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Full text of "Miscellanies of literature, by the author of 'Curiosities of literature'."

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I" J* -'-^ , -'-■ '^- -. L- 


















I D'lSIflAEil, 

t> p X. ir. a.A* 

A Xrto €tt'xi\ox\. 

t. •> .^ (."(JO 

■ swjiaD ii«xii?r tttivnn urmtft. 














aiuDmm t-nn >Tun, nuirTiiu, wsirinuAM. 



Tdu Tolame oomprieos my writiogs oa subjects diiofly of onr Teroaciilar 
litcratoro. Now, cx>l]pcti;d logetber, tliej' oSer an unity of dealgii, and nffbrd to tlie 
gownl imder and lo the fltudcnt of classical 9knti<{nit7 Bom« initiaticm into our 
national Li tcrBtiirc. It ia prtautocd niso, thattUcy prownt niatcriiiU fur tliiiikingnot 
•olcly on litemry topicsi ; autliors and hnnVa are not alone hero treated of, — a com- 
prtlimiivo mwof liumaa nature nccrasarily eotcn int» tin- Biibjcct from ttio dircmty 
of the cliaractcn portrayeil, tlirougli the gradatiouti of thifir faculties, the influence 
ef their tastes, and ihmo incidenU of thoir i\vt» ^nmplM 1>y tlicir r>rtuiieii or tlit.-ir 
puMOOS. This present volume, witli it» Lrotlicr " CcRtosiTii:3 oi' LiTCiiATcnc" 
now constitute a body of reading whWh may awalten knowledge in minda only seeking 
■mmtemrat, and refresh thv docpor studies of tho loantud by mattcn nat unworthy 
of tfadr curiosity. 

Tm Muicr.Lt.ANTBi are litt'rsry amenitieii, should llicy be found to (It.>scrvo the 
[i ^tle, oonstructcd «a that princij^le early wlo^ptcd by mo, of interspcriing &wta with 

The titim of Calamhtbh op ArmoRB and Qr arrels op Adtoors do not wholly 
designatv tito works, which include a coimdcrablc porticn of lit^iTsry luitory. 

The IxauiKY urro thb LiTSBJunr and Politioal Ciiaiiacteii of Jaues tbu 
FiBST has surely eonvctod some general miweonccptioiut, and thrown light on some 
•Ware points to tho history of that aJiomalMiis pcraonagc. It in a mtlivCictioD to mo 
to obsBTTe, sioee the publication of t1ii:« tract, that while ftome campctunt judges liave 
ntridtfod the "evideueo irresistible,'" a materia.! change liu occurred in tlie tone of 
«KBt writen. The subjoct prc9mt4.<d au ocuLsion to exhibit » miuuto picture of that 
^ of transition io our natiunal history. 

Ih« Lttbbarv Cqahacter kaa boon au old favourite with miiny of my 
^■ntcniponuies deparlod or now liring, who have found it tCBpond to thoir own 


Public favour has escouraged the republicatioD of theae various works, which i 
often referred to liave long been difficult to procure. It has been deferred from time ; 
to time with the intention of giving the subjects a more enlarged investigation ; btit . 
I have delayed the task till it cannot be performed. _ One of the Calamities of 
Authors falls to my lot, the delicate organ of vision with me has suffered a eiogular 
disorder *,— a disorder which no oculist by his touch can heal, and no physician | 
by his experience can expound; so much remains concerning the &ame of man I 
unrcvealed to man ! 

In the midst of my library I am as it were distant from it. My unfinished 
labours, frustrated designs, remain paralysed. In a joyous heat I wander no longer 
through the wide circuit before me. The " atrucken deer" has the sad privilege to 
weep when he lies down, perhaps no more to course amid those far-distant woods 
where once he sought to range. 

Although thus compelled to refrain in a great measure from all mental labour, and 
incapacitated from the use of the pen and the hook, these works notwithstanding 
have received many important corrections, having been read over to me with critical 

Amid this partial darkness I am not left without a distant hope, nor a present 
consolation ; acd to IIe» who has so often lent to me the light of her eyes, the 
intelligence of her voice, and the careful work of her hand, tiie author must ever 
owe " the debt immense " of paternal gratitude. 

London, Mas, 1B40. 

* I record m^ literary c>laimt7 as ■ mming to my icdeiitaty brathen. When my eyn dwell on any 
object, or whenever ibey arc closed, there appear on ■ bluiih Sim, a number of matliematintl Miuiirea, itbirh 
are the reflectioa of the liac nct-nork of the retina, succeeded by blutcbes which subside into prinud charnclen, 
apparently fonning disliDct words, amugrd in straight lines as in a printed book ; the monosyllabUs are oflcn 
legible. This is tbo process of a few Bcconda. It is remarkable that the uiual power of tbe eye is not 
injured or diminished for distant object*, wbile those near areclouded over. 








ov habitcatino odrbblves to an individual pursuit . 


VBBS BE SOCliT^ ... 
















acthorh bt pbofe)ision,-~outhrib and amhurkt, — drake — smollett . . 51 < 

kt cask of authors stated, includiko the history of literary property . 54 













THE LtPB or AN AUTHORESS . . . . . . 94 














INDBX 147 











bolinobkokb'b AMD kallet's posTHimons avAK&EL with popm .... 200 

livtot's accoitxt-booic 204 















INDEX 317 










''ai kino's habits or lipb those or a man of lettbbs • ib. 

^t TBB pacilitv and copiousness or his composition 334 

<« BIB KLOauENCB 335 

W Bl« WIT ib. 




OF Bia BAaiLicON DOKON 339 

or BIS lOBA or a rrftANT and a Kiita ii. 




or coLONiBiMO 341 





















, 362 

, 363 


. 367 



























— rACTB or TBI DECISIVE chabactek op oKNitrs 37G 














—ARTIST 393 








l'l'H»Htl« *** 

lltfH^HI ■llMM'I'f. !!■ HHfH""!!*.— IT- l-LRASURBS. OF VlglTOBI BT PROFESSION. 


tl* tH|iH''*t'NI*.NI'M ^'" 












CB.NIUI 413 









I lATIONI 422 















UALiaNITT 433 






















































ITS flCTPRxesiON IM * PEoPUi. — ormt ntmcrxDt but mo lbctxd. -~ tbe 









MISCELLANJTTS m« die mai-t populu 
wriicn anoof tvtxj jieuitlF ; for it ii tliei 
vfen fsna ■ cammnnicatian Iwiwwn th« iMrntd 
wd th« onbamed. tni, u it vttt, thraw • bridi^c 
hMatin tboM lira grnt divinioiu of Uw public. 
liHrarj MixcilsDtci are cUucUaoiong pLiloto^- 
ol tfnJin. The itudici uf phiinki^r formrrlf 
tWhcr Dfthelabviinuriiriil graTDtnuimu 
raaJBCtaral eritio, than of thai mora eirgaat 
fhflOMiphj otiidi hai, nilliin our own time, bvni 
iMradoMil Into lilcnlurt, oud whicb, by itj [racn 
Md iBVMCiB»tJDn, ■ucmi-in ilic bcsuliu uf urijnnal 
faku. That dclicbtful proving lia* lie^n l«rintd 
f> GMwaMj (ti« .Ktllutu^. Iiom • Grcric Irnn 
■ipi/jiaf Motiucnt i>r fcllng. .listiictic critict 
UoB Um depth), or run iiitb Ibc curreal vf ui 
■bWv'i tlwujhli. ■nd ihr fjmpnllikt of »ucli ■ 
*Mle aAr a aupplcniriit to tlic genioi of th<! 
■Ip«d«ril*r. l^n^lniitandAddtionuv.f'Uthctu: 
mtBL Tl>e critict of tli« (clivrttf tcbool Unaj) 
lui; far • prc«c^at, uul if aonc ia found, hud tu 
(^ Kripn jitjr of a gruc writer ! 

Irt «Iabcinue criiiriaiDa hivs bwa fonncd b; 
moat «rtt<n, in mhieh great inarninjandacur* 
••pe kav* only bctiaj^d tbn ahueiioe of tlic 
-t'lMbruc fMolif. M'artiurton calkd Adiiaon an 
'■FtT wiwrAcial uriwr, dcultule bitaadf of in 
Ma of Addaian't Caau for the braulifiil ; anil 
Mum b a Sa^nnt IbiUiim that grtst pcnrcn 
*(<«aM)ag af* laora fatal la tho worka of im^- 
Wioa ikwa karf am bnn tuapsetn). 

Bf «iie of tfacac twDcd crilica tu M nn1ali;»(', 
Ai tcamtitc fUlier of raodem Mfanlljnin, rallied 
"ibaU i^nvrant feUavr." To thiukini; readin. 
Ihl criliial laaii&ar]' Kill *pp(«r injulrnoiiii ; lor 
Miwiriyua bad inbtbcd lh« ipirit of all the nwral 
■ihui flf HitHpiity : and allhonnh hn haa made a 
wpiMw «Mi|iUlnl of * defective nctnory, wa 
nuMbvt aliklliaconiplaintLad been more raUi 
te «• £acpwr la lb woika Kuh ■ ^Btlictiiv of 

knowledge that It aecma at limta U) ttifle bU oini 
energies. Montal^r wax cenaarcd bjr Stitligcr, ai 
Aililiion «iii crniarRd bj Wartiurton ; bccauac 
both, like SofialM, aDiiled at that mtn pmdltion 
wtiLcli cnikiiita iif liiinvring tliR tlinaf[UU of other* 
lad hoving ao tboagbu of our o*a- To H«i;jh 
ijlUblfli, Hiid UiaTraii),-cditc9, to tdjuil teila. and 
to beap ionalationa, baa fiencrnlly proved the 
abameo of tha bibber touttie*. WLea a mure 
ul<«iiliiroiu apifit, of thia bctd, anempt* aome 
nirTcl Aitcotctj, oftrn edcd uf taalo bcbold, willi 
iiiiiii;iiiillun . iLc pf rtmlutis uf Ibrir uiidcratauiliiii;; 
mid II Henllnf in bin Mitlnn. nr a Warbuitad oil a 
Virgil, had cithet a iln^lir Imbecility t-oncratrd 
undirr tb? •rrnguncf of tb« gclmliir, nr thef did nnt 
bcliete ithac tbojr Culd tic public; the one in liii 
rilraordlD&rj iDventicinnf an iiiteqiuUling editor, 
and the otter in hi> mora ritriotdinary nplnna- 
lioD of tbe El^ilniait m^Urin. ftul wliat niu 
ttill wotar, tbr froth ol the bead became T«nom, 
wliL'D It rrAclicd (be bcut. 

MnntalKfiF h»a alao liecu ccDturrd for an appa- 
nut vanity, in iiiaklitK himwlf the idol uf hif 
luF'Tbntiona. If lin bad not di>n« thta, be had not 
ptrfornifdUicprumiwhemikca at ihc e(«nm««i»c- 
ment of bi* prcbcc An nigu;iii| icodcme» 
preniilB in tbcM naiee cipreaaloiia alii<h shall not 
ba injured by a veralon. •■ Je I'ajr *ouc ft la com- 
nodili pardonlirni d« nu parent «E aula ; ^ ce 
i|iw in'ajraiia porda {c4 (|u'iU ont A Tairc bientiMt) 
ila y pulMrnl rttroyrer qutli|un tnlcta de mo* 
hniTifTuri. el qu(< par oe moycn 11* noarrissfnt plui 
entierv el plu Tlfne 1« ennnduanoe qu'iU oui en 
de iiifti." 

ThoM antbora who appear acmftimM to forfet 
they are wriU^ts. anil rctiicuibtt ihcj are men, will 
be our fnTQuritn. llr <tb« writes from tbr bran, 
will write to Ilie heart: eterjr O'D* M rnnblcd to 
decide on hit nterita, and they will doI be rcfrrred 
la learned baads, or a idiilant day. *' Wb,y," aajr* 


Boiitau, "arc mjrTrrKsieadbyall ? il ia onlfbc* 
CBiue Umvj fi>cak trulbs. tnd tIj&L 1 am ooDrinoed 
oflho tnitlis I wriw." 

Why likve fonic of our da* writen intrnttod 
more liiaa otlicra, who Iibtc iiot ilJipUycd inrerior 
teleul*.' ^llij il Adilixio itill the fint of our 
eiMjihuf he hM aumctLmv* becu ucelinl iu 
critidimii morn pliilo«ophir-il, in t'>jii(« oinni later. ' 
(■ling, kiiil in iliiTtiiiii oian twLourci]. But there 
ia apcrionat rhsrmin Che ch»ncter)ichasM*aii)cil 
is hii [lerioiNfii] MUcdUnics, wUicb in fdt willi 
■uah n iceilUe force, lliat we (ewos tdiert to it. 
He la* |uintcd Forth hit livS* bvnoan, hi» in>iU- I 
vidual fircllujc*, u>il ctcroUcd luauielf to bi* mdcrs. 
Johnnnii and lliickcaVDrtk wo rcceite with mpcct, 
■nd we liiimiBii Kith Bve ; we I'Dtne fcum llicir , 
wrUingt M fVnm pnlilic leclum, tujd ftotu Addi- 
un'a M frA'in prirMr ennvenuttiAim. Montiu;Tne | 
prrferrcd tfaMC of the uicicnti, who ap]]ou to 
write uDiler a eonTittion of what tbey Mid : Cie 
eloqufDt CIcent dect«im« but uoldl; on Ub^ity, , 
wUlc In thii iinprtiiau* RTDtni moj lici jwrcf iv<iil i 
a Bian whii ■« rtiolird to purchue it wiLh hii life. 
We know little of I'laiarch ; jet ■ (|>irit of hi]iie«t)' j 
and pcriuuion in bi* wnrlti cx|)n.'uei • pliiloso- 
phldl chAraeicr tajiabie of imluting, •■ w«ll M 
tdmiring, the virtu u he tDCordi. 

Kirme perhop* dcrivei a porliaa of hb celebrity 
tnn the sama iiifluenci^i he ioteriMl* lu in bia 
minutest motion*, for be ldl> ua all he fecU. — 
lUchudMun wu Kniihlo of the power wilh. which I 
thrto minute «trol(MordMorl[i(ioii«uterlhe heart, j 
and wliieh arv m> many fiudtning* to which the ima. 
ginatioB oling*. lie fajt, " If 1 ^TopMclieaand 
OonvcnMlioiiii, I ought togiTctlieni jaitly ; for the 
liumDon and ch»rart*r» of jiemunt cjvrmiit be 
hnown, UDleu I repeat tp)ml th«; uj, and their I 
WUMtK^r of Mjing." I coiircu I am infiRilvly ' 
plaMcd when Sir WiULam Temple acquainU ua i 
with thr file of hb orange-lrra, wid with the 
llarowr of hU peachei and ^npet, i-onfeued by 
FrMakmen la cqiutl IhiMa of FraoM : with hi» 
ba*f>| lud Um hornoar to naturalue in thii eoaatr7 ' 
ftmr klvda of frapca, with fait liberal diltribulian ; 
ot iImhi bacasM " he errr Itaoncht all thlnfi oF 
IhitUttillMcmBiMiieribey ar« UlcbotifT," (n a 
mrd ■tlh Ua pawii wi a H attachment to hii gtnkn, 
wWa ha daalfed hia heart to be buried, of fait 
Hmkt k e»ca|« fnm paai empbjiaentttanil ha(- 
laif paaafdfive yean wllhoat gabig Ut town, whrre. 
bf tha «ay,'*lieiudi larse home always ready b> 
raaatia kim." Drydm ha> Intenprraed naity of 
Am* IMJa particnlan in U* proaaic conpoaitioDi, 
■iJ I Ot\mk. Ibai Uackanetor aiid iIlaiHMitiiHu may 
\m iHiirr tmtttttf Mqilnd by nnlUtiK tbear k*!- 
Ma4 KMleM, rha* bj may Ua(r«|ilMca] aooount 
MW ba (l*ra of thiiaiaB of tr*«ii>a> 
tf^mMt mod* ut writing, a <|WciiM 

of cainpoailioni may be diicriiulnatcd, wliicb 
•wma above all athcru to identify the reader vitlt 
the wntar ; eompoiitiDnii whieb are often dii- 
ci>*ftr«(l in a fugitiie atals, but to which their 
aulliort were prompted by the fine impulaci of 
Kmiuc, drrired from the [Kcatiarity nf their aitiu- 
tion- Dictated by the heart, or paliabeJ wiili the 
fondDMa of Ji' light, ihrne productioni ireimprvai«d 
by tlir »niii';l iro «:lii^ii«ico of gioiiu, -or attarh u» 

by the wnKibility of t«»tc. The objc-ct Uiua 
aclected ii tii) toili impuicd on the mind of the 
wrftar, for the mere ambition of liieraiurit : hut la 
a TOlantary (ffullon, w^rm with all tli-e ikfinaaliont 
of a jiatbctic writct. In a word, tbef are the 
composition* of graiiui, on a nDhjnM in whiidi it 
U mmt deeply inlemled : which il reiolm oatU 
ita (idea, which It palnU ia all lla llnu, and 
itliii^h it ^tii*hca with 0>< lame ardour it began. 
.Vmong (ucb woiki nay be placed the osilod 
llulingbrakc'a " Reflectbua upou Exile;" the 
retired t^tiarcb nud Zintniennin'a F.uaya on 
" Snlitudo : Ihf! impritnnird Hoethini'a " Con- 
lolBlioiu of Philoiophy {" tbe oppt^aied Pi^rina 
Vali.*riiiniu'( Catalugue of" Lttcrarj Calumitiea;" 
the dtforiucil May's E«My on " Deformity i" 
th» projciTttnit De Poc'a " Eaaayi on Prujecti :" 
the liberal S~hcnatou«'i pieai on " Economy-" 

We piiy rfspcet thft protiinnd gmioB of tolsmj- 
nous writer* ; they are a kind of painten who 
occupy ffreat room, and lill up, ai a MlJitit a- 
pmue* it. " an ac're of eanvai." But we love to 
dwell on Ihoan mora dtfictf* pirroa, — a snnip of 
Copidt ; a Vrnu* encr^if^ f^m the wave* ; a 
Pnyi'lic Of nn Aglun, which embellitb tbe eabinet 
of the nun of taate. 

Il abould, bideeil, be Ihp charvcierislic of ;ood 
MiaceUaolM, to be miiltifaria-ut and eoneiee. XJt- 
bi-lc, the P>ntinii at Monlet^uieu, ii one of tbe 
profoundcat ptuloiophcri, bis letten ore bowcter 
but contaic page*. Rucliefuucaull and ia Uruy^re 
arc not superCcLal obteraen of biman oaturv, 
although lh*y haTfl only written (ekteneaa. Of 
Tocituait ho* been tiady remarked by Montea- 
<|oiei) tfaat " be abridged everylbiof becauc be 
aaw erery thing." MaaUdgoc approm of Plotarch 
and Seneca, brv^iiae their Inou paprn were aaited 
to bia ditpocttioivt, and where knowledge ia ae- 
qidred without a trdioui iludy. "Iti*," My* he, 
"no ct«al atiempl lo take one In hand, and I gl«* 
oivr at pltanirc. fbr therhaTie no Kqnrl ot eon- 
nBiion." La FonUine agrwably appbitda abort 
eompoaitioni : 

■~ Ln kinc* ouiiaaiu hk luit pear ; 

Uin d'<|>iriiv oae luauan. 

On n^w dnil [aaDAraqiir la ■aii(* 
and old Pr»ncit fbhorae bai a roanc «imI UA- 
crow imkft In beoar of lodi opweola ; be mjs, 
" Huge t«la»e*) Uk* tha «n roMtad «buh> at Uaf 

UwilatDew fair, nsf iirodiiin ptenn a( Uliniir nni) 
iiimiCion.bBt ■llnrd tra* nf irkM Is iltlica^c, stiury, 
aad««Uanicoct«id.tfaaaii«H«nm>p(«^M." Tn quol« 
■aB|kI ■ pnhu u th« «B«hnntiiif; LiAKontaine, anil 
•o M>lid a niinti u Ihc wumblc Otbome, u lakinK 
in bU U>c eliiBBtet of iluiliumuu iniiid i it U Luucb- 
inc M the eqnaior. and [Huriing on to ihe polr. 

MODUlgne'* KoHit hare been cnltatl li; a car- 
imai "Tka BnrUrf of IdUm." It is thtrefore 
tiM book of oMii 1 for oU men arc idler* ; ne bave 
bovn wlncb we pua irith lamcDtnlioii, odJ wlilch 
«e kno* an a]waj« Ktnminff. At Ihnic inoni<>ntii 
llllMllfflllllll U% «nfonnibl« to all uur humoun. 
Wcdut alani thdr airjr and ronriV j»g«; aad 
tfaar linly anordote, or llicir profound ubtcr- 
vatiaii. arc so nuijr inlcniiliol plnuiurc* in our 
liatlcu boura. 

Tbc anewBla (rem prat admiivra of n iMwIlaniM ; 
AHlMGeUiaihaaprcwiTedaccipiouiliiAof titlMnf 
mrt WDflia. Tbcao IllUa aic *o numcnxu, and Ui- 

nch (Bj anj pIminE dcscnpUfini. that wit 
(■br bylbpir uaaibcr tbot tLP7 nerv giepilj ad- 

bj tlw public, and b^ their tillc* ihat \hej 
pnrt tk« grcaC ddigkl llictr author* et|><riciiwl 
■■ Ibdr amDiNMtiDti. Aincinx Itie liilia are <' a 
inXttatttamtn ;" "au rmlmiiducxl maaUe ;" and 
**»TBiM|Ued BMdoiT." .SaiJiiiiil»wllaal»t nawsa 
■ka aiUaifable EraaniH. itvma the hippy de. 

Mtiptimvlucb PtatarohntbandrianlcnthniiaHu 

btato^a «« MnuDilcr : be call* biio the dcligLt of 
fUlolopbcn tulgiMA ailb iliujir ; Iliit tbirjr Lave 
lie— n« to lu* notlu ax lu a« cimmrllifd 
•ith flo««n, wbrre the acnic it dclighteJ bj ■ 
pvnv Bv ; and rtry ebgaatlj adila, thai SlFnuHJer 
haa a tali [<cciiliar to biaudf, drawo fruni Uie 
a«e wMv* ibal gave btrtb to Tcihi*. 

TbaTiiMbadatin,Caal«un.«d Junj^lmrcprifv 
liwid what it jtt failed in tlie aoutbem pirta of 
VranM. £« F'^r Siih*r, or Ibi gnjr Mirncc. ] 
eeorider tkew as ibc MUocIl«iii«t8 of tlirir daj^ : 
Ihiyb«dllMlrKr»4 uiocallllnt, Ihirir traKli^al bia. 
Mrtoi, aad tbcir «parti*« taJca ; tfadt rme t-ai 
lUr fmae. Tbe riD^ «m in motion at ikelr 
•pivoachi tliacastJeitaB«])CiK4 tu tlid anbulalorT 
inaU. and the (oudal lix IKK boil driac liitfncd to 
A^ l u lw ui inttmctkiii and tbm air; f«nc7. I 
«D«U «>ll wtiMllwwoiia (urapoulion fjt qitav 
Kavea, aad I iro«U bave vtcry isUoclUDCOiit 
voter •■ mIowb and u gaj, a* larioua and aa 
plBUtacaa UicK Urel; anidt of YcrMUllty. 

Wifr< beneJf ia immi delii;hifu1 in her nilic>l> 
■■■DHa HmM. When 1 hold a volusic nf mi*- 
** U < M, and tun over .ritb atiditf tlic title* of 
te utBliBH, nr niad b ciK^iaaiMl, si if it were 
fjaoel none tbe Umitiaipet of Valaia. iriiicb 
haa ilnfribcd wiifa cncb pictiiivsi|ae 
1 Umty najutit ttut*4 in a cottage imii 
llMto araMiaina, llioa* TaUeri, tboM rocb, aiKnr> 

(■tfid by ibc cDcbantmenti nf opiical illawin. I 
luok, And behold at ono; the united ttmuiu*—" \U 
rlimati;* Ln tinr; plaoc. all fitaions in onn initaat." 
I gtM it oDM on * bandr«d roinbowi, and trace 
ibK Tumaatic lignm of tbe altiftiag cl«ti4*. I aecBi 
to b« ill I (cmfdc ilcJiMtad t« the SBricc of Ifae 
Guddcaa VAKisrr. 


I DKCLAKK myiiL'tf Inlialtclr lUli^lnl hy a 
proraoc. It it cii|uititdj wdittin? no bterary 
mucuBl u more drlii-inua. Ii Ibi- author iii*e(«- 
T«t4ly duIU il li a kind v( preparatory inloraia- 
tion, wliii^b may bo mjrj Ufcful. It ntKiKH a 

dc/icicDcr in taste to turn otcr an claburalo 
prcfacie tmnxA ; fi>T It ii thr uttar of tha iDCbar'a 
rum ; eirty droji di«till«d at an itumeiM* Mat. 
It I* tbe reaiOD of tbe reaMaing, and tbe foUf of 
tlu fool lab. 

1 do not iriah, ranonl. that ntenl 
wrilrri. ai wpU »» n»d«ra, hare ipiiken very dia- 
mpM-lfuUy (if Iliii >prci«i of literature. Ttat 
fine vrit^r Monteai|nieii, in cloaini; Um preface to 
his " PtTOsn LclU:n," atji, " ( do nut praiw my 
•PcrelaiM;' brcaiue It would be a m>rj tediniis 
Chinfl, pnt in « place already vpry tediuiu of i((»1f ; 
i wetn n pnfi.i:r." Sjihulv, in tbe prnface to lii* 
" PulyiDcti*," informi ua, thai " lbcr« It not any 
■art of wrltiuj^ tiycb ba liu ilown la with mi 
mttcb nnwilLinKona a* that ofprofacei ; and u be 
helievra muii pi-u]jlc are not mwli riviid^r of 
reading tbun than hr is of writing tli«m, hr bIikU 
get o*Dr this a* r«it it be can." i'dixon Rartnly 
prateatcd afpaatt picfalory coiiipoaltJDii ; but wbco 
he Eiublishcd the worki at Sarrtfln, tu wl^e 
eiKiugli lo coinpMe a Tcry pleadiif ana. He, 
indeed, rndravnurtd to justify hlraarlf for actlty 
a^oul 111* otta opiniion*, by Ibi* inpnioua cconap, 
tlial, like funeral lionoun, it ii iiroper to ahaw the 
lilmoit rrgard for tbcm wbrn giten Lo Dttitrt, but 
lo he innttenliTH to Ihtm fur OQr«el*«a. 

NotwilhHtandtng all IM* rvidtnce, I have aone 
guuil rcainn* for adiiiiriTiK preface*; and barmi 
as the intratigation may npjicu', aoine literary 
nmiutcmrLit can lie gathered. 

Ir lh» hrai |'Iac« I absent, that a preTacer m 
Ktiivnilly a RinHl arcAnijili tiled liar, t* an author 
to be introduced to thi? public ? the preface U aa 
eciiuinr a |)ancEjTii^, and ncnrly as long a uiic, a* 
that of Pliny'i on llie Kmiwior Trnjan, Such a 
prefaoe l» ringing an nlamin bril fur an antber. 
1( wc liiok cloBcr into Ibf charactrn of Ibn)* 
maalcra uf cnriuony. wbo tliui sport vitb and 
defy the jnjlgmrnt of llicir mder, and who, by 
ibeir ctlraTigant panegyrii:, da cooriderable Injnry 
to th« cauw of t**tp. w« diM<o«ep that aaana aod- 
deotal otcurraiee boa oooaaioiMd Ibia mbeateat 


•Actint Ibr Iho Mtbor. and wbich. Uke tint of 
aaiMlier kind ef Ian, nikM one oominit ao uanjr 

Prtttm krt indMd imrrlj' MnMre. It i* 
joMlr obwrrcd by SheiMtone in hu prcfaturr 
Bmsj to thr Rlrpcs thai, " ditcounca pre- 
tatd to pMtrj iDL-ulestf nunh tm«C« an may 
nMUt Ibe p«rfnrinanc« to the grcaC<«t ailrinlage. 
Tha lUirie ia flrtt rabeil. and tlie acamca by 
whldi ire are to iud^c of it arc afterward* ad- 
JtuMd." Thi* obtntadon inlgbt be eitinpUfled 
kf DUTC Inatanca than lame r«adirr( might thoon 
to raaiL It vUl be «iiffiritnt lo nhicrrc aitb wkat 
art butb PojiDaud Puiitiinellc hare drawn up their 
RuRT* on thn nntiim of Paatoral Puetrj, llial the 
nUei th*T iriihrd lo cuUbllab nil^r be idaptrd to 
lliair A*n paitorala. Ha* acridnnt madn tome 
bi|nni'nia adidvnt apfilir himtclf lo a tubardiiutt 
bnurb ot lil«raliin. or to aemc tcRDoe which ii 
Mt hl(ti)]r Mt««nird— lni>k In ittc preface for itt 
nUiM pancf jTk. CJ^Itcdan ot oolu. dliTMM. 
aad ImitMfllr*, htra aatmiUhtd the world irith 
«ul»(l»n>< »lileh would rai»c their porticnlar 
riwdiaa lal« the <lntl rank* of phili»o|i1ij. 

It waM atiprar that thi-ra it no lie lo wbicfa a 
PMAmt La not l«inptrd, 1 pa» nvnr the eom- 
■odlana |ini(aiMa of Dryri«n, wtiith wtre ever 
Mla|ilad (• tha jHim) and not to pootrj, lo the 
•allKir tm4 nat ia llt«ntiire. 

Tba hoUat prdlu»41ar wai Aldiu ManuUu», 
«1m M^v prtalad ui Adltlon nl A rii laphanM. fiml 
INlMldMd In Iba prafkM that IJntnt I'hryiuilom 
WM Mraatomwl (a plao* tbia oomio poet ander tax 
ptlbiwi ibat lia miiht alwaya hit« hit worka at 
iiaiid. A*. In iIhI aRn, a Mint w«« iiippoanl lo 
pMaaaa ttntj hirman talitnl, gnoi tnato nM 
>aO)»l*d, Arlil'>)>hannthD* r«n>ninii-riil<>d bcrnRie 
a fnwml fafinrll*. Hie aiiKdati lulcd for near 
■»• ranlntlta i ami ■lial wu of |;nsCcT conw- 
i|W«Ma to AUai, qiilnkrnfd thn uU of liU Arla- 
lAfliaAH. Thl* Inimlnui tnvmltnu r-f the pre. 
fbaM (if A(l«l<i|>k«iw<* at lafigtk «a* detected b; 

7W tiwlRMrttr of imfiua* arfm whimmr ait 
■MlMtr wmU dUivlaa hit aolbritndc fvr hii work, 
kf tpfttitg MgtlfMl, and avm nndMJrona ot iti 
WH»i<i A writer will raniy MHiclade (uek a 
^NlWa wllkml Utr^lac Mnwdr. I think, that 
•••N Dr. iiAmmt (aipH hli aaund dlalMtlc lu th« 
^Mlfaida Prafkra lo bU DlaUanary. In ob« 
^(t I.* Mfi, " hartag lalMvrwl lUa work witli to 
m»*U •l-flt'^l'iai, I nannnt bwl havx tena d^irvc 
ili< MtMtal hindwM " llwt. In hia coodatlon, ha 
ym m, " I dIamlM II wuh Itifiil traB>|iiillitr. 
h«*l*f Mfi* I" (Mr or bofw rrnm nemara nr (mm 
^ffth- " I lUitf II.P il.Mtur'it " rrl(1<ni)'." TbU 

. ^' • ; ">-..|ri|,»lrft«aHBlliyHMla1ai<l«Hi,wblHi 
' •-' Ml fc>r Iba uiiloaa Ubo«r of ■ 

^raat portion of Ofet addrtaaad noc Monriy to a 
daaa at raaden. bot to Uterary Ranpt. 

But if prnracM arc rarely (i&crre or jait, Ibfy 
ert, notvithitanding, litcraiy opoacula in *)iKk 

tba aiitbor ia materially oncancd. A work with 
a poor pre&cv, like a pmon wba cone* with aa 
indiflervDt reeonmiendalitti, nmt £*|ilaj naeow- 
nion miFrit ta aaaattroar prciadtua, mad to plcaaa 
iM, u it wcra, in apitaof ow adita. WoAa maa 
muled by a (liutbcd ptcfacci aadi ai Johoaoa mt 
lufrcqutDttj prrafotcd lo bis frieodi or hk book- 
(ellrra, in*|iire ui with awe; ai iliaiiii a ilWiaa 
giunl placed in Ihr pordi, and we are IndwMd to 
roarlude from Ihii appMnn<« that aomt panoa 
of cniLicucic raidca in the place itarlf. 

The public arc treated with toiitempt, wliM •■ 
antlior profeutei to pabliih hii pmaitltMa. TUB 
Wurhnrton did, in bin pompou rditioti of Ethaha- 
■pnia. Id lh« prtfacc be iofomcd (he p*iUie, 
that his uatn ■* wen; among fail pamnftr ■■!!■< 
Fwrk/i.whrnhc tiimnloTcrtlieacalf <tf^«HMra.*' 
TUi< tiiii;r«ciuiu mmplinwnt la Tliikiiajiwn aid 
th'e ptiblie, merited that yctttx* tcowtjiaf whidi 
our baiicbty coiniocntilor ttccltcd Trawi the aar- 
nutic Caniins of Crilicinn. Scuder7 wai a writer 
n( Home Keniiifi, aiiil great variety. Km p r ttm s m 
arc remarkable for tb«lr ^Moadea. !> ^ epic 
poem of ALuic, bo laya, ■■ 1 bare anch a fbdSly 
in writing rtnc*, and aUo in my ioientian, that « 
poem of dmibk it* Imgib WMild have tort ma 
little trouble. Allbfldgfa it eontafaw only aferea 
thonaand linp*, I beliere thM longer epici do wot 
rthibit more cnibpUiefaacDt* than miacw" \n4 
to cuuclude with one naorc itndent cS Uda 
Amrloi lie U Hoiiaaue, in the prvfaM to Ui 
ialiuei of "the Princf " of Macfaiarel, inatrncU ao^ 
that " be coniiden hi* cojiy ■* npttior (o tfca 
original, bccauae it ia cvcrywhera biteUi^c. and 
MacbiaTol ti frcqtirnllT obwnm." I haTc aam ia 
the pUy.blll* ot ttrollera, a vprj jiinii|iiiai deaerip- 
tion of rhc triumphant eritry of AlMBanlar inio 

Rabylun i had they Mud nolliing about the Invmpb, 
it might hare paiied without csdtinf ridlcwla ; 
and one nl^t nut ao inalirioiuly fairc pcrceirvd 
how ill Clie foar eandle-annffcra erawled ai el«- 
phnnta, and the triumphil car dtM«v«r«d lu wast 
of a lid. Out Ii4iiag pre>r-Kiated alteatkiw, wabad 
fuli leisure to tliarpcn nnr rye. To tbaat impri- 
dtiit aulLort niid af Lur* wc nay apply a 8puulh 
profrrb, wlili^b baa the pconllar qualnlBM* «l 
(hat pcAple, .Icieittto pwya^da ewM, wnadira 
rlnsjfrvi "Ha(iiig«ried Up their wioe, they acQw 

A ridicBloui huinillly is a prtbec ia imC lea 
dcapioabte. Many idle apolofica wen forwtnly !■ 
regne for poblicatuni, and focmed ■ literary caul, 
of which DOW (he meaneat writera perMtiv tba 
hitillly. A literary BDcodote of the Komana baa 


been proerftd, wkicL i« ■ufBtieotl f curiout. Or>« 
AlbiflM. ta tLe prefKc to hU Koinui llialury, 
tuenedn br janlaii for bb uumcnius bluudcri 
«f phfiwotany ; obMrrtog that tl^y wen the oiar« 
ffTiiiMM*, ■■ Im KmI eampoMd hU hiBtory in the 
finrk lanpuge, willi whicti he wai not <d) familiar 
la Ui BalMBal toogae. Cato ttrrBTtlj Tallici hitn 
oa tUa; aod jwUrobaervea. thai our Aibinudi hxil 
■raUrrt tbe p«riloii be iuticiu. If ■ decree of th« 
■Mia baid JioRtprlUd him thiu to hire compoicd 
ill tai hcosnM w>l baT* obuiiwd ■ dbpcnaation. 
Hie aTawal of oar icaorance of the lusna^ vc 
trnftof, b Mkc tliai ciciuk vlilch *otut wrilen 
vafc* fbr eompodsg od tojiicf, in nhich Ihey 
at* Hula oonvRnunl. A reader'* hurt ia not 
aa aaallf DvUifiod ; and it it a melancliotf trulli 
Air littrarr mra, ilut tlic plctumrc of Bbannic tii 
ntlwr ia (eernJIjr auperior to tliit of admir- 
lig Um. Om »ppt*n U dliplay more criticnl 
•aWBOn lIiaB tK« otW, hf kliowia^, tliat though 
w«A>Bi>t chmiMtotakc the tr«iibloof Krltini^, «« 
Iwfe inliBiUlgr more graiut thtn the author. 
Tteae auppUaal pmAmm are (I«acribMl by Ooilaiu. 

-*r^ autciB aiEnnui daiu una bumble pr^fara 
AalodanntnUiMnutaabaaudaniuukrc Knew; 
11 aegitiiKtm rlan ■aT<cJaf<i IrrlU. 
(jBl Inl (ail an prucn d« phHna aiilorit^." 
tit* la a bmable prrfaw ■uthon Iwed ; 
la *b1>, llwmvtad narJ<*>tMarl !■ >lsel. 
CMDOM, <hU hrilabd )ud|T ollb an^ 
lidBci« Iks pciuliiM wi<l umi Uie Uw. 

fiw aioat (nirrtauiinf prrfucn in oar languaso 
■re tliOae of Dfyilrn ; and tboagh II ia iU-naiurniiy 
tfd, bj Swifl, that thej wmc mriYtj formeJ 

"TaialH Iba (dIuiiic'i pitm a tbllllDK.' 

ytl Ifccac were iho eailicst camincDCCiiiCDU of 
fincliak DritkiMi,and ihollrat aitc?tui>t [o rntrata 
dw at|iriclCuaiieH of Raden, and to form a national 
taaw. Drydra liaa had tli« mnduur to aoi|iuiiit 
01 widiUa aeerM of praratorycoinpoiitioiii (or in 
Ikat OM to bii Talca Im Myt, " Ihu iialuns of prr- 
fcM-«tiUoc ia noihlfaic ; nctcr whollj nnl of thr 
•ij, DOT in it. Thii I liaie iHrnt ftam tlic prac- 
HeaadMrBcat Montalga*." TfaorelisogrMt risk 
Ik tatabli ihing thii oti*er*aticiti an an Biitfm in 
tiluitipe ; foi (huolil a pmftccr lottcr. It i« neitcr 
JMatk M gpt jid of liaic prracvni. hj m'-a)iirtK 
Aim llien ; anil tbrr readar may nuke a. prcfare a* 
eaoHa* aa ha ohaaaM. 

It ia ponaibls f<ar an author t9 paint IrimMlf {a 
■liiUa ooliMua, b Ihia vacful page, without incur- 
tlnf A* ooaWiBpt ofefotiiin. ARf a wril»r tia* 
irailaiiil htaatif MupinioiM by lii* trkdaitry or 
Ua feaiM, faia adnirtra ar« aot diapleaMtt to hear 
■oaiathHtf rdative to btiu from Limadf. Haylcy. 
ia Iha |«dhae in liii Ponns. bu eaimjei an 
WD Jah l i ttUvn in hia fawial charactar, by ^Tfag 

th« can** of liU d«TOlioii t« literature ai the only 
node bywhicb be could render himsdf af Eocoe 
utility to bii conntry. Thrrc ia a roodmly Ui Uie 
|>r«fare* of Pope. «ten nben lliia grant port coU 
irrttd hii immortal vrorka i and in MvaraJ other 
«ritera of tho mott elevated gctiiut, in a Iluae 
and a Robertaon, ntiirh brcomef thtlr happy aue- 
Maaora lo imitate, and inferior taritcra to caotam- 
jilate irith awe. 

Then in in prvfacra a doe rtapaet to be atiofin 
to tJiB pobtii;. a.nd to ountlrc*. Ho that haa do 
•ctiae of aelf-disnity, will not iMpire any rrvtnacf 
in othrn ; and tLe ubrielj of vanity niU be lohnrcd 
by thr alurrity nv all fiwl in dl«tnrbing tht drcami 
of aelf-lotc. If wn dutv not Wtca.jit ibo lambliiiK 
prefacva of a Urydro, ne may atil! entertain the 
reader, and auutlie liim into goud-lianiour. for onr 
ann inlorral. TLii, pcrliapi. will be beat oblained 
by mikinji thn prcfaM! (Uks a aympbony to an 
npcmk to conlAin iwni«tliiD|; oaaloKOOi to iha 
work jiaelf, to actuuc the mlad into • harmuay of 


RvattY period af litcratara haa iU pemiliar 
rtyle, derircd frain some author of repatation i 
antl the hlitory uf a Uncua^, u an ab}»:t of laste, 
miKbt bt trafvd through a coUi^uliuuur ample qiio- 
tanont, from the most celebrated ntithora of each 

To Jniinion nny be attrlbntod tbe ea<ablitL> 
iDcnt of oar prcacnt rtfinetnent, and it ia wilh 
truth he ubwrrea of bin namtilcr, "That be bad 
laboured to rvltne our language to pamaiatinal 
purity, and lo clear it from colloqoiil barbaritnu, 
liccntioii) idiotue, auil irn:|;ular coniliiuatJuui, and 
thai he haa added to tlie ckcnnce of iti conttroc- 
lint) and to the haimuny of ita cudetux." In thii 
ilracrtption of hia own refiupmenl in ilyle and 
grammntioal accuracy, Johuiinii proliiibly alluded 
lo the happy oarcieianeu of AJdi*on, whoM cbarm 
of natural esM bai; aftcmrdi he diwovcrril. But 
Errat inrlqcaoce of diction iliigraced our langai^ 
even ao late *a to irhrn the " Inquiry Into 
th« Life of llotner" waa puUiibed. That author 
mt* certainly drairoiu of all the craota of oompoai- 
lion, and IiLt toluiue by lu tingular Kulpturea 
(ninc!ci bii inordmaf alft^ctuin for lila work. Thia 
Kuii-iful wntrr had a taita (or poliahtd vritiny, 
yet he abanndi in expreiiiona "bieb now would 
be coatidcrtd a* import in literary compotilioA. 
Soch TvlgarinDit ore comnion — llie Grceki/r0 (o 
thrir eld ttadt of one In be rjpellin^ another — the 
acene ii alwaya at AtLeiu, and all the poiktr ia 
•omo little jilting alory — the haughty RoMW 
a SMCuitariU(Bfl( LllatBtura,p.U, lltb adUkB. Ik» 
an aitieioon fiaboak 

fKufltd M Ihe lapplencM. If Mch Action luil 
not been naiuU nilh good wriieri a[ tliat imiod, I 
shuuld not have quoted Black**!]. 
liu life n r Ci<4tri>, diaug)] • oian of eUnucd Ib«I«, 
and ui hittorinn of ■ dHtictl ctI| CCinld not pre- 
Bnnc htiDHolf rnini coUoqni^ inclecanou; thr 
gmtat chiracien an- l»etlcd by Ihe poTerty of 
hUttyla. Wtrliiirton, and hU ImlUtar Hnrd. 
Bod otlier livia); cHdei of that •ctiooJ, are loaded 
wiUi famitUridioiBa. which at picaent would debate 
e»eu the aijric of cotttwMtiun. 

Mach was Ihe InflneBM of the elaborate noTellj 
of Johmeii, that er^rjr witter In »rery dlaat *Fr- 
rilelr c«|ried thi liUniBed tCrle. Indicioosl; 
niiiDickIng the tontarttoDa and ic rvbotiu^ ttM 
■QDocoiu noUiinga of our grrit tciicriKniplirr; the 
naeaUat of domeatio life , ar ihe ■ghculturiiit in a 
Ifaalite on tumipi, alike aimei) at the poljiyUabin 
forc«, and the trndeDocd period. Such wat t]ie 
oondilioD of Engliib H^la for more thao nrcotjr 

Man u be geMnll; the HTcct of ttgmumeiM 
tboMgbti and a laboered drla. Addiam wv Ml 
inaenilble latheMekmmit.and he Felt iheaedactlie 
art of Citwra hImd be uid, that " there u U 

mocb diflerenoelaapprcbcndioKeUioDglit dollied 
I in Cicero'a lanpiage, and that of a oommoa 
author, aa In Meing an ol^ecl b; tbe U^t of a 
tB[ier, or by (he ligbt of tbe tan." 

MAKvaMieia in ilyle, bawerer grr-at their 
pd'Hen, raUitir acite the admiTetioa ihnn the 
afectloo of a nan oftute ; bccaute their bnbiciul 
aitdlMlpalaflhatDlactonofilaeeiitj.iihiiitwe tore 
to believe ii the impu]w which pUnet the pen in tbe 
band of an author' TwocmiaeDt litecarj manner- 
itlB are Cioeto and Jubmon. We kmnr theee 
Ijeal men eoniidercd ihrtr cioqueace aa a deoep- 
tJTe art : of tmj lulqect it bad been indiffmM to 
(ben whieb lide to adopt | tod in reading Ibeir 
elabonte work*, our ur i* more frequeiitlj gtali- 

ded b; the ambiiioni moffaificcncc of ihtir diction, 
than out heart pencltateJ bj the p&thetic cotbiul- 

Some arpie tn beonr of a natural atyle, and »■■> of iLeir aentlmenta. Wnten wbo ire nut 
reiterate tbe opinion of many great critiee that \ mannmati. bat »bo eeiie the appmprials lone of 

proper idraaviU be aoooeapanicdbj proper word*; 
but ihoafh tnppurted bj the tint anthoiri tin, they 
an not peihapi faffltienllj preciie in their delini- 
tion. Writer* ma; think jiutlf. andyetirrile wiib. 
out anj effect ; while a eptendid iljle ma; cover 

tbcir tttbjeeC, appear Ui Ut\ a eomictiun of whet 
tbcir atlooipt tu pcreukde their reader. It i* ob- 
(41-rvablc, that it ia impoeaible to imitate with 
uniform felidtjr the noble nrnplicltr of a {Mtlietie 
writer ; while tlie iiecuUiiritiei of a manneriit ai* 

taciiil; of thonithL Doee not thia criilent feel "> '•■■ ff*" t*'"? ditfic-ult, that thcjr itrc dttplnyod 
pr(*rc that tljrle and tbinkinj bite not that in- 1 "'tb "ico eiacuieta \>j middling wrltcr»j^ who, 
aepaiabte eonneiimi which manjr jireat wriien althoujtb theirown natural tnauner bad nMhios 
have pronneneed) Milton iiotfined that bean- [ in tereiiing, have atiracted notice bj each imite. 
tJfnlthointlilJiprodQct beautiful Mpfctalon.— He tio"*. We may apply to Mme mOBOMSMM 
fan, tniinneriata Iheae Teriei of Dnilem : 

" TTieil feed cm Umnabrli Itial ralimarj aam 
Baramiaiai n umb t e i."— 
WiJthii ia jtiatljr called aa art ; and Rouueau mjh, 
IC ti not an art caiily aciiuired, Tliiukluj; nuf be 
tbe foBitdation of aCjIni but it It not the nper- 
atraotore ; it In the tnarblc of the edifice, but nuC 
havcUloctmv. Tbearlarprcsenting^aucthoiiBbla 
to another, la often a prxKcaa of cooiiderable time 
■m1 labour ; and Ihe delicate taak of eorriction, in 
Qm deeelopment of idroa. la raaereed only lor wri- 
lara of kac tatte. Ticre are eevisral mode* of 
preeentitiii aa idea \ rulgat readers are onljr aue* 
ceplible of tbe itmnc and palpable ilrohe ; but 
lliere are asMuy sbtdei of WDtinietil, which U> wiir 

" Voitlaii>inilii publb iiitriiet lutaineunf 
Hani ceaie en ierlvant latlce em dlmura. 
Un lit peu (wt Buteiir* n^ luiu mnn enniiiw. 
Qui imijaanm un uia Knibbmi paUmodke." 

WduU yaa Ibe [>ubtlu'> eniled tanniia (alDT 
Ceaiiclw, In wilUng. eaiJuMe the attain; 
ILc hcmi; lulliar. wbe On taHT Bllini. 
Uvuui* lu 000 IpDo Iu oImbI bb saeal tealm* 

Ever J alylii la r-iedleat, if it be proper; and 
that atyle ii moiit projirr which can belt coitte; 
tbe iDteuIinnn uf the author la his reader. And 
after all, II ii sttlr alone by whieli poaUvity will 
judge of a greet work, for en nnthor «a baea 
nothing tialy bi* owe but hia style ; f*cti, ecien- 

on and I.) paint. \i the pride and the labour of a urtc diaroreriee. and every kind of iorarmatiaa, 
•InUy writer. A beauiiful limplicity ilaelf ii a mny be triicd by all. but an aulbor'i ilii-tkiti on- 
•peeleeof refioement. and no writer more aolicit- not he taken from bin. lienor rrrr leariMd writ. 
otuly torreeted hii work* than Uame. who etcelt ,n have been ntfilMted. while their' Ie«min( bu 
In thi> mode of couii^Mltion- The phitoioplier not bera loot to the world, by hairing been giten 
highly approeea ef Additon'a Hftlinitinn of «ne , by writer* with more amenily. It iRilhciEfure, the 
writiaf , who Mye, that it comJiU of .entimeiiit» duly of an aulhur, la Iciim In write oa well aa to 
which arc natural, without bciiigobfiuni. Tliia b | lorn to think ; and thii art can only be ehtained 
adcfiniliua uf ifaaughl rather llian of roinpoaitlon. i by the faabilnal iludy of hia unaatiaaa, aad an 
Shenstane ha* hit the tnith ; for fine writing ha I tDtlmate aetjuaintaaae with Ihe intellectual Ibe^ 



iIm. TbMs W« Ae ittte ptemptan of ib«M flell«U 
tooa tspnauoo, wbick pvp a (unf cuiiKruiink to Ui* 
w h iM i l I ud wliidh nieti oar UiouKUtt kUIi atl 
fhe flhwion, the bea«ty, and notiun of lircir pcf- 

Wk ilwvUi not oawure irtiiU ■nd wriUn Tot 
tkeir aUscbweut U> iLclr ra*t>ur>t« cicctleiuv. 
Who bat ia wtlat can tbIuc Ihc ccbwIm* In^illr* 
tmitt of irdBOM liericctinn ; Can tnun tha MUOtB 
yc—ibJHtfaw MmbtB«J In a cIdm naioo i the happy 
■naiHpnMatwidUis DOTcl vimtiuD? ilcootoeljr 
li aAeUd kj ibe pcrfonouoe Ukc the oibb of 
iMtc^ bM b IdAdmcwI b]P • pccoliar MnMtion ; far 
■Ula he ecwUraplalM the apparctit (ii-aiitiM, he 
owe* ia Ut a** i&ifld thoM Imuliil* praoeiaM bf 
«Uah Ibc final bmntjr «ai m«ou>|)1uiIw1. Umcc 
arim that fpcriti of coniparatiTc criticiim whirl) 
□nr crrat aallwir unulljr makes vf ha uwn inatitier 
«itli ikac o( aaMher gr«a( wtitvr. and wbicb lo 
oIWb [Win Un to be MignatiMd with lh« moat 
unnaaosable nnitjr. 

The cWacUrof fioLVkNtTU, >o uadBmleil in 
hw OBtt dA]'. cmnpUOtl tliu |iriiid|>li: in tlie Ute- 
my chancier. Hut iibaaiag srlctr, wtllioul any 
yanntwun of iutellcct itr iuRatiiiii uf laaitj^, aii|;tit 
hare CMitraBlod tuB powcre villi thnie uf John- 
■09*. and Bugbt, accDrdinK to bi> oim Udm, have 
emidvad blBitlf aa noc iobrior ta hia men 
adahriUd and leariMd rival. 

Goldvinith miibl LavR pief«tTtd Ui« felidly ot 

if fl«n genhiaj frhich like a Dulrc aueani dumd 

faai a Btfunl aavrcv, u> the slaborate poirnv of 

Jataain, «hicb la aome racpert may be compared 

to thOM trtifUial waura vhidi iLrow Itnir spirk- 

iia| cwmila in the air, t« fall iul« nuirble bubs. 

Ua Btigfat ban amaidend ibat he bad roibclliBlia) 

fhOoMipby vlth poetical etegnwe ; and baxa pre 

tmt* the paindnfi of bla dweriptlani, to the 

Mne vanoCcatioit and the ptdntcd Motanom of 

Jaluwni. lie aiiibl bate been more iJcaa^d with 

Ihafaitkrul repinciiuiiooi of Bngliali manner* in 

kn Vicar of Waltcfield, than Willi Dip burronod 

and the eiolic fiacy ot the onontal 

Ha mi^I hare believed, what many 

crilic* bate bcUereil, (hut In tbh age 

tiaady rcqnirea more seniua than trifrdy ; and 

■Uh til aadMao* be michl hare lufiniiuly more 

Manaad bla owa origiiuJ bumoar, than Johuan'* 

■letarleal dtehmatioa. He ui^ hare tbansbt, 

<lM •nh iiAnpr Itiacaian he diaplayed aiipcriar | 

^■laa. and aiih lea* piufiindity more piaty. He 

«^ha*« eoMlibnil. that the facility and vivacity \ 

ifUiplMrtiH eompoairiun* mwn prrfgrable to that 

M. iWt habitoal pomp, and that Mlentatioaa , 

•kiauiLB, wUdi irnnil fai the eperoac labonn of I 

Johnaaa. No Me might he imn tOorililB Ihu , 
Uaaelf , that be, wx«rdiag m the htfipj wpwaiioa 
of JnkiiHin (when bis rital «m in the RraTo) 
" inlglt et oraiTiL" (laldimilh, Iherefore. with- 
OBI any tingolar vanity, ought bare ooQcluded 
Iron bii o*a (caionlDji, tbat he *u not an Infa- 
rior writer to JuhiiBua ; alL thii not bsvliig bccu 
coiiaidcml, be bai come down to poitcrity aa ifac 
lainaC and the mntt jraloB* of writen ; be wboae 
diB)iMitlaiu vm the noat Ineltrntlvc, «bo88 
betMTolenoe vm> the nOat axUnaivc, anil whoae 
amiablnieM cf heut baa bccD cODCcaled by it* 
artlcMueaii and [nukiI aicr in the earcaenia nnd 
aneeia of a more eloquent lital, and hi* lubiniaaivc 


Til tax are tvo iiieTieB of miiiur biupaphy 
which may he diteriDklaaled ; d'tsiliDg one om 
life and |'urlnyin|; our own diarutci. TItc wril- 
■nc our own life boa been pr»cCii«d with Tarioiaa 
ancocaa ; it ia ■ delicate operallun. a airokc too 
mueb may dmtroy the effect of the whale. If once 
w« delect aa auChor de^eiiing or deAeivod, it i« ■ 
li»id »|ii)t wbieh infoota the entire body. Topnfa- 
Ikh one 'a own life baa eomutiiucB been a poor 
artinoe Co bilnf ab*ciirity into nntice ; it it the 
ebriety of lanity, end Uie deUrium of P^liam. 
AVhen a great man leataa tome memorial of hia 
day*, the grave eoneeeralea the motive. Tbcro 
■ra oertoin thinga which relate to oiuatUee, irtdcb 
no me ctn know ao well ; a gneal gcDtiw obllycs 
poaterity wben he recordi them- I)ui they anat 
be eompQied with ealmncia, wiCh nimplicity. and 
with ■incerity ; the biograpUic aketch of lluoie, 
written b; bimKlf, m a mndcl of Attic aimplicily. 
The Life of Lord Herbert la a biotcrsphical ran- 
ually. The Uemmra of Sir William Jooea. of 
Prieitley, and uf Gibbon, offer oa tht daily hfe of 
the BLuilirnt ; and tlintv of Colley Cibber are a Aiie 
ptciuro of the aeU-p«iotcr- We baic eoine other 
plcoca of aelf-biognplir< pnxionii to the pliiUiKi- 

llie other apeele* of minor hlofiapby, that ef 
poitraybag oar own r-hanHtrr, ouuld only here 
been inveatod by the noit reAned nnd the vefaieit 
nntiun. The French luu; chrnalml thia daiiing 
e;oll»m ; aud have a eoUectloii uf Ibeae eelf.pvr- 
Cmit* in two bolky volane*. The hhUiant (He- 
chitT, and the refined SI. Evreanoad, haic framed 

and (laaed tbeir portraita. Efeiy •niter thaa 
cniuidored hit cbtraMcr aa nrceaairy aa bla pr^ 
face. Tlie ftihioii lecma to hare ptiard over to 
our eountiy ■ Fan|uhar has drava hii character 
in ■ Irtlsf to a lady i and othera of o*jr writera 
have giien aa their uiru miuiatUtH. 
There wet, aa • booh In my poawaaSon will 

tMlSyi « etTUtn «et>e-inikk^r of (be nime ot 
CUtnaCt who! in 16G2, iiubliBbeil in tl)« cilj 
of Puu ■ Toloine, cDntaining iciiii(< tbouiandb of 
Tenea, okidi vera, u hii coaDlrjnirn cxpreH 
it, 4> M ybfwa. kft«r hit own mij. H« f«ll ■(> 
•uUcnlf into tlic darkett and Jh^ est pot of cbli- 
■ioiii that not • tnc« uT bu nicinor? would baT« 
MSMJacd, hwl h« not condrtcended ta jftTC nmpla 
mfnnMlioni nf RTcrf jinrlintliir roUtiti: to binitlf. 
He bu acqiuiiitMl tii wiih hid iii«, ind TcU* ni 

" Ibkt it ii i*n) to trrt s man Kmillvr Iban himwlf. 
I liHe that in ooisaion iritli all il<r«fl*, lliBt if laj 
bend nnlf were *rcn. I shuuld W thirafht a largQ 
mil)." Thin alum in oruiion iben dcacriba liii 
onJ and full hce; hla Aerfand cloqaent (Tr«i 
hii vcrini! lipi ; liui robaat eatutilutinn, and hit 
efloncxetit piuxioaa. lie nfipear* la ban been 
a muil pclulinl, tiunul, and diininiilirc lirini;. 

l^e dtaoiipiion ot LLi intetJect it ilie ob)fcl of 
onr citHnutj. " 1 am ■> amhtliniu u any prninn 
can liE J but I waulil not ucrifice mjr Iiqudvi ta 
mjt nmbilion. I am *a iiRiuibIc to rontcmpt, 
tha I be«r a murUl and Implarable batrcda^liist 
thMf vhn roiittmn mn, aail 1 kooT ] coiilil imcr 
rMonnlnnyxtrwLtli th«m; bat 1 ajiamioatun- 

tiont lor IhoM [ tore g I would giic thprn my 
fiirtuiw and lajr Ithk I iDiuctimiu lie i but gene, 
rallf In alFain of f:alUntiT, where I lotuntarilf 
oonArm (iUaehaada bj mtha, without rvllFFtion, far 
■marlnf wllh m« li a habit. 1 &ni (nt<l tliat mf 
mind i> briUtant, and lliat I kave a certain manner 
In turning a tboufht wbicb U quite uj own. 1 
am alterable 'in cimverMtioii, ihoufb I confna 1 
imoIWi tnHiblvsuuie; furl uiaiutain)urutuiei to 
dlapUy mf {iniua, wbirh aavaiir too much of 
tcholaillii lubl^rfU);!!*- 1 apeak too often and taa 
Icnx i and la I ha'r« aome mding, uid a copioui 
memory, I am fpiid of ahoirlDC whatcicr ] know. 
Mj Judffmeiit la nat ao anlid ai my wit la Uvply. 
I am nnpn mvlani^tiuly nid unhappy ; and tbit 
lembrniia illi|in4lUiici ptoreedi Froni luy nnmemat 
dltai'i'aiiitmvnti iii Life. My nrtc ia preferred to 
my prai?t and it liaa brenvf aom«aaB to ne In 
|il«aalii|t Iho fall tea ; poetry ia miuit ailaplwl to 
psrauailp iKirocn : but olh^rviie U hai been «f no 
aanloe la me, and ha*, 1 f*ar, rtod^red me unfit 
fiir Riany ■dvantaRcuu* (Kcupiiticuii, in nhich 1 
nil(ht baia dritilgrd. The patepm of Ibe fair lia*. 
Iii<«e<rr, rbarnird away my cowpUiiita. Thiagnoil 
hxiana baa bMn abialiiad by me, at the cu>l of 
many rMiM, a»d an unmbdued palianoe i br I am 
■mv (if (ku«> who, tn aflklr* of larn, will lulTcr an 
MFtIre y«ar, tn I4ttn Ilia ]itaMin>i of ana day." 

7'liM i<lia<ai><«r of CanUtiMi b&t Miinn Ideal fca- 
lurea. I>m mi KiH||l>b purl wniild hardly tnatoU 
bifflMlf MMh*» Mmiili ■■My, Tlie frctichiuan'* 
•ltMl,.n.itl I.. It* (.illfi .miM 111 Ih- rtpilTaleDl 
' .'I""* liu bad li'«L Hut 

aa the miceriet of a literary man, wiihoul contpi- 
cuoua talent*, are tinnjt the same at Taria aa in 
Laulon. ihrre are tome jiart* of Ibia character of 
Cmttnac which appear to daaoriba iliem witli 
truth. Cantcnae trni ■ tnon of honour ; as warm 
in bii ret^tment as hit gratitude ; but ddaAei be 
liternry vaiiiiy, b« became a writer in pnt and 
rcrae, and while he aaw thaprTM[ioctiof lirecluiinr 
on Lim, prubabty conddnvd that tbr a^e wat aa- 
jual. A tnelaucholy c3ioi|ite fur certain vnhKib 
and ferrrnt ipirita, who, by lieconiing anth«rv, 
either tubiait their felicity tvtbeeapricca of otbtvit 
nr aoiailiilate the obiirarc comfnrta of life, and, 
lihe liiiu. harin; "been told lliat Ilieir tnind U 
brilluint. nnil t)iAt tlicy have a eertain manner ia 
tumini; D tliought," become writers, and cooiplain 
that tbcy arc '' often melancholy, owing to their 
Dumettiui diu]i]>uiatmeati." Happy, bnweT«r, 
if ili« Qbicore, yet too aenttbte writer, can anffirr 
an entire year, (or the enjoyment of a lingl* day ! 
But for tUa, a man muat hate been bora in 

OX ^EADlSa. 

Wbitikc i* juatly denomiooted an art ; I thlak 
that rratlinc c1aiins the aame diilinetion. To 
adorn idtaa witli ele^noc ii an act of th« mind 
aii.periur to that of recdvinp Ib^m ; bottn rK«lte 
ihem with a happy diicriminalion, ia the eSeel of 
a jiracliard taite. 

Yet It will bo found that Inite aloae ii not *td- 
fldetit to obtain Ibe proper end of reading. Two 
pecaoni of eiiani Uite riM from the perusal of the 
lamn bonk «i(h very diRerent notiaiw : tlie one 
will have the ideal of the author at command, and 
find a now train of acntimcnt awakened; while Ike 
Other <|uiti bit author in a pleaiinf ditttactkra. 
bui of the pleaaurei of reading- nuthing remmaa 
but tumulluoiu Motationa. 

To account for tlieie diflcrent cBccI*, we moat 
have recauTse to n topca) distinction, nUcli ap 
pMn lu reveal one of the Kmt myateiiea in the 
■rt of reading. Lnficiini disbnpiiah ImiIwikk 
prrvKplionit and ideaa. Perceptioa U tbat famlty 
of the mind whieli notice* the aimplc impresaion 
of objerU : but when Ihcae objecla exbi in Ihe 
mind, end are there treaiiired and irranipNl ai mala- 
rial* far rtHwTiion. then they ar* eaUed ide«a, A 
perception i> like • tratuimt sunbeam, wlurb jnat 
ahowa tbe objeet. but lenrt* neither tleht nor 
ararmtb ; wliile an idea is like Ihc Itreid Iwui 
of noon, wUeh Ihrowa a aetlled and poweiW 

Many inpniwu nmien oampJain UmI (Mr 
mciDory la defcelJTO. and thdr atndiea nsfhdtU, 
I1iii drfrct arlMa from thdr Indolflng Itia ftdl 



of iicrcrpdMi) Ib |ireft?reoct In Ihc !«• 
kirlOM iLtbil of fortoim th«m into iilejui. Pn- 
crptloM r«)ali« on)f ^t leiiinhdlitj of tute, and 
theif pl«B>u(**UT cantinaimi, cas^, mil natfuinti*. 
l4eM tn an wt of conbinatioD, bmI u lixcnlon 
«f iW raaacHriBf poiren- Idea* ate thertfore U< 
iMon; ui4 for tlwu! sho «iU nol labour, it b 
mjoM t« cooipUla, If ih^y Mine from Uie barveit 
vitli teurtif a ilwal in llieir baniU. 

ncn Ke (ecrtti in ttig art of raulinKi whkti 
ts faciUnW iu parpMa, b; Malalini ibe 
id aqpneaciiig iDlcUeHual oixilenm. 
SsM*. W am IngtRuitf muil fnmi, *nd pRr)i«|i* 
■vsry it&deiit hu pe«iil)ar habiu of MuJf, u, in 
■bort>liKid, almiM ciecj vriUr bu a >jbUid nf 
Ua own. 

It t( so otxvnntion nf Uic Hdrr Flin;. (irho. 
hatitig been ■ ToluminDai campilFr, matt hire hod 
grfal n[priirnc« m Ih* art nf ra(ltnK.)l)Ml tttrre 
vaa DO book m bad, but whleb contalncil Mmc- 
Aiag food. To read crerf book mulil, htiirerer, 
tm IkUl to tbe Interaat of moit rcaileri '. but II la 
■at altraja tttetttarf, in tht punuiti at laiminj. 
to rc«d ererj book enlirp. Of man^ txiolu il ia 
aalKi Willi to triac tke pUn, and to cismiiie aaao of 
tbalr partloai. Of tbc liiile tugifTltjDr&l at <bc 
daat ofa «alaa»«, h«rnu3rn connlTaUiP utility ; 
bat WVM of ihe nioit raunmt «r>U-n in Enropa 
bavr b<«n p**^ Bilopta in Ihc art of inJci mdiDfi. 
1. for mj part) venerate ibc inrcnlor of indciea ; 
•nil 1 IfMiw aoC to aboia to pnld Ibe prrfi;mice> 
nlbrr to llippa«ralrt, «rha «aa the tint grat ana- 
totalwr ef Ibr hmaaa boitj, or to that unknown 
UbtMtar in Httralnrv «h« lint IniJ a[>rn the 
and artvrica of a book. Wntia silvliica (Lb 
of tkc prrfacei and ibe tndci of a book, 
aa (bay bolb prr luthl oa it* ronlent*. 

TfeB raienoii* apjwtilv of Johnuin for raadEng ia 

aap i aaa t d in a droo; mplaphor b; Mn. Kiiuvln, 

«Im aakli " ho knowa beir to read belter tlun otiy 
(■at ha tcett ai tlie aolialaiice of a book ilirecCijr ; 
ha taam <mI Um heart of tL" (liltlKin Iim ■ ne« 
(&■ in tbe Art of KeadiB^ ; he **j: " kc ought 
aoi tai all*aJ t» the onlar of our bovh* to much 
aa of mu- iboDcbca." Tbo pminl of a jiartiniUr 
nrt Bhoa hinb perhapa to ideal naoonneicttd 
villi tba aub^ It tKau; I pum« tbni> Idm. 
■Ml qait Kxprapoacd [ilm of retdbc, Tiiu* in 
Aw MiUal «f Uonar h« read l.oi)^nua i • cbaptn 
of Le«K'*n*MtoBncplitlc of PtinTiaadhaTiBK 
Len^iM, he followed t)ie Iraln of hia 
tg tbc wfalliM aad beauUrnI in Ih^- t:iif|ulry 
of BttrVt*Bd eo«rle<l*d bf comparini; the ancicjii 
vritk tbe Modem LnngiDm, 

TWra are aoine Bujiankal nidi In readius which 
m^ fnva of pvai ntditr, and furai a kind of 
tit*««aaNaarea afoDT eariy atndica. Moetaigna 
*i tb« and of a boot: which he iaitended aol 

10 rvperm. llie time be had read It, with • crniciM 
deciNon on lla roerit* ; "that,*' aajrt he, " it maj 
thni reprtamt ta me tb^airaadpaieral tdea 1 bad 
<»>no-iii-i] «f thp author, in leading tbo Work." Wil 
have tcrera] of tboe aoiiotatioai. Of Youiif'tlie 
[i(Mi il ii nnticcd, tbal whcncTer he came to a 
•trikiaf paan^ be folded tbe kaf ; aiid thai at 
hia death. boak« ham bean fmnd (b hi* library 
which bid li'iiii; roiiled the puwer of cloainy : ■ 
mode more cuj than a»cful i foi after a lenglb of 
lime thej miut be BBata read to know why thtj 
were folded. Thla dllDoalty It obilated by ilima 
who tiote ia a blank leaf the page* le be referred 
to, with a word of criticiin. N'or kt at conndcr 
ibeae minute dlreciiona aa nnworthjr the nMit 
enlaffed minda ; by Ihrae peltjr cicrlloni, at the 
iBoat diatant piriodi, may learning obtBtn lla 
. aulbaritiea, aud tutej eembine it* id«aa. Seoeea, 
I in >ending loaie voIiuikh to hia friend Lncitiiu, 
Bocompatiire them attb notes of partlcakr pal* 
nge». "that," he obHTtes, "jou who onljralm at 
the iHvnil may be ipaivd tha irouhlo of ruuniniiif 
them entice." I have acen booki noted b; VaU 
tairc iHth a word of ceniure or ajiprobatioo on Ibe 
page iuelf. whidi wa* hia muU practice ; and 
llieM lulurae* are preeiuua lo etery niaa of taala. 
Pornify comjiUlned Ihit (be hook* ha tent Vol- 
taire were returned atiraia diffi^rtd lij hia ra- 
niatka i bat he wa* n wiiirr of ihc old ichool. 

A prafeaaiooftl itadeat ihonld ditide hU rtadinp 
Into a Mwifhrm raadln; wfatdi i> uieful. and into 
a ifieerj^eif reading which b pleaiant. Guy 
l*a(iii, aa emiuent phyiirian and man of Ictten, 
bad Jmt notion of thii manner. He aaja, " I 
dally read Hlppucrsteii. G«tcn. Femcl, and other 
tlliiilrioni Diaateri of my prafeiirioa ; thia I oall 
my profitable reading. 1 fre^nenlly iwad Ofid, 
Juvenal, tJorace, ^cncoa, Tariloi, and o<ben, 
bimI time are my recreatiumi." Wc mutt obMrra 
tlieipdiatincUoiui:fijr it fieqaenlly kapp«u Chat 
a limyerar a pbytleiaB. with gnmt indaitryafld 
love of ttudy, by giving loo much into hia diver- 
■iAed rcadingiii, mar utterly neglect wbat iboolil 
Iw hit anifonn Dluiltrs. 

A reidtr ia too often a pritonrr tttaHicd to tha 
irlnmphal oar of lu aolhor of great eelebrily ; and 
wbmheTenhiretnotlojndge forhimwlf.eonecivei, 
while lie il readiox the tndilfcrcDt worka uf (real 
aDlhort, tliat tbe lant-nnt which he eiperienota 
ariwe frum hia own defectire taue. But the belt 
writer*, when they are Tolaminotti, biTe a f^eal 
denl e.f m*<li<ierity. 

Ud the other aide, rcadera mmi nut imngine 
ihut all the pleninirea of eompoiidon dcprnd on 
tbe author, far there ia tomethini^ which a mader 
bunaelf muat bring to the book that the book may 
ptoaae. There ia a lilenu; apptlite, which the 
auttioT can no more impart tban tbe looat akilfal 



onuk MB |(t« ■> appMMKj (0 the (unl*. Wbm 
Ctnllntl RMmUm Mid toflodMu, that Iw did not 
Hni#r*tAhil bli rent*, the hcuMl pot4 replied IhU 
U «u iH>i kli bull. Tlip Irmiwnrr iQne of the 
ntlwluiv l>«BttfaironnU«t«tanea*nirkpmperl)r. 
•Ml n hale bad vanf cmDeous critiL-isins frum 
|iMl MM. nUoli naf oflni be altrtbut«l to lhi<i 
•iNMMrtHM. Tlw wind camaoiupatM ita Jnfirin 
dUf>uitUiit t« th« tiook. tad so aatlMr bM aiA 
nHlf lit! »HH ibfcela la account br, but abo iboM 
•>f hia rvaJcr. Huw M «DiiMt)iiD( In compoaltlon 
Ilk* til* raaia of alinlllMock, whete if die leader 
lilt Hid wbouiid Iko fcatbervd corb to lli« 
•UthiH, Ikp fi'i*^ I* d catr o yt d, and tJK whole 
•|ilil* kif thr work fiiUi ntiiict. 

A tHi)i>i>ui iaifwidlaicut in tvtding b adakudioa* 
Uoii kii the mind In artUc on Uk fabieci ; agitated 
|i)r lia>MH|m(<*w and dJuiButar idea*, it U with pwn 
li'kl cv •Jnill thoM of >he antbgr. B«t on applf- 
tHfl (innelna villi a |«lle liolcnce In the jicrvaal 
III Ml litiemtlnc «arl, the mind aoon aMLmilatrs 
hi Ike nttintt : th« aBcleK rabbiu adriaed Itacir 
^Itix aludesta to ftfipl; tWnaeltfa to llieir rtad- 
iii^t, a-hfltipr tkejr Mt «a iitcltaalMD or MM, b«- 
MMM, ■« ikrj jimmtlrd, the; vooU And iltdr 
dlarmUlMi rwlond aad thrir rurtotitT amkcMd. 

ItvMlMa WMJ be etwMd iniB ao iiLiimte Donbtr 
tif dltiilou I bat an aalbor i« a teliUry haof. 
m%i», ft>r Uia *aiuc rtaao* be plea«a one nui 
sMM^MuAly dbplnac aBotker. To ban too u- 
•Iwd ■ n>lw k nen prqndkU to hb oMiriiy 
IImk Io Im(* a nodrrale dim ■ for «• AaJI ftud 
that the HKMI popvW mrk* are not tbc nort |>r»- 
fbabd, bill ntfa a* lutnict dtaae «te n^iin 
U(lrii«l»on, attd rhana iboM «fee ■» oM tds 
hMUMl to iMte Iteir DotalEr. LwOiH. Oa n- 
MfM. aald. ^1 Iw dU Mt tntM far FMriaa, for 
■(rtrfat, akd r^r Roiiliai, parMH ««toMt hr tkdr 
tPlMM, b<il r»r tlM TamifaM. ikt Co^irtiaM. 
•Ml Ika lluUlaiu. MaualcM bM conpUMd 
Dial ba temd bh raadm tm laamed, «v taa 
(Murani, aad llul Ih> muM miI^ |slMMaMiddb 
Mi«*>"<ui hat* jhkI IrAiiilni f u.iniili to OTMfwIif d 
him t "rnwii" aap. " ikara la In Irw %mmtf 
•nnwtlitiii Hlihti tiiltar anuh «unM tdadr*." 
(MMnnwiiiiUlMMllnrlrt^nsulrn. '• \f*nai.'' 
If «naa, " ilmll kt» .•>!<) <h tW UbxMi- ot a day t 
n *UII !■•<» dl*illl»l Inio an MM) IIm aaanMr of 
Mtnitmli Hmi) 1).^ « fliilAtri iiltWuT aM i akd 
<' 'I oWHllivy jtnutnWH* 

< '■• «>i<l llMI Ihr a^k 

'■ l>lrt^<«laH*eM«M- 

I ■■•« <l*n««n4tf 

if fotiie valuable initiM are not ttaonf tttt old. 
Smae will nut r«*d a book, betauae iliey are 
a«|iiBi(tte(l witti the autboi' ; hj wbicfa the reader 
may lie more tnjured tiun the author : othcn iwt 
onlj read the iHiok, but vould alw read the man i 
br which the moat ingeniooi aatbor maj be iajarad 
b; the BO«t tmp«rtUieiit reader. 


lii*l tiMilma m i niiii Ifiia, 


■>\ niw hiMik M 

o» nAmvAijsa OITWSE1.VH8 TO AH unit 
%-uiL'ij, roReciT. 

Two Ihlnj^ in hniMn lifc nc at coatuoaJ **ri- 
aa««, and without CMifiac boat the one >« moit 
' be lepanted from the Other ; aad thsN arc train 
ud plauurt. Enimi b aa afliodBR wnMilo*. if 
wc maj thna dpeean it. from a maat of aeaeatkin : 
and piMMre i* gruter pleanrr useor^nf to the 
Haantity of •ctmtiMt. That a eiw a t ieei i* r««ei»»d 
la proporlkm u the cafacit; of our orguw i and 
that p(«cSioe, or. aa it baa been aom e ti m M calltdt 
" educated fetliag." enlaipa tkii eifaci^, k 
nideut in «eh Eanlltw la at axM aa tfcOM el the 
bliod, who have a fiscr (act, sad the jrwaBera wIm 
haa a liner d^hi, (hMi otLer nta who art out aa 
deeply intarrated in rrbnoc thdr tiikiB and their 
toaA. InUaae atUniioa i%, therefore, a ocxtaia 
niMBa of diii«ii^ MOre naMcnva jilaaitua bam 

Ilcacc it U ttaC Ike pact, lowf eapbiml on * 
poem, hu rMMved a i(Maliry of (kaaurE which 
00 leader can eier ftd- Is the pro y p M a of any 
peetiewlK' pCTJI. ther* are a bntdred fe^tiee 
■CBMIWM wUcfc are too iatdkctual to be ewi- 
bodifld iato kufwage. Svrrj artiA kaawi that 
bMweca Ike Iboa^ that fir«t pn riae to hla 
dMJgn. and mA en* whkfc appMr* ia h, Uwre 
ai« JnwnMiiahb wterwiadiara eraa wfe n fea of 
aeaaa t ipa whkfe m ibm fck bet hiMrclf- TbeM 
phewMie Mt aa n^ahs aojuiiiB^ u the ioioiac- 
MM of Ua hoMnaad tfee^nsaclty of hu latxiv. 

It la M la any pameahr panelti fr«n the 
—■■>■ liii iaf of fiaa to the K itt rt ra rti oa of |ih!- 
iMBfhkni ajWeMi. Bierr iMBiUad can uctt 
tkai ^pMCiqr of Mind nBcwiT M hia wnte and 
afcflid M kta i/nmOm i the ^aalitj of pleeaiwc 
to Mill in fa tbe pMBHl q^ban > br I think 
thai «e are Miataiaa eMeemiaglba gieJetfami of 
hnaan fWioij. U Ami M Im afVeM. dart m 

a amr. Mrt Hal a mm o^ridto daUfht Ihu a 
fcrrnee whe to walartit hia taaM : m a t>ort 
eSfMtoMa ft l^rbM- p^ilrtdnn b nodnlatinc 
■a thaa • »**i* to Miaitoi ama. Itut the 
ha(n<aeM ef the ftafhana eaid the trader nuy 
h> M oftJlWarT M IhM «r Oir aitnMiMer «ih1 
lU fM*. (V« «Mmb mI; he <«aT(««ul wllh 
ifciMu Milia I Mil I niiilM.aD<|PMiwtnr 

(he d(iU of maiMipiig tiww, «« nut farm ui art)- 
Mri Micit; I it U ontoU ib«i what tbe jwul dau 
not feet no mora nffccu it. than whil the eje dow 
not MS. II U ibiu Ihu Ibo tmUr. liabitiuttd to 
h«siU* |>«raRlU. aati never be unhappy b««*ij>e 
b bi iMt the gencnl of an annr ; fur thu idea of 
(clk-itj he hai Bcter rtcriied. Tbe pliitoNuiibrt 
■ho gliet tail entire jrurt tn tbe elcTnud pnrtnil* 
•f nud. ta MTer tinln|>p7 became he i> not in 
ponetdoa of «n IniiiBii opulence, for (he lit* of 
■acvnabtiiii; tlil« cioiic •plcodour hu aerti ea- 
lend the rente of hi* comb) oat iotu. Nunrr. an 
Imptnlil Motfaiir. nttdtn folidty u prrfnci in the 
eebBol-bojr vbo •eaurKU hti top, ■« iii the iitro- 
noner mha rt^ilite* bii >tar. The tbiiiK contninird 
can oat; be equal to ihc Cifntainer i a full glut U 
M fall ei n fntl bottle ; anil a biiiraD loni tnajr he 
WM mneh aaiisRod in the loiniaC of bunun beinKi bjj 

S> t^ progreM of an iD<liTidual purtnit, whit 
n call the uioclalhig ur lUK^celinir Mrs 
everbtuitd, eocl in it* betuilful olTrcl* Ernim ia 
■oel dMjiljr eoDcenud : for hr»ld™ tho«e Imim of 
lhon|lat the grral ertlat hlU into during lii« Mtnal 
ee<a|iMiiJoti, a ditclnct habit accompaDiei real 
CCoIm tbrotii^ life in the actiiitj of liii BMi>dnl- 
ilif IdcK, aben not «t hit inork : it ii at til timei 
pcniii| ead ooBdncttng hie i|>onianeouB tlioughu, 
■■4 &nrj object •kich »ii|(^r>tji Uirid, hoKeier 
epiMrrall^ iriTiil or unconnected towards itfcif, 
■■Innc wh*! It nilU iU own, while inrtinctiielf ii 
aMD» inaUeatm lo whalcrer bae nu teDikncjr to 
tb owa iraqioee*. 

Many prrulitr adrintaf^ ittend the (mltioitiori 
of Oke uiutef psadvn or "ccupniion. In tuperiot 
■iMb it i« ■ KnereiKD lh»t TiDn allien, anil in 
U aiar minil* itcnirrblri prminnuiproiieiuitit'i. 
It inty render a* [uefiil lo our fellow dlieeni, and 
n fafrpartu (h« moiit prrfert ^tiilf'iietidenoe to oer- 
••I'wa, It ia oh»en<d bj a (Teal Eattbcoiatiuaji, 
Ibat a gtotDttriciiD would not be unhnjipj ia a 


Tliia mtiij of deaifii, with a eentri^ictil ftiroe. 
■S the raji of oer exiitenee ; and oftm, 
wWa aeeident ha* turned the mind fimdy to one 
•Ajact. it haa been diicoicrcd that lie oecapatiun 
b uoiher aane for bappioeH ; for It la • racaa of 
ncqrt&( from Inconpaou tamtHona. It lecurea 
■a fiOfB the dart tacirily ef (ool, aa well na fntu 
iWwhlriwifldor tdM*; rtaaoo itietf ia a|ni»ion, 
Wl > |>a«ri«a fidl of aeroolly. 

It ti howcirr ohiertable of thiMC who luTe 
dnoird ihenuelns to in mdindoal oltjtei, thai iti 
■vpofcanee ii inrretSUy enbr^ to thetr aenxa. 
Uaaa. Inteua* altentioei oi^niBca Ulio a mlcro- 
xepVL hatltbpoMlhlaloapobKuebirUieirappar- 
oifitiaiacBBOe fton the catiilderadon. that ihey 
iHByobwn«eoiBUiiaiiau not pcreetvad by othera 

of inferior application. That thi* p«»ioo hu boen 
ntrricd lo a curionx naleni» of aA'cction, literary 
hiftory (flbcda miDeroui inelancwc. In reaiUiis 
Dr. Runio;'i'*Uniiearrravol8,''l<<'ould term Chat 
nmuic waa the prime ofajeet of huuiui lifr ) 
lUcbardRon tlie painter, in bia trcati*e on hi* 
bcloicd art. clotca ail by alCrniins, that " Hapttafl 
ia not only rqval^ hut enjiifrior to a I'ir^i, or a 
t.irjf, or a Thurydidet, or a itomet !" and that 
painliog can reform our niannere. inerMao our 
upuIvDuc, honitur, aod punor. Dooina. in bia 
" Roolulion) of Lilrraiitrc." tcUa ui, that lo 
HOel in hiatorieal compou'tton reijuirM inor« 
ability than ia eierciard by the excelling naiten of 
■ny nthrr art; lie.nuH it riKjuIre* not only the 
anno emdltlooi stnJua, Imaiii nation, aud laate, 
nrceiHtrtora poet, a pnlnlrr, or a philo»0|djer. 
but the hiiioriaii mutt alw have some pemitinr 
qiialilirttcioni: thl< asi ibJ a> a prelude to kii own 
tiintiiry, llcln-Iiua, an cnlboiiail le tlin fine aria 
and polite litcratnre. has tompnactl a pocui on 
lluppiiieu: and imagines tbut it coiuiita in an 
exeliiiive love of ihe tutdvution ol leiicri and the 
■rt). All thia tbow* that the more Intentely we 

Bttich qutcfUci Id ui iodiTidiuJ object, the U)urc 
Dumcrvui and the Diorc perfect are o ur ecnaatlani | 
if ii« yifld to thr (tiiirai-tinji lariciy of oppoalta 
puniiita with an equal pauiint, ntir inul fa pbeed 
amid a eonlinoal ahoek of Ideaa, and bapjdaeM la 
loat by miitalcc*. 

" At), iaaajd," cacliim* Ibc liTrly I<* Bruy^re ; 
bat at the ume mommC, by bin own ailniiablF 
RclleetLUDa. confute* tliy dreary lyitem he would 
eHiaTihch. An ojiiiilon of the eicbituated etate of 
litrratore hai boen a popolar preiiniltee of reinoie 
cxiitFUoe ; and *o unhappy idea of a wiac ancient, 
wUu, rrcn in bia day, Lamenleal that "of book* 
there I* no end," hmi hri~n Irnnacribed In many 
bonkn He who ban criticilly examined any 
braneb of IlieratBra hu diacATered fcow Bttts of 
onginal inierition b to b« (ouod ftren in the moil 
cxcoltcuE worlu* To add a little to hi* prcdeeea- 
•un, ulialiEa the ambition of the fir*l eenioMB, 
Tbe popular notion of literary noielly 1j an Idea 
more fanciful than c:iaet. Alaoy are jti to learn 
tlut our admired otifinali are not auefa aa tbey 
miitalce them lo be i that tlic plant of the nioit 
original pcrfomanoea have been borrowed : atid 
that the thoughts of the moit admired oaufNMi- 
lion* are not wundeefnl diwoverifa.but only irathi. 
which the ingenuity of the aothor. by arrMiging the 
intermediate and acccHoiy idrw, hu aafulded 
from that conftieeil aeotinitnt, which thoaeeipcri- 
enoe who are not accnatomcd lo tbiuk wiUt depth. 



«rM>4lMriiniiute «ithae<:ar»cy. TUaNvraltjia 
UUntiuc U, ai I'apc dc5ua It, 

■• WbMUl wMII>nij|[K'(i««cUoiprE«U~ 

Nonltf. in it! ri{id accapiadon, irill cot be bund 
In »n]r juiUcioiu jiroJuetion. 

VoluJrc tookcd on cvcrTthini; m ImitAtioD. He 
olwrrc* ttut iho inoat origiaal writers borroircd 
one fnm anoth<r, lod *ap ihM the iBitnieiJoo 
w«p(faerrroitibook«iiltlui!iT«; wefech ic (mn 
one luighbosn, kindle it at home. t,oA commttm- 
«*te U to otbcr*, dil it bccamca (hr jirapertr nf 
■IL He Inccs innM orUic fiuen. cunipoiitiuni to 
Ifac founulu-JiMiJ ; uid Ihrrr-uirr iiniirt when hr 
fMtouva tlui Uicj lute tnvdlfd in rcRuUr mr- 
■BhIoii thran^li CMm, India, Arabia, >DdGrc«oc, 
to Pnnoe aod to EniiUnd. 

To(beob*ouritjof Ijoir >rrth«*ncirnt([ndebl(i) 
for that originatily in which Qtey arc imagined tu 
excel, but t(9 know how frr^ucntly Ib<; aceate 
«c& «tlicrt asd to bavo boiT4w«l cvpioualy 
fixtm pmcediac wriiera wa* aotoaiuidoivd rrtmlntl 
by inch illoitnuu* anthori a« rialo and Cirrrn. 
Tb« Entid of Virgil diajilay* lit(l« invfiiiion in 
the Inftidput*, for it unlu* lb« plan of tb« I Had and 
the OdjM«T. 

Our Dwn tatIj wrilcraharrnot iniHC ori[iaBli(f 
than modern i;«iiiiu maj upire tu mcU. To 
imitat* «nd to rttnl lUe iiallan* and the Frcneh. 
farmed their JtvoliAii, Chaucar, Goir«r, and 
Gawin Dguslu, wcrt all fpthlcd imilaton, aui 
frMliumtlyoDljrinaatarlj traniktijn. Spcii«cr,thc 
fctherorioiiMnr porta, (■ himwlfth« child or ttip 
Aiuonian Muu. Milton U htNWuitlj bormwin; 
from the ff:ttxj of hi* day. In the lieautirul 
HaM|n« of Comna ba prtaeiTtd all the aircouw 
■ttiBCM of tite wDik tin tmiuteil. I'aaw iipciuvl 
for Urn tho Tartamn Gulfi the inUlime de- 
■orlfilionuf the brfil|{» may bn fnund in Sadi, who 
bomiwul If fVaui the Tiukitti tbeclosr; Uib 
IMndlw of foola la ■ wild Aoww, tmaplanial 
framtha«ilileri)i-(*af ArloMo. Hiarlflli poetry of 
CIrajr la a noinlnrriil tiMun, wov«n oa the ftaniei, 
■nd coni(>iMrJ with (l>p |{a1<l llire«d>, <if otherv. 
To Cenranin *e owe llutlrr | end tlie anitfj 
■bllliln of llurr* iraat wila, in their Mnniniia 
Scrilllinii. could (Ind nn other niudo orrniirrring 
Itelr ipawan but hy Inflating at niim Hon Unliote 
Wd H»>lear (htll*. Pajw, tike Hoilreu, hed all 
Um meienU a«til modonie In hi* par i (Iw cantri- 
l)«Ue«i« ba Intetl wtreiMliha ti(lli(«B af a bmtti, 
Inrt the tain iif a iniinarvlL Hwlfl la miiuh In. 
debtad tor ilet pUii* uT lili twu eery uri(lnal |>er. 
fermanMiai he owea the " Travel* nf llullitei" tu 
Ihm " V4y*|M «f Cjrfano da IWir-rae to tfcn 
Sum mmI Mekhii" a writer, <ahi>, wuhout the 
M lteawi U Hwlfl. Iiaa wilib* Haahea of tanry i 
iowph Wartm Im* ubaarvwd maaj of Rwtn** 

ftrokeain Bitliop GoJirip'* "Mania theHoon," 
(rho. In bi* turn, inuat ba>c borrowed kla work 
from Cyrano. "TIi« Tale of ■ Tub" ii ati imita- 
tiun of luch rarioua oriBinaii. that they are too 
numeront hen to mention. U'ottan otwerend jattly. 
that in many places, the aatbor'e wit ii bqI liii 
own, Dr. Periu'i "EaMjon the louIatioaM «f 
^ilenie" mif ht be conridcraUj anfateiMcd. Kurli 
■re the writer*, bowCTer, who initate, bvt remain 
inimitable 1 

MontAJgne, with horaaet naiT^rtr, oomparca hit 
wriiingB tu a tlitttiJ tliit biniLt tlic floworv at 
otheni i and that bj inccsuntlj pouring the waters 
of a few pxid old auUiora inta bia licte, Kirae drajM 
fall upon hte paper. The good old nan el»ewbere 
sc'iuniiita n» witli a entain etrata^tm of bis own 
liiTCDtLoD, aoiuiBtiiig of hi* iiucrtint whole ho- 
tcnces from tbo aniienta, vitbont ocknowMit* 
mtiit, that ttia critic* niij^ht blunder, by gieiac 
tuitardri to Seneca and PEutarch, while they 
ianagincd thrj tweikHl hii noac. Petrartb, wbo 
la not the intenlor of that tender poetry of whick 
he ia the model, and BoccncL-io, callcil the fatbt*' 
of Italian novels, liaie alike proltteil by a itiadioua 
pemnl nf writen, who arn now only read by ihoaa 
who hare mure eorieaily tban tutc. Boiardo hae 
imitated Pulei, ind AlloalO. Bnordu. Tlie mad- 
neat of (VrUndo Fnriono, thoaih it wear*, hy It* 
eilnttayiinoe, a very urigioal air, i> only initalcd 
from i^ir Laoneelot in the old romance of " Moit 
Artbor," with which, Wteton obtrne*, it agrttm 
in OTCry leading drcmnaLsncc ; and what i* iIm 
Ctrdenioof Ceninncea but theOrlandooTAriooto.* 
Tasui hti imitBtMi ibe Iliad, uui emi^ed hie 
lioem with epbodea from the Bnoid- U 1* 
cnrioua lu obsorre, that etec Dante, wiU anit 
original as be appears, when be MMta Virgil in 
the Infrrao, warmly eiptvate* hi* gratitnde 
far the naoy line painpn for whirh he wwt 
indebted to hi* weitkt. and on wfaieh he tay* he 
hod ''lotif ueditatnL" MolirreandLa PontanM 
■re (oijsldcred to po«»(M as much oriKioality ai 
■ny of the French wriian; yet the learned Mmase 
Mlb MolSiW " nn (nnd et hnhile plooraiu :" 
and Hnileiu telle ns, that La PootaJM borrowel 
liil ttjle and matter fno) Marol Oail RabektS, 
and took bis tabjrcta from Doccaccio, Ptwaa. 
and Ariufto. Nor ww the rooeatric BafacJaia iha 
iuveittor of moat of hit hurleeiiue nairatira* ; anl 
Ik- I* a i«ry clnee imitator of Foleii|0. the itkeealor 
of the mararoitio poolTy, and not ■ liltld iadebtad 
to Ibe old Fatxrir of ibe Italian*. Indaad 
VUldii. 01 well ai tbuaa we ban DOtlet^, 
by the aathor* anterior to tb« aft of 
1^ Etruy^n ioeorpomtea wbolc paaaapa of PabOaa 
STmi in hit work, a* the Iramlator of the Ulter 
abuutUntly ihowa. To tha"Tarkitli Spy" was 
Mooteaqultu befaotdea lor lib " Penian LMten," 





■nd m nuHemiM mwd are iniielKBd to >l(»teg. 
qirin. Ceneille Bade * lib«r>l aw of SpanUh 
lUrralBN ; and tbc pure watcn of Racine floiivd 
IboM tfae famtoDi ot Sopfaode* and BaripiilM. 

Tbk vein of tniluifaR iwu threap Ibe jiro. 
^— **"— of onr grcaUvt Mitbon. Vi^tsl de 
HartlUa eompkrM tome of iKe fint wrilen to 
fcwklri wboara lieh ••ilh Ui« MMcahlrd fbrlnnr* 
tt indirUnb, a<i4 mnU be oAca rained were tiicj 
Ins haidly dnn on. 

Punt, in an qilalU to Tncn*. idriiei kin to 
tMmii uoaof hii JdvcTCr ttndica tlie aoft«niii|; 
alHrvM «( pMtry t and ndiMa ■ ipocin of pott- 
ieat wapoatliAK n^U^ menu eritnl antnuid- 
^mhr- 1 tkAll ((aotc Ptinjr in tbv UoctMSO of 
Mb nkcsK tnoalaur. lie wgn, " TbcM piecci 
fwwwiy go voder tbe title of poetical unua^ 
Win : bM thai! anwowDta have (OowtiiMi 
gain 1 1 u nufh KpMtatiaB ta their aatluira a* 
vorba <f • omm Kriona oatorv- It i) »arpriNi>E 
how pinck ihc mind la auetaincd aad entiTened 
bf tbei» bttlo poriical conjiontiinii. aa thcf turn 
aidiJMrta o( faltaiUJ, Mlin, lendenWM, 
a«d ettijthiag, in riiort, that eonMnw 
a»d tl>e aHain of Uk world." 
nia apecia «f poetrr liaa tmn oarrieil to lb 
pcrfectiun bjr lli« Fiench. It haa becti 
fay ihc*. from th« maaa of foettf, 
tka apt title of " P^muh hgi-rtt," and 
it k** bren upiiticalillf nllcd " l'er$ 
4r8«eiA/." The Prcndi whtcra haita formed a 
tod; e< tUi fngitiic poetry. >hlc;l) DO European 
■tfioa caa rival ; and to which bulb the languafo 
wd ftatu apyaar to b« fraati; tavounhle. 

Iht " PottUt l/jffMt" Are not ninrly cMnpo- 
tttoaa «f ■ l>)tht and grj turn, but are ctt^'^ll; 
myktfvd aa a tchide for toider and pathetic arn- 
taat> Tbey are neicr long, for they ue coiik- 
■Mei IB the amaaeiDmi of aodetjr. The anthar 
^fMiato hara «enpaawl tbau for lui pleuuic, 
mt lot kk glory; aod ka charm* hit n:ador*, 
t«nn he M«Mi eanlan cf Ihrii apprubaiiuu. 

Baary delicacy of aaa^JMaat nnt find lu dall- 
agy af aatp wt o n, n j tnrf t m itnen of ibootht 
•Hi b« aofteB«d by tiie trndemt loon. NoibioK 
HItaf tririal BiBitnifnblo and chill tbo linagina- 
ta I nor nuat tbe car ba dented iu cratibmiuo, 
t| a ra«c^ or carelca vttie. In Iheae work* 
MCkfag ia pardmcd : a word may dittatb, ■ liae 
Mjimtnj tb« charm. 

tl« paartow «( the pod naj f>nn tbe (ubjc«ta 
<( Ua ama. It ia ia tbcve vritiop he dcluuaica 
Vmmtti be iidecta his taita. hit dum, bU 
Ua amonn. and even h^ defec**. In 
|>aaiiia. Ibe poet diaaj^ioan Bsdar tba rdgmad 

diaracter^he auumea ; ber« alone be apeakj, bets 
he acts. He make* a ccafidaiit of the iiailiii. 
iiat«ra>t> him in his bapvs and bia aonom ; wo 
adtnirt tbc pool, lad conctuJo *ith ratoruioK t^ 
man. Tbr poem b the cnnipUiiit of a loifr, or a 
eomjdimanl to a patron, a *Ow of trwDdifaip, or a 
hymn of fralitqdc. 

'llitae potnu have often, witb peat tocceMt 
diipUjrcil pictunn of manncra i for hare tbc pott 
mluata tlie objntB wkli nil tlic buea of aodal life 
RfllKtion iTiu*t \mi lie ampltCM, fur Iheae are 
ptcMs devoted ta Ihn fancy : a iinr«ii> may br ptaoVA 
thron^ont the poem ; a a«ntiment miut bo tta^- 
«cyed in a verse. In the "Uruii^r Uill" ttf 
Dyn, «i ditcoTor aanio aUokcf which may ktvb 
to exempli^ Ibia crilidam. Tbe poet, conltm- 
pLadng the diiiant landuapc, obaerrea^ 

■■ A.iEepmMMalcamayi>aB llieatnaun. 
Eu llWab Alaat danarn awn : 
Eii wa mlaaate llie fdlun'a tace, 
SjeC thrDoab Uoiwib doluUiia ik*' 

It mnat aot be mpputed ibal. becanac theaa 
pocma are ctinciac, tkcy an of nay procliuniun : 
B poai*a (cniiu may not be diminuttTc bmauae hia 
piMea are ao ■ nor muat we call thtra, a* ■ fgne 
aonnrt haa bem called. • diHicalt tnflr. A circle 
taaj be my ainaU, yet it may be aa malbema- 
tJcdly baaatifUl arid perfect ai a Ur|cr one To 
auek flompoaitiaoi me may ifply the obacrration 
of an aBei«iit eritic, that though a little thdttg 
give* pcrfeclion, yet |>«rf«f tion ia not a little Uung. 

The poet mut be alike polbbnl by aa tnter- 
courac with the world aa wuh the atudin of taate; 
one to whom labour ia ncgliganoe, nSaVMUt a 
tdence, and art a nacnre. 

(jeoiaa will not alwaya be niffieicBl to impart 
that i^racc of amenity, Man; of ibo Prmcb 
noliility, wbn cullirated potlrji bare, therefore, 
oftraet avellcdiii Ibcir gioetical amnsemeuti thaa 
morv jirofeaMd prwla. Franrr one* datigfattd ia 
the amiable and ennobled numea of Ninvnoia, 
Boufflerai aad St, Algnan ; (hey hare not been 
coiuddacd aa vawotthy riiab of Cbaoliea and 
Uemard. of VoltiLirt and Gnurt. 

All the mituir odea of Uuraoe. and tha antlra 
AiucrfoD, are eotnpflaitioiia of thia kind | effit- 
(iuna of tbe heart, and pielurra of the tma{inalion, 
wliicb were produced in the roaTiviiil, the ainMory, 
and the peuiiie bour. Uur Datkia haa nut alwaya 
baan laoeaMfnl in thaaa ptrformancaa ; they hate 
not ban kindred to iU genina. Witb Charlo* II. 
tomrthinj at ■ i^ftr and msr« airy taatc waa 
ooBKnunicBtod to our pocDy, bat It waa daanttofy 
and incorrect. Waller, both by hb hablia a&d hia 
genltu. waa adl adapted to ciml in thia litbtcr 
poetry : and he haa atim attainad the perfeeltoa 
which the atale of Che laa|[aa^ thm prrmiUcd. 
n^r ba* a nriety of nllita ; bat hb hnmovr la 




TOE oBStvs or aoLuac 

- ■_. . ■• ■ • — ^^^--^ 
faMa; Intlto*' r«m*5MMif-famKi|ncta 

■gt«a^«ai7 ■Boog 

to notkct. ««ai h A« m»c pnplc- Hmm 

«U MiMal «f CMwdy ba b«cB nrapt off ifa* abl* ; 
mi tm fitmm tmitinaUjolmwimtnhmitfnTti 

Wf VOdBV Vften Of (MW IMS MMfW €■ MT^ft~ 

liOB wbm psnoBS di1u| Bon iHMCsd, BBOtxf 
■■> Ihb MKnMoMmi ui Joomo nd ShidscD 
fan w vInI Iky «Utd " Of W««Mr>/'— tbat ih 
*■ MfaUiii « pwdcalv cbmelMirtiH sT MA. 
BM haw w w tHCM aad main af Oiakiac m*; 

(■Idc' b; M mocmog Miatinit, tkoocb be inv* 
•to' dv ■■t'— -f- — y Biedcla of todetf, viU 
nttiB Mi fW ilaww b eyoad Ut «m agt ami 
Mt Mm n«Jo«; wbtt «u tneporuy and local 
1w iihu ■fprrtsioa to aoixrHl natarc 
Hw adalar dwaOi aa tba fiMa^M 
of Ike MfCMdc AttoUphnn, ihMgh 
Um A i hM riaw mwaan, «d tut anCu p rw oaigaa, 

U«UBBB iia*ao«Bl«r b tha art tf r twrn^ — 
aA dlfcov^ hh pvaoMagca ware iba cBMcMpon- 

rlM nf I aaia IIm Fnnnrinrti aait bla laaiimin. In 
tecritieal MeeptatiM of Ifce lam. locil and tas- 
pan>7, 7«t bia adailrtU* gndM «p>ntd Ibat M«(et 
path af Kata**, «Ucb ■• aa trnmij Ibosd bokmv 
ifa (real nanaa td ifea naat Sienrr aabnM. 
CKKTATTTxa naaaba ifafk ia Spaia ; ia Bnglaad 
8H*aa«Fa»a b a m wmt n tmi aaaaet and eea- 
ntfM* iMj poaa a««r batata Oa Vtaaeb paople 
iUl whawa aootbcT Mauaaa. 

Tba Uattty 0/ tbfa cnaic poat U th« bla of 
pawarfbl t/oAm orartag iiarlf aiaidat ifae moat 
■dNtaa ataaaata. Wa baxa tba jrv^ctn of that 
aiir rfaMiia wkich atiaeb ort aa aatMd patb 
«rito«««.(ron tbaliweMoilUnhadiwt^ac- 
Ua Ht, la iha (lanaM daji aheo lie gare 


It WW fa^ tba (ate af lUKn U aj pgfaM a 
tbat mtkM nportnaiti' af faajaa wbirii iaedi oa 
itirfi, tffl a dwoaTCT tfaa labala w ttaaaka. Ma- 
Sfaa aai aa^ mMuil AM totwf«t>a« ii^ala«, 
bat it w i nr a aii ii lF^ byibeaab ip f taaa aa/a 
AadtbifhMbaea tbehtof 
fer Baay raaia hna ibaa beea IM U 
tbawaahaaaad Id lb* pmbBc 

A «aa bora awat iba a h ui A* cT (ha 
people, ibmaa asKMK ibe UbomK aaBpawM of 
Htars. far Febmc bad aot fat a cbcab*. occaptod 
to bla bat boon bf too dnoud a »aaa(aa«Bi of 
bb ova diaaatie cotpa ; hi ai nlf . too, u ocipul 
aelor B the dHnotan by UaMttf creaiGd; witb 
Bobatur tMMiaCnvparitiBalbantbe ItaUaa 
fema air iHpnaMik aad wfcoaa fcaiaatieptoty 
bt^to tbalaA, biaedtae wall; beeoBaa the par- 
*«m1 fatoariB of Ibe Baal y§amfMl Baaarcb, 
a^ tha Biteata stf iba Baal aoiMd <itdea. 
TbaaglHM atafw af tbaaa acw map i aad new 
p««aaaafaa. be *fw«t« viib Iba afcaed p a ^^ a a w a 
utd tbe ftnttcrins mar^itiM*, aa ariA tba aBla^ 
liikaloaBaM «f tba iMfp«au, Bd Ibe riM pr^aa 
aad e^attMi of ^a p aaa a aai t andwkb tnorc {iro- 
i liAfdirT baad« anaiaalu tba 
af Uaa prafta^fr* tai d pralkadoat- 
Hit aNwa, aacA «a thair aanty. *eem bat Iba 
rT^TrTr*>t nf hti iw h h n a rr a Hit fertile haility 

ahaaiaaehl^oa al Win; MawilaM. 

pwhwaifw. a^ Ui nonUrfav «ria. la Mi awca 
clennd CBBady. dbplaf , ta Ada paiattr of naa. 
tha port Md Iha pb fl iiaphe r , aad, ittaite kU. tba 
Siaai Bonl Blirte. UoUta baa ahoaa tbu tba 
Boat aac c Mafit l tafcnacr of tba saaaan of a 
paa|da li a giaal «mal« poet. 

Tbe yoatb ftefaiAa—lbb mm bb faaiilj 
nasK — <•» doBpml by tbc lapiiawr, hi« bther, 
w be ibe bair of Iba bandiiai7 boaMia of •• 
aaaeni ataaduc. aUck bad aialaaalanl ibr I*uie< 
^adiM thrangb bar or ftia mm — li-f ia, by tba 
artMM of a raniabaaf uy b u hlai u . UU puiU 
falb«' WM a baaater of Iba taMll tbeaUti «f tb»l 
day. aad tbe boy wftenacoawp aa tod lUaaaaanUa 
aidr. of Um taniil} 10 bb fbaoarita itnaatkiaa. 
Tbe aeUai aere analty awfa MoaB mt tbaa Ibdt 
ptrera; mba bad eam«d Ibe Mtaadc an Bo Iba 
patfrctiofi of ctoqvcnt saatioalattea. In tbna , 
looae BoeDta of inartidcial and barfaat»e pboca «a* , 
tha (Biiu of Moli^ta ciadM and aaned. Ha I 



AasfHU •renN of tlie TMtUrt 4t A*ny(i)PW 
imfXy bnaud th» boj't iaiiiKiiuttim, to the peat 
4etrimem of tiw tapt—rr i t of ■!! tlie Pooqudin*. 

Ihi &tli«' fTOMied, tiM snodlinbef clB}i|Kd| 
lb* feoy ramooftratnl. till, at fourteca jnr* of 
■ft^bcmaooiHJfapd.M "nn maunwiDJcu" (no 
hi* falktr (fuklifiFil bin.) to ■ callpjie of the 
Jwttitoat Pirii, <ahet« tlic nuUiorof Uie '*Tw- 
t«Ai^pMM4 five |M», iindf ins— for ilieWl 
PbOiwoiihjr anil lovlr vrrr arKMn which ha 
dnmk: •n(l*priiiklinictDrht>eDll«p»tuiIici 
aAm patulMl the utire «f hit loore liaidiM caiii«- 
JW*. Tu lulicok bUn IniBtng and FbIm bale, Ooa 
&iial W uUiBiatr with Ihe iruc 

Ob Ma Tctuia to the tnrtnh|iu[is, the M hitmoar 
bnk« oU M tl)« rrprraenlalloD uf lh« tnimitahle 
RnnnonA of the Italiin thitatm. Thv irradat- 
Me p4Mi«ii 4ro<rc bim Trdin hit lair itnJlca, aad 
aMt fSMg PooqiwUa amoi^ a cotnpinj' uf amalrur 
wUra, wbuac fame toon cnablnl ihctn not u> plaji 
paCaUoaaly. Pno^Brlui aaa tlie manager ai)il tlin 
', Car, DodFr bia atnJiona tye, thia company 
iodnot^ ts imilAtc Nature witb tbe aimplicily 
As poet Uaaatir arote. 

Ite prcjudun irf Iht dajr, both dril ud rall- 

0M», had made thoe paitate tbeatrra, no (treat 

■atioMal tkaatrc jpI (litting, (be thouicc ofily of 

tW Ulari lb« diaHptttcd, anj) pTrn uf tti9 anfortu< 

BMC In fockij. The jouiliful advcncnrer alTec- 

IkMM^f cAerod a frrc ailniiaataii to thr dear 

heqacUat- Tbay rqeeted thtlr antrin with 

Wror, aBit iml tbdr gcuMtopcal tnw. dravn 

rfi^b. to fhajnr (he tmoot wlio h>iid wantoned iiilo 

tkc laxaibsca of scuiua. Tu aarc the honour of 

pWMitol apfaotilcfTTS, PociiorliiL cuncrakd 

rader tb« imcDDrtal nam* of MoIiiti*. 

■Man «mtor of Crmdi comedy had now 

Ua thirtiath year, aad aa j«t bU nputntion 

«« bmAmmI to hi* own draaiatio oorpa — a pil[rlm 

■ iba canns at anbulatDry comody. H« had 

ponded artend tenporarj notelliet. Itoilaau 

ngrcoad the loMof ona, " Le Docb^ur Amouraiu ;" 

■4 in otbrta X dct«t Ihr abortiTn concapUoaa 

rfaOBBOf bw hloriT pirfxa. The Kvare Jadg* 

■Ml of MoUire uxfSarA hia akdctona to periah, 

tu Dhni he bad dlaMinwl the art of comic 

moBg, «Uh N|iial diaMrnracait bo retuacitated 

Km ooly had Moltfrc not jct diacoirri^ tljc 
btntof bia goniua. bal. ■cill luorr unfortunali*. 
Ml a* pMtly ■uukm it ai vhe n he propounl 
W>in( nrt f c a t^ fcr Ik* imfe^Lnrd that hU hhhC 
Vrtibk charactar vaa tratlc. He vrule a tragedy, 
bo arUd ia a tragedy ; the tragedy he com. 
4 waa euademnnl at Burdaaiu : the martJAed 
flaw to Crnwbia ; aUU (ha oolucky trapd; 
bia fiNicy ; b« looked on U iiilb patvmal 
QM. in which tbrit vera icara. I^mg after. 

wh<ti Rarine, a youth, olTcrod him a very unacl- 
•Ua tragedy, Moli^re pmeiiud hini ollhhli nwni 
— " Take this, for [ am coDvinnd tbalth« nibjact 
it hiithly tragia, uotwUhalaniKas Diy fMliirv." 
'Die great dTSiualic |(Ort of Francir opened his 
rartvr hy rccompoaJn; tho cmidrnnnad Irai^y of 
the comic wit, in •' I^ TbcbaTde." In ths Illation 
tbat lie iru a Ercal (raeio a<ior, JNvited by hia 
own auBCeplibility, though hh roicc dctitcil the 
toneiof patalon. Iio nrtcd in one nf CorndUe'a 
tra^Hira, and quite aikytd the alarm <if a rtid 
company on the annoanMmpnl- Itvaa not, bi>w> 
ofcr, go wtcutlic author- net or >iiifi«di)iii;of hia own 
nalire peraonagrsi then, inirriiuibly comic, oery 
new rcprrieniaiion ammed to ht o new crmiion. 

It it a mnirkal)1« feature, thougli not parhapc 
a ajngalar one. (n the rharacter of thii great comic 
writer, that he waa one of tlie nott acrioias of 
netii ami erni of a melanchali'a tcmpcramont. 
Onr of hinlampooncn wrote atatirlcal comFilyori 
the eumie poet, whipre he flfuiea a« *' Mnlii'-re 
hypnchondm." Builcan.whoknRirbimintiioalfly, 
happily cbamctcHwd Moliiro a« It! C-ntempla- 
ttMr. Thia deep pcnaiTeiicM ia reiealMl lu bia 

Tlic ({miuB of Moliere. long nndiiDotvred hj 
himiclf, in it" firtl attcmpta in a high«t walk did 
not moT* alone I it waa crutchcd Uy imitation, 
and it oftan driitncd tu ]iloU);h with another'* 
hctfcr. He copied whole Ri:«nr« fmm Italian 
comediM and pinia ftnm Italian noteltati : hia 
sole merit nan their iinprriv«in.i?nl. The great 
tomic aatirift, who herraflor wa» to pccple the 
atn.gc with a draoiatic crowd who wore to Htc 
on lu poHifTjiy, had not yet alruch at that lecrot 
vein of oripnnlity— the fairy ire*»iire wbith 
one day wu to <wit out aur.h a prodii^lity of 
InTcntian. His two Ar>t couicdic), " l>'Etounli" 
and " Le DrpiC Amoiirrui," which be hud only 
Tentnrcd tu briag out in a proTiocId lliettrc, wfrr 
grafted on Italian and SpanlRli comrdy. Nothing 
nore origiaal uHVred to hi< Lmnifi nation than the 
Raman, ttis Italian, and the Spanuh drsma ; the 
riiTiiiine sdroit ilavc of Tcceiice: the irit-lioi;, 
huttiing Graeiotoat nioderei S)ialn ; old fathcra. 
thediipra of 101111! aoapC'ifraee, ur of (helT own 
»ctitl* fulliea, witb lo»er» iii^hin|; at rrou-purpoiea. 
The rctni of hia future puwir* may, indei-d, h* 
discorercd Iti th«c two comrdita, for in*cn>ibly to 
hlmwir hr had fallen into aoiiie tmtc* at natural 
limplieity. In " L'KtourOI," Maacarille, " k 
roidca Hrrilrura," whirh Mfili^re himaelf admir- 
ably penoiialed, is one of thoac defun«( eliarai-tera 
of the Italian comedy no longer cxiitinjt In aoclcty ; 
yet, like utir Tduehaiooe. hut knltnitcly richer, 
thia new idea) peraona^ atill deUghlt by the ftfftt- 
lity of hia eipedienia aad hia perpcEnal andvigor- 
o«* sairty. In " La D^( Anioureux" ia tba 

THE (lENii's ov Houaiti-:. 

uqnbilc KCTie of Ibc qiuml and rrcuiwiliatioii nf 
the lover*. lu tbU fine vrtnt, tticugh p«rlwpa 
bat •■ •DapUfrealiDn of Ilm iii^ll-knaws oJe of 
Haruc, Z>«n«w fralriM eram ti&t, Molicrc coo- 
walted kit owa fedinfcti aui! bdirart*) Us hiCurc 

Il mt after ui inteirtU of thrte nr fuur jean 
that th« proflnclil Mlebntf of Ihpie «>ra«dli>< 

obtiunnJ • TrjinwenilAlion at PuU ; Llieir «uc£(«t 
wu decicirc. Tbis w*c >n cridcnoe of iiubt)« 
hvuur nhicli iJiil not acoompanjr Mo1iI!re*a marc 
finUhed |iru<luctlaat, whkh. trera ui far unforta- 
lutfl that thrf w«re mor« tat«lhgihte lo the few ; 
ia fact, the tir«t MunnUe* «f Mali^rc vcrc nat 
written above ihe {wpuUi tactc i the apuit of tnc 
comedj, in a pTufuunil kaimleil^ of ibe bean of 
man, and iu thr drlicaU diacrini inalion* of indi- 
Tidual character, wh yet vnkiiowi). Moliitr« wa« 
■Otitfied to cacd bia prvdcccuwii but lie bad not 
jct l«ame<) bia art. 

The rialiiig ptict wai uow caninllf aoivht after : 
■ non: sticndrd cirrtc nf toritty now cn||aynd tiii 
CMttevpl alive babiti- He loakod around on lirinj; 
•cenn nu li>r>gcr through the din tpcctacln of the 
old camcilr. nnil lie projcclcil a iiew a|in:i(.i. 
wbicb wu no hjiiKet to depend on ila ronirntUnial 
|rui««q«ie ptnonagaa and kta fdroed inrideDti ; he 
acpirad to plMM • mare crlltoal audienee, b} 
makinit hi* •Haloniie tbo coaturaatioa <>( aucicty, 
anil bia chancien ila portnita, 

]iitrodu(«d to the Uterarr ooterie of the (lAtd 
de Rnmliriuillrt, a new view op^upd on the 
TaTOQred poet. To o**«ipy ». neat in tliii rn>i>rd 
circle tna » distinctiuu iu Hx-tel;. Thv prafciaed 

object of tbia reuciou of DoMliiii and literary pa- 
aoDS, Bl the bOld. ihf the marcbiurJeai of Etam- 
liuniltcl, wa« to ^t« a higher tune to all Vrance. 
by ibe L-ulti«BtiOD uf the tiinRungc, the: tntellrcCual 
refinement of tbeir compoiitiuai, and la*t, hut iKvt 
Icait, at inculcate thr cilr«nical delicacy of man* 
nert. The recent civil lUucnsiotia bad oftm 
*ia[aUd the urbanity of the cuurl, and a groMnoM 
prevailed in oonrntMtton which offended the acru- 
puloiH. Tbif critical circle waa tvm.fotii ill both 
mm, llcy were to be the arbitcra of taatc, tlio 
Itgidalora «[ criticlain, and, what wu Icm tuler- 
Mt, the aodal* of ttnio*. No wgrlc wu to b« 
aia^^ei into cvrrencf wluch bore not the maU 
mark of the LAtel. 

In lbs wuiala of faablon and Uteralura, no colerl* 
baa pracnled a ouin: iniCructiTe and amuting 
alhlliitlon of the abuMa at InmlDir- and the abei' 
rationa of ilUre^iiJaleij icnaf^n&lions, than the 
HAtel dr Hjunbouillvt, by il* >iigL-oiOB> nlnunlitich 
Tbeir esocllrnt dc-ilcn lo refine the Uosnage. thr 
awnoenittid even morBlity itielf, branched out 
lata tvatyipMiaa of fall* refineineiiE; theiracletiCD 
ran uit» tririal ptdaotriei, their ityle inlo a Ha- 

taatic jar^ioo. and their apititualiaii^ AMeaej bta 
tb« ««r7 puritanUm of prudery. Tbdr friralMa 
dittinrtiaii bct««ra the mind and the heart, which 
could not nlwaji be made lo go togelber. nftea 
pcrplricd them oa much aa Ibtir o""* jarEon, 
which waa not alwnji intellieihlc, cT«a to the 
initiated. Th» Pnmch Auademy t« aaid to have 
oriKinated in the firat niMtingi of the llCtel d« 
RambouiUet ( and it i> probable that tome aeaaa 
and lopile, in iu rarlieat daja. ma; bait tiaited thia 
locirty, for we do n<iC begin *ach rcAncd foUica 
wiibvut aome abow of reaioii. 

Tha local feaina of the hCUl wg* feminine, 
tiioa|li tbe moat glotiosa men «f the llt<ratiira «( 
Frvnce vere anong ita votariea^ Tha Rrnat ■M^iaet 
waa the hnied Mademciiaelle Scoderri wboaa 
TOluminouii nimancea were their code; and it 
ia (upjKiacd tlioM tomca pretcrre aame of their 
lengtbcticil cwtvertiiMionf4. la the noTcl ayrtaaa 
of gallantry of thia great inventor of eaaroaa aad 
melapliyiical " twnddlc," Ibe ladica wnv tg be 
approached as lieings notbiaj ihorl «( eetoilial 
paragon* ; tliey mre addreued in a laegoag* KVt 
to be found in. any dictionary but tbeir own, mni 
their hahiti were more fantimtlc than tbcu lan- 
gua((e : a *orC of domestic chiralry formed tbdr 
tti(|a«tt«. Their baptiunal niu»« were to then) 
ptofane, and their aainaead oitea were drawn froaa 
the folio rumancea — tboae Bible* of love. At 
length all ended in a aort of Preonavinry of 
gallantry, which had Ita graduated ocdcn, and 
whoever waa not adiBltted into Ibe myitenea waa 
not pcnsilted (o prolAnif bia eatatenee — that in, 
bii nuidcncc among them. The appmitieeibip of 
the craft waa to be aerrcd ujidcr certain Inlroiiucn* 
to Uurltci. 

Their card of invitation waa eilhcr a rondenti or 
an enigma, which aerved aa a aoh}ect to «pra 
convcrMition- TTie lady rreeived her Tiaiton re- 
poaing on tlut throne nf beaDty, a bed pl*i<cd in 
an alcore i the toilet waa ina^niliceciUy amn«ed. 
The tptr* between Che bed anil the wall waa called 
the RwUr, the diminiitive of la Hue ; and in thia 
narrow atrect, or " Pop'a alley," walked the 
farotitcd. But the chevalier wbo au graced by 
tbe honorary title of r^fcavirir, araa at owoe 
maater of tbe bonatdiold and niaat* of Ibe cere^ 
niODJc*. Ili> cbaracter it potnt«lly deSord by 
St. I^iremond, aa " a Iwter whom the J*r/cimt* 
ia luluic wtthnut enju]meiLt.and(D cqjoy in gD«d 
eameal her hiuliaiid with avcralou." Tbe aoBBa 
offered no Indecency to niich dritcate nilnda, and 
ntacb IcM the Impaaiioned ityle which paaaSd 
Wlwoen lei cUrea. aa tb«y called tbenifelvs. 
Whaleter offered an Idea, of wLai tbcir jaifsa 
denommatrd thamtiU, waa lrr.aaon and enlK 
Years paaavd erv Ibe hand of the ekded 
wa« Iciaaed by Ita martyr. Tbe MJabtandl Joia 




llr^ABfeBiiei «u belotei bf Ibe daks de Mont- 
•Mcr, hat fouHcca tots clsjitnl tct iJif woulJ 

TkM •"JO." When ibc Uxthfol Julii hm do 
longer UaoouDC, the Alomtiile dake gracefully 
took mf die rrriMlm ot Utr b«««lf. 

Thdp Mora <iiii4iu project mu the rrform »f 

the vtjic of cDoicnation, to purify it* groNDCW, 

Hid iotEnt DOTcl Unn* for fkiniliar (ibjr>rU. 

HAiagc dnw up a " PetickiD of the Uiictianarici." 

obicfe. by their ■nrrity of Uxtn, hid n<iiirly b*. 

•eo«« mpcruuitulRl. Tbcy MiC(?Nd«d belter mth 

the ■MnrAa*''*' ifo niMJM and Uie jrwellen, far- 

ahUng s ToctbuUry exc«aiifcly prieirutt, by 

ficnpj« bought their old mtrt* with new 

At ku^i they wm lo lucoeMrful in their 

Ibat «ilh grt*t tUffieiilly Ihfy und«ntood 

mat aootb**. It w, however, wc>rl}i obMriBlion, 

dwt Ibe ortbOfTSphy tovrnlol by i)ie pr^eieii4ei, 

«fcp, far ibeit conttEtiieitct, rticclnl ijII the rc- 

domUiit lottera in «ordj, wu ailopied and U noir 

«>«t) i and ibelr prid« of n<-liuiir*ni'u in «i)d(ity 

iatradaoed tlw tioKuUr terin t'tneanaUhr, to 

ill mill I • ptmn *ho haunlEd low oouptny, while 

maitmi parity bad rver on their 13pi tb« 

■lnfaiV. tvrcD* which Mcli«tii ridicule*, but 

upreMiTCtMM tta* prcaerrMl Ihem in Iht 


Rilikndciia m muc of tbeM ednngaDcva non 
■pp««r to «*, ibey hid been m cltwply inlvnroieu 
wUh IhM riecmee of Ui« higher ninki, and no 
iirfiwMlflj a«>firi»lrd with geniut and lltenture, 
(hat tb« veil of fatliion eaiueciitnl iIrkwI [>i« 

«i7»l>ral Mclety, sacs «c trnd nraaag iia ediaircti 
(to Most illiulriuui nauin of Kranre. 

lalo IM* elovaieid and arfilirial cItHe of lociety, 
«w yovtUnl and nnaophiadeatcd pivt wia now 
ttivwD. with a Miad not *itiatHl by any prcpoa- 
OBHlMiaDf falMtaslBiitndiDUiof oalure tad alitc 
W Iho ridlnlina. Dul how wu the roaiic i;eDin* 
to ilrft* at the tbilie* of hia UIo*(nni]ii friendt — 
4» «tnli«, but not lo wound ? A proTlndd p>ttit 
and Mtor to niter 1to*I^ riy irIo Uic tacrcd pro- 
of ibrce EicltiaiTca? Tariuenlcil by bi* 

Ho&i*n pmdneed " Lei PnVieum Ki. 

' bo adtuliihly |)arrit4). In. hia prefaRp. 

aaj af pUcatlos t« thua, by tttning thai It «u 

aiwiil at tlidr initator* — tbeir ipuriauii oiimii^s in 

(W Bowntty. The " rn!cieuic* Riiticulm" «u 

fa the pntafx of the auembled llAtel de 

■riifa linmeniiw applanw. A (rnlrtl 

ham tKepit. aolieipathiff IbeliMitof enemin 

tm^ Ilia fanie of III* Htarmrr ofoiiiiinly, eocf laimtu!. 

'^Triw ountc Motk'rc. tbia t» true comedy." 

Tte leHnrd kf i*ni(E wai the only meinbcr of the 

MMitty who bad the good apuM to ileleot tbt drift : 

ha |M*e«i(«d thr 'nako in the graia. •' Wa miHt 

^nr,** aaid Ihl* mtHble pedant (io a renote «Uu. 

tiM to tbe ht« of idebLiy and ibi introdwolion of 

Chriitianity) to the po«4loal pedant CbspdaSn, 
" follow tilt cottnarl flhtcli Si. lUani |ara to 
Clniit: «e miut bum all that wo adbrtdf ind 
■dure «b«t we liare bumed." Tfao luccea* of the 
comedy waa univertal ; the compBiiy doubled their 
pricec ; the coantiy ^ntry flocrked lo wilnex the 
marvelloui DOT<lty, which far eip^Heil ikti fait* 
ta.ite, that romance-itapertinciicc, and that lickly 
afFnlilioa, ■rhlch bad loii^ dictuibed the qiiiet of 
(imilipc t^en-aiilca had not itiuck more adtoitty 
at SpuUih Thodomontade. 

At tbia oniiemal reoepHon of tha " Pr^eienMa 
RidiEulee," MoU^re, it U mU, exclaimed,—"! 
luetl no loncer ttudy riaotu* and Tereno. nor 
poach in Iho fini^inrnti of Mciiniider : 1 lia*« only 
to ilndy tlie world." II may be doubtfOl whether 
the eroal i;oiDtc anlirial at that moBient oaugbt the 
(Dildcn rTire.laijon of hia reniiii. aa be did tabtt- 
i[uenllyin hia ■' Tariuffe." hia " Miaanihropf," 
hia " Bourgeoii Gentilbomme," and olhen. Tha 
" Pr^HUMB RIdlculea" wat the g;enn of hia nora 
rlabo-rate " Pcninica SaTuiIcs," which waa not 
produced til! after an itiicrral of twelve year*. 

Moli^ rrCumed to bii old favourite rnnerof, 
or plola of Ituhait farcM and noieli. and Spanish 
eoIn^dip•, whiaih, beiji^ alwayi al band, fumUhed 
caiocdieioriutritcuc. " L'HcoIo dc* Maria" iaaa 
iniinitohle Rimdel cif this olast. 

Itut comvdiM which iLMve thrir chief interest 
rmm the infoiiinui tnechaniim of their plot*, 
liowcTcr poij^asnl the deb^bt (v( [he artiliee of the 
t/cjMnT'Wn', are Mimewbat like an epigram, once 
kitawn the bhlliaDi point i* blunted by repetition. 
Tlii* in not the fate of Ibote repreaentallucii of 
mcn'a irtiona. paanionj. and manDcn, in the mare 
eslargAd iphere of hiioian nature, wbr^re an eternal 
ioCereat ie eicitcdi and wiU cbnrm ou Ibc tenth 

Nu ! Molit'te hail not yet diioovercd hli tme 
geiiiug ; tie waa nut yet cmandpaied from hii old 
■cduniioiii. A riraJ fomp&oy waa reputed to bs«p 
the better actoin for Ingedy, and Molinre rrMjlved 
to compose an heroic drama on the paiiion of 
Jealouiy, a ft>our>te one on ahieh ho waa inoea* 
eantjy ruminating. " Don Girtie de Kavarre, 
uu t.e Prince Jalooi," the bcro prrAonattd 
hy hicDiclf, tcrmioated by the bi««a of tba 

llie fall of the " Prince Jaloia" waa nearly 
fatal to the (mder te|n>littoB of the pont and the 
actor. The worid beeaenc erittea] : Ili« marqiileM, 
and the pr^lcutci. and reocnily the boarfvoia, 
who wna tore from " SganftrDlIc, on Le Oxv 
IwiBgiiuire," were op In anna ; and tbr riral 
tbeatn ^alie^oualy raited the haJlou, t1a(teritig 
Ihemael'ta (hal tbc eomie geaim ot their dreaded 
rival would be eitiiifaisbed by the ludicrona eon- 
tuImiI hiccough tii which MoU^ ma liable in 

Ub Ugtc tone*, but which lie adNitly maiMged 
ta) M* (otnic p^rts. 

Rut Lha genius of MoU^r* wm not to be dannlnl 
bj cabda, aoT ttmn injured hy hat mm impni- 
ilciiiKL " Lc Prineo Jiloui" »i« coadfunnej in 
Febtnarj IG6I, and tbe unio jnu- prodnced 
■■ l/Ecule du MaiiB " (lud " Lm FsfLnii." Tbc 
htppf geniut of tb< poet oimwd on bli ZoiloMt 
I Mria of dnmntie iriumpbi. 

Pfrreipi cfitica, Tiraboaobi ntd Soblegel, Wt.r« 
iI.c|ireoiated the Prmduuui'B iiii(nti«D. by insbiu- 
itiiig. that «tre all thai Mtriifre Ijorroircd taken 
ttnm him. little vanld mnwn of liii uwig. * Bat 
Ihey were not bvok of bli dramitic creition, 
even vhen be appropnaUd tbo uligbt in'tnHon* 
of atbera ; thef baTe not diitin jiusboil l.l>« inu vf 
iHx giulut of Molii're, anil Ibe dialiact claaMs of 
hia eomndiea. MoUi're had tbr an of atnolga. 
naijnf; matif dlitlart in*entii»ii uf otli«n Luio a 
aingle isimitiible whole. Wh*ti-i»r might bg tbn 
bcfba and tho rcptUta Ihrova ialo ILd air>ticaj 
nldroD, the incBUUlion of getuvM pnnred to be 
truly Doaglesl. 

Facility aad (ecundlty miiy prodoM ineqnaljlty. 
but when a inan of grniu* worlu. tbey ant unbaed 
with a radncM which the auiloua diliKcnao of 
iiifBTior uiinda em norer yield. Shaktapeare, pro- 
h«hly. poiirrd forth manjr KroPi in tliia *piriL 
Tbe multiplldly of the picMs (if Molii'rc Uieir 
difTvnnt mncita, and tbeir diitinct elaue* — atl 
written n ilhio tbe apace of twenty jear« — diijilay, 
if any poci ncr did, tbia wondcr-wuiking tacalty. 
The triiiti it, that few of hi« canicdiri an: finbheU 
«o*ka ; he nntr aatiified blmaelf. eien iu hia 
Bioit applauded prodoctienf. N<ce«ity bnuod 
kiia tu funiiab oovcltir* (or hi* theatre i he rarely 
peintcd uiy work. " Laa PAi-luiuxa" ea admirable 
lain of fccDt*, in llim acU, and In v«rte, waa 
" pUnntd. wriUen. rdicarMid, and wpr awn tfd in 
a cbngle fckraii|bt." Many of hia dramatic cRu- 
fiiMU wef« pireripital«d on tbe *t>ge ; Ibe bnnioroiia 
•oena of " Moooieai de Ptnuveaugntc" vara 
Ifarawn out lo cnllicai a royal f(>tc. 

nis nnatilily and felicity of cocDpoaitiun made 
•nrytliinii. «ttb MoU^. a aubjert for ranody. 
Uie iMVwMd tn aaaeltlea, aiieb a* tbe iti^f' ^*^ 
BcnrbetDfevitlMMed. loalndofaEmTcdcTenc* 
ban IJumallw; vf hu criiica, and Am fiyltmcMlp 
at tbe emrt nrctc, MoliOrc fomd out tba art of 
•(■(Rfatuig tb« puhUe to ■■ Tbe Quartda of 
AMb«ra." He dnnaiued bia criiiea. In a 
witbaitt « plot, and n iww which 
■cacd ratiitr apokon than wriUm, and with 
ohanKtm Bura nal lliaa penonatrd. he ditplajod 
Wa gtuaa by coBectUf whueter had been alleged 
U dqK«dat« III and <■ U Critiijue An I'teole 
4m Fwaaaea" ia atUl a deligbtfiij proJiKaom. 
■iufwlar drama warwh iaa the ikcteb-book of 

an arlJit, tbe cn>y«iif of porttsils,-~tlie I none liiiila 
of ihdDfUta, aaaoy of whicEi we dbcover were 
laore fally dflinratnd in hit auhacijurtit ptecu. 
With tbe loDie rapid conccptiDii, he laid bolil of 
hia embarnuinaenta to funuab dramatic noteltica 
aacipedilioualyaa the king rtqnired. LoniiXIV. 
wai hintelr av lodUhnnl ortdc. ami more than 
once vaggMttd SB Inddent or a chnnctcr to bin 
Cnovritepoet. la " l/lraprompiude VeraalUea." 
M<ilii!re appean in bia own pemin, and in the 
mldat of bit whole company, with tU lb« Irritable 
impatirncc of a manafrr who had no pirc« ready. 
Atnidat tfaii grceD-rtwm boille. Moli^ ta advuin^ 
repnuandlDg. and impl»riDg hla ■* ladlea and pia- 
tlenen." Th« rtianrtira Ln tbi* place ati*^ ia 
fact, the acton thcinaelTea, who appear aaier 
thdr own uamu 1 and MuUerv biinneir rtrcaU 
many fliiB Umchea of biaown poetical characttr, 
as well as bia nanagiirial. The peTMnal p?i a Mill 
riea on hit own perrormcri. and the kind for plcta, 
and Ui« tktlchcj of chaiocter wbicb ibc poet tnci- 
doDtally tbrowi out, fonri a pnfecl drameile 
norellj. Some of tlii-«# he hicoMlf fnbnqiwDtlr 
adopted, and ethon b**e been followed np by 
aotne dnmaliata without KrallinK Moli'Tv. The 
FiRan of BcwuoaFebaia h a. deaoMuUnl of (be 
Maacarilte of MoU^r* ; bat the i-Iotj at tint- 
llnf Molierc wa* reaerted r<<r our own rtnfc. 
ShaHdan'a " Critic, or A Tragedy nJievwd." I« 
a ei»i||eni*l dnmaticaatirB wiib theee two pieoce 
of Molii^. 

The iceniua of &tuli^rc had now stepped evl of 
tbe rr*lTic(ed ItiniCa of the old rooitdy ; bo aON 
looked an Ibe moving wurki with other eyce, tai 
h« puraued the ridimloM in ioriety. TbM* 
fr«abcr (lodi-ca were coing oa et all boim, and 
every object waa oontenplaled with a view lo 
comody. Hia moat tiud rhuaclcn bate bran 
traced to liTine erlfcinali, and lome at bia Mint 
liidicrooi ifeilM had occurred in reably Iwfora 
they deligblcd tbe audience. Moniitw Jounlalo 
had lyrwaeJ hia aaloniibment, " qu'il falMlt dc la 
pnae." ta tbe Cmuic de ^oiawnii, one of the lui- 
edncaled lubloinea devoted to the duwe. Tbe 
Memorable aoaie between THaaotin and VaifiM, 
tbeir n«huj eoMidimonU IcrmiDalin; in their 
MBtaa] eontcmpi, had been reheartcd by their 
reepecti*e autbun, iht! AbbJ CoMd and MAiac*. 
The ataltiiicd booby of Llmogea. Matiiwur dt 
Pourtttu^nae. and the myabAed niiUionnairc, t^ \ 
Bourfem4 OtnUihomiiu', were copied after lift, a* 
waa SfiuMrtlU, in " Lo M^Dcdn na%r4 toa." 
TIm pottniiu in that Eallery of dramatir pebKlan, 
" Le .^liaantbrupe," bare nanDea inairnlied naJv 
ihmn : and the Inuaoital Tartafftnrtt a oertalB 
Bi^op of Anlnn. Xo dramatitt baa conceand 
with pvaler laricty the female ch«racter ; tka 
women uf Mulif re ba*e a d'utinotneaa of foatof^ 



ami are (gwifcrd with ■ frvihuua of (wltnf. 
HolMrcMniwd »Uiirti,M>d his conic htim«ur Is 
new cheeked b^ (b<t onnatunl wit where tlic 
peat) tlia mare be dbcaiun binucU^ tlw raitber 
Im ntaemm hlBwdf ftvm Um perMntgv of bi* 
ontion. Tte ^ Kkkning ipril nbkh iuugn oro- 
Om drtmu of MoliOra i* Ihu clo<e altenlion ta 
Mterci wberoiB be RrMtlj nacnblei our Sh^kc- 
•paan, Isr all (pTincs from it* ■onrcr. Ilii ungb- 
tnulni gmliu ae««r ocoun lo lu In foLloTiinf up 
Ul ekanefan, and a wbol« eornn lirara dd vui 
foiai a oonplMc bat inpArccfitibU eSect. 

Tfci* rtyie of Moli*™ bu cUcn been «o»iiwd 
bj tbe futiiliiiiMncH of li(a nulte cridicf, na bu 
aod d<i (4>/« /amilier. Thi* •Inc* not offcDiJ the 
totwip w r, «rlu> U oTten *trudi bjr ila timptii-iiy and 
«igo«r. M«lfif« preferreil the moat papulnr and 
Man upraatou, aa well t* the muit oaiunl la- 
riifiHa, lo a dqcRC «likh auitLcd tbr nai bid ilc- 
Hcaey of faahtoa and bibiaiuhJn critira. He had 
(raqantt ueculoiu to rctiit thm pettf remon- 
etrancM i and whroerer Moli^ latrcKlnord an 
iaaikiiti or maJc an altiulaa af which be kiic-w 
Am tralb, and «hjdi «ith him bail a irtUod 
MSldBg. thit Diaaler of huniBii life tnuted to bU 
iif'T"* and fail an. 

Thw pore *nJ Mmple taite, ever rare at PaH(, 
««• 0»« bippT pottuiD of iheicenbt of tlilt Prmcli' 
■■k Ueaoo he ildiehlnd In ti; hii (arricJtl 
|iwei. ftar wt eaonot imiglue that thej were bi* 
MOn de«at«4 emmdiei, on hU old mud-Mrvant. 
TUa n«iJ, probably, hrtd n Kcm rtlisb for cnmic 
kMwrar. tot once when MoUtrc read to hn ibc 
MB«dj of another writer aa bin own . »he inoi) d?- 
tMtid tbe tricli, dwltnii; Ibit It cuuld nut be her 
■aetep'a. Htner ion our poet lntlt«d tven 
■Uldna to be present on neh ttbnnaU, and at 
«kM1ii ptitUa mold watrh tlirir cDiocioni. Ilcncc 
tecbthbcbaracUr of manager, ht taught hiiactora 
U Mndy tkitim. An ictre«a. apt ta ipeak freclf, 
IbU Um, " Ventomeot u* all : but ynn iiim^r 
(peak to mj boibvnd." Thii man, or<K<i>a1t7 a 
■■Jl» ownfcr, vaa a perfect child of nature, and 
MH4 ttw Tbomas Dtaforioa. iu " he Mahule Ini- 
^Brin." MaU^r• reptird, "I ubnutd be lorry to 
m; a iMird Ia him ; I «boaM api:'!! bia aellag. 
Nalara bw protidnl bim witU better IcMona lo 
pMfam ki> parts thin acj which I ruuld fpte 
, Un." We Maj tnafine Miahetpeara thu* addreu- 
feif Us eeropan;. bad the port beni aleo the 

k (coarkaUe lodikatin tfaebutorf of ibe leniiu 
rf MoKlrr is the fmiumt recurtenee of the poet to 
tkapanUiD of jraloui;. The "jiundloe in the 
hanr'e tj*," be ha* painted oith ever^ tint of h(i 
W an i aMtiaw. *• TW ^mo-eyed tDOn>ler" Ukee ell 
itaptni tmA la plaead in erery poritiun. Solemn, 
* PTi *>' eatirieal, be sometimes appears in 

agony, but onen teems to make Its " trilln light 
as air,'' only ridi<a1ons ai a souree of enaiulation. 
Wkb *■ Le ConbmpUlmir " comic La his melan* 
choly, or tDetiacboty in Ui conic humour } 

The truth is^ that the poet himidf had to pin 
throagh thiue painfcil stage* which hn hna dra- 
matUed. The domeiEie hfe of MoUcra wai itself 
very dramstie; it affiarded Ooldoni s comedy of 
Ave acts, to rcixnl the tccrcU of the family drele 
of Mnlii^re; and I'Abbste Cbiiri, an ilaliaa no- 
letitt utd pkywrigUt. hu tskoi for a comic nib- 
je<et, " Moli^ro the Jealnut Hutbond," 

Tbe pTfiich, in thrir " |><:l4U' luiinle " oD eon* 

jugat fidelity, apjicar so (oieranl ni to leaic little 

sympalliy fur Uie real niflertc. Why sbuuld they 

else h(«e titated domestic jealooey as a foible for 

ridicale. rnther than a aabjact for deep poaiion f 

Their Inf^c drama exhibit* no Olbolte, nor their 

comedy a Kitdy, or a " Snapicioos Husband.'' 

MollerTi aihllo bb own htsrt wsa the rlctim, con- 

faraed to the ostloiial taste, by ofCea plsdng Ibe 

ohjtHit on Lta i^flmliT iiidrt. D-ameotic jmlu'iiey is ■ 

paMlon wbi<Ji admits of a (treat diicrsltf of auli- 

jtwia, from the trsgie or the patheliir, to the eb- 

sunl and the ludiciuui. We have thiim all In 

Moli^re. Moli^^• often was hinteir *■ Le Coeu 

isDa|;iaaire i" ho had becu la the poiitioii of the 

gvwdian in " L'l^Dola dm Maria." Like At- 

notfihe, in " L'F.i;ole del Feianies."' he had taken 

on bimieir to rear a young wife who played tbe 

same part, thuaj;h with li^M InnoeeTKe ; and, Ilka 

Ibe " Mi«sDthru|K," wlierr Itir ormr bctwean 

AkesCe sod Cdim^ne U " unt dm plus foiita qni 

existent an thi'Jitrr," be was deeply entaagled in 

tbe wily [Tui'liiei uf sKiniful cwjueiry, anil we 

know that at time* he sutTrred in " the heU of 

lovers" llie torments of hi* own "Jeml'aui Prinoe," 

When tbis port cast hli fain itUb a troop of 

comedians, as the mannger, and whom, he iiertr 

would abandon, when at the height of hb fortune, 

' could he moid ncputlooiiag himself to the relaxed 

babita of that gay aed (orrowhil race, who, " of 

imiginilJuii all comjucl," too often pertake of the 

' pSKstoe* they impim in tiir «ccne ! Tlie tint 

'sctrmi, Modsme H/jnrd, boasted thst, with the 

I exception of Ibe poet, she had never di«j<riueil Iter 

! personal favoura hut to the arialoCTacy. The rvo- 

, ilanry of MoUiVe wnt intermpted by another 

i snitv^n. Du Pare ■ beanilful but Insentlble, sha 

only tormenl^^ the poet, and fumishrd bin) with 

I n>ini: ecverc litavus for tlie cotjuetry of his Ceii. 

mi'nr, in " Lr Mlwinihrope." Tie bciliiy of the 

iransitinn of the lender passion had miirt closely 

united the suteieptible poet to Madrmaiarlla de 

Brie. But Midsme llFJanI, not content lobe the 

chief aclrcts, and to bold ber pirtnerahlp in 

I " Ibe proiKTlies." to retain her ancient nothetity 

I over the poel, tntiuduced, suddenly, a blDabing 

dmghUr, lome mj a jrounirtT oistcr, who had 
Lithcito mid«l at Avixnon, anil aliu >he dcclaml 
mta lli« oHiipring of the (ouiiC of !Mi>irna, bj a 
tcent oiuiuitr. AtfOknde BrjkrJ *iaan atcnftej 
lllo|iaUniB]«tteatioiugf tbe port. !>be btciunc the 
MOTM iikil erf hid racircil mumcuta, wliilc be fuiidlj 
tboafht ihat bt eould moDkl « Toung miBd, in lis 
faaoenwe, ta hi« ova (ympatbiM. The nialli«r 
■nd lb* daughter D«tM agreed. Armande loaght 
hi* |>tutovti«B i aikd oxi dajr jnakiuf int» bia 
mij, dMivtd tlwl shr would marrjr W ftkod* 
n« cUet Bf jard fredf conwnled to aTDiifi btnwlf 
OB Dr Brie. De Hrir irii indalgcal. UuMgli " the 
littln crraturr," tka obMrrod, «M ta b« yoked to 
MM «M enough to b« bcr father. Under ibc aaae 
roof vcn now beard the Toiocs of the thrrc fe- 
■ales, ud MuU^ toeditstii^ toean of femiaioe 

Moli^rr vat ftujullj hftdt foulhful wife ; Imt 
lifkcT IbDie* dMHMd : tiro jean rtretod ibc c<m- 
iwbial dMtna. MoticM «•* • hmband vbo ma 
•l«a*i ■ bew. The aotar on ihc ittge was Ibe 
««r7 Man ho iHTKinand. Madnnttiarlb MolUn, 
■a Uie wa* called bf (be pnbtic, wu the Lodle in 
" Im B«aigeoM GutiUwBinie." With wbal (a*, 
voor the yoM ftcb ber aei^lKt ! witli wbat eacer- 
nan ba MImdt htr from Xb» ulMadt«nloai ttt 
O* (Knd vbo wmU ban diuedml tkt wpHi ! 

TW p««t w«* dooMcd to eadore siore poiintaiu 
MTTOwa tbsnali|bu. MadtwBMfMe bid the art of 
ftmiaii»% MikliJre ihM hcwM onlj hi* own ■• com 
faafinaira ;*' but thcM doMBilk anbunuMMnCs 
BiMplifd. Mfltmaiaelle, wcklaw of tbe diUm. 
gwbbpd DSBW (be bore, wUb abe (Tati£«d ber 
yia W vaniir 1>t a larUi ca T M>Jllf» prKtiwd 
tktt artfbl coqnetrjr wfaicb aUneui a crowd of 
teBagan. MoU^n fovnd no i^om in fak own 
ham*, and ntnaud to a eogBUy-hovw, vhcre. 
benMrae, hi* tcokw jealeewy often droiv bia 
Uok toacMawhkfebetrmbfadtovlttMM. At 
ltacthcaBBtlMlB«if|WMni ol oWnied ■aorl. 
aaay hi tbnaUDdl wmOanMnL To prcanU a 
pnbfie rwftaim. MalHn ea— enwd Da lira mder 
lb« aaaM n»Umi m); to MM at Ibe theolra. ' 
Waak onlj i« Urt, lwwn«r dMM ban ba wife, I 
Uoltfn Rmained ber prrrenal lover. Hv laid, 
ia twftdenoe. " t am boni wiib ewi j diipiairiiiii 
to ImJiikh Wbra I mifftad. tk» «u Mo 
JMm to baCrarany vrd iaeUaaliMu. Uj atwdko 
wn fc»«>oJ h> bar, b«l I aoon dl a t oiw u d bar !■- 1 
I iMrtbad it la baa tia|Mr J bm baCab . 
I for Count UaUa Hnla to* Mwk aoiM Is I 
Imw mt nra thtt apfalMt nuqnUUtjr. iNMlMd | 
lo liva aitb bet'a»aabeaomhli>MMa,«ba«eecpv- ' 

Wlon 4m Mt Jaim4 «■ tba bad <Md«M of bb 
wife, Mr UadBM Ua not cfaa^ci bar, b« nj 

iraly loTrd. In tier aliteoce ber imace in before 
me ; in ter prraence. I ■m drpiired of all rpflcc* 
tion ! 1 hare tta lonpr tjet for hfr drfrel* ; I 
onlf view ber amialilc Ii not thi* tbo laal e3. 
tlicaiic of foil;' f And are jou not mqirianl (bat I, 
rca.*uiiin; >i I do, (un oitlj scoHible of dtc MoakncM 
whlcb I caDDOI throw oH!" 

Few ntcn of ^nius have toft in tbeir wriUnc* 
dwper improaiofu of theii pentonil dMtiaga tbaa 
Moli^. WiUt aUoog pasiioii* in a (rM* from*, 
behodiaiMd U> imckiatioD ibu, libc anathac 
Pjfnialion. ho wonid create a wunan by bit own 
art. In (ileaea tti afonr be UMed tbe bkMr 
fraita of tbe diMr^cnd baUto of Ae llh of a 
ouncdian. a nua^er, aad a poet. Ula faMoant 
I wu (|;4cndid ; but be hiotKl/ was a attaticcr lo 
diuipatioo. He wm admixatic man, of n peatini 
attd eren m«Uschoif (enperameot. KiUftt and 
re««rr»d, tuilnM ia coarerutioa with that naf« 
'■(^H—T* drcb whotc Itteratarc aid«d hii BEmaai 
or wboae Menfabtp oooaoted fot bi* domncic Hm- 
tnrfaanee*. bb bahiti wei» muivtel} ueibodionlt 
the itrictett order waa ob«fmid thn]o|tiiMI lUi 
aataUiakineiit ; llie hosm of diitner, ef rtilti»g, «f 
aaMUCiDenC,*trc aUoUed. aad ibc ilighlcat dcraaga- 
ment ia hb own apariiDCai eicited a notbtd Irri- 
lahililr wbieb woaM tnterrapt Ma attiifia for 
whole dan. 

Wbo, wilboot tbb (ale of tfoli>r«, eo«U «oa- 
jtctvre, thai oae alullMf Ln ib« workli^ of our 
TMlarc wonld bair icntnrcd on tbe perilona a- 
|iartiMfit of aqniliiinK Kxleeo jean asainct fortr 
— weighing »•«• agala« pvr loch*— to eaa««n a 
wajward cOjocac. Ibroo^k her capeicMtta woiaoM- 
bood, into u attftcbed wib ? Yot, dtbo^b 
HaicnabcUe oonU AmiA no pcnend bin lor 
tbe iMdMMl bttaR. ud bMUned i» 
laaeatd ntao Aa bat* far a noM 

. ila aeema to baie b«ea uDpmaed by a pw- 

IlKt coanatien of hu craalrre ftata^ Wbcn ibd 
Artbbiahap tt hfia, in ibr |>iide of pretacj. 
nfocod lb* ritn ct tepultore to Ao nirpte of 
Hali^te thr arroK, it ww bet aoioe wfaicb m- 
Mttded the wmM of Malii're TWa roar, ncbiB^ 
iag — " U«*» ibcy dcaM a (rave to Iba maa to 
wfaoB Grceic woaM b«c niaed an akar !" 

THR Bg,milll.lTll op RAaXB. 

Tn M « olr» ef tbe poet Radne. nanpoaed by 
Ui ion. «ba ana fateadi no cintwuoble poet. 
maf bodtMei imaf tbaao yeodnna piceeo of 
bMgnpby •■ 4di^lfitl l» Ibe pUk«op>M( «W 
■taiJwa hawan nntare. and tbe I famj nun it^mt 
iB tbe hBtoey Of wa niMnSib 
■d nnk M Merit next Ip-, 
irhliwiphlii Sm* 

Ifk« 8(M«virs of Joluitou. eonlMD vhat ne odea 
rtfret it svniuj in the more legaUr life of a 
pr»feiw»l biogra^iber. Tfa<rar dnultitr; mrtaoln 
iManal bj tlicu' <*«rutli, ilicu mors pcnoual 
■miMiiilMiui wilb the hcra, and atmund viih thnac 
ndantar Mrafcea whicli gite •» much life (o ibe 
ta4t»lda»l chtncUv. 

Il* prooiintiit tratara In tbn character of 
Badac wa* an ciocwWeUDdctncM of reeling t bb 
prafcoBil aEoiibility rtca in ii» iniirniicj-. the 
Csu« <rtieh wuulil euvcT bit tut, and tbp a^ti;r In 
hia hMft, wu p^rbip* Uktlonal. But if tliiii Mn- 
■ibililj prodiicBl at limn tbc imftAit emotuniB, if 
it nads hiin tbr poet of taTcn. and ctoo Uie pwt 

■liiHtiaa, il aUo rcnilercil liiin too (cEti&Kly 
la otllelain, it »niLJ(tei«d liia day* with too 
Inm a pcrMption of thn <in(niiitic mticric* which 
yi nea imim alike ondcrKQ. 

Dwinf ■ dranotic perfuimanca at St. Cfr, iLc 
yoKtUiiI RpmcnUIite of KatLcr lUildeciijr furgul 
bar pat; ItM agitaUd |UM>t riclntmtd, ''Oh, 
iw4iiiiii if". r<Mi are tuiduig iny pieee !" T#r- 
(UUd at Uiu RfiriniaBd, (be jouDg actrcaa irept i 
the pott flew to her, wiptd awa; her lean, juid 
viifa eoaiogioiu ijmpaihjr ibed [ean blmwlf. " I 
4a not bawiaW," nja Lcuia Radne, " lo rtUtu 
Mcb Miaot* cinwDriatiee*, beouuc Ihii ruilitr of 

dllg wan ibowa tlic KDodnna ol tlic heart, 
Mnrriing to the obicmliaa of the oiii-ieutj — 

lintel yipiiitputt iitptt." 

"ntt voibid >tat« of /Mlinga msitv hia whole 
BvilT life uiiBUjr ; uiijnsl crilicisni atTc-ctrJ bini 
M aMeb ai tho laoat pniKnanl, and ihrra wai 
aotUag h« imdei oitm than that hit Ron ahoiild 
ttMoc a •rritcr of traipidie*. " I will not dii- 
rinalatc," bit *a;*< addniMang bU ion, ^ that in the 
Uu of conpoiitiun we are not toDMtlmci pItaMd 
•ilh aunfl*ni : bnt 70)1 maf belierit me, when 
ftt daf tSttt we look owr our *oA, we »rfv 
Htaoiiibcid Dot III &ail Ihal I'lRrllRricR no iidmired 

la tiic trcMnc : iBd whtn wc reflect that nen 
•katwc ind Eoud oanht to bt- ititi brctcr, and 
im Aaiaat >a ire allU fron (vrfmicD. wo niy 
ftMOangod and diiMtUlted. UcaidF* all thi*, 
Itlfcaagh the approbalioo I bitTt rec<itrd hat been 
tvrr laHcrins, Ibc Uait tdrcrBC criticiim, eten 
■UenUa aa tl mighl bo, has alniyc occmicmed 
M BM* teialion than aQ the pralM I tMvlird 
eaald {Ire me pleauiN." And, afitiii, be rndra- 
*Mn to Japtva* cm him that the Tatour be rcctii«'d 
Irm iha wortil he owed nol to lui trnc(. " Ho 
*t im>|paa that thej «r« my renet thai allraet 
tU tlwav hlndoaaaM. CAni*ill« compoHt *erM« 
t hnmtml iIac* flD«r than mine, but do odc 
■^prda Un. ItU Tcnea are unl; applandrd frota 
Hib BUMhi of the aelon. t do nut tiin men of 
■U world bjr r«dtia| n j woika : I nmr allude lu 

them ; I rnileatour to amuae ihem wKb mitten 
which please ilieui. My laleat ia ibdr company 

i>, nut la make thnn frvl that 1 bare any gvniua, 
but lu aliaw ibem that they |jOMt«i aonic tbcm- 
Miyn. When you obacrrc tho duke pau acrcral 
houn wtlh me, you wouitl lie auiprtied, were yuu 
pivMnt, liinl he frfqoMitty quit* mo withoac my 
havins UClcRrd Ihieo word*; but grajiually I |iut 

Un la a humuur of chaitiiis, oiid he leave* bo 
mora ntiiOfd with himiclf tliBo wtib ntv.'' Wbea 
Rucherouratill Bid that liuUnii aud UaciM bad 
only oae kind of g^niut, ind coold only talk ahdnt 
tlicir uwu poct^, it ia vvidi-iit that Uk ahacrvalioa 
aliouid not haio CJitcriidcd lo lUcino, boaoror it 
miglil lo Itoilean. It wna Hadne'a caceatJTo MB- 
■iliiUty which made him the Kne«tdr«matie tedtsr. 

The celebralaJ actreaa ChammtfUy, (ha faoraiBa of 
Ilia lni);iiliei,badtiogtntiuwbaC«va-fDr Uic »t>gc, 
but ahe bad beauty, rolcc, aud ninnoty, Radne 
laufht bnr lint (o camprrhrnd the renc* ihe waa 
pAag to note, ahuwed her (be appropnalt gM- 
tufv, and K>vc her tho variable tonm, wLich ha 
otclk aonieltiuas iiirlcJ down. Ki* pupllj hitbful 
to bei leuuD*. tliouicb a mere nctrcat of ait, un 
Ihe Mag« tponrd inipirrd by pauiuD : aiid ai alie, 
Uiua rormuil and (ailiioned, naturally only played 
tbu* cOcctivcly Ia tho dramas «f her prcerpdir, it 
waa anppoaed that loTD (or the poet bjplrod the 

When Radne read aloud he dilTuied bia own 
entbuKiuos ) oni'e with Uodesa and Nicole, amid a 
lilcrjiry i^in'.lr, Ihry talkrd of RiijiUrwIrt, whom 
Racine greatly admired, hut from whom he had 
nctLT dared to borrow a iriih'ic aubjecl. Taking up 
a Greek SuphiH-'lea, and tnuiilating the (Kdipua, 
tht French p»«t becans ta daaply imbuad widi 
the Gniok tngadlsa, tliat hla avdltcra cauifat all 
Ihe cmolloni of terror and pity, " I hnTc wcii," 
■ays one of Ilioae auditor*, "our beat jilccea 
repreicnted by our beet a«Uijn, but never anylhin^ 
sppruacbed the agitatiini whirb then omie over 
ua i and lu tbia dialanl day I Lava iieicr loit the 
reaollct;tliii] «f Rarlne, with the vnluioe in hia 
band, full of emotion, and we all breathlenly 
prtinnf; around him." 

[( wu the pwt'a acnaibility that uri;ed l.iui to 
mahe the moet cilrBordiiuiry aacriAcc thai ever puct 
iiinde J 1)0 m-iitA lo gel rid rnlirrJy of Ihat pooli- 
eal fame lo wliish he uwed everylJiinj, and which 
wu at oDcc bi* pleuure. hia prido, and hia pro- 
perty. Hia educatiun bad been a rtlij(iou* one, 
in the Purl-Koyal ; hat vhcn Nicvlci one of that 
tUurtnouK cnDfntemily, with undlallnguiabhit 
fanatieiim, had onc« aiaerled tiini all draaialii: 
writrra were public potiontr* of •ovli. Racine, In 
the prido and «tren||lh of hia Retiiu*, bad elo- 
qaeiiily repelled the dtatiuaccnent. But nowt 
hnring yei only Inlf run hi* unriralUd covne, be 


tmwd aridf, Rlin(|uiah«4 tli glorY, i«penl«) oF 
hia NcccM, ■»<! ri^ulvcd to vrile no luure Ira^c- 
diu. He dctcminrd Ui cntrr into ilic aiutcrc 
order of the Cliaclrrai ; but hU ctmrmnr, mnrc 
Mlional tlian hli iwDlWot, unmd hln that ■ 
charant^r lO fMllAg U Mt oan, Hid m long accnft- 
tonioil tu the mirld, l-duIJ doc cDilura tlial lerribl* 
•olitudo. lie adviH'l him in tti*jTjm WQiamn *tt ■ 
(eriuna turn, and that littlK daiiiri:i<; oci:ii]uliaiu 
would wltlidraw hitn rron the pauiou he teemtil 
moat to r]rr*d, tlial of (rnlmg TvnM. 

Tbe niarrUfc of Radiie waa an ad »f pcmuM | 
— neither Inir nor ini«ml tiad »nj aharc in lUe 
utiioD. Hia wite «■> a conil lort of aomin. but i 
]ierha]i« the naiC inwnitble of her wi ; anil Uie . 
propnrritt jwrton ia tb« wQrLi] to norti/j ib« p*t- | 
tiun oT lilcnry 1CI017, and tlia mumcnlar^ riulta- 
lion of lilmry Tanilj. It U lauetlj treHihtr, 
b>l IDOtl certain]} true, rinfE her oirn tnn rUntct 
tlM he*, that tbe «if« o( Hatidc had neither aeen. | 
■MmI, nor ncr read, nor de%md to rr*<l, tlic Irs- 
g»iiM irbidi had randerad her hiisbaud m cc1o> 
bntcd ibroiiiclioui Europe : Ae had aolf Itamrd 
•omc of tbeir UUn in convenation. Kh« wu «■ 
tOMnalUc to turiuno at ta fune. On* (Uf, wben 
lUciiM nturaed from V«ra*illn, with the prinocly 
gift fimin Louii \IV. of a purM of 1001) lomia, he 
hutcDcd to rmbriK hia wife, md to iboir har tbti 
tTMsnrc. But ih? w*t fuil of trouble, for one of 
tbe ckildrfu for two da^ had not itodiol ! ■* Wo 
will talk oT thia aootbcr ttax." mclaunrd tba 
poott "at preaent let lu tx: liappjr." Dot she 
laiiated he uu^hl initaiitlj (o reprimand thi« child, 
and continaed hirr complaint* g while Bailoau in 

aitutiithiiieiil paonl In uii) fro, pcrlmpt IhloVing e{ 
liii Satire on Womeni bqiI esdviiiinit, "What 
iairnaibililjr! \» it poaiiblo, that a purac of 1000 
Inul* I* not*xinhaChlW(h(t" TbitBtaicalBj«Ui]r 
did nol >ri« in Madsn* RadwfroM HMgnaikut, 
but tba llCttniii«M, uf her niiid. Her pn]rer-boolu 
and Lvr oLililron vtrre thv ante obJL-cts thai litter- 
nbiil Ihli (ii(i>l woiiiin. Haulnt'* aciiiibilit; <raa 
tiut mltlKiilnj by lit* morrl*^ ; dumealic lorrowa 
»elch<>d hrttllgr on Id** ) wh«n lh« iUoMa 
of hit vlilMmi ajpUtfcl liim, he aomctiinc* cs- 
Klalmcd, " Wlij did I upMe mymU to all thta.' 
Wlir **a I |ie(«uad*d li«l lo h« a tthartreiu .' " 
lllalnilrra to hi* i-lillilfeii ai* thoM of ■ father 
an>l ■ frirnd 1 klrnl rkhottalioni or (lathrtio rvpri- 
inuid*) ■•«■ 'iilora Into ika mott iloneMic dttail, 
wlilU U» dori iiDi coimtl tmat Iham thr mtdio- 
DitiT af tlirlr loituiio. '■ Had T«n hnomi Urn In 
lita famtlr," aald l^iuli llwius. "jrou •ouM Im 
mnlB allta to lib piMlloal oharuTl«r, J^>u would 
lltM kiinw •L7 bl« vofw* iu« alwaja ta full of 
•MiltBHiil, ll« waa un«r ni«f« plflMvd Uiau wlim, 
pMmlllMl li. bo abinil from Um cw»rl, ho mold 
WM aaiMig ui lu (Ma a fiw dait. Kiva In the 

pnaeoee of itmfcn be Jani to he a tMtr, m4 
iu«d to j<^B «■ b our iponi. 1 wd iwiimiiIiw 
our pruccBiiacia in whidi my lulcr* wcrr the clrntr. 
I the rcclor, and the author of Aliialiah. ehanlinj 
with na, cafried (be crota." 

