^ from 
the wrtcked Ships, and the AfTiftincenf 
the Squadron, they were, in a vrry few 
Days, completely fitted, and put in a pro- 
fit r State for Service. 

Thar, having inte'-cepted a Letter from 
General LaHy to M. Raymond, French Re- 
lidtnt ar I'ulhcat, a ^yy of which is tiete- 
ftftcr added, the Admiial immedi^rely dif- 
■ ciicular Letters to tlie Dutch and 
Danish Settlements, to acquaint them, that 
lit twit hftanding the Reptefentationsof Ce- 
Dcral Lally, he had eleven Sail rf his Bri- 
ta&nic Maje'fty's Ships cf the Line, and two 
frigates, under his Comnnand, in Condi- 
tioa for Service, holdim; the Blockade of 
IFondicherry ; and as that Place was clofdy 
inftfted and bkKkaded by Land and Sea ; 
apda», in that Cafe, it was rortrary to the 
Law of Nations, for any Ncutfal Power to 
^Te them any Succour or Relief^ he IumI 
dirrertTuntd to feise any Veflcl f^r Boat that 
flic old attempt to thiow any Provifionsinto 
that Place. 

7raiiJLtUm tfmn inttrttpud Letter from Ge» 
wrral La,'iv to Air, R^ymotid, h reticb Re- 
fdcmt 0t rulnettt, dated pQndieinrty tbi 
td of 'January, 1761, 

•* Mr. RaYMOKD, 

'* The Enflifli Squadron is no more, 
Sir J -Out of the tweive Ships they had in 
r.ur Road, ft vrnare loA, Crew and all ; tlie 
ftjor other difmafted ; and ir appears there 
is no more than one Frigate thir hith tfcap 
cd; theie fore don't Jofe an Inflant to fend 
U9 Cheltngocs upon Chehngoc^ loaded with 
Rice : The Dutch have nothing to fear now } 
Ikefides (accordmg to the Rights of the Na- 
tions! they are only to fend us no Proviflons 
tkewjek'ca^ and we aft no more blocked up 
by Sea. 

*« The fa ving of Pondicherry hath been 
in your Power once ali^eady: If you mifs 
the ptefcnt Opportunity, it will be intirely 
your Fault : Don't forget alio fome /mall 
Clielingocs : Offer great Rewards : lexpcd 
feventeen tlieufjnd Morattoes within ihefe 
lour Days. Jn (hort, rifque all, attempt all, 
force all, and fend u» fome Rice> fliould it 
b^ but hall a Garfe at a Time* . 

(Signed) LsUy^ 

There is likewife the Tranflation of Mr. 
tally's Propofals for the Ddiwry of Cb» 
Ciamfbn, dated tbe isth of JaniMrft I76ff»: 
with a Copy of Col. Coott*a 
tally's Piopofals. Tlkie 
Airicte* pripokA hf lb« 

no Anfwfr was thought neceffiiry to b«gl« 
ven » As hkewife a Lift of the Brafa and 
Iron Ordnance, Stores, «Vc. found in the 
Garrifon, UA of killed, wounded, and 

Admit ahy^Offite, July 11, 1761. Capf. 
Innis, of his MajeAy's Shfp the Arundcl» 
arrived laft Night with an Account tranf> 
mittcd by Commodore Sir lames DougMi, 
to Mr. Cle viand, dated in the Road of Ro- 
feau Dominique, i] June, 1761, giving 
an Account of the taking that Ifl^rnd. 

St. Jamet*s^ 'July 11. This Day at NooB 
anivcd here M»jor Wedderboum, difpatch- 
ed by Prince Ferdinand, 00 Thurfiday |aft 
the i6th Inftant, with the folk>wing \Mr 
ter from his nooft Serene HighacCs to luB 

*| I have tlie Honour to congrstulate y««r 
Majffty up'vn a very lignal Advantage, 
whrh your Maj.fty*s Arms have this Diy 
gained. Ir '» inipoflible for me tofetdovrn 
t^txy Particular of this glorious Day. The 
Bearer of thii, an Officer of diflinguiflied 
Mtris and wl>o han greatly conrrihuted to 
the happy Succefs of this Day, will give 
your Majefly an exa^ Account of it. I have 
the Honour to recomtnend him to >our Ma- 
jcfly's Royal Favour. 

U^jon the Field of Kirch Denrkern, not 
far from Nilciup, the 16th of July, 
J 76 1, at Eleven in the Forenoon. 
FERDINAND, Vkuke of B'unfxeiek 
and I.unehurg, 

Another Gazette Extraordinary vtr^s pub* 
liOicd July 24, via Sr, J.^mes's, July 13. 
This Day the Hon. Col Fitzroy, Aid de 
Camp to Prince Ferdinand of Brunfwick^ 
airived with the Particulars of the Engage- 
TOent and ViOory obtained by his moft Se- 
rene Htghnefs tlte 16th Inftant, by which 
we are irformrd, that theLof» of the French 
in killtd, wounded, and Prifoners, was 
computed at about 5000 Men, and that 9 
Pieces of Cannon, and 6 Pair ot Colonis 
were taken. 

The latcil Accounts mention, that the 
Colours belonging to the Town of iVrfdi- 
cheriy werefent home and prefented to the. 
Honourable the £all- India Company. As 
alfo, tltat (he Colours taken by his Royal 
flighnd> I'rince Ferdinand, at the late En- 
gagement in Germany, were brought to 
EngUnd, and lad Saturday (hewn to luft 

Dr Drummond, Bifhop of Salifbiiryy is fo 
preach the coronatioa fcrmoq. 

yWy.M^tbc CeuttofClufflS met at tbe 
Fainted Chegjhp^ ,j|cv tke Heafe of l^Bcny 



Fvr y U L r, 1761. . 70t 

Dukc^ Rotbiul* MaQcr of flie HorCe ; fome cunoai ?iftares «ii4 otber f iiniiHi(r«« 

Inrd Berkley of Scrarton, Uord F>hnouth» U to be reninved from Keniiastoiiy for corn- 
ice. They adjonrned tili Tuefdsy next. pikating the fame. 

Wcdnefday there was a numerous Court , The Sca^otdiQg for the Coronation UiM 

tt S(. Jainr%*s, to compliment his Majefly to be fixed from the great Door of Weftminf* 

«n tbe further faccefs of his Arms in Ger ma- ter H<ill, throujj;h Union* Street, and (6 

■j» by the defeat of the Fiench Army ; and round to the Weil Door of che.Abbey. 

the Park and Tower Guns were fiied on Tuefday feveral Rooms were uken ia 

theoccafioo. . • Old FaUce- Yard, Weftminiler» for the re^ 

Tlie late Queen* s apartments are fitting up ceprion of Conopany, to fee the proc«ffioi% 

in ao elegant Manner ; a new Bed and Fur- of the coronation, which Jet froin 100 to 150 

niture of blue Velvet, is now making, and guineas each. 

— - ^ - , - . . , ■ ■ . , ,-— ^■— — . 

BicTiit. y^fyl- Edw. Harthwelfi Elq; in Gref. 

y»^5. The Wife of Mr- Bandtti, (one ¥en6i;* fquare. 

of the Pages to his late Majeny).a Son. at 4. Mr. Sanrt. Ridiafdfon, an emineni 

his Houfe m Kenfington, in the sSth Year Printer in Saiilbury-ceurt, in tfie ft6 Yenr 

of hfcr Age. ^ of his Age, well knowa to th# PuUic by his 

Mrs. Cox, of Clerkenwell- green, three Writings, tiz. of Sir Charles Craodilbn^ 

Cirts* ate. ' 

6. The Lady Mayorefs, a Son, at tho William Huft^n, tiq; di Headly ipnk, 

MaTifioo-houfe. Mr. Tho. Aris, an cwiiiient Printer at 

9. T^e Rt. Hon. the Countefs of Elgin Brminghani. 

aAdKilc4fd4Ae9 a Daughter.. 5* John Girle, Eft|;' late chief Surgeon 

0f St.Tbomas^s Hofp^tai. 

Mais I A Git. 6. Mr. Vane» Page uf the Btck-datn to 

25. Mr. Spurling, Son of Henry Spur* Che late Prince off Wales. 

^Sf ^f^i oi Tottenham, to Mifs Piper, lo^ The Hon. Geo. Clinton, Aditilra! xi 

only Child of Dr. -Piper of Eflex, with a the Whit^. 

Fortune of 40,oooi. f I. The Wife of Mr. €eflef , Bdl-fom*. 

17. James Hopkins, Ei(|} Co Mifs Lucy der^ Jn White chapd, who being appr«. 

Larfcinof Edex. henfive of Iter Death, dKcovered to her 

19. Robett Lane, 'Efq; one of the Re* Hufband tjocl. whichlhehadfavedup, at 

prefentatives for the City of Yorit, to the diifcrent Times, unknown to him. 

Hen. Mifs Henley, Daughter to the Riglit 15. Mr. Edw. Moore, at Creeviwicb, 

Hon. the Lord Chancellor, gsed iod Years, formerly a FiHierman, who 

Juhf a. Mr. Farle, Son of Giles Earle« never knew Sichnefs or Lamencfs till taken 

Efqj to Mils Boucher. fioT Death. 

8. Walter Vavaibur of WcAoo, Eiq; t<o t6. Edward Harpur, Efq; Unde h> ^ir 

Mifs Empfall. Hbn. Harpur, Bart. Knt. of the Shire for 

10. The Rr. Hon. the Earl of Bucking- Derby. 

barofhire, to Mifs Drury, Daughter of Kir Bateman HumphrieSt Elqi at Plaftow in 

Tho. Drury, Bart, decealed. liTcK 

Mr. Ellis, Son of Deputy Elfis, of Com* 18L Died at his Palace at Fulham, up* 

IriH, to Mifs Smith of Newman^ s court, wards of 80 Years of Age, the Right Rev. 

Comhill. Dr. Tbomks Sherlock, Lord Bifhopof Lon- 

Wm. Pellat, of Croydon^ Efq; to Mifs don. Dean of his Majefty*s Chape} Royal, 

Popktt of Mord. and one of his Msijefly^s moll Hon. Ptirj*. 

Council.. HisLordOiipwasconfeeratedBi* 

Dt A T n Sf 0io|i of Banger in 1 728, on the Tranflarion 

yume so. Mrs. Rebecca Meads, in Mark- of the Rev. Or, Baker, and was trandated 

Lane, who eftabliihed fome public Chart- in 1734^ to the See of Salifbury, on the 

Ges in her Life-time, and left many ulcful Promotion of Bifhop Hoadley, to Winche- 

Legacies at her Death. lUr, front whence he was tranflated to the 

%^, The Rt. Hon. Lady Mary Montagu, Dio^ieof London, 00 the Death of Bilhop 

Dao^hrcrof the Earl of Sandwich. Gibfon, in the Year 1748. His Lordftiip 

26. The Rt. Hon. Lady Mary Brude- was aMb many Yean Maher of the Tem- 
oell, id Daughter to tbe Rt, Hon. the Earl pie, id which he was appointed by the MaV 
of Cardigan. ilers of ibe Bench of thofe two honourable 

The Lady of Henry Pike,. Efq; of Wood- Societies, on the Death of his Father, Dean 

ftock Place in Suffordihire. Shetlock.- AsaChriflian, hisLordOiip was 

28. A bra. Swaine^ M« D. of Bradford €1 uly cipineot for thePraAice of thofe Vir- 

b Yorkibire* tuss 

J 02 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

toes which he ever made It his Delij^t to 
teach. As a Man, no one exceeded htm in 
Beneficence and otlier AAi of MoraKty. 
At a Preble, he flione amon^^ the Foremod j 
at a Writer, few came ap to htm in Luoolen- 
cy and Strength of Argument, of which his 
Sermons, bis Tnal of the WitnefTes, and 
others of his Lord(hip*s Works will Inng 
remain an incontcfUble McmoriaJ. PoiTvOtd 
with thofe Qualities, the Church could 
•ot but loTeitt him one of its ablcft Defen- 
ders, and the Public, in general, a real 

CrW/ smd Military Prtfirmenu, 

WhitebmU, Junt lo. The King has been 
oleafid, upon a Surrender of her Royal 
Ifighads the Princefs Amelia, to grant unto 
John Earl of Bote, one of his Majefly^s 
Principal Secretaries of State, the Ofike of 
Ranger and Keeper o£ his Majefty's Park, 
called the New Park, near IUctamont,oilier- 
wifie Richmond, intbuC;on0tyofSurf7. 

Tho. Wroughton, Efq; to be his Maje- 
ily*s Conful Gencralof all Ruflb. 

Nich. Fenwicke, ECq; to be his Majcfty*s 
Conful at Elfinor. 

The Rt. Hon. Hen. Artfcur Herbett, hit 
Majefty*s Lieut, and CuAos Rotuk>rum of 
the County of Montgomery. 

The Right Hon. Arthur Lewis, Earl of 
Plymouth, to be his MajeAy*s Lieutenant 
Cdt the County of Glamorgan. 

Howel Gwyrnie, Eiq; to be his Maj«« 
fty*s Lieutenant and Cuftos Rotulorum of 
the County of Radnor. 

Gto, Rice, Efqj to be his Majefty *s Lieu^ 
tenant for the County of Carmarthen. 

Sir Rob. Moftyn, Bart, to be his Maje* 
fty *s Lieut, fbr the County of Flint. 

Charles Lord Cathcact, to be Cooitablc, 
Governor and Keeper of bis Majefty*s C«- 
0Je of Dunbartoo. 

Mr. John Miller, Advocate, to the OAct 
of ProfeObr of the Civil Law in the Univer- 
fityof GUl^ow. 

Geo. Cnlebrook, Eiq; fucceeds his Bro- 
ther as Cborogiapher to the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas. 

B ■ KR ■ S. 

Jun€%%^ Thomas Holderneft« ktt of 
Cocfcham in Berks, BMgo-mifter. 

George Curling, bte of A(h io Kent, 

17. Archibald Murray, lato of Plymouth 
in the County of Deroo, Dealer and Chap- 

John Dickins, Uta of Weil-Smlthficid, 
London, lonhoUer, and aKo of Stilion in 
the County of Huntinicdon, WoodgpWMr 
and Merchant. 

Andrew Donglali, bto of St.' 
the FiaUi. ia Middkfbs» 

Thomas Copper, of Woottonunderedgt, 
Gloucefterlhire, and John Woodman Par* 
doe, of Wickwarr m the Came Couflty, 
Clothiers and Copartners. 

30. Nathaniel Spry, of the City of Exofl, 
Mercer and Woollcndraper. 

William Parker, of Maidenhead in the 
County of Briks, Brewer. 

John Crocker, of the City of London, 
Woollen, draper. 

Richard Moore, of Rorherham In the 
County of York, Dealer and Chapnun. 

J^^\» Nicholas Cunliffe, of Coin in 
Lancafhire, Shalloon Weaver. 

ChriftopherMaultby, of Norwich, Cyder 

7. William Bidlake of ToCnefs in the 
County of Devon, Shopkeeper and Chap^ 

John Bridge, of St. Botolph witboot, 
gate, London, Cheefemonger. 

1 1. John Leopold Goder, of Li 

James Little, of Plymouth- dock, 


14. JohnCcflas, of Prefcot- ftreet> Mer- 

Daniel Macoeal, late of Liverpool, Mer« 

William Etvin, of Frampton in Llnaoln- 
ihire, Woolbuyer. 

William Reid, late of Liverpool, Mer- 

John Baddeley, tale of Shelton near New* 
le Under Uoe in Suifordfhire» Potter. 

John Martin, of Birminghaaij, Lineo- 

2t. Peter Walton, of Bifliop Aukland, 
in cht Coooty PaJatme of Durham, Linen- 

JolephSpilOiury^Middlefex, Haberdaftier. 



^ii^hofM^uUtyfromJunt 13, fju^ \u 

Buried Chriftened 

Males 759?, », Males 558 7 
Females 7 -6 ^ '^^S pemalu 593S"5« 
Under a years old 537 
Between a and 3 119 Buried, 

5 and 10— .- 65 Within the walls ii| 
10 and ao — 5S Without 356 

ao and 30 — — 14a Mid, and Smrry 715 
30 and 40 -— 109 City A Sub. 1^^, a9i 
40 and 50 — 143 *-« 

50 and 60 — 1 10 14.75 

60 and 70 — IOC 

ToaadSo-— ^5 Wid^l 7^ S^ 44S 
Soand90 -r* " — - - ^ . 


( 703 ) 

S I t • ' I - - ■ ■ , 

1 NCfcellaneous Gorrefpondence, 
in Ptofe and Verfe. 
For AUGUST, 1761. 

Mathematical Questions jfajwrtd. 

Mr. William Birhes, Ma^er if a . 
ng CUreton, Northaoiptonfliirc. 

333, mfioir§d h Mr. William Birhes, Mafitr sfa Mathem*' 
Aii/&W«LongC' -• ■ 

A Md^=«— IS -.■» — ii = i|— jr, thence ■ = ^aoind^^g, »= 

li. (Par B i muy"* Trigo. p. 41.} (h« Arwln an found io> 11, 49 *S, *» M, and 
(pfrJbw«9, p. 117.1 ibe Aru £0.7947. ^.^.Jt. 

n;< fcrfi'« «wi ftnnA <i>>«'Af <• Mr. T. Bvlwr, ifr. T. RoUaran, Ur. Wm. 
Hadwwfia, M-. R. Dnncin, Mr. B. Lonsmate, Mr. T. Walker, Mi-, J. Rofic, Jtfi-. G. 
Radiwir, Jfr. J. Drape, Mr. T. Jifcrf, Mr. J. Liundcn, 'i(fr. T. Mija. Afr, T. At- 
kinfa. Jfr. G.Surtect, ^n AnoDjmoui, Afr.T.Cirsill, nm^ih Fn/e/frMr.S. Beekui. 

JSvSlSM.334., «s/u»ft^>r ^r, T. Mayo, A Eydon, Northamptonflilrc. 
"nor lb« PerpmdkiiLr = '', tbe Bife :=^, 13.04 = r, and ^ = ■ i thai by ih* 
^ (^tftion ji a: a^ aiid ^ = -( bnt-bif a wvll kauwn Theofem 'p^ = C, 

wbcOM/s:-; , thtrribri ~ = -, and *' — mi* ^t, that i) »' — «.j6 

a* S aj-oti wbmce jr =1 4, ;(' = 64 = the Perpcndicutar, - rr ]6 = ttw B^fe ; and 

dw Ana = 11$! Squire Va<d>. 

m* SfnUra «ai *A> anfutrid if Mr. J. Rofe, nfr. T. Robitifbn, Mr. J. Ltmidtn, 
Mb. T. Barker, Mr. T. Bofwofth, M''. J. Dripc, Mr. T. Jeffcrr, M'. W. Tomi. ir 
AMBy mow, Mr. O. Rediw^y, Afr. B. Lonsmite, Vr. S. BcdMo, JIfr, Jo£ Fowler, 
Jfr. T. Caisill, atdly Mr.Reb.Zmia.rtlkihfFftfiifir. 

5, an/wtrtd iy Mr. T. Atkinfon, ef Kitkleatbam. 

= ]S. / = 4S, and « =: the Kumber of Incha nch DimcDllon muft 
to mlkc Che Calk hold 101.1987 AleGillon*, which call a, and put 
Minei) Multiplier for Ale Oailo ni ; then by a wtll known Thcortr n 

Stiid m have ihli rquafion i>l*+'al* -t-*+»l' x /- + ■>* 
4X ^•. 

Mifcellaneous Correjpondencef 


=: a. This Equation properly reduced and in Numbers gWes this Cubic, 

Equ. x^ + ii7ix* + 455ftx=: 13486.51^. 

Solved ■ X r= a.76155 Inches % coalequeDtly the Dimcnfioni oC tbe Caflc reqaifti 

muft be Head Diameter 30.76155 

Buns Diameter 40*76155 
Length 50.76155 fF.W.R. . . 

Tbh S^eftiom vfag tifo snfwtred by Mr. T. RobiofioOf Mr, J. Latindert, JM^* T.Birtery 
Mr, T. Bofworth, Mr, J. Drape, Mr, T. Jeffery* B4r, W. Toris» AnonymouSy Mr, 
G. Redaway, Mr, B, Longmate> i£r, S. Beeken, il£r. Jof. Fowkr, and hy Mr^ G. Sor* 
tees tbt Prepejer^ 


^ejiion 336, anjwered by Mr, Barak Longmat^. 

UT ff^or the Tangent of the Angle fought, then x : Radius : : Radius 
: Co-Taogent ; and when Radius is 1. Co- Tangent = -. Now by 

QueAton * + ~ zi: 4. Therefore * iz 3.73*05, the Tangent of 75 De- 
grees,' the required Angle, 

Proof, In the ReAangled Triangle A B C we have the Bafe A B =1 i, 
and Perp. zr 3>73ao5, then, by EtKlid 47. 1. the Hyp. t = 1,86370, y^ 
and by plain Trigonometry as A C : Radius » t BC : Sine of z. C A B z: 
75* as above. 


Thifame anjwered by Mr. William Toms. 
ET four Times the Radius = 40000,000 zz r, and Jet r z: Tangent, then ' z: 


. T. Then f + - rz r, per Qgeftion. Hence t zz v^— i + 4J + » rz 

373*0,508 = 750 oo*, and - = a679,49» = T, I5» .oo*. Prw/ 373*0,508 + 

^679,491 =z 40000)000. Or 4,0000000. f^,fF,D, 

Tlbis Slueftiii tvat liknoife snfwered by Mr.V Rofe, Mr, T. Robinfon, Mr, J. Laun- 
ders, Mr, T. Barker, Mr, Bofworth, Mr. J, Drape, Mr, T. Jeffcry, Mr, G. Redaway, 
Mr, T. Cargill, Mr, T. Mayo, Mr, T. Atkuifon, 3ir, J. Fowier, #«i iy Mr, Robiniua 

tbt Proffer, Otbtr Anfwtn wert not.rigbt, 

^eftion 337, anfwered by Mr. T. Barker* 

PUT Sphere's Diameter, ^ n i, Cn 
BD, tfrz 0.2618, and xzr BC, then «—« = CF, 
and b — X n Axis of th e Wedge 5 aifo by the Property of 

the Circle ^^a — x x x^ rr A C the Semidiameter of the 

Wedge. Whence «* — x» x b — xna Maximum. In 
Fluxions gi ves abx — %sxx — %bxx -^ ^it^ x ^l^ i 

ad + xA -^^ ab . ' 4> ^ 

then jc* — « = ; put ^ = , and we 

3 3 3 



707. Whence C D — 

0.893 the Wedge's Axis, and 3.098 rr Bafe thereof nearly : 

firom whence the Value (if it had been required) might have been found, &e, 

Thit Sluefiion tvai a/fo anfwered by Mr. T. Robinfon, Mr. J, Launders, Mr, T. Bof- 
worth, Mr, T. JefTery, Mr, W. Toms, Mr, G, Redaway, Mr, T. Mayo, Mr, B. Long- 
mate, and by tbt Profofcr, Mr, J. Drape, 


in PROSE and VERS E. 




ii^Wir U the 9^ical ^ery in April Magazine, Pagi 664, ty Air. 

D. Dunn. 

4 NY Pbiiit ill ttie Diftaniw of Radios or 60 Degrees fiom the Vertex of which an I a- 
definite Nmnber may be aflirned. 
iw a right Une A V, and with any 
Xadim Mchbe the circvUr Arch NVR ; 
Ifct off the Radius from the Vertex V 
both Ways fo R and N, and join R V» 
V K, NC and CR i Draw I N and R 
DpwalldtoAVi I (ay that if IN be 
an incident Ray falling on thel'oint N it 
will be carried by the general Law of Ca» 
topCricB from N to V, frpm V to R and 
from R In the Une R D parallel to the 

iocident Ray INj for the Angles INC, CNV^ NVC, CVR and CRD, arc all 

The ftttne anfweredby Mr. T. Walkeji. 

LET the Concave Speculum be an entire Hemifphere, and kt m conceive a Circle 
Cf aead upon its concave Surface, parallel to the marginal Gircumfeixnce of the Spe- 
cohuft. aad every where 450 diftabce therefrom : *Tis maolf<.ft that if a Ray of Ughr, 
parallel 10 tbe Axis of the Speculum, fail upon any Point of the Circumference of the faid 
parallel Circle, it will be refUAed from the Point of Incidence acrofs the Concavity of die 
Speculum to anoth^* Point in the faid Circumference diametrically oppofite, from whence 
it will be agHin reflefied, and rebound from the Speculum in a Line parallel to ita Axis. 
— — ^— In the Circmnfcrence, therefore of the f^id parallel Circle, which lies exa£Uy 
in the If idway between the Vertex of the Hemifphere and its Bafe, are all the Pointsi re- 
quired 10 beTomd. 


N. B. Mr.' Fowler begs Leave to acquaint our mathematical Friends^ 
tbat tbe ^eftion^ 330, wluch he was cenfured for^ was fjanded to him by 
a GetUlemeaty who impc/ed upm bim^ by reprefenttng it intirely new. 

New Questions to be anjwered. 

Queftion 346. 
By Mr. W. Cockin, at Burton. 

AS Anite Magnitudes of all Kinds mav 
be reprefentcd by Numbers > (at lealt 
approximated to) and as mufical Intervals 
ai^ Quantities of a certain Kind; *tis re- 
quired to exprefs in Numbers the Magni- 
tude of the Intervals made by founding the 
Nocea of tbe Ample diatonic Syilem of 
Soimds (1. «. made by fdunding Strings of 
tlwIisaMThickncfs, Weight, and Tenfion, 
of Lengths proportionable to tbefe 

If «• ^f i» If i» TT» t) 
the Interval of 

bj 301030 ^ 

If y* TT» Ti 
the O^ve to be 

Q^ieftion 347. 
By Mr, Jof. Fowler. 

A Gentleman is minded to lay out, » 
'fronting his Houfe, a circular Green, 
wherein is an equilateral Triangle, the Side 
thereof being the greateft that can be found, 
is equal to 345 Feet ; within the Triangle 
is CO be formed a regular hexagonal Bafon 
nine Feep deep \ the Length of one of its 
Sides is likewife to be determined a Maxi- 
mum : There is a Rail aHb to be fet up, 
round tbe Circumfcience of the Green at 
7s. 6d. per Linear-yard, and the digging 
of the Bafon is to be 4s. 6d. per Cubic* 
yard. Query tbt nvVm\« "Lx^ccv^^^ 

4X » ^<^V^tL 

7o6 Mijcellaneous Correjpondence^ 

Qucftion 348. Qucftion 349. 

By Mr. T. Walter. 5y Mr. Tho. Jeffery. 

Gencleman has « Piece of Ground in 


ypl lycn the top vA bottom I^mctiBn of 

/\ Form of a Parabola, whnfe AbfciiTa 

is 4S Chains, and greateft Ordinate ^% VJ tbcFroftiim of aCooe =: 15 and 40 

Chains i now he would inclofe a Garden, Inchei, with ita Height =48 i which is to 

from thi» Piece of Ground, and is defirous be divided into two equal Parts, by a Plane 

of having it tTie greateft the Thing will ad- parallel to its Bafe. Required Cbe Diameter « 

mit of. Required the Area of rhe Garden, where c»t off, with the Heigbt of each 

and the analytical Inveftigation ? P^rt } 


One eve to chace our caret away^ and drooping fplrits 

fweeteft lays. 


: II. 

This artful maid did fing ^ lore, 
To warm my youthful heart : « 

A theme fo fweet my ibul dtdmoie. 
And did new life impart, 


Each thrillbg note did pierce my ear t 
Her beauties charmM my e>'e : 

I prrft'd ber liUy hand and thought 
I ihould with rapture die. 


Tranfporting joy did from my mind 

Each glo^ny care remove ; 
Her fnowy bieaft did gently hea?e^ 

To wake my (bul to lore. 


At length I prtfs*d l^er in my amis. 

And ilole a tender Irirs : 
My throbbing heart was wrapt in charms. 

My bofbm fwrUM with blifs ! 

7i&/ Vision. A Cantata, w the King's intitidid Marriage. 


TN Ricbmond't bow'r, Britannia*! lorM it- 
X treat, [ftate, 

The youthful prince retxr'd from noile and 
From fultry beams fecure j he (ban rec!in*d : 
Soft numbers hilfd blm^ Heep rdax'd hit 

Tbs Fapyan queeny ^th ev'ry charm pof- 

And YOtop enchanting thps the youth addtris'^* 

•• Royal you& of hea\*n}y mien, 
■Why from bciuty's eje u.ifccn, 


tu PROSE' aad VER&E. 


HciCp redicdy vrby^oft tho^ rove ? 
•lifers inii^fdy wantiiig love/' 


S^ft as the lightning darts ffom angry J«^» " 
7Ve God of love niih'd thro* the leaify grove { 
^ Retire (he cries) *tis tinoe he felt mypow*r| 
i«ve*» p«a and pkafiue wait htm from thii; 

IVa on hif'piUQw he a portrait threw I 
^ He needs no dart^*^ As urchin iaidi then 


Cnoaus ofCvriDt^ 
Maily ye youthful royal pair, 
Happy prince and happy fairs 
Tender tranTports, mutual Uiia 
May you prove while life eaifta* 


Thefi; fbnndt aetherial and the choros fliain. 
Soon rotts'd the prince^ who felt the' tender 

Rifing he figbM then ibuck the plaintive lyiie. 
And fnog iixfa ftraina as love alone infpire. 
Bpt when the pidure met his roving eyes, 
Oanag be ftood, and own*d with vaft furnrize. 
The cDpy*s power : Adieu, ye beauties all ! 
He cry'd. Oh, Cypid, give th* original I 


I my heart refign thy capture, 

Goddeft of my future icy ; 
On thy breaft redin'd with rapture, 

Vtt me life in love employ, 

partner of my throne and kingdom, 
Hafte and bleft me with thy charms ; 

To my Bfitom thouUt be welcome. 
And fecipre from war*s alarms. 


tntMMMts Uften^d with attentive Toice \ 
She beard with plcafure, and approvM the 

By Love direfied, F^me ibon rea«chM the tow> 
Where bcattty*s paragon refides in bow*r. 
Who firao a nee of loyaljKroes fprung. 
To whom each virtue and each gruce belong: 
To Chaelotts Fame tlie happy tidings 

(The deftin*d partner of the beft of kings.) 


Hafte, O princefs .' blefs with k)ve 
Ctorgty whom Gods and men approve : 
Cenile gales (hall waft thee o*cr j 
Lovt ihall pilot to the ihore j 

Where a people, brave and free. 
Wait to hail with bended knee : 
£acb fhalL fhont with ardour keen. 
Welcome Gioxog and Britain' t ^u^0» 


'K/fy God> my king, to thee rU raife 
XtX ^y voice, and all mypow*n; 
Unwearied fongs of facred pndle 

Shall' fill the circling hours. 

Thy name ihall dwell upon my tongue. 

While funs (hall fet and hfe^ 
And tune myeverlafting fong. 

When time and nature dies, 

Great is the Lord ! our fouls adpre^ 

We wonder whilft we praife 1 
His powV what creature can explore. 

Or equal honours raife } 

Yet (hall thy works, almighty Lord, 

Our nobleft fongs adorn j 
Thy glorious a£b we will recordj 

For ages yet unborn. -< 

Thy praife (hall be my awful theme. 

The wonders of thy pow'r j 
ril fpeak the honouta of thy naide. 

And bid the world adore. 

The men that hear my facred lyre. 

Shall fpread thy praifes round : 
While thy tremendous deed$ infpire 

To notes of felemn found. . 


But fweetly flowing ftrains (hall tell 

The riches of thy grace ; 
And fongs of grateful joy reveal 

Thy ^>otle^ rig))teourne(8« • 
How full the Lord's compaffions (low ! 

His wrath, how (low to rife ! 
Swift pardon fmiles upon his brow. 

And guilt and terror dies. 

How large his tender mercies are ! 

How wide his pow*r extends * 
On his beneficence and cace 

The univerfe depends. 

Great God, whiUl nature fpeaks thy pnii(e. 

With all her numerous tongues. 
Thy faints (hall tune diviner lays. 

And love infpire their fongs. 

Thy pow*r and grandeur they (hall fing, 

The gloria of thy reign ; 
Thy wondVous deeds, almighty king. 

Shall fill the raptured drain. 

Thy kingdom. Lord, for ever (lands. 

While earthly tL ones decay ; 
And time fubmits to thy commands, 

WlyJe ages roU away. 

Xin. The 


Mifcelkneous CorrefpondenCi^ 




The falling faint, with pow*ffal grace. 

The God of love will nife ; 
The humble, bending with diftreft. 

Shall rife and fpeak his praife. 
To thee, O Lord, for daily meat. 

Thy creatures lift their eyes j 
On thee, their common Father, wait ; 

From thee, receive fupplies. 

Thy fov'rcign bounty freely givet 

lt*s inexhaufted ftore ; 
And bniverfal nature lives 

On thy fuilaining pow V. 
Holy and juft in all it*8 ways. 

Is providence divine ; 
In all ill u'orks, immortal faya 

Of powV and mere)- /hine. 
Whoever invokes the God of grace. 

Shall find him ever near ; 
To all that humbly feelc his face 

He lends a pitying ear. 

XVI n. 

Hit pitying ear attends the cry 

Oif ^ofc who fear his name ; 
Their ev'iy want he will fupply. 

And ralfe their finking frame. 
How bled in his protecting care. 

The fouls who love the Lord ! 
Wliile impious men his vengeance dare. 

And die beneath his fviord. 

The praife of God, delightful theme ! 

Shall fill my heart and tongue j 
Let all creation blefs hit name^ 

In one eternal fong. 

Speech of Thames, 

IN that bJefs'd Moment from his oory Bed 
Old Father Thames advanced his rev'rend 

His trefTcs dropped with dews, and o*er the 

His ihining tides diff'us*d a golden gleam ; 
Graved on his urn appeared the moon, that 

His fwx'Iliiig waters, and alternate tides ; 
The figur'd ftrcjrtu in waves of diver mird, 
An<l on their banks Av^ufla rofe in gold. 
ArounJ \\\y thionctlic lea-lorn brother flood, 
WJin fwcil witli tributary urns his Flood ; 
Firil tlie famd :iiithors of his ancient name. 
The wipding iri>, and the fruitful Thame : 
The Ktfnner fvift, for filver eels renown' d, 
'Ti\c L.vidfT! flo-v, ^^ ith verdant alders crown*d ; 
Cui , vhofc dark iti cams his flow'r)' Iflands 

A:id chmlky mjv^ C\ tf rcU a milky W;ivci 

The blue tianfparent Vandalis appears | 
The fulphy Lee his fedgy trefTes rears ; 
And fuUen Mole, that hides hit divisg fitfodi 
And filent Darent, fbiii*d with P^irr^ blood*. 
High in the midfl, upon his urn rKlia*d, ^ 
(His fca>green mantle waving with the wia^)' 
The god appeared, he tum*d his amreeyes, 
Where Windsor domes and pompoui mrrttt 
rife ; [roin> 

Then bow*d and fpoke ;. the winds forget ttT 
And the hufh'd wa ves glide foftly to the fhoie: 
Hail, facred peace ! hail, long expeAed days. 
That I'hames's glory to the ikies fhalL raife ! 
Tho* T/A«r*s fheams immortal Kome bchoU^ 
Tho' foaming Htrma fwells with tides of gDU| 
From heav'n itfelf, the* fev*n-loog Vim 

And harvefts on an hundred realms beflowt) 
Thefenow no more fhall be the Mufe'sthemOp 
Lofl in my fame, as in the fea their fheams j . 
Let Vvlga\ banks with iron fquadrons ffaiaCi 
And groves of lances glitter on the Rhim : 
Let barbVous Ganges arm a fervilc train. 
Be mine the blell'mgs of a ^ccful reign. 
No more my fons fhall dye with Bn'n/b blood 
Red /^ffr't fands, or Jffer^s foaming ftocd : 
Safe on my fhore eacn unmol' fled fwain 
Shall tend the flocks, or reap the bearded graiii } 
The fhady empire fhall retain no tn^*e 
Of war or blcod. but in the fylvan chace ; 
The trumpet flcep, while chearful horns are 

And arms employed on birds and beaf^s alone. 
Behold ! th* :*fcending villa's, on my fiJe, 
Piojc^ long fhadows o'er the crjflal ride : 
Behold ! jiug::Ra% gliti'ring fpircs increafe, 
And temples nfw*, the beauteous w(»kt of 

I fee, I fee, wlicre two fair cities bend 
Their ample bow, r. new IVHtehal! afcend ? 
There mighty nations /hall enquire their docan^ 
The worlds great oracle in rime to come ! 
There kincs fhall fue, and fupphant flate be 

Once mo e to bend before a Britijh queen. 
Thy. trees, fs^ir fyin/ifir ! now fhall leave their 

wcv.ds J 
And half thy forefl«; mfh into thy flcodi^ ; 
Bear Britain\ thund; r, :ind her cmfs d\fplay 
To the bright regions of the rifing day ; 
Tempt ic>' feas, where fc^rce the waters roll, 
Wlierc cka'cr flames glow round the frozen 

Or under fyuthcrn /kies exalt their fails, 
Led by new f^ars, and borne by fpicy gales ! 
For mc the balm fhall bleed, and amber floWy 
The coral redden, and the ruby glow ; 
The pearly fhell iti Incid globe infold. 
And Pkacbui warm the ripening ore to gold. 
The time fhall come, when, free as fea or 

Unbounded Ibawui fhall fk)TX for all xnankind. 

tn VKOSE and VERSE. 

Wkok oatuns enter with, etch fwelliog tide, 
Aad fe» ^t joiA the regioat they divide ; 
£«th*s aiftant ends our floiy iball behold, 
Aod tbe new world Uuoch fotth to feek the old« 
Thea (k\ft of uncouth farm ihall Hem tbe tide» 
Afid <bathef *d people crowd my we^kby fide ; 


Oay ftreamerf adorn er'ry ihip that we met^ 
And the princefi nfith homage moft wUlinrif 
greet. ' 


And naked youths and punted chiefs admire »rk«« -^ -^1 j «. ... 

Ouripeech, our colour, wd our ftrange attiie ! ^°° artwdcome, dear Fame, and thy tidiiisi 

*Ti21 the freed /mJ^iMf • 

K.eap their own fruitt, wu wuwc uicu- uptc ^^ 

Till the freed JiidKiBw m their naiWe^grove* c-. u^^' r -• , 

litt, and wooe thdr iable ^ what crouds of my ^r//.« dopieis near the 
lovtt • nood. 

Oh ! firctch th J peaces fair peace, fhun (hore ^{^^^ ^^. P*?' jnd to ihew their regard 

to llioie, ^^ ^** whatever u pleafiag to their fov'reign Le 


*TiU conqueft ceafe, and flay*ry be no n^ore v 
Perm oace more a ^ace of kings behold, 
And other Mexicots be roof M with gold. 
EnJ'd by thee from earth to deepeft hell. 
In bran boodi, ihall barb'roos diicord dwell \ 
Gipntic pride, pale teiror, gloomy care. 
And pud ambition, ihall attend her there: 
Their porpk vengeance bathM in.gofe ictires, 
Ber weapons bhinted, and extin^ her fires : 
There hatelul envy her own fnakes ihall fed, 
And persecution mourn her broken wheel s 


In yoa • houfe, fee Ap^ moft kindly at- 

For to her oare hia oonfi>rt the king recom- 
mends ; 

As well knowing a mother, indnlgent as flic- 
Can beft 4nake up the loOi of her own in de« 


But fee, high in the air a wing'd fpirit ad- 
]t«iaS'&^S^T»!!!^?^ A»dhi;^tte„ intent, «..i..a.,fc- 

chance ; 
Itfliouldfeem by his form, by his viiage and 


And gaping liiries thirft for Uoo^ In vain. 

A Diakgue bihifan Fam6» Bri- 
tannia, and Hymen, en the 
^uan^s fxpe^ing to Land at 
Greenwich. TothefuneofMr.. 
Lowc'i Song at Vaux-Hall, m 
the wbiti Cliffs 0/ Albion. 



/ipo the high top of Fiam/iuJ, Britannia, 
X lepair, 

Fot onr qoeev, with mild gales, to the Aor« 

Caft yonr eyes o*er the flood, ibon her barge 
yoo will know, 

On the maft perches Gv/zi/, the fea-gods be- 


Both the TritMo and Sm Nymfts in concert 

Join wi^ Ztpian and Ecb4 to iweU the foft Such titics^aJ^ "indTlUhrblaMTf fame 

wki-!J?"i' a... .n. Thcy.ailthusvani&withalofsofname! 

While oU A^it^^ftiiv attends his jaft homage to Of kingdoms funk, 00 traces now appear 

To be HyituMp — quoth Famt, yoa aieright, I 


Ceafe your wonder, 'twas Jnm that did oidv 

me here, 
Firft to wait till flie lands, then fondn^ hence 

the fair $ 
To prcfent her toGioaoE, and confign^ 

his arms 
The beft model of yttius full blooming with 


On tbe Change ef the Name <f the 
Carolina Yach^ to that of Uhar- 

^EE, by 11 
P P're 
How new or 

what eafy deaths great names ct- 

ones rife to gratifV defire! 


And glidet o*er the fusge to make level the 


Fmm each fide acclamations are utter'd from 

And in welcome 6iotea tbe k>nd can son do 


To mark, exifting, what their fplcndors were. 
What matter then, if we are great or fmall. 
Since time and chance makes nothing of us all. 

• Tci Hc'jfi in Grcenwicb-pirk, //.vi*;> 
for k'rFeetfthn j it is faid, the Frircj Ds'.j^ 
^gfr luiU iftier^d to reuii-t t:r. 


yso 'A dronabgical Memoir of Oceurraum, 

^AMp%A* Tbe following Anthefn» compo* 
ipi by Dr. B^ce, for theKoyal Wedding, wmm 
rchearfed at Mr. Hickford^z Room. The In* 
ifarumental Paxti by the King*! Band of Mufi- 
cUns, and the VfKial ^y the Gentlemen and 
Children of the Chapel Royal, Mr. Beard^ 
and the Rev* Mr. Mencttii^U PrntTi Cathe- 
aral. ' ' 

AGaAND Festai. Symphomy. 

<' The king fliall rejoice in thy ftrength, O 
<< Lord: exceeding glad Ihall he be of thy 
« falvation.'* 
2)vtf^/ld(r. Savaqc tfmf/Mr.CoopiK. 
** Thou haft given him his hearths defire, and 
** haft not denied him the reqneft of htt 
** Hps." 

Chotui rtpeattJL 
^RfoiytfBoY, attomfaniidiy Mr, YivctKT 

on toe Hutubij, 
S* Blefledisthemanthtthathaviituouswifey 

<^ for the muDber of hts tet OM 6e 

'< doubled.*' 
S«f9 h Mr, MtNct, Mcmpnnei by Mrm 

WxxoSMAif Mr rAf Gtrmmi Flute. " 
'** A virtuoua woman it a crown fo her huT- 

*' y^siAt her pried ia far above Rubiet. 
** Strengtii and honow afe her cloatfaiiig, ami 

** flie fliaU rejoice in time to come.** 

Sdi hf Mr,n%A^it. 

<* Hearken, O daughter, eonfidar, and indine 

** thine ear, ^spx thine own people, and 
' ** thy father*! hovfe. 
** So fliali the king have pleafuie in thy beautf* 
*< Jbiftead of thv fathen thou (halt have chil-^ 

** dreo, whom thou mayeft make piinces 

<< in all Unds." 

« Children are an heritage of the Lord, aijd 
** the^fiuit of the womb it his jvward. 

<« Lo I thetihali they be bleftd that fear the 
" I.oid." 


For AUGUST", 1761. 


Naptts, QIR James Gray, Minlfter Ple- 
ytni€9.%, ^ ntpotentiary from his Britan- 
nic ^f ajefty to the Court of the t^o Sici- 
lies, having been honoured by th^ King his 
Mafter with the moft honourable Order 
of the Bath, Mr. Secretary Pitt, inConfe- 
quence thereof wrote a Letrertothe Mar- 
qutfs Tanucci, Secretary and Counfellor of 
State, informing him, that his Britannic 
Majefty was defirous that the King of the 
T,wo Sicilies ftiould perfotm th« Fun^ion in 
his Name, by creating the faid Sir James 
Gray a Knight, and invefting Itim with the 
Riban, with the ufual Ceremonies. The 
King of the Two Sicilies complied with his 
£ritaonic Ma}efty*s Requell with Pleafure ; 
which being Gommunicated to Sir James 
^rayi he f5>rthwith made the Requeft in 
Form, and begged of his Majefty, if it 
were agreeable to him, to fix the Morning 
tii the 30th of May lor the Fundion ; which 
being his Ma)el^y*s Name* day, was kept 
with great Solemnity. The King having 
given his Confent, the Function was per- 
formed on the Olid 30th of May. 

Magehatrdf^f Jmfy if. On the 5fhlnftant 
Che King of Pniina was ftiH at KuntzeodoriT, 
and General l4iadobii had theft' made n» 
Movement. Nothing has yet happened in 
Pobnd ! General Ziethen ooaiples a very 
ftrong Poft at Storckneft, and the Ruflian 
Army is encamped at Delflco very near. 

General Todeben, was arreAed on the 
ftQth pfft, together with Ibme other Ofll* 
cers, and fent under a ftrong Guard to Pe- 

Magdehurg, Jutf 14. Geoeral Laudohft 
having changed his Pofition firoHi Haupt- 
nanfrfoiifto Waften Watterfdofff, his Pru^ 
fian Majefty decamped on the 6th with his 
Army from Kuntzendortf, and n»rched to 
Peltzen, where he is at Hand to watch t|ie 
Motions of that General, in cafe he fliould 
attempt to penetrate further into Silefia \ 
but on the loth nothing had happened. 

Prince Henry ftUl contiribes quiet at 
Schlectau as does Marlhal DaunSn his Camp 
near Drefden. It is reported that he hU 
lately fent home fome large Detachments 


For A U- G U S % iy(yu 


toto LOfatiiy aod fo reinforce General Laa* 

BrvmfnUk, July 17. General Luckner 
hsd a very hot Skirmifli with the Enemy on 
tSK 1 3U1. He marched that Mornlne early 
to Sarnie, where the Count de Ciubot was 
encamped with three Jlef^inKnrs of. Dra- 
ScoRS, a Re4(iinent of Hufliirs, the Volun- 
teers nf Flariderk, and two Regiments pf 
Foot, 4M1 this Side the Lippe. This Bqdy 
heatrtckciA fo vigoroufly and fuccefisfully, 
that M. Chabot /epafled the River in great 
Confufion., Luckner took 150 Prifoners, 
aonoAg wliom, twoCaptainsof florfe, and 
aoove opoHcrfes. TheHuflfars of Ba/ier, 
ai»d thole of Bninfjwick, which f9rmed the 
Attack, pti)etrated thrice into the King's 
Recimcoc, which they overthrew, and of 
which very few wouid (lave efcaped,.,but 
lor the De6ies which ftop^ the Huflitrs* 
And by fandry Other fuccelfive A^CemptSy 
took in all 700 Morfes, deftroyed.a gi-eat' 
Kannherof Carriages, took antl diflribqicd 
to the Public Kreat Quantities of Provifion, 
and made Fhioncrs 250 of the Enemy's 

U^mr[4V9^ July S. General 2iethen h^^ 
entered Roland with a Body, as is faid, of 
X4,oco Men. He was the ift Inflant aC 
KroTcian. Marshal Butterlin, the Ruflian 
Ceneial, as foon as he heard of^the March 
of the Pruflians, aiTembled all his Army, 
and advanced towards Silefia, in order to 
prevent, by a Diverfion. their penetrating 
nrthcr ihfo PoUhd . The H<ad. quarters df 
the RuAan^ tvefe the fecond Inftant at Ja- 

Hsfike, July 24.- By oiir Letter! of the 
eid InAant froni^ Weffphalia, ^e learn that 
Prince Ferdinand's Read quarters were thd 
30th i)iU at Hohenover. Marlhal Broglio 
had fallen back to Erwlte, fince his Defeat 
en the T6th, and fent a large Detachment to , 
Paderborn. Marfhal Soubize lay at Haar- 
ftrang, with his Right to Soed* ■ 

Th^re had pafled feveral SkirmiHies, in 
i^;lcn the i^llies had the Advnntage. In 
ere of them Prince Henry of Brnnfwick is 
fatd to have been v^ounded. Colonel Frey- 
t»g had dtffroyed a great ConVoy of Provi- 
fi-.n* between (fafl^l and Warbourg. Major 
CrneraJ L^ickner forced the Town of Neu- 
haus near Padferhoiii ths 17th j btit, upon 
the Approach of the above-mentioned Ur^e 
DetachffteAt ftortthe Fl'ench Army, fhoi/ 
proper to abaiuion it. He had a very fmarf 
Aftion with tnc Enemy Upon that Occafibn, 
\xA fo<jk 150 Prifoners. 

The Duke of BrunfWidi's H"oflr^^ haif 
lieen upon an Expedition on the Werra, and 
^rtfroyed two French Magazines at Wan- 
ia;d| and ^cbewcge. They were after- 

wafds united fo Colonel Frcy tag's Corp^, 
and i^i otJt upon feme other undertaking. 
The , Magazine belonging to the AHies, ai 
Hoxrtrupon tlie V^efer, of which the Ene- 
my had got PoircfTioi), had been retaken. 

DujfJdorff, July 26. Prince Soubizc'f 
Army, for want of Provifions, has bcefi 
oblijged to retire to Menden on tlic Roe:*, 
th^them^ySe nearer hi&^f^gazinc8. M. 
de Vgyer has bceii detached with 46 Baira-* 
Jions, and a proportionable Number of 
Squ^idronSy to keep open, the £onrinl\mic^« 
tion with this Town and Cologne. . 

Cologne, July 17. .The French, to con- 
ceal the LoU they fuftained in the late Bat« 
tie, tripg in their wounded Officers as welt 
as Soldiers in the Night. However, wd 
know the, Nu^nber of the former brought 
into our Hofpitdl's ejtceed tvVo Hundred ; o| 
the. latter t[)ere are near three Thoufand. 

^^i^^f y»(y 1 3» Letters fix>m the Army 
oftheaSth pall fay, that ^f. de Soubize, af- 
ter having fcn£ a great Reinforcement to 
Mardul liroglio, had pafted the llocr, an J 
\«jas retired into, the Mountalru. Marfhal 
broglio hadf aftcmbfed all hii Trcops at 
Paderborn ; and Prince Ferdinahd was in 
full March affer him. Colonel Frcytag had 
deftroyed 50 Boats laden with Ammunitic A 
and Corn, and burnt tlie French Magazinte 
on the FuM and the Werra. He did ncit 
lofe a fmgle M«n io that Expedition. 
Fred the London GAiETxe, 

Berlin^ jlugufi a. General Uaudohn ha- 
ving received a Reinf5rccm«nt of fiveRegi- 
fner.ts, entered SiJefia by Warlha and Pe% 
terfwaidau. Upon thi% the King of PrufTia's 
Army decamped frotki Pultzentheiifl of Ju^ 
ly, and marched to Sigroth. The Army 
continued its March tliezad cowards Munf- 
terberg, where General Brentano with hii 
Corps had come to occupy a Camp for ths 
Aufirian Army. His PrufTtan Mj^^Cty or» 
dered the Enemy S Cavalry to be attacked, 
Whd were if^mediateiy diflodged from the 
Camp, and from the Town of Munflerberg | 
and, on <his Occa/lon, thr PfufTians maHe 
*t 50 FoUritfrs priHaners. The Auflriah Arf 
my enca.^ped on the heights of Lobed.tu, 
about half a' German ^li^e diAant from 
Paifclikatf. The ajd the King of PrufTiar 
marched with bis Army to Gicfmanfdorflf, 
diflant about half a Germ^ Mile from Ne-^ 
ifTe. On the 2«ih, hii PiufTian Miijcfty** 
Head Qdarter» \^7[% i^ili at Ci'efmanfdorffj 
The Enenrry conrinutd encamped near 
Parfchkau, the Kinic of PrOffta having, by 
the CelerfTy of his M;t>chcs, prevented tliem 
from jciningihe Rmfian Army.* 

Htmhtirf*^ j^Mgufi'T. LaA. Nirght we re- 
ceived the N^ews, that the Ring of PrufTia by his Mction obliged General Butteilin| 

if Y wh» 

9 ^ 

712 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrence ^ 

vrbo w«i at Kamflaw, to return back to- 
wards Wattenbers, upon the conAnes of 
Pobnd. That his Majefty was jret at 
'Giefmanfdorffi snd General Laudohn at 
^atfckow s and, from the KingU f oAtSon^ 
it would prove extremely difllcuit for tbo 
Ruffians to join the AulUtans. 
* Stockh^lm^ Auguftt, Lad Kigbt wo were 
alarmed, about fix o'clock, by the appear- 
ance of a fmall Body of light Troops from 
tho allied Army \ there wirre not thirty 
Merr. However^ they Curpriied* attacked, 
beat and difperfed the Auftrian Guard of a« 
lK>ut feventy Men, that were here to proteA 
•bout fixty.five Pontons, the greaceft Pait 
jnounted on their Carriageif eiid ready to 
March. They burnt the Pontons, and 1 
ImaU Magazine belonging to the French, 
and then marched towards Lonnaken. 
. Bsgye, Augyfi II. Prince Ferdinand's 
Head Quarters were Aill it Buren on the 
5tb. liie Prince of !ioubise marched on 
Che 4Ch to Iferlohn and Mendcn towards the 
ikhine. The Hereditarv Prince had a 
fmart Skirmifh with his advanced Corps, on 
the a9th ulc. in which Prince Frederick of 
^f unfwick received a fmall contuOon in his 
lUgbt Axm. Marihall Broglio, by onr tail 

AMonntt^ wai encamped betweev D^ibov^ 
Mid Warbourg. General Luckner bad at- 
tacked his Rear OMrd at Ujil^iock, and 
deAroyed tbe Corpe af Yolnntirieide Brog- 
lio. Court Luface was eeapldy e d in obfcr- 
▼ing General Luckner at Blpoiberg. A Bo* 
dy of 16 or tl Battalions and at many 
Squadrons, under Ueuienant General da 
Stalnvifle, had uken poll between Vrekcn 
and Heddinghaufcn \ but Prioet FMinand 
attacked bfan on the 5th, and» after to A«» 
^kmoftbreeor four Hoors» diAottged him 
from hii advantageous PoAtion, aad obli* 
gad him to abandon thepafiiofStadtbeiseo. 
The Fr^enchwerefortifymg Hosttr. 

By the laA letters from Silefla, whkh arm 
of the beginning of this ldantb» tbe King ol 
PruAla, VDon the Rtfffiam taming towarda 
Bceflaw, had made a Motion towacdeNeU' 
ftadel, where he made General Zietben 
join hink He afterwards left that General 
there, and marched Mmfelf to OppMiorAH 
General Laudohn wa< at Joattniflwrg ; tbe 
Roflian Grand Army in the 6ma poAtion 
beyond the Oder ; and General Caivnichew ' 
at Bemfladt. In d lAerent SkirmiAMI whick 
had happened, the Pkuf&ans bad takesfcve* 
ra^ OOces s and Soldlera PrUbneis* 


• Cw*, Jpr/f t6. . 

rrtHTS Day was expofed to the 

I of the Public, a Ane equelirian Sutue 
ofhis late Majefty^ ereded in tbe middle 
tf Tuckey*s Bridge, on a well proportion- 
ed Pedcftal, with fuch a variety of Deeora- 
lions, asto render tbe Whole an elegant ami 

mafterly Pieea. On the Frodt of tbe PtMi 
tal is tUelnfcription in Cold-|ettera» ** The 
City of Coax X ereAcd this Statue to the 
Memory of King GEORGE II. in Gratitude 
for the many BUflings they, eigoyed ^ ' 
hie aufpkknia ReigOi A. D. ij6u 


LAST Tneiiday we had an uncornmon 
hot Day, and very cairn fend between 
ahit Place and Mararion, diftant about 
three Miles, the Waters were agliaitdin an 
vncommon Manner. Sometimes It would 
ran in pafl its ufbal Bounds, and relnftt a- 
gain' with great Swiftnefs, and continued in 
this Manner mod of the Afternoon. To» 
wards Evening the Horiaon began to be 
jAovdy, attended wiHi Thunder and Light- 
fling; and at half paf) feven there was the 
ficrcell Fla(h ot Lightning, attended with 
IhcIoudeA Clap efThandertbitt over iiieafd^ . 

At Lodgvan, about three Miles from benee. 
the Lightning Amck down one of the Pinna- 
cles of the Tower, forced in one Ade of the 
Porch| and into the Chercb, and Aiatiered 
their Pulpit and Canopy, threw down ooa 
of the Tables of the Commandments at tba 
Altar, and did a great deal of other damage. 
'Tis imagined, that if the Tower had oo| 
been a very ftrong built one, it would bava 
been laid in rains. 

Letters from Kent, HampAUre, and ma« 
ny other Parte give us the af^reeable Acconni 
m e promifing Pkaty of all Kio<J«' of Oaain.. 


B^ jt l^ G XT S % 1761. 71J 


£9i^ Cfrgm^§afifhii frtfom M^jefy King George III. /i mow ^rfching^ we thought ri 
^mmUit highly acteftsil* f 9ur fttMdtrtU iemwumic^ti fmi Idts of tbt Mjgiificence 
therm/t Sy am jASr^ oftbt Attvmn rfthe Coromatiom o/bn latt Mfijrfy King Georg:e IK 
tfW o^him Jiff jl Comfort ^etm Caroline : smdwtbeg leave to inform tbem, that cfter tho 
of the Cormmatiom of bis fftfent M^efiy a^d bis intended Sheem^ (whereof am 

Astmiimrwiff bo PmbliJM by Authority) vft JMl alfo giw tbom an JSftra& of tbegenuima 
^mrti€man^ for thtit Imfarwistimm amd Ammfewstmt, 

WEdocldajr the r tthof Ol9iber, 1797, leered with bhie Oolh, and nthd on each 

hring appoinfed for the Solcmnify, Side, in the lel)Qwin$ Manner. 

tfM %a4tiS^n^ir freeeding, tJie Earl Mar- The King^t Herb Woman with her Maid 

tfialoltii^ndpobliflied hie Orders eoneera* Servants, itrewing fwireet Herbs, d:c. 

In^ chelljBtlett Trains, Sorcoats, Coronets, The Dcan*s Beadle of Weftminiler, witli 

fee. of pBsreifte, ftc. who attend the CO- hS» Staff. 

IIONATION. The Weth foSowteg, the The HiKh Conftable of Weftminfter. lA 

OrdMt w cieMfti e d Ihei wtre to be obi^rved ft Scarlet Cloaks with his SuC 

^flieirMajefty*4 Corooatioa» fie greacsr A Fife. Dmrns. 

pcenraoi tiid Rcgalarity. Dmm Major. Trumpets. 

OsfllBDiynMOintcd, the Solemnity of KettJe-Dram. Trumpets. 

tfMir Ma>«lii CORONATiON was ac- The Serjeant. Trumpeter. 

cet^bMj^ pfAmed te ihe foQowiiif Man- Tbe Six Cleria in Chancery (onlf fber 

SMTy ms. ]prerent) in Gowns of black flowered Satten, 

TMr MijHM'^ «<"* «» Weftminfter, with black Silk Loops and Tofts upon the 

fecfonsNte of the Clock s Ma Maitfty re« Skeves, 

tired im» AtCnort of Wards* and her The Clofet -Keeper of the Chapel Royal. 

Majdiy toco the BIaCkRod*s Room, where Sixteen of his Mi^efty's Chaplains, four 

they eomifmed onril the OAcers of Arms a Breaftr 

ranged the PreeelBon into Order, and Sheri0s of London, 

brottghe rtle Ferlbns down from the Covrc Aldermen of London, below the Cbair^ 

«f Heqoefti, Painted Chaniber, and Hoeie , in their Scartet Gowns. 

ofLes^, Into WeAminflar Mall. The Recorder of London, fin^e. 

TMr Majefties beioe there feated at the The Aldermen eboire the Chair, weanng 

pp|icr Sad of it, «nder their States or Cano- their Gold Chains { Sir Edward Becher go^ 

pies, tsr M^fty*t Chair bemg upon the iskg as Lord Mayor t\^, 

left Sidto of hit Majeily, Xnd being ^ittended Mafters in Chancery in riph GownS. 

V tbe Lords Great Chamberlain, CortftaUd* The King*s younger Serjeants at I^w in 

and Earl MaiihJir, and by the Great Qffi- Seiiriet Gowns, their Caps in their Hands. 

cere, the foor Swords and Spnrs were pre- The King's Solidtor, aAd the King*t AU 

fented^ nad laid upon the Table before hie lomcy- General. 

Majfll^. The King's ancient Serjeant at Law. 

TiMft the Dealt and Frehenrfatles of Weft* Twenty Gentlemen of the Privy Cham- 

BiaAcr, ia a Iblenm ProceffieM, brought her. 

liroai'lfae Abbey the Holy BiblS^ with Barons of the Exchequer, and Jufticesof 

theiaflow^ Regalia belonging tohisMa<- both Benches, in their Judf^cs Robes of 

jefty; St. Edward's Crown, upon a Ovihion Scarlet, with their Caps in their Hands, 

of Oolii of Goldf the Orb with the Crofs, 4c. the Juniors firft, two a Breaf^ 

the $cepter with the Dove, the Scepter with Chief *Baron of the Exchequer, and Chief 

thecroUy and St. Edward*s StalT; at hke- Tuftice of the Common pleas, in Scartet 

wife tlie Regalia of bar Maiefty, her Crown Robes, with their Collars otSS. of Gold. 

•n the left Codiiott, Jier Sceptw with the . Chief Juftice pf the King's B«r>cl), in f 

tfofs, and the Wory Red with the Dove { Scarlet Robe, with his Collar of 56\ of Gc^Id^ 

^hicb were feyerally laid befoie their Ma- going alone. 

icilies t All which weii afierwerds hy his Children of tbe Choir of Weftroinfter, in 

Majeily'a Command, delivcmAtotlieLonds S«rpiices. 

Who were to bear them. Sei^eant of the Veftry in a Scarltt Gown. 

Beioce T%elee of theCldck fheProceiBon Children cf iheChipel Royal in Surplices 

was began oa Pool from the Hall to the yrk^h Scarlet Mantles over them. ' 

Abbey of Weftminller, vpon a Way raifed *" Choir of Weftminiler, in Surplices, with 

Mebas Parpelb. ^eoi^d wish Boetds. co- their. Mufick Books* 

. ♦ V ^ The 

y 1 4 A Chronohgical Memoir of Occurrencis^ 

BruRfwick H«mM, In Iiii Cost, Cotlir, 
CoJd Chuin aii'l Badjn: ; and Uncia.r, 
wUh hit CniCind Collar. 

Coiiotcff.'f . E.irli in Ihtir Robrt orEfljte, 
v.-iili tlidr CorontU in iKeir' Hsodt, txcept 
fuch »1 cirrieci wny iitthe RijiKa, 

Windi'nr and York (Jcruldt in their Cotn 
tnd Colbii. 

TliBM.iiq)ieriorTw»d3le, in liit RoSe 
ofCllalu, wLili lii* Coionei in \\l% Hind. 

fticliioond and ChtAir Hcidldi, liabiLid 

Duchclf.:!, unjl Duhc}, in their Robes of 
Ed^te, with ihtirCor.cpecsinihe HandL 
l>uke of Crafian, Wd Cbaoititrllin o( 
prcto( l'«n of Crni ilriuin, in i he Ha- IheHouCiold, alone. 
b,ri and Olt,.i» of ihtir Ordtr. c.irij'iS UlUer; Clj.encieux. Normy. KlBp tf 
rlit.r Ilais with Ftailic'it ip Il<t'r H-adt, Arms, wiili lUir QoM, fuiljia, ind 
iv.'ii and iwn nccortlin; (o ilieir Sulla. Bjrii;ci, and ilieir CoioMti in thiir Haodi. 

aianili.Lyon. Pmfiiivani. ' The ^ord Privy Seal, ^ordTr^.r. 

l'rivy-CL'unr<.ll0'inctl>cer2, At^ORSIhEffl Tiie I.OTd Archbilliop of Yrrk. Th{ I 

llicM^fl^rU rh«Ri.)ii. Lord Kins {^[d^igli C^Uantcllor, bcaiin; 

Sir Spinvcr Coitii^cn. h'i> Puife. 

riiiiglit of liic Oi.iier, Sir Rcbsrt \V:i!poIt, Two Prtfoni who tCprclcnKd Iha Dukcf 

i,i (he U W/oli jnd L'olW ^■i tUt' In'oil pf Aquiuin and Nnrnundy, id CrimCon 

NohleOrHcf. cnrrjinR ihe C.<f with thu " ' ' " ' ■ ' '" * 

Ptiime CI" F,;.r1i;;r^ in hi! Hand. 

Tiie Oig 

n- Blower. 

Tht Groom of 

Ihe VtHrv. 


of the Kins 



let Man' Its. 

Chipel, i 

kt Jrwo lu 





niter, in 


[iis, w.ih 

hiir Cjp. 

.1 <h=ir 




3S r 

f Wtft- 

minlUr, in 

a liu.i>lice, 

ani over 



■ ThsM^n 

r of the J.« 


a Sciir. 

let H<.l«, I. 
ty him. 
IJjth Kin 

>i> OGiCE 

i £oinj 

of Aral., 

n lt>e Hah 


t'ulvet Manilci, lined »i<h wliite^arcenet, 
ir.d faced with Menivisr, pfiivdered wit,*! 

e Koulho|d, and tbc 

Tre.ifuitruf ihe HuOlliold. irmine. 

Koufe Ctoix, anilB^fi^e-Drason, Pur- Tl^eQ^ren't Vice Cliambcrlain, 

fiiivamt. Two Cintlcmen Vllieis. 

'B:iionen<s, Raroni in their Robei oT The QueeD'« Lord ClumberUin, with hfi 

Efljte, withllieirCoiopell in llitii Handi. Robe of £(Ulc, cairyin; |vi Corarct in hif 

' aiueni^ntle and Portcullis Purfoivanti. Hand. 

Riliiops, in iheir Riidiet), with thc^ Ivory Rod with the Dove, boni by [he 

fi^uare <~ai'S in (I.eir Hand;:. Earl oCNorlhampion. 

AiunJi! tkiald, in hi) Coat and Colly Scepter >tich tht profi, t)Orn by thcDnk: 

of .Vi\ ir.d UJunch-CourfiBr Heiald to ofRutland'. 

. i^info IViNiam inlii<iCo,)t, with bii&>l>ar The Queen') Crown borp b> the Duke of 

^:>S. CulU diain, and Bad^e. St. Albani, 



For A JJ G V S t, 1761. 715 

Th«Rei»li» of hii Ktjttlj ; vii. 

it. tdw»rd'i Sliff, bora by the The Oolden Spurs, -botn hjr ihe The Scep'er wTf?i the 

Duke of Kent. Duke of Minchefltr, iox iha CrnCi hoin hv the 

I»rl of SulTex. Duke •■( Miir ti;u. * 

Cirter PrinciptI Gentlemen Uilier of tlia 
Kins of Anns, BJack RoJ. 

Tht J^ord Great CtumbctlfinoflingUad, in Ii1« Rnbn ofE/lite, wi(h hiiCorooet 
and While SHlfinliii Hand. 

TtwEirtof SufTex, lAins The Sword ftf The Lard Hi;Ii Conlla- Dtput/tothe 

uEadMarlhil of En;;- SUCe in ihs hie nf Entiland, iniiJs Hi);li Con- 

hnd, in hit Robe) of ScahtKird, RobelafEItjlc, with (tabic of 

Zn>te, with hii Coronet bom by ihe liiiStiffand Coronet ScoiTind, 

Mid Marfliil'i Staff la EartofHun- inhiiHand ;theDiike Duke o( 

tiit Hand. tingdon. of Richmond. Roxburgh. 

, by itie BiDiop of Cavenlry, 

ome over hij Majedy 1)y the ( 

^ .. ineach SideoftUoCinopyittendBd Gcnileipcn I'enQanert, audihe 

Sa^ua of Axmi before tluHD. 

SopporWr, ib« The K I K G, Supporter, the 

liOiA Bilhop In Ui5^T*'^°'="°'^"'"'"''^''^*'> fuT'd wiihlr- Lord Rii7i.>p 

of St, Abph, mine and border'd with Gold I.ace, wearing on hit of Durli:i,.i, 

' CM) the L«rt. Head a C'p of EUate of Critnfon Velvet, adorned oatlicRisht. 

wiih large Jewell, lumed up with Ermine. 

Th« Sundird The Captain of the The Captain of The Captainof [he Tlw Lien. 
Bcwiothe Veoman ofthe his Majerty'i Band of Cen[lc- icninc 
fiandofCen- Guard, Earl of Korfe-Guaid. men E'enfinnen, of tr.e 

tlman Pen- Leieiller, inhii in wiitinjt. the Marqucfiof Band of 

^BHU Xobct of Eflaie Lord Herbert. Hartingtofl. Genil«< 

and Coronet in menl'ea- 

bit Hand. fionerc 

ill Majcfly's Ced-cl.amber. 

sbeiof Eflaie, carrying hisCoronet. 

ns of the Eed -chamber. 

d. Lieutenant of the Yeomen of Ihe Cuarrf. 

rihcGiwrd, wiihPanizani The Corporab oc 

Idert. Exempt!, 

^ue to the Yeomen of Ihe Guard. 

>flbc Garter, oftheThifUe, and of the Bath, wore 

•/(fa Atnl, (trrji'itbi SMjf»/i£t Loii V.-tJ)- 

y 1 6 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences. 

Their Mi'y fttcs, apoii tKeir EntriiKie in- the lirory R«tf with Che Vof, wit OMitfvA- 
to the Charch, were rc«rivcd by the Ph» td r<% her Throps. 

teirfarics and Chetr foginf M ifc^ nh i ^ w, Tht» cheir MaJeHitt htvhif 

and htviiif feated thcniMvt*. the Racif • ircoad Ohlicione, r«eaHred chf Holy CMi. 

Allien and ObbftoiM wtrt made, and amr mqimi, and thePtayerf befngcfKiad, weal 

the Litany (read by the BMiOfis of OlM* faH* $C. Edward*! Chapel, where hie Ma* 


•elKtr and BrUfel, aad the irft Part of cbe jefty wm arteyni in Robes ol purple Veiu 

CDfnanmian Serrioir) the Biftiop of Chiford W | md^ havlnf reeded cho Crown of 

prrached the Sermon ; and dien hU M«« Swo, and her MayeAy ihf fike Crown, the 

iOky Ibbfcrtbed the DodaritioA, and CaOk lUtnni was nado to W^eftmlnaer-halin 

the Oaronation Oath, and wat anointed hv the Method of their Ibrmer Protoffon, km 

theAchbiihopnpontheOownofthoHeod, ihoKthoPoen whnotrriodanyof Ih^ Re|a« 

the BreaA. the Palms of hit Nandt, and Ko which had bee* left behind in 5c td- 

then presented with the Sport, and girt with wafd*t Chkpcl, the Scepter with the Ckefr 

tlw Swotd, which wat oB^rcd «rl aftft- and At Orb then in hit Maiefty't Hondib 

Warrto rtd^tn^ hy the Earl of RonchtRdon, «td tht Scepter with the Crolt nnd tho leo- 

and was ?hf n inebRed with ihe Annillt and ry Red then In her Majd^'t Hondt» wtol 

wtrh rhc Imperral PsK ^ and the Orb wiih aow in their Rankt, aoGordinj to their Dt* 

the Cmfi was alio Mcfenled, and the Ring ftot of Confecration. The three Pri»- 

was pnr npon the N>errh Finger of hit Ma- eeflfts, the Peert and Peereflett, tho Kingi 

jeftv^ft RiSht«hand by the Arehbiihop of of Arms, wore thdr refpeAiee Coronctt^ 

Cinrerhuvy, who rhen deKetrod the Seepter the Dokeo of Aqokain and NenMindy thtif 

wirh rhc Crof>, andthc Red with the Dove, Hatt. the BiBiops their Capi, the Knights 

i."'^ NeinjE tffl^ftrd wirh feveral B»fliAps, of the Garter, andthofe of the Bath, their 

! (f Vovrn rcvtrcnrly epno his Mi)eAy*a Caps witb Feoihort. and the Jodgea thrir 

•' w'nch Sieht all the SfjeOvtors re- > Capt. 

■ «r4<>»;f.ors fhe Tiempetslunnd- Their Majfilles placing Ihemlkhet ift 

-; ' SiLrnaf ;.vcn, ihe f^rcat theh- Chiiirs. of State, at a Table at ihe op- 

' . nH in (lie Towtr were per End of the Hall, the three Princefles firt 

;; . . a* one End of it, opon the Left Hand of hot 

f.'i > ' ■-< i or on tH*^ir Ccronrts, M^jefty, and all the Nobility ond other 

the Rithfps rhcir dps, rhe rrprefcoriiu- Perfons of Quality being fcated at TaUte 

Dckts ol AquH.iin and Normandy their prepared for thrm. the firfl Conrfo wat 

Hats, tHeKnighrsof the Garter, and thrfe fcrved ep re thtir MajcAics- TW>te« with 

of the Bath, rheir Caps vnrh riumes of the acmltomed Ceremonies, atid the Scr- 

Feathers and ih« Kings of Arms, thci/ vices required from fetcral Fcrfona^ ac« 

Coronets. cording to the Tenet es of their Eftates and 

The Noife cealins, the Archb^fhop pro- Offices, weft performed, 
cceded with the divine Ottkes, ard alter lie Ceforc the fecond Conrfe was bftmght inp 

bed ddrvercd the Ribfe to his f'!a]efty, and the Kinv^s Champion, who enjeyt thatOU 

fotcmnty read the Dene diA ions, his Majef- fice as being Lord of the Manor of Soi- 

ty WM pleafed to ki& rbu Aid>bifhc>ps and velfby in Lincolnfhire, entered the Hall, 

Rf'Tiops, as tb«y knetttd h^rore him, one completely atm'd in one oi his Ma^eRy*^ 

^fter another. Then Te Deum beim; feng, beft Suits of white Armoor, mowted oo a 

his MajefVy wa^ lifted mto his rhrone, gocidly white Horfe^ richly caparifoned, 

wheie all the Peers did their Homa{>es; nnd performed the Ceremony of the Ch^- 

doring which Time. Mec^als of Cold were ]en$e. Then Garter, attended by the o* 

givei) to the Peers ^nd-Pcereires, and Me- thcr Officers of Arms, proclaimed his Ma- 

cfaia of ^iWer tlirown amomt the People i jelly's Stile in Latin, French, and£ngliOi« 
^^hicH latter was alfodone m the Relnrn of This done, the feeond Coerfe was car* 

|lie ProcefTton to Wcftaunfter* lull. ried up ti> their Majefties Table by the CtH' 

TbefeSolemnitiefbeintsi^nithed, herMa- ttemen whofe OAcc it properly it, with 

jef>y, fupponed by the Bithops of London the nfual Sokmnkies^ 
and Winchefter, went to the Steps of the The whole Sol«nnity wae performed 

Akar, and being anomted with the Holy with the greateA Splendor and MagniA- 

Oil on the Head and Breaft, and receiving cence, and wit hoot any Dilbrder t And 

The Ring, the Archbi(bop reverently fet the what was moR admired in the HaU wera. 

Crown upon her Majefty's Head j where- the Chandeliers, Brancbet, and Sconces, ' 

«»pon the three Princefles and the Peereflfct in which were near sooe Wa^ Candes, 

put on their Coronets, and her Majeily hav. which heing lighted ac once^ yielded oa ei- 

Lrf receirsd'Che Sjfj^ter with Uie Crofs^ ^nd ^ecdipg ^ Prof^>c^ 


OwSttii in osr fjr^. fhereeify to ^ AAiiSnil and CMMtaandw fci 

^OT»9« J^ TnnA«tion df tlie Spcedi OMeT^if %t« Ma)eA^*« test. 

X\ iHiicli Mide Bored, tfte 7^ ^^' HU MaJeAjr hii been ple«fed f • 

Dvtdi AmkaAMor, M^ fb the RiofT «f order Major Wedderbwrn, tliat brM^ 

to pfivai* Awdiwiflt to Mivcr hit Creden* over the Arft Account of the A6M011 %e« 

«Uri. ' twoen the Allied Army and the Freoch, w 

««'St«B, handfome Prefent. — Hit Majtefty Ikat 

«« Their Hfglh MiffhtfateiTet, my LordI alTo heen pleafed to a)>potot the faid M^oC 

and MnAert; ha^e fo'many Moitirtt to In- Wedderhom, Commandant of the t^QeenV 

cereft themfeHet in* the Fete of tftefe ICinf[. Royal Regiment of Vd nn te ei e. 

4o«e, tliK yoor Mj^efty*a AoceAoo to the * The Ri^ht Hon. Lord Anfen, end inen^ 

Throno gave them the hi^eR Pteafere, of other Perfona of DiAi^dUon went «o Oefff- 

whkAi' I aoi oonwnanded to inform yonr ferd, where the Ceremony of altering tW 

Miji^ S end it the <ame Time to eflore Heme of the Caroline VafCh to that ef i^ 

yon of their rcfpeaibl and invidahle At- RoyaJ Charlotte, wet ye tfu r mtd , endCajplJ 

la d rt ie m «o yeer Royal t*«rfon, eftd of the l^nlee wat epfMiinted Comnunder. 

Sincecify of their Wt(hct for the Doratioft «6.- PhoPairof Coloera, that weretehea' 

•ltd Profjperity of a Rci^ which yon ha«e from the Prcndi hi the Htt Battle in Om^ 

<fc»lie|ndiy hcjpm* The ^racioot Aflurance nany, were pcefented to hit Ma)efty, 

which yonr MigeRy hach already 'given of SthtmHtri-fhufi, Hit ExeeDency Mr. lb- 

yonr FnendOim to thtf RepeMiCi excited reel, Ambaffidor Exiraerdinary irom Che' 

the waracR Gractede. Kodung «onU Stacet-Geotnl, had e priirate Andieneeof 

liave gioeo ireafer Confolacion nndcr the hisRojralHighnefstheDekeofCiMaberland. 

Loft •f ihe kier, «onr*MafeRy*t Grand. Aa had iifcewile M. Znceato, Refidenr 

lertMr. The Rcpnhne wiH always regret from Venice. 

In Mm, not ori^ e faiilifnl Ally, but e To which tfcey were {ntaedooed hy 9te« 

tnm Friend, whofe Aieaion never Varied, phen Cottrell, Bfqi AOIRai^ Mafter of iht 

end who added to the Qnalitiea of a great CcremonietJ 

yrinoe» -that integrity whidi woeM have J<"^«S* The Dnicee of AneaAer ee4 

4aim Hooonr to e prieaCe Man. What a RetJand, the Earls of Denbigh, Choldmon<. 

Mg« fiaCMiaiea Ir it ioc their Ni|(h Migh- dJey, <;owcr, and BerMey, the Lorda ViC 

tincfta to find hi fonr MajeRy'a Peribn connt f almonth and Bateman, the Lorl 

ell thelh <|gulitiet wflich, whdeft they fo Melcombe, tfaeMaaefoflheRofliyOndRo^ 

Cintieoay ARkigniiiymirlllnllriooa Aneef. hart Negent, Bf^ with the Attorney an# 

tort, ma^ their People happy end ftrong- Sollkitor General » nift «n the l>ahite# 

Vf aiiacheli the RepeMk to them. What Chamhery aa Lordt C<»mmiAonem of Cho 
ercnt Reafon liew ihek High Mightlneflet ^ Claimt | when the Deke of Rutland^t Ctaim 

to promtfe themfclvee the moft imimafe was allowed, at Mailer of the Horle to the 

^nion between two HatlMia who are hound iUng { the Deke of Norfolk*t, aa Bad 

by fo many conamoo Inferete, to concnr Marihal of England \ John Dymoeha, EAif 

•nttoaHy in each others Adontage, and to *> Champion, with all the profitt oAial, 

defpiie the SusB^iena of a miRaken Yea- the Earl of SeCex^t Claim to carry the Gold 

lonfy » A% their High Mightincflea are iuUy Sport { and iereral othera Claimt Were fe*' 

fenfible of the Valne of thia Union, they ferred to hit M;t}eRy. 

moft ardently deAo to* maintain and Extrsff^fa Ltturp%m Omm^ikri KtfftiH 

then it. Being chargM by them ro Mr. CU^Umd^ d^td im B^U^jU iUmd, id^ 

ilreogfben it. — .^ — „ , , ^ 

not yottf Majcfty Affumncai of thia, and ^tb%fjulj^ 1761. 

fined with the fame Scntimentt myfelf, f '< 1 YeRerday received Letters from Sir 

Anil dn my Utmoft to anfwer the Choice Thomat Stanhope in 0aft4i]e Road, Extra€^ 

they haeecondefcended to make of me, and of which I here inclofe you. The Enemy** 

cb merit the Continuance of that favour fccond Attempt to remove the Ships attend • 

with whidi yonr Majedy honoured me be* ing theDeoioiiUon of the Works upon Alx; 

Ibfo yoo afcendcd the Throne. I flatter has been at incflTedualanddirgraccfulto them 

Ibyfelf, that thdCratitode with which it at their irft waf. Tlie indcf«tf|pible Pahf* 

infj^rcd me will appear from the Whole of and Ucilful Manner in which Capr. Chapten> 

my Cor4!u6l, to 'be eonal to my profound of the Furnace Bomb, has directed the dc- 

kefpe^ for your MajeRy*tPerfoo and your Riojping the Enemy* t Fortificationt and 

em i nen t Qo&tiet.^* Wcnkiupen the IHand, hat been fti^h, thai 

Aimirthy^^fictf Jnfy 30. Hie Majefly it would be Injuftice io me not to acquaint 

hat betn plctted to appoint the Right Hvn. their Lordfliips of it. The whole it now 

George Lord Anfon, Vice Admiral of Great finilhed, or within a Day of being fo, when 

Brittin, and Licuteaaot of the Ad4iiir4it/ it woi be uaoecetr^ry to keep the SWpa any 

A CIsronokgical Ma?ioif of Occurrentei. 


longer fo near the IHand ; and the Enemy 
may then, iftheypleaft, take a View of the 

Whiteb»lU Attgufi^, Late Ud Nit^ht the 
Direftors of the Eaft- India Company receiv- 
ed Difpatches over land, from the PrtfidenC 
and Council of Bombay, giving an Acc9unt 
of the Surrender of Mi hie or the loth Day 
of February bi^withall iti Dependencies, on 
the Coaft of Malabar, by M. Louct, Com- 
mander in Chief of the French Garrifon of 
that Place, to Thomas Hodges, Efq; Com- 
mander at Teilicherry, and to HeAor Mun- 
so, Efq; Conimander of the King's and 
Company*s Troops on that Expedition. 

The Court of Claims met in the Painted 
Chamber, and allowed the Claims of the 
Cities of London and Oxford, to execute 
tfte Of&ce of Butler ; Sir Thomas Rider's 
CUim of the thrte Maple Cups, and the 
Claim of the Dean and Chapter cf Weflmin- 

ftcr, were allowed ; Lord Abergavcnny'j 
and Lords Maynard's Claims were referred 
to the Kin;; j the Duke of AthoPs Claim 
was allowed, as King in the lile of Maor 
after which the Court adjoined to Tocfda/ 

Our larefl Accounts from Paris mention 
a general DilTatisfa€tion, arifing from the 
Continuance of many heavy Taxes and tht 
Unfucccfstuir.efs of their Meafures in the 
Conduct of the War ; and the Defire of the 
People in general to have an Accommoda- 
tion. The King of France had a Council on a 
fpecial Occalion, at which the Dauphin de* 
itianded to be prefent ^ and took Occafion 
to remonflrate againft the Management of 
Affairs, attributing many Mif^arriagrs to 
the Influence and Direction of Madam Pom- 
padore ; in which be fpoke tht Senfe of ma- 
ny others. 


Aug, 6. The Right Hon. Lord Edgcombe, 
Co Mifs Gilbert, Daughter to the Lord Aich- 
bifhopof York. 

Smith, of Newland, Efq; to 

Mifs Dodfworihy Niece to the late Arch- 


Airg,z, John Newell, Efq; of Michael 
Stowe, in the County of Cork in Ireland, 
aged 127. He was Grandfon of old Parr, 
in England, who lived to 152. 

9. The moft Rev, Dr. John Gilbert, 
Archbiihop of York, Primate of England, 
Lord High Almoner to the King, and one 
of the Lords of his Majefty*s Moft Hon. 
Privy Council, at Twickenham. 

Civii and Military Preferments, 

St. y,tmes*Sf Aug, 4. The King has been 
pleafcd to appoint the Hon, Sir Jofeph York, 
Kni<lit ofthe Bath, Lieutenant General of 
bis Majcfty'j* Forces, and hisMajefly*s Mi- 
niAer Plenipotentiary to their High Mighti- 
netfes the Stales General of the United Pro- 
irinces, to be bis MajeAy*s AmbaiTador Ex - 
traordinary and Plenipotentiary to the faid 
States General. 

St, Jameses, Aug.ij, The King has been 
pleafcd to appoint the Hon. Thomas Robin- 
ibaj Efq; to be hfs Maje(ly*s Secretat7 3t 
the Congrefs, which is intended to be held 
at thelmptrinl Ciryof Auglburgh. 

The Maiifhal College and Univerfity of 
Aberdeen h:«ve ek^td the Right Hr.n. the 
£arl of Buto their Chancellor, in the room 
of his Grace tli« Dukeof Argyle, dcceafed. 

Anthony Keck, Efcj; Member for Wood- 
cock in Oxfordlhire^, is appointed one of 
the Gentlemen of the I rivy Chamber to ths 





Jt'lyt^. Robert Ncttlefeld, of Leather* 
head in the County of Surry, Butcher. 

Henry Buckie, late of Frome Selwopd iff 
the County of Somerffft, Innholder. 

Aug, I. James Wheeler, of Norwich, 
Yarn FaAor, 

Benjamin King, late of Winbortie Min* 
fter, Dorfetfhire, Baker. 

15. Charles Wilfon, of Baldwin*s Gar« 
dens, in St. Andrew, Holbouro, Middle- 
fex, Vi^ualler. 

John Ltathwait and Thomas Leathwait^ 
of Thames -flreet, London, Grocers aotf 
Co- partners. 

Charles Villeneau, life of the IHand of 
Jamaica, but now of London, Merchant. 

7,%, Charles Price, of Cardiff, Tallow* 
Chandler and Chapman. 

B I L L 0/^ Mortality from Ju!y 21, to Aug, i2\' 

Buried I Chii/lened 

Males 703 7 ,.- JMales 588 ? „•, 
Females 7513^^* Females 5935'"' 

Within the walls 



Uriderayeat-s old 553 

Between z and 5 93 
5 and 10 — 36 
10 and 20 -^. 44 Without 
20 and 30 — • 134;.W.V. and Surry ^.^ 

30 and 40 1 10 City & Sub. f^eft, 1^3. 

4c and 50 — — 158 ■ 

50 and 60 — 103 i^j^ 

60 and 70 — 103 

70 and 3o 56 Weekly ^k V 28. 3S7 

80 and 90 " ' *' 

90 and I CO — 
looanduo — - 



Aug, 4. 340 
11. 37a 
^^' S37 


( 7^9 ) 

Mifcellaneou^ Correfpondence, 

in Profe and Verfe* 

For S M PTEMB MRi 1761* 

Mathematical Qubstions jfyjmred. 

^veftitn 338, mjwtred by Mr. Ja. Garden, m ihi Straiid. 


