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(photograph by Bachrach) 


Compiler of 




United States Attorney General 

"/ /mrf fvfr /><«/ a pUasure in obtaining any little anecdotes of my itncestoTS." — 
Benjamin Franklin. 

"He only desert es to be remembered by posterity who treasures up and preserves 
the history of his ancestors." — Edmund Burke. 

MXXt\\t\\ Jamtlg SprorJiB 




2000 North Broad Street 

COT-N" • ■:i::ALOGlCAIi 






(Battle Hymn of the Mitchells) 


{Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic) 
In England, Wales and Scotland, and the Emerald Isle as well, 
In U. S. A. and Canada, in city, plain and dell, 

Where English tongue is spoken — that is where the Mitchells dwell. 
The clan goes marching on! 

Glory to the name of Mitchell! 

Glory to the tribe of Mitchell! 

Sa-pi-ens qui as-si-du-us! 

The clan goes marching on ! 

(Tune: Annie Laurie) 
Christopher, Dave and Sir Andrew 

Were fathers of our clan; 
Andrew was the King's Scotch Chaplain; 

Nathan was a minute man; 
David was a Governor; 

Many Mitchells died at sea; 
Stephen was U. S. Chief Justice; 

Mitchells — they were proud to be! 

{Tune: Dixie) 
When you're with the Southern Mitchells meeting 
You'll enjoy a happy greeting. 

You will stay, every day, all the way, in Dixie Land. 
Dixie Mitchell wives are good at cooking, 
Mitchell girls are sure good-looking. 
Yes, I know it is so; let us go, to Dixie Land. 
Yes, the Mitchells of Old Dixie 
Are true, and do 

Extend their hands to Mitchell kin 
To welcome and their hearts win. 
Oh yes, God bless 
Our kinsmen of dear Dixie; 
Welcome, Mitchell, 
Our cousins of Old Dixie. 

{Tune: Auld Lang Syne) 
There are a "million" Mitchells in 

This world — and maybe more — 
But we believe we all are kin 

As Mitchells were of yore. 

So let each Mitchell neighbor be 

Your "cousin" and your friend. 
Your hand of hospitality 

Should to them all extend. 









"Battle Hymn of the Mitchells" 3 

(A) Introduction 5 

(B) The Mitchell Coat of Arms 7 

(C) Ancient Mitchell Families 8 

(D) Prominent British Mitchells, Past Generations 12 

(E) Prominent British Mitchells of Today 13 

(F) American Mitchells of Royal Descent 16 


(H) Mitchells in the American Revolution 31 

(I) Prominent Mitchells of America, Past Generations 33 

(J) Prominent American Mitchells of Today 35 

(K) Mitchell Towns, Etc 37 

(L) Mitchell Census of The United States 38 

(M) Religions of the Mitchells 39 

(N) References 39 

(O) Blank Forms for Private Family Records 40 


The Mitchell Family is among the forty-nine "best families" selected by 
the American Historical-Genealogical Society for whom the Society has pub- 
lished family histories during the past few years. 

The Mitchell Family has been prominent in the British Empire and in the 
United States, its members having played important roles in war and in peace. 
Family pride is a commendable trait and should be cultivated. All Mitchells 
have just cause to be proud of their family history and traditions. 

In references No. 7 and No. 14 we find the following regarding the origin 
and meaning of the name Mitchell : 

The family name of Mitchell, in some instances, may have originated from 
the Anglo-Saxon "mycel," meaning great or mickle (that is, much), but in most 
cases it is supposed to be a Norman name from the Hebrew "Michael," which 
means "one who is like God." 

In confirmation of the derivation of the name, Mitchell, from Michael, it 
may be noted that the Mitchells of Midlothian, Scotland, sometimes spelled the 
name "Mitchael" and in England "Michal," the latter being identical with the 
feminine form of the name Michael, which was bestowed upon the younger 
daughter of Saul. 

On very ancient records we find the name spelled "Micahel," "Michel," 
"Mikael," "Michilson" and "Michell." 

Geoflfrj' Michel, of Great Britain, was a manucaptor in 1302. Michelia is 
the name of a genus of plants. 

There are twenty-four British crests for the name Mitchell and sixty works 
containing Mitchell genealogy. There were fifty-seven Mitchell families in 
Connecticut in 1790 and some twenty persons of the name had served in the 
United States Congress before 1916. 

The data in this volume is gathered from reliable sources. We have 
selected what we consider the most important material. Many of the daughters, 
and sons for whom no issue was shown, have been omitted from the pedigrees. 
A missing symbol indicates that a name has been omitted. Those desiring 
further information are advised to consult the volumes mentioned in the list of 

The compiler hopes that, in producing this volume, he is bringing to the 
Mitchell Family information which will be of interest and value to them, and 
that he is rendering an important service to the public. He and his associates 
will be glad to give their co-operation to members of the family who are inter- 
ested in having a complete genealogy of the family published. 

Unless otherwise plainly shown, the persons in this volume whose names 
are accompanied by three figures are children of the immediately preceding per- 
sons bearing immediately preceding numbers. All persons in each group bear- 
ing the same letter as a part of their numbers are directly related. The gen- 
erations of the descendants of those bearing numbers of three figures are 
represented as follows. However, some of our material is published as copied 
from various records without rearrangement according to this system. 


Generations . Jst o j 

Symbols ... Vn .f. ^A^ ^'■'^ ^^1^- 5tb 

Generations .:Z:::^i^'''" J;^^' ''" i^' ^^'^^ 1' ^'^ A.'etc. 

'>''"^°'^ a, etc. (I), etc. ( f)' e,e f' •^^'^ 

!- lives hved; m., married, move if sons' .n..' Z"/^'."'' ^'"^^•' graduated 
'ssue; d. V. p., died before father; univ.'. unn/er^y'''^' ' ^^ ^^ P- ^'^^ without 




A Coat of Arms is an emblem or a device which is displayed by titled per- 
sons, persons of royal blood, and their descendants. Coats of Arms were origi- 
nally used for purposes of identification and recognition on the field of battle as 
well as in civil life. 

It is claimed by some writers that Coats of Arms, in a crude form, were 
used by Noah's sons after the flood. There are records of other Coats of Arms, 
in one crude form or another, at different periods of ancient history. Heraldry, 
however, as we know it today, did not become of much importance until soon 
after the invasion of England by William the Conqueror, A. D. 1066. Heraldry 
became of general interest at about the time of the Crusades. 

The Mitchell Coat of Arms shown in the front of this volume is the Arms 
of the Mitchells of Scotland. Several other great Mitchell families use Coats 
of Arms very similar to it. Numerous branches of the Mitchell family have 
Coats of Arms resembling it. 

This is the most widely used of all Mitchell Coats of Arms. It is described 
other reliable works on heraldry, in some cases accompanied by illustrations. It 
has been used for generations by many American branches of the Mitchell 




Sable a fesse between three 
muscles or within a bordure 
chequy of the last and first. 

A stalk of wheat with three 

Sapiens qui a s s i d u u s 


On a black shield a golden 
band between three dia- 
mond-shaped figures, also of 
gold. The shield within a 
chequered border of black 
and gold. 


He is wise who is assiduous. 

Sir Bernard Burke, of Heralds College, London, said: "Heraldry is prized 
by all who can show honorable ancestry or wish to found honorable families." 

Besides its family significance this Coat of Arms makes an excellent mural 
decoration and inspires the admiration and comment of all who see it. 

It is quite appropriate that members of the Mitchell family who have a 
pride in their ancestry should display the family Coat of Arms, in proper colors. 



The following titled Mitchell families are listed in "BURKE'S GENERAL 
ARMORY" : Bodmin, co. Cornwall ; Truro, co. Cornwall ; Stapleton Mitchell, 
CO. Dorset, and co. York; Deptford, co. Kent; Enderby Hall, co. Leicester; 
Llanfretcha Grange, co. Monmouth; Patrick Mitchell, 1724; Mount Mitchell, co. 
Leitrim; Pierrepoint Oliver Mitchell, co. Cork; Ilk, and Craigend, Scotland; 
Tillygreig, Aberdeen, 1672; Landath, Scotland, 1672; Wester New Birny, Scot- 
land, 1672; Thainston, co. Aberdeen; Berry and Westshore, Zetland, bart., 1724; 
Alderston, co. Edinburgh; Admiral William Mitchell, 1814; Scott-Mitchell, New 
South Wales, 1860; Stow, co. Edinburgh, 1866. 

Forbes-Mitchell of Thainstone 

This is a branch of the family of Forbes of Craigievar whose chief is now 

Lord Semphill. 

AlOl Sir Arthur Forbes: 4th Bart, of Craigievar; m. (2) Margaret (dau. 
Strachan, of Balgall) ; his 3rd son 

A102 Duncan Forbes-Mitchell: b. 1757; assumed, under deed of entail, 
executed by father, 1772, the name and arms of Mitchell of Thainstone, 
in memory of Sir Andrew Mitchell, K. B., by whom the estates of Thain- 
stone and Easter Beltie were left to Sir Arthur; m., 1777, Katherine 
Anne (dau. Wm. Eraser) ; d. 1796; had with three other sons and two 

(1) Arthur Andrew : his heir. — A103. 

(2) Wilham: s his brother.— A104. 

(3) Duncan: s. brother Wm. — A105. 

(4) John: s. brother Duncan. — A106. 

A103 Arthur Andrew Forbes-Mitchell: of Thainstone; b. 1779; d. unm., 

1801 ; s. by brother. 
A104 William Forbes-Mitchell: of Thainstone; b. 1782; d. unm., 1808; 

s. by brother. 
A105 Duncan Forbes Mitchell: of Thainstone; b. 1784; d. 1812; s. by 

A106 John Forbes Mitchbll: of Thainstone; b. 1786; m., 1809, Ann Cdau. 

Lieut. -Col. Geo. Powell.) ; d. 1822 in France. 

(1) Duncan: his heir. — A107. 

(2) John George Forbes: Maj. H. E. I. C. S.; b. 1814; m., 1837, Eliza 
Maria "(dau. John Lechie) ; d. 1860. 

(A) Charles Pulteney: b. 1840; maj. -gen. late 2nd batt. Prince of 
Wales Leinster Regt. ; m., 1864, Hannah (dau. John Sims). 

(B) William Erskine: b. 1847; d. unm., 1877. 

(3) Arthur Andrew Charles: b. 1815 ; d. s. p. 

(4) David Erskine: b. 1816; m., 1848, Margaret (dau. Alex Low); 
d. s. p. 1882. 

(5) Frederick: b. 1818; m., 1840, Rachel (dau. Alex. Forbes) ; d. s. p. 

(6) James Andrew: b. 1820; d. y. 

{7} Alexander Kinloch Forbes : Judge High Court of Bombay ; b. 1821 ; 
m., 1846, Margaret (dau. Henry David Forbes) ; d. 1865 at Poonah. 
(A) John Fraser (Rev.): M.A., Oxford; Chaplain, Bombay; b. 
1847; m., 1878, Edith Palin (dau. Henry Wendin) ; d. 1887. 
(a) Alestair Esme Buchan : b. 1881. 

(b) Agnes Dorothy Marg. 

(c) Emmeline Brita Cahusac. 

(d) Edith Margaret Lyndhurst. 

(B) Henry David Erskine: b. 1849; m., 1884, Alice Georgina (dau. 
Henry Ingle). 

(C) Alexander Abernethie: b. 1851; d. s. p. 

(D) Edward Esme (Rev.) : formerly Indian Staff Corps; b. 1855; 
m. (1), 1880, Frederica Maude (dau. Col. G. F. deBerry) ; m. 
(2), 1902, Florence Emily Louise (dau. late Capt. W. Pem- 
berton Hesketh). 

(E) Margaret Theodora Lawrence. 

(F) Emmeline Maria Elizabeth: m., 1899, Chas. Scott Chisholme. 
A107 Duncan Forbes-Mitchell: of Thainstone; J. P. and D. L. ; b. 1812; 

m., 1824, Maria (dau. Robt. Anthony Bromley) ; d. 1870. 

(1) John: late of Thainstone.— A 108. 

(2) Louisa: d. 1841. 

(3) Maria: m., 1878, John Alex. Stuart, late of the Admiralty and Ofifice 
of the Secretary of State for War; d. 1917. 

(4) Elizabeth Erskine: m.. 1870, Lieut. -Col. Joon Nathaniel Gower ; 

AIDS John Forbes-Mitchell: of Thainstone; J. P., D. L., F. S. A.; b. 

1843; m., 1870, Jane^ Maria— A109 (dau. Thos. jas. Rawson) ; d. s. p. 

1882; s. by wife. 
A109 Jane Maria Forbes-Mitchell: of Thainstone, co. Aberdeen. 

Mitchell (nozv Cleeve) of Llanfrechfa Grange 

BllO John Mitchell: of Doune, Perthshire; his 2nd son. 
Bill David Mitchell: of Carshallton; his 7th son, 

B112 Francis Henry Mitchell: of 12, Upper Wimpole Street, London, 
W.: b. 1794; m., 1820, Frances Eliz. (dau. Jas. Johnstone) ; d. 1891. 