At letigth tliit inAne leiulbilitf abndged hia 

d*f*. He WM D«iunJIy of a naliMbalk Im- 

priaRimt, apt to dncll on object* wUeb acotdom 

piun,nlberthan on IhcMewhkbohilanUe. Lonia 

Kafine obaeriM tlui ht> chBrictrr reH-nbled 

' Ctticro'a dMrnplinn of himaelf, moro indhiml to 

I dnod iinfortiuiatc evonta, Iban to htf* for happy 

ouca ; temfarmtagiM advtriM rftMmnitui mttttiu 

I i/iiam iptraiu Mtewuht. In Ike laat iucideal of 

. hia Itfv hia citTFins ■ivitfallilj led hin to ianaglne 

I aa pcMent a ciUfortano which nu^t norcr havo 


lladatuc it MaliiterioD.omc day in «onTcrMt]an 
with the poet, alludrd to the miacry of the propto, 
Raeine obicned il wax the uiual nmaeqnaMe of 
lung wan ; tfa« mbjci?! wa* anlaMtlng> and kd 
entered into it with aL that «n(buiiafw> peoofiar 
10 hInaeU. MadaMc da Mainteaoo waa cbanBod 
with lua rJciquent cmuloo, and lequcaud him to 
give hw hi) obMnadniia in writini. awuriog bin 
they ilioold not go unt of htr hand. She wu 
mdioc hia memoir wbra tW luog ratcnd her 
apMrtmaati he took It op, and after having luokod 
over a Irw page*, he totpiirod with srrat qakkarta 
who WM tbe author. She replied it wax a aectM : 
hut the king wai pe rtmplory, and the antbor wis 
saiaod, Tlie Ling ukcd with great Jiualtafacliowi 
" It h bocauM ho writca the noat perfect Ttneai 
that be thinlt* thai he b ahk to btcome a Main* 

Madame de Mtintenon told the poet aQ thai 
bad p«Med. and declined to reooiTO hU viaita (igc 
the prcKoU Rnciua waa ihortly after attacked 
with violent fercr. Ia ibc laii|iior of rKoiery he 
addrrwtd Madame de Maintenon to pctitioa to 
have hb peuioa freed (Rnn tome new tax ; and he 
added an apology for hia p reeaioptioii iu •aggctl- 
lag the cauae of the uiaeiir* of the people, with 
an ImmiliatioB ihal betraya the alarm* that coitled , 
n bii mind. The ktt«r ia loo long to tnqiBctlhe, 
but it i( a dnfular inalanee how (eniw ena depaik 
itaelf when il hu pUcol oU it* fflicily 00 the *ary- 
ia[ (Uiilea of tboie we call th< gmC. Well nMghl 
liii rriFQii BoLlcau, nlio had nothing of bi* aeiad' 
bilily nor Inugination. eiduto, with hia hooJ 
■enw, of the cuurl : — 

" Qwt Bt|nB eaaapTi el prvi r^ii* m pfw nui : " 
RadiM rfkevawdi mm Madame de MataKamt 
walking in the Harden* of VcrMil1« : the drew-, 
uhIc iulo a retired alloc to meal him i ahe n> 
honed Ubb to csert hiapalienccandfanitudc aa^ 
told him thai all would and well " No, nutdam." 
he rrplM. "Dcverl" "Do you iheEB d«»tc~ 

abc Mid, " ntbcT nij heart, oi mj litlliicnM .' " 
Henplied, " I ■elcnowtodge fOilr inflnenrM?, nod 
fcscv jQur pMJntiM to nwi but 1 haT« »ii uiiit 
wbo Ions stein qaite ■ diiTtreal loauacr Tim 
pioiu trnntui rrrrr day inplnrcs God lo btatowon 
ncdiagnoe. humiliUKin. aoil uccuiOEu for peai- 
■MB!, mrf ito ha* Bkoni tntlupiiM thin ^ii-'' A« 
!• mU Ihwe »«rcU, tb« lonni] of a carrUge «u 
bewill ** Tba kiag b ooiDMig t " sud MuUme de 
Malottawii. "Uda jrouneU 1 " 

To tU* lut point or mi*rr7 ttnd dcin^dntion 
«■■ tUa fi«*l fcntiu ivdiLcvd. ^ihurily after, lie 
dieJ, aki itk* boried at lb« ft«l of hii onutcr In 
tli« dwpd «f tlia «l>dioiu and rtligiov* tocicly of 

Mm* irannKtlw later prodoctiaat of Racine. The 
■Ua or *■ AUuluh," butnactnriiieec, vu rcniMh- 
«Ma> TfcafvbBc iina(iaedlb*t itwua pi«ce wril' 
MB onlr ht chiMrfo, •> it »s> pcriormcd by the 
fOHMi acbotaraoTSt. Cjrr. tart rrcciird ilincnldlf 
that Itadne wa« anonMhed and diasuiteit. He 
MUilHf nqUMCd Boileaa's oplalnn, who main- 
Tiiaiil tl m« kia c*|>ilal work. " i uiidcratnad 
thai tbino<" *^^ ^'> " ""'^ tticjiuUic y revien' 
dta," The predicdon <ru a Uiio one, bat it waa 
iimf llahi A DM Uie, Ions aner the deatb of the 
•MiMtr : H «M neier apprcmtod lill it wa* pub- 

BoBaaa and Racine dcHred Kttlc or no profit 
fr«a ibe bookarller*. Rflilnn pniticsUitT. tbiomth 
tod of Bonef, irsi ao delicate oil ifaii \iaiaU tlut 
W |BM all hii worki awajr. It in* thu that made 
Ub to boU in railing it tliijim aulliiini ijtii inrllrnt 
kiv jlptHen avj fgct </**» lUmirt, and Lc dc- 
dand that ho had only Inaertod iheM vcraca, 

' tl lal qB^B MM* oqirlt r*ut aui* hnnta rt *aaa otma 
Ttae 4a ■■* Oavall mi Inbut I^Ume .' 

btcuoie RAcine. «hu had re<«iieit aome prrifit* 
hia the prlDlia; nf U« trtgediea. Itiate profit* 
atM, licnrsTn, i D<»>n«idrraliU< ; i\t trulk i>, (ho 
Ui( rcBiDDcratcd (be pneu, 

Badnr'* 6m mral mark of bvour iras an 
M(r ripied by Colbert fur lii buailml livrca, 'o 
fH Mai iA» Rtmnu o/ Mitrinwtuj) jAIi ttuiu* tff 
<U UOf^tllm. B« r(coii«d, bv nn account 
Wad aiM«K ^ paper>> abaTc forty tliow*ud 
tnn fhm the ruaeltc nf tlie kiajt. by tUt band of 
<nt «ale(>d«-chambr». Betide* CbMe %\tl», 
had a paMtan of fonr thonaaBd livrca, an 
', and BDOtfacr pcoiion aa a man of 
WUA k Hm tMre honourabk ^ to crooch for a 
bnaght by tha hand of (he flrai valct-de< 
or to exalt in tbt tribuUi oSar*d by (he 
fiUe lit at! author i 

OV sniRKB. 

CmavAjrTmaiaitnmaital— RabebUand&mttNa 
luna pawed sway to the eurio'iu. 

TIkm; fraternal geainSBB nUlie nhiiw their tnb- 
Jcetl from tbclr Owd time*. Ccrvanlea. with tha 
innovfil deaisa of eorrwiirg i tciniicrary follj of 
hia rounlryinf^o. (a that the very auctcu of tha 
deaigii Riigial ham jirorad btal to the >t>rk ttKlfl 

for ithen he ha<l cvt olT the bmda of iLie Ujdr*^ 
an Mtinct monaler mislil traia to tUBTHt Ql* 
rKadpr* of other tim«, and oilur manner*. Bal 
CervBiitta, vilh judgoif^t etjuaL ta hii invealion, 
aod with a caat tff EUiiius matle fur all tiit>rs, d«- 
Hi^Iitcil blacouttiDporBrica ami charuiihli pa«ierlcy. 
il« lnrtktil to the world and coUtcted other follica 
than the Spaniafa uni-t. and Id amothtr ag« than 
the admin istral ion of the dokc of Lcrtoat with 
mora senniDe plnaanUy than any writer from tha 
days of Luciau. not a aoUtary H>oC hu aoilnl the 
puriiy or hi* pa^e ; nhile there ii acarctiy a Hah. 
ject in bnnian nature far nkieh wc Blight not find 
iome appoHte illuttatioii. Uit atylc, pure u hia 
tbuusbla. ia, howcvBT, a mai^c which oceacit to 
work in all (ranaladont, and Certaotea la iiut Car- 
tantei in Enfjliah or in French ; yet Kit! Ut relaioa 

kia popularity aioanfi all Lhe natioiu of Kurope { 
which ii more than we oan lay iren of (rut Shake- 

Rabelaia and Stemc were ont prrhapi inrrrior 
In fmina.and they were read with aa much atidily 
and delight na the Kpaniard. " Lc doote RiJwlala" 
lied the learning which the EuKliabnian wanted i 
while uiihajipily Stentc undertook (o aatiriic fitlto 
erudition, which nuiuiira the Icauwledge of tha 
true. Thuuftb the " Papemttiea,'' on whom Ra- 
belais has I'lhaiiBtrd hit gruteaijoi- buinovr and bia 
catiBtic Mlire. haie not yet walked off tba itage, 
wc pay a hcaiy price in (he erotancia nf hia 
riiuldry and bia tiroomcbalilerdnshfnr ndil alorica 
and flaahei of witty humour. Rahelaia hardly 1inda 
readan erni In France, with the exQcption uf a 
f*if ljlcr*ly autvquJulM. The day lias psBBrd wbcii 
a Esy diioolnte abbt could obtain a rich abbey by 
fntUng Rabelai* by heart, for Iho perpetual im. 
promncnt of hia patron — and Kabelaia ia now 
little more t^n a Rabolaia by tradition. 

In my youth the wDrld doted on (^tcme 1 
Mailiu Sherlock rarilta hiw amonji "the luminarieii 
of the eeolury." forty jean ago. ^uurin: men, In 
Cbf'lr moit faortiout hamoiir*, nerer failrd to tlud 
the «rcho(ype* gf tocicty in the Shandy &inilj~> 
erery gnod.Datiircd «oqI was DCide To^y, ercry 
humuriit WW old^hBtidy.everycliilil of ^ialnrc waa 
Corpornl Trim '. It nuy now bedonbied wbclhar 
.Sterne'a iincufal difpoiitioiu w«(« the hnnoroiu 
or the pallwlic : the patbcttc bat aurriiod ! 

Thrta ia luithlng of a moro amtngaoua ual urr 

tkn ilmiif hninanf, and StariM fii«ii4 it to be 
■»; aad Wtcrly. in iJnpMr, bewwrtcd tfaat " tk* 
mtc for liBmoBr Ja tUe fitl of hntea ! " I have 
(VoqueoUr oliaerved bm bunwur, likr tba CMtc 
tor nH«M. i« «*m rppugiuni lo lonw palatea, ud 
hxTC wimriaMl tlwi tpionfe of bunonr lOM It aJI 
bjr duooverti^ bow aume ben DtttHjr rejeclod hti 
fc'DDriti: irJith ! Et«i imb of wit maj duI uuu 
hwMHir! TbaceUbntnlDr.Ch«7ii«,ahowuDi)[ 
UOMir dafleUnt in «rifi«ialit; 4if thinking wicli 
graat leamtngand kBi>irled(^, ttnot cotraalcd to a 
Umd a rcAwlulilB Jilenrr cnnrcaaion. Dr. 
Cherne aanrcd Un that "becnuMnotmd'Duii 
Qifiaee' with anjr plauore, uor liaJ anj Uitt far 
Hndltnaarfiullirpr -. mdA lb«t wlist (r* nil irU ■ixl 
&BHe«r in tbcte (Dthon, be coturidfred ■> bbc 
unMoasUi and neier id be found in ttioac com- 
p ow t faa a cf the anc:iBiU which we tnoil admira 
anJ ttteem*." Chrjnt aMini to bat« held Aria- 
tOplMaM aiiil Luctu) mouaUoutljr cheap ! I'bv 
andcou, indccfl, appear im)( lo hare poaan-cd that 
MVniiC qiulitj (tiat ac undantaoil *a humour, nor 
OB t dbooter a acurd which nantl; rormpnii<ti 
wtlli oar tarai Auoxnir in say Ungaage, utdant or 
nodcrn, Ccrruitea excel* in that alj aaliic which 
Ude* iiadf uadcr the oloak of Enriij, btii th)» U 
not tha aort of bnino«r which ao b«autifuUf playi 
about llie drtiearfof Addiaan'a pa^r ; and both an 
dUtiorH from tho broader and itron| bttiaour ot 

The Tcavlt of Dr. Che|iiie*( honcat «iiife»icin 
■a* ap«rirao0<l bj Strttie, forwhil-emora thauhalf 
tt iba tbr«e htn^dumit wm rontulard witli imn^i- 
tar at hi* bumour, ibo vihcr pan were obijuratcly 
4*\l tu lu Takr. for loatiDL-c, Iwo rerj oppniiir 
(Act! prodnvcd bj Triatram Shaudj on a inaa of 
MraBg arlgjnal bumour himiKlf, and a xil who 
bad more drlicacj aod Mioaaoi than force and ori- 
ffnalitj. Tbo ftrr. PhlUp Shdinn dcclaiol Chx 
" after reading Triatram Slisndr, lioixiuld not for 
two or Ihrre daji attend aerinual; Ut hit deirolian. 
It Mlcd him with ta muiy ladic/uu* idnt«." But 
Hop»M Walpolc, who found hU " Sentimental 
Jownrj" icrf pIcHlof. dcclarci that of " liii lire- 
aomc 'Triatrani Shandj'barould never get throogb 
IhrcB voloinej.'' 

TKc literary life of Sisme wu a abort odb : it 
*■• » blaie of eiitlanaOt aul It tonied kla head. 
Wltb hU (lertonal lift are are anlj oniuainled b; 
Iraditinn. VTai tha nmt aenltniviilaliat htmaelf 
iiiifecliii{j duioluie, and iitt«*l]r d«pr«T«d f 

■ Ihli Mmd. H now appawa, waa Or. Kfoe of Oxtnnt . 
wboaa aBoatala* bava menllr tiaaa pitl>»>1it<l T>iu 
tmiam fatt It fUm Hi • Mrann hndm-po'lt*. tnlillnl 
■- na ttTMCMr;- a rtmaikaM* InManc* wbim a wiiln 
•I iMiotai nOM anndvwttatlebvhainiw.wbUhlii 
t* nut avea iBtoll Vbla t 

aaaedot** wbi«b «ao of hi* ntnpanwwt cuoiina. 
nlcued to no, eoofim Qairkli'a •oooiuii prc- 
atrved in Dr. aomtf* colUetlana, that " lie waa 
■nore diuoluic ta hla eondaeC than bia writinga. 
Bad f«npnillf drove e*ery feoala ■««]' by hta 
nbaldrr. He df^cBRrsled ia Loadoa lilie afi ill- 
' iraaipUiited fbnib i the incniae of ibe KTeat •poilcil 
hii beail. and their ragOBU lui atomach. He grew 
•lirfclj and proud — an Inralid in body and mind." 
Wtrbunon deeUred that " be waa an irrccovf rabk 
tcoundrcl." Authcoticatod facta ate, howtveri 
wanlin; for a judiciaiu aummarjr of tbc ral eba* 
racter of the fuunder of lentimealal wiitioi^ An 
impenetrable mjitlery baogt otee bis faiail) can. 
duct ; lie luJ thrawn nuo; *wr«t dooieatie toitcbt* 
in hit oon memoir* and Icltera addrcttcd to bia 
diiit;htrr : bat it would lenn ihal he waa oftca 
parted from hii fiinilr. After be liad rameall; aolk 
cited tbf return of bii wUe fnm Frmnev, thovgli 
ihe did fcturn, he waa aofforad tu die in vtler 

Hit acnnon* liave been obaerved to be chamc. 
teriMil bf an air of leiitj ; he atteaapted thi* 
umuual manner. It wu probably a capeiee wbirh 
induced hin to lutrodoce oac of hia mnMHia tn 
" TriBimm Sbaodf i" it wu ixlat a dlaoKnid ia 
black velvet, uid the oontiaataet off lh« brilliancy. 
Bill bs aecm* then to haie bad no tletigw of pab- 
liKhiiig hi* " S«rmani." On« daf, ia low apinla, 
cerujiluainY to Caleb Wbilofbord of ibc alatc of hi* 
ftninrra, Caleb uVcd him " if he bad no aemMMi 
like tbe one in ' Trialrmin Shandjr !' " Use Sterw 
had no notion thit '' HeminnH" www aaleoUe. for 
two prrreJiiig onei hud [loiu'd snnotieed. " If ^a 
could liit on a ttriking tittc, lake mj word for U 
ibnt ther would 150 duwn.'' The neat day Sterne 
made bit appearanivr tn raplurot. ** 1 have It t" be 
fried : ■' DrnmaElo Sermon* bj Yoriek." With 
great difficulty be wa* penuuipil to drop Ua* alla- 
liou tu (he church and tbc plnjrhoua I 

We are told in the abort addition to biaown 
mntnoir*. thai " be tubmitted lo fata on the l>ik 
da; of Mardi, ITKt), at hi* lodgit^ In Ben4> 
atrecl." But il doe* uut appear lo have bec* 
DOticed tliac Sicrnc died nitli luclther friend nar 
retitiiin by hia aidi^ '. a hired nuraa wu tha boIb 
companion of the man whnic wit found adinlnn 

in crvery vtrvel, but wboae heart, it WOqU Mrwtf 

cuuld not draw one lo liia death-bed. We eanM* 
my whrther Sterne, who had long bean dying, bad 
rcK>l<ed 10 pracdie bia own ptincipla, — «■ ben fat 
made the jihilnfnjihrr Sbandf, who bad a feM 

aaying for cTeryihing, detirer hi* opbkni oadtath 
—that ■■ there ia no tamr, bnMber Tbbf, in li 

. I rnlel) IVlilarftnid. Uic wll oua fMiwJ &a- bi> 
IMniif <'Fi>B-rHdin(t, wUob appaand uadar Iba a 
•' HqlMlM Cqimt." 


leak*, bat ohat ll bo[T»ii> fnkm grf^to* And oob. 
T^il»iBn« >ml llie blijwing of iwicetkDd tiic niping 
■««j of lc«« ntth ibo boUoma a( curUint in a 
4jiaf atMB't Toow. Strip It cf Ihewi «bU is tt ,'" 
I tiwl ttM moBwin or hit death drwribod in « nin- 
IptUr baok. llic " Life of ■ Pooliekn." I give it 
widi aJI iU particnlv*. " Id tbemoiithof Juiuarj, 
17fiA, ae Kl oflT far Loodan. Wc *topped farsome 
ttae at Alwack* hviue la P^.Mall. My mit>tln 
•nvntank Rwi i<lr Jaart tinj'g Iiourc in CliRiinl. 
■tf»i.l, «lw »» fiH*|t arabjuuilof to Spftilf. He 
sow bcsaa hoBic- keeping, blicd a Prcnob cook, ■ 
faai»HM4, ud kitchni'tDtuJ, anil kept ■ great 
tel of tiw bnt caniMnj. About tl>i« time. Mr. 
fltosa, 111* ealebraicd auttior. wu takm ill nt Uie 
tilk-hag abop in Otd Bond-ttreet. ]Ie «u loait. 
6mm called ' Ttiitian Slundj.' and miincLiuic* 
* Y«rh:k ;' a ttfy gnU. fsronrilc of tiiL- etiillc- 
One day mj nutar hid cooiFianr tn dinticr 
ho wH« (ptakinf about him ; the Uuke uf Kui. 
bsq^, tkt Earl of M*rch, lh# Earl of Otacrj, the 
I>»kc «f UraniWi Mr. Carrick, Mr. lliuiic, and 
Mr. Jann^. 'Jolm,' uid injr Diiutcri ' [o uid 
ia^virs bow Mi. Sirnie U ti>.da]'.' I wenl. re- 
luntMlaitdiakl. — I itrnl In Mr. $t«me'« loiijjini: : 
1^ mttram opcoed thn Aotit ; I iru|uircd lioir be 
£^ She told mr to ga tip to tbe nnnc ; I went 
iuio tW nwm, aiid lie wai just a-djing. 1 waited 
tea miuutc* ; but inhvc tir*flid, ' Now Itbcome!' 
He pot np hi* band u if to ttop a blow, and died 
IB * Biinnte. Tb« gcoUefnen were all y^rj tatty, 
mii Iawiiil>i1 kin v«rj louck'.'' 

Sacfc blkeilia|rlcMrrad«e«f iheiltadivf ihU 

SwB leltm and paper* of Sterne ore now 
hdore OM whteh r«*eal a piece of ttf.rtt hliitory 
vf oar •cBtinxstalat. The Ictterv are addrcsMd 
toayoHBi lady of iho name of I)r Foiinnanttli 
•amUin were Ibe Beraii|;en de Foar- 
who ilulaf the peneeniiun o( the Krvneh 
VtMmUaU by Lnni* XIV. nnijnttcd to tbi* 
iwwiilry i Ukcy «erc cstitlcd to cxlcnatc poatci- 
Sl Donungo, lial were cacluded hj 
Otil PrMcatastism. The elder (iitcr brcame a 
CatboUe, tMl obtsiaed the mIaIm ; ihr jonn^r 
»ioptt:d tbi name of Berin^er, mid wu a go- 
Teeoeaa to tbe Countcu of Urislul. Tbs )ii|H( 
itatM Um Calheriao dc Puuriniiilcl runited ou 
MtMliaenI to ^lenw, and that it; wn* tlie upcc- 

■ -H!a*d*lnTi«1iniapatt<v(Rura|«,A>Ja,a>ul Africa, 
4>rliS a Bilia ol Uliitl jraan and u|i«U'li, 1i; Julio 
uf Uia Uanliy of KijijHKb . In Inicr- 
ttia lulD of till faniJl/ Id I7<U. aw 
Oima, wkotaehM.Mi the lolilo vurld, Ae. rriiiin) 
bn the anthOTi ITV*^"—!!* •arrad a niimiicr nf anliKmcu 
aa< j*BllnNa tn iha faBnble italJaa ol a loiUnon. TIieti' 
U <wfc « air rf tratb and tfnaallr thmiahsnt U» nutk 

tattoa of their frii^nA) that ihry wnuld lir united i 
but ifaatou aviwt Stenic became ncijuaiDt«d with 
i Uiiy, whom hemnrrirdin thcupanc of une muuCht 
alter hatins pud bia addraiea U) Miia dc Poor- 
mantel for Rte ymn. Hu eoiiMqiiMica trat, tlw 
tnUl derauffemeat of intellect of thl* yomg lady. 
Sbc wu (Miilined in a printc mad. h a luc. StenM 
twice aaw her there, aud from obacrvatiDQ on Ler 
itate drew [he " M«rla " whom be hsi tn pallie. 
li^atly di^acrlheii. The elder (iRlcr, nt the inati- 
gatitin nf the father of the cammanieatar of tbeic 
Ictlcis cnioe to Englind. and tvok ebargu vt iLv 
unhappy Maria, whu dieil ni Fari& " Fur mauy 
yeort." aiyi the writer of ibia itaEcoicnt, " my 
mniherbiid the AoiuttoeM^ Steise tlludea to." 
The aoxioua villi ef Sleme waa to hate hie l«tt«ra 
rrtumed to him. In tbia bo failed j nod aiick at 
they ere, withuut JbIc, either of time ar phwci 
thef are oow before me. 

The biill«ti-dout are unquetlionibly authgoFle, 
but IliG itatcmgnt ia inaofotace. I doubt whether 
tlic naritttiro bo correct Ln ttaticK that liierne 
uiar:icd nfler an AcigUainMnnfl of one oioiilh ; for 
ho lell> ua in hii hlemuin lliat be euartrd bia 
wife for two jreuri : he however mnrrled in 1741. 
Tbe " Sermon of Klijah," which ho prcacnta to 
Mil* de Fourmantcl in oneof tbcie letlcn, wu not 
publiihed till ml. Her dbwrrdercd mind could 
not therefore Lave been occaaloiicil by (he luililru 
iiaorrt&ge of isiertie. A Motimcntal Intercuune 

e^dinilyoxiiileil betwreii them. Hr jM-ihapsiiimgbt 
in her syiujiathj cqnaolaCion for bia donieitic 
infelicity ; be cummuuicatea tu her the uiuuicit 
eteut* of bit early fame ; and Ihetr letien, which 
oertalnly Beem eery like lovc-leitrrt, prMant « 
pi<;lurD uf liii life in town in IIjc full llower of 
biB £uae, e^er mtli bope and flashed with avD- 


"Mr niAB KiTTv. 

" I beg yon will aeeept of tbe tnelcmnd Mr- 
mon. which I do not make von n prrieot of 
merely becaose il wag wrote bjr ivysclf, but be- 

ciuae there it a lirnutifnl rhamclcr in it of a 
leader and compuiiuunre miuil iii the picture 
gifeia of Eitjah. He*d it, my dene Kitty, and bc- 
Itc'e me when I Mniire jna tbut I aee aomethlng 
of ihrwiRie kind anil K<ntlo diapoBitiua in your 
heart which 1 ha've |uinied in the ptoplict'*, wljicb 
baa attached mn ki macb lo yuu and yirar inter- 
nb, ihHt I ihall bre and dio 

" YoBT aficcLiuoale »iJ failhfol aerrint, 

"LAtiKKXCK SmnsM- 

" P.S- — If punihle I will tee you thii afternoon 
before I jo to Mr. Fnlhergil's. Adieu, dear friend, 
— I bad the pleuurc to drink jour bmltb hut 







"Mt i>«\« Kittt, 
" If (hi* littUi ctiti\ttii JWL in b«d, pn art ■ 
Imj (tIecpT llltlc ilul. and 1 un a giiUf, foolUh, 
unthm1iin[ feltvw fur lieqiiug jo\i lO Ulc up— 
bnt Oiit Sabbath U a dar of n»t ; it tho muic 
time that it U K d«f of tonow. for I sliall not »tv 
aif <lc«f cpcatwip tu-ii«j, unl™« jou mMt m* M 
Tnjlor'* half an bnar aEler tnclrc ; bnt in tfai* do 
■■ }ou like. 1 havR u^ll<n^<l Mstllifir In tarn 
thirf Bad »W«1 you « qunrt of hnntjr— *hat a ho- 
nejr to tfa* twtrtaiuii of lhi«. *)lo art aire^ttr ihnn 
all III* flo^tn IE come* from ! t loie jou lo dis- 
traction, Kiltf. Mid will lot* you on «o to Ftcmitjr 
-^o adieo. anil baUtrc, whai time iriU onlj prtno 
me, that I am, "Yomfc" 

"Mt DBAS Ktrrr, 

"l hm ml yon ■ pot of tuprlniMl* and > 
pot of tionrj — ncitlipr of them hilf >o CMt as 
jaundS — but dun'l be T«m upon (hit — or prc- 
anmt (o grow vour upon this cbirscicr of ancct- 
B»M I fivr you : f{ir if you ito I nhmil irnd you a 
pot of pickles (bj way of ooiitmri**) lo sweeten 
JOU op, aud tiring jou to your»elf agnin — what- 
ever ihniigts bniiprn to ynu, brlitve inc tint I ini 
unalienhly joutt, and nL't-onliog to yaor mottu 
•oeli a one, njr deu K1II7, 

" 4ul BD dungcn j/a* in'ta loauiuit. 

*■ U S." 

Hi- came up to (own in irCO, topibli'hlhn two 
flnl vnlumc* of Shandy, nf wbk-li llie finl edition 
hod appeared at York the preceding ftu- 

LBtrJin tTi 

" Ltmdim, May 8. 
"Mt dbak Kittt, 

*' [ ban' nrriireil bfre »afe «.nd loiiild — elt^p-pt 
for llie hole in my litart vbich you have ntade. 
tit:«adoTrncl>niili]i([*1ut ■lyuuare.— I uliUl take 
lodRiii^ lliii mornin; iu I'iwadiUy or Ibe lliy- 
iiUFb«t, and before I aeod (hii iftur will Irt yon 
know (ibere lo dlierl ■ letter lo ran, which Mtcr 
I ibail wnil for by Ihi: rttum of Uii |iiwt with 
great iinpMtcim. 

** 1 baf e (be gmleit htnman |iHid tar and nioti 
<4*itltiM thown me that w«re «ivr Imnwn frmn ihc 
great t tA am «riK«iced drtulj to (en nobkmca 
and iD«n of fubion ti> dine. Mr> Tiarrick payn 
me all and mitre lioiiour tliaii ] could loolc far: I 
dineil with hiTn Ui>day — and he hu prompted 
Honbera of ptai p««(ite In eany me to dine *iih 
Ihem — h« Um Knen me an order for llie liberty of 
bia boxca and of «tcry put of bia huiue for llie 

whole seaaon ; and indeed Lcaies nuthing uwIobc 
that ean do me etUier tervice or credit. Me baa 
undertaken the whole management, of the bouk- 
ectlcni, and will prurure ma a great phce — but 
more of thit la my nejrt. 

"And tutw, my dear prl, let meaatore you of 
(be traeai frlcDililiiii fur you that ever man bare 
tomrda a woman — wncrtTer I im my heart ,i» 
■arm lowaida you, and nter uliall be, till it ii e«ld 
for cTcr. [ tbank you for (he kind proof you 
fate me of your dcaire to make my heart eafy In 
ordering yourwlf i« be denied Id you know who— 
wMIe I am lo miierabJe to b« aeparaied from my 
dear dear Kitty, it would tiare atabbed my aoul la 
hare tfaooilit svch a fellow could hare the Sbartf 
of camiiix near yuii. — t IhcrefoTe take tbia pmol 
of your love and liood priiidplM moat kindly— and 
have aa much fiiitb and ilepnndene* upon yon tn 
it. an if 1 wu at your elbow — would to Gud I waa 
at this momenl — for I am Bitting lolitary and alone 
iuriij bedcliBmber t'^ o'cb^k at ni);ht after the 
plif). and would pve a i^inca for a t^ii(«seof 
your banil, I eend my aoul ptr|«t«utlly ont lo 
(ee what you are a doiug — wl»L I coiitd conTcy 
my body with II— adieu, dear and kind sirl.— 
Ever your kind friend anil BlTectionate admirer. 

■' [ RO to (He oratorio tliia niglit. My ler* ic« (0 
your mama. " 


■■ My (ikar Kirrr, 
■■Tbougb I hate but n moment'* timv to 
(■pare, I would not omit writing you an aMooDt 
of my ^Ooil fortune -, my lurJ Fuucvuberg baa ihli 
day givrn mr a hundred and alxlj poaad» a year, 
which I jiuli] with all ray prcfarment ; xo thU tl 
or tliemi>it part of ny anrrowaand tear* are geisf 
to br wipril tiniT. — I hale bat one obstacle to mf 

iiappiutaa ui>w IcA— and wbat Lbat ia you kiww 
aa well ai 1 *. 

" 1 lung most tmpntiently to are my daar KJBf^ 
1 hkd a pune of goiigeai giren me yeaterday by • 
btibop — all will dowtL in timt^ 

" Prum muriiiiig to nigbl my lodgings, wUck 
by (be \fft are (he eeni(«lMl In (own t. are foil of 
Iha gmttal company. — 1 dinpd these two dap 
with two InilJH of Ibe bedchamber — tko will 
Lord Itockiagbiim) Lord Edgoninbi Lord Vi'ii> 
chebea, Lord Littleton, n budiop. &c. he. 

" I HMiir* you, niy drar Killy, (bat TVitnw 
U tb(! faahinii. — Vtv] to Hod I may aee my dearal 
girl rooo aud well.— Adieu. 

" Your affeclla Date frienJ. 
■• L. STMixa." 

•Can thlaallndio M the Smtli at hfawlf* '— «kal < 
jiwr ha t>llJi bli •luiRhWr hs tiad taken a twam at 1 
•■ tur >i>iif nioUitr aoul yuorwll," 

t 'Ilier were Uis ■eoiiul hou* ttvn H> AUank I 




firuE, RonntTiiox, An> ntncir. 

Trb nmi of VUatj ebancuta ii *acli wi liii- 
tMUn aa Gibbon : bat wc know the price wliicb Uc 
fud tor bi* Ki(aiiliioM^uii broken and undcri- 
ftdng H-Htri WillcM. a. tarte wil, eoutd uulf 
JiwitT r r ike drvilfcij of compilAlian in tlie pro- 
IibmI pUloMplier and piiatcr of aitn anil of 
mtoiw A ipecolitiie tarn of talail,dellKhtin|tin 
feaenliaiDX jinndiilrs and agxrefate ricm, is 
waAllj- dcAdcnl in Uiat clowr kaoiledgt. without 
■luck ««crr *Cpp <re tak« it on llic fairy-ground of 
aw}(Ct»« a»d UicuTJ. f n-jr apt to iliift iU tinfub- 
•Ualial aeana. The lUicanilicrB ar« liL« the 
tekabftanta of a city ■mho live smvng lu ancient 
a4ifte«a, anJ an ia ibe narkei^platn utd the 
(tnrta 1 but tit* ibcorMU, oecupwd bj pcnpcctiTe 
viffwa. nilb a aon anbt-liiic [Kiicil mar io'po' 
■B na > (cnanl naenUtiiM of Ibiagi i but ofloa 
W« fisd is Uiuw aluiliraj ouUinta bow Die 
otfccta ire tiPtttjr, if not mIioIIj bm— for 
b prm vkidi it faDcifol, and mucb umitbid 
wUch u tne. 

Of our two |iopDkr hiiloriaiM. Ilnnie aad 
laliwiaiiii. alike in clianeter but dilTcmi in 
ffmim. it U moeb to Iw lanant^i] that nrjtlitr 
flana to t))ei( taab* oitU tlie jirenoai ituJifn of 
half a life : aod tbcir (pcculitiTc or tbcoreiicai 
bMoriaaanortoiaiKh thelruTalBc«h<D(vaTtbr7 
aic daAdral in that da*ct rFiurcli ubich eta br 
iiliritrw'l only in ont ny i not Ihe moit a^Kcablc 
bt tkoBB Utenty advvntutcra, for «it;h ihrj »rt, 
ha wwf Mgh thf J rnnfc in tke claaiof Kciiiua,«liD 
fnap at earij cdcbrity, and depend mora on 
lliiiMil — tbaa on tlieir rrMarches. 

I* NioK ourioua Itfttm to llio lilfrary antiqaar; 
Dr. IUrA« RuWrtaoa ackouwlcdun '' my chief 
obiwl ia to itdam, ai br u 1 am ca^HililG of 
ailwralii Ibe UMory of a perind which dtaerrci 
h» ba hatier known." H« probably took bli It*. 

aaii frov Voltairri tW rr-tt[iiiia^ autlicjr (if l}ut dny, 

and a p^st fatowitc with llobrriMu. Vottaitc 
iaiieeA tdb ai, tlul no vriiera, but thoK irho hive 
wpoaed tmgedin, can Uirow any iittcn4l tutu ■ 
Uatoc^t ikat wc tniul know ta painl aad nirict 
iha paaalnma ; aaJ thai n liiitory, likn a. dramatic 
flaoCi aMat bareaiCuatioo, inlritntc, and cataaCco- 
plw ; aa cbacTralion whicb, bowrrcr irtiR, at Jcait 
ihuna tkac tbere ean be but a mcderate (juantiiy 
of truth la neb ajmablr Darrath-ci. Kubertaan'a 
Botioo of miamnv biacoty waa tbc plraiiiig U1>uur 
of gatiim, — it «u to amplify into Tutncw, to 
oolawr bito beau I;, and la arranni! tbc objrcti of Ui« 
i di UlhMi witb ■ MCrd anifli-e of ilispoailiou. 
8a«fc an birtorlan ta a tMilplor. whn, though be 
£rplay a eumet KmbUticq uf nntnra, U uot lea* 
aoUdlOtu to tlUjilay tlw miradca of liix art, and 

eoUTgoahUflfOMa toaeolowal dimenaloa. Suoli 
b ibeoietie*) hiatory- 

The tlieortikal biitorian tMnnroaniicatca bii 
own character to hia hiittny ; anil if, like Rnbert- 
lon, he be ptufound and putitic, he iletecta the 
aeereC tnatirM of Ui acton, unraveti the weba of 
cabinet councila, espUiiia pTsjceta lliat were un- 
known, and dctaUa etrab^enia n bicb nctcr look 
place. Wlien wc adnnire the dertile conceptions 
of Die QaMn ttesent. of Bliaabellk, and of Doih* 
wfjl, wv are often dRfraiHliiif Robcrtaoa of what- 
ever admiration raay be due to mch deep poUcy. 

When Hume rroeired from Di. Birch FtfcbcaV 
Mauiaicripta and Muntin'a ISUIe-papen. In ireat 
haate be writca to hIa brother biitortan : " Wbit 
I wrote you with rejtard to Mary, li^ wai (rota 
the printed biatorie* aad paper*. But 1 am now 
■orry tu tell }uu tlinl by Murilin'a Slalr-|>apcr«, llic 
Diatlcr iaput bcyoudikll*|uc«liuii, I |[0( ibeacpniicn 
during the tiolidayt by Dr. Ilirr.h'a meant ; and aa 
maon a> t rpod tlieat / ran le JtliHaf. and dcaiftNl 
bim Ttrr eanin^tly lo itop llie publiciiticin of your 
bialory, till L aboulJ write to you, and )[>** T^u 
an oppnrtanily of cnrrcftint a mistake ao import* 
ant: but be absolutely refuaed cumplionoc- He 
aiid that your book naa now tiniHiied i that the 

■ohnle nuralive of Mori'* trial muiit hi-nrvle oier 
agiuu i (but it wai uncertain wUetber tbc new nar- 
rative CDuld be bmnglit witlkin the a»mo compaM 
with the old ; that Ibti cliange would rn|uire the 
cancelling a grsit many *b(«t< ; that thvre wera 
BOaltvrvii ptunaiitt AroutfU thr vtflumtf ftrumUti 
tin yoiir (Acorf ." What an interview wai till* of 
Andrew Millar and David HuniD t truly the bililio- 
polc [hone lu greater advaiiLige lliaii the hfO 
Ihforilical Mflcriant ! And fo Ihe world had. 
nnd mticrly roMitcd, what llii* crilicBl hookadUr 
declared "required the new pdntini (tliatia, the 
new writing] uf a grcal part of the ediliun !" 

'When ihia tueoeaaful bialory of Scoiliind inviied 
RobprCaon to piinun chia nawly-dlwovercd pro- 
vince of philotopbica] or theoretical hlttory, ho 
wa* long irreoolutc in hia deaisni, and lo unprac- 
lianl in thu«e reaearcliei be au deiiroua of 
Btiemptin{, thai hia adniirpri would havo loat hia 
popular prodttcdona, had not a forlnnate inlrodue- 
lion to Dr. Bireb, wfaoie life had been •pent in 
liiatoricaL punuit*, enabled the Scuttbh hutorlaii 
to open roany n cluaprrt Imok, and t» drink of 
many a acolrd rountnin. RubcrUOD woa long un- 
decided whether to wntt tb« hlilory of Gr<«e«, of 
L«o X-, tlint of WilliKm III. ami Queen Aane, or 
that n-f Charlu V,, and perbapi many other 

We haffl a curloui letter of Lord Orford'a, 
detailing the purport of a visit Robcrtaun paid to 
iiriD tit inijuiie after oiatenala for the reigui uf 
William and Anne i be Mcoied to hate little other 



kiiovWKv lh«o wb«t he liul lakon upoa Inift. 
" I jiaintrd In liim," tnjthcniOrtorA, ■•tbedifi- 
pultlei >oi] the nut of naiemln — but Uie bouk- 
•f linn will oiil-arpie ne.'' Both th« hiitarian &nd 
*■ UiRtHrakvUfn'* hailTFSulvBil on another hiiluryi 

Aad KobcTtMn lookd upon tl u ■ tuk ubicb be 
wtabnl Ut kftt« Kt to htm. and not ■ Kl<iri»t>* toil 
long DMlanid In his uiiui. But how iliil be wme 
prtfwred (o 0\a nrf AliMniiu ■o^«Ei it pra- 
pM«d .' When be mtirti to write the Uatorj of 
CbtrlcB v., Im «mnfa>M to Dr. TltTch : " I nnirr 
hill lUKii to c»a eopioiu lifrtariti, ami do not 
pretend to aaif ttlriuiy^r knwrtttts^ of aulhart i 
but I have raade a liit of nunh ttii I thought moM 
cHFntiiit to llio subject, and have put ilicm do'^ii 
m / fvntvl ihgm vtentioard in dnji £wnlr / hap^ 
pfatit to ti-jn/. Your crudiliun and kiiowk-ilge oT 
boalti U ialinticl; lupfrior to mine, and 1 doubt 
aM bat yon will be able to makd tadi aililitiona In 
mj citJilopic Da ma J be of great me to ac. 1 
kaoiT <r*ty well, sad to nij lorrair, fiau tfreUet;/ 
hUforiaiu etipn ffom one another, and bow llttU 
la to be learned frota rMitlng minj bonki ; hat a( 
Um i4ma time, nhen one wrilo upon aa^ portion. 
kr period, it u both necessary and decent for biai 
ta oonault every book rclnliiis ti> it upua wbieh be 
can laji' hiir liandi." Titli avoiral prove* thai 
RobeiifOD knew Utile of the hiitnrjr of ClitriM V. 
till h* hrgan Iho la>k ; and be further «ot>fe«c( 
that "be bid tnt kuowledgtt of the SpaniiL or 
Oermnn," whieh, for the faliiory at a SpanUli 
monareb ini) a German rmpcror, wm Ronienhar 
omlnoat of the nature of tb< ]>rnjeeled bintory. 

Vrt Rohertann, tliough he ooce Ihui nckiiaw- 
ledsed, u He Me, lluit lie "never baiJ access tusn^ 
OOfilOD* Ubrariea, and did not jtrrteait fn nn.v 
»rUniie» knaiflflfftr of aulhnri" aeenK In hiin^ 
H^ulr«4 frota Mi friend, Ilr. Bfreh, who waa a 
gennion mearoher in miiiuicripta as welt at 
prlntril b»nki, % lute tTrri for biblia|;rapb!aal 
(Hlrnlatioii, ai nppein by that pnntpoiu and 
*oluinltioua Uti of autbora preflxod to bii 
ElUtoey nf AmerJea; the moit objeettoDiblB of bin 
hlatorie*. brinKi»perpel(ia1 «.fW)]o(fy fpr tbr Spiaiib 
QoreniTnent, »da|'ted lu the metidian of the court 
of Madrid, ratlicr Iban lu Ibc cauie of humniiity. 
of truth, and of phtlniophy. I nnderdaud. froiii 
|Md tDthnrllf, Hill il would not W dittntK ta 
proT«lh*t<nirli)>torianhiul1»rTtyruinined llirm, 
M>d fmbftbly bad nmvr lumnJ over l»lf uf that 
diMfillto ntaloKur. Ulrcli thonKhl to, and «m 
pmbabty i tlltle dittiirbril bl flie ovirwliclnilrm 
■ui>e*M of ntir #lD(|u«nt ind pcnetrilinf; hini'^rinn, 
wliiUiJiit owti I,ifk(cirii^n1 Ulxiiir", r-buni'iivtniitlientiv 
tntUilaU uf hiitory, bnl not Uintorj llmir, birdl^ 
rtplld Um printor. Birch'i puhlir«tJon» are either 
oi1||liiali, that U. I*ti«n nr ilaie.papera : ur thej 
■r* ramtttoa dnwn fhini eriginaU, for he n«Ter 

wrote but from maaiucripu. They are tbe true 
maleria huUtrUa. 

Bircb. howerer. omit liare mjoyed many a twret 
Irlnmpb over our populur hlitorlnna. wttn had 
iotroduned thtir Imutiful philrMiifitiieal biitoty 
into oar litrraiun; the dflemaia in which tfaey 
lumelimcs fiiitnd tbemKlra niud lutvc aniUMd 
him. He baa tliruwu out an i>bti<iur itrnkr at 
Roborlann'a '• pomp of it jle. and fine do-qurticr," 
" which loo often tend to dliraiK the rral italc of 
lli<i fafit»"." VTh™ be rer.eitrd fixim Hvbcrtsaa 
ih* prrimi nf bii " Clurlo V.." after tlio Juti 
iriliute uf bin praiw, he add* lome refrvt that tbe 
hinforimi bad not been aafhrtunate *i tohaee leen 
Biirtblcy'B Stalo-papcn, " publitlicd <ince Chrwt- 
miM." and a manutcript trial of Mary (tucen of 
Scota, in Ijord Royiton'i puiieiuon. AU«! vncli 
ii the fate of iprcu/oliee hitMry ; a CliriMmH 
may eome, and OTrrtum the elaborate rastle In 
tlic lur. Can we forbear a tmile when we bear 
Robrrlion. who had projected a liiitory of DritUi 
America, of whii^b we pciaiew two ehnptera, when 
ih« rebtillloD and reroluiion broke out. coD^tDlate 
btuiiclf thnCho had not made any farther prOfroM > 
" It i* lucky that my American luatory waa luM 
fininhed before this event i how many |ilaiuiblc 
Uieorlcs that I «1iould ha:ve been entitled (u liirvi 
are (Hintradieted by wbil bm now hij>|wa(dT" 
A fair ooafesiion ! 

Let ii not bn fur one moment imacined, Qiat 
tliia nrtlcte \t de^ienrd to depredate the getihu of 
Hume and RcibertMiti, who are the nubWt of IMJ 
modem oulboH, end exhibit a perfect Mteo of the 
lilurary chnnictrr. 

Forty-four yeara ago, 1 transoribod front tUr 
ciriiinnlt the rairroapundrncc uf the hIalorUn wiA 
the literary antiquarj. For tbe utiifarlion of (bt 
reader, I here pmrrvp thowi literary nlio. 

Ltltrrt tieltrtrn /Jr. Wtrrft and Dr. IF. RUtrU 
4nn, Tfilnlir* to th» Uittoriet tif SMIland and 
o/CharlM r. 

TO DH. nmeu, 
"Rrvkrixd Sia. 
" Though I haTo not the good fortwx to te 
known to yon pertonally. t an to bappy aa to W 

no xCniritter to your writing*, towhicb 1 h*i* bMS 

inilrbtod for ranch useful inatrMctioa. And oil 
hire hexrd from my friendi Sir Dvrid Dafayvi^ 
and lilr, Uaildton. that your diapuaitioa U 
wai ei^nal to yonr knuwirdge, I aow proMMa H 
writ e to yon and to aak your aatiataBoa vitbOMl j4 

" I hate been entaxed for aomr Citne in wrici^ 
the biriory nf .'icotUnd rrnni tlio death of J 
V. to Ilia aeoetaion of Jntnei VI. to the IhriMf al 
EngUnd- My ibief object ia to adom (aa fnaa I 


— f 



UB OkfMt Of atonatf) ib« hialory of m period, 
>Ud) VB acooant of tKo ktiWikw of die eTeoto. 
nA llteif clow oonnectioo with the mnHcrlians iti 
KmliiH deatrvM lo be beilcr kuuvii. Uut at 
ifapnrB Df eon|KMldon, «ten «li<ni «. vritftr 
OM Wtalili tkal, is but 4 trWud merit vitbanl 
Uatorictl Irulh >nd aecuTiu:7. and ai tbs prrjadico 
Mid mgr or faclluuk buUi rtligiuui kiiJ |ioiilicnl. 
bsre noitni alMiM CTcr; r*rt, In cbe (imod 
■hlcti 1 hate clioMn, ■ matter of douhl or of con- 
txonnrj, I Kara tbrrcforc Ukea all Uic pain* iu 
mtj powM Ui cxuuiue ihc eridunte (in bucU eidea 
villi Kiaclnrsi, Yau ktiDir liuw ci>|ilciu» tbc 
•BoCrrta hulariea in thi« pfriod ic Druidra all 
the «MBMa«i hiitariaiu and pHnud collcf tiO'ai of 
fmfan, 1 hancuuiulhilKiaridiiiinaTCripb wbi«h 
■ra to be fiMiad in tbia uountry. I aio [icniuailcd 
ibat ikcre we utilt ntuty manutiTipt* worth ro; 
ncbig to be net oitb in Enicland. and f^r that 
IMiMk 1 projMM to pau toiDc time in Londoa 
tfai* wMlcr. I am iinpaticnl hvveicr tu kiioo 
«htt dbcottrics «f tbis kind I mair expm. tiid 
tahat are the traaurc* bcforr. mn and with ivfard 
la ikia I bef Isare to couull jrou. 

•' I wwt ali'atil for iom« taat th4t Dr. Purb«t'a 

CellecUon* bad been luit iipuu bia dcatb, but 

I m {ted to Aod bj joat ' Mcinoira' tbal Ihcy 

■m in tbe poaactnon al Mr. Torl^a. I ate likv- 

wtM thai (be 'l>^teli«(dc BeaninODt' areln the. 

haada «f Iha aaaie gcnlkraaa. But I ban no 

ity of ooiuulliBE jruur ' Memoira* at 

it, aad I cannot reinEmber whclhcr the 

da Fnirloa' be iIllJ prMerv«cl or not. 

thai Carle ha* mado a grviil um of thnm in ■ 

ytrj bwiy |xtkm) from IHi to liTH. I 'kiiuw tbr 

■raa^ of Carte's pttjudinca to veil that I dnr« 

a>f Maajp lliiciKi mnj be found Ibere Uiat ho ciiuld 

■It •••. or wonU not pitbUtb. May I b<f; lh< 

hniorof )«D.ta let me know itlirlbrr PciiKtoir* 

l apcii W jvt <itanl and acnciuihlc. and to give 

■a aame fraenl idea of vhat Dr. Pi>rbca'a Col- 

batOM* cnntain irilh rrK*fd to Scollanil. and 

llMlkcr lb« papcn tbej eonidtt of are dilfercnt 

baai tbofn irabtiabed b; lla^oa, Andcnon, &c. 

1 tM br from iiitrint thai j<n abuuld enter into 

teall, ihac mJtM be troubltaome to yoo, but 

a abort hint of the luliire of tbne Cotlertiona 

baeafKOkcly iBIbfjiDg tomyruriocit^. and 

tUU catcwaa U a fVMt obli^tiun laid upon lur. 

" I ba*cbniiif bl mj ■rorkoiioott 10 a cuitcluMiuii. 

jnm maU be ao goud na lo >vin:"( anjlhinx 

kit yam tkoa^ht uaefnl for me tu kni>» or Iu 

Wiwtoe Inu I ahall rFcrlre jour dirtcuotu with 

pcit foptci and Kralituile. 

* I an vitb iiat<rc catccm. 
*■ Rn* Sir y ni. ob. & m. b. S' 

" Wai. Koii>mT«ON. 


10 OK. liiacu. 

■'Dkar Sib, 
" If [ bid not conauletnl a letter of mere 
Foiaiillmeol aa an Impattlneat tnt«miption (o ime 
who 1* ao buiy aa fon oommoidf arr, I wnnld long 
befurt tlii« lime made mj ai^uuivlcdgiiteiita 10 
yo-u for the cirilltiea which you wai «o Rood aj to 
iJi'diT nir while I waa in haadoa. 1 liad uot imly 
a proof of your abliging diipuiitiun but I reaped 
the good dftfota of it. 

"The papnrt tu wUidi 1 got 'acccta b j joor 
inraiu, eipn-ially ihoie from Lord Rojrfloa. htva 
rrnilerrd my work ni<irc jwrfent than it cimlit baia 
otbcrwiae bcnn. My hiitory is now ready ft>r 
publieatioil. and 1 baicdnirpd Mr, Miilirto aelid 
yon • loTite •paper copy oTit In my aame, nhbb I 
beg yon mny acuept na a tcatiniony of my rr^nl 
and of my gratitode. H« will Ukeaiw tranamll to 
yoa another copy which I muaC tntmal you to 
jireBCDt to my Lord Royatoo, wlik iiicb ackoow- 
leilKmrnti of hlafaTOnra toward me na ore proper 
for me to make. I bate priured a ahurt appeudii 
of original papers. Tou will nbMrre that there are 
■eTcra] uiacvuntcies in tlie pr<'aanork. Mr. Millar 
grew Iinpalicul to have the bonk pubiiihrJ, »o that 
it wM impwtiblc to acnd down Ibe pmor« to inc. 
I hope, however, the papen will bo abundantly 
inlcUiKibte. 1 publiihed thi>m only lo eonfinn my 
own nyncni, about parliaular facta, not to obtain 
tbf character of an Bntl<]uar[an. If upon ]ifrusin^ 
Ihe book youitiseover anyinacrnriirii'i. rUtiprwilh 
rej;nrd lo ulyle or farta, whether of gna.1 or of 
•mall imjiorlancc 1 will eitiroi it a »ery great 
farour, if you'll tie au fuod aa to coiumuuieaCc 
tbem to lite. I thall Ukrwiae be bdcbtol to ynu, 
if yi>a '11 let mn know what reception the book 
mrrt* wi<liatnoni[ the literati of your acquaintance. 
1 hope yoa "-ill be particularly plc4*cd with the 
L-ritioil diNarrtatioii at the end, which la the pro- 
ductiun of a co-paitnrrahip betworn itif anil your 
friend Mr. Daiidano. Bulli Sir U. Ualrymple unl 
he offer eomplimenta to yoQ. If Flenn Tucker b« 
io town tbia wuttcr, I b«^ you woold offer my 
eomplimeiita Cu bim. 

" 1 am w. irmit rejard D'. Sir 
*' y m. obed' Si mat. o. •er' 

*■ William RoBsaraoH. 

■• Edinburgh. 1 Jan. 17S9. 

" My sddreaa it, one of tbc n^iuitcn of Ed." 

• ra DB, BiacB. 

■' DlAR SiH, 

" I beg Inve once more to haie reeaurae to 
your good nature and to your loite of literalure, 
and lo prcciini'C apon puttiug you to a pivce of 
trouble After cvtiaidcrliiK Kieral aubjccta f'lr 
another hiitory I hair al laaC liiod upon the reign 
of CbitiM V. trhid eontaina the fint eatabliab- 


■Mt «r dw |im«at p<^tic«l ajrileni of Earvp«. 
I kan b^na to bb»ar ktIoiuIj upou m; tuk. 
Oaa of tlie irvt Uitne* nquUtir ■■■ to fbno • 
eMakf«» of book* vhiob mutt be c^nmulicil. A* 
I ■•*« hAd ate«M U ^erf copioui librarivi, I do 
■dpnlcMl to ■ayeltnuiTp knuirtnl^r of Milium, 

htS I hoTc mkk^ a llil o( audi ai I thouglit ino»t 
lawTitid to dit RubjrcC. «ii<l hair put tht^m duiin 
jmt w the order wbkli thej ocL-urred to me, ur ai 
1 CMmd (km tB«nilon«'l in an^ hook 1 hnpp(>n#d 
to m^ I brf jou would W to gooJ at lo look il 
owr, and as jour cnidil.ion anil knonkdite of 
booka la infiDJtcljt mperior to mine. I doubt iiui 
Iral jom'tl be able to nuike aucti atlditiona to tvj 

eataliigiin ai iniijr b« of grriil uM to nut. [ liiow 
rtr? well aoil to luf »0)tow, how Mr'vilelr iiUtariani 
COpJ ftom one iinollirr, and bnw little it to be 
Icamad tnm rtuiing tnanj bouki, but at ibe Mine 
lime whra one itrllea upon mj parlirnUr prriinl 
It It both nninnuy and d«<i«nt fur tiju to coi»iilt 
CTCTT book nlatiiif to tl, upon nbich ho nn lay 
bt« baadi. I am aDScicntlr toaiter of Fmtcli 
ajiil Italian; but luie uoknuwtMlgauf ibe S)iaoUli 
or Gcfuaa Mnpiea. 1 (lattar mjtelf that 1 (hall 
luA mMu KiKh by Uiia, aa tkc two former 1aa- 
SWi(aa Unctker with the lAtini wit! mpplj nto 
wkdi botrita in abnndaac*. Mr. Walpole ittfurmtrd 
■uoome tina afotkaliotbecatalagut'ofHarli-iiui 
Mt8- in lit Oriiiili Muaenm, thi^rc ia a voluiae of 
ptfan nlaiiag to Ckaile* V., It h No. 29S. I 
dn BOt «|>rct uiiicb from it, but it would be ex- 
tnmrij obUKieg if fov would lake (he trouble or 
looking into it and of informing av in grncral what 
It Matai*ia. In tlw calalo^c 1 hme niidMcd, tLU 
RHrk X la prriUcd to all tic book* which I can 
f*t In tUa oovatry i if jrou Toaraelf, or anj rricnd 
vllk wkitm JIM can ■>•« rri^nlom. have an; of the 
Otfc«r book* In Dij lilt, and will be m> good u to 
t« Mr, ^liUsr be uill forward Ibem to 
I ahaU nocjie them with great gralitaJc 
them with moch piuictiulitj. I brj[ 
laamf la oAr eoMplJifntt to all our comoKiu 
i^tawda, a^ partiealarlj to Dfan Tucker, if bo be 
ki Imtu tUa (Mao*, t wiA J( were tn m; power 
!• mattr wof taCsni (or all tke traiiUc jou have 

likM !■ atf MMlf 

•• Bibdm^, 13 i>r<. i;59." 

mm OE. BtKcfi. 
l« n>a k«T- •«. ■toaaaraoj', at aviitarnoii. 
•■ Daaa %*%, tamdim 3 Jat*^. \'fXl. 

" Vmv ktter of the 13 De^. waa partioularlj 
fa HM> aa it KSioaiotad me with your 

10 raMHW jots' blaUKic pen, and to 
• a«b^ «kk±, froen ita nnportanoe 
fvor Maaaer of trcatiag li, will 
tm i«Wr ■■iiipldlfa tat Ilka publico 
" \ km pmtmA jam Kai of beoka to be «»■ 

■oiled OQ thi* cecacioa t and after IraaacTikiiif h 
have dcliirered it to Mr. Millar ; and ikall sow 
make aome addltlona lu il. 

"Tbe new • Kiatoin d'AlletMfBa' I17 Cetbar 
Barrr, ebiineelldr of tbe uniTenlity of Paria, pob- 
lislicd a few fcirs ngv in screial «otamca in t^. 
ia a work of mj gooil erodil, and to bo peniaed 
bf yini; u ia bkowiM the aeeeeid editioQ nf 
' Abr^ ehrtmolopijvc de rHittoire & dn Dredt 
publie d'AUemegne' joat printed at l>aria, and 
foroiod upon llic plan of prcaidcnt Hcnaolt'i 
' Noutel Abn's^ chmnolotliiue de rilittoina da 
France,' in which the rciftia of Franeia 1. and 
Hfnry II. will be proper to be seen hf ja^ 

" The ' i\<'atitirai piBiir Berrir it I'lltKlmre da 
Cardinal GraavcUe ' bj (athte Roaper LevcM|UC a 
BunediL'tin monk whir.b were printed at Taria la 
two tuK \'2' in 1733 euntain aome |«r1leolart 
rcliilinp to CharlcaV. But tUa pe*fsmnaw It 
murli lot curiuut than It loii^hl hara been, eo»- 
(idcrioK that the author hid the adiantaj^or a 
viae ecilleirliou, above an hundmil tolumc* of the 
Cardliiiri uriieiiiil paper*, at Beaanfoiii. Anonf 
iheac are th^ pnpcn of hit eoninenoe'a fiilber who 
wat chtncellor and nuiiatcr to lira Enperor 
Charlei V. 

' Bitliop BiiniKt in the ' Summary of ASain 
before tbe RcHturalli>»' jtre^xed lo liii ■ Hiatorf of 
hia Own Tima', mention* a lifo of Fredirick Ett»- 
tor Palatine who fint reformed tbc PalaliaaK a« 
CQTioailjr written bj Hubert Thnmaa Lendiua. 
Thia bock tli0Ui;h a Tcrjr rare one. ii ia mj aCadj 
and (hall be itoI tn jou. Yon will And in if mutj 
beta relating ta fonr Emperor- Tbe manotetrpt 
WW [uckilj ti*T^ wheu tbc librarf of Ueirdelberf 
wai plundered and contcjed to the Vatican aim 
the lakjug of tfait city ba 1632 and it waa printed 
in 1624 at Pranefort in 1*°. The writer kad bean 
•ecreUrj and eonni^tllor to the el«tor. 

" Anntbcr honk which I aball tnaaait to jon la 
1 valualile cul lection of alale papers made bj* Mom* 
Rwipr and pnnied at Blola In IMi la two nb P. 
Tbriy relate In the rei|;n* of Fnaeia I., Henty II. 
and Francu il.of Fmacc. The iodcie* will direet 
jon to aueh paaiagei as concern the Emperor. 

" Aa Mom'. Amelot da la lIouHalo who 
eitremelj' conrrnant tn modem hitfor; haa in tkt 
I" Tome of hi* ■ Mctnoire* Hiatori^aea l'«fatif0M 
et Litln^irra ' from p. IS6to IDStrMled uf CkitlM 
v., I aball add that boob to mjr panel, 

"Vanllat'i Lifrof llcorr 11. of Pnnoe 
be [uuknl into. thDngb that hbwlan haa mat 
prearat muck reputation for axactaOM and 

" Dr. Fiddea in hia Lif« of Caninal Wul>«f 
baa fnn|utnt ocoaaios lo introdaoe Ui* Eai[icn( 
hia contrmpararr. uf which Biyk In hia Dhit»0Mi7 
givBi UK an ejpreuartipl» and not a sboil 
it ooBiuei of eigkt of Ua 



" Roga Ascham, Qim«o EliBibMli*! piwf ptor. 
wbcti ba «■■ ■Mrtoiy to £■. Richard Morriio 
■wli- ffOM K. Bdiranl VI. lo the Impenal cduii, 
wntc to ■ bund of hi* ' • report smI iliscounc uf 
thr aflnni aad ilaU of Germui; and tlin Einpr^ror 
CbafWa ecMft.' Tbii ou prinUtl in tba rripi of 
Qmoi Elumbetb : bat tbr eopie« of that edition 
M* w>w Tory rar«. Uowevcf lhi> *ill W ruoii 
■Mdr p«I>ti«, bcbg rapriatoJ in an cdicicn of all 
tbe ■athor'f Eitflbh wotkt now iu ihtr proa. 

■ Tb» ■ EfiUm dca Prince** tmnitalrd from Ihu 
ItaBm by BetUrorvKt will probably auppl; you 
with aons f«w thin^ to jour purpou. 

Vol. ttS amqMi the IImIcmu MSS. cvnuitw 
Ittle teaarkahk eioept runic letters froai Henry 
VIH'b amtr. ia Spaiu in 1$IB of ohiah jgo amiy 
aec an itlMino In the jirintMl oatalogve. 

" In Dr. lUfoc'i ■ rolleetioa Af Stat* Papera 
■■ tiie lUtb<ld Uigtarjr' p. S6 la a Idiib letter ttf 
dbc lord of the conncil uf Hrunr VIII. in lA4t to 
ViBBib'. «iib Uic Euperor." 

n) OR. niKcn. 

C*#raa( /rvm « bl/rr »/ />r. IMerlKin, JalrJ 

CtttUge of P.iiiHhutyh, <hi. i. I rii:i. 

" " " * I tiarn DIM with manj mtefnt[>tiD«i 

ia iAiijip^ oo mv ■ Cliarlr* V,,^ partly frutc bad 

h— Itt, mai panlj fivm the iTocadvni ariiiln^ (ruai 

f ftwwlBl llii iliiiii I iif iiij oAfe. liui I am nan 

vHUb riflit of land. Tlie Liitorical part of the 

vocfc ia ABialipd and i bri basj with a prelimlnar^r 

btMk t* wlueb I prot<oae lo |{ivc a view of tbc 

fio t i L aa inlbe*ta(eofaooietj,tawii, inaimera. aad 
WW, from the trruption of tbe borbiroua tiationa 
M the tMfiiuiii«[ of the tixtepath cntiurjr. TliU 
il » bboriau nadeitakinf ; but 1 l!3ti«r mym'if 
OM I ■h*U b« *^l* to finiib il Id a few tuuntlia. 
t lHf« Vept t^ bwki Tou <raa to E<iod oa to muJ 
■e* and ikall rvtani tbcm cucfalJ}' oi auun b> mj 
veA la doK." 

or voLtDfiKorft voitiw utooHnirrR ov t»b 
tiiuTiis or Ttte Att-ninns. 

tm Ihom " lUoion of Dealb" *hMe wtrf pnv 
luwioa la ibttvn ■» taken bj- mrpnue in Ilia midil 
of tfc«jr uaJuwdwd taalii, iihErc tbe fook U *icwrd 
la Hght o*«r»vtliiig liis caldron ofaO'Up, anJ the 
fkjitdn, ahiU iotpcimiiiK hla paLenCa urinil, b 
yaoair loncfaed by the irriin vinilor, oar luoiv 
iMtraM of poor mortality may be added in the 
•rikra of vorki de^ignrd to be puraDsd tbrou|[h • 
ttim$ aerin of luliunca. The French biTe u ap- 
|K»pr)aCr daUgoatkin fuf each mirka, Bhic^ tbcy 
aall " MtKrajm dt fanjjue halHat," and il hu 
aAbk kapfcAed that tlu hateint baa doied before 
(fw work. 

Worin of literary luttory hate been particularly 

I BUb)«Ct l« thia tnortUj-ing cheek on intdleirtaal 

' euterpriH', and human lifv luu cii>t jriddrd a luHi- 

' cictit portion for the coiDmniiiciitiou of eitciifitc 

aciiuiiemeiil ! \riM ycira of ri:adii:if and irnliiiK, 

the liuraif hi«iorltn, who tn hla laintucrable 

' reMBmhea ii erttirjtl ni well at arudlta^ haa atill 

la arbitrate betwMo eonfliotinij opitiiona ; to 

roolrc ou the duabifut, to dear up lh« obiwarc. 

and lo erasp at niinole reaenrcbo:— but hi^ iliei, 

and leatiH btl bvoiirilD volume* little uiura tluia 

a (imjeet '. 

Fvpliiisty tbe antiquary Uoame lamentR tbia 

K«ncr«l furgetfutncfa of the natani of 4II luuisii 

coiiccmn ia tbe midd of the anti[|uary. wbu b so 

buaifd wttb other timpi and ao inlrrMtsd. for other 

I (icnnnH Ibui tbone afaant him. " ItJt tbebusineaa 

of • Rood aiitiiiaary, ai of a good mao, Co baift 

inurlalily aiwtyt before liim." 

I A fen lUuatKivua arlLolart hare Indrrd csnapf^l 

I the Cite rraerucdriirmuiit ofihuir briilbi-n. A long 

life, and IhitDrt of multiplying that life not only 

I by an nurly atlat^bnwiit to iludy, but by that onltir 

; imd irianHciunrit whiob shurtcn* oai tctoarcliM. 

I bmc tullired fur a Mt'a.t.ri>ut. Wllb "uch a 

aliLdcut time wu a great M|tltal,wliiL-h he knew IU 

put oat nt uoDnpoand inlr.ntiit; anil ihU Vsrro 

I of the Italian), wlio performed an infinite number 

ol Ihingfl ill ibc circiLutciibed perioil af urdtiiitry 

life, oppoin not to baie fell nnj drcnd of Ic&tlug 

bii vuliuniiiuua UIkium unliiiUbifd. hut rather of 

' vantine (j|i« 10 le|:in. TUii Ul«rBry Aleiiiider 

thuit)()i( he inijht want a world lo eoii()Ucr I 

I Munlori waa nertr perfectly bappy luileai ena- 

ployeri in two Urice votks al the same timft, and 

»u iiiui.'h dreaded the ttatc af literary inaL'tiou, 

[bat be was incMMntly liaporiuninf; Ma IriHtidt to 

ani^^rat lo him object* wo rlhy of bi« futuie coin|iu- 

siiiuii. The flame lindkd in his yovtb, burned 

clear id hi* old tige j *.[id it wu iu bii acniUty 

tlial he prudurcd thelwclir qnartusuf LU Annaii 

ifllalia tu ma addiliou to hti lariitj.nine falina 

of bll HiTtim I taliettTtim Seriptorf. and the ait 

fulioa uf the .1 nliifuilvlej XlfrJii /Eft .' yet tbesc 

*ait eUiAeta of biatory aie not all nhlvli this illus- 

trinui Italian hoi niiaed for bia fitlicr-land. 

(iibUoii ill bl« M i*L-eIlancuus Wurki baa (trawii on 

admirable liharai^ui of Muracori, 

Hut audi u fortuiintc ictult ha* rarely sccDrapa- 
nied the laboura of the lilrrary northiea of thia 
order. TiftAiiuauHi indeed lited Iu cumplele bis 
j^reut niliuna] biitury uf ItolLun llluratiir« t bul, 
unbippily for ni. Wiuros', an«r fMlIng hi* way 
thmugb the darker sgta of our pMtry, sjid JuM 
cunductinc us to a biinhtcr re^on. in plaaning 
the map uf the couiiliy uf which he bad only a 
Piagah view, eipire* amid his volumea I Cur 
poeli4»l antitjuary led n* lo the openii^ gate* of 

the paraifiw of Aar poetry, when, abu ! Ihoy dnspd 
on Iiiin aoil on imt The most pfecjotu portiiHi of 
Warton't hiatnr; U but the fragment of a fngtncnt. 
Lite pOMC* avay in collcirtiDe niatcriali — llir 
OHiUelici in block* — and tometimn « rolomuide 
u ctMCtd, or rrra one whtiie liilc of * palace indi- 
cate* tkc dcngn inrihc artliitcct. Count Mazii.!- 
GNKLi.i. ufljr in life, (armed a noblo bat too 
miglitf a project, in nblch, lioncfrr, lie cniuiiilRt- 
Mj advmnoRcL Tbia wan hiitnricUaadcrttieil 
awonnt of the mnnoiin anil thf «ritlngt a( llnlian 
Bnthura; ho eim cummciicnl tlui publication in 
ali'babctica] order, but tht ^ InnliwUe foUv* w« 
pmMBM, onlj contwn thu atitlioni the Initial Icttcra 
of wliuie namn are A and U ! Tlu* ^mt litcfarjr 
fiivtorian bad Aniibcd for the prru other Tuiiim»a, 
irhieh the torpor of bia dcsMDiliintt baKnfTtrrd to 
Ii« in • domanC atate. Ricb in aequiiilion, and 
jvdiciftiif in hU dceUans, tbc da;* of ihr. patricitic 
UaKiochelll mtr. fntljpfrn to the moat curlou* 
and el«gant rMnrobe* In lili oanonai titeralurv; 
bi« eotTciponi1«nc« I* aaid to eoiuin of forty 
lolnmca; wttb eight of Utcrarj memoir*. bt<n<Lt>lbe 
liica of bi> litcrkrj contcmpnrarin i^but Europe 
bat bMD drfnuded uf tbe liiddeu treaaurra. 

Tbeliiitorf of Uaillrt's " JoBemena des S^e- 
vnnaeurlo* Principaax OuTractBdni^uicun,*'o( 
Dcctitona of tbe Learned on (lie Lrarnrd, it a 
rnnarkable Inttuiee hoir UttU thi! otdmlatinna of 
wTttr-nof reamrch Minn to luirrljiia the |^riod of 
thcii projoclcd lalro'ar. DMtlct paaf<d hu life in 
the roidit of the Kceat library of tbe literary 
faosily of Cbe Laatoif^iuiii, and ai an art of )(rali- 
tnde amagei ■ elaaaUlMl eitstofn? in tbiny-iwo 
folio TolsmM ; It iadicatcd not oitly what any 
nutbor tmd ptofewnlly coni|K>iird on any tabject, 
but alxi mulied thoK paiaa^ea relatire to llie 
inbjtet wtilch other vrit«n bad tooi'bfd on. Rj 
tnnm of tbli catolngiic, th« philoinphical patron 
of Baillcl at t tiuth tilaooc difCOrered the grctt 
mult* of lituniui kninlcdgc on any object of bia 
ini^iiiriea. Tliia eatalu)cue, or eigual uoictty and 
cnrioiity, the teamed ctme to itudy, and often 
tmuenbfd ita predoni notieei, Amid thii 
world of booha, the »kill and Ubour of UMllct 
prompted him to collnct ibc critiuit n^iimoDB of 
the learned, and frum tli« eiperiericir bo h'd ac- 
i[Bind in Qig progrm of tila colofaal ntalogue. 
ta a preHninary akctched one of th« moat magni- 
ficent plans of literary biatory> Tbia iutrucilTc 
project hat been pre*er>eii by Monnoyc in hit 
tnliuon. It conUtta of all large divlsioBt, wilh 
InnuBwrabic aubdiriaion*. It ia a map of tbr 
bmnan mind, and pnaeota a rien of th* mo^i- 
tnde and variety of literatore, n-hich few can 
coBcriic. The project wu too van for an indi- 
fiduat ; it nor oo-npiM tmttt «|iiBrla*, yet it 
adrannnl no farther than tbe critie*, tfaailaton, 

and poet*, fonun; Hltls moM than the Knt, and 
a coanneDocoicnt of tbe aacond gnat diiiaion ; to 
more important claaMB tb« laborioaa projcctor 
ne«er reached 1 

Another literary blitory in thr " hih1Lothr<|ae 
Praofoiat" of Goujet, left tmenUbnl by hia 
death, lie had licAigntd a cWu&od bi«tory of 
French tileratnrr, bat of ila Biunamu daoe* be 
hai nn!y eoncluded tbai of tlie tranalnton, and 
not finiibed the ueoed he bad commmcad, ef Uw 
p«et«. Hr IukI tiimwil In the ohteore limf« of 
Frciicb Literature, and tcmauia c d dxtecD yoais on 
bii eightRrn rolnmci ! 

A great eotcrprise of the Bikshictiwk*, the 
"HlitotrsLltt^ntre del* France." aoirconualaof 
twelve 1^0 qiuulot, whiob c*cn iti aiiu>«ei>i*e 
writcn haTe only been able to otrry down to tha 
cUiae of tbe tirdftb century* 1 

DxriuC'LiCMiKr, abooktelbfrandabook-lovet, 
designed the moit extenaien bibliography which 
bad e»*r appeared ; tbi* hiatory of boot* ia not a 
bnrrcn nomrnelBture. the particular* and ifu»crt*- 
tjuni are lotnelitnei curiuua ; but ihc diligent life 
of theaucbar only alloivod him to proceed a* far 
na th« letter H I Tbn nlpbuhctieal order which 
fiomc writotB hare nloplcd, ha» often proved a *ad 
memenln of homan life ! The laatoditMH ofowr 
own "Biofraphia Britannic*," (wblc, imperfcrt, 
and inadequate oa the writer* were to tbe taak tbe 
boiAarllen. had cboarn them to exeeiHe, rmaiH 
•till a monumcDt which every btertry Eaf;lt«biM» 
BUj blush to lee )0 faopcilculy Interrupted. 

When LKGnA9iuU'AL's*v,whn*rf«£'iaMa are 
to well kaowB, adopted, in tha wannlli of anH- 
■|wiriHn imagiaition, the flan luggNt^ by th« 
Mari|uli de Paulmy. fint ikctcbed in Ibc XlihmfM 
tir/t (Tone ffraniU Biblialhtr/if, ol a pictura 
tbe dinneriic life of tbe Frencli jwople ttmm 
earlieat periods, tbe suhjret broke apo* bin like 
vlaioQ i It had uoiclty, amuaemeDl, *>u) cuni 
'• le nijrt n'(Tt parvt nrvf. tic)n vt j^jwbuJ." 
revelled amid the aoene* of ihdr architectart, 
interior deeomtian* of tbrir house*, their ckaoi 
■hi* drew, tbrir ^mea, and reenattOM; 
word, on all tbe parta which were moat adapteJ 
nmiue the fanry. But when be came to («ia|H>M 
the more detailed work, the lb*ry acenc faded !■ 
tbe length, the rrpetitian, and the never-cndiBf 
Ubour and erearineaa; and the tfaiea soli 
which we now posiew, inelcad of ipoeta, 
and arcbilei:tnre, eihibit unl; a rety 
not alway* a eery amuiini, acanuit of the lovJ 
ihp French nation. 

Nl> (iiir haa more hilly pourrd ont bit 
of ijtirit^hc mny cictlc a tniilc in Ihoat who 
never cipcrirncw) thi* toil of book* end 

' • ThlawvrkbMbMDltMjrraHmBd. 




Mi^tc— lNt te sWbs tkt tjmfMhf of thnia 
•ha wmU £«Av^ thMr inhUe 4iitia •» fiiith- 
f4f,to the |MhCc. I ilwU prtwvtc ■ *triUiig 
pktuR of tbue ikntMuid Uilt-worka, colourt^ b; 
tkt itrrsiy pMfi of tbc TnluminoM autbnr oba 
!• 4««awd aner to ftniili hit nrtooi work ; — 

** Kttdovad wttb ■ «oang« 4l all proof*. <Hth 
kiMlIk wlueb, ItU Umo, «*• istultcreJ, and vKich 
«f Umut hu (rent}f rhnnKn], I dnToInd 

to write (be Uiea af the Inmnl at the 
iih (««tvy. Rvnoumriag ill hinili o( |i1««< 
MM, wiMm tan «i tweh* boun a-dtj, ritrart- 
iifr enMlsMlr copfiBg ; •fter ihta mhI UA;, 1 taow 

W draw bfT«th, Uim omr ^liiiC I had 
mtd urangv it. I foand in]rielf p-anoMtl 
rf maajr tkounaili «( AitUMint, of wliirfa llii^ 
Inapi* did ont ricnd nanj linn. At tlie 1>>|()>I 
of iM* 6i(tttful cliiioi, froDi whicli ] vat to firm 
( nfvtar btatorr, I moM cnnrcaa tbni I xtiDd- 
4n«d : 1 fdt m^aelf for aoroe dme In a tltipor 
wtd 4tf f * ii %m nf tftiriU i and naw actDil!; Ihtt 
I hawa taiabad tbU work, / tvnnM tttthirt Iht 
•■aalbwdtaw ^ A«l Maia^nl ^ oAirai imMcW a 
ft^mg ^ l»foluittitry irrror. What a livdncaa 
MtUa. good Ood. at a roaifiilcr ! In Inith, It U 
Boodeaanad : it werita aomc rcKtril. At 

I ngalMd eouftgei I ra(iini#>I to my 

I bare cucnplrioJ mj plan, (hough 

ratry itf I «aa fomd to add, la eorrea, to 
«l«a^ ^f f»tu o* Will at mg itltat; %n lirnaa 
hK Bf kand wnopial my warjt.- and ho«a««f 
fatagmig tUa nugr b«, It Mftaiolj ia not tbat por- 
tly «( mj Uih ifhieb baa CMt mo mori." 

fW hlnofT nf the " BibUctbrca DHUnnica" of 
ifaa late Ur. Wait, majr acnte a* a niartif|rins 
^aaafl* «t Iba t^ph at laboor and ihr brevity of 
Uh fa IkU figantic «ott tbr pattnot ■*>] «( the 
vrllcr iMd dsTOted tvcnt; year* ; Im bad jut 
■I iha puku of pablicalian, nbcn drath 
lovn Ua laM pafv ; tb« (un. laho, ilurttis 
dM bat Ibarjaan, bad tailed ondor tli» dkmtiuti 
^ bia falliar, vai eboaen to OMupy lii< )>Um. 
1W vnrb iraa in Ibv prD|^t>nf pqbliivlion, nlicn 
dw ann alao died ; aad itniDgm now icap ihr 
IHbta of thtir MNoklncd laboun. 

One catuaot farbsr applying to Uua iidiiMt nf 
«ialwmei dengM. wkifh mut be ItA unfinisbrd. 
11k farcJbte NAwboB tt JubrinM <in tli« plautioi 
of iHaa - "TWtc la a fri^^iiful iittcrral bclvren 
Iba aaad and lliuber. He that cxtoulaiet the 
f«D*ih of tnva baa the nnweleame ransmbranca 
at the aboeliiHa of life Mrol baid Dpan him. He 
that be ji doji^ vhal wiU nncr benefit 
'\ and ■b«) he rtlok-n to wc (he Mnn 
Hiaa, b dbpoaad to cejkna that anotbcr aball rut 


It ii amuflnE enough to diaronr that tldR^, 
noK ooiiiidered ajnong Iht laort iu«fnl and «(«n 
i^TMiiblc nci|QUitiotia uf ilomeilio lib, on Ihnir 
(init introduclioe ran croat riiks sf beini; rcjeirU'd, 
by the riibinile or (be inrrctive which (bey cacoun. 
t^red. The repulsine efficct prwluctd on naRltinil 
l>y the more ttntogeBiMi at a I blag, whii^b at 
length we find eatabUahed aap»ng out indiipeaaable 
cuatroieooca, •>( by a ptnctiix nhich hai ai>w 
become awe at uur habiia, mnat be aacfibad aome- 
tiinaa to a proad iwrieniiy la oor nature ; aoma- 
timaa to the croatiiig af out int^Nits, nnd to that 
r^ugnanee to aJtcr wbat ia known, for tbat wbidi 
boa iiol been unctioord by oor riferlence. Tliia 
fnllug has. bowereT, within thR latter half cen- 
tury, cnnalderrably abated ; but it provea. ai tn 
bi^rr madrr*. that *om« pbiloaof-bloal rHIi^tiAn 
I) required todderniine »ii the uacruloeta, or the 
pnclical ability, of every object which came* in 
the ahaps of norelty or innoation. Coald we 
eoncrivr tJiat man had netvr dlM^overed the prae* 
liec of naabinK bit bandi, bnl <:tl>an*^d then aa 
nnimala do thcif pawa, he w<oultl for octtabi bavE 
ridiculej and (fnttcatod a^nat ibc InTvator of 
aoap, and aa tardily, ai in oih«r matten. haie 
adopted the inventiain. A nwd«r, uoaccnulonifd 
to minute rvcemebei, mtxlit be nirpriaed, had he 
laid bpforc him the hi itory of tQmv of (hs mott 
lamiliar domr«tic articlca which, in their origin, 
iKurml ibe ridicule of (he wita, aiid had to ftmt 
tbroufh no abort onCril of time in the itretnioua 
«|ipoailioii of the lealota aj;unat domnilic oorel- 
1i«B. The BubJTcC nN|aim ao grnta tnvetllgaCian ; 
we wfl], therefore, only notice a few of nniitraal 
uac, Tbcy *ill aulHcienLly drnin nitrate, that boti- 
e«er ubitloutely man ntuvea tn " ilie maffji of 
inCf Itmt," hp niiUE he naerlak^n by that grwabet 
of iQiiOT&Cort — Time ilwlf ; and that, by bia cafcr 
odcijitioit of what he had on-or reje<'(nl. and by the 
unirrnal uae uf what he once deemed uiiuaeful, lie 
will ri>rget. OT amilB at the dillieulliei of a fnrniet 
gnaeratien, who were bafll«d In their alleiupta to 
do what we all are now doing. 

PiiKKs are an Italian iaicnlioni anil In Enilnnd 
ccte *') pcrfccl a novelty lu the ilByi nf Queen 
Bpmi. that Fjinn Mnrjfin. in hli curioui " Itine- 
rary," ivlaling n bnrjciln with tbr patrvne of a 
Teaac! which wna to convey liim from VcnicB la 
CmirtBiitinaidc, Alliiulalcd lo be fed at hia table, 
and to bavF " hia z^"* or irnp to drlnl iii peculiar 
to liirairlf. with hia tnile. npnon. and/nrft," 'ITiia 
thing was ao Mninge, that he found it novMary t.i 
do<:rt<ic it- It t> nil iiiiitranieril " br Lold (be 
meat while he cuta it i for they Iwlil ii ill< 
maaocra that one shuuld tundi the tneal attb Ida 


bandt*.'* At the eIoh nf the ditennCli eeatarfvnre 
Oiu uic«»tan<)itiiif;a3lli(^Tiirki>li nablcsw ilpre- 

•cnt do, «i tb onlf the Cics OH or their foKera , Bt«*d J- 
Id| tlieir meat sad oonntcyiiig it to tbdr moutb« hf 
Outr mttt nanuil iteitcnif. Thry vnr. indtr<1. 
■Wtt indaliMtr in thfir lubili, irsItFritiK on the 
taUe-dvth «U Ihor boon and puin^. To piirifjr 
dwir Ublra. th« Krranl bora a lan^ wuudca 
" Tutliuji; kuife," by which he trrapnl the rng> 
mnitt (mm tlic iibli! inio a haiket. eatlcft '* a 
voider," Beaumont and Fletehef dricribe the 

"TlWTn'ivpilwMUevlUiawnndi^ iltsger." 

Pablln; P«C«iil«ni lisit prnhabl; rebed inioa deiCr 
Cte little man mho fint taught lu, u Bcii Junaan 
dmcribo* It* picelleiine — 

' th* UiiiiUbla uw of rorka. 

Tq Ibp LpiarliiK of napkliu," 

ThI* itrniDtiagi; H well known to hara hcta thai 
odd comiinund. Coryal the tratpllef.ibe |icr|icTunl 
bat of th« nlta. He |>o*iH«*l]t ^laima Ihii iramar- 
tality. " [ wymif thought p>od ta imitate the 
llaUan Eubion by lhi« toiikkd cut/in^ "J meat, 
noC Daly while I wu in Itiljr. but alio in Grr 
many, and oftentimei in Kiittlaod aince I camn 
homv." H«rr the oaf of forlM wa*. bo«e<rer, Ian; 
ridicuLed j it wai rcprobatnl in Germany, «h«r« 
aone uacltunly (aioU adiuUy pivachcd agaiiut 
tbc unnalural cukUui "m au iuiull on Prori- 
ddncr, not to lourh oil) lu^ii with niir lingeni." 
It ia a FUnuui Gu^l. that fu-rko wpre lon^ iiilvr. 
■licti^d in Ihr (-uogrv^Eiiin dr S(. Mnur, and w>n< 
«bI; n*ed «fter * pratnctcd •irujatl* between tlic 
•Id OMinbas, tcolaiu bt their imditiotu. and tbc 
yoons rtfurmen. for Iheir liiij^en*. The alluiiuna 
to tht att til the fork, which wo And in all the 
dramatic writtra thnagh llxi reifto* of Janaea the 
Pirsl •od Cbarira the ITint, aho" ihal tt wai *(tU 
oontidcred •• a atmise aiTeciatiiia and iwictij. 
Hm fork doei nvl apjirar In haie been ia Kenrral 
nae betare ibe RMtoraiion ! Un (k« introditciian 
of torlu, llioro a|-p««r) to ha** be«n lomt diSi- 
culty in the otanuer tbey «<n to bs IwU aad 
oacd. In - The Fox." Sir PoUik WoaU-bc, 
awKwUlm EVniiilM at Voiiet, otuarto*— 

~ -^— tkoi ]«« iMoM kwB tta wa 
A*i hMrillm of jMT rilnr tek u uMJa- 

Wbatetvr tbla art may be, either w« hare yet 
tn leant tt, or iJierc it moir tlian (ia« war in which 
il nay be pnctiMil. D'Arthcnholu. in hii 
" Tablcwl dc I'Anglctn-re," auctti that ao Enf. 
HihBaB Buiy be diMviered anywhere, if he be 
o)Men«d •! table. bc<caiu« he pUcM U* fork upon 

■ ItoTaoa-* I Ba wm ij. part I. p. •»■. 
r I lad UU* elmmiaiiiir* oonnatnt lorka —Mhwifl 
la Uw -* OfctluiuaJn- at Trmmi.* 

the left lide of hia plate ; a Ficoebmai). by uitn; 
the larV aJone without the knife ; and ■ German, 
bj planting it perfoidicularly iut» bl* plate ; and 
B Roaaan, by uilng it ai a tooth-pick," 

TooTH'PICXS Kem to bare eunie tn witli furka. 
aa younpr hrotfaera of tlie table, aoil teem to ha«e 
been borrowed from ths nice mannor* of tha 
»Me\y VoDBtian*. This iniplemeiit of clcaolincaa 
waa, huwtiert doomed to the •nine aiinthcina, 
■a the faiitaitical ornament of " the ooiujdete 
}ii(Dnr," the Italjanated Eogliihtntn. Howwonlil 
tike writer*, who caught " the niannKra a* they 
rise," hiTc been aitoni«hcd that now no dorarooi 
jienoii would bt unacmoipanieij by what Maa- 
■inger in contempt calU 

*■ ny MM of teudi-ploka and tbf aQrw fork !" 

UnHKKLr.ikH, In mjr youth, were not ordrnvf 
tbiiiga; few but Ihr. inamri>ni* of the day, a* th« 
dandieawere thrn eolled, wnuld icnturv tn di>|>lay 
Ihem. Pur * tonjt while it wu not naual for nXH 
tn carry ihcm wiiliunt inouninK the braad tf 
cffeminary ; and thpy were vuljcarly canaldend m 
■ he chancteriMiei of a person whom th« mttb 
then hugely diilikcd, namely, a uiincii^ PrcM^' 
man. At firat, a liagle uubrclU aecnu to hate 
been kr)it «i nroffec-bouaelbraoinecitnurdiiury 
occajnon — lent t» a coar.h or fhair in a hfavy 
•bower — but not commonlyearriedby the walker*. 
The •• FoiiiaCr Titlor" adtcrtiaet, " tbc yoiwf 
Kcntleman bclo»ffin|; to th* coaunkfaoaaoa wtwt 
ill fear of nun, bnrmweil ttie umbrtUa from 
n'llkt' Coffn.houtt. ihail the next line bo nL 
ronne to th« nuld'i pttltriu." An Babrdh 
cariiod by a man wm obvioualy the& i miMilnof 
aa eitrane efTrminany. A* Utc a» in I'TB, floe 
Jolin Manlunsld. a foutman. who baa wnttcn hi* 
own life, Inforaa ii*, that whea he oairM "a 
fine (ilk nmbrrlla, which he hail hravftt tnm 
Spain, be could not with any comfort to himfelf 
uiw iti ibe peuidc callloc out * PrwduiMi t wbf 
don't yuu ^ a coath ?'" The fact waa, thai 
hackDry-roachmen and thr chnimiea. joining ' 
the true twpril dt torpt. we>e elatnotooa 
tbia portcotoiu rital. TUa bolaMn, in 17 
gitea iia ftuthct iiifr>rmBtion . — " At thb li 
thera were no umbrcUai worn in Lcmdoti. 
ta Boblcmen** and genilemAi'l houaca, 
thtM waa a lar^ one bang la the hall to 
over a lady or agenllrjiun. if il rained. hetv«* 
door and their raniacv." Ilia nrter 
|)ctted to i(uit hii arm one day. from the 
drrw down on hmiaelf by hti nmbrella, 
add*, that " be petflitod for three 
tbey took no hrtber notice «f Ihla 
FtonJgncn bc^an to we tbcir*a, and tlm 
Kngliak. Now il ia beciNM a great tt«de is 
dm." Thr alitr nf niir pnpnliilfin m lfk l nm. 

KMM iiKimi. be ■aecrtuBed hj tlw nnmbcr of 

CoAcNKa, OB tticir Ant Innnllnn. offrrcd ■ 

frvilfal •oarcc ell d««UmaliiM), a> *n iuni-dinace 

bvaijipntiovUrij uaoas *^^ uotlict ol monkbh 

fl|Mlll T\m S|iaaUh Lio^raphnr uf Dun Juhn of 

AonriA. itacrltitnt (IttI KOtdtrn nge. the ii;ihm1 uld i 

lilMBi, afan lliajr onlf ukwI •' nrt* drawn hj nxim, 

ridmf in Uiia inaDber to court," notico tbat it 

WW fraaJ oeoeMarj to prohilril onsRlm by ■ mjii 

fnttammtkn ; " to iDrh a hagbt wu ibii infernal 

*fa# gdC, irhlch hu done «> much injur; to Cat. 

Ul»." In thi* itylr M«rlf mbcj dowMtie norritf 

Km becB attacked. The inJiKy inllictrd on Cutitv 

bj tbe intTMliEction nf i]c«i;tira oould ont; bnTc 

ll^» fdt hj tbr purrryon uf carta ind axui for ■ 

MontlBf'a rid*. Tlpuinv drcniuitiiii'naiTouTred 

M Uti« Aovvtrf. Wh*a roHchM bv^ii t» be kvpt 

by ibc Kcntry, »r were bired out, a powtrftil yttXj 

louuA ihar " oocii()at<nn (one ', " Laitic* iroiild 

aa lun^r hiie on ptlliun* bdiind th«ir footmen, 

U>r wouJd take tbe tir, wliirrv th« air irat puTcat, 

on til* riicr. Jailp« uiil romiMllort frum their ' 

IBB* would Qo longtr b« {onvcycd by wat«t la 

WulaiiMlcr iltll, or jof on aith all tbrir pnviijr 

a« • foot iialfrvy. Contidenble budiet ot lueu 

■•r* lb/o<n> out of their liabitml fDiploymfoti, 

iW witEnoeD. the UacLii'Cjnien, ind tHiu Mdilltiri. 

ftwdEca were now jnhcil, in • hcaTj wtwilcii 

iMo ipleadoar and ruin. Tbe dliturh- 

■4 opjiMitloB ttane mnchea emted m 

likrdi; nam hx*9 known, liad not Taylor, 

iW wwBtt poet aad man, (cut down to u* an luvnc- 

Dtc ao'cit coai-ha, tn \62'J, dc«lii:atod tn all who 

arr grwred with " ibe world running ■on whecU." 

Tajtor, a ttmaftrlat and laUrlat. aa well an 

««t«nBan, etmr^t aona inferinalioa fn thit rarr 

trad J Uw period whcu ^oaubt* began tu be 

■ore ccMtralljr OMd — "Within our meinnnu onr 

■rtiUtf and smtrT could ndr well mounted, and 

wamt/Hmum walk on font galUnlljr atttodtd with 

fourhcore bcatc frlloir* in btuc i^oatu, wliirii niu h 

flory to oar Bation far greater than fort^ of theic 

hi rill I II tiaibrd*. Then the name of b coach wm 

bcatbeD GrMk. Wboefer m« but ujjon eilraitr. 

A*arf mvajiioaa, Sir Philip KidnvTand Kir FnuK^lt 

Drake ride in a coack ? Tlitj made miall av. vf 

naalwa t lliart wrrc bot few in thnriR riiim, and 

fbay ■era deadlir ton tu iluth and t tTe to mnt^j. It 

li In tk* utmttrj of oiaor, wbrii In the Hhu1« 

ktogitaM Uwra «aa not imr '. It ii a dnnhlfnl 

l|M^RMM whrtbcr lh« drril br<iut;kl Marev intv 

ffl.laai1 in a <Daok,larhi)tbappFar(nJa< the aune 

Itea." It a|>)>rar* tlial faui lira, for the ukc uf 

fkatr aitptior iho*. minrrabt; eontraetiid thrir 

4a«MtU 4«Ubh>hn>nil i for IVIofi t)>« waUr- 

fmU c>owplai«ia that whes they nattl formerl; lo 

heap Croo leu to a huadrcd proper »DrTine->ncn, 

they now nmdp the li«st nliin. and for ihei ukc of 
their eoach and horee* hud nnl<r "h bnturlty pi^e, 
a trotting foottuan, and a ititf-drinVin); canchtnan, 
a cixik, a cWrk, a ttewanl, and a balirr, wluoh 
baili forced «n aroiy uf tall fellowa to the sate- 
huUBet,"«r pri*on*. Of one of the evil rffM-taof 
Uiia new fiubiim of coach-Tiding;, thia RHliriKt of 
the town wiltUy ohierTcs, thtt oi mod ai ■ man 
was knigblod, bia l«<lj vat tamed for cTcr, and 
COUild not OD any actuunt tie kceu but in a cuach. 
Aa hitljEru) out feniaJea had been acc-ufluoiMl to 
robtui vi^reiar. on foot or on horachark, thry 
ware now fanvd to lubulitute a doroeittc artificial 
Cxer^M iu sawing bitlcta, miiiKing, ur rolling tbe 
f^at roller in Iht allry* uf tlieir Kanlen. la the 
change of tbia new faahion they found nut the 
inconveulMce uf a ledeuUry life paued in Ibtdr 

Eten at tkia taily period of the iDtroduclEon ot 
concbr*, they were not only coiiily in the onia- 
tntnu, — in velrrtu, dauiatka, tnlfrlaa. ailvrr and 
gold Uee, fringe* nf all aorta, but their greateit 
pnina were in nat^liiDX ibcir ooach-horse*, "I'bej 
luuBt lie all of n caluurt lungituile, latitude, crei- 
aitude. height, l^nKlh. thickoMa. brfadth~<l muw 
they du not wr.igli ihrm in a pnir uf balanres): 

*nd whcni ont'e niiLtoLecl irith ■ grcot deal uf rarv, 
if one of llxrrn chrnice to diu, Ibrn i* tlie coaiJi 
maimril till a nitel mattibc fouud, whoN: riirrra- 
ponding may he ■• r(|mii]rn.t to the auniitng 
palfrey, in all reipeels, an like aa a broum to a 
beaom. harm to yaitt, or ^odlingii tn hniled applra." 
Thia i« good naturnl humour, lie procewb — 
" They utK taitn dlliffcDcc in niaCcbing tbeir coacli- 
huran llmii iu ttie marriaKu of Ibiir aani and 
daoghl^ir*." A Kt«Bt fuhitin, in tU novelly. I* 
often extrsmganl ; tmc clcgan«c and Utility are 
ncTer at fiml cumbiacd; good aenae and eapt- 
rienr« correct ila caprict-i. They appear to hare 
exbauaCed mure coat md ruriuaily la their equl> 
pa^, on lh*dr flrat inirndurtion, than aincr they 
luive bcooniiT (iLji^ctn ol ordinary uae. Notwith- 
Kanding tbia bnntoroDa iniecttre on tbe e'alamilj 
of ciiBL-hei.Biiil llial "huufie. keeping ocier dee*ycd 
till I'Oai.-beii cauie IDto En|[land ; and that a ten- 
pound rfnt now wu acanv twenty ibillinga (hen, 
till the witchcraft of the coach qiiii^kly mounted 
(he price of all tbiaga." Tba w«er-p(Kt, were he 
now liriii;, fflit;bt hate acknowbdgDd. thai if, in 
the changea of linte, mme trndei diaap[)ijar, other 
iradei riae np, ntid in an etcban^ of mod** nf 
indiutry the nation \a»ti nnthin^. Tbe haad* 
•bich) like Taylor'*, rowed boata, came to driie 
coacbca. Thrae cnmplaiiicrB on all novcttiea, 
nnawarw alwayi atiiwer thrmHtrciL Our Mllnat 
afforda ni a moft pro«pproua riew of the rondilion 
<rt " thU new trada of coacbmaken, m the gain- 
(ulleal about llie town. They are nppardUd in 



Mitiu uiJ TcltcU. are muttra of the piriabt Tc*- 
trjmrn, Bod hrr like Uw Emperor UeHogabalua 
•lul StrdanapolUR, — Rcldam witboiiE tlielr nMks- 
M0nM, ParmuBct*, <inu*fDnt, wiib Pinncuin 
clrnw, I tuppoH.) fctlic* uid kiclcihaw*, nitli 
bilked iwuM, putrica boi. oi cutil. cHl.ilrcr pici, 
which tbcf h«*e friHD tlifir iJeMon, <iunbi|ii 
111 iJu9 couDtry I *' Suirh «u tha (u Jili'n liuuri«n<i 

■UK of our fint frttt roarli-nukeni I — tu Uie 
douH; murtiQciIinn of all vntcmiRn. htrknrjrneiii 
■nd other oanTcjanotn of our lounger*, thraini 
ouc of naploy ! 

Tobacco.— It wiu tlionght, it tb» tiaseof ita 
inlrodocti'tn > that tlic uHtiuu wuuld be rvincd bj 
the u« uf loboro). [jk(T Alt (L-OYcl ijiinof. the 
ncnl;'iin|iort«d leaf aiadilennd al] ranki arannft ol 
" Tbo manr J timil In nmoke u unhiiooii." (ai'il a 
writer or tlutt daj, lamffntini; OT«>r thic "ti«w lr»i)n 
of loboont, in which he feortJ that thor« w«re 
BMTc Ihoa KTeii thnujuuid tohwm hooxa." 
JaiDM the Pint, In bit memorable " Cuvnter-blut 
to TohiMO," only mLmi) from Ibe throne the 
popuiir pry ; but tha hUitt wn* Ino wiuk Ki^inat 
tb* Moiolir, »nd voinif hU pateniBl Buijctty tl- 
tempted to itrrify Lit liege children that " thejr 
were milking n nooty kitchen In their Inwnrd pnrti, 
soiling anil infecting them with an nnetuoiu kind 
of aiMi, aahntbbe«ia fouad in aome great tobaccO' 
ealcr*. tbnt after tbeir dMtli vciv upciiod," Thi 
infarmnlian wan |wrbn|iti n yiom fraud. Thl> 
tract, which hoi iDcurrrd to muoh ridicule, kr«, 
in troth, a inpritoriuuf elTurt to ullaj the eilrava- 

jliui>?e at t]ir nieirnr-n4_ But viicb pfUpuior c>Cpb9C< 
end chciii)i>cltc* i and the royal aallior inl|;ht hare 
left the KubJDct to the lumi-sAtiriitiuf the Aaj, 
who found ilic thenoe Ineahaiutibh: for ruticule or 

Coal — The eatabliihcd u« of our ordinarjr 
fuel, c<<i>l, ma; be ucribvd to th« acarcily of wood 
in the ontlrons of the metro jjolis. Ita rrcumioeu- 
dttion wa« it> chcapnuii, however it deairajri 
Bverrtblii; about ua. It bai famicd on artilicini 
attnoaphriv whinli <tnv«lop* the gr«U capita, and 
it u ocknovIedK^J that a ]>iin;r air hu uftcu pnttvd 
fatal to him who, rrvm early life, hu only breathed 
tn Milphiir and imoke. Charka Fui onn said to 
■ frind, " 1 cannot bie in ih« country -, my con. 
atitution i* not aCraoK ennoj^li." Eraljn poured 
out ■ faiaoo* iDrecti*e aKuinit " Loodoo •inolic." 
" ItDogiue," hocrien, '' a soUd (anUrnun or i^ropy 
over London, what a mua of amoke would ihcti 
atiek to it I Tliii fiiliKinouii crust now mme» down 
every night on the itreeli, on oar hoiuea, the 
witfr), and ia taken hitu our bodiea- On the 
water it learca a thin web or pellicle of duat dancing 
upon the 9url!ace of it. a* Uioee who bathe in the 
Thame* diKern, and bring houe on their bodiea." 
Koelyn liai detailed the gradual doatraotiiMt it 

fflect* on evrtj ardcle of ornament and price! 
and " he beard in France, that thOM; parta Ijtnf 
aouth-weot of l^ngland. ootnplain of bfing infected 

with iRioki: from our comta. wliiftb injured their 
vine) in flower." 1 hare n>fielf obaericd at Park. 
that the books exposed to sale uu atall>, liuwrrer 
old they uilj[bt tie, retained their freahnna, end 
were in no inttanec like nur own, cnrroded snd 
blifkrned, which our eonl-amuke nerer (ail* to 
produce. There rm a procUmation, ao (or bock 
an tdward the Fir»t, forbidding the u«e of Ka-coal 
in the auburbs, on a complaint of the aobilily and 
gentrjr, Xhat thry could not go to Loadon oa 
aeoonnt 'Of the nol*oine ameLI and thick fir. AbOM 
ISuCi, UoUiogahed fureeaw ibe general aac of tra- 
' coal froni the neglect of collivabng timber. Coal 
liTpa hare now been in geooral tiic for thnw em- 
tnriea. lu the country they peraerered in utrng 
wood and peal. Thon< who were accutlomed to 
tbia aweetor smcU, declared that ibeyalwaye knew 
a Londoner, by the tmcll of hii clolbca. le kave 
cove from conl-tirea. It muat be aoknowledgerf 
that our cuatom of uiing coal for our fwl he* 
[>rijV4iU'd ofer good rt'Ai^ortn why we oujfht not to 

hate preferred it. But men •ccomraodaUv UmeelT 
crrn to an otTenaite thing, whcnercr hi* intercat 

Were «e to carry on i epocolation of lllia natue 
into grater iDficii we ahoold h«*e a oopioue chafv- 
tcT to write of (he <ip|ionti*m In new diacovciiet. 
Medical hiitnry luppliea no unimpvnaDt Maibcf. 
On the improvements In Hoatomy by Malpighi 
and hilt fidioMFn, the icnior proftiaori of the 
uaivcrrit; of UoQoaia were inflamed to each ■ 
pitch, that thry attempted to ioscrt an aildttional 
clause itt th« tolcinu oath taken by the graduMce, 
to the effect that thuy would not jximit the pfte- 
dplm audi canelniioai of IlippocralM, ArfiUXie, 
mill Galon,, which had been nppmied of to many 
aj(te, to bu o-vorturned by any pcr>on. In phlebe- 
tomy we haTR a curiou* instance In Spain, to tha 
tixiventb century, they mainialMd that when the 
pain waaon the one aide they ought to bleed eaihe 
other. A great }iliy»icl«n in*ii>ted on a conlnrj 
practice ; a civil ww of opinion dirided Spain i at 
length they had rwwwse U> ooarU af lav ; die 
noreliata were eondemned; they apptvled to ^ 
empenir, CIibHa* llie Ftftli ; he wm on the paiml 
of conlirming the decree of the court, when the 
Duke of Saroy died of a ph;nriay, hatinc ben 
Irjcllimaicly hied. Thb pu«led tbc anjierar, wbe 
did not ruoturt on a decision. 

The introduction of antimony and the }Mnii 
bark iIbu prvTokcd IcgiKlatiie inteHVernce : decnei 
anil or-ilioJuiccB n«ro iasucd, and a eiiil war 
amonic llic mrillcal fiiculty, of wbicb (iuy 
is the eopiuu* hintorian. Veaahuawaa ineew 
|MTi«cnCed by the pablie prtjodicee afucul 

tloB t Dim;'* dbeoterf of tfae dreoUtioii of the 
UhiI M to m |M«*mc««i » MDUorarajr, thai the 
great dUrotery wm faanlljr oilaittcd eitn in tba 
laRrr cU;» iif tbc «IJ man ; Lailjr Wurllcj' Monte- 
ga«'s iatrodKtioli of the |>niciii-<; ol iiiiii:iiUtion 
net tke lame ofatttiute mixanee u, mure tc- 
Mfidj, UmI of vacciiialioii itartlKl tba pMrplir- 
Dtw «bjtctc, vf tlic liu(l)ctt Lmporluiuc t» maii- 
Uad. Wt their lint iiipnirancc an- iliibtcd and 
flananiaKL Foitrrit} loiilu at eIio iiirpliiude til 
tto premdiDg ag*. «tule il becomea familiar wHh 
ibMHobJMtaoliirh tbatagchaaaocagtrljr rcjrcIcJ. 
Tlno le ■ tardf puntB of true ku««lei]K<- 

A nAblcr lliene u cnnnectcd viib the principle 
■c hate hete but touehol uu — (lit^ gradual t liiiii;v* 
in pnhUe ofinlon — tha attar aniiihilatiua of fxlM 
MatioMa, like tlioiw of nitcherafi, utrolof;; , iim:- 
tfMi md Btaaj alha pupciatitiutu of no nmiotc 
due, Ihc hMeoiu progenr of impuiturt gut on 
tpaonnoc, aad amladlf OD (t*t. Bui one liu|HMi»r 
nIgM paruBou at, the planmbla opiioiitiot] to novel 
4«0(nMa vbidi maf be aabrcniTc of loinc Bacicnt 
«aM i iloctriiMa «lucli probablr ■hutl one ilaj bo 
M (cncnllT nlabliahcil ti it |>r«M:nt tlic)! arc 
mUbtIj decried, and whirli tli« mlrri^l* (if «or- 
pofatB boitiH oppoaa with jiU their cuiubroui 
■>gllin«ry ) but •rlifictil CDacUiocrf bccomea 
yr jl ucj M Ita toantatau iihcii vara out bjr tlie 
Melioncf ifM. 


DOKMHOTT i or, a dimkatatioN' o:« 

Tas ekarwt«rlitiea of acrvauU have been uiualljr 
tamrv by ilir brnad earlcaiurti* nf iIm tatiriit* n( 
MttfJ agv, aad ehiellf bjr tlie moit jHipuXar^-the 
vnim of tmarij. According to thcae uhibU 
tkwe, we mat infer that the lim of the menial 
n* MOMMnlf lab««nl to hit condltlan, and ron. 
•aqaaatif thai thii Ttat mnlcitade in nocitiy remain 
everia an irrecoTcnklf un|oTeniablo KUte. We 
Aacmer ooul; the running dcprtdatarafihc boue* 
bold ; (be Itp.loe tpj, at all cumrr*— all car, all 
aye : tb« pamilical knave— Ihv rlalldrer of tbe 
(ioUiea, and eves the eager p(rIici|iBliw of ih« 
eriia««t of bia auperwr. Tbe rnvralitT of lerraDta 
haa »oibes«in>f>roicd bf the ■ondsrful [cvnlalions 
ti .Swlft'a " birnciioni." iihere Hie ironjr li too 
raftsed, vfcUe il pUinljr incule>te« the prairtier. 
Tliia «elcfcr»ted tract, dMigned for Ihe iml ruction 
«f (1m oiaatcrt, ia var« frc^neotlj thnoibod in ibe 
kUrtinii ■■ a wnnnal for the profl^aie doaiettic 
Hvmta have acknoa-ledgcil. that tome nf thair 
baae doliigs have be«ii lUgijnlifd U)_them tij their 
rmuintaJ laJiriaL 

BaMhaiB tnacined. that were all tbe airlhuda 
^Mflofed by th)4Tra and rogaea described auduul- 
laKtarf lofftber, tixh a eomiiiilation of ibrirartl- 

Aeea and vlUanlei vovld lerve la put ua on oar 
fiurd Tha iheoriaC of Itglilation aeena oftan to 
fDt|et the mclapbjrtical alAtc of miui. With the 
vitiated mind, that iMoDt arnpathj of rvU which 
might never hare becncalled forth bntb; tbeorca- 
itoii, baiart«ii evinced howlooeloae an inspeclion 
of crimi; may grow into criminality itiirir. Hence 
it ill, Ihat nhcn lonkc monauoua nod uiiufual crime 
ha* bocn rcvoilcd to the public, it taTcIf pawcs 
nkthout 1 lad rrpetltLun. A link in tbe chain of 
the iDtetleei i« xtrut^k, and a crime (j jierjietrated 
vrliich eUe had not occurred. 

Liiten to iho ooutueli ohicb voc of the liicrjr 
giTca a bmClirr, muni atupiU but mori; iiinuantl 
Ihau bliuMlf. I tike tbe |)aaati|{«i from that extra. 
ordmary Spaninh comedy, in tirenly-llvR aria, the 
'■ Spuiikh Bawd.'' It wu no doubt druKiied to 
eipoic the orti and icIliRhnea* of tbe doinrtiic, 
yet we aliould regret that the '• Spaniih bawd" 
tela ai genenUy read by aervauta la lisirt'a 
" Dtrecliona." 

"Serve DOt your majtcrvnthtiiUfooliaL loyalty 
and iKnorant honialy, tbinkiug to And limine^ on 
a (alip fuuudatiua, at moat of Ibcac iua>Ur> nan- 
a-duy* are. G*xn fripnit*. whicii it a ilurliijj aud 
laatiii^ commiutily ; live nol on liopea, rclyiiiK on 
lite vain promiics uf mutrn- The naatrn loTD 
mure Ihouiachca tlian tbclr Krriala, nor do they 
Binlu ; and the like late oughl arnanta to bear 
to themaelvei. Liberality aaa lott long ago — re- 
leanli ore grown ont of date. Every one la now 
fur hioKoU, auJ makei Uis beat he nn of hia 
aervanl'a acrTice, acntng hi* tuni, and clicrcforv 
thej ought la do the ume, for thay am leat la 
tubttance. Tby nuler U one vbo hefoola his 
lenantt, and wean them out to the eery rtumjia. 
luukiug for much (erxice at their baodt. Tby 
raaater cannot be tby friend, nicb difcrcnn ia 
there of ealale and cuuditiOQ between yon lao.** 

Thi* paiaaga, ivritten two oenturiea ago, would 
find an eobo of ita aoDtinienta in maoj a eaodara 
douicstlc. Thcie DolioDi are laored traditiona 
nmntig the liiery. Wc may trace tbem fian 
Tcreace and Plautiia, aa well at Hoilt and Man- 
devillc Our latter great cynic haa left a frfgblfiJ 
picture of li>c *tate uf tiis domr-tlica, wlir.u it 
otraui "they hid «perica(>c4 profcMon auiong 
them, who cnuld initrucl the graduate* in iiii4iiity 
■even kuuilred Uhberal arti h(JW to cheat, iuipoae 
upon, and find nnc tbe blind aide of their mat- 
tera.* Tbe footuiea, ia Mandeiille'a day, had 

entered into a aocicty logrther, and made law* la 
regulate (heir wngcr, aigd [>ot (o carry bvtdcno 
above two or thnw pooodi wpijthi, and a roinmoa 
fund waa provided ta maintain any luit at law 
agaioat any rrbrllwoe mattn. Tbin aeeoii to be 
a confederacy vtbicb bi by no tneana ibtiolrti. 
1 Lord Chealcrfleld advlaea bia ion not (o allow 




Ui oppn WM to ik>R hii hnry, tbongh thb tii)«i 
<*M (o aiu-ad U* penua, «Imb tka toilette *m a 
Hrtcpu aTDcatum rG<|iiiriii|[ ■ mart delicate hind 
Bad a nlecr |ienom Uun be oho «u lo walk before 
Ui diur, or riimb bebltid liti roK'ti, Thti wtroti- 

bi( (Mill* »r p1ul«t«[ilif kihl Jm plliUt Bururi 

Mtonnly wmnMd tkat if erct llii* bud acre to out 
eff tW liaJce of bu order, be arnt woulil rauinr 
h. About ihli |)criod ibe mJuUn were menorei) 
by a wrt nf terrtle war. The faisoiu farM of 
" Mi<;l> life helom Stain" ripawcl •ritli gr««t 
ka|i|<in«u the impodciice aud tbc dclinqncDcin of 
Iha parti -colotitcJ clnni. It rousci) iliroi lata 
the mcM bareCiwil ujiiMMitiuii ; ind oi erti liB(i|)eiu 
to Ili« (e« wlia pmn anjHt claimi on the man;. 
in Ui« rHilc «ark«d Uto nfana thtj n itreallf 
dreaded. Cha uf the frierancm in Mcietjr «a» 
then an anoiBaloiu cuitocn. fur it nai onlf prac* 
tbed in our toaatrj, o( ■ Koeit beini hiihlr Uurd 
la dining with a faatily irbMe mtahliibiiiimt ad- 
Riittffl of a iiianMrau* train. Walcbful nf tbc 
departure of tlia gnnti tbU rktim bail lo paa* 
alone > line «f donvtics, arrani^d in the ball. 
eacA nun prtsesdaf tb« viiibir with tome ae- 
parate artirle, of hat, ^orea, coat and eane. 
elaitniog tkrir " taili. " It rn^d not bare bocu 
nfc U fcfaa* crni tliaae wbo, witli notblni to 
praMDt, atiU beld oot (be hand, for thdr amoiioiu 
10 tb« dinn-ouL 

Wbea a liar* waa JecoMJ not a fttntm, but • 
lUig loaiketabto a«d tntulerabU. th« aiogle 
lirimripk jiufpid lufiduit to rrfulate tbc mutiiBl 
enndiKt of tbe aaKer and tbc duenntk wm. to 
ooDHMBd and to nbry. It aeemi Hill the talt 

MipUlltkNI KXMPttd bf tha bau^bty fn<ra tbc 
MMiial. Bat ifcU Cnidal priodple, uualtmated b; 
(be joit (jmpMbk* of dooicaticiljt deprivea ta- 
iburitj of it> pace, aad lanlca of ila aeaL To 
bt arr«cd ■eD, we abMld ba lo««d a Iktlei tbc 
Konnand of bb ueelient Baiter ii rtrn ;nt«fal, 
(or the good ferrant dffagbta to be lueful. Tbe 
ilan RpitMs, and mdi b the doncrik dntitnie , 
of any petaonal attacbnneiU for bli sMter. Vfau. 
oat was BindAil of tbe hUcNnU of bim wboae 
baaefiMAoc U only a MffUea lo Ui [m)bi|i > Thr 
mwtcr dr«aMa and wtft* biclili bU pdnprrcd 
tnin 1 but ifai* ia tbe oatcalatcd coal uf •loie- 
bfcriea, of bcb MoaMred by a tiaMlard, for a 
nnrcale* In lb« ball, or an Adonla fur tha drawinf . 
RMMi 1 biit 11 tboae Un« whan Iba domoMle 
oeaaM lA br a« objrri in iho f«MI« vytt b< alcika 
into an objerl of aordid ««OMcay, as of mcredeaa 
Mpdce. Ula penoMl talHp ai* redJcMly no- 
Sleotcd. Ila iImin wfaere tbm k mUm i%ht 
nw air ; ba tidrlvan wbca b* l« already cUuMMtodt 
be Irtflna tha «otk ol Mi>liii(l>t. and la eontned 
fbr bo«ni vbb Man Ifto MMdf, mho tnt, rrftee. 
ani em» Tbay imn ibcir tale* to DOB|iarw to* 

fteihrr ; thrir iinhal|i>w«d iwrett to Aatloae. lltf 
naitcr* nml Ibc niitlroac* jxut bythcwio reilewi 
and bttlo deem tboy bow titi ihc mallKnaat glanei 
or the mallcioit* whiaptr fuUuv ttirii aiijr atep*. 
To (bnnrn lucli tadlou* boon, lb* emMita lanU 
liiriie Ihetnaeltcaarith «t«ry vteiou* Indalienecy 
R>r even thr incupBtioa of au^ domcatioi U Ublo 
more than a diisolute Idleneia. Accll ia Ne>< 
itAle daca out alwayi ounUiii more com|)toTi tban 
a htrd «t aenante eongrrgaied In our <rit>t«r balla. 
It it to be latueDled that the modc> of fuJiianabls 
life deiDaad Ibe amt terrible aocrifioM of tbe 
liealtb, tbe luppinent and tbe merala of acrTaaca, 
WUoerer pemlTca that be la beld In no etfaeai. 
■uada degraded io hi> oorn IhoiiKhla. Tbe heart 
of l)ie aitnple thioba «ilb tbii emotion i bat It 
bardeoa the TiUniti who would rejuice (u a*en(« 
hiiDMir: it malira tbe artful duly Ihr inirc cun- 
nini: ; It eiioTta from the aultrn a cold nnvillinf 
obrdiener, and it etii^ Mcu the guod- tempered 
into inwilence. 

Souib, u great a wit aa a preotber, bat aepa- 
ralcd, Lry an awful Interval, il>« aufieriar and tbe 
doneatic. " A aerrant daelb reraote fnun all 
knowledge of hi* loril'i purjioita : be litea aa a 
kind of foreigner ondpr tli* aame rant ; ■ donrade, 
yet a fotdKuer loo." Tbit exblbata a pictore of 
fcuda) Dianncn. But the proKtese of aDdeiy 
In modem Eumpe baa Mnoe paaatd tbroafb a 
mighty erolution. In tLe riaible change of haUla, 
of fculiiiKi, of todal life, tbe bumble douaatlc bae 
appmtlmatcd to, and rommaaicalod more ftv- 
qumil; erm wltb "bia lord." Tlie domeatio b 
now nnl always a alnnger Ui "bia lord's par- 
pivtea," bat often tbeir faithful aclor — tbrir 
confidcotiaJ coonftllor — tb* minor in wbieb 
Ilia lurdahip coatamplatcs oo lu* wisbca perao- 

Ilis reflection. Indeed, would hare rlobted tbe 
dignity of the noble friend of Swift, Lord Omry. 
llii loniabip Gvaaara* tbe lauftber in " Rabeliss* 
easy clult " for baiinK dirrtilcd lucfa intenae 
altenlioQ to alTaira auldy relating to arrtanCa. 
" Ijet him jeit villi dl|nlt;. and let bin be Irani* 
eol upoQ Ht^/ul •nhJM«a. Ua«in( poee (tae<er lo 
eat (lioir porridga, or drink tbeir sBMli-beo. In 
aucb TtaMla at lhay*hnU tbtnk prvpcr." Tbia 
lordly criliciam ba* drawn down tbe Ushtnii^ of 
Sir Walter tieoti :— '■ The noble loni'a fMinfi of 
dignity daevned nMbing worthy of attention Ibal 
was nneonnerted wltb Ibe b(|bM< ordm «f 
aodety." S«cli, in tnilb. was loo loi« ibe tWow 
prlnelple of tboae monofiollsta of pefoonal dW^ 
OMtion. the ■*«« nwn of deislnd rank. 

HatTrtpdHan MTvant*. trained in depravity, an 
iMSfadtaM to oamprebead how be the n eeaiial 
InteraM of aemnu an folded op with tbe 
toteRsta ef tbe bmae tbey Inbabii. Tbry an 


I hn of tba fMfcrtor, Mrs in the dEfire that the 
■ fntferitf of the tuaam cuiitributoi (u ()m> biu« 
I «kd wonnfry porpoM* of Uk tcrTint. Boi in 
I wmH caMionitiits we perociic liov thn nfleclicnu 
I If the muicr and tbe tloaiatic mij Uke rt)ot. 
I Lsok ia •■ indont rvtlrfd fumtlf, ithoie lemiati 
W *ftcn iMn been boin undar lbs roof tticj- ii>)i«lrit, 
••4 ■bcra Uw MH b Knfav nbcn tbe ^tlicr ttUl 
mwa. Hid iwmWIbw —II ibe tacTMl niiol of tbdr 
cndU md iMr pwr« bj the yfoud anil rnilcar- 
ing bam ct **aar koata." Wa dioxirer cht* In 

vbolc MMntriM «ttcre luiilry baa not rEotored 

Ac diMW of ■ocwtj'ftt U)ti wide dintaiKCS finm 

CM± alber, lo dcadco Uieir ijapMliiai. We 

baboU thia in iiinslla SattMrlanil, anioiii; it> 

fillife* and i(a pnamrca : in Pranne, amnng in 

iwtaikt proiinoe* I in lUlj, in loin* «f )u 4e- 

lajmi cUiei i ami in 0«nnao]r. ifbcR aimplc 

MiMi 1 1 (mI tiroDi: allcvtloni mark Ibr InbabitanU 

«< etitalii localiUra. Elotiaiiil long ))TMtr*Ml lu 

priflthi** eiuloma ; and there Ibn Uia of nnlar 

pTMMtta fob^rdiaatioti, tboncb ita (ne inttini- 

liana bare Boftrncil ifac ilialiacliirna iu Uie nnki 

«f lUt, and there we Itiid ■ iwiiiatliablp eiidenm of 

AMHMintf. Il t« nnt DDiuual in HolUnd for 

■maU to call IbFir inaBten uncle, tbcir niii- 

ttaaaa aaat, and tbe children of tbc tuaUj their 

filiilaa Tkcan (loinetlin iiarlicipaCiiiK in the 

of th« family, brcnme iialuraliMd and 

and their enraflrdinaty nlatint 

elten adopl«d b]r the brart. An heroic vflurt 

baw domcatica baa bti-a recorded ; it oocurrrd 

ikbarBlnf of the tJiratrr al Ainslcrdani. when.- 

■Bf radtad iolD the flaniM, md nohl; jicrltlittd 

■ Iba ttlenpt la utv their nideand funilifa. 

It It ici linaited ocin>iniiniti<« that the donkcrtic 
<4rtwa itK noat Uiteaic ; all toeceiiUaliiig tbrm- 
^«B ia Iheir private drcln, in anch Inrttirifa 
tWn U no |nLtillr,^-aa puhSc irtueh eiturli w 
MBf aaeiUre* from tbe Indirldnal.'Iiitular titiu- 

Ilia arr nnuallj rcnufk'Mr fert thr Harm attarb- 

•*■( bd4 de*ot<d fidrliijof tbc domcKic, and thr 

HfiMil RCaid af raBillra fui tbtir aotanci. 

[nM|raatiwdaenM(ici<;nftrJkin^l5diii))Ujed in 

(te blaad of ilif««*, on the cowt o-f Dilmatia ; 

Ihcrc Oteyprotide for the b>p|>uic*> of the 

Mtnde of Ibc hamc. Bu)-9, at an carlj 

■n mttTad tnto ramlliea, rducalod m aTltinf:, 

and irilbaietie. Some oa\j <(ijlt thnr 

la ■btdi tbej «<*e almoU bam, «bm 

taftnl by tba alinriof apirit of mirilimt enter- 

pMK Tbcj torn a ram of ncii irliu are murh 

<H(te after for aertaota i and the term a)>|iJli!d 

«tba«i af ■ Men oi ihe Gulf," it a enre meom- 

fdaritei nf ehaiaeiar for uBiiiaued trvat and 

«Mar7i(ig uaJ. 

TW Biode of firondlnK for the fWtatc coinforta 




uf tbtir maidmi i( a llttln inndmt in the binlory 
of timevoletiee. vbieh we mult regret ia otily 
prartiipil in auch limited eoioniiiBilics. Malle- 
IJrun, 141 hii " Annalea de> V«jag«(," bai painted 
■ •orac of Chia nature, which maj read like tome 
romaibcc of real li tr. Tba [trie, after a Betrioc of 
ten jt*n, aa «ne ureat bobdajt, an epodi in theit 
Urea, rtvnir the ample regard of tbeir good con- 
duct. On thai bap|>]r dajr. the miatrua aad all 
the frtmd* i>r the fjunilr prepare for Ac maiden a 
tort nf duwry or iiiiirri»j[<!- portion. Erery frkiid 
of th« Itouie (ends (oue artif Ic i and tbe mlttreoa 
Dulta down tbe girt*, that ulie ta»j return lb« 
Mruc on a nluiUar Oceanian. The doaatiuua eon- 
tilt of lilier, of Rowitt, of baiidhcrchicfa, and 
ulber useful artidea for a younn wonnn. Tfacoa 
tributea of fne«d«hip ire placed birnde a aliver 
baain. which coDlaiua the aannal wag«a of the 
■etrant i her mlatiTcs from the oounlrj coma, 
acconipaniDd bj mualc, earryltif bmkria novered 
with ribboiia and louled with fruiia, and other 
rami dellncle*. They are rceeiT«d bf the nualn 
himielf, who invitea thnn to tbe fnat, where lh« 
compan)r uacrmhle, and particaUrly the ladies 
All tbe preaenta are reilewod. The tereani intro- 
duord, kncvla tn receire the Iwnedivtloa of ber 
miitreta, whoae patefut taali i* thm to deliver a 
Mlcmti enniDcration of her |M>d qualiCiea, con- 
cluding bf aniiouneio^ to ihr maideiii that baviaK 
brm hrouiht u|i in the huuw. If II bo tier choice 
to remain, fium bnirefurwarda ibe (hall be con> 
tiden'd at oiw of the faoiily. T«an of allectlon 
often fall daring thia beautiful m*iii: of true 
domcstidly, which Icrtninatet with a bJi f»r tbe 
M-rvanta, aad anollier for tbe (Upcrioni. The 
relatiics of tbe maiden return tiouirwarda with 
ibcir jnyou* iniuiciaoa; and. if Uiematdon perbr 
her old doucatir; abode, alie rD(«it(« an Inereaae 
of wa^ca, and at a luccccdiiiR period of dx ;c«n, 
another jubilee prondta ber vcund good fortune. 
Let me tell one more >toi7 of the inAucnce of 
tbi» pHaailin of domcabcity lu the aenanti — ita 
uierlt cquala it) novelty. In that inglorious Dllach 
on llurno* Ayrea, where our braie Holdim wrre 
dtijtaced hjt a reareaiit general, the ociroa, 
alatea aa Ihaj <*flre, joined thr inbabltanu to 
expel tbdr Invatlera. Ou ibii aipial oeeadon. tba 
city decreed a public ciprcaaioa of their gratitude 
to tbe neginca. in a aort of triumph, and at tbe 
aatne lime awarded the Intdam of tighiy of Iheir 
Iradert. f>n« of thrm baring ibown bii elaima 
to iLc boon, dielarcd, that to obtain hia freedom 
bad all hii day* formed the proud object of bis 
wiibei ; hia claim waa tiiilikiiulable ; yet now, 
however, to the amaxement of the juilgea, he re- 
fined bia |>roRered freedom ! The nutm be 
allqted wai a aingalar rrftn<DieDl of heartfelt 
•cntthilitjr ;— " My kind miacreaa," aoiillLctiegnl, 



'' ouce ircslthj, hu Mien into miiRartuneB m bcr 
infirnt old a^c. I work W niiiuUiii hcrt and aX ' 
Ititervali of loisvre »he Icsm im inf arm la Uke 
the •tmiiif air. I will duC l>e tcmpccil lu atn.!!* 
don Iter, and I TmonnM tttf hope of fr««dom lh*t 
■be ranj know tdin jiowcwm a alarc who ueier 
will ijiilt bmldc." 

Althnush 1 bare bttn tr*«elling onl of Eurupc 
to fnrainh lunte ithking UluBinlliiiB of the power- 
ful emotion of itnmrilicily, it i* not thnt wo «ni 
irithoat butancfi in tlw pHvntc biitory of faniilic* 
amonit ouradns. 1 hare koann mnrt ifana mn: 
wbera Uw Mrvuit hu cli««ea to live wltLuut 
wage*, rMliar than qiiit titr. muUi or th« miRtrvn 
in llifir deetyed fortune j and Bnoth*T where th.c 
lerrimt ah«<rfull; worked ti> auj^pi^rt bet old ladj 
to her tafll day. 

Would vf took onanrroppoiite modeof ler. 
tICudR. Inrn to the United Slatt*. No tyntrni of 
HTvitiida «u evtr to pr«poit«rotti. A crud^ do. 
tivn of poputw Arodoni In llip vqunlit)' of mnk> 
fibnllnfaril the very dcai^naliflD of " servani." auti- 
illluiinx Ibr fjntattic IrTm cif " hdjifk" If ihrnB 
be Boy mt-aulng left in thii barbiroua ntotogiiiu. 
their atd itinounU to litUo; thoir •ngagem»nti 
ara ta»J< by ihe week, nnd ikcy often quit tbeir 
douicilF witliout the sligbtcAt iDtimatiun. 

Let none, in Ihr ]<lL'ultudcof pride and CKittlain, 
imafinn thai thry piJHt indcpondiint of Ilia 
TirtUM of their domxitiM- The good conduet 
of the Krvsat itanipB a cbarvctar on tbn ina«- 
ler. In tlie epUcrc uf duniMtlc lUc ihcy niiwt 
frv]URtily come In rontact with them. On this 
•abDrdLDAle dwu, haw ranch the hajiiiitiBM and 
erat the welfare of the uaiter may rMt 1 Thf 
gvntlo cifnoc* of ■vrvilode l>«g«u in bi« vntdle, and 
■wait hlin Rt M iwas^n* and all s|)oti, hi ploainre 
nr In peril. F»liTi|[Iy obarrirs Sir Walter S«(itt, 
■* In ■ free euuoiry an iaditiduU'i ha|ipin«as i« 
more Immfdlntcly coonei^ted with th« peT«onal 
cbaractir of LU ralet, tbiu nllk llint of the 
munirth hlrotclf.'* l«I the rrtlrntinn nut 
b>B dceard etlmrijtint. if I venture to add. that 
the habitual obcdieiuw of a devoted serruil 
i< a mort immrdiat? xourcc of pf rftt>nA3 ccnn- 
fgirt than cicn the deti^blfulnc*! of friendship 
and the Icndemrw of rclntircs, — fi>r thcae arc but 
pcriodii^al : but the unbidden zeal tyl the dooie«tlc. 
fntiaiaCe with our hahlla, and palicnt of our waj- 
wafdneat, labour* for u» a.t nil huura. It in thoic 
feoc vtbicii liulen (q lu Id ovr lotilodc i it i* thote 
handa which lilratly adminiMer to Dur wants. Al 
what |>«rit>(t of life are eirii [h« ([rr-at r^cmpt fmin 
Ihe pnlle ftltif** of wrritudr ? 

Pailtiful tervtinl* b«>e ii<«er befh eomni*. 
morUed liy more hr«ttfelt alTrclJoii than by 
thoae whuic punulct (rqulre a prrfrrt frcctlaai 
ttvia domMllF earn. Farioru of ledsntary necu- 

paliona, and undUturbvd babica, abitrMteil frmn 
ibo dally buaiaew of lifci miiat yield aiiUmltcd 
truat to the honmty, whik ihey want Ihe linarly 
atteoiioni and all thr chncrf itl teal, of the thuusbt- 
ful doiDMiie. The miLtiul afleotioai of the mat- 
ter and tiir •prvntil Lsveurtcn hem eudttd iolo a 
COfnpanioTi>hi|> (i-f ttt!\litl(t. 

When Midume dr Grnlia heard that Pori bad 
raited a niunument cot only tu hit &lher and to 
hi* malh«r, but alto to the Gtilbful iLTranC who 
had ourMd hia carllmt ycara, iho waa bu Buddeoly 
(Irurk by ihe furl, thai *bc declarol Ihal ■■ ThU 
monument nf gratitude ii the more remarkaUe tor 
iti singubrtcy, u 1 know of no other inttancv." 

Onr <'hurrh]rHrdfl wutdd hftv^ affimled her a vaat 

naiubcr of tomb- ttonei creeled by ftrtitcfitl tauter* 
lo fflithful «ervanu * i and a cluter iiitimtc-y witli 
the dumeitle privaoj uf niiu'iy pul>lic ebiuvetera 
nlghl hsTe dinplaypd the fame ipleodld uaaplea. 
Tin: otir whi«b appfan Co have <o ttran^ly afeetad 
her tnay be found oil the cut end of the Dutddeof 
the pBriali-rhurcb af TwiokeDham. The Blonc 
bfttn thii InHTJplioa i^ 

To tlie tamnury tf Starr KMiih. 
who dlwl November i, >Tii, agti TB, 

Alounilw Pope. 

wbom the OTirwd In hi* Intaney, 

uiil conitanlly allE>n<leil fur ihlrtr-elstil ytan, 

t'jivtnl tllfi (Tiinii 


Tlio frrii^fial portrait of Sli«y«T«MI wai the 
votive Kift of a mAitor to hit acrvant i for oa 'M 
back. wiritUu by (Lc |ioc['a own hand. U the M- 
lowing dedlcalioo —" Tbu piMum bablifl tt 
Mary Cutler, xinn her by her matter. WllkM 
Shenatone. January l*t, 17S1, in acktiowleds- 
nienl of her native gcnitu, ber maciwuiaiity, btf 
lendemcw. and ber Bdellty.— W, S." We m^ 
refer lo tD«nv atmilar evidenra> of the doMMlii ' 
^ralilud* of lueh mailer* to old and atlacM 
iorraiit». Some of thcte tributci nay b« famili* 
lo moBi mider*. The sulrmu aulh^ii uf tbf 
" Ni([ht Tlioughl*" iniefibed ■□ eptlaph otet Ibt 
)(r*re of hit mari-ien»nt; the c«it»lle Glpreu 
pourrnl fortb an effuiioii tu the uieiiiory of • fuMlr 
servant, frauKht with a melancboly imiuM* 
whiL'li blninii«« riTrly indulged. 

Thf mnsl pathetic, we had nmly laid IRd 
■aid )<utlT, Ihe moil aabUme, danlopMMt all 
devotion of a ina*le( lo hit Miiauti M ■ 
addrated fay thai powerful cf»i<>" Minii 
Angrlo to hi* fri«nd Tajari. an ibe death 
Urbinn, an old and beloved lervanL l^ibll 
in Ihe votucuinoiit colUctioti of ibe 

• KiMi our nwdoni ottMUrte pcrpMaal* Ibl* I 
«n4 exhibit many iratelKl bnara^ mm Sasrana' 



hj BotiaH, itt at«a* to Imm MMpcd 
fMMial ootio*. We Tcntura to tnui*W« it id 
iiri|M<r ; for «c fcrl tKat we moit wckkcn in 

frt UnitBT eluqaence. 


** I eta but frrit* tU* j*t ahaU not jrour l«tt«r 
wtUioat mf nfiiif tomethfng. Yon know 
how DH)ifi« bM dird. GrMt WM th* gnca of 
G«4 vbcn lie botowcd on ae Om mui, tkvngb 
now hea(7 he ilie (riersncQ anil infialte the $r\rt. 
Tlw gnot «u tlut ohm be Urril he kept mr 
li*T«| ; atid in djinjt hn tuu Uuf[ht rac lo die. not 
a •Ofvow ud frith nfreC, but wtlh a ftrvent di;- 
•ir« of dratb. Twnntj mil ail jttn hid In lervcd 
BC.Mtd I foanl biin « mo«( rarcauil fdtli/ul oi&ii; 
■■J MOV that I bid made him ricli, and rxprcird 
■o kni on bint u the *t»M and the rcfian uf nijr 
aU ■£», Im i* t*k«a (ron nM, wsd do oilier hope 
Wltwi Uma tbat of tw^ bim again la I'acaJiK. 
A ii(a nf God wa* thia l>a|ipy death lo him i fct 
«m mon than tliU death, wrre Ui regicta in- 
IW>K 1 to laam mt la Ihli world the wntch of 
«iaj aaiiotio*, dnoe the brtter lialf <if tnjvolf haa 
4t)Mrted with hio), and iwtbuf U left br ma tbaa 
tUa kinetiaaa of Ufc.'- 

Evea Ibe tliioue haa not baen too br remored 
hiB Ihia fpbfra of hnnibl* huoanily, for «« di«. 
«anT in St. Georfc'a CbaptI • nunil monumtnt 
m(lB4 br wilcr of me of our Utc aofcrcigna aa (be 
■eaoria) of ■ timule Mnaut of a faruurilc daofli- 
fer. Tbe Imcripdoa la a thhnle of domcnlc 
tfaebOB in a nfal boaom, ivbcR an attached 
bocaoic ■ i^beruhMl inmate. 


firnt t» t* In4amil Mar Uili |ilaM 

Tha b«l2 of Itary flMOoicM. 

Ih ci a nt lotba l*i<ac(H Arabia i 

tnd UlU vta&o 

W te iBvrttad la taatlBMaij (f bla (naiattil Maat 

of Uwi lallhlal wnlmaat atlaah m cmi 

■rf aa oalafete r«tinc aroniaa 


Ml kabrrad DaathWr 

TUa deep rmoiiaB for iIm Icndor officoa of Hf- 

•itBte ia DOC pwadtar to the rrAnemmt of sar 

; aanan, or tn modern Europe ; it ia n»t tba 

If *l ChriatiMUty aloDo ohiob liaa lulli>iacil 

[tit anniMfitj, and ceofewcil Uiia oqualitj of 

«btch tba doMOdic mmj piTticijiaCe : 

i tiwcitplloni. raiaed by grateful mar 

Im« Id tba aerila of (beir ilain, lia«e been \mf 

ia (be groal «9llMltoiia af tinniua anil 


ruMTBO Lsnraw ix tiib viuu(ACDi.ut 

Paiirrtn LmaKa •rithoat anjr attentian (o 
the Miction ia ao freat a literaT} «rU. ikal U haa 
excited my cnriaaity to delect (be fltat niodora 
who obtruded auch fonnleaa thlnga on pabllo al- 
tentjoo. I cnnjeeiured that taboerer he nisbt be, 
he would be dlitiDguiibwt fer bla egotiim and hia 
ln>T«ry. Mjr bfputbdical entioiBn tiimtd out to 
be comet. Nottdag leaa than tbe aadaclly ni tbc 
tmbliuhinc Viem Ar«lino cnttid have adtcntured 
on Ihia project ; he claluu the huuour, and the 
rriiira do not dany It, of briog lh» Ant who 
paklialied Italian letter*. ArMina had tlie har- 
dihood Ui dedicate one vdIuuc «f bla Icticn to 
the Kluj; of Rnglnnd. annther to tht Dako nf 
FlornifT; a third lo llamilea of bale, a relative 
of Pupe Julina Third, — rtidently inainaatli^ that 
hialettera wer« worthy lo b« raad by tbe royal and 
tbe nobU. 

Among theac letter* there la one addreaaed to 
Mary, Qnmn of England, on her rrfuacilatiiin of 
IbeannAit Taith, whirh offera a rery extraenli- 
nary cxCaloguo of the ritual and ceremonica of ibe 
Romiib cburck It ia Inderd impoaaLble lo tnuia- 
lateioto Prolmtant l>nj[li>h,theiiiDlUp]ie(lt)omiin> 
flUture of office* which in*alie hntnanlifein nrtnr. 
cHuing «ervle«. A« 1 know not where ne can 
And to clear a pnrtjiKtirrv at Ihin anjidn^ con- 
trivance to fttter with rrtiKioa* cercmoiUea tbo 
(raadom of tlie bunun miiul, t prvaemt Iho reader 
nth an accurate trsnalation of it. 

*■ FtHro jtmtitui (« Iht Quwn a/ F.ngttnd. 

'• The vo><«* of Ptalma, tha aoimd of Cantldea, 
the brcalb of Epiitlea, and the S|H.rit of notppli, 
hod need unlooac the languefe of my worda 
in. couKintulatiuK yoor aupcrhuman Majuiy on 
hsving not only rMiured conaoieiica to Ibo mkidi 
and bearta of En^liahmcn and taken dMellfU 
bereay away horn tbem, but oa bringing it ta paai, 
wbeii it waa least bupeid fur, that chanty and faith 
■an agilK born anil railed up In tbeoi i od wblcb 
■nddni ooateraion triumpha our Mivereisti Pontiff 
Juliua, Ihr CoUega and the whole of tbe elargy, ao 
that it laerai in Rome ai if Ibe ihade* of tba old 
CKaan with lialhla cflWt ibowed it in ifarir icay 
•talaea i meanwhile lh< pur* mind of bia owat 
bleaa»l tluliiitai (anunlica you, and marka yo« in 
thantalocoe among the Catharinaa and Harfa. 
rcta. and dtdiMtea yon," Ao. 

" The 9tut>or of av ttaiieiuloiu a uirada la not 
the Blu|icfti,'lu)n of iitupid wdudrr i and all pro- 
cvedi from your Ikuie in the grace of God In 
•Muy dend. whou- incoRitirfliuiMUe fOOintu ta 
pluMil with aeelng you, in hohaMa ef lila aud In- 
■oeanot of baMl, csum (o be reatored iu thoaa 



prond counlrira, tulcDiDltjr to Baalcra. kbslincncf 
to Lead, •ohrirtj to Priilny*. iMnimon; lo S«(ur. 
diyi, Tultilment to vom, fuU In vifili, nl»Fr- 
nam (o wuons. chriim ta crtsturM, nn-ctlon to 
the ijing, fe«li<sla lo Bainls, inisgVB to cburcbcs, 
w wiw to •Itin, [iifUtt U) Un>pp, Dn;«ot to ijuircn, 
brncdicliniii to oliTOi. rabint* la uichiiict. uni 
tieveiicirt lu ba|ili>ii» ; >nit tluit noUiinE may he 
■renting; (tbinlct t« jroitr \rioat nnd mitat entire 
nilurf,} puMcuioa has Wdu ri^ln«d to oHicca 
of boim ( la crrcniDtiicii, of Incciiu ; Co rctit|uni| 
of ihrLan ; to th« conrtucJ, uf ibi'ilultana ; lu 
prtmts, of luibiti I lo pr««chen, of pulplttr to 
e«cl««i<utie«, ef pre-ttminrncrt ; to nrHptnreii, of 
uiterprclrr* ; to honti, O'f ■coromunion* ; to tiie 
piKiT, of alma -, lu the wrclcbcd, of bospitsli : In 
Tir^ln*, of niuuiuierin : lu fMhen.of i-unvetiCi ; 
to Ihr clf^y. of ordpna i to ihc defunct, of oli*e- 
i}ui« : to tjcrcr*, nuonn, v(i>i|vrr*, cnoi|i1iiia, dvr- 
in«nn and matin*, Ibe privilegca of dailj uiil 
QIKliltr liellK." 

'J*hf furlunale i«iD«Tiiy of Anitiuo gavt blrtb In 
tubt^quont publiciitlinii by mom tliilful writ***. 
N'doloKrinco cloKlyfallownl, nfao h«il •ifiritt been 
tbc umiuiuriiiriB of AretJao, ihcn hi* ritil. iPil 
cuiidudnl hia Ittauj adiraturvi iij being huigeil 
*i Romr : a elrpDnuiane* whirli at the iIidp nmU ' 
hats oor!**inn<id ra^rrC that Pttara harj atit. in 
thii rc*pccl alio, been an iuitutor ofhii onj^innl, | 
a man rquallj r«aml, (latCercd anil despiaeiL | 

Itir gnaiFM pcrauiiiirea nnd the luutt ritremed 
irritrr* of thnt Bgt mm pcritops pirated to haip 
di«i;oTtred a new and euj pnth to fame j ami 
linc^ it W9S m^arixiiiril lh.4t t ennri might becofnc 
oetebntad hy wrilliiii:- ncrrr iiittuili^d lur iho 
prrat, and wliirh it wat nrvrr iinn[lnrj could 
confar fame on the wriler*. volumca (uwmtiipd ' 
votnmea. and «om# aulfaon mo acircfljr knoon to ' 
poaterilj but ea IrClcr-writcni. Wc hare tli« t«0 
tUbomte epiitlra of FlKMnii. Kcrrtan to Lc-o X. , 
and Lb( more eleipiDt ODirenpoadence nf AKMn*!. ' 
Card; a itork vhich, though |iu*(liiimaiii and 
pnbllahed by ao affsftionnt^ nrphcir, anil llifrefare ' 
loo mdiiocrnins ■ publiaher, i* a model of familuu' . 

"pinF cuUnrtioiia bcini found Ht^ifribte lo the 
iHte of ihpir rtxdi-n, novi-lty wna cotirled bj 
tfompoainK letlcn marc MpmiJjr aj»|>lc(3 tn 
public eurioiitf. rbeiiul)Jrrt4 "^renowUitr/wfltci 
bj critical nnd |>citili<:Bl topici, till at length thfjt 
'(IcKCTidcd lo out ini>iT letrl with the finiltici, 
and mom Kraleful ti> Ihr pmsians at Ihr pnpularc 
of reaJen — Love T ManT gnre per>onaq« bad 
■Irradf, Hilliuiit Wiu); wii'ibliMjf ihf ridicuJoiu, 
laa|[iuihcd llirouih tnliuua ud«a and tiarcb son. 
nel^ DiiNi. a bald tiCciary piojei^lor. who in< 
THitcd a literary re*ic« both of prinlril and 
Tnairaa<'ript «<trk(, vitb eat inferior Isgaiuii; 

pu>il»heil hb l»««<l(4t«r* { and mth iLc frlklev 
or an Italian dlmlnnilTe. be fonillj niiiilFil ihcu 
■' Piaiolctlr A.iO(ita«dclDoiii. IS52. Stol" Time 
Piilrdr, mere deii)peil to be little epiellea, or 
billcN-doux, but l>uni wai orb of lh<i>c frrtile 
■lit bora whi) bare too liltic linte of tbdr own. to 
cixnpntr ahtirl taorkt. Doni wai loo faceUoiu lu 
be wntiiDFaUl, and hi* ijiiill "aa ni>t plucked 
from I be wing of l^ee. He «u followed by a 
Kinvcr |>td«iil, who Ibrew a faca^y uAvriii^ (tn the 
altar of llie nncea ; PAaAiMuRO, who tn six 
bonkt of " Letlerc Amurmte, 1SG5. Uto." wb> too 
pblegmittc lo «>ith over lii* ink>>-taitil. 

Drnini metitioni Liewih PitKaiJJkuaoorVeniM 
n> jn improvi-r of tbe»e annalory cpinl*o, by 
iniroducingBflprpcriiitetrit aiidann)rueonipIic»I« 
uarratitL-, farlial tu llic Jtalian liiiTnliirt, De- 
nliia rnniidrrc Ihia auihora* having >;'*'*'> birth tn 
(bone norrlt in the toron of lelltri, with whieb 
modcro Uiirope bii been inundelcil ; and k« 
refers the cuiiuiis ia literary reacarchea. for tLe 
precunors of Iheee rpiiMari/ novrlt, tn Cheworki 
aftboae Italian will who llauriabidia the aixtceotk 

"The Wortda" of Doni, and the numcrQUii 
whiniaicul aurha of ORTB>«rn Lam>i, and tfce 
Ctrce of Gau.t, of which we haie nun! than one 
Rngliah troiubiiioii, whii^h under tlivtr fanlMtIc 
inicntioua eo«er the moat profound |>liilo»ophinl 
tiena, hare bwn eauaidercd the |ireciirtor« of the 
finer geniua of " The Peraian Lcllcra," thai fertile 
ninCher of a nnmerou* progeny, of U'Aifm* and 

The Itnlian* are juatly proud of ume aralnaWe 
collectjoiia uf letlera, which arcui peculiar lo 
Ibemteh~ei, and whirh may be conaldered M ibe 
worka nf nr(ia/j. They heie • eolleetlDa (4 
" Lett'Tre di TVediei UomiDi lllnatri." whirh ap* 
pnred in IS'I i snolber otore cvrioua, rvUtinc 
to prineea^" l^ticre de* PHntiDl le «|iiali o ai 
acmono da ?rlriripl a Prinrlpi, n rafiaeiaao di 
I'rindpi : Venrria, IfiHI," in3vo1(. quarto. 

Hut B treuure of thia kind, peeuliarly intweel- 
lag to the artitt, ban apjieared in more 
linre, in rctcd quarto vuluinra, con*btin|[ nt lli' 

urt|;it]nl Irtlen of the ftrTit paiatrra. frun Ike 
gulden a^ uf Leo X.. gradually eolleelrd tf 
ltoTTABi,who publtihnl tbeoihiaepaeate mUnak 
Thet abouud in llie uioat latereetioK f*tt« rdatlM 
l<i the iirta. and didplajr tile characterialie tnitetfj 
their lively wiiten. Every nrllat will (wii 
with delight urn il curiosity thew genuine aJToMM? 
rhrrintcira of the dmam* of the d^yi aftd 
night* of their Tiiacioiu brother*. 

It ia a lillte reniarkalilr that hcwhodaUniiaba 
the nrat aaliriit in the Fngllnh lancuace, 
alia, nore jually per1ia|ia. Ibt haauor of bdag 
lint aathoT wbo publiabed famUiar letters, la it* 

dtdicatSgn of Ua Epjalka to prince Ucurj, Ibe *ou 
•f JuicilkePtm, bulM|iUALLcUkua tticliaaaur 
■r iatrodndng " lUc ntm fiuluan of Mteoatm by 
^iiilB*. nvw to our languif e, nctul to otben : and 
M BO«rlt* i* nficr iritkoal pir* of vae, more tne, 
Msn hMiliar." Of tbcM cputlta, Ui tix docwlo*, 
Wtmf <nrv written during hi* iraveb. We haic 
■ oallBctiaa of Doaoe'* kttcn abaanding with hii 
poraUar painU, u l«ut witty If not nutural. 

A* m bc€xm« « lilFTUy nitiiiii, rnmiliar Uttvr* 

wt mj i M « vekide for the frcth frtlliiga ot onr 
frM Btitlinn. Howdl, whatc Egitilolir boar \tu 
une. uLnk wtibr l:in!«nl^E^ft9u« in " fmailinr 
LrMUrv, AooiMtw uid rorpifn. tiiitorical, |)oLtliciil, 
t»i philo— phiril, apoo etncrtent occuioiin." TIir 
■* M i w^un t oocuioiu" the lively writer found in 
kla laiif caafioeEamt in the Fleet, tli&i Eni^liih 
hranaua ' Ua«fU la a wit, wbo, iii Hniint In- 
MiB ktatoty, faao wrtttra tluit of kiiavn tiuti-^ ; hi- 
boaedf tbeficw wh^ugFRiiu, atrikii^ in llis hut 
■f the iMoaieat oolf currcol coin, produce finUhod 
—toll fof Utc cBlrlnrt. Uli lultecB trr •tOI pub- 
feikad. Tlw tutn which b*>l now sriun for 
wHarliaf leftcn, indiuwd fiii Tobio Mulhrwu, in 
ISOT, to fofn • TolniDt , of vbich mmaj, if not oU, 
H« fBBwae prodictiuns of tlieir difTcrcnt nrtteis. 
Tk dUalp«lr<l r'cKHiim uf Chirlu l[. iuijurrd 
B— dow la icttrr- writing. The roj^al emlgruit 
kai MOitht the lone nrVoilutc. Wk h*vr eomr 
frw liaan of the wita«f thi* court, but that KbMl 

uf wriicra, lurlii)[ aluucd in gio** matcrialiata, the 
roMtioii pivdunod uioibcr of • mara t|iiri[uiiJ 
iwtuTB, in A romanlic «[nin cf the mott ivHned 
iratlmenL Volumei lucornlcd toluoai fron p«j- 
taral and heroic mindi. Katlicriiic Philipt, in Ibe 
niu<|ucrade.dr«M uf " The ■DiliiUIrM Orioilai" 
■ddreiiacd Sir Cbules Ciitlrcl her gntv •• Pbllu^ 
cbii*;" wliUc Mn. Iktui, tu Ixer taatr. dreH, 
Mnumiii; th-p nympb-likcformcif" A>itricii,'' pur- 
■unl a grnttemsii, conceBltsI in a domino, under 
Ihl' unnii; of " Lyri'ln*." 

Before our Icttcm reached to nature and tnitb. 
tlierwcra itrainedbjtonE niorcelTnri irieruuiclty; 

! a new spectpt ■|i|N>ir«d. " Vtaat ihr Drad to the 
Living," hj Mrt. Raws ; (hey obtained colebritj. 
She wu tlie tint who, ta )|;nLlir]r ihr public talte, 
HdvnniurEd bnf onil tlir HVfs ; iLo CBpricv of pubEic 
fiiiour bai returned them to the jiUct wbeuoc they 
I'd me. 

The tettrm of Pop^wnre H[H)ii*»ticni«My writMin 
for the public eye, Partly (icciJciit, aud piinly 
pcn«Tcring iugUDuitf. citrnctcd fnim the fumily 
cLcaU llir letter* of Lad)r M^ry Vorllcy Munla. 
^tic, who1')nicr«miiiD«d tlienioJelof lettKr.wdtlug. 
Thn Icttcn of HuRhoa and of Shfiiiit»oe, of Gr«j, 
C'owi'cr tad WiiI|iolr, «itd othcn, icir-poiiili^n, 
whniic indelible cul nun have givi-ti in impmihabli; 
charm tu (Lesn frs^iuiriit* of the human mliid, may 
cloae our tul>jei:t; jiriDled funilinr K-ltcra aoir 

1 enter into the hiatory of our literature. 





" Such B iperiorlty do the pnnnlta of Lllentnn poaax above way othar oocnpatlon, that ereo 
be wbo altalm bat ■ nwdloerlty In than, inerlU (he pra^miTunce abore thoee that excel the nuMt In 
the oommoD ud Tnlgar profeedaiu.'— Huita. 

Tna CtUmitiaaf Aatbonliaic ofltTKidtedthvaCttntioD of lli«iv*«n oflllrrature ; and, froia thi: 
mi(*lof Icltcre to tkb dsj, IbincUii of the coraniiinitf, ihcniiwtingciiiciuiianil thcinoitcnlislitciicd, 
kite, in all tke uatiiitw of Europe, been tim most hiiiiotir«rf. mid tlir InwC nimuftenlfld. Pieriiu 
Vtiniaiuut, •» altciicUat in llio lilcnr; cqtirl of Leo X., who twior ichuxxl > bitbopric tliat b« ntigbt 
psnoF ki> Biitdios wuDtemipled, ira* o friend i>f .AuChon, anil cnmpiMcd a amaU work, " De IiifcU- 
Male iitentonsi.'* vliicb hai beco frpijucntl; rrpHnlnl *. ll (fitms a nttxln^p of setwnl Italian 
ItWwH, kU contnciponric* I a mnigix ptrrfonnancr, in wbialt tb(< nulhor ilinwe •ometimraa predilection 

lat ds awTTtllaiNt wbidi happens to nreljr in human nffain ; aail he ia >o un phi lOMpli leal, tliat 
htplaoM amcMf tba oMbrtiuiea of lilanrj men, tboM Iktal catnaliiei lowblrhall tnttt are alike liable. 
Tri ««m tUa tsiall *«1<ino bw iti <alu« i for although tbo butoriaa roo&ica bii narrative to hl> oim 
UBit*. tm incliidca a fufllciait nunibiii of iiainca to conTincc ua tbal tn dcT'Ole anr life to antbuDbip ia 
tMK tw ir»e nwwt* of impniTiiif aur happlmu or oor rnrtimc. 

Ala Laur period, a coagcnliJ work wu cotnpoMd by Theophilns Spitcliu), t Gensaa diiinet hit 
Imt totuiBcs nre alter ibe fulilon of his country anJ bit limca, vbich could makF even tianU rliiii^i 
foadauna. Id liiOO be firtt pubbibed two voluuea. entiUetl '' InfetU Ulrraiua,", and five yuan 
dhnnrda bis " FclidMiniu Litaratna i " fce writoi witbi>ut aiae, aod aemioiuiea without «ad, and 
won In bare been m gnjv a loTcr of tjaimntrj. that he aliapcs Ui FdieUUt juat «iib the atme 
■^Mvc as hi* /n/elKilics. Thrtm two «i]iinliBrd hanillra of Mj might bare held in auipaiae Tbe 
ratwiirtcal aaa of StrroD, till he had divd fr«in w-aat of a motive to chouM eithr.r. Yet Spiitlins ii 
ant lu b« coDtcmiicil bonuBv lie is vcrliiwe anil lieat7 : be bu rcllccled moio ilurplj thaa Valciiaaiu, 
by 0[*aiin Ibe naral cansrs of those calamitiea wbicji lip dtwcribM i. 

n* eUaf object of the preimt work i* to sKartain mmo lU'uhtful ynl important pelata CADeemlDg 
Atdion, The title of Author atHl rcCainB its sedtictiun unuog our youth. niiJ ii coDiccrntcd by ages. 
T<t what allMtianate [oreiit would cuDKUt lo mt liii laii devule hliuieir to bt) pni na a proleiiion } 
fit nudi«* of a true Author iniuUlc him in (nciety, MActing daily labour* : y«t li« wilt tvcpitc but 
Utdeeneoiirafccnenl, sad IcM rttnuncratioa, It will Id.- found tbal the moil ■nccmfuL Aullioruan 
•bmn DO equJTBlcnl for the laboiin of hu Ufe. I hsTC CDd«a?ourcd (o asrrTtaiD thii bet, lu devclup 
(he eanwa and tu paiiil tb* rariety of evib thai mtnrally iMuli from the dlMppointnientB of fcniiu. 
Aalbon ibcmtelTCi nevtr discover lliit mclancbuly truth, till thry have yictHed to an tmpuUc, and 
•ioptod a pnfemim, loo Ute in life to rr»i«t the one, or abandon the otlia, \Mioeitr laboura 
wKhMl hope, a painhil state to which Authors arc at ImgUi reduced, ma; surely be placed atnoiii 
dwtoMf injured cl*n in the cootmunitj. Mi>»t authors doia their llt« in apathy or despair, and 
MP Maay live by meant which tew of tbcni would nut liluiii to dMcrlbfi, 

hmMa Ibii perfietiial atniggle with penury, there are alio moral cause* which influence the 
iteary cbarMtor. 1 ba>e dnwo the iuditidual cbarscters and facllnca of nnthars frvio their own 

* AWD*(B wr4he rtare*. that " Talcrlann k slilcllr kmrwn to llM |mMBl (tnMS 1? hi* hrlol bnt eurhiM Ud 
tifTilfH wvtk. fft Ittm/ervm InfilkiiiU, whiub ha> pii— <»J aaaj aaKdcloi of Uw principal nholar* of Om 
(V^Bsa etoakMs lube found. '—Itcacoai Lz-a S.Tvl. Ir. |>. t;t. 

I TtMwkalMialuUycDUerthMiofthteklnd, cnUllMl><l>ia^laf(irCalSMlMleUKraWn«,edlW4 bjHeBchn, 
Ike aalbec <l Oarfaliaacria Kn^lUmm. 



confeiBionB, or deduced them from the prevalent eienti of their live* ; and often discovered them io 
their secret history, as it floati od tradition, or lies concealed in authentic and original document!. 
I would paint what baa not been nnhappiljr called the piychoiogioal character*. 

I have limited mj inquiries to our own conntr;, and geaerall; to recent timea ; for reaearchea more 
cDriouR, and eras more distant, wonld less forciblj act on onr lympathy. If, in attemptiug to avoid 
the oalfcd brevity of Valetianiu, I have taken a more comprehensive view of several of our authora, 
it has been with the hope that I was throwing a new light on their cbaracten, or contribating some 
fresh materials to oar literary history. I feel aniioos for the fats of the opinions and the feelings 
which have arisen in the prcq;res9 and diversity of this work ; bnt whatever their errors may be, it is 
to them that my readers at least owe the materials of which it is formed ; these materials will be 
received with conaideratioo, as the confessions and statements of genins itself. In mixing them with 
my own feelings, let me apply a beantifDl apoli^e of the Hri)re«s — " The clnsters of grapes s«it 
out of Bsbylon, implore fovonr for the exuberant leaves of the vine ; for had there been no leaves, 
yon had lost the grapes." 

* From tha Gractan PtteMt, or the aiiul, tb« Oemtvu have borrawed (hli eipnaalTe lenn. Tbtij hsra a 
Ptrclu>li>ffitat Maf^ft- Some of our own recent aathors hsT« adopted tbe tenn pocuUarly ad^lad to the hUoisB 
of the human mind. 



ADTnuns By moFKfKiaN. 