ITT ar n A D,. tf t!: .7SJ4» h sc i05.'3iS6 } tben i3ijr> 
aS2:3::«:— = AC. And ^/«r £irr. 47 Pro. of 



X* + — =: CD, thenl-^ =: Area of 
4 1 

cbe PafalMogram and « x* -f 

9^ X* 

z: Area of the cir- 

cofnfcribing Circle : Hence (fer Queftion) we bave this 

Iquation, ,« x> + 

9* «* 3 X* 

+ * 

• *= / — ^^ s 3 

V i3«"-^ 
10.003a zz A D the Breadth ; and as 2:3;: 10.0032 : 15.004S zz A C the Length \ 

(ftr Swt, 47. 1. X.) DC wilJ be found r: 18.0334 the Diameter of the circumscribing Ct 

134 — 6 


nu S^ue/Hom mras alfo awkoirtJ hy Mr, T. Bofworch, Jdr, G. Sartees, Mr, R. Dnncan, 
Mr, T. Robinfon, Mr, W. Allen,^ Mr, B. Longmate^ Mr, J. Launders, Mr, ], Drape, 
Mr, S. Becks, tf]M/ Mr,G, Redaway. ■ Thtre wert dtbfr jtnfwtrt, but u§t tbifnU 

* vitb ibe mb^vg, 

^ejlton 339, enfioeridbj Mr. T. Bofwortb. 

LET A be the Place cf the Cannon, 
B theObjea, and C £ the requir- 
cdCorve. Put x = C D, and j> ~ D E % 

then (47 E, iQ' \ /a C ^ ;rl* + j f»1 

= A B, and \/cB— *|* +^»]=; 

B E. By the Laws of Motion, the 

Time it as the Space dired^y and Ve- - i- -rx r\ 

locity inverfely, therefore (per Quef- A C D fi 

tion) i^AC+l^* +J'»lx i = t/cB — ;i|* +yil X 7, + r s ^he» «^« P^r^o^ 
cnuneaceth Motion at C, tben x z= jr r: o $ and the Equation above, will become 
ACxi=:BCX^+2» ^^* ** *^^"K A C -f C B t= «, we ihaH have A C r= 



720 Mifcellaneous Correjpondence^ 

i+rX-» andBCz:!— ix-» which Valuct of AC and BC beins fubfiitotil 
p % k % 

in the firft Equation, afur proper ReduQion we have --) ..--.xx+ -> — IX 

«* = jr* the Equation of the Ciinre required^ which is an Bjptrb9h. 

Tbit SlMeftM was alfo anfoHred iy Mr. T. Mayo, and bf the Propefer Mr. W. Ctockiah 

^iftion 34O9 anfiveredby Mr. Barak Longmate. 

THIS Qoeftion, as here worded, is rendered abfiird, but by reading the S^*t Alti- 
tude, when due Bail double his Altitude at 6 oXUock. the Sohition la as foHows. 
Put X =r S. Latitude, jr ^ S. Declination r: ftso 7' \ then 1 xxwyxtty S. Altitude 

at 6 oXlock, and X : I : :jr !^ S. Altitude when due Eaft : Again, by Nature of Sines 

1 : ^i — «* jr* : : a jr/ : - %• x =: S. 46® 9' the Latitude fought. 

'' Tla Slue/h'oM vfas alfr anfwoered h Mr, G. Surtees, Mr. T. Robinfon, Mr, G, Rednngr, 
ilfr. J. Drape, Mr.T, Mayo, Mi/>y /^« Froffir Mr. T. Harris. 

Sluefiion 341, anjxoerid by Mr. Vf. Allen. 

X £T tf =: 80, and - = the Quantity of Drink draw off each Time $ then « — > - = 
fhe Quantity of ilrong Beer left in the Ca& after the trft drawing off, and ftooM «. - 

take tf — - - X -> and we have « — — -|- •-- =: the ftrong Beer left in the Caft after Che 


leeond drawing off : again, fn)m#-- — - -f ^-^ take#— — 4. •» 4- . and U W0 

be# — — -1-^—-? =: the firoog Boer left in the C^ikaf^ the third drawiacofl 
And proceeding in the fame Manner, after the 7th drawing off, there will be « ^ 

Z-+— -.i^+^--^ + 2j3- - =:6i.aao45 ^^ which Equatioo 

I find X zz ft6| or — , fo that three Gallons is the Quantity of Beer drawn off each 

Time, of which there is Strong and Small as underneath* 

Strong Beer. Small Beer, 

xft. 3. o. 

ad. £.8875 0.1125 

3d. 2.77921875 0.2207^X25 

4th. 2.674908046875 0.325001953125 

<th. 2.5746856201 171875 0.4253143798828125 

6th. 2.47813400936270296875 0.52 1 86 509063720703 125 

7th. 2. 38 5204S 5026 1 6882 3242 187 5 0*^14795149738311767578125 

from 8q take 18.779742176616668701171875 2.22025782338333 129S828125 

Remaint 6ia2025782338333i298828i25 inftead of 61.2204 

mt S^eftt9n vfas atfo anjwertd by Mr. G. Surtees, Mr, B. Longmate, Mr, J, Laufi- 
ders, Mr, J, Probert, ilfr. T, Mayo, Mr. S. Beekeo, Mr. T. Sadler, and by the Pr%' 
ffer Mr. T. Robinfon. 

in PROSE and VERSE. 


]fi mbmvU^i U havi recthid an Anfwer u ^iftion 325, firm Mr 
JoCApplin, which happened to be mi/laid^ and therefore was not in'- 

Omr Carrejpondents are dejired to fend Anfwers with their ^e/f ions j if they 
imtetod to have them irferted ; and fofne of mnr CorreJ^ondents fend An^ 
Jwers too late^ as we are obliged to ^oUelS them for the Prefs about the 
1 6th Day of the Month. 

New (Questions to be anfioered. 

Qaeftion 350, 
By Mr. Rob. HalL 

IF a Point be taken any where in the Side 
of an equilateral Triangle, aiad Perpen- 
dicslan let faH from thence to the other two 
Sides, thofe two Perpendiculars will be 
equal to the Perpendicular of the whole 
Triangle. And, if two right Lines be 
drawn from the fiiid Point, parallel to the 
other two Sides to terminate therein, thofe 
two fight Lines will be equi] to the Side of 
tlie Triangle. The Demonflration is re- 

Queftion 351, 
By Mr. W. Tom*. 

IN a Right-angled Triangle is given a 
Line drawn from the ▼erttcal Angle to 
the Bafe z: 3 Poles, and from thence to the 
acofee Angle zz. 4 Poles* From hence it is 
required to find the Sides and Area, when 
the Difference of the vertical Angles it a 
Ma»inHiiB> or the grcateit pofllblel 

Queftion 352. 
By Mr, T. Robinfon. 

"n Bins tt SmtierU^d, I faw a Ship going 
j|3 0^^ ^ ^^ Harbour failing dire^ly 
Jrom me, the Height of whofe Main-maft 
was 60 Feet, and a little Tiine afterwards, 
I obfenred the Mainmaft to be divided into 
extreme and mean Proportion, the lefler 
Part being betwixt the Surface' of the Wa* 
ter and Top of the Maft< Query what Dif. 
tanee was the Ship from the Place of Obfer« 
V4tion» allowing 60 Miles to one Degree ? 

Queftion 353. 
By Mr. W. Taylor. 

Given the Sum of the Diameters and 
LatusRedum of an eliptical Clofe 
=: 35 Chahis, and the Sum of their Squares 
zr 51^ Chains* Query the Clofe*s Dimen- 

To the Author of the Gsn£ral MaoazikS, Vc. 


I Send you this Series of Calculations of 3d. Sat. of Jupiter, from a Set of new Tables I 
have ooniLiiaed, eo ftsew how near they agree with the Obfervations inferted in your 

Ala^iaiMrlBr fevanri Years paft. 



1754»_ .7" 

Miareh if 

1755. jMMg 

i7S7« >»« 

,759. s^^ 

h ' " 

8 3* 50 

7 57 30 


fo la 5 00 

s lo 15 30 

4 17 aa 30 

17 la 8 30 

15 xa 24 16 

3 9 9 45 

»» S 39 o 

4Z 2 


d h « '' 

I 8 sa 49 

a 7 56 X 

10 la 4 38 

X 10 X7 56 

4 X7 ai 41 

17 xa XX a 

15 xa ax 4a 

9 " 55 

I 40 



f It 

4* o I I I* 

+ X ag E. 
^« o 3a E, 
•>« a a6 E. 
4. o 49 J E. 

— a 3s 
+ » 34 

391— « 39 





Mifcellaneous Correfpondenciy 

The ^Enigma Jor July anfwered hy Mr, T. Harris, and Mr. 

A Dream. 

Whereas many of our Correfpondents have been under a Mijlahe in refp^Bu 
the Pinijhing of our Afagazlne^ apprehending it was to be at the Enl 
cf this Tear : They are deftred to obferve^ that it is to be at the Eai 
rf the Ttear 1762. The Maps of the Counties^ &c. tvill be inferted 4U 
fq/i as pojjibley and all givtn in due Time, 

The? AT'Rior Coronation. 

BR I T A I K*s imperial diadem— -this day I 
With folemn, facred rites — with awful 

By patriarch hand*— around th' repal tcmplcf, 
PIac*d, of blooming Majefty — in Virtue's 
School, maturely learned, as are th* filver hairs 
^domi^g Wifdom*s feat, in hoary age I 
All!--a|l !— inloud^cclaiip, ihall profl/ate 
With fupplicating voice, bldsM Heay'n may 

If s influence benign ! raoft facred gifts 1 
On the auguft, iJjuftrious heads! This day, 
i^noihted SovVigns, o're a people's hearts I 
Who hold the bonds their timid Sire^ enforc'd 
The royal compaA.,-.Tc{lament of oath — 
£ach oral pledge— >but as fuperrtuous forms j 
Where native truth, and inborn virtue fpring. 
With deeds fpontaneous, for th' public Weal ! 
With fuch— th^ monarch of to-day, has 
|Ii.s carlieil fteps, tp power's afcent. 
fright freedom's glo^, his Patriot, Britijb 

With ardor warms ! and fondly anxious. 
To tranfmit the ineftimable gem, 
In all the radiance, wc behold it now ; 
Cbofe for the royal partner of his throne 
And bed, a Princefs, in the vernal bloom 
Of youth — 'fYct, rich in elo^juence, ^yhcn 

" With foft fenfations, for her country's woe ! 
ff She pleads th' weeping matpn'f— hclplcis 
« Caufc, with energy, refiftlefs as the call 
Divine finking, with fympathetip touth, 
Compailion's Chofd ! -— and haimonlzing 

war ! 
" Hallow'd perfuafipn on her acccn^ hung, 
Socthing in 'fweet, but yet, in nervous 

The martial ardor of the hero's |>rea^ f 
.\nd devaftadon fbpp'4 its dread cafcer. 
Thus, wiidom's voice, attuned to merqy*t 
Reaching our youthful monarch's royal ear, 
(For ever open to that pleafing theme) 


Felt the foft unifon — th* melody of fools ! 
And the unerring choice^ muft fill the nxa* 

Of their mutual blifs — where th' dilated hest. 
Is ever open to ^fHi&ioos pray'pi 
The melting eve, that fwells with pity's tear« 
And thefe, with (age, MintnMi'% precepts 

Ii)delibiy record th' bright inheritcur, 
y^ith ev'ry grace enlaig'd— with ev'rv gif^ 
Can conftitute a Prince, and people bldft. 
Grant ! gracious heav'n ! from thy abandant 

Store ! 
Propitious length of days ! O \ may they live 1 
To lead in glory's path 1 that Patriot tnd ! 
Themlelves have trod ! A long iUttfiiioat line, 
Shall hail tlus Day ! in fame's unnx»tal ra)i^ 
As the rich fpring, pofhrity flxall boail. 
Which feeds the current, oi Brittnniat hliik. 

f<^ the Lifia markfd thus " allude to s Let- 
ter, fat J to Be tvrote hy her Majrfty^ to the Kiitg 
ofPruj/ia, in the moft fatketU Terms, m the M^ 
treffes of her country y oc^afoned hy the fr^eM 

Ofi thf ExpeSlation of the Queen's 
LanAng, An ODE. 


Britannia, from a rock liftning to the Bards 
—who recite the praifes of the heroes— >on a 
fignal from tfeptune of the Queen's approach, 
defcends to receive and gratulate her arrival,' 


BRITANNIA from her rtKky (okt. 
Attentive hears her Bards repeat 
The deeds of Heroes, brave and free. 
Who daufitlefs fougfit for liberty. 

Neptune his avrful trident (hakes. 
The waves in gentleft murmurs break \ 
The royal bark, with fwelling fail. 
Triumphant bounds before the gale. 

CHARLOTTE coqics — Britannia cries ; 
CHARJLOTTE comes*— refound thcflciesj 


>/f PROSE and VERSE. 


CHARLOTTE coumi prit GBOROB's 

b Scanty *t Uoom, in viitne^i pride. 

IfjfoMy approach— the rites begin ; • 
lUa, lotelj CHARLOTTE! ^AiWt Qweo : 
Hirice wdcome to tfaefe happy Ules ! 
Vbeic fie e d om iciipiiy wbeic plenty fmilei I 

1«ft HeaVn decreed, thy matchlefs charms 
Should blefs the noblcft Monarch's arms ^ 
Be Ocred Iwld th* aufptcious day. 
That gave bright merit regil fway. 


My baidi ■melodins raife the ftrain^ 

To diftant lands our jqys proclaim j 

While Echo wafts the grateful theme, 

HaU, kncly CHARLOTTE ! pica's Queen ! 

Om bearing Mifs March read 
Uank Verfe. 

"V ^TTHEK Dtth rods, how ftriking are 

Who to juft thoughts emphatic accents joins \ 
-*Tis flic can raife the Mufc^s drooping Lyre, 
And Temig% Night Tbtttgbtt with greater Awce 

Bot what of need to ufe this powerful art, 
T* fend defiance to a yielding heart ? 
Coald I have riewM the luftre of her ey«Sy 
^nd sot have felt leraphic extaiiesj 

Or beenunmovM with every fparkling grace. 
Her air, her mein, and fwcet enchanting face. 
Her jetty hair, and hands as lillies white. 
With thousand other charms that blefs the 

Yet then i" have breathed fuch foft infpiring 

She wott*d ! (He muft ! have gained my love 

and praife. 

N§rwicb, Sift, ij, 1761. S. P. 

Ex Tempore opportum. 

L*AlGLC, et Roy (tret rb/ri^J de 
L*isLE BaiTANNiqus; 
Neveotpas, furunTHROMi, etrc, toojoors, 

L'aIGLOKB, fo/lEfOufi, 1ST SlilMENTX, 


En NAissAHCE, et VERTVS; De/cazanOf 
Lot7B, ainly, 

(Et non tn JIatatr,) pour la tres Gkanok 

Css VERS feront coHtuu aotant qu*une 

J^ay hefoins D'audisnce, et diine Pen- 

Mis malheurs ; (LusJ faiioient, aux 
TuRCs, Ompajfion, 

Finis C9rotut opus, it declarabit opipcnn* 
Fait, a Lohdrcs, fe i^aae jhn, 1761. 

jt Chronological Memoir ^Occurrences^ 
For SEPTEMBER, 1761. 


Brmmfivick^ Aug» ii. 

THE .melancholy News arrived here 
this Morning of the Death of Prince 
Henry of Brunfwick, of the Wound he re- 
ceived the xoth of laft Month. He dieH in 
the Night between the 8th and 9th at Ham, 
where he had been attended by the beft 
Sutgeoni, both of the Britifti and French 

The Enemy hat attempted to eflablifh a 
Commonication iw the Siibfiilence of their 
Army between Gortingen and Hoxter \ but 
the firft Convoy, confiAmgof 25o^Waggont 
wa^taken the ht\\ by a Detachment of Hun- 
ters of Col. Frey tag* s .orps, going towards 
C)]e Wefer. The Meal and Bread was dif- 
pctfed and giveti to the Country People \ 

and the Waggons and Horfes fent back to 
their refpe^ive Villages. The Defcrtion if 
very great in the £nemy'« Army, and the 
want of Proviiions of all Kinds, is alfignfld 
as the Reafon of it. At Caflel it has been 
publiihed by Sound ot Trumpet, that no 
one (hould fpeak of »he Alfair of the 16th 
pail, under very ^ vcre Penalties. 

Brunfwicb, jiug, 14. Laft Night Col. 
SchliefTen, Commandant of the firil Batta- 
lion of the Land.'rave*s Guards, 
Wittnrf, firft Gentlemen of the Bed Cham- 
ber to the Duke of Brunfwick, fet out for 
Luneburg, in order to Compliment, on the 
part of their refpe^ive Mafters, her Serene 
Hi;;.mefs the Princefs of Screlitz, on her 
Pa/T^ge through thAt Place. 

L OW- 

724 -^ Chronological Memoir of Occurrences. 


BY Letters from Strelitx, AugitH 17. Deputy Chaplain to ficr mofl Serent lfigb» 

The Earl of Harcovrt, his Britannic nefs the Princefa of Macklenburg. 

M.ijtfty's Pletiipotentiiry, arrived there the "May it pleafe your moft ScNii* Iii|b* 

J4th. Next Morning! at Eleven he perform- nefi to accept of oar moft hearty CongntB« 

ed the Ceremony of aflcing in form her Se> lations on the great profpeft of HappimA 

rene Highneff the PriHcefs Sophia Charlotte attending your prcfent Journey and Voyage^ 

in Marriage for the Kinc; his Mafter. The The many eminent and fo partkoliriif 

Moment the Conrra A for Marriage was fign- diflinginihed Virtues* adorning the Hcwt 

cd, the Cannon fired. Her Royal Highnefs and Mind of our moft gracious Sovcretgas 

was after complimented by the Srates of the the ftrong AffeAion for his Subjeds* t^ ap- 

Country and the Deputies of the Towns, parent both at home and abroad | Che oai* 

She dined at a feparate Table with the ted Endeavoars and Wilhes of a happy PIbo- 

Princefsof ^chwa^tzberg, her Grand Aunt, pie, for the lifting Profperity of fo gfnC 

and the Princefs Chriftina Sophia her Sifter, and good a King, are Fadb your moft Se- 

Her Royal Highnefs was ferved by M. de rene Highnefs will toon hare tht Ptealara 

ZclUrfleth, Grand Marshal cf the Court, of feeing confirmed, 

and the Miflcs Seltem and Raucbbar, Ladies Tha Britiih Nation hate a fttA Proof of 

of t?;c Court. M. de Dewitz, Privy Conn- our Monarch's great Wifdom, in tht 

cellor of Legation , did the honours of the Choioe of your moft Serene Highneity as Ms 

Table landing. His Serene Highnefs the Queen ; a Princeis aflbrdiag the highdl 

Duke dined with the EngUfh Mintfter, and Expedations of farther Felicity to a KiOf- 

fevrral Ladies and Gentlemen, at a large dom, that hath bot one Wifti leflta htA 

I'able in a Saloon. Four Tables of upwards which they will now foon enjoy | a Methv 

of 160 Covers were ferved in two other to their Country. 

Apartments. In the Evening the Gardens Our reftdence in the Neighbo u rhood of 

of ihe Caille were illuminated with above your moft Serene Highnefs*s Birth, andA« 

40, coo Lamps, Caftlc-ftreet and tlieMar- bode, gives us the agreeable Opportunity, 

ket were alfo illuminated. On the 16th prior to our Countrymen at home, ofbeii< 

there was a Grand Fcltival and Entertain- apprifed of, and exprefflng that Vli 

ment. This Day her Royal Highnefs. ac- Merit beyond our Power to describe, 

companied by the Court, went to Mirow. May the Dirine Providence give yev a 

The 1 8th (he arrived at Perleberfi:, where fafe and fpeedy PaiTage to that happy Illandy 

file was complimented, in the Name of his to which we belong ^ and,, to maka your 

ProfTian Majefly, by the Count de Gotfer, happinefs complete, may the firft of afl 

who wifhcd her a happy Voyage. On the Bleilings, a perfed State of Health con- 

19th (he continued her Journey by Lefitzen ftantly attend our Royal Mafter, and yoar 

for Gohrde, where her moft Serene Hi^h- moft Serene Highnefs. 

ficfs dined twice in Public, and walked in We cannot omit our humble Acknowledge 

tl>c Afternoon in the Park. On the azd, mcnts and Thanks to your moft Serene 

atfeveno*Clock in tittr Evenini^, (lieanived Highnefs, for gracinuOy permitting us to 

at Stade, under a general difchatge of tlve give fo early a Proof of our Duty uponthia 

Cnnn' n of the Place, and amidft the Accia- joyful Occa(ion. 

matior* of a vjft Number of People, both We conclude with humbly begging yovr 

Citizeis and Fnreicners. The Burgc(res of Prote^ion to our ancient Society. 

8ude were affemMcd under Arms, and lined To which her Highnefs returned an An- 

rhe Streets through which her moft Serene fwer in French. 

Highnefs paflTed. At nine o*Clock the ^ffj^ii/ the 23d (he ftt out for Coxhaven ; 

whole Town was ilhiminated, and (everal and on the 25th, about ten in the Morning, 

triumphal Arches were ereAed in the Prin- her moft Serene Highnefs embarked on 

cipal Streets, on which were placed many board the Yatcht, amidft the Acclamationa 

fmall Limps and Infcriprions analogous to of the People, accompanied by the Dutcli- 

the Fcaft. e(res of Ancafter and Hamilton, the Pnnoe 

' The following Addrefs from the Right her Brother, the Ear! of Harcourt, and 

WorfhipftH Fellow(hip of Merchants Ad- Lord Anfon. She was faluted by the whoJo 

ventmers of England, refiding in Ham- Squadron deftined to Convoy her to Bng- 

bargh, was prefented at Buxtehude, the land. They were ranged on each Side d 

aid IntUtvr, by their Deputies the Right the Yatcht. The Moment (he entered her 

Worfliipfal John Hanhury, Efq; Depiity Cabm, (he faluted the Officers of the diffe- 

Governofi Thomas Evutt, Efq; Treafu- rent Ships, ¥rtK> had crouded the Decks in 

rerr, Tbomas Dclaval, Efq, Chailes John- order Co have the pleafure of feeing her, who 

^Wi9, Bfq; and vhe Rev. Mr. Vaugtm, wera 

For S E P TE M B E Ry 1761. 725 

wars all dkMnatd wkh ber «ff«bli and polite 

Her Hislwcii, after a tedioos Voyage of 
10 Days, Landed oa Monday the 7th at 3 
o'Cbck in the Aftcmotn at Harwich, 
mhu9 ibe was received by the Mayor and 
iydemieii in their ufoal Formalities. 

About 5 •* Clock her HisbneCi came to the 
Honfe of Mr. Enew at Cokhefter where ihe 
waa foceieed genteelly, and watted on by 
Mrs. Enew and Mrs. Rebow { Capt. Beft 
attended ber HigbneT* with Coffee, and 
licnt, John Seabcr with Tea $ and Mr. 
Orcat of Colchefter had the Honour of pre* 
Ctotiof her Higbnefs with a Box of candied 
Snoco Root, a Produdlof that PkMe, witb 
wbach the Royal Family are vfoaily prefen- 
tcd when tbey oome that Way. During her 
Htglinefi*s Suy there, her Higbnefs walk« 
ed fefcral times to the Window, to fatisfy 
Che CurioAty of the People. This was the 
firft Time of herHighnefs*s eating and drink- 
ing in England. After being thus lef refiied , 
her Higbnefs proceeded to Witham, where 
ihe arrived Iben after 7, and (lopped at 
l.ord Abcicom's, wbere his Lordfliip pro- 
irsded as ekgant an BnterCainment as the 
Time would admit. Doring che Time of 
ber Sopping, the Door of the Room was 
kept f^de open, that every Body might 
liave the Satisfedion of feeing her Higbnefs, 
who was attended by the Lords Harcovit 
and Anfoo. Her H^hnefs ilept that Night 
U bin, LonUhip't Honft, and on Tuefday 
the ttb proceeded to Romford, where Iter 
iiighnefs Hopped at Mr. Duccon's, and was 
thtfe met by the Kmg*8 Coach and Ser-i 
vants; and being fisrved with Tea and Cof- 
fce, about one o*Clock ber Highnefs en- 
tered the Rings*s Coach, attended by two 
odier Coaches t in the firft were fome La- 
dies from Mecklenburg, and In the lalVthe 
Dac fufr es of Ancafter and Hamilton t they 
came a grace Pace for London ; and, from 
Stratford le Bow, took the New Road for 
St* James's. Her Highnefs kept the Doc^r 
of her Coach down all the Way, to gratify 
the Cttriofity of the Public, and appeared 
SDOch plealed with the Acclamations of ihe 

Her Highnefs arrived at St. James's about 
3 o*Clock in the Afternoon. 

ExpeAing Nations hailed the happy Choice ; 
They fee, they praite, with one confentioi^ 

Tbis Evening about nine o* Clock the 
Niiptoal Ceremonies were performed in the 
Chapel RoyaL 

Frpm the London G^xette, ' 
Trnffilay, Stf>t. 3s. 

TITS Day bis Majefty King George the 
thitd, and Queen Charlotte, were 

crowned In the Abbey Church of Weilmrn- 
iler, with the Ceremonies accuftomed upon 
that great and glorious Solemnity. 

His Majefty came privately to the Princess 
Chamber, and the Queen to Black Rod*a 
Room near the Houfc of Peers, about Nine 
o'clock. The Peers aflembled In their own 
Hoefe, the Peerelfes and the Dukes of Nor- 
mandy and Aqottaine in the Painted Cham- 
ber, the reft in the Court of Requeft. 

About Eleven o* Clock the Proceflion wae 
drawn out into Wdbninfter Hall, which 
was foon after followed by their Majefties» 
who feated themfelves in the Chairs of Suto 
imder their Canopies. 

Then the Swords and Spurs were pre- 
fented and laid upon the Table, and the Re> 
gilia brought up in Proceflion by the Dean 
and Prebendaries of Weftminderj which 
being feverally prefented and laid upon the 
Table, were afterward delivered by the 
Lord Great Chamberlain to the Lords ap- 
pointed to carry them, being fummoned by 
Garter; as alfo the Biftiops appointed to 
fupport their Majefties, and who were u^ 
carry the Bible, the Chalice, and Paten. 

The Proc<ffion then went on in the fol- 
lowing Order : 

THE King's Herb Woman, with her 
iiSe Maids, ftrewint fweet Herbs, Ac. 
Dean*s Beadle of Weftminfter, with his 

The High Conftable of Wedminfler, with 

his Staff, in a Scarlet Cloak. 
A Fife in a Livery Coat of Scarlet Cloth. 
Four Drums cloathed'as the Fife. 
The Drum-Major. 
Eight Tromp^tert in Liveries of Crimfon- 

velvety 4 a- bread. 
The Kettle Drums, with their banners of 

Eight Trumpeters, as before, four abreaft. 
The Serjeant Trumpeter. 
The Six Clerks in Ch;«ncery. 
Clofet keeper of che Chapel Royal. 
The King's Chapbins, having Dignity, 
The Sherifft of the City of London. 
Aldermen of London. 
Maftcrs in Chancery, in rich Gowns. 
The King*s younger Serjeants at Law: 
King's SoUicicor, and Attorney* general. 
The King's a orient Serjeant. 
Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber. 
Barons of the Exchequer, and Juftices of 
both Benches, two and two. 
Chief Bdron of the Exchequer. Chief 
Jollice of the Common Pleas, beings Privy 
Councellor, went as ftKh. 
Mailer of the Rolls, being a Privy Council- 

Jor, went as fuch Cliitf Juftice of 

King^s Bench, Lord Minefield, v?<:nt a» 
a Peer. 


y 2 6 A Chronbhgical Memoir of Occur fenMi 

Children of the Choir of Weftminfter In Sur. 

Serjeant of the Veflrx, and Serjeant Por- 
ter in fcarlet Gowns. ^ 
Children of the Chapel Royal, in Surplices^ 

with fcarlet Mantles over them. 
Choir of We(lminfter« in Surplices. 
Organ-blower, and Groom of the Veftry. 
Gentlemen of the Chapei Royal, in fcarJet 

Sub Dean of the Chapel Royal, in a fcarlet 

The Prebendaries of Weftminfter, in Sur. 

pHces and rich Copes. 
The Dean of WeAminiter, in a Surplice and 

rich Cope. 
The'Mafter of the Jewd Houfe, with one 

of his Officers going by him, both in Scar- 
Two Purfuivants of Scotland. 
Bath King of Arms, in his Habit of the Or- 
der, and Crown in his Hand. 
Kntghts of the Bath, not Peers, in the full 

Htbit of the Order, two and two, car- 
rying their Caps and Feathers in their 

Bluemantle PurfuivanC, and Rougedragon 

Privy Councellors, not Peers. 
King's Vice- Chamberlain, Hon. William 

Finch, Efq; 
Comptroller of, the Houfhold, Earl Powis, 

went as a Peer. — Trcafurcr of the Houf- 

hold, Enrl of Thomond. 
Rougecroix Puifuivant, and Portcullis Pur- 

Heralds of Scotland. 
Baronefles, in thtir Robes of Eftate ; their 

Coronets in their Hands. 
Barons, in their Robes of EAatej their 

Coronets in their Hands. 
Korfold Herald extraordinary. 
Bi(hops in their Rochets, .and Caps in their 

Blanck Courfier Herald, and Brunfwick 

Vircountefles in their Robes of Eftate \ their 

Coronets in their Hands. 
Vifcounts io thpir Robes of Eftate ; their 

Coronets in their Hands. 
X«ancafter Herald, and Somerfet Herald. 
CountefTes, in their Robes of Eltate ; their 

Coronets in their Hands. 
Earls, in their Robes of Ellate j their Co* 

ronets in their Hands. 
Windfor Herald, and Richmond Herald. 
MarchionefTcs, in their Robtii of Ellate { 

their Coronets in their Hands. 
MarquiiTt-j in their Robes Of Eftate ; their 

Coronets in their Hands. 
York Herald, and Chcfter Herald. 
Duchcflcs, in their Robts of l^late } their 

Coronets in their Hands. 

Dukes, in their Robes ofEftate; their Cd^^ 

ronets in their Hands. 
Lord Chamberlain of the Houihold ; I>«ike 

of Devon(hire. 
Ulfter, Clarencieux, Norroy, Kings of 


Lord Privy Seal, in his Robes of EftaCej 
his Coronet in bis Hand, Earl Temple. ^ 
Lord Chancellor in his Robes of Eftate, and 
Coronet in his Hand, bearing the Purle^ 
Lord Henley. 

Lord Archbilhop of Canterbury in bit 
Rocket, with his Cap in his Hand, Dr, 
Tho. Seeker. 

Two Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber in 
proper Mantles, their Hats in their Hands, 
reprefenting the Dakes of Aquitatne and 
Normandy, Sir Wm. Breton and Sir Tho* 
Robinfon« Bart. 

The Queen*8 Vice Cbamberliii^ Lord 
Vifcoont Cantalupe. 

Two Gentlemen Uftiers. 

The Ivory Rod with the Dove, borne by 
the Barl of Northampton in his Robes of 
EfUte. — The Queen*s Lord Chamberlain, 
Duke of Mancheiler, in his Robes, with his 

Coronet and Staff in his Hands. The 

Scepter, with the Crofs, borne hy the Duke 
of Rutland, in his Robes of Eftate. 

Two Serjeants at Arms.— TheQuecn's 
Crown borne by the Duke of Bolton, in his 
Robes of Eftate. — Two Serjeants at Arms. 

Gentlemen Penfioners. •* Biihop of Nor- 
wich.— The Queen in her Royal Robes 
(on her Head a Circlet of Gold adorned with 
Jewels) going under a Canopy of Cloth of 
Gold, bornd by fixteen Barons of the Cinque 
Poru ; her Train ftipported^by her Royal 
Highnefs Princefs Auguila, in her Robes of 
EAate, ai!ifted by fix Earls Daughters, viz. 
Lady Mary Grey, Lady Eliz. MonUgue,' 
Lady Jane Stuart, Lady Selina Haftings, 
LadyHeneageFinch^ Lady Mary Douglafs, 
— Biihop of Lincoln. -— Gentlemen Pen- 

The Princefs*s Coronet, borne by the 
Marquis of Carnarvon. 

Duchefs of Ancafter, Miftrefs of the 

Two Women of her Majcfty*s Bed. 

The King*s Regalia, 

St. Edward's 3tafr, borne by the Duke of 
Kinfton, in hi^ Robes. — The Gol(<en Spurs, 
borne by the Earl of Sufiex, in his Robes.— 
The Scepter with the Crofs, borne by the 
Duke of Marlborouj^h in his Robe*. 

The Spiritual Sword of Juftice, borne by 
the Earl of Sutherland , in his Robes- ^— ^ 
Cur tana, borne by the Earl of Lincoln, in 
his Robes. — The Second Sword, borne by 
the Bail of Suftcik> in iiis Robes. 


Par S k PT E 3f\6 B 1?, 1761. 7^2; 

UAcrof the White Rod. 

Lard Mftyor of London, in his Gown, 
Cottar, and Jewd, bearing the City Mace, Sir 
Matt. BlackiflDa. «- Lyon Rin; of Arms of 
Sceclaod) cerryiag his Crown in his Hand, 
John Campbell HoOke, Efq{ »^-«» Carter 
principal King of Arms, his CroWn in his 
Hand, Stephen Martin Lealce, Eiqj-p— 
Gentlenua Uftier of the Black Rod with hii 
Rod, Sir Sepcimtia Rohlnion. 

The Lord great Chamberlain of Eogfaind, 
in his Robes of Eilate, and Coronet and 
White Staff in bis Hands. 

His Royal Highneis the Deke of Cum« 
beriaod, in his Robes of Eftate, and Coro^ 
•et in his Hand ; hit Train borne by— — 

His Royal Hi^nefs the Unke of Yofk; 
ID his Robes of EiUte, and Coronet in hii 
Hand { bis Train bomo by Col. Bnidenel). ' 

EariMarihal, in his Robes, with hU Co- 
ronet and Earl Marihara Staff, Earl of Ef^ 
&igham.— The Sword of State, borne by 
the Earl of Hontingdon, in his Robes. — 
Lord High Conftable of England, m hit 
Robes, with hit Coronet and Staff, Doke 
of Bedford.^ High Conftable of Scotland, 
M hik Robes, with iits Coronet and Sca^^ 

A Gentleman canning the Stajf of ^he 
Lord High Steward, -r Serjeants at Arms. 

— The Socpior with the Dove, borne * by 
the Duke of RichmoAd, in his Robes. -^ 
St. Edward's CroWn, borse by the Lord 
High Stewwd in hit Robes, Earl Talbot.-* 
The Orb, borne by the Doke of SomerCet, 
io his Robes. -. Setjeants>at Arou. —A 
Gentleman carrying the Coronet of the 
Lord High Steward 

The Paten, by the Bifliop of Rocbeftarj 

— The Bible, carried by the Bifliop of Car. 
ItOc^TbeCftatice, by the Bifliop of CheT- 

Gentlemen Penikmers.— Biihopof He* 
ieCord.~The KING, in his Royal Robes, 
(oa his Head a Cap of Eftate, adorned with 
Jewels) going under a Canopy of Cloth of 
Oold, borne hy Sixteen Barons of the Cinque 
Ports I his Train fopported by Six Lords, 
eideft«ons of Peers, viz. Vifcoont Man* 
dcviUe, Lord Howard, Lord Beaucbamp, 
Uarqois of Hartington, Lord Grey, Lord 
>fewnharo. Bilhop of Durham. ■ 
Geulemen Pcnfiooers. 

And, at the End of it, the Mailer of the 
Robes, Hon. James Brudenell. 

Sundard Bearer of the Band of Gentle- 
nco Penfioners. — Captain of the Yeo- 
msQ of the Goard, in his Robes .*^Capta in 
oftheHorfeio Waiting, in his Robes— ^ 
Captain of the Band of Gentlemen Pen0on^ 
^t, in hit Robes.— Lieutenant of the Band 
^ CtDtlesnen Pcnflooen, 

A Oefktlemen of the Kiag^s Bed-Chatn- 

Two Grooms of the Bed Chamber. 

Enfign of the Yeoman of the Guard, n ^ i 
Lieotenant of the Yeonian of the Guard. 

Exempts.-^The Yeoman of the Goard.-J^ 

The Cleric of tlit Cheque to the YeojBtfi 
of theGuacd. 
N. B. jfli the P$tr$t f ■ tbt Prttffiom^ motn 

in thtir Raies tf BJiatt \ 4nJ, being Xiigbtt 

•f tbt Garter^ ^UjUt^ w B»th^ imre tbf 

CMtnrf their rtfpeBitft Orden. 


About half an. Hour albr One, their Ma- 
jefties entered the Abbey, and wenttotheii- 
^eaU on the E«ft Side of the Throne. The 
Archlxfliopof Canterbulry made theRecog'* 
pitior* and then their Majefties ntade the 
firft ObUtion, and took their Seats on the 
South.fidtf of the AUar. Then the Litany 
begftOi duriog which, the. Regalia were 
ievMally -pitfented- at- the Altar» and the 
great Officercpctired to their Seats. 
"ThoLltany being ended, and Part of the 
C^ommonionScrrieeread by the Archbifliop^ 
Dr. Drummond, BiAiopof Seli(bpry, pieacli« 
ed the Sermon f which being ended, his 
Majeftymado the ufusl DedHratlon, and 
took and^Mifcribcd the Coronation Oath, 
, After Veni Creator^ His MajeAy removed 
to St. Edtrtrd*s Chair) and the Undioii 
was performed by the Archbifliop, four 
Knights of the Garter holding a Pall over 
his Majelly during the Anointing, vii • the 
Duke of Devonihire, Earl of Northomber- 
Und, Earl of Hertford, and Earl Waldt-i 
grave. The Spurs were then prefented, and 
his M»jefty girt With the Sword, iilhicb was 
^fUrwardsoffemd abd redeemed. ^ ^ 

His Majefiy ^as Ihen invefted with the 
Armill, the Purple Robe or Imperial Pall, 
and Orb, and afterwards receilriog the Ring;, 
returhing (he Orb to the Altar. 
-'The Marquis of Rockingham, Deputy to 
the Duke of Norfolk, as Lord of the Manor 
hf Workfop, prefented a Right* Haod Gtov^ 
to his Majefty, who, puttmgiton, received 
ficom the Archhilhop the Scepter with the 
Crofs, and afterward the Scepter with th« 
Dove, into hi^ Left Hand ; and the Mar- 
quis did afterwards fupporc hisMajefty*! 
Right Hand, as Occaiion required. 

The Archbifhop then fee tite Crown up* 
on his Ma}efty*s Head, about half an Hoof 
after Three o*Clock, aroidll the Acclama- 
tions of an infinite Number of Spe^tors | 
upon which the Peers put on their Coronets, 
the Dokes of Normandy and Aquitauietheir 
Hars) the Bi(hops, Knights of the VUthf 
and Judf^cs, their .Caps, end the Kingtol 
Arms their Croons, . 

5 A Then 

728 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences. 


Then the Archbifliop prefcnted the Bible, 
and pronoiinceri the Btnedi^ion ; and his 
Mnjefly kilTcd the Bilhopi, kneeling before 

\Vhilf% Te Deum was fineinf?, his M«- 
jefly was inthroned ; whereupon the Bi- 
fliops performed their Homage, and then 
the Temporal Lords ; fivA his Royal High- 
nefs the Ouke of York, and his Royal High- 
refs the Duke of Cumberland each for him- 
felf. Then the Duke of Devonfliire, I«ord 
Chamberlain, pronounced the Words of the 
Homage for all the Dukes ; the Marquis of 
Rockin^liiim, for the MarquiiTes ; Earl 
Tolbot, Lord High Steward, for the Earls ; 
Vifcount Say and Sele, for the Vifcounts \ 
and Lord Henley, Lord High Chancellor, 
for the Barons j every Peer likewife taking 
cfi his Coronet, touched the King's Crown, 
and kiflfcd his Left Cheek. 

Duiing the Homage, his Majefty deliver- 
ed the Sceptei , with the Crofs, to the Mar- 
quis of Rockingham, (officiating as Lord 
of (he Manor of Workfop) to hold. 

In (he mean Time, Medals of hit Ma- 
j?l)y and the Queen were thrown about by 
the Tre.ifu'erof the Hoofhold. 

llie Crronarion of his Majefty being fi- 
niOird, the Queen removed fiom her Seat 
on the South Side the Area, to a Chair 
pt.iccd before the Altar, and was anointed, 
(iou: Ladies holding a Pall over her Majef- 
ty) and afterwards invefted with the Ring, 
and crowned by the Archbifhop: Upon 
which the Peerefles put on their Coronets. 
The ArchbiHiop tlien delivered the Scepter 
into her Right Hand, and the Ivory Rod 
into the her Lift H^nd. 

Their MajeAies then made their fecond 
Obbtion, and received the Communion ; 
and the final Prayers being read, they re« 
tired in to St. Andrew's Chapel, where they 
were inveAed with their Royal Robes and 
Crowns ol State. 

A ProcefTion was then made back to 
'WeftminAer hall, in the fame Order as be- 
lot c, except the Regalia, Prebends and 
Choirs, which did not retum, and the Mar- 
quis of Rockingham, who attended his Ma- 
jefly to fup|>ort his Right Arm. 

Their Majeflies letiied into the Court of 
IVards Uill Dinner was rc.idy ; and then 
iirrmg in tlieir Chairs of Srate, the firfl 
Courfe was brought up with the ufual Cere- 
mony, his Royal Highntfs the Duke of 
Yurk and his Royal Highnefs the Duke of 
Cumberland fitting at the End of the Ta. 
ble on his MajeAy's Rli(ht Hand, and her 
Royal Highnefs the Princcfs AuguAa, at 
the other End of the Table, on the Queen's 
Left Hand. Before the lecond Courie, the 
Champion wai brou^hc up between the 

High ConAable and Earl Mardial, followed 
by four Paget, and preceded hy the Herald, 
who pronounced the Challenge, the Chun* 
pion*t two Efqaires with hit Lance aai 
Target, two Serjeants at Arms, and cM 
Tnimpeu, the Knight Marflial gohig b^ 
fore to clear the PafiTage. 

Immediately after the Return nf tfci 
Champion, Carter of Arms, attend* 
ed by (he refl of the Heralds, proclaimed 
his Ma}elly*s Style' in Latin, French, and 
£nglt(h, three fcveral Tinut; firA, upon 
the Top of the Step« near the Table ; nen^ 
m the Middle of the Hall ; and, laftly, at 
the Bottom of the Hall. 

The fecond Courfc was then ferrcd np la 
the fame Order at the firft. The fcveral 
Services, which hid been allowed by tbt 
Court of Claims, were performed ; and lib 
Majefty was pleafed, aficr Dinner, to con« 
fer the Honour of Knigluhood upon Joha 
Bridge, Efq; Standard Bearer, and Owen 
Jones, Efq; fenior Gentleman of the Band 
of Gentlemen Penfioners, and Charlei 
Townley, Efq; Clarencieux King of Annt. 

ADefcriptionoftbt Regmha, €6nfijlin^ of the 
Crowns, Scepters, Swords, 6fc. tijei \ 
in the Ccrtn^ioH of Kingt and Slueeut. 

A. St. Ed ward*t Crown, with which hit 
Majefiy is crowned, fo called in Commemo- 
ration of the antient Crown, which was 
kept in the Chnrch of Weftminfter till the 
beginning of the late Civil Wars, when, 
with the reft of the Regalia, it was moft €1- 
crilegioufly plundered away, it is a very 
rich LnperialCrown of Gold, made aplnft 
the Coronation of King Charles the Sccovn, • 
embellifiied with Pearl and preciontSlones 
of divers Kindt, viz. Diamonds, Rnbiet, 
Emeralds and Saphires, and a Mound of 
Gold on the Top of it, incirded with a 
Band or Fillet of GoM, embt(|inied alfo 
with precious Stones ; and upon the Mound 
a Crofs of Gold, embellifiied likewife with 
precious Stones, and three very large Oval 
Pearls, one at the Top of the Crofs, and 
two ethers pendant at the ends of the CroCt. 
The faid Crown is compofed (as all the Im- 
perial Crowns of England are) of four 
CrofTes, and at many Fleurt de Lys, of 
Gold, upon a Rim, or Circlet of Gold, all 
embelliflied with precious Stones, from the 
Tops of which Cioifes ahfc four Circular 
Bart, Ribt, or Arches, which meet at the 
Top in Form of a Crofs, at the InterfeAlon 
whereof is a pedciUI, whereon is fixed the 
Mound before mentioned. The Cap, with- 
in the faid Crown, is of Purple Velvet, lined 
with White Taffata, and turned up with 
Ermine, thick powdered in three Rowi. 

B. Th: 

For SEPtEMBER, 1761. 729 

B. T^ Crown of State, fo cilkd, be* Size, nt being leiTcr and lighter: The Cap 
ante it it wom by the King at all fuch is of Purple Velvet, lined with rich Whito 
Times m% he comes in States to the Parlia- Tiifata, and turned up with Ermine, or 
nmt Hoofe. This was alio new made a- Miniver pure, richly powdered. 

pinil the Coronation of Kine Charles II. F. The Queen's rich Crown, which her.. 

and was worn by the king in his return to Majeily wears in her return to Weftminfler 

Weftminfter-hall ; It is exceeding rich, be- H»\U is likewife of Gold, but fo richly em- 

iof embelhfhed with divers large Rofe, or beHifhed with Diamonds and Pearl, that 

Fsucef, and Table diamonds, and other littleornoneof the Gold appears : Itisalfo 

paecious Stones, befides a great Quantity of an Imperial Crown, compofed nf Croflcs 

Karl} bbt it is moH remarkable for a won* and Fiema de Lys, with Arches and a 

derfol large Ruby, fet in the Middle of one Mound, as is her Maleily's other Crown* 
of the four Croliea, eftecmed worth Ten The whole Value whereof, as it has been 

Tbnoland Pounds, as alfo for that the ufed at former Coronations, has been com- 

Mound is one entire Stone, of a Sea- water- puted at iir.goot. Sterling. The Cap is 

pceo Cokwr, known by the Name of an Purple Velvet, lined with rich White Flo- 

Asmarine. The Cap was alfo of Purple fence TaflTata, turned up, and richly pow« 

Velvet, fined and tamed up as the former. dered with Ermine. 

C. The Qneen*s Circlet of Gold, which G. St. Edward's Staff, in Length four 
her M^eily wears in the Proceeding to her Foot feven Inches and a half, is a Staff or 
Cbroaation, ia a Rim or Circlet of Gold, Scepter of Cold, with a Pike, or Foot of 
very richly adorned with large Diamonds, Steel, about four Inches and a Quarter in 
cvnoafly fet, as in the Draught,, with a Length, and a Mound and Crofs at the Top, 
String of Pearl round the upper Edge there- the GarnUhing are alfo of Gold and the Dia- 
if: The Cap is Purple Velvet, lined with meter of it is above three Quarters of an 
^ bite Taffita, and turned op with EnoBine, Inch. 

richly powdered. H. .The King*s Scepter with the Dove, 

D. The Orb, Mound, or Globe, which i> a Scepter of Gold, in JLength three Foot 
is pot into his Majefty's Right Hand, im- feven Inches, and three Inches in Ciicum- 
mediaCiely before his being Crowned, and ference at the Hahdle, and two Inches and 
whichlusMajeOy bears in his left Hand up- a Quarter about at the Top : the Pomel 
no his Return into WeAminfter-hall, is a garniOied with a Circle, or Fillet, of Table 
Ball of Gokly of fix Inches Diameter, tn^ Diamonds, and in feveral Places with pre- 
compallcd with a Band, or Fillet, of Gold, cious Stones of all Sorts, and the Mound at 
embeiliflied with Rofes of Diamonds encir- the Top embellilhed with a Band or Fillet of 
ling other precious Stones, viz. Emeralds, Rofe Diamonds. Upon the Niound is a 
Rubies, and Saphires, and edged about fmall Jerufalem Crofs, whereon is fixed a 
wicb Pearl ; on the Top whereof is a very Dove, with Wings expanded, as the Em- 
br^Aoiethift, of a violet or Purple Colour, blem of Mercy. 

near an Inch and half in Height, of an Oval I. The King's Scepter, with the Crofs, 
Form; which, being encompafled with four or Scepter Royal, is likewife of Gold, the 
Silver Wires, becomes the Foot, or Pedef- Handle plain and the upper part wreathed ; 
ral, of a very rich Crofs of Gold, of Three in Length two Foot nine Inches and a Quar- 
Inches and a Quarter in Height, and Three ter, and of the fame Thicknefs as the tor- 
Inches in Breadth, fet very thick with Dia- roer. The Pomel at the Bottom is enriched 
moods, having in the Middle thereof, a fair with Rubies, and Emeralds, and fmall Dia- 
Saphireon one Side, and a fair Emerald on monds :< And the Qg^sntity of five Inches 
the other, and embetlifhed with four large and a half in LAlgth, juft over the Handle, . 
Pearls, 'm the Angles of the Crofs, near the is curioufiy emboffed and embelliflied witli 
Center, and three large Pearls at the Ends Saphires, Rubies, Emeralds, and Diam-)nd». 
of the {aid Crofs : the vrhole Height of the The Top rifcs into a Fleor de Lys, wirh fix 
Orb and Crofs being Eleven Inches. Leaves, whereof three are uptight, and the 

E. The Qoeen*i Crown, wherewith her other three hanging down, all enriched with 
Majeily is Crowned, is a very rich Imperii precious Stones } and out of the Caid Fleur 
al Crown of Gold, fet with Diamonds of de Lys, iflbes a Mound made of an Amethift, 

f reat Value, intermixed with a few preei- garnifiied with Tab)e Diamonds, and upon - 

00s Stones «r other Kinds, and fome Pearl : the Mound a Crofs, wholly covered with 

It was compofed of Croffes and FIcurs de precious Stones, with a large Table Dia* 

Lys, with Bais, or Arches, and a Mound round in the Center, 
and CrofroQ thel>p of the Arches, after K. The ^eeo*s Scepter, with the Crofi, 

the fame manner as the King's Imperial is alfo Gold, adorned with Diamonds and o- 

Cn^i^ are, differing iron thtm only in tb^rprecioiuStoptiiboiog iaUngtl^«FAr»r 

4A % loln- 

73^ -^ Cbronohgtcal Memoir of Occurrences^ 

'o Inches, with a Mound ardCroff at the 
Top, iffuing oqt of a Fkur de Lys, very 
lilce the King's in all the Emhelli(hinentft 
thereof r only fmaller and not wreathed, nor 
altogether fo thick. 

L. The Queen's Ivory Rod, is a Rod or 
Scepter of white Ivory, m Length three 
Foot one Inch and a Half, whereof the 
Pomel and Garniture is Gold, a« is aKo the 
Mound and Crofs at the Top, only the Dove 
on the Top of the Crof» is enamelled with 
IVhite ; the Circumference at the Bottom is 
about two Inches, and at the Top about an 
Jnch and a Half. 

' M. Curtana, or the Pointlefs Sword, 
reprefenting the Sword of Mercy, is the 
Piincipal of the three Swords in Dignity, 
which are borne naked before the King, to 
the Coronation ; and is a broad bright Sword, 
whereof the Length uf the Blade is 31 Inches, 
the Breadth alntoA two Inches, the Handle, 
being covered with fine Gold Wire, is four 
Inches kmg, beiides the Pomel an Inch and 
three Quarters, which, with the Crofs, is 
plain Steel gilt, the Length of the Crofs be- 
ing almofl eight Inches. The Scabbard he- 
longing to it it covered with a rich brocaded 
Cloth of Tiflue, with a gilt Ferule, Hook, 
and Chape. 

N. The Second Sword, or Sword of 
Juftice to the Spirituality, is a pointed 
2iword, but fomcwhat obtufe, according to 
the Sculpture. This^th of the Blade is 
40 Inches, the Breath an Inch and a half, the 
Handle asbefote, (covered with Gold Wire) 
four Inches long, and (he Pomel an Inch 
and three Quarters deep. The Length of 
the Crofs is almod eight Inches, which. 
With the Pomel, was phin Steel as before : 
And the Scabbard^ in all refpeAs, as the 

O. The third Sword, or Sword of Juf- 
ticeto the Temporality, is a fharp pointed 
Sword i the Length of the Blade is 40 Inc lies, 
the Breadth an Inch and three Quarters, the 
Lengthof the Handle four Inches, the Po- 
mel an Inch and three Quarters, Che Length 
6t the Crofs feven JnctMS and a half j and 
the Scabbard, in all rvfpe^h, as the two 

• P. The King's Coronation Ring, is a 
plain Gold Rmg, with a large Table Ruhy 
Violet, within a plain Crofs. orCrofaofSt. 
Ceorge, iscuriouflyenchafed. 

Q. The Queen's Coronation Ring, is 
likewife Gold, with a large Table Ruby fet 
therein, and Sixteen other fmall Rubies 
roundabout the Ring, whereof thofe next to 
the Collet are theJargefl, the reft dimmi(h- 
Ia^ proportionably. 

A little before the Roytl ProceiDon be-i 

gaato Morrch proceeded that of b^ Ropl 
Highnefs the Ptincefs Dowager, fromth^ 
Houfe of Lords, acmfa Okl Palace Yand, oa 
a Platform ere£)ed for that PurpoTe, to ibt 
South Crofs of WeftminlUr Abbey. Shi 
was conduced by the Hand by hit Royit 
Highnefs Prince William- Henry, dredcdii 
White and filver. Her Train, which wn 
of Silk, was but Hiort, and therefore not 
borne by any Perfon $ and her Hair flowed 
down her Shoulders in hanging Curia. She 
had no Cap, but only a Circlet of Diamoiitfi^ 

The reil of the Princes and Princcffes^ 
her Royal Highnefs's Children, followed as 
under j 

His Royal Highnefs Prince Henry>Fre« 
denck, aifo in White and Silver, banding 
his Sifter the PrinGcf5 Lootfa Ann, who wai 
dreft'd in a Slip, with hanging Sleeves. 

His Royal Highnefs Prince Frederick- 
William, in White and Silver, handing bis 
ynungeft Sifler, the Princeis Caroline Ma- 
tilda, drefled alfo in a Slip with hanging 

Both the young Princefles had their Hair 
combed upwards, which was contrived to 
lie flat at the Back of their Heads in a very 
pretty Manner. 

The Procefllon was preceded only by a 
Drum, which as it did not alarm the Mob 
waitmg to fee the King and Queen; preven- 
ted any Tumult or Uproat from happening 
among the Spe^tors. 

The other Perfons wlio madcap the Re- 
mainder of this Procefiion, were thofe who 
had not a Right to walk with their Majef- 

The Platform was covered with bloc 
Baize, and an Awning over Head in Caft 
of Rain. 

The following is a Lift of the etfbblifli' 
ment made by his Majefty for the Houttiold 
of the Queen. 

Chamberlain, Dbke of Manchefter. 
Vice- Chamberlain, Lord Cantalupe. 
Miflrefs of the Robes, Dutchefs of AncafUr. 
Ladies of the Bed -Chamber, 


Dutchefs Hamilton 
Countefs £0ingham 
Cfs. Northumberl. 

Countefs of Egremoot 
Vifcountefk Weymouth 
Vifcountefs Bolio^oks 

Mifs Bifhop, 
Mifs Wroltcflcy, 
Mifs Beauderk, 

Maids of Honour, 

Mifs Keck, 
Mifs Meddowi. 
Mifs Tryon. 

Mrs. Dathwood 
Mrs. Tracy, 
Mrs. Herbert, 

Bed -Chamber Women, 

Mrs. Brudeively 
Mrs. Booghton, 
Mrtf« Bloodworth. 

Scmpftrefs and Laundreft^ Mrs. Chetwynd. 


For SEPTEMBER, lybi, 731 

GcntlnneD-UAiers of the Privy Chamber, * Tlie^r Majeflies, her Royal HUhnefs the 

Sirja. Caldcr, Mr. Stanhope, Mr. Bo>Ie. Princefs Dowaf^cr of Wales, and his Ma^ 

Gendemen-UOiers daiJy Waiters, h^f^ Brotliersand Sifters, except the two 

Mr.AUen, Mr. Jenkiofoo, Mr. Molineaux. youngeft, dmcd together. After Dinner 

Gentlemen. UOiers quarterly Waiters, ^^L^u^^^ -^c? P»^*i«*^^<J^ ^^'^ ^^^f^ 

Capt.RoWnfon, Mr. Hubert, Mr.Caunaid. wuhhisMajefty mtheCaMery. andother 

Dk is • fN- » .1. I J T% *!. AA Apartments fronting the Park, to the Peo* 

Pbyficians, Dr. Letherlaod, Dr. Akenude. pj^^ 

Phyeci^n to the Houfhold, Dr. Pringle. Preparations were then made for celebm- 

Surgeon, Mr. Pennell Hawkins. ting the Royal Nuptials in hi» Majcfty'i 

Surgeon to the HooOiold, Mr. Tho.Gataker. Chapel. *» j / • 

Apothecary, — — - Brandc. Whak we can learn of the nuptial Cer». 

Apothecary to the HouOiold, M. J.Devaynet. ^ony is. that her Majcfty was preceded by 

Pages of the back Stairs, . the Mufic, Ac. the Yeomen, &c. Ac. &c. 

Mr. John Nicolati, .Mr. , — White, then the Duke >f Mancheftcr, hcrMajcfty'e 

Mr. Kkh. Chapman, I Mr. Fran. Weybrow. Lord Chamberlain, who walked backwards 

Pages of the Prefence, with his face to her : her Majcfty was fup- 

Mr. Valatin, Mr. Sutherland, ported between their Royal HighncflVs the^oroan to the private Apart- 5"** ^^^^^^ *"** ^""^*^ William into the 

menu, Mn. Moore. Chapel Royal, attended by the Daughters of 

mr». uoggioeaa. accompanied by «bottt lao Pecrefles in the 

Xrafurer, Andrew stone, Efqj moft magnificent and moft elegant Drcffes 

Secreury, David Grocham, Efq; that ever were feen before. 

pomptroikr, Hon. Sewallis Shirley. Then the Mufic, and Yeomen, &c. went 

Attorney-general, Mr. Huffey. back to precede his Majcfty, in the fame 

Soincitor^general, Mr. Gray. Manner as Ihcy had the Queen j the King's 

Mafter of the Horfe, Eail Harcour t. Lord Chamberlain, &c. walking Kickwards j 

Xqnerrics, Lieut. Col. Montgomery, Capt. his Majefty being attended by the Peers, ia 

Harcourt, Mr* John Scbatz. as fuperb Dreifes as could pofiibly be made. 

Pagetof Honour. Mr.Fitzpatrick, Mr. Byne. „ J^^ Ceremony was performed by the 

* r • « i- ^'^*** ^^^- ^^^^^ >" ^^* Thomas, Lord 

of tlie Horfe. Archbilhop of Canterbury, his Royal High- 
Two Grooms. nefs the Duke of Cumberland gave her Hand 
Four Chairmen, to his Majefty. 

Five PoftilHons. After the Nuptials, his Majefty very af- 

Five Helpers. feaionately faluted her Majcfty. 

^ . , , . , ^ . , - '^^^ whole Ceremony lafted from al>0QC 

Otbtr Particulars reiattve to the Arrtnfal of o to f i 0* Clock. 

bar Majify^ Formalitiet precalimg, and Next Day there was the moft numerous 

fnperb jfffearamca at the Sohmmzatton of Levee of the Peers and PeerefTcs, Gentle- 

their Majefitn Royml Nufttali, AdArtgtt men and Ladies of the firft DiftinAion, 

omthat /tccoune. Sec, with the foreign Minifters, all in their 

Oo her Majefty*s Arrival at the Garden grand Dreftes, to pay their Compliments to 

Gate of the Palace, her Majefty was hand* their Ma jefties upon their Nuptials, who 

«d oat of her Coach by the Duke of Devon- all had the Honour of being prefentird to 

Ihire, as Lord Chamberlain, where ftie was her Majefty and were moft gracioofiy re- 

receavcd by bis Royal Hjgbnefs the Duke of ceived : and at Ni^ht there was the moft 

York ; and bis Majefty defcended the Steps fplendvd and briliant Ball that ever was feen 

from the Palace into the Garden, and they in England. 

met cadi other half Way : and as her Ma- There was another Levee the next Day 

jelly was going to pay her Obtifance, the on the fame Qccafion. 

King took hold of her Hand, raifcd her up, His Majefty has been pleifed to order in 

and (aloted it | and then led her up Stairs, Council, that in the Service of the Church 

where her Royal Highnefs the Princefs of England, where the Royal Family fs ap- 

Dowager, andthe young Princefs paid their pointed to be particularly prayed for, the 

Comphmenu. following Form and Order ftiall be obferved, 

Ker Majefty *s Drcfs, when ftie arrived, viz. 

1^ rid), filvcr-flowered Tiffue NegHgie Our Gracious Shieen Charlotte, bcr Roy ml 

A ClerkoftheSubles 
A Bottle-man. 
Five Coachmen. 
Sight Footmen ; and 
Three for the Mafter 

with joW trimmings and her Stomacher fet Htgbnefi tbtPriveefi Dowagtrof Wafes, 

with Diam60ds, and a Fly-Cap with Lap* ^nd alt tke Royal Family, 

pets, richly omuteitcd* St* 

732 A Qoronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

Se.Jmmis^g, Sepe, 14^ This Day the 
Rt. Hon* the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and 
CMVimons of the City of London, in Com- 
mon OouncU aflembled, waited on bis Ma- 
jefty ; and being introduced by his Grace 
the Dake of Devonfture, made their Com- 
plknentt in the followinf? Addrefs^ which 
was fpoke by Sir William Moreton, Knight^ 
and Recorder, 

To the lCing*s moil Excellent Majefty, 

The humble Addrefs of the Lord Mayor, 
Aldermen, and Commons of the City of 
London, in Common Council AffemUed. 

"Be pleafed, mod gracious Sovereign, 
to accept the cordial and rcfpedful Con^f«- 
eolations of your Majefly^s ever dutiful and 
loyal SubjeAs, rhrLnrd Mayor, Aldermen, 
and Commons of the City of London, in 
Common- Council aflr«.mbled, on the Solem- 
nization of your MAJcAy 's mod aufpicious 

'* Warmly intereded from every Motive 
ofGratirude, ;is well at Duty, in whatever 
c^n iffeck your Royal Mind, we enjoy the 
higheft Satlsfadion in the Completion of our 
Wiihen, by your Majcdy^'s happy Union 
with a Prtncefs of the mod exalted Merit ; 
a Princefswhohy her Defcent from an iMuf- 
trious Linea^ce (refpedable for their firm and 
condant Zeal lor the Protedant Religion, 
and dear to us for their particular Attach- 
ment to your Majcdy's Royal Houfe) and 
jbove al!, by her own mod eminent Vir- 
tues, and amiable Endowment*, was rood 
worthy to engage your Majedy's Edecm 
and Affe£lion, and to ihare the Honours of 
tlie Britith Crown, 

« We adore the Divine Goodneft, that as 
in all your Majedy*s other ConduA, fo 
n>ore particularly in a Choice of the higbed 
Importance to your Majedy and your King . 
doms, hath fo vifibly guided and infpired 
your Royal Bread. A Choice, which we 
thankfully acknowledge the dronged and 
mod acceptable Proof of your Majedy *s pa- 
ternal Attention to improve the Happinefs 
and Security of your People, and to render 
the fame dable and permanent to Hoderity. 

** May the fame Providence long pre- 
ferve your Majedy, and your Royal Con- 
foi t, to enjoy the Fruits of this bleflfed Mar- 
rusie, in an uninterrupted Courfe of conju- 
gal* Felicity, and in a numerous Offspring, 
rtfembiing their illudrious Parents in every 
public, M% well as private Virtue. And 
may the Imperial Crown of thefe Realms be 
wcrn with undiminifhed Ludre by their 
Dcfcendants, uli Time (hall be no more.** 

Signed by Order of Court, 


To which Addrefs his Majedy was pleafed 
to return this nu>d gractova Anfwcr. 
'* 1 Thank you mod heartily for yon 
dutiful and affeaionate Addrefs. Thisfirefll 
Mark, of your Attachment to my PcrfiM, 
and particularly the warm Sentiuientt oC ^ 
Joy and Satisfadion which you exprefs 00 
the happy Choice I have made of a Queen 
for my Confoit, are mod pleafing to me. 
The City of London may always depend on 
my onceafing Care for their Wellare and 

They were received very graciovflyt wb6 
had the Honour to kid his Majedy** Haad. 

St.Jamei'i Se^, 14. This Day tlieRt. 
Hon. the Lord Mayor, Akiermen, and Coal- 
men s of the City of London, in Common 
Council afTembled, waited on her Majedy i 
ai.-d beinj; introduced by his Grace the Duke 
of Mancheder, made their CompIimenCf in 
the following Addrefs, which was fpoke bj 
Sir William Moreton, Knt. and Recorder. 

To the Queen *& mod Excellent Majedy. 
Tlie humble Addrefs of the Lord Mayor, 

Aldermen, and Commons of the City of 

London, in Common Council aflcmbled. 
** M*ft gracUm ^efn^ 

'< \ye his Majedy *s ever dutiful and toy- 
al Suhje^ls, (he Lord Mayor^ Aldermen, 
and Commons of the City of London, in 
Common Council aflembled, humbly beg 
Leave to exprefs, in your Royal Piefence, 
the exceeding great Joy we feel at your Ma- 
jefly** fWfe Arrival, fo ardently wiftied for, 
and fo rmpatie/)tly expeded^ and at the 
Came Time to congrattibte your Majedy*s 
mod happy Nupr iait with a Monarch whofe 
early Wifdom, Fortitude, and Piety » add 
Ludre to the Diadem he wears, and render 
him the Darling, as well as Father of his 

We do, with that honed Warmth and 
Sincerity which chara^rife the Britifh Na- 
tion, humbly adure your Majedy, that as 
the many Vu rues and amiable Endowments 
which your Majedy podefTes in fo eminent 
a Degree, cannot fail to blefs our beloved 
Sovereign with every Domedick Happinefs ; 
fo Will they ever endear ynur Majedy to a 
I eopky not more didinguilheri for the Love 
of Liberty, and theirCountry, than for their 
inviolable Loyalty and Gratitude to thufe 
Piinces fiom whom they derive Prote^ion 
and Profperity. 

*' Long may your Majef^ live to dure 
the Felicity you are formed to infpise. 
And may your Majedy yxo^t the happy 
Mother of a Race of Princes, to tranfmit 
the Glories of this didinguiihed Reign to 
tbeUteA of our Poderity. 

Signed by Order of Court, 


For SEPTEMBER, lydu * 733 

Addref* berMajeftf waspleafed 
to ntuni this mod gracious Anfwer. 
«• I Thank you for your kind Congratu- 

bttons, ibf«)l of Doty to the Kinf^, and Af. 

iBftkm to me. My warmeft Wifbes witl 

c«tr attend this greatCiry.*' 

TlKy had all the Honour to kift her Majef • 

fty't Hmd. 

Leitefer-Heuft, Sept. 74. lliis Day the 
Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, A)derm«n, 
and Commoos of the City of London, in 
GMmnon Council aflemblcd, waited on her 
Jtoyal Highnefs the Princefs Dowager of 
Wales, and being introduced by the Right 
Hofi« Lord Bofton, Chaffiberhin to her 
B«y«| Highndf, ^h William Moreton, 
the Recorder, made their Compliments in 
tbefoitowing Speech. 

To ber Royal Highnefs the Princefs Dowager 

of Wales. 
Mayitpleafe your Royal Highnefs. 

«* We his Majefty*s mod dutiful andioy- 
aV Sohjeds, the Lord Mayor, AMermen, 
and Commons of the City of London, io 
Common Council aflemhled. Cake the earli- 
efl Oppoitunity to congratulate your Royal 
Highneft on the Marriage of your illuAriooi 
Soo, our Royal Sovereign, with a Princefs 
of the noft diftinguihed Merit. 

*■ SodefirableanEvent, as it mud gire 
your Royal HighneCs the highcft Satisfa^i- 
OD, has filled the Minds of his Majeily*s 
faithful People with inexpreffible Joy, and 
opens to them a Profped ol Ufting Happt- 
Befs and Security. 

" May the Royal Pair long live to enjoy 
tfaeFmiCof their Virtues and mutual Affec- 
tion , and to make your Royal Highnefs 
thofe dutiful Returns, which your tender 
Care of the King*s younger Years has fo 
eminently defuTRl. 

" We beg Leave to renew to your Royal 
Hishneis the Ib-ongeft Afluranccs of our 
loyalty and Duty to his Ma jelly, and of 
our RefpcA and Veneration for your RoyaJ 

Signed by Order of the Court. 


To which Her Royal Highntfs was pleafed 
to return the following Anfwer, 
" My Lord and Gentlemen. 
•* I return you my hearty Thanks for your 
kind Congratulations. So lively a Proof of 
yo«r Aff«^ion greatly increafes the Joy I 
feel on this mod happy Event.** 

They had all the Honour Co kifs her Royal 
Highnefs*s Hand. 

The Common- Council -men, when they 
to Con^ratalate their Majetlies on their 

happy noptiab, were all drefled in thefr 
new Marasine blue Silk gowns lined with 
Fur, and made a very grand Appearance. 
It was computed that there were upwards of 
one Hundred Coaches. 

Monday Sept, 14. This Day the follow- 
ing humble Addrefs of the Univerfity of 
Cambridge, was prefented to his Ma|fl4ly 
by his Grace the Duke of NewcaAle, their 
Chancellor, accompanied by the Rev? Dr. 
Sandby, Mafter of Magdalen College, Vice 
Chancellor, the Right Hon. the Earl or 
Hardwicke, High Steward, and fcveral No- 
blemen, Bi(hops,^c. who had been for- 
merly, or are at prefent, of tliefaid Univer- 

To the King*s moil Excellent Mjjcily, . 

The bumble Addre6 of the Chanccilorp 
MaAers and Scholars, of the Univerfity of 

" Mofi grMciwt Scvtrtift I 

We your Majeily*s meft dutiAil and toy* 
al Sobjcas, the Chancellor Mafters, and 
Scholars, of your Univerfity of Cambridge, 
feel the warmed Sentim^ts of Joy and Af- 
feAion, in offering our Congratulations to 
yourMajefty, on this moil happy and anfpi* 
ciotts oQcafion. We cannot but afcribe it to 
a ' Pnnclple of the moll tender regard for 
your People, fo Gonfpicnous in every part oC 
your Majefty's Condud, that your Majeftf 
fiiould turn your earlieil Thoughts to a Mat- 
ter fo highly interefting to the happinefs of 
your Kingdoms, and fo neceff^ry to mafoe 
that Happinets permanent t^ Pofterit/, 
Your Choice of a Princefs for your Confort,^ 
endowed with fuch Virtue, and diflingui(h- 
ed for fuch perfonal Accompliihments, at 
will add Lulire to a Throne, while they aU 
leviate the Cares of It, gives the fureil prof. 
pe€t of domeflick Happinefs to your MajeC 
ty, and of univerfal SatisfaAion to your 
loyal, and affediionate, People. 

As her Majelly*B illuilrious Line hat 
(hewn its invariable 2Leal for the Proteftant 
Caofe, we have the firmed Hopes, under 
God, that this alliance will perpetuate to m 
the mod valuable Blefilngs, which a Race 
of Britilh Kings, imm^iately defcended 
from your Majedy, can fecure to Britonf, 
the free Exercife of their Holy Religion, and 
the full enjoyment of the Civil Rights. 

That wonderful Series of Pit^vidential 
Events, which had appeared in the happy 
Progrefs of your Majedy Arms, nfMtt lit 
with the greated Joy ; and cannot fail to 
excite our devout AcknowJegdmvits unto 
him, wIk) is the God of Armies. As thefe 
Socceffes render your Majedy *s Reign tiuly 
glorious, and your Kingdoms uni verfally re- 


734 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ &c. 

fpedable ; fo the particular impreflion they 
mud make on your Enemiet, by their feel* 
iDgthe Weight of Britiih Power, and feeing 
the Hand of Heaven in Support of your 
Caufe, Will dirpofe them, we hope, to con- 
cur with your Majrfty, in thedefirahle Work 
of eftablifhing a lafting Peace in every Quar- 
ter of the World ; and we, as paiticularly 
bound by our Ofliice, and Charader, Hiall 
not ceafe to implore the Great Oifpcfer of 
all Events, that he would gracioufly afllft 
your Majefty*s truly Chriilian Difpofition, 
and earneA Endeavours for that Furpofe. 

We gratefully acknowledge your Maje- 
fiy*s Regard for, and Protedion of thofe 
antient Seats of Learning, which your Royal 
Progenitors fo amply endowed, and fo ge- 
neroufly encoura«;ed ; and we moft humbly 
entreat your M^jefty*s gracious Acceptance 
of thefe our faitliful Aflurances of our affec- 
tionate and zealous Attachment to yonr 
Majelly^s Royal Perfon, and Government ; 
of our conllant Attention toanfwer the good 
£nds of our Inftitution, by inAilting into 
the Minds of the Youth, placed under our 
Care, and Infpedion, fuch Principles of 
Religion,' and Loyalty, «s may make them 
dutiful SubjeAs to your Majcdy, and ofe- 
ful Members of the Community : And our 
mod earned Petitions fhall be offered at the 
Throne of Grace, that God would grant 
your MaJL'dy a long and glorious Reign 
over us, as the Sum of our WiOies for the 
public Profperity, and the furcil Means of 
Happincfs to your People. 

To which Addrefs his Majedy was pleafed 
to give this mod gracious Anfwer. 

The repeated Aflurances of your Zeal, 
and Affection, for my Perfon, and Govern- 
ment, are extremely acceptable to me ; and 
can never be more fo, than upon the prefent 
Occafion ; which Itrud, will be ts condu- 
cive to the Happinefs oi' my People, a^ it is 
to my own. 

You may always depend upon my Pro- 
tc^on, and Favour. 

HL& Grace the Duke of Newcadle, Chan- 
cellor of the Univerfity, accompanied by 
tbe Vice-chancellor, and the other Menibcn 
of the Univei fity who before waited on his 
Majcdy, were introduced to the Queen by 
his Grace the Duke of Manchedcr, Lord 
Chamberlain, when his Grace the Duke of 
Mewcadle made the Compliments of the 
Univerfity in the following S)>cech. 

** May it plmfe your Majfjiy, 

To accept from the Univerfity of Cam- 

bridgr, ever zealous to exprefs ^heir Duty 

to his Majcdy'sk Royal Perfon and Family, 

their mod lincere Congratulations oa this 

joyful Occafion ; which gives them tht%tdk 
Satisfadion of feeing the domcdic Ha^* 
nefs of their mod gracious Sovereign in- 
proved by an Alliance with a Princeft 4 
fuch didinguiihed Virtues and Acoompfifli- 
mcnts, and opens the faireft ProfpeA to il 
his Majedy*s Subjeds, that the variooi 
Bleflings, which th«y enjoy under bii avlf^ 
dous Reign, will be continued, and icovi^ 
to their PofUrity. 

Long may your Majedy polTeft the Affsfr^ 
tions of that People, whom your PrciStnGT 
has filled with fuch uncommon Joy ; aai 
may Heaven vouchfafe fo to blcfs yo« 
Royal Nuptials, that, from this happy U- 
nion, a Race of Princes may arife, wtoj 
endowed with the fame hereditary Virtw, 
and educated in the fame generous Princi- 
ples, for the Support of the Proteftaot 
Caufe, may tranfmit the Renown of Br^ift 
Monarchs, and the Liberties of tbe BriCifli 
Nation, entire, and uninterrupted, to re- 
moted Ages. 

*» Tbe ^een*t mejl grtdntt Anfmtr^ 

I return you my Thanks for this Mark of 
your Duty to the King, and Affcaion to mc, 
and I feel mod fenfibly your kind Congn- 

His Grace the Duke of Newcaftle, Chan- 
cellor of the Univerfity, accompanied by 
the Vice-chancellor, and the other Mem- J 
bers of the Univeiiity, wlio before watted 
on their Majedies, were introduced to her 
Royal Highnefs, the^Princefs Dowager, by 
the Right Hon. Lord Bodon, Chamberlain 
to her Royal Highnefs $ when his Grace 
the Duke of Newcadle made the CompU- 
ments of the Univerfity in the following 

•* May it pleafe yntr Reyal Highmtft, 

The Univerfity of Cambridge begs Leave 
to approach your Royal Highnefs, with their 
mod fincere Congratulations upon the hap- 
py Nuptials of their mod gracious Sove- 
reign, with a Princefs fo eminent tor her 
perianal Virtues, and Endowments ; and 
defcended from an illudriousHoufe, alwayi 
zealous for the Proteilant Religion. 

May your Royal Highr^efs long livei to 
fee a numerous Progeny arife from this hap- 
py Alli4nce ; who, emulating the Vlrtuesof 
their Royal Parents, diall alfo place their 
chief Glory in the Protcftion of our Holy 
Religion j the Encouragement of ufeful 
Learning j and the bupportof the jud Rights 
of a free, and l^yal People. • 

Her Highnefs the Princefs Dowa- 
ger's Anfwer. 

1 thank you for thislredi Mark of your 
Attention to me : Nothing tan g^ive me 
greater Pleafure, tl»an your Congratulation* 
oo this happy Occafion. 

( 735 ) 




Mifcellaneous Correfpondence, 

in Profe and Verfe. 

For OCTO BER, 1761. 


Mathematical Questions Anfwered. 

J^uffihn 342, anfwerei Ij Mr. J. Launders. 

^>ALL tht aroumference of QR, « , Circumfrrence at A B, rr ^, 
Vji Hfighc Orzzf, EOs:/, OPs*, i = # + A, then b/ 

kn.TnMn./isiif'^'X I -i— — = the Grcum. at the ScAlon 

Cli and 

f^'*'/ ' = the Girth Qp, hence /^Tx 2±p]* 

^ Solidity by the common Method of meafuring, which by the 
^^i^iMi it a Maximum, in Fluxions i tff a a: — i^/^ x -f a « « 
^xjr ~- 4«y ' «r AT «- 3 tf* x> x zr o $ by dividing by 3 0^ x, and 

modtlling the Equation «* + 


X* = 

3 a* 



^ conplncing the Square and Tranfpofition 

«- -'^ I — — ^^ i. z=,' =—: I which gives thii 

Tr s(f I cm. 

Vlmn the RcAangle of the Length of tlie Tree and the greateft Diameter, take thr«0 
Timet the Redangle of the Length and lead Diameter ; the Difference divide by three 
Timtft Che Difference of the Diameters Rivet the required Diitince fmm the Top. ^ E, D, 

CoKOLLABT, A Tfte cannot be cut to meafure the moft unlefi the CircumfiBrcnce aC 
IIm Bafe bt grefttcr than three Times the Circumference at the Top. 

7be fame aifi anfwered by Mr. W. Allen. 

ET t|ie greater Girt be 11 Feet, the Leflbr 1 Feet, and the Length 50 Feet« of a Piece 
of Timber, then as the Difference of the Girti r: 10 1 50 : ! la : 60 the Length of 
tkeCooe. Now Itc « ^ la, ^ r: 60, and jc = the Part to be cut cff ; then i im 11 

~^ I "V** r: the Girt in the Middle of th« 9egiBeirt when the Part reprcftnted by 



Mifcellanecm CorreJ^ondenci\ 

DW, t 

To mem Its propottion^d hoooon nife ; 
Al:ke ezaA the cenfure and the pFau£r. 

Friendfliip commonkatei.oar joys and painf, 
Jlivi in each breaft r^kes, or complains ; 
Dividei our weigjit .of woe, relieres onr cares. 
And ev'ry pleafuiie heightens, as it fhans. 

While (acred virtue lights the Jioly fir^ 
By time uninjured, it will ne^er tu^vct : 
Ko force of rough adrerfity can part. 
Can tear the generous paflioo from the heart. 

O Friendiht|), wiaat .fincere delights are 

fair miniature (^happinefs divine ; 
Fropitiou*;, plcafing, heav'n-defcendedgneft, 
^bio only with the virtiioos few cinfl reft \ 
May thy kind influence fmooth my ptth of 

Still calm and peaceful, free from noiTy Hrife. 
Be virtue, fwoet contend and friendfliip mine, 
I at jny humble lac fluU ne'er ^pine. 
From thcfc alone more real pleafutes flow, 
"^'haii the gay rcund of mirth or gaudy (how, 
^r.all the charos of gieatnefs can bdlow. 

PSALM cm. 


ll WAKE my foul, awake my tongue, 
/j^ My Cod demands the grateful fong } 
Et all my inmcft powVs record 
The wond*rous mercy of the iiOid. 

Divinely free, his mercy flows, 
F(>rgi\Ts my crimes, allays my woes, 
A;id bids approaching death remove. 
And crowns me with indulgent love. 

He fills my longing foul with good, 
Subl^untial blifs ! immortal food ! 
Yourh fmilcs rcncw'd in active prime. 
And triumphs o*cr tb;: pow'r of time. 

In him the poor opprcfl (hall find 
A fitcnd vlmighty, iuft and kind ; 
His glor!ou» acls, his wond'rous wave. 
By I'hiii tauijht, proclaim his ptdife* 

How free his plenteous mercies flow ! 
BiTc h's rilucljnt wiath how flow ! 
He chi('es, but focn his fmileretiimi, 
^lor long his dxcadruJ anger burns. 

How far beyond our vile dcTerts, 
In cv*rj* g'ft, his hand imparts ! 
Higli as the bright expanded flcies^ 
His vaft unbounded mercies rife. 

As diflant as creating f ow'r 
Has fixt the cail and weflern fliore ; 
Soiarour numerous crimes remove, 
Ai iiic fv^ciC voice of^p;;! dining love. 


The tend^jneft yetming nttuie kooiMip 
A father *s love too/aintly flKms 
The ever-kind, icidulgcnt care 
Which Cod's own happy children ibaiC!. 

He knows our frame, furveys.cur|>tifh^ 
ComprsM of dufl, frail fons of earth ; 
Man like a fair, Imk ihoft-liv^i flow r, .^ 
^F^ifigs up and blcomt oneiJBsling boor^ 

But if a noxious blaft arife. 
Sudden it's traniieot glory flies ; 
Thofe charms which made the fcene fo yn^ 
Steal from the fight and die away. 

But mercy with unchanging rays 
Forever fliines, while time decays ; . 
And children's f hildren ihall record 
The truth and gcodnefs of the Losd* 

To thofe, who with delightful awe, 
Love and obey his (acred law, 
Whofe hearts with warm devotion gloVp 
Whofe lives their grateful duty fliow. 

The Lord is king, his hand alone 
Has flx'd in heav'n his radiant throne | 
He fends his fov'^eign laws abroad. 
And heav'n and earth confeis the Cod* 


Immortal formed by pow> divine, 
Attending;ingels round him ihine, 
Obfervant wait his facrcd will. 
And his commands with joy fulfil^ 

Ye heav'niy hoft, adore the Lord, 
Who form'd you to obey his word { 
Let evcrlafling praifes rife 
Thro* the bright armies of the flcies. 

While all his works his praife proclaim^ 
And mep and angels bl;-is his name ; 
O let my heart, my life, my tongue^ 
Attend and join the blifsful fong* 

Ex Tempore opportuniftjfimo^ 

MOksieuk Pitt, (qui n'eft fas jfo^ 
rmr, ny myfantrifty) 
A, BiEK, FAIT, {ccnr.u, par rAMXftlQ^VE, 

etrEuROPE,) . 
Dc nc rt^ntire, qu*en Scipi-on TArF-ai*- 


MonfuffrJigc tidk point, celuy d'un AmL^« 


'- -- 

Finis corofu't opu?, gt dfclanjhit opifictm^ 
J'Wr, a LoNDjiEs^ U i^^cmc ^un, 176^ 





(k the Royal Nuptiabj and Profpe^ 
if afutwn Ptace. 

T ATE tt I Tit in Contemplation** grove, 
I J Foil of the imig'd fcenes of royal love. 
nUof the bleflingt Providence had flied, 
la kind profafion on Britannim** Head. 
lecp, envious flecp i *cwis near Che clofe 

of day, 
Crept in, and Hole me from myfelf away. 
Tanqr, which yet efcaped her ma);icpow*r, 
Goafej*d me to her vifionary bow*r. 
Aicrdant plain» enraptur*d Ifurvey^ 
■Oirt with Che pleaiins beams of hfins day. 
Seoccffivc crowds on crowds ru(h*d eager by, 
Aod crowds on crowds che vacanc fcene 

fuppLy : 
Sofk muBc UTuM fweet from either fide ; 
]«ft cuigbt the breesee, and then in mur« 

mors dy*d. 
Thss, at I ftood» amax*d at what I faw— ^ 
Ytcble&*dy methougbc, inflecp'sfufpcnd- 

cd law. 
A fludcy callM Order, fudden made ad- 
And all was hu(h*d, as Nature in a trance. 
The crowds attentive ftood, and fcem^d Co 

Some ftrange reverfe ^-^-^ fome wond^rcus 

birth of fate. 
Amidft the plain a beauteous form appears : 
Virtue ! I know her by the front flie wears. 
Her robes of whiteA tilfuc flow'd around, 
Thofe flowing robes a radiant CeAus bound. 
A 6ifer throne, by Loves and Graces bore, 
Xbicb myiiic meanings in its fculpture 


This (heafcends, amidft the fhining; train> 
And with perfuafive accent fuog this (train^ 

** Come ever fmiling Uhcrty, 

The jocund hmjrs wing*d on by thee i 

In gay fucccfSon move : 
V^hilfi decent modefly (hall fpread, 
f re(h fragrance round thy facrcd bcsui 

And (tamp its fcal on love. 

Fair peace around thee wait 
And nations round the bow 
Religion blefs thy calm retreat ; 
Befpeak thee happy, good and grea^ 
And teach the manner how.** 

•* This, pleased 1 view, and o'er mf 
native ifle. 

Bid mildeft funs with fain^ influence 

Hark, the flirill trump, with filver found 

And o'er rcmotefl regionsfpread her fame* 

I'repare, my ions, for glorious peace pre- 

After the ravage of a glorious war, 

I'repare to lead the world in willing 
chains : 

For, know, my fons, a GBoict, a 
Chaklottx reigns.** 

Loud peals of joy burft from the glad*ne4 

Heaven caught the found and echoed them 

as loud. 
I*woket the gen'rous thsme my thoughts 

Happy to find the fancy 'd vi(3on true. 

A Chronological Memoir 0/* Occurrences, 
For OCTOBER, 1761. 


JidsJrid, Stptemher 4. 
II Report having been lately fpread here, 
X3^ upon the Arrival of the lalt l^cr.ers 
iron] France, as if there was Kcafon tu ap- 
nrchend an immtidiate Rupture b;:tween our 
Court and cliat of Great Britain ; we under- 
iUnd, tliat rheSpani(hMiniltcrs, in a Con- 
rerfation which they had lately with the 
£^ri •£ BrUWJj AinbaiSidyf iUtraord4iar/ 

from his Brttannick MajeAy, exprefTed ihf'tr 
Concern thereat, and declared v:;ry cxplicir • 
ly to his Excelieoiy, that, on the Part of 
their Court, tlicrt was not the IcaA Q round 
for any fuch Appreber.lions, as the CathWic 
King had, at no Time, b«cn more intent 
upon cultivating a good Coircfpondenco 
vvi'h £ni;land, than in ttie prcfent conjunc- 
iui6 i 4tid^ al Uic Uim Tiov;^ voaL\ivt^^\ 

742 A GbroHobgical Memoir of (kcurrences^ 

tht Itfl «f Briftoly that Onien had been 
CMit to Monfifiir M«nfo, Oonrner of San 
Roquey to reprimand facb of the Inhabi* 
tami under bis JurifiKAiony as had encou- 
taged the illegal ProtcAion given to the 
fVfBCh Privateer Row-Boatt, vnder the 
Cannon of a flpanifli Fort. 

