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C\ V 



MOIR of Otterburne 
and Abergeldie 

MOIR of Leckie 

MOIR of Invernettie 

at Stoneywood Works 

MOIR of Scotstown 

(See pages 14-15) 

MOIR of Stoneywood 

MOIR of Hilton 





( ifh-t'^y^- 






Copyright, 1913 
by Alexander L. Moir 
i Lowell^ Mass. 

Published by the Author 

.' ; ;p1v1» Hun'dred Conies' tjrintfed 

Press of the 

Union Printing Company 

Lowell, Mass. 

Aberdeen Advocates, 374 

Aberdeenshire Sasine Registers. By J. G. Burnett, IJsq 286 

Aberneth}' of Mayen. 214 

Alexander Wilson Moir, (civil service) 348 

American Soldiers in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 31 

Ancestry of Moirs of Scotstown and Barns. By J. G. Burnett, Esq. 135 

Ancient Ayrshire Family, An 351 

Andrew Moir I. of Overhill, and Descendants ..,.-,. .^j 114 

Archibald Moir, Banker, Alioa.^ .;;,..,..'. ^, ..'. . ,.',.'':,.-. 335 

Armorial Bearings of the F^^Hy 9f Jjii^ir in- Scdtland 14 

Auchterarder Baptisms, 1700-1844 . , . ._.,.' ., \ .'/.' 90 

Banffshire Moirs '</. '. . .',.'.' . . .' 187 

Bards of Bon Accord, The ,,, ,, ; 

I. George Moir .\. . .>.v.\V.'- J". .... . 337 

II. Rev. John Moir, M. A'. ..'...■.. .! 337 

III. William Moir 338 

Blackford Baptisms, 1700-1844 90 

Burgesses of Guild and Trade, Aberdeen, 1399-1700 95 

"Bydand," The Gordon Motto 340 

Byres of Tonley. By A. J. Mitchell-Gill, Esq 130 

Callander Births, 1750-1775 88 

Captain James Philip Moir, D. S. O. 336 

Clackmananshire Moirs 189 

Comrie Baptisms, 1700-1844 90 

Corrections 492 

Correspondence from the Stoneywood Manuscript 152 

Crief Baptisms, 1700-1844 90 

David Macbeth Moir, M. D., Family and Descendants 176 

Dedication, "To My Father' ' 9 

Delta Centenary, The 

I. David Macbeth Moir 327 

li . The Memory of Delta 330 

2 MoiR Genea];ogy 

Descendants of James Moir of Doune, Perthshire 230 

Descendants of James Moir, Tarves, Aberdeenshire 159 

Descendants of Robert and Ellizabeth Moir, Thornhill, Perthshire. . 242 

Doune and Thornhill Moirs 236 

Doune, Perthshire 227 

Dr. James Moir, Son of Rev. George Moir and Martha Byres 123 

Dr. John Muir, St. James Church, Glasgow 364 

Dunblane Testaments, 1665-1777 100 

Dunning, Baptisms, 1700-1844 90 

Earl)' American Mores, The. By Rev. George Mooar 30 

Edinburgh and Deith Moirs 190 

Elginshire Moirs 191 

Extracts from Maxwell Wills, Doune, Perthshire 99 

Famil)' of Moir and More, The, Scotland, by Henry Paton 82 

Family Record 402 to 411 

Fif eshire Moirs 218 

Finale 401 

Forfarshire Moirs 231 

Frederick L,. M. Moir 339 

George Jameson 363 

George Moir, of Belmont St. Congregational Church, Aberdeen 359 

"A Sabbath Morning Reflection' ' 359 

George W. Moir, Soldier 361 

Graham-Moirs of Deckie 282 

Great American Family, A 200 

Hannah More, AuHid>ress .■■. .*,. ,'. ... ^.^. 350 

Henry More, Aut£®K*. .' .'.,.» . .^. . . ."..^v. *..ll.;.: 350 

History of the Mores. . Sy. Charle's tlhtfrcll More 25 

Hon. James Moir, Scr^niqn, P^. :^. .'....7 338 

Hon. William J. Moir^,. ^g/dqra,' 'I'oVa. . : 347 

xiltistr3,tiotis •••«••«% ••>«.«.i*.««...^. •■•..•... ••••••*.•• 6 

Index, Moirs *• •*• •'••. .'..'. J.\ .'. i .. I 439 

Index, other Names 466 

Index to Place-Names 427 

Interesting Canadian Branch, An 212 

Introductory 10 

Invernesshire Moirs 224 

James Moir, Fenton House, Alloa 334 

James Moir-Marie Scrougie, Marriage Contract 112 

Jay Gould' s Family 305 

John^Moir, Blind Poet of the Feugh 341 

I. Phases o' the Feugh 341 

II. Twenty-third Psalm 342 

III. Woman 343 

John W. Moir 339 

John Muir, Geologist, etc , .- 361 

James Moir, M. D. , Naval Surgeon 348 

John Wilson Moir 347 

Kilmadock, Doune, Births (Allied Families) 1623-1843 66 

MoiR Gsne;ai<ogy 3 

Kilmadock Marriages, 1623-1854 79 

Kincardine Births, 1843-1854 87 

Kincardine Marriages, 1770-1854 78 

Kincardineshire Moirs 234 

Kincardine, Thornhill, Births, 1691-1843 75, 77 

Lanarkshire Moirs 226 

Lands of Cotton, Aberdeenshire 105 

Leckie House and Estate 275 

Kilmadock, Doune, Births, 1623-1843 58 

Letter from William Moir-Bryce 125 

List of Emigrants to America 28 

List of Fiars Jurors, Aberdeenshire, 1604-1900 97 

Lonach Society, The, Original Members 98 

Methlick Baptisms and marriages 55 

Moir and More Graduates 36 

University of Aberdeen 39 

University of Edinburgh 40 

University of Glasgow 37 

University of St. Andrews 41 

Moir and More in Scotland, by Henry Paton 23 

Moir Arms, The, at Stoneywood Works 15 

Moir Memorials : 291 

Aberdeenshire Epitaphs 316 

Allenvale, Aberdeen, Burials 310 

Ann Smillie Moir 326 

Duncan Moir 323 

Epitaphs, St. Clement's, Aberdeen 293 

Epitaphs, ' 'Thanage of Fermartyn" 320 

George Moir, LL. D 295 

Isabella MacLarty Moir 325 

John Moir, Monquhitter 303 

John Moir, Woodside 321 

Margaret Stewart Moir 297 

Martha Smith Moir 323 

Methlick Burials 297 

Moirs in "Aberdeen Journal" Obituary, 1748-1889 305 

Nellfield, Aberdeen, Cemetery 307 

Obituaries prior to 1800 396 

Patrick Moir, Epitaph 304 

Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Churchj'ard 313 

Record of St. Clements, Aberdeen 291 

Scotstown's Mausoleum, Aberdeen 298 

St. Clements, Aberdeen, Churchj'ard 312 

St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, Churchyard 316 

St. Peter's, Aberdeen, Churchyard 313 

Tarland Churchyard 312 

William Moir's Memorial Window 315 

Moir of Barnes 143 

Moir of Ferryhill 144 

Moir of Hilton 142 


Moir of Invernettie 140 

Moir of Ivonmaj' 141 

Moir of New Grange 141 

Moir of Otterburn 145 

Moir of Stoneywood 146 

Moir Memorials 291 

Moirs and Mores in Ancient Charters 32 

David II., (1329-1370) 32 

Robert I., (1314-1328) 32 

Robert II., (1370-1390) 34 

Robert III. , (1390-1406) 34 

Robert, Duke of Albany, (1406-1419) 35 

Moirs and Mores in America, The 26 

The Moirs and Mores of Scotland, The, by David F. More .... 20 

Moirs of Aberdeenshire, by Andrew J. Mitchell-Gill, The 19 

Moirs of Cromar 155 

Moirs of England 209 

Moirs of Foveran 127 

Moirs of L/eckie 277 

Moirs of Scotland, The, Descended from Aberdeenshire Moirs 373 

Moirs of Scotstown 138 

Moirs of Stoneywood, from the Stoneywood Book 370 

Moirs of Stonejrvvood, The 106 

I. From ' 'Aberdeen Free Press" 106 

II. From "Scott's Tales of a Grandfather" 108 

More of Linley 366 

Mores and Mtires of Caldwell and Rowallan, The 358 

Miires of Rowallan, The, an Ancient Family 351 

Mures, The, by ' 'G' ' in Kilmarnock Standard 356 

Muthill Baptisms, 1700-1844 .... 90 

Official Record, War Department, Washington, U. S. A 368 

Old Beid House, Aberdeen 369 

Old Greenburn Market, The 110 

Old Mansion House of Stoneywood, by James Cruikshank ., 109 

Old Records, from Tonley Family Bible 134 

Origin of Moir, by Hon. James Moir 17 

Origin of the Moir Coats of Arms, by Nathaniel Holmes 

Morrison, L^Iy. D 13 

Origin of the Surname, by Prof. Cosmo Innes . . 18 

Orkney and Shetland Moirs 207 

Other Aberdeenshire Moirs 180 

Other Moirs 211 

Other Perthshire Moirs , 268 

Passengers on the Mayflower 27 

Personal, Biographical and Historical Notes 375 to 400 

Armorial Families 381 

Articles relating to Moirs in the Glasgow Exhibition (1911). . . . 392 

Big Moir of Culter 397 

Books written or edited by Moirs 375 

Coming of age of L/ord Moore 398 

MoiR Geneai,ogy 5 

Grizel More of Rothiemurcbus 383 

James Moir and the West End Park 385 

Mar's ' 'Wark' ' 400 

Moirs in Aberargie, Perthshire 382 

Moirs in Aberdeen 382 

Moirs in Braidbaugb 382 

Moirs in Edinburgh 382 

Moirs in Forres 382 

Moirs in Kirkaldy, Fifeshire 382 

Moore and Mure Book Collectors 378 

Moore, More and Muir Silhouettes 380 

My Lady Honeysuckle 399 

Old Song 387 

Robert Murdoch Lawrance 398 

Stonehaven Engineer's Heroism 398 

Tarty, IvOgie-Bachan 393 

Place-Names, Doune and Thornhill 228 

Powis Papers, Moir References 216 

Registers of Buchanan, Elginshire, 1699-1761 57 

Registers of Forres, Elginshire, 1 675-1758 56 

Registers of Rothiemurcbus, Inverness-shire, 1774-1800 57 

Registers of St. Andrew's, Aberdeen, 1775-1810 51 

Registers of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, 1570-1700 42 

Renfrewshire Moirs 272 

Rev. Thomas Moir, M. A. , of Aberdeenshire 346 

Robert Moir of Ontario 344 

Robert Moir, Merchant, Oquawka, Illinois 345 

Scotstown Library Notes 104 

Scotstown Notes 105 

Sir John Moore 362 

Sir Michael Bruce, Baronet 349 

Sir Thomas More, Statesman 349 

Society of Friends, Records 55 

St. George's, London, England, Marriage Registers, 1573-1853 94 

Stirling Births, 1671-1700 89 

Stirling Volunteers 103 

Stoneywood House 110 

Stoneywood Notes 106 

Surname of Moir or More, The, by A. J. Mitchell-Gill, Esq 61 

Tulliallan Births, 1855-1900 82 

William Mitchell 364 

Wright's and Cooper's Records, 1731-1911 99 

Alexander J. Moir and family of Worcester, Mass 232 

Alexander Moir and family, Lowell, Mass 251 

Alexander Moir, calico printer, l^owell. Mass 9 

Alexander Moir, engineer, Halifax, Nova Scotia 152 

Alexander Wilson Moir, civil service 360 

Ann Black (wife of James Moir, blacksmith) , Annet, Aberdeenshire. 168 

Archibald Moir, of Alloa 344 

Arms of the Scottish Universities 40 

Bridge of Teith, and U. F. Manse, Doune, Perthshire 72 

Chapel, King's College, Aberdeen 120 

Cross, Main St. , Doune, Perthshire 72 

Cross and Municipal buildings, Aberdeen, Scotland 88 

Culloden, Graves of the Clans 200 

David Macbeth Moir, M. D. , Scottish Poet 328 

Delta's Monument, Musselburgh, Scotland 328 

Denny, U. F. Church, Stirlingshire 392 

Doune Castle, Doune, Perthshire 72 

Duncan Moir, merchant, I^owell, Mass 344 

Fdinbnrgh University 392 

Forres, Elginshire • 392 

Frederick I^ewis Maitland Moir, African Pioneer and Traveler 392 

Gargunnock 312 

Gartincaber House, near Doune, Perthshire 88 

George Jameson, artist 24 

George Moir, blacksmith, Uttle Ardo, and Margaret Calder, his wife. 168 

George Moir, of Pro\'idence, R. 1 72 

George Moir, tailor, Methlick (son of George Moir, blacksmith, 

L,ittle Ardo) 168 

George R. Moir and his blacksmith shop, British Columbia 168 

Glasgow University 88 

Gould Memorial Church, Roxbury, New York 392 

Hannah More, authoress 376 

MoiR Gbneaix>Gy 7 

Hon. William J. Moir of Eldora, Iowa 184 

House of Baillie William L/Ogan and Janet Moir, Old Aberdeen 376 

Interior St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Aberdeen 56 

Isabella Dobson Watson Moir 360 

Isabella Byres, in group, (Tonley Collection) 40 

John Milne, Inspector of Poor, Bucksburn, Aberdeenshire 152 

John Moir and family of Winnipeg, Manitoba 280 

John More's Monument, Roxbury, New York 40 

John S. Moir, D. O., of Lowell, Mass 280 

John Russell and family of Glasgow 216 

James Byres, in group, (Tonley Collection) 40 

James Moir, blacksmith, Fedderate, (son of Geo. Moir, Little Ardo)- 168 

James Moir, blacksmith, Annet, Aberdeenshire 168 

James Moir, J. P. , Alloa, Clackmananshire 344 

James Moir, M. A. , schoolmaster, Savock of Deer 168 

James oir II of Stoneywood, over 15 years M. P. for Aberdeenshire 

(Scougal, Painter) 40 

James Moir IV of Stoneywood, (from the painting in the Skene Col- 
lection) 120 

Janet (Moir) Byres, in group, (Tonley Collection) 40 

King Charles 1 24 

King's College, Aberdeen 56 

Leckie House, Gargunnock, Stirlingshire 152 

Loch Shiel and Prince Charlie's Monument 200 

Lord Lewis Gordon 24 

Main Street, Thornhill, Perthshire 88 

Major James Philip Moir, D. S. O 344 

Map of Doune, Thornhill and Neighborhood 228 

Mark W. Moir of Eldora, Iowa 184 

Marischall College, Aberdeen University, Aberdeen 56 

Marischall College previous to 1840 120 

M. Carland and wife, Corunna, Michigan 216 

Moir of Hilton Coat of Arms Frontispiece 

Moir Coat of Arms at Stoneywood Works " 

Moir of Scotstown Coat of Arms " 

Moir of Invernettie Coat of Arms " 

Moir of Stoneywood Coat of Arms " 

Moir Window, Scotstown Coat of Arms 136 

Moir Window, Invernettie Coat of Arms , 136 

Moir Window, Three Moir heads 136 

Mrs. Alexander Moir (Isabella MacLarty) of Lowell, Mass 9 

Mrs. James McLaren and Mrs. Joseph Kelley 312 

Old Church at Muthill, Perthshire 56 

Old Machar Cathedral : 312 

Old Mansion House at Stoneywood 104 

Old Newton House, Doune, Perthshire 72 

Original Moir Tail-Pieces 

104, 111, 159, 175, 199, 200, 206, 208, 21G, 215, 225, 229, 230, 235, 241, 
255, 267, 276, 281, 285, 291, 294, 299, 314, 318, 326, 333, 336, 357, 369, 
372, 373, 375, 376, 384, 400, 401, 412, 427, 439. 

8 MoiR Genealogy 

Original Tail-Pieces '. 

15, 16, 24, 34, 35, 36, 50, 54, 93, 94, 98, 109, 126, 154, 179, 227, 271, 

300, 301, 343, 355, 381. 

Otterburn and Abergeldie Coat of Arms Frontispiece 

Palace of History, (Glasgow Exhibition, 1911) 392 

Patrick Bj'res, (from the Tonley Collection) 40 

Patrick Moir, (from the Tonley Collection) 40 

Prince Charles Edward Stuart ; 24 

Rev. George Moir, D. D., Minister at Peterhead, Aberdeenshire 40 

Robert Moir of North Carolina 184 

Robert Moir and family of Bberts, Ontario, Canada : 248 

Robert Moir and family of Denny, Stirlingshire 252 

Robert Moir and family of West Kilbride, Ayrshire 264 

Robert Moir 's house at Govan 264 

Robert Smith and family of Pollokshields, Glasgow 248 

Rorie More's Horn 392 

Scoto-English Seal 24 

Scotstown's Mausoleum, St. Peter's Churchyard, Aberdeen 296 

Seal of Aberdeen University, Aberdeen 56 

Seal of St. Andrew's University, St. Andrew's, Fifeshire 392 

Sir John Moore 360 

St. Nicholas, West Church, Interior, Aberdeen 56 

St. Nicholas Church, (now called East and West Church) Aberdeen- 56 

Stoneywood House, Stoneywood, Aberdeenshire • • 152 

Stoneywood Works, Bucksburn, Aberdeenshire 152 

Susan (Moir) Kelley and Janet (Moir) MacLaren of Vernon, Mich-. 312 

Tablet in wall of Old Beid House, Aberdeen 376 

Tonley House, Whitehouse, Aberdeenshire 152 

William Moir, in Group 40 

William Moir, iron merchant, Aberdeen 168 

William Moir, Sixth Principal of Aberdeen University (1649-1661)- • 40 

William Moir, jeweler, New York City 312 

William Moir's Memorial Window in Fifth Avenue Presbyterian 

Church, New York City 312 






Z Z 
















®n Mji 3Fatlfpr 

In loving memory of him, who did not live to see the full 
completion of a task which has taken much time and study. 
Whose whole heart was in this work, of which he was the 
originator, whose counsels assisted in gathering together a 
vast amount of information concerning his own branch of the 

This volume is respectfully dedicated by 



In compiling this work, it has been our desire to bring 
together scattered facts, relating to the Moirs, especially those 
of a historical nature, and have them registered in some form to 
produce a book of reference with vital records of the different 
families wherever found. 

It is on account of the valuable assistance we have received 
from the different branches recorded, that we are able to issue 
this work. Genealogical data, however, does not appeal to 
every family, with the result that several branches are not 
given, as we have been unable to obtain the desired information. 

The Moir family is undoubtedly one of the oldest of Scottish 
families, and they certainly were of a hardy and generally pros- 
perous race as their early records prove. They have carried 
with them from generation to generation the tra^ittions and 
high moral tone of their hardy ancestors. 

The family formerly were in many lines of trade or pro- 
fessions, some of these vocations are continued in the same 
families to this day. Many are tillers of the soil, and have 
in many cases, extended or enlarged their estate, or the younger 
members of the family have bought other estates to " grow up " 
on — a good thrifty sign — which is general among nearly every 
branch we have recorded. Into whatever branch of industry 
they have entered, it has always been to encourage and maintain 
an honorable standard — that which is wholesome and pure in 

At first it was intended to enter in connection with this 
work, a full account of the different religious bodies with which 
the families were connected; but so many families have failed 
to reply to this part of the family record, that it would not be 
fair to put this into print. It is quite safe to say that a vast 
majority of the Moirs are Presbyterian, while the Episcopalians 
are a good second. 

Aside from the different Moir families of Aberdeenshire, 
which have been so fully and admirably set forth by Mr. Andrew 
J. Mitchell-Gill, in his book " The Houses of Moir and Byres," 


and which are herein transcribed with the kind permission of 
the author, and to which we have added the registers of other 
localities in that county — we have endeavored to show a full 
account of the Doune and Thornhill families in Perthshire, and 
the Leckie Moirs in Stirlingshire — all of the same branch. 
The official records of these localities, (which are not in very- 
good condition, there being many omissions), dates back to 1623 
only, and it is a lamentable fact, that of all the progeny, that were 
born in these places, there are now very few of our name in the 
neighborhood, many having gone to other localities, mostly to 
foreign shores, where they have generally expanded, and now 
have places of their own. Even the Moirs of Leckie have gone 
from the estate at Gargunnock, the Graham-Moirs having sold 
it, and the last owner removes to Edinburgh, and even drops 
the name of Moir. 

Many of the localities from which other families of Moirs 
originated we have not traced to their origin, but we have been 
glad to receive the record as shown, and hope these will be 
written out in full in some later edition. 

We have also endeavored to put on record several of the 
individuals of the family, with a world-wide reputation, among 
whom are DAVID MACBETH MOIR, M. D., the Scottish 
poet and literary man, whose poetry is of the first order, and 
whose wholesome comic story of "Mansie Wauch," has made 
much hearty laughter. The principal facts of the poet were 
sent by his daughter, the wife of the late Rev. Professor Milli- 
gan. D. D., now of Edinburgh. 

MOIR and JOHN WILEIAM MOIR, who made their mark as 
pioneers in the wilds of Central Africa, and who actively assisted 
in bringing to an end the slavery which existed there, even at a 
great self-sacrifice, are also chronicled. 

Of the poets of our clan of Aberdeenshire, George Moir, Esq., 
is one of the most prolific and prominent, with a long and event- 
ful career, and John Moir " the blind poet of the Feugh," has 
written some fine poetry, the Twenty-third Psalm in broad Scots 
being a good specimen. The Rev. John Moir, M. A., and William 
R. Moir, Esq.. have also written many and valuable additions 
to poetical literature. 

There are many of our name who have been and are prom- 
inent individuals, who are shining lights among men; magistrates, 

12 MOIR Geneaxogy 

judges, mayors, clergymen, lawyers, leaders in their various 
professions or branch of industry in which they may be engaged, 
as is herein shown. 

The illustrations used in this work will serve to give some 
idea of the people and locations. We have inserted views of 
the various universities of Scotland, because there have been a 
more than ordinary share of graduates of our patronymic from 
these institutions. 

The writer has been ten years at work on this genealogy 
(in his spare time) and a considerable portion of the collections 
that follow were made when he first began this work, and in- 
formation concerning the additions to families and the departures 
since, have not been as fully recorded. One needs hardly offer an 
apology for knowing and therefore registering more of the facts 
which concern his own immediate family; if, as to some other 
branches of the family the record is proportionately much more 
complete, thanks are due the correspondents who have taken 
pains to make it so. He who has done what he could would be 
glad to continue the work farther and perfect it, as there may 
be found many omissions and inaccuracies. 

The author begs gratefully to acknowledge valuable assist- 
ance in this work from MR. ANDREW J. MITCHELL-GILL 
of Savock; to MR. R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE and MR. 
JOHN GEORGE BURNETT, all of Aberdeenshire; MR. WIL- 
LIAM B. COOK of Stirling ; REV. WALTER MacLEOD and 
MRS. ANNE MILLIGAN, daughter of DELTA of Edinburgh, 
and REV. GEORGE MILLIGAN of Glasgow University. 

In case of any errors or omissions or additional informa- 
tion, in the event of a supplementary edition being printed, they 
should be noted and sent to the author at the address here given, 
and they will be placed in their proper position. 


Lowell, Mass., U. S. A. 


Provost of Peabody Institute, Bedtimore, Md. 

It is asserted that Kenneth Moir was one of the brave 
soldiers who accompanied Lord James Douglas, or "The Good 
Sir James " into Spain with the heart of King Robert the Bruce, 
about the year 1330, and when they landed, they engaged with 
Alonzo XI. of Spain, to fight on the Christian side against the 
pagan Moors. Lord Douglas was killed in attempting to rescue 
Sir William St. Clair of Roslyn ; but in the charge, and before 
this happened, Kenneth Moir slew three Moors and cut off their 
heads, when one of the Scottish host exclaimed " One Scottish 
Christian Moir can kill three pagan Moors." It is believed that 
this incident is the cause of the origin of the coat-of-arms of the 
Moirs wherein are depicted three Moors heads with the blood 
dripping from the neck. 

Similar arms are matriculated in the arms of the Morrisons 
of Preston Grange in Midlothian. 

The name Moir means renowned, famous, a mighty one. 



