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Full text of "A curious herbal ?containing five hundred cuts, of the most useful plants, which are now used in the practice of physick engraved on folio copper plates, after drawings taken from the life /by Elizabeth Blackwell. To which is added a short description of ye plants and their common uses in physick."

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Curious //urbjl, 

Fr-e Hundred Cuts, 

*ie ////'// ufeiiil Plants, * 

y //<"//' u/ed In ////' J'/a/V/r/' c/' 


7/r// ///<• 

£/yrmi/ed en f<ruo Yopmr ./ w/ /,'.>, 

//«> Life. 



(S/{Z///rf//i . /i/s/c/// r//. 

So 72^/eA /.' /////^// 

// . 'A/'/-/ y^cjr/7'///^// (?fi/ Pla n( S; 
////'//- /WW///'// Y/jt'j in JP&YSICIC. 



/ / '/y///;',//V J[/j//'a'a /Z//'/y/.iv/ /// S! Martin's Lane. 




//'//t j Ujtdjsk taking 


'</ n itii 

P E C OAfAfEAriJslTIOJV fy jfo 'U?ide-rri^i^/v ffi////f ////// . 

, London, 0&edwi, x?3 p. 

//< n-/h>Jt>yVa/nej my urufarvrtitan., /id/irina JeeWsO. C0ruid^a6/eKj¥i£'ttide>r' 
ef d/e JJliAWING^/ivrn n ^/ Ul /, ffePZATESareto /*> E?narm>ed, 
and /i£<>/injeJa7ntJ?f ///<■ CoZOt/E'E PzAJVTJ, //un£ i£ tt 
////J /zee dvm ///<> PlWZICK tv dezfam m//\J'<///j/fffii07i nn//i dtw , 
and owryaud Opinion of di& tipactiy ef die ZuuUt~6zA&r-. 


G.L.Teissier, MD. 
Alex* Stuart MJ). 

I a. Douglas, "MD. 
Iames SheraruMD. 


Ioseph Miller. 
Isaac Hand. 
Rob. Nicholls. 

d&/ Pee S O NATE Syat^jtj??iJ&/ &nt 6z&n iw/uj?zvre a /'j/irTEl/R 
,/<:• <<>.£ OUTRAGE /AanM-ur de £u/ darvn&/- /eitrjyERROBATIOJY 

de fa ma0u&r& Ju&i'u n/z . 

Lomire> cex. /U'/'v' *?js. 
JVaiti jbu/j/ynJ<f, ay and trd uw afeds jrand /iam£re des P)ES'SlEA r S 

J*ur fe/gui/s an> da it graver /ea'PLAAfCifES, de m&tw gut 

atutyu/ urn/ dej PlaNTES E JVZ l/MTNEE S, awns trtnwd k 

foutM fc#n, EXECUTE ,//;>• nauj OWTIS cartel/ t/ne IEEE .wan/ 

.lyeuj? dt /a GipacitJ ' de bfutetir, ^ nous m r a?u tai/r &eu. a*? cr&ire 

<///*> U PuBLI C rec&wa- cet tfuirr'afe/atwaA/ement. 

R Mead, MD. 
QL. Teissier, MD. 
Alex* Stuart, MD. 

Ia. Douglas, 'MD. 
Iame^ Shbrard.MU 


Ioseph Miller. 

Isaac Rand. 
Rob. Nicholas. 





J^/r /j/ 1 / //to .7 /////. ?fjf- 

Imaainej Aafce r //n/t/</m/n Offzcma^mn per$5/mwwn 
ElISJ.BE TUAM JiZACKlVELL d&OPteafy&f, <r ri 

Inct/cuf ^ de/jn/ftj, irj <//// . ,//<-///<•/•// & Operam 
dan/, /je/;/////<\' //w /udic&muS. — -—-> 

Thomas Pellet,.*//-^./. 


V\-:\\\c\\is Don, 
Gumki.mus Wasiiy, 







Richard Mead md 

7IAW m^ O/'J/wy to /i&f^MiJJSSTYs 
Mlftf'/Sw of //& ROYJL COZLEGE of 

PHYjSiczdNS of 'Lo\\Aow ; a//ul rA'//'//' of 


tf r/ ;>/y f/v '^/ 7f% >s/, f ///^ /('//<> //'//Uf IZVDBIt 7ZJJC 

//'/w A,//'*'/'/'/'// ///<' i'/itsf- ' JProMOTJ^JRS &f '//;■////// 
t/J 7ft >// /rt/j //t£ '■/£?,'/ nr/w adi/&</ /& ' J*tfBJZJTG~4Z w ZOIv; 
i&/u/ //<>;/< >/jr'</ /£ ri/rt/t yowr JSldstfJZ, <fi'£/& me £ea&e ft? 
&/////(>- HjEsffliZRS /umr ?nucn, ///f// <//r m ytntr 
S /'/'/: /???* /A/,/ fflb&K; an^- i& ac&n&?z/zed(&e five. 

,%>//<>///' tifye&r jburENn SHIP. 

J a/// < 

a&*S **.yj&. V j*f /fhfJt (f f£ /(>( f f f//// Jf^f: /yw/f/ - 

■ ■ 




T/u 7/nJsr/a/isi, /•••in./ de/iravs is nutAe t/ns '/fer/i more u As /id to such <u arenorfitrnylied 
n-it/i other :/ur/\i/> t< rsAs/rsJ 'for their J'lks n> owe a Snort Ve/cription of each Plant} 
//is Place- of< //i'/i'//i..>" './ 'finis fff Punvriruj nnth itj common ufes in PrwYu /• s^/nefty 
extracted ',ivm . //. '.A.yepAi .Ali/far'j Sotani urn Officinale, nvidi 6m Tfrn/eeU, and me 
ordinary JK&nes of fAie PA,i/u in different LanguaoeS. 

7'tate i 'D,7n<fe/iSt7,er Pt/s,t /','</.. D,'7/J Jn't'f/l.f. 

I. 7/ie leaves of r/uj Plant 7is on /'/ mainld; tA/s J'ediAoA or 1'ipeS on 'r^/s/i d/r 7 r 7 ■/>■ 
grVTV art Of/out StX or sia/it TfisheS Aia/i: and t/u ' I'7<'/rsrj-i/s//o/r. jA/s Hoot qrorv 
afoul a Finger (/ink, and sia/if /ns/isS long ,fn/f ef a i/'/ir/s A/tiei . tti/A. 

■2. Itgrsne a/r>ios> sivrt/ ndiere in /'a7/en- i/ro/i/n/ <\' f/o'i'srj ntoif . 77,'nt/iJ m tAis '//ear. 

5. Tits Root* ^leaves are iyed,as cooling, operative* provtrkmyiirme, %strenot/iemnoy Stomach 
and ore much eat as a Sa//ad m //is dprtng. 

4. 6ree-k,X$dK(L ladn,2>ens£eonis, Taraaracum . Spanish, V rente ,/■• Se. m.Jtatian.D/nte dt tone and 
.1,1 .,/ ' !<>(/s.Frendi.Denj deZyonoi Pi/'/'s s/i 7istuiernian./^en7dattScRummld0pf.^adh7'ipen:i/iM 

P7afi>fi. Med Jfud.or CorriPoppy. Pap aver r7///r, 

7/771 , 

/. TTiu Planrairrr- /,■ . ;-,'-.; Foot high, (he /.save* are a'Hi//ow arson & the Flowers Scarlet* 

!r axon's in most Gsm-fields, and fl&rvers m funs and July. 
S-Wie Flowers of diet Poppy art cooafrg, incline /, • Yeep, -{ much n edin inflamatory fever/. 

<'//r. in // /reparations f> '-'pin u > aiv.u nnp/e 'Ita/ei: ' •.■■ ft •■ fF/owerS .( f Tincture 

f ./rss/'.JhiKvr ofiasMifin. Papa ver.mhrum, sn \uAcum, rhoeaS. dpani/M. (mapo/fy, a? Papoulla. 

7ia/ian.7 J apavero fa/vaiisho. Fren.h. Paanrt /aMvage.or confanonj. 6 erman. Hopper tttn 

01 Corn Ro/en. JhUrA fioeden 7ms/. 

J 1 Auej.yI/////y//i m /'//,/ Taper. HrirafcumorTapfitd Isarlrahtd 

/ Itgnnvste befit Toot tug L die leaves art a ItyhSffillow-yreen, .[ theF/owers a pale Medlar, 
t.Theyarpw on Highways and tontmor*/ t and flower inlidu- 

> Theleawts are we . - rhs, /am- in # Brea > andtoaU 7\u,u A wtn>ardlg in Tamentatx 

ana are- movant a/peci/vc aoainstdie Piles T>iofcoride<i recommends apecoction >? '/>• 

hMi ". 


Rest as gooafitr //is Tooth ach- 
4 .iiesL. .'/ •'/, ; Zatin, Wi I'afium <n Tap/us, tmrl/ams. Spanish (ordotah < 1 
Taffg hr/affp. Trent li. JSeuit/sn. onnian. tin} BuUttraut Vlltzll.9f$/leAru 

" /l 

Plate 4- C/arden ///< imti/er. iiiatmy /atwus. 

j Tint Plant trat'hopfjfwnd. fa 7,-ars: are a't/e&nv-areen, & the ften>et ■ apaU IfeUtm 

\ '!'-' ''''.'J')'/ >'""■■><■■■■/ »s.i>7<'.- ; ,deirer/. t \le.i t -jT,wt;f, fevtral. tion/6* m the Jtimmei 

,jl Jl •'/•">'■ fne Jfuit chears decayed \fpui7* and recommends (he L e «tvf/k>ile 
nnm 7rme,and mizednnth fGmev, as a Curtfrr t/ts Hi/ss a Vog. 

'■' 'wcops.Xaari, Tztcumls 'anrnj. mdgartS- Jpanish, &aomlrro. Tmtian, 
amerp. Trench, ittcomt ■er'man, Cucumera /'/"./,. Ctmconforen. 



Ha - 



\ ..." 

I t 


/-■ ■ /: 




- thut 

///y /lid 



ft * t a uu*m 





///* fttftts -Kt/f/i^ 



Mate* $t£pherJj Fwf&.JBurfd Paftorid. 

fewer leaves he flat upon the ground,- the Stalk grow.* afoul a hoot htffa 

and the FlotverJ areW/ute, 

j, grows among Hnlltfh Sank* o/id'l/all/. agid/fo/vers a// the J"/»'f>-' r 

Ze/ihellcrant. Dutch, Borfe kenfenn/t. 


Plate s'lfiid 'Tan/ie f m r J)/n>r 1/w.l ^fiyentmaarPoten 

j Thi< Plant creep/ npondra Ground, emiting Filers from die Joint*. In which itrootit 
' in du Earth and fpread/; the Leave/ are a light green covered a* it were nath a 

fdver ;Donm. and the Flower/ -yellow. ,-/«#«*• s n 

a. ft grow/ in moi/t barren Ground 'where Water has flood a// die Winter ^ flower/ 

fwnmjnlt/ tnJ'lai, or ftme. „,.,,„/ , 

j T/ie Leaves are feftrmgent and vulnerary, aoad ro fh >/> a// tend* of Fluxes 47**<*J"* 

natural A'rac nations; to diffoive coagulated JBltrod, to heft d,of who are intjMfytWv 

outwardly it is ufedae a rofmode to tots aff Freck/es, Sun-lmm andMar/shene and 

is aood in reJtrinaenr oaroarrfin/. 

Seek, latin., fraeiitieia. /Wen/ilia. Tctnare/iiw aan-l/e J/alyn. lW<n/il/,/ . 

French JJ Argentine /aiii/doe. or Tanefie fin/asaae. /ferman, 1/en/erteh, frenfichi or 

urenfihq.jn/trh, du%ercruyt. 



'j&u*y Rue- Rut& 

i. The leave/ are a e Ht//nn'-green, and the F/ajperS yedone; the Jht/fa frwv a&tmt 
/tiro Foot /ua/i ■ 

i Iris planted in Hardens, and floneers in Tune ana July. 

j. The leave/ and J'eed are nfed.keina efteemd ale^ripAarmtf, aood aqawst all tnfec/ioiis 
and pe/tilentialDtfea/e/, and 'all hind '0/ Fever/; it eaf&S Dtfcrrder/ ofdtefeadJtrves, 
c Hemk convnlfion and fffttrit Fit/, me Mick, 'Uenknefs of die Sfomacli and Bowel/, 
itre/Wls Fait/on, and aire/ die Bite of venemott/ Ireatur&S and mad L>ogs. ft is an 
Ingredient in die Jqua Bncrn. camp- and die .Igita Tliernicalis. The officinal Pre/? - 
done are die firnple'Wate-r, limferve of t/ie Leave/, and an Oil In, Decoction. 

4.- ijreek.II nyaror.Latin. Fnta & ftitta hortenfto major. Spanish. Imda. 

Rata. French. Rut. German, Aauten arSeincmttt. Putch, R/n/te. 




4 p/ate ft. ffildsRofe or Briar Rofe. Ho fa tknma. 

j. The Leave/ are a darker green than the farden rofe; and the flower/ are fame 

time/ white, hut of ener a pale Red. 
a. It grows in fledge/, k flower/ in tune Se Tidg .'l1ie."/ip< are fit to (father the latter End of 
September. On die Stalk/ of this linfh f, tiedecmar arow/. winch 1/ a redi/li qreenfporw hatrg 
£xtrefence. made ly/ina/l Zch'ieinnoTi Thea. Sse fo 

-den : Some look up- w mem 



against 6 Stone andfiravtl. TheJ3edeguar is /aid to pave the same rfrtues. the officinal 

Preparation if, the ton/erva O/nofhatt 
1. Creek, Kvvo'aSaroe, po'dov ayoiov or Kvyopfoo'oe. /■am/.Po/a tanma. or Rofa Ji/li'eJtnj 
'French,/,? Rafter, or I'Solantier fauvage. iferman.Bildor./i-n arf/ec/rapn ISiifrh. Falin/wr. 


/iut\* t i /./ - 


ifott r 

11*/./ 'fa/i/u 

4 : tin /m/p u /'***.* 

tffmw r 
I Fruit I 








Hi/,/ / , 

iF/tnwer p 


€ ant tin 





i Matey. II <'•',/- h/ih'. ./,'//"/,/ Ift i'/f/ tS ordCi "<>,/< '/'//. 

/. This Plant promt i. A- are Foot ///.///■ //> Leaves are greener and ' Ireader than die 
farden '/.■» , e>s are •i/el/ow, /rt/A purple Stamina. 

'////it' ,f the 

, . ...... ,.„,,., . ,,. y j 'ii fit, fsr ct/t. tui' kj „ni/r iiftimttsftj or u(Mar££ttf. 

4- lueei&MopSiot. latin. Sardium, Salvia aareftris, Scorodamo .Spant.di, Scardio. 
/i.dton, Scordio. French, tViamaraz. fer/rum, B offer icUeni^. or Analdochfcraut. 

d it/ I'M. 

Plats /a. 

j. It u planted in fardens; tfu •Leave/ are fame times a /wary freest, Xjameames 

a reddish Purpfe me Flowers are a (rftu/h Purple; and gram aAvit is Indies high . 
3. It .irons left uidru/harp ground, and flotvers in Mia and June. 
y. TheZeaves and FfoverS are ufed, as aaad frr all JSifea/es of the %ead and 

Mrve/.thei/ are alfo dutretir. and aaad far OlftructionS of7lritte /and much ufed 

ui all Sorts of Fevers, in Tea or Pefet Drink. 
•*- f^eA r £\ikiapa : K&. Zann, Salvia', and 'Salvia hartenfu ma tor. Spanish, Salvia 

andJalva. Italian. Salvia. French. SaitfaeS. tferman. Sal/en. 'much, 

p/ate u. Tffoue li7/t/.Jjt/?{/m af/t/mi. 

i. TheZdh, oran/s afout four Foot hmh; the Flon'/rs are white, wit/? -i/ellan- 
Apices in the middle i 

2. ft it planted m fa* dens, and flowers in June andlufy. 

j. Pie Flowers and /foots are u/ed chiefly in external Applications; they arefaftntno 
and anodine.oood to di/faive and ripen hard Tumours and Swellings; and to area/ 
Impo/t/iumation/. Jlattfaolus recommends the M made of the Flower/ as aaad for 
r it ff f * ft ^ % tvWMtstb. Verves.T/ie offuinal Preparation is,$OUum zSurrum. 

4- freeA,Kmov, Xsioov. Latin. Lthum alhum, and Zilium aHum /tore erecto. 
Spanish, Jzucena. andZirto Idanco. fralian, oialia Inanco. French, Lis. 
; inan.Zilaen and ud./c/i. JSutch. Lelie. 

pi**!*. J^/znffmaffleil/e. ^Irtica. 

3. This Settle oronf to he twv Foot lay A,- die leave/ are of a lujAter ifreen dan 

die /{oman /fettle, the Flowers are a dull TfeUons . 
2. The Aettle $ raws every where in taa area* Plenty, and flowers mr -Jeveral 

sflonths in the Summer 

S. The Foot/, Lewises and Seed are u/ed as caoltna and re/tr/naent. the /ti/ce is 
thought aaad fir all kinds of inward Bleedings. Vaem. <rrhaaik ' and F/ua e ' 

I Tent dipt m it ffypj the£leedmooftheJo/e or 'II am J- . TheRotrtis deemed 
diuretic, and a Specific /or the Jaundice. The Seed is re, am mended far (huahs, 
f/wi tnef/ of Breath, and Plftrnctions of the Lunos. 
4- ')r>'ek:-Ua\vpior 'AKoXiifo. Latm. 7/rtrea u re n't and uren> niaaima . .'pant/A. 

— T" -— "* " " "" ****** w* f ■©> «f#w <<r ess.* rent** ('tiif . * r rta 

Oman Italian, artiaa. Freneh, Ortie. ferman,JBefthader Hami/'cf, .7,-aV 






g/i* Biat&vtB drib* <s**/ r ,//t, tt }j*£W 

v I 


. 'VA hi 





i fruit 

JSVf/S/S, ////u/r/ 



i 1 



/\lt t t,r./f JfJhi uu/f> tt tin* I ' I 

///'//, V 

/'///.• o v ifnune, or . 'feffamme. fafintnumor fafmirutm a/6tm. 

j Thu Arid f/wtf forth ttmt/tender <rreen Tnnp, which wwldlieon § Qrhund 
they were notfupported,the flowers of the common fafinihe are wht'ti 
Xty planted with ;// tn-jjarJew.andfUwerj fijrfeveral Uont/u ", the Aimnm 

;. me "Owen art the ,;,/„ Part tfedStJtroder commend* them a* ooodto warm X 
reJaoc the fffmA le /tea/ tmtj . / 'chirrthi farcin, and m fiui/itate the Sirth • and , i/fi . J 
atmphand J)t^cutty tfOreathin^ Ue Oil madefy Jnfiifiono/ -/>,• TlowerJ i/i/edin 
VerfiuneJ. ttakfrntiti thinks that i/w Ointment nw,t<> of fa/mine />,, th- tncienta 
waj not thai fa/rnme which rue have now- 

' "/' v/ _, /"'."?■ fafoinam or fafmiptwi .Sum or (jetfimmunu /tut,,,,,. 
tjetftmms Prench, .'Wtn in.fyer/nan. BeieYrefen. Dutch 

mt.-14.M1no if -hm-J ftmtotn* Wrim Ttantnjo m^fti/vita,* fymqnmrvk 

t it . m m> t r. • ci'oht <n tune Inefw huh ;dte Zeawt ha vefweXei vet ntht'd , un oaite tiro 
them from thtfoop- ihe Tfywerj an of a thjhc TMer colour With whit? dptcej. 

z. Itarmwtn Futd* andJUadtnvj, and ftmverj maftfy tn Mm, and Tune, aithd tftm 
may find fane <r>f »' Fttnver rno/r. fond/ of die Summer. 

,. 7tv coKdn, MdMw; aotrd mfhtnd of 'flaxes and Steemerr/wc* tvfmfcho 

tWjvtee^ h.thefmU^fnijlfater: * 

^ffe^HS^ ***«*■ nmk Wn&n. fernJn, 

u am. 

Mm* if. S^ohnj Wort. 'Jumtrt, „„,. 

' 'fZ'fJt/^!Z^1'': % M Jv A - // "' ^wsfes *•¥*, «?.»„«, /„!,,/„ 

appeal fru trf jmag yf"¥-. '"^ ™w* area /.,-,.,/*'//,>//,■„, „■„/, „ am,/ iKdm&r ■* 
> 1f*£L. % ■ rf VT' " U/ ! ie "" 7 " "&*»*»** K5C r t 

i rZn&' , ''''Tr' "" ■'■-' /"'''/■■■"■■'■' >" r <"» <>>>■< tt'V 
trh ,,, J ■ •/""■'' / ; '/''■'"' '"■ ■'■'■ ■'/"■'■■ duirtae. a/ex </■/,.„„„/■ w.H ,„ 

n<uc js. Fax- {/lore. Dwii^lif. 

an rea.jpom .( wun wfute, andjrow ad an owfide of the JTaA • 

Z^:^tJh /, ' ; , : u ^^/^/^^^^^^ < ^^^wk dr, 

''"<>.,„ wrmtHi < utonentandpitrotna two or three Tunej aWeek wMonmerfia 
i'u'y,, t nat Preparation v. the 4tn<ment«m dioi&/v nwpnjperstoy. 

French. La 7)ioUa/e. ferman, 2)u/rA 



P/aM ij 

Khz Hh-lnsff Jsf tr , ... tt f r ,<f Tbu' 

9 Miww* 

■ Ft Hit 


t/itii tiff 






J'/.fff If 


fifes /iAi</,n£Jr£*i *<"//s r / J\ 


in..,' I 

T/ate t$ 


ttit Jtfatitwf/ drfui uu/** ,<t I'm* [3 Irr/t/ 


/.'■.j- t/7<u*f 

I ■. ■ 




ft an -n-Aj te/hree Ays /„.,/,.■ tje .•',,,//, ,„.. hoary t „// <• a wAite Ptt/i fJCeweS 
are ,i mff<nv green <>/■•■>;: a a //.//// hoary >»></•■> neatJu die /■'/■„;;■ are >/,//.■„■. 
Itjrvrvj m Lane* and wafte P/aee4, and flontert in Tufy and. tuqutt. 

r/ fo/n<- Ji'.hi.iitiJt u/iw/f&w ., 
A-,/,/'.. fymzy.Jee Hay* tat. Piantowm, Officinal Preparation/ Jv.a/mpfe Water; 
a areater and a fefler camp, wnd /fati>r; afirnple and a impound lump; an < '// fa 
mfitfum, and decoc&on; andOdhj JPt/htfa/um; an Extra, tia fact Salt 
4- fi-eekM+bhoy. latu\ f^tmhium vulyare arPonti uni. Spanish,, fffentioj orj/o'kr. 
Mr/ran. Jffenzo jt J/jentu. French,Jl/nyne or. //>/i„re. yerman t 9t v errnutJ>uteh, . t/feni. 


'/'/><■ A//- M>rr airouteyAteen Tndut tyn\,and arefornendat fairy; the Flowery 

are whue, and aran> an /he- Tops of die BraneheS in flat WmUk. 

Itarmw w nu&t Field/.and flowery in Tune andJu/y. 

Thi J*m& are efteemed eooiino, drying . OvidingjervUtainU in a// kind* of 
' ^emor^yeJ;as JpUtmg or uonuting Blood Iderdtng at die Vofe Vijfenten/ d,e too 
yreatFfaxy the Jtenfa violent flooding cooling and tempering it, immoderate 


r/aee w. The 6 >a?7&/? Sean. Falm mafor.or »/,//,>/ /, 

///,//( >/; ,•> //hf/trr- //, v /imftd. 

j- r ^J^den Sean ?ron# ttefae trfiur Foot high; the Zeaivj are apole to 
apddje Ftontr* white, wuA t tnw UuA Spotf m/nem. 

I' r/^ilV "t r//f''-'>-'«<tf{*™r* i in ^,andtne£ean/ are ripe inltmeoi /»/„. 
J. ^//^^^^^"fv,,/^,/^,^,^^,, £dt*tfh>mthe Pod- i 

tZI ,il -" m -'/"""'Jf^^ tmuxef with Wine a/ goodfoi- $Welt£ Meat/hot of the 

ire L ;'""'V;' """'"" "$«'»«* twdfra Hfyfagli* 7/ftinUafar* 
ore, ff,e Jp,.> Ftoram el SiUguanan FaAamm. 

4. 9£**&>*t** L ?■■>/»<■ Falra major, or Fa fa nuuor korlsnfa. Spanish, $ava*. Italian, 
r.iva./> fW A.r.ii>e. ferman, Bonen. Vutch. Roojnfe.or Jiasre Boonen. 

T i'f^T^fs'''f, " h 't ( rur t «** ******** park /P*t*d'vi<h white, tie JUL 

~ "- " * -■ " " »■ »v /'■"V If* % < fi, <fftt 

froitrio /,,- tighten frufaj high,. 

pLtir ij 


ft f 

* H'fwt/imm 





,'■ ! 


f/tt/ >4 n 

-z Fruit 
.1 Je^4 

, UifU/h/ium 



P/m /,' 

TJfcff 71 1 an 






h Thu u die Eupatortum of &/<>/,,*/ ides, fadenA //*• ancient §reeh; it arjwrMout 
two Toot high, having /evemt nnntfed hairy Zea&e/ of a pafe green to/oier, 
and yeffoiv FfonterJ* 

z. ftorontf m f&d$ef, and tneJSorderj of Fields and flowery in June and Tufy* 

j. Jgrunontj u efteeened deemfing and ptirifyinq for the Blood, ftrenpthrungy fiver, 
and f writ in M3)ifeaJM arifing from the 7/ eaknefj thereof a< the J)r0pf^,JaimtUce^e. 
Matduoht/ recommends it n*ith ttdtite If me a/ a/i ej\ e/fent fitre for the J^ranfury and 
h/aoJt/ '/fitter Thvermj e&tvlg Powder o/ t/ dried Leave/ tor the Incontinence ofitrihe* 
It if /i/v/ri/r o mdnerartt Pt//iAA'/jnt it/Vfound /Jrinh:^ \oitfwardtu u/ht m Saihj J^Fomento toon/* 

f.freek, TSvnar&Qior* X*a&h $9 tfnmonta orEupatvrtum dreecen*um*Jpanifh* Agrt&nania* 
Italian, „ l^rttnonttuFrench A^retnmne, German,* idcrmena* Dutch, Agremonie * 

j. jthiffon'J grtrnf to he three Perot high; dte death j are JiWieeidMt hatrt/, A dieZw&eJan 
j vef/owi/h §reen,§yfotverj **/y a hrtyht reddi/h Purpie, tfriprf ndth ** deep Purpte, 

i tterontf flwwwww^ ^ wy^Jw; W^wr/^r ot^/^5w^ in die dummer* 

j. T/uj u one of die five emo/itent rYertj, lema Zoofenmef, tooting tfAto'ifythg^ltef&ctionof 
//re ZeaveJ, /heetneA tvtdt dump o/7io/etj r t f aranA now and then to the 1tt/aniuo of a Quarter 
iff a Pi/ttjieepj die .Body fohiide af/iraaej ehoterie dumioitrj. a/tai/j /he heettfy/hetrpncfl 
vf7/rine / eafej die dhme & graved, emdpr&vffhej € tirine*~ ihataphdm made of the Heaved, 
eafej the fmart a/ the Pierce th/t tj fttina hit See/ or 9ffopjf$ftcre Jtnfh % ftadontf 
are not Ur he had thu nun/ Jhpph/ dte Pterce* 

j.. i/reeh. AfaXdxn* latin*, ftaitea &JtfatVft Pitt$arif,er aare/itj*Jpantj/t f . //<///<//. leattati* 
_ Hatha, o/\ ftattw. Preneh, . f/aire. i/er/nan, Pappef* Dutch, Kaaffej crtttfd* 

ptate *$. tiarJsv t/y/t. Mitffttrfwtn fflrrt&rt/e. 

j* Tcgrotw to he eighteen Inches high; the Xeavej are ahriqfu //Wen, /y the Fftnvent /rh/te. 

j. Itufemrn m^arden4 yearht t and l flower* moft *A1anfh * m the J*ummer, 

j. 7 'he MeaveJ are much ufedaj a Mr/tut then nrarmtA tetna aaed to A?//* the cofdnffj 

of other/ mixed with dtem> T/tey are efteemed pood for the* Scurvy, jt/rop^ if. Vettfy and 
£efharyy> A tettttp/itfni of the I*eeivej tr/th /tfoo/Z<i/ \f t-urej /bald J%ead//dtedfad netp/ 

the d*cunni and£)rtmfu>andfntelUn$ofthedf?te£n; ana etpenj Otrftrttcfiow it* 

ferman tj^rten 


iff* Butch. r tihtitjn-7Ceiffe 


pta^t^ >f?/f !'t< ? ({/ . PmrieiifLorBnmedtiL. 

J. Thtj Ptant yro/rs tohe a too/ h/ah, the LcavfJ are >/ 'dark oreen^wd the Ffenere Purple- 
z.Jt ototrs m Meadentf and pasture frmuiaf, flpTVerina at/ the /after *4temthj 
of the Summer* 

t> /tit ufed for aU Inflammadowand^ilcerj inthe Tongue* Jan& a//,/ V'hroa/ either the 
Juice or ajh\ma f>e,or//o/t a/ affo /or tntrard JSleednuv km&kmti of3loodlj "Hater 

** yreekftinfoiuiftovTtatinJ'rune/itiprPrtttiethi vidoarU Jpantfh* laiamotu.i Tta/ian, 
fonftdida minore *Trencfh. fyretnoine.fermani Bmnelfen. t y idermcntie. Vutrh, ft* uvnette 

M. 6. 





/YrfA* U 

J T) ^ 

[a F*v£t 
\ Fhtii ati 













tytit*it*it J/* i * 


urn //*<*&• i/.*,* 

P/au %4 


*<;</ J&at 






plate at c /l O0 JS I fid en fflcmeM S/l/Ud IdfU 'l/t'ltit/tt ^fyn/rUmetfttm. 

Tin' Shrub" oren'S & die diic&nefl <'/ ' etaht or ten Inches in circumference, fneotmg out 
1 /fender Sta/ls. rv/rich mu'/t ah:>ut every thing theu meet: tin///; the Leave* are a 
Uac/i areen, and the F/on>ers apale red; which are fucceeded hu Berne* of a 

deeper Tied. 
2 ftoreu-s m moStfled/feS, and pome rj the greatest part af the Summer. 

The Leave* ore fmnefimeS pur into //argeirifms forsere Tftrottt*/, Same commend a JJe 

\rartion 0/ diem fa- .1 fourth and the Piy/ict ; and ro open Olftnictions of pltverte Spleen. 
The fid, made hi/ in/i/siar, > of '// Ph*mers, is accounted heahn a ^ warming, a cod for the 
framp & fonifuffionS ■ fffMrvtd-. tfaffhioius recommends die leai-eSfri/inr /nice as 
/W m die Ointment/ that are nftd ' for /Wounds m die d/ead. and "///cers in tneZegS. 

- '.reek 1ftQ]*yri/ttvov.Za£m, taprifblittm,S{Peraclemenum. Spanish, Jtadreh Vr/a. /to// an. 

" fincilasco. Freneh/fincihaffe . firman, BeSfU/frJJufch.fei/tenMa^^antme^-kru^d- 

■ ■ 

iP.Zarttj-J/j//r. delphinium, & fcmf<rlida reqalitf. 

d the F/o 

qr. we fot-c .1 l/ardhigh, the leave* are a dark ffreeei, and die Jfttnver* com 

moody afine l-h'/e; ImtjemetimeS a Purple . 
2 fn- 'saam every //'ear in fardenJ, and '//overs moft part erf the Summer. 
- Tfue is es turned a indnertoy Plant, rf a, ftealirm Nature. .Matrhwlusjat/j it 

cures die Rheurrte and Inflammation* of die FyeS.m/rea f nith ftcnei/ Jf dram 

rvtfhftveet lime it removes the ffiarpnefs of'ltrthe. It hXeiuife r/ofes ttp fresh 

'tOutu/j and hea//7/fccrj. 
4 ureekA^i elvior. J-sitinfDelphiinium or ftmfoltda reaa/cs. Spanish. 

Italian, (onfrlida re a /e. French, Pie d-Mcttefle- fcrman, lfitterfporeaJ)utc/iMiHi'errn. 

note 27. 33 aim . _ wiy/a. 

j. 'litis Plant- artmss to he thru Foot hi oh; the Sta/h • arejgaart. the 
i/eUow Ij 


l/en- freest, and the F/omerJ white ■ 
- irgrorvS onlij in hardens here, and f/oiver/ in lu/u and . tuguSt, 
). The ndwle fieri/ 1/ tt/ed. and e /teemed cordial cephalic, oood for Piforderj of the f& ad 
•mJMrueJ, cheats die flearh cures it/ Palpitation, prevents Famtma.Jietanchofy. 
: Hypochondriac, ■nut ffyfterit .'Oifarders; rrfistj Ptttrt. •faction, and it of great feruice in 
malignant and contagion* DtftemperS; ouhuardly applied it help* the shnatnf of 
Bee's and Wasps. The off etna I Preparation is, die Simple Water. 
-; ,.'reeiMt\is4fv)Cko¥. Zatui. . tfelilYa. orJlcli/fophgi/uin. J'pameh. Torvngd ortfieroa Cidr.-i 
Italian. Jfciiffa. French. .ttetife 

plan- a *. Mdge^ ilitftdrj. Sryfmumi . 

> Tc ,/rnus to he toco Foot hiah, the leaves area n/e/Ioii' dreen, $y Flower* .1 pole VeUow 
-_ffcJar Jliiftard oronS ' commonly lit 'Uau-Jidej. and on Futi/j, and f/oiret 

most part of die Summer. -jet J 1 

3. 't'liu Plant ij hot, dm- open/ % attenuate/; hu it/ warming tuati/it. tt dc/olve/ thick and 

flumj humour/ iny ' Zungj, helps a tough and ' shortnefi afJireamFtif miichrvctnwn 

•'".I'd aaain/t an/iah'/udl ' &oarfnefj,to 'recover //foi'/e. Rive ritts pro ifes a Itccc/icn of ' if 
in-hine,a/ a nee. I ' remedu /ert//Jic 7he offtan/u 'Preparation u.the jyrupus dc Eryjimo. 
■•' (reek l-\vo,/ior.latm.jSufimum.o) Hincliaoti-FrenchMc/ar a 'lortcltc Italian, 

fimo*r (jerni{tn,$federick .? -IfdJer -Scuff. Dutch. Stcen-Xaket. 

"" 7 




ftfwf Jihui 

. - 4 it* . 