(1) Frank Johnstone: late of Llanfrechfa. — B113. 

(2) William Rowland: of Seaborough Court, Crewkerne; b. 1829; m., 
1883, Ellen Edith (dau. Sir Samuel Morton Peto, Bart.). 

(A) Rowland Peto Johnstone: Capt. Indian Army; b. 1887; m., 
1918, Adelaide Muriel Dorothea (dau. Col. W. Graydon Car- 
ter, C. M. G.). 

(B) Henry Kelsall Beckf ord : lieut. R. N.; b. 1894. 

(3) Herbert Leonard: Col. (ret.) R. A.; b. 1835; m., 1871, Mary Ara- 
luUa Susan (dau. C. W. Reynolds) ; d. 1919. 

(A) Francis Herbert: D.S.O. ; Capt. R. N.; served in Gallipoli, 
1915; Naval Adv. to C.-in-C. of the Forces, Egypt, 1916; ap- 
pointed to command H. M. S. "Excellent" Gunnery Sch., 1920; 
Order of the Nile 3rd class; b. 1876; m., 1901, Marion (dau. 
Henry Russell, M.D.). 

(a) Francis Neville: b. 1904. 

(b) Herbert Evelyn Russell : b. 1906. 

(c) David Reynolds: b. 1911. 

(B) Charles Johnstone: D.S.O. ; Maj. 2nd Batt. Oxford L. I.; 
Reserve of Officers; b. 1879; m., 1906, Maud Elsie (dau. Chas. 
Arthur Galton) ; d. in active service, 1918. 

(a) Jock Galton : b. 1908. 

(C) Percy Reynolds: D.S.O.; Maj. R. A. ; b. 1882; m., 1921, Con- 



stance Margaret (widow Capt. P. M. Pridmore). 

(D) Harry Beckford : d. y., 1893. 

(E) Lynette Rose Mary. 

(F) Violet Evelyn: d. 1907. 

(G) Pearl Audrey Lenore: m. Maj. Ballard; issue. 
(H) Olive Iris Zatzie. 

(4) Clayton: of W. Highlands, Winchester; Capt. R. N. (ret.) ; J. P., 
■ Hants; b. 1836; m., 1863, Mary Charlotte (dau. Capt. Ed. Daniell, 

H. E. I. C. S.). 

(A) Clayton Edward Johnstone: b. 1864; m. Jessy Catherine (dau. 
Col. T. W. Chester Mester). 

(B) Leonard Lindsay: d. y. 

(C) Frances Helena: m., 1884, Rev. J. Henry Hodgson; d. 1906; 

(D) Mary Georgina: m., 1894, Col. Wm. Egginton Briggs; issue. 

(E) Eva Catherine: d. unm., 1920. 

(F) Sybil Margaret: ni. (1), 1909, Colin D. Eyre; m. (2), 1911, 
Maj. Frank Lionel Pardoe, D.S.O. 

(5) Arthur Charles: of High Grove, Tetbury, co. Gloucester; J. P., 
Wilts and co. Gloucester ; late Capt. 4th batt. Gloucestershire Regt. ; 
b. 1847; m. (1), 1872, Laura Harriet (dau. Sir Michael Hicks- 
Beach, Bart.). 

(A) Ethel Laura: b. 1874. 

m. (2), 1888, Constance Lucy (dau. John Henry Elwes). 

(B) Francis Arthur: M.C. ; Maj. R. Gloucestershire Hussars; b. 

1888; m. 1919, Muriel de Courcy Daniels, of Hutchwood, 
Winchfield, Hants. 

(C) David Johnstone: M.C; Capt. King's Royal Rifles; b. 1890. 

(D) John Henry: sub-lieut. R. N.; b. 1893. 

(6) Frances Mary: d. unm., 1863. 

(7) Laura: d. unm., 1884. 

(8) Helena: m. (1), 1859, Geo. Willes; m. (2), 1863, Rev. Edmund 

(9) Mary Beckford. 

(10) Adelaide: d. unm., 1920. 

(11) Eliza Jane: d. unm., 1893. 

B113 Frank Johnstone Mitchell: of Llanfrechfa Grange, co. Monmouth; 
F.S.A.; F.G.S.; J. P. and D. L. ; High Sheriff, 1868; b. 1824; m., 1860, 
Eliz. Harcourt (dau. John Etherington Welch Rolls) ; d. 1913. 

(1) Gladys Elizabeth: now of Llanfrechfa Grange. — B114. 

(2) Hilda Mary: m., 1891, Rev. Charles Wm. GriflFon. 

B114 Gladys Elizabeth, Mrs. Cleeve: of Llanfrechfa Grange, co. Mon- 
mouth; m., 1894, Maj.-Gen. Wm. Fredk. Cleeve, C.B.; J. P., late R. A. 

(1) William Stewart Francis: b. 1894; d. y. 

(2) Francis Charles Frederick: M.C; lieut. R. F. A.; b. 1896. 

(3) Alexander John Egerton: Lieut. R. G. A.; b. 1899. 

(4) David William Arnold: b. 1901. 

(5) Richard Edmund Bourchier: b. 1903. 

(6) Gladys Sylvia: b. 1898. 

Mitchell, late of Polmood 

CI 15 John Mitchell: of Grangemouth, co. Stirling; m. Janet (dau. Jas. 
Wilson) ; had, with other issue, 


(1) Thomas Livingston. — CI IS. * 

(2) Houston: of Polmood and Glenbuck, co. Peebles; J. P.; b. 1800; 
d. unm., 1881 ; s. by nephew. 

C115 Col. Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell: Knt. ; D.C.L. ; Surveyor- 
Gen, of New S. Wales; eminent geographer; b. 1792; m., 1818, Mary 
Thompson (dau. Gen. Rich. Blunt) ; d. 1855. 

(1) Livingstone: m. Catharine Macalister; d. s. p. 

(2) Roderick: dec. 

(3) Campbell: dec. 

(4) Murry: dec. 

(5) Thomas Octavius : dec. 

(6) Richard Blunt: late of Polmood.— CI 16. 

(7) Georgiana Janet : d. unm., 1904, aged 85. 

(8) Emily: m., 1857, Geo. Ed., 21st Baron Audley ; d. 1860; issue. 

(9) Camilla Victoria : m. John Mann ; two sons and one dau. 

( 10) Alicia : m. Capt. Dauncey ; four sons and four daus. 

(11) Blanche Nicholson: d. unm. 

C116 Richard Blunt Mitchell: late of Polmood, co. Peebles; J. P.; b. 
1840; s. uncle, Houston, 1881 ; J. P. for Colonies of Victoria and New 
South Wales, Australia, 

Mitchell of Garwood 

D117 Rev. John Mitchell: D.D., S.T.P. ; m. Ann (dau. Wm. Gillespie, of 
Bishopton, co. Renfrew) ; d. 1844; a son 

D118 William Gillespie Mitchell: J. P. and D. L. of Garwood, co. Lan- 
ark; b. 1800; m., 1846, Jessie (dau. James Dennistoun) ; d. 1882. 

( 1 ) James Dennistoun : late of Garwood. 

(2) John WilHam: d. 1864. 

(3) Mary Osward: d. y., 1861. 

(4) Annie Gillespie: m., 1887, James Ferguson; d. 1912. 

D119 The Late James Dennistoun Mitchell: of Garwood, co. Lanark; 
J. P. and D. L., Convener, co. Lanark; B.A., Oxon, 1879; B.Sc, LL.B., 
1885; B.C.L.; Col. Lanarkshire Imp. Yeo. ; b. 1853; m., 1883, Marion 
Woddrop Macknight, now of Garwood, Elsrickle, Edmonston, Lanark- 
shire, and of Garvald, Peebleshire (only child of late Thos. Macknight 

Mitchell (now Majendie) late of Holbrook Hall 

E120 David Mitchell: m. Anne Smith; issue, incl. : 

E121 James Mitchell: m., 1808, Eliza (dau. E. Kalet) ; d. 1809; a son. 

E122 James Mitchell: of Holbrook Hall, co. Suffolk; J. P.; J. P. and D. L. 
for Herts; b. 1809; educated at Westminster and Ch. Ch., Oxon; M.A., 
1830; called to bar at Lincoln's Inn, 1834; m., 1863, Caroline Augusta 
(dau. T. J. S. Hanmer, R. N., of Halbrook Hall) ; d. 1895; a dau. 

E123 Beatrice Cecilia, Mrs. Majendie: of Holbrook Hall, Suffolk; m., 
1893, James Henry Alex Majendie, D. L. of Hedingham Castle; issue. 



Sir Andrew: (1708-1771) ; diplomatist; son William; one of the King's 
chaplains for Scotland. Undersecretary of State, 1742; spoke in the House of 
Commons; was one of the British commissioners negotiating treaty with Austria 
and the Netherlands ; was British envoy to Frederick the Great and was admitted 
to confidential intercourse with the King ; buried in a Berlin church, and Prince 
Henry requested a bust of him to be placed there. 

Sir Andrew: K.B. (1757-1806); admiral; entered navy on board Deal 
Castle ; after appointment to commander-in-chief on North American station 
was promoted to be admiral. His portrait by Bowyer has been engraved. 

Captain Cornelius: (d. 1749 ?) ; captain in the navy; entered on board 
the Ranelagh, carrying flag of Sir John Morris in the Channel. In 1731 was 
captain of the Lark. Sailed from West Indies in the fleet under Sir Chaloner 

Sir David: (1650-1710) ; vice-admiral; was bound apprentice to trading 
vessel ; in 1691 was first captain of Britannia ; served in Battle of Barfleur, 1692, 
culminating in burning French ships in Bay of La Hogue ; appointed by King 
as one of the grooms of the bedchamber ; became rear admiral of the blue. At 
the Czar Peter's request he attended him during his stay in England. He 
became colonel ; received the order of Companion of the Bath ; commanded a 
brigade in Waterloo campaign, and for his services the Emperor of Russia gave 
him the order of St. Vladimir and Russian order of St. Ann. 

James: M.A., LL.D. (1786 ?-1844) ; scientific writer; employed as actuary 
to parliamentary commission on factories, etc. ; was a fellow of Geological 
Society of London and corresponding member of Society of Scottish Antiquaries. 

L\mes: ( 1791-1852) ; line engraver; one of his most important works was 
"Alfred in the Neatherds' Cottage." 1829. His s., Robert (1820-1873), en- 
graved in Alezzotint "Tapageur, a Fashionable Member of the Canine Society." 

John: M.D. (d. 1768); botanist; emigrated to America from England, 
1700; resided near Richmond. Va. ; discovered several new species of plants, one 
being called after him "Mitchella repens" by Linnaeus. As a solution of a prize 
problem set by Academy of Bordeaux, he prepared "Essay Upon the Causes of 
the Different Colours of People in Different Climates." which was read before 
Royal Society by Peter Collinson at various meetings in 1744. 

Major General John: (1785-1859); major general; served as deputy 
assistant quartermaster general in 4th Battalion on expedition to Stralsund, 1813, 
and in campaign of 1814 in Holland, Flanders and Paris. His knowledge of 
languages made him valuable to Wellington. Promoted to major, 1826. 

John: (1806-1874); theater and music agent and manager; for three 
seasons opened the Lyceum Theater for Italian comic opera, "Opera Buffa," 
and later brought over French plays and players to perform at St. James' Theater. 

Hon. John: (1789-1865) ; antiquary; consul general for Belgium; fellow 
of Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, of the Royal Physical Society and the 
Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries of Denmark ; contributed valuable papers 
to their "Transactions ;" lived in friendly intercourse with Kings of Denmark 
and Belgium, receiving from latter gold medal of order of Leop>old. 

Joseph: (1684-1738) ; dramatist; by steady dependence earned title "Sir 
Robert Walpole's Poet." 

Robert: (fl. 1800); architect of London; exhibited designs for ecclesi- 



astical edifices in Royal Academy exhibitions ; published "Plans and Views in 
Perspective" and an "Essay to Illucidate the Grecian, Roman and Gothic Archi- 
tecture, Accompanied With Designs," London, 1801, in English and French. 

Thomas: (fl. 1735-1790) ; marine painter and naval official; a shipwright 
by profession ; practiced as a painter of marine subjects ; asst. surveyor of the 
navy and exhibited his works as marine painter at Free Society of Artists and 
Royal Academy ; a number of his drawings are in the print room at British 

Thomas: B.A., M.A. (1783-1845) : classical scholar; resided in Oxford- 
shire ; occasionally superintended publication of the Greek authors by Clarendon 
Press; in 1844 began school edition of a "Pentalogia Aristophanica," with brief 
Latin notes. Exhibits of his work in British Museum Library. 

Sir Thomas Livingstone: D.C.L. (1792-1855); Australian explorer; 
made four explorations into the unknown interior of Australch ; found country 
near where Albany now stands on eve of being taken up by colonists ; on return 
to England was knighted; patented the boomerang (screw propeller for steam 

Sir William: (1811-1878); maritime writer; in 1857 advised with the 
registrar general of seamen in preparation of measure for royal naval reserve ; 
was nominated in reward for public services by King of Sweden a knight com- 
mander of the order of St. Olaf. 