HMnwf, sip, 15. A Body of too French 
luiving poflefled Che Sdnc at Groene, and 
advanced as lir as Uunfpring, Geo « Luck- 
aer*s Corps was thereby obliged to fall back 
to Hakle(belin ; but Prince Ferdinand having 
Ant over the Wefera largaBody of Troops, 
vodertbeCoRunandof Ghen. Welheim, the 
Xttemy, upon Notice thereof, immediately 
fettrdd towards Ganderiheim, and aban- 
doned the DiArid of Hartx, after having 
carried away 90000 Crowns. His Serene 
Highael^ Is determined to Augment his 
Forces, and ufe bis utmoft Efforu for the 
Support of this City, as we know the 
French are determined, if poAkble, to re- 
ilaoe it to the greaieft Diftrefii. 

Sep, f6. Neighbourhood of CaiTel. The 
French have b^n again to augment the 
Fortifications of Caflel, at the Bxpcnee of 
ifbme fine Gardens i Diflertion prevails 
much in both Armies. 

HawAuri^ Stpe, m. We have Advice 
€rom Pomerania, that Lieut. Gen. Werner 
liavffig been informed that a Detachment of 
•recovered Men, with three Squadrons of 
-HuflSirs, ^ere on their March from Stettin 
tto iteinforee the Prince of Wurtembuf^ be- 
fore Colberg, he left his Intrenchments, 
with the greateft Part ef his Cavalry, in or- 
der to faciliate their junAion $ on which 
Ooeafion there had been a fmart Engagement 
■between him and a Body of Rufiians near 
Treptow Wood, when the Regiment of 
W^irtemberg had been put into Diforder $ 
that the Affair was not however of fo great 
Conieqnence as to prevent the further Pro- 
grefs of the Pruflians, though Gen. Werner 
tiimfelf, in endeavouring to rally the faid 
Regiment, had been made Prifoner. On 
the other Side, Lieut. Colonel Witgenilein, 
vith about 100 Men, had fallen into the 
Hands of the Pruifians.' 

Hague, Sfpt, as. The laft Letters from 
the allied Army mention, that tbe Heredi- 
tary Prince was arrived at Warbeurg, with 
the greateft Part of his Corps i upon which 
frinoe Ferdinand had ordered the whole 
Army to March tbe 17th at Midnight, in 
brder to croA €hf Dymel, and operate a 
idiverfion in Heffe, In the meanwhile, the 
Country where tlie French Army is at pte- 
ftnt, fuffers greatly by the Exiftions it is 
#xpoled to i fince the Enemy, not conten- 
cad with raiflog heavy Coatributions, car- 
lies off ev4ry Thinf wfaj^ Mp bf rtuioftd^ 

leaving potiihig for Ae SiM4eRee of the 
Inhabitants. Upon the above Motion made 
by Prince Ferdinand, General Lpckher had 
padbd the Wefief at Hamekn. andOcn, 
Freytag hid uken Poft at RaUi. 

Delfiyl in O^fifrim^ Sep, »S« A Bodf of 
€ or 800 French Llght-Tloope cbeliteanaed 
by tbe Marq. de Conflant, having appeared 
before Embden the X4th Inflant, and tbo 
Burghers having refaTed to join indtfmdihi 
the Place, theEngtilb Oarrifon of twof3osil- 
panies of Invalids, making about 100 Men^ 
made a very Advamageous Capitulalloli, 
and embarked <m tbe 16th for Bremen, buc 
met with a violent Storm at N. E. which lliil 
detained them in the River. 

After the Entrance of thtf French Troopt 
into the Town; they went to WoA upon 
raiting Contributions, and e a t u i ml ro,5uo 
Ducats in ready Money, and 11,500 more 
in Bills of Exchange. From that Time to 
the ft7tb, many of the Houfes of Che Cici- 
tens were pillaf^ and deftroyed ; but op* 
on hearing that the Country vras op in Arms, 
they evacuated Bmbden, and Marched back 
towards Lier, where it it fiiid that the Boors 
being advantageou0y poAed, funk the Poo- 
tons upon the River, which had ferved tho 
Frsnch to pafs it $ and that thereupon thu 
Enemy had been obliged to return to Emib- 
den. What is certain Is, that a great Num- 
ber of PeauHite have entered the Towto^ 
opened the Arfenal, and Magatlnes, and 
were firing the Cannon upon the Fnttch 
advanced Guard this Afternoon^ 

Usgrne, 09, a. Our Correfpondenoe ia 
fo much interrupted by the Detaehnsenta of 
Prince Soubite's Tkoope in Ooftfrife, and 
tha neighbowingj^arts, thatwehavefcarcu 
any Accounts of what has paffed fince 
Prince Ferdinand's return with the allied 
Army into Hefle. By the lad Letters re- 
ceived from thence, which were of the aath 
paft, his Serene Highnefs was at Ober wiU 
mar near Caffel, and had obliged General 
Staiovilte to retire with his Infantcy into the. 
Intrenchment before that Town, having 
fent his Cavalry over th« Futda. Tbe French 
Army had quoted tha Hirti , an^ Marflul 
Broglio had detached a large Body from 
Eimbeck towards tbe Werra. 

The Heredtury Prince had been deuched 
by Fritzlar, over the Eder, and a large de- 
tachment of his Light IVoctps'hid penetra- 
ted as far as Buttbach, within Ave Leiguea 
of Frankfort. 

A Body of Troops under the Command 
of M. de Cloien, appeared fuddenly on tbo 
a4th paft before WoUenbottel, and after 
fummoning the Place, and receiving a Rofo- 
fal, threw fevcral Shells into it, whiehhave 
doM Uttto or M.DaoiaKif ha recifadth* 


J%r O C t O B B R, 1761; 743 

Ikaelwnlnfitowiirdt the Harts.' However agttnil'chem, which had obU^ci) tlie firil 

the Alarm, which this fudden Approach of Corps to abandon the Country. They are, 

the £oemy occafioned at Bninrwick, obli- however, fince returned in greater Kom- 

ged the whole CMirt io retire the Ciine Af- bcrt, and have put a Carri(bn of 8c o Men 

Ccmoon to ZeU. into Embden. A Detachment of ilieFrtnch 

it is confirined by freih Letters from Ber- Ltght Troops has hktrwife entered CXina- 

lin that General Platen had deft roycd con- brug^e,. where they have demar.dcd the 

fidcrable Mag.azin«s belonging to the Rulfi- moft iK^vy and exorbitant ConrriUuttons. 

ant at CpMin apd Goftinj and that at a The RufTians are certainly marcftrd to 

Conveot, near the laft named Place, he had Pofen 5 and fince they fcparated from Gen. 

attacked the Ruffian Wagenboorg, confift- Laudohn, his I'ruflian Mu]t(iy has levelled 

ing of 5000 Waggons guarded by 4000 Men, the Intrenchmenta about his Cimp from 

vhom he totally defeated with very little which it is imagined, that he intentJs tu re- 

Lofs on his Side, having made 2000 Prifon- move foon from thence, 

erf, and taken 5 Haubitzers and 2 Cannon: AfagMourg, Off, 3. The laft Accounts 

that a great Number of the Ruflians were from Stettin, are of the 25th of Scpteinher, 

flaoghtered by the Cavalry in (he Purfutt, which give good Ground to hope, that the 

after the AAion ; that among the Prifoners Prince of Wurtemberg would be able to 

there was one Brigadier General named holdout till the An ival of General Platen, 

Czerapow, three Majors, and 20 Officers, which was expefied might be on the a9th or 

cf inferior Rank. It is added, that upon 30th of laft Month. In the Account the 

Advice of the Pruffians having deftroyed the Prince gives of rtie Attack the Ruffians made • 

Ruffian Magazines, the Generals Butrtrlln upon his Entrenchments the 19th of .ep*' 

and Fenxior had repalfed the Oder, diredl- tember, it appears, they were repolfcd 

ing their March, as it was imagined, to- with very great Lois of Men and Otticers, 

T%*irrdsColbefgp though, by other Accounts, the whole computed at no lefs than three 

they feemed to Intend making a Diverfion in Thoufand ; and that the Prafllans recovered 

Brandeobcurg. Prince Henry had detach- the Redoubt they had loft the Day before. 

ed 1600 Dragoons to the AffiAance of Col- The Letters from Stettin fay, thar another 

berg, commanded by Colonel PodewiJs, Attempt was made on the zzd, which like- 

whopaflTed Berlin tfwzzd Inftanf. wife failed; but they mention no parti- 

JUgut, OH, 6. By the lateft Accounts culars. 

rBceivcd here from the Army in Heffe, The lafl Letters /root Silefia were of the 

which arc of the 26th of September, Prince 17th paft, when his Pruffian MajeAy*s 

Ferdinand's HeadQuarrers were at ^'il- Head Quarters was at Pulrzeri, about one 

bemitadt near Caffel. The Detachments, Mile behind Schweidnitz near the Moon- 

which the Hereditary Prince hadfent along tains ; which new Pohtion is fuppofed ow» 

tl>c Folda and the Lahne, to deflroy the ing to fome movement the Enemy had made 9 

Enenry's Magazines, have obliged Mar(hal of which however we ' particuUr 

Bfogljotofend a confiderable Body of Troops Accounts. 

to reinforce Lieutenant-General de Stain* if<'^v'» Oft, 9. Prince Ferdinand conti- 

vtDe, who encamps under the Cannon of noed to have hiri Head Quarters at Wilhelm- 

Cadel i at which Place the Marfhal himfclf Aadt near Caifel on the zSth paO. There 

was arrived, whilft the reft of his Army are no certain particulars of what has lately 

was encamped between Gottingen and the piffed in thofe Parts. The Prince of Sou- 

Werra. btze is flill encamped at CoetfeMt. Tho 

The French, af^er committing great Ex« Cavalry of the French King's Houlhold has 

crifss in the Principality of Eaft Fricfland, received Orders to repafs die Rhine, and i» 

bad provoked the Peabnts to rife in Arms return to France. 


DahUn Cajlh^ Offoher 6. 

THIS Day arrived his Excellency the 
Earl of HaliLx, Lord Lieutenant of 
this Kingdom. His Excellency was rt-* 
c&ved, at bis Landing, by the Lord Mayor, 
AUe/meto, and Sheriifs of Dublin. The 
Foot Forces* inGarrifon, lined tlie Streets 
tlvoDgh which his £xceUeacy. (attended >y 

a Squadron of Horre\ pr/^eeded, amidfl 
the Acclamatioos ot inc People, wuh the 
ufual Ceremony, to the Cafile, where, in 
Council, his l^cellency took the Oath& ^o« 
pointed to be tiiken by the Lord Lie'.ifen;.nc 
of Ireland, artd received tbeSv^rd froia 
their ExceUencies t\yi Lords JuAiccs ; After 
l»pbiQh, the j^re^ Cuo4 m \m JNU^i^y's 
5 C Fark 

744 -^ Cbrmoh^kdl Mertioir of Otcurren\eu 

Park the Pftoenix were fired, and anfwered' Chamber, received there the CcMb|rfi Aenf^ 

by VnlUfs from the Regimentt on Duty, foC the N<^iUty and other Perfons of Oifttnpy 

y^ich were drawn out upon College- green: tion, npon Ids Cafe Anival to take npon 

And his Excellency repairing to the Proence him the Q ovprninent of this Kingdom. 


At JB tf tbt jfjffociatt Synod to^cerning 

Eiinhurgh, Sept, \S, i76i« 

THE Synod, in Confequence of an Over- 
ture from their Committee of Over- 
tvres, do hereby caution thofe nndef their 
Infpedion, who ^re pointing towards pub* 
JicWork in the Chqrch, to guard agaioft 
an affected Pedantry of Style and Pronun- 
ciation, or Politenefs of Ex predion, in de- 
liveiing the Triiths of the Oof pel $ as being 
an ufing the enticing Words of Mao*8 Wif- 
dom, and incontinent with that Gravity 
Which the Weight of the Matter of the Oof- • 
pel requires } and as proceeding from an 
Affedation to accommodate the Manner of 
iVeacJiing, which, if not timely prevented, 
may at Length iffae in Attei^pts to accoo)- 
jiaodace the Matter of it alfo, to the corrupt 

'taile of a carnal Geoeration, Apd tbe]r 
recommend unto all the Mioiftprs of thi^ 
Synod, to (hew a fuitable Pattern i^ tbi^. 
Matter $ endeavouring, in tjieir publipMi* 
niftrations^ by the MabifeAation &t the 
Trutb^ to commend themfelves to every 
Man-s Confcience in the Sightef Qod. And 
the Synod* at the (ame Time, to warn a* 
gainil all luch Meafinefs ^nd hnproprietjf 
of Language in Preaching, as hath a Ten- 
deof y to bring Difcredit upon the Gofpel j 
as alfo againft uftng technical, pbUofophi. 
cal, and learned Tprm&, or Phrafies^ whicl\ 
are not commonly underflood. And tho 
$ynod recommend to the leverat Preibyte- 
lies to have a fpecial Regard to thtif A^ it\ 
the hcenfing young Men ; appointing thera 
^o have an Extraa thereof in^rted in tbeic 
refpc^ive BpoI(s. 



Ghuetfitr^ OBohtr 19. 

ON Wednefday tl>ere was a Meeting ^t 
the Infirmary cf the Ladies, Trufteet 
for portioning young Woman of virtuous 
Chsra^ers in Marriage, in Honour of their 
Majefties Nuptials and Coronation : When 
four young Women vvere chofen to pertake 
of that Charity | to each of whom the follow* 
iflg Letter was delivered : 

<* You have beta ele^ed this Day by 
Ballot to receive a Mairisge Portion of Five 
Pounds, which will be paid you by Mr. Ar- 
nold the Sccretaryof the Infirmary, as foon 
as you (hail produce a Cerrificate pf your 
Marriage. Vou will likewlfe be entitled to 
a BenefaAion of Five Pounds more at the 
End of the twelve Months after your Mar- 
riage, provided you and your Hulband (hall 
he found to deferve good Cbai'a^ers. during 
that Timp. And in order that you may be- 

gin the Wprld propurly, witbnutronning in» 
topnneoeiTary Expenceofany Sort^ theLadici 
do require, that you he married by Banns, and 
fiotby Liccnceiapdthatyoodocondp^yonr-* 
felves in all rpfpeAs m fuch a Manner, as to 
do Credit to their Choice^ and to become Pat* 
terns of Induftry, Sobriety, and good Ma« 
liagement to thofe of your Rank and Station* 
•< As to the Notion, which has been 
fpread all over the Country, concerning the 
Children of fuch Marriages, as if the Sons 
would be taken away to ferve as Soldiers, 
aiTure yourielf, that this is a very great Un- 
truth, invented by wicked Perfons, who^ 
not willing to do Good themfelves, are de- 
iirous of preventing any Good being done 
by others. Your Children, whether Sons or 
Daughters, will be as much the Free<bom 
iuhjeds of the Realm as the Children of the 
greateft Perfon in it.** 



St, y^mts^Sf Stptiw^ z6. 
HIS Day the following Addreft of the 
ypf Ycrfity ol Oxlbrd^ was prcffotcd 

by the Right Hon. the Carl of Weilmor* 
land, ChancelkN-; and a great Number of 
Noblemen, fiilhopi, ftc, Ac 


To 1^ |Ciqg*smoft Eicallcnt Miycftyy tedion and FaToar, and may te iftand of 

*' M9fgr^i9ui Sovera'ga, my kind Acceptance of theirexempUry Care 

We yoor Majc(ly*6 moil dutiful and loyal to form my youthful SohjeAs to a due Re- 

Sabjeds the Chaiicellor, Madera and Scho- verence for the Laws, and to a juft Senfe of 

ianofyoorUnivcrtit^ of Oxford, zcaloufly this excellent Conftitution, by enforcing 

attidied to your Royal Perfon and Govern- Moral, Civil, and religious Difcipline. 

ttent, and .fenfibly affeded with every Oc- Immediately after they were intrddii- 

ontacc, tending to the Increaft of your ced to her Majefty by his Grace the Duke of 

>^iefty's Glory and Happinefs, beg leave Manchefter, her High Chamberlain j wheil 

to exprcfe our unfeigned Joy on the much the Chancellor made the Compliments of 

vidied for Occaiion of your Majedy 's Mar- the Univerflty to the Queen in the following 

riasewithaProteAant Frincefs } a Princefs flpeedi, 

ilMtTiotts hj Defcent, and ilitl more diAiri- T0 /ib« Qv c sMi 

tui(hed by foch perfonal AccompliOiments, Madam, 

sod fuch amiable Virtues, as are iruly wor- *' I have the Honour, In the i^ittiii of 

tfaf pf a Brkifli Crowd. ihe Univeriity of Oxrord, to approach your 

Wi(htbe«tiiioftSatisfaaionweraflfAthat Royal Prefence, with an humble Offering 

leor Sacred Majeily, ever fince your happy to your Majefty of their moll faithful Duty 

AccdBon to tbe Throne of thefe Kingdoms, and Homage; welcoming your Maje(ly*s 

Utb (slfyaofwcred tbe moft fanguine Hopes fafe Arrival in thefe Kingdoms, and feiicit^- 

and ExpeAatiooa of all your loving Subjc^S ting yoor Marriage with our moft gracioo^ 

sod nothing feeoied wanting to Ail op thb Sovereign. 

Molore bf their Felicity, but the ProfpeA <' Onthisaofpiclousbccafidfi, hitXiajef- 

ofStobifity and Perpetuity totbeBJefflnga ty hath given the (IrongeflDemooftration of 

tbeycfijoy; His Zeal for the public Welfare, by refolv- 

TlicpflBfcntbccafionairordsusthispleaf- ing to place the imperial Crown of Grea6 

ir.g PrDfpe£^, and abundant Matter of the Britain on the Head of a Proteftant Princefs, 

JuAcft Exultation. We are now led to carry whoTe perfonal Merit, fuperior to her illui- 

oor Views to future Ages ) and rejoice to trious Birth ^ will give an additional Ludid 

coofider the Int^eft of Uteft Pofterity, un- to the Diidem ihe wears. It is, indeed, a 

<S(r tbe Bleffingt of God, happily Scared Circumdance pecotiatly gloriotis to your 

hf this important Event. Majefty, that the elevated Station b whioh 

his thtfeforeonr ardent Wifli, and daily you are called, is owing folily to your own 

Prayer^ that there neVetr may be Wanting a Royal Accomplilhmencs, and to our augufl 

Kace of Princes, defcended nom your Ma- Monarch's juft Difceromfent and Eftimation 

if^J iod Royal Oonfort, worthy their au- of them, who is proud of laying his Ho- 

guil Parentage, and inheriting all thofeuk- nours and his Lawrels at your Majefty's 

telient Eadowntnts, Which eftablifli and Feet $ and of (harihg with you, what he 

a^om your Throne : FaVourert of Learning vatudh ndore than a Crown, the unbound- 

«Bd Merit J Frienda to Liberty, both civil ed Love and AffeAion of all his Subj^^i. 

and reCgkMts, making the Glory of God ** Your Royal Ccttifort*s Acknowledged 

^ cad Qt ibcir Government, and laying Virtue and Go^xlnefs. joined to thofe ex- 

tiie Foondation of their bwn greatned in (client C((ialities, with which Nature an4 

the Happineb and Affeaion of their Sub- Educatioh have fo liberally adorned your 

]cdi ; always recommending to them and Majefty, afford the faired and mod certain 

enforcing the iacred Obligations of Virtue, Prof)>^pfdfomeflic Happinefs. dur Pray* 

>iMl Religion, by. That mod engaging of era (nail be daily offered for an uninteruptea 

all human SanQions, the Royal Counie- continuance of it $ and that the Royal Pair 

atnot andBxample. may long live to fet forth the brlghteft Pat^ 

Given at our Honfeof Convocation this tern, and alfo reap the btefTcd fruiia and 

9th Day of September, in tbe Year of AiTedh of conjugal AfTcdlion.** 

oor Lord, 1761. To which her Majefty was pleafed to retuni 

To which bis Majeily was pleafed to gi^e the following moll gracious Anfwer. 

Uk following mod gracious Anfwer. *' I return you my Thanks for thefe af« 

** I Return yon my hearty Thanks for this fe^bionate CongratuUriohs, fo very flatter- 

^roof of Duty and AffcAion to my Perfon t ing to me } and I afTure yon, that an Ad- 

and I uke a very fenfible $ail»uaion in drefs, fo full of Duty to the King, giVv&m ' 

^h a cordial Teftimooy of Joy from my the cteateA Pleafure. 

Uoivcrfity of Oxford, on an Event fo truly They were received in a mod gracioii 

^py to ne. That antieot and famous Manner, and h^d all th« Honour of kiuing 

w of Learning may depend on my Prp- her Majedy*s Hand* 

74^ A Xlhnnological Memoir of Occurrences, 

Sept. 16. The Rt. Hon. the Lord Halifax 1 Rjirony of Great Britain, bjr the Name, 

took Iiis Leave of hit Majcfty. and his Chap- S: ile. and Title, of Baronefs ofChatham to 

lain and Oomcf^ics fet oat for Holyhead to herfelf, and rf Baron of Chatham to her 

emhark for Irthnd. Heirs Male ; and alfo Co confer upon the 

The Rij^litRev. Dr. Haytcr, nowBifhop faid William Pitt, Efq, an Annuity of three 

of London, took his Seat m the Chapel Thoufand Pounds Sterling during his own 

Roya! as Dean thrreof. I^ife, and that of Lady Hefter Pitt, ind their 

Ttic Marquis of Lorn fct cut for Scot- Son John Pitt. Efq; 

land to command bis Majcfty's Forces in Se, Jamn*s, 09.^, This Day EsrI Tern- 

that Kingdom. pie, Keeper of the King** Privy Seal, rc- 

29. Was held a common Hall for the E- figned the faid Seal into his Majeily^s Hand, 
legion of a Lord Mayor of this Ciry, when •- , - «•!...»» o' 

Sir Sim. Fludyer, Birt. and Sir w! Beck- ^ LtTXiafroni. Right Hon. P.isok 

ford, the two Senior Aldermen below the '** intneuty. 

Chair, were returned by the Livery to the Peak Si a. 

Court of Aldermen, who made Choice of TTlNDINC, to my grea^ Svffmfe, that 

Sir Sam. Fludycr, Bart, who was there- J7 the Caufe and Manner of my refigning 

U)M>n declartd duly ele^^ed . the Seah, is grofly mifrcprefented in the City.» 

His Royal Hit^hncCs the Duke of York fet a< ^«ll a* that the moft gracioM snd fpon- 

nut for Southampton, where he propofed taneousMarksof hi&Majefly*sAf3probatioa 

to pay a Vifit for fometime. of my Services,' which Marks followed my 

30. The Hon. Mr. Stanley arrived in Refignation, have been infamouily traduced 
Town from Paris. as a Bargain for my forfaking the Public, I 

The fame Evening he waUcd on the Rt. •"' under a Necefiity of declaring ih» Truth 

Hon. Mr. Stcretjry Pitt, and the Day fol- of both thefe FaQs, in a Manner wfakh I am 

lowing he waited on his Majefty, and was ^^^^ 00 Gentlemen will contradid \ a Dif« 

mofl gracioufly received. fcrence of Opinion with regard to Meafures 

Mr^ Alderman N.^rti, and Mr. Alderman to be taken againg Spain of the higheft 

Cariwrisht were fworn in, at Guildhall, Imporunee to the Honour of the Crovrr*, 

Sl)ciif{li for the Vcir tnfuing. and to the moft effential national Interefts, 

0^, r. At a Common council held at the (and this fmraded on what Spain had al- 

Manfion-hrufe, it was ordered that the ready done, not on what that Co o a t majr 

Lord Mayor cled^, the two Sheriffs, and farther intend to do) was the Caufe of my 

the City Remembrancer, fhculd wait on . refining the Seals. Lord Txmplc and I 

their Maje<Ues, the Princcfs Dowager of fwhrnittcd in Writinff, and figned by us, 

"Wales, and the Royal Family, to invite our moli humble Sentimen tfr to his Ma jefty^ 

thrm to the Ciry Feaft on the next Lord which being over-ruled by the United OpU 

Mayor's Day ; And hi^ Maj fty was gra- ■*•"" ^^^ *'* ^^^ «^ of the King*s Servants* 

Cloudy pleaftd to accept the Invitation. ' refigned the Seals on Monday the 5th of 

A mi^nificent S"«'e coach is making fnr **'** Month, in order not to remain refpoiy- 

his M.ij.fty, in which he is to go to the fiblcfbr Meafures, which I was no longer al- 

Houfe of Peers the next Month, to open lowed to guide. Moft gracious public Marks 

tlic ^eflt^'^s of Pai liamtnt. of his Majel)y*s Approbation of my Services 

The Lord Archbifhop of York is appoint- followed my refignatioa: They are unme- 

ed Lord Hij^h Almontr to rhe King^ rited and unfolicited j and I fhall ever be 

5. The Rt. Hon. W, Pitt refirfJcd the pr'^wd to have received them from the befk 

Se.i!s to his MajeHy. of Sovereigns, 

lyiittkall^ {ja,-}. This Day Sir James ' I will now only add, my dear Sir, that I 

Lowther, Bart. Lieurennnt of the Counties ^^^"^^ explamed thefe Matters only for the 

of Cumholand 2nd WcHmorland, took the Honour of Truth, not in any Viewtocourt 

Oafhs apjHMnted to he- taken, inflead of the Return of Confidence from any Man, who 

Oaths of Alleyj-jncc and Supfemacv. with a Credulity, as weak as it is injurious « 

6V. yam.'i's, Qa. 9. The Rij?ht Hon. \i\\ . has thought (it haftily to withdraw bis good 

liam f^irt having rtficned the Seals into the opinion, from one who ferved his Conntf<y 

Kmj?*s Hands, " his ^^ajefty was this Day with Fidelity and Succefs ; and who juftly 

plrafcd to appoint tlie E,irl of Egremonr, to reveres the upright and candid Judgment of 

be one of his .Ma}'.fly*s Principal Secretaries •- » httle folicitous about the Cenfuresofche 

n[ State. And, in Confideration of the grcnt Capricious and Ungenerous : Accept my 

and important Services of the fhid Mr. Pitr, fmcereft AcknowWdgementi for all your 

his Majcrty has been graciooily pleafcd to kind Fiiendlhlp, and believe me ever with 

direft, that a Wnrmnt be prepared for TiuihandEflecm,"' 

granting to ibe Udy Hcilcr Pi:f,*hij Wife, My De?irSio Your faithful Friend, &c. 

For OCTOBER^ lyhu 


Si. JmrnmH, OB. to. TbeKiufchas^becn 
f^Aled Co onkr, «l»t the three Forms of 
fnycrafKl Service, oiide fortiie 5th of Nov. 
tlic 30th of Jao. »nd the t^th of May, •$ 
«li9 a Fofoi of Prayer for the x^\^ of oa* 
<Hcmf clie feme as was appointed for the 
huosoration of kit late Majefty , with only 
iedi Alterations as have been direaed by 
onkr of Cooncil, ill relation to the Prayers 
fer tlie Royal Family) be ufed, yearly, on 
tWf»d Dji/s, in all Cathedral and collegiate 
OiOTChes and Chapdy throaghout the King- 

Si, Jjwus'ti^ Off, I*. His Majefty hav- 
in; been picafed to appoint ihc Right Hon. 
Charles Earl of tgremont to be one of his 
principal Secretaries of State, his Lordfhip 
WM this Day, by his Majefty's Command, 
Sworn one of hi* Maj. fty*s principal Secrc- 
Dries of State accordingly; 

C*9mttlCbamher, JFbiieball, Off, VJ. 


The Lords of his Majcfty's moft Hon. 

Privy- council. 

The U*rd Temple having refifmed the 
Pri^Seal, his Majefty having Hcen graci- 
oafly pleaff^ to 'icliver the fame to Mr. 
Sharpe and Jeremiah Dyfon, Efqis. whom 
lut Majefty, bv JLetters Patent, under the 
peat Sra. c f Great Britain, hath conftifuted 
CMm^&incrs for executing the Offtcc of 
Keeper of the Privy Seal, they this Day 
lock the ufoal Oaths as CommiiTioners for 
theCoftody of the Privy Seal. 


A* M. Omrt d/Ofnmon Cotrnc:/, befd at GufU- 
tall, on*TbarfH.tytbe^id9f08'>bcr, 1^6 f, 
0ni in tbtfirft Tear •/ tbe Reig^ of our So- 
verdf^n Lwd G F. o R G « tf>f 9 iSird^ King'cf 
Crettr-Britaiit, 6ff. 

^fh, Rep't/mtation of tbi Lord Maynr^ Al- 
dermm, and Commons of tbe City of London, 
iaComrnvn^CouncilaJfemkUd, to i'/r Robert 
Ladbroke, Knt, 6VrRichard Glyn, ffnn 
srd Bjft, William Beckford, Efq-^ avd 
tbe Bw. Thomas Harley, tbis Ctty't Re^ 
frefeuratives in Parliament, 

WE the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and 
Commons of the City of London, in 
Common- Council aiTemWed, think it at 
this Time our Duty, as it is our natural and 
undonbted Right, to lay before you, this 
City's Reprefentalives in the ?reat Council 
ef the Nation, foon tu be afT-inbled in Far- 
lamcnt, what we defirc and expcfi from 
7^, in DifJiarge of the great Truf\ ard 
Confidence we and our Fellow bcrvanls ha^e 
TipoCbd in yott^ 

That you take the earlieft Opportunitf 
to ufe your utmoft Endeavours to obtaio 
the Rep<:al or Amendment of the late Aft, 
entitled, an A^ for the Relief of IniblvenC 
Debtors, in Refpcft of the Inconveniences 
arifing from the compulfiveClaufe, hy which 
a Door has been opened to the greatcft 
Frauds and Pevjuries ; .and, if continued^ 
roufl become the Peflruaion of all private 
Credit, fcx^dential to the Support of a Trad- 
ing People. 

That you concur and promote all necef* 
fary M/afures for eAabli(bing good Oecono- 
roy in the Diilribution of the national Trea*^ 
fure ; and for that Purpofe that you Endea- 
vour to have a Committee appointed, in 
order to enqifire into any Abules, vrltich 
may have ariCen in the Application of it, 
and to prevent any Frauds or Illicit PradHceS 
in the Management thereof. 

That you entertain juft Sentiments of tlit 
Importance of the Conqodb made this War 
by the Britifh Arms, at the Expence of f^ 
much Biood and Treafore ; arid that yoa 
will, to theutmofl of your Power and Aba* 
lifies, oppofe.ail Attempts for giving op 
fuch laces, as may tend to Ie(fen our pi efeiit 
Security, or by reftoring the naval Power 
of France, render us fubj^a to frefli Holli« 
lities fromthat natural Enemy ; particularlf 
that the fole and exciufive right of our Ac* 
quifions in North America, and the Fifh« 
eries, be prefei ved to us. 
■ A& the prefent happy Extinaions of Par* 
ties, the Harmony and Unanimity of ail hit 
Maje(ly*s Subjeds, their Zeal and Afliec- 
tion to their native King, and the great In« 
creafe of Commerce, are moft convincing 
Proofs to us of this Nation's Ability, fbll to 
tfarry on, and vit;o''ounY profecute, the 
prefent jull and neceffary War ■ it is our 
defire, ttut you concur in giving hisMajefty 
fuch Supplies, as fhall enable him to purfuo 
allthofe M(.afures« wliich may promote the 
true Inrcrclls of hii Kingdoms, and place 
btm abov^ the Menaces of any Power, that 
may pretend to >;ive Laws, or prefcribe LU 
mits, to the Policy and Infereftsof this Na- 
tion. But as it is apparent, that our Ene- 
mies flatter thcmfclvts with the Hopes of 
«9(hau(ltng our Strength by the immenfe 
' Expence* in which we are at prefent en- 
gajed— W3 therefore require you, in the fur- 
ther Profecution of this War, to fupport 
foch Mea(ures, as may fruilratethofe Expec- 
tations ; yet to Aa with the utmoft Vigour^ 
in the reduaion of their remaining Colo* 
n:es, fo as to obtain a fafe and honourable 

Oti. 7.1. John Perrott, late of Lud^ate- 
Hillf M;:rccr, and Bankrupt, waS capttnlty 
conviCUd^ tdr hav i)j( coakciki fu^in ttie 


^4^ A Chronological Memoir of Occur rmcei^ 

Cominifflonefi, on hit bfl examination, non ; upon which they abandoned WolMi« 

with Intent to derniud hit Creditort, feve- buttel again, ^nd retired with great PraM 

ral Bank notet and other Effedt amounting pitation : and that Prince Ferdinand hd^ 

to feveral Thonrand Poandt. crofled the River Wefcr near Hoxfer wi|U 

13. Thii Morning an Bxpreft arrived the main Army, Inorder toilrttch ovcrlK 

from Prince Ferdinand't Army^ with the Eimbecic, either to intercept rhem or dfi 

ajcieeable News, that the Hereditary Prince them oft" from Geltingcn and Caflel; aal . 

or Brunfwick, in Conjundion with Gen. alfo that Gen. Hardenberg had obliijed IM 

Luckner, have raifcd the Siege of Brunf- Prince de Soubife io quit his Camp at Coivi* 

wick, drove the i^rench, under rhe Com- feldr, and by that ftep had cleared all WcAi' 

mandofPrinceXavler of Saxony and Count phalia a^ain. Farther Particulars are •!£» 

Brof»lio, took about ^00 Pi ifonefs, and a pcdcd every Moment. • 

great many Officen, and a Number of Can* » 

BfiTnt. 30. Mr. Alexander Dowdall, MerchiHu 

Ar. The Lady of Jof. Mawbey, Efi|| to Mifii Bermingham, only Daughter of tiji 

Member of Parliament for Southwark, a late Walter Bermingham, at SomerifU 

Bon. boofe. 

The Lady of the Hon. James Bradeoelly Aui^ 4.. Maurice Bernard, Eiq; of thy 

• Son. Inner- Temple, to Mifs Gordon, df Ne#« 

&^. I. The Lady of the Rev. Mr. Choi- gate ftreet. 

mondeley, a Daughter. 11. Tof. Peacocke, Efq; to Mifs Cose. 

4. TheLadyofMerrickBurrel.aDaugh- I5. Mr. David Powell, jira. an Itahaii 

tcr, in Upper Grofvenor-fquare. Merchant, in Old Bro^-dreet, to iM 

7. The Lady of the Lord Vifcount Fam- Clarke, without BiOiopfgate. 

kam, a Son. 13. Mr. John Kearfley, BookfUkfa 

13. The Vnfe of Mr. Peter Budge in in Ludgate ftreet, to Mils Kitly ChiUioifc 

Gray*s> Inn Lane, a Son and Daughter, who worth. 

were chrifleoed by the Names of George ay. Sam. Qaince» Efq; ai AQingbourafy 

and Chark>ttc. near Chichefter, Snflex, to Miia Maria 

15. The Lady of » Abbott, E(q} Curl, ofChichefler. 

■ Son. John Tredway, of Ludlow, Elq; to Mift 
The Lady of James Digby Latouche, Efqj Molly Simpfon, of Norwich. 

■ Daughter. 39. Mr. Gidion Baroneaa, of fipital- 

16. The Udy of Sir Sam. Fhidyer, Bart. Iquare, to Mi(t Ann Deacon of WaterfonLj 
^ a Son. 31. Mr. Walter, Bookfeller, at Charii^t 

17. The Lady of the Ear! of Sbaftelbary, Croft, to Mift Paterlbn, of the lame •Place. 

■ Son. Mr. Thomas Hayes, aged 3 5, to the W|. 

i8. The Right Hon. the Countefs of Lt- dow Beetle, aged go, at Tipperary, beiiif 

ven, a Daughter, at Edinburgh. the 9th Time of her Marriage. 

aS. The Lady of Capt. White, in Great ^^. i. George Wilfon, of Harbotdei 

Marlborough- fltrcet, a Son. in Northumberland, aged 105, to Mrti 

30. The Lady Vifcountefs Dilloo, a LiUey Forbes, aged 4a. 

Daughter. 7. Sir James Lowther, Bart, to the Rt. 

Oa, I. The Countefs of Laudordale, a Hon. Lady Stuart, eldeft Daughter ol tbt 

Son. Earl of Bute. 

6. The Lady of the Hoc. Henry Daw- 9. Thomas Brigilock, Efqi to the Re- 
kins, Member of Parliament for Southamp- lift of Sir Richard Daviet. 
Ion, a Daughter. 17. The Hon. Thomas Clifford, Efq;" to 

11. Lady Elisabeth WaMgrave, Sifter to Mift Afton. 

the IXichefi of Bedford, a Daughter. John Wild, at Newcaftle, aged 72, bd 

Grace Thompfon, aged 79, his 4th Wife. 

MAiatACis. ao. John Stone, Efq; at Chippenham ia 

July 18. ■ Mttfgrave, Elq; of PaB- Wiks, to Mifs Wilkins, of St. George's 

Mail, to Mifs Mufgrave, eldeil Daughter Somcfctihire. 

of Philip Mufgravc, Efq; of Sunbory. 14. The Rev. Mr. BradOiaw, of Brdg- 

ao. Hen. Cornwall Leigh, of High Leigh warer-fquare, to Mils Worflcy, of Hcrt- 

In Cheftiire, Efq; to Mils Hopkiufon, of ford. ^ 

Heath, near Wakefield. Oa, 3. Benjamin Hopkins, of this City, 

Shatly, Eiqj of Soho, to Mift to Mif& Skinner, of Lvdd, in Kent. 

Lefarc, of Vine Orcct, Frederick RafvJ,E;qi Mwubaut, to Miii 


.»JBr OCTOBER, 1761. 745 

Mn^Tf of Sti }6lm*t Squfe, ■ Lady off 6. Perry Mtyn«, £% formoiljr Admiral 

areat FortuM. of tbe Red, at his Seat at Mortlake. 

^*— Endlver, Clbf Secretary to 6a* 9. Jamei Langborn, Efqj in a vtry ikdy 

no Munchaulcn, Co Milt Keith^ of Ckve« Taooed A$e» at Weybridge. 

UM Row. TO. Sam, Child, Efq; at Blackbeath* 

Lord Glenorchy, to Mifs Maxwell^ Sif^ Rice FeUows, l.(qi at Hackney. 

tcr CO the Coontcft off SoutherUnd. 15. Maximilian Walfam, £fi|| of March| 

Sir Richaid Beddhifield, Bart, to the in the Ifle of £ly, by a Fall from his Horfe. 

Hcvn. Mifa Brown, Daughter of Lord Vif' The Rt. Hon. the M'arquia of Carmar^ 

count Mootacote, in Suflex. ' then, elded Son to thet)iike of Loeda» ag^ 

5. Richard Wharton, of Harford, £fq| i4f at Deans-yard. Weftminfter, 
toM*& Bfttet, of Newbottle, 17. W, Tcinpeft> Efq} of Cranbrake, ia 

John Gibbons, a Earmer at Croydeni Kent, 

aged 9a« to his Servant Maid, of j|boot iS. Sir Rd. Lloyd, one of his Majcfty*« Sa^ 

Mr. Samuel Hawkiof, Brewer, to Mifi rons of the Exchequer. 

Faosy Barwjcl(> of Friday-ftreet. W. Hulfe, Sfq^ Brother to tbo lata Sir 

6. Mr, Woqdhoufe, Attorney, at Here- £dw. HiilCe> Bart, at Stone,, near Qtami^ 
lord, to MifiSymoris, of the lame Place. end. , 

CafC. WiMiain Shve of the 57th Regi- Mr. Oerrard Hnknoy of Gray*s*lan« 

ment, to Mrs. Margaret Maunton, a Widow Lane, aged 90, he was Coachman tp King 

Lndy v^b a fortune of 20,000 1. Wii ij^im 1 11. 

8. The Right Hon. tbv Lord Wilk>ughhy 23. James Moody, Eiq^ of Lii»cokk*ft» 

d« Brooke, to the Right Hon. Lady Louifa Inn. 

North, Daughter of tlie Right Hon. tbt a6. Mrs. Sarah Dean, Wifeof John Dean, 

Earl of Guildford. aged 70, and the ntxt Day John Dean $ tbey 

Samaal Arch, Eiq; of Threadneedle- had refided manj Years at WiUrnrd near 

fireet, to Mifs Capps, of Angel Courts Nottinghamj a very hapjyy Couple, and ra^ 

ThrogiQortoo-ilrcet. markably cbariuble to the Poo^ . 

Mr. Marchet, of St. Anp^a WeAminfter, 27. Mifs Abercrombie, Dain;h(er of Ge« 

aged 97, to Mrs. Joqrdain, of tbo fame Fa- neral Abercrombie, on the Sea| going c6 

rtib. ii^67« Scotland. 

Mr. Robert Coppee, of Cannon- AreeC, Mr. Sam. Ballard, BonkTeller, in Ltttta'P 

to Mifs Charlotte Shaw, of Broad ftreet. Biiuin, Deputy of the Ward of Alderfgato 

J 7. John Patcrfon, Efq^ Membtr of Par* many Years, and of the Comnfion-counol| 

Sament for Luggcrihall, in Wilts, to Mrs. 40 Years, Sen* Governor of Chriil*s Hof- 

Hope, a Lady of 30,000 1 . pital, and thofe of Bridewell and Bethleheapi« 

Da A T 11 s . much efteemed by all that knew bim^ 

' yuffto, Stephen Kendrick, at the Royal Sef^f* 4. Arhur Sfanhope, at hit Seal 

Hofpital at Greenwich, aged 107. near Leeds in Yorkfhire. 

at* ■ Scott, Efq; at Edmonton. 6. 7«mes PoAicthwayte, Efq; inHatton* 

His Grace, Archibald Duke of Douglafs, Garden. 

Marqoir of Angus, Earl of Angus and A. Mrs. Lefevre, noted (or fome religioifi 

bemcthy, Vifcoont of Jedburgh Foreft, Effiys. 

Lord Dovglafs of Buncle, Pref^on, andRo- 9. Mr. Ifaac Thornton, aged 102, iji 

berton in Scotland, in the 6; th Year of bia Suffolk place in the Borough. 

Age. I a. Boftock Teller, Efq; Clerk of tho 

X2. Robert Barber, Efq ; one of the Clerka Peace for the County of Hertford. 

in the Privy -fcal Office, Member in tbe late 17. Mathew Bateman, Efq; at Whit«» 

Parliament for Stamford, and one of the chapel. 

Sccondark6intheLordTreafurei*iRemcm- 19* The Rt. Hon. theCouneefii of Har* 

brancer's Of&ce. wich, in Gcofvenor (qoare. 

a8. The Rev. Mr. Sam. Ely, Chaplain 20. The Rt. Hon^ William Lord Blake. 

and Undcr-mader in St. Paul's School, and ney, aged 91, Knt. Companion of the mofl 

Ledurer of St. Gregory St. Mary Mag- noble Order of the Bath, Lieut. Gen. of hh 

dalen'a Church, Old Fiih-ltrcet, a -Perfon Majefly's Forces^ aodlate Governor of Mi«- 

of an exemplary Life. norca, lie, 

A;. 4. Charles Long, Efq; in Sou thamp. 21. Tho. Newaham, Efq; at Winche* 

ton • buildings. fter. 

5. Mrl. Cooper, Bookfelkr, in Pater- 23. W. Edwarda, Efq; an Italian Mer. 

po4tor*Row. chant. 

The Rev. Mr. Wi<r|ey, one of his MaJA- Sir Jobs Flelder^tji of Bruaiptom> Der« 

fty's Preachers at Whitehall^ £cc, by thire« 

yS^ ^ Cbrinological Memoir of Ociurfenees^ 

C:tnl and Military Prffermentu 

Selvvyn, Efq; is appointed a 

Clerk of fbe Board of Grtcn cloth. 

Capt. Bpod is appointed Captain of the 
Africa, a 64 Gun Ship. 

Sept, ij. Immediately after Dinner his 
Blajefty, according to ancient Cuf^om, was 
pkafed to confer tti^ Honour of fCniehth .od 
on John Bridger, Efqj Standard Hearer, 
and Owen Jones, tfq; Senior Gentleman 
Fenfioner» in Weftminfter Hill. 

His Majefty has appointed Lieot. Ctn* 
W^rbortoo to be Colonel of the Rej^imrnt 
«f Foot lately commandtd by Lord Blakcney, 
deceafed. . 

The RTghrflon the * Lord Chancelkn* is 
tIeQed Governor of the Chirter-houfv^ in 
the room of the late BiOu>p pf London. 
^ llis JMajefly has been pfeafed to aproint 
Msjor Gen. Andrew Rohmfon, Commaader 
ef the 45th Regiment of Foot; and toap- 
pome CoK Oore Lieatenant Colonel, Col. 
Forbar Firft. Major Col. >yills Second Ma- 
jor, and Li^T. Edward Taih Captain. 

The'Rey. Mr. Rider, lare of Jtfus CoU 
lege, Oxford, Author of the Otnftal Dic- 
tionary and fbe New Hiflory of Ent^and, 
eicAed Dcptfty Mailer of St. I'kul's School. 

' ; Btthfinfiicaf Prffernftfus. 

The Rer. Mr. Thomas Lane, totbtRec- 

f^ry of LaniS{;rave> Cornwall. 

** The Rev. Mr. Bicfcham, B. D. to the 

lle^iry of L'>ughboron<!:h in Lciccfterlhire. 

* The Rev. Mr. Jackfon, to the Redory 

of Doddlerton. 

The ReT. Mr. Mainwaring, to the Rec* 
fory of kirby. 

TI>e Rev. G. Seeker, M. A. to the Vica- 
rat^es of Allhallows, Great and Lefs, in 
Bread llreec, and of Yardiey in Hertford- 
ihire, worth 3So>. perAivi. • 

^ybstiba/i, 6ff>t, 19. The King ha« been 
ple^fid to ord&r a Conge d'^lire to the 
bean and Chapter of ihe Cathedral and 
Metrnpolitical Church of York, to eie^ an 
Arclihiftiop thereof, the fame being void by 
the Death of Dr. Jrhn Gilbett, late Arch- 
biihop of that See; .^nd hKo a Loiter, re« 
€ommending to the faid Dc^n and Chapter 
ifie Rjght Rev. Father in Gt)d Dr. Robert 
Dion^inoiKf, now Pi.^icp ct vS^lifbiiry. 

Th« K»ng has been plt\.fcd to orcWr a 
Conttc d*EYHe to the Otsu^ <tnd Chapter of 
Che Cathedral Choroh df St. Hdtil, London, 
to clt£l a Btihop thertuf, the lame being 
^oi«1 by tht Deacii oi Dr. Thomas Sherlock, Biihup of tha* Sec : And alfo a Letter, 
rccommendintfto the faid Doan and Cliapter 
rhc U:rht Rev. Father in God Dr. Thowias 
fla>:sr^ AOWBiihopQf Notwtciib 

The RcT. Mr. Thomaa Trail, eteAe^ 
Profeflbr of Divinity at Glafgow, in the 
room of Mr. Leechman, now Principal. 

The Hon. and Rev. Mr. Barrin^on, to " 
he one of tlie Canons of ChriA Church, 

B KR S. 

jftfg. 35. Chriftopher Knng and Tames 
Dean, of the Borough of Soothwaite, in 
Surry, Hop Fadors and Co partners. 
' Robert Dudley, of Crofsftreef, in tho 
Liberty of Weftminfler, m Middlefex, Sad-^ 
ler and ^awn- broker. 

Francis Amafs, of Carbrooke, in Nor** 
folk, Tinnber> merchant. 

ag. George Copeland, of the City of 
Hereford, in the County of Hereford, Dea- 
ler and Chapman. 

Z4chari4h Chikfe, of Braintree, in Che 
eounry of EflTex, Diiltlfer. 

John Lane, now or late of St. Paul, Shad- 
well, in MiddMex, Sail-maker. 

Sef>t,t, Tliomas Bennett, lateoftheBo-s 
rough of Leicefter,^ Felimonger and Wool- 

c. William Yates, now or late of New* 
caftle, StafTordfliire, MahlUr. 

Frederick De Cbcvrigney, now or late of 
Fen court, Feafihorch-ftreet, London, Su- 
gar- broker. 

8. John Campbell, of LtUle-beU- alley, 
Colemain-ftreet, London. 

19. Samuel HafeM, now orlatcofClieap* 
fide, London, Haberdafher. 

Henry Lane, of Wooburn, in che Coun<« 
ty of Buckingham, Barge-maAer. 

at. John Conifton, late of Piccadilly, in 
the County of Middlefex, Stationer. 

Thomas Deriam, alias Deriem, of St» 
Gilts in the Fields, in Middlesex, Victual- 

0/7. 3* Thomas Huntingdon, of the Ho* 
ly Trinity, Minories, Taylor. 

6. John Roberts, of Eala, in the County 
of Merioneth, MaltOer. 

Thomas Smith, of Mag pye Alley, Mer« 

Simon Godfrey, of Reach in the County 
of Cambridge, Maltftcr. 

13. Elizabeth Perkin», of the Mulberry- 
Gardens in the Pari(b of St. John, V^ap- 
ping, MidditieX, Vi<fhi'a!lcr. 

17. John Rayner, 01 I'ulham St. Mjry 
Magdalen, m Norfolk, Grocer. 

R. Ai undell, of citi s>ud in Clouceftcrfhire, 

ao. Hannah Gilbody, of Liverpool, Ciiy- 

William Bramwell, of Liverpool, Butcher. 

Hew]ir)g Lufon, of Gun ton in SutTolk, 


{751 ) 

f— *• 

Miicellaneous Correfpondence, 

in Profe and Verfe. 
For NOVEMBER, 1761. 

Mathematical Questions Anfwered. 

^jffftion 346, anfwered hy the Propofery Mr, W. Cockin. 

rlmdis tofiilve this Quedion, wc mud firll get an Idea of the Nature of muHcal Interval^ 
/.c whatReUtioB tkeie Quantities have to die Lengths of the Strmgi chat give the Sound>:^ 
vbkh insy be gained from the following Lemma. 

Whik Smipda encirafe in arithmetical ProgreHlon, the Lengths of the Strings that produce 
Aen jetiryfr in a geometricsl PTx>gR:nrion ;* *< or tlie Inicnals of Sounds arc the Mcai'ures of 
dieRabM of the Lengths of the founding Strings/* 


Sappofe te String A B ^ves a ceruin Sound, — it is a known Property in Mufic, t]iat one 
«f dbe £une Kind half its Length as C D will found an Oaavc to it, alfo £ F taken {CD will 
fBud an Oaave to CD, and G H, | £ F, an Oaavc to £ F, and 

fit on. Now whatever the Quality of thefe Sounds be, we fee they A ■ B 

£fls by a conibmt Quantity^ *". e, an Oftave, hence arc in arlthme- C D 

tied PfOgreflibn ; bttt the Lengths of the Strings which uivc the £ F 

Sooodi decrcaie by a conftant I^viHon, /. e, by 2, hence arc in gco- G— H 

■KlDcal Pragreflion, which prove the tirft Part of the Lemma. The 

kaaA Pitft is aa eafy and known Confequcncc of the Firl^, fur if the Intervals be in arithme- 
tical Pipgreffion, while the Strings which them are in a gcomerricil PiO]i^reiiiun, the In- 
tanhJK Loiuithini of the Lengths of the Suin^, as in thcfe Scriefes : 

Intervals o, i, 2, 3, 4, ^c. arithmetical ProgreAion. 

Strings lt\t\^ \f J^, 6fc. geometrical Progrciljon. 

Bat Lagnithnu ate defined the numcnil Mcafurcs of the Ratios of their abfoluto Numbers to 
Unity : Hence the iecood Part of the Lemmn i<-, manifcft. Whatever has been f :id with regard 
Id the above Intervals is dcmonftrable, and oTy tu conceive of any inteiincdiate J interval. 

Fran what w delivered above, we have tiie fbllowio^ cafy Rule^ for dctcrminiDg the (propor- 
tioQal) Mag;nitude of any Interval. 


Fiom the Logarithm of the greater Term of the Ratio of the t>»*o Strings, fub'.racl the Loga- 
lithiB of the Lefsy the Remainder is the Magnitude uf the Interval of the Strini^s. 

r Thercf. Lcga. 2 rr 0,30 1030 --v « ^^3 S 
I : 4 is the Ratio j » - - t- - * 

oftheOftave. l^^m. 

IS : 9 U the Mai. J Thcref. Loga 9 =z ^f^'.^^^zC'- ^^l^^V '^ ~ "'Slpf 

Tone, 1 Loga. of 8rzo,9030oo\-:^,'*-^-5X^^ • '5 = ^73o-i\ 

=z'^3^-'<l£i^'^ 2=:3oio3oJ 

rcf.Lcga. 2 rr 0,301010 -^.u'r^ S /* « -<v 

- Loga. of I - o,Soocoo ) ^ < =f f » ' 9 = 0501 5O 

»* r^ /^ ^ \4 ■ «;= 096910 > 

i.Mag.ofOc. = o,3oi03or -; ^.^ J3 : 4 =: iz^o-^qf 

1 Rem. Mag. MT 

5D S^ip\« 

See Dr, SmiW$ Harmonics, 


Mijccllaneous Correfpondenct^ 

^ejlion 347, anfwered by Mr. Rob. Duncanv 

LET A B KC be the circular Green, A B C the equilateral 
Triangle. Draw B K. Then in the Triangle A B K 
arc given, the Angle BAK.(:r^BAC>z: 30°, the An- 
gle ABK right, as being in a Semi. Circle, antftheSidte 
A B iz 345 ; hence, Cof. BAIC:AB::R:AKi= 398.4. 
Feet, the Diameter ; and 398.4 X 3.1416 = 1251.6134 
Feet =z 417.2044 Yards in the Circumference, which at 71. 
6^. p€r Yard, is 156/. 9^. for Railing* Again, the Hexa- 
gon F G H I D E is plainly the greateil that can be formed 
^ withm the given Triangle ^ and it*s Side HI=:ii5i=jBC. 
For, by the Property of the Hexagon, C H is parallel to AC, 
and D I to A B J therefore the Triangles G H B, and D I C, 
are (imiltF to the Triangle ABC^ and therefore equilateral , 
xonfcqwently BH (= H G) = H I (z;: I &> = IC = J BC. 
Now the Side of the Hexagon being 115 Feet, it*s Area will 

be 34362 Square Feet, which roultipljedby 9, the Depth, pcodgces 309ir58 Cubic Feet :s 
J 1454 Cubic Yards, which at 41. 6^. per Cubic Yard^ U 2577/. 31. for Digging. So tli» 
whole Expence is 2733/. 121. 

We have received Anfwers /♦ this ^efiionfrcm other Correfpondents ; But, -tfi they sre mat 
txafi/y tb^ fame nvitb the Propofer^tf tve Jball here give the "total Expence ^ according to tht^ 
feveral Solutiom, as foilvw > The Propoftr 273 3/. 6«. 6tf. ^. Mr, Bofworth, 27 12/. io». ltd. {m 
Mr, W. Allen, 2743/. ^'- '^- \* ^''' Jcffcry, 2744/. 131. 4*/. Other Anjtven were/tat^ 
hut too diffkrent from the ahove to he inf tried, and im fame the Expence not expreffodt 


^ue/lion 348, an/wend by Mr. Tho. BofWorth 

lUT J n B C = 48, i =: AB n 36, and x = F D 5 then t» : a C 




iix^itCzz , ••• F B n J r** whence j — 

* :: ar : FE = 

i» JC» 

.X > 

BE=:« r^—x V 

at^ --^ ax 

which is to be a Maxinwun {per QueAion] the Fluxion of which is 

% a sA X X taxx / 

• — — ^ ZZOi which folved, gives x zzi / *» — * 

zz 18, whence B £ =: 45, and the Area ia 1590*435 Chains = 159 Acres, o Rods^ 7 
Poles, nearly. 

N. B. The Prop0fer*t jfnfvur givei ontv the targeft Parallelogram that can he defcrihed »• 
the given Par ahola j hat the Isrgeft Area for a Gardrm to. he injcrihed therein mtifi h§of acir» 
€uiMr Form, the Dimenfioms of which art determined only in the Solution ahove. 

Other Anfwers were received, hut not right, therefore not inferted^ 

^ejiim 349, anfwered by Mr. T. Barker. 

PUT a — DK, hzi Solidity of tlie Conic Sedion C D E^ 
C = Solidity of B D F, and x =z D I ; then becaufe all 
Cones (of the fame Baft) are as the Cubes of their Altitudes, we 

bave as ^ : «^ : : c : x^, ••• x =r * 1 /L I =: 109.25^ whence 

by fimiUr Trianglei, as D K : C £ : : D I : B F =r 34.14 tha 
EKameter required. 

This Sluefiion wat alfo alfwtnd hy Mr. W. Allen, Mr, S, Beeken, 
and the Propofer^ Mr, T, Jcjflfery* We receisfcd other Affwers, 
dui ttfi near tbc Truth. 

in PROSE and VERSE. 


New Questions 

Qiieftion 358. 

Bj Mr, J. Drape, Teacher of the 

ASaihemaUa os Whitehaven. 

ADmit the Radius 6f a Weaver* s Beam^ 
S Inches, be augmented to 6 Inches, 
^»itb a7 Rounds of Cloth thefeon, required 
« general Theorem whereby an honeft Wea- 
ker may know the Length of^ his Web, 
witbout Che Trouble of meafuring accord- ' 
tag to Coilom, and the Quantity of Cloth 
«a the laid Beam whea covered, with xso 
Roaoda ? 

Qucftion 359. 
By Mr, Ja. Launders. 

WAJking to Chtfier Church, I obferved, 
when my Diilance from the Cen. 
tv of the Steeple was equal to the Height 
of the Steeple and Spire, that the Spire ap- 
peared exaaiy the Magnitude of a Man, 
whofe Height was 5 Feet, 9 Inches, ftand- 
ing an Che Poreh, whoTe Oiftance was f of 

to be anjwered. 

the Height of the Steeple and Spire from 
me: Now it is known, by Experiments^ 
that a Ball will fall from the Top of the 
Spire, to the Bottom of the Steeple in 
5.2 1267S Seconds of Time. Required the 
Height of the Steeple and Spire refpec- 
tively ? 

Queftion 360. 

By Mr. J, Allington, Pupil to Mr* 

T. Barker. 

r^ IVEN the Area of a Triangle = ia6 
\T Poles, two Sides 20, and ai Poles 
jeipeaively. Query the Triangle by a Am- 
ple Equation ? 

Queftion 361. 
By Mr. T. Atkinfon. 

ADMIT thV verfed Sine of an Arch be 4, 
the Diffeitnce of the Secant and Ra- 
dius = 5. ^eVy the Radius, Tangent, 
Secant, and Length of the Arch? 

IVhereas fcveral of our ingenious Contributors are apt to think they are 
mgU^ied^ buaufe their Solutions are net taken notice of nor their Names in^ 
ferted, we are obliged once more to declare^ that when the Solutions are rights 
and esrefint in Time^ we are not confaous that ar^ one has been over-looked^ 
€md as we think ourfelves greatly obliged for their Favours^ it would be 
very great Ingratitude not to Jhew them a proper and equal Regard as nearly as 
is in our Power. 



DEAR Delia come improve the nlmUe 
While youth and pleaAire are within your powV : 
For ibon the meafures of life*s joys are full. 
And gayeft fceocs grow tedious and dull. 

Diftill DO more the pearl drops from your eyes. 
No more your tender bofom fwell with lighs : 
For penfive grief and forrow will confume. 
Health*! dimpled cheek, and beauty's brighteft 

Why do you, Delhy fhun the gladforoe light. 
The fecial converfe, and the chafte delight ? 
Why does nntouch*d your fprightly fpinnet 

That yielded once the fweeteft melody ? 

Shall Dtlia fair I the pride of all the plain, 
Fcr whom each fbepherd pip*d and iighM in 

Whom benonr, truth, nor conflancy cou'd 

Afteafy coaqtieft dov to falihood prove ? 


No, Delia, let refcntmcnt fire your breaft. 
Let thoughts nor dreams'no more difturb your 

While free from every idle care and pain, 
Refume dominloo, eafe, and mirth again. 

Defpife falfe Strepbcn and his peijurM tows. 
His flattering fpeeches and diflembled bows ; 
Quite bani/h hun from your encircling arms. 
And blefs young Tbyrfis with your flighted 

A flicpherdevcrconftant, chafle, and kind. 
Of graceful perfon, and of fpotJefs mind j 
Who waits impatient to receive your hand j 
To make you happy in the nuptial band, 

Then hafte my Delia, hafte to crown thoTe 

Which vinue yields and vice alone deftroys ^ 
Thofe joys, which mutual love and honow 

From tbyrfu take, on Tbyrfa now bellow. 

756 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

hy idhering firmly to the Engagements en- 
tered into with my Allies. In this I will 
pcrfevere, until my Enemies, moved by 
their own Loflesand DiftreOes, and touched 
with theMiferiesof fomany Nations, (hall 
yield to the equitable Conditions of an ho- 
nourable Peace ; in which Cafe, as well as 
In the Profecution of the War, I do aflure 
you, no Confideration whatever (hall make 
me depart from the true Interefts of thcfe 
my Kingdoms, and the Honour and Digni- 
ty of my Crown. 

** Centlenun of the Houfc of Comment, 

■* I am heartily forry, that the Nectffity 
of large Supplies appears fo clearly from 
what has already been mentioned. The 
proper Edinutes for the Services of the en- 
fuing Year (hall be laid before you ; and I 
defire you to grant me fuch Supplies, as may 
enable me to profecute the War with Vi- 
ITour, and as your own Welfare and Secu- 
rity, in the prcfent critical ConjunAure, re- 
quire ; that we may happily put the lall 
Hand to this great Work. Whatfoevtr 
yoo give, (ball be duly and faithftilly ap- 

" I dare fay your affectionate Regard for 
me and the Quten makes you go before me 
in wliat I am next to mention ; the making 
an adequate and honourable Provifion for 
lier Support in Cafe (he (hould furvive me. 
This is what not only her Royal Dignity, 
but her own Merit calls for ; and I eameftly 
recommend it to your Confideration. 
' ' Mj L^rds tnd Gentlemen, 

*' I have fuch a Confidence in the Zeal 
and good AfTe Aions of this Parliament, that 
I think it quite fuperfluous to ufe my Ex- 
hortations to excite you to a right Condufl. 
I will only add, that there never was a Si> 
tuation in which Unanimity, Firmnefs and 
Difpatch were more nece(rjry for the Safe- 
ty, Honour, and true Intere(t of Great- 

The 9th being the Day on which the Lord 
Mayor of this Ciry entered into his Office, 
theCeremonial on the Occafion was conduc- 
ted in the following Order : 

The Aldermen, Slieriffi, and other Offi- 
cers, having met at the Mnnfion- houfe^ a- 
bout ten of the Clock in the Forenoon, the 
Ri^ht Hon. Sir Samuel Fludyer, Baronet, 
Alderman of the Ward of Cheap, Lord May< 
or elccl, in his State Coach, with the ufual 
Attend<ints, proceeded from thence to the 
Three Cranes, where the Aldermen and ths 
Livery, in theirrefpeAive Barges, attending 
proceeded to Weftmmfter ; where his Lord. 
Aiip was Sworn in before the Barons of the 

While the Ceremony, was performing, 
ibeir MjjeAles with the ROyai Family, in 

Confequence of an Tnvitation, honoured tht 
City with their Prefence, in order to View 
his Lord(hip*sProctfiTon, and afterwards to 
dine at Guildhall. The Manner in which 
this Vifit was paid was as follows. ' 

His Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cum- ' 
berland^ in his Coach, drawn by 6 Horfes, - 
preceded and followed by Guards. *= 

Her Royal Highnefs the Princcfs Amelia, 
in the fame Manner. 

His Royal Highnefs, the Duke of^York, z 
in a new and fuperb State Coach; in the - 
fame Manner, and likewife followed by a 
numerous Retinue. 

Their Royal HighnefTes Prince Williani . 
Henry, Prince Henry Frederic, and PruM»- 
Frederic William in one Coach, in the fame 
Manner, wjth a numerous Retinue. 

Their Royal HighnefTesthe Princefs Dow« 
ager of Wales, and the Princefs Auguita, 
in one Coadi, preceded by twelve Footmen 
with black Caps, and with Guards, in his 
fame Manner as the others, and a grand 

Their Majefties in their State Coach, 
preceded by the Earl of Hat court in his 
Chariot, and the Dukes of Rutland and De- 
von(hire in another Chariot, the Grenadier 
Guards, and the Yeomen of the Guards, 
and followed by a Corps of the Hor fe-guai ds, 
paffi^d on to St PauPs Church -yard, at the '. 
Eaft End of which a large Scaffold was erec- 
ted for the Reception of the Boys educated 
at Chrift*$ Hofpital ; where the following 
Speech was addre(red, with all Humility, 
by the fenior Scholar of the Grammer.fcbool 
in Chrift*<» Hofpital. 

' ' Mofi gracious a nd ^ugnfi Sovereign, 

" From the Condefcenfion and Goodnefs 
which your Majedy difplays towards even 
the Meaned of your Subje^, we are em- 
boldened to hope you will accept the Tribute 
of Obedience and Duty, which we poor Or- 
phans are permitted to prefent to you. 

*' Educated and fupported by the Muni- 
ficence of a Charity, founded, enlarged, and • 
proteded by your Royal PredeceiTors, with 
the warmeft Gratitude we acknowledge our 
inexpreflible Obligations to its Bounty, and 
the diftinguifhed Happinefswe have hither- 
to enjoyed under the conftant Patronage of 
former Princes. May this ever be our Boa ft 
and our Glory I nor can we think we (hall 
prefer our Prayer in vain, whilft with ear- 
ned and humble Supplications we implore 
the Patronage arid Protedtion of your Ma- 


" To our ardent Petition for your prince- 
ly Favour, may we prefume, dread Sove- 
reign, to add our molt refpedful Congratu- 
lations on your aufpicious Marriage with 
your Royal Confort. Strangers to the Dif. 


For NOVEMBER, 1761: ys7 

^tsrode which often dwells within the Cir- ed by Seven of thetr Company being drefled 

de of a Crown, loog may youi^ Majeftiet In Fur, and their Skins painted in the Form 

cz|jenence the beart-felt Satisfadions of of Indian Princes. .The Ftflimongers made 

domeiUc Life $ hi the anintemipced Poflef- an elegant Appearance by their Pageants, 

60Q of every Endearment of tbe moft tender which was borne by Poles on Men's ShuuU 

Uoioo, every Bleifing of conjugal Affe^ion, ^ders, and confiftedof a $urae of St. Peter 

ereiy Comfort of jArental Felicity. And finely gilt, a Dolp^n, two Mermaids, and 

may a Race of Princes, your iUuftriousIfliie two Sea-horfes. 

aod DcCcendaots, formed by tbe Example, Tbe Proceffion being thus ended, the 
aad inheriting the Virtues of their great and Rojal Family were condo^d by the She- 
good ProgenitDrs, continue to fway the Bri- riff's to Guildhall^ at'the Entrance of which 
tUh Sceptre to the latefl Pofterity.** they were received by tbe Lord Mayor, who 

As fcxm as he had finifhed, the Boys in s^ kneeling prefented the City Sword to the 

grand Cboras chanted i God fave the King, King, which his.Majefty gracioufly pleafing 

Ameiu Doriog the Delivery of the Oration, to return, it was carried before him by his 

vhicb was fpoken with great Propriety of Lordflvip to the Council-chamber, when 

XfecBlieo, his Majefty was pleafed to give the Compliments of the City were made to 

his Atteotioa with remarkable Complaoen- him. From thence, in like Manner, the 

cy: Afterwards the fenior Scholar delivered Royal Family proceeded to the Huflings^ 

two Copta of the Speech to the King and where a moft magnificent and fumptuous 

tecD. Entertainment was provided. Their Maje- 

ftam thence they went to the Houfe of Oies were attended, as they pafTcd from St. 

Mr. Barclay, oppofite to Bow-church, where Jameses to the City, with the loudeft AccIa- 

ihey afigbted, which was on this Occafion mations of Joy. Scaffoldings were built at 

decorated in a vciyfumptuous Manner, the many of the Houies in the City, and the 

Rooms, Balcony, 4cc. being hung with Concourfe of People who were afiemhled 

Oifflfaa pamaCk $ and from this Houfe was almoft incredible, 

they ixw die Procdfion of the Lord Mayor, The Show on the Water was very briU 

Uant : The Lord Mayor ^as, in his goings 

Tbe Lord Mayors Aldermen, &c. Sec. re- up to Weftminfter, faluted near Cuper*s- 

tmned in the Order they went, and landed Bridge by twenty, one fix Pounders, pre- 

at the Tcmple-ftairs, and from thence pro- pared there for that Purpofe by a Gentle- 

ceeded vp Tcmplc-lane, and through Fleet- man, who aMb paid his Lordihip the iame 

ftrttt to Guildhall. Compliment at bis Return* 

The Sute Coach was drawn by fix bean* The ,Qoeen*s eafy, elegant, and conde- 

tifol Iron Grey-horfes, richly caparifoned, fcending Beliaviour made an Impreflion oA 

and a domed with Ribbons, and all the Com- the whole Company, that can never he dfa- 

panies made a very grand Appearance. ced; and the joy at (being our young and 

The Aanovrers and Braziers, the Skin* beloved Sovereign fo compleatly happy in 

eers, and the Fi(hmongers, in particuhiri^ his Royal Confort, is not eafy to be expiref- 

oiade a very pretty Appearance : The for- fed, but might eafily be read in every Cooo- 

mer wat.marked by an Archer riding ere€t tenance^ Our late Patriot Minifter too 

in hia Car, fupported pofterioufly by a fliort might learn the Senfe this City retains of his 

Pole, and held by Straps over hieTocs, and • paft Services from the Reception they gave 

having his Bow in his Left-hand, and his him, which was fuch as muft afford the 

Quiver and Arrows hanging behind his left higheft Satisfadion, and be confidered as 

Shoulder ; he waa focceeded by a Man in the moft acceptable Reward to a generous 

compleat Armour, belonging to the dme and noble Mmd. 
Coa^ukfm The Skinners were difting uiih • 


Jn Alphabetical List of tbe Houfe of Commons. 

vt in tkt MMrgfM exfrtfi ikt Parliamentt tgeb Memher hat bttn iti^ 

ABcreromhy, James Kinrofs Craven. /freer 

A*Coort, William Heytelbury Fark-ftreer, Grofxurtcr-ff^ 

Adanis, George Salufh ^f^f^s garden 

7 Aiflabie. William Ripon Crefvenor-f^uare 

3 Aldwortb, Rich. Kcvil Taviftock May fair 

a Amjaod, George Barnftable LaurtnaPtMHt'sey liU 

3 At>y 

75^ -^ Cbronohgical Memoir of Occurrences^ 

3 Ancmny Barlof 
3 Anibdy Thomat 
ArcMTi Hon. Andrew 

5 Archer^ Henry 
AmStage, Sir George 
Aihbarnhaxn, William 

5. Aihe, Pierce A*Coart 

6 Aftley» Sirjobo 
Aobin^ Sir John St« 

% Bacon, Edward 
s Baggot, William 

3 Baker, Sir William 

4 Bampfylde^ Sir Richard 
% Banket, Henry 

5 Barrington, Vifcoont 
4 Barrington, Sir John 

^ Barrow, Charles 
«(, Bateman, Vifcount' 
9 Batharft, Benjamin 

Beauderky Hon. Aubary 
3 Beckford, luUnes 

3 Beckford, William 
Bentinck, Capt. J. 

4 Berkley, Norbome 
Bertie, Lord Brown 

3 Bertie, Lord Robert 
3 Bertie, Peregrine 
Beft, Thomaa 

3 Bifliop, SirCecn 

5 Becket, Sir Walter 
Blackftone, William 

« Boone, Cha. 

Bootie, Rich. Wilbrabam 

4 Bofcawen, Hon. Geo. 

3 Bofcawen, Ron. Col. John 
% Boulton, Henry Cribb 

Bouverie, Edward 

4 Brand, Thomas ^ 
A Bret, Sir Piercy 

3 Bridgeman, Henry 

4 Briftow, John 
Broome, Lord 
Bmdenell, Lord 

a Brudenell, Hon. Jamef 

Bnidenell, Col. Rob. 
a Bmdenell, t}eorge, Br. 

Bull, Daniel 
a Bull, Robert 
4 BuUef, James 

BuUer, Francis 
3 BuUer, John 
% Bullock, John 

Buobury, Tho, Cha. 

3 Buidett, Sir Robert 
Burgoyne, Colonel 
Burt, William Mat. 

4 Burrard, Harry 
3 Burrcil, Merrick 

2 Burrcll, Peter 

3 Burton^ Bartholomew 
4. Butler, John 

Richmond, Yotkihire 



Bramber { 





Salop C. 








TIewton, Hants 





New Sarum 









NewcaiUe onTyne 



New Sarum 











Newport, Cornwall 








Great Marlow 








Henrietta'ftreet Ca^ead^ 


Park-Jirttt^ Grtfoem9r-J^ 

Hyde-Par k-cor ner 



Ceorge-Jireet f H am wr-j 





Bremley^reet^ HaBf^ 



aoijieri, Wejhuwper 


yames-ftreetf JTeJbthft 


At Sea 



St, JatnVt-fUet 












St, yawui^t'freef 







Sfutb Park-Jhut 



Parliament -fireet 




Vpper Grojvenor-Jlreei 





for NOVEMBER, 1761. 759 

Byde^ Thomai PJniner 
3 CUdogan, Hon. Ch. Slo. 

Calcraft, Oolonel 
3 Calvert, Nicholfon 
3 Caf^rt, Jobn 
a Campbell, Pryfe 
3 Cambell. Capt. James 

Campbell, Lord Frederick 

s Campbell, I>ougai 
a Campbell, Daniel 
% Camavin, Marqutt 

4 Camigie, Sir James 
a Cartwrigfat, William 
3 Carjrsford, Lord 

Cafwall, Timothy 
3 Cafvadifli, LordOeorigo 
Cavendidi, Richard 

3 CaTendiih, Lord Fred, 
s CaTcndiih, Lord John 

CecU. M. Tho. ctwmbOTS 
% Champion, Ant* 
% Chaplin, John 

5 Cbefter, Thomas 

7 Chetwyad, WUUam 
a Cbetwynd, W. Rich. 

ChiJdy Francis 
s Cholmondeley, Nathaniel 
a Cholmondeley, Thomas 
5 Clayton, Sir Kenrick 

4 Clayton, William 

4 Cleveland, John 
Cltve, Colonel 

3 Clive, Richard 

Coatcs, Admiral 
3 Coclcs, Charles 

5 Codrington, Sir William 
3 Coke, Wennaaa 

ft Colebrook, Sir Georfs 
Compton, Spencer 
Conolly, Thomas 

s Cooynlkam, Lord Vifc. 

3 Conway, Hon. Henry 

4 Cook, George 

7 Cornwall, VelCers 

4 Comwallis, Hon. Edward 
3 Cotton, Sir Lynch 

3 Coortenay, H. Reginald 

5 Coartenay, Sir William . 
Coventry, Thomas 

4 Craven, William 
Orawford, John 
Crawford, Patrick 

1 Cnefwelly Tho. EAcourt 
s Conliffe, Sir EUis 

a Corzon, Aiheton 
Corwen, Henry 

4 CoA, Sir Jobn 
Ciift, Peregrine 
Dnlrymple, Sir Hugh 

2 Dalhwood, Sir Francis 
Dsaihwood, Sir James 


Cambridge Town 






Rotlitrfay, &e. 7 

Renfiew, ^c.J 






















Great Marlow 














Hereford Oii re 


Denbigh (hire 







Wotton BaffeC 





Bifhops Caftle 

Lauder, &c, 

Melcombe Regis 




Si, Jama's Place 




Pall, mall 

CbarUs^frtet, Utrkltf-fquoft 

Littli h^arwek'Jlrait 

Henrietta-fi. Cavatdijb'ff^ 



Ntw burliarton^firea 





Grojtfenor^&rtei , 





Ceorge-ftrtitf Honvtr-ffm 






Swtbin^ i^lam 

St, Martin* S'laW 


Conduit ^firtet 





-Gtorie-finety ffswHnr»J^ 

Littlt ff^arwiek'Jheit 

Lincoln^ s-lmn'fieldi 


St, Jama'i'plaee 

Duke-Jreet, IVMnftr 

South Audley'-ftreet 


Serjeant* s-JuM 

IJetv-cburcb^ Strand 





Creft/enar'ff uuf^ 

% DauP- 

760 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences. 

2 Dawkins, Henry 

3 Delaval, Sir Frands B{ake 
ft Dclaval, George 

Dempfter, Geor^ 

2 Denis, Peter 
Dering, Edward 

ft Dickenfon, Marihe 

3 Dickfon, John 

ft Digby, Henry Lord 

3 Dodd, John 
Douglas, Sir James 

ft Douglais, Col. Archibald 

Dowdefwell, William 
ft Downe, Lwxl VUcount 

4 Drake, Sir Francis Henry 
a Drake, William 

Drax, Thomas Erie 

Duckett, Thomas 

Duke, James 

Drummond, Ad. ' 
4. Dummer, Thomas Lee 
4. Duncomb, Thomas 

Dungarvon, Lord 

3 Edwardes, William 

2 Bgerton, Samuel 

4 Egmonc, Earl of 

3 Elliot, Edward 

3 EUiot, Gilbert 

4 Ellis, Welbore 

3 Ellwell, Sir John 

3 Erikine, Sir Henry 

5 Evelyn, John 

4 Fairfax, Hon. Robert 
3 Fane, Thomas 

2 Fane, Henry 

3 Fanihaw, Simon 
ft Famham, Lord 

6 Fazakerly, Nicholas 

ft Featherftonhaugh, SirM. 
6 Finch, Hon. Edward 
ft Fifher, Brice 

Ficilierbert, William 
ft Fitzwilliaro, HonljoHii 
ft Fttzroy, Col. Charles 

Fletcher, Andrew 
ft Fludyer, Sir Samuel 

5 Foley, Thomas 

4 Fonnereau, Thomas 

3 Fonnereau, Zach. Philip 
Fonnereau, Philip 

5 Forreftcr, Brook 
Forreftcr, Cecil 

ft Forreftcr. Alex. 
Foftcr, Thomas 

4 Fox, Rt. Hon. Henry 
4 Frankland, ViceAdm. 

Frazer, Col. Simon 
4 Frederick, Sir Charles 

2 Fuller, Rofe 

3 Gaj^c, Lord Vifcount 
J- Oaiway, Lord 

Garlics, lord 




St. Andrews 


New Romney 















Newport, Ifle of Wight 



Haverford Weft 


Ilchefter, and Bridgewater , 

St. Germains 




Anftruther, &c. 



Lime Regis 7 

Lime Regis } 





Cambridge Vniv. 









Aldborougb, SuflT. 

Aldborough, Suff. 










Sea ford 




St. jilban^i'ftrtet 

Mjrket'laHC^ St, Jamex*t 

T^t^w Burlington-ftrea 




Curxofi-fir^et, Maj-fgir 

At Set 


Vpptr BrMk-finot 




CharU^-Jheet, St,Jawut*i 




Cbgrlet-firett y St, Jsmes't 


Caor^e-Jireet, Wtfimnfer 

St, Jamet't PlatM 

Near the Uorfe -gmmwdt 







St, Jamer* Piatt 

St, yamet^ s^Jlrifr 






St. Jamais PlMct 

Craig" S'ccurt 

Cajile^eety CmneMdif}' 





Upper Grofvemor-^eet 

Old PaUct-yard 


Lincoln* i-Inm 


Lincoln^ t'lnn 

Upper Grofvenor'fireU 

J hi- fe. guards 


In America 

Berkley 'fquare 



Upi^cr Brotk'firtet 


\ Garthj 

For NOVEMBER, iy6i. 761 

4 Garth, John* 
Gafcoygne, Bamber 

5 Galhry, Francis 
Gerrard, Bennett 

% Gibbons, Sir John 
Gilmour, Sir Alexander 

6 GbnviUe, William 
Glover, Richard 

s Otyn, Sir Richard 
4 Glynoe, Sir John 
4 Godolphin, Francis 
% Gordon, Lord Adam 
6 Gore, Thomas 
4 Graoby, Marquis of 
Grant, Sir Alexander 
Grant, James ^ 

Gray, Charles 

3 GrenviHe, Rt. Hon. Geo. 

4 Grcnville, Hon. James 

4 GrenviJle, Hon. Henry 
Grey, Lord 

% Grey, Sir Henry 

2 Grey, Hon. John 
% Griffin, Thomas 

3 Griffin, Sir John Griffin 
s Grofvcnor, Thomas 

5 Gulilon, Jofcph 
s Gwynne, Howe! 
I Gybbon, Philips 
a Hamilton, John 

3 Hamilton, Wm. Gerrard 
Hamilton, Hon. Wm. 

4 Hanbury, Capel 

s Hacbord, Harbord 

4 Harley, Robert 
Harley, Hon. Thomas 

6 Harris, John 
Harris, James 
Harper, Sir. Harry 

3 Harvey, William 
J Hawke, Sir Edward 
a Hay, Dr. George 

Hays, James 

Hcathcote, Sir Gilbert . 

Henniker, John 

5 Herbert, Hon. Robert 
Herbert, Hon. Nicholas 

% Herbert, Edward 

2 Heme, Francis 
Hervey, Elias 

s Hervey, John 
s Henrey, Hon.Anguftus 
Hewctt, Serjeant 

3 Hewit, John 

3 Hill, Thomas 

% Hobart, Hon. Georga 

Holbnme, Adm. Francis 
a HoloMs, Henry 

4 Holmes, Thomas Lord 
Holmes, Adm. Charles 

s Holt, Rowland 
4 Hgneywood, Phih'p 






EHingburghlh'^' e 






Abecdeenfhire ^ 



Fortrofe, &c. 













Old Sarum 





























Domfarling, &c. 

Yarmouth, Hants 

Yarmouth, Hanta 

Newport, Hants 



New Bwd-firttt 

King*t-r»adt Bedfrrd't 



Gmrge-ftrtit, H^iftrnhfier 

SoMth AMdiey-ftreei 

Neto Bmd'fire*t 





Half -moo fi'-fireet. May -fair 

St» yamis^%~^la(§ 





Upper Bro§k'ftrtet 




St. yamn^i-fyuare 

South Audley-ftreet 

HoUes-ftreet, CavendiJb^Jf. 


Crofvtaor -fjaare 


St, A9an*i-fireet 


Cbarlet'Jlreet, St, Jam€i*t 

St^ Jamei^a-firttt 







Linco/m ^t-Inn-Jittdt 

Vpptr Grofvtnor-ftrett 


George^Jfreetf HaM9ver-fy, 

Doff on CmimoMS 


St, Jttwut*s^ffUMrt 

ShteenU-fjMate, fVtfmififef 

ailUfireetf Merklty^f quart 

Upptr Brook»fireet 

lu the Pixxa Coveut-gerdnt 

Harrow ou the HiU 




Liutolm ^t'laU'fieUs 









% Honqr 

762 A Chromhgical Memoir of\ Occurrences^ 

% Honeywood, Frsitr 
Hotham^ Colonel 
Hotiblon, Jacob 
Howard, Ge6. Gcorg€ 

s Hoiraitl, Bon. Thomas 

3 Howe, Hon. WiUiam 

4 Howe, Rich. Vifcount 
% Hume. Alexander 

Hume, Abraham 
4 Hunt, George 
a Hunter, Thomas Orby 

4 HulTey, Richard 
2 Jeffrey*, John 

Jenkinlbn, Charle« 

5 Jennings, George 

4 Jenyns, Soame 

St. John, Hon. Major 

2 Ingram, Charlett 
JoUiffe, John 

a Jones, Robert 

5 iOiam, Sir Edmimd 

3 Keck, Anthony 

Z Keppel, Hon. Augoftua 
Knight, Hon. H. 
Knij^ht, Thomaa 
KnoHy«, Sir Francis 

3 Kynafton, Edwaid 

4 Ladbroke, Sir Robert 
4 Lamb, Sir Matthew 
4 Lane, Robert 

4 Lafceiles, Edwin 
Lafcelles, Edward 

3 Lafceiles, Daniel 

Laurence, William 
^ Lee^j Hon. Robert 

3 Lte, John 

5 Legge, Rt. Hon. HCIM7 

4 Leigh, Peter 
Levctt, John 
Lewis, Edward 
Lenox, Lord George 

3 Ligonicr, VHcoont 
Lind, George 

Lin wood, Nicholas 

4 Lifter, Thomas 
Uoyd, Herbert 

4 Lloyd, Richard Savage 
a Lockyer, J. ToUbn 
4 Long, Sir Robert 

Lovett, Veroey 
4 LowndeSy Richsnl 
a Lowther, Sir James 
a Lutterell, Simon 
(^ Lyiler, Richard 
f Macduff, Vifcoont 

3 Mackay, Col. Alexander 

4 Mackenzie, Hon. J. Stuart 

5 Macworth, Herbert 
Mapr, John 

f Maipafs, Vifcount 

St. Ives 
Caftle Rifing 
St. Maws 
Cocker mouth 
Cambridge Town 
Wot ton Bafl^t 
New Romney 

Montgomery (hire 
Oxford City 
Newport, Cornw. 
Newton, Lane. 

Cardigan Town 

Cumberland and Wcftmorel. 
Salop C. 
Corfe Caftle 
Huatingdonihire * 


Sf-ring -fra rden 


North Audltj'jtrta 






Nno Norfplk'ftreet 


Eff^'x -court, Templt 


Bury-fireety St, Jamei*^ 

South AaMty-frtet 

Tylney-rrw, May-fair 


CbarUi-ftrett, St. yometU 


Chmtmt*%-Une^ Vumbardi/h^ 

Spring-ga rden 

Upper GroftHnmr-fhrtit 






St. PeterU-bill 


Cavendifij -ffgar^ 


New Beni-Jireet 






Greek-ftreet, Soh^ - 



North Audiey-fireet 

St, Mary Axe 

St, Mofy Am 








Clatiet-fireeff Berklty^fpuif 

South Audky-Jtreet 

King-ftreet, C^tremt-gsrdtm 

Leicejler -fj uare 


King's-fireet^ St, Jwrnk's 

3 Mn 

For NOVEMBER, iy6i. 763 

3 Manners, Lord Robert 
% Manners, fohn 
X Manners, Lord George 
J Martin, Samuel 

Mawbey, Jofeph 
s Maynard, Sir WiHiam 
6 Merflyoott, Thomas 

MeUifli, Jofeph 
s Meredith, Sir William 
2 Metham, Sir Oto. Mont. 


Meyrick, Owen 
2 Middleton, Vifcoimt 

Millar, Thomas 

2 MtJlbanke, Sir Ralph 
Mills, Richard 

4 MiJtOD, Lord 

3 Mitchell, Andrew 
Mitchell, John 

X Molioeux, Tho. More 
% Monfon, Hon, George 
a Monta{:iie, SirBdward 

5 Montagu, Edward 
Montagu, Ed. Wortley 
Montagu, Frederidc 
Montgomery, Hon. Arch. 

Morant, Edward 

6 Mordaunt, SirCharlet 

6 Mordaunt, Sir John 

7 Morgan, Thomas 

% Morgan, jun. Thomas 
3 Morgan, William 
3 Morgan, Sir John 
3 Morice, Humphry 
3 Morton, John 
% Moftyn, Sir Roger 
3 Moftyn, John 
5 Murray, Lord John 
3 Myddleton, Richard 
Napier, Sir Gerrard 

3 Nclbit, Arnold 

4 Newdigate, Sir Roger 
Newton, Midiael 
Newnham, Lord 

3 Noel, Thomas 
a North, Lord 

4 Nofftbey, William 

2 Norton, Fletcher 
Nugent, Edmund 

4 Nttgeot, Robert 

3 Offlcy, John 

4 Olmjns, John 

a On^dey, Robert flenl^y 
2 OdOow, George 

1 Onflow, George 

a OlbakleftoD, WiUiam 

4 Ofwaldf James 

7 OwffA^ SirWIUian 

5 Page. JoIni 

2 Pabner, Sir TIkmqm 
4 Pili9er» PcrqsriiM 

Kingilon on Hull 
Newark on Trent 





Milborn Port 




£aft Grindead 



Annan, Sec, 




Elgin, &c. 








