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The Mitchell family magazine 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 

^It tcljrll Samilp Mmmnt 

Genealogical, Historical ' '■ " 






JANUARY 1916, TO APRIL 1917 







Connecticut Families 85 

Experience Mitchell's Line 42 

Maine Marriages 29-53-69 

Maryland Families 41 

Maryland Marriages 81 

Mitchell Lines of Descent 14-23 

New Hampshire Marriages 95 

New Jersey Marriages 59-93 

New York Marriages 9-25-63-73 

New York Wills 44 

North Carolina Marriages 89 

North Carolina Wills 75 

Ohio Marriages 37 

Pennsylvania Wills 70-72 

Peter Mitchell of Virginia 33 

Revolutionary Records 49-79 

Rhode Island Families 57 

South Carolina Families 65 

Virginia Deeds 13 

Virginia Families 93 

Virginia Marriages 17-45-77 

V^irginia Wills 16 


The Mitchell Family 


JANUARY. 1916 


The first American Mitchell of note was the Rev. 
Jonathan Mitchell, minister of Cambridge, Mass., the son 
of Jonathan Mitchell, who was born in England in 1624. 
He was brought to this country in 1635 by his parents, who 
sought a refuge from ecclesiastical tyranny in the wilder- 
ness. His father first settled at Concord, Mass., after- 
wards he lived at Saybrook, Wethersfield, and Stamford, 
Conn., and died in 1645. Mr. Mitchell was graduated at 
Harvard college in 1647, having made great acquisitions 
in knowledge. Under the ministry of Mr. Shepard his 
mind was impressed by the truths of religion. While 
at college he kept a diary in Latin. 

When he began to preach, he was invited to settle at 
Hartford, Conn., but he was ordained at Cambridge, Mass., 
as the successor of Mr. Shepard, August 21, 1650. Soon 
after his settlement. President Dunster embraced the 
principles of antipedbaptism. This was a peculiar trial 
to him; but, though he felt it to be his duty to combat the 
principles of his former tutor, he did it with such meekness 
of wisdom, as not to lose his friendship, though the con- 
troversy occasioned his removal from the college. In 
1662 he was a member of the synod, which met in Boston 
to discuss and settle a question concerning church member- 
ship and church discipline, and the result was chiefly writ- 
ten by him. The determination of the question relating 
to the baptism of the children of those who did not ap- 



proach the Lord's table, and the support thus given to 
what is called the half-way covenant, was more owing to 
him than to any other man. Considering baptized per- 
sons as members of the church and liable to its discipline, 
he thought, that their children should be admitted to 

He died July 9, 1668, aged 42. His wife was Margaret, 
daughter of Mr. Shepard. his predecessor. His children 
were John; Nathaniel; Samuel, a graduate of 1681; and 
Jonathan, a graduate of 1687. Mr. Mitchell was eminent 
for piety, wisdom, humility, and love. His vigorous 
powers of mind were diligently cultivated; his memory was 
very retentive; and he had acquired much learning. He 
wrote his sermons with care and yet preached without 
notes, speaking with great majesty, and attaining towards 
the close of his discourses a fervency, which was most ener- 
getic and impressive. His delivery awas inimitable. He 
was frequently called to ecclesiastical councils, and, pos- 
sessing singular acuteness, prudence, and moderation, he 
was well qualified to heal differences. 

Attached to the institutions of the founders of New 
England, he frequently said, that if it should become a 
general opinion, that all persons, orthodox in judgment as 
to matters of faith, and not scandalous in life, should be 
admitted to partake of the Lord's supper without any ex- 
amination concerning the work of saving grace in their 
hearts, it would be a real apostacy from former principles, 
and a degeneracy from the reformation already attained. 
He was faithful and zealous in the discharge of the duties 
of the sacred office. Beside his stated labors on the sab- 
bath, he preached a monthly lecture upon man's misery 
by sin, salvation by Christ, and holy obedience, which was 
much attended by persons from the neighboring towns. 

He published a letter of counsel to his brother, 1664; 
an election sermon, entitled, Nehemiah upon the wall in 

troublesome times, 1667; a letter concerning the subject 
of baptism, 1675; a discourse of the glory to which God 
hath called believers by Jesus Christ, printed in London, 
and reprinted in Boston, in 1721. 


Thomas Mitchell, born England, 1627, died Charles- 
town, Mass,, 1677, married Anne . Children: 

Thomas, Jr., married November 1655, Mary Molton, died 

1 September, 1709. Children: v. ana P.o; 

Andrew, born 1662. 

Mary, married 1675, William Ellis. 

Thomas, born 15 August, 1660. 

John, born 29 July, 1664. 

Abijah, born 23 October, 1666. 

Caleb, born 17 January, 1671, died 1701. 

Andrew (1) son of Thomas and Mary, married 12 

November, 1686. Children: 

Mary, born 26 July, 1687. 

Abigail, born 13 February, 1689. 

Sarah, born 2 November, 1690. 

Andrew, born 25 January, 1694. 

James, born 11 January, 1696. 

Eliz., born 7 January, 1698. 
-Phillip, born 11 September, 1699. 
"Jane, married Geo. Russell. 

Moses, married Margaret Knowlton. 

Robert, married Alice Harris. 

Andrew Mitchell (2) born 1694, died Lunenburg, 

Mass., 1761, married Martha . Children: 

Jane, born 14 February, 1724, married Geo. Russell. 

Ruth, born 19 Ju'y, 1726, married Moore. 

Martha, born 12 December, 1729, married John Richards. 

Susannah, born 27 December, 1731, married Samuel Russell. 

Hannah, born 15 September, 1734. 

Andrew, born 18 January, 1738. 

Esther, born 15 October, 1740, married Mitchell Richards. 

Mary, born 19 July, 1745. 

Andrew Mitchell (3) son of Andrew, born 1738, died 
Temple, Maine, married 26 October, 1776, Roxanna 
McDonnell. Children: 
Jonas, born 8 April, 1787, died, 1796. 
Andrew, born 1780, 
and six others. 

Andrew Mitchell (4) son of Andrew and Roxanna, 
born 1780, Temple, Maine. Children: 
David, born 27 February, 1813. 
Jonas, born 1815. 

Jonas Mitchell, son of Andrew (4) and Roxanna, 
born 1815, died 1882. married Myra Campbell. Children: 
Myra Abby, born 1833, married Reuben Fenderson. 
Jonas A., born 1835. 
Moses C. born 27 January, 1838. 
Marcus M., born 10 June, 1840, died 1862. 
Henry H., born 1850. 

Moses Campbell Mitchell, son of Jonas and Roxanna, 
born Temple, Maine, 27 January, 1838, married 26 July, 
1876. Mary C. Hanson. Child: 
Alex. H.. born 7 May, 1878, married Marion Hall. 

BOSTON IN 1789. 

Recorded in the Boston, Mass. Directory for 1789, 

John Mitchell, mariner, Fleet St. 
John Mitchell, shop keeper. No. 32 Newbury, Vt. 


The Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies, at Beth- 
lehem, Penn., is one of the oldest female institutions of 
learning in this country. Since 1786, thousands of young 
ladies have attended the Bethlehem school. In the early 
days few of the pupils were Moravians, but were members 
of aristocratic and wealthy families, and for many years 
the seminary was quite the vogue. The following list of 
pupils, recently found, will prove of great genealogical 
1801. Susan Mitchell, born 14 January, 1791. daughter 

of Andrew Mitchell, of New York. 

1806. Mary Ann Mitchell, born 3 April, 1795. daughter 
of Gov. Nathaniel Mitchell, of Delaware, married 
13 February, 1817, John L. Mason. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

1807. Ann Elizabeth Mitchell, born 28 June. 1798, ward 
of Mrs. Ward, of New York, married 1822, Thomas 
Newbold, New York, died 1853, in New York. 

1808. Ann Maria Mitchell, born 20 August, 1797, daugh- 
ter of Thos. Mitchell, of Louisa Co., Va. 

1833. Anna Mitchell, ward of Archibald Dunbar, of 

Natchez, Miss. 
1833. Margaret Mitchell, ward of Archibald Dunbar, of 

Natchez, Miss. 

1839. Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of J. K. Mitchell. 
M. D., of Philadelphia. 

1840. Hannah C. Mitchell, daughter of Alfred Mitchell, 
of Philadelphia, married 27 September, 1853, Fred 
Waydell, New York. 

1841. Kosalie A. Mitchell, daughter of Mrs. Mitchell, 
of Flushing, Long Island. 

1844. Sarah M. Mitchell, daughter of J. K. Mitchell. 
M. D., of Philadelphia, married William Neilson. 

r^ui^'j&b .t'Pvl 

1844. Letitia Mitchell, daughter of J. K. Mitchell. M. 

D., of Philadelphia, married Geo. L. Harrison. 
1850. Josephine H. Mitchell, granddaughter of J. D. 

Harris, of New York. 
1863. Clara Mitchell, daughter of Thos. S. Mitchell, of 

1863. Luclnda E. Mitchell, daughter of John J. Mitchell, 

of Alton. III. 

1863. Juliana M. Mitchell, daughter of John C. Mitchell, 
of Philadelphia. 

1864. Mary Ann Mitchell, daughter of William H. Mit- 
chell, of Alton, 111. 

1865. Lizzie 0. Mitchell, daughter of A. S. Mitchell, of 
New York. 

1868. Alice Mitchell, daughter of Ira Mitchell. Port 

Golden, N. J. 
1871. Mae E. Mitchell, daughter of George H. Mitchell. 

of Philadelphia. 
1873. Lavina H. Mitchell, daughter of J. H. Mitchell. 

of Boston. Mass. 


Richard Mitchell was deputy treasurer of Kent Co., 
in 1684. He was in the Assembly 1745-6. 

James Mitchell was appointed justice of the peace in 
Chester Co., in 1722. 

John Mitchell was deputy sheriff of Philadelphia 
Co., in 1763. 

James Mitchell was a member of the Assembly from 
Lancaster Co., in 1729. He was county collector from 
1731 to 1743. 

Robert Mitchell came from Scotland to Pennsylvania 
in 1682. later Settled near Guilford Court House, North 
Carolina. His son Adam had a son Robert, born 19 Feb- 
ruary. 1767. 



Matthew Mitchell, born England. 1590, died Stam- 
ford, Conn., 1645, married 16 April, 1616, Susan 
Butterfield. Their children were: ,.. 

Abigail, born 26 April, 1618. 

David, born 12 November, 1619, died 9 July, 1668. 
Sarah, born 14 October, 1621, married Samuel Sherman. 
Martha, born 26 October, 1623, died 22 November, 1623. 
Jonathan, born 19 December, 1624, died 9 July. 1668. 

married Margaret Shepard. 
Susan, born 14 October, 1627. 

Matthew, born 5 July, 1629, died 4 October, 1629. 
Hannah, born 26 June, 1631. ,,j 

David Mitchell, son of Matthew and Susan, married 

Sarah Wheeler. Their children were: .";. ; -f nivi! < 

Matthew, died 1736. married Mary Thompson. 


Daniel, married Susanna Sherman. ^ and M»j th.i, Wl,^ 

Martha, married Nathan Baldwin. 

Grace, married November, 1701, William Pixley. 

John Mitchell, son of David and Sarah, died 3 Jan- 
uary, 1732, Woodbury, Conn. He married Eliz. Knell. 
Their children were: 
David, born November, 1679. 
Eliz., born November, 1683. 
Elnathan, born October, 1686. 
John, born February, 1689. 
Martha, born March, 1697, married Abr. Hurd. 

John Mitchell, son of John and Eliz., died 22 April 
1748, married 7 January. 1717. Eliz. Curtiss. Their chil- 
dren were: 

Joana, born 18 November. 1718, married Aaron Mallory. 
John, born 12 October, 1720. 

Ashahel, born 6 October, 1723, died 1 May. 1797. 

Elnathan, born 9 February, 1728, married Sarah Tenny. 
Reuben, born September, 1733 died January. 1737. 

Asahel Mitchell, son of John (2) and Eliz., married 
21 January, 1747, Olive Root. Their children were: 
Reuben, born December, 1748, died 9 November, 1822. 
Daniel, born August, 1750, died 13 May, 1824. 
Susanna, born October, 1752. 

Justus, born 8 September, 1754, died 24 September, 1806. 
Asahel, born October, 1756, died 21 September, 1819, 

married Lucy Judson. 

Justus Mitchell, son of Asahel and Olive, married 7 
September, 1779, Martha Sherman. Their children were: 
Eliz.. born 28 August, 1780, died 10 June, 1825, married 

Charles Thompson. 
Sherman, born 2 July, 1782, died 1823, m. Hannah Fitch. 
Minot, born 24 September, 1784. 
Chauncy, born 25 January, 1786, died February, 1811, 

married Anna Johnston. 

Minot Mitchell, son of Justus and Martha, married 
Eliza Leeds Silliman. Their children were: 
Joseph, born 11 February, 1809. 
William M., born 29 May, 181 1. 
Chauncy L., born 10 November, 1813. 
Josiah S., born 2 February, 1816. 
Ann E.. born 28 October, 1818. 
Charles H., born 18 February, 1828. 

Caroline M., born 12 May, 1829, married David M. An- 
James M., born 12 May, 1829, twin. 

Charles Halsey Mitchell, son of Minot and Eliza, 
died 1873, married 1860, Isabella Hull. Their children 

Margaret H., born 1861, died I January, 1896. 
Eliza L., born 1 868, died young. 
Anna M., born 1 870. 



(From Original Records.) 

Mitchell, Abraham and Susannah Jananace, 13 August, 

1774. Staten Island. N. Y. 
Mitchell, Abraham and Margaret Decker, 22 September, 

1801. Staten Island, N. Y. 
Mitchell. Allen and Phebe Smith, 20 December, 1785, 

Hempstead, N. Y. 
Mitchell. Andrew and Mary Van Eppe, 12 September, 

1760, New York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Andrew and Margaret Stiles, 18 March, 1781, 

New York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Andrew and Ann Steele, 23 October, 1780. New 

York State Licence. 
Mitchell. Ann and John Miller. 27 March. 1760. New York 

State Licence. 
Mitchell. Anna and Elias Inyard. 6 October. 1793. Port 

Richmond. N. Y. 
Mitchell, Ann E. and Thos. Newbould. 1822. New York. 
Mitchell. Arthur and Harriet E. Post. 5 October. 1859, 

New York City. 
Mitchell. Catherine and John Merlin. 28 February. 1799, 

Staten Island. N. Y. 
Mitchell, Catron and Arnold Dickens. April 14, 1754, 

Westchester Co.. N. Y. 
Michel. Christina and Jonathan Silsby, 16 February. 1758, 

Salem. Westchester Co.. N. Y. 
Mitchell. Edward and Caroline C. Woolsey. 5 December, 

1867. New York City. N. Y. 
Mitchell. Elenor and Pierre Pittet. 24 November. 1793, 

New York City. 
Mitchell. Elinor and Jesse Lear. 3 June. 1779, New York 

State Licence. 
Mitchell. Elizabeth and John Eaton. April 30. 1702, New 

Mitchell. Elizabeth and Richard Lawrence. 7 March. 1750, 

Hempstead. N. Y. 


Mitchel, Elizabeth and William Briggs, 6 March. 1788, 

Bangall. Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and William Copp. 4 December. 1790. 

New York City. 
Mitchell. Freelove and John Carle. 21 July. 1751, Hemp- 
stead, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Harriet B. and Clark E. K. Royce, 4 February, 

1864, Sag Harbor, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Hugh and Sophie Peters, 14 November, 1768, 

New York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Jocamiah and Elizabeth Jones, 30 May, 1730, 

Hempstead, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Jocamiah and Sarah Bowne, 14 November, 1758, 

New York City. 
Mitchell, James and Margaret Wilson, 18 June, 1781, 

Staten Island. N. Y. 
Mitchell. James and Elizabeth McGarr, 20 August. 1773, 

New York City. 
Mitchell, John and Catherine Adams, 8 July, 177^, New 

York State Licence. 
Mitchell. John and Hannah Thorpe, 2 December, 1788, 

New York City. 
Mitchell, John and Elizabeth Cammack, 10 May, 1802, 

New York City. 
Mitchell, John and Rebecca Hewlett, 10 October, 1764, 

Hempstead, N. Y. 
Mitchell, John and Deborah Prince, 31 May, 1760, Hemp- 
stead, N. Y. 
Mitchell, John and Sarah Norry, widow, 7 February, 

1795, New York City. 
Mitchel, John and Ann Tilton, 28 May. 1 793, New York 

Mitchell, John and Sarah Degrove, 23 April, 1795, New 

York City. 



Mitchell, John and Elizabeth Lewis, 17 March, 1758, New -..g 

York State Licence. 
Mitchell, John and Rebecca Hulcat, 12 September, 1764, -," 

New York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Laura C. and Alex. B. Crane, 12 July, 1865, , 

New York City. 
Mitchell, Lewis and Mary Boram, 18 May, 1828, Staten \ . 

Island. N. Y. 
Mitchell, Margaret and Stephen Ryder, 4 January, 1772, 

New York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Mary and Jacob Smith, 25 February, 1760, New ,_., 

York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Mary and Lambert Jenners, 21 August, 1774, 

Staten Island, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Mary and Stephen Mott, 29 June, 1811, Staten 

Island, N. Y. 
Mitchel, Medad and Sarah Tucker, 22 February, 1789, 

New York City. 
Mitchell, Peter and Sarah Baker, widow, 16 October, • 

1803, Staten Island, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Peter and Ann Byrnes, 22 August, 1800, New 

York City. 
Mitchell, Phebe and David Gelston, 24 August, 1769. New 

York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Phebe and James Halstead, 27 March, 1767, 

New York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Phebe and James Fairlee, 2 June, 1757, New 

York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Phebe and John Nuttman, 2 December, 1737. 

New York State Licence. 
Mitchell. Phebe and Richard Mathews, 29 March, 1767. 

•Hempstead, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Phebe and James Farcley, 3 June, 1757, Hemp- 
stead. N. Y. 
Mitchell, Rachel and John Seguine, 12 November, 1775, 

Staten Island, N. Y. 


Mitchell, Robert and Mary Latham. 12 June. 1759, New 

York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Robert and Margaret Lafong, 23 December, 

1766, New York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Robert and Sarah Allen. 9 April, 1757, New York 

State Licence. 
Mitchell, Robert and Hannah Cornell, 14 March, 1729. 

Hempstead. N. Y. 
Mitchell, Sarah and Joseph Brown, 2 February, 1762, 

New York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Sarah and John Bessonet, 23 July, 1778. New 

York State Licence, 
Mitchell, Samuel L. and Cath. Akerly Cock, 22 June, 1799, 

New York. 

(To be Continued) 


Gilbert Mitchell was a lawyer in Courtland, Ala., in 
1840. His father Nat. Mitchell was postmaster in 1830. 

Alex. M. Mitchell, born North Carolina, 1809. died 
St. J^oseph, Mo., 26 February, 1861. He was a colonel in 
the Mexican War. 

John B. H. Mitchell, born Monroe Co., Ky., 26 No- 
vember, 1820, died in Stillwater, Minn. 

Eliz. Mitchell, born 1785, daughter of John Mit- 
chell, a merchant of Philadelphia, Penn., married Samuel 
Hyer, born Lancaster Co., Penn., 1779, died 1862. 

John Mitchell served in the Cumberland Co., Penn. 
Militia, during 1777-9. 

Jane Mitchell, of Chambersburg, Penn., married 
William Thompson, of Franklin Co., Penn., born in 1754. 
He served in the revolution. 

Joseph Mitchell, Sr., died in Paris, Ky., 2 April. 1842, 
in his 78th year. He had served in the revolution and for 
many years was an elder in the Presbyterian Church. 