Sir William Henry Fancourt: (1811-1884); Australian politician; 
elected to legislature council of Victoria as one of five original members for the 
northwestern Province, and joined the Haines Ministry, representing it in upper 
chamber ; served as chairman of committees in legislative council ; in 1870 was 
president of council; knighted in 1875. On his death the House of Assembly 
and council adjourned as a mark of respect — first time it had done so in conse- 
quence of death of a member of the other chamber. 


Alexander Mitchell: Lt.-Col. late Fife and Forfar Yeomanry; J. P. 
D.L., Fifeshire and Clackmannanshire : B.A., Oxon ; b. 1871 ; s. of Colonel 
Alexander; educ, Harrow; Master of Lauderdale Foxhounds since 1910; serv- 
ed European War in Gallipoli and in France. Add. : London. 

Andrew Peter: I.S.O., 1912; Agency Inspector of C.P. Feudatory State 
Schools; Raipur, C.P. ; b. Edinburgh, 1856; educ, Edinburgh, London. In- 
spector of Schools, Raipur, Jubbulpore, Nagpur, and Hoshangabad. Add. : 

Arnold : Architect ; Soane medallist and foreign travelling student ; me- 
dallist and fellow of the Royal Insti. of Brit. Architects. Add. : London. 

Major Charles: D.S.O., 1918; O.B.E., 1919; late Grenadier Guards; 
educ, Eton; served European War. Add.: Northumberland. 

Charles Ainsworth : scientific author; Sec. of the Soc of Public Anal- 
ysts; b., Thetford, 1867; educ. King William's College. 

Brig.-Gen. Charles Hamilton: C.B., 1918; C.M.G., 1917; D.S.O.. 
1916; M. Inst. C.E., M.E.I.C. ; Consulting Engineer and Dean of Faculty of 
Applied Science and Engineering, Univ. of Toronto, since 1919; b. Canada, 


1872; s. of Rev. G.A. ; educ, Univ. of Toronto; consulting engineer on many 
Canadian hydro-electric projects and for Governments of Dominion of Canada 
and various Canadian Provinces on water power. Add. : Canada. 

Hon. Charles Richmond: a Justice of the Supreme Court of Alberta, 
Appelate Division, since 1926 ; b. 1872 ; educ, Harkins Academy, Newcastle. 
Add. : Alberta. 

Major Christopher Carroll: D.S.O., 1919; M.C.; late R.F.A.; b. 
1891 ; o. s. of Major Henry Wilmot ; educ, Wellington College; served Euro- 
pean War. Add. : Wicklow. 

David George: CLE., 1923; b. 1879; Legal Secretary to Govt. Central 
Provinces and to Legislative Council. 

Sir Edward Fancourt: K.C.M.G., cr. 1918; K.C., M.A., LL.B. Camb. ; 
Barrister ; b. 1855 ; s. of late Sir William. Add. : Australia. 

Edward Rosslyn : M.A., LL.B.; J. P. (Soc) Paisley since 1924; solici- 
tor; senior partner Rosslyn Mitchell & Tillis Cochran, Glasgow; b. 1879; Univ. 
Glasgow; entered Town Council of Glasgow, 1909. Add.: London. 

Rear-Admiral Francis Herbert: C.B., 1924; D.S.O., 1915; Rear-Adm. 
in charge and Admiral Supt. Malta Dockyard since 1928; b. 1876; s. of Col. 
Herbert Leonard ; was Naval Adviser to Com. -in-Chief of the Forces, Egypt, 
up to 1916. Add. Malta. 

Frank Herberts C.B.E., 1918; M.V.O., 1928; b. 1878; s. of late R. A. 
H. ; served under Lord Milner in S. Africa ; Pres. Sec. at Buckingham Palace, 
1920. Add. : Forest House, Crowborough. 

Frank William Drew: I.S.O., 1903; b. 1845; appointed to Paymaster- 
Gens. Office, Whitehall, 1863 ; Sec. Congested Districts Board for Ireland. 
Publications : A Key to Health and Long Life. Add. : Hampshire. 

George Winter: M. A.; Prof, of Classics in Queen's Univ., Kingston; 
b. Glasgow, 1865 ; educ, Trades' School ; Classical Master, Garnethill School, 
Glasgow ; Publication : Anthropology Up-to-Date. Add. : Stamford, Conn. 

Rev. Harry: M.A. ; Hon. Canon of Liverpool, 1893; b. 1847; s. of late 
B. ; educ, Uppingham School ; Mem. of the Archbishops' Church Finance Com- 
mittee; Officiating Chaplain to troops, 1914-18. Add.: S. Devon. 

Henry Thomas: Gen. Manager, Barclays Bank, Limited; b. 1870; e. s. 
of late Henry. Formerly with London and South-Western Bank, Ltd. Add. : 

Sir Herbert Edward: K.C.V.O., cr. 1926; C.V.O., 1924; b. 1861; s. 
of William C. ; educ, Charterhouse; appointed to Duchy of Lancaster, 1885; 
Private Sec. to Chancellors of the Duchy. Add. : London. 

Hon. Sir James: K.C.M.G.. cr. 1921; M.L.A. Northam, Western Aus- 
tralia; grazier and landowner; b. Bunbury, 1886; s. of W.B. ; educ, Bunbury; 
W. Aust. ; entered parliament, 1905 ; Survey before selection as the system of 
land settlement was largely responsible for the giving of new life to land settle- 
ment and development. Publication : Brochures on Land Settlement. Add. : 
Western Australia. 

Sir John : Kt., cr. 1921 ; Chairman of Walter Mitchell & Sons, Ltd. Add. : 

Lt.-Col. John Douglas: C.M.G., 1919; D.S.O., 1918; b. 1881 ; s. of late 
Thomas; educ, Eastbourne; served European War; commanded 1st Sherwood 
Foresters. Add. : London. 

John Edwin: O.B.E., 1920; Recorder of Rye since 1923; b. 1865; s. of 


late Henry; called to Bar, Middle Temple, 1910. Publications: Editor 10th 
edition Wilgrams Justices Note-Book. Add. : Ledbury. 

John Malcolm: M.A. ; O.B.E. ; M.C., F.S.A. (Scot); Sec. Carnegie 
United Kingdom Trust; b. Nottingham 1879; educ, Liverpool College; Presi- 
dent, Dunfermline Rotary Club. Publication: Gate's History of Greece. Add.: 

Rev. John Thomas: M.A. Oxford, B.D. (T.C.D.) ; Rector of Waver- 
tree since 1894; Hon. Canon of Liverpool ; s. of Thomas; educ, Corpus Christi 
Coll. Add. : Liverpool. 

Peters Chalmers: C.B.E., 1918; F.R.S., 1906; F.Z.S., D.Sc, LL.D., 
Sec. to Zoological Society of London since 1903; b. Dunfermline, 1864; educ, 
Aberdeen Univ., Chairman of the Cremation Society. Publication : Outlines 
of Biology. Add. : London. 

Major Robert: C.B.E., 1918; Knight of Grace Order of St. John of 
Jerusalem; b., London, 1855; Mem. of the International Permanent Committee 
for the Care of the Disabled in the War ; initiated system of Educational Travel. 
Add. : London. 

Major Robert: D.S.O., 1916; Advocate in Aberdeen; late Major High- 
land Division Royal Engineers ; b. 1873 ; s. of late Robert ; educ, Gymnasiu, Old 
Aberdeen ; Served European War. Add. : Aberdeen. 

Rev. Robert Andrew : Vicar of St. Michael, Chester Square ; since 1920 ; 
and St. Philip, Buckingham Palace Road ; educ, Magdalen Coll. ; Mem. Stand- 
ing Committee London Diocesan Conference, Executive Committee Princess 
Helena College, Council Westfield College, and executive Committee Friends 
of the Poor. Add. : London. 

Robert MacGregor: M.A., LL.B.; K.C., 1924; M.P. (L). Perth 
Division, 1923-24; e. s. of Robert; educ, Perth Academy (Dux); Univ. of 
Edin. (Scholarship, Prize essayist) Add.: Edinburgh. 

Stephen: J.P., M.P. (U). Lanark Division of Lanarkshire since 1924; 
b. 1884; o. s. of Stephen; educ, Jesus Coll. Cambridge; Director of Imperial 
Tobacco Co., Ltd. Add. : London. 

Thomas Walker: M.D. ; Editor of the British Journal of Medical Psy- 
chology; b. 1869; educ, Univ., of Edinburgh; has been closely connected with 
the revival of psycho-therapeutics in England from the beginning, in 1906-07 
when a Society for the Study of Suggestive Therapeutics was founded. Pub- 
lication : The Psychology of Medicine. Add. : London. 

Victor Evelyn : K.C., 1909 ; D.C.L. ; Barrister, Province of Quebec, 
1896; b. London, 1865; educ. City of London School; senior mem. of firm of 
McGibbon, Mitchell and Stairs, Advocates, Montreal. Publication : Law relat- 
ing to Canadian Com. 

Col. Wilfrid James: C.M.G., 1918; D.S.O., 1917; Indian Army (re- 
tired) ; b. 1871 ; s. of Alexander ; educ, R.M.C., Kingston, Canada ; European 
War, 1914-19; Col. Commandant 21st Infantry Brigade. Add.: France. 

Sir William: K.C.M.G., cr. 1927; M.A., D. Sc; Vice-Chancellor and 
Emeritus prof, of Philosophy in Univ. of Adelaide ; b. Inveravon, 1861 ; educ, 
Edin. Univ. ; Lecturer on Ethics, Edin. Univ. Publication : Structure and 
Growth of the Mind. Add. : S. Australia. 

William: M.A. (Aberdeen) LL.B. (Edinburgh); K.C., 1919; b. Keith; 
s. of George; educ, Univ. of Edin.; Advocate-Depute for several years; has 
written on Burgh Govt. Add. : London. 


Capt. William Edward Clifton: D.S.O., 1900; b. England 1875; went 
to South Africa, 1882; Cape Pioneer Railway Regiment; served Boer War. 
Add. : Johannesburg. 

William Eric Marcus: M.C. ; M.B. : B.S. Lond. F.R.C.S., Eng.; L.R. 
C.P., Lond., D.P.H. ; Surgeon; genitourinary specialist; b. 1897; e. s. of Dr. 
J. F. ; educ, Campbell Coll., Belfast ; Clinical Ass't. St. Peter's Hospital, London. 
Publication: Numerous papers on surgical subjects. Add.: London. 

William Foot: Lord of the Manor of Quendon ; J. P. Essex; M.P. 
(U.) Saffron Walden Division of Essex since 1922 ; b. 1859 ; s. of W. S. ; educ, 
privately, London, Glasgow and Paris ; Director, Shell Transport and Trading 
Co., Bdtaafsche Petroleum Maatschepij (The Hague). Add.: London. 

William H.: J.P. ; Director of Wm. Fison & Co., Ltd.; spinners and 
manufacturers of Burley-in-Wharfedale and Bradford ; b. 1853 ; Mem. of the 
Koyal Commission on Shipping Rings. Add. : London. 

Sir William Lane: Kt., cr. 1921; M.P. (U). Streatham since 1918; b. 
1861 ; Twice Mayor of Camberwell. Add. : South Croydon. 

Alfred Mitchell Family 

Henry I, KING OF FRANCE, father of 

Hugh the Great : m. Lady Adela de Vermandois. Their dau. was 

Lady Isabel : m. Robert, Earl of Mellent and Leicester. 

Robert : Earl of Leicester, Lord Justice of England. 

Gervase Paganel : Baron of Dudley, Staffordshire. From him was descended, 
10 generations removed, 

Sir John de Sutton, K. G. : 5th Baron of Dudley ; carried the royal standard 
at the funeral of King Henry V, and was Lieutenant of Ireland and Treas- 
urer to King Henry VI ; d. 1482. 

Edmund Sutton de Dudley: m. Lady Maud Clifford. 

Thomas Dudley: of London, a draper; will dated Oct. 18th, 1549. 

John Dudley : of London. 

Captain Roger Dudley: of Canon's Ashby, Northamptonshire; k. during 
the civil wars about 1586. 

Thomas Dudley: of Roxbury Mass.; b. at Canon's Ashby about 1576; com- 
manded a company at the siege of Amiens : became a Puritan and came to 
America with Governor Winthrop, in 1630, to escape persecution; elected 
Governor of the Massachusetts Colony in 1634 and was three times re- 
elected; d. 1653. 

Mercy Dudley: m., 1637. Rev. John Woodbridge, of Newbury, Mass.. Assist- 
ant of the Massachusetts Colony, 1683, d. 1694. 

Rev. John Woodbridge: of Wethersfield ; m., 1671, Abigail, dau. of Governor 
William Leete, of Conn. 

Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge : m. Hannah Morgan. 

Captain Paul Woodbridge: b. 1708; m., 1737, Sara Goodridge, of South 
Kingston, R. I. 

Rev. Ephraim Woodridge : of New Lond., Conn.; b. 1746, d. 1776; m., 
1769, Mary, dau. of Nathaniel Shaw, of New London. 