Of the Family of MOIR in Scotland 
From ihe " LYON REGISTER " 

I. Dr. William Moir of Scotstowne, bears argent three 
Registered negroes' heads. Coupe, proper, with a ribband or scarf about 

ye brow knit behind, of the first ; above ye shield ane helmet 
befitting his degree, mantled gules, doubled, argent. Next is 
placed on ane torse for his crest a mort head upon two leg bones 
salty re ways, proper. The motto in the escroll — " Non sibi sed 
cunctis." — (Not for self , but for all). 

II. John Moir of Stoneywood; argent, three mouritannian 
Same date jjeads, couped, and distilling gutt de sang, proper. Crest a 

mouritannian head couped as ye former. Motto — ' ' Major opima 
ferat." — (Let the worthiest carry off the prize). 

III. James Moir of Invernethie, Esquire, paternally de- 
scended from the family at Stoneywood; argent, three Moors' 
heads couped, each wreathed with laurel, and distilling three 
drops of blood, all proper, in chief, a dexter hand pointing with 
the forefinger towards the base of the last crest, an eye proper. 
Motto — "Deusdedit." — (God gave). Matriculated, 27 Jan. 

IV. Master William Moir of Hilton, Advocate, bears or, 
1672-78 three men's heads couped, distilling drops of blood proper, 

wreathed about with bay leaves, vert. Crest, a dexter arm 
issuing from the shoulder out of a cloud, and holding a branch 
of laurel, slipped, all proper. Motto — " Virtute non aliter." — 
(By virtue, not otherwise). 

V. Thomas Moir of Otterburne, whose grandfather was a 
second son of ye familie of Abergeldie; argent, three negroes' 
heads, couped, proper, within a bordure, counter-indented, 
sable and or. Crest, a negroe's head, as the former. Motto — 
" Mediocriter." — (With moderation). 

VI. The L,eckie Moirs matriculated arms in 1796 as 
follows : — (First and fourth quarters) Argent, three mouri- 
tanian heads couped and distilling three drops of blood proper, 
banded of the first, a pearl in each ear of the second, in the 
centre, a mullet, gules, for Moir; (Second quarter) Argent, a 


MoiR Genkai,ogy 15 

head crowned proper, in a chief sable three escallops, or, — for 
Graham ; (First and fourth quarters of third quarter) Argent, a 
galley, sails furled, oars in action, sable. This quarter is for 
Stewart and Campbell. 

For crest, a falcon proper, armed or belted, or, perched on 
a heron lying on its back proper, beaked and membered gules. 
Motto—" Ne Oublie."— (Not forgotten). 


At Stoneywood Works 

This is a large casting on fine metal, built into the solid 
masonry of a wall, near the ofl&ce building of Stoneywood Works 
at Bucksburn, Aberdeenshire. 

It contains the Stoneywood arms in conjunction with the 
arms of Scrogie. This coat-of-arms must have originated with 
James Moir II. of Stoneywood, as he married July 10, 1683; 
Mary, daughter of Right Rev. William Scrogie, Bishop of 
Argyll. (See marriage contract): — 

Parted her pale, two coats ; first, three mouritanian heads, 
couped, distilling gutt de sang, proper. Second, azure, a 
chevron, or, between two scroggs (starved branches), in chief, 
and a man's heart in base, argent. Above the shield a helmet 
befitting his degree, mantled gules. Crest, a mouritanian head, 
couped, distilling gutt de sang, proper; and the motto " Major 
Opima Ferat." 




By the evidence of ancient charters, the orthography of this 
name seems to have been so various as to occasion some difficulty in 
distinguishing the different families who bore it, as we fimd Individuals 
of the same family promiscuously designed by the name of Moir, 
More, Moor, Moore, Mure, Muir, sometimes contracted to Mr and 
even Moreson, Morrison and Mureson. The name has a double origin, 
from Maure or Saracen, borne by foreign families in most of the con- 
tinental countries of Europe, varied in accordance with the peculiar 
idiom of the country, and in Scotland from the Gaelic etymology 
MohP, big or great, allusive to remarkable size of person. 

*Of the five entries of arms in the Lyon Register, to families of 
the name of 31oir or More in Scotland, all are connected with Aber- 
deenshire, and bear the three Moors' or Saracetas' heads. 

The name of Morison in Scotland bears azure three Saracens' 
heads, conjoined in one neck proper, the faces looking to the chief, 
dexter and sinister sides of the shield. 

The family and surname of Mure or Mulr is much mixed up, 
and often confused with that of More or Moir. The principal family 
of the surname of Muir seems to have been the Muirs of Rowallan, 
in Ayrshire, who bear, argent, on the fesse azure, three stars, or; 
quite different bearings from the name of Moir or More, yet there are 
not wanting instances where two or more families, having the same 
surname, and tracing to a common ancestor, bear quite distinct arms. 

One, if not the most ancient, family of the surname of More, was 

N* h*>f-' t^3.t of Polkellie, in the County of Renfrew. Gilchrist More was one 

Heraldry °^ ^^® Barons who swore fealty to Edward I in 129 6. The heiress of 

Polkellie, Janet More, in the time of David II married Sir Adam 

Muir of Rowallan. 

The late Mr. James Skene of Rubislaw, in a valuable and most 
interesting manuscript history by him of the "Moirs of Stoneywoodi" 
family, kindly lent me by his son, Mr. Wm. F. Skene, says: "Sir Gil- 
christ More was a descendant of the Irisih O'Mores, and that the con- 
nection appears fronn the grant made by Sir Gilchrist Muir of Row- 
allan (who waa knighted at the Battle of Largs), of his lands of 

•There is a sixth entry in the Lyon Register of Moir— the Arms of the Moirs of Leckie, 
Stirlingshire, given herein. 



Polkellie to his Irish kinsman, Ronald More, who had come over 
to assist in a contest with the Cumlttigs, and that the O'Mores of Ire- 
land bore as crest the Moire's head or 'Bluidy Held,' in allusion to the 
family name." He also says: "Several faimilies, possessing property 
in the western counties of Scotland, branched off at different times 
from that of Rowallan and Polkellie, most of whom adopted the name 
of Mure, although More was the original orthography used in Ireland 
and Great Britain." 

The Moires, marquises of Drohega, in Ireland, have a Moor's 
head, out of a coronet, for crest, and their arms have a resemblance 
in the charges, although 'not in the tinctures, to those of the family 
of Muir of Rowallan. 

But we will now confine ourselves to the history of the Moirs or 
Mores in Aberdeenshire. "The introduction of the name into that Sliene's MS. 
country may with great probability be assigned to tlie circumstance 
of the extensive possessions acquired there by Sir Reginald More, the 
Chamberlain in David II's reign; and it is remarkaljle that while the 
families in the western countries have almost all adopted the name of 
Mure or Muir, those in Aberdeenshire have as uniformly retained the 
original orthography of More or Moir." In the older records, however, 
I often find the surname of the Aberdeenshire Moirs spelt also More, 
and Moire, Moore, and so forth, and in a very few instances, Muire and 



Ex-Mayor of Scranton, Pa. 

"I have often wondered as to where the name originated. Many 
claim that the construction of the name denotes French origin; but 
my impression is that it is of Norse origin, and the French of this sur- 
name are Norman-French. The Gaelic name More — or more prop- 
erly spelled in Gaelic, Mhor — which means big, large, is a different 



(From "Concerning Some Scottish Surnames" ) 

(Author of Innes' Genealogy) 
(Written in 1857 — Printed, Edinburgh, 1860 ) 

When names are seeking, people are naturally called by the name 
of the place where they have been born or live, so that you cannot 
wonder that, in our own dear country, we have many Hills and Glens, 
Craigs, Woods and Forrests. Mountain is a more English form of 
Hill. We have the hills too near and like them too well to give them 
grand-sounding names. 

The Moor has given names to families in all the three kingdoms. 
With us (in Scotland), they have enjoyed the usual license of spell- 
ing, but the origin and sense of the word is the same, whether it is 
spelt as the good Sir Thomas More used it, or like the wish anacreon 
Moore, or our antique Muir, I have observed that in all its shapes, 
the name connects itself with literature. One of our best (3-reek 
scholars of the eighteenth century was Professor Moor of Glasgow. 
Our foremost Grecian now (1857) is Sir William Mure of Caldwell, 
the accomplished historian of Greek literature — accomplished in a 
way so rare among Scotch gentlemen. (He died in the spring of 
1860.) The author of "Zeluco" and his more illustrious son (Sir John 
Moore) added an "e" to the name "for a difference," and some such 
cause has produced the various reading Moir, still distinguished for 
the strong propensity to literature. 



Author of Houses of Moir and Byres (1885) 

It will be seen that the surname of Moir or More can fairly rank 
as one of the oldest in the County of Aberdeen, even without entering 
into the debateable question of Ranald or Reginald More, Chamber- 
lain of Scotland, being pregenitor of the Moirs, as well as the Muirs, 
who, as will be seen, had large grants in Aberdeeinshire in 1328. 

As land-owners, however — with the exception of Patrick More de 
Belhelvie, in 1647 — few of them appear before the seventeenth and 
eighteenth centuries, and previous to that period, the heads of most 
of the different families (doubtless all originally of the same stock) 
seem to have been mostly substantial burgesses of Bon Accord. 

Of the gallant and brave Moirs of Stoneywood, there were only 
four generations — John Moir of Kermuck, afterwards of Stonej^wood, 
the founder — keen, honest and shrewd, as became his good Burgess 
ancestry. He was succeeded by his son, James II of Stoneywood, a 
learned and gallant gentleman, for fifteen years M. P. for his county; 
whose picture, attributed to Scougall, is in the Tonley Collection. 
His son was James Moir III. of Stoneywood, the brave and staunch 
supporter of the Prince, who, along with Lord Lewis Gordon and his 
kinsman Moir of Lonmay, was among the most important of Charles 
Stuart's supporters in Aberdeenshire. He was succeeded by his 
equally good and brave son, James Moir IV, and last of Stoneywood, 
the tried friend of his unfortunate Prince. With this worthy son of 
worthy sires ended the male line of the gallant Stoneywoods, whose 
representatives through the female line are the Skexies of Rubislaw. 
Lands and houses pass away, and the place which knew them shall 
know them no more. 

Of the "broad acres" owned by the name of Moir in Aberdeen- 
shire, only tW'O families of the surname hold estates in the county, 
viz. — ^Moir-Byres of Tonley, whose lands (over 5000 acres) came to 
them through the Byres family; and the old family of Moir of Scots- 
town, who have owned that property for at least eight generations, 
and who were much connected with the University and Old Town of 
Aberdeen. Its present representative (1885), William Moir, is a 
lieutenant in the 18th Hussars, and will, I hope, uphold the "auld 
hoose," and add to, instead of diminish, the family inheritance. 

Moir of Invernettie had aspired to "founding a family," and reg- 
istered arms on that account, but his line became extinct before the 
parent stem of Stoneywood, and Invernettie reverted to that family. 
Of the loyal Moirs of Lonmay, the son of the Prince's brave sup- 
porter sold the estate and bought New Grange in Forfarshire, which 
was, however, soon parted with. 

William Moir, M. P., of Hilton, although also wishful to "found 
a house," and between 1672-8 registering arms, endures only for a 
few years, and in 1682 there is another laird, and even the name of 
his estate is changed. 

20 MOIR Geneaxogy 

Moir of Barnes, out of a family of four sons and nine daughters, 
appears at his decease to have left only eight daughters, his co-heir- 
esses, whose husbands, no doubt, carefully and quickly divided his 
estate of the Abergeldie Moirs. I have no particulars excepting of 
their cadet "Moir of Otterburne," of whose house there were five 
lairds; Tsut in 1765, their estates were sold. 

Of the Tonley Moirs, we have first, Andrew Moir of Overhill, who 
is able to give his large family, by two wives, each a comfortable 
"set-out" in the world. His eldest son, likewise Andrew Moir, fol- 
lows a country life, and devotes himself to agriculture. No doubt, his 
wife, the Laird of Thornton's daughter, brings with her a suitable 
dowry. He is thus able to place his sons comfortably in the world, 
and to give each of his four daughters such a tocher as will not de- 
crease their attractiveness in the eyes of a fond husband. The eldest 
son of the last couple, the Rev. Andrew Moir, was for nearly thirty 
years the minister of Ellon. By his well-born wife, Jean Forbes, of 
the family of Waterton, he had, with other issue — the Rev. George 
Moir, his heir, who was for fifty-five years the much-loved and re- 
spected minister of Peterhead; his wife, Martha Byres, whom he mar- 
ried in 1766, was the daughter of Patrick Byres of Tonley, the "Jacob- 
ite Laird." Two of this fine couple's sons married their cousins, who 
were sisters; but John Moir, the younger brother, married the elder 
sister, Catherine Byres, whose descendants, as shown in the sequel, 
now hold Tonley. "WTiile Janet Byres, the younger sister, married the 
elder brother, James Moir, M. D., and their son, Patrick Moir-Crane, 
is the present head of this branch of the Moir family, and heir-pre- 
sumptive to Tonley (1885). 


( Abridged from article on "Our Ancestors" ) 

Written in 1900 

The Moirs and Mores have lived very long in Scotland, and are 
scattered into almost every corner of it. There have been several 
ancient and honorable families bearing the "name, five of whom have 
registered arms, but none of them have endured in full vigor until the 
present time. All these honorable families resided in Aberdeenshire, 
on the extreme eastern side of the couoitry; yet on my return trip, I 
met a fellow-passenger spelling his name the same way we do, who 
resides in Islay, a large island off the western shore, and who said 
that his ancestors had resided there for more than four hundred 

One great difficulty in determining relationship is the multiplicity 
of ways of spelling the name. For instance, Sir John Moore, who died 
in the Peninsular War, was born in Glasgow, and was lineal descend- 
ant from Mure of Rowallan, whose name is always spelled Mure, 
while the name of the daughter of Adam, who was first granted the 

MoiR Genealogy 21 

estate of Rowallan by King Robert II, was Elizabeth More. Many of 
them spell the name Muir. and a great many of our own relatives now 
in Scotland, spell their name Moir. 

There are two derivations of the name given by historians. First 
from Maiire, meaning Saracen, and second from Mhor, Gaelic, for 
big, or great, and having reference usually to largeness of body, 
although sometimes to positions to prominence, as, for instance, the 
Duke of Argyle, although a Campbell, is always called MacCalluni 

All the coats of arms of the five registered families of Aberdeen 
bear on their shields three Moor or negro heads. The same is true of 
a number of families of our name in England. Just what it means, 
no writer at this day attempts positively to state. Some say that the 
Moirs might have been of Moorish descent; some that it was only a 
play upon the word Moor; others, and perhaps the nearest the truth, 
that the original progenitor procured renown in fighting against the 
Moors, in the conflict which finally drove them out of Europe in 
732 A. D. 

Historians of Aberdeenshire believe that all the prominent Mores 
of their shire were descended from one progenitor, but whether it was 
from Sir Adam More, who lived in 1338, or from Reginald or Ronald 
More, Chamberlain of Scotland, or from some other prominent man, 
they cannot tell. 

Besides Mure of Rowallan, there were: Moir of Stoneywood, Moir 
of Scotstown, Moir of Hilton, and Moir of Braca, of whom it is said 
that he was so wealthy that his purse stood upon one end. We called 
in Edinburgh on a descendant of this Moir, one Mary Moir, and found 
her to be a single lady, ninety-three years of age, hale and hearty, 
bright and active, in full possession of all her powers of mind and 
body. This family, like so many other prominent ones, only lasted 
through four generations, when it became extinct through lack 
of male issue. 

We found our family name in many prominent positions in 
Glasgow, London, and other cities we visited. 

I think we should give due credit to a country that produces 
such a quality of people. Bonnie Scotland is worthy all the love and 
honor her sons or their offspring can bestow upon her. It might be 
said of her, as the Psalmist said of the beloved city, Jerusalem: 
"Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth," and it is true 
of her, as of Jerusalem, "God is known in her palaces for a refuge." 
The country may not be salubrious, nor all the people saints, but 
there is a general average of both, above that of any land or people 
I have seen. 


Abridged from article by HENRY PATON, Historian, Edinburgh 

There can be no doubt that the surnames Moir, More, Moor, 
Moore, Muir and Mure are iDUt variations of one and the same patro- 
nymic. The form in which it first appeared in Scotland, and in which 
it persists for about two centuries, is More. Even those from whom 
the most considerable famxilies of Muir, such as the Muirs of Rowal- 
lan, of Caldwell, and others, are almost invariably written "More," in 
the early Scottish registers and charters, save that in Latin writs the 
name sometimes occurs in the Latinized form of Mora. 

From a considerable search made on the subject, my belief is 
that the name of More first came from England. In Domesday 
Book, which contains the result of a survey of England made by Wil- 
liam the Conqueror in 1086, mention is made of the existence in that 
country of several places of the name of More, particularly in the 
Counties of Devon, Worcester, Hereford and Norfolk. 

There is also in the early land registers of England, and in many 
parts of that country, persons of the name of More mentioned, even 
as far back as the reign of Henry II, which began in 1216, and 
some of them held knightly rank, as Sir Henry de la More. This 
style, "de la More," is at first universal, but latterly, towards the reign 
of Queen Elizabeth, comes dovim to plain More, and later to Moir 
and Muir. It was in the form "de la More" or "Mora" that the 
name came to Scotland. In 1213, one Adam de la Mora was sent by 
King John of England to the King of Scotland with a gift of gir- 
falcons. It looks as if he, and perhaps some others of his name, 
had then settled in Scotland, for by the end of that century, when 
Edward I. was dealing with the Scots, about the succession of the 
Scottish Crown, there were a considerable number of "De la Mores," 
including an Adam de la More, in Ayrshire and Lanarkshire. A 
century later, when the Laird of Rowallan gets a confirmation charter 
from King Robert the Third, he is designated Sir Adam More, 
Knight; but it is in the same year (1391) that the first transmuta- 
tion of the name takes place into "Mure," in a charter of pension 
granted to the King's uncle Andrew Mure, he being a brother of 
Elizabeth More of Rowallan. After this date, the common spelling 
of the name is Muir or Mure. 

The first, and perhaps the most eminent, of the Mores in Scot- 
land — and he was the first who attained to eminence — was Reginald 
de la More. He became a favorite with King Robert Bruce, who 
employed him in embassies, and gave him a number of very consider- 
able est8.tes in various parts of Scotland, one being that of Aber- 
corn, in Linlithgow; another being the Thanage of Formartyn, which 
included a greater part of Aberdeenshire. He was made Chamber- 
lain of Scotland in 1329, and held that office until his death, in 1341. 
One of his sons was Sir William More of Abercorn, and another was 
Gilchrist More, the ancestor of the Mures of Caldwell, in Renfrew- 

MoiR Genealogy 23 

The only connection which the royal family of Scotland had with 
the Mores was the marriage of Elizabeth More of Rowallan to 
Robert, the High Steward of Scotland, who afterwards became King, 
as Robert II, on the death of David II, without issue. 

The word "More," which occurs after such personages as Angus 
Mor, Fergus 'Mor, Loarn More, MacCullum More, is not at all a 
surname, for surnames did not exist in Scotland in their day. In all 
these and innumerable other cases, it is merely a distinctive appella- 
tion, "More" being simply the Gaelic adjective, meaning great or 
big, or the Scotch word "muckle." The aspirated form, "mhoir," is 
the feminine gender. So in the case of Ben More, Loch More, Glen- 
more, Strathmore, and so forth, what is denoted is merely the great 
mountain, lake, glen, and strath. 

There is no "Clan Mhoir." This is just another instance of the 
use of the adjective. The "Clan Mhic Gille Mhoir," of which Dr. 
Brown refers in his history of the Highlands, is explained by Sir 
Robert Gordon, the contemporary writer, whom he is quoting, to be 
merely a sept or branch of the Clan MacLeod. 

As to the family of Moir or More in the northern counties of 
Scotland, it is possible they may have come from the lowlands. It 
is also quite possible, however, that they may have been of Highland 
origin, and assumed the name of Moir or More from the Gaelic 
adjective just referred to. Surnames were much later of being 
adopted in the Highlands than in the Lowlands, and they were by 
no means general even in the sixteenth century. But this possibility 
I merely suggest. 



Concerning the origin of the forbears of the MORE FAMILY of America, descended 
from MOIRS of Rothiemurchus, Elginshire 

In the early part of the sixteenth century, there were persons 
of the name of More in Strathavon and Strathdee, 1527. (See Praser's 
Chiefs of Grant III, pp. 68, 70.) In 1622 and 1632, there were Moirs 
in the service of the Laird of Grant, one of whom, William Moir, was 
his chamberlain on the estate of Mulben, w'hich lies about half way 
between Keith and the lower Craigellachie, in Strathspey (lb. I., 
p. 274.) But later, the family seems to have greatly spread through 
Strathspey, into the parishes of Moray and Banff, and also Aberdeen- 
shire, for in 1745, there were the Moirs of Stoneywood in the parish 
of Newhills, and Invernettie near Peterhead. James Moir of Stoney- 
wood took part in the rebellion of 1745, having the command of the 
Aberdeen battalion of the forces raised by Lord Lewis Gordon to 
assist Prince Charlie. 

The Forres registers show that some of the family of More were 
resident there in or before 1690, as in that year (16th February) 


MOIR Gbneai^ogy 

Agnes, the lawful daughter of John More and Margaret More, in 
Mondole, was baptised. 

In Aberlour Parish, in Strathspey, they appear to have beeto 
numerous, as when the register opens in 1708, the name is of frequent 
occurrence, the Christian names of the males being most commonly 
John, David, William, Alexander, sometimes George, James, Peter; 
and of the females. Christian, Margaret, Jean and Elizabeth. In the 
Parish of Alvie, which comprises part of the district between 
Grantown and Kingussie, the name Gregor More occurs in 1719, on 
17th December, of which year a son, William, was baptised to Gregor 
More, in Invermarkie, and his wife, Janet Fraser. And in some of 
the surrounding parishes, the registers of which were glanced at for 
the purpose, it is evident that the name was in considerable force. 


Scoto-English Seal 





President of JOHN MORE ASSOCIATION of New York 

(Written March 1,1905) 

In' regard to the past history jn record of the name More, I have 
given an extended investigation, and my belief is that the original 
name of the family was More. And I trace it by record, history, 
tradition and oral history brought down in Burton's History of Scot- 
land, and Irish history back to and before the Christian era in the 
chieftains and kings of the Milanese colony who settled in County 
Antrim, Ireland, coming from Egypt, being a colony from Asia Minor 
who settled there, and being so aggressive and prosperous to cause 
jealousy of the Egyptians, they drove them out. It is said the chief 
married a daughter of Pharaoh, and evidently they were an aggres- 
sive and a race of ability, as manifested. 

Owing to political difficulties (after these people settled and gave 
the name to Scotland), many of the Mores changed their names to 
Moir, Muir, and some, who went to Germanj', to Mohr. I think they 
all trace back to the dominant rulers of that migration. And the 
same descent in Scotland ruling to about the twelfth century in 
name More, as Lorn and Fergus More were the first rules of that 
name in Scotland, and their descendants to the twelfth century, where 
it passed from the name More to the maternal side and came to the 
throne by Robert Bruce, who was the rightful heir, although 
Edward I of England, as overlord, gave it to John Baliol, second 
daughter's descent; "Bruce," first daughter's; and Coimyn, third. 
It is very interesting to follow the landmarks and all that leads up 
to the tracings away back in the misty past. Yet I find tracings all 
along the way that leads me to believe in the "Stone of Destiny," 
which is held so sacred by the Scots and English now with such 
confidence. It was the one on which Jacob's head rested when he 
saw the vision, and kept sacred by his descendants, and links this 
family with its history. 

Who knows they were not his descendants, which tradition gives 
them a right to claim? And Queen Victoria, who had access to all 
the records in the kingdom that were taken by Edward I to London, 
when he overran Scotland in the twelfth century. Queen Victoria 
traces back in the maternal line to Robert Bruce, and in the same 
line back to King David of Jerusalem. 

In 1900, I visited James Moir of Balinan, near Grant's Town, a 

lineal descendant of a brother of John More, a man then eighty-three 

years old, and knew all about the family, and John's whereabouts in 

America. I asked him which was the family name. He said More 

was the name, and original one, and way to spell it. When a boy, 

the teacher at school told him he must spell it Moir, and he had 
always done so, and his children also. 