,i(. >■ 


The following Mitchell deeds are from the original 
records of Augusta Co., Virginia: 

Date 12 May. 1746, deed from John Mitchell, farmer 
and his wife, Mary, to William Mitchell, farmer. Recorded 
Augusta County, State of Virginia, Book I, page 73. 
Land described as follows: 400 acres, part of land patented 
15 March, 1744. 

Date 12 May, 1746, deed to William Mitchell, farm- 
er and his wife, from John Mitchell. Recorded Augusta 
County, State of Virginia, Book 1, page 73. Land de- 
scribed as follows: 400 acres. 

Date 13 August, 1747, deed from William Beverley 
and his wife, to John Mitchell. Recorded Augusta 
County, State of Virginia, Book 1, page 317. Land de- 
scribed as follows: 609 acres. 

Date 13 August, 1747, deed from William Beverley 
and his wife, to Helen Mitchell, widow. Recorded Au- 
gusta County, State of Virginia, Book 1, page 330. Land 
described as follows: 200 acres. Breckenridge's line 
corner to Teet's line, corner to David Doak, John Lockharts 
corner John Teet's land. 

Date 10 February, 1748. deed from William Mitchell 
and his wife Margaret, of Augusta Co., Va., to James Mc- 
*Clung. Recorded Augusta County, State of Virginia, 
Book 2, page 131. Land described as follows: 200 acres 
(Patent 25 September, 1746) on branch of James river 
called the Mary. Signed William Mitchell, Margaret 
Mitchell. Witnesses: Gilbert Campbell, Andrus Mc- 
Nabb. William (his 0. mark.) Hall. 

Date 19 August. 1748, deed from Andrus Mitchell 
and his wife, Mary, to James Miller, Recorded Augusta 
County, State of Virginia. Book 2. page 61. 
Land described as follows: Beverley Manor. 


it^}^i^o 1- 


Paul Mitchell, born Massachusetts. 1758. died 1845. mar- 
ried 1779. Merab Coffin, born 1762, died. 1846. 

Richard Mitchell, son of Paul, born 1791. died 1868, mar- 
ried 1814, Frances Lincoln, born 1790, died 1876. 

Richard Mitchell. Jr., born 1819, died 1840, married 
Charlotte Frances Morton. 

William Mitchell, born Connecticut. 1748, married 1773. 

Mary Alton. 
John S. Mitchell, son of William, married Sarah Shelton. 
Samuel A. Mitchell, son of John S., married Rhoda Ann 

Samuel A. Mitchell, son of Samuel A., married Clara S. 


William DeWitt Mitchell, born England, married Miss 

Thomas Mitchell, son of William D.. born England. 1755, 

died Henry Co., Ga., 1840, married Mary Barnett. 
William Mitchell, son of Thomas, born 1777, married 

Eleanor Thompson. 
Isaac Greene Mitchell, son of William, married Mary 


Edward Mitchell, born East Bridgewater. Mass., 1716. 

died 1801. married 1738. Elizabeth Gushing. 
Gushing Mitchell, son of Edward, born 1740, died 1820, 

married 1765, Jennet Orr. born. 1749, died 1774. 

James Mitchell, born Pennsylvania, 1749, married Eliza- 
beth Mclllhenny. 

John Mitchell, son of James, married Diana Friend. 

Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of John, married John Camp 




Alexander, (1871-75) born Scotland, 18 October, 
1817. died New York. 19 April. 1887. i C,,.. 

Anderson, (1842-43) born Caswell Co., North Caro- — 

Una, 1800. V . . 

Charles F., (1837-41) born New York City. :t; .. 

Charles Le M. (1883-87) born New Haven. Conn., 
6 August. 1844, died New York City, 1 March. 1890. 

George E.. (1823-7) born Cecil Co.. Md., 3 March, 
1781, died Washington, D. C, 28 June, 1832. 

Henry, (1833-5) born Woodbury. Conn.. 1784. died 
Norwich. N. Y.. 12 January. 1856. 

James C, (1825-9) born Mecklenburg Co., North 
Carolina, 1790, died Jackson. Miss.. 7 August. 1843. 

James S., (1821-7) born York County, Pa., 1784, died 
Belleville, 111., 1844. 

John, (1825-9) born Perry Co., Pa. 

John H., (1872-85) born Washington Co.. Pa.. 22 
June. 1835, died Portland, Ore., 8 December. 1905. 

John I.. (1877-81) born Tioga Co.. Pa.. 28 July, 1838. 
died Tioga Co., Pa., 20 August, 1907. 

John J., (1909-1 1) born Marlboro, Mass.. 9 May. 1873. 

John L. (1891-94) born Milwaukee, Wis.. 19 October. 
1842. died Milwaukee. Wis., 29 June, 1904. 

John M.. (1896-9) born New York City. 18 March, 
1858, died Tuxedo, N. Y., 31 May. 1905. 

Nahum. (1803-5) born East Bridgewater. Mass.. 12 
February, 1769, died Plymouth, Mass., 1 August, 1853. 

Nathaniel, (1786-8) born Sussex Co., Delaware, 17,53, 
died Laurel, Del., 21 February, 1814. 

Robert, (1833-5) born Pennsylvania, died Zanesville, 
Ohio, August 1850. 

Samuel L., (1804-9) born Hempstead, N. Y., 20 
August, 1794, died New York City, 7 September, 1831. 


-noiiTi r.i-i 

bsifc >!;\'i .,» ; .<JnuoJ jItoY 

Stephen M.. (1793-5) born Wethersfield. Conn.. 9 
December, 1743, died Wethersfield. Conn., 30 September 

Thomas R., (1821-33) born Georgetown, South Caro- 
lina, died Georgetown. South Carolina, 2 November, 1837. 

William, (I86I-3) born Montgomery Co., N. Y., 19 
January, 1807, died Macon, Ga., 11 September, 1865. 


Following are recently discovered Mitchell wills in 
Mitchell, Thomas 

Amherst, Co., Va. Will filed October 5, 1767. 

Son, Charles Mitchell. 

Son, Joab Mitchell. 

Daughter, Elizabeth Mitchell. 

Daughter, Nancy Mitchell. 
Mitchell, Daniel 

Bedford Co., Va. Will filed September 25, 1775. 

Wife, Mary. 

Brother, Robert Mitchell. 
Mitchell, John 

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed February 2, 1790. 

Wife, Margaret. 

Son, William Mitchell. 

Son, Thomas Mitchell. 

Daughter, Hannah Mitchell. 


Samuel L. Mitchell was one of the owners of the 
American Museum in New York in 1791. He was U. S. 
Senator from 1804 to 1810, and in the latter years was vice 
president of the New York Historical Society. 

Simon Mitchell came from Southbury, Conn., in 1818, 
and bought a farm in Brooklyn on the site of the present 
City Hall. 


nr 2lii"n' IIdH';;. ■.^. ■ ' -.a g' 


The Mitchell Family 


APRIL, 1916 


(Contributed by Rowland D. Buford, Esq., for many years Clerk of Bed- 
ford Co. This list includes every Mitchell marriage from 1778 to 1915.) 

Samuel Beard and Mary Mitchell, 5 August, 1778, 
date of marriage license. 

John Mitchell and Frances Burgess, married 25 
July, 1782. by Rev. John W. Holt. 

Rev. James Mitchel (Clerk of Presbytery) and Frances 
Rice, daughter of Rev. David and Mary Blair Rice, 19 
December, 1782. date of marriage license. John Mitchell, 

Stephen Mitchell and Kitty Wade. 8 March. 1783. 
date of marriage license. Isaac Wade, security. 

William Mitchell and Elizabeth Burgess, married 
17 July. 1783. by Rev. William Johnson. 

William Armstrong and Ann Mitchell, married 25 
December. 1783. by Rev. William Johnson. 

John Mitchell and Elizabeth Hardwick. daughter 
of Robert Hardwick, married 2 January, 1784, by Rev. 
Charles Clay. Jeremiah Taylor, security. 

Samuel Mitchell and Sinor Pullen, daughter of Thomas 
Pullen, 16 December. 1785 date of marriage license 
Daniel Mitchell, security. 

John Ross and Elenor Mitchell, married 18 January, 
1787, by Rev. James Mitchell. 

Shadrack Brown and Hannah Mitchell, married 18 
October. 1787. by Rev. James Mitchell. 

Isaac Mitchell (son of John Mitchell, Sr.) and Prethia 
Mitchell, married 31 January, 1788. by Rev. James 
Mitchell. Edward Burgess, security. 

Samuel Claytor and Martha Mitchell, married 25 
October, 1788. by Rev. James Mitchell. 

Benjamin Mitchell and Policy Bowyer, married 24 
November, 1789, by Rev. John Ayres, John Mitchell, 

Elijah Mitchell, and Judith Key. 7 December. 1789. 
date of marriage license, John Key. security. 

Acquilla Mitchell and Susannah Burgess, daughter of 
Susannah Burgess, married 24 August, 1790, by Rev. 
John Ayres. John Mitchell, Jr., security. 

Samuel Mitchell and Peggy Claytor. probably daugh- 
ter of Samuel Claytor, married 6 September, 1791, by Rev. 
James Mitchell. Samuel Claytor, security. 

Benjamin Ellis and Tillitha Mitchell, married 22 
January, 1792, by Rev. John Ayres. John Mitchell, Jr., 

Ignatius Mitchell and Sarah Mitchell, daughter of 
John and Ann Mitchell, married 25, December 1792, by 
John Ayres. Isaac Mitchell, security. 

Obediah Hogan and Marget Mitchell, married 16 
September, 1793. by Rev. John Drury. Enos Mitchell, 

George Davison and Mary Mitchell, married 31 
March, 1796, by Rev. James Mitchell. 

William Anglea and Sarah Mitchell, married 6 
April, 1797, by Rev. John Ayres. John Hancock, security. 

Jesse Preston and Milly Mitchell, daughter of John 
Mitchell, Sr.. and Ann his wife, married 22 November. 

1798, by Rev. John Ayres. Elijah Mitchell, security. 
Robert Mitchell and Mary Witt, married 18 April. 

1799, by Rev. Alderson Weeks. William Crouch, security. 
Benjamin Rains and Nancy Mitchell, married 30 

January, 1800. by Rev. William Peters Martin. 

James Mitchell and Hannah Hore. daughter of Ed- 
ward Hore, 1 January, 1802, date of marriage license. 
David Whirley, security. 


Richard Newgan and Polly Enos Mitchell, married 
3 February. 1803, 

David Mitchell and Milley Morris, daughter of John 
Morris, 21 May, 1803, date of marriage license. Ben- 
jamin Chesum security. 

Anderson Fariss and Mary B. Mitchell, daughter of 
James Mitchell, married 22 December, 1803. 

John Mitchell and Martha Moore, 20 December, 
1804, date of marriage license. Robert Moore, security. 

Stephen Mitchell and Betsey Hodges, daughter of 
Francis Hodges, 14 June, 1806, date of marriage license. 
Robert M. Beard, security. 

James Harvey Mitchell and Elizabeth City, married 
10 February, 1807, by Rev. James Mitchell. 

Samuel Mitchell and Sally Robertson, 28 January, 
1811, date of marriage license. William Robinson, 

James H. Mitchell and Betsey Wood, 2 October, 
1811, date of marriage license. John Wood, security. 

Charles L. Mitchell and Nancy H. Gwatkin, daughter 
of Molley Gwatkin, married 3 February, 1812. James 
Campbell, security. 

Jesse Mitchell and Polly Layne, daughter of Faris 
Layne, 5 April, 1813, date of marriage license. Anderson 
C. Faris, security. 

Jesse Mitchell (son of Ignatius Mitchell) and Jane 
Ashwell, daughter of John Ashwell, married 10 November^ 
1814, by Rev. John Ayres. Daniel Ashwell, security. 

Stephen Chaffin and Nancy D. Mitchell, daughter of 
James Mitchell, married 2 February, 1815, by Rev. Wil- 
liam Leftwich, Thomas S. Hudnall, security. 

Stephen Mitchell and Senah Ross, probably daughter 
of John Ross, married 27 February, 1816, by Rev. John 
Ayres. Sutherland Ross, security. 

Daniel Mitchell and Sally Wood, married 4 June, 1816,. 
by Rev. James Mitchell. James H. Mitchell, security. 

Samuel D. Rice and Sarah D. Mitchell, daughter of 
Rev. James Mitchell, 19 August, 1817. 

Henry Mitchell and Polly Mitchell, married 22 
November, 1817, by Rev. John Ayres, John Mitchell, 

Jubal Mitchell and Lucy Turner, 15 December. 1817, 
date of marriage license. John Turner, security. 

John Mitchell, Jr., (son of John Mitchell, Sr.) and 
Judith Franklin, probably daughter of Owen Franklin, 
23 November, 1818, date of marriage license. Henry W. 
Franklin, Security. 

William C. Mitchell and Frances G. Beard, daughter 
of Samuel Beard, married 7 March, 1822. by Rev. James 
Mitchell. Samuel P. Mitchell, security. 

John Mitchell and Sally Smith, married 18 July, 
1822, by Rev. John Ayres. 

Woodson Dowdy and Sarah Mitchell, daughter of 
Robert Mitchell, married about 7 November, 1822, by 
Rev. James Scott. Adam Beard, security. 

Jacob Crouch and Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of 
Martha Mitchell, 9 May, 1823, date of marriage license. 
William Wood, security. 

John M. Harvey and Mary Charlotte Mitchell, mar- 
ried 30 March, 1825, by Rev. William S. Reid. Hugh 
Meenan, security. 

Thomas P. Mitchell and Ann D. Saunders, daughter 
of David Saunders, 2 May, 1825, date of marriage license. 
Burr Garland, security. 

Eben Nelms and Sinor P. Mitchell, daughter of 
Samuel Mitchell, married 31 January, 1825, by Rev. 
James Mitchell. 

Uriah Cundiff and Eleanor Mitchell, daughter of 
James Mitchell, married about 15 August, 1826, by Rev. 
John Ayres. 

Eldred Mitchell and Lucinda Chambers, married 
H January, 1827, by Rev. John Ayres. 

Burr Hagerman and Charlotte C. Mitchell, married 
14 February, 1827, by Rev. James Mitchell. 

John Mitchell and Hannah Ayres, 15 April, 1827, 
date of marriage license. Henry Mitchell, security. 

John Teass and Eliza V. Mitchell, daughter of James 
Mitciiell, Sr., married 2 August, 1827, by Rev. James 
Turner. Anderson C. Fariss, security. 

Jabez Mitchell and Nelly Lynch, married about 22 
October, 1827, by Rev. John Ayres. Daniel Ashwell, 

Henry Mitchell and Judith Bittle, daughter of Mary 
Bittle, married 14 December, 1827, by Rev. John Ayres. 
John Mitchell, Jr., security. 

John Daniel and Elizabeth Mitchell, married 30 
January, 1828, by Rev. John Ayres. 

Robert C. Mitchell and Ann Lucy Phillips, daughter 
of Samuel Phillips, M. D., 3 March, 1828, date of mar- 
riage license. William L. Graham, security. 

John Claytor and Frances R. Mitchell, daughter of 
James Mitchell, married 13 August, 1829, by Rev. Daniel 
Russell. James R. Mitchell, security. 

William Mitchell and Lucy M. Dillard, daughter of 
John Dillard, married 17 March, 1830, by Rev. William 
Harris. Henry Terry, security. 

Benjamin Mitchell (son of Ignatius Mitchell) and 
Emily Richardson, daughter of Mrs. Judith Richardson, 
married 26 October, 1840, by Rev. WilHam Leftwich. 
Jesse Mitchell, security. 

James F. Kennett and Mildred Mitchell, 23 Decem- 
ber, 1830, date of marriage license. 

John Mitchell and Nancy Wilkerson, married 13 
July, 1831, by Rev. Frederick Kabler. 

Dread Holt and Sally Mitchell, married 15 December, 
1831, by Rev. John Ayres. 

John Reynolds and Sarah Ann Mitchell, married 
21 December, 1831, by Rev. Frederick Kabler. 

Hiram Nelms and Sarah C. Mitchell, daughter of 
Samuel Mitchell, married 21 December, 1831, by Rev. 
James Mitchell. 

Thomas Campbell and Martha Mitchell, daughter of 
Robert and Sally B. Mitchell, June 1821. 

Samuel Mitchell and Sally Morriss, married 30 June. 

1832, by Rev. James Leftwich. 

John F. Nichols and Mary Mitchell, married 17 
December. 1832. by Rev. John Ayres. 

Benjamin N. Mitchell and Nancy Wood, 25 March, 

1833, date of marriage license. 

Robert D. Mitchell and Eliza A. Preston, married—- 
1833. by Rev. Z. Worley. 

John Mitchell and Cloe Chapman. 1 1 December. 
1833, date of marriage license. 

Rev. Farwell Jones and Chalea S. Mitchell, daugh- 
ter of Rev. James Mitchell, married 3 April. 1834, by Rev. 
James Mitchell. James R. Mitchell, security. 

William Wood and Eliza Mitchell, daughter of Samuel 
Mitchell, married 14 October, 1834. by Rev. William 
Harris. Henry Stephens, security. 

Ruben Bond and Mary Mitchell, daughter of Joseph 
D. Mitchell, married 4 June. 1834. by Rev. Mosby Arnold. 
Samuel M. Mitchell, security. 

William C. Mitchell and Sarah B. Crouch, daughter 
of Mrs. Mary E. Crouch, married 23 December. 1835. 
by Rev. James Leftwich. Jabez W. Crouch, security. 

(To be contirued) 


1. Thomas Mitchell, born in Pennsylvania, married 
Annie Van Camp. 

2. Thomas W. Mitchell, his son, born in Springwater. 
N. Y., 5 February, 1821, married, Springwater. 1842. 
Harriet L. Gould, daughter of William Gould; married 
2, Mary Gilbert. 



Eleazur Mitchell, born Southbury, Conn., 1732, died 

there 1819, married Olive Hickock, 
Benjamin Mitchell, son of Eleazur, married Hannah 

Elizur Mitchell, son of Benjamin, married Cornelia M, A. 

C. Lawrence Mitchell, son of Elizur, married Ester Hol- 


John Mitchell, born Pennsylvania, 1748, married Hellen 

John Ross Mitchell, son of John, married Mary Swarte 

John Foss Mitchell, son of John R. M., married Margaret 


Benjamin Mitchell, born 1763, died Cumberland, Maine, 

1841, married Sarah Fogg. 
Benjamin Mitchell, Jr., son of Benjamin, married Hannah 


Andrew Mitchell, born Scotland, 1732, died Sprakers, 
N. Y., 1812, married Maria Van Epps. 

Cath. Mitchell, daughter of Andrew, married Samuel Van 

Rotheus Mitchell, born Bridgewater, Mass., 1753, died 

Lyme, N. H., 1816, married Hepsibah Hay ward. 
Marcus M. Mitchell, son of Rotheus, married Lois Noyes. 

Benjamin Mitchell, born Londonderry, N. H., 1755, died 

Temple, N. H.. 1840, married Martha Steele. 
Jonathan Mitchell, son of Benjamin, married Sarah White. 

Eliz. Mitchell, daughter of William and Elizabeth 
Mitchell, married Henry Clay of Chesterfield Co., Va.. 
in 1720. She was born in July, 1693, and died 7 August 


l(- . , . , 

i9i»^isM bamcm ,.M .-?) n^ ' 


The following aged persons were living in Connecticut 
in the year 1884: 

William Mitchell, at Bozrah. aged 81. ' "^• 

Mary Mitchell, at Bozrah, aged 81. 

James Mitchell, at Groton, aged 80. ^'^'^^' 

John Mitchell, at Groton, aged 84. 

Francis Mitchell, at New Haven, aged 81. 

Lydia Mitchell, at Norwalk, aged 86. 

Mrs. Charlotte Mitchell, at Southbury, aged 93. 

Mrs. Patty M. Mitchell, at Southbury, aged 81. 

Mrs. Nancy P. Mitchell, at Southbury, aged 81. 