* aul)i«f oneefappriMd cue b j ti)f|iiiring 
bjr " ui Audicf by Profc««ii>n. " 
1 ■( the tuppotltion tkat I wai 
(Itilloninn hrtvem aulhon, I 
it atnong tbHr calnnitia. 
of Attvok U VMiMiibl«: and In thp 
1 ('<"'}'> •ulliKci' iniii^lc with iU 
lu palhnt*. Il in indeed b; uur 
fortiguaa bate berii tauglit mosl to 
I uil tbii TKin«rl(iiU)r apjirani in tlie 
fif Gfditlli, tb« luliin tn'rlliT rounJ 
'ybo »mte about lb« ) Mr 1 7<I0 i lor l>p 
apt ibal "be coulil fiiiil nulliiui; 
but our wrliinp to illditieiiMh □■ 
mrat oS barfairianK." But to bevoniP 
m by Pr«f«aioii," i« to h»xt eo otli«r 

■hiialcnor, than auirh n arr tilrm-lnJ 

llU i anrf no one believe* ihcK lo be >i> 
m Uw; really are, nniil iliMppaiatcd, 
bd4 ibroan mil ote^rty |iiiriuLt wbidt 
tedrpenitrmCT', the no^ilcit mind li 
]at of ■ JooiDed Ubourer. 
iboviKU with iniiance* af " Antbora 
aMemmodatiiip IhriuKlvca Ui tliU 
Bf tile iniAna af fictiim and impn- 
nerel wiuf i* injared, aud tbe litprar}' 
:a in that itaij;«hl«:bhe ought lo dig- 
, aa one of ilicin tine*, 

f tito nuMcD IvirUnc al Uu Dn.' 
ha* Hid, " Hp li a fdol who ii ■ grain 

As timet he \iitf in." 
H, tWnftire, be toiioeivcd ttiat I incaa 
«r lillljr Ibe liuiary rliaric[er> when 
tj Mpvatc the Autboi fr^ m tiiOK )i<il- 
I jnm, «ba baia turned ■ vntal intn 
t « gr«Waque noe ol faoUbed l>u(. 
|U^ aaaaaaim i oi tbat |>opui4ca of 
■p, who are driven to pctbh in Ikeir 

garretn, unltDOim and nnresardMl b)f all, for lllo- 
liana wivlch e-na lUoir caiamltlM cinnnt diapcrrc. 
Poirrrtj, vaid an andent, in a ■•««! lliinR— il ia. 

indtttd, »o aacredi that it create* • aTmpatlijf «rtii 
for llioan who hutie incurred it \rj their follj. or 
|)kad bji it luj tbeir cnmea. 

The ltL8tO[7 ft OUT Litoratum ia initracliv»^ 
Itl Oi tner, the origin of fharsoten of tills lort 
onionK 01 : »onic o( tb<ni ba*c lia|>)>il; diu]i[iritcc<I, 
and. whencTerKmitauthora obtain their duo rigbtii 
the calaDnill** ol licemture will be grcailjr Uimi- 

A* for lb« }>hrBM of *' Authota by Prortaaion," 
it ia aaiil lu bo uf iuciJ<rii ari(in ; auil Gurliaic, a 
jcrMt dMicr in hlotalurc, uid a political acnbci 
ii thnugiit ta bate iiilroducd it. Kt dncn|>iiTe 
ufn dan of irriter« whlcti be wiilicd to dUtinuniall 
fnim tlic;|p:ni;nil term. I pr«i»ent the reader with 
an iinpubliibcd Idler i>r GuUirJK, in winch ths 
phrue will Duioaljr be found, hut, vbat ia more 
iiij[iortaiJl, which cibibila [he charantcr in iU 
de|;rad(d form. It waa aJdreased to a miiutter. 


J«M 3, I7CS. 

"In the ftti IT'IS-C, Mr. IVIbam, then 
ftnt T/)nl of the Trraiur;. tcc|Dainted mr. that it 
waa hii Majraly't pleatnri! I nhoutd r<«ei(c, till 
betl«r ]'rovid(d for, wliirli neier haa happened, 
'ittOt. a-jrcir. to h* paid bj biin and hit ancceafora 
in thDTreatat;. I wn> atielied wilb tlie aufuat 
name made uae uf. and (lie (p point ■unit ba* hccn 
rec"l"H]r and ipiarterlf paid me ewr »tnce. 1 
hnve btrit e<|ualljr puaetaal In doinf the gorem- 
nicut all the *eni«e> that ffll wltliia nj ■biliti«a 
nr iplicre of life, «)ieL-ial]]r in llioae ciiticul aiiu- 
aliuua (hat all (or unaniniit; in the aertiee of 
tho crown. 

" Voitr Lordabip taaj pMiibty now aaip«et 
that / am an A'tttior tjf Hrv/ntitm : you are iiot 
dnxiveid ; and will be Icm ao, if yon helieio tbu I 



an difipoieil ta Mrre hiiMnje^ty under ^airr LarA- 
ahtp's future palrmmgi anit jirtrleet'wu, vjilh 
grtaltr ttat ifpnuiMe l/iau ectt. 

*' 1 liiLTe lliG lionout to bCi 
'■ Mj Lord, Sc. 

"William Gtithrh." 

Uiibluiiliing rendl'ty 1 In one part bo ■boula 

llkr A |iluii(!erinf[ hamar wliu liu rarritil off bU 
|iiv«l ui[t ill the oLher bu Ijow* wkli dte tmnr 
<u|>]i!»n(iu o( tliR " 1)111 rierljr " Swim chaneriiig 
lim liolhtit for l.i» |)ticc ; — "* to temt lii« Sli^wty "' 
for — " hi* Lcrdibip'i fuluru |itttr«iiiigc." 

Gulbric's Qotlon of " An Aulhnr by Profia- 
liuu." mtirelj dprivrd from bi» oirn clmtnctiT, »a» 
two-fold : litenuj U»k-wotIi. uitl pollCical dejtra' 
dalion, 11« «M tobeagciitlcinnnconvnrtihievntn 

iuibi*U>rLuiiat pcrdiocti iiiid,»bcnhebnd oW 

time to write hialoiicoi lie cbmc tg nil bis name 
to tlicmithe tiP?or wrote.^The»« nra ippteriL'» of 
the cf>n of auili(jr»bl}i i Id this a«nte It la onlf a 
trado, and a. irry hnd oiih; ! Rut iFKrn in bis olhrr 
cayndtf . thu Kcntlcmui coiuci to Lire liiiu*c;lf to 
ont InnI u lie hnd to DntitlifT, nu ntc i:aii d-outit 
IhU the •li[ieiidiur<r wuuld I'Luiiye lill |iruirCilil«i 
witli bU lliery *. 

Siivli liBVc Ikco *o<ncor(ha " Aatbon bf Ptn- 
forton " nLo luiE worn tb« literary luwk i fur 
litFmluri: wtu not Che liiot object uf lliclr dcsigni. 
They form a race prcrjLinr to oiir rnuntry. Thry 
«p4m*(l ibcir career in our firtt |^nC rcTalutiuo. 
and dauHihMl during tbtf *t«dCIu1 [Kriuil oF tbc 
ctTil «ar>. Ill ibu Turui uf iii:wa|>i>|>crt> tlicir 
" Morcunc9"4Dil" Djujiml*" wcrciioliticalpoin- 
phleUi-. Of Uim:, Ibn ruf ■lull. Ileitis I'x' better 
tdnroted, carried ulTio Ibeir lido nil the spirit, ami 
only loft tlio roam aiid drcgk for tlic pnrlitnii^oln- 
llant i otlienri*c, ia lyiuj;, tbcy were jiut like unc 
■neither ; lur " the fatlicr of Una " sccrat tu \x uf 
nu party < W'tre it deslrabts to iiutfuct uiirn by a 
■ystom of imUtinil nnd inonil cnluniny, the cnm- 
pii^le art mifflit l»e drawn from, tttae iirchjvc* of 
politi'col lyiiiKi tJuring tb«ir duurisbiit; «ra. Ws 
miglitduouvcriirinciiilck among tliciri which would 
bave humblwl Ihc Efiiiu* of MuJiinvcl biiuadr, 
and cvrii bnre tiugbt Mr. Shrridui'* mute popu- 
lar icribr, Mr. l*ull,a wnMof hii own inlfhO'nty. 

It i« kavmi tlul, duriui( Ibe aJiuuiibtratJoii of 
llatley and WaIiioIc, lbi»cUMof aullion annrmixl 

• It boa bam lalriy di«Ln*d UiBl lluax. th* aulhnr nf 
" IIourIu,' Vw [mulmint bj lyml Hiitu tu uuwot nil [ho 
fnlxvn and (■■■■'l>b1*la of Uio eurrmiiirul. luiiJ Ui ba n 
fljdtiiit dofandar of tfaa nauuna of dwutuaL 

1 1 taan (Aigiriun pottnyad^tlie ptnonal nbanoiani 
nf thir liln>Ilng oblgh of Ibaa* paper mnr the vooitllB 
and un|irlnd|iM Maniiuiou KaaOhain. Uh Qibbrtt of 
bliifev; th* laftlma Mr IlofR L'lUrwiis: uiit tlw 
tanUflmaid pralliau tUi Mba Ulrkanhaad. 

and alarlGd ap tike niaetard-4Md in a hot-bed. 
Mnr« thnn fifty thouiand [loiindi were ei]«Ddcil 
atnong them \ FuRtiun, witii maJ and blind p«i- 
Biuiia. can afTii a volui; on tlic baJcit Ihtngl that 
•prvp its purjiopwl, Thpw " Aiitliora hj- Pn>fe«aion'' 
irmtr more anaiduouiily the better thry were paid • 
but mBttaclii only produced rrplina and rrjoindcri, 
la retniiccmte ihem wna bci^bletiiug the fever and 
feeding the discaie. They insn: all figbtini for 
]ir(!trnt pay. with n view of the iirodiiinl land be. 
fitre item : but th«y at leogtli bwamo co nammniii. 
nnd «o criiwd>ad t>n iiiic Bii-olbor, that the aiiutAt^ 
could ncilher aatii^ promUcd clalut nor actual 
dura. III! bad not at but the buioblcxl ufficc tu 
beduw. not a i:uiuiaiiMio[i?r«hip ofwiiie bf«nce«, 
M Tar^tvi Cordon had : not even a cuLloetarthrp 
of the costomi in (ome obaeure town, aa wan the 
irrctcbfd womo'it Olilmixoii'i pittanini ; twt ■ 
crumb for a muusel 

TliecapUiiiof'ttiU banditti In the adoiinutration 
of Wnlpnie wan Aniall. a younj aiiiiraey. whote 
malurc geniui fur teurrilom jwrty-pspem biuke 
furtli in Ilia tender iiunoge. This hireling wh 
"Thn Free llrilon," nnd in "Tlic Aaieileec" 
Francii WaliiaDham, dr/,,ihuainstb>iianieof a 
profound ftatecman. It ii aald, that he rtcclted 
above tan tbcnnnd (jouaila for hia obaeare laboon i 
nod tbU {lalrtot waa aulTcrcd to retire with all 111* 
ilisnily wliiu'li a peniioa ctmlJ ninfer. lie 
oidy wrole fut hirt-, but vatunl himnclf ca 
prand of the ]iliAtii7 of hi* pro and of hia priM^ 
pin, be urote williout rcmortr what hia patfoU 
ITU forced to pay fur. but lu (Uu^uw. Itwtafhn 
a hoonled^ of tbc*c " .iiithora by rmfnaieo, 
WTitcra nf a factitin in ibe Dame uf tlir couiui 
nu they hare btwu wt-ll d»Mrlb*d, that OUT 
ntitciniwi Pitt fell into nn error which ha ImmI 
K^nU lie did nut diitincuish between antkon I 
he confouiidcA the merrcn&ry with llie nwB if 

t An nmpln ir)nr at thtua lueubRaUom U elhlHtil I 
th< ntrljr vntiiuaa <i( ttio {tMitlemui'a aiacaikM. 

I It wai nld irf Ihl* nail that ~ h* had antBl 
Iktaiurat Xii* (irna. IfkaalinrMlnamUl, till bat 
oa blliMl and aa wMohot.' To iJidw ttM eilMt i 
ootucknea of Ihli eUw of muei. *ii4 In what 1 
nuca partjr-vTiMra ean pmoaed. wbvn duljr i 
UMmtinn, whomanWhif bltwnui. If aTMnt | 
»rit«r fitiglit tier Ui lifl afBDfflBl bj ■) •vnerablaal 
mimnroKuIly rUtd lo xU hUict lil»torl»at. •«■ 1 
rulUr at tha erimea with wiilrh lia ■■ loudly i 
uCixm ll« Fhai^ tbrwemlooit petiana wKk 
pnlntlng l.ord tnarandini'i HlitKr; : Ihli ehariB WM olli 
mtdt diaprorod by I]i4 paoKm being jeuAend la l_ 
reaaCTVBd: and yet tbli umoiarot lilt 
nnplA^ by HIahnp KaoneU U pahUah bja < 
of our hlMoriaiM. maila no Kiruilte of lalBltrlaB ■ 
laaMfM In DaiiM^ Ouwalolat wbIcA mai.m Iha > 
•fflUn «( Ibal fldlaMltn d BO «alaa 



taitWt V)A ckuacUi; buJ oilli Ibu contmrlftl 
fiew of the pollticil iiinuvn«« of gpnlni. he muit 
h«M vifiwj Willi aire, pnrliapt willi luriiriie, iU 
ntffat; labour ia ttw Tolumc* of Uurke. 

But tfacM " Autlianbjr PrartsBiao " •ometiiim 
tommi a MjltiDtlaa ardtclrcriinei e*vn from limit 
■MHcrt. Wbea thr Rntrnt pHtron wu changed 
ktoaeM mfniMer, their pen (fomeJ w«nit«TfulI; 
t* Ih*p bit itt point, tad tbc (uthcr could not 
t»j Mon tickle. TliFj were Dung off, u Sh&kc- 
*pan'a itrikiait iiMC**? upmMi B. Wee 

"AaaaNiartadbulnuliRi tbeitnam. 
H ItoNtlMrtf (hCbiiiDlkin'' 

LooV on the bte nndfortutiPvrAuHuu.iT. TIbc 

EUeoHhu'AuUiarbr P(ofr*uoii"p(iini(a moral. 

K« flourabad ibout llw year 1730. ilc pwwd 

Uunmh I jouth «t iiuqnitf , and «h cipclJcJ lib 

vallr(c for U* irrtgvluitici ; he li*d cxhiliiloil do 

■wrki itt repncntinn vbcD lie uuiLed tlir ufii- 

ttnltj wilti Ibe prriuclirsl pagirf of tbe Tfrra 

FUhu ; • witry SUunulbn efIu*lon on the Tnnn- 

ken uid toryiim of Oxrvrd, whcrn the pwtniti 

fc»i« CD estrantwit kinil of litkL-ueat, nnil arc bo 

Mm Uil to true iliat th«)t wtto unir«rtBlly reliih*sil 

mA iniliTlttiulIj utiikirUoo<d. Amhurst, liaring 

■at Ui eharmrtM-, butMMl to reforio tlic ■ni>nil> 

■rf |M>liti<a of tbc lulion. For n«ar tHfat; jcsn 

W MiU at "The CraTtaiEian," at wlikb ten 

id tfc laid to h«tc br<n (olii in one day. 

thia palnot t aa cipellKd paUriian breompi 

•■ ■tfrageou Maktt for [<«)inlu refoTm, and in 

hatrpul VUc can bend to be joked lu all ikc 

Irajftrj of a boiion ! Aiuhar*t auccucdcil iu 

•titfof OM the luiiiiitrr, and irrilinE in Bnlin^- 

hnkt aad VtHUntj. No* canm ilic hour of 

pMftBd* aad setM««ritj ! fli* palroni monatcd 

to powtt— but — ttey aiUntlj dro|)f«(l [|ic iiulTn- 

Mat of (itdr Mcsnaion. The pnlitiml prottllutc 

^mi duToiflf at Ih* f»lp uf prcfrnm-nt, whirh 

H» aMMen had fur evnr Hang agtinit him. lU 

Aal timlm-keartcd, aad owod th« charit)- of a 

(Ha to bis booliK-IUr. 

I mat Bild mir atotr tlriking; eiample, of a 
ftkfaal antbor, in tlK< caiA of Dr. J Ana* Ubaxc : 
k ■•■ of (Mioa, and an (awlliniE wrtlcr. He 
Mfpid aB boMOurabtc pr<-f«*ionitlial of mnlicuic, 
hMiop4 a Tarj coatrar; one, thai uf becnmiiiK an 
Mfcsr by fimfualon for a party. Ai a tory 
•fkar, he tland every cilrrmilj trf ihr Uw, nhilf 
1> w adad it bf VTerj' lubtlety at arlifiiw ; hp 
Wt • BMbed Udf vilb bii MS. to the iir^Ur, 
*• ■» Bsaor diararcftid ; uid wm once sated hjr 
I tnr la Ihc kaUclneut from tht »'\m^\e diaugF of 
• rbrar.M iMirfiMNal ; uneof thiitn ahanirFul 
mriiBa, bj wfairJi tlif law, to iti p«q>etual dU- 
SM^ao Ollni protect* Iba criniaat bom puoiih- 
IML Or. Dr«k« ImiJ tlie buuoar of hcaiing 

hlmaelf cenaurod from Ibe throni- ; of being iespri- 
inned ; of aoftng hia " MpinoriaU uf the Church 
ofRiiKinnd" burned at Landon, andbii " llintoria 
Anslo-Scotica" at EdiaburKh. iliTiiig pnliated 
hloiutr in thi^ pajr tit the bookaellcrt, auiLicig olbor 
workt. [ fuijiccl. he coodrtcenilcd to pracllac 
■one literary imjwailiona. For hr has rrprintid 
Palli«r I'arioDi'a fatnooa lib?] agstnit tlic ICarl of 
Lolnalcr in Elizabclh'i rvigii, under Ihp title of 
" Secret Ibtcmoir* of Rubi:r1 Diidlry, Eutl uf Lcl- 
ccalcr, ITOli," Hro. vilh n pirfncc prrCcndlnK It 
waj priniwl from iiii uld -MS. 

Drake viaa i lorer of literature ; he left bahiod 
kim a vDraion ef UcruJotui, aod a " Sytteni of 
Anatomy," onoti the inn«t pnputa/ and curiaot 
of ill kind. After lU diia turmoil of hii literary 
lir«, ceiih^r hii maaked ladj nor the lUint 

In Ilia in<lii;tinenla atailMl htm Goicrnnsent 

brought a writ iif error. acTcrdy proaceutcd bini t 
und, abanilcinnl, aa umnl.hy Ihoao for whom be bad 
anmhilalt'd ■ gcmiu wbicli deaerrc^d a belter fate. 
Ills perturbed tptiit broke out Into a fover, and lie 
died raving apiiut crurl pcraecntor*, and patroot 
uDt much more humane. 

So much for norac of those who have been 
" AucLora hjr rrufuilon'' In one of the Iwivfald 
capaciliet whicli Cnlhria dralgnrd, that of nrilinf 
for a fuiaiiti-T \ the other, tliat of writing for 
the huakidlcr, though far more buaoivablci u 
luflidtntly ciUmilouft. 

lu eomrn* rt-ial times, IliBhcipr of pmfitiaalwnyt 
a Ktiioaiaring. but n degrading motitc : it dims the 
Hfarcat intellect, it tlilli die protidnt frrlliiga. 
HaUt and preju'lico wlU auou reconcile even 
gt^niua lo tlie aork of money, and to atow the 
motive without a bItiKh. " An autbur b} pmrea- 
iiion," it once iogeniona and ingoiiuoua, dcpUml 
that, " tiU fiune appeara to be worth mare than 
money, lie would always prefer money lo fame." 
JoHNiON had a notion that there cxiited no 
tnotitc for writini;, but money! Yet, crowned 
bead* li*ic liiKlii^ wilb the airibilion of aulhorahip, 
thoujli lliia great niiutcrflf Ihrhumsn uiiDdeould 
aiippoar IliaL au Ibis tubjccl meo were not actuated 
either by the loie ofRloryoT of plruivre ! FiaLii> 
lyo, an nutbo-r of ^cat gcnlui mid of " the prorea* 
•ion, "in >.<■" nfhia Coicol-garden Jouniab as*ena, 
ttut " An author, in a country wbcrv (ban if no 
public proviiion fur men of genius, It not nliliffed 
tn be a mure diiliiten?alr<l patriot than any otlitr. 
^k'by U b'< whoar UneMtviil u in hit pen. a greater 
moniter in uoing it to xrva himarlf, Chan he who 
oaea hia timguo for the aaaic purpoae ?" 

But it la a Tcry impflrtint iiuealion In ark, 
U Ihla " hrclibood in tlie pen" really mrli ' 
Autliun drudging on In oliacurtty, and poduriit): 
mlaeriei whkli can ninrer cli»e but with tli<ir Ufa 
— aball tliia be wgrtli cicn the bumble Jeaigitation 

of I " UtelihiMd '" I*in tint navr rotnhnttiig with 
thom irhrUier their Udt-nark dcgratlea tbein, but 
whether thej «rc rcr^iting "ii riuivnlent foi Itir 
(ioUtiun i»f their gcoiuB, fur llie weinUl of the 
feltcra \hej itte itckrliiit, and (oi' tht milled mioc- 
rim which form an nuthnr*! (Ole lr(pu?iei Co hi» 
vidow tM-A hii rhildren. Fur from mc it thp fri*lt 
to (Icgra-di; titvntiitc hy the iminiij i Imt it oillhr 
uieful to iu«ii)r « youih of iiroiulninj; talent, wtoU 
Imjiatirnt to nhnndon all profuninDu IbrlJiis one, 
to coniidti veil the otuoiclei in wlitch h« nill 
mnit probably pirtjciptio. 

Amoog "Author* by ProfeHion" — wlbo W 
ilupU]^ a mam fruitful ccniiu, anil cjterciicd 
marc iatciuc Indailry. wtrli ■ loriicr 'ictine of his 
InileiioiileDcc, thnn SMoi.i.itrr f Tlut look into fait 
lifn anil tnUr lulo hi* fcetiDga, ■.nil 70U will be 
■boekcd at Uir dinpiirity ^f hii •ituition oilh ilia 
gaoiu* of Ibe a\aa. \lit life vtat a lUNVMion of 
■trutt^lMi vnatlons, and diMppoinEoiFnta, jipt irf 
auroRw ill III* wriiln^i. SoiDllftl. oliu it agreat 
poet, UioiiRh he bat written liltir in T«rip, and 
wfaDBo rifb genlfli carapattA the moit ori|ipniii 
picture! of hunisn lif«, wan oogupcllcd by his wont* 
to dcbn*!! Ilia nnme ly aclliug it to yaja^n bdiI 
Ir4uilaliiin>. wliiuh be nrvtr cmild have resd. 
When bin bad worn himielf duwn in the wrricc of 
Iha publiL', or the faookifllfir*, lb«r« r#nDnin«(l not, 
of all hii (Icndrr roiuiuieratioiii. la [lie lait atagc 
of life, aulEcient Iti oonteyhiin to a chcBp country 
and a rcMoratire olr on theCuntlnetit. Tbrfntlirt 
may hate thought biniielf fiirUinalc, iliit ilie 
daughter whom he lati*d with moro than imiuuioii 
alleclioii wtu no Tur>rv In iihi>r«< in hia naati ; but 
tbe huiboud had by til* hIiIg tlio failliful com- 
pBiiion of his life, left nithitut n nrcrk of forciuic. 
(inioUell, ^ntilualty periihiii}; in a. foreipi land, 
ncglectod by an admiritix publio, aod without 
fr«ah reiourcc* from the boob*DllDr«|. whi> wcie 
TcccivinK tbe incume of hii wnrka — tlirow out hbi 
l»JDn;il feelinp in ihc charJietrr of lirnmblt ; thr 
waimitr'nEmcity nf hi«leiuper. but uut biagcniun, 
teeraed rleciiag; willi hii brrath. In a furcij;n 
land his widow mark<d by a plnla aiODumonC the 
miM ut Lij burial, aad abe pcriihcd in aoUtndo! 
Yet Smo'llctt dead— toon an oruamerilvd culunin 
i» railed at iIil' jiUcs of hia birlt). while the grave 
cf the author aewud to multiply thr edition* uf hia 
workn. Th#r* ara indeed fateful foclioics iu the 
public al lari^ for • favourite ■utbnr ; hut ihr 
awful tcnlimony of thojir frcline*, by it> gimliul 
progma, □lUSt appear beyund the gniTK ! They 
Tidt Iho cotumn ran»eeratMl by hb oame, and Kin 
feKtnre* are moat khred, tuoal TmnratauJ, in the 

Smollett liiiuuir (ball be tbr hiatnrian of hia 
own br-iit; thia moil auDcenful "Aolhor by 
Profnnaii," wfao, (or Ui whtlwicty c«TDpoi«d 

rn lisle r-worki of gmi u>. and druilgrd in the loibof 
tisfcrr, »hall bimaelf tell ns what happened, and 
drirriix! llint atate between lile and deatb, par. 
tifcioic of bi'lh, which obicurcd hit facuttici, and 
nickcned hia tufty apiriu 

" Had MjQie cf tlw»c wlio were plaiueil lo call 
themKlviw my friend B hern nl iiny pumto dftrnr. 
the eharnetcT, and lold me ingennuu'ly what I bail 
to expect in "le raf-adty /•/ an auikar, (cht-n / 
Jtrst priifnafd niyirif u/ rAnt prnrrabk /raUmilg, 
I ahoiiid in all probability hnie »pnred mjraelf 
the inereilililc latour o-iul ehagrin 1 havr aifiee 

Aa a relief from lii«rarf Uboor, ScDolMtonM 
went to rc(l»tl liis Cuiiily. and to embrace tbe 
mother he loved ; but mdi wa» the irriiation of 
iiii mind and (he infirmity of biahe«lth,exfaaailad 
by the bird labour* of autbonhip, that bo veer 
pntKd a more weary aummer, nor eier found him- 
nclf til ineapable of indulging the warnieat (inoliMM 
oT hia heart. On hi» return, 111 a Ictlrr. he gaTO 
thi? melancholy nartnttve of himaelt;^" Brtwee* 
friendi, 1 am now eonfioced that mj/ brain iihu m 
tifiat mcaiure a/fitU'l , fo» 1 bml a kiiid of Coma 
Ti^ii iipuii nt' fruiu April to Noreiubra, without 
iijienniwion. In contideration of thb circun- 
iitanee, 1 know you will fori^ivc all my pMrlaiuwat 
and diteonfeot ; telt Mra. Moor* that with rcfard 
to me, the liai a> yet wca uollun; but ikc «nrag 
aide of the tapentry.''' Thua it hnppeiu io Ihe Ufr 
of authora, dial tbey whoac cciinic Keiiiua dilTuaea 
('bi?«r(utiirat, crmte a pleoauro wlucb llwy catuiot 
thcwineluM jmtlii-ipate. 

The Coma I'lji/ moy bodctoribcd by a reraeof 
Shuke»jicar« : — 

-eiiU wBklnj|iilaji>; that 1* (Mt what II U !' 

Of jimiao and (wriaurF, aaya Snolletl in a 
teller to lit Moore, " loilced I am aick of botb. 

and wiah to God my ctrcumttancM would allow 
ine to ci)iisiKii my pen to oblivion." A wiah, la 
ferrenlly repeated hy many " Authora bj Pro- 
feiaion," who are not «o fuDy entitled aa waa 
Smollstt to write when he clinKe, or to ba*e 
lived in qiuct for what bu Lad Krilteu. AnautlMr't 
life ia therefore too oiften deprired oif all social 
comfort, wliether he be the writer fur a miaiater, 
ornbookMller — bnt ihelrcanerfquirHtobei 


inri.iiuiiin Tfia Hianar or Ldauai raoraarr. | 

3oatiKin has dignified tlie bookxdlert at " tlie 
patroni of hieraiure." wliirb wat scncnnu in that 
i;reat autlior. who bad wrillen well and Iliad liM 
ill all his hfe on that patronage. Eauneol beell- 
aelleis, in their voiwtoat int«rouurse wilh the no4 


(aligbUBod clu> of tbe comiauniij. tW U, with 
Iko bert MUkora lad Ihc bril rctt>lct», partake «f 
Ibe iateUiinm uuwu) Ibem : ihciTgreaiuiiillsli. 
loa, we pt«dwtiT« or good aiid e*ll In liun- 
iNrai imful wkm tbcy carrr uti grtat worki, 
•ad pcmidow wIkh itirj uncticm iiutiatrcai 
Mm. Yrt vt Ihrjr but cummFtcial lata. A 
Uwhr CBH nei^tr (m dcvowd a putou, tot It would 
fee tonaBtie to purcliu* vtiat U tiAl nalcabl* i 
•nd ■here so biour i> conlinvd, there U no 

AoibencontloDr poor, and bookteUcri braomr 
Qpnlsnl ; an citnotdinuf mult! Baokiellen 
•re not ajfeoU for amlien, but prnpri^lori of 
tbcir workn ; to tli»t lli« pnrpotiul menuei 
of Itlsntan ore tolely in tiic |>t>uesuoii «f tli« 

b ittbcawoadcrfalthalcTeniuciwMful ■utlmn 
m ladlgaM ? Tfcef ue hein to fortnnp*. but. hj a 
•baage ugBUrilT iIkt are Juialu!rit<J at Ihcir 
binh ; tot, on tlie puhiication of Ihrir notki, tliCM 
ixaM to be tbcir osn praputj. Lrt tlial rialutai ' 
p*af«rt; beacL-uied. eud s food book vvalA l>r ui 
MMSitince, a IfucliottI or a fmliuld, n> juu i^hootf' 
it; it mtitbt at Icut latt out ■ Krncratioo, anil 

AmataA to tlic auUuir'* blooili wute (La; pcciuil- 
led to live ou tbrtr faihti'* |[lurj, oa In all oiltcr 
profienj th*7 do on liia iitduMrr '. SotneiUing ot 
Uu* iwturc haa b«<n iititiluttd in Franw, wtiprr 
tb« daeoandanta of C[>tnnllii knil MoUi'm telmni 
a (Ua ao tbe thtsti«a nliciicicr tlic dramai of 
tfcdr C''eu aoorator* arc pcHbrmcd. In tliai 

a n« M L m trif IhU itflll 4liif« Uu v^Jud i^ Ulfntrf 
f^tp^i' l gf t InuAfflUBi pmflu and ch«M.p puKliaBc*^ TTjp 
of ^•ItobuuHaC^rti*^'' r^l^f«ii4Et> ll*o vh''t>> 
a^i no «■« vviilil prtnt li - tliffSmliBfll^r whn did 
II. nhn It U fldd «« Ddt rainarbitla fur Li* 
it, bat tx • ■paculallTB tum. tvt a ItaunMn'l 
bj a. Uoo Biuij Lar* tbr lii«liwll*tt (IncA 
llnlr* ' lUirn** " JiwiW iru dlminu^ uI b; It* 
Inr ■ trifl*, *■ woll *■ Bu^Iuui'b ' - t>uniiE^if 
tlidB wi>rlL> ^ivljl koiiiul lnMiiii4«. ^it.'1J- 
Millfl "Vkm* ol V.'akmUrU-' •»• mI-I In llin linitraf 
«ltb lllilf <1ljiEiDclL>n rmm luijr nlbur wurk in 
nnf a«b|H«4liuo; afiil*' KTaliE4"|<ftHtiif<Nl lltD 
fnoilb* Bi^^nlij' ItJ^r. 1^. JoIi&md (lird Ihe 
prWa af lilit - l)t3|[T*(>li/ uf Ilia IV*t** at Iro liundrat 
; Hill Kr. Maluot nbirw. Uia bni>kk<1ttn in Ihp 
»«tf iwvQ i]r. Hti* ^i^Kr^ h*Ta prabaUj galflvH tKnuvuiil 
■•mM odd a |»>t nmlwt it beta <d tfaU ulun n-Klch 
njilr «a Ihrlng iirtbmi iba fnlltaof Ihalr o«b *>i>rk* 
Im Ian la Ifciaa jiaai nmUnami thim bvn tbs liArrvn 
tia4 Inukttkaltta of puifnUm It U^ jxiluipa, ustul lo 
It at. nlilU ths couapDtltkdia vf fiatltw am but 
^%M|j fWB^a^navd, tluHi^ wdikcliuwa «• juvliivUiv *■ 

'-Till k II • IT 1 T' "I' ."- ' " -' ' * 

■iih |rl«Rtf wai aid At ih^Hlfnf ilw Rnhlo 

••■h th« «4(rr%bi of ■■ VyW» (tptUb:* i™-v * ■>!* »w 

■Itba Mina ini pkeul CMuT., •ilb aa anmiMr uT Ofty 

■»u[itc7> literature hat tTcr rcoeircd p«oiiliai' 
hnnourt— tt rai there decreedi In the affair uf 
Crrbilli>n, tliat literaiT prodnctjou At« MR 
aciubit hj creditoraf. 

The hi>tor7 of litcrar; properly in ihit eonntiy 
inU[hl form m ledicnma a narratiTC na Lucliin'a 
" true bulory." It na* a lonf; while doubtful 
wbclher an; aueh tblng exiated, at lb« rcrjr time 
wh<^ bonktcllcni irtirt aasigning Orel lh« iwqiv- 
tuul copjriKhrt of buoka, and making tliein tlie 
guhject of fanil)' atrttlemciii* for the pnniaion of 
thdr wirea aiid ct;ildr«-n 1 When Tooatra in 1 739 
□btainrd an Injunction lo rcalraiti auutlirr book* 
telipr from printing Milton'i faradlae Loat. he 
brought into court an a fmof of hit title an auign- 
ncnt uf tIjG orif^inal i.-0|i;riKlit, uode over b; (ho 
lafalinko pod in 16'>7, nhinh na read. Millon 
reeeired for Ihia nBlgiimcrnt th« turn Khioh we aP 
know — Toniott and ail his fiTtiil^ and emiftneM 
r<i<tc ill Ihi'ir carriage* wLtli Uie protita of the five- 
pound rpic '. 

The veibal and lutrtni Uwjns, uot menj jeart 
pn<t, with legal utoutphpii's, vrangkd like the 
achoolmrn, Inquiring of caeh other, "whtlher lh« 
itj/tf and ii/viK of an ailttiof wen tanpblg ihing* ; 
or if lime were a prvptTlg, Uow la yvttttti<m to 
lie laLrii, ur aiijr ad of orcnpantg isnile on mrre 
inlrllrj^toal hteiu." Nothing, nid tlicf, can be 
an obJFfI of projxrijr. bot wbich hna a «or^trrnl 
tii^iMtJiftce i thr? air and the lig^it, fo wblfti Ihcy 
ciruiparcd an authur'i ldea«, arc voatatoa to aU i 
Idctui in tbe MS. aiate were compared lo hirdt in 

I Tho e imunutuuifi, wllh thn |>iv('a dltu<lt<^ patitlen, 
mJiA tba Kinji'' b^Dpurabt* d«erv«, ur* ftrarrvad In 
■•CurioiJtk-urUtaralii™,"|i U7, HUi tdlHon. ll«» 

t Tlic dliler TiiuHin'i (mitralt npnvtnu him In liia 
1EOWT1 uti 4«p, hntHlnglnlkUrt^lit hanil amkUiifielaltercd 
" PuulU* IxMi' — nuchBllaTiiurtCriDldoolwa* Mllloaaod 
nipjHglit '- Jadib Taii.uo »«• the liniD-ti* ef a »e* wta 
luD^hueDonAlltoMoni. UUtUmia lib lamiiknw. )■■ 
<rii» oC Ant aubb to fmf Umitjr |>eiiiida lur ■ pUy bjr 
I>ivi1«n. ma-A Jolnad wlih uintbvi twuk— IW tv oJvuii* 
tl<u nun i tbn plajf luld, mat Tuiuon wu i/ti-rwanU 
n»tiM to ^reluMi tba MiiocatdlDi oom llv wd lil> 
UPt*'"* '"■'^ K.irili Imj liiirubad tluHnand |Cumlfc— Mm h 
cild Tondin awri in hl> inra iiu]ii>li]i ; but lie vaa a ■»■*• 
trailsr, II* and. I>i]^Jcii Imil frii'|u«it blabafinp; &• 
iutiitoJ on rmlviua l<V)M nnca far tw*! Iiunrtnil 
■nil ililjclglit poiinili, and |AAr Drfdtn Uinnv In ilit- 
Ibiot (VU In tlin lai^D^a lowarfa tba ntitiihri- II.. 
vn>il4 rax In iht. faa« OBta addeb aiaa ii.oi .i^ii.t . 
wlikb wvBtiw to tlMpoet. ba«BeaMf"iii|'li.<r)i-l ;o 
Dt>^w- tiAl habadiml} ncrii-i>d IMSIiusaM M* tjana- 
talloF of (Md r«rbl>MUiaIlanyruTnnr(iiln«M.vli*nba 
h»d alcaUu4 al ilumioDf I&IB llnnbr (artjrfwlnaaai 
ha (i>t> Uw pvrl a |il<w of arlUul r aatte l ag. Ibat be 
ciii»t>t««d lir hmd m tmUmr Wisaln with "JovHuti' 
»bkh la r«ak>«ad~B°«Bm*]>lD tmulatoaaUTM." tn 
lUeH tneea MBb a H» Uadfa la Ularaluta haa «» 


B ctge : vhile the author cnnlinco ihroi in IjIi own 
iluminiDD, Done bat be liu ■ riRlit to let them ilj; 
but (he moment ht lULom the bird to unpc from 
bit hand, it is no •iolatiuii ul' projivilf in aujr one 
lo mnke it hit own. Aiiil lo jirove iliit tlicni 
nitted no prcijien; ».HeT piihlimtion. t1i«5 found 
an anRtn^ in the !;at}icriiig or acurnt. or in ttrtiiiig 
oil a laciDt piece of ground ; nnct tbv( d«i^Tii<ting 
thai Ditwt refiot><) pivce of nrt ftinntA iu tlic 1iit(!iett 
•latr of iiM^iclf. a lllctBrTprijiturtinn.tbef brought 
HI b«ck lo a Rtilr nl nature ; and Kteoi la have 
eondvded that literary ivroimrlj nna \<iin\j lAtnX i 
k phastaot <ihii<ti kt ita antlior ronid neitbrr (;rai>p 
nor confine to bimtctf, Lc iDtift cnlinlfdcpeudon 
ibe public IrrD'CvolRnoc for hi* nnranL* 

TliiT Idrj*. tbnt ia, t!ic work cf an ivtbor, tee 
•' Wngiljk' lliiiig*." " Thfre nrc! irotka." to quote 
Iho «<i[ilit of a near and dfor rclalivo, " "hteh 

nquiresreat lcarniiie>Si'<ot'>i'^''>'''r'E<^''^ labour. 
and (TMt rapitd. in thrir prtjiaratiou. Thcf 
unme a pa)piibt« rnrni. You moir All wirrlioiHCti 
irlch them, and frriflit ilLi|iii: and tlie trnure li; 
wliicU they are held i* luperior to that of ail other 
property, for it la original. It it trnure which 
don not fiUl in a donbtful title { nhlch doc* not 
aprinf from anj adienlitioui cireumstaiitM ;~ it 
u not found — it » noi purohftieil — ir la not pre- 
•eripCire — it i> ori|^aal ; ao it U Ihe movt nnttiral 
af all titles, bcCDIUc it i> the most aiinple and leait 
artificial. It iit paxntnuunt and aoTcrcigu, leuiuM 
it ii a tenure by creatiQnt>" 

Then were indeed aome more geaeroiu apiiiU 
and belUr phlloaophvra fortunately found on the 
*ani<i bcavh ; anil tlio idonlity of ■ literary cornpo- 
■ition <ra> rctoWcd into ita aenlimcnti and Ian- 
gtiage. briidea wliiit wat niure obvioualy valuable 
to Hinsp prranna, Ihe piint and papc;. Od thl* 
ilighl principlfl vat imied thi! profnund aitard 
which arrordnil ^ errlain Inrm nf yfara to adj 
work, liov ever ill) mortal. They eould uutdiuiiulgli 
the immurtalili- of a bonk, but only ila renard. 
Id all Die iliicttioua rt«pr-L'tiii|; literary prupertf , 
auUiort were little eonaiderrd — ex replaixnn honour- 
ible tealiaoniei due to gciiiDi, fiocn the acnae 
<rf Wdtic, aad Ihe eloqgcoce of 
Li lerar; property via tijlldiipuieil.likc tbe righta 
of ■ pariah eammnn. An boncal iirltiter, who 
oould not alwajra write grnnimnr. bud the ahrewd- 
IMSI 10 malie a bold effort In thii aerambla. and 
IMrOtdTin); that rvrn \>j thin laiit fouunUi; iitard 

aU literary property woiil(3 ntccatarilji centre with 
the bookktlleri, now iluud fDrwDrd for hii own 
hody,tbn|irlnitfr*. Thiarooghadituaile obaervcul, 
UiaC "a few pnona, who call Ih^ntwlTea fia«t- 
ulUri, about the nutsber of lietfilj/fivt, bare 

• NrJaDMaBarrvva'IttipDitiiin UinquBilDanoiccniliiK 
UM^qr Vfspavj, 4lo. LtodoB, ITTB. 
t Hlrfor of Paitlomait, awft 

kr])t thr vtnnnjuilg nf Imahx and arptf* in Oictr 
hinda, tu tlje rntjre eirliisioD of all Dthtra; but 
more eiipecially the prinlert. whom Ibey luM 
alwnya held It n rale atrer lo lei brcoma |nircIiaaor« 
la ovjiy." Not a word for (lie aaihon ! A* t*t 
thcin. they were dncimrd by b«ilh parliea a* the 
fal oblation : tbey indeed tent forth toine meek 
bleating ; but what wart AciMiMta, betwrcA 
jadgei, boolKllee*, and printera? the taitnhctA 
vaimg the aacrificcrs !' 

All this wai reauiniDEin a obolc Liybkart 
pRnpiBTr in our nallon amii> fKim a nenr tlal* ^f 
ivcietjf. — Theie lawyan cooid ne«er develuii ita 
iialure hy wild aiial<i|(ict, nor diieiHfT it in any 
conimon-lnvr risht ; for our coiamon law, ooBipoatJ 
of liumcmorial cutUimi, oaM neirr hare had in 
gt> eon tempi atinn an ntijmt which could not bate 
esiited in barbaraui pcriuda. Litenlure. in ita 
cnlari^d apirit, certainly ncvet enttred itila (h« 
though ti or aCteiitiun of our rude ancealora. 
Ml their li^wawere bouarled by the Demaaiiei al 
lifn ; and na yat they liad no CQUocptioii of Uic 
impalpable, ioTiaibte, yet aovereien doadBlait of 
tbu buoian miod — enough fur our rough htroca 
was that of the aena '. Uefore the tripi of llmry 
VIII. errat autliora com|i«scd occaiioiully a book 
in Loilii. whidi none but titlier great aulhora 
cori^it for, and i>lii<?)i the p(«pl« conld not rMd. 
lu III! rclgu of Elizabeth, Hoeun Auciiam ap- 
peared ; one iif lbn»r mm of giraiua bom Id creatt 
a new era in Ibe liittury tif Iheit nation. Tlie 
Dfit Englikli author who ma; Ini rr^ard<«l aa the 
ftiuiiilcr »f <>ur fiTtiM it<fU wu Riiqcr Aivhain, (he 
iciieidlr |>a(ctil of our nnficr tilrraltir^. At a 
tImL-whrn our arfanlara nlTec(«J (u raotcma the 
remaculor idium.aiid iu th«lr Lalin woika wen 
loiini; Uieir b«tt«r fani;, lliat of b«inf utidanlood 
Ijy idl their cuunlryinen, Aadum boldly avovcJ 
tbcdcaign ef *etttngat) aiamptsiiii biauvn ward*, 
TO araAK a« Tita common pioplb, to think 
la Willi MRN. Mil pritline Enclbh la atill 
forcible without pedantry, and ititl beaulinil 
without omamvut. The illuacrioni Baco)' «cii< 
docendcd to bllow tbia now uainplo. In tba wtML 
popular of hia worki. Thia clianiv in our lltm- 
luni waa like a reTcklion ; these nen taught ua 
our language in bookii. We bwame a KaiUng 
people \ and then Ihs ilciuanJ fnr boaka aaCanlly 
prudueed a new order of aathora, who ti«dcd la 
Uterature. It »na then, aa rarly aa in the Eliia- 
b«ihnn age. Ihal fiferary prfiprrtfi may be aak) te 
ilerife ita obaeure oHgin in thi* nattoo. It wit 
protected in an indirect manner by Ihe Uttnttn 
uf the preaa ; fur althoush Ijiat wu a msv political 
iDtiitulioii. only deaitoed to prcTcot aeditioiia aak 
irrellgiour publioaliunt. yH, aa so book «oaM W 
{•riulnl witlioul a licence, tharc WB* hanMTWMgh 
in the ticcaaert not (i> allvw other publiahere ta 



WHag* OD th« priitl>ge gnnieJ to IW fint 
fUiaiawt — In Quntn Abik'v lime, when the office 
•f B flM W * mt ntlngu^ad. a moic liberal urniiu 
wn rinng in the nation, anil liUrary pmptttji 
noeiTMl • non definite and ■ mnre pawcrrul pra- 
iMtion. X llnll^ t«rin nu (trmntcd Ui every 
aiithvr t<i »•]> the truitk of bU labour* | and Lard 
ItarJvirkc pronoiHtccd ibtt ftstute " 4 unWeraal 
jMlenI (ui auhan." Ycl anlnMinRntlf. ilie sub- 
ject of ttUtarg pr^ptrig involved dufmaian ; even 
St aa be* ■ peniiil •* in 176'.', it wu itiU to be 
lidgatad. It wia thun pw>fil >liaC uiicinally an 
aitlbor hail tt ei>inin<>D law a property In bli work, 
tat tint tbe tti ef Anne loalc avay all copy tiflii 
•ft«r the BTpintioo of the teniu it permtttML 

A* (W Batlxr BOW atanda, let m auldnM an 
■ffabnetteal age — bul my pen licaitatc* to brlnf: 
iown »w lohirct ta an arKnmnit ttUi to " Ihcu 
ooatrr-muujjvf liraei.*" On Ilia prttwnt principle 
af litonry proptrty, it reaulta that an author dia. 
f«NS of a iaaa«tiul>i|iroii<rl]r or l<ical:r-«i|tbt I tan> 
often far law ttwD (be price otoatjiMt't purcluwel 
Hob taiBj Hvin| auilian arn the u-d nilnuiiei or 
tkn faft.wba, like to iiutn)> Ktoaa, hute aold Ibeir 
inbentaiice lot a nieal I 1 Icnve ibe vliola sehool 
it Adm Sinilb to calm tboir calculating ci&«6»eli 
t— iiiiilH ''that nn p nHpc n w* raoe at mcD" 
(mtmMuan tliia maxter-Mrr cnlli Iheni " nnpro- 
imtUn") '• eomatoalj tilkd men «/ letlfTi " who 
sM pmtj Biuch in IIm ailuativo which !iiwjt>r« 
a«d phfaiclana would lie in, wen: tho*e, m be tcUt 
■■( in that atatc wlica " a uhnlar and a l-rggar 
Mem taWvebcm terjr neirlf rynoTi^niuiif terni" 

and thi« melancholv fii>?t that man of grnlut 
Aacovand, wllhnnt the featber of hia pen hni»hiiif[ 
a*>f • trar fntn] kia lid— wltliaiit one i^paDiiiueout 
aad indignant froan ! 

AutliQii BiVf ufluoi, " we uk (at jtiitiFe. aot 
elianty." Tbejf would n« uwd to require aiij 
fii-oui , not cUlm anjrDtlKr than thiit protrction 
•hirb an callghteBrd invrrninentt in it" wMilnm 
and lia jnatiCB. niul bettaw. Tbr; nouH Jeare 
to tba pnbBe dbpoaiiion Ilie tola ijipf^finlion of 
Ihait wotlia ; llxrir hook mott nuk« iU own for. 
tMM 1 a bad HOfk n»j be cried ni>. and a jtood 
•ttffc naf bo cried downt but Pai-tiun will uma 
loac llB lokt, and Tnitli acquire ooe. 'Itic i-auic 
waara pludtng U nul the r-alamilira nf indiffprmi 
wrtt«ra i but of Ihoce wkote utility, or whote 
fvwta*, IvDK <>>rTi*ci tbot limited term wbicb Itas 
baoa «a hardly wtnicbcd from the pcRurioua hand 
•f mbal lawyer*. Bt««7 lorr-r at litenttnrv, and 

* A t'lMlw miaaer, v tcBlBntftioDtn. li a dnlrr Ui 
aftUa vMcft an m eaUi4 bnaum Uiej are ttapei 
Bk« BCMiant. L t. x man'a tuwt. HWtwm* Jrtio—i 
eitlaim Uu pbta* tloiiuaotlr; *■ to ttMH Mma* whn 
■>a pw lalinaa irf tuda haa pwdnewl thai nwannaai. thai 
•Mb ttaa iB«tt of aaaey lUaf k5 RHiM}. ~ 

c««Ty votarf of bnnuntty, lu* long fell ioJigiiaiit 

•t ibat tordid tutc and all ibow >ccrcc furrow* 
lo whicli meo of the (incit sirniui, or of inblime 
induttrj, are r«diic«d aiiil ilFgraded fu aocietjr. 
Johnutn himtrlf, who irjecwd that [larpatnily of 
literary projierty, wUicb aucn* cnthuaiaala atfinad 
la ctain at the time the aulijcRt waa underioinir 
the ijlacuiaiun of th« jiulgea, ia however for eiteud- 
inB the copyright lo a efnlurg. (,'ould author* 
leeure thia tbcic natural right, litcniturr would 
if^ijtiiro D perrDOoenl and a nobler rt^aril ; tor 
;reBt autbora would then be diatiiiEuiahnJ liy the 
very prolfTt tticjr would Terciire. from that obncnre 
uultitade, wliota common dU^cN they fta. 
of their own geniua. JohnMm lumieU' wilt auTe 
aa a proof of iLo iucompctcut nimaDoiation of 
literary properly. He uniteitook and be pe^ 
ruriu«d ail Herculean lubour. which cmplnjvd Uim 
•0 n*aj jtin that tha price be obtained wai 
eiliauatcd before the wuik waa coavIuJtd ■ — the 
wage* did not even hut a* loan na the laboat '. 
Where llieu ia the author to look fiirwird, when 
lucb worka are undertaken, for a proviunn for 
bia family, or (or hi* fututc ttiat«noa? It would 
naturmlly ariap from the "ock lltclf, wtn autbora 
nut the moat Ul-lrentcd and appmu«d claaa of the 
coRiinunUy- Tlie dnui;b[(r uf Mii-roM need nut 
hntc craved the alma of iIid admirer* of her 
father, if the right of author* bad been beltvr 
pn)t«:li-d ; liia oiru Faradaae Loit bad (ben been 
bcr better porlion. and hrr muat faiiuuarabto 
inberitanec. Tlie children of RiTaxa irould liatu 
re(|iJEred nu tubicriptiuna ; tbnl annual tribute 
which the pgblLc pay to ihogeniui of their parent 
wa* tlicir due, oud would hats btCB Ibair fortune. 
AnLhon nnw aniiniil to hare a abottM life liiin 
(heir own cdrhrily. While the book markeia of 
Rnmpe arv »uppti«d with the writing* of l^njliib 
author*, and they lure a wider dilfiulon in Ame- 
rica tbui at home, it iccro* a aalional iugralitudu 
to Unlit the oiiatcnci.- of wurka fur their aulliota In 
■ than number of ycua, and dicn to neiic on their 
po*aeuion fur ever. 

Titi; s^'VPtaasns op kVlUtaa. 

Thk natural riffAlt anJ jM^ptrltfi ^ APTBOKt 
not having been auKiHenlly protected, they an 
ittfraadcd, not indeed of Llitir fame, though Ihcj 
may not alnny* live to witncM It. but uf lliiir 
uninterrupint prii/iii, which might rave tlMm from 
Itieir freiguent dcgndation in mdtVj. That art 
of Ann* «liich confer* on tbein aoma risbt of 
property, acknowlcdgM that worki of leanMl B)«n 
have bcrn carrlrd on " too ofum tu the ruin of 
thein ond tbeir fotniliu." 

Ilmcc HE Imcc B liursrf r-iUmity which the 
public cudorc in tbo» " Auth'ori) bj Prof«f)i«n." 
«bo, Amling uRcn too Ulc in life llint il ii thp 
worct jirofeialMii are nut ii.tu]juIiiiii to Uti! bj 
una neun or ctlwr. " 1 ninit tiit?," cried one 
of the broUwrhaodi *liru^in|[ hi* tliuiil-dcra In lii> 
iMKiy, and almost bliuhiiis for a libel lie liiul just 
primed—" Ido tint ••• (he nanraEiij'," wm the 
iHgnifled rvpl^. Tnde wu entdnlf nnt tiia 'M- 
pn of ■iitUiinJiip. Mort of our jrral nulljon 
ha<c written froru a inuro imprtuous impulse thui 
tlinC of a mcirliflnir j nriccii hj a lorticr iiii>tirc Ihan 
that uf bamuuririf tho popular tatlp. Ili^ b&i« 
not loirervd Ibeoiielvat hy writing; ilown tn lh« 
[iiiMi>n, but hsTc (aisiril thc^ public to tliciii. 
UoUakcd, ihtj oomposcH at prikpitinui intrrvali : 
and IbtliD^. dqI bbouf. wit in their lait. aa in 
their Arat pagn. 

Wben wt bcetine a retdin; pMpIc, Imaha wnrr 
lo be *iut«(l to popnlu taitca. and then ibat trade 
mt 0|ieard lli»(, kids Ici the vuikhimiif. A 
aanr nee *prsnic up, Ihnt, llkp Aicbam, " nftaVe 
ai the eoromon prnpln ;" bnl wddM not, lik« 
Aichajn, " think u wiw men." Th* foiinJrm of 
" AulboM bjr Prormian" nppciir an for back aa 
la the ElixabrlliBu a^. Tlira there ircre iiuiiir 
rrvuiah wiu. who taking arl mutscp of thfr public 
hutnitnr, and TiHdiftg thrif principle to thrir prn, 
U^cd to wntc, anil wrote to live ; Ioobb Ltcri and 
looM writers ! — like Aalnlyciu. th«y ran. ta the 
bir. with baiketi of buCjr raanufactum, fit (nr 
pIowm and in«ld»i».* 

Et«fl then flouriahi^d the craft of author»lilp, and 
tha gayatctiea of book -id lint- Robert Grkbnb, 
Cbs KMOter-wit. wrote " Thn Art of Cimry-rntcli' 
itif" or ChtaltTir. ia whidi he nnx an adept : hr 
llicd ofa rarfriC <•< rhrni«h and pickled h«rrini^. 
al • CiitaJ banquet of authur*; — and left w bU 
l^acy among the ' .Vulh'or* bj Proft'asiori' " A 
(Toatawortb of wit, bougbl with a millinn ol 
ivpentancr." OiiediMl of anothtr kind of lurfrit. 
Another na aMBciiasfiv] in t hrolbel. liut rhr 
lUt of th* pilauiitici of nil time irvrLhin hove 
aa ;rcat larictjr na thoan of the Rc^en Cliatnpians 
Nor wtic ibf Hadtmen, ur book-vrnderi, an iJir 
pahlUhRm of tMM)k« wer« lint dpii^ited, al a 
faoH in the mfiirriea of " coatf-ct^chiiig." 
D^cvptitf and v&uDtiaK title-jiagc* were pravtimd 
td BOcb cama, that T'jh NAiiif, an'*Au<biOT 
hy Profcaiioii." Dtvrr raiitidiiiuiljr modrsl.blniihed 
al Ihe title of hi< " Pifrw Pcnnllww," which th* 
publisher had Aonrinbed in the fint rdition, like 

■ AnatniDdanceuTlhen uaiii9nitra(rta(a(nl]rbiiii|)i[ 
np m tbidr ilar. tniC which ttaao In ttie foII««tii( Kmara- 
Ikn to tlie tollul^tallt. ars In Ihe pmmt rndiRnKl In 
UiaaaldnMaol the curlouo, ^lurli art tba Ktuluuiraaur 

" 1 tedious novatebuilL/* The bovkaeUeri foTK^'d 
gmt Linnin) to recomuicod tlieir wurka, and 
pmucd nir in rurrenry their but metal i(ani|(nl 
with a Fuynl boid. " It wai an ntnal thing la 
thoae dnyi," ufi hooMt Anihonjt U'ood, " t« 

set B great name to a book or books, bjr the 
^burking buokscUcra or snliriliag writers, to get 
Such author* as Ihrne nn tinfonaiute, before 

Ibrjr are criminal ■, tlipy often tire out (kcir foMb 
ticfore tbcydiai-'ovcr ihal "Author bjrPndmimi" 
il a dciiitinint.iion rldicutouilf aMunwd, for It U 
Qoni! ] The first effort* of men of nBnw m 
iisunlljr KoDonrable ont< ; but ton often thejanffer 
Ih.-it grniiiH to b« debaivd. Msn* oho would 
have i:oiiipoiied liintury ha>e lurued Toluniaoa* 
pnrtf -wnlrrs ; many a iiolilr i-jittriil baa betnaw 

hungry libeller. Mm nhu are started in 
Kocletf, hold to it but loawlf. Tliejr are the 
chililirn i"f NenieM* I they ■•enjc IhraMclrfa — 

and with the Salon of Mil, run the; cxcUinii 
"B*n, beUiounijrcDDdl" 

Never wcrv their feelings inora TcbcBimtlT 
erhued than by this Nasb — the crealiira ef fruiu*, 
of (amiiin. and i\r*i».it, lie bred tndred in the 
age of Klifntieth, but writes as if he had lt«eJ in 
our 0WT1. lie proHaimed hiniMif to ilia world ^ 
fierte I'e'itiilemf. and on a retiuipecC of hla 
lilrrary tifr, obicnu thai he hod *' nl up late 
and ruHo tarljr. cuntruded xiiii the cold, and coai- 
terted wllh sCBTi'ltie ;" be ujrt, " all atj laboOM 
tuniixl Co lotic, — 1 waa desplard and nc|g;loc<*4, 
my paines not rcRarded, or iliEbllj rrwardod. and 

1 myself, in prime nf tnjt lioii wilt laid opcM ta 
))oter<ie. Whereu^Min 1 aecuwd my forlvne, nulH 
«n my patrons, bit my \\vn. rent my paper*, afid 
nigrd." — And tticn codies tbe after, red «cl>oa, 
Khicb ID frequently provoke* the anger of gcaiaai 
" lluw luui^r linse uicn llmt wDuled lho>« parta I 
had, pnjoycd content al will, and had woalth at 
eoDimaod '. 1 calird to mtod a oohbler (hat wm 
worth 5>e hundr^ puui)d* i an hostler (bat bad 
built a foodly iaa j a carman in a leather piUJir 
that bad whipt a Ihonsand pouBil out vf his borsca 
lotl — and baie I mare than Ihcwi .' tliouihl I to 
myself i am I ttftter bom.' am 1 better brongbt 
up y yea, and batter favoured '. and yet ana I 
bcKiar .' How am 1 croai, cr «ibnni-« ia this cni 
Btcn from bencc, the men thai ahoiild employ 
»ijch as I am. are enamoured of their own 
tboufli thry he nevtr to snirvie g that a neri' 
is bctlcr paid llun a tubolar i and men of *it n 
seek to liso aiDUHK cormoratit*, ot b« kept undcf, 
liy duncr*. who rnunt il policy to korp ihem bat* 
to fnllow (heir books the better." Aod then, Naah 
tbua ottCTt the crtea of — 

lUe lain]! tnw hitpplnM^ dlHoa* T 
: mjr Bill : (By lalfcy «•):•* nw Bji 
TlfJkalTf Huaiu dial mlglil ni)' |imlii BiitrnMi 
DlTtaa»il4f1nfnMani«i ulh a(li<ll: 
Bol l> nj kcvl kar Kronl l«ftn«iU datiL 

Ah «wtM««(nt.lo trtlnfficiatbtoiPB*! 

DnniAil aru llat nmitltti iHmodHbi! 
to tkrivo tfecfollr ifanEtMwiUh'ilnenI 

Xtm iIk>iii1iU, adlni ! fiw no* I will n^aat ; 
AndjM ay vuBpOHudanielA vmixe4, 
Mm« MB* tabo pliy dt • vhulu'i mod i~> 

Fwstn ■•.Oad.aldhittib I nun* mjr Itlrlb. 

AaAbnOiaalt whnvlD t liTMUiia unU'h' 
fiDT ntair hatli dannUd ill my mirili— 
WIUhhiI nditM eoDiiditoi njr .wmliM wh. 
Jut* HUaa' «an r4mi nut at my iihwi .' 
'ftfluMlrtll t my BH<4t ntinna. 

(htm th»i vilt ba idovhI Hhirn t klioll gtnan! 
biflHil. Bdlra : til* Bill that brnuihl no foiUi ; 
i! whttaakiillaanlhlag nvtth !" 

Socb n* tbe nuMTuble ay of an " Author b; 
1 f k wfcMlBD " b tLc idpi oi Eliuihrth. Nuh not 
I mly rencMncta hU ixiuiitrjr iu bi« dnpair— soil 
> h«*iUle« on "lh« TanKy ■npjirn*' wliicli htivR 
•ppcurd lb* pugi of imnj of hU unlia{ip]r bio- 
iken, bat bs pn>T« alau the »caknc*« of thr 
IBoral principle unonK thnc hifu of )(ciiiiu ; for lir 
promiaa, i/ in; MrrarnM nil] bind \i\fa bj hik 
bowitf, br Hiil ilu bim " m muf^h botiaur u any 
poH of wy WnrdlMi jnr* in Hogluid—buC," h<- 
ailila, ■* if h« br init •wsj' wkb a flea in bis qar. 
Wl kiin link (bit I will rill ou him lunudlj ; cot 
foe an hoar or ■ ilij, «bi!c the injury i« fn^th in 
toy nmnry, bnt to Mn« clabonte potiahcJ pniMu. 
aliidi I will Uave to the vi>rl<l wbrn t am ii<«tl, 
ta bea liriof inafr lo timet lo come of Uia bif 
Ksrfy paniaiDiiT." Poet* oiiKlit imiitiiie thai 
CaaiTKaroM bail written all thii. iboul Ihi? timr hit 
■track a babinm of hii prom anil lota by th« dMth 
of Beekfixi] Ibc Ijonl Majur, in which ht cijn- 
dmim wiib- tu s)ad \tt JM dtMhj 31. Ut. Od.'- 

• ClMim« had wrttttn a pOlUcal CMy (m ■■ The 
f<<*tb BTttWI.* wWckapaadvllta IbapnIiidlBgllininali 
tl-A •ptrlltd paoplv berlnt ibcaiaBl«« ban Isauppoii 
aMa ihnij * II wia liniL-itf. Uwnurti BDOpMil. Mil 
•B amiuBl of Itw Liitil May*"^ di*Ui. The 
pHfeM Umi (BbiiUtad Ito dmli of hbRnat painm: 

r 1. * 

LartbykladtMfclalhkBny I II G 

IWaad to Raila a ■ 

* » (I 

A Mlt?ini<TAKT jtomOM, 
iKU THi Hinawtnr roawwitiHia. 

Ir miHt h« cttnfpMcd, that batorr •■ AvUiora by 
Prafcadoa" had UUu into tbc hand* «f tbe bonk- 
wllcn, thef endured pecnrwr gricTannni. They 
»re pidsble rcuiatn of loiiie gnM hciiily. The 
mlaeriM of aurh an aiithnr. inil Che inaoImcR and 
jK'iiuriouaanx of bii patroni, irlui imiitd not 
rclDin the poetry the/ liked and would not pay 
fori may be traced in the crcDiful life uf TnoUAa 
Chdhcutabii, a poet of the age of BliralMlh, 
one of ttioan anFrntiinite tnea who hate writ- 
ten yoettj all tbcir daya, and IitfiI ■ long life, 
ti> complete the tDiifortune. Mia muM iras ao 
fertile, that liiti worki pan al9 rnunif nition. tie 
pimnetl numeroua |Mtron*, who valued the poctty, 
wliUe they Irtt the poet to hia own miierable 
ConUmplaliona. In a loots catalog* uf bit wurka, 
which thi!i pool baa binoelf giitaia he aAda a faw 
lucmnranda. ai be procccda, ■ Utile IndlcroD*, but 
very niriiinchiily. He mote ■ book nhifhhe eould 
(ipver afterwardi reeo««T from one of hia palroni, 
and ndda, " all ithich lKK>k wat in a* ynod vonw ■• 
ever I made , an hnouunibblloiKht ilndlii)(c iu tha 
niack Fricrt can wilmjM Uiaaainef brcaute I read It 
uniubim." Another aucordedUni the aimeremn- 
ncralion — on itbicb be adda, "An InAmta bomber 
uf otLiT Bougi and auoacla giita wbcrc tbcy 
mniuit he recovered* nor purchaac any faionr athea 
tlii-y are cnvcd." Still, buwerer, be aniMHiDCM 
"iH«lt< bnic tnloa fur Chrliiniaa, dadicatad to 
twrJTc ham^nrnhte l^rdi." Well mij^t Charvb> 
yard write hit own ndlife, nndei tbe title of '' Tha 
tmgiealt DiHXiune uf the bnplcaac Maii'a Life." 

It will not be t**j to piumllcl iliU piilielic 
den^nriplian of the wrrti^bed age of n poor negtectad 
puei monniing over t, youtii vainly apeat. 

*' lUgb lluui 11 la lo ba«i* m^ ranwiB hai« 1 
Ynutli ■lale hwm) mil fulliiuUnd ufjvjr, 
Anilaphvlrft In irvvaU «rtf alnea^ 
Tills •niiU.a Jujvlliat nwiileliiBRlMaadwr 
Wrio bin ■ ilreuu, II ahadiHr, and a togp — 

I liwk In (lua. and Snal mireliaakaaaltan 

Tliat rniry haur I Ai but vlab n« dflbt : 

Kaw badr bandu down, and fMwanla talla lb* hiad, 

Aad bellow aja* In wrtitkled brew dalh ahraiul 

At Ibou^ two Man ir«T« eteaplni uadv olond. 

The Vjm wax cold and lonk both |iale and thin, 
Ttar laHh hUa out aa DUtta Kwanok tha thalt, 
The tara bald baad trai (tinwt whan hair haib tea, 
Ttio Uiely JniDU aai aaarr, rillT, and alOl, 
Tbe nmdj Inniun nnw lalbna la hU lale : 
ThccuutB(«iiuatti^*lTtn|tli daiayiand 

Tbe tbaletiar halli a iu4lafe t'vor ]va MO S 
The atwphofd knawa wtwta ha riiall jkey al aitlhl : 
Tba dally drudga froia Mm MO qtfta be I 
TtauafialBna imd) lUiia (eat to avtfjr v%thl : 
ABd I waa Inini Iv bvwa and land lij rlabi. . . 

W«ll, «r* my bnstb mj bod; •!« (Onokc 
My aplrtl I WiUMib la Gnd abai* ; 

Haw, Mend*, itiokc huiili. 1 miul Iw toao. Wj bojrt ' 
Oiir mirth teka and, 9ur triuin]>L iJI !■ <Iuae : 
Our lloliliiif iATk» inir >[>iiii4 niiO incrrj toTa 
Do iilldc AW-ny Ukiilinduiral Ihv mui. 
AaoUioi (iimai when 1 1117 ncv Imvr run, 
eiiat] iiiiiw Hid Uiiib wIUi ]iin In Ivlur iilliht. 
Ami And (mil onuc af fnatcr Uitiigtu writs-' 

Y*i Oioreiyttrf »»t no ccntftnptibU btrrl i Ii« 
Miin|io*Fj a ii*tioii4l |»«io, " Tlic WvrtliiacKi of 
WbIo," wbich hu been rcprintM, nrid fill be 
Mill Jcar to his " FalUcrlanil," ■» Uic llDlIandcrs 
apnwInJr denoC* ilicir dhUI ipoF- Ho wrute. 
in "The Mirrour of Mi>Kiittr*I«," ihn life of 
WobeVi whicb hu pwU of gnat dif^it; ; and the 
Ufeof Jane Sburct <Ttiich Traamucli nuliccd iti tilx 
dtji for • iCTeiT critic of the tjmci urilta : 

Olm blm Bctiulr. lont. Uitlna mennnli?" 

Chnrcbjard and Uii- cniicrlM of h<i poetical life 
krc ftllud«d to bjr !!-peDl»r. II» is old Putl^luon 
" Colin Cloat's coam boiue •Ktln" S|>cn«cr it 
«up]iot^ l9 (liMCribc lliii Uborinui vribrr fur 1ialf 
s crntnrv. tihtwe ineLuicbolj cipci it tii» old mge, 
tnajtatice Ihoreidw "rowi"' 

" Yt< be hIniKlf may rpwH bs more iliihti 
Thai ■uiki K linig uullU ■lulto ItMn« be fTBW.* 

HU epitaph, pTc«ned hj CHoidpn, l< extremelj 
iltttruclivc tu sU poi'te, tvtJiI vpilajilit lutlcuul 
ilbem :^ 

■ J'.siu'if y udpMfry Ui Unili itdlh Ini^lDWi 
K'boBtorg.fuad B«l|btuiin,b* nivrry [ii ptiti.' 

It ippcan bIm b; a eonfewion of Tom N*ali. 
Ilmt no michnr would lh«n, prpwwd bjf Ihp ri-ii 
a»j/tu/a liorai, wlicn " llie holloiii of liit pune wu 
turnrd upn-ird," vabinit Co compaic pici.u fur 
genilcmcri wlio ntpircJ to sutliHiimliip. \\e l<.'lla 
ut nn toinn ooc-asinn, Ibal he w»i thrn In Ihr 
«aantr7 cotnpaiin^ poctr; for tame puuntry ii|uir« ; 
—nnd njni " I »■> fuoo toM mjr plow ttnnil atill 
in the mlJal of > furroKt tu fulluit (besv Senior 
Paiita*[i<wa, lo wUok imoroua viUaiteUat ' I 
prodituiR my pen," anil ibla. IDO. " twice or 
Ihrice in ■ month :" iikI be complaint tbu it is 
"porntj which «li>ne tnnkelli m* *o uncuoalmt 
lo m; detarmiiLcd atndic*, tmdKins from pWc lo 
pboc to and fro, and pniMcuting the mi^anf to 
ken* nie froui Idlmeuc." Au aulliur waa then 
MQrJi likn a vagrant. 

Eicn at a Utrr period, in the rtjjtn of the litc- 
rarj Janica. grvat authors warn reduond to a abate 

• VMa'tOat. at rmll«r " VUloiwHor, an pittj»rtf 
mnhiry niiitio •mf*. bal Mnoinnljr uL«n for iDftnkiiu 
(iiiM RiaJn la ImHalloa of Ibam.'—l'ixaDA. 

vf mcudidt;, and tiicd on olini, allboagh their 
lives and th«ir furtunea had been ounatiuiEd in 
fiirrnlQK national labotin. "nie aiiili|uarf Srowi 
cihihits a ttrikln^ aiampls of the reirariSi con- 
ferred on auch valued authara. Stowe bad ir^ 
TQlcd hia life, and tsbaualcJ hia patrimonir, in 
Ibv aludj of Uu^lith an,lii(uitirs : he hod travelled 
on foot tbrouehriQi Uit kini;doin, Intpeoting all 
(nonamvriti of antiquiltr. and rc*(Miiiic what hr 
«oiild from Ibc diaptrsed bbMriea of the niMui*- 
lerioa> Hia atupeiiduua cullccCiona, in hie own 
htnd-wrilliii>, ilitl cKiet, to provoke tbc fit«ble 
iuduiiry of literarr bitenrri. He frit tlirouch life 
ih« cTiihaaiMm of ttady ; and toatf d in hit monk- 
iili lilirarf, living with lh« dead more than with 
tbc livioK, be *^s atiU a itndciil cif tattc i tot 
SpenitT iha poet tialtttd the library of Siowt ; 
and the fint 1,'ood (^illtl'iD of Chauwr wai made m 
chirfly hf Ih(! labours nt ciur author, l^le in 
life, worn out "ilU rtudj anJ the car«i iif |Hitrrty, 
negtretcd by thai 3)toad mL-trupolia of uliii^ he 
bad bcca tlic hi'toriaii, liia )^od-liiiiii'»iiir did not 
ihfen him: for bcins alfliclcd witb nii&rp pain* 
iit hit aged fpcC. he oburrrd that " hit aHlicIioa 
lay iu tlint pnrt which formerly fan bad auale to 
itmch ate of." Many a mile bad he wnndcrrd 
and Diucb liad lie eipriidud, for Ibuie trcaaurci of 
anlii]niCi*s whirh had rihamtfid hia fortune, and 
with «hicb ba hid farmed work) of great pubU< 
utility. It woa in his eightieth year tltal St9*t 
at tengtli rrtciird n jiubliL- u-JmuwIcdf^nictiC ol 
hi* aerviL-cs, wbirh will appear to na of ■ TCrj 
citraordlnary nalurc. Ho wa* m redoeed Id Ua 
eireamitnncLi that he petitioned Jamea I. lor a 
lictiict la t'liUti almn Inr hiinietf ! '' aa a recon- 
pcnae far liia labour and travel of fiirty.fiee ftarf, 
in iDliiiit; fi>rth the Chronieki t^f JCitjflaiut, attd 
fij/hl j/eart taken up in the Surotjf^tht Ciliei tf 
/,[>»i/on an.f flVt(Rit>i#'f r, towirdabia raliff now Ib 
bii old ago ; bnviuK lift hi* roniicrmcnna cf lirlnft 
mid uuljr ciu|ikiyinK bimsclr for ibc tcrricc and 
Kood of )iii cnuntry." Letten patent nader Ika 
great i«al vere granted. After no paaiiuliMU 
commendiLliAn of Slowest Inbourt, iw ta pmnilt^ 
"to gather the bcncvuleace of wcL]-dif|K)Bcdpcoiilc 
widilii Ihl* realm of Cnxtand : to aik, |Btbe(, and 
taker (hr alma of all our loring fubjecta." Tbeaa 
Iclluri-piitent w«ro to be pnbltibed by the der|; 
from tbeir pulpit ; tboy pruducsd W litlln thai 
llicy were ruucwrd for another twdieRiunth : one 
rnnrc pariah in the i:ity contributed acrcu tliiUi«p 
and >ix]«nce I Sueli Uum waa lb« patroMfa 
rroeived byStowe, lob«B licenaod beggar tfan«|V 
out tfao kingdom (or one Iwclveinoatli ! Such waa 
II1C ptiblic rcmiincmtlnn nf a man who haJ bta 
Bsrfiil to his iialiun, but aot to himaclf ! 

Such wai the first age of Falrvnafff, wbietl 
branched out in tho last i-cntUTy into an 1^ of 



SuUsriplnmt, ahBO tui autbar 1e*inl cuntribntiaiu 
bdiifr Ui work appcuril; a mode wliiuli Inun- 
datrd our titentnir «i(b <t gn<*l [innion ot ita 
«ortU»« vbluiAH : flf tbeie the mtat rentarlcftble 
■n Ibe iplcDiltil pvblicotioii* o-f tUcbird Ubme : 
ihrf MAj be cnllcJ Aditiuiu ■(i>ki ; fur tlicy tn 
oolf mntilitcd miiitcripta from C«iiid«n and 
Speed. Iwt xieklj omamratfd, «n4 pompaunl^ 
ptintied. vliich this lifnrjr adveiituter, said to 
Imtc bean a i^eiiilcinui), baJed Uie world witbi by 
ibe aid «f hii lubtcribcra. Aiiotber a^ wu that 
•f /)(rfKii[ti>«i*, vlim ttip Diiihnr wat to lift 
hia tin} iMlrua to Ihr ikiea, in an tnTPrvc nUici ai 
lowaraJ bimatlf, in tfaia public nhibilinn, 
m the part? bagglctl about tliti pKoct i 
' the MaCae, while (Ctppiai; into bli niclie, would 
tRB niaad on the aathor tn atml hin invcnlion. 
A -pstraa of l'(t«- Mott(Qi, diiaatUfled with 
I'eter'a raider ten pr tarn ml, compoied the •«?«■- 
lativD dedicitio'n la hlmsel/, and caniplcted ibc 
mbny of tbe author bj aabacribinK It with Moi- 
leiu'i nnet ! Wone bred it when atithoim 

■ TUi pntciD* of aaOMaUia* bad ladHd flmirtohod 
Mkn : fn aulbur* bad nai pnSxod DumHmia d*dk*- 
llMa tt tha matt wiak, or Utillrtial U> iltttnat patniui. 
Am witali ittTiakiDi. Pult«n ■• Cburch Ulit<V7 " I* 
wwi atlb ai many iBnioulu ilodmU'onii, 
■•laa Haul ttlj nt tJatj Irwrtiiliiio. aiMrtint (u 
; ftirwtikliLfiU wirrrij' v«uumt bx Vln'll^' 
ttwaaaaetfoUaiiinpnwurEdciaioitfcrn fus; fur piiitillnli- 
IDK bwki ftr Mbicr</iUoa <nu on art DUt Ibca diacovtrol. 
t Ita irkauf th* dnilal Ion (if aliLi; wai vtri Iliad. 
tnm Bto U kn (iilnniB> (com tbs llo-oliitlon Id Uio Ucnii 
•f Goisi^ Ui wbro il na* |(i Iwrnt} — bul ■nurtlmota 
tn bt nnick— «Ii<n Uir ■uUuir mil Vic plaj 
alAtaliidtinmiL Unn on tliDKUnniMiiilil vanltj 
t* paiMil with Uic nam I uvrjr of pamcjriic, of wlilrh 
«*<tT on* fc«(« Ike |>rIcD. 

t llJa elnaaniMniv wnnmoriiiuiiii Hie iIiib, thai 

II aa^ataad a poMloil mttn In ■ aulotrtio hvEwwn 

Maa aiu and Ua patron Itnabictiain— pmrnvd In Ibai 

(wt Sanrtal nr itanililU, lor II I* Iwili.uC "ruaiMMi 

AOUnof Stala.' tdI. ILUI. TlM palrun , In Ma imI M 

MUt tn padbla dlMlnoMuu thai caiM attach ib lilm. 

had (Inn gac dmiBlManca wWnh no one but hlitutif 

MOU bare fcnoww, and wUcb fa* lliaa i^nt* : 

" raiaan. 

I SMM CoalBM I WW In Itlamo 

Thai OD* innicular td (unin : 

Tb« nM eould acrtr luio licrii knuwn, 

I Ma>l( Onttftd M /lAc U» nn. 

I h^ jowr pardea. B(r. forihat! 

vn,f A 1 vhat weald jdu b« at I 

i wrir IWbw HyH^, JIM wt : 
Anddtac Ofonr*, bVfH, mlM MM 1 

««re the nnluckT hawk«n of tbeir owa worki i tA 
whtcb I aball give a remarkable inetaace lii 
Mtlkb Daviks.. a karned man maildeued hj 
want and indi^ilian. 

The tubji^t bcfure UM nhibila one of the moit 
aiosnlar spoctaclca in thme Toluniea i that of a 
acholarorexleiMira erudition, whuae life wxnia lo 
hare iiaaicd in tho tludf ot laneiisgH and tba 
tclrncni, wbilp hia fiicultiea ipp«ar to have been 
ditordcTtd rnm the timplicity of hi* natarv, and 
driTcn to madncB b; indi)[cii«e nod inaull. He 
fumied the wild tnolution nf bcconilnK a mcndi- 
mit iDtlior, lli« hanker nf hia o<«n worki ; and 
\iy Ihiaawle endured all the Bg^a*at«d8(Uf»flngl, 
the iirtat and the petty iniultti i( all ranka of 
■ocictf, and enn aomatimca from rocn cf learn- 
ing ibentMlrta. who denied • mrndirant author 
the (jmtMthj of a bruther. Davii;* and bU workaarc itaperfectly 
kD«<TU to the racst curiv<M of our lilerwv colleo. 
lora. Hii name haa sotrcclj mchcJ a fcwj Lbc 
author aod hli w«rk< arc tqualljt uliaoidlnary. 
and elaini ■ right to b« prracrvpd in tbit trealue 
on the CaUmitim of .\otbora. 

Our author cunimcnccJ printing a work, dtft- 
cull, from ita uiitcclUnixiiu character, it dwcribe; 
of which thtTolinnrtapiwared iit dllTf rent perioda. 
Tbr curly and Ibe moit taluabla »olumea were 
the firit and ivcutxl i tlicy are a kind of bihlio- 
jraphi-cal, big^rapblcal, and critital work, on 
KiiKli«li Author*. Tbcj all Lta* a gcanal titk of 
" Alhmic Btitaiimcief." 

CToUectora have nomMiniea met with • mj 
cmrioin rolume, (ntiiled " Icon LilwUoniin." and 
iDntetimct the aaiDC book, under anothef tjtl», — 

f •' AUirnit Hrklat' a CrltlnU lll*M7 «< Iha 
OifoHluiai^nihcidKe Wr«er.andWHUDg«,w1l(iIlii)«J0* 
Uif UlBWiiUruadRanimlMa an w»U wotlterAullinri and 
W<.rll>lr>, iMth IMuaalto and rontgn, FkxIi Anrioot mil 
Mudim. lugottigaWllhBDMCariiMairrfdxmofUuiiKlit. 
to erilky ng u>d nnptrlnt tb« fMiBllel quBlUlnUiiaa Of 
lhamMlaintBamanthan and Ibdr r<"^^uw>d'>*"*< ^o"! 
bi WL and print, Iwlh al homo and abnjad. By U. [X 
Idadeo. I!l&" On iha lint tii1mi»» ot ihl* «rtai Ut. 
Punier, a bloodhound (rf mJalllnit •nut In eurkjiu and 
nbuonEniillili biMk*.baawrliUiiaD iholiaf "Thtati 
Ihaanly eopy I hav«r«M wKh." Knn tba trot hiUlv- 
paiibo'. Itakir. nf Cuubrlil|[v. aanr mat but with thico 
vnhKBMilhtadlUbnnl ihr iltUlrfi Uiunua ta laatnal 
Mot htmaaBsn«l""'l»diy by iha Eailaf OillgT4,and 
now dsp^M Id lib tallHCiiin at m. tehnt CuOtpi. 
HalMT baa wrttUn Ihl* inipini>r«iHlum tn the nniTiiluiDci 
■• rawociplawm |wEiitml,»i Ilia worli I> bcnimc mnc. 
and fiw lluu iianai wilt ka rained. Tbc bwli In (lis 
paaMilfvttatamwadfnai modom blaurlaiu. but yot 
MBlalni inno Iblnn more uncMiiinon . and not Mally to 
ht n*i irilti.' How tapeilttHtlj ran mnM ta Iha 
eo«1idi nlDinai whMi tha enaaf Fannn and Baher 
Bcrer UfMed on I 





"A Critical llinbiry nf Pamphlets." Thi* rare 
Tiooli rom* the first »olum« of (he *' AUienw 
BritoAnicas" The autknr m> Alj^lm D(«ip», 
whocc biofnph]! U cjiulc uiikDuwn i he mB; now 
be l>M oirn bintrnphcr. llr viii ■ Wcl*h ctcrgT- 
min, a Tebfrmeni fue to Pojiery. Ariiiiitm. anil 
Sodnimim, of tlie most Irrreai iojthj to 

Otmr^ I. knJ tUr. HnniitcriEU lUCiTuian ; a 
•dMlv, ikiUcd in Grrtk and ]^<ln, >iid in all the 
modem langiuee*. Quilting bi> nitii« ipfii wiili 
jwliljoa) dlwMt. be clixugfd liit cliinMrtrr tn tlie 
mftropalu. for hr »iib*cribnii himdrl/ " Coun. 
•cUor-at-Lav." lu an ciil liour lie c»miiicDccd 
author, not only anrrnundcd b^ Ixiii bookn, but 
with the more urjiml cum pan Ions uf a wift uiiiJ 
taaiUji and nith tliK childlike iini|>Ildty vliicli 
•onvtlmH mirka tlie mind of a rrttred achnUr, 
we pcrcriie Lim imaKininK tltit lii> imanrDic 
TtBdinEwoulil prnvKatourrr, not easily cibauatj^d. 
for their •iibniteoce. 
Prom theJ^Nt TolitineaofhiiMmimndienrioua 

lilprary lii«t'iry may lip ratnctf d, aoudnl llio looie 
and mndeiini clruirat* of tlili lllcrary chief, la 
Ilia dedicatiua to the l^fillcc he yralnim ' ' to rppre- 
■ent wrltprt aud vtilingi iu a irilDplric^k vit^v." 

Tlie preface to the t«eoti(J »nloBv« opnn hln 
|Jan ; aiid nolhliii; oa )'<!t imliraKu ilitiM rambling 
kumuuia which bia subirqiirnl Inboiii* rihihit. 

A* lie )iro(T«rlcd iu rvrminK tbeie rulumn, I 
•ntpct, niibrr ihnt hl§ mind bcvaine a litlk dit- 
aHertd, or that he ifiicnT^ed Ihnt mew lil«nIqTe 
found bMt [wnurioit ptroiis in " tbc Pcwj" for, 
BttvD)pt!n|; la gain over nil cliu.iea nf M)clcty, hr 
taried bla iareatigBtiuD*. and ronttpd atteiitinn. 
by •tritiiiK on lav, pliyde, difiiifty. u well aa 
literary topii-a. By hln ■rruunl 

" Tlie avarice of booktetlcrii. (tnd tlic elicifiDCH 
ot bard-bttarted pa Iron a, had driren him mio ■ 
cuncd ci>ni|iaiiy of door-kecpinn lierila. to miDet 
lb* irrational bruin) Ity or iboae unrdocatMl mis- 
ehlevou* auimala rallrd rnotmen, hou»c>po(ler>. 
IKWtaattn, ainiriprr«,apallicuarici, Hltomeyi, and 
ndiltke beasU of prey," who wiire, like bnnieir, 
■anrtetimta barred up for hrmt* In the mcnaerria 
Afa ^reat man'aantvdiamWr. In bia addreiiN Iu 
Dr«. Mead and Prriiid. \n! dn-Iarvii — " My mis- 
brmna drire nic to pabtirtt my wrltin^t for a 
{Kior IlTelihiMi4 i and notliiiiK but thr ulnioat 
neocmily roiild make any uiaii iu hij iiRn«e« tu 
eodeaittur at it, in a mrlhnd aa hurthpniODir to 
the raodeaty aiiJ rditcalion of • acliolar-" 

lu Frindi be iledicalta to fleornc U i and In 
Ihc lladi-ian MSS. I dlicoTered a laag Ip.tter t'l 
the Earl uf 0>fnrd. byinir author, in Krcach, kiCIl 
a Latin ndr. Nster was mire intinecot bribery 
{iraRtTvil 111 1 niinitter I H<: compoitd what lie 
call* Slriclura Pirularira im the "MuEbmunt," 
Ibcn political club* ; rrldiralca l^iigliili autlitin iu ' 

(he aame odra, and (n«cK> a poblical Latm drama, 
called " Pallaa AB^Iicam." Mirvin* and Baviiw 
wnm novrir not* indefatlffablc ! Tht aullior'a 
intellect ffrndnally iliMOvcn Ua conhuriDn anidat 
Ibe loud rrira of prnnry nnd dnjiur. 

To paint the tliitrtsfta uf an antlior aolidting 
alms for a book whioh bf prewntt— and wblch. 

wIiitiTvrr inay bv l(Ji ralur, iroinea at haut ■« mi 

cTid-cncc ttial tlx aopplUnt ia a learned man, U a 

cue (o uncnmmoa, that the innmlion at the 
novelitt kniDi neceaiary to fill up the pictore. 
ItuI Mylea DaHei ii an trtin. In hia own 
■implfl narmtive. 

OursMlbor has RtTrn the names of trrenl af 
lii> unwilling in»tnni>m ; — 

" Thiine a ^ueeie .farthing and hoard.peiiiqp 
i|;no mm ut doctor*, with mntti gmU |>«naii^M 
wLo furinnl crcuica for not <irc<^plinc my book* ; 
or ihry would rrrclTr theni, but Kive nolhinjc for 
Ihetn; or rUerfetiy they hud them, orrenienibered 
■ciythini; of them : and to gate me nothing for 
my UfC pnfient uf book*, tlKingh tL«j kept Aaa 
gratia tt ingralUt, 

" Uul hi* grace of the Dutch cxtractiOD !■ 
Hnllniid (uitd to tie akin to Myiilieer Vandcr 
Vt — neb) htd a peniHsr graire in mcelmg mj 
preBrnl of butilit uid cdcn, which, brin^ bundfeil 
up tocrrlier with n Iclttr end ode upon hi* p»icr~ 
«hip. and rirricd in by hu porter, I waa bid In 
call fur nn aniwtr fire jrtxt bene*. 1 atked the 
porter whut he m«ant hy that* I tappoae. laid kr, 
four or li»c daya hence — b«t it proitd fi»c or *>s 
uiontlis aft'r, bcfnrc I could get any aiuwt«, 
thn;i|[h I hnd writ fire or lii lelt«r* lu Frroch 
with freah odea upon hlfgriiOMhlp, and an aenosac 
nbrrp 1 U>rit,nDd nbi-l nabUan^n had aeeeptnj of 
my prctriit- 1 allcodcd about tbe duor three or 
fnnr timra o wrek nil that time cuntLaully fram 
tnelte to four or fitro'dock In ihr crtiiinK : at»d 
walking; und«r the foiw windiiwa of the partouri. 
onnn that litne hii and her grace cune after 
ilinacr to itarc at me, with open window* ai»d 
■hut mouth*, but filled with fair W&ter, wliirfi tbcy 
Hpoutetl Kith «o much drilrrity that they twiMeJ 
till' walrr thraiijch their teeth and nvouth-ikrow, la 
fluli nfti my faee, atd j«t just to asiaa tut, 

Ihc'UKb my num could duI well miai tbe natnnl 
flavour uf lie or«njce-watcr ahowertngao nry Mar 
me. llrr Kracp hrgnn tbe water-work, but doI 
»ery grueefully, eiperially for an F.nfluh lady erf 
her i1e«cnpticin, niin, and ^ualitira, to make a 
■IfaiuEirr her a|rittiug' poat, whu hud b>ccn fuilty oT 
no ntlirr nlTrnrir tlian in olTer her Uiuband lont 
wriliii^v^ilit grace fidlinnd, yet Aral ttnod 
looking 10 willfully towirda me, that I Terily 
lliouiiht be liacl a ruiiid lo ihrtiw me a gwioea oe 
two for all Ihcfc iiidtsnilin, and two or three 
months' then alecTclua wailtnf «ipan bim— and 



■cranliiigly I •dvaacnl (u aitdrns bi> gncv to 
mncmber ibc poor lutlior, bat, iniMnil of in 
mvcr. he iainintiati;!)' nBiUmi kb muutli, oilE 
if rtAl* «bo*«r* oi Ijnplullo rock***, wlilcfa but 

Skr in ban put out mj morUl ajM." 

£ull W ««• oat di»bcan(ii>d. Kid itill applieil 
Ifar kia IniMUs of booki, «bkb were reiurncd to 
klaal lo^tb MMpmeil, vitti " htil a f:uinM u|ion 
top of ths eargi." ■nd '■ with • driiro to netirt 
BO more- 1 placked tpamrmge, niiinaDTing within 

■TBiwMi«m*IK«ri nmtntndeniii'rlui."' 

He mtaaiaitj otntrra^ 

" Ac 1 «•■ Itill Joniflf on linnamirtix. I Ibaught 
Um* * fTMl Many «er« called fJtWr GniMi, not 
IW WIT C^oc vt hnwr tbcj baii truljr dc>vnr*<l 
■ith Gnl ot Biao, but for the man rMami of coa- 
Inrtoa. tint tb# I'amt m Deitinie*. wen nn 
rUlttl. beciUkc tlx}> ({Ntrid Mine, iir veiv not 
tralj tbe Paret, fuin mn fxirMionl.'' 

Our Mvcnt and indignant anlbur, ti; the 
EMtli/idaai«(Utr(finMauiion«, iniii|tr« vithhii 
M|trT WW toitooM ifirwiw of htmrmrf mendirity- 

•* I eu't dioOM (now 1 an npan the falBl ful>- 
j«ct) hat nake one obacrratioD or tiii> men apon 
lk« rtriou reoeontrei aDil adTcntsrc* 1 met 
«1lli*]l. lo prcfcnllof loj booki tn thi>K who wctr 
llkalj b) ■CMpt of ibcni fur Ihrtr uwo iiifuriiialiou, 
or tor that ot helping a ptMr ubotar. or fur tltnr 

own vanity ot catrntatiisn. 

" Some p««ofi« woolil koUow to mifc the wbola 
hooar and |ii>*k of the domrstica la roiic a pour 
emra ■ al laat ail Uiat lluttn endi in WDdins 
jMrh arToB oat to cbingt a guinrB.anil thnn 'tia 
tvckoard oin balf-a-doua tiin«* bclbn- the fata] 
n«vn out be picked oat, vbiirh tnait be takeu aa 
tt ia fivrn, wtUi all Iho panilr of aliutgiriDK. and 
•0 U b< ntvlved vtlh all tbt artlre and puaivr 
■ t WIff^H' l of BMndiouionand alma-ruvivin;— as 
If llw books prmlins «di1 p*per, were wi>Ttli 
■«lW«f at all, aadaaif it wtre the i^imtnt charily 
far llnv u touch ibrm or Id ihrm br in thr 
hawa : ' Far I shall nnrr reail them.* nji onr 
«f ilir flie^hUlieiy-piNw-rhapa— > ] b>*« no time 
tp fe«k iatbcB,' aapaDotlurr;— ■ Ti* M ann«h 
■oaey ioit,* Mf> a p^Ttdetn ;— * Mycjcsbeliig 
M bad.' atid a bitlinp, 'that I tan rarcc read 
al all.' — ' What ia jan w4Dt with me?" aaid 
aneitiH': ' !tir, I prFwnted youlh(iolh<r daj wiih 

IDT ^ih^n^ Jfr^nMHir^^ \trta^ tlie but part |>ab- 
iMbad.'^' I iliw'l iiant hookii, take tlirm ajnin; 
I don't nndcrataod what liicf mmn-' ' The title 
bfcry |ilatH.'aai4 I, 'ami llicji ar« WM tD<M\j 
lo En^ab.' ' I'll fin j-onacmwn for both thr 
tatoMMk' ' Tbc; ttand ni«i tir, in more iLaa 
Am. awl *tff for a bare labnamoe I prenral 
H atfl tlic«n ; how ihiU I Uir ^ ' I nro not • 
lutktaig far tiM, lhr« or di*. 'tbalt ooe to tni*.'— 

' Oanii mj iBaOtr V aaid Jack, • 'twal bnt U« 
ot^il h( wDi coiDDCodiait four book* ami v<iur 
Uantinn to ihe akica : and auw tie vould not core 
if yaa ncre ilarviii); bnlom hi« cfei : najt, be 
aHfn make* pamc at your clothe*. Ilinuitli ho 
thiuki you the e"**'*' KchAlir in Knglind.' " 

Sucb wu the life pr a tcirucd mv ndicanC aalbor ! 
Tbe accn«a )thlrh are here ribihilrd appear la 
ba*e diaordervd an intellect which bad netrr br«ii 
fim ; )a vain our author att«mpct-d to adapt bia 
talcnta to all ordon of nicn, itUI " To the cruy 
>hip, all wind* are oontrary." 


or m* «iu»ca«iv. 
The mind of CowLi[VWMbcmtifu1,lMit a^ue- 
rnlnuB (mdirtiiw i;> bt« naUM hNatlu* not only 
ihrott|;h hi* work*, bat inBumced hia habit* and 
hit TJcwi of linmao albira. Hi* temper and hin 
genitia would hav« opened to u«, had ant the 
■trango doeidon of Sprat and ClilTutd withdrawn 
that Tull CO rmpon lienor of Ml hrart whirh hnhad 
carried on many yeara, Tbcte letter* were lOp- 
prosed bccau«c«« Riahnp .Spmt acknowledgM, 
"io tbis kind nf prate Mr. Cuwley wairiaBenT! 
They had a ilun)Mli(.-al pblnnn*, and a pMuliar 
kind of famiUanty." And then the florid writ«r 
runa olT, ifaaC, " in Icttcrt, where Ihe inula of 
men ibould appear rnvdrcavra). in lh*t oegllfcnl 
habit they may be Dt lo be bmii by one or two in 
a chamber, biitnot logo abroad into the atreeU." 
A Mt cKtieiant : which n«t only bat proved to be 
tn unce Ibeir time by Maion'* " Mrtanini of 
Gray." bnt wtiicb theaa friend* of Cowley miKht 
hare UiemvlTca percriTcd. if they had rtcvllectcil 
that Iha letter* of Cir«To to Alticoi form the 
mual delightful chroniclM of the h««rt — and thii 
niMt aiitlicnlic mcmoriab of the man. Ptck 
nhlalncd one letter of Cowlcy'i, prracnrd by 
Jnhnacin, aod it eihibita a remarkable pn-tuie of 
the CBiaerln of hii poetical tolitnde. It la. per. 
Iap«. not too late lo inquire, whvtlirf ihta eorre- 
•pondonoe WU de>troy«d aa well aa tnppteated .' 
Wonld SpratanAtlitfnrd hate bur aed what they 
have told 0* tbcy *u much admirud' ? 

■ MjnaoircbeacNlrtni-ncqhUilBnioralhanawMM 
of Onwl(]V-H b hut an di^iwii irilto— rMuraiag ttaak* 
will* IHiadEnljii, fur miMur avRla and [i l aaifa. " Hh 
(lankn* of Bnirn l> Inun-'rUllMd In advllibUid tUaaT 
<!k]w1r]f'k, aa wall a* hj Rnlfn hhnulT. t.*ma In ttik 
Hoall nnU. we nu; A\^am lb* tandi of OvwUy. Iha 
•■rlgliul U In AialoV (nJIsttnn. 

wn. anaauu «>wiaif fo jiwa vriLtM. Bi«. 
"HIB. bainHmM. Uatth CX.\taa. 

«T1i*r«ltBolklB|BMnplM«atibMMiNB hInMav 
I In a pcTHB. ta wtem wa haM pwa I 




Portvnatvl^ fur our litcrnr; gynipath;, th« 
hia\ error of tlieae fisriJiang cnHcs hss been io 
tome depve repaiml by (lie admtratile gcuiui 
himMilf ohoin tliof Iibvc injured. Whrn Cowlrf 
retrcmkd from loctcly, be dirtcruiiacJ t« lirnw up 
an •paloiU' for bi> caniliict, uitl to harr. dcdicntcd 
ll ca hii iialron, Lurd St. AlliaiiB. Hii death 
JntprTupIrd thp pnilrt dMitn : but lits Euaj'e, 
whiiih I'ojie «■ tndf c>U> " the Un^ajige (if his 
lu«rt," are cridcntljr poit* of tlictc prcciom Coo- 
fcniona- AUofCuntcj'slciulcrulaiiJ uudugiiiMil 
rceUnp bare Ihtrcforc not pcrmhcd. Thcic Et**jt 
now form a ({wcin of compaiition ia gur Uil- 
guiip, k ruixtorc of prow and rene — the rnnn 
nitli tb(! port — the >clf-pain(cr hnii sat Co bimiclf, 
anil, iritit the utmciat tlmiiticity, liu cajiicJ out 
tbc Imip; of bis louL. 

Vhy tuut this pnct tcrii!!'. called biniHRir f6i' 
melanehnli/ Cetele-yi He etnplajred no jioftical 
chrrUW fur tJi-s metre of » Tcne wliicli bit omi 
fcL-tin^ JDipicra]. 

Cowlry, at tJic brginnlng of Iho dril wiir, joinrd 
the rOftUiaU at Oxford ; folldired Ihr qur^^n lo 
hria i yielded bia diya and hu aifjbt* to «ii 

nOh nnl 11ii> >1|flit uf ^nur Bantiin kii Mny, or rvi>ii th<< 
kailnx lucli in one; wliiMi nuikn niii mrirw (iIiIIifihI lii 
iMuin Jiiamjtnint liamblDCIuiiliitfM tlio iHitmunlca I 
ha*» lilaljr renlTdl of yaa. iHlh by jour leltiTr and yovt 
pnainu. I hikre utrmdr mnrmi iiivh «f j-^ni' antii ni I 
llHiuxlilmiiat pni|H>r. u|>i^n a liiiMnl ; Iml i-Jiimnl Kml in 
all m; bookia calaliiRiiixjr thuM iilanU alilcli mjuirv 
thai culture, ooruf lufli aimiiM tw Ht In jwu: nbidi 
dtfMd^antl all ul hen. 1 liuiw ^luirUr ti> wc miiplldl. biI 
hnil* •tioTlly t" ■« >aut wiirk urildcl^oiiUurrniiltliiii) uiul 
publMied : anil iDng lo Iw In all lliini:! yuur <llKlpl«. ai 1 
am la iiU thlnci noir. 

l<lr. Ynur moiit I1lrmUl^ 
anil ■noMcbaillBnl titnanl. 

Saa war* (fee ardlmuy lettcn wblth fMcA bMwMifi twe 
tH*Mand|*atIall*IiiMtl(au, KMlynrbbtautlfulielnu 
aa " a lardiB n^lalif and mm buBaratqiiv. and, oa ii 
Wfv. an rtrenplar of lilt <4 I'STHl-lnw." tt wu 
Ilia enlPTtainnusnt anil ovrtilfr of the jrnuilHl ni«n af 
IhMD ttmH. and fnc|)lnd (ho rmtowtna linn* nr ChwIpji'. 
to Lmlyn and hli 1^7. vlio cintlnl In tlio *ru h»r 
hluband loved i for (ha dealBnrd the IVontiiplwu to bU 
varriM) af Lvemlua— 

" In bnota and ■a'^cot Ibvuliort plored arifht 

fTblaga «r«u vbiob ib'iu dad imdentandi 
And lurtb iltvl lualu "lUi tlir lalairluun liuiilh 

Thj noble Innooffil ileli|li1 ; 
And in Ui; TlrtiHKW irtle, *rlM(c tbon afala dual itml 

Ibtli | laaa u f«a men raffloal ant iwaal i 

Tbe MrMprden In Ler liwk*. 

And In kci mind Uio wlnrft tioirfe».~ 
• AUnn IliaFranch siiplrla thmalflfAnohlcli t>w1 
puato lui Id niak* mil (heir tnttiv. 

trnploj Ureal of Ute lilgbnt orafiilciioe, thai of 
decipberint; tbk- rojol corrupondcace ; be trana- 
•ctad tlieir bualitfai, and. aliuost dlvurciog kiai- 
ulf from bit ncglccled miue. ltd firiiUd up lor 
Ibeni the tranijuiUity to nepeuvy la the eiiiteiMe 
of a pocl. From hi* lArlieel dajra be tclli tu how 
the poetk alTccliani bud *taniiied tliemaelTa on 
bii hNrt, "like ]vtt«n out into l>i« bark of ■ 
jroung trr«, vrtiich, villi tho tKc. will grait pro- 
ps rtionnbly." 

He dracribei bia ffcUiigt »t tbe court ; — 
" I *a« plaluly all thr puinl of thil kind of life 
thenenrrr I namo to jl^that brnuty which I did not 
fall in love wilh when, IbraagUt Ikne«,it iraarMl, 
wu not like Io bcoilch or entioe irp whan I *aw 
it iraa adulterate. I mot nilb MTcral great pcr- 
tODR oho'ca I liked ttij well, but could lui per- 
rrivit thm anjr part of Ihdr |[rcntnu«« via to be 
lilted or dciireJ. I wai in a crowd of good «o*- 
ptnj, in butinnaof great and lionoorabU iTOat; 
I cal at tlie b«it taLle, and t'lijuycd the beat co(i> 
v«iiif ncoa that ongbr tn bo ili'aircil by i man of my 
'ennditioti ; yet t could nnl nbntain (rrmt rcneving 
my olJ ubool-boy'i witb, in a e«py of vertoa to 
lie «aiae effeol i — 

*'Wntlun! I noir «lnplnlnly ace. 
Till! l>u(M wurldandliiluiiliii'iracnaP 

AfUr ae«enl yeara* «baen«« ^lu hia oolin 
country, al a moit critical period, lio waa sant 
oTcr to mix with that truity hand of loyaBati^ 
who, in Mersey and in ailence, were fhro tii f 
th«m«elTca to the royal caute. Cowlej wM 
■died nn hy the ruling po*ort. At thia mfUnODl 
he pobliibed a preface to bii worka, whidi aoraa 
of hla party itLtcrprFli^il as a rcLuatlOD of bia loy> 
ally, lie ha* bp«ii fully delrnded. Cowley, with 
all hi* d«lip««y of Ii!m|ier. wiabed ainccrrlf Io 
rdire from all partiea ■ aiuL nw enougb »i»oa| 
tba flary acolot* of hU own, to grow diagnated 
eien with royal ii la. 

nil wish for relirrmRnt hu Urcn balf cetwarad 
aa cowardice, bjr Johiiiioa; hiil tb«ra wai a tenier- 
neaa of ftvliag ohiiJi boil ill fiK-nxid Cowtcy for 
tbo coDiiliic of pAxty tuiriKDcr*. and tbe ooai|>«iiy 
of lilllr viltnini. About ihia time he might hare 
truly diatinguiibcil hinudf u *' The mebneholy 

I am onty Iradn^ hia literary bi*tory for dM 
|iiupo*c of this work : but 1 cunint i>aat wiUmt 
iitiiiring [ha fact, that tbis abuaed man. whom hi* 
viifuiiM wcr« caluiiinUtlni:, waiat till* noiDcnl. 
under the dii^iar of a doctor of phync. oecuptcd 

by ih e narel itailica of botany aiid meiticiiic ; and 

na lit teicncc in tbe mind of tlie (>uct ■•l«ral)| 
becomrs poetry, lie cumiUMd bii bookt aa plauU 
to Latin lerie. 

At length ennie the JlMtaralion, abtek llw 

foM ■Mlooalj' ecibbnled in yi "OV" mi tbat 
B«a CIimIm tbr First ud SmoihI btd 
1« r«ir*nl bii fidelity with the muiirr- 
Mp of the SiTO; ; but, Vowl wf i, ■* be lent it 
b<r certain peraona cnctoiM or the iniuea." Wood 
bM mU M> more; uid tioiu of CowU]:'« bio^- 
pbtnv lu>« IhrowB anf li^^t vn tlic cirKumn lance: 

p aAa y we ta*j iiaeortr tUa litcrarf cklaoilir- 
Tbst Ctnilcf otufbl no w«nnlh frnm ibst pra- 
MUUluBe wliieb the new monarch wu ta 
in prodifil puty. baa bees dlttinellr tolil 

hj ibe poet biin>clf ; kU noir, in *'T)ic Cotii' 
pUtBl," tuttng repr»acbcd kiui tLo* i — 

I mdifd, wb» dUal aa logial} trart* 
fltatt ihy jmllAil ran, the food atata— 
TlMai «*iant«llnii Umi, bnitch'd vUh aoli* and aliiiw. 
WmMM Mo canrte and d lln trum ma a^- 
n^ nnm»t*i aa** ap ibjr amnml— 
BAdI« tta pnblk Mnrm b aixnt al ImI : 
na aevtaalip b uaaV M an no more, 
Al4 Ihas. wttb all (lie tuMe cnoipfto J. 

Art VM U lart M ^01^ 
Bal vftiWltijr Mkmr-MijacMslMa. 
AD mavfe'it op to pi^aa Hm tnomlied land : 
TfeoB •Mil alMM lalaa Ii dcrt mitiu lUnd 
Vpaa tl« Baked bacb, upon tlie tmrvao wnd,' 

B*tf nqckct waa do! all Cowlcj' faiul to endure; 
1^ nj*l paity KOoed diii|inKd to cAlmnnintc 
htm. Wlkcfi Cowlejr was joung be liad butiljt 
aompancd tbc caiMdf of " The GuanUan i " 4 piece 
wUidi t«n«d tlis canaa «f loralty. After the 
IUat«rat)««. bif rewrote it uadt/ tlie title cf 

Kittai ar Cutcoiui Stfi«t:" a comedf wlich 
■till barcadwitb tqfiMl curiiMltraii'ltiitcniit: 
rited piclnrc of tbr ptcallar charjiciera which 
afptmnd at the Rcvolutifin. it wai not onlr ill 
lenriaad bjr ■ faction, liot by tho«i> vermia of a 
new court, who, wlUioul merit tbcoitelvn. pot in 
Ibdr daina, b; crriiiR dciwn ihOM wbo, with 
fnat ntrii. are aot in fiTaur. All thea« tn a 
nan nermad the aulhor of hating written a utire 
■gaiaat tlic hinf 'a part;. And thi* wretched partjr 
pteniled, too loaf (ar the aulLor'a np^ie, but 
nM br fail fame. Many jreara allcrwitdii ihia 
soHMdy beCBoi* popular. Dr^den, who waa pre- 
•ai at th« Nproentatien, UM at, that Cowlrr 
" rwedvad the newa of hil ill aueccaa not with no 
mmA Sn»n«aa aa miiche bar« been expected from 
; ts ptM n siBO." Cowley waa in mib a irrrjit 
mmm, n4 n Kicatljr injnfed man. Hii leuiibilitjt 
aMi idienty et tnn|>er were of another li^xlare 
IbM DrydanV What at thit moment did Cow- 
hrj opcfleace, when be behdd blmaelf neslecUid, 
mI — i dateJ, and. in bU Inat appeal to public 
tefW, fDand hintelf atiU 1 vi/rtim to a vil« fae. 
tlMi wba, to ooun their eommon maiter, were 
tf ^t'^H ^ ^^' honcal bratber ? 

W« Aall 6ad aa anbrakea chain ot cridaDce, 

dearly demonfciTatiii^ the a^ony of hi« litenry 
IMingt. The oynioil Wood telU ua, that, •' nat 
fiaitiDg iLat pTefcfBiont be apectitd, while olhen 
for their iiinnrj r.irTii>d awnjr moat plarri, he 
retired diicontenled itilo Surrey." And hia 
panegyrlii. Spnt, dncrtbrt him aa " venry of iba 
vexationa and fnniialilini of an active coniiition — 
he had been pcriilcKd with a Iork compUanCB 
vitb foreign m&uiins. He won aatiatsd wiiii ilie 
arta of a eourl. which lort of life, though hia 
virtue made it innocent to him, yet nothini ccnld 

make it quiet. Tlieae were llic rciulna that moved 
him to follow the violent iaclioatioD of hia own 
mind." tec. I doubt if dther tlie aarcaalic anli- 
^uary or the rbelorlcal paae^yrlal bate cleir-1o|>c<l 
the nmple tmth of Cowley'a " rtaUnt ttMillna- 
t)on of hil own mind." He doca it hiauelf mora 
openly in that beautiful picture of an injured poet^ 
in "The Complaint,'' an ode wann with indi> 
vidua] fnlinK. but whicb JohnMn coldly paMea 
over, by tdlioR ua that >■ it met the uanal fortune 
of oomplaiDt*, and asemi tu bar* wiciled more 
conlempt than pity." 

Thua the bto(rapber* of Cowlryhare told ua 
nothing, and the poet bimtelf hai probably not 
told at all. To tht«e calnmDiM rtriiprrting Cun- 
ley'a oomodji caiseJ up by tlioac wbom Wood 
dewgnalea aa " eaemlea of the tnuies,' ' it wuujd 
appear tbat other* were added of a deeper dfe, 
and in malignaal wbiiper* diitlltrd luio tbfi ear of 
royalty. Cowley, in anode, had ^lomntemonted 
the gcniua of Drutvf, with all the cnthuaiaaca of a 
loury ot liberty. After the king'a rtCum, whao 
Cowley aolicited aome rewaid for bla aufferiii|ta 
and aenim in the royal cauar, the rhanorllor ta 
■aid to hara turned on him with a tevere eounle- 
oancc, MjinK, "' Mr. Cowley, jour pardon ii joor 
rcnard '■" It aeema that uite was then eoaridered 
la b« of a dsugeroiii (endL-acy amoag half the 
natton; Bralui would bo the model of onthuaiaata, 
who were auUeoly bending their neck trnder the 
yoke of royalty. Charles II. feared the altcmpt 
of deapcrate men ; and he mijht Lane forgllcn 
Kocbeaier a looae paaciainade, but not Conley n 
Rolemn inr&eation. Thia fact then ij laid 10 hata 
lieca the trae cao>e of the deapondenoe *o prera- 
lent in tbe Utter poetry of " tbe aelandaoly 
Cowley." And hence the indiacrctliMt of tba 
muae, in a ain||te lli||ht. condemned her to apatn- 
fnl, rather than a voluntary aulilude ; and made 
the poet complun of " barmi prwiae " and 
"ncclcclad »«rM^." 

Wbits thli anecdote barmoniaea with better 

In " Tht ;u4bb>w^ "' t^ rrldaauK In cmdiQinliii ilw 

vUUootuMt, maJnt*ln»d. l7T1,'f.4l. 


hnrnrn fuiit, it thn>n miae ligbi on tbe oatcry 
rtbed againil Ute coin«d]r, «]ikb leorai to ha*o 
bMB but Ml fAo of Mnaa fretrJIiag one. Cowfof 
retreated into lolitude^ nhcrt lie found ngnc of 
ttir iiKrcvHG diiniu of the luuliMpi-i vf h'm tnuw. 
When in tlia world, S^iraC m;^»,"1i« luid uet«r 
nantMl tor ronttint hralch nnd ilrm^tli nrlioilf ;" 
but, Ibrourn into aolituilc, lie orritd frith liiln k 
woQDdcd (pirit — tbe Odo of Urutoa and tbo c«n- 
deainstion of bis couicdjr wrre the dvk *]<iHu 
thtl bsnnted bl* cntUge. Ill health aoon iroe. 
e«>d«rf loir Rpiriia— li« pined in d^tjoa, and 
perahed • rtetim of the SiimI and mntt iayamd 

Bat before we Icaie ihg mtiaaehiJf Citvlfy, he 
■hull (pnali the frelingt*. whii-h beiD are not ex^g* 
gMKlPil. )u this Clironlole of Ltlaruy Cilamicy. 
no paiwgf^ <iugKt to biT nLr>iT nicii^nrab]^ tbftn the 
•olemn conreasion of odc of the atott aniiabk pf 
mm ttnd jiorts, 

Thai be upreuci bioiwir la tlie prebra to hii 
" Cotter of Colnnan StrMt :" 

•' lA's art, tJicrefore, wonderlul «i*c men, anil 
have a ia* biuinm of it : wc, trhv ipeod our tims 
)n poetr;. 1 do •omeiimn laugh, and am often 
»ugrj with myielf. wlieu I tliiiik on ll : hdiI if I 
bad a ton inclined bf nnturc to thd ami! fotlv, I 
boliOTa I abould bind him from it by tli« atnciMC 
eonjuratiou* of a paternal blcNiiTi j. For *liat oo 
hf mnrc ridiraloni than to labour tu |;tvG men 
deliGht.vhilat Ouj Uboar, on their fiart, moit 
Mfimtlj'i ta tabe offenea I " 

&DiIihu«b«elaae«llie}irerae«. in alltheioleDa 
eilirrMluiiariiijiimlfrdinsa ; — "Thii Idoaflirini 
\hxX/rtnnaJlitfiitb I have irnllai. I iiuvf r rnvited 
l/w Itott tcnejil, or tht UatI advantai/e i hvl, on 
Ihr rnnlmry, Avtxr /eil tofuriiiar* Ihc iffftdt of 
mriUfr and mi^oriuot I '' 

('-uwlrjr't uhea were dcpoalcod between Ihim: 
of Chauror and Spfiniirr; a marble tnonumeat 
waa erofCrd b^ a duke ; ind liii eidogf wa« 
pronwinoDd, on the da; or bia d«ath, from tlit lipi 
of tOftAXj. Tbr learned wrote, and the tuneful 
wapl : weJI mi|[bt Ibe nqilrctfil bard, in hit retina- 
BiMit, enmpoaa an epitaph on bimaelfi U*lng Ihatv 
■'ecloir.bed, though not dead." 

To thii ambifuuva gtalc ttf Biistcuce he appliea 
a MDceil, not iocle^-uit, from Ili« tcndcmna of 
itf ionagvry r 

■■ II io (fHrgr flora, apafio lirara* rnaa*, 

Dcflrtii,uiM>OuF«ll< «iniiu 
Valia aalbuo oUurdn falrwlam" 

Ilfic Kailar Ownvnand ahart'llvwl nna brtai, 
for ll/n, Uiouab tm*. tn^y \Ym Sowviaof «ftD| : 
Wiib biaainiaa wTMttii cil fntnutt bCTba adurn 
Tba ral warmcintaT* in lb* poM'i um. 

TUX PAiMfi OP PAtrmiors boorbm. 

I Hurr place tb< author of " lit CatalogiM of 
RojaE and NuUo Autbura," who hiniMir now 
oniamriita Iboc roll, aRiong ihoac who have pani- 
dpated in ihR niisrortuau uf literataTe. 

Uoback XVALroLK vat the iohnUor of a ntma 
the nort popolar i'l Kumiw ; lie aiaioJ In Ibe 
higher clrclca of touRl; ; and fortune bad ncTcr 
dftniMl bim the ample r^atilicBtion nf hit UTtljr 
Coilat in tbo arii. nuil in ciiri>o>u know- 
ledge. Tbei« were parUenUr adraatagea. Bwt 
Uorace Walpole panted with a lecrvt daMiw 
fur literary ectebri If ; a full aenac of hi* diaiin- 
i;uiiili(<l rajib lanf[ aiippretaed Ibr doirt of Tan- 
tnring the nana he bare to the VBecrtain fame iif 
on author, and the eapriee of <ralgar erliici. At 
Imelb he pretrnded to >liim autbon, auil lo 
■light till? bunuura of aathonliip. The caaae nf 
thia contempt hai been attributed to tha perpetmi 
conuderation of liia rank. But waa Ibit Uttar 
contcnipt of ao carl; a dstt } Waa Hnrwor WaU 
pole a Socraica before hia tima } wa* tic bein that 
prodigy of inililTemioe, to deaptw the 
object he lnn^Uhoil to poaana i Hia aarl; 
i:iaC<!» msrr not bnljr tioblemen, bot lilerarv noble- 
ni-coi and nrcdhc baTv been aopeCulantljfaatidioua 
al bcnrinK the vennrdile title of anihoe, whoi ha 
aiw tfltelcon, Clieaterflelrf, and other pc«ra, proud 
of wearing the blue riband of EiCeratore } No 1 it 
wa* artrr he bsd become an author that ha eo«> 
itmned auihonbip ; and it waa not the ytteaatj 
of hj> laKadtr, bat the DuluriCy of hia ei iwrieoec. 
thu made bint willing enoa^ tn nadervaJoe tiia- 
nry honoun, whiah ware not niCeient In aatiafy 
bia detirca. 

Let ua ntiniatc the foniui of HoraM Walpole, 
by aaalyaing hia IsIeuIs. and inijuiriBK inW iW 
nature of hia waAa. 

Hi* tatle WM highly poUahed; Ul tteaeity 
attained to briltinney ' ; and hi* piclurr^w." fanc^. 

• In tiU lelWr. thrto are BDCunnnn laiw— w rf 
WnFllr.whFUcvurpulDlad spinal anihon. TfcetolWwtei 
luirnntretinfitliifiHibllKTa. What can teUOTanuU- 
HaDdjr pttngani UuB thii on 9prn» 7 ■' A« I lliaw Mr. J. 
Hinaai. I do not iblnk I tnouM tiatcboni »nKfe4dla^iM 
u Mr. Klppli with r«illr.K 111. IrttfO. Ha waa a pwa- 
naturw) riuniilwalltiliiiiul, bull niiawlikaaMrar pM^ 
ihanamnino. || wua ncM HiMlefuMle bitcf ■aritt*. 
thnctiadrxwl loud boAo. an.1 feFpt SM>doMa|a«7^ Isl 
wai loo Iriaini lur am, an] only HI u t^am a chlU-' 
— nDln.NMli-iSnttialuawaf-WMaMaeAlra'i -lia* 
toiln of priMiicUiiu urinilaieh and ]rt« aty t<u««h ; tai 
II u nnaU dr^Mt with many boaata and itrtnT lb 
DhataeicrtiM IVnnanIt ^Uf fWt amtiAvu i/kMm 
[abndlns in (loiiichi ; nthgr (be aUMrcauama: aktir- 
fwealaiililti lAn 1 nuuiMnllllMaanlawndowMattM 
liUn In dJ>nrt aiijrUilDv nrnxa raonajanip Omi Ma^ 
tlwlao to anUnuitT. and. ai tr Ikcf bad any wiallw 




•wilf cxclM, WW MMD extiiiKui»bed i hi* ploTTal 
■it Mid k«tn IniBjr ooc pcqicliullf nt/ciied in 
hi* DWratioai on lift, snd hi* rormorj «u 
Monil «tUi the mocl Miiiuiii{ knunlrdgc, b«l 
Biacia too IJTtlj to b« acMiaiei (ar hi* itudin 
bat Ilia i|)cirU. But «tber qualilio of gcDioi 
diHia(«*h the cmt sntlior, and ctcd bin 
wronU oompr (iMt leaditig nnl in the liUf 
rar; Kpoblie our autlMir upin-d (o fill. He lind 
tM> taath ia that data of •ocwijr wtiich ia Iiltl« 
tvtmMt to (raiir* ; be eicrtod ucitkcr profound 
ttoliiin. DOT proltiiuiil feelins ; and btu mlacile 
U tOvm to ibe patlwtir, tliat higfaer iiualitr of 
f Ml, te WB* ao mlinwl with lh« jMttj dlagiutrta 
«f asci^, tbtt ever; imprcuiori of gnoAenr ia 
(fca bvQMn obandfT wai dcadoiud in the tircMt 
of An pollahrd rjnic. 

Bara<« W«l|>oto mm not ■ man of K«Qia(>— lii« 
■eat plawiny. it nat Ina (real Ulenl, kf tn Inller- 
■litiag I here he vaa without a rinl * ( but he 
ftabaUj diTtned, wbea be oondciccudwl lo bnome 
■B aatbor, lliat «omtt)UD|C rucreaas irinirrilihiui 
dM CUfUa he ondlf poucuwd. In bia taCirr 
tmj* h» felt thia oMre aranhlj, wliit^h will ipjwar 
ht titotff conbtMiMia which I havo ntncUtl front 
m vapnbbliad <«(Ti*|«niltrace. 

Caaariw rf potataiipn the ulcntwhtrh atnutci, 
fct feeliBg hia de6cieat ciier|ie*. he reaoU-ed to 
frawUc T*fi«iu mlMtltatM for gcnini ItMlf ; and 
to acqvin trpnUtioa, it hs cnolil ni>t gr«>p at 
mtthiiij. He nii*ed • printiQtC'P^** *' ''■'' 
Gothic eaalle, hf which miuna lie rendered Nmall 
cdiuoaa of hii wurks Tatuable from lhf>lr nritjr, 
^kI Biwfa talked of, bManar *(>l[loni tern. Thsl 
Aaa ia live, appears frum llie fuUoninj; Filrt^t 
lr«n hi* miiabtiabed cnrreajnindetice with ■ lit«- 

ih— |hB W id^^aooJ vrtrytlilsf Ihat lajr bflwm lh«in 
Ika tmfB n ci Ui btJnc 4l»r<lM^ << »»< <n>r i br hu 
bwa wiUi WW, aa4 al Inul b a* oompivv*! aa c««t I ^v 
hka.* Bi* llinwr carragDndaase wtlh bt* Mnd Onto 
«*— l» -Ub (ht* W7 ■tlliha) olUolMB-I]* <UUgbMd 
ta rtrtiiU BKikDra I— iw wvU a> Ki atam Iha nbanUa 
•nlNalw -3fni4(la(trrahl. Is Iba ncj nliHuw be 
adtlaa< ■ I Ac ana. bi- iStpauti Ibmu bj U* [i«iur1uu>- 
BHa I IB Ihal ha Icnvd ta taMga Ua anrtn al the 
apnw J Ma nallf ■ 

• Thlao^Win Widrtlt't taltartri»Mkr-wri(bwn> 
ta int, laanr JiwaMin tk* pobllo had the 
n< l wU i « tt bla ktUta ; mj piadktbai h»a btm 

■a a( lir. fharllsj', who anaBaotud (in/^ oorin with 
■■la ■stiaordlaM)' il«Jfn>. Wilpdo. who waa alwaji* 
fnwJ and c»|i«Mau>, nhwrvfli 1,U tiitniCulclaoluwIlb 
IWuUer b nra aii h> *uiU tring Ma irlfa irtih him to 
Bba«l«rir.UII. Its Ibcn aakid nando; for aU bla Irtim 
f^. t-ilb* WwU n>4 hi nlura rIt* Dtptl* yV own. 

Tbk alaab www a y t it * abvu»ded wlUi llMWura, 
aMUdwa, aad «U,.4 (h> mmiaeltlMl MdMliMM tooi- 
Tliia b Um nplako i^ an (iHwl, ba( ■(•tmlnr. 
a F>nJ Jialjr ; ft.r H va* tknllc^'i w»fc 

rary (rieod. It allndet to bii "Anecdotea ot 
PtiatiDJc in EngliMl," of which iha £rtt edilian 
ohlf mDaiai«d ot SOn cvpira, 

" Of iDjr new f^junh vuluine I printed 6O0 ; but, 
•I they Mn be had, I belieie oot a third pari ia 
add. Tbii U Q rerj pUin Icaean to me. tliat mj 
cdliioTU mU for their curiuaiijr, anil not fiir itaj 
merit in Ihtm — and ao thrj would if I printed 
.Mother Goose'a Tale*, and bnl a few. if I an 
hntnblcd B> an aiiUior, [ maj' be Tain aa a priiil«r i 
auJ wLicu one La* tioc1i(ji|{ tbe to b« lain vf, it li 
oFitiltily Ter; Ulilo worth whilt to bo proud ot 

There ia a tUitinetien benrten the antbor et 
grcal TODii»siona and ttm mere author. In tha 
one c«j«. tUc uao inaj clie m (cmpararr cib(eacc 
to liii books i bat in the otliert it ii tlie buok 
wliicb girea exMtCBM to the maa. 

WaI|)Ol»'a writing *Hai to he cominietMl on • 
certain principle, hf which be gaie Chern a aaddea, 
nuhcr than a laiiins csiitrnce. In butoricai 
reacarch, our adreulurer stirllcd tlie world bj 
nialiitaininE ptnidotct wbirh attacked ih* opi- 
mnni. or clianjc'd the cbarvten, eatihliibed for 
<<entDriet. SiOKularitj of opinion, *itndt]r of ridi. 
cule, and puUihtd qngrara* ia proie, were the 
rncati* bf which Uoimo Walpols souKht dit- 

In hi* worlu of Imagination, be Ml he eonld 
a«t Iraet to himaelf^Uie nalural pathetic WH 
utieilf denied bira. Out he ba<i fuDc; and tnfe- 
niittj ; he bid rmmne to tha mtuxtttoiu In 
iioagination, on the prinelpls be had adopted tha 
ponnioritJil in hiitarj. Thin, "The Caalle ot 
Olranto," and ■■ Tlie Mj-iteriou* Mother." are 
the productiniu of ingcnaitjr rather thui geDin* i 
and itiiplajr the niradca of art. rather than tbo 
apontaneoiu areattou of natiim. 

All hia lltervy workt, like the aratmenled 
edifice he inhabited, were omatrwcled on tlie aRne 
artificial priticiple ; ao old paper ledtpDE-boiuei 
convened bj the mosiriaa of lute into a tioihio 
caatle, full of ii-enie elfecli. 

" A Cntiloese of Roj-al and Nnble Antkir* ** 
wi* itaelf a cluaifieatioii whii'.h Duly an idle ama- 
teur eould hsTc projected, aad odIj the tncil 
BgncMible QUTtilor irf anrcilotc* could have *ra- 
■uned. Tlieta iplnidlil •cnbhicn are for the 
(reater fuul no aathan at all t- 

1 WalpAlaV ctianeWv* an aal Mm te k« irilMI •«. 
wUbm fall biJaaUo* to Itn^vlti aa a jiaMMr. Wd hi* 
hnelmtalaouijrfCbaHiaL Bit WantJ i^Uma tl 
Jiinnt.aBlarShlnvT.nlehlhava Ihm wtUUa wllbMl 
our a»]ualalan«' with tb* oarfca ha ha* aa naHcteiBlir 
bIUbIihI. in kla Mwninl DfWtoaT ha baJaltwUly t a m I 
anrlha" tMisieaf I'eaW]':' aDd hi Lte •ttandt^iUim 
^■ritlintlilaaiinwaldial •^hailfi>r«>tt«ill;a|««er 
•IhI I ■) liHl iii oot think il ■BlDetHI fOiBkkaiiB IM a 

r I 



Uli «lUoh on oor pff rtPM Stdneir. »hoBe lime 
1HI nam matoni thnn lii* USe, wn* rQirmed on Ib« 
ua)« principle u hii " lliitorio Dcubt>" on 
Ricbud HI. Horace Wsljiolc was u irillinE to 
TlUry the tralf gmt, &« lo bnancirj dcfDrmitT, 
when he imagini^d IhM the timt! Ii« wu dntroT inc 
orcmfeTrinK. retl«(^t«<l back on bimirlf. All thaie. 
■■orli* wore planls of sirkly ilvlicacy. which eould 
neicr cndtirt Uic o]>cn wr, and onlj lived in l^a 
•rtifidil Btmoiphrre of n prinW coUcclioti. — Yd 
*t ituiM llie fluvcrt, and the ]>l)tLLler of lUn l^unm, 
wm roughlf ah»lc«n bf an uncivil brmc 

HU '■ Aawdote* of Painliui; in England," u ■ 
moat inlcrtalninK mCBlogUB. He givn the feci- 
!ugB Dftb«iliitincl eras witUK^ardutboarln ; )tet 
hispcidf vm never grxtirted ohcci hn reflected thai 
he had been ittttioK the work of Vcilue, who had 
Millectcd (he oiilcriBhi, but cuuld nut havfi giien 
the p]iil«aopb]t. His |;reat a^ and tiit g:oad untc 
opened hii eja on himtrlf ; anil Horace Walpale 
W#tna to have judged 1im> (.'outemptiiuusl]^ of 
Hortcfl Walpole. The tniih U. lit wat mortihcd 
he bad not and nftm- vould obtain, ■ literary pfwr- 
agt I ul he uvrer reipcctcd ilic coamiDner'i aeaC. 
At these momcntx, t(M> frequent io hU lIfl^. he 
OOntemoB nalhora, andretnrm tuitnk !mi1 tiitnall 
thascir-eompUcicney of art.8tMrslic mdiifurrnfir. 

Thin cold uufc^liiJK djtpoailion for literary men, 
thi* diaituiied mnlice of envy, anil thia eternal 
mallon at hiit umi disappuititiaenla, — break forth 
in hli porrttjiondeuco wuli one of Ihoie literary 
eharaelen, irithshnm hi; krpton lerici %biU thej' 
were kneeling to him in tbe bumihljr of worafaip, 
or moved about (a feteh at to cany hia Utile ^ncsta 
orcarioiilT Incoimac couDtry*. 

hllb a cfaaraclw m ba acqalnd." Bow bMrtlwi ««• th-i 
pclltbod cTBlcluu irbli^i oiwld dar« h> taacanl ilili ftiie 
Kiddim' KoLtiinccMib*liwr«lin|>«tfnti(liul>lanilnt1lc 
aad cautUii orlUsltn* on tlioworki of Jams* t., yrt ht 
bad pmbatiljr ii*T«r i>iMnv4 (bat fullu h« to pet^iunlljr 
(UUmiIm. Us doubu '^hetliR Iwo |ilcva ■■ Tbe Prlooe't 
CaWa,''and "Tb* Ituly of ■ Kki^ In bit Kcir«|Onae>" 
«•!■ (vodIdv pru<liiEUoDi of JaKMi I. Thatnithlafhal 
bMh lh<*i: Kirki km nolhlni; mora Uian pilnel* |irf stcd 
•rllb ilujM (tinuiite il(lt« aai draMii (rom tb« kloi*! 
" IlaiUjKin r>i>mn." rir tiad pnilitlilf ndthar md tbt 
rilraeto nor tba 'jHflnaL 

■ ll WW mi'b a prrKVn aa Coht vl MIlIO). bit varro- 
wrimiait «f fwiy rtar*. wlw lived at n ittMarm. mni 

abvr^iilnnq lo bi« wbhnj a]wa>« Ifwiklng np Ut hltn, 
tiiuuKb DTf «r urilb a ii^rallel glance — wltb ^hmii hi* Uld 
■oii|<uwnl, lb«u^lf Wnlpiilaciuiililhuivraul [lie pH raw 
aoln (**'(! made In bi> M&S, al Ibv liiue be wu vTum 
writlni tba c4idlMt laiMa of almlntiin.—vimn (.'vJi 
veulij ban bvia ouhlsvA (rvm bi> vumvpan^lmcv. 
Walpi'U maid nul tndui* ctoalll)' In literary iiini.~ 
Rmtloffibamnl loCole.lhal Walpalc'tpildvaudhauWur 
ir«r« u e— J«p i hfalcb bvtrt^pd tyi cfiuelw* ^a llir Uoat- 
Maut ot Graf, »bi> ba4 hluuiU loo much pridii and * pbil 

The follo«ins litettiy t^onfcasions lUiutntclbti 

"J'wa*, 1*78. 

" I hsTO tak«n a thDroush dttliko to being as 
author : and, if it «rou)d not louk like tiifr as 7°'* 
In CDRipUment one bjr contradkHni; nc. I waald 
teli yoa «bac 1 am RiDaC ■rrlamlj eonvtDoed of, 
lli*I I find witat ■iDBJI thare of porta 1 had, grown 
dulled. And tbeo 1 pttwiia il m3f«df, I nay 
veil betinr that utlicn would not be IcM ahtrp- 
lighlej. It u very natunUi mine were ijnrilt 
Tath«T than parU ; and aa lime haa nbalad the 
one, il lauiit aurdy dejtroy iMr v^Mmi l tm n t U 

Id ao«theT letter : — 

" I let very little ralae on mywtlti aa a nan, I 
am • (ciy fauiiy one: and oi an tiiithpr, a rttp 
mitldHng ont, vliifh tnhofr'tr Ihinki it e^mfarlaSir 
rt'iA, tt riul •)! all i>f mg ajtiitian. Pray conriftoe 
mr tliat ynu think I ttxao lincvrelr, by not 
UDiwertnit mi; with a LtitnpUincat. It ia very weak 
lobe pl«tited with llall^ry; tbe ilopldeat of all 
dflufioitt to beg it. From joa I abeuld tBl:e it ilL 
We ha»e known one another olmoat forty ycnra." 

There were Limea wbeu Horace Waliioln'a 
nntural latle for hia •tiidl«a rvturned with ^1 Ihe 
Yi|;nur of paaaion — but bit volatility, and bit deanl- 
lory life, perpetually Matterrd hi* lirmcit mwln* 
tinns intn air. Thia ctmULct appear* beautifully 
dnoribed when ihc vlirw of Kliijt'' Colle|[c, Can- 
hrli!^, (hrowa hia mind Into nedtlatien ; end the 
paiiion Icix ttudy and leclaaion inatanily Idadled 

bis emotiuoB. luting, perhaps, at long u IheleUa* 

which describe* theia occnpied b writioc. 

" Ma^n, i7rr. 

" The beauty of Kind's College. Canbridcti 
DOW It I* rratored, pcnelratctl me with • vinoaarj 
longinf to be • monk in it. Tliough my life baa 
beeo paued in turbolent Mcnra, in ptaaiurMor 
rather patttmiit, and in mueh fB«hiap«ble dianpa- 
tlon ; Mill, booha, antiquity, and virtue, kepC bold 
of a comet of ray heart i and uucc ncoraaliy bia 
forced me of lal« year* to be a man of bnaiacn, 
my diiipoRition tenda to be a reclnae §at what 
remains — but it <riU not be my 111 ; aod thaagb 
there i> •ome cxcutc fur the y<»uii9 doin^ what 
ihey like, 1 doubt ao aid man ahtfnld da notbiaK 
bill what he oii|[ht. and 1 hope duing one'* doty b 
(lie beat preparatioa for death. Sitting with <Ma*« 

ta/oTiiin It wbpa loattsn wsn nuMIe up belvaa 
uid Vi'alpols larited Oray la «lnwb«i-T;-hllI. 
(iruy vaiur. bs wrltliuut an; tteenuoj' liild Watpete, Aal 
UimiUiti bB wal1«d on him ai dTJlltjr i*<iulnA, j«t bj ■■ 
iHauvHiediMfHr Miarrran Uu Irrmf ^^^Mr M*^ 
/HmUMp. «iUck Jm aad unatt); fiuMud — Tnaa OwA 



mWM hUti to tkink about lu b ■ terj toag maj 
forprv|Mria| for it. IfCbarioV. bad mKiIved 
10 nuke tomt imcadi finr kliabamiaable amtRtion 
fcjdMOf (ood (Lii dmtj' a« • kin;), tlicr* soulil 
km been iniloluljr more mttit tbtn BviD||[ lo Jom 
la ■ CDDtent. One mmj atDad acliTc guilt in a 
■eqiKiEer«4 fife, but the TlrUie of it U merely 
DCfBllt« I the Inooceam I* boautilul." 

Time bad brca Bii)«Dai>ti mhtti llora«« Walptvle 

•VEsnpRiBcdtbe t«Ddcr«*tfeetii]ciibr fune : and 
Ibe falkmiiii pvnage, wrilicD prior lu tfa« prcc«d- 
lag onca, givn mi tMlicttion ot that oonunipt Tur 
iitrrtrj tuM, of trlueh tbc eSom af Ait ehinictar 
iriD «ihibit aa eitnordiou-j iottaaec. 

ni* Ictler reUlea m aOectinj; tmit — hr bad 
jut returacd ttmt teeing General Coovrajr attacked 
bjr tpkralftkttRilia^ Stocked b; hi* appurance, 

" )1 i*, perbap*, to Tmt my eooMm that I 
vrttc. It bai operated )«di a rewlutloa oa cujr 
mind, aa na tkne, at mg opr, ima ifTaee. It haa 
a aoee daaprd cTery panult which mj ipirili 
\aA ew(9 BOW prrvrntnl me from beio; ««aned 
frDBi, I Bcaaof Titto. It i* like a mortal dutcmjirr 
in «y»ttf I far can aBtuaemcata amiuc, if dicrr la 
b«l a gliutpae, ■ naim al outliving one'a fricndu t 
i Immt Jkml drraaw in vA^A / thougM J tritAed 

ftir Jat^t — «/ nMf n«f Mrroini^ peuJAunniu _/l*m^ 
X «»j> «(t«ta«e« ; / /rW, / f*tl il wm fon/tntJ to 
Ae wfMdr y q/ /Aom / toot. It aectti* tn mr 
feapMaillle (or a man «bo haa na friend*, to do 
nftUagfor hme— and lo ne tlie fint petition 

Ib fti<ftd*bip ia, to intend tinr.'» frii^nda tVinld 
Bor*lie one — bvl h ii ddC reaionablc to oppma 
jDti, itho ara mUcrinB gouii vith my tnFUncbaty 
Umb. Wbat I h*ie aald will tvll you. «li>t 1 
hopv ao nanj yvan have told yo-n, that 1 an itry 
■niiimil aad *incerc to fricDtla of *)>oit furty 

la ft Inttr of a later date tt\im it a mnarlcable 
I aoslnMa, irbick baimoniaei irilh ihoK already 

" My punaiti hafc alway* been light, Crifliitg. 
and tmded to notbint but my carnal tmnMiopnl. 
1 will not tay, nltbout a little vain ambition of 
aboafBg a^m* parta, bat ncTcr wtlli indiHtry 
•nScint to make me apply to anytliiag wlid. 
My iludica. if tbcycosld he cniled to, and my 
pcodaotion*. aere alike demiltory. In my Incter 
•^ I diaeaTMed the fntilitj both of my ubjcvU 
Mid wriltnga— I fdt bo* iniisniflcanl i» ibe rvpn- 
tation of an anttior of n>odiourily ; and lliat, beinR 
BO KCMw. I only added one namt more lo i lUt 
of wrMrra; but lad UM llMwotrd utuhkag bat 
*lHt tt eonld m Bdl be witbonL Thuc rrilcc- 
tfaw wwe tW beet proofi of atj lerue ; and "hen 

] CQuld lea through my mm nnicy, there ii lee* 
wonder in my diicuecrin^ that lucb talent* aa I 
night bave IlhI, are impaired it Kienty'tva." 

Tbna bonibled wu llnraca Walpole to tim- 
•elf l^there in an inlelleetnal digpnity. nhieh this 
man of *il and mdh «-iu incapkbla of rearbing — 
and it SFCnis n rtiribution, that ifae tconicr o( true 
groatnni ihould at Irnclli 1tx\ the poiinnni chnlicc 
r«Coni to bit o«n lipi. He who bad contemned 
Ibe tainent men n( former tltnea, and iiuarrelled 
with and ndimiliui (iny rcn temporary gnniua j 
who bad aflcclcd to lauK^ '^ tl>e hteruy fame he 
cuuld nut obtain, — »t length eacne to ■aim him- 
*elf ' and endured "tbppeialfirea"oran autlior'a 
hall, in nndrmluing bU own work*, the pfodne- 

tiOBi o-F a long life I 

Tlio diB^rin aad diMppointaient of mich an 
author ncn.' ncrer leia carelmly euncealnl. than 
in the fallowing citnnrdlnary letter : — 

HoKAn WAtroLC to - - 

" Ara»ftm Slrtel. Afwit ti. 1 773. 
" Mr. GoQitb widU lo be introdwoDd to me I 
Inderd ! I would au him, ai be hv beat midwifb 
to Klaiten : bnt he b *o doll Uui be would only 
be tracblMoae— and beiidea, yon know I ahon 
aiitbon, aoJ would iit^cr liare b«cn one mytclf. if 
it obliged ma to korp auch bad company. They 
are alwayi in eareml, anii think their profeMioa 
•erious, and dwell ujion triltee, and niTamica 
ttaminf. 1 Ungh at alt thne thiofrt. and writn 
imly to Uacb bI Ibem and HiicH myielf. Nona 
of na arc inthon of any ci>nie<|iienoc, and U ia tba 
moat rldlculou* of ell lanitiei to be lain of bda( 
njdfioenr. A pag* in a prat aolhor hnml>lea me 
lo the duat, and the oonttvatiion of thoM that ar» 
not laperior to mytcLf, leminib me of what will 
be thought of mfieir. I bluah lo flatter them, or 
to be Riltrrvd by them ; and ahould dread ktten 
being publiibed lome time or other, in which they 
woold relate onr inttni^wa, and we ihonld appear 
like tbuee puny coaceittd witlinga in SbcDitooe'a 
and Iluebct'tcorrciipondcoceiwheeiTe thcm*etm 
air* from bring in poaaudon of the toil of Par- 
niiMui for the time being ; aa peer* are proud 
becAuM the; enjoy the wiaiaa of greBt men who 
went before them. Mr. Ovngh b very wclcovw 
lo «<e Strawhrrry-hitl, m I would help him [« any 
(crapi in my poueiaion thai would oauit hia 
pnblicaiionj . thoogh he la one of thoiv Indiubrtona 

wbo are only r*-buryinf the d ea d btrt 1 CUMOt 

be aequUBtcd with him ; tt ii contrary lo my lyatem 
and my humour; and briidca 1 know noitiinf of 
barrowi and Daniih entrendmcaU, ami Sua* 
barbirtim* aail Phvnician ehewlnea fa abaft, I 
know nothinti of tlioae agaa (bat knew nuthintt — 
then how ihoald I be of mr to modem likratl.' 

All tbc Sm(cU mctaph^iciaa* hnve tent me tlicir 
nofki. 1 did not read one of them, beuaiue I 
(io Di>[ undcntitnd nliat i* not innlrntoixl b; Ihaae 
tbu write about it -. uuL 1 did not Eft icquninted 
wicli one of tti« wnt^rt. T slinnW like to he iuti - 
nuic irltU Mr. Anstcy, even. lUimsii be wrotp Ij>n! 
Bnclilionw, or mt'h the autU'ir of tlia Heroic 
Ejiiatli?— I hate no lliirrt to know line rest of my 
conttnipitnirieii. from llko ftbeurd honDbut of Or. 
JoliiiM)!) iluurn to tba iillf Dr. Gnldamith, though 
tlic latter ctiasecliaii bu had lrii;]it gloanit v( 
jiorl), null the fnitner Uul aciiHr, till hu cUicgcd 
it far notiii. nnil luld it fur s |)rniion. Don't 
thbli np kcomfol. R«mtli!el tbut I luve ueo 
Pojro, Biiit liifcd with Gtajr. — Adieu!'' 

Svcb > letter lecmi not to hate heea VTitlcu by 
■ titenrj mui— il it the bablile ot a tboQEbtlru 
witknd* tnu orthevorUI. But it in worthy of 
Um nhoic contniettd heart coulil never a|icn lo 
pUroimce or fricndihip. From such «c miglit 
expect the unfeclin; objerration in the "AniT!- 
doCM or Ptintinif." Ihiit " wnnt o( {i^tronB^ci? in 
the H|inlo|:y for wimt of ^niai. MUlon end La 
FoiilBiDe did Dol "rile in the b»iV of court- faroiu. 
A poet iir a painter majr vant an cquipaKD or a 
tUU, by ntntin^ protcctlou ; Ibey can alirajii 
■ffiord tn bnfink ard pipnr. cnlourt and jicneil. 
Mr. Hogartti ho* rePBired no honour*, butnniieriB] 
•dmiration." I'strEoage, iadnd, canaul conrvrt 
dull man into men uf gDalui, but It may prricric 
men of Kmiii* from bfcnminn dull mm. It niiglil 
haic afforded Di^den Ihat aludioui Iriiure vhioh 
he eT«T tracled, and which would )>»r« giien vs 
not IiDprrfrut lni(;(ilir«, and uuciirrcfted pocmt, 
but thr rrsiilntrd Aighut of n noble grnini. It 
tnigtit hmcnnimittecKiiuniburough lo hari^ crcBtci! 
an Engli>li M'hool iiiUndteatie, wbii^h I haTchpard 
from tlinau who knnw him vnui hta favoaritc ypt 
SCvlcvtcd ptlTftut. But ^Va]J>oIc could Inault tliAt 
Sniiui, which he wantod the gcnarciBilj to pralecl I 

Thi' vholo ii{>irLt of thii iqni wni |iciiiiry. 
Enjoying an alllucnt incoine, h(! unlj ajljicaTi'd lo 
patronttc the ana which antiwed hia taster. — 

npbyintc the aicnii«Bt nrtiats, «t reduced prioet, 

I umamciit liit u<tu wiirkt, an oL'onuiiiy vbleb lie 
Unerly reiirchtntla in others who were cninprtlrd 
lo pracliae it. He i^tiftcd bin ainfice at the 
rapcntu of hia Tauity g the strooKaat paMton miut 
prevail. It vat the aiuipUcitj of obildliood in 
Chittrrcoii. lu itnafioB Horace Wolpolc L'ould be n 
patron — but it li melaiichaly to recortl, Uijt a 
■light pniieetion might bn*e Mved lueb a youth. 
Umt abaadonnl thit man of birth ntiil ranh, iu 
ib<. iTiidst of theirJDumeytbriMigbBuni'pfl; Maaou 
>>fi'i,(- vcitb bioi: evoi bti bmoble conrtpondcnl 
('ulr, lliia "frionil of forty ypan," was often tent 
•way in dudgron ; and ho quairclbd with all the 

antbon and atliila be bad ever been anjuaiated 
with. The Uotliio eaatle at Stnw berry -hill waa 
ran-ly graced trith liTing gndtw— there tlie i^rcateat 
was Horace Wulj-oleUmielfi bat be bod been too 
loo; wjiiting to nee mlfied a mi^ol iWon of 
bit hope*, which reaembled the ptwpbrtif AotiaQ 
of hisinrn romance, tbsl "tbpownvr ilioddfffov 
luu iorge fur hii houw." After many year*, 
bniing (UKcnrrnl that he itill rctabed hia tnedifr- 
crity. he could (lercr pardoo the |imet]ce of lliat 
pteieraatunil beinj* whom the wnrld concidnv)! 
s URKAT MAK. — Sueh wa* Ihi! fisctiDK whieli dic- 
talrd the olo*c of the above lettcrt Juhnaon and 
GoId»nilh were lo be " acorQcd." aimcie Pope and 
Gmy were nu mora wiihiu the ntth of bli cnv^ 
and bla Iter. 



CxraiEHai.T lo the Ulnarjr character) aooae 
bavc imputed the bruUbty of otrtain aatlinTa In 
their librrari habitj. when it may be nioTC truly 
said, that tbcy derived tlioif Uterature frmn ttvtit 
brutatily. The tplrlt wai envenMnrd hntora it 
rutcrcd Into iLc tcrcenetaof literary controTcny. 
end the inxaiiity wh» in ihc eril Irniper ot the 
taan hrfora be rouird our nuiioe by hia raTiasa. 
KiTtioK. the late antiquary of poetiy (not ta oD 
hi'n poetical), aniBird the world by Id* ntoperi- 
tin; roiling at two ailth^ia of tbo Soot taale io 
poetry, Worton and Tcray ; he r-arried criticiMn, 
tia the diiceming few hadiiratautinlied, toiniadty 
iUelf ! the obarset«r before ae only approodwd It. 

Drnsed attaiued lo the BmbigiuHU hoooar ef 
bciuE (UrtinKuiahcd at " The Critic," and be nuy 
yet iiLitruct att how tlie mural influeni^ci tb« 
Uterary chnracler, end bow a ctirtain talent that 
can nnvrr mncitrc ilaelf Into geniiu, like the pale 
fruit tliDt hujci in the shade, ri|<eiM only bio 

As a Critic. In bia am day, parly for mne 
timn kept hini alire : the art of chlicbm wa* a 
norelly at that period of our Utentture. He 1M- 
terod auinv grrat turn, ai»l be abuaed tluev «l 
tlio Ereetcfl; ibii wa« odc mode of eccwing 
popularity i because, by tbia ooiitritaace, be 
divided ibe town into two partiea ; and the iraaci- 
biUty and latira nf Pnpc and .Strifl were not leai 
avrrioeaUa lo bim, thui tlie partial pan«gjriea of 
Drydea and Coosrevc. Johaaoa iwived bim, 
fur bta minute atlatk uo Ad(li»i>n i and ICq)|ii*« 
feebly \ol amino iia, and with the cold adeCtatioa id 
cendonr, ^lawi bioa la oeeupy a plM« In our lite* 
rary bialory, too hirge in the eye of Tratb aod 

Let u say all the food «c can of bin, that w« 
Clay not he interrupted ia a tnoiv tntportaBl 
inrjuiiy. Oennia once nr)^ ftir prvtoufOM U 



UwoMn of crilKL Sons of hU " OlfiBKl LeU 
laf!^" antl partinbtly ihe " Rmnari* oa Prince 
AntMT," vrilten ia hU ii(cur, attaia ercn to 
r Uail c w l critidiB-* AiiatDlIc lud Bona layapen 
hefare bm, and he devclo)it and ■omoHoMl 
niuitnua their priacipin, with doN Nuanlnf. 
tnnian lud bm jct blindtd the jronng critic villi 
nga ; and in Uiat bxppj iBontcntT Virgil occujiiod 
U* aUcfitiaii vim more than BUckmorc 

The proauneDt bBturn in hla litcnr; chinutcr 
«M food Mfltei but ill Ulerature. Utuugli iioC ia 
lifB. good WAH il a )>eaurtoufl lirtoe. Driinia 
toaU iMt beor/icd bcynnil Ll>e cold lioe of a pre- 
ecdoal, and befoK tw ventured to be pltmwd, he 
waa cgapelM lo look into AriiCotle. Hia Icarn- 
inf w*M tl» bipil/y of literatura. Ic waa ei^ 
^Utalotte cxpluBod bj Dennii. But in the npla- 
MttkM ef dia (Jmcdr! Iu( of bit noatcr. h< waa 
IcJ ial9 mcfa friiolona diatibocinnR, and Uilclcxa 
fvnpMitiooB, thai hiairariia tiwEne imptxtiDti, aa 
■unpkt of tha maaiter of a true tnedunicti 

m» Unntcil feeling of Lba meelianical critic 
*U al firit cuocfalcd from the nnrld In ibcjwmp 
of oitMl cnidlllou: boi nhca be truniDd lu liin- 
id, dtatituie c( laite acd imafpnatioD. 
a foet and a DmnatiBt, (he xcrtt of ttio 
■cjal MU** waa rcitaled. Aa bia rvil tfonpcr 
pRraiM. be forfiii bla Uarnlns. and losl (h« 
■odarata aewe wbieb be arerord once to bave 
poaaaaaed. Raga, nuli^e, and dulnria, Mrt« tlii'v 
bcarj reMdouni ; and oowb« inncb rcaemblM] llint 
coofsaU aonl vhoin ibe cii-r-witt)' Soutlj com- 
parad lo Ui« Uilor'a looao, wUcb ii at onee hot 

Dauii wtt ant to Cambriiiftc \>j bia &Uter. 
■ midtrr, arhu imiy^uicd a i;ciuiu haii been bom 
ia ilia btailjr. tU travrllc^ III Piiuot and Italy, 

and OB hit rrlum Iwld iti contAnipt rrcrf imrtuit 
hoi portry ■nd cnttcism. He bounted the literary 
f0l<rt<*, and drop|i«d tnio a gti^ty of <*ita and 
■eUcmeo* At a tltn* wbati our littraturr, like 
oar pcJhici, nax dh-ided into tio fnaloni, Dmnit 
ir nnder Drydon and CaiigMvvfi 


MataMm, thai KIpiA). kIid riaatAca 
* I ' '( aDmneraHon bl» heap «f i«iRrl>IK>. 

I'' — uiaetanoMiKtiltluondfiKdUQdUtkai. 

•leiajt bo die milrinn, ottfcb, lUMnmr. ha 
^ 'in aeiilil non raaH wIUl An o41 taia BtUada 
Saaaaa^ wwh* : hi* crlUd«n on a bal vork ouilil to 
anvtta la, aa^nl woikabarc Mirrlvad hJatrltlcUm*. 

(Hv In tMcnli'a ■■original LcUVa' mm M Tinunn. 
Oimad. " On lli«!Citt»iilt»f) ngalBW OHHapntatlnn nf Kr. 
OHftlB.' II waa In (a>oiuvI/iiirf aaahMiMidiHi. mi*:- 
a^ltapJn■l»el»^.*B■;^^>f^a^aaU>rylln» flaclnra 
a nU-taniaa iotIuI. •■ Whanvnr BXina nnw 
lawsrfc.ll«fltalli(aultai aad KhotonrUMlla 
1. BO bnnik* (as luaih ma, llcin> Mraek br 
Mr. DndM'a«aitui. ■ haaaaoayMte mttmn: and I 

and, as Ip^limale orltirinn naa then an iwfnl 
novelty tn the nalioii, the yonng eritjf. rM«D( 
£r«iD the Sta|>iri(c, iood bvcatne an inipCFrfant, 
and ercQ a trnamidoiia apiiit. Pope ia Boid lo 
liam Kgardtd hb jndpnent, arid Mallet, nhcn 
fouDf, trcmbliiii^y aubinittfd a porta. In live or 
dit by hti bre&lli. One wonld hiiT« iiiiafjiniMl tbat 
tli« elegant «lutLi.ii be nag coltiTating, the ricwi of 
lilc nUcli bad o|H:iicd on him, aiid ifait poliahed 
ciTcle arocnit, vimld have iartiirtind the troaanen 
nhit'li naa thr nalurt] ^owLb of Ibe toil. But 
iingrxdniu Nutufe k^pt fut hold of the mind, of 
Dtnnia I 

Hia perwiaal maniwra were diaradoiaed by 
UiFir abropl Holvncr. Once dinins with Lord 
lUlifai he becniD« aa ioipalimt of cuntmdictlon, 
that he riiRhtd out of the roonv, OTtrthrmring; the 
■idfvboanl, IniitiirJD); oil the next day ho» be 
had bchnicd, Miiylc obnenred, *' Yoa went away 
likR the iteitil, taking one cumtT af the bvate with 
you." 'Ilie wlu. pcrbapi, tbeu began to toapect 
tUrir young Zailiu'i duKinatum. 

Tbc actor* rcfiued to perform one of hia trage- 
dies to empty buusto, but ihi'j rotaioeJ atnuc 
excellrul ttiunder ahlch Dcniii* had iovcnted; 
it roll(<d oiiR night when Dcnitii wai in the pit, 
and it waa applauded ! Suddenly ttarting n|i, to 
cried to the audinncv, " By 0—, they ww'l a«t 
my tragedy, bat tbcy steal my tLundert" Thus 
■rbeo mrliriK Pope'a " Euoy on CriUcisoi." be 
r.nme to the chararter uf Appiiu, be anddenly 
flung down the n*w [loem, fli<rlaimin|r. " By G — . 
be mciiii me\" tie ia painted to tbe life. 

" La' Appi<u rediltnt at each wonl TDU*i>'«k, 
AtxJ WBiaa irvnieniliui* with a UinauiDini rjv, 
Uka Mana flMca Ijnnt In old la|ianry." 

I oon)plet<! tbi« pieinra of D«niiii with a very 
eitriwrdliiiLry caricature, which Steele, ia one of 
hia papen of "Tbe ThtBtrp," baa rivm of 
De&ali. 1 *ball, bowFier, diaentanulr the thrrada, 
and pick out what I conMdcr tint to be caritfttm*, 
hut rcMHuUlance' 

" Hit niatjon u quick and aoddm, turoins on 
allaidca, with a luspiciuii of every ubjccl, at if ha 
bad done or fnrad aooia eicnoTdinary miKcldeC. 
You (00 wiebodtteaa in Ua neariiug, but tally of 
conatcnaacc. tliat bclraya hint to bo unfit fur lba 
esocntivD of it. He itaria, start*, and looka round 
faim. Thlaeonatant ihufllr of liaite without (peed, 
make* Ihn man thnughl n link touched ; hut Ibe 
*at»a Innk of bin two eyea givea you lo anderataad, 
that he coiJd ncter run nut of hla wita, whiek 
sremed nul au mocb lo be loti, oa to want cuiploy- 
ment ; ibey are not to ina^ aitray, ai ibej are a 
woo)-gatb«riiif. He bat the rioeand (urllncaiof 

tui* oa >y*a lor hla ^amlair taaultta, becauM 1 
ddI atnuk bjlbolrftnlua.' 



s rouiiir, oliicli bai otien tmrd bim from btinin 
(MBUd like R cur, till tiainv morv ugacious than 
oritinBry found hi* n*ttir«, 4nil iwrMt tiim ancord- 
ingly. Unhappy being I terrible without, fearful 
witbin! Not k iralf in tbtxp'a dotbiiiKt but « 
■hfB|) in ■ woir'i." 

Uowerit iinfir rnRy hiTo ■ Hitlc noloarcil tbi« 
portrait, it* Irulli miT he unlirmed from m v«rii?ty 
of toutoet, ir Snlluiil, with hit ancu>l(>nicd 
penetTatiun, in chunctcriMii; thefiolcDl cmotinna 
of Calilitie't rMllvM mind, did nnt for^iet ili 
iiidieniiun in " hi* waJli nnw quick nad now ilow," 
it mny b« ii1loi««d to thinb IIiaI the <h*rii«<«r of 
Dcnnia vru liikc to Ik dctccloil id Uia lubitual 

Even in hi* old' >(«, Ibr onr ehjun nintt not 
dtop a link, lili nitive brutality aetti foranok 
him. TbumMD and Piifie rliiiritablj nupported llir 
Tclrrua Zvitu* at a bcoeflt pUy ; oud Sarme, who 
had DOthinB but a yenr. in ghe, relumRd thrni 
verj poeli'Tnl Ihnnki. in the name of Dennii. 
Hcwu thpD blind and old, bnt bla chtiml ffropity 
knd no olil »fe ; liin sDrlinrM nirri^iinic every 
Cntcful icnae, and he twape aa iifunl, "Tbey 
ctiuli] be no one'a but that faal Snragc'*," — ati 
«vicl«fice of Ilia ugndty and brutality* '. Ttil* 
Trna, pirhain, thr lait pcexiili (unlT thnknn tfnm 
the ili*nial link of i^ritiiriain ; for, u frw day* after, 
waa tlie rednubted Dcnni* nuinh-crrd nilh the 
Btiibty (leoil. 

He nnrrifd the asrae Itercenat lata hiti (tjlr, 
and comrDili thn mar. ladioroni citniTajtanciea in 
litprnry comjioaitioT) a* in liii manncra. Wu 
Pope rctliy lure st the /luilUn ityt* ? H« Uu 
bliuiclf i|iiircd me the trouble of cxbihlilnit DeD> 
nil'* pvt* pBTXinalilir*. by hnving mtlectcd them 
ft! the clotA of the Duneiod -, ■ptrimena which 
•how hvn Low flilia tit and mali^ity can gtt to 
by hard paina. I will Ibrow into the note a curiout 
illuitmlion of the anli-poeticKl ni>tiona of a me- 
cbaoical crilii', who bu no wing ti> dip into lb« 
kutf of th« in agination f. 