/ >• rciumtntun 

r/.f/ -■ 

It Ttew** 
i Truk 


J A, A 

•:•• * 

n/i : BUdwtll Aim. ***if* €i /W. 

Ufa* J 

. tft'/t/JSrs/tt/i/ttJ't 





4 Jied ( 


rtAte w White Jlit/tonf Jywpi qlfatm* , 

■r/h' fta/Jb front & /'•' / " / '"' /1 '* v/ tyh> ttnd ore /win/; 'tie Leaves ■" •' '' ty nl 

; f the Viewer* a trttf/k yetton*. 

•". . .,,. i wild m •/'" Banh'.and the Edge* of Field*, and f/oneer* in July. 
Lff, woke* an fapeftfr.Jfanytherts the dfomaeh and Aefo* Jtifeslum. 

5 \ .,/[>/ recommends die suite mueednrim ffater and Money as yoodto 
%ff// the ifi/vat n-itJi, and help'^Vemien tvhff arc Ira aided nath die 'Mother; 
atap/afm of Fig* and the Jutte w ootid for die £etharai/Jy laying it an (he 
,/ /u red. /ill die place qrvn/s red/ & die fame QUapla/m laid an $3 ftp eafeS 
fajaahen 7 "'' deed he recommend* at aaodw Ptad/er* to /often if Jcafo of the yYead. 
CrtekX" < '•'■'•' 'Ttepr- Latin, .fmapi ai/"int vr a/tc rum. Spanish. Jto/tara Wanco- 
' /n strape or Jena/tro/cdvatico7 r renrh,Seneve iri.rnf- ijerman, fielder Senff. 

/;...' '■'■■' nqfard-Zaat. • . _ 

! ptate io-J^'^'J'/u/il' Stmchitd adper. 

;. Itqnms attnU two Foot high, die leaves are a tmyhtfreen; and t/i,' Fumters 

a pate yellonr. 
t Tin' .K"'r Thiftte fronts commonly on ManAS, and flower* mJKay and fane. 
* The Leave* are of the sameJfaure nam thafeafih* Vandefyon, 'Ay?,/ ape/at/ve 
' anddiureUc, And ootid for die (ravel and stoppage ofjlrine.. tiotthteluS /ay* die 
Hoot/ and leave* when youna are mar// wedpt Ira/// a? datladt,^ recom/penay 

_■■<* * t m tf *&**+ - t p a/if . _ f *L , //:._^_*- J w m*£ *L . TTsi+k 

"/lie & of the . ihM in 'llmeav good for an J/dima; ,f the Jt/tempers of die h an 
when hded 'with Oil. oaten recommend* y leaves to he chewd for an offene it* Breath. 
A.lred.XoyxosXdvXOS.ladn, Sonchtts a/per. JpamsLJerraya or.Jerral/ui- 
Italian, Svuchv. fcerinta- Trend/, Lamrvn.§eraum, wilder i/iafentolor tjaitfdifcrf. 

Uutch. foetfe di/U'i- 

Fine si. Croir-foot. Ttawmchid prtifynfii repmd. 

i. Tin/ Plant ortmeS to l-e a Foot hm/i, tfaJhrfte and leave* are somewhat 
hairy, the Flower* are a /hit mo len'yhc Ife/law. 

2. 1/ nr :n i" in most Fietd* , and fUnver* indtau. 

%. Crhwfr.-r it eau/eie, and may be ttfid to drant Slitters, where Ginmande* cannot 
If* had; l'"t they mtt/t natty on top long, fir fear of utcerahna me Pari 
The Bavarian* extol the distilled "Water ftom theleave* of the (nilfanif dorr, 
7i the leave* infiised in Brandy. ■'■' ■>" excellent Remedy aqainel the Plague. 

4 ..> 'ek,SaTpkx*or /£ os\/yoykypjor. ff>\aTVf»\os Safin, Sanunculu* proten/is.Jpanuh, 
9/eroa let/da . Ita/ian, Ranoncato or Pie forfenf. Trench, tjrenoittette orSaffmiz 
hviin.ii! ntner/ Fin. . Jh/lvh. J. fiu/iviu.' H.ui/.ye. 

TUte^lluh'/Jlt/d. Jf'/ii/ni aqmtua <n~ J$?n/niim . 

i fconm* iv fas Iti./iw In.ili. yjiaih are fmiry;% if Flowers a red Purple and p ZeaaeeS 

■' oddish n>< 

en - 


- in Jhtvhej and Watery -places, and flvirvrv m fum and /'/la 
Ih/MinHi rathei letter dun i, Harden Mat/ htny wrnunative.expetlmrlhnd nit of die 
JtorruuluS h,/,'u,.i t, .idtic- >/ open/ •'/■<> -iic/iv>,> v SUtvd' and prscureJ the faamerua. 
TfieSmsed, <pd into the luiu u qood to eafe thetr Pain it help Vaafne/S. PwfcartdeS 
mm, ■..'< the I \ iveS failed tit Hater a* food to Jtop •' TUachng or fbmihny. 

latin, Mentha aauatica or -fifomfoium. d r pant*h,SerroJ or fyr/rr*. 
M/hm >/■ !v Preneh German, Vuim. Rofe water Hunt. 





fffyZ lUtt* / tk\'f/ >f*itr* ssttli' ./ 7*f*$A 

J*i?Uitjit #/f'it*fi 


mus m %& 


Trtdty ***** ThiftU I ' Fl " ,rtJ 

- fyn/JtM/ a/Pa/ 

h j 


Cren /. 

>. A f **.*// Jsfi, t Jtufa ,r J*tt, i 

/\*tnuftt ulus 



imn 7/////'' h\/h!fhh>/.>r Mead ' r'Pt'tt/t'.Limtiwi aSu f ttt. »'/////. ./ mffirtk*. 

fa Staffs grime to he 0*Toot ///,///,' the Leave* an .1 dart tjroen an d //to 

''lowers WuU. 

I grows fn/ jYedgeS. and towers m Jfprtl and Maif. 

"lie Floive>.< •"'•' amounted a Specific ai/amst the Fluor alius, an./ are frequently 
•node uft of in a {o'ljcve or Decoction for mat purpofe. n/tuch is to be continued for 
some time .Some recommend duj Slant as of Great ufe agairyt the King's E/'if, and all 
fcropludeio Su'etlmas. The off ana f Preparation it, the thnSerue of the Flowers- 
dreekSd^'O^ts. Latin. Lamium at/aim. or I/rtzca mortua Spanish. tJrtica muertd. 
Italian, Orticafoda. or Ortica morta.French. OrtU . German. Bauhneffellhitch.Dood Jetelen . 

PtaUi^^t/M^hr'ShaJf.orBi^r^nretJfllanttm /wnof/tm^Di/Ira mar,/ 

This Species of ~Sidht Shade //as man// Zona dm •coloured Branches, diat ct/ml up upon 
arm thing it arows near to; the learej arc a Jeep Green, and the Flowers Purple . 
. fe grows vz most Sledges Sr watery Place J, and 'flowers in Mat/ and June . 

I. Tlic Leaves and Twias jre u/id, and are commended Iw jome against the DropStJ- 
Saundice, and h/na'o Evil. Parkinson fans it purge* violently enouqh. Preaeotms m 
hu . Ueduina t'auperittn. commends it as a kind/// £ radiator of Bite. Dit/fccn-tdes* 
commends the Berries as good to take Spots out of the Skin. 

;. ifreek,)1fiirt\os dypia. Xat/n, So/anum figncrfum.% Bnfca mara. Spanish 
'Itahan. Tite fahatica. French, M >rele dcrman , Setenger/e lie/er. Dutch. f f roote wmde - 

p/ate 3$ Broad-leawtt f P/ctntsitt. P/antatfo /afifr/nt.cwSepttrterinti. 

1. TheSoi/As of this Plantain armv to le eight Inches lush/ die F/owert are a 
rvhitish to/our. 

2. It grows ley 'ffin/ fides and Meadows, and flame rs m Mai/. 

j. Plantain is cold] dry, and 'Inn di no; t/fi fill 'in alt kinds of Fluxes and haemorrhages, 
asfpitinoS; vomiting ofBlood.h/eed'ina at the Mfe, the Frcefs of die fatamema 'err 
Lochia. It is fikewjfe esteemed good for die in voluntary making of 'tin na/c Steal 
andJnarpneys. Jrthe Gonorrhea; it hc/ps to Stop f /'be Jura tf'rYm/nds&tonfolidc' 
their Zips. The affieiruU Preparation -r> die Simple diftitfed Water. 

4- ijreek,'Apvdyt»03S-ov.Zatin, Plantaao fait/ofia, or Septmcrina . Spanish, Lhantem or 
Tame.fiagem. Italian. J'/ontaqme ar fentinerhict. French, Plantain. Oermctn, 
Aiegnch. Dutch. rreeg free. 



Tlats jo". Sarra^t.Borrago, or Jittsi'JJti/n . 

1. It grows to oe is Inches high, the Leaves are a graft freen, and die Flowers Purp/e 
£. Ic'grows fre/iuenthj at a rYeed in IjardenS; and is often found wild near StoitfeS 
and upon tVatls ; and f/otvert in Tune. 

The Leaves are e/teemed cordial, com fort ma the Mart, preventina Fatntnefi § 
Melancholia The Top/ are much ufed in 'Vine <$' iool Tankards -They are accounted 
-dlexiplianiuc. and good in malignant Fore rs. The Flowers are one of the for/r 
tordial Ffori'erS.'Itie officinal Preparation is the (bnferve of die Flo we rS- 
Ma//h/o/i/s recommends the rvlio/e I'/anl difhtledaS good for 1/ Inflammation' 
1 me Ft/ei. n'/iet/ier tnnmrdfy or outwardh/ applied. 
1 (jreek.Bovyhoo'TOV. Zatik, fiorrago or Bvglojs um. Spanish, Borra/a, Bon arenas, 
n /,</. fnh.m.Borro rme French. '801 rache oe/nian.Purretfh.Pufc/hBemaa'r. 




pfatt ■ 

/;//■ tUddin tivfy , Tin )&Jfad \ 



J)tift*t mam 



'/*/** n too c 


ruu jf 


rhttsj- 'W???tt> Brtarm. Bryonia alira or Htuf allm. 

, The Stalks of this 'Brwnt/ climb up to a (fr?ai ''leiaht in the 9fedges;die Zeav,- ' 

,„iiil\ rtfemide diqfe of a rinetthe Flowers are a whitish preen Uriottr. 
, jr aron'S m Lanes ana .'tedoes. and flowers m yffa/t and June . 
I Tht Root hf a stron.i Purger ofjirtntf^ nmtery f&tmemrf, which it does loth upwards 
md downwards, tt i/"efteemed tftrodfur vl>rvpfg,£mtt,^iUpfy,Iii0^hy^rit: Disorder*, 
potior Sydenham commends it very much rn cafes ofMadnefi. The Faeeuia itmuch 
•of die same^Mtturt, fait something Weaker. The afficrna/ Preparation/ are the yfaua 
Brumiae camp, or the ffyfteru Water, and the Faecuto Drtoniae. 
a. C/reekfjftttWchosKcuKrt. Zatin.Brt/ontti a/ha, or Pitts a/ha. Spamsh.Jeura.erjtnorca. 
Jadim, Brtonia, or Zjtcea fatvatrea . French, Colulrtne or teuluree. jerman,ftictnnirk 
or Zfvftffturl'fs. Dutch, itflde 'PVr/ngaarde. 

p/atejd- ftreatWhtte Bmdri^ed^inV^hdm^ora/h^.orJm^ hems. 

j. It runs up to a areat heiaht when, it has ant/ diina to twist ahout; die Leaves 

art a willow /jreen, and the FlowerJ white. 
z. Tfus Plant grows in most hedges , and f leavers all the /offer end of the Summer, 
j. The Hoot of the freat White Bindweed re fame what cathartic. Preitzrtius m Are Jfedicina 

Paapcrttm reckons // a qentie Evacuotor of me Site- Camerarius doitirtS whether due 

It the Smifax laetns of the Ancients. 
4. tjreek.Xtu'ya.% \cta- latin, Ion volvulus motor allnts, or Snulaot laems. Spanish, 

torrequeta major, Italian, filucchio maoo tore. French, Ltfet or fam pane Ire. fie rmttn, 

Binden. Dutch, tfroote ffinde . 

piate 3$. divert or 6 safe {/^ifd- dfa&r&ie ■ 

j. This is a creep ma Plant that arontS annual/it from the Seed; the Stains. X eaves and 
Seed are rough, and die Flowers are white . 

2. It arorrs in most SfedgeS, and flowers for several Months m the Summer ^ 

y Tht n-hote Plant is used. & is eiteemed moderate lg cooling % drying, good 'to fweeten yDlood; 
lets also accounted vulnerary, % of Service mf Kings-Evil, for vmtch some give the Suite as 
a areat Secret. It is Irkewife dime tie, and helps the Stone and travel. This is one of those 
Kerhs which are commonly put into during Porridge as good fir dre Sturm/. 

4. gre&kAwa§,'va. Latin. Jparine. Spanish.' Italian, Jparine, or Speronella. 

French, f.erman, Klehcraut. Dutch, Kleef-Artti/d. 

Piute 4 o . Whs at, ScBearM Wheal. Tnlt c tan, c\ Tri/uum arzdta turn 

J. The 'Wheat withen/t Anms or Beards is that which grows most common in England; 
some cad the Searded ' DugdaU 'Hluat- 

2. Jtisfimm commonly inJutumnand reaped the July or- August following. 

J Thus tjrain is reckond more nourishing diarl any other fi ram for Dread. A Poultice 
wad* of it boiled in Jfili ea/es Pains, and ripens Tumours fy hnpofdiumations Apiece 
tf Bread, toafted and dtp d in Wine, is good to j top 'Vomiting, by applying it to die 
■ 'toiacli. Tht Bran u ufed rn fataptasmS. and applied liot in Bags fir Pat/ is in the 
•noes. There was formerly kept in the Shops an Fmplastrum de i'rujta Pants . 

*■ § r eek.lfvp6s. Latin. Tntieum or Tniu-um arts ta tn m Spams h.Trigo. Italian, frano or 
Torments. French, Fourment. ijerman . Jleiffen. Dutch , Tarraw. 

><; 10. 





$?rttU <".-. ') \ 

4 Frtai lit/*? \ 

Ftfjj ,r/Ar 



?**>.■ if J*f** t Luff* ,-t j'tf,.* 

f*4'Hi r t*ffU in-' tfUIfC* 

' xi/a ■ Lev*J 


pAtfr %g 

, kwdids* <. t '*>, Pin* 


* Fruit 




tJ Jbd 

pt<z& 4 j Terv&irv. Yed&ia $ Terfenaca,. 

icarcnv* to {*> tnm Foot high, the Stalb are a pu rpfoh Brown, the Leaves 
' a/wiMw ireen. and the Flo n-ers pale FurpU- . 

Iroron'-j in SYn/lm-at/s, mar Tetvns it Tillages , fbnvrmg in lu&f* 
riu Whole flerb is used, being accounted cephadie, good aaairt/t JDifayes. 
in* trs>» " V ' / •"" / phleamati.' faufes. Jem* commend it to open. Olftructzor 
tfthe Ltver and Spleen. fi*/p die Jaundice and $ou£. #ut?vardfy *u esteem', 
./ i-.. ,.,-. ..,.».-„ .../"/.«../ Teh, 0^ 





vuhterary, yevd fir sore Tva&ry inflamed* Jfytv . 

, (reek rrcpij-.yevr. latin, ferfentua Jupina . Spanish, JSerOerta. Italian. 
%rmina.sL Trench, Tervaine mafie- ferman, reentrant. Dutch, t/serkruyd. 


Plate 4 %. Ox -Eye -Dm ft/, the f/reat Ddfy- &d& major . 

i. The Stalls arvm more mart a. Font high, the. leaves are a deep yrc^ 

Cretn, & the ' Ffanstr* .nrhtie with. a. ycllorv Thrum, in die middle. 
2 Itanmrt in /'.is hire yrmin*i/, and ficnvvn* in I //tie. 

■* The Flower' of this Daifv are efteentid tmffanuc.good fur aU Dt/orders of 
L du$rea/C and Zungs, fas fbuahs, shortness of Breath, rieitrUtes.lonSump 
ions and V/a/ltna ef the Flesh. Thev are freauent/v put mto /tpezjnt/ and 

A 1 

Decoction* /or inn>ard Bruiles, Wounds , and Rupttttes 
4. Greek. Bafea^ftov. Latin, Belli/ major. Spanish, Buphthalmo. Italian, Oct hio di 
Hue French* Oul di Beuf German. Rind/ /ha. Dutch, drool* Jtnuidetieyen. 

vtate 4*. rmipe-melorJia/e Pimpernel.. lnaati//i> fcrredlrid mad. 

1. :> gran* to be a Foot hitjh. the leaves are a f rajs f,reen and the Flowers fcarlet. 

2. h fronts in lorn Feila/ flowing m. Mai/ and June. 

5. 7'ht, Flant 1, moderatly warm ir dry tvith a little jLiptintu.and by Seme is account 
•da, good vulnerary. The Juice taken inwardly S by a self, or mix'd with ComtJUtk) 
it $ox>i in Consumptions and Viftemper* of the L unyS. - It is often put in Cordial 
rater/ as atexipharmic, l( good aoatnst malignant Viftemperv. dome letters of 
X>te hart recommended bin tales of lunacy and Vile nous Fevers. JlatthtoluS 
commend/ I, Tntce.forlj Tec th : flch; /miffed ttp the Mftril cm that .Ado. ivhere the 

Fain doe/ net lie- . 
4. tjreek J ya yd>\is. Latin. Jnaaatlf/ mas. Spanish. Miru./es. Italian. Anayalto. 
'French. . ihurxm. ferman, faii.'A heil. Dutch. 3aftard.M«ur. 

j'Ute ^.PanfeJerS(ea!tj-£i/e. fiola tnarl/rr Sad eti TLv Trimldlij 

' ^ arm'/ a Foot hiah, the Zeatves -'re a dark freen the Flon -vy /potted n-tth a 
liilit Purple, a deep I'm isle and IfelLuc 

1 ft fronts Wild In the Borders of field/, and *s also planted tn Gardens, 
floivritiq great Tart of die Summer- 

The leaves are esteemed muabywous and vulnerary, good a> take off tne 
Gripes in Children, and prevent the Fits <n ■ < ram them- 
'Cr^eL€hld7i 9 oov. Zatin, faccea. Jpanif/j 9 ra diJ/Pn^Uhs ttah,n. 
Jaccea. French, Penfees. German, tfiben far be > •mlin.mttch. I'enjeen . 

M. II 

" \ 

t '"/■ 



////, v 

0jt Eye J)iUJu 




/V.t/. j 


!- Flmivr 
2 Trtut 

<" ■ Tejirij 

/ A/r 

Pan f 

Mir /^ £ Wi if 


--/**,!/ i 

Plate 45 S > tim/ile or BAt* kwrry 3 'tt//i . Rultud ,v A'///'/// vulgaris. 

,. T/nf Shrtiv has many long creeping Branches; there are eomnum/y fLewes 1 
on one Footfm/A m the hnver Parts, and three on the tepper Parts next p 'Fruit; 
,/,,. leaves are a deep preen: the F/onsery apa/e "Red, and sometimes TthUe; 
and the Fruit rvhen ripe 1/ of a G/acA fa/our 

pfi •)'',•"■• >.'/ //.'.'.'.-' ■■' aes, tc flowers in fune <f Jit/t/: die Fruit r.f ripe in September- 

s. The leave* are accounted rtftrinyenfittare frequonf/t, prescri&edia Garaan/ms 
prfoe. Mourns A- Throats; die unripe Fruit is very Gindino and restrinient., ufi 
fulfil a// tend* of F/uxes 4- B/eediny, for Tnred/t&S $ /are . tlouths. The Juice sf 
the ripe Fruit made into Syrup is esteemed 'food aydmst die Sfcatof Urine. 

•a Jn-eA.J3dros. Latin, RutntStie Ruhus vuh/aris. Jpanie/i.Carza- Itnh'/mJttruff.jFrtrtfh, 
Bents- German, Bncimen. Bramleer and tjrak&eer. Dutch. Brttam- tres&in ■ 

Mat* 4 6- Befoul?. Bettrruca, & Betirnica. fUvedtrid or vufaaruf- 

/. Jt grows to he eighteen Inches ni.ih . the Leaves .ire a deep frafs Green, and 'he 
■flowers' a red 'Purple . 

2. Be tony gram in Woods ke is A ' fa Jfedae -fides. k flowers in Mart and June. 

9 lets amounted a aovd cephalic, hepatic k k vufnerary Plant. The Jnh'ents had it so 
much tn esteem that^intonius *MuStt, Phy/tcian to .dugifstits Gaefar, Ttmne a 
Treatise on it. The Leaves dried % mut'd n/i/h Ttddcco are freattent/y smva/ed 
for the ${ead-&ch, Verttyo,/f sore 'Eves'. Jfixd rtrith Tfood-Saae <k Ground Pine, it 
makes a good diet Drink for die Gout St Rheutnattfm . The "fresh leaves l/nnfed 
are good' for areen Wounds fe to draw out Jhbnters \ The preparations are 
die cenferve" of die Flowers, and the Emplastrum de Bet on tea 
yrtek,K?T£()vSc Yuxdroytpov. Latin, Betantca. Spanish, Bretonia. Italian. Be tonece 
Trench, Betotne . tferm.m. Betontesi. Butch. Betenie. 

4- Cm 

vim 4fJtarum, or Syrian mafltr Thyme . . lit rum Jynacimt. 

J. This Plant cjroiW to be a Foot huh. die Lares are willow Green. $~ 1/ Fltrrvers red. 

z. It grows natural/ if in fandu and ."una , and is nur/ed up here tn i> dardenf 

of the Curious; and flowers in full/ 
S.Jtarum 14 accounted a good cephalic and nervine Plant, and is much ufedin 

cephalic Snuff; hut is of little fer vice elfe in Phi/ act . 

4- Greek.MdoQv h GooS^wy. Latin .. ffaru/n Ji/riacum] arJlyjrana and Crelica, 

•rjlarum fre/enfe. Spanish, fbflian. Jiarv. French. 

German . 

Butch . 

ptate 4s. Brovkltme. Jriii.hi/'J amiaUccXor Becahima. 

/• & grows to Ge hxteen Inches high, the Leaves are a orals Green- and the dtal/s a 

reddish Green, and die Flowers <i fine Blue. 
•* Tlits Ptane aron'S in SiHs& rtutnina Ditches, it flowers in hme.Sc keeps it/ Leaves all G tnnter 

' yftis accounted a aood ' deaHtrtie'nc cf arttifcortruttc ,al-aiindma with vela tile Parts, veru e/aod 
' fidcurru. king an Ingredient af ' t) ' anitftarlmlie Juices. .(' -diet Brinks for /■ tite 
We tteterfwe $ tleanfmy.idefu/ in offtructions o, ■ t/'Kidnei/j h Gravel 'or /ItnwJiuwoitrs.a/ alO foi- 
'iieohne $ Bropfij Jfattfu'dftii fn/S it is good to bring away afaffe conception, i pieroh dry . ffen/eS. 
'■ f f itek,4'traya\\is. latin. Jnaaallis aaua&ea fcBecafauij/a Spanish, Italian. 

wrtr/i Berle ■ (,erman.'lfafierl-iinaen and Backlmnacui Butch. Bekel'vrtt yBeek ptui./en. 


/I/,,. - . . >>u Bx/'- 1 ' /■<.'»<' { 

'■ * I'rmt 
lit.,.-*..;// .A-/... ^.-../,. ft /•/-.. ]•.'-.-' '.:,;.,■// / 



Plat* 4~ 

. ifartitrt 

. UjUTUn J<**v 

Pfate 4<< 

T »/j ( 7>iv//it//« W/^v/ ,'■■■ h 

i ./:■■■ 





i'rrrr f 

ptate 4 o Spmt/e. Jfiindchia. 

L, // aran* to lee tn'o FovrAtjA, the Zeaws are a qra/s //rem. and /fa Flo 

.; hi) '/'t l/el/i'n-ie/t .!'<><> ft 

2 It Is fon-n warty in tiardo/is.and/fon'ers .>. . . fdino to dteJt t >nt/>/ it rs /ortrd in . 
I Sp»w H more tided frr Food than Jfethcine, 'him, a aood hoifd Jhfad. and much 
■ -..,, m the Sprvuf, as tjood to temper the fteat'tc Sharpne/j of deetfuenourX, it is 

tftetrtiad COotieVJ, mciftnm.?.\ J l un>trc, rendrjna the S *du fcluMe. Seraptu/anJrd/r- 
ia» Phyfictan sap/ .' that Spmaye err,?/,* mhd; so mat rhofe n/ho are troiif/ed 
Chol/i- -"had letter 'fat eat it. 
4 CrrtkXi'ntaxiov. loan, Spinaehi'a. or Lapat/tum fwrten/e SpanisA, Spantide. 
Italia n. Sptnache Fre nth,EjpmoeJuf. //srman. Jprnat. Mutch. Spina/ic . 

Plate so- Tfi/d Tea/?/ \ I) ipja aid fiivw trt J or-La/sn/m veneris. 

; 'iftts Teafel jtyneS to /re /bur or- five Fact hicffi. die Leaves are a ho At grade 
Green, and the F/em-er/ purple 

2.'// " "" tip an .Banks m die /■orders of 'Field/, and ' floruenf in June ana 1 'July. 

5 . the Root' are efuemed clean fine? ; du Ancient' commend a .Defection of them in Wine, 
foiled to a fan u/tenee k lupt m a I'razen Vefsel. to Ire applied to $ Rhaaades, or C/efts of 
the Fundament, and for a Fistula therein; and to take anmif Warts. The Water /mind m the 
hollonr of the LeaireJ is commended as a tb/li/rittm to cool 'Inflammation' of thy '■:>/■■, 
and aj a tbf'mc/ic to render the Face fair 

4 freek.AiYaKOS-Latm.Itip/kettf jUveftrtf or Lai- rum veneris. Spanish, tardencha or tarda 
pmuador. Italian, tarda da Patyu'^eS^/ato. French, fardon. ftrmm/diffti Dutch. Groott'Wifdeka.ud.->: 

rtate st.Pifmrort^JmflU lelendine. fiielidantm minus 

j. The Statu yronr to Ire 6 or 8 Tnthee high; die leave/ are a dark fre en, and die Flonren a, 
fine hia/u \JfeManr; die Moot re/emlde/ die File/ m the hitman Sodu. 

3 ' II ;' 'T'' '"■ ^ a ^° 7W ' k mo i rt Fa/turee. b kif hedges, and flonren in March A Jpri / 
3- This :herlri/ accounted Oy A* good for die Jfaemorrhoidej or Pile/, to ea^e their Pant and 
Sroeutng k Jtop dietr (deeding, the Root/ being taken inn'ardlu. & an Ointment made of t/i , • 
Zeaves % Rout/ applied outn/ard/y. Some 'com mend it for the Jaundice; k Scurvi/.e/pectaf/t/ 
m the Mouth, wftrenif then the Gum/ andpreferve die Teeth. 
4 {ffeek.K^idoytor ptKpov. Latin, Chetidoni tint rntntt/. Spanish. Scrrfol.iria tnenar Italian. 
. Ctulidonia minore. Trench, tbvilos de Pre/tre/. lierman,Pfrffenhodfin.3)iitSt.Keli,nf[>een -Ar«; 

ptaee 5 z. Prtmrcrfe. Primula fend. 

The Stalks aroiv to tre.eight or ten Inches hiah. the leave/ are a ara/f Green. Sc the 
tlonrer/ a pa/e VeUonr; and die Root/ a reddish Purple 

■s m Thickets. and under dfedp 'cS; and / 'lonrr/ in March and Jprt/ 
he Flan -at ■ are commended a/ aood aaain/t Di/or/erj an/ma from phlegmatic 
futmoitrs. The Suite of the Moot, is used as an Srrhine to purae the flea d 
of toughjtimy Plitcam. 
*' v rf ek. latin. Primula %ris- Spanish. Italian, rior? di Pn 

vera, trench. Fr, mere re. oariuan.Scldttffrlldtrmen.Mtc/htiraarc lli/dc 

Wo iy 

riw 4$ 





ft :/J T***tt 

t VtmtA 

/'///*- 5/ 

Ptid >,■ 

j Ffotver 
z Truil 
I j A.*.'/ 

Yit&nuttn mmu4 






t Ftftvcr f 

/'/ /W///f 







V 1 


Thomas Pellet m.d. 

President of t/ie ^Aoya/ Coxusge 

of ' jpursicj^jvs of London, wid&%$pr 

of OOO /ur//o/ i /oC-!/'/ f 7/. 


Sf ///./ pf^bnK j&'r&v&t //j,r/// /o Jf£djvic/jvn, 

mm/ ///' ( ' c/io/f// /////•//-// for & to t/t/>> 

JSnCOZTRAGEIIS of //i& ////^'r/s///;/,/; Otn&TW 

w/umi 'Yozr out/At i/i & /j/v/wt/oa/ ///o////^r Id 
x/&rmz£ m<t i/w/l on lm<f Occa</io7i,fo a^/io7ir/^i/ye 

s/w Ifojvoi/ii S &/&<>/// yortr Approbation 

aria tv Ju/s/crt/v ///// .A'/f 

0><-/tra/ t ,** 

''//<■<'// /4.<f fufy. i?j7. 


r j%0#gm ./M/r* 


Pi* .J!, t U Jati/rwti, or-MaU ?ooL Jt&Wj- July mm, r?w* 

t'lh.' ( V. -hi, duicommon Jatyponofdie Jhopi, gronnto be * Foot /oak; Hie 

/.<• ' '•■' •; ". " / : , '" ; "'- // Z f *'! *P^dnnmBlasA , ajiddu-Furnserj.nrhiJiq/onron a 
nnu/i JlcilA, are a. lied Purple-. ' 

%. Itgrow . 'vmeutMeadonn , and fewer* in. Jlprii- and fllay. 

, . 'Pie Root* are accounted a Jtunutus to Venenj , ttrengt/ieninq the GentfalPartr. cutd 

keftinf un-ceptwn; andformejePnrpoJej are athief ' Ingredient mff^kdzwrium 

Dio/acfrxnm. y 

Outwardly ^yarcappltedtn/or^o/tcGxt^lc^ 

hard Jumcurj and Jn-euinas. * 

The OffumaJ '.Preparation uoheElectuariismDiafaiyrwm. 

£.fre*A'bfXjyh^/>hrwj>tUd. Zarv& *Tt>f>vX*-,Du>/coru& Loan-, Jafyrucm-meu . or%/ticuli 
monom . Jpanieh, w^07vdeperw.ltaiian.Te/ucolcj diGane. Trench. Gxuiiem defrifa'e*. 
{jerman, JcJim^l Knabencraut rnea/Ue . Dutch,, J<Uie^ee k/itud 


i Y//u PUoU prom <ho: or j&venT'oo thigh; tkel,ean>&* are aun/tt qreen.andthe 
Sffarverj apaie Red. * 

% . Itgron-j i/i (j ardent, asuiftonceiv uvSt^ and ^uawsa 

3. Jfo,'/i//u?>'& aremzwh of ' fke J>/aacreof tne common THai/ana. vid. Plate %%. but le<u mot 
tifythyj t/iey aremaftty t^/ed utjjarplejforthe Jwe//vwoftfoTon/ik.andRela£ca,'- 
■ (ion of die V/vu£a~ 

^ : $rveA,£*>Suf.«\«x*, Camerariut. Latin., Tflaincalwrteti/is. Jpanuh, IffaivajJtaluin. 
tUaiira mofffiore . French, TUalwej defardin. C,erman, Ernrofen. Duxn.Jioclrtro/en. 

Plate. 5$. MarckPurlet. Pwlamartuu 

J.TtuzJtcdAs o/tnu Violet creep on the Ground; dieLeancee are- a-darL Green, cutd - 
theFlon-erj a,6luePurple. y 

% '[pi r ^ n ' wtfdinffedf&.ivuLu adtiAmtedti/&irfo in. § ardent; and flowery tn, Tfcirefa. 
yJherlcmren areoneofthefmirCordiaiEcTnrero; tees teemed cooling, mo^tmna.anddaauu. 
prtrdin Jlffettionj oftneJBreaftandZtcngs, tie/piny Coua/vs andriCearettcPam j . 

JtuLeavej are caoiina andopeninj, andfreoiwnttt/ptdinto 6/isten*. and Ointment* 
(toam/t Jn flam matrons. 


4- ynze&.Y'oXa'Z,*; J)tefcoridee.I/afi/>, Violamartut. Spanish, He iotta.Ita/tcin, liola. 
French. Ito/ette. {firman, tTlertenJiierien.ZtutrA.Diate. 

Jcwipnoa aSa 

fntuJaxtfraqe orcmw Co 6e ccfirof A/'aA „• fAeJitai/es are a /to At- (/neen ama tAt 


■MO. ,<.. 

u&vnan , 


JJttfiA, freert/rtuA 




rtau s> 

) t Ffavtr 

I Fruit 
j JbU 

4 Kftfl 


num. m,u 





TlaU s+ 




starch. / 'tjr/sr 

4 FtuU 

/)*>/-: t Mania 


White Jtxifraft 

*ti J*L 

njiulf* tl rtn.x 

J ttjtytl ( 
z Fruit 
I xJ-eU ( 


i/raija .//A/ 



,^Aw/y ■/■■■■■' ■- Stack HelUhre XUUt*™*,. 

and &f &Ut i£ tuvf i-eett &£*-& musJ* m**jf* #, ** »^ - // / ■ / y*'***, 

, . nvA.l^rpwjy.tU, Xuwidt*. XfrXlUv,™,, ,u., ru,«.rrS&&Uw 

r.lU fore ,ifi, y. $tmu,«.t/u-i. ;>,.;,, ir 2> u „/, 
' ■ 

p< y,v,,,. „ 7 , .fl,,,,*.. ,„„/ rlewiy plot T-„r, -f ,/„ ./'„„,„„;. 

<■ '.tut, «/«jl*U.n ..gervuo. Tr»uh. J} ec de Gcoryu*. geJr** Batcher 

Jlc„;;y „ {fay J>urpU, /«<£ Jem*ti,n*, nr/uU. Sf'^M., „„/,/,. 

,„' ' ""•"'■' «™l Cap**, and Fleiivrj m Jtay. 

,„,,.,'., ■■"':';• if "u'-mt. <u . ^gnat br.h.,/ .,,,./ , ;„„,,.,-,.:■>/,/„■ Jl„r,,,.r/,.-f,v.„//. 