Mrs. Amanda Mitchell, at Waterbury, aged 93. 


Joseph P. Mitchell was cashier of the Mechanic's Bank. 

Thomas Mitchell was secretary of the Magdalen Society. 

Samuel A. Mitchell was a map publisher. 

Archibald Mitchell was a teacher at 22 Cherry street. 

Dr. Charles Mitchell was a dentist. 

Elijah Mitchell was a famous Spring Garden merchant. 

Francis Mitchell was a justice of the peace. 

George Mitchell was employed in the United States Mint. 

James W. Mitchell was a conveyancer in Old York road. 

John Mitchell was a druggist at 4th and Cedar streets. 


William Mitchell was a Justice of the Peace in DubHn, 
Ohio, in 1842. 

William B. Mitchell, was a candidate for Mayor in 
Akron, Summit Co., in 1836. He was editor of the 

In 1804, Moses Mitchell was paid $2 for wolf scalp, 
in Franklin Co., Ohio. 

Charles Mitchell settled in Franklin Co., Ohio, in 

David Mitchell was in Chillicothe, Ohio, in 1804. 


(From Original Records.) 

Mitchell. Susan and John Bird. 28 May, 1812. Staten 

Island. N. Y. 
Mitchell. Susan and Joseph Silva. 20 December, 1778, 

Staten Island. N. Y. 
Mitchell, Susanna and Aaron Sanford. 20 August. 1767, 

Amenia, N. Y. 
Michel, Susanna and Silas Camfield, 11 August, 1798, 

Bangall. Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
Mitchell. Susanna and Henry Stocker. 31 October, 1751, 

Hempstead. N. Y. 
Mitchell, Susanna and John Morrell. 27 December, 1781, 

Hempstead. N. Y. 
Mitchell, Susanna and Joseph Sylva, 20 December, 1778, 

Staten Island. N. Y. 
Mitchell. Thomas and Stacia Clements. 19 December, 

1760, New York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Thomas and Loretta Hageman, 1 July, 1783, 

New York State Licence. 
Mitchell. Thomas and Sarah Little. 5 June, 1808. New 

York City. 
Mitchell, Thomas and Abigail Coddington, 7 March, 

1889. New York City. 
Mitchell. Thomas and Lydia Kindrick. 5 February, 1754, 

Salem, Westchester Co.. N. Y. 
Mitchell. Uriah and Freelove Smith. 16 May, 1770, Hemp- 
stead. N. Y. 
Mitchell. Uriah and Susana Hubbs, 27 April, 1735, Hemp- 
stead, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Uriah and Sarah Cornell, 5 March, 1774, New 

York State Licence. 
Mitchell, Walter and Catherine Bush, 20 May, 1779, New 

York City. 

Mitchell. William and Abigail Doty. 28 September, 1779 

New York State Licence. 

(To be Continued.) 



Ci\'il War. 1861-5. 



Sewell Mitchell 


Edward I.Mitchell 


Richard Mitchell 


John C. Mitchell 


Edward Mitchell 


John Mitchell 

New Hampton 

Albert P. Mitchell 


Henry Mitchell 


Andrew J. Mitchell 


Thos. E. Mitchell 


Alonzo Mitchell 


Harry Mitchell 


George K. Mitchell 


John E. Mitchell 


Ebenezer Mitchell 


William Mitchell 


James Mitchell 


Marvin Mitchell 


John W. Mitchell 


John E. Mitchell 


Lewis J. Mitchell 


Luther S. Mitchell 


Samuel L. Mitchell 


Frank Mitchell 


Isaac Mitchell 


F. A. Mitchell 


Ira W. Mitchell 


Alvin Mitchell 

New Durham 

Michael Mitchell 


William Mitchell 


Peter Mitchell 


Lewis Mitchell 


John E. Mitchell 




Samuel S. Mitchell Campton 

William F. Mitchell Campton 

George H. Mitchell Deering 

James Mitchell Portsmouth 

Frank Mitchell Concord 

Thos. Mitchell Concord 

John C. Mitchell Orford 

David Mitchell New Hampton 

Edward Mitchell Cornish 

Joseph D. Mitchell Biddeford. Maine 

George A. Mitchell Concord 

Andrew J. Mitchell Dover 


1. William Mitchell, born near Cascade. Va.. 1747, 
married Chloe Nance of Pittsylvania Co., Va. 

2. Giles Mitchell, born Pittsylvania Co., Va., 3 Oct.. 
1787, married 1. 23 Oct., 1806, Mary Moore, daughter of 
John Moore and Anna Swain; married 2. Mary P. Tucker 
1 Jan., 1829; married 3. Mrs. Anna Scott. 

. 3. James Madison Mitchell, son of Giles and Mary 
Moore, married 18 July 1836. Mary Ann Scott. 


(FoUowing is an unpublished letter written by Jolm Mitchel, the Irish 
patriot, bom in 1814) 

"New York. II Feb'y 1854. 
"J. B. Boyd, Esq. Dear Sir: 

"Many thanks for the Marysville Ea§Ie and for the 
friendly notice of myself. I had troops of friends a 
month ago, but even one is valuable to me now. 
In great haste. 

Your obedient servant. 

John Mitchel. 

Robert Mitchell came from Scotland to Pennsylvania 
in 1682, and settled near Guilford Court House, N. Car. 
He had a son, Adam iMitchell. Adam had one son Robert, 
2. born 19 February, 1767. 



Dr. Samuel L. Mitchell of New York City was mar- 
ried 22 June. 1799, to Catherine Cock, widow of James 
Cock, who was the daughter of Samuel Akerly. 

Tasker Mitchell of Prince William Co., Va.. married 
Charlotte M. Marsteller, born 17 August. 1801. daughter 
of P. G. Marsteller, of Alexandria, Va. 

Rev. Geo. H. Mitchell, of West Brandywine, Chester 
Co.. Penn.. married about 1836, Phebe Hawley. ward of 
David Townsend of West Chester. Penn. 

William H. Mitchell, born Lowell, Mass., 1 October, 
1850, married Holton, Kan., 16 July, 1876, Miss Laura 
J. McKittrick of Ohio. 

Levi Mitchell, born 19 February, 1853, married 
Indiana, 1873. Sarah E. Oliphant. 

Francis Hart Mitchell, married Kath. Tyler Downing 
of Columbus, Ga. He died in 1885. 

Stephen Mitchell, married Margaret Vass, born 1784. 
in Liberty Co.. Ga. She was born St. Augustine. Fla.. to 
Lofflin and Obedience Vass. 

Mrs. Mary Mitchell died 8 October. 1852. in Paris, 
Ky., at an advanced age. 

Martha Mitchell, born near Bristol, Pa., 19 April. 
1777. died Philadelphia. 21 February. 1842. married 
James Stuart, of Philadelphia. She had a brother Daniel. 
James Mitchell, of Augusta Co., Va. had children. 
Sarah, who married Robert Beard. 30 May. 1785; Thomas. 
who married Margaret Callison, 28 March. 1786; Eliza- 
beth, who married Robert Callison, 16 February, 1793. 
James Mitchell died in 1816, and left other children: 
John, Robert, James and Betsy. 

James Mitchell married Mary Mohler in Roanoke, 
Va.. in 1796. His mother was a Randolph. They are 
buried at Carnesville. Franklin Co., Ga. Their children 
were: Reuben, Robert. Daniel. Arcadia, Mary, James and 



(From Original Records) 

Mitchell. Abraham, Jr.. and Polly Sawyer. 3 June, 1799, 

Freeport, Maine. 
Mitchell, Alfred and Abbie E. Swett. 1865, Brunswick, 

Mitchell. Anna and William Bradbury, 24 February. 

1788. Bath, Maine. 
Mitchell, Andrew and Sally Harvey, 13 September, 1800, 

Freeport, Maine. 
Mitchell, Benjamin and Sarah Fogg, 12 May, 1785, Cape 

Elizabeth, Maine. 
Mitchell. Edward P. and Annie S. Welch. 29 October. 

1874, Bath, Maine. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and Tobias Fernald. 28 April. 1776 

York Co.. Maine. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and Benjamin Dam. 20 August, 

1786. York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Florence A. and Norman Call. 1872, Brunswick, 

Mitchell, Jacob and Rachel Cushing. 27 July, 1727, North 

Yarmouth, Maine. 
Mitchell, James and Margery Perkins, 6 April. 1788 

York Co.. Maine. 
Mitchell, Jeremiah and Lydia Porter, 28 March. 179Z 

Freeport, Maine. 
Mitchell, John and Rachel Cushing. 27 July. 1727. North 

Yarmouth, Maine. 
Mitchell, John and Lydia Sewall. 2 February. 1735. York, 

Mitchell. Jonathan and Sarah Loring, 29 September, 

1745. North Yarmouth. Maine. 
Mitchell. Jones and Ann F. Waterhouse. 4 July, 1856, 

Farmingdale. Maine. 
Mitchell, Joseph and Elizabeth Gerrish, 15 July, 1787, 

York Co.. Maine. 


,008! .iodmr;-q??. n .^.r»v"ffiH viii-S r '-M 

3q/:.0 .C^i'\I ,Xi.l/ i\ .3§cl r's-r. liM 

Mitchell, Joseph, 3d. and Hannah Dillingham, 20 August, 

1796, Freeport, Maine. 
Mitchell. Joshua and Rachel Parker, 31 August. 1793, 

Freeport, Maine. 
Mitchell. Joshua. Jr.. and Belle Soule. 15 September. 1791. 

Freeport. Maine. 
Mitchell. Lucy and Reuben Brown. 27 February. 1772. 

York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell. Mary and James W. Nevins. 25 April. 1772. 

Pepperellboro, Maine. 
Mitchell, Mary and Richard Merrill. 28 February. 1795. 

Freeport. Maine. 
Mitchell. Mehitable and John M. Loring. 15 June, 1793. 

Freeport, Maine. 
Mitchell. Mercy and William Phoenix. 7 September, 

1786. York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Phebe and Sylvanus Soule, 19 April, 1794. 

Freeport, Maine. 
Mitchell. Polly and Seth Bailey, 29 August. 1789, Free- 
port, Maine. 
Mitchell, Polly and John Carter, 20 December, 1788, 

York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Rachel and Ebenezer Bugbee. 7 June. 1800. 

Freeport, Maine. 
Mitchell, Rachel and Benjamin G. Willey, 1824, N. 

Yarmouth, Maine. 
Mitchell, Robert and Sarah Fogg. 3 May. 1800. Freeport, 

Mitchell. Roger and Abigail Gerrish. 23 November. 1772. 

York Co.. Maine. 
Mitchell, R. Whitary and Josiah Cummings. 4 November. 

1799, Freeport. Maine. 
Mitchell. Samuel and Lydia Worthley, 4 July, 1789, 

Freeport, Maine. 
Mitchell, Samuel and Jane Soule. 25 January, 1794, 

Freeport, Maine. 


Mitchell, Samuel, 3d, and Ruth Seward, 13 January, 1798, 

Freeport, Maine. 
Mitchell. Samuel, 4th, and Faith S. Rose, 2 September, 

1797, Freeport, Maine. 
Mitchell, Sarah and Lemuel Goodwin, 29 January, 1801, 

N. Yarmouth, Maine. 
Mitchell, Tabltha and Elihu Gunnison, Jr., 25 October, 

1772, York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Thomas and Mary J. Carr, 1 October, 1855, 

Farmingdale, Maine. 
Mitchell, Tukey and Nehemiah Hooper, 15 August, 1801, 

N. Yarmouth, Maine. 
Mitchell, William and Susanna Foy, 1 January, 1776 

York Co.. Maine. 
Mitchell, William. 3d, and Azena Harvey, 18 May. 1799, 

Freeport. Maine. 
Mitchell, William and Deborah Wilson, 16 October, 

1800, Freeport, Maine. 

(To be contiuned) 



Doctor Robert Mitchell was born in Westmoreland 
county. Pennsylvania, in 1778. He studied medicine there, 
and in 1808 married Catherine McCulloch. For a wedding 
trip the young couple traveled to Zanesville. Ohio, on horse- 
back. When they settled in that place there were but twelve 
shingle roofed houses. The Indians were still there, but 
friendly, and would come to the doctor's house to see the 
white papooses. Dr. Mitchell served in the war of 1812, 
and was afterward a general in the Ohio militia. In 1833 
he was elected to Congress, but in 1835 was defeated for 
re-election by his Whig opponent. Dr. Mitchell died the 
13th of November, 1848^ 

Amasa Mitchell, died in Scott Co., Ind., 12 Feb., 
1851, aged 90 years. He was a musician in the Revo- 
lution, under Benedict Arnold. He served afterwards on 
the ship Vulture. He witnessed the execution of Major 
Andre, and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis. 


David Bradie Mitchell, ninth governor of Georgia 
(1809-11 and 1815-17), was born in Scotland 22 October, 
1766. He went to Savannah, Ga.. in 1783, at seventeen 
years of age, to take possession of property willed to him 
by his uncle. Dr. David Bradie, who had been taken pris- 
oner by the British at the capture of Savannah, and died 
in the confinement of the prison ship. Young Mitchell 
read law under Gov. Wm. Stevens, and as clerk of the 
committee to revise the criminal code, learned that branch 
of his profession well. He was elected solicitor-general in 
1795; representative to the legislature in 1796, voting 
against the "Yazoo fraud"; major-general of militia in 
1804, and governor of Georgia in 1809 and 1815, resigning 
in 1817, to accept an appointment from the president of 
the United States as agent to the Creek Indians. In 1818, 
he concluded a treaty with the Indians at the Creek 
agency. Gov. Mitchell was a conscientious, cultured and 
conservative man, possessed of great energy and public 
spirit, and animated by the purest patriotism. He dis- 
cussed practically and ably in his messages every impor- 
tant subject, including roads, rivers, the public debt and 
education. The legislature erected a slab to his memory, 
and a later assembly named a county after him. He died 
at Milledgeville, Ga., 22 April. 1837. 


John Mitchell, born in Connecticut 1751, married 
Elizabeth Sherman, daughter of Rev. Josiah Sherman and 
Martha Minot of Stoughton, Conn. His son. Dr. Henry 
Mitchell, married Rowena Wales, and their daughter, Julia 
Maria Mitchell, married Judge Samuel Bostwick Garvin. 


The Mitchell Family^" 


JULY. 1916 



Peter Mitchell of Rockingham Co., Va., had a son 
George, born in 1776, who died in Pendleton Co., W, Va., 
in 1856. He married Christina Propst. 

The children of George and Christina were: 

1. Mary, married Christian PufFenbarger. 

2. Jacob, married Abigail Rexroad. 

3. George, married — Sheets. 

4. Leonard, married Elizabeth Rexroad. 

5. Sarah, married Daniel Crummett. 

6. Peter, married Sarah Hively. 

7. Susanna, married Philip Wimer. 

8. Rachel, never married. 

9. Jonas, married Elizabeth Lamb. ^ 

The children of Jacob and Abigail (Rexroad) Mitchell 

1. Benjamin, married 1, Hannah M. Swadley, 2, 
Naomi Simmons. 

2. Emanuel, married Margaret Armstrong. 

3. George W., married Eliza Snyder. 

4. Abel, married Elizabeth Waggy. 

5. Henry. 

6. William. 

7. Elizabeth A., married James Sinnett. 

8. Lavinia A. 

9. Angeline, died young. 

The children of Leonard and Elizabeth (Rexroad) 
Mitchell were: 

]. Laban, married Louisa Rexroad. 

2. Jacob, married Christina Simmons. 

3. Samuel, married Clara M. Propst. 

4. Seneal. 

5. Mary. 

6. Susannah, married John W. Propst. 

The children of Peter and Sarah (Hively) Mitchell 

1. David, married Mary F. Hevener. 

2. Jeremiah, married Amanda Eye. 

3. Christina. 

4. Lena. 

The children of Jonas and Elizabeth (Lamb) Mitchell 

1. George S., married Etta Cook. 

2. Jacob, married Mary Mitchell. 

3. William H., married Polly A. Simmons. 

4. John F., married Catherine Propst. 

5. Jesse C, married Lottie M. Eye. 

6. Hannah, married George Crummett. 

7. Louisa, married Miles Eye. 

8. Martha, married Washington Hyer. 

9. Christina, married Philip A. Mitchell. 

The children of Benjamin (son of Jacob) and his 
wife Hannah (Swadley) Mitchell were: 
\. Eliza, died young. 

2. Mary E., married Jacob A. Mitchell. 

3. Jacob F., married Leah Rexroad. 

4. Samuel P., married Jennie F. Hoover. 

5. Frank, married Ella V. Mitchell. 

6. William M., married Ida M. Propst. 

7. Estella, married Oliver Sinnett. 

8. Martha J. 

9. James H. 
10. Sarah V. 

The children of George W. (son of Jacob) and Ella 
(Snyder) Mitchell were: 


• inocTi 

liafix'il/i (dfnf.i) HjsdisJll Sna tn ■>[ -lO aviblids oH'l 

ill; ./' J?/.l5: t-:.wTJSm , 



1. Emanuel, married Mina Simmons. 

2. Sarah J., married George Baker. 

3. Sylvester, married Mary J. Kiser. 

4. George F., married Jane Wilson. 


The children of Jacob F., and Leah (Rexroad) Mit- 
chell were: 

Elizabeth, Tyra, Margaret, Minnie, Leon, Ora, 
Byron, Ona and Edna. 

The children of Samuel P., and Jennie (Hoover) 
Mitchell, were: 

Fred G.. William F.. Myrtie E., Lottie E., Harvey 
B., and Hugh. 

The children of Frank and Ella V. Mitchell were 
Eva, Eulah, Flora and Walter. 

The children of William M.. and Ida (Propst) Mit- 
chell were Lula M., Benjamin H., Lena M., Sarah V., 
Ernest L.. Mary E.. and Stella P. 


Jabez Mitchell and Hepsibah Merservey were married 
in Pittston, Maine, 5 January, 1833. 
Their children were: 

1. William H.. born 29 February, 1836. 

2. Damaris, born 13 September, 1840. 

3. Ann D., born 6 March, 1843. 

4. Frances E., born 15 March, 1845. 

5. Aary Elvira, born 20 May. 1847. 

6. John, born September, 1850. 



William Mitchell, was born in Chilmark. Mass., 

7 March. 1781, and married in Chilmark, 2 February, 

1833, Prudence West, born 18 April, 1809. They had 

a daughter Margaret, who was born 27 March, 1842. 


l^Vrt;*0 > V:'.A^ 

... ,3 ^nu-A^ ..1 

-liM .■ '^'n ■■.^ '..^.^ 


Reverend James Mitchel (the orthography preferred 
by him) was a son of the late Robert Mitchel (born in 
the north of Ireland) and Mary Enos his wife (the latter 
of Edinburg, Scotland, and of Welsh descent). Robert 
Mitchell and family emigrated to America at an early 
period. James Mitchel. his son, was born at Pequa, 
Pennsylvania, 29 January, 1747. The family removed to 
and settled in Bedford Co., Virginia, at an early date. 
James Mitchell was licensed a Presbyterian minister in 
October, 1781. He married Frances, daughter of Rev- 
erend David and Mary Blair Rice. He was known in 
South-west Virginia, as an humble, able, successful preacher 
from the day he was licensed to the day of his death 
which occurred 27 February, 1841. He was aged ninety- 
four years and one month. He left many worthy de- 
scendants, was tenderly loved and venerated and often 
addressed and spoken of as "Father Mitchel." R. D. B. 


The following members of the Mitchell family have 
been advertised for by attorneys and administrators 
during the past twenty-five years. These names refer 
only to American estates or money in this country await- 
ing heirs. 

Mitchell. Calvin A., Salina. N. Y., 1870. 

Mitchell, Charles, San Francisco. 

Mitchell, George H., Deering. N. H. 

Mitchell. George H.. New York, 1907. 

Mitchell. Jennie S., Lowell, Mass. 