Airfhire 7 

Wigtoun, Sec, 5 
















Oxford Uniyerfity 


St. Albans 





St. Mawt 








Kioghom, Sec* 




Oxford Univerfily 





Kenningtons tfetir ykuthMI 


New Paiate^yar4 







South Andhy-frtet 


Knigbtfiridge ' 

St. Jamei* t'firttt 




Bide-fireet, Bhvmfiitrf 




St. Alhan^h^m 





^een-fmrt, OrmoMd^bra 


^een-Jheet, Umi^U-im-f, 



St, jUban^i-Jhtet^ 






New B^nd'ftrett 


South Andley-ftrut 



Ctorge^reit^ Wejhnn/kw 

New BurUngivn-frett 










764 -^ Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

5 Panmare, Earl of 

Parker, Armdead 
3 Parker, Lord Vifcount 

Paricer, John 

Patterfon, John 
3 Petchy, James 
3 Pelhaniy Thomat 
. Pennant, Richard 
3 Pennington, Sir John 

Penton, jun. Henry 
3 Philips, Sir John 

3 Pilkington, Sir Lionel 
5 Pit, Rt. Hon. William 

4 Pitt, George 

5 Pitt, John 

a Plumtree, John 

% Pococic, Admiral George 

4 Pod, Sir Francis ^ 

5 Popham, Edward 

2 Powell, Harcourt 

3 Powlett, Lord Harry 
Praed, Henry Mackworth 

2 Pratt, Charles 
PrefoDtt, George 

2 Price, JEUchard 
Pryfe, J. Pugh 
fringe, James 

3 Proctor, Sir Wm. Beaucb. 
5 Prowfe, Thomas 

2 Pryfe, Chafe 
2 Polteney, Vifc. 

Rafhleigh, Jonadian 
2 Rebow, I£uc Martin 

4 Reynolds, Francis, 

2 Rice^ George 

3 Ridley, Mathew 

4 Rigby, Richard 
Roberts, John 
Robinfon, Hon, Thomas 

2 Rodney, George Bridges 
Rolles, Denny 

5 Rolt, Edward Bayntun 
4 Rofe, John Mackye 

Rofs, JohnLockhart 
4 Royfton, Vifc. 

2 Ruihout, Sir John 
Ru/hout, J. 

ft Ryder, Nath. 

4 Sackville, Lord George 

ft Sa^Cy Sir George 

3 SaunderSy Sir Ciharlet 
Scawen, James 

% Scott, David 

4 Scott, Col. John 
3 Scott, Walicf 

7 St. Clair, Gen. James 

6 Scudomore, Cha. Fitzroy 
3 Selwin, Geo. Auguihis 
2 Sergifoo, Thomas 

Shaftoe, Jcnnifoa 
2 Shafto, Kokpt 


















Lewes * 


Newton, Hants 


St. Ives 














Carmarthenfhire ^ 

Newcaftle on Tyoe 

Tavi flock 







Peebles, &c. 





Eaft Grinftead and Hytbe 

Yorkdiire r 


St. Michael 

Brechine, &c. 

Tayne, &c. 








At Edmonton 



CbarUs-fireetf BerkUj-jpiM 

Hanovtr -Jquan 


Arlington-firttt , 



St, Jawta S'fjuart 





St, AlbanS'firett 

Geofre-ftreet, HanoTfer-ffk 


South' fir ut 

Somerjlet Cffec'itoafe 

Lincoln's - iu-fiekU 


Scmtrjct Coffee-hMife 




Inner TtmpU 


St, Janus^t'-flact 

Hyde Park Corner 

Poult fiey-ftreet 








Old B^'ftreei 


At Sea 

St. y-amet S'j^uare 






At Gibraltar 

St. y antes' s-ffuare 






Cunon-finttf ALy^fair 

Norfolk-fireet^ Straid 


For NOVEMBER, 1761. 765 

a Shane, Fane William 

2 Shelly, John 
Shiffner, Henry 
SibthOTpe, Conmngiby 
Shnttlewonh, J. 

2 Simpfony £dwai4 

4 Stioglby, Sir Henry 

3 South, Edward 

5 Smith Janit 
SoothwclJ, Edward 
Spcnier, Lord Charles 

2 Stuhopc,Hon.SirWilL'am 
Stanhope, Philip 

a Stanley, Hans 

3 Stanwix, John 

a Scapleton, Sir Thomas 

4 Starkie, Edmund 
SiKvens, Richard 
Stephens, Philip , 
Scephentui, John 

2 Staunton, Thomas 

4 Strange, Lord 
StQvt, Simeon 
Stuart, James 

5 Sturt, Humphry 

2 Sutton, Lofd Robert 
4 SynuDons, John 
Tavilhick, Man|«is 

2 Tcmpeft, John 
Thooias, Sir Edmund 

3 Thomond, Earl of 

4 Thoroton, Thomas 

3 Thynne, Hon. Hen. FraL 

"niney. Earl 

Tlchfield, Marquis 

Toucbctt, Samuel 

Tomlinfim, John 
2 Tourniend, Chauncey 

TowttAend, Hon. Thomas 

Townihend, Thomas, jun. 

T^Twnihend, Hon. Gw%it 

Townlhend, Rt. Hon. Cha. 

Townihend, Charles 

Townihend, Ifaac 

Trdawney, WUliam 

Trmnion, William 

Trift, Browfe 

Tucker, John 

7ock£eld, John 

Tudway, Clement 

Tuffhell, Gcor^ Forfier 

Turner, fiir Edward 

Turner, Sir John 

Tyntc, Sir Charles 

Tyrconnel, Lord 

Vane, Frederick 

Vane, Hon. Raby 

Vanfittart, Arth. 

Vaughan, William 

Voney, Earl 

Vernon, Francis 

5 Vemoo, Geo. Veoables 


Retford ) 











St. Germains 



Oxford City 




St. Michael 









Durham City 


Minehod and WInchelfea 

Newark on Tent 







Cambridge Univer. 









Regis Melcomh 





Lynn Regis 










Lincun i-lnn-feUk 



Doffon "CotnnoHs 







At Hamhurgb 



Vpper Brook'ftreet 


Spring' j^ar din 

^cotcE-yard, Bufi'Ume 







Henriaia-firetf, Csvendijb-Jj, 



Dnke-flreet, St, Jama's 



St, Jamet's'firett 


In prjt/y -gardtnx 

Near ManJioH-bouJt 

Shteen-Jheet, Chtappdt 









New B%nd'Arat 


Offofite tbe Royal Ejecbangt 








Cbelfea Cotlrge 


George-ftreet, Hanover-fqnan 


Curzon-fireet, May-fair 



3 Ver- 

766 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ G?r* 



3 Vernon, Henry 

% Vernon, Richard 

s VUliers, Loixi Vifconnt 

Vincent, Sir Francis 

Upton, John 

3 WaMesrave, Hon. John 
Waller, Edomnd 
Walpole, Hon.SirEd«rard 
Walpole, Hfui. Thomas 
Walpole, Ho^ Horace 
WaUh, John 

% Waiter, John Rolle 
% Walter, Hon. Edward 
% Ward, Hon. John 
% Warren, Sir Ceorgb 
5 WatfoM, Thomas 

Wattely, Thomas 
s Webb, Philip Carteret 

Webb, John Richmond 

4 Weir, Hon. Charles Hope 

5 Weft, James 

5 Whichcot, Thomas 

6 White, John 

3 Whitmore, William 
s Whitihed, James 

3 Whit worth, Charles 
5 Whigley, James 

5 Wilbraham, Randle 
5 Wilkinfon, Andrew 

Wilkes, John 

Willy, William 

Winnington, Sir Edward 
5 Wodehoufe, Sir Armlne 

Wood, Robert 

Worfley, Thomas 

Woodley, William 
( Wrighte, George 
% Wyndham, SirWynd.Kn. 

4 1^ ynn. Sir John 
Wynn, Thomas 

3 York, Hon. Charles 
3 York, Sirjpfeph 
3 Yoik, Hon. John 


Newcaftle under Liufi 





Newcaftle under Line 


Yarmouth, Norf.__ 





Milbom Port 



Berw. on Tweed 





St. Alban*s 







Newton, Lane. . 

Aldbor. Yorlt(h« 














Higlum Ferrers 

Grofx'tnor 'jfmmr€ 
St. Jamu'^Pisc* 

PalLmslV .. 
• Netn Bro^d'ftreet 
P0II m^tt 
Pall maU 
Old Bomd'fireet 
CurxMn-ftreet , M/^-faif 

Lincoln* t'Inm 

South Audl9f*0rttt 



Golden- ffuara 
' Ptrliament-JhfH 

Bm rlivgton'p^tif 

South AtdMtrm 


. Ltneoh* t-iun-felii 

Great HarUm^fbrUi 

. Clex^eland'reta 

Upper Gr«^J'9tm^'Jtt9ti 
Dmn^firott^ S$ho 
Se, yamtn^t-Sria 
yft thtUagmo 
Grcfvinor "JptMtt 

Hon. Ardrew Archer, 
Earl of Thomond, 
laord George SackviOe, 
Earl of Egmont, 
Sir James Lowther, 
Lord Frederic Campbell , 
CqI. a. Montgomery^ 

:rs rfturneJ/er ttco Placet, 

Coventry, andBramber 
Winchelfea, and Minehead 
Hythe, and Eaft-Grinftead . 
Bridgewat^r, and llchefter 
Weftmorland, and Cumberland 
Campbell- Town, arid Dumbaitony &^ 
Air County, and Stranraer, kc» 

SEATS vacated fmce the general Eledion. 

Earl of Home, 
Sir James Cole broke, 
Hon. George Edgecumbe 
Sir William Peere WiUiams, 
Lord Fitzmaorice, 


made a Peer 

made a Peer 

Henry Cornwallis, Efq; 
Hon. Henry Finch, Efq; 
Henry Lambton, Efq; 
Tho. Pitt, Efqj 
1 George Treby, Efq; 

Gen. Campbell, mw Duke of Argyll 1 

^ If, Where tbt Place of Refiden«x U led blaitvk » iHt^ «t^ cb^efty out oF Town, 


Mifcellaneous Gorrefpondence, 

in Profe and Verfe. 

For J> ECE MB E Ry 1761. 

,> m ■ , f ■ n t Ti 


Mathematical Questions jHjwered. 

^JlUn 350, anfojenihj Mt. J. Prafer. 

« * 

LEMMA. If a Segment it cut of an equilateml /I by a Une H to one of its Sidet^ tiM 
innainins Z\ i^eqailftteMIi b^Mufe'tbe £^i is ftill r: by ft^ ^* '• 
Then in the eqnibiteral A> ABC, aflfume the Point D in 
the Side A B^ and let faU the Perpendicutars A F, D L and 
DP, and draw DE || to BC « then isDL == R F, and ftr 
Lemma the A, ADE, \t equilateral; therefore the Per- 
pendicttlar DP = AR •.'• DP + DL == AR + RF. 

Secondly, Draw D N | to A C, thet) becaufe of the Firal- 

lel DE, DN is r: EC, and the A , A D£, being equilate- 
ral pn Lcratea. the Side DE4-DNr;:toAE-fEC. 

BJ- A' F 


^hit ^iJb'M ^^M M anfwerid iy Mr, T. Barker, Mr. T. Bofworth, Mr. G. Surtees, 
Jth. R. Duncan, Afr. E.Tfefien, Mr. S. Beeken, Mr, T. Robinfon, JIfr. W. Allen, Mr* 
T. Vaaner, Mr. Tontbu, and tbtfrofojtr, Mr^ Rob. HalL 

S^uiftim 351, anfwifed by Mr. Tonthu. 

LET J = Sine of BCD, \/i — *» = its Co- 
t fine = Sitae of the Angles at D, • rr DC^j, 

* =r AD = 4 5 then DB=:tff, »0^tf\/7^2!» 
and AC— 4/lScl* + aSI* = \/«» + i» + 
» ^A#»al fo ACt y/i— A; t AD;S.ofAC D 

=r_i^^^=,and / _ ^lillE 
— • A* 'ha^ii'fi* t* ^ 

A» 7( I— ** 

' 4»+i» + a«i« 





7 68 Mifcellaneous Correjpondence^ 

■ . '""* — =: CoC Dif. Ancles at the Vtxtxx (per Cer. to Ppop. 6. Imer. 

Trig.) = a Minimum, or its Square J+TT3* x , . \7"/ T" — * *^"'- *^^ 

— ^— I — I* - 

inFiuxioiitis4^Ix« + »^' X -r-T-rr-r — r •^ tf +**«!* X 

— li x«» +^» + »<ir* — Itf^* X I — «» .^ r , — r- ^ 

^« ^. ^s 4. t « ^ « 

^»^XI— «* X ** + *» +»tfi* + * +2^* X 

*-«Xtf*+ ^*+2*Ai-r-*^X f — ** =:*' + J'S'J^ '* — .o7m9»6 f — .5694. 
From whence s = .5415 nearly, = Sine of 3x0 47' j and the Sides are i.52ai} 5*6145, 
4im1 6.16409 j and the Area = 7*09277 $7, &€, 

The ah^Aufwer it met exaSh the fame with the Propcfer^s, Afr. Toms, vbo makes tie 
Area •f 6,^50163 ^•Ux \ and Mr. S. Beelcea*< Aajxoer it different frem buh^ who maket the 
Area 7.13075 :P»ln. 

Tbie SluefiieMwas aUoaafweredbj Mr, Tho. Robinron, Mr, G. Surtees, and Mr, Tho. 
Barker, hut mt in Namhen, and tber^a met fa mueh ta the Fmrfefe as the Dejiff^ «S tbHf 
matbeaiatitat Reereafien requires, 

^e/Km 352, anfioerti by Mr. E. Batten. 


T £T A be Che Place of the Eye, and DE the Ship's Mall,^ 
I M then D B will be the Part h&d by the Curve of the Sea, for 
wnk^ put X, and a zz 60, then by Che Q^ftion x* = ^* ^^ 

tfx, whence x= / «» +— 1 — itf r: «X ^~1— » 

zr 37.08204. NowtheRadSusof the Earth, AC, is eafily found 
r= iS 1 51293.6 Feet. Confoquently CB = 13151330.68204, 
whence, fer Trigonometry, fi C t Radius (!tl i.) : : A C : 
Cof. z. A C B =: 99999795. Confeqoently the Arch A D r: 
6-.9286 Miles, the DiiUnce required. 

To this Shufieu vfe have received federal Aaftaers, Sat aU diferiag frem the ahave^ am 
,frem each other J The Promoter mahee the Di/iaace, 6 Miks 88 farJt ; Mr. W. Alftn, 6 Miiet 
7 Furioffgs, and 130 Tards ; Mr, R« Duncan, 7 Miles aearfy ; Mr, T. Bo(worth> 6 Miles 
Mr. T. Vanner, 6 Miles ^ mearlj { aud Mr, T. Barker, abaofi 7 Miles {• 

^iftlon 353, anjwired iy Mr. T. Adams. 

SU'ppofe the conjugate Diameter is. 14, Tranf. a8, Latus Refium 71 their Sum it 41 
Then fay, 49 : 14 : : 35 : 10 = Cof)}* imd 49 s at : s 35 t to :z TraofocdEb | and 
49 : 7 : : 35 : 5 :: Parameter. W, W. R. 

This ^eftien mas alfo anftvered by Mr. J. Fnuser, Mr, T. Barker, Mr, T. BoAportii 
Mafter Beft, Mr. R. Duncan, Mr. E. Baden, Mr. T, RobinfoA« JCr. W. Alka, Mt 
f£. Vanner, Mr. Tontbu^ and the P'rcfofer, 



New Questions to be anjwered. 

■ I 

Queftion jf>%. 
By Mr, David Dunn. 

BTAving tbe Afxh, Cliord, and varied 
[ Sine of the Segment of a Clrck» to 
its Area ? 

Queftion 36^. 
By Mr. F. Nation. 

T) find the Periphery of a Orcle hy the 
fDllowins Theorem, v/x. 


-^•^* i*=Sineof 150. 

Queftion 364. 
i^ Mr. T. Barker. 

GIVEN the Amount of a ceitain Sam of 
Money, put out at fimple Intereft, 
for a certain Time, at 5/. per Cent, per An- 
num, ;= 346/. 51, "td, but if it had been 
pnt our at compound Intereft, the Amount 
would have-been 360/. 181. 5*076 : Query 
the Sum lent, and Time of Fotbearance ? 

Queftion 365. 
By Mr. Jof. Fowler. 

THERE is a concave Globe of cafl TJrafs, 
the outiide Diameter it 40,5 Indies, 
and its Immerfion was juil to its Center 
when in common Water : Query the Weight, 
Number of cubic Inches, and Thickncfi of 


M Wf havi oftiH advirttftdy that no ^eftion will he infer ltd hut thofe which 
mtMin Scions in Numbers ; // is fomewhat Extraordinary that Gentkmen 
jMi expTifs their Refentmenty that we do not take Notice of their ^rjlions 
fiiuwitljout any Anfwer at aU\ andfometimes we receive fuch Anfwers as cou^ 
^ noPemonftration at all, and therefore not to the Purpofe, 

^ w 

The Redbreast, a Simile, 

u Am sma'fue barbara nrda m9fet, Ov i d. 
^ptrvit emrfpuere magna folcham. V x a G . 

PLEST by the gloom the frigid feafon yicld«. 
Forth from the lonely cot*s fecure retreat. 
While defblation wide n^erfprcad the fields 
.* With tardy 4eps thro' them I ftrctch my 

fir o*cr the hwn the /hort*ning (hades were 
When lilfcr Cynthia glimmer'd thm* the 
Whik die tJd imrtbXti baleful influence (hed. 
And aflicr^d Ibftb the more unwelcome 

Each fcafhcrM warbler of the grove was hufh, 
Nochearfvl notes (alate the clofing day. 

Save that the ,Jttikrtaft from the leaf lefs boA, 
' To fnldai anfic tiui*d his evening lay. 

When thus my thoughts In meditations rife ; 

(While all my lorrows fecm'd awhile to fly) 
In this fmall bird how iiift an emblem lies 

Of thoie united by the (bcial t)'e. 

When dreary winter with inclement blaft, 
Calls all the harbingers of forrow forth. 

And dreadful clouds Dome wj(h impetuous hafle. 
Charged with dire engines from the frozen 

When virdjint treet their fhelt*rtng boughs deny. 
Their \mFy honoun fcatr*ring on the ground. 

Nor more defend us from the threai'ning flcy. 
While weighty ftorm' wfet us all around. 

The Finch unkind, whofe fongs no more prevail 
To cbcar the glooms which then around 
preflde ; 
Whi]e^n;*rs refufetowaft th^ambrofialf^e. 
And undemeath xhe ^granaiui vYvinx^itvQXv^ 
hide, K 

Mijcellancout Correfpondenctt 


A firmer friend tlie Rrdbreafi Aill remains, 
WTbo *m:djl the forrows of our adverfc day 

Pouiing his fongs in fympathising ftraips, 
Mindi us of Ipring to chafe our carcc aw ay. 

Behold at ev'n, when /«/'« dcpaiting ray 
To frozen dews rcfigjvs the cheerkfs plain, 

In pleafingmood he hops acrofs our way, 
To teach our hearta to baoiih ev*ry pun. 

So when jturta't radiant car appean. 

And boams of comfort on her rays are bom. 

How fweet his ibngs ! how ready he prepares ! 
To hail us welcome to the riling morn. 

Nor does he yet the mournful fcene forfake. 
Till ripcn'd fpring its wonted fweets beftows. 

Till happier days more laboured fonnets wake, 
And ev'xy boih with ndting mufic flows. 

Strephon*j Complaint, 

WHEN Sytvia blcft my ravl/h d eves. 
How fweet x\. r minutes paft { 
While my glad foul a blifs enjoys 
Too mighty, long to laft. 

But now I t^ll how flow they Cy, 

And chide their long return ^ 
Each hour fccms an eternity. 

While I her abfence mourn. 

Full oft by pale fac'd Cyutbia^h beam 

Thro* lonely paths I ftray. 
Or fit befide fome baleful ftream, 

And chant my mournful lay. 

Ye mournful ftreams your murmurs ceaie. 

Why mock ye nr:y complaint j 
Ye ruder winds fubfjdt to peace, 

While I my iorrows paint, 

Syhia is fair, tnoft wcndVcu*. f^ir. 

Oh ! were (tit hut as Kind, 
Mr'tierva^s gift each Twain declare 

That beams forth fiom her n^ind. 

Her pre fence decks the vernal year. 

Makes ev'iy feafon gay, 
4111 nature fmil'd while ?he was here, 

But frowns now (he's away. 

Wot her the trees their honoufs.ihed. 

Her abfence to deplore ; 
While bUds their floa^ng mufic fpiead 

Around the pneads no naore. 

for her I bear this ^glng pain^ 

And haunt this faithlcfs grove j 
Sfay, fiyt^herdt, if on all yon plain 
' Ti^7c^oH'CAouveiorlovc«' 

' A Fragment. 

OH! mufinf contemplation tranquil maui» 
Who ikal*ft along the deep furzoundioc 

Where fancy (preads her melaockoly wing 
A nd folemn grandeur dwells on ev'iy thing ; 
Where P^^jkne/attanes her love-iorn (bng, 
To footh night's wanderer as he moves along. 
The pathlefs way, from nojfe and riot far 
Revolving in his breafteach fecret care 5 
Or deeply ftudious in fomc hennit*s cell 
O'cr-grown with moft, doft undiftuib«d dwell ; 
Infpir'd by thee, the foul breaks early forth 
To note creations ezcelknoe and worth \ 
A fweet demeanour in each ad^on lives, 
A grand fedaieneis ev*ry feftnre givs } 
Superi<>r language ftrikcs the ]ift*ningcars. 
Reclaims the pregnant hea^ from lewd com- 
With thee, new beauties in creation rife. 
To joy the mind and entertain the eyes j 
A great defign and hannony appnr 
Throughout all nature's works extreamly 

Each hill and vale, eaduriyq-, wood, and pliuii 
A jud applavife and adiniration gain \ 
Men, beafh, birds, fiihes, infers, all unit^ 
B> thy pure aid to miniftep driight ; 
Wifdom in thee, eocreafes^ and ei^oys 
Pclidous recompente for grateful toilf t 
With thcc, the foul ennipt, enflauMs the cym 
Fix'd on the brilliant chamber of tiie ikia. 
Where funs, moons, fjaut^ and planet's gkvi- 

ous lights *" 

Blazon the days, and *luminatc the nights 2 
PofTtf/d of thee, life's hours pafs calmly round. 
And chaAe defires with confcious truth abound • 
Rich dreams of knowledge and of bleffings 

IMien reafon winks and flumber's em^ piin. 
Dcv. 8th, 1761. ^,j». 

Prologue to the Tragufy if Hecuba. 

Written by Mr. liijw/, and fooken by 

Mr. Garrici. * 

A Grecian bard, two thoufand jean ago. 
Planed this (ad fable, of illuftrioos woe: 
W'aken'd each foft emotion of the breaft, 
And call'd forth tears, that would not be fop- 
pre^. ^ 

«,y^N ^. ^ "^'y ^' of judgment «Jii«ti 
Who, lacking genius, have a deal of taAe, 
Can you forgive our modem ande&t piece. 
Which brings no chorus, tho* it coiaei fnm 

Greece j 
Kind focial chorus, which all hunMHin meets, 
Aod fingsand dances, up and down the ftnttt. 
— Oh ! might true tafte in didc ««^««^ 




TKcn n;sM on ftUts, our playei* would tallc Kill a 7QU113 virg^ni to kCi^ upabia l*»> ■ 

2nd rage, ^Kill her, like houfe-lamb, for a/^if^inan*} 

And At thite ftcps, ftride o*er a ir.odero ftage ; ubb! 

Each fel!urc then would boaft unufuj] charmE, Well may you tremble ladies, aqd look palft 

Fro3i lengfhen'd legs, ftuff'd boiiy, fprawltng Do joa not diodder, parentt, at this tale > 

arms ! JW rich, old, vNtfair*4, ba/fi^ep&rt^ njen j 

Your critic eye would then to pigmies feej . "*"■*' — '*" — * 1/-— • • . 

But bufkim made a giant^ ev*ii of Mf, 

So features then the poet's mind would tracCi 

But ogc blank vjaor blot out aU the face. t 

O I g^riotts tiroes, when adors thusxould 

ZvprelTive, incxpreffive, all* alike ! 


With us, there's no compuJAve law, that caa 
Make a \bn gtrl, to wed a ^te dead man j 
Had J hetn wedded to fome ancient king ! 
I mean a Gna'an — andeat^t not the thing > 
Then had our bard made ample reparation ! 
Then hjd yon ften a Greeian CaroKat/on ! 
Sneer not, ye critics^ at this rage for fhew, 
change of face, than in our punch t^cj That hoaei^ hearts at oeronations gk)w ! 
faw, * *^ Nor fnarl that our faint eopies gla<J their cyci, 

VWicn <h>m the thing itfdf, iiich bkffings life. 

For DODch can roll his eyes, and wag his jaw } 
With one ict glare they oiouth'd the rumbling 

Qw Ceg and Magog look not Half fo fierce ! 

Yet tho* dephv d of inftrumcnts like thefe, 
Katoi«, p«riiaps, may find a way to pleafe ^ 
Which, whereibe'er ffae glows with genuine, 

In Greece, in Fmu, in England^ is the fame* 
Of raillery then, ye modern wits beware. 
Nor damn ^ncCrecioM poet, for the play*er. 
Tlieirs was the fiulU with hone ft help of ait. 
To win by juft degrees, the yielding heart. 
What if our Sbakejpear claims the magic 

And in one inftant makes us all his own, 
Tbqr diflRer only, in the point of view, 
For Sbakefpeari nature, was their nature too. 


Wnttea by Mr. Garrick^ and fpoken 
hy Mifs Bridi. 

^Trip^d of my tragic weeds, and raii*d from 
^ death ; 

In freedom's land, again I draw my breath : 
Tbo* bte a Tr^n ghoft, in Ctmrons fcny ; 
Tm now an Engli/b girl, alive j and merry ! 
Hey ! — - Freftv i — i'm in Greece a maiden 

I Ibin-^— 
Now ! — ilranger ftill ! — a maid, in Orury- 

lane ! 
No more by barbarous men, and kws con* 

T claim my native rights -^ to fpeak mv mind, 
Tho* pouring pedants /hould applaud due pieee. 
Behold a champion, — fee prtfeft of Greece ! 
] throw ay gauntlet to the critic race : 

[Tbro'iut dtfvn hergbve^ 

Ex Tempore opportune, /&//, 
/^inclination naturelIe,//GR a- 
titudEi in Reponsb auxE- 
TRENNES de I'jbZy que jivien$ 
di reccvoir, en noy vcllc,// neuve, 
EsPECE, at George the Hid 
Coffec-houfc, near TrmplRp^ 
BAR, non pmr k premere fm. 

^^UiLLAUMi SuirnjBreton, et duquel 

^ntre autres Biens, quoy > deux Elxgar- 

TES VETvnxi, 
Merite ouc j*«n fafle un Kitovk, qui (at 

Sa Bonte' ne fait pas roagir mes Avan- 


CeGxNTjLHOMMx A^oLpis ma fait un 


(Aufly hottt) du Pot T« AIT de Gxokgb 


D^une NtuvE Guinzx, il a I'efj^n't prrfent. 
Pour me fecmrir, bien, voila pourqooy jc 


Avec RxcoNNOissAKcx, et L*xstimx^ 

non moins ; 
8a Mod EST IX eft, trop, lorfquc j§ Rxmk, 

en crainte. 

IX ffoit que Vers, hienfaijs, Votagxnt, 

> pour temai/i:, 
(Gra^e a Dixu,) mamalham ne font qa*tiii 
peu D'absinthx. 

Come forth, bold GrecUm! — meet me face ^""' ^^^'^ ^^^^ 5 Descaexaueivs dt- 


Come forth, k men of learning, at my call I 
Leaming ! a little feeling's worth it aU ! 
Aadyiyuol' tafti^ and faftuon, I defy 1 

\Thm»t dcwu atmther gJove, 
Bnt hold — Ta^ lute the Greek as much as I j 
Tfaea, Ictus join our foroe, and boldly fpeaji,^^ 
fhal fygJtp ev'ry thing furpafles Cruk, 

clarabit e^ificem. 

Fait, a Londxxs, fe iiemi lohre, 17^* 
TivatGxoBOivs Teetius, cum Rxoia 
C0NJU6?, CxNTXNNAtiTXE, etampUuv 
FxLiciTEx ^wregnet, LupoTICUsPxci- 


772 A Cljronokgical Memoir of Occurrences ^ 

Enigma for the Ladifu 

ING, loftr innie, no more of Ot^J'% 
To more of lovc-fick foolf , and folded arms. 
Sing war-like €ampi> where dseadfal tnimptf 

And write bernc ^erft in blood and wovnds. 
A mighty «wtm> on nxmnt jitiat ftood, 
Fearle(s of death* prodigal of Uood : 
His i^tt'rinc tai^, bnndiih'd in the air, 
Somnon'd tibe pow'rs of heaven and earth Co 

The vrar began — the mighty th«nd*rer fent 
Th* embattel*d regioos of the firmament. 
Hot thunder bolu, and pointed Ught*nings fly. 
Thro* all the blazing regions of the iky. 
But ftont as rock of adamant , the hero ftands. 
Defies great Jvoe, and laughs at his com- 
His fliield, ca(e-haiden*d by VuUamau arts. 
Receives his thunder, and repels his darts. 
——Next ^oius advanced with blnfhing pride, 
Unlocked bis den of winds, and loudly cryM, 
Blow rattling Boreas, blow the audacious fool. 
Beyond the regions of th* AmtrStc folt ! 
Let Urmtet and Pyracmon arm apace. 
Throw ^ySrr and hain6'gran0d«*$ in his face. 
And make him yield, turntail^ and ^it the i 

Enraged Nephmey roax*d from wat'ry bdS, 
Spouted vaft catan^s upon his head. 
As tho' he*d deluge all Uie world anew. 
And drown the berOf and the mountain too. 

^tna infiamM forms dreadful mortar piec^ 
Threw red hot homh and fiery earcmffis, 

Vtjmviui and Vyltsm rage in vain j 
In Tain with fparkKng fnlphur (pread Ac 

NorA^ifs, wxVuliMn^ nor the mighty ^Wir, 
The ifnmlturMe ben rould remove. 
He bravely fought, and with his fwngnfring 

. (hield 
He vanqniikM all, and ilill wuiintaim theJUUt 

G. Hatdiii. 

Tlje JEkicma for NoFcmber, 49* 
Jiverei by S* Becken. 

YOUR i£nigma friend S.F% 
b thus anfwerad 'by S,B\ 


Tea, and tea'fots are in fafluon ; 
With moft people in this nation | 
In all ranks, and every ibtioB. 


An Acrostic Relus^ adJrcJfedto the Ladies. 

WHAT will end in etemit)'» 
What all, ythtii dnA, do wiA to be ; 
What always attraAs the eyes : 
What the roifcr much do prize : 
What defends Britannia % land ; 
What flull never \kvit an end : 
To what the fwine tlieir necka^do bend , 
The initials'Vonne^hd^iMtfi declare $ 
The Town wliere dwflsT.^ Ct/m fair. S. B. 









^Chronolooical Memoir ^Occurrences, 
For DECEMBER, 1761. 


Dnffeldorff^ Nov. ig. 
fnr^HE Diflocation of Prince Soubize't 
1_ Army being quite finiflied, and the 
"froops in March on all Sides to their feveni 
Dcilinatlons, that Frince arrived here thia 
Day at Noon, where the Head Quantert 
wUJrtmMia tkis Winter. 5 bat it ii thought 

he will fet otit for Verfailles m% foon as he 
has nfiade the neceflTary Difpodriont for the 
Safety of the fe veral Gai rifons, dfr. 

MarJehrr, Nov. 14. Cdberg it revic* 
tualleo, andthe Bulk of the Ruflran Army 
under the Geiterals Buttorhn and Fermor, 
took the Route of Poland the ad Injftant^ 


For D E C E M B M R, 1761, 773 

kavins a Detschment under Gen. Roman- his Serene Highneft Prince VadiuMnd, 

sow to continue the Blockade. which haf e occafioned the Retreat of tho 

On the iame Day the Ruffian Gen. Ber^ French, 

attacked General Platen between Stan^afd Lifiofi, Npv, 14. We continue now and 

and Pirirz, but was repulfed with the Lola then to feel feme Trembltngi of the Earth, 

of 500 Men. which, though flight, we cannot help being 

We have reoeiTed the following Advices alarmed at, as it is a Proof that the C^ufeft 

frocn Prince Henry*s Head Quarters at Bar- of the great Earthquake, the lit of Novem- 

OAitocarMeifTen, dated Nov. 9. ber, 1757. Aillfubfift. 

On the 1 ft of this Month Marflial Daon. ParU^ Nov, 13. The Academy of Arts 

received a Reinforcement of feven Regi- and Sciences at Lyons, have oflfbred a Prlzo 

menti of Infantry, and four Regiments of for the Year enfuing, ro any Peiion thac 

Cavalry » deticbcd from Silefia by General can ilod out a new Manner of waihln^ 

tandoho. The fame Day Colonel Kkid Silk, without lofing any of ks Qoality of 

iSflodgcd the Enemy from Cros-Schima. Gtofs. 

On the 25th, in the Morning, all our ad< Paris, Dec. 4. They write from D^oo, 

vanoed Polls, from Sibeneichen, which co- that on the nth of November, about five 

vers Mdflen, to Rofwein upon the Mulda, in the Morning, a Cloud was formed round 

were attacked at the fame Time. There the Moon of about 50 Feet in Circumfe- 

were chiefly advanced Pofts, and gave way. rence, from whance iflued fuch a large Body 

The Enemy's HuiTars carried ofT a Cannon of brifk Fire, that moil of the Speftators, 

from a Poil occupied by a free Comt^any of unable to iland the Glare of it, fell down 

Major Qulncus*s Battalion. The VUlages with their Faces to the Ground. The Phce- 

of Tentfch Bohra, Eule, and Elgerfdorff, nomenonlailed fome Minutes! ICwasfol- 

which covered the Camp of Katzenhaufers, lowed by a Noife like that of feveral batter* 

were maintained, and the Enemy's Light ing Cannon difcharged at onte. And the 

Troops, which Were puHued, retreated Commotion of the Air was fo great, %haC 

with Lofs. The Views of the Enemy were the Doors and Windows of all the Honfet 

ro have fdzed the Eminencies of Noifen, trembled. 

and to have advanced a Body of twelve Bat- Hamburgh, Dee, 4* The Advices we had 

uliofM behind Rofwein. Our Poib on the received from Pomennia, of General Ro* 

other Side of the Molda, retired, being no- manzow*s Retreat, are now contradi^ed j 

ditng more than alarm Pofts. The Enemy and' we are aflured, that the Roifians made 

OGcapied Rofwein, from whence General themfel¥es Mailers, on the 15th pail, of a 

Seidlitz diilodged then on the 7th. As we fmall Fort called Munde, iituated at a Qjiar* 

have very refpeAsble Polls on this Side of ter of a German Mile from Colberg^ at the 

the Ifulda, the Motions, which theEne- Entrance of the River Pcrfante 3 theLoikol 

■ly has jail made, will not occaiionaiiy which cuts off all Communication by Water 

Alteration in our Pofition. We have taken between Stettin and Colberg, 

two Officers and iixty Men in the Affair of The Prince of Wurteroburg has ^gtted 

the ^, and our Lofs does not exceed that the River Rega, and has repulfed a RuiBaa 

If uinber. The Army of the Empire conti- Corps commanded by General Berck, as fo^ 

noes to keep its PoiTefflon behind the faale m Lcpin. 

and the Elfter. Hague, Dtc, 11. By our lail Letters from 

B^Z"**^^' ^7- The News of the French thf Head Quarters of the allied Army at 

having abandoned Eimbeck on the 5th In- Hildeiheim, dated the 5tb Inftant, we learn, 

ftant, wat Premature : It was not rill the that the Troops, which compoTe i^, wer^ 

9di at Night, that Marihal Broglio* who had .marching off Aicceifively to their refpe^ve 

coUedcd his vrhole Force, upoD the Moun- Winter Quarters : And from Caflel, vf% 

tain called La Hove, retired from thenee, learn, that Marihal Broglio, having abio« 

end martfaed towards Moringen, upon the dooed Nordheim, was fallen back upon the 

Route to Gottingen. We have iince re- Werra, the French Army being gone int» 

eejved the ibUo wing Particulars of the Mo- Winter Qoaxten liMwife. 
tioosof the Army, vndtr the Command of 


774 -^ Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 


TIE follo^in); Sums have beeA grmted 
by the Irifh Parllamenc to the enfuing 
PcKons and public Ufes. 

To theTrudees of the Lintn Manufac* 
ture» for two Vears, 4000!. 

The Corporation of the inland Navijcation 
from KUkenney to Ennifleague, 400011. 

To finiHi the Church of Sx. Thomai, 
Dublin^ loocl. 

For carrying on the inland Navigation 
from Dublin to the Shannon, io,oool. 

Th« Pier at Dunleary » 3000!. 

Piomoting £ngli(h ProteAant Charter* 
Schools, ia,cooI. 

Towards building St. Catherine*! Church, 
Dublin, loool. 

To finifh the Aqucdudl from the River 
Fmiflc to Dungarvan, in the County of Wa- 
teiford, 500I. 

To remove the ObllruAions in the Navi- 
gation of the River Bariow, 2000I. 

For extending the Pier of Ballbriggan at 
Skerries, 1500I. 

Clearing the Channel of Corke Harbour, 

Making the Shannon navigable from Li- 
aaerick to Killaloe, Soool. 

Carrying on the inland NiTigatioft of ditf 
Black Water, 2500I. 

Payment of Debts for tbe Foandtng-hoT- 
pital, 42511. 

Todifcharge the Debts of the Lying-in- 
Hofpital/ and to flniih and fumiA iff 

To make a navigable Canal from the Ba« 
fon of Drumreagh to Farlpgh Loagh, ioool» 

To the Widow and Children of the lato 
Dr. MofTe, who projeAed the Building tho 
Lying, in- hofpital, looof. 

Mr. George Semple, Archited of £fl<BX« 
bridge, Dublin, 500I. 

Arthur Mervyn, Efq; aoooL to enaUt 
him to finifli the Mill and Granaries at NaBl« 
in' the County of Meath. 

To finifh the Dock at the Weft Endof dw 
North Wall, loool. 

Dabiin Society, for the ImproTWunCs of 
Husbandry, Arts, &c. aooL 

A further Sum of 1000I. per Annum, Uk 
two Years, to the Proteftant ChailM' 

To encourage the Cambrick BfaAuiadart 
at Dundalk, J375L 


Tbt btmMe Apoiisi •/ rbt Right Honour' 
abU the LOK D* Sfirttmal and Temporal in 
Farliament ajfemkied^ frefented to i//i M A - 
jasTY on Saturday tbe Jeventb Day of 
November, 1761 : ^/i^ Ai<MAji&i'y'< 
moft gracious Jinfwer, 

Afoft gratioui Sovereign, 

WE your MnjeAy's nnoft dutiAil and 
loyal Subjtds, the Lords Spiritual 
and Temporal in Parliament aflemblcd, beg 
Leave to return your Majefty our humble 
Thanks for your moil gracious Speech from 
the Throne. 

■ It It irapoAMe to approach your Royal 
Prafeoce, at this Time, without nuking 
our firft Otfeiing jto your M^fty, of our 
moft joyful Congratulations on the aufpici- 
ous Occafion of your Royal Nuptials. We 
vrant Words to defcrihe how warmly we are 
affeded with an Event, fo highly intereft- 
ipg to yoiir Majefty, and to all your faithful 
SttbjeOs ; or to exprcfs our Gratitude to 
your Majefty, for giving us a Queen, who, 
whilft (he compleats your Happmefs, Pro- 
jnifes, by every Virtue, and amiable Ac- 
compUihmentj the greaceft Addition to that 

of your People. May Heaven grant ths 
longed Duration to this Felicity ! And may 
it be attended with a numerous Progeny, to 
tranfmit the great Examples of tbor ilhif* 
trious Parents, and peipetuate the Bkflioil 
of your Reign to future Ages ! 

We thaokleUy acknowledge yoor Maje* 
Ay's Goodnefs in communicatiog tooaibtf 
Overtures had been made by the fevcraJ bd- 
ligerint Powers, in oider to a general Pa* 
cification ; and by France, for a paiticular 
Peace between your Majcfty and that 
Crown, whereupon a Negociation liad fol- 
lowed, which ia fince inttrely brake ofll* 
No other Proof could be wanting to lis, tttat 
the Continuance of War, and the Esofion 
of Chriflian Blood, cannot, with any Sha- 
llow of Juftice, be imputed to your Maje« 
fty, befldes the known Generofity and Be- 
nevolence of your own innate Difpofition. 

Your Royal Wifdom has appeared in no- 
thing more, than in not fullering your Mi- 
litary Operations to be fufpended or delay- 
ed t And we beg Leave to congratulate your 
Majefty on the prefent fignal SucceAes of 
your Arms, ^elides the important Con- 
quells with which they have been blefled, 


Far D B C E M £ BR, i^St. 775 

TOOT Tiiefoks have. In other Ptits, been His Majefty'^ moft gradooft Anfwer* 

m»de ouee more to feel, that fuperior Num- mjl. r j 

h€r% cannot avail them againll the fuperior ^ Lor4M, 

Capiciry and Condad of your confummate ** I thank yon for this vety dutifvl and 

Ocoeral Prince Fen:linand of Bninfwic, and loyal Addrefs. The Joy which you ef- 

thc onftukon Bravery of your Officers and prefs upon my Marriage, and youraRe^H- 

Troofrt. We cannot fee, without Adml- onate Regard for the Queen, give me tha 

ration , thofe repeated Proofs of Magnaoi- higbrft Satisfa^ion. J make no doubt bue 

fniry and Ability, which your great Ally your ready Conairrence in my Sentiments, 

the King of Pnaflia, though furrounded and the becoming Zeal, which you hivefo 

with ib many Difficulties, has giv^i to die unanimoufly declared, for carrying on the 

World. War with Vigour, will have a good Effect* 

Ynor Majefty's Sentiments both upon our Friends and Enemies: and 

fcave the greaCeil Weight with us, becaufe ftrengthen my Hands, to purfue fuch Mea. 

we are fure that they proceed upon wife furesas may be moft conducive to the trfie 

Principles, founded in the Love of yc^r Interqfts of ^y Kingdoms.** 
People It is therefore from Conviftiobf 

chat we d«dkre our humMe Concurrence in f^, ^j^/, A n p a « s s c/thi H9Momr0lU 

your Qpimon, that itis neceffary fteadily f fj^^j^ •/Common t, f^refented to Hit 

Kxcn oar moft vigorous Efforts k) evcrj Ma jtsTt «• Monday the Utk •/ Nov. 

Halt whert the Enemy may IIUI be atucked 5,, mtkhHlAA}%%TiiU m^ grmi^ 

with Advantage ' Afifwir. v- * -r 

We beg your Majefty to accept the Aran • '' ^ 

^rfl and moft affcdionate Afforances, that -, ^m ^^^',, r .' -^ 

we will, with the greateft Zeal and Ardor, ^^ ^^'^' A«ww^, 
^nd at the Hazard of every Thing that is ^ We, your Majefty's moft duti/nl and 
dear to «, ftand hy and Aipport your Ma- loyal Suljwiils, the Commons of Great Bri- 
efly, in prc^pting the War in the meft tain In Parliament affemMed, beg Leave to 
HTc^fual Manner for the Intereft of your return your M^efty the iBoft hqmble and 
Kingdoms, and in perf>nning, to the ut- hearty Thanks of this Houfe, for your mpl| 
moft of your Power, your Engagements to gracious Speech from the Throne, 
your Allies ; nothing being aoore evident, «< Permit us, at the fame Time, to offer 
tian that this Is the only Method to pro- to your Majefty our warmeft Congratula- 
cure fnch e(|giuble and honoyrable Condi- tions on the joyful and aufpicious Event of 
fions of Peace, as may with Reafon be eas- your Royal Nuptials, with a Princefs de- 
pe^ed from our Succeffiss. fccnded from an illuftrious ProteftantLine^ 

We ftiould be greatly wanting to our- diftinguiflied by the moft eminent Gracee 

fclves, as well i» to your Mjgefty, if we and Endovrmeots, and worthy to (^ the 

did not teftify our particular Thanlcs for Royal Partner of yout* Tfarpne by poffcffin^ 

your paternal Goodnefs. in having fo ex- every Virtue that can adorn it. 

prefsly dcclarej, th#t, both in carrying on ** We beg Leave alfo to exprefs oar jeft 

the War, and in making Peace, no Coni- Senfe of that afteaionate Regard, which 

Oration whatibever mall maice you de- your Majefty has (hewn for your People, 

part from the trae Intercfts «f ihefe your by confulting, on this moft important and 

Kingdoms, and the Hpnour of ydur interrefting Occafion, as on every other. 

Crown. their Happinefs and that of their Pofterity. 

This Refolntlon, fo tnily worthy of a And we affure your Majefty, that, w^th 

Brif iih Monarch, and .16 eogigiog to all Hearts fuU of Gratttnde for this ftgnal In- 

yeur Loyal Spbje^. calls for adequate Re- ftaoce of your Royal Attemion to the We|- 

turns on our Part, Penetrated with the five- fare of your Sulfje^s, and thorpoghiy feni). 

lieft Senfe of our unbounded Tendemefs and ble of the exalted Merit of your illuftrious 

Concern for our Welfare, we do, from the Confort, your faithful Commons will oot 

Bottom of our Hearts, alTure your Majefty, fail to make fuch hoiiouraUe and ample 

that we will, with the ntmoft Duty and Provifion, as maycfud>lehertofop]x>rther 

Zeal, correfpond to that QonfUence which Royal Dignity with proper Luftfe, in Cafe 

jour Majefty r^p^fes in us; being fully ihe Oiall furvive your Majefty } for the km; 

pcrfoadcd of tlie Neceffity of Unanimity, Continuance of whofe Life we fliall never 

Firmnefs, and Difpatch, In the prefent cri- ceafe to ofter up to the Diviqe Providence 

ficalshuatiop, and animated thereto, by our moft ardent Vows, 

(he ^^cioRt Admoidtipn of the bcil oi Allow us, Sir, to return our ftnoere and 

Kinp, Iramble Thanks to your Majefty, forycair 

• * 

>♦, -^ 

.♦ 776 A Chronological Merftoir of Occurrences 

tender Conctm for the Profpcrity of y«ur 
peoDle, in wt(hing to reftoie to iMtxn tlie 
Blemngt of Peace j and to declare that we . 
pnnot too mpch admire tblit Humanity, fo 
becoming your Royal 'Breai^ whM;h» amidfl 
the Succefles of your own Kingdoms, fetU 
for the Calamitiet of other Nations. 

We are fully pcrfuadrd, that ((lefe bene- 
ficent Oifpofltioni, which induced your Ma- 
)e(\y to confent to the Appointment of a 
Congrefs for a general Pacification, and, to 
enter into a Kegociation with France for a 
|»articular Peace, could not have failed of 
the defired EffrA, if the Enemy, in^uenced 
by the fame Motives, had (hewn the fame 
good Intentions, and would have compii- 
rdwithfuch Conditions as were requifite 
for the Acconiplifhment of that felutary 

We do moft gratefdlfy acknowledge your 

' Ma)efty*s Vit^ilance and Firmnefs In not 

famring the Hopes or Expectations of Peace 

to produce'the leaA Sufpence of Relaxation 

In the Exertion of your Arms- And we 

• ^ngratuUte your Majefty on thofe happy 
Succeflfes, which, under the good Provi- 
];ience of God, we mud afcribe to the >^ if- 
dom and Vigour of yovr MaJeAy*s Mta- 
fures \ to which we owe the Rcduflion of 
Dominica, the Conqueft of Belleifle, at- 
chievcd with io much Reputation to the 
BritiHi Arms, and il\e DeArufiion of the 
£nemy*s Power in the Eafl- Indies, by the 
Aequiiition of Pondicherry, their lafl re- 
maining Settlement of any Strength in thofe 
Countries « 

The wife and able Condud pf his Serene 
Uighnefs Prince Ferdinand of Brunfwick, 
whereby he hath fucceflively defeated the 
Proje^sof the Enemy, and hath prevented 
their making that Progrefs, whicl^^ from 
their fuperior Numbers, ibey expe^ed^ to- 
gether with that gracious Approbation, 
V^hich your Majefty hath been pleafed to 
txprefsof the Valour of your Troops, can- 
not but give the liigheft Satisfa Aion to your 
faithful Commons & And they fee, with juA 
Admiration, the repeated Proofs, in every 
Campaign, pf that unfhaken Refoltition, 
And of thofe aftonilhing Efforts, which alone 
(oyid have enabled yourMajeAy*bLgreat Al- 
ly, the King of PrudTia, to refill the nume* 
lotts forces of his Enemi^. 

We beg Leave to aflure your MajtAy of 
tur intire Concurrence and Support in the 
moft K^bQiul Profecution of the War, for 
the IiitcreA and Adv^t^ge of thefe King- 
doms ; and In mainuining, to the utmoA 

• ^ o\|r^ Power, the good Faith and Honour 
i^ yo^f M^>uAy*| Crown, and the Engase- 
jments criterbd lAlo with your Allies ^ and 
f)Ati|(|^ tfi»J| Up^ti ttiac tl|B confUat 

Care and Attention of your MajeAy to por- 
fue the moA vittorous Meafures In every Hart, 
where any fuccef«ful ImpreiTion can Aill be 
made upon the Enemy, are the only Means 
to attain that defireablc Objedl, an hoootir- 
ableand a laAing Peace. 

We receive, with the deepeA Cratirudeg 
that moA endearing Expreflion of your Ma- 
jeAy*a unbounded Goodness and AifeOion 
tow.irds this your native Country, in the 
folemn Declaration, which your MajeAy 
has been pleafed to make, thar^ as well in 
the Profecution of the War, as in the Com- 
clufion of the Peace, noCpnfidcration what- 
ever Aiall induce you to depart from the 
tiue IntereAs of thefe your Kingdoms , 
and from the Honour and Dignity oi your 

Your MajeAy may be aflured, that your 
faithful Commons will chearfuUy grant fuch 
Supplies, as the Nature and Extent of the 
fcveral Services Aiall be found to require ; 
Armly relying on your MajcAy^s Wifdoni 
and Juftice, that they will be applied with 
the Ari6lcA Oeconomy, and in fuch a Man- 
ner a) may moAeffefiualiy anfwer the great 
Ends for which they Aiall be granted. 

We do with great Truth aflure your Ma- 
jeAy, that it is our moA eameA Defare, 
that this til A Parliament convened by your 
Royal Authority, nuy, by their Condu^^ 
give your MajeAy a happy Proof of the 
Zeal, the Loyalty, and the Affedionofyour 

Senfible of the difficult Crifis in which we 
^re s^Tcmbled, we are determined to concur , 
with the greateA Firmnefs and Vnanimity, 
in whatever may contribute to the public 
Welfare ; may tend to defeat the Vicwa 
and Expe^la'ionsof oar Enemies ; and may 
convince the World, that t^e^e are no Dif- 
ficulties, which your Majetty's Wifdomand 
Pcrfeverance, with the AfliAance of your 
Parlian:ent, cannot furmount, 

I{is MajeAy*!. n>oA gracious Anfwer, 
«* Gir.tlemen^ 


I return you my hearty Thanks for 
this very dutiful and affeQionate Addrefa. 
The early Prpofs of your moA cordial At- 
tachment to me and my Family, upon the 
Occ^ion of my Marriage, and the particn- 
lar Regard and Attention which you exprcfa 
fpr the Queen in a Manner that fo nearly 
concerns her, c;innot but give me the moft 
fenHble Satisfa^ion. The Aflurances of 
your Aeady and vigorous Support muA add 
the greateA Weieht to my Endeavours (or 
the pdbnc Cood; and Will be tlie fu^elt 
Means of bringing the War, in Which w^ 
fic «o|aged| lo fpch g Coodufioa as is thei 


For DECEMBER, 1761. yf^ 

CQfiftaiitOb}eQofinyWilh«f»andw9]moft By the Memorial of the KeSptij|tioni| 

cfieQiaalty provide for the Honour, Happi- &c. pubii<hed by France, it appdirs, I'bdt 

ndi, and Security of niy Kingdoms.** ^n the 29th of July Mr. Stanley delivered 

to the French Mintftry the Ultimatum, of 

7htfiOnoiitg A o d a a s a wat freftnttd U bh final Propofals, of England $ the ^Subftanct 

^Ma JKSTT, mnd redd By Dr, Fothertcill, of which is as fellows. 

eet^mpanied by m Deftttation Jrvm tbePic^ t. France (hall cede Canada, Cape BlV- 

fie cdtUd Quakers, introduced by tbe Lord tott^ and the Iflands in the Gulph of St. 

#^ibjjMAjcaTT*s Bed- cbambtr in fy^ii' Lawrence^ with the Right of fllhing on th4 ' 

99g, M tbe ^orbofOSt, 1761. ^^ « 

To George tbe Third, King of Great-Bri- 
Cain, and the Dominioas thereunto be^ 


MUy it fittfitbe Kittg, 


%. Whatever does not belohg to Canadai 
(hall not be confidered as appertaining to 

3. Senega] and Ooree (hall be yieMed to 

4. Dunkiilc (hall be pot in the Con4|tSol| 

** To accept our Congratulations on the it ought to be in by the treaty of Utrecht | 
efenc happy Occi6on, and our fervent' and on this Condition, France (hall be ne- ' 


'Wi(hea, that' tbe Royai Nuptials may be 
blefledwith Felicity, as permanent and on- 
mixed, as the Joy they produce is univer* 

" From tbe evident Marks we have feen 
of thy Attention to the Happinefs of thy 
Peopilc, guided by an uniform Steadinefs 
and Prudence,, we are perfuadcd, that in 
thy illttftrious Coofort are united thdfie ami- 
able Qealtties, which will alike contribute 
to the domeftic Flappinefs of our Sovereign, 
and endear her to his Subje€b. 

*' Imprefied with fuch Sentiments, we 
ah-eadj regard the Queen with Duty and 
Affcdion, and we trtm it will be our con- 
ftanc Endeavour to cultivate the like Senti- 
jneots in thoie among whom we converfe ; 
promoting, by Example, that dutiful Sub- 

floted to the t^rivilege allowed her by that 
treaty, of fi(hing on part of the Baoki oC 

5 . The Neutral Iflands (hall be eqneUy di* 
vided. , 

6. Minorca (hall be reftored. 

7 France (hall evacuate and reftore aQ 
her Conquells in Germany. ' 

8. England (hall reftore BeUeifie and 

9. Difputes in the Eaft India (hall be fel*- 
tled by the two Companies. 

10. The Captures made by England be^ 
fbre War was dcclarad (hall not be reftorcld. 

11. France (hall not retain Oftend and 

12. The ceflTation of Arms (hall take 
Place when the preliminaries aft ratiOed of 

nifion to Authority, which renders Go^ thede nitive treaty (igned. 

Temmenteafy to tbe Prince, and grateful to 
the People. 

*< May it pleafe the moft High, by 
wboTe Wifdooa Kings reign and Princes de* 
creejuftice, to confirm every virtuous Pur*' 
pofe of thy Heart ; and to repleni(h it with 

13. Both Kings (hall be at Liberty tO 
a(ri(l their Gernun AUies. 

14. Prifoners (hall be reeiprbcally fet at 

The Sobdance of the Kln^ of France^t 

Stability and Fortitude, foperior to every Aofwer, dated Auguft 5, is this j 

Exigency I Long may he vouchCife (o con» i. France will yield all Canada, "but in* 

Cinoe thee a Bkffing to thefe Nations, and (!((& that the Roman Catholic Rehgion (hall 

thy Defceodants, the Guardians of Liberty, be tolerated there, and that her Subje^f 

civil and religious* to many Genera- (hall have Liberty to difpofe of their Effeds, 

tioaa.** and retire. France farther infifts on the 

Signed on behalf of tbe Aid People in Right of flfhing in the Gulph of St, Lai9« 

London, the Twenty -fixth of tbe tenth rencoi and demands fome Ifland near it OA 

Month, 176 !• which to dry her Fi(h. / 

I. France doth not pretend that what if 
To which bis Majetly was pleafed to give not Canady is Louifiana j but demands jthat 

this moft gracious Anfwer. 

«< Thia Addre(s, fo fuU of Duty and Af- 
fefiaon, is very agreeable to me. You may 
sIcpesMl on my ProteAion.** 

They were afterwards in(rodiiced to her 
Majefly with their Addrefs, and then to the 
IVioccfs Dowager of Wales. 

the intermediate Nations between Canada 
and Louifiana, and between Virginia and 
Lottiiltana, (hall be confidered as indepen* 
dent, and a barrier between the French and 

3. France demands Goree. However* 
M. de Bufiy (haU Talk abeut this Point. 

5 C» 4.M 

• — r w « 

7> 8 A Cbronob^tial Memoir of Oicurrenctt, 

4. M. it Buifey OiaU aUb Ttlk about Scheme for fupplying hcHelf wltb KegreCt^ 
Dwnkiik, when a Port ie agreed en in the k (hiill he conlidered. 

Gulph of St. Laurence ior the Prote^Hon of 4. Dunkirk fliall b^ put in the Conditioo 

the French Fiflieiy. it ought to be in by the ti eaty of A is la CHa-i 

5. France agrees to the partition of the pelle, France fluK be reflored to the FrK 
Netttcal Iflands. Tilegc altowed her in the treaty of Utrecht 

6. England may keep Belleiile^ aodFranot of fiflitng on the BanBii of Newfoundland^ 
will keep Minorca. and, drying Fifii there* Franca, sioreovM, 

7. In Confideration of the reftitutUm of ihall be allowed tp catch Fi(h in tbe.Oulp^ 
Gaudaloopei France will evacuate her Con- of St. Laurence, and the Iftind of St. Peter*'a 
qweils in Germany , except tbofe made on flull bf ceded to her for drymg them» pro- * 
the fCing of Pruflta, which are heM for the vidid 0)e abO^in from ftfhing on the Ceaft* 
Egipr^Q^eeil. and tttGt no Fortificationiy or keep tny 

8. France accepts of Gaudaloupe at a military EAabli^hmentt on the faid Ifland f 
cqmpenCation Cor her Ceflliom in North A- *nd provkled that an EAgfllb fMmnitfkrf 
niertea and Africa, and th» demolttwA be allowed te reiide on ic^ and SngliOi Mon 
of the Worka at Dunkirk. of War to viit it from' Time to Time* t» 

9* France agree^that the Eaft India Cdm- fte that the above Stipuiationa be obferved^ 

pVAiet (hall fetij^ their Differenoet, c> No alHemarive for the Neufrml (fo cal- 

10. France infida oh the reftitudoD of th* led] liUndt will be accepted ; but the psr* 
Gl(pturpi made belbre the W^r. Cition of them will "Ox II be kgfeed to. 

ir. France never intended to keep OOend 6. BeUeiOe, Gaudalonpe, and Mariga- 

and Nieuport. ' InmeihaUbereilonsd. , 

'. fa. Tha Term of ceafing Hoftilittet wilt ?• Minorca (hall be reAored. 

occafion no Difference. »• With- regard to the evacuation of tb»> 

• If. If Engbnii will withdraw her aifift- French Conqucili in Gennany» Englknd^ 

ance from her German Allid, France witt adheres tothe 7th Article of her intSmttudf ^ 

do. the fatme .with Regard to hen. and infifif on the reAitutkm of WeM^ and 

14. The Rcleafe of the Prifonert it well, the King of PniAa^ Tericories. 

9. England will fliN Snpport the Kkig of 

An Anfwer to the above Vltimatum wat Pruflia with Vigqwr and good Faith. 

^Icvend on the ift of Septeaabef lo the fnl- lo. TbeRcftication olthe Shi pota ken bHbi% 

lowing Purport. the War ii unjuil hy the &aw of Nationa. 

11. England infiilt on tl^ MX and entire 11. England cruftt to France** Dcalarati^ 
C^nion of Canada and it*i Apportenincea | on relative to OAend and Nieuporf . 
chelilandofCape Brefloa» and the Iflands . i», 13, 14. England peHSfts in vrbac 
i|i theGulph of St. Laurence i Canada com- te.find in her Ukimatum. 

prehending, agreeable to the Line ofUmlta To thefe Articles France replied one bp 

drawn by M. de Vaodreuil himfelf, when noe. 

ie gave up the Province by Capitnlaiion^ 9. France agrees to the Cdfiolft of CaAadag. 

on one Side the Lakes Haron» Michigau, but aikt two YeaiY or eighteen Months for 

4nd Superior • and the faid Llne» draern the Inhabitants of Canada to fell their £f. 

from Lak^ Rouge, comprehending by a feds, and remove. And defires to know 

Wmdjnif Cowrfe the River Onabache to its what England undeKUnds by the Appnne^ 

JunAion with the Obio, and from thence nances of Canada. 

ftretching along this laft River indufively to a. France yields up Canada with the Li« 

it's Confluenee with the M»Aflippi • The Diit« aOVgned Vaudreuil ; but bififtsthat 

Roman Cacbolie Religion Ihall be tolerated the Indians on one Side of the Line fhall bo 

in Canada I the Inhabitants may fell their Mependent onder the Proctdion of France j 

Effcdi^ provideil the Porchafcrs be BritiOi und thofe.on the other Side independent un- 

Subjcas I and ihall be allowed a Year to der the ProteAton of l^nghmd. TtaK En- 

remove elfewhereb glifli Traders (hall not Crofi the Line \ but 

a. The Limits of Loaifiana» delivered in the Indians (liaU boat Liberfy-to TiVtte wAh 

a Note by M« de Bufley, cannot be allowed, botli Na^nt. , 

i>ecaufe they comprehend vaft Tradt of 3. France will cede Senegal and Ooree, 

Larul which Vaudrtuil comprehended with- provided <Bng]a9i^ Will gua^lniKe to Wanco 

^n Canada {. and 00 the Side of the CaroU- her Settfem^flt kt AhMnabno IriM AkTa. 

nas they comprehend extenfive Regions, 4. For the fake Of f^aoe, France Wilt ^- 

and oumeroua Nations, under SngUnd*s -moliih the new Work* «t Dunkirk, IW up 

rrote^ion. .the Bafofi which is capable of-reoeiviogbhlin 

■ 3* England (hall keep Senegal and Goree ; of the Line, and defttoy the Rope walk*. 

buc; if France wMl fuggeft any reafookhle The 13th Article of the Treaty of Utrecht, 

Por D li CE M B E R, 1761'.- 7^9 

rehtlre to the Filbery, (hall be confirmed, from this Kingdom, toojocot. forthefiri- 

Tbc Mand ofMaquelon or MlchcRea Oial\ s^c Article ctf Turbot. 
he added to St, Peter**: a Guard of ^o 5/. ^amt*$, l^$v, 17. The Kins wae 

Men fluU be kept on thofe tdands to Tup- pleaf^df to appoint George Creffener, 'BJhx 
port the Civil Ma^iflrate, no foreign Ships, hit late M»}efty*s Mini fief to the City o| 

even Enxlifh, Aiall be allowed to touch Cologne, to be his Ma}cfty*s Minifter to the ' 

there : but an Engliih Commiflary may re- Princes and Sutes of the Circle of Wcii. 

fide there. phaJta. ' 

5. The Neutral IHands may be eijually The Archbtfiiop of York, and the Lord , 
divided, provided St. ^octa be part of the Bithop of London were fworn of his M«« * 
Share of France. i^y*^ Moft Hon. PHvy CoonciJ. 

6, 7. France agrees to. 19. At a Court of Common Couodl, a 
S. France cannot evacuate Countries be- Motion w;is made, that hll MajeAy*s Sca* 

longing to the Emprefs-Qpeen. toe be erefted on the Royal Exchange i« 

9» This Article of aflifting the Cerman mongll thnfe of his PredecelTors, ^od tbo 

Allies requires' Explanation. Pidures of his Majefty and his Royal Coq. 

10. The demand of the Ships taken be • fort bb put ap in the C^tildhall of this City« 
fore War was decbred, is fo ]uft, that -7- AnoUier Mption was made» that tba ' 
France cannot depart from it* Cbnunittee, who were appointed to ptvpare . 

11. When the Preliminaries are figned, the the late Entertainmefit for their Majeilieo 
King of France will give it under his Hand* and the Royal Family, do employ prqier 
that he never intended to keep OAend aOd PerfOas, and give proper Directions, for 
Nieaport. onkin^ the faid Statue, and drawing the 

M. The two Ealt India Compeiniu fliafl faid Pidores ; and, In order thereunto, that' 

fifiim their Negotiation at the fame Time they do make their humble Application to. 

that the Negotiation of the two Crowns is his MajeAy, ;ind his Royal Confort, our 

concluded* ' nfoft gracious Queen, that they will be' 

14. This Article can admit ofm Diffi- pleafed to do this City the Honour to fit for 

cukx. their Pidunts, aOd to fignifV their Royal 

Fmnci having thus refuted to acquiefce in PleJifure therein ; and that the faid Com* 

the Terms otfeied by England, Mr, Sunley mittee do, at the fame Time, exprefs to 

waiordered to leave Paris. his Majefty the deep snd grateful Sei^e 

Ifov, to. We are afTured, that the Sub* )9»hich ihi$ CoCirt Will ever retain of bis Ma- 
faiption of fwelve Millions, for the Ser- jefty's gracious Coodcfcenlionf in honour- 
vice of the enfuing Year, is goire complete, ing their late Entertainment at CuildhaU 
to (he great Morti5cation of tbofe who with his Royifl Prcfence^ and that of hit 
have oude it their Bufincfi towhifpera- moR Auguft Confoft and Royal Family, 
hour, that the SubTcriprions would nevpr And the Queftion being put, the fame was 
fill, unlefs a certain great M^n took (he unanireouQy refolved in the Affirmative. 
Helm again, ib which Cafe they thought Nov. s3# The (kid Committee Waited on 
themftlves fare of a 'iRpaBifh War, and ex- their Ma}ellids at St. Jamei*!, in Pucfiiance 
peded foon to raifi: large Fortunes h]{ Priva* of an Order of the laft Common Coundl,' 
trering. and being introduced to the King m hii 

la. About ti o'*Clock, Mr. Perrot, late Clo^t by the Doke of Devopfliire, Uie Rt» 

a Linen-draper and Laceman, bn Ludgate- Hon. gir Sanuiel Fludycr, Bart. Loi^ 

lull, for concealing hh EffeAs, after a Sra- Maydr, addrtiled hlsM)ijefty lotheroHow^' 

tote of Bankruptcy was taken out againA ing EffeA : 
■imi, was exccuicu in Sniiiliueld , tie we- Kty^i 9fr, 

haved very penitently, and prayed with " The Lord M^yor, Aldcraieiiy and 

great Fervency : He waa •( Newport Pag- Commons of the City of London, inCom- 

oel iiiBueks, where bis Bo<ly Was carried to mon- council afleihbled, t>^ing dcflrous (a- 

be interred. When the Scatuti^omfnencedf mongA other Marks of their perfonal Veae- 

t^atoA hia, be was l>ebior more thaa ration and Efteem for your Majefty)tohave. 

ao,oog 1. your M^je^^s StatUe ere^ed on tbe R^yal 

t^. Aft -the Meeting of the, Society of Exchange amoDgft thofe of your Royal Pre- 
Arti, in the itrimd. It was a^treed, aknoft decefibrs, Mi^ the PiOure of your M;^<^ 
MianimottAy, to grant the Sum of 3000 1. put up in tHe CaikHfalt of tbe fiid City ; 
towar<^ the procuring' Fiih to "be brought ce have, in Order hereunto, directed . u>> co 
kfai^et by Land ^Carriage. In the Co&irft make oar bumble AppHeafeiotI to your Me- 
et their Debeiee it was aflcrted, that the jeAy, -that your M^efty, will be plea fed to 
i)utch recei^ aonuafly, lipon an Avetagf, fio the City otXondoft the Honour to fit fur 

^ • your 

ySo A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

jour PI£iure, and to fignify )our Pleafure 
theiein: And we are commanded, at the 
lame Time, to exprcfs to your Majefly the 
deep and grateful Senfe which the faid 
Court of Common Council will ever retain 
of your Majefty*& gracious Condefcenfion 
in honouring their late Entertainment at 
Guildhall with your Royal Prtfence." 

The Committee afterwards waited on the 
Queen, being introduced to her Majcfly by 
the Duke of MancheAer : When the Lord- 
Mayor addrefTed her MajeAy on Hehalf of 
the Common council, requeuing her Ma- 
jeily would be pleafed to fit for her Figure ; 
and exprefling alfo the Common-counciPs 
grateful Senfe of her Majefly*s Condefcen- 
lion in honouring the City with her Fre- 

Hit Majefty was pleafed to receive the 
Committee in a gracious Manner, exprcfling 
his entire Satisfaction at the late Entertain- 
ment, and fignified his Royal Intention to 
give Orders that his Fi£lure and that of ber 
Majef^y fhould be fcnt to the City. 

Her MajcAy was alfo pleafed to receive 
the City in a very polite Manner \ and fuch 
of the Committee as had not before, were 
permitted to kifs herMajefty^s Hand. 

23. We hear from Edinburgh, that a 
very fine Coal Pit has lately been difcover- 
cd near the City of Aberdeen, to the great 
Joy of that Part of the Country, it being 
the ^rft ever difcovered in the Nojch of 

Wp learn, that the ProvlHon made for 
her Majefty will be the fame as was for 
Queen Caroline, ioc,ocol. per Annum, 
with Richmond old Park and SomeiTet- 
houfe annexed ; Alfo a Patent has pafTed the 
Frivy Seal, granting unto her Majcfly the 
Sum of 40,0001. yearly, for the better 
Support of her Dignity. 

St, Jamct*s, Dec, 14. The King has been 
pleafed to conAItute and appoint the Right 
Hon. James, Marquis of Kildare, to be 
Major General of his Majeft>*s Forces. 

i^. At a Court of Common- council held 
at Guildhall, a Motion was made for pre- 
fenting a Petition to Parliament, prjyin^ 
Leave to ere£l a new Street from the Man- 
fion-houfe to Moorgate, and lifcewife for 
Permiffion to purchafe the Width of »co 
Teet of Ground for that Purpofe, which was 
unanimoufly agreed to. The faid Street it 
to be 80 Feet wide, embellidicd with a RoW 
of Houfes on each Side, xio Feet deep, in- 
tended for the Refidence of Merchants | 
which are to he all built on the fame regular 
Plan, and, when compleated, will form 
one of the grandcA Streets in Europe, and 
to be called, Charlotte- ftreet. 

The fame Day, a Motion was made for 
Application to Parliament for a farther Sum 
for finifhing the Repair of London- bridge. 

At Ratifbon the Foreign Miniflen have 
received by the Pofl a fuccinA Latin Trea- 
rife, under the Title of •« The Sufferings of 
Germany $•' in which the Minifters of the 
Dyet are reproached for fitting Aill at their 
Eafe, fcafling and amufing themfclvet, 
while many of their Conflituents are redu- 
ced to abfolute Beggary, and fome of them 
forced to carry into other Countries thofe 
Arts and that Induftry which they can no 
longer cxercife at Home. 

What dreadful Work have the deftruftive 
French made in feveral Parts of Europe } 
particulaily at Spire in Germany, at Nice 
and La Tourbie in the King of Sardiania's 
Dominions : Surely they are the moft bar- 
barous and cruel of all Enemies. Now they 
threaUn the fame to Gottingen, which 
Ainds on the Loine, ten Miles S. W. of 
Northeim, forty Miles S. of Hild(heim, 
twenty four N. E. of Caflfel, and 50 from 
Hanover. It is a flrong Town, and has a U- 
niverfity founded by his late MajeflyKing 
George IL which Circumflance alone miy 
excite our declared fworn Enemies to veoC 
their Malice, and wreak their Revenge on 
this Part of hit Ma}efty*t Dominions. 


Nov. . The Lady of Sir James Cald- 
well, in Conduit- ftieet, a Son. 

The Counteft of Berkeley, Lady to the 
Right Hon. Robert Nugent, Efq; in Spring 
Gardens, a Daughter. 


The Rev. Mr. Thomas Lane, of the Ifle 
of Ely^ lateprefentedtoa ReQory ia Walet, 

to Mifs Cotes, of New Romney in Kent; 
an agreeable Lady with a genteel Fortune. 
A0t/. 3. George Egan, Efq; of Cavendiil 
Square, to Mifs Elizabeth Savndcrt, o 

9. Robert Lowndf, Efqj to Mift Mills 
of Chederfield. 

10. ■ Butler, Efq; of Mordaunt* 
Light Horfe, to Mifs Jenny Welch, < 

11. The Right Hon. the Ear) of Donega 


For DECEMBER, lybf. 781 

ti Lady Ann Hamilton, Daughter to the 
DMcbcfk Dowager of Hamilton. 

IX. James HiUyard, Efq; co Mift Wil- 

Joteph falter, Sfq; of Edmonton, to 
Uifii carter^ of Hackney. 

tt. Jamca Bamardifton, Efq; to Mifs 

., Hatbttiiel A Aon. Efq; at Bramford, to 
Uifk Af^nn, of Bury St. Edmund's. 

)8. Mr. Trevor, of Mincing Lane, to 
iTiff Paiba, with a Fortune of 15,000]. 

It. William Spry, U.D. to Mifs Ame- 
Sa Fitt. 

14. lAr, Morpn, of Great Bedwin, aged 
71, to Mn. Elizabeth Roller, a Widow 

fl6. 'Claudiua Amyand, Efq; a Commif- 
fiooer of the Cuftoms, to the Righc Hon. 
tbeCountcfs Dowager of Northampton. 

l>ti» s. William Syms, Efq; Wine Mer- 
dunt at St. Margarei*8 Hill, to Mifs Burt, 

10. James Dalrymple, Efq, to Mifs Ap- 
peOcy, at Lew^ in Sufltz. 

ic. The Lord 3Uhop of Norwich, to 
IfiftBcwicke, ofClapham. 

James PetweU, Efq; of St. James's, to 
Uils Lkiyd, of Piccadilly. 

17. John Mayne, of the Middle Temple, 
fiqs 10 Mifs Raymond, of Belchamp Hail, 

Mr. John Burr, ProAor, inDoAorsCom- 
■3IIS, to Mifs Chafe, in the Strand. 



Htm* 5, George Treby, Member for 

€. John BoQchier, of Edmonton, Elq; 

7. Major General David Walton, of the 
34th Regiment of Foot, 

Mr. Sampel Ruttcr, Operator for the 

lo. Richard Wale, of the Priory in Ef- 
fex. Efq; 

Cornelius Newton, of Bromyard^ in He- 
Itfordfliire, aged 103. 

15. Mr. MarAi, of Liverpool, aged 1 11. 
ax. Rev. Dr. John Guifs, an eminent 

diflenting Mtnifter, ne^r Broad- ftreet. 

RcT. James Chalmers, D. D. aged 71. 

Col. Blake, of Goodman's Field5,aged9 r. 

Mr. George Seeker, Brother to the Arch- 
biftiop of CanterlMry. 

Sir John Kemp^ of Lower Tooting, in 

Dr. BooythoB, Phyficlan, at Briilol. 

S4. The Rev. Mr, Jof. Burroughs, an 

Siincnt Minifter of tlie General Baptift, 
^ftor with the late Dr. James Fofter^ 
H Hfliicao, in the 78th Year of ])i» Age# 

26. John Rich, Efq; Patentee of the 
Theatre Royal in Covent-garden. 
In his public Hroft'flion he was inimitable* 
either as a«De(igner or Executor ; Integrity 
and Humanity embclliAied his private Life ; 
entertaining, as a Companion ; amiable, as 
a Friend, and benevolent without Flattery, 

29. Sir Abraham Elton, Bart, at BriftoL 

30. Sir Samuel Gerrard, Bart. atLamer, 
in Hertfordihire. 

Thomas Lyilcr, Efq; Member of Par- 
liament for Ctithero. 

The Lady Locliiel, Daughter to Sir James 
Campbell, in Scotland. 

D(c, 5. Lord Charles Manners, Colonel 
of the ^6 Regiment of Foot. 

8. Mynheer Hopp, Envoy Extraordinary 
from the Sutes Genera], in which Quality 
he ha% refided feveral Years in England; 
was a Lieutenant General in the Dutch Ser« 
vice, and Governor of Breda. He married 
the Daughter of Sir John Lambert, Bart. 

Robert Clement Kennedy; of Ireland, 
Speaker of the Houfe of Commons of Ire- 
land, and Nephew to his prefent Grace the 
Lord Archbifliop of Ireland. 

The Right Hon. the Lady VifcounteCi 
Doneraile, at Dublin. 

9. The Lady of Sir George Warren, 
Knight of the Bath. 

II. Henejge Norton, Efq; at Barnes in 

Thomas Worlidge, Efq; at Clapham. 

Edward Louifa Mann, Efq; Colle^r in- 
wards of the Cuftom-houfe. 

15. The Right Hon. Sir John Willes, 
Knt. Loid Chief Juftice of his Majefty*^ 
Court of Common Pleas, and one of his 
Majefty*s moft Hon. Privy Council, at his 
Houfe in Bloomlbury-fquare, 

16. Mr. John Wood, an eminent Quaker, 
in Broad -ftreet Buildings. 

The Hon. Capt, Stuartj in Germany, 


Civil and Military Prefermtntt^ 

George Forme, Efq; appointed a Com- 
miflioner of the Land Tax. 

Lord Napier a Lord of Police in Soot- 

Dr. Reeve was elected Prefident, Dr. 
Wilbraham Treafurer, and Dr. Lawrence 
Regifter of the College of Phyficians. 

Lord Vifcount Bolinbroke was appointed 
Lord of the Bed-chamber, Lord 

Mclcombe Cofferer of the Houfehold. 

~^- Graves, Efq; appointed a Mafter 
in Chancery. — — .^^ Sir Henry Gould and 
Mr. Sawyer, Serjeants at Law« 

Major Bofcawen Col. of the 4Sth Regl- 
ment of Foot. 

The foUowla^ Hon, QvDlVecnov m« «^- 

y^z A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ tic. 

poinded Admira!s. viz. Sir V.'illmin Rt:rna- 
ry,Knt. Jamrs Yoiin«;, Efq; Edward Prat- 
trn, Efq; Sir Picrcy Bret. Knr. John 
Moore, Efq; Richard Tyrrell, Efq; Lord 
CoWile. Ix)id Ed;ccomb«, Robert Swan- 
Con, Efq; Hon. Aupuftus Kepple, John 
Amherft, Efq; and Conningfby Norbury, 

Tho. Ward, and Charlei Price, Efqri. 

Gabriel Hanjer, Efq; r>f Drepfield to the 
Di<;nity of a Barony in tlie Kingdom of Ire- 

Robert Clive, Efq; of Stycbfield in the 
County oi Salop, to tl>e fame Dignity. 

Eiclefiajlieal Vreftrmtntu 

Mr. George Day, Co the ReAory of Win- 
Certon, Suffolk. 

Mr. Richards, to the ReAory of Bever- 
ley Broughton, Lincolnfhire. 

Mr. George Huntley, to the Re£lory of 

• Zverington. 

Mr. Hol>hs. to the Re^ory of Turville, 
In Lincolnihife. 

Mr. Lioyd, to the ReAory of Cowden, 

• ID Kefit. 

Dr. Lillington, to the Clmpbinry of 
Hampton Couit. 

Dr. Sharpe, LeAurer of St. Gcon^e's, 

• Manover-fqvare. 

Mr. Morris, Le£(urer of St, Swithin'i, 
London Stone. 

Mr. Smlthfon, LL. D. to the ReAory of 
Lefney^ VorMhhe 

VLr. Wood, to the ReAory of PoghiJe, 

Mr. P^arfall, to the Refkory of Ware- 
lum, in Kent. 

Mr. Cooper, t« the ReQory of Elfden, 

LiJly Butler, M. A. Co the Reftory of 
Witham, Effex, 

Mr. Rurford, to the Reflory of Moulf- 
worth, in HnmHividonAiire. 

Dr. Newton, to tiie Prebendary of St. 


Mr. Cuft, Chaplain to theHoufe of Com- 



lAx^ P.aldwyn, totheRcfiory of Uplands, 
in Vorthimptonfhire. 

Mr. Abel Ward, to the Re^ory of St. 
Ann, Manchtfter. 

Mr. Hill, CO hold ch^ ReC^ory of Great 

Hen. Heath, B. D. to the ReAory of 

The Rev. Walter WiHiams, to Che Rec- 
tory of Llanicfrn. 

Mr. Skinner, piibfir Orator of the Uni-- 
vttdty of Cambridge, Chaplain U> the Atch- 
hi/hoii of YoT'iHt 

Ofl. \\. Edward RoiTey, now of Wrft« 
meon, Southampron, Carrier and Innholder. 

Frances Johnfon, late of Chatham hm 
Kent, Linen-draper. 

JVcv. 3. John Terry, of Coventry, Dyer. 

7. }ohn Pledyer, of Weflnneon, in th« 
County of ^Southampton, Carrier. 

John Manteli, of George-Court, Loiii<- 
bard-(lrett, Merchant. 

Jonathan Walmdvy, late of Southwark 
in Surry, Mafon. 

Francis Mcmtp rutle, late of Tower-ftrter, 
Srven 'dials, in Midilcfex, Merchant. 

17' Jonathan Smith, of Whitechurch, in 
theCounrynf Soufhampton, Miller. 

John Smith, of ton; Pa:i(h, in the Coon- 
ty of Southampton, Miller. 

John Cux, of Devises in Wilcfliire, Cro* 

27. Jr.feph Adamfoo, of Silver- fircer, 
London, CtJ.'rier. 

Thomas Deail, late of Tumham green, 
Middlefcx, • Innholder. 

24< Jobo \t Totifry, late of St. Maryk 
Bone, Middl:rfcx, Carver and Gilder. 

Dec. I, Roberr F^irweathtr, of CheUcti 
' Middfefex , Deafer. 

John FJeuher, of Kingfton aponHoH, 

Edmund Head, of Liverpool, Mercbiat. 

John Criiron, of Nbrwich, Dealer. 

5. John Andrews, of London, Mer- 

John H<:nncrt, of Manchefter, Lincn-dra. 

S. Wilfon John Rnbiiifon, of Kirby Ken- 
dall in W^ftmcreland^ Grocer. 

II. Richard Sparrow, now' or late of 
Macclesfield in CKefliire, Mercer asd Draper. 

John Cooke, fate of Eajle- court, Breail 
Street, London, Warehoufeman. 

Henry Tyler, late of St. Thomas in the 
ClifTe near Lewes in Spflex, Braxier. 

1 5. Phihp Cohen, flow or late of Baker*i 
Buildings, Old Bethlehem, London, Linen- 

Edward Taylor, of SouthwingfieU, DwT- 
bylhire, MaltAer. 

By the Report of the P.irifh Ckiks, the 
Number of Chiifienings andBuriaU, from 
Dec. 9, 1760^ to Dec. 9, 1761, iland 

ChriOened in the 97 PariOies within the 
Wall& 1 J 3 3 . fi vried 1553.,^ Chri Acned m 
the 17 Parlfhes wichoot rhe Walls 4437. 

Buiied 5151 Chnfbned in theaj Out- 

Parifhes in Middlefcx and Suny 6757. Ba« 
ried 10,021. ^-^ So that upon the Whole 
there have been buried 430S more than have 
been chriilencd, within cfic Bills ^ Moiia- 

(7^3 ) 

* l ■ ■■ » ■■■ 

Mifcellaneous Correfpondence, 

# - - 

in Profe and Verfe. 

• • • • % 

For DECEMBER, 1761. 


Mathematical Questions Anfioered. 

• - - ■ • . ^ 

^uiftion 354, anfwergd bj A^. T. Robinfon. 

PITT tf = 8400 Poles the Area of the Trhinglei * = a90, «90 — 10 =3 280 rr «» « =3 
10, X z= B«fe, 4 — • X = longeft Side, and » — * » = fliortcA x. b-^m — zxzz 

cp^%ex ^ 

Sum ol.tlie' Stdet, call^ •— » xt'^ ftr Alctom 4, Trig* « s ^ «— «» 1 1 c 1 

Diffiemce of the Segments of the Bafe^ then -^ X.^ :z the greater Segment^ and 


-^ =1 Perpendicular of the Triangle, then^ JEvr. 47 : i» 

+ »s this 

Equation dnced, x =2 150 Poles the Bafe, and 140 and 130 is the other two Sides required. 

*Tbii ^uefi'fn was alft anjkotnd hy Mr^ T. Baiker, Mr, T. Bofworth, Mr, J. Launders, 
snd JfrrToptho, 

^eftim 355) ttnfwired by Mr. Tho. Elliiigton, of Yaxley. 

10 + 5 X a = 40 the convex Diameter 

40^ X 0,5*36 = 335io>4 

to] X 0,5*36 = I4i37»ft 
Then C33$'Ot4 — 141371* =) 193731* the Solidity of the .Shell. 

.'• 19373,* X 0,2590647 =: 4999 > 53904604 Lib. the Weight required, at id> per 
Lib. the Value is *o/. i6i. ^d, |, 156x8416. 

iM>^« Robinfon, Launders, Barker Atkinfon, W.Tonthu, govt Anfwihf hid «## 
precijeiy agreeittg with tMth tthtr^ and all very differtm fr9m tbt fropeJirU, 

5 H ^^Jiu^ 

^84 MiJcellaneWi Correjpondence^ 

^ueftion 356, anfwindbj Mr. Probert, in Spital-ficUs* 

lUppolc A coulddo It in xDayt 

Lfkl B in ■ y Daiy* . J 

rMJopofe A could do It in X Oayt 
O AtMi B in — jr Daiy» 

Then (ptr Queftion) » : 1 : : it : ^ =: the Work done bj A. J i> 
An4 f : 1 s: XI I *« ^Ditto • • t • B«V ^ 

V ^ 

Then . . • . — + — =: i 

Or . , . , i» « 4. j%y zn xy 
Or ... . iix = xjF-i- njr 

Confequtntly ^ "* 

And • . . • — z:*» 
*— 12 "^ 

Bot (jr +/ X «) =: X J^ + xjr =: 1000 f«r Qoeft. 

It XX 

(Bjr Sabfticution) »« -I" " z: 1000 

Or . • • • x^— It jrjr -t- It xxzzioooJir— Iftooe 

Th. ... x* — . 1000 X + itcoo = o 

Heooe by converging Series, we tuve x :;:: to Days zi A, aii4 CQnlio^pCfitl|r 

_ It X to ^ « "i» • ^ 

For ■ s: f = 30 J = 30 Days s: B. fi, JB. D. 

to — It ^*# -^ 

7B/f Sf^ftiw VMS alfp anfwered h Mr. T. Bofwortb, Mr, Tho. Robinibn, Jfr.f. 
Launders, Jfr. T. Barker, Mr. T. Vanner, Afr. T. Atkinfoq, Mr, Tontba, 4mJ m 
Proptfer, Mr, L. Lade. 

^ejiwi 357, anfwered hy Mr. Rob. Williams, {^Honiton. 

LET B F D repreTent the Square Clore, and F A the Pro- . 

> kmgacion of Che northermoft Hedge ; DC that of the AA. 

vreilennotl, and ABC the new Hedge to be made in the 
Common. It is needlef« to demonilrate that the Triangles 
A B F and B C D are rif^t-angicd and fimilar. 