Y I.;.,,,,;, F.-/£.< V /,.., I},,,,.;,,:: l„i/.in„„*l,.;,.: «„J frtil, ,;.,.'. 



Ttai* . 

fitiirj /vet 






l //.viv 

) 4 s**J L 

rUu ff 


4 at* n 
4 */>*** 

2) tpfuWuU* 




*'Kit r 6& 



j p,e St.i<* .f" f "*S o*\9 Inches /„.,/,. ,/ u . leav+4 ■"• a-jra/a pr,-.-n;tl>e J-lo,,-. ,. 

nmonlo a dee/9 bU*V (nU iffmeiimed fUdk eerlour and tonwUmed nrkit* 
, jtaivn* i" '"•' / '/e-/ and Hood*, and ]''lotlf€iy Ul ,.4liUJ 

,v Rout/ are. u**-i- and edtet-Mtd ty *orne ducretio, and goad to Jtop all 
fund* «y y/urerf. 
MgwA OaKivtc i Latin, J(ya<:utf/u/J . SpanuL. *A1eU&d fieri Yd. Italian.. 
fiuaxintiw .Fwxdi.'l aci&t ai- Jttcieite. $t*n>ian. Metises Udus?i£>ti. 
Dutch- JltfaxisO/co 

, Pi<u* 6a Jpuiye. Zaure^.XaufwU. 

lp,u J"hrul grow./ j foot /Uy/i, iJu Icawe* are a dark gr&eei/ and the Flower/ 
a yellow frwe/t., 

grant* in 9/ovdd a/id 7nUA*tO . ami Jf'&f/l'crl h% >A/at~c/ls and JlfJtil, and 
r'rut/ t* ripe in J"ep tC-//ll/C >'. 

bfluleattt aJid Berried ai<« uoed ly jo/ne.a* jood to purge Bile, choleric and 
ivu* JfonowV; tta dieypwye rt>tiA <pvat 'floUnee fotA. upward* and downward*. 
Join* JdventuroW Per* on* give- tJum in. Dropsies. 
jwk A .i.;i-;<r/or.i Latin Leuuwia,. Jpanith, Italian. Lauren he 

PUtf 6 3 JalUcfeer J'<Uf-.?Cea6. JatiUula orMiayn^uia. 
, n. Stall, grow to ln>, a. Foot lu?/ t . en* Zuova* art eutrifM yrafj #^m, and tit* 
'oety wnUe . 
<jiv/w m 'Hood* and Fldnr&rf itV slfazj . 
Tluj u on* ofdu Cnief vudnerary Plant* ; ^ /ivfueeufy put into Wound- Drinks, 
and traanuuic Opojtnw: andu c*te**ned yood far Ruftturts, toward. 2rui*t*, /pitting of 
Bloolor any fCamorrfafud/and /found* /:>//, inward and mtbvard. 


Zaan, dt&lwula ?/• jOiopenllil. opofu/A, 
Italian, Cinque fi'oli'a Jldttqiory r,.->u/i, J.a K/t/'fir/s. <,. 

Janictel. Dutch Jy 

ft** 4Ut , 

yi*e*64BligU or- middle dvi/ lorifttida »u-dui. 

"••' '''a/A- an iidiir/t die FL'nvk' frvnr/UYg liudtej AijfA. di*Zeaved are a 'foddz/X 

<">v„. atiddte //v-wv ./ /ty/tr Jllu<> . 
*-'<yn»nv i n Jt'.^Jj atid :•('<■ da? j. and F/si/VJj in . Mil/. 

"fie ij a. not*d wtlnerary J'laut, and. ufea inhrard/tj $r ov&twdly for ail Atnd* ■ 
} '»ttss. ii.unJj and iontiuw/tJ. as liArtn/o fo* Sjiw, ///..".* Spitting ofJllood.attd 

"'"•""•.'"/'..-,.... ,.„ /; i///r/ p a ,., 

* -"-l-. j..,iu>. JS/nju/,1 .,« <;'7t/<'/td,r tfudlO-t/pani. 

Italian- ' French, Jjt/<//<'- ferma 

Cf«l<hit Ounfd. v,uch, i ' i 

•A n 


■i - '//.M,f MaUp ti flit*" ■ 



y/rf« f* 

HI**Ar**tt Jtfin. fttUp *t Knot 



PUto . ■ 

Ji/f foal \&JBtfw 







PUufartu Female Pumjy. Rwua fr&niiut 

; trr 3 five A'*/^ ■ '/ Jka/v.* <m> «> ^/v/I titYcn, S; dt** 7?l&*tNnv */ /n*s ** wy! 


£7'/ - 

, u UtiViaed i*\ tftutfohf* and fi&rviz?yf t*v *Aprzl and *4£ay* 

r//' 7*f*i**£ -/-*'"'* & ; f f :yY»//<v r/i,' 7'tttcc of jp . /£*/<* Jh&*\y ; </***/ /.' awunted a&m/. /.■/ M«- 
£ r :/*-f-^t/ - ?V<y *^ u ; / ■ |/ **' ''^ hiidi &r &nunt£furnf and n&nrew Sfftctumf* &vm u\ y&ufif <f* 
u /^nu *v<omnnnJ *i *m litjtsrt*; Ca/kj t dur fflftrtuiumj ^j?WW^ */'/*/ '/ 7<st<>nfzon 
tf >l u * L&chut- The Jteot and Jbtd aT€ Aunf >afarut t'AdJwnj JftcAs t& pr&vent 
. : ., *y ;/> firetdbuf their TeeiA,* 
. 0YA*r\€>xvr*'<f#* <n* Tltztov/a o9/?X^/^^• Matin JfaeoniA £aet*U*UL- */fr*Jti*A, 

%y/d tfei ?tt07t£e**r Jl&ja allrard&ira* iralt'atiPean/a^'Yn^.PisV&isig'er 
J*unoifi**' German* Peoiti&ii* DuttA* 


i It'/'*™'-' i& Jhchu /ti#A* fne Lt*n*i*t\* are a deep &rre*t an tn* Jruuie* a*id a 'iynt fy* 
v Btuifid*; mtftffnws #/v afullfiizt£* 
trwJ vvfarde**/ and FloiVgrf in Tlffl& - 
* \r i> wckamd am&?ia t/t* vuin&raru Pl*m& t tfu> Juic* feinp camm#*uud ugatnJt Bruifk* and 
until/ it nJ w/uch^onu of Faffs, r/tjugh a 7iin fie ln-ok*n.<md eh* Party jptfBU<rd;aS alfc 
& fual anu €tU~ &** gre+n tt r <ntnd ." 
^Civsk;Kt''av0$*J*aanXzfantlS ttia/Or. Jpantjh, 

nipeJe* fior .Mild, kBaltifiidcero. F'vnsA > 

j>utch.grtJ/?te Mcmmm . 

plan s ? . jPLuj-Weed, jrfaetid Camomile. Gnat*, fiu&u* 

i. harmvs aiwut *r /v<*t liry/i, dt* £e&ts€J are a dark £r*£*t* and tht J*qmv/V nrmfa nrim & 

yrff^Hf 7*tru*n in die middle. - 
a. Ir fran*/ am&nafl the drrn, and an JSanh*. andwaftQ PlaceJ* tmd rl&ttwrf fo** 

Sevtral .1/onmJ m du J'uiunwr* 
i Sow? htdnmrj t&mm&nd dns Flant as#ffiadafa£nS£ t&ppur* and. $f*fjterit Tit*. 

JV- Ran f,ufS t ft juoj J&mtt&neJ ussd m J*tr$pJvu/euf CaftJ* T/yitrrtf/in^t says, 7VW 

*ihut T J rttij thfif u/£ ittn ttrmerU&tianJ fit* Pauuf and JnwltinqJ i?/J^wMw/A^ 
v t'^k IvttfiiSt *ind %rf*v9tuov* Latin . Catxifa faeltdithfc fJumia&melutft fastidnm 

4<*tnuf* . % llaiiZtitnflfT . Italian . Coma ?ni/f<i - fr*ru A fa/rtmxma <?r tbmOTnUltt 

firman,* C<u>tt/fen - Dutch, tJ'lZ/zA&uU GunUtd. 

Piste S9- Trt'iU'k . Mu/'t.uJ . TMa, 


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Uf fm m fcm-fiM? in £/>tx.*wd ffaw/V in Jfaif* 

w hat and dry, and jonifwhat dutt&ltf; and U eJtefned a&trd fr j?rwtrvA& Vruit 
fo n*fp tlie ]>tun>jtf t i'iinttiJfiaiifii titnd ' A**w<t*\l /A*> ft/m/hi/a/ .Et%7ttiati& 


ThtJ*u&*fthij TUntti* nduit ouqht to fa ufat in dv rA&rz&ca i; . Uit/ir/r/ate, 

/r *'^<'W t.trrr/y to A> lunl dn* JWd of d^ 1f/r/?/f<Affr ^tufftlKtf , or ThlaJpt 

wttyitft/j ttrunn r „ /tl y l e u / c j M a , ////, ,,///?/'///// fir fa 

uMfpt. French ./!'///>,/><> , '/////W^'. ^rm^ui^B&/encraUt^2>utiA.Bl^>!Jl -Xv//'r 


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f £ Incku . // tkt Lca&e4 art a tia/u firten tb§Fi#nw& a Huish turpi* 
M&fanfau ...< Mvr*;*:* m May . 

>/,< Ra&t u it a&vnfl a7Wrtt7l£ , when jnuffit up tfeSfortrdf, &purg&$ y II* ad 

*#n<i D&vC&m ofdu Re&tr^i&tM vm*w\iiy tf a J&v/ijf Ihnit, asid jj:c<m*t&ul gwd for* 
Dropsy Jaundice and <tyu* . 
; tu#u irtty tjffkiMW+t& t/tejhmadi, 

A t FUm&& $€rm*n,,BIattr t/t/ptn SeOrtn&tr. Dutch, Luch . 

karfM fa bt 8 *rrjo htfJuti fttfh ; tfM-J*t<vvtj a/*& a^n^a tfrtcti , a/idllu FLratew nrfuU 

A " ; vw in tli* ltt#iM f lttJ£chitfbf ui </an£&u, a/id fw/V€ffi tfbffitfy a/idjUtie . 

jjiiiiv tftfu lu&v <v* irftfwaCJtrvwe in a&DtavrtUn? oft/uJ&ad and* )&r%H4 ; a* d/stfp&^y, 

fh*.o tn ttiuc/i UAtiL hi Enlu/tej and c€fiA<tti*> Jiiu^ : 

i%Ldrf*Jv*wtM/ c/ t/iem are put in t/w &qttiL?ae4?tM&C. and J/WU\ Lafr&ld&ittf C 

vUtlu &{. ibUfplUpdctt . 

t £rtM Zoom, LHttttfb CWUfOiitttftl/. fpanlsh 

van d&i D<uife?v. 

flat*//. SafiO of 't-ertue . Salvia. miner a* ' 'otttto. 
■~%Jufo pvnr u /v iS Indie* tyii, tj Leave* or* a fyJu; fret*,, and jJUmwl apalePurpl, 

it fnmv in Gardtn* and flanw* '« 'ft/til/ andjlltl? 
* It u e*ieanUs*>dfir a&Due*4# of the- ft'tad and. Verve*. <u >/ Paty.Onwulpm* &£ 
'/ lite il> Itfenw fir Tiuri/t*- ofa/metum* ', and m - Frt-er.s ^ \rM .:j?-& 
Uwm art U4U in ttt* d</. Onupittpika, . Ont^ara^tica, &iaz* Cariip^Ua . 
! tyr U p Stoee/uufar . Una. ttku-date/n. . Castor Cof/wieu/i. 
| <jrt* .-z 9 *'KiU s. Lamx.. Sdlina nWWT, or SofrlO. 1'irUOU . fyatuth Satiia *r 

S<Ur,i me/wre . Icu/fai, Salvia minare . Iweh . feman* . 

IhttcJt, , Sa/ie . 

'Plate 73 ■ LaMeli mantk . ^tJumilU . 
I l'. mm & U a foot fyh, ifi*Le#»u arc a, ynS fi ore**, andjfhwen a ycaanr fre&i. 
< Ayww in TTUadaw and Pasture- (} round*, and ftowe** m tHai/ . 
yTk,?u«A?U Tulxtaaqoodw^wy.tetsydsyuy&a^^^ «' td _ 

woiadatru? . and of ^forct to J0p u^ard isUcdm? . U^ unnwtUra* Flu* of 

^" Vltnaca, and, the fluor attriM. 

Tht/M^ applied eutnwdty an awwUed food for texk fiyynf &**** . » °™y 

ftrj/itv a, yreat,, Tirmnefi aruij'fMtJfa' Ctr/npafi . 
*- r reU, Law,. tttcJii/mUo S/nuivi/l. 

i^han, Sullaria Tr&uK.Pu. cULymi $*»*», S^nnanP. Dutch. 

^'P'-'i'iun/t '07utt ■/■ Droun-c 'ti mantel ■ 



" "■■—'- '■■■■-■ ]::";:;; J «* M w 



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f 4 itiu m - * ttt-ttf/r urn 


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v ■. • " v ■ ■ ;..,..; ... 

, //<< /.<.<i<-,.< ,-, dart Cre&i . a/uCt/u /■■■■.■ 
, ■ ■ d>ffonw) i/tjtw 

>.'..-■ ■ i ud drying ,bindui$ andawiuy . 
..■///A dfnrm (hern u much iwe<iui C&ttt/riu/n* fm • -n i/i/l<utikL /:'//'•' 
Tin -"- I y, ''f- ■■'""'""' v ui //"• DuatfttT'ttaf^ . 

. . '• ■ n Z,aUn>, H#aa ail-ti . J/j amah , Ro-tu btatu&s. latum Jlata 'uwca 
,'ick. fOzt&f . ^t--.-uui.lUicn. Dutch, ffiO#2l#04. 

flit.- pf 

1 film Helte fore. EUetwrurn <rr I 'antrum altrum 

Oru/u £* 

rem as* 

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r/A ' rv>v to fa& X. or j /votr/u;Ji t l/u £e&v*4 or* a, 
'all fjrc&b, #r ,/ dart Purple . 
ww '/* «&• ?*unm&tineu& Part* of Sm^dtrlaruC, dustrui tput fiona ; rvitfi w u 
v led ' i&Ut yrubfttmrttt injftm& . 

* ^ "■ ibdlroTia Catka %c andfurpea wu/t <fr&atfftrf&te&;tbrTvJua 

7Vt< / '■'■■' ' r / tf4<5 RffxrU caua& &b?fant J?t£€J&i$>whsn ** r- *uf\:€t tm (hejf&^^rih, and 

'/" .' > tw/nwrdh/ u^O/<d f u fff#r&Ur3ervi£4 i/v<?tt£>/l*' mptf* <rft/u>Jkvt t 

f - anal jP/vparazwn u e/u EUc&taru&nt &c$Ce$&& >/v . 

4. §?t ' *> *> (?€q&o$ acvx&s, /. *t&n.£lfa4rQruf*t aUn&n . Jpanu tegtmibu tri*m&> .Italian. 

/; v t?tfc3h*&Mhy§ratr&,&rEtttfrort t £ man f? : >/\ ftySnrwt Du/r/ >fl<x, iYf4n*onH* 

c 75 tlhifo Dttia/u/ orFmcaieUa* Dwtanvuu attrud <rrfrduvieM&. 

- ; po >•'<;' . tA* T.eavej art vdarA .-,\ >«/t, <?j>J.y7?<m'* rj reJ.± :jj7nerim& w/uU, 

; h vzrftl Places ^/Pret/tc4 te£emt4fttf;tm£Mjd&twLh4tt uUf<u t u/u^/hwe^ ui/umjJuiif. 

. , H //*.y ccrdtai atutctpAtiiit * /oodh) ;*.*>." ? r<<> {faction andP&uoTVj ufKitMtjuA u> 

T/U Pt - /u $o jtupikpdc . T/uruua/ Pot- Lt&tr&M. EwftUttpQ&ttnr.PaructM * 

\ t,r«£. \ u m a//* ckt vt/;'uui Latvh,Ditfa}ruvtt a//ruj t yr/*r r iM/},'lbJ/jan^h t Dmuno (riinee 
hatmv 9 l)uta#io &tu/tc F*vn cJbO^w^Oiuaird^ ferma* $*** m*r/)yMa/n Du/<A t Traa&u &t 

fta& f6. Gvfi- wore . Cr/uMtu 

tfH in ilr i>wok<\> frwmdt c// S&wnpjl&zd, itprentfermerfy i?byrea6pfai4ymJj 
^OutrzhyardtMffieyAafri dus/ii up . A/Wwy injiau 
b* Cy7 *c&07ubam#na tfu twtn&*a*yP/*tn& fwtf of fadjyituf I fandin$Jf& r&;i ?j/j < 
ton&ntndte for$jn/ctfin$ ^$&viwn,w^ucav^tytffa&*? > ' ftk*ln9**tms* mi 
* f^ ^ .... /. , .. /4f ./ taxint, £rua##t $&wA J-- 

Wi & ferman &U&A 

h) ^ C- f tetudfa jffmct/te Irf0p&d; Gnd'pM * tvm^ Uiwtifid ?/&& 





If awn 

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5, Tfc* 

DuiamniU ti&ua er FraaUn*tf& 

TUU 76* 

; — ; ■ ?, ffomfr J 

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/</..•/. -■ xftmndvrries* Fnwaria,. 

fantw^fxnthtr/rciw. vhuhtheFrwi,anna are, about E'^litL .. larw;theL 

adarkl/ryfji/rtt// <■ ■ '. ..-■.■■. Z? 

... !sJf'/>>n*r-iri/7?,i!///Frurfu ripe w Jam. 
Jm' Uu/lusriammtrbiA^ifrrthe-Jaundkc atulaJl.hfdofFtu-jxs. 


Loan.FrzgartaSfxznuh. Italian. 

t,"<cth7rciAitrtferrnan. Baymkbetr-Du-'th. JdrdJ/efien . 

Tiau^iheRed Rate. Koju Rutin . 

mR*tJtuf l .u&fiAm ^crD<wxaA:thtfhmtr*h*m very fenr fridUct cnt/u mi& ufaLeaw ore aqrafi 

m u>.tjani/nj andfor.'tnj in June orufjuii/ ■ 
.fom^itnt/u-Jto/nach- prevent rbmUvw , jlopliM/w ^hj^prtAf<^^^DiflijmmxofRhea/ri. 
L-UPrtfxu-oikTv .ucaJbnp^Waia'.thCTt^crinU^jarum. SatharumRojarum.. Jyrupujt, Raujcaj. 
arum. 01 .Ro->anan .Ujyiunntm, Roianan, Tt/uturitKa^arum etSpeaa Qrmw&aunRoiarwii. 
-■ Po&ov Latin^Rfija i-uj/ra,. Jpa/iv/i . fowu . Italian,, 'Royo,. French , J&*&t . 
fermosi, KajGh.Duodi.Kard Robert . 

Tim ;<,. Ladwd Tlwde . CardiuM iVlanae, 

ftotk qrvrvto be 4 <n~$ fovb luak, tJu Ltmto- art tLiirLUirW-<}re<'njp<7it£d tv* 
*htu . ... ; { (j u florvw Purple . 

' -cquenMi/ uptrn Bardie a/tiLB 'orders ofFUlfL. and, floweri i/iJvne . 
-h u erttenul & porter of die tfruuj ofy Cardicud 'se?udietiij,birtvi o-lo/trDMres. 
ronvnmdti ae aJ/xxifafortAePleurtay, e^eeialfy an,EnWjia?i,ofdieJeeda- 
'Ip-fidako for die Jawuuee , die dbff/ve, arid jtap-page ofUrdw . 

/.aan,, Carduiu 7?lariae. Jpanuk, Italian,, 

<> folbUte. Frene/v. Cfuarden, de n&Hrc Dame, . ^errruirifUnJlrFran^iiDtdtU . 

PUu so melilot. TTUltlotm . 

'- • ■ Jidfl* ./row to /v dire. •: ftr<rv kiah , die L caAft'4 are OsGreUe green, and ullawerj 

htfiUanr. J ^ ' . . 

"o>i/- Jreujiuruly. amarz.i the Corn and t/iJ/edaej.and florvm in June 
'' ' I eswea and Fl&nrw are aeea tented, tnadt/Z// >w , dieeufiin^j , dtfioti'i/io \ < 

ng PoMi ; fir which Usee (Juy are. pur'injhiflet and, Catepfasnia ajaitut bifla 
:" ■-'■ 'i*f. hard Tuni'ur.C'ojiy fund trf Swelling*' ■ 
1 (dot I'Usur /n,id< o/ 'dud $'C-rH-oded w- ffrlutien^fuetJLoiin andJfaa. u 

4, fin ;;-'<i'.:>/id4jnluekufyu4tduihr.kuuj<jjBL-'.r?. 
yffkuudF idem m-c the Emfifaerutn, MeMoo ,'hnp .: - • 

!>' " .. i tui. /Ikalr/ujJpa/i'.'A. Corona J- fUi leatitm,, iTU&foto . Fr</></' , 

/ yfraul Viae!*,, /ftJdiO 


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Tfis AV,/ /:,•> 

I - ti ., ... ■ ...; 

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Zadu* TftuftU 

Carding ttaruM 


F/afr 4& 


twit J?U ,<„t r <> /-,,- 


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uu ai garden Raduh RqUuiruu, lion ■ ■>/.< 

flu ttoJh .- ' / * , hyh . du Lcatw m a dark (fi%m .fHamt 

jomttoW & - ' ?'">V'h . * jotnuiin.-j »*h l h.w< / 'a r ,Jjfo< rn o^/ 
wci\ t'< f/ "'■.(">.■ . amLpawen '» I/lay and June 
RaJoiAtJ an Gticcmd vptninp attcnuadtw and aiuwaHruik 

• Vnn* . a/tdar, peed frr the. Jmu mdGrwel 
;.<■/:,.. w. /..///,. . RapAamu Spam*** , Kavwu ' <*n Kafaiw French 

Ttwu&i&A jl) \ < ithjjei <//ylioUdpa or //{,.</,- hi ;, ,• htwu conwwnty 

TIM Si TlUrBajruuk Rate, Roj,i Damtucena . 

Tliu A-'.' /'".<A 7''"*.' run so foil <>.< Uu nrbue. Out toiler ik.m ih, TUd;du 
Leave* or, a, ItpAi frajfifre&t,, &idthe> Flowm a./j-//r Red 
Ay* ' '" garden* and/hnven* forj&treraLTthmthj wtna Juznmer 

I <' - ■-'■ ■'/ -' /"'A catfwlic Jfaxu/\ pwyvty cJioLrn andjenruj 

frequently pv&ito Ouldr&v &7vctiJdu Perionj ,rnixtiv'a/i jlrontw-falharl, < 

V. L aim. Kot a ])a/tuu <>.;>. i <-t/r>olada, Jhjitiuk.Rthfai Juduui /' ia 
I rao:/t , Ko.jf.f (jernuir. ■ } Rtfj€tV.T)ul<-k ,'P\ ■■•;■./,,., R/xn . 

\ Plait 83. PCCUC, PiMUtl . 

juiIIj ■jrow to Ire four ftrot /ufJi.thcLttivcj atv avery tight freer*, o/ul ..'. 
fSU/iomoi rir/utc . 

1 'li-u, -in ja/ven in f ardent & Fields, they f{a?ver <o liloif. &y9riue u ript i/ijuna . 
I' .' ■ arc accounted OJXtrd, la j/vceieity 7Uovd& coerce /</!/: Jar! '■■■mur,iidu4\ater^wiforvoUai 

eek, JTiaov. Latin, /°uu//t. Jpanuh ttv/v/as. Icaiwh.PucUo &Buv 
Frau/i, Lea Peru . $ avian, .EruU DutrJo . 



Ptau B4 Hedge JVctite . tja/w/uos. 

''■> -'colli pranr ta 0-e- Oiro fcothujh . yLcarw art a- dart, fjven . & -.) Flo/ 
« yrow mSCsdaes. ^utdo/v Hanh . and fl&nr&y ut Juru 
uj r'ua u &£CQunudby svrru a. yatrd <, andoa'tnualrUf/r ;■'/.>.»■& <■■/ 
WowuU . ojiU fHUrtd 2Ue<xv 
r etu&nd redtrtng&tfr, ft: j.-.-J to jtov vuirardBk .■//.-./ Gyntaking of&loody w& 
'ek j',i\,. Laiut, u''->/Mi4 •Jpn'twh . Oro :<i t'w>'-' ttahan.Ortoca - n 

Jr < '•■'*!: (hi; ■,,,,.., 1) ■■ ,-jSel. Dxacl ... Qp-vtJfcctxlen, . 
■ Vc 21. 







M*t* <f j. 

Ttu Damajk Ross 

JZvJti Dama/i &ui 




... Ve4tk 

1/ ftai 

Gativp ru 

/v.,,., CkwJuty-Floww.CmfophnL nth 

, are tubx-aud w (janiens, and/tcn-er in Juli, 


r w<uicdlDu e< x„vo,'thc JGadatU JS/lrvt* 

™l>2nantDvt*mp rr -.nndm*uh*,^,»J -Paif. i mm of the T&art 

•' ■-(/:■ 

il Prffwatunjore, & Jyra/j and a Conferi-cof the Fk>, vl 
%tkKa*»Jt»iU\ Latin. ^pA^r^er.^OmuaveicTuca.fpanu/i 

Ihiiinn.faro/onLfreaek Oed/e^.cr^rgj/bej. fermgn,. Grgf^tuin,. Dutch 

.7T8o WatonBmny arFujwort. Scwphuhrui aquajfaa,. 

fatarpcrandtoilerStath.ihtotfcotne^ . /.,,, 

mngonbnw>f<rot Staih.Tto Leave* OiUStathtf (fa wa,])uilerCreenJrw 

• rjal'rujhlerRed. J 

■• .- faj watery Places an t DitcAee, and f fairer* in June 

.tamed ,, ctrdfm -tl,c Pcunond Jknltina ofrL SfamejrrhaiduorTxiee.andxtacceiXinnd 

me iete r five and vulnerary and qtrodaaainet the Itch. 

■ LahiySaophutnnaaqunuo,. Spanish. Italian. Scrofoi, 

frtmk !\ urmtrwU Dutch Jpeenkrupd. 

fhu Crtatx-rtntaA fovn&by the Jut, ofaDiteh in (he middle oj 'June; and sinee. it Uo4 lived 
*meama in water and Sometime* w Earth, ft to* OOrh and jmaUrvormj. JomtthinA it 
tauoftne JamJiac 

Pi*" ey. §reat Ftq -wort Scropfiularia lllajor-. 

mJtihgronr-iokea Xjard high, fheLtuwe* artagrafi dr*n and'tL Fhrnwi 
• Purple. 

V 'lv m S&dft* and T/u [■/:■/.: an J fljiverj uijune, , 

■- Plane fromtfce Juyiahxrt ofify Knot w cuccrunied aenrdfor •ScropJudaw'fwnar. 

'Kiiwj Evil in any Pari, y/'t/u 8 oaU/ . cu alio for the Pan Land Jnreltvut of il 
U'wn-tunda.eitfw'iufJ.miv irdly or outwardly; a i$ Liovu. tued for cancerous 
worn llkerj,\'pli"l»ia fflcyor or nodojo focadajpanuh 

Italian. Jcrofchrui Frcneh. arande Jcroimre German* ftcjfit KacklfchaU.Dui.'h 
'' Jpeenkruud. 

'^C-^rpiUor ucirmmtnito (ruth tfxe^mworU. more than any other Plane. 

PLiu go . f.dtiu 1 Laduca . 

^■^h yronijo l^e two or three foot hi^t/uL^ i-tuaieatiyhiGretna*xdtiu: f Fton> f r. l ■, & 
, '-' wwi tn £ .. ,u . and fi. m, i ■ ..wdinatoth* Month* U u temm m . 

'Wuaenera/tytheTn/uwJ Iruin.duntm Jaiie^.litmggraufUth)^Jtimach.aL< 
auenchina \ump€ttfa Jhar^nefiofJUemoivinthi Bodt,.,n,. 

'■>• and ena j ftiUk in Jfurfr . 7 ' 

- ;■ > <>n.dl<r,-cfci JeecL 

Latin. L .i./i..^ .Jp.muh. L^/iii.i.i ft.di.m L.nm -.« 7-V. „?!. L ■ 


y/rf/c ts* 

Glavt 'tub/ FUwe*v 

, Ft**** c / // / 







frMtt Ft\jir>t l 

Jcrvpfut/itria nmft -r 

>U,k^*H J,kn stuh> tt W** J«* *£*"" "^ 





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ru s..- Bern Breeck.arBrtmk %juu Omrtlm, BrarmTlrwut. 

..fahp***> l * m /""' ^- ^wwart«A^ darlfrrmGrlaur.; thefUmenare while 
jwithatthrCwaete took thgVaOetriafthe^falta^^rk^thU^t^afihu riant. 
-JanxUcdhereui^ardenj; & nMve Plaee, bony falu. Spain, and 

Lfau&wt u used w Jjluten andBaou for Ohtrucaonj: andforthe dbru andgravel. 

. 1(erir l/omcnadl the Leaves of/heJCelMoraster.orBeon-foot.orfpj^^ 
uutfadcfthuTlant to duae that ore ignorant. 

u( i f(tk.AKILr90$. halm. QcandaAj.BraneaHnina.. or Qcanthiu tatiriu <. fnanuh. yewaaiauanUand 
y&'ttmnas.Ttalwi. Oeantho.orPrancaOrjtna. trench. Pranrte Orj'uu.CermanBerendcov. Dutch. 
Moth n-oj produced from the Caterpillar Plate 7 6 . 

Piau 30. lliarjIvTiallom. OMhaea/ByrricdnrciJbidajA . 

jt& ftidkt arunrtobta. JJard/uah; theLeaAruartofa, yellonwk artenCoiaur. thetTfo/te/vorca, 

Kjtow in Jolt Vlaroliei andflowtn wJuly . 
bC/ Hani t* motUppna . dijjejQnq and Souplinq , ofarc^i us* in the ftronauru. Cranret. Jtone- Heal 
Urine. corroding J&wwnuxthc. Stomach and £ut*. teuyhi. $Cro/3nefi'Sncclati^4 frlnfathatomj . 
MwLPrefttjraaoTu are, die jtytynu dc, flJ/hta,,J^vJ)i£UtA\c& &ltnaucnium.J)udthect. 
* i.rttk. /ii ,»'• <',/:>i.*rss.Laun. dtdiaexi. Buma/n^. Ifoa/s . Jpanuh, $6e^^ 
.-myt.Ita&an. Tfiedwflnfcho French fywmewjvc. Cermon.Ilruch. Dutch. SCtcmjworteL 

?ke S j.J/reat(awulinzor UdUmr-hwrbPop/w . Uwlidonuwt meuiu. 

iJtalfaqrxjwto be afovt high. meLecwee area,lrtuuh.6reeru andtneFlorvety yellow . 
. : jrow* anwna nraate /jrouruLt and PuH/uk, and. upcnoldM'auj.itflon/erj in May and Jun 
J h w accounted opperattice and deanjm^ , opening Ohovctiam of die Sole eti &Lwe/\ & 
great liee 1 in Curuig ^Jaiuidiee and Scurvy . — So/ne reetan, it cordial &.aoodaoai/i/l 
jWtiknJioMBidU/nperd . — Ouaoardly /or tore £3, >ee to drt/ up dwRiuam.and to 
tike a/ouy Specif , Ttbnj .Tettem .Rvig/irorme fcScurfu "Brea/unao-out 
\.ytek X f\iodv/ov fitya. John Qieudotuttm, cnajUd.orPafia/verCoiyicculaiu''' httaon 
jpojuth , CeJuuicna,, or TJerva, dellcu Colun/bvuM . lut&an Celidomcc rna/jfyiore. Trench, 
Chelidovu, orEsckUre .fermezn, ScJcmcrauc . Butch., Stmkcnde Bourne . 

Phu #1 . ^trath Rue . £akt2tL,orRiitti capraricz . 

he Staike yra/v to Ire a fard/ugh, ; die Leave* are ayroji {jreen.,&yT?totveni apa/e Blue 
- hynnw in-scn/erai Place* oflmiz/ ?vi/d; l/utu planted Here ui&vxUnj, anA/taipciy 

<si/um a/UJidu. 
ijvait Hue u eduetruL cordial, audorifie, ale&tpharmic, good agac/ul pcJtilc'iMalJOutettb : 

*p*ri -fou .,if C ofuae u\.mo^t r d^ecirem, the Small Pox and /ftsajclf .— It kiltilfa/vrw , 


+ freei . 

Vutth . 

u ooodfy cure theBu&t ofTcnemoud Creatures . 

Loan, (jiikaa, 07-Tluta, cafuvru> . fpanuh 
Trench., ferman . 


, '• / •••'■■■■■ 

>'-■;■< /<>.-„/,..„ Hrank Ihsin 

Juin/h'j. if 

fit/tCH tttjttui 



puu :. 

■ /) !//fttj t -,i. Bifmatva Ibid 


.*-'"«' Ct/anJin, ,-r 1/,/bw fom ?*pp<f ~) ' l ^" W * ' 

t'litlui.'iaam majttJ- 




Mat* t 


$*Mt>- Rue 


j rfcnwr c 

W «v A'///-' faprarut 

Piatt p. (ff'tat l&itory. (mtauriumsTTi&jiu, or magnum. 

j. Jfit Stalks yronr io be five orjvx /trot hiak, the Leave* arc aliaht £reen. and the 

Tifrven purplish.- * * 

z.Ilqronn nMin/talu. l/utu pOmudhere mQardew and flowers in Jul// - 
j. IkcKoolu accounted dryina. Inndina. aaod far oJlkjndj of Fauces. Jtoppina Bleeding 

.&tktJVbiejnx>urfi.or-anifotJuirPark - TtuaUot^te^medaaoltoKealWbundj.tak^ dsJlcme-asPlinxj Jay* front the Lcntaw^ Quran, nrhocaredlurrue/fofciiVaund ttereeci 

-ved If one of the- arrows of .%radcj, by t/ie fate of this Plant 
L. greet- Kr v ra v$io v nty a . Latin, Qntautatm magnum- . Rutponuc . Italian,. 