Mitchell, John, Canada. 1870. 

Mitchell, John J.. Jr., New York. 

Mitchell, Margaret, Boston, Mass. 

Mitchell. Mary. Boston, Mass. 

Mitchell, Oscar and Wallace, New York. 

Mitchell, William B.. Port Chester, N. Y. 


(From Original Recorda) 
Mitchell, Anna and James Jackson, 9 December, 1869, 

Marietta, Ohio. 
Michall. Catherine and Dennis Madden, 19 July, 1812, 

Pickaway Co., Ohio. 
Mitchell. Charles A. and Elizabeth W. Smith, 9 July. 

1894, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Michall, Cornelius and Mary Bayley, 6 January, 1811, 

Pickaway Co., Ohio. 
Mitchell, Daniel and Eliza Kerr, 9 February, 1832, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Mitchell, Darius and Louise Prentiss, 31 December, 

1858. Medina Co.. Ohio. 
Mitchell. David and Nancy Hunter, 1 April, 1817, 

Franklin Co., Ohio. 
Mitchell. Edna and Robert M. Martin, 3 June. 1896. 

Columbus, Ohio, 
Mitchell, Edward and Jane Hill, 2 August, 1810, Wash- 
ington Co., Ohio. 
Mitchell, Effie and Edwin L. Shuey, 15 August. 1882, 

Springfield. Ohio. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and Henry Colson, 3 January, 1815, 

Pickaway Co., Ohio. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and Oliver P. Shiras, 26 February, 

1857, Springfield, Ohio. 
Mitchell, Frederick and Lucy Ladd, 24 October, 1805. 

Ross Co., Ohio. 
Mitchel, Harriet and David Smith, 8 June, 1820, Franklin 

Co., Ohio. 
Mitchell, Hugh and Eliza Ferrell, 30 January, 1834, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Mitchell. Ira and Eliza Harden. 26 June, 1836, Harrison 

Co., Ohio. 
Mitchell. James and Rachel 0. Biennis, 12 November, 

1818. Washington Co., Ohio. 


Mitchel, James and Martha Timmons, 24 March, 1825, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Mitchel, Jane and John Robinson, 2 January, 1817, 
Franklin Co., Ohio. 

Mitchell, John and Ann Plumer, 25 June, 1806, Wash- 
ington Co., Ohio. 

Mitchell, Joseph and Jane Regalo, 10 May, 1813, Frank- 
lin Co., Ohio. 

Mitchell, Juliene and Harlan McMath, 7 August, 1835, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Mitchell, Marcia A. and Frank Frost, 26 August, 1868, 
Mantua, Ohio. 

Mitchell, Martha H. and George 0. Little, 3 September, 
1863, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Mitchell, Mary and John Woolcutt, 14 August, 1810, 
Franklin Co., Ohio. 

Mitchell, Mary and Joseph Hunter, 20 July 1817, Frank- 
lin Co., Ohio. 

Mitchell, Mattie H. and George 0. Little, 3 September, 
1863, Cincinnati. Ohio. 

Mitchell, Moses and Jinney Taylor, 24 February, 1808, 
Franklin Co., Ohio, 

Mitchell, Moses and Jemima Cortwright, 10 August, 
1826. Franklin Co., Ohio. 

Mitchell, Nancy and James Rayner, 2 January, 1820, 
Washington Co., Ohio. 

Mitchell, Nathaniel and Phebe Jackson, 7 January, 1821, 
Washington Co., Ohio. 

Mitchell, Patsy and William Fulton, I April, 1817. 
Franklin Co., Ohio. 

Mitchell, Phebe and William Afflick, 27 December, 1821. 
Washington Co., Ohio. 

Mitchell, Robert and Rhody Handycock, 23 January. 
1806, Ross Co.. Ohio. 

Micael, Rebecca and John Arrowhood, 26 January, 
1813, Pickaway Co., Ohio. 


Mitchell. Sally and Silas Cook. 17 January. 1811. Wash- 
ington Co.. Ohio. 

Mitchell, William and Polly Courson. 26 October, 1826, 
Franklin Co., Ohio. 

Mitchell. William and Mary A. Atkinson. 18 October, 

1838, Harrison Co., Ohio. 

(To be continued) 



The family name of Mitchell, in some instances may 
have originated from the Anglo Saxon — mycel — meaning 
great or mickle. that is much, but in most cases it is 
supposed to be a Norman name from the Hebrew Michael. 
We find the name Michael belonging to a considerable 
number of persons from the time of Moses to that of 
Ezra, Michael was the father of one of the men sent 
by Moses to search the land of Canaan. On account of 
the meaning of the name, who is like God, it was un- 
doubtedly selected to represent the mighty and mysterious 
Being, who is called Michael in various parts of the 
world of God. "One of the chief princes, the great 
prince which standeth for the children of thy people, 
the warrior prince of the heavenly host." 

In confirmation of the derivation of the name 
Mitchell from Michael, it may be noted that the Mitchells 
of Midlothian, Scotland, sometimes spelled the name 
Mitchael and in England Michal, the latter being identi- 
cal with the feminine form of the name Michael, which 
was bestowed upon the younger daughter of Saul. 

Geoffry Michel, of Great Britain, was a manucaptor 
in 1302. Michelia is the name of a genus of plants. 

There are twenty-four British crests for the name 
Mitchell, twenty-six places of that name besides Mount 
Mitchell in North Carolina, which is 6,710 feet high, and 
the highest mountain east of the Rocky Mountains. 
There are sixty works containing Mitchell genealogy, 

twenty persons of the name have served in the United 
States Congress, and there were fifty-seven Mitchell 
families in Connecticut in 1790. 


John Mitchell, F. R. S., famous botanist and physi- 
cian, came from England to Virginia about the year 
1700. He died in 1772. His residence was chiefly at 
Urbana, a small town on the Rappahannock, about seventy- 
three miles from Richmond. He appears to have been a 
man of observation, acuteness, and enterprise, as well 
as learning. 

He wrote, in 1743, an essay on the causes of the dif- 
ferent colors of people in different climates, which was 
published in the philosophical transactions, vol. 43. 
He attributed the difference of the human complexion 
to the same causes, which have been assigned by Dr. 
Smith, to the influence of climate and modes of life; and 
he thinks that the whites have degenerated more from 
the original complexion in Noah and his family than the 
Indians, or even negroes. The color of the descendants 
of Ham he considers a blessing rather than a curse, as 
without it they could not well inhabit Africa. 

He published also an essay on the preparations and 
uses of the various kinds of potash; a letter concerning 
the force of electrical cohesion; and a useful work on the 
general principles of botany, containing descriptions of 
a number of new genera of plants. It is believed, that 
he was also the author of the map of North America, 
published in 1755; which was accompanied by a large 
pamphlet, entitled, the Contest in America, and followed 
by another, entitled the Present State of Great Britain 
and North America. 1767. His manuscripts on the yel- 
low fever, as it appeared in Virginia in 1742. fell into the 
hands of Dr. Franklin, by whom they were communi- 
cated to Dr. Rush, of Philadelphia. 



The original records of the Census for Harford Co., 
Maryland, taken in the year 1776, show the following 
Mitchell families residing in Harford County. 

John Mitchell, aged 31, his wife Mary, aged 34, 
his brother Gabriel, aged 19, and three children as fol- 

Elizabeth Mitchell, aged 6 years. 

Rachel Mitchell, aged 4 years. 

Frederick Mitchell, aged 1 year. 

James Mitchell, aged 51, his wife Mary, aged 34, 
and three children as follows: 

Alexander Mitchell, aged 6 years. 

James Mitchell, aged 3 years. 

Sarah Mitchell, aged 3 months. 

Robert Mitchell, aged 40, his wife Elizabeth, aged 
28, and three children as follows: 

Sarah Mitchell, aged 6 years. 

William Mitchell, aged 2 years. 

John Mitchell, aged 2 weeks. 

Kent Mitchell, aged 33, his wife Hannah, aged 32, 
his sister Rachel aged 27, and six children as follows: 

Shadrick Mitchell, aged 10 years. 

Elizabeth Mitchell, aged 9 years. 

Mary Mitchell, aged 5 years. 

Thomas Mitchell, aged 3 years. 

Sarah Mitchell, aged I year. 

Asel Mitchell, aged 6 months. 

James Mitchel, aged 24, his wife Martha, aged 24, 
his father Kent, aged 54, his brother William aged 20, 
and two children: 

Martha Mitchell, aged 4 years. 

Kent Mitchell, aged 2 years. 

Edward Mitchell, aged 50, his wife Rachel, aged 37, 
and three children: 



Aquilla Mitchell, aged 7 years. .5 >,-*•. m 

Ann Mitchell, aged 3 years. 

Rachel Mitchell, aged 1 year. 

William Mitchell, aged 28. his wife Clemency, aged 
27, and three children: 

Barker Mitchell, aged 7 years. . f,\c:.:t 

Charlotte Mitchell, aged 4 years. 

Elizabeth Mitchell, aged 3 years. 

Micajah Mitchell, aged 24. his wife Averilla, aged 
19, and one child Martha, aged 2 years. 

Thomas Mitchell, aged 33, his wife Ann, aged 32, 
and five children: 

Elizabeth Mitchell, aged 8 years. 

Sarah Mitchell, aged 6 years. 

Richard Mitchell, aged 5 years. 

Barnett Mitchell, aged 3 years. 

Averilla Mitchell, aged 1 year. 


Experience Mitchell, who came to New England in 
1623, married Mary, daughter of Francis Cook. 
Thomas Mitchell, born 1627, son of Experience, 
settled in Maiden, Mass.. in 1635. and died 1 September, 
1709. He married Mary Moulton in 1655. 
Andrew Mitchell, of Haverhill. Mass., son of Thomas, 
married 12 November, 1686, Abiah, last name unknown. 
Among the children of Andrew was John Mitchell 
of Haverhill, who married 2. Abigail Bachellor. 
James Mitchell of Haverhill, son of John and Abi- 
gail (Bachellor) Mitchell, was born 21 May, 1749. He 


married 17 June, 1773, Abigail Stevens, who was born 
17 October, 1752, and died 2 September, 1818. 

William Mitchell, son of James and Abigail (Stevens) 

Mitchell, was born in Boston. Mass., 21 June, 1775, and 

died near Troy, N. Y., about 1815. He was an officer 

in the war of 1812. In 1794, he married Sarah Corliss. 


Samuel Phillips Mitchell, son of William and Sarah 

(Corliss) Mitchell, was born in Burlington, Vt., 9 January, 

1815, and died in Richmond. Va., 10 November, 1866. 

He married 7 January, 1863, Julia Nimmo of Richmond. 


Samuel Phillips Mitchell, 2nd, son of S. P. and 
Julia (Nimmo) Mitchell, was born in Richmond, Va., 
12 October, 1862. He married 26 April, 1887, Mattie 
Vaughn Holladay, daughter of Hon. James G. HoUaday 
and Georgiana Watts of Portsmouth, Va. 

Their children were: 

1. Mattie Holladay. 

2. Samuel Phillips. 

3. Julia N. 



Enos Mitchell, born in Randolph, Maine, 4 January, 
1805, married 9 May, 1826, in Randolph, Mary White, 
born 9 August, 1807. He died 16 April, 1887. She died 
25 December, 1884. 

Their children were: 

1. Enos, Jr., born 30 September, 1827, died 24 
October, 1851. 

2. Isaac, born 23 November, 1828, died 15 May, 1830. 

3. Mary E., born 30 September, 1831, married 
Isaac S. Whitney, 1 September, 1852. 

4. Maria, born 18 September, 1833, married John 
Marson, 9 October, 1854, died 22 February. 1859. 


5. Hepsibah, born 9 September, 1837, married 
Samuel Knowlton. 12 July, 1858, died 22 February, 

6. Martha Ann. born 10 April, 1840, married David 
L. Davis. 8 December, 1864. died 11 November. 1865. 

7. Frances M.. born 27 June. 1842. 

8. Newton, born 28 July. 1844, married Mary Ella 
Gordon, 18 October, 1870. 

9. Helena, born 22 February, 1847, married George L. 
Davis, 2 October. 1879. 

Alice, daughter of Newton and Mary Ella Mitchell, 
was born 19 April, 1874. The wife of Newton died 5 
January, 1888. 


(From Surrogate's Records, New York City) 

ROBERT MITCHELL of Queens Co., 8 October. 1746. 

To wife Hannah 

To son William 

To son John 

To son Robert 

To son Thomas 

To son Augustine 

To son Uriah 

To daughter Phebe 

To daughter Mary 

To daughter Hannah 

To grandson Robert Frier 
JACOMIAH MITCHELL of Queens Co., 17 June. 1747. 

To wife Elizabeth 

To son Jacomiah 

To daughter Sarah 

To daughter Margaret 

To daughter Elizabeth 

To daughter Phebe Freelove 

To brother John Mitchell 



(Contribut€^ by Rowland D. Buford. Esq.. for mciny years Clerk of Bed- 
ford Co. This list includes ever>- Mitchell marriage from 177S to 1915.) 
(Continued from page 22) 

James S. Mitchell and Lockey I. Farley, married 
4 October. 1836, by Rev. Mosby Arnold. Edward D. 
Farley, security. 

John Mitchell and Parthena Jane Woodford, married 
21 December. 1836, by Rev. William Leftwich. Henry 
Woodford, security. 

Samuel M. Mitchell and Mary Woodford, daughter 
of William Woodford, married 22 December, 1835, 
by Rev. Mosby Arnold. George Stone, security. 

Samuel G. Claytor and Julia Ann Mitchell, daugh- 
ter of Margaret C. Mitchell, married 22, November, 
1838, by Rev. William S. Reid. Samuel A. Claytor, 

Edward 0. P. Mitchell and Martha Annis Morgan, 
daughter of Reese and Louisa Morgan, 28 October, 1839, 
date of marriage license. William H. Ore., security. 

Robert Mitchell and Sally Ann Roberts, daughter 
of David and Frances Roberts, married 12 December, 
1893, by Rev. John Ayres. 

Joseph Chaffin and Martha Ann Mitchell, daughter 
of Joseph D. Mitchell, married 23 January, 1840, by 
Rev, James Leftwich. David Witt, security. 

Benjamin N. Mitchell and Mary Jane Lyle, daughter 
of George Lyle, 23 April, 1840, date of marriage license. 
John Mitchell, security. 

Tarplin R. Mitchell and Drewellen Johnson, married 
15 February, 1843, by Rev. William Harris. Edwin C. 
Bright, security. 

John H. Mitchell and Lavina Ogden, daughter of 
Elijah Ogden, 5 April, 1843, date of marriage license. 
Jeremiah D. Millner, security. 

Robert Lyles and Martha M. Mitchell, daughter 
of Stephen E. Mitchell, married 21 December, 1843, 


by Rev. J. G. Shepperson. William M. Stevens, security. 

John Whitworth and Mary Mitchell, married about 
10 November. 1845, by Rev. Thomas C. Goggin. Jesse 
Mitchell, security. 

Robert Mitchell and Sarah Jane Ore, daughter of 
Edward Ore, 16 February, 1846, date of marriage li- 
cense. William H. Ore, security. 

Charles L. Mitchell and Sarah Ogden, daughter of 
Elijah Ogden, 22 June, 1846, date of marriage license. 

William W. Mitchell and Mary V. Owen, daughter 
of N. W. Owen, married 3 September, 1846, by Rev. 
William Harris. Henry C. Gibbs, security. 

John A. Mitchell and Ann E. Claytor, daughter of 
James E. Claytor, married 8 December, 1846, by Rev. 
Jacob D. Mitchell. Thomas W. Leftwich, security. 

John P. Mitchell and Martha Franklin, daughter of 
Archibald Franklin, 17 December, 1846, date of mar- 
riage license. William Stevens, security. 

Alfred P. Foster and Mary M. Mitchell, daughter 
of Stephen E. Mitchell, married 27 January, 1847, by 
Rev. John G. Shepperson. Peter Walker, security. 

John G. Shepperson and Martha D. Mitchell, 
married 6 January, 1 848, by Rev. Samuel D. Rice. John 
Claytor, security. 

Lewis C. Mitchell and Paulina Ann Boyer, daughter 
of Ann M. Boyer, married 26 October, 1848, by Rev. 
Thomas C. Goggin. John Martin, security. 

Stephen A. Mitchell and Sarah Ann Callahan, daugh- 
ter of Stephen and Phebee Callahan, 28 August, 1849, 
date of marriage license. Thomas C. Wood, security. 

William H. Mitchell and Maria W. Martin, daughter 
of Stephen and Sophia Martin, 13 November, 1849, 
date of marriage license. James H. Austin, security. 

Thomas A. Mitchell and Millicent Anthony, ! 1 
June, 1851, date of marriage license. Benjamin Mitchell, 


Maston Ayres and Nancy Mitchell. 23 October, 

1851, date of marriage license. 

Drewry Hix and Ann Mitchell. 13 October. 1851, 
date of marriage license. 

William M. Payne and Amelia F. Mitchell. I Decem- 
ber. 1851. date of marriage license. 

William C. Mitchell and Lucie M. Crawford, daughter 
of Samuel L. Crawford, 15 December. 1851. date of 
marriage license, 

Robert W. Mitchell and Catherine McClary. 26 
January, 1852, date of marriage license. Henry Huddles- 
ton, security. 

John J. Ayres and Elizabeth A. Mitchell, 5 March, 

1852, date of marriage license. 

Joel D. Mitchell and Frances Overstreet, 22 Decem- 
ber, 1852, date of marriage license. 

John H. Booth and Mary P. Mitchell, daughter of 
Robert C. and Ann L. Mitchell, 1 March, 1853, date of 
marriage license. 

Daniel Mitchell and Julina Plymale, married 20 
December, 1853, by Rev. Abner Anthony, Sr. 

John King and Mildred S. Mitchell. 9 August, 1854, 
date of marriage license. 

Benjamin R. Watson and Nancy J. Mitchell, married 
25 July, 1855, by Rev. William Harris. 

William A. Strother and Sally Ann Mitchell, daughter 
of Robert C. and Ann L. Mitchell, married 30 October, 

1855, by Rev. John W. Howard. 

Samuel G. Tinsley and Eliza A. Mitchell, 10 March, 

1856, date of marriage license. 

William H. Mitchell and Mary Jane Parker, daughter 
of Edwin W. and Sarah G. Parker, married 7 Septem- 
ber, 1856, by Rev. Thomas N. Sanderson. 

William H. Mitchell and Lucinda A. Taylor, 1 1 Octo- 
ber. 1856, date of marriage license, 

Burwell D. Mitchell and Susan M. Powell, daughter 

of Mildred Powell, married 28 October, 1856, by Rev. 
Alexander Eubank. 

David H. Mitchell and Matilda E. Leftwich, 22 De- 
cember, 1856, date of marriage license. 

Tazwell W. Mitchell and Martha A. Prible, daughter 
of William and Nancy Prible. married 10 December, 
1857. by Rev. M. E. Andrews. 

Lodowick C. Debo and Sarah E. Mitchell, 26 Octo- 
ber, 1857, date of marriage license. 

Allen Jackson Black and Maria Warwick Mitchell, 
(widow) daughter of Sophia Martin, married 18 Decem- 
ber, 1857, by Rev. Henry S. Osborne. 

John R. Williams and Lucinda Mitchell, daughter of 
Henry P. and Judith Mitchell, married 22 December. 1857, 
by Rev. Thomas C. Goggin. 

James C. Burnett and Martha Mitchell, married 
14 November, 1860, by Rev. Abner Anthony. 

Zenas Arthur and Eliza A, Mitchell, married 15 
November, 1860, by Rev. Abner Anthony. 

Joseph N. B. Aliff and Catherine E. Mitchell, married 
2 December, 1860, by Rev. Charles W. Wood. 

Robert D. Mitchell and Lucinda J. Rider, married 
30 January, 1861, by Rev. R. A. Gregory. 