I claim that More is the correct way of spelling it, and it has 

come down to us without a break, so far as I can trace, notwith- 

26 MoiR Genkai^ogy 

standing the vagaries through which different branches have been 
willing to digress and mix it in way of spelling. We have no trouble 
tracing so far as the public records show in Scotland. Before those, 
we have to follow the line by tradition and oral evidence, aa it 
appears in whatever form. I failed to find when there were not men 
by the name 3Iore in my research. Mr. Randall, in charge of Holy- 
rood Palace at Edinburgh, and a historian, confirmed me in my views 
when I visited him in 19 00. I know the Scotch notion is that More 
means "muckle or big." It was the men bearing that name who left 
their impress distinctly, centuries ago, that you will find all over Scot- 
land as More this and More that, which, if you eliminate and substi- 
tute Bisr, would mean nothing. 


There were undoubtedly a great many of the name of More who 
previous to the Revolutionary War of 1776, emigrated to America 
as there are a great many of that name in that war, and we will 
try to brieflS'^ describe the result of some of our searches through the 
official records, a great many of which are obtained from "The New 
England Historic and Genealogical Register," which, however, covers 
all the early records of the whole countrj\ 

g' ■%e^"'ste^ There was a "More" killed in King Philip's War in 1676. He lived 

vol.44, p. 7l' in Mansfield, Mass. 

Mary Palmer, b. June 28, 1713, m. William More, June 4, 1729. 

G.' Reg.', vol. Children: Allen More, b. Jan. 17, 1730; Andrew More, b. Jan. 6, 1735; 

50, p.223 James More, b. Mar. 21, 1738, d. Feb. 14, 1739; Abeline More, Eliza- 

beth More, Content More, William More, Mary More. 

N. E. H. and Edmund Moers, Jr., lived at Newbury. Mass., paying taxes on an 
G. Reg., vol. 

32, p. 157 estate there. 

N. E. H. and Rebecca More, admitted to full communion in the First Church 

?3 p 207 ^°^' of Charlestown, Mass., Feb. 8, 1740. 

N. E. H. and Willliam, Archelaus, Elizabeth, Samuel and Sarah, children of John 

G. Reg., vol. j^/fore, baptised Dec. 24, 1727, at Durham, New Hampshire, by Rev. 

33, p. 345 and 

p. 348 Hugh Adams. 

do., vol. 34, Mrs. More struck by a great stream of fire (lightning), July 15, 1665. 

p. 163. gYie was wounded and badly hurt. 

p°271^°^" ^^' Enoch More paid taxes in Charlestown in 1688. 

do., vol. 34, Mr. Thomas More's vessel cast away at Cape Cod in ye storm, four 

p. 298 persons perished, and much wealth lost, Feb. 14, 1668. 

do-, vol. 35, T. J. More was allotted four acres of land on Neponset River, in 

P- "^^ Dorchester, Mass., in 1637. 

do., vol. 36, William More, impanelled as a juror, Sept. 10, 1686, at Exeter, New 

P- ^^^ Hampshire. 

p°'m°^' ^^' The wife of John More died Jan. 26, 1661, at Braintree, Mass. 

MoiR Genealogy , 27 

James, ye sone of Enoch and Rebeckah More, was baptised Apr. 4, n.E. H. and 
1681, in the First Church at Charlestown, Mass. G. Reg., vol. 

Thomas Moire, baptised May 29, 1694, at Batlscan (Canada).* 

April 25, 1778, a ship (brig) from White Haven, Captain More, cap- do., vol. 29, 

tured by the Americans. (It would appear as if this brig were a fish- P- 21 

ing vessel; it was afterwards given freedom). Diary of Dr. Ezra 

Green, ship surgeon continental "War Ranger." 

John More, 1669, signed a contract with twenty- two others for a new do., vol. 30, 
minister, Mr. Emerson of Mendon, Mass. P- ^^ 

William More owned land on the south side of York River, Maine, do., vol. 31, 
Aug. 25, 1679. P- ^^• 

John More paid taxes in Billerica. Mass., 1688. ^^'io<^^^' ^^' 

Andrew Moir, baker, and James Moir, carpenter and Joiner, came ^o vol 63 

from Westminster, England, ship "Mermaid," to Maryland, Feb. 2 8, P. 27 

From the Port of London, on the ship "Reward," Dec. 2 5, 1773, Jane do., vol. 62. 
Moir, "lady," to visit her friends. (There is a lady of this name who P- ^ 
is married, according to London parish registers, in 1781.) 


Arriving at Plymouth, Mass., 1620 

Richard More and his brother Jasper More, brought by Elder 
Brewster, both as servants, in the Mayflower, 16 20. Jasper died the 
first winter from the severity of the season and exposure. 

At the division of cattle in 1627, when the name of every man, 
woman and child is given, Richard was still with Elder Brewster; but 
by Gov. Bradford's history, p. 451, we are taught that he married, 
and in 16 51 had four or five children alive, as if he had lost one or 
more. It is vain to regret that the Governor did not mention the 
names of the children or the mother. Perhaps he removed to one 
of the newer settlements, for Winsor's "Duxbury" tells that he sold 
his lands in 1637, and I am convinced, after long search, that he is 
the Richard More, by Deane in History of Scituate, as the four other 
passengers of this baptismal name were then all adults. — (From the 
Genealogical Dictionary of New England, vol. 3, p. 229.) 

*From Dictionaire Genealogique des Francais Canadieno, publ. 1871, voL 28, p. 159. 


List of 

^'frica*^*° Feb. 17, 1634, from London in sailing vessel "Hopewell," Alexander 

p. 41 More, ag-e 2 4. 

p. 75 Thomas More, 33, sailed from London for the Barbadoes, May 2, 1635. 

p. 260 John More, age 3 6, arrived in Virginia in the "Bona Nova," in 1620. 

p. 260 Elizabeth More arrived in Virginia in the "Abigail," in 1622. 

p. 120 George More, age 25, arrived in Virginia, in the "Globe," Aug. 7, 163 5. 

p. 85 Henry More, age 19, arrived Bermudas in the "Truelove," June 10, 

p. 136 Henrie More, arrived in Virginia, in the "Constance," Oct. 24, 1635. 
p. 65 Isaac More, age 13, arrived New England, in the "Increase," Apr. 15, 

p. 257 James More, buried in Virginia, in 1624. 
p. 38 and 39 John More, 2 8, and John More, 30, arrived at the Barbadoes, Jan. 6, 
p. 43 John More, 24, (S. Planter), embarked for New England, Mar. 22, 

p. 62 John More, 41, left London for New England in barque "Suzan and 
Ellen," Apr. 14, 1635. 

p. 150 Hugh Moir passed from west of England to New England, Apr. 12, 

p. 468 Peter More buried May 4, 1679, at St. George, Barbadoes. 
p. 93 Richard More, 20, (S. Blessing), . for New England from London, 

June 17, 1635. 
p. 37 Robert More, 19, (S. Bonaventure), Jan. 2, 1634, passed to Virginia 

from London. 
p. 183 Robert More, "living" in Elizabeth City, Virginia, Feb. 16, 162 3. 
p. 250 Robert More (50), in the "Providence," 1622, mustered at Elizabeth 

City, Va. 
p. 173 Sara More, "living" at Chaplain's Choice, Va., Feb. 16, 1623. 

72 Suzan More (S. Ann and Elizabeth) left London for the Barbadoes. 
p. 102 Thomas More, 18 (S. Transport), from London for Virginia, July 4, 

p. 132 Thomas More, 18, (S. Dorst), from London for Bermudas, Sept. 30, 
•J37 Thomas More, 26, (S. Constance), from London for Virginia, Oct. 24, 
p 115 William More, 16 (S. Primrose), from London for Virginia, July 27, 

p. 189 William More killed at "colledg" with four others, dead Feb. 16, 1623. 
3g Edward Moir, 19 (S. Bonaventure), from London for Virginia, Jan. 2, 
p. 228 Thomas de la Moir mustered into service, 1624, from Virginia. 


Enoch More, mate of ship "Success," aged 43, in 1685 married Re- From 

becca Converse, Dec. 19, 1675 (died Jan. 3, 1732, age 83), had issue: ^'3^3^'*°'^' 

1, Enoch, b. 1678; 2, James, b. 1681; 3, Rebecca, b. 1683; 4, Susanna, Genealogies 

b. 1684; 5, Ruth, b. 1687; 6 and 7, James and William, b. 1688, both p"6^^'^^*^^' 
died same year. 

John More of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, married Hannah Sias, N. E. H. and 

Mar. 15,1720. %,Sa79'"''- 

Thomas More and Abigail Banfield of Portsmouth, N. H., Dec. 8, vol. 23, p. 272 

Rebecca, Elizabeth, Francis and Sarai More were baptised at Charles- 
town, Mass., in 1680. 

John More and Susanna Willard of Lancaster, married Mar. 19, 1724. vol.17, p. 72 

John More and Dorothy Stickney, married at Bradford, Mass., May vol. 18, p. 282 
17, 1758. 

There is an article on the Mores of Ireland, beginning in the fifteenth vol.19, p. 289 

century, mentioning the O'Sullivan Mores, McCarthy Mores. 

John More of Braintree, Mass., was given a grant of land in Nipmug, vol. 21, p. 380 

near Boston, Mass. 

There was a Robert Moir in Major Cutts' company at the Liouisburg vol. 22, p. 117 

(Cape Breton) Expedition, in 1745. 

Samuel More owned land in Portsmouth, N. H., in 1699. vol. 51, p. 44. 

Abigail More, wife of Simon, buried at Long Island, July 21, 1758. vol.53, p. 175 

Ruth Stanley More, daughter of Deacon Isaac and Ruth More, was vol. 53, p. 87 

born in Norwalk, Conn., Jan. 5, 1657. 

By the will of John More of Kittery, Maine, probated Apr. 2, 1736, vol.54, p. 387 

mentions wife Sarah; sons, Robert, Jonadah, John, Edward, Robert ^^^JJ?^ ^^l'^* 

p. 0/0) 
2d, Ebenezer; and daughters Elizabeth, Abigail and Mary. 

Hannah More, daughter of Jonathan, bap. May 21, 1710, in Waltham, vol.54, p. 223 


William More married Ann Goodwin, Jan. 16, 1723, in Berwick, Me. vol. 55, p. 311 

James Moir of Boston, Mass., a "Scottish Man," married Feb. 6, 1657. Genealogical 

Mary Booth, was one of the founders of the Scottish Charitable So- New'Erfg&nd 

ciety, now famous; he may have been one of the outcasts of the Civil 

War sold here, that had wealth or heart enough to form a family. 

John More of Roxbury, Mass., freeman, July 3, 1632, by the church do. 

records, he is "old John More of 99 years, 27 days (Oct., 1679)." 

Jonathan More of Boston, younger son of William and Ann More, was do. 

a temporary resident there, for by the will of his mother, June 16, 

1656, shortly before her execution for the preposterous crime of 

witchcraft, speaks of him and his brothers, John and Joseph, as if 

all were in England, and in the codicil of June 19, 1656, acknowledged 

"the more than ordinary affection and pains of this one, in the time 

of my distress," as he had arrived to attend to the result of the 

execrable fanaticism. She was probably the richest person hanged for 

witchcraft, and the prejudice long slumbered. 

(There is an additional list of over a hundred names of persons 
bearing the name of More, who seem to have settled in th'- United 
States, principally in New England, previous to 1750.) 

30 MoiR Geneai,ogy 

N. E. H. &G. Extracts from Governor Hutchinson's (of the Massachusetts Col- 

39??^380. ^° ' ^^y^ original papers, and may furnish some light in respect to the 
prisoners sent to the colonies and sold for slaves, no doubt by order 
of the English government, as a sort of banishment for their rebel- 
lion. It is probable that some of them were sent to the Barbadoes, 
as all their names do not appear in the governor's list. 

"The Scots, whom God delivered into your hands at Dunbarre, 
and whereof sundry were sent hither, we have been desirous (as we 
could) to make their yoke easy. Such as were sick of disease have 
not wanted for chirurgery. They have not been sold for slaves for 
perpetual servitude, but for six, seven, or eight years, as we do our 
own, and he that bought many of them buildeth houses for them, 
for every four an house, layeth some acres of ground thereto, which he 
giveth them as their own, requiring three days a week to work for 
him, and four days for themselves, and promiseth as soon as they 
can repay him the money he laid out for them, he will set them at 



Author of the MOORS-MOOAR Genealogy 

Early immigrants to Massachusetts of the name of Moor, Moore, 
Mooers, Moors, Moir and More were not few. Such was Thomas of 
Salem, 1636; Francis of Cambridge, 1638; John of Sudbury, 1640; 
Edward of Newbury, 1648; and Abraham of Andover, probably 1680. 
It has been thought by some that there were relationship with the 
Scotch-Irish families of this name that came to New Hampshire in 

The spelling in names is, no doubt, a rather precarious ground 
on which to draw genealogical conclusions. For often, among de- 
scendants known to be of the same family origin, there is much 
variation in writing the name. As the spelling adopted is found in 
use almost wholly within the line here traced, and is distinctive, the 
occurrence of the same spelling, in the stories of Mr. Hall Caine, at 
least piques curiosity. Once, so far away as San Francisco, the com- 
piler found a native of the Western Isles that lie off the coast of 
Scotland, who signed his name Moar. But the curiosity even of an 
amateur must put itself within limits, and we have left to others 
this line of research, which stretches backward beyond the sea that 
brought our ancestors hither. 

' 'VQr- ' 


In the Revolutionary War 

The following list of soldiers of the Revolutionary War of Inde- 
pendence in America, 1775-1783, are copied from the official records 
of soldiers and sailors contained in the archives, and are all from one 
state, the state of Massachusetts. As will be readily seen, many 
of the persons named are from England, a few of them may have 
originated in Scotland. Sometimes the same persons' names are 
spelled in more than one way, according as the recording officer saw 
fit to record them. 

The original record contains a complete list of soldiers and sailors, 
and describes fully the records of events, how long in the service, 
with date of same, of each individual, so far as known. The volume 
was printed in 1903. 

Lieut.-Col. More 
Capt. Abner More 
First Lieut. Abijah More 
Private Appolos More 
Priva.te Asahel More 
Private Bartholomew More 
Serp-eant Benjamin More 
Private Benjamin More 
Private Cambrid^-e More 
Private Charles More 
Private Comfort More 
Private Daniel More 
Private Daniel More 
Private David More 
Private Ebenezer More 
Private Edmund More 
Private Edward More 
Private Elias More 
Private Elijah More 
Private Elijah More 
Private Elijah More 
Private Elkins More 
Private Ezra More 
Private Frances More 
Private Gideon More 
Private Henry More 
Private Isaac More 
Private James More 
Private James More 
Private James- More 
Private James More 
Private John More 
Private John More 
Private John More 

Private John More 
Private John More 
Private John More 
Private John More 
Private John More 
Sailor John More 
Private John More 
Private Jonathan More 
Private Jonathan More 
Private Jonathan More 
Private Jonathan More 
Private Jonathan More 
Second Lieut. Joseph More 
Sergeant Joseph More 
Private Joseph More 
Drummer Joshua More 
Captain Joshua More 
Private Josiah More . 
Private Josiah More 
Private Josiah More 
Private Josiah More 
Second Lieut. Josiah More 
Private Josiah More 
Private King More 
Private Kirley More 
Private Lawson More 
Private Luke More 
Private Mark More 
Private Moses More 
Private Nathan More 
Private Obadiah More 
Private Perez More 
Private Reuben More 
Private Reuben More 


Captain Reuben More Private Timothy More 

Private Richard More Corporal Timothy More 

Private Samuel More Private Willard More 

Private Samuel More Major Willard More 

Private Samuel More Private William More 

Private Silas More Corporal William More 

Private Simon More Private William More 

Private Thomas More Second Lieut. William More 

Private Thomas More Private William More 

Ensign Thomas More Captain William More 

Private Thomas More Captain "VMlliam More 

Private Thomas More Private William More 

Private Thomas More Private Zebulon More 
Private Thomas More 

There was an Abel Moir and a George Moir soldiers in "King 

Philip's War" of 1675-1678, in New England. The latter is entered as 

from Newbury, Mass. (Pages 446 and 450, "Lists of Soldiers in King 
Philip's War.") 

Mr. David F. More, one of the authors of the ""More Family 
History," in a letter referring to the list of ninety-two Mores who are 
mentioned in the Revolutionary War records of Massachusetts, says: 

"Where in the world are deccendants of these ninety-two 
Mores? Some of them, I presume, lost their lives for their country, 
some probably never married, but it would seem that enough of them 
must have survived to have had an extensive progeny. I ask, where 
are their descendants? Well, they are probably scattered all over 
the northern half of our country. I have been through New England 
considerably, but I never saw in directories or on signs but a few 
Mores. Their patriotic and enterprising offspring probably helped 
to people more western states, and their name — very many of them — 
may have changed to Moore, and these are nuinerous all over our 


Mentioned in Ancient Charters 


(Reigned 1314-1328) 

Carta to Ade More, undated and unreadable. 

Carta to William de Mora, of the lands of Kilmarnock, Bondingtown, 

Hertfchaw, and so forth, in vice com. Ayr. 
Carta to Malcolm, Earl of Lennox, of the half of the lands of Lekkie, 

nearest Buchaum, in Stirlingshire. 
Carta to Reginald More, of the lands of Templestoun and Sheills, 

given to him by Rudolphus Lindsay, dudum magister hospitalis 

S. John Jerosolomitum. 


(Reigned 1329-1370) 

Carta to Robert. Great Stuart of Scotland, of the lands of Kintyre, 
with the advocation of the Kirks thereof in fee: and to John 
Stewart, his son, gotten betwixt him and Elizabeth More, daug-h- 
ter of Adam (More, Knight, and failzeing of John, to Walter, his 
second brother. 
Carta to Robert Bodefield, by Sir William More, of all his lands in 

Dumfries, and fourtie acres in Traquair. 
Carta Con. given by William More of Abercorne. to David Meldrum, 
of the half of the lands of West Byres, within the barony of 
Carta Alexandri 'More, de terris de Kynchubr. 

Carta confirmationis Davidi de -Melgdrum, medietatis terre de 
Westbins, in baronia de Abercorn. data illi per Willielmum More 
de Abercorn; apud Melros. 28 Oct. a. r. 34. 
Carta confirmationis donationis quam. Willielmus More, Miles fecit 
in perpetuam elemosinand altari Sancte Marie Virginus in 
ecclesia, parochial! de Edynburgli, terre de Raylstoun in vie de 
Edynburgh; 18 Septem. a. r. 34. 
Carta to Willilam More of the Barony of Abercorn, by the resigna- 
tion of John Graham, in vice com. Edinburg'h. 
Carta of excambion betwixt Alexander Livingstoun of that Ilk, and 

Ade More, Knight. 
Carta toStevin More of the lands of Tullicultrie in vie. de Clackmanan, 
Carta given by William More of Abercorn to William Touris and Hel- 
enor Bruce, Countess of Carrick, of the lands of Dairy, in vie 
de Edinburgh. 
Carta to Rannald More, Chamberlin. of the lands of Formarteine, 
Akintoir, Aboyn, Meikle Morfy, Douny and Caverays. which was 
Isabel Baliol's, heir to Thomas Baliol. 

There is a missing charter by David II, King of Scotland, to 
Ranald More, Chamberlain of Scotland, of the lands of Fermartyn, 
Akintor and Obeyne. (Rob. Index of Charters, p. 17.) 

After the Chamberlainship of Ranald More, two of the sisters of 
King David had the Thanage of Fermartyn. 

In the Chamberlain's rolls of accounts for 1342, a payment of 
£6, 12s. 6d. occurs to Thomas, son of Isaac, until otherwise provided 
for. (Exchequer Rolls I. p. 510.) 

Also in the accounts of Reginald More, Thane of Fermartyn and 
Chamberlain of Scotland, in 1332, there is a payment of £10 from the 
prepositi of the Burgh of Fyvie, Aberdeenshire. (Exchequer Rolls I. 
p. 459.) 


(Reigned 1370-1390) 

Charta to Murthac, son of Malcolm, of the half lands of Leckie, lyand 
near Buchanan, vie de Stirling, resigned by Malcolm, his father. 

Charta to said Murthac, son of Malcolm, of two fourth parts of the 
land called Racheon and Akrenmoneyth in the Lennox, -with the 
oifflce of ferjeandry in the shire of Dumbretane, on the resigna- 
tion of Ma,lcolm his father. 

Carta confirming a grant by William More of Abercorne to Adam 
Forester, Burgess of Edinburgh, of the Mains of Corstorsine, 
vie de Edinburgh. 


(Reigned 1390-1406) 

Carta to Gilchrist More, of the lands of Kintumer, in the Barony of 

Stanehouse, in vice com. Lanerk. 
Carta to Gilchrist More, of the Barony of Stanehouse, in vice com. 

Carta to Adam More of Rowallan, and Danielstoun, his 

spouse, of the lands of Polnekill Grey, Dumblay, Clunche, Clony, 

Herber, Darlache Balgram, in the Barony of Cuningham, vie 

Air; the lands of Ayntslare, by resignation of Janet Danielstoun, 

in vice com. Lanerk. 
Carta to Adam More of Rowalane, of the lands of Rowalane, in the 

Barony of Cuninghame and Shire of Ayr, on the resignation of 

said Adam. 


(Regent 1406-1419) 

Carta. Confirmation of a charter by John de Dolas of Estir Leky, 
to Murdoch de Leky, of the lands of Estir Leky, in the Shire of 
Stirling. The original charter is dated at Leky, 10 Feb, 
1406-7. Witnesses, Duncan, Earl of Levenax; John Gourlay 
and Alexander Post, Burgesses of Stirling; Patrick Lindsay; and 
John Napier, Donimo de Kilmehew. The charter is dated in 
the first year of the Regency. 

Carta. Confirmation of a grant by the said John de Dolas to the 
said Murdoch de Leky, of the foresaid lands of Estir Leky, dated 
the second year of the Regency. 

John Mure was a witness to a charter under the regency of Robert, 
the Duke of Albany. 

Mmx mh Mart ^rabuat^a 

(§f tl|f Imu^mttfjB in i>riitlatt!i 




(Kindly furnished by PROF. GEORGE MILLIGAN of Glasgow University) 



Born at Lockerbie, 28th July, 1872. Son of Peter Moir, 
Draper. Graduated M. B., Ch. B. 1900. Address, Craig 
Dhu, Kelty, Fife. 


Matriculated in February, 168 5. 


Born at Glasgow, 10th October, 1885. Son of Francis Moir, 
Grocer. Graduated M. B., Ch. B. 1906. Address, 24 Hay- 
burn Crescent, Partick, Glasgow. Brother of No. 17? 


Matriculated in 1675. I 


Born at Welton, near Blairgowrie, 16th January, 1841. Son 
of Alexander Moir, Farmer. Admitted Notary Public, 1865; 
Law Agent, 1875; Member of the Faculty of Procurators in 
Glasgow, 1875. Senior partner of the firm of Moir, Forbes & 
Guy, Writers in Glasgow, Professor of Conveyancing in Glas- 
gow University since 1889. Received the Honorary Degree 
of LL.D. from the University of Edinburgh, 1901. Address, 
9 University Gardens, Glasgow. 


From Tullibody, Clackmannanshire. Born circa 1852. Son 
of Peter Moir, Farmer. Graduated M. B., C. M. 1875. 
Address, Ponsonby Road, Auckland, New Zealand. Brother 
of No. 18; father of No. 16. 


Born at Dumbarton, 19th January, 1882. Son of John Moir, 
Joiner. Graduated M. A. 1903. Address, 7 Latta Street, 


Born at Cairneyhill, Fife, 17th October, 1889. Son of No. 13; 
brother of No. 15. Graduated M. A. 1908. Insurance Clerk, 
7 Kelvinside Terrace, West, Glasgow. 


Matriculated in 1790. Born at Falkirk. Second son of John 
Moir, Joiner. 

38 MoiR Geneai^ogy 


Matriculated in 1810. Eldest son of John Moir, Artificer, 
Paisley. Died while a Theological Student of the Secession 


Matriculated in 1815. Eldest son of John Moir, Artificer, 


Matriculated in 1831. Eldest son of David Moir, Merchant 
in l^erth. 