Fut 4 n D B zz BF, ^r. the Sides of the Field, x = the 
Sine of the Angles ABF—BCD, jf= its Co^me = B A F 

rzCBD, thenjF : « :sx : — zz AFand z; Area of 

y *^ t 

the Triangle B A F. Alfo x;a::yi — ri B D, and ^-^ 

X tx 

zz Area Triangle BCD, and^-^ + tH rz - 4- "^ r:tb«Maidmmn. InMiiooSy 

tjp tx jr X 

yjf^^ + dz21 zz o, for X fubftitiite it equal ^^ it will be !Ili!ilZ«.x»; 

-I- jr t x^ -f ^—^ zz o, reduced, becomes x zr j^, each = 45<> \ conibqiieBtlytlie Length* 

eningsof the Hedges are each equal the Side of the Square, and the Area of the new In* 
cloture z= the Area of the Square-ficld. IV, W. D. 

Thit SlufJIionwas alfo anftaered iy Mr, J. LiunderSj 31r. T, Barker, Mr^ ToBdiB^ sai 
the Prcfofcr, Mr, Tho« Robinion. 

im PROSE and VERSE. 



AS Qgeftimi 147 has not yet b«en rightly asfwcrcd, I defire thr folio wing Sohition to 
it may be bjferted ; which will oblige Tour bumi/e Strvant, 


LET » = BC the lead Side, y =: A B the Mean, then 
1^ — jr = AC the greateft. Alfo, put « :^ B P 
the Perpendicular^ d r: the Difference between the A 

and Qrotey and r =: .7854. Then a ix i:y i—zzthe 

^ ex* «s « 

IKameCer of the Circle, and ^ =: its Area: alfb -x 

a* % 

s f —« S the Area o£ the A» •*. — ^ =: - Xajr-— 

** a 

4*^1 fipom whence 

*= r X ^ • 

y-k-d X 16 cy^ 

f|- z — I. Agahiy A P r; 
^/*— «S andPCz: y/** — **, .*. ijr>^jr= ^^« — d» 4- ^,x— «», 

3 thentheib 


boiof jr, compared together, will determine the Value of jp. 

New Questions to be anjwered. 

[ueftion 366. 

^ Mr. John Cockin, tf/'Buxton^ 
iKr Kendall. 

you MMT Sons of Science whom faard- 
Xs'tr bM wkh the Frmts of a fine large 

So that yoa, when a Projeft popM into your 

Whvrwithal to effect it co«*d eafily find i 
Rid Gardcoi, pl^nt Trus, ereft Engines, 

nor fear 
"She World*ihar(hRcmai1c, or its ignorant 

lot inftead of thefe Bleflingii (a Cafe mvch 

like mine) 
^ a poor Sheet of Paper your Schemes 

BRift confine | 
b fiaarw boUd Hoi^, form Gardens, and 

larfMM-Oak, Aih, andElm, afmaUPo/ar 

with thePen, 
Tfaasmimicgood Things, and like my Lord 

at hU Play, 
tich TriAet be pleased, « ear mind vbst 

To you (making ihort of my prefent Inten« 

A Job of this Sort for Amufement Til men- 

'< Juft twenty- four Trees In fuch Order dif- 

** That with four in each Row, they'll make 
twenty - four Rowr,' • 

Do this if it pleafe you, and let it be feen. 

On fome arab/i Page, in your next Maga- 

P. Sm With Regard to thefe Kind of Que- 
ftions, I ftiall beg Leave to make the fol- 
lowing Obfervations, viz. That the Num- 
ber of Trees (hould rarely exceed 20, and 
never 30, asthefe are capable of a fafficicnt 
Variety of Difpofitions, and as Urge as can 
be managed with any Pleafure. Alfo that 
the Rows (hould contain all the fame Num- 
ber of Trees, and that the Quantity or Na- 
ture of the Trees and Rows nave fumething 
m rhem particular, either conlidered fepa- 
rately or compared together. As ift, that 
the Number of Trees and Rows be equal 
(as in them above Example.} ad. That the 
moft Rows pofiible be made of the Kind. 
3d. That no other Sort than thofe^TO^Ovl 
an be nuAn ^ot ol Chft?i»at> 9Ad^^>&^ 

5 H » 'fito 

78 6 

Mifcelkneous Correjpondencei 

like Peculiarities. If this wis ohfervcd, it 
would render thefc Qucftions moic worthy 
Notice than many of thftm are. For to fct 
down a I nrcel of Toinrs in any f!:eometrical 
Figure at random, and then eathtr the 
Rows of a!I Softs and turn fhcm into a Que- 
Aion (a ThiPR I im;iginc fometimca done) 
is too hur./.lmK a I*icce of Work to dtferve 
theleafl Artcr'.ion. 

Qucftion 367. 

Bj Mr. John Drape, Treacher of the 
Mathematics at Whitehaven. 

to meafure 
a Circular 
Field, whofe 
couid not be 
taken, by 
Keafjn of a 
Bog. There- 
fore I purpo- 
sed to mea- 
fure the two 
Chords, A B and B C, A and C termina. 
ting in the Diameter. 9ut on reviewing 

my Field-book, found I had put tliein 4offm 
in one Sum ao Chains, and had alfo noted, 
that the veirfed Sine of the greater Segment 
was jaft \ the lefs Ciiord. Required iti 
Area without folving any Equation higher 
than a Quadratic. 

Queftion 368. 
By Mr, Tho. Adams* 

GIVEN the Diameter of a Circle = a, 
required an arithmetical Theorem, 
for finding iu infcribed Square, by a Ample 
Equation ? 

Queftion 369. 
By Mr. Tho. Robinlbn. 

LET there be a Square and a Cobe, the 
Area of the Square is equal totbeSo- 
lidity of rhei'ubc, now if the Side of tiM 
Cube he added to its Diagonal, the Sum 
will exceed the Side of the Square, wbeq 
added to its Diagonal, as much as poffiUe. 
Query the Dimenfions of the Square and 

SIR, Grantbsm, S^, %^f 1761. 

THE foUowing is the Calculation ef tfiree vifible Eclipfes (for the Latitude of Cratf 
tbam) which if you pleafe to give a Place in in your Magaaine, you will much oblifs 

a (onfUnt Reader, 






An Bclipfe of the Mooo, May the Stb. 

7]bf. ^Ms^rw^ 

the Morning. Apparent Timt« 

An Ediplc of the Sun, OSohcr the lyth. 


Vifible Conjun^on 




Digit! eclipfed 



Morning. Apparent Time* 

An Eclipfe of the Moon, NovewAer j, 1762. 
D H I n 

Digits eclipfed 

The Calculations are by Lesdhtter^i Tables. 

J/, 3* Other Cftk\iUtigni ate ttcidvtd, niA^w'^bt vD£ected« 

At Night. Apparent Tioie. 

In PROSE and V E R S £• 787 

PopcV Difcription of Calypfo and There no higlwpolifliM marble they bdiold, 

L r^ ^^ r^^^ i— m*l. D^»L -/• No ftoricd coiumiw, and no fculpturM gold s 

her ^'raito^ from ber. s^n iSook of ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ wrougbtl 

the Odylley. No breathing piAuies feem'^ informed with 

« thought. 

LARGE was the grotty in which the Thegrott, dlTJded into various cells, 

nymph hr found. Was declcM with Tpar, and variegated (hells j 

( 1 he fair-hair'd nymph with every beauty The place of top'ftiy a young vine fupply'd^ 

crown*d) ' . And fpread her pliant arms on cv*ry fide : 

She fat and fong j the rocks refound her lays : Cool zephyrs, tho* the fun intenfely glowed, 

Th* cave was bfightenM with a rifing blaze : BreathM thro* the place fweet freduidf as they 
Codar and franlcincenfc, an odorous pile, floMr-*d. 

FiamM on the hearth, and wide perfumed the O^er amaranthine beds fair fountains llrayM, 

ifle ; And, foftly murmuring, in the meadows play*dy 

While fhe with work and fong the time di- Or in broad batons pourM the cryftal wave, 

vides, Where oft the Goddefs wont her limbs to lave. . 

And thro' the loom Che golden (huttk guides. Fail by the grt>tt fweet Howers of every hue^ 

WithoQt the grott, a various fvlvan fceoe • Purpling the lawn, in gay confufion grew« 

Appeared around, and groves ot living green \ Here wavM a wood, all glorious to behold j 

Poplars and alden ever quivering play 'd, Of trees that bloom with vegetable gold ; 

And nodding c^'ptefs form*d a fragrant (hade ; Whoie branches, in eternal bloflbm, yield 

On vihofe high branches, waving with the Fragrance delicious as the flowery field. 

ftorm, Thb wood. Impervious to the folar ray, 

The birdtofbroaddl wing their mlnfion form; CrownM the fair fpot, and guarded it fron 
The chough, the fea*mew, the lot^uacious day. 

crow. Here birds melodious pour*d the fprightly fong | 

And fcream aloft, and ikim the deeps below* There torrents thundered the rough rocks a« 
Depending vines the (helving cavern Ccrcen, mong, 

With purple chifters bluihing' thro* the green. Down da(h*d precipitately from the hills. 

Four limpid fountains from the clefts difiil, ^ Then o*er the level lawn dififus*d their curling 
And every fountain pours a feveral rill, > rills. 


In masy windings wandering down the hill : j Calypfo' i grotto crown*d the breny (bep, 

¥nKie Uoomy meads with vivid greens were From whence appeared the party*colour*d deep | 

crowned, ' Now fmooth and even as a mirror feeo. 

And glowing violets threw odours round. Now vainly wreaking on the rocks its fpleen 

Indignant, foaming with tremendous roar, 

A DefcriptionJ ih Grotto, h, the ri^i^'S^S^o^A^ 

RjtV* Mr, F dwlces. a river, winding thro* the rich champaign, 

Fonn*d various ifles with lines f«reet*flowering 

THE queen he followed as (he mov*d along crowned. 

Surrounded by her nymphs, a beauteous And doud-afpiring poplars borderM round, 

throng ; Among the banks the fportive waters played. 

Bat hs the fairdl, and fupremely ull. And woo'd the lovely ifiands which they made s 

She walk*d majeftic, and outfhone them all : Some fwiftly pour'd their cry(bl ciinents 
Thus *midft a grove the princely oak appears, (bong ; 

And hign in air his branching honours rears. Some led their waves with liquid lap(e along ; 

Her radiant beauty charm'd his youthful "J With many an error lingering (eem*d to' 

mind, f A^^y^ 

Her porple robe that floated in the wind, > As if they wi(hM for ever here to ftay, 

And Jodct bound graceful with aclafpbe-| And murmuring in their couHe reludant 

hind : J rollM away. 

But her bright eyes, in(UIling fond defire. The diftant mountains their hoar heads on high 

Beam'd fweetnets tempered with cele(lial fire. Upheaved, and loft their fummits in the (ky s 

Sage Mentor foUowM, as in thought pro- Their airy forms fantaftic pleased the fight, 

found. And (iU*d the mind with wonder and deUgfat. 

And filent (i«*d his eyes upon the ground. The neighb*ring hills were fpitad by natuit*8 
And now, conduced by the royal dame, boon 

Soon to the entrance of her grott they caipe^ With vines that hong in many a fair feftoon | 

Amaz*d to find within this lonely cell Whofe fwelling grapes in richeft purple dy*d, 

Ka;uie with all her rural graces dwell* The leaves attempted, but in vaio, to hidt i 


y88 A Chronohgical Memoir of Occurrences'^ 

So l0v*d the generous vine to flouriih here. 
It bent beneath the plentjrof the year. 
Hexe purple £gs with lofcioos juice o«crflow*d, 
"With deepened ted the full pomegranate 

glowed ; 
The peaceful eUve fpread her branches roand. 
And erery tree, vrith verdant honours crown'd, 
"Whofe fruit the taile, whofe flower the eye might 

And feem*d to make a new Elyfium here. 

Jin Ode on her Majesty'j Birtb- 

T>Ritannia hail the blefled Day, 
Jl Ye fmiling feafons fing the fame, 
The birth of j&iom'i queen proclaim. 
Great Oeftr's fame and regal fway. 
Ye gentle tides and gales coorey 
To foreign lands, that fink with fear j 
While TkSories and laurels come 
To heighten joy, and love at home : 
Can heaven greater gifts confer ? 
Can more (uccefs a monarch Hiare ? 

Ye fongfleis of the aerial tribe, 
Bietk forth in fweet melodious founds } 
Ye flow*ry fields and fertile grounds, 
Bich treafures yield for C«r/<ir*s bride. 

Ye autumns and ye winters fing, 
Dbe praife and honor to our king. 


The heavens to eafe a monarches care. 
Benignly gave Oforhnti the fair ; 
"Who adds foch hiftre to the crown, 
SucKibong alliance, great renown. 
By royal bizth, and noble mind. 
As cla;m no wonder from nunkind, 
That fo much wordi and goodnefs prove. 
An objed fit for Oefar'i love. 
Britem with heart-felt joy, with decent m*rth, . 
Hail BOW your queen, hail now the day of 

S^bd voice for bleffings, fend wijhes to the (ky, 
Fai'peaee, long-life, and numerous progeny. 


Sef envy's felf is fagn to own, 

Thcrfe ^rtuet which adorn the throne \ 

While home-bred faftion droops her head. 

See liberty and jufiice fpread, 

THeir happy' influence around, 

TMe land where plcat*ous iloies abound, 

Of wealth and grain, where arts and foeactj 
To every nation bid defiance. 


Fly hence ye gloomy cares. 
For you here^s no employ. 
Here fweeteft eafe appears. 
With real love and Joy. 

While George and Charlotte rule the land,. 
Nor ftorms nor threats we*ll fear, 
Their names our feas andcoafls defend. 
And drive our foes afar ; 
Each feafon, and each year, (hall roll. 
Their fame, and powV from pole to pole-g 


FROM mother earth I hav-emy birth» 
From man my form recei\-e ; 
And what confumcs moft other thingn 
To mc my ftrength docs ^ve. 

Then in my falhioo, thro* the natxon» 

1 travel without ^ar. 
Of being imprcfs*d, for Vm carefs^d 

By peaCint and by pcet. 

I never run, nor walki but ftand 

Sometimes upon my head. 
I ftiofily lay, as ftiD as they. 

Who've been a twelvemooth dead. 

My head is long, and rvcnotongue, 

Xfy nofc grows out behind. 
No body have, nor foul to fave ; 

Head, nofe and tale are joined. 

I never drink, but you may think^ 

I may it well require ; 
For I ne'er eat my coAimon meat, 

Unlefs 'tis fet on fire. 

My mouth when foul, and black as hdl» 

By eating fire and fmpak \ 
Docs taint my breath, I'm doomM to deati||^ 

And all my bones are broke. 

But if I this hard fate do mifi^ 

And by my maker found ; 
I then am burn*d, and out Tm tum*dy 

To go another round. 


. —. 4 > ^ . 

( 789 ) 

'^A Chronological Memoir ^Occurrences^ 
For BECEMhER^ 1761. 


LKttcrt received To-day from Berlin 
' mentioOf that General Lafcy who 
UKdy ittempced to Miffi Prince Henrj 
to qait his prefent Pofiiion in Saxony, by 
Bulciiig an Appearance at fonie few Ger- 
man MUet Diftancc oC Berlin^ U retom- 
ctf back, and had encamped hunfelf at DaU 
y^itz near Drefden. The fame Advice^ add^ 
that the Prince of Wurtenburf is at prefent 
near Shifdbesn on the other Side of the Ri- 
^pcr Rega ; and that the Generals Platen and 
Scbeafcendofftf' were on their March to join 
his Higbncfs, in order to attack and force 
Ccocrat Romanzow to raife the Siege of 
Colberg | and that the Rufliant began to 
be in grett Want both of Provifions and Fo- 

Hagme, Dee, T^. Yeilerday the PHnceft 
of Naflau Wcilboarg, the Stadtholdcr's Si- 
Her was Mtly dehveredof a Prince, and 
hocfi Mother and Child are as well as can be 

Bfrlin, Die, is. Prince Henry (HII con- 
cinves at Bamics.; but as theScafon already 
is bec o m e extremely rigorous, he has ptiC 
Fart ci his Army into Quarters of Canton- 
ment in the Villages behind his Line, and 
k is faid he has fent for the ^hops or Booths, 
ufitd by the Merchants of Leipzig in the 
Time of their Fairs, which are toferve as 
Coard-roons for the Shelter of the Troops 
wbUII on their Duty. 

Letters of the 9th from Stettin, juft eome 
in. inform as, that the Fortrefs of Colberg 

A«ncontlmied to make a bnwe Defenctf ; 
diat the Ruffians lately made a new Attempt 
CO take the Place by Storm, but were repuU 
Ccd with LoCi ; and that the Duke of >Wur- 
cemberg bad entrenched himfelf near Trep- 
cow, with an Intention to throw ProTifions, 
dte. into Colberg. 

HMm^mrfb, Dte, 15, Colberg continues to 
defend itidf with great Vigour ; and ao- 
oording to Letters from Stettin the 9th, the 
RuAans have been reputfed at a fecond Af • 
Cinlt which they lately made upon that 

MaiMourg, Dee, 15. Letters of the 7th 
Inftanc, from btrehlen, give an Account of a 
P|»c fonnedto Airprize the King of Pmffia^ 

in his Quarters s the Partioilan of which 
are as follow : 

A Sikfian Gentleman of the Name of Warw 
gotfch, who has an Eftate near SttehleOfi 
c^me often to the Pruifian Camp, where he 
was well received by the King of Pral&a^ 
and by his Officers. He Informed hinfiptf 
with great Exadnefs of e^tey Thing thac 
palled io the Army, and particularly of Che 
Difpofition made of the Troops in tbdr 
Quarters of Cantonment ; and as the Coqn^ 
try thereabout was well known to him, bn 
formed a Projtd of forpriziog bis Pruffian 
Majefty, in the Night of the ift of Decem- 
ber, which was to have been executed ia 
this Manner : A fmall Body of refolate Ca- 
valry were to penetrate, in the Night, into. 
the Suburbs of Strehlen, where his Pruffiai^ 
Majefty lodged, to which they were imme- 
diately to fet Fire { and, during the Coafu- 
fion that this muft neceflarily Occafion, !• 
endeavour to feize and carry off the King ol^ 
Pruflia, which Wargotfch thought was very 
pradicable, as the Qjiarters were, at that 
Thne, but flight Jy guarded. 

The whole Affair is reported to lave been 
accident ally difcovered by one of War- 
gotfch* s own Servants, who had often beea, 
employed to carry Letters to a Poptifa Pried*' 
in a neighbouring Village. Thefe Lette/t 
were dtreded to an Anftnan Lieut. Colonel, 
and the Pried had the Care of tranfmitting 
them. The Servant, oMefving, when his Ma- 
iler gave him the lad Letter, that he was un- 
commonly anxious about the fafe Delivery of 
it, and appearing to be in great Agitation oC 
Mind, ba^sA to fufpeft that he was employ, 
ed in a dangerova Service | however, he 
took the Letter, and promifod to deliver it, 
asufual; but, indead of that, carried it di-. 
re^y to Strehlen, where he put it into the 
Hands of Moaf. de Crufemafk, the Adju. 
tant General, who immediately fent oi*r two 
fmall Parties of Dragoons to feize Wargotlch 
and the Pried, who were both made Pnfo- 
ners. But efcaped afterwards. The Trial- 
of Wargotfbh, who hat been cited to ap- 
pear, is anally carrying on before the 
Tribunal called the Ober Ampt, in Bre- 

790 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

JITtf^f, Z)^r. 25. Wehave noNewsfrom were gone into Winter Quartert. The Fat* 
any Parts, except from Saxony, that both of Colber; was (till undecided* 
Prince Henry* s and Marihal Daun*s Armies *^ 


JViw.y»r*,Tn^Iftecn.oflhe Tranfports that 
0£f. 19. j7 failed under Convoy of the 
Alcid^ ^re arrived ; they are tart of the 36 
»it vsrhlch parted from the Convoy in a Ga\9 
of Wind a Fortnight after they came out i 
They left the Remainder of this Divifion a 
few Days ago. 
By a Letter from Monte Chridi we are in- 

formed, that the Bngliih Men of War have 
blocked up that Port, fo that not a VeOel 
dare venture out, as chey taka all Veflels 
they fall in with, bound to or from ibance { 
not excepting the Spaoiik Craft, which has 
occafioned an almoft entire Stagnatioih of 
Bufinefs there. 


Dee, 16. /^ MAR Effendi, Ambaflador 
\^ from Algiers, had a private 
Audience of his Majcl\y, to which he was 
introduced by the Right Hon. the Earl of 

We learn, that the Regiments gone on 
the Expedition, under General Amberft* are 
ai follows : 

- Lately faiPd from Belleifle. 
61 CoL Geo. Gray, 69 Col. Ch. Covill, 
76 Col. Rufane^ a Bat- 90 Lt. Col. Morgan* s 
talions. Light Infantry. 

Embarked at New- York. 
75 Gen. Amhcr(l*s, 17 Gen. Moncktoii*s, 
ajGen.Warburton's, 28 Ccn.Town(hcnd*s 
35 Gen. Otway*s, 40 Gen. Armiger's, 
4iRoyal Highlanders, 43 Gen. Talbot*s, 
two Battalions, 48 Gen. Webb^s. 

N. B. Four more Regiments are fpoke 
of, to go from America on this Expedition, 
but whether Provinuals or Regulars, ii not 

Re^ments at Quebec. 
47 Gen. Lafceiles, id Battalion of Royal 
58 Gen. R. Anilruther, Americana. 

Regiments at Montreal. 
44 Gen. Abercrombie, 4th Battal. of Royal 
46Gen.Tho. Murry, Americans. 

The Sail Side of London. bridge being 
compUated, the Weft Side will he earned on 
now with the utmnfl Exp<'dition, as the 
Temporary 'bridge will bt^ converted into a 
Scaffolding for that Purpofe. 

Several Surveyo»"' .ire employed in furvey- 
ing the Tower of the Parifti Church of >t. 
Magnus, London- bridge, in order to form 
a Plan for widerinc the Paffagc at the NortU 
End of the faid Bridge* 

«3. His Majefly went to the Honle of 
Peers, and gave his Royal Adent to the fol- 
lowing Bills, viz. . 

The Bill to continue the free Importation 
of falted Beef, Pork, and Butter,- fi^m Ire- 
land, for the Ufe of hit Majefty's Navy 

The Bill for laying an additional Duty on 
foreign Brandies and Briti(h made Spirits ; 
which is to be made Part of the Fund for 
paying the Inrerefl of the twelve Millions to 
be raifed for the cnfuing Year. 

The Bill for inclofing and dividing Lands 
at Perlhore in the County of Worcefter, 

To one Road and two Naturalization 

After which both Houfes adjoomed till 
after the Holidays, 

A (hort View of the whole Royal Navy of 
Great- Briuin^ now adually in Commif- 

a Firft Rates, from 96 to no Guns each* 

1 1 Second, ditto 84 to 90 
60 Third 68 to 80 
43 Fourth 48 to 60 
71 Fifth a6 to44 
40 Sixth 16 to 04 

68 Sloops 8 to 14 be6deSwiv. 

12 Bombs 
10 Firefhipa 

4 StoreHiips 
39 ArmM Veflels hired 
7 Royal Yatchta 
5. Small Yatchts 

37a King's Ships. 

for DECEMBER^ 1761. 

By a Uft joft pQblilhedy It appean that 
the SpanUrds hav« now. 
One Ship of Cam 86 Three Gum 36 
One 84 Seven i6 

Two So Three 94 

One 76 Bight %% 

One 74 Five eo 

Seven 70 Five 18 

Twent7»niae 68 Four 16 

One 64 Bomb- Ketches. 

One 61 Four 16 

Bsfit 60 One 14 

Foot 58 ThracFirelhipe. 

And t Hdk at Cadis, making In all tot 

trhltAdff, Du,%€. On Thwfday Night 
arrived one of hie Majefty*t Meflengerf, 
with Lehert of the nth foAint, from the 
£ari of Briftol^ his Majefty's AmbaOador 
Estfaord&nary at Che Court of Madrid, by 
iwiuch it appears, that his Bitcellency hav- 
ing, by hU Ma}efty*s Orden, afked a cate- 
gorical Anfw^ with regard to certain £n- 
gagemena, omnflve 10 Orcat Britain, flip. 
pdkd to Have been contracted between the 
Courts of Madrid and Ver&tlles ; and Men- 
ficur Wall having, byhisCalhotie Ma]ef|y*f 
Order, reftifed giving any Satisfaction on 
chat Head, the Earl of BrUlol wak prepar- 
iog, in Obedience to hb Majefty*s Com^ 
niands, to come away firom that Court. 

aS. The Bight Rev. the Bidbops of Lin- 
coln and Briftol were oonfecrated Bifhops of 
cheir refpeCttve Dioccfes at Lambeth Chapel, 
hf tlie mod Rev. his Grace the Arcbbifliop 
of Canterbury. 

O/y tfa Tranihtion o/tbt DteiarMtien madt 
AribrCovifT DC FumTia, ife^^r^- 
itirjrum bis Cathoiie MMJtfiy, 

^np^HE Count de Fbentes, AmbaiTador 
I from the Cathofic King, to the King 
oTCirat Brirahi, has juft now received an 
Exprffs IVom bisCoort, which informs him, 
that Lord Briltol, Ambaflador from his Bri- 
Canmcto bis Catholic Majedy, having inci- 
mated to his Minifter of State his Excellen- 
cy Mr. Richard Wall, that he had Orders to 
demand a pofitive and categorical Anfwer 
to this Qoeilion, '< Wliether Spain intend- 
ed to unite hcrfcif to France againft Eng- 
landf*' and added, <* that heihoald look 
upon a Negative, or a Refubl of fuch cate- 
gorical Anfwer, as an AggreiBon and Decla- 
ration of War \ and that, in Confequcnce 
thereof, he thought he ought to retire Irom 
Che Court of Spain.** •«- He was thereupon 
anfwered, by thefaid Minifter of State, that 
the Spirit of Haughtioefs and of Difcord, 
eirhicn had dilated to him fuch a rafh $t«p^ 


end which (as the Bane of human Kii^dl 
ftill influences the BritiOi Government, had 
alio at that very Infbnt made a Declaratioil 
of War, and infuJted the Dignity of the 
King j whefefore he might think of re- 
tiring how and when it fhited liis ovirn Coit- 

The Count de Fuentes is ordered, ih Cofu 
fequence thereof, to depart the CoUrt and 
Kingdom of Great- Britain, and to nuke 
known to bis Britannic Majefly, to the Bri- 
tifli Nation, and to the whole World, that 
the unlimited Ambition and Haughtinefs of 
liim who hekl the Reigns of his Goveni«> 
ment, and who (as it feems) ftttl holds them 
h^i another Hand, is theCaUie 1 or him that 
has dug the Pit, into which tlie tit^ Na- 
Ikms of Spain and Ingland are going td 
tumble t That if the Catholic King has ex- 
cufed himfelf from anfwenng the Quefliofl^ 
viz. Whether the Treaty, which all Coiope 
fufpeAed or fuggeiled to have been flgned 
by their Catholic and moA Chriftiin Maje. 
iltes, ontheisthDayofAuguHy did or did 
iiot contain any Condi tions relative to Eng- 
land } it ought to be confidered, flrft, as a jufl 
Requital fortbe WantofCondefcenflon.and 
the infulting Manner with which, during 
the whole Miniary of Mrj. Pitt, theAifairi 
of Spain have been treated. And^ Uftly^ 
when he (Mr. Pitt) faw himfelf convinced ol 
the Juftnefs of the Pretenfions of the Catiio- 
lic King, be made Ufe of this Declaration, 
*' That ho would grant them whenever tlie 
Tower of London (hould be conquered by 
the Point of the Sword.** Add to this, the 
imperious Tone In which fuch Dedaratioa 
was made. 

The Spanifli Miniflry could have freely 
declared to the Enghfli, (as the King himfelf 
now, ofhis own free will, commands the 
Count de Fuenies to declare publickly) that 
the Treaty inQueftion is reducvd to a Cove* 
nant between his Majefty and the Family of 
Bourbon, which contains nothing relative 
to the prefentWar; and that, even in the 
mutual Guaranty of States, it is fpecified^ 
that it regards only thofe, which (hijuld re- 
main to France after the End of tlie Wari 
Tta«t notwitbftanding the great Share of Re- 
fentment, which fell to the Lot of his Ma- 
jefly, in the unexpcited Action of giving 
tack, in a flighting .Manner, to Monf. Buify, 
Minifter of France, the Memorinl by him 
ptefentcd, deitring th»c the Ditlerences be* 
twecn Spain and Engljnd might be termi* 
nated at the fame Time as tlie War between 
£ngUnd and France, With the laudable 
Conclufion oi( a Peace } yet his CatHolie 
Majeily thought well tw didemblc that dighr^ 
by a \\ritlng delivered to my Lord Briltol. 
A Demonftfatioa of (be Oood«nature mkl 

5 i &!a- 

79 2 A CbrGHological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

Sincrrtty of this ^tep, which was taken by the mod detsrmined Sentiments of Love, of 

Frar.:r. rtiock«? Mr. Fi!t. And la Illy, his 
M.iic i)y wiuTe to lii% Coufin the mofl Chri- 
J>' .r. Kine, ihar Tmcc Mir Junction of the 
Alfxir^ in Spain (iMl:uOcd m England the 
in'.iri^i- d f'racs, he would rathvrr abandon 
th-j f.*:* ". (1.^11 If y the \cit\ Ohf\3cle ihere- 
(ii • hu* 'his wasl.'on experienced tobeonly 
a PrrfcXt lor r(/c Hric:(h Mini flcr to avoid 
f'. '11U.5 rl>e finie ; nncc he faw that the 
F.-tpJi. tr. fhr CoLu-fc of his Negotiation, 
WiihouT ff.c-king any mere abmit the Bufi- 
n.fa of Spain, f>r die Sake of Peace, had 
fu: muted (u fuch Conditions, as in the 
JuHtrm^nr of the %vhole World appeared to 
be oi cxciifive Advantage to England ; not- 
witiifiandirt; wluch he hioke llic Ncgocia- 
tiofi, and dif\:ovti(d Iiis venomous Inten- 
rinns a^ainU Spain, in Oppofiticn to the 
uhole Bririlh Qiuncil, and unhappily he 
lui ucconiplithed hi&depiaved Intention. 

This I>rc2ar3tion bemg nov«r made, the 
Coup: de Kuentcs bcftechcs his Excellency, 
my L^^-d Egremont, 10 o6er his profound 
Refpc^s (o the of England, his Mailer, 
and to ohfain fuch PaiFports for him, and 
fuch Orders a^ Hiaii be convenient lor him, 
fo depart with his Family witiiout Inter- 
rupfirn from the Toriitciy of Creat- Bri- 
tain, and a -fit < 'he fhort Navitarion 
which fe^.«''.c3 tiiiS If.and fiom th;; Conti- 

Cz-^r.i tit i h*t:tit, Vj :ic £a'> i.j Egi-- 
yicrt, i>v. ri, 1761. 

THE El:? Of* E<rf-mor?, his Biitannic 
M*]ri^>\ Screta'y of Sratrc, havirj 
received from his K\-ceIJency the Ubunt de 
■ Fuentes, AniS.iii'^diM cf ttie Catholic King 
Nt ff»cCV'j:r I..I L:.ndon, aP.<per, inwhx'h, 
b« itches rhc Noiih-.ation 01* hi> Recall, and 
the iXniund of :fic ivccdr.iry t^affporrs "o j;o 
outo; ih:Hin*'& Dominions, heh^s thought 
pri>}xt to er.;^i- iiuo^vliir jus jutl itaifcd be- 
fwetn the two i\->iii:«, a Vhw tom3!:e 
r'i;i: c( Lon.U^n ;»jj't4r as the S* urce of .ill 
i\\c N!ibti'i:uni:> \>I.uh may cmuc ircv ilic 
Ku- ?c'cw'!;>!ih..H !u;«f>er.ed ; Ir L'»^^^^^I^.i: 
N-.'bi^'v iiijv i*^ m.i\'d hv lh£ P*Lljr..ricn, 
xvhuh til* l. vcc J '«•*»; y hj» h.i»i> |:i. .ir<t.J :o 
ni.ikc ♦.» •*!•? K;:".^. tj**':-* !.i"!j:l"h N.- " i-, 
* *• ■.»!■ wli.M: In'c ; ; :'..;v. .:i :! •:'<3. 
Im"'*i' i.-i-rv II. Vi-i.1 ■• '- ■' »-* 
;<> fi 1 V-.eiti • 
a I c .M I'..... ■» 
fwi--:\, ••.;t» 

ini^ I he ti 

i-i r>-'.<.ii:4iion 
, \\ t'lvSp.rii t.-| H.iUj:.i::i :i« 
■, 'V'<;ch, .'■•!* Kx.L-'s.iw.y pti-- 
:■> :<ic Bii'iih l'j\i.riMUr', 
•c'»t of M'a«'kjr..i i .i:;J no:- 
\>c .'"■ r:Til.i.iry a*d !;■..!. w.ri.y 
Ci* J." ri .£•;. let t\;^ rinclj"! \"at:on, >> .■ i: 
c^L'ii tr fcjim "j.'i"- ..'if*; .'• iviij.; U". vv:..*rj 


. •• < 1 .1 . ■•■. 1 


Duty, and of Confidence, are engraved in 
the Hearts of all hisSuhje^; tbefaid Earl 
of Ei;remont, by his Majedy's Order, lay- 
ing afide, in this Anfwer, all Spirit of. De- 
clam.irion and of Harlbncfs, avoiding every 
otfrnhve Word, which might hurt the Digo 
nit y of Sovereigns, witliout (looping to In- 
vefllves ngamfl private Perfons, will con- 
fine himfe-lf ro fafls with the moll fcnipu- 
lou!> Exaflnefs : And it is from this Repre* 
fcntation of Fads, that he appeals to all 
Euiope, and to the whole Univerfe, for the 
Purity of the King's Intentions, and for tbt 
Sincerity of the Wifhes his Majcffty has not 
ccafed to make, as well as for the Modera- 
tion he hasalways fhewed, though in Tain, 
for tlic Maintenance of FriendOiip and good 
Underllanding between the Britifb and Spa- 
niih Nation^. 

The King having received undoiibted In- 
formations, that the Court of Madrid had 
fecreily contra^ed Engagements with that 
of Verfallles, which the Miniflers of France 
laboured to repreieat, in all the Courts of 
Europe, as offen&\-e to Great- Britain, and 
combining thefe Appearances wiili Che Step, 
which the Court of Spain had, a little Timt 
before, taken towaidshis MajeAy, in avow- 
ing its Confvnt (though tliat avowal had 
been fohowed by Apologies) to the Memo- 
rial prefented the a 3d of July, by the Sieiv 
de BufTv, Mini tier Plenipoteatiary of the 
1110ft Chrt/lian King, to the King's St ere* 
tary of State \ and his Majcfty having, af- 
terwards, received Intelhgcnoe, fcarcead« 
mittint: .-> Dcuht, of Troops nsaichins, and 
crinihraiy Picj^irations making in all the 
Po:ts of ^.pain, jtidged that his Dignity, a« 
weil as his Prudence, required him to order 
his Anih.'irjdor dt the Court of Madrid, by a 
Ihrpauh d.ited the aSth of O^lobcr, to de- 
mand, in TcriTiS the mofl meafured how* 
e\ci, jnd £l;^ moil amicable, a Commupt- 
uatiun of I he Treaty recently concluded be- 
tween lU Courts vf Madrid and Verfailles, 
01 at le.i:t 01 the Article^, which might re- 
late ;o I he ln:e:ejls of Gre«t Britain ; and, 
in.'idfr r.« awid every Thing, whibh could 
hi, : hough: to imply the leafl Slight of the 
D..:r..t) . CT cv^n the Dehcacy, of his Ca- 
L?K .c M.ijitly. the Lail rf Briflol was au- 
tre; t cd to «:ont«:iit himfclf with AtTurances, 
;r. CaU' (h.* Cj:!'.o:iC King otfL-red to give 
.jiy, :har the fiia Ent;3c:tments did not 
.. . tjin iry Th.r^^ wii contra ly to the 
*j.«.rr..!'.i . v.*iic!i fubf:/:od between the 
rv ^ C: ^wr>, or prejudicial to the 
I'Ucr,.ii> o: G-i:^': Brit.T.n, fuppcriiig that 
-:\v'ry \v.-;i n.aJc of ll.^wing the 
Tic.iTy. i"i.«- Km? cruH not f.ive a Icfs 
i\ii:v J., jl Pi ocf of i'li) DrpcndaiKC on rhc 


fbr DECEMBER, 1761. 


fEOod Faich of the Catholic King, than in 
Ihewing htm an unbounded.Confidence, in 
Co important an Affair, and which fo efTtn* 
tially in'erefted his own Dignity, the Good 
of his Kingdonu, and CheHappinefs of bis 

How great, then, ^at the King*s Sur- 
prize, when, inilead of receiving the juft 
Safisfadion, which he had a Right to tx> 
ye€t, he leamt from his AmbaflTiftdor, that, 
having addreffed himfelf to the Mintfter of 
Spain for that Pttrpofe, he could only draw 
from htm a Refufal to give a fatisfaftory An- 
fwer to his Majefty's juft Rcquifitions, 
which he had accompanied v^ith Terms that 
breathed nothing bat Haughtinefs, Animo- 
Bty, and Menace; and which fenned fo 
ftrongfy to verify the Snfpicions of the una- 
micable Difpofition of the Court of Spain, 
that nothing tefs than his Msjefty*« Mode- 
ration, and hts Refolotionuken to make 
all the Efforts poflible to avoid the Mixfor- 
tunes iniipparablefrom a Rupture, coti{<i do- 
termtne him to make alaft Trial ; by giving: 
Orders to his Ambaflador to addrefs himfelf 
to the MiniAer of Spain, to defirs him to in- 
form him of the Intentions of the Couit of 
Madrid towards that of^Great-Britain inthis 
Conjun^re, If they had taken Engage* 
ments, or foi'med the Defign to join the 
King*s.Enetnte«in the prefent War, or to 
depart, in any Manner, from the Neutra* 
Lty they had hitherto observed ; and 'to 
make that MiniAer fenfible, that if they 
periiAed in refuting all Satisfaftion on T>e- 
Bands fo juft, • fo neceffary, *nd fo intereft- 
inf , the King could not but confider fuch a 
Rcftital as the moft authentic Avowal, that 
Spain had taken her Part, and that there 
•nly remained for hb Majefty to take the 
Mcafores which his Royal Prudence ihould 
dilate for the Honovr and Dignity of hit 
Crown, and for the Profpcrity and Pfotcc. 
tion of his People : And ^(o vecall his Am- 

Unhappily for ^ public Tranquility, for 
the Intereftof the two Nations, and for the 
^fOod of Mankind, this laft Step was as 
fruitlefs as the preceding Ones 4 the €paniAi 
Miniiler, keeping no further Meafnres, an- 
fwered dryly, *• That it was in that very 
Moment, that the War was declared, and 
the King's Dignity attacked, and that the 
Earl of Briftol might retire how^ and when, 
fee Ihoald think proper.** 

And in order to fet in its true Light the 
Declaration, " That, if the Rcfpeddue to 
hie Catholic Ma)e% had been regarded, 
Expbnations might have been had without 
any Difficulty, and that the Minifters of 
Spain might have Cud frankly, as Monf. de 
£ytDt#s, by the KiDg*i vxprcii Order^ de* 

dares poblickly, that the faid Treaty ?s on* 
ly a Convention between the Family of 
Bourbon; wherein there is nothino^, which 
has the leaft Relation to the preftnt War ; 
and that the Guaranty, which is therein 
fpecified, is not to be undet Aood but of ttie 
Dominions, which (hall remain to France 
after the War :'* It is declared, that, very 
far from thinking of being wanting to tho 
Refpeft, acknowledged to be due to crown- 
ed Heads, the Inftrudions, given to the 
Carl of Briftol, have always been to make 
"the Requiiitions, on the Subje^ of the En- 
gagements betv^een the Courts of Madrid 
and Vei failles, with all the Decency, and 
all the Attehtion podible ; and the Demand 
of a caiegorial Anfwer was not made till 
after repeated, and the moft flinging Refu- 
fals to give the leaft SatisfoAion, and at the 
iaft Extremity ; therefore, if the Court of 
Spain ever had the Defign to give ihis'fo ne- 
eeilary €atisfa^on, they had not the leafl 
Iteafon, that ought to have engaged them to 
defer it to the Moment, when it couM no 
tonger be of Ufe. But, fortunately, the 
Terms, in which the Declaiation is con- 
ceived, fpare us the Regret of not having 
received it fooner ; for it appears at , firfl 
Sight, that the Anfwer is .not at all con<* 
formable to the Demand s We wanted to be 
informed, i/Jhe Court ^f Spsiu intended f 
join the French^ our Bnemiet, t» make War 9m 
Great-Britain , cr to depart frfm their iVinr- 
trality : Whereas -the Anfwer concerns one 
Treaty only, which is faid to be of the X5th 
•f Auguft, carefully avoiding to fay the leaft 
Word, that could explain, in any Manner^ 
the Intentions of Spain towards Great'Bri- 
tain, or the further Engagements they may 
havecontraded in the ptefent Crifis. 

Afrcr a Dedudion, as exa£i as' faithful, 
•f whit has paffed between the two Courts, 
it is left to the impartial Public to decide, 
which of the two has always been inclin- 
ed to Peace, and which was determined on 

As to-the Reft, the Earl of Egremont has 
the Honour to acquaint his Excellency the 
Covnt de Fuentes, by the Kmg*s Order, 
that the neceffafy I'affports for him (hall be 
expedited, and that they will not fail to pro- 
cure him all pofftbie Facilities for his Paffage 
to the Port which he (hall think moft con- 

jtdvici by tmo Mails from Holland and 
one from Flanders. 

Ferfai/fet, Det. a^. The Treaty of Friend- 
ftiip and Union which the King concluded 
with the KJng^of Spain on the jstb.of Au- 
guft 1761, under the Denomination of a 

5 1 1 Family 

79-1- ^ Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

l'Am\]y Convention, the RatificaUons of 9. The Potentate reqoirlnt: m^y fen<fMi« 

whidi wcic cxchans;ed on (lie 8U1 of Sep- or more Conmniilaries, to fee wlicrbcr rhe 

tcmber following, is to be printed agreeably Potentate lequired hitli aflembled the flipv- 

tothe Intention of their Majcflies. Mean- bted Snccouis within the liinited Tinrw. 
ivhiJe it haih been thc^ught pi oper to puhltih 10,11. The Potentate required ihaM hs 

tlie following faithful AbftraCt o< it. at Libcrf y to make only one Reprcfcntation 

on the Cfe to he made of the Soccours for- 

THE Preamble fef $ forth ihc Motives for nilhod to the Potmntc requiring : Thii, 

concluding this Treaty, and the Objrcls of however, is to be undcrftood only in Cai't* 

it. The Motives are, the Ties of Blood where an Enterprize is to be carried into im- 

between the two Kin{;s, and the Sentiments n»cniate Ex«ciir ion ; and not of ordinary 

they entertain for each other. Tlie OhjeA Cafes, where the Power tlut is to fomiflithe 

of it is, to give Stability and Permanency to Succours is obliged or.fy to liold them in 

CliofeDuties which natural ly6owf torn A ffu Readinefs in that Pait of hik Domi- 

rity and Frieodihip ; and to rftablifli a fo- nions which the Power requiring ftuiU Ap- 

lemn and lafling Monument of that rccipro- point. 

L-al Inttred which ought to be ilie bafis of 12, 13. The Demand of Succoort (hall 

the dtfires of the two Monarclis, and of the be held a fuAicient Proof, on one Handj of 

ProfjH-rity of the Royal Families. the neceiTtty of receiving them ; and, on 

The Treaty itfelf contains Twenty-eight the other, of the Obligation to give them. 

Articles. The furniitaing of them (hall not, therefore, 

1. Both Kings will for the future, look be evaded under any pretext j and witbooc 
upon every Power as an Enemy, that be- entering into any difcuffion, the ftipuhted 
comes the Enemy of either. Number of Ships and Land Forces (hall, 

2. Their Majcflies reciprocally guaranty three Months after Requifitlon, be conA* 
all their Dominions, in whatever Part of deied as belonging to this Potentate reqvir- 
the WorM tl)cy are fituated ; but they ex- ing. 

prefsly llipulate that this guaranty (hallex- 14, 15, The Charges of the faid Ship! 

tend only to thofe Dominions lefpedtivtiy and Troops (hall be defrayed by the Power 

of which (he two Crowns (hall be in po(rcf- to which they are fent : and the Power 

fion the Moment they are at peace with all which fends them, (hall hold ready other 

the World. Ships to replace thofe which nuy be loA by 

3. The two Kings extend their Guaranty Accidents of the Scasorof War $ and alio tha 
to the King of the two Sicilies and the In- neceflTary Reciuitt and Reparation for tho 
fant Duke of Parma, on Condition that Land Forces. 

thefe two Princes Guaranty the Dominions 16. The Succours above ftipvlated (hall 

of their moft Chril^ian and Catholick Ma- be con(idered as the leaft that cither of the 

jeflics. two Monarchs (hall be at Liberty to fur« 

4. Tlioui^h thi5 mutual inviolable Guv nifh to the other : but as it is their Intention 
ranty is to befuppi/itf.d with all the Forces that a War declared againft either, (hall be 
of the two King>, their Majeflies h;ivc regarded as perfonal by the other; they 
thought pro;)! r to (ix the Succours which agree, that when tliey happen to be both 
are to hf fi: {\ finifhed. engaged in War againft the fame Eneny or 

5. 6, 7. Thefe Articles determine the Enemies, tliey will Wage it jointly with 
Quiiity and 'Quantify of thefe fii ft Succoui s, their whole Forces ; and that in fuch Ca(es 
which the Power required engages tofurniAi they will enter Into a paiticular Coavcntion 
to the Power requiring. Thefe Succours fuited to Circumftancea, and fettle as well 
ponfiftsof Ships and Frigates of War, ard the refpedllve and reciprocal Efforts to he 
(f l^nd Forcrs, both Hotfe and Fo^^t. made, as their political and military Plant of 
Their Number h determined, and t he Pofti Operations, which fliall be executed by com* 
jind St«tionA to which they are to repair. monConfent and with perfe6t Agreement. 

8. The VV;irs in which France fhali be in- 17, 18. The two Powers reciprocally and 

vclved in Confequcnce of her Engagements formally engage, net to liften to; nor to 

by tilt: T."! a tics of Wc*ftphalia, or other Al- make, any propolal of Peace to theircom* 

liinces, with the Princes and States of monEneinie«, but by mutual Confent ; and 

Germany and the Noith, are excepted frcn in Time of Peace, as well a« in Time of 

the Cafcs in which Spain is bound to furni<h War, to confider the InterelH of the allied 

Succours to Francci unlefs fomc Maritime Crown as their own ; to compenCate their 

power take Part in thofc Wars, or that rcfpc^ive Lolfes and Advantages, and to 

France be attacked by land in li^r own coun- a^ as if the two Monarchieb formed only 

y^f 90c and the fame Power, 


Fbr DECEMBERj 1761: 795 

19, to« The King of Spun contnaf for jai'ws any other PMrer. TheOhjeft of the 
f*>< Kinjc of the two Sicilies, the Engage* reciprocal Guaranty is only thole DomU 
mt nts of this Tieaty , and Promiies to caaiii nton» of which the oontraAing Powers fliaU 
it Co be ratified by that Ptioce } provided he in PoiTeflUm at the Epoch of a geocril 
that the Proportion of the Succours to he Peace* In Ihort, all the Conditions an4 
/umiOied 1^ his Sicilian MMfty, flull be daufesofthit Treaty, in which England if 
r-rt(ed in proportion to his Power. The neither named nor even defigded, haveaot 
f t>rrc Monarchs etigage to Support, on all tht ieaft Connexion with the Origin, th» 
OccaHoM, the Dignity and Rights of their Objca^ or the Events of theprefent War. 
Houle, and thofe of all the Princes defcend* The King of Spain , to give a public Te- 
ed from it. ftimony of the SatisCiAion he received front 

2 1 , 9ft. 1l» other Power hot thofe of the the Conclafibn of this Family Convention^ 

auguft Hoofe of Bourbon Hull be inferted has created the Duke de CSielfeiiil, who IS*- 

w>€ admitted, to acoedtf to the prefent Trea- boured with 16 much Zeal to acoooipliAi 

ty. Their re^dive Subje^ and Domi* this great Work, aOrandeeof 9pni&,aod4 

nions tfiaN participate in the Coonediion Knight of the golden Fleece.** 
and Advaniegee fttiled between the Sove- The Officers of the Troops compoflng Ibn 

reigns, and Hull not doorunderuke any Carrifon of Gibrahar, upon recruiting Ser- 

Thing oodtrary Co the good Underftanding vice in England,' are ordered to embark 

fabfii&ng between them. im Board feme Tranfports bound thither, 

33. The Dreit J*j1mhaht (hall be abo* to join their refpe^ve Corps. Atthcfamn 

Itlhedln Favour of the lolqeds of their Ca- Time Draogbts from Amie mardiing Re- 

tholic mod Sicilian M^jeitiBav who ftaH en- giments are to be embarked to complets 

joy in France the fame Privilege* aa the theRegiffleiits inOanrilbaattbaciaipoilaiig 

Nacivee. The Ftench fhall likewife be Place. 

treated in Spain and the two SicUiea, as the The Oarrffon at Olbrallir oonMs at pre* 

natural bora SobgeQa of thed two Mooar« lent of fix Battalions, and is, we hear, t^ 

chics. be immediately reinforced by the Addition 

e4. The Snhjeda of the three Sovereigns of two more. . A new Governor win foon 

Ihall enjoy^ in their refpeAive Dominions in be appointed. 

Europe, theCime Privikges and Exemptions A LiA of the principal Officers, and Ch« 

ae the Natives. Regiments embarked at Kew-York, on tho 

S5, Notice fliall be given to the Powere^ prefent Expedition, befides the Foraei at 

with whoa the three centn^hig Monarchs Antigua, Guadalupe, and Dombiica, whiek 

havr already conchidcdy or (ball hereafter we hear, are to join in the Weft-Indiea, 
coochide, Treides of Commerce, that the His EjKellency the Hon. Muor-fmni 

Treatment of the French in Spain and the Monckton, Commander inChle£ 

Two SioUiee, of the Spaniards in France Col. Haviland, f 

and two Tvro Sicilies, and of theSidlians Lieut. Col. Grant, VasBfig.Gciierria 

to FVance and Spain, fliall not be cited nor Lieut. CoL Welch, j 

ferve as a Precedent $ it being the Intention Lieut. Col« Derby, Ad}atint«generaL 

of their moft ChriAian, Catholic, andSici* Major Mooeypenny, Qparter-maOer-feildb 
lian M^eftiMy that no other Nation fliall ReoiMftiVTS. 

parrictpate in the Advadtages of their re» 15th, Sir Jeffbry Amherft't. 

Qiedive SobfeAs. lytb, Hon. Gen. Monckloa*a. 

16. The cootra€Hng Parties fluU rocipro« 27th, (Late Lord Bhikeney's.) 

cally dildoic to each othef their AUtances agth, Hon. Gen. Townfliend*!, 

and Negociations, efpecially when they havo ggth, Lieuteanrit General Otway*s, 

rdferenoe Co their common Incerells $ and 40th, Colonel Armiger's, 

their Minifters at all the CoorU of Europe 42d, or Royal Highbnders, two Battalions^ 
OiaJllivo inche gteateft Harmony and matual Lord John Murray's. 

Confidence. 4|d, (Late General |Cen|iedy*s.] 

sy. This Article contains only a Stipule- 4Sth, Major General Webb*s. 

tion oooceming the Ceremonial to be oh- |d| Battalion of Rojral Americans* 
ferrad between the Minifters of France and In all, eleven Battalions. 

Spain, widbresird 10 precedency at foreign It is faid, that bts Saidintan Mjgeily ^111 

Cpuvtft. put in his Claim on the Ifland of Sictfy, 

98. This coiicaifls a Promife to ntiiy Ih* which was'ceded to his Father the Duke of 

Treaty. Savoy, for the great Service he did the AIHet , 

- Soch la, in Sobflance, the Treaty in Que« by tfae Treaty of Utrecht faa 171 3 ; which« 

flion. IfoCeparateor fecret Article is add* however^ he was forced, by thelmpeeia* 
ad CO it. The Stipul4tioni of It cannot pre- lifts. 

796 A Chronological Mctmir of Occurrences. 

lifts, in 1719, to cxchanse for the barren 16. The Office and Title of Lord Chu. 

Ifland of Sardinia. cellor reftored. 

If the perfonal Animofity was not fo ^eat Pondlchei ry taken by the Englifli. 

between the Emprefs Queen and the JCin; 13. The Warwick Eaft-lndU Shiptakci 

of Pruifia, it would be no improbable Con- from the French. 

jefhire^ that a Year or two mixht brins; Al- 25. I'he Felicitc French Frigate deftroyf^ 

liances round to their old Train ) efpecially on the Coafl of Holland, 

^hen wc find France has played the Houfe Feb. 6. 'X he Ele^or of Cologn died, 

of Auftria a Tricky in guflrantyingtheKing 10. The Settlement of Mihie, on the 

of SfMiin's and Napie*s Dominions, to fome Coaft of Malabar, taken by the Englifli. 

of which (he hat a Claim. 13. A general Faflohferved. 

At the Spaniards, by the beft received 1 ^. Five Saxon Battalions taken by the 

Accounts, have invaded, in the moft un}u- Pniffiansin Silefia. 

Aifiable Manner, and contrary to the Law March, The Ajax, Eaft' India Ship ta« 

of all Nations, their innocent, and almoll kenby theFiench. 

defencelefitNeighboun the Portugueze, with 9. An Infurredion at Hexam, in Nor- 

ffio iefs than 3 5*000 Troops, one would thumberland, occafioned by baUoCting for 

think it miclit make fome of our neutral Militia- men. 

Neighbours fearful, left the French, in Imi- 19. The King wenttnthe Houieof Pem, 

tation of their r»cw Ally, (hould aA in the and put an End to the Seffioo of Parlia- 

iame Manner by them. oient. 

It is faid that the liland of Minorca was 20. Th^ Pailiament was diilbWed. 

§3rivatcly ccdtd to the Spanianis by the Earl of Halifax appomied Lot d Uewt. of 

-Court of France, fo long ago as November Ireland, 

laft. '^t^^i I - The Orlftamme Man of War ta- 

A Whale, meafuring 63 Feet in Lep;;th, ken from the French. 

iwas caft in at the Sandhills, two Miles from a. A P^rty of Imperial Troops defeated 

Nairn in Scotland. by the PrufTuiu. 

A large Whale was drove aftiore on the The Bertme Eaft India Ship taken from 

ifland Ttxcl the iSth Inrtant, being 53 Feet the French. 

«nd a HaH long, t6 Foet in Hci<ht, and 14 3. A l>«c}aration figned at London onthe 

feet in Breadth \ it had si Teeth in its un- Pai^ of the Kings of England and Pioffu, 

4lcr Jaw, which wa& (wo Ftct and a rialf relating to a Negociatkm for Peace-, 

ihorter than the uppjrOne^ each Tooth 19. Mourning foi King George 11. cad* 

was as large as a M.-tn's Aimn*-ai the Wrill ; ed. 

•t produced 4c Quintals of Bluhhcr. May iq. New Parliament metaCWeA- 

a6. The Corpfc of J«'fhua WarrJ, Efq; mmfter, ard were prorogued, 

was, purfuant to his Will, private y int«.r- 16. IrftalUricn of the KnighCa of the 

red, facing Camden*s ^7rnumcnt in Well- Bath, ful'.ninizcdat WeAminfter. 

niniler-abbcy. about go'Clixik. Ambaliador arrived in London, firom Al- 

From the private Accounts of Dr. Ward, gietc. 

it evidently appenrs, that he annually ap. 31. M. de Bu0y arrived in London, and* 

plied 3000I. to charitable Ufes, and lefr but Mr. Stanley at VeilaiUts, to negooiafie a 

26,ocol. at hi» Death. 1 cace. 

31. The Baggage of thcSpaniHi Amb.if. y:tKc 6. Dominico taken bytheEnglUh. 

ladcr v;-as carried from his fl'-ufe in Suhtv. 7. Be lie l(^J taken -by the Englifli. 

Square to the Cudom-houfe Quay, and was 1 3. The bt. Anne, a Frcndi Man of Wai^ 

/ent dovKi the Aiver to be put on Board a talc en. ^ 

Ship bound for Spain. July 14. The Achillea Man of War, and 

fiouffon Fri«;ate taken from tlie French. 

if Cji-ronologic At. In-dxx to the Eve fits 1$. Fifteen Tovimt of Uie Cherakee In* 

of tie Test 1761. dianSy.^leAroycd by Col. Grant. 

16. The alhed Army defeated thte French 

Jan, 4. T?OUR Engliih Men of War were at Kirchdenkern in Weikphalia. 

J/ loft in the Eaft Indies. jing, 6. A Party of PruOians were rcpul- 

.7. The Vtftal Frigate taken from the fed by the Swedes in Pomerania. 

French. 1 5. A Treaty of Marriage (igned between 

10. The Bnine Frigate taken from the his Majefty and the I'rincefs Charloue of 

French. Mccklenburgh-Strelitz. 

15. The MogpKs Troops defeated by the A Body of 1 2,000 Aufti ians were defeat- 

CngUfh. ed by Uie King of Pruifia in Silefia, 


For DECEMBER, 1761. 797 

The Cttortgeux Man •£ War taken from 9. The Earl of Egremont appointed S«- 
Ike French. cratary of State. 

sS. Parliament RWt» and were prorogued. 18. Admiral Rodney failed with a Fleet 
Sef>t,%, Princcfs Charlotte of Mecklen- fromPortfmooth. 
biir$ arrived in London at three in the Af- ai. The new Parliament of Ireland wa« 
terrwion, and at Tea at Night, was efpott- opened. 

fed to the King. 24- £mbden taken by the French. 

17, A Body of 4000 Rnfliaot defeated by Trcptow in Pomeranja taken by the Rof- 


Nov, 3. The Parliament met^ and chofe 
a Speaker. 

19. Gen. Monckton failed from New— 
York, on an Expedition to tb^Wcft-In- 

Dec, T. A Confpiracy to fieze the KittS 
of PruiTia difcovered: 

. a. The Ad for the Q|ieen*s Oowry was 

.XI. The Englidi Mimfler left the Conit 
of Madrid. 

30. The Sfianifh Ambafladnr preparing to 
(et off from England, 

a Detachment o/Prafiians. 

19. The Raffiana were repulfed before 

ax. The Coronation of King George and 
<^een Charlotte was folemnized in Weft- 

23. Peace figaed with the Cherokcetat 
Chai les-town. \ 

95. M. de BufTy left England. 

Oa. I. Schweidnitz uken by the Au- 

5. Mr. Pitt re6gned the Seals. 

6. The Lord Ueutcnent of Ireland arrived 
at Dtthha. 


The Prince of which the Princcfs of Kaf- 
faU'Wetlbi^urg was brought to-bed the izth 
Inftant, was carried on Sunday the zoth, 
without Ceremony, to the great Church at 
the Hague, where the Prince his Father prc- 
fenred hiraattheFont, andhewasbaptiicd 
by the Namea of William- Lewis-Charlips, 
having for Godfathers the Duke of Cumber- 
land, and the reigning Princes of Na(r4U- 
UCngeo and NaOau Saarbruck; and for 
Godmothers, the Hnnccfs Amelia of Eng- 
Iand« the reigning Landgravine of Hcfle- 
CaiTel, the Princeffes Mary and Jane of 
Naflaa-Diefz, and tbe<:oQni^s of Lippe- 
OetmoU. born Princef* of Naflau-Weii- 

A PoatCw^in'r Wife, of Northwich in 
Che/hire, was brought to bed of tliree Boys ; 
Ale was delivered of two other Children' 
within Ids than twelve Months. 

Tlie tady of Lord Vifcount CanUlupe, a 

The Lady of the Right Hon. the Earl of 
Denbigh, a Son. 

The Wife of Mr. John Canner, of Mel- 
ton Mowbray in Lieceft'er, • Son, in the 
50tb Year of her Age, wl!o had not had a 
Cbikf for 20 Years. 

15. Lady Norths in Grofvenor-ftreet, a 



Dee. ry. Chafin Edghill, Efq; to Mrs. 
Hippcn, a Widow Gentlewoman, at Bri- 

ao. Edw. Howell Shepherd, Efq; to Mift 
Eliz. Jane Perce, of Leicefier-fields. 

aa. Ambrofc Awdry, Efqj of Scynd in 
Wiltfhire, to Mifs Dclrae, of Stoke in that. 
County, an agi-eeabJe Lady with a Fortunn' 
of X2,oool. 

14. Bcnj. Jones, Efq; at St. John's Weft- 
minfter, to Mifs Franklin, of Downing- 
ftrect, Wcftminfter. 

Gilbert, Efq; at the Wardrobe,* 

to Mifs Philips, the young Lady who had 
the lo.ooot. Prize, which Ticket was made 
her a Prefent by the faid Gentleman. 

27. Abraham Chambers, Efq; to Mifs 
Ja(nes of Fleet, flreet, 


The Hon. Capt. Stuart, Brother to the 
Earl of Murray, in Germany. 

] %, The Countefs Dowager of Pomfret, 
at Marborough, aged 63. 

Lady Lydia Corbet, of Duke-ftreet, St. 

19. Theodore Jackfon, at Knightibridge, 
Efq; ' 

Mrs. Sarah Archer, Widow, at Bezhill, 
SoflTcx, in the 95 Year of her Age, whofe 
Hqfband was an Officer in King Charles I Id* s 
Reign. - 

2,0. Stephen Jarvis, Efq; fuddenly at his 
Houfe in May-fair. ^ 

The Right Hon. James King, Baron 
Ktngiion, of the Kingdom of Ireland, and 
one of his Majedy'i mod Honourable Pnvy 

ai. Dr. 

798 A Chrm ologkal Memoir of Occurrences^ &c. 

%\, Dr. Wiiti, at hit Hoitre nt Whiee- 
Ball, hit Corpfe was interred in Weftmin- 

Dr. Samuel Leg{( Samber, in the 8t Year 
«f Ms Age, at Salilbury. 

Lady Francis Coartnay, at Batb^ Siiler 
to the Earl of Aybford. 

•»— Dawfon, E(q; at Vauxhall, fo fud- 
denly, tlut he had onJy Time to commani- 
CMe the Secret of making Plate- glafs. 

%^, Col. Petham, of the Guarda, fiid« 

9t3, Randolph Home, Efq; i|tChertfey. 
25. W. Fetherfton, A^ent to the Earl of 

The Rer. Mr. Geo. Riplty, Redor of 

Thackfton, in Norfolk. 

Rev. Mr. James Lock, M. A, to the 
Re€tory of Skm-whittle, in Wtkt. 

The Rev. Dr. Brown, Author of tfaeET- 
fay on the Charaderi^a, Archdeacon of 
NorthumberlaAd • 

The Rev Mr. Fiftier, M. A. to the Rec- 
tory of Duxford, m the Dtocefe of Ely. 

The Rev. Sam. Hyde, tA the Redorjr of 
Salcombe, in the County of Soutfaamptoo. 




a6. Tb^ Hon. Mift Mary Sidney. 

27. SirC^iljpOafcoyne, Efqs atbisCoun- 
try Seat in Eflex. 

The Hon. James PtHiam, Efq; of Crow* 
hnrft, in Su£iex. 

Ciwl and MUitary Preferments^ 

Mr. Bintey, appointed Secretary to the 
Commiffionenof Exctik. 
' Chriftc»her Dof ly, Efq; to he Secretary 
and.flrft Clerk to the War- office. 

Tho. BradOiaw, Eiq; removed from 
thence to be fird Clerk of the Treafury. 

Mr. Pratt, is appointed Lord Chief Ju- 
fHce of the Common -pleat, in the Room of 
the late Sir John Willet. 

Mr. York; is appointed Attorney- gene- 
ral^ in the Room of Mr. Pratt. 

BccUJiMfiieal Prefermtntu 

The Rev. Rd. Jackfon, M. A. to the 
Redory of Diddledon, in Cbeihire. 

The Rev. Mr. Brarowell, Redor of Sun- 
derland, in Durham, to the Redory of 
Hurworth, in the (arae bounty. 

Rd, Jackibn, M. A. to tho Redory of 
Dodleftone, in the Diocefe of CbeRer. 

Dee, 19. John WakelWrd and Thooui 
Standait, of London, Sugar rcflntrs. 

Jofeph Chofley, kuof Fenchurch-Arest, 
London, Linen*Klraper. 

William Hewitt, of Newgate-ftreet, Lon- 
don, Warehonfeman. 

21. Thomas Knox, of BriAsly Merchant, 
and Partner with James Clark, late of the 
fame City, but now Refidcnt in Virginia, 

Thomas Brabin, lata of SaliflMiry* court, 
Fleet-ftreet, Vifbulter. 

«£• Philip Benfon, of Galnibonwigh, 
Lincolnfliire, Wbafo-bonte Cotter and Mer- 

AnnRedmtin, of Whitn-chappel, MM- 
dkfex, Cheefemonger. 

James Stephen, of Poote, Dofffetfliirs» 

Henry Sheward, of Stoney-^ane, Tard^ 
bigg, Waiwick, Chapman. 

Prances Hooper, Widow, and Tohn Hoo- 
per, of Trowbridge, Wilts, lAnholdsf«| 
Vintners, and Copartners. 

29. Henry Jay, of the City of Norwich, 

Richard Airey, of Kiog*s AnBs*YanJ, 
Coleman ftre^, London, BfahckweQ-lMdl, 

John Thorpe, of Hailflum, in 

( 799 ) 

Mifcellaaeous Correfpondence, 

in Profe and Verfe. 

For J ANU ARY, 1762. 


Mathematical Questions Anjwered. 

^iftion 358, anfwerid hy Mr. Chrift. Smith, r/*Sunbury. 

lUT r for the Ractivs of the Be^m («} for the Number of Rounds in an Inch (*} for ♦!*« 
wtiule Number of Rounds, and (f ) for the CircumCcrenuc of a Circle vcrhofe Radiua 

h !• Then - r: Breadth of a Round, and it is evident that the Radii to each fucce.Tive 

Koand are in arithmetical Progrcfncn increating by the common Difference of—, but ths 

CircomfereDces of Circles are as their Radii, the.tforc the Length of each fucccfnvc Roun 1 
will be in arilhmtiical FrogrefBon. Now it i» as 1 : 7 : : r : r^ 2= ibe fiift Round, an^l 

Mi:fj:r+-.:' 2L. r: thclaft Round : .-. - - X. s zn — XfJ = 

Hie Lensrii of the whole Number of Rounds, the Theorem required. Now to apply this 
Theorem to the Qucflion propofcd, we haver 3: 5, « = a?, « = »io* f = 6,1X3186, 

mdthea _ x f * =r 1722,7139 Inches, or 151 Yards, c Feet, 9,4278 Inches. 

IF. r/. R. 


This ^Hf/fian was affi nlfioered by Mr. T. Bofworth, Mr. T. Rirker, Mr. S. Beeken, 
i^Tonrhu, and t bey 'all agree with each other 'very neatly \ but Mr. Draptf, tbePropftr, 
fnmiffd an Attfwer^ tahich is n^t yet come to Hand. '*,. 

^ejlim 359, anjwered by Mr. Tho. Barker. 

FIRST, 3.H2678I* X 16 tV-= 166 the Height of the 
Steeple, and- Spire rogetlier, which call a, and let a* 
r AC the Stesple*s Height, alfo y = Sine of the Angle 

Be A 5 then v/«*^+**l =AEr: "^ , per^-^th 
E. r. and Trigonometry. 

tf — IX X y 

per thj 

A'ain, \/a «i* — jf»| z: D E n 

above Theorems (r being zz Sine oC the Angle C E D, or 
Ike An^le the Mm was f«cn under}. 



800 Mijcellaneous Correfpondence^ 

Now J r^/1— ^ —V wbencebrSabfl. \/idi— .x>|= ; ... 

ac. SoWed, givca« = 75.6, then 151.* Feet u ili« Height of (be Steeple, «nd t4.ltli i= 
Spire'tHeiiht, &c. 

TW< i5.f/<n w« <;/. (■/iMf'fiJ ij Mr. Chrift. Smith, «r. T. Vjwbw, Tontbr, 
dxJ ^ tbt PnfiiftT, Mr. J. LauDderL 

^Jiian 360, anfiutrtdhj Mr. T. Bof*orth. 

LET ABC be (he Triangle, in vhicb i» given BC =: 11, AC ;n 

= »o j dr»w B D Perpendicolir to A C. t hen will ROtz "-^ 

^•—-^ - M.6, ind (;.^47. E. 1.) DC = v/iTl* - TTSl'] ^^_\^ 

= 16. S, whence AD = 3.*, and A B = / .» Jl ~ D C 

I J Fold. 

rhit Siarfllen wti elfi awfmrrij h Utr.Ctu'iH. Smith, ToiWhn, 3fr. T. VmuW, 
*"J iy (i( Pr./i./fr, Mr. J. AlUnglon. 

^a^jOT 361, fl»/«w«/ i/ Tonthu, 

LETr = R.d.GB=CA. 
AP = 4=:a, CP = r — «| 
BT = 5 — i, CT=r+A, Then, fr fimilar 
Triinjief, CB(0 : C P (r — <) : ;CT (r + i) ;CA 
{r), when ce >» — r — aXr + i = '-» + ir — »f — 
*i. And i — a X'' ^ «4 ~ (beciuft i — a ^ 1) 
r =: 10 ihe Ridiai, And T C = ij ihe Sec. Alfo 

V^^TT — »V1' = v^4iX 5 = v/9 X »! = 3 X 5 

— 15 the Tangent, Then from theTibleis (bund the Num- ,. _ 

ber of Degrees anfwering to the Ten. 7.5,nrSet. li.ji, ' ^ 

(oiling Rjd. 10], vis. AS — iSt t»' 11" 39'" — 36,?6o90j7 j then 36.S649:a]7X 
'017451*9 X 10= 11.S697 the liengrbof the Arch. (See Scii. pig 31, £mtr. Trig.) 

Ttit Slgrfiin -wai elft e<ijmrti ij A&. T. Bufwoith, Mr, T. Birker, end Mr.T. 

New Questions to be anfajered. 

Q^ieflioii 370. 
By Mr. Probert, /« Spiral- fields. Queftion 371. 

»>■ Mr. Tho. Harris. 

LET i' Vr required to find Ihrw fuch 
wh'.le Nu:o1kis, that Hie Exctfs of * Man left liii Son and Daughter! Piece 
lUcsreaiill ilinve the middle N'omber, (lial! £\ of Giound bounded hy an AhfcllfJ, 
1 1 Curve whofe En«»- 

cr, (hat till Cufc of theSon't Part, niulii- 

in PROSE and VERSE. 8oi 

plied by the Daughter's, is a Maximum. Length zz 45000 : Quef7 the Dimention of 

Query each Child's Part when the AbfcilTar that whofe Content is a Maximnm ? 
is ^ xo Chains ? 

Qucftion37a. ' Jt^'r^V^' 

r. M^ ^ 5; Mr. D. Dunn. 

By Mr, Tho. Barker. ^^ ,„ . ^ . .. ,>. , u o .. 

TTfH AT IS the Diameter of that Sphere 

OF all the Calks of the Arft Variety, VV whofe Solidity and Area of irs c(reat« 

whofe Leni;th is double the Head, eft Circle may be exprefled by the fame Fi- 

and &e£U0gIe of the Bung^ Head« and gures ? 


I&eve as afual fent you Mr Obfervations, which I can aflure you are taken with as much 
Care a« jKdible, and no Pains fpared to make them corred : And am in Hopes they 
will excite^Mne other of yourCorrefpondcnts, to follow our Example ; as good Obferva* 
tions are of much more Utility than Computations. I remainj 

NetPp9rt^ Sbro^/bire^ Tour bumble Strvant, 

y*<«. ix» 1762. B^ Talbot. 


at Newport, Shropibire. 

D. H. ' " 

Jm. 16 £ 6 30 (Nearly, it being cloudy) the Star 2 «, near Me- 

haran^ was occulted by the Moon. 
Z 47 1 5 The Emerlion very exadl. 
Fih* 9 5 46 CO The Star f K was occolted by the Moon, donbt- 

ful to a Mifittte or two. 
9 6 54 45 The Emerfibn every exadl. 
J£f^ 8 9 34 25 A n was occulted by the Moon; the Emerfioi 

was iqIi 29', or 30', being a litde doubtful. 
June 5 20 10 5 The Planet runu began to emerge from the Sun's 

5 ;^ 28 8 Was the total Emerlion. S 's neareft Approach 

to the 0'sCent. 10' 00". 
Jill* 7 JO 45 00 The 1^ Satellite of Jupiter imroerged; a little 

11 10 53 4^ The Star 0* $ immerged behind the Moon very 

exadl, Emerfion could not be (een. 

30 10 57 30 Immerlion, ift Satellite doubtful, being a little 

Sift. 8 10 18 45 Immerfion, 2d Satellite, veryexa6t. 

15 9 19 00 Immerfion, id SateUite, but doubtful, being fo 

near l(^s Body. 
24 8 3 00 Emeriion, Ditto, (his is alfo doubtful, as being fo 

near 7(. 
O^. ai <i 39 45 Immerfion, 3d Satellite, the Emerfion not feen 

for Clouds. 

31 12 1% 30 Emerfion, i ft Satellite^ Teryexaf^. 
Hfiv* 4 10 19 25 Ennerfion, 2d Satellite, veiy exa^. 

5 K 2 Now. 




MlfceUaneous Correjp^ndencey 

The Star t zz was occulted by the Moon. 

Emeriion of Ditto 

The other fmall Star near it immerged. 


Nearly, the Moon's North Limb pafled 3' 24" 

South of >f . 
Etncriioov 2d Satellite, very exa6l. 
Emerfion, ill Satellite J 1 ^ or%nA 
Emerfion, ift Satellite 5 g^^*^* 
Nearly, the Star m SI emerged from the Moon, 

being foon after the Moon's Rifing. 
1 4 Third Satellite began to emerge. ^, 
Emerfion, 2d Ditto. 
Emerfion, id Ditto. 
Total Immerfion; 3d Ditto. 
It began to emerge. 
Emerfion, i ft Ditto. 
Emerfion, ill Ditto. 
The 2d Satellite not emerged, being very dew 

till that Time : It then grew cloudy till 6** 58', 

when it was emerged. 











. 8 






















































good Obferv. 

I Have alfo fent you a Catalojr<je of theEcIipfes of JupUer^% Satellites that will be vifiW^ 
in England^ in 1762, which I have calculated from new Tables I have lately coo- 
(lru£led, which ai^reed hft Year with die Obftrvations that were well niade, better tjun 
1 expcf^e^, efprciaily ilie zd SateUite. 

N, B, There was a mfrtakc in the Anomaly of one of the Equations of the td Satelliti 
hit Year, which occafioned jt to differ from the Obfiervations ; but, it is hoped, the W' 
lowing CataloKue will be found corredl, which it you pleafe to infert at a convenient Op« 
pJrtunity, will oblijje Toursp B. Talbot. 

Apparent Time at GreentvUh, 1762. 



h ' '# 


d h • " 


d h ' " 




5 19 47 



II 12 27 30 

I. I. 


16 15 27 30 

I. a. 


6 29 

E. 3. 

18 14 20 55 

I. I. 

18 6 58 37 



9 4* 3 


2S 16 14 22 

I. I. 

18 13 8 51 

I. I. 


7 12 3* 

E. I. 


3 »a 37 

T. I. 

20 7 48 

1. I. 


9 5 57 

£. I. 

8 la 56 47 


as 9 4 »3 



5 28 18 




15 31 3 E.2.51 

II 1 31 




6 36 10! K. a. 

10 14 31 40 

I. I. 

25 15 5 3 I I. 


7 22 48, E. 1. 

13 10 48 a8 


27 9 34^ >9 

I. I. 


4 3 4 I- 3-7 

6 29 J4. E.3-S 

15 15 34 II 



a 13 S 40 



17 16 27 2 

I. I. 

15 5 



5 4a 8 E. I. 

19 10 55 50 

f. I. 

17 a »5 

I. I. 



7 59 E.I. 

20 J 2 47 29 


4 10 II a 




6 19 14 


14 49 »9 

4 " 31 31 

I. I. 


6 1 52 

E. I. 



26 12 51 36 

2 10 i I 9 

I. I. 

f 4 

9 17 11 a4 


I. a. 

. 1 

t. z. 

II iz 50 33 



»5 51 4 

I. I. 

1 H 47 37 


«3 »7 5 




14 M 47 

I. 1. 

4 9 >6 39 

1. 1. 

«3 7 56 5 




13 14 3«jI-2- 

9 '* 49 '9 



18 IS aa 53 

1. 1. 


12 3a js'l. 3.^ 

9 t6 43 31 

I. I. 

i >5 a9 49i». *• 


14 38 44 

l£- 3- S 


11 II 12 36 

I. I. { 

lao 9 S' 45 

U. 1. 


• ^oth thefe Fbafei ir.a'S \it UuiVj \>jLCti9i&>axNtti&iOiw&'lii85>5»\t^* 


tn ? ROBE and VERSE. 



h ' " 




17 18 9 

1. I. 


11 46 $1 



7 «3 9 

E. 3. 



IS 49 SO 



10 18 ic 

E, I. 

IX 39 4 



11 i4 19 



ta 12 3S 


15 16 47 



6 40 59 


15 15 la 

£. 3. 


4 34 4' 




d h ' " 

Phafet 1 

d h ' " 


19 14 6 «o 



14 8 39 00 


21 8 33 16 

E. 1. 

18 4 14 57 


13 7 IT 9 


19 16 2 59 


16 15 58 50 


20 9 19 27 


V8 10 26 53 


II 9 15 


30 4 54 49 


II 10 31 2 


9 47 10 


23 4 58 42 


5 12.19 la 


25 6 50 45 


7 6 47 '3 


27 13 19 35 


IS 23 28 


xi t2 23 9 


12 14 II 6 


JO 6 50 55 


13 5 20 59 
7 10 55 


ODE y^r/Af New Year, 1762. 

i?jrW, Whitehead, Efy\ Poet Lau^ 
reai^ andfet to Mufic by Dr. Boyce, 
Mafier of the Kings Band of Muji^ 
€9 ems, 


GOD of flaughter, quit the fcene^ 
Lay the creftjd helmet by j 
Love Gom'r.ands, and beauty's queen 

Roles the pow'r wl.o rules the flcy. 
yanuSf with wdl-orr.rnM grace. 

Mounts the year's revolving car, 
And forward turns b s fmiling f.^oe, 

Axid lon^; to cloie the gates of war. 
Enough of ^Icry ^^iicr. knows ■ 
Come, ye powers of fwect repoff. 
On do«ny p>n:ons move \ 
Let ^)C war-worn legions own 
Your gentler fway, and! from the throne 
Receive the 1 jws of love ! 
Yet, if jnflice ftUi requires 

Reman arts, and Ronuin fouls, 
Br.uj'n trra'"hcs her wonted fires. 
And her Vr anted thunders roUi. 
Added to cur fairer ifle, 

G^'I:a mourns her bulwark gone: 
Con^ueil pays the the price of toil ; 

Either L.eiia is our o%^n ! 
Ye funs of frerdom, g.Tifp the fword. 
Pour, ye rich, th* imprlfon'd hoard. 
And teach it Low to fhine, 
Each ieifiih, each contraded aim, 
'1 o glory's ir.ore exalted claim 
Let ittzory relign. 


You too, ye Britijb dames, may (hare, 
U not the toils, and dangers of the war, 
At leaft its glory. From the haitUk fhore. 

From iR»ff/Vi^ virtue's native home. 
Fraught with the talcs of ^ntient lore, 

BcKold a fair ioffa-uflrefs come ! 

When the fierce • female tyrant of the north 
CUim'd ev'ry realm her conquering arms 
could gain. 
When difcord, red with Haughter, tfiuiof 
Saw jtlbert ftrvggling with the vidtdr's chain. 
The fiorm beat high, and ihook the coai^ 

Th'exhauftcd treafures of the land 
Could fcarce fupply th^ embattled hoft, 

Or pay the infulting foe's demand. 
What then could Beauty do ? f She gvre 
Her treafur'd tribute to the brave. 
To her own foftncfs ioin'd the manly hear^ 
Suftain'd the foidier's droo-;ing arms. 
Confided in her genuine chartiu. 
And yielded every ornament of art. 
— Wc want them not. Yet, O ye fair. 
Should Gallia, obftinately vain. 
To her own ruin urge defpair. 
And brave th* acknowledg'd mafieiB of tht 

Should (he, through Ungring years protraCt her 
Through fees of blood to her deftmdktt 
Say, could ye feel the generous call. 
And own the fair example here pourtray*d f 

Doubtlefs ye could. The royal dame 
Would plead her dear adopted coontiy^ft 
And each indignant breaft onite iti 
To fave the land of liberty and laws. 

* Margaret de Waliemar, cemmonhf eaOti 
the Semiramis of the North. 

f In the year 1395, the ladies of Mecklen* 
burgh, tofuffort their Duke Albert*! freteHjuie$ 
to the crown of Sw^en, and ta redetm him 
^ffhen be tuas taken frifoner, gave up etll their 
j^oeUto the publick ; for which they afterwards 
rScei'ved great emolunutttt and privileges, farti* 
cularly the right effucceffion infiefi : which had 
before btcn appropriated to males oi/y. 


Mtjiedaneous Correjpondence^ 

The 3d Chapter tf Habakkuk /tf- 

LORD! 1 have heard thy vnce, and who 
cm be 
UntcochM with ibnows at the tuft decree ? 
Opprtffivt chaint afc oon aixi inftant woe, 
So he ar^n has deftin'd : — and it moft be io, 
Tcicb QS to bear th* appointed term of pain, 
Atid without monmin drag the penal chain. 
**Till thoo, inwhoie prote£tion lies our ftrength^ 
Henotnce thy judipnents^ and art calm at 

length : 
And ftiatch from all it% tiwr a favVite race, 
Whelm'd in the daft, and ob)e£!s of difgrace. 
Then ihahthoa fhine in all the blaae of pow*r, 
Xffulgent, as on that aofpicioos hour ! 
When high in rehkle of lambent fbme^ 
Trom rcaknt of light the prince of thundcn 

came ! 
Cn ?mraw% facretl motmt th* Eternal itAt^ 
AnA Trmaa^s founding fummits felt the Co4f 
When lo ! by his eztenfive terrors aw*dy 
Kin worlds above, and worMi below J^plaad. 
Jk ftream of luin all annmd he caft. 
Such Uiftre as tm thu/faad funi furpafs^d. 
From his dread eyes refiftlefs light" nings fliot, 
Ami on his arm omnipotence was wrote : 
Myriads of wing*d difinles roond him wait, 

' An4 peftilenct and death augment the ftate. 
Sul^imc he ftocd» and meafur'd at a gbnce, 
tach diflaot comer of the earth*s expanie. 
Whole nations fcattcr*d at his dreadful look { 
Stt&ng holds, and everlafting mountains ihook* 
Deep groan the vales, th* affli£led hiUocks nod. 
So fure his ways, (b awful marched the God ! 
The tents of Ov/S^tfjr in diArefs I faw, 
And Midian trembled with exceflive awe. 
Soy, was thine an^ twn'd againft the feas» 
Or could the rivers in their courfe difpleafe ? 
Why did eurtioi) his chaoot-force proinde, 
And on his horfcs of Sah/ation ride ? 
Why did our Goo his naked bow ftilbkin } 
And with a Fiat cleave th* obedient main } 
The inmoft caverns of the earth unlock, 
And call forth waten from the foften*d sock > 
The memorable time was then at hand. 
To lead hisJfroiJ to the promised land. 
Jor this the currents ilart bcfide their beds. 
And bending forefts ihake their palfy heads : 
Struck with furprize the ocean fends its, 
Italuppliant hands axe ftretch*d towards the 

Iv*n the pak Moon ftood paler with difmay, "1 
The fun aftoniih*d, halted on his way, > 

And uonder/d at the flanghter of the day f y 
Jor this, in qinnteilence of might, the God 
Marched onward, and ix^ignant flew abroad. 
The heathen fell in undiftinguifh^d heaps. 
And blood and dcfolation mark'd his fteps* 

JTcr this his people thro* the deep he led^ 
^cpr inviolate th* atnointed head. 

Forward they nilh*d, like whirlwinds, t* uir 

The poor.— The poor lAs iaTe, forCol 

vras there: 
He who the ftorms in doe fabje€Bon keeps. 
Rides on the de/ttge, and dircAs the deeps. 
Soon as the oiacle.of G on foretold 
The fate that Sion long deicrved of old. 
Oh ! with what tears my confeiovs ibnl vas 

Whet briny fweat from ev*ry poic £(KII*d ! 
For moch I feared the fk^nge foe to prate, 
Fix*d to revenge, and deiKtnte of bve. 
What tho* the £g-tiee ihall no UoSSbm 

No fruit the yineyard, and no crops the fidd» 
What tho* ungrateful to oirr utrooft tml. 
The withered olive flint its psomis^d oil, 
Tho* loathibme murrains on oor kine befall. 
Depopulate the fold, and thin the Aall > 
Tho* all around in anarchy be bud,*d. 
Thy church fhall ftand jmxdA the bmftbg 

'Till heaT*n*s Supreme his own deA rckafi^ 
And all be fix*d repoie, and all eternal peace! 
y<ia. 13, 176X. C Haydui. 

Winter, a Poem. 

optima fm^tfue dks wuferis nmtaHkit ^oi 
Prima fugit : jubeunt warkiy trifjmffue jtmRut 
£1 UbtTj et durge rapit iudtrntmia mtrtti, Vu. 

AH, cheerlcfs Winter i sow thy ixttsoi 
Spreads defoladon over all die plains ; 
See the fad groves in hoary gannents ftuid^ 
And all around a moumfui face retains : 

See the rough cattle hang their drooping heads ^ 
See the iad cowherd ihake as with difmay. 

How icy cryftals hang yon.ftraw^built iheds. 
And £»s of mud o'csipread the pnthleia way. 

Lftte with fait Claty as I chearful ftray*d 

Where gentle Lcc glides, fmcoth his oyfbi 
While red' rung S§1 his farewe) look tS»j6, 
And Mungum billi withheld his hafly beams; 


Well I cetain how glad ea(>i profpeA fieen*d^ 

How ev'ry field iti gayefl liv*ry wwe. 
From ev'ry part wide fpicading comfbct 

And ev*ry reptile plcafing arpe£l bore ; 

How did the bflfds their lavifh ibnnets yield. 
How did the vales return' the chearful knsA ^ 

While befl perfumes, uprifing from the field. 
Kind Zepbyn bore, and Arcw'd on all a- 

in PROSE 4ind VERSE. 


Tke pUjfi} fifli paitook the genital charm ; 
Tbe nimhle fwaUows ikim*4 the ccyibl 
Each ooMtr Ivcaft did joyt (jpooCuieoiM wann, 
Aodia fmootfa oincou flowM the healthful 

Aiftrenratoofaaftyy thosflyanoorjoyty \ 
*Tis hppe alooe that keeps the bofiiin vrana, 

EdKfa fttCtat comfort dilbontent deftmys, 
*Tiil oKoiory hriags hack ihe loyely form. 

Thus blooming yovd^ flies quickly to decay. 
Forced to Ibbinit to tiise'e conffimxag haad, 

JLad age iticlf at Uft muft roU J«ray $ 

All hoiv alike fio death*s more Aem com* 

H*pf7 Ae rnaoy who fhai bts cvly day, 
la youth*! wide giaoaxy, hoaidt the richeft 


Whofe feet fecuvely ticad tbe diomy way, 
Whde bonoteous hands reach UeffingB 60a 
the poor. 

Whom Ctarity o^eifpreads with kind <domatOy 
Who hnmau frailty gives a pitying tear. 