Gustavus A. Burton and Ann M. Mitchell, married 
6 February, 1861, by Rev. John G. Shepperson. 

(To be continued) 



1. Paul Mitchell, born in Massachusetts in 1758, 
died 1845, married in 1779, Merab Coffin, born on Nan- 
tucket 1762, the daughter of Alexander Coffin, Jr., and 
Eunice Bunker, who were married in 1760. 

2. Richard Mitchell, born 1791, died 1868, married 
in 1814, Frances Lincoln, born 1790. died 1876. 

3. Robert Mitchell. Jr., born 1819. died 1840, mar- 
ried Charlotte Frances Morton. 


The Mitchell Family 


OCTOBER. 1916 


With Genealogical Notes on their Families and 


Abiel Mitchell was born in Bridgewater, Mass., in 
1733, and died in Easton, Mass., in 1821 . He commanded 
the first company from Easton at the Lexington Alarm, 
and served as colonel of the Bristol Co. militia. He mar- 
ried Mary Leonard, born 1740, died 1827. Their daugh- 
ter Deborah Mitchell married Thomas Willis. 

Amasa Mitchell, born 1761, in Mass., died 1851, in 
Scott Co., Ind. He served as a fifer in the Berkshire Co. 
militia. He married Mary Frymier. Their son Daniel, 
married Elizabeth McCann, whose son Dr. Francis As- 
bury Mitchell, married Mary Wilcoxson. 

Andrew Mitchell was born in Scotland 'n 1732, and 
died in Sprakers, N. Y., in 1812. He served as major in 
New York Levies and the state militia from Albany Co., 
under Col. Van Schoonoven. He married Maria Van 
Epps. Their children were: 

1. Catherine Mitchell, who married Samuel Van 


2. Charles Mitchell, who married Lydia Brown. 

T^eir son Thomas B., married Helen E. Moyer. 
Their daughter, Jane Ann, married William 

3. Hugh Mitchell, who married Elizabeth Banta. 

Their daughter, Angelica, married Joseph 


Benjamin Mitchell was born in Londonderry, N. H., 

in 1755, and died in Temple, N. H., in 1840. He was a 

private in Capt. Abijah Smith's company at the battle 


of White Plains and served at the battle of Bennington in 
Stark's brigade. He married Martha Steele. Their son, 
Jonathan Mitchell, married Sarah White. 

Benjamin Mitchell, born 1763, died in Cumberland, 
Maine, in 1841. He served in the militia 1776-78, and 
unaer Capt. James Nevins on the sloop Defence, in 1781. 
He married Sarah Fogg. Their son, Benjamin Mitchell, 
Jr., married Hannah Willard, and their daughter, Sarah 
Fogg Mitchell, married William Seabury. 

David Mitchell, born 1748, in Connecticut, died 1810. 
He enlisted in Weathersfield in 1776, and served in the 
Burgoyne campaign. In 1775 he married Sarah Pierce. 
Their son, David Mitchell, married Sarah Dibble, daugh- 
ter of Daniel Dibble and Sarah Patterson. 

David Mitchell, born 1749, in Dartmouth, Mass., 
died in Fairhaven. Mass. He served as a private in 
mil'tia and state line. He married Desire Barrett. Their 
son, Seth Mitchell, married Martha Bartlett, whose 
daughter, Sarah Loring Mitchell, married Oliver Shaw 

Edward Mitchell, born 1760, in Hanover Co., Va., 
died 1837, in St. Clair Co., ill. He served as private and 
corpoial of the Virginia Line. He married Nancy Haley, 
in 1784. Their children were: 

1. Nancy Mitchell married Dr. Samuel Phillips. 

2. Sarah Mitchell married William Glasgow. 
Edward Mitchell, born 1716, in East Bridgewater, 

Mass., where he died in 1801. He served as a colonel of 
militia, 1774-79, when he resigned on account of age. 
In 1738, he married Elizabeth Cushing. Among their 
children were: 

1. Celia Mitchell, married Arthur Harris. 

2. Cushing Mitchell, born 1740, died 1820. Married 

Jennet Orr, 1765. Their daughter. Jennet, mar- 
ried Daniel Bryant; son, Nahum Mitchell, mar- 
ried Abby Lyell. 


3. William Mitchell, born 1750, died 1837, married 
Elizabeth Ward. Their son, Elisha, married 
Lucinda Brewster. 
Eleazer Mitchell was born in Southbury, Conn., in 
1732, and died there in 1819. He was captain of a com- 
pany of volunteers that marched to the relief of New York. 
He married Olive Hitchcock. Their children included: 

1. Simeon Mitchell, who married Hannah Johnson. 

Their daughter, Betsy, married Lemuel Can- 

2. Benjamin Mitchell, who married Hannah Pierce, 

Their son, Eleazur. married Cornelia Merwin. 

James Mills Mitchell of Maine, born 1759. in George- 
town, died 1853, in West Bath. In 1778 he enHsted in 
Col. Bradford's regiment. His wife was Hope Lumbard. 
Their son, Jesse, married Sally Robinson, whose son, 
Caleb Mitchell, married Sarah Cornish. 

John Mitchell was born in MifHin Co., Penn., in 1760, 
and died there in 1842. He enlisted in the artillery under 
Capt. James Taylor and was held a prisoner for two years. 
He received a pension in 1834, as a private in the Penn. 
Line. He married Mary Mitchell. Their daughter, 
Susan, married Martin Miller, 

John Mitchell served as a private in the Cumberland 
Co., Penn. militia. He married Hellen Ross. Their son 
John Ross Mitchell, married Mary S. Eeldeb, and their 
son, John Ross Mitchell, married Margaret Williams; the 
latter's daughter, Hannah, married John Taylor. 

John Mitchell, .orn 1750, died 1823. He was placed 
on the pension roll of Strafford Co., N. H., in 1 8 1 8, and was 
a private in the N. H. Line. He married Abigail Billings. 
Their son. Samuel Mitchell, married Betsey Edgerly, 
whose daughter, Hannah, married Simon L. Gray. 

John Mitchell, born in Charles Co., Md., where he 

died. He served in the Maryland Line and was wounded 

at the battle of Long Island. He married Katharine 

Barnes. Their son. Rev. Richard H. B. Mitchell, married 


Lucinda Compton, whose son, Rev. W. A. Mitchell, mar- 
ried Susan Thomas. 

Jonathan Mitchell, born 1723, near Hingham, Mass., 
died 1821, in North Yarmouth, Maine. He was muster 
master of Cumberland Co., and colonel of a regiment in 
1776. His son, Bela Mitchell, married Susannah Sweat 
whose daughter, Susannah, married Nehemiah Hooper, 
son of David Hooper and Rachel Story. 

(To be Continued.) 



John Mitchell was born in Rockingham Co., Va., 
in 1775, and died in West Virginia in 1853. His wife's 
name was Elizabeth. 

Their children were: 

1. Ann, married Jacob Snyder. 

2. Mary, married David Reed. 

3. William, married Amelia May. 

4. Jesse, married Sarah Ne3selrodt. 

5. Leonard, married Mary E. Hartman. 

6. John, married Dorothy Fitzwater. 

The children of Jesse and Sarah (Nesselrodt) Mitchell 

1. Cyrus, married Priscilla Shaver. 

2. Rachel, married Silas H. Shaver. 

3. Robert, married Arilla Brady. 

4. Nathan, married Rebecca Ratliff. 

5. Albert, married Mary Pope. 

The children of John and Dorothy (Fitzwater) 
Mitchell were: 

1. Elizabeth, married Philip Riggelman. 

2. Abithiar, married Susan Plaugher. 

3. Joshua. 

4. Eliza, married James Nesselrodt. 

5. Mary R., married William S. Nesselrodt. 

6. Jackson, married Hannah Nowrey. 


.71 Ibff^liN' A .'^ 

■.on i]z.>ij'--u 

7 ..oO a' 

L*- «iH .i<.'6\ n: iitn: 

MAINE MARRIAGES *^*" '^ ^''' 

(From Original Records) 

Mitchel. Abigail and William Troop. 9 October, 1814. 

Pittston. Maine. 
Mitchell. Abraham and Hannah E. Mitchell. 13 October, 

1849. Pittston. Maine. 
Mitchell. Abram P. and Mary A. Harmon. 5 November, 

1840. Gardiner. Maine. 
Mitchell. Alfred and Abby E. Swett, 26 December, 1865, 

Brunswick, Maine. 
Mitchell. Annie and Artemas Allen, I February, 1855, 

Hallowell, Maine. 
Mitchell. Barsheba and Joseph Knight, 22 November, 

1804, Falmouth, Maine. 
Mitchell, Benjamin and Content Johnson, 2 February, 

1761, York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Benjamin K. and Eliza A. Harrington, 30 De- 
cember, 1848, Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell. Caroline and William Horsfield, 24 January, 

1868, Pittston, Maine. 
Mitchell, Celesta and John P. Peterson, 25 August. 1861, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Charles R. and Louisa L. Burns, 27 October, 

1856, Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Charlotte and Hiram L. Young. II August, 

1830, Pittston, Maine. 
Mitchell, Charlotte A. and Ezekial H. Bessie, 6 January 

1873, Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Dinah and Isaac Grant, 10 December, 1823, 

Pittston, Maine. 
Mitchell, Dummer and Betty Mowgradge, 9 March, 1791, 

Pittston, Maine. 
Mitchell, Edmund and Almeda Joy, 16 March, 1864, 

Clinton, Maine. 
Mitchel. Eliphet and Mary Knowles, 21 June, 1818, PitU- 

ton. Maine. 


Mitchell, Elizabeth and Zachariah Leach, 23 December, 

1721, York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and Samuel Greenleaf, 10 October, 

1723, York Co.. Maine. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and David Paine, 13 May, 1756, York 

Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and Tobias Fernald, 28 April, 1776, 

York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Ellen and Samuel J. Sewell, 26 April, 1856, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Enos and Mary White, 9 May, 1826, Hallowell, 

Mitchell, Erastus and Sarah Nash, 5 February, 1859, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Etta G. and Alvin B. Harriman, 30 January, 

1883, Randolph, Maine. 
Mitchell, Dr. Ezra and Abby E. Potter, 5 December, 

1866, Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Fanny L. and George A. Gammon, 28 Septem- 
ber, 1858, Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Flora E. and Arthur W. Peaslee, 26 June, 1881, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Franklin and Lucy Perley, 27 November, 1859, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Hannah B. and William T. Sargent, 13 October. 

1847, Portland, Maine. 
Mitchell, Hannah E. and Abraham Mitchell, 13 October, 

1849, Pittston, Maine. 
Mitchell, Hannah J. and Warren L. Baker, 8 July, 1856, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell. Mrs. Hannah P. and Harvey Scribner, 10 Oc- 
tober, 1860, Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Hattie E. and Charles 0. Blackman, 24 De- 
cember, 1872, Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Helena and George L. Davis, 2 October, 1879. 
Pittston, Maine. 


Mitchell, Hepsibah and Samuel Knowlton, 12 July, 1858, 

Randolph. Maine. 
Mitchell, Huldah and Samuel Lewis, 6 February, 1766, 

York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Isaac S. and Mary E. Lane. 15 October, 1854, 

W. Gardiner. Maine. 
Mitchel, Jabez and Hepzibah Meservey, 5 January, 1833, 

Pittston, Maine. 
Mitchell, Jabez N. and Jemima Cummings, 23 March, 

1823, Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Joana and Timothy Blake, 25 March, 1716, 

York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, John and Lydia Sewell, 2 February, 1736, York 

Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, John S. and Elizabeth Houston, 16 July, 1854, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Joseph Jr., and Isabella Bragdon, 5 January, 

1726, York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Joseph, Jr., and Francina Fuller, 4 December, 

1856, Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Joseph L. and Sarah Robinson, 1 July, 1846, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, J. E. and Etta Jackson, 25 November. 1878, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Kate R. and Charles H. Maxcy, 29 April, 1879, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Leonette E. and Charles H. Oldham, 22 May, 

1879, Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Lydia and James Russell, Jr., 5 June, 1760, 

York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Maria and John Marson, 11 November, 1854, 

Pittston, Maine. 
Mitchell, Martha and Enoch Knight, 1809, York Co., 

Mitchell, Martha A. and David L. Davis, 8 December, 

1864, Randolph, Maine. 


Mitchell. Mary and Robert Follett, 16 July, 1767. York 

Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Mary and Jonathan Soule, 20 November, 1783. 

N. Yarmouth, Maine. 
Mitchell, Mary and Isaiah Stanford, 12 April, 1834, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Ann and Shirley Libby, 25 Decem- 

ber, 1845, Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Mary E. and Isaac S. Whitney, 1 September, 

1852, Pittston, Maine. 
Mitchell, Mary W. and Merrill Sewell. 2 August, 1854, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Melva S. and John F. Harriman, 23 December, 

1877. Randolph, Maine. 
Mitchell, Miriam and Andrew Phillips, 27 January, 1728, 

York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Nathan 0. and Mrs, Nancy Purrington, 12 

February, 1843, Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Nellie E. and A. R. Simmons. 30 May, 1872. 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Nellie Z. and John F. Harriman, 23 December, 

1877, Gardiner. Maine. 
Mitchell. Newton and Mary E. Gordon. 18 October, 

1870. Randolph, Maine. 
Mitchell, Richard, Jr., and Huldah Weare, 19 April, 1737. 

N. Yarmouth. Maine. 
Mitchell. Richard and Mrs. Mary Jones. 1740. York Co., 

Mitchell. Richard and Mrs. Sarah Taylor, 18 April. 1793, 

Pittston, Maine. 
Mitchell, Roger and Sarah Cutts, 3 November, 1717, 

York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Roger and (l .) Bridget Couch, 7 August. 1 720. (2.) 

Mary Gould. 1727. York Co.. Maine. 

Mitchell. Samuel, Jr., and Martha Radcliff, 1740. York 

Co., Maine. 

(To be Continued) 



(From Town Records) 

Joseph Mitchell and Mary George, married 5 July, 1703. 
Their children were: 

Jonathan, born 25 May, 17C4. 

John, born 19 August, 1707. , i'.< ' 

Thomas, born 30 May, 1712. ^■•;' 

Mary, born 5 February, 1715. ''-^ 

George Mitchell and Sarah Mott, married 27 February, 

Their children were: 

John, born 8 December, 1712. ^^i ? ' :^y. 1^79 

Rebecca, born 20 July, 1714. 

Mardien, born 23 March, 1716. b-r. il-f). 

Ruth, born 25 December, 1717. )■ 

George, born 5 March, 1720. 
Jonathan Mitchell and Abigail Dickens, married 13 Janu- 
ary, 1725. 
Their children were: 

Joseph, born 5 November, 1726. 

Jonathan, born 6 February, 1729. 

Freelove, born 5 January, 1733. 

Elizabeth, born 6 October, 1 738. 
Jonathan Mitchell, Jr., and Catherine Rose, married 26 

January, 1757. 
Their children were: 

Joseph, born 19 May, 1758. 

Abigail, born 1 November, 1759. 

Alexander, born 9 May, 1761. 

Levi, born 27 May, 1 763. 

Samuel George, born 17 October, 1765. 

John, born 1 1 February, 1769. 

David Rose, born 26 April, 1773. 

Catherine, born 17 September, 1777. 

Hepsabath, born 23 October, 1783. 


Joseph Mitchell, Jr., and Naoma Dickens, married 23 

January, 1745. 
Their children were: 
^ Samuel, born 17 November, 1747. 

Solomon, born 6 September, 1753. 
* Freelove, born 21 November, 1755. 

^., Jonathan, born 14 January, 1761. 

Thomas, born 9 December, 1764. 

Henry, born 20 January, 1769. 

Hancock, born 2 July, 1 770. ' ^^ '' '^^ • ' 

Naoma, born 15 July, 1772. 
Joseph Mitchell and Ruth Trim, married 1 May, 1779. 
Their children were : 

Christopher, born 12 September, 1780. 
;. Elizabeth, born 23 May. 1782. 

^ Desire, born 12 April, 1785. 

I Marcy, born 20 February, 1787. 

Jonathan, born 30 September, 1789. 

Catherine R., born 17 August, 1791. ;78.S. 

Benjamin, born 16 December, 1794. 

Ruth, born 3 December, 1795. 

Prudence, born 12 May, 1797. 

William, born 6 May, 1 799. 
Jonathan Mitchell and Mary Dickens, married 8 March, 

Their children were: 

Ann D., born 22 June, 1782. 

Abraham, born 7 August, 1784. 

Nathaniel, born 22 May, 1787. 

Abigail, born 16 December, 1790. 

Freelove, born 16 April, 1793. 

Mary, born 23 June, 1795. 

Barzilla, born 12 September, 1797 

Naoma, born 8 February, 1799, 

Gideon, born 8 March, 1802. 


Solomon Mitchell and Ruth Sheffield, married 8 Novem- 
ber. 1781. 
Their children were: 

Joseph, born 24 July. 1783. '' "^■•^*-"^-- ''■> --ro... 

Solomon, born 24 July. 1785. 

Mary, born 10 November. 1789. ^'''«--^^^*- ' j.nv.ry. i: 

Naoma. born 10 March. 1793. 

Samuel, born 4 October. 1794. • '^'^^'^ ^- '^'^^^'^ 

Thomas, born 10 December, 1798. 
Abraham Mitchell and Betsy Pocock, married 27 March, 

Their children were: 

James R., born 18 September, 1809. 

Mary, born 8 December. 1813. 

Peggy, born 3 April. 1816. 

Freelove, born 4 July, 1818. 


(PYom Original Records) 
Mitchell. Aaron and Hannah Hunt, 6 January, 1788. 

Trenton, N. J. 
Mitchell, Abigail ^nd Stephen Conkling, 2 May. 1776, 

Morristown. N. J. 
Mitchell, Abraham and Mary Piffets, 29 January. 1757. 

Burlington Co.. N. J. 
Mitchell. Ann and John Nance. 28 June. 1770. State 

Mitchel, Catherine and Jacob Cot, 23 November. 1741. 

Burlington Co.. N. J. 
Mitchell, Catherine and Adam Brewer, 12 January. 

1742. iMonmouth Co.. N. J. 
Mitchel, Catherine and Elisha Johnston, 20 November, 

1759. Monmouth Co., N. J. 

Michel, Catherine and Joseph Mitten, 20 November, 

1760, Shrewsbury. N. J. 

Mitchell, Catherine and John Allison, 17 June. 1771, 
Morristown. N. J. 


a'l 8 

'kV Dsiite/n , i *•<■,•, -Juk.'* 

.?s'v! :m 

Mitchell. Daniel and Anna Fort, 27 October, 1783, 

Burlington Co., N. J. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and John Barber, 16 September, 

1728, State Licence. 
Mitchel, Elizabeth and John Freestone, 5 January, 1769, 

State Licence. 
Mitchel, Frances and Grover Stout, 16 March, 1775, 

Amwell, N. J. 
Mitchell, George and Ann Croney, 2 March, 1782, Bur- 
lington Co., N. J, 
Mitchell, Hannah and John Young, 24 November, 1768, 

Morristown, N. J, 
Mitchell, Isaac and Byer Hallsteed, 14 June, 1764. 

Monmouth Co., N. J. 
Mitchell, Jacob and Mary Goble, 15 November. 1803, 

Morristown, N. J, 
Mitchell, James and Catherine Jonson, 25 September, 

1755. Monmouth Co.. N. J. 
Mitchell. James and Ruth Leamon, 17 November, 1799, 

Middlesex Co.. N. J. 
Mitchell, Jane and Abraham Stage, 6 August, 1807, 

Morristown, N. J. 
Mitchell, John and Hanna Parker, 13 April, 1762, Men- 

mouth Co., N. J. 
Mitchell, John and Phebe Randall, both of Bucks Co.. 