Nathaniel Shaw Woodbridge: of Salem, Conn.; b. 1771, d. 1797; m., 
1790, Elizabeth, dau. of John Mumford. 

Lucretia Mumford Woodbridge: b. 1792, d. 1839; m., 1815, REV. AL- 
FRED MITCHELL, of Norwich, Conn., b. 1790, d. 1831, son of 
STEPHEN MIX MITCHELL, Chief Justice of Connecticut and U. S. 

(1) LUCRETIA W. MITCHELL: d. 1845; m. Dr. Edward Strong, 
of Auburndale, Mass. Issue. 

(2) DONALD GRANT MITCHELL: "Ik. Marvel," of "Edgewood," 
New Haven, Conn. ; m., 1853, Mary P., dau. of Wm. B. Pringle, of 

Charleston, S. C. 





(E) MARY PRINGLE MITCHELL: m. 1879, Edward L. Ryer- 
son, of Chicago. Issue. 





(4) LOUIS MITCHELL: d. 1881. 

(5) CAPTAIN ALFRED MITCHELL: of New London; m., 1871, 
Annie O., dau. of Charles L. Tiffany, of New York. 



5. Weir Mitchell Family 

Henry I, KING OF FRANCE, father of 

Prince Hugh the Great: Count de Vermandois; m. Lady Adela de Verman- 
dois, great-granddaughter of Edward the elder, KING OF ENGLAND. 
From them was descended (18 generations removed, for which see the 

Thomas Dudley: b. 1576, d. 1653; Governor of Massachusetts, etc. 

Rev. Samuel Dudley: of the Massachusetts Colony; b. about 1606 in Eng- 
land; came to New England with liis father in 1630; he was Deputy to the 
General Court at Boston for several years ; d. 1682, having m., first, Mary 
dau. of Gov. John Winthrop, by whom he had : 

Elizabeth Dudley: m., 1674, Judge Kinsley Hall, of Exeter, N. H., d. 1736. 

JosiAH Hall: of Exeter; m., first, Miss Woodbury. 

Mary Hall: m. John Langdon, of Portsmouth, N. H.. b. 1707, d. 1780. 

Governor John Langdon: of Portsmouth, N. H., b. 1740, d. 1819; Delegate' 
to General Congress, 1775-76; Judge Court of Common Pleas, 1776-77; 
Speaker New Hampshire House, 1776-82, 1804-5 ; Governor of New Hamp- 
shire, 1785-88, 1805-8-10-11 ; U. S. Senator, 1789, for 12 years; m., 1777. 

Elizabeth Sherburn, b. 1761, d. 1813. 

Elizabeth Langdon: b. 1777, d. 1860; m., 1797, Thomas Elwyn, d. 1816. 

Dr. Alfred William Elwyn: of Philadelphia, b. 1804; m. Mary Middleton, 
dau. of James and Sarah (Butler) Mease of Philadelphia and granddaugh- 


ter of Pierce Butler, of S. C. 
Mary Middleton Elwyn : d. 1865; m. S. WEIR MITCHELL, M. D., of 
Phila., s. of PROF. JOHN KEARSLEY MITCHELL, M. D. (Dr. S. 
WEIR MITCHELL m., secondly, Marv Cadwalader, of royal descent from 
RHODRI-MAWR, KING OF ALL WALES, and had one child.) 



(3) MARIA GOUVERNEUR MITCHELL: b. 1876; ch. of 2nd 


F124 Christopher Mitchell: of Kittery, Maine, 1639; m. Sarah Andrew: 

( 1 ) William : m. Honor ; 2 Elizabeth Tenney. Ch. : 

(A) Israel: m. Mary Berry. Ch. : 
(a) William. 

(B) Christopher : m. Deborah Miller. Ch. : 

(a) Jonathan: (1735). 

(b) William: (1739). 

(c) Josiah: (1748); m. Eunice. 

(d) Jesse: (1750). 

(C) John : m. Lydia Hatch. Ch. : 

(a) John: (1739). 

(b) William: (1741). 

(D) Job: (1720) ; m. Susanna Brown. Ch. : Benjamin, John, Jere- 
miah, William. 

(E) William: (1720) ; m. Hannah Berry. 

(2) Christopher: m. Mary Brackett. Ch. : 

(A) Samuel: (1694-95) ; m. Ehzabeth. Ch. : 

(a) Samuel: (1730) ; m. Susanna Phillips; 2 Joanna FoUet. 

1. John: (1731). 

2. Josiah: (1745). 

(B) Benjamin: (1704). 

(3) Robert: (1669) ; m. Sarah Rogers. Ch. : 

(A) Roger: (1694); m. Sarah Cutts ; 2 Bridget Couch; 3 Mary 
Goold. Ch. : 

(a) Robert: (1734). 

(b) Roger: (1742) ; m. Abigail Gerrish. 

(B) Robert: (1710) ; m. Miriam Jordan. Ch. : 

(a) Jonathan: (1736-1810) ; m. Anna Loveitt. Ch.: 

1. James: (1761). 

2. Benjamin: (1762) : m. Sarah Fogg. 

3. Robert: (1766) ; m. Lydia Wheeler. 

4. Jonathan: (1769) ; m. Sarah Robinson. 

5. Joshua: (1777-1869) ; m. Mehitable Wheeler. 

(b) Dominicus: (1744) ; m. Anna Small. 

(c) Robert: (1751); m. Mary Ingersoll. Ch. : 

1. Robert: (1784). 

2. Stephen: (1785). 

3. Nathaniel: (1803). 


(4) Richard : m. Sarah Couch. Ch. : 

(A) John: (1700-1756). 

(B) Joseph: (1756); m. Isabella Bragdon. Ch. : John, Jeremiah, 
Joseph, Jeremiah. 

(C) William: m. Sarah Weare; 2 Sarah Sellers. Ch. : 

(a) Daniel. 

(b) William: m. Susanna Foy. 

(D) Richard : m. Huldah Weare ; 2 Mary Jones. Ch. : 
(a) William: (1748) ; m. Johannah. Ch.: 

1. William: (1774-1822) ; m. Asenath Harvey. 

2. Andrew: (1777-1803). 

3. Richard: (1779) ; went to sea and never returned. 

4. Reuben: (1781-1803). 

5. John: (1785-1821). 

6. Joseph: (1787-1856); m. Sabine Curtis. Ch.: 

A Parmenas: (1833-1875); m. Priscilla W. Belcher. 

a Wilmot B. : Prof, in Bowdoin College, Bruns- 
wick, Me. 
(I) Jackson: (1836-1836). 
(II) Reuben Harvey: (1845). 

7. Jones: (1792-1866). 

(5) Joseph: (1673) ; Joanna Couch. Ch. : 
(A) Joseph: (1703). 

(a) Joseph, Jr.: (1729-30) ; m. Susanna Paul. Ch. : 

1. Samuel. 

2. Joseph: (1754). 

3. William: (1755). 

4. Daniel: (1760); m. Submit Chandler. Ch. : 
A Edmund: (1792) ; m. Margaret Dinsmore. 
B Daniel: (1797-1822). 

C Enos: (1802-1829). 
D Joel: (1804-1824). 
E Ira: (1808-1877) ; m. Sarah Ann Soule. Ch.: 

a Chas. T.: (1835-1874). 

b Daniel E. : (1838). 

c Marcus M.: (1842-1868). 

d James E. : (1843) ; Civil War; m. Fannie HustoiL 

e AlvinO.: (1849-1869). 

(b) Horton: (1732); m. Sarah Devison; 2 Deborah Bell. 

1. John Hayes: (1761) : m. Mrs. Jane (Loring) Mitchell. 

2. William: (1766). 

(c) Abraham: (1739-40) ; m. Rhoda Gray; 2 Elizabeth Cole. 

1. Nathaniel: (1760); m. Mary Hooper. 

A Andrew: (1783) ; m. Mary Bailey. Ch.: 
a Nathaniel: (1806). 
b John Gray: (1811-1841). 
c George A.: (1822-1866). 

2. Andrew: (1763-1800) ; m. Sally Harvey. No ch. 

3. Samuel: (1776); m. Ruth Saward. No ch. 


4. Abraham: (1777); m. Mary Sawyer: 2 Katharine 

A Samuel: (1800) ; m. Phebe Bennett. 

B Benjamin. 

C Lorenzo Dow: (1811) : m. Hannah Hill; 2 Martha 


a George Washington: (1837). 

b Henry L. : (1839). 

c Charles Wesley: (1841) ; m. Julia Dillaway. 

d George Edwin: (1844) ; m. Annie M. Knowlton. 
D Thomas Spencer: (1817) ; m. Harriett N. Weeman; 

2 Helen Cobb. 

(I) Theodore Thomas: (1850-1858). 

5. Robert: (1786) ; m. Phebe Chandler. Ch. : 

A Abraham: (1809) ; m. Eliz. C. Soule. 

B Daniel: (1809) ; m. Nancy Rice. 

C Sewall: (1810) ; m. Sarah Loring. 

D Thomas: (1812). 

E Edmond: (1818) ; m. Faith Talkenbird. 

F Robert Ripley: (1821). 

(d) Joshua: (1742). 

(e) Josiah: (1750); m. Sarah Curtis; 2 Sarah Currier; 3 
Martha Witherell. 

1. Josiah: (1773-1795). 

2. David: (1775) ; m. Betsey Graff am. Ch.: 
A Josiah: (1801-1804). 

B Levi: (1808-1833). 

C David: (1816): m. Mary Thompson. 

D John D.: (1825). 

3. Joseph: (1784) ; m. Mary Robinson. Ch. : 
A Joseph: (1808). 

4. Joshua: (1786) ; m. Nancy Tarr. Ch. : 

A William Greenleaf : (1811) ; m. Mrs. Annie Foster. 

B Seth Tarr: (1818) ; m. Mary Wright. 
C Joshua: (1820) ; m. Sevia Jane Small. No ch. 
D Isaac Sylvester: (1823) ; m. Catherine Johnson. 
E Frederick Emerson: (1825-1848); drowned. 
F Daniel Chessman: (1828); m. Hannah Elizabeth 

G George Edward: (1832) ; m. Jane Jenkins. Ch. : 

a Frederick Emerson : ( 1861 ) ; m. Effie M. Spear. 
(I) Arthur. 

b Frank George: (1866) ; m. Lulu Ray. 

c William H.: (1869) ; m. Jeannette Mary Swain. 

d Walter E.: (1878). 
H David: (1834) ; m. Mary Foster. Ch. : 

a William. 

5. Amaziah: (1788) ; m. Sallv Witherell. 

6. James : ( 1793) ; m. Martha Witherell. Ch. : 
A Ruel B.: (1817) ; m. Mary F. Penley. 

B John W.: (1819) ; m. Mary. 
C James Gardner: (1821-1839). 

D Alfred E.: (1823-1903). 
E Isaac N. : (1829-1901) ; m. Mary L. Stevens. 
F Josiah W.: (1834-1870) ; m. Etta L. Longley. 
G James D.: (1839-1877). 

Josiah: (1796) ; m. Martha Stevens; 2 Rachel Parker. 

A Leonard. 

B William: (1766); m. Patty Hoopers. Ch.: 
a Ammi : ( 1794) : m. Ruth Bingham. Ch. : 
(I) Joel; (1818). 
(II) William: (1822-1843). 

(III) Martin. 

(IV) George: m. Mary Phelps. 
(V) Simon: m. Anna Simpson. 

b William H.: (1805) ; m. Remember Ludden. Ch. : 

(I) Edwin Alonzo: (1831-1832). 

(II) William Wallace: (1833); m. Sarah Ma- 

(Ill) Winfield Scott: (1840-1872). 
c Joshua: m. his cousin, Susan Mitchell. Ch. : 
(I) Horatio: m. Ruth Merrill. Ch. : William. 
(II) Winslow : m. Mary Keene. 
C John: (1768) ; m. Hannah Bodoin. Ch. : 
a Nathaniel: (1791). 
b John: (1795). 

c Lancaster: (1798) ; went to sea. never returned. 
D Joshua: (1771) ; m. Betty Soul. Ch.: 

a James; (1793) ; m. Betsey Mitchell. Ch. : Selden, 

Sullivan, Sanford, Alonzo, James, 
b Charles; (1796). 
c Henry: (1798) ; m. Sally Gould. Ch. : 

(I) Charles L. : (1838); m. Caroline Wheelock. 
Ch. : Henry, John, Frank. Herbert, James. 
(II) Silas: m. Sarah Stacey. Ch. : 

(i) Charles: m. Margaret Dunn, 
(ii) Silas, 
(iii) Scott. 

d Clark : m. . Ch. : 

(I) Frank Clark, 
e Frank. 
E Joseph: (1775) ; m. Hannah Dillingham. Ch. : 
a Arthur S. : (1800) ; m. Betsey Puffer. Ch. : 

(I) Horace Boyden: (1824). 
b Joseph T. : (1805) ; m. Polly Park. Ch. : 

(I) Joseph Henrv: (1856); m. Melissa J. Fish. 
Ch. : 
(i) Omar, 
(ii) Roy. 
c Edward; (1807). 

d Alfred; (1809); m. Lydia Austin; 2 Priscilla 
Maxwell. Ch. : Stillman, Hubbard, Orin, Arthur 
Irving, Sheridan. 
F Samuel: (1777) ; m. Faith Sylvester Rose. Ch. ; 

a George 

b Thomas: (1800). 
c John: (1803). 
G Angier H.: (1797) ; m. Betsey Jordon. Ch. : 

a Angier Jordan: (1822) ; m. Phebe Ludden. Ch. : 

Willis, Charles, 
b Elbridge Gerry: (d. 1887) ; m. Angeline Merrill. 