* TTiar* b an eplsrvn "n Dnania by Natiin. whli-ti 
Johruon hu prrumd In hi* Ufa ; md 1 fcal [t lo ba * 
t«iT onmct ilkmna. altbooth Johnmi cnuur** t><iTiin 
Ibr wrlUns an eylfiunac^biM I>«ant«, while h mu Iidni 
In faat bnlllarity with Ibaarltle. Flrrhira thii wa* th* 
kappIaH mnnanl ta wTiU ihaaplinun, Th* an»HlAUi!n 
dia (nl donblli^ ptmnptnl ■■ tlic fcnp la lakt Ilili fUi 
rnvnge and Jutt ehMtltrnttnt. tMnfa haa brmwhl onl 
Ifeo IMtur««*lmntl<r, In thMB tiiuFlii>*- 

" Gay what t«<i>nit"<<< nmnlaMnta h»il. 
TOO dull foT laugh Mr. Iw replj Kn mail. 
Onooonpoorjimraiiiuit lain tlw taw. 
OnoaannldfowrawnfdTDDaMTB IDdmw. 
Cmw*1 Unv. U< the bBnuleu niaii«Dr rwv. 
•wun in dulnaaa, Madfian. want, uiil aje t ' 

* D«inl*polnl*hIth«av7naiuiniirc«lllcbin,aiidU)u* 

In life and in literalsre we meet with Ben who 
»ei^m eniloared with an obliquity of undenMnilUiK, 
yet acli*p arid hti»y •pirit*; but, ■• artiiily ia Only 
*aJiub1c in proportion Co the rapnoity that pat* alt 
in motion, ><i, when ill dircclpd, the intd)rct> 
warped by nniurr, only becumea more crook cil and 
faniattiMl. A hind of frantio mlhixiMin hrnilit 
Ttrtb in lb«ir arliofu and th«tr tanfiuiRe. aniiorflea 
lliey ncrni fcr^Rioiu when Ihcy are only fooliah. 
We may Ihiia airount for the ronliner* tnd uyle 
of Uriinli. puslinl alniott to Ifar intr of Inianlty, 
and nrling on him vr-ry mar.h like inunity ilaelf ; 
B irir^u mat&nce irhich the qnick reng««nM of wit 

■ci:icd on, ia the buma-roas " Nsmtirt of Dr. , 

tminlarda that aartaJ •dlB««, Uw" llapaat tba Lack." 
IId u inqiilrlnii Into the luliin of pnrtitat matHurrf. 
vlilch. heonii'tilarlr pnmounwi. abDiild b* nrilcloua. At piilltlral ; awiiiHiiu tiM " Ijiilrin " of Bollaan 
lulMit iiin*oii1ir inapp«aran«fi,covaTlnKllieitoclit<illllcal 
(l»«Jffn of lefonnlna the I*opi«li PhUTcb:— With tb* yard 
orurlilclam. he takea meaaim of (lis alandai ftaoaaaail 
llnj-olcvnwor l"ij|w'< aerial iiuufhln(«,Bt ■'ImoODaldOT^ 
■Mr UiAii lli> Huniiin iKViniif, Which I* ttfllbpHI pr«r- 
iinti. 'SniMnn «n be ao ommnptlble aa Uia pfnvm4 
or ao rmllah aa the iU)i]i?rataiidhi|> «t Ottm hetfUia: 
Ariel** apMv)! la unc i»nllnii«d lm|MitInHK«. After b* 
ha*tilk«l intbemnrblnckmniniind dire •ttaaten that 
Ihrralan bl* hetolne, Ihoio buEbmti dialndlv 10 tto 
btnklnt a ideee al chlnn. Ii< HAliiinf a i«llln«(. Iba 
IhId) a rsD. «r a l>il.tli> »[ al (nlatlln— <nd what nakaa 
Ariel'* )|<p«<ili more rldLc^ulnua la Ibo|i'a« wtuaa II la 
■pakMi, im (ha iBllannd nndapeof Hctliuta'i baiir.' And 
tliBD beannpue* the ^itiiha la Ihn IXmrd of Ibncr, 
whu«f>feel are u|xin Ihn eartli. and brad In iba iW». 
" TlKj- am. iiiilnl. bclnp as dlDnlnutln Ibat they har 
Ilie iBiru) prapDnliici lo iliv ml itt (ha biWOtCtual. Ihal 
Kill "■ riiKjar do 10 tho irwt of Ibe malarial world: the 
taller *rt> auli to b* men IhroiiRh mrcmEope^ and Iba 
fomiw onlj Ihnimti the fnlao otttca uf a KoattTm^ao 
uSderatKiidblX." Anil llDally. ba ilmMoi IhU •■ IbaM 
dlimlnuUva b«ln^ an: imljr Sdvntji ithal la. fllcrandar 
ri)l»1. takini thnehanin: far It la be, a UttIa Itnapd 
(leah thai Ulkii Initeail of a llltle aplrtt.* Daukf^ fHf 
Ibimd irailly (oolnbiiln an oili1|[|«n»1 fatfuro of tiia 
biirlariiw to Uifln liBrolHSriTiln piHinii Uinnaelra. mly 
that Dennla cannot bo playful, and will sot to pnd. 

On Iho aaine laiUloaa prlni^lple ba dec Id a* on IIm in- 
probablllly of (bal Inifl'lenl in Ilia "Qin*claaaLaTa«'*<( 
IVteoIn. ralanl I17 Hnll, who. btilaf nntnd gimt i>»Ma> 
tlnne from lull falliH-, liaa pronilaed not ki marrr wlOioal 
bli ocxueitt. tJn tbit Ucnnl*. who rattdy la Uia calUal 
Vtegimm win aHi a Dnl wllboui autbority. «Mtai lam 
raraldabla pagg* fram Lochs'! - fiawy en a«T«wn«k* 
to pm» Uial. Bl the aia af dl«re(lni, a mao la hm la 
dl^Miaa of bla om Bctkma ' Oan would li«a(lna thai 
Dannla waa nrsufaii llfco ■ (peditl pitado. raibcr lka« 
daeeloplni Ui« Inioliol acDan nf an *neUnt dMM 
Ai*tfa*m oTiUea who wnnld pnneuDoa Danala I* hal 
teryarMlUrbtMIierr It lebtretoaha ealla Bia a la-a 
ivo-pmny author." alliiitlnji lo the prloi of Ike - Talhn* 
— bultbii end liennbilDW '. 



Robert Nefrii, Mocerning dw FVeucy ef Mr. J olm 
Dmab, an oli<«r of IIm Ca«toni-hoaM." 

It U i:Mi«B* 10 AbMrrr, lli«t Dcnala. io the 
ddhMn'ao of (caiiifi describe* kimirlf ; be •■ji. 
** Okuoi i* owaed b; a ftmout /ay and pridt of 
mmt on tha eoiwcption of an extraordiiiBi7 bLrii. 
Muiy men b**c tb«ir Aiitd wUtiout their BKition* 
af /ofy <i«J priJt •J tvul, btcauae dicj naot fire 
CMMili Is aptaU their f|iiriti i and ihcM wc call 
eold nUeta. OibMs, who ha*e a gtnt deal ur 
Sit. but hara not ri(»U«n[ oi^ni, («el tht foro- 
tncnlMbcd tnoriani, >ithout Uie MtmnrdinBry 
Ainfr. uid tbeic wc call fiHtian nriten." lli» 
Bocioiu aad lib hiitit, ■■ be docribea ihem, in 
rcfanl to mid or (nilian odten. cmbd to htolnde 
tte csiraina paJaia of hii oim j;cniua. 

Anatber (tntnre tttoaglj marki the nf« of the 
Daaaiaaa. Willi a tutf-conscaoiicnaia of delicicut 
gahki ibcy uBuatljr Idoliio tooia ehiniera, b; 
adopting BOOM rltniTiKaiit prinriplc i and thpf 
eOKitdcr thanaclTo at ofiginal when they arc nsljr 

DtMnh had atcr aotaa tolailiapen idd of tbe 
■lod, wUcb he va* pFntetualli carcwing with the 
»al of pcrrerled judgnent or wonalrDiu tram. 
Oaoe bil frtnty ran agalntt the Italian Opera i 
and in hia " BHaj oa Public Spirit," lie axriW 
h> irrWaf l« its iiumanl; wttblinp^. I bi*e mcq 

■ kng letter bf Dcnnii to ihc Earl of nzford. 
wiitten to congnlnlate lui lortUbip ou hit iiccca. 
den to powta, and tti« hlgtt hojiM of Ihr natlnn ; 
hot tlia f rcster ]»rt of llicIrEter run> oil ihc llalian 
Oficra, whik Dennia initmcCa the Mlniitcr tliat iho 
■■tioDal pnnperitjt can never be ctr«L-icd whili' this 
pnetal oonvplioii of (he three Idnitdomt liF* oi;eii! 

Daraia faaa more than onca ntordrd two ma- 
ImU cireamtlaneca in the Uf« of a tra« critic ; 
IhoM arc hi* Ut-tuuure nnil the jaihtic nfp/rcl. 

'I make au duubt," »ji he, " Ihat upon 
pannal of iha erilkal part of thna Ictten. tbe aid 
an-iua/WA will be broa|ht a^nit mc, and ttiere 
wiU be a Jrt*h tutcry uDong ihoashUci* people 
llMt I am an ill-itatvml m<ia." 

tie eotvtalned eiahcd opinion* of hii own 
powtni, aad ba deepi; felt their pnblir ncslcct. 

" While othera." be aajii in liLi trioti. " ha«e 
fcMatoa<wi*rA rnmiraijieJ, I bare btm Ion much 
Myl«rli<i" — hia fiTOUiilo ajmcm, Ibil rclicion 
glrea pnacifally ro ereat poctrjr iti npirit anil en. 
tbMdaau, WM an inportanl point, which, be lap, 

■ Im4 been Ult t« be IreaW bj a ptrten aha h/u 
Ike Aawowr ^ bring fvur (vrdihtp't CVH riCryman — 
jtmt lordiUp know*, thai tirryina *o murh and n 
toHf f f rtMtud lu I bate brrn. hare been alirajra 
allewcd to («f iMiitff* eonteming Vttmttioc* whidi 
in olhcn mif^bt be i>irmn<re." 

flta eaMily, wc wr. waa o^sal lo Ut raatlon, 
anil aa be crew oli), he bccaBC mor* enraged ; 

and. writii^ too ofUn withrwt Arictotlc or Locke 
by hia tide, be gtie the loam pore Deiinii. and 
alinoit caaaod to ba raad. " The oppiwaioo," of 
whicli be coiuplaliMi might not be Icai inagliiarf 
thon bti aUrm, a-hilc a Ireity waj pending widi 
Franre, that he iboulil be dvlivered wg to tbo 
Giaiid MoDMijiin for lianoR writT*n a tragedj, 
which Du one could read, ieuimI hia loajratf. 

U i> melancholy, but it i% tueful, to record tbe 
rnortiflcatioiia i>{ aiuh authora. DtiuiM bad, no 
doubt, labonrut with teal wbieh coalil aever matt 
a leH-anl, aiul, |ier1»i)a, unird bit critical taboora, 
he tu[n(^d often with an acbitig beait, (roes their 
barrea wntemiiliitiuu to tliat of the tiaDi{ai]lity ho 
night have derited irom an humbler Bfocition. 

It waa not literature then that made (he mind 
cHHu^c, bmtatinDg tbe hibita and inflaming the 
Htyleof Deoaub He ImU thrown btnielf anoas 
Che walki of geniua, and **pired to 6a himaelf on 
a throne to whirh Nature had reluaed bim a legl- 
ttraatr claim. What a Luting lourca of vPUtion 
and raffe, even for a luag-ti«ad pacriaMb tt 
criticitm 1 

AcriMiomerJ to *ni|md (he iixinrge over tbe 
hcadu or the f\nl g-uthnn of the age. be could aol 
lit at a table, or eater a eoflee-boiiM, without ei< 
crtiog the deep»tiBm of a literary dictator. How 
could the mlnJ. that had dooted iuclf lo the con- 
lempUlioii of maidrr-piecra only to rewud ita 
itiduHry by iletailins to the [lublic their buiuai) 
frailtien, experience one honrof asirnity, oiu idea 
l)f gmcc, unc |;cuRroii> impulie at •eniibllity ? 

But tbe poor critic bioiacif at leoBth fell, really 
more the victim of bin crilieiamB tban the genlui 
be bad iiiaulted. Haflng incurred the pohlic 
neglMt, tlie blind and beljileia Cacua In hia deo 
auoll TmC into contempt, dngfetl nn a life of 
misery, and in hia lail.days. ecarccly lomlting 
bit Gre and iniolie, became Ibr moit pitiable crea- 
turp, reeoiTiagthealinabe craved from innmphanl 

TAMB A WMT^L oiaBfYioK av iva Aann. 
flow Ihc moral and litcraij cbanwtcr are rt- 
ciprocally itiflomoed. may be traced in the cha- 
TaetfT of a p^^nonage pet^Larly iip|)ii*ite to ttaete 
inc|uinet- Tfaia wOTiby of literature la UkATOK 
Hbsibv— who la rather known traditionally than 
hiatorii'ally*. lie b ao overwbebned with the 

• twUulD UllHiwn of IbU Macular man, that Mr. 
IMbdIn, In hli nrrciuinii* - BItatinmanIa,'' «a« not aMa 
to mullaet aaji oUmt ituM* Itian Itiow ba uaawrlbad 
from Wuburlua'a-'rinnnHitaMiyon Ike Dnnclad' In 
Hr. XIc»ntl»'i •' lllalofj c<Ltliailimhlw,''a amwaaptciM 
aomuniol llBDi«7mayba(kaiad:MthAIMaa«DtaMni 
bbcra added, it «a»bDwvvar,<iacull wtlnaatlrrw 


i>i3APPOiNTRD GEmira. 

«ctio«<] satire of Pope, nnd bii own ^jtravagant 
(wnJuct far huhiij' )-cats, Uial I shoald nflt ram to 
ntricMc hliD, bod 1 uoc diwonered a ftKCun m 
the ehtncUr of fUnl^f Dot ytt drawn, and ran- 
rJdtuCing no inferiar oaloniHjr ainun|{ ■utlicir*. 

|]oiik;itaii(l«inhis"Kilt cnh" in the Dnnciml, 
Vii a portrait of hliu lumgi in thr picliirr.Eallcn' 
of the Comnirntar;. Foiie'a rene niid Wwbur- 
Wo'* bDKM arc thn pieli1« and the bandsgct for 
•"I Esyi'l'Bo mummr ofdulnct*, wLo will liwt m 
lonil ai the [ijmuaid that iocloiw* him. 1 rhtll 
trsnacTibe fat the reulcr'i conveiikncfl the lint* 
Of Pttpe:— 

■■ RtnbitnnM wtUi rbUtv brpniK, lu '. ElRitc]t atintlii. 
Tuning Ilia niar, ami baUnt liiK hU liuiili i 
tlirw fliumt nnnvuijw irU^klc* front bU touKUPt 
tluH (wcet Oiv ixrlvdh Dalthirr nld acr bUimi I 
f^dllbrak iliii)midw*,Hanle]r,<rllh tbyunilii, 
WliOc sburliKk, Ban^ atul Ofioiin, pmoh In rolci. 
Oh.' ffoaireMOTcrvr tb«twtl«a<IMajni 
hwdut at mcv. and Kan f (rf cby at» * r 

It will mrphac whsn I d^torethat thia hnffwiii 
WM an ind«faligtble aluilrnC, a proficient In ull 
the Icamod laagnagca, an clccntit yuKt, and. ncUial, 
a wil of no Infcriur dain. Il tetnainit to dljcoTer 
whf " thr PrcJifhflr" twcsiiic "IheZsoy." 

Henlqr «* of SL .lohn'a Collie, CambridRc, 
UmI waa diatinguiihed for the nrdvnr aad p«rti- 
Mclty of hia itudirs ; he save ciidcnt guarkii of 
piiiiiB. ThciT is a Idler (if liu to Ihtt S|i(-ctn]or, 
lipted P4lerile Quit, vhidi tbauudi with local 
wit and qjitaint humoar. He hud not ottniiwd hii 
lw«nt)>-W(MDd jrea» when be publiihctl a poem, 
eotHIcd "Ettber.Quf (n of Pcrsiar." written nmid 
fmirr xtudirt; ftir ihrrr ywint nftrr. Ilcniejrbuing 
M^. pvblinhnl hia " Com|i!rtp Lingnijl," eoti- 
■Uttng of (nuBBln of ten Inngai^e*. 

Ute poem ibclf ainat not be pa*wd Vf fo 
olcnt notinc. It i« piccrJcd by a learard preface, 
in wlilrk the purt ditcovfira hia liitimatH knciw 
ledge of oriental itudica, with Rome eC;niologi«i 
tnm Use Perm, th» llebro, and tbc On-ck, 
oODCoiDiaK tW DsniD and pcnoii of Ahniuvnia, 
wham be make* to be Xme», Tlic cIom! of (hit 
prtfiM sItm aiwther nnexpnc.tri! fratura In Ihe 

aaefUaolaliacTtat'hooM Tp ilio author i>[ tlia "LUteol 
Uowjrtr." aud olhoi worlw d«nl«4 Id our auUuin^ nn 
Utwary hlMuy It nifini initcMiil, Hum to tLe Utwnraaf 
007 otbw omta>i|>urary. Uu I* Uic I'mspci Maretumd of 
BoilUi Dteralura, 

• II U. cethaiM. imiirMsBTT to |ialnt oot thta allurinn 
offUpBlfluur inoirtit miiil^ut, when the Chrffywtn 
lliaAdan.' ■numu whii'li. tu* ftiv or liinrJi wialntio- 

t T*e IKk U ■• BKhw, ■)»« «f IVnh. ■» btrivilcal 
nnot, la bur luaki ; b/ Juho tlnkj, D. A. of n. ivtat't 

c^ncCcr of him who, the 'poet teU* its, «m 
"eaibrowncd wilh tmlhehroute." — oannsffiKtoJ 
moduty t M«a1eT, ■IItidlii|;Io ■ Grmk paraptinMC 
of Banrn, cmRuns hit fiultj wtihoui acrimony. 
Bad cTcn apalofiiMs for them, by ttiiu graMfullj 
clorinE thc|)re(iicc : "Thneeanonlf beallniaCod 
bj one plea, the *uuth of tlic nntbor, wtiidi b a 
rircumntano* 1 hopv the candid wiU oouidcr in 
Gsvonr of the prf «nt writer 1 ' ' 

The pocn i* not deatiluls «[ iiMgiiMlion and 

The pomp of the tmit of AbuMns liaa all ihc 
luiuriaiiM of Aditia apieudour ; and tbc cirmm- 
iitaDi>e> BK Hl«ct«d with aomo fMcy. 

" TTii> hiHhiv (tuati ojipnuidi ninmaof MUt 
Wlum tlwuwl couuhca ill anmnil nro wt 
Uitaiiir'dvtitiait: u'rrlnuytalilBiltirtiwBa 
UmHioldivU GaipotoMl bi foMaadoinL 
T)i* bowwo and ■u4«oa at a* «Mtt wcN Dcar. 
And epu U(hti ladnUait Uh broatUnc air. 

" rVUmorniarbloboreaiUlEenabjn 
Vninrwnl] v(pijirTilEiLa4QiK Imm Uo 
tn ilLrur rlnot. lliv aauni mnup^i. 
IMftuiDl wltli dtuiuuuJ itarad'tblsonHfti. 
Aril iiirlh uiil inu hitc teim'i la wnwaM ir««a ; 
AKlvlirutKi>ld. [i>>'i]<^lbBp(iloM>lcniwo. 
l-'armM In ttir mlOic uluiwi. a ml aiin,' 

Nor l« IlmlRf^ Ini akilful in the eb^gwioe of Ui 
nmtimRnta, and iu liii develupmeut of the bninu 
chAracti^r. V hi-o Esther la laitti to Ota ihrOM^ 
the poet (u;*, 

*' And Erflior. UraugU la r«lw, I* BMkor HOLT 
And then xublimcly esdaiaUi 

■• The hfnio not, amliW IM bUo* *a w«0, 
IiDcrarnnll'd leelilttL,narMiat toolrw; 
8taob, UkB (la origin ahov* Ihe lU*^ 
Uwt (beiaoiBKmtieir, ndaU; wbo; 
Qilk«i«<l ■■!■] pierani In mw7 **V 
To K»m a cuuillai ir«<ld( or boar IU na»." 

Sal wit which the SpMtator ^ua arnt down to 
jMltwitj, and poetry whirh gave llie promlai! M 
eicellence, did not bound the noble Miihlttoo ol 
Henlry : ardent in mure ioipurtaat laboon, lia «a« 
pcrfectintt hiiaiclf lo tlie Iramcd laocaaxM. and 

He oAdatcd ai the nuut of ibe frpe-tefaoolal 
hi* native town in Lrlcvtteniliirt, then in a ilrcli«- 
Ing alate ; but bo btroduecil many oriKioil \ta- 
provemrno. lie ntabliahcd a dasa for p«hjic 
docotiun, rcciutiom of the diMica, orathm^ 
tee. i and arraegrd a method of enabling e««7 
aclioUr to ^*o on aooount of hi* ttodirs wiUmoI 
the acceaaity of conaultinjt etbetsi or of bcl^ 
examined by partJciitnr t|ar*tioiii. Tlieae tsl 
are indeed > liitln ajioetyphol : for tbey mre 
from tbat p«eudo.goiip«l or hia llTe, of which I 
iodbcd to think bo hiniiclf waa the evanstluti 


Hb sninniu of ten laagnagta vu aunt finiihni ; 
lai hi* psiiu lelt that ulnotrt njiat too rarcuu- 
MriWd for kii omtritiOB. Il« portnl from cha 
UMfaitaala nitli Ihrir r*gtel» ; oail came to the 
lM«HHiiilli with tbiil7 remtnaeiiilatDry Icttcn. 

Hvnlcf pnloblf hod fonct^d i)tii«e wunn con- 
(W|)tii>tu of patrona^ in wUi!li yunlliful ^ruiiu 
•iwIIm ib bopet. Till 1721 ht appMr*, bo«eT«r, 
tv har^ oUaincd onljr a *intll living, and to ban 
lirtlHit hf tnuubcine nod imiin(. Ttnu, aJUr 
[WHiiiH iliiiTii I iiiiiiij mill iiifiillili HI) I nfiini. 
mJ ■■ab hM*y tait-oork, Hmle^ ruuuil lie wu 
bM a binUng uithnr for thn bonlcwllrn, and a 
vlaricd " Itjpdoctor" fi»r ibc nunLitcr; fgr be 
rccciTrd ■ atipcnd tor tbin periodical piper, iihich 
mat ta dieer tbe ipirttt of (he people by ridiculing 
Ifc* gfaMBf fonkMUnff of AnbunTi " CraltimRn.*' 

Aboil Uie* time the complete Kiirl«iiii>r|i}ioiii« of 
ibc ttuiliou and laginioiu Jobn llenkf bcKax ^ 
knndt ouC into ita graleMiiie figure ; onJ s 
nriorfif ia bamui nature woa now abaol u> be 
opened la pnbllo InapFctiMi. "The Prparher" 
WW t« p«r»e«alia " The Zaa;." Ili> temper liul 
b i« oa> B bratal, and he had gradaall; coDtnotcd n 
fcrocilr aod franncH in hii maimcn, whicb mm 
bj no inmna to Lim baen ladicaud In bli pirtr 
daj«. — Hia jmiilh wu d4(ffaecd byaairreguUritiM 
—it wu itodioiu and honourable. Dut be wu 
MW^niclial tiliArins tbcjrcalcet cbornrlcni, and, 
hnvlBC a perfect caatenpt for all maniiiail, wva 
i wwI o J to liie by ouUnit on* b«lf of I^e world 
lifh at Ibe other. Soah ii the direct ioa whiefa 
4iatppoiatsd geniiu haa too oltcn i^rca to its 

He Ant tlkcM oratory, and Mmcthlne of a 
tbaatrieal ■llitnde. in hia tcmtanj. which Rreatlj' 
aKiacted tbe populaee ; i&d he itartlfd thott 
pcraclM-ra who bad to tuof; duxcd uver tlwir owu 
MmOB*. and wbo now Andiac Uicmtclirca wiili 
bat Inr ilnmbfrm abi>ut Ibcni, cniicd ibcii 
Ctotnnian brothm, 

" TnnlBf bb nlee. and lialaiuiina Ii It haaiti.' 

It waa alleftd asainit llcnlof, tliat " he draw 
the people loo miuli from their psriih cburctiex, 
and WB* ant au proptr for a London Uirioe u « 
ninl PaMor." He waa effcrej-a itiinr-ibon, on a 
better li>ta|; ; bvt HenU; did not come from the 
oonMry to rrtum tu it. 
Thoei* a iiarrattec of the life u( Ilnlejr, whicb, 
ribed \tf anotbrr peraon'a B«ra«, he hitnaeU 
I la hia ■* Oratory TratuaGtioaa." \t ba 
1 19 pvbliab bioutlf tbb bi|Uy-aeaMacd blogtra- 
I Monal, and w bia boa waa then b^nainit 
" enfanmnnl with bnmw." he tbui »erj 
lapateitJy and very ingtiiiaaalf ap«togiaN for the 

" Ifauf nwkuf the writcf ajrprani fMonrablc 

to myieir, and be judged apocryphal, it nujr, bow- 
ever, treigh in the opfiodie acate lo fome things 
leia oblisnixl; anid of me ; lilae pralia bang m 
pardonable a« false rejiroacb'." 

In ihi* DuratiTD wa are tuld, that when nt 

'■ Ha began to be UMwy that ha had not the 
liberty of thiukiag, without ineurrinK the aeanda! 
of bet<Todo>y ; b« waa impttient tbat ayatema of 
aJ aoris n-rrc put into hia handa ready carred Ont 
for bim ; it abnrkcd bim lo find tbat he waf com* 
uianded lu believe agoinat bin jadgmenl, and 
rMolTfd toma tlKie et otbar lo mter bU prMeat 
afalaM anjr pcrMm bebg bred Uko n tUtc, who ia 
bom an Ensliihnan." 

Thia ia all rery decurniu, and nothing can be 
objected to the flnt cry of tliis reroiming [utriot, 
but a rMunanble (aipician of tti truth. If theae 
KOtJiacaU were really in bu mind al collos«, he 
draBrreaat lenM the pnioauf retention ; for Altean 
jtar* were aairered lo ptoa ijuleily withotit the 
patriotic roleano givhtg frm a liinUiit rumtiUng of 
the aulpliareoiu matter concealed bcunth. All 
(hot time Lad posied in the cootcicpUtjon of 
cburcb jirefermeiit , vitli llic aerial prripectire 
iinbtcd by a vlttonar; niitrr. Hut ilralry grew 
indignant at bia diiappninnnent*, and mddenly 
rcaolved to reform "the croM inipotture* aad 
fuulta that have long prenuled in the rcccirrd 
intliluli«iu and erlat/UAinfnCt ot knovMge and 
rtligiea" — lioiply mnaninjc that he wialicd to pull 
down the Chareh and the Uniptrrityf 

Bui he waa pmdenC befura br »iui pntrintini ba 
at fint gnftwl Umadf on VliUtuu, aduptin^ bia 
(ipiniona; and aent tone qnerici by whir-hiinppenn 
thai lUnleT, previoua to breaking with the church, 
wai aniioim to learn tbe power It had lopuolih 
bim- The Arian Vr~1ii«toii wu biniMir, from p«r« 

motiTCf, luHedng eipvUion from C'Dnibridtic — tor 
rcfnaiugbi) •itbicriptiuti to the Athaiuuian Creed; 
be wu a ploua niau, and nu biiffoon. liuC a little 
crat«d. Whiiton afterward* diaoover«d (bo cha- 
racter of Li* correrponiJcnt, be then r«qu«itcd tbe 
Buhop of I..ondon 

" Tu tumnuiu Mr. Henley, the oratori wboae rile 
hintofy I knew to well, to eome and toll it to the 
cbnreh. Bnt thct biibop nid he nonld do nothing j 
*iace whicb tiiuc Mr. HcnJcj ha* (tone on tor ahuul 
twenty yoara withoiit cnatml every week, aa an 
ecclcakaatlcal mountcbauk, to abuae rclipon." 

Tbe unat ratmorttinarj freJKt wan now dorBid 
by Henley; ho wu to teaeb ■"*'^»^ — Iwwnl 

• tliliiumEI>«l**ab«ni>c^A.WsMcO*. WeriHUUB 
maJldCTMly iinDMa il aa a lite id UcDley, wrltun by 
WelaWft-dottWt^ dattecd u lanr tjM wtvmi€ tlul 
aaDi«iBado»i<theban)uaalUieUuiiEiad. TlmiMUe 
han lODj iietn doedrad by tUaarUOBa: the oflhcfcl 
■rl'it-T -f "a-'-nn-Tt'iillrfitnMtj 

knoaledee rrom faii lectures, lad primllivc Cbrii- 
tianity From hi<i »eraio(if. Hr took aparlmcntc in 
Npwpiiil-nurkcE, and opened hU " Otttotj.^' H« 

" He voulil Wach more in on* jrcftr ilian Kchoola 
and unJveralttM did In die : »ail wrltD nnil ttadj 
UrnUr. hnnr* ■ daj, ani] jH apjirar ai uiitouclint 
by (he yflkt, ■» if he ntrrr bore il,"' 

In bi> " l<,l«a of "I'M ■• intrnilvd to 1i* lauRhl 
In tho Iftek-Jnyt' Vnitierml Aradftay," wf mnj' 
■dmin th« hrlilitj, and aomctioica the gruiil^ur 
of fci« wwi. H»« le«tur«a aiitl oraliona* »re of 8 
very diffiennt nature from vliat they arf inikginrd 
to b« : liisrarji topics ore trt«lcil vicli per* picuitT 
and with, tnidilion, and ihore a toiatXhiuf arittinsl 
Eft Ibn nianner. Thej' nere. no iloulit. Inrdcd aorl 
atulTnl wMi isHnjr high-tMfiinfd jokni, wliich 
Hml<7 did net aeod la tlie printer. 

• Miny iRlure li dedloaln) t<i ■>me bnmrli of Uid 
KoyxX Paintlj. Am(]ng lh*<n nnc !• nn " I'nlTmilt)' 
LaacniM.' an altuli.— " tla tlir I^Dftiiti llliiory and 
Illilnrlanfc' ciIisiihI)' uiiilnuL— " On til? I^nirtiati'a. 
Anolnit and Mnd<in.'Ii.il9iifartiilltbn^ — "Ontlie nriKliili 
TtHitiia." aralniLhlfcrllk-laiii al ilmt iiinniiriit when out 
•(jrlvnt marlitiijlu nvw vVm\i from A-Iillnin nnd I'rl'ir. 
Hmlvjr. acknoTileJslnK thai thwe mllcn liail tiiiwd 
tomitniii ot ripmalnn Id tia ittntnu hclftil, nildi. 
Ihuiitt). '■ If I mliuk* nni. ■iinwiUlQji to tlie dFinmoni of 
that fim and fltttliHii tbal oiwlit. villi the iDoal cnn- 
ecaleil art, In tea petloTi cOKf of nnturr, In all oiiiipiiiil- 
rlkna." TbU la amoni the (litt iiiiiliiiiur iliai aciini'iaJ 
•til* Wbkh iua TltlKEd our iwUvr iillinn, lulullliitlnE 
Ihr tu purity an affected dallmcy, and (or Its ilcour 
lirafiua rimamoit. Itcnloy ubaprm ttuil. " hi br pur- 
qiftnnnsi pure, alivnti «>['»»)■> and Iiannnnliiut. anr ihn 
ehlof tnal quallMisaf vrlUni tbe Rntllib liniEue : they 
BrcaltalnM ty aiuAyaad pmolloe. anil toot ttj- Ihr aon- 
traty: bal innlation l> to be aiolili-d^ thvT carnidt be 
inadr our own hnl bj kwptrj Ihc (uttc of cmr un<li-r- 
alaiiiltng* (iiiHTrfiir lo nur niitkli ; by rrarlrriHf; inir 
IMnekUBlt BrigimU, and nur ipurrli rim (Vfc."--" On Vilt 
■B4llBMKlll«U(ia.''aibDuiiillni<*l'lhc]iorllrDl crltlclon— 
*'Oap«T«0DDUodmniaaniJ>ntriiiiibiitI(wiix, In Mtootol 
buileaquc dltcouria. fmiii tin- iiiiwt WEl|hty aiitharltln." 
— " A PlmrtoliDa upon Wiomiwe." At the clone he hoi 
a flini al hin friend l^ipc: It vni oftci the piibllcMI'Hi of 
Ihn I'linrhirt. "(if Xurmmiw \hriv ore irlrliratpil jim- 
tttmm. ite Popaxniwanittylllirnaj'tintltc ■Rcheaml,' 
bjraollliiK InrRaUu (lilsiubwrlpiioiiafni llMiierli praltltiR 
hlmMlt. laviiblnK al hla JnliD. and msJiiDi bl> aim wucki 
Uwt*t of anyman*! crtllulNn: liitl he itcnm l» hv hi 
Mnwjanpardy; tot thnthmlaf Iloninr liulalcl; ipnlu In 
hEiD Id OTtct. anil fniaViirrare mnlfca In brine hmi aa 
beliaatiniuRht ShaknjcKiv.bia Irailnl mnolnalnn. Mr. 
Pope •uimli the lail (hoieaof a W^rcl Cor vifUnt a 
brmli. by niAVtiiK Ibii fti'/tnur fi oOitn hia amoienl ; 
villi hli Din puu It out flf an J Hitter^ potrar la ennf iilc 
blin ~ In nnother IIInR al I'D|it>. ha (Ivn (tie roaiiai why 
air. I\i[a> ailila llir rllrty dlalKl bi thai uf Uic walct. ani) 
It III but Hllh the Njnriihi nf Fltcl^ltcti : and In a 
Inturvon theaplenir bennnoriTiied " tnanatonilcBJ d1a> 
Burery, Itial Mr. rNipB'a qilan li h)n*r than h la head '," 

nrnlef wai a cbirlitan and « knaTe : but i« dl 
tiii eharlatanrne' and hit knain; h« indnl^ tlic 
reveriM nf g;«nia> ; mmijr of which have been raU 
iud iliiciC' : and, if we coatiaue to lavfib at Uctdoj, 
It nlll indeed bo crunl. tar or fthoU be lauf hin^ at 
oundrM I AmunK Itie abJMia vliich He*lef 
diierlminntn in hia gvnorvl dnifn, **ni«, M 
aiipplj Uir want of a imiT«rutir, or aiiitcrMl 
ediool. in ttiU tapttal, for periDni of all raaki, 
pnifruiciiis, and c^picillei ; — to mcoursfC a lite- 
miy cui'iifi|io'nilriirR nilti great men and Iramrd 
barilnii ; th* cnmiaunieBlion of ail (liicovmea and 
ri|iFriin«iiU in acienw and the arta t to form ta 
nrnicabln indclr '"'' *''<■ cncoangMaait of leMS* 
ing. " in order Ui caltivaU^ adonk ud cnit iW 
genius of Britain ;" rn U)t » foondatian (or ta 
EneliHh Ac-adniny; In pve a atandaril la a«r bo- 
fuat(«, iind a digett la our hinlurj ; la r«Ti«« lb* 
DnricnC achoala uf philoaopbr and clocatlOB. wUeb 
kit bm bwn icrkonrd bj rancirothia umanf (be 
arlft prrdltm. All theae trcre " t« bring all tlia 
part* of kno»lBd^ into thv narrovtrt eompMI. 
placlni; tlioro in the clntrt«t liglit, and biiiiL] th«B 
In the titmosl eertaliiiy." Tbe rdician of Om 
Dratury «ai (o be Ifaat cif the primilire Cknrch ia 
the Arat tft* al tbe four fint enteral ooudK 
apprikved hj paTliam«nt in t]i« limt j<«r of iIm 
rrign of Eliialmth. " Ttit Clttirdi of Eia|land i* 
lailly with ua; m nppral tv lirt amn 'pmtiflia, 
and «c wbill not deTiote from her. uoim a!ie 
dcnriaiH from liemBlf." Vet hta ■• Primitlre Cbhl- 
tianitt " had all th^ mini ptuon* pntnp of \»pnj; 
hi* 'Crccda and Joiulu^in are prinicd in the red 
leiier. and hli llmrKira in ihn black : hU palpal 
blitwd in lold and lalriK Popc't "gilt lab"]: 
whiLfi y» '■ Primitive Euchariit" vaa to be dbln- 
t)ut«d »ith all tbe aociwl rARDS of Mlf brating the 
worifioe of the alUr, "hith he aaya, " an w 
nobU, 10 juat, loblime. and pFrfL-cUj kansaaiOMt 
that the cbaii^ ha» been iiiad« to an iuii|nalnUt 
diBadianUKe." It waa rettoring the damralieaa 
BUil llic munoierj of Ibc maia ! He aMaaal 
rrpn a highrr toDc, and ditpetaed niMiala, lifct 
ilicMF uf Lciuii XIV.. «ilh the dorlce of a acn 
I nor ttie meridian, and ■ notto. jid auvaao, «Mh 
' an inni^ripIii^D ciprettire of the genioa of thia nca 
adrcnturcr, laveniarn riam avt f«H<%m ! l^ut 
I wu a inakr in tbf craw ; it i> oliiavi tkat Rea. 
I tejr. In Emproilnc litnmture and phiioaopby, bad a 
I deeper doaigo — lo «et up a nev wett '■ He nllid 
htniKlf ''a Rattonalial,'' and on Ua ilaai 
repraiedlf cried out, " Let my notonoai 
ktiow I die a Kotional*." 

II i« addr««« to tlin lD«n t exdiril pubUe 

• Thui ho •n[lcli<ai«<l ttt Uim, (too* t 
notorloiu amnai floniiaa lliwl«(lan«. 

• II In ptrtonrd In •• Th» III*«iiriMl n^tA«,* *•*. 
hit I Tat. II iKCUllUUl 44i4irtlli«Till«k 

DisArrniNTED genius. 


ta ihe utBiO«ti ml tbe floatinx crondi wort 
renatid b)t ibirir n»ti violmo' fiom ibin new 
(ondiae. «bere " TliB Tr«« of KiJ0*]H|[«" wa» 
Hid to bo |>UDted. At the •neeenlitig tneeting 
'• U>e Rctbmt of Aociaat ElOqiunM " informed 
*■ perian* in cbaira Out tbvy nnit ooi)i««i>oiiior." 
He tnt cumiDniaed by nitMcriptiaiia to be ralfcil 
fram " IVrioiu simntnt in Aitu and lilr-ratars,*' 
vka, It uont, vere lured by tbe MduciiTe pro- 
Bue.tb«t, "if tbejhxlbcvi) *irtuuu«arp«nllpnt(, 
Aey ilunU W cosuDfwaistnl ; " ui oLUtjue hiot 
tt * pBBCgyrical puff. Id tiie decline ol bit 
pvpakrit^ b« pcrmitud hi* doorkeeper, whom 
ha dlgaifie* mth tbc tirte of Owttary. to take a 
llliniH I Bui ba •tvnw la liavn b^ti pojiular for 
■my yon; ereo wlicn lii* «miiur> were but 
few, ikcy wtn of the bcllet ordtr* i and in nolo 
IMpMtlne him oliicb I bat« weti, by ■ conlcm. 
pOfWf, bir U ullrd " tbo rdnriii] mil IraTiird." 
Hb feMuiU charBcCrr wai that of a KcitDrcr of 
Blo^DMice ; tnd be iru out d»litute of tbe quali- 
iouiun* of k itac orator, a fiood volcr, grai-Eful 
gnturr. and fordble elocotian. Warbuftaa jiitlly 
r««aTll^d. *' Sometinei ho broke jeiAi. and loine- 
bmc* ibat braul whioh b« called the Primiliire 
ItTlnriit " U* would Jri^ucralt into tiulTuuTi cry 
•• wto nn occBMoni. I li* adilrrM lo the Drilj 
wtm It firit avful, and ■ccaiiti|;lf devout: but. 
«■(« «spaRaling na the t«'Trral srcU who vould 
eartadkly b« danmnt, h« ptnyi^d that tlin Oiiloh 
■iglit be ttm/anm'i/ .' He uadertook to tlio<ir 
lbs aacisat «m of the peUicoat, by ii-uotiti); the 
ScriptDiH whfiw the raiillier of Samuel la laid to 
hare aude htm "e liJiU co»l," ergo, ■ rrrri- 
Miaff ' Hi* ad*Mti>eiuciiU xcni layiletioua 

• CnC. H^ vdL liH. PL «7& 
( Sb ~ ndtauK of 111* nntnrf' U ■ curlwi* pwlbnti- 
■ftflBL BppniaB4*eD4«vlv*bIii«rwikfrntii§rEml uiIhfktlGjr. 
"M Pas! I* niktea, Arti W. u> htra d»cll (km trAc-l^ 
fm'* i* httrr^ \irt4 4vviw,*«duilLavorT^iTci1 all tliat 
V3b« te oDBo bluB, taartilaf ikcun tiling vhlcli n)iu>«m 
lb* L —J J«Hk* Cbntl, wllh an (u&fiitantw, no nuji fur- 
Mdllln bio. TUa ma ■> JtrM. 1UJ<I ikmbllnia vu hi* 
|»»i.«lo« la bit othar tntrtla. tben XhAb^ lb* wmt rmcn 
ka IW tfali« IB trv4i»*lMwh«iv Ilia llkselnunMMMH." 
Ua pr«4«4« lA mhaw " ilia ntJiimnl« uai r«pmacJia«v aiiil 
(W Btniltj amt ImpUl)'. willi «htel> OirulUnllj. al lu 
Artf aalliiig «ail, vaa ftianrnl^ a^ a mvau, atajcel Inatlln- 
Ikii. Dal csd/ m^i«» aufl unvrvimHIo, btit ]i«nldA<raalo 
Cha ^Uic and ll> |inibH>n. ■• (Iia ivf uw uT Hi* wnrU." 
-4M (IM ItW aAHMlkiu nlHj B«Klnt4 /aMU^-aO tbia 
haaffUa ta htna^ aad liiia«ilv(}-«iiil bs (ODdudtH. 
IkiA ■ BriaglBf bhs tu think lifliiljr will ^myi be 
IxfcaiH* a itfn.t\mt et Uxtr miiidi bjr 'boM wbo ■» 
*•< « ■ "■ In llMp Ihan lu a nilataLe. ui4 who Biaaiura all 
k*tt by Uu ataD^anl «l thd> vm Banww aplnJooi, 
>k*s.aBj yaiiin ■ TtwfrtuclplHnf thUlnultiitlnn an 
OMBOr nfblMvaa: UiaAri*i«B t< ChriaUuK; i Inw 
bM*. akar tetlttlasi. and pallia UUMutb— if ihax ccimipt 
•h* auad, 10 i*4 a iilac* vbcr* tbo mliid oUl sot la 

ribaldry to attract curioiitj, while lus own g«o4 
■eiun wiiuld frequently cbiuitiao tliofrc nho Dould 
not tMlit tt ; Ilia auiUtorv eaine In folly, bnt thnj 
daparlrd in gond-bumoDT!. Theae adtwtUKi* 
menti irerc uaualLj- prpuded bv a aorl oF motto, 
Stncrally a earcaatic allualun to vomo public t/sn»- 
aclionof ihe prccrdlDgirMh J. Henley preli^ixlcd 
to gtril tmiianitlity : and whm two preaclien 
hid iiDimadtertcd on him. he iiaual an adtrrtlae- 
ment, announring " A I.^etiiri' llial will b« a 
challenge to llie Rev. Mr. tlaCIy, and ibc Bct. 
Mr. AJbcrt. I.cltcta arc wnt to them un this 
head, aiid afrtt tiatuRaff ptaet tt there to bo had 
gratU." Once Hanley offered to admit of ■ di«. 
palation, and that faa iraiild impartially delCTroine 
the tnerita of the conteat. It bippescd that Hen- 
ley lliis time n«> nrccmatchct] i for two Otoalima, 
)iip]>ort«d by a itron^ party to aire his " marrow* 
bDnerx.*' aa the biiLnhpra were railed. Mid (o be 
in (he Orator 'a pav, entered the liat : the one Is 
defend the iffiurmnte, the otbct llio impudmct, of 
the KcHiorcr of Eloquenvc hiniMlf. Aa iberc wm 
a doar bebind the rnatrum, wbirh led to ht* houae, 
the Uratar lileDiljr dropjird out, poilpouing Ihe 
■ward to aome hoppicr dnf. 

Thit aj(0 of lecturer* mty Sod thtir model in 
Henley'*" UnlvrrMi Academy." and if say abould 

(nn-ui>(t^,wllltwlmpnDd«bI<.* Tbiu qiaiilauilf MuU 
"tbaOralor" raaaon, nUng hlnxKlf to 111* heithl ef 
ap«lalleal pnriljr. And, whea ha ttn lecuKd that h* 
*fi4 *H /tr tutrt, hv rvbvlsl. ihal *• lonta ito ttolSinff 
ff {t i" anil thai ■■ ha rrwihad fnm ebarllj awnao* 
than anj oJar^jmiaii In Ih4 klnadtm.'' 

% U* docs adTOriiiMlu) mllon on tnarrtate, vbM 
draw lofsUwr an oiMrdi>wlD( aiarinbly ol fmulM at 
wb<ch, •olmnl^ahaklnahlt htnd, h* Uil4 tba ladba, that 
" lia H-aa afniil, tbiit uTtsnlliDa. a* wall oa OAw, Ihay 
same ta fbunti In bapea Id gti liuatiaiuli^ rattaai than ba 
InatruoUdby tba (rcaehar i" la wblob ha addad a |it*ea 
oi wit. not fiiiu JIacviL Ita con^MfatHl Clia tiad* cf 
alioeaiafcaw^ bjr oflMng la ilmw Hm mutt aipadlUoua 
■naUiiHl of raablni ■bnaa: habsU tail a boot, and cut off 
thaU<pa/l. Uagaiaa luelura. whloh b* ad nrllxd (raa 
■■ lor Uw Indnwtl^ oT llicw who dn not tik* il : U «aa 
on Iha fbUomfliy. hi*b>rj. and p-cal lup tit ffvnume to 
Um laatBcd, pnllUoal. and piJila warM. who saeal In tl." 
t i't. CVibdc«, ana i>f (iaurfg Ifca Uawad^ chaplafau. 
haYlnf. In lyw, ff taoliad a acnnoa al M. JameaVi fmn 
thana imrili, " Tak* am; tlia virkwl (run bafora Uia 
king, uil Ilia IkrniM afaall ba ulshllakol In Ti4blaoiiatilHa,'* 
11 faaaao much dlapLi^ui«v Ibal liw <1'v1ijt *ha iitruok 
nut nf Ifaa IM ol iilia^lalna ; and Ilia B»it i^UurrUy, Ilia 
fnlliiHni fmK'Ay of bla laai a pp aarad aa a vmllo la 
DaoUj'a advuTtiHananl : 

•• Awajr Kith tha wicked 'Mora Ihe kbit. 
And away wllb lb* wicked tichtDd blin ; 

tib tlinou U trfU UaN 

And we ataall knew «!•«» la Ond him.' 

(.'UALHlaa'a UioaaaniiUL UicTOnABi. 



upl[« tc bring tbcoMtlnt down lo tii* geniiu. I 
furowli tlivm with hints of uioBialou* tOfilcn. In 
the MCODd Qsmbrr »( - Tlic Orator? Trsniur 
lioiw," a a diitrjr fruro Juljr 1 736 U> Auciisl I (2R. 
It fionra. fwrhap*. an uo[)arallelfl<l etojiswle at 
th* vapriM oT thn hnmaa miiuL TVm tndiiTM 
dI oiUinn(i of foll^, uid oT lileritlurc, o/c diriilrd 
inlo tvo dSarin i Uie otie " TW 'nici>]o|[i«l or 
Lord'* il«];i' wbjcela of the Ontar; ; ' thtt otbei, 
•'Th« AcMlMniCBl or Wnfc-dtjg' nibjMti." I 
em onlj note a fev. It u euj lo pick out 
IndicTQiu »p«<iiiiic[ii j for tic had a <iiiMitt ijaiBOur 
pceuUftr tobimaclf; buC uanng ihne niitncrouB 
(opict tro maof curlom for thdr liuawlolga oiiiJ 

■■ Tko lut WilU u^ TMUnuBt* of the Patri- 

" Ad Aixomem to the Jowi. «1ib a proof Ihit 
thtj noclit tn Iw ChriaQaDt, for the MOie reaion 
wMeh Ihpjr ought to Iw Jew«," 

■■ ». I'aorB Clotk, Boob*, imI Ptfehmenta, 
kft at Tro..." 

"Thetcaraof M*i;ila)cn,and the jojrof Angeb." 

*' New CoiiTCTiii in Helli-ion. " After (loiutinf 
out tbp Ditmr« of " CoHrnycr and o(hrr(, the D — 
of VT — n, the Piote»lanli»iQ of the l'^, the con- 
vcritDQ of (be lie. Mr. B — e, and Mr. llnr — j," 
he clutca vtth " Ori^cu'a opinioti q( Eataa's i-on- 
?erilon ; with ilio choice and balance of Itttli^iciii 
In all rnuntrtea." 

There ii ono remarkable entry i— 

" Feb. 1 1. Tliu "rek, nil Mr. Ilral^r'a writ- 
Inei <Tcr« Hiidl. to be rxaoitncd h|r t)w State. 
Viilt Magaant Charlam, and Lib." 

I( U eviitent by what foUovi that the/i^nonaf. 
Uift hn made dm of, were om neaiu of attracting 

"On the articin of Cinrro, and the htsuty of 
Eloquence, and oti liiiu^ chirairten ; of adiuii in 
th« Senatf . at thr liar, tiid in the Piilpil — of the 
TbMtrieal in bU men. Tlie taanner of nt I.ord 
— , Sir — , Dr. — , tbo B. of — , Iwiug a proof 
how all life U pla^g MnotLLiis, but n itii lUflVrcut 

lu a Lecture on die Kitlory of BoDkcraft,aD 
•ecooBt was given 

" Of ibo pleiily of hook*, tnd ilrarth of tens* ; 
the adfanlacM of the Ornlorji to ilir IwoliK-lleTii, 
ia adveitiaing far thrm : and to their ninloinrr*, 
in making boolu luieleu : vitfa ill the teaming. 
NUOB, and wit, mere than are [iropcr for one 

Aniil tbeae oonentridtiet It ia mwrkaUe, tbal 
"the Zasy " never fonook hii aindici i and Ibe 
MMwng ■uUJplioEtr of Ibe MSS.he lelt behind 
llin, eMAm Uii* atraonlinary fa«t. " Thmc," 
lie aaya, "are lis HiouMod mort or Ic**. that I 
nine M ono ^minca a|iieoe : with I.MI' mlnnits uf 

eommoa plaf« of wit, memoranda," hie. Tbey 
*rre void for much IcMtlaa aaeka&ilroil pouub; 
I hare looked over manTi ikeyuc wriUcn «Mfc 
erral rare. BTrry leaf haa hi ci ppo w te blmk 
fMBO, probably leA Air addidoat or oMrmloM^w 
that if hie nOMaMc wvw afcatKomnt, Ui tmm 
«u ilie Gralt of aludy auJ corroctiom. 

Socli waa '-Orator lltnlcjl" \ acbalir cf 
great ac([uircincnta, and of no nean geninn; 
hardy and tnientlre, eloquent and witty: he 
ml^il liavn yitta an ornament to hicraturc, *kt<& 
lie made ridiculout : and the pride of the p«I|4U 
which he ao cfcrcgtciUBlir iliicraced ; bat, haiiiv 
blunted and worn uut that laurior (eeUagtwUiA 
i* the fautlnet of the good nan, inA tlM w itd w 
of the wife, there waa no balance in Uf p aeai a l, 
and the deroTnm of life «•• aacrificcd to it* mit- 
IthncMi. lie (diiduceiided to lite on the firiliia 
of the |>cu])1e. and hii aordkd nature bad changed 
bim till he {TCjit, "licking the dnat with iha 


Tnc praetiee of every art aebjecta the Mtiat to 
Kinc [>articti1ar inoan*Miioiiee, luwally intieti^ 
some maloily on that membcE' which haa beca 
oicr.wroiiKht by ricoa : nature abuaoili 
man into hia most u'crel rornm, aitd ■< 
licncir. In the aiblettd exerciaes of the annent 
G^Rinatiaoi, the pugilial* «r(«olHwrved la Imwme 
lean from ili<iirhl|i» downward*, while the tnft^ai 
|mrli of iheir bodie*. which tlicry vicr>uereiaed> 
were prodigioualy awoUen; on the ooatrary, tfaf 
racer* were meagre apwavda, «4iilo thnr lief 
ai^iiuirrd an aonalural dimeuinb The secHt 
■uuroe uf life wcnis 10 be carried farwda to iImim 
partanhicb are caakiogtberooit eoutinucdcffi;*!*. 

In all B«dcntary lahonra, Mme partlrulnr malady 
it oonlrncled hy ererj w>nrkur, diriiTn! frocn p«(> 
ticular puitures of the body and pecoliar habil*. 
Thna the weaicr. the tailnr. the fuunter, and th« 
glaes- blower, hate atl iheir mpcrtire maladlee. 
Th* diamond .eottrr. with a ftoniMC btlbn Um, 
may be aaid almoat to lire in one ; the MightcM 
air aiHt be shut out of the apartncnt, l«at it 
iculter away the procioiu dnat — • faevath wiiaM 
roin bim ! 

The inalr^liobviMia*: end the aothor mut 
participate in tiio cummiiR f«te of all •okatarj 
occnpailooa. But hi* maladica, from the Ttey 
ttaiara of the delicate organ of thinking, intraarfy 
eiereiwd, an more terrib)# than thoae of eitr 

■ nawksMmrlti. Inllirwcood pavvat OMAthwuii-ni. 
hu mmfr—A. fntin kU oan bBUnfa. aa eliainl anrtf- 
tion of Intellaetiial maAKarfsanl Ukuur.ond lh>< 
tniM af UI autlior. wttb Ihe nDoertalntf of kk 



aAfft pofawtgn I litej trt mora ooooplicated, 
aon hiddn in their cumm, *nd iHr ajrttGrioiu 
■liod aftd KOd inftscDoe of Uic KBCulbei of tlir 
MVl OTvr ifaow of llie bodj, «ro viaiblo, jret iiiU 
taeonpreboMUik ; tLcjr rrciiupDttjr produce a 'ptx- 
ntrbtDan in the firultMo, r (Uta of acuip irriu- 
Uiif, ui4 BMDf ■orroiri and mfirmitiei, nbicih 
sr« not likdj to crcale ntMbijni path j from (ho*c 
MDHsd Iho mbw, vba, «t a Bkuce, ooitlil )ii«c 
ibwriwd wbcra tke puglUiC or the tmoN hccxmc 
■Mgr« or mantfraaat the inUllvctDal mnlulf 
•IndM ewa Um lMiiknu« oT fricndihip. 

Tlie mor* uliiioui niiadin «ignidcr«d Uy Ihc 
Uc of ■ Muilcai Btiae from oter-Mudy. Ttinc 
bare forauhmi ■ onrlmia *olum« lo TImoI, in hi* 
tnstiM •' Oa the IlMldi «r Mcnof LetUni" » 
bwkk, hovevcr, which chilla aud terri&c* more 
tkaa il doei co«d. 

Tbe wmcnral liiieil potturra. the prrpetnalaUi- 
tkf at tb« mi»d, uid Ibc lnociion of the bodf : the 
brain rahciulnl with wnduODi loil ij^r&n^ng the 
myrca, TitutiDji the dixctCire power*, JUurdtriu; 
]U own mwliitKrjr, and lircakiiig the r«lm of ilcep 
hf that ptvrloiu lUIc of ndtemeat which study 
ttmws M lata, ara lontc of the eaiamitiM of a. 
•tlldkou life I for tike the oeean, when itj nmriX ik 
mbMimi, the «ms of the mbd too ttiU hcntc 
■ad beat -, benoe »U ttaii antoU (ctrriah ajriiiptaniii, 
■td tha vbale Iraiu of tifpnUumdrUc affeclioii*. 
aa well ai bobis acnta odm *. 

• Ifr. PmUcTi " aiMUchu ajnuuwic*. w, a nnilir 

leaiiiiiiliU Uie power ol Licrclv. nlUi mtiMI lo Ibr 
AntiDiU tF«»'>tn]r.ll/Uic4lil(in.l71lt.~teiucrultoniiiln<l 
li> ftaSaA tit wlwi tw U *|ic i» ronirt : for Uie ottjod (if 
IbkfalUM la to nlulimti rnrtii /br andefM. Dn 
WnMB Ika Imk bcfbra he becmmp B pbjilFlui. lie cud- 
■ feocwftdloj M lliobei(iuulnab[ntarBllciercS>a. 
' Mr1% liKh u walklnf. ruunlinL Moefdnf. nr 
Bh nwk mgalre miu Ulxiuf iiul iriut* iimwih (ui ilidr 
[iMllilllnlli I " nwTM. In >■!* wulM[Ui>sa Ittnlim tit 
" TtM RbtIWi lUlKly." piililiiliaa abuul ■•onlj ysui 
■00 rallir'e wntk. uknovlnles UiBI riilliur on tmn*- 
t la Uw tvH Ot tXi einultn. fnr vblcb hu drtklla hii 
" W«ikin«,' 1ie ain. "ilKiiigri It wtll iiKBcr 
1, rrl H M B1I1M UlkirlmK aud UmotiM i" but 
■laaaiBHillHnlDdwIII ncdn no nfraluiwnl by » 
•aHlsi walk at *Ma, aolxe II tv acraKtaJy vtilidisTB 
ttOM aO thooMhlllilDiNii and aiixletj: U >> omlhiUB 
■M^^feWtalliniTOllinu. lihUieinmniaiiatifaMabilni 
■tfbrer III i>«|KU— ■ maul, ant an anlhor. win el 
po*) a RomMI be ika liMUg' «i<n|iuibin. 

Uw IbM chaplar In miler'* wurt ll>w mueb 

cnrbtw mdUw •« Uie anulml plifdelatii. and their 
OvuM^lD RNiriB, alileh ArttoptadM, ItieplaaMD-tiMof 
allt>«BDal«BtpbTifctoiM.I7tBUrmii>]|Hl: Iid wu mon 
bmaMle bi (b* bVMt)M «( eurdiea bi tsiqilT the plus 
tf aaaeb (fejnle^ anJ (bv* Pallwt nn men to anr agv enr 
hai (kahappWHa w ebum «t avuBl an apptaoMi 

Amoag tlie rnrmpnndrnti of the poetx MnglMe 
and ThnmaoR. there i* a pathrlii! lelter from a 
(Cnilriit. Alciandrrltajae, topreparr bialcrlure*, 
■Itiilicd fuurtcen hourn i div fut eight muntb* 
mocealTdy, and irroic IfiVU ahrcu. Snchintenae 
■ppUcation, which, howrrer, not |;rrally rw«e<li 
tbat of many authari, bn^OKhl on the b«dily com. 
plaiol* he hai minotely dcicribed, with " oU tlie 
ili«|)irilJnK "irinptona of a Bcnranii itlnrsa, rom- 
mnnly <»lted Taiwun, or lotrneaa of *piiit*." 
Baftift, who wai of an athlMic t«Rip«raiiient, Ima- 
gined h« had n<it pud attPiitioo to hi* diet, to the 
lowntHi of hi« ilesk. and hb habit of nttinf viih 
a (larticular coini'ieaaion of the bcxljr ;— in futarf, 
alJ theae wpre to be avoided. Ila prolon{t«d hia life 
for fire y cure ; and, ptrhape, wu vtill flattering hie 
hi:)pFt with iharijif , ooe Anj, in Ihc litorary ecle- 
britj of hifl fiienib, nhKO, to luc tun wnrdii 
" lite Nine illuMt made a flccc« aitack upon toe 
again, and haa kept me in a T«rj bad alat* of 
inaetititj and durelith of all nj ordinarv amnM- 
mrntii:" thuw iinnuemenit were kii (crimw 
tlu4iti. Thcri: ia a faacinatliin in lilcrarjr labour : 
the alniLcnt frcdion masl'i'al drop; to withdraw 
bim from ihetn ie([uirri nothing leai than that 
^rrater ms^, whieh eonld break hia own ipelU. 
A few montha il^ thin Irttet nah writt«-ti, Bajne 
died an tbe wtj lo Badi, a marijr to hi» atudiea. 

The ucenivr labour nn a Toluminnua work, 
whieh oci.-u|]iea a loni; lire. lea<ea theatudoU wtth 
a hrekra cnnttitntioo, and bia flgbt daeajfd ar 
lost. The matt adraiTable obM'rier of niaiikliid, 
and tbe trurat puintei «f the human heart, de- 
clarei, " The comiptible body picNNtIb duwn tlie 
aoul, and ibe earihy tabfnaola wcAgheth down 
the iBinrf Ihal mutith on ntang thing*." Of thU 
cloaa waa old llandio Cot^imTc, the curioea eoU 
lector of the manl L-apiuusdicliimarir of old French 
and old Enf-liih word) aud phnuri. The work i* 
ihp only ti«atar]r of Mir gmuine tdlom. Kren 
Ihia labour t>t t}ie Uiicn|;r«plier, lo iwpliiiua and 
t» «labcmtE, tnual hayc been prvjcctctj with rap 
turet and psniied with pUaaurc, till, in the 
progTcaa. " the mind waa muiing on inanf thin^." 

E^Jii^ nUla bbn ttie rintlabt nl mankind Admirable 
phjrilfrlafi . whn hvl u many iityt. II aiiimrs. to mako 
ph^lc MsraeaUe' llo Ineoilad Iha ItHt futaiUt. er 
hanclni; tipils. thai Iha ilek aUghl t» IWftad to ahwp'i 
»\i\vh toil)! m mudi at that HnB. thai ibqrlMcama a 
Kreal lusury anion] the Remaoii. 

Pwltrrludlclouiij d«> not rcmmmaid Ihe tjinitMlio 
BDui^.bcaiuelioni>rl>llD(.rn«lianDiiaaf MlnUeon- 
■Ulullniu. la imfiTslilu ; iHxIlmtwnMoltenMMi why 
the anrlpnit dlrl not InlnidiKe Ihli mode «d nanla^— It 
Mawf/mi UiDrimplaclnniinitaanuf iImIcbdI kwiwlDc 
UwutaoTnlnuiH, wbirh «u akiOTlavMUon. Rldhig 
Hiih ttii7 ntu-lrau OS*, ibnrtfcmi. only an eaaiehe ft« Iha 
baalthyaod lb* ntioM ; a boTM wtilraal allmipewaia 
tiwmtm,tAmta» aftlif^a^ fH 9t Tlltlll'llllflrlOT 



Thea c«iii« tbe nclaocboly doubt, that (lri>p« coil- 
iiti from iu mrctopiiii: wings otet the lola- 
minou* Utionr of a Uborioai aofJior, «hoih«r lie 
be wtiely coiuumitif bii lUjt, anil PDt prrjirtnali; 
■Mglediog taae higher doCiM, or Mme h<ppi«r 
UDiUclDCiita. Slill dK «Dckiant<d dclrer ligliB, 
snd *niVc« on. in tlic Kll'X(nr'ii>e minr of hnpc. 
1/ he Utc to Minplete the gmit labmir, iC i>, 
pcthtpt, rMcired Tur tbe applaura of th» lu-it 

•gr; for, ■» our gmi Iriirpgrnplier i>ir]iiiinral, 

'* In ctiU itli>«in of toliiude 1 b»T« pratnictvd my 
warli, (ill Xhart vhnm I wiihrd to jdeiue han 
•tuik into thr grave, lud fruL^cni aud Diiii^arriaeT 
are foipt^ toundt '/' but, it It W tppUodrd in hin 
om, tliat praiac faa* co'ioe too lata for him whoif 
litenrj laVour bu atolco airaf bk lighC. Cot- 
grare hul grown blmd fivei his dictiunarr, ftnd 
wu doabtrul *ihell»»r Iliii work of hi* Intiiiiniii 
diyt and nightly vigiJi vu nnt a tujirrfluiiu* 
labour, iDct Dotlim;, tftn sll, bot a " poor 
bunille sf wtirda." Tbc ftadcr may lisltn lo tbe 
eraj-hraded martyr, aiUrcsditg hka patroa. Lord 
Rancblry : 
" I preasnt to your lordibip an aeconnt o1 Ibe 

frpffUiv Iff Binny Aour», whirb, in jotir trcviiM:, 
a«il to mine owu bcncRl, tniyAf Aucr lt<n vlhtr- 
wiitt rmploseil. My dmm Iiavn aimnl at mnre 
nbatanlii] marki : but mint tyei Tiilfd iltrm, aitd 
bmd n« to ipfmit out IhHr eifnur in fAu /itiruHf 
iff teordt, which iii«y be niiworihy of jour lord- 
■hip'i KTicit paticim, and, pcihaps, iii-miltd to 
Mc ttffttaliiin of ochns.'' 

K tr^at number of yoiini; aiitbon haT« died nf 
avcr.Etady. Ad intcIlcEtiul cnthnnaim, aDcon- 
panieii by con>litiiIi<inal delicacy, hai twept amy 
half the rtiing gvniua or tbo age. Curiviu cakti' 
btorahan afftctcd todiacnrmhc a^rrtgcc numbrr 
of icrantu who die und« ibe a^ of five jcnri ; hmJ 
thfy tnv«1iiinl«d tboi? of the rbilJrpn of evntuii 
who pAtikh bffiirr tbuir tliirliflh yenr, w tliuoM 
not be Ua* ainucd at llii* vtatt nf niaa. Tbcrv 
%tx tew tcean more affliirtmg, nnr whirb mom; 
dcrply cncuce our ayriipatliy. Ilian that at a youtb. 
{lov-ine vith tbr dcvntitin of itiidy. and rewlutp 
to diitingniili hi> name arnonft hU eavtttrj- 
men, whQe ileatti U itealing «s him, touching 
vtilli preiuCitre apt, befcnc be Btrikri (be last 
binw. The nuElinr pniialir* nn the vrry paiv* 
wbich gisB a obami lo hia ejiulenee. The fine 
late* and l«nd#rind(n«bo1y of ll««dl«« fcnrid 
geaiiH of Henry Kirkc Wfails, will ool eauily pan 
away ; but liow many yoiithi a* noble-minded 
b*Te not had Ibe fartann of Kirk« Wliito to bs 
DommcntoratPit bygeniiis, and hive pvrithoil •rith- 
oat tbair fane <. Hrary WhtHon i* • namn w«ll 
known to the atodcat of Bngliab Ut4n>t«K ; h* 
piibllahtd hiriorical eritiriims nf high ralar ; and 
he Itdt, at Minir of the fniiti of hi* iiudici, aiateen 

Tolomci of MSS-t pr«iaerr*4 Id the Arcbiepisoopd 
Library U Lambetlb Tlicac (raat laboste "err 
puranod with the anlniir that only coald hare pro- 
dated thrm; the author had not eicreded hi* 
thirtielh y*«-, nh^n he tank and*r bj« eeatinsrd 
studied, and pcriabcd a martyr to lilrralerc;. Oai 
literary hi*[iiry nbounda with inntaDcea of the Md 
eif>re(i of JM oter-indutgenee in atudy : Chat ai^re^ 
■bk writer. Howel, had nearly loit hii life by «■ 

exnwD of lhi«nntur«, studyiiiif IbfOngh lonn iii|;btl 
b the depth O'f wtalcr. Thiafc'eir itady occ*- 
■lODRilaininipoiithiiniein bishradi h«w««oigbt«a 
diiy* without akep: and the Ulneaa wu attmded 
*4th Bnay other atllielinf ayrnptorat. TbBcagfw 
diligcme* of BUckmore, prolniftinf hi* studiM 
through tbe ni^bt, broke hi* ht*Itb, and aUigW 
bim ici Ity to B cmiiitry rcttcat. Herri*, tbe Lii- 
tcrbti, dkd of H coimmniition by Rtidnigbt Mndiea, 
tii bin friend MdIU) mentioni. I ahall add t 
recent inatanee, nhich 1 myielf witueafcd - tt if 
(but o{ John Macdiarmid. He waa one of Uioee 
Scotch findcnls wham (he eotden fame of f Ismt 
and RnbertBOb attracted lo tbe metropoUR. H« 
muuuti^il the finl ilepa of lilentry ■drentora «tth 
crrilit : and pM*eJ thrnngh (be probalio* of 
editor and rerlewer. till he flro>e for invrc benotc 
artientarra. He pnblialied Mine votumea, wboM 
nibjects diiptay Ibe aapiring* of hi< genioa : " Ad 
Iminiry inin th« Nature of Ciril md Mihiaty 
Siibordinntion ;" aaolber into "tbe Kyatem of 
Military Ucfcoee." It waa dutlog Ibeie Ubonm 
] beheld tbij) ini|DitEr, of h (ender frame, cnacl- 
aled, and atudf-nxirii, with hollow «y«t, whtte 
the mind dimly abnnp like a Innip in a toeab. 
With keen ardour he opened a new plan of U»- 
gTBpbLcal pobtiee. WbcQi by one who wiabed Um 
author wai in belter condition, (be dangnw of 
eiccH in itudy were brought tn faia tecallcctioa. 
he tmiled, and, with tomething of ■ myilerioMi 
■ii, lAtkeil of iinslternhle confidmii^ in tli» poiren 
of bis mind : of tbe Inilefitiite tiDprorriecnt in oinr 
f*ri]ltic* : and, nilh this enfeebled frame, cmi. 
iidrred bimvelf capable of contiououa laboar. 
Mil whole lifi-, kniteed, wiu ona IMUntfeelf 
(ridi. OUcn tlir day cheerfully paaaed witiiOttC 
ill meal, but never nitbout its page- TbcMVw 
tyaCem of political biography waa adiancing, «h«i 
onr jounK author frit a parklyik itroke. Ik 
■flerwerda resumed hi* pen ; and a leeond one 
prored fatal. He lived juit to \*u ihi^Mgh tka 
prenbii " Ufcauf Britub Staleamea." aipteiidU 
i|aarta, whove publication he owed (o the ge»en>in 
temper of a friend, wbn. when the autfaor ivkU 
not readily prncure a pnbliaher, wtMid aot IM 
the dying autlior't )m( bops dUappoinled. SoM* 
reaearcb and reflection are cotahinrd in tbii Kl^ 
rary and diil bittnry of the aiiiecntk and wi«B- 
(eenth cent uiiei : but it wa* written with tbe hkiad 



of thii aatbor. for MacdMrnU ilitd of aTor-Uud; 

AiBoni ih« in«b4iM of poor Butbon . abo pro- 
tan m jftveuiaui «iwt«nc« by ili*ir pen, oni!, noi 

tk«l«MCOaiu>d(rnibIe,i*lbtitaUi|«( tbcir fli»et 
MMuritJ of lift (rere shed far no human euai- 
t ami old *ge !■ iho nltlicml rouL Tbc Isle 
tOHAa MOKTiuns, tha i:oiii]iiInr, iininnE otbcr 
Uun^, of that ut«fiil «ark. "The Stuilcnt'* PoektC 
Dietionarjr," fril t]>is irrFxIf — lie hiiDKlf rxpp- 
rinicrd BO Lb*tcincut of kU anluuri iiur dtficlvncii 
ta bi* ialclkcUi^l |>i>vtT*, il near ibe a^o "f 
nghi;;— but be then would oumplua "of tin- 
{■•ariifof litrnrjimplajriaenl. and Ills prtfiiviice 
ftten ta jnung tdicntann," Sueh u th« youtA, 
Mid mcb tlie old ogt of Mdiaarj aulfaon 1 


What lli«m7 rail$T»tloiiii from th# North, of 

|<Mag nen ol ||«iiua. M-din-pd \if ■ romantic 

pudon for Mtenrj fame, and Uind b; ibe Roldca 

proipert* nlikk the happier seniai nf *aaie of 

tkeir u«n muntrynien opmed on thcin ! A 

lAliimr mifhl be vrillcn an htcinr; S(!ri.U^h[n<7n. 

•bo haie pcriafaed immatartljiin thU melropfili* ; 

little kouwn, and alightlf mnnicted, thej baie 

drappcd awayantonic us. kod Msrccly left ■ vntlKC 

Id [be wrccfc* of thrir (<niiii. AmcinK thrm 

I' BMBe aatbors naj b« JiK^uiereil who mi^hc bare 

^BHokad, pfriiapn, in th« Artt eluMf of one lit«ra> 

plbn- I •hail telect four oat of h many huiidrtil, 

j «ha •cr« nut eniimlr unknovn to me ; a ronsntie 

I fontli — 1 mau of gCDlufl— « bnUianl proK wrtirr 

— Bud tlabourer in tltrnturr. 

laAJtc BlTM»4»Dtthepoetif?&1 anti<{itaT7) w«« 
a T^onX ■■>*'> ^B*"'"*' *''" peHibrd immiiliirrl; 
is iliin nttTDiMilia by atlcwpling to tiift bj the 
tUbrti of hii pm. 

In em\j fouih benirrd among liiii native moan> 
taitti, wifb Ibc baltlM of Hom«r in bit hrnd. and 
Ui Wr and arrow ui hii band; in caliucr hourt, 
be norlj conpletcil a apiritcd irriinn of Hoiod, 
vbkll COfWlantlj oecujiinl hlaBfterktudiei; yrl our 
■iMMl^iTbtr did nnC Ira tnir the arierrr (clrnre-i 
SelKled at lengtb to riae ta the eminent itatiun 
of Ilw Viita|;B KcbmlnuteT, — fraa> the tbanbleni 

oSce of ponnot c«ld rudinientt into heedIrM can 
Rrmov uofc a poetical Bvcbt. It nu ainanE the 
— IWtahil and >llil icenerj of Scotland, lliat uur 
joaiy Hoowr, picking op rr)igin«nti of tivcnic^ 
Mtnt** *n<i oaai(>r»iii)[ aomc fini! UiULul gHxtry, 
•odd, in Ilia wandering*, recite ibem *itb mcb 
I— inn«lB npiwilaii, thai be ddict fulrd of 
tmStian-. asd fouodetentbe pnor srncrous. wbco 
Aatr bvller panidM were diuvihI. Thm he tirMJ, 
Hfca mmt oU traubadour, bj liu rbjiau, and hi> 

cluinta, and Ilia litehyt ; and, oAcr n ;cac'* 
abtcnce, onr tiaid tcluracd in Ihc triumph of 
<nit*. ThU wu Ihc moat aedtidng rauianit ol 
life; Rinos- felt hlniwiralaarfoledPatrardi; but 
be had now qai(t4;d hit luituloted but feeling 
admin:r»i and ibe dilld of fancy <r*> lo mix vrilii 
Ibe creiyday bonnen of life, 

A( Cdlnbutgh he atuilled Diedlirinii, lived by 
writing tbMetfor the idle and tli«iiicom]icleDt, and 
compoacd a poem on Mcdiciac, till at kdgtb bi« 
liupm and bis unbition cundiiotcd Idrn to London, 
But ibc iiialdcn a(e of Ibc toiagl nation »ni>n ttc- 
xrted him iu hi« obMrnrB npartmetit in tbe glillff> 
ing ntelrtipalii. He nClended the boapi tali, hot 
thaae wvre erawdrd by tliiddiiU who. if \kiKf 
r«lialied the M:i«ioe le»t,l»Tcd the trade mort : he 
published a tiaiCjt *eriiiin of llotner's ihma to 
Venua, whii^li wu good enough lo be ]iriiM'.d. but 
tint to N^lJi at length hit fertile innginitioti 
wilbrring over tli« tuk-wark <>f litetatlire, bn 
ruiencd fame Tor bread; wrote tbe preface to 
Cfirke') Surrey of Ihe Lnliet, iwoipilei medical 
artlclw for lh« Monthly Hevirw ; nnd. iiiitiiig 
fwt bis ebbiuf spirit*, be retreaU-J to an olHrtirn 
loJgine ot I»iinKlon, where denth wllcscd ■ hope- 
Im* MitJior, in the twenty- *tvcinli year of bii I'ff- 

Thc fulloBlnpunpolUliwI llnc» were ttrucli off ot 
a h«al in tryinff Itia pen on ihe bock of a letter i 
he wrote the numei of the Siilrr Fates. Clolbo. 
Lachnia, and Atrupnt — tK« su>!drn tvfoUectlon of 
lu* own fate raiihcd en turn — Bind thua the ihap- 
■odiat bnjke out i 

" I tniiiilvr mwh, ■• ^1 yii're niilnnlnx, Fatca! 
What Ihmdi j-et iwUiMl out r>T rip. old ladea ■ 
A&.Alinpas! pcrhipafot mo thnn •tilRii'M 
Ketltvf, (vnlomiil. and pmiir; and wo*; 
HfI hi : wlillsl that fuut nmil. (ti* qitmi. 
And cui>|itnii uinlancliDl) iiora m>. all tlic rcat 
I'll bear, w Bbuulil a inaa : 'twill do ins tno4. 
And ttmcli ma wbat no Mlef Inrtiin* muld, 
Ifumilllj', and iiinial&r wllli oiliar*' III*. 

t lo«*;uu mucli: ya natter n"! mr ividak 
Vciur mtcn. tla true, la wilnklod. hard, anil aour ■. 
Yoar wDMa Art liinli anit *l«m : and alemer Mil] 
\n\tt puipm In ni». Vnl I fmrniia 
Wh»li)**r >i>ii ho™ .lonu. or mnU) lo do. 
BcTuiaili tame baleful litaurt tnin. I*!* fnnnil. 
In all Ililiwnrld.nn(fi(nidiiHih fiwdvluf Iiand 
T« Imd ma no lo aulmce. whli'li I Icira 
neyimdall elu tlii- wiirldniuldilic : x'^al'D 
Your ill our I li>nn n : ;a an nut ytt iiij iMi : 
My I7III1 untulurd *ll)'t itiy nivl> runa. 
Wo tn*i>B*[^)iBliicsp[il» : liloimlnc polaon ! 
Wa Inn arliat *t iliuuld bata ; bi>* kind, ys rst«, 
Tn IbwarlDur wlilira : Ojnu'rr klndtaacvort* 1 
And Hay ua la llie tmar to maka ua feel !~— 

Thus deeply be entcn into hie own fcelinc*. 
and abjnrga hia wrara, «a he painti the utter 




dcuiUtiao af Uie uiol while falliog iiiM the grsve 
opening ii Itli h*l. 

Tkn town wm once mooiMl klmoit twtrr 
inaniiDg bj • woiie* of hnmoruat «r builMqup 
potma bf ■ writer uo^cr tlic tnuncd Dome a( 
MMIhfv riramtlr—hr m> »t th»t lerf mnmrnt 
one of the moiC motiiig ngwuiacrlM of human 
meLuicboljr t liav« «t«r wtUkMWiI. 

It WW on* ovoBUig I MO • Ul), faraiihed, 
BiGliincboly man enter a bookiellcr'* *hoi>> lii.i bat 
flapped otcr bit eirtt. ind hii wholt rramr evl- 
(leiillf fHMe from etbiiiillon nnil iitlcr nm^cTy. 
7^0 hoolc««i11<<r in(]uiTcii how hr pioeeeAad in hit 
new tngcdy- " Uo not talk In wc nh>out my 
tf^edf 1 Do net talk to tot hIdilI lujr Ini^dy '. 
I tuTC inilNJ more tr«ccit]r tban I can bew ■! 
h,ome I " itu the leflf , ami the toke filtered u hi- 
xjMike. ThiAtain vts Mttthcit Itraniblp. or rather 
— M'DoskLD, tlie Butbut of liic (i»grdj of Vi- 
nionilB, u tbki moniGnt (be writer et cotule poetrf 
— hia Irtjtedy wu indred ■ (loRiestic nnr, in which 
h( himtrlf wan the greatnt notor imid hii diaoan- 
lolale fimilfi he ihortlj alttfranriti [i«rlah«d. 
M'DuDnldliad wallcFil from Si^otUnJ wttUiioettier 
fortune lliaii On: novel nf "The IndrprjidcnC*' in 
one pocket, aail the Iragedj of " Vimonda'' in 
the other Yet he Lved aoine time In u1! tbe 
bloom and (liiah nf pneticfti ronlidence. Vimnndn 
WM eicTi jrerfomicd several nighta, but not with 
tile (uoccw the rutnaniic puet. among hia nalite 
rocki, bad coiiL-eitcd iia<i to t-mmn hit aniioiu 
laboun — the theatre diinppnintpJ him— ^ndafter- 
wirdu, to hla fiorliiiit*. dl the world ! 

LoSKii h><I llic dii|>oniiaDi of a (inelic tpiriti 
not caat in a coicoiuu m^tulJ ; witli dnej he com- 
blneil leirninit, and «n!t clnijurnce phllnatipliy. 

Hii cUimi nn our nympnOijr ariie from Ilime 
cirenmitani^fi in hit life nbieh i>]>en the «eerrt 
louroca of the calmaitir* uf authori ; nf Iboae 
Diindt of finer tcmfirr, who, tiaviiig tiuned the 
heal of IhetTjoulhliy the patient acecritjr uf ituily. 
f^om cau«e* not alwafii dilllrutt to ditcocer, find 
their favourite objeeti and Iheir fondest bD|iea bar- 
ren an>J nefiUoted. El i> then that the thooghtfol 
mebuiehnljr. whLcU conatiluto so lar^ a portion 
of their eenln*. ahtorlii and contnmc* the vcrj 
faculliea to whieh it gate birth. 

LoKin ttodied at the Linieenitj of Edltibni^, 
WM ordaintil in the eburciv of Scotlnnd — anil 
early ilisiin^Uhed ai a poet bj tbc tliupticity and 
the tendoriMM of hiarfrtrsjet the iiliiloaophf of 
hiMoty had u deep))' intemtM liia atudie*. Itu 
gave two cauraea of ieciurea. I hat* heard frotn 
hia pupila thrir admiration, after the U|uo of 
nany jreara i to atrikini were tboee lecturct for 
beiiag aiienufuUi applied the icience of morat 
philOMpli; to the hiitory uf nation*. All wiahed 
that Logan ibeoU obtain the chair of the Pro. 

fraaor of Universal Hiiturjr— but from inae (wial 
of etiquette ho failed in ubialulDg thai dlaHagalalied 

This wu bi« Bnt illaappaiDtment in Bfe, jat 
then perbapa but lightly felt ; for the public had 
approved of hit gioraa, and a auccenthil |M>et b 
iw>iil;enn«o1ed. Poetry ineoe-hafcndebctogweaia 
a viuierwU >Fecific for all the eiila ef Ma ; it aeta 
at Ibc mornrnl, e:ihaiJBliDg and d»atrojtog lee 
often the coDstitotlon it »etina to rrttore. 

He bad llniahed the tni|[edy of " Runnymede ;" it 
wu accepted at Corent -garden, but InUfdtotad bf 
ihc Lari Cbamberltio, froia Mnte (aapieion that 
ita lofty (cntluicnta contained allsaiafia to tb* 
ftolilJM of ihoilaT. The Qaroni'ta-arma wba vet 
Jnlin, were conpcired to be deeper iHlilidam tkas 
the pnet liimtelfnas aniireof. Thii traalheaecnnd 
diBnppuinlmrnt in the life of Ibia m«B Of genlw. 

The third calamity wa> the nslund oonae^uese* 
of a tragic poet being abu a Scotdi cicriymall. 
l^iftau had inUicted a wounil on the Preibytery, 
heirt of cbo foniua of old Prynne, wboae puritanic 
fatiaticIiRi had nerer forgiven Home for Ml 
"DouKlas," and no* groaned to detect geatua alill 
lurking among ihcm. Locan, li ia oettado, ct- 
preMed hia coatampt for them ; Ihey their hatted 
of him : folly and pride in a poet, to beard Pra»- 
bjlert in a luad of Ptaebyl ari ana I 

He gladly abandonad Atm, retiring on aeenall 
anniiity, Tliey had. howerrr, butt Im tcnper — 
they hail irritated the iierroua ayftteai of a man 
tuo luaeeplitile of all Imprtaatoaa^ geatle ar 
unkind— li<* character had all tkoaa nneqilal haU- 
tndaa which ircnttia oontracta in Ha boldneta aarf 
ita trcinori ; lie waa now livacioaa and indig* 
ntnt, and now frrtled and melaiicholr. He flvw 
to the meltopotii, oeeiipivd himaelf in litmtntt^ 
■nil wH* ■ frrcjuunt cnnlribotor t« the " Engliah 
Renew." He publUbed "A Beview^ftba Ptia- 
cipal Chargn agaiaM Mr. Ilaitiaga." Logea 
wreUled vllb the grniiK of Bnrke and Sbendan i 
the ilnuae of Carnmoni ordered the paUUxr 
Stocbdalo to be proaeouIeJ, but tlie noifcor M 
not Utc (« njcloo In liie victary obuiiied by kia 

Thia elegant phitoaopher haa imprened on all Ui 
worki the aeal of geului ; and Ua iHM(lie-i.~' - 
eoanpotiliona became even popular j ba wli 
Willi diflicnity crcapcd citommnoicatian by i'm- 
hjrten, left the world after hia death two voIobmi 
of aermiDua. which breatb* all thai piety. Morality, 
and alminrnea ndntlra. Hia tuuveiaed lectnm. 
pitbliibed under tlio name of a pcrwiD, oaa 
Kulbetfcird, mho liad parchaaed tfae MS., wan 
giren to the world in "A Vieie of Aacknt Uiaiary." 
But nne highly- Aiuibed coMpodthm ba had hl«> 
Hlf pubhabed ; it b a philoaephieal rniew at 
Unpotinn : bad the natne of Gibbon been aSsad 



to llw btlc-pasa, iu antlieMfailty hid Mt bem 

9wvm aoe of hla citcntore, l>r. Donalil Gnnl, 
«fca wralc Uu life {irvfixnl lo hii ikk-di*. I hcanl 
of Utettau of hit niinprou* MS}^.; t)i« frauxed 
yH «»n ciub«rt cf th« unhappy faatd. Senral 
trsgadm, uid one <nt Mirf ()uoen of Scolc, 
•bontttog with aH that dunmtic tcnilcrotaa and 
podie Mulbtliif wbicli formed llir^ toft and 
■■(■nl fcaloM of hb muM : thew. with tninor 
pmou, Ikkfty lecture* on tk« Komnn lllator^p, 
■nd (lortioiu nf ■ jicnixlii'al fpir, iroo (ha 
wreck) ofccnina ! He rotdnl here, litllc knoirtL 
flat of a yerj iinrate ctrclt. and periihcd in hia 
Ibt11«lh jFBar, not of prnury, Liit of a broken 

glnal, stated hU hiMary la th« Linrarj Pond. It 
*M wtiCleti ill a miHiKiit of dtreme bodily vnfter- 
inf and incalal agoiif. In lbs koue (O which be 
bail bem liunlnl for dtbt^l incb a iDomcnl, he 
found tloqafnFt in a nnrra^Te, patbcUc from Itl 
maplidtf, and riluahle for ita geeDiaMim, la 
givia; tlic rcDull* of a ItFii of liUrary industry, 
(iraductiTe uf ftcM infclicitr aad dlaer*m -, ooe 
HOuM Imagine (bal ihr aittbor bad becD a crituinal 
ralber than a ruin of leltera. 

■* Th* Ca*t uf • Man uf LHltrt, q/ rfgmlmr «A^ 
eatitm, living bf htmMI littmry mrfiM(r|r. 

■■ Ettt aince I waa eleven jcar» fff age I have 

mlnirltil wtib inf ttudira ihr Ulwiir of tcBchins o( 
hMrt. Suh nob), and .ell-fonndad «pf.tarioo. , ^f ^j,,^^^ ,„ ,„p|,„„ ^ ^„„j„ „j„,r. 

rf foflBM Ud r.t»e, al) the pUi>« of literary ^ .. p„^„^ ,^„„, ^^,^ j„„_ ,^11. i -«a in 
nUtioa anrearMd. bu gtuuua. with all iU diOi. , ^„,„, „raoc«.i«.«l .ltcBda>i« >t Ibe ITniTWiitj 
a»cy. te Virtt, and It. clcnn«. became a prejr ^^ Edi..bun!h. I WURbt aod a»i.ted yoanE P«r*oM. 
i» Oat »el«Mhalj «faich conrt.iuted » Urg^ a ,j ,i, p„rt„,,^ ;„ „,, „„„„ „, edocalion , boa 
foniaaetit. I jii^ Alphabet tu tl.« U^bcet brancbci of Science 

X>pB. .» hi. •• Od. b, a Man <rf Utt^n," h.d ^ Llt*t.t«w. 
lUa lofty cuaMptiuD ef a great author; — 

■* Woa trara ailVKMl wMin uf UiM, 
AroUa haOi hi* Uratf cVmbc. 

The pniTlDoa of mind : 
An Bnrpl wHb rlsnal tewen r : 
tm MoBMaguita r«l«nn tbt houn 

rr«n fcoula to oanklsA 

Ka laiin ■■■ilwIiiiniMitiii biu*^ 
No tatiml atdHh nf««, 

T« fOMiali tlu (tluwal flm* g 
PrvB TlittMi itl Trnjr. ll» vM«f tOm, 
A«d Uomv wieb bk ha)« tita, 

In THltd ralht tohOM.' 

Otr childrm arill long rriwat bb ** Odo to the 

Cnckoo." one of the tnott IdvdIjt pcirnin in tnir 
iHpugc; Biaglealitaiiiiu t>r|<iclure, mt^ludj, end 

" I rnid ■ nmrtc of l..«*tupeB on th« Lair of 
Natarst the l^n uf NatiunH, the Jeniih, the 
Greciao, line Humtii, and the Canon Law, and 
then on the Fcndal ; iLnd on the setentl 
foniM of Munidjial Jiirinjirudencc eitablhliod io 
Modern Europe. I [irinwd a SyllaUm of tbeae 
Lccturca, whi^h wet tffioni. Tbej ware aa inirtidactnrjr to the |inifuaioiial ■tuJj' 
of Law, and to nstitl erollcmen irhn did rail 
alndy It professionally, iii the nndenUnilias of 

" 1 traoaUttHt Pourcrox'a CheKiiatrj twiM,flrom 
both the aecond and tlie third edidoDi of the 
origina]; Foiircroj'i Pliiloiophy of Clicmisirif ; 
Satary'tTraTrti luOfMce; Duinnurirr** I^tlera; 
Cfuner'i Idyll* Ln part : an aintract of itimmtr. 
man on Solitude, and a ptm di*er«ity of fmatJer 
TImm •■tfaon werr undoabtcdly men nf finer pien^ 
fccBagit wbo aU perithed immaturtly, victima in ■■ ] wrote a Jotime; Lbmiigli tbr'Wtalctn Ttrta 
Ibe tilicber department of liCcnture '. itut ctiia e( Scotland, which hai paaMd throu);h two Bdi> 
■rtielc wontd rot be eomplrtn wiChnDt fumtihinK tiooa ; a Iliitory of Scotland in ait Tolumf ■ 8vi> ; 
the reader with a jjiclare of the fate of ooe. who, ' a Topo^npliirJiI Ai-coiiiit ef SiMtiand, which hai 
wUh a (Mrtiaarity of iuduitry not cvmmon, hsiiti; been (cvvral tiuicn reprinted ; a number of com- 
^Mtercmw rT:pdar Oodita, not Tcry injudlciauily \ ninnicaltiiiu in tlie Kilialiur£h Alocauac -, many 
dfenird that (hr liir V a min of Irltcri crould ' i'refacei and CrltiquM : ■ MeiMOtr of Uin life of 

lirovide for Ibe Dn|nle want* of a pLiltunpher. 

Tbii nan m»t the lata Hoirbt Hrrow, *bo, 
•a ibc IbUawtng iHtar, tramcrilicd fran the uri- 

■ TkbatedMbla UBlewnrkliaillUad. "A UliaRa- 
■m bb tka Onwamaala. Manotr*. and Hpbit of Aala : 
M — I . ITV." H b afunyuuiut; liuC ITiu pohlldHr 
l 1 iP M ia»»HwaiWtltM«ib]fLBt«iL ]II*-Klamaib«f 
tha ruiooplTafawoty'aMTaiuabla. Kla'-Bvnuau" 
Imp- IMD MpuMUkat. 
;# IhaBiuilprmlMHafCrTPlEaJnmlfroinanisIataad 

Bums the Poet, which au^graud and pTuoifited 
the lubairriptioa lor hia fflmdy , hai beco many 
time* rrprinlcd, and fumird llio liDoinof Dr. Cur- 
ric'K Life Oif him, n* I learned bj a letter fmra the 
Onclor la one of hi* friends; a laricty of Jtut 
d'Eipril In *ene and proae i and many nbrldg. 
iMtiti of large worki. 

" In tbe bc||iniiiuf of 17S9 I waa encoanfcd 
la cons to Loadon. Here I hate wriltiui a 
great multipUclIf of aiticica in almoat excry 
bnncb of aaksca and literaitire: ny edaeation at 


LABoBtofs Aimiona 

Gdinborgb luvlag MupKhtfld«d ihem all. Tbt 
Lonilnn Review, (lie Agticultnrml ^Iij^iidd, lh< 
Anti-JacnUn RcTirir, Ihe Monilil; MwKlac, the 
Unircrul Miguiiw, the Public C'liarurirn, the 
Annnal Necraluf^, with ineral othtT periodical 
wort*, caiitain m»trj of mj cammuoicatioii*. In 
kkIi of tlio«c pabllettinna m htre beta ntiewed. 
I can afaov that nijt incnjmnu* picrn havr tx-m 
dlirinfiliahcd Birb rrrj high priiae. 1 horr 
writttn alfO ■ ihorc (jum of ChPmiitrf in one 
Totume 8to; (ud I puliUihiil n few wtyVb siac« 
> mull work, called "CorefgrW of Life*," of 
wfaic'b tfa« fint ctlitloQ wo* toLd in one week, and 
tite t<CDDd oditlan !■ poar it) rapid mIr. 

■• In Ihe NinMp«pcn-~t)ie Urwie. the Poreu. 
pin* »h«i it exitted, the Grncnl BvcniDit Post. 
th« Monung roil, tho liritiih PrcM, ike Cou- 
rier, &<„ 1 bare publJatii^ man; Rt<pi>rU a( 
Debate* in Parliamrnl. anil. I lidieve, n 'g.n*Ur 
miMj of lisht fugitive pirnH than I knonr lo 
baT« bars written bj •nj one othtr ptnon. 

" ] hut written nlfo a ^aritljr of cofri|)(i«ilL»n» 
in the liOlin mid the Frcui-ti Innt^uBgn. in (avaur 
of which I have bivn honoured wltlithr test loionlM 
or iib^nJ af^robaiion- 

"1 b*r* iiirarvibljr written to icire lite cauie 
of tt&^oD, niacallly, pious cliriiiian education, 
and good order, in the moM (tir«tt maontr. I 
haTa MiDaidered what 1 bare wttttrn ai merv 
triSw ; and hare iiiOMiantly itodied to (luolify 
mjaelf (at ■omethiDg belter. I can proTt that 1 
ha*e, for manf jtju^, mil and wrUtrn. une diy 
wllli another, from IwrUi^ tn nittri-n lioarn a iliiji. 
Aa a liuman beb^. I liaie Dot barn free tram fol- 
lie* and error*. But th* tenorof in^lif« bubevu 
temperate, Uboricnit, hutnbk. <juicl, and, to tbv 
nUnoal of my paticr, benclicent. I can proTR the 
ipeneral tenor (tt mj wriCinga to tufc bfeu ciniliJ, 
■nd ctcr adiphrd To vihlbit Ihe mott (ataurablr 
viewi af Ihe abilitie*, di*potitioni, and eicrlioni 
of other*. 

" ForiheaoUitten month* I hate been brousht 
|0 the vcrj extremity of bodilj and pwitniarj: 

" 1 tbndder at th« thought of pemhing in a 

"92 Chancery -lane, 

"/■«*. 2, IBor. (la confinement.]" 

The phjaidaoa rrpnrCcd tbat Robert Ileran'a 
beallk was xoch " a« rcnderrd him tutnltjr incn- 
yabl« of eitrieating himtelf from Ihe diflteullie* in 
wUcb he waa inrolTrd, by tha in'liicrrfi tjertiiin 

• "TboOiaifaTt*a(Ltra'«nr««Tlttanlii pttwm; ■• llic 
lll«*rt«*rnaMMvfl]r In a dnvliwniuin. Tho wivli* nf 
•ntboiB are Ou moat Jasular. and tiw nuM bmnirDua 
1ft ir^ walaaflri'ljr 

oj hit mind, in prtltveUd and iiWMMai titerarj 
labour*. " 

Aboiit tbree rnonth* after, tlcran anak mder ■ 
feter, and periihed amid the walla d NcvfMe. 
We ar« dh^sled with lh!« horrid (tBt« of pao- 
ptrimii we arc iiidi^riiaat at behaldin|[ aa anthar, 
not a coDleniptible otie, m thii Uil ataf^ of haman 
wrEtcbedoea* '. aAet eailjt and Ule studwe, tUtt 
haTiui; read and wrlitcn rrocn iwclte to *iiteen 
hours a day * — O, Te ptipnlae* nf teribhim ! 
befare ft are driTen to a pnet, mud ia<it eyei Ut 
AUcd *ilb conatanl tears, panae — rwollcct thai 
fen of )0u ponaoM the l<nru!ii(; or the abilitira uf 

The fate of Heron— ia the fate of hwtdreda of 
anlbort by profpxioa in the praaent day ] of men 
of name literarj tnlcDl, who can never calricaCi 
thenuelfts from a degrading stale of porcrtj. 

Ttiia 11 one of ibr Ernaiia of old llraTaK orer 
bi« lahnrinui! work, when he ia antictpatiiif tke 
rrecption it ia like to meet with, and penonatM 
bi* objector* '- — Ue aaj*. 

■'Thi»ua tbio^ i^ rneere tndaatrie ; teMec 
tion without wit or invmlion ; a fery toy ^— So 
mfin am nlued '. their Uboiin Tilified by feBowei 
of na worth themaeleea. aa Ihln^ of MMi|lit ; «lw 
could ool h»<c dooo a* much?" 

Tlicrc IB, indeed, a clasa of antbnra wbo are 
UableKifurfpit alldMOtftafroiua, wkaterer ihetr 
p^nioi tnif liB^tlicie are die tiborimia wrttrra af 
TotumiQoiu wcrrbH ; bat Ihe y am farther nibjeel 
lo Lieavicr firicfancea, to be undcnalaed or ne- 
i-lccted by ihc apathy or the tagntiCude of lb* 
pablic. • 

induatr; ii often (vmoaived to belray the ab- 
■enee of iolellectual aerCion, and tke nufmltiid* 
of a wutji ii imafiiDcd ncceHarilj to that out all 
[eniu*. Yet a luburioui work bai often bad aa 
original i^uHth and ndiwaa in it. reqairinc a 
geniui whot" prpuli>.r fei^Iintr. like inviilble Tttolily, 
i> ajircsd Ibniugh the uiigbty bodji. F««Me iwl- 
latiung sf tacb laboriuuD wurka have pMicd Ibe 
maaler'a mind tbat I* In the oriKbal. Tbere ia » 
Uli^al in Induatry. whirh eTcry indiutrioua mu 
doe* not puttea* g and ereu laal* and tnia|[iBatlaa 
snay lead to Ihe de«p«« itudic* of autiiiuitwa, m 
well ai mere unducernini; curio*ity *j"I p)addM( 

But there arc other more atfililnK rharai-itrlatin 
of latfHmnial fetllnf In aulhan of thii claaa. TW 
fattitudr of mind whieb enable* thrm lo eom^tda 
laboDTB ot which, in ni»nj iu»!ai»fe», Ibr* are 
conaciou tbat tli« rtal ttluc will oulj be appte- 
tlalad by diqaialotiaie poatorit;, theniaelTaa twdr 



lliinc to *itBPM lb* bra* of tbrir own Kork mU- 

tiJi*i>od i tthile Ukj <»durr ibe r-aplioufncM vt 
nallikiBi <snUn>. It i* Mid th*l Ihe (IpUci of 
Nrwraxlwdnai^haracterof cnditliere iillnocicril 
■B FiBiiM. It >OdU nat ba the onl» initwicp «f 
■jb iwlbor vritiiif kbot hi* •>■>■■ •(«> ind knticU 
[Mthif It! mMc BdrsaMd (tniak How nailer 
voiii of rrudilioa migtil be adtluMd U alM« llicir 
■Blhsn' diui<|>iiUlin«nu 1 PainKAi.x'ii lutncd 
irvtk <if tlia " Conaeiioii of the Old ind New 
TcKUment," and SiivcKroaeV limilu oiir, wcrr 
fanita • long while bcfon tLcj could obtain ■ pub- 
luhcr, ind inucli limber bcroTc Ibc; foaitd rcadcn. 
ItltiatdSir Waltkr ftALsttrU tiuni«l thr •et'Oiid 
«otBiBe«f bi* ilutorf from the Ul luivcH Ih« linl 
kMl BKt <htb. PuiKca') " WorllucB of Devon" 
waa >• wkTatotutUr recciTcd bj tbv public, tlkit 
ill* talMrioiu and paUiolk author wai to dUuou* 
fafcd •■ D«t to priot iLe woiud vnUmt, wbicb ii 
Mid l« bm btMi pnparRd for thepmti. — Fjuxxs^ 
woKTM'a (MhvM Tr4iiil*tK>n, vitli note* and 
illai marl mil. «l Maohiatol'* M'arka, «•« haokcd 
aba^ th« toitti ; md ibe poor luthor diicavcnd 
IbU lie nodrnlood MucbJaid b«tlcr tliau tLc 
pablir. After other Ubonn of tliU kind, )t« Irfl 
Ul lunP; IB dialmMJ circa m*t>ncc*. — Obtcrve, 
tbb nocUmt book aoir bean • b)i;h price !— Tbc 
(•tc d( tbe " Bio^nphla Orilanivica." iu ic» Ant 
•dkllon, mast ba nnticed : tbe ipirit and toulc^neu 
of CAMraaiL. lh«euri(iiulndiu4rjofOi.i>TE, and 
Che iftited iabpon v( mj able writer*, could not 
■BSm paMic btnnr j ihii tre«>un of our Ii(«rar7 
Uawy wu on tbe point ol bdng suaptndoJ, wfacn 
m pMv b; Gilbert Weit drrw Ili« public Httcntian 
to ikat cbborate work, whii^h. bowetn, atilJ 
b^iibb«d,uidwaahaatilf concluded. — GaiKtms 
Mji of hla adminble woik. in one of hia letter), 
•• Db • Mr MaU of mj urounl. It wniild njipFor 
dwl BJ liTwiilii io Ibe imprmtmeat uf mj vuih 
^ aol UBoaot tu &a// lAi- pnj/ of a leovtnfftr ! ' ' 
He rrctrted odIt one hundred p'>und« tu tlie tini-M 
oTCkulca 1. 1 and ibe ml \a dcpead on public 
fcra«fiKttaeco«tinualb>ii. TlietalcwaaalnKE^b; 
«iea WalpoU ImibkI dotibiriil of iti nooew, 
tboucb b« probabi; •enetljrenTicd tbe dill ot cnu' 
portrait- painter. It wta too pl>ili»o|iliicAi for tbe 
men colketor, *ad it tout inV ten j-f»t» bcfoie 
It mcbMl tb# banda of pbiltiaopbcr* : iht auiliior 
dtfltrrf httUi pnit, and nerer bred to (m ita 
po],«luit} »*tabtiah«d 1 We hti» hid niiny bighlj 
laiwble wfrtka anipcailcd Tor tbrii want of public 
fitnnaft, to tbe Ktlrr diMppaiiitii]ciit,iiiid souie- 
riwailhr min of their aalbur*: luch are Obova'a 
"BriUah tibrvian." MoniiAN'h " Phirnix Bri- 
taMAini*." rtr. BaKKkMKovy*''BIoffa|>bi* Lite- 
mia," PrvfcMor Marttk's and pr. Li-mcE'it 
** AMt<|<i>lie* of ilcrenUiKUni ~ all three are /(rtl 
MUian. ibcR an no leatniU ! Tbcy ata now 

nr«, riirioDs, and bigli prioeill Ungntcral public! 
Vnbftpp; ambura I 

That noblr enlhiiviaiini wblrii la itrwiflydmac* 
iPtlaM gvniut. in produrtinna wbow orighiality i% 
of a 1r>* amhijuoua nalurit> baa been oiperitoecil 
bf aoine of theao laborioaa •ntlinn. who hare 
lacrifioed Ihrir liira and fcirluiira (u Ibdr beloicd 
*ludic*. The cnltiuilum of lili>ritur« lua oftun 
htm iliat of berolim. lud nunj bare not ahnulc 
fraro the foflotn faojir. 

RviKwoR-ru and Rtmkb, to wboi* coIlectioDi 
oar kialorjt alands ao dr«|ilj indebted, moat hare 
mtonttl; fell Ihii lllerarr aiduur, for Ihtjr paiird 
their lira in fanning tbem; till Rf mw, in tbo 
utmoit dittTHB, waa obll|^ to mII hia ba«lci and 
bi* fiAjr iruluine« of MSS. whicb bo conli sot get 
printedi ami Riul^urth died in tbc King'i Bnch. 
of a broken heart : iDin j of hia ptpen atUI rctnala 
nnpubliihed, Itia ruling paaaioo wsa amaiuicg 
■fate matlfira, and h« loluatarlljr iirt;I«ftcd great 
opportunitiea of acquirias • Itec foituao for tliia 
entire 1111011011 of hia life. Tbe uuic fate baa 
awaited che umtlar Utboun of matij' anthora to 
wboiD iJio liislor; oi our countrj IJei under drtrp 
obligatioM.*, tbckiiloriogriphcr 
of our faenge, and the cutloiu colltctor of llie 
«alualilc " Syduej papera," «nil atbcr oollectiuiu. 
pBMril hltllfrlu rctcuiiiEtheaewreckiof uillquit;. 
in linn; autlieniidtj to onr hiatory, or oovirl- 
buting fre*h mtlcrinli to it : but hi* midiiigbt 
Tigils were fberted \>j nt patrona^, nor bia 
UJioara valued, liJl tbo cjre (hit puinl on tbe 
mutilitei) MS. wu for eitr clawtl. Of all thofa 
eurioua worka of the late Mr. SiattTT, which ate 
now bearing nch higli |>n«M, all were prodsoed 
bj citcnsir* rtadiag, and illuslratcd b<r bia owu 
dni>rin[ii. framtlie inanuicripu of dlffercDt rpnths 
in OUT biatorir. What wu llie mult to that infe- 
fiii>ut artist and Aiinbor. wha, uoder tlir plain 
■implicit^ of an antiijuary, cnnrcalcd a Saat [toctlciil 
■iiinil, nnd an cuthutium for hi* beloircd partuil* 
to which ouljr re arc indebted for them; Stnill, 
lirlnic 111 the Ercntcat oWuniT. and rolimtarll; 
taerifiBlnB all the urdinarr \'wk% uf life, and tbe 
trade of hia tmrin, solelf attached to national 

anti<juilio^ and cltarmfid hy cajbog thciri int«> • 

fruli riiaicncc under bia pencil, I ha*c witDcatnl 
at tbe Brilinb Mnaeuio, farfvUiiit for whole daja 
baa mtaeriei. in atdulou* rtinrdi and drli(bthil 
labour i at limes (tcb doobCfDl wbetber be could 
|ct bia works printed ; for some of whi«b be waa 
not rr falcd eten with tbe Kumaii suppa of " ■ 
radidi and an '%%.'' Ilow ho Icf^ kM doinealk: 
lifair*. hia ton can t4 U : how bb works hatw tiipUd 
(heir value, tbe bookaeUera. In wrttjaf on tka 
Calaciiillca attending the loie of literary labanr, 
Mr.JotiM Nit:»oi.9, the modcat annaliat of Um 
Utcraij biat«T]' of the last century, aiid tbe frkad 



of halt the dfparted fcniiu of our coiuBr, can- 
not but occur to Rie- He Knloady pubUibed 
tnorn ih«n lil'ty vorki. iUiuIriiinK thi! litentnre 
•nd lbs HDtiqultiM of the oountr;; Uboun aot 
givtiu In tlio Morld without |;rc*t *>criiioei. BUhoji 
Hard, with friendly taliciluilR, wiltes (o Mr. 
Nicliob on aomc of lili oiia pnbUcattonii, "Wbil« 
yau are mrichin^ thif AnilqaBrimQ world" (ind. 
bf the Life of Bnwyer, tna; b« added ttie Lilfrtrr), 
" 1 hope joa da no't forget yountit. Th* pr»- 
fmion of an atUhar, I hnma frnm rrpnritnee, u 
not a Ivmtiivr dim'.— I aiily ncntimi thia becaum 
I aM > hfgr csulofjun of jonr |iub]iMtioDii." At 

•Obtlur lioMi ibu BiHlin|i wril*"t, " Yoti nt* rprj 
|«od to cxriuo my ftcedon wtth ifou i but, ui 
times gO) almoRt any trade i* tiEtlcr than that nt 
an author," Ac. On tb«M uciui Mr. NIcboU 
eaafvt*i!t. " X Iiiitr hiul Romi; ocmaion to regret 
that I did not atteodto tb« judlt^ioiu im(|;eiiti(>rti." 
W< p*e to the Into Tuqhai Daviks, tbc outhoT 
*r " Garrick'a Lift." and Mlirr literary work*. 
bcautifuJ (■didonsortomeof our v1d«rpMls, Klilcli 
■re now vagerly tnnght niUr, y«, thong>i ail hia 
publJMCilMi* wcie of llie brat kind*, and u« nu» 
»r IncrMaing Taint, tho taiitr of Tntn DaTica 
twice cndcl la bsnkruptty. It i* to bn [ninnn.t«l 
for Uic cauu nf lii«raturv. that (i^eii a bookwltiT 
majr have loo refined a laite for hia trade; it 
mual Btwajt hv hii inlcreit to float int the cui- 
reat of public laote, nbalcYcr that may be ; ahuuld 
be ha*e an ambition to rrtott it, be will be 
aDiicipating a more culiirited curioaity by half 
a nmCary ; tbna Ibe barineM of a bookMlier 
rardy accord* with the ieaiga of adranciiig oar 

The worka of literature, it ii then but too 
<fid«ni, nr«iff> no «L|uiiiiIeot ; let thi« be rvcol- 
leelcil hy bim who wanld draw hii i.*iial<nec from 
tbem. A younf; writer often reaenobLn tbat iina^. 
naryautboiTrbumJohtiaun, iuabuinoniiuletlcria 
llioliltcr fNo.O/'O, rTjim«iitaaBiui>iiic<:<Juip>uat\la 
work "ofumteruilcurioiitT.roiDpoInd that It would 
call lor mauy edlttoat uf bia buub, and that in Avr 
yoerahf *bnuldpiinfHt*oatlloi)aniid pnundahy the 
iokoflbirlythoiuaiulcopiH." There arc, indeaJ, 
aome who hare been daulcd by the Rood fortune 
of GianoN. UoBturauN. and Hi:mk i we an to 
conaidcr ihcsr liiTonril«>), not merely aa aatbora, 
bat ai poiaetiin!;, by their ubutiiva in life, a 
certain >ndc|icadeiK« which prcaer^cJ them from 
tbe vemliuiiB tif ibe autlion 1 haic noticed. 
Obicm. liQwrTtrr, Ihac Uif ancotDtiKjn lutn Uibbon 
rMaircd for copyright, lhaii:!h it eieitn] Ibc 
Bitonithneiit of the philc»o])ber tiimaidf, ««« for 
the continued labour of a takoli: li/s, and proliafaly 
ibe AArrtry ho had purctiaaed fur Ula wurkeijaalled 
at Irul in cost th« pra>lac<> of liia prii ; thi? tool* 
coat the workmaa at mufb «i he oblained fur bla 

work. Six thoiuand paanda gained on tbc*c 
terms will keep on aiitbor iadigent ! 

Many great labuun hare been deaigned byltair 
autbore, oTcn to b« pottbumoiu, prompted oaty 
by their lave of atudy, and a patHotie leai. 
Uiibop Kr.KKKTT'a itnpendnua " Itciiatci awl 
Cbruuide," volume I., ii one of tbooo aatoollb* 
ins labonra, which coutil only haie bfcs pni- 
AxireA by the pteatnre of ttudj or^d by the 
tIruaK love of poKterity. It ia a diary in which 
ibe biabup, one of our nogl alu^uui and actir* 
tiitbori, lias ri-curdoJ every niall«r ot fact, " d«U- 
tend in Ihn wnrda of the mott authentic booka, 
paperi, atid NconU." The deiign wu to preaerrt 
our litemybiatoryrraiD Uielleitoraliati- Thiaailnit 
labour ho had been piirBuing all hia hfc, and piab- 
liihed tli« firil: itutume in hla alxty-clxhlh year, 
llic very yrar lir died. Rut he waa to ictuahlB of 
the coyiieai of the publii^ taite for what ho «alta la 
a letter to a literary friend, " a t«di«iu bcaiy 
biMjk," that he ^te it away to the pnbliibcr. 
" The folume, too lirite. brlnjii me no profit. In 
good tnitb. tbo tcht^ii wu Uid for donaeaenoe' 
aake. to roitore a good old principle that klatoij 
■hould be puicly luattcr uf fact, Ibal uTcry ttadcTi 
by Hamining and comptrlnf, may make oat a 
hiitnry by hia own jndsnienL 1 hai« eoUceliona 
tnnHeribt.-<l for anollirr lolnme, If the boukMlltT 
will run thi? haKjird of printing-" Thia Tolawa 
hai ncicr appeared, aud the boaltcllcr probaUf 
Iflgt a cnnaidrmhlr nam by the one puhluhed, whidi 
valuable Tulune ia now procured with dilficitlty*, 

Tlieie hborloui stittiore batv eomenaaoed ibilr 
literary life with a Klowini ardour, Umw)^ lb* 
fcelini^ of ccniur have lieRi ob«tnict«d by thoM 
numeruua cauaei which occur too fretiuntly in ibc 
lifeofs Ijtf rary tuan. 

I.f.t m li<frn. to Sthhtt, whom we hate jnK 
notircd. and let u> loam (vhat he propeafd dciog, 
iu the firnt at[c of fancy. 

Hating uliiaiiied the liratguld tnedal c*cr fitn 
at the Royal Acadcrny, lie wiitna to bla ■wOim. 
and tbna thanka brr aud hia fricnda Car tliar 4etp 
iiitvrMt in hia mcoru i — 

" I will at Icait atrire to Uic atmoat, to gtvi aay 
bcnefacton no R«aoa lo Ihlok Ihnr paina ibrown 
away. If I chould not he ahln to abound in richaa. 
yet, by Gnd'a help, I will atrfre to ploek Ibal 
pnlui which the gteatcat acUata of fofrp>>ng afea 
liafc done bcfor« nie; f leiit ttiitit (« Itnv* nf 
non/ liihinii mr in lAr tporlii, if not is the wpUm^ 
ilour thai aom* hart, at Ifait leilJi aome marfca qf 
uttidwilji and tttulff ; vbidi, I oau oaauTB yM, 
■liall Doror bo waatiiig in mo. V1>o can bcwr le 
fae«r thcuamnof Ita ptiac I, Titian, Midiad Aiwik^ 

• Dm Bi^oi. E«iiwt-> Mia k Nkibal.^ -Ula «f 
ilawyB," red. I. |i. .WL 

&£., the rM« frtnooi of tixe Italian misbr*, in ' 
the moutii Bif ciery one, antl nul wiiL la Ve like 

tbem .' Aail to be like then, vo nuC itadj u ' 
IlKif hare done, Ukc auch pauu, aiul labour con> 
UiiiialJ* bkc then] Ibe «hicb *tiall nol hemnung 
Ml my «iiU, I itn ■ann t to thit, ihouJJ 1 nol 
wooeoli I »■; rt»t cooiculcdi uiil m/ I Iitvc 
done Bjr ntmMC God liu blrvcd mc iriih s mind 
to aulMUkr. You. liar nadBin, irill RXirane nijr 
«atiilr ; ran luiow tii«, rrom tny ckUdidi i^jt, to 

ImK been ■ M)B bar. alurajni dnirona W sucutn 
*«aarthiag to gaia mc |jrBi*ef from every one ; 
almjB trhftwlT uul imiutiiig iclnttcier I wr 
dooe by •affaody." 

An) wlm Stratt arttlad in th« mttroiMilii. nnd 
■tidied at the Brltimh MuMum, amid all tlie tUtrai 
vf kaovkdgt aad wC, Ua ia^nation dGliglited to 
UpUiatt ill Lla future pra>|>«:t«. In a letter to ■ ' 
bind be fax thg* chronlclHl lilt ri«Li)|t« : | 

I ««uld noe anlf be a |^teat antitiiiaiy. but ■ I 
thinker t I "oold not only iIi>cov«r antl- j 
^tiMi bnt wooldi by cipUuucg tbeir lue, ixmltr 
Ibes smM. StK-b Tial fnndaot knovlciJicc lie hid 
inthoanliqiMl«dmiiaiiHn[ iberjirlicragc* ; Uie«i: 
I woald bnog Kartb. and ttt in their true lifhl." i 

PM« KIratI, at Uw oloa« of life, wit rrdiminf 
to kia own Ant ind B«tund cnergUa, In pruducitiK 
t£ tbe im^n*ti""- Hr liail made conai- 
prognu Iq one, anil (lie rtrly jiaru irhicb 
fat bad flauhwl baar the ttanp of gttnliu ; It li 
ontilkiii " Qnenthoo-bal], a Roniaiive pf aiivient 
lOMt.* fall ofthcpiotWEniacmanDcn End coitaiae, 
Hid chancteni of ibe ii{c, in wlilcb he wu >u 
caCTennit i with ruiit lyrical plecei. nlilok often 
■f« fuB of {HMtic foc^Df — hot ho vaa called off 
from the wi>rk lo f-rep^re a mtn LaljorioDt poe. 
" Qamhoo^hall" remained a heap of fngroeiila 
u hit lieUb ; except ilia firat Totumo, aud mat 
AUad ii|i by a atraniptr band. The tIraiiK<^r «aa 
Sir Walter Seoti, and '■ UnMoboo-lull " vu the 
ovipit of Ibat gtorwiia teriea of roiuaDce* ohera 
awti^aarianiinn bMtakea the ahafie of imiigiaatlan. 

Wntift( on die cflUmilln attached lo litentsre, 
BOliee onn of a mon recondite nituro, yet 
ttw Bletary af^oiei are more keanljr ffU. 
I mold BOC eacitc an undue vynipatUy fur a clast 
«tf wrilcn «bo an uauallgr ccuaidercd at dntilgot ; 
bat Ike preicst cur clatmt oar «yRiT>a[liy. 
. . TtKn are mtm of letlen. trhu, early in llfit, have 
MOM fcrooTite plan of literary labour, 
Ifcaj ka*0 KaiGiaitluagly paraucd, till, •ome- 
fisHB near the dote trf life, tbef either diJco?er 
Ibair inability lo terminale it, or beinn to dvpivclatc 
tk^ om eoaaUjit labovr. The Ittcrtry arehiteel 
baa grown grey oier hit edifice i and, at if tbo 
bla^ wand of cutbautiBtnl had waTtd vm il,tlie 
o alon oa dea beenmr intcnnlniblr, Ike pillan teem 
M wamt a fonndatioa, ai»d all Iha tirh maieriib 

he bad coUeeted (ogtlhcr, lie before Lim in aU the 
disorder of miot. It nny W urged Ibat the 
reward of hicmry labour, like Ibc ooiutoUiioiM of 
ilrtnc. moat be drawn with all their ■■rcetnein 
from iltelf : or. ilial if the author beioeonpetenl, 
be null pay the pnee of hit lecapaclty. Thii tnay 
be Sloiciam, but it b not lininauil;. The trtilli la, 
there U alwaja a latent Ime of hme, that prompt* 
tu thii alRing dcvutiun of labour : and he who luu 
girea a long life to th«t whlr^b he ha« to nueh 

dmirml, aitd can never enjoy, laif;!!! well h«excui>*d 
leoeinng our iotvlta, if he cnnnot extort oni pity. 
A renarkable tuntance (ituuts in ike Tale of the 
late R«f. William Coi.s ; he waa the college 
friend of Walpohi, Mnton. and Gray; a atriking 
proof liow diwimiUi habita*odoppoiil« tattis and 
feelincs can auooiatc in Utovrjr fricadthip i (or. 
Cole, indeed, the public had lurormed hini that hia 
friendt were |<oeu and mm of wit ; and for Ihctn, 
Cola'a patiRit and coriaiLi tarn wat um(iiI, and. by 
ita «itnv*gant triOiiig, eonat have been rery 
annuing. Ke had ■ goKip's otri aad a tatltr'i 
pen — and, among better tbbip, wrote down every 
^min nf literary acandil bit iiwaliable and miuute 
ouriuaity eonli lick op-, ta patient and voraciou* 
a* an aDt-«atcr, lie ttietchcul out hia tonf^ till It 
w«B corctcd by tlie tiuy creature*, end drew them 
all it) at one discstion. All ttitao taint wen 
retiftrmd wiib tlie utjiiott tlmpbclcy, u the 
reporter received tbem : but, hrini but tale*, the 
eiactiina of hiii truth iiindc them itill more 
dacifccroua liei, by being perpetuated ; iii bit 
rejection* he aparcd neither fnrnd iioi foe ; yet, 
■till anxitiuii after truth, iiiil utiially telling Ilea. It 
ia <wry amuting to ohirrre. thit. na he proi>«edt, 
be very laudably cootndictt or cipUin* away in 
lubimquent mpmuninda nbat be had before regia- 
tered. Wolpule, in a corrri'iioiidrrncc of Torty 
y*»n, he wsa jiarpctuilly fljttrrinic. Ilioogh Ue 
munt imiwrfe-etlj have telitbed hi* fine Laite, while 
he abhorred hit more liberal principlca to whioli 
He bat at tiroea written a letter cuoUy. aud. at 
the atme monenl, chronicled hit aBp)>reHied feel- 
inga ia hJa diary, with all the flame and apntter 
of hit atrons ptcjudicea, lie «•• etpraMlidf 
nick-named Cardinal Cole. Tbeaa aoandaloaa 
chmnhilea, which only aho* the riolmoe of hit 
prtjndion, wHhout the forae of geniut. cr tba 
acatcneta of peneUatiuD, were ordered not tn ha 
opened till twenty yean after hit deceaoe ; bt 
wwbed to do a* little mucblcf at bo conld, bM 
lv*«d to do tame. 1 well rnnembrr the chmI 
anxiety wbtch pievaih^d in the ntnetetaih year of 
tbcM iaeloiarc* ; it tpoikd tbe digcatioDi ef tereral 
of our litt^rati irho bad Iiad the nltfortiiiic of 
Cute'a intimate frirndiliip. or emutr. One of 
thfoe vu ih« writer of the Ufe of llionaa Ilakar, 

the Cwnbridfc Aniiqturjr, wbo pragnoeticaCed all 
ihe aril he umuag oilien wis to eodare; uul. 
vrithingia fancjr ondfT th* ablp not 7 M nniwbtMl. 
JOftlf cni>ufU«lclHiD>iilIii*ag(iEV, " Tl>« tlt«tnpt 
to k«ep ibcK chanclcri from tbe public till titt 
wbJ«CI* of Otrm ■Imtl be nu ante, atrmt to be 
pvmllirly cntr\ aaJ uii^icroui, ■inoe Ic it 
IMCelodiiif thfia fran rindicHtiiig (himiMJT** frfttu 
Mdi injonont tupcnioM, u tb«tr tneai*, perhap* 
lio««Ter willing, may at llut dUtaaM of lime be 
IncapaUe ot nmoi'atf." Willi ili» autlior. Mr. 
MaMcn.CnIp tiadqitarrpElrd xn often. (liKtMasIen 
vritei, " I an well neqaatnttd with tbe fii;kleuM» 
of bia 4)>p<Mitiaa Ibr tnorc than fort^ jtMrepaM." 

Wbea diB lid waa irmixrcil Itota Ibii PiDilora'* 
box, It liappcnril ibal tome of bia intimate frtmili 
mtn aliin ta prrceJTR in what atnui|[e fi|am llicy 
trfn exhibited bjr their (|aonilain admirer ! 

Colt, how^Ter, b<(|utTslhcd t«tlictiBtion,amoiiB 
bii vnpubliahcd worie, a vait niaaa uf autl^ullica 
and hiatorical cntlectioiu, and ow iiliubli* Iriacir 
of Uttriry uiaieriaU. When I turned tuer Uie 
pBpan of ihi* liifrary antiquar)-. I tamoi Ibe 
rerdrdeil cwica of a literary iniulyr. 

Cotn had pa»cd a long life in the pcrtinacioim 
labour of furntiiij; an " AlhcDtc Canlabrii^etwea." 
and ntbrr literary cnllKrlons— dnigned ai a cum' 
pauion to Ibe work of Anthony Wood. Thmf 
mighty Ulioiin exiit in more than fifty folio 
loluiDci in liii owu writing. Hv bfgaii tlirie col- 
lecliona iiIkiuI Ihr yt«r I J-IO ; in a l!y leaf a4 1777. 
1 found Iha followiiiic melancboly itnC* of hit f<r«l- 
btp and a literary cDnfcBioo, aa fordbly fijireiaed 
a* it it painful to ivad, when wo coaiaidcr that 
tbey an the nailini;* of a oiuat icaloua votary : 

" fti goad trutli. irhonrr niidrrtaket tbis 
drudgery of 111 ' AtlieiiiE L'lntabrigieiiiFi,' muil he 
eontcnled with ni>prnA|<>«t of CT*dll and rrputa. 
tlon to liioiHlf, ind wilh IHc [iiortifjriiipc rrliiicliuEi 
tbal after uU Uia pa.iua aiid itudy, throuib life, he 
mutt \k looked u|M>ri in a bumtilL' li^ht, and uuly 
■I a jonnieyiDBn to Anthony Wood, wboie eicel- 
lent book of Ibe nme aort will ever prrdudn any 
other. mPio ahall follow him in the ■unit: truck, 
fr»m all hopoavf famci and will unlj rcjitMrnl 
bim aa «i imitator of *0 oriKinat ■ pattern. For, 
at tbia lioie of day, all Rrral charac-teis. hollj 
Cantabrfglatui and Oicmiani, are alrc&dy publiibcd 
t« the world, ritbor in bit bookfOr <arioua othert j 
ao Ibat thfl collection, unltaa the *acM cbancteia 
•ra tvprtuinl bifre. mutt bemadcupof aecond-ratc 
penoni, and the refute of aatborahip. — However, 
ai I haiebrpin, and made ao lar;« a peogrtBi in 
Ihit nnderlAkinit, ■' " •'e^^A (o Ihink of having il 
'ff, thouifb, trvm tbc former contidentions, *o 
little credit i« to be cipccled from it." 

Su4ih were llir frulia, and ■nch tlie a^otM, of 
aearU half a «ntury of auiduoua and tcaiooa 

literary Ubnnr I Cnir arm a ttrnac eWn (a 
DOliord ainonf our Uterarr calamilin. Ai 
of hii niteriM was tiia uneenaltirjln what 
be abonld di«pD*e of bia c«llM.-t>aM : and be hal 
'. put down ibl< tKitff ninnorsndua — " I bare long 
wavered han to dtipoic of all my MS. niluine*; 
10 give tbeui to King'i CoUeif, would be In Ihiow 
them into a Jutrt*potiii t and I had at Uiwe Ao one 
it the oilier ; they (re Kvnerally »o tirmetilt^ oj 
their Latin and Grttk, t/iat tUtvOitr ttwHt* art 

Thr dreail of inrnrnplFtrnMi bat attrnded tba 
ijFr-labniirt (if tbe Etjirruicm may be allowMl) el 
HTersl other authon irbo bt*e iivter pubtiabad 
tfacir worka. Snch wai Ibc learned Biahop LtOTtr, 
and thr Itrr. TiioMA* Hakkm, who w» tini 
vngagvd in thn tame puraniC ti Cote, and earried 
it (IB to th^ extent of about forty Tnlnmfi in f>lla. 
lAo-jA ia ileacribt^d by Burnet m bating " enaay 
Toliunea of maKriaU upoo all fubjecli, ao tbat be 
coaM, wilh very little labour, wrtta on any of 
tbem, with mure life In hit tniaginttinn, and a 
tnicr judgmnnt, thon may B«rni eoniittmt wilb 
mcb a Inborioivi courte of itudy :. but be did iM>t 
lay out bia Icaniiug wilb tbc aame iIili]|;ci)CF aa bt 
laid it in." It ii moitifyinK to tenrn, ia the wonla 
of Jolinion, that " he wax alwayi becialiuj uid 
inqoiring, raining objeetioni, and remining tbeni 
and wailiirg for clearer liRht and (idlrrdiMsjiery." 
Many of tbc labcium of this learnod biabop wet* 
.tt hoglh cciDtuuied lii tlir^ kildicn of hia dcannd- 
ani. " Raker (wyi Jubnuun). after many yean 
paiaed in biography, left hit nunnmipts hi ba 
burled ia a library, b«o*ute Ibkl wa> Imperfect 
whu:)] cuuld never be perfected." And to com- 
plrte the nhiurdily. or to faeightra tbe calamity 
ffhic^li the want uf theae uaeful hbonra make ctwry 
literary maa \v*\, half of tlie ealltctiona of Bakor 
nlof]! in Uirir du«t in i turret of tbe Laivenitj i 
while the other, dcpoaited iu uur oaliooal Ubratr 
at tbe Britiah Muieum. and frci|uenlly naed, arc 
rendered InipcTfrrl by ihi* unnatural dtroroe. 

I will illuitrate the chancier of a laboalou 
aotbor by that of Antuomt Wooa. 

Wouu'a " AtbciiB DxonicDtca" ia a Uatvry of 
iirnr * ibiiiiMnd of o\a natire auihora; be paioia 
ilieir cbaraclcn. and enlen into tbeaptrit of Ibcir 
writing*. But author* of tbia romploiiiin, aad 
wotlia of Uiis naturr, are linbl« la be tligbUd ; Cor 
ibc faatidioni are pctulaat, tbc rolatila tnnaperi- 
enced, and thoic who cultivate a tin^ pioirincc 
in literature are diipoMd, too ortm. to lay aU 
oih»rt andor B ataia of interdjetioti. 

Wabbvmton, in a work Ebrown out in the bMl 
of uiichattiird youtb, and aftcrwanli witb4n«B 
from public ini)uiiy, baa aaid oC tbc " Mmam 
Oxonientet "— 

" Uf all thoM vcriliaga giTvn u bj tbc Itaivad 



Oxfitnl Mitiqiiarr, tker> U not iiiid Uiit in not a 
iitgrit:* to ktKn ; no«t of Uicoi tn aa u/ 
cotmaua ■nue, nuil vitae etrn ta lininan nHlutrf. 
Yrc how Mt out : ho<r tricked t how idarnnl ! 
harm enaUod • <" 

Tht *kol« tenor of Wood'* life icvtifiM, u he 
blAHirulU US, tliBt " \iooV» aai MSS. farmcii 
, hda Etftlaoi, anil br wUlicd lu be iSrtd to cbe 
Thu MTercisn p«wion mRrlwil lilm cattf 
iWf. ud (he tmige or death tooiA mt dUturli 
It. Wtwa inuii^, " li« intlktd movtlji' ajorut, ww 
ftvcq Biedi lo ihinktiiK uiil meUncbolx." The 
delicti td bu tiffl uric the mora litK-ral BluJic* of 
psiMiDi uid uiuiic, iDtermixed tutb (boia or 
raUqmtr ; iKir omid bu (kuilf, who cbcokod 
fvrh iinproduftivc ttiiilie*. ever titttk bia ]o>» or 
tLen. With vkut a 6iui aiid ncibU *pirit ht Mjr*, 

" WbcD be CMWE la full jrcar*, lit |>L-rcBlved (t 
wai bis Mlural fnik, and be cnalil doI aioid 
tben— tb«y etowtteii ud bim— he eauld never 
« reuon why be ibould ddighi in tho'e ■ludici, 
■on Uicn in otbvn, wa |ir«iBlciit *«* imiurr, 
I nitU ■ Koaeroeit; of mlnil, and o halrrd to 

Ithat <*■• icmlc, incAkkiig, or adiaDtajseuiu lor 

■re not tbe rounding^ of & period, but tlic 
p«n «KfTfNiuni of B mail abu had til Ibc liin- 
iJfeilr «f cliildlia«d iu bis fccUag*. CuuM buuIi 
TCbcmeni cmoticiciii \\»vn befo netted in llie uainl- 
■■■led breut a( • clod or liienlure i Tbui early 
Antbanjr Wood bttrajrd th« fbtncteruCica of 
l^caiu* ; uor did the lilerarji |iuuon dmort him in 
hij lut mainoaU. Witb bU djim[ banila he alill 
Erased bie birluved pipera, and hi> lut morlnl 
tbowgbli dweb on liii Aih*H<i Orunietues. 

It U BO eommon oceurr«n<y! tci virw »a author 
*pe«cbl«M In tbo hour af dcnth, jet fcrvcntlj' 
oaeti/iri hj bia puatburauiu fame. Two frirndi 
raC faM bl* Muilj, to soft tlist tul mulLitudc uf 
pipcm, aolet. lellvrt — hit more prioie ones lir 
btd ordered aat to be opened for tcveo yiui; 
•bv«t tuo biMbfti full ■wre ordered for tlw fire, 
«bicb UacT Iwd IlKblcd for the oucuiod. " A* be 
■a* ci|iuitie. br ciprcnod both hi* knoirlrdir nnd 
■pptvballoii of lehuL mn doiie by Ihrvmng uut liu 

T^wD over Lti llorculcaulabour i danatuloufe 
Im Ua faarieeiaeie of duiKcr. tliui hU mdrfatign- 
hle potmilL of truth. He orate of bis cuiittui|iu. 
mtM aa U ba felt a rigbt tojmlicr uf ibein, KndMH 
if ha woe &*»( in the nicceeding tge ; rmirtier, 
(«n«tir, or papiat, were mnoh alike to boneit 
Asilwuj i br be ptofoMe* bioMdr "eudi ui 
[fervaJ lorcr of «ll isenklnd, that he ariihed there 
it be BU ebMt pot «i|Kiti rttden and iriiten 

■ iBbto-CrillcalMd noiuBptilm ttnqair)- Ulo lb* 

in tb« butineM cf eommonilsliom. A'ld (lari 
lir) since rvt-iy «in will Lave ■ doubkc bilaoi-c, 
ime for hii (iwn pirtr, and anolber for hi* 
adterrar;. ill lie (.'OuJil du, ti tu bihbu lugnttier 
what tTttf ririe think* will make beit weight for 
IhciDielre*. Let pofterilj bald Ibc Kile*." 

Anthonj might baie added, " I hare held 
them," Tbla unlniertuptcd octivily of bi> ipirita 
Wit* the aelion of a najt*. not the bustle of ons 
intent merelj on heaping up a book. 

" He noier wrote in poit, with bi* bodj and 
thoaxtil* la a burr;, but In • iUcd abode, and 
nilh a deliberate |>cn. And he n«*er conoiuled aik 
uiigraleful truth, nor fluuriihed over a weak. |ilaeo, 
but in aineeriif of inraning anil r-(prr««lon." 

Antbaojr Wood cWiiilcrcd aa athletic mind, 
• bcrmit critic abitrscted frou the iroild, eiiitii^ 
more wtlb potteritf than amid bis contempo- 
ririea. Hi* prrjudii^e* were the keener from tb« 
very energiet of the mind that produced tbem ; 
but, a« he prsetUe* no deef]'tlon on hit readtr, 
wc know the caiMC* of hi* nottt or hi* love. And, 
ai on octEinal Uiinker crcntva a vljle for himiclf, 
from Ibe citcuinttance of not atlnodiag loetfle at 
all, but to fenbng, lo Anlbonjr Wood'* h*i all the 
pecnliirlt; of Lbs writer. Critic?) of alioct tiew* 
have attciDptcd to icrveo it from ridicule, stlribiU- 
ing Lib uncuutb ttjrlc to Llie u^ lie Uvrtl in. But 
not (inr in bt« own time, nor ninre. baa compoecd 
in the lame tlyle. The luiteritj and Ihe (|uiclt- 
oi^nt of bi* feeling*, rigorooelj atimped all tb«lr 
nrui^Iiiiea* *ud vivaciljr on cienr iciitcnoe. Ha 
deacTibe* hi* own atyle a* "an boocst, plain 
Enghih dteiB, wilbuut lluurbhea or nlTrctatlan vf 
itjle. an be«I bncom** i hittory of truth and mat* 
ten of fact tt i> the Ant (waib) of ita uaiuie 
that boa ever been p'rintrd ia oaronn, or in anjr 
utiicr uiothcr- tongue," 

It I*, indeed, on honest tim- 
plii^it^. Acrtmoniao* and cfniual, be ia alwaya 
aiDcere. aad nerer dull. Old Atilhonj (o me li 
na admirable i:hariteter-paii>lT, for ao^rr and love 
are often plglurtti^ue. And loioos oar literary 
Inatoriani be mi^bt be compared, fur the effect be 
produce!, to Albert Uurer, Nlio*e kind of antique 
rndrneiu; ha* a aharp oullint^ neither beautiful nor 
fluniait ; ■od, without o genius for Aa ma^ic of 
light end abade, lie U tuo dose a copier of >I«rar« 
to affect u* bj ideal form*. 

The indpiimdruoe of bia tniad ncrred bi* 
ninple Tolumei, hia fcirllmde be diaplajed in tlie 
cont«iil with thr Unitemtj itielf, and hia firmnea* 
ill ccMMing Irvrd CUrendon, the head of Ilia own 
pony. Could aucfa a work, and aucb an onginal 
muuier, have proceaded from an ordinary intellect f 
Wit niay iparlcio, and taroaiin may bite ; but the 
cau*« of litarettire ia injored when tfae induitr; of 
■adt amiad b ranked with tkatof " the b«wer«i)f 




trued, uidclnworsofwiUr " pi>n<]<ii>ii> coui|iiler«, 
tir creepins cowaienUWra. Soeli ■ work as tie 
•■ Athena OxoniaMw*'in*i)lTcit in its purauits Home 
of thBhi|fa*rqiialttie«i>f ibeiuiellect ; ■ Tolunuty 
deralion of Ufo, ■ u«riAM of pononkl cigojrineab, 
a aMo duifB vombtain; mta; vi«««. Mine pn- i 
■eoi aiul wmc preidtnL, • clrac Tiguruua ipirit I 
•qnally dtlFaiinl orcr x nit anrfoM. But tt i* tlic ' 
han) (nU of amliun of tliis cIh« C(i be IcrcUcd 
»rth tlieir iiifrrLiira '■ 

Let «* ciliil>i( one nKtrc picture o-f tin- cnUmifie* 
of ■ lalrai-imis author , ill llie diamcMr of Ji»hi:a 
Barmb. cililor of lloncr, Euripides, oiid 
kvMmaa, in J Chn wriUr of ■ vait oumUer of ini«- 
edluieoiii coEnpositioiu iu history und pottry. 
Beside* tbe *urkg kr irtiblitlicil, Iie left bcliind 
hioi nearly fifty unl^iiUhvJ oiici i man]' wre f^'c 
pornn, all inlfiidrd ta be in tveWc buuks. and 
MincliiulrFBdi»lllitirtij:1il1i! HUroliofolumr of 
"Ulic lilttory of Ki^wurl [II." U n Ubaur of 
T«]«ablo rt:*i«n.-l>. lit nritk inlh ci(niil ficUity in 
Greek, l<alin, and tiig ami Inuguiu;*. a.iJ liv wrotn 
■Jl hit dayi ; luil, iii a non). Liitne lilllc nr 
notliiDgbul htiGrMh|>TOfeuonhip. nottucrediiu! 
forty |iound* a yikr, Ikmei, who had ■ grcnt 
mcBl'Ury, a little iinifpnatian, and n» jiiilfi;inent, 
(AH the rlUK Cif B life, devoted to tlio tludiea of 
hamnuily, Ktllr Hroanrl him In glooin and 
d««[ia<r. Tbt! gn:»l \Av\ uf liii mind naj Ui# 
odition of bii HoiDcr, whieh RMnM to Iuto com- 
nlcted bis ruin ; lie wiu hnuiilei] all hu day* with 
a Dution tliat lie wa* pciKcuted by cu^y, and raach 
uaden'Alurd by the world ; llie »at! eimiohtiun of ' 
ths Hcconduy tnit llitrd-nite aui1ior«, wlio oltrn 

ilie pcnOBiled of Ihf niatrnee of ideal cflemiis. 
To he enabled to puliluih Lib Homer at «d mar- 1 
mciua cliarKe, lie wrot^ a |ii)eni,llicdc«Biiaf tthieh | 
it to |trnre llial Solomon "n» the author of tlic 
Iliad, and it hu Imn luid lUsI tbi« wan donr tn 
Intercut 1ii> v\!f, w)i<> Imd t<iinr. ]iro|)crtT, lo lend 
ber aid lovnid* the publication oif to diiine a 
work, Thi* bappy pun nu «ppli«d fur liis 
tpitaph :— 

JMbua Vanm, 

FoUda mntiiiriv. Juilifiiuii oipEvlan*. 

Hiri li*'h 

Jiulma B-trnfi, 

ar Hxrm WBaDai, aw^tibu jiimibkutT 

Tbe year bcfor* he died he- addmuvd itie 
followiiiK letter to tbe Earl of Oxford, which I 
tnuucribe from ihe oricioat* )t ia mriciua In 
obufta how liui trtcran and unhappy w.-rlbbler. 
after hit tow* of rctireinent from th« ^nrld of 
letter*, tWroiighly dinjutted wiib "all human 
leamlne," ECDily hluli to hi* patron, tfaat he liu 
ready for the prru. a (iniinlar variety uf contresied 
wotVt, yt!t even tlicn he did tiul venluretn diiclow 
one-Ienth port of bii MnmalcJ trcasictrti ! 

TO T-ux SAKL or oxroHD. 

"My lion. Lord. Oci. 16. I7M- 

"Thii. not in any donbl of yow gaodnMaand 
high re*pKt (i) lenrnins. far I bare IVotiluMnm 
of it CTtry day ; but becauiM I am prcTCBled i« Hif 
de«^ of waiting (MrnoDaUy on you. being eallad 
awaj by my hugincix for Combridfe. to n»i 
Grttk l»ctDrra thii term ■. and my oirrumitancM 
arc preaciriH, bciuj, tlimugli th* combiaotioa of 
bookaellrn, and tbe meaner nrt» of other*, loo 
miidi prejudiced in the >ale. I am not acithvr 
tiiIbi.-lenUy atcertained whether my liomcr and 
Ij^llora eame to your honour; iiiirdy the i«>l 
c]iar)(e> of tli&t <>ditian bai almotc brvbe mj 
eonrace, llierobeiiin much awn trouble in putting 
dIT the linprcaainn, and cDUlaidiBC *itb a mtMle 
nnd uakind wtirld. tlitn in all the atwlj and 
roana^ment of the prcu. 

"Olteni, iny Lord, are yonngvr. and Otrit 
hope* and help* are fttsher ; I bar* doDC m nadi 
in ili« way of learDinx aa any man living, bnt ban 
recriTcd leia Nuniir«C«rauit thou any. harinc 
naihini; but Tny Greek profmaonhlp, whlob k but 
forty nouudi per annum, that 1 oita tail my own, 
and uiore than half of ttwt ii taken np hy toy 
Piji^nn of lodgiijg and diet in tcrmo lime at 

•' 1 won obtiged to tak« OIi tbrM hnndwd and 
liAy pound* on inlemt towards thia lait erork, 
whereof I »iill owe two hundred pavnda, and two 
hundred more for the prialin;; tlie irbola O f u m 
ariiioK to ihnnt one thooMnd poonda. 1 Im* 
lived in the nniver»ily ahtivc tliirty year*, fellowof 
a college now above forty yeara atandlof , and fltty- 
i eiKbl yenn of ac* -, nm bachelor of ditinily, aud 
I have preai^heil brfore kin^; bat am now your 
honour's (Upptianl. and would fata retire fmm thi 
Htudy of humane lemmin;. wbieh hai beem ao Ettia 
beneficial to uie. if 1 mifibl have a little |>n<b«n4i 
' or auUicient nnchot to lay bold oo ; only 
, two or three msttcni rrady fur the 
eMWianticKl biilury, Lnlin ; an heroie pa«M a( 
llie Black I'rinor, Lntin ; Obotber of Uae«n AwtC, 
KncUib, finislicd -, a troatiw of C'olvmae*. Lattii i 
and an aiTurai« trcallM; almnt Homer, (fmlu 
Latin. Kc. I Wfiuld hin be permitted (lie bonoar 
to niakr uM of vonr oame in wme onw, oe mori 
of tlicae, and to be, Ac- Joaitr* BA«Na»«." 

lie died nine mouthi anrrwanU. lloncr did ^ 
not improve in tnic ; and tbv tweet* of patrninfH 
were uul even tniled. Thii, Ibeo, ia the UMOfJ 
uf a man of grtal leorciiug, of >l>c inofA juiIIm 
elaof mduitry, but nomewhat allied le ihafaisfly 
of the Serifilert. 

• ilar1*iaBlWl.7m 


Wii-UAH Pattimmi «u a joutik poet who 
pKtahti ia b>« Iwoiiistk jtt ; bu clwacter ud 
hi* §kU r«MmliU tkow of ChaUertoo. Ue wt 
on cbiUl of tlut fainilf Qr (cniuj nboie 
Uke ibe lOTcb, kindle bui tu cuiliuuic 

JMIk of PittUon Mui tliit of a po«l. 
btcoaie JiTecoi«nIilj poet* bj Inol ioflii- 
mi Ueattie oauld bardty hate ilir«irn hi> 
** MioHrcl " lolo a more puetical >i}Ilttiile than Uie 
•jmK whirl) WW h4nDted b; our ymmg 
bard. Ilia fint mUfartuoo wa» Uitl nf baviug an 
aBti-|MMKal parmt ; kit out wu tbaC of Kiting 
dbeovDRd a ^xit wbicb coafirmttl liin poctiral 
habiia, inafarinc ali tbr tnclatjchol; miil KTitibilitf 
be lowe4 10 indnlge. 'Diia ipol, irbkh in hU fancrf 
m^bM MMM CtTooritc dMfHptian in Cowley, 
be oOted " Cowr*;'* WaOL." Simv frinxi. whu 
wai bimarif no coimiiian puaur of fanc]^, hat dcli- 
SMinl tbc >holi: irimcry wtth miiiiitc toucheis and 

• Ihlllliiai of caliiuriii{, vann with rcUit;. Stidi 

• pMtitft] hahiution b(o^>mM a [-Art of tlic pcxt 
re fcc ung hla ctuuactcri anii tna <Icicrip- 

of Ua Kuuncn. 
**Oa oue ude of 'Cowlej'a Walk' ia a hvgc 
roA, (rawA «Ttr with mua* and Ivj^ cUmbing on 
ilk tide*, and in tamn |iirij> ■inati trcn Kiwing out 
tl tfar M ctkca «f tbe f«d( i «t the bottom are ■ 
will! pludatid* of inrGiilar tren, m ercrjr pari 
losUng agsd and lencnbte. Amung Qteae cailtiM, 
IB* hvpf dun tba nrt waa the care be lortd to 
■it ut: archeJ hk« a eanopf, ita ruttic border* 
van cdffd witk 1*7 baoiclDK down, vTcrahadowirig 
Ae plave, and lieticc bt ciillcd it (for gHKli mail 
prt a luiue Ui rrirrf obyrtt Ihcjr luie) ' HmI«- 
wta^' bearing nj. Al tlx font of Um j^<itti> a 

itrHW ol w«tar nn aloo)t the walk, hi tbat iU 

Inal path bad tna and water on ono sidi;. uid a 
«iU ra«;b pmeipioe on tbn otbnr. In itiiitM, lliia 
afM» kiokcd f>U of horror — the naked trcr*. the 
dark rock, and the deeolate wule ; but in th« 
■pnaga tba ijiiginf of the bird*, the (niffancj of 
■ba flD*cr«, ead tlie mnnnnriag iff tixe nUtam, 
Ikaded all ibeir cnrJiaataicnt" 

Uera. ia tke heat of tbe daj. Ike eaoajied iato 
lb« " Hcdennda," and iharMi widi frtuidi liit 
raptar* and hi* aolitudv ; and bere, tliiougb nam- 
mtt nifhia, in ibc tl«ltl of iLe nioon be nediowd 
»d ■dedieed hii venca, hf the lenile fall of ilir 
■Um^ Thna «■■ Pliltiiaa fii«l mil bound up iei 
tta alFaBfnt epel tiM demon of {uMlry «>er drew 
Maa u id • aaMcptibIc and camlcM yoiiUi. 

ffc waa aow a dcddod pocC At SidsrT Collocc, 
ia C.aiDbrid(c, bf wu fmllr lond; till, on a 
^■UTd wmIi a riiid talvr. he ruLI^ out hu Dame 
•W of the (Vikfe book, and ijuiIKtd t( for erer in 

altar tboa^tlcMaeM and gaittj, Ltavts^ bi* gan 
behind, ai kia iot^an lemiu, to mke hb »pfAvgJ, 
by pinning on it a aaliricnl tuvwell. 

" Wlionv giTea nlnuall tba palBi te Maoi^ 

And lake taj vmmMla tatMn up. 

To u* prommbit hii|uUiieD I, 

In lore PiiIIUmI, Ihui I«|i1]r; 
■tTmlwttli Ite mbiwIm Jarton Bf Iha tawc, 
3t J miutin' I of I liiecoUfeo for tbe Inn, 
Aad irmniatili praFUiiH mlnulsa Ic ic|al<i 

wiiit WTfUbel oai m » wit and tiillne lU: ' 

He flew to the Botropolia, to take ufi tbe trade 
of a piM. 

A tran^ati«n «f Oid'e Epiftln bad cncascJ 
bi4 attCEitioa during two jeara ; hb unn grniuB 
•rfined. Liitil»u*tible : and pbaaurc and tttttc wrn; 
nwnicinE tbo jiiiclical emigrant. lie if«iki«(1 all 
kind importunlHci to r«tnm to college ( be could 
not endure >gl>ini>«ion, and deelare* "hie >pirit 
caMwl htAt I'ontrol." One friend " frare the 
Inniimcritttlc tcmptalioni to which one nf lii« rom- 
pIet.iuuiiliub]ein«ucbapi>puJuiia place." I'altiKUi 
wai tnnch Invrd ; tie bad all the genemaa iinpe< 
tuoaity ofyfiuthfal geiiiui^ but he k»d reaolted an 
runniug the periluui career trf literary filor^, and 
be added one more to tlie countlcae tliuuMnda 
wbo prri»h in oliiicaritj. 

Hii (irmi letlere are written wiUi the nune ipirit 
tbnt diitiaguisbea Cliatl«>ton'a i all hit hope* be 
icemi to realiic. lie raboi auon^ the wice, delta 
from BuIIon'a, and lirinka with Conninr.n htallhe 
to CDllege fricndu, till tlie^ luee tbetrown; mone 
doBgeroiu MuM>< condeerffid to exhibit thetneelTea 
til tlie yiiun; poet In ibc Park ; end he «m ia be 
iatrvdticcd to I'opc. Ail iv exaltation I Mimiiblc 
jioulli ! The fint ihuught of iiniilcDL-e sppcajJi lit 
a reaolotton of aolidiinK •uberripUaiu from all 
perMini, fiir n volume at pocma. 

Ilia foung ffiendji et college cierted their arann 
patronagvi Uieao in hii nalire Ndrtb coudciuu 
him, end aaire llicir crawni ; Pope adniila of nii 
iiueniew. but tend* hit name, and bciluwi half>a- 
erown for a (olume of poetry, whteh he did not 

want 1 the [i(»;t Hcarin kindticM, end woold eltoit 

chariij cTcn from brolbt^r-poeta i petitions lurdi 

and ladies ; and, ee hia wants gner on bim, hi* 

■bnme dccrcaara. 

H'lW the leene bu changed In a few moutbi t 

lie acknowledgeii lo 1 (ncnd, that " 111* heart vae 

broke tluxingli Ojb leiiforiune* lie bad falkn 

uaderj" he dcdarca "be feci* biweelf near the 

bordcn of death." In mamcnta lllic ihcae, ho 

l>n>babl][ eunipoMd tbe fuUowing lines, awhillj 


AI> cnHVH i 

•■ (ioad baarm ■ fbU in<r,t«7 of life Mplaln. 
Xer let me thinli I bar Um load tn nin -. 
LHt. wllb Hh taaiiiui [niwif* fitcwii 

Tried Ii} ilaqiatr. 1 thnw Iha buldM dawn .' 



Sot the torture of gemii«, wlien bII ils fasiirmt 
m alnuned «ii llie rack, «u aet«r tatttr. ^tthe- 
tically eiEirencil Cluui iu tbe lolloiring letter :^ 

" If jrun wu er«r tonolicd with a Kate oi 
linmiDlty. consider my cornlilion : i*h« 1 (im. my 
proiMMU aill inform ytiu : wliat / Aai<r? brtu, 
Sidney CulltTfi!, in Cambrid^p. ran wilnNi ; but 
Kliai / ijiail A* mmt fcw hour* tuner, I trcmlk- 
to think! S^tn oi; bluHho* I — 1 h«rc nolmju^cil 
the common ncceauric* ot llCr for Hicac two ilaji. 
•nil can lianJIj buld to aabacriliF mjicK, 

" Youra, tte." 

Tho picture h fioialied— it admita not of mollier 
ttroko. Siirli una [ba rutripkte mittr;; whicii 
Savige, Uuyip, L'hattrrtnn, xnd more innocent 
■pint* ilevot»il (o litcTOture. bo<e cndartU — but 
■ot long — for they iuubC perish in their youth ! 

HeoHr r.A&KV wu one at our nioit iiujiulni 
poeta; lie, itidred. hu nnlucllty mtt with otilj 
dinionar; primt. or »hit ia u fnliil ti> pmiiu, Ute 
eold undinlinguiiiliiiig comiiiciidaliDa of frnTc men 
on aobjccti of liuQjour, nil, and llielielitcrpuetry. 
The wotka of Carry do not Bjipwir In any of oiii 
gntt colletitiini, TTherr Walab, Dakr, and YaLden 
■Inmbcraa tb« *hrlf. 

Yet Carry Wat a (rui- aou uf iLe Mueee, mid tlvc 
noit aoocwarul ni-iter in odt li>nEun£c IIr in Uic 
Utlnor of dcvrral little nntimiiLl |iciFm«. la cwly 
life lie •acpiuuCiilty hii(le»>iiued \hi sITectnl verain- 
Otlloh or AmbrDie Cbclipi, in hia baby pnrma, tn 
nblcb k* ^tf llie fori iitintr •ppfUiticin of " .Vamj^ 
Pomby, a paocgyiic 00 tbe (ic« Tcrvilicalion i" a 
toni c]cM:ripiir« iti iQunil iif thoir rhimins foUiM, 
ftnd now liBfonifa tfdniii'al l<rrm iu uiodtiii tiili- 
dain. (.'arry'a " Nnniby Pnnihy'' vac at Am! 
can4<I''n'd by Swift at tlie utiricnl ctTiinon (,f 
Vafif, and by rojH^ u Uir liuiii(>ruuii lidiculv i/( 
Smtt. HiaballuJoC'Silljiii our Allny" wm more 
than once com mended fur ita nature by Addiioii, 
and ia (UnK to tht* day. Of (he iiatioiial aong. 
" God tave Iba KiiiK," ■( i* auFfioccd he wan th< 
antborlntb of liie wordu and of chcniuaic. He <*■•> 
very tuccesiful un itie itaEC. and irmie ailmimbtc 
barle*i|im of tbe Italian opera. In " Tlie Dragon 
of Wanlley." and "The Drv^netai" sad tiiv 
alclC^k In);rdy of ■' C^hranoitbolondidlogoa" ii not 
foiSottoit. Aoions hia J'ocnii lie atlJl conccoJcd 
aeveral orisinal piiru ; tbose vliich linvo a political 
turn are particularly guud. fur Uie poUtica uf 
Carey wen tbtiin of a [hh^ and a palrint. I rofrr 
tha potitiiniin *bo b«» miy tsite for p'ltlry •nil 
humour, to "The Omniblctoniina, of Che Uogt 
without dtior*, a t'alilic," tery iiialriicli*e to tliote 
fTown.up fiiUi. "Tlie Ini nod tbe Onta." 
"Caivy'a Wiik" ia in thU dam; and, aa the 
parity oftlMtionreuainaatill among lli< de»d«tata 

of ctery tniv Britoa, ■ puem o«i ttiat iubi«t by 
ihc paiiiatic aulhurof oar nattooa) lijmn of "God 
laie tlie Kinf " may be acceptable. 


•' rutwil Iw lTi(> vretch tiiai't toosht and auU. 

And hitrun llWrty Inr aiild : 

For when ctminD I* nol Ire*, 

In txin wr trmti vt lihrrtjr : 

Anil hF whr-Hlla lib (iiiit In right, 

tl'iiulclHlI talacouDtij.lf lie mljlit 

Vi'htD litHirlj !• pul (n ulo 

For wintf. fur mdncy. ur fnrale, 
Tlip tr>Tlrrt miiBl Iw ilijccl ilaraa. 
Tha IiU}:t>I> Till- iliDtltcliinil kiimm ; 
A pm»oibll hu li«Ti i)f iild. 
Ihe cluvll'i bouibt bill to be KlA. 

Thii nuulm In UianUuunui'aadMal 
lialWA>i l&uirbt.ElfNdf and rule. 
All panlM am tn lutn ajnka: 
WiiiLa aaalnta tMn, ha Hia tha rota. 
LaE man thllf fuan ehee wuma; 
Tli thDB ibe ■laleimui'i turn W Ima 

■«ikm.]«m.^o Ilr<lon>.t« unllai 
■.(■rtnff tbcolil ti|>IihI<m1 Utni 
llaniiafnrtb 1^1 wbj^vnd (iirx vom^, 
Aiiil turn ill paiif r*t» In |icaM ; 
IIauh ind rvvtm yirat ■ticimt (lory i 
Calta, Mid ddn tli* wotli btlare jo<i.~ 

To ibe ballad of "Sally in out Alley" Carey 
hai prcllicdan arKunimt h> full of nalare. that 
l]i« luiig may hereafter dexire an additiooBl intcrert 
from ita iimple ortgln. The author aatnrea tka 
rniiirr llial the pci|>ii!ar notion that Iba anb^t of 
bis ballnd had been tbe noted Sally Saliibaij. ia 
per^ixtty crroncuua. lie beiug « atrsuger 10 ba 
name at Ibe tlam llic aunii waa conpoaad. 

" Aa invocmcr- and tirliin were ever the bomil- 
nriei of Ui> Mviic, *i> in thii little poem he hai 
DO [Filler ticw tiiari to act furtb ibe iKaoty of a 
eliastr and diijiitrrrbted paa&ion. eicn in tbc loBOt 
eUn o( huRtnn llfa. Tho ml occaaioa was thili 
A nhacmiVer'a pretiflce. making buhday wWi kb 
■vctthearl, trcilad h<( with ■ ii|thl of Bcdlun, 
the puppct-aliowa, tlia Hyinc-vliaira, aiiJ all Uw 
ckgnndea of Moorflrlda; from whence, proceed' 
ing to the l'arthln| Pye-houae, he garc bet ■ aal> 
laCJon of bona, fbHaecakM, gacnnon of bacMV 
(Iuff(^d h«ef, and buttled alo -, throogb all mUA 
fritnc* tbe AuUiur dodijcd (bcm (diaimcil milk 
the liniphcily of tlirir courtahip), from wbeaoe ba 
drew this little ikrtub of Nature ; but, briB|[ tbra 
young and obature, be waa very Boeb ndirwM 
for iliia ]>r rfurni Slice i «ib>eli, neieetlideru, made 
it* nay into the polite world, and amply ttmtm- 
prjiird him by the appUuae af the (li¥ine Addiaoik 
whu WK> pleaaed (more than once) to BMDtioa b 
with ajijirohation." 




In " Tte Pttrt'a Rctxtotmeal " foor C»rejr had 
■nee fomrorn " tbe ktrloi Mute:"—' 

"Vti.tavinf tUM pliowll)* huInlKuw. 

nil wlUi 1^ oamDion crburil, unbori. awwi. 
ADd 1( •vM Ibni tnspro llio*uls»pra)Mv 
Sb^Cbou la dviTB'il wUh lilnfi hulawl a! taj*'" 

Fovto n*li« Kick Mtli* in UBceritj, tod brol 
ikcB in npiure. 

At the tinte that this pMt mnlil nr^itiier wall 
Uw tmett aor be «««ied tt tht coniivial board, 
williMM IIMMbg to bi* ovn tnngt uid hU own 
■«ii«— l»T,tn Irutb, Ibc wbole ntlioa wt* Mloini 
Ua low, ftoJ CTOwdcd Uicatrci were tpplauiling 
Ui wtl umI humour — wbUe ihii tcrf luaii Iiiiii> 
mIT. utfd bjr hii itroni hominily, roiindnil x 
"Fond for decayed Moiiciios"— he wm to 
bmll*n-llMrt*dt ood bis oan common oomfarti 
■» MIctljr BCfleetcd, tliat, in dnpur, ii»l waiting 
for kUaiV la irtine him froin tlic burdna nf 
BttMonee. be laid Tiolent baodi on hiniwlf ; aud 
•Iwa faoad dud, haA ouljr » halfpenny <ii hit 

poclwtl Suob waa tbe fat* oi die author of aotnr 
•f tbe niMt populir pitce* in our tansuafcc ! lie 
Idl a aoii, who inherited hi* niierjr, and a gleam 
of U* pntiu. 


Db. ZacHaiT Ghit. tlie cdirur of Hudkbrw, 
la Ifta Ihllwr of oar modern eommfnutorf. Hit 
eaae ia nilbcr jimiliar ; I know nut wbelh«r tie 
fblber. by m odd anlicipalioD, n-ai doomnl to 
■iflirr far tbe itiu of hit cblldrec. or wbetiier his 
«n hare been ilitted un the tliird geairralloni 
ttitewrtaiti tkil Mrrrr w» «i author mnrcoier- 
yo^e wd by the altaeki lie trrr'md (ram the liithl 
•■d tadiacriminiline ibafta of iinarjint wit*. He 
«M rkliealed iiiiJ abuKd tar havitig aisiiled ua to 
OMMprebmul the wit oi an lulhnr, wliioh, witlir>Dl 
Ikat aid. at Ibit day vould hire breti eearly loil 
la a* , and whoan linsular lobjpct iniolied prno-ni 
MmA ctenla wLkh ivqniied tbo irrf lliinK he ipevB, 
^fclModcal ind apUaalorf note*. 

A f nU thonfht. and all Iha dinger tif nn oiipnal 
iHWRClon, whieh li alwaya imperftetly nndeiiiaod 
fcy the aupcrficial, waa poor Dr. Grey'* merit. 
He WM ModcfC and laborioua, and he had ibe 
MpKilJta diacoTcr what Rotler wanted, ind what 
^Hw pablk required. Hia project waa a b*]i|iy 
ttowglii, to commentate an a linpilar week whitli 
baa •natcdy a paratlcl in modem lilerature, if wc 
It the "Satyie Mcnipp^" of the rVrneh, 
b. Il fToae. I&o exaet couiiterpail of Hudi- 
'Wan tn rbyia«i for nar rirala hvre bad the aame 
ataie retobtUm, u wUeh tbt iUM dranatie per- 

MnagM paiHcd over their nntinnal ttagr. with the 
lime incident*, in the civil win of tbe amUttoa* 
CuUm, and the citizen -refermirt. They, loo. 
found a SntUr, though in pro>«, a Grey in Dnekal, 
and, aa wtll u ibey could, a Uogaith. An 
oditiuii, nhie-li appeared fn 1*11, niight bate 
uiredaatlir mndrl of Grey'* Iludibnu. 

It waa, however, a happy tlkoiigbt in onr mat. 
mentalor, to Inm over the cantemfMirary writer* 
(o colled (lie cvciiU and dbeorer the pcnonafc* 
alluded to hy Baticrt to read who! the poet 
read, to ulMirne wlial the pucl obatread. Tbit 
waa al once tbrDwini; himtelf and iha rvider back 
into an age, of wliich eim the Ukeneaa bad diiap- 
piarctl, and familiariainit ua with dtilani objecti, 
which bad been lost la lai in the haae Bud miat* of 
lime. For thia. uoI only • new motle oT trstel- 
ling, but a npm road, waa In be npened ; the tecrat 
hiitorr. the fnt^iiie punphlet, tbe obaolale •ailre, 
the ancient comedy — tuL-b wm l!» nuny curiuiu 
tolumea wLoae duat vai to be ulearti away, to 
caat a new radiance on the fading colouri of 
a mrKeable picture of maoiieri : tlie wiltieat 
(tee eibiblted to manlcioil. This new mode of 
reacareh. CT4n at tbi* momciit, ii imperfcvlly 
conprtlicDded, atill ridiculed cten hy tliuae tiha 
eouk) nerer bare uudtratiiod a writer whui will 
Odly b« Inmorlal in Ibe degree he ia compre- 
hended — and wheie wit eonld not hart h«cn felt 
bnt for the laborioua eurioMly of biia whoie 
'*reailini;" bat been too ofUui aaperaod (ur "auob 

Grey wai ODUaf eoiuty atitekcd by nil the wita, 
lint by Warbnrlon, in his preface to Sbaheaptare, 
who declares, cljac "he LirdI/ lliinln there eeer 
■ppenrMl ao exeorabte i heap oi nonaniie nndir 

llie name of euionieiitiriet, ai bath been lately 
(ircn u* na a eerlaia latyriD poet of the laat af[e." 
It ia odd enuui;h. Warburloii luiid hlouclf euliCri- 
biited lowarda theas larj BOtM, but, for aoine 
csQie which ha* net been ffiaeoeered, had i|uar- 
raltcd with Dr. Grey. I will renturea conjeelure 
on thit great conjectural critic. Warburtoa wa* 
alwaya meditating to give an dtition of hia own oi 
our old writer*, andllie »ini be cum milled «pinit 
SlialieipFirc hn longed to praelifa on Butler, 
wboae time* were, indeed, a btoerilo period of 
hia mcArchet. Gr«y had anticipated him — and 
iLoujtli Warbuftoo bad half reluctantly yielded 
the fnir nnCei he had priparrd. hia pnoud heart 
lickened when be beheld the amozitig (iibaerip' 
tioo Grey obtained fof bU Arat editioo of Hadl- 
braa; Ixrcccitcd fur cbal work 1500/. • — a proof 
that this psblication «•« fdt a* a want 1^ tli* 

■ Vala'aMSS. 