Cent onrca maa^wr e i 'rcnch, hVupoTUux^crman.Reunoriaa. Dutch,, 

' PUaejt. Lutcscwor \t ark Lean/ ej. LinJj^ma^mxuTV. 

i.lheJtatks aronr to be tnm or three foot man,. tneZeawea aretiaraL (*reen>. the 

Florvtrj ydlorir, and the Berru^i ndicrvrwe purple, 
ihqrowj u%J{edcpe4 arxdTtueketa andflowerj in-July. 

yTtie LeaAtet and,Tlonrem are accounted much of ene ^oMireaf J 1 Sohnj'Y&rt beina 
(LQOffd'ftonnA. Sierir. used b-oth, innrardlu and outnrardLf - InTrenchU u caice-d 
Touts am. ill/ /icai, and from i/ienccty us corruptly Ttdsan,. 
4. £/:</■ J ft '?o V<* 1 per. Latvv dndivia&niiffirVutQM'C - Cly/netum. . Spanid/v 

Italian,, dnd'aaema . yresto/o,*Tou£icun,.£errncz?t, 
Dutch , 




Fiat* y 3 Tk#m/irHd,r . Per/& 

;. Uproars ta be. a firat Jwf/is, Uu I.taw&s are a Hue Crccn . and t/ie- Wlanrera 

o, or cents Ji l/cUcrtv. 
zltgrtmM amana die Corn, and flow -as in June teJuhj . 
3 . T/tarana/i, Watc id reckancL a/nana die, Kibiera/y Plants . and, is much Udcdfo 
green Wounds. Bruis&t, Rimtures , Conutswna, autTUeew and fores', 
uhPoiwUr- or die- VecwUion, . 
4 . frceA, LatiruTerffftiata,- vvia-aris Jpanuk 

Italian. PerfogMato,. c Frendi. German. Vurchnra^cey^ I 

PUxco6. SnraUtmrWart. latmiouan,. Cbtlepui6~rin&ttwicuMv.Hiriinduwin 

i The Jtalka are a^oietcx/ovtondankatf ncan, t/ieLecwea areadark yafi 

(/run, and the fuTrvem white. 
xJtqrcwJ h&tuT, r ardeJia,andffawen?MJtM£ 
iTheRcTo-t uc4teem*d dareat Counterpouon. especially agtutul Oxe- bad E/fec&f 

of&po-cifnum. anttoiherpouonawf fKe/fa, 
ItuaUv-udedtocuretheJun^cmdButejof%nemc^ Creatures. 

It is fudpfulaacwjtJMgiuinL pestilential reafcrj nrhuhil carries of 'by Sweat - 

It is laid, aUofor/AeDroptie and Jaundice. 

ty'tek. A "o~k \ n n 111 s. L adny. dsclepun Jpanuk, 

trench Cermtw. Jchnralbenwurb. Dudh, 


Ita/iari Ilneetofe 





'i \ 

1* *¥*&$* \ '<"/<"'»<»> *&** ' ******* 

^sJitl ( 

•>../'. •/.. 




Therm' /I'.iK. )' *''•">" ^ 

Hi "7, .„.,//./,/,., ,.„/, ,,/■„,. [i JW [ 

Ptrf •/!.,/., . 




■''■»•.,£.„. W*rt T*m*7*ift 



sr-PwymuOBd. fiwiafa Tardea, mabv. 

tiMVC* <&*€ <X 


I ffud M d-kw Trtt./uu/vuf oiv Uf BnxihJhtd. a fair Th#rnJ; T/ie Lt 
tuw ftvft <fre&t,.asid die Fto?v&\r a. fin* Jhir&t. 
,nfratuti& pvnr m, Jjhun, &; ftuiy ajuL nuvty other &untri& , asid finoe+V 

j The B<duStia,.<ffi <*r* *k &>Y* dou£& FLnv&tf of y ,vz/d P<ntx#Ka*\ate ,7*dudl dtff&X 
njtutitf nuuvuu* of ^tvdip^r^du. odu^iT^e.aj ntedLat du suyde Flower*. 
arUthc Bark are very Myvy ^ i^tsv^U^ood for all sv*~tt of Ffax&f , /f&?wrrfia, - 
jtrj.JjUcdvifJ. T/iey Jti*c*ljtfi**h die iju/nj.fjjttn kvfe Teeth t kdp diefalhjuf tLimi 
of the Itaulv* astd cancerouJ TjUccjss ui die %Atoxtth a*u£ Throat* 
A 9 6reek>.phiaZate9i,4fr4Jta4a,. Jfa*iut/L.£r<Huu/aS. Ttaiian.Jleiaara^io.or Jbmo ara*uito*. 
fYdnc/iJb?*ieJ de §renadeJ.or^tfyyrai*M.(f£rt>ian JJoorn. 


Tkufd-CoJttTUirj/ <n-dhcm<ft*Bdlf<untt(i maj.or &fcud fwrtonan . 

\ T/ie Jiatif grow to ta Tnore tha*h a foot iuah.zhe Ze&ves are a ueMonr §re*n t and 

the TLmrtrxf ifeMonr. 
j. It if p&znted in (jardend atui Ftoyverj i/vjzdy. 
j, Tfie Lea/vej are aeeo wiled a<rod to ofr m e*wdie*i the, J f tornaek t £ eo& y Head- tkh arifwa 

from t/te Difbrderj tn&rtof-It eocpe&s Wind a/td prw/efttf Jour* B etciihiu^oubxrar^ 

>bf tlu ujed irv fome*tfati0?i4 ty comfort and Jfrwwdien die. XAmdrf. 
if reek. JtiUui/ojiuJ hortonwtr.JfjiituJh* ItakaJh+Alenta, Greco,* 

Pr^\jJ^ t <^dx.Ce^nt\a^i,.BideA^Tran^n ^Munk .HuuA.Baifatne. 

rut*< );h . 4rnu/t.Jltrtf>li\r . 

sThe JtaUj <p*oivto &e j ftnrt fu$/v,du Leave* are a,pafe green,, and Jo7ttettfneJ 
furpujfh.ajid t/t*z Fhnvwo a, orcein** A uetforv. 
It groivxf xtv /fOrdena and fiercer* in* June <uid duty. 

The LeoA/tU are* freyuejxdu boiled % eaJeth.UAe Coiemor-tt , nrith fait Meats Sc in 
faUadd f and a**e estee*rid toolina, arid twi^iUtia.r&idritia tiic Bozly Jo&drb, and 
food for hob triUaie Crttfttiu&oiid -Tluy a*^vJed<Tvidvoti&*^ t*tudh*jn£Jierkf uvcooiuia 

tjrt*x~ Arfdfaf tt. Zatzti.^&ydetz. aJtra. /wite/tfis -fuxiiufe iW'&M.jpaJt&A.^wude*/. 
JuUan,Mry>lue *Trt9%cikJbwcke4.6i!r7njm , 

tuu joo , Wild sttnkuuj JUravh . . /triples olu/a . 

The Aftodxj of dtzd Tumt jpread on, die- y round. and du^ LeaAteJ are covered 
tvuha^meady Creen;tfu\ Fton/evj are omali, and (freen . 
TU TidwU PUnt hcu a Jfrotuj foetid fytuf frne/l. 

n f*v?tsv Qii-Dunp/iii&f &: Ifa/he, Places ftoivrviq foi* o&nie ^Atotvdu in, the, Jv/nm& 
- **U4 fferfs u j>e^/Jxarbi appropriated to y fe/tiaie Je&*£einf ape/ntiw.deo^/b^uej^ 
yFfww,utertfU}J>i/brdew^ the Jl&tfe-f, £Kp*dtif dtf^-birdijuip Childbed 

^f^ry,<yjpe^eyff}wyu/a^ if uftwttty fi/wn 

°&octiotirT/i&*c if a,Jipwj kefstuiyf/ioftf iruide tvitbd Juic& of tfxu Plant k Jutfur 
^ukjtTfdfa^ts ay? t'<i . /.'iti/>^Jtnp(ez* oiida.- stiveJtrzj. ffjantefi t *Jj?tur(ed. 
^f^JOyjpi&yy^ . /Jut, A . 

iwcn in a 


J J ^/wwft ruttuti mala 



Piatt .,.'. 


Jloi/kmitA ***&.* *v &/&** nartpnam 


.///;// . 



i'LtU i&o. 

; I'/J tanking (brack* TjJfoiw 

ffrtf>f<\V ffitja 

L 1 



PmssmjSArT \of d& Wwal^dief. 


m v wnza&m&n 

uPEczM'Eisrs / as m*&f& ?wc & £& nods &?v 
$7ne/nt, //ut£ /£ may Ae A/wnm, fi? &4#m fAam* 



J 1 ' ■- 

fktt '•• 

/. The Teach Tret. Perfica ftafas. 

/fhu 'free .'""■•"'■* /; ' "■' :"''''' ^ ':'"•:/' here, the Leasues are a deep Green, 
j :/„■ Ttffrvttx •' /"'■• Tink Grlfntr. 

Jtuphntedin tjardene Sc fLnvvzf in sHarch.;the Fruit u ripe in JuyuSt. 

I rlu FbiWJ are openiruj and jjioyinf, a*id are chiefly jiven to Children to carry 
\ff tin" h ■'-.•//. t S'litmors.oJid to kill Worms. The Fruit is cooling and moistni'nr 
grateful, to t/u Palate; but apt to putrefy and eaufe Jurftete . 

j .'five A ■crcfoix* {tn\o , and Pooaenva,. Latin, Perfica Jtalus : Spanish, Ptxcegoo*. 
' Italian. Peflte St PerfuJie. Frenedi. Pefclu>s .g&rman.lftificJi .DiUcJu 

hue io%.PUmmiaj£d JptketUird^reatConyJa. Bauharv JlvnfpeftetiJiit/n. 

r T(tf JtaJhs grtnv to he Three foot hzah, t/u Leasts are a duU tjreeeu 

and llti' Flweiv tfclhirt/. 
• It qrorw trn ludif chalky Places and flonie/v in luly. 
u'ffiis Plant u< esteemed fa some ditrtrd Vulnerary , fur Bruifes'.Gmtitfion.' 

Ruptures', and fn*rard H'otuuls, 'Pains in y >fide, Sc Difficulty of Sreathiha. 
rvekJCoy/ja,. J'titui. Baccharie sttons 'pelienfium. and Gonysti major vul 

yaris. J'panish* ^ittadeoua Italian loniza or Pudicaria.* French < PCerlt ' aux tier/nan. Ijeel . Hunk. Dutch-, 

piau wj- Flest-lzme . forty fa $ Tulicaria-. 

i The J'talks '/ron' ohoul a ./pan It i a It, the Leaves are a draft Green, 

ana tire Floorers rtelloiv. 
1 It qrontf in moist Places', and where Water has stood oil die Hunter, 

ana funver.f in . hit/uft and .top to. m /re.r . 

This is the Puheario of'Xohed, so ca/ld fatd&fe farts J'mell it deftrout Fle.oe 
a fuats . Parkin fon and Gerard commend the fenyfa. -fledra at fatter than this. 

Jnne commend an Ointment mode of this Plant as aovd for die Itch. 

ficek. Kt>r/\/ p/Kfd . tonufa and Pulicori.i . .Ipunish. . l/tode 011,1 menore. 

ItdLin. tonyfa m in ore. French, 'lerlr aux Puces, tjerman, feel %sHun.A. 

Dutch , 

. w 



. Basil. £a<filu'on «•>■ Oct 

mi an 


*-Tt qiun'j alnrut afoot lu,,h, the Leo res ore light l,reen, 

W die Flowers while. 
2 '' i' sown in if Sr dent and f I avert in fitly and lit.just . 
S'Tlu Indents condemn the m ward aft of thit Plant as hurtfui to the Jioht . 

Jmrader commends it as ooed r,> cUanSt 1/ Lun./s <•/ Fleam, and provoke the Menfes. 
<■' ].<:,)',:, „,,• „/,;/„, di<- tlti. 'tiisteric.i and tlncj: .tlortio/tim . '/'/>,- .feed if afd 

'< the thi ft he romp .O/rt/p.-- IrtsmxSt'ae . Pulr. Diarrhodon -At Coep/r Grmmelin jiff. 

YJee,&A,fu>K I, aim, BasUicon 4' Ocinutm . Jpantjh., /lAihacu- Jttduui Pastlico . 

tr "<ch, Basilic .German,, Basilusi - Dutch- Baeilictm,. 

I'Uii it,. 

''''■■ Peack T r ,w 

Purftca * f&Uuj 





f. . 

nk Jpifyar/frtat &nufi 

«& *&&»*&£.rt Puw 


utnj tUmfpm&yutm 


/'/*//* /<v 

i 7 

*&«-&« U ****** 

«* BUtlwititUn , lV j p f t pfo\ ( t.Jbd 

CfTUfjA a'tJ Futuaria 


Plait t*4 


i Fruit B^.'i/Ai'n or (\i"n">i 



■ 1 

rtm t*s. The , tirtwnd. The., imuadaU 

•/'/,/.' Trtt ><<>'»t/-/>:' t/uit of dr. 


K-'i'ti "i r/ tt > If, 


» »i the Lea >■<-. and Btofi, o»u.< ;„,/<, tie 
,nfj intJuj n*¥ paler, *s J 

i lfl IU-uf Tree u> a /:,//,;- <-f ,))„un andSarrar, f ,it ffen 

l/lf Flltlt /.< >7/V in .'tilOUdt . 

vtJ/msnJs are vcwnteJ nounAuy.tratif eau>, too much hard of Di*<jlieu>. 
j M of tie JhteeC ujovd in tlfftctivn; of toe Zi<*yj. Stone fra^/ «,//„ . 

,.. ,./ ,r Ihmtn to 'ft/reetf of it t,tfo>v ^%^fc P./wen/ ; and of 
vtJirvu* to pup* ChUdren rnuxM with any epenino Jtirup.The Bitter are 
doe a yh*tocHto$ deansmj and teautyfino.TAe OiLlropt into de Ear.' u aotd for 

, hquendy put anumy. (nodine ZAmneny, The Officinal Preparation} are the 

xpief/ea Oil/. 

rtekJfuy,'^' Latin, hm/a.U,,,. amara qduleM - fativa . J}>aniA.d/>nendra,- Italian. 
l&Jrok.Trentki.imande.t.iierma,,.. Uand'/fwm . ' Dut.h . imdndeik 


IU"I"«'' . 

pirn toS.*JkryaoUj . Gilejidubv . 

leaves are u iyAtJreen, and die Flonmnf UeHoiv . 

v m, jarde^, and flowert jrtat part cf%e Sum,* 
> Uavu uxd Maw art 'tUcounted &rdHd.JUxiph*rmc* .atnrd in all kinds of 
way; they promote sweat and art fhyuent/y vfcd to drive out die smalt Pox and 
aekJ. Some commend dton fjp- t/,e Jaundice, /ore gnfLmed Eyes, and Wart* . 

Irt&n.tkjsna^-fihipeUce florvrrnaotienafflU vufarie. Spurn's h. 

'Z7'Jf ***?"%? *? W ' ™i«*«n3i**l» f .f*<dfi n . aU&d. ofZt^nsnoAarx* and 
tTT' **-f&vk* °ruLo**r tutujJarJiruptone , as oMofrrSurru oaUJcaicU. 

^'^utDUhMax.tUsajntdm^.ojuLaartee bctUrnnth.^ other Sna^keixtnU . 

hZL TT t" """J?"*;* ■ X ^ ScianumAartense - vulaare. Jpunuk. yem mora- 
C^jw-J a^oorMertr^moreJitL. f re nch.TnareUe . ^erman f ,\MacJx^ chaU. Duuh,JS<uh&<had, 

j Fhttios - PlUds Giaunken Guiwud Mr&ttru,- ajhwiwt . 

^Jtalkoft/iza Plant creep cm, t/i& Ground; tke£exjAreo ctr& cUujfxtCreen. ancLthi 
^itfyeUonr- ^ * 

y^Jorminfya^jenehert, aruL{lonte*~Tsis Sicba . 

(j u ^Jtronef taxhorkc, carrpiny ofcerom mraJxry ZHuttiotj Irotk txp-nrcwdj and 
u ^^^<^cU.riruh^reoxl / i6-Unxe.i ryhenceUu of ' a*-eatLUeu%.tKeJ)ro-pjij nrh&n. 
■nn" ^ aJ f 7Uit c ^ cxu / € ^' rtftrraJekj Hf-rma* down ike Caiojnene,, and - 
'W l%f ****** l rtthc fiforrUr, v:iv therefore o-nJjj -fit to Ite adrnumtred iru a'Xrery 

^// ° S *yS'°*- Latin,, CucusTM^i , a - j y Ov-ee tree - adiranx/j . Spanish,, 
yfor* rnJJAj cunaraoi . Italian,, Orcomero ialnraiico French, (o-aenrdrr-e tcwvda 

J kit $*& 

Titt ^Umcitd Jus 




■ ■ ' ■ 

' -■ ■■■■■ n «w 

*) CdtnduL 

... . 



I*- * So Avium 

■ ■ i 


t r bi* tv& 

Wild, litaanl'*} 

fftSf^m J (ucumif dfWtm tftnv 



f /,!(,> ioq 


t/u Tiorven purple nntha ydLyihrutriirvthe Middle. 
Ut n panted km "'(jardetu. iu natw&pbue, bema Greece Jtafy, Spain,** 

the Southern Tarts ofFrarUeJtftorvem m- Jtuaiut. 
1. The Jnetene ccrrrywuLed the Leasee , beaten %c apply ettcu a,Cctfnp{q/m.MaiMl 
'Bufatet andsJnreUingj UhtheCroitv. 

D'urfeorUU* recommend* itJarthetmrqreatJkatof'u Stomal Jnflojrunatwm of 

ttte£i/&. ' 

fi£frtek,As x xs dr7t*os. I,aXo%. Chter Ottuiu , Snpunalu orBuuvmunz. Jpantth 

Qstaraucon. Italian, ^teraue6. c J r reneh.J , euuEjp<uycu/tc.^erman. Stem&autDutih, 

j.lM Stalks oronr to Ire tnro CJrihre&Jaothiah.the'Leanfes areaMahttJndJ tureen, ic 
the^'foiven purplish,. 

\Jtarorv3 by Rwety andDitcJies cuxdffaruer? vt^Augiub . 

•sSchrooUrwmmertiU t/iit asa.vtry go-odlfi/stitrary Plant, wed imvardh ,but eape- 

•aollu outwardly ; le luefulto correct ahM9CaIntof'£odu .it cure fougfov Catarrhj. 
4 fafek. Latin, Eupaioruwi J&vtcennsz orindqare-. Spanish, don/no 

'•Tiia.ruiUan„Eupai4yrw-Trmeh, fermoji.ficnyuht/t trout Du&h, 



arnud aJJnid ., 

i.fhe Jtftfkd yrvnrfo && tw&Jfa&t hum,, tneZ^eoAft4 a/*c tzdarhCre^fh, a/uLiht* 
TW^y ampule yeUtfTir* 

i/iju/y and du*jiut * 
). Tfw JCcfifra/u, 14 tuc&unteti ?mider than, tJic RbicL, asui therefore sofer to tre omc?t trwo/d 

katJUhtum,, and id aftc^h/utCuWr &rvwi$ rcfteJ&io Oinfmtnt*. 
4 Creek, YoGKuauof \fo#<?s La^ f ^ty03C4/amzte a* 

af40f \$i 

utyuuimo (rianco . Trench, lujauiam* Irltmc - uermttfL,3Ufa*Tt. Du&Jv, Bit/enkrud* 

I* The JtaJAs aroftrahout t?vtrftro~tAufh>, thel~e&v&i arecudark {/reen,,andtAeTbmrcra 

** ft grows- in^ardena here, andSiofverj in, June andSUfa . 

iBioJcorides ic ether t2ncien&i commend the Ro<ro as atrerday ovist the Bite* o/}ene- 
'fnaus Creature-) /'etna drank vvWi/ie>; ~^oiiCtv-ard/^afaoTstBurni^S Anthony* 
fires - Parkwjvn. commend* ttefnfawhsrftheBarlin-feOvlewn ajj<rcrdfor/rejh 
kbandyreervH'oiuidJ. . ." 

** freek,!kyx vaa sft'oa. Laarv, Jbichtva,- Spamjh, Sas?em*ItzUtari,Jbuh^a\Trm 
•& OrcTuznette. t}erman. Rot OcAftnfunpen--S>t^> JUkanne. 


FLilr too. 

'"''" or. .tout Mtic \ '#J"Z', r >wiJ/ter *&w or fnfuwdfo 




/'/;//<* tic 

JCupatertum ^tvtc^nac 


PlaU m 

1i ff^fiy* fep*ttMf r 

■ ■'■ f * A-. [*••*** L 


t I 



ft* t /' ■ ■ ' *t*\ 

l t v /'■ r. J 


i&Sop&wrtpr Brwfavvrt. Japmaria *0m*- 

• «f •■!-', ■/'' "f"" ■'!■■',"" '"V '"■'''■ ** '■■■"■,■ „,,. „ ,,„" ',-,'.,,.„_ 

„,„■,.,„ if.^.n,.,, ,„:„■ R, uenl a , lt/ f ,„„,,,,, fr f,,.,., ,, . ILnlli , in 

the Jununer. 

- Cbathj. leu utfcmeJ openmj and annual,,,,, ,m.//,., w ,^,> J-, ,,;,-. 
,,* recomppded tyjtyjgp* fa ^ ,- h ,^„,_ ff uf/r , „.,//„ /J/ lt 
helps nara lumovnt and Wlutlonts. ' 

grtd,AvX^Utm t Japon«ria mdyw, or lychnis Japanana dicta. Jpandth,, 
Jtatiarv,Zic/inide temmaria. French German,, 

Jlaraenroflin- Dutch, ./eepkruud ■ 

put*- st4-Ths <Jhrtfe Trce.u$^7iztj.-J5&{icd /i//i't\'ii is 

I. /'///■ u a, Me Tree fhevtint fort/fmany slender tmwA Smnc/tes, tAe 
leaves of nJiuA are ajrafi green, and die Flstve'rs White. 
•tyro-its wild in, Jpain and Italy ■. flon'ruiy in *4u$ast. 

y flu leuces as rvdt as die Merries are accounted drT/uw £ landing, aovd for a 
Vuwrhaa or J)yfenury jpatow of £ tend. catarr^niS DdfuMcitms upon, die 
Breast die Fhior alhts tAe fatGny down, of du HfaUr or FiaulamenC Ml take* 
vuvardlu.- Qutivardw diet/ are need vt. Pon-ders % dniections. Preparation fi-cn if 
terries are JyrupusJtprtjnu*. Put- Diamara anion frigid 00. Hortrnum ■ Una.- ad- 
frataejis. ferned- Empl ad' 'Jdupforas- 

celpuoolvn. Latin.. HurfyS, ../pamsh\, thi'ta. or Rajam- Ita/tan. - ttyrto mortma & 
Jbrtef/a. French.- Heurte. derman.Delfdlmderltcerlaimi. Dutch.- ffy/rte Jievm . 

Puite 115. Toad-FltLC . Lmaria . - lutea vu/yaris. 

t.The Stalks ynrnr a Hide more than a. foot high, die Leaves are a iriV/onr 

Cretn, and the, Flon-ers I/ettorv- 
- Tcjron/s common enTSdnh, ana '■ ffcdaes.and. flon/ers m lulu. 
j The wfurU Plant is tifed. veiny accounted diuretic opening Mfiruetions of die 

liver & Spleeru hedpCna die Bropjy and Jaundice ■ ivfUeJt it^arries off fy Mruu. . 

Tlu Qiaan&u made %tin MovS tard. and a, aotrd 2tuzntiti/ of diu Jlcrl, u cfteem 
\-td a aoad Remedy of the Piles ty an.nntiny die Parti -aedie tune of Ildiny ' 1/ 
- mix some ofyyaii of anE/y rvi'cA it. -The Offi'cuialPt'eparation u 1/ Una.Xinaria ■ 
i tjreek.Q 0* u g t s /.attti. J.maria - Ittlea. vulaaru and Ofuru. Spanish. /.inaria, Tta/ia-n. 

lmaria.. T~rench.Zituure^erman.Jiarncraut. Dutch, 

ptau u s- Tarragon. Draaincuiud hisTtertftd . 

1' <iron/ j to le tn/o foot lit an. die Leaves are a Snineina dflrk 6 re-en , 

mid the Elon/ers a 1/edorvisA colour - 
*' Jt " i*<'- l/ "'-'d m Gardens, and flon-ers in Tilly and Jhiyust . 
\The 1,'ar,.' ndiicA are chieflit used are accounted heating and drytnq, 

food for dio/'e nrlio have cold Jforrutchs.fbr which they arc often put into 

JoJlads; Some .;/r/ diet/ eaepell Hi'na '.pro virke Urine fy the .Hcnjcs. 
* freek, Latin.DtaetttituIttS Iwrte/iftS- Spanish. Uraaano Italian . 

Dragon,, . French, Targtrn,* CermaruDraawiceM '. Dutch. Dray 011 . 

K. 23. 


Plate m 

rlirujfcrwrt .,-ff Jlipo'i.iru lit,. .■■ 



Hate 114 

■r/w .!!„>!.• Tree 


/*£'*• us. 

Toad Ffav- \ \ 7 .. Linaria^ / u &* titfrm 

fife BLubni Jttt't st**/ f > ft Pi**. jfrJud w 


2'Lxts ft* 

f 1 

Tarragon ■ L t >-,„,/ JJm&mtutiu furrtenfu 

I" V 

fye great Burdock. Bardana vryyerXappa mqhr, 

•taiL' yv«' to he Uvo Foot liujh, du Leaves are ivhilr s .h,\ny usidn netk, 
utJ a Jeep j,,! "'■''" fww*, and. the Flernrtrs artPurpie. 

U arons* In/ Huv Jules and fumtt /;< In /,/„,- ,,„,/ fufu. 

rL' fool* art JUsurrifte and aUoapfutmUc.jood in madia n&u Fevers. * are therefore 

, U U in tht da Thertacadis. - Thes/ are accounted good against die Gout and Pain.' in h 

Ivntv The Leaves ootid m*nilk and applied.*/ a fataplaam are bu seme used for ike 

jgjru Vist&mpf> as al/o for Burns and dnf lam motions, tad are one of die Ingredients of 

die I/nauent PopuMeum. ■ The lemmon People apply diem often lev ' Feetfc iFrists t>> 

f/rr-r;' The Seed ptm/derd and given m white Hl'ne ie good to prove r kt Urine, and 

help Fits of the J'tane . 

^ctk./i or tier- Latin Bardana, J'or/onal a or Lappa major. .IpanisluBii'dana. Italian, 

Lappgla- maagtgre. French, flotervn. or Bardana- farman,6rop Pie tlen Dutch. Klitfen. 

^ n$- Deader fpaUedcirfmart. Pcirjicarm maculalti^rnaciUofct. 

•rtnvs to Iv fro Fort luah. the Z/wv/ are a deep tpeen tisith a spot int/ middle 
in ///ape Me a half . ilocn. and die J'ion'ers are a pale lied '. 

I; If i? raws m moi ft Plates by Ponds and Ditches and f/o 'vers in full/. 
j The Leaves ar'e etfteenid 1'ij jeme of a c,\dinct, Aaletre,q,?od gaainl hat Turners 

Inflamnia turns, Imperii time./ and oreen Wounds . 
4 oreetys'pon/'tff'Jjtfi/t./e-rfic'i'ni rhacuMrfit- Jfban&h JUJenra. peeceautera Italian. 
Perficaria maggtore. French, (uraae . tier man. sihmeiien -Dutch /e> }'ch kmti/d. 

_ d «Z , ' '_ ^ C___ 

I puts no. Jftarp Jtrfrnartor HalerTepper- Jhidrcpipcr. 

r Tlus Plant grows lo die same height as /he former; the /.eaves are halite*' and 
wtuitthe spat vvthe dead - lr/hiart. and ■ Flem/eM are a pater Hed- 

i.kjrmrs in /lie a 'a me Places as the oilier. and f&msenf (it the Same finis ■ 
the pent ^.IF Uot/le. in Ins Rovli of the tliefunefs of Experimental Phiilvssphy. 
txiO'nmcn.ts the' dUhlld Hater of dtxs Plant as a ./>w/ Remedy asair/^t the dfone 
kv commended aho as Very cleansing. and good for oldjtttl'forn liken' . 
Creek Yd^ondnegi. Matin sftr/dro-piper and Perfzcana maeulata- *fpanvh <>iierra 
tnancha/. Italian. Pepe aquaiico and Per fie aria- French- furaae dermo'i, 
Ba'-eippffer . '.Dutch , Pe'ficJi- knwd- 

Plate wo. £uctyhs?r -tier J'tvined fresefCd. farvnopud Kusllu\ 

The loriser Leaves cf t/its Plant lie an the ijraiind. and are tn shape and 
colour Me the garden freffes, die Flanvrs^are tVlude. 
■ It grpnv It/ Iffy/ •• JideS and fLrtver^ areat Part of die Summer. 
Indiehytfouiitrt/ this l ' nutch used as a Jalfad, hoth rmtr and Ipiled.for 
& great life fttlnefi »/ trie ■F/t'tie and pravel and several ffardners alrut 
London cultivate it mdieir tpvdoif for dns Fud-leing a great diuretic- 
Greek. latih wvnopus Rutllii. ret& or rtpens Ruellu. 

Spanish- Italian. French 

Qerman. Dutch. 




!'{j(> 117- 

Hu grtai Bui Jock . 


i fttwtr P 

Lappa ttbxj#r. 

P/aU */* 

" yvft-y ft/mart %Ffo rO 

ft.w, H( , ' J -j \FerficArUK maJMldUtr tntiuUfA 



Ptatt it* 

Mrt*r( trTritai /ly/v 


ImtJt /ffin r<nif // Pi**M 

J&&0fip S * 


Ftate iz>; 

■ ■ Snwutt ■■-■■-■■■■ 7J ^;''' i :'' r Cerc-:sn>- RuiMU V 


J>tate rzj 7/te Coronet Zre&. Grrmu- 


jffhufreejrarvz) tatAe Si$e efa,Cherry Tree; tAe Leevue* are a deep tureen. tAe 
I tfoivcr* l/ello/v. OJtdtne flerriej red. 

% jtqrtmrt uvgard&U. yj&wers inftlarchvJlprU;foay'S>Tiuunotripe nil Hut/iut 

or Jcptcnt'cr . 

yffafr'uitu tvtetwi'd eooung , drying and bviding •, Jirencfdicnmy p Stomach, stopping 
gitii/iM fffFttuccs v Z, aofiicfe ; v ugoodinl'&verj . especially (/ attended wioi at) larrheO" 

fye Officinal PreparaJum u tAe TioA de Cornij . 
s. Creek, t^c-av la . Maori, Ccrrniu .and ' tbrnue Aorte/yu mas. S/zanish, Comvyalaj . Italian- 
CormoUr. Trench , Cornier, t^erman. tormAAaum.jVuccA. tomoelr'e . 

. C/Lcr, 

o r//u/i/c//i 

/iarten/e . J'ctttr, 


J y iate/%%- Garden, t/ary. 

iltaraTfj to-betnre'raothi/jA; tneMeoAtej art. > adiili GreenontheT'aee.and noary 

on tAe Tlackjide ; tAeffianrerj are a/etnheBliie ■. 
Jtgranrj in6ardene .jurnrring w Suae and dtdy . 
\ttaty *■> estettt'dwariiung ic drying . - Irdutedi/i Wined ecr/n/arta a- arid ' -windy Stomach, 

Jomecom/iutuAdaj a great jirengllienet~oft/ie7ieinj. liefyiuw d/eTliiorSitlitJ.r uwtgor- 

■afutg a (old relate d Jfaink' WlaaAioutj reeammendj -y Leaves infused in, e*&iega/^ tca-taxie 
\^neya^gcnrdJorSoilci. -T/ie sam^Mt^orsa^tAattAe e Ai^ienuiltolgpiita^iti^k^eed 

inti oieirZu&t when t/ieu are t/vuMed/idl/i asu/rted/ugs , luu/urrj . arDmntjfi; bulM r fllitler 

ej lAuTeriu^ter the t*l/idd Clary . 
[fwe/L O'euivov. Maim. % j T dor//uriittn,lun~u>n/e.ancLJanrea. Spanish. Italian, 

\ Juuleggia.. S'rendh. tJrvtU. orToitieavrine .tjerman,. Schar/cuh. J)iuch Searten. 

«•>. {jardeftJ/Huye,^ jathuru. Cattypiili^inuitrj^^Zaaiurid . 

talLi grow to ItetJiree or Jbur^'ootlu^A,; eAeZ entires- area/ttieukt/reenaruAtAe, 

tffoweiv gettetviaA,. 

Jtgrvnrjmjardenj.andjtonteftfor several tVlonm^M t 

Seme iidediuPiaJUtoputgearateryJ/ii/^n.nnhicAddife^ JiruAv great TldleruetroPi up 

■nrards and donnuvards , and it teldotne usedJortAus (rut ly £m/urirj . 'TfielflilA.of the, 

Jtalh octroy Wirfo tyanamtinp tAemfinthit. 

4 CtreeA.Axev'qis.Maan.LatAprii, vtattzpuutztrunor. SpantaA.TarttigcrJ/cdran. (titapuaa 

thwart. T-i-eneA'Ejpwye. ^erman. fpnsweraztt. Z>uM, fprr/^hinyd Spurge. 


Plate j '%* Jhtpherdet 

I'Ttgrmva co^e/hur-or/ : in'e c FaotriigA^meM 



arc &HyAL6rajtt Green,. anxC fruv 

Ftofwj 2/ellanriaA. 
xJcgranv wTlhzr/Aej/ Qrvundt,parti£u/a/~ty keAmdt/u>BzsAopc / i La/id<rno 

y&ute at fathom,. r _ ,, , 

i-AaUkwlitd jau$ tAu Aae tAe • ja/neftttxej OJiAeTfaJeld :%} < tfoatoJtAitfofM ta/Ae. 
6>n/&tenceof%ee/e iffai/iflfim, and^/aina^ran^enJ4^^ugav*^ar'a^^u/a,anh 
Cteftit/? rAeFi/ndament . -^^^^aar^nmd^^li^mraftAeLeanfea ucommcn 
dtd tn/ jtmie to cool Inflammatory qfy £y& ■ v & render tAe Faeefatr-. 
tyreeA. L adn. WraaPcuarrtj . Spanish . TtaAan. WryadiFajiart. 

rrmch. 'ifaye dela^feur-.germczn,. DuAcA,, 

•M.J J, 




rhu 12 *. 

Ihe &rnft 7»W 

Afin.ja£M Finx* A i Srf 

Cynut* - twx/* 





1 / Ffynvr r 



Ptxtt Uj. 

VukmlUilm '.»',< it Pin* 

St. Fbw*r f 

j JitJ,ffitltp**\iiitaputia rmnffir xl<ufu/ru 
i Jitd t 



Piate ui 

n,u >t S . The !■)<> Tree, Ficud. 