(III) Lawrence. 

(IV) Clarence S. 

c Wallace William: (1836) ; m. Isabella A. Curtis. 

Ch. : Alice, 
d Henry H. : (1840); d. unmarried in Military 


(B) Solomon: (1706) ; m. Marv . Ch. : 

(a) William: (1731-1747). 

(b) Benjamin, Jr.: (1736); m. Mrs. Content Johnson. 

(c) John: (1745). 

(C) John: (1708) ; m. Lydia Sewall. Ch. : 

(a) Dummer: (1736) ; m. Lydia Crediford; 2 Judith Dorman. 

(b) John: (1740-1761) ; d. Army at Lake Champlain. 

(c) Samuel: (1742). 

(d) Jotham: (1746). 

(e) James: (1751). 

(f) Benjamine: (1753). 

(g) Daniel: (1757) ; m. Sarah Titcomb. 
(h) Ebenezer: (1759). 

(i) John: (1763). 

(D) Robert: (1710) ; m. Mary Cross; 2 Anna Foster. Ch. : 

(a) John: (1733). 

(b) Stephen. 

(c) Joshua: (1750). 

(d) Nathaniel: (1753). 

(e) Joseph: (1755). 

(E) Benjamin: (1712) ; m. Mehitable Bragdon. Ch. : 

(a) Daniel. 

(b) Solomon, Jr.: (1739-1802) ; m. Deborah Andrews. Ch. : 

1. Isaiah: (1764). 

2. Jeremiah: (1766); Nancy Bradbury. Ch. : 

A Daniel Bragdon: (18(30); went to sea, never re- 
B George B. : (1804). 

C Solomon: (1806) ; went to sea, never returned. 
D William: (1814). 

3. Solomon: (1771); m. Dorcas Gray. Ch. : 
A Ansel : Civil War ; m. Ruby Ray. Ch. : 

a Charles Henry: (1847); Grad. Boston Col. of 

Physicians and Surgeons. 
b Thomas B.: (1800). 
c Charles: (1805). 
d Lewis: (1807) ; m. Rachel True. Ch. : 

(I) Lewis : m. Albertine . 

(II) George C. : m. Etta Chester. 

(Ill) Charles, 
e Ansel: (1809). 
4. Levi : (1773) ; m. Martha Gooding. Ch.: 
A Samuel : ( 1801 ) ; m. Mary Videto. Ch. : 
a John Andrew: (1823). 
b Frederick E.: (1824-1905). 
c Samuel A.: (1833). 
B Solomon: (1804-1804). 

C Elbridge K. : (1819) ; m. Hannah Woodbury. Ch. : 
(I) William Woodbury: (1848) ; m. Abbie Under- 
wood Foster. 

(i) William Foster: (1885). 
(ii) Albert Wakefield: (1895). 

(c) Benjamin: (1741) ; m. Sarah Leach. Ch. : 

L Azor: (1772) ; m. Joanna ; 2, Lydia Grant. Ch. : 

A Isaidor : m. Bettsey, his cousin. 
B Nathaniel : m. Joanna, his cousin. 

(I) Ansel: (1860). 
C Rufus. 

D Leach: (1804) ; m. Phebe Stoddard. 
E Charles: (1806). 
F Seward: (1813-1823). 

2. Nathaniel: (1775) ; m. Sally Bucknam. 
A William Lee: (1806-1844). 

B Samuel Brooks : (1818) ; m. Sarah Jane Prince. Ch.: 
(I) William Thaxter: (1844) ; d. at sea. 

3. David: (1777). 

4. John: (1778); m. Elizabeth Gooding. 
A John Henry: (1819). 

B George E.: (1821). 

C Albert L.: (1824). 

D Azor: (1828) ; m. Sarah J. Shaw. Ch.: 

a William Howard : ( 1861 ) ; m. Harriett L. Orcutt. 
(I) William Howard : (1891). 

5. Loring: (1780). 

6. Benjamin: (1787). 

7. Charles: (1791) ; m. Jane Mitchell. 

(d) Daniel: (1744); m. Mary Lewis. Ch. : 

1. John: (1775). 

2. Lewis: (1775-1803). 

3. Daniel: (1783) ; m. Theodosia Mason. 
A Edward Henry: (1812). 

B Alford Mason: (1814). 

C Daniel: (1819-1886) ; m. Eliza Soule Pratt. 

D Samuel: (1830). 

E David Shepley: (1834). 

4. Benjamin: (1786-1857). 

5. Asa: (1788-1811). 

6. Jacob: (1794-1795). 
(F) Joshua: ; ni. Esther Swett. 

(a) Caleb: (1751). 

(b) Robert: (1757). 

(c) Joshua: (1759). 


G125 Thomas Mitchell: b. England, moved to Amsterdam, Holland; m. 

Marie ?; m. (2) Margaret Uochin or (Diegehin). 

(1) Experience: came to America at age 14, 1623; was allotted his share 
of eight acres of land and share of livestock ; m. at 19, Jane Cooke. 

(A) Edward: 1643-1717; m. Mary Hayward; m. (2) Alice Brad- 
ford, great granddaughter of Governor Bradford. 

(a) Edward: b. 1716; m. Elizabeth Gushing. 

(B) John: m. in 1675 to Mary Bonney ; m. (2) Mary Lathrop; 
m. (3) Mary Prior. 

(a) Experience: b. 1676; m. and had issue. 

(b) Joseph: 1684-1754; m. probably Bathsheba PhilHpps ; m. 
(2) Hannah Hersey. 

(C) Jacob: m. Susanna Pope; they were both killed by Indians, 


(a) Thomas: b. 1667 or 1668; m. Elizabeth Kingman. 

1. Timothy: b. 1700; m. Deborah Packard. 

A Thomas: d. 1776; m. Keziah Swift; ch. seven. 

B Nathan: b. 1729; m. Anna Carey; Capt. of Com- 
pany Min. Men. 

C Abial : m. Mary Leonard ; was Major of Minute 

2. Seth: 1715-1802; at age of 12 was land conveyer for 
court; m. (1) Ann Latham; m. (2) Mary Wade; ch. : 
Jacob, Reuben, Zenas, Phineas, Nabby, Elipahz, Tim- 
othy and Rotheus and Seth, the last two of whom served 
in the Revolutionary War. 

(b) Jacob: b. 1670; m. Deliverance Kingman; m. (2) Re- 
becca Cushman. 

1. Jacob: 1697-1744; m. Mary Howland ; m. (2) Rachael 
Gushing. Deacon Jacob was a man of great importance 
and integrity of character and performed many public 
duties in aiding and promoting the welfare and the 
progress of America ; he also served in the Revolution- 
ary War, and was honorably discharged. 
A Jonathan: 1724-1817; m. Sarah Loring; served in 
a Jonathan: b. 1748. 
b EHa: b. 1760; m. Rhoda Farrow; ch. : Otis 

Crosby. Retire, Orthniel, Reuben Red, William, 
c Orthaniel: b. 1765. 

d Dummer: b. 1769; m. Lydia ? 

(1) Dummer: b. 1815; m. Relief Curtis. 
B David: b. 1728-1769; m. Lucretia Loring; was 
Chief Justice of the United States and member of 
Congress at the time the Constitution of the United 
States was submitted to the people of America for 
a Ammi Ruamah : b. 1762-1824; m. Phebe Gray; 

issue, 12. 
b Jacob: 1763-1840; m. Phebe Buxton; m. (2) 
Hannah Brown ; ch. : Jeremiah, Reuben, Edward, 
Richmond, Jacob, 
c Nicholas Loring: b. 1765; m. Dorcas Drinkwater; 

m. (2) Nancy McCobb. 
C Jacob: 1732-1755; m. Jane Loring. 
2. Seth: 1705-1760; m. Deborah Andrews. 

A Seth: 1734-1781; m. Althea Blanchard; m. (2) 
Mrs. Anna Pierce or (Pearce). 

a Samuel Worcester Chase: b. 1811; m. Mrs. Jor- 

(I) Howard: 1. at Freeport, Me. 
b Seth: b. 1770; m. Ruth Merrill; served in the 
War 1812. 

B Thomas: b. 1741 ; m. Dinah ? probably Marsh. 

a Jeremiah: b. 1770; m. Mercy Fairbanks. 

(I) Thomas Andrews: b. 1795; m. Deborah 
(II) Ebenezer Allen: b. 1800; m. Keziah Fur- 

(III) Henry True: b. 1806; m. Dolly Raiser. 

(IV) Jeremiah Ward: b. 1814; m. Emily Lehr. 
c Thomas: b. 1772-1843; m. Mary Daggett. 

d Jabez Norton: b. 1777; m. Hepizibah Ripley. 

H126 Matthew Mitchell: b. about 1590, England; m. Susan Butterfield, 
England ; d. in Connecticut. 

(1) David: baptized 1619; m. (1) Sarah Wheeler; m. (2) Elizabeth 
(?) probably Graves. 
(A) John: b. about 1654-1732, in Connecticut; m. Eliz. Knell. 

(a) John: b. 1688-1689; d. 1748; m. (1) Eliz. Curtis; m. 

(2) Mary; m. (3) Sarah ? 

1. Ashabel: 1723-1818; m. Olive Root. 

A Rev. Justus: bapt. 1754-1815; m. Martha Sherman, 
a Chauncey Root: b. 1786-1815; m. Anna Mc- 
Arthur Johnson. 

1127 Moses Mitchell: 1698-1775; m. (1) Mary Marriner; m. (2) Sarah 

(1) John Hinckley: 1766-1832; m. (1) Mrs. Ann Russell; m. (2) EUz- 
abeth Chanler. 

(A) John Wroughton: 1796-1878; m. Caroline Green. 

(a) Clarence Green: 1826-1893; m. (1) Aruelia Ann Blair; 
m. (2) Sarah Adams Lindley. 
1. Clarence Blair: b. 1865; m. Lucy Wright. 

A Clarence \^an Schaick: b. 1890; m. Sylvia Peabody. 
a Clarence Peabodv: b. 1921. 

(B) William Hinckley: 1799-1836': m. Martha Lynde Green. 

(a) William Hinckley: 1832-1882; m. Isabella Buloid Olcott. 

1. Arthur Moulton : b. 1871 ; m. Estelle Myrenda Koster. 
A Arthur Moulton: b. 1908. 

2. Robert Emmet: b. 1874; m. Minnie Snyder. 
A Robert Emmet: b. 1897. 

J128 William Mitchell: 1704-1756; came to Chester, Conn., from Glasgow, 
Scotland ; m. Asnes Buchanan. 
(1) William: b. "Scotland about 1735-1816; m. Sarah Parmelee. 


(A) John: d. 1840; m. Abigail Waterhouse. 

(a) William: m. Sarah Belden. 

1. John Belden: m. Ellen Evans. 
A Mortimer Belden. 
B Edgar. 

(b) John: m. Mary Ann TomHnson. 

1. John Charles : U. S. N. ; m. Lucy Moore. 
A James McDougall. 

(c) Abraham Wolcott: m. Fannie Canfield. 

1. William Walter. 

2. Henry Theodore : U. S. N. 

(2) James: d. 1776; emigrated in youth from Glasgow to Wethersfield, 
Conn.; m. (1) Mabel Buck; m. (2) Rebecca Mix; m. (3) Arminal 
(Tracey) Grant. 

(A) James: m. Hannah Warner. 

(a) James: m. Mary Fosdick. 

1. James Henry: m. Martha Skinner. 
A Donald Chester : b. 1826. 
B Henry: b. 1829; m. Elizabeth Fulwiler. 

(B) David: m. Mary Wolcott. 

(a) James: b. 1772. 

(C) Stephen Mix: Chief Justice of U. S. A.; m. Hannah Grant 

(Arminal's dau.). 

(a) Stephen Mix : m. Sophia Coit. 

(b) Alfred : m. Lucretia Mumford Woodbridge. 
I . Donald Grant : m. Mary F. Pringle. 

A William Pringle : m. Katherine Mower. 
B Alfred : m. Anna O. Tiffany, 
a Charles Tiflfany. 

K129 Peter Mitchell: lived in Rockingham Co., Va. 
(1) George: 1776-1856; m. Christine Propst. 
fA) Jacob: m. Abigail Rexroad. 

(a) Benjamin: m. (1) Hannah Swadley; (2) Naomi Sim- 

1. Jacob F. : m. Leah Rexroad. 
A Byron B. Leon. 

2. Samuel : m. Jennie Hoover. 

A Fred, William, Harvey and Hugh. 

3. Frank : m. Ella V. Mitchell. 
A Walter. 

4. William M. : m. Ida M. Propst. 
A Benjamin. 

(b) Emanuel: m. Margaret Armstrong. 