In whole miU boibm fuch oompaiffions reign. 
That otber*adaqg» yield to him a fiear : 

Him youth*« paft profpeQ fhall afford delight. 
No riiing pang its terrors fluil diicloie ; 

Calm and iccurc^ at death's approaching qight 
He gCBtij to>pSj to take hjs fweet repofe. 


Psalm CIIL 

A Wake my (bul, awake my tongue, 
jtx. ^f ^^ dcnuads the grateful ibog| 
JLet^l my inmod powers record 
The- wood*rDus mercy of the LordL 

Divinely fitec, hit mercy flowt, 
ForgzTCS my crimes, allays my woet. 
And bids approaching death renxnre. 
And csDwns me with indulgent lore. 

He fills my longing foul with good, 
Subftantial blifs! immortal food ! 
Vooth iiniles renewM in a^ive prime;. 
And triumphs o*er the pow'r of time* 

In him the poor oppreft /hall find 
A frieod almighty, juft and kind ; 
His glorious a^, his won<(*rous wayt^ 
'BjM»Jes uught^ procUiia his praiict 

How fiee his plentieoofl mercies flowt 
But his reloAant wrath how flow ! 
He chides, but fooD his fmile retumi^ 
Nor long his dreadful anger bums. 

How fiir beyond ter vile defeits. 
In ev^ry gin, his hand imparts I 
High as the bright expanded ikiei^ 
His vail unboanded mercies riie, 

As dii^nt as creating powV 
Has fix*d the eift and weflcm (hore| 
So far our numerous crimes remove^ 
At the fweet voice of pardoning love* 

The tendered yearning nature knowi^ 
A father's love too faintly (hows 
The ever-kind, indulgent care 
Which God's own happy childrea flure. 

He knows our frame, funreys our hsth^ 
Composed of duft, frail fons of earth j 
Man like a i^^ but fl»rt-liv*d Aow*r, 
Springs up and blooms one fmiling houc* 

But if a noxious Mail arxiev 
Sudden its trankient glory Ales; 
Thofe charms which made the foeoet lb gat^ 
Steal fiom the fight and die aww, 

But metcy with unchangiqg np 
Forever (bines, while time decays ; 
And children's children ihall record 
The txttth and gpodnefs of the Losd, 

To thofe, who with delig^itful awe^ 
Love and obey his (aored law, 
Whofe hearts with warm devodoB fffLQw^ 
Whofe lives their grateful duty ihow. 

The l.ord is king, his hand alone 
Has fix*d in heaven his radiant throne; 
He fends his fov*reign laws abroad. 
And heav*o and earth confefs the GoA% 

Immortal form*d by pow'r divine^ 
Attending angels roupd him fliine, 
Obferyant wait his facred will, 
Aqd his commands with joy MSL 

Ye heavenly hofts, adore the Lord, 
Who formed you to obey hit word | 
Let everlalHng praiies rife 
Thro* the bright armies of the ikisi* 

While all his works his praile proclaim. 
And men and angels bleis his name ; 
O let my heart, my life, my tongue. 
Attend and join the blilsfiilfong. 

A Chro« 

( 8o6 ) 

^Chrqnqlogical Memoir «/ Occurrences, 
For J ANU A RT, 1762. 


HamBurgh, yan, 1, 

WE* have received Advice here, that 
the Commandant of Colhcrg, COl. 
Heyden, *has at laft been obriged to furren- 
der the Town, by Capitulation, to the Ruf* 
£ans on the 17th paft, after having defend- 
ed hinifelf near fix Months. 

The RulTians, from being Madersof this 
Fortwftj have fince fpread themfelves in 
Pomcrania, to take up their Winter-quar- 
ters J ^^^ Gen. Berg has eflablilhed his at 

The Prijflian General Platen had reached 
Berlin*; in his Way, as isfuppofed, to join 
Prince Henry in Saxony j as had the Prince 
of Wurtcnberr, .Stettin, on his March into 
the Duuhy of Mecklenbourg Schwerin. 

Advices kj rv» Maih from Holland, and 
three from Flanders. 

jtltetta, JitK, I . We hear that the Ruflians 
liave blocked up Stettin, v^hich may be ftar- 
vcd out in left Time than CoII>crg was, it*s 
Magazines having been emptied to fupply 
Colberg, and there is no other Pruffian 
Town in Pomerania to fupply Stettin. The 
Swedes have entered Mtcklcnburg in three 
Columns, and Colonel Belling is retired to 

Stargsrdy Jan. i. The Ruffians have, 
pit a itrong garrifon in Colbei g, and one 
Rennenkampf, a Major of grenadiers, is 
appointed Governor. TI13 Ruffian light 
troops that are put under the command of 
Major- Gen. Berg (who hath fiXwd his 
bead-quarters at this place) amount to 10,000 

Mecklenhfiurg, i. The laft rencounter of 
the PruiTiaris and S weeds at Baxduw, has 
proved fatal to that village, which took fire 
at the retreat of the former, and was re- 
duced to afhes, fo that only the church and 
the caftle remain. 

Hamburg 3. The Ruffian Minifler has 
received an Account, that the Garrifon of 
Colberg, which furrendcrcd I'lifcners of 
.War, confiftcdof 30CO Men, bcfitles 79 Of- 
ficers. The Ruffians look 12 Pair ol Co- 
lours belonging to the Garrifon, and found 
«8 more, wiih 4. Standards and 146 Pieces 
Qf Cannon; in the Arfenal. He alfo fet at 

Liberty 30 Ruflian Officers, and 236 private 
Men, who were detained in the Town. 

yerfaiiiei^ Jan, 4 . His Majefty his created 
' the Marquis dc Orimaldi, the Spanifh Am- 
baffadorat thisCcurt, a Knight of the Or- 
der of the Holy Ghoft. as a Mark of his 
Satisfadion with the Pains he has (a ken to 
com]>lete the family Compad, fo advaQta<* 
geous to the two Nations. 

Magilebourg, Jan, 5. Prince Henry ha^ 
moved his Charters from Bamit^ to Hoff, 
near Ofchatz j and that every thing conti- 
nues quiet in Saxony. General Platen 
marched from Berim on the ad, in order as 
ia faid to join Prince Henry's army j and 
Gen. Faden remains, with a fmall corps, at 

Letters from Brcflaw, of the 31ft of De- 
cember mention, that the king of Pruffu 
continued there in very good health. 

The Duke of Wurtembcrg, with the corps 
under his command, was marching into the 
Dutch y of Meck!enburg. 

Hamburg, 11. The king of Pruffia had 
fent ordtrs to Piincc Lichtenftein and the 
Prince of Lrb1cow|tz, wJio vfere taken hy 
him, and werj at Vienna and Prague on 
their Paroles, to repair to Magdeburg. 

His Pruffian Majefly has ordered the four 
Auf^rian General Officers, who were lately 
fentto the citadel of Magdeburg, to have 
the liberty of the town; upon which the 
EmprcTik Qifeenhas ordcted two of the Pruf- 
fian Generals, who were fent to the cattle 
of Cufittein, to be taken out. 

HagMf,' ii. The declaration of War 
againil SpMn, hy England, furpri2es all our 
Politician J, who, from the anfwer given by 
the Earl of EgrcmoiU to ihc Spanifh Am- 
baffador, did not cxpe^ it fo foon. It thews 
that a War had been re'clved on fome time 
before. This news gives much uneafmefs 
in It his country, from an apprehenfioil of 
our being drawn, fooner or later, into the 
quarrel. Mean while a motion hath been 
made in the Affembly of the States of Hoi* 
land, who met laft TojfJay, to put twenty- 
five (tiip% of the linfe more into commiftion, 
to enable us to give Urong convoys to our 
Merchantmen, and cover them from all in- 
fult. It was^ at the Ctme time, propofed 


For y A NV A R r, 1764. 


to anpB/tnt oor land-foiset with 13,000 
men ; Mid In order to induce the inland 
proYinceSy partiodarly Guelder» and Ove- 
r/flel, to ajree toi the above-mentioned 
equipment, the maritime provinces have 
limced that they wUI conient to the increafe 
ol the army. 

The Dutch fccm to be in a very precari« 
o|u fitttatioo. Their greateft aneafinefi is 
lor the liioirity of Soiinam, occafioncd by 

a joft and onfrtUfied claim made by the le- 
prefentatives of one Mr. Clifford, an EngKfli 
Merdiiinty who was Af i| y ed of Ins yiSbn- 
tation there by the rapidity of the Dutch 
Governors. The demand amoonts to rtear 
i50,oooL A proper report has been lately 
given to the Britifh Miniftry upon ihisafiJiir, 
which makes it of a more fierions nature than 
ever was expeded by the Dutch. 

'm' r 



Ch/irlti'-TtwM, JViw. 4. 

TT^ROM St. Chriftopher's we learn, tha( 
P the French at Martinico give out that 
tney hare five thonfaad regular Forces' on 
the Ifland } but thofe well acquainted there- 
Willi, fty» they have not more than fifteen 

Hundred, or two TboufiinH at moll. Their 
chief Strength confifts in Militia white and 

Gen. Amherfl ordered away immediate- 
ly from this Province, all the regular Troope^ 
except the three independent Companies. 


EJinhtrg, Jan, «. nifh Ships in any Harbour in this Part ol 

neiday la ft an Exprefs arrived from the Kingdom, till his Mitj^'s f ufther Plea- 
the Admiralty, for detaining all Spa- fure be known. 



Duhltn^ Dec.ig, 

HIS Excellency the I^rd Lieutenant has 
given it in Orders to his Family, that 
they (Ivould appear on the 18th of January 
next (the Day appointed for the Celebration 

of her Maje(ly*s Birtb-day) in Drefles al- 
together compofed of the Manufadure> of 
this Kingdom. — — A moll noble Example, 
which, it is hoped, will be fottowed by all 
the Nobility and Gentry., 



T. nEING New*Year*s Day, there 
tm was a fpfeodid Anpearance of 

Nobility and Gentry to pay their Compli- 
ments to their Majefties at the Palace at St. 

At the Court of St. James's, the ad Day 
of January, 176a. 


The KING'S moil Excellent Ma}eAy« 

His Royal Highncfs 
the Duke of York 
ArcbbiOiopof York 
Lord Prefident 
Lord Privy Seal 
Lord Chamberlain 
Duke of Newcaille 
Lord Steward 

Earl of Huntiogdon 
Earl of Albonarle 
Earl of Cholmondeley 
Earl of Bute 
Earl of Powis 
Earl of Egtemont 

Earl of Thomood 
Vifcoont Falmouth 
Vifcount Barrington 
Vifcount Ligonier 
Bi jhop of London 
Ld.fierkley of Strut- 

ton ■ 

Lord Sandys 
Lord Anfon 
Lord Melecoibe 
Lord Gramham 
J..S. Mackeoxie»Efi}; 
Geo, QrenviUe, Elq; 
C. Townihend» Efqj 

His Majefty wa9 this Day pleafed to Sign 
a Declaration of War againft the King of 
Spain, and to Order^ that the fame (bouhl 
be proclaimed on Monday next, in the ufn- 
al Form and Manner. 

This Day his Grace John Duke of Argyll 
was, by his Majefty's Command, Sworn of 
His Majefty^s moft Honoucable Privy Goon- 

S Li fiftlr 

8 o8 A Chronological Memtor of Occurrences ^ 

cil, and took hit Place at Che Board accord- 

4rli. A little before Twelve o*Clock, the 
fciv v'.r.K Declaration of War againft Spain 
wa^ I' Jain."ri at St. Jameses, and after- 
ward' t i)h' rfual Places. 

///i i ..' '•■': !>ECLA«ATTt»N •/ Wa E 

Of. 1 1 Kji the King of St Aim . 

T^L -or.iljnt Obje£l of cur Attention, 
fines f ur AcciflTion to the Throne, has 
bcfcii, i:' iicniiiiii, to put an End to (he Ca- 
lamities of \V,-;r, and to fettle the publick 
Tranquillity upon a folid am^ JaflingFoun' 
dati<n. To crtrvtnt ttiofe Calamities from 
beinf; extended fill! farther, and becaufe the 
xncA pcifrCft Harmony between Great Bri- 
tnin ;ir.d Spiin is, at all Times, the mutual 
Intel -Ml of both Naiions, it has been our 
eirneft d'.firc to M;iintain the flridefl Ami- 
ty with tl.e King of Spain, and to accom- 
modaci' tiitr Difi utcs between us and that 
Crown in the mctt amicable Manner. This 
Object we lijve fleadily purfued, notwiih- 
il.mdin.; the many partialities Ihewn by the 
Spantntds ro our Entmits the French, du- 
ring the Courfe of theprefcnt, incon- 
iif^ent with their Neutrality : And mcf^ Proofs liave been given of the 
Frier.dil.ip :tnd Regard of the Court of 
Great Riitain for the King of Spain, and 
his Family. After a Conduft fo friendly, 
and fo full of good Faith, on our Part, it 
was Matter of i^reat Surprize to us, to And 
a Memorial de'ivcred on the twenty-third 
Day of July laft, by Monfieur BuflTy, Mlnif- 
ter Plenipolentirny of Fiance, to one of our 
Principal Secretaries of State, exprefsly i e- 
lating to the Difj^utes between us and the 
Crown of Spain ; and declaring, th'it, if 
fliofe Ohjc^s Hiculd bring on a Wnr, the 
Flench King would be obliged to take Part 
therein. Our Surprize was encieafcd, when, 
afrerwardi, this unprecedented and ofTcn- 
livc Step, made by a Power in open War 
with us, was avowed, by the Spantfh Mi- 
|iii\er to our AmbafTadcr at M.idrid, to have 
been taken wirt, the full Approbation and 
Conftnt of the King of Spain. But^ as this 
avowal accompanied with the mo(l be- 
coming Apologies on the Part of the King 
of Spain, and with A/Turances, that fuch 
MemoridI never would have been delivered^ 
if if had been fortfeen that we (hoiild liave 
looked upon it in an ofTenftve Light ; and 
that the Kin^ oi' Spain was at Liberty, and 
ready, to adjufl all hit Differences with 
Great Britain, without the Intervention, or 
Knowledge, of France; and foon after, we 
had the Satisfaction to be informed by our 
Ambaflador at Madrid, that the Spanifli 
J^initUrjf taking Notice of the Reports in- 

duftrioofly fpread of an approachinft Hopr 
ture, had acquainted him, that the King of 
Spain had, at no Time, been more intent on 
cultivatmg a good Cori^fpondence with as \ 
and as the 6panifh AmbafCidor at our Court 
made repeated Declarations to the fame Ef- 
fe£l ; we thought ourfelves bound, in Juf- 
tice and Prudence, to forbear coming ro 
BxfremiCies. But the fame tender Concern^ 
for the Welfare of our Subjeds, which pre- 
vented our accelerating pi ecipitately a War 
with Spain, if it could pofllbly be avoided, 
made it ncccflTiry for us to endeavour to 
know with certainty, what were the En- 
gagements, and real Intentions of the Court 
of Spain. Therefore, as we hadJnforim- 
lion, that Engagements had been late)y con- 
traced between the Courts of Madrid and 
Verfailles ; and it wasfoonafterindiiftrioii/ly 
fpread throughout all Europe, by the Mi- 
ni Aers of France, that the Parport of thofe 
Engagements was hoftile to Great Britain, 
and that Spain was on the Point of enrering 
into the War ; we direAed our AmbafTador 
to defire, in the mod friendly Term5, a 
communication of the Treaties lately con- 
cluded between France and Spain ; or of 
fuch Articles thereof at immediately rehttd 
to the Intereft of Great Britain, if any fiicli 
there were ; or, atleaft, an Aflurancethat 
theie were none incompatible with the 
Friendfhip fubfifting between ut and the 
Crown of Spain. Our Aftonilhment and 
Concern wa^ great, when we learnt, that 
fo far from giving Satisfa^ion .upon fo rea- 
fonable an Application, the Spanifh Minify 
tcr had declined Anfweringi with Reafon- 
ings and Infmuations of a very boftile Ten- 
dency : And as, at the faitie Time, we 
had Intelligence, that great ArroanienU 
were making in Spain, by Sea and land, 
we thought it ahfolutely necefiary to try, 
once more, if a Rupture could be avoided : 
We therefore direded our Ambaflador to 
alk, in a firm, but friendly Manner, Whe- 
ther the Court of Madrid intended to join 
the French, our Enemies, to aA hoAdely 
againft Great Britain, or to depart from its 
Neutrality ; and, if he found the Spanifh 
Minifter avoided to give a clear Anfwer, to 
insinuate, in the moft decent Manner, that 
the refuting, or avoiding to Anfwer aQuef- 
tionforeaHonable, couM only arife from the 
King of Spain's haying already engaged, or 
refolved to take Part againfl us, and muf% 
be looked upon as an avowal of fuch hoftilQ 
Intention, and equivalent to a Declaration 
of War ; and that he hacT orders immediate- 
ly to leave the Court of Madrid. The 
peremptory refufal by the Court of Spcin to 
give the leafl SatisfaAion, with regard toi 
any of thofe reafonaUe Demandi oo our 


i'^rt, aod the folemn Declarations at the Intention to be, that all the SpanKh Suha 

iR\e Tfane made by the Spanilh Mtnifters, jefls, who (hall demean themfelves dutiful. 

* hat they confidered the War as tbeil a dually ly towards us, Ihall be iafe in t}teir Perfons 

-kclared, prove to a Demonitracion, that and EfTeds, 

(leir refolution to aQ offenfively, was (b Given at our Court at St. James*8> thezcf 

jbfolately and irrevocably taken, tha^ it Day of January, 1762, inthefecdnd 

coaM not be any longer diflembled, or de- Vear of our Reign, 

oied. The King of Spain, therefore, ha- GOD fave the K I N G. 

ving been induced, without^ny Provocation 6. Being Twelfth-day, his Majefly was 

on our Party to confider the War as already at the Chapel Royal, St. James*s, where 

commenced againft us, which has in tSe& he received the Holy Sacrament, and, ac- 

been declared at Madrid ; we trufl, that by cording to Ouilnm, in Imitation of thcEaf- 

the Blefling of Almighty God on the Juftice tern Magi, offered at the Altar, Gold^ 

cf oar Caufe, and by the Affiftance of our Frankincenfe, and Myrrh, 

loving Subjeds, we (hall be able to defeat 7 Forty Boys educated in the Royal Ma-» 

the ambitious Defigns, which have formed thematical School in Chri(l*s Hofpital^ 

this Union between the two Branches of the founded by King Charles the Second, werA 

Hook of Bourbon ; have now begun a new prefented to their Majeflies at St. James*t 

War, and portend the moft dangerous Con- according to annual CuAom, 1)y their Pre- 

feqneners to all Europe. Therefore, we (ident, Treafurer, and fevetal of the Go* 

bave thought fit to declare, and do hereby vemors of th^ faid Hofpital. 

«)aclare War againll the faid King of Spain $ Let tet from Portfmouti, 

and we will, inpurfuanceoffuch Declarati- yati, zi. «< Two ExpreHes ai^e ah-iveel 

on, vigoroufly profecute the faid War, from the Admiralty, with Orders for Capt* 

wherein the Honour of our Crown, the Denis, in his Ma}efty*i Ship Beilona, to 

WcUareof oorSuhje^, and the Profperity fail ae foon as Wind permits, to relieve 

of this Nation, which we are determined^ Commodore Keppel t Capt. Denis has aci 

at all Times, with our utmoll Power, to cordinglyukenout a fet of the Commodore*! 

Frefenre and Support, are fo greatly con- Colours. 

cemed. And we do hereby Will and Re- " An Order is come to build twenty -one 

quire cor Generals and Commanders of our flat- bottomed Boats ^ fifteen to be buiii 

Forces, oor Commiflioners for executing here« and the reft in Merchants Yards/* 

the Office of our High Admiral of Great A flrong Squadron of Men of War, with 

Britain, our Lieutenants of our feveral a Body of Land forces, will foon, *ttsfaid^ 

Counties, Governors of our Forts and Car- be fent to the Afliftance of the King of Por* 

riiens, and all other Officers and Soldiers un- tugal. ' 

der them, by Sea and Land, to do and exe- Lorcf Albermarle is appointed Command- 
cote all Ads of Hoftility, in the Profecutien er in Chief of an Expedition which is forrh- 
of this War, againll the (aid King of Spain, with to fail againd the Enemies of Great 
his Veffels and Sub}e^, and to oppofe their Bnuin. 

Attempts; witling and requiring all our Orders are given for compleating the Roy- 

Subjeds to take Notice of the fame j whom a] Regiment of Artillery, and a confidera- 

we henceforth ftri^ly forbid to hold any ble Number of Recruits are already come in 

Correfpoodence or Communication with the frotn the recruiting Party^ fent in the Coun- 

fatd King of Spain« or his Subjefls ! And try for that Purpofe. 

we do hereby Command our own Suhjeds, The embarkation of Troops at Portf - 

and Advertife all other Perfons, of what Nati- mouth is to uke place for tlutiih, and the 

on foever> not totranfport, or carry any Sol- Officers have received Exprefs orders to be on 

^ierf , Arms, Powder, Ammunition, or other Board the Tranfports with the Troops in 10 

Contraband goods, to any of the Tento- Days. 

ries. Lands, Plantations, or Countries, of The Commiffioners of all ths Dock-Yards 

th« Caid King of Spain i declaring that in the Kingdom are. ordered to fit out and 

wbatfoever Ship or Veflel (hall be met with- equip all the Men of War, and every Ship 

al, tranfporttng, or carrying any Soldiers, and VeiTel fit for Service. 

Arms, Powder, Ammunition, or other Con- This week upwards of one hundred Lct- 

traband^oods, to any of the Teritohes, ters of Marque and Reprifals have been takrn 

Lands, Plantations, or Countries of the out, and a number of other fliips are fitting 

'faid King of Spain, the fame being taken, out as privateers. 

fhall be condemned as good and lawful We hear that a fine fric^ate,"* to be callcil 

Prite. And whereas there may be remain- the Antigallican, mounting 3a guns, is now 

ing in our Kingdom divers of the Subjeds fitting out in the River as a Privateer, and 

of Spain, we do hereby decline our Royal the command cf hvr in given to Capr. john 

5 La * Sherwood 

T:io A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ 

f\i .rwood, btc of that unfortunate (hip of 
thi.* r.inic name. 

The cid Warwick man of War, which is 
f.tieJ out for a privateer to cruize againil 
the Spaniards, u called the Antigallican's 

U is faid the grand lodge of Free-ma- 
fc'ps arc gcint; to fit out a (hip of 50 guns, 
and to carry 4C0 men. 

The Albion fociety are fitting out a large 
privateer, which is to be called the Royal 
Charlotte (in honour to her Majefty) which 
iito mount 30 guns, and to carry aoomen. 
We hear from Newcaftle upon Tyne, 
that the Ladies there have opened a fubfcrip- 
t;on for fitting cut a ftcut Privateer to cruize 
againil the Spaniards, which they propofe 
to call ritt*s Right. 

The fpirit of the people againfl the Spa- 
niaids is now fo girat, that upwards of 
400 men offered themfelves to enter on 
board the Hunter frigate in three days 
time, in order (hortly to fet out on 4 

We learn from Holland, that in the end 
off December, Mr. Vorke, the Britifh Am- 
balTador, prefented a Memorial to the Sratcs 
Ceneral, complaining gricvcufly of the ma- 
nifefl partiality and avidity of their fubjcfts, 
who continued to fupply the French with all 
neceflaries for building (hips, carrying into 
their ports not only timber, but rigging, 
cordage, and every other neccirary ; and 
therefore requiring their High Mi5htine(res 
to forbid all their S;ibjtAs.. under fevere pe- 
nalties, to continue a trade fo prejudicial 
to the tngiKh, and of which they (hemielves 
might one day, though late, huve juft rea- 
fon to repent. 

By a variety of letters from Holland, 
datid the 5th inflant. Logwood hsd got up 
to 12 guilder* per hundred weight at Rot- 
terdam, and 12 guilders and a half at Am- 
Ocrdani. No account of the declaration of 
war againll Spain hid tlien reached cither 
pi thoic Cities. 

I^y Ictrsis ficm Berlin we have advice, 
thar hi*v FrufTian M.ijei^y had given orders 
for railing fix'cen new icginients of fooi in 
iijs o*vn dominions. 

A coHc^Itior. has bcf n made in the Eleclo- 
i-Ate of H^nuver, in ihofe parts which iiave 
fjflci-ed leaft by the war, for thole ^who 
4i^ve nioic imntcdiarely been aAV^K-^ b> it, 
.,i,(\ A V(.«> larjje Turn has been raifcd. 

/; './; w • '■•ur, 'Jan. i^, Th i s D.*y h; ^ M a • 
j":> ; t-uue to ihtf Hoiifc of Pects, and being 
.-•. ij(» Koy^l Rob::s featcd on the Throne 
•*!,':\\ ih<- uIudI Snlrmnity, Sir Septimus Ko-^^ti, Kut. Ctn'K-man Ufhei of liie 
B:.:Lk Ri:d. wis \.x\r wrh a MefTage ironi 
//.'>• M~j.!iy to ir.t i^OLlc of Couinious, 

commanding their Attendance in tLa Honfe 
of Peers. The Commons being come thi- 
ther accordingly, his Majcfty was plealed 
to make the following moft gracious Speeds 
*' My Lords and Gentlemen , 
" I have fo often afTured you of my fin« 
cere Difpofition, to put an End to the Cala- 
mities of War, and to rcftore the publick 
Tranquility, on folid and lading Founda- 
tions, that no impartial Perfoflp either at 
home or abroad, can fufped nie of uone- 
cefTarily kindling a new War in Europe* 
But, it is with Concern, I acquaint youp. 
that fmce your rccefs, I have found myfelf 
indifpenfably obliged to declare War againft 
Spam. The Caufes are fct'forth in my pub* 
lick Declaration onthisOccaiion; and there- 
fore I fhall not detain ycu with the Repeti- 
tion of them., 

'* My own Condu£l, finoe my Acceffioa 
to the Throne, as well as that of the late 
King, my Royal Grandfather* towards 
Spain, has been fo full of Goo4-will and 
Fi iendfhip ; fo averfe to the laying bold of 
feveral juft Grounds of Complainc« which 
might have been alledged ; and fo Attrntite 
to the Advantages of the Catliolick King* 
and his Family j that it waft Matter of the 
greated Surprize to me, to find, that En- 
gagement had, in this Conjundure» be^ 
entered into between that Crown and 
France ; and a Treaty made to Unite all the 
Branches of the Koufe of Bourbon, in the- 
mod ambitious and dangerous Ddigna 
againd the Commerce, and Independeocy, 
of the red of Euiope ; and particularly of 
my Kingdoms. 

'* Wlutever Colours may becndeivoar- 
ed to be put upon thefe injurious Prooecdinp 
of (he Court of Madrid, I have nothing to 
Re(/rc3'.-.h myfelf with : and, tho* I have 
left nothing untried, that could lU^e preven- 
ted (his Rupture, I have thought it neceiiary 
to prepare a^amd every Event. ^ tlierefore 
rely on the Divine BIcding on the JudiceoC 
my Caufe; the Zealous, and Powerful, 
A fn dance of my faithful Subjeds, and Che 
corcunence of my Allies, who mud find 
themfelves involved ia the pernicious, and 
cxtenlive Projedisofmy Enemies. 

*< I kr JVC thefe dnfideraticn* with you, 
full of the juded Confidence, that the Ho- 
rmur of my Crown, and the Intcrcds of my 
Kingdoms, are Safe in your Hands.** 

Receipts for the Loan of Twelve Millioni 
for t!);s current Year, are now deUvering i( 
the Bank. 

The Corpfe of the late Lord Bifhop of Lon- 
don W.1S interred at Ifulham ; on which 
Occ:i(:on the grejt Bell at St. PauVt tolled 
irom el^htin cbeMotninji till liaif i^adnine. 


For JANUART, ijUl tti 

Tbe Ktni; fias been pleafed to I/Tae hit 
Royal Proclamation, appointing a general 
Faft to be obferred throughoat Engbnd and 
Waiet, on Friday the i2th of March next ; 
ia Ireland on the lameDay ; and in Scotland 
«a Thinriday tbe iith of March. 

tS. Being appointed to be kept at her 
M^ifty'a Birth Day, the Morning was 
tiftmd in widi Ringing of BelU \ at Noon 
their Majefties raceived (he Compliments of 
the Nobility, Gentry, Foreign Miniftera, 
Jbc. atclKir Palace at Sc ]aaies*a | and the 
evening wat oondnded with Bonfires, illu- 
minations, and other denonftrationa «f 

Letten •from the Hagve, dated the icth 
inll. mention, that the Marquis del Puente 
Fuerto, En«oy Extraordinary • from Spain 
Co the Republic of Holland, was Tcry fre- 
qoently in conference with fome of the 
Sutes, peiiisading them to a neutrality at 
this juaAnre* 

The King of Pniflia hat iffiied a Pro- 
4iamation, addnfled to the inhabitants of 
Sticfia, exhorting them again not to liflen 
ao the finifler Infinuations of his enemies. 

Tlie laft Letters ftom Rome fay, that the 
KeapoUcan troops will begin their march 
tbrottgh the Ecclefiaflical State fome time 
in the month of May next, but as to their 
ultorior deftination it is kept fo profound a 
lecrety and the difpofltkm of the magazines 
has been made with iiich deauerity, chat of 
three ditferenfrottts, the moft penetrating 
PoJkirtans in Italy are not able to guds 
wMch tlioie troops will take. 

His Daniih Migefty* is stq/ attentive to 
die dlftribotion of tboCe Crowds of Peo- 
ple that take ihelter in his Domintoos from 
ail parts of Germany^ ilepopulated by the 
prd^eot mlnous War. The Seamen are uken 
into die Service, the Artizaos encouraged at 
Copenhagen, andtheotber Towns in Zea- 
land, ounjr have EAablifiunents given them 
in the Countries of Oldenburgh and Delmen-* 
faorft, bat the Bulk of thefe Emigrahu are 
iicttt into the remoteH Rvttof Jutland, ib 
that Denmark will be the Country in Europe 
that win gain moft by the misfortunes of 
iu neighbours. 

TU fi/lowJmg it m Lifi pf Sir Charles Saun* 
dtft'i ^ftiairMif wwimibt Mediterranean. 
Keptone Cuns 90 Anfon 60 

Thunderer 74 Dunkirk «o 

Hercules 74 Firme 60 

Shrewflwiry 74/ leifey 60 

Chicheiler 70 Ifis 50 

Dodecfliire ^ 70 Preilon 50 

Africa ' 6^ Thetis 50 

B^cnfa^Txht 64 Mnth,ibo|iti$F^. 

S •iiierfet 64 gaie». 

M^utagtt 60 

Lift tf the Squsirom tmpl^id agaitfi 
tinioo,^ uMOtr Aiwu Rodney ^UtSir f 

Foudroyant Guns S4 Modefte 

Temeraire 74 Raifonable 

Dublin 74 Stirling Caftle 

Dragon 74 Defiance 
Culbdea 74 VottinghaM 

Marlborott^ 70 Vorwieh 

Vanguard yo Hampfiiire 

Devonihifa <6 Withio 

Alcide ^ 

The Lend Foroei eoaJ5R>«lf gy 


The new Levies that are ordered tn %n 
made confift only of five Regiments <^ Fooi^ 
whidi are to be ratfodin Ireland, and am #» 
be commanded by 

James Giibornej Efq; Lievt CcH.^^hn 
xoth Regiment of Footf and Quacler-Mtfi|r 
General in Ireland. 

Alexander Madcay, IG^ Liest. Cd. flf 
the 39th Regiment of Foot. 

John Pomeroy, Efq^ UeuL Cdl. <l Khn 
iSth Regiment of Foot, 

Robert Cunningham^ Elqj A(QutMit-Cn» 
neral in Ireland. ^ 

Robett Dakymple Hornet BSqj^ tH the tt 
or Royal Regiment of Foot. 

All the Spanifti Veffek that werv deani 
out at the Cuftom Houfe, on orbefoce :tt» 
4th of this month, are to have paflportsta 
Spain, and two have already been grantedU- 
one for the firft and another for the laftStto 
that was cleared out at that Time* 

Extraa 9f s /n'twfr tettir frm fiafbid^ 

" I leam this Moment^ that cheCowt of 
Madrid, after having made feveral haughy 
and arrogant Demands, by an extraordina- 
ry roeffengek- lent to Li(bon, and receivei 
the difpleafing Anfwer that they fought and 
expeAed« have ordered 60,000 Men to 
march into PortugaL Three SpaMiBiCtmpe 
are alfo to be formed immediately, and tB 
Things indicate the mod virulent^ iniqui- 
tous, and unprovoked Meafures on tho 
Part of chat Court towirds the Portugue^ 
Nation, whofe Calamities ought to ha^ 
heen its Security { and Cowards the Englilb. 
who generouAy fought their Irieodihio wiiti- 
out fearing their Enmity. The SpaniOi 
. Nation are not pleafedatdiefeProoeediufs^ 
and they are peculiarly difcoiitented at the 
War with EngUnd* The States of Holland, 
alarmed at the prefent Troubles of Eutpic, 
which incieafc inllead of diminiihing, hava 
propofed this Day in their provuicial aflem- 
bly, to augofienc their prefent Beet with 
thirty Shtps of War. The other Proviivfcs 
mMi\, however, confeot to this Prupofai^ 


8 1 A ' A Chronologic al Mtmm of Occur renceu 

More it can be ctrried into EzecotioQ ; and great plenty of Provifions in that idand* and 

if» as formerly, tbey refure their Confent, that its Privateers have lately uken three 

'Me6 the Land Forces of the Repoblick be Enf^liAi Frigates, befides feveral Afercbant- 

ailfo avgmenfedy it is imagined ,that the men of the fame Nation.^— They don't 

Province of Holland will atJaft be brought fay they are King*s Ships, and therefore 

lofbbmit to this Condition.**, may be only Privateers, or Letter of 

A Letterfrcm Parie, by the Way of Hoi- Marqoe Ships, if there is any truth in the 

land, fays, that M, de Bufly was going to account. 

«be Court or Madrid, to execute a Com- The grand Expedition Fleet, under Adnru* 

mifiion of a fecret Nature between the two ral Fococke, will fail in a few Days from 

Oowtis* Portfmouth , and is provided for one or more 

The King of Pruflia has adually coined fieges. 

at Breflau a great Quantity of Ducats of Hoi- Jsn, ii« M. Verelft, Envoy Extraordi- 

kiiii» bearing the Impreffion of a Cock, the nary from the States General, arrived at 

cTiftinaive Mark oC the Province of V^eft Magdebourg from Berlin, in his Way to 

^riefeland, and which are of the fame Va- Holland. 

lue as the Pruflian Seutzern coined at Leip- Advices from Cologn dated January 15 
lick. Thefe new Ducats are allowed to be mention, that all the Foreign Troops in thd 
very good Money. French Service b'tve received Orders to corn- 
Letters from Hamburgh and Bremen of plete their Regimenu by the firft of April ; 
the 19th Inftant fay, the Elbe and Wezer i>ut the Scarcity of Men, and the trifle they 
were both open^ and that the Ships bound o^er for engaging Soldiers, make the re- 
to London were preparing to (ail with all crutting in thefc Countries very flow and 
^ Expedition. unTucccfsfut. 

By a private letter from Paris we hear. They write from Saxony, that his Royal 

the French are determined on another en- Highnefs Prince Henry of Proffia has chang- 

terprize for burning the Englifh Shi ping that ed his former Pofitlon, and is now at Hdl 

Uockup their Fleet, and are accoidingly pre- near Ofthatz. 

faring three fine Ships to be chained together We are informed, that upon the Prince 

at thiec Cable lengths, which are to be fcnt of Wurtcnhurg's having entered the Dutchy 

in one part of our Fleet, while three more, of Mccklcnbourg Schwerin/the Duke is re* 

chained- in the fame Manner, take a fweep turned ro Lubeck, and has ordered his 

in a contrary Diie^ion^ in order to hem in Mint to be tranfported to Eutin in Ducal 

our Ships on all fides. HolAein. The Prince of Wuitenberg*s 

The Amfterdam Gazette fays, that a Ship Head-Quarters were to be at Roftock, and 

which iailed from St. Domingo the id of thofe of Colonel Beiling are already at 

November, arrived fafe at Boordeaux the CuHrow. 

11th Xnftant ; according to the Captain'*s They write from Ruremond. that the 

eeport, the current Rumour in the Weft- In- Regiment of Royal Cantabres, that marched 

dies was, that the Spaniards had at the Ha- from hence a few Weeks ago, as well as 

jranna twenty men of War and eighteen the Cavalry from MunfteV Bilfen, and the 

Chouiand land forces. Militia from Lcige, have received orders 

The faid Gazette alio informs tis, that ad- to return to their refpe^tive Quarters, as 

vice is received at Bourdeaux, that three the Report fpread of a Body of Hanove- 

neutral Ships were arrived an Martinico, rlans appearing in the Campine« proves 

laden with Warlike Stores } that there is falfc. 


Jht, ay. The Princefs of Wurtemberg, 
(Wife of Prince Eugene who commandol 
the Pnifiians in the Lines before Colberg) a 
Prince, at Stettin. 

Jan. 13. The Lady of Hen. Drummond, 
Efq} Sifter to Lady Northampton, a Son and 

17. The Lady of Sir Charles Hardy, a 
Son, at hisHoufe in Ari^yie buildings. 

19. The Lady of Lord Ciive, a Daughter, 
at his Houfe in Berkeley -fquare. 


Jan, I. The Hon. John York, Efo; 
fourtti Son of the Earl of Hardwicke, to Mils 
Ligon, of Madiesfield, in Worcefterihire. 

a. Geo. Powlet, Efq; to Mifs Ingold- 
Iby, of Dinton, in the County 6f Bocks. 

5. Capt. Jonat. Blagdon, of Oate(head, 
Newcaftle, to Mrs. Heath, of Weftoe, a 
Widow Lady, with a Fortune of 7000I. 

6. Mr. Benj. Srephenfon, Silverfmith, 
in Fleet.ftrtet, to MUs Molly Mufgrove, of 
Oxford. y,..»Mag^ot 

For y ANXJ Aftr^ 1762. gi 

^ Maggot, Efin a Ruffian Mer- is. Mrt. Jane Keene, 'firottfekeq>er atkl 

dunt, to Mifs Forney, of HaiQpiWadi Wirdrobe.knper of KcnfinftoA- palace for 

Cokmel Prcicott^ to MtTi Eliz. Hill, of near forty Years ; (hewatRcfiaof thalats 

Cheapfide. Col. Kcene. 

9. Edw. Aftky, Elf|{ Merchanr, toMlfa 13. Dr. Rob. Pate, one ofthePhyfidnig 

Per rand. to Sc, Bartholomew's Hofpiral. 

to. Mr. Moore, a VlrsiDia Merchant, to Pon Diodo da Sylvi, Knight of theSpa* 

Mifs AUen, of Hammerfmith. . nilh Order of Calatrava, VoliMiteeriD the 

I T. Tho. -SiWedcr, of Mortimer* ilrebt, ^rench Army (who loft one of hit Legs, anA 

to Mtfi Ann E^ant, of CnfTord -Arret. was othenyife woodd^d 4t the Siege ol 

. r-Provoft, Jun, Efq; of 3hepton- Wotfenbuttle) of his Woonds. 

Mallet, CO MifsPigott, Daughter of John The Rev. Mr. Smith, m^pf Yctit Ri«& 

Pigott, Efqj of Brockley, in Somerfet- torof HarAed, nearSt. Edmand'a Bary. 

Ihire. Mr. Uppington Braceo, an Apethocaty in 

Mr. Rd. WUfon, Attorney of Pontefm^ Bifliopfgate-(li«et Without, and lito D^ii. 

in YorkOiire. to Mifs Rochfort, Niece to tyof the faid Ward. 

the Lord Belvedere, a Fortune of 5000!. 14- Mr. John Cuft, at Iflin^ton, Under 

a6. Mr. Samuel Plummer, an eminent Clerk of tho HoljpitaU of Bndcwdl aoA 

Mafter Taylor in Mindng«lane,' was mar-* Bethlem. 

ned at St. Lauf«nce*s, Guildhall, to Mifs Wm. Bowen, £ft|; at hii Skeat at Wil^ 

Kitty Goddard, of Laurence-lane, pofleiied liamfon, m Pembrokeitbire, High Sheriff 

of a itenc«ei Fortune, and every Qualification for the faid County, and Brother-in-law t» 

Skccdiary lo fbcial Happioeft. Sir William Owen, Bart, 

Mrs, Moody, at Knightibridga, aged8C» 

DsATKt. ^ >c. Sir John Hartop, BarU at Ms Hmdo 

in the Circus at Bath, io a very advaaoed 

D/r. 9. MariaCharlotta, PrincefsofEaft- Age. 

Friefland, at Dicrfidorfr, aged 72 Years. John Edwards, Efq; whofbriMrlywMm 

She has left an only Daughter, married to Capuin in the Army. 

the reigning Duke of Wied-Runr.kel. Mr. Browne, fuddenly, in CannoD-ftrea^ 

J^K, I. Tho. Ilderton, of Ilderton, Efqj aged So. 

In Northnmhetland. 16. Mrs. Longman, at Afbbumio Deiu 

4. Chrift . King, Merchant, at Winboorn, by (hire, Relid of Thomas Longman, Elq; 

in Dorfetfliire. late a confiderable Bookfeller in Pacer-nofter 

6. Mr. Marriot, a Clerk at the fix Clerks Row. 

7* Solomon Mendea, Efqs In Red-lyon* Ck/il Mwd Military Prtfememtm 
llreet, Holbom. 

8. The Rev. Dr. Herring, Chancellor of TheKhig has been pkafed to notitfiiate^ 
the Diocefe of York. ' conilitute, ordain and appoint his Majefty'a . 

9. The Right Rev, Dr. Thomaf Hayter, moft dearly beloved brother Edward Didw 
Lord Bi(hop of London, Dean of hisMaje- of York, bis dearly beloved uncle Williav 
Ay's Chapel. F. R. S. Member of his Ma- Duke of Camberland, the mod Reverend 
jdly*s moft Hon. Privy- council, and a Go- Father in God Thofhaa Lord ArchbUbbp 
TernoroftheCharter-houfe, of a Quiiifey^ of Canterbury, his right trufty and watt* 
at bis Houfe in Lide-ftrcct, Leiceder flelds. beloved counfellor Robert Lord Healtf, 
In X749 HisLordlhipwasmadeBiniopof Baron of Grange, Hl|^ ChanooUor of 
Norwich, in the Room of Dr. Lifle, decea- Great Britain^ and (evoral other great Offi. 
fed^ and in 1761 tranflated to the See of cers of State, and all and every Privv- 
London, on the Death of Dr. Sherlock. Counceliors for tho tine being, and the 

Mr. Tho. Story, Gunner of the William Chief Baron of the Court of Euhequsr, an4 

and Mary Yaccht, who failed in tlie Centu- the Juilices of the Courts of kjng*s Bench 

rian Man of War with Lord Anfon in his and common Pleas, ind thd Barons of the 

Voyage round the World. Court of Exchequer for the Time b^ing, to 

10. Wm. Jones, Efq; only Son of Tho* be Commiifioners for receiving, hearing, and 
mas Jones, £fq; at Kingfton in Sorry. determining of Appeals fimm Smtenoes given 

11. Mr. Wm. Iliff, at Exeter, in De- in the Canfes of Prizes in the Court of Ad* 
irooibire, Maftor of tho Bell-Inn in Friday- miralty in tho Kingdom of Grekt-Britata 
ftrvBt* aiMlof the Exeter Coaches and Wag- and Plantations in America, as alio in the 
gons. Conrts of Admiralty in the Kimrdofti of 

II. Mr. Roobilliac, the fiunovi SUtoa* Ireland, and all other his Majcfiy*s do* 

rift, in St. Martinis Lane, minions abroad^ for and 4|iriii^ his Majefty'e 

pleafue. Tbs 

R.14 'A C3?0fiologitdlM€}mr of Otcurfmces^ &c. 

•Tb« King Has been pleafed to conAitote 
HoweU Owynnc, fS^\ Lieut, of and in tlie 
.caunty.ef Radnor. 

• The King hat been pleafed to grant unto 
ipiiam TartoiN Efq; the Office df Mar- 
iha) of the MarfluVea of hit M^fly*» 
lychaquer, in the room of John Mafott, 

Jjt'fai dfCTi8ff4i 


The King haa been plaafed t& proinola 
He Honourable and Reverend Jamei York, 
CI: M. A. to the Daanry of the Cathedral 
Chvrcb of Lincoln, void by the Promotion 
«( John Green, D. P. hte Dean thereof, 
iv the Bifto^ick of lincoh^. And alfo 
Uithat RefideMiafy'aplacey tin the (aid ca* 
AedVal church, which was iatdy in the 
yBL i S cm of tike find Dr. John Green. 

The King baa been pleafed to prefent 
nilip Fran«i»y CK B. A. to the rcAory of 
Barrow in the county of Sufiblk, and dio- 
nXk of Norwich, void by the promotion 
•< Dr. John Green, the laft incumbent, to 
the BiAopfiek of Lincoln, and in bis Ma- 
j^y^ gift, for this torn, by virtue of hia 

The Hon. and Rev. James Torke, CI.M. 
A* 1» Ae Prebend or Canonry of Tbomgate, 
■a the Cathedral Church of St. Mary All- 
Ssintt, Lincoh). 

The Rev. Mr. Bwroogb, Vicar of Wif. 
Bieli^ ia collated by the Biihop of Peter- 
Borough, to a Prelsend in that Cathedral. 

The Rev. Mr. Cott, M. A. Fellow of 
Bmmet Gciisge, Cinibridge, tetkeRcAory 
ni Creat Braxftead in EHex. 

The Rev. Owen Parry, to the ReAory 
eC Blwyffail, alias Llangadwalader, with 
•ke fkapel of Llanveiran annexed, in the 
•ennty of Anglefea and diocefe of Ban- 

The Rer. Mr. John HnflejF, formerf^ of 
Xxeter-CoUcge, Gmbrd, to the Redory of 
BaveiABy, in Chefter. 

The Rev. Mr. John Brooke, ReAor of 
CokMy, inNorfoiky and of St. Auguftine'Sy 
ID the City of Norwich, and Chaplain to 
tke Ri^ Hon. the Earl, of Hoptoun, is 
appoint^' Cbaplaaa to 'the garrifon o^ 

John Elliott, late of Daritngteo 
ham, Lin^ Draper. 

> James Ballardj of Worcefter, Merecr nad 

John Green, of Faiehan^ SootlniDptoB^ 

Thomas Smith, of Spital-Faabft, Dcnfer 
and Chapman. 

William Bean, of Sc. Clement Danes, Ujp>- 

43 FlowerRnOm, hte of Weymouth, and 
Mefcorobe Regis, Dorfetftihe, Merchant. 

Thomas A Aiwood, of Mancbefter, Dealer. 

James Hilton, and Jofeph Whittaker,bofh 
of Salford in Lancafliire, Copartners and 

Croft WiBianfen, of Liverpool^ G«n- 

John Jackfon, of Broad fireet Biiildifigs» 
WiUtam CaudcU, of Norwich, Wool- 


Charles Salkeld, of the pnrlfli of St. Mar- 
tin, Ludgate, tn.tke city of London, Wool- 
len- draper. Dealer, and Chapman. 

a6 Jofeph Springall, of Coltiihali. in the 
County of Norfolk, Beer-brcwer, Matfler, 
Dealer and Chapman. 

Richard Aery, of St. Rsol Covent- garden, 
in the County of Middlefex, Milfiner, Dealer 
and Chapman. 

John Redflnmei of Sheffield in the Comi- 
ty of York, Scrivener, Dealer and Chapman. 

Thomas Haine, of Stirminfter NevPton, 
in the County of Doiiet, Salefman, Dealer 
and Chapman. 

David Wheatley, of Chipping Bamet, hi 
theCottnly of Hertford, Dialer in Com and 

Buried I Chriftened 

Males 9«7l,.jMales •isZ.^g 

Females 927 _ 

Under 1 years old 562 

Between a and 5 1 58 

5 and 10 — 7a 

10 and ao •— • 64 

20 and 30 — • 157 

30 and 40 -— 209 City & Sub. AP<^. 404 

40 and 50 — ~ 186 

Tke Bidmp of Rochefker katb appointed 
the Rfv;i Mr. Vincent, to be one of the 
Vftcfs of Weftminfter Schoolj in the room 
ef Mr. Cooper prelened. 

7tf»r.Samoe] Dixon, of Great Yarmouth to 
Korfolk) Grocer. 

^o and ^o — 182 
60 and 70 — 1 50 
70 and 80 —— 153 
80 and 90 — — 52 
9oandioo — ^ 9 
l9oaDdixo — - 01 

Fcmalea 623. 


Within the waQs 150 

Without 508 

Mid^ and Smrr^ 892 


Weekly Jan. 5. 514 

12. 45^ 
19. 508 

>954l »9S4 

( 8i5 ) 



Mifcellaneous Correfpondence, 

in Profe arid Verfe. 

For FEBUART, 1762.^ 

Mathematical Qoestions jhfwered. 

LET the given Arch CEF (grtjatcr or fefs * z^ 

than a Semicircle) == <», the V^r. Sine . . H. , 

E D =: ^> «nd thoChord G F =:f. Then DH = 

U* = i^.andEH=:ED + DH;c4+ . • (J, 
il - Ifl+Il. the Half of which i* * ^* + '^ 

— E C the Semi- Diameter. EutCExGE::! ^ 

^^*'^^* X - ^ JVto of'thersidioVGCF, 

_L. — ^ -L 4^J!-'«* ^ . tor. 
andCD = +CE + ED=:±t-^- t . 

•f + f« 4. 4^1 

I * 

•» »'- =,-. -H ■< 

S ArcaoftheSegmenrreqtjired'. * "' ' ,^i . i^^.. ..^ 

Cmeral I^uh. Multiply the Sum of the Squares of the verfcd Sine of hilf the Arch, and 
fiaif the Chord (^ the Aroh, byAial^the Lengtil^'of tM:|irlh^)t^nil'ilftilti^t)^t|ll k»li¥.'h:ncf 
of the Squares ot the faid tialf Arch, and half Chord by halt Che Chord \ then the Sum o|. 
IXfTcTWice/ortltife fc^fpdtfdh, divided ^r^ublei^ v4ff«4^^^:of jlijlli tl»f,<Ap:^^,|gi^cs ibffj 
Area of the Segment according as it U greater or lefs than a Scmlcii cic • 

*rtit S^efi9fi9at affo ttnfwertJ hy hif, F. ttatl^,'iM^,'7. iTanner, 4M>. iadl*.Bttk«V 
Jifr, C. :Mnitl>> ABd bjtbi i'/o/^frj Mn D, Dunn, , 

«. i 




Mijcellaneous Orrejpondenee^ 

^eftion 363, anfweredbj the Propofery Bdr* F. Nation. 

S'lTppofe the Diameter 2 ; the Chord of 6o^ = Radius or 1 5 then Tquire the half Chord 
I X B = S, and fubtrad it out of Radius, the Square Root Uken from Radius and 
halved, give* the Square of Half the Chord of 300, or the Square of the Sine of ij*. In 
like Manner fubtnd the Square of the Sin« of 15^ from Radius, the Square Root oC ibe 
Remainder taken from Radius and halved, gives the Square of Half the Chord of the next 
half Arch j the fame Proccfs repeated, with the laft i» or fquared Sine, will give the Squar- 
ed Sine of the next half Arch, and fo on till you have reduced the Arch to a M inutefTimalj 
that is to fay, till the Sine of the Arch and the Tangent are' nearly coincident ; then the 
Square Root of the laft «» multiplied into the Number of Parts, which the Arch of 6o« 
is dirieded into, will be extreamly near equal to the Quantity of the Arch itielf, which 
multiplied by 6, wUI be the Periphery of th^t Cirdc wlipf* Di^me^er is x« 

Soppofe D E zz 2 zz ^ 
ABr::r = i =:CB 
o B — i 
*B = S 

Then y/i — sV :r C * 

And I — . y/i — S*! — xDzrv 

But </ X V, or a V r: <a^ ,-. ^, the Square of the 

adjacent Chord D B, and ^=: — n-zroB 

4 4 » 

fquared, /. r. the Square of the Sine of half D B 

equal to thg Arch ^ B. 



Square of the Sine of Hal/ the Arch D B, and fo 
on, making the iaii i^ the Foundation of a new 
Bifedion ad infinitum, 

Okr CorreJj>fifnffnts, jTonthu and Mr, Barker, tptt gave jfnfwert, htt difertn9 frm tk 
PrtfJer'Li* Form, fbougb tbt fami in EjM. Anfwered alfo by Mr. T, TaoMT, andtSu 
C.^mith { hm^-tbt Dtfign •[ thi^ S^it^flionfeem agt u k* underfttU, 

^Jlion 364, apjwered by the Propofer^ Mr. Tho. Barker. 

PUT * = 83 106 Days, h zz 866a r.076 Days, c z= 0.05, and d zz 1.05 the Inteitfti 
and Amount for one Year of one Pound, x zz Principj^^ and 9 s Tuna, Tlito 

c xy -^ X zz ^» and d^ x zz 6, per the Qii'eSjon. Whence * ac ■» ^ ^, .«. a i> 

-^ -I. i' - . • ^y'^^dS 

•^ VJ^= •T.^P^j y ^>7 VaartPUk Tiifte, then * = 156/. loi. tba Principal, 9u 

^AnJ*iiaered ajU hy Mr, R;J£linp, Mr. Tbo. Bofworth, and Mr. C. Smith, St^trtltrkm 
^ert rteei90dV^t -i^t rij^ht. 

^rJlUn 365, ahfwered ly Tonthu, 


LET ^ C? 4f|.5 .iP^hM ti)e piameter of the Globf, and j =: 3.7416 j then 1 — 
■ • aA^ ^ 

Bulk of the Globe ; the Half of which, or — :c Quantity of Water which was difpU* 

Gcd ; which multiplied hy .5737.^ hf the Weight of an Inch of Water, gives ^ 

Weight of the Water zz the Weight of tfVe Globe per Hydreftatics ; and becaufe the fpeci* 
^c Gravity' ot Water isto th<it ofCaftHrafi as 1 1« S.ii^c^ we fiiall have ^ c z;; ^u^Hto^ 

im PROSE and VERSE. 817 

Ml Tncft of Caft Braft ; whence ttf. zi— n Number of iblid Inches of MeUi in the 

Globe, and therefore » — z Bulk of the Concavity, which divided by 7 gives 

• lac . ^ 

Z' — ^, the Cube Root of wbicb ii J * / 1 ^ -i = the Diameter of the Concavity $ 
%c V *' 

and tbereibre ^ /i — ^ = ^acsttc Inches, the Thicknefs of the MeUl $ and 


^^ — = 16064.4080717575 Ofeaoes Averdupois, the Weight, and = ai47«oo7*5 

Cubic Inches of Metal* 

Tht Amfww hj the Prtfofer, gmd Mr, Beekeil, fi^tt 1146,98145 Cubic lacbet, Mr, Bar* 
ker*i jMp9»gi-vt» 1175 CmhicUcbes, Snd Mr, Bofworth*«, al80. 
P. S. Mr^ Waterfall*! Atifvnr <ame t— Utt U ht injerted. 

N. B. Hf&At •ur0trrep9ttde»m Anfm^t^re width difffrentfr^m emch ther^ fife h^, at 

w« hmft mtiteifiere to examine and determine v^itb it the Trnth, §r neare/l the Truth, our 

Jtead/n wiH excnj* at if xoe JboaU happen io infert an^^ne that it net true. And toe are fov- 

piewM nae have never omitted te infert any Piece eithef of Mathematiii, or Potty, vibich toe 

ihanght vmtid do Credit to the Author, or the Ma^axiae, 

New QuBSTioNS to be anfwered. 

Queftton 37+. Qiieftion 376- 

By Mr. Bcnj. W«terfa!l> af Chcft- J^ ^. Tfaa Robinfon. 

vinwara^ in Derbyfhire. 

A «%.«•*.« »■ .J u J J u * TW a certain Koithero Latitude, theSttn*s 

DMIT a Field bounded by four arcn- J^ Aaimuth, at 6 o'clock in the Morning. 

lar Curm, ^oj^il Semi- Segments, ^,, i^,,^ j^ ^ ^ ^o ,^i e. it was alfo 

and tviFO equal Semi.Circles, and the Sun^ of obfervcd, that the Sun was due Eaft 6 Mi- 

thc Diamete^ of the Semi-Circle is equal to ^^^ ^^^^ 7 o'Clock tha fame Morning ; 

^^?V^S^ ^^'T.u ^ ^'C!* r n ?f^!!llf"*'' <^ry the Latitude of the Place and the CUy 
and the Sum of the Arches of all the Curves ^^^e Month ? 

^ zz Sao Chains. Required la Area / 

Qucftion 37S. ^^*^*'°" 377* 

By Mr. J. Drape. ^y Mr. Sam Bcekcn. 

Required the Content of the gresteft It Gentleman has a fquare Garden, and 

ParaUebgram that can be infci 4bed in f\ a right- angled triangular Ft(h- pond oC 

ttie grcateft Parabola that can be intcrihed thefame Area : Now the Side of the Gar- 

inan£l]ipfi», whoTe Area 118.83575 Acres, den is =r 144. Yards. To determine the 

and itt conjugate Diameter half thp Traof- Sides of the Pond, in arithmetical Progref- 

verfc? fion } 

I., ■»■ ^> «» ■^■^^-i ^■— ^ » , . 1 ^ . ., 

A Calculation of the Ecliffi of tbs Moon> Maj 8, 1762, by Mr. Tbo^ 

Apparent Time at 




Digits eclipfcd 


H / tt 

H 1 It 

^ a7 37 

4 15 

5 3» 53 

S^54' JO** 


% aj 37 
3 5$ «5 

5 a8 53 
9** SV »o^ 


Mifcellaneous Correjpondence^ 

Digitk eclipfed 

Anctker ofthejame^ at LfCicefter, hy Mr. W. Qiapman: 

H ' " 


3 56 27 1 

Morning. Apparent Time. 

* ai 49") 
3 56 a?/ 

5 »9 5>1 

90 ^o* 

16 I 

An O D E, which was performed at 
the Caftle 0/* Dublin, on Monday 
jhe 1 8//^ ^ January, 1762, he^ 
i?ig the Day appointed for tlx Ceie" 
tratien of tl)e Birth-Vcy of Her 
Aloft Excellent and hatred Majefty 
^leen Chailotte. 

By the Special Command of hit Excellmey 
the Ear/ cf Hall I FAX. 

Written hy Mr. Victor. 

RiciT. Acccmpanicd. 
T IGHT of the world I with purefl beami 

lEc I 


Ihc front cf hcaVn! and bkfs the happy 
morn I 
Come from thy fhamhcr in the eaft, 
In richcft geld and purple drcft, 
Bright as our Quit M ! who ou thii day waff 


For hfr the lilly and the rofc, 
Tjc'.r ?rcmatic fctntt dlfdofe } ' 

Or. Zf/fyrs vr.r.^^ the breezes play, 
To v*«iit the fwee.s of flow*ry May, 

JV.r carre, with all-.^ccomplifh^d charmiy 
1 o b:c{s our youthful Mon arch'i arms I 

ffymm quick the lovers joined, 
Vi^iid to hand, and mind to mind ; 
The ncblcftfair that ever yet, 
In fwcet connubial tranfports met ; 
Lov c h:5 rofy banners fpread?, 
A\'idc :n triumph o'er their heads 5 
Here his golden (hafts employs, 
Tip: with plejifures, wing'd withjoj-B, 

Hear ! O hvor ///^/n/ys prayer ! 
Guard, s^c heav'n this I<rj.:I Pair, 

f frritfen for the lid of Viv^, 


Defcend Urania^ h»T*n]y maid ! 
And touch the o^nfecrated lyre ! 
O lend thy foft, hiirraoniont aid^ 
Prophetic numbers toinfpiref 
Wrapt into future timet, difplay 
A race of heioes, wife and gictf I 
Unnumbered hltiilings to cMnrey* • 

To ./jt^icffs highly faTOur^d ftatc* 

RiciT. accompanied. 

Behold ! whom Cfrgit well weighed dbiM^ 
And Britain' % general VQice, 

Have lifted to the faireft hdghts of pow*r! 
See H^lkfax ! who roles beloved, 
(By every worthy mind approved) 

Adds fplcndcr to this joyovs hoor. 


May Britain i Sfiiun for ewer Ihloi^ bright diftingnfli'd nyt ! 

Sacred to virtue fo divine. 
Devoted by the mules lays ! 

Sweetly in her fong reciting, 

George And Cterlane't worth pnidaiBf 
All their graceful deeds uniting. 

Their Lcvet immortal as their Fs 

HvMN to the Eternal Provi- 



LIFE of the world, Immrrtal Miif» ! 
Father of all the human kind, 
Whofe boundlefs eye thac knows no reft. 
Intent on nature^s ample brcalf. 
Explores the fpace of earth and /kiei. 
And (cts eternal incenfe rife ! 
To Thee, my humble voice I ra-fe 1 
Forgive, while 1 prefume to praife. 


TKough Thou this rranfi:?nt being gar^ 
That flioirly finks into ilic f ra\e j 
Vet 'twas tny GoodPcH, ftxil to give 
A being thitt can think, and live ^ 

w P R O S E ^nd VERSE. 


f n all thy works thy wxfdom fee. 
And ftretch its towMng mind to Thee I 
To Thee, my humble voice 1 nife : 
ForgivCy white I prefxime to piaife. 


And fl-IIl this poor contradled fpan, 
Th> life, that bears the name of man I 
From /Thee derives its vital ray, 
Eternal Santtt of life and day ! 
Thy bounty ftill the ruaihine pours. 
That gilds its mom and eyening hours* 
To Thcc, my humble voice I raife : 
Forgive, whUe 1 prefume to pratfe« 

ThroQgh £rror*s mace, thro* Folly *s night| 
The lamp of Reafon lends me Hght. 
When Aern Afflidion waves her rod. 
My beait confides in Thee, my God ! 
When iHtDre Annies, opprefs'd with woes | 
Ev'n then Ae finds in Thee repbfe. 
To Thee, my humble voice I raife t 
Foi^ve, while I pitfome to praile« 


Affli^on flies, and Hope returns ; 
Her lamp with brighter fplendor burns* 
Gay Love with all hts fmiLng train. 
And Peace and Joy are here again. 
Theic, thefe, I know, *twas thine to gives 
I tmfled; and, behold! 1 live. ^ 
To Thee, my hamble voice I raife t 
Fof^ivc, while I prefume to praife. 

O may I ftill thy favour prove ! 
Still gra^t me gratitude and love. 
Let Truth and Virtue guide my heart} 
Nor Peace, nor Hope, nor Joy depart. 
But jcr, whatever my life may be. 
My heatt &u\[ ftill rrpofc on Thee ! 
To Thee, my humble voice I raife t 
Forgive, while I prefume to praife ! 


To the Drummek, or Haunted- 

House : 

Occafiomdhy the Cock-lane Apparition. 

JVritiifi ami jpokim by Mr, Smith, ai 
Covent- Garden Theatric 

IF in this credulous, believing age, 
Wr bring a harralefs ghofl upon the ftage. 
Some will, perhaps, conclude — in hopes of 

We've hir'd the kaockir.g fpirit from Cock- 
hnc } 


all muft know, ihe fled the dteadful 

That threateA*d her fa hard -— . at Gktkai« 

Hither (he, then, might fly for liberty, 
To *lcape the dangers of the deep redfea. 

Vet no alliance with fuch ghofts is here. 
As are not free of fpeech; and won't appear* 
(But fiue, *t2S wonden'ul, a female fprite. 
That's ftill all day, — fliould hold her tongoft 

at night. 
Few wives, 1 fnr, this filent pft poflefs ; 
Their hufl>aods wiflk — • tlieyM prattle fomc^* 

what left). 
We'll prove the ftory of our phantom tme^ 
Ahd fairly bring him out to public view ; 
Njv^ make him fpeak like any modem blad% 
And gofiip freely with my lady's maid } 
Nor keep you up ail night to fee his tricks. 
Ladles —our ghoft begins to walk at fix s 
His martial nrafic, and a foldier*s air^ 
Wc hope, w:ll recommend him to the fsur«^ ' 
All dread of airy vifions then fubdue, 
Nor ftart, nor tremble, if the lights turn bloeu 
* Tho* with a ghoft our comedy is heighten'dj- 
Ladies, upon my word, you ihan't be frigh-- 

ten'd : 
Our's is a ghoft that's faithful, fond, and tm^ 
Made up of flefli and blood — as well as you : 
Ihen every evening comC) in crowds uodann* 

Wc never think this houfe is too nmch haaa» 


On Friendship. 

How fondly thofe miftake who feek Ar 
In crouds, and mirth, and never ceafing noifet 
^Their mirth, how empty ! and their joys, hoir 

vain ! 
Refle£lion ever flies the laughing train* 
StuonM with the din, thought fickens ; and 

the mind 
No true delight, no taftf of blifs can find. 
Alike they err, who leave the wodd |» 
With gloomy fadnefs in a lonely cell : 
Heavv and <<ull, the joylefi hours move o% 
To all the fw'^- s of fecial life unknown. 

If pieafure fmilcs fmcere below the fkies. 
That pieafure muft from faoed frienuihip liie | 
Oi all \vh;rh animates the human iTTLtnt^ 
7 he noble ft ardour, and the putrii riame i 
Ofisprinn i.'f heav'n t ^ there fnenoihip all n» 

Immortal ^rcwi in each ieraphic mind : 
Mix'd wiih the ftreams of blifs forever flows^ 
Nor change, decay, nor interruption knows t 


* The laft flr lines ate in the origiaal pio* 
log^e to the Dnmmer, 



MtfcettaiMui Correjpondence,, 

A tfOftMUIIifive of tke realml 6f Wi 
Afl4«Al7j uiKtft£ttoiiy knciwnabofei 
Tet it the Uenntf ^ iiiduleaitbex?*ii| 
Yfao* id fl l<(t degree, to mentis giT*ii : 
It*e Jilealiag pow*r by plovuiencedefign*^^ 
To raftai hfiintn cares) tod xneod the hum ) 
^o ^iitt our paffions l^ 'vC% gentle fwayi 
AnJ W diem reaiim's facred Uwi obej« 
iMdi^ip can often o'er the heart prevait^ 
lMed piiiloibpiiic fulcs and mairiAia fail i 
It tttitt totonttial teodernci* the thought) 
J^ tiewa with kind iodnlgeiKe ev*ry faiilt4 
Ahd ilrhere ed^^ived otight to b« apply *dy 
*rhfi fltetle hand foft lt»ve antl ^t^ gaid« ) 
IVlme tech can bear rcpreot> and caeh rt* 

iAii ^itiud re(eiltinei)t!oftih gMtefol love,) 
'oilit Odt each fiAilt, and blame yet notofTendi 
AfA tttii frodi lUnieovi ilatt*ryi can commtod^ 
*tt ihetit itt (hopwti^n'd hofioors raife | 
^Uie eftafi the-cenfure and the pfailei 

FnCiidifiiti eommunicatesour joina and piui% 
Attd in tatli bteaft njoices, or cemplains ; 
Ditidtt t)ttr freight df wo^, telievet out caiesi 
Aii^ ^'^ pltefuft iieiehtens, uitiharei* 
While facitd tirtiic lights the holy fiic» 
fiy time uhijjiir*d| it will ne*er expire I 
If forte bf rotigh adverfity can part^ 
liafltedr theaen'roasvpafilpn from the keart« 

f nehdihipi What finfeere dtlightt ar« 
^ ikintl ' . 

fidi ihihidtohi 6f liat>pin^(a^vilie \ 
l^lHtltmii t>ltefing, heav'il-defcendeJ gtieft^ 
Whb bftl^ with the Tirtucus few Unft reft : 
Mdir thy kind itlfludoee knooth my path of 

Mil fciJRi dndptotefeli ft€e f^dm ho'iy ftrifd. 

fi 1riHiie» (Weet content, and friendihip mine» 
at iiiV hMnble lot (hall nfc*er repine, 
f JMi thefe aWne hM^ real pleafvrcs fio#i 
Ybatl the gay rtHind of mirth or gaudy fhowj 
^ id the fehatmi of g^eatnelt can beftow. 

ow, V 

ifatkhtt! Judgnunti depr^d. On 

Wfrnhty^iCx^ ^ravd her Vl^hgeful kanil 
\y TtemendoM t>*^ a guilty lamli 
AGhlgkty Gbd) thy atirftil pOWV» 
WiUi feaf and trembUng» wfe adoic» 

^^bfe iliiii ^ fly, but to thf feel f 
mf liply icfiigc ii chy feat ) 
I'bi feat) Where poteht menjr pleads^ 
Afid l»fait thy thtimiet horn Mr hcadtt 

Whtk {teabi and plenty blefsM ettr <lays| 
^brb Ws^ the tHbUte (>f thy praife f 
yHgFatcfiil face ! hbw have we fpent 
^t i)leir:^gS ^khith thy gebdncft i«nt \ 

todk dotirfirO iofd, with pityiiic'cjl^t 
Tho* loud ou^ crimei for vengeance cry^ 
Let mercy** loader voice prevail. 
Nor thylongofttffcring patienoe fail. 


£neoarag^4 by thy iaoed word» 
May we^ot plead the Ucft record, 
l*bat when an humbled nation mowni^ 
l*hy rifing vi^rath to pity toms« 

O let dhy fo^niga grace impart 
Contrition t9 each rocky heart| 
And bid finCere repentance flow^ 
A gen*ial, nndiflembled woe. 

Ouf luiAl, Cod of armiei , bk^, 
(Thy hand alone can give fucoefs,) 
And make our haughty neighbour* ow« 

ttAY (miliftg pcaM again reftore. 
With plenty bleff the pining poor^ 
And may a happy thankful land 
Obedient own U>y guardian hand. 

PxotOCtJC to the ElWtTCH af 
Terence, as it was ailed by the 
ichdafs of Merchant-Taylors 
Schooly with the greatejl Affkufe^ 

\1C7^^ mighty JLtm arofe, fobeav'B 

VV def«n'<i. , ' 

Theicourge, anddread> and wondCr of man* 

kind : 

Her fons with geA*rotts emulation Arore, 

To found bn pnvate vi:1uei public love : 

*Twas hen«e with pious caxe they led dieir 

ThtoQgn azini to hohouf, and through arts tft 

To honeft toils was the Pleheisn bred. 
And what his labour eafn'd) on tlut he fed. 
>Vhilft fptriu by happier impulfe uughc to 

Cottld claim in ev*ey cfaa^af^ the priae { 
In rhetoric and arms difpiayM their might, 
Thofe foldirrs ail could fpeak, thofe oratofa 

could fight. 
fen t T A I K, hkc afltient JlAiw, for arts re- 

ncwn'd ; 
Like her with f^ioSti and with Ti&'ry 

fetiTAXN, with ev*fy manly fcience graced, 
Wa»u yet one fource of fame, one work of 

Her fchools well ftor'd with Latin, HArew^ 

Fotget the ncccflary art ** to fpeak j 


in PROSE and VBRSB. 


mfe Hut enteituiinient, iienc* ye'ie 

EC a leat in this old claflic dome. 

auger this fole ?dvaqtase ktks, 

at his fcholar afti, but that he fpeaks, 

it alooe he formM our little ftage, 

we mi^t IcAow, and mark the pointed 

konld jour judgment but approve the 
Bcjy txuft jcur cjiojow for applaufe. 

jfn ACROSTia 

C ould I, C^'a, frailer like« rtfaear(^ 
V our btoomisg chusnf i« ^ melgdijii 

D iftinguifli*dy then, Foflerity fliooldidewy 
£ ach god*Jike virtue that^i poffeft by you i 
R cfplendent graoet in each aAion fliine, «« 
I n roji*ning juft, in fentiment fublime^ 
A nd breathes a ioul tkiiif noble, an i ■ ,^j 

y^. 30, 1762, Gt Cmis 

icreftiC'rehus^ by Way cf ^ejlion and Anfw^^ humbly Injiribgd U tbi 


^T THAT is there in life that affords a real joy ? ^itbin^, 

Yt For whom do fond parents thc;r labors employ F Ofs^tm^^ 

What is the dear pledge of Hyman*i ciiadc love ? ^'"g* 

What exjnnds the gl^d lark when he fearch realms above * ^'^g* 

What*s youth when to beauty and good nature join'd ? Inviting^ 

What*s woman while virtue adorns her foft mind ? Cbjrminr^ 

^nd how is my temper for ever inclined ? Hvping 

That my fair one who dwdjs, where the initiah will ihow, 
VTill one pay confent hand and heart to beitow, S, P, 

Your obliged friend .;in4 rervan^ 
Mr. S. B. doth preftrnt, 
for the plan of your rcbu*,* 
Thanks omnibus JUbus, S^, 

* yide Magazine for December Iqft. 

^Chronological Memoir 0/* Occurrences^ 
For F E B RU A RT, 1762. 


SranJenbrnrgf ymn, ii« 
'EAerdaj Lieut. Gen. Platen arrived 

Dear Leipfic with the Troops that 
I agatnft th« Ruffians. Prince Henry 
M that Time at Leipfic, fronn whence 
I out towards Boma. His Aroiy is 
a the Dime Pofidon \ The Army of the 
re hath abandoned the Poft of Naum- 

and General Veezey is gone to Jjtwz, 
• Djfpofitions feem to have for their 
i AMRie Enterprize again (I the Army 
e Empire, and the extending of our 
tr Quarters in Saxony and Thuringia. 
rt raifing five Squadrons to add to 
'1 ^Tt Squadrons of Independent Hyf- 

Ilambttrg, Jan. 15. The Ruflians are re- 
pairiqi; the Fortificarions of Cnlberg: i8«oco 
Ruffians, under the Command of Gen. Rerg, 
occupy Stargard, and the Right of theOHcr, 
to the Neighbourhood of Stettin. Princo 
£u<ene of Wurtemberg, who at firll rook 
Refuge under the Walls of that Placv , hj^rh 
entered Mecklenhourt; with 4. or 5000 ^4en. 
Th>9 hath obliged the Swedish Army to call 
in it* Detachments towards the Head quar- 
ters at Demmin. After the Arrival of fuoif 
Ruffian Troops, which are to join it, it 
will march again to the Pruflians. 

Since the Surrender of Colberg, the Ruf. 
Qans^ to ciife the ^o|eSj hjive withdrawn 


822 jiChronoIogical Memoir of Occurrences^ 

fome of their Troops from Poland, and 
quartered them in Pamerania. 
. Frtntitrmf Mcikletihourg, Jan. 15, Tl\C 
I*ruirian(> and Sweilcb have at lad aj^rrtd not 
to annoy eachother in their Wmrer-quarrers. 

Prince Eugene of Wurtemburg hath duck 
up printed r.ilU, norifying to the InhaFvt- 
tanta of this Duchy to look upon fuch of hit 
Troops, who ihall dedroy 01 fake away 
Chei: Effect, as Nfarauders and brins; rhcm 
bound to his Quarters. K^vercheleis, many 
Families are leaving theCoon'ry. There 
are above 300 empty Houfes in Schwerin. 

Altena, Jttn, 19. The l^rufliant have 
fpread themfclves over the whole Duchy of 
Mecklenbourg, and exa^ large Coneribu- 
tions, in Money, Provifions, andftecraits. 
The Prince of Wurtemberg hath advanced 
hit Hend qu%rter» to Rodock. 

Leifjic, Jan, 15, They write from Vi- 
enna, that the chief Command of the Au- 
ilrian Arniy in Saxony, at prefent command- 
ed by Oeneral Count 0*Donnel* is to be con- 
ferred on Gen. Count Serbelloni, in the 
room of Count Daun, vyho is to flay a Vi- 
enna to aflid in the Council. 

A Letter fi om Paris, by the Way of Hol- 
land, fays, that M. de Bufly was going to 
the Court of Madrid, to execute aCommif- 
fioti of a fecret Nature between the two 
Crowns. ' 

Hague, Jan, a6. We have jud received 
an Account of the Demife of the Emprefs of 
Rttflia, who died the 5th Indaot at Peteif. 
bourg : And we likewife hear, that upon 
the Arrival of tlut News in Pomerania, his 
Imperial Highnefs the Great Quke was im- 
mediately proclaimed Emperor, by the Stile 
and Title of Peter the III. at the Head of 
the Ruffian Army. 

' The Czarina Anne, who died on the 28th 
of Goober, 1740, appointed for her Suc- 
cefibr John, the Son of Anthony Ulric, 
Duke of Brunfwick Wolfenbuttel, and Anne 
his Wife, Daughter of Charles Duke of 
M eckltnburgh, and the Princefi Catherine, 
who was Daughter to the late Czar John^ 
eUer Brother to Peter the Great. 

During the Mtnoriiy of the young Em- 
peror (who. was fcarce fix Months old at his 
AccefiDon) Count Biron, Dukect Courland, 
was nominated Regent by the Czarina Aone: 
The Emperor's Mother imaginmg (he was 
better intitled totht Regency (if not to the 
Throne itfelf) ordered Count Munich toap- 
pifiiiend the Duke of Courland^ caufed him 

to he tried for High Treafon, and condemn* 
ed to die, but was content with banidiia|f 
him to Siberia. 

, After which, (he aflumed the Regency, 
but did not enjoy it long $ for the Rufliaii 
Guards and Generals of the Army, confpir- 
ing in Favour of the Princefs Elizabeth (the 
bte Emprtfs) y^iungcd Daughter of Peter the 
Great, proclaimed her Emprefs on the 5Th 
of December, 1741, and made the Infant 
Emperor, and his Father and Mother (the 
Duke and Duchefs of Brunfwick Wolfen- 
buttel) Pj-ifoners, together with. Couot Mu- 
nich, and Ofterman the High Cl|aiMeIlor-t 
The Sentences pa (fed againd the Families 
of the Dolgorucki, and other Noblemen, 
in the Reign of the Empreia Afine, were 
reverfed, and the Duke of Courland was re- 
called from his exile \ Count Munich and 
Oderman were condemned to die, and led 
to the Place of Execution, hut their Sen- 
tence was changed to a Baniduncnt to Si- 
beria. « 

The late Emprefs, foon aderher Accef- 
fion» invited the young puke of Holdein 
(defcended frorti her elded Sider) intoRuf- 
da, declared him her Heir, and gave him 
the Title of Grand Duke of RuHia, who was 
proclaimed Emperor of all the Ruflias, 
the 5th Ult. the Day the late Emprefs died. 
He is thirty* four Years of Age ; was bom 
a Protedant, and was bied as fuch rill he 
entered into the Communion of the Greek 
Cliurch, which is tlte prevailing Religion ia 

L^pfic, Jan, 12. Indead of three Mil. 
ltons'*of Crowns which the King of Pruflia 
requires of Saxony, the Magidrates of our 
City offer his Majedy 500,000, with Pro- 
mifeto f^rnifh a third at Evder next, ano- 
. therthhiS aCMidfiimmer, anti tlic Remain, 
der at Michaelmas. But it is doubtful whe- 
tlier they.will \^ able tp make each Pay. 
mentpurf^ually { and All more doubtful, 
whether the King of Pruflta will confent to 
the RedudUon which our Magidrates have 

Rcjlock, Jan, 19. The Prudians have de- 
manded a, 1 00,000 Crowns, 3000 Recruits, 
and the fame Number of Horfea for re- 
mounting Cavalry s Befides which, they de- 
mand of this City various Commodities and 
Provifions, to Che AoMunt of zoo,ooo 
Crowns, which are to be feot to the Fortrelf 
of Stettin. 

AM & 

Br FE B RV yl R r, 1762. 823 


Bcjfon, DecemhiT 17, , den with their EffcAs. All the other fmall 

WE hear from Nova Scotia, thatfomc Craft upon the Coafl he deftroyed ; fo that 

Time laft Mofitb, Captain Mac- there need be no Apprehenftcn of any In- 

Icefttie. of Fort CumberUnd, having armed terruption in going up the River next Year, 

fTvo Vefleltat Bay Vert, proceeded as far to as all the Ringleaders of the Mifchief hi- 

thcMorthward as the Bay Challieurs, tn order therto done, with tHeir Families, are now 

to break up a Neft of French Vermin on Prifoners. 

that Coaft, who have done us much Mif- The fird of this Week Captain Wefl ar- 

chief ttiefe two or three Years paft, in in* rived here in 17 Days from South-Carol ma. 

teroeptiog our Veflels bound to Halifax, The Nightingale and Dover Men of War, 

Isomfbourf, and the River St. Lawrence } and the Tranfports. having on Board the 

^which he happily effbfted ; And having ta- four Companies of the r7th and lad Regi- 

about 240 .Men, Women, and Chil-' menfs, (ailed about the fame Time for the 

dren, Priibiiert, brought them to Bay Vert, Weft-IodifS. 
CfOgetbcr with disbt or ten fmall Veflels la- 


Duhlh, yan. 19. ful Proteilant Subje£ls of Ireland, enter- 

#•■ Vil^ Beginning of this Month, a largo ^ns no Doubt that this Houfe will concur 
J[ Whale, 55 Feet long, was left dry, with their afual. Unanimity and Chearful- 
by the Ebbing of the Tide, on a Bank of nefs, in thofe Meafures which the prefent. 
Simd, on the Sea-coafl near Ballyfhannon, War has rendered fo indifpenfably neceflary' 
and flounced himfelf to- death, be'fore the fi»r the .Deience of his Majei)y*s Crown,. 
Return of the Tide. He wa« in Purfoit-of and of the Religion, Laws, and Liberties, 
large Shoals of He)>fings which are now tak- olthisKtngdooi* 
tog on that €oa(| in great Plenty. * « I have dire^ed Eflimates to be laid. 

23* The following Meflage was fent ifrom before you of the Charge that will beincur- 
his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant to>.lhe red, by the propoicd Augmenfatioo, with 
Houfc of Commons in Ireland t as much Exa^nefs as it can be now compu- 

ted 4 and this Houfe may be aflured, tiiat 
'' DvNX Halifax, Aicb Sums as Aiall be granted, will beap- 

** I have ti in command from his Majdflyi plied with the Aridteft Oeconomy« 
to inform this Houfe, that after th'ervtoft ** lam ienfiblohovvunnecelfary it would 
conciliatory EflTorts, which his Majefty's he for me to add any Thing, on my Part, iq 
Moderation could di6(ate, or his Royal Dig- rtga^ to a Meafure that comes fo ftrongly 
nity permit, afTairs have b^n brought CO an enforced by the Recommendation of the 
unhappy, tboogh on his Side inevitable. Crown, by the Situation of Affairs, and 
Rupture with the Court of Spain. whid» is '-fo eflenttal to the Siifi-ty of this 

** In Confequenct of this Event, and of Country s Yet, as 1 look upon this Service 
the Dangers to which this Kingdom may tobeoi cheat mod Moment to the Security 
thereby be particularly ex pofed, hisMajeAy and Prcfervation of this Kingdom, i fliafl 
ha.s directed me'to inform this Houfe, that oonfider your Proceeding in it with Alacrity 
he has thought it neceflary to make an ktir aad Difpatch, as the highed Honour that 
mediate Augmentation of Ave Battalions to .can be oonferred on my AdmiDiAiation. 
his Forces on thisEftabliftimcnt. ^ D.^ H.'* 

" 1 have jC likewife particiklarly in Com- And on the Tuefday following a'moft 
mand f^om his Majefty to aflure this Houfe, Loyal Addrtis was returned by that Houfe 
chat after the liberal Grants which the Par- to his ExcelUocy, nem. con, in which th<^ 
liament of Ireland has made intheCourfe of aflure htm, ** that that Houfe will chear- 
this Seflion, it is with much legret he hnds -fully provide for this additional ExpencCf 
himfelf under the unavoidable neceflity of being ready, to the utmoil of their Abiii- 
makmgany Application for further Sopplies: ties, toconcQr in fuch Meafures as this un- 
But his Majcfly having, in all Exigencies, avoidable War has rendered indifpenlably 
Che mort full and firm Reliance on the ex- neceflUry for the.Defeooe of that King- 
peneaccd'Afle£Hoo and LoyaIty*«f his faith- dom.'* 

• .4U . CO UN- 

824 ^ Chronological Mmkr oj Qi^^urrences, 


yan.%$, yl T One o'clock, the Prince of 
J\ Mecklenburg Strelitj. fecond 
Brother to her M^jefty, arrived if) Jown 
frcxni MccklejihurR» at hi? Houfe in Pall- 
inall ; and was next Day introduced to their 
MajeAies at St. j ernes'*. 

a6. Was launched at Blackwall, alargf 
new Ship for the Service of the Eall-lndia 
Connpany, named theClive. the Comound 
of which is given to Capt. John AIIen« 

•27. A Committee of the Conrimon Council 
appointed Mr. Wilton, hi& Majefly*s Sta- 
tuary, to ere^ hit Statue at the Royal- 

49. Was held a Court at Chrift'f Hofpi- 
taf, when Sir Edward ^live, one of the 
Ju^ice^ of the Court of Common Pleas, 
IVilham Watts, £fq$ John Madox, Efq; 
and Juhn.Firher, Efqj cook their Charges 
aS Governors of the ftid Hopitai j and Wil-* 
liam Watts, Efq; gave 100 Guineas to that 
Koyal Charity. At the faid Court, John 
Darker, Ef'q; Treafurer of St. Bartholo- 
fiiew*s Hofpiral, was nominated by Daniel 
Webb^ Efqj and unanimoufly voted a Go* 

The .Marine Society have colleAedy 
equ!p*d, and cloathed, for the Sea- fcr vice, 
<452 Men, and 4.51 1 boys in all 9963. This 
Slews the Ucilfty of fuch a noble Inftttu- 

The Lords Aiifon and Weymouth are fit- 
ting out a Privateer, with the utmoft ex- 
pedition, with fome peculiar adyantages to 
the Crew *. it is to mount 36 gum, and it 
. nrongly defended againfV Hhall Arms ; it is 
^o be called the Lord An Ton Frigate, and 
the command to be given ro Capt. Hutch, 
infon, an able pommandcr, who it deftm- 
^d for the Spanifh Weft Indjes. 

His Majefty has been pUafed, by his 
Koyal Proclamation, for the better encou- 
ragement of Seamen and Landmen volunta- 
rily entering themfelves into the Service of 
the Royal Navy, topromifea bounty of61. 
i^or every able Seaman, and 3I. for e^try 
.ordinary fcaman, not above the »gc of 59, 
nor under 18, and 30s. for eye^ able bo- 
died Landman not above 35, lior under 18, 
who (hall voluntarily enter diemfelves be- 
fore the 31ft of March next : and alfo a 
rewatd of 5). for the difccVery of every 
sble, and ^1. ics. for tverj ordinary Seaw 
man, who May feCrete themfelves. 

The Bishop of St. Aiaph itf appointed to 
Preach before the Houfe of Peers on the 

St. Jtmet'%, Fth, S. This Day Prince 
* ^JsilUteQ lad a private aadiei^ U hte ^fa* 

jefly to Uptify the Pest^f o^ the hfe Em*^ 
prtfs Eliz >(teth, and t<ie Atfceflion of tb9 
pfcf«rnt Em»e»'Qr P*^*'^ ^^P Third to (ha 
Throne of Roflia ^ and* to prefent his new 
Credentials as Envoy t jrtraordjnary from 
that Prince. To which iV was introduced 
by the Rij^ht Hon. tMEi.^<Jof Bute, one 
of his Majefty*s Prindf al .^Klftaries of 
State, and conduaed by 5ir Ch^^ Cot- 
trell Dormer, Knight, Mt^fter nt iSm £> 

Lord Cbamberlaiti^t. 9fi<»f W^* 9« OrV 
ders for the Court*s gotnf^ fnto mourning oik 
Sunday next, the 14th JtaiAapt, for the late 
Emprefs of Ru/Ha, viz. 

The Ladies to wear blacky filkor Vehret, 
fringed or plain Linen , black or white Fans^ 
and wl)ite QloveS. 

