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Spellenberg, R. and W. Anderson. 2010. New flowering plant records for the north of Mexico. Phytoneuron 2010-22: 1-3. 


Richard Spellenberg 

Department of Biology 

New Mexico State University 

Las Cruces, NM 88003 

Wynn Anderson 

Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens 

University of Texas at El Paso 

El Paso, TX 79968 


Adenophyllum porophyllum (Cav.) Hemsl. var. porophyllum is reported for Chihuahua, its 
presence there overlooked in a recent revision. Adenophyllum wrightii A. Gray var. wrightii is 
reported from two new locations, confirming a single century old record for Chihuahua. Astragalus 
ervoides Hook. & Arn. var. maysillesii Barneby is reported as a new record for Chihuaha. Oxytropis 
lambertii Pursh var. bigelovii A. Gray and Corydalis micrantha (Englem.) Gray subsp. micrantha are 
reported as a new records for Mexico. Agastache pallidiflora (Heller) Rydb. subsp. pallidiflora var. 
gilensis R. Sanders is reported as a first record for the species for Chihuahua and as a first record for 
the variety for Mexico. 
KEY WORDS: New records, Mexico. Chihuahua, Sierra Madre Occidental, flowering plants 

While exploring the scenic regions of the Sierra Madre Occidental of western Chihuahua, 
primarily for photographic purposes, we occasionally collected botanical specimens of plants that we 
did not know, that were of interest for ongoing research by us or others, or were in groups that are 
either under-collected or inherently difficult. Among those collections were a few that are of general 
interest for floristic work in Mexico. We present those records here. 


Adenophyllum porophyllum (Cav.) Hemsl. var. porophylliim. ! 'Ibhuahua, Mpio de Madera, 18 air 
km due W of Madera on road to El Agua Amarilla, E side of Rio Sirupa 0.6 km E of bridge, 
29°11'00.7"N, 108°19'27.8"W; elev. 1435 m, open grassy area with many Asteraceae, rocky, with 
Querais chihuahuensis and O. oblongifolia. Heads rayless; flowers yellow uanii, plants sporadic 
among other annual and perennial herbs, not common; 28 Sep 2007, R. Spellenberg and W. Anderson 
13862 (CIIDIR MEXU, NMC, UC). 

Confirms presence in Chihuahua. John Strother kindly confirmed our identification and noted that he 

inadvertently omitted an earlier Chihuahua record from his citations of specimens for Dyssodia 
prophylla (Cav.) Cav. subsp. porophylla var. porophylla in his revision of Dyssodia (Strother 1969). 
He later recognized this group of Dyssodia in the genus Adenophyllum (Strother 1986). 

Adenophyllum wrightii A. Gray var. wrightii Mpio. de Madera, 15 km S of Nicolas Bravo. 1.6 km 
N of junction with Chih. Hwy. 10 to San Jose de Babicora, 29°11'14.6"N, 107°52'28.9"W; elev. 
2230 m, in silty igneous sandy gi r\ J in sm ill diam Hi it passes un lei hi dm a in -eim-open area in 

Juniperus deppeana, Pinus latifolia, Querela arizonica woods, with Bidens odorata, B. lemmonii (?), 
Schkuhria, Cosmos, Muhlenbergia minutissima, and sparse Bouteloua hirsute and B. gracilis. Plants 
erect; rays yellow; restricted to ca. 4x5 m area; 28 Sep 2007, R. Spellenberg and W. Anderson 13S47 
(CIIDIR, MEXU, NMC, UC); Mpio. de Temosachi, on Chih. Hwy 10 2 km NE of junction with 

Spellenberg and Anderson: 

Chih. Hwy 10 to Madera (ca. at La Concha) and Matachic 29°07'50.1"N, 1G7°54'09.6"W., 
29°11'14.6"N, 107°52'28.9"W, elev. 2230 m, rocky hills with Pinus, Juniperus, Quercus. Plant 
common in gravel of roadside, in low vegetated areas along road, and standing alone, ungrazed, in 
heavily overgrazed pasture; plants erect; rays yellow; 28 Sep 2007, R. Spellenberg and W. Anderson 
13848 (BRIT, MEXU, NMC, UC). 