(c) George W. : m. Eliza Snyder. 

(d) Abel: m. Elizabeth Waggy. 

(B) George: m. Sheets. 

(C) Leonard: m. Elizabeth Rexroad. 

(a) Laban: m. Louisa Rexroad. 

(b) Jacob: m. Christina Simmons. 

(c) Samuel: m. Clare M. Propst. 

(D) Peter: m. Sarah Hively. 

(a) David: m. Mary Hevener. 

(b) Jeremiah: m. Amanda Eye. 
(E) Jonas: m. Elizabeth Lamb. 

(a) George S. : m. Etta Cook. 

(b) Jacob: m. Mary Mitchell. 

(c) William H. : m. Polly .\. Simmons. 

(d) John F. : m. Catharine Propst. 

(e) Jesse C. : m. Lottie M. Eye. 
(2) John: 1775-1853 ; m. Elizabeth. 

(A) William: m. Amelia May. 

(B) Leonard: m. Mary Nesselrodt. 

(C) Jesse: m. Sarah Nesselrodt. 

(a) Cyrus: m. Priscilla Shaver. 

(b) Robert : m. .A.rilla Brady. 

(c) Nathan: m. Rebecca Ratliflf. 

(d) Albert: m. Mary Pope. 

(D) John: m. Dorothy Fitzwater. 

(a) Abithiar: m. Susan Plaugher. 

(b) Jackson: m. Hannah Nowrey. 

L130 David and Margaret Mitchell: 

(1) James: (1765) : m. Martha Espy; served in war of 1812. Ch. : 

(A) David: (1797) ; m. Mary Morrow; 2. Lovey P. Knowlton. 

(B) James Espy: (1805) ; m. Eliza Ann Foster. Ch. : 

(a) James Albert: (1842-1880). 

(b) Alexander W. 

(c) Henry Espy : (1846-1885). 

(C) Josiah: (1807-1836). 

(D) Thomas: (1811) ; m. Jane Clendenin. Ch.: 

(a) James: (1844) ; m. Alpha Conn. Ch. : 

1. Howard: (1888). 

2. Samuel: (1892). 

3. Thomas: (1896). 

(b) Charles: (1858-1873). 

(c) George W. : ( 1855) : m. Shasta Wolph. Ch. : 

1. Clendenin Wolph: (1887) ; student Doane College. 

(E) Robert Armstrong: ( 1815) ; m. Margaret .Ann Steele; 2, Mrs. 
Eliza J. Stipp. Ch. : 

(a) James: (1840) ; m. Martha Josephine McCrumb. Ch. : 

1. James Robert: (1867-1872). 

2. Arthur Barrick: (1871) ; grad. of Dentistry. 

3. Ralph: (1881). 

(b) Hugh Campbell: (1847-1855). 

(c) Harry Lincoln: ( 1863) ; m. Mary Julia Hart. Ch. : 

1. JohnT.: (1903). 

2. Harry Edward: (1905). 

(F) Francis Pringle : (1818) : m. Margaret Louisa Wright. 

(G) Samuel Kyle: (1822) ; m. Elizabeth .'\nn McFarland. Ch.: 

(a) James Josiah: (1844) ; m. Sarah Bell Beedle. Ch.: 

1. Harry Kyle: (1881); m. Harriet Ferine ; Spanish-A. 
War. Ch.: 
A Harold Llovd: (1903). 

(b) William McFarland : ( 1851 ) ; m. Ella Belle Shannon. Ch. : 
1. Fred Edward: (1894). 


M131 David Mitchell : resident of Goochland Co., Va. ; was soldier in Ameri- 
can Revolution ; m. Betsy Cosby. 

(1) Mary: m. Jonathan Payne. 

(2) Samuel : m. Martha Cocke. 

(3) Susan: m. Carden. 

(4) Sarah: m. Davis. 

(5) William: b. 1786; m. Mary LeMay; d. 1858. 

(A) William Dorsey : b. 1813; m. Martha Ragon. 

(a) Amanda: m. Dr. Philips. 

(b) David LeMay: physician at Cassville, Mo. 

(c) Joseph. 

(d) Samuel: father of 

1 . Vera : m. — ■ — Stevenson. 

(e) Deck: m. Anderson. 

(f) Maggie: m. Kirby. 

(g) George. 

(h) Clara: m. Hall. 

(B) John. 

(C) Henry: m. America Virginia Mills. 

(a) John: m. Sarah Caroline Killingsworth. 

1. Clarence: m. Howard. 

2. Charles. 

(b) Thomas JeflFerson: served in Confederate Army; d. 1862. 

(c) Ambrose: b. 1846; m. Margaret Delilah Coulter; engaged 
in mercantile business in Chattanooga; d. 1927. 

1. Mollie Beatrice: b. April 29, 1873, in Walker Co., Ga.; 
m. John Henry Gillespie; engaged in mercantile busi- 
ness in Chattanooga for over twenty-eight years. 

A Thomas: b. 1899. 

B Henry Eugene : b. 1901 ; m. Gustava Beatrice Mc- 

C Paul Orlando: b. 1903; m. Grace Willson. 

a Paul Orlando: b. 1925. 

b John Willson: b. 1927. 
D Archie Pleasant: b. 1904; d. 1907. 
E Margaret Elizabeth : b. 1908. 

2. William Henry Herbert: b. 1892; m. Thresia Dickman. 
A Charles Ambrose: b. 1919. 

N132 William Mitchell: m. Sarah Smallen, Dec. 19, 1798; (2) Eleanor 

Tradoine ; residents of Salisbury, Md. 

(1) George Washington: b. March 7, 1831; taken through the wilder- 
ness in a covered wagon from Salisbury, Md., to Pittsburgh, Pa., in 
1834 by his parents. Then they built a flatboat and floated down the 
Ohio River to Aurora, Indiana; m. Harriet Harper. 

(A) Selwyn. 

(B) Margaret. 

(C) Samuel. 

(D) William: m. Florence Beatrice Evans. 

(a) William Harper: b. Feb. 6, 1890. 

(b) Edwin Lawrence: b. Oct. 2, 1892. 

(c) Florence Louise: b. May 20, 1906. 

(d) George Evans: b. Sept. 23, 1888; m. Blanche Maxwell 




Eynon ; 1. Cleveland, Ohio. 
1. Meryon Stewart. 

0133 Robert Mitchell: b. Lanarkshire. Scotland, in 1786; d. Albian Mines, 
Nova Scotia, Canada, Dec, 1863; landscape designer; m. Jane Naismith. 
(1) Robert: b. Glasgow, Scotland, 1829; m. Elizabeth Jackson. 

(A) Andrew Barton: b. 1873; m. Grace Terry. 

(a) Earle Jackson : b. 1899. 

(b) Donald Bruce: b. 1909. 

(B) Thomas Edward: b. 1874; mining engineer; associated in an 
executive capacity with the Anaconda Copper Mining Co. from 
1897 to 1914; the latter several years in the position of Super- 
intendent of Mines, in charge of thirteen mines at Butte. In 
1914, through solicitation of the office of Herbert Hoover, in 
London, he accepted the position of Manager of the Burma 
Corporation's mining properties in Burma, India, where he re- 
mained until 1919, when he returned to the United States, and 
since that date has maintained a consulting engineering office in 
Los Angeles, Calif.; m. Louise Miles. 

(a) Jean: b. 1914. 

(b) Ehzabeth: b. 1920. 

(c) Robert Arthur: b. 1911. 

(C) James Robert: b. 1880; m. Sophia McPherson; (2) Grace 


(a) Anna May: b. 1905. 

(b) Allena: b. 1907. 

(c) Montana: b. 1910. 

(d) Robert Evan: b. 1912. 

P134 Captain John Mitchell: reputed to have come to America with the 
Duke of Marlboro's army. 

(1) Nathaniel: lived in Dracut, buried in Hookset, Oct. 26, 1792; m. 
(1) Abigail Day. 

(A) Day: b. Feb. 1, 1774; m. (1) Abigail Parker; (2) Susan 
(a) George: b. Dec. 9, 1817; m. Susan Page; d. 1911. 

1. Peter. 

2. Isabelle : m. Amasa E. Drew. 

3. George. 

Q135 John Mitchell: m. Elizabeth Crother in Scotland. 

(1) George: b. Sept. 6, 1820, at Lindlymoor, Finly, Yorkshire, Eng- 
land ; m. Mary Armitage. 

(A) Henry Harris: b. Aug. 7, 1850, in Horsforth, Yorkshire, Eng- 
land ; came to Boonville, Mo. ; m. Elizabeth Morrow. 

(a) George Alfred: b. Dec. 22, 1880, at Humansville, Mo. 

(b) Henry Harris: b. Apr. 15, 1891, at Springfield, Mo. 

(B) George Edward: b. March 27, 1852, in Bacup, Lancashire, 
England ; m. Abbie Louisa Spooner. 

(a) George Arthur: b. Oct. 5, 1880, at Hiawatha, Kansas; m. 
Grace Tatekin. 

1. Arthur Blain: b. 1911. 

2. Ralph Earl: b. 1915. 


3. George: b. 1918. 
(b) Harris Earl: b. Jan. 12, 1887, at Hiawatha, Kansas. 

(C) Alfred Washington: b. March 10, 1856, at Beverly, N. J.; m. 
Nettie Vienna Burrell ; d. 1911. 

(a) James William: b. July 25, 1884; d. July 29, 1884. 

(D) John William Armitage: b. Jan. 15, 1858, at Beverly, N. J.; 
m. Lura Cecelia Tunison; d. April 19, 1920. 

(a) D. C. : b. Jan. 3, 1888, at Hiawatha, Kansas; m. Nina 
Pearl Troyer. 

1. Gerald Tunison: b. Feb. 27, 1913. 

(b) Claude William: b. May 27, 1889, at Hiawatha, Kansas; 
m. Flora Hull (Moler) ; 1. Silver Spring, Maryland. 

1. Margaret Hull: b. Oct. 22, 1919. 

2. John Armitage: b. July 17, 1922. 

(c) Howard Armitage: b. Jan. 26, 1897; m. Esther Elizabeth 

1. Louise Llewellyn : b. 1926. 

2. Dorothy Elizabeth : b. 1928. 

R136 Walter Mitchell : b. in Va., but moved to north Ga. ; d. Jan. 22, 1864. 

(1) Walter, M. D. : moved to Florida; d. in Pensacola. 
(A) R. D. 

(a) Wyatt: b. Sept. 11, 1870; m. Sudanie Wright. 
1. Laurie: b. 1898; m. Louise Brindley. 
A Laurie: b. 1919. 
B Katie Sue: b. 1922. 
C Thomas Lee: b. 1924. 

(2) John: m. Nancy Finley; d. 1895. 
(A) John. 

(a) Hyight. 

(b) Fayett. 

(3) Joel: m. Elizabeth A. Haynie; d. 1884. 

(A) William Walter: b. 1852; m. Minnie Davis; 1. Los Angeles. 

(B) George Brantly: b. 1869; m. Lelia E. Malone. 

(a) George William: b. 1893; m. Iris Cobb. 

(b) Robert Roy: b. 1896; m. Thelma Patterson. 

(c) Joel Stevens: b. 1898; m. Isabelle Clarke. 

(d) Cecil Cyril: b. 1909; m. Emilv Clark. 

(e) Samuel Homer: b. 1904. 
({) Russell Austin: b. 1907. 

S137 Adam Mitchell: served in American Revolution; resident of N. C. 
(1) John: lived in Ky. ; d. 1843. 
(A) Robert. 

T138 Albert Leander Mitchell: m. Nancy Brown Hathaway in 1836. 

(1) Francis Albert : 1853-1912 ; m. Margaret Walsh. 

(2) Fred Thurston: 1863-1868. 

(3) Thomas Matthew: 1857- ; m. Georgianna M. Meachum. 

(A) Philip Albert : b. 1884. 

(B) Russell Pope. 


U139 Dana Mitchell: b. Aug. 2, 1858; m. Minnie B. Holbrook. 

(1) Harold Keeler: b. Dec. 6, 1894; m. Esther Mattson. 

(2) Harris H.: b. Aug. 8, 1897; m. Johanna Tront. 

V140 Christopher Mitchell: m. Mary Tabor. 
(1) Royal: m. Elizabeth Sara Durr. 

(A) Christopher Michael : m. Martha Mathis. 

(a) Walter M. 

(b) Edna May. 

(B) John Royal: m. Lizzie Goldier. 

(C) Lillian. 

(D) Rose M. 

W141 Valentine Napoleon Mitchell: b. 1822, Cabarrus Co., N. Car.; 
m. Mary Margaret Milster, b. 1828; served in Mexican and Civil Wars. 

(1) James V.: b. 1846; m. Laura H. Mitchell; served in the Civil War. 

(A) Mason E.: b. 1874. 

(B) James N. : b. 1876. 

(C) Frank Worth : b. 1884. 

(2) Margaret Ann: b. 1850; m. Rufus M. Fink. 

(3) Jacob W.: b. 1850; m. Rufus M. Fink. 