The men to wear bisck full trimmed^ 
fringed er plaifi Linen, black Swoi:ds «nd 

The fame Day the Earl a^ Briftol waited 
on his M^jcfty at St. James's, and was 
moft gracioudy received. 

It 18 remarkable, that the principal So- 
vereign Princes of Europe now living ar< 
the THiao of the^ refpedLTo Namea^ 

I. George III. K.ingof£ng|and« 

9. Charles HI. Rmg of Spain. 

3. Auguftus-III. King of Poland. 

4. Frederick III. Kint; of Pniifia. 

5. Charles Emanuel lU. King of Sardi- 

^. Mudapha HI. Emperor of the Turks, 

7. Peter III. the new Emperor of Ruffia, 

8. Francis III. Duke of Modena. 

9. Frederick I IL Duke of Sa]^e-Gotha. 
Nine in all ; a orcomftance that never hap* 
pened before in the Annals of Europe. 

They write fron> Silcfia of the 15th ult. 
that the K>PS of PrufTia was then there io 
perfe£^ health, but keeps pretty much with- 
in hisPaUce ; by his ina<£^ivity, it was con- 
jcAured, he was planning fome weighty 
Proje^s to be foon put into execution in 
the beginning of the can^paign, which wiji 
be opeped very early. 

Letters from V*«nna. of tVe lotli ult. 
tmpiMt, that a Courier arrived there that 
Day thorn General 0*Donnel to Marlhal 
Dsun, with an Account that the Pruflia^ 
General Schniettau having penetrated into 
Lower Lufatia, had obliged General Beck 
to abandon his Wmter-Quartert, and tluit 
he had joined General Lafcy, in order tP 
nake He^id asainft the ^imS&»$m% 

^or FE B RV A Mr, lyiil 22$ 

totti tf is MajeAy irent to the Roufe of 
Veers x¥Uh the ufttal State; and gave the 
&oyal AiTentfotbe foItowi/is A6t, v\i, . 

An Ad for gfanting to his Majefty cer* 
tain Ditties on Windows ahd Lif hct. 

And A A for ra»<ing by Annuities 'the 
Mm of Twelve MilUonSf to be charged on 
the finking F«nd» ftc. 

An A€t to enable his Majefty to ratfe a 
certain fom of Mooey towards paying off 
ftod dtfcharging the debt of the Navy | 

And to fuch other puhlic and private Bills 
As were ready for the Royal AlTent. 

£xtrs8 •/ M Lttttrfrtm Guadalujte, 
Dec. 7. 

*' At lei>gth oqr forces are colteded tO 
4eteraiiiie the fate of Martinico, that afy^ 
lam of French privateering in tbefe Seas. 
The quota of Troops from Antigua foir this 
Service, joined ours on the aSth ult. and all 
lailed together from hence the 30th, under 
convoy oif the Sunderland Man of War^ for 
BarbadoeSy the Place of Rendezvous, and 
whcfte Goneral Monckton (Commandei- in 
Chief) is arrived with the Americans. Adm. 
Rodney from England and Belleifle, ar^ 
rived there the a^rd ult. and immediately 
ordered Sir Tames , Douglas off M^irtinioo 
to block op the Place> who has madefome 
little dtfccnts on the Coaft and brought off 
fevcral Negroes. The following is a lift 
of our Naval F6rce on the Expedition^ 

Rept)Ife ft Allet^ 

Lizard )& Drake 

Levant >% Tucker . 

Nrghtingale H Campbell 

Fowey %\ Mead 

Greyhound sp Francis 

j^ofe ao Banks 

4 Sloo^ under «o i c - u 

4 Bombs, Tenders, HofpiuI-5hips, anof 
Storefliips. j - 

*« As to the Land Forces, J cannot afcer^ 
tain the Number \ thty are, ho^^ver, ver^ 
cooflderable, and cannot fall fhort of 15 or 
16,000 Men. The greateft preca^'lioil \t 
ufed for fecuring fucoeft \ an embargo was 
laid on us immediately on the failing of 
the Troops, to cut off all Correfpondefictf 
With the £ntmy« or thelf Friends th^ 

The following is a Lift of the French 
Fleet of feven Ships of the Line, and four 
Frigates, which got out of Breft, Jan. 13, 
the Day before Commodore Spry returned 
to his Sution off Ufhant. 

Cunt, Cvmf^ 

Lel^uc dleBourgogne %\> haMng Troops 7 

Shif^ Cutu CommanJertt 

Foudmyant 80 Capt. Duff. . 

Pra^oo 74 Hon. A. T. HarVav 

Modefte €4 Hon.R.B.WaUlngtiam 

Teoicraire ^4 Capt. Bsrcon 

Temple 74 0*Bryefl 

Cnllodcn 74 Barber 

Stirling Caftle 70 Evetitt 

Vanguard 70 Swanton 

Devoofhire 66 Darby 

Raifonable 6a Bbouldham 

Alode 64 Hankerfon 

Nottingham 60 Marihatl 

Sundcrbod 60 toggle 

Centurion 60 Galbraitfa 

Norwich 50 ' MXleVerty 

Falkland 50 Drake 

Wonlwkh 50 Bane 

Penaanco 40 Boyde. 

F R t C A T £ S. 

Sl^ft Cunt Ctmmatulin, 

Adive . 36 Capt. Sawyer 

Crefcent 36 Collin gwood 

Echo 36 Laforey 

Stag 36r Angel 

Le Defenfeur 
Le Hedor 
Le Diademe 
Le Prothee 
Le Dragon 
Le Brillante 
Le 2tphir 
Le Dellgente 
La Caly]^ra 

6 ' 




16 t 

They had oh hoard the Vifcount Belfunce, 
Lieutenant- General, the Chevalier de St* 
Croix, Major-General, and the Count de 
lla Toiir Auvet^e, Brigadier, with the 
regiments of Foix, Qucrcy, and Bouloft- 
nois. But as our I'roops, to the Number 
of 15 or 16,000 men, mtift have invefted 
fort-Royal in Marti nico long before the 
Enemy can arrive there ; and as our FUeC 
confifts of twenty ftout Ships of the Line, 
there is little Danger to be apprehended from 
the arrival of 3000 Men, or even the junc^* 
tioii of the Spanilli Fleet at the Havaonah 
with the Frenoh. 

His Maje%*s frigate Aqoilon, was &if-» 
patched by Capt. Spry at Sea, to the Weft-' 
Indies, with advice of the efcape of the 
French fquadron from Breil, before which 
Port he appeared the Day after the Enfmy*a 
departure, Which indeed ought to afiford tis 
rather Matter of Pjeafure than Alarm, fmce 
the farther deftruOion of their Navy can 
only be cffcfied at Sea ; there being no poC-* 
lible Chance of coming at them In the 
Ports of Suropt. li is oUirvablc, that 

J N a nofir 

826 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences^ Gf r. 

none of the "Enemy's Fleets of force have 
entered to Sea rlys War, which have* not 
been coHfiderahly reduced before their re- 
turn, and it is not improbable but this 
may now again be the Cafe, as we are 
fo well prepared in cv^y Part of the 

We ate Informed by thebtefl Advices that 
a Ceflation of Arms is a^^ually agreed upon 
between the Emperor of RuHia and the 
King of Pruflia. 

The following Declaration of War by Spain 
a^cainft Great Britain, dated the 16th of 
January, was publiO^ed at Madrid, on 
the 1 8th. 
The king. 

«' AithoU9,h I haife already taken for a 
Declaration of War by England ag:ainft 
^pain, the inconfiderat^* Step of Lord Brif- 
tol, the Britannic King*s Ambaflfadnr at 
my Codrt, when he demanded of Don Ri» 
chard Wait, ray Mintfter of State, what 
Engagements I had contracted with France, 
.making this the Condition of his Demand , 
or rather adding this Threat, That if ho 
did not receive a categorical Anfwerj^ he 
would ieave my Court, and take the Deni« 
;sl for an Aggreflion ; and although, before 
this Provocation was received, my Patience 
vras tired out with fuifcring and beholding, 
on many Occafions, that the En^ifti Go- 
vernment minded no otiier Law, but the 
^ggrandifement of their Nation by Land, 
and univerfaJ Defpotifm by Sea { I was 
'iievertiielefs dtfirout to fee w.hether this 
Menace would be carried into Execution ; 
or whether the Couit of England, fenfibie 
of the Inefficacy of fuch Methods towards 
^ my Dignity and that of my Crown, would 
. not employ others that (hould be more ftii- 
' table to me, and make me overlook all thofe 
Infults. But the HaoghtineTs pf the En«> 
giifli was fo far from containing it within 
. jult Bounds, that I have juft learnt that on 
the 2d inftant a Refolution was taken by the 
Britannick King in Council, to declare War 
againfl Spain. Thus, feeing myfelf under 
the hard Neceflity of following .this Ex^m> 
p!e, which I woiMd never have given, be- 
caufe it is fo horrible and To contrary toHti* 
manlty, I have ordered, by a Decree of the 
15th inibtnt, that War ihould hkewife he 
immediately declared, on my Part, agailkl^ 
ttie King of England, his Kingdoms, Eftat^:^, 
sind Suhje^s ^ 2nd that, in Confequence 
thereof, proper Orders fhould be Cent to ail 
parr, of my Dominions, Where it Ihottid be 
necelT/iry, for their Defence, and that of rhy 
Subje<f)i>, as wt II as for afbing oflTcnjlvely 
ag.onfl the Enemy. 

hor this End, \ ortfermy Council of War 
to takw the rcquifite Meafures tbit this De- 

claration of War may be publiftied at my 
Court, and in my Kingdoms, with tho 
FormaHties ufual upon fuch Occafions; 
and that in Confequence all Kind of Hofti* 
It ties may be exercifed towards the EngHifa : 
fltat thofe of them who are not naturalised 
in Spain may leave my Kingdoms ; that 
fhey may carry on no Trade there \ and 
that only thofe who are employed as Arti- 
fans may be^fufFered to remain : That for 
the future my Suhjed^s may have no DeaU 
ings with thofe of England, nor with th« 
EAates of that Crown, for any of their 
Produdlions or Fisheries, particularly Cod, 

br their ManufaAures or Mechandt: 


that the Inhibition of this Trade may be 
underftood to be, and may be in Fad, 
abfohite and effe^ve, and ftamp a vicious 
Quality and a Prohibition of Sale on the 
afoiiefaid EfTe^, Produftions, Fiiheries, 
Cod, Merchandize, and Manufadnres of 
the Dominions of England : T<hat no Vef- 
fels whatfocver, with the abovementioped 
EfFe^s on Board, may be admitted into my 
Harbours, and that they may not be per- 
mitted to he brought in by L^nd, being 
illicit and prohibited in my Kingdoms, 
though they may have been brought or 
depoiited in Buildings^ Baggage, Ware- 
houfes. Shops, or Houfes of Merchants 
<or other private Perfons, my Subjects or 
Vaflals, or SubjeAs or VaQals of Provinces 
and States with whom I am in Peace or Al- 
liance, or have a free Trade, whom, ne« 
verthelefs, I intend not to hurt, or to in* 
IHnge the Peace, the Liberty, and Privi- 
lege which they enjoy, by Treaty, of car- 
rying on a legal Trade in my Kuigdomc 
with their Ships, and the proper and pe- 
ictiKar ProdufHons of their Lands, Pro- 
vinces, and Gonqucfls, or the Prodvce of 
their Manufactories. 

I alfo command that all Merchants who 
(hall have in their PoflMon, any Cod, or 
other Hft or Produce of the Dominions of 
England I (hall in the Space of ^teen Days 
from' the Date of this Declaration, declare 
the fime, and deliver an Account thereof, 
either at my Court, or elfewhere, to the 
Oncers who (hall be appointed by the 
Marquis de Squtlace, Superintendant Gene- 
ral of my Revenve$, that the Whole may 
be forthcoming ; and fpch of the faid Effe^s 
of which a Lift (hall not be fo delivered in 
the Space of fifteen Days, (hall be inmiedi- 
ately confifcated ; two Months, and no 
more being allowed for the oonftimption of 
thofe which (hall be declared ; after which 
Tin^ the Merchants (ball- be obliged ^o car- 
ry the faid Effeds to the Cuftom -Houfes, 
and, where there is no Cuftom-Houfii, to 
the Houfek that fcrve iuAead thereof, that 


Fbr FlSBRUJRr, 1762; izj 

«^ey miy be publickly fold by 'an Ofl^cer J^orfolk, Thurfday x8, at Thetford, 

^r Officers Qominated for that End, or, if Suffolk, Monday 21, , at ^nry St. Edmqnd'ji, 
none (hoiiW be appointed,, by the Judges, MIDLAND CIRCUIT. 

vrbo^ihaU five tl>e Produce of t)ie Safe to the tord Cbitfjupice Pratf, and Mr. yitftisi 
IVoprieCors ; b«]t none of the faid M erchan • BathurJI, 

dixes^ prohibited in the Manner jud pre- ftutland, Friday March c, at Oakham* 

Icribed, ..ih^U return tp the Warcbottfes or Lincoln^ Monday 8, at the City of Linco|bi; 

fihopc. * pVy d/'£.fffr0/«, the fame Day at the City. 

I haire ^iven % feparate Commi(fion» Noitm^bam, Thnrfday it, at NuttingbaiQ^ 

«vith aU the neceiTary Powers, to the Mar:- Town of Ntttingbam, Friday 1%^ at ^ 
^isdeSquilace, Superintendant General of Town. . 

ny Revenues, that in chat Qiiality he m^y Deriy, Monday, 15, at Derby, 

Ibe that this prohibited Trade be not fuffer- Leicefter,' Friday 19, at LeiceAer, . 

edy and that be may immediately iflTue fuch Borough of heicefier, Saturday '^Q, ^ tk$ 
Orders and Inftrudions as he (hall think Boroufh. 

neccflary for this important End j taking dyvewtry, Tuefday 13, at Coventry, 

Cognizance, in the firft Inllanc^, in Perfon, fFarwtckfiire, the fi^me Day at Warvipj!^, 
and by his Sub Delegates, of the Difputcs HOME .CIRCUIT. 

«»bich flull arife on Occafion of this Con- Mr. Jufiict Denifon,. and Mr, Jufiiet FoJIerp 

fraband, with an Appeal to the Council of ffertford, Monday March 17, at Hertionf# 

Fisiaoces in the Hall of JuAice ; except £^>f, Monday az, aiiChelmsford, 

bowever what relates to contraband Mill- 'Kent, Monday 29, at RocheAer. 

Cary Stores, Arms, and other Effeds belong- Sujfex^ Monday April 5, at Eaft Grinfleai^ 

iag to War, particularized in Treaties of turrj, Thurfday 8, at Kingfton upo^ 
Feace \ tbe Ct^izance of Difputes on thefe Thames. 

Afticles bdoogiPg to the Coancil of War OXFORD CIRCUIT. 

|Wd tbe miliury Tribunals. Mr, JuJlUe ff^jlmot, and Mr. Juftice Notl^ 

And* I como^and that all that is above be Strkjbire, Monday March i, at Reading, 

obfirrved, executed, andaccomplilhed, un- Oxford^ Wcdncfday 3, at Oxford, 

der the heavy Penalties concamed in the ll^QtcrfterJhire, Saturday 6 » atWorcefter. 

Iaw pragmatiques, and royal CeduJ^, City c," n^fircefter, the fame Day and Piacfp 

siTued 00 like Occafions in Times pau, Ghucefterjhlre, Wednefday lo, ^t Olo^r 

which are to extend alfo to all my Suhjc^s, ' ccfter. 

nndthe.Inhabit^ts of my Kingdoms and CityefGloucefier, the fapne Day and Placfj, 

Ellates, without any Exception, and not- Monmouth, Saturday 13, at Monmouth, 

wkhilanding any privileges | my Will be- Hereford/hire, Tuefday 16, at Hereford, 

sng, that this Declaration of W«r (hall come Sbropjbire, Saturday, ao, at Shrewibury^ 

nafeon as poAble fo tbe Knowledge of my Staffordjbirt, Thurfday a 5. at Stafford. 
Sobjeds, as well that they may guard their WESTERN CIRCUIT. 

Perfons and ElTe^U from tbe Infults ot the Mr, Baron Adamx, ajnd 9fiir, Baron Gould^ 

Eoglift, as that they may labour to moleft Soutbampton, Tuefday M^rcb 2, at WintOH 
them bv naval Armaments, and by oth^r CaftVe. 

Matbods auihorifed by the Law of Arms. H^l/t, Saturday 6, at New Sanira^ 

CiTeaatBuen-Rctiro. January 16, 1762. Dorftt, Thurfday 11, at Dorcbefter. 

I THK KING. Devon, Monday, 15, at the CaftleofE^e* 
Days appointed for holding the Lent Affi^qs^ ter. 

NORTHERN CIRCUIT. Pitj of Exeter, the fame Day at tbe Oi^Mr 
Lord Mansfield, and Mr. Barw Smfth. hall. 

Citj af.Tork, Saturday March ^, at the Cdrjiwtf//, Saturday lo, atLauncefton. . 

Guildhall. Somerfer, Saturday 27, at tbe Caflle p^ 

T»fijbire^ Che faiqe. Day at the paAl; of . Taunton. 


f^ncafbire, SaOinby ^^ 4Ut tbf Caftie nf Hon,DaineiBarrington,Eff\J,Hayet, Eff^ 

Lancafter. Merionetbjbire, at Bala, Monday, M^rcbz^^ 

NORFOLK CI|t,CUIT. Caernarvonjb. at Conway, SatUrd. April 3. 

JmtrdChief Bar om Parker, and Mr ^ J'fiif* ^'^gi^f^^t Beaumaris, Tuefday, April 29. 

dime, . SHERIFS appointed by b;s Majcfiy in Comi) •> 
, fimcki, Monday March 8, at Ayle(bury. cil for the Year 176a, viz. 

Bedford fhire, Thurfday 11, at Bedford, Berkfitire, JohnBiagrave, of Southc:>t, Efqj 

*Humi9gdv^f3iM^ SMurday t^, aC Hunting. JI?#«{^rJ/^. Simon Taylor of Wobuurn, Efq; 

don. Pu^kirghamjbirc, James Harding of Am ci- 

^mkridgefiire, Monday 15, at Cambridge, (i^'m, Efc); 


iii ji Q>ronologicaI Mmdir ^f Oceurrencei^ 

OtmbtrUnif John Ridurdfon of Penrith, 5M«r/irf/&f>^ThoGiinAonofBiibopV&itl 



Chefiirt^ Hon. Richard Barrx o£ Merebary, Suffordptre^ Sir £4w. LittleCoo of VWai^* 


ton, Bart. 

tomb, Mtid Hunt, Richard Cropp of Caftle- Suffotk, Shadnck Brice, of Clare, Elb; 

Soutbmm^tn, Thomu Gatebou(«, of WaU 

Campt, Efqi 
Cirfftwn//, Philip Enouf of Falmouth, Efqj 

lop, Efq; 

Devrpirt, Benjamin Incledon of Pilton, Surry, Wm. Bridges Baldwin, of Waffiflf* 

i>trfetfiirt, Edm. Moreton Pleydell of Mil- 

'bum, Efq; 
Derby/hire, G. Morewood of AIfreton,Erq; 
£ffe*, R. Newman of Weft Ham, Efq; 
Clouctfierjbire, P. Hancock of Twyninjt, Efqj 
Vcrtfirdfrire^ Henry Fotherly Whitefield of WiUjbire^ Prince Sutton, of the Derizei^ 

Kickmanf worth, Efq; Efq; 

Berefordjbire, Howarth Cook of Holmar, Turkjbirt^ Hugh Bethel, of Rice, Efq; 

ton, Efq; 

Suffae^ Thomas Gniinger,.of CuckfieMEfiK 
Wurwick/btre^ Thomas FiOicsr of Spring- 
field, Efq; 
fFwteJierjhire, Samucl Hcllicr of Wood* 
houfe. Efq; 

JOvf , George Kelly of Speldhurft, Efq; 

Brecon, John Meredith of Brecon y Efq; 

iJiceftcrJbirt, CaWerley Bewick, of Halla- CarmtrtbeH, J. CorrieofCamiartiien, Efq{ 

ton, Efq; 

Card/gun, David Uoyd of Brainog, £ib| 

Lintohjbire, Tho. Mainwaring of Kettle- Glamorgan, P. Williams, of Duffrio, cfi|; 

P^m^rMr, Rowland Phillips, of Langbane^ 

thorp, Efq; 

Mionmoutbjhire, John Roberts of Aberga- 
venny, Efq; 

Jhrtbumberland, Ralph Bates of Hallowell^ 
Efq; • 

Ktrtbampt on/hire, Donatus Obrien of Bla- 
therwick, Efq; 


Radnor, Evan Vaughan, of Uwymnadog, 



wfHfA/rjr, Hugh Barlow, ofPenRhoe,E(i|} 

Carnarvon, Hugh Hughes, of Bodvan, tin 

Norfolk, Sir Hanfoo' Bemey of Kirby Bee- Denbigb, Simon Thelwall, of Blayn Ym, 

den, Bart. Efq; 

Uottinibamjbire, John Newton, Efqf Flint, Humphry Hanmer of Hanmer, Bfi}) 

Cxforajbire, Will. Vanderskemin of Kaver- Merionnb, Robert Wynne of CvnnoNJni 

fliam, Efq; Efq; 

JtntUndJhire, T. Sharp of Langham, Efq; Montgomery, Roger Wynne of Treredridt 
Sbropfi>tr§, Tho. Powys of B«iwicky Efq; Efq; 


Feb, 6. The Lady of Sir Henry Erikine, 
Bart, a Son and Heir, at Sir Henry *s Houfe 
in Cavendi(h-fquare. 


*" yan, 18. Dr. Kilverton, of Rippon ia. 
Yorkihire, to Mifs Ballard, of Leather- 
\uuA in Surry. 

ao. The Rev. Mr. Charles Wheeler, Rec- 
tor of Lemington-Haftings, in Warwick- 
fhire, to Mifs Lucy Strange, fourth Daugh- 
ter of the Right Hon. Sir John Strange. 

11. Nathaniel Rider,. Efq; Member of 
Parliament for Tivcrion, to MifsTerrick, 
eldeft Daughter of the bilhop of Peterbo- 

John Luther, F.fqj n Gentleman pofleiied 
of yoool. a Year, to M:fs B^nnit, of Brook- 

CapC. Teafda1e» of Gen. Lambton^s Re- 
giment, to Mifs Widdrington, of .Hawfc- 
iley in Northumberland. 

24. Mr. Cavel, Grocer, near Ciipple- ' 
gate, to Mifs Fancourt, near Temple bar. 

26. Tbe Rev. Mr. Trebeck, of Londoo, 
to Mifs Davies of Harwich. 

27. Tho. Gilbert, Efq; to MifaPhiBps, 
at Cbrift Church in Sorrey. 

28. Timothy Cafwall, Efq; Member of 
Parliament for Hertford, to Mift Rolt, 
Heirefs to the late -— — ^ RoH, Elq; cf 
Sacombe Park. 

C. Wyndham, of Clarewell, Efq; toBfift 
Rooke, of Bigfware, in Glouceiiedhire. 

Feb, 3. Mr. Edward Peckovcr, of Well, 
an eminent Preacher among the Quakers, 
to Mifs Grace Wright, of Buxton in Nor- 
folk, at the Quakers Meetkig Houfe in Nor- 

4. The Right Hon. Lord Maflura, to 
Mifs Dives, one of the Maids of Honour to 

JFb)- FEBRUARr, 1762. 829 

Imt 1loy«I HigliAcfii the Prinoefs Dowager 
f>{ Wales. 

Mr. Bdnrand Campbell, of Devonfliire- 
Areet, to Mif* Smith, of Brook ftreet. 

5« Robert Boyd, Efq; Colonel in the id 
ResimcAt of Foot Guards, to a Daughter 
ef John Pi&foldy Ef^j Merchant, in this 

Mr. Robert Mendham, of Walbrook, 
Bf ert^bant, to Mif< Scott, of the fame PlaoOb 

10. Mr.Chrilt.Hartopp, a Wealthy Far- 
mer, aged 87. to Mift ENtabeth Voungy 
flfed %0f at Aukland on the River Wear. 

XI. David Roberta , Efq$ to Miff Whit- 
tj, tt Great Heywood, in Scaffordfliire. ^, 


ygm, to. Richard ReynoMt, Efq; Re- 
corder of Hertford, and likcwife, of Saf- 
fron Walden, in Efl«x. 

William Gantlet, Efq{ at Wlnchefter, 
2*oft Mailer, and Wine Merchant. 
' CS?Uco King, Efq} Sword bearer of thia 


John Howard, Baniiler, of the Inner- 

»i. Richard Jooei, M. O. atCoTentry. 

%y The Lady of Admiral Norris, at Sa- 
TiUe Row. 

24. James Ralph, Efq} at Chifwick, a 
Gentleman well known ill the Literary 

a^. The Rev. Joel Perfehonfe, A. M« 
Smor Minor Canon of Weftminfter. abbey, 
in the 77th Ye^ir of his Age. 
' Mr.WiHiam Pownal, Clerk of the Cheque 
Co his Majcfty*s Dock-yard at Plymouth. 

The Lady of the Right Hon. Lord Went- 

lliomat Nixon, at Newlandt in Cnmber- 
land, aged 108. 

Jonathan Wright, £fq| at Croydon in 

Sir Francis Eyies Stiles, Bart. firftCom- 
jni0ioner of the Vi Aoallin^ Office. 

Julm Eaton,. Efq^ formerly a Turkey 
Merchant, who fined for Sheriff in the 
Mayoralty of Sir John Salter. 

Wtlliam Finch, £fq{ at Cambridge, pof- 
ieiTed of a Fortune of 150,000!. the Bulk 
of* which he has left to bis Nephew, Wil- 
liam Intle, Efq; 

John Peters, Efq{ of the Small Poz, at 
liiirSeat at Bellows. 

The Right. Rev. Dr. Edward Synge, Bi- 
Ihop of Eiphin, at Dublin. — ^He waa Son 
to the oelsbrated Dr. Edward Synge, Arch- 
bUbop of Tuam. The Father and Son 
were both Biflicps at the fame Time { a 
Ciroumftance which feldom happeiii| and 
CbB Father ^oofecrated the Son. 

The Rev. Mr. Porter, Redof of Chealy 
in Suflex. 

Fth, 4. Sir George Beaumont, Bart, at 
Dunmore in Eflex. 

Theodore Sydenham, Efqj one of hit 
Ma}efty*8 Joftices of Peace forWeftminiler. 

5. John Turvin, £fq$ at Gelfton in Hert* 

7. Sir Jamei Creed, one of the Dircdora 
of the Bail India Cmnpany. 

8. The Hon. Col. Stuart, Member of 
Parliament for Bute and Catbnela. 

9. Mr^ Bridges, an eminent Woolea 
Draper, In the Strand. 

Thomas Latham, Efq; at hit Seat nt 
Shrewlbury. He conunanded the Tyger 
Man of War, in which Capacity he (hewed 
himfelf an expert and valiant Commarider. 

John Ford, Biq$ of an apoplcaic Fit, at 
Biddeford ifl Somerfetlhire. He was htely 
appointed the BritiOi Confut at Atgeirv, 
where he refided nuny Years, and wat to 
have fee out the Day after he died. 

The Rev. Mr. JowHng, at Akefter, 

Mr. John Parry, Chief Infpeaor of tho 
Excife 10 the Pott of London. 

The Lady of 
JamesU Street* 

Alien, £(q} in SC« 

Mrs. Dutton, Sifter to the late Sir Jobs 
Dutton, of Sbireboume in Glooceftermlrew 

William Molefworth, £fq; of Wenbury. 
in Devonihire. 

Mife Charfotte Squire, Daughter of tho 
Lord Bifhop of St. David's. 

vo. Henry KeHTall, Bfi|$ one of the chief 
Clerks belonging to the Trcafury, and 00s 
of the Commiflionert of the Land Tax. 

It. £dw. Smith, Efq; oneof theKnightB 
of the Shire for the County of LeicefteT. 

15. Lieut. Col. Godfrey, of the 8id Re* 

17. ThomaiMooney, Efti; atHanufMr* 

Crw/ smd Hilitary TrefermnUu 

Mr. Jeilerys is appointed Train-bearer to 
the Right Hon. the Lord Chief Juftice Pratt. 
He was Tram-bearer to the late Lord Chill 
Juftice MTiUes. 

The Lords of the Admiralty have appoint- 
ed Charles Saxtoo, Efq) to be Captain of 
the Magna nime of 70 Guns, going out op* 
on the prefent Expedition. 

Thomas Warwick, Efq; appointed to thf 
Command of the St. George of 90 Gone. 

Mr. Peter BenweU, one of his Majefty'i 

Cha. Sayer, of the Inner Temple, £ii|; 
was unaBirooufly appointed Coondl 10 the 
Kaft India Compan j« 


830 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences. 

The Kii^ hat been pteafcd C6 appoint 
ThotnaiWroughton, Efq; to be his Ma- 
}efty*B Reiident at the Court of the Emperor 
•f RuflTia. 

The Hon. Edward Hay, his Md)e(ly*s 
£nvoy Extraordinary to the Kinf( of Portu- 
gaJ, to be alfo his Majefty*t PJenipotentiary 
to the faid King. 

Robert Colebrookc, Efq; to be his Ma* 
]«fty*s Minider to the Swifs Cantons. 

MteUfiaftical Prefermtntt, 

Wbitehatl, Jan, 30. The Kinjt hsi been 
f>1eafed to order a Conge d*Elire to the Dean 
And Chapter of the Cathedral of St. Paur, 
iiondon^ to chufe a Biftiop of that See, the 
fame being void by the death of Dr. Thomas 
Hayter, late Bitbop thereof. As alfo A Let • 
ttr recommending to the faid Dean and 
Chapter, the Right Rev. father Dr. Richard 
.OibaUcAon. now Bilhop of Carlide, to he 
by them eleaed and chofen into the faid Bi- 
.moprick of London. 

The King has been pleafed to preftnt 
^'WiMhim Mafon, Cleik, M. A. to tlie Ca- 
tioniy and Prebend of Driffield, in the Ca- 
.thedral of St* Peter in Yoi k» together with 
the Precentoiihip of the faid Church, void 
iby the Promotion -of Dr. Thomas Newton 
to the BiHioprick of BriAol. 

lybittkalt. Fib. %. The King has bsen 
pleafed to grant to Robcit Hort, Dodor of 
.La^y the Place and Ui|:nity of a Prebenda- 
ry of his M;>jelty*s irw Chapel of St. Geoi{;e 
. in the CaAle of Windfor, void by ilic Re- 
Agnation of James Yorke, Ckrk, M. A. 
lat^one of the Prcbeflfdarics of the faid free 




• . ^n Cideil the Younger, and RJchard 
Airey» late of King's Arms Yard, Cole- 
ttian-ftrtet, London, CUckweU l\<i\\ Kjc* 
tors. . 

Charlts Salkeld, of St. Martinis Ludgate, 
IVooHen Draper. 

Richard Airey, of St. Paul Covent Gar- 
den, MiJliOcr. 

John RedCeaine, of Sheffield, inYork- 
flitre. Scrivener. 

Thom&s Hainc, of Sturmini\er Newton 
in Dorfetihtrt, Salefman. 

David Wheat ly, of Chipping Bamett -in 
. Hertfordihtrv. Dt-a-er in Corn and Coal^. 

Henry R'*beri Monand, of Frith- ftnret, 
fh Middkfcx, Pairiter and Dealer in Pic- 

W Jliam Walker, of Newgate' flrect. Blue 
Joltnbouiv, ofSpitalFieidSf Middlefcri 

50 and 60 — 146 
60 and 70 — 133 
70 and So — « 11 1 
So and 90 -— 31 
9oandioo — « 5 
loouidiio — <- o 



Weekly M, %. s^4 

John Townfctt, of Eaflhome la Sofl^^ 

John Cooke, late of Eagle Court, Bread- 
ftreet, London, Warehoufeman. 

Edward Bradfhaw, of Wohrcrhamptoni 
Staffordfliire, Linen Draper. 

Edward Reed, of Alborne, Wilts, Dea- 

. James Peretra, otherwife MofesPereira, 
late of Laleham, Middkfex, Merchant. 

Henry Jenkins and William Hiam, of 
Bread. Areet, London, Dealers. 

Peter Eaton, of Heanor in Derbyihin, 

.George Baker, ofSt.Auftell in Cornwall, 

Chnftophcr Waggitt, la*e of Sweet -appll 
Court, Biihopfgate- Areet, Vidualler. 
. Burflem Sparrow, late of Wolverhamp* 
ton in StaffordAiire, Dealer. 

Jjmes M('tfat, now or late of Tauntoa J 
St. Mary Magdalene, SomeifetAiire, S^^ 

William Watfon, late of Thames-Aicet, 
London, Ironmonger. 

Solomon De Silva, of Crutditd Fryars, 

Henry Flcwell. of ColUngbome Durii, ' 
Wiltfl\ire, Shop-keeper. 

Robert Harvey, of Briftol, Soap-maker 
'And Chandler. ■ 

Will. White, of Gay wood, John Gifl- 
ing of King*s Lynn, both in Norfolk, Fctt- 
mongers and Partners. 

Richard BuiWd, of Birmingham, Toy- 

Tho. Stone, of Gravel- lane, Houodf- 
diich. Brewer. 

Francis Dawfon and Jonathan Fqmas. of 
Kinf,Aon upon Hull, Merchants and Co- 

' B X L L 9^ Mortality Jram Jan . 1 6, f 9 Teh . ] 6. 
Buried 1 ChriAened 

. Under 2 years old 430 
Between 2 and 5 J 50 Buried, 

5 and 10 •— 43 Within the walls 126 
to and 20 «-« 57 Without " 38a 

ao and 30 -^« i2^\Mid. and Supry 7x1 
30 and 40 — i^oCity ft Sub. fTtft, %qi 
40 and 50 — — 161 

< 83' )* 

^ '• " - -- . ' ' '•' - 1 * 1 1 1 

Mifcellaneoud Correfpondence, 

in Profe and Verfe. 
For M A R C Hy 176^. 

k> i.^ '. ^___ , : ._» 

Mathematical Qaesrioirs Atfatreit- 

^lufiim 3«6, aifiim-tdiy AfK Q* Cetiu 

LIKE yM, Mr. CttUa, my ScheiriM are conftn'd 
To hper — njr oAAi wltbin my own Mind ; 
VtXt UcA With ay BMtIa uA Pitt,* it my Eab, 

I can nlh joa tWtlTB Uiltionl, or palch Up ■ Pmkc i 
But now, my Altencioo'i employ 'a wiitt year TreOf 
And, I tMnk, the abota^ with yodr (Miflion ajrcM i 

II To, andrriendUo-TiK, ufueh, wIlNtucnif,— m 
If (bo Pap i* not trMi^— put it and bora it. 


kant Taoani, A. i. fd tj tit tf^ftr, Mr, J. Cockin. 

^tflim 36;^, at^wtttd fy Mr. Tho. Bofworth. , 

IT ii evident fraiit the Harare oT tba Quiflion and Propertiea of fimiltt Triangtet, that 
CtM Idler ChoM AB (fee tlie Propola'i Scheme] ii equal to (he Stmidiametcr of tb« 
CitJe. fo r wMcfcyatjr, th>n»» = AC,andao — » = BC i then (^ 47 £ac. 1.] «■ -f 
«o— *|* := 4 a*, which ndnead rin* ' =1 7-li«!ol, ^htflce A C :±i If.&ueiS, and 
tha^iai«i.jCCtaaiDa:£l6A. jR. 13 P. tf.lT.R. 

Thtfamt OMJivirU wtbnt Algebn, hy Mr. Rob. Halj. 

TTt*«videat(n«itlia id of X. j. and 4th of S. 6. itui B A i« t^al to tbeRadiW, 

16 Acret, 3 Rack, \% 

litfui nfwini tKt aiii-i MfArs, if Ur. J. Frafer, «■/ vi(i Altth*, 1/ Tm J 
ii^j^A£^,Ch_rif. Smith, tj Ur, T. VaMMT, Jfr. S. Baakmt, Jfr; fU Doocw, «m< «M 

s o 4k^ 

thD, fc Afr. chrif. SoAh. *f i^. T. VaMMT, 
PUftpt^^ Mr.Otap: 


Mijcellaneous Correjpondenciy 

^eJlUn 368, anfwereJ bf M^. Tho. Sadler. 

IT it evident by drawing the Diameter A B =: « through the in- 
fcribed Square, that the Bafe and Perpeil4icoUr of both Redlan- 
glet jire equal to eapb other, put ir =: A C = ^ D, tbe^ a »* z: ««» 

at /TT « 

tnd » :z — Confequently xzi / — = y^, whence 

Area At the infcribed Sqtiare i« eatfly found. W,J9^,]^^ 


7hh Sluefti$n vat liketutfe ^pfwered hj Afr, T. Bofw^^, Mr, J, ffuec, Toothuy 
Mr, Jof. Fowler, Mr, S. Beeken, and iy tie Pw^poftr, Mr, T. Adam*. 


^uiJHon 369, anjwered ly Mr. Chrif. Smith. 

UT X for the Side of the Square^ and jr for the Side of the Cobe, ^hcn v/^ft x^ ^ thf 
Diagonal i>f the Square , a nd v/3> » "zi Dia gonal of the Cube, an^/er theQneilion, 

^\y + j> •— \/% * + X 13 \/\ + X ^ — \/a + I * is to be a Maximum. Alfo ** 

n^', or « = j?Tr Put a n v/3 + « *D^ * ^ V^ + ' * **••** Z^'' Subllitution of j^ 

, 3 A 3 ^ 

for * ,we have ay — by\ a Maxtnutm, fluxed ay ;— r^ y^y ^ o ••. * — — jr i ^ o 

•r ^ zz j^r orjr = i^- = »5^9 = ** ^*^ "^ '•''* ^"***» confequently jr rr/| r= 

3 ^ ^ e* 

,4*91. ^. ^» R. 

l^be fame anhvered hy Mr. TIjo. Vanner, Tonthu, at{d the propofer^ ilfr. Tho. Rob^- 
ion. Other Art Jtvert were received , but not agreeable with the above. 

^ ■ u 

New Questions to be anjwered. 

Qucftion 378. 
By Tonthu. 

GIVEN the Some: ?, and the ^upi of 
the fifth Powers n: 3157* of two 
Numbers ; to find the two Numbers by sT 
quadratic Equation. 

Queftion 379. 
By Mr, Sam. Beeken. 

A Surveyor meafuring a Pifce of Lind, 
\y\r\t, in Form of a riRht- anc led Trian- 
gle ; wbofe Bafe and Rii*hrline, dr.i\vn 
> from tlie vertical Angle ; (bift^ing the Bafe 
. into two equal Parta,) was each zz iS 
Chains; and on the Right- line, at the Di- 
llance of ii Chains from the vertical Angle 
. grew a Fir ^ whole Height W4S 9c Fi;6t« 

From hence, it is required to determine the 
Sides, Angles^ and Area» of the Fi«ld ; 
and the' Diilance ^om the three angul4|' 
joints to the Top of the Tree ? 

Qticftton 380. 
By. Mr, Rob. OuAcao, 

A Ship fails from a Port in Lat. 49^, la 
North } at tfie fame Time another 
Sfup fails from a Port bearing doe Weft frqm 
the fifrft \PoTt^ on a Rhumb which makes 
with the Men^ian an Angfe equal to t\^e 
Complement of the firft Shlp*« CouHe s Af- 
ter fome Tinie they meet each tSiher in I4C. 
50^ Nocih, and find the Sum of their Dt- 
liances failed =z 140 Miles, the fit ft Ship*8 
Diftance being the greater. Required the 
DilfVance betweeri the Ports, and the Courfe, 
Diftance^ and Departure of each Ship? ' 


tn PROSE and VERSE. 



Qimftioi) 381. 
Mr, Chrif. Smith, 

ON the Top of an Obeliik (lands a Sta- 
tue, wbofe Height is 7 Feet, which 
Vo an Oblerver Tabtends an Angle of 30 13', 

now over the Top of a Tree I obferVbd a 
Mark in theShaf^ pf theObeliik known to 
be 34 Feet from the Foot of the Statue, and 
the Diflance between this Mark and the Top 
of the Statue fubtends an Angle of 15^ 11'. 
From hence is required the whole Height of 
fheObelifk, the neareHDiflance to the Sta- 
tue and Obelilk refpediively > 

^ ^evftury, March 20, 1762. 

^ t R, 

As'tbefoUbwtnt PVittMxnenon is very ttn<!ammon, I have font you an ezad Account of . 
it» ^which if jroQ wiUpleafe to infert in your next Magazine, it wiU cMige oiany of 
your Snbfcriben here, 

OtiTaepby the 2^ of March, 1762, about } of an Hour af- 
ter Seven in the Evening, the Moim being nearly South. weA, 
about feven Days old, and between 50 and ^ Degrees high 
above the Horizon, there appeared a luminous Circle round 
ahout the Moon, about 40 Degrees Diameter, and on the North- 
eaft was another luminous Circle of about 60 Degrees Diameter, 
^pvbich eroded the other and went thro* the Center of the Moon, 
Che Sky being clear and free irutn Ck>ods, and the Circles were 
lominous, and without any Appearance of the Ooloursof a Rain- 
bow, and at the Letters (a) the Parts were much brighter than 
the Reft, though the whole larger Circle ^Vas very boght, cx- 
c^ Joft near the Moon, where it was a little fainter. At a- 
bout^ after Eig'ht, there Appeared many breken Clouds, the 
'Wind being North-eaft, and the Weather very cold, when it was ftill vifible though oiOre 
IfDpcrfeAj and in a Uttk while afterwards ^uitc difappeared. * / am, 5/>, 

Tour mofl humhle Servamt^ ' 

J. Buifiir.- 

A S$Iar EcUfffe that wiU happen OSt. 17, 1762, t^kulanJ fy Mr. Wm. 


The Edipfe begin at Stei-hfe 
San- rife, central Eclipfe 75 

Central Edipfe in the Meridian 5 1 
Centra) Edipfe in NongcAmU Deg.^S 
Sun-feU, central Edipfe 23 

t* lie Edipfe ends at Sun-fet ft 


5^0 20< ^ 

J] N. 

53 N. 
9 N« 

33 N. 
5» N. 

!• 6' W.. 

4 21 £j 

' 50 3J E- 

«3 39 E. 

109 56 E. 

95 SS E- 

.Frcnn i^eaJsn* 

The Times as under* 



at La'cefter, 
H » 

e 56 

7 4^ 

% 44 

I 4S 

6© 12' 

at Ptterjburgb^ 
H ' 


. 10 

ft 18 I 

"'47' J 



Morning. Apparent Time, 

5^2 Tbg 

* Concerning the Katare of fucb luminous Cirdes^ Bal%\ Parafileptt, fcc. conAik the 
WritiD^s of Mr. tJUngenM, Sic. I. Nxwtoji» Dr. Ptmbtrtom, ice, 

jff, B, The Account o'f this Phaenomcnoiii received from Andiw^ coming too late« 
wiu be infected in ear next. 


MiJceBaneous Correjpondenct^ 

TThJowu Bilijfe iy Mr, Tho. Harris< 

AppAreot Time at 

H ' " 




pigiti eclipfed 

6 57 lb 

7 4« 50 
3 47 * 

50 5^' 12" on the Upper Limb 

Kem ^>K.*«*The Penumbra fird rnten the Diflc, and the Ecljpfe firft of all befim al 
Sun-rife in the Top £d;;e of the Sun*s vertical Diameter in Lat. 560 tg' N. Lon^.-i^ io< 
W. in the German Ocean, a little to the Eaft of St. y4fijmv*% in ^ro/Ai «</. --. The Center 
0l tV Penumbrji firft enters the Di(k, and th« Son rifei both Total and Central, ecHpftd 
in Lat. 7sP to^ N. Long. 40 18' B. toi the Baftem Coaft of Weil Greenhmd ; fivm thepct 
ftpad^over the ^(orthernOceany Lapland, Tornto, Lampmsrk, FinJanJ, the Lake I^^tf" 
g^$ Mufcoyjf, and fo on to the Mnjcwitc Tartary, whence in Lat. 51^0 ^1 >i. Long. 50® 
^9/ E. a little to the EafI of the River IP«/if«, the Sun wiH be both Total and Centra) ecKpr 
fiM in the Meridian at Noon. — In which fame Long, and Lat. 90 ^g» n . in the fadin 
Ocean, the S^n*! Upper wiU be jotk touched by the Moon*8 Lower Limb. -^ Apd in Lat. 
So* 40' N« the Sun will appear in the Horicon in the true Meridian eclipfed near to DigHs 
on ihe lower Side in the Icy Sea, ftiil keeping itsCourfe Soath-eafterly till in Lac. 3S0 ill 
K. Long. 63^ ibr E. a Uttle to i\^t9(koi Ssmsnarndt^ the Son will bp both Total and 
Cintral eclipfed bi the Npnageffima Degree. — From thence diredingits Courfb for Ttrtt-, 
O fnd Ttyhit, it enten China, where In Lat. S30 30' N. *x>ng. 1090 1' E. the Center of 
tbePenpmbra leaves the Piik and riJI«r9 off into the Expanfum, and the Son is laflftcn both 
Cotfnil and Total eclipfed at hit Setting. —« And In Lnt. %o 5c' N. tornCf 95^ 23' E. ii| 
fbe Nprtherp Part of the I^e of Sumatra, the whole PeiHimbrt ^oea ^ fmoi tKe Diik, 
and the BcKpfe wholly ende at Son-fet, in the Top Point of bti vcrtic^ DUaeRf, irbili 
|iis laA Rayt are aboiit being hidden beneath the Veil of the Herifpii. 

fl, B, The Lpogitpdes are taken from Lpndtm, 

It^neas Jheral of our Canejpondints have complained thai their Anfwir\ 
ia ^^fiionsy and alfi their Names ^pr not infer ted, wbiei is intirsif twinge 
to their being Jent too late^ for we muA once more advertifi thewy tKat vnttji 
they ar^ received hy the i bth Day of the Months on Account of there not being 
^i me for c fitting the figures belonging to the Problems^ they cannot be fui in. 

jtffo fome of our poetical Correjpondents feeni difpleafid that their Pieen 
(ire not infer ted, but this is quite without Keafon^ becauji weJbos(idbefmy 
glad of arty Compofoion that we could judge would do Honour to the Autbcr^ 
give Pleafure to the Reader^ or contribute to the Credit of the Magazine. 

Canticlc8| Canto Yth. Pareiphmftdy by Mifs Maria W*»**»*r ^ 

Epfom. Jddrejed to A^. Geo. H Ay DEI/. 

Ti find the dear rtfenting ch^mer fled I eaWd aloud, fUil hoping he wai near : 

} cuTs'd my fiotb, and curs'd my coa- And louder ftill ; ?-> but ah ! he woq*4 not 

(aousbedt ' hear. 

l^tfiK^ a fragrant Jwtfifm/iAJrd the tf/r ^hen thro* xht Jheas, diftraGed with my 

ilwic, ^ 1 wildly iwing^^'d, of mn/iV/ 



At Uft I net til* ungentle wafch, ind they 
f^tridt my ttariy and force my veil tway. 
Yc ten4er virgins \ you that know the pain, 
A hrtaf ioftfi u mine mitA tuoBUfufiain : 
ftobb d of the once Jund fartmr of my fiieS| 
And Of U dctf objea of my ncl^M defim $ 
1 change you, if yoa meet my abrent lore, all the riietoric of oqr Tex to move. 
His deafened eafSy and tclV him vntb a ii^, ^ 
Detp n my wooodf, ah ! (ell him how 1 die t 
— ^ Peihapt that tragic woni inay fovoe th« 

Relentleft^Mr^ of fliy grief to hear. 
•* What thy beloved >i | wo firft w9mM 

•* knowi 
'* Faticft of mnntm / that (hpo chaige ot To. 
H What cA^m tfae^nal^d ip him doft tho« 

W fee, 
f ksp^tlent /krV/ to tiiie theTe ftotmt ia 

i< thee ?•• 
Commeocin^ all ferftlUvit he it fuch 
Yoor moft exalted thwgbn can hardly touch : 
UnliUly'd heaps offmv are not (b white. 
He's fairer than condensed heams oflifbt. 
His roiy tbtgh of (bcfa a /jvmrf i^j 
yls &/ ne*er gilded on the atormngfy, 
HU bead like poIiftM fa&/» his graceful i«i>, 
0>rk as the ^Aomi that /criy r#v£m wear* 
Hia MMs« ^ hf *n rf1ipf* ttfjrtvtifttt fff /ir**f, 
flow foh \ bow fweety how pow*rfttlly they 

move t 
He bfcaths awre fweetoeik thaa tbc infapc 

Whea heavenly dewt the flow*ry plaiBi adorn* 

The firapant drops of rich Aratimt nimt, 

^sat OB the f4r«f yidd odt fuch ^hiJWms. 

His bmAf forpafliQg KlUat gnc*d with lemi. 

Fit to enrich cmlfiil disdmu. 

His fftsdf nnooth liMrfy mmsmv #aUl| 

With ^iv, which JMiVv 'twere uajuft to 

Pirioe haa A^ wHMiimjdHcaiff, 

hiot cv*« the lofty f»isn can compare. 

So Twc^ hia W«r, the lift'nlng engeli throinf. 

With filent i»if;p| to the 81^ of hit remA 

..^He*s altogether -* lovely* — «This it. 

he, . 

{low vixjpiis ? -r* IKty •— tho* ya« envyMi I 

IVritttn 0t a Bench. 

TT AIIi. peaceful fiat, where oft I have re* 

JnL tir-d, 

when ev*fy fcene a iecret joy iofpii*;! | 

And hope aguJiy when they their chanat c«u 

To thee to haf(en and renew my }oy« 

Sooo ih^ll the CpdaK itt wonted fwcctaeib 

ykM, '^ 
4^a fioQQf bMV^ Me die i«(4iuic fidd I 

Rich bJooratflg ikw*n aroud Ml pMB( <hf 

And bnatbe perAimet n ptnKi«g Ztfyn 

Th^ let me haKe, for here my fixil reodveg 
The various joys the youthful feaTon gi«a. 
Here fpUtude fpre^di yriAfi its fwcet dopMBi^ 

Here meditation ieelu the pcaoefttl piuob 
He« all around thdr kind affifbnoe hriagk 

Then here I'U looant on "^T^UfhtimVi 

Jttf^ when the fbo hufiU*d bis heav*nlywiy« 
And balmy galea have eool*d cech fiDm^iag - 

From thottfand fl(0w*ii while fisgnui fioati' 

Ifike evening incenfe, to afl gradous beaVn t 
And when the birds, fism ev*fy hlnnmiiif 

fpray, • . . > 

In ibfU notes their wiUing homage pay I 
While graiTy blades Doiat n|Mrards tp the |kii% 
And own the hand mat genial niaimliei.) 
Here will I fit, . their ways attempt to (cu^ 
Then fbaight icproacb ingfatitude in man s 
Pr, as the foogften tune their ev'ning \tf 
In cheaiittl (bnnets to ^frftiiw day. 
Then TJl rdiea how great ithis contait ^ 
Wbofe liib throughout in innocence was Tpen^ 
lyhtn death prsMmi iht pfried of hja^ta. --* 
Cahaly he $tm his willing foul away. 
So the gay flow^itp whidi court my fovin^ 

Shialflig awhS^ thea hang their heads and 

Thqr teach how fbort all rnUqaary ]oys^ 
Which cares defike, or death iso fimi de- 

Thus will I flt and pafe a plwfanr hoarg 
While buTy faocylbll eseitl her pow^r. 
Till evening hews with-hold fiom snore de« 


Add dofe the feeae by hating ott tlw aijitet 
Chearfbl VVL fit, then Joyiui hate away^ 
And Icam thoie kflhaa wfakh thy Mftcdv- 


Afolem A gbaa al mid^-day hour. 
With lonely ilene^ here Kefiiilt| 
No proud ambitious fultan's pow r. 
This peaceful aMnfioadKeaffidU 


Weak fopeiftitiQnB «-a. entm duk^ 
The fureft means of iadeft woe { 
With fawdh^yoophanls thiaivk 
OfhaiflMtaaOk rtifinini fa Jmwwi i 


836 ^ Chromio^ical Memoir of OccurrehiiU 

fSmii fncts ahj uihiBsitswall^riirTbun^, 
flo poliAM panes iHlefl a light, 
yMhie. gKmrherin j ii>s that hbvcr rounds 
Thro* cavities attract the fif^t. 

.. . . JV; 

flo ftfhlpturM brhaments are foiino^ 
^or painted figures gay its roof. 
No ciiriooS portal, labored hiound 
^t fastnnce*! toi. But liatute rUff j 


|lh^raiA*d bjah; tintaughi by prld^ 

To pleafe the giddy fons ot nteo, 

JffKmpt ^ithfhew, and ;!netfc dutftdEi 

kcganUeiS) of what^s hid within. 

50 fore mitfortuhes prove the lot; 
bf th<MQMds whom ^-eak pst!ion giiid?^ 
1y]\b fdnrth for pleafure, where ilie*s bufj 
Addbverietok) where flie abides. 

... •. , Vrt. 

The dWi tiifn 9f fortunes die", 
Vbe tacinating charms of wealth. 

Of beauty, drcfs, and luxury. 

Here ne'er impair, the mind or health; 


j^ere contemplation calmly lives. 
Secure from folly's frantic miifh ; 
Here puie devotion ledarcs nves. 
To fwcetcn life aiid fot'cca death. 

S. Ptii 

Jcroftic addreffid to Mifs 

A s mild as fpring, as fWe as open ailr; 

K othing you /peak, or think, but wh4t*i6ii' 

1^ o envious hate, hjr|>b"cri?y br p^tde, 
S ully your virtue, or }-our b<:<iuiy hide : 
C otlld th?n yoUr teiideir feUl to ftieodftip 

move J 
O r coftM you make me fweet returns of lovCf 
T he grcaieft joy onesirth *tvi*ouU be to ibe ) 
T he ^teft blefiiog I heve wifh to (ire. 

fVirtdrHy in Effcx^ 
Mar, 15^ 1761% 

R. DALLiycii. 

-..k «• 

A CilAOMOLOGiCAL MeMoir o/* Occurreticcs, 
Bbr M A k C H, ijti, 


Teterjhurg^ yjn. fo, 

ON Sat<n-(fiy la^ the Gen>Jcihen of^hd 
BritiDi Factory had the Horour to be 
facdenled to their Imperial Majelties by 
Mr. Kritl), and was received m fhr mofl 
^acious Manner \ the Emperor having 
declared to them, in very ob!i|^g Terms, 
khtt they roisKl VltSpiM lipbirt his 4>rotcaion. 
, XI. The late Emprefs \%^ in all future 
HiftorieS, to be Ailed £//«tf^//> tkeChmemt ; 
a Tide which' flie merited fVofrt the MA- 
ftnent fi* mognted the Throne, to that of 
tier Deceaft;, She directed, in her lad 
Moments, tbt remitting of all Finfft, the 
fetting at Liberty 40,000 Prifoners, and 
thie abatement of the Salt Duties, to the 
Amo\int of a Million and a half of Rubles. 

The king of PiuAia has naoMd Count de 
ikhwerin to go to Peterfbourg to Congratu* 
latie the Grand Duke npon his aocemofi to 

Orders had been given by the King o( 
Piuffn f'.>r rdeafing A\ thto Rbflian I'ri- 
foners without Ranfom ) alM Vhat * edi- 
tion of HoAilities had b^n fettled betWcttI 
the RulTian and PrXilAliaii Foiccs in Po^ 

Private Letters from Peteribvrg fty» that 
the Emperor Peter HI. in imititioo of his 
glorious Grandfather, admits all the Rufliao 
Nobility freely to his Prefenoe. 

All the Letters from Peterfburgh are full 
of commendations of the. new Czar, wfao» 
\Vkt another Titus, they fay, leH hot a Day 
pafs without fome diftioguiflied Mark of 
his RmevoieiKe. 

' The new Emperor of Ruflia has ordered 
all the Frenchmen, that were Domefticks to 
the late Emprefs, fo be di'fcbarged, and hat 
gfven them leave to return home to their 
native Country, 


, For MARCH, i'/^R, '^f 

Vedncfday Morning arrived a Meflenger Equity and Goodneft, that fb emintntly 

from Pttcribaf^f fincc which it U coq4^ adprn thftcxceU^t Prince. We fay, ^i- 

ifoncly reported^ thai the Czar had made a veiialiy | for we eati fcarcdly admit at e^- 

pubiicfc Declaration of having ordered h}f ceptiona to the general SuflTrage, the C^ 

Troops to ce^/e from^Hoflilitiet, andltpa- mnurs of one or t^p Hof^ headed men, 

nKe /ronri the Aiiflriaot. ' whom an unhappy Spirit o# Fa Aion reri))^ 

Likewife it ia reported, that he wrote a blinrf to ibe true Interefls'of this Republic, 

very polite Lett^ to the I^ing of Pruflii, Hanovtr, Feh. 16. ' The French tnaattllo 

and 9 Treaty was a^allv very far advanced , |nhabiuntt df tJie PUc^ where their 9oi^ 

auid almoit concluded, 'whfchVould give are'* Rationed, with th^ jitmoAf'Rfgour^ 

cbe Ballance of Power entirely in Favour of JSIripping them of every Thing j which fwif | 

the Pniflians. that they will luon oontrad their <^rtef|^ 

MrngMarg, M. is^ The Ruffi^ PrI- i/1 br^er CO ayoid the Vi^ita which c^ JLij^ftf 
loners, to the Namb^ of 300 Men, and 25^ Trooips are preparing to make them, 

pflioersy fet oot from hence^ t.hrene 'pa>s On the \y\\ Prince Ferdinand of Bivaft- 

ago, for StrettiA i and orders are given .to wick fet ouf fjnooi chb Ci(y> pp j^f ^^^ft 

pmvide them with all Keceifarie^ on the to Hildefheim, ' * " ' 

HMid* Hamturgh, Feb, s6. The Coi^ of Rufljr 

His Praffiaon Majefty fias name^ ope of an TroopI, under the Gommand of ceo. 

Iiis Adjutantiy Baron Golrc, to carry Ills Czernichef, hss not yet feparated itfdif 

Compliments of Congratulation to the Em- tvom the Aoftrian Afftiy iq $i||e^^ 4P 0^- 

perorsndSmperefsofRuflia. der to return into PolafKf. ^ ' 

Hawt^'rgb, Feb. it. The Prince Roynl Colpgtt,' Harcb r. The French h«rsd«- 

of Pruiiis is expeded the t4th Inflant at manded of this City a great Number of l^r 

Berlin from Magdeburg, in his Way to join iiTadoes, to be employed in tbeFottiftcatio;^ 

theKingofPmflta at Breflau, as bisRoyal oFDeutz ; btif the Burger-mafters having 

Highoefsis to make this next Campaign. ' made fome Difficulty of cornplying with the 

Count de Hordt jffy^ Oeneral >Wemc;r, DeinanJ, as we have no Territory out c^ 

Jtwo Pmffia Cenerab, Pri/oncrs at PeteiT- the Walls, the French commandant has ht 

.^ui;, "rslea/ed by ]the €m'pqt>ri ' ^rc upon them vnderRsnd; he will cut iown all the 

thie Road on their returrt to Berlin from Pe- Trees ion the ramparts, if f hey do not com - 
teribourg* ' . ' ' vply I andourOarrifon has bMnaogmcatsd 

AU the young Prufiian Cadete^ which the by the Arrival of the Regiment of Conde. 

RuBians carried off from Berhn, when they The French Engineers itave orders io locti- 

made therofelvesMadersofthatCapiui, are fy Deutz, and a Batulion of Orleans aie 

czpedcd back from Koniiriberf . fent tp garrifon that Place. M. Dauvet, 

We have received Intelligence, that all who was placed here, as Commandant, by 

Hoftilities have ceafedy fince rhe tfi Infant, Ma^rfhal ^oglio, is fet out this Morniog 

^fween thePruflian an^ Ruflian Armies. for P^n-is 5 and M. Thlanpe commands Kclc 

Hamburgh, Feb, ]^ «' The Rupture be- • in his Place tilj the Moiitn of May, when 

tween $|»ih and England is a Phenomenon another will be named. The ManagemtAe 

ibat muft ibon ceafe. HlAory^ perhaps, of the Forage, Hofpitals, and Provifoiis o^ 

cannot furnifli an Example of a War begun the Army, that were under the pi^^cm 

on fbch frivolous Petexts. What have the of Pcrfons named hy the .General in'chidf, 

»^*o Nadons to charge each another with ? are to be given this Campaign to Under- 

It is fomething Angular that this War takers, if proper ones can be found.' 
Should take its rife from a paciftck Kegocia- f^^^tft, l^areb %, -Matfhsf d'Etrees lias 

tion. I fliall only add, that, if the Animo- accef/ied'the Command of the French Army 

^ity of one Nation s^infl another i$ the in Germany, jointly with the Pirince i<? 

Meafare of the vigour ^nd conrinuance of Soubife, in the room of Marfli^ Broslio. 
the War between ^heln, this War will not ■ MsMurg, '-MarthS, Prince WolltoWiky, 

iaftlong.'* Commander of the Ruflian Troops in f ' 

Amfitrdam, Ftb, iS, The Anfwer of l^s merania^ has received 6rdsra from ' tho 

Britanntck MajeAy to the r^monftrances Emperor to ^^n to a g^eneral Armifliop 

made by our Baft- India Company, io refa- h'etween the Ruffian ami Pruffian Armies 

tion to' the Affairs of Bengal,' has been unl- in Silefn, at well as in Pomsrama {- 4nd44| 

Terfally received here with the utmoft Satif- fet at Liberty alfthe Proffiao Prifoncrs with.- 

fa^ioo ^ 41 it difcovers thcfe Senciments pf out Ranfom. 


838 AChronohgicat Memior of Occurrences^ 


_ Ptrtfnmth^ Feb. %t> (aluted from all the Ships at Spitbcad} aid 

^V^HE Embarkation of the Troops be- when the Cavalcade came off the Platforif , 

JL can, and It wai expelled it would hik Royal HigbneOi was a^aio ialuted frwn 

Itemiiihed on Monday tail, and that the thence. 

mrhole Fleet would iailprefently after. His Wejhn HmU Suf§rjfkire, Mtrtk f« 

Hoyal Highnels the Duke of York and the A Hog-pig wu kUled that Was 10 Feet 

Prince of Mecklenbucgh faw part of the 3 Inches long, i a Hands high, and weigh- 

Troops embark : and, with the Lords AU ed 766/^. 

tanarie and Anfon, and the Hon. Colonels Lttter from Portfrnomth^ dauJ Aitnh 5. 
ICeppeland Wc4t, went to Spithead, and " Sailed the Portland Man of Wat«r» hi- 

dined on board the Nanutre, Adm. Pocock. vingor Board Lord Tyrawley, for LUboa. 
As foon as his Royal Highnefs fet his Foot ** YeAerday Morning the cxpeditiea 

en Board, there was a Royal Salute from Fleet , under the Command of Admiral Pe- 

§U the Ships at Spithead. There were fifty cocke and Lord Albemarfe, with the oa- 

Difliea progreffively fet on the. Table, der-mencioned Men of War^ Ijuled down 

About 5 o*Clock in the Evening his Royal to St. Helen's, vis. the Nanmr, Valliadt, 

. fligbnsu came from the Ship in a twelve- Hampton-Court, Belleiile, and Rippon ; 

oared Barge, with the Standard of E/igland and this Morning the whole fimt fOC nder 

.flyingin AerBow, attended by Lord. Anfon, Sail with a fair Wind. They are to be 

with the Admiralty Flag flying in the Bow Joined at Plymouth by the Buc^ird, and St. 

ef his Barge I Adm. Pooock, wich bis ^g Florentine. 

flying in the Bow of his Barge | Commo- The Expedition Fleet appepred off Ply- 

dore KeppeTs Broad-pendant flying in the mouth on Sunday Morning, froai wfaencs 

Bow of his Barge ; and ail the Capuins of they were joined by the Borfoed, Captain 

Men of War folbwed according to Seniori- Gambier, and Florentine, Captain Trelaw- { 

Cyi a moft fupei band pJeafing Cavalcade, ney, and were all oat of fight by oae 

When Iiis Royal Highnefs got from on o*Clock» with a fine Gale •( N. £• 

Board into the Barge, be was again royally was very likdy to continue* 


M. 15. rr^HIS Day the Right Hon. The Expedition Fleet is viOnalledfcr the 

X I^ord George Cavendifli, Weft- Indies. 

Comptroller of his Majefty*s Houibold 5 Sunday the Right Hon. the Earl of Afef^ 

and Sir Charles Pratt, Knight, Lord fliarle took his Leave of their Majcllies, and 

Chief Juftice of the Cotfrt of Common on Monday his Lordlhip fee oat for Portf- 

Pleas, were, by his Majcfty*s command, mouth, to embark with the intended Bx- 

fwom of his Majefly*a Molt Hon. Privy peditloti, as Chief Commander of tbeFer- 

CounciU and took their refpeAive Places at oaa. 

the Board accordingly. Monday Bur Geofge Pococktt, Rnt. took 

The General and Staff- Oftcert for the liis Leave of his Majefty at St. James*s, 

Bkpedition are, and on WcdneCday let ont from hu HoaCt, 

Earl of Albemarle, <^mander in Chief, In Bnmet-ftrect, St, lames*s, for Portf- 

Major Gen. Elliot, as Lieutenant Gene* mouth, in order to embark on the Intended 

ral. Expedition. 

Major Gen. La Fanfllle, On Monday Major Gen. La Fanfllle, Col. 

Col. Keppel, as Majqr Gcneraf, Howe, and Dr. Wintringbam, kiflbd the 

Major Gen. MicbeUbn, commanding the ICing*s Hand on Uking Leave to fet oot for 

Artillery, Pordbiomh.-kDr. Wintringbam racnived 

Col. Howe, AdJBtant General, the Honour of Knighthood. 

Col. Carlion , Quarter- mafter General, Two Regiments are added to the Nmnbar 

Lieut. Col. Ackland, Deputy-Adjuunt formerly ordered out with the Expedition 

General, Fleet, which will fail^ if the Wind permits^ 

Capr. Dundas, Major of Brigade, ^ Beginning Of the Wcek^ 

Vr, U'/neringham, Phyflcian General j 

Fumf Surgeons, and 47 Mat«s« if £•/ 

For MARC iJ, ijSz. 839 

jf UppfTrtnch Shfpt snJPramrs, lying ;« 
tf*t ifwtb of tbi Cbarante tff RoclUoft, 

Le Tonnant 
Le Coroone 
Le Spverain 
I^ Guerrief 
Le St. Miqhael 
Le Solit4ir 
Le Ma^ifiqae 


La Crecte 

La Loaife 
La Challoc 
Le Ljfliar 
Le Siirile 





1 too 


















3 CO 

















Each Prame, beiides her Guns, hath two 
thirfcen Inch-mortars, and is the Length 
and Breadth of a 74 Gun- (hip, one Deck, 
and draws only eight Feet Water. 

AlJp of Shift under the Omm^nd of Sir 
Tho. Stanhope, in Bafqoe-road, watching 
the about F/eit, yan,z^, lySi, 


Princefa Amelia 












Ka/Tau 64 

Prince Frederick 64 
MontnoQth 60 

Achilles 60 

Phcenix 44 

/Btna Fireihip 
Vefinrius Firefliip 

Shipi off Bellciae. 

Royal George 100 
Cornwall 74 

Tort>ay 74 

Prince of Orange 60 

Tamer Sloop 
Efcort Sloop 
Mortar Bomb 

Lord Tyrawley has kiiTed bis Majefty*s 
Rand on his being appointed Ambaflador 
Plenipotentiary to the Court of Portugal. 

In at) Hour after the Death of Elizabeth 
Petrowna, the late Czarina, the Drums beat 
to Arms, the imperial Guafds afTrmbled^ 
and the grdnd Duke came and put himfelf 
at their Head, wh^n he was received with 
omverfal Acclamations of Joy, and this was 
cbe cflential InvefUture of the Empire^ th6 

Ceremonies that followed after being Things 
merely of Courfe. 

It is faid that a noble Duke bath received 
a Letter from Mr. Keith, our Minifler at 
Peteriburgh, acquainting him, that the new 
Emperor had fent for him, and told him, 
that he had given Orders m his General in 
Pomerania to fufpend Hoftiliries againft the 
Kin? of Pruflia. 

The King has been pleafed to iifae a Pro- 
clamation for continuing all Officers, CivU 
or Military, not already Removed or dif- 
charged, in Great -Britain, Ireland, and the 
Ifles of Jerfey, Guerofey, Aldcrney, aiwl 
Sark, for the Space of four Months^ from 
'the 1 ith Inft. unlefs fooner removed. 

A like Proclamation isifTuedforcontintl* 
ing Officers in Scotland for the further Space 
of four Months. 

17. The Executors of Mr. Highftreet, 
paid in to the Treafurer of Weftminftcr- 
flofpital, One hundred Pounds, being one 
of the LiH^acies of the faid Mr. HighflrceC« 
for the Incurables fapported there. 

The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of 
Glouctrtcr have made a Frcfent to their Ma- 
jetlies of a large Cup and Cover in Pafte^ 
with fome fine Lamprey Eels, richly potted, 
in the Cup*) it being an annual Cuftom to 
prefent the fame, by which th:it City holds 

19. At a Court of Common Council held 
at Guildhall, it was unanimoufly refolved, 
•• That the Committee of City Lands, char- 
ged with the Care of the Bridge- hqufe £- 
ftates, do give their beft Attention to the 
Intereds of this City, as Confervators of 
London- bridge ; taking particular Care, at 
the Cune Time, that the Order of the Cum* 
mitteeof the Hon. Houfe of Commons, of 
the 9th Infl, upon the Petitions relating to 
the Toll of the faid Bridge, be obeyed by 
the proper Officer, with the utmoft Candor 
and Difpatch : This Court relying, with un- 
referved CotiRdence, upon the Wifdom and 
Juftice of Parliament.** 

Effcx Merrick Lilly, 'committed to New- 
gate for fundry Forgeries, llahbtd himfelf, 
and the Coroner*s jury bioughc in their 
Vcrdid, Nort Comtoi Mifitii, 

Letters frohi fsveral Parts of England, 
make mention of incredible Quantities of 
Snow that has fallen of late, and of many 
fatal Confcquenceii attending it to theLivcS 
of many Pcrfors, 

Munh 2. The Hon. Ccmmilfidners of 
hisMajeft>*s Cufloms had a fpecial Board 
in order to appoint proper Officers to go to 
Quebec, in order to eftabliih a Cuftc ni% 
houfe thtie, when Mr. Wilfon w;o cliofcri 
Colle<^or, and Mr. King ComptrolltiT. 

5 P A!l 

840 A Chronological Memoir of Occurrences. 

All the Coronation Mtdnls which were 
given to th- Hon. Houfc of Commons, were 
by l»is Majt(ly'j> Order made of Gold. 

There now remains of regular Troops in 
Greit-Britnin 2r,50Oi MiiiMa embodied 
ai.^oc ; ret^ular Troops on the Irifh Efta- 
bhOiment 15,0^0 j in all 59,000; belides 
tilt: Militia of Ireland, which is forming. 

The Supply granted by the IriHi Parlia- 
ment to his Majelty, is 1,0-9,1001. The 
national Debt of that Kingdom 'v^ 123,438 1. 
And the Penfions upon that Government 
for two Year;* pall, amount to 118,590!. 
which exceed the whole Charge of the Civil 
Lid by 35,1291. 

At a Committe of the Society of Arts, 
Manufactures, and Commerce, held on Sa- 
turday lafl, for confidei ing of Carriages pro- 
per for bringing Kifh to London from the 
diHant Sea ports of this Kingdom with Ex- 
pedition and Safety, 15 Models of four- 
whciled, and 7 of the two-wheeled Carrin- 
gcj, of different Conflru^ons> were pre- 
fcnttd for their Infpedion. 

iV. Jum<i'i^ March i. This Day Priace 
Gallitzin, Envoy Extraordinary from the 
Emperor of Ruflia, had a private Audience 
of Leave of his Majedy. And on Thurfday 
he had a private Audience of Leave of her 
M:«jedv. As had likewife Huflcin Bty, 
AnibafTador from Tripoly. 

Liici^er-Houfe, March 7 . This Day Prince 
Gallitzin, Envoy Extraordinary from the 
Emperor of KufTia, and HufTcin Bey, Am- 
baHador from Tripoly, had private Audi- 
ences of Leave of her Royal Highnef» the 
Princefs Dowager of Wales \ and afterwards 
of her Royal Highnefs Princefs Augufla. 

8. This Day Prince Gallitzin, Envoy Ex- 
traordinary from the Emperor of RuHia, 
had a privatt Audience of Leave of bis Royal 
Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland. 

The late Mr. Henry, of Flattoa -garden, 
has left 200I. and Tho. Warde, Efq; of Hol- 
bourne, 20I. to the Hofpitals £or Small-pox 
and Inoculation. 

H^bitehall, March 9. Early this Morning 
Capt. Walfmgham arrived with the follow- 
ing Letter from Major General Monckton, 
dated from the Head- quarters in the Ifland 
oi MaitiniCo, Jan. ao, 1762. 


My Lord, 

" T have the Honour to acquaint your 
Lordfliip, that we left Barbndoes the 5th 
InttiPt, anchored in St. Ann's Bay in this ihe7th, the Ships of War having fi- 
]cn«-«:d r)mc Batteries which the Enemy had 
created thcie, and w!»ere I was in Hopes to 
have been able to have landed on the wedcrn 
S de of the Bay, and to have croflfed over 
tuiWt Ro/il Djy 3 but the Ulfnculue« iVvat 

would have attended our being fupplicd with 
Provifions and Stores, added to the Sc;ircity 
of frefh Water in that Part, made medcfirt. 
I then thought that if I could get Po(reflit>n 
of Pidgeon Ifland, a feciire Anchora^ 
might be .had for the Fleet and Tranfports 
in Fort Royal Harbour. For this Purpofc I 
detached two Brigades of the Army, under 
the Command of Brigadier Haviland, and 
Grant, to Ance Darlet, where they landed, 
and marched to the Ground oppofi'e to the 
Ifland ; but finding the Road impafTable for i 
Cannon, which were necefTary for the Re- 
dudlion of that 'Ifland, I judged it bed for 
his Majefly*s Service to proceed (having; ^ j 
previoufly reconnoitred the Shore) and land 
near the Cafe des Navires ; which we efTec- < 
ted on the i6rh; without any Molefbtion, j 
the Ship!! of War having (ilenced the Batte. 
ries above us. I had forgotten, my Lord, 
to mention, that with the above Commimi 
were the Light. Infantry under Lieut. Col. 
Scott, who^we^e advanced the Night the 
Commind remained thcre^ and were at- 
tacked in the Night by ih/ee Companio of 
Grenadiers, fome Freebooters , Ncgroei,and 
Mulattoes, which the Enemy had paffed 
over from Fort Royal ; but they were fo 
warmly received, that they retreated preci- 
pitately, leaving forae dead } and a Ser« 
jeant and three of their Grenadiers takea 
Prifoners, without any Lofs on our Side. 

<< We are now encamped upon the 
Heights above Cafe des Navires ; and I was 
in Hopes, before this Time, to have given 
your Lordfliip more fatisfaflory Accounts 
of our Operations. But the Ravines, or 
Gullies, we have to pafi, are of fuch Depth 
and Difficulty of Accefs, and that in the 
Face of many Battel ies and Redoubts, with 
the whole Country, as well Mulattoes and 
Nec^rces, as Inhabitants, in Arms, and 
without being able ^o procure ^ny material 
Intelligence, (hat I do not think it prudent 
to expofe his Majcfly's Troops, unUl I can 
ere€t Batteries to cover them, which we 
are at Work upon with the utmoft Expedi- 

'* However, my Lord, I have thePlea- 
fure to acquaint you, that the Troopa con- 
tinue healthy, although they luive been ne- 
ceffarily expofed to faying on their Anns, 
and are in the highef^ Spirits ; and I don*t 
in the leaft doubt but that 1 fliall be able to 
execute this principal Objcd of his Majt- 
lly's Commands, of wtiich 1 fhall give your 
Lordfliip the earlid Notice. 

<* It gives me great Pteifure to-acauaint 
your Lordfhip, how much I am indebted 
to Admiral Rodney, for the Afliftance re- 
ceived from the Fleet under his Command : 
TV\t uXOiO^ Hinnooy has fubfifted hither - 

For MARCH, 176a. 841 

ft>» and I am peifuadcd wilJ jcontinue to 
da Co. 

«* This will be delivered to y oar Lord- 
fli'ip, hy Capt. Wainngham, who takes, 
burae the Admir«l*a Difpatches.** ^ 

( I have the Honour tobe, &c» 

Rob. Monckton. 

Admiralty-Office, March 9. 

Crjfrf »fa Letter from Rear-^dmirat Rodney 

r« Mr. Cleveland, dated on Bt^ard hit RU" 

J fiy*s Ship the Marlborough, in Cas Na- 

vire Bay, Martinico, tbt i^th of Jan. 


'* I dcfire you will acquaint their Lord- 
Ihipa^ that I ariived at Bnbadocs on the 
2zd of November, having parted Company 
With the Squadron under my Command in a 
h^rd Gal« of Wind, a few Days after we 
kit the Channel. 

«< JThe Foudroyant, Modefl0> and Bafi- 
liOc, joined me the 2.7th, the Nottingham 
ar.j Thunderer the id of December, and 
ths Van^ard, with the Remainder of the 
Squadron, on the 9tb« The Temeraire and 
Addeon, with the Troops from Beileifle, 
arrived the i4ih of December, and Major- 
General Monckton, with the Forces from 
North- America, on the 341 h ; and having 
remained a few Days to water the Ships, 
rcfreAi the Men, and make the neceflary 
Difpofitions for our Enterprize, we arri- 
ved off Martinico the 7th of Januay $ and 
on the 8th we all anchored in St. Ann*s 
B^y, the Ithips I had appointed (under Sir 
Jamea Douglas) having filenced the Forte 
of that CoaAj in performing which, 
we bad the Misfortune to lofe the Raifona- 
hle, as file was leading in for one of the 
£riemy*a Batteries, owing to the Pilot** be- 
i iog Ignorant of a Utc)e Reef of Rocks, which 
took bcr up. We have faved all her Peo • 
pie, all her Stores, and I hope foon to gee 
aJi ber Guns. 

** Having, by this Motion of the Fleet 
and Army, taken Po/TclTion of an excellent 
Harbour, and fecured a Landing on the 
wcathcrmofl Hart of the Ifland, which might 
be made tenable at any l^'me, as Jikewife 
thereby greatly alarmed the Enemy, at Ge- 
neral Monckton^s Requeft, I difpatched 
Commodore Swan ton, with a Squadron of 
Ships, and two Brigades, to the Bay of Pe- 
tite Ance, in order to take Pofl there. Cap- 
uin Hervey of the Dragon having (ilenced 
the Battery of the Grand Ance, landed his 
Marines and Seamen, who attacked it alfo 
from the Shore, and took PoiTcfllion of the 
Fcrt ; and, on the i4tH, I followed with 
the whole Fleet aad Army, after dedroying 
tlic £oemy*s Batteries at Su Anne'ft Bay^ 

when, having reconnoitred the Coaft with 
the General, we came to a Refolution to 
make an Attempt between Poipt Negroe 
and the Cas de Pilotte, which I ordered to 
be attacked on the 16th ; and having very 
fuccefsfuliy and with very little Lofs filen* 
ced the Batteries, I landed Gen. Mouncktoa 
with the greatcil Part of his Forces by Sun-» 
fet J and the whole Army was on Shore a 
little after Day-light next Morning, wirh- 
'out the Lofs of a Man (the Boats being 
commanded by Commodore Swanton in the 
Center, Capr. Shuldham 00 the right Wing, 
and Capt. Hervey on the Left) with fuch 
NecefTaries as they were mo(t immediately 
in Want of, and had all the ^hips and Tran- 
f ports anchored as much in Safety, as this 
Cpa/l will admit. 

*' I alfo landed two Batallions of Ma- 
rines, confifting of 450 Men each. 

" The Army ar« now carrying on their 
Approaches to the Heights of Mount Gre- 
nie and Mount Tortuefon, which the Ene- 
my have made as Arong as Art can do, and 
from whence the General propofes to lay 
Siege to Fort Royal. 

*' I have thoHappinefs to add, tha^the 
Army and Navy contiiwe in perfe^ Health; 
and carry on the Service with the greateft 
Spirit and Harmony.** 

Gunnerlbury-houfe was fold laft Week 
for nine thoufaod Guineas ; it was purcha- 
fed for her Royal Highnefs Princefs Ame- 

The Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate 
Church of St. Peter, Weflminfter, have or- 
dered fooo Guineas towards building a 
new Choir, and as foon as the £le£lion 
from (he King's School to the two Uni ver- 
ities is over, the Workmen will have Or- 
ders to begin. 

Fr»m tbi LoMOON Gazittx Extraor- 

fFbitehalU March 22. Late laft Night 
arrived Major Gates, with the following 
Difpatch from General Monkton to the 
Earl of Egremont, one of liis Majeftf**! 
Principal Secretaries of State. 
FortReyal, IJland of Martinieo, Feh,g, 176a* 
My Lord, 

I had the Honour of writing to your 
Lordihip the aoth of January, when 1 ac- 
quainted you, that I intended to attack the 
Enemy in tlie Arong Po(ls they occupied on 
the oppofite Heights, and the Moine Tar^ ' 
tenfon, leading to Fort Royal, fo foon as I 
had.eredled Batteries (which were thought 
neceflary) to aflifl us, in the pafling a very 
deep and wide Ravine or Gully, which fe- 
perated us from them* 

842 A Chronological Memoir of Oceurrences, 

My D.fp'- iV -n for the Attack b«ing made, 
m thv24th 01' J;»n«M:y, at Breik of Day, 
the Tiocps ailvanct:!. ur.der a brifk Fire of 
our Rtttcnes. The Grenadiers, under 
Btiga.lier Cr.inr, firrt f^'lir.g in witli the 
r.riemv's adv.inctd P.-^fls, b^r.mthe Afr^rk ; 
Brigadier Ruf.ine rn ihc Rijth?, wifh hjs 
Brigade, and ihe M.vioes, to advincr 
and art,ick rhc Redoubts alon«r the Crt;,ft ; 
iboc Seim.-n, in t^c Fbr-bottom.d Br»:»ts, 
rowing up as l;r a-fvanced ; Lord Rollout 
Brigade fupportid the Grenadiers; Briga- 
dier Walfh. with his Brig.ido, (fupp'^rting 
the Lijlit Infantry undtr Lieu. Co!. Scott) 
to attack the Left of a Plantation, and to 
endeavour to Rci rcund tiic Enemy. The 
Light Infantry efFttred their Attempt j 
and while the Grtnariicru were drivini( the 
Inemy from Poll to Poll, they got upon 
their Left, which helped to complete the 
Event of the Day. The Enemy's Work* 
y^tre now focceiTively attacked wi«h the 
moft irrrfifl^ible Impefuofity ; fo that at 
Nine n*Clock we were m entire PofFcfHon 
of all their Woiks, and the ftrong Ground 
of Morr.e T;ultnfon, ccr.llrting of many 
Redoubts, miMjiitcd vi^ith C*annon, and 
advamat;eoui]y frua'ed, to atfift the natural 
great Strength of fhe Country. The Enemy 
retired, in the greireft Confufion, to the 
Town of Foi t R0y.1l, .md to Moinc Gamier 
fa ftill hip.hti Hill the Momc Taittn- 
ibii, and fcpara'id from it by a direp Ravine, 
covered with a veiy thick Brufh, and a 
Rivulet at the Rtirrom) from whence they 
thought they were never to be diHodged, 
hoih from its n:itural Strength, and fhe 
Workf and Ratfcricr. they hid on it. The 
Spirit of the Greiiar;iers in this Attack was 
fuch, that fvMTic of rhem even (Hirfucd the 
Enemy to the Brid^:c cf the Town, and 
brought off Prifom-rs from thi-nce. 

While this wa^doini^on rhi^ Side, Briga- 
dier Havilnnd with hi^ Brigade, two Batta- 
!io:l^ of Hi^hUn.1«:rs, and a Corps of Light 
Ini.mtry (which I had formed from the fe- 
vcral Regiments, .ir.d given the Command 
of to Major I.'. land) hjd Orders (fmm the 
rep<irtcd Pra^:cjbilny cf the Paifige} to 
C'xtfi the Rjvinc .* goc-d deaf to the left, 
and Attack a Body of the tnemy wh'» 
wtrc pofUd on fc\»eral Heich's oppoiVe 
him, and try to get in on their Left, 
and by tint Mean& divide their Force. 
Vet, aIthonj»h they began their March at 
Two o'clock :n the Morning, fucli was 
the Difficulry of Accefs. rliough I am con- 
vinced every Meanx were tried, that it was 
Ufe before they cfFeftcd it. 

When I found that the Enemy were gi- 
v/nc Wnyon aiJ Sides, 1 ordeied Lieut. Col. 
Scbrrs U^hr /nfantry, Brigadier >Wa\ftks 
Bii^^dCp und a Uivition of t^ Grcnaditt^ 

to a Plantafinn more to our Left, ^hfrm, 
Brieadier Hai/iland w«i to havp come down ? 
They drove offfomcofthe Fntmy pofled 
then- ; and the Light Infantry pofleiTcd 
tScmfilvftK nf a very advantageous Port op- 
vofMf to M'trne Gamier : To fopport them, 
I otde'td Brigadier Haviland** CnrpK^ 
whi^h had now paflfed, to their Right j 
the Divifirn of Grenadiers under Bn^^dirr 
Ctant. and Walfh'< Brigade, kept Poffef- 
Hon of this Upper Plantation, and cnnima< 
njcatcd with Haviland'k CoriMU The Ma- 
rines, which I had taken f rosin Brigadirr 
Rufane, I poded to cover tlic Road between 
the two Plantations. 

On the a^ch we began to ereA Batteriet 
on Morne Tartenfun, agamd the Citadel cf 
Fort Royal, but were much annoyed ra 
that, and the following Day, by the Enemy 
from Morne Gamier. Finding that it was 
ahfohitely neceflary to attack this Place to 
the Lcfr, where the Corps of Light Infantry, 
and Trigadier Haviland's Brigade were 
ported, 1 determined immediately to ereA 
Batteries a;?ainrt thefe of the Enemy which 
annoyed us. and which might alio cover oor 
PafTage of the Ravine. 

On the 27th, about four o'clock in the 
Evt-ning, the Enemy, under Cover of their 
Batteries, and with the grcateft Part of 
their Force, had the Temerity to attack the 
two Corps of Light Infantry and Brigadier 
Haviland's Brigade, in the Pofts they occu- 
pied ; but were received with fuch SteaiU- 
nefs, that they were immediately repuKed ; 
and fuch wab the Order of the Troops, that 
they parted the Ravine with the Enemy, 
feized their Batteries, and took Port there, 
being reinforced by Briga<)ier Walftt's Bri • 
gade, and the Diviiion of Grenadiers under 
Brigadier Grant, who immediately on flie 
Attack had marched to fupport them. 
Night was now come on ; hut M.ijor Leiand 
moving on to the Left with his Light Infan- 
try, and finding n6 Opporttion, continued 
his Route towards the Enemy's Redoubt, 
which he foon came up to, and took Poffl-f- 
iion uf, the Enemy, except a few Grena- 
diers, who were made Prifooers, having 
abandoned it. Their Troops retired into 
the Town and Citadel^ and the Militia dif- 
perfed in the Country. Brigadiers WaKh, 
Grant, and Havjland, immediately moved up 
to fupport the Light Infantry ; fo that at Nino 
o*Clv>ck at Night his Majerty's Troops 
were in Porte rtion of this very flrong Port, 
which entirely commanded the Citadel. 
Sq precipitate was the Enemy's Flight, 
that they left a Mortar loaded, and eight or 
nine Guns unfpiked, with a Quantiy of 
Ammunition and Provifions. The Cannon 
%nd MocUt Ni^ tOKwA a^pdsA the Citadel 

Far MARCH 1762. 843 

f^WM>^ l5aineH rhit adv»nt»f;eoi» Poft, Major Ldsnd, and Capl. K«medy» parti. 

fr«*m wliicli the Enemy had (o much annoy- cularlj diftlnguiftied themfelves, the warn* 

ed m, and ha vint^ completed two Batteries ell Part of the Service having (allea to cbetr 

on Mome Tartenfon, confiftinR of 14 Gun« Lot. 

