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Full text of "Correspondence ?Veler (Boi) and Engelmann (George),"

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1857, January 31st 


Letter to Dr. Engelmann 
addressed: Frankfurt a. Main. 


Varel, January 31, 1857 

Dear Sir: 

Three weeks ago I was surprised and very happy to receive the shirment which 
yöu were kind enough to take to Germany for me and to send to nie. I thank you very 
much for your kindness. The shipment of Kr. 1-1 ead ccntains a number of ' conicus 'among 
which are some which were entirely missing in my collection and, therefore, more than 
welcome. I shall send Dr. Kead a return shirment in spring. For the Information 
in your letter my sincere thanks. Dr. Sartwell's name was already known to me through 
Gray's Flora as a friend of ' conicus'. I shall not fail to contact this gentleman. 
The new edition of the work mentioned has already been ordered and, hopefully, will 
arrive, even though it will take a long time, while, unfortunately, I was unable to 
obtain in Germany any writings of Torrey, Tuckerman and Barratt — . I should very mach 
like to have American plants, especially from the south of which I Tv?ve very fewj 
hoivever, I doubt whether I can send in exchange anything of eou^ 1 value. I h^ve 
many durlicates of foreign plants in my cllection, ™^ich is r^t^er ''"r.^e, and it would 
therefore be difficult to locate them. If the nr-mber of ulants w^ich you could give 
me is larger, I should be glad to send you -ne t>f the collectiona which m=?y be 
purchased in Germany and, in any event, I should ] ike to dran your attention to 
those which can be seen at Hohenackers in Esslingen. Certainly H. and I c=n erive 
you a collection of Sicilian plants. It is highly probably too th-t I could obtain 
in Vienna a collection of Greek plants« 

Sending you friendly greetings of Mr. Varteaz?, ".-ho with his family feels 
much better now than he used to, I remain, 


P.S. Should you like anything contained in the enclosed list, I could easily obtain 
that for you. 

I should especially like to have some Cyperaceae. 
(The rest of P.S. was unreadable.) 

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