L - : U-""- •>'•"•• & % " -""'■ tf**ty .»,,</ Bianefi »> England; tie leaves are a 
i,4> Creen.andthe Friut when rwe of a hoivnt/h /„ r . .-;,. ,/ beared no vifjtfrf* 
Yfinf'rv which maieo it believed then are hid in ne Fruit. ' 

U- are Turki,,. <}■!„, and Portugal/ and it/ time of Bear/no is in J'pruta 
1 & t r % '"'' ■~'/ ,y : / :'" tyf>ty Avnihjaxtding k^W offJ/kej 

1-pAattrs, ■■•>'■ 
in J Autumn 

J^ the M^/igs of du '''''>•• and afterfvarae tfieg Ay them caiY/iidi/ in ^u Sun. 

I f tJ j a>x cs/eemd coo Una and motfinuui.^ fevdfirToughs, shortncp .•- Breath. andallDjA 

thi Breast; asaVe die Same and Jravet, and die small Pox andJteafels, which they . 

■ he Breast; <'■' a/.: - fie Jane andyra i ■</. and die small Pox and. Heafet' which they drive ' 
cut -Outwardly they are dtfialving andripening. toed for dmposthitmations and Jhtcl&hafi 
Em/ vettilenttal B/tloes. ^ - J 

UrtrtZ-via.Iatt/i, Ficus. Spanish, Sgos. Italian tichi French. Fiaues. fferman. Fengen. 

\Dut;h. Uji Jen 

Plate no- 

S.The^lttl/'i'ni/ TYee. II" as- man vutoaris. 

t. / ■ 

t of oms to te a tall Tree- the leaves are a dark i/'v.-u. the Florven> oellonfisk, and die 

rus to/ten ripe a dark. /'tuple 
tjivuv in Gardens ana' the Fruit is ripe in duaiiSL 'and ' -ftp tender. 
The BarA of the fact is thought to warn and dry, opening oh/tnictioris cf die Liver and 
\Sfleen. and he /piny die ilaundioc 'the unripe Fruit it binding and drying, good in ail 
kind/ of Fluxes, and Inflammations of the .Mouth and Throat. The ripe Fruit is cooit net, 

i/.v,//, 1 allay the Sfeat of 'jSumino Fevers, and .irate an tJvpetit? . 
'fifttLMoeca n o axa/iiv© 1 . Latin., Horns, 4*- HoruS arpor. Spanish, »ttoraS del -flora/ . 
ltihan.. Hon?. French . Haurier. t/crman. . f dalles r hum. Dutch. -Hoerlvfu 

den ■ 

ptau up TheJla/e Ct/pnp Tree. Capref/tu miad. 

V Thv arotw to Us a tall 7'rte.lntt u not So much /-ranch d a/ die Female: the Lea vet are 
tgraO ureen. the Fknfferj a dirtit Uellotv .'. die Cme/.ivhieh art wander dianv F/maleo. favn-n, 

i- hjroni- m/d in licet: die Flewero come forth die JSeatnsung of Jummer, and If fanes 
*r iivc vt -Uiiumn . 

yTht Cones •ire accounted dry mo and Inndmg, aord to stop spiltinet of BlovdDuarr/uas. 

ytntenes, immoderate flux of the . Uen/es- ' mro/it'i'ar^Jtiction Then liktfvdi prevent 
¥f Bteeditio of die jumj and fasten loofe Teeth.. -P/ftn-ardltt they are ufedm str/r/ir 
V finite n tatio'io and iataplafmt - 

faek.Kv&deiaros. Laan.Cuprtfnu ""to. Jyanioh Gpres. Italian, tiptefio . French. 

Cyprtj . Set-man. Cip*'e iter, .'Dutch, nip re fie 'Doom,. 

fUuiis.JfojjeTcnoue.orJJtntifie Tongite.. Mppyi/efainu fhslifyua. 

MTht Jielkt a r? rr five or J*x tfncheo luah. die Leaves ore a deep fjrem she Ftoivers 

lokiti/h.and die Berryo red. 

.It arorvs -nrild in Italic and fhn-e'S <" I"fic . 

1 r ^-' J'/atu u csteemd heattnj and dryino. food for Ht/o'deiV and .fuffecaltons 
'die froml-. •Jiusteric Fir/, "hastening die fa'ih. expel/ino die Of ter Birth, and 

procuring the iatamenta . 
*■ faek. TatodyXuarov. Uttn. Bislinauci. Mppoo/ofSum. Jpamsh. Lengua do uivallo. 
Ir *ltm, Bistinona o>- Horn facia . French Bis lingua tferman, Xapfflin iraut. Dutch, 


Hits 1 '2 f. 

n,r; 9 />•■■.• y.j**& 

-■■I v,/l At.,, ..<,£•„ !',.<>. J ' .&'>" ■'/'••' 

/■'/.'/ • 




/ ton* r 


ISA ■. I 

"■ ■./,■.-: />■ h ■■;■■ ». 

' ■//■■.-«<*; Bisliiigua 



r '- n ' >".<'"""■'' Pepper- i.rp.unan. /W „,,/ /lW// 
„.,„„ ,.,./,/, Bui, ,,.., ■ '-'•■■ '"- ■'■'-■/>:■■.,, ,;.,.,,. ,/,, ,.-,.■„■„■, 

Tt, A;,- /,,/J „nd „,i „/, ZrTZ/TLXi "/T 4 * "?f ' /W ' *" 

piau „,. Jfowtn Jow-thude. Jancfw latins. 

\tC::^z^ rm %*• * w ■"■■ ■' ***** /-,, w * 

* am, ■„„*,, Sanh .y,J Way-fdu, and fUw in Mau and Iwu . 

L wTtL ? P "T " f Unn V ^"" M rJ " L " lv " '" fy" *** *A 

am tevei>. The tU'unaJIwntj are oftsn **/ *»,m„ c,/t,J, _, r .•£.• r y 

''•'''' ^JfrWj/kfrtart often «u amen* da/Ut tu UuL>' 
orys.LZan-, Sonthuj laevu . Spanish, dirraua. Italian. Cue rkta. 

Utteron. (jermari. £ansdifto£. Hutch,. 


ruai,i.'Tfater Calamine, talamemfia aquatica, 

,*,™,. a h a F„t Ai f A. At Lear,* art a-duUfcen, anddu rtm** »W,. 
ttfr^f „,,„.■,,, P/W nrbrt Vahr /,.„ J,„„,,,,/ ,// fa Hi,,,.,-, and Jmw 
* lune an t f lulu. f 

I htrtand 4y*nd v peeuttar/jt appropriated to the female S#* ; u ,s 
1*7 " ff"f tterine, prtnrrimf the JUnfe* and Lochia. It warm t the 
*m*tb.and help* the thollic and faundiee. 

Wfck,Ka\a Ml yea. c\odoos Latin. Calamentha aq ua tica. Jbanuh.Muede. Italian 
Momena aptatico. French, ftmllw tie Jerman. Bttfi/rmunk. Dutch. Water - 

UUme/it/i - "* 

piaa 131 frvu ndfil. Eruftron , Jen e do 

1% J-Call'arm to fo a Fert lizak, the leaves are a haht tireen and the 
yleww yelfonr. 

Wjrmx an$anh. Waff*, and &U4&L flarvriru) the ortarejt part of the //ear 
l™"/ ** J "" g of** '®'+ '"-M- & ajtnd* ffomtte eaf* the ftmu m 
'fovuidi. evacuate Ihs/er. kelp Ae Jaundice, and aeftrou tffrrm/ . Outmird/? 
/•■ 'm/uff in fcraphu/aw Tumcmrv, and fnflammatumt of the Brtevt, acid 

"«*.»>;, yUor. Latin. Erytron,- Jpanvh. Ben varrm. Italian, tirdoncet/*. Trench, 
"»> "■■'i. .ierman. Creuinntrt • Dutclu KhtyS&ruyd. 


P/4U t - 

wa? Rpptr 

M^^Afe***^* y*u 

1 ,/■'/>. ; -F r* 


";<w/j - fyw tltuftt 

tt'ctwhtt* hsvif. 

Pfot* /j 

ll'aier la/amini 



&i&$nstu/t4t tfuaftea 


# 'SJ 

Ctvtutfel \ t . CM'-' 

""'"'"^f ^m/0^. 


Plate nyloth ' ppfe . .//W//' PffmilTfl . 

h grew to h two fret high, the lea res are a liaht r/e/hmtS Green 

jrtlttv Flowers yellow. - - - 

^ v fin^nmfardens,andfiorversm Tuly, the Fhdtfamo ripe in September. 
Mote otuyvardltt apposed ,.• esteemsJ /W/w,* ««V — va..;*.- _-,y a,. 

hewn upon 
do fueuml'crs. 

jtujen-envi tia"ien.<,.m.i fiwen* m tutu, ifi, Print /;;>,.; ripe ,'„ Septem 

\tove.typte ott&vard/u appfyed v esteemed cooling and mot/tninj. oood fen 
l fl ftamm.itions A Erysipelas; die Juice is commended tk hot Defluctio'ns of Rheum itpoi 
fa Eyes. In Italy dieu em them with Oil and'/fneyar at we do CucumfarS. 

Urtel.^TftV'ot m&ar. latin. Tbmmn Anions Strknum pomilemm . Spanish 

Italian. Porno d tiro. French Pomme/ d'sfmount German* Sold apffelf 


ue !$4.JLttt7ck ffmu or Mr/' J/az/id. JLintm vufaare . 

■WJ to fa a Foot high, the leaves are a deep freen, and the Flowers white ■ 
ir y planted in gardens, and fervent in Tune and lulu. 
in/ much of die Jtature of 'Stfarforams dime commend tt for die too oreat F/u,r 

the Guamema. a Jsrachm of die Powder faint? git/en in roua/i mne 
Vwfiorides commends a Detection of the leave/ its oood frr die 2)rvpfn,nrtun 
tkt not got too great a Mead; and the leaves m/.rt with (Money as ocod 
frr removing the Mieknejs of an// Bruise. 

Qrrti, ^.dn^uKOv ty 'ipdqanos. Latin. .Mrrum i-ulrjarr, Sampfuc'uis- Spanish, 
J&orana Italian .Hajorana gentile . French, Jtarom acntif Herman, 

" >tr,vi. Dutch. Jits/id nudende Tltarum- 

flare *u. Jilt 'CKmsrrn. R/iammtS catdinrtuus : Spina cervina. 

'. TtihSufit ha j Branches fieU of long Jtiff 'Morns, the leaves are a yellcmnsh 
freen, and the sFlorvens uellcnr. 

fjrtnvs in Hoods c^dledaes. floti'ers in fune; and the Hemes are ripe in Jeptem/'er. 
The Juice of the Perries purges fertnts watery Mimcuw.and is eeteem'd good for 
tut four. Drop fv. Jaundice. Scurry, /tch. and a& manner of Eruptions indie Skin. 
'he Officinal Preparation is die Si/rupus e Spina fernna. 
(tnekFduvQs.Latrn.Plia/nnuJ ratliartia/s. Spina ferritin. Spanish. Scam 'fames- /ration- 
/"tic meru>..rrSpino cervine French.Buroiuspin or, yeprunSerruan.BegdornJtiitihMynlefi.'i . 

is6-Blaek .»- Jhtiikintt $bre/tc*uritl ' ■• dlarrtthum titt/ittrn. Bai/ol' . 

\™f Stalks aronr to fa two Foot liicrk. the leaves are a dark Green, and the 
*&n>crs a line Purple - 

if*" 1 * h ''i'"h Ways and $G>daes. ftowring for feverat . Hondu in the Jttmmer. 
' vIcQruUs flu// the Lea/ves katen rvidi Sale, and applued to the Wound, cures the 
"f a tllad Dm; and the /nice mixt with Jfonett is ?Ood tp cleanse foul ttlcer./. 
£**' ' ^tnv/e commends it as afmyular Hemedtt aoam/tttljpferic kffypot&rndrtjc.w.fisn.-. 
'•odXXwr/. Latin Mar rufauni nigrum or .Batiote- Spanish, iAtarrpjo neoro - 
*w. Marrfffar lastardo. French, .ttarrvlen noir. tJemian. ScAn/arts Jtndorn. 
* w <*. Sen-art . indo. 







Pit ft rjj- 

i; AV/v ^w/. 
j. Frutf »yw* 

, fawn.' Psffw/tj 





) i rUn*f f 



n : . 

Buekitt&m ■ 

^^W'lv/y^/w .* tufa *t Ti> 


! S3! 


Tiau tjf. 

'vww Si**™?* - tj/</M<<'>i.or Ma/a cofoma majora 

t rhlJ free/Mem. grouts Jo fy M the apple Tret, Atunhg yfa/A, „ ( „,/,///,. ( ^ 
m ih many weak Branches. The leaves are like these of the apple 'Pr-ee. hit ' 
rounder and ndutish underneath,- the M'. 'ernes a/v a whitish Purple, an J the 
}'>uit •> y*Shw Green, covered. rvi'M a JJeii-n . 
t . In! couvnonly planted ly Pan// and Jlo.itJ, flatvring in . Hay, die Fruit being 

ripe in September and 0ctoi'Cr> 
j The Fruit ij atxaurtod cordial andjiresutthning to die StomaJi. hslpino Deoestien. ,md 
rriny'/em/t/ns,ytl/eSt},,o//oh. They area/so esteemed -wod fee all sorb of Flua:< '. 
TfteSeedu bajfamtc and mo/hfyiny temper,'.,./ the ikrir/wny of ^Gemon* £ fervitealde 
{tgainStJore-jtttnuns. Throats, .md .1 Thrush; far which a Mucilage made of them u 
'feauentlu prescribed- Outwardly // ,j applt/ed to heal tore chopd . tipples. 
a ,rtel.2f.pis&iopri\a Latin. (hdanea ot ttrtonea mafera^ Spanish Wembrilhas. Italian, 
.lft'/e lotogtu •-. French. Pomes de foi no German, Crpfc 'dutfter; Dutch. %ttee Boon* 

1 p/ate. vs-Mirld Tbrwiu,. Lvwm Certrma» <% Pfwtfuuf. 

I This Plant grows to Ite a Feet high; the Leaves are a fne arafi freen, the Jecdgrc 

in farad oldiaue Lints on the JSack/ide of the leave'. 
\ It grows in Shady Zanes and aid Stone Buildings, being green .iff die Hear 
. Iti.' much commended for Jsi/erders of die Lirer and Spleen, being gotta v Dy 
(she hardfehirrhous Tumours in either. It is ufefull m the Rickets, dfrittina o t /heed 
and the Bloody Flux. -Jt' Hay recommends die Jon-der.or {onferve off green 
Leave*, fir dfa&r'u t\ Convulsive Fits, and the of die Mart'. 
. w'teh.(po\\i'risZasi/i.Zingua ierrma Spanish. Lingua Cervina. Italian. Itnou.i 
carina French. Lang de Cerf. irerman.tfirfrAt/ttioen. Dutch. .'Herts Tenae . 

p/ate 130. . ivtt/.' . dflta or The CluvU Tree . 'liicr. or . ifyrmd cm tod. 

■ Tliu Tree arcn-s atria the JSigneS* o, a small Cherry Tree; the Leaves are a dart green 

jl'cre. and whitish underneath die Ftowet ■■ are a nmittih Purple. Si, Seed a tdadisftfirey 
. kis a.¥ative of Itafyftu planted here in gardens, flotvring the k&r E»J of Jimnnir. 
. The leaves F/eweio & , feed ore eftofnud ntarmietj and drying; help, the S&rdnefi , / "<e 

liver k spleen . ex pell- "nut ',< fame* down i) Catamenta Formerly $ . ted woe much u efts 

*tyv?ner*aL*^,t i prefin*&^ 

Creek.A%ros ra) Uyos. laMUex.Mm/t^Jt^S^r^^Jpma^^^^ <o.<te. 

Italian littieee, Jane taste. French, 6tsd> y, man. Shaft mullet Vutch huu- Boom 

p/aee i*o Fritet or prim Priftt U//t.'rrttm . 

Tills u a leir J'hrul: the leaves are a graft Jreen, the Flon>er.< while Xt 
die Berries Black. 

ironi* in Hedges' and flon-ard in MagKlune,$$errUs feity rip* USeptomter. 

Leave/ and FlorvenJ are accounted cooling drying .\ res tringentt good firr l/t.erj f 


Tl{,> L ea 




P&u* rjy 


U ***** ' 




Pt*t* ttf. 

Sunt' Ttnaut I it jiU 

. ,-V/./^ 6 ■'-" J 




Plait i-rftf. 


p/ '"'" 4 ' The - fy!^ Ti&.Jhtuf fan 


.Mire The /,,„,,, m , ,/,// ^' ^''/"^ '""- & f #*>•* 
W BhOsmj nrfnh tmcmrU >r„A ,;»•„/?' **"*' W ***** ™&™*uk; *U 

, ti*J*b t ro*, mU 4 /v.v W ., A,^,,/. ,/, /,„,,.. .„, ,, ■> : 

anrfek H,vv,-r.< .,/,/,„. Purple. ■ -"'""' 

I. ft v/ivK- />i . //awJww W /'„//,„,• „>,.W<. andf/on, ;- ,', /.,»■, ... J ,/• i- 

frrt *W, 5W. '""""" ^//^ ■ // ' / /^- 

mwj,, {fate Jptednvi. Ttrtmua m,!< 

?z;t;r" ty ***** *"" '"'■ - ***"»■ '* «w* 

•Thu u cjuemtda vu/««r«{y Plant. /,;„„ used M in^arMu & munmrdk 
<>->c>u,-a. French. fermtn. Fhr*np**$. fouji ' ' ' 

Mate ij 4 . 

iwi . crocus. 

& 1 /'"'T'' 7 ""' '"' / " v / " V ' ,V " A ""' "'*"""' / r/ "' ***** ■"•• •' '<<»£ ■;<«/) 

W*n-^thef(wer*purpk;nnAndJ>nmm S .whkh u £ Saffn-n <rf rfu Shop, ' ' 
T '*f hn faffrrn 9 ron« m Sfesx. Suffolk ml/ (hnSf^efh^ it M 

'.7/7V;' /// 

-»■> !'<r,,.h.Z<:;r>in.>;e l m.ui..A l/ ;nm. Vulsh, Jkffrmn 



IkAppZ 7W< arPe*m*6Q !$&£"• V 

M< nim ^ tt ri,tx. 

' t.f'niit nitn 


. ILttii/ AtfTV£ t 




Pfat$ *4y 

^tihtlfpegJcfat. jiufe strife 



trpnu& nus 





rut,- t+s Pomqranates \Jjranate t Fumca ma/a. 

.. p lt „yranat* 7H* wkch tear* Frutf produces a finale Flower .- the soma 
,..„ .;, the dottete.- andM* Tree >t self dffir* very Me from the other. 
jfw Tree.ajwellas the oth*r, grow* in Spain, Italy, and the nmrm fottntries. 

, /;,,- finale Flowers are drying and res/nna.-nt. oovd for MmorrAaoieS k hfeedi/u/s 
/■.,/', vuvard and outrvard. Tfu Fruit u yratefu/l and ftreiythmng to die Sterna',/,. 

zap.' Loofenefs and the tmntodera/a 'flux of the Tirms; an.ll, u efull tn hot 
fa/u* , F-rere. art,/ ,/o/ierrheas. ^ ' 


4. £ree*> .Pi'iii ■ Latin, jfraeztua. dpanish, Jranadas. Italian. -J/ehzerano, or 
granow French, Pomes de drenades or ^ttyy rains ■• German, granatopffk 


lluitm , 

Putih < Peem. 

plac*j46. Touacce. Petii??i. Taitaccuiti. 

prow* to he /hree Feet, /lis Leave* are a era J oieen.<ki/ Flowers apale Red. 
/.* /.' fojvn ui the Spt trie and fleruerstn tuly and .luaitst. 

Wpu ' §reen Leave.' are ided in Ointment* and ffils.firr Hounds. Ulcer*, Inftammahcnv, 
Tumours, PdtJ and r/ie Kmo'j Evil, Tlte drued l-civey are a Jtrona Emetic, $ out he 
to le used with areat tautten. -chen-d er smeald it evacuates Phleam.- sLffrvp of 
the Ihftilled eU taken inwardly mill kill a tac.jbrne times dus Oil is dropt mte a 
kstteiv Tooth, to cure the Teedi'dcA. The Dust destroy* Fleas. lice.,]- Other /ermine. 
c§rtek. iedKuafios. latin, Tecum, 9iyefcyamus Peruviana*. Spanish, Petztn and 
Tahco. Italian. TreneA, fiierl-a de la Paine Mere, for/nan fndta 

viifcli Bunatcrauf. ffutch. Talrxuk . 

j Plate jo.?. Sanr-fcmd. Jlrtdtiiid. &/c/am&n> 

t.Tne JtalAs prow a> le six or eight Inches htah.tlie leaves are a yrafs freen 
\jpetted nrith white aleiv, St purplish underneath. $ the Flower* a pale Med. 

'It is planted here in gardens, flowriny in Jepte/nler and Jctaler.-itc sYadve 

Places Oeiny the dips, stu*tria,,£( Jtyria>- 
l. The Rett is very foreiny, and u efu&'to briny a/eat/ /he Birth and Jecundi nes. 

and provoke- the JUrifes. Some commend the Juice aaat/ist verttyinouS Pi Yer- 

derj of y .'head, ufed in form efan Errh/ne; it u else i/oed for cutaneous Eruption*. 

b'tek.kvrXdpivcs. Latin, ^{rtanita. Cyclamen. Spanish, Pan de Puerto. Italian. 

Tan Pcrcino. French, iyclamen or Pain Per c in. uermatt, Jchweinhro-t. Dutch, 

darkens brood,. 


Ha-The (/renter Spurge orPalmitChrifd.fMipudiimyot^Jiianii/. 

Tlie Plant grows to en Jvc or Jeven Foot luali. the lea-ved are a-fne arals 
y't'cn,- the Flowers are smaM and stamuicus of a yellow <oleur. 

"d'i- planted in gardens, and flower.' late i/t die Summer 
The 'Kernel/ are ufed ly some to puree /eaten/ ^litmors; out they must he 
toed ivilh areat tdu// f >/i. The t'il exprej/d 'from the ^feeds is <?oed to de/i/eu 

/'■>->' "• ■ Juldren'a Meads. 

T'ifreaA.KiK/ ii k cor ov. Latin, RicinuS. J'pa/n.'h, Fi.iueira dell' ifn feme. Italian. 
•Mirajble. French, Pal/na Ihriiti '. i',cr/nan. Jiu/iderlaum Dutch, Peiider l-eem . 

Wo. 37 

J/.i/f : ? > 

■ : '■ ■■ i 


Plate r+A 


^eUA&u^vKn*. M,:^!/^- 

Fetum, Taint 


/'/.A- j 1 - 

trUtn&j&t* (Llim<w s 



,i maf&r ^ Tticuutf* 






m< >4j f&nt f/ioni. Jptna , //At. 

[ fp jro>>,< to le a prrtu, targe THe., the leaver are ,, deep araO freer*, the 
ftotviri white nnth reJJfkJpue* w die Mttdte , and the Berried red 
///lowers m .Way. and the FruU %/ ripe in .I'eptemler. ■ 

[ ft* Flowers* Fruit are lor/, wed in the Jfopf. ^J are accounted dmrea* „ 
^/^'^^'■^ tynJMiritita v made of the Fibers 
.>eetMcto l \os.Utm,Mejp l /us,0.r l/ «amr/ l u,. Jfranvrh.jtzarxrb. Italian, 
Mjfroio. ti-ench.Aesptter. < t erman, Domhanm - Dutch. Doarnloaen. 

rtate w-Jtudk Crane* Bill '. fernnmm mofcAalum. 

. Theftalks ctrtnv to tt a Foot hiah, the Leave* are a h./ht oral/ sheen, and ihe 
FivverS purple . 

\. Jt i' .je.neri 
taneJ it is 

l1u- i- accounted a vutneraru Plant, an J tj rueful" 
•■ { tfaemorrhaaiej , and mttfl Fluxed, 
't •ek.riodviov'tatm.^erarutAm mojckatum. Jpamsh.Ftco de dnauenha Italian, 
mio terze- French, Bee de ficonyne . C.erman. 

■rally nlaitted in Harden/, fhwiina a, eat part of the Jummenftrme' 
found Wild, in several Fart/ of /Viialand. 

in inward Wounds, Bruizes 

p/are if*. Eider. ,fa?n/'/ia/d. 


. Tlit.' is a common "fedae 7>ee. lc seldom drones to anu areat luane/s. die Leaves 
are a fi.jht oral/ freen, dte Flowers white, and the Berrres a deep purple . 

Irarori-4 .'reaueritlij in :Hedaef near Ditches, and flowers in ^Alai/ the Berries 
king npe in j'eptemler. ' 

The Bark. Leaves. Flowers k Berries are used -The inner Bark is much uled 
fir the Drop sir- The Leaves outn/ardlr, are aevd for Inflammation/, S* Undn-n:r 
Fire i- the Pile', the Flon-ers are used far the same, and are also put in Farnen 
ufie>:< A Cataplasms for all kinds of .fwellinat. Tumour/, tcPain/ in die Limfa.uwardlu 
kti c.xpctl Wind. I; help the flioltc . 'Hie Berries are cordial b ii/eful m histeric Dilhrder- 
■ii the Trunk of ihu Tree grows an Fxcrefeence rvhith they rail ' 'Jerv/ Far/, leina aaoimt 

'^( for ijjtve/tirw ^ Inflammation of the' Toii/d/ , i ore Throat/ and £„tnleij/ 
frte&.d* i h. Latin. Samlucus. Spanish, favmero- Italian. Samlnico. French. Sui/t 
'"'man. •'(older Butch. Vherfonrm, 




. Black J/der. jtinud mam. 

l 7?>/' Tree never armvs to any areat JSiynels. the Xeavej are a arafj Creen, 
the Flon'erj n'hrte. and the Berried l/lack . 


Jtjrrmtf in moijt (fuck ff&od/, a* && w p stead and y&rnfev. andflenve&m 
*fay the Fruit i*eina ny.v tn /^fewwr. 

J Tfo hiner Sarkpurart Jer&uf Jftun&UKf, and & t&mm&uUd /fo~y J)rp^$Jaun4ittt* 
tmt r/ mahi tr t>e prepared ivith proper ttn*ntatickj* ok else it wiU cau/0 Griping 

and Vtmtibnj; beaten m a . Hartar and wixd with f&ujarl tt // act&unad q^ird far. 
w Itch, the Parts Oetna tvalh'd nntfi (he expreOd Ziauar* 

f tkJI*\n0$a /u\as\ latin, J/m/J nigra, and Franattla. fpanijA 
Italian, Frnnai'f.?. French* . funs natr, G€rm&n>Faut!rmim.&i& 





ftau i4$ 

* Vfctn**// A/m Mtdp tt Fin* j : Jtfrtf I 

t fvina itlht 




tmum m&fthatttm 



flat* j 5 x. 

Hmtkuett d*&*.4tufa rtPvi 


j'itiu i 

^^Wi^&i *a*fr.*nTm*.y fruit 

ittiuj ftt<?r/T 



exander Stuart md 

^ITYSZCZyljV^^ // C A^2fa/j f ''r^'/// ( 7f 'London. 


r 'irr//r f /'// <•//,:>///}/<////</ <!//</ &n w,'////// titt/TrORK #n 
Wffvist*/* /?>-<■</. i /{mj; mtrre- &/&geiady r// .'//(' //'///<■/ 

7n£ of //?& f '/://- DlLAWjjVGS <//' <i /juM'kA 
£R£sJllljCIArQ of /fs //c>M///f//// 61W//M//// .?/ : 

m i/e/r// ////i/ t 'rfrt. Sj/iv//// /y_ <//////// if m# 

'/^'^/\fn///y//////^y if. fo/M/fa/ /AtJ O'cCAJIOJSr 

mads a p ///■//< vo ^ddn&tr/'t ^m v//; &?u& £0 






pute J3j The '////<■ '/////. 7 

■ . J ' n '™& M <Y'\ ,*»"% «"& Gnrntrie* they aronr in, fotf, m fcwht 
m.V fruit, rfiu hue u the llr.-rr vafiae Rjiif„,~, *f */, , rt™ 

fruit dih Km U the Uvaepafia* maforv/,or Sat m* of/he "Jan 

, r /„, line if a Votive of '/><• warm Gmntried of Spain. Porhioal TeaA 

t/fowtrt uiJprtl and the (rapes art ripe die loiter- End of Summer 

tfa u accounted cordial, strengthen* the JbmacA, hctpj Viaeeuon.romforty fSontd 

mJu a areat lrrjfri'ative aaaitut the P/aau* Tk*n*i&** */./.. e' ■ j. /.. 

raave m me warm country as Spain. PortoaaL lab and Frame; 

, . inJprilarutene ( f rapej are ripe die latter 2nd of Summer 
„-,m u account** cordial jtrenathenj the Stomach, hetpj Viqeehon.(omrer& 1 
hjy ■' fwf. WfrwtoVMunft the flaw*. The Haifms a/the Sun ar> made fa 
aim, die Sttitte •> &' Branched, when on die Tree almost in two, ti/ which means 
fat, 'hinder the Mp from coming to diem in do great a Zuantitu a/ tfnaruH do other 

M fa dtetfeat of >/Sun.&;J)e/ect of\%unjfwient they are Tufihend/ eared 

.. .,,,■.( .Ao&Xtf viropo'j>&. Iaah,W'ns,7fmfera. Spanish. 
Twfe r '< French ffgne ferman. Sfemvet' Dutch, 

Italian, 'Pit? 

pt^ ij 4 . The . Medlar The. % Mejp//tt t 

iltjn-wf at fcf a/ an Jpple Tree: die Leavtf are a graft Creem the Flomerj 
I \&ite,anddie~Fruit7idtm ripe of a trrmmifh fjrun. 

j! if planted /// fardenJ; flower* tn Mat/, and die Fruit is ripe Vifflvem&er* 
JfdlarS are e/teemd ccntling, dryiruj dn<t fondm?. /especially fofore ihet/ are fate rip?) 

*" " \ -- -» - „ „ r , ~ r J~ m "V *»- «■ • "»»»^7./ r^j^rt ttiiiff Vffi'f r mCtf if rC tfffitf f ifJf } 

md are ujeful in a/l Kmdj of Fluxejfome commend the fflird \fet4 aj *q<mdfw$fmvd 
and Stone- The v art an Tnqrtdient in du Jyrupxtf MirtmuJ. 
Ityek, M/antiXer, a pf/tfx/X/f. Latin t \Afajpt las /***— *- 
'ttpffier.Frtnth JfopluK forrrum^JfajptL Duttlu 


ftalkj arow to le a F$vthufh> du Zeavej are a deep freer*, d/e Flawerj yellow 
a purple Unwed in die Middle* and die £erriej red. 
tjrmtf in UtedqeJ and Thitkebf, particularlt/ ( rn Eppmei Forrejt* and flow erf 
fevera I Months in ihe Summer* 
iTht Root if <?m of the five Openuur Boots, and u a: counted aaod fvr i J l'f{rutlieitf of 
the liver and dp ieen $ the Jaundice and Dr^apft/. It i<f a Jtrtnuf Biurt tic pr&wkeJ 
Urm<\ help J die t/ravel and J*taru '* and Irinaj down (he Cotamtnta* 
Teurnefort commends a limferve of the BerrieJ ta jtop a Honcrrrhea,. 
\&reek.Jlvp*T ir n Xyyi^kO^t'siup^irtt, Zatm> P.ri/mirfme . Spanuli, tftu £'arlfti>and 
mfulwrlera. fta/tan, BruJco & Ponaitopt . French, 3rtt4 \ Herman, Sri/so/i 
Benfidom . Dutch, 

mre i 5 $. Pel/itortf of the 'ffiiif/ \ Pane % tttna> Sffe/xme . 

1 If' "i rii'S to fie Euiht Inched high, die Leaved a?v a dark £rten, an./// Tian/erd 
' ~f /••■f,>r,> die// are fall vurnsn. and nehite aftertvard6> 
Utqrony upon crld Whiff, and flowery m May. 
int ndiolr .' r ier/> 1.1 u/od being coo/ino openino and clean/ina, containing a nitro 
wdprntreouf ,/;,// ,,'hich recommend* it for die Stone, t}rai' fit Stoppage and Mot 
\cf Urine; for tvhtch findd the Juice orjPecoetion ie given attneMouth\ and in 

, trrd i dome commend it for (bughd- 
rnt.foj/e/r/t aycodi/tiov. Latin, Jfelrtne. Spanish ; perva del mum. Italian, 
' French, Parttoirt- German, Zftqitnd Itacht- Dutch, 





Kb t, tffti/tra 








■ ffs 

jr Jiitfthfrj h\\*m - f 1 - 
J* ft n. j/ Ptrtt J * 

t3irry ^ 

RrtUtui .*/ ft a** a ' 

W.W :-u- 

''^".v.y',/,. /ft// 

i. r/r»> 

■ ■■ 

/'a/7t-/.i'/,r :'i',-/.t ;//<■ 



piste *57 

The /iint/ o, thiter mrJcm tnit///tu ,. r jbwun'a 

F/o'i'e'j .ire tjeth'ri' 

/talk/ creep on the Ground /tie the Stalks of a Cucumber, die j 
. f fa Fruit freen/ and commonly ormve ae big as .' Pomkin,. 
. m „ch,' J in the 'Harm ieun/nee . as Italy, Spain. Tm /.-,/. the E.vt&'WeSt 

Indie/. and fit 'went according to the . Hontha uis sonin m. 

//.;/■•' Melons ore much esteem'd for their cooling and refreshing giialmt. being very 
'frt'i.y.r/'/s "i ye.u ' .''feats, '/lie ,1'eed is one' of the greater Grid Seeks, and it much of the 
' Vature of. ffelon and Iheumber. Agreeing nnth them in their coding diuretic Faculties. 
4 hytk. Latin, jfnai"i,i. Spanish, iogomJrro. Italian. Jnouna. French. 

, . rm/tvj (jecman. Fr./.rpjfel Dutch, focomerv. 

flare o s. 'H f/d In I or Slinking Citadivtyn . fridfi/veJlrio , jpa/ula fattt // 

i itarcn-J to be a Foot high; the Leaves are a arafs Green, and die Tltrwery •/ an// 

firfotcr with purple '/ems. and the Seed Med. 

Icgrvnw in 'hedges and Thickets .particularly by $ack StrantS uift/e betfond 

■Jslinaton. and ftotverS in time, 
fdforie account the Root a Specific far the Kino's Evil; and ' fcrophu/oiiJ Sivethms, 

fat/i ./wen mwardlit and applied outwardly. Icufaid aUo to provoke 'Urine. 

and n> be ufefulf in 'thjfterte JJiforders. 
t.',rtek,^uois. Latin, Jgris. Spanish, Zirio Spadanal. Italian. Spatala fettda. 