Born at Glasgow circa 1848. Son of John Moir, Spirit 
Merchant. Graduated M. A. 1870, B. D. 1874. U. P Minis- 
ter at Cairneyhill, Fife, 1876-95. Died there 4th July, 1895. 
iFather of Nos. 8 and 15. It is a curious coincidence that a 
John More (see No. 23) should have been Minister of the 
same congregation. 


Born in Strathblane Parish, 3rd August. 1853. Son of John 
Moir, Farmer. Graduated M. B. 30th April, 1877. Died at 
Wester Ledriegreen, Strathblane, 17th July of the same year. 


Born at Cairneyhill, Fife, 7th July, 1883. Daughter of No. 
13; sister of No. 8. Graduated M. A. 1907, B. Sc. 1909. 
Address, 7 Kelvinside Terrace, West, Glasgow. 


Born at Glasgow, 1st January, 1877, Son of No. 6; nephew 
of No. 18. Graduated M. B., Ch. B. 1900. Address, Ponson- 
by Road, Auckland, New Zealand. 


Born at Airdrie, 29th May, 1868. Son of Francis Moir, 
Merchant. Graduated M. B., C. M. 1891. Address, Aber- 
chirder, Banffshire. Brother of No. 3? 


Registrar and Assistant Clerk of Senate of the University of 
Glasgow, 1863-86. Died at Davieland, Thornliebank, near 
Glasgow, 10th April, 1886, aged 49. Brother of No. 6; uncle 
of No. 16. 


Born at Maybole, Ayrshire, circa 1857. Son of Rev. James 
Moir. Graduated M. B., C. M. 1879, M. D. 1881. Address, 53 
Bothwell Street, Glasgow. 



Matriculated in 1731. Son of John More of Cairnhill, Monk- 
land Parish, Lanarkshire. 


Matriculated in 1771. Eldest son of John More, Glasgow. 


Born at Dunoon, 16th February, 1882. Son of George More, 
Teacher, deceased. Graduated M. A. 1903. Licentiate of 
the United Free Church. Address, Heathcote, Dunoon. 



Matriculated in 1805. Eldest son of William More, Farmer 
in Drymen Parish, Stirlingshire. Secession and U. P. Min- 
ister at Cairneyhill, Fife, 1814-68. Died there, 2d January, 
1868, aged 79. Father of No. 24. It is a curious coincidence 
that a John Moir (see No. 13) should have been Minister 
of the same Congregation. 


Matriculated in 1844. Third son of No. 23. U. P. Minister 
at Alloa, 1853-60. Died at Algiers, 10th November, 1860, 
aged 30. 


Born in Glasgow, 16th July, 1884. Daughter of William 
More, Iron Founders' Assistant. Graduated M. A. 1906. 
Teacher, 9 West Princes Street, Glasgow. 


Born at Johnstone, Renfrewshire, eirca 1848. Son of Alex- 
ander More, Clothier. Graduated M. B., C. M. 1882. Ad- 
dress, West Kilbride, Ayrshire. 

N. B. — ^The foregoing list of Moirs and Mores is complete, so far 
as Graduates of this University are concerned. It dotes not include all 
Non-^aduate Students, as there are no properly arranged and readily 
accessible notes regarding them, especially for the period after 1842. 

W. INNES ADDISON, Registrar. 
University of Glasgow, 13th December, 1911. 


(Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE of Aberdeen) 

The following list of Moir, Moor and Mure are extracted 
from the Roll of Alumni in Arts of the University of King's 
College of Aberdeen — 1596-1860 — edited by Peter John Ander- 
son, M. A., L,Iy. B., Librarian to the University of Aberdeen. 

1677. Alexander Moor, Aberdonensis, A. M. Litr. 1687. 

1731-35. Alexander Moir, Aberdonensis, 1st, Bursar, A. M. 

1735-39. Alexander Moir, major, Aberdonensis. 

1735-39. Alexander Moir, minor, Banfiensensis, A. M., M. D., 1763, 

1813-17. Alexander Moir, Angusianus, bajan, semi. 

1837-41. Alexander Forbes Moir, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, BaJan 

semi, tertian, magistrand. 

1679-83. Guliemus Moir, Aberdonensis, A. M. 

1679-83. Andrea Moore, Buchanensis, accessit, 1682, A. M. 

1720-24. Andrea Moir, Buchansensis, bursar, tertian, magistrand. 

1749-53. Andrea Moir, Perthensis, accessit 1750, bursar, tertian. 

40 MoiR Geneai^ogy 

1822-26 Andrea Moir, Aberdonensis, bajan, semi, tertian, magis- 
trand, Hutton prize; M. D. 1840; lecturer on anatomy, 
1839 to 1844. 

1730-34. Georgius Moir, Aberdonensis, accessit 1731, A. M. 

1828-32. Georgius Moir, Aberdonensis, bajan, semi. 

1647-51. Jacobus Mure, Aberdonensis (bajan Mearischall College), 
accessit, 1649, A. M. (Morus). 
1697-1701. Jacobus Moor. 

1715-19. Jacobus Moir, A. M. 

1727-31. Jacobus Moir, Banfensis, bajan, semi, tertian, magistrand. 

1845-49. Jacobus Moir (St. Nicholas Parish of Town of Aber- 
deen), A. M. 

1805-09. Joannes Moir, Aberdonensis, A. M. 

1828-32. Georgius Moir, Aberdonensis, bajan, semi. 

1844-48. John Moir, Fintray, Aberdonensis, bajan, semi, tertian, 
magistrand, A. M. Marischall College. 
1809-1813. Robertus Moir, Rossiensis (bajan, semi, Marischall Col- 
lege), accessit 1811. A. M. 

1679-83. Guliemus Moir, Angusiensis, semi. 

172 3-27. Guliemus Moir, Aberdonensis, A. M. 

1849-53. Guliemus Moir, Chapel of Larioch, A. M., M. B. 1859. 

1823-27. Alexander Muir, Angusensis, bajan. 

1826-30. Georgius Muir, Aberdonensis, bajan, semi, tertian. 

1849-5 3. Robert Muir, Ayr, A. M. 



Name Graduated in the year Qualification 

Robert Moir 1658 M. A. 

John Innes Allan Moir 1828 M. D. 

William Moir 1834 M. D. 

Robert Moir 1853 M. D. 

Robert Moir 1859 M. D. 

David Moir 1865 M. A. 

T t, ^7-1 TVT • U866 M. B., C. M. &in 

John Wilson Moir j ^g^g ^ ^' 

Byres Moir ^^^^ M. B.,C.M. &in 

Jiyres moir ^ ^gg^ -^ ^ 

T^ -^ T\/r 1, 4-1, Tv/r • 5 1885 M. B., C. M. & in 

Davia Macbeth Moir j .. ggg ^ .p. ' 

Henry Uddell Moir 1887 M. A. 

James Moir 1857 M. D. 

Note.— M. A., stands for Master of Arts. 

M. D., stands for Doctor of Medicine. 

M. B., C. M., stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Master in Surgery. 

M. B., Ch. B., stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. 

JAMES MOIR II., of Stoneywood, 15 years M. P. for Aberdeenshire. (Scougal, Painter) 
PATRICK MOIR, Secretary to Lord Minto, Died 1810. (Henry Raeburn, Painter) 

REV. GEORGE MOIR, D. D., 55 years Minister at Peterhead (Painted by John Moir his Son) 
WILLIAM MOIR, Sixth Principal of Aberdeen University, 1649-1661 

(All from the Tonley Collection) 




Roxbury, New York 











Name Graduated in the year 

I/auticelot Paxton More 1891 

Paxton St. Clair More 1891 

Francis Watson More \ ^^q^ 

John William More 1900 


Hugh James More J 1906 


M. B., C. M. 

C. M. 

Ch. B. & in 

M. B. 

M. B. 
M. D. 

M. A. 

M. A. &in. 

M. B., Ch. B. &in 

M. D. 


Graduates since 1747 of the surname of MOIR 

David Moir Entered 1835 

David Moir Entered 1865 

David Macbeth Moir* Entered 1877 and died in India 

George Moir Entered 1850 

Henry Paterson Moir Entered 1880 

James R. Moir Entered 1868 

John Moir Entered 1883 

Patrick Moir Entered 1783 

William S. Moir Entered 1883 

William Young Moir Entered 1847 

(More does not occur) 

*This is a grandson of "Delta, the Scottish Poet." 
Note.— M. A., stands for Master of Arts. 

M. D., stands for Doctor of Medicine. 

M. B., C. M., stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Master in Surgery. 

M. B., Ch. B., stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. 




(We hope these registers will be useful in assisting families descended from Moirs in 
tracing their pedigree. Throughout all of these registers, the original spelling is used. 
Sometimes the same word may be spelled differently.) 

From Registers of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, 1570-1700 

1570. Feb. 4. JAMES KAY and MARGARET MOIR married. 

1571. Feb. 17. EYEGANE AX,EXANDER and JANETT MOIR mar- 

1575. Aug. 14. ROBERT BOYD and JANETT MOIR married. 
1 Archibald, 14 Aug., 1575. 



1575. Dec. 4. RICHARD MOIR and NANS FRESAR have a daugh- 

ter Xans baptised. 

1578. March .3. JOHN GROITT and MARGARET MOIR married. 

1587. July 2 5. JOHN MOIR and MARGARET PAIP married. 


have Alexander baptised. 
1581. Jan. 11. THOMAS COWPER and KATHRIN MOIR have a 

clan, baptised. 
1583. Sept. 15. 'WILLIAM MOIR and CHRISTIAN MORESON have 

baptised Alexander. 


1588. May 17. ALEXANDER MOIR and ELSPET CHEIN have 

Patrick baptised. 

1, Margaret, 24 Nov., 1632; 2, Alexander, 8 Jan., 1635; 3, 

John, 7 Apr., 1637; 4, William, 18 July, 1641; Thomas Boyes, 

etc.; 5, a son (blank), 17th Julj', 1644. 
1604. Feb. 21. ^'ALTER MOIR, a dau. baptised, name blank. 
1609. Feb. 7. ALEXANDER MOIR and AGNES WILSON married. 

1612. April 21. JOHN MOIR and MARGARET ANDERSON mar- 


1, Elspet. 18 Sept., 1608, Alexander Moir, etc.; 2, McoU, 4 
Apr., 1613; 3, George, 6 Aug., 1615. 
1607. July 5. ALEXANT)ER MOIR and MARIORIE MARNO mar- 
ried. 1. Thomas, 15 Mar., 1610; 2, a son, 11 Aug., 1611; 
3, Thomas. 16 July, 1613; 4, a son, 23 Feb., 1616. 

1613. November. PETER MOIR and ELSPET CROSER married. 

1, Peter, 30 Sept., 1616; 2, Agnes, 26 Dec, 1618; 3, Mariorie, 
1 Dec, 1628; 4, Janet, twin with last, Mr. Jas. Moir, etc.; 
5, Elspet, 1 April, 1630; 6, Christian, 23 Oct., 1632; 7, Mar- 
garet, twin with last. 

MoiR Genealogy 43 

1620. Sept. 11. ANDREW GRAY and MARGARET MOIR had 


had a daughter. 

1, Samuel, 15 July, 1624; 2 Alexander, 24 March, 1629; 

3, Patrick, 7 Sept., 1631; 4, Issobell, 28 Nov., 1635; 5, James, 

14 Mar., 1639. 

3, Nov., 1637. 

1628. MR. WILLIAM MOIR and JEAN FORBES m. 10 Aug., de- Kennedy's 

signed 1639, etc., baillie (was elected to the Town Council Annals, p.223 
of Aberdeen 1595-6, or at least a Mr. William Moir was). 
Principal of Marischall College, and his widow Jean Forbes 
is alive and polled in 1696. 1, Agnes, 27 May, 1629; 2, Jean, Poll-book, vol. 
29 June, 1630; 3, Andrew, 2 Sept., 1631; 4, John, 16 Nov. H. p. 624 ' 
1632; 5, Jean, 17 June, 1634; 6, Patrick, 10 Mar., 1638; 
7, Issobel, 3 Dec, 1639; 8, Elizabeth, 13 Oct., 1648; John 
More, a godfather. 

1629. May 9. JO. GRAY and MARGARET MOIR had William. 

1629. June 14. JOHN ROBERTSON and MARGARET MOIR mar- 


1630. Jan. 3. JOHN KNOWLLY and MARGARET MOIR had 

Janet. (A family named Knowles owned the property of 
Logierieve, in Parish of Udney, in the end of the 16th cen- 

1, Robert, 23 July, 1630; 2, Agnes, 1 Nov., 1631; 3, Mar- 
aret, 30 Mar., 1633; 4, Jean, 30 Apr., 1635. 

1633. 3d Jan. THOMAS MOIR and JEAN LAMB married 3d. Jan. 

1, Walter, 14 Nov., 1633, Mr. Walter Moir a godfather; 

2, Patrick, 30 April, 1635; 3, Elspet, 8 Feb., 1638; 4, John, 
21 Oct., 1640; 5, Jean, 6 Apr., 1643. 

1634. 2d Dec. MR. JOHN MOIR and MARIONE EDIE married. 

(She had probably been an Aedie of Newark.) 

1636. June 11. MR. WILLIAM MOIR and ELSPET FORBES had 



had Jean. 


had Het^tor bap. 

1637. Nov. 21. GEORGE MOIR and ISSOBELL RICKART married: 

1, Christina, 1 Sept., 1639; Patrick Moir, a godfather; 2, 
WiUiam, 1st April, 1641; Mr. Wm. Moir, etc.; 3, Agnes,' 18 
Jan., 1652, John More, etc., godfathers. 


MOIR had John. 

1641. Dec. 21. ANDREW MOIR and ANNAS LUMSDEN married 

1, William, 8 Apr., 1642, Wm. Moir, Bailzie, and Patrick 

44 MoiR Gbneai,ogy 

Moir, godfathers; 2, John, 26 Apr., 1649; 3, Margaret, 1st 
July, 1651, Robert Moir, etc. 

1 Elspet, 29 Oct., 1654, Alexander More, etc.; 2, George, 11 
Sept., 1656, George Boyes, etc. 
1641. July 27. JAMES ROB and JANET MOIR married. 1, James, 
24 April, 1642. 

1643. Feb. 9. JAMES MOIR and CHRISTIAN SEL.BIE married. 

1644. June 18. JOHN MOIR and AGNES SPINOLA married. 

1647. Feb. 9. JOHN MOIR and Mu4lRGARET PURB married. 
JOHN MORE and ISSOBELL FINDLAT. 1, John, 31 Oct., 

1, Janet. John More a godfather. 

1648. Nov. 21. JOHN MORE and JANET JOHNSTOUNE married. 

1, Alexander, 24 Sept., 1649, Alexander More, a godfather. 
1, WiiMam, 24 Sept., 1648, Wm. More, elder, and Jr., etc., 
godfathers; 2, Alexander, 11 Aug., 16 50, Alexander Jaffrey, 
Provost, John Jaffrey, Baillie; 3, Robert, 18th May, 1652; 
4, Faull, 15 Jan., 1654; 5, James, 8 Nov., 1655; 6, Issobell, 
12 Oct., 1660. 

(The Gellies, who were considerable merchants at Aber- 
deen, owned, for some generations, the estate of Black- 
ford, in Aberdeenshire, and seemed to have several times 

T, „ , , , intermarried with the Moirs and Byres families. Alex- 

Poll-book, vol. 

U, p. 598 ander Gellie (appears with his wife and family as alive 

T Tj 1695-6) of Blackford, 1672-8, bears argent an ark in 

the waters proper, surmounted of a dove azure, bearing 

Poll-book vol ^^ ^^^ beak an olive branch vert. 16 70, Apr. 15, Patrick 

n, p. 626* Gellie (appears in same record, designed "late baillie"). 

Retours ^®^^ °^ Patrick Gellie, merchant burgess of Aberdeen, his 

father, in the lands of Balgerso, Parish of Foveran.) 


1, Bessie, 25 Apr., 1650; 2, Janet, 13 Oct., 1653, Patrick 

More, Baillie, etc.; 3, Alexander, 24 April, 1656. 

1652. MR. JOHN CAMPBELL married JEAN MOIR, dau. of Mr. 

Wm. Moir, Principal, and Jean Forbes, 14 June: 

I, William, 20 Mar., 16 54, Mr. Wm. Moir, Principal, Patrick 
Moir, Baillie; 2, Elizabeth, 20 May, 16 58, Wm. Moir, Prin- 
cipal and Wm. Moir, godfathers; 3, James, 30 Dec, 16 59; 4, 
John, 12 June, 1662; 5, Robert, 28 June, 1663; 6, Janet, 
19 Aug., 1665; 7, Patrick, 14 Jan., 1667; 8, Margaret, 16 Mar., 
1668; 9, George, 16 Aug., 1669; 10, Margaret, 21 Sept., 1670; 

II, Anna, 11 July, 1674. 

1654. Oct. 1. WILLIAM SMITH and EDRINE MORE, in Oldtown 
Parish, dau. Janet. 

1654. Dec. 31. GILBERT DAVIDSON and MARGT. MORE have 

Matthew bap., Dr. Wm. More, etc., godfathers. 

1655. Mar. 27. JOHN MORE and AGNES MORE, Oldtown. Bar- 

bara, baptised. 
1655. ALEXANDER BURNETT, designed "Polls," and AGNES 
MOIR m. June 26: 

MoiR Genealogy 4S 

1, Margaret, 20 Aug., 1657, Alexander Burnett, late Baillie. 
Patrick Moir, etc., godfathers; 2, Thomas, 16 Jan., 1659; 3, 
Geils, 19 Feb., 1661, Robt. Burnett of Colpnay, etc.; 4, 
Agnes, 15 March, 1663, John Jaffrey, late Provost, etc.; 5, 
Alexander, 2 Feb., 1665; 6, Marjorie, 14 Aug., 1669; 7, 
Robert, 7 Mar., 1672: 8, John, 24 Apr., 1673; 9, John, 15. 
Aug., 1674; 10, David, 14 Mar., 1676; 11, George, 21 Aug., 
1677, George Skene of Fintray, Provost, Mr. Geo. Peacock, 
etc., godfathers; 12, Andrew, 8 Jan., 1679, Wm. Cuming 
of Auchry, etc., godfathers; 13, Patrick, 7 Nov., 1680, Pat- 
rick Moire and Patrick Gellie, etc. 

(These Burnetts were cadets of the Leys family, and 

Alexander Burnett, b. 1665, was first of the Burnetts of 

Kirkhill, now represented by the Bannermans of Elsick.) 


June 15. 


1, Agnes, 29 Mar., 1655, Robt. and Geo. More, godfathers; 

2, Margaret, 22 Dec, 1658, John Moir, etc.; 3, Johnne, 12 
June, 1662. 


1, Marjorie, 12 July, 1665, Mr. Wm. Moir Principal, Dr. 
Wm. Moir and John More, godfathers; 2, Alexander, 28 
Oct., 1656; 3, Janet, 24 Dec, 1657; 4, Thomas, 16 Jan., 1659; 
5, John, 15 July, 1662; 6, Andrew, 20 Sept., 1663; 7, Wil- 
liam, 13 Sept., 1664. 

(Thomas Mitchell, a baillie in Aberdeen, whose Bon 
Thomas, b. 1659, was sometime Provost of Aberdeen, and 
first of the Mitchells of Thanistone.) 
1655. Nov. 6. PATRICK MOIR and ISSOBELL KEINE, Oldtown, 
dau. ClirJstian bap. 
dau. of Robert Cruikshank of Banchory, Provost of Aber- 
deen, 1693-8): 

1, George, 5 Dec, 1661; 2, Jean, 9 Dec, 1662; 3, Margaret, 
1st Jan., 1665; 4, John, 8 Nov., 1666; 5, Alexander, 12 May, 
1668; 6, Margt., 16 Feb., 1671; 7, James, 11 June, 1673; 8, 

1663. GEORGE MOIRSONE, Litster, and MARIONE MOIR, married 

August 4: 

1, George, 12 May, 1663; 2, Robert, 28 April, 1665; 3, John, 
27 Aug., 1667. 
1668. June 16. JAMES BROWN and JEAN MOIR, married. 


1, James, 5 July, 1676, James Moir, in Ferriehill, Jas. Car- 
neigie, etc.; 2, Issobell, 17 May, 1664. 

1664. May 31. JOHN MOIR and JANET BARNET. married. 
1668. April 16. WALTER STEWART, Merchant, Banff (Provost 

1692-95) and JANET MOIR married. 
JOHN MOIR and BESSIE COLLISON married 4 July, 1667. 
1, Margaret, 26 Oct., 1668; 2, John, 3 Nov., 1370, John Moir 
of Stainiewood, John Moire of Barnes, John Moir, son of 


MoiR Genealogy 









Bail'lie Patrick Moir, etc., godfathers; 3, Alexander, 21 
Sept., 1672; 4, WUliam, 15 Nov., 1673; 5, Jean, 9 Mar., 1675; 
6, George, 17 Mar. 1677; 7, Thomas, 27 Oct., 1678. 

ROBERT MOIR Litster and MARIE PATON married Apr. 22. 

Dec. 12. JAMES SCHAND, Cordiner, and JEAN MOIR 

Dec. 12. JAMES SCHAND, Cordiner, and JEAN MOIR 

1, Jean, 8 Jan., 1670; 2, James, 8 April, 1672; 3, Thomas, 30 
April, 1673; 4, Robert, 5 Apr., 1674; 5, Janet, 23 April, 1676; 
6, Elizabeth, 8 Dec, 1678. 

June 2. ANDREW MOIR and JEAN MACKIE married: 
1, Marjorle, 16 Mar., 16 60, Alexander Moir, elder and jr., 
godfathers; 2, Wm., 29, June, 1667, Dr. Wm. Moir, Wm. 
Brannes, etc., godfathers; 3, Elizabeth, 8 Dec, 1678. 

July 30. ANDREW MOIR and HELLENE KER married: 
1, Alexr., 8 Sept., 1671, Alexander Alexander, Baillie, Alex- 
ander Burnett "Buchans," etc.; 2, Anna, 3 Sept., 1672, Wm. 
Ker, Jr., etc. 

1, John, 2 Sept., 1672, John Moir of Wattertoun, John 
Anderson, etc; 2, Jean, 25 Dec, 1673; 3, James, 10 Oct., 
1675; 4, Jean, 1 Dec, 1677. 

Aug. 13. ROBERT WEIR and ISSOBELL MOIR married. 
1, John, 1 Aug., 1675; 2, Issobell, 4 Mar., 1677, Dr. Wm. 
Moir, Patrick Moir, etc.; 3, Patrick, 10 Nov., 1678, Patrick 
Moire, Baillie, Patk. Sibbald, Patk. Sandilands, Patk. Gellie, 
godfathers; 4, Marg-aret, 23 Nov., 1679, David Aedie, Baillie, 
etc.; 5, Robert, 20 Mar., 1681, Robert Patrie of Portle- 
than, etc.; 6, Anna, 26 Sept., 1689; 7, Wm., 4 Aug., 1682; 8, 
"Walter, 26 Aug., 1683, Walter Stewart, Provost of Banff, 
etc.; 9, Jean, 1 Jan., 1688, John Moire, Baillie, etc.; 10, 
Wm., 5th May, 1689, Dr. Wm. Moir, Wm. Souper, Wm. 
Black, etc. 

DONALD RIACH, weaver, and CHRISTIAN MOIR, m. 18 Dec. 
1, Issobell, 19 Dec, 1680; 2, Christian, 18 Dec, 1681; 3, 
Janet, 22 June, 1684; 4, Margaret, 20 Sept., 1685; 5, Chris- 
tian, 10 Apr., 1692, Alex. Strachan of Clerkseat, etc.; 6, 
Patrick, 17 Mar., 1695, Patrick Gelly, etc. 

June 20. WILLIAM MOIR and JEAN CLERK married. 

1, Issobell, 29 Jan. 1682, Patk. Moir, Baillie, Dr. Wm. Moir, 

Aug. 30. ROBERT MOIR and ELSPET MOIR married. 

JOHN MOIR, merchant-burgess of Aberdeen, designed 1684, 
"late theasurer," 1687 Baillie, deceased 1699, married JEAN 
CAMPBELL, 29 April, 1683. 