Such. Inaweter. Ii oa» of tham hliiat, dogntBtie 
et iwuM In whifli Wu-bnrton abcmnda, la unprvu 
bi* naden with tli« woicht of hii opini^ni ; Ihia 
1^*1 man wrote more (or eflcct than may oUicr 
of our ntiihon, n apiKtra by his oim or *omr 
fri«nrl*a mnrruiinn, that if hin rdilinn ef Shake- 
■prnrr did na lionoor to tkat hnrd. tliii wsa nat 
tlie ilctiRii ot ihfl cixomunlalor — »hicli w»« only 
in dii honour Ui hiiii*elf b; ■ dlapU; of bla own 
(lubmiil emdtlinn. 

The poignivni fielding, in hia prefaM la hia 
" Joum*j lo Lithon," baa a fling at thp ^vity of 
OUT dootor "Tiie Uborioui, mafh^rriul Dr. '£. 
Grtj, of irhoM! roJuiidant notes on lltidibraH I 
Rhull aolf MJa that it )»i I am mnridml, tlic 
rnifle book extant jn tchkb atinireAUn aulliun are 
qiiatcil, not tmn of nhifh cuuIJ bv found in the 
cwU«rtion of the iat* Dr. M nmi." Mf». Mnntagup, 
in liff IctlerBi aetcrclj charMtetijca tiit miacr- 
abin Father of Enilttk camtnetitaturs ; abe wrulo 
In youth and S|nrit*. with no knowlprluf of bookt, 
and bt/nre even th« unlunkf convraimtatar had 
publUbeil bia work, but irit ii th« bolder bj bdIi- 
ripnlioa. — Slie obasuca, that " hi» dulnwa mnj 
be ■ prcii>er ballul for dof)^l ; and! it la bettor 
that liii itti]iidily thoutd nialir jf-*[ dnil Ihui 
wriona and larrnd lliinf^t ri dwalous i " alludlfie 
to hi* nnineroui thfrotofpcal trnot*. 

Surb tbcn arc the ban] ictuiva which *t>mr 
anlhiin are doornfil lo rMci»c u ttii; rrirarda of 
nMful tabotin from Ibnep who do nnt even com- 
prehend th'<ir nnturr ; a wit ihoutd not be adrait- 
t<d at a critic till he bO'd first provnl, hy bin 

gravii;, or Wm itulnrai tf ha cbooM-^, that be liai 
imuc knowlnilur : for it Isthe priYilcficatiJ Mture 
at <nt lo write faatcsl nad bwt on what It teMt 
uDderstATiriR Knowledge onljr aDcamlwrt and 
oonlinci ila (lighca. 

riiK LIKE or AN ACmOItRlV). 

Orall the aoTTOws ia whirh Che female cbnracter 
maf |M[tlci|iale, I \itn *fe (e« men alTectlnK than 
thate of an Aathnreu ;— -nn^n fniiabil<>d and 
unprotecini in aorii^tj — with all the neniibility of 
the MX, mcounlning miaariea which brtak the 
epirlla of luca -, nith the repnpwnco artslii; fmin 
that driicacjr which tremblea whim :t quita ita 

Mr •c<ju«iivl«n(.-« with an unfartunat* Udj of 
the name of Elijia Htve*, waa caanril and in- 
terrupted ; rcl I wirnrantil the bitti^meu til " hope 
deferred. wbi«h makelli the heart ti<-lf." l^lic 
wnlc hj Ihi' slow wanlinga of ^rl. into a Erave 
whieh probably doei not record the name of ita 
fluttjT of lil«nturF- 

8he waa iMcatitd from a flimilf of dlatlnctioo 

in Irelaiiil; boC ai ahe fitprMaod it, "ab* bad 
bwn deprived nf her birthrigbl bftbeebicaiM^ of 
law-" III hnr former hoiira of IranqBillitj the 
bail publiabod lome cIcKant odea, had wnttca a 
traced r and comediea i oU which mnaiDod in 
MS. )a bo- ditlTMB, abe biolied up to her pen U 
a mnree of etlcteo^e ; and an fltfa»t getihia, and 
a wutnnn of ]>ai)iabird mniiiiei*, coniiiimccd tbi 
life of a female trader la literature. 

Cnncdrr th.e rrpulaea of a oiodett and delicate 
woman in her uiteuipta to appreciate the «alM at 
a manitiiirHpt with tti |'inThau>r. She baa lk*> 
<|iir]itlj rftur-nrU fram lbs Itookiollera ta hee 
dreiattful tolitudc tn buten to her bod — in all the 
bodilf paitia of miaery. *hc liui sought in oneaif 
ilumhen a It^niporarj' forgeifulnei* of KriHt whirb 
wtrt to t^fnr in the inoiTaw. Elegant literaliirc 
ia alxBj'i of doubtful acceptance with the pofalie, 
and riiui RjTr* tnnir at length to try Ihr noct 
tnnaculino eiertioni of the pen. She wrote for 
one newopaper iniLcb [lolitieal ointtrr; but the 
proprialor wka too great a politiriiui fitr the wHtx 
uf politic*, for he onljr praitcd the labour he nens 
pnid ; much poetrj for aautbur, in which, bctnc 
one uf the corretjioudenlt of Delta Cruica, In 
paf mml of her imca abn ^fit notbin| but rrraai ; 
tlir mnit lutoniatiini; ricrtiou for • female pen 

KM the entire cumpuaition of the hiaterieol ami 
pulilical purrion of f)me Annual Re^iur. So 
little proD table wcrr nil thcwiabnriou* and original 
elTorta, tbit eTery dny did not bring ita *• daQ; 
bread." Yet eren m her poverty her native beM- 
colence could malic ht-r i^taerou i for the hat 
dcpriifcd betsclr of her meal, to provide with ooe, 
an unhappy family dwelling under Ibe aane r«of. 

Adviied to adopt the mods of Inntlation, aad 
being ignoniat i>r tbr frtmcb Innpiigv, (he retired 
lo oil ubscure lorlginc al [tllngtom, wUdi abe 
never [(uittetl till ihe had prnduecd a good verrali^n 
of RonaHao'ii " Somi Compaci, " Rnynal'i 
"Letter to the National Anemhly,"«n4 tfoolly 
Irvnslated l>e la Croia'a " Review of the Conati- 
tulions or tlie principal RCatr* iti Bnrape," fa) two 
large volumn, with intrlligrnl noteo. All Ibeae 
wnrlu, >D mneh at variance with her la«Ie,Ieft her 
with her health much broken, and a mind «hl(^ 
miglit be said to have nearly tDratved the body. 

Yet cTcn at a moment m wifaToaraUci bcr 
ardent ipirit enj^iged in a traniUtion of ProitMrt. 
At the British Muienm 1 ban oami Wr MmtaK 
over the iii4e;ni<icrnC and votnminona MK. of (Iw 
old chronirlrr. and by ita aidfl Lord Bemen'i 
verrion. printed in the rprgn of Deary VIII. ]■ 
waa evident Ihiit hi* lordablp wi* emplojeal ■* ■ 
■py on PrniBHart to inform her of what waa gottf 
forward in the French camp ; and ilie aooa 
perteircd, for her tarte wm delicate; tkiat it 
m|uired aa ancient Ion] and knight, with all Ul 




■■tiqwtf ot pbrwc, to ln«k a Uncc "iili (hf 
•dll man aacluii cMtalile PrcarliiutR. Tlic 
raaulLir (IPKSnea of miidtrn itjic fulrtl toprowrte 
the pictnm^ve tanclita «nd tli« anitv eraccs «( 
Um chronieler. «ho vrol« u tiM i)i*iI«J knight 
G0Mb«tc4— roufUj «r graMrnllf, ■• tuitcd the 
tih nr tho field. She Tailed td Lord Ramerai 
wMle Uie (dt it wu here Mowaary to andentaDd 
UA VnnA, asd Ihni to arlle In Old Engliab *. 
Daring IhcM profillaui litbAur* hojH aMincd to b« 
wtMijMnnji ia her lonelj atndj. Il«r comcdic* 
had hmi io prmiwaino of the managers of tlus 
tbrtlm daring irTcnl jan, Tbcf hid too 
m*th rantt to be rejected, |>«rhip« too liltlr to be 
aetttL Yeu pMMd ■>»* jcw, ud the last ilill 
■fpaatod tii« Inacharoui promue of tta lirolher. 
'4ni Mjitcriova aria of |rrocr«tu»tl«n are 1} no 
out ao well tptcnucwrd a* by llie thcalrirjil 
mtOMftr, nor iu ncfet torrom lu dr^'pljr fell aa 
by tfaa drumiit. One of lier MmediM, " The 
Debt «f Iloo9iir," bad brcn warmlj approred il 
botk tbea tret— where pfofaabl; a coji; nf It inn<r 
•till be rouMl. To the honour or i>a« ol the 
nana^eri. ho prcMnnd he* irllb a hundnkl puiuidn 
on hit acMptaoM of IL Could slin avoid then 
ftaltenng brr*elf «ilb an anoiul bnrrnt ? 

But rtca ibh gmerauB gift, whiuh iaToUed in 
it nch loldcs pnnnltc*, could not fnr Iru fan 
pOMCVe ita dehuion. "I feel," uid Rliia Ryvia, 
'•tb« neeaMlty of Mine powerful p«tToii(iRe, to 
be i wg Bf «vni(idica CoTKard ti> the ntrlil will) 
^iiMi bmI Kicare tli«m aa adiiiLraliu'U wliich. 
»kaiM it even b« dcacrtrd, ii MJdnni hrttnimd, 
^■laHaoane Uadini judge of litmrj- merit glvei 
tta «ai«io« of lib appUuM i and tlien the vorld 
■n etiwe ia with hie upinl^n, niLhonl lakiug the 
tnNU*t«ia(ann theimclrci nhelhcr » lie rnnndrj] 
laiudM or parlialiijr." ^hr setter «iu|>«ted (list 
bar conadirt wrro iiut eomie t — but who dire liolil 
it «itk an iii^rciunua mind, mhr-n it 
fram ■ rifht pnnciplc, with a vroiig 
■oibdf? Il ia uue thsC a writcr'n 
aoonrxiana baeconen done a ^rtaC <lcnl for > mnall 
BBlLur. and en4blrd u>mt faionrim ot titrrarji 
(ukhiit (o enjof a iunr{>cd re^iutilion ; but it ii 
■at to «nd«t that Elua KyTC* wat a comic 
witaTt aHlbiNi^, doubtless, afao appeared anoilitf 
HoBaadcr to beruir. And tlia* an author dias 
la a delaiicti of HlTflancrr ! 

Tie ehlfaetM et Klim Kjvet wiu rather 
tender and laclaacbalri than brilliant aud ;■;; 
end like the braticd perfume — brrailunK aveet- 
aMa vben broken into pieces. .Sbe Iraced her 
aormwa in a wort of fancy, where ber fvtlinga 
•Mc 4l Icaat a* aetit* a* her imipnation. It u a 
aeaa B ralwwe.ewitlcd "The Hwunit of Snowdoiu" 
m>Aifc«*fc apalewl and tuhjoaable. fedi a paaaion 

for Lairiiits, aiid meet* (he kindett r«tumi but, 
bavini inbibod an ill opiaton of wonea froiD bia 
liccnlion* contieiion*, he conoettei) tbejr were 
■laiM of poaaion. or of atarlce. He wrong! the 
genrrMia nanire of t^einta, by (utpectin^ her of 
merfeiurjr tiow*; heiioc ariiM the perplciitite of 
the hrartii of both. Albert affccu to be ruiiwd, 
and iiiroada tlie rvport of an adrintigeouf natch. 
Laelala feel* all the deliraey of bnr lituation ; the 
lovni, but '* ahe never tAld her love." Hhe Mck* 
for her cKiiteiiT« in her literary Ubotm, and 
periihea in want. 

In the i-liuracier of Larlnla, DUf authoreaa, wjtti 
all the melinchnljr u(a>inty i>r|«niui. foteatw and 
hrui dcnefibed her own death I — the dreadful toli- 
taJc Id irlucb she va* Uttoily condeonaed, when 
in the laat ilOf^e of her purcrty ; her frugnl mode 
of life ; ber aMile MnailiiliCy; herdefniadrd hopei; 
and hrr rinlleil fortitade. Slie bu hero farmed 
■ nicivVer of &!1 that oecurred in her Military 
exi*Ience. I will gire one acone, — to me it i* 
patbrtic, — tor It la like a accuc at ubidi I waa 

" Lannta'a lodgiloga were ibout two mjlca from 
town, to an obieure altuiitinn. I waa ahoned up 
to a mean aptrttncnt, where Lariuia «a* aitCiDg 
at work, sod inadmu whirh inrlicalrdlbcKrt-tteat 
ecuDiiRiy. I ini|Dtrrd what nuccrm ata.e had Diet 
with in her dnitnxllr piirvmtt. Sbe waved her 
head, tnd, with a mclanelioly amile, replin). 
'that btr bopr; of ttct brtngins any piece on the 
sUgt were now entirely orcr ; far ibe fuund that 
more intrrmt «(• ncoraiary for the purpote than 
the eould command, and that ihe had far that 
rruon hid aiide Ixr Ci>Tn#(ly for ever!' While 
ilic wu talkiiif , came iii a £i(ountc dog of La- 
linla'i, whicli 1 hod used tocarc«a. The creature 
■prnriE to my armi. aod I recei\red him with ray 
naual rmidneM. Larinia endeavoured to coneeal 
a tesr which trickled down hrr cheek. Aflerwarda 
■lie ttii, ' Non* that I Gre cotircly alone, I ebow 
Juno mnre altrnlion than 1 bad nied to do for- 
merly. TItr htatf wtult toatetSinf) te it kind 

/a And it ronnolra U( fnr thn loia of aorietj, to 

Mir even an aninial derive happineea fruta the 
eiidcarmenls we beatow upon it.* " 

Sucb wu Eliu Ryvea ! nut beautiful nor inter' 
eating In her peraon. but with a mind of fortitude, 
■aaerptible of all the delicacy of Cemuune loftiicai, 
and lirtuouji amid her deepalr. 

TOE ijnusmimoK or a» mrroBUS, 

fwouaa caara. 

, '■Cawti," aay* Mr. Hallua, "la ll>e awtt 
: exact hiitarlan we bare;" and Hainca BarrincUn 
Iftrfm hia aulhority to that of any other, aad 


CDUiy otlkcr wiiter* eoafirra ttiU 4|>iaion. Vet 
bad iliU Uriamn bctn an nri'iavj <«iD|>ilcrt he 
could n«C bivc jncurnd ■ more monitjia^ fkte ; 
r<it it mt»eomfrlWd Ui rtWl in thillinp Ttiitnfatrt 
thtf inTahmbld Kiitory nfaich «c have only l«uiwd 
flf Ute tim«« to «t>|)r«ciato, and nbicli «u lb» 
UlMrioua ftnitB of Mlf-deratian. 

Caflc wM ihR rtm of onr liUtnriaiiB lAut bail 
the Mgaritj sdJ tbi' fortitude 1o utertain wbcm 
the tnie MniTM* of our hiilorf lU. He dltcoveiwiJ 
a nr* norUI, \tiyao4 llii! old one of our racareh. 
•till aat Mtufic4 ia (leuirng lb» fv* Atjjvntu 
frTNii tea oricioat oTiltra, a nicHt wbich liai not 
alv>7i htra poiMawd ■>; aompol' niir popular 
hiiurlani, Cartp opened Ihiuc lubtnrT.incnui leiiii 
of Mcret hiitar; from whence trta the »risii>aJ 
wn(er< of ^ur Uiwtor;, Lad titrj poMoiMd tbon, 
might liatc dram ficiii linoirlril(;e mid more 
aonfile view*. Our ilomeUic or civil hixiorf wbr 
•euveljr allcmptfd till Cart« plaoiied it: while all 
hi* laboriov* itft knd hi* lltorarj tr«v«l« 4n thr 
Cant incnt wore alworbcd ia tL^f'rulion «f a //m- 
Scrv if Eag/anJ, tai of a Public Library in th< 
nctropolia. for nr poucued neither. A liiliitrnl 
femgner, Kaptn, baiJ coufibil uitr huturf, auil 
had »p|iortunri]r found tn tht^ taaC mllcrllan uf 

Rfintr'* " Picdira" n rich atc<iiuo(i <A kuo*- 
Icdgc ; but a forciKna' could ddi (Tuiintbiic witb 
the fccUnp, or «Fn untlcrslDiiit tlic Isii; uaj^c. \A 
■tie domcatlc iloiy of our nation : oar rolla 4uil 
'Meord*, aar alatc-tcltcn. tbe journiU uf parlia- 
uent, and tboM of lbi> prtvj.coundl; on abun- 
iliul aotirco of priialc iiiruiU'irT j and Uic biildcii 
irruum in the nflice, the Cottonlan 
and Marlcian Ubranci ; all tliue, and much 
hMJdN. Iba Mgftdtf of CartD raiiC«ni|i1aleJ. He 
iMd further be«n tanght — by hii awn naminiitiuii 
0( tho Irae documcntti cf biitory, whjcb be fouud 
pmervcd aniung the ancient fainitiFt of F'ranre, 
who with a wirm (lotnolir t|ilrlt. worlhy oritnita- 
thin, "uiteocarcfallyprFurTrdin thi^r famlllM Che 
acta of their aoc«itor*j" KnAxSxnttiritrdrttkatttt 
aud tlie i/^/ four Irt nffairtt Arangiret (the 
(lair-paper nfflcc nf Fnnec). — thai the hiitorx of 
uur cuunltf ii interwoven wich that of itt iieigh- 
bonfii u wdl an wltb that of our own eona- 

Carte, viih (b»« cntarfod liewt, and Dmi witK 
ditificncc nhicli nerer paoacd, waa nware that tueh 
Ubourt— Itotli fur ihr ripciue and auiiiaaM thfy 
demand— exceeded the ponen of a private indi- 
tidotl ; but, " ■'hat a ainj^ln man r-uinot do," be 
laid, "nay bo caaily done by ■ aocicty, and the 
TaliiB of an opera subfcriplion would br luflkicnt 

■ tt !■ miuth li> tliD hoBBtir tf Curls. Uiat lliii Timrb 
adUHwMf* that hli {wUinllun "I tlw EMu Bmitagmtt 
pw lo thnii (ha Bnt Idot <4 Ihelr liwaad work, tba 

lop»lro(li*ca Hittorytif F.nylaad." Hianluabl* 
■■ llitlory of the Uah« of 0(»ond" bad ■«■. 
cicntly announMd tbe aott at HiBa wbu atdiciUd 
thia ML-emry aid ; nor ma the tnomeni nnproiii- 
tiou 10 bia fondHt hoprn, for ■ Soeirlg /or lit 
StKVi rtj t fmfii t of htaming bad beta fonne4, 
■nd tbia iaipuUe of public ipiril, bovcnr iie^, 
had, it would wciu.iouatd Lnio action tomcuvi- 
|wrt»d <iuaripn. Wli»n Caftf 'i Jirojert ■■» mid* 
Itoawn, a IsrRC «uh*criptiMi waa raiMd to defray 
Ibp e^tpmiM of tranaciipti, and affoed a raficinl 
iude|)codenoe to the biacorinu ; Biaay of tbe d«' 
bilily and the gcolry tubacribcd Itti or twenty 
guinoat annually, and antral c< tbe corpuraM 
hodiea in tbe rity honoarablj apiiMrad «a lb* 
public patrVDB of Ilia litsrsturr of their nation. lU 
bad, perhapa. ncaily « ibouiand a year auhaoibtda 
which be crnplfiyrd on tbe Hialory. Thua emy* 
thing pruniiied fair both for tbe hiilory and tor 
the httionaD of oor (athorlaml, and nboai thu 
time bv tal'irtuly pubUahed auolber propoul f>ir 
ih-e erection of a public library in tbe Manaaoa- 
honir. " Tlgere ia nut," cibaerved Carte, "■ 
treat eiiy ia Buroipe ao ill -provided with pahlic 
librariea aa l^indon." He ciiter* into n voty 
intrratinK and minute narntiTc of tha pwbUe 
librariea of raria*. He thai aUo »Ncg«atcJ the 
puri' haae of Leo thuuund mauuacript* of the Rail 
of Oifurd, which (he nation now juuesa in the 

llirlcinu rullifti-oo. 

Though Carte failed to persuade oar apulrnt 
ciliirna to purchase Ihii' costly honour, k la pro- 
bably to bia augiieiliuii tlitt the aiuion owo the 
Britifh Muanim. The id«u of tbe liierary mM 
arc iicTcr thrown away, howerer vata tl lb* 
mnment, or hawertr prvltlJcaa \o binM«iC 1te> 
prcaerrra wiihuul injuring tbe Imaic nf Ws niadi 
and a (otlowini aj;* often petfumu what tbe pr» 
nedicig failed locDtnprrhi'nd. 

It OB* iu ]?I3 Ihnt this work ■»• projwctnd, an 
i;i7 the lirsl Tulutue ap|»am]. One dr^ act 
of Indiarrcllon. au vnlui-kt oce-idrjit rntkcT than a 
[irvmrditjted deaign, oTerlntnrd in n noacnt tbit 
moKument of biitory;— for it prarNi Ihnt nair 
Cnrle, however enJaiccd were hi* new* of what 
hiatory i>a|Li to conaui. and bowercr e Kp i r i gnr Bi 
In cnllMiinE it* moat authentic mawelela. mA 
aecuraie In their ktatMoent. waa inftMrd by a 
auperatltioua jaRnbltian, which aeemed likriy lo 
tpresd itadf thri^nKh hit extciiBiTe hiitdry. Carte 
Indeed nna no pbtlMophw. but • lay faitbW 

Having nnhappily occaiion lo diacana wbathar 
tb« King of Rn|luiil had, from the lime of Ed- 
ward the CoofoMor, the power of baalUg »] 

• nil ropH. vhi<k !• a ami Wmay cuefoiRr, la 
I-rMMnd bfUt. N'tibolaifihlaLUanuyUIMMy. *a.lL 


h km hehn hii nkctian, ar whether the gifl 
m eaa(C7«d hj «celM<**tiMl h«iid«, tn iImw 
tW tUaej of tbe roTil tonsb, be MlikJ u 
iAc itnf^, «liich had eonM iinilcr Idi nirn 
atMTntian, of • {Mtvoa obo (|i|<rarcrl lu havr 
hn *o li««l«L Cute aid «t tki< onltickjr fa- 
MMp, to iui*artliil]t tnlroiluccd (>fc tiundt«d 
jwa brbn he vu bcm, tlut he had been rtat 
H hrfa to he loiicfacd bjr "ibe rlileat Hiifal 
laHodaat of ■ nee of kinfi wtia bail iiiilceil for 
I bof WMOMalon or a|«i flnnd thai diiUmpcr bf 
IW rajra) Wai^-" Tie iiiainuation mt* unqiiM. 
SanUr n ratoiu- of tk« PrrtciiJer , altliaa^h the 
■ame uf tbr prince «•« bot aicirrd. nnd vaa a 
■sM of promulgatlan of the rishi diiiitc la Uie 
bflah Uiraaa. 

Hm (nt neicnr aathor heant of hia ftiboraU 
hittarj waa ihm diacvTcrj of tUb nnforcaoen 
aimaitji ihc pobUo indiciuliDn was ronaedt and 
nbarriban, |nibl»c aoil priislr. haalmril to ntlh* 
inw Itietr aaae*. The hUtorian iraa left forlorn 
and ab«fl4a«»d aaaU bUcatenufa rAllcrtioM, and 
Aolh. whlcfa wwaboirtta bcdtanu ovi ol her irell 
by tkb rohoit Labourer, wai wi Inngcr iini(iDed 
to I^ MjBwalrd tt Ihe bottoin o( lb* waten. 

TbuoJcntfueli ai Itiia drvadfu) rererae to all hia 
bopea, and wi(ae»«inG the uaqnitlenl labour at 
■Bare than \kittj ^ran «iibercd in an hour, tbe 
nhappf Cart* drew op a faint appeal : rcniJcred 
MiD noe* weak bjF a lung au^ tmproliabhr (ale. 
thai Ifce (thjeclionable illaitratian bad bMO mfrvly | 
a priiala Bole which bj mUlake had bMH jtrinlcd, 
«kd tmlj deiigiwd to akow that the peraun wbo 
h*d becD btaltd. itnpmpcrljr attrlbntod hi* cvre 
la the unatiTs Ttrtue ef the renal onctlon ; aince 
Ibv frux* ia ijoeition hod never been anointed. 
fiat ihoawaa pluiKiDg from Scjila into CbarjrbdU, 
hr it taferred tbat ihc Stuaru bheritcd the 
beavtnlf-gtncd touch ti; dcsrcrat. Tbia conhl 
Mot (Tail : yet ^rmnj >aa llie i-alamll; ! for now 
an Uuortan of Iho ntmoat probil; and nacUwai, 
mni whoa* labaarf vcm tuTCf ei^ualltal for IbMr 
■oopc and r.iicnt, waa mioaJ for an abturd bat 
not pecniiar upinion, aod an iniiigcnllua wbish 
waa mot* ladimiBi tba* diabonaal. 

Ilk iboch af pubKe opuiioii wm mei with a 
fcrtlt«4i- which oaly aCrcuB ninda eip«rieD»: 
Cart« *aa the Irac loUrj vt atudf , — by habit, by 
dnotiaBt uiil by plnaaaae, he ptrx i ered in pra> 
dncbv as niTaJuable folio every two yran ; but 
thn« Ibovaanil ttyftu* he mat reduced to 
h«*dfed and fifty, and the obtt'nrw pacren- 
1^ af the few whQ bnrw tv ijiiirmatB tb«n. 
Dmli only armtcd tlie hiaiorian'* pe»— in the 
ImbUi lalamc. Wr ban Ion the im|)urtani period 
of Iht rafB of the aeeotid Chariea, of *blu)i C^arta 
irtiued that he had ntd *■ a aeries of mtnoln 
fren th« hepm^Hg la Uw and vf that reifB which 

would hate laid nfien all thoae term intrignea 
whidL Bururi with all hi* feniua for nntJeclura 
dor* not pretend lo aecoant far." 

So prcciooa were the M-S. collectiona C'art« left 
behind hitOi thai tlic propnelw Taliwd Ihcm at 
IMKIZ. ; Philip Farl of IUnl>ickc paid 20IU. only 
for llie peruaal. and >larph«rwn a Isrgcr lutn 
for tbeir nw; and Home, wllhoiit Carte, would 
anarcdy haro aqy authorlltei. Such «a* thfl 
caLimitoDa rcault of Carte'a hlalorical labourt, 
who haa left other* of a morv philntopbical 
east, and of a flivar taata in coinpoialion, u> reap 
thv hamaflt wboM aoil had been broliea by hia 

IJTKKARY mr>icoi,ti 

tuaoiKarav nt wtt» Mve*.'itt vr * iitwbaiit uriut. 

KiDicULB may be c«nMden*il a* a ipedea of 
ckioenre ( It haa all Iti vRlxnenw, all ila eiaj- 
^ration, all it* |io«er of (Uoninnlion j it >• irrviiat- 
iblr : Its Imiincui ii not with truth, bat wlib its 
np]teirance: and it ia thii iiiullicudc. In prqietnal 
compariaon with the ori^nal. which, railing eo:n- 
tempt, proilucr-t the riilicolDut. 

There i» nothing real in ridiculo ; llie oiuro 
exqniaiU!, the uiore it borrowa from the imagi- 
nation. Vi'htn diropled tnwardi nn inditidual, liy 
prHfrving a nnity of dianctei in aJl it( part*, 
i( produMn a ficlitioiia perMjnage, 10 modelled on 
UiD prototype, that we kiww not to diatingtiiah the 
true one from the falae. Etcd with an tatimate 
knowled^ of the real olijert, the ambiguoua iniage 
ahdea int« nor mind, for we are at laaat ai much 
influenced in otir opinion* by Oar tuaginatioB, as 
by our judgtncut. Hence aomo great diaract«r* 
hate come down to ns. tpoitwl wllli (he talata of 
irtdrliblc >it ; and a utiriat of tbia claaa, aportiiig 
wiEb diatant rN«n>btaiiC(s and bneinil anahiglcs. 
haa made the Gctilioiu a«a>tnpany for ever tho 
real characlcf. flqucd «i(h Akemide, far lona 
reHectiona againt .Soilland, Smollett haa ublbittd 
a Ban of great ^eniua and lirtuc as a moal Uidl- 
eroua p«raon>ge ! and who can diacriminate, in 
tho ridiouloua phyaiclan in " Peregrine Plekic," 
what i» real from what i» trtitioiu* i 

• ut Ancaiaa lew parUnilin luiva bant wea r da d . far 
Ihir (rloid wba b«*l knaw bim waa of Ml noU a impcr with 
ngBid k> raUlo oplnlnll, Uat ha tiaa DuL In iUi •MOunl, 
iTTNlpd ■ (uliUrr '(ktur* ■" ■!>« rtiarutai a( the Pio**. 
Vit Afcinvi-U's mlDd and cnuum irer* ola naaiottaalle 
aaa,*anl^DnitliaBKiUlda««al*Bl<alaMI«ull]'. taoh 
vw the ahann a< bla oBtwi^ that he «*Hi InbM 
itip mid mnd Uaggl*)! Wind •> Me MbV llawkMia. irho 
ha., wUb *4iadty. trnttOtA a Oaf «Hit •«* 
lUiB In (La MMwtry. JU 1 hara m n O Him tO fba lUaiHooa 
(.lijiUlao in I Vi a tila a PlaH^ Wilba aaiaaymeibiy Iha 



Ttit tMRUrnrs and riilicnitn potow thia pn>- 
«aln»{; adrkKtiv^ a*4>r Uvtrdy lioncrtf or nerroiw 
aciuibility — tbcir omniins fictiant aBect the vorlit 
mnrr tliui tlkD plain tale U»t iraalil pul Uinni 
down. Thry «id[e our riilblc eiiiulioiu. vihiii- 
thrj orf rfijtii^in^ tlwtr nltI(^F>Il^7 la cnntcin]it — 
nthernitC' tlll^/'•onld nnl be dlitin^uhcd from 
Krmi aUndcrcri. XS'hvn tb« iril hu giuiird 
orec the laui^IiL'rs un liin hiiIc, lie liM titiuck o 
blow winch put* hi* nitvFrury Ann dr cfniAtf. 
A gram rriiLjr oaa hbtpt woquiI ridii'iUo, whii-li, 
flHUDiIng ill tnrmt, hai rtslljr acrnf. Wtttj 
calumny and liceiilioun niillfty iirc airy notluii|« 
tint ilnat alinuL lu, InriilnrTshle (ram llinir very 
tialur«, Uk« (horn- chimcrai of Iicll which Uie »word 
of iffiiFHii roiiM nol pierc* — ypl Miwr tlisilnws of 
truth, thcH TbLw insgm, thrw itctiiiaui ritthtiM, 
have nwdc hprobm ti^mlDlc, tumtd the «lt>(|qcnce 
of wioilum inUi fully, aud Uiwed ilunn the ipirit 
orbouoQT [C*cll, 

Not IliU thei|rfitimBtoa*eorRiiKiriiLEliid»nl»d: 

the wiic^t men liarc bcflii latne af tlie moKt nKiui- 
■i(Q ridioulrni ; frora Sticcatei to tbc Fotbcrs. and 
frnm tlic PatLvra to Bruniiu, und (mm BniHniiiB 
lo Uutlcr snil Swift. Kklinult< i» more rflicHCious 
Chan arj[tiiniTnt i wtum thnt licrn inalruincnt cuts 
what (onnat be uDti«d, " like K«b«iartAL" wroti- 
|>daira tha uiuiatural ta*tc for (b« rbymiug biiruii; 
trafcdit*. and brauclil the oatiuii back ttiiia soiinij 
to Kiiir, fmm mill to jiouion. Mnrc importunt 
ernli najr Ue traced in tim htitury of Kidiculr. 
Wh«n a Mrtaln letCif tnt«in|>ttsU Puritan*, in lli« 
rtipx of BliMbslh, tbc ridiculuiu icfurmiets <if 
■ham in dinrclmnd itutc. coiiirmaCed ibemaclvn 
under Its literary ijont tir pitertt of Martin Mar' 
prelaU, s tireatn of lib»lii ran tbtonghout the 
nation. Tb« grtrt di>cour«e* of tli« arvbliinhup 
laA tbs preUtw cvold tnmvt nloice the tuwdy anJ 

rail «M. 1 dadi tranMine »i J olm-* farvotton inirdt— 
MtOUtsf Ui '*•••( and al>(itiinlitlnacir— ■' Akimiiklc'a 
ooiiwiwtlno m* nit Uic iniial ili^lUlitf"! biiirl. komvil. 
tnaUmiUTa. audi inibnul itny ■IKrlaUim of nit. diwrf ul 
•od t«tw1alBhif, "-- -'■'■-r'-i-f-r— '-Ir]- ~f m; I"' 
t tmmtA wiih bim. Ur. Iijwn. aad aontbo rrfTnit, at 
FnlMy VtMu Uu> cnllrcDtox HiiiihlEW of ■ ■iiinnrerii 
dt9i and tbc lioiT tint uDclnuded ahj. were the liii*e <>r 
aur tratUliaUina. la pirfrct rnl-Iiiiinniir wlUi hlniiulf 
and all ateul hiin, bi- aRVinl to fcrl a Vj thul he livnl. 
aa4 piiuiwl uul bin trMnlatlmi* in tliu (rm) inqmo-r nf 
all fbllclty, In ei|imdana Uiat Mila h[in*«lf mictil Imrr 
OKnad on nich iiDacf!w[on. In wnnvwittinia wTlA w4ivl 
OiHldi, lUL'd tboac vh'rv itudln hul toan nmitj I^ip 
(Bnia nrllt) bl> own. U «a> a iwuitl tblas with bIm. In 
UballMia 10 lb* m^aorj tt anhmil man amanc ttia 
aodnnb. labrM|lhrii<£ianManIntuTi*v.and«atiatlu« 
iKi lii<i«|iBrUoiilBnciltbctr lira thai tind raidifad Ui«a 
raiiiuua* Otavnilwulaot Uierldleulrrl baOUo^on 
tft* ronaatlo mMuatkmmi\ of AkmilclE. and turii»l It la 

roanaJed inMllera. Tlie; enploy*d a mctabte 
printing -)ina*, aad thn publiabrrs |wrp«t«al)y 
■liitling Ihcir place, li>(i|; c*caficd deteetioib Thif 
drclafcd ibcir irorba were " priiiled in Baropci 
not fnr fioin some of the boandaK prteila:" at 
thry wotf. " printrd orar ant, in Europe, villda 
two furlong of a bouneinji; prieit, al tke M»t Md 
charKPi of Mnriin M«r-|irrl»te, seal." ll •ai 
lliuii that Tow N.i<iH, wlium I am about to Ictra- 
diicx In tho mdcr'l onorv laiigUlar al^((BainUlltc, 
tliB tnu>I fltqaiBte bantarcr of that afp uf |niiu>. 
turned on IKmh tltelr own wMponi, md anniU* 
iatcti tbcni inli) Mloaco wkED (bay fitniul (hcnadrca 
paid in llinii ninL liiup ruin, lie rebounded ifadr 
pupuUr ritiuIdrY on thctntclrei. nilb aucb nplia 
aa " Pup with s liatcbet, or a Itg for my ^od-«Mii 
or, rrsirk me thi* nat. To be aold, al tba a^B of 
tlic Cmb-lrec Cudge), in Tbnick-coat la»e'." 
Nut Icin hitiltK wiu hU " AlmU'Uil fur a l^arrol, ar 
an Alini for Martin." Naah fint liknced Martin 
Mttr-prtiaft, and tha gavenuiCBt anerwiidt 
bulged liim ; Nuh miglit b« Tdn ^f tbe gttatat 
honoar. A ridiculer than u tW bwt obaatploB la 
Dieot Biiuthrr ridicdur i thcdr Korrililkt nigicallf 
undo carb olhf^r. 

Iliit the ibuai* of rlditulr Is nal onr of the lOMI 
ralABiities of Utflralart, when, it wilban ganiw, 
anil gibbet* wbom it oufht t« Miahriae. Ncrtf 
let ua iotpX tliut SiKratts be/ur« Ilia judp^i 
aiscrud, that " his pi^rtct'itlian oriKliwilnl to the 
licviiM'd nillrry of AtulO|ibuis, «hieh bad to 
undnljr inflDeiiGud the |iO[)uLir mind during wvcrsf 
yeori > '■ And tkui R liRiitioua SotfratM, not tk« 
^al miiralul, w*a condcmacd. Armed witb the 
matt ticKntinni lidiculc. the Aretine of out own 
country mid lim«i hia ptOTul tbHt ilN chKf iua|i»- 
trale «U not proW<rtrd by llip ihiirtd of ikMBBtflt 
ood public tirtuEH ; a r«lae Bod diat^rtod imag* al 
an luielliscnC moaanh could cuaon tbe pvM 
many, and aid ibc |iur|ioM4 of ilie niblk few. 

There ii a pla^e^pot in tidicuie. and Um buh 
who la innchod irith it, can be hbI forth ■( At 
jwrtof t'»ci>u"'"J- 

The liletacy reiga of ElisabaUu »d Icrtilc b 
every kind of t{rniu»,rTbi1iitaarciiiarkaUalnalwiea, 
in the oontrnternT between Iba witty Tom Naik 
and the leunMl Ci«bxiel Harrej. It will IDnatnlc 
the nature of IKt jUHora <^ nAteiJt, Pipoae Iba 
iDBleriala of whicb its abafta u« compnaod, aad 
the Becrct bttb hy which ridicule can lercl • dianfr 
trr whirh \frm\ tn bn placed abom It 

(iAnnici. llAavKir mi an laihor o( win Ida- 
able rank, but willi two leamnd brot h w . 
Wood tolU ua, '- bad tbc ill Iwdi lo falL hiS 

■ Thia pamiifclDl lnuhno amlbedta Jofta LBIrd 
II miul ba vimt*mmA that lla dbUt* vtiour 
onntnuU bIIIi Ui« fUaaoB Smfti'mm id UmI 

hmlB or (tutf aoMd uil rettlaa butrooii, Taon 

HiTTPj U nol Dttlutoirn l« th« loier of ji&rtiy, 
(Mm hu eomciiaii wilh Spontcr, vlia laieil wid 
imrad kin. lie u the Hobynnt friioMt poem is 
frdinei U die Pterf aneen. who inlTOiliUwd 
Spcaan- 10 81r nSUp Sidtier : anJ. braidea hit 
intimuj wUk dta Hterw; Gharactrn <if bu tinea, 
b« wM ■ Doctor of Lnn, an 4mdite »cboIsr, and 
diitUicBialied •■ a pact- Siicb « man cuu]il hardly 
be o(i(itmi|iini)e : and f rt, ■ben *o.ido llftle jiecu- 
hainki baeoMe aggnnu4, and hi* worki arc 
t OM Ji i J by tha caaitk or the UMt adroit bnnlBrrr 
of (bat aye ol wit, ao dtaractcr ha/! dcacendcd Ui 
■a ailb wvth ptiCeiqw deformily, exhibited tii to 
ladkRMi aaatlituile. 

Hamy va* a {Mvlant. bat padantry van part of 

the aavAlion af an a^ itheo oor national lilnratBrc 

ma pMaUif from ita iti£uic-y -, be intro>JuciM] 

IrasMn TCnaa faita Mr lancaacs, aud pompoiuljr 

Md cMm to la Umndon wblcb. (Inrigned Tar iba 

nAnoatton of Gni^lUh Vfrac. «aa praetiMd t]U it 

waa found dufficirnllj ridirulona. Ilia ttylr traa 

UccmJ wiUi bia pedantic tattc, and ibc Wd aal- 

liaa of bit latirical humour biitraya the tcLuladie 

CTRie. not tbe airy and Butnt nit. H^ had, 

perhaf*, Ibe folblr* of a man ntiii wrb ciearine 

lomaelf (ran obt««ihlyi be |iridcd hiniitir ua hit 

bnly alliaiicca, while he fattidioual; luuknl 

OB tba trada tir bia faiher, a ropc-oanu- 

He wat aatnvwhot rich in hi* *{i|«rel, 

•MOfdhkg to the taak In Kx^ictT be hddi anil, 

h— giring at^tt tbc auiitc of bb frieadii, Uiey fed 

kim o* mA tonnel and rdiebiuK dcdicatinn. till 

Haraey naluml Id pubtlib a cullmtinn of pane- 

gflifs OB Umaalf—ind thui gnrrly itcpjird into 

a Mktw! erected ta Vanity. A( length he tu<i 

Ua rao brotbcn, one a diTioe and t)ie olbet a 

pbnicaan, became atudenta of anlmnomj; llii-u 

an aalmiMHner UMtally endMln ari aluiiujae-aialirjr, 

akd abova all, in an Mtrolo^r ; — an aToration 

■hiijb Icmplad a m*« to btcome a prophet. Their 

" abarp and learned judgmtut gn earth^uakca" 

4rote tbe panple nut of their eenara (Mfs Wood) ; 

bat wben noUiinf bappriKd of their prrdlrlionR. 

Ihe beolliert reoehwd a tevcte oaiUgatlon frnm 

iboae great enemlaa of propbetit, the irita. The 

ImAboo, TarlctoB, oelebtateJ for hia eitcmpore 

Iwmaw. jetted oD tbem at the theatre : BMnton, 

> dreBbco ballad •mtk (a, " coniumed hia air- 

■aae to oolhingin bearJiating them vitb 

of baDada." One on the 4iirth<tiiake 

wnh -' Quelle ! quke ! qnaLe : " 

nay made the pmjile laafh at iheir fala; lerrort, 

or, aa Naab huawnMuly deK-ribei tbelf hndful 

fmait. " wb«n tbey tvealed and were not a baire 

Tbaa vera th# thrM- letmcJ brotfatn 

bj all lb« town-wiU -, Utbrtej bad the 

hardihood, with all undne gravity, to charge {Mtll- 
mcll among tb« wbnte knighthood of drellnn a 
eireumnance probably alluded to by Sptuaeri la a 
wnnet addretacd to Ilarvcy : 

■■ llimj, Uic liiL|/|)j aloni liappla- men, 
lr*ad| thai iMUiw lUa a iDokH^m 
Of tfal* worldD'i tUK*. dmt mila «1theri(iVi« pen 
rbBiliafpiUtlikM irfgatb eondlilMi ; 
And, uwwtaialtHeef ouftlka. 

.Ve /ni'<M /eviith rtfnhmrbm 

nut Itnlf dnnt III niMt Uiee Ilat, calnal, 
Ldie ■ arett Iwd vt peerlemc Hbartj.^' 

The " foolith rr|ircbeniion of finiliy men, 
thrcatenir^ Harrey with ilaiiger," de>«ribei thut 
pe^Honi herd &f towniriti in the age of Eliia. 
betlii Kit Mallow, Robert Greene, Dckkw, 
Naah, Sic. ; ana of wi moral pritinplc, of bl^h 
putioni. aiid the tnntt preguiut Lueiaiiic wila 
who crtr nouriibod at ivno period" Unfortunately 
for the liMmed Hanej, Ui» " critique pen,'* whiclt 
it ttrauge in *o p^ilitbod a mind oad to ciuioui a 
ttudcnl, Indulged a ■barpnet* of invcclirr whlnh 
would harr been peonliar to htmeelf, bad hia 
adet-rtary, Naab, Dot i]iiite ootdonr him. Their 
pamphleta foamed «gitni»t each otb6t,lill Nub, in 
hi9 Tcbcmdit initetitCt inTulvcd the whole gene- 
ntiun af the llarveyt, made one brother luore 
rIdicatDUM Ibaa the other, and etrn attainted the 
fair namo of Gibri-el't reipeetable tiater Gabriel, 
indeed, after the J«th of Robert Greene, the 
ctony of Naab, aittiait like a raieplra on bit graTC, 
flicked bliiiid friim hia rorptc, in a incmarafala 
narratlie of tlie ilebaurrheriei and miieriea of tliii 
town. wit. I throw into the note the moat awful 
sattridadaddmalprerreadt-. it bectne ncceiaary 

• Htnrj, In (Ik tlllv-pucr of bit " ttem't Bni M tina a - 
lloo,' li8> filuunl an eiiililmialle wmdcnt. atpnain ol 
bHcmnacaalMcoot, anitlil* Rintentpl itf ttte wlla It la a 
lodx ralm-tier. Willi Ita dimlilv anil ImpcnatraUe trunk 1 
al lla (ntllrs bia[><i( lerpciiu. dartinx ttiell Unauat. 
and nilbj- intdit. Id lata alteDipuiut !■ plsrco M tapolliiM 
iL The Italian mulle, wrtatbad anua« thabnnctHi of 
itmivlni. dcctarea niaefranaNpaareaenjftMMiM/ 
Vaor maUanlly ataili nothtoa. 

* Amine Uum! tSainflia. In llarrtj'i "Foore Leiten. 
andcarlalooaamitla, ■padatljr marhlni Bebertnreaa 
and oUmt ptMMa tjr bta abaeed, UK' Om* It ent. 
whleh, irttb trealorllitBalliy tfeoMefiUitn.haaBnaqaal 
Tlrriiu- "f miyUi, 104 eaiMidtjr of miln, a> nabtrt 
tiroxic'm itmlJi. John Ham? (be phjMcditi, wku vat 
Uioi Ond. to lliu* flMde IB «ddn« Ua low»wlk tnd'fbi) 
libeller ot lilmacir and bk Unity. If OateW vM the 
■rtMrot Ihlt^aculM (VuuifI- ai Tii iiiiiTiiHililtiKj li iil tha 
nraEa lo ftpouei. titlN«tb*d llobrnal. It suit be e>B- 
ffoiBl he UaPnce.abidi baecTCT ippaBrB In bit SaftU 
botanutcn >- 

a 1 


to ^ up Ilis floodgkiM of iIk*c riTsl iiik-bDnu, 
ij HB oritt of tl)t Arclihiihnii of Canleiburj', 
"ne orO«r !• a nniBrkiible (raguii^bi of our lliirraiy 
U*to>T, Bod u thui uprMtcd : " Tlxit ftll Nuhi-'x 
booke* imA Dr. H»rvpy'» liookm te Uken vhirTC- 
(onef Ikej msy be fuund, and that ae-at of Um 
uld bookcf he e*cr printed beroftFr." 

Tbii eiiraoriliiiary (■inniniiisuve occonnta for 
1h» tiMMiTi rarity of Utrvc-j't " Fuure Lttltn, 
1592," ■ad iW literary Moiir|c of Nmli'i, " Harr 
vith jaa tn SalTnin-Walilcii ( Harvey'* rcaidcnirc), 
orQabrielHarrDj'shuiit i»Ti), I^VCil" painjilili-lB 
now u coRtlf u iT Uibjt coniUtctI of IcsTca of 

Snh, who, in liia other wotIu, writea in a rtjt« 
aa flsninK oa J^diliioci'i, with hardly aa obtoletc 
*««tige. Iiu talhcr injurrd thia literary itiicctite, 
bf Uie «Tidaat ttirlM'iu^ li« allects of Uitr^tj't 
p«<Untic idiom ; naA fnr tlii* Mr. Maloiin bki 
haatily ct^iihun^il lilin, nillioul. (Roollcttiiii^ tLc nim 
of [JiU modern Lociati *. Tbc J^lieacyofironj ; 
the lolia-fnfrrtrfu, that tulitlctf of Iniliixting nhal 
i* not ttiiil; all (hat poi|i;iiiu)t tacifc. nliLi'li ii tlif 
krener (or l[« [inltih, w«it no-t prsrliird by out 
Gnit *rh«Rirnt niiliriiit* f bot abantcrint; muenlini! 
humour, a atylo rtampoil iu tbc beat vt fancy, with 
tUtha life-Ci>U(ibcij uf ttroiig iuilifidDolitj, cljarai:- 

JvBx Uabtki tba rbTfklui'* Woloome to 
ItvHBKi Onaaita ) 

" Oomc, fi-tlnw (l(Vfn>, oonir lr> ti,f Btpbii gnit, 

flU miiljr and fdaiojr farawvll. 
That ounrlncig luul plaiil Iha maj-liraiucit kiuuB, 

And ouiitloiid l>«t iiin( lb« bawiljr bull. 
Vcrmlno In <cnnina miHl tvpair at Wt i 

Ka1lil<vhi>uM tirlnialBfalkataJimlti 
Tbjcrinnj'-calcliinf |iapBDUaraiaat*t 

HaoiB oUut touat tluM* onant otorlM t«U i 
Thsi hunfry woniis Ihlolia luaf for Ihalr n|iaal i 

Cammn ; I putlAD Ibf oAoDa tf Dia; 
U vaa IHj llvlii^ j bo nat la a^ul 1 

A ffdl and a pbyiJIUe tnoy asna I 

Ali,l fflr in^ Imjtlitr* ncvEr vui ILjBcIf ; 

Tbtfx ATv ao< tn iHmmLtt a li-urivd vlfa.'' 

• Haoti W1U a tnat fimurtlB with tlie wIM nf bk doj. 
Ona QOlU Uni " our lni<> Enillah Anttnc." anolhor. 
"dwMt Wlittu Kaiili.* a IJilnl ilnvnbn UM Mmm ■■ 
'■ mndlwllb aRw-lmth la liuVI. aad Ilia iHfi p»aaiiiBil 

Willi lloiruta'afiul™.-" HoitwoUrfiaraiicrliislbi ••Ihu 
HMurn (mm PanuMuo." 

" 1l!a (trio *» wtltr, tliiJ' bt hvt uniK (Hll; 
■tomMhlnibainlghlliamrartuioiliKiina) all; 
Ytt tbla I mr. Uiat (W a meaer'i mt. 
Pnr MKB ban dim- ■■> Ilia Ilka ul It." 

Kaah ataanda trtHi " Molbarwll ;' tvt hv raa alw 
•dacakd al Uio tTnlranltj, nlUi trtrf ultantajRi ut 

DiMitGa) atiidUa, 

t Gnena lia^ WTltt«o ■■ Tki AX nl nmry^al^hlnK,' a 
froat ad«pt in Iha uta a4 a townlifa. 

teriaa Uicm Ucentious wito. Thry wrote iIkh aa 
tlie rAA/atiliurt lold llieirlalpa, nimnijfrcrylbiog 
bj its nncDi! ; oor rclinraiFnC cannut ap|irui*, bat 
it mnuoC diminiah tbcir ml natUN, «im1 aawMif 
ottr rUbor^ti; grvcmi Ibrir ruiiitl/ nnat be atfll 

Iu liiia litcrarr auirc Navk hna intnwoma a 
kind or l-uiliimiuii bicpaphjr of ilnnrj ; and 
Mcm* to have aMir>pit«d ttie diar«ct«r of Mar- 
tina) Scriblerui. 1 Icaic tbc grown- parta of ihia 
inrcctite uiLtDunhcd : fur nijr buainrai i* not vltli 
ilanJer. but wiUi tiilicale. 

N«8h opf n< n« a iikilfal liUTi[in(mr.r ; lip knew 
wr-ll thai ri(]ii:ul<!, wttlioni the ippcar«»f« Of tnth. 

VI* letcinn flj an arrow upwurdi, toucfainsnooaeb 
Naili accounts fur bin proUacIetlailencab; adroitly 
(iTOkring, Ibnt he had taken Ihew two of thrw 
year to ^ (Wtlbel Intenijraot of fla-'Tey'a "Life 
and cnDveraatioD ; one true point nhmof **tl 
Kt downc "ill more cxcrucint* bim tbaa hweJi- 
in? Aim alHiut iHt tan irilA hit mn ilyfe Ln a 
hundred tlieeti of |)a{ier." 

And with great hiiinoar taya — 

" At long u it i* lines he writ afaiMt ne, m 
Ionic baTc 1 KiTcn blnn ■ Iraae of hi> life, twd W 
lutb only held it by my tnnvy ; and uow (et him 
Ibsnb bia frieDda for thia heavy load of diagrava I 
lay upon him, aince 1 do It but (o tliow my nft- 
cicDcy I and thry ur][iti)( vlint a triumph h« had 
OTU mr, hstb mode mc ransaok my rtaniBwh moro 
than I would." 

In ilip hinury of ancb a literary hrro ac 
Galirii^l, the birth liu ricr be«n attendMl by 
portcnta, tio-briel'i mother "dteaaat a Antm," 
tbal alie wudeliiETL'd " uf an immcnae cUrr i^ua 
that eaa ahool nalhlnx bnt pcUela tt cbrwr>i 
papr<r : and Ihnught. tnilend of a boy, afae itaa 
brouf^ht to bed nf oiis of thote ktttrell hMt 
railed B wind nicker." At the iDonent at bi* 
birth cnrae into the world "a calf with a double 
tongue anit earet longer Uian any «*ae'«, witfa hia 
fteC ntmed hxkwardi." I'aceliML* analofHS a( 
(inbrid'a literary geniua I 

He tboD piiiila to the life the poteai^uc poitnil 
of Harvey ; to that the man fcimaBlf otaada aliic 
before hh—" He waa of lu admt avarih cfaokric 
dye, like reille btr43ii. or a dried acate-Rali i Ui 
•kin riddled end i^rumpled like a piece of \imntL 
parcbmcnt. with chanQcl* and crtaaei to hb faee, 
anil wrinkles and freii of old ap." Naili dnttf- 
oualy ittiibulm tint preioaluir old age tu faia ova 
lalenta : rxiilcijig buinoroutly — 

<*I have brought him low, and chrewdly bretoi 
hitn ; look oa hLit bead, aad jou »hall find a (ny 
lialre fur cnerie line 1 kavc writ asanat Ua i aal 
yoii aliall haue all hit beard while loo by the Una 
be hath read ouer tbii booke." 

To give a linithii^ to the peetrait, awl to 



(&« tiiaiMX of pcrMMl <auunpl, be pdal* Ikt 
M»(di4 ntucr} in aUfli be l>*ed at Kafrori'Wklilen : 
— " Sndmtns laora biTdneM than a camtll. who 
«Ut Uot bar difca vithavt wiun. and totira rni 
iWtMng bat Ifalitin and wormnaoJ, bm he Iretis un 
Ub sblBOB iKiUtn, iliotfp fork n fill, and buturvil 
r»o>e*, ia an huuncCcr iDcJltatKii]." 
L la bb VeDcliaa velvet and pantofls of pMe, 

■ wc arr tolJ — 

^^ , " He luok*. )nd«»d, Uks ■ mm of Uwth-pleief, 
Hjftor ■ it»ck in a nil of >j>[>arel1. An 
^P^T^ct- of a dancing (choole. lie U ncli a iaiia 4* 

■ I vmhm lU n«ira da lot pedes i a kiitcr of the 
^LlL^iiJow of jtmt faMn ihaduw he ii :" 

^PV lUi b. donlMbaB, a portrait rrwmlills^ llio 
^^ I oritfna], iritb ill Ortantic toncbea I Nub >oulil 
Ml haTc ritkcd wlikt Uw «7w of h»re»d«ni>aiilil 
bMtaallr have pfovrd la bo fict1lu>u ; aiul. iii lact, 
tboacb Ihc GrangtriUt kiio> of no pnnraic 
of Gabn*] Hurtj. thry will find a wood cut 
af Um bf Ihe aid* of tbU dtacn^ition ; it U, 
iaJwJ. in a tnott pJlUbie ittkludc, cipr-CMiDg that 
fvlpe of crilic:iam vbioh x'licd oa fioliriel " up<ia 
the new cf Ibc goiiiif in hand of mr bookc" 

Tbe poadrnMiif ind iirubiiij of Gabrid'a 
" peiiod of a tnil<," arc dntcniMd villi a fuxtioua 
olravagaM*. obicb may be iJTen ai a ipoclmcn of 
tfca «loqwnee of ndirale. Ilarvtj enllUcil tua 
variotw pmphlcK " Leiun."— 

" Men lettrra jrt rnxn ih« doctor .> OatujioDli. 
ben** a paokM oT epUllinf , an Itiifjge lu a ]Mi:kc of 
woollm dolb, or • tl^ck of lall Aih. Carrier, 
4i4n Ibou bring it bjr wajmr. ot by horiKtbackc? 
ft; wajnr, air, and It hath eneit me three axle- 
trt—.—JJtaeit nciTM ! Take lh»m Igain I 1 
«fl Bavar o^m thcio. — M; cttt <i|«vUt be deep. 
■tBiiiaff) badi nrilc crake under them fortie tinci 
•Mrte fnrlMif; vherrfurr if yon be ■ luod idbd 
mher caaLe omd-valis wllii llinn, mend hi|li- 
w«jt. Of daame up <|i»fniiini mtU Ibrio. 

** Wben I ease to diirip ood Tinliuiobait tbii 

CnjNTC/usft b«c pnitding, and found nntlilni! lit 
ItbHldofi tripct. *«inn livrn, ate gn\l*. uid 
Aaepm (nb. I wa« in a hitt«rrr rliafc than ank 
MMk* al a long aennon. vhrn bii nirnt burnr*. 
" O 'tie an loaconioCMiiblc r»»I |;4r-bcllitil 

tvluMW, big]^ bulkttlian ■ Dutch tiajr, and man 
caBberBMu tfasa a piyre of iiwtuer** galMK 

&ail in tk« ume ludl(!ro» itylc be wntr*-^ 
"On* tvutbUMrtoT lu Juhn Wolfe (Harrey'* 
painlvT) I tank lad adctinl in an tronnoagfT** 
•nl*. and it imralBr ponetfa a Mile * of liOTTfop 
Willi three Hotland eheeata- It (ran mtnoorrd 
•Wrt Iha Coari tbat tba pianl meaet ta trie 

■ lM«tlaiiab(R^:a|i«aiT>««ii)'<iraaarti(i« 

naAtrrici nith it bcfare tbv Qumti«, and InRlrad 
of Ibruning the »\i>dfe, or llie hauiTiitr, la Lurlc it 
fnoTth at the amica end for a ai)[«r> 

" Siie and thittie sbrcti it comprthcDdrtb, 
wbich ollh him ii hut lixa and ihirtlf fail polnla 
{ pnrioda] ; for h« makN no more difference 'talst 
■ abtrt of paper and a full poinlc. than Ibere ia 
twixt twtt blade paddinga for a peonie, and ■ 
penaie for a pair of black paildingi. Yei tlieie 
arobot lbs atiortMl jiroafrlWH of bi« ail. for be 
never bida a m*B ([Odd mfiiro*, bat be make* B 
■|ic<e<b «) long n« b procUmstiuti, oor dtitikot to 
aoio. but he leada ■ Iccton: of liiToo b«i>rra lans> 
df Arlt lUfiniuti. O 'tu a pRCJooa apothixnM- 
Ucal jiedinl." 

It aai tbe foible of Hwej Co wiab to mnoeal 
tbo bnmbta arucalion a( bb fatbcr : Ibii formi a 
pcriirtoal Miuce of ibn bilternm or llm pltaaaali]r 
of N'uh, alio, indeed, calls bit paoijiblr't " a full 
aniver to IheeldeUMDfft the halter Buker/'whtrh, 
he utjD, "i* death ts Gabriel to remember i abere- 
f«rt from time to tiioe Iw doth nothing but tonsaile 
hb thvoghta baa ta inicot new pcdigraa, mui 
afaat gicat notilrrnan'* ba*(ard be wu likclj (a be, 
not whone wnnc be a reputed to be. Yet be 
would not have a aboo to put on hi* foote if h)a 
fttbcr bad not Inflqued with tbe huignian< — 
Ilarrry nor bia broiUcra cuinol b«if u bo called 
tlut louiif* of a rDp>r-makcr, whiRb, bjr bta private 
confcaiioB to *Dine of mjr friend*, aaa the only 
thing that most let him aflre agiinit rat. Turac 
o*ar bia two book** h« hath puhlidied tf^ainii ute, 
abrrtin he Ittth tlapt paper God'a pluitic. If that 
conid prexa a nan tu death, and wc if. in the wajre 
of annnr, or utberaiw, he once tn«TiIioe«l lh» 
nrord ritff-miJtrr, or como witltin farty foot of it ; 
eirept in one pitcc of hia fin! bo«ii«> vhtre he 
nameth it not nrilhcr, but goca thus dcanlj to 
attrke : — ' and ma^ not a good aonuehave a repro- 
l)s(/! for hi« father ■' a perlp!ir«w of a topf-tntker, 
which. If 1 thould ihryui; mjarif, I nnrr heard 
lirfvce." Acaording to Na*h, Gabriel took lii» 
oath before ajiutk-T, ihacbia fathcrwu an botieBt 
man. and krpt hi* »on* at the L'oiieniUH a lofig 
time. " I confirmed ii, and added, Ay \ ahieh ti 

more, llu^e proud aoune*. (but wlicii (hey mrl the 
hangmaD, Ibrir f«tbcr'> bett caat^iaer, would not 
put oir their bata to bint—" 

8ach repfatnd railMrr on tbie foible «f tlarrej 
tOVelMidhim nor* to the <|uiek, and more raiaed th* 
paUic Ungb, than an; uther point of attack ; for 
it w«a mcriied. Another foiblo waa, pei^pai the 
(itiiral rlchima of Ilarrer'a ilreaa. adapting the 
Italian (JMhiana no hii remm from llalf, "whra 
ha made no bao<a of tdiutg the wall of Sir 
Phili)< Kidnrjr, in hia hlaek Vcaetiaa »ltct." Oa 
tfaiathebrUlainvantianof Naafaraioaaacmitaloaa 
anecdote coooernlDg Uabriel'i aatdrobe; "aUlo 



err hia hbbby.liuno leuetling anJ Jomiaeering Ht 
Auitl«j-fni1, iibfn the Qncen ■■« Ihtre ; lo whicli 
ploenGihriol c«me mniag it nut. hitflir tuDy, In 
hii suit or vi'lii«t — " which ht had *>unirui*«d, 
ind pclloil (liv oTiltiiio fniin tlie lining of an <Ai 
telvrt MiliUc he lioJ borrow«i)l" — "Tbo roltco 
moiiM or Qm worai-eiten reliijne, he mcnn*. 
when he diiK. la bang onr hU t«rnb for a 
monument*." H«rr*y wiw prnod nf liU refined 
iklll iu " Tuftan authara," and too fond pf llipir 
wone cunnits. Null alludes [4 his Inrols In 
Ilalj, '■ 1« fcl«'li hlfn twopcony worth of Tu»- 
ohiIhii, quite rpnnuncins hi> nator*! Engltdi 
Bceenla «nd ccatiirM, wmitcr) himwif wholly to 
the lUlinn puiirlilio*. ]»iatiii« liimwif like » 
eourtoan, 'ttn^lbe Queen deulBrcd. 'he Irmktii 
■on-etbluit ifke an Itnlian 1' At which he roused 
hli ptitmm. pri'-ked hi* evn, bqiI run nna; vlih 
the bridlp beciritt Ms t«eth." Thm* mnn mali- 
cioBH la|p«, Id iiinhe bin n<l(«n*ry contain pti I) Ir, 
whenever tlif tatTTj wit* at cu-urt verv williiig to 
■bnrpen Ihenudrn on him. 

One of Ih« tnuM dilllciilt point* nf attack was to 
bretk thrnii|;h that huUon of tonrrla uid panegj. 
n«s <Hitb which II&rTF^ hud forlinptl hitntrlC bf 
til* aid of bu frieiitli, Ofainal the estitillt ofNub. 
Ilftrrey b«d breii commtrMdcd b; ibr Irnrnrd anil 
the ingeninui. Oot tjiminn, with hii iinual ulrait- 
tWMf dnM be Maid ttot Atnj lUrrpy** intiiiia«y 
with S|iensrr anil Sidiirj, gtutt rlil nf tli^ir ■□(Trains 

b; thif oullctoaa lareaKio ; '' It in a mUenble 
thine f"* * ■»■■> lo be Mid to have hod friend*, and 
now lo have n«r a una leftl"— Aa fur Ibc 
Other*, whom Htrrey calla" hispTilldatid libcrvll 
frtendi," Null boldly c»r«i?itarM tlie f^otuque 
orcw, IB " Irndr.r iichie bntineil iuracits, that 
curd out what they did, 10 they id1i;Ii1 coinc in 
firitil : wciTthli^i whippota. biuI jackiCmwii, whn 
nueter it in hi> comniendBtion. whom hp wonJd 
auiD|iarv with tbo highfit." TKt woclu of Ih'MF 
yoinifc writcrv be dcucribc* bjnci imo)^ txqnititcly 
ladicron* and uiirtctl ; — 

*' Th»e muahrumpei, who pctilcr the world 
With their pamphlet*, are Ukn thotn barhiiroDii 
people in the hot conntHiti, who, «h«n Ihtrr hnvr 
bread to mtk«, doc do more than clap the dow« 
Upoa • pmrt on the ontaidu of their hoii«ea, and 
Iheic leave ttto theiuritobak?; mClielrtndiRnlvd 
tMII>Mf|it*, far rawer than nnie dowi*. at all ailvcn- 
tWWI apun ibc pout thry tlap, plunk tbcni eft who 

win, and ihlDk tkcy Lbtb node u food a Iwbib «f 
pnetiie t» nay be." 

' Thla unluclir Venetian rilrrt invt of tturvi had 
NltopR^uivd «■■ <tu<p|>f fi-r an Vi»Uirl C«urii«r, iff • 
■(uiUnl itttyntT bitir w VrJiiv|.lne*<fiM aod ClnUi- 
trncbn." which pow t1u-rcj>4<cI*nawH -MM <f U™ 
CTbo^ llrrfltUtu* haA bitalrrvlilv lTivv<itT«*.'* ^Ih Uow 
|i>4 luiti lUutk by Oiwiw no thi- - ImUanalrl "dmrtltf . 

Of Hirrey'a list of friends he obaerre* : — 
"To abend-roll of leuned men and lordly he 
xppeali, whtlber be be an atH or eu f 

Hnreey h«d Hid, " Tbomu Na*h, (ran th*top 
of bi( wit lookinjf down npoa Hnph) cnatuiwe, 
callcth (iabrict llarroy a. ilum^c, a fonle, ae ideot, 
■ diilLR a«M.and Rofnrth; forKoic 
ofthe retidue li net to be (pokeii but with hia own* 
iniinnRrly tnniitli : but ho ibuold heifi ihewtd 
pu-ticnlnrlic which wordc* in my Icltert were the 
wurdeH vf aduuire ; whirh Rpnienccf the •rntmcei 
of* fnolc; whieb sigumenti the ar^menta irf an 
ideot : which npininn* the opinion* of a dolt ; 
wbicb jod^rmenta the jiid|i;>nenta of t t;ooae-cwf | 
whii-li cotiHuniimi the coni-lDiioni of an aavpf." 

Tbut llnrrvy rva«i>ni, till he beciirae* unreMofr 
able I one would havir iimtlnnt that iIm lilerafT 
(aiiret of narKnitliHh l.iiriiin had h«-n vuluauMVl 
mougb, without the mathetnittica] drmonitratloQ. 
Tlir iFWili^rers »e<jto to haic put poor Harrcj 
nmrty out of bit wlrs : be and his frtaida fch 
lliifir blowa Inn profoundly ; they wnr mneh too 
llilii-ikliuied, and the luletnQ air of Hafiry in li« 
irr«Tirr DHimrnti at their m«n*ee* t» eitr«4nety 
liidicroui. I'bey fre(|netttly called him Gitbritt- 
ittimt Oai-riet, which qnintoeenoe of hirawlf 
■renin to hnve mlebttly affected him. They ihreai- 
I'ueJ b> L-<irifute hi* liHtRn bll cientity— whiife 
HCflmi to have put hltn In d«ipair. The (bUowtag 
pMtHf^. d*i>cr>p>live of GabrieTa diitrMM*, Wiaf 
pwrftc a imllD. 

"Thla Krand canfutct of my Ictteri aayi, 
* Oibri^l. If Ihrre be any wit or iiiduitrie in Ibee, 
mow I will (Urr it In Ihr TttDrmott; write nfwhU 
Ibou wilt, in what lin^DBKe thou wilt, and I wM 
confute it, and aiuwrre il. Take Truth'* part« 
and I will prrauve truth to be no truth, aiarchiag 
ait of thy dung.taiditig moalh.' He wtU nertr 
leave me a* long is he ii able to liR a pea. ad 
in/Vni(ijm> if I reply, be has ■ reioiailet i «nd for 
ray brief triplieation, he la proalded with a fwoi. 
TUpliaxliim, and lo he. man^len my sFntmcm, haeka 
ruy arvumcnt*. wrcnchrt my wont*, ehopa and 
cbnuirr* my phnura. etm to the diqoynlng and 
diilncBlian of iny whole mtflBinx-" 

Poor llanry 1 ha knew nol tlial Uhiw ma 
norAJiw mi/ In ridicsJo, no t»4 to ita SMnf 
malire ! 

Harvey'a tiuleforlieitmeter «enM. wUek baas 
unnaturally forced into our Unfua^iaadHiirably 
ridiculed- ll*r<<y bad alionv hii (act* kt titnm 
neire* by n variety of pocmi, to wbeec tvlgaett 
Naib thuB aarcailicaily alludm:-^ 

" It had erown with him into nieb a dlolloaafj 
euatuni, tliat no may-poluin Uic (treet, ae wethte- 
oocke on onie churcb-ateeplo, no arbour, tra lawrtA. 

I ■• PlMee^ Sapcaeieiatktt. or a new (■raMo tl Ik* (M 
Amv' iiin. 

■• fcwe-cne, be would oncnkiji. viUiout liajllit^ 
la tiri* ■nuum'. After tapgitr, if be eiutacU l» 
flty U etiia with • i|iieca of liarU in bis kand*, 
loaU niB vpon a>co'« utd woiucu'f bcwU all 

Aad kc hapfiUj intradaoM here one oT Ibe 
Bii*mtile liciMiiMer eoMCBili of Harvoy — 
- BUol Inrt Md ««(t hart, m itniMrt but ts b* 

Banvj'i " Ea«oiBiwB Lawi" thu ridiculouilf 

«i|bllekllll>k tn*r A to«MUT O bouor 
tstb/bavrtwIUI bow thbkaohuidrq'lcmr 

whkk Nufa moM happily bnrlmiuw by d«wribing 
Rw«e/uuitea j«ir.trM at TWiutjt -lull, com puHing 
TCTMi CO (Im ii«atbvrc<Ki vf .VUballtm* in. Cuii- 

•* O dwa w*tlM»<(>dM Uul klHuU tm Uuttfot All- 

ClD«« lltjr walM dom. II thnu 4jv«. Ibrlh; mrwiM. BDil 

nfc* IIMVOI am m.' 

•* The brmiMttr *trM («ys NMh} I pv±ut to 
be • gwt l awm of u auaeivst borne (m u manjr 
M Kn^Mb b«sBar), ^t tbia dymi of anr** hn 
MMBM tbrirc in: our ipH«h i* too engifj tor 
Um to an hit pk>n<h to ; hut gott hrili-hlng and 
bvpfriiS td OUT Ungvajv, like a man running rptra 
i|iiignrH, Tp Uic hUl in one Rrllablc and down iJu 
Uc in axMber. nuinamf no part of Uul autclj 
■■— th C*>c which hr <aant> faimaclf with amoDgit 
be Onria and Latin*." 

Tha noK huBoroM jmrt in Ihi* Scriblehad, 
iaaladtemit Darraltte of Harrrj'i npeditton to 
lb* metrvpvUa, Kir tbe aole puriioie uf vriiinf 
ya ■•Fkroe'e SofwrcrapOoi)," pittnl toinil 
Naab't " herr* IVanilnw." TbprM«Iioiu Naah ! 
iharrllH* Uw lorpor »inl ptrtUafil} of bis geniua, 
bj CtlUDg a« be haJ kcjit Harrc; at mntrJt— 

" Flarvcnn aadtliirtic wcukn spaM nhlie be 
l«)r al Ua primer**, n'olfr, nrT*r tllrrlnf out of 
dtfora, or bcin;; cliurriied all tbat while — and thU 
ta tba deadeal Kawn tbat ni^ht bn, bee Ij inn ■" 
lln nigiafMt liirie of Uw la«4 plngM irherc Ibcre 
4fdeafevf« IfiOOa vokc in Ix>ii Jufi, iiik-K|iuttring 
aad aancasieaUy ptiaOns as«iti» nn. Tlirw 
^aatter* of a jmr tbaa imiauiwl hw Ruriacd, 
witb fait aptriu rearainit cinpaaiiaMiiMat, and 
■palled fury, tlunt of rvTcoic nctil<cling tttttl 
"J bodiea hcaJlb (o cunpaaw it — awcatiiig and 
< «« lin g ttpm it a«»t latrutiiHjr." 

The naonalta proecwk wiib tbe manf potla 
wUdi Harrrr'a ixibter eneoanlarcd, bf «i)ieiuc 
rf diet. *ud prinling lor Uih brisbt Beolu and bla 
tft^ndm, wboM w<«Ih '* wooM mat and inatyM 

paper to b«ra tbnr aaMe* broaUitd over it ;" aad 
thai W'oUe dnigneil " li> g^ ■ pniflcgc bctUoeai 

fdrUiUiag of all otlicr* IomII wsiiB-paprr but 
hineeUc." The dJoiax of the nari«uie. after 
maaj micfortiiiiM, emit iriihiUrvajr being arrwtad 
bj Ibe printer, and conlinnd to Nowpitc^ when 
" hia aword U takia from tum, (o h)a pciyetaal 
diagraw." So luucli did Giliriil mdarB hr 
having written a iKmk acntnii Tom Nuti t 

Dnt llarirj oai^lit dmj lonie of tbcst: Indicfcoa 
facu.— Will be dimr^ criea Nadi— and hen be 
baa woven every tale tbc moU watchful nialloe 
could c»ll«ct, varaiabcd fur Ibeir fuil cflcct. Tbcp 
be adda. 

" Von BBC I have hrougbl the doclw out of 
rr^uMt at oourC : and it (hoU coat me a Ml. but I 
wiU get htm howttd ant of tbc V'nlDmitie l«a, 
ert ] giuu bim ixicr." He lelU «■ UarToy waa 
brvugbt on tlie alagc at Triaily-oaUcnc in " the 
eiqniaite oomodM of IVdAQliiu," wliere, under 
" tba flalal Sne achoolmattcr, the juti manner of 
bU pbraae, tbejr Uuflt hia month with, and the 
whole buAaaianM thronghirut hit booln, they 
btflatered out bia part witlt — cucu to tlic cimytng 
of bii (owne. hia nicr gnu In hu panluilea, or the 
afleclvd accent of bit •pnech—Lct him dtn; that 
there inu a ahowe made at Clarrball of hiuj and 
hia hrctliera, called 

TarianmCantara turha tsmaltuoaa Trlgouiun 
Tri-Hiiruej-orum Tri-liannonta. : 
andnnmhei ibeweof the liltli- minnow hia lirolher, 
at Petev-houae. calli-d 

l>un> fniTtH, LHck llanwy in a frcnal*. 

niicrcupon. Dick cane and brukc tho vollego 
tlata windowi, and Dr. Pcme ntuaod him to ba 
>el In the itockei till Ibo ilirwe wu ended." 

Tliia " Uuni fut^o*, Ui^k llure; in a freane,*' 
a-ai not only th« brolticr of oii« wbu ranked Ugh 
in aovictj and UtuDtun:, but Untdf a hafned 
prafcaaor. Naab bring* him down to " Kgrney 
Dick, tbat lookea like a pound uf galdaniilia' 
uuidlrj^ who bad like to ootamil foUjr Uat year 
with a milk-maid, a* a friciid nf bia *rty tiiUcrly 
infumed mc- Little and littk-wicUed Didt, thai 
hath toiinl to live and die to defcnoc of Brulua 
and hit Trojana*." An llereulaaa feat of ilua 
" Dona Airvaa," Naab tella ua, waa hia arltinf 
ArivEolU with ilia becia wptmrd* oat Ihe Kbool. 
gatci at Cambridge, and poMiv laa'a ear* ua tut 
bead, wliidiTom brre recurdi iu f>rrpr(Bam rri 
aMBivnan- but Wood, uor parr and kam 
bterary sntiijuaij, ohwrrwa — 

" To Itf paat otber siatlcn theae vatii acn (Ibc 
wita) iGpon at Ridiard HarvBy, taia irack* alwar 

* Ua had wtMWn an antlqaaftao wMb ua BiadanrBt 
■if lirutiu un oar litaad^Tka partr aUx wto at tba 
VntraMtr attaakad the opiBftM Id ArMeM*; warn bMi > 
niiiiiiniii r illiiii ii liiiraiianliMlaiif-iiirriiir 


him qitite nnolliitr iwrwin Ilinn vlmC ihcy mBkn 
bim to be." 

Nasib Ihco forroi ■ lu<]i<.-rou* contrait brtvcca 
" nitkui Gabtiet «ad niOliiig RicliarJ." ITif 
ailronoiiirr Kli'hanl nat cuiitiNUiUf hallini; ilic 
gnat brnr in thn Anniinient, >tii1 in hrii IpcCurvo 
(M up nllwtitioftl (|iiMtioot,«likh Naihmilinouily 
Oildi, " w I •m afraii tbc cortb woutil awollow 
Die if I »buul<] but rcliciLTir." Ami at lain cloMi 
Nimli hitl«rljf i«t[r*l» lie hw no inorr room; "elw 
I (lionlit make Gahrirl a Fuj^ilivc out of Englind, 
being llic rauenouMsl ilooen that rfrnt lapt |>or- 
redg« in tiiiblvmcn'c bouiCBi wlxru Up Iim bmi 
oUcadf, out of two, hit niittii'iiut of \c mijr be 
gODc! fur be mta ■ loncr nf urititiiiui piinidnx^a 
■mon^ kitullill'bujra.'' Niwll iMtnii tu hurt) 
Miuidercd biioacir u luriblo at sn Archilaehiu, 
wbou MCirai wcrt no fatarl n W induct tlic Mtlr- 
lwd| after btrlnc rud tVi-cut, lo litiii: tbrnucivo. 

How rll ponr Hnrvp; pourd Ibmiigh thp>« wit^ 
■luifla, and liont jirifuuiidlf Ihr wouniU iiifliuted on 
liim Hnd bin bra tbi<ri ware failt, a|itniiirB by bi< oitd 

ooDf«a*ioua. In bis " Foure I^ttcra,*' after soikd 
ourioua abvrrnlinni on invertirex and intim. 
from tli>oie uf ArvhiliK-'hui, Ludnii, aiid ArttiiiF. 
to Skdlon and .S'aoggln. and " Ihr wbolti Tmomaua 
Bud vlperoua bn>od of old and nc« fflcn,'' lie 
pracrcds t« IjUidd eT«a lii* bcluicd friend (be 
gentle Spenser, for tli* BCTcrity of hia " Mother 
Unhbtrd'a UIp," ■ tnilre on the court. " I muit 
Btedet ^. Mother llubbnrd in h<at nf chollnr, 
forgetting tbe pure languinf of hn Sneelt Vtatj 
Qawne, arlfuUjr vv«r«b»tt licr uiilcvutcut-ivlfe ; 
sa rlFcnbcr^ I Iiotc Ipcdflc^ at larir, wilb the 
gtlOd kaiifl nf *iii]>olled (riendibip. — Salltial and 
CliNliiu leafnr^l of 'I'ully In frame arlittolsll detlu. 
malii>ni aiid |ikUietiosIl inrw^tiviM Dgnimt Tutly 
bimKlfe I if Mather llubJiiifd, in tJie •ain.c of 
Cbaviwri hajipou to Icl uLie canlculur laic, falber 
Elderloii and bli kiq Grrpnc, In tb« isiiic of 
Skcttnn or SeoKgin, will counlorfeil an bundrcd 
(logged CablM, liblei, ttaunJf rt. lit*, tor tbc nhcC- 
ch)a«> But miiojr ntll hlkhkt \i>u> ihoit Hum 
Ibua the {cut jolt of ihrlr rffuuilon. Whitt 
aorUl feudra, vrbat cruel bluodihcd. *hal terrible 
aUughterdotne have tieen rummitlrd fur the pnrint 
of lionour and lome (ei* cOiirttir cer«njcioi«." 

TIm incidonU to ptealifulljr narrated in tliia 
Lndanlc biogrijibfi tbc rery nature of tbla ijieL'ira 
of laiice throai inlQ duubl : jpI liir.j >till (.nrm 
■baduwed out rranu aoine tmtlit; bat Ibe trutba 
who on unniT)) from Ihu Arlionii ? And Ihua a 

narrRiitc ia cc'niijiacd to itonlriiiy vibidi inTulvce 
illoairiaiiH chanii^tcn ia an iociuicnblc nel-worii 
offmtumn; and geniui. 

Writer* of thia rlam alienate llwinwinf from 
huuaa kind, tbejr break tbc gvblert bond wluch 
bold* tlieai to n/tActj 1 and tlw^ Iitc anuiiig ni 

like 1 polLshrd banditti. In thaMoapianiir-Stnrla, 
1 hnrc Tint notiMd thi! mnre mntiul inainualMD* 
Bjpinat tlic llaneja; I hiTe left liw gwmtr 
>luidcr» uutuucbDd. Mj objeL-t baa bcca vnly to 
Ii'hm (lie elfrcra of ridicule, and In dcinrt its arti- 
licc*. bj whicli the moat dlRtiitird duiactrra bu; 
be Aecf\f iajand it th« f)l(rBatm of t RidlfuloT. 
Tb« wild mirth of ridianlv, aggrat atio); aiid tanat- 
iii£ teat imjicrrMtiuna, and fatteaing imaBiiiaiT 
one* on lite victim in idlr t|jnrt or iU-kuinoori 
•trikea at Ibe ninst brittle thing in the Korldt • 
man'a good rcpntation, for dvlioic* mattwa whiefc 
an: mil under tii<- jiriitn'tiiia of ibe lav, but in 

which ao much of pcrttiDaL liB[ipiacHi»i)OiiocmeJ> 

UHiHTHici « ■ovii'iMtv tciiurr IN «mina. 

Ik the peaceful iraiki u( literalnre wc ate atartlcd 
at diarnvrring gf iiiua Tritta the mind, and, if »• 
conceive the inalniinenl it guide* to be • ctiletto, 
withtbcbaDdof naaaiBHin, — iruciblc, viudictire, 
armed witb iuduicrioiiiistc satire. HEter pantuit' 
ing ihr moril of riiol g«niiu, but foatming «a 
it cbruugliQuC life, tilt, in the miml retribution of 

huni4n noliirr, tlicae very pdaaiotta. by UtPir Ott- 
ginlilicd cnningi, batp l«>nded to aaoibUalo the 
brlnK nbo fostered Ibeoa. Tlieaa ptMlOM mong 
lilrrary men are with nnne more inetttngniabable 
than \imaa^ jtrot^itieiitl teritrri.' — Tbeir bad fe*l- 
irig4 Nre ci>n»ntr3l«il by their looU oOBttaetiotk 
The prirtiiiiit]' i/uicii orgtniiia k*bU topCOdM* 
a familiarity nliich excite* hatred nr contciaptl 
white be nho i« aiait.-led nilb diMTdervd puMoot 
tiuagiiiva ibnt b« ii urging hla own elaima to gcnim 

by dcrnying tbrin to tbcir jaMwaaar. A whole UIW 
paaacd in baroHing tbc ioduaCry or the genial 
which hr bus not cijualledi and inttcad ofmiuiini 
The (i[ieu niver oa a competitor, unty akvUing 
■a ail •Ksauiin by Ibsir lidr. ia pcewDtisI la tbc 
ohjei-t auw bcfnrc u>. 

Dr. GiLOEAT ih-UAitTiecmBcarly in life t«ha*c 
dcioled liinwir tu literature : but hia baUl* wora 
IrtToiijIar. and bia pMiloix fiercr. The celebrity 
of Ko))rrt>>on. Blair, and Hinry, with other SeeA- 
tiili hrolhen. diMUued liiauiindwilbanMficamaaa 
nuicour. He cundacd all bii literary elTnrta u>tb< 
jiitiablc motive of destroying thrirs : be waa 
l>rnm)irrd to rirry one of hi* UaUtrlcol aurka by 
tbc mere deiire of diavrediting aonv work of 
Kobcrlion i and kii nnmervna critical Ubonri 
were all dirvctvd tu aunibilat* the gentua of lib 
eoiiatry.. How be converted hi* lift into ita ow* 
tcoitrgc, how waatad talents be mif hi hiit tdtl 
Tated into perfection, loil every trace of hewiaiwlyv 
and Studly ptriihed, deronrcJ by hit own fiend- 
like pudan*,— vhall be Uluittaled by the foUaw- 



lair tmmlin, oollactrd fram a oorrmpoiiJenw 
•«w IjrlDg More n»e, vliieli the anthor ruried An 
«ilk Lu pDlditlktr is Lvadon. I vImU copy mt 
•t Kme Imiltli the kopC« •■d (luiip[Kiuitni«nt( vf 
lbs Etenfyadrcntnrcr— the ooloun trt noi mlM; 
I MB A|)i«t4 tnjr pencil in die |>tUi!l of tbe artiat 

I* June 17'5 vm prqoctod in Iha Sc^ttuh 
"Tbc Edisbiuitli Magasiuo uid Rcvicn-" 
:*• kiter* brcMlie tbc-. apirll of njiCuroiu 
eooMntt. H«lud oamhincd die wilulmis ntcen- 
tin of th« iaiDUigvnt Smtllii^, nho w<u lo be the 
phbtcr, witk (Miie rrrr honourable critic* ; IVo- 
iaaat Btnot Or. 15l«cklu<:k, aiid Pnifeuor 
Riclurdaon ; aad thr. flraL nnmtHrn wnr cxtculcd 
■on UJeut UuD iMrriodical publifatinni had 
HbMlaA. But the haniiiDua of Stusrt'n 
Ua pcTMnal aLIaclu, and the ■crtmiinj 
of hi* Ktcrarr bbrla, pmmtcil a iicw feilnre in 
Scottifh Ittmtnrr. of inch ugUneM and borror, 
thai e*rT7 bunnnrablo Rinn torn hftnt4 bit f«r« 
frvnt Ibu tottlt/ru. 

Re daicaed to omtmcDt hU fint number 

•■ A print of ny Lord Monhoddo in hi* quad- 
HfMi fotni. I niu*t, llirrvfnrT, rnMt carH'Citlj' 
kf OiM you will piarchue for me * cupj of it in 
■omc of ib« Macaroni-prinl >hnpi. It ii not U> be 
fu^oc-Bni} at E<llobur)ili. 'Ilivji irv afrnid tn vrnd 
U herr. W* are to lake it on llici fnottng of a 
ftgare «f an animal, not jti dofriWd ; mid niu tu 
piw a paT*, jrct wtiriral Kcount of it, in tlic 
Wtostr Af Bnffon. It »i>akl tiot be proper to 
■Oadr to bt(, torililiip but in a verj dtsUnt 

It Maa iMt, howpTf r, Tmtured nn ; and the non. 
dnMtpl antmtl *ru itiTI cunrlDcd to Uic wicdoita 
of*' tke Macanini-pHnt ihopt." It in* tinimrr 
tte biMtn «t the aullior'i fancr, and pratnietxl all 
tha BielioK fniit* it afUrvardt |iradamd. 

Itt Septenriter, tlii* ardour did not ab>t«: — 

** T\m pmponia are iixued ) the (abKri|iCiDn> 
1b (be boottMllera' tbupi oetunimli ; cumepundcutB 
dork io ; and, what oill furpriM jou. the llmid 
proprMun vf ibe Sroii' Miguinr hovn come to 
Iht taMlaOan <ir dropping their work. Yoa atare 
•t d Ifci*, and ao do I loo." 

TImm be ttaltfn hintdf lie ia to annihilate liis 
|lnlt wUboBt cTCD linking tbc Brrt bicnr. T)ie 
^Hfauwmcf Ui fini aumberutobeihemonoil 
HRi tb^dr Uat U to cnm« fnrtb. Anlhorv, like 
iIn lOtttntrtn of nlnea. *rc tbc niotl Miisuine 
mat nrra in tbe norld ■ (lilbot Rtnart aftcraAirli 
flaltcr^d himadf Dr. Ilenrjp «b> Ijing at Uic puint 
of dath frcm tlMKalpIng of lila tomahavk peiii 
bBi af tbia anon. 

Ob tba pahlicalion of iho 6n1 naaiber. in 
Vtnwmhtw 1 T7i, all ia ciulutiun ; aud aa anouat 

ia faoetiAntly upH4«d Ibit " a Ihouaand copiu 
bad eniipatvd frota tite Row and Fkcl.ttreet.'' 

Tbert la a •crloua ooiapaaura la the Ittlrr at 
December, "hich •cemt 10 be o«t'a»ii»teil lij the 
tempered ani«er of hia Ijondon cormponiirjit. 
TIte wark waa isura luiled to the meri'liin uf 
l£diutiiU|^Tj ; aitd fmm ouiara auflicimtlj tibfiouai 
it! penouality aod caiuliL-itjr. £tuart, kuircTcri 
usurer liU fnrjiil, thnt " llic arconil niioibrr JOU 
rill litid better than the firtt, and the third better 
tlian Ih(! arrond." 

llio next letter <• dated Mar«b4, 1774, U<rbieb 
I find ear autbor itlll in itaai apirit* ; — 

"The magiuiiic riaei, and pmnlKU much, in 
Ililt qtiartFr. Our artillery haa liletioed all appn. 
•itinn. The rogiiea of Ibe * uplifted hande' 
decline llie fombat." Tbne ropiaa an> tbe clcrp, 
end •ome other*, nho had " uplifted handa" ftnm 
tbe liiuperaiire nntitrc nf thrir ailierMry ; for be 
teUt 11*. that" noie the clergy are ailetit, the 
[own-RDUanl harit had the preaiimption to oppotM 
ua ; and bale threatened. Creech (tbc publialicr in 
Eduibursb) witb the tem>r nf nrnkin^ him a 
conalebic for hit ijiaDleuce. A pamphlet on tlw 
abuaea of Herioi't Hoopital. iDclBdln; > dlnot 
proof of perjury in the proroal, wna the punith- 
ment iolllcted in return. And nev papcra are 
furfii]^ to cfaaatisc thi'm. In regard ta Ibe pour'* 
rate, which Ii ajfaiii tUrtfit ; ilie iitipfoper eboloe 
nf prnfeaaon ; and violent alrrtehea of the impott. 
TLe lifiertg 1^ the pr-tt. in ita fulleal ettent, ii (o 
be c»iplH}rrJ agaiiiit tlicsn." 

Soch i» the languiKc of reform, and iheiqiirit 
uf a refunnjjl^l A little priinte maiif^iy that 
rcrnieniaa^o*] deal of public tpirll; bul^alririiinm 
miut be indrprndrnl to be pere. If the Edin- 
burgh Ke<new eoutinuc* to auceerd in il> tair, 
aa ijtiurt faacin. Bdinburgb iuelf may be lu 
■onie daii;rr. Hit [lerfect cuiiteiupt of hla COD- 
leropnrartea ii amninng : — 

** Monboddo'i leeond Tolnme ia jiubliidied, and, 
fittli Krucuea, will appear In ver nett ; the fomice 
ii a rhtldii'h performance ; tbe btior rather belter. 
We arc to treat ili-fm with a kimiI deal of frrr. 
dum. I ubiene an amocing falliiig aS in Ibe 
Engllth Revl*«t. We be*l Ibem hullov, I fancy 
Ibey liaie no auiilaace but fri'tii llio itiHi-iilen, • 
dull bndynf men. Tlie Month ty will not euilj 
recover tbe deaLh of llavkeavorth : and I auapMI 
lh»l Lanfborne bai forvokHi them ; for I m» bo 
longer hia pen." 

We arc nov haatening to tlic rudilen and tbe 
■naral oaloatmiilH of our tale. The tbonaanil 
copica wbicb bad nnigraltd to Lomton tcnoined 
tlKTo, little diiturbed by jtoblie iuijoiry ; and in 
Seotlaod, the ptroonal onimoaity agniiut olmoM 
every lilorary cbaracCei Lhorv, which bad inllaiiied 
iba ibU^ bceaaie naturally ilie latent ctuae of lia 



•xMnctiM; for Ite hf« va* but a r«*«Kiti etUt- 
ctkMt Mid ilj> donil oomplrsioii i^rr^*d witb it thv 
•rrdii of it* dimolnllon. Aluwt, at Irni^h, i|uar- 
rciled wiih bi« i-indjttior, Smdlie. fur nlicring bii 
nrlnt*. Snwllie'* pnulrntlnl ilexterlt; wm inicrb. 
Ihu, in an srtido drd^id Id IrvtI I<nrd KAtniM 
«t(ti Lord Mouboddo, ihc vholc libel irw ci>ii>- 
plFleljr mctamoiphtiMil inUi n pnnr^rin. Thr^ 
vcreiniohrMl Ina lao-aolt. about " abluiibemous 
pa|icr." And nntr tho wnngti Zollu mnptalns 
af " bU baitn of p«enihneaa and diautliiriutinii." 
H« actoMitlvdgca, Uiat " a ouvunutaDec bad tup- 
pcued irhioh had broke fab [leucc and efutit ultogr- 
tbrt for foinr mik*." And now he ivaolv^i Ibtt 
tliia Jtimt work Kbsll quii^Lljr nnk into > tnirri 
eompiliitioD from tlio London peHodifaJ vorki. 
Sorb, tlion, U th< proyrcn cif ■nalii^DiiDt gcniiu ^ 
Tli« niichof. like bini «bo inrcotcd tlie braivti 
bull oT Pbilaris, U wrilhinn in that mu^hlne al 
tortiiTN h*! hud contrived for otbn^ 

We nnw min# t/> a ifry rftnarknble paiaa^ • 
i( is the Ircniicd laii)[uaf[c ttf diwppojotcil wLck- 

•■ \7 Jnnt. 1774. 

" It b an Inlinint iliMppivintinonl to ni« that 
Ibe Maffuioe dod not ^row in I^nJnn ; I tbiinght 
iha soil hnJ bn:ti richer. Hut il in m; con«Daal 
tue tu be (li««p(iointrd in rrcrjtliing I ntlcmpl ; 
I dn not think I nrr hud n wish (hat hiu gratified ; 
and nevvt dn-ndrd an rtriil tliat did rnt come. 
With tbii fclii:ily of late. 1 wonder Imw the dctil 
I coiili) Icirn |iriijiTlur. I ntn now >i>rrr tlutt I 
lef) London ; nnd llic tnorni-nt tint 1 hoTe muniry 
oiuush to csury tnc hark ta it, I ihat) i«t nlT. 
I mortiill]/ lieUnt niui abtior l/tii pluet, and Fwry- 
bedjf in il. Ntrror naa lb«T« ■ (tiIt whpr< tb«<rE 
vaa »o mucb |>t«t«Qf!Da lo ku(>*lcdKC> and thai 
bad an little of ir. Tlir anlcmn fopiieij. and the 
grata atupiditj of the Scnltiah litrrail. ars prr- 
ftctlf inauppnirtHblr. I thail drop my idna of ■ 
S««ta newvpapcr- Nntkinfj: will <lii ia th» fmititrj 
ihat ha* coutnvn scdm in it ; only caal, bt^iocriry, 
nd Ruinntiliun, will Riiuriab herr. A ourtr mi 
AftmtnlTp.amt all l/ienm.vimen.aadchiiilrrii 

A((iiiii.— " Tlie publiiTation i* t-m ^uimI ftir the 
oDUntry. Tliere are Tcry few mat of («(c or 
fruililiou Uiti till* Hide, the Tweed. Yet nrerj 
idiot one inrtt> with laja dnlm lo both. V«t 
tbn nteoHi of lbs Ma^uine u in NwliCy itrt*tnt 
Ibnn ve cmJd eip«cl, conaiderinc tbnt we b«*e 
errry clFrKTmui in the kiafdvm tu ufpvve it. and 
thai Ibr iiiaEu(ia(.7 Ot tbe place arc crcry moment 
threatening ita dmtrortino." 

And. tbtanfora, tbia recreant Scot anathema, 
ticaa tb« Soottkb paofje ! for not appljuidini; 
UatpbetDj, calniniij, ami cmj spHsle* gf Utermrjr 
orlmiiulitT. Sorb an Ibe tnanatrona iwmiaaa 

that fvcli onl tha pnicMkon* brpait of gcaiat. 
dtprired af rrery niitml rrttmint } and 4Uch waft 
tbr drm^nisc irrilnblliij wliicli prompted o wiikh 
in Cullul d'Hrrlioii in art tlrr to Ihc (oarqaanm 
of the f\t.<i nf L;cuni ; while, is hia " In^er- 
mwcicp," the kenn-'l- if ihi* »tT««u w«p» rumung 
with the blood uf It* Inbabitanti — tVBMmbwnf 
ulillthnt IhrLynnnwihail. whcnliewasamlaeraUc 
aucor. lilnAed hiui olf the 'lage ! 

}itn»rt curiifR hi* cnuntTjr, and ratraata !• 
Lamkn. Fallen, bnt not abjeeti rcpnliad, hiil 
not altered ; dcKTiuled, bnt atill bsnshty. No 
chan|,-B of pUt^e could operate anj in bia heart 
He wu horn in llirrary crltiie, and h» p«Tiah«<l tn 
it. tt WW now "Tbe Englidi ReritMr" «•* 
innlitnted, witb his idol Whitaker, (he hittorian of 
MnnchMlcr, and otbera. He tatf%, "To Wbilakw 
be uaij^* tbe ^Mdtn of bblorr in preforears l> 
Hume and Roticrtian." I have beaid UiMt be 
MiniiideTed himk«ir hieber than Whltakar. and 
rankfil himtelf with Mont#iM|nini. HenafOtialad 
for Uliitakcr and himvclf a doctor of law*' dcfrce; 
tiid thr; wcrr now in the titular ptiMnMlov of Ul 
the fainF which a duxen plern could britai* ! la 
"The KncllRh Kfnicw" brnkf forth all ltu> palal 
of Stunrt !)i an iimi*1ural warfare of Scotchmra in 
London a|;niiiit Scctcbmcn at E£i)b«ir|b> "Hm 
liitler hciba," whLi:b seanmcd il igainat BUf. 
Kobertsan. GIbbou. and the ablMt autbora of ih« 
i^;d, at finl prorukHl the publio ipiirtitc, ttbMb 
aflt-rwaTds iudigitanClj reJNtiHl the palatabb 

Rut to procred witb our Litentrg Comtp i ratp, 
wliidi wu cunduclcd \ij tituitrt, «iLb a pcftinacilf 
of in V ml inn. [icrhniu not to ba paralleM la 
lilrrar; biiCurj. That the jumtr aS mind of awk 
an induilriiiuH author u Dr. UaKav waa IW a 
DonaUcrable time dealrojnl — Uiat tbe aate ot a 
work on which llrjir; had expended mudi of Ui 
fdrtuiie nnd hi* lifp waa ntnpfvd : and thai. «!«■ 
covered with obloquy and ridunile, in devpair b* 
left Eilinbiicgb for London, atill cacowiUctaf dw 
MOK liostiiity ; that all thii waa the wiirk of Ihi 
tame linnil — pcrbapa win neier eien kaown to iri 
victim The multiplied furma of tbia Protoa* af 
th* MalvToU w«re itltl ti-ul one devil t ir« «r 
water, at a bull or a lion i atill it waa the iiiiil 
E^ratouai the aaiiir Stuart- 
Prom till! mrreipondentc bdbre tar. I am 
enabled lo criUeet the eommenivraent and the «■! 
of tbiilitemryconnpiracf , vtlhatl ttaiat«madHlt 
linka. It tbua oommcncca: 

" Wehaie been attacked (hmdilfcmttquarciTx 
and Dr. Henry in |UHtianilar baa titea a lanf aai 
a dull defence of bia arrmon. I have icpUai li 
it, witb a dcKrec'of apirit altogetlier ankjwn ta 
tbia ouuDtry. Tbe rvtercDd hiitoiiaa wvaparficdf 



for Propa^^tini; (ibrintiaii Knnolril^ hi itrin ic> liin 
mate '. I tm ibovt lotx! pmrcatcd by tbcoUolr 
dnfy. u>d I nai atmnl tu pcriecutc them in mj 
tam. Tb«T un hot au4 chIoui i 1 un cool and 
tl^amkn»U. tike ■ dBti)mla*4 ««jilla ; tinM I 
harv (Dlered Ih* liita, I Boit fight ; 1 mwt ^d 
Ifci ifatorj, or pemb like a man." 
' "IMhc. 1773. 

" Datid ffomc «»nu to rrricw Hcurjri but 
tbat tAtk U M) picdnna tba.( 1 will undcrcuki! it 
nrjwlt Uotat, vcTe Iw u> aik it u a t\iam. 
kbould not lufl It ; jM, nal evm Hkc man after 
God'* oa heart." 

"4 Manh. 1774. 

" Vttia miinth Ucnrf ia Ultcrlf ilcniuUiticil ; hia 
m1« ia iCApppil, aaAj of hit togun are crturncd : 
and Ua old friendi ben ferukcD him ; praj in 
«li«t ((ate !■ Iki in lionilon .' il«arj liu dclajnd 
Ua Loodoa jvuntcjr; fou canaffl aaailj cuncdro 
ho« cHXcdin^f he ia bmnblrd '. 

•• 1 alih I cuulil [tan«|irin mjrwi/ln London to 
Mvirw bin Tor ih» MomIiIt- A lire Ihtrt, ldJ id ' 
tfcc Critical, oovldpaftctl]! anniUilatcbicn. C«ul<] 
jrott do natlunc in Ihi; Uitcr } To ibc fumicc 1 . 
wpiirar Daviil Haue bu Unautribod thr criticiiiu 
ha intndad for a*. U u prei-luui. aad wonLd 
divert you. I kecf a |iroof of it in oij eabtoet 
lar Um aanucucat of frieoda- Thii pvX pbilo- 
av^HB bcfiu to Jntaf." 

Staarl prapajM to aiaall Henry, on Idi amnl 
in London, fron nriw qutMr*— to l«irer tb« 
faltK ^A hia hiator; In Um etiiiralioii of tbe pur- 

•'II j/owA.i:;*. 

'*T«>eM)rr«w cnomiog Hrnry ■cixofrfDrLaadnn, 
wMi hnaawwr bepca of acUIng Itia biator; . 1 •riah 

■ b en7ta «arlaiu to inioii Hituu-i'i lil« of ui* 
IU<EW7 lalBi* of nonrr. tlmiyn uuliiiipy turn lor 
>■■» II. and a Ajta Utlk acconluu viih liliilnH<<ar 
4|p>ltr, lira Uity opal to Cld (nilr'auilnut>l<vrtt»ii. Iliil 
(kenanwdiaailaiiiillwtlaiar Ibooilur. (or Uiat ilay. 
tNR aauUaabto. uid waallll appraoialad. Ual mi an 
Mw. ntnar, mripv. and DWiuiniulltBt, h« icrlpii 
M Mwl xf all M> vnUHDia. A*n antinuarT.tievanH 
V>3mf7 and knin>l*d|>: asil. M nn blncrliin. >»■ Ii 
llair tt att. la>M. and ■niikanil. ill* *ur1i It a 

ID Olddi lie And ■rtiniK icil prml*. •rllliiiul 
In wlilrli Ha inni villi ate nunn^ 

IbaABtaMm nf pfnuman — Ilr tui inuianl 
■B dwnfaBant hunbnof tbn linrn Iil- vooia rcmnl.' 
Mt^M (wwr ImaBUifd tbat Iha unis miulil uriiv. whrn 
Iki aaiM If IkiUT wnila to (uiilllat lu IUi|:<l*li nailon. 
3*Mt III Diao) Ual iir flluarl auuld nm tw nwillntaa- 

* Tha tffUlaoa lai Bnirf. In Uin Mimllil} Rriiow, wai 
vMllB tn llama— and, kaeauw Uiu pliUrwipbdr •at 
«MtM,ko UbmMliliokanibMd. 

he halt d4laf»d till oar lut micw of hiiu bad 
reaetinl lont cit*. ItuI 1 rwllj nppMC tlul h« 

hiu little probability of gtttin; auy i^ataiiy. Tbe 
trade art] cou skarp tn {irr prccioua (old for ptrfeol 
nonaanae. I ntih iinoerelr that 1 could enter 
Holbom the nmi; hmir with him. Il« (houM 
hare a repeated fire to combat nilfa. 1 entrrat 
that you may be ao kind aa to Irt him feci toiae of 
your thuoder. I ihall never forgtt tha biTniiT. 
If Wbitakitr b in l^ndon, he Mtild (pre a blow. 
['atffTtan will gire biio a knoi-lc Strike by all 
BKona, The «tet«h will tremble, i^row pale, and 
rcturu with a caoadauinna of hii debility. I 
mttrtat I roty hear rrom yuu a day or tw<i aftar 
jam hntc i>r«n him. H« will fomplaln ^eranaly 
of mo to Strabu atiA Vj>*e- I aliall atnd yon a 
|inperabiiutliiin;an«dTcrliicmcat *■"— P— -— t-», 
in the lUAiiucf of Ooocalinl" 

" Dr. Henry haa by thta time reached yon. I 
tMnV yon ougiht to jiny your mpccte to blm In 
the MornLnit Chronicle. If you woold only 
Imiisciibe hia jrtli. it would tnakr hini perfiwlly 
ridifulittj. See for cxumpk, wb«l be utya of St, 
UorwUn. A word to the wiae/' 

" yfniehZI, 1774. 

" I ban a (taouaand Ihatiha to gire yon for 
your Inwrtion of the paper In the London Chra- 
njol« i and for Ihe purl yon propot* to act Jiv 
rcfpird to Henry. 1 eouM w"!! that you knew for 
certain bt« being In Lotickiii before yuu atrikr lbs 
fint bluw. An iii<|uiry at radoll'* will rI** tbit. 
Wb«<n you hart nn enemy la attack. I dudl in 
return giTf my beat aariatuae, and aiio at him a 
mortal lluw, and Huh forwiud to hi* OTtnliroira 
tliough tbc flame* of hell ahould itart up to uppoae 

" It pleatea me. beyond what 1 ean ^xprtaa, 
that Whilakrr Iin* an «i|uiit oontnBpl for Henry. 
Tbo idiol threatened, when be Ldt Bdlofaurgh, thai 
be would Aiid ii method to loatiaiiri the Kfelcwa, 
and thai be would uppuie their pnani^jric tn onr 
ccnftire. Hume haa behaved ill in the affair, and 
I an pn^iartnjf to elmtiM biai. Yuu niHy etpeict 
a arriea of paficra in the maxulac, (xiuatinR out a 
maitiCndc of hia erron, and aMertainins hia 
ignuraiMp of EnglLih bUuirj. It vm toi) mooh 
fnr my temper to b< Mwuled both by infidel* and 
l>tlie*cn. My pride eould not raibmit to ll. I 
tball act In my il(fcDc<e with a apirit whioh ii 
tccsu ihey iMTe not cxpecicd," 

"11 Afrit, 1774. 
" I raoeived, with InllAk* pleaanrw, tht annwi- 
ciaiiaii of the ipvat man Into the capital. It t» 
forcible and eieeUent ; and you haie my beat 

Elianki for il. You improve aimsiinglf. Th« 
paoi crokture •ril) be alupilici] iiitb iiiuiueinent. 
luduaeJ !■ a paper (ur him, l)on:dini icill fnlloir, 
1 ilinil fall upini h mrtliod ia let David know 
Hpnry'ti iinnuiWicin •bout liu rfvii>w. It i» niesn 
to Uio liul deRfre. But whnt couW nim Riprd 
from Itfl mcmt ignomnt indfUr moit contecupllble 
Uian aliic ? Di> jrou cicr tet Macfiu'liiiir .' lie 
OWM me ■ fitnur for lili hblorj if Geor^ 111., 
uid vouM give a lire fnr Ihi? parhet. Thf idint 
ia ta be mndtniitor for tht> vtisulng uRpmbl}'. tC 
b1]»]I nn(, bovi:Trrt fw «illii>ut (>p|iik)iilioii. 

" Would llic jJuriMtriiph »touC liiiu fiom th« 
indosed \ra( uf tlie Eitinburgb Rcvicv bo anj 
dlai^iaue lo tLe Morning Chtonkla V 

" Docciitini I thoBElit orirBniiiniliiiijc, when th« 
icvcrtntl hiatoriui, Tor nhoae uie il mu iiilmilcd. 
mails h)» aiijiraraiion al KillDburgh. But II will 
uul Ih! toxt. lit ttball moat crtRinl J tM>tl. nnriii'i 
eTiti<|iic n-tu tnnat «i!iv|ita)>1ei. It in • carioiu 
■pccimtii !□ one >iew of iofDleot *aait;, and to 
another of conictnptible intMiiiiiFaB. The iild 
biatorian bf^iiii to dotr, ami the new out waa 
aeter out at dotage," 

"^SAprU, i;7S. 
*' I tte mry Jav 111 at vrlinl i> wriCtcii to a man'a 
dinpanigrniriit ii nr>i*r forK<)t "<"' f^ir^rcn. Poor 
Henry ia oa the podot of ilcaih, and hii friciidi 
dedare Itiat I have klUed him. [ rBC«!v«d th? 
infnrmatinn na a rnm|iliinrn[, and brggivl they 
would not do mc »o luucb lioiioiir." 

Itiit llpiir; mill hU hiatorjr lung tur\'LV«(l !itDar1 
and bia rrili-jvri ; and Roburtton, Blair, and 
Koimci. vitli ilitbera he axnilcJ, have all token 
their due ranki ia pulilic cilcem. ^'hnt niche 
diwa !iluail uci^upjr ? tin hlilurical worlia pgucn 
UiB tliow. widiciit ibi> wiliillty, of rpiearcb ; hardy 
parndoiei, and an utinciai ityln Af momeatary 
brilliaQfj, «r«> none of the iMtiiig miilorjaU of 
history. Thin sliadow uf ■■ Monli-*(|uicu,'" fur Ul- 
ooncclvrd U\m only to br bit rtt rttnl, derived tbn 
but eanaolatiotia of lifu from on obipurc rnrniT 
at a BunoB aU-honM — llierv, in rival potntiona. 
nitk tno or llirte olber diaappijiulrd author), Ibcy 
rcgntcd thenicolvn un aio tbcy could not alwuys 
[iny f'>r, and rfconlrd Ebe'lr oim literary rfltbilly. 
■ihi«li had nR*i;r taken plurr. Some time befort! 
hi* dcatb, lui aipcrity *u alruott loncoiKL by 
tntlancholy; with a broken ipirit, bo r«*)(T«nt 
hiiriMlf; a lictlui in that uicrlchlcous aiiibilimi 
which anuicht in build up ita trreitnru niUi tb« 
ntina of bi« fellow-coiintrynien'. {>r« maturely wait- 
ing tnlFnti which nii|;ht bnv« btvn diri-ctcd to 
literary eminence. And Ciilhert Stuirt died ai he 
had tiled, * vicUn 10 tiitnii|ienu)i:e, phyiital and 

^a.llmnlcl^.— ooortiw »«w»u.. 
Wa have iritnevioil ibe malignant inllLieaEa of 
illiberal rrilii-iam, mil only on literary men, hul 
over lilcralurp llfeK, airicc ilii the netual eanar of 
tupprrwtiig noTkH whtdi lie ti(}{l«:ted, thaqgk 
(■ooiplttud by tbcii hutbon. The arli ef literary 
nnndentnrilinn, aa they may b« pni-tb«d by mat 
at (tie and airoeance. are ■«!! kntntn ; and it ia 
TTiurh Ivaa diliieuit Ihna il U erintliial, 10 nan 
tlix mndril man of Icaminj, and to nek iba 
inan of ccaiui, in thai briglil riaiou of autlioc- 
abip aometimra iiiJiil^ In ibo mini of Ibcii 
attidle* : — a ernvrnnt rmollon lo ioipire • 
[enr.roaa purjuiiui ! With tu|ii>reu>!(l indigna- 
tion, ahrinklng from the prMt, giie\> hatt <oa- 
domned tliemaclrea to B CariLuaiao ailtoc* i bill 
lUt (lublic nill jcain on Uttle by silcnC aolLoti 
0:1 by H community of laiy muoki ; or a dwirof 
aingrn who inaiat they have l(i*C their voioo. That 
undue levprily of enlielim nliich diminiaha* At 

□umber of good aucliora, i« a smiM calataity 
than even thnt mawkish panqcyric whidi may 
Invite iudiflrrrnl uiim ; fur tbe truth ta, ■ bod 
boi>l: |irodaee« no great <'ti1 in )ll«ralurv : it diea 
Kion, aiiil naturally ; and the feeble birtli Oaly 
diauppoiuta it* unlucky parent, with ■ aQora of 
idlen. nhu are tbc dupea of their rage aftO' 
novtitty. \ bad book iieifir lella uiilea* tt br. 
addreucd to the pauiont, end. in that cue. ilie 

acicrRi.1 uriliuimii will iicrcr imjirdc Ita circu- 
Intiun ; tnaliijiiily and curiuaity being pMaiuo* •• 
much atToiiffer and lea* dalicata llian una or 

And who are tbc aathar!! marked out foratlaokf 
Scarcely one of Iha pupulaep of iciibbUni te 
■it will not loM one aitver tliafi on came «U<li. 
alnir.k. no one would lake up. It muu lri«l al 
the ili>tar{a,n, nhoae tiord reaearche* lhr*» a 
light )D the deplhi of iU]lic|U3ty i at ihr foel, «bo. 
addr«Mlns biiuiclf lu ibc inntginatloo, [wiriihw if 
ihii aole avenue to Ibe heaii be cloaed oa Uv. 
Sueh arc Ihoae who r«<viin the ertticitaB wkiah 
bet a^nt lome nerrouii author* to tktir f;r>t«a, aod 
KidbtUrred Ihe llf« uf awny wlioaa tolcnta wc all 
reijuij •. 

■ Sg •cnnltile waa ivni Iba aim >«wMi M crtlHri 
Biuckh Uiat Whliinii Mlii uahobM hlafatMit.wMA ha 
IikI unjurnl lor Iwontjr jvtn, tim oontnilL-iliw X iati 
ill II l%(>li) a(c ; Itirno nms wuol" a more Iiwrfnl laaf0.'* 
nil laUm dcrlam thai be wvulil nM hare Itnnvkl 
IA liatc iniblliitit^ ill* wiirk anliiit NvHtiin'* 
In III* Ulotiniit. '-bNsuw I linnin lila triiipsr *■■«■, Aaa 
t nhiiiilil tinir nipKCfd It would liaTaklllnl hia; ■■ !>. 
Ikgttlt-y. ItLAiiisnilllnflliwtVeliaplaln, Md m>. Ihalla 
Inlirtnl .Mr. L(wll«-i [liimiuRb eimlumteaii< U» IIM ^ 
Rietaphjili-* alaiiil IheTiUtllj buMoad kiaaaal* r\«a 




Bni Ihia tfttin of niluiim. Ilitniith imftnial ^ ic toptT-tnr*}. A« tbni, Kbini b« tltickMl "The 

MJppingBlArM, doeanet ftl«w|«]uU Uie trw Traveller" of Gol(UiBilb,iibiehbe«aUe<l" ■lUi»*f 

U has (nMen vrtr, |m>vbi," he diacancd the Mtbjmrt •> n gnve, [loli- 

tn iIm cakmitT before lUi Utoc, thil xmt iImI pamiihltt, condciniUDg tW wbolc •rMccn, a* 
•ntucnt. who In lu Irrincoitaiu mnrrh dotra^ra miMMt an false priiiclpln. " The tittaui VIl- 
■lliim. also ■BKibilatcs critin : and auliDg Id bge" wu tmwriniitjr iiroDounecd to be " prrtty ;" 
lU* liMrfa^rf witb a oe« kiDd of benevolniM, | bni then li had " neither hnrr. iifaitj, gai\v», 
take* «p aeno wbo havv Iwrn Tinlcntlj tlinxm (it Rrc." Wlicn lie rttimnl Jolinnou'i "Tour 
duvn, and tatM Ibcm lii their propcf place ; kin) to the Ucbridc*," lie ilrcrcci that the wtiole Itnok 
diilj tnfccbliag ■njiul criliciim, hn rtstated an wa* iiritt«ii " bj- one "ha had ncm but little." 
tDjfiRd aMtfear to hii fiill bonuura. ' and. ihwiKofp, cuuJd not be verj iiiierMilnn. Hi» 

It i*. bo«ram, UnMWtibU movgh that aathon virulent aliack on Johiiwm't Sliak««pMre may be 
noat puliapal* in Ikat eonr^e vhicb (aot* Ih^ iim«TT«d for ■)• total want ur Ulera'jr deoeaof ; 
cuiDiiD'a inDBtli, or cc*m to be anthoiB i for suit hi« "Love iu thr Sud», ■ towa edugue/' 
Biiljtuy cnlcrprln l« out the taate of iDode*!, l wbrrr hr haa placed Gartick attb an infamotw 
t«Cli«d. and timnrmu clunu.-tcnu The tate Mr. character, may be lueful to ihow boo fir wittf 
CaBbtfUnd lued lo laj. that auihiira inuit uot be ! roalignlty wUI adnnoe in the vieUtUm of Horal 

tlu^^k ibved, hut ahutlrd like tli-e rliira'fc^mit \ 
tli«« art, boTCTcr, more ddimtcl; tcui|)«ml 
miiaala araont thru), ntir.bnni lainlia, who 
thajilw at a laiicb, iimI ilie uiiiler a pmiuri?. 

Aa for thow gr«at aulhon (thciu^h the ^ralvct 
ffcnsli frwi ridtrulo) who >tUl rclain public fnvtiut, 
Acjr niMl be i^ticnl, protid, and rcarlem — patient 
of thai oblotjiijr wUch aliLI aill aiaio lb«ir hoLOur 
ttaMltlerary eclioer*: proud, ohilc ibtj are acnaible 
that tkeir Ut^rarf ofTapnnE ii nut 

" fht I, opInkhHl, Hnt bafnra !!■ Ilni 

lato >M» traftlBg miriii. unret hall mmAt up.' 

Ab4 fcB/Uaa of all rrllici. when tbcy recoUrct tbn 
rrplj of Bmtlef to odo who thrrwienul Iu nritc 
fatsi dntnt. "that no author wai cvtr wrilteu down 
hat lyj WMMir." 

A« aathor naat coiwidrr himielf ■• an am* 

■hol llUa the world ; hiainipoLiM rouac be ttrongCT 

Ibicurrttit q( air that carriea Uini on — cUr 

n« ebafvcter I bad prnpaaed t» iTInilrate tbi* 
nlult;^ was the c«iuli« Dr. KrvaicK, who. 

ili-criicj. Ho libelled alt the {eoiua oT tbo a^, 
and vAa pmud of iaug it *. Joluiaoa aiid 
Akcnaide preaenrod a atrm allmcc : bat poor 
Goldtnllh.thBoMld of NaliiTn. could not naiat 
attempting to exoRute manial Uw. by e«nln|tb« 
critic i for which beiuE blanieJ, Ix publiihcd • 
defence of l»ini«elf in the pajieri. I ihatl tniw. 
cnbe bu ferlliiet on Kcnrlck'a eioeaaite and 
Uliber«l rrtlieiuin. 

The taw fti>ra ui no protection a^alnat thla 
Injury. Tlie in<uUa vo rrcelt* before the poblic, 
by beinit morii open, itrt tlie more dtitreiiing i by 
treating tliom with ulcnt wnwmpt, wr Jutiol psya 
aufliriciil dcfcrtocc tn the opinion a( the wurU. 
By mrnrring to legnl mlreat, we too ofttn cxpoae 
the weaknna u( the law, whlrh rnilf aerrei 10 
iacreMC oar noitifioation by failing to relieve «. 
In ahort, evsry noo tbould linsly conaider hunMlf 
•a a KDBrdiBn of tbe liberty of the pre», nnd aa 
far aa hia inlluenoe eaiL extend, ihonld endeaTonr 
to pt«vent ita Uemttoawiia becoming at tait tbe 
gnyt of iu freedom." 

Here then w another cajaoijty ariaiof from tlie 
Marine acvtrol yean, wu, ia bii " IxmduQ caUulty of unilue wvcnty of critlritm, which 

Xariew,** oim of the BtMt ditiurbenof UiL-ratj 
wpoaa. TW tun of hia rntiriMn ; thv airinns, 
■V tiM Mperity «r hia aareaan ; thr afrof;an<e with 
vUek bctnaUd tome of our srcit authon, •rontd 
f«9«e very MnoainK : and icnre to lUepliy a certalD 
taleM of (Tilirlam. Thr life of Kmnck too would 
have afforded (oviewholBonketnatniRtinn roticcm- 

■utbori bring on thnmaelrea by thdr eiiva. 
rive aaiSeiy, which llirowi Ibem into aoinc 
titrtmcly ridiculoo* attitud**; and aurjiriuogly 
inllueaoc even authon uf good avnac aud temper. 
Scott of Arawrll. tbe Quaker and Poet, wai, 
rionbUraa, a modrat and auiahle man. for Johnaon 
cltchm-d ■' he loTcd him.'' When hia poena wrrtt 

in(the BonUlyof • eritle. Bnt tbe rich matcriaU i coUrcUd, they were re*kr«ed>ntbeCritioaI Review; 
an Mit at baod t lie was a mm of tolrnla, *bo ' leryuffcaotTuly to tlic Poet ; for tbe nitic, aUuilini 

nui a rac« with the prts* ; cuuld criticbc aD the 
feoin* of the bbo foatcr than it wai produced : 
MwU NUke Ida own malignity look like wit. aod 
lb* wli el nthera Into abottrdlfj, by pUeing 

arltkirt la lite ctwlr ftm llie llitil ^olta wbltb Clbtor 
JarlaJiahlm; jral Ihcj wtrv »>( liptxa wltli Ifaapilwia 
■f fhoJatvtnc. m. Ilawkovanb iUhI n/thUtUm. 
•hcUt^tidtTananl lltoia aatorBi. 

to the numeroD* ombdliiAinciila of (Iw tolume, 
obaorrcd, that 

' la EM nf hit <i<m iiutiUcolhiDa tw quotas wlUi imt 
•alf'Snuivlaawej', thg ItiUawli* llaaa uu tilnurtf : 
- TW wit* wlia <rtDk watB aoA auiik Mpr-outdy, 
lm|Wl*th««tnni>|4rtiotKiarkk*«biwd7 : 
Ibsy arc Ml B iiiuiii «ui : the naMcr In •hart t>, 
tie rfpa ff«wa-Ti'4r oul n-\*t •iquw-jWri* ' 




" Tilers i* n imrfanon af onutuicDts nnil fitjcry 
■bonl (tiu iMKik. uut quite auiultle to ttie |iiiliii)cx« 
and itmplicitj of (h« BamlHu (jntttn ; but Mr. 
Sr«ltu fondof tbe Ma*nt,andwUbet,w«nppo», 
liko Coptua Macbesih, to •(« liu Udiei well 

Sui'h wu (hn cold affRCIflil wittlcinni nt tht 
mli<r. whom 1 intirnttel]' knew — and I believe lie 
mr^nt titde hnrm t Mil frimdB ima^oed evm 
that this *rs« tbo toliturj' Hllcuifit si wit liit hsd 
rrcr mode in hi* life ; for aftrr ■ Uyte of ;i«n>. 
ha vould «tiU recor ti> it u in «ndBii«e of the 
feUoltj of hia faaof , «nd (lie kui-nntM of bU Miire. 
Tbe truth in, he n«a n jilijrwcian, «hoM nam* ia 
prcliied u the editor lo a gTcat mcdioal ooinpilB- 
tiuo, and kIiu aeter (ircIcnilRd lliat he hmt an; tutc 
tot iMKtrjr. Hia gre«t art of (loriiimJ irritidiai 
wax &twRja, aa Popa oiprtuMta a cliJiraRl#r. " to 
cIweII in dffendet ;" bit ai^aaaen, to detect tlmt 
l«rribl« poftio criii>e ftiae rhjrinn, sod Co cinpl^; 
tadefiniU: termii wlilcli, an tlic^y bad tto prcciic 
iiicanitiK.orreapplieibtrloall thlii|pi lu curouetid. 
oecaairjiiiilly, B piu«^ not alwK^i tb« moit iT4'iui> 
ntM i lamctim^a to beiitatet nrliile, with delifilitrul 
eudoiir, he amncJ to ftrc up liis upinion ; to 
buurd aamrlitnca n pniltlTc ct>iidctniialii>n [>□ 
p»rti which odeii unlackilf prnTiul thn moal 
hvnilritc with Ihi^ [mot and the reader. Kueh <rM 
t]i!( ponticsl miewer, H'honi no one diiturbfld iu 
bia pcriuJicaJ courvci (ill the olrcumdance of s 
plain (gunkrr hcromlnK & pocl. aud Ilulieniig in 
the Animl umitnenta o( bit hnnk, provoked him 
tttna Ihxl Mlro itate of innoMint nediucrity, mlu 
nnMTablB humouri *nd illilieraloriticisni. 

TIte cffccC, howerer, iLi* pert uiiliciain bad on 
puur Scott wu iniWd a cslamltr. It prDiluvnl ui 
inconsidcnt* " LMtar to the Crttirnl Renmrrni." 
Soott was juitlf offandcd al (h« iti^ma of ijuafaer- 
iurn, ipjilicd tft Um author of a tilintry oompoii. 
tion ; liut too emirel; ■coiiae* tbe critic ol hit 
Muiriiitua alliuiiin to Miwheatli. is comi'irinr 
tiitu tn H blKtmajriiiaii : he aeiiiiH, linw«ver, mare 
prottakeil jit tho odJ a(.'i<uunl of liii poemii; 
be iBj*. ■■ Yon rank all mj prwnu together u 
baJ, then diaartioiDate aoiue ns pitint, aiid. to 
Muipleti! nil, rtctuDmciiii the vnlumc n> an agree- 
aUt and amiuing rnUftliim," Had the poet been 
panaiullj aniUBinlri] vitb chin tnnUhiing nritic. he 
wauld baen oompre-liifluled the nature of the criti- 
i-inu — Bull certain ly would iinvr baie replied to it. 

The cridc, cmplcf ine one of lii^ Imlcfiiiiii.' lerinii. 
had aaid of " Atawell," nnd wimc of the earlj 
"Elee'ea." that " {btj had Ibeir ihnrccf poetical 
merit :" he di>ra tint tmtnre ta RtMijin the pro- 
portion of iWt aharc, but '' llic Amwbewi ud 
iriieDtal ecloguot, oden, epiatles, flic, no* added, 
•ro ^^/ a much t**tiiitTftittUTt, an/i muuy of theai 
intarrtcS.' ' 

Bert .Si^utt loBM all bin dignity u* a ifnakcr and 
a poet — he aaka what tbe crlthr mooa by t^ 
aSected phruenrurA tr^akn f/aturt i the style, be 
aaya, wna deigned to be lofDewhal Icaa de«*t*i i 
■nd th<a> addtcMei the critic : — 

'' Ynu may, however, be aafdy defied In pro- 
nouiiM ihriD. with truth, dtfidcfit diher la 
■ trength. or melody of ven»i(ieati<n '■ They wwt 
daaigned to be, ltkeVir^ra,ilauri|iti*«eif Nalw*. 
finiple add correct- Uadyau b(cn<U9|MKd todo 
me justice, ynn ttAtJOi hovi; nlwrmd tbat In llicaa 
edo^ea I had dnwn frnm tbe Knrai pnilDlypa 
Natnra. much liuagpry that had ewraped thanMiw 
of all my prrdiu^tixora. Mow night also haN 
reioaHied, tbat wlicti I introdiced InaKC* thai 
hul hecn almody intmduned by olhcn, atill the 
'irmiij^tuieal ar combination of iboae hoatta wa* 
my awn. The praise of origlnafity yon nlgbl « 
Ivaat have allowed tn<^." 

k» for thirir innrrr^ctlKIt } — Scott poltltl tbtt 
accuMlionwitli anote of admiratiou. adding, "with 
wlialetrr defect! my wurki may be cbar|[«aUe,thc 
liut LI thnt <<f incarrffineu." 

We aro hnire involuntarily rtmiadMl of Sir 
Pretfulfio "The Critic:"— 

" 1 think the ioteieat nuhn docUiM* In tbe 
fourth art." 

" Ruwk '■ yoii nietkn, my dear friend '" 

Pcrha]ia Ilie uiatK eitinordiiinry eiamplM of 
the irritation of ■ poct'i mind, and a man of ani- 
ahle temper, are Ihiuc pnria nf tliii letter In which 
the aiilhor ^itiatea lar^ |<cirliuai of hia puairy. to 
Tffulr the de^adiiic (trirturra of the reti w wt. 

I'hi* wai a fertile priociple, adaHtlinf «t 
vary rupioui eatraeti i but the lodicnNia aUil«d« 
i( thai of UI Adonia inqieetiBf Unidf at Ui 

Tlint [irovukiu; aee.aaw ot crilidiai, whidi oai 
tntmnd phytlciitn uaually adnpird in hta (flti^naa, 
waa partiRulndy tantatiilait (o the pMtofABWalL 
The critii: nnndemna, m the CTVM. a wbolc act J 
rcluf;ura : liut inmediataly aaacrt* «f (aw of iban, 
that " The wboli> tH it has grcM poattal marit. and 
|iBiiiti ita aubiftit ill Ihn wtrmeat ookmra." Whan 
be T«iDe to review tic odea, ho diaoovcn Ibtf 
" he doca not meet with ibnao paUabfd aiiiabw, 
iu>T that rrcedom and aptrtl, which that a p e ci e t nt 
povtry rnquirra :" and quutei tulf a alanaa. whkfe 
he deelarea la " abnipl a»d iaatpid." ** Fna 
twanly-acvmutUia^" uxeUiioi the writhinc pea a 
"are the wlioU of my. lyric pradactiana la bf 
iti|inBtiH«d for fbui tinea wbidi arr flatter thia 
thoae that preoeded Uinn >" But what tha oitta 
emldnat ba aware of, tbe poet tella tai— he dcaifMd 
ibctn to be jut what Ihey are. " I Vnevtlwf 
were aft, when they were firat written ; bol lltaf 
were thought luffictciilly ekvaled Ibr the ptM.** 
And tlicit he eulrra into an iiii|iilfy what lh« 



■ritie MA nican bf " poUtknl iiomWr*, trp^aai, 
nd aiiiriu" lie p*fWMi« U ciirloiu .— 

" Bj your fint mtidim, jwfuA*/ mumbgr*. if 
fan Dwan Bcbxlioiu lenifimioD, tliU p* rlikjia the 
gMttnl Mv will not deaf me. If fov idhb 
dutacal, cbut« dictMUr &ae frgn taiataliigow 
tvpnituMa of tbc Mflw thou^bu in dllhnnit 
apnatiam : trr* from hid rhjmei, unnccenuvr 
vpltlMEi, and LnrDngruuiu metaphon : I beti^vr 
yon ta»j br ttlrij r^Mrnfpd to }iro(JiKv intuif 
lc«taac«* vtiercLn I huve failed. 

" B;/r<irdain, jronr vccondcriterinni if }oa meuk 
daitoc Lrioai liuu . or ailji trar; ""^ dniultarji illspa*i- 
tion of idoBi. knvcTar Ihit may b« rrqaiml in the 
pMUer ode, it U cow, I belktc, r«r the tint time. 
npfoted in tbo lover utlc. If jron mmn thai 
cankn. diffuM compuMtiun. iluic couvcrutiou' 
*cn«. or »»rM! IfiiUrinK IntoproM, iioomifajihinn- 
able. UtU i* an trxcdlcnn! wliinli I an oirt rery 
•■itlttio** of attuning. Itut if yau mean ilrOing, 
ODBCiMi y«4 iialwnl «a»y Mpresiiuu, 1 (it>])rcliGuii 
tha icciicral JMlgiiMat «iU decide lu my fiTour. 
To Ibe geifral car. sad the gcnaril judgment, 
ifeBB do 1 appeal, la U> an lin|urtial tribunal." 
Il«nr *r*«*al odea aj* (rantenbcil. " By i/itri/, 
jvmr ikifd cribciaai, I kno* Dotbinft you etii 
mean but cMhiuiaiin : thai which tnuiapnrCa ub tii 
fiery tcf^nr. unil Inltircsla ui in ctery ■eutimmt. 
Hortry irithonl tliia cnnnoC Kuhcict ; o^vcry npr rirt 
ilriOiaailt ita propnrtian, fnmt tbc nrfatcr udn, of 
«tucb it ia the principal dioractcrittic, to the 
lancr, in nrhicla a unalt portion of it ooly ho* 
hilhsio b«entl)(]iieltt nM|iiult«. My produi'tiuna, 
I Mfpniicni, have nrier bnforc bwn danned 
deatitato of tU( mential cooiCiiueaL miateiror 
I kare wrote. 1 hare tdt, and I belinc other* 
batp fdt it alto." 

Ob " chf epiiiira." which had hmn condenvaed 
ttt ike ftoaj, au(lil«nty the critic hima rnnnd 
ciTurlpoiLtly to Ihr hard, dpclarirK "the; an artl- 
trn in an«aty and (ainUiar rtjlc. and segdi tnflmr 
IhxB a food and a bcncToImt hrait.*' But then 
■M0in(ly adda, that ohl- iif ilinn ^yr'tnf fnlilli>d 
" An EiMy on Painlin;, addrvtied to a y4uu)( 
ARial, bad better have Iwvin omittrd, bccenac it 
had been to (nlly treated Id ao inaatcrly a maniirr 
by Mr. Ilajley." Thb wm IntlinK rail a ipink m 
ahanclvfsuiiponler. ScotlimmfdiatrlyanalyH* 
kla brother povt't porm, t« ihow thty fa«*c 
aathii^ in coointon j and thm <vtrttiatv% thoac 
ifastUr paaiafTi the eohjrcl naturally jiruducnt, tu 
aho* that " hia poem daa not lUlTrT grNlly in the 
<M|iai1a[iii " " lou nuy.'* he add*. an«r 
l^aiaf eofdona estractt from both )>oema, " peraiai 
b mij^ that Mr. Ilaytry'e ir« lie boat. Your 
hMtaNM llieB a to praTc it." Thia, iuAerA, bad 
ttaaa a toy hasardona affair tor our mrdlml i-ritic. 
■boaa pMlical fealtnp «r«ra ao pquatite, that be 

•cknnwInJgKs " i\r. Scott's |>ovin i* joat asd 
ciegaal,'' but " Mr. Ilajicy'a i* UkrwiM juat and 
decant ;" Iheirforc, if one mwi haa wiitton a 
pla» "jiiat and dngant,*' there ia tiu nocd at 
anotber on tha aaiea anbj«e< " Jnat and tl^aaL" 
To aveb an catreme poiot of csutum wai a 
modeaC and reapertalile nnthor moat cnielly driven, 
by the calloiia plnyfulnrni of ■ poetical critic, who 
hiintii!ir haJ no nympalhy fur pueiry of any (juallcy 
or any »]i«c>ck, au-d wliUM aulu art coiuialcd to 

tvniinic nboul the canllnf dicUoiury of criticiam. 
Had Homer been a modrrn randidaCc for poetical 
huDoura. from him Hoiaor had nut bren dialin- 
^oiiihed, evon from the nvKllocniy of Scott of 
Ammdl, whots pi>«ti«al toeriti am uot, hawmce, 
alijtht. In Ilia Amtcbean ecloKuc*. he may be 
diatiofuikhcd aj the puet of botaiiinla. 

A vonnintrir.1 Armoii wrmorT 

V*ftT erudition, witliout thr laot of Kond aeiuc, 
in a roluminniii antbor, what a ealaiul'ly 1 fiw to 
inch a mind oo nubjecloan pr«a«nl ItAetf on which 
ho i* unprepared tu write, nud none at the Mmc 
Iiruc ua whirl) he can eror write rtsaionably. Tbc 
lume und the worki of Wuli«m Pars^a bate 
oflea com^ undor the nyr of the reader ; but tt ii 
even now difficult to diuv^Ter hia r»al cbaracter i 
for I*TyDoe atuod ao c«niplet«Iy inauUtrd amid 
all partien. that be was ridiculed by bli hicntla, 
aad riacmtcil by hia cnemiea. The etubeiancr 
uf hi* fertile pen, the ttrait^ueaa and lh« iniuiner 
of hia aiibjeeu, and hia pertinacily in vnluminnui 
pii!>li(3lii>a,itrc known, and arc neaily ooparalUled 
in litfrary hiilorr. 

Cuuld the nan himarlf be acparatcd from the 
author. Prynne would not appear ridiraitma ; but 
th« unlucky author ofnearlytwti hundred worka*, 

' llml >ll UiiiK vatka >luiuld not t* wanting t* pna- 
tcrit;. I'ryiuu ilF|«nilvl ttio cifm|<1al* «>lli<<tlon in tlM 
lllinry of Llnixiln's Inn. alnal Ii:d^ volumn In tolio sad 
quarto. ^(7, tkp A1lnnw7--C3(i>i<«l, f^rynn*'* gnml 
miy^rmrj, war prtnaked nl tlia MKiDly'B w<»p(uu«(<f 
thw fiufulm^rtia TUlamiB*^ and jatHnlaed to Hnd Ifatfa Um 
relinnlDoiulabDiBanf TBykrtb«iaur.po«<. ts plaeahy 
iMr ■id*: lie jiKli»l, aa vr»d lari, tkat -Prynne'a 
boeliaww wnrtblililDci uolliln* . thallLti pfoo<*«((e 
na BfTOnMit*, and bt* atnnnallnn* nn IhUrhibIh,' KuI 
IhbmI AnltiMiy. la ifilt* ofMi pmJuiUcu acalnM ITtiUic. 
eanr<*«a, llwl tkMi^" liyOiatniuwaJllyof tcholan thuy 
•M 1a>l»d u|>iii Id tw nilk<r dUpMdkal and «nluat4. 
tluB pulll' ur niKlaai y*t. hw AjitlquaHaa^ (MHo. and 
MnietimslurMrlaaa, tbayaiaoMtel.' Baeh arodltiM) 
H tVyiiri*-* ilway* ratalBa Ma Tslna— tba aalhor whs 
muMquolo a hundrad lUithon en "tbr nnl>»itllnta* rJ 
1«»4A(k*,' wiD alwaya raaka a »<oA tiieruy cbai ul 
4r»«r>, it*1l nilad. ter tho» who am DAfce lutlvr u« nl 
Ui«iT natitxiti Uiaa hluucU. 



init vhn, «a Wood quBtntJ* rumliulrs, " muat 
bait wriltin a ilieel ovltj ilijr of Lb life, tfckon* 
lag tram th« time Ihu li« canip to thn uw nf 
rtasoa miiI th« nCalc of inan," lian mvalvcd hi* life 
tu Ilia Bntlionhip ; the iTcalncn of liia cliMrncter 
lOMslCself in faix rnlnminDUa irorki : and whit- 
eref Pt7nnK majr hutf been in hi« own apr, anil 
nnaint to pofUrirr, hv fn hteil to endurr all the 
cslaniitic* of an aatliiir wliu liiu •tnitii'il IcnTiiiiij; 
Into nbiiirdit;, and abutcd cetlnit* inctuitrj hj 
chineiieal fpccuklioii. 

Vet liii aclititf, and Ihfl firmoM* and lutrc- 
pidttf (if ht> chnmrtcr ill public 1ifp, were na 
■rilcBt u thtj wen in bu •tudr — bia iixil nni. 
[U)in«ri I and Bacbsrd aara, that ('barlci Il>. who 
omtd not bnt arfmiie liii «arum boneaty, Iiiii 
)»|UOill learning, and llip pitblie pcrsfcationa lir 
pnfTarad, and Ihn ten iiiiprianuiiiriilgi )ir endured. 
Inllieteil bj all puti<»> digiiilicd him nitb the tittc 
of '* lliG Cato ot tbc Ako i" oulI udc ut his uwri 
pirtjr f«r»Itoiniy <lMcril»d him aa ■■ Willinnn the 
CnnqiiPFor." a title he had taott htrill]' tnrnrd by 
liia intli^'iiMe apd icvinfibli* nslDre. Tvirc he lind 
been cropped of his euH ; foe nt the 1irat lime thr- 
eiccutiuiicr baviu^ tpnreil the lwi> fmgiiiFiiU, thr 
iobumsn lodge on hi* arcond trial diiic-oTrring 
th«m with nnlnnibniRnl, nrdrred ih^rm to be unual 
UQincreifully croj-ped- — then he wns burn*(l on hU 
cborb, and rDiiioutljr fintd. and injpriauiicil In a 
rmtole aaUtude', — but bad tliej lutn Ijiiu Limb 

* l*r3Em3U amnt !■> have (""riiiEliiml (n'^t U^'barrvU 
ttwn'pm. Ink. Bnil IxMkm. uiii uit tnore txubimiua ttian 
(li* Inu ml Iili am. Her bli curl'iiui bnilc «(" ,\ Nw 
DlRDivrjr a( tbo I"!?!!!!'! Tyisnnji : ti In u <<uinpIi'lF 
nulIoeUnB oT onrrytlilni nrUtiiiv In Fryniin. naatwk'k. 
uul Tlorlnn : (hiw iiillllral fnnitii'^ who nni Imim- 
doitl] lo have viurlnl lliv fate oF JVlBixiai-, [*tjRiK- In 
hlavulunilniiut an[iiiiit>nl, pmviiii iIid EIltvnlKx of tlif 
tott^non h^ hail kiiircrt<1. InliU djuIZi jKiLnt ttiun iflvc^ 
wkj lo all Ih.? r«llni;i n( MiuUniiaBctlhl(.-nii> :— " Pcliii 
Wh. thai I'lr iinjhUiUlBit of ii'p inru. Inl. imi'rr, anil 
bn>ka. I* amlnit law." llrnnj'li'jaKn arjnimciii u> prove 
that the abuarnf any lavful tliini nintc ihJivi awitj- the 
DHDrit: Uierrltara the law ili>n iml dciitirt (luttciixir 
druiikard* uT aaxuurj meal anal drink ; Lbia unalucy he 
apjiUa ta hla {vn. tnk, anit Unki. at whiLli tlw; evuhJ 
HH deprlTVliliu. (IwukIi Uicy lu-lslil |i>inl>l> him (iirilifir 
abuKi He nman that liic fopl Ji |ireli>ln. Id tha nIcB 
af Hm7, irire Uic (irnl irl)p iDveuicd Ihli imr urtunof 
AtprlTtnt a •mbbter nr ikh and Ink. He qwitca a long 
p^MSatrvin (Wttl'i THNla, t« pivn, tha« tlK>Ogb ealM 
MttwUr a( [^■nt■I•(<Jrblawantl>n bvckaof hivi>.|>«iianil 
tnk vera not danltdlilD (smn]|H-vBsw iMrms; ihni ^t. 
Mia. hinlihrl Ui Iba Uv of FbUdm Vy Ibe pirmiit Ini 
PninlUu, Mill nu allowed i«ii wd hik, ihun< bo 
wnra the Iterctal Icn — and he |ifDOK<]> wltli iliunat 
{arCf. I*rriina*ii bwkB alxnind with uncoRUiaoB facti na 
Ctenneei t^fleii fvrbubail uudlKvuunoiti an d b* ipniK 
•e ba<e *rittn m ooD'Ince blmiclf, and not ll'° pulillii. 

Dal to (how lb««itraerdlaMr Ttnrr^tim vl Piyuev 

hf limb, Pnnnc hnA htvn in hii mind a <(it 
|iol]rpua, vbicb cut into (ueon, aitll lat«« Ujm of 
Its Indlridiublj. 

Ilia eonJucton thebutof thn« oeoaalona, whta 
lenti-nced t« be ctJiniiitiwd, and to liaiv hi* can 
cut cloae, muaC be notiMd. l^l^nin]5 lu the c»e- 
nitjoiier, ha mlmJ; iniiCcd him tn do hiadntr— 
" c:oiiia. friiitid, f-otac. bntn me ! cut me ! 1 fair 
ni>l I I hare learned tn fear th« Am ot bdl, tad 
nut «bnt man can du unto me; ccinie, acar m' 
ae»r nic ! " In IVjniif tJiis wan iiul {cTximj, but 
hiTOlam; )tn«ivick wai l&ire|)ld out of if lie, lod 
Burtnn fram fanHiicikm. The MKOboDar bad 
licea uti^d not to rpuc bla TJc^iitiBi aul be 
pcrforiDcd Ilia otEce trith cxlraonliiiary annStf, 
crucll; Leiting hia iran twice, and rnttinK an* uf 
Prynae'K fan to cluae, aa to take away a pieee of 
the cheek. Prjnan ttiired nut in Ibe torlsre; 
and irhea it ^raa done, tmilcd. abacning, " Tha 
luure I am lieatm down, the man I am lift vp." 
After thia puuiahmcQl, in gatag to the Townr bf 
irntrr, hii compoaed the following leraea «ii Ibt 
two letlen hrandEd on bia cbptk, $. L. for kIb>- 
matical libeller, bat wLlcli Prjauecbotetatnnabit 
"SligmaU Laadia." the atifiui of bia enemf, 
the Archliiahop l,tud. 

" Kt!imalama.T<ltiiLr*f«nHhl|iJkLaaaaBi 
Blolluu isuico. v1ollniB|mla DMi" 

Tlip hertiii^ man. whn roulil endiiir aina^ ani 
inault, and even thai imntmetTi'DrBte hli auirenagi. 
with no unpoeticul conctptioa, ajanott dcfrwlv 
bia onn BublimltT whta tlio iiovtaatcr acta ow 
iwth on cdip: bj ht» verac 

" BMirtni Lflud'a auiniiMnn mj ehMki t rvtUa 

Tyiiimphinir. fiful'i »«-(»i axrincvb/ Kn." 

The iriiunpb of IMt nttoinuiacrvd h^ttf wu. 
indeed, aignaL Hittory acarMljr exbibtta to w«a- 
decful a rererae uf furtone, and ko atrict a ntnbn- 
tloii. at occanrd at Ibii ctrtilftJ period. Hc,«k» 
bad home from thn nnthbiahop, and tlic lerilah 
the Star Chamber, the moat Tinitent iaeretnn, 

bi bialDio at MrlbbUng.lBaiiaiirni* the MlawkiitUiarf 
oH«tbi*Mtraordliuty«i>rha. BepuMUk«4 
contalnkyi aumc UiUn Tme^ wfianKaa and Icsu* rf 
Seriptunv itrilltn ft> Mr. Itw. fr i nm t ** kit 
wlU •'•> IbeTtnter of loiHlin diitinf Ut lini 
Uiervi tnuidafrd hj him Uto Rojllili *vr«e, IMI, 
IV/nnrlltcnillj reridaa tV[«> datcrlpatin^ 
" UtliiircwtiolDcli'dfnnitnkandiiBptT. mt%mU 
Willi daapmals channal nnind hit aUrtenM wallt *~ 

tVr hare ala> a calalncne of ptInMd knoka vrlalea If 
yifm. Prjnne, o( LlnevlnVtjui, Caf., ta lliaaagla*aB— 

H^™^ \ hi* ImprtHSiMBt. wllb Iha laiMte J*fm^ 

Mnv ) 

atli ItiBHI. i«4a 


viUiUif tbcm It ibat iiiaunt •crloualj id coBalikr 
ttal MMie who nt there on ihr bcnrh mighl yrl 
■Mrf prisaaan U tbt. hu. and need Ihe ikiuiu 
Atf ftow dotiett — U length mw tlm prrdii;Uori 
COMplitflf vfHiM- What mac tli« feelings a( 
I— I. Kbnt PrTDiir, rctuniinK from hi* piiion of 
MtaMOiKncil. in Iriampb. the road itrciml ailh 
toogls. URtd Om M-rlaatMlnM of tli« |xopi«^ 
I nUmd Um Aptitoicnt m Iba Tinrer mh'ich th« 
I ■MgiMe Lani now in kii tura ooeupipJ- The 
M tp tri ng PnriUa iitmlT ptrfbraiied the office «f 
(lilac U« pspen*, wid peramittJ cbe hclpltui 

■ Hm IhlawtlBf ptrTJmiliui af tbli Inlnrli* ban 
fam fnflvrtnl by the Archhuiiu^ h'miteU—AriA it U 
iM«1nm to t^trrrt tiitw Luid could mtw ulfrr tlii> Minv 
ln«B«t Bi iM U t u>1 (Titlte whuh I*i}nnD hitnu'lf lui) 
naa^||l*an my. RiulM (autit In iti*u«u«*u««n 
pwiliM [I'm la Uit han-li of a lulten, I o«ll€vl ItiMa 
fartlaUn fnn ■■ The llittory Of tli» Tmnhlca nnl TttkI 
J 1liihllJii| liiiil' Miliifli T Tl mill "It In tho 
MoMM. er k IteUnunlut* CbraUelti.'' p, >M, tor Ihc 

"Hj tnt|>lafitU* •oaniir. Mr. Prjti. wiwpicliaJ aulwn 
Bi> atfl— oullia Bii^t Iw lrDi4«l t>i uiiikd lli« xarcli 
ipM nw, uid b* tia It (xaiMly. Tho manftBr of tho 
sfDB rue nalhiu: Mf. I'ryntainelnlothoTnWH 
I a« IbetalM wen «pm — cumDuiKM Uio W*riliir 

mj door — bd (mna lTLii> lay nUfM\htr. itnd fitund 
■M to b«4 — Ur, Pi]m, M^ing nu> ulu in Iwt, tulla Dnl u 
aj-padate buMiilIiimt^l m* iijiciaHil in Urc <nrruil 
(hal b> iImuU Hvifa my pockstL IIU Hi»jr t<annT>h«r. 
■Iiaa Iktj ta«ir llii* wurant, liow odloun H *M ti> 
■■aatlaBHiib. ui^Kmcof IhrmwlTiM, In hair Din |iAckaI' 
i/nui iiBiilitil* T m^.inlmy Hiiwiiu|>piiTtif xhimlclurBp 
and b* fcaU Btd la tho Biarch till pquloinuia 1)i^nii>rTiintE 
4li*h*laiBio in trttltiwo In Iho tnoraiuR 1u Lht inoiulh <jf 
V^^ BclOklifmn uiB Iirmljr4>ikc bundl**uf |4|h<r«, 
■lltuh I kB4pnpa»d lor m^ilofmco, Ac.alltllr-lKnk nr 
^fafjr, «aalal^as kll th* wrcurr m eawoJ mj Lifir, unU jny . 
Wife a( frtirato dwrotKicu; twlU iriittm •'tUi nij' own 
%md. Nur covl-l 1 $et hiin lo Itan till* lad ; ho inuil i 
wJi *v what pi ma bttwcm Oral uiil mn. Th« !ul ' 
pla0< Urn rifltd wa« a tmak which hIuocI by niy lfRl-«idu -. 
ba Uiat Iw limnd oolUIng biiC alwut Ivrly |tuufida Ic I 
I11>7. roT my BIT' iry (utpauco. ohluli hc> modilM 
bM vlUi 1 anJ a bundW of ajoio (Ima*. Tbia biindlv hv j 
va* ID lanM •» open, ao iluU hK satuad <aiib )bm bi bo 
teokad la«a ; afaa thia t UniWod h<n> bob pair of tbo 

wliicli ho rofuaisLf. 1 fold liirn bo uiii^bl tiUi* 
. au4 taar bo hrlW, tvi bo Wl alnady •toDc me all 
flMMdialiWbaaCiaM.and I atkad no laroiirnr lilni ; « 
'k* (haaiiaJ BiBi took Uioglana. and bnundup en]- pafon 
■ad vast U> way-"— <Pr>iiDO bad a good dcaJ iif eu^taing 
|« hk tfcMaMcr. w "gU ■• foHtltutn. Uo bad all tho 
^■iMvf^fva aflA qubrki wlikh. ivrbapa, fi^rm loo ^Ironff 
a fcatino la tba ohatactir nf " an uttar Itanlttrr of 
LlDDalii V Ins.** Bla (t«al arlMca nu ■rrrrllj priming 
aatncVa tn/m Ibo diorj uf Lotid, and fAt/^at nDupj [u 
■d orta? aunnba* U ih* Uomr, wllch •wa ■ 

otivtaai Uh AtobbUko^ whoa at tktbv, (bal 
mt tba BBvaa^ia ovmamo blai. Oikv wbf?n Prynno wa* 
fMalMf oa* of hh UM*. ba sllnu|<ltd lu daiy Uuv t^ 

pnJaie till he led him tii tbc faluck. Pnmnc. lo 
DK bia t>wn wnrdi, for h« oould hr eltxiarnt nhcn 
movpil tijf paiciun, •■ lud atrack pnjuti Cinii-rbury 
IQ (br hrart ; and hnd UDdermlned all hik prrlalic&l 
dMlfjna ta advaiioc litebialiO]ia']H>iDpafii) poaer't'/' 
Prjntic Ihumpbod— but, etca thia aualere I'arl.tan 
foon gritted oYcr the caUtniciea fae hail ciMitribumI 
to inCllct on tho tutlun; Mid, with a bumanr trrU 
ing. he oqm wished, thiti " wh^ti thej bul cut nff 
lii* Kara, Ihcy bad cut off hit head." Us doaed 

hi* political niBtHsnce \>j liccumias va, adTocals 
fur the lUuaranon ; but, itliii his acciutomed 
iruit u[ jndcmmt. iiTid in<nnpBnt« leal, bad 
nrarly tojiired the oanio by hia premature artiTlrjr. 
At the Reatniation aomt difticulljr occurmj l« 
tlupvic of ■■ btmii; Mr. Prjii," ua Whltclocltc cjJIa 
him. It ii said lie vinhcd to be one of ifce (Jatoji* 
of the KK(ilie>[Uer. tiul he «u made the Kev)>pr o( 
the RnonrdE in tho Towor, " pnqiowlf ta employ 
hit hiMct (rem unhbliii|t againrt tbe ilate and 
bitLupi- ;" wbore Ltirjr jiut him toclMiihe Au^an 
■table cifouf iulioD*liuili([ullln, ami »tc wliclbc/ 
thejr could wurj out hit n*(lcM Tigiiur. I'rynne 
had. Indeed, wrilU^u till he fuund iiu antagoniit 
would rty\j ; aait now he tii>led in Insff lolioo, 
and proved IiidimI/ to be one of Uie gr«atcit iiapor- 
womi> whirh tiiricrr:|it inln till] booka and loaoldf 

Tb« Uc«rarj character of Prynna Is dNrribed b; 
the happf cpilhrC irb.ii>h AiiChon^ Wood apjiUe* 
to him, *^ V'oluntinou* Prjniic." Uia great charnc- 
tnciatii: is iippuned Lu tliul luiuiu uf Hoaiud to often 
<|iioI(id, ihai " half M brtler [lion th<r whole ;" ■ 
lecrct which the tnattct-af-facl-ucD rarcl|r dii- 
voier. VViuiting judgnrnl, and the tact of gOHtd 
tCDtc, llictc ilctdilcTR have no power of Mltction 
Unm ibclr alorr*. to make one jiTODiiocnt fact 
repteaent the hundred oiinutcr onu \\iil mo; 
follow it. Vivlumlnuiuly feeble, tbey imaginv 
■■x^fMiinion ia )^ln>rag(<r than ruuiprenion ; and Icntiw 
not to gracrallM, vbilo thej onlf can deal in 
ponii^lara, Prrune'* apcocbrx were Juat oa toLu- 
DiiiiouB u Ilia writing*; ilwija JeGcieut In jndg> 
merit, and iboundinf in knowlrdgti — bewmaalwaji 

aatbor, aod nut to Uh pHtitlpff-hnniv to diatrilnito lb* 
fuTDia, Ijftt 11 WB* proved liohndn'mx-tadlbo^iroufBBdtbo 
mvlao^ AaoUico Umo, wbtn ba bad <aTltt«D a liboHotu 
leltoi to tha ArrbbblJnnji, Nny. tb* altonioj.seiHtfal, laat 
for IVjritaofrain hiapriMjci.aiiddaanaododof hlmivbrihlr 
tholHta waaof Ilia own li*nd.vrilla^ !>}«■» •■Idh* 
oiiat aco and raad tho Idler bofora ho oould dataamlM | 
affid wh«ti Soj K^'fr II tc» hlun, ISTnniv uiro It 1o plecoa. 
aiuJ Ihiow tho fragnuaitfl uitl of Ibv wbtdow, that li 
tnljlitnai bo bruughl InevldaiHwafalBat bim. Kojhid 
]im«nwi a ttiyf, bill Ibol dM mt atall him, a* Pi^ano 
ToU know ikal Ihr iTilidrnwuicirwaa la tiro Misr IIhU . 
and Not cavo vp Uio pvoaoL^uUda. ao tboco vaa now do 
I UntialaofthoIUabfli/aUllnlaraUouiiitpUJanatP'U. 



wfatfirii; oUtcni, but odtcf coulJ himteir. He 
OEice madD s tp<^el:U lo tbt; House, lo persuade 
tlirm tbe king'* oo(ic«h1oi» Ktre sulttL-iFOi ground 
for a iretty ; it conuini acnmplatanimtivoDf &II 
IIm tTBoaactioni betweeu the kinK, tbe HouiH, bdA 
the nrmj, fi^tm tlie Iwclnaias ■>( Ott piiliamenti 
tc Ukoa up 144 ocUvo ptge*. fttiil kept (Lc liousr 
■a loRft toKtUirr. that the ildbtU-* lasUd from 
Mmday muming till Tuesday inarniiig 1 

Prjnop'ii literary cliKrsctcr m»y be iUnttrateil 
by hia sintfiiUr hook, " HiatriiJinajCu,'' — irliere 
w(i oh*rric haw an author** cxiibrrant learning, 
like catn hraprd in ■ t[Tnii*ry. erowi rank and 
muity. by ■ rant of poner to veattlabi and atir 

tiiaUit lli« hravy miUM. 

TLia pu|icr-irurm luay tirfl be viotrMl !n hli 
atuilj, ax (uinlril hy Ihn )>irInrrM]iin Anthony 
Wood ! an arli»t in ilip Flpcniih wli.ool ; — 

** Hit cattom. whrti he atndied, ira* to pnt on 

a long fiulltnl vop, ohidi cnriir nn inch uvur hid 

eytVi (crdne an nn uinhitfla to drfrnil ilicni frvta 
too iDUch liirht, and ir!doin rafinii any itiaurr, 
would b« e««ry ibrce houri natiiiching a roll of 
brad, and no « and Ih«n refreah hia eihauiled 
apiritanlih al« broqgbcto him by bu acrrant ; '* «. 
ruitooi [o wblch Builcr ftUudcs, 

"Thou that vlth air. nr Hlvr LIqiior*. 
BUHhHi>l>« Wilhi-r*, PrjmB*. «nri Vltani. 
And •nwb.tboniili ItnuTc Iridsplla 
Uf nntiLreanil Ibdr aUin tuofltOi' 

ThP ■'Hi«Tiiinu*>m«,th«Pliy*r'«Se("iTgP,nr 
Actor'a Tragcdip," i* a jipndcroui qoatto, atcrnd- 
lug Iti about 1100 pages ; a ruritan'i invective 
•inlnat piaj* ind playcn, accuaiug ihetn of cTcry 
kinil of rrimn. Including librlii ivpainil ehur«h and 
atat**: hut it ia more rMonrkable for the 
cabiLIn ijuotativ'iii and rcfcreacca founiiii; oTcr 
Uio loanciii*- PryiiQC acarccly Tcutura on the 
moat Iritial ojiininn, without calliJij; to hia aid 
wbatfnr had heea laid in all nntinna and in all 
IgM; and ClMro and Moiter Slubht, Pnlrarcb 
tad Miiiutiu) Pclix, iHlah and Froiuart'a Cbro* 
nidc, oddly nnuKiioLi; in the fBrliigit of erudition. 
Who, indeed, but tbe author "irhnKeliloir dined," 
oould ban< qnoted p»rhap« a thauanil writcra io 
oneirnlamat'.' A wit of tbo ttmt« remarked of 
tbia lleliuo librorum, that '■ Nalunr oinki's cwr 

* flunir. In hia niili>r7, Itaa tlfttfi lonu aiu&tmt ol tbl« 
•Dftrnimu quarb) ; tu wbleli 1 nfer tho rsadv, ml- vl. 
ehip. Ui. 

( MUtoD a<lmlnM]> aJtanHaHNc PijrTms't ahanrd 
tHnta|.aa««llaabtai>ban<iW.iBFilitt«ali«inii "TI>d 
nkaUMt ttuana to ramava Unltasaoat of Uu church,'' u 
'■ ■ lata bcl qaorM br tjiliaa. *btaa yv nay kiujw hj 
hti i^b >MimfrwirhuUt)tlm (a Ihf naryM. '« H frtr 
taMfkKMb jBtkfkJTl. AHeiMtWotBurmwi b«w 
nnKM wttt a coDtnry bnt- 

thd duUcat bciLiU moat laboriou, Hkd llw pMtMt 
fRcilerii" aiid Prynnr hu bc«n rcpTOMhrd wilk 
a wpak illi^tioa, fox " retumins tbitigi uaolisrvd, 
which Ik • (jmptoro of n r«4>hl« itomach." 

When «e ciauune tliii laluun, otttH alludtd 
to, the birth of lb» monatcr aceina prodiciBU 
and tayiirrloua; it combiticB two oppotite qnali- 
tica ; It in Ri> elaborate in ita rrnwrchea anuaf 
thfl Ihoaaitid author* cjunted. that these r«<)niNd 
jein (a oraumalati-, aud yet the matter i* oftan 
C«[nporary, and IcrcUed at fugitive crcnla nd 
particuhir pcnoni ; Ihiit tlic lery foruatltn of 
Chia mighty volume aremi paradoilcid. The 
(WOTCt hliiory of (kii book la ii eitraardi&kry 
a* the book itavlf, aitd ia a rvniaikalile eiidenea 
bow, b a work of immciiac ciaditioD, the artt 
nf a wity aage invnlrcd Itimiclf, and wboncr wu 
concerned in hia book, lu tutal ruiu. Tlie anlbor 
was iiilloHfid, finrd. mi! impricnnpd: hia pnbllahcr 
eondcrnned in the penally of hie huodied poan^ 
and baircd Far cter fmn printing and aeiling 
liDuki, Bad Uie liccnmn' mnuvcd aud panuliMl. 
Such wai the fatality altmdlnii the book of a man 
whoas literary Tonicity prtiducL-d ooe of iba aoM 

trvmcMiiloua indijjealioni, in a nialaily of wriliBg. 

It •>■» on ciamiDinK I*iyDnc'a trial I lUacortnd 
the aciTut liiatory of the "Hinlrionuttii." Pt^iik 
waa Bcrcii ymr* in wntlni; thU work, and, what ii 
almoRt inerediblc, it vis nmr four jwara pwillic 
through thfr prM«. Utirin^ that inlcrtal the 
rtFrcsat acrihhicr waa dtily gorging bimadf with 
lalumitinaa food, and daily fnlleaing hia eoapeJ- 
np CBpun. The tcmporaiy aFdillon and UWi 
were the gjraduiil Moiaic iulayiiig* thmngb tkit 
ahiptlMii miuf. 