Pa., 17 October. 1763. State Licence. 
Mitchell, John and Sarah Willett. both of Bucks Co., 

Pa., 27 July, 1776. State License. 
Mitchell, Joseph and Hannah Dunham, 20 June, 1753, 

Middlesex Co.. N. J. 
Mitchell, Lewis and Elizabeth Stevens, 6 May, 1740. 

Monmouth Co., N. J. 
Mitchell, Lucy and WiHiam Stevenson, 6 March, 1785. 

Morristown, N. J. 
Mitchell, Lydia A. and John A. Jacobus. 18 May. 1870. 

Passaic Co.. N. J. 

(To be Continued.) 



(Contributed by Rowland D. Buford. for many years Clerk of Bedford 

Co. This list includesj everj' Mitchell marriage from 177S to 1015.) 

(Continued from page 48) 

Samuel J. Mitchell and Sarah J. Creasey, married 
7 February, 1861, by Rev. John G. Shepperson. 

Charles E. Mitchell and Sarah Wood, daughter of 
Charles and Betsey Wood, married 26 November, 1861, 
by Rev. William Harris. 

George T. Pleasants and Virginia H. Mitchell, 
daughter of Robert C. and Ann L. Mitchell, married 
6 August, 1862, by Rev. John W. Howard. 

John S. Mitchell and Sarah M. Leftwich.daughter 
of William and Sarah C. Leftwich, married 27 January, 

1864, by Rev. Horace P. Smith. 

Burwell D. Mitchell and Martha V. Beard, daughter 
of David F. and Ann Beard, married 15 December, 1864, 
by Rev. P. T. Penick. 

Thomas Burnett and Frances Mitchell, daughter of 
Samuel M. and Mary Mitchell, married 4 October, 

1865, by Rev. Josiah J. Settle. 

James C. Morris and Mary E. Mitchell, daughter of 
Robert and Sally Mitchell, married 12 October, 1865, 
by Rev. C. W. Wood. 

Isaac Wade and Emily E, Mitchell, daughter of 
Daniel and Sally Mitchell, married 24 December, 1865, 
by Rev. Thomas W. Dooley. 

Ballard Weeks and Sarah V. Mitchell, daughter of 
John P. and Martha J. Mitchell, married 1 April, 1866, 
by Rev. George W. Leftwich. 

John W. Wilson and Susan T. Mitchell, daughter 
of Benjamin M. and Jane Mitchell, married 12 June. 

1866, by Rev. Cyrus Doggett. 

David Preston Parr, Jr., and Fannie Ellen Mitchell, 
daughter of Robert C. and Ann L. Mitchell, married 
23 August, 1866, by Rev. John W. Howard. 

(To be Continued.) 



(From Original Records) 

Will of Richard Mitchell; 1779. No sons mentioned. 
Nephews, Richard, and Robert. Sisters, Susannah Glas- 
cock and Hannah Mitchell. 

Will of Richard Mitchell. 1839. Son, Richard B. 
Daughters, Sallie, who married Samuel Gresham, Athelina 
A. and Mary B. Wife Fanny. 

Will of Richard Mitchell. 1815. Daughter. Fannie 
B., who married Lemoine. Son William B. Mitchell, 
Robert Mitchell, who died without any heir. 


Robert Mitchell to Hannah Ball. 1746. 
WilHam Mitchell to Mary Miller, 1769. 
Thad Mitchell to Ann Mitchell, 1804. 
Dan Mitchell to Elizabeth George, 1804. 
James Mitchell to Eleanor Brent, 1804. 
Richard Mitchell to Dolly Deggs. 1804. 
Dan Mitchell to Catherine Deggs, 1804. 
James Mitchell to Susanna Sherman, 1804, 

Marriage Bond 

Know all men by these presents that we Richard Mitchell 
and John Glascock, are held and firmly Bound unto his 
excellency. Benjamin Harrison. Esqr., Governor of Vir- 
ginia, for the time being, and his successors, in the just 
sum of Fifty pounds Lawful money of Virginia. The pay- 
ment whereof well and truly to be made, we Bind ourselves 
and each of our Heirs. Exors. & jointly and severally this 
7th day of March. 1793. 

The condition of this obligation is. that whereas there 
is a marriage shortly intended to be solemnized between 
the above Richard Mitchell, and Pegg. (Margaret) Gun- 
yon. Now if there shall no lawful cause appear to ob- 
struct the same, then this obligation is void, otherwise to 

remain in full force and power. ^' Dtcftrr 

Signed sealed and delivered in the 
presence of Thadeus McCarty. 




(From Ori£inal Records) 

Mitchell, Abraham and Susanna Janance, 13 August, 1774, 

Staten Island, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Andrew and Mary Van Eppe. 12 September, 

1760, State Licence. 
Mitchell, Andrew and Ann Steele, 23 October, 1780, 

State Licence. 
Mitchel, Andrew and Margaret Stiles, 18 March, 1781. 

State Licence. 
Mitchell, Ann and John Miller, 7 March, 1760, State 

Mitchell, Anna and Elias Inyard, 6 October, 1793, Port 

Richmond, Staten Island, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Anna and Salmon Coffin, 25 January, 1798, 

Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
Mitchell, Anna and Nehemiah Merritt, 28 November, 

1820. Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
Mitchell, Anna and Henry G. Stott, 23 July, 1894, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Benjamin R. and Lucretia Mitchell, 26 Novem- 
ber, 181 1, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
Mitchell, Mrs. Catherine & Z. Swift Webb, 25 October, 

1886, New York City. 
Mitchell, Cornelius B. and Mary E. Davis. 3 November, 

1880. New York City. 
Mitchell, Edith M. and Henry R. Drowne, 17 November, 

1886, New York City. 
Mitchell, Edward and Caroline C. Woolsey, 5 December, 

1867. New York City. 



IH\\ jb-iM 8[ ,iMhl 

Mitchel. Edwin and Mary A. Squier, 30 December, 1849, 

Port Richmond. Staten Island, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Rev. Edwin K. and Hetty M. Enos, 20 January, 

1887. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Eleanor V. & Lawrence Hutton, 7 April. 1885, 

Sing Sing, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Elijah and Angeline TiUey. 15 February, 1821. 

Oyster Bay, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Elinor and Jesse Lear, 3 June, 1779, State Li- 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and Daniel Robbins, 26 November, 

1812. Dutchess Co.. N. Y. 
Mitchell. Emily L. and Laban H. Holdridge. 1826. Chat- 
ham, N. Y. 
Mitchell, George G. and Mary E. Lawrence. 24 July. 1826. 

Jamaica, N. Y. 
Mitchell, George L. and Pearl Beattie. 1 December. 1903. 

New York City. 
Mitchell. Helen E. and Charles P. Gruppe. June 1889, 

Lakeville. N. Y. 
Mitchel. Hugh and Sophia Peters. 14 November, 1768, 

State Licence. 
Mitchell. Ida L. and Frank C. Lyon. 21 October. 1885. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mitchell. Isabelle X. and Thomas 0. Sloane. 18 September. 

1877. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Mitchell. Jacamiah and Sarah Bown, 4 November, 1758, 

State Licence. 
Mitchell, James and Elizabeth McGarr, 16 August. 1773. 

State Licence. 
Mitchel, John and Elizabeth Lewis. 17 March. 1758. 

State Licence. 
Mitchell, John and Deborah Prince. 22 May, 1760, State 

Mitchel, John and Rebecca Hulcat. 12 September, 1764, 

State Licence. 

(To be continued) 


The Mitchell Family ^' "■ 


JANUARY, 1917 



According to a copy made in 1725 of the original 
"Grand Model" of Charles Town, as laid out previous 
to 1680, lot No. 9 fronting on the Cooper River was "said 
to have been granted to John Mitchell" from which it 
may be inferred that the latter had by that date sold or 
abandoned the property. (South Carolina Hist. Magaz., 
Vol. IX, p. 16). This was probably the same John 
Mitchell to whom the Governor and council granted "one 
lot at ye Oyster point" 19 April. 1679. (S. C. War- 
rants 1672-9, p. 198). 

An Edward Mitchell was born in Charles Town in 
1700. His son James lived in Roanoke County, Virginia, 
and left descendants. (Am. Ancestry, Vol. XI, p. 116). 

A map printed by Harman Mall in 1715 shows that 
at least two Carolina plantations, situated respectively 
on the north and south outlets of the Edisto River, about 
five miles from the coast, were then occupied by families 
named Mitchell. Edward Crisp's map undated, but 
"engraved by John Harris in Bull-head Court, Newgate 
Street. London" — and "sold at the Carolina Coffee House 
inBirchin Lane" gives "Eph. Michel" as the owner of the 
plantation on the South Edisto and "Ja. Michel" as the 
owner of the one on the North Edisto. 

Most of the South CaroHna Mitchells previous to 
1750 were found in Colleton and Granville Counties in 
the southern section of the Colony and were more or less 
closely related. Many of them belonged to a family of 
Scotch Presbyterians who had settled in St. Bartholo- 

icfifj^i'ro sdJ v.- CSV I 

!fio5 ?i. 


mew's Parish about the beginning of the Eighteenth 
Century. The founder of this family was apparently one 
George Mitchell, who died in 1721. Another George 
Mitchell, usually designated as "Senior" and possibly a 
son of the George Mitchell just mentioned, was a planter 
of considerable means living in St. Bartholomew's parish. 
He died in 1736 leaving his widow Hannah and five child- 

(1) John; (2) Joseph; (3) Elizabeth; (4) Rachel; 
(5) Tabitha. Of these, John and Joseph were planters 
and connected as deacons and otherwise with the manage- 
ment of the Scotch Presbyterian Churches at Pon Pon 
and Will Town, which from 1728 onwards were under the 
authority of the Edinburg Presbytery. 

In 1731 a William Mitchell was appointed a 
juryman for the Parish of St. Helena, and Daniel 
Mitchell and Ephriam Mitchell jurymen for St. Paul's 
Parish. In the same year Ephriam Mitchell (variously 
spelled "Michel," "Michael" and "Mickell") secured 
a grant of 300 acres of land in St. Helena's Parish. 
(Vol. 1 of Grants, p. 276, Secretary of State's Office.) 
He died in 1743, leaving his widow Elizabeth, 
daughter of William Hazard, and four children; 
(I) John; (2) Joseph; (3) Benjamin; (4) Elizabeth. 
In his will he mentioned 100 pounds left by his father 
to the Baptist Church at Edisto. 

In 1734 George Mitchell joined the St. 
Andrew Society in Charlestown, and the same year 
James Mitchell of Edisto Island and his wife 
Martha (daughter of John Sams) obtained a hundred acres 
of land on Edisto Island adjoining the plantation of Paul 

In the South Carolina Gazette for 29 April, 1732, is 
noted the arrival from Barbadoes of the Ship Concord 
under command of Charles Mitchell. 


In 1735 Moses Mitchell bought land in the 
town of Dorchester, St. George's Parish. Two years 
later he purchased a pew in St, Philip's Church, and 
secured a large grant of land from the Crown, situated in 
Berkley County. 

In 1736, Lewis Mitchell, a native of Switzer- 
land, secured grants of land in Purrysburg Township, 
Granville County. (Vol. 9, pp. 371-4 of Grants in office 
of Secretary of State). This gentleman seems to have 
been the same man described in a letter written by John 
Barnwell in 1712 in the following terms: 

"I must not forget one Mr. Mitchell, a Swiss brave 
gentleman who for true valor and presence of mind in ye 
midst of action accompanied with a gentle obliging car- 
riage and ingenious to a great degree rendered him ye 
most acceptable companion in this my last Ramble. 
This good tempered gentleman is an agent here of the 
Canton of Bern, he had a mind to see South Carolina. 
I whetted his inclination as much as I could by showing 
the difference between the two governments" (Vol. 6 
Virginia Magaz. of Hist., p. 48). 

The first wife of Dr. Thomas Waring who died in 
1744 was a Miss Mitchell ("Our Forefathers, Their 
Homes and Churches, p. 36). 

In 1737 William Mitchell secured the grant 
of some land in Orangeburg Township, and the same 
year Moses Mitchell obtained a grant in the 
adjoining town of Amelia. 

In the South Carolina Gazette of 26 March, 1737 is 
noted the arrival of the "Brigt. Hopewell, Wm. Mitchell 
from Barbadoes, and in the same issue is a note reading 
"Lately arrived from Ireland and Barbadoes a small 
parcel of Irish Linen Cloth, Rum and Sugar, which are 
to be sold by Wm. Mitchell at his store on the Bay. at 
Mr. Henry Williams at the Monmouthshire Tavern, at 
a reasonable price for ready Money." 

In 1738 John Mitchell (probably the son of 
George Mitchell "Senior") obtained grants of land in 
Colleton County, and in 1741, three grants in Granville 

George Mitchell ("Junior") was a surgeon 
and probably the nephew of George Mitchell, "Senior," 
near whom he lived. He died in 1740 without wife or 
children. It appears from his will that he was the son 
of Hugh Mitchell and Janet, his wife, of Dalzam 
Parish, County of Ayr, Scotland. His brothers were 
Hugh Mitchell of Edinburgh, and the Rev. Andrew 
Mitchell, a Presbyterian minister of the County of Ayr. ' 
He had also two sisters, Mrs. Jane Campbell and Mrs. 
Agnes Logan, both of Scotland. 

John Mitchell of Christ Church Parish died 
in 1741. His will mentions no relatives but only a 
friend, Joseph Severance, who is named sole executor. 

In 1743 Charles Mitchell was married to 
Martha Tomlinson in St. Philip's Church. 

Daniel Mitchell of St. John's Parish, Colle- 
ton, died in 1746, leaving a wife, Catherine, and a son, 
Daniel, also a nephew John Beckett. 

In 1746 Joseph Mitchell of Colleton County, 
evidently the son of George Mitchell, Sr., died. His 
will mentions his wife Martha, son William and brother 

In 1749 Robert Mitchell joined the St. An- 
drew Society in Charles Town. 

Thomas Mitchell was a well known planter of 
George Town in the middle of the eighteenth century. 

Mitchell's History of Bridgewater says: "There 
was a John Mitchell in Marshfield in 1825, aged eighty- 
five years, whose father, John Mitchell, came from Old 
York, Me. His grandfather was killed by the Indians. 
His father told him he was related to the Mitchells of 



(From Original Records) 
(Continued from page 58) 

Mitchell. Samuel and Martha Buckley. 10 July, 1745, 

York Co.. Maine. 
Mitchell. Samuel and Joanna Follett. 8 November, 1761, 

York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Sarah and Jonathan Partridge, 17 January, 

1717, York Co.. Maine. 
Mitchell, Sarah and Mannerit Beal, 19 January, 1721, 

York Co.. Maine. 
Mitchell. Sarah and Thomas Adams, 4 April, 1723, York 

Co.. Maine. 
Mitchell. Sarah and Jonathan Seaward, 1736, York Co., 

Mitchell. Sarah and William Cerrish, 4 September, 1753, 

York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell. Sarah and Benjamin Maggridge, 22 January, 

1755, York Co., Maine. 
Mitchell. Sarah L. and Reuben Haseltine, 5 November, 

1848. Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell. Sewell and Deborah Dennett. 8 December, 1832, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Mitchell, Solomon and Mary Mitchell, 29 January, 1730, 

York Co.. Maine. 
Mitchell, Susan and Edward Howard, 1728, York Co., 

Mitchell, Temperance and William Radcliff, 1739, York 

Co., Maine. 
Mitchell, Thomas A. and Mrs. Elizabeth Call, 30 April, 

1844, Pittston, Maine. 
Mitchell, William and Mary Seller, 9 May, 1756. York 

Co., Maine. 
Mitchell. William P. and Abbie A. Gray, 21 November, 

1869, Pittston, Maine. 

(To be Continued) 



(From Original Records) 

John Mitchell^ Cumberland Co., Penn., 9 Jan., 
1756, 17 Feb., 1756. ^^^ ^ ., ,.^ , , 

wife Elizabeth - « ^ 


., daughter Jean 

* '"^ daughter Elizabeth 

daughter Margaret 

daughter Mary Ann 

son Thomas 

son Robert 

Elizabeth Mitchell, Cumberland Co., Penn., 4 
March. 1765. 26 April, 1765. 

daughter Jean 

daughter Martha 

daughter Mary Ann 

daughter Mary Jane 

son Robert 

John Mitchell, Cumberland Co., Penn.. 7 Dec, 1773, 
17 May, 1774. 

wife Agnes 

daughter Mary 

daughter Jane Parkeson 

daughter Sarah Hart 

son Joseph 

son James 

Gavin Mitchell, Cumberland Co., Penn., 18 April, 
1778. 12 Sept.. 1782. 

wife Isabella 

son Alexander 

son Ezekiel 

son James 

son Robert 

son-in-law, Josiah Brown 

daughter Susanna 

daughter Margaret 


daughter Agnes 

daughter Ruth i-y.^ 

daughter Jean 

Samuel Mitchell, Cumberland Co., Penn., 20 April, 
1783. 16 July. 1783. 


son William 

son Robert ... . . lut - 

daughter Janet " ' 

daughter Mary 

Isabell Mitchell, Cumberland Co., Penn., 19 June, 
1789, 12 Sept., 1792. 

son Ezekiel 

daughter Susanna 

daughter Jean 

daughter Ruth 


(From Town Records) 
Zebadee Mitchell and Anne Bartlett married 29 December, 

Their children were: 

Darius, born 15 September, 1755. 

Elisha, born 8 August, 1756. 

Avis, born 14 May, 1758. 
Zebadee Mitchell and Ruth Thornton married 19 Sep- 
tember, 1762. 

Son William, born 8 February, 1764. 
Ezekial Mitchell and Abigail Smith married 19 April, 1772. 

Olive, born 13 July, 1773. 

Rachel, born 18 November. 1774. 


The following is a complete list of the Mitchell wills 
probated in Bedford County, Virginia, from 1754 to 1830. 
The date of probate is given. 

Mitchell. Daniel. 25 Sept., 1775. 

Mitchell. Robert, 25 Feb., 1799. 


(From Original Records) 

George Mitchell. York Co., Penn.. 23 Sept.. 1769. 
18 Nov.. 1769. 

wife Caterina Dorothea 

daughter Caterina Dorothea 

youngest son John George 

four other children 

George Mitchell. York Co.. Penn.. 10 April. 1816, 
30 June. 1816. 

wife Elizabeth 

son John 

son Thomas 

son George 

son William 

son James 

son Robert 

brother Joseph 

daughter Violet 

daughter, Elizabeth, wife of John Theakell. 


(From Original Records) 
Children of Thomas Mitchell and Rebecca Colley: 

Thomas, born 16 November, 1747. 
Children of Thomas Mitchell and Jane Doty: 

Sabra. born 7 January. 1778. 

i*"' \ twins, born 31 March. 1780. 
Ruby ) 

Deborah, born 22 June, 1782. 

Polly, born 26 December. 1785. 

Dolly, born 10 September, 1787. 

Rebecca, born 27 October, 1791. 

William Mitchell, formerly a Justice of the Supreme 
Court of New York, died 7 October, 1 886, in his eighty- 
sixth year. 


.<\I8? .litqA 0! ..naoH .. 


(Continued from page 64) 

Mitchell, John and Jane Hewlett, 17 April, 1793, Jamaica, 

N. Y. 
Mitchell, John and Charlotte Rodman, 4 July, 1828, 

Jamaica, N, Y. 
Mitchell, John A. and Hannah Candler, 2 May, 1854, 

Montgomery Co., N. Y. 
Mitchel, John P. and Olive Child, 3 April, 1909, New 

York City. 
Mitchell, Joseph and Lydia Mosher, 24 December, 1789, 

Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
Mitchell, Joseph and Lydia Swain, 23 August, 1810, Hud- 
son, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Lizzie and Tom T. Waller, 12 January. 1887, 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Lucretia and Benjamin R. Mitchell, 26 Novem- 
ber, 181 I.Dutchess Co., N.Y. 
Mitchell, Lydia and Anthony Lawton, 29 October, 1818, 

Dutchess Co., N. Y. 
Mitchell. Maggie and Henry Paddock. 15 October. 1868. 