1, Patk., 2 3 Dec, 1683, Mr. Patk. Sandilands of Cotton, Dr. 
Patk. Chalmers, etc.; 2, John, 7 Dec, 1684, John Leslie of 
Colpnay, John Souper, etc.; 3, Jean, 4 Apr., 1686, Wm. 
More, Geo. Leslie, Provost, Gilbert Black, Baillie, etc.; 4, 
Wm., 8 Nov., 1687, Dr. Wm. More, Wm. Souper; 5, Issobell, 
10 Oct., 1688, Sir Thomas Burnet, etc; 6, Elspet, 25 June, 
1690, Andrew Fraser, Sheriff-Depute, etc.; 7, Margaret, 2 


Sept., 1691; 8, John, 13 Nov., 1692. Mr. John Campell, Jr., 
writer to the ma. signet, John Johnston of Newplace, etc.; 
9, Gilbert, 15 Dec, 1603, Gilbert Moir, eldest lawful son to 
the late Wm. Moir, Dr. in Physick; 10, Patrick, 12 Oct., 
1695, Mr. Patk. Chalmers, Dr. in Medicine, etc.; 11, James, 
24 Mar., 1698, Mr. James Moir, regent; 12, Issobell (post- 
humous child), 22 Dec, 1699, Thos. Mitchell, Lord Provost, 
presenter of child in place of deceased father. 
1684. Dec. 18. JOHN BLACK, smyth, and JANET MOIR married. 
1683. WILLIAM MOIR, messenger, and CHRISTIAN RAY, mar- 
ried 14 June. 

1, Katlierine, 2 9 June, 1684, John Moir, theasurer, John 
Moir, merchand, Geo. Keith, etc., godfather; 2, Jolin, 2 
May, 1686, John More, theasurer, John More in Gellen or 
Ellon, Mr. John Moir, Stainiewood's brother, John More, 
merchand, John More, student, etc. 
1683. Oct. 16. GEORGE MOIR, miller, and CHRISTIAN CRAIG- 

HEID, married. 
1698. May 30. ALEXANDER MOIR and JEAN BURNETT mar- 

Alexander Moir, younger, and Janet Currie 

1, Andrew, 23 April, 1657; 2, Janet, 13 May, 1658; 3, Elspet, 
12 May, 1660; 4, Alexander, 29 June, 1662; 5, Margaret, 23 
July 1663; 6, John, 11 Mar., 1666, John Moir of Barnes and 
John Moir, Jr., godfathers; 7, Agnes, 26 Nov., 1668; 8, Isso- 
bel, 6 Oct., 1672; 9, Alexander, 19 Oct., 1673; 10, James, 7 
Feb., 1675; 11, Margaret, 2 July, 1676; 12, I.ssobell, 24, Feb., 
1678, Alexr. Burnett "Buchans," Patk. Strinach, etc., god- 

9 June, 1657. 

ANDREW MOIR and JANET CURRIE. 1, Marjorie, 10 June, 

Oct., 1660, Alex,, Robt. and John More, godfathers; 2, Mar- 
garet, 15 Feb., 1663; 3, John, 3 Sept., 1665; 4, Robert, 2 
Jan., 1668, Patk. Moire late Bailie, John Moire of Barnes, 
and John Moire, Jr. 

sie, 13 Jan., 1661; 2, Issobell, 31, July, 1662; 3, Barbara, 2 
Dec, 1664, John Souper, etc.; 4, Margaret, 3 Feb., 1667; 5, 
Matthew, 23 April, 16 69. 

JAMES BROWN and JEAN MOIR. 1, Bessie, 6 Feb., 1666; 
2 John, 25 Sept., 1668. 

Jean, 2 June, 1691, Patk. Gellie, etc.; 2, Tliomas, 19 April 

JOHN MOIRE and AGNES MOIRE. 1, Jean, 22 Nov., 1673. 

JOHN MURRAY and ISSOBELL MOIRE. 1, Jean, 19 Apr., 
1674, James Moire, Alexander Alexander, etc.; 2, Alexan- 
der, 20 Oct., 1676, Alexr. Moire, etc. 

PATRICK MOIR and JANET TORTREE. 1, James, 27 Ap., 

48 MoiR Genealogy 

GEORGE MOIR and JANET JAFFRET. 1, Issobell, 3 Sept., 

1676, John Moire; 2, Issobel, 3 Sept., 1676, Patrick Moire, 

late Bailie, etc.; 3, John, 4 May, 1678; 4, Robert, 14 Mar., 

1680; 5, George, 23 April, 1681. 

16 Feb., 1675; 2, George, 23 Dec, 1679. 
ADAM SMITH and ELSPET MOIR. 1, Patk., 16 May, 1675, 

Patk. Moire, Patk. Gellie, etc. 
ANDREW YOUNG and JANET MOIR. 1, WilUam, 10 Mar., 

1676; 2, Christian, 3 Aug., 1678; 3, George, 9 Feb., 1680; 

4, Nathaniell, 7 Feb., 1682. 
WILLIAM MOIR, merchant, and MARIORIE, dau. of late 

James WALKER, merchant, married. 1, James, 30 Mar., 

WILLIAM MOIR, elder, merchant, and MARGARET, dau. of 

Gilbert BLACK, late Baillie, married 16 June, 1705. 
JOHN MOIR, merchant, and MARGARET MOIR, dau. of 

the late Baillie John Motr, married 14 Feb., 1717. 
GEORGE SIMSON, merchant, and JEAN, dau. of Gilbert 

MOIR, Cooper, m. 21 Mar., 1719. 
ALEXANDER MOIR and JEAN SELBIE. 1, Wm., 28 April, 

1678; 2, Jean, 21 Aug., 1681, Thos. Mitchell, lister, John 

Moire, etc. 

8 Mar., 1679, George Moire, a godfather. 
JAMES SMITH and BESSIE MOIRE. 1, Elspet, 20 July 

1679, John Moire, surgeon, etc.; 2, Christian, 25 Oct., 1681; 
3, Agnes, 6 Oct., 1682; 4, George, 7 Oct., 1683; 5, Margaret, 
27 Feb., 1686. 


1680, Thos. Mitchell, late Bailie, Walter Robertson, etc.; 
2, Margaret, 15 Sept., 1683, Mr. Geo. Seaton, etc.; 3, Isso- 
bell, 26 Nov., 1685. 

WILLIAM MOIR and JANET BEIDIE. 1, Jean, 30 Sept., 

1681, John Moire, Dr. Jas. Leslie, Alexander King, and John 
Anderson; 2, Christian, 13 Mar., 1687, John More, merchant, 

6 Nov., 1681. 

WILLIAM WELCH and ISSOBELL MOIR had: 1, James, 19 
Feb., 1684. 

A. Aberdeen was dead in 16 96, when his widow was polled 
with children, John and Issobell. He was probably pro- 
genitor of the Aberdeens of Cairnbulg.) 1, Issobell, 2 Aug., 
1685, Sir. Geo. Skene of Fintray, John Moir Theasurer, John 
Ross., etc.; 2, a dau., 15 Sept., 1688, John Moir, present 
Baillie, and Robert Weir, merchant. 
1687. Aug. 21. Mr. THOMAS JAFFRAY of Dilspro and ISSOBELL 
MOIR married. (This Jaffrey was a great Quaker family, 
long connected with the town, and owned for several gen- 
erations the estate of Kingswells.) 1, Marie, 21 Aug., 1687, 
Sir George Skene of Fintray, John More, Bailie, Dr. Wm. 


Moir and Gilbert Black, late Bailie; 2, John, 10 Mar., 1689, 
John Moir, late Bailie, John Jaffrey, son to the deceast 
David Jaffray, merchant, etc.; 3, John, 2 5 May, 1690, John 
Sandilands, present Bailie, Capt. John Campbell of Moy, 
etc.; 4, Margaret, 13 Oct., 1691, Wm. Farquharson of Inver- 
cauld, Mr. Geo. Chalmer, Rector of Foord, etc. 

WILLIAM CHESSER, "fermer," and HELEN MOIR. 1, 
John, 4 Mar., 1693; 2, WiUiam, 10 Feb., 1695; 3, James, 11 
Apr., 1697, Jas. Syper; 4, Margaret, 19 April, 1702. 

MR. ALEXANDER MOIR, "writer" and "messenger," also 
designed "merchant," and ANNA GORDON: 1, John, 4 
June, 1693, John Moir, late Bailie, John Moir, Town's Coun- 
cillor, and John Moir, skipper, etc.; 2, Alexander, 24 July 
1694, Mr. Alexander Moir, Regent in Marischall collection, 
Alexander Orem; 4, Wm., June 26, 1698, Wm. Moir, 
merchant german to Stoneywood, Mr. Wm. Moir, messenger. 
Wm. Bisset, late Dean of Guild, and Mr. Wm. Gordon, son 
to the Earl of Aberden, etc.; 5, a son, Sept., 1699. 

ALEXANDER MOIR, "burger and wright," and MARJORIE 
WEBSTER. 1, Janet, 18 Mar., 1694, Wm. Moir Messen- 
ger; 2, Issobell, 12 April, 1696, Wm. Moir Burges; 3, Mar- 
garet, 28 Dec, 1697. 

SON: 1, Jean, 9 Sept., 1689, Robt. Gordon, etc.; 2, Mary, 
4 Feb., 1691; 3, Mathew, 21 Dec, 1692, Mathew McKaill, 
elder and jr., etc.; 4, Isobell, 24 Mar., 1695; 5, John, 5 Mar., 

JAMES GORDON, brother german to the laird of Badenscoth, 
and MARGARET MOIR; 1, Mary, 11 May, 1690, Adam Gor 
Inverbucket, and John Moir, late Baillie, etc.; 2, (Blank) 
6, Mar., 1691; 3, Anne, 25 Oct., 1691, Alexander Gordon, 
late Lord Provost, Adam Gordon of Inverbrie, etc.; 4, 
Helen, 16 Feb., 1693, Mr. Geo. Moir, Regent, etc.; 5, Jean, 
1 Feb., 1694, John Moir, late Bailie. 

1690, Patk. Gellie, etc. 

Alexander. 19 May, 1691, Alex. Strachan of Clerkseat, late 
Dean of Gild; 2, James, 3 July, 1692; 3, W^m,, Oct. 8, 1693; 
4, Issobell. 16 Dec, 1694; 5, Ann, 9 Mar., 1697; 6, Elizabeth, 
27 Dec, 1698. 

JAMES MOIR, Regent in Marischal Coll., and MARJORIE 
BURNETT, probably dau. of Alexr. Burnett and Agnes 
Moir. 1, Agnes, 16 Apr., 1693, Alexr. Moir, Regent, etc.; 
2, Janet, 2 Oct., 1694, Mr. Thos. Burnett, advocate, and 
John Burnet, designed "Poles"; 3, Jean, 23 Aug., 1695; 4, 
Janet 12 Jan., 1698; 5, Rachel, 11 Nov., 1699, Patk. Gellie, 
late Bailie, Mr. Alexr. Moir, Regent, etc.; 6, Alexr., 14 Jan., 
1701, Mr. Alexr. Moir, regent, and Alexr. Moir of Scots- 
toun, etc.; , 7, James, 31 July, 1702, Jas. Moir of Stoney- 
wood, Jas.. son to the late Bailie John Moir, etc.; 8, James, 
Apr. 8, 1703, Mr. Adam Burnet, minister, and Dr. in Phis- 
ick, Thos. Burnet of Kirkhill, advt. in Edinburgh, and John 

50 MOIR Geneai^ogy 

Burnet, merchant, "designed Poles"; 9, Jean, 19 Mar., 1705, 
Jas. Moir of Stoneywood, and Wm. Moir, merchant. 

WILLIAM FETTES, burges and tailour, and ANNA MOIR. 
1, John, 12 July, 1694, John Moir, tailor, etc.; 2, Anna, 1st 
Sept., 169 5, John Lesley of Colpnay, etc.; 3, Margaret, 29 
Aug., 1699, James Davidson of Tillymorgan, etc.; 4, James, 
6 Aug., 1700. 

GILBERT MOIR, burges and Cooper, and MARGARET BAR- 
CLAY. 1, Margaret, 5 May, 169 5, Wm. Moir, merchant,. 
Mr. George Leslie; 2, Anna, 2 8 May, 1699, Alex. Aberdeen, 


CAPT. JOHN ANDERSON, merchant and skipper, and JANET 
MOIR. 1, John, 16 Nov., 1698. 

THOMAS OREM, Merchant, present master of the Gild Hos- 
pital, and AGNES MOIR. 1, Margaret, 17 Aug., 1701, Mr. 
Thos. Oram of Glasgow, Alexr. Orem, present Bailie; 2, Wil- 
liam, 2 May, 1703; 3, John, 12 Nov., 1705. 

(probably dau. of John Moir of Barnes and Mary Cochrane.) 
1, Margaret, 12 October, 1701, Adam Gordon of Inverbrie, 
advt., and William Gordon of Old Govell, and Patk. 
Gordon, merchant; 2, Issobell, 23 Oct., 1702, Mr. Alex. Gor- 
don, factor in Campheir, and William Gordon of Kintore; 
3, Christian, 27 April, 1704; 4, Margaret, 7 Oct., 1705. 


(Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE of Aberdeen) 

The following notes and extracts are from the registers in the 
possession of the St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Aberdeen. These 
commence 8th April, 1775, and have been searched to the end of 
1910. There are thirteen volumes in all; these were kindly extracted 
by Mr. R. Murdoch Lawrance, at Aberdeen. 

Gilcomston, had: 

1. Alexander, baptised 16th May, 1798. 

2. William, baptised 2d May, 1800. 
.3. Isabel, baptised 25th July, 1802. 

4. James, baptised 17th March, 1805. 
Christian Robb died of an inward complaint, aged 53, and was 
buried 26th January, 1819. 
1800. GEORGE MOIR, vintner, and STRATTON. Aber- 
deen, had: 

1. George, baptised 15th April, 1800. 

2. Robert, baptised 26th May, 1801. 

George Moir, vintner, died of gravelish complaint, in great 

distress from some stoppage of the bladder; buried 27th May, 


1812. JEAN MOIR, daughter of widow MOIR, died of consumption, 

aged 44, and her mother and she were buried together, 

Oct. 22, 1812. Widow Moir in Carmelite Lane died of 

decline some years past seventy, 19th October, 1812. 

1814. ANN MOIR, from Praserburg, died of consumption, aged 50, 

buried 8th July, 1814. 
1819. Mrs. MARGARET CUMINE, widow of the late GEORGE 
MOIR, ESQ., of Scotstown, died at Belmont Street, aged 75; 
buried 23d Jan., 1819. 
1819. Miss KATHERINE MOIR, daughter of the late William Moir, 
Esq., of Lonmay, aged 84, buried 22d February, 1819. 

1819. GEORGE BYRES, weaver, and ELIZABETH MOIR, Wind- 

mill Brae, had 

1. Robert, baptised 12th March, 1819. 

2. Jean, baptised by Rev. William Skinner, 26th April, 

1821. She died of scarlet fever, aged 6%, buried 
2d November, 1827. 

3. William, baptised by Rev. William Browning in the 

chapel, 24th August, 1825. 

4. Alexander, baptised by the Rev. William Skinner, 30th 

May, 1827. 

1820. MRS. MARY MOIR, widow of the late Major Ramsay of In- 

vernettie, died at Union Street, aged 70 Vz, of mental malady; 
buried 10th November, 1820. 

52 MoiR Gbneai^ogy 

1822. AL,EXANI>ER iMOIR, weaver, Gilcomston, and BRIDGET 
KELL.EY had 

1. Helen, baptised by Rev. William Browning in the 
chapel, 22nd October, 1822. 

1824. ALEXANDER MOIR, ESQ., of Scotstown, late sherriff of the 
County, residing at Scotstown, aged 63, died of appoplexy, 
buried 26th June, 1824. 

1826. SIR MICHAEL. BRUCE, Esq., of Scotstown, was godfather, 
and LADY FORBES, of Castle Forbes, was godmother to 
Walter Frederick (died December, 1827), son of Honorable 
Walter Forbes, Esq., of Brux, by his wife Horatia Shaw, bap- 
tised by Rev. William Browning in the chapel, 2 4th Septem- 
ber, 1826. 

1836. CHARLES GORROD of this parish, labourer, and ANNE 
MOIR, daughter of the late Robert Moir, dyer in Aberdeen, 
were married by Bishop William Skinner, 10th November, 
1836, before witnesses — David Stephen, P. Moir, and John 
Anne Moir, wife of Charles Gorrod, Plaster, Huntly, died of 
paralysis, aged 56; buried 6th January, 1842. 

1840. JAMES MOIR, M. D., and William Skinner, advocate, in Aber- 

deen, were witnesses to the marriage of Henry Hill of Ken- 
sington, Middlesex, and Elizabeth Thompson of Old Machar, 
daughter of the late James Thompson, Esq., marriage per- 
formed by Bishop William Skinner, 27th October, 1840. 

1841. JANE MOIR, daughter of WILLIAM MOIR, ESQ., late of 

Ceylon, died at Chanonry House, Old Aberdeen, of affection 
of the heart; buried 1st July, 1841. 
1841. FREDERICK MORE, student of Medicine, died of consump- 
tion at Union Street, aged 18; buried 17th August, 1841. 

1841. ROBERT MOIR, wine merchant, Adelphi Court, and JUDITH 

1^ Greorge William Watts Moir, baptised by Rev. William 
Skinner, 27th October, 1841. 

1842. CAROLINE MORE, daughter of the late Gilbert More, Esq., 

died of consumption at Crown Street, aged 20%; buried 15th 
March, 1842. 

1843. ANDREW MENNIE, dyer, 106 George Street, and ANN MOIR 


1. Helen, born 4th May, baptised by Rev. William Walk- 
er in chapel, 14th May, 1843. 

1. Andrew, born at 69 Virginia Street, baptised by Rev. 

William Walker in chapel, 29th October. 1843. 

2. George, born at 69 Virginia Street, baptised by Rev. 

William Bruce in chapel, 2 5th January, 1846. 

3. James, born at 48 Frederick Street, baptised by Rev. 

Charles Wagstaff in chapel, 2 3d July, 1848; died 
there, buried 23d July, 1848. 
Andrew Castell was an engineer 1843-1846, and an overseer 
1845. CHARLES MOIR, Esq., son of the late William Moir, Esq., 
died at Union Street of protracted decline, at the age of 16; 
buried 24th March, 1845. 

MoiR Genealogy 


1848. ANN ISABELLA MOIR, daughter of the deceased William 

Moir, Esq., of Park, died at 28 Bon-Accord Terrace, aged 25, 
of exhaustion and nervous excitement; buried 15th February, 

1849. CHRISTIAN MOIR, 9 Blackfriars Street, aged 63, was buried 

16th June, 1849. 

1850. JEAN MOIR, widow of the lat^^ William M. Shaw, 135 King 

Street, died of goitre and decline, aged 72, 24th February, 
and was buried 1st March, 1850. 

1850. JOSEPH DUNDAS, Esquire of Carronhall, and Fingask of the 

Parish of Larbert, in the County of Stirling, and MAR- 
GARET ISABELLA MOIR of Old Machar, daughter of 
George Charles Moir, Esq., of Denmore, was married in Den- 
more House, by Bishop William Skinner, 27th November, 
1850, before witnesses — James M. Haggart, C. S. Camming 
Bruce, Emmaline Forbes, Isabella Moir, and Christina 
Frances Forbes. 
The above Emmaline Forbes was the daughter of Henry 
Forbes, Esq., of Balgownie. Married Rev. John Gabriel 
Ryde, 29th April, 1851, and her marriage by Bishop William 
Skinner was witnessed, among others, by Isabella Moir. 

1851. CHARLES GEORGE MOIR, ESQ., of Denmore, died there, 

aged 80, of a paralytic attack, buried 15th January, 1851. 
1851. MAJOR HENRY KNIGHT ERSKINE, of Pittodrie, of the 
Chapel of Garioch and of the Parish of Oyne, and MARY 
ANN MOIR, elder daughter of the deceased George Charles 
Moir of Denmore, in the Parish of Old Machar, were mar- 
ried in the house of Scotstown, by Bishop William Skinner 
of Aberdeen, 11th June, 1851, before witnesses — J. Hepburn, 
Isabella Moir, George C. Bruce, and Georgina M. A. Forbes. 
1853. GAVIN GREIG, gardiner, Parkhill, and MARY MOIR had 
1. Robert Moir, baptised by Rev. John Gabriel Ryde, 
8th April, 1853. 
fA son Gavin was born at New Machar, 10th February, 1856. 
Graduated Master of Arts at Aberdeen University, 1876. 
Appointed Headmaster of Whitehill Public School, New 
Deer, Aberdeenshire, 187 9. He is a Fellow of the Educa- 
tional Institute of Scotland, and a Justice of the Peace of 
Aberdeenshire. See biographical sketch in the Buclian Field 
Club's work, issued in 1909, entitled "Twenty-one Years' 
Research in Buchan," pp. 94-95.] 
1859. ALEXANDER MOIR, farm servant, Longacre, Aberdeen, and 
1. Allan, born 29th January, baptised 18th March, 1859, 
by Rev. George Sutherland. 
1864. WELLWOOD MAXWELL of Sefton, near Liverpool, and 
ISABELLA MOIR of Old Machar were married in church, 
by Thomas George Suther, Bishop of Aberdeen, 14th April, 
1864, before witnesses — Margaret Mary Leith and William 
Maxwell, Jr. 
1864. DAVID MOIR. JUNIOR, of the Parish of Dundee, and ISA- 
BELLA SINCLAIR, of the Parish of Old Machar, were mar- 
ried by Thomas George Suther, Bishop of Aberdeen, 27th 

54 MoiR Genealogy 

September, 1864, before witnesses — ^Thomas Baxter and Mar- 
garet Baxter. 

1874. GEORGE MOIR, labourer, 100 Spittal, and HELEN CRAIG, 
10 Shiprow, were married by Rev. F. Kitchen, 12th January, 
1874, before witnesses — William Duff and Charles Craig. 

1885. GEORGE MOIR, journeyman iron moulder, 16 Kintore Place, 

1. William Robertson, baptised by Rev. James Myers 

Danson, 28th June, 1885. 

2. Jessie, born at 4 Kingsland Place, baptised by Rev. 

James Myers Danson, 26th December, 1886. 
STEWART were married at 41 Ash vale Place, by Rev. James 
'Myers Danson, 13th January, 1890, before witnesses — 
William James Nicholson and Williamina Ballantyne. 
MOIR, also of Keith, were married at 62 Hamilton Place, 
24th December, 1890, by Rev. James Myers Danson, before 
witnesses — ^James Moir and P. [orbesl F.[raser] Maitland 
[James Moir, son of James Moir, was born at Kildrummy, 19th 
November, 1845. He was rector of Banff Academy, Clas- 
sical Master, Glasgow Academy, Rector of Grammar School 
Aberdeen. He was the first and until 1905 (7th April) the 
only Doctor of Letters of Aberdeen University. Died at 
Bridge of Gairn, 16th May, 1902. M. A. 1869, LL. D. 1891; 
D. Litt. 1898. His brother was Forbes Fraser Maitland 
Moir; was born at Kildrummy, 1st April, 1847; died at 143 
Union Street, Aberdeen, 26th July, 1891. M. B., C. M. 1873. 
Aberdeen University.] 


(Kindly furnished by JAMES M. A. WOOD of Aberdeen) 

25th March, 1698, John Moir, Mill of Kelly, a daughter Margaret, 

27th January, 1723, William Moir, Mill of Methlick, a son Robert, 

30th December, 1731, Robert Moir, Truffhill, a son George, baptised. 
31st December, 17 32, William Moir, Mill of Methlick, a son Robert, 

20th August, 1735, George Moir, Brainjohn, a daughter Ann, baptised. 
27th May, 1744, William Moir, Meikle Methlick, a daughter Isabel, 

14th December, 1745, Alexander Moir, Mill of Chapelton, a daughter 

Agnes, baptised. 
13th August, 1758, William :Moir, Mill of Methlick. a daughter Bar- 
bara, baptised. 
10th October, 1762, William Moir, Mill of Methlick, a daughter 

Margaret, baptised. 
25th October, 1768, William Moir, Mill of Methlick, a daughter Isobel, 

14th January, 1772, William Moir, Mill of Methlick, a son Robert, 

15th February, 1778, William Moir, Brainjohn, a daughter Jean, 


16th November, 1719, William Moir and Margaret Gibb, both of the 

parish were married. 
22nd July, 1744. Alexander Moir of the parish and Barbara Baxter, 

Foveran, were proclaimed for the first time. 
31st December 1761, James Moir, Tarves Parish, and Helen Fuller, 

Methlick parish were married. 
22nd January, 1764, Alexander Ivlrkton, Tarves parish and Margaret 

Moir, Methlick parish, were contracted, and were married 8 

March, 1764. 
26th December, 1775, Jolm Saint and Elspet Moir, both of parish, 

were married. 


(Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE of Aberdeen) 

The undernoted Moor and More references are extracted from a 
complete register of Births, Deaths and Marriages of all members of 
the faith down to 1860. The register contains a complete summary of 
all Quakers in Scotland and a transcript which is in beautiful hand. 

56 MoiR Ge;nbalogy 

•writing is housed in the Aberdeen Meeting House, Crown Street, 


1. Benjamin, born at Prestonhaugh, 3d April, 1674. 

2. Elizabeth, born at Prestonhaugh, 18th September, 1678. 

3. Margaret, born at Litl Marti, 10th March, 1685. 

4. Nathaniel, born at Waughton, 15th September, 1687. 

5. Alexander, born at Waughton, 7th December, 1690. 

6. George^ born at Waughton, 16th January, 1692. 

— Edinburgh Meeting Records. 
JOHN MORE, farmer, Keith Hall, Aberdeenshire, and his wife 
Margaret had: 

1. Mary, born at Kinmuck, Keithhall or Mont Kegree, 13th 

September, 1792. 

2. John, born at Kinmuck, parish of Keithhall, 2 9th May, 


3. George, born at Kinmuck, 8th May, 1796. 

— Aberdeen Meeting Records. 


(Searched from 1675 to 1758) 
(From "History of the More Family") 

30th March, 1721, James, son of Andrew Moir, Wheelwright, and 

Jean Hutcheon, was baptised. 
5th May, 1723, Jean, dau. of Andrew More and Jean Hutcheon, was 

baptised by Mr. Squire.. 
20th Nov., 1726, Robert, son to Andrew More and Jean Hutcheon, was 

27th June, 1728, L/odOTlc, son of Andrew More and Jean Hutcheon, 

was baptised. 
29th August, 1736, Jean, dau. of John Moir, Squarewright in town, and 

Isobel Duncan, his spouse, was baptised. 
3lst July, 1740, John More and Isobel Duncan, in town, had a son 

baptised, called Alexander. 
3d April, 1743, John More, Squarewright, and Isobel Duncan had a 

dau. baptised, called Margaret. 

(The birth of another son John, progenitor of the More 

family of Roxbury, New York, born Feb. 24, 1745, is here 

omitted, through neglect, as registration at that time was 

not obligatory.) 

12th May, 1748, Christian, dau. to John More and Isobel Duncan, hia 

spouse, was baptised. 
12 Jan., 1736, John Moir and Isobel Duncan were married. 






(From "History of the More Family") 
(Searched from 1774 to 1800) 

JEAN, dau. to Alexander More in Tullochgrew, and Jannet 
McDonald, his wife, born 7th October and baptised the 9th, 1774. 

CHRISTIAN, dau. to Alex. More and Jannet McDonald, his wife. Born 
24th April and baptised 28th, 1778, by Mr. Lev/is Grant. 

DAVID, son to John More and Janet Ross at Lochmellan, was bom 
16th November, 1775. 



(From "History of the More Family") 

(Searched from 1699 to 1761) 

25th July, 1724, GEORGE MOIR, Schoolmaster at Salashie, and 
HELEN McPARLiAN in the said town, both parishioners, gave up 
their names to be proclaimed in order of marriage. 

(Note in Margin)— This marriage was not consummated, she went off and mar- 
ried another irregularly. 

14th May, 1726, GEORGE MOIR and DOROTHY BALFOUR, both in 
this parish, gave up their names to be proclaimed in order of 

(Note in Margin) — This marriage was not consummated. 

24th September, 1726, GEORGE MOIR, schoolmaster at Leteraimh 

in this parish, and MARY FERGUSON, in the parish of Drymen, 

gave up their names to be proclaimed in order to marriage. 

Married at Drymen, Sept. 27th, 1726, by Mr. Jo. Anderson. 
21st Januarj', 1732. GEORGE MOIR, schoolmaster at Salachie, and 

MARY FERGUSON, spouses, had a lawful daughter baptised, 

called Mary. 
16th October, 1735, GEORGE MOIR, master of the Charity School at 

Salachie, and MARY FERGUSON, spouses, had a lawful son 

baptised, called John. 



(Kindly furnished by REV. WALTER MACLEOD of Edinburgh) 

162 5, March 13th. Ane bairn baptizet to Ihon Moir. The bairne's 
name is Agnes. Witnesses, Robert Bwy, James Finlason. 

1626, October 11th. Ane bairn baptizet to Ihon Moir. The bairne's 
name is Marget. Witnesses, William Ferguson, William Bwy. 

1627, November 4th. Ane bairn ibaptizet to Ihon Moir. The bairne'g 
name is Ihon. Witnesses, James Cadell, Ihon Murdoch. 

1629, August 30th. Ane bairn baptizet to James Moir. The bairne's 
name is Ihon. Witnesses, Ihon Murdoche, Ihon Moir. 

1630, February 21st. Ane bairn Tjaptizet to Ihon Moir. The bairne's 
name is Robert. Witnesses, Andro Murdochston, Archibald Mur- 
dochston, Robert Moir younger. 

16 30, October 3rd. Ane bairn baptizet to Robert Moir younger in 
Newtoun. The bairne's name is Janat. Witnesses, Ro'bert Moir 
elder, Mr. Walter Moir. 

1631, August 21st. Ane bairn baptizet to James Norie (?). The 
bairne's name is James. Witnesses, NicoU Muschet, Finly Spittell. 

1631, December 18th. Ane bairn baptizet to Mr. Walter Moir. The 
bairne's name is Marie. Witnesses, Ihon Edmistoun of Newtoun, 
Herie Hume of Argaties. 

1632, July 8th. Ane bairn baptizet to Ihon Moir, Tailzeor. The 
bairni's name is Robert. Witnesses, Andro Mitschell, William 
Amer (?). 

1632, October 14th. Ane bairn baptizet to Ro'bert Moir younger. The 
bairne's name is Marget. Witnesses, Robert Bwy, Ihon Hender- 
son, Ihon Tailzer. 

1632, October 28th. Ane bairn baptizet to Ihon Moir in Newton. The 
bairne's name is Marie. Witnesses, Robert Moir, Ihon McHuchon. 

1633, January 20th. Ane bairn baptizet to Robert Moir, younger. 
The bairne's name is Marget. Witnesses, James Moir, Archibald 

Note — Another Marget supra 1632, October, only four months between. 

1C33, November 16th. Ane bairn baptizet to Ihon Moir, Wobster. 
The bairne's name is Janat. Witnesses, Sanders Steinson, Andro 
Moir? 1634, April 20th. Ane bairn baptizet to Andro Moyill. The bairne's 
name is Ihon. Witnesses, William Mitschell, Ihon McKoy. 
No entries in Register August, 1634, to October, 1635.) 

1637, February 26th. Ane bairn baptizet to Johne Moire. The 
bairne's name Archibald. Witnesses, Robert Moire elder and 

1638, January 29th. Ane bairn baptizit to James Moir. The bairne's 
name Robert. Witnesses, William Cadell, Archibald Smith. 

(Blank May, 1638, to October, 1641.) 
1643, January 2 9th. Ane bairne baptizet to Mr. Walter Moir. The 
bairne's name is Agnes. Witnesses, William Cadell and William 

MoiR Genealogy 59 

1643, 'March 12th. Ane bairne 'baptizet to James Moir. The bairne's 
name is Archibald. Witnesses, James Drumond of Milanab, Mr. 
Walter Moir. 

1643, September 24th. Ane bairne baptizet to Robert Moir. The 
bairne's name is Elspet. Witnesses, Mr. William Moir, Johne 

1644, January 28th. Ane bairne baptizet to Robert Moir in Boghall. 
The bairne's name is Christane. Witnesses, Robert Moir, wobster, 
James Moir. 

1644, January 29th. Ane bairne baptizet to Robert Moir in Neutoune. 
The ^bairne's name is Henrie. Witnesses, William Cadell, Mr. 
Walter Moir. 

1645, June 3rd. Ane bairne baptizet to Robert Moir in Lanrik. The 
bairne's name is Robert. Witnesses, Andrew Stewart, John 

1645, August 4th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Moir. The bairne's 
name is Jaiues. Witnesses, Johne Gillespie, Thomas Kennie. 

1646, March 26th. Ane bairn baptizet to Robert Moir, in Newtone. 
The hairne's name is Isobell. Witnesses, Robert Moir, James 

1647, May 9th. Ane bairne baptiset to Mr. Walter Moir. The bairne's 
name is Anna. Witnesses, William Cadell, Robert Moir. 

1647, June 6th. Ane bairne baptizet to James Moir. The bairne's 
name is Market. Witnesses, Robert Moir, Williani Cadell. 

1647, July 25th. Ane bairne baptizet to Robert Moir. The bairne's 
name is Robert. Witnesses, Robert McEwne, James Moir. 

Note— 30th August, 1647. Mr. Walter Moir, witness to child of William Caddell. 

1647, November 7th. Ane bairne baptiset to Robert Moir. The 
bairne's name is David. Witnesses, Maister Walter Moir, Williani 

1648, August 13th. Ane bairn baptizet to Robert Moir in Newtone. 
The bairne's name is Johne. Witnesses, Mr. Walter Moir, James 

1649, January 21st. Ane bairne baptizet to Robert Moir. The bairne's 
name is Agnes. Witnesses, Robert Moir, James Paterson. 

1649, August 12th. Ane bairne baptizet to James Moir. The bairne's 
name is Walter. Witnesses, Mr. Walter Moir, John Farlane. 

1649, October 31st. Ane bairne baptizet to Mr. Walter Moir. The 
TDairn's name is Marie. Witnesses, Harie Home of Argatie, Johne 

1649, December 2 3rd. Ane bairne baptizet to Robert Moir in Landrik, 
The bairne's name is Marlon. Witnesses, Mr. Walter Moir, Androw 

1650, December 3rd. Ane bairne baptizet to Robert Moir in New- 
ton (?). The bairne's name is Robert. Witnesses, Mr. Walter 
Moir, William Caddell. 

1651, November 8th. Ane bairne baptizet to Mr. Walter Moir. The 
bairne's name is Isobell. Witnesses, William. Caddell, Androw 
Stewart, James Moir. 

1652, February 2nd. Ane bairne baptizet to James Moir. The bairn's 
name is Marie. Witnesses, James Edmondstone and William 

Blank June, 1652, to May, 1668, and several leaves imperfect 
after latter date. 


1668, May. Ane bairne baptize! to James Moir*. The bairn's name 
is Joliiie. Witnesses, James Smyth. 

1668, November 9th. Archbald Moir had ane child baptized in Dum- 
blane, called . 

1669, January 26th. Jean, daughter to Archbald Moir, in Glenwhilk. 
Witnesses, John Moir and Robert Moir there. 

1670, January 22nd. David, son to John Moir, in Argitgentie. Wit- 
nesses, William Baxter and Robert McHutchson. 

Note— 27th November, 1670. There is an entry of Marion and Christian, twins in 
Lenrick, but the father's name is left out. There v/as a Moir in this place 
See 23rd December 1649, ante. 

1671, April 2nd. Robert Moir, witness to child of Andrew Dunckison, 
in Lenrick. 

1672, May 19th. Anna, daughter to John Moir, in Glenwhilk. Wit- 
nesses, James Keir in Kilbryde and Robert Moir in Dunblane. 

Note— Moile occurs 15th November, 1672. 

1673, January 11th. Johiie, son to Thomas Moir in Row. Witnesses, 
Johne Moir and Patrick Hendersone there. 

1673, September 27th. "William, son to Archbald Moir, in Row. Wit- 
nesses, Thomas and James Moir there. 

1675, March 13th. Walter, son to John Moir in Glenwhilk. Witnesses, 
John Greme (?) of Bowtoune and James Keir in Kilbryde. 

1676, December 9th. Katharine, child to Thomas Moir, in Row. Wit- 
nesses, Archbald and William Moirs there. 

1676, December 30th. David, sone to Archbald Moir in Row. Wit- 
nesses, Thomas Mitchell and Thomas Moir there. 

1677, March 13th. Robert, child to Walter Moir in Doun. Wit- 
nesses, Harie Ote and James McNair there. 

1677, Nevember 27th. Child to James Moir in Lenrick was baptized 

at Kincairdine. Witnesses, 

1679, February 8th. Harie, child to Walter Moir and Janet Ote, in 

Doun. Witnesses, Harie Moir in Newtoune and Harie Ote in 

1679, August 15th. Jean, child to Harie Moir and Marie Moir in 


1679, October 25th. Patrick, son to Thomas Moir and Hen- 
dersone, in Row. Witnesses, James Henderson and John Moir 

Note — Only fragments of two leaves at 1680. On one of these Harie a child 

Moir of . Other leaves at period more or less imperfect. 

1680, September 4th. Agnes, daughter to Walter Moir and Janet Oat, 
in Doune. Witnesses, Harie Oat and David Walnut there. 

1682, October 30th. Jolin, son to Robert Moir of Lochfield, and Jonet 

Stewart. Witnesses, William Stewart in Head and James 

Stewart in Drumlithandy. 
1682, November 22nd. Harie and Margaret Moirs** in Newtoune, a 

child baptized, called Agnes. Witnesses, Andrew Smith and James 

Farland in Doune. 

Note— Some leaves misplaced 1683-85. 
1685, April 19th. Elizabeth, daug^hter to Thomas Moir and Janet 

Henderson. Witnesses, William Moir and James Henderson. 

*This entry is bearly illegible and the surname is doubtful. 

**This might be read Moris, but see 1679 August 15th (and 1687, Oct. 8th). The wife's 
name there is, however ,Marie. 

MoiR GenbaloGy 61 

1684, December 1st. Marjorie, daughter to Harie and Marie Moirs 
in Newtoune. Witnesses, Banks and Andrew Smyth. 

1687, October 8th. , daughter to Harie and Marie Moirs in 

Newtoune. Witnesses, Andrew Henderson and James CulUngs 

1688, December 29th. Robert, son to Robert Moir and Margaret Mc- 
Hutcheon in Parktoune. Witnesses, James Taylour and Harie 

1689, January 5th. Isabell, daughter to Duncan Moir and Christian 
McGregor in Down. Witnesses, Don. Thomson and William Clark. 

1689, February 24th. John, son to James Moir and Jonet Stewart in 
Lanrlk. Witnesses, Thorn, and John Stewarts. 

1689, November 20th. Marg-aret, daughter to Harie and Marie Moirs 
(in) Newtoune. Witnesses, Andrew Smyth, maltman in Down, 
and John Henderson in Newtoune. 

1691, September 9th. Robert, gone to Harie and Marie Moirs in New- 
toune. Wiitnesses, Andrew Clark and Thomas Mitchell. 
Blank February, 1692, to March, 1694? 

1696, March 5th. Margaret, daughter to Mr. George More and Mary 
in Broich. 

1697, April 25th. John, son to Finlay Moir, Shouldier, and Agnes 
Lawman. Witnesses, Robert Thomson and William Smith. 

Blank, January, 1699, to November, 1701. 
1702, January 8th. James, son to Harie Moir, Merchant in Doun, and 

Agnes. Harie Moir and Robert McClellan. 
1702, August 2 3rd. David, son to Robert Moir of Lochfleld and 

Stewart in Doun. Witnesses, John Moir of Crajdarnell 

and Alexander Stewart of Annat. 

1702, July 29th. Anna, daughter to umquhile Robert Moir and Mar- 
garet McHutcheon, in Argattie. Witnesses, 

Note— The Registers from 1691 to 1734 is defective and partially illegible. 

1703, July 8th. John, son to David Moir and Janet Caddell, in Doun, 
Witnesses, Robert McFarlan and Hary Moir there. 

1705, October 19th. Alexander, son to William Moir, son to Robert 
Moir of Lochfield and Katharine Wreight. Witnesses, William 
Riddoch in Torry and John Carmichell there. 

1707, March 8th. 3Iary, daughter to John Moir of Craigarnhall and 
Florence Fergueson. Witnesses, Mr. George Campbell, minister 
at Killmadock and Robert Stewart, chirurgeon in Doune. 

1708, January 4th. Henry, son to Henry Moir and Agnes Moir in 
Doun. Witnesses, Robert and Robert Thomson there. 

1710, July 4t'h (or 14th). Baptised Issobell, daughter to John Moir of 

Craigarnhall and Ferguson. Witnesses, Robert Stewart, 

Chirurgeon in Doun, and Keir, Merchant there. 

Note— About end of November, 1711, there has been an entry probably of Moir— 
cdl that is visible of it being Moir. 
1712, May 1st. Agnes, daughter to Henry and Agnes Moirs, in Down. 
Witnesses, Hugh Thomson and Archibald Murdoch there. 

1712, May 18th. Isobell, daughter to Patrick Moir and Jean , 

in Dragonburn. Witnesses, Henry , Merchants in Down. 

Note— 1713 April 4th. Mary Moir spouse to Robert Stuart, chirurgeon, a child 
Jean. The Laird of Annat and John Moir of Craigamell, witnesses. 

1713, Oirca, June 2 6th. Jean, daughter to John Moir of Craigamel, 

62 MoiR Genealogy 

and Florence Ferguson, his spouse. Witnesses, Robert Stu3>rt, 
chirurgeon in Doun, Mr. George Brown, Schoolmaster there. 

Note— At foot of page prior to March 1719, there has been an entry of a child t& 

David More or Mores and Janet but remainder illegible. 

Circa 1720. September 18th. Archibald, son to John Moir and Janet 
Smith in Doun. Witnesses, David Moir there and Robert Mur- 
doch in Wardhead. 

1720, December 27th. John, son to Patrick Moir and Jane 

in Greddon Burn. Witnesses, Henry Moir and Walter Paterson. 

1720 (?) (second entry after above). Katharin, daughter to Johli 
Moir and Janet Henderson in Raer (?). Witnesses, John Hender- 
sone there and Patrick Moir in Greddin Burn. 

1721, April 9th (circa). . .Archibald, son to Archibald Moir and Mar- 
garet Mclsaac in Deanstoun. Witnesses, Gourlie in Mc- 

Keanstoun and Alexander Mc Thornhill. 

Note — Moir is doubtful. 

1722, October 13th. Margaret, daughter to John Moir and Janet 
Smith in Doun. Witnesses, Henry Moir there and Robert McCul- 
loch in Sauchans. 

1723, April 7th. Robert, son to John Moir and Anna Murdoch, in 
Tigermuck. Witnesses, James Turnbull in Down and John Led- 
inoch in Wastoun. 

1730, May 3rd. Anne, daughter to John Moir and Janet Smith in 

Down. Witnesses, 

McLellanC?) 1732, Feb. 4th. Janet, daughter to Walter Moir and Isabell Mc 

in Down. Witnesses, William McLelane and Alexander Robertson. 

1733, May 11th. Henry, son to Walter Moier and Isabell McLellane 
in Down. Witnesses, William McLellan there and Henry Moir in 

173 3, June 3rd. Anna, daughter to Henry and Agnes Moirs in Down. 
Witnesses, David Moir and Archibald Murdoch there. 

1734, January 8th. Henry, son to James Moir and Helen Lennox in 
Hole of Cambus. Witnesses, George Shearer and James Corsar in 
Wester Lundie. 

1735, July 20th. Alexander, son to John Moir and Ann Murdoch in 
Lanrick. Witnesses, George Downie in Spittaltoun and James 
Turnbull in Down. 

1738, May 10th. James, child to James Moir and Helen Lennox in 
Hole. Witnesses, George Shearer and Robert Duncanson in 
1738, December 7th. Margaret, daughter to John Moir and Ann 
Murdoch in Upper Lanrick. Witnesses, James Turnbull and 
James Taylor in Down. 
1740, December 28th. Anne, daughter to John Moir and Anne Mur- 
doch in Upper Lanrick. Witnesses, Donald McQueen and James 
Moir there. 

Note— Mr. James Moir, Writer, Down, was witness to four of the children of 
Archibald Murdoch of Gartincaber, bom respectively 9th May 1751, 1st 
August, 1753, Sept. 1st, 1754 and 3rd January, 1757. These entries occur to- 
gether at 23rd July, 1747. 
*1757. John, son to John Moir and Janet McArthur, in Torrie, was 
born 4th and baptised 9th December (1 say) January. 

•This is inserted with other irregular entries after June, 1746. The battle of Culloden 
in 1746, caused the whole country to have many irregularities, and many places had no 
entries of births, marriages or deaths for years at this time. Such are the fortvmes or 
misfortunes of v/as. 


1750, April 1st. Margaret, daughter to James Moir and Janet Hender- 
son, in Mains of Down, 'baptised by Mr. Tclfer, seceding Minister. 
Witnesses, Robert Duncanson and Edward Thomson in Down. 

1753, February 28th. Archibald, son to James Moir and Janet Hen- 
derson, in Mains of Down, baptised by Mr. Telfer, Seceding Minis- 
ter. Witnesses, Edward and John Thomsons there. 

1755, October 5th. James, son to James Moir and Jannet Henderson 
in Down. Witnesses, John Herdman there and Robert Duncanson 

1756. February 8th. John, son to James Moir and Elizabeth McFar- 
lan in Lanrick. 

1758, September 16th. Janet, daughter to James Moir and Elizabeth 
McKowan in Over Lanerick. Witnesses, George Buchanan in Tor- 
rie and William Murdoch in Lanerick. 

1758, December 10th. Robert, son to John Moir and Margret McFar- 
lan in Torrie. Witnesses, Robert Moir there and James Moir in 
Over L/anerick. 

1760, April 16th. Helen, daughter to Mr. James Moir, Mrs. Ann For- 
est in Down. Witnesses, Patrick Edmonston of Newton and David 
Hume Stewart of Argatie. 

Note— Dead before 1776. See Dunblane testaments. 

1760, August 3rd. John Moir and Margaret McFarlane, his spouse, in 
Torrie, had a child baptised, called Ann. Witnesses, Patrick Fer- 
guson and John McKinlay, both there. 

*1777, Robert Moir and Agnes Drummond, his spouse, in Upper Lan- 
rick had a child baptised the 20ith May, called David. Witnesses, 
David Moir in Upper Lanrick and Alexander McFarlane in Doune. 

1761, January 25th. James Moir and Elizabeth McEuen, his spouse, 
in Over Lendrick, had a child baptised, called Henry. Witnesses, 
Robert Moir there and John Moir in Torie. 

1762, January 27th. Mr. James Moir, Writer in Down and Mrs. Ann 
Forrest, his spouse, had a child baptised caWed Elizabeth. Wit- 
nesses, David Hoome Stuart of Argatie and Archibald Murdoch 
of Gartincaber. The child was born 26th. 

1762, June 23rd. John Moir and Margaret McFarlane, his spouse, in 
Wester Torrie, had a child baptised called Kathrine. Witnesses, 
Patrick Ferguson and John McKinlay there. 

1763. May 27th. Mr. James Moir, Writer in Down in Mrs. Ann For- 
rest, his spouse, had a child baptised called 'John, Witnesses, 
Mr. John Forrest and Archibald Murdoch of Gartincaber. The 
child was born the 25th. 

Note— Dead before 1776. See Dunblane testaments. 

1763, July 24th. James Moir and Elizabeth McEuan, his spouse, in 
Lanrek, 'had a child baptised, called James. Witnesses, Robert 
and David Moirs there. 

1764, February, Robert Moir and Agnes Drummond, his spouse, in 
Over Lanrick, had a child baptised called, Janet. Witnesses, Rob- 
ert Duncanson and David Moir there. 

1764, July 29th. John Moir and Margaret McFarlane, his spouse, in 
Wester Torrie, had a child baptised, called Margaret. Witnesses, 
John McKinlay there and Robert Moir in Lanrek. 