It ap)i<iirt that tbciolutneof HOD quarto pi^ca 
orixinally cunibted of Utile more than a nitintl 
paper : but I'rytttie found iniaiierabla diMc«lte 
in procurto; a Ucenaer, even for tbia iafaat B^f- 
culca. Dr. (iooda dcpoMvl that — 

" About rigbt ycara ago Mr. Ptjium W(ni|kt to 
bim I (juirc of paper to llccnae. wblch Im ntfitMdl 
and he recollected the circumatancv by having Ui 
aa arg;umeiit arilb Prynne oci hi* (ctero reprehca* 
lion on the Qtdawfulnon of a mno t« patoa wotMs't 
Bp]ii[cU wliich, the good-bumonrvd doctof 
wa» not alwayi untaw^ ; for nppoae Mr. 
yoanelf, lu aChtiiUan, wupcfwoenied by 
Ihiak jiya. not If you dlagtiiatd younttf ia }««r 
Diaid'a appnivl, jva did well? PrTaka atcrdy 
auewercd that be thouEbt hinucV bonnd nuJiet to 
yield to death than to do »o." 

Another Lc«n»er. Or. Hwria, d«paaed, 
about atien yonrs ago — 

" Mr. Frynne came to btin to liemae a 
concerning atagr-play* ; but he wotUd hm 
al the aimH : "-^.nd iiddi. " So tbianuui lUd 
m tUa book wbea It wsa youn( and te*(hr. 


■mild h&*e had it thrn jiHatcd; but H » aiiMW 
t«a liiBM bigger, «ad ie*«n tiom monc." 
Prynne dm belnf abia to piocure Otrac Ureuten, 
tad raeonrw lo anntbcr. Buckncr, cbnpliin Co the 
AidMAop ot Canteiburjr. It man miiil for the 
Deefuv t« uamtnr ttie MS. berore it went In (lie 
pf*i« ; biK Prjtmf tilher Umiwnd willi Duchner, 
. pr to C9nfu»cd bi* iatcUccu b; kct|>Jui; liii mulci- 
*4iriiMa Tolaue in the fras for (am jrnD ; ntjJ 
HonctMiM. I nifprcl. by iiuinlicrliijt folio* for 
lagn. u appears in the work, that lh» ciimina- 
ttMi of tfc* tiMRWr jprndually rcluT*) ; and he 
declMc* in bU d«frnr« (bat he bad atil^ lirtiiwil 
fmn of it. Th( booktrller, Sparki, «aa, initml. a 
aoced pobliiltcr of «hnC vu Ibni cnllcit ■• Unlaw. 
ful aiU iraU<inU(d book*:" and h* )iail d«ctircd 
J, tbal it wM "an nMlltot book, which wnulil Iw 
■.CiDed in, and tbcn xfU wdl." Ho conrcsM* tho 
^bwok bad b(«ii man! thnn thnv jt»n tu Ilie praii, 
^^Bfl Lad e«il him thmbtitidrril pniinds. 
I^^^ba ifMch o1 Nov, the ilinnitfy-gtncral, cttti- 
" *tya *«ae notion of tlie work it*flF( niSeiently 
eariona aa cirlag die fodinia of iboae limn agaioit 
ilic Piuiiaiu. 

■• WTw be ixi«aiia hj bU «imir«m tnnntiafer* In 
tl« churi^h. and bj erinpinp anii iliirkiriff to allari, 
k fit tera ta bcaloir od tlw cU^^l^b ; \m InLmrd it 
vt Ibe csnArrr, being uwd anidiie ilirui, The 
HHWlcIt in ihe cburcL, th« charitalilc terra he 
K<«Flh it, b not lo be a noiir of nieii, but ntlier 
a 6b*liHf nf kntta bfatli ; cbcriiteni Ueltiae Ihe 
Maor, aa it vcre oi«n i tark • oauiit<r|>oint *) a 
itaBid of Aa^ -, roar uul a trttile like a wrt of 
bnllag grtutl out a \>**», na It wnc a number uf 
kop. Biih(i|iiihecaUi tlir n/innif llIr>uIf■u■rl(>Jl,■ 
| MjaCbruiwuaParitan.iD hii Index. He fatlccii 
oa thote ibiogii that hart not rvlolian (o (tagv- 
playii Bodck In tlio church, ilBtii:[ni;. ncw-yean' 
frfta. la. — then upon alUra. imagrit hntr of mem 
and womea, biih(i>|i( and bonfirw. Cardi and 
Imbbi do otfsnd hiiii, and perukof do fall within 
Ifca enmpaaa of hi« tbrmt. Hit md i> to pcr- 
•udc tbe pmple tltat nc are reluming back again 
M pagKiiaB. and to pcrauud« tbeiu tu yo and 
a«r** f*od in aaothH' irountrT. la manj an gonr 
ahendf, and act np nnw lax and fandea among 
ifciwiiilirn Conttdrr chac may covtt of ic ! " 
^ Tba dcditon of ibe Larili of thf Star-chaoibcr 
wna dictacrd \ij paiiion ■> mucJi ai juitice. Iti 
•ereiitf bicmnUiI the ctime uf haviirg proilurcd 
^ aPHdaUe volame of indicted tTuditioD ; and 
IW lawn lid acnhblnr waa too hardly UKd, learcoly 
•aMpfng «llb it*. Lard Cotiiii«ton. amaKcd at the 
■Iffatj valHMC, too blnnll; affirmrd Uial Prrnne 
M BM ariie tbi* book alone : "be e itber aMiti«d 
lkc4Hll.«r waaaaaiftedb; thodovil." Rut (eerR- 
t*rjr Ccoha ddtrercd a aendble and t«>n|imtc 
afcwh I rtnariiinf on aO ita falic erudition, tiiat, ; 

I " By tm. va»t book of Mr. Pryiwie"*, it ap- 
peireth tbal hn hath nad more than ho hath 
Knditit, anil tludied mora than be both conil- 
durci. Hr ralUth faia book ' llittriomaatic;' 
but lliemn \iv ihoweth himirlf like unto Ajai 
Anllitrjfiorniuli*, at the Ur?ciaui called ym, th« 
acourx* of all mankind, tliat ii, tbe nhip]icr and 
thfi whip." 

Such ia the hiatoryof a man wlioM graatneaa of 
charaoter waa rlonded over and kut in a fatal 
jiaaaioii for icribbltnf( i luvh ■■ the hiatory of ■ 
voluiuinuua BulLor wlioic ftolur viu ludi that he 
4^0iitd write a fdlln mnnli coairr than a putfi : and 
"tirlilcim dined'* that be mi^t quote <■ aijiiadmni 
of ttulhoniw**," 


TuEnaitie of Tnt.AKti ii morn familiu than hia 
eharaeter, jtt hii Uttrar; portrait baa ^reat aln^u- 
Urit^ \ he niDit be ctnatcd among Ihe " Author* 
bj rrofculon," an bonuur iccurrd bj near Mirj 
publication) ; and wpahalt diacoTrr that be ainxd 
to cumliine with the lilerarj chameter, one [wcu- 
llarlj Lla own. U'ilh higher Ealeuta nod more 
IcnrDLMti thoD birt been cuugcilcd lo him, there 
ran in hia mind an orii^nal irio of ibinkine. Vet 
hit whole life cihibila la how amall a degree great 
liilt^llei'lual [iDwen, when aealterpJ tbruu|[)i nil itie 
fnrmE 1■hi<^h Vanity sugfMta, will ^ontribntd to an 
oulhor'a aocinl cvinfurta, or r«iac him in public 
nateem. ToUnd wan frailAil in hia proJuotiont, 
and illll more in hia prujecta ; jet it ia mortifying 
to raiitnate tbe reault of all the intnnsn acbrity of 
tilt lih of an author of p-nLua, wliicb IcFfbinateain 
bcin|{ placed ainnDR tbeae Calamitiea. 

Tuland'a bitth wai |nahabl]r iUegitimate i a dr. 
cumaiuice whicb influeneed the fonaatlon of hia 
cliaracter. Baptliad in ridirnlo, he bad nftarljr 
falWn a lictim lo Mr. Shandy'* ajriteai of Chrialian 
namea, for he bore tbe atrcnge onea af Janus 
Juniut, which, when the achooUruU wa> talb-d 
orrr tntrf momijis, awarded perpetual memmeiil, 
tillthn Maater hlewed him with plain Jo An, which 
the boj adopted, end Uied in <|uict. 1 Diii»1 aaf 
aonieOiing un ibe nanxe theinaeliu, perhain at 
rldiruSoar! Maf tbey not bare Inlliicnred the 

■ Tl» Twj axpwaiiin Ptynna hlmarilcaa^ — p. MW of 
the llutrlomaitli : witrm liavlBf gofl* tbtnogh " tlite* 
•quadrvnt." lie nmuiivDma ■ fmk nhaptar tbIM : " Til* 
rnurth wguadnin iiT Biilhnrlli* I* tlie nnifnliln tmipo nl 
;u «v*ial rxnownnl unolml falliart ;" anil li* ibmim lu 
mare ihaa he pramUad. nil wlilehare qoMad Ttdumaand 
page. uiDinany " pIiy-«)nfinmdUiga>famae.l&~ Urliaa. 
[HirbaiM. quDMdInnn tbra* lo lovr hnndred antbanun a 

I t 


aranCS A!fD BBUnmOS. the victims of tMMOI>BRATK VJtJflTV. 

eliBnctiir of Tolmd, mee they wriainl; deteribe 
it } He had &I1 the thtftinft of lh« H«uhle<rBee(} 
Jtamtitt>i\bonin\vl\oauj pvlitict af tbotacicoi 
Jttmlut. II If godbtbcre kdI him into tlic world 
in mirl mor-ket7, tbn* to mDind their Irinh Iiojr of 
the fiwtnBM that «<nit the (tct p« rat cCf bold : nor 
did 1%)Uad forgpt Ibti ■tmng-mnrkvil dpiiciialioti* ; 

for to- bii moit obJ4«iian*blc ifork, tlic Lkcin tract 
entitled Pantheiitkua, dc*mptiic of what omne 
hfve eoniidered n an albridieal lucitiy. he lub. 
MribM tbete ippraprUte name*. «lkkh it the time 
vtre imeginod to be fictilioua. 

ToUod ran awe j from actiool and yo^Kfj- When 
in after>Ufe he na* rrpfonc^hrd with luliie «)>• 
tcuriCy, hn o»Een latin Duly priHlurcd a irdimoaial 
of hia liirtli aiid fu.mily, tiatelicd up at a convFnl 
of Iriah Prannii'cana in Gi^rmnni, hIick the good 
Father* lubicrihed, «ilb Ibcir ink tin)^d with ibcit 
rbeaiah, to hii moil ancleal deaceut. r^f^nSng lu 
tli« Irtih ilatOT^: wblch thrj coniidered at a 
parUh regialcr, fit for tlie tuipected ton of an 
Iriah Prir»t I 

Toluid. frnm mrlylife. Ka* thcrRfarD dependent 
on palrou* ; but iUegiUmaie birth createa iilroiig 
and dtlerinincd charartem, and Tolind had all llip 
force utdtlie orisinalicyof Belf-independence. Ho 
vaa a teed llimim b; chance, lo grow of iudf 
whemer It falla. 

Thia ehild of fortane attidied at four Univerri tie*-, 
at GlatlOi*! Edin1)Dr(h, and Lcf den : from the 
latter he paascd to Oxford, and, in the RndlrUn 
Library, colltclfd Ibe nistchala for bla after- 

He loved etndy, and even at a later period 
declare), that '' nu eviplof menl or condition vf life 
fthall malp mo dtirdith the luting eiiurtainnienl 
of boolu." In hia " Deacnptlno of Epaom," he 
ohaervea that the taale (or rcClrrraent, reading, and 
eontpm plat ion, |iromotea the tme reliah for aelect 
mmpaiiy. and aaya, 

" Tliui I rrmoie at plcaanrc, aa 1 gnw weary 
of the raimlry iir the owu. ai I aitoiJ a croed or 
•eek company. — Here Ibeii let me have Irookt and 
lirfnit ttioiigb wilhoiil deiirndnnre ; a bnltle o( 
bcrmitafe and a plate of olliea for a aclix't frirnd ; 
wtth an early mac In prcarat a ynung lady aa an 
etnblem of diu-retiun no laaa than of beanty." 

At Oifiyrd apixantd that fredltMtloD for pan- 
doaea md a«er-curiaiui ipocillationB, whirh fnrmed 
■flcD'arda the markiuc feature of hia literary cha- 
racter, lie haa been urfjaitly eoiitrmnrd aa a 
aeloUal; he waa the correapoiideiit of Leibtiili, 
L# Ctnre, and Bayle, aoil wai a learned aulhar 
whruacareelyamaa. He ArttpubUaheil a t>iiacr- 
laiton on the nraiiKe trasical death of Retuhia. 
and proved il a Koman legirnd. A greater paradox 
might have been Ma projected *iwculation on Jab, 
todenMaalratethaloolytha dia.logiw«a« genuine i 

the reel being ibe voek of aotnc idle Rabhin, wbg 
Lad iaiFDted a Bonalroua alory to aeoowtt for the 
eitraordinary ajSictiona of that niMlel of a dhiM 
tniud. SprcuUUona uf ao miach teamiiiR and 
ii\i;pnitity are uncommivn In a yimnjt man; bnl 
TAland vai *e unforttniite •• to *al«e hia owa 
mirritn, WfotT those wbo did not care lo hear irf 

Hardy Tanlty waa to recomprttie him. pertapa 
he thought, fur that want of fortune and coauiee* 
tiont, which raiiedduUereptrftaaboecblin. Vaia, 
1iH)Uaciuui, incoriaidcrsle, and darin||;, he aiaiancd 
the dictalorahip of a colTce-bDiuc, and obtained 
eaiy tronijueili, whlcbbe mialook (i>r (lorkraa onea. 
oter lt>e graver fellowa, atbo had for nany a ysar 
awfiiUy petriAfrd their »im enllf^ea. Ho faee 
more vlalent olTenee by hi* new oftokmt aa 
religion. An anonytnoua poraua aJdreaard MV 
Irrtirn tD Ihii Dcw Hrcrilareh, aolcmn and monl* 
tory*. Tnland'a anawer U lu honunrable aa that 
of hia noiiitor'a. Thii paaaage i« forcibly oon- 
oeired i | 

" To what ])Ufpo*c afaould I atudy berv or ebo- 
wherr, were 1 agt atltrUl or dntt, for ooe of the 
l«to you take me lo be ? WTiat a condition to mea. 
liOB virtue. If I belirved there waa >n God. or en* 
■o impoCoiil tliai. <;iiutit nut, or ao nalieiou* lh«t 
would noil rcvwlhiniarlf ! Nay, though I granted 
a Deity, yet. if nntbitig of me aubaiated after daalh, 
wiuit la<n ouuld bind, whiil incfoIiTea maid man 
me to oommoTi hontaty } Anmhilaiioti wmU b* 
B aanctnary for all my atiu, and put an vord 1« wj 
Crimea wiili niyaelf. Ileliere me I an not aolwW 
fi'rent to the eriU of t}ie pment life, but, nitlMiBl 
the ctprctatinn of a better. I abonld aoen laapeid 
the mecbaniiniof mybody, andmolie iatoinoo*. 
aciona atonia." 

Thia early muineul of hia life proTed to be lb 
eriala, and iht firti itnp be took dacided bta after- 
pTOgreaa. Hia fini ^jeat work of " ChriaHaDlty 
not Myaterioui," produced inmenae oonaei|w*DOTk 
Toland pcrtcvered In denying thai it vraa 4«icwl 
aa any attack aa Chrialianity, but ooly oa Ihoae 
aubCraetiona. addition*, and other altcrmiiaaa. 
which have corrupted that pure imbnilloa. TV 
work, at ImiI, lihr lu title, i* " Myalenoaa t." 

• thma Mian wUI lotmM rwwry nliciow ff wii 
the; naf be faund Id ToUnd^ i-ialliiansua w<wk^ vol t. 

f Tcland i>T«|jHid) to prava that "IImto liaiiltfcgfc 
ttiD nifUIn Rdlfkni. not m&j vbleb la i inliwij tt 
rnvniv liiit «i4i wlitch tit alAva U.*^it« 
•Dmu MfanHnt* |i«]i« laClarcl (hat ^u* 
Lwckr'a TmUa M llaauai Uaiafi^abit- 1 k**« 
In MH. a euUborl tn>atl_ ly tiMt*, an Rtllgtm. aAti 
ti) l^ij HhanHlHirj ; Laelio ftna II « a InM^ia* 
inm Ihi VnDcti. I M|P<1 iii; ■eaiuBl !• w impmtt^ i 
t-ut I)m | w iw>f <ii*y. |w>l<A(a. W IsAimd u at >* tl t> 
Ilia pnblta. The P)*n<4i {dilliMiphan haw ilraww Ik'l' 



TvUndpawrd oicrnt lrclanil,buctiitbi>ok liaring 
gal Own bdMc hioi, the aiiUior twiield bimielf 
th* polpiti thundered, and it «>■ 
ij^eroaa to b* *««« cimrrrniDg wilb Uim. A 
jar} nbo cob/cMcd Ihcj could DOl cunprctcad a 
p*KB of hb boiA. condemned it to bs bnmed. 
TutanU OOD (tit a teoderuna for bia penon; and 
Ik* h ti ni a iM SIol^Aiti, ihti friend of Loelcr, whik 

be Mnasn* the iuipriulEnt vanity uf our aullinr, 
gladlf witncued the flight of " lh« pant gcntlc' 
nan." Bnt Soiuli. indignaal at our English 
■wdavMiaa in bis own «aniro*ertT iditi SberJui'k 
OH Mn« dertrinal potata of th« Triniij. cnngra- 
tvlatea Iba Anhbuliop of Dublin on tbe lri»h 
gww u i l tioai and eqaallr wittjr and inlolrtant, 
ha wtiUa oa Tolaud, " Your Partianiinl prc- 
HDlljt tent hiin parking, nod, witliaiit Die b«l|i 
of a /^fol, loon mad« tlie kiagjnm fM Ail for 


TaUnd ma MOMd of an iatcniiuu to fuunil a 
u South nUi tbem, of " MahomKan-Clin** 
I Maaj were ■tig-nitiicd nx Trilandiiu i 
hat tb« dlMfplM of a ooan nho atnter proi^und for 
|b«ir prtijArt ■ bit cif «liiiiiffr or n new irig, fur be 
■«• fr<qacnllj nanliag hoUi, wen tiotto bcfrarcd 
ilbuiiuta. Thr pcriccution from ihr rhordt 
ranlbd in the breatt at TuUtLil, and eii-iled 
■■citiDgviahabl* revnign. 

He »«« brcailied awhile from the bonAre of 
A tatoffi *B<' ovf •faniM lumcd hio puliticnl Stcc. 
Be ediCMl Mllton'a voluiuiitDai pi)litii:>. und 
Hinimton'a botaitical Omana. and, ta lii» 
•• Cbttatknlty not Mfiterioiu" had atamped Li* 
nfiiiwt *tlb aomolhing mane tbaa hercq, to in 
polUeahew** bramUdaaa CammanwealUiVmiin. 
Tolanil bad rndrnllf tiroitz Bcnn i fur him, 
appauiMn ptndnml Rantn»er«y, which he lattA. 
aal MNitiOKnT produced boo)i«,bj wbivh he litrd. 

Bat let it not be imagined thai Tulaiiil alTecteii 
CD be coauilefeil ai no Cbriatian. ot avnwed liini- 
irlf w a rrputilicM). " CItiI and rrligtuui (olnra- 
ti»n*' (ba aayi) "bmhwn the two main objecia 
of aU mf wrilnp." lie dtilana himMlf to be 
oalj a priattire Cbrialian, aad a |iurt whlf;. But 
aa aalknf imuI not be pcruiiCIed to unilcnland 
fctmadf M mnch more olca/tj' than he hai titabled 
kU read<rt to do. Ilia mf(t«rioiu condact may 
be dclrcted in bit want of onoral iutcf[ril]r. 

Ma had ihe ail of ciplainlnf awty hia own 
WflnW. •• In iiii fini coniiovtny about the ward 
H|WW*y iM nlt;iofi, and he rivlli in bli artiti<'<> ; 
far, in a letter, wbrre hn )■ ralirilmg the miniiln' 
r«r antplormcnl, b« aaya .— " The church U much 
wntptmusi ifaian m ; ;it ns thut i* the hnnnl 

■nt wwan fnm %BiA\-k astbsa ; and Tttlanit , llnilalv, 
■o4W«Mw, wllhtt«(M*W7. UcOtagbTDte, ■»! Lmke. 
«m amMC IkA wUaM •aniMUaa* 

ariiclc. to It I* uudoublnlly the mini conqoett^, 
and 1 luiow the infaUibU milhod o/ doiag it." 
And. in a letter to Ih* Archhiahop of CanlerburT, 
he proniivc* to rtfvrai Hu rtligiitn h thai prfliile' t 
hk'iiff ! He took tltc aai;raincut u an opcuiug for 
thK nrj[olialioa. 

What POM. be more etplidE ibao hia lecantation 
St tlw dole at Ml rinifieiuj Libfriutf After 
Cellicig UB ibut bv bwl wilhdiawii fruin aaie, after 
the accorid edition, hi* " ' Chriatinnily not Mjale* 
rioui,' wlirn I pen^iird what mJ nr pretended 
olTi^iKre it bad (pven,'' he eoneludoii Ihua : — " Dciinx 
now Arrived la y«ar« thai will not wbollj eieuae 
ini-oaaidtratciicM In rcfoHloKiOr pred|jilaooe in 
ncliriK. 1 Ainily hope ibat my per<itiiiaisn and 
prae-Ucc will ihuw lue to lie a Irut Cltrittuiti ; that 
my du« coii/otmicif to the public itariMp niajr 
provt lot In be u pitid Churchman ; and that my 
uritaioteil tuyalt)- to King William will aTi^ me 
to tic a ataucb Cumiuuniicalth't-man. Tliat 1 
shall ixinilnue all my life a friend to reliEiun, an 
enemy to aupcrttition. a tup])orter (vf gOuJ kingi, 
aiul a depOHi of tynsta." 

Olmurvc, (hin I'imJitiui i.ilirhut wai piibli'lied 
un hia return from one of Ma political tours in 
OcrtuaDj, Hi» »iew» were then of a iccj different 
nalnrf from Ihoie uf LMiatruvuniaJ difinil)''. but 
il woa ah«olnl«lji neccaaary (« allay thn »tonn the 
cbarcli had railed agunat him. W< bevin now to 
ucidcDUnil a litlle better the character of Tuland 
Tlieae hiErary idteaturera. wiili heroic prrCcn- 
■ioni, e-in prtclite the cneanMl ■rtiliixi. aod 
■hritik thrmadru into iiotliiiig to creep out of a 
bole, llow doc* thli iccaDtation agree with lli« 
•■ Na:iarcnua," and the olhrr tlieologica] worii 
which Tolaiid wat publiihioj all bla lifB ^ PM- 
lerity only ran judge of m«a'a chatmcltra: it 
laliei ill «c B ^laiiCR the wliole of a life i but con- 
temporaries only riew a part, often apparently 
uucotmi^ctcd and at variaucc, wUeii in fact it la 
nciih«r. Thii rccmiMlion la full of the apint of 
Janui Jttni lU Totand. 

Uut we are concemcd chJefl]r*ithToland*i Uta- 
rary characlor. He wat ao confinncd aa anlhor, 
tliat be iierer |mbli>bcil one booti without pro- 
miaing noolher. He reCrn to oihen in MS. ; 
and acme of hia molt eartou* work* are pott- 
bumoua. He wa* a great artilirar of tide-pagea, 
ccTcrinc ibetn with a pmniuag Imuiiaacc : and 
in Ihii way tKoniineudnl hii Horkt to ihc booh- 
lellera. lie bad an odd (atcc for rtinntng inicrip- 
tiona flf whimi-lisl ercbbcd termi ; the gold-dnat 
of cruJilioo to K'\^i over a title ; lacb aa " Trtra- 
dymiu, llodftui, ( liiliipbanii ;" " AiiciuJacmun, 
or the Uiuu|ientluoua." Ifr ptrtrtiil) ibew 
tSeeud titlea indiBaled IhtLr aereial aubjncU: 
but the geniiu orTolanJ eouU daaecnd to hlcraiy 



flu hud the >rt of propagating books ; his immll 
life ot Miltoii pmdaced tcrerBl ; bMidM the. com- 
pLnccncy lie frit in cstnclln-R lon|f paMa|te> ttvm 
Milton a^sinat Ihe bjs)io|Ki, In thii life, hli altack 
on the (.iKhciilidlir of Ibo Eikan HiuUike o( 
Cbarlo I. branrhrd inln nnochtr on Buppt>iiLltii>ii> 
«rltbig« ; and this tndu-Jed (h« ipaiiou* j^ap^bi. 
Aa»itcislloa of idou ii ■ Dunioi; oiotbcr W tkc 
RirtUitj of autliuraliip. TIja ifurivuB guBpcIs 
opened « frr»li ihpnlogkal cimiHiKO, aiiit pro- 
duced h[a " Amjiiitor.*' Them mxa tin end in 
prOTftliing an author, who, in writing the life of n 
)H>et, could contrive Input the lulhmticitjr of th« 
Tcalament tn thn proof. 

Aiaid liii |]hil<iiopbi(!al labour*, hi* vanity 
induMd hlu 10 aeii« on all leni|)onirf tupla to 
w}iii?)i hi* fanlttf and ingrniillf gf @ currdncf. 
Tlie <rhoicv of hi* iubjccti foTnia an aiuiuiiig csla- 
logut i far bt had " Romnrliii'' and " Project*" 
U fttt lU event! were paasio^. Ho wmtr on 
"The Art of Governing by PaniM," on ■• Anslin 
Libera,'' '■ Reaiona for Natnratiainj; tbe Jcwa," 
OB " The An of Canvaiiing u Efectiom," " On 
raiaioK a NaCionn) Dank wllbotit Capital," " Tlic 
State Auatomy," " Dutikirtc nr noiM." Sir. Jtc 
Thom, aiirl nany Lllte th«te, i«t olf witb tutfhinft 
titles, prov*d to \\m milhiir iJint 3 nino of gcaius 
maj Iw rajiiibloof wrilin); on all topics at all liiiiri. 
and initke ilie rountrr bii debtor iFilhaul ben«A[- 
in,K his onn rri'dltort*. 

TliBrr wat i. mi>m»nt in Toland'i life, wbec he 
Tell, OT tboM|{bt b« felt, fortuuc ia hia grnip. tic 
itna tbcn doatifiR nn the idnal wktcs nf Ihu 8outli> 
•Bi bublilr. The poor iiilhcir. chted with a nnlton 
that he waa rich moii|{li lo priui at hia ova coat. 
dij|ier*cd copin of hi* ahaunl '■ Pmitheiaticon." 
He dnrribca a aooietj of I'nntheiita, who wonklp 
[ha univerae aaGoil ; a toj'iter]' much greater than 
those he altaelied in Cbi-iiilaijitjr. Tbelr pray era 
are pavagM from Cirrro and Sctw«i. and tbej 
ohant Ion; pomni Instead of pialini ; >o that in 
thdr seal thoy mdurtd ■ Lttle tvdiouincat. Tic 
next objrrtinnable drmmtlaucc \a this wild ebulli- 
tion of philuiuphical nanlonnni* ia, thr apiiamil 
liurteaqM of tarns lilurgiea : and • wag haviog 

• In nnnilnlnii IIui cuiglnai pipon nf Talaiiil. whivh 
an> pr wun wi. [ fminil aame of hl> asmmeoti with book- 
nllm. For hit dtaoriptlon nf Cpiutn tia waato rvocjfs 
DnIrfuurtrulntiulnrawKiniiwtntiill lUmvtvsdm 
BUlnaai for Ilia pampblal on NatonilliiliiR thr Je<n.and 
tm (uUiManiorflil oan BernudMnUtl util iHiAi, Thv 
wiiMi at thbi acratninil run thui • " Wlian«<rfiT Ur. 
Tnland eallt ftir Ion soinnia, alUr IhsOnler Pebruary 
nri^ I|iniiniiBto in) tliMn, If I nnaol atn* llial SHO of 
riin (iipin n^tialn uinald.'' Wlial a tiitillrna pMWD I* an 
aiXlirir ' Wlial a oilier; U Bntbn(«hl[i! Tha uraal 
plliliitfi[iliur hIki («*aln iTvlflTia thai iro tw altar Hid fan 
(iT hl*eaunlF7. miul Minil al llie eonnUr to oonnl out 

iaierCc>d in aonie ««>plM an taopioua prajrer ta 
Ba(«hn*, Toland tuffered for the foBf of oUien aa 
"til aa hi* owni-. With the South -aea Irabble, 
Taniabed Tnlsnd') deaira of priiitins booka at lih 
oitu ri>k ; aiiil tbua rcltived the world from the 
weight of ni'irp I'anthrittieoii* ! 

With *U Ihii battle c1 Dullionhip, amidM tea- 
porarj publicnlioni which reijuitcd auch praaf4 
iiigFiiiiiIir> and diiboratc work* whicb niatwnd tbe 
fruiLa of early sludjn, Toland wu *ttU not a 
fede'ntary writrr. 1 Atid thai he uften travelltid 
on tbe oontinent ; but how ooutd ■ fninealesa 
author ao euil<r traiitfiurt hinwif front Plaodera ' 
In Germaoy, and eppenr at Iioido in tbo cootta of 
Berlin, Drtsilrn, and Itanoiet ? Ptih«p« ve ma; 
■liai^ovc-r a enncealed (oituro In tbe ebaracter of ' 
our Boibifpiou* phlloonphvr. 

In tho only life wc ha^e of Toland, by Dea 
Maiieam. prcfiicd to hi> poithuaioua work*, be 
tells us. that Toland wai at the coon, of Bertin, 
bat "an Incident, too InJiertut to bf mgrtKon^, 
ubligrd him In Irawo (bat place aAOTier tbaa be 
rxpecleJ." UercbaniacidcDtiiianajTaliieclMrlj 
markcil out, hut neTCr Ui be supjtUcil! WhMi- 
vvcir this incident naa. it had this important trauJt, 
that it Sffnt Toland away in barte : bat irAii was 
hr there > Cur eliponoloijieal biugrapbvr;, ■ good 
rii»f man." luipecla uulbiiig mure cltraordioar; 
when lie tells uaTulauil was at IktUn or Hanover, 
than when he lindu bin) at Bpxnn ; miifBei 
Toland unly went to tbe electoral Prinoeu SopUa. 
and the Queen of IViiasIa, who w«re "ladiea af 
aiiblimn Reniui." lo entcrtuLa tliem by venoB 
aume uTavc German dirinct. with philoaopbieal 
cooferenm. nnd pinulaxical coonikilruiiu ; all tka 
revinita of Toland'* idlenMe}. 

Tbia lecret biatorT'of ToUod eanonlybeptdtMl , 
o ut by ftac thr ea da. H e pro feawd t o be • 1"*^^? 

r net Haitaaux ll-«s I'uluiil ti«n< thM cnluwir, aM , 
hlDtiBlhlsown pmanal ktiuwlnl^c ul Uie saOn^-taa | 
bDiliHUot know what a fiirciRn wilIM- wUkoUtamt. | 
that (bu MufilMnioiKadilraMio UaMtimlaa randji^a 
praypr In llie Itnman ritual, wnnc two oentaufetbaAea bj 
i> *eri |iri<t«rKwii<tyuf /'idnl^Iili. artutiiit AruBkardal 

t Warborton ha> wwU dmfrltwd \>m Ualwwui : - Al 
th* Lila^rrtlar* *e Hsae had nra. Inlaarf. Mvim talpM 
onataraL Tbe»Br»i)««aaWl««F»«i!liin»n««wa«a»W 
11 dnwn aj a prtnciplo thai rrarr life muat ka a boafe,arf 
whntl>|.n>VMahcukwttlioulaUfai forwlMlli 
wr kn..» if ri.illiuu arUT all hia Mdlona MaffT* 

t Hub ot ih«e pliilHophloal ontoaaiesa baa taaa m 
•emid by Ikaiuahre. who waa Dutaei Ibw party ■» 
MTfud. Il# iDamadU In tbo '■ KibI1vibtqurO*nna««>a>* 
a Tortnua lltwarr Jannial. In Ml viilumn. wtltaa* W 
L'Rnfanl. Bcaiuobn. and ririnej. II t* aanr e* K aw. 
Bodvrryeuiloiu. iind Lt pnaaevad In tbaOanoBl Melkv- 
■r;. art Toland. Tha partlak oRer a warm oanlMl 
wrr* trry ol^v InlMTUi-led li; Ihe Qaaen. wIhW *• 
i1ltH>v«rcd Ibajrhad ethaiiucd Ikrlr tannlni. a^ «■• 
lK|tiiiiliif lorallalnehoIhN'. 

Ib^ vpcnoj » |>«ri9<iical "literary 
a* lie icrnti it, vitb Priace 
i ladi at we ban wtntiaad In oar d*jt 
GriBH »mA La Hirpe, adinMcd to aoine 
■a rt h w PriiiDaa. Ha «ai a hnnrito vith the 
•laMonl PrioccM Sopbia. and the Qa«ai of Pnn- 
aia, to wboM be aiUieaMd kia " Letters la Srrtiia." 
Waa te a politieal ageat f Yet bo« waa it timt 
ToUnil «aa olteo dnvnii liome bjr ilisIrciHit) 
dKttOuUncM > Uf Hwma not to liave been ■ 
practicaJ pDliticiaii,r«r bcmanagedUaawaalTaira 
*«ry ilL Wa« tlie poUdoal tmrJincr rather a 
— apwicd, than a cuniidriiiial tcrrwil of all bia 
naMtn asd mixtraiaca F for it to «<iileat no one 
eand far U« ! Tba abaMwt of noral intc^tjr 
«aa prabaUy bctct iHa|uiaB4 bf the luquudoua 
«Boilr of this lilcrary adicntnrcr. 

Id bi* poiUiattiuiu watki arc •ncDntl " Mr- 
noriab" for Iha Earl of Uirord, vMch tkro* a 
n«" bfiiht o»er • naiun of pvlilicol E'pitmagt 
■ilk tbe literary cbarBL'lfTi whicli fiiulljr cDiiirtu<le<] 
i> protlDcing that olraordlnary on*, nhkh ihp 
politieal im^natiian of T«land ovalcd ia all iho 
and beat of bia renries. 
I an» «r tbcM ■• llenpriaU," (armUj wriUen 
lad lU of mriocitj, TotaMl reaaDUnitcs with 
Ike ■lill»*«r Jbr hi* uarlted nmlei^C of liim ; oprnf 
Aaacbavaof a |H>litiaaio«r,iirb>rc, tike Ctilhrit. 
IW TCVid be fiontmt «ilk )ii> juarirraye, lio 
dofce* hit diaraclci : fur the indcprinJrul 'Whij 
iSwta to ipnni at the otRee, Ihuugh he cnlicht oat 
■brink at Ibc dutiEt of a ipj. 

" Whalher aoch a ftttan, air, who ia neUAfr 
mtmiUrr Bor tpf, and •• a hvrr of Uariiin;/ trill I 
fa wt U ^mg rterytthert, mij' uol pnirc tit citra- 
or^kwry nae to taj l«rd Trrjuurr-r, aa wdl ai tn 
bit pradroaaoi Bvrlafih, who emplojrrd auch, 
I k«r« bto li>r4lU|) anJ yau ta conttilir." 

Still Uw «Atfra<trr, whatotcr title majr ilolgnato 

u. b iaCrriat in dicuiiy and importanu to (hot 
rtueh Toland afierwvnii pTUfccted, and which 
penny* bin vhrrr hli Uf«-«Titer baa not gffen 
• (oorh tram hi* bniah ; it h a pelitifal enriniily. 
** I UmI an boDcalcr tcbcnia of Mrring nij 
«D«BUy, your lonIahi|i. anil myHclfi for. aning it 
■■• ncilber eonnrnicnt (or ;<iu. nor a thmt a1 all 
^Miml bj loe. that / tltiml4 njijirar in any public , 
p^l, I ataMmlj propoatd, ni occaiioni ihould 1 
of<r, t/> Maanauicate to jout lonlihip my obwr- 
*«tio« an ihe temper of rA< minUtry, lilt 
Saf^ t ibimt »/ the ptaplf, the eandition iif vtr ' 
rmrmUi, or oUitM tbmul, aiut whil I might thialt | 
WHfrr^Mftm/iii nvrytoo^uiKfwfv; whicJi tdTlc« ' 
you *ff« (A billa* ia wbiilc, or in part, or not at 
all, ai 70ur own aaiicrior wiwloaa (buuli direct. 
My lexutral ae>jaaiiit«a<», (lie Kvsnl lan|{iugea [ 
(peak, (ba npariatice 1 bate aoqulrrd ia fnreign 
aSaki, htnk bctog eocaged in no ioLrveit ai home. 

bcaidca tliat of tUa puVlic, abauM <|naUfy ma In 
aooM neaawv lof tbia immDOC Ai.l wiab 
NitdamMi ii*.TK RVBK Man aticii rniraTi 
MOtiiruxi. A« mitch ■• I than^t myarlf fit, or 
«*• tboogbt to by olhina. far auch ^unttti. obaer- 
latiotia, to much lute I ma ahlioried, my lord, 
iKott parlioular otHtroert ue ratfSriM; but I 
despiae [be <alu3uny no kta than I lielcat the 
thiiix- — Of *ticb ^«iierai olM«natiuiu. yuu ibonid 
bav« jwruud ■ far grpaior numWi than 1 thougbt 
b^ to prcMDt bilberlo, bad [ diKovcred, by «Ius 
■Reels, that they «ere aooeptable frDin toe; for 
they inait anaroldably be tvceiieil ftum lomfborfy, 
iinLeta a minictcr ««rv omnlieioal — yat I aoon 
had good reaMu to believe 1 waa not dcaigocd for 
the toau ; wbatercr Ihc orictoal )ia touU be that 
nude CUE incapable of such a trait, aail wtilch I 
aorr bcRin to lutpeet. Wiibuui (lirect «ni»e» to 
ffij |irupiHDli, iiflw could 1 know wiirlhcr I bplped 
eiy friendii eUeobera, or betrayed tiium couUary 
to tny intantioiis ! oad aocordinBly t lure for lomc 
ttmc been Tcry caoltou ttnd rateired. But if your 
lonlabip will antv Into taj sauBrei rlib ma, to 
prumre IA» tioad of my eatmlrf, 1 aball be mare 
rM^ to aervf your lordihip in Ihia, or in mdw 
bccootlDg oapaciiy, thuianyutkcr miniaui. Tbay 
who canfldcdlo uy uitnaitciDriit alTairaafa higher 
nature, h*tc foun-il mi! riac^ na wril ai iiecrrt. 
Mj impentlrablc ntgodation at Vientm (hid under 
tha |ir(tenc« of ruriuHity) wm not only ippUudvd 
by the prince ihsC ciuploycil nit, but altu prupur- 
tionably revardrit And bcrc, ray lord, give me 
lean! to aty thU 1 bate fuuiul Eaglaikd mucrobly 
>eT*«d obroad tine* ihi* ehangr ; and oar ntnlalcn 

at home ars aoiucliais* aa |;mt itnuigcTi l« tbo 

eeniiis aa to the pcrvonx of ihoae inth whom tbry 
hate Co da — At ^^^— you havir placed the moat 
unaeeepiable nan in thei world, nae that li*ad In 
aacandiloiu miinndrnCnnJingKitb thcminitlcraf 
the State! at auolher court, one that bu beta the 
laughinK-atiick of all ooarlB, fur bu icnodeM 
bauKlittDru, and moil mboulou* ain, and one 
that can netcr Judge anght, unl««a by icfident, in 


The di*cardcdi or the aotpeeCed prna^ Monitor 
Hf Ike Uiaitler, oonui tnlo tli* tnudrmi laiifiia(« 
of political Koinu, and tuonnu Uicir rupture but 
u [)t« qowfab of lonn. 

•• I etiinoe, from oIllhcM OMuidnaCloni, but tn 
the OBtnir of a lorer^ oomplaia of your jiraMnl 
neglect, and be loliciloiu for your fuluic cair." — 
AfMl again. " 1 hft>i> made lue of the ninile of a 
Ions', and » Mich, indeed. I ihougbt Dt. onoc for 
all, to eowM to a thoroDgh explanation, noolvMl, 
if my affcctMB br out klUcil by yonr ttnkiadncw, 
CO become lodiaMtluhly yoors." 

&iuh la tha nioa artiAoa wkidi odonn with a 
praCnnded Ism of Ml eoanOy, Iba wnliidiwat «( Iha 



]MlUi«al intriguer. BiTJas clean aaitirf to lilth]r 
ttiinft. But thbi ricw nr the polilifol lacr of 
our Janut \t not camiitrta tiL trt ilUroirr (hr 
lerStjr he coultl evrrj Into jxililirt vlicn nul 
di>^i*r(l hj mora tiuiii[iou* preleiuiaiu- I ihall 
prv lirn GitnioU IVcoi IctUn compoaod ia • 
diflereut tjiiriC. 

" I «m bounil for Gvrmiiny. ihoQKh fint for 
Plnnilftri, and next for Hollsncl. I believe I AM 

b« pTeUy »cU BCfomnicKlntwl fur thin i(iy«ge. 

wbkU 1 cipdct will be vvrr sLo'tL Lord! lio» 
near wu my old u-oman bnine n i|Uecn ! uitl jrtMit 
humble leroml Ijciog nf /gu tate." 

Ub «M WMBdii ir«3 tbe «l«etoml Prlncnui 

Bophin ; and Alt mu* in wliat palrinU duitiiiguiib 
U (A* for« »f their c-ounlry I K&ain — 

■' The Oftnhrr Club, if rishUj nuniKcd, wUl 
be rare ttnfT (o vork the emit iff an)) parlg. 1 
wnt fiwh mn aocouni: a! thv«« wijfhti to an o/'' 

fraUraomaa of my a(?<|uaiatiuioc, ni in tlir nildHt 
of fcim (the cltongc of miniitlry) nill oiaLc her 

After all hia voInniliMBi lileratare, and hit 
Tcfinrd |io1iti«ii. Toland livpd ind died the life at 
an Author bf I'rofciiion, in nn obafurc liidgiii|^ 
Bl ■ couolrf coriieiiCcr'ti. in gteaX Jiitirw- He 
had atill one pairan left, wlin kiiji ItimiivK poori 
Lard Mulnworlh, nlio prumiicd himi if lje Ilinl, 

*' BKre DftrpMiirini i th*a(i »rs but rolii mmffirt 

to ■ mail of jrnur »pirit H»d JenRii ; bat 'tis nil I 
dare promiic '. 'TU ou unsratcful tfnt and «« 
nmst beai irith it llu bat wc maj lUl we can 
niend it." 

And hit brdghip (cIIk cif hU unaucectcfiil 
appIicalioD bl mhiic Whig lord far Toluud ; and 

" 'Ti> a aod monjtcr of ■ min, ant] not wDitli;r 
ftf furthfr noiice." 

I hsTo otiMT*ixl thatToland had atronf nvrvea; 
he neither fcnrfd coiitrovei-tir*. nor that wbich 
tloic* all. IlaviiiK i-iaaiincd bis muDusn:ripta, I 
can akrtch a iniriulr picture uf the iiul day) uf uur 
•' aullitir by profpttion." At Ihe carjirnlpr't 
lodciajti he drew op a liit of all bii faoolti — Lbey 
ncrc piled on fuur cburi, to Uic auount of I Mi 
— laaal ot tlicui worka wbicli ninre [be most 
enulile ituditf : and aaTaUiid'i traminH bu been 
very ligb'ty eDtfemttl, it niaj \w worth notice thai 
•t)ra« of hit MSS. <r6re tranicribRj iii Croi-k*. 

• luthivlD.rir thafflillllmianotthedurioiiii, llipiiilu 
of % hwat llinabaokk RpuihtniiiUpar*. CJurklFnaln- 
lauthudCiinaluitlnl I.nlNrn OntMl^Uiiuni; FubrlL'il 
OmI** Apnornibiu Vat.ol Nih-.TmLi Rtdc^iu te Ki^na : 
ni4Arta iBUf In um oo'Ib.Uq m n«MvJinl, t(I*'il-jint>:(^r}- 
aftillllliMCTtttlunn; Tuoilr Ilanit KrhnmrrUKllillnlo- 
^i^r: Trtentflitl Up«>n: HmiiIiIui. ii4dJU Mibomoiica ; 
*11 Ui«Wocbof UutlorfiitelvluiJ iipn*; HrLuid JiKvllj. 
MafaamadUai (lalll Opoxul* M/thali« It* ; A;>'<lliHli>ii 

To thia li«t be addi, " I ii«i1 not rec)t« thM* iB 
ibe doiet with the uubirund l>t>t>kt aad |i«i»pUata i 
nor my Iruiilt. «htrt4n are all mjr paptra and 
MS&" I psrcdip ha dnnilated bia MS8- 
•nung hi* fhriida, fur ttiere is ■ liM bf him aa he 
lcii[ iLetu, amuQ^ vhicb arc ladiea aa well aa 
^«ntl«invn. npritt foHi! 

tirtrt ha« nothor died not* in otianeUv Aan 
Tobnd ; be may be Mtd t« hare died with a b«iy 
pen in Uia hand. Hatit* toffered from »n unakilfol 
phtaiciaa, lie asengcrd liini»clf in bi» own «aj : for 
there wu fnund on hia lablir art "■ EMij on Vhpae 
without I'hjriician^. " Tlie djing patriot- Iradn 
wM alio wrtliiig ■ preface far a politieal panpUpl 
on the daniftT of mereienaiy Piitliai^fnU — and 
the philo»opbcr wns composing hi* own cfiupti j 
ttnemore proof of ihf riling piunionprcdominatiaj 
in death; biitwby eiiould n P<inf /unil be aoUeitau 
to prrprliiate hit |[eniua afid hia fame ! I ehall 
tranacrlbc a few lin-ci i innlj tbejr arv nv ciidenc* 
of Athciaia 1 

■■ QmnluiDi LttcnnUD aoullor, 

4c llngniHruiii |>Iua il«ccni acLeaa ; 


laiilLuih uuldii HtftabiT aul olieni^ 

Dtx'iEiltilt. rm> nihUt c«l hkfleauvi 

i|u[n iumn plpgii, «Ikiii pm^eral; 

uttli lumnqtuiTi vitn'tffvaL 

^rlliwcuiii KUioma t*"*- 

ji ifuu |ip»ttll ciltm, ciinjunfieur : 

«]r[iu> (um. Katun* Mdena, 

In imttftungTvciiianijiufiHiir. 

i<4 \itta fulunu TouhMm ann^UMn t." 

RRilkillwca 1 lUlBientna: ApubUM; and einty dMalHl 
author cil anilqultr- Ai hamaUia mplojo* In bW 
DU9i«u hlrtory of th* Druili, nt Whieh toAj a ipieknw l> 
\f\mn ml. w* may tnuw ht> rpMarrht* hi Ibe Htowhv 
bo«lH! LuydilAit-b>.>l'4UllrlUnnlM: OMltbkTM»- 
mntt.Arg 1 Mutcimicilliiiloryntlielana! crrtef fiy V 
<>RXC<>i KplniflluumlUbonilMnnD: DibartMeUilaaif 
ilir uiriunt Iridi : UriDd'* UlM of t>rlniC7 aia4 ZtUaat I 

There arOAuiur klii^ulnr p4f4»^ tanenf t9i#aafr*fnwala 
OnulitlFut ■•rnrk la " IXnUiml wllhMn PrfMUnfl : 
nr ttaprnlltioB Jldinfuidifd tt*«n tUUlln. DaJBlaa 
From Order.ndUfDlr/ (rum Ui*iua.lB Ihanuxl prlk- 
dtal ContnVTWalM Bbaul fhiirrli (nMnimMt, wbkb al 
ftwmi dlvyo >D<1 difnrtn ClitbtiMiK;.- tie Iim »»■ 
piMtil-'A PtMtm Iwrnt* HwnioD in praM nl AMnlt)'* 
Thtn an dIImi ■bifutiu' (lit* and wmIu Ib Iha wi»m»t 
fala papal*. 

t AbworalllllsalBi*. 

•ttl kaowlBH inw* Iban Un t M i y jWj 

■ champkn tat Ira A, 

an BHirrtar ol Bbarly, 

but VhD loIlmnT ■■- iliT«nilani nl no man t 

nureogtitinrDaMaiiCf t*ilicl>c b«ifci hta i 

Oie voultl baie untgined llial tbe writet of hii 
««B paotg^ncd Cfiiaph wonU lutti l>trn urefiil 
la kaie tmumiiicd io pMCcric; a cop; of bU (<«• 
mm ; but I knuw of ho pffrlrut of Taland. Tlu 

p(troa* *«MD neier t« bavc fcoco grnnrouii. n«r bin 
diactpLn gratefal; Ibejr niattilM-d mther thin Id- 
diilfol tbecnotiaoiarUBgniiiu. Thi-r« ifpurci). 
indeed, aa elcgir, Aortlr after ilir Jisih uf Toland, 
M lagmUnulj c«iitrit«d, that U in doe olHir i>b«thfr 
ha k aalegiatid or ndiculcd. Amid In >okiiiiiil]i 
lU»c liiica Wtn; tbo neer. ** llu," cxclaliuod 
tMlofiat of the unbiguoai ptiDoMipluir, 

t M^tttr Jtlamt ■ Aon-rni tHccunur- 

LocBB, irilli sU tbe pn»cicnt MEmrit; of that 
cfeu- ondcntandlbg abkrb peuclntcit uDiIrt Ihe 
t»en\ Tolib of Hie bumin hml, antiripaieil th« 
lih of ToUod It ila comiai^ncenMnL Up ailmirrJ 
tbo gmiiia of tbe iDUi i bol, vibUc be lalaod kU 
part* aad tcvajiis, bo dreaded their rrautt. In a 
I fitul thoc (laaiagM, wUlcb nvn tbea to 
ic. BtHl ue notr >o lnatfuc(l*» : — 

*■ If hi* «ie««ding ({real lalne of himHrlf do »ut 
d«pni« Uk world of that uacTulncu tbat bin parts, 
if rigbtljr oandarlcd. might br uf. I iboll br Mrr^ 
fUd.— Tilt hupM joiinB mrn (the. oX what me 
Uiev •ill mBk(i of Their porta, i«. lo me, tlis eonon- 
rajraent «f bning eoiiremed for tbcm ; but, if 
r*tulf itK-reatrt itilli aft, I aitcaya fenr wliilhfr 

fit teitl Uad a man:- 
(5K?(lt>, THK DrPK OF m P^WIOXg. 
Fam aaid tbai .Stxelb, though he led a owe. 
iMa and neiAua life, had >msrtbe)e« ■ love and 
ravarrncw fur lirtae- Tb* life of Steele waa nul 
ifcac «( • retired scbulat i hence hii moral cbanc- 
icr lircnnir< marc iiutractiie. He nit oiin of 
those whaie hnrta arc the dupta of their ima^- 
aalioat, and who are harrieil IhrOagh life by the 
■toaC deapotic ■olittan. lie alwa^i preferred hu 
ea|irina to Ua tetrrcita; or. accordinc In bia onu 
auticM. TETjr tiiiriunua, but DM a liirle nbniird. 
" he *a» aNay* at the haoiour of pr^ferrin^ the 
atafaof hia mind lo that of hit fortune" Tbe 
TcanK of thb prindpla of moral conduct wia, tliat 
a Ban ol the moal admirable ablliliet wna prrtie- 
tnUj aciias like a litol. and. with a «itm ittaeb- 
went to *lrtue. waa the friilnt of human h«ing>. 

lb* Wa7 ha had «liMra hr imnunl. 

frftttnlDK honnly U hl> Inlorat. 

Rto ^riHi UjataM with IMaUuraal fatbar 

Abb wbMi M wIftBalljp ptaeaMM i 

kit bsdy Uktmlm, jtleldbu lo .Xaivn. 

■■ B0ta laM Id tta lap (i lb fnuihci • 

h<M he It akoDI I* Hm a«un In turaUf, 

jvt Daaat W b* Iba mma Taunt, nior*. 

li> tte firit art uf hia life wo find the seed thai 
de^oped itMlf iu thv iiuuucviIiDi; oac«. Ilia uncle 
Miuld nol eiidiirf a hero for hi* heir : but Steele 
had aeen a marching regiment ; a auKneot reaMO 
with l)im lo eiiUst ai a private in tb« horfe-gnarda; 
OMiluDg lib bat, and putting on a broad-awotd, 
jaclt-booti, atid ahixilder-beK, with the ro4»t fcne- 
rciia frriingi be fcirfvitcd a *«r* {ood ralate. — At 
lenglh Ktuign Steeht'i frank lemfer and wit 
ooDoiliatod eateem, and e^xlorled admirataun, and 
the nuiga baeJuna a favuuHte leader in all tbe 
dlailpationi of ihc town. All ihcac were the 
tbuUitimK of geaiui. wbicb had nut yet rccdred 
a le|titimi.te direotiaa. Amid thaw nrglr*. bow- 
e>er, it ns oftsit pennve, and fntmiag itaelf ; for 
It was In (be bclglil of tbc*« irrcfCaUritici that 
Steele rouipoard hit " (^hriitiiui H«iii," a marol 
and religioua treitiav, which tbe contriilons of 
eiery moniiag dlclated, anti to whiirh the dianrder* 
of everj evening added aoother penitential jia^c- 
PnliapR tlie Rcniiu of Kleele wu iierer aa ardent 
and ao pure aa at thia period ; and in hla elegant 
letter to hit eomiDander, tbe wLebralcd I.ard CuCta, 
b« gi*M an intereating aroount of the urigis uf 
tbii prodvclion, which none but one deepljr imbued 
irith iu fccUoge ««ii]d bane ao forviblj dcaeribed. 

■• TotPtr Guard. March 1L\, 1701. 
" Mr Loao, 

" The nddrra* of IhA follawini; paper* ii lO 
t4ry much due to ^our lordahipi tbat the; are but 
a nttre report of wbai ban paaaod upnij ui; iruard 
to mjr oomtnander i for the; ware writ upon dutjr, 
when the mind waa perfcetif lUaenga^ied, and at 
leiaure, in the ailFiii wat<h of tbe iiigbt. to ran 
oier the buiy dream of lUe day; aud the Tigilauc* 
which ubtlces ui to fluppofc an cuFm; alwaja near 
ut, hu Bwjkrnni a arnar chit there in a reatleaa 
and rnihtln one whieh eonatantl; altendt oar atepa. 
aud mediUtn our nun*." 

To tbi* aolcmn and monilor; work be prefiiMl 
bia Dame, from thia bonour^la motiue, Ibal it 
miiht terve aa " a tUniHng teatiinoaf agaiuai blm- 
■elf, and make hln athanedof vndenUndmit, and 
aecming in feel what waa rirruoui, and liviug lo 
quite eontrary a life." Do we not chink iliat no 
one IcM than i uinl ia apeaking la ui ? And jet 
be ia atill nothing more tban Enaigo Stc*1<^ \ lie 
telht ui that ihii gtaTework madehin cantidcrcd, 
who liad been no uudeUghlfid compaolnn, aa a 
dial l^reeable fellow — and "The Chriaiinii Hero," 
b^ bia own w^nU, a|>pean to ba>e fought olT 
ie*rral fool-hudj' leniaw* who were for " trjing 
their valour on him," tupiiuaing a laint >a« txicea. 
■arilj a |»oltraaai. Thiu "The Ctitlillaii Hero." 

a Ur. jricJidaV " RptMoIaiT Caiiaiiiaiinna of Ur 
|Ueh«rd MmIb." nd. 1 p-77- 

fiudiog liiiiiieU slightrd hf his lno*e (mmpmiiiia. 
wt danu tad rompuaod a matt liufbatilc com«ly. 
"Tbr Funpral i" and «i(h nil the fMnlnew or 4 
■MQ vlio uacra not In kids liijt molivcn, >ie (dlt (in, 
Uiit after hii rcliipctw wacti he vroM tlic comolir 
b«OMUw *' iKitbing can make the toitn iin taaA at a 
msa u • aucMufiil pU;*." Tb« hUtoriui wbo 
had ro tteard tnch ttraiig« erent^. f(>ltoiring eiott 
on «acli ollier,Ba an authiir jiuUiHliinj; ■ limik of 
pietj, null ibcn afarrcicould never hnvc ditcovcrrd 
tlic MCiYt uiotirv of the irrnttile itfii«, hod not 
that wHirr poMeuied tbe niuit kunfiit Inntnta*. 

Silvio vat now at nnca a man of tttf tovn anri 
its cantor, and wroU IJi-cJ; cftop on ttie fvllict 
uf ttkii daj is ID cnormoua black pcnike whicli 
ooal him Atlj guineoi ! He Imilt an rtriitit liLla, 
but. a« he <*na alwayi iTHiiknlinf; et-yiaannji, he 
datM from "Thn Hovd." Ill^ dfefft.?rj the Miliary 
of Iho Kouth'*CB Dclidiie, wliilc ht liiinittf iiiveutcd 
project), neither infrrinr in niojinitkrnri; nor in 
mlaery. He even turtietl alchpniiit, luid wnntt^d 
to coin gold, inpretjr to distribute it. The nioit 
itrikiiiK inddenl lu (tie lifv of lliti man of VQlitiOD, 
»» hii nddcn marriafc wltli a yo\xag ladjr 
who nttcndcd hii fir»l wifr.'a funrrxl— struck bjr 
h«T tncelical bmiitj', If «e trud to bin nptiirM. 
Yet Ihia aagv, who •ronld hafti nritl^ti ta well on 
the «hoi«e of n wife. Dnited hiCDMtf to a thacactur 
the iDuaC uncoDgcnial to hia own ; cold, rcMrvinl. 
•nil niotC anxidusljr prudEiit in hrr attriitjon to 
ma^^;, ibe una of a t«mpor wlilfh etcry day ([rew 
wont! by the jMiTprtunl iDDpnidmiu and ttinught- 
leamoi of his own, lie coll* htr "Pruo" in 
ftrndoBM mad reproai<li; she na» Pnidcr; lltrlf I 
Hti idoralion waa prrmaDi-ul, and ao were liU 
coin|i1ainla : nnd they never paited but with 
blekerinj* — yet h* could not sufl<^^ her ahucnee, 
for he WB» writinjj to her three or four p«»(iionAlB 
notea Id a day, which arc dated fnim bin offlcv, or 
hUbnoktellvr'i, or from aiiiiie frlerid'a huuae — be 
baa Tuen in Uie midi-t of dinner to dexpateh a Jlne 
to "Pme," to tMure her of bia afFrcllon aitiM 
niMnt- — Hot yntmee or her abaanoc wiw equally 
paln fal to him. 

• HUelf h*a «hr«B • dnilglilful piece nl xilf biugnphy, 
tnwtnU (ba ond tf Ua "Apalngy (or hlniiulf und Iii> 
wrlUnci.' |k8U. tin. 

* In Ilia '■ l^aUlaiy Cumtpmataet af Sir Blclivd 
MMli.'cdIUnnndMV. arep wrte.1 Mme •»!« cnHimy 
lDr*.ilai>Faleh« : -I'mo'itwa paarBtwl* at tlni« nory 
111 -. Indffd StHit xeiTK to ban eoaMIred ttiat hi* waim 
niTrvHnna wer« blJ *>ui r«^iiJr(d.. fnr Liul; Slcvln ww 
nnully [ffft mii~\t dap In *illliidi>. ui>l fn>i)UC>>ll<r i» 
wanldF a rulniB. whoB KtwIeenuU ti^il ruWimo lie, 
hoiimfr. HvniMlmBa nntkan(tnita<s1(U bervwyrMUncly. 
Tli« fol Invlna nutr U aa >—^-~~ i — 

•• I liBtu bnn In gml pain of l>o4)' bdi) mtm) tln« t 
«anw(p«L Yiruar«vatrelne)yeru«l [o a jtmeroua nnluro. 

Yt)t Steele, gifteil at all lioics with tbe tosccpli. 
tiillly of gcoliu, wu cicn;Utii|( the fiarit fniinfc 
of thr hriTt ; the aam* pinerauty cf temper wbleh 
dfluJrrd Iiii jadgtnent. and inviKoraErd his pauioaa, 
rendered him • tender and pathetic dnioalut ] a 
mual Terlile eiaayiit ; a patriul without pritste 
tiewa; an enemj whose r«*e&iD>ent dxyl away in 
nillsry ; and a friend, who oonid warmly peMi 
ihc hand that cbaatiaed him. Wbrlber in adai- 
niatratioii,orespeUnl the Home; whether afllvnii, 
or flfiog from bia cri'ditora: In the fnlueai af hK 
heart he, perhapt, accun-d hii own bspfiineai, 
and lired on. like tome wita. extempoiw, llnl 
luch men, with all their tirtuoa aod ail tlicit 
Eeniiia, lire only For themaclver. 

Sleele, \a the waatc of Itla aplmdid lalmU, had 
ralaed aiidden rnmitira and tranalmt friMidchifS. 
The world uiea auch men ai Eaalera travnUer*^ 
fountains i llicy dnnk their water*, and when tMr 
third la ajipcaKd, tuni their backa on ihcai. 
Steele lived in be foigntirn. He opened hia 

whlcti liuia tnndrni»a far too tl>ai mulsr* ftmr Imal 
itutt-utuvt Innipporhitvly nilllcllnc. AtierihoM utanauf 
piodiin, not In In loollnni lu rKonelllalUB. to what I* 
acalnat nil nili>i M rhHutlanlty and JurileA. Whai I 
vm« hnmn. I tm ii> litklivIlT rre rt tad: crthtawill ^nt 
41 ill ui efr«t upon my fnrtime, aa cm my mi*! aat 

Ib a pMtaertplla annthar hlUet. ke thwa "Mnuii^ 
iJiil^ ItlMit') unvilT* atlentliui tn money* : — 

" VouT niBD !4un nwctme ll;iHr™d«, whtahm^Abe 
ilodui^lcd in the aceonnl lielWKfi yon and ma ; llm ttieit 
pmy tftkr «i» tn g*t It In. or Mn^ it" 

^unh df^patehr* u Iho f All awing Wfiraaonlaff Ibmaf 
taut limM 1b a. day :— 

" llwcor jauBotto bslfnpatlcel.iliaiighllbaanbMe 
Iwlani jou aM Yoar ohUfed hmaband. 

•• R-Snaaa.* 
•■Btia Patm, 

■■IKnit beitlfplcaardCbatldoneteemohacRetilt^HB 
ft'cliMli. Toun, 

•• Iiiin Pana, 
" VntfWf me dinlDK abnad. aad lal Wni 
papun toiluokley'a. Yonr Fond da«Ma4 K.B.* 


" I un mtj •■nt>]r and tired, but coald wet lUafc «f 
oImIdi (n)'«yi'«tlll I liad tnld-jnu I an. dcaen* mMH% 
four mMl atTivtirinilii faithful hiuband, tt. ffmn 

" Frutu lliv PivBAp Ontf in th« lo o mb n.^ 

II would *e«n bjr ()i» Mlorlng nota^ thai ihto toaair 
Hvoiint 4if IjliiiMlf WAA 111 uauB^iH&flB id the veaihaldil 

iruButalpfd bl* Iklr dnipDl t— 

■■ Ie In a rtmngu UiJug. We*iu«0 jwt wtr hasdMl^M^ AM 
fan Hill sol kiliat* T'lnAf with Ike iilmlhimii dM 
peoplvof WDTM taBliim dii'-tjul Itiarf I ■»■« fee atwap 
(Irbif yoaan accvimt uf efcry uita and nlnUBttf mj 
Umet t ««Ddthlat*Ull ran lam vMUud Is bw ^M *a 
■dRln wbai my Lord WbarVui b lUntaf .' 

cMVcr witb ToUj ; be burrieU IhruDgh it in k 
unnuU of wxisteact ; knd hs clofed It bj an In- 
waiaatMtj Mile, amid the iirecki of bU foKunn 
and lut niiuL 

Suds, to o»e vf bit uamerons perindioil workii 
the twdftk aainbrr of lite TliMtn, hu draim nn 
esqninU eontrMt belncnn hinuclf bhi! bi( (rieail 
AfUitom -. H U a cabinet ptctnir. Stccle'i ear«rul 
pi«(««i wb«o warm with hu lubJN*, had ■ luglwr 
apirit* • richer ibYoiu, tlian tlic eijuBblc loniicM 
oT Addiaan. who it only bcimtlfltL 

"Than neicr «u a mnr* itrict fricndilvi|i than 
bMwtaa Umm gentlemen ; nor had (lief e«er any 
diBmacn tut what proceeded trota their dillTiient 
wmj ol pumting the taaxe ibi»t; : Ihe one, niih 
patience, fomdcht, ami t«ui[ieiBie adtlr«u, nlmyi 
watlad and itemmHt the tnrrmt ) «rhile the otli» 

pIa»S^ bimiflf inta it, and «•* as a Arm 
out iyj the temper of bim itIid bIuuJ wccp- 
^on tkc bank for hi* Mrrif, alrocD lie cnuld nnt 
rnim leaping inta it. Thiu time twii 
■am Ined Tor tome jretra lut pnit, ihunning rach 

Mhcr, hsi flill prritcriin^ llie timtl patik>iiate 
ooiM«m rot tbcif nutiul icelfarc- But iiheD Ihcj 
Met, thcjr •ere aa unirscricil u boja ; and talked 
of tbr ipvaleal ajrurt, ujion whicb llirj ain nhtrv 
Ikej Aftmid, vidmnt pr«idng (ithat thcf knew 
^ _ bl«) to eoBTcrl each other." 
* If Stasia hwl the hoDonr vf the lurfDlEon «t 
Aoac poioikal papc»«b1cb (irtt i-iilieliioicd the 
Barinnal Kaatai bf thrlr popular inttrnutioEi. he ii 
faimwlf * remarkiblc eunple ut thu muml and 
th« literary chimctcr pctpetanllj eontcoding in 
tba nan uf niUtion. 


Tai§ awfal u^amicj naj be traced In the fate 
vf LKLjiixiutd Cci.LiNs: (he one ri)iaii>iMl the 
finer tacuttita ot tiia mind in the grandest liem, 
BidaiiDkaiidcrKicinlie taaka; theotheicnthuiiBit 
HcrifiGcd hii naaon and hb happtneiB tu hia 

I.SLAMD, the Uthar «l out antiijuariM. was an 
aecompliibtd tcholar; and hi« smpln mind had 
^hn«eJ Iht Luic«af» of RDtii|ultf, ihDtc of hi« 
Mra aice, aad ihc ancicul one* of liix avn ctninlry : 
thwi he held all buriuu leanniig by ita thrra fa*1 
ehatna. He travcllMl sbroaJ g and li^ enltivaud 
poMrj anth the atdtiiir he ctitiild trrn feel fur tlie 
■e4ai»itiuB i/fmitrd», Oa liis r«turii bouic, amoni 
ulJtcr rujral Urcnin, be Baa ii(>|Kiiiitrd lij llrnt; 
YIII. tht kiaf'a antl4iiar;, a tille hoiiuurably 
arcMted for Inland ; fee nlth him it became 
CltiDCt. hj tkia oficv be mi empowered lo 

•earth anrr Enetiih antiqoltica; to review tbe 
tibrariea of all tbe religious tuadtnlioiii, and to 
briof; Ihe reeordi of anliqsitj " out of deadly 
dnrfcnrM into Itretj ligbL" Thit <txt*niR<re power 
fed a poMion already rvnn«d bjr (be atodjr of oar 
old rude hiitoriana ; hia clef ant taale percetred 
thu the; leanted tbuae grace* which he eoulil 
lend them. 

Six jcara were ai;vupled, hj uninterrupted tra**! 
and atud;;. to tunej our nnlional anliqoitica; to 
note down rierrihing nbnerrable (or the bialorj 
of thD cimntnr and the lumour of ihe nalloti. 
What a magnifioenl view baa h* akftched of tbii 
learned juuroor I In aearck of knoiilcdic, IxUnd 
wandered on tbe aca-enwt* and in tho midland ; 
mirrrjeil lowna and cititi. and rlrDr*. cullea, 
enlhedrata, and moiiaiterlM ; tumuli, rains, and 
inicriptinna i eoUi^eted mthnra ; lraii«<:rihfd MSS. 
If aniLqiLariacLiiDi f\oiti, gtniua too meditated in 
(bis aubllm«' indaalry. 

Annlhrr *ii year* ««re devoted la ahape and (O 
poliah the immente eoilMtioaa ha had aanaaaed. 
All tlib ustircd labour and uontknUDd atudj wtrrs 
(cwnrdfd b]t Henry VIII. It U dellRhtfal, fmn 
tt> rarity, to ruxird the Kraiitude uf a patron : 
Henry waa worthy of Lcland : and the genius of 
llie luthar wai raagnificcnt at that of Ihe monarch 
ntio had ricntcd it. 

Nur wai tbe i:ratlnicle of Inland tilenl -. be 
aevmi to have Ixwn in the baUl ii( perpetuating 
hU tponianeotia emoliuim in ele^KUt Lalio verw. 
Our author haa Canaiftillj rapreaicd hia gratitiidt 
to the king 1 — 

" Smuer." he aaya, " (hall the >cna fldnt with- 
out their ailfnt inhahilanta ; the [buraji hcdgea 
<ieuv lo hide the birdi ; lh« oak to apread 111 
UiuRh*i and Flora to paint the meadow* irith 
lowers i 

'■ Qiiilm Hex dlrr, tuiitn liTjatur 1<tc>IiiiQ aoatra 
^aicicn, ijunil ndiaUka |ri)rtijAct aiim mfiw" 

'* Tlum tbi>u, grnit Kbi(t, m^ t^iKim <vk^ to hkfl, 
nlin nVr nijf atudin liroitll'sl ■ Uv'<iu[li| |>ls.~ 

!<otaaJ waf, indeed, alive to the kinUneaa of hia 
rnynl patron : nad aoiong hii uumeroua literary 
lirujttett, ana one of wriring a hi alary or all tlic 
I'slscfi* of Hrnry, in tmilalios of Ptoeupiua, who 
deacrlbcd ilioae of the Hmprror Juatioian. He 
had nlrndy delighted the rojal car la a b««atif<it 
cffniion (it taney aiid aittiiiuarisniatn, in his 
t'fffnta L'liutia, the Song uf (he Swana. The 
««ian «f l^Und, latdadionalj flnaling down the 
Thdme*. from Osfdrd lo Orcenwioh, ehani*, aa 
ihc paaiea aluog, tho ancleBt Damn and honuura 
uf the towDa, the caatica, and tho tillagea. 
Leland pnaented hia " Strena, ui a New Year'a 

Gift," to the King It eonaiiita nf an aixrount uf 

I hia stadiiv : and aketcbca, wilh a fervid and raat 




inaKinvCioti, his moKniliiTcnt Uhaur, nhirti he hod 
alrraJ)-iuiL-rilKil«itliCb« lithe Dr A ntiijiixlatt Sri^ 
(nnaieu, and ifhioh wsato Iwdiiid^d tnio u n>»ny 
baok> ■■ tlioK wfrsRhin**. All pArl* of thisaddrrM 
oFtlM Kini'i AntKiuMTT in tlic Kinjt- ''car Ibc 
■Camp a( hU imiigiiuttnii and hi> taitr. fit n^cm 
hli IntCDtiun of lni|>ru«iii;;, (>)> tli« clnnlnl ^r«e«8 
of oompoaition, tbe nidc lAbounof our anccotora; 

" BiMpt Truth be delicalclrclolhed In purpura, 
ber irnttrn Tcrftce* rmn iicsint lind > rradrr." 

Onr aid writeni, be tell* ki* attTcreign, had. 

'* FVom UiD« to tluD pr«a«rrcd llic act* 'A ;out 
predwcMora, nmt tltc fortunn or;niir mini, with 
Krul liitigrnre, «nd no Icu faith ; «dii1i1 to Gud 
with like fluquence !" 

An rxolninnlion of fine tiuit<', whrd tuftCc Wita 

yet a tuauKcr In &t nountr?. And «ben he 
{ slludn tatht k nnirtrdsc of llritjih nlbira si^atrrred 
Btnong tilt Kiimin. an well an our own trriCfra, bi> 
fervid fanpy break! forth irith an Inage at ODoe 
■Implr sn<l nubllinr t 

I truH," rnja Lclaad, " *o to open tbc win- 
, that Ihc liiht ihnll be itecn m Iodk, that i* 
ta OiJ. by the i^aw of a frliole Ihuutand )tean 
lt«pped up, and ih« old jtlory of yoiir Britain to 
K-flouriib llirouB;li the viorldV 

And he yntbclicsiLtv oncludon, 

" ShnuU I lire I[> pcrfurni Ibuic tbinp' that are 
alreadjr bi^jun, t trvit tttai your rvaliu ahall to veU 
beknAon.oiliN'pnmtcd with ill nntiTfcdnnni, thil 
(t «hi]l ipie place to die ifl-jry of au olLcr rci;ioQ>'' 

Tbc K'B»<1^D'' of tbiadeaiKn vbh ■ rnrinllniriil 
part of the ijeiiliia of ti^vland. bat nnllrjiE, Uiti, ona 
tluil prcugrin^ melonchaly which tyea li*rc betr»y» 
itaclf, and even morr fnTijiirnltj' in bin itrm. 
EnTjtbtns abuut Lvliiitd whi marked bjr hia ovu 
greatneu ; li)t coudlrj and bit CODntrrmen viae 
■T«r pnwnt ; and, hj the esdtement of faia fed- 
in^ even hi* humbler purtnita wer« elerated into 
|iBtrioti*in. Hentj' dicU Ihr ytar after be received 
**The New Year'* Gift." Froin ilml monieiil, iti 
lodiiK the CTcateat patron fur tbp ircatrit work, 
IaImA nppeirato liBie felt the tIalT whic!U be hod 
•well to turn at pleunrt (or hi* gtay , breg.l£ in hia 

lie lutl now paCrom to «iurt. obiln ensnerd In 
bbour* (or vhich a aiaitle life bad hrta lou ahnrt. 

* Liflaiad, la hi* inaKUilici^ol pluDj liii.'luJt'd HFivral 
tMrlpu ilfpartOMnl* Jialouiof itHtlltvnry »ioty u( tlit' 
llallaiM. mtHtm he ooiDpun ta thn Rnwk* far wpnuDlUgt 
all oMlnna bwliamUB *nd unlvMi^n^, ho liml r<vm|hMe^ 
tmt t«oki '■ I>* VIri* lIKiatrltiUJi." uD Eriillih Aiilliuri, 
tofnrH Ihgn K> a'.-kni" l«ilic (lie illu>ltli>i» fnilu*. tjii 
Iha Bsat HMD «{ Driuln. TUrco twlit " I>« KolilllMIe 
Bfilannltai'' ««n la he ** *• aa onuumal mhI n rliht 
Minaly larUad.' 

The mclancholv that rhnrishra geniaa ma; alto 
destroy it. (.eland, brauding over hb volnnunDiia 
lahoora. aeemed to loxe and to dreiad them ; acvne- 
timet to pimue ihttDwilh np(un),*nd aaaietiiBra 
to slirink from thom irith <lnpalr. Hla leQcrooa 
tPBiper hail omx ihot forward* to po«trTity ; but 
he nan calmi hU iiruf^linE hnpea and duubtt, 
and CDnfiHEi hia litervrj ambiuoil to hi* Own 
(iUtirjLry iiid big o*ii age. 

•' rf)|i(TEniTATlH AMon UIIBICS. 

" pmerllatlianierinllU iwrblandltor. et idtra 

PrvniKlll lltiTtoaHmlbniliUaliwIa 
At Dm Uvirsclleoct ocnlalo liu|nm«. DoMO 

iluiai nun *i m tall ditnua haoor* tnt. 
artBb. masnlluquiN irataa deafdnat IpM, 

RoiDa ana* eClara dlapsrlbw ilntaL 
Ru«npUai|uuraitmelatlaa<1aetuaab tttb, 

Quiipeivin Mii(u*l>-pr't'""*">e>*' 

Cvrt^nilMtl orllpnm'nllHrltnreaMilO, 
Aurltia) ct iHUHsaanplHraliBDniHe.' 


- PoftertQi, thj ■nothing Uta I l«il, 
Thnt oVrmjr rnlummnukox <"i aJt* niayat^L: 
IJut Uuid It it Iho Hsll^lnsT'd efv t« thiat 
VUh bnnuiirB iindiwiTvtd. too food dveoil! 
Otrciv. uitall)' ctoiiu<nI. and full vf fUna. 
Kiflho tor [hi- iv-wii o'tnnnj-a |wna1v*4 aaae ; 
And l)<uni<o'vrbirr LUudrioincblldniu mvunii. 
T>it<!r Iwur ili'imrlitgi villi Ibrlt muuLilflag unift 
How uiii I b^ippiby «uc1i t-XAin|>1(« itiovii, 
Mnrr Ihnn a trmiWiit daji.k |UMliiE*UDt 
Hnf iiifLH 1»r mv la «rln Uip |iTiiiH«t 4*, 
Aud liilOH I bniLbvt w itb ■ ImtbM'i t«HW'~ 

B; other ver*M, aJdreear-d to CraniDcr, It wooU 
Hjipcar that ly-lenil wa* aprrioacliig BDiictiea to 
whirh br bid not hccaaceuatomed,— «TiidaiMiiiaj 
■ii(|iei^, by the ojieiiing image of hIa " SeprllrE," 
that his pcnnlon ant UTejrDlar, and thai be began, 
as aulbora do in tli«K hard ca*e«, to valno " the 
forulEurc" of hi* mind above that of kia hftUM. 


cm, laniiiriMVF, 
•• Eat cxinitHU inllil dunil Karelin 
Infvii*, auFMi, niiblllii, Mmiiila, 
Quk tola* (luiliin llrlUuialamm 
Vmv redden hIuMbdi nimrl. 

8ad Purtuiu mirU hufctiw oafAh 
Jam hlletboalnvtilrl mallpta. 
(luare. iw paeeant brufi nt heft 
Mullamin mlbl DMiltnra talajw 
UiDDee. el patii» alnuL deaon 
UmaniKita (milant,' ike. Int. 

■■ 'n)i> fiirnltnm Ihnl BI1 oaf h^uc, 
'Die viwt an^ (mulifnl dladmc^ 
All Doblv, ulA lliii aim !• (old ; 
Out ancieul (lot/ Iicit« uarolN. 



Bui lottqiw ohctlu my d>fltt(cliliDv 

i, HiillB wIlffiMlUj A« Ibnwt 
Jbh U Um alotT^ pnaptniu dnn 
Jlo4 tbiw miul tbt uaflnlih'd Uilc, 
And bO >t>t raiay Ticlli itti, 
Aiid niuIiiij'tQuntr]'! hrniiiurfaU : 
In uncbrM bmtmuMTciUi til r' 

But, ronKlou* of Uic grentncM of hiii lihnnr*. 
he would obtuB rhe favour of Vbt ArcbbUha'p. by 
[i Jimil liag n th«re of hi* own fani« — 

Sle amnai tIMiitiivi-i'I'ttiuiic' 
JLailA forfHtrmn dabuol, am^nn 
nrttm Ml UtalOBlIU rv«cplte 
CoBOtiM aMmod Rrltanniw on i 
■•I* poMwIlw ambit onnk, 

WbcD SiUala^ nilndrm rale* ihall Und. 
Ab4 vltb bcT aim Uiy hi>nn>in hlooa. 
Aiabrfmi* DiIkliidhUMlarKiHita 
lla tlUca di*iis Ml GIdtt'* Imim, 
And tawk rrllntt* them on thy nunc. 
Till Umr tball l<m Ihj niiiiintlnf foms.'* 

Tbui wu LcUad, lik« the tnclanrholic, iiriib> 
4nvii enlirtlgr into ihp iKirM *f bl« own Wcna; 
Ui Imagfatilon drligbUns in rrvi>rlet. wlilie liti 
indiutfy iria tuhtutxlng itwif in labnur. Hia 
•ren not free Itwa hau^thliDct*. — -liit 
Mi4 B«preMi*o pbjriogDOmi inJimtrit ihc 
■dcImcIioIjf and tkt aujMtjr of hi* mind, it mu not 
bbom ha bu himwlf nfotAti. All ih^s rhn. 

lUtMtadM IM M rtratiHlf marknl in th« tiuiC 
of I.BtBMl, that Laratcr hail Inumiihcd had he 

l«boar tad brrn Inng fvlt ai volafitaonnrnt bf 
IxiMirf ; and Ibii ia anong ih» Calimiliea of 
liltnttav. aod It U lo with all (how *tu(Ii«* which 
<nplr bwj Uk tatcUrct aad ihc fAuvjr- There ii 
■ poita ai it dclijcht in itudj. often rahiemTP of 
^koiBMi kappmraa. MtD of gniiu. from their 
ttal»,drop into thtt cold farmaliClM of wKifly. 
(8 Moonawr ■(• eril., ita diaappuiottncnU, i(a 
•K^c^. aad pcrhapa its pfneculioni, WTirn 
aofli nisda ilbcowr the world will an); l>ec«me a 
fiiraA on ila owb t#ma. then Iha cap of th»ir 
WfKUi overflow* ; tha Iramvuf ^row moroaci acd 
tlw winy MtCMlk ; bai wort jiiilclibla emotiona 
ta a iNihlf-cidtcd imaciiiBtinn often pruducr 

• HkBl nsion U Uxni I» wri'iK "lUi Kimti-i tbal 
U> hut, n adnlrabi; nxnin lij tlrlcnlon, fa auppial- 
IMhm r PrnbaUf Mnick lijr thi pmnalw* old ici oT a 
taaa ■** ^dhij la bH f.inl«tl> |tar. he oinilirRinnl It tij ila 
a|-|«*nhi*i Ifut irrt *1U| tktajncof Uic iilijikvinnlal. 

Ihoac drluiiuaa, which Darwin r4llih>l!Di;)nidofu, 
and wliirh aomctiuvi tarmiuate in naiua. The 

hanghliltrM, Lbs meUncholjri and iha aBpir)D|{ 
gcninnofLcUnd.wtTC tending UiadlanrdmcdinUil- 
I«ct> Incipinil inmniiT it n mtAr floaiinic hi the 
imdi-rttaadltif . Mcaplne all obaerralion. when Ihc 
mind t« eajiable of nh|rrTing ttMtf. bnt tfcini ■ 
conilitural part of tlie cuind itirtf wWii tliat ia 
i;iiR>|dc(i'l> i;ii«er»d with its cloud. 

Iceland did not reach CToa tbe naturit; of lift, 
the prriod at whirh his atuptodoaa worlta «e» lo 
be eiMuied. He ma wtced bjr frenty. Thn 
caatM of hla intaniljr wrre nevet linown. Tbe 
Opiate d«cia[e4 be went mad bi.i:iiuR he bad 
embtnocd the new rotii;loij; bit ntaJicioaa rival 
Polyilore Vergil, bRranur hn had |iromiaed what 
he ciiuLd cot (irrfurin ; duUrr proiaiaia bMMiM) hU 
poetieil turn hml rnailr him coitPfittnl. Thr gnrt 

and mdancholj' of n (Inr i^eniua, and )«rlia|>> lui 
irirjcular pmaion, hit cncnii» have not nnlircd. 

Tbe ruiui of Lelaiid'a mind were viewed in bia 
library: volumva nn vcilumM irtupcndouiljr heaped 
together, ind maiaei of Uatca icalterrd herB anil 
there i all the tcatiso) of his leniiu, uud it* dia- 
traetioQ. Ui«cultrction>wcreaeindvn brhoncat 
and diahoneil handt ; mnnjr were trifatnred. but 
Home wi!Te itntcn. Kcaror totlnaUf an»nf«d a 
ttrict of vulume* from th« fragment* i but iho 
BrltanuU of Camdeu, the Lundun of Stowc, and 
the Chrouiclea of Hollnabcd, nre onljt a few of 
choae publiu wDrku wb^ue watcn dlmClr walled 
frotii the (|>riDg of Lrlind*! geniiu ; and that no- 
thing mi^ht bu wantini; lo prCMive aonie rcUc of 
thai fitie imaitiDacioa which wai alwaja workinK 
in \v^ |>oclic aniil, hii own dr*c:rl|it)on of hia 
learned juunivv utci the kicgclum w» a aparic, 
whirb, railing InIo the inflaminable mind of a poet, 
pnxluced the iiinKnlar and pdriulic puem of the 
PolyolbioQ of DraftOD. Thna the i^Qim uf 
Leland baa cune to lu dtHiucd thmuKh a farkt; 
of other meo'ai and what he iuten^Ied to prodiuw 
it has rcjuirrd many to perform. 

A •iDiulir inicriptittn, iu wlibch Lcland apnkt 
of himadf. io the ityle he traa at^cuMnmtid to lue. 
and wliicliWcevM tclli uawaa affi«ed tu hUinonu- 
nienl. u he had heard bjr tradiliun. waa prubBb]]>B 
relic inatfthrd frnm hi* gAneval wr«K-.k^fnr ilnoald 
not with proprirtj have brvn c«aijK»cd after hie 

*- Quantam Klirnano debet Crrmania diwtu 

Tanlum dcbrlilt torra UritaiLiia mUiL 
lUc nir paait riiu* vi nmulna ttixm 

.KmItbIccU lucidlolBdli. 
lia* anilquarum nmn «UMt<w nuRnn* amalar 

Onwbu palriw lumlM cUr> new. 
llMc ciuu imidlerbM nival* tewrlpu lateUlA 

Tun haCa usatrc •edulltall* aiml." 




" Wtiat Ottnumr tn latm'd Rhintniii nvM. 
Tli&l f<>r my Itr4(Atn hlinUl iny loH lunsluto : 
lUtTOlumM muk Uidr nurfouu, nuim.MiA dlnia*, 
ABd brfgbtan. sitb ■ manaul\ llflil, nM timML 
I«1B, lMaihUbrtb*afa«l««^<rill writer 

WhMi iball. InacrtbBd on mewy tkblcU^ b« 
Fnllnuinjra wllnaiBor mjr Iniliulij,* 

Another cxamplE af llleruj duapj>oiatiD«nt 
^orJcrJntc the lotFllect. msj he uuuWmpliitci] in 
Ibefitlr af thrjiiH'l Cc>i.lin«. 

Several iotrmiCing inciiJRnla mtj he tiiypiiai 
tajnhoion'i narrstirc of the (hart and obHinr* 
Ufa «( thia pact, vhti, morr than onjr nlticr uf oor 
ninrtyn ta ihr IjTt, liu IhrDwn OTcr «11 hii inincr* 
andhii thnu^htiiBt«n(lernef«orinlnil,Hiid hcc«t1icd 
a fmhnMii ov*r the piMufM of poetry, which th< 
mi(()it^Mi1loii hoi notcxorciicd.uid tbekburioui 
Grar hM not attained. But he iinmolaccd hapiiU 
net. «nil it Imitli naaoa, to hi* imnKination I 
Tli«inc^iileuIimo»tiaterHtiii; in thf life of (.'iillim 
««uM l>« thoM tir«Dl« wbii^li *Iutl( the orrlitinr; 
biopMphar i U)>t inrixblo Inln (if cmntiaii* wliich 

were |;i«dnillj ikustoK i" ki* ontml; thirw pu*mii« 
irbii^ finiC tnoQliIml Uia urniui. and irhirh aftfr 
wardi bnWt it ! Bui who muM rerord the iftdl- 
Uttoai of a po«Me temper i ita tnrtj hopp, and 
ita late dMpalr; tl* *ild naictf, arid it* wltled 
frrniT : hut thr poet binaclf? Yet Collin* )i*r 
Urt Iwliind no memorbl af the vindrrlnga uf his 
nllenatvd mind, but th» erron of lilt life ', 

Al cnlltigp )i« pnliliitlind hU " P«r>jaii Ki^ld^ca," 
utile; wen Arrt called, to wbicb, when Lcthausht 
thejr wore not dininrllj TcriUn, he gave tUir moir 
gfntnl title of " Oriental." The publicatiun wu 
■ttcDded with no tuccM* j bntlho finl nntiforttine 

a puct nircU irlU rarely detor him frnrn incurricig 
roorr. He faddmly quitted the univeniCf, and 
hai been crnnired Itir not hating cuiinultrd bi« 
fricndi when he raahljr reaolied lu live tiji the pen- 
But h» had nn friend* I Hii father had died in 
tnebnrraufcd circiiintUneca ; and Collin i "lut rc- 
Kidinjc al the uni-renritf tin thn atipcnil nlloned 
him by lilt uncle. Colunol Martin, who vaa 
abroad. He naa indi[ntnt al a repulse hr met 
with at eotlrge t n°d alive to the name «f author 
anil poet, lh<> ardent and ncaplc jioulh imaipned 
Uktt a ooblcr Add of action opcucil o» lilm in the 
mctrapolia than iraa preacBtrd bf the Hat udI- 
rormitj' of « eollfgUto life, T« «hatrvrr «pot thn 
youthful poet RlM, that apot leemi i'arnasiaa. aa 
ap|>lgutp Hirin* patronage. He hurried to luwii, 
and prcientcd bintclf before the eoiuiu, wbo 
paid his omatl altomnM fmio hi* andr, in a 
ftahioniblfl ttrMf, Kith a feather in hia hat. The 
frrar Itfitlnnu did not lucfeed in hi> ntlompt 
M •»£■)( bin back, with all the terror of Lie 

intormntioD, thai Ccdlint had nM a lingle piinw 
of bia ovn. and wm drentrd to ■ mat be mwU 
necer pijr for. The joun^ hard tnrBrd from hia 
oKduritCe cousin %» " a dull fello* i " a umal 
phrnnc nilh liim to desrribc tbou who did IWl 
ihink aa he would ha«e thffm. 

That monLent wai now coine, to WKb deiind. 
■lid tcarftXj j«t drvaJnl, which wac to pmdoes 
tliOM! cfTuKina* of faacj and lraniin|(, for wldeh 
Coltina hnrt prepared himtclf bj prvriotts itaitie*. 
About thii time ,Iuhn»on* baa given ■ tatt pie> 
iiire of the Intellectaal puw«n and the Itinvrj 
tttainmniit of Collin*. Dian In the UK* li« aAtr- 
waidt eompoaod. Collina waa acquUDled not 
onljr with the Icnmeil tonpieSt hot wkk the 
Italian, French, and Spnniah lan^a^ei ; " fUl of 
hnjiira and full of pmjrctn.. rrrrcd in tnanj lalf 
^UE««, high In faticjr, and itrong In rrteotiwi-" 
Surb wRH tlie language itl Johmoo, *hcn. Tinned 
bjr bia Dvn i nujiiuatioti. lie could write tike 
I/)a|[inH*^ nt ihnt after.pertod, «hm aaauinlBe 
tht^ auiCerilT of critloal diteuaaiun fbr tbc litva of 
pMt*, ereo in ih« f oldneii of hi* ratolleaiiBM. W 
drerribca Collin* a* '* • man of oatenai** Hlnvtaro, 
«nd of vigorous facuUina." 

A chaiin of lereral jftn maua* tn he lUled. 
He lent pn'jeeting nrorlii of labour, and ere>tiB| 
prodiirCiiint oftAitei snd he haa bMO r«])ro«Fli«d 
for IrrMolutimi, anil ctcn for iodolcncic. I^t m 
<Btcb hii feelingi fnrm the fa<:l* ai the; riae tocv- 
tber. and iearn whether Collina mtiat cndnr* 
rrniure or Moite r; oipathr. 

When be wa* liviiiK looMljr ahoat town, ha 
occuinaall]' wrote many abort pocmia in the b<NfC 
(if a friend, who wilousea that be burved m nijndlj 
at be compoted. HU odM twn p<BTcbaa»d Vr 
Millar, yet thongb but a ilifht paBq)Uet. all the 
ialcmt of that great bookiellor c«idd never inli^- 
ducc tltcm into notice. Not an idle oonpliineal 
b recurded to havu becu trnt to the poet. Wlira 
ve now cnniidpr that smong thoc ode* waa one 
the moat fiopulnr te the Iingmge. with aoaw rf 
the moat ei<]ui»itel<r pMtleal, It rentiul* mt al 
the Jifficulljra yoaug writer witbgut conncxiona 
experiericM io ohlainioc the pobUc ear; and of the 
Euiguurof poetira! oonnuiaseunwlM animilliMai irf 
fer poemi, that have not fel grown tip to uiboritf . 
til br: buried on the t\i*V. Wliat Iba aalngvd 
fcclinga of the poet were, appeared when aotm 
tine afterwArda he became rich ononfh to cii ict a i 
thfiu. Hiiliifc obtained lome Comuie b; Ika 
death of hiii uncle, he made food ta the pwbliahir 
Che ilelifienify of the mitold odea, atid, in hit 
haii^bt]' re^FDtincDt al the public tsalct «oaa(|Mi 
liic iiiipmf'ion to the Ilamea I 

U'lio ahall now paint the fCTtrteb and Mkali 
fe«Iing* of a joans pnet ini«h aa Collin*, who Wt 

* In ■ li-cwr ta Joirpli Warlca. 

twice ■dilrT*i«J tba pwUlc, aod twice Lad been 

iTpvlacil ^ He vImic pocdc tempa Jobmos hw 
ftad; painted, at tlic luppr mamml when he fdt 
iia ialiinm. u " deligbllD( tu lote llirongli the 
MBBiloiw of ouihwitiaoiit, U> cm<oo tlw mu- 
MUeMtee «f fold«n ptltM*, aed repow by the 

ll caiual be iloubtcdt and tlu recorded f<cta 
■in dniMiulrate U, that Um poMiral iliM|ipoint- 
meau ol CoUmi wen M>er«tlf prrfing on li» 
■{•tntjuiil r«]>n3twiig hiifiroiul cxertioiu. Witha 
aU ricUj atarcd oilh liuncurc, uid « vod bIivr 
Ut Che fiBpulm Ot nature otid studf , bo [Projected 
a " HtttOTT of tbe RnUal a( Lfarnins," and a 
nanalatlMi of "Ari«ttnle'« Poetio," lo be illiu- 
tnCed bf a large oonmenlaiy. 

BmE " Ui gT<*t fault," aaji Jobawn, " waa bi* 
Umtiatiim ; or the frequcnl calb of fnmpi/iafe 
■nwartf|i broke till BeJbeair*. ami tuflrrrd him to 
{iwiwae Da M«lnl purponr." Callina wai, hnw. 
cTcr. BOl idle, tbougli without appticaliun t for, 
■tMn repnwchcd with idkiKM bjt a friend, be 
Aa«*d inatanllj ineial ilivrta <it hj« vcnl'OB of 
AfWodc, ud nanj enihryat nf luirno livci he bid 
•^■(MllOcamp«a«forUi« Uiograpbia Bntuinicai 
be Be*<r brai^ht ritlirr to (wcft'ctiiin I What 
ttm >aa tkia irrtmiatiun but tbc lodllatioiu a( a 
afald farakcD Mid confoondcil .' He had txainaed 
toe ecmatuHtif tbe faighett Caentiica uf atiUu-ii. and 
ii« bad precipitated Uaaelf Into tba JfWiMM Ot 
tvtl htr. ^ntn> bill ■ )i(iBt Ota coiiedva, Bir aaae 
b«t a poet cao cipericnoc, tii« wcret womiili 
InllirCtci on a mind of romantic l*nef and tcoJer. 
na» uf eoollOBt wUcb bM itakcd iti happinrat 
a« ila tmafiaMim ; fer mcb n^lMt in fell ai ardi- 
muj men wovld feci tbe MDMEion of htini; let 
don into a acpulcbr*, and butkd allTo. Tbe 
Bii^ of Tuio, a brother in (aacy to Ci>ilin(, 
hMMM diaordered by the uppmitiiiiii uf tlie critiu, 
list |wrpetiial Mfleet Injum tt iint leia. Tbe 
|oPB of tbe (Drii-nia «*a reprcienlcd. holijlng 
towtn, the pramiic of the ipriDi;, or tome 
of Mttii tndicatiie of •Fproacbing hnrrcsl 
— bat tbe Horx of Cuiliiu Siad teatiered tCI Med. 
i^ Ihof remaiBed biirled in tha earth. 

Tfa* obltfiori vtiich carcred our poet'* workt 
■PPM»J to bini itcrtu], a> tfaoM worha now wcm 
to OB untnartaL l)« had cmtcd Hon irilb deep 
■fkd antbuaiMtie (eeliog !— 

" mill tpm B lUr — 
WUl|«rt4 pmUrd t-louure, 
Aai Wib *• l»dr ««« •> dMuN* ban : 
AM Tlt-ia. mduntad, «dMi «ad «b>*1 bar faUa 

The f>« j«an Calliiia |ia*acd in the nvctropolii 
be waa nbilitlli( <litb of ufiDii hii fricndt j aad, 
baJOC a plfiiatt com|«uiiDa, he ohlaincd many 

liteorary Bci|iuint-JLncr«, It waq at tbii period Ihai 

Jabiuan knew bint, and cbuidocribetldin: — "Uto 
appearma itu decent, and hi* knowlr'lee con- 
•IJerable; hit tiewa etleniive, and hia eonrcrak- 
tion elegant." He waa a eoDatanc freqnenwr at 
the liCvrarf retorts of Iho Bedford and Slaughler'ai 
and ArnutronK. IIil1< Garrlck, and Fnotc, ftc- 
quenllf conittJted him on (heir pieori bcfure Ifaejr 
appeared In public. Frum hii lotimar; with 
(inrrink he obtAtoed a frM adDiiwtia into the 
Btcrn-rouna ; uid probat>i]r it wu at tkt* period. 
aiDun^- hia other projecCat tlial be plannrd teiretal 
tiajccdica. wliicb, howertr, u Joboaon obMrres, 
" he only planned." There ii a feature in Col- 
lina'a charecter which rci|nire« attention. Us 
i> rei>raieii.lcd sa amin of obccrfnl diapoiitiDtu i 
Kul it hai been uiy studx to dttccl onl; a no- 
Unrliolj. which was prejloij; oa the very aovic* 
(if life iLtclf. C^oUina wax. indeed. Iiorn to irliami 
hii friendi 1 fur fniu^y and elegance wees nerer 

ubaeut fruin kii luacRplible mind, ricb la ita 
atorr*. and I'ertatiL: In ita emotions. Ke blmaelf 
iiidirata his own chancier, in lili addreu to 
'■ Home t ■'— 

■' nn ; nnr, rafnrillrat while Ihoae nirnibitt bcaat 
My sliort-llrvd IrUai, ftiict mj niolal naiiie.* 

Johnann b*i laid na of hi* cheerful dlapoiitiofiBI 
aod eae who knew him wpU obvcneii, tliat " in tlie 
ireen-rooin he made dirertinK obwrvationa on tlie 
vanit; and fa1*e coniequence of that claai of people. 
anii hii aaoner of relating them to hli psrtU'ular 
ffisndj Wii Mirfimelj entpruunini; :" but the aartie 
friend ni-kn»wlcilKC>. thafioeae letl«ri which he 
receiicd from CoUinr, ihouRh chietlj on btuioeia, 
have In thrm aomc (tighta which tilruiiKly mark hia 
character, and for whieli reaaoo I hnie pTeMrrml 
them." W*<Miiinot d««(il* of the temper of a man 
viewed only la a circle of frieoilt , who liatcn lo the 
ebullition* nf witorfanc; i tbeaocial wnrmth far a 
moment ihrowa into for^trulnea* hi* lecret 
aurmw. The moat melancholy man ia frvijoentlr 

the moat delightful <:oinpBniiiin, and pvriiliirly 
cndow^ with the talent of aalirical piajfalneaiL 
and vivarily of humour*. But what waa the true 

■ Uurtim. theauUiDiof "TbaAnaloniiraf HalanrJKily.i" 
offDnaatrUInf mBtoim BbbepKaDOfti. In hU ourkm* 
- Kaslator aoit Chnnilele." baa praaonad Uie laUowInc 
parlliniluracf Ibkaiilhdr. " In bd InlarrBlaf np>ui>*r 
•tn¥Jil In trlrtmily pltaiaHl. and talH MitjiMrr in imr 
(mi^Hinv. Vol I ham bcanl. Vail nnllilns at laal miuld 
makr tilm IbuhIi, biil. itnlns ilnwn tn Ih* nrldir-fnal at 
tlxlonl. and haarlnt Iha lantoinoi aDold and alarm and 
•WMJ al cHH aiuitbar i at which lie would iM hi* hanila 
lo hia aldca. and laoih auHl pnAiaely : jrel In hit cliaintmr 
•o iijutD and mup lah . tlul ha wa* ai wi wetad In bt fila lU 
>r." With what a nnr Mniin of iioelk ftclMB haa a 
mblem bant tiuftiot Uili aubjart'— 

life of Cdlint, Kp4nl«d from ita wltcntitiouH 
circoniitaiicci ? IL wiu i. life nf «niiC. ueccr 
i!hM|a«r«d hy hope, that ru ■tricing to elude Iti 
oirii olMetraUon bjr burryiiigintixixn* trai|ioriirf 
diHtpadon. Bui the boun or tiicUncliolj and 
aolttudi! were lure to nrtiun ; thtsi^ wrrc markeit 
on the dial of hU tlfe, and, trlwn Ihpy struck, tlie 
ftj and IJTClj CallioB, lik<> one of hi* otm 
enchanted beln|a, an utrcl; irUjuicd into hia 
MttiTBl fbapc. To the perpetual rccollcotiou of 
his |ioFlicU liiiapprihitnicnls, ate nt tu atlributc 
thiK iiniicllird ntnteofhii mind, and tli» prrplcuiCf 
of tviii atudim. To thue he »«« pcrptluull/ 
rcicrting. nhiuli lie nboiVBd nheD anpr a tapic of 
•cvcral jetn, ht could iit>t rest tLI lie Lad tiurord 
bl» ill-fulrd ode*. Ami wlint nii) Ihc rrautt of hU 
liUmry life ? He retnmed to bit n»tiie city uf 
ChiiihMieT in s tiatc almiHt of nxbcdDeu. deatt- 
tnUr, dUcBund, and wild in drapair, li> liidn lilini«lf 
in the arm* of a tiit<r. 

Tlie cloud hail loii|; hten gsChering OTCr Ilia 
ooiivuUpd iul«llci;t ; srid ILe fiirCiirie h« acqiiirrd 
on the drath eif hii unrle «c>rvcd nnly for pononaL 
i&dul^uMa, which rnther accelerated Eiii diaordfr. 
Tbere vitrei aC timti, »Dme anful paunc* in tli? 
■licn&tion of hi* mind — but lie b/id ttlibdrawn ic 
from atadj-. It wnx in oriR nf thrte intervnla that 
Thitmaa Waiiun (old Jolinion lliat mlien lie met 
Crillinv trniftilliiig, hr tiKik rip » houk (he poet 
carried with him, fro-m eurioeLty, lo lec wL« 
companiun a mnn of Irttcni Knd chnicn — it wnsan 
Kiifjljili Tenlajneal. " 1 hare but one book," aaid 
CollLdt, "but thai it Ibo bnL" Thii clreum- 
■tntice it recorded on hia taisb. 

" tic'jaln'd pumUilh ta ■tronif poetic pan», 
And Id revivlDji reofon^ Lueid IjQitm, 
Aavahl<iinnn*bo<^kljU tn:>ub<1cil mln<l ta rnrt, 
JUkI rlgSitl^ dna'd thulKwk ol God ibn Iiwit." 

At Chiclioter, IradiUon hat pmiprepd noran 
•triking and atfvetiiig oecurrencM of hia last 
daji I he woold lirtuiit the ainlr* ind cliii'tvm tif 
the cat bed ml, (oiing iiy and nlgbti tocelUcT, 
lOTiDg Ibeir 

■■ nim lellrluui llxlit" 

And, whf n the chomteri dianted Ibttr anChpin, 
tb« liateuiug and bevildercd poet, nrtied oat nf 
tamadf bj Ihn autemii iCraiai, and his own too 
ntocptible imigliialjun, niMiinl and elirieked, 
BDil awoke i tadntM and a trrror moat Btf«::tin|: 
Moid relipciiui CRiotioni : tbeir friend, their kina- 
man, end thfir poet, waa before thein, an, awfiil 
Imeye of bucnan iii»«rj nn-ii ruined gvniua ! 

" A* a bvBQi <^t>r tbo fiic^ of Ihi* wriUn iiib^ tfi"w, 
WblU th« lU* ruBaIn 4uka»aiui-Irc>1dnf«brluw, 
fe (ht check ni*3 W linc*d wtUi ■ wartD lusnj «nil1v. 
Tliaucb Uw gold bwrt M tnlo moo riarklj- ibe wlii)*.' 
Moonal* Ir4<h MvJoOics, 

Tbis intenetins eireuoManoe ia tbm altnMn 
Dti Ilia mouumeut : — 

■• r# iraiu tlial odMtd (a hU frantle auan, 
rumnl tlioi1iii>nninl nf ihU natrful MOM: 
Bimnauni ti> hliii, faanit'itr* at U\tl»J*. 
Tkli loiid TDDmailal ef hbtalaDUralw.' 

A xducitHry tubcrrlption niied th« tnonnfflnl 
lo CoUint. The ^ina of Flaianaii h*4 throvn 
nut on Ibe eloquent inaible ill that fancj we^ 
i^»n*t«r«lc i tb« tvrab b itself a (Men. 

There Cnlliiii la represented M liltiDg ta ■ 
recLnins pontiirr, daring a Innld Interval o( hia 
■ffllotlng Dialadf, iritb a ealm «ai) hreif d atpcft, 
■a if teckjng rrfnge ftnin hii miiftirtuoe* in tk* 
CDiuolaCiwit cf tlio Guspcl. which lie ap«*i before 
him, whiltit hi* tjrr, anil " the lUe OD the 
Pauimii," ai a aeroll. ere Uirowa logger 
nrflnrt«d on the ground. L'pon the pediauent 
on the (iibtHt iire jtlaued ia relief t«o fanale 
liguru of LnVK And Pitv, rniwiueil tacb ■ 
UiL- anna of the other: the proper nnblema o( 
Ihi- Benlcw of hia poetrjr. 

I^n^liorne, who g«p« an edidon of CoUiiu'i 
poemi viih all ibc fcnour uf ■ votary, made 
III obaenatioD not perfectlv oorrect i — *' ll b 
nlMervable," be aayi, "(hnt none of hii frmma 
bear the markii of an amoTDu* diipaiilton ; and 
that he it one of those few poets who have >«ito] 
to Delphi, without loD>!hini{ at Cj^tbera. In Ibe 
' Ode to the Pauioni,' J,avf baa been ocnltted." 
There, indeed, Ln»e duea not form an iiniioraM 
jiemtiaKe-. yet. at the cloae, Love loabM bje 
tnuiaient appearance with Joy and Jfw-tfc '* ■ 
gmj faotJutk rand." 

•■ And. lUDlOit bit tnilic plax. 
A< If bewuuld tbe cbamtlnit air n^aj. 
btujdk lluiuatidiHlaunitrambiailcvy vloca,' 

1 1 i« eertain, however, thni CoUina iiiiiiitilenJ 
the HiDBlorjr pimion a* unfriendljr to [i^mfe 
origiiiillEri fur he atludea to the whole rwcx d 
the ProvonfaJ pacta, bj ucuaing them ofoml/ 

" Lav*, onlj Uiit, hut taitsUeia nuisban maaot.'* 

Cotlini affeeted ta atlght the nrebin ; f<>r ke 
luioitiir hnd been onoe in love, enJ hia wh ka* 
preferred the bUlofj of hit peaaaon ; he «m 
attached to ■ youBS Isdj who wa* bota Ihedaj 
before ktm, nnd wbn Mtem* not tn hkre been reef 
poelleall; tempered, for >be did not rwtan ka 
ardour. Oii thai ocoaaion, be *aii " thu Iwoaa 
iuut the wot III a Jay nfut Unfair*' 

Lnnehorne ooni|>o>Ml two tonneU. which MiB 
□nlj ptMerted in the Monlbl; Review, In obWJl 
he wu a writer, and where he fitoliatilj Jn^iliJ 
ihvm ; tUojr bear a patticuEar tTfertoee to It* 

aWiNtMSM of oar poet. In one be reiiKsmtt 
VMoa, in die form of AdJlfon, rMliiuujg in 
*|In eU and boMon^ ibade of M*gdal«n," aDii 

' Tb<|ieorikad««f CalUah wtodcrlnf by: 

tWiaraioadtRaililiiic in lihfaiilaer*> 

WKb Botnc grirf itlocuat, while be Mid— 

' Ihwl bard. bdoTM trr crarj siius In Talc 1 

Whi fini'n, Dbow dB«i(B wmuftii their ovn Inatj ; 

Sk I vbtndam, Ibanilulta, didat tnou jl'ld Um nln 

To hncj'* sill, and vliai* tli* Ri«(«iir nj- > 
Ihl *llj li«tt< I^T uim Iljlilrwi tlnun, 
tteanriaa iJm twut. *b<tT lt<**oa i ul<* the day.' " 

1W Uil line w moat bappiljr ■[ipUnl; it i> a 

mm bj Ifae nifurtiuialD bard biai*rir i whlcb 

kdlMena tlie omtrait with hja lorlom atnlc ! 

l«a|fcarBa bat ftriinglf piinipd Ibe fatal iadul- 

fOBeei of ndi a «bar*eter aa CoUina. 

^01 taw;^ Ino prvnll in> ponr twBVTB I 
'■Ml ha* lb* hrlililaD tlft'i (all itioniliit ■bono; 
on rbM Hopa en Raaaoo^ ammvIcD tliinn*, 
kH ■teaaiUuMSf.tarfarlDWBatiddMpair. 
fMlMnMI*.ol allhar paw<tapMM*t. 

iM b« flattarr win tbr roiilbful aar. 
r Inni bllti lo mch ■ vartoaa lusl. 
hiaaal IhtfUut. tno'now pfnhani-D full ilaar; 
1W aa>al Inar wjdi hn rharmi in dint. 
B«t««aiatb*mb*r TfiMlobBnrliUu,t wmtl- 

Tfc« crUiriiim of Jnhn*nn on the jtnctrf of 
Ccdiiu, tbat " u ncn are O'ftm Mtrrmrd wiia 
CMMM be )o*«d, to tb» pMtry of Colliaa najr 
•MMdBM extort praiio nticn it pivn tiltla 
flMOTTv." nlichl aliDOM hsve lirrn fiirriUhcJ bjr 
Ifc* lanbMTim pra at olrl Dmnia. Rat CoUios 
fran tbe po«ti(4l D«ver exUtrti pnuae. for it ia 
(i«m tfnt*iriiu*lii ; be is macli niiir« hvgJ tban 
aMvwwrf, for ht dD«i not gltc /iffb pteiuitre. 
J"*"""- too, dcMTibea '• hi* linra ai ai alaw 
V«X^ ■■■■' implied wttb cluatBrt tif 
.-.,11.'* E»Fn thi» wrbal criiidim, though 

it apytrai» io llie eye, aod aot to llic car. It faliM 
sritkiaM t alace Cnllina i* ncruinly tbo moat 
mm^kai tit potU. How could Ihat L^al be hanh 
ia hU dictiM. «ho almoit drawi wan from aiu 
c^M, while bit Bwlodiooi Unct and picliirin; 
cyidMU arc rMimnbnvd br bi* rtaden ? Ilo b 
4tvovtrA wttb u much cutbuaiaam bj oiic part; 
■i h» to iwfirtettljF rcliahrd by the other. 

jabaaoa baa fiien two cbaracirra of tbt* port : 
fW MW eenfmMi at « prriw) «b»n tbat pvat 
«ritie **a alill aoiicrplitile «f Ibc tr^iietinn of the 
taa^iMtioaibMVTea in ibu portrait. ihouKb ancnc 
•f lb pott are ioiprvmiTrljr drann, ihe 
ttkmum ia b>co«pl«t«, (or ilwre ia not e*pn a 
•Bfbt indicatitni of lbs t^hifir featDie in CoUina'a 
(»niaa, Ua teoJ t rB f and delicacy of rmalion, 
•«d U* ftMb amd ftotBresqna crcatirc atrokca. 

Nature hud denied to Jobnion'a robntl iatrlle<et 
the penvptioB of tbeia pottie quaiit)«t. Ue »ai 
bol a alitrljt ox in Uw £cldii of pDrDaaaiir, net the 
animal uf iiaturr. Monjr yean aft/rrwarda, during 
hii poetical hioKraphj, that long Lml at witiniam, 
ill vhii^h ht mcirtiliril oar poctinl fMUngi bj 
acoon mo dating hli to the pojiulan of critic*, — to 
faint www fomvi rtcollcctiona, and to ifflpcrfntt 
were etcn tboM fuUng* whicb nnce he iccmcd to 
bare ponenrd,— thai be t'ouldthrn do nothing bat 
«fii« on Colliti* wiih iriich Irai warmth than h« 
haa written on Blackiuart. Jolmaon ia, indeed, 
ihc lirat of cntic*, wbtn bia poicirful lopc larci' 
tigAtet objrrt« submittcJ to reaton : but great 
acnac la oot alway ■ combined with delieai^f of loale ; 
nnd thPFR ii in poeirv a prn-vincr which Arltlotia 
himaelf maf ncT«r baic entered. 

At a time wbna ori4ntal aludita were in their 
infancjia thia aouatrr, SiM0KOcKtBV,aniin*lei] 
by the ilkatriuua example of Pncocke, and the 
laboHniii diligrnce of Prldniui. dtvoted hli life 
aod hia fortune to tbrin aovrl fTictarchrs, whieh 
TI»»iMirily involved bath. With that eatbutiuni 
whiuh lh« aocii'iit TuUry cipcrieiicecl, «nd with 
thnt patient flulTrrin^ the niailcrn martyr liaa 
endurrd, ht^ pnnmpd, till he arrompliahrd, the 
utcful object of hia labourt. He, pprbapa, waa 
the llt«t who Mbibil«Ml to ua other htror* thkn 
iboie of Rome and Greece ; toges at coatcmpl*- 
live, and s people mote mainillccnt cre.n than 
the iron, mnitrn of the irorltl. Among other 
oriental produedanj. bii moat 0onaid«nbl« to 
'■Th< Hiitorj of the Sampcni." Tba firat »fiIom« 
apiwarcd in I'O^, and the second ten ytai* aAcr- 
anrdj. In Xhe prcfare to the lut rolnne, the 
orieiitil atudent pathetitially cuunU oier hit ior> 
rovi, and triumphs orer hi* dimppointmenta ; th« 
moat remarkable part i> ibe ikle of tlic place from 
iibeniN^ thia preface waa uritten — he triumphantly 
cloaca hia labours In iho caofiiiemeat of CAmbriiige 
CaaU« for debt ! 

Qcklcy, Kmcnting hja ataall profieienej in the 
Per«ian atudiea, reaolve* (o attain to them : — 

" How often have I eodeaTaurtd to perfect 
myacif In that laDKuage, hut my raalignnat and 
eoTiotit itata atill friiicnled raf nitempta: bat 
ih<7 iball sooner alt#r their eourte* than ettin> 
guUh Riy rr«oluti«n of quciifhing tltut (hint, 
whicb the Little I baie bad of it hath already 

And he autea th« Mdeneita of hi* bittar? 
<rith the mast naltml modwy : — 

" Had I not been foireed to anateh cverylbiag 
tbat 1 bare, ai it were, oiut of the Are, oHr Sarvcen 


WsiotT flioiilil Lbtc been ujliL'red iiilo the world 
ftftcr a different mannrr." Hr ii fr«Tfal that 
MBietliing nuulil lie ancrilKil to liii iniluIcnuL- or 
n«gllg«Dre, thtl " auglit more jiutly lo be aCtii- 
biiled to tils iuHiicDcc of liiMionblr- nccnuilj. 
Conl'il I hnvc been Duiitvr of mj oim timr wiil 
circiun*[4iiciv ! " 

SbiLUi-onihiite pretrndmLpnlronsiirtio, appoint- 
ing " • praCfHirnf tlin<iri(nt*l tAngiU|4'ii,"<:niin- 
tcract the pur|>ti»c ef lUe pr«fc»»nr»hip by their 
utter mrglcct of tbe profcjtior, whuvo Btiiimidaaimul 
kn|i liliiiuD Uie a]iutirliereuulf bt^uu^ht lodHtll. 
And Oflkli-T ciicnplwni aIio of ihnt hTpocriti«al 
curioiity wlikh pretenJ* to t«kc an iiiltrett in 
thing* it irarrs liltlc nlioul i per|>ctu.ii11;r iD(|uinni:, 
■1 tuuu OB a wutk h uLiiioiinci'J, irhi'u il ia Co 
come out. Hiil thfto riiii(it«ti of tllrraturc, who 
cui only build nrpuli-lirt!!! to- uietenl pmphcti, 
CCTAr iR'litire in a lining onv. Somp of tKirte, 
CcHmj' <n'-t willi on tlio jiulibrili"ii nt liii fir»c 
lolutnc : llii^r tun It (lonn *» tlie itron^M story 
thcf hid crrr hiracd ; tlif j bud never met with 
■ucb folkii an ihu Araliitui 1 " A retcrencj digni' 
t*ry ukfi) ni«. If, wh«n ] wro-Ii- tbnt b<ifi\i, I hail 
not lately bccu rcndiuic tb.« bialurjr of Olivvr 
Cromwell ; " Ruch wm the |>laudiC llio oripnlnl 
BtudmC rvceiTcil, and rrtumrd to grow pa1« airr 
fail MSS. Uut wheu Petia de U Croix, obntrm 
Oekley, wait pUTtuitig tfac- shihii track u( Btudy, in 
th« p«trona|t«.of Loula XIV,, he fuuud book>, 
leimire, and cncautoernicnt ; and whi-n ilic ^ent 
Culbcri dnired him to compote the life of (i«nkia 
Chun, lie eoDtldcnd ■ period of ten years not too 
much to b« ailowtd the autliar. And than Ocktey 
pnKe«da: — 

" But my unbnppj conditititi lutli nlwaya been 
widdy dilfcreiit frum aiiylLiiig thut vuuid idmit of 
nteh an fxnrtnrss. Fortanc ]icemii <inlytoh>vF 
gi««n at B butf of it out of apitc, aaparpcHic Uiot 
I Biglil regret tbt Ion of it" 

He descnbea hia two juunicys lo Oifurd, for Uis 
tint voIamD ; but id tiii leoond, mitten Cuvd 
vune triib bin : 

*' Bitber my dQnic»ti« offaira were gnjwn much 
irorae, or I leat able to bear tbcto i oi whu ia 
iDorc probable, both." 

In^rnuoui rinifr«lnn ! fhiltR of ft llf* dnotcd 
in it4 itruK^lH, to important literature! and we 
miumur when pD^ua ia irritable, and crudibui i» 
moTUiel But lu( ua iiniuord wltb Ocklcy ; 

** I WB( forced 10 tak'T the advBiiIai;e of Ibe 
iliioibcr of my iram, Itint never iilepl whitrn I wm 
■wake i and if tticy did iiat ineuunllji interrupt 
»]f tludiw, were mrc ta lucceed tbem with no 
\m* cooaUiH^ tluD night duUi the day." 

Thia ia tbt cryof jfony. lle«bo readi tbii 
without lyiupBtli;, oD|;ht to rr jrel these volumet *« 
ttie idlaat h« it(t rnd i aod honour mc with liia 

caRtempC Tlie cloac of OcUej'a ptdaoe afaow* a 
love-like tcnifmim for his atndiiw ; altbouch ba 
itiiuit(|uit life vitbuutbriri^iiig them to prrfaetios. 
he open» bit oflnl to poaUrriiy, and tclbt tfaea, ia 
the longuag* of proplitry, tliat if they will beitow 
cncnDraeenicnt on oar yaiitb, the nuaTortaae* k 
hai di^acribcd will Iw rent«dlcd. Ho, indeed, voa 
HVire that thei« «ludeutJ — 

"Will hardly oomfl in upon the proapKt of 
IndinK leisure, b • priton, lo traaf«nb« thoM 
pnpera ht the preu wbich tbey b*vc eolUettrf 
with iuileratisBliIi! lalxiur. and oftmlinie* at tfae 
o> Ii«Me of their rent, and alJ the ol li«r converMUCa 
of lifr, for Ihff netiii^E of the public." 

Vet llic dultioK martjr of litvMtura, at tke 
momrnt he ii fait bound lo tbe takt, doe* not 
L-uuildrr a |>ri>ou io dmdfb.1 a ie««rd lor Qtmij 
Uboiir), — 

•■ I i^an flinire them, from my own aijiniawc 
that I har'e eojujTil more true liberty, moirt happy 
leisure, and more tolid rcpoac in >ix montk* hm. 
thrin in thrier the lamc nurabcr of ytsn beforv. 
Evil U the condition of Uiat hittonan who iind«f- 
Ldkea to write the livM ofotherc, before he Icnow* 
how lo live lilnselT. Yet I hare no j«>t reaann to 
be nneiy with the world i I nercr alovd in need 
nf iu asiiatanee in my life, but 1 found II alwayi 
ver^ libend of iu fidtioe ; for wbiih 1 am ao mueh 
the imirH IwliiiblEii lo it, by liiiw miieh the (norr 1 
did alwayi in my judgment firv the p o aa w ioa of 
wixloro the prcfemice lo tlut uf ricliaa*." 

• t)r, tMniinil OhIsII cinma murkshlv 
llluatrntK mir {imml iiinKtlfatloti. B« 
dm'tni till Ilk !•> U* " Lukwe ll«frtaflM*on.- II to 
□III pni_n<ls. if [bun in> t»r> Uiat OM to M >a*B— J Wk 
til t kinii'i I'Mt* ot Ifamid mw, t<> naA 1i)> |M t h» >l « mil i mm 
I tn(%ntlK»U..iuilltahmalhan. Ite laiMate lb* h«^ 
tncii>cwi><)f liu-n->lEbls)wiiu. duilif wUih b* Itiw^ 
him— It iillc wim lie iitA notilxniU^ (iitmiir atgfataB 
hinir* • 4ar to thIa U V>ut ; thul bo boi sxpiBtel ■> Ui 
InbfirltUlO* lU laaidd Buro thui (velic tlioiuiuij puMi JW ; 
thai it hvl bnibnn liU uuu^lultiii«.Mid Wl kin UM 
M wdU iu ixwr. Wbcii tbli InTkliuM* tetjfltM «•> 
|mbll»liot, ttip<iDpln mn^ni^ (inanld In }At 
Ibe lew-nnl Tuinll bad in(iiJ|*CoJ.itli* 
koawMs* of Ihe ^Uio tif k full eortwry. IU t^ <• 
mnupMilf 4avDlT^ lilioaell M OriAlal •Iiidl4>v 1^1 Ibq 
li«l ■ Tttynciuiikable ranaqBiauo. be b* had kUlj 
(«I(alMI hb an laninas*. and effoU aiBnat} it'll • 
dnitU wDid. Tlilrni|ip«T»tB«om«efhtoffi^l«h i,tlan, 
ptwnd b/ Ut. KlcWiIa Ui Ua n]<uU* " LUowj 
Aiin>li>l« of Ilia UlilitMnlh Ontoty," *al. Iv. IW 
)iuijilr«dof itiiw t,4i&lvnBt,uti«Jiliil tlie liiim nf bfi l,art 
vFFrt filicci, bj Dr. Ck(t*U'i Dk«s, In a luxn •« UHfc 
dWiu^lid. tlutt >mTDl]i DBecmnpM* o«|i7 OKBpnd IW n^ 
enil - lliewhi>lvl«i «l Iranwd ngt laM «klj |w *•« 
yjitai^"* The vnrk ut Ihlmomn^itwcnlil! 
I believe, aI flirty ac htij poond^^Tb* 
whn AnI gimlbfl wurldacotubwwnbaiaf Uh 
auJ whp liod •>> cmJomIj l«t«iir«d la lMMla« 



Poor OekI«f , aim] • ■ atBdcnl, and rarelf vbal 
[a adliJ ■ ■•■ nf tbc irDitd, once cncaan.tcRd a 
ttmrj caUiull; wliich fmiurutt; occitn vlieu an 
•«bor indi kuueU auoDg tbe *^ld Uttlsn am) 
the yoBitod ejniet of Ika fuhianable nfd«. 

Hoawriiing l!l« a patToa be found in llarlcj, tbc 
Ewi id Oafofdt aud once had the ualucbjt iiuDuur 
at iSaioK at the tabic of my Lonl TRmuiTr. It 
i* probable Ibst ndtUry, from rttirrd hatiil* nnil 
■tadte*. wu not at all airivsiniilUtifd in (hi^ 
itM' M Bw^ of hIiIcIi gr«atFr Kriuuse* tban 
Ockley bate >o furllly dn|)iiuiJ. How he 
bcli'ied I ftaaal narrate ; pniluljl; lie ikliTfml 
UmmU with aa gnu aJmpUeitfi it the tnblE «( 
dM Ldtd Traanm-, at an tfae vrong md« «f 
CoBibnd^ C««tli; j^ate. Tbe ctnbarrawioeut Uiit 
riai|lidt]t drtw kin inio, in very ftillj alaied En 
tke fbUoiniic copioiu »iidIoe| br nildrcued to tbc 
Kail at Oiford. ohilch I him irancmlMd from 
A* MJ^Ml i pnbapi it uaj ba a naernl moino- 
to MM* Men of kttcra H Unld pdiabed aa tba 

" Camhndge, Jvlg U, Ult. 
" Mt Loao. 
" I *■■ M itmclE nilli htrnor mid unHcmcnt 
days ago. Uut I cannot pimaibljr tii'iTw it. 
A Maid ar nine ihovfd m« a letter, (lart oftlitr 
eontmta of which vnni, 'Thai Pralmior Ocklej 
p«ai Mich utTCfce oflenu by aotne nntattrtljr 
rcn to tonie g«olteiii«> at mjr L«rd Trrauvrrr'* 
thM !l ftiNild b« in Tain to make any titrlber 
HUdknlipn to hltn,' 

" Mjr Lord, it \t impowiMo for a>* to rfeolleet, 
at thia dialiAM of ticDC. All ibnt t can uf i* 
lUli ikal, aa on tbs one lidc for a man to cone 
10 Uapatnia'i table with adetign Lo afront either 
Ita or bii frimtlt, ftDfipti^n bim » iierfert natnnJ, 
a Mefc idiM : M> on the athrr aide it vnald be 
catreaia let-ere, if ■ penon who** etiucaliva wti 
Ar diftaat CtiMa the puliteneia of a court, ■hmld, 
ipoa tfct arcannl of an nogwirdad exprewian. or 
MHM Uttla tnadicrtPncf in hit behavloar, infler a 
capital aenteofc 

*■ Wliicb ia my ct«e> if I ha-rc forfcilcd your 
IjuiAip't f*«Dar; ohirh flod fmbid ! That 
ana la Involred in iloubte niiii th»l i* not only 
(hraakm bjr hii fri*nd. hut. «hl«hl» tb« unvetdiUe 
nmaaqOfoee, (ijroMd t^i the loalice and contviDpt. 
m4 Mil; of tnemicf, but, vbat ia *tlll uurc 
uf all tmta of fboli. 

-DalnrBl l1Mnr>'vt>lrl>*ai(heprUleufoar«nniltj. 
ITO ii M* tfwUca tJUontti a ItTc nl want— and (lita 
Vmt OrtontalW, il ntere In ilqrnHle tbc nmnaln nf a 
■aaaf laatetosIijaDcrlinKvURnUloai.lvbai lK<iuniDd 
I la> (An vantal a ehaoto if llu«R. anit nfnni 
Ma In ■ffib of (Mnti coni|ai*iaiiilp 
laqqityMm «rHb tbemmlof tbcdigr^ 

" ll ii ttoC Um talent of mvj weU-atenniiig 
loan to coDicrte irith liia auperjoni with diie 
decurum ; fur. dtljer when he reflect* upou the 
laal ditdiace at ihetr (tatioo abuve Inn own, he 
il almek dumb and alaoatiluanaiblR i nr cIm tlitir 
condHveiinon and conrtlf bcbaviour cncvorajpa 
hiia to be loo familiar. To atocr ciactl)' between 
chew Iwo utiemea rciioirvt uol only a good 
intantiani but pmenc of mind, and Innj; cnctoni. 

" Another artii^Ie in mj frUnd'a letlrr <>«<, 
' That aomebodj hncl tnformed jour LonUliip, 
that I was a terf iDt-' Wli-cn iSnl 1 had iLc 
honaiir in be ktinim to youi Lonlahi]), 1 could 
euily forewe that there would be |mHio* enovfth 
tbat WAuld envf me upon thai account, and do 
what la thrm lay tv Iraduc* oie^ l.«t Hanaa 
enjoy ritrirr m> mach hlmiKlft il U all DOibing, it | 
don him rn Rood, till poor Mordecai ii lianf«tl 
uut nf ht( wny. 

'■ Itat I iieree feared th« beinj penaured vpon 
that aocouut. H«r* iu the 1,'niTcraity, 1 cooTenw 
Hith nnne hut pcrioni of the most ilistiagiuBbn] 
reputationi balh for leaTiiitJi; and ilftur, tnil 
rEe«*e from tbem daily M great mnrfcc of raiprcl 
and ritpCTD, which I *li<iuld not hi«e, if that 
Irupulatioii were Iciie. It a moit cntiin that J 
(In tndulxe tnjidf the freedom of dniikiiiK a 
eherrfulciip,Bt progwr aeaMU*. ■mDiiKinyf'<"idi : 
but no othentiiie than ii dune by thouianda of 
b<>nMt Bieci wh" nerer forfeit tlwh- character by 
it. And wbocTcr dotb no irorc llian *a, Jocrrea 
no niare la be called a Mit, ibnii a man that nata a 
bearly meal KOald he willing to be called a 

•■Ai for thoae detncton, if I bar* hat tha 
lout auurance of your Lorddiip'a faionr, I ran 
very easily ilc»piic tb«n. Tbey are .Va(i cinMam^re 
frugf*. Tl»7 ii««d not tmultle Ibeinarlve* about 
what oilier peopb do ; fur nhateror Ihcj tat aad 
drink, it ia only rDbhiii; thtt poor. RangQing 
ny*eif entirely to yvur Lordahip'i KnodncM and 
pardon, I conclude thii nenaairy apology with 
lilgp prnTtication. That / n'imlii be nxitrnr A/ 
iheuid lake ny ehitritfler /rnm any /irrion thai 
had a yowi vnt of hi* «um. 

•• I lua, wi^ all nbinUiMHir 
" My tjurd, 
" Your Lotdifaiji'i luori obedient. &c 


To the honnnr of tlie Earl of Oxford, thii 
unlucky pieoe of aakwardacu al Uhlc, in ^i'i»t 

uneourtly anawer^." did not inlcnvpl Ua nsard 
for the poor OHental iludanl) for Mind year* 
aficrwirdii Uic corfwpondeuoe »( Ochley waa aUU 
arCfptable to the Earl. 

If Ihr. letter* of tbe widow* and chililren of 
many of our cnunent authoravBie roltrtted. ibry 




would dcmorilrslc tba i^mt ttrt, thai the inui 
nfco n a hntbind or n fatlur oujstit nil to be an 
nulhor. Tlicy might vraty with n monotunaut 
cry, tnd niuxlly irfialil be dnlpJ frnm tli« j;*<il nr 
thr ^rrrt- 1 Ktvc bcyH nn Etrt)ciiiii] Irdcr frnm ttie 

nldoir of Ocklcj Ui the Fiirl of Oiford. in nfakti 
■he Uy» txforc bin tbe dc|)lorabk aitnatiDn of hrr 
tStin i th« ritbc* at the Frormor bein^ brjond 
what hit etkcU niroenird la, th« (tirrily of Ihe 
crtditon would not even tatltt Ihc csei^utnr In 
■n*ke tbe but of hii efTccU i ihe mdoir rttnoincd 
dntiiut* of nrccMtjiea. Incsptblcof tiiittini bet 
ohililrcn ". 
That itudMitt bare dcrotfd lh»lrd»yf tofttiiiliFii 

worllij of a iIikIitiiI. TIir; Irp p'liliUi; bEixfARtDrii 

jcl 6nd no friend in the public, who cannot vet 
spprfciaie tliclr ralue — MitiittFri of itat« know 
i(, tttoagb Otej tiarn ra.fctj' |iTUt«ct«d llirtrr. 
OcUI«y, by ifttttt 1 hum wrn, wan fr»<iii™tly 
omplajcd hy lialiiiitbrolie to truitli.te letter* 
frooi the SoTcmgn of Monwca to our conn i yet 
alt the debts for obicb he au iin|iriMDfd in 
Cambrjilse r-attle did not eiewd two hundrrd 
jwandi. Tbe publi« iatemti it cDnrr.rned in 
•linulitting Burb cnthtinadi ; ihcf art mm irha 
cannut be tjdtried. wbo raanol be created bjr 
Icctrn [latent ; for tliej are men arhn infiiM Cheir 
aoul into tbeir atudiea, and breatbv ibcir fondneu 
t»r then In thtir lul agoni*t. Yet aueh am 
doomed ta tzti tliair life paaa a**; Lkc a painCiLl 
dream I 

TboM nho Itnoir Ihr Tttuft of I,idiitti>qt's 
Hebraicittudtet.tnijbe tlarlled at ttie iuipctlluieiit* 
nhi'Cli acFin ta bsT« antiihlliiti*!! Iheni. In tbe 
lollowiDg cfTti^iori b(i ennfidei bii accrct agitation 
to hia frlenil Biwiorf : " A few jcari aince I pre- 
pared R little cotDOicnlar]' i>n (he Titst rpi*itlc to 
the Corinthiaiis, in ilie inmc iijlr anA manner as 
[ had dnne that on ^taitbeir. lint it laid by me 
two year* or more, nor can I oo"' pubiiih il, but 
at nj on i^liar]^ and to my ^reat damafc, 
whioll I Mtcaoii^b anil loo nindi in the cdititin 
of my book npon Mark, i^mt proKreo 1 bive 
made in the goipel of St. LmV*. but I ran print 
n(rt]itnK but at my owocoii t Ihirriipiiia 1 *hn1ly 
[iTc mytflf ta rtaillne, tcarce ibJokinB of writinff 

■ TliD fiilli'HinR are astnMa Inn Ockliy'e Uliora Is 
UwEarlat Difaid, wblafc t t«frfrpDlAeOIlE■nat•1— 
<' CamtTi^.jt CmlU, May t. 1717- 

'■ Iknihrrs In Uas prlwn for itrbt, whloh mualDMd^lM 
an un^rnlitA^lv p»iivqunii?* erf thu JItlfnrtinn* id mjr 
Ikfnilj. 1 vcijn^ mor* rtjKM*, itiJrwL bmr. Ihjin I bave 
lasted ikaaa tomr ;nm. Wittit dmiuuiUiim uf a iantl? 

" rtmirUef.mjii.'!. 1717- 
'* 1 have at laal fomd IiUiuii In wj cnnHnomtnt In 
Snltli mjr Darwwn hlitory, uhlch I mlftit liatD lijitwl liir 
In nin la mr parptaiad rtrnifiuiaat«i' 

taote : for bookwilera anJ jirtitlrra l»ta dullrii 
my edge, mho nill print no book, npeolnlly Latiiit 
unlnt Itiey hare an auiirrd nnd etiniiilerahlc gaia." 
Th»e writing* and even tite rragment* ban 
been jually appreriaitd by poalnily. and a reecnl 
cditiun of all Lifbtfoot't work* in nuny Toliimra 
\i»ye received homrnr* wbii:ii thciT deapairiog 
«utbor Dover contemplated. 


Am nnllior cie«i[iiei a eritjnl aitoatlon, fne, 
(vbiLc hr i« preatnlmg tbe world "ilb tba mull 
of hia profuund Hiudiea and bia hoacat enquirin, 
it may prove pemirioiia to htntelf. By it be 
may ineur the riik of olTeiidiiiK tbe bigber 
powtn, and oitncfain; bit own daft emUCter^. 
Liable . hy bit moderiition ot bi* diieovetiea, 
by bi) Kruplea oi bit aMrition*. by Ua aAc> 
reni-e to truth, or by the curioBity of kh 
apeeulaiiona, to be p«r«eeiilrd by two oppotiie 
pjirtie^, even wlipn Ihr aeeuuiliona of the ea« 
o«ceatiiri1y nullify llie other ; nich an antbor wiQ 
be fnflunate to be permitted to reilir* out of tbe 
circle of tbe bad pflMiona ; but lie rrutbea in 
aLlenM and vnlanlary obu-urity all (utare eSarts 
— and thua tbe n*ti«n loae a valued author. 

Tbia ceae ia cttmplificd by tbe history of Dr. 
Cnwti's curiouB work " Tbe Intcqireicr." TTie 
book iKivir la a treasure af niir aniiquiliea. illaa- 
traling onr nationd manner*. Tbe autboe wa* 
delated to bii atudiea. and thi* neriU af hia wotfe 
rccommcndcO hiin to the Arrbbiahop af CmMct- 
bury : in ilie (^cctealMtiral Court he practSaed at 
a i-iii11in, and lirntme there emirxDi aa a fudc*. 

Co"eI jtare bin work with all the innde«ty of 
(rue lenrning i for wh<i know* bit defiriendea ao 
well in the »ub)ccl on which be ha* wrillm, at 
that author who knowa moat .> It 1* dail^tfal lo 
lUIrn ti) the aimpliclty and fom with whicli aa 
author in the reipi of our fint Jama opens kiin- 
avlf mitliimt rntrTe. 

" My inic end ii the aJTanccment of Itoow^ 
Icdtr 1 and thrrefurc hsvc I pabliubcd tbit poor 
work, not only to impart tbe good ibrreof to iWt 
jonng oara that want it. but alio to draw froai 
the learaod tbe aupply of my def«e(i. Wboaoem 
wUI obarg* Ibrta iiky tra*eU ll*honrt] with wmaj 
OTCr-algbta, be shall nctd no tolemn palat l» 
proTo lh*ni. And tipon tbe ilew taken of tbit 
book titbence the ImpreMlon, I dara aiaurc tbem 
that abatl obaerre mnat tauitt Ibrreia. that I, by 
glraniu^ after him. will g.l!i«r at wiany oenitied 
by him. as he ahall ahaw committed by we. VXtt 
a uiui aaitb well li not, however, to bo ■ igtital 
beeau«a he bath aoma erron : rfprvbend who nil. 



Jb God*! BUM, IkU U. with iveelneia snd 
■MllwM n|kr«Mh. Sa lUIl be rwp hurtj thuilu 
■t my kiad*. nd lliM mora MVDtUjr bclp in a f<rw 
MB 1 b; bmins aad tuuililioc m; boak» 
bnoe, OOuM jMMililjr bare done In many jcan." 
m**stnctdttcOTenCn«el'> amuUeclurnctcr 
M Ml Mthor. Bnt b« «u not Uc^d to rtteiw 
" ■■«oincH «itboM reprvadi." 

Canti rtiROvnlcTwl an lunlentiag memjr in 
Sir Edwanl Coke. Ilie fimoui ttitfrnri'-j^rienl of 
Jtamt I., th* («iDmmutor of Littlpton. Ai ■ 

MMt, Lit MIBC oujtil ta mioutr. our iiidipt4linn, 
for ki* liecnluiua Iodeuc, bii fierce bmuliiy, wkI 
faia «old and tutdFii (cnia*. He «bo>e «ilc[iF)« 
coold treo rnflle ilic ijrMt iplril or Ka*kigh, wu 
Uic ibuiulrH prnwuior of the Ifimnl Cnircl. 

Coke •« Itic Oracle of tilt comiac-n law, iimI 
Com! of the diil ; but Ctracl pnclurd at WeW- 
artwICT Hall, oa well a> al DocUin' Cammiiiii. 
Coka tufntd mmtf. «ith Itatreil, frann an tditfmc 
■bo, >>lb Uic akill at a great larjicr, cuertcd all 
At ccmiMft. TLe alloTney-cvncril tought c'cr^ 
awMJon to drgndc bim^and, «iib pacrite dirt- 
tloa. aucinpted to lattea en Dr. CoocI [be nlck- 
IBMaa of /Jr. Cvu^^. Cokr, nfirr hating wrlttfn 
in hi* RrpOFti nbutevcr be coold aj^ninal our 
iB^MT. «)tb no cITMt, itarlcd » oeo project. 
Cske mil knew hi* tnMin'i jeolouijr an ibe 
qaMtieil of bif prrroctlif* i anJ b* louckn) tb« 
King on that DTMe- Tfacat<ornFf-f*npniliugfcat(d 
to Jaau that Cone! bud dii«iuMd " loo utctlj 
tbc mjitCTK* of bi« iDOiurchf. in Mute pniiiU 
dsoiator]' ta the (upmoo puwcr of bli ctonm -, 
■McniDg that the mjal prnniKaliHi "a* Id aom* 
OMMUnlUd." So aubtif the vrprnt frbiiprrrd lo 
tfca foanoiae ear of a monarch, wham thi> Taeilj 
«f rDjallr tUftlcU tthh all the fnra of a wamu. 
TUi MKpation hut iMnilf ociMtiontd tlie ruin of 
CobU— it icrjed on ircaaon ; and if tbe oai»pi< 
ntf «f C«k« BOW hiled, it «a* throufh tbe 
■Mdialion of tho artbfciihopi «ho influoDCfd th< 
Kiaf I but it fuccccded iu aliciialiog Ui« ro|al 
fetuur from Cowrl. 

When C'uk« found he could not hang Coirel for 
ti>aaao«. It «m »nl]r a *n>aU dluppoiiim«nl. for 
ho kad hap ta to anmr* hia jirrj \ij nKKiWutf btm 
la faloaf. Aa ph;*icEuia Id dupcrnlr cum wme- 
U aaa irtrne that mode of Ircaimeoi. to C'uVe 
BO* op«nird on an oppodM prtnclplr. Ha pro- 
eami a party in ttia CotDmana to dteUre that 
Covet iTM ■ hrlnjei •>( the ri|jbl* B*d librf[i<a of 
ikc pcofilc) thai he bad awcried ibe Klog n» 
Utpodrat of rarUanenC, and [hat It wu a 
iinvr to ailMil tkg ochufiiI of b)« siibjecU In 
|;Hruf[ of (uhudlea, &e. ; and, ia a xord. Ihit be 
inw bU a«gMacata fiooi the Itomsa Inporial 
Code, nd vodd make die Inwi and CBitama of 
BtMM and CanattaitBOfik. Ihoat of London and 

Yoriu Piua((* wart wmied to Ccdie'i dealgn. 
Th« ^nbear of Cow«l'> book totj hkppllj 
eiprcoaet bimac^lf vhen be oajra, " Wbeo a *«•• 
peeled book io brooght to the tartnto, it often 
i^oofraaelh all, and moTc thai It kntma." 

Tba Comotona prorrrded chntinallf Bstioit 
Cornel i and it ta Mid hia life wni required, bad 
DO* Ibe Kif« bterpcied. Tbe auliior oaa impii- 
aoned, aod tbe book waa boml. 

On ihii ocCMinn vaa itaneil "a prodamation, 
touching Dr. CoKel'a bouk, colled The Intcr- 
pr«I«r." It mkj b« rlaiicd anioni the moat 
ciuioiu documenU of oar literary hiktory. I do 
not hraitaie to ccotHler Uiia prodanoiieu M tba 
conpotltion of Jamta I. 

I Kill pmervr roiur puiugrii fram Ihia proclo* 
mntian, not menlyfor Ihcir majeitic ewrrpotition, 
thicli may aiiU Iw odoiirtd, ood (be nia^laritjr of 
the idcaa, which omj alUI be applied— but for the 
Iitcratf event to which it garo birtb. Id tlio 
sppoiiitmeai o( a royil lioeoier for the prrM.— 
Proclantatlonaanil bunilngof book* are Ihealtung 
eSbrl* of a weak gorcrnment, eieitit^ ralber 
thao lopprcMioc public atlcnOoo. 

" Thii later age and brae* of the ootid nliertlll 
*e are fallen, ia lo much gl*cn to verba] profca- 
lion, u Kcll of rcligina a* uf all Mmnenilable 
royal virtue*, but winliaf Ibe utioni aed deeda 
•KTCcable lo >o iptcioa* a proftwiun ; at it hath 
bred tuch nn utuatiabtt curiotity In ninny men'* 
ipirita, and «ui'h an Jtchins in the tnngurt and 
peni of tnoit men, a* nolbing k> left iinie«ircli«d 
Id the bottom, both in Ulkitig and writioK. For, 
from the Tery liigbcst mj'tlciic* In ibe tiodhe*d( 
aiiil tbe oioii inicruUihlr countrU in ihc Triniiyi 
to tl» very luneit pit uf hell, and Iba coni^laad 
action* of tbe denli (hprn, tlinre ii oothins no« 
unncarrlicd into by the cariouty of men'a bralna. 
Mtn. not bcioB contented with Ibc kaunliKlfp: of 
■D much of tbe will of O-od aa It hatk plcoMd him 
to reveal ; but they vritl neoda ait «ith him Id hi* 
moat prlvatiC cloatt, and became prJTy uf bia moal 
inacratablo coaotei*. And, iharefore, it la rio 
iroiidet that nea, in theae our da;*, do avt apare 
to wade Id all tljc dreprtt niyileric* that bclang to 
the penona nr alaCn of btn|[i and princca, that are 
god* npon earth j linee we aee (as we have atrrndy 
Mtd) that they apBre not God blmaeU. A»<1 thii 
litcnce, whidi evtrj talker or writer BOK awametb 
to btmatlf, b oorao to thi* nbuac ; tbnt uuuiy 
Phoruioawiil [ire cunniel to Hannibal, and many 
men that never ««et of the compati of cloyatoa 
or colk(*a, "ill frerly wade, by tttAi wvitioK*, la 
ill* dccpcai ufiicrica of monarchy and politick 
KOtvrnment. WbereupoQ tt caouot oilicroltc fall 
out. but that wbta men go oni of tbeir clement, 
and meddle with thiafv aboic Ibeir oapacily, 
ibcmMlrc* »h*U BOt only go aatray and aiumble 





In (InrkncM, but will mUlcod «liii divcrii other* 
with ibcmwlve* into m*aj nUUIung* nd erron ; 
lh« proof flhctvof K« hive Utcly had by • book 
written lif Pr. Cavd, called The lolerprcler." 

Tbo rcfal rcricirer ibcn in ■ lumniDrjr waj 
ttum ho* Cowel had. " bj mcilillinc Ui nMUn 
bejruii'l bli rsiL'li, hiira Into mtor thtnp W 
mlttike and dreem btmulf." The boob U iher^ 
font "pioliibitcdj the bufiag, utt«riti£, or rwdiDg 
it)" sail tbttae " *liu Iwrt: ui^ copies art U> 
ilEllrcr the sune pmcnllj vpon this publication 
to tliir Mayor of Loodon." \c, aod the ptud*- 
nuliuu ouiicludci niih innULutiui; lieepieni uf tLe 
preaai — 

" tkcaoM tbat Uurc aholl be belter oreraisht 
of booki oTuil lorUbcrtrre (be; conic to the prcM, 
we bare Te>olr«d id mAe chuic« tit comuiialuncr*, 
that khsll louk more natruwlf Into the natiirr at 
■JE OitiK. liiiii^ tliat thall be pnt to the preai, and 
fVom oLoiu n nioro atrict account vboU hv jrieldtd 
nDtn UI, ihoti hatb beai lunl litfetuftirr.'' 

Whit Hpni the fMlinga ot oar injorcd nntbor, 
wboa* tntf^tj waa ao fim, md vboae love of 
atudy « u ■» mtna, «ben he r«a|icd for hia naard 
the diaplcnniris of hia •OTBreigiii and the indig- 
■utiou of hi* cunntrj-mru — aocuscd at uiice of 
onmdictorir oriiim, hn cmi\A not lie a bctri.jrFt 
af tbc rigliti of Ibc people, tmd at llii? aime line 
ttmit the aoYerciRD jwitcr, Cowtl rrtmuttwl to hi> 
o»Uife, and, like a «i>c nan, abataio<^l frota tLe 
praa; he punned hb private aliullr*, nbilc bi* 
iwrfbUMTC llffi wn* a mmmcnt on Cokc'a tnliu. 
Mnitf, more hoaouralle to Cow«i than anj of 
Cokd'p on Ltltlct«n. 

TbiM Cawd law, ia bit own EBr, ita rlubeat 
Ubow thrixni aiiiji.-; uiil wLrti ttift autliQi and 
Ul adienary vim nu mure, it liccnme a (rviuurv 
valued by punteriCf '. It wai prinlrd tn tbn rngn 
of Chsrici L, uiiilrr the luJni iiititrati u ii of Citiui- 
well. and a)^in after tlie Rritoratinn. It rcctierd 
the bonuni of ■ Coreisn tdttion. Ita vilnc i* atill 
pWMmeDt. Kucb i* tite hiatuif of a book, whivli 
oeeuioncd ibe ditgraoa of ita anthor, and einblt- 
teacd bb bU. 

A nnilar cahunitf wax the Fate of honeit SinirC) 
the CtmtiucUr. After a lung life of labour, and 
Wnng uhaualad hia palriinonf in ibe attulf of 
P^g"^ lAliqnitics, from a reverential Iotc to bii 
W M tryt poor Stowe wa* ridiculed, otlanmiitcd, 
Mflected, and p«reBCulud. Ona tantiDt nad 
witlioiit kodigaaUcn and pit; what llowr*, bii 
eonH aaM ar, toUa m ia hi* dDdictlioo. Howe* 
hid obMrred that— 

" No noQ wodld Lend • bdping iiaiid to Uiv 
■l« a[cd jiainful Ckronidn, nor, after bb death, 
proaeculc liiiwork. lie ippliod hinttelf to MTcral 
pcvKO* of dijniij and leaminf. wboae tuoMi bad 
got totih UDong tb« pqblio at Itkilj to bo tb« 

continualuni of Slosr ; bill errij one peraiatcd in 
(tenjring Lbia, aiu] »udc iuasbicd tJiai thrir arcnc 
cneniM had mandoatd (hair nauM with a new of 
iiijunn^ them, bjr iftearrinit tibe d>ifilaaaiu« of 
tbcif superior*, and riakioj; ilieir own i^iiMrt. On* 
•aid, 'I wiUttnJjfiil/er. toaciaudaUiemjr iioslerkfi' 
another, ' [ caauot •«« bow ■ usu thould apcnd 
hia labour and nioniy w»rM than in that wbieh 
aC(|UirM no refard nor reward except bae k ti l ittg 
and ijrfmir,'iBn.' One iwore a craat Mtb, and 
aaid, ' I lliaiiik titxl lliat I am not fil ao laad (a 
wute m^ time, tpenil two honitred poanite a yaai, 
tniuhle m^Rflf and all njr friendi, otil;r tn p*e 
aaiuTAiioe of eadlma rrproacb. loaa of bbertj, aad 
bring nil mf dijii in qneation-' " 

Unhipp;! autliora ', arc tucli thea the tenvia 
whirti Kilon<« r.lo<|iioi>ce, and lucb the ilaagnfa 
which enviroa truth ? f'oili-hty haa Aaa; dia- 
coTcrios to make, or man; dewptioo* to cador* ! 
But wc ara traading un bot embers 

Kiich toowaithc faiooT RKCiwai^Scar.wlia. 
in an elaborata and ciirinu* roloine*, if ba oenU 
not (top the torrent of iLe popalar nqMMtM«M 
of witohcnft. was the first, at J««at, to break aaJ 
M.-aticr tho wavot. It la a work which totmt an 
rpnch in the hialnry nf the haman mind in onr 
eountrjr ; but the author had anliapated a lery 
i«tiiut« period at ita (lalargtmoiil. Soot, Ik* 
•pOBLle of bumauil]', and the Itgialator of reaaoo> 
lived in rvUremcDt, yet pmociited bj tdi|hwB 
cmlalit; and Irnal crarltf. 

SttoKM, perhapa the matt learned of ooraaiU 
qusrira. «M>ol(solc^,inbi* nirioa* tBVaatifatiea% 
to ilitturh bii uwn pcagr, bf pnOR Uk recaK rf 
hia cnquirle*. Jauica I. aud the Covt party ««■ 
willine ennu^b to citol bi» proEMUid aalbatUiM 
and rsaaonlDg*. on loplM which did not intarto* 
with tlirir ijulnn u( arliiErary power ; but tbcy 

Luaaacd and ptrtccottd die aaiboc wfaooa tk«; 
would at orthfr timn cagcrljr quote aa their ad- 
toeale. Seldeti. in hia " Hltiorj omiba^" bad 
alarmM tbo drrjj bj the intrieaey of bu eaqib 
rica. He preteudi, huwovor, to have only collirtoi 
the oppoaiCe opiniona of otbera, without dclinriag 
hia own. The book wu not onlj auppreaaad. bat 
the ^at aulhur wai further diafnead by aah- 
■ertbing a {toaa recantation of all hii leartiMl 
invc»tipti«I>» — and waa ronpcUed lo racoiw la 

■ •■ Tltrlriii niiatiiini'iriliiiifrnriiaaijti hi Vnta 
fnr Ihg aiulHvivliig of JiuIjm, Jiutla»,aail Jntta.M4 
foill.sI'nM'mtiiiiiiiflVurpK.plB. TUtdcdlttm. 18C1.* 
Thb nu lAuut (he Ibne tlUal. uceorUBj •■> Araaf* SmM 
T^Ub^ tlia aapeiuia of burning a witA aaaowltri la 
nMfty-tWn pmmda fmutwn iliilUnt*. Ssnia, Tba aedtr- 
luualsoM mmiiaenatvu tma, Bud anplB^nl tn ebM 
hi walch iuf rk«l7 f« (hiriy ^jrt : Uua oBfU •• 
raoaDeol lb* paM talba* of bawillT, to Sstt*. 

•UcuH itM Inwilu «f oMirUf icbalsn, mba bad 
the hi/dihrond to ■com lihn at pli^umni. aod 
Mbrr Utenry (rcwwui, wbirk u«n MQiihly hurt 
Scldra Uiaa tW rccaatelion nlorled (mm hi* 
bond l>r " Ui* Lonla of ike Hick CvinmiMion 
Coan." JunM 1- wMld not RUffcr him to ttplf 
to ttteaiL-— n'h«K the Kiiif dndied S«l(Uat to •how 
tke n^t of the Brilish Crow* M the dominion of 
llw MB, tW l«anuid lalhcir luiving made jiroprr 
egOcedaW, Sddcn, mgrid at Rn impriitmrneot 
fci bad aadtsfone. rcAiKd to puhliih the wotk. 
A pvM BUtlior like Seidell drgnitn liiintelf «bea 
aof pwiOIMl ftfling, in litfrvrjr i!i«]>utM. filuw 
Vm OB HI cHgtUiy vilb uij Ring i Uic duty nu 
t»l« oraatfy. — Bat Selden, a\m to the call of 
rival gmtiu. vlien UrDtitu puliliiheil, in Hallanit. 
bb Jtfart liifwum, g^rt ttie vorlil his Afare 
«^iutiin ,- whfn Sddcn hti lo tncounU^r Grntiiti, | 
■nd lo prtMdaim to tbc uniTcnc " the Sorrrciicnt^ 
of t^ Sou," lunr ooalcmplihle to him apimred 
(hr mitan ptnecnIlotM of • crosiiKt bead, niid 
bo* little hit amn mcwter rcwnlment ! 

To tlii* mbjcct theble of Ur. llAWKEawokra 
b ■omcwUil •llicd. It b wan koonii tkbt thi* 
■olbor, kiTinc disdnipililwd Uinaelf hj kla plca*- 
ioKcoiniNMliaiu Jn the "AdTentiirer."itix rJtourn 
H lita* up the sarraliTe of Cook'i iliiu^overieii in 
tka Koaib Stu. The pletvre* ofa mv norld, tb' 
daacripUwi of nm CDaa&cn in aa orifiual ttstv of 
■oaktr< aad tbc incidcnta wiling from aa nJicn- 
tare Btidi GOiild lind no panllel in the >aniLi of 
nmUml, but under tlie lulilary geniui of CdIudi- 
bMa— all thear nrr* conciriTed <o oflor • 1ii«tarj, 
lo «bicb the EDornl aoil coiiicritplallvc povira of 
Uaakaaronh ottlj wcit cjiial. Our luthor'a 
fate, and that of hitarark. arc luiami! he. inmrrcd 
■n thtdasger of piling tha rtault of hiicDquiriet: 
hm iaJBl)|Til hi* iasKpnilimt till ■■ Irurat into 
gnaiBcf, and ifiicuMcil moral ihcarcmt liJl lie 
CBve^ to be Mural. The ahoclt it ftrt to the 
fealbifi of our author wai ttial ; aiid the error of 
■ mud. iBtmt on mqiiiriM wht.-h, pfrhapi, h« 
fc ao c bt inBOeeMl,aiid which the world coadomned 
■a <rimlmil| teraiUMlcd In death itaclf. Ilnnkri- 
vortb wn a rthi min, ami proud of baring niwd 
Mnarlf by bia lUrrarr taleoti from hii natlie 
abaenriif ; of no leavBlng, he draw all hi* adcfiee 
from tb* Cjdofacdk: and, I hare licard, eontd 
■Nil alwBjn bar* CD«airK<I the l^tiu mottoa uf hia 
own paper, which wtrr fomiahcd bj JohniOD : 
bat hi* Kiuibiljt; w«> ahnndant — and ere hii nork 
«M ftfcn lo Ibr world be Mt tiioie Iretnblingi. 
■■d tboaa doubta, whtdi anticipilcd hit fat*. 
TImI h« waa in a atatc of menul ai^viij mpcctlog 
lb* nocptioa of bia qiiniimi. and annie othrr 
|Mrta of bb work, will, I tkiiik, be Jiuovervd in 
Ae Iblowbif leiirr, biilierto nopabllthed. It 
«M tUnmtd, with hia MSS.. to ■ IV«r. to be 

examined befoire ther wtre icDt to the pma — an 
oMupation pratMbty ratber too aerlmu for the 
DOliIa critic : — 

'•Lvnilon. JVarcA2. ITCI. 
" 1 think mjKlf happT to be iicnnittrd to pnt 
my MSS. inta your Lindihip't hantit, bccauie, 
thoiifh It in4Tea»(<a mjr anxirljr and m;r fcan, jet 
it will at Icait aerun mcfroo) wbiil 1 •hauld tlilak 
a ftr grmKr tni^artunt iban aoj oiler thnt can 
atlcEid oij ptrrormaocc, the ttanger of addtntiug 
In the King any tmiimi'itt,atliii{i\n, or uptnitm, 
that mulil make auc^h an addresi improper. — I 
hare now tbt honour to nuhiDit the itarit la jour 
Lordibip, with the dedication i from which the 
dutf I uwe to hia Mejcatf, and, If I may be 
pinvilltsd lo add anjIUiDC to that, the duty I owe 
ti» njaeir, hare coneurTed to tidiid« the aerrite, 
cxtrMai^nt, and ■ndiscriniiiMlo iidulatioa, which 
bna au often dii^roccd alike tboK by whom It liaa 
bcca given and receivod. I remain," Oc. tec 

Thia elegmt eplitlo fiullf deMribea that delleiqr 
in atjlc, which luu b<nii •» rarelj practiinl b^ an 
tndlacrlraliMtc dedicator i and it not Icn fcctijiilj 
loacha on that " far greater miafuttune tbao nn; 
othn," whivh finalty OfarwhdiDed the fortitude 
and iotellecl of tbia unbappf auAor I 


TBBBathor who ianow before oa la Di LOLUiI 
1 aliall coDiider aa an Englinh author that 
furWKTirr, wlin flew lo our wontrj aa the aajhiB 
of Eorope. who cotnpoMd a noble work on oar 
Coiutitntion, and, baring imbibed lia apirK, 
ac(|iiir(d vM\ tlie langauje of a frte comlry. 

I do not know an «aiiin|ite in our hterary 
hiitorf that BO loudly accnxB our tardy and 
ptitegmatie fetling mpediog anthora, aa the 
trtalmrnC De Lotme ei|iertene«d In Ihia conntry. 
Hi* book on our Conatitntioti Rtill enter* into tbn 
■Cndinof aa EngUlb patriot, and i* not the wofBo 
for flatlering and rteTBtinglhe imaBinatioo, paint- 
ing n-orjthlnj beiuliful. to cucourBge onf lore aa 
wcU aa our reverence tor the mnit jwrfecC ifaleni 
of government*- It wa* a nobit aa wril a* tng«- 
nioiia effort in a foreigner— it cUinied national 
BtlCDtlon— bat rnuU not obtain eitn individual 
pntronage. The fact t* morticing to record, thai 
the author who wanted every aid, r«celvfid leaa 
encoitrBgcnicKt lluia if he had Milldted lahacrip- 
tlona tor m raving oovrl, or an idJo poem. I>e 
Lnlme waa cuTniietlfd to tmfflc with buokacUcn 
for this work ; aiul, u he waa a thenreiiol rather 
than a praMieal pobtieaan, Iwwao ■ bad tnder. 
and Bc^iurei th« •loallMt fnaoMnliun. He 

limd, in tbc coQCtrr to whioh b« bail rendered « 
natiunal ■rnicc. in cxdenic olMCurit; aad <li;aiy ; 
and thf omlUof thr Ft<«t ton oftrn mcln>rd ths 
Kn|]idt Moul«M|Diea. He nerer nppon to liaTe 
received « cobUr^ •Kenlion*. >uil bfcnniio >o <iit- 
fuitttd with autbonhip, thai lio prffrrrtd tiltnily 
to endure its pmettf nllier thgn its cilhcr tri- 
■tioni. He ciuieil a.lmoiit tu write. Of Ue 
I>atm« I bave lieAnI little Mvordeil bnl hit high* 
niiidvdiicu i a ttr«ii)t *cnfc tliot h-c ttood de- 
indtd bcncalli that rnok in titdetj nbtch bU 
book entitled him toenjoj. Tbecioud ur|>overl]r 
that vDveri;d him only Tailed without concealins 
it< oliji-ct 1 with tlie maDDcr* and dreii of a 
decayed ftntlcmnn, he itill ibowed (he few who 
met him ihnt he clieriahcd a Bjiitil |ier|>cli«lly at 
TBrinnce trilli the advcnil; of hi> rirnumxtncicea. 

Our anthor. in a nnrralive pre&ied to his wurlc. 
la the firoib) biitoriuo af hi« own iDJured fnelings i 
lie eioilcd in bitlemcu on hii eontcoporarica, 
coiifidciit ii was a tale icaenod for poBteritj. 

After huTiiiK written the wi>rk wLo»c syileisatic 
priaciplea rvfulvd thoH political nolinns which 
prevailed at the nra of the Amcricio rcTolutiun, — 

Uld nbote tmlb hu been *a fatilW dcmoiiiltated 

in OUT own time*, in tw-u great rcvututiuui, whivU 
bAve (bows all the dcfecti and ell the miacliicf (if 
naliOM mihlng into a slnle uf frrrdom licriirc 
ti'Mf are worthsr of it, — the author cundLdlj 
acknOwledgPB ht counted on tome Kurl uf Fncou- 

ragBmenti and Utile expected to l^nd the nicrc 
puhlicallon had drawn him into itroat iuaonfc* 

" Whtn 1117 «iilargrd English edition wa« readj 

for thu pruH, l>ad I nci|uaiiited miniitcn that 1 
wat prF|<4tine 10 bail mj tca-kctllc with it, for 
wna of being able to nflord tiio ei|)L-aMS of print- 
' ,|'' ininiilt^r*. It tvetat. would ni>t have tmn. 
that he wot lighting hia Are with " njrnh, 
ud cauia, lad precioufi 01111111011." 