«fid flire« Mortars, we opened them on the M. La Tonche, the Governor General^ 

5of h ; hvti findin? that the Diftance was too after leaving a Garrifon in Fort Royal« ra« 

fKcat. and having now Mome Capuchin tired with the Remans of hie Grenadiqrf » 

in f»ur Power, not more than 400 Yard* and it now, as I am iofonned, atSt.PierrA» 

dirt mt from the Fort, as well as rhePoflcmon We have not as yet had the leaft CorraCipen- 

«vf the Town , I immediately refolved to ereft dence together, nor has he fo moch at feM 

Batteries at hoth thefc Places, the fooner to to enquire after bis KUled, Wounded, M^ 

reduce tlie Citadel ; and for the eafier Con - Prifoners. 

v?yancc of our Cannon hy Water, I order- Immediately upon the Fort ofoiDf » tiM 

cd Major Leiand, with liis Light Infantry, Admiral and I received a tkpttUtion from 

to take Port on the River MonOeur. moft of the Q^rtert of the Ifland, defiriot 

The Enemy perceiving our Deflgns, and ISkewife to capitulate, M. LaTouche havla^ 

for Reafons bed know to themfclves, on refufed them to enter into any TeniMU 

the Evening of the 3d. Inftant, beat the On the yth Inftant we agreed upon the ia- 

ChamaKe ; ' in Confequence of which, the clofed Capitulation, to which we have eveiy 

Gate of the Citadel was delivered up to hit Day fome of the other Qiiarters ofthe Uland 

M^jelly^s Troops the Evening ofthe 4rh, acceding. St. PierrCt and the neighbottruig 

and at Nine 0* Clock next Morning the Qparters, are the only ones which holdout, 

Carrlfon marched out, on the Terms of the owing to the Prefence of M. La. Touche f, 

incloftd Capitulation. It confiflcd of about but Ihould they not come ia, in a Day or 

800 Men, Grenadiers, Marines, Militia two, (which I am told I may exped ^verf 

and Frce-Tk)oters. About 150 ofthe Gar- Hour) I purpofe moving that Way, and 

rifon were killed and wounded in the Siege* do not in the leaft doubt but that I (haUfooa 

The Enemy miRht have kept us much long, reduce them to Reaibn. 

er, as it would have been abfolutely necefla- On the 7th InlUnt, Pidgeon Ifland, oM 

ry to have made two or three Breaches, ofthe Defences of this Harbour, furrender* 

which mua have taken fome Time. ed by Summons, on the fame Terms of thft 

In the feveral Attacks, I am credibly in* Citadel, Cannon excepted. 

Ibrmed. that the Enemy had not lefs than Your Lordfhip may look upon the.Capitu« 

1000 Men killed, wounded, and taken lation for the Ifland, as fixed, the Admiral 

Prifoners ; among the latter, feveral of their and royfelf being refolved not to make tbm 

principal Officers of the Militia, uken the leaft Alteration. The other Quarters maA 

24ih. Our Lofs your Lordlhip will fee by accede to it, 

ih« inclnfed Return. You have alfo indo- We hope both the Capitulations wUl r«- 

ftd, my Lord, a Return of tlie Artillery ceive his Majefty*s Approbatioo, as it bat 

and Stores taken from the Enemy on the been our eameit Study to obtaia, on ooc 

*4th and 27th of January j and In the CiU- Part, every Advantage to die Natkm, 

del at its Surrender on tlie 5th Inftant. that could accrue from the Conqaeft of this 

I cannot find Words, my Lord, to render Ifland. 
thjt ample Juftice due to the true Valour The Day af^er the Affair of the syth, 
and perfevering Ardour of his MajeAy*i Jearning by one of my Parties t^at M. Ma- 
Troops, which I have the Honour to com- dau Detruil, late the French Governor of 
inand. The Difficulties they had to en- the Ifland of Gaudalupe, was at a Ho«fe 
courter in the AitSick of an Enemy, poflcf- about two Leagues from my Quarters. X 
ltd «»f every Advantage that Art or Nature thought it neceffary to fend, and bring hin^ 
could give them, were great. Their Per- in, and he is now with me a Pfifoner. I 
leverance, *m furmoonting thcfe Obftacles, purpofe fending him to France hy fome Op. 
fornirhes a noble Example of Britiih Spirit. portunicv that may offer hereafter. Th» 
The BfiwriicrsH^vll^nd, Grant. Rufane, French Troops are all Aboad, and wiU 
I^rd RoUo, and Walfli, and all the Offi- foon fail for France according to the Gapi^ 
cersinBrneral,defervethehigheft Applaufe, tulation. . ,.« . ,^ 
for their animaUd and Soldier- like Con- I have given Orders for the Repair of the 
^„^, Citadel and forevery neceffary Work. The 
The Grenadiers of t!ie Army, in three InhabitanU, who had att quitted their 
Divifions, headed by the Leiutenant Colo- Houies, and retired to the Heights, ar« 
nels Fletcher, Mafley, and Vaugban, and now returning to them; andasfooo as I 
the Light Infantry and Rangers, in three have fixed the InliabitafitI of St. Pnm, J 
«odks, com[»sndcd bj Lie«. CoL Scott, Hull 

844 -^ Chronological Memoir of OccurrenceSy 

Ihall pnrfue the other Part of his Maj<:(ly*s 

I muft repeat to your Lordfhip the Har- 
mony that fublifls between the Fleet and 
Army, and the cordial Aflidance we have 
received fiom Admiral Rodney, in every 
Part of the Operations where his Aid could 
be ofeful. 

This wiH be delivered to your I.ordfhip 
hj Majr^rGafes, one of my Aid dc Camps, 
who will inform your Lordfhip of any Par- 
ticular you may Hcfire to know. I miift beg 
Leave to recommend him to his MajeOy*s 
Favour, an a very dcfcrving Officer, and 
who has now fcrvcd upwards of Twelve 
Years in America with much Credit. I 
bave the Honour to be, &c. 

Copy of a T ctter from RcAr Admiral Rod- 
ney to Mr.ClevIand, dated in Fort Royal 
Bay, Martinico, February 10, 1762. 
SINCE my Letter of (he 19th of January, 
lent Exprefsby Capt. Walfingham, acquain- 
ting their Lordfliips with my Airivftl and 
Landing the Army at Cas Navire \ 1 have 
the Honour to Congratul.ifc them on the 
Surrendtrof the moft important Citadtri of 
Fort Royal and Fidgcon Ifland ; which 
has given his Majefty's Foices PoflTcffion of 
the nobltfl and bc(l Harbour in thcfe Parts 
of theWeft-Indiei. 

The almof) infnrmounfablc Difficulties 
the Troops had to flrut^irh with, and the 
furprizing Strength of the Country, im|TO- 
ircd by all that Art could add, will be hefl 
explained by General Monckton. Put tMs 
I mull fay, in Juflice to thoft I have (he 
Honour to command, with the Intrepidity 
and gallant Behaviour of the OfBceis and 
Troops employed on this Fxpedition, could 
be equalled only by (he ea^cr and chearful 
AAivtty of the Officcn and Seamen ; who 
contributed evtry Tlnng in (heir Power 
towards the Re<iu6lion of the Place, and 
made no Difftculties in tranfporrin;4 Num- 
bers of the heavicft Mortars and Ship^ C.«n' 
non, up the fleepefl Mountains, at a vrry 
confiderable- Diflance from the Sea, and 
acrofs the Enemy's Line of Fire. 

I bave the Pleafure to acquaint (heir L'^id- 
fhips, that we have taken, in this Port, 
fourteen of the Enemy's befl Privateers, 
and many more which are in the other Ports 
of the Ifland, will be immediately delivered 
into my Hands, agreeable to the Capitula- 
tion with the Inhabitants ; which Capitula- 
tion, as likewife that of the Citadel and 
Pidi^eon Ifland, I have the Honour to inclofe 
to them \ and for all further Particulars I 
mufl refer their Lordfhips to Capt. Darby, 
who is charged with thefe Difpathes^ 

I I ^ivct mv the iincercfl SatisfaClioni^ lliat 

I cin afTure their Lordfhips, the mofl per- 
fe^ Harmony has fubfifled between r^4 
Navy and Army, each vying (in the mod 
friendly Mnnner) which fhould ferve his 
Majcfly and their Country bcft. 

Terms of Cafttwi ATiov of Fort Royal, 
Feb. 4, 176a. 
Tfte Commanding Officer to«.h 
out A* the Head of the Garrifon, w:!h 
Colours flying, two Pirces of Cannon, 
and two Rounds of Ammunition each. 
The Cirrifon to be fent to Rochfort, and 
to be maintained till their DcpAiturc at the 
Ex;>cncc of his Britannick Mnj-ily. 
A reafonable Time to be allowed the Offi- 
cers to fetMe their Affairs, they behaving 
according to the Rules of War.— — Of?i- 
cers and others, who have EifeAs in (lie 
Country, to keep them.- 'The Volun- 

teers of St. Vincent to remain Piifonersof 

W.-ir ^I'he Sick and Wounded to be 

taken the fanve Care of as our own, and af- 
ter their Recovery to follow the Fortune of 
their refpcftive Corps. An Inventory 

to be taken of the Artillery, AmmunitioR, 
Provifions, and all other Eflfeds witbin (h« 

Place. The Armcfi Free Negroes 

and MulaTtr»es rq remain Pri Toners of War, 

The Cite of the Fort to be given up 

this Evi-nin?;it (;o*Clock, and the Garrifnn 
tri march our it Nine To morrow Morning. 
As fioi) as thcCapituUrion isfi^rted, 
and (he Gate of rlie Fort p'-'fTcfTed by the 
B»i'ifl> Tro(;p"i, the Commaiulam fhall be 
allowed to acquaint his General with it. 



G. B. R0DN£V. 

Ca piTcr. ATioT* granted to the InhalH- 
rantb of Mahtinico. 
That they fhall march out of their Gar-. 
rifons arH. Pof^s (none excepted) with rbeir 
Arms and Colours flying, on Condition that 
alrerwards the whole of thur Cannon and 
Ammunition be dclivwred to us. — -The 
Inhabit]n(s of St. Lucia and St. Vincent 
are to remain Prifoners of War. — The 
Inh.ib;t«int» to have the free Fxtrcifc of their 
R^liiiion, and 10 become Subjefts, and to 
tnhc I'le Oath of .^Iki^Iance to \\\% Britannic 

Majerty. The religious Orders of both 

Scxc."' to be fecuie in the Property of their 
Efledls, move<iblc ar.d immovcaUe. ■ 
The Inhabitants and Mulattoes, now Pri- 
foners, to become Biitilh SubjeAs, and to 
enjoy the Beniflt of it \ but the Negroes 
taken in Arms to be deemed Slaves. — 
The Inhabitants to furnifh Bai racks and 
Quarters for the King's Troops in the feve- 

For MARC H, 1762. 845 

r.l Diilnds of the in^nH. — ^ Freebooters 
to be allowed Co go to France, but no where 

elfe. Merchants to enjoy the Privileges 

of their Commerce, provided it does /)0t 
infringe the Laws of England. — The In- 
babitants to cnntinoe to tnake white an<i 
claytid Sur^ar, but co pay Duty in Proportion 
to ttieir fuperior Value to the common Muf- 
covado Su(car. ^-~. The Money to remain 
Qpon the' fame Footing it now is. 

Siloed, D'/firfo , /• P'eriere, 

Lapiere, Maboix^ WOd 

Demanded. All Arcbteves and Papers, 
cclative to tbe Government of the liland, to 

be given up ; and Leave grariteA totbe Cen«- 
tlc:T)cn 'of the Iflmd, to keep neceflfarf 
Atm& for tl^e Defence of their Plantations 
Signed^ Rob. Moncktos* 

G. B. Il0PMXY« 

Total of tbe Killed, Wounded, and MiC- 

killed. I Captain, 5 Lirutenantt, i Eii- 
iign, 3 Serjeants, S6 Rank and File. 

Wounded, i Lieutenant- Colond, 2 M«« 
jors, 1 1 Captains, 15 Lieutenants, j En- 
(igns, 20 Serjeants, 5 Drummers, %p.'SLuk, 
and Fife. 

Miffing, xi Rank and File. 


Martb 8, The Lady of Sir John Read, 
Bart.of two Boys, in Hdnover-fquare. 


Tth. 16. The. Pierfe, Ef<^; of Pierfbridec, 
10 Yorkfhire^ to Mifs Robinfon, eldeil Si- 
ller to Sir WUliam Robinfon, of New by, 

ao. John Bright, of PontcfraS, in York- 
Oiire, £fq; to Mifs Stenhewer, Daughter 
of tbe Rev. Dr. Stenhewer, at Houghton le 

za. The Rev. Mr. King, Rcftor of St. 
Michael's Combill, to Mifs Kitty Bol- 

«j. The RcT. Mr. ArdidcaconVondley, 
of Higbgate, to tbe Widow of the late Row- 
land Regcrs, Efq; 

26. Capt. Rd. Durling, of Dartford in 
Kent, to Mifs Rachael Hanbam, of Aid- 

March 2. James Lloyd Dickens, Bfq; to 
Mifs RuUy, of £D6eki. 

7. Mr. Newman, Silverfmith, to Mifs 
Mott, of Gracechorch.ftreet. 

9. Mr. Jofepb Jacob, Coachmakcr, of 
GreatTower ftreet, to Mifs Ann Hay ward, 
tS the lame Place. 

Mr. John Jacob, Drugift, in tbe Poultry, 
to Mift Hannah Hay ward, of Great Tower- 

Mr. Hezekiah Atff6rd, of EarPs-Stoke, 
Wilts, to Mr». Racha«l RufTel, at St. Bride* s 
Cborcb, he is her firventh Hufband, and (he 
his fifth Wife, be aged 69, (he 72. 

Mr. ttiynes, Apothecary , in RulTel-ftreet, 
Cogent garden, to Mrs. Blaco, ReliA of 
Dr. Blaco, late of Windfor. 

10. Mr. John Colebrooke, infenchurch- 
ftreet, to Mifs Sophia Vowell, of Watlrng. 


Feb, X I . Died at the Abbey du Bott^ a^ 
90, an EnglifbPrincefs, Daughter of Jame» 
n. King of England, and Si(ier to rbe Che- 
valier de St. George. She was fupportetf 
tbere by the King*s Munificence, witboot 
any mention being made of it. Her Corpa 
was removed with great Pomp, foUovred 
by many EngUifh, Scotch, and Iri(h Lordi^ 
to the Churcb of St. Antony. 

18. Mr« John Feary, Coroner of the Citf 
and Liberty of Wcftra'mfter. 

Lady Chltty, Wife of Sir Tho. Cbitty, 
Knt. and Alderman of London. 

John Moore, Efq; at Kenfii^gton. 

20. Mr. Skorry, Attorney at 3immond'« 
Inn, fuddenly, 4s he was "going to big 
Country Houfe.^ 

21. Mr. Wm; LampfoA, aged S3, at 
Chrid church in Surry. 

22. Mrs. Sarah Stewart, of Featborftooe* 
ilre^t, a Widow Lady of great Fortune. 

M. deCrebillon, the celebrated Dramatic 
French Writer at Paris, aged ^i. 

The celebrated Profeflfor HiUner, at Pa. 
ris, Occulift and Phyfician to the King of 
Prulfia. • 

The Rev. Dr. John OoJdic, late Prifici|ttl 
of the College of Edinburgh, in tbe1tot% 
Year of his Age, and ^9th of his Mini- 

24. John Tyrrel, Efq;- at Hatford, In 
Berks, one of his Majedy 's Juftice of Peace 
for tha^County. 

The Hon. Charles Wm. Beaudrrk, Soo 
of Lord Beauclerk, inSt. James*s-(lreet. 

Mifs Lucy Pitt, eldelt Daughter of the 
late George Pitt, of Scratfiddfea, iaHamp^ 

Col. Grantham, pf Higb<hoafein tfttK^ 
eld e(| brother of the Trinity, houfe. 

• • 2^. Mr« 

846 ji Qfronological Memoir of Occurrences^ &c. 

25. Mr. Tho. BroidKelc, Mathematician 
In Dake ftreet, St, James's, in the 80th 
Year of his Age. 

The Udyof Major Ramfden. 

iS. Henry Ctckfedge, Recorder at Thet- 

Rd. Langhani, Efq^ Mayor of CoTcn- 

March %, Mr. Lamboume, of St. C)e* 
mentis Chorcb-yard, one of the Governors 
of .St. Thomases Hofpital. 

Mr. John WUtlhire, MaAtr of one of the 
|)oblic Rooms at Bath ; about half an Hour 
after died his Brother Mr. James Wikfliire, 
and both were interred in one Grave. 

The Lady of Tho. Crawley Boevey> of 
F^^xley. Efq; after a (hort Illnefs. -- 

Next Day died Mrs. Lloyd, Mother to the 
above Lady. 

6. The Ducheft Dowager of Bmnfwick 
WnUeobattlc, Mother of Prince Ferdinand, 
on which Occafion our Court will go into 

S. Mr. John Davey, Ironmonger, io 
Holboume, and one of the Common Coun- 
cilmen of Farringdon-wacd. 

Mr. Sparks* at St. James's, famous for 
blowing Che French-Kom, who from his 
extreme -Thinnefs, acquired thd Name of 

Tlie Right Hon. Geo. Earl of Tyrcon* 
fiel/, of the Kingdom of Jrelanc), Member 
«f Parliament for Taunton in Somerfet* 

9. Peter Iohn(bn, Sen. Efq^ Comlenor 
at Law, at York. 

Mrs. Eliz. Smith, aged izi, at Hipley 
in Derbyihire, ^ OiffefTed of a confideraUe 

Mr. Wm. Giffitfd, Brewer^ in Long-acre, 
unmenfly rich. 

IS. Sir John Crofs, at his Hoafc at Mill- 

Philip Gybbon, Efq; in SavUle-row, 
Member of Parliament for Rye in Suffisx. 

Mr. Twyning, a coniiderable Dealer in 
Tea, in Devereux-oourt. 

The Right Hon. the Lady Dovrager Mid- 
dIeCoBy at her Houfe in St. James's- ftreet. 

The Lady of Sir Tho. Hankey, Knt. at 
Clapbam in Surry* 

Citfil and Military Frefermevti, 

Whitebatt^ Feh, 13. The King has b^en 
pleafed to conftitute and appoint Edward 
Youoge, Chrifiopber Rigby, Jolm Tren* 
chard, John Fane, and George Quarme, 
Efqrs. together with Thoma* Wyndham, 
Efqj in the Room of Henry Kelfall, Efq; 
deceafed, to be hi* Majefty ' i Cc^mmifl^onas 
for Taxcif 

Lord George Lenox, is made Aid tflp 
Camp to the King, and raifed to the Rack 
of Colonel . 

His Majefty has been pleaMN« appoint 
Capt. Holyrood, Efqj Cape, of the Roy^J 

Major Keary, of the 86 Regiment, is ap- 
pointed Governor of Goree. 



Thomas Stone, of Gravel-lane, Houiulf* 
ditch, London, Brewer. 

Thomas Brown, of Pattrington in York- 
(hire. Dealer. 

Rob. Brailsfhrd, of WatGng-ftreer, Lon- 
don, Haberda(her. 

John Drury, of St. Savicur*s Cborch- 
yard. Merchant. 

David Murray, of St. Martin Je Grand. 
London, Peruke- maker, 

lames Redmain, of St. Mary White Cha- 
pel, Surgeon and Apothecary. 

Ann St. John the Ekler, of NorRricb, 

Samuel Peach, of Raadiog in Besks, 

BiLi of Mortality frmFei. 16, t§Miar,t^. 

Buried 1 Chrifiened 

Males i»3i 7 .,, JMales 783 7 ,' 
Females lali J *443^Fcmates jtlV^^ 
Under 2 years old 7 1 ffl Buried, 

Between i and 5 189 Within the wjUIs 176 
5 and 10 — 63 Without 596 

10 and 20 i— 93^ii. and Sorry ti 18 

so and 30 — 21^ City St Snh. ^tft. 553 

30 and 40 — — 229 

40 and 50 — 194 

50 and 60 — 213 

60 and 70 — 215 

70 and 80 — 162 

80 and 90 «— 4 1 

9oandioo -— 10 
looand J 10 «— o 


Weekly Fth.^^^^y^ 
Mar, 2.510 

9* 47» 
i€. 49S 


Stephen MaiTey, of Waltham Holy .Crdf 
InEflex, Innholder. 

Thomas WUlis, of Chtping Wycombe, 
Bucks, Dealer. 

John Readfeame» of Sbefilek! in Yoik- 
fliire. Scrivener. 

James Langford, ofBriftoU Hofier. 

Ann Bedford, of DroitwjcbfWorcdler* 
Ihire, Vintner. 

Henry Allbrey, of St. Savionr, Sooth- 
wark, ViauaUer. [ 

Samuel Hanibn, of King;Aon upon HuU| 

Mary Hawes, of Weningbofoagh in Nor- 
thamptonOiire, Groceri 





Nfifcellaneous Correfpondence, 

in Profe and Verfe. 

For A P R I Ly 1762. 


j^M^MW 370, a^wtrtd bj Mr. Tho. BoTworth, if Peterborough. 

T XT — 4' %y% *^ — /> AAd --* -^ ^ft be the threo Nmnbert required ; thea (^ 

^^B^^^ ^** +j1» «r« tnd ^jr» — 3^1, are to be whole Nmnbert* 
Pit •»+ -• sjr> ndtfjrM>^::3j^} tbeo^ by Subftitiitioo, we biYo \/m^ + j^J 

= ^** + »«+ ^1 = « + J, andv/'^-S^I = ^**-'* + ^ =*-. 

Sa«4»«-4 wfaeanjrs — ^^ , wMch, is it evident Ima what precedei . mnft 

toaaevoawholiNiimberi ititiortber evideDt, that « awft be freitter than 3 » | Ibp- 

pefr«S4e» tbeojrs iS-Z, whence, itiac^ddent, that annft he Amm even Mrillpip 

efAf Aippofe • s ft X 4 = l> theajvr: 3I, aod/z 3101 and the three Wwnbep art 
ijiia f 4Qn i and ts« 

Pn«or. As %%%% «*40ftt4oa«*8a:t3ii; alfo tfit -f 400 =: 1764 S 4ft )f 
fft I I3<s.4* i» = M44 =: jS X |S i and 40a 4* Sft = 4^4 =: M X ift* il^ B. J. 

fllr A^Km WM tfjfb mfwertd iy Tonthu, «k/Sr NmmUn sr§ -tbt ftmt with Mrm 
Kirs, hm thi PrtfeferU Nmmknt sri 733S, iSyt, #«^ 58, «ai< Mr, TontfRi iiei t^ 

frvitf, $i0ith€wiihft9ftiyklm9/ehtNamktrt»$^ X 136a, 4*X4oa, tfJK*4 * X li^ 
^§tn a li «af jtfinamivt iaitgtr Ntmbfr^ 

^^m 37 1» anfioiriiljAlr. Tho. Barker. 

OIVfiK^S«5 mmtflmmM, thsn^iT s «l x •-• If' X -» ff ^^ Z Fluxion of the Area, 

vhols Ftoent •-- ^ *" «* -* istheAfett whkhcatt#> and put » :s Son's Part 
44* • • ^ 

848 Mijcellancoin Correspondence^ 

in fquare Chains, then a — a:. — Daup.htcr's ; whence a — x, X »' ZI 1 Maximatn, 
•*. % z: - :r 1^3087 | f^uAie Clutlns ilie Son^s Part, and 410*9.3 zz Daughter's, C&c, 

This S^ufflicn v:ai alfo arfroered by ^fr. Tho. Vanner, ilfr. Chrift. Sinitb, ilfr. Tho. 
Bofworth, Tonthu, arJ itetroi>cfcr, Mr, T. Haiiis. 


' ^lejilon 372, anfwaedly Mr. Tho. Vanncri ^Sunbiiiy. 

VT b, (or Bung-diameter, by for Head, and/, for the Length of the Cafk, and », for 


7S54. Thtn in ^ftf/-r/ii*s Inilitufes S441 by deducing, is %pb^-{-ph* •\- - 11 

Che Solidity of the middle Zone of tbt Spheroid. And {per Qpeflion) lzz%b, and h Y,lb 

a % b^ /p -^ b^ ip . . A. s^ hp 

ZZ4$ooo zz a ,-. h zr. — ; then by SubAitution, f ■ rs ■ + « 

/b 3 " 1% i>^ 

% b^ p . a^ p 4- 2 h^ P ^ 

■ ■ ^ :^ — i- = ^ which {f^cr Queftion) is a Maximum.* Fluxed ind modellid 

3 3 i> . 

^6 h^ zz 1% b^ -{■ ^ a* , or b^ iz ^~- , hence i n /— — 31.69*= 2*^404, and 


Tonthu, tfw// /»//« Afr. Ch. Smith, bavf given Anjivin tc tlit S^ufJUtn, tie fame asahove, 
Mnd have aljo botbjbcwn that the C^rJcnt oj the Cejk is a Ali/f.mua and not a Maximum, 


^e/lion 373, anJiLvrtd by Mr, James Freeth, ^Birmingham. 
ET d zz Diameter fought, then .i,i%6 ddd zn .7854 dd {per QwfilsonJ. But .5236^' 

zz .7854, confequently d zz ' * i, - zz ii^. ^-E. F% 

.5136 ^ 

* ■ ■■••■..■ 

The fame aljo anfwered by Mr. Rob. Eling» at Hcntey. 

LET X zz the Diameter of the Sphere, 
Then if . S136 *^ zr .7S54 x», and^ r= 1.5 
But, if thofe Exprcfllons are jnpt equal x =: 15. 

Tiff Sh/fion vfas aljo anftvered by Mr, Chrift. Smith, Mr, J. Fraxtr, Mr, T. Vaaner, 
Afi-. G. Celii, Mr, T. Cofwonh, Mr, T. Barker, and by tbt Brop9Jtr; Mr^ D. bunn« 

t - 

.. L 'Nem Questions toM anfwered^ 

'• • ' • « 

Queftion 382. Queftion 383. 

,.. .;-By Mr. Daniel Holcioft. By Mr. Tho. Robinfon. 

THE Area of a Circle beins; given rr ^ , l" ET the Diameter of a Circle be ico Tn* 

it is lequired to find the Radius of JL^' ches, required the Area of the grcatrft 

that Circle (whole Center is in the Circum- "Parabola that can be infcdbed. and alfo rhe 

ference of the given one) that will tut otf Diameter of the greateft Circle that C4n bo 

'haM the given Circle's Area, with tne Inve- Inftribjpd within the reqidred Parabola ? 
fti|«tk)o of ilie Theorem. .. .. ^ . 

/ QueAioB 

* By the TYitotetcv \% ik ^vtaTKam* 

in PROSE and VERSE. 849 

Queftion 384. Qiieftion 385. 

By Mr. G. Cetii. 

Bf,A^. J. Barber. .^P j^ required to place 14 Points in the 

1 !*crini«'ters of three concentric Circles, 
_^ fo priirtd, with rcfpeft to each other, thafc 
OIVEK «v/«»+>*| z: «, y\/x^ ao Kij^ht-lincs may be drawn through 4 
VJ z= ^. Qoercxandjr, Poiiusiach? 

N. 8- /if^ have received fome new ^eJlUm a*i:l Theorems^ but without 
guy Demanftratiom^ which therefore cannot he ihjhtcd till proper Anjwers 
arefeut by the Propofers, 

And whereas feveral of our Correjpomknts^ a>u! /Jnrs^ are frequently en* 
fuiringy if any particular Part of the ALtgazivc can he had abne ? We re^ 
turnj for Af^er^ they tnay have any Purt entire a% foon as completed^ but 
not before, from the Nature of the Publication. 

As in many mathematical Societies and Comuffutio*?s^ ^ejiions of aduhi^ 
ws and difputable Nature arije^ which occrfion Difference in Opinion^ and 
often Difagreement between Parties ; for the Determination of which^ they 
frequently appeal to me : Butj as I have not I^ifure to attend tojuch Intricacies^ 
(generally Jpeaftittg Speculative,) / JJmtld be very glad if thofe Gentlemen 
would pleafe to draw up the Cajiy in Form of a ^icjiicn^ which Jhall be rea^* 
dily injirted in the Magazine ; which would prove a proper Subje£l of Amufe* 
ment to Qssr CorreJpondefitSj and^ at the fame Time ^ give them a more general 
SatisfaSion: of this Sort is ^teflion 382 above ^ on which ^ a confiderabU 
Wager is depending. 


BEHOLD yon Tile reptile, how hateful to Juft fuch is mimkind, in this manfion from 

fight! whence 

Still creeping on eaxtfa, which confines its de- He fceks all his comfort, how vile then his 

light, fenfe ! 

Till a ^ fleeting days fhall (eclude it firom How low all his joys ! ^till death fnatch him 

fight, from hence 

Then to a dofe cell *tis confign*d : And conceal him in earth from (he fight ; 

Tbexe pafliing.ibnie hours, it burfts its fad Vet thence (HaW he rife, at the dawning of 

bands, dny. 

Thence grown a new objcA, raft beauty ex- ArrayM in rich fplendor of beauteous difphy, 

pands, Th.-n driight ii[> on high (hall with jcy wing 
It ope*fl its gay wings, and with vigour af- h.b wAy 

cends ^ To fcad on cxleftid J flight. 

To feed on the dew mo.1 refia'd. 

Ap'l! ^th, I J $2, It, ^'_/. 

5Q.1 n» 


MifceUanemis Correfp^ndence^ 

The following Fragnunt^ preferved 
in a very old Manufcript 9n the 

Two tunne there beth of bns. 
And other two imaked of (las 
Seve feats there buth Inne 
And other thing imaked with pmic I ' 
Qa'ck brimfton in them alib. 
With wild-fier imaked thereto i 
Sal gemmit and fetrte^ 
Sal aronak there is eke 
S^ aWr9d znAJal aHine, 
Salgmma it oiingrd with him. 
Mat tmlim aai fal akutre bright, 
Tkatt bomtfa both day andf night : 
JU lliis ii is the tonne ido« 
itnd 0Ch« thbgs niMv aio $ 
Aad krttMk bith ni^t and day. 
That Mvtr ftcack it aeway. 
In TOUT w tlA f iags the tonnes llggeth^ 
At tlM pbiloM^hcrt us %geth, 
TIn kete within, the water without 

MalrfTh it hot, al abont : 
Thttwo wel-fprings earnoth mere. 
And the other two bath inner clcrc* 

There is naked ftiH iwis 
-Hut khri bath iduped is« 

The ikk king Btadnii, 

The kings fon Lud ! 

Andy when he maked that bath hot^i 

Aii4y if be failed ought 

Of tiut that flxou'd thereto ; 

Herkeneth what he would do ! 

Ftotn "Bath to London he would flat 

And tboUce day felf againe bee, 

Atid fetch that thereto bivcl. 

He was quicke, and fwith frliy 

Tho the mafter was ded. 

And hts foule went to the qoed. 

For God tut was not yut ybore, 

Nor deth fuffered him biuore. 

Jidvice to ayoungLadj^ lately war- 


lKAR f'^gl* (>n^c t^c Jungle fta^e 
' You've Idt, 

You've IcFt, andchofe yourfclf a mate j 
Since metamorphosed to a wife. 
And blifs or woe are your's for life, 
A friendly mufe the way would (how 
To gain the blifs, and mifs the woe. 

But fitft of all, I muft fuppofe 
You have with due reflexion chofc ; 
And this premis*d^ I think you may 
Here fiud to married blifs the wny. 

Small is the prorince of a wife, 
V^nd n.:rro\v is her fharc of life ^ 

Wkl;in tli^t i\ here to move arigUt 
Sh^ulJ be iiCf pr jicipai i:\i^X j 

To guide tiie hooic with fmidcnt care^ 

And properly to ftcnd and fpare { 

To make bar hiilMid Ucit the ixf 

He nve his liberty away j 

To ferm the tender infant otiad % 

Theft ate the taflct to wlrct affgn*i| 

Then never think domdKc ctg% 

Beneath the notice of the fab- 1 

But daily tboft affinn infpe^ 

And feeyou'kne notvjTJi^peCI* 

Be nvgal plenty lonnd yon wcn§ 

And always keep tbe gjolden neuu 
Be always dean bat fddom fine^ 

Plain fal TOUT ne&tnefi always ftiae ( 

If once fair decency be fled# 

Love foon defests oie nnotwl bed. 
Not nice your bouft} not neat and cbtnj 

In all let bouiewifty be ften. 
Some of yoor fex mifbke la tbity 

Too anzioos fome, ibme to remi6« 
The early days of wedded lif^ 

Are of^ ore-cail by jeakma Urife { 

Then be it your peculiar caic^ 

To keep that fesibn bright and f^ f 
For then*s the tine by fmtle art. 
To fix your empire in hit heart. 
With land ohtigiDg carriage ftfivi 
To keep the lamp of love alive} ' 
For fbottld it, thro* ne^eA, expis<^ 
No art can e'er re-light the fiie. 

To chartn his leaSm dicis yoor aund,* 
The love ihall be with fnendftip join'd x 
Rais'd on that bafia, 'twill enlaR^ . - 
And from enfringemtnta be iecnm* - 

Be fore you ne'er for pow*r oootend. 
Nor trjr by tears to gab yelir end. 
Sometimes the tean which cloud yoor eyeti 
From pride and obftinacy rife. 
Heav'n gave to man fuperior fway,. 
Then heav'n and him at once obey. 

Let fulieo frowns vour brow ne'er dood ) 
Be always chearful, but not loud | 
Let trifles never dIfcQmpofe 
Your features, temper, or repofe. 

Abroad for hapnne^ ne'er roam ^ 
True happinefs reudes at bome^ 
Still make your partner eafy there, 
(Man finds abroad fufficient care.) 
If ev'ry thing at home be rights 
He'll always enter with delight ; 
Your converfe he'll prefer to all 
I'hoie cheats the world does pleafore call } 
With cheerful chat his cares beguile, 
And alw'ays meet him with a ff^e. 

Shou'd padion e'er his fo^l ddbcmy 
Serenely meet the buriling ftcMin } 
Never in wordy war engage. 
Nor never meet his ra^ with rage. 
With all your fcx'sfoft'ningart 
Rfcal loft reafon to his heart ; 
O^hus calm the tempeft in his breaft, 
Attsl C«:CQVh ^^^ ^s foul to rtft. 


in PROSE aad VERSE. 


Be fare ytm neV arraign hit (eo& j 
few Imibafids pardon tbat ofienoe { 
*Twi]l aifconl laiie, diigaft it bnedi, 
And luticd certaialjr fucccedi. 
Tbca IZnib that lock 3K>u foon would nit, 
Sdll think him wiier of the two $ 
Andy tbo* )'oa otherwise hdieve, 
Ke*er let him fuch a Cbonght poceive. 
Vfhcn care in^adci jvm paft»tr*i hearty . 
Bear yoB ;i /ympathuanv partt 
And kindly cbim voor ftarc of pa^ 
And half ki< tnyhlcsAUl fuibin ; 
From rifing mom to icttkig night. 
To plcafe him he yom ebicf fieli|^t« 
Thde ridn obierrod by « wifii. 
Will make her hafpy for her Uf«« 

JI. Samvbl. Chap.xii. tj the 
Rtv. Mr. Francis Fawkcs. 

FY'IO B^MrtfKi9g ffcwt ^ke theho^ ftcr: 
X ' O migbtj monaich,iam*d fiv wMoqi, 

While m niv kffd a t4e of woe I tell 8 
Two men, O king, in one fair city dwell ; 
The one i< frieadleft, and exceeding poor, 
ne other rich, and boaftfbl of hit Aoie « 
IdHge herda of oxen !n hit pafturea feed. 
And Hocks unmunberM wjiiten eyrry mead^ 
n^ poor maft*j ihxk wat only one ewe- 

Of Imry ileiK, weaned lately (rom its dam ; 
He teagfat it with what treafure he fioiUd 

Ev*n all hit weahb, and *twas hit only fare ; 
Knn*d by hit hand* and «with hia children 

^ With them it wantonM, and with them it 

< Of hit own meft it eat without controul, 

* And drank the beverage of bit milky bow) ; 
« Then lightly-fpoitful /kipt, and tir>l with 

* Dear as % daughter in his bofom lay. 

* A traveller of no ignoble fame. 
' By chance conduced, lo the lich man came ; 

* Yet from hit herda he could not ipare an px 
' To treat him, nor a weather firpm his flockf* 
' But took by cmel force, and ^ilVd and dreft 
*■ The poor man't lamb to feed hit pampcr'd 

The monarch paut*d •— then made this ftern. 

lncent*d : ' I fwear by God that rulet the 

• iky, 
« The man that did thit thing ihall furcly 

f The lamb Iburfold he like^-ife (hall reftor?, 

* Te icwompence the ftiendkfc aod the poor : 

Becaufe his heart do Ibft oonpafio* Icit, 
At othert vroe unknowing how to melt.* 
Thou art the roan, reply *d the holy iieer, 
Thut laith the Lord, the Cod of Jfra^^ 

A king thou ait, anoiafeed at my caiL 
0*er ^rM^ and I reicutd thee fmm «#«/ ; 
And gave thee all thy maiker*s iSRrraati 

Hit Jaige poflfffot^ aad hit 

wives t 
Wat that toolittle ? Coold't tho« 

quire ? 
I would have gyveB thee all thy heait'a 4e^ 

Then wherefoie iidft tfaqp Ood'aouomaad* 

ment flight. 
Committing thit great evil in his fight f 
Lo ! thou haft robbM Urish of hit wife, 
De61*d hit bed, and then de&oy!d hU lift;, . 
Haft flain him with the adverlaiy^d fwordt 
Mow therffore hear the ivdg^nt 4/ tki 

And lock this awfiil fen^ce in thy heart | 
The f word ihall nearer fmm thy honfe di^ 

For diou haft lobbM Vri^ of kit wife, 
DefilV) hia hod, and then deftroy*4 Jiia 

Thut iatth the toid, nor thee hit «voais' 

The power of enl in thy hovfe flull rife, 
\aK I will take 1^ wives befisrc thine j 

Thy concubinet ihall be in triomph led. 
The fun ihall iee them in thy neighhoui'^ 

bed : 
Thou didft it feciet --^^ this thing (hall hf 

Beiore all l[rtt4y aad before the fun.' 
Aghaft, convi^ the mighty monansh ftood, 
And from hit ^yes iheam*d ftirrow in a flood ^ 
And whije a iigh re peAtant heav*d his brea^ 
He thut the angui/h (^ his foul expreft : 
* Thy words are iharpg: than the two-edg*i 

< For I, aUs ! have fino'd againft the Lord/ 
Stung with remorie he mouro^i hit paft of* 
fence 9 

With bitter tears, and heart^fpruog peoiv 

tence ! 
The feer then fopth*d him with this calm le* 

ply J. 
' Thy /in is pardpo*d, and ehow -ihall not 
Thu5 m3y we clearly fee ^ch fecret fio. 
Warned by the faithful monitor within ; 
Thus may we, bleft with bour.tcaus gncc from 

Like JuM'i kins rep? r t, and be fcr^lvcn. 

852 ' Mijcellanemi 

An JEmoMAfir the Ladies. 

(A.ti>v Ki^vT* ^X^^^' Homer. 

WHEN the fairfacTtd fruit trngathend 
hung . 
And all things as immortal feemM at yoang : 
So 1 waa made 'fore j4Jam, and began 
Tofropbfjy in this terraqueous van ! 
On i'ome primordial trre 1 chofe a feat, 
Thus highly mounted, I appear compleat. 
Mlntnir of wonder ! inNoaks ar^ was I, 
And faw fierce purling ftreams this' world de- 

ftroy ; 
Alive and brifk, when Chrifl was crudfy*cl, 
Kebuked him who had the truth deny'd ! 
To make the riJJU plain, cekjiiaifair, 
I. will defcribe my features, habit which I 

A hkmiy crown is ptacM upon my head. 
Yet never reign d: — to fchool was never 

Not made with hands •*— more like an angel's 

A n/ehuet hue ^— bedecked with gold — arras — 
My doublet is. ■■ A Aoir</ grows from nty 


No tettb I have — a beak^ tho' longer — thin. 

Bclov'd am I by th' king and quality. 

And often ruin thofe of mean degree ; 

By mf engagements .— bloody harmony ^ 

Bold '^ 'valiant — fiout, carry my arms : 

nay more, 
The fkoniXeA foldi«r ne*er bore fuch befoic !•'— 
■ ■ In pulpits often by the clergymen, 
My pretty name is brmight to queftion then :- 
I never meddle with the (late affairs, 
Unmindful of religion, and fuch cares. 
•Some think I am inclinM to pepery, 
In lent do/aft, drink water, and eat rye ; 
Foretell what's /wi/, whafs ^rr/«if, what's to 

Bid word-lings prepare *gainft the day of doom, 
I love the male kind well : —• but female bell. 
Thus much you fee I freely have confcfl j 
Thefc* revenues and wonders from me fpring, 
Yet never kniwn to do an evil thing ! 
A propba am I. {Fair /adie$) difcoverr 
And yott*ll oblige your affcdiionate lover. 

13, 176Z. 


Ex Tempore opportuno, 

^\n peui fure graver^ pour k Spec- 
tacle, prochain,Vif TABLEAUX, 
ybtf/ttffdSfi Portraits dSr CHAR- 
LOTTE, Riine Augufte, et ia 


. Principalbment, tbftds Publica- 
tion if jMTf Lettre, quefery li^ traduite, 
mtLangue AncLOi^t,, et tU ia quel- 
le, le RoT#^ genereax, 46/ -Braves 
PRUSSIENS, 41 Manuscript, 
qu^il^ vrayfemblablemeiity n§ ferdra 

It requires, to my Judgment, an Heart of Dia- 
mond, to rompofe fine, tender, firm, not left 
flowing, VcRSEa, M an Aff. ofSved, Lead, 
and Iron, Dejiaauau^iotui, 

Tranflated, by the late Ingenious, and G&td, 

1L ne me convient point de peindre Poa- 

Comme qui voudroit faire un Ro m a k, faiie, et 

D'Hyterboli, jointe a LiTHAaciQVE 

Ou Mifceilaneum de No i x dcG a l l s, et \ri » j 
VEpoufe duCoBVR de GEORGE IcTro- 


N'eft pas (en Total) laPASSACzRE Beaut e,' 
Ncanmoin*, cc Ror, heau (fenfihle, en Cicri. 
tien) Vaimey 

Parcequ>l!eaVERTUs,TALENTS, Grace, 

et Bonte, 
Sur Fend, d'Herbique, et tra endtnns 

Oricine ; 
Les Vandals (jadis,^«ri) aujouzduy, Ver- 


Peuvent^ttf<r Mow An t, ou je plus <{iimagine. 
Oh que CCS Vers font francs, meurs, et Rs- 


Finis coronet Opus, Ars, ctNATURA, de- 
clarant Op i Seem. 

Geo. HaYDEN. ^*^^* * Londres, le i%eme Mars, 176*. 

A Chro- 

( 853 ) 


jtf Chronological Memoir (?/ Occurrences^ 

'For A F R I Ly 1762. 



Pelerfbonrg, Feb. 15, 1762, O. S, towards the Accompli/hment of fo great, 

Tn^istUn «/ « DeehratUn dtUi'^x^i a /^u *"^/'> fjlut;.ry a Work. 

D^iMiee, h tbt Empfror^s Order, to ihe '^''^'"» ^^'^'''^ 9- letters frnm StcttiA 

Ai^«/, frtncb^ 0Hd Sweditb Mir.:fi<r% "»«n««<>7. «hat ilie Empcrt»r of RuflTia has 

,Jj,y-i^^^ 'not only ratified the eventual Armiflice, 

. * which the Prince of Bcvein had agreed upon 

HIS Imperiil Majefly. who, upon his with the Prince of Wolkoulky, command- 

happy AccdTton to the Throne of his inp the RuflTian Troops in Pomerania; but 

Anctfton, look upon it to be his principal had fent a full Power to the latter, to make 

Doty, to extend, and augment the Welfare fuch Arrangement with the Prince of Be- 

ofhisSubjeds, fees with extreme regret, that vern, as to put a total stop to HoAilicief 

the Flames of the prefcnt War, which has in l*oiand and b>iiciia, as well as in Pome- 

already continued for fix Years, and has ranii. 

been for along Time burthcnfome to all the lUmhurg^ March tz. M. rie Goltze, 

Powers engased in it, far from tending now whom his PrulTian Majcfty has fcnr to Pe« 

to a Conclufion^ are, on the contrary, ga- tcrfburg to make his Compliments of Feli. 

Cheriog frcfli Strength, to the great Misfor- citation to the new Em|>cror, upon his Ac- 

tinie of the feveral Nations ; and that Man- cefTion to the Throne of RuflTia , had already 

kind has (b much the more to fuffer from paflftd Konii^fbrrg, and hoped to arrive at 

this Scourge, as the fortune of Arms, which Petersburg the 26th of laft Month. 

has been hitherto Cnbjeft to fo many Vicifli- Brunjwiei, Match iz, Tlit. Funeral of her 

tndcs, is equally expofed to them for the late Serene Highntfs the Duchefs Dowager, 

Future : is fixed for Monday next. 

Wherefore his Imperial Majefly, compaf- Haguc^ March 1 6. We hear from Vienna, 

fionating, f^rough his humane Difpofition, that General Czernlchew had quitted that 

Che Effiifion of innocent Blood, and being Place abruptly, recalled all the Rufliin Offi- 

defii7>us, on his Part, of putting a Stop to cers from Prague> and, immedi itely upon 

fo great an Evil, has judged it neceflary to his Arrival at the Army, begun his March 

decbre to the Courts m Alliance with RuiTia, towards the Viftula. 

chat, preferring to every other Confidera- Bamhmrv^ March 19. We are informed 
Cioa. the fir ft Law, which God prefcribes from Berlin, that the Court of Vienna haa 
Co Sovereigns, which is the Prefervation of recalled eight Regiments of Marihal Daun*t 
Ihe People intrufted to them, he withes to Army out of Saxony, in order to lepiace 
procure Peace to his Empire, to which it is Gen. Czernichew*;^ Corps in Silefia. 
fo ncMiTary, and of fo great Value ; and a( Hague, Mjrch 24. They wiite from Co« 
Che fame Time to contiibute, as much as pcnhagen, that the Count de Lynar, a No- 
ma/ be in hit Power, to the Re-eftablifli- bJeman in great Efteem with the Czai*, is 
ment of it throughout all Europe. going to PeterAjurg as AmbafTador from the 

It is in order to this. That his Imperial King of Denmark, to endeavour to recon- 

Majefty is ready to make a Sacrifice of the c'^le the Difference between the two Courts* 

Conquefls made by the Arms of RufTia in Hamburg, March x6. Six thoufand Danes 

this War, in Hopes that the allied Courts are already encamp^ within a League of 

will, on their Part, equally prefer the Re- Lubeck ; and we are informed, that before 

Aoration of Peace and Tianquility, to the their Arrival a Ruflian Party was ft-en at a 

Advantages, which they might expc6^ from little Diftance from that City. This made 

the War, and which they canrot obrain but the Magillrates refolve to keep the Gates 

by a Continuance of the LffuUon of human ihut during almod two Days and two Nights, 

Blood. And to this End, his Imperial Ma- and to double the Guards and the advanced 

jtffty, with the beftlntcntien,advifes them, Pofts. The King of Piuflia likewife hath 

to employ, on their Siile, all their Power demaiKledbfibcMagiftratc» of Lubeck, the 

854 ^ Cbronohpcul Mnacir bf Occurretim^ 

young Ptflom of the Duchy of Mecklenburr, 
who wtrc efiroUed imong liis Troom, and 
fiMdeth«ir£faipe into their aty I mthey 
reftf« to deliver ttieiii up« Meanwliile» the 
doads that threateo Denmark ftill eaereaie | 
ind icarce any Hope Is l€ft that an amiea. 
()le Accommodaeion can be accompliihed. 
*rhe Number of Recruits that are raiflng for 
the flertice of Denmark efeceeds Belief, All 
Che yoting Fello^ enter Yoltinteen. Wt 
itt aflwedi that the Militia of Denmark 
tirlfl be embodied | and that a Body of Vo. 
lonteers is to be raUed at Altena> equal in 
Knmber to the Body of Huffars, which ia 
ilmoft complete^ their Number amounting 
already (o 1800. The King of Denmark 
liith poblifhed a general Amheily in Favour 
of all Deferters from his Troops, with Leave 
fo/ them to join any Regiment they pleafir* 
It is thousbt that by the End of April he will 
bave an Army of 50.000 Men ready to take 
Ibc Field. 

Eimhick^ March tt. The Day before Ye- 
ilerday 3000 of the allied Troops arrived 
here, by which Reinforcement oUr Line ie 
Inade fo Arongj that we are under no Ap« 
prekcnflons from the Attempts of the Ene- 
my. The Carrifon of Munfler confl(ls of 
four Regiments of Hanoverians, and one of 
MeAianf , befides 170 Heflian Gunners, and 
$0 of the Hanoverian Body of Artillery. 

hamhomrg, ^pril ^, We bear from Meek* 
Senberg, that the Swedifh General Ehcenfch- 
Wtrd has propofed to the Prince of Wur- 
lembergy who commands the PruinanTroopf 

intbatDvchy, a Cefbcioli of Arms Ibr €fV» 

HeMiwri Jfh'I^, Oehefil Lucknar hav- 
ing datachad 500 HuOkts to Heiiigettftadt, 
iIm Marqiiit de Lortango Jaiarched out off 
(Sotttegeli with 1800 flofft* andaooo Foot, 
€0 iiMeroapt them , of which the former ha V" 
Ing Notice, he put himfelf at the Head of 
i€ao Horft j and having come up with the 
French General the 6th Inftant, as ho was 
tetfeatlng in great hafte towards Gottingon, 
he feU lapon his Rearj killed hmi 30 Men, 
and took fourfoore Prtfoaers, befidea zoo 
Horfes. Major Wtntzingerode, who conn* 
mande the Hefflan Huflars, has taken an Of- 
Becr> wMi co French Hufikrt, in the Coua. 
tryof Eiehsrad. M.daVaux,ComaiandaDt 
at GottiHgen. has, on a fbdden, fee at Li- 
betty the Town*i People, whom ho had 
Imprifoncd, by Or^r, as is fuppofed of hia 
Court, in Confequeoce of Reprefenutioos 
made there by Prince Ferdinand of Brunf- 
wid^ of the tyrannical Conduft of that 

Hagii, A^U 13. The French Trooips are 
in Motion from the Lahne towards Caflel | 
and another Corps is adembling at Frailken- 
berg ; but we do not fee any Thing tending 
to an immediate opening of the Campaign* 
The Prince of Soubife*s Equipages were ar- 
rived at Marbourg ; and he was co fet out 
himfelf for Paris the i ith Inflant } and his 
CoUegtae, the Marihal d*Strees, to follow 
towards the End of the Month. 


J£ff. i4« 


Majelly went in State t6 
the Houfe of Peers, and 

Svie the iKoyi) Aflent to the Bill to punilh 
utiny and Defertion i The Bill for the bet. 
fef Regttlaeion of his Majefty*s Marine 
ForiDes on shore t The Bill to prevent vc^a- 
•ioifs Proceedings ilgainU Innhotders, Vic- 
tllillcrsf and otherl, relating to Beer and 
Ale } and to feteral other public and private 

30. The CoAvi^ under Sentence of 
Tranfportation, wers brought from New. 

{flte to Black- friarSi and put on Board a 
lighter In order to be Ihlppcd fbr MsM^e- 
Ky*s Phintations. 

JtiirdB oft Ltttet'frm Lifi^M, Mdfeb 30^- 
jmM ktfirt ib§ fMclnftitii, 
** Our Fears are every Daw hKrsaflog on 
Account of the Army afcrtwing by Spalii 
•11 Mr Fromiirs, wMchi ^ihtn Mormc^ 

already amounts to 40,000 Men \ many of 
them, indeed, are raw and ondifcipKned 
Troops, but they are training them daily to 
their EXercife, and more are coming down 
to join them. Our Fortifieations in the 
frontier Towns have been examined by fe- 
Vera! experienced CNBoerS, and are allowed 
to be in a good State of DdTence ; our Army 
Is augmented to js^ooo Men, fomeof whom 
have already b^n their March, Thefe, 
with tha Troops and Arms we expeA from 
England, wUt enable Us to defend ourfehres 
againft three Times that Number of Spa- 
niards, our Natal Force is aUb in a better 
State than it has'been for fome Yeaiv oaft, 
having already eight Men of War of the 
Line m the Tagus, all well Aamied, two 
of which are 74 Gun Ships, and fix of 6a ; 
one of the largeft is gilt in a very extraordi* 
nary Manner, as if deligned for the Recep- 
tioA of feme of the Royal Family. The 


• » 


A P JR^/i L^ .iy6i. . 855 

SfiMw i h Ambtflador has Ordert tc leave this 
Court in two Hoart j and we expcd Spain 
^irill declare War in two or three Days * * 

jffrttf. The Right Hon. Che Lord Mayor, 
Aidcrmen, Shcnfft, andCoramon^Council^ 
waited on his Ma}eily at St. James, with 
tho following Addrefs, on the moft impor- 
cjukc Coflqttell of the lAuidof Martinico. 

To the Kinj't noft excellent Majefty, 

The hunable Addrefs of the Lord Mayor, 
Aldermeo and Commons, 6i the Ciry of 
London, in Common -Couocil aflcmbUd. 

*' Msy itpItafeyourMajfJiy, 
** Gracioully to accept the humble Con- 
gnruJaclo&s of your ever dutiful and loyal 
SubjcAs, the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and 
Commona of your City of London, inCom- 
ftion-Couneil aflembied, upon the glorious 
and imporunc Conoucft of the (Iroog, fer- 
dfe, and opulent luand of Martinico, and 
Che confequent ial Surrender of Sainte Lucie j 
Acqoifitioni doubly valuable, as they oonfi- 
derably diminilh the naval and commercial 
Strength of ^atice, and proportiotiably ex- 
tend and fircure the Commerce and^ Naviga- 
tion of Great- Britain and her Colonies. 

" The amaling Rapidity of this Conqoefl 
rHIeds 4 LuAre upon our former Tri- 
omphs, as wen aa the highett Honour upon 
jhe Ro/al Wifdom that planned and dirrc- 

portant Succffs. Too much Praife cannot 
be givjrn to the Bravery and CondoAof nif 
Fleet and Army«> You fay truly, that I am not 
d;tzzlcd by the Splendour of repeated Vido* 
rics : The permanent Profperity of my Peo- 
ple, as a free and commercial ivTation, baa 
always been (he Objed of my Ambition i 
What conduces moA to that End, I fluH 
ever count my greareli Glory.*' 

They were all received very gracfoufly^ 
and bad ch« Honour to fcifi his Majefty'a 

St. James* iy Jpnl 1 3, The King Has been 
pleafed to coiHiture and appoint SamudI 
Swallow, Vfqj ro be his Maje(ly*8 Conftil ' 
General of -ih« feveral Parts of the Ruflian 
Empire, where the Britifli Subjeds hav« 
Trade and Commerce. 

15. His Majeily went to the ParUament 
RoUfe, attended in the Coach by his Graco 
the Duke of Rutland and the Earl of Buck- 
ingham/hire, and paifed 40 Bills. Amon^ 
which were, 

Tlie Bill for providing a public Reward 
for fuch Perfon or Perfuns as (hall difcover 
Lonrirude at Se». ^ 

The Bill for the better Prefervatidn of tho 
Game in that Part o£ Great- Britain called 

The Bill for better fupplying the Cttiea of 
London and WeAminAer with Fi(h, and to 
reduce the pnfcnr exorbitant Price thereof. 

cnndo^ed, and the bcioic Valour of the 
Fleet and Army that effeQed It with fo lit- 
tle Lofa, and leaves yourMajefty at full Li- 
berty to turn your vi^rious Arms to otfier 
Places, where the Enemies of your Majefty, 
and your iCingdums, are no Icfs vulnerable. 


and will moft fenfibly feel the Neceffityoff d""'' commirrea oy rerion* 
dUTolving theirlate dangerous Compaa,lnd I ^°^"* commonly called Bumb 
ofn,bmltti«g to Terms of Peace. .de.,nafe ^^t'l-iT'!"!" u;. . 

The liill tor the bttur Relief and Employ- 
ment of the Poor, and for cleanfmg the 
Streets, Lanes, ard P^ila^es, in Che Partfti 
t( St. James, in the liberty of Wcftmin- 

The Bill for the Punifhmcnt of Friuds and 
Thefts committed by Perfons navigating 

boats, on 

to our Succeflls, and the Expences of tli.s I 
jufi, and neceflary Walr \ Vour Majcily , un- 
da22kd by the Splendour of repeated ViC< 
tories, having no other View than to vin- 
dicate the Honour of your Crown, and to 
ellablith aod (ecure the jult Rights ^nd Huf- 
f«:flions of your SubjeAs. 

In fo laudable a Purfuit, fo becoming ^ 


The Bill to explain, amende and redact 
into one 'A€t of Harii»imcn(, the Laws in 
being relating to the raifmg and training the 
MUitia within tlut Part of Great-Britain 
called England. 

By the A^ to explain, amef^d, and reduce 
into one Ad> ot Parliament, the fcveral Lawa 
relatmg to the Militia, ' 

to ferve in the faid 

the Father of his People, your Majefty ma// ^^^,^'^ ^"^'j^ *"?"'•. o ., 

firmly itdy on the ftringeft and moft chcar-^ ^*'"? may be chofeii by BaMoi, as before j 

lul Efforts of the grateful CitjXens of LooJ Jf o;»»erwife the panfli Officers, with the 

don, united in Duty and Affeflion to yout^ iS"!^^' ""^ the Inhabitants, may provide 

Majefty's Sacred Peifon and Govcrnnint. 'Vohinte.ra. to be approved of by two Dt- 

and in Zeal for the Glory aod Profoeiity ol, R"'^ Lieutenaritt and one Juli.ce of the 

their Country.** r ^ -^ Peace; and whatever Expence they are at 

^ for piovtding fuch Volunteers, they are im- 

To which Addrefs his Majefty was plcaferf ^^rf'^^ to re.mhu, le f.emfelves by a Rate 

to return this moft gracious Anfwer. ; '^.^ **»5 ^^""^^ 5^^ .'"•f « m Pioport.on to 

• • T I luit for the Relief of iheir Poor, ami the 

•* I thank you for your loyal and affec»^ Overplus, it any, U 50 in Aid uf the Poor's 

tioiute CongntutatioflSy upon our Uu-iia.* 5 R Race« 


856 A Chronological Memior of Occurrencesl 

Rate. By the fald Aft. pariih Officers arc 
10 fMy every Perfon chofen by Lot, and 
fworn xt\, or fiihlhrute, fiich Sum of Mo- 
ney, not cxcecdinK five as any two 
Deputy Lieutenants and a Juflice of the 
Peace (hall adjudge to be one h.ilf of the 
current Price thw-n paid for a Volunteer in 
the County where fuch Peifon flwll be cho- 
fjn ; which Sum fh^ll l>e raifcd and rtim- 
hurfed thcfaid |ijrifti Orlictris bv a Rate to 
bj made atvoiding to the Poor's R^te, as 

It is alfo enjifted, no Perfon under 
the A<eof iS, noi ahijv-45, articled Cierk, 
Apprentice, or poor with three Chil- 
dren born in Wedlock, ihalt be compelled 
to hrvt, 

Alfo, that every Perfon who fhall con- 
traft, or at^ice with any other (liable to 
fervc) toinfure him from fervin; in the Mi- 
litia, by providing a Subditute, or paying 
the Penahy nt ten Pounds, Ihall, for fo do- 
ing, pay the Pcniilty of one hun(h*ed Pounds, 
one half to the Pmfecutor, the other to the 
Poor of the Pariih. 

But nothing in this A& is to extend to 
prevent Iferfons of thi fame Parifh. Town, 
or Place, from entering into Subfcuptions 
among themfelves, for pjying jointly, for 
any Subftitute or Su'^flttutes, vr ho may be 
provided for one ur more of ttte Subfcribers, 
who may hapf>en to be ciiofon by Lot. 

The did A^l takes Place from the paflfing 
thereof, and is to continue in Force for the 
Space ol fcven Veani, and from thence to 
the. End of the then next Scilion, and no 

By this wife and wholfome Alteration in 
the MiUtia Law*, which obliges, andveiy 
juftly, every Man to pay his Quota, all Pa- 
riihes have it in their Power to kcd|> their 
good and ufcfui Handft at home \ and by a 
fgnall and equitable Tax, to be raifed only 
twice in feven Vcaru, to fend the Idle and 
Diflblure to fcrve their King and Country 
for three Years in the Miiitta. 

Ffom the London Gazette Extraor' 

dinar y . 

IVhiffbalt^ April a. Veilerday Morning 
Capt. Ricaut, Aid de Camp to M^jor Gen. 
Jvlonckton, arnved here with the follow mg 
Lertcr to the burl of Egremonv, one of his 
JVLijcflvS principal Secrt:tiirics of St;tLe, da- 
ted bt. Petcr'ft. IflandofMartinico, Feb. 27^ 

^ »• My l.rrd, 

" I litl thb Honour of writing to your 
L'> dihip ilie 9th lull* u, from Port R'^yal, 
wliiCh went by tny \id dc Camp Miijor 
C4£es, who f4dcd trom ihcni;e in his Maje* 

fty*s Ship Nightingale, on the 10th f nftant \ 
a Duplicate of that Letter I now incloTe. 

** Jufl when I was about to cnnbark for 
the ReduAion of St. Peter*a, two Deputict 
arrived at Fort Royal on the lath Inftant, 
offering Terms of CapituUtion for the whole 
in and, on the Part of M. Le Vaflbr De U 
Touche. the Govenor-generml. Onthei^tb 
they received the AdmiraPs and my An- 
fwert to their Propofali, which they carried 
to St. Peter's ; and on the 14th returned 
with tt>e Capitulation figned. In Confe- 
quenceof which, I left Fort Royal the i ^th, 
with the Grenadiers of the Army, and the 
2d Brit^ade ; and on thefc Xowm^; Day took 
Pofleflion of this large and opulent Towo, 
with all the PoAs in the Neighboarlmod. 
The Enemy maiched out about 3x0 Gre- 
nadiers, who are embarked, and wiU fail 
immediately for France. M. Le Vaflbr Da 
la Touche, the Governor- General^ M. Rou- 
i)l€f Lieutenant- Ooveraor, and the Staff 
will fhortiy follow. 

" Indofed I fend your Lordfhip a Copy 
of the Capitulation for the Ifland, which we 
humbly hope will meet with hit Majefty'a 
graciout Approbation. Commodore Swan* 
ton IS now off the Granades with a ^uadroa 
of Men of War ; and I purpofe fending im- 
meduitely Brig. Gen. Welch with ihe stb 
Brigade, and the Corps of Light Infantry 
under Lieut. Col. Sa>tt, in order to reduce 
Jtliat and the other lAands. I have undoubt- 
ed Intelligence, that the Number of white 
Men in the Grenades do not exceed 500 } 
and in the other Iflands not quite fo many. 
, '* 1 fhould have proceeded upon this Set- 
Vice m>felf, had I not thought it of more 
k^onfequence for his Majefty*! Service my 
remaining here at this critical Time, when, 
vy what we can learn, a Rupture with Spain 
^y he daily expcAisd t And here I am alfo 
It fiind to fettle miny material Affaiis re- 
lative to the Security of tbisConqueft. 

** Indeed, I have good Reafou to believe, 
|hat Brigadier Walih will meet with very 
littie Obftru^ion in his Operations. How- 
ever, fhould he not immediately fucceed, I 

uU move that Way with a larger Force, 
jknd make no Doubt to compel them to a 

* Jp^cly Surrender. 
T" It 

. •„ was not my Intention to have fene 
^me an Exprefs unril I could have inform- 
al your Lordfhip of the ReduQion of tlie 
or her Iflands mentioned in his Majcfty*s In - 
Ifcruflions. — But as thi^ in.ind is now com- 
pleatly reduced to his Majefty*p Obedience, 
i was apprehenlive that a Delay, In fignU 
fji'ing this intereiUng Event, might be at- 
t^ded with fome bad Confequence at thia 
critical Junfture. I therefore fend this by 



For APRIL, 1761. ^S7 

my AH cfe Cimp, Capt. Rfcauf, who can 
inform yourLordfliipof any Particulars yoii 
may dcfire to know ; and 1 be^ Leavt 'o 
ffQcomineiid him to your Lordlhip's Ccunte- 
Dance, ai a very dr ferving and good Officer. 

*• Ai it waa nrcrflary for his M./i fty^s 
Smrice, immediately to fill fome civH Fm- 
pi%>ymenrs here,' I have accordinfty ap« 
poimed proper Perfoni to aftantil his Ma- 
iefty*»Pkafure he known. 

" Tonr Lofdfliip has herewith a Return 
ef the Artillery, and warlike Stores, found 
mcheTuwn. theReduttp and tlie other dif- 
ferent Pails.** 

I have the Honour to be, ftc. 

Rob. MoNcxToir. 

According to the late A 61 of Parliament 
for granting an additional Duty on Houfcs 
and Windows, which commenctd on the 
5th InHant, every Hoafe i«, Co pay as fol- 

1. s.d. 



8 Wimlowi r I 




9 — — la 


S 6 

to ■ 13 



If — 14 


8 6 

IS •«•« f I 


10 6 

%% — « 1 « 6 


11 6 

And Ibf twenty and upwards, the fame as 
before, via. is. 6d. per Windowr, and ^s. 
the Houfe { and all Houfes or Cottaf^s, 
thK have only (even Windows, to pay 3s. 
for (he Houfe, unltfs,' on Account of thtir 
Poverty, excufed from parifh Rates. 

By the late A A for providing a Reward 
•for difcrwering the Longitude at Sea, the 
Commiflioneia appointed are empowered to 
hear and receive PropofaU for difcovcrinr; 
rhe Longitude at Sea, and beincr fo far fa- 
ris&edoftheProhahiliryuf fuch Propdfjil, as 
to think proper to make Experin^nt thi.-r«- 
ef. they ftiall certify the fame, with the 
Aurhnra Names, to the CommiiHoners of 
the Navy, who Ihall make out BilU liicre- 
anon for any Sum not txcetding aoool. as 
4iill be rhooght neceffary, to he paid hy the 
Tieafnrer of the Navy out of any Money in 
hii Hands unapplied. — This msikes Gouol. 
granted for this laudable c'urpofe. 

In the ASt lor the betcirr fupplying the 
Cities of London and Weftminftcr with Kiili, 
and to reduce the prcfent exorbitant Price 
thereof^ the following Articles are infer- 

Any PerioB, though not a Fifhmonger, 
fluy buy, at any Market, St-a-Coafl, or 
River, Ac. any Fifti in Seafon, and fizea- 
ble, paying the accuftomed Duet at the Place 
of PurchaiiB | abd may fell the fame again m 

any Firti or Flefh- market, pa>ing th? yfual 
Market Ours, Covent-garden Market, and 
its PfL'tindN exci-pted. 

Such Fi/h ihall not he ref<.]d hy the Arfl 
Purchaftr before the fame fh.»ll be brought 
to London or Wcilminftcr,^ or to whtre 
copfintd, under Penalty of 'acl. and Hiall 
be conveyed to the Place? configned, with- 
out being flopped and ex{K.fed to Sale en the 

Carri.^ees employed in the Service fhiJl 
carry Filh only, and rtiall be marked on the 
Out'irfe, Fr<H MACHrNis only; and 
<hall be entered at the Office for licenfini; 
Hackney Coachrs, paying is. for the Regi- 
rterinif ; and numbered, on Penalty of 4c<, 
and thall not be liable to be deemed com- 
mon Stage-waggoni, Arc. 

If Bulk rtiilfbebrokeofany Flrti-carriag- 
confiirned for the I on.lon Markets, &c. be- 
fore bJng brought wirhin the Bills cf Mor- 
tality, or Sile made f f the Fiih befoic th^y 
areex|)ofed in the fjid Mirkets, thcChren- 
der 11).! !I forfeit loL 

After the ni of May, 1761, no Peifon 
fhall employ, or be tTiploycd in fMiyini; nt 
the M.-trUer? of London or Wef*:nir.rtcr, 
fee, Filh brought there for Sile, tobeafcer- 
wardR divided ainon^lt Fiihmongers, or 
others, to be fold ; ncr Oiall any I'ci fon buy 
in the f i:d Markets any Fifh but what fhaJI 
hi for b\% own Sale or Ufc, on Penalty of 

Mo Salefman or other Perfon (hall rcfufe 
to fill, or enter into Agreement not to h\\^ 
to or for any particular Perfon's Ufe, any 
Fifti expofed ro Sale ac a public Market^ on 
Penalty of id. 

No Filherman, &c. after the Arrival of 
his VefTel from Fifhing, fhall deflroy or caft 
away any of the Fiih, not beini; unwhole- 
fome, perifned, or ur marketable, remain- 
ing unfokl alter Market is over ; on Penal- 
ty of being committed, and kept to hard 
Labour, for any Time not exceeding two 
Months, norlefs than one Wetk. 

Hrofccutions (hall be commenced within 
three Months after the Offence 5 and Pcr- 
fon< futfering Imprifonment for any OiTcdcc, 
fliall not he liable to pay the Penally. 

One Moiety of all Forfcitutes, not other- 
wife appropriated, fhall go to the Proftcu- 
tor, and the other to G rem wich Hofpital. 

Kafler Monday the KigUt Hon. the Lord 
Mayor, Aldermen, and Sherif)^, with their 
Ladies, went in Proceflion to St. Brtde*s 
Church in Fleei-flreet, accoitling to annual 
Cuflom. The Sermon for thi« Day was 
preached by the Right Rev. the Lord Cifhop 
of Peterborough, in the Courfe of which the 

5 R a 1lt« 

858 A Cbronolcgical Memoir of X)ccurrence$^ 

JL:^rt tf the Sta^f of the City Jhfpitah wat 
read hffwt the C^vtrwon, 

St. Bjrthrhmerv^t, 

Ctireif and ilifclnrjed from fhi* Hrfplt. 5S63 

Truflcs given hy :i private Hand to '10 

TruflTes riven hy I he Ifofpiral to 24. 

Puricd thrtYtae ■ 3Si 

Remaining under Cui c ■ 521 

In ill 6769 

Cured and Hirj|Mi|rcd t rem this Hcfpit. 742^ 

Kuried this Year — — ^08 

Kcmiiininit unJer Cure . ■ ■» 4"^ 

Out Fatiems — ■ ■ — *- 20 f 

Total ?5ii 

Clrirrt Tfcfiitaf. 
Children put f«irrh Apprrn»lc«, ?nd 
difchar^rd out of this Hofpii^a] lift 
Year, ten whereof were inftiuflcd 
in the Mathcmiricj ~. 170 

Buried the la il Vr;ir ». 13 

Remaininj in thu Hofpital — — 04a 

Ji'idi^ve^ TJ9f(>ifa!. 
Vagrants, &c. relieved and difcharjed 579 
Maintained in feveral Trades, &e. 70 

B*fh/t'm fhf/>ifeL 
Admitted into thi^ Hofpirai — * 

Cured . 

Buried ■ n 

llemaining under Cure 1 



The Spanifh Gazettes, and the private 
Letters from Sp;iin, rvtn thofe tl^t ai« 
written to Merchants at Genoa, are not 
only inconHftent, but as oppofite fls they 
(an be. The formrr fpeak of nothing hue 
vigorous Preparation* for War, cjrritH on 
with the utmoft Spirit and Alacrity ; where- 
as the latter peprefent thefe as very back- 
ivatdy and the (nchnitinns of the Sparifh 
People, in tenetal. as rttll more backward 
fhan tfieir miiitaiy Preparations. 

The Court of Vienna fcems to be influen- 
ced in its prefent l^ifpcfttion hy the vitrhle 
keluQance that is found in the Ditt at Ra- 
tifbon, to concur in the Meature^ that have 
been fugftefled, and their great Unrat: cfs 
at the French continumg in Gtrrmrmy, out 
of which they h^ve cairitd fo many MiMions ; 
for thefe Reafons the News of a Cnncliifion 
of Peace, or at leaft of Preliminai-ies, would 
not be at aii furptizing. 

The Hanoverian Generals, Lewkeoor and 
Spheiter, have opened the Campaign hy fur- 
prizing a great Frencli<^onvoy, ;tnd bcAdes 
J )ar^ Booty, have taken a great Number 
tUPhfoner$, It is believed the nest Of»5- 

ration will he the Attack of Ootfingen, In 
which rhe Allies will befupported by a Corps 
of PruCian Troops. 

The Jefuifs fetm already fo feel their Fate 
in France, hy their having fent circular Let- 
ter* fo the F;imilies of a'.f the Students under 
rJuirC^re, <4efiring them to fetch away their 
Children before the 1 ft cf April. 

The French Troops quartered in Donkirk, 
and rhe Neigh ho urhnod, exprefiftfcha Re- 
Juflance to the emhirking on b^ardthc flat- 
lH>iinm*d IV»ats, that they have bcenobhgifd 
to quarter them in the Town to prevent 
their Defer tion. 

Number cf Men are to br preferred to the 
T-aigenefs of r>«^minions ; and it is certain 
thir the Tncreafe of Hands, with the right 
Fniployment of them, is the great Art of 
Covrrnmtnt : As alfo that the Hiince who 
lh»n hefo ^\S'^ and good, as by rilahlifhing 
^■^^rs of Liberty, to fecurc ProieAion and 
Fntfurai5enn"nt to the honrft IndufKy of 
Mirkird, le.ainrtthe Opprrfl[ii>nof Powrrr, 
V* ilj conftquently be more potent than his 

The l^ruiCi Colonies and Plantatiinn in 
AmtTica, toi;eih<nr with the Kewioandland 
Filhtry, have been the chief Increafoof our 
N^ivitration and Seamen^ as alfo tiie greatcll 
Fnrouracement to both. 

Yet it hat been a Matter of Queftion wirh 
fome, whether our American Lolonirs and 
plantations are not. prejudicial to Great- 
Brirain } and a Moot* point with othcri, 
whether they are of any Anvantage to it ? 

If mufl be allowed, that a Country which 
takes no Care to encourage an Acceffinn of 
Srrangers, in a Courfe of Time will find 
Plantations of pernicious Confequcnce. 

As for Example $ the Colonies in Ame- 
rica have ruined the European Spaniards. 
But this can he no Argument a^infl Great 
Britain and herCohmies ; for the Spaniards 
have been guilty of great Impolicy tn mak« 
ing no r-roviijon to repair the Uofs of Peo- 
ple which their Colonies carry ont ; Where- 
as in the Bririfh Colonies and Plantations, 
all Foreiners may he made Deniiens atati 
inconfiderahle Charge ; whereby manyPei>- 
pie of mII Nations are invited and cnrouragixi 
to fettle and plant in the Britiih Territories, 
where the Crown gains Suhje£h in them 
and their Children, while the Nation gets 
Wealth by their Labour and Induftiy. 

The Obfervance of NattonaJ Fatth lias al- 
wrtys made Great-Rritain (he beft Friend of 
Portugal J who, in her late dreadful Cala- 
mity, ienfibly and bountifully experience 
the Friendfhip and Generofity of the Britiih 

Portugal pays a great Balance in Specia 
to x\\t CloMtvxxvt^ M^ ttie Baltic \ at alfo to the 

For APRIL, 1762. 


Vni^f! PmvtT*ees, France and Ttalf. The 
rrrtu.'ocCeeveA pay a Balanoe to Spain: 
Buf no Nafion ii more effcntial in Com- 
ni«ice to them than Great- Brirain, who 
fu'^nifhrs them with the Neceflariea of Life^ 
ard chiefly receives Articlet of Luxury. 
The Trraty made between Queen Anne and 
Peter II. of Portugal » ttfufficient to (hew 
the Kecriltty'of a proper UnderAanding and 
perpefu^il Fnendlhip, between both Crowns*, 
for Porto|(al is thereby for ever to admit 
the Woolleo Manofadures of Great-Britain, 
and Great* Britain is to admit the Wines of 
Portugal for one Third lefs Duty than the 
Wines of France. All the Articles of Trade 
imported and exported between both Coun- 
tries, are reciprocally advantageous: But 
the Balance is great ly^ in Favour of Great* 
Briuia* wboie Intereft it is to prnted Por- 
tugal ; and the Portoguefe are feniible how 
■tocb they ought to rsly on the British' Na- 

Jn the Addreff of the Commiflion of the 
frcneral Adembly of the Church of Scorhnd, 
prvfenrrd on the 6th Infiant to his Majefly, 
the Minillers anSrt EMersof that Kmgdom af- 
fore hsa Majcfty, that as the Scotch partici- 
pnfe of the fame Advantages with the reft of 
his SnbjeAs, they yield to none of them in 
Attachment to th«ir gracious Sovereign, and 
in Veneration for that wife Conftitution, 
frnm which they derive their prcfent Happi- 
n«fs : And if his Majefty, In the Courfe of 
this War, which hu Enemies, blinded with 
Envy and Ambition, have prolonged and ex- 
tended, (ball find it proper to call his Sub- 
}c^in that Part of the united Kingdom, to 
defend his facrcd Perfon, their R.cligioo and 
Liberties, they will embrace the Opportu- 
nity with Ardour, and will a^ with the Spi- 
rit becoming a free and loyal People. 

hy Advii^s from the Hague we learn, 
that the Differences between Denmark and 
Rullia were nearly ad]ufted« under the Me- 
diation of Great Britain and Pruflia ; and 
that a Negotiation i» in great Forwardnefs 
for an Alliance^ in Confequence of which, 
Denmark is to Ibmifh England with twdve 
8hips of the Line and Frigates, and to pot 
into Britifli Pay 25,000 Danes, who are to 
join the Allied Army ; that England is to 
pay Denmark fifteen Millions of Florins 
(about i,s50,oool. Sterling) which Money 
will be paid again by Denmark to the 
pcror of Raflta, who is willing to give up 
his Claim to Hcrfftein in Corlideration of ax 
certain Sam of Money, the Remainder of 
which is CO be paid at the Terms fettled ip 
the Treaty now 00 the Carpet. 

Other Letters inform u|, that a Treaty of 
Peace betw e en RuAia and PruflU is at 
LeogtbadiiaHy figqed \ that Denmark hai 
potttag fiirtber to apprehend, fince the 

Rofllan Troops had received Ordets fo march 
back immediarelya^ain/l the Coronation, at 
which Time there were Fears of fame T>\m 
Aurbances arifinfr. 

April \h. The Light Troops of his Ma- 
jefty's Army in Wel^phalia have been late- 
ly very foccef»ful in feveral Skirmifhes with 
the Enemy. The Hereditary Prince of Bmnf. 
wick was marching from M under, as wt 
hear by the laft Letters, upon fome Expe- 

The French are in continual Motion in 
Hefle, and have thrown fome Bridges o^er 
the Werra, between Heidemundcn and Wit- 
zenhaufen ; but their Motions feemed to ha 
rather of the defenfive than of the offenfive 

Our lateft Accounts from Charles-town^ 
February «8, mention, that they Aill re- 
main in fome Doubt, whether the Peace 
With the Cherokees will be of any Duration^ 
becaufe they had not yet heard of tlie little 
Carpenter*8 Arrival In his Country, and of 
the Reception he has met with there, as he 
carried no Prefents, which itfeems they did, 
or were to expeA % But if the Advices from 
Virginia are to be depended on, Thintt 
look fair ; and the Little Cirpenrcr in his 
Talk promifes to colled and deliver up all 
the Englilb Prifoners and Hotfes in threb 
Months, althoui^h the Greek Warrior H 
from Home, and the Standing-tukey gone 
to Virginia — Thefe are his Words. The 
Creeks are quiet. Georgia end Carolina aio 
bicfled with good Governors, Men of Inte* 
grity and Ability, and while they continue 
at the Helm, thefe Provinces csintwt fall t6 
ilourirh, notwithflanding their having left 
the Weight of a War in the Articles of Ex- 
pence and Defolation : Mr. Boone and Mr. 
Wright are equally beloved in both Pfo^ 

The Report of a Spanilh ^'ar has atarftiad 
us not a little, as this Pro^nce and Georgia^ 
are the only ones to whom fttch an Event ia^ 
not dcfirahle. < 

Letters from Cbarlumt^wn, Mmr, 6. men* 
tioos, that the young Lieut, of the Cowetas 
ha« been under fome Uneafinefs at aPieee oC 
Intelligence which he received from two 
white Men whom he met in the Woods caiw 
rying Goods to the Cherokees, who werv 
Villains enough to tell him, that the Englifii 
were on the Point of fending a large Army 
againft the Creeks by (he Way of Albahma ; 
but not giving entire Credit to this wicked 
and infamous Story, he iias applied, we 
bear, for better Infoimation, and at the 
fame Tiyne fent the ftroogeft Afliirances and 
Profefiions of his being iledfaft in hisFriend^ 
ihipto the EnftUfli. 4t has even been inifi- 
ooai^d, by focb eile Wietcbae, that dh» 


86b A Chronological Mfmdtr of Occurrences. 

Spaniards in4 CngKfti are to join to extir. 
pate the Cretks. Amonft the Cherokces 
there are the iame Sort of People, who have 
told thero, that while they treat with us, a 
)ar$e Army from Vir|:inia is to enter their 
Country. To the Praaicet of fuch aban- 
doned Villains as thefe. is too often to be 
imputed Che vnexpefted Outrages of the In- 

^t filtenvinr appean f ht the nt»Jl fneeiwA 
Jitcoant »ifa kiftf •/* Ikffpreann in the Court' 
tiit^ hf Waterford, Coik, Limerick, and 
' Tippcrary, called Boitghelecn B.iwirs, 
(i, e. White Boys) the Cbitdren cf Sivc 
Oullaugh, (i> t, Sarah U)(ler) in rotofe 
^iime mofl nf tbtir Lestrrs 'Ofcre ji^md : — 
heing an Esttre^ tf a Ltfttr fr^m a Gen- 
tieman r^fiding in Youghal), to bit Sen in 

" Their lirft Rtfe was in O^cber laff , 
»nd they have ever Once been incfvafin; ; 
they titen and »\\ along pretended, their af- 
femblin]^ was to do Juflice fo the Poor, by 
reilortng the antieot Commons, andrrdrtf- 
Img other Grievances, for which Purpose 
they always aficmbed in the Night, with 
tl»eir Shirts over their deaths, which cavfrd 
them to be called White Bi^ys : Their Num. 
bef in the County of fVattrfrrd is computed 
at fix or feven Hondied. They have drtne 
infinite Dailiase in the Country, levtrtlmv: 
Ditches, SteoB^wailSy rooiinif op Orchards, 

«< On the nth Vlh I faw fcveral PiteNB 
they had IcwBed, Part of an Orchard db^. 
Ilfoyed, and t#D Craves* they had du<, on 
l^e Road betwee n C^enmel and Caffp^vin ; 
the Graves were to held thofe that did nr^t 
^eolply with«th«ir Orders. Some Time be- 
fore this they c;ime by Night, into the 
litfwn, (a large Village) i^iCappo^in, where 
tsa Horfe>barraek, drew up in the Oreen 
Aeir the Barmclby Ared feveml Shots, and 
marchtd by the Centry with their Fiper ptay- 
ingst Tke Lad vnth tbr vfbitt Cackadr. 

M The »3tb I faw a Bier, nearAlEinft 
Cbiifch, wlucb they had darrted two Daya 
More, to be made, to carry People alive, 
MmI bury them hi thofe Graves. An £fqoire 
•fr Cappoquin, when a Batchelor, agreed 
With a Peafmitfor the Ufe of his Daughter, 
i^ which he pedcd the IMaiant his Bond for 
joolk but OR the Eiqaire*s entenng the m»» 
trimoniak StetCr be was compelled to take 
«fr his Bood | iSrW wrote to the Peafant to 
ffefuFKl the Money, upon Pain of having* bit 
Tongue driKvn through bis under Jaw» and 
IbAened wtih a^ikewer. 
. «• Go tbe 14th they aflembled at Lifmore 
^Itttwoen CapfMtqttmaod Tailow} ai^dpoftk 

ed an AdVerflfcment <m the*Do6r fit tlv 
Pod-oAcer requiring the Inhabitants to ha^c 
their Hoarektlhtminared, and a certain Num- 
ber of HoifcA bridled and faddted ready for 
them to mount againft^he nnct Night, which 
was complied with. On the Night of the 
T ;f h, they mounted, and went^ to Tallow- 
^^}^^ (nwr Tallow) where they level fei 
Ditches of feveral fine Parks, 'and cutdo^n 
a Number of foH' grown Afh-trert (iCree 
high to fave them the Trouble of ftooptne) 
belonging to Mr. K-~— y of the &td Place ; 
they then proceeded to 'I allow ; the Hoife 
marched to the Weft Bridge j the Com- 
mander called out halt ; to tbe Right about ; 
and then proceeded irtto the Market- pUce 
In .1 fmart Trot, They brrtke e»pen the 
Marfhalfe.1 \ difcharged the Debtors ; fent 
an Advcrtifemrnt toD— y F— — s the Ju- 
f^ice, to take feveral Copies and fee them 
polled up ; that a Pot or Wain of Turf 
/liouM be fold for 6d (half the ufua] Price) 
twenty Ounces of frefh Batter, 4d. Pota- 
toes, as. %\6, per Barrel, dec They »Hb 
<ent a Letter to hun, to fend for the Man 
who built a Cock -pit for him twelve Months 
a^o, to pay him Part of tbe Money bevritb- 
hetd from him, and aHb a Guinea he pro. 
mifed him for Expedition ;< aU .which he 
complied with. 

* * On I he 2 2d they came to the Ttrry^foint^ 
oppoHtethis Town, and levelled the Ditches 
of a fmall P^rk oppofite the back Window 
of my Parlour, and a Mulket Shot off the 
Town ; they made a brge Fii^, du^ a 
Grave, and ere^ed a Galfows over it, .fired 
feveral Shot, and at eadi Difcharge huzza*d ; 
fent fevlrai threatening Letters to the Inha- 

bitaots of this Town, in particular to M w 

P ' ■ >, an a^tve Ju(bce, that tliey would 
pull down \i\t Houft, and rear him to Pieces ; 
and that on theasth, they wovid puUdnvvn 
a very handfome floufe (within a M^le of 
this Town) which they Caid waa built on 
. Commons. 

<* The Mtltttft Arms were delivered to 
theProteftiint Inhabitants, who, being j^in. 
ed liy two Companies of Foot from the Bar- 
racks, marched through the Town, aind 
made a handfome Appearance; 70 Men 
mounted Guard that Night, a Party of which 
patroled every two H<»ifrsto thefe id Houfet 
No Attempt was made. One Du.s C «i r, 
of Tallow, a Comber, caoie here, and en- 
deavoured to en lift another of the fame 
Trade under Sivt^t Banner t He was ap- 
prehended and lodged in the Barracks ; and 
on the 16th he was feat in the Revenue 
cruizing Boat to Cbrk, to prevent a- Refcue 
by Land. The 17th P— ^ R ■ -Ji, for- 
jnerly a SmHh to a Troop of Horfe, who 
lived neer Cippoqutn^ wo i^prebended 


F«r A F a I L, 176