French, Olaitut. Sermon, B au.itUut* eratit . Dutch. 

ptate if?. Rpjemanj. RoJmarinud. 

. This Shrul' grows larger in England tAan in mast Countries; die Leaves are hoary 
underneath' and j dark green above, and die F/oiverS a pale Purple . 
.It arorvs' nnld 'in Spain %$ Southern Parts of France; hue ie is planted here in 

Hardens flonn-ing in Jlpril . 
^lt is accounted good fir affections of the Stead c\- jVeroes : Itftrrnothens y ' Siaht 

and. Memory, and opens Ob/truclions of the Liver § aple en .- The Dried fieri 

burnt is pood to fiveeten the Mr. Officinal Preparati, -ns are, lon/erva . inthe/, 

Aqua Keainae t'fitnaarue , the thy m teal Oil and pc'J J'alt. 
i free k.Aifiav torn rcpavoj/tarncoLatin, .labctriotis or Bosmannum corona it u in 

Spanish, Romero. Italian, Rosmanna coron a rig . French, Posmartn . Serman. 

kefs mar m. Dutch, Rosemary n. 

j Plate xSo. F/aX. ZffiUffi. 

The Stalks oro to- to f>e a 7/ard high, t/ie Leaves are a grafs freen. and 
'he Flowers b/t/e . 

It is fawn in Fields and flower* in Iitt/e . 
^'Linseed is ssleetnd emollient, digesting and rtpenmy. of great xt/e in 
Inflammation/, Tumours and Jmpost/iume/. Cold drawn Janseed Oil 'is of 
9reat Sendee m alt J) if tempers' of 'die Breaft and lamas.- It afo helps the 
fffic and Stone, loth taken at the . H.vtth. and at veil m ylttfters. 
\freek.A'ivor. Luin, Lmum fatiintm- Jpant/h, Lmo. Italian . Lino d-re/teli. 
/■'" tjerman, lein or Flackd; Dutch.. /'/as 

&o. 40. 


/>/.*/<- ;.,; 

Citniffttf &r fnaiif/a 

Ffafr 'Sf 


W * MtrAnvf Jtfn. .:«/,:.-r Put* \ \-SfA/- 



/'/,,/,' /..' 




Hit.' t$Ci 



•ff .///ift. fmfa ft /»i.r. \ j. ./>•./. 

ttefmijf*™ »*? ffot /»!>/'■ ff" leaves are a J,*//,;, -..,„, fa Mm** nAite 
ryi/fi i/eiion> Stamina, ana the Frtat red 

Thru at ' planted here in gardens, ffavring in iu/g and fagtist the Fruit tew* 
... „, September. - J 

#el*ai*s*r* e/teemd 'f*&*w*ndik* Berries a gmrdPutretie, u&M in the 
fowl a*d Jtene.-3mUd m.fa/k and fnvetoed with Sugar the,, writhe Mat 

/fane. nt.tfm.fM 'adg fa&r.y/ken/ ,„ fits A'idnev/ a» fa/adder. ■ 7ne,/ Ae/p tie 
j.muh.e h, mn'ntr** tVftnuHans of the Hver and CaltStadder, and fa Drrrpfi, 

•anywjfffo ™>ter thro' dte'ltr, nan, t'af/.iaes Ttt/afirmai /reparation is die 

ir'-lZwxrG a\i*dKafo. latin, Sofani/rnverfieartum. Spanish, Se/iga dt Terra. 
•fafiart.Mraehengt Freneh. %iwenandeS.ferman.Jiidenhn%enJ>ulrh#rieJ;en van (Ifarz/s. 

\mte ifii. F/y/h/t J/,'t >< ///// '., //<>nttr/j/u mi/<{ formttht. 

Jt.jrrtfj ahotit a Foot high, deleave* are agra/7 freen.gfthe Ftowers ve/forvi/A. 
tuisrv fh'./iie/tt/i, in gardens, waste Places '.', -in J Rufihi : /A ,flonn in,/ for /• vera/ 
Jhntfti m the 9/e'ar. 

Jl,> leave* and .//.///,• are aeeoitnted apperatitfe. and meiiifying, A3)ecocHon 
efthsm purge/ eha/ene andjerons :/i,t,n.;,rj, i/fed in filifrrr}. -^Afattfi /<>//// 
commend/ aJteroction of the J*eed witAlformn/rra'd /br the t/e&nv Jaundice*. 
The Suite is good to tnAe anmy ffart/. 

tjrtsk.A'v oncosis dnhvs. Latin,. Heratria/i/ int/gariS ma/ et/betrnna. Spanish. 
Jt/rtuna/e. Italian, Adereurelttt htmina. French, . ttercttrialef&melfe. ferrnan, 
f'mqelcrattt'Weilnfe Dutch, 

m& tes The 

'TTiau&r Jptiiye. Ejula m trior Pttintsa. 

Ths Stalk j grow mare than a Foot high, die Lea re/ .ire a graf/ t7ree~n, 
.mi J ill,' Flat i ',•/:> fi'l/.'/ri/ii . 

ft u planted rn gardens here, X fforvers fin /.• i-erat dffonths in the ,/ummer. 
Hit j Plant u a violent Strong Cathartic St Smetie; and is/aid to he pood far the 
Uropfii. ij 'out, % other tfhftinate J>iftemper/;Sut mttsth itfedrvith great ttmtion. 

,'.•■'/ . Ku&agi'arias. Latin. S/u/tl minor. Jfdm/li. Leece tregua. Italian, 

i'j'it.t minor'- French. Ti't/li/niale- German \0>p re/j si is BolffrmihhJ)nirh. 

ptate j u- Chzcfave&d., Ihme. 

1: jmti'it fy i-e ,'taht fnehe* high, the J.eareJ are a light graft t}reen .nut 

the Flower/ white. . 

/'./',•;/'/ every where in moist Placet, and too often in yarden/, ffonn*tng 

»/.'// . flan flu m til? 9/ear. 
i- It i- efteemd eoolmg and ' moifinino. (food far fnfl.immattanj of the liver, 

•>-' Jndionifs Fue, Kedneft and Pimple/ w die Face-thing applied to the Tart) 

effected aJ a fafaplaJnu or iioths dipt in f> Jans ■ . tPtmfacf made of it S; ?Coo/ 

I«rlhtl r j hot Swelling/ %7\tnwtrS/the/Mt#ar^ 
ttjreA.Aroiya.Lann.'Jhtne.Sp.inijIt. JtStiait Paparme . French, 

Neuron. tfermaji.Sogcicraut. Vuttk,. tluin: 

0. .//. 

, -i 


'* *&&"*# J*/w. s.ufa ,/ Pot* 


.Ai&efongi &r 9fii/ta?t*fwm 



/'/,//,■ ti 

sl&ratriatij ///.// .f Atmini 



The fmalUi Jpurge 

? Jb*J ( 

E/u/a ttvnsr Pth'W.i 


Ffiito i 


%Uen> W ttu KerrU red J " '" "" "'"" ?'■'/' >".■•;,. ,/„• Fitnve, • 

t . Tnfivu Part' diey orotv nnU and are affo planted in <7,n L„< ff~> m 

Jjltrnej km* npe in September. ' 7 .*<"■'"'-'■ flonmno rn Jtay, 

. p,e Inner Bark fffduo Bufi 1/ accounted ,1 Jfreei/u for d* w*// m O / / 

f. fatl 0JvaK*r0a.Iaa/i, Oxoatantha-dpantfk fLJZ. / c , 

•rwMe.ternw. Ber/ieA - MitteA, Ber/JnZ ' '*""' *W»* Fr *™& 


**■ Mountain GUaminf: tatamtntia mmtona 

md/foivrmo m Inn,- and fit fit. 7 f y - • ™ w 

itr^Zi/'' g *Z"-^ a &?2fc' m to»* wntona.Spam/A.Moeda. 
Mm, h^/fq »Kmtona.iremh.Rnt/ti* numtam. ^ernun.JiemmuntJhtteh. iMnuenth . 

! nut „>;- The timimm Calamzntafdu sa^. Calammtha officmalid. 

' * illi'lZT It m ?*/& ** fir™/* cnfy dutAtei m <d upon tAe (round, and tAe 
W/ are/matter, die Zea i>ej andFlonterJ .ire atile in fotmirto d,e former 

\ It™ "I j ™ c "£ A* former, hitMnver/ in lulu and JuJu/f. 

M "Xt / T" V T ■"/* 0f/ " r - *** "?""'"* W *4fa**. W * 
tfj,r f tf orAsr, fraiuje ttgrowj in 9 reat*r An*, and At Stop/ are 
mmfit Jupptied n-itfi t/iu. 

■- U U '/ a rT' l ' 6 A' Zaf7 "' & iam * n 6* officinalis, or Puiegu adore Mpe/t.Spa'nLA 

tfyk%?/ Mm *" ,m ' **** Fffu **- *~** f™- B,u " K 2£r 

¥***s*Sl/Ai£e. Lhfod-Bed-Sfri 


anr. fa //mm a/fam f f/ /rfi,/ ll/m . 

**f rtnv *&J* tnn> Foot nip A, die Leaded are a graft green, and the 

M ,n vt* 0nJ3a nb onddr,f barren P/a.ej, flon/nna in Tune and July. 

Vint u effremZd arymf and inerafiadnf pood to jtap aft Away of F&uee* and 
™' Tn * rr *'4ft*</, and cure ffoundf Some commend a Decoction of it for tAefoufand 
' oath made of if m refresh y Feet n die n tired n-ifh ffvtrrwt&inq . In die JGr/A 
yyu/e iAm Plant in/fend of Sennet in majinp dieir f/ieefej. 
'P''Kr a \ IOv latin, fa/Hum . Jpani/A fh.tia Xef/ie Verva. Italian, (alio. 
«>«'>• rent Jf „«„,., /^rtn.m, ffegar frhk ViUefk, 


k '0. 



* * 




Vi' Barfarru BiijA. 

i i ■■"-■<. ^ 

int /,.»{., .,,„ /;„//, . , A ..', /i,t/<,tu ,7.x in':. i 

/tf/A- /A* 

IL'ttnUin laid mmt. 

\t,t>.y/,'"/ la/amenma m&titana 

st I'm* l - < i 






/■'"• ,:•' 

Vttton. Zafoj /i.-J Siran: \-*™T'\ 

<;.//// t*m /" i 'turn 


/•/,„•/,-.- fa/den Rod. '!,,<„, aurva 

:;^:::i:r •" *™ *"**++ ****** ***?». 

J?,/',-"' I'l'lh'M- <md /iod./eS. ftorprinq in fu/y. 

-^Uorey»J Top, are ufed, <fa My ateotmttd one of w left ieu/nerar, 
ml . M.Jumur, ufed ,nn/nrdty m truumanc Jbouw, and^oitnd Drink 
^"'";7 ''l/'>'''rW'™ ">><> Famentntunu. j>Jns recvmmend irfm /;„>/,„., a 
land 'ether Xaemarrfiaate/, ,W //„„/ aoffreatJbrvic* m tAe dttma 

/,/////. ■///>/,/ omea antftifr/ui „„„„, Errata,' SpaffUA 

i » / , n ,' ■'!""" «»''>'» Frew&teWerae time. derma*. 
\dntjth Jitttitf* vv//// Diitrfi, ^ 


yM*n&rwp/0nfafmmdandAdVj»utfAairyJ^a6^£fa TwfieJ Urn, 

>l<-,ii'>-f are a do/ A freen, a/iddie F/txverj PurpU andtyeSm/. 

v.w:< in torn Fie/d/, ,7/id f/, >//>,■/:> die falter Xhd ef Jttmtn*r. 

\ ,< a mdner/iry FforUi him atemnted ' gwdfir MTtfcer/ andfpn$ina can 

Jtrr&f, F/t/ic. "&em<>/>Ar,//<", ,uid //>/timma/ton/ of die Sue/. 
•tk.E* «r nil- laun, Eiatm*. Spamsh /tat/an, F/a/ma. Frmtk, 

(jermttn, 'Fhrenprew Be-wt.JJufch, 


iji-JLft/h'rNU'rtorJhmd'uimuiUJi'arJh/r.i. Gtrdtaca*. 

<tyv>t'/ be ei./Ateen TneheS /upA; tAe J.eavej are o dark free// on die Face and 

'ill on die Hack, o/id die FAnverJ <i red Fu/fde . 
fpm'/ m 'Jhu/e Placet and Zanej, fttmrrinq in ////ie. 
v Plant, ffcrrn ajuppofihon it relierej die Mi/brderj of die 'Heart, 
taPalpitaaan ana J'lv.'omihj, ta/cej die . lame of Tard/aca.dlr, tor Ran/led 
1 commended a Decoction of if fwce/md nndi J/taar aj a jmaidar Remedy 
die aAoi/e Hineft, and for Jffectionf of die Spleen and SCyfberu Fit/. 

U Powder 01-i/en in Mine 10 diegna/i/itifofajtratn 1/ commended aj a 

wen! Pemedtj to expediate die Jiird/ . 
'etJlgcLaiov. loan, Jlarrui'/ntn tardiaea dufi/m.J'paruj/i.Jlarojo. Itaho/i, 
unci. Fren./ 'rip, num. tiermon, d/erlyetper. .PuerA, 


>/*. Garden Pardlt/ . *Apiu/rn /is/'tvn/, 

e or 




'"on'/ fi, (, e f nro F lHt/ f lu ,/ i; die Leavej are a lurkc draft £rten and die 
>»vu //date. 7 ; 

h " fawn in u'ardenj. and flowerj for few rat ' Jtentht in if Summer accord///,/ 
\^e „,„<■ it 1'. Jimm. ... 

rf '"''ale Plant is opcnino.attetiiiotirio. diuretic, u/ffi//i fir dtiftrucdonj of die 
Jw find Jp/een, help/ die Jaundice. 'prei'okej Urine, audcav/ die ./tone, Gravel 
dJ tr,nu/i, f y. The officinal Preparation />, die Jimp/e Water. 

'n,' ^^I'voy k/'Sj aiov. J«itin, Pelrof.'/inum rido,;-e Jpanifh. Verticil. Italian, 
"' ' I'moi,'. h'r.'ncliJ'erjd dc l/ardin. ijernuin, /We/ /m ..Vutc/i. 

43- \ 





/'///. ti 9 


///v,/ tfWW 






TkiSin *r Vernal* JpteJnv/t. UjWW^/) TC/ahm <n Urmi&A fbimina 



P/af* t- t 







»* -p T/ie Ctmimon Service Tree. Sorfau tmndudu 

'■ ^"^^^'^^ "' • """■ ** *'■■ '■■'"" * ' ">>< 

, rh, Fruu v.,.,^,u.-./ ,,■>,,,„.,,,„ «ndUndu V . jm dJh „// /„„/, , r/ .- r///<r ^ 

tohvjv '■■-.'■>■'. '/*■/■,>,.,/„,*, ,/,,/,„„,„/.,.,„„„ ;„„„„,,„, „„,;,,„,., ' 
attended tvrdn aDiarrltsd. * 

f :"f l ' '**-J?*t itt h % '" d, " r " ■>/-"""'/,, JMa, Jtahan.Jbrfo 

■ n#*if4» The JmtzirdJmnce Tree. Sor/ms faiivu. 

, Thu Tree grow* rmtcA die same J&ia/u ae fa fbrmerXj^w f $& /„,//, 
own on die Face ecjtmiendiat hoary on 6 Back, and die Fruit a reduk Bronni 

lie grow* wild m Jia//orJ/Airc andtitrnnnU./lenyt-iny injftay, die Fruit Aems 
ripe in lovemver. ^ - 

\TAc F>wt when grem U very rcj/rmaent and ufiful /br all Imds of F/tixeJ 
Thij Friar // eldonie tu fe ?net nnth in our . Ifarfats, nducA erMaet ma net fv 
make We of die former Service five m die Plate of this. J 

£ieek:pr.i.J,,ifiH.Sorlni} Uyittima. dpanisht Jbr^as. Ttaitdn. Jtrrta. French, 
VjrmeS. ferman, jper/nem Dutch. Tame gualster. 

j>/aee ,? s . T/ie Jjaj/ Tree. Zaurus. 

I The-Bay Tre* fitdam ./rows to anyatecU By/iefi fore, /hi leaves are .1 dark 
frten above § a* pale underneath, // f&rvers are yellowifA, and dis Berries Black . 
llt.jrow wild in Jpain, Ttalu and France, ftonmna in, JtaU, die Wruil feina 

ripe in October. / 

yttule&vej and Serried are accounted heating, drifing, and emollient oovd for 
Wind m die Jfomach ,ind Bowels, helping $7 'Mie, comforting tf ^ad and ' JFerves, 
preventing Infection/, provoking '*Urine Srdie .llo.uet ,,'- expell/tia $ Jocundities. 

fwaraYy dicy are used in %*arm/'rw and J'tresv/t/ienina Fomentations' & Ointment. 
O^and Reparations are, the Fled d<- Bur, i> laurt; Bacds lauri, 
and me Oleum Zaurinum . 

A '/>;■<•/,■.■ <i<;t n. /«i/ui /.oums latifolta major- Jpanish, JSauret. //ati.m. Laura. 

f rent A. I.,ll/ri,>r. l/erinan. Lo//,pt It.iuni. n„ -/i.J„uii isrAoorn . 

Place if 6. ii'l l<t 1 /Jet . tiV tdih/riitll . 
' J ' "> <•>!>■ to Ac tn'o a due,- Foot lu,,/i, d/o leaves are a /"/oAr £reen, 

'">■/ t/ !e Ffayerj ivllif<< * J 

tlt,p,yvs mldinforne Flawed, />"C is eommon/v lo/v/i /br th& BeneA'e of 
** ■Teed.flonn ing in Sum. J ' f 

> Wh Seed i j efteem d tv ftre?tcjt/ien die Jtomacli It eocpell h%id& 1/ frequently 
tocorreetjirong puryiny Medicines . Jam* account itgeod/br die Kingj Svt'l. 
'K,Kcpioy n Kopi'arrok Latin, fondnd'ummajtis v//Asa,o. .//odn/j/i. 
'-"•fro. fralian. liyrtondolo- French, fon'aiid/c i/cniian./c/'iandei: I'liAA.ionaiider. 


lYiW f7j. 

jWfat/ tormina/it 

////A* /*f« 

/i k i 

JbrtmJ ***** 

Z. Fruit { 




Tfo Bay Th*. 

i Frutt 

4 K*r*vg 

Ail J// t/ r. 



P/at* fp& 

t ft ¥ 

. 4 JWdvtfitU 



fa? . 

|,. fijnw to ic a'/fardhiah. the Acre, are a ,/,-afi tJ reen and the J-UverJ I 
Ul!l! hmt,: Jm^ardenj and. florver* cvm mt mh/uiJuie ,„,.//„/,' 

K ;W* feenrd ap*ra^,£u r eiu, opening OtnlruttiZ ofa/uZl 
fa Jaundice It alfo provokes firm*, and , doan/eofi'/h inar„ lL* ./// ' t *Jr*'"v 

p:%. ■%% ,;;£;;:;; flWi ^ *■"* **& £2£ «£& 

riau , 7 6.Th& jtfMry or fra// Trie. . feW f/lveslrif. 

/////,-» rtie jame in tatonr. y 

WW in %•</$& and flower* ,n Jprtiandjtay. 
fouic, u made of the Juice off* fruit, wfiiehitftipeic an rd 3 W W«W A r 

Italian. JU/r jalivaeo. French. PorneJ fat wage*, hernial Slid 

/V//./ •///^/- Jppehn . 

'/</ 2%S//. 

mueifj. /fa //-Flower. Kern, f/iein >. 

Uarowj tn>, > Fa, ./ /,,.,/. //„• Zeatvy are a, llue freen and the Flowers i/eu%v. 

,"<•/'.• z^-.v/ .,// nyif and flower* in . ftarch andJprU. 
Th !•'/,„, Y ,:< ,„v cordial and cepAadie, strengthen the Jerves, help the Jpoplexu 
•»></ i'.i//,, gas e tj u , freen •J'icknefi, and procure the Jten/eS. The officinal Prepara- 
vm !.' tl,c Jdity InfuJwn of the FloiverS, which it warmiijo. comforting and .food 
pr Patnj in (he lunis. 

tjr*tk,Ad.xoV0¥ (Vjpoy. Latin, luteum rutaare. Jpaiush.lioietae 
Italian, Yioia omlia, French, riolett ferman,fe& Heael Bed Dutch. 

Tiate, d o. J)//,/// //e?tiui/h/t'i fJwmiWi/ri/j, Tn/jjae. 

it iiie/rj al'tnU eight Inches high, the Leawej are a deep freen &$ Fiowerj 

* red Purple. J7 

ttorowj here ,/, fardenj ■md fiowerj in June and Tidy. 

*'".' Plane i j ,t,„< tinted warm, opening Oi'fi* •uctionj of m • I.tver Spleen and 
wtneys, helping the Jaundice. Vrppfo and Stoppage of 'Urine, dome, cty itvp 
{ - •' -'/'cifi. for the 1,','nt Rheuinatijhi and Pains in the Zindtf. 
i r *e*Xap.afd y ovs. Latin, thamaejrijj minor. Jpani/h. ihamedreoj . Italian. 

Ui '-i>nandiin.t. French, ijorni.uidrce /,einian tl /aiiiandcrle Dutch, Jiatiienyci. 




/'/*'/-* 17 j 




iiitti i 

t\U/ Fh 

Vtl f ff 

) f Planter* f 
_ /■,■/ twi 

/WW (htiru 


/'/>/ . 

Small formanJety 

&lJV* J **.-#. ///m. /calf, ft A'ir. 

rut,«> ' Mitt Slock Afy-ftmer . JLaticojum allnun,. 

• *j&f^J^&3ttr^fi»* - / ' / '- * - 

2 ), ,j planted m gardens andHonmn mast . Il, m ifu in die ,y unutier 
Qatwrufa commend* t/i<> Flower/ jbrWeers X. fAa*u „>,f ie j L , t a 

vndprovoke die Terms, and hasten die Birdi. ' J^*' <* " ,/7U e "' 

. ^ek.M^yoy Zmgpm a/Un * purpureum. Spanish, rioletas Man- 
fllV a anianihsu Italian, Tiefa tnanca ^pmmm» French, Jicdet^ inches 4 
m ,oeJi,erman, furtjfraiin und weifj Beil.J>utth, 


m- Red Archangel, lamwm rultr 


reen. and 

eatest part of 

■<1iis Archangel is much left than fa White, the Leaves ore o oral/ $, 
ue Flotvers a pak Purple - 3 

kfranw commonly /,/ 9G$fmnu,s ami dfedaes. flowrmo the or 

rT/u, . irchanejel if accounted as great a Specfek for die Juxeefs of S mtamenia. 
and off -Juu-morrhaoieJ. aj the '/flute Jtrhanodis for the Floor Jtlfais . Jbme 
commend it for great Service in Wounds $ Inflammations when oum-ardh applyed- 
i :>"'''*> ^'OY's $ Fa\cofioo\oy. latin, Zamiitm pttrpureTfoenduihor fofeopfO 
purpurea. Spanuh. Ortica muerta lermeja . Italian, Oraca fetida French 

ffrtie /,•!/<»' ferman. Daultncf/ell, Dutch. Dove yPeetclen. 


iss Wild Siurory. (it her mm fufaedtn. 

'Hi,- Stalks of this dtjrit grow Jo tall as die farden, I'ut are more stnld/ed ',<■ tariffed: 
/A/ lean'/ are a fine qrafs ijreen, and the Flowers a fine Slue, 
ICprorvS in Lanes' arid la/ Wedges', flowing in Tuli/ and August. 
The'/. 'Hues of this are much die same as die /•</>', len. See Plate jj 7. 
wretk.Kix&oiw ayfiov. latin, Jntid-uS fgtvesnis. Spanish, Cichoria de SoSoue 
Italian, iichorui iatvatica. French Gchsrree fauvage. uermatv, Ditd Begnrurk. 
Wutcli, Ciehorey. 

pfote /<?-/. A'fi/Jedtve. rtfcum or f yew ijueramid. 

This Plant rakes root on die Bran. heS of Trees, and sometimes grows live or face 
Foot hna.'Jlie Leaves are a<vellow o'/een. the Flowers IJelloiv and y Berries almcft 
me Colour of n/hite LurranS* 

katjttfS upon several Trees. as die Apple "•>l l sYasel, Ath Aiappte, lime, 'Ihlfow. 
'.I/ate dw in Sc Oak. The last of which it hardly to t-e met widi here in England, 
"'hull perhaps added to -6 jYotuntr that die Jncient Druids paid dus .fli/seltoe - 
Mfitltoe is accounted Up ha tic and nervine, particularly ufeful for all kinds of 
mvulfion Fits, the ApopliXri/. Paint, and lertioo, for which Purpofes fane commend 
h.M/r.i -. ,J ', ,?.. '' tl j others ^ { ^"' ' -<~*~ 

///// Plan 
ofij floltt. Tree . find Lime is apoiverfu 
jdSwellinos- See fir 'John to le 'hatches Discourse 0/ ' Jh.-eltoe. 
'."''>'! / 'hs. Latin, ii cunt. Spantsh,1ifco- Italia n'lifchio or Tamo. French, fuy. 

'"'"'>,/„, /!,',/el/f'im'/Jurch, 

X. 40. ■ 


Wutt Stock fufy-flttrver IL/SI?' 

L£U* i*/tWi tlil'HfH 


/'Atfr fflz* 

titmtum ruhttm 

rtatt tsy 

IhU JUi . cry . J Sr^" 1 ^ 

knv&JdUn. *<* ufr. * /»« W -flirt?, 

GcfwruuVk fcweftre 



Plat* tS* 

. Utt\u*lts<> 

u Tkrry* ^ l^lnm «v VifctU jpurcmu* 





Fieda Jcair, 

nous. Scat/iota vulmrid pratenfis. 

//,/ tilth grow lo be tiro orthrooFoot /,;,,/,, //„. Z mve j ll/r a qrd fj f reefti 
a,i,tfo thwerf purpU. * - 

JtqrO'l'J "' '<■'■<•<■' '"-> ' -ifi'i /lon/ers m June. 

3 . the leaves are efteemd cordial a/exipharmk r udorific perioral, good for 

j),! ism !•»'>.' ''/ ''>•' lunas,aS loiiahi, shorlnc / of Brea'h. A'COS a/so JOre 
flwoah and <.uins*es. Outwardly, thcu are s'ervicecib/e in. vie Itch, /coMu JbrtS, 
fet/a" and other cutaneous Bis tempers . Thetj aljo take black and blue 
jlarkJ cut of the Skin.>>''' k .', ^aan,ScabioSa. Spanish, Italian, ./cabiosa . 

jrtiuh Scabtea<e.t,er,naii, Ipo/temen trout. Dutch, Scabien/c. 

Matties. The Scarlet Oak. r j/ex coccujera. 

Tlu< it a /ma// '//;/////'// Oak. with prickfy leave/, on die Twigs of which 

prow fitffe nvmd ijrams, or rather Aejtf of //" ■ :■ rf i ffiininq reddish 
in about as big aj, made by jtna/l '"." Thefe Ms'ts are Gathered 

while then are fiiff of httie Worms, and being btat in i tfortar,ine Scarlet 

liquor !• j train' a thro" a Sieve, and mia t nnt/t Uj eat/a r "si<t'it af 

fitoar, ■?/>/,-/> i > //?,• Juecuj Kenned of die Shops. 
fit grows 1/1 diefoulhem Parts of Franco It,//// and 'link//. 

Pie Succue formes u accounted cordial moderadg landing' comforting y Sfeart. 

di/ t itirh) die Jmmal Spirits, and good tp prevent . f/ifcarntina. ft a/so drives out 

tlie /ma// Pox and . ffeas/es. 
,Creek.Ko'rKOS fiapiK/i. Latin, f/ex accu/eata cocao /andifera. Spanish, tfrana in 

frano. Italian. Ifrantt da anaere . French 'lertnd/oh. German. Schar/achbeer. 

Itutdi- Scharlaaken Beften Soom. 

Plate is f. The Jumper Tree . 



Tint seldom,' ,/ro/rj to any great JUanefs in England, the ZeosveS are a b/uish 

freen (he Flowers a areenijh'/fel/orv, and die Merries black. 

Itororw upon f'Yeathj and flowers in Jlatj and lime; the 'Berries are freen die 

fu > t '; , ,n ana ■ ipe -he Second. 

The Wood Berries ana fum are ufed; die '{food u accounted fufb.dry and cephalic. 

foodio burn m tunes of Pestilence A contagious Pistem-perS. T/u Berries are esteemed 

carminative, diuretic txpet/tng 'Wind, and use full m (he Stone, fra/vel $ ftoppaye o/'l/r 

ti me. 


The Fume of the &uin u fa id to 6*' good fir (httarrhs, S > cram .Deflations up.'ii the ^Afost 
a/UHye-f. The Officinal preparation is, the JJiftHl'd'Oil. 

Creek, &£>x cu3;s.Zatiri; funiperiu vu/oans. Spanish, Enol-ro. Italian, finepro. 
/trench, tjeneure German, "Becdiolter. Dutrh.'Denel'er Boom. 

Ptace m '. The Tvv Tree, ffeilera arlrorea. 

Thy Jhruir .(mi/-/ upon anij Thing it groii'J to. die Leare/ are a deep freen, § Fh 
Widen: aiul Sie BerrtcS I'/ae'A 


-• > ii- n^i . /Juan. . inn » •»- «-•■» •— — — 

".' ferman, Itawer.Ditfch, K/imop Boomlyl 

1 47- 

//</// I **//*/ * 

<<t. Fry //r ft. 





P/at* its 

***+// Mn Jft fr M fl>U S J. * 


talnQfa fjflv&tru 


/Yw/r ifi6 


The ftmipa 7fr< 




. ■ 

///,' //'// '/ft',' 

■ . 

It&d&ra art vwi 


■ r . 


I />/.,/.- >so The! 'iw Trevor rnamirdPine.Pmw<>rPinu<f fafrva. 

' /-'■' '' / "/ / ;' / "'- "//' blender sharp P ouUed,darkGre^Zea^L, <i t eli«tr 
,.,., tuulfown oldona rou n d p<nn ud fated. <-*e<we*. jetton. 

' ^ffpruZ "' y ' ° UC « V 1 *'^ f""' ^ ijtrdw. fltnvrino early m 

\ThtMuikior Kernel/ are of a h* fan uc nouristUna J^ure, andefieemJ 
pun/far f&'"Pt*y.ibtph* ««dX arf,iefS;restar\itive.andofS*riw afar 
ton? JUndJ. Tfieu also help $ Strangury, f&ai % /harp neft of <Urtru . ' 

. ^iJhrrs. -latm. Puwd Spanish 7 Puw . /Man. Pud. French. Pin. German 
fit hten /'num. .Dutch. Pyn Boom. 

ptannioThe iin/dPine. Pinny fi//t/eyirts. 

Tjis Pine <trow/ mar as tt/l as tie former. Us Zeaues are muck shorter an J 
/lenderer, especially on dy Bottom of the Srancdud, the lathns * tones smaller 

. ma /harper; out much of die same cbiortrd. 

| Jt anuvs m great Plenty m $ermany t ir/fomrt math alwuC if lime nnth tie other. 

From tins Tiee comes the common 7m pontine, c/Ueflq used In/ the Ferriers, from 

which is d'stittdthe ad of Turpentine, ana 1 tie JptrYt, tie 'Areas that are left at tie 

Bettom of tie Stiff ,s the <. oni men Rosin. . tt/Sale a/firms from Doctor A ma that if 

Jiuraundu Puch 10 made off Turpentine* from this Tree. The Curious man Vans, Si 

•',V' // . ,/ ff r ; ^ -fadtecari/s Botamcttm -.officinal* > p.j*?. where diere if a 
hntijuU Account of this Tree. r 

\JTrryc hyoia.Za/m Puna montane. Spanish. Pino de Irosaue Italian, Pino 

/aye . tier man, S3 if dp. htenlunun , Dutch. 7/ Hie Pijiihoo 

JUvatuo. French.PinJaiivo. 

'in . 

Plate io,. Orpine ot Liiy/iV/y. ()\t/jii/<r or Fahrui. 

The Stalk/ .now to l>e a root hioh. the leaves ore a tit/he hlue Green, and me 
Flowers a pale Purple . ' as 

I fcrowSih ffedofS and Places flcnvfvUf in June and lit In. 
ii j^/^ a Flowers pre accounted cevitna and binding, o'ood for the 
bloody Ffujc, tempering the Steal and . {cnmtmtj oflhofe mimours which 
const an .Era, i on of the Bon/els. iVttwardlu then are tided a./am/t Sums 
a/idJcalds, and all kinds of /nflamsnationS '.' 

itrtek. 'In/ rip la. Latin. Tefepluum vutyasv. Spanish Italian ?ara ont/sa. 

Trench. Heprue or douharhe des Tu/heS- o'er/nan j'clm/erw.niet 'Jhitvh. Sineerwortcl. 

piate /j2. Phunertem . . nalricarttz • 

Mr The Stalks qrow alottt tn/o Foot hufh, die Zea/vej are a ueaow Creett, the 
flower/ white with a i/eUow Thrum in the . lliddle . 
h oron/s in '.kedoes and Lanes , florin'tnt/ mlune and Zulu. 
Wiij Plant is partzcttlarli/ appropriated to die female j'o.r, he/no of oreot 
Service in all , old flntitlem ' Di /'order/ of die l K"hml/ and hi/ fieri, Iffection/. 
proatrtno il,o tata/nenia and &cpeM*n$ the ttutli and Secnndmo/ 
About tn/o Ounces' op the Juice, taken a/i .'hour he pore the Pit u aood for 
1,11 kinds of . hue/- tt alto de/irons Worms, prorsles Tlrine, and helps die 
Jh -'ps,/ and Jaundice. 

faei 77<ip<h ./,->. I Jin. Paithemii/n. Spanxdk, Italian. Itetricaria 




\ V 


..w^„ ..„*,,,,„.. gaga? 1 

rt/iuj.s* Paw fattva 



Th* W/dPihe* 

W* in*/td*&xtS&tfr, ft Pin 

Pttmt fit/lUK't* r* 

Hat/ f 



z jW,1 f tt//tt 

(rtff/ala or Tabat t,t 




P/oU f 92 


jffa&ifrv '*t 



' // of Ftuuic* 

I -piateyy The Cork Tree. Suiter. 