In the want of eacDuiagciuciil from great men, 
and crea from bookarllcrt, Ue Lolnir iitd reuounc 
to a lubf^ription ; and hii arcaunt of the manner 
hew** r«(«iv«d, and the indi^iiift he endured, 
•11 which arc namled with gn^at cimpliat)', aliow 
that whatL'tor bit kuowlcdi^ of our Conatiiutioii 
mljcbt be. " bli knovlcilic of the cotrntrr was, at 
that tini«, vcrjr iiii!om[il«lc." At leaglli. whi^u 
he ihared the prafiti of bU work with the bonk- 
•ellcri, they wore " but »e»nty ami »li>w." After 
all, uur authvr tan^tticall; congralulatea himtclf, 
that he — 

" Wm a]low«d to carrj on Uhe above buiineai 
of adtlng my book, without anjr objection bcinj^ 
foriD'cd nfiluft me, from mj not liaving aervrd a 

■ Kiiwpl fnim th* huxl nl Uttmj dh*wity : tw wu 
toon iliaaunM icIlDrfillif ll.o t.itrmry Fund. Budi an 
tlHaiitlion'iDlj nbum l[ l<arl» to patronlM. 

regabr apprenlicnhip, and vitltovC beiiv nioleeled 
b; the inquiutioD." 

And furlhrr hn adds. — 

" SEvenI Buthora h«>e choun to r«iat», !■ 
wiitinjp pu<ili«kcd after death, tie pergonal ad. 
VBntitei hf which their ptefonnanca bad bc«n 
followed; at for mr, I hatt thoo^ht olherwb^ 
•rd 1 will MR it printed while 1 am r** living." 

Tliia, indeed, ia the langu^* of Imlatlon I ai^ 
Dc Lolme degnden binieeir in iIm Ivndncai of hnt 
cuinplaint. Uutifthe philonopbcrtvithii tenpCTi 
that niiiifnrtunc will not take awij the diabononr 
of tbe accaaiou that pniiluced II. TJm country '■ 
■bnnie la not le«ii*iied brraiiM tbe antborwbo had 
raised ill glorjr IbrouithouC Eorope, and iintnictad 
the nntloii In it* bfrt lesion, grew indignant ** 
the Ingratitude of hia pupil. lie Lolme oufbl 
not to have congratulated himielf that ke had 
been allowrd the UlMrty of the prei* unhamMad 
l)j NO iiHUilBiiJon— thi» wrowHB M aciiaclam! or 
bta book u a mere ticlian I 

TUE ffinir'TT OP BDccBesrnL xcrnnna. 

)lt>UE ii iB. author •ocpl0br«tcd,a(jhilu«i>pba 
BO gernni', and a man b<> ratrcineljt (iniaMe, if aot 
fortunate, that wc maj be rarptiicd to ai«el lu* 
nime birrihrd in a catalogue of litrrarr Miami* 
tiea. Luuk iitlu hia litvnry life, and vnn wUl dl^ 
cover that the gr4>iter portion waa atortilic^ aod 
angricd; and Ibtt tbc etoic to lo*t hU temftr, 
that had not circnmataaoee intervened wbidt did 
not depend on hlmielf. Hume bait abuidoBed U* 
country and chati^d bU nam* I 

" The fimt miccr** of moat of my writiaga wai 
not fucb aa to be an object of vanity-" Hm 
" Trcotiae of Hniaan Nature" fell dead-burn 
from the preat, (I aaa caat anew wiih another 
tittn. and waa at Artt litll« mare aneMwafvl. Tke 
foDowinit letter to Dei Maiieaiui. which 1 bebeve 
ia now firvl pablinhed, givea na (be fevliag* of tbe 
youtliful aod modest phDoaophcr ^— 

" Dapid /fwmr ie Dft M^tmar. 

" S.B. 

" Wheni^rr yI^a lec my name, jumH iwndBy 
imagine tbe lubject of my letter. A ymmg author 
can Boaroe forbear viicaking of bii pcrfiimuoEv la 
all tbc world ; but when he meet* with one ibrt 
ia • gTMd jiid(r, and wlinac iiutiuctian and adricn 
hs depend* on. there ought aomc indalteMC ta b* 
given him. Yon were io good U t« prOBle* IM, 
that if you could find Iciiorc fron yiMir o<W 
accuraCloiiB, jou would look ott* my ayXa* U 
phlloiophy. and *t the aame time uk tlw opiate 
of lucb of your lequalntanee a* yov lliiiiiitt 



pM^r JaJgu. UiTC JOB found it •uftdentlj 
lateiliKiUc? Does it appeitr (nia lo jon? Do 
die tijle «n<l hapup Men loltriblc ? ThcM 
Uunt iinuUatu caiil]Miliead ercrj thing; and 1 
iMg or joti to utvcT tben witli Uie ulmuM TrM- 
dMD and ainMtiiT- I koo* 'lit a eatloni t« flatter 
Pacta on tlMif p«ff>maacc>, bvt I Lvpt Ptill(»o- 
pbcn nuy bn cicioptcd ; and ibi: more ao that 
Adr catca an bjr im mcana alike : when «e do doI 
■ff rvra af aof Ihluj fn a pMt w« cooiinonlf can 
(Ive fto fCMttt fee du- diklikcn but our parlicuUr 
taaU; vbidi iwt beinK conrincine, ire think it 
better to oancral our Matimenu ■ItcE'ihct. But 
tmj em>f in Philpiofih} can bi diitiDci]; mai-ki 
aad |itut«<I to be nicb; and ilila la a hinur I 
Aaner mjteil r«a'U indBlgB m« in villi ngtrA lo 
tk» perfmMoce I jiat into four hand*. I «jn, 
iadnl, aitvid. that it would bo too creat a iruuble 
far )«M U MBik all lh« Enori ^d hare nburf «d : 
I dun oolf ionit upon being iaronned of Hie moat 
m«lrnalaf thetn.and j<ia mij »wur« yaanclf will 
«Maid«i it aa ■ wipiUr faTonr.— 1 aw, «itL grtat 

I fiat p. 

** Sir, roar mat obedient and moat 
boBbb lemni, 
"j#fftft6, ins. "Davib Hpue. 

*• Pkua dint* to nc at Niit«w«IU, D«ar Banrick 
Span Tweed." 

Homc'i i>«ti faroorite " Bnqitlrj' «mceniing 
IW Pnari|>UB of ^toraJa " came nnauticrd and 
mebacrrtd ia the «arld. When h« publuttcd the 
fint portion of bii " Hutory,'' ubicb mida eren 
kimtdf eaji^lM in hii eipectabotu,— h* 
Ite AWB tale :— 
■* 1 HHMttbt thai I iraa tb« oalf hitldilan that 
it4 M Miae «etlr<Tird prewnt poiret. inlcmt, and 
■Mbsntjr. and the cry «f jiojiular prrjudti.'«« ; and. 
W tba a«l>^ vu niled to crciy capacity. I 
■ip e ttt i peofiartieaal ■{rptaou. ilut miKiuiitc 
■•M taj ^iaappoLainieiit I AD duaca ol mru and 
miwa nailed in ihdr ngi againat him wbu hid 
pnMBcd lo abed a genaratu tear foT Ihe fate nf 
Clurlfi 1. and the E>rl of KtrafToH." ■■ What 
«aa fbll mofc B>OTtjf)in(, (lie book ttem*6 to link 
into oblirioit, and ia a twiliYiucmlli nut mun tiiaa 
fortr-Arc copiea wen tQld." 

Imi lluow, a aUrie hiUwrto in hla tiierar; 
Aariitii, iraa tlniek down, and diHoifMl — be 
loat ail co u rage Ut proccrd — and, had Ihr war not 

ftvTeated btta, " be bad rcMlied (o change kla 
aane. and never men to bif* rttnrMd to bii 
MCiao cnwMxj," 

Bel ■■ ntbor, tbongK bom ta aufff r martrrdoni, 
doe* not Alwar* cipin ; lio ma; be flayed like St. 
BartboloBWW, and yet be can brcaihe without a 
tkim 1 atoMdt bkc St. Slefilufi, and }cL wKie on 
vltb * brafcm bad ; and be hta bevn cies keavD 

to tnnira the flaaM, notwltb Handing tlie tnoat 
precious |nrt lit ao auUior, wkicli u oI>vioual)> bii 
bonk, ha* been burnt in ao <■<■'« ii/e. tlutno 
once more tried tbe preaa ia " Tlie Natural 
Hillary uf K«lieion." It priki«d bat anotbar 
martyrdom I 8til1 wat the/a'/ (ai hetarnalt) of 
die ftrat Tolnmc of hi* lliitory bauntinjt faii ner- 
vnua iannpnatien, wlien be found bimadf jet 
itroAK atkougb to bold a pen in bb hand, lod 
milutwd to prodaoc a aeeoiid, which "helped la 
buoy up ita nnfoitntiata bfothtr." But ike third 
parti coDtaining th« rdga of RliialKtb, «u par* 
ticularly obiMuloat, and be wai doubiful wlictkor 
be waa«sain to be led to the itake. But Hume, 
a little bardcntd by a lltUe luccefa, ^rew. lu uie 
hia own words. ** calloua agaiiut the impTeuloni 
of public felly," and completed hia lliitory, wbivb 
wM now retried " <ntli lolwnble, utd but toler- 
able, aucceai." 

\t length, in thaaiity-fiflbyeBrafbii agf. oor 
author bepn, a je*r or two before he died, aa hi 
write*, to »ec "many lytaplotiu of my literary 
reputation) breaking uut ttl latl with additional 
lustre, though 1 know ihit 1 can hare but (Itw 
yaara tocnjoy it." What a provoking eonaoiatioii 
(or a philoiojilier, who, accordiitg (o the reault of 
bia «wa lyatco, waa elvte u|hii> a Rials of aauibi- 

To Hume, let ua oJd tlu illutlrions oamo at 

It wat after pr<partn| a second editioDof VJtgil, 
lliat the gret't Dryden, who had liied, and wa* to 
die in bamaaa, found Lituaclf ttiU obliged to acak 
fur daily bread. Scarcely retit Ted from one bcary 
taak, he wai rampelled to baaCen to anolber; aad 
hia cSona were now lUmulaied bj a doinniic 
fesliDg, th» elpKled r«tuni «f hu aon in ill -health 
riam Rome. In a letter to lui bookacUer be 
patbeCirally irritcs, "if it pleaac God Ihol / muii 
dir of aceritndy, 1 oaBOOt apend m; Lfs belief 
thin in pmerrtDg bis." It waa on this occaiion, 
on the vrrg^c of liii acientieth year, ■■ be detcribea 
hiniMtf in tbc dt^cation vf Ilia Virgil, that, '' worn 
uul wiCb atudy, and apprcaaed «ilh fortnoe," he 
L-oDlraeicd to lupply the bookaaller wilh 111.000 
veraea at liipenoe a line ! 

What waa hia entire dramatic life, hut a uri«i 
of Teialinn and boitUIty, from bii fint play to hia 
Uit ? On thvw I cry botidt whence Dryden waa 
to faar« deriTcd tlie mcaaiof liii ciiateoccaDd hia 
hme, be (aw bia (aiblea iggtavsted, and hii morala 
aaperHfd. Uivrwhrlnii'il by Ihc ICHo ridicule of 

BucLiiighan, aod maliciouily mortihed by the 
triumph which Settle, bia mDancat riiali wu 
aliown] to obtain oicr bio— «nd dooined atll) to 
mraunler Ili« cool matifoant eye of Langbaine, 
wba read poetry only In delect plngiariam. C«b> 
temporary gcniiu it inapected with too mucib 



familiuity to be frtl wiih levereiiae: and lli« 
mgrj pr«fi»Ma ef Drydra aa\j toLctui Uic Itllle 
raviMi^ oftho <*iti. Now could inch ijinptllim' 
*ilh bjurcJ, but tiiih bfty feelings? Tliej 
■[■md two rrporu of biin, wtitcli in«y not hr 
Wie, but nhieb burl biin vitli tlic piililit^. Itvtf 
■•III tb«t, bring JmIdui of Ihc faecett of Creech, 
for hU leniiiD uf I.ucrrliui, he nctvLml him l-u 
attempt ilorocc, ia nblcU Dr^ Jcu knew lit would 
faLl— *nila cunicmparar; hsuntrr of thr dicntrn, 
ina cuiiou* Itllvr * on " Tlie Winler DIrenious." 
Mja of Congrvrc'* wtgrj prcAiN to tli« '> Double 
DMier," that— 

" The ctitifM were rercre npcin ihiii play, wbich 
pte the autbor occauun lu lull Uicrn in Iiii 
■piKtls de(tic«tory — so that 'lis f^Dsralty thought 
hr hat doHe hit liiiiiHttf,anit lott hitiu^l/; a thing 
he o»m to Mr. Drydto'i IrMvltcoas frifudthip, 
who. bcins jeaSiiitt nftlie nppluitm he had gat by 
hi» ' 0!il Ilncholor,' itfluiini Aim tulo a foaliih 
tmitatian of his otra *niy cif irritiDg nnfry 

This li»t>ly critic la «till more TiTaciona on Ihp 
Kr«Bt Drydcn, who baJ then produced liis '' Lure 
Triumphaiil,'* wliidi. thr rritic layi, 

" Was damnird h/che uniiendlcryof the tuwii, 
iwmint ismlraiticente bnt thr eonetilfd pnft. llr 
aiya lu bis |icoloi^e. tlint ' thi* in tiic Irut l!i< loirn 
mu*t nprct from him i' he had done bimBrlf «. 
kiitdiirsi hail hr taken hu leave litTure." Ho then 
deicribea Ibe Hiiecess of Soiitbemc's " Fatal Mnr- 
rU^, or the Innoeent AduUi-py ;" ami eontlutlen, 
" Tills kind DHIffe «lU tmiToumga drfpotiding 
minor pocti, and oej Au^rip DryiUn and Ccn- 
ffrevt la madncu." 

I h«TO t]iinteil Ihn* much af thll letter, that we 
way hare before na a true latg« o* IhoM ftelings 
which contempDraHcK ciitirrlain of the |i;reatrr 
gcnluaea of tlidr age; hum they tcck to level them; 
■Dd in what oinnncr men of geDiui are diximeil (o 
be treated— alighted, ttaried. and abused. Drydeti 
■nd CongTvre I the one the fineat grntus, the 
ether the must exquiaitc wit of onr Delion, are to 
be wjrJ Id tnadrirAf.' — iheir failure* nre ncht to 
rxeite nympslby. bol contcmiit or ridicule'. How 
the fei'lingi and the language ot canlccnprirBJ'les 
difer from thsl of pnnterlty ! And yet let ui not 
exalt in our pumr soil tiiorc dittniOed feelinjc* — 
«■£ ar». indeed, the poiteriij/ of Drydwi and Con- 
grrre : but ire are the conlmfporatiti of othen 
who mnit jiitientty hope ten better trHlment 
fmm our miu than tliey bar* nedved from fiio 

Drydcn wu no mutes of the pathetic, yc( 
never otre <!otiipnaitians mote pathetic than the 
PrefM!<M thla gr*»X tnui his tr«DaniItt«d tn 

■ A l«ttar taasiA uniniK Ilia |ioiMn dI tfas Mo Mr. 
WIndltun. whioli Hr. Halona luu prtaemd. 

poslerily I Opening all the feciitiga of lus heart, 
we li*e among hia doinetlio sorrows. Johnaon 
eennurra Dryden fur saying k* Ao* fi" thM^kt to 
IKiy hit tlitrt tltitl he koj lorn amang Enfftth- 
mm*. We haTc junt «em that llooi* wcat 
farther, and aiglied ta Ay to it retreat bcyanal country which hop* not In rtflwrd geoiua — 
Wlml, if Dr^drti frit Die difiaity of that cfaaracter 
he supiJOrted, daie wc bUioc his fraabneaa f If 
the nge lie uoKcnr-iuim, shall con tarn ponile* 
escape tlie «courg«> of lh« great author, who feci* 
he Is addrOMlBg another ace more fiiTOunbto Bo 


Johnson, too, tiolieen hu " Self-corn aiendationi 
hia dtliflencc in remiiidini; the world of hi* lorriU, 
and expressing, mllh mry little oeniple, hia bi(h 
opinion of hia own powen." Dryden ahall anavar 

iu tlifl own words: with nil thn nimpllrily of 
>f ODtaicne, he ej])teJ«ca lilmsGlf with the dignity 
that would \mt heturoic Mlllnn or Gray >— 

" It is a Tsnlty eomnion lo nil wrilera to <i«cr< 
ntlne Ihnir own produetioni i und It li better for 
me lo own this failing in. myi-ilf, than Uie w«rlit 
lo do it for nie. /'ur tflial olhtr reaiom harf I 
ijiml my li/il ill ttirh an unprr^MtU tttidf t 
tl'tip am I i/rmett old in iteking so harrm « 
rrtearJ ai fatar % Tlie oame parti and applioithM 
which hitvc made me a poet, inight bare laiavd me 
to any hotiounof llLL'SUWn, which arc aflGnpTra 
to m«ii of as little learning, and leu boratsty, thaa 

How fceliegl; Witittheod painta the Bltwulonef 
Uiyilon In hit old age : — 

<■ YDtUvallieiniui.hnw wild meW' bM afan. 
Would maillrlaruirfiiitane'SNuilaa for lanwr 
«>11 tilmu'd bi ■blni. Umufli each remrilnt|Np, 
Tbehaiili* Drjden nf a ■luuneltaMt! 

•■ in-tsUd Imrd ^ whi:nr*mJi)r nainrappaanh 
Tbe wteplnit rrrw a md mciunato ^mn i 
Ah' whalaTBll'ilihovnoiTiKtuatalanbalasu 
Tlij dawn nfRlorr and tb^elorforMCB*' 
Wbm •loklna nalDi* aaln nnr ktn< rcfsto, 
Whoa itaT'il cvtlecUim cunc unraird al laM. 
Aad pajr oipcrtonce niunu cw:b rullj i«at )** 

MiCKix'a verdon of the Lvatad oSert aa kCWI- 
Ing iastauer of the uclsncholy fears wUcb 
serompany the piogrras of works of 
itnderUkea by men of genius. Ute year* ha 1 
buried himself in a fartnbouae. derated ID 
aolitary labour \ nad hr eloMs hi* preface wi& 
fragineDtofapoirm,nboaoalaiuash*Tt p«: 
all the tmnbliugi and the enotioM, 

t Thwtt Uan alTcrllin rr laoiMSraiite ot O r jiim la 1 
EorlidRochcaUr, on tlieetaleol bl> fortety aoAl 
— Id which li(thlamaaikabloFa^M(c>-")>l>< 
nun an lo tiai« Mplerlcd Hr. Cowlajr, and «Mria< 

nhftppr bflBrooa the author lud eiperiencvd 
tfcranili tkc long wark. Tbu patlMUodI; he 

•' — W»B Ui/ mnd rcpt^ Uir worOilai Ml ; 
t!fm tby t>cx>»l«( btwl palg (nnl iliiwiiili 
la Mitrt aliuwn ; uid Uunliuf Snim lUII nndi 
■*»^ w»k« Ibn (rembllni froiu Ui)" soldH ilmn ! 
In nuhy led, fl» l«tU>l J duOHnin nul* 
Tlij UM lUr 

A»d mhm, it length, the frect and *iaitna 
Ub^ WW Miuiicted, iho aathoT km «|IU more 
lakaftff ttuu wider the foraer iutluciioc of hu 
feevfaMlliin terrora. Tht work b dciliemUil to the 
DbU of RoMltiijh. Wh«tii«( hii Gniee had 
bva pniadiuod ifSMt th« poctiul kbour hj 
Mam Saiitb. wbo kai aa Uttlo oomprtlifniuan 
of Ike aatvre of poftrr ti b«mmM a poUllcal 
wnwOBiUt.or from vhitrvcr miw«, nftrr jionw^liig 
it Ifar ni «mIu the Dak« bail nnu onjuccudrd 
to opcD tbc *ol«iac- It U to the boniiDr of 
Midile tliat the DcJicatioD it * aiiiijilc rriFpcclful 
Iswciipiion, in which the port hul nnt com- 
f n i miaed h» dlfiilt7.-~«iiil that in tbc aernnd 
aUdB he Lad th< magnmlniitj not to oithdrnv 
An JMiotion to tUj ttatac-likc patrun. Neiclier 

I Ibc eritkal ivoeplion of ihi> iptenillil latrour 
idcMMl jean grxtdul to Ihe »rtuiibililj af 
b» wntfB to a Triend — 

■Thvo^ ujr wdrk U wJI rwxivvd at Oxford, 1 

I kuMMtljr own to jaa, loiue thio^ bare hart 
HK A fow cramnuliial slips in the introdacCion 
fea*B Um mentiotiecl i and aome Uting* In th« 
■Mu ■boat Vif|il, Milton, and Hoi»«t. haT« 
kMB CilM the unpLoe of crilieUn. But the 
|iMl«ai v&atM of >U ia, wbal I aaf af blank 

He «u. LnJeed, after thii grrtt work w«a ^rtn 
a Ik* iNibtio, as uiiliiii]7 aa at anjr prccedin| 
|wsud of U* liCe ; and M ickl« too, bbe H unic and 
^Nrdaa, malil f«*l * >i*h to fortake hi) DitiTt 
BeMfll fouad hia^hnd linuteleta;"Diid 
«eUhT bed" and *■ luathly dungeon*' 11111 
ki* dfcama. -'To wnie for the book- 
la what I nenr will do," uciaimad thi> 
nan ■>( gvnlw, though ttruck by poTcrly> He 
projected ^ editioa at bit own f«aat bjr anb- 

** Oarirona of ginns an editiun of mjr work*, in 
wkdfk I ikall b«>l«w (he utniMt atlCDtioo, which, 
(mn* tkan the noit bleak moantatiH of SoMlaod ) 
|idcpt ParaaMoa ; alter ihU tabaor ia finiiked, U 
GavMiMr JokoaUDe cwuiot or dora not help tut to 
iwJap— d<o«ei I fitt ftriainlf/ tivl «rfi«« 1« 
«jpf, (« itiAffp^ tHtptntt, anii ptrkmpt oUn 
■ chagrit nf tgiU wfcleA f /at lo nrcompnny 


Sveh waa tlie larifua^ which caonol now bercAd 
wttboaltioiiiagoDKjnipaihf fbrthniatborortlic 
tanlonof sn«pic, wluohiaflera aoleunilerotian of 
no niinll portioD of the moti ni-aabU jroan «f life, 
badbem prrarnted to the world, witli nut BuAiincnt 
r«Bii]u»raciaii or notice of the lutbnr, to create 
eton hope in, thr aang^hic lein|ieraJnEnt of a pueL 
Mickle wu more honoured ■! Liabou tbao in hii 
own coantrr. So imperoaptihla am tho ^radatiou 
of pubUt- bToar to tlie fcrlinf« ot ecaiiM, and to 
Taic ui inlenii Tcparatea that nulhar, who doe* 
not innwdiaielf addnu tbe laaUa or the hakiOBa 
of hii age, from th» mmd er tka n^tjntaX of 

Wc cannot accaunl, amuo^ the Inarr ralamltfai 
of Ufrattiiv, that of a inau uF ([etilija, who, dedlca* 
ting hit daji to Ihc raimpoailion of a lolamtainia 
and national work, wheri (hat labour ia aeeain- 
plubed, Gnda, od ili publicntion, th* hopv «f luM, 
auJ pcrhain other liopea as dcm*m>7 to reward 
jt*A tnil, and apra to future rntrrpriae. all anni- 
hiUted. Yet thii work upglei^led, or not reliahed, 
peiLmp* even ih» aport of witling nftrrwaMa li 
]>1a(vd among tli* trraiurc* of our laaf^uajfc, whtti 
tlic autlior ia no men: ! bat what it pORthumova 
gTBlidide. cuuld tl reoth eren Ibe ear of an angel ? 

Th» calamlljr li una voidable : but this rircum. 
■tBnrc dora not tmwn it. N>* work* miut fora 
ttine l>e luliiitiittcd to pojiulu lii*car : but poalnrttf 
18 lbs inhcritjuioe of ftniim, Tite nas of gcDiaa, 
bowrter. who haa enmpoaed tbb treat work, 
calnulAtm hi* vigihl, 1* btat nrquaintrd with tta 
meriti, and ij oot witkoot an aaticlpoiion of th« 
future feding of bu couotrr ; ht 

'* Dut ««i|i« tbai]ki}m,b*c4uiia1ia ir<«pi !□ tuItl.** 

Such ij Ihe tale whicli hu awaited munj Kreat 
work*: and the heart of gmiua bu died away 
on iti own labann. I need not go to far bi«k 
*i the EliMbothan ag* to illaitratc a calauiitjr 
which will cxclta the ajnopathy of cverj nian of 
letlert; butllieKmatwork ofa moo ofao ordiiurj 
geniiu preieDti itaelf oa thia onzauoo.. 

Tbiagrut work U "The Pol]) ulliioD'nfAIiCHAKL 
DKArruM > a pucni unrivalted for ttii mgnilnde 
and ita cLaractcr. The gcnenlogr of jioertrf ii 
alwBja aoipicioua ; jret 1 think it owed ila birth to 
Leknil'* magciillwEiC riew of hi« inti-nilcd work 
on Bhtaici. arid waa |irabablj oonriaUed \tj the 
"BritwDia" of Camden, who inherited th« 
mighty ioduatr;, without the poetical apirit. of 
Lehuid ; DrnytOD cmfaraMd both. ThLi ainguLar 
oombknalion of tap«f raphiral erudition and pueticd 
hncf, eoBOiiut** a natioua] work — a anion that 
Mmc Bij coneeiTc not fortunate, no BMre than 
" the alow kogtb'* of it« AlaaudfiBs vctrc, for 
the pur|iotM ol taete daUgbt. Yet what Uieme 
on lie more elevating Uian a bard chanttng to bia 

*' Fath«r-lanil," u the Hotlandert rallrd lh«ir 
coDntrj i One talcs of ftedtat|;lut7,ouc«ortblci 
who rnoRt not die. onr toon*, our nrrn. and oar 
mouQUim, all glaiidng Iwforr tb« pieluretqaa eya 
of the natarali*t and th( fott'. It ti, indMd, a 
hhnTitof HerculM ; but it i*aaiiotunaKvi»|)«iuod 
ij the \jnot Apnilfl. 

Tlita naiiotial wnrk mu ill rreeiTed ; aiul Ibe 
gnat BUibur d^e(^t«d. ntttt pardoned )iM con- 
trmparanea, and ctni l(«l hit (viiiprr. tlrtjtan 
•nd Ilia jioccical fricuJi beheld iadifiinritl; the 
trifle* of tbo bour gicrpoworiag tha n«sUct«d 

One po«t trill vi that 

- tkry fnitr 

T)ae fkmlag linoiof arei; panpliUUT.' 

Uao. Wirnaaa. 

And a conl«Mp«rarf F«Mrdt the titter tM^Icet 
«f ttia pert poci : 

•■ Why lira Untjrlan vluiii Ch« UaiM H>(iua 
Both iDcani la II n. and nialMr tor a muia. 
Onl/ wilhout (iBUH toliaTaitiqiilta, 
JUidloUna, duM «vacUli*diinlhi*rtt«~ 

W- Biuiwx*. 

Dnjttm pnblU))cd bli Polftttblan Aral to 
cIgbtMD fartK ; nnd the nccuinil jionion aft«r- 
itard*. In lhi> interval w< h»c a Ittler to Drum- 
(Bond, dattd in \G\9 : — 

" 1 tliaiik you, luir dear nroct Draromond, far 
yiMr good opinion of rnljollrioii. ] hare danc 
twaint boaka inor«, thjil U, from the IStli book, 
which «u Kent (if yoa noC« it), all (he «ai< 
parte and north t* the ri*«T of Tir«ed ; tul U 
litlh byrM./ortheiouksellrTtatnl tareintrnni : 
tb«y are a i-oingianf of buc knaTC*. n-hom I 
Kom uid ki«;k at.*' 

The *«nsi-&nce of the pMt had haen more jtutlj 
irmked on the bnftr* of buukt, than on the 
•rllera, who. t,hou|;h kna«er]i hM a Mronx con- 
DK-llon with trade, jtt, wm they knatrra, thay 
would be (ma to their own inlereita- Far from 
ItDpcding a iDCCcsiful autbor, book •« II on arc 
■pt to liurrj ]ii» latHiura; for Ihrji prefer iht 
crude li> th« nkilure fruil, wLmevcr thr pnblic 
tarta cut b« ap[i«aa«d btcq bjr an tmripened 

Tbetc " koavta," bowem-, Mem to fa«*« eve- 
ceeded la foTctne pour Drayton to obicrre an 
■btlioence from ilie pr«M, which mtivt bare 
CoHTulipd all (he fralinf* of authunbip. Tbe 
•MOmd pari wu Dfit publiihtd till thr» j'«ar* 
after (bit letter wai wnlten; Rnd thrn wilbou( 
mapa. Its preface l» mitirkabte rnouj[h i it I* 
pathetic, till Drayton lovra the dignity of EPniui 
tB ba aaperity. It U iiMctibed, In no ^od 
toBBtfor — 

"T« *>IT T«AT WtLt BBAB fTl 

" When I Ant undertook Ihti poem, or, at 
aatn* haT« pIcaMd to lena it, tliti lt«rcalran 
Ubour. I waa by toms virtuoiu fricndi periwaded 
ibal I ihanld recei're much comfort and cncoit- 
r«iement ; atid for ibeae reuoni : Firti, it wai i 
new rJnr way, iievtr befor* gone by nay ; thai t( 
canlain«d all the deliridei, deligbta, and rwritiea 
of this renowned iile. iatrrwoitn vitk th«l)b(orie* 
of the Brltuus. Satona, NorntaiM, ami ibr Utri 
Eniliib. And further, thai there ii ararcely aay 
of the nubility or gentry of thia land, but that be 
ia «onis way or other iiv(«reM«d therwin. 

" But it Lath fallen out othcrwiK i foriaalMd 
of that coitifort which my nuble frieMl* propoMd 
•1 my due. 1 bttrc m«t with hatbanma IcBoraoee 
and baae ttcinction ; inph a rioad bufc Ike deni 
dnwn over lh« mrtd'a judi^menL SoiM of tbe 
(latioEicr* that had the xllinc of Ihe first f«rt ni 
this poeoit hccaiue il mem noi m fiul attog in flm 
ieltiiiff ai loiDC of their beutly and aboBiiaabk 
ttaah (a ihams hotb to our lufnage and o«r 
nation), ba*e dcfpightfully left oat the epiatlM t« 
the rcaden, nod »o bare cotuened tb« bay«n witk 
Imperfrcicd books, which Ihove that baie under. 
taken the arcond part have been forced to amead 
in Ihi! Tint, fur Iht tmaU nimter (Aoi art fut 
rfmainiag in Ihnr ImtnU. 

" And aonie of our outlandlib, nMMlnral Ee(- 
ll>h (1 know not how otherwise lo rapren thea) 
■tick Dol to aay Uiai there it Dutbing lo Ihia Ittsad 
wtirthy ttuilyln; fur, ind take s great prtde to ht 
ijtnorsiil in aiiylliiog tlierfof. A* for IhMc canle, 
vdi pr^fanvm vtlgva, rl arttv ,■ ot which ] a«c«at 
iliem, be they never lo great.'' 

Yet, at a true popt. whnse ImpnUe, like Csti. 
unrtarat all op)iotition. Drayion la not to b« 
thrown oat of hii BTocalion ; bat lotrrpidly cIomi 
by promiaiiig ** tbcy »haUDMdc<«mefrB«B gwnc 
on with Seutlaod, If nrus and tiant do M)t hinder 
me to perfiunn » mnch ai I bate praeniseid in ay 
RrM aoBg." Vbo could hate inu^ned that neb 
bittnrriasa of style, and >ach angry pnotiona, coM 
have been raised In the bnast of a po«t«f pMtocil 
elrsanoc and fanry ^ 

■' nimar laiuiiitlnti niine u'er e*^ ""■■ "^*" rnta. 
Andeiery rli«i warbled aa II Oow'C 


ll U molaTicboly (o reflect, that eon* «f Ifct 
i;teBtc«t wnrk» in our lanjiQaee bare iniolecd thilr 
aulhora in ditlteii aikd axiiiety ; and (hat maoy 
have gone down lo (bett grate inaentlUe of IbM 
gl«rj which tooo cOfored it. 

me iLLrsioxs op writerb in t'EasB. 

Vbo would. «ilh (be *«n)l Mwritjr of Plilo. 
tanbti |)mU fton tkc Kpnblie? Bal it may b« 
JcHfkbtc UiBt tbe Kpublic 4lioald not be hanhhfd 
froa pveti, which i( Ktm* to b« wlien in iuordi- 
>Mv |Ha*toa for "htlot tenci drim llirm from 
mtf mctiwf puTfult. Tticrt Is no RTnter enpm; to 
doMMviic quirt dun • emtfirmei ^tnifier \ ret tit 

BMMt of them mach to be picinl : it it tiir mrjiocrt 

criiki tlv7 Ant aiwi with, who are tbc ml origin 
•< « popolan o( awirfiocrr pocM. A youni; wrlttr 
if ««fwa i( ran la |«t llktmcd by Uiok «bo aSiect 
M Mitnlfc what thtj <to not rien iihd«Tftutd, and 
by tbo*« i>h«, bt'aiiM Ihrv undfftlund, imagine 
ifccjr ar* UVeoitc rudowed «illi ddicacy of laatc 
and a tiiOai )u>l|;inpnt. What McriScra or locial 
t^fvyiuenti, Bnil all itw bwineai uf lir«, arc Uviih«d 
Willi a )ir(Mtig;*l'i roia In an «inp1(ijn>««t witteli 
will be oanaly d b eo»ar » J to bn ■ uiuroc of «*rly 
lAsirly. anJ of kte diMppoititmcnt * ! I m; 
aoChinc of Ibe ridicale id ahich iE iiKolvei toms 
WMUittA Ma-iiui, bnl at Cha mliery tlul (alia io 
b^*ilf OD kin, and la oftra mlailed on bU gtn»- 
atiea. Whlt«titad baa TcniGtd an admirable 
Hfllfllwiif Popr'a. ia the prefoM to hi* corlia : — 

•• r«r wkiitiiH wll In lutill? undnn*, 

Ari4 ^rr-J bS M«>. kF lit*lD( (ai I'd Ui xat * * 

Tht fitat mni or Blackktoxi ocTcr abowcd 
bim mure a pan than wtiro he luuk, quL without 
aflacticm, " a farewell of tlie Mute." r>a liit beiiif; 
mIM ta tWtMf. Dai-MMnHD. of Hinhcnmdpn, 
^■htad tb« W frttni liii Iotf of poetrr ; vet he 
MOM ta bare lamrnled aJiiihtitiR the profouinn 
«Uril hi* htbrr wLihtd bim tu jitirauc. He per. 
«I«M bU «mr, li* Krrla rrrn canlntinn, bal atill 
AarUaa U - no nan, not in hla aenaet, cier had 
■ RMIV hwid interval : — 


■niriat. Daw <WI|bte ta flni 1 

•«l »b I br flaa-in 1 dU Dad w* H " 1 

Ihi' int'nn' •"'' <«■«■ liUiul. 

Tlial IkAar^ tars ■■' i«<rd> 1 aaoisM a* lalo. 

a Jka alavM »nrt ■< rar tlmaa allodM. witb dii* fMlini. 
Addnvlnt ririrr, bo 

"In fcrtUgq b tbj bwwoir ehanM, 
tdaVd Ikj altae vttli wi^r Infant um>: 
rw tt«« BiattiWd Hw *Uv Held «r whIHi. 

n.'* ' fi4D Bar ■elanKsl that pott* an h» «vt "to 
Ji>r will) kilMit amH,' Cvldonlili wu luai 
i h« fuUMwd bb p?inilar pv«nit_iuiiil Ik* 

pMBfeW BvakV uf tfa* lIHMt f«jD«d pxill* wt'r« (frvduw^ 

laMMw«IUr> WttoiiW pKahcsImlfl '- InhDcr.' hv 
tw (dMa CBaoM** » haMi c< artUiis nn«^ sod laa*- 
««•«. la an Ua lUk aaiw laatbaa p««ti7. 

1 know thil it] [^■ lIuaM' bUTrrly Ufa. 

WiUi tfillnfipuli KhiCbaiandtailrboaafet, 

A* bUs uuDda at hw ar none ara KOftit, 
That Cliere li onthlnK IlibWr tban rala piaMfl 

Know vballllat.itil* all lanaM mr oimv. 

tlul Ihal^alai! I bnib miutwrilaaad lorat* 

Tliiu, like ill porta, Kho, MGnldainilhobarrrea, 
" are fond at ttnjayias the preienl, carcleaa «r the 
futar«," be lailu like ■ man of lenM, and acta Uk« 
a fool. 

Tbia wonderful aiuMpltbititT of pniaCi to 
■hlcli poeta aeem mare liable tlian any otliar 
claM of authori, it indoed tbrir paaimon food; 
and Uify cauld not keep life in them wilbouC lliia 
no-aiiihtnrnL Nat. Laa, a Irac poet in all the 

niMiaieaof pootical fccliiigs— fur lie waa in anch 
rapluic* at itniet as to lote hla acnaea— eiprtaaea 
htmadf in irry rner|[clji language on the cffecta 
of the praUc atetutry for poeu i— 

" Praiac," tayt Lee, " i» lh« grcatnt enconragv- 
inent we cbameleaui ran pretend to, or raihrr tlie 
manna tbat kerpi lauL and body logctbet ; we 
devour it ai if it were ai>g«lv' rood, and vainly 
think «« grow Immortal- Thora ii nothing Irani- 
parta n pocCi nut to love, like oomnonclitig in tlic 
rl|[bt place," 

Thia, DO doiibli li a fare enjoyment, aai) acrrra 
to ttrenglhen hii tlluuona. But the Mine fervid 
genius «l<ew)irae coiifniea. when reprnached for 
bia nngmerncd fancy, tbat it biinp wttli itaelf it* 
own puniabmcni -.^ 

" I uaDut he." t*j» thla trral nsd unfortunate 
poet, *> M ridiculoua a rmture Ui any nun aa I 
am to myarlf; for who ahonld know the bout« to 
well at the Kocd Dkan at home .> wbo, «brn Iiia 
neiEhbnnr romea lu tee bIm, atlll acta the beat 
moma tatiew: and. If be be not a vrilhil nai, 
kerpa the rubbiab and lumbpr in *nme dark bole, 
whcrv niiliodf codd'U but himielf, to mortify at 
mdancboly houra," 

Study the admiraUe prcbiM of Porit, CQtti- 
poaed at thai matnred priitid of life when tlw 
fever of fame had paaaed away, and eipeiietuw 
had corrcrted fancy. It ia a calm tIateDBnt 
between anthura and rraJert; there ia no Im^- 
nation that colour* by a nnfle metaphor, or 
Gonccali the real fteliug whieb moved tbe aulbor 
on that tolemn oecattun, of collpriin; hit worka 
for the laat lia*. It ia on a full review of the 
paac ibal ihla great pott delivcra thia rcnarkabk 
wntancc ; — 

" / briirvr, if any an*, rorfy in Ait fifi. th^uU 
eaiUtf<ii<latt Iht 4ii»S9rBMt Jatt of Atrmoca, ha 
nnvld t»r<9 ht oj thtit tkumhet on en^MiuU^ro- 
Hort. Tbe life of a wit !• ■ wtr&re u|ion eaitbi 
and to pretend to acrvt the Itamcd world In aey 
way, one tnutt haie the cosataDcy of a Bartyr, 
and a reaoiuiioa to cuflor for it> anke." 




All Ihif ii eo tme in litcriry htilorf. tlitt he 
nbu kflecu la Rutpen th« linueritf at Pope'b 
deelantiaii. m*/ natlnr liU tag^citj, but will do 
no cteilit to lu> knowledge. 

If tbaa crcai pocU pour thctr tHnRntBtiunii fur 
hiidng devoted ibemtelTH lu lliclr an, louji- 
■Tmpathjr ia do* tn tbe qunulnnmom n( n nninic- 
rotu race of firai^inrial tardi, wlunr nitiHiinn U 
ttm at TariatKc with their fcelinss. ThucusuallT 
fom aag|^nUt<! nraccptidni of iliriraimgenias, 
tarn tba haUl of oomiwritif Ui0iij*di«« xlih lb«lr 
taaineted tnrtlK RritlfM, with ■ dcRTV of 
poetical Mlebritj, llieir hr«lcil liDBKidBtion rieiw 
Ib tlw owlii>pali« tlul fame *nd fortune drain) 
diMi in tbdr niUve tonn : thrrcthp; broomoliaU- 
btrmita and half-philntophxr*, <lariln)t t'|>tgrBmii 
wUeh ptOTokc hatred, or ponnn)! dr^na, draerip- 
IItu of Ihrir ^ling*, nhicli laovr dcriwon ; their 
Dcighboim GdJ it nufli nuin to a»ccnain ibeir 
lirfbiM, than Mintitrrliend Iht-lr (cniui ; and botli 
partisa liveinaitateof mutunl (imccciticin. Sach. 
amon^ Rinnjr. vut the (att af the po« lIcBniCK ; 
bU vein *ai padocni. and he livad io the eljiiom 
f(f tbc Ktwt, wbich , lionfTTcr, ha dtMiibra bjr the 
■alien rpllhvt, " Dull UmiDiliire." whvtv " he i* 
Htiil Mil." .Stranpithat niicli n |iio«l thocld have 
redded near Inriitr yraii in one of our moat 
beautiful muTitin in a very dincimtcnted hunrnur. 
When he i|oliU-d ht« Tillage of " Deanbcome," 
tlip |«tulant i«e( Itft bifiiind him a term " (are- 
m*U," which WDI found atil) prea(>r*(<d In the 
pariih, aftcf a Upie of aaorc thaa a centur;. 
L»cal iBtire hiu hern often pnucrird by the vcrf 
obJKU it ii (lirerttd a^inil, ■ometiinn ^im ihi* 
ehirm of the <ri( tu«lf. and tometiinM frutn (be 
eonrt malirre of oltnckinf our [iri^hbrxiri. TIiun 
beadilmacs" Dcaulwunic, a rudt riter luDcrciU' 
•hire, by which, iwmrtinif, he lircd ; — " 

" IhaD l»urn. (umrcli ; 

TtiJ' rrcklF boltom thai 4Mb tew tli7 alnUDi. 

And mahai tbtm ItasiU; e'ro to ik]L»imn(& 

Badrto dioa art, and mkM WD dlmnr 

Thy mcur- 

o men: o nuuiiunt- 


lie njoicea be tearea thfin. ncTcr to relurn (111 
" rocka aball tarn to rivari." When be arrivot 
kn. London, 

" Pnin the dutlnmBntaof HwdmoiilnewM. 
To Kv Itac daj-qiTlnK fnim lbs prspiaoi eoM." 

he, ** raiiabed m npirit," exclaioi*, on a ticw of the 

Bat he ferrcstly rattitMa niit to be banubed 

- 7«t. ralbt* Ikaa ni to Iho •*« 

The Deronlantwera aToifcel: for tbe aattriit 
of the FnftUh jfrraiSm waa condeinDed apna Cg 
nutde bj " lu loekie aide," anonc " iU rackh 


Such lilt been Ibt naoal ehatint of pronnod 
l>net> ; and. if tile " ailky-oofl FaToaUn Kaba" of 
DcTon. niib ila " W(»rlhii»."coohJ ii««ra|)rlh« 
anger of micb a )M>etBi Hprridk, «hat coatty naf 
hnjio In he nrnl troai tbo tQTMliTe ol qumlooa 
and dbwojtAcil imets i 

In thi« calamilj <if auibon 1 "ill ahww iLot i 
^reat p«el fellclulent hlniMlf thai poetry wai mil 
the buiiiipu pf hU lirr ; and afterward* 1 wll 
bring fooaid an ciideii« that tbe laaati i ttala 
punoil of pnatiTi with a very modnata g a u fclls 
CTMKa a jkerpMual ataio of Ulatfaw ; and pUM* 
tray.headed folly tnm to tlie vcrfe of tbc prntt. 

fope iniagiDcd tint Pkioe mu only St la wiakr 
Teraaa, and leMqaaliABd foe b««tMM than Ad>ti*m 
bimfclf. Hud Prior Uvtd to llnMh Ibat biataryoT 
hianwn times he wu^riCinK, wv aboiay biw wen 
bnn far tbe niiiniun of fope wai risht. Prior 
abandoned Ihe Whip, who bad been hi* ftru 
piitninr, for tlio Tori**, who war* now wUEag t» 
sJopI tlie |iclilical a|)oatatc. TUt wraUiBiy for 
pLioe und pmmon nithrr iliowa Chat IViar «■« ■ 
Little marc " qnalilicd far baiincu tban Additon-" 

JohnMn trlh un " Prior lived it a itm« wtm 

ihr m^c 111 pJirty clclr<trd all « ItuiU waj a&y viaa'a 

inlcr«*t to hide i nad, a» tiiilc III Itbeard of Priv, 
it ia certain tlint nciI munh was knonm :" ■on, 
however, ttj ail Jobnianaappuiea. Thitgrtat aUB 
came to Ibe |>lea»ing taak of hia poetical bio ^miby 
totally uniricpartd, cicept with tha raalBrity a( 
bit e^DliiR, a* n jirofauid ofaaemv of nia«. and 
nn invincible dogmalul in tute. In tba Uabiry 
orf ths time*. Jobnaoa la dellelent, wbicb baa de- 

jirircd II* of that jwnnanent iadraotioa and dcb|bt 
hi* intellectual power* bad poured armnd it 
The cliarartcr and tlir (rcml hialory of Prior 
are laid open in the " State rwoia* ;" a WtHr 
WHi^tli narrative, too parlieiiUr tobemlitTtf 
lioliilaua. wliilt! il ibram ■ anw li^hl o»JohtuHn'* 
obiervalidQ of Phor't '* pragKnjity to M>rdU caM- 
vcne, and the low dctiElili of mean rompaB)." 
which Jc-hiitoii had IcDpetfeetly learned ft«M (OMa 
Bllondaiil on Prior. 

" A vliilDdr'i liay. Oit interb waa Int foAml 
To wilt al V u*^ >alH. and |>tni|i far hiwwl i 
Tn bnlit llir cnndlih antl atmrtlme* O* ■ 
I«l In Ihn .Ininkuil. and tri owl — 



Bai. ■• io tUlalM it Dm oltm aant?*. 
VmIw hk arti u4 arldutaoi advansM. 
ta« na Btto (Unk bb •*« bcteiiour iMate, 
TTii iiiiiMiK|iliiiili laii Dkttm «li*nt« i 
ROwtoar* (kala'd U ih—m i fomrnlly. 
Th« nfckl han wOt Ilka a tMotl Ala. 

■■■lial^im't Cnwimra fulloit'd hfn in vala; 
Ib^ c)u>('d Uie cUeumcUiH*. but i»l tha moL 
WhUa Mt d pMkal, Hd Ui (plriU Iw. 
■a^d t4^ vrlU pMtqjnica. Prta^r. anil bmr I 

IDt t— njiln tab> anUmi lum'd ; 

0«^alHaida«ar*'"^°>> 1''*°' <*'<« 
T»bt tn«* I>iVHt«»b*c«idd mlitekal 
WwiiitiHt uum lalw dMcrifitlnn pt*. 
Wilia'llfcliB Uiapiid. bill eoBccalM tli* knin,' 

Tb «« iLe poet Prior ia better knaira thm Uic 
jdlDiBM Prior : )H Id Ilia omi dajr the rtvent 
■IliK cenmid. Fnnr vw ■ RtotR-Pmlriui; Sun- 
JodiMi, tfce BUM unbiguoiu t>( poUticiBni, wu 
As iTrJIf Ktttrl to nhom be anldnwctl bii iVirc ; 
Md Priar waa now SecreUry lo the Embassy at 
^^■Mek and Parb ; Indepcnilrnl evvn of tlic 
■ta|Kall MBbauador — now ■ Lnrd of Trndr, anil. 
llk^tth.i Miiiiitif lIcnipotcDtiarjr to LouwXJV. 

Ow fearfDMi ia niUi bu poetical fbeUngB. 

Mnr dcdam be wu clilcHy " a poet bj acci. 
dvt;" ind biota, in cnllMting hi* v<irk«, ttia; 
**Mcaa ti tKtm, u thcj came axUKly from tti* 
Int inipf«*«ii>n, bare Uin long and quictlj in Mr. 
XooMon'* tiiop." Vihca Ilia partj bad thrjr 
AmAlUand be wu conAncd Im ;c«r* in jrlaon. 
Ih UIIIHIIWIiiI kia " AItii&," to n-liib amy iiruon 
boon; «nd wbto, at l«ti^b, he olitained hii 
frwduwi, he bill tiaUiia|[ irinnmitig but tliitt 

Ukmbip libick, in hi* eisllntioa. be bad bceii 
onuaRd for rclaiiiing, but whurli he thfn mid lie 
irigbl have to liie upon at laiL Vnai hii great 
a^jiritj. and loo right a nollan of human aEain 
ta poUtica, t« tifwi bii piittgr would but bia time, 
ir b v » duy , tbM be oould cror derive * rcvcniic 
fntot rh^meal 

1 Bill ntnt thorn thai tbat nn perMna|«. a 
aaAle poet, is reriewing tua life in llikt hour of 
nKtedt abas no paaaioB ia reUiaHl but tnitb, 
.ilkBo WK an catlug np iLc aoivunl of our put 
Jkr* •cr«pnlo<ul]r 1(1 owaelita, frlicilnCpd himacif 
that the natiml bent uf hii mind, trliic^b ittcltnsd 
(P f*t^w bad been checked, aod not indulj^etl, 
thcaMgbMt hia nhole life. Vnot conj^lulstcd 
Mwwiflhel he bad been onlj " • poet bj ac4;i> 
teaH," Dot hjr occupation. 

i^b a oHnuaeript \>j Prior, cwnslftiDg of "An 

^^JMf an LMminf ," I Anil Ibia ciirioua and Inter. 

^Bl pMMgc entirclj relating to tlie poet Unuclf i 

** 1 tcmenber notiung briber in life than tluil 
I aai» wrtea : 1 cboae G u; Earl of Warrick for 
Hf ftnl ben, and kifled Cotbanie Ibe giant before 

1 «M big enough for Weetmiaatcr ikbooL But I 
hul two ■ccideala iu Ttrutb wbiuh faudorcil me 
from being qntt« pOMeatcd witli ibc Mnae. I naa 
bred in a coUegc tibere prow tna moirc in faahinn 
Ibm verae, — and, a« aooa aa I bad taken enjr first 
degree, I wat Mot tie King* ScorMar; lo tbe 
Hague 1 there 1 had uauugU ti> do ia rtudjring 
Preach and Dutch, and altering ujr Temitian and 
^IrjiiUan atjle inin thil ofAiIioief aiiri Conero- 
tiont; io tb*t po*tiy, trkirk bg the btnl tfrny 

mind night ha"T tfoomt Ihc butio^t af mg li/e, 
(fiM, lig the happiue*! of m// fitittiliart, oulff the 
amutemenl of i< ; and in Ihia too lisrin^ the 
proipert of some little fbrlnno to be made, end 
friendahipa to bo onltitatad eiilb the xreat tnca, 1 
did n»t leonch much into S'ltirt, ichlcb, boireTcr 
asicnable for tlic prtacnt to tbe writer* and en- 
courageri of it, doei iu liiue do ucltber of ibeHi 
^nd ; rorieidc^ring tlic nnoeruinlj offiirtunR. and 
tiic viriu-ui dutnifet ofMiniatr;, tnd tbat ererj 
nmn, ua be rcrrnla, \a\j puniah in bi> turn of 
ereniiiesa and paver," 

Surh i* [he whcileeome oomMel of the Solom«ii 
uf ilardi ta an upimnt. irfai> in hie ardour for 
poetical hoDQan, brCDinH cnrclni of their con- 

t»iuciiixa, if tie can but poeaee* tbem. 

I hoee now to bring fonrard one of thoee an> 
hifipf men of rhyme, who. after mniiy painful 
itrugitlct. and a long quemloni life, bare died 
amid the fwrioga of thoir laaBiortaHtf — one of 
t}i«e ndienble bard* of uetttecritj, nbom no 
bcadle-critjc cmld rrtr whip ovt of Uie poetical 

Tliere ia i oa*e in Mr. Ilatlam'a " Obeerratiane 
on Iniiafiitjr," whii uniirri u« tlint Uii^ patient ho 
dctL-rSbeawai Intauej vbirh will appear atmafe to 
thoae whir hum naulicd more poet* ttian lunalia ! 

" Thta patient, wben admittad, wu wj noiajr, 
and ImporliiDaleljr tAllcatjee — reeillng pnaaagee 
from the Greek enJ Roman pocU,or talking of 
Ilia own lifcraij importance. I}c became •<• troo* 
bleaometOtlieuthFr maJoicn, who were auRicieiitlf 
oecupled *)th their own tpeeulntionii, llul (hpy 
avoided and excluded bin fnnn Ibecnininan room ; 
80' tbat lu) wai at la>t reduced to tlie nortifjinc 
eituationof being the sole auditor of hli own cum- 
poaitiotia He concrlved himaetf Tciy nearly 
rvlatfid In Anacrenn, and powened of tbc peculiar 
edn of that poet." 

Such it the rrtj aceuTBtc e«*e dmwn up by a 
mcdii:!) writer. I can coocelrc oolbinx in it to 
wnrrant tlio cbarge of inaaRlty; Mr- llaalan). not 
Iwtng ■ poet. *eem* to iMre mbtahentlie commoa 
orgaim of poetry for iiuanitj tiaelf. 

Of aucb pooti.vne wu tbe late Paacre At Stock- 
t)Ai.B,wfaa, with the moet entertaining daiplieity, 
boi. in " Hw UemoLraof hia Ufc aad Writinc*." 
preamitM us with s full. length ftgnre of tbi* dan 

of pcWt ; thaon whom the pe rpdiul punuitt of 
peMry, homtwt indiflVrmC, invelv* in ■ pcqwiual 
illualnn; thef •!« ootf diveotcred in th«ir pro- 
fannd otrtctiritybjr the pitean* erica tht; tometiinM 
ulUfr ; Ibrr lite on ijucrnlciuily. which la m evil 
for th«ni»rlvfi), and U> B» purpoi* of life, irbich ia 
•a t^ti tu Dtben. 

1 rcnttnbcr ia mj TOntli. Perdttl SlOfkiWf, 
Bi S coiidcmnnl puEt of ihe timM ; of vtiom 
the boakHllpr EHemcT romphlnpd. ihat wlKnctcr 
Mn port nmiMDtotm, it cnit him CwrnlT puuiiilt. 
FttinT had teen lh« |<ubli«li->r of Chiitviiill'i 
trofki 1 anit, arrtr far^tling Ilia lime when be 
publuhHl " Tht R(i»ciad," *rbic}> nt Amt did not 
■ell, and sneraardi 1hm:ru)c Ihn moat pupular 
po«m, he wu tpuctiUlici; all hia lifis for annlhrr 
Chilrchili, and anothn quarto pMDi. Si^vikJil^ 
lUuaUr brought him vbat bcwusIcJ — •ndPlexnejr 
foonil the soTkraan, but nrrrr the work. 

M*n]r n jrcar had pMCcd in lilcMce, nod 8tock- 
dal« «outil htnllj be oo»4t'lfn>J alite, mhea, to 
tlip amutrmenl of ciinte enrioiu obt*r»eri of oor 
literilurc. a venerable nan, *boat bi* Bi^hlittb 
jr»t, a Tivacloui rpccCre. i>iiU a cbecrful rotM, 
■Mmtd as if Ibrowini; aaide bla thraiid in K*i^'* 
— ED eatnr to aiiure u> of Ihe imniotuUt; of one 
of tbe wortt popls of lh« time. 

To bate takcD this pprtrait from the life vouIJ 
hate b«en dillicull ; but llic artist has pnintril 
blmself. and ninniifarinrr'd bin nirn mlnuti: rlir 
bad our ordinin onrl but fainllj- copinl tbii 
Cbinnc troleique picture — (h« glare and the 
tloir niut be borrownl from his o«d pallet. 

Our iclf-biocrapber anonuncca liii " Life" with 
|ira<p#cti«e rapture, at Ibc niomenl he ia tnmini 
a aad retroapepl on hia " Writing* t" for lhi« w»i 
the obniuered vountetmn-re of bin rbaraoler, a 
nmils wbile be wu writing, ■ tear vbeo he bad 
paUiabrd 1 " 1 know." he eirlaims, *' ihit Lbi« 
book vill live and nt-ape Ihe luavov ihat hai befn 
■Mif^ qf my lilrrnry famr." kfun — " Ilofore I 
die, I fAinA my Ulerary Jam mnjf he ftttd «n an 
vdamoHtint favidatian," Our old acqUBinUacc, 
Bla* of Sanlillant, at tdline out oo hit ttaT<r|«. 
enaeeived hiniMlf to be. In huiliimt pirrceillr da 
nondi); but here ii ane.vho. aflir the Mjterienee 
uf a loOK life. >• wrilinf a largn woik tn pTOte 
bLiniH-lf that very curiuui thinft. 

What were tliCK mi|[hlT and unknoirn work*? 
Stoirkdalc mnfeasM Ihat all hli vtraei have brrn 
reodHd witk negiiffMuie or conlempt ! yet their 
wedioOTiiy. the abaotiiie portftj of hti gentna. 
never oncn occurred to ihc po«ti<«l patriarch. 

I bare add Ihat the AvqucDt orlcin of bad poels 

.UoirtliKtobadrrilica: aodilira* the earl j frimds 

«f 9tMkd«le, who. mialaking bia animal ipirlta 

for (cniui, hj dirHlin|{ them Into the walki of 

poct^. bewildcrtd bim for ever. It «** their 

hand (hat het^lendy Aied the biai In tb* roiliaG 
bowl of tiU rtitlaaa Mind 

He ttlla tu thai wWIb yet ■ hoy of lwel»e jttn 
old, one <lar (■ll(*'>ir ■It'' klafallic*' at BranitM, 
wlirre the battle of Ftaddeo vu fo«ebt, the «U 
gentlnnan laid to him with fnM enphaaaa— 

" Von nay miki! (hat plara renarkkM* fl> 
your Irirth. If you take care of joaraelf. Hf 
fatlicr'a andmtandint naa c\rxt and ilran[, n4 
he eauld penetrate human natitrt. tie Blmdy 
aaw that / h 04 nalural advantufei aiar* Ikim if 
conintQit men,'' 

But it tttnif thai, at «oiii< earlier p«ri*d en» 
than hi* twrinh year, aome cood-naluivd Pythii* 
had pnslicted that Siockdale wnold be " a p«eL" 
Tliia anbigiims nraele waa atill liileoed to. altpr 
a lajwe of more than half a ceatary, and A» i»mt 
ia Btiil repealed "itb fond credulity :— " Notwitb- 
sUrdlne." ho rwJaiiua. " ell that u pmf. O llm* 
icodof mynind! Imeanimrtheafwrmaid Pythita) 
I >ii1l hop* that my future fame will deeided!} 
imrTvnl lilt firfdlelionf" 

Stoekdalr had, in tmlh, m eiccmtc tcoafbHity 
of trmper, without any control over it— be liad all 
the oerroDa eontortion* of the Sybil, withanl her 
impjration ; •nd shifting, in hia many-abiped Kit, 
through all character* a,nd all piifwoil*, "ejaltlag 
th" nlivr nf Mincrra with lUe trapr of Bac«i«»," 
lube phratea it, hewaaa loTtT.a lator. ■ reosiU 
ingolficer.areairwvr, and. atbngth.a eto^ynaa; 
bat a poet eternally ! Hia mind «a* M (lamd, 
tliat notliliiK could atand *lea>lily upon it. 71m 
Bccidenta of anrfi a life he dcwribn with aneh a 
faee of rueful iLmplieity. and mitn np >o ameb 
(p^i* drollery and merry palhoa arilh alt be Myt 
or doca. and bla ubi(|uitT i* mi wonderful, thai W 
Ki*es on idea of ■ ohafader. of wlute axiettMee ^ 
hadprrtiouilynooonoeptioa, thatof^ScodnnAl 

In the early part of hia life. Stoebdale nndertook 
mary |)oeti<til piii!(iniag« ; he Tiattod Ihe htmm 
where Thonnon waa born ; the Mffeo-rooui where 
Drydenpreiidedaninnslliewita.&c. BemPew iB C 
the (nflamee of theae local HaoclaUoM, bs brwak* 
forth. •' Neithte the onrelMdnf coldMaa. noribv 
repeated ioaoleoce of mankind, ca« preeMtt m 
from tbiiiVlne that titnuMa/ (tire Mm t»lkt—Utllt 
tifmlhn nuiii hrrtafler he jaaJrf U KB." 

Perhipa, till th<« apprnred. it winht iMl b 

• Mj nlil fawurlia l>iile, wtlh all bla 
and *euts ilimlmlnallrn. AnUunir Wend, 
.luli^li of !)l<>elidalf when ha ateliad wHli bu aq 
(ho |»nnn(tN' o* a bto(h« !— '■ T»la SAwart Wi 
wT-ntf* (tiap<H(i<^. InJUaatadL wnnaalwl wr»% : aaJM 
In Ihn li»il tfl b» tiiliM Inlothe lianJ ef mtij a«b ar arti 


ft timxa pcnpu. tit wta a HicMaafaud auui. aAd i 

wipectod tWl «ny wdttdir wrrter of rem could 
mr feel a«ch ■ ■— f"' ronTictian cd' tiia poetical 
■toUUtr. Slockisto, la naUt ihl* )iUsriiai|(» to 
hM nritfo* thriM*. hu Fvtt«ii1iv4Br4 hII the tpnli 
wbeKbUwcdcswmcosipoacd! PatbtriErhunMiif 
■kiiMi taTitit,«nJvUI be gUd t» kDnwffor purhapi 
kHayclOtc • imlkj tlMt "The nillosuplin, a 
pocn, WM <rTitt«n in Wan*l«k Court, HoUioni. in 
IfM."— " The Life of Wnllrr, in HoDnd Cnnrt in 
(ti4 Str&nd." — A E'khI dc^ he wrote in " Majr'* 
B«J>li<>«>, Sc Haniii'a Lbui." Ak. but 

" In mr lodclne« ■! Portnnaiith, In St. M&rj't 
Itotwl, I wrote mj Rlcgj on th« DcBth of ■ Laiij't 
liBncL It will not tw minter««tinK to Koiibilit;, 
lA thinking Bud vicgaal minda. It dccpl; intc- 
mted me, uid iLcnbre proiluccil not one of mf 
tatcM nd worti wricicn pocmi. Il iru iliiYcilf 
afponW la ■ noted bantr. ■ hicih iru iliitin^islifil 
if UiBiiMM at the green raiti ; nLtre theriotODi 
«*pM af Nuos and Cythcta fKmtrutod nith to; 
fpiet and purn occuiiBiiouH." 

wanld oot. hrmevfr, tak« hU own Mlimaii^ 
own pecu* : ber«n(«, attar praiitng ttif m 
Mlrmgfoatlf , be (dema a[ timH to doubt if tbey 
ut M cxquiMto H be thinki them: He hu 
a— paitd wbichaomiiporticalBKxIlciicc 
doa not «pi>car — and ;et In eitch nic* il«cl>luii 
be hftldt <titb difflculty the tmpidxianii of tlin 
maitM at Rntiotai— for h« tclb o» <if " An Addrtsi 
to tb» 8«preaie Btiag." that " it in diaLiiiEaiiihcil 
thnni^iit with a natural and tenid pirc; ; it la 
■owfUd Bad puelical ; il ii not without ita palhtti." 
And JM, lu>twltli«lB(idiDg all thii FODdiment. tlie 
confection ia «*id«ntlf good Tor nothing ; for h« 
diMoTCT* thai "Uti* dowlugt forrid, and pi>riic«L 
•diiCM" i« " not antniatcd wiih that ngnur 
gl*ea dlgnilf nod iiu|ir««iuD to pactrj-." One 
ImU (ot mc>h ouhappj and ia/reUd antbori — tiirj 
•oald lliink of tJicQiMtirn «a the; wirli, b1 the 
■MMCBi (bai iniili and cafirrlencc conic in apon 
tlwn, and rack them arilb the cncinl painful fcelingt. 

StMkdalc emee wrote a doclaroatarj life of 
WdbV' — WhMi Johiiaon'i appeared, tliougb in 
hi> Uognphj. aajrs Stuilkdalc, " be paid a large 
Irlbale to llie abilitiu of Goldnmilh nnd Hawke*. 
■onli, jet A« mtule no menlian nf ray name.'' 
Il t* eridewl Ibat Johnioii, itko knew him well, 
lUd not cMir to ncD^nabrr it. When Johiafed-n 

«a« bw^cd on the life of Pope, Stockdale vratc 
• pMlMic leUet ta him. tarneilly implonng " a 
g»MIOil> tribute from hit aulliority." Jobnaoii 
was alill obdnrtMy lUeDl • and Ktorkdale, who 
had reocie«d tnuij' acta of hiiiuBne kiodacaa from 
Uw, add* wilk fietful luiiveic, 

" In Ua MdHaKnta towards rac he wai ditidrd 
betweaa a taweoteiHe lo ay lut«rnu, and a 
■afdnwe la mitfim»." 

Una, la a awnail, ia the perrcrted beiart of 

tho ecribblvr, wiJt cier be cancelled M human 
abliication for acta ol heaeniaux, if we uc twM 
lo hiifamr ! 

And yet let lu not ton haatUy eondemn Ifeea* 
nnbappr men, even for the rioUlion of the Inmir 
moral feeling* — it ia often hut a fatal cffecl from 
a melancholy canae : that hatluclDatlior of the 
LnlPtlei^l, in whirh, if their genin*, an they rail IE, 
■nm^tiniTi* appnart to sparkle like a pointed bubble 
in the buoyancy of ihuir vanJljr, they are alio 
condnmiteid to aoe it ainkinf; In the dark burror* of 
a diaappuiuted author, who haa rialcpd hi* life ani! 
hlf happhint an the niaerable praduetiana at hia 
pen. The agenlea «f a diuppointed antbvr cannot, 
indeed, be oralem plated vithoat pain. If tbey can 
iDalrn^t, the fnlWing qontatfon will liaie iCi Qae. 

Atuon^ the innumerable prodoL-liuiii of Stock* 
dair, waf a Hiatary of Gibraltar; wbleb might 
have been intereiling. from hi* hnvinK rerided 
there ; in • ntomcDt of despair. like Jlcdrt, ho 
icumolatcd hJa unfurl nii ate oll^jiiing. 

" When I had arriicd at within n day'* work 
of its uunwiiuenue of tone inmediaid 
and mortifying acfldenta. my lilentry ail^frtUff, 
mid all my other miitfortuiin, C»uk/iu( An/J qf **S' 
minii f apprt^ifti il nlrf^nelif ; and rfiluctJ il ta 
a iCaffB af the detfttt dejection and detpaadeiirj/. 
In this nnliappy «ibw of life, I made a aiidden 
rrii.i]ulic>n-^rtrrTnifT*ff lo prVA^trtiie tfut prl^f-MfiK^ 
i>/ an aulAor ; to retire altOKelhrr from Ibc world, 
and read only for consolalimi and imuacineat. / 
comaiileil la tliejlamrn my lliilery n/ GUirollar, 
aiid mji Irnnttalutn of Marialller'M I.\fr nf Cardinal 
Ximei'tf i for which the bookaeller hodrefuae'l to 
pay me the Afty guineas accordias to agreement." 

Thi> claim* a tear ! Neeer were the nioiUea 
(jf literary ditappoiniment more paihetifally told. 

Rnt m it la impoMlble to have known poor 
iJcludrjl Stockdilr. aiid not lo h-ive Uuj^hvd at liim 
more thnii ta have wept for liini — tn tlic cala- 
atrophr of Ihii auihor't literary life ia aa bnely in 
ehirocttr an all the aeta. That cauatmphe, of 
ooarM, Is hi* laat poem. 

After many yeara hi) piKtical denofi luvlnyboM 
rhainrd from the world, auddrnly broke forth on 
the reporta t>f a f renrh inraiiiin. The namtite 
thall proceed in bia own inimtlahle maaaer. 

" My )«c|i(^l (pirit eieited mtr tu write my paem 
of ' The Intincible lalanj/ I nerer found myaelf 
ill a happier ditipOfltinn to rotnpoee, nur trcr wrola 
with more jilcaiure. I preeumed wannly to hope, 
[hat nnle*! iitvittfate prejudice an4i^iilit«m*teii* 
bnncible aa oar Uland ilaelf. it wnulil ha>« iA« 
JiJfHiive eiretilalian which 1 caniealJy deaired. 

" Fluahtd with Ihli idea— bnme impetonoilt 
along by omMinn anrf bfr hope. Ihvugfl Ihty had 
ttflm detaJedme. I set off tn the mullcoaeb from 
Dvrham, for London, on the 9th of Dcc«iDb«r< 


17d7i at midnight, and m a severe storra. On tnj 
arrinl in tona, m; poem vii sJrertised, printn}. 
«nd pnblUlinl wilh gmt fipvdittnn. It wii 
printed for Cliuk* ia Ntw ilood.itrpet. For 
Mveral dtjf the vale vu Tcry proraisioE i ood aaj 
booktrJIrr *i well ■> rajriclf eni^rtnint^d nnfcuiue 
bopex : bucllu lUmanilfof thfpoem rtlartd ijrnitu' 
ally I Prom Ihl* I*IT of rannT lilcTsry minfartiiriM, 
I inferred tl'sl prrjudier nnd maliffiiily, in my 
f*IOMan«it'rAor, (crcncd,iiidrrd, (o be iotuicible." 

The caUitTDphe uf tbe puct ii much bcilcr luld 
tbtn tnylhiiig In (be |)Dpm, wlilcli hsil net merit 
enough to sappart ChAf inlrmil whidi tbe tcnt- 
poru; fwliiMt bftJ e*ci(cd> 

Lei the fata of Su>ckd«le initrDct Rome, and 
be will not h«»e written in »iin the '■ Mrmdni 
of Ml Life iBil Wrilings." I fane nn!; tnmctd 
the lil^nrj to unr Pje ; it ww CQtu- 
bincd witii ollicrti. Mjiialljr ttrihin^, frum ihf iiamp 
mould ill wUirh Chit wan cut. HCorkdalr Imagined 
he |iu>aeiiH(l an iiituititu knuvlcd^r of human 
Mtnra. H« tajt, " ^rttjttiiag that conttttnted 
inj nature, my •njulmnenbi, my hnbit*. and mj 
fortune, couplicd u IttC tii upon one a complete 
knowledge of hanmn tiRtDre." A most strildiig 
proof of tliii knottledge i« bcx paniiel, nftrr thn 
manner of Plulnivb, betirMn Chirlpi XII, and 
Uiaiacl/ 1 He frauklj' conreiHra (Jiorr were #umo 
point! id which ht nad the ^<cci)i«b nionnrRh 
did not cinctly rtsFmbli- rach other Hr thinks, 
fnr in«l«nr«, chit ttie Kui; or Swedpii liail a 
aomnwhat mor* fenid and original genxat than 
biiDKlft and *•> LkvitiM a Utile nii^rc robiul in 
bis [irTunn — hut, lahjiaina Rtni^kdule, 

" Of our nfL"i|irocal fortune, aicLlBTemanta and 
conduct, Rome psrta will b« to Aw adiantap, and 
lofoe la mine." 

Yet in regwd to Famt, tbc main object Vrtween 
Um and Cbiflsa XII. , Stockdala imaginiul tbM 
his own 

" Will Dot probably take itc fixed and immov- 
able atition, and »hine with It* expanded and 
pcrmaDMit tploadout, till it cenjccralea lilt aab«B> 
till it lUnnintu hia ttnnb i" 

Pope hstitatcd at dwidhin; on the durability of 
bia (loetry. Pnion cnnnTalulatir* hinnrlf lliat hn 
liadnoldev4it49daIlbtidB]'i torhytuta. STiicKOAt-K 
imagine! bii foniB is lorDinmFnMiat tbe ^ery (i-uint 
{the tomb) where g^ulut treiublta ila 0wn nay 
neatly tcnainnt« I 

To clMe ibia article, I could wbh to re^aU the 
poeitieal StocltdalM with a dfJoctabie mnr*el of 
fhutmal biosrafiUy ; nuctt would b* Uic life and 
it* memorable doio of Klka^ah SErrt-i, who 
inatiued himiclf to be a imt poei* wbcn he waa 

placed tm a lercl nidi DlTden by the town-wita, 
gentle spirits 1 to vei genius. 

Settle'* play of " The KcnpreM of Memeeo " 
wR« the rrry ftnl "adomtd with ecaJpteee*." 
lloncTer, In due time, tbe Whisa ih»pb4n|t hU 
rhyniri, Settle trir.d bin pro&F for tbe Tariea; bat 
'be w.aa a majtcian vbuie enebantinenta iierct 
ehnrmed. tie at Irngtb obtained tbe oAc« of the 
cit^ poet, when lord niayore wore ]>mnd m«ngli CS 
bavehuicatc* in ibcir aanaal pijinntt. 

Mlini Elkmiob Sclile publiihcd any party-ptrm, 
he went copiva rounil to tbe ehlefi of tbe party, 
acMinpanled with addrruee, to ritort peennkrj 
prcKfite. He Lad latterly one (ttuidard Eltyy and 
Epilhalamium piinted olT with blonlu. wkicli by 
the inKcnioul cmttrinnce of Riling up with tba 
fiamea ot any con«id«rahle person, nhji died or 
wax mxTi-iril, nii ana who ■»* going out nt lift 
or enterioK it, cou/d pau ivoUfta from the tmm 
trvird by hit hacknicii mutt. Tbc followtnf 
letter Bunuuipaiiird hit pretenlatiun ropy lii the 
rkiiko of .Snmeriet, on i poem, in Latin and Bn- 
gliiib, on tlie Hanover ■iiccHoion, when BlkasaL 
wrote far tbe Wliiga, a* he hod for the Toeioa r— 

'■Nothing battlicgr«atDea* of Ibeaubjccteoold 
cncoiiraKe Biy |-rc»uuiprion lu layinx tbe cndoMd 
EnufnCjnurGmce'i feet, being with allprofomd 
liuiuiliEf . fuur Grace'* matt dittiful servani, 

'■ B.Skttl«." 

In tbe lattn pert of blalife Settle dropped atill 
idwer, and be«aiii# the poet of a booth U Bartbo- 
tomew-fair, and cjitii]i-iihi^ drulU, foir whirh llie 
rival of Drydcn, it tcemt, bad a ecaiu I — bnt tl 
wiia litll* reapecJcd — for two [jrcat laruMiafe*, 
" Mn. Miitiii, and h»r daughter Mn. Letgb," 
approring of their gr*"* Pnefn happy ineentioa ta 
ouc of hi! own droll«, " St. Gcorit< for England." 
of a green dragi>n. m large a* life, ianaled, aa the 
Cyraot of old did to the iiiientor of the brasn 
bull, Ibait tbe firat ei|i«rtment should be made oo 
the arliil Uimirlf, and Settle waa tried itt hii own 
drnfiun ; be crcpl in with all bii gniin*, aad did 
"act the draKun, ctirloard in a case of pwn 
leather of hi> own InrentiDa." The ctrcninilance 
it rai^atdedin the lirrty ren« of Ynaiif>, In bi* 
" ICpiatle to I'ope eoocemins the antbor* rf tke 

•■ Iter RIkanah. all oUier ehanpn rata. 
For tiroul In timiUiBrid drainiia hlar^ ai ImC 
B|i1t ftnuDiof ilrt i« Dialw (he b^etet* 
And hninri bLt man urn lultol uhb daipcj 
BuDh I* Uie tateiif inlnita nUMivBali 
tto Urrd jvur iinMiilrtM^ and B ha AaA.* 



aantlKt i hi* tnl tlianwlet tain In Vbt moDld* of 

AkH^Iij ■- . . 0! 

jtetaril.kiaaitMtuUh'ir.hbluMnn' . U 

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tiMi b* portijr liKd bm ohMUd . . lU 

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tank. " Tb« IsMriiTMer.' a wirtoui dooiuunt la 

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t BiUT^-Uie avTM bMiiry of ttM toot MOf ■■ 

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and molandiotj cod tu 

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*rnl, HigliuiU, p«rK*n''«rf for hi* imrll analnit 


6colt of A muwlt, Um Quaker and port, nffrndi.'d ul 

bi'in^ i.«rt)i|iB*«d to Dipt- Macli-nAb hj llit ■■fvi'leJ 

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^mntttli ninrntca the Incmllblo laliuur and cbii|iln 

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why hairaoMB iMlsbatde taniKdy bTIcc tila 

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uf daalKiylBg Ibt lltorsiT wotkt of h 1* eMinlnrtDa 
pnijMU Ihf Kdlnlranli 

and RhIvit, It* dadun 

hiatiunlil t**llB|«aiciud byUi dl>- 


appolDlnunla ..,.>. . IM 
nil* ■ lllmry aanajikMr a^lrol 

Dr. Saory M^ 

diM vOammi . . . . IM 

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woHU^worfea di 





ralud, RloTCTofitndy 116 


or delmi Of. 

icciued of ui inteaUon to fannd ■ (Bct . 117 

had the art of expUlnlns awaj hli own 

word* •&• 

Teland, a great aitifloer of tlllfr-pacsa . . . 117 

hla"Paiitberitiaini' 118 

project* a new oU» of a prlTata mooltor to 

thsminisMr 119 

of llie boob he md and Ui HBSl n. . . UD 

Uspaneg^rloalrpltaphoompiMedbyhliiiadf ib. 

Locks'! adminblB for«lf ht of hii ohaiactar ISl 

rMUOn't btckvinga with Drjdot n. ... Si 


Walfele, Haraet, hli Vttmj cbaraolcr SB 

Walpolt, Heraa.tntlMaamtilhSt jabitai. ytwrntUj 

agalnat anthon M. M 


nej, and defended Richard in M 

hli Uteiaiy mortlflcBtlai^ •ckoow- 

ledged by hlmaelf from hi* original l«tten . . it> 
ha* Gray tnatad hlro irtHa liiTlted 

to Stn«beTi7-bill n. ». 

extiaordlnaiy letter of. iininilin 

hla oontempt of blimoat selebraCed oantemporaflea CB 
Wharlim, Hemy, nuilf uoder hli hlatorleal atadlea 80 
Wark$, Taluable, not completed from ileflnhwt «>- 

oouragmant .-..••■ BS 
Wi>cU, Antk/mt, hi* ofaaiaotcr .V 
an apolosj tor the " Allia» 

niiiiiiiiiw" A. 

the wrllm of a partj whom ha 

aUiorred trequeatlj nfcr to hfm In their own 
fannii U. 





" The DM and end of tbii Work 1 do not to modi dadgn lOr onriodtj, or hUAoUod of thon that 
u« llM loren of launlng, bat cbiifljr Air & man fnTO and nrlou purpoM ; which k. that H win 
Lu;kel<anu4tKinpUtlnlknt4<atutailmliilttTaUone/ltamiiig."—LemaBumi, vf Learning. 


Tn Qoahrilb or jIijthob* maj be eootidrrfd «■ s eontinnatioii oT the CALAMiTin OV 
AnnoK* ; aod buUi, ■* aoins Mraiinrs for Litersry Liictorf. 

lleM Quarrel* of Autliar* arc not dotcnril to nnuad the Liltrnry Ch>racUr, but to eipow tlw 
■ere irta of cUumn}, Ihc ina!i;iiiC]r if witl; ridianlc, nnd thr oil ptrfosu^aiua* of unjait tutKds. 

Ik preaeot, tike ibo jircreitin; work, incladM other •uI^pMi Iban the one indicatid bf Ibe title, 
Ud bdt«d thcf art both aubtcrriEnt In ■ hlsticr fiurjioin— that of our lAurtrj/ HiBtoi;. 

"Dictt ii a French work, enlitlrd " Qurrrllc* l,itU'riiTf»," ijooled in " Cvrtoutiei uf literature," 
Mtt} jt*n ago. Wbtllicr I dn-iic Ihc iJpa ol Ike pmprit (roai. Ibn Kreni^h unurci; I canrnt tell. I 
M^ point OBl A ptwa^ ia llic great Lord Racoh mh'icii inifht hat« aiTondcil tlic liliit. Bui I am 
bdnxd to think, that what induced mc to Rrlrct ihU tnpic, wu the interut wIilLti JoHstoy baa 
|i*«a ts the lltenry qnarrda between Drj/dm and SfllU, JtennU and jtiiitiii>a, &c. ; and which 
& Wai.t» Scott, wLo, aioid tbo fruh crMtloos ol Uacy could delve for tb« btiried tiutlw «l 
tnevcli, baa thrown into h)i natrariTC of Ibn quarrel uf DryUn and />ulr« JUiltoume. 

Traoa tke Pr«ncb work 1 could deirlve no aid ; and tnjr |ilui li mjt oira. I hiTs fixed on neb 
femejr eentrAivn; to iiliutrnlc mtoc principle, to portray wme chara<ter, nnd to imealigalB buoi* 
••pt AIbmI vnrj omttroraraj whirJi occurred cprned new vicw». With the fubjtct, the character 
t( tiM BiUlior conDOOled fttetT; and with Ihv ubAraetar were aHociatcd thoM eventa of hia life which 
MtiproMUjr aet nn eaeh olbfr. 1 bar* alwtyi comidered an author lu ■ hnnu Mnj, who ponewea 
alMoa two aorta uf Urea, tbc iDtellectiiftl and the toIcbt i ia hia booka we trsce the biatttry uf hii 
tfnd. tod In hia acHoni ihoae of human nature. It la this ccmbinatiaa whlcli Intrmti the {ihiliiiu* 
pW and the nun of feelingi wliirb proridr* the richeat materSala for r«fl#cIloD ; and all thOHC 
nijiul drtsila. whidi ■prinsfrom the cututitucni prtnclpleaof m»a. Johkrok's pumon Ivr literary 
Wory, and bii fteat knowledge of the human lieart, inipired U onoe tlis Ant mad the ftnot loodol 
)■ Ifaii claH of eompoaili-Dn. 

Tbe PyioMpbjt of litfrarr Hialorr "W lodiOHl the creetlon of Batle. He waa the llrat who, by 
tUemptUif a eritieal dkUonary, taught u* ta thiok. and to be curioua and rail in our reaearcljM. 
He ennabltd a caUection of hi--l« lij hi- rruriiitti|tii, and eiliibited thnm with tits miMt miKcUaaMua 
lliutnttoni : and ifana conducting an B]i[TaicDtl7 humble pursuit, with a higher aplrit, he g*TC a new 
'tn to our ttadiea. It waa lelt ihroU|[h Kiimpe i and manf aelebnted (.ulhora itudinl and repealed 
DAn.a. Thi* father of a natDcrom ne« hu an Engliah u well aa a French progeay. 

Jofi>ao» wrote uiidcr tnauy diaadranlagoa ; but, with BcaiiCr meant, bo Wa tanfbt oa a gTCBt end. 
t)i. lliKcm wta the coutcmporary of JoicMux. He eicellnl bii predeccuon; and yet be form* a 
■likJBf contrwt,*! • literary biatarian. Rincn wa* oa ]ihilAiu>[>t»r, and I adduce Um UUt iaitme 
W a writer, poaieauiig the most ample knowlrdgc, and ilie inoit i^laat curioaity — trite prectUcd In 
•0 Ibe •cent aila of Utrrary reaoarch in public rvpuiituritri and in p-rttite coUrctiooa, and einiiieiitiy 
AiBtd in the whole •clenee of bibliognphy — may yet fail trith the pnblic. Tbe diligence «f Uimdii 
W ptrpctuated hb mcmury by a nuroumeat of MSS., but hia loach wat mertAl to pnina! He 
pitiM the diarwttr which could never die ; heruea mtiih puailbolmoualy under hi« baud ; and in hi* 
tocyad Hknee, rrm Kiltom Mened ndd«nly d«|irived of hi* genint. 

I hsTC freclj ciiUniicd in the noted ta tliis warki > practice whidi b objectioDable to iBNiT>b«t 
indiipetuaible perbK|is la Uii* tpede* of lii^imr; hutorj. 

Thr Ut4) Mr. CiTunettLAMii, in • <^nvonstian I onnr held with bin on tbu mbjecl, trmmpluttllf 
escUimcd, " You •rill cot find s single note tlirough tbo wlidlc tolamc of my ' life' I never wrote 
|*K note. Tbe aniricnti never wrote cintri : but tliey tnlroduccd into tlielr (rxt nlJ wUicti wu proper 
for thn rcaJcT l« Icnatv." 

1 sgrccd wit3i tli«t riegant writer, tbat a £n« piece of mMj-writltt^, aadi «a hi* own ■■ life," 
mioirecl nulca, do mora than lilo rniFrU snd his t^ninodicii. amonig which i( ma;' be claued. 1 
ohtervtd, that cli« nneieiiU had no lilfrnry UiRtorr ; thi» wu thn reinit at the diaeo'rerf of printing, 
tbe iaitiluliuu vt sallonal librarici, the general lit^Tary intercuunc uf Europe^ auJ tooio other caiitet 
which Mr Ihe growth nlauial of our ciwo umrii. Thn nnnienta huve wiitteu liiitorjr witbuul pro(lucla( 

Mr CvmukhuAmd wa« tbcn Dctrapicd on a icvicw of F«i'i UiiLorj ; and «f CutKMVit^M, wtucb 
lay npen before him,— be had been 4UiiU|jtiilciia^> with all the Irritable fedingi uf a (limniaUMt of Ibe 
fni^uevt iiupeniiona and Uu- tediooi miautvruwt of Lii ttorj. 

1 obtcrred that notei had not then bceo dii«DTcred. Had Lord CutkasiDON kiMirD their om, be 
bad |>ri!*cr*rd the unity of dcaif a in hia leit. His Lordship hu luisk-jrulljr filled it with ftU that 
hislnrtcal fumiturt bii diligeti(« lud cutierled, aud willi thaie miautf ditevaaiona wliii:b hia aiuirCj 
fur truth, uid hia Iiiw^cr.likc mode of loruttaiunjf iota facta and aubatantiating cndCDCO, ■■itiwd. 
Bad thcac bnea cut istu luila. and were il uuw pOKsibtc to pass ihcm uicr in tbe prewtBt lelt. bow 
would the atury of tbe noble biatoriaa dear n|i I Tlie tp-c«toeu at bii geniua will appeBT wbea 
diaeuflunibiired of it* unwicldj aiid uiiipbu.'cd aocompaiiiiaentn. 

ir Ihia ohacrraliaa be just, it will applr iiith gtcatci force (o Uleru; biit»rj iticIA wUcb, beinf 
often the mere hislor;' of the human mind, bai to record upioiou) a* well aa emta — to ditcua m 
woll aa tu narrate — tn *how how ncccjitcd trulHi beromc imipieioua,— or to oinfirm what kaa btthtrto 
rasletl iu ubiL-ure uiiccrtaiiit;'. and to baliuce i:oiitciidiiiK opiuloaa and vpiwaitc facta with omkal 
weetj. The multiplied meKtia uf aur l(tiowledg« now opeoed ti> ui, luie oiiljr rendered our inifioiltf 
tBOM orgeat io it* elaim*, and raiaed up the ruott divereitieid abjcctt. Theae, th«U^ acwaaarif* tt 
the lawliuK out a( our inquirits, cau ucicr melt togrther in ihu conlinuilT of • lost. It I* to prcTeM 
all thia dtiunler, and to CAJoj' all Ihi: uicrulues* and the pleuureuftbia various knawlcdgc, whlckbi* 
produced the invention of italei in literarf hiattiry . All thi* form* a aort of knowledge pecBlur to 
the pidcut u-uru enUritcd itatc •>! literntorc. Writer)- who dflvftUt in curioua and rare eitracta, aai 
in tbe diicurery of ul'W f«cis aud uev vjcws of thiuj^. traruicd by a ferrour of researtti wUck 
briDga «*iU7tbiiiig uearex In our ejre and eluHr ta our teucb, atudy to llirow coiiUiu[K)rwy teUap Is 
their page- Such rare c^ttrneU, and, tuch new faelt, Uavlii. eaffcrl; »on|liI, and ibcf irHttlri 
3ouf*ti« : hut all ibl* luiur; of literature c»a oulj be produced to the public trj€, 1b the nriqpud 
fomi of nau*. 


mcbooniit in iLi,if«TKJ»iM< or 


Tha vmtid Wirtnintn mar* (UnillH U us Uutn Ilia WmIo— dMlarod to be ••AOakntt'brk'Vi'ulinttonUii. 
*W<Acnn*>4i tbrinb Uib inuiaB into •'■bumui ■!» "— Lnotb^ mutls nfurt on bU Atlonuyiblii— nxitlvn for 
<b> «fciiBg» U tHriDilir— U> flnt llenVT- mlKbiuKH*— WaibutMn uil lilt WoUh Proplu>l~4iia llcillwtliiiii*— hit 
■HBH hltwto— bli UsI* mor* tuutk bj' Ibe uuHutruu Uiaii tbe buutirul— die oOWt* of hJ* npixBlta iludles— 
PuiiiiriA mtihrh ivo-Juctol WubuiWii Uurnifh nil bli Woik^^ta curinat wiiutiiBiil of lili ADbuice 
(Aardi and 8lalp— lbs (>>ijj pundoi of lii* tUilno I,tctti<>o— llii> dnnDuiUuliin Bn<l* In ■ lunjcjlim — 
Warbonia tnt ta Uio labTTlDlh he bml iODRiluiul; iriiutUiir.<Ii>l— DniriaBu ll» lunuiHl lUlc vF lil* iDlnit- 
br loAitcli *od ChrtWlm* iil«»Kf>rT Fmki-ipi.h lunii ihv pocilcoi nuntU*« aC Jliua» UiCd Um BIcuitaUm 
Hnm atUekt JortiB j UcAttJo Inaj tiuulBlfd Into pliDn Hngliili— Wuburbm't pwwdu on KloqnaDMi 
M* lavUj 0$ ukw randin bU dnocrltr «ifp«al«<— Leluid rdutu Iks wUiumImI pnrBilon— Ilurd atticlu lOmO— 
I riaar B»Uc triumph— Wutnirtuii^Scii.aKT Vtuiorui DpsnUnK In Madsm Litanliire: uu Pvys't Hkhj -n Mis — 
|jgrtB«llnKWiJut>>F>Bihatof tliri Kt^mj—'Piift ncai-nd Wuburun u bbluMlnrr 1011111*— WvbuH<iii*i ^■Imutk' 
■ ilHi mi^Ut IrtauUMi] rti»l tdlmrv- liteUWWtTBIUIlcM md lllCIt liiul|iim-til* eluktiii«n— tbcwlilaulol 
iBhmaal WHburlon on Sbtbcn|ii«ni uuiRkRilol by Eddnnli'ii "<1uiini>uf CrlUdmi'*— Warbudun uid JolinMD — 
■oi WartanoD't mutiul ailarlM— tlw niDn»l>n] moMtv uT hu <4ltJcni ot Kaakrivium ttanred In bin 
nmcr pRianrU fiutbiir rlli|ite]r«l in I'npc'i Wotlu— atlvki Aknuldo ; Drxin'* itenirou 
lUaiBala UaloBtor Tmlli. IlLiutnliyl by k vcU-louivii niv^Wuburuui ■ Utermry rmnlu tknniil 1 
■MmA tn to a p«patB>l dlelalor— Ui« uiihlfuuiiii londaacy of hU iiiiKnilnllaiw— th* Wnrburtuplui Sehiwl tuppurlvd 
hf Ai ma^ lliniitliiiH piiiwlplH — nixMiniuu uf iu (iHullu •tylo— ilin umi Ia vhlob Warbureon applied (be IJunolul 
Ptfly- aUatUn to niac nvnilt*— lli« mIIvc utd tiitillr Uurd— lit> •ilmnr ■yMpliUrjr— Warbiin<ai. to 
kU uMDpvd aadwrtiji kdoptol libiyMcmufltcasry qoatrd** 

T» aaiDR of W«>nLialoN U more familiar tit 1 
•• than bia vorka: tliiM mi ic earl; *, Iltui It | 
coaUium. ud Uius it will be with pattentj '. . 
Tte wiM may be worth our Inquiry. Nar ia | 
■|Mt», ia tb> wtiolc caiD|uLU of our liurary Uitory, ! 
m dtarMlc* more iiutnicli*o (or tU peatnoM aiut I 
U» lailutea i Done more adapted lo cicilc our I 
cunuutf.aBd mhnh can □lurcroniplcU'lTgTatiff il. 

(X fmt clurBcUrc «bo«c Rciiniu am well 
Imovo, and «f th«M who, vhnteTcr cLiio) they 

* One of kia lively ailvprairut, tlic aulhnr of 
ibe " Caaoai of Criticiini." obMrvfd the difficulty 
of wriUDC ai:ai(iat an author, whnie reputation vo 
MDrii eiceeiM i&« hoowleilBe iif Ma wurki. " It 
M My nirfonunv,'* lap EnwAani, " Is tliU eon- 
tra>my, t« b« tai^pd with a p«rMHi who if 
better kiMWB by bi» name than hi* teorAt ,- or, lo . 
a|Wli amir propnlj, wboKirorAaarcnvrwJi'iuiina 
(ten m^ ."—frtjcet to rJW ('mtofu <tfrri<Mra. 

may biiv (o dlatiocllon, arr not *o, A»i»tuii.b 
hail dcti*«rrd a pr>a:|A, with Ilia aoL-utloiued aaga- 
dly. Ifjteltitki, ttj* the Ktagiriu.ho Ihn cnbjeet 
of our iui^iurio, ainon all know what he hal 
done. wcareslni|ilytoiiidicnUhi«at:tiona. without 
itoppinilo detail; but tlii* would nu't Mvrofoi Cru 
tiat { for whnterer rdatea to him inuat he fully 
lold. liarx be U known to fewt ;— a critical pre- 
ocpt, which ought to he frc(|ucDtJy *p|-li«d, in tba 
c-ainpa«itinn of ibis work. 

The blatdty of Warburlon i« nov well known, 
the fi«U U« iliapetHd la tlie rbronuUiBical hiugra- 
|>hert ) but tho arcrol eoiuireiion which ctLita 
between them, if tlvte ahnl] iw found lo he any, 
ha* not yH been hrcnighc out { and it ii my buai- 

t Ariilotla'a Rhelerie, B. IIT. c. IS. 

; The ni»l*tiab for Bl(feorW*a«viiro»i Ka« 
bttn arransnd by Mr. Nichols, trltb tiia aocu- 
tomed lidclily.— A'ee hU LUtT*r$ AnttMr*. 



nets to )>reai tbne tagtlLer ; hence to JcaionatraCc 
princlpliM, or to drduce iDfrrrnco. 

Tbe literarj rime of Watburtan mii a i^ortentoas 
mctMr: >l Hnmcd uDconiiecC<4 intb tli< whulv 
plaDcUi; ijiUm ihroufb wUcli It rulkJ, and it 
ms imiittiticd to he ilartinE ntnir] new rrr-ntitinii. «■ 
Ui« tall of each hyiKitliariiblu(rd with idlvfaiidM*. 
Such cicraordlnary nacurtd e>,nDat be loolicd on. 
mlh calm admiration, iior iwmmiiii hoatjlitj' ; all 

b tbc tumult of 'iTcndrr about «itrli a man ( and 
bis adversBriM, ua kcII im Iiir frir-ndu, lliaugli 
diflVreotty affeirlei], ute oneu overcone b; the 
ttmc ailonlKhnK'nt'. 

To B U'arburtqiUDQ, llic object cf hif worahip 
toaka indeed ot colnwal niagnittide, id the glore 
tlirawn abutic (liit lialluvrnl ajiot; nor li ttie 
dirinitj of c^omrnoTi iifntiiri> ; but ttie light iihich 
mibea him ipprar to grrnt, moil not b« luflTcrM! lo 
pwnocal from m the real itaaJsid by wbich wi\j 
htt grcatitesa can lie ilolcrmined i- ^ (Trii literarj 

■ It i> probable I ma^ bn*e drAirn mjr meteor 
fran our votoaiilc author hioisel^ irbo tind biv 
lucid motoeiiCA, even in the dcHriuius of bia imA- 
giaati-nn. Warfaurtoa ha« rightly ohsrrTei), in his 
Diiiiie LegBttan,p.20.1,lbat •' Sjfiifmt, Si'litmri, 
tad ll!/f>nlhe4f, all bred of he4t, id the wann 
r^OiM or Co'ifrorrray, like'iucteon ill B trwutilcd 
■kj, bare each iu Inrit to llasr xnAJty a'cay." 

t It aeMoa, even by the wnft.ijiun of a War- 
hurtonitn.ihat hi«ujiijiter wasof" nhdninn »\i* ;" 
for when liinhnp l.o-ivrn rallica ihe Warhnrtaniniui 
fer their aubicnieacj and credulity lo their 
muttr, he aimed a gentle alrake at Dr. Bkowr, 
who, Iq hia " EMaya on ibe Cbanctetlttlca." had 
poured forth thr mnet vrhpmpiil parirjyrio. ' In 
hii " Eatimite of Manner* of the Tim**" too, 
aRnr along lirmleot ibeirbodncMin rt^ «rd totstte 
and Icaroiae, he ihua aipiJn culo^xc4 lii» nlcblr 
maatei: — " Himeelf I* ahnaed, and hii frirnd* 
isntlled fur hia aake. by thoac who never read bi« 
writiitp ; or, if tbe;y did, <«Dld neither taate nor 
coMprebcnd throm; while crery little aipiniigor 
detpairvtfacrJbblercjcahiiDiisCaMluadiilCRMr i 
ind wfaiaper* to hia fell' 

' Why, man, he ddth beatrido the narrow world 
like ■ Uoloattu ; and ire petty nien 
Walk nndnr hia bete lefx, and pep|i about 
Ito find oonelrea djihooounhk BT*vf9.' 

No vi>n(ter, Ibrn, if the malice of the Lilli- 
putian tribe be bent againit llua drosded Gdl* 
i.n'BK 1 if the; nilack lilm «Jlh poiaonrd arroin, 
whoni they cannni subdue by airenjtth." 

On thij L»vth obMTvei, that " this Lotd Para. 
mnont in hjn |>reteii>ioat<fojA ttttrtitt thr narr^ne 
tnrrtJ of littraturc. nud liatb catt out hia thoc over 
all the rcyiooa of tcicnix-" Thia lead* to s ludi- 

ciithuaiaam. deli|;hlfQl to nil generous Cempcn, 
may be too prodigal of ita tplendonts. waala( 
itirlf while it ahiBM ; but truth remain* behuid I 
Trut b, whlcli, like the aabeatoa, ii «till unoooraMd 
and unaltered OQiidii iheae Blo*iog 6tr9. 

Tlie gcniua of WarbuiTon ha« callrJ fortb 
two remarkable snonymoiK rrilkuau, in one. all 
ttut [he nioil aplrndid clocjuEnrc can bring to beat 
■(^mt litis chief and hia adherent*! t 'O^ i" ''>* 

croiu compariHin of Wubartan, wiUi King 
Piehrochole and hia three miiililfrv, wbo, la 
UKuti>iAR-r's admlrnble itnioo of the Preach 
wit, are Count Mcrdallle, tlic Dokeof Smanir»ah. 
Koi the Har] Swuh buckler, who *et up foe 
univeraul rnonnrrhy, and made *a Inucinarr 
eepi-dition tbfinBRh all Ihe qusrwra of the woild. 
at tlabetal* rei-orda, »nd (hn hinhop fatfclionalj 
ijniitcs. — Dr. Brown afterward* accmed to repent 
hi* panegyric, and contriies to loalr hi* Kisantk 
hero ahrink intn ■ DioderatB aiie. " I helietv (till. 
e«rry little aapiring fellow onntimip* Ihui to eye 
him. f»r niy»cll'. I hate cior oooiidered himaao 
inan, yet conatdentile Mnon( bU tpcen*, at Ike 
foUowiuf part of lh« [MtaKraph tifarfy rfeNiHi- 
ilraln. I ipcjik of him here »*ortiitfit*rindeed; 
yet « till of no mirte l/titn htimaa riee, and oalf 
apprehended to be uf t"^iM»a/m"i'"'f*"*'' hyeertiia 
of bis Lilli|fuiiau eiiemie*." Tbua aabtllcly woaU 
poor Dr. Drown anre nppcarancc* ! It niuatW 
confeMed thai, in a ilileuKna, ne«w wa» a gbnt 
got rid of 90 eadty <-— The plain truth, haweacr, 
•nta, that Browti wa* then on the point of qoamt- 
ling wuh Warhurlou: Im he Itmetttf. in a letlef 
to a friend, ihal •' be had not aroadcd all pcraoaal 
poncftyrK. I had thuc tared roytelf lbs tmibl* 
of srtiing n|;hl a etiBfncter *>hl«h I br ont- 
pniiilcd." A pirt of ihit letter ia i|uatca in tkc 
moKraphia Briianaica. 

t " Traill by Wsihurton and a Waitaitmiaa. 
not admitted into the Coileelioni of their rwpecUw 
Work*," itwdf ■ eoUeetion which onr abalMi 
nnild ill aporc. tliouf U malicioualy rcpubllabcrf \j 
Dr. Pabs. TIi« dedication by Farr ttitnda an- 
poralleted for coinpnratirr rriliciam. It i« the 
rniptinn of a volcano ; it (parklea. it blaavt, aad 
tcatlera li^bt and deal nic! inn. Hnw deeply onghl 
Its to regret that ihif Neaarltc tuiTercd hi) atreoctb 
to be thorn liy ihr Detilalu of epuriona Panft. 
Never did ihia niiii.with hi* gifted itienclh.graap 
Ihe pillar* of • temple, lo tbake It* Uo«»n*(r 
rhilinlinei i but pl«*ed the ebild-lilie aimpSeity 
of bis mind, ly pulUni down howact or«t Ika 
IieeiJi of tlicii unlucky inhabiCaata. Ilecooawadl 
in local nnd peraviial lilenry quarrel*, ■ (eoiM 
which mi^hl hat« node tbn nriC ag« Ua wwa. 
With all Ihr *ti>rra of cruditioa, and all IbK 
doituenccof (rniufibc lODrlilied a coaatfTpanrt 



oUicT tU IW Ueto, •mm«d by *■ ■parV of War. 
b«rt(iiii«ii in, nn dlKrimlnoEo in an JDptrtiti) 
dodaioo*. Minn in ■ noldrr and len EralefU 
Uak. I m Int (n hutartm ! I haiv to creep 
■long in tlM dtrkoM* or human Menu, lo ]»j taf 
hud oaliovtly on trulli* *o iI'ifRcult to toucli; 
■nd «)iicbritbrr ibepAnrEirittnr ihc nrilcr of «n 
invtctjve corer ortr, «od ihniw uide into cUTuer*. 

Mttrii of the monl, ani] loieeihmg too of tbr 
(AfUcal il9f|MMilinnt nf tlir niiin, cuter into the 
Vt*nrj cbvactcr ; uti raorcOTcr, then arE Ioc«1i- 
Ue* — the plsf^r iihert be ^c«ide^ the drcumatacDca 
•Thadi ■rise, aail tlic hatnta be coniroda : to all 
tbM», Um aJteeltcn^M and tha dcfrcta of inrnp of 
«arp«at lil«rarf efaanuUea maj oArn hi? tra.ct'd. 
With thi« due «c tnajr Ibread oiir waj tbroagh 
tlic Ubyrinlb of 0«iiiiu. 

Varbuiton loaf ridded loan obtcure prtiTincial 
Uma, the artieUd ekrk ef a eaantry tltorae; t< 

Im Ua polhia, and ■ London accouclinir for 
ennia obaUirlcsl Ulioim pcrTormcd on. Hancr. ; 
■■d aom fab ocilIeclKl writing! He before lu. 
▼olaiBc* mulcobU atiil nnmul. HU inmti*l« 
vanity mu »a little delicate, oa often to (natch it* 
•veetneat from a foul plale ; it now appears, bj 
tkt wcrec rrtclatton* In UriOithK'i omi copy at bin 
" Uonlhlf Rrviim," that Ihr nriler of n vrr? ela- 
borate article on th« work* of [}t. Parr, wu do leas 
BIwrwDagc tbao tbeUootorhimaelf. iliaesotiini 
wia ao deebaaiorjr, llial it uniitturaliMd ■ groat 
viod. bf IIm (htconioni of JoIinRo-nian niinKry ; 
hi* fierccaeM, obidi (ra* paibed on to brutality 
oo the ■■reciitiu;, retreialcd with a child'* tcrrora 
■•Iwn t»iiaf«d ; and dm pomp of pcUj jiKde id (able- 
Crtanpbj and cTcniiiK-circlni. iU comgirilMied for 
Ifae lOil cenlur; be mlgbl baio made liLi onri ; 

l^nd o'rt Ihf itrvamt. to Ibcf leait i ilnfc. 
Xd ialie a c»Ripli«i4iit uf tiK> niiurli priiU, 
Aad yet nxiat burt nlieo priiKi arc denied, 
nen art mi deep disrctnins. jtl m blind, 
So iMrn'd, w> lEnoniiit. uruel. jrei to kiud ; 
St good,,j<i bad, to roalish. and lo vise ; — 
Bj tarns I luve lliiw, and by luma dcapiae. 
MS. Amqm. (aaid lu bo bj lb< late Dr. HoMxn.) 

" Tlw Ouarteriy R«»i«w, Vol. Vlf. p. 38*— 
8o«l«lcrl} ■ picccDfcrilicum has rarely auri-riied 
the fnifalic in thelcsieaaf a pcnodicaJ publicitian. 
It cuma, indeed, wllb tbt fn^tingrs of another tge, 
and tbe mnini*cciinr* of the old inrl vif-oiouK 
MbaoL I eiABot implicitly adopt all tlu tend- 
»aat»o(lbecrlltc,butlt tihlbitaahighly-liiiiibed 
porlraii, taaswUed by die lore of tkc srliiit. — 
Tlda artidc wu sritlcit by ibc bite Dr. Whitaker. 
tfaa Uatoeian of Crarai, ftc. 

f WbM If arbvrton, aon at ba«n| bein r«- 

and then an unsuceeaafbl jnutidag oba, He 
■eeHMt too, ones to Imtc figarad aa " ■ wlaa* 

fiined Bfademieal honour* at Oaford, whiiirh wnre 
oSetfi to l'i>pe. Ib«n his fcllow.lrDKeller, and wbo, 
in conbet|ueuiai of thia rcfusnl. did bimself not 
aL-cept Itirin — in lib controvcny with Lowth 
(thrn the Oxford Prnff-uor), ektc way tn bia an^ry 
spirit, snil struck at tlir I'niveraity itself, for tta 
political jesuitiiDi, being a place wtiere mm '^'vere 
taughl to distiiiguisli between de facio anil (Je 
Jurf." oanalic irat the retort. I.(iwtli, by tltiijiilar 
felicity of applinticin. loarlird on 'Wsrburlon'a 
anginal deiignnlion. in i eh.irarter he hit on in 
(.'larcQiloiu After remuiittcnltng with ii)iiril and 

di|[nicy on thii pciulnut attack, nbicb wa* not 
merely permnal, Ixiwtb continue* :— " Had I not 
yuur Lorilihip'i eumple lo juatiTy me, I alumld 
think it a pieoeof rxtrcmo impertliioDM to Inquire 

wh«r« TOiT were bred ; tii<>Uf;1i one ui.l|;bt justly 
|>1ead, in eiauae far it. anntural curiaallj to kiiiiw 
ui/l'tre and Auu'sucb a p!iciiuaiGni>n wni produced. 
It i« cotninonly cud Ihnr yitur LnrdKbip'i education 
aru of that pvticdar kind, eancerninj; which it it 
a remark of that grc«l jud^e of men and manncn. 
Lord Ctarendun (ua whom yuu haie, iberefore, 
with a wotiilcrfiil happlncia of alliulon, jtulneaa of 
applirslion, and elegance of (Ui|ireaMnn, ooiirerrtd 
■ the nnhiaUed title of the CbaneeUar of Human 
Nature'), tl)*t it pevdliarly dispone* nca t« be 
proud, iiiiutcni, aiiil praciaailcaL" Luwth, in a 
note, inaerla CUnndon'a cbanctcr n( Colon*! 
II&rrtMD : " He \u.\i been bred up in the place of 
a clnrk, under a Uwyer of gnod acMViint in thoae 
part* { which kind of cdnealiao introduoes mea 
into tbc language and practioc of buaine** i and If it 
bemil resisted by Ihegrtfltiugcnuily of the person, 
InrtlriF't ynitne ni»n to more pride than any other 
kind or breedinir. and ditpose* them to be prt(. 
matical and insolent." " .Vow, my Lord (Luwtb 
enntinura), a* you buTe in yau( whnle bebivioitr. 
and iu alt yuur ■ritingi. remarkably diitiiiKu'^hed 
yoiieatdf hy ynur humility, trnity, meekaeM, for- 
bearance, candour, bniairtity, ciriUty, decency, 
goud mauorrv, got/d tcoiper, nodcratioa with 
regard lulhe upiuioaauf'UtbDra. aodamoilcBldilli- 
denca of your own, Ihla unpriimielnc circnmataBca 
of janr cdaeatian ia so fiu- fron bdog ■ diayrae* 
to you, thai it bighly (edonnds to jour praise." — 
haulh't Lflitr lo Ih* Aulht/r o/ tU D. L. p. 63. 

>^'o* cicr MHpon more pnlitJied and liccn i 
Thia Attic tilyle of cO'DtrDTcray linely contnata 
with the taitelesi and ftrtct luvectire of tba War- 
hnrtoniant,s)thniigh on* of tbam laweU knows to 
have managed too adroitly lbs euttjag Inalrumenl 
of irony ; but the frigid malignancy of llurd 
dimiuiahet the plraaurt we oilgUt find in liii ikill. 
Warburtoa ill eonotalad bi* veiaCion in ike 



urrelutil in the Baroucbi" and mo Into notice 
u "(lifi nralnr nf « ilitputlue rlab ;" bat, in all 
hi* mliB{)c*, (till krcn in LilermrT pnnniiU, KilhovC 
llUnrr conuecCiaiu^ •trvgi^icigwitii all Uic ttefer^U 
«( « dmoltorf and Nlf-tanglit ndocatiun, but of a 
boU updrln^ character, he Kjccted, citlier in |iriJc 
or in deipair, hii Utile trNdm. and locik iJeacoo't 
onlere — to cieboiige a prafcnion, nnAnciurablv tn 
eontinaltf of ttodj, for another, nior« j>tcipitiQa> 
to iU tudiilgenca *. lu « wvnl, lie tet nd •« & 

omHeinpt he TVnlcd in a tetter lo Hnrd nn thU 
MM^B. " AH jou fay iJwot i»vth'» painpUlpl 
brculiea Cht pumt apirit vt trieniiahip. liLi icir 
•lidhl>iva*i>ninjr, God knnwi, am) lalvi (mincer- 
tain oritic vaid oarr in a mnCIir of tlio tikp irf^at 
iaiportaoM >, tr« mneh twloir the ifuolilio tliai 
4rt*nt tlioM namM." — Hb write* loo <rf " Uiii 
Dian'i boIdncM In pnblubln; Lu loiters/' — "If 
he «XpKt* an BiiawFr, he will rortalnl; find hiniicir 
iliaappuintrd ■. tliougb i brllrve I cniald makr ai 
fMd tjieH v\lK thU dffit (jf« «i,-e. for Iht publip 
diiTiian, U tvci tra* inailit Hith him in thr ol<l 

Monliiiea-" — ButVi'nrbiittondiiLrtplr! Had lie 
rrtr pouraacd one fcrlliig of taste, nover would he 
have ftg:Dr«d I)i* t>lf2>ni Lovih aa Ihli groieiique 
[Knonaxir. He wu, howcirtir, M tlitt moranl. 
ihuplj f tviiK 1 

Thia cirtnioirtanM of Auarneythtp i*u dd[ 
p»%wA over in Mallrt'a ■' Ksmitiir Gpiitle lo t)Lp 
naM Impudvnt inan li^ini.'' Cofnpiiriiif. tn thv 
■ptrit a1 " ramitUrit]','' Amall, an imjimlriii 
•cribblidR nttvnivy and political Kiibc, irilh Wor- 
bnrlnn, br taj*, " Yuu have been SD alttimf j ai 
well u lie. but a Illtlc more impudmt than he 
wa«i for AthaII nrvnr pretumcd to eonofat bit 
lurpli'ub under thi? ftotrn and tbeaearf." But 
tlib it tncrc tnrtctirc I 

• I hare ifiim a tempered upinion of \a\ tnotirf 
for till* tndrlm cotiTtitdun fram Attarnfj^hip to 
DlTinity; fbr it mnat nnt ho (^oncFalfMl, io our 
rn<|Dirir into Wiibuiton'a character, thai hi? hat 
frniuently been accuacd of ■ man! worMlf oue. 
He ms aa ficm an ailtocale for kiidc imjinrtani 
cum ha nndrrtonk. that hi* idnrvrK^ Im lieen 
Itahls lo aiupieion ; the pleiider, in «onie pointi, 
ccttainlf Bdtiaf the jrart of a iio])hiit. Were nt 
to d«eldr bjr the m\f appearoncct of bi> oo'iiduct, 
bf tlia rapid irhanec of \m pruFFaiiuo, hy bla ob> 
MC|tiioua KmililT to hia rnuntryHi(|iiirn, and bj 
what lia>« been lenned ihn biaardaiw " fenlftript 
in crilioiani, and outtngri in controren;," ivbich 
h* •fllmadcall]' punned, ho luukii like one nac 
tn MniMt, and mare lenlout to lualnlala the 
AarMlerof hianwn^nfai. than thp can«« he hid 
WpODMd. Inland once cicItiEned, '' Wliil are 
wt to ibink of the vritet and hia intentiona ? I* 
ha retll; lincetc In bla reaaoninga ? " Cauia it 

Ubmry adventuter, *ho waa tu vin hia war by 
naming it ttom patrnnage. 

ij, bis paradoRs alten aliracd Us IHonds, to 
rrpCBt the wurdi of a grcst critie, hj " the ab- 
surdity of Ilia criitdtui, the beleruduxy of In 
tenet*, and tlue brutality of hit itkVeMiTe*.'' Oa* 
Juvnail, nhvp whatener aigkt be ttw vcfanDMca 
of Ilia dculainntioii, rrJIcctcil alwiya ttioac a|ifaifalH 
whieh floated hIkwI hira. hu drawn ■ fDll'l«a|tfa 
Tigure. llelu^nnuDtl forWarhuiIuu'ie«riy moCi** 
in Inking the ca»o«k, ad being 

" — -— — Ihrrtno diawn 

By ■amc faint tnnena ol the Lawn, 
And on Ch» CrulyChtiiitlaB plan. 
To laakv hituarif ■ ^iitlcman ; 
A title, in which Pcirai arrnjed hiiBi 
Tbit' Pale ne'er tlinnEbi of vlienidienMidattai. 
To moke hiiaielf a mati uf nnie, 
He in d»fi"nef of Scriplur* wrote : 
So \vn% lie nrute, aiid lia^ abuut It* 
Tiiat e'en bdieicri 'eaii to doobt (t. 
lie wrote too (>[ the Holy Ghoal: 
Of wham, no more than doth a post. 
He knew ; nor, ahould an tOffX khow him, 
Wuuld he or ktioWf or chooM to know btoi.'' 
CHuacBtLi.'a bntSil. 
I would not inainoate tbnt Warbwrtos t* to b* 
mnkrd amooe the claai be ao lotrilj daaouced, 
liiBl of •• KriT-thinkera i" hia mind. mUBi «ilk 
Inmpnatimi, aeempit nftim ciftgod wftk endnli^. 
Kiit ff nm hii n-ftnt of ■oher-mindedoeM. •>• eaiwat 
always prove hi> enrnfaCneH in the eanae be adto- 
caled. He often apurta with hia haatM-, ha 
brraka out into tbe moit famdiar ktity; nd 
tnaitilAine. ton broadly, anbtile and nlinod pria. 
oipLn, which evince more of tha potilieal thaa the 
primitive Chriitiiui. It ia certain hi* taUdtty 
wna grully titpr|ierted ; and Rnrd. ts (MM over 
the aiixma of Warburlon'a inddsn roarmioB to 
tha Church, inninnalri that ■' on rarlg trrvnamtt 
tt/ mind detetiuincd Uiin In the Ecicicuaalinl pnt- 
firaiion," — " It may be aot** My* the rrilio ia 
Uunrterly Review, no bmptid admirer ol lUi 
man: "hnl th» lymploma of that 
viM-r vrrj) ejiiJrimtl aJUrmaiwin and the t**twk\ 
of an tori jf jirvfition, from o^fMiVHi p^frttn 
titt aivntry, may perhaps be oonridntil by thonj 
who are di«pu>ed to aaaifn buioaa rontfaot 
ordinary motitM, ai <|a!i* adeijinle to the cfbd 
Dr. Parr ia indi|tnanl at anofa nurtniaM i tait 
feelicic i« mor« honourable than tho detiaioB 1 
an admirable tharacter of Warbvrton in the Vi 
mliMtcr Maearine foe 1779,11 laacknowlMtpd,*! 
hia outlet in lifeho wnaauiprrlrd ofbeukf 
lo Infidelity ; and it wna not IiQ many Veaea 
oUjiHed, thai tlin oriliodoay of hi| opiidon* 
Koicnllyawattolto.'' OnihUDr.Parr 



flu (tnt mischann-s were ngl of a nature to 
nil forth ilwc iotrfpiditj- -wbicb ttlemmit hard. 
<s«4 ialo tke IcMdief frMlnrc of hi* charx-lcv. 
For great ulbon hm b<gun tlMir nee vith leu 
■ fiafci wi oniMii, (boagh an citraanltnnrjr event 
Ja dw Hfc of >a autboT tuppmrd to Wtrburbinr— 
te had Mcorcd ■ patron, baforr he wa« in anihor. 

1%« lirM jmblkatUn of bU whifb ne know, <rai 
hi* " TrkaiUtJiuu in pnM« and vene from Uonun 
Po«t>, OF*tor*,and Hutorinw." 1734. He ww 
Utta about iwentf-ffvc jtmn oi t^. Tlie Ane 
fotvn al efawic baantf ooald oater )»< cast in to 
nafh a simM m luaproM : and hii lurgid unmu. 
aled nMBca fce tf ye j jjnalitif of mind ini;<inopa- 
tiUc wUh tke dalicacjr of poeuj. Fvur jcan 
•ftcTSarUi he irpraud tnolhrr liolitet atunipt, in 
hi* "Critiut and FhtlMopliici] liiqulrjr b to the 
t^nn of PrsdlpM and Mlru-lM." After tliU 
pvblirsliin, I wonihs Wartiurlan na elcr auk- 
pntad cf InAdelUT or eten acopticiaDi ". So ndi- 

*■ Wky Dr. Warburt'ia *■■ ntrr anipccted of atfrd 
MMeBrrl know noL Wbalbe«aiinf/tn«i^rofAiaJr 
OS lubjecta of nJi|;ion, before, perhaps, be bad lei- 
aare or tUUtjr in'ciaBliie (linn . dpp«ad( oolj upon 
B>» L i i ri aunuKt, or *«fue report." Th« wnrdt 
tmttimpi to (Andr •ecus a pertpluaM (nr xrrrl ia- 
\JbUUff, Onrcrktc atfribntM tbcurcpnrla to "an 
Bmifitk daace^ «liaM bluuikra and calumniei ore 
aa« fcMppIjr forpitien. and twfmtti bf ■ Freuch 
WAon, wlioac monlit; u not eontiBmauraiB with 
Ua«1t."— rro/b hj Waibuiion, A«., p. \»b. 

••n* BngUeU J>iuoe " I io ni>< rMollecti of 
ihia mtt Hktc un to BHiy ! Voltaire la " ibe 
Fraach baloiM;" vbo, iadced, com gum War. 
In bi* bithopne, to Peaebum in the 
r'*(>|Mr« — wlin, aa Karper of Newgate, «u 
nhBfbf all hit old acroaiplIcM 1 

WartnrluiiiiaafarDiotveKtrancantin a Urtrr 
mj* wtildt he made to aa|xiand the odd 
■taioa* of a rrsch«d-bnlB Welchman, a pro. 
ftaqtag knayc ; a lti>a*a bjr lii* okh aonfratioo, 
urfaiVOpbetbrWarbnrtoii'i. Thiseniunieoiar;, 
hsaMarf in Jortin'i " Bemarka un E«cleaiaatical 
HtMorr." nMmiOenUf injured the reputUioR of 
J«ttUi. ne aiorj of Warbnrton aaid Ua Waleh 
rr^rr, aoald of ibM^f be auSciait lu detect tlw 
•blftiBjci and artlficea o( hii K^niu*. Ftici or 
Auaa E**K*t >a* one of tbe manf propbeti 
*teroaeDpin Oltier'* faiuUcal dajv ; and War. 
bwtla had the hardihood to tnwrt, in Jortin'i 
id work, a •! range comnimtary to prmc thai 
Emiai in CronweU'a lioie. In bin " Bcho 
HcKicn." had nntfeAlT jrr«;iAatM fA< 
rto* 5u«irj>iaii / The Welebnun «ia * 
' bf hia ova arvoaat in lubacribing «lth hii 
f haad tba conliMaiou he call* hia profilrecj, 
bAm a jMka, aad with hii ir/), tbtf which wai 

oallj dcArieat ia Warbnrton waa thai fine intemal 
feelioK which we call taate, that through hli earljr 
writing he acqnind not one lAllIary cbarta 
of dietioB ti and acarodj betrafed, amid hi* 

hia recantation, aignnl hefom Iha nteonlfr, adding, 
" 1 know (be b«n.fh and tlie people Ibonght I 
rr<iu>leit ; but. alas ! tbef were dtceiTcd i" and 
ihia Waiburton calli *' au uucoutnon fetch of 
nil,*' to save llic truth of Ihe proph«T, thmiKh 
nut the hODOur of the prophet. If Cvtni nMaot 
•nytliinf , hn mriOiiC what waa tlim lloattng in all 
mrn'i luitKli. Ihe piobable mtcntioD of the 

fituarti. By tbU prcliulc of Ibat inTtniiie lenina 
whieh aftrrwardi cumiociited. in tbe lame apirit, 
on thu ,t:n«id of Ylrfiil. and the "Divine Lrif^ 
tioo iUelr,"iuid made the aamfl anrt of ditcnrrri**, 
be fijtfd hinitelf in tliia dllttDOia : either War- 
burton was a freater impoatni than Arise BraiUi 
or he waj roore cnduloni than rmt an; follower 
of Ibe Welch prophet. If he teallf had ane. Bat 
the truth la, that Warburlon waa alwaya writing 
for a prnant purpvac, and belicTcd, and did not 
bsHarat aa It happened. " Ordinarr meo believe 
«ar lida of a contradiction it a ticne, wbercai hia 
f^Txbbip" (u^ hia admirabla anta^aiil) **fr*. 
qiieotlir believei, or at Icut dcfeodB Wh. So that 
it would have bom no srtat wonder if he (hosU 
maintain thai Etana wna both a real pniphel and 
an itnpoMor." Yet thii i> not thr an\j awkward 
BlUlude IdIo whii'h Warburlcin hu hi^re thrown 
himaalf ; to rtrain ibe vioiao at lb« rating WeUb. 
man to oTcot* of which be could baic DO notion, 
WArlnirton ha* plungnl into tbe moal tudiirmna 
dlfBcultlea, all whidi ended, aa all bii diuoveriea 
hat* ilann, in inakin; tbe f>rtuiM) of an sdvvrtary 
who, like the Mama* of dinner, hu raited thniu^h 
the akJca " incxtinKuiibabb Iau)ihter." In tbe 
amaaing trairl of " Cunfmion wurK nnifoundcd, 
Ronl »n Raul, or Ibe Diabiip of G— 'a Com. 
ineiitsrT on Ariae RrBtii ; by Indignatio, 177:1." 
The writer waa the learned llearj Tajrlor, tbe 
autbar of Don .Mctnlecai'a Apoloity. 

f TbecuttecttwireofLiOwCb withaumebmoonr 
dearribea tba lift ieatetioe of the " Enquiry on Pro- 
dlgl«a"a* ■•tbeMuaaPedeatrlagotnnlMrMbaekin 
a blub pranrinc •lyte." He printed it in BManred 
I IRF ^wi ibouC, bowevericb aa|[tng the placB cf aainglc 
ward, and iC [vodui-nl blnok lenc. Ttiui ll roid^- 

" Melhiaki I »ee brr lik« the niiKbty Eafle 
renewing her immortal youlb, and purging 
ber <rpcniiif[ ''ithl, at the nnobatmcted bcana 
of our bcnigo meridian !>uai" 3ic. 

Sacb a gluwing metaphor, ill the uuMmtb prow 
of Warburtoa. cUrtled Lowth'a rlauieal ear. It 
wat indeed " tbe Muaa Prdestrb wba had got on 
honcbank in a b^ ptincinf stj Ic ;" for ■• it ha* 


impDrit; of tntc, tiint nerre amt Kpirit vhich 
■fterwarda cnuhed >U rival force. Hit trauala- 

tionii in imilaliitn o/ Htlton'i iljlU Iwlrnf It)* 

utter irutt of cw dnd itnacisation. lie itCcniptciI 

Co inipprcu botb Ihuc iTork> daniig bis lirc-tiniE. 

When itiEU unlucky |iro(lactiuiii were repub- 

U«hed bj Dr. P<rr. tbe il^ifii^afioiM wetv not 

forgolUrii ; tliej «crr Imtli lutilrDMHHl lo iLi! uitiir 
opulent buMOCt. not oulltiiif " tbe viitur»" o( 
bii ladj tbr Cnunloi nf Sundrrland, nhnw attr. I 
riKge be aalli " m divine ■ uniun," Wurluitoti ^ 
haJ ihown no irint i>t jud^^at in thi rbolctt of 
bii iiatrooH ; lor thrj Imtl Inuro IIiilii one lifiagid 

Uidr ciA— nn<], pcrhsps, knovlni; bt* pitnin»» 
none in the Dcdicnliani IhrnnRliirc. Tliejt buU 
ho<rvwer, UiU •banrdity • that in tntrlj exposltiK 
th« Mrnlt pntettCM of (l«dic«tort, the imtcr mbk 
falmtclf iiiJiil|i;[i)K ill tint Inxurioui da, which tio 
Ml ffltdbl; terms " Tiiblic Pmititutian." Tliia 
urljt mauKgcmfnl bciraji no equitucal ajmiituiTis 
of ibat Iraffic in Dtdicaltena, i)f trbich he bail been 
■o MTCrtljr McuuMd*, aod of that jMTadoxical turn 

ilnrc bc«D polulcil out, il li * nfil-knona paiiage 
tonnrdu thn ^^n'^r of the Arco|iBgitira nf MtlCon, 
«ho>« proif i« (Qorten jinr*! j poetical, Se* Bireb'a 
Eilitiooaf Milton's I'roBc Work*, 1. 158. Warbur- 
lon wBi fiimiliaily (^unrenaiit wllb uur grml vcrna- 
rulur wriirr* »t a time vlicn the Ir d*iii» t'nerally 
vptr brttcr known than Ihrir works, and whnn it 
waa oODAidervil Wife to pillage tixeit ratnt gloriou* 
pMMCU. WuburtoD Uu b««n Minviclcdor nnatub- 
lag Ihrir purjile pHtclics, ailil sowing Ibem into hit 
(oanMWfb.witbontaBj n.rknonl(^i(i»pnt ; lie did 
thii in the prcacnt rcni«Tl(ahl>(! inilan(-«. ntid at a 
later day in theprrfacelnhii Julina, belaid TJolcnt 

linnda on one of RalcigU't ijjltnilid inctaphora. 

* WLeii WarburtoQ irnt coiitiilcredstaColoaiua 
of lilnritnrfi, Rai.pii. the political writer, fiiinlfd 
a aeifre alluiion lo the awkward figure lie niakcii 
in tli«ao Drdicali-Dii*. " The Colowai himiclf 
crrtpa between the leg* of the laie Sir Ruben 
Sutton ; In what pontiirr, or (nf what purpose, 
need not be explained," 

CurncuiLL baa not pinned by uun»tterd War- 
bnTtoUi'B UuRiility, cxn to mcAniiRia, i^untbined 

with pride which rould rise la hauKhtinew. 
" Itc w>* ■» proud, that ■hooliL be meet 
The ttrrlvo apDftttci in the ulrcel. 
He'd lurii hia uo«e up at Cheni all. 
And ilintr hi* Saviour from tbc wall." 

Yat thit man 

" l^awned throngh aU his Ufc, 

For patroim fir»t, tben fur a wife i 
Wrote ZhnJieafionj, whivli moat mak« 
The hmut of every Chrittiiin quakr.'' 

Tba DiuUitl. 

and hardy rlTtontcry, which diiUiiftdalird lui 
afisr-life. TIiph Dedication* led lo preferment, 
and tboB bardily wu Uid tbe ronodfltion-atane of 
bii aapiring fortunoi. 

It i» certain that the proud and iupendll> 
Warburton long crniwhed and faaraed. MaLLtrr, 
at teant, well knew til that (laned betmau 
Wsrburton anil Papt. In the •■ PamUlw EpUtk^ 
be aiierti, t1iii( Warburlon waa tntrodaocd to 
Pope by Us " Daiiseoiii flattrry." A mutfiaUt 
ioHoDoe, beaidea (he Dcdieatiotuwe hare DotiMd. 
occorred Id Ul* corrapondetiG^' with Sir TIiomm 
lluimer. fie did not TCDtuie to MaA "Tbe 
Oxford Editor." oa h>« uriaalicaUy dittinrBiahn 
him, witlioiit lirtt dnnmndins htek hii Icttcn, 
which wire inKiicdtatcly returned, from Sir 
Tbomru'it hi^h acnac of banuur. Warbnrton ausla 
olberwiSF have been sliowci iiraDgtlyt'} contradict 
hiiutelf. for in tbcue letter* hf^ had been moM Isriifc 
of his llatt^^Hco and enetiTniuiDt on the ntan wheat 
he covered with ridicule in the preface to hi* S t ithw 
pearc See " An Aniwer tu txrtaln paaMfO fa 
Mr. W.'» Preface to Shakeipeafr, lj4S." 

His drdieation. lo the pUin nnleliered R«l|k 
Allrn a! Ilnlh, hi* Rnitett of palrotu, of kH 
" C'omnientBrj' on Pope's Eatay on Mas," ■• 
vrillcn in the iiatnc spirit as ihosc to Sir Robsl 
button: but itie former unlacky BrntlcoMji n 
more publicly eipuacd tiy il. Tbe tiibject of Uita | 
Dedication lomi on " the grovrth knd prognHtf 
i'alt, (Itviilad into Tour principal branch!" 
Ilicrc il an episode tbont Frrt-ttitl tnl fialMt 
and f^ronr. and "arunlriDoncraf LabnitiifaMi 
Fatariim.." Ralph Alien was & good Qaakcr-Vb 
man, but he moat bare lout his tanprr if be ever 
read tbe Dedication ! Lei oa not, bowe^er, 
Imasinc that Warburton wu at all iiwtsjMi' lo 
tbit viuUtion of literary decorum ; he only lacn- 
fiwd propriety to what he eoiiaiderod > 
urgent principlo^ki* own personal interMC 
one bad a jusEer eonccptioti of tlte trve nalvrt 
Dfilicalinni ,■ for he asp in the famoua me " 
tbe Freetliinkers i " — " 1 coald never sppron 
eastnu of dedicating bonk* to enea whoa* 
feiidans loedo Ihero «lranffer> to the aisbfodlk 
Diacourae <ta the Ten Predicunenti to 
of .\rmiet. ur a Syatem of CaanUtrr to a Ml 
of Slate, always sppNred to mp a high s' 

All human ehancters arc miwil — Ir«o! 
>mi wc feet indienant lo diicover ae^ •# 
ire*tc*t, often coiobiniug tb« nxMl 
qualities ; and tlicn Uiry are not to ■Kb 
aa the parti nrr n.-ilnmlly jndn«d tofwtliw. Coak 
one imagine that m> lofty acharacter a* WatbtBOi 
could bave br«n liable to hare incvrred cm* 4i 
random alrDke of the Satlrial * wbetlMr tT« * 
blae, the erenCa of hi* life. bMtar knosni at lW> 



Till Ilia tWrtieih jtm, Wutmrton e*iiii!Ml ■ 
<i|iWTfi1 UMc, bat ■ cvantig ifipetlu for luowledg* 
Hi> mImI <rM cotMitated (o be mars ttruvli b; the 
MuMtraui tlMB Ibe Braiirtful, mach like (bat 
F**^'"" prince who fumiihrit hii Till* with th« 
UdaOM igMTB* inia)pi»liler tbe deliglil 
itng Gnxn bamonicnia and deliut* tomi* 
eoietiotw of loo wuk ■ uttura lo Btort 
liBoUiqintyaf UMei rouand.hvnrm.bT iheaur- 
piM ^dntA b; eotonal oflinm. Tbc AUeoxerj <■( 
Ui totaUeetVtl tuln. mt thi* obaeur* p«H«d of hti 
HI*, bwiiw la tboM irotki tn h«r« anticml, ii 
eDnllriDe4 by o»e of tbc nvtt nnconard scclilcati 
vbktmcrbapfetied to a tjtrniry man : it «u thr 
cbanr*-itiKn*ar7 of a keltrr be bad written ta oar 
•f lbs k«ra«t of tb« Dannkil, forty j«ara b«fo<v. 
At tfcc tim« tlttl l«tl«r wn writtwn, liin lltcrarr 

iioM oert fpmwil with Mwood-niUiBUthonii 

in (tiict intimacy with Coni^anen ami 

, BBd other " ing«niniu |etit1em«ii «ho 

■P oiir lut nighl'i Mmcrwlicn," aj ht 

tuDicir*. Tltit letter b full of lb« 

I&Aabi kiaoirn, iHll tlioir. C liurcli ill wtf*, that 

" H* eeuld cring« and crM'p, Iw cini, 
A*4 koU a (tirrup for the lUril, 
lit j« mjoitmef la hh nfiuf. 
He'd tet him monii'i, uid ride behind.'' 

The •alhor «f the "Cinonf of Criticlin)," with 
all hi* tprighzlj *nm>m. pict t hiitary of 
WavtooftAo't lalFT DMUutiona '"Die fitut vditioD 
, off ' Tkt AUUnca' canK uut irilbout ■ dcdicatiua, 
pmcnled lo the bi»lio|i*; and vlicn 
; cane of tbil. the tecund ni addrvunl to 
I lb* Ualnnltka ; and n-hsu uulhinf; eame of 
, the Ihird «M dedinatfld to x ncibta tiiirj, and 

bai jet come of tbit." AjipciidijL to 
I of Critician," (cnnth edit. 261. 
'Thb letter was writlrn in U2(i. and fint 
t bj I>r. KniElit in 1750. in fitting up a hauae 
«tur« Coacuim l»J iintliabl]' ludgnl- It <••> 

■■ppnMcd, till Akenaide, in ITtiC, priated it tn a 
iispeniir paiDphlci. cntttlrd. " Alt Odn to Mr. 
BA««rda." He prea«nrBd the euriimty, with 
*• an ita pecnluriliet ef punnar. fpcllinj;, and 
pvketuabOD." The ioaultad |k>H tooL a deep 
I br tbe oonlcmpiuoiii trtncmeut he had re- 
> ttam the nodcra SURittte. Tlie " pfculia- 
'betray moKevidmc nirluarilieaeir-uufht 
Uk nrtho^phy end the dthuhte letter* 
' Hiintnl in the oflcc. When I ioukcd for the 
tKtM tn AktntiJt'a JFm-k4, I ditcnTrrrd that It 
Md bc«ii ilknily dropped. Some iDtemt, dimht- 
Mi. had boB nada lo ra^r«n It. (or Warburton 
hoBblMl ithea r«niMlcd of it. Halena, 
liMtaiialaly, baa [ueaerved it in his Shakapeare, 
wImn k mmj be fonod, la ■ place nol Uktly u be 

hemiM of tailo : one of the moit utonaloui ii 
the Mmmeat an that well-known ptisage \a 
Shaktvpcare, on "the (enint end the roortal 
inBtrumsotai'' Warburton'a ii • nutactilouK >pcci- 
men ut fanlaatical (ef^cily and critical drliriuui, 
or the art q( diiieovrrtng meaning nerrr m«iiiit, 
and of illualriitiani the author conlil neiei h&rn 
knon-o. Warbarton declares Co '^ tbe iaKcniou* 
feutleaicn," (whum aflcrwarili with « rbarault'a 
hurt, b(< haa^U If iloieiu lo paileriCy in Uie 
Duo<nut,) that " Pope borrowed fur want of 
fenliuL*' that poet, who V lie D the day arriied li« vas 
to coiDcoeiil 00 u the lirst of poet* t Ills insulting 
cttllciaioa on the pupular writing* of Addinuii, — 
his ront^uipt for wh«t YiOuiiK calli " Nwcet rif i;»rbt 
Vtrpliaa prtiM," — iliow how utterly inwiniiblE be 
wu to that olaaaicsi taste in which Adilium had 
constructed bit cnsterjaie. Bui be wh« uoulit nut 
taste the drtlcacy of AddUoi), it may be imai^ntd 
mljilil he in nplurna with the rant of l^e. There 
is an neerrin!; principle in the ttitt aublime : it 
>«eniB tu be governed by laws, though Iboyare not 
oura ; and we know what it will Ulic, Ih^t is, wc 
Icitnn whet it will mistake for ahnC ought not to 
be liked, as lurcly as we can uutidpate what will 
delight oorrtot taste. Warbiirton has pronounced 
one uF Chs r»>iiig paaaafta of poor NnC, " to coii- 
taia not only the most suhlime, hut the vaoat 
judicioos imagery that portrj could wiiioeittc or 
paiut." JosiPH WAHTo>',whnlndlKtiai>'lyr«jeQti 
it from his pdilion of Popr, naicrls. that ■' we 
baie nol in our laaguag» a more striking eiample 
of true tur^il aprcnaiona nnd genuine fustian 
and hamban.t" Yet ancb «u tbe nun whom 

lonkod into for the clOHOf JnUuaC*Mr: tbU 
literary curiosity bsd othcraiae been tort for 
pnstrrity ; ita whole hiatory is a scries of wonderful 

By this dwumnBt we brcsmr arqcninttid with 
tile ulonisliiag fact, that Warbarton, early inlife, 
was himselT one of tlivie lery dunvvs whosa ho ku 
so uniueri'i fully rt>|;istccuJ in lliclr DoomMlay- 
bonk ; one whi) admiml the leniui of hia bmllim, 
and spoke of Puce's wilb the utmuit eontrmpti 

t Lea introdnca Alexander the Great, saying, 

" When diory. like the danling euele, stood 
Perch'd on my beaver in the Grank rtood. 
Wlicu Poitune'siclf uiyslauilard Ircoiblinjborv, 
And ibc pale Fates stood frighted on the iliCinii 
Whrn tlie Imiuorlala on the billuwa raie. 
Anil I luysclf apprar'd Ihr leidinft God 1" 

In the proslnoe of tsste U'srhiirtoo was slweyi 
•t sea without durl or coropaai, and was as 
mlncky in bta paot^ric ou Mdion as on Lee. 
He calls tbe " ParaiUsc Regained" " • cbariniiif 
pocn, luitAiKf in/eriar in the patiry and tlte 



lU-fortunc itor llio public al Irui) bud clio<en tu 
bacouc tLc conimcaUtor of our grnWr pocu! 
AgAin CburchilL thran lisht on cnu chiracicr :— 

'* He, nilli an all-auffifk'n' air, 

Platvd biuKlf in ih.e critic'* uUilr, 
Aa<l WTOic, to idnncc hi> Maker'* T«^tM. 
Commeau on ThjmiM, Rnd ocitu on fhj* — 
A jadx'^ nf gBniai, though. Mnfttt, 
U'ilh not one apuk ofpiiiu* U(at : 
Anmc the lint of critics placed. 
Though free Tnm txetj taiut oftatts." 

Not nuounfcd bj (he recepUon hU tint lilerarjt 
effort* rcaeiTcd, but having otitsln#d »i>me preffr- 
metit ftora hit pUMo. trc nn« eome In a priliral 
point in hia life. Ho ictrcalcd from l1ie world, 
■nd, durluK a Beclusiuu of n«r twenty jenri. 
jwrnrrrrrcl in MiilnierTU])Ied »luiliM. Tlio fuM'e of 
hia eharaetor plaivd him In the fint order of 
thinl&iTig (jciiij^i. Tiiit rcaolutiuij (in oiurv to i^ourl 
llic vOfld far litcrarj- tataan. but to Rommnnil it 
hj bard]) prtt>nrAtloii for mi^btj UIhjuis. diBpliys 
a noble rftmiion of tlie appeiii* for fame ; 
Warburton worned to hp ■ sflribhlpr ! 

Had Ibid grrat tana joamiiliKd bii rfadtn|t<, as 
Gibbon hu done, we ahould perhaps be muni 
utiinithed nt hii mitrrllnncoui puriulu. He read 
eter^thius. and, I mtficct. with Mitle diatinctloo. 
utdwiuddeUgM*. Cnriotitf, even to ili delirium, 

nvirfmmt* to the Pvadtse Lost." Sncb extra- 
ttCanr* oonld nnl; htie procMded froiu a critic 
bio litUc leiiaible to IhR eiienlial rv^aitei of 
pMtry it<et(. 

' SuL'bi uppotit« atadie* shot tliemMlvei lolo 
the moat f^DlMtlcal form* in bi> rocket- «- ril I rig», 
whether Ihcjr atrr«med in "The DJvinr. Ijrgalion," 
or iparlilird in "The <)ri);in at Koinnneri," or 
placed ahnnt in glring double lenaM to Virgil, 
I'ofie, and Slink rape^rv- CnvBCHiu., with Bpiod 
deal of iUinature and lomn tnitb, dctcribei thcio, 

" A onrate lint, he rend and r«a^. 
And laid ill, while he thuuld have fed 
The aouU of bl» ncxlrcled flocli. 
<-)( tending, audi a miihtjr ftock, 
Tliat he e'ercliarfvd the trearjr brain 

With mora than akc oootd wvll contain ; 
More tboD the traa with apirit frauj-lit 
To mm and metbadiae to ihouKhl ; 
And which. Jiif HI .tliptsttd fooH, 
To humour* Iwnt'd, ott4 n«r fa Moad." 

The opinion of Bkntlkv. when he »aw •■ Tho 
Diviao Ii^^tion," waa & tenmblr onr. " Thii 
nan," «aid be, " lt«* a moiulruiu apjietite, with 
a i«7 bad ditcation." 

71w WarbiirtnnienaK«ined tuouiuider hia great 

vna btfi £r£C pnaaaon \ wluch produced thoao BSW 
•ysteoj» of bjpothctical leoKming hf whad be 
itartlcd (bo wurld : and bii cfTirta to aa«« hM 
MOil ingenious Uieonea from abaunllty memblnt, 
to uw hi* own nnphatie irordf a^iMl to ll>« 
Iibil'J*oph]r of Leiboite, " ■ conlriraDco acuiut 
FatalifLm." for thooEh his etniu* ha* Kiica a nlue 
tu (he wildeit peraduiei, paradoica tbef rcmaili. 
ItuI if Warburton rnul w nmch, it waa not (e 
enforce opininni alceadjr funtiibed to hi* han4t, 
or »ith cold acopticitti] to reJMl thrn, learing the 
rvuler in despair. He rcail that be might wriet 
what no one cIm bad wrttten, and which at Irui 
Tei|uired to be refuted b«foi« it wa* eoaJonnod. 
He hit upon ■ iccair fhikciplb, ahleh prviraBi 
tbrvugh all bia worli, and thia wa* IftvawnoN; 
a talent, indeed, aoDiewbat daaKeroiu U> iatrodw 
in (twarchei where Troth, and not Fancy, waa W 
be addteaaed. But ««en with all (hit orl^laallQ 
h4i K'M not free from icnilBtion, and haa ctob baa 
accu'vd of borrowini{ largelj without hiMiog •! 
hia abligitiona. lie hid ccrlainlf one farawili 
model before him : Warhurloa lu* dchiwaied th* 
portrait of a oirtain aiiihor with tDtmiahIa 
minuteneia, while he caught it* general efleet ; *a 
feci that the nrliat, in tranng the rvaraibUiuw af 
anathcT, \a iotpircd hf all tbc Hatury of a mV- 
palntrr— lir perceived Che kindred (cuwoa ttit 
he loTcd Ihem ! 

work, aa the Bible bj nhicli al! literary mm wcw 
to be (woin. IjiWTM ridiculri their crtJabt}. 
"The Divine lieE"'ii>n, '' le^aii, rantalna tail 
all kauwlfd^ (hvins and bnman, aiMWWt aid 
tuoJcru : it in a perfect Eac;dO|>«dia, ilielMltif 
all biotArj, criticiain, diiinitjt, lawt poHUaii ftsB 
Ibe law of Islam dnwa to the Jew UIU ai4 btm 
E^Tpcian hlfrotclfpbica \a nindem Rebna-miu^. 

" In the -MX pagu of the tiii£*>ah«d ' IK>(«< 
LeK&liuii,' " uhierTca the *an:«alicGntMM>,''((w( 
bundnd authara arc qaoud, (atm Sc Aviii 
duwn tu Si-arron and HabcUii!" 

Yet,aft<-rBlt that taliroaiul wit ha*e dcaocMal 
Haton to ii-n colicblcneJ TOtar^ of Wariiatm. 
lie a«»etli, that " the Uirine Lrgatiun baa lakM 
it* plane at the hml, uot to ■■; of Fmfcii 
(heolugy, but aliDOil of BucUah liUrMSTi: TM 
the comppdlion of thia prvdi^loiu porforwaMa. 
llooKia and Sru.i.iNCi'i.Brr could haie roolit- 
buUd (he oruditica, Cuiu-lsowoktb aad L^M 
tlir acvt«nea*, Tavm» on inkicinstlon a-rcu bow 
wild and oopioiDi, Swirr, andpcrhapa Kjkr^-*"^ 
IheaareaitievHinofwIl: but whaCpMnrof i 
, tending, rxm-pt Wa*al^ltn>!i's, rewU Rot i— 
aina»xd all thcfc oiaMrial*. and tlicn cwpaiwd 
Ilieni into a bulkf and elaborate work, ao eoMiUlM* 
aad hannonioos .-"— Quarter ff Hnitm, tid. 1^ 

Tbii kotbor «w Uavle ! And 1 am unfoldinjt ' 
de dMncccr of Wuburtoa, ia coppng ihe ferjr 

*>Hr. bjtebirf'aqwtediflreraitchancter frum ' 
Itfe luDui Ml|ibilUi a writrr, wbote dlT^astl 
and clnrani ef rvMuninf cui 1» ciiunlltcl aalj 
hf the c>iRlT> Malots*. and delicanr of Ilia irU ; 
mAo. prrttvHitg Auman fui/ufv irifA a Sonnet, \ 

«» er^rrUf /pt fA' mti^a vi^rjur ^J hit tninttr 
•Uo, witk ■ Kfiil niptri*r to ihe »hiiii>ctl «i[«ekf ' 
of (ortttMi iiBd a heart pnclivil tn the Wat 
lAOOMiph;, \aA nal yrl fnovjt/i ofrtai ffreat'icit, 
la nvfTMHM thai loti /lAhlt qfMiiprriar fftniiuti. 
Ike temptttion «f hanoar. which the Acadrmic 
BxKftciH or Wir ia cvneeirod t« brinf to ib 

H«r», thm. vf dUco*#r thf iitCREr prikcii'i.k 
oliieh caitilactnl Warliarton through all lili sarki. 
>ttboa^ of tbe moat dpjioiit< iuIuk^. I do not 
prv tUi H an opiuioD to be tliwuBted, bui u a 
b<t U> br drmoiifilratot. 

Tbafwaltio to eminpnt in Bajl* oere «qutll|r 
to !■ Warborton. la hiii early tludiei he bud 
parlirrulari; iipp1i(<d kimirtf to \ag\i: g *iici w«t nfit 
onlj ■ >l(wott4 rcMuDcr, Int one pnctiicd it> all 
tbc JUeiar al itialcccic*. He bill wit, fr.rtilR 
h^ftil. nlbrr than <ltliul« : and n latt brjdjr of 
tndiUoa. t^UccTtd In (b« anintprriipCvd tcnrtitt 
«f iKMitf year*. But it »u tlir vKCumr vmk. 
Ctri-t. or. aj be call* it, '- ihe Acadrmk <.i<rtUf 
tf Hlf," on aa (nlBrj;cd iiratiiin, itblbb carried 
faiiD M> tar la tba n«ir world of Ikvextiom he «*« 

TlibwMaiicwebumterUticof ioTMCigatlon i it 
M hkn m to punuc hi* pcofouudci inquiric* 
' fceyoni tb^dunda uf «niii|ujt]r -, for what he oonid 
not dWocrr. h« KoxtimtHxa ind juiaBTKp. 
ObiKli, wkicb in tbe tianda of ollwr mpu wrre 
mmlf mallm mling va aulliKntic mrsri^liM, 
Be* rciuciTcd tbc nunp and lu«tr« of origiad 
latntiaa. Nnihins wu to be seen in lh« state 
fai which otberi had viewed it -, the hardlnt para- 
doMi Mrred Ui fiarpOM beat, aiul iliin liDenciuiu 
pa t» rf p h p«iaduc«d aalookcd-rof d[*«t*eTi«. Hf 
■■■■Donrcd bia lute, alwaja wild and untbutised, 
la tcarcb of ibe nonetrDua and ibc cilTBTigani ; 
and. bHog a wll, ba dellgbKid lo ItndioK mam* 

* Tbc DlTiBr I^^liiiB of Moie> deninnitntHl, 
ml. t. >ect. jr. Oburrc ihr rnnarliablecaprtMion, 
" Ihtt laat foibk «f auperior gtniui." He iud, 
■ildiTlj. nntaing (n lu* miad, Mjllon'* lioa on 

"Aal iMt inftraity of nable uind." 

In ladi an ualterl atate aaa n'arbutton'a mind, 
vben ba wai writiog thia, hii owu cliaracti^r. 

b!an(n in objccti *hicli to laocK rcgulntcd mioda 
bdcl no MmUarily wlutcTtr. (Ttf mnj eocrcite lU 
InjtFnnllr aa miLcb in corablninc rAinyi anciannccled 
with (laeh iUher,ai in iuodduKintiliige oti'tfat: 
i.nd Warburton, aa a literary intlquary, proTrd 10 
be a* witty id tiia oombinatioiu, ai BtiTLia uid 
CoMOHivK in tljfir comic iina^r-t. A* ibis 
prinriple lank full pnuraiinn of the mind uf thii 
wan of gmiui, the jifDciice bcctme to fitnlJiur, 
tbfit it t« poitgiblf Ur migbt nt ltmf*fi Ijktq Im'^h 
(.•nduloua eiiau)(h to have conAdcd in lu* own 
rcveriri. A* be ftirciblj ci]ire»ed hiouclf on 
one of hla aditrariei, Dr. Stkhbino, ■'TIhi» It 
is to ha*« tn do wicb t hrad, wbn«« *mi* ii ail 
run U lyitrm." •' Hi* A«adciiiie Wit" now 
sported amid wbinulcal ttieoric), punned bold 
but iacunctiiaiie ikr^tn.riita, marked out aublilc 
dittlnclioiis, and (Jlii'uicred iniwngrunua rnrnt- 
blanem ; but thoy were tnaiiiLiined by an impusitig 
air of cantiotion, farDiibcd witbthr roost prodigal 
erudition, and tbey ttruck cut mmy ui|;:e[iiou> 
caqihinatioa*. The imiioriancc or ibc cuHotiCy 
nf tlin lopin awed or dritghted hia reader* ; the 
prinetplc, however bcenlluui, by Ibe aurjiriae It 
niied, KdooMl tb« ]otrn of novvltina- Falbor 
Haruouim had tliidied a* bard m Warburton, 
nnc a* rarlj, and rrtirrd to real as lute, md tlic 
ohlinnity of hia iiitrllecl leKmbled Itiat of 
WarturCon — but he was a far Infi-rior genitiai 
he unlf diKi>vi-red thai tbe duiical works of 
•nUcjulljft ibc Aaut compoaitioni od' tbo human 
mind, in Bfcs nf iL-> nttn-uiii. rcfuicraunt, had bettn 
cumpuscd by the divuiiiii; mouka of Che middle 
ajfM I a ditcovery wbinb only aurpriand by ita 
tattcleai absurdity— but thi •bauiditiei of War- 
burtun had tnorc dignity, were more delightful, 
and more dangrroui : llicy ciialcd, aa It wrre, ia 
a itatf of lllanioii, but lllntlon wblirb tviiuinHl as 
much geaiua and Imiming aa his own to diaaipate. 
His tpeUs'>rtiet4bediaturbcdoDly by ruDag^idan, 
great aa bimtelf. Coaductnl by tbii sulitary 
, priniiple. Wtrburtun undertouk, si It were, a 
I ma^eal vuya|;e Into antlijuity. He fiaia^d Oier 
the ocean of llms, (ailing amid rocki, and half loaE 
. tJQ (luickaaud* ) but be neier failed to raise up 
, fotnr. urra incugnila ,■ or patnl at aome aceno of 
the Fata JUorgaaa, aooie eanbly »pol, paitiled 
tn tbe heaven one kaowa not how. 

Ill lb!* tccrel jirineipEe of rMolTing ta intirnt. 
whai no other bad before coomH,'"!, by mrana of 
renjticlur* and uurrriun; aud of niaintBining hi* 
Ibeuriea with all ih^ firlde nf a sophiat, and alt the 
Raroeneai of an ininiaitor, we have the key to all 
tbe eontola by which thi* great mind v> long 
aupporWd bis literary uiurpatioiu. 

The first step the $i*nt took showied tbc nigbtl- 
naaa of lii* atride. Hii Itnt fntl work wai tbe 
famooa "AUiaaee between Cbarab and State." 



It«urpi>M<l ihewoHJ, vboaawtheoiMCiiDporUfii: 

subject (!c[]crtdm|^ <rn it mcrv curioux argunicnt, 

nlilcli. t^c «ll ]!DliUciit ilirariei. wt* liable to be 
cirrlbrnnn hf nnteo or appoiile princijilH *. 
The ura " AUUnce'' kmiunI [u tLe itliieiiCrrs to 
inr<r tbat th* church wu on independent ]»iwer, 
forming > cantraei nitb ibc ttuie, tai not ocli uqw- 
ledlflnS tint il ia oiilj no integral port, like that of 
tliv nrmp (sr the ttaofff. Warburton bad not |iro 
babt; decided, at that tim^, on Che prlucipla of 
ecdcfiailicol potri-r ; vhotlirr it iraa pnraroounl 
by i(a (li'vtuc urlglii, M ocie \iuty auertcUt or 
whether, a* tlie new philofophcri, llobbrn, Sirlden, 
Mud othcri, iniUied, tbe iidcilual «w ucoudar; 
to the dTii power J. 

Tba intrtpldity of Uiit vmI gvoiui apiwara in 
Eh* iil"> uf Ilia KTcRtcf work. Tbe ooUtion pf d 
folure ttsu of reward and puniilimeitt. in tlie 
Momii; wHIingB, wbh periietualljr urgeil at a proof 
tiut tlic mltkion wu HOC of divina orijpn : tbe 

■ The lulhor of ■• Tba Ctnoni of Criticiiu" 
oddrvMod a Miern totiiwt tu WftrbuTttfi) { auii 
aUuJcs to Uw " AUiauM :"— 

" Keipi he $Qle kins Id parwlosal land. 
Arid for Utflpia pUn hii idle achcnic* 
Of riiio'iurji leoi/aei. alliuMe vain 
'TieUl WiU aiul Warburlon— " 

Ob wbich be oddi tbli note, bamoroucly alatiii^ 
the Emnil piMitiiin of tbe work :— " The wliolt 
arguiuFiit. hj whi<^h thi* alliani-t beiiccrn rhnrrk 
and tlalM U Mlahliiihi'iE, Mr. Wnrburton faundi 
Dpon tUi* (uppatitioii — ' tbut pmplc, uiinaiilvnns 
tlwanclTM in a religioua c4pacitj, may ouitracl 
witti UkidmIvm, i»uiidcrrJ in a ci(il capar.ltj.' 
The nonuit i* ingcnioun, but it not liia owri. 
Scrub, in the ' Heiui StraWigpm,' bad fnnoil it. 
oat lung »iip : ha ouiiiiidrrs biiriBrir an a«ttiiK ihc 
dlffcrvnt parift of oil tbc tcrvaiila iti thit fiunily ; 
and to Scritb, Ihr coarhrnxn. plonEhniRiL. or jua- 
tlcc'ii'leik. might cunUact wUli .VirniA, the batter. 
fat (uch a r^uAiitily of it« u ilie other aiauiuoil 
cbaneter tlfiauidcd." — Apptndii, p. 2til. 

t Monthlj ll«new, »ol. xw'u p. Z'ii, tlw omn 
of tbe ilLiMnlcra. 

X Sm nrllcle IIorhr, for liii ajdem. T)i« 
great Scldcn won an Krintiim t * dl]liiicti<in ci- 
treadf obtcure. Umitut ounSwiaaphyiidaa vf 
liltlt nuteiwhuwaj f»i ngtrainiiiK the ewlMlMtl. 
o«J pDwer tnta all IctuporaljurudicUon. Srldrn 
did hiin the honmur of adopting bla principlea. 
SaUcn wrote againai the diuiiu right of titbe*. but 
«UowBd tha ItytU right j which j»tc. at firal. great 
ttSirM* to tbe clcr^, wki aftorwardH pcrcciied 
tb« propriciir of hii •rgnaicut. a* Wotton hu 
full; ackoowlcdgrd. 

abkst defeoden itrvlned at obfrnre oi igstaiite 

pa»Mge«, to force uonatiifni-lury itiftmrarca ; but 
tbtj were laokioK rkflcr wliot eouhl not be faund. 
Warburluti m un» huldlr acknowlcdicd it wa« not 
tberi! I a[ ouci^ uilupied all ib<r objecdoBf «f Hm 
infldelf ; and rou4i'd tbe ruri<iiity of both pArtiM 
by tbc budy tMcrtion, tb«t tbii Tcty 9mi*fipm 
waa a Jmaimraliint. of its divine origin §. 

The Ant idra oT tbia Drw project wu bold tad 
delightful, and th« pUn nuignilioeoC. PagaiUaia, 

( It data not always cnlei liuo tbe dcatgn ef 
Iheie TUluiuca (a usinine tbOK great work* which 
produced littrarjf ^uarmU. But (ome maj bt 
glad t« &ai hen a word on tbU origuul project. 

Tbe E'"''^ poaltiuD of lb« Divin* i.*j/alitn 'a, 
that [lie kiiuitlcdj^e of the iwmoitaUt; vf the »m1, 
or a future Ktatc of rewud and paniibmcal. U 
sbaolutrly Decenary iu tha mural gonniBeiit ef 
Ui>o uniiiTM. Tbe aothor showa bow it has bcM 
inculcated by all good Icgialatora, ao that nv rdi- 
gicQ cuulil ever rsiit withoni it ; but the JtwiA 
could, (ron it* peculiar gareromenl, which wu 
Iheonracy — * govrrniueut where the prewM* of 
God liiniaelfinis prrpcdislty manjhat^ by Eatrulci 
and new urdiuiuiote ; and brace temporal reward* 
atid puiilahmci>I> were auffidcnl for that propir, 
to whnm the unity and power et the Godhead 
triMC never doulitfiil. Ab he pmce*ided, bs wnald 
havr ojii'iLnl ■ new a/j^menl, *ii., that the Jewiih 
rcltgicrn wai only tbc part at a revelation, ibuwiaf 
(he iienosity of a (uribcr ua« far it* eampttimi 
which prudui'ifd Clirl.itLfuilIy. 

\^'ben WdTburUin waa in good ^rila witb Uf 
grnt work (fur he waa DOt alwaj* ao), be wiOM 
Ibua to a friend : — " Yoa judge rigbl* thai tie 
neil Tulume uf tbe D. Li. will uol be the fai4. 1 
tlioniclit 1 had told jou that I bad diiidad tbt 
work into tliroe parti ; tbe Ant, gi«ea joa a via* 

of Paganium ; (ho tecund, of JudaUn ] bmI tbt 
(bird, lit CliriBtiauily. ]'ou uiU mmjrr baw iIm 
lati in<(uir)i con ttimr into lo limpk am a r gnm tm i 
11 that which I andeitako to tatone. I have nal 
room to tetl you more than Ibi* — tbat altev I ban 
pn>Tcd a fiilun: itnle not to be, in /orf, i> Ik 
MoMio dispenailioni 1 dciI iliuw, that, Lf Chiw* 
ti&nlty be true, >(<'n»Unu(;MU(&fyfa(Afrt ; ui 
thii necruiaitRti-i me to otplwn tbc nalnv of 
L'briaiianity. with which the whole enda. IM 
tbu iit/er km. If it be knuwn, 1 sboald y c awM y 
have tumBbudy writing a^aiutt iU* part u» betoi 
it appears." 

mehoWt LU. Ante, vid. *., p. Ul. 
Tbui he eiulta in the true lont, and wnh (U 
tbo Levilj, of ■ wpUaC It b well (b*l a tn« 
feeling of rellicloti does not dtjwnil on tha ^alit* 
and tjuibblea uf hunsn reaaDningii, or, what an aa 
(Hllible, on mi MM of finriful entdiiion. 