Confirms presence for Chihuahua: These seem to be the first collections in 120 years for this taxon in 
Mexico. It apparently was not encountered during a rather thorough survey of the Cuenca de la 
Laguna Babicora (Estrada C. et al 1997), an area which includes the location of the first record cited. 
Strother (1969) reported it for Chihuahua from a single Pringle collection near Cd. Guerrero in 1887 
(as Dyssodia neomexicana (Gray) Rob. var. neomexicand), somewhat south of our records. We 
found the species to be weedy at the second site and completely avoided by cattle in a very heavily 
grazed pasture. These records and observations, along with several locations discovered within the 
same general period in New Mexico, convinced conservationists in New Mexico that the species did 
not require protection ( 


Astragalus ervoules Hook. & Arn. var. maysillesii Barneby. Chihuahua, Mpio.Bocoyna, along 
road into Valle de los Monjes, ca. 5 km SE of Creel, 27°43'43"N, 107°35'11.8" W; open gray 
igneous rock with patches of thin soil, with pine, elev. 2345 m. Stems decumbent-ascending, petals 
white, the keels tinged with dull purple, stipe, if present, 0.10-0.15 mm long, pod 2-celled, dark 
brown-black at maturity; 27 Aug 2004, R. Spellenberg 13480 (CFNL, NMC). 

Apparent first record for Chihuahua for species. Barneby (1964) mapped the variety from 

approximately 300 km to the south, from southwestern Durango, where it is common. We have noted 
the taxon at several sites within ill!-* legion in ( hihuahuj. The var. ervoldes, apparently less 
frequently seen, is from Sinaloa and Jalisco. We thank E. Estrada with help in identification of this 
species to variety. 

Oxytropis lambertii Pursh var. bigelovii A. Gray. Chihuahua, Mpio. Progresso, vicinity of 
Yepomera, ca. 8 km S of junction of Madera - Pena Blanca road, 107°50'W, 27°02'N, elev. 1820 m. 
On whitish soil road bank and in field nearby: 19 .Tun 1993. Spellenberg, Brouittet, and Ulaszek 

Apparent first record for Mexico; the species was not recorded for the country in Barneby (1952) nor 
in Welsh (2001). 


Agastache paMiiBflora (Heiler) Rydb. subsp. paMidifiora var. gilensis R. Sanders. Chihuahua, 
Mpio. de Madera, 3 road km NE of small rancho called "La Tahlita," 32 rd km SW of Rio Sirupa, ca. 
45 air km. SSW of Madera, 28°55'45.1"N, 108°22'23.4"W; elev. 1755 m, N-facing slope in Quercus 
arizonica, Arbutus arizonica, pine woods, with Cupressus in canyon bottom. Corolla rose-pink, 
calyx green, tipped with pink; 28 Sep 2008, R. Spellenberg and W. Anderson 14023 (CIIDIR NMC). 

Apparent first record for species foi ( Inhujhua lii st record for variety from Mexico. Sanders (1987, 
fig. 87) mapped only one record of this species for Mexico, that of var. havardii (A Gray) Sanders 
from nw Coahuila. Var. gilensis is otherwise know ; n from western New Mexico and southeastern 

Spellenberg and Anderson: 


Corydalis micrantha (Eiiglem } Gray subsp micrtmtha Chihuahua. Mpio. Guerrero, Chih. Hwy 25 
1 km S of Rancho Blanco, 56 km N of Creel, 30 km S of jet with Mex. Hwy 16, 28°08'33.9"N, 
107°29'24.3"W, elev. 2220 m; gravelly road bank in open woodland with Juniperus deppeana, 
Quercus grisea, Finns, Arctostaphylos. Corolla dull pale yellowish, the upper lip burnished rusty 
orange adaxially; 5 Sep 2008, R. Spellenberg and W. Anderson 14012 (BRIT, CIIDIR MEXU, NMC, 

Apparent first record for Mexico. Neither Ownbey (1947) nor Stern (1997) recorded the species 
outside the central and south-central United States. The specimens key to this variety easily, the 
flower color matching that given in Ownbey except for the presence of a rusty orange blush on the 
upper petal of the flowers. 


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