*The above entry appears after one for 22nd December, 1760. The name More in the 
entry might be read Mur. 

64 MoiR Genealogy 

1764. Mr. James Moir, "Writer in Do-vsti, and Mrs. Ann Forrest, his 
spouse, had a child born September 5th and baptised 7th thereof, 
called Robbina. Witnesses, Archibald Murdoch of Gartincaber 
and Mr. John Forrest, brother to Mrs. Moir. 

1766, May 4th. Robert Moir and Agnes Drummond, his spouse, in 
Lanrek, had a child baptised, called John. Witnesses, James and 
John Moirs. 

1766, November 10th. John Moir and Margaret McFarlane, his 
spouse, in Wester Torry, had a child baptised called John. Wit- 
nesses, John McKlnlay and Patrick Ferguson, both there. 

1767, March 1st. James Moir and Elizabeth McEwn, his spouse, in 
Upper Danrek, had a child baptised, called Ann. Witnesses, 
David Moir there and John Moir in Torrie. 

1768, September 25th. Robert iMoir and Agnes Drummond, his 
spouse, in Over Lanrek, had a child baptised, called Henry. 
Witnesses, David Moir there and Alexander McFarlane in Down. 
The child was born 24th. 

1770, May 2 7th, James Moir and Elizabeth McEwen, his spouse, in 
Lianerk, had a child baptised, called Margaret. Witnesses, Rob- 
ert and John Moir. 

1771, March 31st. Robert Moir and Agnes Drummond, his spouse, 
Ovir Landrick, had a child baptised, called James. Witnesses, 
David Moir there and Alexander McFarlane in Down. 

Kizabeth(?) 1772, June 14th. James Moir and Helen McEwen, his spouse, in 
Landrick, had a child baptised, called DaTid. Witnesses, Robert 
and David Moirs, both in Lendrick. 
1773, December 26th. Henry Moir and Margaret Mitchell, his spouse, 
in Sauchens, had a child baptised, called Ann. Witnesses, John 
Mitchell in Sauchen, and Alexander McFarlan in Down. 
Note— See 1775 infra. 
1778, August 30th. Henry Moir and Margaret Mitchell, his spouse, at 
Sauchens, had a ^child baptised, called James. Witnesses, Alexan- 
der Macfarlane and David Mitchell, both there. 
1778, Henry Moir and Margaret Mitchell, his spouse, at Sauchens, 
had a child baptised October 1st, 1775, called Archibald. Wit- 
nesses, David Mitchell and Alexander McFarlan, both in Down. 
Note— Entered at 1778. 

1786, February 12th. James Moir and Isabel McKenzie, his spouse, 
at Mains of Down, had a child baptised, called James. Witnesses, 
Andrew McFarlan and James Cullins, both in Down. 

1787, September 23rd. James Moir and Isabel McKenzie, his spouse, 
in Mains of Down, had a child baptised, called William. Wit- 
nesses, Andrew McFarlan and James Duncanson, both in Down. 

1789, October 15th. James Moir and Isabel McKenzie, his spouse, at 
Mains of Down, had a child baptised, called Elizabeth. Witnesses, 
Thomas Duncanson and John McFarlan, both in Down. 

1791, July 31st. James Moir and Isabel McKenzie, his spouse, at 
Mains of Down, 'had a child baptised, called Janet. Witnesses, 
Archibald Moir and Andrew McFarlane, both in Down. 

1793, February 24th. James Moir and Isabel McKenzie, his spouse, at 
Sauchens, had a child baptised, called Isabel. Witnesses, Archi- 
bald Moir and John McFarlan, both in Down. The child was born 
the 17th February. 

MoiR Gbnkalogy 65 

*1794, May 18th. John Moir and Janet Stewart, his spouse, in Mac- 
keanstoune, had a child baptised, called Robert. Witnesses, 
William Thomson and James Chambers, both in Mackeanstoune. 
The child was born the 7th May. 

1795 (Feb.) James Moir and Isabel McKenzie, his spouse, in Sauchens, 
had twins baptised, called Kathiine and Jean. Witnesses, 
William Dick and William Johnstoun, both at Gartincaber. The 

twins were born 

(Above is between two entries dated 1st and 12th February.) 

1796, June 27th. James Moir and Margaret Duncanson, his spouse, at 

Bruch, had a child baptised, called Elen. Witnesses, David Moir Braicb (?) 
at Camsay and Alexander Stewart at Muirhead. The child was 
born the 2 5th June. 

1796, September 15th. John Moir and Janet Stewart, his spouse, at 
Mackeanstoune, had a child baptised, called Jean. Witnesses, 
William Thomson and Alexander Steuart, both at Mackeanstoun. 
Note— Inserted at September, 1797. 

1798, April 27th. James Moir and Margaret Duncanson, his spouse, 
at Mackeanstoun, bad a child baptised, called Elin. Witnesses, 
William Thomson at Mackeanstoun and John Moir at Daldorn. 
The child was born the 2 5th April. 

1800, September 12th. James Moir and Margaret Duncanson, his 
spouse, at Greenburn, had a child baptised Margaret. Witnesses, 
Mr. Murray at Kilmadock and John Mcintosh at Norristoun. The 
child was born the 5th September. 

1802, November 21st. James Moir and Margaret Duncanson, his 
spouse, at Gartinca.ber, had a child baptised, called Ann. Wit- 
nesses, John and William Dick, both at Gartincaber. The child 
was born the 13th November. 

1805, June 2 3rd. James Moir and Margaret Duncanson, his spouse, at 
Greenburn, had a child baptised, called John. Witnesses, Alexan- 
der Stewart at Ijanrick and Robert Stewart there. 

1811, Oct. 13th. Robert** and Elisabeth Moir, his spouse, at Mead- 
owhead, had a child baptised, called George. Witnesses, William j. . 
Moir and Robert Mitchell, both at Sauchens. The child was born 
the 23rd September. 

1812, November 8th. Robert and Elisabeth Moir, his spouse, at Mead- 
owhead, had a child baptised, called Isabel. Witnesses, William . 
Moir at Sauchins and Robert Mitchell at Dulate. The child was 
born 1st November. 

1814. Robert Moir and Elisabeth Moir, his spouse, in Meadowhead, of 
Gartincaber, had a son named James, born 27th January. 

1815. Robert Moir and Elisabeth Moir, his spouse, in Gartincabber, 
had a child called Janet born 2nd and baptised 15th October. 
Witnesses, Congregation. 

1817. Robert Moir and Elizabeth Moir, his spouse, in Gartincabber, 

had a child born 27th April and baptised 11th May, called Robert. 

Witnesses, Congregation. 
1819. Robert Moir and Elizabeth Moir, his spouse, in Gra,rtincaber, 

had a child born 27th January, and baptised 7th February, 1819, 

called WlUiam. 

♦Inserted after November 30th. 
**The surname of the father is omitted but Moir is in the margin. 

66 MoiR Geneai^oGy 

1820. John Moir, Liabourer, and Marrion McLaren, his spouse, in 
Torry, had Marrion born 1st, baptised 14th December, 1820. 

1837. Archibald Moir and Agnes McPherson, spouses, Doune, had 
James, born 16th and baptised 30th November, 1837. 

1840. Archibald Moir and Agnes McPherson, spouses, Doune, had 
Agnes, born 30th January and baptised 12th February, 1840. 
Searched from Beginning of Register to 1843. 


1623-1843 (ALLIED FAMILIES) 

(Kindly furnished by REV. WALTER MACLEOD of Edinburgh) 

Mothers' names not recorded till 1677 

1623, November 10th. Ane bairne baptizet to Walter Farlan in Down. 
The bairne's name is Arctilbald. Witneses, Archibald Stewart, 
James Smythe. 

1624, February 19th. Ane bairn baptizet to George Stevart, in Kil- 
toryid. The bairne's name is Elspet. Witnesses, Finlay Magibbon, 
Thomas Stewart. 

1624, June 20th. Ane bairn baptizet to James Bryce in Garngaber. 

The bairne's name is Ilion. Witnesses, Ihon MacRison, Ihon 

1624, July 14th. Ane bairn baptizet to Alexander Stewart and Elspet 

Tailzeour. The hairne's name is Margret. Witnesses, James 

Bryce, Ihon Tailzeour, Ihon Stevart. 

1624, October 10th. Ane bairn baptizet to James Stewart, Chalmer- 
'lan. The bairne's name is Alaster. Witnesses, Herie Hwine, Ihon 
Edmondston, James Don. 

1625, January 13th. Ane bairn baptizet to Andro Stewart. The 
bairn's name is William. Witnesses, Andro Magibbon, Robert 

1625. March 20th. Ane bairn baptizet to Walter Farlan. The bairne's 
name is James. Witnesses, James Smyth, Alexander Chrystie. 

Eodem Die. Ane bairn baptizet to Ihon Stewart. The bairne's name 
is Ihon. Witnesses, Walter Graham, Robert Stewart. 

1625, May 15th. Ane bairn baptizet to James Stewart. The bairne's 
name is Marget. Witnesses, Archibald Forgesoiui. 

1625, September 11th. Ane bairn baptizet to Walter Stewart. The 
bairne's name is . Witnesses, Ihon Mitschell, James Hal- 

Eo. Die. Ane bairn baptizet to Ihon Stewart, in Makeinstoun. The 
bairne's name is William. Witnesses, William Stewart, Andro 


MoiR GenkaIvOGy 67 

1625, NovemlDer 7th. Ane bairn baptizet to James Stewart, Deput. 
The bairnes' name is Robert.* Witnesses, Ihon Edmondstoun 
of Newtoun, Herie Hume off Argatie. 

1625, November 20th. Ane bairn baptizet to James Bryce. The 
bairne's name is Marion. Witnesses, William Eauen, William 

1626, January 22nd. Ane bairn baptizet to Ihon Stewart. The 
bairne's name is Georg. Witnesses, James and Herie Stewarts. 

1626, March 26th. Ane bairn baptizet to Alexander Stewart. The 

balirne's name is Katlierin. Witnesses, Ihon Stewart, Ihon Lamb. 
1626, April 11th. Ane bairn baptizet to Archibald Stewart. The 

bairne's name is Issobell. Witnesses, Robert Tailzeour, Ihon 

Stewart, William Buchanan. 
1626, October 11th. Ane bairn baptizet to Ihon Stewart, Inbry, off 

■Cambss. The "bairne's name is Janet. Witnesses, William 

Mitchell, Robert Carmichell. 
1626, November 26th. Ane bairn baptizet to Walter Stewart. The 

bairne's name is Ihon. Witnesses, James Fogow, elder and 

younger, Ihon Mitchell. 

1626, December 27th. Ane bairn baptizet to Ihon Makeinsk. The 
bairne's name is William. Witnesses, Thomas McWillie, William 

1627, January 7th. Ane bairn baptizet to James Bryce. The bairne's 
name is Nans. Witnesses, Ihon and James Shawls, Ihon McNewar. 

1627, January 11th. Ane bairn baptizet to William Stewart. The 

bairne's name is James. Witnesses, James Stewart, James Fin- 

lason, Ihon Stewart. 
1627, January 28th. Ane bairn baptizet to Ihon Stewart. The bairne's 

name is Katherin. Witnesses, Ihon Makertour, Ihon and James 

1627, July 15th. Ane bairn baptised to Ihon Stewart. The bairne's 

name is Janat. Witnesses, James and Thomas Stewarts, Ihon 

1627, July 26th. Ane bairn baptizet to Walter Farlane. The bairne's 

name is Dugall. Witnesses, James Stewart, Robert Wyld. 
1627, August 26th. Ane bairn baptizet to Walter Stewart. The 

■bairne's name is Catheran. Witnesses, Ihon Mitschell, Ihon 

1627, September 2nd. Ane bairn baptizet to Georg Stewart. The 

bairne's name is Janat. Witnesses, Thomas Stewart, Ihon Mur- 
doch e. 

1627, October 14th. Ane bairn baptizet to Ihon Stewart. The bairne's 
name is Ihon. Witnesses, Robert Balfour, Robert Buy. 

1628, May 20th. Ane bairn baptizet to Robert Stewart, younger. The 
bairne's name is Marie. Witnesses, Robert and Walter Stewartis. 

1628, October 19th. Ane 'bairn baptizet to James Stewart. The 

bairne's name is Janat. Witnesses, Archibald Stewart, Alexander 

1628, October 26th. Ane bairn baptizet to Andro Stewart. The 

'bairne's name is Janat. Witnesses, Robert Stewart, Robert 

1628, November 16th. Ane bairn baptizet to James Bryce. The 

bairne's name is Nans. Witnesses. Ihon Wither, William Faill. 

*The name Robert is blurred as if meant to be deleted. 


MoiR Genealogy 

this onwards 
Parents are 

1628, December 21st. Ane bairn baptizet to William Stewart. The 
bairne's name is Eduard. Witnesses, James Finlasone, Jhon 

1629, March 15th. Ane bairn baptizet to Jhon Stewart in Watston. 
The bairne's name is Marget. Witnesses, Robert Stewart, Jhon 

Eodem Die. Ane bairn baptizet to James Stewart, in Danrik. The 
bairne's name is Helen. Witnesses, Jhon Moreson, Robert Stewart, 
in Lanrik, Robert Stewart, younger, in Broiche. 

1629, March 29th. Ane bairn baptizet to Jhon Stewart, in Calechat. 
The bairne's name is Marloun. Witnesses, James Bryce, Alexan- 
der Stewart. 

1629, June 7th. Ane bairn baptizet to Don. Stewart Claak of Mon- 
teithe. The bairne's name is James. . Witnesses, James Muschett, 
Alexander Chrystie. 

1629, June 14th. Ane bairn baptizet to Robert Stewart (not designed). 
The bairne's name is Robert. Witnesses, Andro Stewart, James 

1629, July 11th. Ane bairn baptizet to Jhon Stewart. The bairne's 
name is Helen. Witnesses, Robert Squyar, Robert Morvell. 

N. B.— From 1629, August 23rd. Ane bairn baptised to Duncan Stewart. The 
bairne's name is Duncan. Witnesses, Robert Bwy, Jhon Tailzeour. 
Eodem Die. Ane bairn baptizet to Walter Stewart. The bairne's name 
is Annabll. Witnesses, James Stewart, Jhon Smythe. 

1630, March 21st. Ane bairn baptizet to Jhon Makenzie.* The 
bairne's name is Marget. Witneses, James More, William 

1630, July 5th. Ane bairn baptizet to Jhon Stewart. The bairne's 
name is Robert. Witnesses, Robert Stewart, Andro Kildow. 

1630 , October 31st. Ane bairn baptizet to Andro Stewart. The 
bairne's name is Marget. Witnesses, Robert Stewart, elder and 

1631, February 3rd. Ane bairn baptizet to Thomas Graham. The 
bairne's name is Margetj Witnesses, William and Patrick 
Grahames, Robert 'Stewart. 

1631, February 13th. Ane bairn baptizet to James Stewart. The 

bairne's name is Jhon. Witnesses, Jhon AUoun, Walter Gourly. 
1631, February 27th. Ane bairn baptizet to Robert Stewart, younger. 

The bairne's name is Jhon. Witnesses, Jhon and James Stewartes. 
1631, March 3rd. Ane (bairn) baptizet to Alaster Stewart, son to Jhon 

Stewart, in the Muir. The bairne's name is Alaster. Witnesses, 

Robert Tailzeor, John Tailzeor. 
1631, April 10th. Ane bairn baptizet to Jhon Stewart. The bairne's 

name is Janat. Witnesses, James Bryce, Robert Buchanan. 
1631, June 3rd. Ane bairn baptizet to Georg Graham. The bairne's 

name is Jhon. Witnesses, Archibald Stewart, William Cadell. 
1631, August 14th. Ane bairn baptizet to William Stewart. The 

bairne's name is William, Witnesses, John Baxter, Archibald 

1631, August 31st. Ane bairn baptizet to Jhon Stewart. The bairne's 

name is Jhon. Witnesses, William Chalmer, Herie Stewart. 
1631, November 27th. Ane bairn baptizet to James Stewart. The 

bairne's name is James. Witnesses, Jhon, and Thomas Saters. 

* Makenryk (?) 

MoiR Gbnealogy 69 

1632, January 22nd. Ane bairn baptizet to Robert Stewart. The 

bairne's name is Janat. Witnesses, Thomas Graham, Jhon 

1632, February 12th. Ane bairn baptizet to Thomas Graham, in Dal- 

doran. The bairne's name is Aiinabll, Witnesses, William 

Graham., Alexander Naper. 
1632, July 22nd. Ane bairn baptizet to Jhon Stewart. The bairne's 

name is Issobell. Witnesses, Robert Noruell, Robert McNab. 
1632, November 25th. Ane bairn baptizet to Andro Stewart. The 

bairni's name is Andro. Witnesses, Andro Stewart, Jhon Mur- 


1632, December 11th. Ane bairn baptizet to Walter Stewart in 
Broche. The bairne's name is Walter. Witnesses, Robert Stew- 
art, James Haldan. 

1633, January 6th. Ane bairn baptizet to Robert Stewart, in Broiche. 
The bairne's name is Catlirin. Witnesses, Walter Stewart, Jhon 

1633, March 31st. Ane bairn baptizet to Thomas Graham, in Dal- 
doran. The bairne's name is Annas. Witnesses, William Graham 
of Boguhappell, Alexander Naper. 

1633, August 25th. Ane bairn baptised to James Bryce. The bairne's 
name is Dauid. Witnesses, Thomas Kirk, Archibald Clark. 

1633, October 29th. Ane bairn baptizet to James Stewart, of Arne- 
worlit. The bairne's name is James. Witnesses, Argatie, William 
Stewart, Archibald Stewart. 

1634, February 23rd. Ane bairn baptizet to Jhon Stewart. The 
bairn's name is Marget. Witnesses, Jhon Paterson, William 

Eodem Die. Ane bairn baptizet to Jhon Stewart, in Calechat. The 

bairne's name is Jhon. Witnesses, James Bryce, Jhon Stewart. 
1634, March 19th. Ane bairn baptizet to Jhon Stewart. The bairne's 

name is Robert. Witnesses, Jhon Stewart, Jhon Henryson. 
Eodem Die. Ane bairn baptizet to Thomas Graham. The bairne's 

name is Catheiin. Witnesses, James Dog, Robert Stewart. 
1634, April 20th. Ane bairn baptizet to Jhon Stewart. The bairne's 

name is Dauid. Witnesses, Jhon Murdoche, Andro Stewart. 
1634, June 8th. Ane bairn baptizet to William Stewart. The bairne's 

name is Jhon. Witnesses, Finlay Clark, James Dewar. 
1634, July 13th. Ane bairn baptised to Jhon Stewart, in Lanrik. 

The bairne's name is Andro. Witnesses, John Stewart, Walter 

1634, August ^rd. Ane bairn baptizet to Walter Balfour. The 

bairne's name is Walter. Witnesses, John and Robert Balfours. 
Edoem Die. Ane bairn baptizet to James Stewart. The bairne's name 

is Walter. Witnesses, Walter Farlan, Walter Stewart, Jhon Bwy. 
Blank August, 1634, to October, 1635. 
1636, February 27th. Ane bairn baptizet to Archibald Stewart, in 

Argatie. The bairne's name is Jean. Witnesses, James Ttewart, 

Walter Farlane. 
1638, February 8th. Ane bairne baptizet to Robert Stewart. The 

bairne's name Hearie. Witnesses, Johne Stewart, William Clark. 
Blank May, 1638, to October, 1641. 
1642, April 17th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Stewart. The bairne's 

name is Johne. Witnesses, Johne Stewart, Androw Steuart. 



1642, May 8th. Ane bairn baptizit to James Steuart. The bairne's 

name is James. "Witnesses, Walter Farland, Archibald Smith. 
1642, May 15th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Steuart. The bairne's 

name is Marione. Witnesses, James Mitchell, James Halden. 
1642, July 4th. Ane bairne baptizet to Harie Steuart. The bairne's 

name is James. (Witneses) Robert Norvell, Walter Carmichell. 
1642, July 24th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Steuart. The bairne's 

name is James. (Witnesses) Robert Norvell, Waited Carmichell. 
1642, October 2 3rd. Ane bairne baptizet to James Stewart. The 

bairne's name is James. Witnesses, Johne Stewart, Robert 


1642, December 2 5th. Ane bairne baptizet to umquhile Archibald 
Steuart. The bairne's name is Marie. Witnesses, Thomas Chalm- 
ers, Johne Innes. 

1643, February 13th. Ane bairne baptizet to Walter Grahame of Bal- 
lochallan. The bairne's name is Alexander. Witnesses, David 
iMuschet of Calichat, Alexander Napeir. 

1643, May 7th. Ane bairne baptizet to William Steuart. The bairne's 

name is Walter. Witnesses, Johne Steuart, Murdoch Reoch. 
1643, May 21st. Ane bairne baptizet to Robert Steuart. The bairne's 

name is Johne. Witnesses, Johne Steuart, Harie Steuart. 
1643, Aug-ust 27th. Ane bairne baptizet to Robert Steuart. The 

bairne's name is Agnes. Witnesses, John Steuart, William Clerk. 
1643, September 17th. Ane bairne baptizet to James Steuart. The 

bairne's name is Harie. Witnesses, James Makisoune, John Rob- 


1643, December 17th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Steuart. The 
bairne's name is Margaret. Witnesses, William Faill, Johne 

1644, Julj'^ 15th. Ane bairne baptised to Walter Grahame of Balloch- 

allane. The bairne's name is . Witnesses, Alexander 

Monteith, William Grahame, Grahame of Boutoune. 

Note — 23d July 1644, Harie Grime of Argatie and Archibald Stirling of Coldoch, 
witnesses to child of Colin Campbell of Torrie. 

1644, November 5th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Stewart. The 
bairne's name is Androu. Witnesses, John Mitchell, younger, 
Robert Steuart. 

1645, January 6th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Stewart. The 
bairne's name is Barbara. Witnesses, James McQuein, Androu 
Stewart, Androu . 

1645, February 21st. Ane bairne baptizet to Hary Stewart. The 

bairne's name is Jonett. Witnesses, Robert Smyth, Murdoch 

1645, March 2nd. Ane bairne baptizet to James Stewart. The bairne's 

name is Walter. Witnesses, Mongo Morisone, Johne Stewart. 
1645, July 10th. Ane bairne baptizet to Duncan McFarlane. The 

bairne's name is Marie. Witnesses, Anton and Andrew Balfours. 
1645, July 13th. Ane bairne baptised to Andrew Stewart, servitour to 

David Muschett, of Spitteltone. The bairne's name is Elisabetli. 

Witnesses, David Muschett, Walter Mitchell. 
1645, July 29th. Ane bairne baptizet to Walter Grahame. The 

bairne's name is Elisabeth. Witnesses, William Graham, Thomas 

1645, December 4th. Ane bairne baptizet to James Stewart. The 

MoiR Genealogy 71 

bairne's name Is Harie. Witnesses. Harie Stewart, Robert Whatit. 
1645, December 4th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Grahame. The 

bairne's name is Patrik. Witnesses, James Clark, James Jack. 
1645, December 7th. Ane bairne baptizet to Alexander Stewart. The 

bairne's name is James. Witnesses, Androw Stewart, James Clark. 

1645, December 14th. Ane bairne baptizet to James Stewart. The 
bairne's name is Robert. Witnesses, James Mackisone, Patrick 

1646. January 11th. Ane bairne baptizet to Alexander Stewart. The 
bairne's name is Elspet. Witnesses, Robert Talyior, Androw 

1646, January 30th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Stewart, in Lanrik. 

The bairne's name is James. Witnesses, John Stewart, Robert 

1646, March 8th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Stewart. The bairne's 

name is Walter. Witnesses, Robert Summer, Johne Smyth. 
1646, May 4th. Two twinnes baptizet to John Farlane, lawful sone to 

Walter Farlane. The name of the one is Walter, the name of the 

other is Georg. Witnesses, Johne Watt, Robert Heart. 

1646, May 23rd. Ane toairne baptizet to Walter Stewart in Balqd. p. Balquhid- 

dcr (^) 
The bairn's name is Elspett. Witnesses, William Chalmer, Patrik 

1646, July 19th. Ane bairne baptizet to Robert Stewart, in Broich. 