JtMlaiim, and CliiiMitnitf. tbo Ihrre grut rrli. i 
IIKiai «f DiMikind, wen to b« tnutbaliod iu all ' 
Otext potDp. a«d tb«ir aw«. (nd (hdr raplnr^. ! 
Hut tlK (uocMcion ckmgnd to a battle ! To maiD- ' 
Uln ime gvea ptndcu, bo wu brenchlns out iiilo { 
waamaMe aar*. Tbu |[mt woilt «u aevvr 
madiuliil: the aatbor Kcaricil hlimwlf, wichaul, 
bowaT W . ■cwying Ua readen i ud, u kii i-olamc* 
ifp B a ft d. 1i« waa ilill rvlvrriag to liia nrgumcnl, 
** aa &r ■■ it ii jrel adfancrd." I'lii- riannnilra. 
ItlMi appMred in gnat lUiiKn- of rndJnc in a ron* 
Jmmnt ud Ibii "ark. aiitap Ixftiiiiunf and 
•ever ea&iK. pmnd t« b« tht glory «iid mUeiy | 
«f bii life*. In r^rpclual couHicl witb tlvuln | 
leroua ad^crMric* it raoacd. Wnrbortnii often , 

* Watbanon lait ttinidf in tb« labyrinth hu hnd 
•o ingoiiaulir comitructrd. Tbi» "rorli biruictl 
Ua daya, aad riliauatrd hia intellect ObiiFtvc the 
tortnrva of a mjod, oco or to KrcBt a miiid lU (hat 
of WarInir(aB'i,wbon it ncriflfn*!! tolhrpvriili- 
atb TMiltj of tuddm fielFbriCy. Oflm he flew 
frMB Ua luk in uli«r cibaaftion and dnpair. 
He bd q«i(tcd tb« tujoolli and crtnlini; of trutli, 
10 miai about and aplit biniKir oa tU th« crnok> 
adoaaa of |iiraiIoiM. lie painia hia fcwlijigi, in a 
MMF to DlrHi. It« Mfi, ■' I ira> lo disgu>t<^d 
*itk an old mbjcct, tbst I had ddftrrcd il fruiu 
vontli to month, and jear lo f^ar." lie hod 
icooarte to " an FX]>e<lienl ;" wbicli waa, " to act 
lW pfMi on work, and to obll)f« hinuelf to *upp1]r 
«a|ij." Sacti il th« atatt-mon <,t t)>« anihor of 
tfaa ■• Di«iiie Lq^livD I" tliii " cncydopwd)*" of 
all aacicDl and niodrm lorr — nil tu |tniceed from 
" a fliBpli- aifutu<Dt '. " Uu[ wbtru lie JcMrtbti 
kia >sa>nBji. liird ia tha twwt of Ihat llMnit; 
M4B dbo cftonot tfvpalbiae with meh a giant 
«a«(lit In the toil* I I Bi*« Uiwordti^-" Distnu;- 
lio«a of Tariouj kiuili, injcparaUe fron httBian 
Mi, joiwd with ■ naiucalltr melancholy liahit, 
mairilmte {read)' to iiier(s*c tny iadciimice. Thi> 

aMkrt mj reading wild and tlesaltorj' ; aiid I tCrb 
ntate tnn At tinaatintti of thmight, fivni my 
hmAf 1«( Il be itbtt il nlll. Ml) Niy faunner ^ 
wrthaf upon mt/jecit, fou leiiuld ttaturnllg inui- 
pint Iktf afforA mt piraturt, and attach mt 
Aonmfhlf. I teUl attunf i,oh. No I " 

NkMa'i Lit. Jhm-., tvI. v., p. S^. 
War^nrtG<i had not tbo cares vi a Amily ; ihey 
■m* mcrrly literary ooea. The wcrct catue of 
fall •• Mdaarlwly," aad hli ■■ tadotmn." and thai 
■■*aat of alBtchiiKnt and plaatBre lo liia >ub. 
jcdWi" whieb hh friend " nal orally ioiaiincd" 
ftflbtdcd him ID much, wm llie Mmtroirnie* be 
bad ktadlod, aud the iiolemieal btlllea h« had 
talMd abaol biiti. Howrvn boldly h« attacked In 
fvlurv. t«* heart ofleo aiukcncd ia [vriruy t for 
iMMr olten nat bo have beheld bis nobCc and 

Rhiftrd hi* groond, aod broko iaio so m«ny diil- 
■iiHiK. iltat when he cried oot, Vtrtoiy ! hi* acat- 
tertd fnrcea levined rnlber to be in Bight than in 
pursuit f , 

The HDie aacKiT rwiwciM.a led htm to tnm 
ihe puetiat namiin of Mnrm* in the inftmal 
rvglooD, an episode (tld«nily imitated by Virgil 
fmm liUdredan miutrr, intoa minDte ilescripliaa 
of the initiatian Into the Elcoiiniaa MyiMita. 
A Dolimi no perfectly obw, wu at least worth a 
(-oiuiiiiiLi-|<lac« Inilli. Wta It noC delistitfnl, to 
have «o many pirtieulan drtailcd of a leeret tnna. 
action, whiok cren ita ooateiu[>omnr4 of |w4 
thouiaud yeara ago did not pmame to kuow auy- 
tljini: About? i^iihcr llnrdomn Kcma lo have 
opened the w«y fur Waiburrim. airica he had 
(tticovered that the whole Mnvid ana an altrjofical 
*ojasc of St Peter to Roa«l When JartiB, to 

hb whimninl cdiflcc* built on undt, wfaich iha 
walen wen; perpetually nalinf into \ 

A( th« laat Interview of Warburton with Pope, 
the dying po«t ei1iort«4 liim to |iroce<-d with 
"The I>i»itic Legation." " Yuur rxpuiailon," 
■aid he. " a> well ai yoor duty, in concernrd in. it. 
I'eojilp say you can gel no farther in jour proof. 
Nay. Ij»d Bolingbroke kimtdf bidi in« exp«(Tt nn 
■uoh thinj{." Thia aneedole ia rather ciCravrdi- 
UBiyi fur il ofipcart in " Owen Rullbrad'a Lifo 
of Vo\K.'' p. isr, a work written unikr the eye of 
Warliurtnn hlmMlf; and Iu which I Ihiuk 1 could 
point out lame alrnng tooolir* front hii own band, 
on ■;erfjiin important oi^cati^iia, vhcQ he would 
nut trust to tbe umplog diilncaa of Ruffhoad. 

t Hia ICTDrfity had raited a^iiuil hlui not only 
infidel*, bol ChriMiani. If nny jiiini* clcrgyraan 
eow wrote In fiv&at of the opinion thut God'a 
poopie Ixireted in the immortality of Iha h>uI, — 
which can trc doubt they did? and which Mcnai- 
trh Urn lanul luu written hii trcatiM, " Ue 
Rnurrectione Munuoruui." lo pnrvr— it wa* a 
(tnnge li^hl to behold a blihnp »r«m in^ to df ny (a 
rational aud r«li|puu* a crtcd I Etcn Pr. ilalicuy 
conffMcd to Warbun<in, lliaC " there wu one 
tbinf. in Ihe Brtnmeiil uf the ' Ditiue Lrf;*lii>n,' 
that tlurk toora nith candid mm tlian >ll the 
real : bow a religion, wiUioul a future atate. could 
b« worthy of Uodi '' Thii Warhurtan pnimitcd 
to natiafy, by a fnah apiieadic. Hit Tolatile 
ICDiut, LowcTcr, waa rondemned to '* tlie pelting 
of I mireilea* ilortn." Lualh luld blm — " Von 
give yoonelf out aa Jfnuintlralar of the riirtn^ 
trgatian of Mota* ; it hiu brca oflen deraonitraled 
before ; a yonng dudeut in iheuh^fy night Dnder- 
lakc to girc a belter — thai 1j, a emk« HtlltMitary 
and irrefragable demoaatratlon of II, In (In 
than yoa bar* doiNi in Aie loluwa.** 

Loirlh'* Lflltr U IFor*or(o», p. 13. 




one of hii "■Si* DiMertiiiom," moJotly illiu* 
tni«d Vir^l by an tuUrpretiiliaii iiii?i}[HiitfTi( 

with Wkrbilrton'n «tnitigi> ititrnKrjr, if |irndu»d 

t inemonble quarrel. Tticn llurd, ths future 
ihield, tcarccly O""- iwiird. nl Wnrburtnn, nude 
hll finil ally : o ilnpi'cr. sublle. idiE culd-blouilrit 
ehiiin[>ion. who <-oiild dntroniii; turn abont ibr 
|>oliiIir<l •rrnpoD of Iriwiif. So inucli our UaUlf'i' 
•diiiln'd tlie YolumD of Jonb, tliut he fiLvuiKcd 
him nilh " A SpTrmh ni«iierl«linn, «r1itrfii»rd To 
ILe Autfcoroftlie Suth, on tbo Drlicscfof Friimil- 
■bt|i," one of Iho motl mnlicioa*, but tb« hernrtt 
piece* flf ironjr- It Mrtcd ni Ihv rDUnilation i>r a 
new Schoal nf Ciitirimiii Id wlikh the nrrnitiinr« 
of the muttr wm Iu be lupjKirted bjr Ihe imjiil'* 
(jnntitmpiof ro>pii,onen hi* iU|wri:Dr*, To liitvr|in>c 
Virgil differentlj from (hn mndcrn Stiprite, wm, 
hj tint ii<;grBCBting •« of tbe ridleulcr, to be eon- 
cldereJ as tin- Tiiilatiun of a morol fcelins*- Jor- 
tin horr the alihwtorTiire, «ril ihe leMlngof Kurd'* 
di8i8L-(iitg. knife, in dijaiiied lilence. 

At Iragth ■ rieing geDlov dnnonMnit«d how 
VirigTl rould not have dmcribcd (hp ElEuainiau 
Mjrsterici in the lixlh book -of tbe Mat'i'i. Onv 
btoir from Ifae Erm oi Oibbuii ttiiifrcil tliD iltcKti- 
rical UItj pilkn into elittrrin); fraKciKiittt- 

• The Aitic irony wm tmnsUtrd into plain 
Enitliith. ln"1t«m*rU on Dr. Wsrburtou'a Aiv 
eount nf ths iRnttiiimti nf the rAtXj Jews, Ma' ;" 
and tbe (bUawin^ mla for nil wbD diswnlcd from 
Wirburtou ue deduced i — "You must not writi- 
on ibe ume eubjcict i]i«l he doc»> You iiiiui nut 
g1ui>re at hi« uritoinptit*. *i«n withnnl: naminir 
bin or 10 cnnrb u refcrrins to him- If you And 
bi> mtoning* ewr va fiiutt)r, joti miiit not pte* 
sume to ruriiixb him with better of your onu, e<cti 
thou|h ynii pniTr. and nrr drrirnuj to (nppnrC hii 
cuticlufliona. ttben jrou detign him a compli. 
tnrnt, jnu must »]irr»i it in full fDnn, ftnd with 
all the circumstance of F>ane)ryrtari] approbntion, 
without impertinontlf ijnalifjini; jour civilitiei bj 
nitigniiig a rraron wLjr jnu think he Aratna 
them; a« thli might |A<iit>ibl]' hn (nken for .1 hint 
that you kiLow Mmelhing of the matti^r he in 
wncing sbnnt an wdl m hirotelf. Yah mutt never 
call any of hiB '/ui'Ot'rfio hf the uarne of cvnjcc ■ 
titrft, thniigli yon allow ihcm thrir full jiroportioiQ 
of elegance. Icaniins, Ac ; for jou ou^bt to kiion. 
tb»i thi( rjpitnl leniu* never |>nipni(id aDi;tblni[ 
ta Ihe jud|[inent of tbe pulilic (lh>ODf;b erer ao new 
aad iineaiBinon), with dtilideiica in hia life. Thur 
Stan da tbe decree prrscribing our demnuioar 
towwd* tbii aottreiiin in tlie Kcpubllc of Lcttera. 
H wg And il promal^pit, and j^mrinz date at the 
palaMof [Jnroln'a Inn. Nov, 2j, 17^5. "^Krom 
■hence Hufd't " S^nenth Di^atrtalivti "•>» ilntrd. 

t Gihbon'a '• Critioal ObMrvivtion« 00 ibc Dc. 

>\lien tlie eMpticii) Middleton, la hii " EaaaT 
on the Gift of Tongue*," pretended t« Ibink thai 
" an inspited languaj^ wvuld be pcrfee< in ita 
kind, witli all Ihe parity of Plata anil the ria^acaet 
at Cirrro." and then aaierted tJiat " the Kyle it 
tlie New Tettamrnl nnn utterly nuln and htrfaa- 
roua. and abounding with every fautt that eiaa 
pouiblj ilrfurm a languade ;" Watburlon. •» "■• 
Hg tuttoin, iimt-iiitly u,-i[uieaceJ ; but h>rilily 
luaiiiCAined that " //li* vrrg tiarbarim ifiu var 
Prrtniiimark nf a Hiviae iiripinai^.''—'T\iif eanam 
msy follow bin lubtlle argntnirnt in bit " Doctnn* 
of Uracr ;" but, la JebTenii|[ Ihia fiaradol, be 
alruck at tbe fandamental principles of ckiqucnce: 
hcillhiCed on all the abuiea of that hnman art. It 
wan prerlsiily bit litter nam of taate, which affunM 
bim ao eopinni an arf^mnit; for he aaiMTtcd, tbal 
tbe principlea of clDqaence were arbitnry aad 
L-himerical, and ita Tarious roodca " mostly fan- 
la^tleal :" ami th&t, ci)D*F<{Ucn11y, there na* m 
sueh thin; a* a good taatef. cswpt what tbt 

»ign of the Blxlh Book of the ^ueld." Dr. rart 
cntiiiden thii clear, clr^anl. and deriaiiv wotliof 
trritii'iiui. ni a cumplele refutntiiin of Wuburton^ 

; It ii curiou* enou)[h to obHrne, Ibiat War- 
burton himielfi ackn-o vied gins ihii to be a jiaradM, 
riultiiii!;l]t CAcJaimi. " Wiiicb, liiit hi auny olbtn 
I havn bnd tbe onn roRru Ka to advaatv, will la 
»Fcn to he only another name for Tenth." lUi 
hiu all tbe 1e<it/ <>f n tophiit') lingii:^(e ! IltMB 
nf uiuat infer that tome of (be molt iMpoftmrt 
«>ibjci'ts Miiitil not be underatoad and deTendoJ, 
but by Warburtan'a " oif if forttiatf It *m 
thia Inity of ideaa that raiied a auaplcMHi that W 
wna not alwflyt aineer*. lie write*, in ■ tetter, ef 
" li\liiir in mere )|-lta, to mb another *oliiar *t 
ihp DiTtnc Lrgailon in the noark cf htgota and 
tcaluls." He emplur* the mnat iudteroila In^M, 
and the coafie*t phmaei, on (he moat aolcMn ■ab- 
ject)- In ono of bit iniitt unlucky panitaxM wilfc 
Lyowth, on the age and ttylc of tbe wtitinft <f 
Job, be K^cuiea that elegant achiilar of diirkat 
(liatTernrnviit 1 and. in respect to aljle. aa Ml 
" dUtin^iahing partridge from horarilnb ;" aarf 
in (juntiiig Muit of Ihe poetical paaaaKWi at 
■- paying «ith an old acme," and " {tTtnis rfeyoa 
for reaton." AUuding to ionic one of Ma trfnrr- 
uiiiw, whom b« calU "Iha waakeat. uwcl •> tie 
nitkcdeat, of all mankind," he emjiloy* a all it n^ 
image \ "\ ahall huij[ him aiul bi*Mb>vi>, m thry 
do Ttirmin in a warren, and tcatre then to pa Mi 
rity, to atlnk and blacken in (ho wind." 

\ n'lrburton, in Uit> work (the ■• DiwtTtet af 
Uraee,'*) baa a cnnoui paiaai^, too long to ^Mtt. 
where bo obaorrva, that " Tbe Indian and 
elcquenco vera eatcomed bypcrbaUc and 




■HUfllf ^ (An tearnei Ivad nide ; ui ciprcarian 
barrmtol from (Jumtilitta. A plujxiblc tud a 
ecMMtatory irfuiiinit fw the (ruler ptrt nf man- 
kind ! It, bo««icf, rettacd (h< indignuticn of 
Lduid, tbc eloqoval traailalor uf UcmottliFDcf, 
■■il the fbcuitlnl pr«(eMor at Triuhy Culltgc, in 
I>iiMlii, vho liR> nnbl; diAmtrd tlw caiu« of 
th«WMl Utte uiil ft«liB| bj profounder principle!. 
Um ciuiic »nt*T prodooed hii " Di«>«rtatian on 
tbi IUad|i)«« of UuDtu £li>ijvcii«e ;" • lulumt 
M immIi w twm c J, tbu it i* atill rrprlnted. 
Ldaad refuted ibc Khimaical pitradux, yEt cuDijili- 
mcBlEd U'lrbuitoo, w)ju. " wktli Uir npint and 
Vuerti of as anric^it (in^toff vkt vriCiit^ of^iait 
•liO^««BOO," wbilc U« abowcd ihat tbc at^lc «f llic 
New TcataiMrnI «u drfeniiblc on >utcr Emundi. 
Hnr4. win] had llrilicd Lii polithrd v<i|>uii uii 
•(MW Jortin, and hail born nirrirrd inta tlir arm* 
ef tb« bcra nndtf •ttiom he ooo fought, adT«»- 
VirtA tv «M hii javelin at Lciand ; it *u dipped 
ia tbc euU pobon of cuiilenipl auil prlulaucr. 1 1 
ftrnch, bat did nol caiiker, leairs that wcrf 
IWHWfUd*. Ltland, with the nalivv wirmlh of 
Ilia aoil, could not reaitl Ihe gratidcatian of ■ 
■vpl; I tint t^e ntiblct part of tbc triumph waa, 
Ibe aniaiaiiM bt Irut (u tlic circulalloti of tlurd'a 
bOw, bj' r«priDlm|[ it vrilh hi* otun tc^plv, tn 
•MOMfMny • nnr rdttioe of hii " DiaaerUtiao on 

V« nawpanae tht secmKrcHincifi-i:, opcrat- 
iDf on l%bctr topic* ; •hcu, turning ramoKnUlor. 
villi tba aame oriKioalit; a* vhtn an author, hit 
iliawiiirr aa a lit^'rary adreiitarer u still mar* 
pnonincnt, ealortiiig double acnieii, di*coi«riog 
tha MOat faBIaitica] alliuion*, atid oiaklug weu of 

^Dius bill of cunfinrd reading, Icaracd. wUb all 
the lambcr of tiii onn uiiirietdj crudilion. 

^ttifit tht Gvrman prafiwcor Cnnt^EAX publidieil 
a rifpd cxainea of the dactrinei io I*ol>K*t Kua; 
oQ Maa, Warbiutuu rolunteered a <l«frnc« of 
Pnpc. Some jcan before. It afipmn, that 
Warburtan liimtrif. In a Ulnar; club at Nrwitk, 
bad produccil a dinerialian a|;»iiul Uioie lerjr 
doct/inc* \ <vk6r« ha auerted [bat " tbe Ewajr iru 
cuUcGled frocn tie wvr«( paaM^ca of tbc «ont 
auibor»."' Thia probablj occarted at iLe liiucbc 
fleclarcd thai fope hod no Eeniua ! BoLixnaKoKK 
mil; uritDTE the Ewtay un .tfam, whi«b Pope 
Pfr4i/Mf. Ilia prinoipla niajr be ofteii <ibJH)< 

bj tW Bore pblqtnatic inbabltaitta of Kuni^ aiiit 
Atltfn* I and tbe WcaUra eloijiLcncr. in it> tiim. 
trigiil ur iKuu|>id. to tbe hard; and infliinned iioni^ 
■MfcMii of tbe Eaal. Toe aanie eiproaion, which 
in oar place bad ilie uimuii aimplidi;, bad io 
Mother Ibe ulBOft nbUme." Tht jarkal, loo. 
utini TJiii roar «f the lion; for thepaliibed ilurd, 
vboae taite ni far more decided tlioii VVorbar. 
ttm'; >M bold cnoii|h to add. in bis [xller Io 
L«lMd. ~11ui khlcb lalbuusUl lupremrlrffe^rir 
iB aavcnuktry, paaani in anoiharfof Jt'nifo/; nhilf; 
what lit Ihia <«nnlr; ia aeccpled under Uw idea of 
ntM^Wy, 11 derided in that other u do better 
tkas Intn^'tit." So tuuctiW ii«te fhe nv ituU of 
Varbariua. and the prim uti* of lloni ! 

* Tht La>tt«r to [>;land ii eharirlenird in tlir 
Criljcal lUrien for April, 17CS, u rbe vork of 
" i prelmneat-kiintiiic load-e>t«r, wbo, wbilc 
hta pairoa bappcoed 10 %o onl of bit depth, tclli 
Idn ibnt he ia tfeadinf food ground ; but al the 
i^B* finw dTen bim ih« ow of a cork-jacket lu 
feMP Vm Above vaMr." 

t In a rough attack on WatbuMon. mpriilrii 
Pope'* prtvalel; printiog liOft rnpiea of Uie 
■■ Patriot King" of Boltngbrok«, whwb I conceits 
Io b*ic been irritten by Mullet, I find ■ partinulai 
Bccminl of tbe nanuer io nlilrJk (he " £«»; on 
Man" wai ntliten. over irhiicli Johnion •eem* to 
throw giyiat doabt*. 

Tbe vriler of Ihia angry tpiitlei in nddmRing 
WarburtoQ. aap; " If jou •ere •• iotiitiaU with 
Mr, Fupc as jiou pretend, ;ntt muat know tbe 
truth of a fact Khinh teteral olben. u «ell aa 1| 
irba neTcF bad (be boouitr of a personal arijuiiiiil- 
aooe with Lord BoLlngbmkt or Mr. Pope, bai* 
beard. Tlic fai-t <ra* related to me by a certnin 
(Oiiloc frLlow of oar of out I'Ditonilict, wlio «u 
t«Tf intinale with Blr. i'0|!e, 11* atarted aiime 
objpclioiii, one day, al Mr. Pope'a bouie, Io the 
iltMitriiie eontaincd io the Etbio Epittlet ; npon 
■ hich Wr, Pope told bim, that be would woo 
irontinre bini of ibc IruiL of it. b; Ujing the 
arguineut at targe hrfure hini : for whicb purpuie 
be gare liim a larffK proit munutcript to peruar, 
iRllini; bim, at Ibe Mrne linit, the *atlinr*i name. 
Prooi lliin jxruial. wbuteier oilier comiction th« 
doi-tor mifbt rmeive, be collcetcJ at lt»»« liiia ■ 
Ibnt i\r. Pope lind from lib frieud not odIf tbe 
•lortTinr. but errn the yfnejif unci tlrongeil ornii* 
ituHls a/hiM Ethiet. Now, if tkiktaot betrtie<atl 
(juc4tioo not but joti know it to be ao), I believe 
no mall of oaiiduur will attribute aiK-h merit (o 
Mr Popcatfou would iniiiiuBlc, for ackuoilcdi^DK 
th* wiaddm and the frieudshrp of the man who 
•nubiaiiulnielarlnpbUoa»ph;! nor eiiuiri|UenU)r 
that tbji ankeiowledgment, and Ibe drtieation of 
ifo 0lrl» tyilrm, pat into a ptitlical drut by Mf. 
I'opr, laid bia Lordtliip under tbo neceBait]- of 
nrtcr reaeutioc an; injiirj done to hlai b]r ihc 
poet aft«r«anla. Mr. Pope lold no more than 
literal trath, ia ealllng l^ord ltoUn|brDke hi* 
tfuide, fhiloMpher, a<fl /rirnd." The eiialrnee 
of thii tcrjr maoiucripi voluinc wij anthcDticated 
b; Lord Batbnnt. in a cuoTerMlloo with Dr. 
Blair and etben. where he aaid. " he had read 


lionablc : but ikuto vbu onlf r««il ibit Sat 
philainpDiical poem lot lU coucIcii«m1 lent, U* 
inagFty. mul iti generoiu MntimonU, will mn no 
dang«r frum ■ nfUpbTtiotl tjttm Ihej niU do( 
cam (« ca[i)}irc]i«iid. 

IJut lUii mrTc* not m an apoloET fcr Ww-bnrton, 
vrho now underimk an einliumte Jercncc of xliai 
ha fcid biraitir eoDdemiiNl, and for wbicli pnrjioH 
brt hai moM unjumly dsprrwnd Crouiu — in nblc 
logioiaii, and a writer ardent in llic tBoio dI 
nlig^> Thu cummentiirjt on tli« EvMir vti Mtui, 
tbcn, lai>ki isiicti tike tlic wmk uf a •'0|i1ii»t, aird 
ail ailTciiluntr ! Pnpr, wlin <ru now alnrmrd at 
Uie unimtj of loiuc of tboie phndplci be had 

to iiinocrntlj vcrnilicd, rivciicd Warbuitan an 
hia lutsSarj ^utua- A mfrii pact nmi tuoii 
duitnl by the ■nrorrforrruitilion; anil hr liirotrlf 
b*vii]|; miibiiig [>f ibat bind of Lcnraing, bL-iirtrd 
Wtrbiirtoo ti> be tbr ScuMget of tfa« oge, far Lit 
graliluilR fnr nxcnidai] bta luiuwivdgv*. TLe |)UCt 

iitti io tliidi ddiufion i be cooiif ned hla tmmorul 
wurka lu the merFT of t ridiculona romcRrnlar} 
and n Utl^leta uouuneutatur. «boie Ubourx linvi^ 
sort lo mncb painJt to tuhacqiietit Mlitors to 
rcjDQic- \ci ffoio ibii tnoucat wc dale the 
i)Drldl]( rortvinci of Warburtou. — Pope prctcnled 
him «rilU Iht eiitirv proficrtj of bit norkt ; 
intmdumd bim [a a bliitd and obculi-rDt pniroD. 
trbo beitcweii an him i tr'ith nife, by ohum lit 

dio MS. in Lord Bolingbrokc'i huid-trrilimg. aud 
itai at a Iom wlivtber matt la admire tbe eUgancc 
of LunI Bi>linglirnk«'i prose, or tbe bMuty of Mr. 
l^ope"* »er»i!/'— Se* tba letter of Ur. Dlair in 
Boewnlra Lifoof Jobneon. 

* Of maujr iiistanow. ilie rollunins one U tlif 
moat ciiriotii. Wb«u Jtrvli pubbibed bia " Dun 
Uuitole," Wirburton. vbo wax iirorrpt oo wbat- 
8v*r i(u.l)jci^t waa itartcd, pre*cot<d biut »itl» " A 
DitaerUtiou on the Origin of the Donki' of 
Cbivalrj." WbcQ it appeared, it Uimr Poe'c, 
Ibur comnan friond, into rapture*. K« nritei, 
" 1 kniir jwi a* certainty aa IJM ancient* did tbs 
(odU, 'by tbe Rnt paco aad Iha -mty gait." True 
MtMcb ! M'aiburten'a atrong getdua ttampcd itsrif 
on all hia norki. Hut neither Ibc CronatatiUK 
poliittr, uot tha aiinple |iuet, rauld inigini! the 
hr.i|i of abeurditl«i ibey mure fldmlrliig ^ W ba tetter 
Warburton be'fe tuuerled «aa fiiliif, and wlisle«er 
ho conjectured nai crroneifiLi ; but bja bluadcn 
nrre <|uiUi original.— I'be good acme and know-. 
Icdgo of ryrarblti him deinoliihfd tbe wbule 
odiliot, without Uarli^ a aingl* btkk itandin^. 
The abaurd rhapMdj' baa bcnn worth pmcrviug, 
for tho Mkc of the maatcrly confulalion : no 
naeaninion rrtult ol Warburlon'i tiicrarx labuural 

ll fonna tlLo coiiclnding atiU iu Shaknpnrv'i 
•■Lona Labuur Lo«." 

secured a i^iii; jiiatuiou ; till, at leii(tlit tha aitft 
erowned LU lut amliitian. Sacb wat Ike UqBB 
ebapter of aixideuti in Waibunon'* life ! 

Tlim apppani is Warburtaa'a condnct rt«)Mrt- 
ing llie edition* o( the great poeba •rbiAll \»t 
aftemaTdn publidied, aamething ajalonattc i ba 
treated Uic aerenU rdilora of tluwe teiy pocta, 
TiiKOBALD, Haxuiir, and Gaav. wbo mttv bit 
frienda, with tbr aame odd tort ot ktncUMS : wbM 
he WON miknowa to tbe world, be ebecrdillj cott- 
Iributed looll liioirlabuun.audaftcrfiarda abvaed 
thcnt with Uic UteilMt Micrttf t> U ia fTobsUr. 

t or TRKonALD be wm otux the ompaakM, 
tod to SirTbomai IlANttaa ha oBaavd hia notet 
for bia odilinn. Bir Thamoa tajr* h« hiuti Vif 
buttun'a nutea "aomctimei jini.bat moatlr wild 
and out of tlic waf." Warburton paid a «bti la 
Sir Tboicu forawcek, wiiiahbocoBentadwaata 
Biaiit bin in perfectiag hi* darling U-xt t b«t klaf* 
were now dropped Ijjr Warbumto, tbat Ae nigbl 
puhliah Ihs work corrected, bjr wbicli a gralcr 
mm of money mi|fht be {[ot than eouid b« bf lk« 
pliiTCbiDg ol Sir Thamni. wbioh (binM in all in 
apIeaJuar in tli« DuBcdad ) bat thii pt^/jsOt did not 
luit llannier, whoac life aotnwd greallT *« dspoJ 
□n the mogniUccnt Oxford edition, wluck " ni 
nin 10 go into llie hatid* of bookiellera." On 
thia, Warliurtdn, we are told b; lluun«r, " kv 
iutongrent riNC. and tliereiaan anduf the alory." 
With n-but hBUghtiiieaa hetraaW lbci a two frieadi, 
for UQce Iht; were inch ! Had the I>ej «f 
AlgicrB bmn tbe editor of Shakipeaie. be eoM 
not hare iuuod bin Order* more pareMptonlj tv 
the decapitotiou (if hia riiala. Of tlwobaU aad 
llnnintr be aaira, '' Ihe one waa rrcamMCsU ta 
uie M a pour ni« o , the other aa a poor criCic : md 
to eaob nf them at diflcrcot timei I eonnoniaMi 
a great iiDmb<rr of obirrraltont, ^klob ttiQ 
managed, u ihey aaw Gl, tu lb« itlUt «( iMr 
u-vcral diatteatok. Mr. TheobaU ma aaianUr 
lumod lo Induatry and lahouc. What be raad ha 
eonld Iraiucribe g but aa tu what he ihougbt, if am 
ht did Chink, he c»uld but ill expreaa, to ba nad 
an : and hj tbol ncani g«t a chonctci of lawvn^ 
wttboul riaking lo ever; otncrver ibe imputaliw 
of wanting a belter talent."— Sec what It i* ta 
eojoj loA eloie an intMnar; with a man of WM 1 
"Aafvrlbe Oxford Editor, be wanted nMiom 
(aUuding to Theuliald'a want of mooe^) but wliil 
be might tcrj well be wLlbuuI, the rrpataiio* ti « 
ofitiu." &e.&c. — H^arAurfim'i fr^act Mffiatnl 

11 i« coodiict toI>r.GaKT, the editor of II 
cBonoI be eccouitleil fur b; any kaown fauL I 
olrt-adf noticed llieir (|uarrvla Id the " Colaatd*' 
of Aniliois.*' Warbunon cbeetfuUftiappUad 
with tariuui ikutcaou Hudibraa, thiN(falMa 



'bt be b*i biiwelf i f roftc u i thcvo ediiioiu h • 
Mwcc of praAt. bat had nMbribvlBd to the taar« 
■dTsncKd Ubows of kU ririJ •dllora, attrttj u 
tpacineiu uf tin talent, tbai Ibe pablic mifbt 
htnaiur bt IbiM pr«i«n<il f«r hit otni njon perfect 

'WariranoQ evplojcd no liuJc art* to Bicit« 

)mJ tboofhi of »a «dttian himmU, «nd tbey wtm 
PnWsUj uhovwlrdged in Gre;'* Preface i but 
b^boU ! abottly aAtrwsnU Otey are aaluted by 
WariroftOB a* " ait nccnUe kety of nooxute :'* 
Anther, be inaDlted Dr. Grey for the numbtt of 
bla pabfieadaiu t I'aoi Of. Otej toA hit ■< CoaJ- 
iotoft,'' k* Wwbarton ■oMriiiglr callnl olhen of 
bia fiiendai nMDtod llib bjr " A free aoJ famUur 
Letter to that graal PrrKtrcr «f Pope and Sltitli. 
■fMiv, tlie Rn.Mr. WiUiaui Wnrburloii." The 
daetor Inaalcd, Uul Warburuxi had had MiMcleal 
Aam in tboM tcij D0t*4, to W euiitiJeied u uns 
«f Ibc " Caa4iut«ra." " I inaj venture to ttj, 
that whiMMr irat the /m/ of the tatitjiani/ before 
ba aatCTMl (or tk foni afilu pitr*, m \m dwu 
iiacton) be mt ecrUiDl; hi alter he engafed in 
liMt voeh i for, a< Fttn Joaww obacnre* ' br 
Ibat tftinkt binaclf ibc MatUr- \V\i, i* conxDonljr 
tiic MttUr.FuU. ' " 

* VariMCIDii certaintj nanl little tnlripiea ; be 
MMAad witit th« obaeufc Kerlewi of the timea. 
He waa ■ cormposdent in "Tha Worka of Ibe 
\jmragA" when the account of LU Aral Toluuic 
trftbe Ditiac liceition, ho Mja, U " n naaaeamttal 
plaae of ttul:" and ir|i«n Ur. UoddridKC oflered 
to draw op at artlpje for bU Hcond, the hvnur 
vaa aocepled, aaJ it htm Mat to (lie miiterable 
)««mal, tboogbaokiMitWKei " to be too food for 
tL" ]a the laiM Journal were iiubUahod all hi> 
a(wriniiiin of SliBkr*|M«re, tome jearii aflrr tiiej 
bad appeared ta the General Dictiuoir)', with a 
h>|fc «kara«tar of ibtae w^oilrrful diKuvcrie*. — 
** TW AlUaoM, " whdi fmt fiubliabcd, waa 
■MMPoaoed ia " Tbc jirctent Sute of ihc Rcpiiblio 
of LeUen." lu be lb* work u( a gtullrnun wboee 
oafatlij, ji*d(in«it, and Uamlng dcafrre tana 
anlaanl d^iif is the Cburdi of England, of 
wUab ba la now an inferior miniater/'— One via; 
|ai— III to (Uta at " the stutlrnau,'' a Utile 
tifUl to luomotkia, wbo to much ear«d 
wbUbtr WartartoB «« ctkj "no* an tnlenor 

nteac OK little art*. Anotbir waa, Uwt 'tt'or- 
t iai W toawtinica acHd PaUtuTa (larl, and ran 
Ut awmil ibroofb the drad ! In morv iDitincrs 
tbaa OB* IbU occaneid. Sir Tbaoui Hanner wai 
daail what Wafbortoo, then * bithop, venlnrMl 
ts aotan (bat Sir Tbotnaa't Icllci coDoiiuiDg tbeir 
laii m iaiM itiiwil Hia b iniia n an " mil M»iliiiiinl 
falaebood frum bontwiDS lo cod." The boBonr 

the puhlk cnrioitt; ree['ccting bia facoic Sbake- 
tpcare : he bbnallj' prseenied Dr. Bibcb witb bit 
M-S. nout, for ilitC ^real work Uie General I)io- 
tianai;, na doubt ai the |irvludo of hit afttr- 
eelcbnted edition. Birch was here onlf a ^ape : 
he eacaped, nnlihe UteobAli), Hanner, and Orej, 
from brkDif orerwheltned wilL rittieulc and eaa> 
tempt.— When lbr*e cxlraordinarj aparimeDt of 
eataidaiorr and lIluitratiTe criiienra appeared ia 
lb* Oeovral Diuiioearj, with i^neraJ rrwleri tbeT 
eidud all the aatoouhmeai of jKriect DOt«ttf. 
It vttit btvc oo^urred ta them, thnt no one ai jrct 
bad undanltKMi Shaliapeare : and, hidoed, that it 
required no iMt eruilltion than (hat of the aew 
luuitnary now riaing ia the critical homon, to 
ditpUj ibe •oiaiiiiBorudltioiiaf thij motl recondite 
poet. Cuiijeciunl criticism not onljr cbaused the 
worilt but the tliuiJiihta of tbe tullior ; perttrt* 
inleqirctatinn* of plwn mitlcra. Many a itnhitif 
paaaafe waa wTotnl into a new Bmaaing : jjain 
wordi were anbtjliacd to rcinale cmceila i 
here one lioe waa rcjtctrd ; anil Ibcre aa inter- 
polatwn, in«|iim] alone b; critical M|pidiy, pre- 
teaded to natotc ■ loat one \ tad tinalljr, a touroe 
of bnowledie wa« opened in the nalct, oa Mibjecta 
which no olbur critic tia>|>cclcd cvnld, by anf 
iDpuuiiji.itaiidcoDatcieil with StiakciiMare't tat. 
At Innicth the memombte editiun appeared : all 
the world know* ita chimrma. t One of ita moat 

and remoity of Hanoter tnott prevail over the 

''UTcllncu" of Warbuilon, fur Huid lauda has 
" fJEc/y preface Xq bit ^hakoptwc." Bat the 
Biog. Bnt. beara matka of Wattinrtuo'i «iulence. 
In a cancelled tbett. See the Iniltj, art. Hanroer. 
He did not diontt lo attack Dr. Middlclao in 
fami, duhni hi* Ulc-ti[n«, but n»cri«t bii blow 
wbcn bit anlAgonitt wta ao more. I And iu 
Colc'a MiiS. thia cnriout paatag« :— " It waa 
tboutht, at Camhridin, lliat Dr. Middlctau and 
Dr. WarburloD did not fordiallj eatMm one 
■ixitlier i ]Ki lioth brin^ kna and tiiamu|b aporU- 
Hi«u, tbc; were mutually afraid to engage to 
each other, for f«ar of a fall. If that waa the coae. 
the biihoji judged pntdeotly,liowe*er fairly It luaj 
ba looked opoa, ta itaf tiU it waa out of the 
power of bia adivTMrj to niake aii; reply, befoie 
he gate bia anawtr." Warbiutoa ouij replied to 
MiildletOD't Ijcttcr from Rome, in bia fnuilb 
edit- of the O. L. IJI'S. — When DjKin Girinljr 
deleadod hit (neiul Akeiiaidc fruai (he rude 
attack* of Wafburton, It ia oboened, that be bore 
them with " prndcnl patiflMW :" he acicr rcpUoi ' 
t Tbeae onttcal w f naaag a a a ai are tRtrccly to 
be paralleled bj ■'Beatley't Notoa on Mtlton." 
Huw Warburton tarnxl " an allegorical nurautd " 
into "the Queen of Scot* i " — •bowed bow 
Shakcapcarc, in odo ward, and «i(b ou« epithet, 

rrmnrkiblr resnlls was. the proJuctitm of IliRt 
work, which annihiUl«<J the «hini«iMl tabrturs <if 
W«rbiirloni Ettmrdi** " Cinuiia ol Crilkiini." 
one of thow! Bucrriifiil fjtcrl.iniii rrliii^iRinii 
wblch FnMvDii our UlFrnry tii>1ur;r- Jolmiuji, 
awn] hy rim Irnrnlng of Wurb-urt'in. nnil wnriiiivE 
by ■ pCTionfll fefliiiK for n intent grnUn whn 
bui QOQidtoceiidcd M cncourkgc hti Ant criti-col 
liboBr, padgingly l>caloirR a mudtrrittil praiec 
on tlih rniuivito Mt)r». wUii'li bi- obirsrtf riirf for 
" its niry |ietuUnu, suiuliln nnnu|[ti to Uie lovUy 
of tbe controxny." He cc)ai|ii>i-cj thii attack 
" to ■ Ay. which may ftiiig and twao a horw, tut 
ret cbe bone it tbe nobler ulnul *• " Ataoag 

" the maJMriR wotld." dM^ribpH the O^fii* Hsmo- 
nuf, itlludcd to the Olyingiic Grnipie*. &e. t J^t, 
after all tbU discovery, tertat ntXier tu alluilc 
to a itory about Alrtumlcr. wtilcb Wnrbiinon 
bapprltrd to rrrollcct nt Ihnt molnctit ; — imd 
ho*r he illiulTntcd Oiitavii'i idsii of tbe falal con. 
anjAtDCiM of a riiil wnr betwern Cnmr niKl 
Anlony, who mM it waulU '' cleave ilie world," 
by (he atory of Cnrtiiu IcnpinE Into l\\r rbuia ; 
— huw Ii* rtjprtecl!"* uffoicivJ.wilU alitolutc iiower," 
H not Englith, anil reiJ " hallntrM," on Ihn 
■atliorily of Uir Rninan Tribunuilii)i Iwiu^ f nllrJ 
Siicm -aanela PvltiUif 1 — how hia ctncndntiona 
Ofleti rose from puua; as fur iiuturtcc. wliem, in 
Rnmro anil Ji)li«t, it li Mid of ilir FriiiT, that 
" tbr eity u much obliged to him." <iur new critie 
cantfnti to tlia wnnd of lh« ward, but not ta the 
apctling, and reads Aynn ,- that ia, to laud, to 
prnltie '. Tlieao, and more cilTSoriliiiiiry ln»I«iirf» 
of perrertinit tngeniiity end abused erudition, 
would form «n uneommon (pMiin«n of erltlHani. 
wIiiRli Ri4y hx juttly rliliirulrj], but wliicli none, 
except an cxnbrranl (cniu*, could have produced. 
The moil amiiaing work pn.snilile would lie a rc4l 
U' aril III ton' a Sbiiketpeare. nblcli would contnln 
tiut a lingk ihauglit, and m^ueel; ml expreaaiun, 
ef Shskf tp^arp'i '. 

* Had JubnioQ known aa muck «a wc do of 
Warburlon's opinion of bla crlticral powem, it 
would hare fDtie far lu bare cured liii amiable 
prrjudiec in UoixiT af Wnrburton, who rMlly waa 
k critic without Ulte, and nhn eonMHprMl litcriLtiint 
■• aoiiie do politics, merely a« a party- buiiaeia. I 
•ball gire a remarkable imiancte. When JohoBua 
publiahtil hia tint crlLcal attempt on " Mncbclh,'' 
be eninmcndfd the critical talent* nf Warhurlon : 
and IVarburtoD returoed the oom|)liment id the 
pmfaee In bis Khnkiipesrc, and distiiiRiiiiba Jobn. 
vtn ai "• luBii of parU arid seiiiue." But, 
unlui'liily, .lolvnton aftcrwarda pnblitlied lii« own 
ciltlinn ; unJ, iu hia edttorial capiiL'ily, hi* publi<? 
duly prnTniled nter kiit piiraoital recUogi : all thii 
««nt agaiiut Warbufton i auJ tbe opimDoa be nuw 

tbe prqudiees oreriticiin. it one wfaicb binders 
u* frorii fcliahing a matterlj perforanane*, when 
It ridiculn a favourite aatbor; but to u>, mere 
bUtiiriani, truth will alray* pretail oeer liicrary 
ruvauiitiaiu. The worlc dF Hdwanli eflei.'ted ila 
parpiiKn, XhK. nf " laii^bing dnwo U'aibiataa tit 
bin pri>]jer rank and chnriclct." 

WarbuTloQ desienalei bimtelfM "aCriUoly 
prulriHiuui '' and lalb ua. be gan tbb edillon 
"to dclrr tlin nalmmul inri/rr from wantoaly 
trlHini; with on nrt he ii « itraiiger lo, at the 
espoDie of the integrity of the (eat of #«ubtiiliiid 
Btilhorv." Gdwanlt boa plai.-c<l a N. B. dd tbii 
dcolnrillon :— " A nriier may properly be edltd 
tinfearncif, who, nolwitbtlanding aU hb otbar 
knowledj^, doea not undecbtind the (abject wUck 
he write* upion.'' Bat th^n mott dognetietl 
abiordiiy woe WarburCon'e dccUretioti, tbat it wee 
(iiiL-c bli detiKn lo hate pvcn '" a body of Caneae 
for rrilimim. drawn out iiifi>rn>, with agloMAry ;" 
and Further be inrorma ibe reiider, that Ihm^ 
ihii hai not been dnn> by him, if the reaJfi will 
take tie trouble, be nuy aupply bimtelf. aa th«ae 
Canon* of cricidum tie ecnttercd ia tbe eoane of 
the noCri. Thi* idea wm aelied on with InAnlK 
humour by Edwards, who. frvim these eeey naCea. 

lliH* framed ■ act of " Canaos of Ciitinsra.'' « 

rtiUi:iilous as poMiblc ; but every oat i]lu(t*ied ; 
hy ■nthenlic cxamplei, drawn froin tbe kbowtof 
Dur new Stagirtte t- 

foriDHl of Johnson were suddenly ibo^c of inselsBt 
cuntcrnpL In a letter lo llurd, be write* ; " (M 
thin Johnmn, yoii and I, 1 brlicrc, think attte!" 
And la Btiiii-lier friend : " The remarks be laakMi 
in every page, on my Camiarntnritt, are hill tf 
in»BlfBct anJ miJignant rfJlrHitiiii, whuk. hid 
they not in them at muvA /oWy a$ aa/igvw^, I 
should hare reaHin to be oAeudcd witk." Us 
consoles himself, boweeer, that Johnaou'i Min. 
necompaaying bis own, will enable eves "dir 
trifling |iBr1 of the public" not to anislak* in Ib( 
compariaoD. — Niohols's /.ilerwrjr wf aeerfofM, foL 
». p. 3S5. 

And what bceame of Jobnwn's unUe TiHia 
to Shakfipwire » Not a word on tbat ! — Warber. 
toil, who himiclf hid written ao anaay apanieJ 
ono*, perhaps did not like to road one ftaer 
hU own.— to he passed it byl He U«< 
through l^gypl. but beld bis bsmUbribrebiai 
at a pyramid I 

f Some graie d<dl m«n, wbo did Hot relisb 
[ests, doubttrst tbe booktellcn, who, to bwy 
namr nj tl'arAurlau, had paid dowe fiON, fee 
editiuii, loudly eomplsliied that Edaarda 
rDJuried hnlh him and them, by aloppuif tke ai 
f)n tbii Kdwardt eipieues bis torpriM. b*w 
btlle ttelvopeuny pamphlet could atop I 



At Icn^h, wben thr public bmJ dcct^ril on thr 
Me al Vitibvrtou'* cditiaa, it wu ouufeued, Ui>l 
tha «dit»r'a df*!gn baJ never beta to (xplaio 
ElaluapeMv! tail tliu he wu evea coniclaui tie 
bad frc^atolli' inpotcd tn the pncl. mcanlntiK 
■Ud) be nerer [fauugbl 1 Our rfitiir'ii great 
ofaj«ct wu to ditpbjr hi« ovn Inniing ! Wiirhiir' 
tan vtutc foe Wuburtou, uiil n»l far Sliikeijiciire ! 
and tbe HivrafJ impofturv almvat rirals the (xin- 

fcMkiB* ar Laudet or I*ialm*iiUAr 1 


nf ei|)it laripiocttTo volnmet; *' tod apotc- 
gi>*«. by ■{•|Fljing ■ huiBaroui itQrjr to WiiburtOD, 
foe "|iaflu{ liiuKirolT ia the iinrld for wbU lie 
i* not, and iu>« bciii; )li»ca*ertil. " — " t im }U»t 
w the o«M of a Oicnd of tnints wbci, going lo vinll 
an anjuiintance, npon rntcnng hi* raom, met a 
|wr*oa i^OBig oat o( it : — • Prjrihee, J »ok," ■»J» he, 
* obat d« foil do with tbat fellow i ' • Vhj, \a 
Vtn Pedro di MondanRO, m; ^jmnlth matter,'— 
■ Pf niili uaaler I ' replia mjr fhcnil ; ' whr, be'i 
an (tTsai Taayoe : I liiutw tht fellow well (Dough . 
'da Korj' Gibaicin. He majr |K)miblj bav* Won 
iMSfmni liui, driiend on't. be «il] »fI1 jruu the 
H|i|ierarj broguEfarpureCattilian.' Nnwiionot 
Borj ba* jiut xtw lanie reaion nf cumpUtnt ijpiiiut 
lUi gcnllnnaa. a Mi. Warburlon has against me, 
Mtd I MppM* abOMd liiin u licartil; lor il i but 
amrtfaclna ike loulcnan did both patocs jui- 

Sane went hbtorr li attaohed to Ihii puttlica. 
Ika, aa faUl to Warbnrton'i nrirical (ihara«t<r in 
C«fti<k tHerttart Thi« Htirc, like too man; 
wbicb bate aprung out of Litrnry (Jiiuivl*, orotr 
inm f/fnatmt miHitn • When Edwanli, in early 
Ma, lAcr quitliug call(|e, enCerad tbt^ urn}-, he 
^t» im a fUlt it Mr. Alb^n'i, at Hnih, *li(i» 
Mcee Wartiurliiii a/terw>rda married. LileraiJ 
^tfecti fwnted ibe uaual cDOTenation. Warlmr- 
•on. aot iMipntinB tbe nd mat of toferln« an; 
Grtwk, ibnwed bit aeciitioiMd doKmatk-*! luperi- 
■rity. Once, erhen the conCroieri; wai rnoDlng 
Irigti. EtlMarda tahioi; iJowd a Greek autbur, 
M|Mm4 ■ pUHce ia • manner ijaiu- ■■nncrnrr to 
WarfaartOB, lie dlil unlucliilj (umelbii]^ ausTtt— 
b« allowed >hat K'arbarton'n minlnke had iriaen 
hma haiiiig uied a Fraiieli trauUatLon !— and all 
tUa before Salpb Allen and bjt nicm! Tht, 
^Mtghly erilic wag at anoe aileiiixdi in lulleii 
indixuCiMI and mnrUl haired. To ihiacircum- 
(tanee b iitrihated Edwir^i*i Canana orchliciim. 
•bleb «er«i rollowed np b; U'lrburton with incM. 
M(M alladla ; in cierj new nildilioii uf IV]>i', in 

Ac Eaeaj on CrilicUoo, nod Ibc DuocUd. Wai. 
bnnon anerti ilul Edwarda ia a lery dnll writer. 
(vUmbb ihe pleauntrj that carrie* one ihruugb a 
wlunM of na CMall ni*), tbil he ia a libeller 
(fcwaai e be naned tfae cniicaJ cfaaraetcr of War- 

Tbe aatne sicREr pfiiKCiPLK wa> pitfaaeil in 
hu abaurd ediliuQ of l^pe. lis formed an nn- 
broken ComoiriitariF on the ** Euaj on Criticiam," 
10 *bow tb4t that admirable eoUeetion of prcMpta 
had brrn mnalruclrd I17 a ayatcmatical mclliod, 
wlili^h it il veil ku(>«[i th* poet nmJ draignrd : 
and the umo inttniiiipnl* of Inrlurc were htre 
uacd ■■ ID llie " Esaaf on Man,'' tu rec^oDcile a 
ifalcm of (atalnfiD Ic tbe ducliinra of rcrelitivn *. 
Warton bad tu roiuoic ibc incumbnnrc of hi* 
CoiDiiienkiiiM on Pope, while ■ miHt Uboiiuua 

burton) — and "a libeller [laja Vr'arburlon, with 
poignancy), ia nol))ine but a Grub-ilreet critic ran 
tu teed."— He comparu EilManla'i wit antl Iram. 
in< fo hit ancvttor Tnni ThitnbLe'a, in llie Rphnar. 
■al (bccnuic l^dwirda read Gre«k autbora in their 
oiiginnl), nnd bit air of (oadnaturc and ]ioUtciic**. 
lu Caliban's in tlia Tempest (became he had 
an lK«nl7 written the " Canon* of Crilidam '*). 
— I once aaw t pvatliterary curiociCj ; ti%mtpm<^- 
theeltof Ihe Buo«.>'/of Wnrborton'a edition. I 
obacntd that aoiuc of (be bittcrcil DOtM were 
^/icr.l/unigHu, wrilten on ihoau imiof-eheets after 
lie had pre|ureU tbe book fur the preai — ode of 
Ibeac additinu wa* bta note on Edwarda. Thtia 
Pap«'i b<Mih afforded teaewed opportunitie* for 
oil tbe poriunul bunUlilics of ihis ainfnlar gGiiius ! 
* In IhL- lli>i:bardsoni«ixa, p. 'i6t, the jrounfer 
lUchardtnn, who waa admitted to the intimacjr uf 
Pu|te, and euUaled Ihe jirvat Fur liliu, gIvM fiome 
eurioni Infonnaiicm aSnul Warburton'i L'ora- 
mcnlar)'. both upon llic Enay nn Man and the 
final/ "" f'il'iri*«\. " Wnrbitrlou's Ditcovcry 
ot ihc ' rrRiilntltjt ' of Vope't Uatn; on Cntimm 
and 'the whole Ki-lirnie' of bia Easty on Man, 
1 happFD to Imoir to bt mete abaurd refitirinent in 
-crviLtiib^c ('uEifomntieti aj>d thia from PojK hiaiaelf, 
ihDUKb he tbouKbt At to adujit ibcm afterward*." 
The ^ciiidt of Warhnrtun might not bate fiiuml 
an inviiiriblr dlttlculty in proitng Ihal Ihe Eitajt 
mt C'ritidim waa in fict nn Euay on Man, and 
the re«enc. Tnix, before he ki'Cw Warbertoo, 
alwaj't (poke (if bin Etta; on Crilidtn aa 
" ■(! irregular collectioa of thougbl* thrown to- 
(ether aa llotine'a Art nf Poelrj waa." Aa for 
iheEaiajron Man, Myi Riebardaon, ■* 1 it-nmr that 
be n«"cT dreamed of the ccheme he aflerwwida 
adopirdi but be liad taken terror about the ckr(7, 
and Warbnrtjm himaelf, at the ceneral alam of 
ica (at a li am and deiatieal irndency, of whkb my 
falhtranrl I talkrd wtih him fmiuently at Twtok- 
enliam, wilhuuC hit appealing ta uiidefrtand 11, or 
er-cr ihinkinc lo alter lbo>« paaoagca wbiuh «e 
tu[E'''Ied."— Tbia extract it lo be tnlued. for the 
informalivn i* autlMntie ; and il auiitt ui In 
throwin^aoBie light on the wbtilt j of Wtrbarton'i 
critical inipontiom. 



oonfeiUncf xeaJomlj perfm-mril Ilie ume Uak to 
relieve ShilcMpeare. Thui Wurharton [iiiraued 
DMK iicBiT piiiMciri.1 in kll liu lalxharn -, Uiui 
be Tutted edifitm nhkh could not b« ■wnrTt)' 
iiihnliitcd, anil ircrc Duly luipcdiuiDiilH iu the ronJ' 
«af : vaA tbnc waik* krr. nnir knoKii h; ihr 
Ulioun or itiMB oho bivB Firrleil their ikili in 
Ujring tlKm in fuiu. 

Wuburlon mi probabi; *<fkrc, ttiat Uic *K<K.>r 
CKiKoiri-B «hich (tfubccd his public opioiant 
■■ii;ttt kj him o)ieu, at nuntcrous {ioidI*. (o titc 
itrok«a nf hiioulr. Il it a wnjion KhiRh rvrry 
atu i> willinjF to aic, but which icvmi lo tpirir; 
(■lery one mlim it i* poinlril ugaiiikt tbrmwlve*. 
Then is iiapsrtj or tret vhicli lioveEwc cnplofcJ 
It in ihrir mn*t vcitya* cnaXtoTr-niea : Ihe grtin 
puX of mankiiiil pnitcal oj^itul it, often tt the 
motDMit lh«f bate bMn <llr<«tlo^ it for chfrir ova 
pilrp»«c. Xai the in<]airy, olii^LltRr riilii'ulR hit ii 
ten of truth, ia one of the Wj(e coatrovetuca in 
Oitf owD lilcralnfr. Il «a«o(varilb;r ''■ri' ^hnfln- 
tarj, RBit ml(iii»ljr mxlnumeil bf liii u-liuul, 
Akauride,in ■ note to bi« celcbnttrri porni, ig«<-rli 
the tt6<atj of riilifuk ■■ a t«>t of truth: l^ni 
KuineH bad juit tloao the aame. WaiburLan 
leidiletl Ilia ploct al the Lord Iti the buiiS-figlititii; 
ofa nola; hut name dnnn In thi! apra flrhl with 
a full ilitcharge of hi* artillery on the luckliva 

Warbarton Jrfienite* Akco*iJe iiDiJcr the aiiCEr- 
kitK apppllaliio of "■The Port." ond alluidliig lo 
bu " idbUnic accuunt" of tiie uie uf ridiirulr, 
iiuultingl; rvRitntix him nf "liit MAtter.'* Shift?*- 
bury, and of thai mI>o«1 nrliiuli made iiivralit^f an 
objtct of taite, ihrcirdlT hintiDE thai \heaiidc 
Haa "a nini:i uf lastc ;" a tie" lernn, an we are ta 
Infer frfjin Wai'liLinon, for "a Delsi. ; " or, aa 
Akrniide had alluditd lo S{>inau. he mi^ht bf 
•OQMCliiiig wor*i>. The grMi critic loudlj pro- 
taMed a^iial ihi: practice of ridjculu i hnCf in 
■ttackinc it* advoratv, he i> himtclf *n rvldeoec 
of iti eflinc;, bj liHiili ridiculing '" tha Port 
and bi*U|>iiiiuui. Djruou, thf patiDiiof Aknaide, 
nobtjr iilfv|)]wd foriaardii lo mriic hi* R«gle, ]«n(- 
ins in the iremcndoua ciip« of ttie critical Lion. 
Iti* drfmre of Ahenaidc iian anco'^entaiive piece 
of criticiim un tbc nalurc of ridicuU. inuiuiii, but 
WMitiDf; thegracei nf tlie |tvniu> who iniptred ilt- 

* The poaticri|)t to Warbucton'a Dcdtcilioa to 
the Frecthinliera. il cnlirely (tciotrd to Ahcniide; 
with thia bitter 'ipeninB. " The Potl wu too full 
af tha luhjwt and of hini««ir." 

t " An Eptttle to the R««. Mr. Warburlon, 
occMion«d bj hi* trcatmonl of the aulbor of 'The 
I^caaurea of the 1 rDagtnatiiin.' 17^1. " While 
J>Tnn reprla ^V•rburIuu'« aeeuiniioiia aj^niiigt 
" the Poet," be rrtorta tninn a^ linil the criUe 

1 ahall atop one moioent, tlnoe k falla into uni 
itabjeel l« rrenrd thii ^at literarf battle on Um 
iiw of ridicule, whieh hia bMn foo^ht tiQ both 
[MTtics, afttr baling abed tlirir iaic, divide th« 
neld without ^ctor7 or dcTcnt, anJ now aLaad 
lookini! on each nthcr. 

The advncDteifurtlietiWorRiDtcrLdnaiiitaiii 
that it il a luCiiral wdm or (eeltnj, bealowed o* 
aa for wive purjioan hj tbc Supreme Being, aaara 
the other fcelinEt of hcantj and of auUiinitj ; — 
the apiHT (if beaiity to detect the it(onm»T. «a 
the lenae of ridicule the abfurditj of aa object : 
ind thcjr further maintain, that no real eirtM^ 
iiidi w wiadom, hoDwt;, btarery, or ^Mraailf, 
etn be rldiculrd- 

The great Adicnarf of Rldiimle irplied, thai 
thejr did not ilarv to ridienl« tha virtue* opcnlf ; 
but, bjr oirrrhar^iig and diatorting then thaj 
couldlau^hallciaurc. " Giii them other naa***," 
he tajB, " cull them but Temeriijr, Frodicalilr. 
Slii)|ilieit)r,5u:..and jour tniatncai ii done. Haka 
(htm nrliiTulnui. and you ma; p> OB, In tha 
fnmliHn of wit and hooiouT (aa Sba f taa b wj di»- 
tinjEuiabea ridicole), till there b« nevee a nrt»e Wt 
lo liu|!h irat of counieaancr," 

The iidlriiler* ai-knowledje that their faetwlta 
«rt may do misrhieF. when diihonfil mtn allrvir 
titvumil4nc*i for^gn la (** lAjrei. Bnl, thaj 
jaatlj urge, that the u»r of reaton itaelf " 'all »• 
liable tu the inmc objection i Braol Spinoca Ui 
fjlM premiiea, and hia nandmloni will be rav- 
(idered a> tnie. n^aon threw oot an iufanioaa 
iIIa«tmt>on. "11 ii toetganllyintbematbeaatleai 
where, in reasoning about a circle, if we join daaf 
with ila real propertira othen that do uoi beln* 
to it. one eonrlutiona will eerlainlj be etTonnML 
\el who wonld infer from hence, that lk» mannre 
ofpraojw Jefwtite Oe UiUciooi ? '* 

Waj^hurtOD urged the f troncrat tof agaMit the 
uae of ridicule, in that of Socntn and Ariitv- 
phaiiei. lo ljl« itroni and coaiae HlBatntion ha 
*how(, that *• by elappiag a fuol'a ooat on tha 
cDoat iuimaunUtc *lrt«a, it atoek on Soeialei Ilka 
a San Benito, add at laat hro«|hl Un to hia asa- 
cuiion: it made the owner nannU* bia dirai* 
op|W(ite; that characlerbBnaaBaaiaidlkb TW 
oonawjoenee* are well known." 

Wariiurtun hem adopted the popoUr '■ 
that the wittj buffoon Aiiitophan^ "»a ihi . — ■ 
aloD of tliB death of the ]itiihNopber Sowi««fc 

lilniaeir. Warlwirtononen perpfcieda 
by a anbtile ehange of a word i or by braikinc 4 
aieatenoe; or by contriiing aoane nbrartty ta 
iha ahape of aa infcrtnce, lo («« rid of i» i»a 
invch triumph, Thtae little waapoaa agaiMt *■ 
lawi of war. are ioaidionaly praetbad U IbovBrf 
wordi. Warburton iMtar rafUaJ. 



TW defraK U liilhil on the pirl at Djson ; ind 
«r ma; tuHj coaicein Uiiil on to impotunt * 
point Akmiide bid been ecwitilud. 1 ihall give 

it to ki* oirn wur^ : — 

** TIn Soeratc* or Anitopbtnta it u (nil j ridi- 
a ckanclrr a* ever iru dmin ; but it U 
not the duTSCta tiT SocnM bloiHlf. Tli* objeol 
wu ftrttriti: ind th« ralichwf wfaicti aotncd 

WMaenni^ to tbe cliilionc^ty of bim vho persuadtil 
tka pMjilc that that wBi lite real cbBiactcr uf 
Soentea, Mt from aaf cmr Id the faculir of 
lUkale llaelf."— Dywn then (tRtn ilii f«ct. u it 
iniiiiiiiiinl SooatM. "The ml intenlioa of iIih 
MMrircn of thia ridlmle wat not »» mtKrh to 
■UeaJ ika peopla, bjr Kiriiig tlicm i bail opluiou 
of Socralea, at to lonnd wkit iru, at the time, 
ibf fnwral opinum grhin, that frum thence Ihvj 
tKH^ki i^tgt whether it vouJd be aafe ta bring a 
ii^bWI aMnaati»n againit him. Th« most eflVctual 
milf of makiDK lUa trial iraa bj ridiculioK hLm ; 
for thcj Imcw, it the fioople aaw hia cbancier in 
ita trae bght, (hejr ooulJ be diiplMtviI irltli the 
■ I we p c aa witatioii , and not rndun! thn ndicnls. 
0» trial, thia appeared : the plaf foct with it* 
dc*erred Crf«i and, Di>twiUulaadiDg tb< nquiiitc- 
0^ «f tJie wit, wa» abtolatclj' rtjrttrd. A eccuod 
MUnpt cocSMded no better ; and iho dbcttors of 
tba Poet were m iliicouniiged rmm purtuing thoir 
itoiija again*! Sooiaira, that it wa* cot till auovk 
TWKNTT TBAB* «fter th« pi*Ui€«Htin nftht Piay, 
QMt the; brouRht tbdr arcuaaticin nga-inal Llm I 
I J|«a* not, tbererore. ridicule Chit did. nt conid 
~ \j Soertttt : hv mu rather aacriAml Tar thr 
aae of it biDMclf, againtt the Suphinta, vbo 
Mt bear the teal." 

then, (land* the arsametit. — Wai1)urtr>n, 
MaiHg on [be ibiuea uf ridiL-uIe, bos uirnitd to 
■n ita danstr*. Iti Adiorate eonetitt that 

, to be a (eat of Tiu(li, muat not impose 
■J cLrcumitaiiMB wbich arc f»rrii;n lo the 

No obfcrt cno be ridii;ul«l thai it not 
iMf iilnai Sboald tbii htpp«n, tbfo (h« riillr-ulf 
ia Uae ; iimI aa luch istD be prnrrd. at murh ta 
aaj piece cf falte retMiDiu;. W* maj Ihorcrarc 
conclude, tliat ridicule ia a ttate of «aii)[ruil]r aud 
fnfnatj ool poaantcd br eierj one ; a trtt 
which tepantaatnUh from iBipottun; a taleoi. 
aga>M( the eierrii' of *hich mott mm tre int»r- 
aatoJ (a protcal ; but vhicb. being fuuiidril on (lie 
eowtJCMii( prinapka of ilia humau Blind, it oncn 
indalccd at the tcrf moiui^t it ii dnrticd atid 
ootBpteiaMl of. 

finl >• AMI not lean thia grMt loaB withont 
HSU Bati(« of that peculiir ttjle of controvenj 
wWcli be Copied, and vhich nt j be dintinKUUbcd 
^iiii^. Mill T mil I I QvaaHKU. He hat IrA 
kto Bant to a aehaol— a tcbool wlil^'fa the more 
liberal apint of tiM daj we lite In muld uat anj 

lonKcr etidarc Who bu not beard of Thk 
VTAnacniOKiAxa f 

That ckchkt paiycirt.K which dirn<t(d 
Wdtbiirto^i in all hie -workt, and which we bare 
atteuiptod ti> puniuir, could not of itaelf have been 
luffidcnt to hatr tiUcd the world with the nnmeof 
WtriiurtUD. Olhrr aebolars havn published 
reveriet ; uid Ihty htre paiaed awav, after 
thowing tbemaeltn for a time. leating no ien- 
prcaaioD; llltc ttioae coloured and aliLfUiig iha. 
daws on a wall, with which childrm are amaatd ; 
but Warbutttin wai a literary Hev-olut'ionitrC, who, 
to maintain a new order of thlTig*. tiarcited all 
the detpotian) of a perpetual dielalor. The boU 
uitbliuihing encTity "liiich could laj down the moat 
eitratt^ant puiitiuiia. wat maintiuiied br a fierpe 
dogmatic ipirlt, and by a peculiar tijle of morda- 
ciona eontenpt and iotolerniit intolenee, beating 
dovn hia opponritta from all (|uarten, with an 
■nimatiog about uf triumph, to encourage choac 
morr serbiut tulnJs, who, overcome by hit gmiaa, 
were yet oftrn alarmed b j the ambiguoal tendiMj 
of hit ipMalttiont*. 

* The paradoxical title of liii itrtat work «ta 
rvidcotly dntgncd to attract the unicarr. " Tbc 
DiTinn E,p|iaIion nf Momt dcKnauittatcd— /rMi 
Iha o«iui«ii ijf a /utun ttalt!" It wu long 
uncertain whether it wat " a coiert attaek on 
Chriatiiuiitjr, initead of a defcDCC of it." 1 bate 
here no concern with Warburtob't character as ■ 
polmiical Ibniluf iit ; thbi hat beeu the butiiWM 
of that poliKbcd and elrgant achohu'. Bitbop 
I..oHth, who bat ibown what it ie lo be iu lltLrew 
literature " a Qsacl in CooMiicDlat^nbip, and • 
Moantebonk in Crilifisjn," IIr hat fullj entered 
into all the abaurdity of Wirburtuii'i " iU-tturred 
Dltsertation on Job." It it carioui to Dbtcrve, 
that Waiburton, in tbc wildcbaae of originality, 
often too boldly look the bnll by the homi, for be 
often adopted the very reasoniDgi ood objecltom of 
infldelt 7 — for inatanre, in areuinfi on the trulh of 
the Hebrew teit. beaiuethe wardi had nn ]>niiilt 
when D hiing btngtuge, he abiolutely fircfoa the 
Koran for i'<jrr»ctneia ! On tbU Lc/wtb abten'«B : 
" YoD have been urging the anmc trgumctit that 
Spinota emjiluycd, in order to detttoy the 
authority of the H«br«ir Sedpttiiva. and to 
iiilrodure ioHdolity and ttheiani." Lowth tbowa 
further, that " thia waa alas done by 'a Society 
uf GenllciacQ,' in their * Saeeidotiirn Dlaplajcd,' 
■aid to be written by ' a wttct conimittee of Ibe 
Dciata trtd Preethinken of Great Itritaln,' whoie 
author M'arburton bimielf had repruenteil to he 
'the forwanlcit dtiil of the whole legion.'" 
Lowth, hi>wer«r, coRcludri that all tbc niiaclilrf 
haa atiien only from " ytrnr lordihip't iiadertaking 
to tr«at of a aubj^ with which yoa appear to 


Tbe WfluIiBrtDDifla SfcIidoI ms la br «D|>pi>rtcd 
1)j Ote matt liRenticat [irin-cliibi ; bf dicUtorial 
Krnigancr". bj iron initttirr, srid by niry 
urcitiut: Ihe bitler rouiifio|i[, wbith itiili iu 
iBvtf liltiD utificM lo*«n ae aitamrj in t1i« 

be wry mucli oniicquiinled." — Lowth'b tetter, 
p. 91. 

• l^«rth reinonitnited with WirbnMon on liif 
" mpreue Bulhorilj i" — " I did nuttwp to pro<p»t 
Igaiiut tlie ■ulhurilaCiTC isuiiicr in Ktiicb you 
pTOKcdci) ; or lo quntllon your inrrtiilurt in the 
high itffic* a/ Ini[nmtor Gmrral. and Xuprtmi 
Jmdpei^tkt Opinion* (>f Ihe L^tirnt/l,yiW\e\\ joa 
liid long brfoid itmuniail , ui'l hiui nrreitid irilJi 
a ferucUj) and •! ilftpnlitm icithout rtii'iij/ir in Ike 
HtfiBMlc n/ Letlcri, ami hardly In it }iaraiUitd 
ainoiig Ih* liiictfiltt 11/ Don'inif ! tuctlog thrir 
opittton* to th<> utiinilaril of raur fntnJIibllilj, and 
prOMuuliiig wilii iinptiiciible hatred CTorjr odc that 
pruumcd to differ from jou." 

tiow^u'a Lelier lo W. p. 'J. 

t Warburton hud titr mott cuclinjc wny nfl din^ indnd rhuri slijigjcr}. «ti<1 ilUl mon mtat 
6ef\ijat.ling hit advoriurini, rillier by (he moat ibsn dirty, ntpniiklng through a tnp, <r1>mh*in« 
vp|i<nirrit hIiiim, dt ibc li|:ht petulance tbat ' forcoil, tt FVory alop, to leave pan of bU akia, thai 

jinlilie a|>inu)R, wa« uarr jieciiliarfy t)u? Uknl of 

<i»« «r the (ptcM ach»lan, the cool, tKe kcca, tW 
lapLJttfal Hard. Tbe Icwtat arts of ooiilbk>- 

liuMfiFH nlticb wore tbou|hl vaim, ikteltrnt, aaJ 

U It aoiu^iiig CDOUnb to obtHTF bow lie 
dfiienilm iikmi u |[m*t ■» liinutlT Wbia Le 
mrntioat ibe leimed Its/de, he plaon him " 11 
the head vf \ nibble< of lyiiif; 'JrientalMta." WbcD 
ht alludva to Peters, a tery learned and iuftbiout 
i'Irrin>"*n> ^ piMCi liltn by ta "The Conriib 
Critic." A friend of Prtnra obimed. tkat "\t 
Imd (p»en Warborlon ' a Coroiah bng.* at wkUfe 
be Riigbl W ROr* ■> Inng u hr litad." Dr. 
Tnyhr, llic kurucil editor of Dcmootlitnea, kc 
atlci^t* (rnrn "bii fclloTri," tbnl ii. olhcr duiicci' 
n drlicu'y of eapcpviluii which uffeadnl Kbolan. 
lie Chreatent Dr. SUhbinp. who hnd ptMUicd an 
unonjmom tbamrirr, " lo •-■•tch thi» Ed of 
Controvert;, »liu« lir' Itidri liit liead, by tha tail. 
th« cnly [iurt that iiit-lci attt of the mud. 

exprvatril Lit iucfTablc uoutciupt. He tay* to oa«, 
" Thnneh yonr Irelh arc »hnrC, what jou want hi 
t«elh tou have in tciuim, and Icnon'. u all nther 
eieitaritia do. vbere your ■tr(^T1|^b liet." Iletboa 

U, hit aystcni." Warburton ba« oftea ttvavik 
— With wbAt prnvohiiig eoutfrmpl be valli Sb 
Thoma* Hanmer alwaj* ■•TliaOiford CAtorr 
and in liii iittark nii Akenaidc, never Taila to akk- 

annouDrvB in one ■>( thp Prrfi^e* (o th« Divioo I [ismc binl, In dcriaion, " Tbe I'oet t" 1 reterl^ 
LBgalioti ihc oaiuc tit the oulhnr i>f n work on | rmdrr Id e poaticripL of hii DciUcatiou to iW 
" \ Future Stale of Rctaniii mid Ptiniibnirnl*." Frmlbi liken, furHcuciouiiperlnvonof nipriviliiia 
In which were lume objeacioni ro Wnrburluu'it miittldty. in hi* d«vriplion nf Lord Kaim«t u 1 
theory i— " I Bhall, therefore, but do whit indeed critic, und Akcnride ai " Tbe Po«l '■" Of tU) 
would be jualjy reckoned t1ic cruel i.-i>t of all tbinj^, ' pair he tcIU u>, in bitter deiirion. " (fary are Ixrtk 
tfll Ri.v rtadrr Ihf nam* of thii m'lirrattle ; which men of tan le." Hiirdlmltjt«ilhi» rnaaU'r («0CKi*- 
wr find tn bj J. Tim.akp." " Mr. Tillard w»« j ftiliy. by tiling aiwno quahfyini epithet, or tiiinc 
lirrt eondemnfd. (mji Ihn miiborof ' Confuiion ' an adrewary aome odd nlcknama, or diarmllf 
wnrM cotifouiided,') at » rulhaii liial itAbi • man ' diiprnaitig a lit(l<< mortifying pralaai *na andafS- 
In tbi: dark. bccouHc itK did >i<it |>ut I1U nniiK to'tiiaia be eucomilcn were men vmnetme* bi* 
hii bonk aftiinat the Diiinc LrKntiim : nud «/t«T- (.upfriora, and tb-cae bo calli " •IxaaUe dkb." 
ward* cdDdemiied ai luKt lu abaitie, both aa a man ' Rome are ilyled "lurcft blnaphemera ^" IW 
and » writer. herBUtc IipJiif junbn name to it-"— ' learned Ltrdner it rrduwd to " Ibe bboriom Dr. 
Would not linn iraa^inn thia peritun lo br> one flf 1 I^rdner ■'' and llnme** Hlatorj la trttUet with 

tltc lowcal of miitrcanla .* lie wat ■ lean of 
fortutii^ and literature. Of ibia peraan 'Warburton 
njra 111 a letter, "TbI* )i a tnoD uf furtnne, and It 
It wnll hn ii so, for I Imve Hpniled bit trade ni n 
writer ; oiid aa he waa Tcry abuaiee, free- thinking, 
and utonymcoa, I hate avl ipatcd to eapoiv hii 
Igrnoranee anil 111 ralth-" Bui aftetwardf, baring 
diMwer«<! tint he wa* a partirular friend tn Dr. 
Ollecr. ho makmi nwkward apolagin. and deelarra 
he would not \ jfone to far had he knoim Ititt 

the diKFcct pn^ae of belni^ " th« aooat riai l i l ll 

hiatiiry «eha>e," He carefully hinti to LelaaA 
that " be hid nercf mad hb woirka, nnr 
into his Irantbitiuiii ; but what ha baa Aearitaf 1 
writibga nskp) him think bvmraUy of I 
Tbu>, b« Iraar* th« ib«tort<«l profeaaor, by 
tiuning the "ctegant txvulatioiH whidu 
any. yuu haic made of DelDiMtlMaica T* Aad 
undertlaiid* tliat be ii " ■ acbolar, who, (kef 
omployi hiMiclf in vurka of learaioK and tattt, 
I.D*1b ■erni to hare diwercred thi* •«(«•( 

— Il« waj ofiru ao rtbeincut in bit abuw. tbnC I 
fiad he omfesacd It biiiitrlf; for* In prcp«rinic n : of Warbarbin i for he m;*. " You hax a M* 
new editioii of lUe Diitne l^gatimt, he Irll* Tlr I nauiei ainajt at li«nd. a kind of tnfaiuirua IW, 
llirch (hat bo hu uiade " leieral oniteiona of blaek calendar, whire etery ofTeitdrr b mm 



wMj wfte niuxuMd at by sU ihe diiciplm*. 
pr«dig«l of pftite to tbcmidve*. and rctenliit of 
it l« >U DttMra ; tbe world ■■> to be diiiilfd into 
Im ptni, tlie Vurirurloniaru kDil tlie AtUi. 

To catabbh ttiU nrs (oicrnmciii. in tlic lilrnrr 
wortd, tliia gTCal Krtolulinoial W4> favoured lij 
Kortunr wlih two Imporltnl aidi : the one *u a 
Nufkitit. liy wbieli be eonlil wield |>ul>lLc <tptiiii>n \ 
».oA ihc <xLer ■ Matt, nho Kcwcd b^ni u ba tkl» 
nuDtWrr. ur hu TtoMoy. 

6»d ■ lUfhe toilf to locttTo bim ; notking « raij 
•• tb« a{)filinlioii, tnd light pioTOcttion it 

* BoBMimw Wubnnon left hi* hniiUii to be 
faofhl by tnbiMcm geniiu: a cirRumtLBncc la 

■Iktck Lowth, vith keen plettuntry. tbuii ■Uudea: 
■^" XbAnA, laf iorl I «»» nfturwuili mucli 
irucd, whm, liatins been irilb ertJiC ci>Lti[]r 
from yout {trm-aar.. I fnupi) yar 
fiatman al jMur dour, armed itilh hu maiter't 
cai«4> and /ulUng tifinrt mf unlhoui mrrfg ( ft^tir- 
•df lookinc oa and ipprwrins, Bod haviuK probably 
pM tbc wniion «Uli proper Qntcrs Intu bit hand*. 
Vmi Ibloh. II iMiua, (hat I OLigUI lu have Itken 
■jr baaluiK qMcd^ mid pttiraiiljp. in wipe; t to the 
fiverf wlach b« vore. t ou tii>t u( id tmiic ■ 
diapvailioti i 1 wrrttcd tUo vcopoD from bim, and 
broke It. Yuur tordBhr|>, it sccmi. by in oblique 
blow, c»* ■■> uoluckj rnp <in ibe Itrtucklvt ; IhuugU 
fou nav Iliatilt jrourwlf for ic. yaa. Uy The bUmt; 
OB me." — LowTu'9 Lelttr In \\. p. II, 

Watbwton aiuJ Ilurtl frcqucniljt cuncerteil 
tasrttieruB Ibc manner uf attack and ilffeniv- In 
one of Ikne Ittlcr* of lltird'i it in itty amiuing 
In r«ul. " Taylor tfta mora crrd liable do iicp (ban 
O'rA'Irr— Wbtil do fan tliink to do wiUi liie 
A]>|>eMfix isaiiut Tiliarit and Sf/tei J Wbj 
Bij^L BOt Ta^itr mak urilli lliein," Sic. The 
WafbortOBiana bad alao a afitcDi of rspiomtgt. 
WIms Dr. TayluT saa aeonud lif tine of llicm of 
fcav)^ taid ibal Warburlon wu tio Mholar, Ibe 
^■llirit TTtriiiii rt|i1ird, tlsal be did nut iciuIIkI 
nfr iM ) inj tkat Dr. Warburtoa irai nu acbular, 
but that indeed bcbudalwajafAoujiAf lu. — Heace 
I WM doua (laarrtt I Hurd, the Mcreiirf uf 
Jtqiiter. caal the Ant lif bt abaft againit tba 
Doctor, tbMi ChiDTellor of Luic«tn, by alludiox 
la lb« P(xfac« of bu nctk am Civil Law, a* " a 
arriafa tkxng prefaiorj to a UaiTied work, tulitulnl, 
llw Etmenta of riiil Lav:" but at 1«Dgiii Jove 
bimactf rotlad bia tbundrr on tlir li«|>leu Chio- 
cellor. Hie Do<4or bad nid in hii ooik, tint 
*• tb( Ronao Euptron perircultd ibt fir<l 
Ckriatiaaa. not lo mii^b train a diillkc of ilieif 
MMta IB from a ycatouay of ibnr iiuciiinul 
■aa fBihli ii," Warburton'i doctrinB «u. Ibat 
" tb«; bcU noctvmal aaacotbliea bccauai of lb« 

'Vae ntatkkttf «aa Buibine leta tJiaii tbe loiiDor- 
tal worli* of Pnpe ; al man ta Warburton had 
ubtsincd a rojal patent to (ci^ure to himaelf the 
aole prupctty uf Pvpe'i notkB, the public were 
campelled, niidcr the illaguliie of a Cotuuieiitar; 
on the mMt dnuical of our i'nctt. to be con- 
eeratd with all hii literary (|UBrrrli, altd bote bb 
llbcia iDil liBipitona iirrpctuHJIi' Inifirrc tbcmi all 
ihc fuul nntcn *if iiio aager were ilepotitcd Lcre 
ai Id a GOttiwon menolr \. 

|)rmciitilin of tbcir tneuiiea.'' One waa the 
fact, and ibc otber the canicqueuce. but the 
Chaticcllur uf Liiii-'ulii was to be oulTHseouiljr 
degraded among the dunreal that waa the real 
inatirc ; tbs "noetumol aueoibtie*'' only tht 
oatcDiiblo one. A pamphleteer, in de[en<:c of 
(he Cbanoellor, fa reply, ihoufbt tbat tii "tbi» 
literary pcrwantllnn," il inif;hi he dnoccrous "If 
Dr. Taylor ■hnutd \>r provuked to prune in pHnJ, 
vbat he only /trapped in eonrfrtaiion." — Hiiw 

innocrot «i«a thia gviilleman of llm aria and 
ilraULKcrait of Iiosniuachy, or bairk-iiat* ! The 
yirifo/ would not hate altered the cnuie ; Hunl 
vfuuld bn»e iliniiutedll toolliuiid uail : Wurburtun 
was niiiniii^ greater ridiK, etcry day of bit life, 
than any be «•■ likely lo receiive from thia 
floiiriab ID ibo air. The great purpOM vaa tv 
iu«k« the Clinnccllor of Llneolo Ihe bat of hii 
urtaiLlie tile-aanncry ; niid Ihii objrrt vaa mnircd 
by XVarburloii'i forty pagea of prefiiw. in ntbleb 
Ebr Clianeellnr atandi to be butlfKd, tike an 
ancient ^Diiitufn, "a mere lifrlcM blirck." — 
All tbii came vpoo bin for only shiakmp ibMt 
M'arhuiton «ta oa iclntlnr ! 

t See wbal 1 bair uiil at Ihe plo»« of note +, 
pp. 170-t. In a eotleeiion, euiiLbd " Veraeaoe- 
caiicTieil by Mr. Warburton'a la*e edition of Mr. 
Popc'n Work*," 17&1, are nuincroiu cpistain*, 
pnmdtr*. and einiilei on it. I kivc one:— 

■■ An on the tnari^ of Thaiuea' ailver llood 
Stand little wctiiarp pile* of wuod. 
So l*ope'ifaJrpapappeani«riih noi^idiigraocd: 
l^it down Ibe aiUMDea, ye men of taal* ! " 

Lowih hai noticed the nae Watburtmi made of 
bu patent for v*ndtii|; Pope. "I ihnufht you 
mii^bt poaiibiy Hbip nie at tbc carl'a-liil in a aoic 
tu tbc ' Divio« Legation,' the nrditiary ploM of 
your hierary exeeutioiia; or piUoty lae in (As 
Duuciody anolber enjfine irbich, na legal profieie- 
tor. you hare ttrj itigenioiuly and judicioiuly 
afpli'il lu the fame piir]iot< i or, [lerbapa, have 
ordered me a kitid of Bridcnell eorrcctien, by one 
lit yuiir beadlci, in a pamphlet." — Ijour-rii'a l.fl. 
ter to irurburlmt, p. 4. 

Warbofton earned ilta licwitiiMinw of tbe 
|p«& la all tbeac notn to the Donmad to a 

Ftncihii u wu ihe |^niua nf Wsrbartan, il 
iteliglitoj too much in iti cneciitrie motioiK, and 
Id IU oini MUurj, irealncM, amid «1i«Crnct vai 

height whfrh Mn only be pnmllnlpd in tli« fTO« 
logoiuacLke* of Svbi(>|'V'>ut. GronoTiu*, nnil ScB' 
lltrcT, anil thn rctc of (hat Rtiarlins crrw. list bU 
wit uceeilcd eicn bU giuutitu. H« tnu ■cuukJ 
of not (patlBff" 

"Rdund-honie tril and Wappin^ cholcr." 
Vgrtt*tir.caiianrdl>yMT.Wi.lale edition (^ Pnpr. 

Ani] one of bi» inotl fonoui «Mai]>nU tbuit ulvitu 
blm :^" Whether jtoii ire a trnnjclins WsppiriE 
attorney, a p«<laDLic prclentler to crllfciaoi. an 
Unpuiltnt paradoiiptl pritut, or in mimil jat 
itnnKtr, an hctcrogencoui tn«dley of all three, at 
jtiur firrn([innn« vtylc acemii to eax\fc*»."^An 
EpiilU ft> Oie Aiilhor tff a Liln/ ratUIeil "A 
Lttltr t» Ike EfUlar o/ BoUnfftiroka'i IVirlit, ^e." 
— AW NicKiiM), "ol. 1. p. Ci'jI. 

I havt aicertaintd thit Mallet iras tlie antliar 
of thit furiaun Epixllc. He woutil not acknow. 
ledge wljit lie (Iirvd uttcdeli)'. Wirburlun treatr^l 
Hallft. in thia iniun«e, ai ha aftrn did hi* nupp- 
riort — lie nevfr irplird ! Tlie mIcticc nerino lu 
liaie (tuiijt ttiia irucible and crjl iplrit: b« re- 
turned ap^in to the cfaargr. with anotbrr pmioncd 
mapoD. Hiar4)!eproduci?it " A/amiliar EpLilie 
to the moil iRipiiilfnt min liim^. 17^9." — Thf 
•IjIr iif UiiH accund tetter boa been character! itrd a* 
"bnd cnniijth to diisraoe eveasaoU anit Erarrcta." 
Ita YinileoM coiild ool wellciccul its prrdeceiior, 
ThH udiineii of III title ha* made IIiIh nortlitpu 
tbtng oftan inquired after. Il ii tacrdy peruDil. 
It ta curiouf to obicrve Mallot, In thii iianiphlcC, 
treat Tnpe oa an object of pitjr, anil raitl bim 
"tbU |ioor loan." Uraier Hmtey took tomt 
ptitil, or) tho Urst npprarnnrc nf thia ealrhing 
title, tn Buvre hi* friendi that it did not lefiiT to 
Aim. The title proved cnlagioui ; which ihowi 
tbe abuie of Warburton wai vi-rj aN;rMnb1«. Dr. 
Z- Grwy, under the title «f " A Cnuntrf Caratr," 
publubed "A frae and familiar Letter to the 
(freat K^fititr of Poi'i* and .ShiliMpcare, l/M ;" 
■nd in I7^^l, )-iiuii|; Cibhcr Irtr^O ■Imi at " A /um'- 
Artr Epiatle co Mr. Witltnni Wnrbiirlnn,, frnm Mr. 
Tbrnphituii Cibbcr." ptcfiied to Ilit Life of I(ar> 
t«n Booth. Ur. Z. Urea's " [rrpiinm aod /rifnl- 
Harity" aie di>*igned lo ihoir Warbnrlon (hut hi; 
hai DO vlt ; but unlockil;, the doctor hovinK 
nme himatlf. bia argumrtita igaiDit Warlmrtun'i 
IK oot dMiiltr. "The/anifiuHry" *>t Mallet i> 
(bat of a tcoundnd. and tho jiaungrr Cibber'n 
that of an idiot : the f^enloi of Wuburton vat 
ttrar*. MiiUt overctianicd bia riui with the 
Cclkat IntcalioiM, bat found hia piece, in buiftling, 

tecoDdite laplei, td have tutungly atineied 
pahlic attrntion. bad not a pAKj been 
around him, ut th« bead of which tWvi the aeti* 

innihilated hinxHlf. Thr pnp^n of the 
HiFophiltu eaaki meter hare been heard \ 

Hilt Wnrburton'i rage wna only a pirt of lit 
Kcrrr prinripie ,' for can anirlhin^ be uiorc oiltr 
than bin attark on piMtrCtmrNH, the antbor of 
■ ' the Life of SoBniteii ? " Having called bii book 
" a Uto wnrthtettg and bow fiwgPt t Mi tliiag, ealtpd 
tlM Life of SneratM," ho adda, " whcrr tbc bead 
of th« author hii just made a ihlft to da tbe office 
of u camera ottcun, and rcpruitnt thinga in la 
InVFrled nrd«T. btniHtf abM>«, and RolUa. VaU 
tiire, and e-rery other author of npntntian, Mom,' 
When Cooper eompUinnl of (bia, and of Mmc 
serenr laDfuoge, In Wniburlon, tbrnnsh a friend, 
Warbnrton replied that Couper had attacked himi 
and that he bail onl^ taken his ravfnfe " with a 
iti^ht joke." Cooper traa weak and vain i niW^Tl 
(n print h pamphlet, to provo Ibat tbria oaa a 
*«Tioui BcciiBaliuti, and no joke; aad If Uwaat 
juke, ho ihomi l( wai nut a ccirrort one. tn fart. 
Cooper ujulil n<*ef comprehend bow Wa bead 
mat like a eamem ohteara I — Cooper wia of tb« 
i^liafli-jliuriaii iclitxtl, — phiioHoplMt* »ho poi# 
tbemacLvci on " Oic barnonj" of (beir poaMoiw, 
but are too oRcn in dlaeorda a( a aliehc diilorti- 
adi'e. He equalled Ilie Tindene« of Warborlna, 
but could not attain lo th« wii. " 1 fMatd," Mft 
Cooper, " prcvtoui to bti pretended irittieliH 
ubout the camrnt ahtenrn, tueli mUcrabte tp««K 
»r wiclchtd malice, aa nothiiii; but ibe Inflmnd 
bmin of a rank monk ooutd ronreU'e, or (baora- 
tfT-irlling miidinear London -brid p eoqld ■ttcr." 
Uiic would -not (uppoio all Ihia eame from tbe 
M:hiK)l of rUio, but ratbcr friim the tub of INo- 
Ifciica. SuiuelbiD); matt be allowed Air poor 
Cnoppr, whoi« " I.tfs of SocralM" h*d ban m 
jmaitivrly aiaerted to be "a late worfhlaaa «td 
foricMlcn tliins." It it cariova cooOKb Co obMTft 
Couprr drcUrtngi after thia wIIt. that Varboiton 
*' baa *er; unrortuitateljr uied tbe word impmimi 
(wliiirh epilhrl Warburton bad applied t« Um), 
u it QslurnJlr reminda crery reader, (bat lfc« 
pamphlet pobliihed about too yean api, ailditaaal 
' t« (be moit impudent nMi livlag,' waa unltir- 
lally aclnnwled^ to bo dedScatad lo our eoEi> 
meniator.*' Warbnrton had alwaja the Duadid 
m hi* h(>ad when a no* quarrel waa riling, whwb 
produced an odd btuudrr on tb* aide of Edwaid*. 
*nd provoked Ibntwitto be *i dall a* Cooper. 
Wirbiirlon taid. in one of bia notea on Edaard*. 
who hid entitled himaelf "a geutleMU of Uk 
rnlnVInit," — " Tbia genlleman, a* ha i* pJaaiad 
to call hlmtelf, ia in reality a (oKJcinan only of 
ibc Diinnad, or, to apeak Um hcOv, in the pUn 



•Ad iiibrte Ilurd : anil ■mid Ihc f;ruUliani of the 
m»t>*« liralbrtkotKl, Uip profi^unJ Balcvt, Ibe 
•piritoi Rm>wn, till WB ilnccuil— 

"To hi* ta»r jtckitll, panoa Towns. " 
Vrtitt «n Wartitirtaa'a lale SdUion. 

'Vartmnonima pnrl; mninil* on* of id 
Hitoa atuong uu elder patti. wliu formed • 
hind of fMemuanij among tbtfoiHlvu, b; iilopt- 
itffommgtt poetobjUw liUc«( llidr »iw.-~l)ul 
tLM t>u • dovcklic Mdcl; of [locls ; tills, t 
fcriTil of tilt Jmiilic order tiwtitntcd bj iti 
lomitr. ihit— ^ 

" Bj Um iBi^Nirled ritk ■ lAnpcr pride. 
T^rj cniglil bold all manlicil ai fooli briide. 
MiClit, bte hlnudf, Inch cNch adaptnl *on. 
'Gauul iD Ibc WDrld. la quale a U'arburton *." 

i n p u f c of oar boneil ancaUm to nch iniiah- 
nMDM, a fml/mnon of tht iatt edUUm." — 
Uatard* mirandentood (h^ ■lluairtn, and aora at 
tbc |wmi(ul altavk «bicb followed, of bii kavia^ 
"daded the MiUcindc uf bis careful folkcr," con* 
Mmi liiaiaclf "dcicndcd of hi* eeiitillif." tbat 
U val ""a fpllectiua un faU birth." and IbrMI^nrd 
M afiply to "Mr. Warburton't MuTiti of tli.e 
BcNeb,for dcfiradiof^a ' harriitrr of their baUK.'" 
— ^Tlua afiirded a new [riiimiiti to WarburtuD, In 
a BTB note, abcrt he cipLaina hi* rnraiiliDK of 
Uunr ■' ■tinibrdaiDa," vbum he mea.M mcrrly m 
UUfWy ea«a ; and aeaures " Fun^oto and lii* 
bmd*, *b« ar* all gentlemen, iliat lie tntanC no 
SOTS than tbal EtJirnrdt had bemmr ■ icratli-nian 
fj li* but r<iiluin ttf Ihe Dunciatl ! " Rdiicird) 
■ad taU Amgoua friend* had undFniocid the phraae 
•• affdM to aew-faiigled i:tntrr. One of tbne 
■ita, ia Iba ooDtviian of ntaa ullcd abnra, uja 
Id WarinmMii — 

** "nit vubroocn liaa made laiioe for ;on. 
He'a Heat ; tbou'it poiaoa — phun eiuMijj;)) — 

WwImiWI had tbi) fall eonimand crer the 
D — Olld, even «beo Poyt wu alirr i far it naa 
n owaf ^ iiwic« of Warburtoa'a beiiiK rtfuwtl a 
J tgww i ai Oifiml, Uial the pocr, thnuih one had 
hcee allerad to blcawlf, pnujueed the eelebrotwt 
liaea of " Apollo'i Major and AHi^nnen," In the 

fowth Ihinciad. Tbui it ia thai ihr [ier««iinl 
Itkt* and iLalilicB of vitljr men conio dom to pa»> 
(•rkj, and are ofCeii mistaken aa jurt utire, whcm, 
•ftn all, tlirf ar« noChins but LtrsaAiiv Qrjia. 
KUA taliboi fouaded on truth, and v^ry often 
etmfUt* fUnAoeda '. 

" WatWtm. indeed, iru alvaTa looking 
ahni fur fierii rocraita: ■ clrcDoutauee wbich 
Mffmn Id I|« cnriou atenmn of Iho lata Dr. 

The charaeler of ■ litcrarj (jecphant wm neier 
moiv perfrctljr exbilii<«l tbao in Kurd. A Whig 
In prinetple. jet be had all a courtier's aria for 
Warhurton; lo hiin he dcvntrd all hi* gvniui, 
lhDii|h that. tn<!»d, wai miMleratei aided him 
oith nil lii« inc«oui1]r, obleb wu esqnlMta; aad 
lent hia canae a ccitain delicac; of tartv and 
ciilti>at«d elifaocv, irhirh. altliough too pilm and 
artificitl, w*a a teln of gold mnninit through his 
maaa of emdltian : It vna tlurd trho aided the 
i»ur|ialion of ^VarbiirtJ^ii iia tbn pmviricO of 

criticiam. aben AriKotle and Laoi|ina>t. llard 

HeatheotD, written bjr himaelf. Heatbcote, vben 
fBurig-. pobliibed, acoDftnoiislf. a pain|>l\let la 
the Middlctooian controTerajr. By tlie ilrtire 
ol WarburlDD.lheliaDllseller Iraaamitted bia cam- 
pltioentt to Ihe aoanrmaaa author. " 1 waa 
praily KurprlMd," nif* Iteathcole, "but aoos 
after petMivtd, that Warbnrtnn'* ttate of aalhor. 
ship betn; a xtatc of vtr, it vat hi* emKm H> it 
pariieiilarly alUntivt ta ali gouiig aathart, •<• 
hajMit ([/■ mfitting thtia iata Ati lerrice. Wa^ 
burtuD "u mope than dtll. Klim apCMauf, oi 
llie<ie orcaaion*, and would pracnre luch adve*- 
turcn avuic tliglit palronage." — Nieiioi.a*i .Lif. 
/iBfcdalr.: vol. «., p. Q3fi, 

t We are sitoDiihed at the hnldnrii nf itke 
miriar eriiie, whm ^ren, after the faial edition of 
W«fborl&ii '* Shalieapeare. h* ihould itill TeniOK, 
in the life of hi» greot friend, to »»wrt thil " ifci* 
line ediliuD niuat cucr be hiRhlj lalucd h'j ncn of 
teitM anil laalf ; a iiptric i-jjnsrnial to tliat of the 
nuthoF. breathing thruughout! " 

la it poaaible thai the man who wrote Aia 
aboalJeTcr bavervatl the " Canon* of Critioiaoi .'* 
Yot it it to bo luppiited iliat lie wbo tuok aolivclj 
>n inleimt in tltc literaiy fortunca of hia friend 
iliould nor hate read ihetn ? The Warburtonian* 
appear lo liarn adopted one of the principle* of 
ibe Jetuit*. ia tlicir coatrovennea t which waa, lo 
rrpral JUEtiincnti which had bten cuufutcd oicr 
and uTrr ajiain. lo initnuale that Ibtj hod not 
been «o ! Hut this ms not loo munh lo riil. hj 
hiiu >bi>, in hi* dedication of Horace'* Bpiitle ta 
.^ugtl*llll, vitli a Commeotary, had hardily and 
aolrmnlj- dt^larcd that " Warbarlnn, ia Lit 
enlarped trine of Ihingi. had iiot only rraleed the 
t*o modeli of Arittolltt and Lonfinua. but had 
ralhnr ■InirL out a new ttngirml plan nfrtitieitm, 

irhich ahoald unite (lie *irtu«a of each of then. 
This eiprrimcmi «aa mailc on Ibe t«o frraictt at 
our own poela-'Slialleiipnirr and Tope. StiU (lie 
adds. addrcMinf Warburtoti) j/nnt isfnl furlbrr, 
\>J joiatSK 'o (boie pnwen a perfect iDtigbl iolo 
huoMui lutnre i and ao ennoblios ih* eserciw of 
ticerarj.bylhojuitett mtir»lormum,irnuhaeeaow, 
al tenffth, admnMif crtrieian lo it* full ghrf." 


is iutily clianctmBril bjr VTartcm, iit hia Sjwtihcr. 
Tol. ii. |i, ^iC. u " llic mutt imiMe nnd tnptnioui 
ormndarnxrlttc*." — Hr wan aloTtrof hUitudinr; 
he probahlf wm siftccre, when he once told 
friend of ibe llterarr inlitjuiity CoIp, Unit In: 
-wonlil hue cliiisen uot to quit tlto uriWcrwty. for 
lie lowil rpllrrinrtnr ; and on tlmt prinHplR Ciiirleir 
wu htii iKirmnte ]ioct, which ht nflrrKardi 
•bawed. by hii aingular ^ititioo at tb&l pom. He 
ma called, fn>m tho cloistered khadi't, lo ■»*unic 
tlie bonovrMble jlgnlly of n Rnynl Tutor. Hod 
h« dcToIrd bin Avj* ta lltpnture. be wuiild bavr 
ilitl enriched iu ntuFea. Itut 1ji> lisd other more 
■npplf and morv •miMalil* qunlifiontioiii. Moat 
■droit wi> Lt 111 all (lie ari^hery of controvcriy : 
he liRii thr fuhlkty thai mn ctadp the dm uf tlic 
MHlIaiit. and the »leodtr fltxtcrity. fiibullliilwl 
for vigour, thit vtnirlc when Iwint ri|>rptrii. 
The juliallrrn grniu» of Hurd nv[air«d to be 

A perpetual lalcrvourvo ^f mutual sdutaLiiju, 
animslnl thn Snvrrripi nnd Ii1« vlwroy, nni), by 
nuitunl tii]ipnrt. ucli oblaitied thr wimr rrvurd : 
two mitre* L'ravncd llie grvntvr uiiil thtr minirr 
critic. Thl' ir.tL:r^i>itri>n wha linittfirrmnly drircted 

by the H'cly author of " Coiifiiiion wokc ci>n> 
fQundrd."— '- Wbrti thr lair Duke of R. (rnyn hfi) 
kept wild beatl*. It yn» a coiiiinon diimiuD Iu 
uinke two ofhiH b««Ta drunlc (oot m^'lnphuri^Tally 
with l^jtltcr^, but lilcmlly xit}) utrAnit; alirj, niid 
Uicn dnub iWru orrr with hpDcy. It oaf cicdient 
•port (o Mc )>oiF loiinijly (like a cuupln of oniicii) 
they wciuld lirk and claw one anotbrr." It i* 
alnoii amaim; to ubaertR huw Hurd, nrbo 
naluratly wan of th« moat fri^d teinjieramrnt. and 
tb< BlOft aubducJ hdinp, mnood, healed, and 
blaed, in the prcgreialTC at«jr*> " "t thai 
pageantty o( pnine (prcad tiver iLe Re». Mr. 
Warhnrto-n, when the latter vm advanrine ftat 
tA»ard* a Ktibn|irich," ti> utr the nurda Af l>r. 
fnrr, a aa|[ncioiii Dtiii^rvFr of man. Huwrrer, 
notw-ithalntKling tlic Jcapu-tic ntaiidatca of our 
Plchtocnk and hii dapper mintttrr. there wrrr 
■tha did not frnr In tnHt Ibc greater bear, of the 
two ID racetiouFly dNcrlbed ahore. And Ihp 
•tiUiOr of " Confuiiun "ortc I'diifotindrd" trlU a 
bnillar atory, which will enliren the biaUiiy of 
onr great critic. — •' One of the bcara mcntionec] 
above bappcued la set Ioom'. and *%* tuimlaic 
along the ctr«*c tn wbieh a litilier wa* gravely 
walking. Th« people all cried ' Ttiikrr ! tinker ! 
beware at the hear '.' — Vpoii thii Magoano faced 
■haul, with great cum puauii' ; and rtialns hit atalf, 
kuocked down Unuin ; then wiling bin armk 
o-kimbo, walked off rery aodatcly : only uying 
' Lrt the bear beware of the tinker' — which ia nuw 
bcromc a prmerb in ibose parte." — f'ott/uaian 

nuiniated by the heroic «ncrgy of Warburtoo; 
and the carelciia i^oura^e of (he chief w«Rt«d one 
wLo tiiutd maintain (he ungiMrded paaaagaa ha 
left behind him in hia progrwi. 

Socb, then, waa WxnavRtaw, and »eh (be 
quarrtli of this great author. He waa, (hrovgh 
lijs litcmry life, an adTcndircr, guided by that 
■ef ret: prijii:i|ile. which opened an fninirilialc road 
to fame. By oppuiing tbe taminnn arnlitnmla of 
maiikiiid, he switiI and be i^ncnsiUided thtfm : and 
by Kiving a new face to all tiling), he anrpriard, by 
llie RppcnrnnQcs of diioavcriea. All Ihii, no pleaa- 
iiig tn fail egotiam, wu not buaeier fortiuiaie for 
hb ambition. To adttalD an aothorily, which bt 
hod iiMir|>ed; taaubatitutafor tbc taale he wantod. 
a curiuui and daxtlinit erudition : and to tnaiotain 
(hose rrcklraa dcciaiooB nliicb to alua plunged 
1iim into i>«rils, Warbuitou adopted hia tjnl*^ '•/ 
l.ilnrar-y Qiiarrrli, Tbeai; imo the illi(itisulr 
biiMiiii ntiLcli raiaHl a aiidden oclebrity i and whi<k 
jct'uiui licpl lUiie, ■ulu'Dgaa that Btninshuledi bal 
Warbiirltin (ufTcrt-d (hnl litcnry calamity, too |iro~ 
Iraelcd a prriad of human lifa : hn oulUied hinurlf 
mid liiH (noie. Thia j^reat and urigitiBl mind awnfaed 
all liii gPiiiu* to that accret principle wc h>te en- 
dtnioortd to devclup — il waa a aclf-inniBlaEion ! 

The Icanted Sr.i.DRX, in the f-urloiu IlKir laliiiar 
of bit "Tabic- Talk." haadelinred to poatrrily a 
ppeni-pt for lli» l«iimed, nhich they ought (oweaf, 
likelhe .lewiah jdiyUi-tnrir-a.aa "afroollatbeiwtta 
Ikeir ryr^." .Vomnn it thfvufr/itr Ala Ltm^n- 
iitH! il fiiDy lultiitiiul^r inatler la tawrA in, >r 
objfcU 111 iratk iifiun i bill irii nxif irtaAiai an 
bom tfilh a man. — Sir TiinUAt Hamukh, who 
wai w^ll ac:]uaintcd with Warbmlon. dwrinf tbMT 
i:(>ri.-ctpviideucc about Shakespeare, often aaiJ «i 
him : " Tlie on); u*e he cuiitd And In Mr. Wac 
hurtoti wu, itarliaff tht j/amr ; he waa not to k« 
triialeil in rnniinig il ifeu-n." A joal dbrrimla*. 
tjon ! Ilia fervid curiuaily saa ahaolvtcly cnrattra ( 
but bia taalc aoj hit jadgmciit, pcrpotwUy 
ElTciched out by hia ajatcm, eoii]d not htv Ua 
rrom even inglorUiua ahaurditiea 1 

Warburion, It It probthle, wwa bm nally iba 
characler be apjicar*. It niortifiea (lie l«icn of 
grniuB to diicovcr bow a natural elianctcr may bt 
thrown iulu • cunrulaed unnatoral itate, by tana 
idopt«dayalcm; Itit [bia tyxon, whiebennyiag 
it. ai it ware, bfyond ttaolf, eoftimaalcaKaa Ban 
than riatucal, hut a aclf-deitrdyiag aurrgy. Jii 
iheu becume* rercracd I The arroiant and iit»> 
peralivc Warburton waa only luch ia hi* amwinid 
rJiaraclfr; for, in tllll daDaiatio life, kc waa 
creature of bmovolenc*, looclwd by 
piuaiona. Uut in public life, tbc artlAdal, 
BcqiUrcd character, prtraila QTer llie oae «llck 
□aiurc ddUKKcd (of u» ; and by (bal all |>«Uie 
oa wril a* aitthora, ant umnlly jndfed ^ 



ftni ■••(■{>< a itiUrii of lllcrarjrpollltiw—KillnM.wiUialnartlnatTnn', anrjllilni rdHlratoblBQuaiTd* 
— aapillH«taB**WMUdl*d Id ntiUlnhU pufpcw byfnnrgoblluM ^wgHnai mfl IntiteM* Wr^HfM wmiiot hli 
■■■■■uiiM hlt^yaaautUi liiartHIt; luit pnctiMd irllli Inpimltj— till eliUm tn ttU •/wn Warki DOntetad— CUmmV 
fcuMUM ^mHpttea ot nii-K*i Iwllnfi, ■ii'l W'tii.niiii^ sli^uit •■Utniia tita gmliia—Onii-Si ■utanmi nf tSiM^i 
»a« wfcr< i n B W kbi>— U* poUliud iiiuilcuce fiirLl>i.T dUo>*««d In Uif CV>Utvtl<>a uf ull lb* flnvB r* IiMl*v M tha 
!■ mU<S> hm wnplnjfl gJY*a«— Uw Twuaimimw and Ui« FaraiAim; hi altauk Ii; v TliwlxiklliiB— Tim 
iBiBnInBlj ilrfimdal. fiv EbD fmancB of lu Inrgipcj, and !■■ rejiruncb oT Ui* poTcrt; of the autbnn. 
briinn lilniMir, villi inmB oiiriniu ■iwlmeoii nf lit<rtur} |ia»niiJliri»— the UtenurQiumd IwIbbmi 
tliLL aai] EVti-( illilliipiUird (nr It) niniifilln cul — a KamUrr dI ilio oamnminar)- IniMMUani mEvHIag 
pBbBcBUonol Pun^Lrtlm-. uiaumpUxir^tnUianuidC'biuplraor. IlluMnlltunT bbidunclw. 

Pops hu prondl]' perpMuaUd tti« MtUirj of hit 
UCenrr Quirrb ; lad Li appcus to hate been 
■MMii tboir author*, lurctj not Carming the 
IB^jtMilr, who hiTc iIrli|[htF(] ID. or liBve nol bem 
(oprD*ok«. tiotiitliy, Hl> bai^ r(.'{;lit«red tbe 
of rtvrj book, rrm to a Itnglti |Uiprr, nr a 
«f rtnc*, in vhJcfi their aolhora bad con- 
nJncd (reMon agiinat his potticai niyemsiitj* . 

Hia Mubitinn tuttati ^tiAitdin helping tliMa 
tropblM t» hu K^iiiu*, whik hia mcnnnr pataioiia 
oonld flonpile one uf ihe iDurt tvlaiDtnou) of the 

* IVtpa collect^ llir«< numernun liTrrary tibrli 
tfili utnordiiitrj care, lie had them buuud in 
<nivmet of all tlxa i ani) a range of t*al>«a, 
o«t«*<M, foartoa, and foliv*. were inanhatlcd in 
ponnitou order on hU *helTci. Mr mntr cht 
■HHea of the writera, with remarki on tbnr 
j| — y w t oim. He prvtiseil lo ibrin tliiH tuurio, 
Inn Job : " Rcbatd, my dairr in, Ihsl mino 
•d*«fHf7 had written a book > mrelf [ would tak« 
it 9fon my ihouldcri and bind ic «a a crmm M 
mtt-" uzl. ij. Kuirbnd. <ib« larulc Pupc'i 
Life uadpT lite «yc erf Waibartoo. shn rvitnd 
e*«rf thMt of the Tolume. and mffei*^ Ihi* a>Rr« 
lawyar aa<l •iDfuIaHjr wretched critic to write on, 
*hk far hferior taKc lo hU own— oiTend -' ibe ' 
entire aollrction to mj puhljc Itlinrf or muieuia. 
•hoae aeucb i* afUr ruriatilvn, and nta; he 
ittinmt at taneUag tbelt cunuoo traatun aith 
ic : ii will b« frni]' at the MirTiae of that which 
mtkmtnt." Did no one amept the innuiioii ? 
Aalhta »aa wnltminl7fiV. ltiseTideiilly]whiit«I 
iamarAi the Briliab Maaraai j hut Ih^rv I hiii« 
«u4 haanj of it. ThU coUcction oiuat haic con- 

tiinedtnachof the Secret Merooin of Orab-)tre«Ct 
it wai ilwijri a fuuntaio wbeoce tliMe '* vaUn of 
hittrtnriw," llw note* in the Dunoiad, werr tradilj 
tuirpliciL It would be ^-itriooa to discover bj wbaC 
■InlnRrm Po|ic nbtainnloll tlMCaeercttatcltiirnne 
about bli tlunce*. witli uliitli he hai burllimed 
p<iit*r(ty. for hi* own partii^uiar gralitiJwUuo. 
Arhutbijn!, it ii Mid. wrote aoin' notei nicrelv 
litcrnrj ; but Savage, and diU humbler agcat*, 
lervedbini a:<liiiA'>poiiai^ Puiitir. lit jicntiU'niNl 
Saiaijelohia Uat daj. and nerer dMcrted blia. 
Id the aeeoant of " the pJiuilain Mooro,'' 
Scribleroa appeal* to !-«rage (o aiithMitioM« lOEne 
■tory. Oue cuiioiu itiatauoc of tlic fruila of 
Sttaie'i rcKarolic* in ibtt wny be baa hiniKlf 
pmwnrd. in bii raemuini ot " An Authoi to be 
Let, by lanuiot Hiurkike)!." Thli parirnit nf '* a 
perfnt Town-Aulkiir " i« not delldcol io spirit : 

the hero wa* one Roome. a nan only o>M>nt«d 
in the Dundod for hia " funereal frown." Bat ft 
ia uncortaio whRlher thia fellow had really to 
di<mal a cnunlmatioe : fur the cpilliel was bormcd 
from hia prafcuioo, being the Ma of an ■Ddertakn I 
Sock ia the nature of vonir *atif« ! Dr. Warlvn 
ia ■sloiiLibcd, or mnrillinli for hr knew not wUch, 
to anr the jiaiiin nnd palicnie of Pope lad hi* 
friendt in eAmpiling tlie Nutea lo the iJunmd, lo 
true oat the lieee and wnrlca of Ruch paltry and , 



•naiiiluat chronk-lM uf tileratare. Wn arn 
BOiTtlAeil on dupoteriog to fine ■ geniu» in the 
tcitf humbling tUrir Ihraugh all tbt; ilrpravilr o( 
• eotDiimUr; Tull of spleoDi ond na[ wiihout thr 
flclionii of uliTP. The unl)«|if>7 Inllurntf ki* 
Lilerary Quarreh hod on thii grmit pn«'ii life 
r^malnt In Iw trnivd, H# a(li>pt«d i iyit«m of 
lilrrarf poiltir*, abouadiiiK Mith ttratagema, «qii. 
spindn, tnaD«airt>, knd fictions. 

yojic'i lilrrar)' qiiirrrli were Ihc war* of bin 
porriril smtiirion, mnre prrhapi than or Ilie 
p«tiiUtieft and itroas irriUbilil; «f hi* «li*nut«r. 
Thfj' wen >oiD» ol tli# artiliMt lie atloptetl, fro-m 
the ])fciil!aHt]r of bit BitiiatiiHt. 

Tliruwu out of ibe octitQ dams of wdet;. 
tyom ■ rarincy of eaaiM, nffldeoiljr kooini*. 

forg-Htlcn •rtiSblcrt. " It \» like waJkini; Clirou|,'li 
thcdnrkcslallvTBin tlieiiirtiralpartdrSlGilra'*." 
Verj true '. But may we nut bt albwi-il to ittcex 
thn mnitin nf littman n&lure at Sx. CUh'* ii well 
U St. Junci'f .' Aulbiiri, hownvr oht'urT, iirr 
alKay* an imutinsrace t» autbora. Tb« grcatctt 
find liuii owo paMioea In the lead, though dis- 
tortcd, at cnifnpnd in loo «niiiU s compiH. 

It fa donbtli^n (ram Pnjir't ptM nnxKlj for bin 
ewn tilerory celibrily iW we have bcm furni.licil 
with *o cumpU-te a knavlntgc of Ibc |[TOtrjig)ur 
graupa In the Dunclid. " Hive me a ibillinK." 
I^d Swift hcfiioiidy, "and I will Inturc rou ibal 
pniterit; ifaall never know nne kinj^k «n*mT, 
M**]ilin( tbfti* whole memory fonhiTtprPwr^'cd," 
A ytij timful liial for ■ mi.n uf genius to Icnre liia 
wrrtcbed KMnlliintir to dinMibt aaay in tbeir own 
wislineM. Bui Popp, hiivln« written ■ Dunclad, 
by ae<?oinp»nyiti|; it with n anmnirntarj, t<Kili Ibw 
onljr method to tntereal poaterilj. He felt lb>l 
Botkait'a H^ret on lad aulliors are liked only in 
tbe itgree Ibe DbJMH aUudeil to arc hnowii. But 
ba UXTcd too inurb the aubject far iu own takp. 
Ha abiucd t)i« ];Kiw«n genius had conferred on 
lun, u other impefiiil aovireignt h«T« dune. It 
la mtd that be k^t the whole kingdom in awe of 
blai. la " the trnitj and pr»di|[aliiy of natiitjr," 
be ndaiRieil— 

■ Tm, I an [iroud ta i 

Men, notarratd of God, nfrudaf 1001" 

Tocitua Gurdiin raid nf him, that Fnpo ieetn«d 
to pcrauade the nnrian that all geolui and iblUty 
wvn cAnhn^d to him «nd hio fyimdit, 

* Pope, in hia energetic Letter to Lord HaavKr, 
tlial " martCT-ptece of lo»cctite," aar» Warton. 
whii.-b Tyna tclla na be kepi lune back from 
pnUiihioi. *I. Ibe ilmiiv of Queen Caroline, who 
was fuiful her eoonirllor wovld bareme liuigniH- 

e*nt in the public Mteera, and at Lot in her owd, 
MCb WH the puwei Lii gmiiu cicrciaed j — hai 

conoeniratittt hta paaiiana into a toUtMry one. hia 
retired life wa> paaied ia the eantem plat ion of kia 
own literary i^reabifn. Reviewini; Iha part, and 
anticipatioK iLe fnliire, lie felt he wai eicstisK ■ 
new era in our Lilcntiirr, an crenl whicb dot* 
uoC alwnyi occur in a eenlury : but eager to aenire 
prMent eeUbrltj, with the vietorf obtainril in ib« 
oi>e.n field, he eombinrd the intripiea of the 
cnbiDcC : ihui, while be waa ciertitiic creat veaa*. 
he pnictiiei] little artiScei. Nopoliticisa atu4k4 
toobfxin Ilia |>urp(jwi by more oblique dirrnkuH, 
or with mcirr intricflte (IratasetDa : and Pop* vaa 
at once the Uon. and the Fox of Mackiavel. A 
book might be tiritCeo on tbe Stnlagems of lite- 
rature, na Frontinui has compoaod ouc on War, 
andamonpilscnbtilMthrraaatre intjtht placathia 
great pott. 

To keep bii name alitre before tbe pnMic, wia 
one a( his rHtly plHiiK. Mlien be publiihed hb 
" Eaaayo-aCntidtm." annnymDnily, iheyouiiitaad 
ttnpatient pool waa monified with Ike incrtioa of 
pa1)li« eurioiily : he wai atmait in drapair-f. 
Twice, pchapaoftencr, Popt attacked Popa Ji and 

polniiftl ouC nn" ot thraa canau. It dracrAai 
hiniRrtf as " a private penoo under poial Uwi, 
.tnd niaiif other diudvantagf*. not for waM tf 
hnnuty or conanenct : jet it is by IboM alon* 1 
ha*e hitherli) liinl cteludeit fr«m mit po*t» *f 
profit ur UvU. \ can interHrra Willi Uu raita of 
DO mtn." 

t The firfl publiaberoT the Ecaay »ii CritktM 
mnat hatrc been a Mr. Lewia, a Catholic booli- 
«rller in Cavent-fardea : for. frocn a tbaranJut 
tat Ihli LiTWiR, I heard Iliat Pnpe, after p«bU- 
cation, eame ever; dny, peneraticiti ''^^ auieM 
inqniriM the oold impenetiable bookaeUar, wba. 
ss the puein lay uncalled fort aav imIUb( hal 
Tcintions ini|xitiiinill(9 in a traabteaotnc yootlu 
One day, Pope. nlW nearly a moolfc'a pNbtfeaUMi 
entered, and in despair lied ap ■ MIKber of the 
pv«mi, which ho aildrraard to aoratal who kal a 
reputation io town, as jud^n of poetry. Th* 
*cheiii« furrcrded, and the pomi. harlnf f wch a d 
ita proper circle, loon got tulO raqOMt. 

• He w»< the author of "The Kay to th« 
Lock," wriltoo to »how that •■ Tie IU|ie «f th* 
Lock " wai a political poem, designed to ri£ndr 
Ibe Burier Treaty. Its innocent aitfaiag— cr 
onuUlnnly hitip been deaigntd to incrvat* alteMlM 
10 a work, wblnh liardly recjuifrd any t»A aitifiea. 
In Iba aanw tpirit he eowpoinl (be Caardiaa, la 
whicli Phillipa'a Putorab mn lltdioM; 
preferred to hti 01m. Pope aeat tbb InMltali 
panegjirienl rrilieltm on Pbilltpa anoajnowly M 
tli'« Guardian, and SteeJe not perwh u ig dta Mk. 
huiutnd to pabluh it, ull Pupe ailiuad It 

Addiwn detected it. I dvnbt wbctbcr we l«t 

be frdjoattlj eoAonlcd binMcIf nsiUr the lumo but rrtxy bounil fclfwd ia lli« halloo l^iivlt ku 

of Dthcn. for «Mne pwticuUr desiga. Not to 
faint am U* dsrt nimilUr Kcribknu. tlnin 1 
hind for aU porpowi, be niiile uie of ibe mm** 
«f aevend «( hia fh<nd* 

UQnct t> Y«t tii« man ulrsordlaary cir«vtii- 

of all utimta. Aturhvrf. nfler tudia; the por- 
VhtD he emplojred | trait of Attica*, uliiml him lo prooMd ia a utif 
Savabc in "a mllttOon ot til (b« piece*, in nhich hii pniu* bad pDJnttd oul i but A'butlinoti 

*cne and proic. pufali*lird on Dccwion of th« 
Dniuiad," h« wbKribcil hi* name to an ailmlrehlR 
^dkktiea to Lord Mlddleaei, nbfra he minatelf 
nIatM tbc «b«k kiatoty of tbn Daociad, " and 
tiM wnaUf oIbIm bclil l« coniuit oi hMtiliuc* 
t|jilnal tbe anlbot ; and, fcit aa etprew inlre* 
inoiion to that Wuric lie lucd tbe dmdc of 
flilanil. lo which ii addrd a nolr, cxprcMJDB 
isrpriM Llut ibe world did not bclie*e that ClFla&d 
«a* tla writer ! Waating it prctcKt fnrtbepulih* 
cKiun ol hia UUcn, be dcliKbtcJ Cuki.l by cvn- 

with hia djine btealh. cnojured him ** to nfana, 
and not lo cba«Iiie;" that ii, sot to aparg the 
vice, but tbe peturn. It ti eald, Pnpe aiiiwered, 
that, lo comet the itorld with duo cfTei:t, tbrf 
beooiDO loacparable ; and that, tleoidiof; by bia 
own npcrienot, be was justified in this opinion. 
Ferhap*. at Rnt, he hitDwir wavered; but he 
atrihet bold«r aa ha gatlw-ra >tr«tn{lh. Tbe two 
fint •Jitiona of the Duneiid. now before ene, 
tould hanUj be tatdlitible i tlicy cxkibit liuca 
after llnca fapioi witb an hialus, or obH;um] with 

««jin( la him ioaaejptbled lEirrcptitinua (Copies, ' iniiid letteri: m aubaaqoeat oditiooa, the iiamea 
wba looo diaooavrad, thai it waa but a fairy itole inio their (ilacM. W« am loU, that The 
tnanrr, which becouU not grup ; and \*a^, in pera?i»>lit>*<> ia hi* Satires qmchaned the aalc: 
kii own ilclcDDC, baJ toon rody tJic auLhmlic the portraiu of ^ponu. buk, Clodhia, ^inoa. 
■JlHon *. ^me lady obacncd that Pope " liardly ; and Aroau, were purchaxd by ncrylMdy ; but 

dnak lea wilboul a alrataeem !" Tbe frmalr 
yiaa eacilydatn^la iia own pri^ullar faculty, when 
h ia escrciacd with inftrint dplinrv' 

but hia tyatcnatic buatilily did iiot proceed 
nilh equal iutpunity : in tbia pcrpciual war with 

wt>en heount declareil, r*>pKltng tlia ekmraeltn 
of one of bit brat aatirrj, that no rrat peraana 
were iolanded, it chocked public cDrtoiity, which 
waa fell in the aak of that edition. Pcraonalilj 
lo Ilia atirea, no doubt, arcardtd with the temper 
he diacnrered that erery uoc be called a i and (he lalpiit of Popr ; and the malice ol m*a- 
daijii «*a not ao : nor did he And the doncea < ki„d alTurdeJ him all tlie eonrifCion nr«M«ary lo 
thamail'ia Icaa inroniTMLient to him ; for many iodulgc \L Yet Young could ilKjirnd aolcly on 
aarccufally aubatituled, fur thdr deficicuciea Id ibalract ehanmlcra and puio wit'; and 1 bdie*e 
bctiti iinatillca, the lie. that Uils long firnugh tu that hii " Lore of Faine^ waa a acrioi uf aduiira. 
tea a nan ; and the injolenw. that doia not fe»r ble *ilir#«, which did nut ulitaln leM popululry 
hitn : Ihey aliae li(d him at all poiiiU, and not than Popc'a. Cartwright, one ol tba poetical 
elwaya in the apirit of IrKiiiumii; naifare. They taat of 13cn Jonaoo> deacribra, by a beautirul and 
Ued np hil aurr1»ha, and aocnied Uim uf tro*' oriainal image, the ofllcc of tbe aatiriat, Ihongb 
n*. Tbey awcrtcd thai (he iwiuigyrlcal tcnea, he praitea Joiiaon for cicrdiinjt a virtue be did 
to baa worka (an obwlete mode of nconi- oat alwaya practiie ; aa Hvin oelebratM Pope with 
I, which Popceondeaccnded topracliw). th» >uBe truth, «bvn he cingR^ — 
were hia own ccntpoaitiaii, and to which he bad „ y^, ^jj^ „,^, ,„ ,,,, ^,„ . 

aftaed the naaea of aome dead or aamc unknown 
Witlan, They publiahcd Uata of all whom Pope 
^rf attached : ptacinf K the head, " God Al- , 
■■ghtf I thekiai; /'dttceadibg to tbe " lordiand , 
feMlMMBt." AfewiuipectadhiaakillinGftdci 

lie Uah'd tbe nee, bat aparcd the name" 
Cart«rl(bi't lincaare: — 

" 'u'l thy akill 

To (tribe tte *lce, bol apare the fmov .tilt i 
Al he who. whro hf aaw tike aerpent wieatli'd 
About hit airrping win, and a* he lirealbal> 
ririuk ill hii aonl. did ao ihr (hot cuntiSe, 
To kill ih« Iwaat, but kocp tbe child alme." 
J Cook*, lb* tiwoalator of llewnd, publlabed a 

aUeoe ef e d all the >«j»rrea«ewt of thi) kind. After ' 

wnlUMt the hneat worka of (aOMa, be waa hnaily 

(Mpioycd in allraclinf the pnbUe attentiao to 

tbcn. In the auiilhcaia af bia characler, ba wm 

BO grral and to little I But Ite knew mankiad I letter in Uiat't Journal, tnai.ting Uial Po|« bad 

■pd preacnt Umt waa the gn»t boalnna of hia wilaMttn titt ttlicU rUrMrr V TW^iV., fr.™ 

^le. I i^neranne of the lanxuage. I n%m 1 hare not 

* IW ■»tfr"i'" of Ihia dark lrBnBM«i«n,wbich drawn aiiine oMaa from that naay. The Rali)ccf 
weaa to he»« broi imperfectly known to JabaMn, ' naigbt ha niaJo eurioua by a jood Oroek aeholer. if 
being too copnua fur a note, wUI be bjuud at the Pope bat raally eired in Ilia dtfrc* Cooke aaatrta. 
at Ihia atiicle. . Theobald, wbn (eem* to bare been a Mofe claaaital 

i Papa ia. pHiap.. tbe fineat fAarorler./uiaartT atiboU* thai, hat beia allowed. hceUee SMi* t«- 





Wanoe w>ai tbiir barilT Ai*]>utn with I'ope rapect- 
inK bU cUlm lo hi» n-wn iro-rksi anil ilic difllcuk; 
)u nor* than one)! ruiuid la MUl>li»h hin ri|[lLtii. 
SoinetimM tbef iUtuImI public cipiiiiuu irf evMi 
liulintiim ttio T<«1 uiCbar* | and wlCntwp*, from 
Wlilto'ft aurl St. June*'*, worn rtWf to b« pro- 
ilDcrd. Among tbeic liicnrT cotctic*, aeveril ill 
Pope'* pTOductloiw, in tlieir anocjinoui, atiil extu 
in their MS. irUlc. had bMO «|>prottrliitfd b; 
Hi«ral pMDdo •uUufn ■ >i»i "hi^n Popu cftllc^! ton 
radtutlan. Im teeiiitd to be cUimiDE nothing Ich 
Uun thrir live*. One nf tbrae gvntktncii hul 
Bojojred • v<>r; fjiir rrpuuiiou (ar tuore tban tvo 
jTMK on Che " Mrmain of o Faritb-ClcTk ;'' 
UPtlier, on "'T\k M«ai*h;" mnil tli«r(i were 
man; olhcr tngUB cUimti. All tL'l) na« lexatioii* ; 
bu[ rial »o much «> Ibr riilirulnuN ■tlitudc in wliicJi 
fope wu »i>niRtimea fUctd by hb pnraK«i) idTer- 
urui *. lie mutt have found bimcelf in a more 
periioDB ntasliQn, •rbcii tic bind a bmimy chatn- 
pJOB, or burniMcd llir grnrTout couracc of (ome 
BliUtify ftUod t- Tv all tJiete tianhk* ne raar 

doM from th» Circle tragic bardt, otHDinRioid a 
tninilatifln of the UdysMj as aooii ai Pope** Iliad 

* In (mDOfibno aitastions. Pope iiaued nTcr? 
gtait, liul «crj luiicroiis, adtrrtiiciiiEiit. Tiie; 
bad 111? impudence (n publiah an account of Vapn 
tiarinif been (taj^llaUij hj two K'^ntUoieo in Ham 
Walk*, during hi* evening promcDudc. Tbis n« 
ncnging Deniiiii fur 111111 lie liad uiiJtnfouc fiotu 
the narralrtc of hl» madnr-t». In '• Thf Mcmnin 
of Grnb-ntrrcl." rol. i. p. 9li. Uiin tiiigliiiK nirra- 
tive apjican to hu*e been Ihc tn^ruiaiu forgcrf a{ 

Ladj Miiry '. On tbii ix.'caiiuii, Pupc tliuugbt it 
iu.-C(i«ar; Ui pulilinb tlic rulloninif wlicniMiumL 
in tbcDailji PoM. June 14. 1J28:— 

" XVbnai, therr bn» bwiii a tcandduu* paper 

oHinI aliiud aboot lli« »lmrt«, unilcr liic title of 

*A Pop upun Pujic,' iusltiMitin^ that I whb 
mlillipfd ill lUnt Walk*, on Tliuridaj ioal ;— Tlila 
ii to giir notice, that I dii nol ilir out of mj 
boaM a1 Tvlckcnhnm on <bal dnjr; mid lUt fane 
ii a mkliciuuit and iLI-gruundL-d report.— \. P." 

It acriDi ibal i'liillip* bunn ap a birch uu- rod at 
Diilton'a. P(ipr, in ime uf liin Irllrrii, cinigratij- 
litei biuiieU (bn( he iwvFr uLIeniiilcil to un* It. 

t According to llin ii^anilnlijim chronicU of tbe 
day, Pt'jic, abortlj *ft«r Uie piililicvtiiia of thcltun- 
oad, had a tall Iriabmsn to attenil liln. Culond 
t>acke(i Uirutcned to wic bim, fur a llcantloiM 
■trakealnied al hin.wkicli Pope naaiUA. TbomM 
Ekotlcj, nrphow to tUt doctor, for tbe tr«dliii<til 
Ilia unrle had rvcdiml, aciit Pop* ■ cbaltcagv. 
IV iQixJcm, like tbe anciriit, Horace, naa uf a 
nature liable to pwilc at «ucli ccicitvl mDinrRK. 
Popt cuniiillcil aouic roilitarj fri»iida, who dtcjari'd 

■dd, that Pupe bai («It«l down on liiniKlF wicre 
lasting veng«aiice; aad the good iciMe ol Tbe»- 
buld. Ihc farioiM, hut oftrit acatc rciMnka oT 
Oenuii ; tbe giwd-bucnuurcd, fet keen, moim.' 
itrtDM of Clbberi the ailrer ihafl, np])Ml wttfe 
tnnom, acnt from tbe injured but rereDgofiil l^j 
Matyi angl maiira randum-ihol, thai often fttuck 
him. Inflicted on liim many a alrcpleaa lugbl ;. 

ibat bia pmon ouf^t Co proCMt bim (torn mj 
aiich rcduDdincc of valour a* wM tbua formallj 
rrquired : however, one of then accepted Um 
chaElmgn fnr bim. and (tve Bentlrj tbe opttM 
either of fif;h(ing or apolnginag ; who, on Ifcto 
occasion, proved, what i» njual. that tte caniMl 
of tbe two mat llie (|alckr*t done. 

: I (hull iirctcivr on* upecUneu, to f laarfriHf 
«lrgaiil, that Pnpe himielf might hare eofBpMMl 
it. It it from ihc pen of that Leonard Wcltfarf 
nliuse Aganippe Pope baa ao abamefuUf cbttW^ 
leriaed — 

■• Flow, Walstcd, Dow, IJkn ChltiB Incpirer, baer !" 

Can the reader cmlii, after ihii, that Welainl, 
whowu clerk in ordinary at the Ordnance Ofie«, 
WBI a nian <)( family and Indcpcndonee, of elegant 
KianDer* and a fine fancy, but who coandend 
poetry only as n |Hu*itig amuiement ? He hat, 
hiwever. left liebiiid. imid the can*Iraa prodn> 
Hons of bli nui«, nornv paatagt* wrought up with 
cijual frlicity and puwer. Tlwro are leveral ori- 
ginal poetical view* of nature icattcnd in hi* 
work*, rbicb have been calleclnl by Mr- Nicholi, 
(hat wonld admit of 1 compariMn with uoom of 
ntabliibrd fant. 

Wtlslcil Imagined that the *pirit of Eogiik 
poetry wait on ita decline tu tbe age «f l^pa, nd 
all«R(irifc* tbe iiate of our |<ucir7 In ■ OMrt iotf 
Tiinui couipnrtaon. Tbe picture ia e ii g ai ai w ly 
•riunght, likr an luidcnl gem : one uiyht imagiua 
.Anacreon waa tunied critio :— 

'• A Suk I reu'd wtuiM dnice began to fail, 
And luld, from Pbwdnw, thi< hcetioaa laU i^ 

Sdbina, very old aod wriy dry, 
Chanced, on* time, an RMrrr rLaiK ta^iyi 
The flaik bui lately had becu thrown aiide. 
With the rich ipape of T^ucaa tinejarda dyed: 
Rut lately, guihtng fron tbe aJeuder apoat. 
Its life, to purple (tr**™*, b»d luocd out 
TAt e^tlg Jtavimr tlill la tttut rwaJnV, 
And Hill ita aiilrj the riol«< oakmr atalft'd : 
A aight to iwcet taught wrtnkM age to rnaStt 
I'Icued, iheimbibct ibr generoua (unira auhdv, 
Thep. iloKuwarda tum'd, the votdgmly 
And druna with patient cue Uie llwkd ilrapa 
() balmy ajiiril of Elmria'a vine ! 
U flagrant flaak, ihe and. too latetj bum ! 



nt ynanger RidMrdnn bu ncordrd th« pti- 
MOsl inflierinp «f Pope, v)ie», one A»j, in taking 
■ft CibWt loltvr, wbilv hi* face a-M *TkiilnB 
wl(k ason;, be Hecbljr ilrclanil that '■ than ihingi 
mwn M good ■• fanrlahum lu him;" hot be 
Bppcaicd, M Ihal mnnenl, mthrr to unnt ■ UtiU. 
And it it ^trolubt; trar, iihat Cibbcr UM-tioual; 
»mj» of Popf, io hi* •(cvnd Ittwr; " Ercrjbody 
IcUa uc ibat I liave made joa aa nntai]^ ai a rat 
)■ a boi kettle, tor ■ iwrlirmonih toi^tlier." 

h^ wai punueil thimgh life by Ihc iiiMllable 
VNgMDM «( Dannla. The foung [>oct, wbo had 
got istrodwd Ui kiu. amuii; hi* lirat literal 
■cqwainlanonii eoitld not fall, wbrn the occasion 
pRMnieil iudf, of ridicnlinc thia niioooth nan of 
ArlMolfe- The hlo« wu given in the cbarmcur 
«f Apflw, in tttd Art ar Critideoi ; and It la 
hsora Appina vu inatantaneonilf i«c»|tnii«d bj 
Ike teres fbrieV of the agoniKd critic hUiudf- 
trom tbat iMMMni Doinis rnolvcd lowriit dmm 
nrrf ««tfc of PDf)«V Hon dangrroui ta olTond 
aMi«iii lenpera, veiflng an nailneM*! Dnuii, 

If nA di&fhit, THoitaH BMFTT, (Aaa ond 

Wliai wooilriHiii rafilur** badrt thou ghni, if 

fiU'd ! ■' 

I AifaMM to r«na •< ^/ftt W (A« 7rH>nnra«r. 

** The mplj Buk " ooljr letaioing ■' the M*tl; 
■avaw,'* *aa Um leme of Pope. 

• Dtaaia Ivlla tlia vbolc ilorT. " At bl* lini 
nniac to lovui he iraa iin|i(rrtunalc mlb Mr. 
CraatiKll to iotrodwe bin to mC' The iccuiu- 
KHtdaciao engapHi oh to be about ihric» In ccm- 
^■■f will) liim j aftfriiliifh 1 wRnt to the eounby. 
till 1 (-taBd ni7>c!f nia*t ituoleully attacVnl in hit 
Tcr; nperftcial EaMf on CnlieUni. b; wklcli lie 
cwksTiMnd to dniroy (be repuiailon of • man 
wko had p«blt>hed piei«a of crilieiam. tnd tu trt 
■|i hi* awn. 1 «aa moifd with indignation to 
tbat decree, that I imnedialeljr unt r^marke on 
llMt Eiaaj. I alio nil upon part of hia tran»- 
Istkm nf tloner, hii Windaor Foreal. aod bi* 
UbnotM Tenpte of Y^me." In Ibt? aome pan 
fklat be aiTI :— " Pop« writ hit WimUor Fnr^f 
Im (Bfy of St John Dc-nlmia't Coopct'* IliU : hia 
TsBpk of Famt, in envy of Cbaucer'i 
■pan the aune mbject : hii Ode ou St. 
■*■ I>«7, Id niT; nf DrTdm'a Fe«*( of Alai- 
' — la reproacbbj; Pope villi bii (wculiai 
rhjtkiBi that BoiKitiraoa* eiMUeDce, which eoon 
Wif wr mccbatncal, be liaa an «dd attempt at a 
f»a :— " Botlcau'a Pnc*'u» bai all bl* peer* ; tbe 
ft^ao a uf Pope, like a Ktnluh poit-hortt. ti 
tiwmjw trpon (he CanterHtir^." — tfemartt upon 
«««wr«f fiattaffet in Ihf PreHmin^tift Io At 

Owuimi, ing. 

(no. caHedon t very one to jniti him in tlie cunmon 
cauae ; and once he retaliated on Pope In hi* oirit 
way. ActTDacd by Pope of being the writer of aa 
account of blmadf, b Jacob'* Uroi of tbe Poeta, 
Dfnnis ptotnired a lener from Jacob) whi(A be 
publiahcd, and In which it appeua that Pope'a 
own cbiracttr in IhU cotlection, if not irritl4«i by 
him, waa by him rery caftfnlly cdrrertnl on tba 
pnmf'ahaat ; ao tbat be itood In tbe aama rldien- 
Ion* attitude into which h« had thrown Dennia, 
aa hit own trumiieter.— Dennia, whuie brutal 
MiNfy remained UMubdiied, waa a rblni>Meot of 
■ critie, ihrJIcd up agarnat llie arrawa of wll. 
Thia mnnster of criticium awed tbe port ; and 
Dcnnri proewl In be a Python, whom tbe golden 
aliafl of Apollo coiitd not pleri^e. 

The political pradencc of Pope wai fuilheT dia- 
cofcrtd in tbe " Collection of all tbe PieoM 
retatiTc to the Duociad," oa which he emplajfld 
Savage : Ibeae cxroipllfled the juatncia uf the 
aalire, or dpfendrd it from all attncka. The pr»- 
cnraor of the *' Dnnciad " wu a linfile chapter in 
The Batboa, or tbe Art of Sinking in Poetry i" 
wbcfc tbe faomoroua aatiriit dibcovcra an analogy 
betweni (lytDg.fibn, panotJi, tnrtoixn, &c. and 
certain writer*. who«e name* are dciigtiated by 
initul lellcn. Jei (hta anluchy alphaWt uf diineet, 
not one of them but wa« applied tu aijuic writer of 
Ibe day; and the loud danioDr* IhenRcidtedciniild 
not be appfjard Vjr iha itinpticily of our puet'a 
dccUratirjD, that the letlera were placed at random : 
and while bia oil eanid not aniootb lo tnrbutoit a 
«ea, L'vcty one aworc Io the Rying-liih or tbe tor- 
Iol*«( aa be had dcscribeil lb(a> It wsa attU more 
•etiDD* when the " UuDciad" appeared. Of tbal 
claai of atithurt wbo depended for a wrcti^ed 
piiBlmcn on tbcir wag<a, acTcral vera eonapletely 
ruined, for no pBrchn»pr» w»fo to be foned for lie 
worki of BijmiE author*, after tbey Lad been 
inicribtd In I he chronicle of our proTokiog and 

-f- Two parties aroic In die litenryrvpuUicvtba 
ThtobaiiUani and tbe toprwini. Tlie Urub-atrcet 
Jnnmal. a kind of literary gaietta of aoina (am. 
paigna of the time, rrcorda the iklrmiabea Willi 
loleratile ocutrsbty, though with a atroog laantag 
iu favoni' of the prcrailiiig gtoiua. 

The rdjpawai did not alwaya do honour to tbclf 
great leadwi and tha Thteh^dimai proied thca- 
>sl«««, at tiniM. worthy of beini: one>«ed. bad Me 
•o otdtrtdiliio th«annyo(llirir renownMaaeny. 
Wbcn Yiiitag publUbod hia "Two Epiatlea to 
Pupa, on the Anthnr* of the Agc^" there appeared 
" One EpinUc to Mr A. Pojn, In antwa to two 
of Dr. Young'*." On tin*, a Pi^Un defrnda 
\UM moaler tn/ti ttitae exlraiagant accvMllona, in 
"The Gnib>*trtci Memoiri-" He iaaitla, aa hi* 



1l i> In tliia Colleotiuii )ij Saitsge I flad Uic 
writrr'i admirable latirc on llic cUh of tilcrBrj 
proitituli^K. It it entilled " An Author to lie let. 
bf Is>-artot Htcknry," ]t hat itttn ahij com- 
incnilod tj Johiiicn in hU Life of Sarage, aad on 

fi.rvt pnnrtpli', that a)l accuintinnii aiiamiit a nian'i 
ebaraeler, without an ilteitpr. are preiuioed to he 
■UnderaandllM, andlii Ifaltews every gtatleman. 
tbouKh " KuigLt gf tlic Bailioa," b nwrelj ■ liar 
and iroundret. 

" Tuu uaure u* be i» not aalj a bad poet, 
but a slMlcr froiu bitd poet* : if to, y»ii havo jual 
canto to coni}iUin <■•{ xarMOU a( {irogicity. Yon 
aMarc IM be ia not e^cn a nenilicr. but itcati the 
fOtnuJ of bii renfct ; now, t(i JlauJ a Mtianil in u 
iagniiocii a* to ;»iiiil an tetto. I'oa caiiiinl beat 
fftnlltmrn thnuld In! treated ai vermin And rrptilr-i : 
now, to b< impartial, tou wi^re f ampnrMl t« Jibing- 
Jitfir*, diilappfn, liirlaitr', "'id /«fTtit», Im. not 

Tcmiliii but cuiioiif anil bcauliru] creatures" — 
ftlludia; la the abuit, in thin Epiitlr, on incb 
autbora ad Atc«rbury. ArbulliriDt. Swift, tlw Oukc 
of l!i](^liin)tliam. ftn. The Pi>ptlAn conoliKln: — 

'■ An«r allj^uiir /w^m, tg cornfurt joii, ia more 
innoccal Uiaci (tie Duncimli for in tlic one tlicre'a 
ua mm abutci), but i> vcr; trrll picued to be 
abu'ril in lutih company : •rhrrcan. in tlio oilier. 
there'* noinanaamuch ai named, but in f^Irnniely 
afliuiJlril li bfl niokrd niili luch people aa ttylc 
each other t,ii,i: Jiilint ufaurn." 

The publication of the Dnndtd. howtwr, drove 
tliD ThrobufdianM oat of llir field. GuorilUn, mob 
aa the " One K pi ill »," an ractini*» appeared, but their 
honio* Rtruu'k. and ikulkiMl awuy. A Thevttaldian, 
in an Mpignrni. compared lli« Ihiniriad nf P«[ic to 
tbe offipruiff of the celcbratcil I'upr Joan. Tlic 
Aaatnpja of liii wil i« hardly blunted by a pnn- 
Hewho lalkiiir I'opc'i "utealinga aoiind," Mcmt 
to hate pfnctiBcd that invitible artbimcclfi foi tLo 
tcnv la uiuaii;*! aa Pupe'a. 

TO lUK Ariuoa »r tbb dunciaii. 

" WltU rueful eyea thnn Tie«*>l thy wretebed 

Th« diild of fa\t, and dcatinoil to dl*(ncr. 
Thus wbcn fauied Joan navrp'd tbe Pontjff'i 

With terror ahe liebeld her neir.hom liair! 
lll>>tarr'd, lll.farour'd into birth it caaic ; 
In ii» bcfoitcii, and brought furlh iiitk ahamc ! 
In tain it brcathu, a kod ahandcinM hope ! 
And lalli in vain, thr uDliallow'd raiher — I'Dpe'" 

Tlic anawera to this Epiftrani by the fopeiana 
arr ion ^roia. Tbc "Ona Rpiatlc" ia attributed 
to JauiPi Moiir* Sniytli. in allianM iritli Wdat«d, 
and other nnforlunat* haroea. 

hia rccommeailatluDi Tbonaa DariM Ina w ttJ h 
in hii Colkciian of Pugitive neoni b«t twtb 
ia the onrelcM enriority of modern re-publiahera. 
that often, in proserring a dcnyed body, Lhty wn 
apt lo drop a limb .- tbia wa* tlic ca*e witb Dane* i 
(or lie haa drop|ie<l ihc prtfacc. Ear more csquiatla 
llian LhiC woric A uiunel (if aucti poipMM 
reUabbetrayalhehanduf themaater, nbouMtt^ad 
thr |ifn for a nomntt. 

Tlii* preface dc-rcnd* Pope from Uiii two grtisl 
nhjetdniia jiully raised ol the lime Mtaisft Vi* 
" Uuaciad :" one ia. tbe croaanca* and Althibcaa 
of lia imay;pry : and iha other, ila repro«difM 
nlluaiiniK to Itur poverty of the author*. 

The i'tMicaciti oF the '■ Diuioiad" at* thiU 
«fitlilT apologiaed for: — 

" Tbcy ar« luitable to the inbject ; s aubjcct 
coniiKiMiJ, for thC! woal part, of avtlion kIhmc 
wrltingii arc the refuHe o( wit, aaU "bo in life are 

llic very cicictuciil iiF Nalorc. Mr. Pope baa, 
loo, uaeil duDE -, but hn di«po»ca thottlMig in aiwb 
a manner that it bccnnita rich matjurc, froin ohicb 
he raiici a variL-ty of floe tlowon. He deala in 
iDjt* } but like an artiat, who eoDiinits Ibeaa to a 
tiapci-milt, and briugi ih-cio out uacf«l' abMlki 
Tb« chcmiat eiiracXa a fine cordial from tfac moti 
nauieaut of all dung : nnd Mr. Pope baa drsona 
iveet puelicai ipirit from th« moit affea(i*e •od 
unpo«ti(ta1 ubJMts of the ercalioo— lutpoottcal, 
tboujKb etarna) nriicr* of poetry." 

Tbo rrlltctiQna on the ponerly of it* bctoca an 
Ibtii ingcnluvaly ikfended : — " Pornty, oo( pn>> 
eeeding from folly, hnt nbioh may b« owing t» 
tirtur, aola a man io an amiable light ; but when 
uui «aau are of out own Mcking, and prove the 
motive of every ill action (for the i>ovtf ty of ha^ 
aullioit liaa alwaya a bad heart foriLi conpaiuon). 
iiitna-t a«icv, andpfopcrly ibaiobjecluraaiii* f* 
The preface then pnie««la (o ahow how *' aU ihaac 
lutif irnVnv oiigbt have been good laie c tini ea .* 
llciUuttratcaliliprlriclplea wliha noat lu^iwaaan 
account of ««vfial of hia canleniponiriea. I aball 
give a apecimen of what 1 ooniider ai the po lit had 
■aroaani and canatio luunoilr of Pop*, en WMM 
favou/icc aulijrcta. 

" Mr. Thoniu CiKike.—'ttii nwinie* confeaa 
him not without merit. To do tbc dmb jwiica. 
he might haie mode a tolerable Agure oa a Tmiim. 
'Twen (0(1 priM»a>|>tuoiia lo aKrm he eould bava 
been a Buutrr ia any profcaaion i but, dull at I 
allow him, he would not have been ilcapicablo tn 
■ third Of a fourth baud joumtyiaan. Tbeo bal 
hi* wantB hav* b^en avoiitad ; for. Iw «o«U at 
lauat have learned to eui Am eMf «e(«rWluy b km 

•' Why would not Mr. TheoMd ctMlloM tm 
atioTDFy* Ii not H'iW.«(i/nlMf (Mtv 
io fjilitcujg a eaiua, than Diplaining > Boa poet f 

" Wbea J/r*. //«|rwMW oi^ to be a ttrotUng- 
MiliMi. whjr nugkt BM Iho tadf (ihoaxli oi»c« t 
IhMtlfcHi qUMD) h«*il iubililril by (uniin; 
W lW' w twat* Hu not the fell of gretiom 
been B fntjueot di«(mt iu till afB* J Sbn nigbl 
bare eanclat ■ bmutiful bubblr, lu ll arose Troni 
Ibe indi of her tnlh bb«ii it iii lir, iccn it glittFr, 
•nil Uwn brak I Evea in tbia low concUtiun, ahr 
bad pliffd wilb • bubb1« 1 kad wbat mftre ia tb« 
Tuiity of bumui ([tMlDcM ! 

''Utd it not btvn an boiu4tcr and more decent 
UvdUwoi tat Mr. tfarton (Diaiel Do Foe'* wn 
of In* by • bdr who ?caded ojruMn) to ba*e 
doak IB • ^A-msfM, Ibaa to b« drjliiig out tlie 
JialMta of SilSnpsate in Um I1yinic|>v*t ? 

" Had It not been nrnrc liiLitatile fi^r Mr. 
Raomr. Ihe tgo of an tiaiUriaktr. to bavc borne 
« link and a muuriiitig-Mair, In tb« tang praccMiO'D 
nt a faoffrii^^r «<«ii b-^vn mvrv dacmt io lum tc 
ha*« anac p*«liiu, aDCOntinj; to cducatian, in ui 
AaatHflUt aiMdng. than ta Wc Iveii alCcriitg 
Ibe J»nai Crnit, or Merry Btppart. iuto a 
wiekr4 imiutiDa of tlie Btgj/ar't Optrat" 

Tbi> Mtlf« Mvmi loo ciqaiMite far tbc touch of 
)ianc«, tad la i|iut« in Uic B|iitit of itie antlinr of 
tht Dunciaal. Tbctc i», in RulDimt'a Life of Pope, 
a «ork CO «hich Warburton tx>iiliil>ul*»l til hta 
MTBt a paiaage whieb could □nl}' buTa been iriitlfii 
bf WarbarUin. The itrrngtb and ctMrwiieta of 
U« inafcij couJd nerci ban beca pniMcd bjr 
Iba didl and feclilc iDt«Ilcct of Rnffbrad : It i% llie 
SplalML Ibcrtrrutc, of Warburtoo binif«lf, on Ibe 
Dnciul. "Till jpocd pvrpaie axteaiei bjr tbii 
tahra wai, la th« A<^ in ^iicnl, of Ich dticaur 
tlia« ««r aoibor bopotlj fur tcrAblm Luc mil 
the conman acnae of atluf vrrtntn. Him ii-.i<ili 
atealB froB Mlaebief. vho) Ihcf ■«! any ui Llifii 
kted pt64iiu4 or nailM up, a4 t«rTibL« eaatoplM." 
^VariMUtMi enplajeJ tlic lunia tiAing inuig* in 
■■• ol Ui tbmb. — Soc p. I6&, uot«. 

Oaa of Pupc'a titcrarr ttuAirtdi aiiut be 
fc tin yuJihrt (or iu r»iiuntlc cut. 

I« ibt Treatiae on the Balkoi, the Uilial 
liCt«n «f tbe bad writers occaHooed manj bcaj't* I 
bvui ; audi anWDg utlicra, Aaron Hill iiupfcfed 
be waa oMukcd ou bf tho IcUen A. II. TUiiHai* | 
rite to a iargt oarreapondcnrv bnlinri llill and ' 
Pofie HUI, «t>o vai a verj amitble man, «aa 
I lulUUIctf too autctplible of «nCi(iini| and Pope, 
' wbo MCBa to b«r« ba4 n pcr*aual rtganl fur him, 
I ininreiil ibnae Moe fcefaaga «• liilla a* poaaiblc. 
Hill bad I'uUiabed ■ paneorriol pocD oa Ftt«r 
iba Gncc, niukr ib« Me ol •• Tbe Nanlrani ' 
SUr;" aaJ tbc boakMllar had couvajed b> bin 
a cntUaM af Vope'm, of «hich Hill iivblicly j 

acknnirleJcpd he mittonk the iWAiilnc. When 
the Trr«liM< uf "Tlie Balfaot" ajipcwed. Pupa 
Inilatad he had agata niataken tha tnltUla A. H. — 
Hill pmtly atudinl Pope in " • paper of very 
pr«tt]r verm," aa I'opc calla ihcoi. Wbeu Ibe 
DuncUd appesred. Hill i* aaid " to hair pub> 
littiFiil (ilrmt. In hit jouth, bord«TtD| opon the 
hombftit." Tbia ma «i light a drok* m eoiild be 
[[illictcfli and whioli I'ope, Hith great gaiKl' humour, 
t>U» HiU.nuKbt ba «)iiaU)r applied to Umuir; 
for be alaraji mAaomltigeii, that nbca a boj, bo 
bad written an Epic poem of thai iluicTiptiuD ; 
wonU uften qiiuCe ab*urd Tenea from it, for tba 
di-Teruon of bia friniuli i and acCiuU} inacrted 
•»iQa of the n>oil eitraviguit ooet in Ihv vcrj 
TtenllK on '■ The Bathoa." Poor HlU, lioncrer, 
vu of die moat tiMj deticacj, and priKluccd 
"The Cartal," another geutle rebuke, vhere 
Pop« la repreatfited u " uwaltiogl): tt aiipro*«, 
aiul naat iha wortb to «hen*l> or liefricnd men of 
meriL" In the cnurae of tbi* earrv(pondciice> 
Hill Hvnaa to haie projected tbc ulobOBl alrelcb 
of hit innacect nialiw i (ur he told Pofie. Ibal ba 
bad almoaC fiaLahed ■■ an EiHf on PT>>priel; and 
liapruptieiT in Dtufn, Tbonglii, and E«i>icaiioD, 
illuatraieil hj examples in bath kiaili, from the 
ttritingii of Mr. Pope;" but he olfrra. if tbIa 
intended work ahould erpaie the tuatT pain In Mr. 
Popr, hu oiM wdliiii^, with all hi* htiiX, to have 
it run tba« : " An Esm; on Proprirtjr au<l Impro- 
priclji (kc, illuntmtnl bjr Eumptca of tlic &nl, 
from the wntiuga of Mr. Pope, and of the real, 
from thoae of Ibe author." — To Ibe rumaiilie 
generoaity of IhU eitraordinargr propoaal, Pope 
replied, " 1 ackDo*leilN« jwt gencruu* 'iffer, to 
^i>r I nimfilet iff iaifier/rcliviu ralLcr out of your 
iirrji tfiirki than uilni; : I coturnt, with all nif 
heart, to j-oor coudDing Ihcm lu mint, for two 
naaooi ; the on«, that I ff ar jour Mntibllily that 
oaf ia gmtf T than nj vna : tbcotlier i* abetlar; 
namely, thai I intend to correct the fauUa jou 
Gnil, if they are anch aa I expect from Mr. HlU'a 
c>ol Jndgmeni*." 

Whoto, in Ul-enrj' liialory, can be found the 
parallel of aucU an olTcr of (etr-iinniohitiun .' TIiip 
OBI a liicriry quarrel Like that of lotcra, whcrn 
to hurt each othrt vould bavc (iTcu pain to bulb 
pLrtica. Snch akiU and drain; to atrike, nilh »U 
muvh tcndcriKaa in inflicting a wound i *o niucb 
eouplinienl, flilb ai inti«b oMmpUial i liavo 
pctbapa uein met lopiher, aa in the romantia 
haioiicy of Ihia literary tbiTalry. 

■ The ais LeUtia ar* prcvencd in ItuShr^d'a 
Appendiji, No. 1. 


JoHfcsoK i»bicrrn,tlul "oneof lhnfia«Mgr«uri Mteri of Votlure to Miideiiii»«cUa RftnbOiiillrt, 
Pofe'* life obicb iccmi to detent some intiidr;. | anil dcH|>itcljpil llieu to tbc togtr BlbltopolUl lo 
wait xhe jmblitxtioii of hb letlen by CuKt.i;. the | print, bk P(i|ip'ii ti> Mi« Blount. He went M 
rnpaL-tuuK buuliMller." Our gtvat Uurnry )i1d^- I incrrAJLins Iiii cntleciiou ; and, ■kilfol in calertnc 
ph»r hu etp»aA«<i mora rm«tirrb on this omi*li>D | for tbe littnrj lutlo of the ton'n, now ii rt U nwd 
Ibui bit uinnl pcaurr of Utenrjr liiatury klltt-wcd ; , tbcir a)ipctito by (Il^aifyin[ It witb " Mr. Popa'* 
and yet hu only told (he cIohr of tbc Klnnec Lilcrary Cormponilcnc* ! 

tmiiactiou — ttiF prrviiiiu partM nrv Diorn curiuua. 
and ilie vhnlo racinoi hn «p|iarii«(l. Joteph 
W*ttan ban nn]y trnnicribfil .InUixoii't iiarnCiTr. 
It ii a piece of literary hittory of ao Dni;i>inmon 
eomplexioa i and it is worth the pains of Lelliiig, 
If Po)>e, at i caat-iAet blm to \k, iraa tbr lubtile 
waaver of a plot, nhnnf textnrB bnii henn rIoiih 
enough for my politif^ut fonipirdcy. tt throwa a 
ifn>n( ^^^hl- ciD tbc poHrait f hn^n |L>uciird uf iaim. 
He coDibictn) nil hi* liccrnrjr tr«Ditaclionf nilli tbe 
irti ofa Minlilr.r of Stair : mil Che gmiux «hkh 
he waalnl on thin litprsry ilratngem, in which bv 
M oomplrlflf FuecMd«<), might batp bfen pcrhnpa 
■ulBcirDt to have urganiacil rebellion. 

It ii fell known that tbc origin of Pope'* linl 
litlera giivn to chi> public, iruae from the d^*> 
tW M W of a caK-off miilrtM of otie of bin nlil 
frirntlii (H. Cram«*ll), whit hid t^vtn htrr the 
leltcr* of Pope, wbich *hc knew to value r tbeae 
tbe ofterwardg inU to Curt!, nhu pruerved tbc 
ort^innl* In Ul* ibop. to Ibat nn luapidont cmild 
aril* of Iheir ottihi'titicity. Tliii Tcry uuUnetiun i< 
now depoiiied among UawliDaon'i MSS.. at the 

Tbi* linglc valurac wtu tncecMfnl i tnd when 
I'npe. CO dujualicF Co the iiieaii>ry of Wyt^btrley, 
whicb had bwii iiijurcicl by n pnMbninoui vuluine. 
printed tame of their letier*. CufU. who »*emcd 
no* to ooTUidifir that all hr conld toiirh wm hia 
9wn property, and tliat lii* little lolumc might 
■rrvrat * fniiiidatiOD>4tonc,iniinrdia1elyniii>nnnecil 
a nrip tdilion o( it. with AiiiMoiij , tneK.niiig to 
tnolnde lh« lett«ri of I'ope and U'ycb«rky. Curll 
nav bMaea* na fund of Popt't Liltert, that h« 
•dTerliicd foT lay ; *' no iiaeiciona to be «iked." 
Cvril «aa wilting to be rrrdiiloiLi : bavin); proved 
■o Ibr world he bad •uiuv uri^iiittf, be Imafflnfil 
(lieae would unnlion rvm irpurioua iiriM. A man 
who, for a parttcuUf purpoie. nougiil to 1m im. 

potadwD, caaily obtained liiawiih; (bey Inuulnted , oiciliatcly, in Cutll'a 

But what were the HKliagi of PoipC! during thi 
aiumatlre aiirrepiilloua tditiona.' He had dia- 
covtTod that hi> gcnnine kiten were liked • thr 
t[iand operimeui with Ihe pnblic h«d bean suit 
for biin. while be was dtprifcd of tbe produ { yet 
fur be biJHKlf to piribliab bia onn trllrra, nbieh I 
ghall proTifi hp had prepared, <ru a tiling udiMrd 
of ia tlii^ nation. AJI thii wai vcxatioue : and to 
itop tho book-jubbct aiid »prn tbo BurVrt for 
hiuiself, waa a point Ui be obtnlricd. 

Whll» CuttI wi« pracscdinK, wind and tide in 
Ilia favour, a iinn and magniftoenC proapcct burM 
upon him. A eertun penion, naak^d by th> 
initialu P. T.. undanitsadinf Cnrll wm pcepanBf 
a t.i/e af Pnjir, clfrrrd him " diven McMoin 
graCuilouiily ;" hinted that be waa well hBowm lo 
PojM I but tiiD poet had lately " imtcd hloa aa a 
itran^er." P. T. dcaim an anawKr frann E. C- b} 
ttw Doily Adiertiacr, which waa cpmplicd wilb- 
^Ure arc paiBBj;G> in tliia letter which, I tbaak, 
prove Pope to be the pTOjrf tor of il ; bla Ikntlly b 
here loid to be DllieJ la Lord Downe'a ; Ua fubrv 
ia called a merchiiii. I*<ipe cooM not bear U< 
reproach of Lady Mary'i Udb : — 
" Hard a* thy heart, and ta Mjr h\H\ otmrt." 
lie nlwiya bioird at noble relativea: bat Tnn 
trila us, fruiu the infurmiUou of • relative, (Iwl 
"hiK father turni aat,aE Iniil. to bare b«M • liaM- 
ilrt|icr in tbc Strand:" lltorvfcrc P. T- ■"» al 
leoat teltinic a etnty which Pupe had no objcdiM 
ahuuld be rtr|iealed- 

'Ilie ivcoiid leil«r of ?, T., for the Am na 
dptignni only 1(i brmk Ihe ioe, offer* Cortl *a 
larfc I'ollcvtioii of ]>eltcn hota the ewly daji of 
Pope Id the year Mii." He |itea an etedkM 
uolioii of their value: ''They will open very mtm) 
accnra mw In ibe world, end make t^ «aM 
authentii! Life irnd MemAtt* that CMdd be." lU 
dcsirca they may be announced to iLe wwU lai- 

" ori^A not Mpfvtr liimieir (o hoTr «vX the nhuin 
■b)^ ••bxyi, and anerrards he might \i\en\ be 
had ucdf wnt Mme ktlrn to rum|ilel(t tW ('□!- 
ketiMV.'' He aalit nothing, end tht originiia 
«ert offered to b« depoaiWd nith Curll. 

Cnrll. iccun of t])l* pTomitMl silditlon. but «till 
enrimg Itarnorcandmorr. rompoiFdRmagtiificciil 
MuioKtuenunt, wtiii^. with P. T *> cntira votn- 
fpofeJi^BM. h* ln«lM«ll In > l«It«r tn Popn himiirlf. 
Tba Irtten wtro now decUml to be • " Critiotl, 
PUIologleBl, uid llixiorical Correfpoadnnce." — 
tfb 9wa iBtisr U no bad ipecimivn of Uia keen 
MBMi tat aper wbal liad *u ottrit paited, hi* 
Mip«d«*oe *«■ ei|u] to the britor ijiulilj. 

"To e