\ 'fluj te a kind ofwtryreen Oak, >o Iboaw are t/,n/.e, and mud, ie/) indented 

I fan fa eenunon Oak, and tlie Ptcomj 
tttjrotvj "i Sp.ux an,/ ftaly.and the JbiuAern Parly of Fi 
, The VSti'A: of which they that.- Cork, ie separated/ram the 
In«ju»< />:•'»/» '"-ad to t/„> Xootrt aU Thee »>n„/, t/tey take care to do th dru 
tytadier. for fe ytmng tender ^ark u fyaM* to fa defrayed* and the Trees ki/lH 
fyftun cork yfiudlo fo reflruioent and aood for a/l'Amdj or F/uaeS. Jbme 
commend me Jsnes or burnt Car-%,fbr the famo Purpofes . 

vkfcWl/j latin. Jitter /atifdnim perpetuo vtrens.' Spanish, 
Italuuuftyaro. TrWtJu German Fant.ypdh./A '.Dutch, , 

ZfYtf (*tt Ttuxltfuj a l&?tq 


mte^4 Ths Bay rf Jkmndria . LaitruJ J^xdndnna. 

He /s.d/\< are touoh <$■ /unhei. je/doni orann'na to ana great Met a fit. the Leave,! 
\rt .' hoht /reeii.the Planters are sreem/h with a putp/e limbo in the l/idd/o . 
It poti/t ni the Jtcnintainaus I'arh ef Ita/it. and in JCttnqaru. 
Vteforides and (jat&n recommend it to open OltftrttctianJ of dw Aidner/j A' the 
'llcmO to provoke 'llruie <$- the jfteei/eJ; and to Help Zona j- hard La/t'ou/:' dame 
Oaounl it a aood ruh/eraru /'/ant. & ufeftU to dry up o/d'/l/cers and Sores. 
•LAapvti.d\tJaycrp£id. Latin, lain it c . t/eiandi in.i oenutiut- J/janish. 

Pa/tan, lam o ytlifsand una French. Lain ier id/earandi in. far man. 

The - //tij/h/i or Zenti#As- Tree . Zenti ', •///. 

Plate i<j5 

I. Tint 'free grants to a conjidera/'/e JUane/j tn its native s',<t/. //te Ze.trej ,ire a 
•iu k graft 'tfreen.t/te \ Fitment a yreeiusA < //e//o>/> and the Merries Mack 

rltjrbtvj in the Jouthem Party of France and m /ta/t/. . //// 1/ ttte/ds t/te tptnt 
Mutic/totify in the //'/and of J c 10, or Chios, tn me .'/ic/upe/nao. 
F/ie Cum is esteemtd heating & dmt/t.i. 111 cnpi/mi/ui tfip /sea,/ $ swrvous Stoma* h. 1/ ea/es a (buy hi 'stop s'/piPh 1,1 ofala'ad^- statjj'fonntiiuj. 
t Ladies in 7'ttrhtt chew it to piece/ I'e'the liiinu & '/•'.•/A > ,'\ procure a 
'n-eet/Breath. itutwcnd/i/ itiS used m t'/utjtcij/bidie''/i~tad.i./i <$■ Totrth ./,//. 
f/ie Wood is accounted drying o\ tindipa oood/or a// kind' of 'Fhixc/ 
fGreekiSj xfroS. Jsitin, JsntiscuS ru/ran's. Jpanu/t. . /lata <n .hveint . Italian, 
%entuco. FrenxhrZeniiStpt''. German, . //asti.rhautn. Dutch. . //ajt/j "Boom . 


Tim titj s.The Box The. /hut//. 

nex leldom oron^/ to atiy (treat 3 'ton e/j here, the Leai-ej are a deep f/uni. 

ffeen, the Flo9verj yeMarv. and t/ie Fruit a l-ro/vnij/i oreen. 

'' Jivti'j wild in some Parts of "Kent Jf J'ui 1 1> aj at /i,\x hi// neai Dark in . 

°>ne commend die Chips of the V) 'trott ' /br die Luc- lenerea. iiuteud of fua/ucu/ii, 
htiu much of t/w same /fatttre. 7'heOi/ dt/ti//d from the 'Hood is wed for 
*y '/oodi./c/i. a /itt/e Lint or tottoti hunt dipt tn it ^ pur into if dCo/lon- Tooth. 
"</■ ITu?os. Latin. SitauS ar/otefienS. ,fpanish Tla/tan, liofsff. 

l 't"di, fittis. tjermath Dutch. J'a/in/oom. 






f*/tltt ft 

the Bw vf 1l & nvnirui ><£?? 

** *- B&i, lnW/ Jftt*\ twif**tt Am; ) 

&mru4 . tUxandrwif' 



'V il.ut,j, .7 tend/A '/>« V y /r r " 






f 4 ilsity 



Th?itwf»wt$um ujtujofuuiJu./utw tam&fera rent Cr&tka,. 

s /■/„, Jutd ;">'«■■' A; /"' fo o> th> ee Foot high, f/li , /^ w ^ a - ^^ ^ 
tirn^r/ a pale /ted with a (ante purple jpotin i/Fiid. 

in n/i»l v a I ' , ,, _ ,/_ i 

•!;•/. ''' /■'•/■ jvc* .ttt,uj3nu near me jeea 

leartnv <m y Island 'of imdy ^ other/s/aces m § ji.hipelaaa & flowers , 

■v cmnu tfegttntZaffd&num o/ 0" shops, hduch seme & 


i Itltlf. 

.'"/fiend as 


;■><•"' ; "-; : -- ? —«*.««»««, <y » ., f ,opj,nmi,/i some common,/ as 

s v, a Loojcncs A t.npes >uisedtn, /harp humours. The Fume of it comfortj 
■fa drain, %Jtop4 >atarrho,ij Befhadon/. 0uto/ara% applet, itu accounted 
jb-enfhenm.f to 'he Jtomach . and jt.u/J romih'ng. See M' Vofeph Mtlleri 
pmnicum Cfftcmate p Z5*.<%a,$j. Jr 

free*, Kir® fiXMappK (CX/araa o v. Latin, os/r/jledan 6vten4t>. Spanish 
Xerguiu0fJCiVt<ni. t/sfa *r&nch, 
Dutch. Laudanum liec/n.,. 

flattsgs- The fomrnon Fir.or PuJvTree. JU/^j ndra, or Puea- 

Mas gronrs to Ire a large Tree, tlio J.eai-ee are Jnuil/ f/e rider 3c pridduof alright 
qnifj >esn wl-ur a%s ta/iinj ,/ree rush, the umej a h./iu Brorvn % ij SeedSran >r 

Jtgro'fj r/'i/d i/i /',errn«n,/ ,\- Scotland, jendnur otitis*/ fatA/nj in the Spring. 
[ the Leaves and Tops are tt/ed i» DietDr/nts jbr die Jburzry, fare an Ingredient 
indie SrtinstwcA . Hum. The S/Ta/^urg Turpentine • em, v fiom diis Tree, rr/uch u 
m&fymg healing tccleanstng c<a great /Jiutettc. u/tfuli ' m ' a gonorrhea. 
fa Fhior alius, die Stone ,< orare/. ^J/fetrtions off 'Bre.ut ,\ lungs Tar // ,d/<i Ae Produce 
cfJui Tree, and // iitrottnted a <food ' pe,-t<i> ttf AleJtiine, ujend /or f/wtnefj o/JJiead} 
j'/J iV-n ii, iionj of die Lurytf. 

urethjIri'iKii. Latin, Pieea. Spanish . / J i/io neara- Itahan. Pezzj>- ~Freneh,PeJJe.Pujnet 
> ,,'ari/jo/t \ ijerman, Pat Zjtnnen//aum- Duteh.Penne Jlooni. 

Plate iff. The Oii/iv Trve. Otea 



i This Tree ijrontj to a areat'BigneJs m it/ nd&ve C/ima/e, the Lea/vs are a deep 
Crunal'ove <£ ho an/ undsrneadi/die T/.iwerJ //i'uotv,&die. Fruit Mat k. //die,, ripe . 

i. Jtorjn-/ t/t Sp'im. Italy and Turkij. 

y Th? Oiltj moderathj healing $ rna/h/yina. rend/in/? the Body /</#; o$ Jo/ul/Ie: 
xthtlpS Dij'orJerj of ij Breast & Lun.j/. $ eases (jripintfj <$ die to/he. . ftrs af great a/e 
against ad eorrajiise mineral PoifonS. asJrfem,. Juolimate $c. Tt opens 7/ 'Urinaf/i 
/id/aoes $ is good (v u Stone § gravel. The pnAled i)ltnes are grate/til to {/ Sto7ttae7t. 
and pro-vake an Jppente . The ripe Oliams are agrsat Partofy Foad^ erf die 
Eastern ion //tries, among the ijreekj; especially in Lent. 

\tjreek.E\dia.latin, Olea. Spanljh, Oltiro at Jzj-t/timo.Italtan.Ohi/o. French, 
Olivier. German* De/laurn. Dutch. Olijf 


ytrij minor. 

o. TheJmaJl rv-i/d Daidy . Beilid 

i- ThuShdks qrorv al>ot/t- four Inches high, the Leaves are a tight Ijrsen, the Flon-erj 

n>h,fr set about a getian, Thrttm, $ Som^nmes r?J roundy Fdge.f &■ red undrrneadi 

i-bgrojv/ „) Fields '.'• . Ueadon-y flon-ring m . Uar.h -ipril and Mn/. 

> This ,/ accounted a tiamiia/icA ,f- rulnerdr/j Plant, le/na ufedniUoinidDri/ik,, 


■W commend a sOecactian an-en lunard/g anda&tap/asm off Leave* appftea: 
<■"'»■,,,-,//„ u/ extraordinary Remedies at die Knurs EvU. 
*■ freest. lalui. Bellis minor. Spanish. Ifgti.m, Ft,-i- di prima 

' -French J/aroueraei or />JSp'C'te . firman, Jlafslts ten. Dutch.. Uaaadefief-en 

%■ $0. 




*'*iv Snvtf Gftw of {bnJy 

.:..,,. {btu/fouA/ira With** 



Tht Pu<h T*et 

stPt*%r ( .: J>rJ 

J. Ltaf ftp**\it* i 







TJu* Olivt Trte* 

«■■ knvB&lm fiub s* Tin - ) 5 »^ 

OUa t 07 Olea fatzva 

i'Lttr $GC 



1 M* rjrffr ttmfrrtTw 




T 1 





umrcurr/'/zf me j&mm/ cnmce jS r JPECZd£ZLtf r j$ 

of t/it> jPl^jvTa?, ar& S&y&my w/w/i dk/erm 

yfeajtz/re ro te# //(W /////*?// fam /'//</<>/ A" f/ 

to your jFniEJV&SIfir, <///</ '/P Jv/f/v'A' /w/J/>jf 
., , _. , /mw/'/t' J'r'/ya/?/-. 

P(auw, The Tamarind Tree. TamarmduJ 

,. //»• ii',\'/ India Tamarind, //„•/'„ ,.,,,>,,,„,.-,/,, '/> , 


i"t<* tflf/L 

■rl,,< n-L „„, < Y """" .'**'*/*•<»* net/ft oaf of. IP. /.vw- 

,. W TamarOld/ . // V ^ WW ^ , W A, ///em/> ^^ wM<flU 0f/ter JWfWne 

TV/' l ^/^T e £T^^ m ^f^ tha ^ k correct 
fatnkniJ fteat 1/1 me dmnach ariaJBonMlf'. ■ 

i hwkjplvf0f*K£s.Xatbu TamarinduS- Jfrani/fv, nation 

French, ferman* jr/tc/t. Tamarind* . 


/ .1/V iv/lif,', 

rL,t?.20*.T/h> Palm, or Date Free. J>acti/u/ r Palmsfr. 

«/ ,y a /atye Tfanddi a rvuyk tcafyjiarkondie rnainsStom. tfU Lea ves ar, 
mt/y Tejjcf itie lr-ee inform, <rf die Stick/ of a- Fan,; t/ia F/oncei. 
and •It-' rrn/t tie/urn and rcl . 
ttorono >nBdi'/r,i/~i- i fi<fifptanstJ't/,-ia„ 
YTlieJ)iUcj are mucli u/eit for Fpvdeh //ie iountries nrAere t/ieu arotv; ner e 
theij are e/tee/nd drying turd auutiny, ufefoJ/ for F/vxes and to 'smooe/i the 
jtouaiine/ ■ <rf t/ie- . ijpe-ru siri&rta. 

'reeAfo/nj.Zann, Pa/ma, dpanijA, PeUm&ra,. radian, Pa/m.i. Pra/uA, 
TtUnuer (,erinati /)altel{rauin>. Du/xe% Uade/. 

Plate 203 The //i'i/e J<i/]or Sifa/fi Fir. ^nej 


iTlu.< ,'rcn'j to />e /v/y /arye, t/ts Lewises are //?xr<id at die Bnd/ & ndiite 

Uihhrne,////; arid d, io/ia} ./it?/// e/ect>. 
i Tin/ Tree u faidw yrorv nn/d in some Parts of England; but is found 

"i .11,;// PA///// i/i //ie n/,</////,///toi/S /'/it/ of Germany. 
I Tlxi/ u ///,. y,,, e //'/,/,// oa.t/it /,< A- //fed. in t/ie jVzons according ta c/ie 

BiSpen/atoiy //tt not ' /-ei/uj so common a/ t/ie Spruce, diat q/tiet a/It/ 

jiif'pliej its /'/ace die VertiieS of f/otk />e//iy //u/e/i die Same . Jee die 

tUn&f.Spaiujh, ^Afatc. 

Plate 2o*.Col&-fbvtor FoleJ-fvot. TupUaqo or Farfara. 

'■ The J/al/y on w/nc/i i/ie florrer/ yratv are- about foui ' Jn<//es Yua/i > die Leaves are . i 
ydlon/ 4reen a/'ot/e ,{- ndut/.di under r/eal/i. and die PYon/ers r t/e//ow. 

2 Itgrow/ m maisttvatety places arid 'flarver/ in Pe/ruar// % Jtarc/v- 

3 The Leave/ S^Ffotvers are accounted 'pectoral, yffffa ffir Difeases ofdieLr/np/ and 
Brent 't. ay loi/o///. i, *<i//i//ti/.>{ien/. <f z/iortnef/ afJSreadi. Some /mo/?/ t/ie dryedLta vt : • 
toion<? To/a. co for iouafiS &J$cdartf of die Lun,// 

: ■' "I.Biryioy. latin, P/i/i/li ea/a//ina. Jpan/jn, ,7/rdia da Mno. Italian. Farfiire/Za . 

'''•nut,. p„s J? . A,;,, ^ernum, SranddaOUh . Dutch f/aefobuUn . 



: i 

1/ FUh#> 

Tamarmdu > 


/'///,■ M( 

1 %,jyuit 

fj<!*ii/uj i/r Vafma 




. /A«v 




/'///.■ iv/ 

'"'"f ^''- ;-'*- V n :3rwJr*n,»\ 7}</Si/*f* m Fa,fo,n 

',f t ftum 



wm v j 




/'/.//.• -'.'- 

,; ,,rfa 1>- * "■<■■ OU, ''''■'^.■.rr/nJ,, : , r ,,,,,., M J,,,,,,,,, Vi ^ l ., J 

Ea/ui, . /■/„;/,./;,;,„. j},,,,,;,/, 

4 «'"••■' 

, flnfarkefdw 7res. nrhuhjtfTarcdUfL W /> * U^ ^ ^//: tfi* 
/,,m y a tdue ;"• en, % the Fhrrnerspurpksuceeet&d 6y freen Serruf. 

Thi.'fi.ut i, ,77/v^ /«-» // ,„,./ w/, ,>, ,/„, ,/J^^. ,/ ,> accounted a speeefic soainst 
fa Jinny, <mdayoffd, fervine JUdiciete, hetpfutt in Palsies and tmvul/ttmd; 
pme account it goad fir pifeases of the Stomach andSenuedd. 
ftek, l <>''>'-&rtsrWmferamtj,LaurifrtiitJfaaetfani<\i fir/ice atri. 

Spanish. Italian, Trench ferman, 




Thienop yio/'/t' ±,i/ver/t/ort . jtersanrtt no\ 

TheJtnlhs ,/nw ahvitt fvur or five Inches hi.f/i, die Leawj •nv .1 or.t/e Green. 

fa Flowers jbmetinus whUfyJomeMmej dttte & feme times a red PurpU. 

If if ['/tinted 1/1 tjardens, and ffonr&rf ifr ./March. 

Tht lea re. 1 are commended In/ Some /ore inn Jtuthorj ,u .7 yaod Hi/ 

ntrarij. and use Ad in Xtiftempers oferu Liner. 

Week, Latin, Trifirtium nureuen. Spanish, 

Italian, ftkrha T/inici French. fermeirufufdenZehsrcrtuit. 

JJuh/i, Fidel ' Le/ver-krin/d 

Tiateios. Venetian drained. The True Oral/us. OrvbttdKnetitCitOrvbw 

The Tttwt mark'd nritA the Moure r. is die Jsrtrnd leaved or 7enet/an OrofatS 
and has .iencra/fa a purple Threw,' That, m>wk'd A. is die Snmm ,-r fatter 
VUeh.nrkuA is Com mo n/t/ it fed ih die ./%>/.'■'- t/,e fepor.ile Fit' it res isetcmy 
to this last, for die. J'eed, Pod and Flower of the other, tie t'.-tn differ 
trit; the,. feed ef die ft'rsb/>einn black, d,e PadprVtty laeye 4' the Flower .1 

pate Titrate: die .feed if u other is white, the Mower white ,\ the PodJmaB. 
2 Tt'ty- trow in lea fa and same forte of France, (fanning in dune 
y The /w./v o. ' Orottus miae with tfbmy u said 'to cleans* ffUZutyr of Torts A 
nL wl ; aud is a stems Diuretic expeflinf the Stone ,y fnw*i fait >/ taken 
bo frequeneti, it caused t-faody'tlriiie . 

/ Oqo/os. Latin, Enumr. £ Oro^uS. fyvutS fattfiuus. 
tfain. Eruo or . ffactio. French. tjerman 


.\ ; 




/'///. ■ 

- ■ . 

r/„- •/,.//„ '/;,;■ 

■ft B&Unv&A&n ,.„£•/ /'/«i )5<*/W 





bmi R $ u* ft&s Tre*> ] j. Vrrrie/ 

%>, ..*d, rt ******* J 


. jrfat ttintrrnmu 


ffapatii </ tti'fit/ts 




i'fitU 3i>& 

7nd tea** Otirf/uj . -yrwwr- 4. nut a 









f ■ 

^ ruuezo 9 The Card Tree. Caroitar Sititjua,. 

, Tint Tree ormvj 6> a tmtfuUraiU^igfwfj in its native Climate die leave* 
a r,<„h»,h, yrafi freeru du Ftewers red. the Pods „ Iro.rni/h red, and 
die Fruit " deep red. 

, Jkith'olu/ recommend/ die Friiita/ goad for die Stamen A, and Griping of'f 
{jut/, c\ to provoke <V> me The Decoct,™ of die, Beans i/ accounted hti Aim a 
peat Curt for art inveterate faugh* and. die Tif/icA. 
L (jrttk.feodTiaMi/»i. Jz&gua, Spanish. Jtfarlas or CrrrouyeS. Italian, Cirohott. 
Prenc/i. (Ci'vnye. ferman,S folia, uu/ Brodc, DutzA, Sint* Sans Jlom- 

mt*z io. The* Tre& of Lif& . Jrtrvr f&is. 

j. ft seldom* grxnv/ en any great. Big nefs insZ'ngland, die Leave*/ re/emlde 
much t/wse, of g Cgprefs Tree, ^ die Cone/ are a fialu Broiim. 
\&JtJ iiati/ue (lunate- 14 Canada,. 

) Tin Leave./ are accoutred digesting and, attenuat/rig . Parhinfon- /ay/ diet/ 
liave done* great Service* in? freeing die. Lungs from 'duel F/egm.hg dienring 
ihe,tn, fas ling in. die, sHomutg. 

\a. Creel* Ktoeos 1\vria. Latin*, Lucia* Cedru-/ '. Spanish Italian, 

Ctdro Lgcio. FrencA. ferman- Dutch, 

Plate, zu. Tlw me/. T/u//?WJ . 

j.Itororv/ alouC /ml/ a*Foot hig/v; the Lea-ves are, a* dark Green* and t/i,- 

Ffaivers a pale Purple?. 
t.ltaronr/ nill in Spain, and fltrrvers line in July. 
! Tlwme u esteem'd lieatirii/ and* attenuating good free- die 'Lungs from mj, id 

Flea nv and help 'If /tees ing ami- /Avrtneff of Mi each It is alto accounted 

cepkadic and. oood in a&DifeaseS of die Jitsad <fy ^A'erve/. 7/ie Offtatiaf Prepara 

lion- is The, Oteunv T/u/rm- aUetil/aSum . 
4, Oo/ios. Latin, T/iyntum duriuj. Spanish, Tomilhofalfero. Italian. 

Tinw.FrencA. Tun- fer/nan, Ronusclier Jtuendel . J>uceh, Thgin*-. 

piate^a.Fue,/euwecirY/iMm/ Graff. Paronychia, rulucetf friio. 

i. This Plant* /e.h/onie eaxeed/ four or five* Indies in heio/it, the I.eaoej are* a*- 
rtddi/h freeiv. and die Flowers lohite*. 

*. Itgroivs on. the TojiS of Walls $ flower* injlarch, and .dp id. 

S.H' Bogle commends thij Plant 0/ a Specific for die. Kings Fvil 
•f' ' loluv faleiaeeA. in his Ff/ay upon .lads $e jHhaly/.ituiles wentt'onof a, 
poor Ctrl tri e ftoreeSterfhirt, aflicted nidi ScropmuovS tllcers tvfuj reeewved- 

"Benefit from. it*. 
■f * ^reel, ///ton/ e vx"*.Laitn, Rum nun aria. Jponish, fail/an . 

J, 't>oiuediia. French, 

t f \<i man. l/awerrauten ViUcn, 


9 -SS 

///A' *0Q 

2?is Caret 7?et V^L ' Gavfa erjifyud,. 


' • ■ 

. i 



7 /^ 7rt& <V t//e 

V- ■■— ! Mm «ft«. 









\ tx 



Ru? fatwJ fiftif/t'tr (,ntjj. 

7 r 

TUn^T/unlldOHm Tree. (flea fyhettrv,«-dmttsr. 

, ?/ rlJ 7>ve gn»»s left ^lA^^^^^^ , 

fa plane* ndute rnd a />/„.,/, of purple m ^ ^ ^ ^; w> ^ ^^ ^ ' 

L ftgroivS inyreatlienty m TuJouw and floiiAerS in Jprtf. 

} Itatduolos wonunend, deleaves * thc^aodas Uiduu; $ cooling. BwcoritUsfas 
fa 0,/u ec.eedmy as/rmgen^ and account* die leases and. Fruit ooad for X' 
JitfJionyS Fire and corroding Sores. 

4 (r*tk;J4yg,e\a*a. loan, MeaSter.Jfcamsh, Zel-uche. ftalum, Oliim falvan.a. 
French, (Jiwer jawuage. ferm anBilder ollaimi. Dutt/ultilde. Oluf . 

n**w Tfi# Jawvw Tree-. Safa'tui/. 

7tjeldo?m f r <wj tall i/vEngland; di&ZeaveS are a pro// freen, dm Pioneers' 
tfreen, and die .Berries a,hlasAi/lv purpU. 

Jt is planted here in Ijarderu. and jeldome produced Fruit, fir which dorrtg" 1 
have thought d larresv. 

j. Siwme <t accounted hot <J dry, opening <% attenuating, leinc? a treat Provoker of 
tfie lata memo, coup no .dl'ortian.^ easpe/ling die Pirdu /tie esteemd oood to destroy 
ItbiinS in Children, /or ndiich- Purpose .d/f Pay commends die Juice murt ruith 
Mlkit Sweetned n'lM Ji/gai; die Juice lea t into a Cataplasm udtlt Jfoos Zard. 
cares (Juldrens J'cally Jleads. Officinal Preparations are die 01- Jaldnae per 
Infiuionem et decocttonem, <§- d/e Oleum dad', chymicunv. 

4. free A, floa&us.Xaa'n, Ja&iita. Spanish, Jali/ia. Italian, Savin a. French, 
Sainnter- tferman. Jelenlaum. JStitih, Seoenlaom.. 

I'tate tJ5 c M / a/ J f f? trier Pfffyppdy of f/te Oath Polifpot/itt/n 9g&rcmum- 

1 This Plant y rows a lout eiy lit or ten Inches hioh, an the lack ofdteZeaveS orow 

lie Flotvgrs of a reddish Iroriat toloui . 
*• It prows on- aid- li alls and Trees, and /loroerS i/v sfatuf/tn. 
X 'The Roots are ejteesnd opening, cfyoodtp purse lilio/e dOimoitrJ. Sc open Oldtruc 

hens ofyZvver, help die Jaundice &J)ropfi/ <f provoke urine* Seme account diem ooodfbr 

me J'a/rou f>r nddth they are peqttendi/ anJ/ioredient in-jtntiporvulic> MieC JJrinhj 
4- tfieeA. j7b\ v&o'dior. Zatin. Filicu/a. Spanish, Polipopio. Italian,. Pofipoilio. 

French, Polgpode. f f erman, Dropfftourk. Dutch* Poomvaren . 

p&u»*i6. Spleen ffort, {eierttfliJlilitvajt. JdpkiiutttislefcraehSailttjmtJrtii. 

J- Itgronv aloutfbur JntlieS htfli, deleaves are odark ijreen on the upper Side, $c 
Orowni'h on the lack Side, tvluilvis oecojioned ly die Jee<ls ororomo there 

2 TCqrorv/ vu O/dTfolh and Buddmyj '. 

3 Tfiis o one of diefwe lapidary Plants. tuAmy itj Jume frorn die yoedJffictf n hat m 
curiiia die Difeases of die J'pleen , tahinp anmy die Swede/to./, and mrulering its tvo 
great Largnefs, whence it u ..dh;/ ' ^//dt/ it ais<> opens 01 ft 'Ms nj of die Lii>c> 
<*nd help/ the Jaundice, and it food to tore die Pickets mt'/ttldren 

+ freeK, ^ajj\ceor.Zaan^dlsplenninu Spanish, Dornddha. Italian, Jjple'ia. French, 
farach* fermam p " '• /( Scolopendrie ■ 

Jfo. Jtf,. 










TAsCfawu Ties. 

I Seed, 








Jfytupcdium fyurewum 

/'//A* 9I£. 

fp/cenffirt &ttratA.JMtw*ft V f / f y / ^ , r ,■ , 




Wat, up iMorjelad. Cauda equina^. 

The <>'<>&' ^ h " j lW/ <&e Seed grow to le 7 erf Indies luqA,& diose dial A 


falewte arealoutjF&ot tufhst&&J#awt are a faiyAt fair, £ $ Flower/ Irotun. 
,. // fr0#inJ)ucfa and marshy //round, florurutg in MarcA. 

k -M<r/et.uf v aeeaunJxd re/trmgent dryiny %Aindtnt?,yeed to Jtop Bleeding m 
tfottnds. and all 'Jdiemorrltagies u, ana part ofdieiBody. dio Catamenia and 
finor a/Aus.TI/ceraMemS m ig Ktdn.>i/s orWaddeK^is ufefid inall kinds of Ruptures. 

t,Crfek lot&ovy/s. lattn. EiptiseGtm. SpanisA.tjoda dejfula. Italian, tddaditauado. 
French, %u&ve de tlieual. German, RofstAwnnts Dutch. Vaardeftaan . 



r/ate m- Sea Scurvy -Graff. Comkarta Britarmua manna* 

Itorontto Ae Inches At a A. die Lea res a*v a At/At tfteen tf die Flowers white . 
This Scurvy tjra/s orvW VI great plenty At, 'die Thames fide Ae/owlfooAiiuAi. 

and flowery in March and. tpril. 

This I lant ts fretjaendif used inJcorl'ittu Remedies alorw with die garden 
Scunai-tfrafs; iml wanting its /me vole/tile Parts, it seems 7/ot so prevalent; 
tufo/oimdint/ mote inSd/ine it mat/ Ae ttfed a? good Pltrpele os a Diuretic. 
{jreek Latin, toc/dearm liritunnica. Spants/v, Italian. 

Front A. SferAe attr tut/icrs.ferman. Dutch, lepelldaden. 







\ ptam-iioJf/iile J/titf/en ICair. Altatt/ftttm a//wtt. 

The Stalks grow a/out j or 4 Tnched Atah. die Zeave/Ta At/At green, afove, 

and fa-own underneath Ay reason of die Seed. 

It grow/ art old Stone /fall/ Sc 'Btttldtriy/. 

This is one of die five- fapiAlaii/ MrAs mentioned in die Di/pen/atory. «j has 

t/ie same firtues with the leSt'of die Jfaiden flairs, Aetna opening fi attenuating 

and 9 ood for Distempers oftheZimy/ and Breast; and if it/efitl in pectoral 

DecoctioitS and Diuretic JtpozemS- 

CreeKJdiarTor \tvroe. Zatin. Rata muraria, or Saline rung. Spanish. 
Odanttido depoZXP A/anca. Italian, lapel /i-nere Aranta. French, fapd lenere 
l/lantpte. for ma n, Franten Mir. Dutch. Sfeenruyte, 

zw ^oJBlack Jtdfflten Mar. . Mhnl/mm nztyrttm. 

T/us Maiden, tear grows aAout a Spa*v high die lea res are a Any At freen, 

a/tove. and under nea/A t/irtt are covered with Small Bronm, Seed 

It a rows in J'liady ZaneS and at die Hoots of Trees '. 

'his is a/so one of die five Capillary 'JferAs; <j its firtites are. much die same 

as§ common Jftuden Mir. Aeiny useful 'for tcuglu A; aiaffeetians of y lungs and 

Diseases of y Kidnet/S; Some, commend it as good for die ?aundiee> ■ 

freed, ^ddiarroy pt\ov. Za/m, Jdumt/umv nigrum vulgarc. or OnapetO' 1 ■ 

foemina.. SpanisA, Odantrdlo dep.'ZSs' negro. Italian, tape/ ignore 

fr^,,/,. tapd ventre ti.ii. gennan.Franteth Mar Dut. A "Drowven four/, i„,J 


p&u ai? . 


'^'..-//. /,/,„. 

.tttt/ft. fi Fir* r 


Stiff* th! 





JfitJcunm draff 

■ ». 


i2w?*f -a^ ^ 





V « 










i "*""'■ ?*?"■'' / 'f" l ' : """ n " l/ T """">'"^ <>»/'«' Orient, 

, ,,.„.„■,»,/„ KvtTndu, „nd ,/.„„„., ;,/,,," ,"T!7 '"■■ reP " / r l 

T ;,, ,,,,.1/na, v U.-nfro,,, ,/,/„„/„/,,'„■ f„Z f " J/ """"" * ''" 

, Tamarind* ""■ accounted coo Una am/ ,;„„,„., „.„,/.- / / ■ 

' ' ' ■~--«navar (/amen. 

I free 


ww.*™ y > r< m maous Jteat af the Stomach 
good to *g Thirst promote 9H T and help fa Xwndice. 
.kOlvpo.nxcs.Lam,, Tam*rin*% Span J, &/„„ 

format n„ t j ti 


foflftfWifm* a Span fykj* Lea** are a ' trwkt freen aAcwe 
ainl ndutijli iniderneatA, and the Flowers purph.h >? 

Jtjrorw m, fraunds, and on Banks ty Rwer Sides; * ftawerj 
die Jsepinma of . Hkrch. / ^ ' 

TfoZMt* are, utetrid fudorifu, anda/eecipkarmicqtmtfir allTiiidt of 
tows andttialynwefistenperltpreitwtina TainHna and shortneft of Breath 
pmvkmf 7/nne and destraymo jowtJW&rmJ. Outward/t, diet, areitSed at a 
faaplattn. for pestilential £ t do^ andPitwue J'ores . jl g/od Puastah of 
inem it put into die tta Tftertaeafo. 
4>.(jrteA,Bdx>or- ply a. Za/uv, Petatites major. JpantsA, ftalum, 

Tarfnra. fnaffiore.Fre vicA. ferman. Pes tile n'wurf. Shit, h. 

p/ate *z$ .Zamgj Smack, (ucAcwf/orver. (araammee. 

i The J'talAt yron/ alout a Foot AtgA. die Leaves are a grafi Green and die 

Timers a pale purple, and often white • 
I It orons m stieadotvs and on BanAs. flontrifw in^Jlarch a/id+Apnl. 
■ It y accounted heating an.l warm/ny, good for die J',////'//, die J'tone and 

f ravel. Dropsy and Jaundice . 
\dtree£,^i6~dtipo,or i t /go v. Zatin JVatturttum praJen/6 maona flare. 
Spanish. Berros. Italian, Creftwne minore French Crefton- de I'Fazt,. 

ferman. ffa/ser Crefsen. Dutch, 


piate 22*. Wi/d .ffaiwi'. jVi/pud fylvedtrzd. 

The J'ttdAs grant to l-e a Faothiah, die leaves are a Irti/ht fr, 

and die Flowers ''t/edotr. 
- It grows en Hants and die Edges of Fields, flowrino inyfpril. 
*■ The Jlnaents commend the Seed as goad aoainst a// "Kinds of Poisons and 

die Bites of venemouS Creatures; and oood to provoAel/r/ne and die Terms. 

dtulromaelius junior prefers die .feed of t/ns Wild Sort i'e/vre die garden 

at of a hotter Jfatzire . 
4>- free/:. Bovrias ay o/a.Zatw, .Buinas fi/luesti/s. Spanish. Guineas 
kalian, Miwtme falitatito. Fivnch.Jiwetfaiii'sige.fe? man, ftethturfan . DuttA 





Eajc India TtiHwririJ * J ^ t T' r< \ Tamarvutu* infoa ttadax&Ju 





1 I 











Ma& j*+ 



n "V;/ '">''""/'<'"■•> ■M'/,oof.M.,/ t , n/ tem/trie ' 

,,„,/,/„• U;,;r. /./,„. ■ " '''■ ^■"■'■' ore a or,,/, (}ree„. 

■/■/,,■■ Hmto esteem,/, a ve i,, „',.„,/ ,,.:.„ J ',' . . , , , 

,.,/„ /,,„■,. A .,. r„,,,,, .■,,/„ /,,,, , , ■'„., ' f" X, ;"!»j fr >''/<>■■/' «/>■> ,noJ, 

V/.,v no'. 


The (bn>s/t/} o, ■ Pa,<j/<> . Para. 
■■„■ Zn^ufZ' , ' r ''' o ' r ''' / '' ,r/0r r'" f/l ****** "><>*< rJaf,/,,,,, . 

n ,uf, ■, , '<:■''"""?■■'»■"<■>>/■'»>»■> O&untnS, parti, „/„,'/,, ,/„ 

V >V/ / ,1 J<if»i. r,,,,,,,/,, reru ma/'ar. Spanish Italian 

*z?. Sc ///y// i/nr/j. lot/fbt/ria Batata. 