(4) Doncilla T. : b. 1857; m. Stokes Wilhelm. 

X142 Archibald Mitchell: m. Mary Grant; were both natives of New York 

(1) Edward Grant: b. 1866; d. 1929, in Naperville, 111.; m. Carolyn 
Martin in 1896. 

Officers of the Continental Army 

Abiel Mitchell (Mass.). Captain in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775; Major 
of Walker's Massachusetts Regiment, 24th May to December, 1775 ; served sub- 
sequently as Colonel Massachusetts Militia. (Died 1821.) 

Alexander (N. J.). 1st Lieutenant 4th New Jersey, 23d November, 1776; 
Captain, 1st November, 1777; transferred to 1st New Jersey 1st July, 1778, 
and served to April, 1783. 

Andrew (N. Y.). Major New York Militia, 1775-1778. 

Ephraim (S. C). 2d Lieutenant 1st South Carolina, 17th June, 1775; 
1st Lieutenant, November, 1775 ; Captain 4th South Carolina, May 1776; Major, 
20th June, 1779; taken prisoner at Charleston 12th May, 1780. 

George (N. C). Captain 6th North Carolina, 16th April, 1776, to . 

James (Del.). Major Delaware Militia in 1780. 

James (S. C). Captain 4th South Carolina, : wounded at Stono 

Ferry 20th June, 1 779 ; served to close of war. 

John (Ga.). 1st Lieutenant 3d Georgia, 5th April, 1778; resigned 22d 
October, 1782. 

John (Md.). 2d Lieutenant 1st Maryland, 10th December, 1776; 1st Lieu- 


tenant, 10th June, 1777; Regimental Adjutant, 1st May, 1779; Captain, 15th 
July, 1779; transferred to 4th Maryland, 1st January, 1781, and served to 
April, 1783. 

Jonathan (Mass.). Colonel Massachusetts Militia Regiment on the Baga- 
duce Expedition, July to September, 1779. 

Joseph (Va.). Captain 12th Virginia, 9th December, 1776; resigned 3d 
September, 1777. 

Nathaniel (Del.). Adjutant Delaware Regiment in 1775 ; Captain of Pat- 
terson's Delaware Battalion of the Flying Camp, July to December, 1776; Cap- 
tain of Grayson's Additional Continental Regiment, 20th January, 1777; Major, 
23d December, 1777; transferred to Gist's Regiment, 22d April, 1779; retired 
1st January, 1781. (Died 21st February, 1814.) 

Nathaniel (Mass.). Ensign 12th Continental Infantry, 1st January, 
1776 to . 

Rotheus (Mass.). Private in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775; Private in 
Bailey's Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775; Sergeant and Ensign 
23d Continental Infantry, January to December, 1776; Ensign 2d Massachusetts, 
1st January, 1777; 2d Lieutenant, 21st June, 1779; resigned 17th May, 1781. 
(Died 1816.) 

The following Mitchells served in the American Revolution from the re- 
spective colonies. Figures following some of the names indicate the number of 
times those names appear on the records examined : 

Connecticut: Amasa, Asahel Jr., David- — 4, George, Ishabod, James, John 
— 6, John, Jr., John B. — 3, Joseph 2, Matthew, Oliver, Rueben, Samuel — 4, 
Simeon, Thomas — 2, William — 11, Zephaniah — 3. Dehnvare: George — 2, 
Isaac, James — 7, John — 13, Joseph — 7, Nathaniel — 7. William. Georgia: Charles, 
David, Eleanor, Francis — 2, George B., Henry — 5, John — 5, Reuben — 2, Robert 
— 7, Sarah, Thomas — 7, William — 20. Maryland: Aaron — 7, Andrew, Charles, 
Conrad, Edward, Francis — 5, Henry, Ignatius, Isaac — 3, James — 2, John — 18, 
Levin, Miles, Nathan, Nathaniel, Richard — 6, Robert — 9, Thomas, William — 7. 
Massachusetts: Abiel, Abner, Amos, Bela, Benjamin — 3, Benjamin Jr., Brad- 
ford, Bradley, Caleb, Cuff, David — 5, Day, Dominicus, Dummer, Ebenener — 2, 
Edward — 4, Eliphay, Elisha — 2, Francis — 2, George, Gregory, Harvey, Henry, 
Harton, Hugh — 2, Isaac, Jacob, James — 8, James Jr., James Mills, Jeremiah, 
Jesse, Job — 3, John — 17, Jonathan — 2, Joseph — 3, Joshua — 2, Josiah, Jotham, 
Nathan — 2, Nathaniel, Peter, Reuben, Richard, Robert — 4, Rothens, Samuel — 5, 
Samuel, Jr., Seth, Stephen — 3, Thomas — 7, Timothy, William — 8. New Hamp- 
shire: Benjamin — 2, Caleb, Charles — 4, David, Francis — 4, George — 2, Hugh, 
Isaac — 12, James — 5, John — 30, John W., John, Jr., Joseph — 2, Joshua — 2, Jo- 
siah, Michael, Philip, Robert — 10, Samuel — 15, Samuel, Jr., Thomas — 8, William 
■ — 7. New Jersey: Benjamin, Edward — 2, George, Jacob, James, John — 7, Joseph, 
Martin — 2, Reuben, Richard, Thomas — 2, William — 2. Pennsylvania: Abrah 
— 3, Alexander — 8, Andrew — 6, Charles — 2, David — 14, Edward, Ezekiel — 2, 
Francis — 2, George — 5, Henry — 5, James — 28, Jesse — 3, John — 57, Joseph, 18, 
Joshua, Mathew — 2, Matthew, Michael — 4, Nathaniel — 5, Nicholas, Paul, Peter, 
Philip, Richard, Robert — 21, Ross — 4, Samuel — ^24, Simon, Thomas — 22, 
William — 22. Rhode Island: Elisha — 4, Thomas — 12. Vermont: Beriah, Wil- 
liam. Virginia: Archelaus — 2, Archibald, David, Edmund, Frederick, George, 
Henry — 3, James — 2, Jesse, John — 7, Joseph — 4, Mark, Nathaniel, Oliver, Peter 
— 2, Ralph, Reaps, Reps, Richar — 2, Rober — 6, Ross, Samuel — 2, Stephen — 3, 
Thomas— 4, William— 8, Wyatt. Total: 789. 



Alexander Mitchell: Financier; b. near Ellon, Scotland, 1817. Was 
first commissioner of the Milwaukee tlebt commission, 1861 until his death, in 
1887, and its present high financial standing is the result of his influence. Was 
president of many companies; president, director or trustee of many local in- 
stitutions, and the richest man in Northwest. 

David: Soldier; b., Cumberland Co., Pa., 1742; fought throughout entire 
Revolutionary War; in May, 1800, was appointed brigadier general of the militia 
of Cumberland and Franklin Counties, Pa. 

David Bradie : Lawyer; b., Scotland, 1766; came to Savannah, Ga., 1783, 
to take possession of property left him by his uncle, David Bradie; served in 
the Georgia Legislature, and upon the completion of his term as Governor was 
appointed United States agent to the Creek Indians, with whom he concluded a 
treaty. He was much interested in the cause of public education. 

Elisha: Educator; b., Washington, Conn., 1793; was professor of chem- 
istry, mineralogy and geology in North Carolina College from 1825 until his 
death, in 1857. He held the ofifice of surveyor of the State afid visited its 
principal mountains — discovering that Black Dame is the highest point east of 
the Rockies, and losing his life by a fall over a precipice there. 

Hinckley Gilbert: Clergyman; b., Lee, N. Y., 1846; studied at the 
University of Leipsie, where in 1879 he received the degree of Ph.D. He was 
for many years a professor in Boston University. 

James C. : Lawyer; b., Mecklenburg Co., N. C, about 1790; served two 
terms in Congress, where his eccentric humor made him popular. Before re- 
moving to Hinds Co., Miss., where he engaged in agriculture and local politics, 
he was circuit judge in Tennessee. 

James Tyndale: Jurist; b., Belleville, III, 1834. In 1875 he was trans- 
ferred from the judgeship of the District Court of Philadelphia to the bench 
of the Court of Common Pleas. He was vice-provost of the Law Academy of 
Philadelphia and president of the council of the Pennsylvania Historical Society. 

John: Physician; b. in England, settled in Urbana, Va., about 1700; 
acquired an international reputation through his research in botany ; wrote many 
articles on American flora, etc. He was the author of "Essay on the Causes of 
Different Colors of People in Diflferent Climates," in the "Transactions" of the 
Royal Society. 

John IIipple: Senator; b., Washington Co., Pa., 1835; was corporation 
attorney, Portland. Ore., 1861. He was afterward elected to the State Senate, 
becoming its ]5residing officer. His law practice included lucrative connections 
with western railroads, gaining for him a large fortune. 

John Inscho: Senator; b., Tioga, Pa., 1888; was district attorney of 
Tioga Co., 1868-71 ; in 1870 edited The Tioga County Agitator. He was a 
member of the Pennsylvania Legislature ; was several times elected to Congress 
and later served as United States Senator. 

John Kearsley : Physician; b., Shepherdstown, Va. ; grad. LIniversity of 
Pennsylvania Medical School, 1819; became professor of chemistry at the Phila- 
delphia Medical Institute, 1826, was appointed to chair of chemistry at Franklin 
Institute, 1833; held chair as professor of theorv and practice of medicine in 
Jefferson Medical College until his death, at Philadelphia, 1858. 

Jonathan : Clergyman ; b., Halifax, Eng., 1624. After ordination at 


Cambridge, Mass., 1650, he succeeded Thomas Shepard as pastor there. The 
adoption by the synod that met in Boston of the so-called "halfway covenant" 
was largely due to his influence. 

Margaret Julia: Actress; b., New York. N. Y., 1832; became known as 
"Maggie Mitchell." She played child's parts in the old Bowery Theater and 
made her first appearance in Philadelphia at the Chestnut Street Theater in 1854, 
where she played Constance in "Love's Chase." She made extensive tours of 
the country and acquired a large fortune. 

Nabrum : Jurist; b., E. Bridgewater, Mass., 1769; served in both houses 
of the Massachusetts Legislature and also in Congress. As a financial, cultural 
and religious force he exerted great influence throughout the State. 

Peter: Canadian statesman; b. Newcastle, N. B., 1824. After serving 
five years in the New Brunswick Parliament he was appointed a life member 
of the legislative council ; served as Senator and as Minister of Marine and 
Fisheries in the Cabinet under Sir John A. MacDonald until 1873; was several 
times a member of the Canadian Parliament, and was active in operations con- 
nected with the establishment of the Canadian Pacific Railway. 

Robert B. : Lawyer ; b.. Richland Co.. O.. 1823 ; mem. Kansas Legislature, 
1857-58, and Treasurer, 1858-61 ; served in Civil War as brigadier general of 
Volunteers; participated in the Battle of Perry ville, in command of the 13th 
Division of General Buell's Army. After completing a term as Governor of 
New Mexico, he resided in Washington, D. C. 

Samuel Augustus: Geographer; b., Bristol. Conn., 1792. After at- 
taining reputation as a teacher, he lived in Philadelphia for forty years — making, 
revising and improving his various geographies, atlases and maps. 

Samuel Thomas: Educator; b.. Toledo. O., 1851 ; was president of Free 
University at Xenia, O., and, in 1875. of the Missouri State Teachers' Associa- 
tion. He was a mem. of the general conference of the African M. E. Church, 
1884, and foimded the present educational system of that denomination. 

Silas Weir: Physician and author; b., Philadelphia, Pa.. 1829; s. of Dr. 
John Kearsley ; educated at University of Pennsylvania and grad. from Jefferson 
Medical College. 1850. He was the author of many papers on physiological 
research ; was associated with several hospitals, and was president of the Phila- 
delphia College of Physicians. He received many honorary scholastic degrees ; 
was either member or fellow of numerous learned societies and academies ; 
wrote novels that are still widely read. 

Stephen Mix: Jurist; b., Wethersfield, Conn.. 1743; served in several 
Connecticut judgeships and in the United States Congress and Senate. 

Donald Grant Tgrandson of Stephen Mix) : Author; b., Norwich, Conn.. 
1822; was a correspondent of The Albany Cultivator, one of the judges of 
industrial art at the Centennial Exposition of 1876 and United States commis- 
sioner at the Paris exposition of 1878. 

William: Clergyman; b., Chester, Conn., 1793; he removed to Texas, 
1859. and had charge of churches in Casa Blanca and Corpus Christt. 

John (bro. of William): Clergyman; b., Chester, Conn., 1794. After 
serving as pastor in Fair Haven. Conn., and Northampton, Mass., he traveled 
abroad and then settled in Stratford, devoting himself to literary pursuits. In 
later years he was a mem. of the Connecticut Legislature. 

William: Astronomer; b.. Nantucket, Mass., 1791 ; became cashier of the 
Pacific Bank there and, equipping an observatory, made systematic determina- 


tions in connection with the United States coast survey. He received the degree 
of A.M. from Brown in 1848 and from Harvard in 1860, being overseer of the 
latter university for several years. Was a mem. of scientific societies. 