New York City. 
Mitchell. Margaret and Stephen Ryder. 6 January, 1773. 

Jamaica, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Maria and William H. Rightmyer, 6 January, 

1870, Hannibal. N.Y. 
Mitchell. Mary and Jacob Smith. 25 February. 1760. 

State Licence. 
Mitchell. Mary and Lambert Jenners, 21 August, 1774, 

Staten Island, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Mary and Samuel Sutton, 24 February. 1814. 

Dutchess Co.. N. Y. 
Mitchell. Mary and William C. Wilbor. 13 September. 

1876. Addison. N.Y. 
Mitchell. Mary J. and Lewis H. Norton. 18 November, 

1863. East Greenbush. N.Y. 


Mitchell. Mary L. and Claudius B. Spencer, 20 Oc- 
tober, 1886, Brockport, N. Y. 
Mitchell. Mrs. Matilda J. and Michael Canfield, 3 June. 

1886, New York City. 
Mitchell, Oliver and Mary Thorn. 21 October. 1837, 

Oyster Bay. N. Y. 
Mitchell, Phebe and John Nuttman. 2 December. 1737, 

State Licence. 
Mitchell, Phebe and James Fairlie, 2 June, 1757, State 

Mitchell. Phebe and Jonas Halstead, 27 March. 1767. 

State Licence. 
Mitchel, Phebe and David Gelston. 24 August, 1769, 

State Licence. 
Mitchell, Rachel and John Seguine, 13 Aug. 1774, Staten 

Island. N. Y. 
Mitchell, Rebecca and Benjamin Waldron, 1850, Hudson. 

N. Y. 
Mitchell, Richard and Hannah Lawton, 26 December, 

1822, Dutchess Co.. N. Y. 
Mitchel, Robert and Sarah Allen. 9 April, 1757, State Li- 
Mitchell, Robert and Mary Latham, 12 June, 1759, 

State Licence. 
Mitchell. Sally and Ananias Boyce, 18 October, 1807. Rens- 

saeler Co.. N. Y. 
Mitchell. Samuel S. and Clara A. ConLey. 20 February, 

1893. New York City. 
Mitchell, Sarah and Joseph Bowne, 2 February. 1762, 

State Licence. 
Mitchell, Sarah and John Bessonet, 23 July, 1778. State 

Mitchell, Susannah and John Morrell. 22 December, 1781, 

State Licence. 
Mitchell. Thomas and Statia Clements. 19 December, 

1760, State Licence. 


Mitchell, Thomas and Loretta Hegaman, 1 July. 1783, 

State Licence. 
Mitchell, Thomas and Elizabeth Green, 23 November, 

1797, Dutchess Co.. N. Y. 
Mitchell, Thomas and Rebecca Wissin, 16 October, 1827, 

Oyster Bay, N. Y. 
Mitchell, Uriah and Freelove Smith, 14 May. 1770. State 

Mitchell, Uriah and Sarah Cornell, 5 March, 1774, State 

Mitchell, Walter and Catherine Bush, 20 May, 1779, 

State Licence. 
Mitchell. William and Betty Winegar, 13 November, 1759. 

Amenia, N. Y. 
Mitchell. William and Abigail Doty. 28 September. 1779. 

State Licence. 

(To be Continued) 


(From the Records of GuiLford County) 

Robert Mitchell, 6 Nov., 1775-Nov., 1775; wife 
Margaret, son Adam, grandson Robert. "Mary Ross and 
Jean Anderson of my daughter." daughter Rebecca. 

Robert Mitchel. 10 Oct.. 1829— Aug.. 1832. son Wil- 
liam, daughter Mary Dawson, daughter Martha Mitchell, 
son-in-law Kendal Dawson. 

Samuel Mitchel. 26 June, 1839 (Cod. 19 July, 1839) 
Aug., 1839, brother Joseph, sister Mary Perdue; men- 
tions John Perdue. 

John Mitchel. 1 July. 1841— Nov., 1841. 

Item: "I will that my executors (who I shall here- 
after mention) purchase a marble tombstone such a one 
as they may think proper and have the following inscrip- 
tion put on it: 

In Memory of 

John Mitchel 

who was born April the 10th, 1773 and departed this life— 



"Ye sons of men as you pass by 
As you are now so once was I 
As I am now soon you must be 
I pray prepare to follow me." 

brother Samuel, sister-in-law Margaret Mitchel, James 
M. Mitchel. son of James Mitchel (dec'd), niece Isabel Mit- 
chel, Elizabeth Shelton, granddaughter of Adam Mitchel, 
Samuel, son of Joseph Mitchel, niece Doce Kirkpatrick, 
Julia Ann Kirkpatrick, daughter of Doce, Joseph Kirk- 
patrick, brother Adam, half brothers, James Ross, Allen 
Ross, George Ross, nephew John Mitchel Ross, half 
sister Hannah Rife, niece Polly Perdue, nephew John 
Mitchel, nephew Allen P. Mitchel, nephews Michael 
Cunningham and Joseph Cunningham, niece Hannah 
Donnell, niece Polly Pritchett, to children of N. and H. 
Kerr, desceased, viz: Melinda, Unisa, Elizabeth, and 
Samuel Kerr, To Buffalo Presbyterian Church, to Joseph 
Kirkpatrick, "brothers Samuel Mitchel, Erwin Donnell, 
William Pritchett, Joseph Cunningham, Joseph Kirk- 
patrick and Joseph Mitchel." 

Adam Mitchel, II October, 1835— May, 1843, wife. 
Elizabeth, son Joseph, daughter Polly Perdue, daughter 
Isabella, son William, granddaughter Elizabeth Shelton, 
and son Samuel. 

Samuel Mitchel, 29 August, 1849— May, 1851, son 
John M. Mitchel, daughter Doce Kirkpatrick, grand- 
children David, Julia and Margaret Louisa Kirkpatrick, 
Samuel and Elizabeth Wharton Kerr, to Margaret Denny, 
daughter of William. 


(From Swede's Church Records 
Joshua Mitchell and Sarah Randall were married 
15 June, 1763. Their children included Frances and 
Hester. Frances Mitchell married 20 May, 1794, John 
Gregory, son of John and Frances Gregory. Hester 
Mitchell married 2 June, 1796, John Jordan, son of 
Samuel and Sarah Jordan of New York. 



(Contributt-d by Rowland D. Buford. for many years Clerk of Bedford 

Co. This list includes cverj' Mitcheu mirrij,ge from 17 TS to 1915.) 

(Continued from page 61) 

William H. Mitchell and Icilia C. Padgett, daughter 
of Beverly H. and Elizabeth M. Padgett, married 1st No- 
vember, 1866, by Rev. H. T. Pryor. 

David F. Beard and Barbara A. Mitchell, daughter 
of Daniel and Sarah Mitchell, married 6th December, 

1866, by Rev. George P. Luck. 

E. R. Mitchell and Keziah F. Hall, daughter of John 
W. and Malinda Hall, married 11th December, 1866, by 
Rev. Abner Anthony. 

John F. Curtis and Lucy B. Mitchell, daughter of 
Robert C. and Ann L. Mitchell, married 19th November, 

1867, by Rev. Thomas W. Hooper. 

Albert T. Mitchell and Lucy J. Inge, daughter of Joel 
and Mary Inge, married 4th December, 1867, by Rev. H. 
T. Pryor. 

James P. Meador and Matilda Octavia Mitchell, 
daughter of Jabez and Ellen Mitchell, married 11th De- 
cember, 1867, by Rev. Thomas N. Sanderson. 

William W. Mitchell and M. A. Nichols, daughter 
of John F. and Polly Nichols, married 24th December, 

1867. by Rev. C.W.Wood. 

Samuel T. Mitchell and M. J. Nichols, daughter of 
Samuel and Mary Nichols, married ICth December, 1868, 
by Rev. C. W. Wood. 

Elijah R. Nichols and Rebecca B. Kenneth, daughter 
of Ora B. and Kennett, married 17th December, 

1868. by Rev. C. W.Wood. 

Robert K. Thurman and Mary M. Mitchell, daughter 
of Jabez and Ellen Mitchell, married 6th January, 1869, 
by Rev. B. S. Turner. 

John E. Mitchell and Charlotte Sale Bell, daughter 
of Orville P. and Nannie G. Bell, married 1st September, 

1869. by Rev. John A. Wharton, 


John D. Mitchell and Mary E. Munada, daughter of 
Harrison and Elizabeth L. Munada, married 2 1st October 
1869. by Rev. H. T. Pryor. 

William H. Leftwich and Jennie Mitchell, daughter 
of Samuel M. and Mary Mitchell, married 15th December, 

1869. by Rev. C. L. Anthony. 

John E. Fitzpatrick and Virginia Mitchell, daughter 
of Robert and Eliza A. Mitchell, married 3Cth November, 

1870. by Rev. J. S. Hunter. 

Henry H. Chewning and Virginia M. Mitchell, 
daughter of Jabez and Eleanor Mitchell, married 28th De- 
cember, 1870, by Rev. B. S. Turner. 

James Mitchell and Jerusha Saunders, daughter of 
Reuben and Ann Saunders, married 25th December. 1870. 
by Rev. C. L. Anthony. 

Tom Chafin and L. E. Mitchell, daughter of Edward 
and Martha Mitchell, married 1 1th January. 1871, by Rev. 
C. L. Wood. 

Robert S. Quarles and M. Louise Mitchell, daughter 
of Robert C. and Ann L. Mitchell, married 12th March, 

1871. by Rev. R. A. Compton. 

William G. Mitchell and Bettie A. Nichols, daughter 
of Griffin and Caroline L. M. Nichols, married 31st Au- 
gust, 1871, by Rev. Abner Anthony. 

Henry C. Mitchell and Malicia T. Cundiff, daughter 
of John and Sallie Cundiff, married 23rd October, 1872, 
by C. L. Anthony. 

Charles W. Mitchell and Elizabeth V. Skinnell, 
daughter of George E. and Elizabeth A. Skinnell, married 
3rd December, 1872. by Rev. John W. F. Jones. 

Alexander Johnson and Minerva A. Mitchell, daugh- 
ter of Greer and Melia Mitchell, married 29th December, 

1872. by Rev. C. L. Anthony. 

William A. Mitchell and Marinda H. Morgan, 
daughter of Samuel and Sarah Morgan, married 27th No- 
vember, 1873. by Rev. Thomas C. Goggin. 

John W. Whorley and Alice R. Mitchell, daughter of 
John A. and Eliza A. Mitchell, married 15th January, 
1874. by Rev. B. W. Moseley. 

James H. Glass and Mary E. Mitchell, daughter of 

Stephen A. and Mitchell, married 1 5th January, 

1874. by Rev. T. E. Reynolds. 

George W. Mitchell and Sarah J. Spradlin, daughter 
of Meador and Sarah Spradlin, married 6 January, 1875. 
by Rev. Thomas C. Goggin. 

(To be Continued) 


With Genealogical Notes on their Families and 

(Continued from page 52) 

Nathaniel Mitchell, born 1758, in Bradford, Mass.. 
died 1838, in Hooksett, N. H. He served as a private in 
the Massachusetts militia. He married Alice Parker. 
Their son, James Mitchell, married Isabella Mitchell, 
whose son, James Mitchell, married Rebecca S. Hawey. 

Nathaniel Mitchell of Delaware, born 1753, died 1814. 
In 1775 he commanded a company in the Flying Camp, 
and later as major served to the close of the war under 
Gen. Peter Muhlenberg. He married Hannah Morris, 
daughter of Anthony C. Morris and Mary Jones. Their 
son, Theodore Mitchell, married Rebecca Ann Earp. 

Richard Mitchell. Jr., born 1735 in Nantucket, Mass., 
where he died in 1819. He served as a town officer 1775 
to 1783. He married Hepsibah Barnard. Their son, 
Christopher Mitchell, married Jemima Folger, whose 
daughter Lydia, married John W. Barrett, and whose son, 
Seth, married Lydia Bunker. 

Robert Mitchell, born 1739, in Charlotte Co.. Va.. 
died 1818, in Mitchellsburg, Ky. He served as a private 
in Capt. William Johnston's company and in Col. Mor- 
gan's regiment, Virginia Line. In 1793 he married Rhoda 



Durham, born 1768, died 1820. Their daughter, Margaret, 
born 1795, married Samuel Y. Lee, son of William Lee and 
Drusilla Staples. 

Rotheus Mitchell, born 1753, in Bridgewater, Mass., 
died 1816, in Lyme, N. H. He was an ensign and lieu- 
tenant and served to the close of the war. He married 
Hepzibah Hayward. Their son, Marcus H. Mitchell, 
married Lois Noyes. 

Samuel Mitchell, born 1764, in Orange Co., Va., died 
1855 in Lafayette Co., Mo. He was at the battle of Cow- 
pens, and at the surrender of Cornwallis, and served in the 
North Carolina campaign. He married Eleanor Metcalf 
Thomas. Their daughter, Mary Grass Mitchell, married 
John H. Roundtree. 

Thomas Mitchell, with his brothers, William and 
John, located in South Carolina in 1777, and later went to 
Georgia. Thomas was born 1755, in England, and died in 
Henry Co., Ga., in 1840. He served as lieutenant in the 
Georgia Line, and was granted 2000 acres in Washington 
Co., for his revolutionary services. He married Mary 
Barnett. Their son, William Mitchell, born 1777, mar- 
ried Eleanor Thomason. Among their children were: 

1. Alexander Weldon Mitchell, married Mary Mc- 


2. Isaac Greene Mitchell married Mary Dudley. 
William Mitchell, born in Connecticut, 1748. He 

was at the Lexington alarm, re-enlisted in 1777, and was 
captured at Germantown. In 1771 he married Mary 
Alton. Their son, John S. Mitchell, married Sarah 

" William Mitchell, born in Pennsylvania in 1753, 
served in the state militia. In 1831, he was on the pension 
roll from Miami Co., Ohio. He married Martha Patter- 
son. Their son, William Mitchell, Jr., married Mary 
Crane, whose son, Patterson Mitchell, married Louisa 


(To be Continued) 

The Mitchell Family - 

APRIL. 1917 

(FYom Original Records) 

Mitchell, Alexius and Lettice Lovejoy. 7 October, 1794> 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell, Amelia and Benjamin Ray, 26 December, 1782, 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell, Ann and Daniel Durbin, 11 August, 1746, 

Harford Co. 
Mitchell, Ann and James Beale, 10 May, 1787, Prince 

George's Co. 
Mitchell, Ann and Garretson Blades, 2 August, 1806, 

Caroline Co. 
Mitchel, Benjamin and Mary E. Downs, 6 August, 1805, 

St. Mary's Co. 
Mitchell, Charlotte A. and Francis Lewis, 1 1 September, 

1837. Baltimore. 
Mitchell. Edward and Nancy Haley. 26 August. 1784, 

Cecil Co. 
Mitchell, Eleanor and Thomas Clark, 9 December. 1797. 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell. Eleanor and Basil Smith, 24 June, 1813, St. 

Mary's Co. 
Mitchell, Eliza and Richard Johnson Coughland, 28 Feb- 
ruary, 1785, Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell, Eliza A. and Hoskins H. Roberson, 4 April, 

1859, St. Mary's Co. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and Gregory Barns. 30 November, 

1758. Harford Co. 
Mitchel, Elizabeth and Charles Frazier. 4 August, 1788, 

Dorchester Co. 


Mitchell, Frances and John Pool, 4 Septeniber, 1784, 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell, Frances and George Gill, II September. 1806, 

St. Mary's Co. 
Mitchell, Francis and Mary Miles, 26 April. 1786, Prince 

George's Co. 
Mitchell, George M. and Ann J. Waddle, 14 January, 

1838, Baltimore. 
Mitchel, Hannah and John Johnson, 1 January, 1733, 

Harford Co. 
Mitchell, Henrietta and Henry Swiggett, 20 September, 

1803, Caroline Co. 
Mitchell, Henry T. and Mary H. Curtis, 26 July, 1825, 

Somerset Co. 
Mitchell, James and Ann Mezick, 13 January, 1824, 

Somerset Co. 
Mitchell, Jane and Bennett H. Clavor, 5 February, 1816. 

Somerset Co. 
Mitchell, John and Sarah Scott, 16 January, 1778, Caro- 
line Co. 
Mitchell, John and Peggy Newton, 14 April, 1781. Prince 

George's Co. 
Mitchell, John and Drury Sweeny, 10 May, 1788, Prince 

George's Co. 
Mitchell, John and Rebecca Clubb. 29 January. 1791, 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell, John and Susanna M. Jacobs, II April, 1798, 

Allegany Co. 
Mitchell, John and Elizabeth Bounds, 22 April, 1823. 

Somerset Co. 
Mitchell. Kneely and Nehemiah Beckwith. 1 1 November. 

1785, Dorchester Co. 
Mitchell, Lucy Ann and Richard Brandtt. 15 December. 

1792, Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell, Mahala and William M. Mitchell. 27 May. 1838. 

Harford Co. 


Mitchell. Margaret and Francis Ardy. January, 1733. 

Mitchell. Mary and Michael Taylor. 24 May. 1759. 

Harford Co. 
Mitchell, Mary and Thomas King. 16 October. 1787, 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell. Mary and William McDowell. 24 October. 1788. 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell, Mary and Josias Hatton, 22 February. 1793, 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell, Mary and William F. Adams, 27 May, 1828, 

Somerset Co. 
Michel, Middleton and Rebecca Reston, 21 April. 1792, 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell, Molly and Purnell Jones, 6 April, 1819, Somerset 

Mitchell, Mordecai Miles and Sarah Wilson, 26 Novem- 
ber, 1779, Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell, Nancy and Moses C. Smith, 4 October, 1825, 

Somerset Co. 
Mitchell, Nelly and Elijah Milburn. 3 November. 1807, 

Somerset Co. 
Mitchell, Peggy and Jesse Landon. 22 January, 1801, 

Somerset Co. 
Mitchell, Priscilla and Thomas Upton, 19 February, 

1798, Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell, P. M. and Elizabeth A. Cross. 8 October. 1837. 

Mitchell, Rachel and Richard Skaggs, 18 February, 1802. 

Kent Co. 
Mitchel. Richard and Elizabeth Williams, 1 January, 

1733, Harford Co. 
Mitchell, Richard and Sarah Carter. 26 February, 1781, 

Caroline Co. 
Mitchell. Richard B. and Maria Granger, 24 November, 

1801. Kent Co. 


Mitchell. R. H. B. and Susan Benney, 23 May, 1838. 

St. Mary's Co. 
Mitchell, Samuel and Susanna Boone. 2 January. 1794. 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell. Sarah and Isaac Lowe. 5 November. 1761. 

Harford Co. 
Mitchell. Sarah and Samuel Gallion 27 April 1768. 

Harford Co. 
Mitchell. Sarah and Henry Massey. 17 May. 1778. Anne 

Arundel Co. 
Mitchell, Sarah and Henry Beckwith. 20 September. 

1784, Dorchester Co. 
Mitchell. Sarah and Thomas Stallings. Jr.. 25 November. 

1791, Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell, Susanna and James Parsons, 22 April. 1782. 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell, Theodore and Mary Wells. 27 November, 1777. 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell. Thomas and Eleanor Edelen. 9 November. 1778, 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell. Thomas and Elizabeth Wood. 20 August. 1781, 

Prince George's Co. 
Mitchell. Thomas and Nancy Jackson, 2 January. 1798, 

Somerset Co. 
Mitchell, Thomas and Corinda Gale. 10 March, 1828. 

Somerset Co. 
Mitchell, Thomas Lee and Elizabeth Wilson, 30 Septem- 
ber, 1792, Prince George's Co. 
Mitchel, Thomas. Jr.. and Hannah Osborn. 24 December. 