■ *fZXn^jytJ^#P /andiy "" J> " •**• *** "* ""'■ / ' *** 


J The J'/<iM t < grant /;> /,- si,,/',/ ,,, 
freest, and tke Florverj ndi&. 

S T/ )f j J'h 
Jin.,- ,' 

km ejmndf n/id fine, wtatik Party, and {fore/ere- 4 Mrt info 
Vtymt 0, u more prwafalg aUn a Zte.wttan, die w/aa'b pjtt 

"imejsoifing. .in.fu aaaunbd a, Jbectfic Kerned// ana/n/t die 
■,,,,/,,,,,., the Jui,-.-j of die Bod// /rem the /u/d Effect;/ of 

/ed <•/ die 
ft//i/i,i away 
•Sairt'j tUarufinq 
V/feett tf di/t£J)v temper. <h>J 

-/,. ' i'/ • ,</ " «' ; fi V "Y, r * / '" '"^ ' "" "/pits i'f a/af jj/sr, 

%3Z m£F&?' ^'■■'f""r^}F»SZr lipt ,!!, l s.. 4:-,,,.,/ „■,,„„.,„.„„ 

f*re, J/ie Mmptf /rater. The Jjj/i ,/. and ./ thnsen/e . ' 

Zatin .faeAfearM 2atot>a /otrwdtfilia hertewj Spanish. 
trench, fe/m.m, l.'/fe/enwtDu/J/, Zei 

4- freel 

epeiidaden . 

Wa* $afi. Tfftfo f\e/'t/t or titcAow -pint. .Ant/ri. 

\ ^y/'/ Af ? r ° n ' T* *ff£ a £"*■* ,m fyffyfi lA ' Z "-""" «" * 6*P f/re*n 
me I -to/very purple and die Fnut a yeJlan/ifh Hed 

/ ' u 'ion-/ in J{ e d„es and dry DiteAes, and flowers in Mat/, 



p/ato tjf* 

tffvunJ Jrtf or, wn&Vf fjtfyv* ftps* 

»*) >/;■./■/,/ terrtflris 


■ — ■ r~7 i/ ww . r 

Pardiuj i - 



FlaU x%j 

f<ulf/t\!*t<i Bats/va 


/ Hsrrtf.* y 

Ih'fc Re/tin ,t fysAsfr fytnl I '. /j'^™ /*/><» M . 
I I /* rfA. A *6> rf Wit* U- ^ T { 

, A urn 

t**«. The Common Jloes. jUm ,,,/,„<!«. 

. tIm JfatKj '/'■'"■ alma mm or //,,,;■ /■;,„, /,,„/, ,i. f , , 

« -6 arom in Spun, l/,i/„ ,„„/ //„: <tft, t / , /7„„„.,„„ ,, ,. . 

p/^230. Sorrel. Jeetada. 

1 w t/r/J^^ f%% "J? W/ " /n ? L t/ie L *w «" °*r¥* §reen, 

and the tto?verj /ma// and Stonnnou/. J s J 

1 Jr .m'n>j in Field/ and JUado7os. f/o/vrino in Jim. 

y The Leaves are. account?,/ coo/nur and cord/at and very oood in Feuers 
WiStinfPutrefactwn,^ The Root!/ Vtum'd Seronea/L Zfc Scurvy * 135* 
ff £*' J ' fd « ™«»w«f : A- VP&UUO Vuucordmnt & ot/ier (tindm/jtedianes. 
4. free*. VTa\,s Zatu^OxaMs ^JuMapra^nst^.SpanisLMsdas. Italian. 
Jxtv/a. FrentlhSaliettz. jferman, Sawr ( Umpffer. Duuli. Te/,1 Surinyk. 

p&t&sst. Tt/rnep. Raftum,. 

1. The J'tu/Zj oroto afoul dree Foot ///a//, die Zea 

ves are* a fro// Creetv, 

and die Ffaver/ yellow . 

1. It 1 j /onrn, t/iFie/a, and gardens, flow ri no in jfyrii. 

y Tunups are accounted very wAoieStmu and now v lima, fat /ometvAat windy. 
Adyrup. made tvidi /AceS of Turnep and faown Juyar Condu faked man 
Oven // commended as a food pectoral, and of oreat Service fir /buo/i/ 
and Consumptions. 7 

ifreek., fbyyo\a. latin. Rapum. Span*/ A, Jteo. Italian, Rape French. Rave 
ferman, Ru/en, Dutch, Raapen knoflen,. 

Plate z 3 2. Wa//- pepper o?- Slffnecrop. Sedurn minimum . 

TheSta/As oron/ aAoittftve IncAtS /ua/i, die Zea/veS are a node Green 

and tAe Ftomers yellow. J J 

&grom on 'Mai// and d(b up/, fto runny mJlac/. 

This Plant- is often, used uvdie Sliop/ */br die Sedum minus, oy die Tpurrancc 

of duffer/ Women, a/t/id US Qualities are dnrctA/ opposite to die ooYer Jedum/. 

wi Kt ?nore apt to raip than cure Inflammations. T/n'/ Jtonecrop is mttcA 

C0 '"'"fnded/vr tAe Jcnruy. and Kim/ Evil, taken inwardly in Dec action ■ 

and die liml/ Aa/Aed wit/v it in Fomentations- 

y'eeLsf£/?Gj& ndos to Ctok latin, J'emperovoum minimum Spanish, 

l peruwti 

fcrtnan, Rover Pfeffer. Dutc/i, Jiuur Pepe 


' J * *^ r - — '*-—'** **■ **"r+f+» *■ Kvwrr^ "tittrrrtfffff.. *S/Stff{{jn> 

Tmaaru fler&a fra/yefbi. French Jmtfarfe kptttfpm 

. I)t*r*ft* Jiuur F*>t?t>r. 


. A 




P/aU 2 


. //v ruArj/ t> 

A I 


/•/-//• *J0. 


fttH* >.t 


niofc *j* 


Turnip* (S'SS 



' ' I 

Wall-ptppt* ft Jfane&vp I F/m 




4l 4 






y ifcjhifo •»■>»' '>/>■>« »''•• &M fy/u (he i..aoeS are a dark />/„<> Green strtpedmA 
tI w&m* freen. <>"'/ '>«' F/.'/rru <'/.-//,<„>. 


ft arm '>•>«" <it« in Ttaty and Sicily, end it planted, fore in Content fa 
vis m .lf"'l and Miy. 

j jJiMeerideS commends the Hoot as good to provohellrine and hriny down (fa 
,UenseS, and an OuUmesU mad* from die Ashes of the- foot he Jays procures 
fa f&ir fo tj row when it has fatten off /tiro' any Mis temper. 

4. Greet,. ■fa r i dde\& J/rX'c/a or /i/iX/ros. Latin. ^tspfwdc/us fbemina or h/tei/S. 
Spanish, IfanunuteS. Italian, Jnf>dillo. French, .Jjfbdele. -German* felt/ 
JffodeJtn/urL, Dutch, ^ 

plate ss+^jri/d JBu(/fo&. £//</ '/of.' urn Svluedtrt. 

/ Th? StalfiS trow near a Foot tin/ It die Leaves are a tight or ajs Green, 
and die Flower* d light Blue . 

%, It grow* ly Sledges and amonyst torn, flowriny in stpril and ^4fay . 

y Srtalofs is much of the Jft'a/t/rf #f Barrage hetng accounted cordial and 
good to exhilarate die Spirits. ^ drive away Melancholy. & t of der inte- 
rn hgpocondrtac and hgstertc Disorders . 

4. s*ret-k,/3o6y\caaror aygtor. Latin, Mrtylqfsum fglvtstre minus. Spanish. 
Sorntjenes '. Italian, Jiug/ofsa falvatica. French. MuyloSe lauvage '. German, 
flchsenzjtwi- Mutch Bug lots c or Ofse amyen>. 

pi** *35 Red Beet. Beta nurrOi or Ttzara,, 

j. Tht Stalks grow alout two Foot hiyh. the Leaves ire a- dark, freen, tineaired 

with Purple, and die Flowers small and StamunniS 
3. It is planted in. gardens and flowers in jtpril and+Afay. 

5. Seets are estecmdyeod a? loosen die Belly, and temperate hot choleric Stunwrs. 
The. Juice of <u Roots is Sometimes used 'as an Errhine fatng snuffed up y JVose 
to clear in/ Stead of Fleam and mucous Stumors, and, ly Mat means to 

http old Stead jtclis. . , . .. 

4 (reel, Tcut\ov cqiGpoy. Latin. Seta rubra autyaris. JpantSh Jselyas. Italian. 

Stetola ro/sa. French, Poiree rouye. ferman. Roc Xutem Mutch Xaode Bcete. 

ptatc **tr. Chervil, Chcterefotiunv. 
J- The Stalk grow almut a Fotrt> AtfA die Leaves are a, yra/s fv»**M 

and the Flowers white- „ 

*• ft is Sown in Gardens, flowriny in Jpril and ^Hay. 
y ThU Plant M much of die nature of Parsley lemy aperitif & attenuating, 

and wdtvr die Stone' and travel and to prewohc 7/nne and the jHenteS* 
* tir/elXaictpoWor. latm. tliaer^hyllurrv/aUvum. Sparusn, 

Italian, Orfyfr. Pren<h. fermam ferficlcraut JhOch Kervet 

*$ r o jo. 




/'/.//.' IJJ 


jttom Heat* 



//.'.■ ij4- 

!'/,.■_ /;/<„/„,.'// 'J,L „»/,..:■ r,„. \ ■ •' I) 



/'///** JJ§. 

lis J /tsst y ht'A*r 

//WV/ /y//r,/ (V ftffn 


/'/./<> gj/r 

Eft QUhrtft'Of'** v*fyrt /*'** )y ' 







p/,u* , 7 Fumitory. FUmaria* 

% kQrC n*inFiM and mdgroutuO.fUtvrino in ll ll/f 

i I****"** ™^*/M«™**fofdu£lood£ino „,,,/ ^Jor* of 

6UMUM Ou^mpcr-^/^^nuor^rf.Itu much dan/ rvitA '///*v, in die 
Spray to pury* 4 purify fSfod^fulpfScu,^ a f% e S/> m 

. fwlXiarw !-«<» rumana vmciwum ee$ioscoridi,.Spawkfttoineltia To/inn, 
fmnommo. *>enth, Fatneierre^ermaeuSr-deratuh HaAentarU Vutzh.Vw,derAerU 

r/,r,-tjfTli<' true /r/utedfp/hh/e/. Jdphode/ud verud, tt//w 

j. The JtiJL yro/v abut d/rce Foot luy/i. die Leaves are a ho/it or uf> Creen* and 
die /'/owe// white nam, purple /em/. 

■ iru a native of Spain, ItkUy and die Soudiern Tarty of France; and it planted 

here in fardenj f/o/vnnd m . /pr //. 

y Pio/cendes commettdj me 7Wt • as yocrn 'for <.iti>m 7//cer/ Inflammations m die 
JJreatt or Blotched in tAe J'/m. The June of die Hoof he fays cure/ SaiUy Far/, 
andeafet die Tain of die Teeth /y pouring some of it mto-v contrary Eur tv/iere 
tfa Toodi acheS.-Jfe alto ie>ommsnd/f Tlootto prct'e/e Urine ,\ faina down die Men fed . 

i 6'rssh, .fopo'dcX® 1 . Ziitiu. .f/phodc/iij tf/lna ramo/u/ ma/Spant/A. t,arnom/. 
Italian. Jnfvdi//o 7're/ich. . l/fvdc/e. German, .Iffodii/nnirt. Dutch, 

riau s ,Q.(f rent ff'w/fs- /'it/tf', u Zeepan/j (uiris .IZnpftictt/tiliimidtumti'i 

i. The Stolh aroiv al'out ew/men Inches /no//, the Leave/ are a duli '(ireen. and 

theftotver/ jetton' 
i leva mlvveaf die J/p/.andis plantcJ here in far dent f/owriny in Jpi 1/ 
y Some commend die Hoot aoaiuJt the J'ouon .'/ Scojpnms. ■ other j account it ,i 

Poij.'ii. and fay it rvill destroy **%olvet, Moos J ' .•d/er\/rn'ma/j '. 7/is/e who have 

j mind to feejjraument.' ,>n/rodi Sideo. man con/n/t f.ehet '«$ Jfatthtol/t/ . 
4- freeh. Latin. Jteroiuc am r.idicc Scerp'u . Spanish, 

Italian. Jtoronico. Fi an h, LeVoronic farinein. fanh-enwurtVntzkVoroiric* 

. Plate* 40 J3irc/l. Betltla. 

/ This grow to 6e a mil 7ite. die Leaves are a hry/tf yraft faeen. 




and tfie Catkin/ brownish,. 

Irqrffivt in llooJs. and dte Catkmt come out in ^p'i/ 

'lie Liaxior that comet frc-ni diis Tree, fagdmjfo Spring 



qtrtrdrir die Stone. Crewel StranourythUtv W'ine. The Leaves are ejtee*. 
goad for die Vro»w&Itch\ wedt/d i&wardty % outwardly. The Wood tie* t A 
y«nLeK it pre/erd to hum m Hmet ofFeStilence t»n*vwJto*mpe> * 
freJkXnp tdl latin. A*U* Spaeiitk Italian. Settola fi rem h . 

It£ouleau. terman, Sirccen .JiuttA* 








WSflAF *A* 





/'///. i 



v /l*-< 







' : ' S /' l// -"' J - >'">/> 7.« i-e /u /,>r. Stoedas arafua '^purpurea. 

' ''';'■:'':"'■")' T d "' '■■'■»'■¥<■ & I**** ~. a ,„A«„A {„■.,,,„./ 

/As l'<> '"•'.' -/ deep Purple. ■> 

*';:"""•' "*?"*%* J} '"" / "*** So<itA*rn Part* of Franc*, and* planted 
fan & fardent. fiansruy t n Jpril and 0<w. 

• ^; //w ' v ' «J* &**<r&tA cepUgjtrexftfautia tA* fenw stonn/Sum 

mi ■< '•■■■>-/»* «>^W, /'„/.,,,, 4 (anand/unZ. the/are Uo vpeninc 4 
a&nuabnf.prenwtinf die teamen** and res/stzm/ Poison' 

, < *Xas a? 2fra, X a4 Lattn, S&etna* oraAica or Steo, Avj purpurea JponvU 
Tcmtvu *r tontuetio.Imtian, StecAade Frens/i. S&chados.fcrrmn.StkAatcnmC^^JiaecAtv. 

are a ara/t Cirsn, and ///,• 

1 //,,- ftaJAsurtnv aAvui three Foot /„;,/,, 4$, Z M/V y 
Ftentrj "'/„/,• anai purple '/si/,, ' 

3. Itj/ Jonm ut garden*, and /invert in . #W and , //at/. 

j. The Leave* ate ffften ear at a Saltad rvuA eder Merls. Same account it a 
Stimulus to finery, & & r yaad Lhuretic. JhuAuain* commend* aw Syrup of die 
leaves at yosd for C/uldie/0 (buo/i/. famnurarituf that an equal Tare of HotAec 
and fit mm m Seed ponded u a wed Preservative aaomst d,e /poplexy. 

j.f/yet A'iSr//or.La/in. Eruea lotifolia ,///>,/. Spanish, Oniaa., Jiiisa/a . 
FrencA, Hvo uetts 1/erman. Bei/s Jeryf. JhUcA, 7taha> . 

p/ate *4j. Sweet O'ce///. ^M/rrAy 

j. The StaAAs yran/ aAouC four Foot Ay/A, die Leave* area Ariy At yra/s Green, 
and the Flower* rvAu'te . ' 

9- ft IS Jajvn in Garde?i J. and ' /fa/verj in . Apr/A and '. ///// 

S. This Plant is often eat as a J.W/ad, Aetna masA af die 'saws. lot///,- aj (A.-i id. 
CtmSiStiny of A at ^ dun t'ntj /-ei/iy aood'for sold wind// SrouiasAij. opetti/ta Mtrii, 

tu/ns a/ tAe Liver and Spleen, >\ pr ova Aim/ llrine . 

4 6/ee/.\ ft vgg/s. Latin,. 1/i/rrAij ma/or.A- Ctcuturui adarata. SpanijA, 
ItaAan.. Uii rads : Ftsn./i. German, Belfater for Aed.ZtutiA, 

* * ** 

na* i 44 . H room., {/eni/ta, 

1 The Sta/Aj artrn/ auoul ISiahr or ten Foot nig/i, the Leaves are a do/A freest, 
and t/is 7-7,'irsr* a Iriaht 7/ellarv* 

*' // aro/vj in JTle/ds and on Comma nS, ftarvnna in af/au. 

3. The Sea/As. P'/aivers ,\~ Seed are used % are esteemd oavd so proj/oAe Tirtne <\ open 
Ol'ftn/stions of die Liver ,\ SpAeen. It ij esteem d ./eod for?/ Drop j if i/i/itsea in 
tammon&rinA orp, i/AeJ infused in 'Mine, sausina areatDissAia/yej of 'Voter fa'ttnv,- 
Some pisAAe // Ftorverj J>e fore dieu are fuAA Idemm. nidi Xdt,\t"ii/efar. and i/Se diem 
instead of Supers, esteemi/ia demyaffd against Diseases of die Liver <\- Spleen 
, 4. C,reek t Latin. CemSta anpu/oSa et Scopartii.JpanisAi.lisnestra. Ifa/ian. 

fanestra. FrensA, . fisr/nan, C/inSt. Onts/i, Brem 

' -Wo. dj. 






//.;/ ■ J . 



■ ■ ,:■:■ /.,,,-t /.■/„< HufpttP' • 

7s*«t < 

fi',-//, ,i 






■ -r,. ■■"■..■/„ v /J;;:,'-;,,,,, 

4& /?/,, Aw* ff J*/***. ,*«/,> rf/?'M y Suf * 

Iff/rt /// 1 







Pta£*%45* /(<{/(' PlO/U/ Pttl'O /It'll It/dd- 

; Tfu J't-'tt-' ■">'" aiouttnro Foot A/.//,. t/ie£ea&es are a dark ">•„// 
/,,,-!'" "''^' resddidh It"/.'. and //ie Flowers red 
!r ,. planted i/i fardetu and ffonrerf in J/jrit and . //,/,/. 

* ///,' flotverj Seed ,■: Ktjott are esieeend eeptialie./eaood for die Epilepsy. 
JpOpk-Xy 4 <di Undj oj lont'ft/jiotij; lode in e/ouny A old. They are also 
ateounasd offtrd m lujtt-ii, (,f,'j, OlrftructionS or/As . lien. -of and- die Retention 
, i/u tei/itit 7'//,' A'/t or and Seed are ////no alrout Children* 7,--// a 
prevent tinwitlsions in /freed/ m, t/ieit 7'eedi. 

a. i'/Zi'/ArA'/vr///'. or /fat, »re'a. la/in. Paeotiiu /■•fw ///.// i'.infe /jy/endido que 
//,/■ Spanish Rosa del Sli'f/tt. Italian, Peanut. French. Pivoie/e or Pt/noine . 


erman* Pecniffn- Hutch, Pieene it/one/e . 


ptosis. Jfoad. Jjalid. 

, The J'fo/fi< a/ off .//<•/// three or four Foot /uuk. die LecweS are a tvillo 

Creen. and die Flowers teellorv. 
■2. It o/o/vs rvi/d in several Parts of England, out is oeneralle/ down for die 

We of die Vijerj; and floivers in May- 

Head is esteemd restrinyent <y dry my. and /'/ food to sap award % outward 
Sieedings. Some eonimehd it rmultfor Fuptures ^Stnnnj, and to strengthen 
die fow&.-ltis an TnaredieM in die Empiastrum ad fCer/uam. 
4 Creek 'I vans. Latin, 'tjlastum. A Sseetis fativa, or lalifo/ia. Spanish, Pastel 
Indian, (juado. French* tjueda or Pastel tjerntan. Iteid.Xfutch, 

Plate 447. The Ji(l//llllt. Ulltt/tlllJ. 
i. rliis grows tale a larye Tree. iheieaves are ayelhnv freest a -a lodmj yellowish 
:. Iris planted in /tall'. Paris .(• Field/; and die CitAinS Come out <n t f >r // 
... TheJSarA is accounted a strona Feneitc. either freest, or drurd ana 'powder ed 
The Creen jFu/S are cordial 4 aleaiphamnr oeina of yreat/lseui alt confayioees 
madnantl/isainwers. A wen 'die P/ayue; they are one of die Prmapal nored.eeis 
in the Treacle Miter. The Juts preserve*? [are food a? fe eat en a Marnenyto 
prevent Infiction m d/e tune of Pestelenteoi ' JO es tempers Doo or t/p> t/ o/ 
Us Oil eaprefsd /ram the ripe Kemfl/. rs a very food Jtcdum? A"' die Jtoeu and 
travel 7Yee Shells porvdered or hantare accounted ewtrenyent. 
4 Creel Kaova BatrLrk lann.^eix juytansor reyea rn/oares Jpanesn. SoedeS . 
Italian, Moo,. Frenc h. Mix, tjsmean. /tel/e/tnufs.J?ux/i. Mcmootsn. 

7L ,46-Mid Pop/sin Poptt/tu llll/m 

, It $ ron*to h a futye Tree, die leaves are a IrtyAt yra/s freendee laden: 
yel/oevejhanddee ^"'fjj^ if//l/ See latAens come out in ,W 

nefra. Fret/eh, Tremlde. femum. -Tupm or <o r 
'.Jfo. 62. 



/'////* 14 f- 

ijttaU Pump* 

it. £%rt'*f i 

Ptttvnia mat 


rtiti* - 1 








1i CttA i/t 
j Fruit 

P&Mtflt4 '""■' 



; ■/'/,,- Sta&* grant into or diree Foot lity/v deleaves are a> llu& freetv, 

and the Flower.' /,;/. 
.,, // jirn-.t In Hedges a/ 1 J //is /ules of Koads flowring at Jlay If fane. 
j. Tile R& oi " tucowtted arid drying, 4 otndtsig, food '/or Hzturhaus Jtefluozians 

upon die J'l/fujj, and nil A/nds ofFluaxS Sc Shaetnarrhagtes, <f afoncrrfud. 

Seine account it ,i vulnerary, $ use i/fbr jcrophidous fUtnors, taAen inwardly 

or luydted outwardly as a, Citaplurw The fjfieinalPrepataOoivit y Pdul lytiaglo/S. 
4. taeesiJCvro'yXaooor.lann- G/noglofjAS] Cynaaloftunv nig/us vutyare. JpantSm 
Italian, lengu.i luntn.t. Frewh.Xangue de Chien. 1/ertnan.lFandtttn-iy. 

Vutth, fUmdsnmge . 

pi*** 230. fa/enaiu VaJeri/mci 01 Pfm. 

,. T/ie Stalls yrotv diree Foot Inylc de Xewves are a (/raft freen, and 

die Flowers white.. . 

2. Tcij aJarive of leafy, and U planted here in gardens flaivrtng itvjflay. 

j TAe Root if esteem d alexiphatmic, sudorific <f Cephalic oeinf of $ rea fj 
Sendee in malignant Fevers <f pestilential ( Distempers. Ttaljo helps the 
Mad $ Jferves, prorate/ Urine and trinfs down die J/en/es. It is an Ingre- 
dient in die Titer iaea. and ' J/idiridate.' 

4. {reel 0of> dtJyf/a Migd®. latin. Falerissmvliartensis ^ Plyi folia Otiisa/rt 
jSwscornlis . Spanish, JentO. hntdj**. Italian, rhlerutna. Frtmh yi 'alerter, ,ie. 
German, laldrianDuteh, fCof raler iana 

Tt**s*.Sdmm#Jmt. Fo/z/aona^m,^^Sim Ja/emondd. 

j. The Sta/h grosv two Foot high, Hie Leaves are a graft freeri afove arid 

a willow treen undent ead,: and die Flowers what tmetured nruh lyreen, 
,. It grows hold ai Several Mods ^Cojtses here anddontets tn^tay. 
3 The leaves «<- Root are used, heing esteemd vulnerary and ffi*tnpen<% 

^Fractures A Raptures, especially die Moat. Uattlinrus * m *^J™ *?? 
me feraed in Suoar, as at yreai -Serines aaayUty If nor a&uS. Seine toy a 

4. CreelMoyiyoraror. latin, Pofaenaturn laltftituw ''"fyate. Jponts/i. 

iZZLJlaeOv. F^M ^ihetefernion ifetfs Hurt. V utth. JaUonS Seyel 

Plate w Corn/re-if. Jt/mp/u/lurrPt Qrrido/iM mq/or 

, TteAdi, grow J kotiioh. d,e lea-oes are a did 'graft f Yen. p Flows tela*. 
j. jnetiMiAjfrirv y i tfa&rr; Pkt&. t% wring tn,Jfay ,f lune. 



v < 

■ #w- 

VaUriari* ar /%//< 

/'///-' *fi 



.. ..,., .;.„ ..,,„..)■ /^-,.^ | '■ ** w 












i \TALOGVS Pt.ANTAHI/Af y, M ,> in foe VoIiiiumk- amUmrUwr 



t rtf/tifitfi 

*^__ tt/./r/t/tt 

I fjrtr/t*rtr*t 

. // fttMi/ftt 



, fftcAttfa 


,lt i r- ■//////-/ 
. fft/s/j . . 

v f3cfep**tf 

. Iff.'//' ' *<'A/J tll&Mf. 

— iiifits 

Jtripkx .* 


• * « 


Vf . 


J t>0 



i44 J^n/tj*ttj .3 

4 /J 



f*tH* '- //*/'*/ 

Jfdfo/ufUum ♦ -2# 

Pt t f<mtnuj 4i/f'uj 

fttyii*ifij 0i> 

Dtpjtttuj. ££ 

Jyfiwfrt'j JJ4 

Zta& uncu/uj 1 3$ 

• ** . . . ,/ tfy 

tuAttt/tt y^y 

Ltgusir&m ..... 1J0 

/*t/t/*//t // 

6ffivtH*m&Mk 7** 

Litjaria r — j is 

/,///.//*</ tsri'tthi 3 $jf 

RapA&iuf fi 

/* ipurn %j 1 

HAamnuf amarttow 13$ 

// './ aSa p$ 

Vamaf£&m.,+ <fa 

Ma/t*a 2 j 



Jittf/ttiiuiit ftMJ . yd 

lltrJiitiit rmt/on /"jf 

m*i/&n . .* 4* 

ffrr/wfS. / tfs 

Btin nt£m 235 

Settiia 240 

Bthjty ttttn jyfrsjtoY 2X4 
Bufpu/a fl*f 

But'f*i Pa/t*rrtj s 

Efu&d&tm 2 1? 

Emta 1J2 

Btyfimum a& 

EfuAt nurtGT*, i&j 

Eupa&ruirtt /j& 


-Sy/t>fS//*is. ifg 

ihmtf'iittti fbtttdum ijS 

m tfaru*n ;jj 

tfyrvuum 47 

. ftafrt&irta j 0% 

tk/t/otus ffo 

Jfsfi/s</..... W 

. ttfr*fur*ui/t.t. 1 6z 

Jlijpi/ftJ / 54 

. HufsJvEuM . ijf 

JteruJ /if 

ttt/rr/tij %4S 

ifyrtstf I 14 

nt/fra fg 

fa\**Mit*t/ttiJ i $Q 

Rufaif ^ 

FtifrttJ JS? 

Rut** T 




FW/<t if 

FittiJ 7// 

Etejaria ff 

rr\ifU?ir/*f J f2 

Ffinuirta *3? 



jt Tcotzajut 


{? t wttss/t / 04 

Oka Jj>j? 

OfcdJtsr t/j 

{}f\*{*tiS %&& 



i/'/y//A//'/// / fJ 

Jhrutula tfj 

JaffTvtrui J/j 


JfrvpftuiatVA — 4?? 

q^ua/ua, & 

d'fdujrt fnfnuiiiifn - L 

J*£T\4i t& / J 4 

J?/im*i t/n/i tf ... 4 ft/ 

J'ju.t{*t wh&n ff 

j'; *t/m/'*i'wu 3% 

J\>/jrtttf}i JO? 

b'atio/unt j 4 

iforuAuj. $v 

ta&tnj tje 

J&rvr/J if 4 

fa/mrtrafi/ j?j 

Spina a&a //y 

iffjitidt* /tiit 4 it 

JmrmaJ (f/\t/*n*t , ... | ; 1 

fufar J ^;i 

Ju&i/a 14% 

Jpmpftpfttnt 7>sr 





■ ill* *ttAifi*t 

J J/ 


GujjtA a/ft 

tbrrfuu-a .1 ?j 

GirduiiSjAtariaA fo 

(ary&phgffuf r fy 

CiiapufYa /ntswr 1 2 J 

(ffitititrttt/n rrta/id/.. tij 

Gfrnu/i , £36 

wamasdryj fg0 

uumuu*ta£&tfn $f 

€n*/*4/atu*ttn y/ 

^^^^^^^^^ ttttruiJ ...' *$J 
t/i.wr,*fjfiMn z}o 

Ut/tvrtwn **{? 

* jvfvdjfre is J 

Uftus LaJand&ra .. I47 

Qtru&u .JS? 

6fA/&iri4, . . zzt 

■ BrtmnniM tt4 

fan Ufa . 

™ ma/art . . 


f&Jsra UJ 

trnYJfrtJ . „. -4 1? H*m Atrip 3 so 

JufMwruj "a r.nwu/cAta .. %t>> 

//.'A>,vsfr* r: *7\&*&§*** 

ffypRti&i twMij 


„9c7 Y'firi&ymtnum 2$ 

f&nvntttum 1 1& 

ft't/jisittt/ii/J O I 

///a tftyartui/ - hi 

Wypgrt&im , J 5 

vmm&pttj Afar/A/ 

i u 


Pt?<r<*Tti*t 6f 

mas Z4$ 



f//f7S/T Jjtf 

— Vtuty&Y&m %&% 

ft/pure** rtt/'rt/m g 

7*ar&/t?/tf tt6 

7?t/tt*tt ttu/tt. ' 



Iiiftfttritnii IS 

fez Mtdftra* Af/ 

irtj ^ 

— foeitaa rs* v'- 

Xj.uU 34* P<* 

JuafaflS **? 

Ittntpff'ttJ. iff 


r/ntt/<t.„. ?jo 

y*A'}ftttif. gx* 

/rtfi?/i//tn I** 

Tri/Uiim 4** 

Titfjifdfo 904 

ryuarta s t$ 

utvnj I in 

/'•At'/Ysy z£t 

Pt&yj&imum if 4 

j\'/i/rtt , . 34 (f 

f'tstuS 34/f 

yy/t^/frij 100 

Pi/urn d% 

Pfttfiteyo ss 

- *TWt//hfi//*f . . 34 

/ t ,lSiti*\i y 

Lttmtntn ,if/tttti 




ffn&min 2$j 

Jpffdium 21$ 

I y **jtt4t ^/ttu'tys... ...jjs 

f\pu/ttS M4S 

Primal* /vr// 5* 

Prttm&L 44 

Punt* \f \ .j 4$ 
/yfa*d/trij\. yp 

3\\itmtt. u/jh 


lafaruitta 2S9 

l l*f*f**tj,*tttfi j 

fir&tft* +/ 

/: f \tu\it nuv 14s 

F&/a , 

tric&f&n 44 

IltKtt /J,t*tf/li,l Sk 


i r/*t 
I t/rj 




f" 1 


' r ■ 





■ , 


MStfM Wex » A JPm^t, am ^. 

■'//•""' Y-i *** 

.//.'.'.' otiftiu&rej ■,.,, 

'/■' >"-■ '<& 

./'■''■»w./ f 4 

— ■ /Vrt'.........y' <( ._, 

■»-""•"* ...J JO 

Wt*'l :...1JS 


m //.•//,.-./ /,,/, 






-— #«S&2?! 

J 6 

rft/s//itt , f vJ 




« "wtf.™ 



— -<? 




v y /,,/>w. ;—■;£ 

*'K*f*b £itYrt 

Bt\uti/~f t \ 

. ".'*'- -JC 

?/" I?6 

Hi,,' 'i//... f.~ 

•£ £itru • -'- 




****** lf ,% 





; ;; 

"-Jgf*--- 44 

^:;f' -ft 

J L r ' w y\ / -*+ 

JJpawnr~M$rt 06 

^»55ww:' ^ 




m*nfih&a m 

7^ |<J^/w/>^/.. " 

7Smar£n*£ . ^ iW 


?*"» ^ 

•^g^w^--C ... fJ ; 

'ir/>,i<.<< ... , , , 



/rv'-y--- «iy 

fe- ..jK 


^- /rff 

r>srv/ f yj , 



I U'/.-C 

■ — If* 



Z"'-"- 1 ■ 


'" On.... 


''"''"-^ ./:v 

';'-""••>>? *3 I 

— 'i-'/./. 



?■""• ■/:•■- 7 tl 


7«"foj'Il*d/ .j $& 
^ttantfy ~» 

■ — t/mfcjt ■/$ j 

■— — r/njffi> ?9 

L,u iCs -yp: £g- 

/.*&. . /r 

Zax-A-vfopUZ j 



Kajtr -Mimas £ ^ a 

J %y; J 

«*•/ a/ 


Y&:h - ■ M 

"'"A A// 

l/.l/A'ri- . «',, 

Mi/y// . //,///vr .... y,. 

",;"'"'",/ Vr 

- It.i/vw/d. y *»<♦ 

if./.,*;*--/-/,,,,,,, , J4 
'/*■:■•• ../ 

Uay-ftbd ^< 

■>■[•/<■ ... ,:, 


JfntcU, . 5f, 

;:'^""""« . •:. 

•':""''.' t/.i. 

J i /.>,/,:,,,,- so - 

J< •//'/< '//J 131 

J..,,-/,-/ <h,A ,\:\, 

.'■ miy -t/r.i/j . _ - 

// • 

i/.iA'/\ tbrmt&ny no 

J {^W - S 6 

—•• - v ife/w j ,- 

/> //s.ic • ' 

,. r i' /y, -' r " '■/'■■■ 

"//./. t:n,.£ 

/'////,•/:■ jj.,,./ 

''y"<-r M.vvv,'.. 

ff<'.'.//\- : >f 


. JC/ 











This book was repacked and the 
corners wore mended with 
archival leather ■ The leather vau 
iSOlldat#d with Plientcx and 
treated with Celt leather 

Richard C. Baker. Conservator. 
St. l-OVl«i Auguot 1997. 





f J 



i ->.■ 







[v -J 








— « 







f %V3 


5 ; 






v y 



i >.■ ^* 



— < 

— .« 

.— •« 


rr s * 














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; ,' 


' -( i*- •