Marie (dau. of William): Astronomer; b., Nantucket, Mass., 1818. In 
October, 1847, she discovered a comet, besides finding small nebulae, for which 
she received medals from the King of Denmark and the Republics of San 
Marino. She was a member of the faculty of Yassar College and of many 
scientific societies^ — being the first woman to be elected to the American Academy 
of Arts and Sciences. 

Henry (bro. of Marie) : Hydrographer ; b., Nantucket, Mass., 1830; first 
discovered tlie underflow of the Hudson ; held several government commissions 
to examine principal harbors along the Atlantic coast; was a mem. of the Ameri- 
can Society of Civil Engineers. 

William : Actor and a theater manager; b.. Billguay, Durham, Eng., 1798; 
in 1831 made his debut in London at the Strand Theater in "Professionals 
Puzzled," and in New York, N. Y.. at the National Theater as Jenn Baggs in 
"The Wandering Minstrel.'' .\fter its destruction by fire he assumed control 
of and conducted the Olympic Theater. One of his most amusing personifica- 
tions was that of Crummies in a dramatization of Dickens' "Nicholas Nickleby." 


.\lbert Roscoe Mitchell: Surgeon; b.. Cambridge, III.. 1856; s. John 
Burl; surgeon gen., Neb. N. C, Spanish-.'\ni. War; mem. Med. Advisory Bd., 
Lincoln, World War. Add. : Lincoln, Neb. 

Charles .Anderson : Clergyman : b., Springfield, O., 1864; s. John Forgy ; 
ordained Presbv. ministry. 1896: author of numerous books on religion, incl. 
"The Model Prayer." Add. : Omaha, Neb. 

Charles Bayard:; b.. Allegheny City. Pa., 1857; s. Rev. Daniel 
Patrick ; spl. preacher to A. E. F. in France, for Y. M. C. A., during spring 
and summer, 1919. .\dd. : Manila, P. I. 

Charles Edwin: Banker; b., Chelsea, Mass., 1877; s. George Edwin; 
pres. The Nat. Citv Co. since 1916, also pres. Nat. City Safe Deposit Co. Add.: 
New York, N. Y.' 

Charles Franklin : Surgeon ; b., 1875 ; asso. prof, surgery ; Grad. Sch. 
of Medicine. L'niversity of Pennsylvania. .\dd. : Philadelphia. Pa. 

Ch.arles Tennant: Mfr. ; b., Cadillac, Mich., 1880; s. William Whittier; 
mem. of numerous learned societies, incl. Nat. Lumber Mfrs. Assn., Maple 
Flooring Mfrs. Assn. Add.: Cadillac, Mich. 

Clifford: M.D. : b., Nantucket. Mass., 1854; s. Francis Macy ; practice 
limited to urinology and diseases of the kidneys ; formerly prof, of clin. urinology 
and renal diseases. Add. : Chicago, 111. 

Edward Page: Editor: b.. Bath, Me., 1852: s. Edward H.; continuously 
engaged on editorial staff of New York Sun. 1875-1920; editor-in-chief, 1903-20. 
Add. : New York. N. Y. 

Edwin Knox: Theologian; b.. Locke, O.. 1853; s. Spencer; prof. Greco- 
Roman and Eastern Ch. History, Hartford Theol. Sem., since 1892. Add.: 
Hartford, Conn. 



Emory Forrest: Ry. official; b., McVeytown, Pa., 1864; s. George; com. 
on Federal Valuation of Railroads, 1916-17; chief engr. T. & P. Ry. since 1917. 
Add. : Dallas, Tex. 

Evelyn Groesbeeck : Entomologist. 

F. Edward: Lawyer; b., Washington. D. C, 1871; s. Joseph T. ; U. S. 
Dist. Atty. for Canal Zone, by appt. of President Coolidge, since 1925. Add. : 
Ancon, C. Z. 

George: Mining engr.; b., Swansea, Wales, 1864; s. George; in charge 
W. A. Clark's Smelting Co., 1890-95; organized, 1899, Cobre Grande Co^r 
Co. ; later consul, with Greene Consolidated Copper Co., of which he became 
gen. mgr. Add. : Los Angeles, Calif. 

Marry Dawson: Clergyman; b., 1863; now deceased. 

Harry Walter: M.D. ; b., Plymouth, N. H., 1867; s. Harris Blair; mem. 
of Am. Neurol. Assn., Inst. Criminal Law and Criminology Assn., etc. Add. : 
Warren, Pa. 

Henry Bedinger: Educator; b., Babylon, L. L, N. Y., 1874; s. John 
Fulton ; author of "Meditation," "Talks on Religion," etc. Add. : New York. 

Henry Sewall: Lawyer; b., Milwaukee, Wis., s. S. W. ; spl. asst. to 
Atty. Gen. at Washington, D. C, 1914-21 ; prosecuted cases under Act to Regu- 
late Commerce, and anti-trust cases under Sherman Act. Add. : Minneapolis, 

Howard Hawks: Prof, mathematics; b.. Marietta, O., 1885; s. Oscar 
Howard ; served as ballastician at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, World War, 
1918. Add.: Merion, Pa. 

Howard Walton: Judge; b., Pittsburgh, Pa., 1867; s. Joseph; apptd. 
judge Orphans' Court, 5th Jud. Dist. of Pa. by Gov. William C. Sproul, 1919, 
and elected to same office, 1919, for term ending 1929. Add.: Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hugh Chester : Mathematician ; b., Jackson Co., Tex., 1877 ; s. Isaac 
Newton; presented Peary's North Pole data to Congress, 1911; entered U. S. 
Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1898. Add.: Washington, D. C. 

James Fernandis: Surgeon; b.. Baltimore, Md., 1871; s. Richard H. ; 
served as lieut. col. U. S. A., in United States and France, World War. Add. : 
Washington, D. C. 

James McCormick: Lawyer; b., Washington, D. C, 1873; s. Rev. Samuel 
S. ; gen. counsel for the Beaver Board Cos. and the Beaver Products Co., Inc. 
Add. : Buffalo, N. Y. 

John F. : Banker; b.. Alton, 111., 1853; s. William H. ; trustee Mut. Life 
Ins. Co., New York; dir. Art Inst., Chicago. Add.: Chicago. 

John Joseph: Congressman; 1873-1925. 

John R. : Judge; b., Halifax Co., Va., 1861; s. John A.; apptd. asso. 
justice Supreme Court of Wash, to fill vacancy, 1918, and re-elected for term 
ending 1931. Add.: Olympia, Wash. 

John Raymond: Banker; b., Franklin. Pa., 1868; s. John L. ; apptd. mem. 
Federal Reserve Bd. by President Harding, term 1921-31 ; resigned 1923. Add. : 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Langdon Elwyn: Playwright; b., Philadelphia, 1862; s. Silas Weir; 
author of many books and plays, inch "Love in the Backwoods" (book), "Becky 
Sharp" (play), etc. Add.: New York, N. Y. 

Lebbeus Horatio: Author; b., Judsonia, Ark., 1879; s. Alpheus B.; 



author of "Bobby in Search of a Birthday," "The Circus Comes to Town, etc. 
Add. : Bayside, L. I., N. Y. 

Louis: Engineer and educator; b., Tippecanoe City, O. 1885; s. btanley 
O ■ with L. C. Smith Coll. of Applied Science (Syracuse Universiy) since 
1910. successively instr. civic engring. until 1912. Add.: Syracuse, N. Y. 

LvNN Boal: Educator ; b.. Piqua. O.. 1881 ; s. Thomas ; mem. of numerous 
learned societies, incl. N. E. A., Classical Assn., Am. Assn. Umv. Profs., etc. 
Add.: Albuquerque, N. M. 
Mason : Consul. 

Samuel Alfred: Astronomer: b.. Kingston, Can 1874; s^John C.; eclipse 
expdn to Ga.. 1900; to Sumatra. 1901 ; to Spain, 1905; to Oregon. 1918, to 
California. 1923; to Connecticut, 1925. Add.: University. \ a. 

Samuel Chiles: Univ. prof . ; b., Cofifeeville Miss. 1864; s- Morris Ran- 
dolph; trustee Hampton (Va.) Normal and Industrial Inst., 1911. Add.. 
Richmond. Va. _ . ,, 

Sydney Knox : Prof, history ; b.. Lakeville, N. Y 1876; s. Ewing Young; 
mem. com. of three to arbitrate rate of wage and duration of contract for 
motormen and conductors, Charlestown Street Ry. Co. Add.: Phoemx Ariz. 
Wesley Clair: Economist; b.. Rushville. 111., 1874; s. John Wesley; 
chief price sect.. War Industries Bd., 1918-19; lecturer New Sch. for Social 
Research. 1919-21. Add.: New York, N. Y. 

William : Armv officer: b. of Am. parents at Nice, France, 1»79; s. U. b. 
Senator John Lendrum ; completed constr. Alaskan telegraph system 1903 ; at 
St. Mihiel. commanded largest aero concentration in historj' of the world. Add. . 
Middleburg, Va. , 

William Ledyard: Automobile mfr.; b., Cincinnati, O.. 1^1 ; s Richard 
Hannaford; pres. Mitchell Corp. since 1924; v. p. and gen. mgr. Chrysler Corp. 
Add.: Detroit, Mich. 

William Samuel: Clergyman; b., Bloomfield, la 1877; s. W'H'^m Sam- 
uel; prof, evangelism and head dept. of Boston U. Sch. of Theology, 1919-20. 
Add.: Worcester, Mass. 

Wilmot Brookings: Coll. prof.; b.. Freeport Me., 1867 ; s. Paramenas; 
prof, rhetoric and oratory since 1897, Bowdoin. Add. : Brunswick. Me. 


There are in the United States towns as follows : 

Mitchell: Ark., Ga., 111.. Ind.. Iowa. Kans.. La., Nebr.. Oregon. S. Dak.. 
W Va • Mitchell Mill: Calif.; Mitchells: Va.; Mitch ellsburg: Ky. ; 
Mitche'll Station : Ala. : Mitchellville: Iowa. Md.. Tenn. There are also 
in the United States numerous counties, townships, streets, avenues, etc.. bear- 
ing the name "Mitchell." This is eloquent testimony to the high esteem in 
which the name is held in this country. 



The compiler of these records has made up a list from city and telephone 
directories of the United States, and from other sources, as follows. Care was 
taken to eliminate, wherever possible, persons known or believed to be colored, 
or of nationalities other than British and American: 







District of Columbia 
















Maine 207 

Maryland 264 

Massachusetts 832 

Michigan 607 







New Hampshire 

New Jersey 

New Mexico 

New York 

North Carolina 
North Dakota 














Oklahoma 191 

Oregon 41 

Pennsylvania 1109 

Rhode" Island 131 

South Carolina 13 

South Dakota 12 

Tennessee 333 

Texas 661 

Utah 96 

Vermont 34 

Virginia 210 

Washington 215 

West Virginia 114 

Wisconsin 115 

Wyoming 13 

Total 13,736 

To secure an estimate of the "Mitchell population" of the United States, 
we figure as follows : 




Only about half the names were taken from each directory con- 
sulted 2 

Half of the Mitchells reside in the rural districts or in small towns 
having no printed directories which were available to us 2 

There is an average of more than four persons in each Ameri- 
can tamily 4 

Since Mitchell daughters marry and have as many descendants as 
the Mitchell sons, there are as many descendants of "other names" as 
there are bearing the name Mitchell ( though it is much easier to locate 
the latter) 2 

By multiplying each figure of column (a) into the preceding 
figure, we have a total of 32 

Conser\'ative estimate of the Mitchell population of the United 
States, one-half of whom bear the name Mitchell and one-half of 
whom bear other names 439,552 

The estimated Mitchell population of any of the states may be obtained by 
multiplying the figures shown by 32. There are Mitchells in every state of the 
Union. The Mitchell population of the British Empire is probably equal to that 
in the United States. 




For several centuries the Mitchells lived in Scotland, North Ireland, England 
and Wales. Most of the British (with the exception of those living in South 
Ireland) and, likewise, the Mitchells were and are of the Protestant faith. 

There are a few Mitchells of the Catholic faith in the British Isles, but it 
is estimated that their number does not exceed ten per cent, of the entire Mitchell 

The Mitchells who came from the British Isles to America continued in 
the faith of their fathers, for the most part, though their descendants in this 
country today will be found in the memberships of practically all the various 
churches. It is estimated that of all the Mitchells in America who are church 
members, at least eighty-five per cent, are of the Protestant faith. 

Biographical sketches of 41 Mitchells appear in WHO'S WHO IN 
AMERICA. Their religious faiths are shown as follows: BAPTIST, 2; CON- 
UNITARIAN, 1 ; other PROTESTANTS, 2; religion not stated, 21. 


All of the works listed below will be found in the Library of Congress. 
Most of them will be found in the libraries of historical and genealogical socie- 
ties. Some of them will be found in the libraries of all of the large American 

1. Americans of Royal Descent, 1891, Browning. 

2. Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography. 

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22. Mitchell, Bryant and Orr Fam. and Sketches. Seth Bryant, Boston, 1894. 

23. Mitchell Fam. Mag. Geneal. Hist, and Biog. New York City, 1917. 







































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