1742, Harford Co. 
Mitchell. Tubman and Sally Tull, 25 January, 1804, 

Somerset Co. 
Mitchell. Usley and. John Wise. 28 August, 1794, Prince 

Georges Co. 
Mitchell, Walter A. and Susan Thomas. 7 October. 1856, 

St. Mary's Co. 



Mitchell. William and Elizabeth Elliott. 30 September. 

1737. Harford Co. 
Mitchel. William and Sarah Osborne (dau. of Benj.) 

n June. 1751. Harford Co. 
Mitchell. William and Mary White. 11 December. 1792. 

Prince George's Co. 
Michael, William and Rachel Brian. 14 February. 1797. 

Allegany Co. 
Mitchell. William and Sally Smullin. 18 December. 1798. 

Somerset Co. 
Mitchell. William M. and Mahala Mitchell. 27 May. 

1838. Harford Co. 
Mitchell. Zadoch and Sally Venables. 17 January. 1797. 

Somerset Co. 

(To be Continued) 


The Mitchells of Connecticut claim kin with Rebecca 
Motte. of Revolutionary fame, with Governor Saltonstall, 
and Governor Dudley, of Massachusetts; also with the 
Gardiners. of Gardiner's Island. 

Captain Donald Grant Mitchell. 1776, married Lu- 
cretia Woodbridge, a descendant of Governor Dudley, 
of Massachusetts, 1639. Donald Grant was the son of 
Stephen Mix Mitchell and his wife Hannah, daughter of 
Donald Grant, Inverness. Scotland. Stephen was a man 
of affairs; a Yale graduate. Chief justice of Connecticut, 
member of the first Congress at Philadelphia. Senator and 
member of Congress. He was the son of James Mitchell' 
of Wethersfield. born in Glasgow in 1706. He married 
Rebecca, daughter of Rev. Stephen Mix. and Mary, 
daughter of Rev. Solomon Stoddard. 

James and Stephen Mitchell are supposed to be of 
the same family as Stephen Mitchell, founder of the li- 
brary at Glasgow. 

Donald Mitchell, better known as "Ike Marvel." 
the charming essayist, was the grandson of Stephen, of 
Connecticut, who had six sons, all college graduates. 


Following is a list of pensioners of the Revolution, who 
served in Pennsylvania, with their age and last known 
place of residence. 

James Mitchell, private, Penn. Line, died 10 January 
1825, in Cumberland Co., Penn. 

James Mitchell, sergeant major, Penn. Line. In 
Washington Co., Penn., 7 July, 1832, aged 83. 

James Mitchell, sergeant major, Penn. Line. Was 
in Washington Co., Penn., 26 December, 1818, aged 82. 

John Mitchell, private, Penn. Line, Was in Cler- 
mont Co.. Ohio, 6 May, 1820, aged 76. 

John Mitchell, private, Penn. Line. In Mifflin Co., 
Penn.. 21 March. 1834, aged 75. 

John Mitchell, died 19 October, 1826, in Lancaster 
Co., Penn. He served as a private in Watson's artillery. 

Nathaniel Mitchell, private. Penn. Line. In Warren 
Co.. Ohio. 18 December, 1818, aged 94. 

Samuel Mitchell, sergeant, Penn. troops. In Preble 
Co., Ohio, 24 September, 1833, aged 83. 

William Mitchell, private. Penn. Militia. In Miami 
Co., Ohio, n June, 1833. aged 78. 


The Mitchell Cemetery. Braman's Lane. East of 
East Main Road, Portsmouth, R. I. 

Mitchell. Julia C. Mitchell, born 1-27-1826. died 

Lydia Mitchell, born 9-12-1810. and died 12-12-1890. 

Catherine Mitchell, died 5-11-1871. aged 86. 

John Mitchell, born 1-4-1781. died 1-3-1853. 

Buffington. Sarah, the wife of Moses Buffington, 
born 9-12-1808. died 2-15-1842. 

Mitchell. Joanna Mitchell, born 5-12-1807, died 

Lucy D. Mitchell, born 10-2-1817. died 10-14-1822. 



The following is a complete list of the Mitchell wills 
probated in Bedford county, Virginia, from 1754 to 
1912. The date of probate is given. 

Mitchell, Daniel, 25 September, 1775. 

Mitchell. Robert, 25 February, 1799. 

Mitchell. Samuel. 22 June, 1835. 

Mitchell, James, 22 March. 1841. 

Mitchell. Sally B., 23 August. 1841. ' ' ''"■''• *'" 

Mitchell. Ignatius. 28 November. 1853. 

Mitchell. Sarah, 28 November, 1864. 

Mitchell. Stephen E., 23 September, 1867. 

Mitchell. Stephen, 10 June, 1872. 

Mitchell, Susan F.. 26 May. 1874. 

Mitchell, John G.. 23 June, 1874. 

Mitchell. Eleanor. 28 May. 1878. 

Mitchell, Catherine A.. 23 August. 1880. 

Mitchell, Samuel M.. 22 October. 1888. 

Mitchell, Charles, 24 August. 1891. 

Mitchell. Thomas W.. 28 May. 1894. 

Mitchell. Thomas A.. 23 August. 1897. 

Mitchell. T. A., 8 April. 1911. 

Mitchell. AUie E., 23 August. 1911. 


The Mitchells were valiant soldiers and always to 
the fore, when war was abroad in the land. Among officers 
of the Revolution from Massachusetts were Major Abiel, 
and Colonel Thomas; from New Jersey, Captain Alexan- 
der; from Delaware, Nathaniel. Captain of a battalion of 
the Flying camp; Captain Joseph was a Virginia repre- 
sentative; Captain James and Major Ephraim were of 
South Carolina, and Lieutenant John, of Georgia. Stephen 
Mitchell, of Danbury, Conn., was killed in war. His 
wife was Alice Van Deusen. Their son George married 
Hannah Duncan. 



Joseph Mitchell married Bathsheba Lumbert, 12 
October, 1710. (Plymouth. Mass.. marriages.) 

Joseph (3) Mitchell was born 23 March. 1684. at 
Plymouth, the son of John (2) Mitchell (Experience I) 
and Jane (2) Cook, daughter of Francis Cook of the 

Bathsheba (3) Lumbert was born at Barnstable. 4 
May, 1687. 

Sarah Mitchell, daughter of Joseph and Bathsheba, 
born Plymouth, 14 October, 1719, married at Kingston. 
Mass., 2 January. 1747-8. Jonathan (4) Ring, born 23 
December, 1702, son of Eleazar (3) (Andrew 2) and 
Deborah (Hopkins) Ring, daughter of Stephen Hopkins 
of the Mayflower. 


The following served in the Pennsylvania Navy dur- 
ing the revolution. 

George Mitchell, private, sloop "Speedwell" 1777. 

John Mitchell, private, armed boat "Brimstone" 

John Mitchell, captain, ranger "Galley" I December, 
1776 to 1 January, 1777. 

Philip Mitchell, mate, on "Arnold Battery" 13 
March, 1776, on duty at camp. 

Thomas Mitchell, private, on "The Washington," 


At Lancaster, Penn., 3 May, 1763, occurred the 
marriage of Benjamin Mitchell and Mary Hamilton. 
Benjamin Mitchell was probably a son of David Mitchell. 
since Rev. John Cuthberson, according to his diary, was 
at the home of David Mitchell on 2nd May and rode 
twenty-five miles to Lancaster to marry Benjamin Mitchell 
and Mary Hamilton on 3rd May. 



(From Original Records) 

Mitchell, Achsa and Elisha Dail, 24 December, 1841, 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, Alexander and Peggy Shoecraft, 13 September, 

1834. Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, Alfonso Q. and Perlina Williams. 15 August. 

1860 Guilford. 
Mitchell, Ann and Reuben Harrison, 18 May. 1790. 

Bertie Co. 
Mitchell, Ann and James Bacchus. 17 October, 1811, 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, Betsy and Thomas Early. 25 September, 1821, 

Bertie Co. 
Mitchell, Catherine, widow, and John Rombough. 1 1 

May, 1747, Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, Dickson and Mary Tarkington, 22 March, 1769, 

Tyrrell Co. 
Mitchell, Edward and Milky Brown. 30 July. 1823, Guil- 
ford Co. 
Mitchell, Eliza and Isaac B. Chappell, 19 February, 1852, 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and James Fleming. 24 January, 1784, 

Rowan Co. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and Evan Simpson, 21 January, 1812, 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and Hance Jordan, 30 March, 1859. 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, Ellis and Polly Keter. 26 January, 1848, Guil- 
ford Co. 
Mitchell, Ellis and Mary Curry, 12 February. 1857, 

Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, George and Aggie Holder, 20 December, 1830. 

Bertie Co. 
Mitchell, Hannah and Peter Owen, 20 November. 1786, 

Orange Co. 


Mitchell, Henry and Ann Munds, 5 July, 1831, Chowan 

Mitchell, Henry and Martha Jones. 14 October, 1846. 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell. Isabella and James Mitchell. 5 December. 1832. 

Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, Isabella and James McNeely. 25 August. 1846. 

Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, James and Sarah Bunch, 26 January, 1809, 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, James and Mary Roberts, 25 February, 1830, 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, James and Isabella Mitchell, 5 December,. 

1832. Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, Jeremiah and Sarah Morris, 4 December, 1832, 

Bertie Co.- 
Mitchell, Jesse and Elizabeth Ashley, 28 September, 1802. 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell. John and Sarah Ashley, 23 December. 1797, 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell. John M. and Elizabeth Banner. 9 July, 1850, 

Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, Joseph and Sarah Williams, 30 December, 1777, 

Bertie Co. 
Mitchell, Joseph and Delaney Whittington, 4 January, 

1837, Guilford Co. 
Mitchell. Joseph and Franky Reed. 21 August. 1848. 

Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, Lavinia and Exum Griffin. 22 November, 1830, 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, Lewis and Nancy Ellias. 29 November. 1827, 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, Lewis and Jemima Griffin. 15 January, 1847, 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, Margaret and James Parish, 8 November. 1844» 

Chowan Co. 


Mitchell. Martha E. and William W. Mitchell. 15 June, 

1834. Bertie Co. 
Mitchell. Mary and John Bullock. 12 November. 1759. 

Mitchell. Mary and Isaac Goodwin. 4 January. 1821, 

Chowan Co, 
Mitchell. Mary and James Todd. 19 June. 1828. Bertie 

Mitchell. Milly and James Overton. 26 November. 1788. 

Bertie Co. 
Mitchell. Nathan and Rachel Etheridge. 30 April. 1787. 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, Nancy and William Mather. 25 August. 1787. 

Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, Penelope and John Castellaw. 30 November, 

1785. Bertie Co. 
Mitchell, Rhoda and WilHam Morris, 22 November. 1790, 

Bertie Co. 
Mitchell. Robert and Jeane Dickson. 16 September. 1786 

Orange Co. 
Mitchell, Robert and Elizabeth Rich. 19 March. 1822. 

Guilford Co. 
Mitchell. Robert and Elizabeth Blumander. 13 November, 

1839, Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, Robert and Minerva Flood. 16 May. 1855, 

Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, Robert and Priscilla Harri.son, 4 November, 

1859. Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, Robert H. and Emily J. Freeman, 9 March, 

1853. Guilford Co. 
Mitchell. R. G. and Sarah H. Cheshire. 29 June. 1858. 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell. Samuel and Margaret McMurry. 19 October. 

1795, Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, Sarah and William Castellaw, 31 March. 1784. 

Bertie Co. 


Mitchell, Sarah and Julius Dail. 26 November. 1824. 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, Sarah and John Boyce, 4 August. 1834, Chowan 

Mitchell, Susan and Thomas Boyce. 12 January. 1838, 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, Timothy and Ann E. Trotman. 24 April. 1855. 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, Washington and Sarah McDowell, 14 October, 

1836. Guilford Co. 
Mitchell. William and Nannie Asbell. 22 August, 1797. 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, William and Penelope Deal. 1 December. 1819. 

Chowan Co. 
Mitchell, William and Tempy Pettiford, 13 November. 

1851. Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, William P. and Elizabeth J. Wagstaff, 10 Novem- 
ber, 1853, Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, William P.. son of Adam and Elizabeth, and 

Fanny Carter, daughter of Joseph and Susan, 26 

November, 1867, Guilford Co. 
Mitchell, William W. and Martha Williford. 1 October, 

1832, Bertie Co. 
Mitchell. William W. and Martha E. Mitchell. 15 June. 

1834. Bertie Co. 
Mitchell, Winney and Nathan Cobb. 9 August. 1779. 

Bertie Co. 
Mitchell. Winnifred and Amos Weston, 23 September, 

1780. Bertie Co. 
Mitchell, Wright and Martha A. Outlaw, 19 December, 

1827. Bertie Co. 

(To be CoQtinued) 

At least two of the Virginia family of Mitchells — Cap- 
tain James and Captain Thomas Mitchell — were bold 
soldier boys. Both were at the battle of Point Pleasant, 
10 October. 1774. 



The Mitchells were settled in Virginia by the middle 
of the eighteenth century, perhaps earlier. An entry 
in the diary of James Gordon, of Richmond, 
Va., mentions the Mitchells: "January 1, 1759 — Dr. 
Robertson and his young wife came here according to the 
Dr.'s custom. Very agreeable company and good dinner. 
Mr. Dale Carter and Mr. Payne here. Miss Flood came 
in our chair to Mr. Camm's. John Mitchell and his 
wife came at night in the rain." 

The whole neighborhood must have been a "merry- 

Colonel Gordon was the most hospitable of hosts. 
One day he writes: "We had no company, which is sur- 
prising." This neglect was remedied a day afterward: 
"Mr. William Churchill, his wife and five children came, 
and Mrs. Carter and her son and Miss Judith Bassett." 
Colonel Gordon married (the youngest daughter of Colonel 
Edwin Conway,) Milicent, whose tapering fingers would 
not retain the wedding ring— sad omen, for Milicent 
died at the age of 19, six years after her marriage, leaving 
two little daughters. 


(Continued from page 60; 

Mitchell, Margaret and John Monroe. 9 August, 1736, 
Burlington Co., N. J. 

Mitchell, Margaret and Thomas Ellison, 15 May, 1764, 
Monmouth Co., N. J. 

Mitchell. Mary and Andrew Cole, 29 July. 1773, Northamp- 
ton, N. J. 

Mitchell. Mary and Jonathan Whitaker, 16 September, 
1779. Morristown, N. J. 

Mitchell. Nathaniel and Polly Marsh. 3 December, 1800. 
Lyons Farms, N. J. 

Mitchel. Rachel and Philip Denning, 1 77-, Monmouth 
Co.. N. J. 


Mitchell, Richard and Elizabeth Martesey, 17 October. 

1741. Monmouth Co.. N. J. 
Mitchell, Richard and Elizabeth Croxson. 23 September, 

1763. Monmouth Co.. N. J. 
Mitchel, Sarah and Joshua Wright, 26 April, 1770. State 

Licence. Both of Bucks Co., Pa. 
Mitchell, Sarah and Alexander Kirkpatrick, 8 November, 

1787, Morristown, N. J. 
Mitchell, Walter and Susan Plum, 21 April, 1810. Essex 

Co.. N. J. 
Mitchell. Warren A. and Hattie E. Allen, 29 February, 

1872. Passaic Co., N. J. 
Mitchell. Warren B. and Adelia Lewis, 12 April, 1876, 

Passaic Co., N. J. 
Mitchell, William and Elizabeth Townsend, 21 November, 

1774, Cape May Co., N. J. 
Mitchell, William and Elizabeth E. Howell, 8 November. 

1890, Newark, N.J. 

(To }ye Continued^ 


The following served in the early colonial wars in 
various Pennsylvania military organizations. 

James Mitchell, private in Cumberland Co., militia. 
Capt. Joseph Armstrong's company, 1755. 

John Mitchell, Lieut. Lancaster Co., Associated com- 
panies. Capt. Moses Irwin's company, 1756. 

John Mitchell, private, in Cumberland Co.. militia. 
Capt. Joseph Armstrong's company. 1755. 

John Mitchell, ensign. Lancaster Co.. regiment. 
Richard Ocane's company. 1747-8. 

Joseph Mitchell, aged 20, cooper, born Co. Down, 
Ireland, private in Capt. McClughan's company, 1758. 

Joshua Mitchell, private in Cumberland Co., militia. 
Capt. Joseph Armstong's company, 1755. 

Nicholas Mitchell, aged 21, mariner, born in England, 
private in Capt. Samuel Jones' company, 1758. 

Robert Mitchell, aged 22, born Tyrone. Ireland, 
private in Capt. John Hasslett's company, 1758. 

Thomas Mitchell, enlisted 23 July. 1746, in Samuel 
Perry's company. 

Thomas Mitchell, ensign, in Lancaster Co.. regiment. 
Capt. James Patterson's company. 1747-8. 

William Mitchell, lieutenant, in Lancaster Co., 
regiment. Robt. Baker's company. 1747-8. 

William Mitchell, ensign. New Castle Co.. regiment. 
Capt. Lewis Thomas' company. 1756. 

WiUiam Mitchell, private, in Cumberland Co., 
militia. Capt. Joseph Armstrong's company. 1755. 


(From Original Records) 

Mitchell. Abigail and Frank W. Bruce. 13 March. 1815. 

int., Londonderry. 
Mitchell. Abraham and Angeline Foss, 23 March. 1867, 

(Mitchell. Andrew and Roxanna McDonnell. 26 October. 
V. 1776. Hollis. 

Mitchel. Charles and Sylvia Mitchel. 25 April. 1825. 

Mitchell. Christopher and Eleanor Larrabee. 1 December. 

1715, Portsmouth. 
Mitchell, Donnell and Eliza Smith. 30 October, 1823. 

Mitchell, Elizabeth and Zachariah Leach, 23 December, 

1721, Portsmouth. 
Mitchell, Elizabeth and Moses Sanborn, 7 January, 

1742, Hampton Falls. 
Mitchell, Everett B. and Cynthia A. Pettingill. 31 May, 

1887, Londonderry. 
Mitchell. Jonas and Myra Campbell, 1832. Haverhill. 
Mitchell. Joseph and Victoria Basham, 12 October. 1868, 

Mitchell, Martha and Samuel Parker, 28 November, 

1768. Pembroke. 


Mitchell, Mehitable and Jethniel Morse, 2 March. 1797, 

Mitchel. Philip and Nancy Turrell. 3 October. 1805. 

Mitchell, Ruhama and Robert Moor. 15 December. 1765. 

Mitchell, Russell and Saly Gillis, 15 August. 1826, Am- 

Mitchell, Sarah W. Neal and David Richards, 2 Decem- 
ber, 1810. Keene. 

Mitchell, Seth and Mrs. Clara (Moses) Head. 3 November, 
1868, Pembroke. 

Mitchell, Susanna and Enoch Tictcome, 26 February, 
1789, South Hampton. 

Mitchel. Sylvia and Charles Mitchel, 25 April, 1825, 

(.To be Continued) 


Mitchell, James, 12 cav., Co. C, Ken., died 11 

July, 1864. 
Mitchell, John D., 1, Co. A., Alabama, died 4 August,. 

Mitchell, J. H., 30, Co. I., Ind.. died 22 August. 1864. 
Mitchell. J. J.. 30, Co. D.. Ind.. died 20 June, 1864. 
Mitchell, J. R., 89. Co. G., 111., died 27 October, 1864. 
Mitchell. R. M., 17 cav., Co. G., Ken., died 3 August 

Mitchell. I., 7, Co. K., Ind., died 21 October. 1864. 


One of the oldest original land records now e.xtant 
in America with the date 1652, shows the signature of 
Experience Mitchell. The record is entitled: "Auto- 
graph Signatures of Some of the Distinguished Founders 
of America, who were interested in the establishment of 
the American land ownership system as incorporated in 
the ancient Pilgrim proprietary of Towanu." 

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