The bairn's name is Androw. Witnesses, Johne Stewart, Thomas 

1646, August 16th, Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Stewart. The bairn's 

name is Johne. Witnesses, Robert Norwall, Walter Stewart. 
1646, October 18th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Stewart. The 

bairne's name is Johne. Witnesses, Thomas Duncisone, John 

1646, December 20th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Stewart, Calichat. 

The bairn's name is James. Witnesses, James McQuean, Murdoch 


1646, Decem'ber 31st. Ane bairnw baptizet to Patrik Grahame in Ces- 
sintone. The bairne's name is Geilis. Witnesses, Johne Dog, 
Johne Stewart. 

1647, January 3rd. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Stewart, in Over 
Lanrik. The bairne's name is Archibald. Witnesses, Androw 
Stewart, James Si. 

1647, January 31st. Ane bairne baptizet to James Stewart, in Wats- 
tone. The bairn's name is Marion. Witnesses, Johne Baccop, 
Johne Stewart. 

1647, February 28th. Ane bairne baptizet to William Stewart. The 
bairne's name is Robert. Witnesses, William Clerk, Johne 

1647, March 14th. Ane bairne baptizet to George Grahame, in Kill. 
The bairne's name is Androw. Witnesses, Duncan Campbell, 
Johne Edmonston. 

1647, March 28th. Ane bairne baptizet to Robert Stewart. The 
bairne's name is Kathrtne. Witnesses, Johne Stewart, Androw 

1647, May 2nd. Ane bairne baptizet to Donald Stewart. The bairne's 
name is Isobell. Witnesses, James Stewart, Walter Stewart. 

72 MoiR Geneal,ogy 

1647, July 17th. Ane bairne ibaptised to Walter Stewart. The bairne's 

name is Robert. Witnesses, William Caddell, Robert Stewart. 
1647, August 1st. Ane bairne baptizet to James Stewart. The bairne's 

name is Elspett. Witnesses, Mongo Moressoune, Johne Stewart. 
Eo Die. Ane bairne baptizet to Harie Stewart. The bairne's name is 

Elspet. Witnesses, Robert Hart, Robert Smith. 
1647, October 10th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Stewart. The 

bairne's name is Jonett. Witnesses, James Stewart, James Miller. 
1647, October 24th. Ane bairne baptizet to James Stewart. The 

bairne's name is Jeane. Witnesses, Walter Gourlay, Walter 


1647, October 31st. Ane bairne aptizet to Donald Stewart. The 
bairne's name is Cristane. Witnesses, Androw Stewart, James 

1648, March 5th. Ane bairne baptizet to Johne Stewart. The bairne's 
name is Mariorie. Witnesses, Robert Stewart, John Smyth. 

1753, February 15th. Da-vid, son to Donald Stewart and Katharine 
Ferguson, in Craigtoun. Witnesses, John and Patrick Fergusons 

1753, August 24th. child to Alexander and Janet Stewarts, in 
Burn, of Cambus. Witnesses, 

1754, February 3rd. Alexander, son to John and Mary Stewarts, in 
Berry-hill. Witnesses, Hugh Stewart in Ballicaish and John Shaw 
in Craigtoun. 

1754, April 28th. Archibald, son to John Stewart and Jean McUlloch 
in Earn. Witnesses, Archibald and Robert McUllochs in Deans- 

1754, May 26th. Robert, son to William Stewart and Dorothy 
McCruer in Rosehall. Witnesse, Alexander Buchanan there and 
Archibald McCruer in Callibuckalzie. 

1754, June 19th. Janet, daughter to Alexander Stewart and Janet 
Stewart, in Bridge-end of Down. Witnesses, Hugh and James 
Stewarts in Ballicaish. 

1754, July 21st. Thomas, son to William Stewart and Margaret Cad- 
dell, in Lanrick. Witnesses, Thomas McFarlan and Patrick Fer- 
guson in Down. 

17 54, July 24th. John, son to Robert Stewart and Agnes Galbraith 
in Annat. Witnesses, James and Hugh Stewarts in Ballicaish. 

1754, August 27th. child to Patrick Stuart and McRewar 

in Callibuhallie. 

1754, September 2nd. Jean, daughter to David Bryce and Jean Len- 
nox, in Milton of Cambus. Witnesses, Alexander Murdoch and 
Robert Bryce there. 

*1754, November 8th. Duncan McFarlan and Kathrine McFarlan, his 
spouse, at Strait of Ballachallan, had a child baptised, called 
"Walter. Witnesses, George McLeish, Ballacrans, and the Rev. 
Mr. Stewart, Minister, Callander. 

1754, October 27th, Robert and Isabel, twins to Robert McFarlane 
and Isabell McGibbon, in Carse of Cambus. Witnesses, George 
McKewan and Hugh Stewart there. 

1754, November 24th. Jannet, daughter to Robert and Isobel Steuarts 
in Broich. Witnesses, John Henderson and Gilbert Baxter there. 

*Inserted after entry for September 23d. 

of Providence, R. I. 

MoiR Genealogy 73 

Eod. Die. Agnes, daughter to John McFarland and Helen Yool at 
Cambusmore. Witnesses, John McLauchlan and John Smith, in 

1754, December 22nd. Katharine, daughter to Donald Steuart and 
Ann McGibbon, in Burn of Cambus. Witnesses, Archibald 
McArthur and Robert Shaw there. 

1755, January 1st. James, son to Hugh Steuart and Jannet Duncanson 
in Ballacaish. Witnesses, Robert Steuart in Annat and James 
Steuart in Ballacaish. 

1755, February 9th. James Steuart and Kathrin Steuart, in Drum- 

1755, February 16th. Alexander, son to James Steuart and Christian 
Thomson, in Kirktown. Witnesses, Archibald McArthur and John 
Mitchell in Buchanie. 

1755, March 2nd. Duncan, son to Donald Steuart and Katharine Fer- 
guson, in Heads. Witnesses, John and Patrick Fergusons there. 

1755, April 20th. Jannet, daughter to John Stewart and Jannet 
Maqueen, in Wardhead. Witnesses, Edward Thomson there and 
George Shearer in Lundie. 

1755, April 27th. James, son to Alexander McFarland and Margaret 
Squyre in Down. Witnesses, James McFarland and Thomas 
McFarlane there. 

1755, September 22nd. Alexander, son to Robert McFarlane and Mar- 
garet Robertson, at Drumshogle. Witnesses, Alexander Drum- 
mond and Thomas Wingate, both at Burnbank. 

1755, December 27th. Elizabeth, daughter to Dougal Stewart and 
Helen McCulloch, in Burn of Cambus. Witnesses, James McCul- 
loch and Duncan Balfour there. 

1756, January 11th. John Stewart in Iron and Jean McCully. 

Note— Above names restricted after this to entries where allied with Moir. 

1756, March 7th. Alexander, son to James Steuart of Auchrig and 
Katharine Steuart in Argaty. Witnesses, John and 

1765, November 3rd. Andrew McFarlane and Kathrine Moir, his 
spouse, in Down, had a child baptised, called Janet. Witnesses, 
Archibald Murdoch and David Bain, both in Down. 

1767, July 22nd. Andrew McFarlane and Kathrine Moir, his spouse, 
in Down, had a child baptised, called Archibald. Witnesses, 
Stephen Petrie, Surgeon, and Archibald Murdoch, both in Down. 

1769, May 31st. Andrew McFarlane and Kathrine Moir, his spouse, 
in Down, had a child baptised, called Ann. Witnesses, John 
McFarlane and John Petrie, both in Down. 

1773, November 7th. Andrew McFarlan and Kathrine Moir, his 
spouse, in Down, had a child baptised, called Helen. Witnesses, 
John McFarlan in Down and Archibald Moir, Mains of Down. 

1778, May 17th. Andrew McFarlane and Kathrine Moir, his spouse, 
in Down, had a child baptised, called Archibald. Witnesses, 
Archibald and James Moir, both at Mains of Down. 

Note— 26th July, 1778, Helen Eadie wife of John Taylor at Hillside. 

1779, August 8th. Andrew McFarlane and Kathrine Moir, his spouse. 
in Down, had a child baptised, called William. Witnesses, James 
Moir at Mains of Down and James McGowane, Down. 

1781, June 10th. Andrew McFarlane and Kathrine Moir, his spouse. 


in Down, had a child baptised, called Andrew. Witnesses, John 
Campbell and James Thomson, both in Down. 

1784, April 2 5th. Alexander Stewart and Ann Moir, his spouse, at New 
Biggins, of Lendrick, had a child baptised, called Mary. Wit- 
nesses, William Murdoch at Lendrick and William Murdodh at 

1789, October 18th. Andrew McFarlan and Kathrine Moir, his spouse, 
In Down, had a child baptised called Margaret. Witnesses, James 
Thomson and James Campbell, both in Down. 

1756, February 15th. Alexander Stewart and Anne Moir, his spouse, 
in Biggins of Lanrick, had a child baptised, called Elizabeth. The 
child was born 8th February. 

1757, April 1st. Andrew McFarlan and Katherine Moir, his spouse, in 
Down, had a child baptised, called Stephen. Witnesses, John 
McFarlan at Carse of Cambie and David Square at Kilmadock. 

1789, October 18th. Andrew McFarlan and Kathrine Moir, his spoust, 
in Down, had a child baptised, called Katlirlne. Witnesses, 
David Kene and John McFarlan, both in Down. 

Note— 10th October, 1790, Robert Eadie and Isabel Sharp at Blackhill— Andrew 
other children later. 

1793, October 27th. Alexander Stewart and Anne Moir, his spouse, at 
Upper Lendrick, had a child baptised, called Isabel. Witnesses, 
John McGregor at Upper Lendrick and John Moir at Dalhorn. 
The child was born the 18th October. 

Note— There is no entry of children to this couple between 1786 and 1793. 

1797, March 12th. Alexander Stewart and Anne Moir, his spouse, 
in Lanrick, had a child baptised, called Kathrine. Witnesses, 
Robert and John McGregor, both in Lanrick. The child was 
born the 5th instant. 

1802, June 17th. Alexander Stewart and Anne Moir, his spouse, in 
Lanrick, had a child baptised, called Jolui. Witnesses, John 
Marshall and Peter Henderson, at Iron. The child was born the 
7th June. 

1804, August 5th. Alexander Stewart and Anne 'Moir, his spouse, at 
Biggins, of Lanrick, had a child baptised called Agnes. Wit- 
nesses, John Marshall at Iron and Robert Stewart at Biggins. 
The child was born the 31st July. 

1807. Magnus Cuming and Ann Moir, his spouse, at Doune, had a 
child baptised the 17th May, called Janet. Witnesses, John 
Mitchell and James Henderson, both in Doune. The child was 
born the 10th May. 

1809, April 30th. Magnus Cuming and Ann Moir, his spouse, at 
Doune, had a child baptised, called John. Witnesses, James Hen- 
derson and Thomas Reid, both in Doune. The child was born the 
26th April. 

1811, June 10th. Magnus Cuming and Ann Moir, his spouse, at 
Doune, had a child baptised, called Archibald. Witnesses, John 
Mitchell and James Henderson, both in Doune. The child was 
born the 6th July. 

1813. Magnus Cuming and Ann Moir, his spouse, in Doune, had a 
child called James born 12th and baptised 18th October, 1813. 
Note— Inserted between January and April, 1814. 

1816. Magnus Cuming and Ann Moir, his spouse, in Doune, had a 

MoiR Gbnealogy 75 

child called William, born 25th. February and baptised 10th 

1818. Magnus Cuming, Deanston Works, and Anne Moir, his spouse, 

(Doune), had Magnius, born 24th and baptised 30th, June, 1818. 
1820. Magnus Cuming, Deanston Works, and Anne Moir, his spouse, 

Doune, had Robert born 25th June and baptised 6th July, 1820. 
Note— The two immediately preceding entries are inserted together in 1820. 



(Kindly furnished by REV. WALTER MACLEOD, Edinburgh) 

1706, January 9th. Jean Moir, wife of Lieutenant Colin Fairfoull. 
a daughter named Susanna. 

Note— Other children to above couple occur later. One of the witnesses fre- 
quently to the baptisms is John Graham. 

1711, April. Anna Moir, wife of MilngoodJ^** a daughter Janet. 

1741, April 26th. Jean, daughter to Robert Moir and Grizi-11 

McArthur. Witnesses, Robert and Thomas Stewarts, Noristoun. 

1743, February 27th. James, son to Robert Moir and Grizall 
McArthur. Witnesses, Thomas Ferguson and Thomas Mitchell. 

1744, November 4th. Jolin, son to John Moir and Agnes Drummond. 
Witnesses, John Spittall and George Drummond. 

1746, September 7th. Thomas, son to John Moir and Agnes Drum- 
mond. Witnesses, John Drummond and Patrick Moir. 

1748, February 6th. George, son to Robert Moir and Grizall 
McArthur. Witnesses, James Chalmers and Joseph McUlloch. 

1748, December 14th. Agnes, daughter to John Moir and Agnes 
Drummond. Witnesses, Patrick Moir and George Drummond. 

1769, August 2 8th. David, son to John Moir and Margaret McFar- 
lane, Doldoran. 

1770, July 22nd. George Moir, witness to child of James Belch. 
1772, August 9th. James, son to John Moir and Margaret McFar- 

lane, Daldoran. 
*1775, April 30th. Jean, daughter to John Moir and Margaret 
McFarlane, Daldoran. 

1776, November 24th. Alexander, son to George Moir and Janet 
Adam, Bowhapple. 

1777, August 17th. Alexander, son to John Moir and Margaret 
McFarlane, Daldoran. 

1778, March 8th. Robert, son to George Moir and Janet Adam, 
Bowhapple Moss. 

**Milngoody witness on 13th May 1735 to child of Lieutenant Stewart and Susanna 
Fairfoul. There is an entry on 17th March 1710 of the marriage of George Muschet 
parochiner and Anna Moir in Stiriing. 1743, June 1st, George Muschet younger of 

♦Interlined, without date, between April 30th and May 7th. 

yg MoiR Genealogy 

1782. July 7th. Isobel. daughter to John Moir and Margaret McFar- 

1782!''De?emhT"29th. Jean, daughter to George Moir and Janet 

1784^August 22nd. George, son to George Moir and Janet Adam. 
1786', April 30th. Janet, daughter to George Moir and Janet Adam, 

Thornhill. ,, . , ^ „ 

1787, Au-ust 5th. George, natural son to Henry Moir and Jean 


1788, February 14th. Andrew, son to George Moir and Janet Adam. 

Mosside. ^ » ^ 

1794 January 26th. James, son to George Moir and Janet Adam. 
1796'. September 4th. John, son to John Moir and Christian Clark, 

179 6, December 4th. EUsabeth, daughter to George Moir and Janet 

Adam, Bowhapple. ' *; 

1798, August 26th. Margret, daughter to John Moir and *Margret 
Clerk, Daldorn. 

1799, May 5th. EUsabeth, natural daughter to Margaret Moir, Dal- 

1801, May 24th. Ann, daughter to John Moir and Christian Clark, 


1804, April 29th. James, son to John More and Christian Clark, Dal- 

1806, September 17th. Robert, son to John More and Christian 

Clerk, Daldorn. 
1808, January 22nd. Janet, daughter to James More and Margaret 
Duncanson, Thornhill. 

1808, November 4th. Christian, daughter to John More and Chris- 
tian Clerk, Daldorn. 

1809, April 30th. Cathrine, daughter to Alexander Moir and Jean 
Hutton, Mosside. 

1810, August 2 6th. David, son to John Moir and Marrion McLaren, 

1810, November 14th. George, son to Alexander More and Jean 
Hutton, Mosside. 

1812, February 8th. Mary, daughter to John Moir and Marrion 
McLaren, Daldoran. 

1813, January 29th. William, son to Alexander Moir and Jean 
Hutton, Mosside. 

1814, November 11th. Alexander, son to Alexander Moir and Jean 
Hutton, Mosside. 

1814, December 15th. Katharine, daughter to John Moir and Mar- 
rion McLaren. 

1816, January 7th. George, son to George Moir and Jean Stirling. 

1816, September 1st. Andrew, son to Alexander Moir and Jean Hut- 

1816, August 15th. James, son to John Moir and Marrion McLaren. 
Note— Misplaced at December. 

1818, October 10th. Jean, daughter to Alexander Moir and Jean 
Hutton, Mosside. 

Note— Misplaced at December. 

*See 1796— Mother's name Christian. 


1819, June 6th. George, son to Andrew Moir and Isobel Dougal. 

1820, October 10th. Robert, son to Alexander Moir and Jean Hutton, 

1821, June 24th. Henry, son to Andrew Moir and Bell Dougal. 

1822, December 31st. John, son to Alexander Moir and Jean Hutton, 

1824, November 5th. Andrew, son to Andrew Moir and Isobella 

1825, December 21st. James, son to Alexander Moir and Jean Hut- 

1827, May 12th. Alexander, son to Andrew Moir and Isobel Dougal. 
1827, September 16th. James, natural son to John Moir and Janet 

1829, October 27th. Mary, daughter to Andrew Moir and Isobel 

1833, March 31st. Janet, daughter to Andrew Moir and Isobell 

Dougal, Thornhill. 



(Kindly furnished by REV. WALTER MACLEOD of Edinburgh) 

Note. The names in the margin are only taken when in conjunction 
with Moir or More . 

1762, May 16th. Jean, daughter to John Mitchell and Jean Moir. Edy or Edie 

. Comyns or 

Witnesses, Peter McNab and James Christie. Cumins. 

1765. May 12th. Paul, son to John Doeg and Beatrix Moir. Wit- j^^^pg^j^g 

nesses, John and William Christies. Stirling 

1773, January 10th. Alexander, son to Robert McFarlane and G^r^aln 

Moir, Daldoran. 

1792, December 18th. Agnes, daughter to Alexander Duncanson and ^cKenzie 

Janet Moir. Doeg 

1794, October 12th. John, son to Alexr. Duncanson and Janet Moir, Duncanson. 

Thornhill. Clark 

1796, August 16th. IVfary, daughter to Alexr. Duncanson and Janet Symmeis. 

Moir, Thornhill. McQueen. 

1800, March 2 3rd. Robert, son to Alexr. Duncanson and Janet Moir, 

' , , , , ^ Campbell. 

1810, June 28th. Stephen, natural son to Joseph Clark and Jean 

More, Daldoran. 

1815, November 5th. John, son to John Symmers and Jean More. 

1820, January 2nd. Janet, daughter to John McQueen and Elis Moir. 

1821, July 29th. Margaret, daughter to William Junkine and Mar- 
garet Moir. 

1822, May 6th. Archibald, son to John Campbell and Mary Moir. 


(Kindly furnished by REV. WALTER MACLEOD of Edinburgh) 

1776, July 6th. George Moir and Janet Adam, both parishioners, hav- 
ing marriage lines bearing date November, 1773, were rebuked 
and fined. 

1780, May 21st. James Moir in Kilmadoke and Isobel Thomson in 
this parish. 

Note-Entries from 1st May, 1784, to 26th February, 1785, " lost." 

1793, October 19th. John Moir and Mary Buchan, parishioners. 

1793, June 26th. John Moir in Kilmadok and Janet Stewart in this 

1795, July 25th. John Moir in this parish and Christian Clark, Cal- 

1805, June 30th. John More in Port Parish and Janet Marjoribanks 
in this parish. 

1807, March 7th. Alexander Moir and Jean Hutton, both in this 

1809, December 17th. John Moir and Marrion McLaren, Parishioners. 

1815, August 20th. George Moir and Jean Stirling, parishioners. 

1829, November 22nd. John Moir and Mary Ferguson, parishioners. 

1843, September 3rd. Andrew Drummond and Elisabeth Maxwell, 

1844, October 13th. Robert Hutton in this parish and Catharine 
'Moir in the parish of Kilmadock. 

1845, February 16th. Andrew Moir and Mary Smith, Parishioners. 

1845, December 21st. Henry Moir and Christian Stewart, Parishioners. 

1846, May 24th. William Moir of this parish and Grace McFarlane 
of the Parish of Port. 

1847, May 23d. Robert Drummond and Margaret Connel, Parishioners. 
1847, September 26th. Archibald Sands and Janet McAlpine, Parish- 

1S48, April 23rd. Andrew Moir of Parish and Margaret McQueen in 
the Parish of Port of Monteith. 

Note in Register at 1853 that the record is defective through the carelessness, etc., 
of the Session Clerk. 



(Kindly furnished by REV. WALTER MACLEOD of Edinburgh) 

1624, June 2 2nd. Robert and Jhon Moir, witnesses to marriage Jhon 
Tailzeour and Elspeth Murdoche. 

1624, Aug. 25th. Robert Moir, witness to marriage George McCullie 
and Marion Bowie. 

1625, June 21st. Jhon Moir, witness to marriage John Robison and 
Christian McKray. 

1625, November 4th. Mariet, Jhon Murdoclie, Geln Moir. Witnesses, 
Robert Tailzeour, Robert Moir, Robert Stewart. 

162 5, December 11th. iMariet, Jhon Moir, Miller, Janat Buchanan. 
Witnesses, Alexander Jack, Archibald Stewart. 

1626, June 15th. Mariet, Jhon Moir, Katherin Tailzeour. Witnesses, 
Robert Tailzeour, William Buchanan. 

*1627, April 25th. Mariet, Archibald Menzies, Margret Moir. Befoir 
thir witnesses, Robert Stewart; William Fergeson. 

1627, December 18th. Mariet, Archibald Gregour, Agnes Moir, both 
in this parish, befoir thir witnesses, Andro Thomson, Jhon Ferge- 

Blank from July, 1634, to 15th May, 1645. 
1645, June 1st. Mariet, Johne Dowgall, Margrat Moir, both parochin- 

ers, witnesses James Wricht, Johne Moir. 
1647, July 18th. James Moir, witness to Marriage Archibald Menzies 

and Jonet Wyld. 

1647, November 20th. Robert Moir, witness to marriage Cannioch 
and McHutchone. 

1648, October 26th. Walter Moir, witness to marriage Spittell and 

1648, November 28th. Robert Moir, witness to Marriage Smyth and 

Blank December 1650 to February 1652, and June 1652 to 
June 1717, except one entry for 1666; also April 1720 to 
March 1722. 

1717, June 21st. James Kanser and Isobell Moir, both in this parish. 

1717, November 29th. James Moir and Margaret Dason (?). 

1719, November. 1 Moir and Janet Pateron, both in this 


1720, January 1st. John Moir in this parish and Anna Murdoch in 

1720, January 2nd. William Mclson and Mary Moir, both in this 
parish, gave up their names. 

1721, June 10th. Walter Moir and Isabell McLellan, both in this 

*See Dunblane testaments. 

80 MoiR Geneai,ogy 

1733, September 4th. Walter Moir and Isobell Glass, both in this 


Blank November 1735 to November 1756, except one entry 

for 1747. 

1757. Robert Moir in this parish and Janet Fisher in Stirling parish 
were listed 18th February (to be proclaimed in order to mar- 

1757. John Moir and Margaret McFarlane, both in this parish, were 
listed 12 th November. 

1761, February 1st. Mr. John Burns* in Stirling and Miss Mary Moir 
in this parish declared their purpose of marriage and gave to the 
poor Is. 8d. 

1763, January 29th. Robert Moir in this parish and Agnes Drummond 
in parish of Kincardine declared their purpose of marriage and 
gave to the poor 1-8. 

1764, August 12th. Andrew McFarlane and Kathrine Moir, both in 
this parish, declared their purpose of marriage. 

1768, November 12th. James Graeme and Jean Moir, both in this 
parish, declared their purpose of marriage and gave to the 
poor Is. 8d. 

1769, January 28th. Nicol McLeran and Ann Moir, both in this 
parish, declared their purpose of marriage. 

1773, February 13th. Henry Moir in this parish and Margaret 
Mitchell in parish of Lecropt declared their purpose of marriage. 

1777, January 11th. James Reid in this parish and Jean Moir in 
Stirling declared their purpose of marriage. 

1777, May 31st. John McNee and Jean Moir, both in this parish, 
declared their purpose of marriage. 

1780, May 26th. James Moir and Isabel Thomson, both in this parish, 
declared their purpose of marriage. 

1781, June 2 3rd. Robert Oliver in Old Gray Friars Quarter, Edin- 
burgh, and Margaret Moir in this parish declared their purpose 
of marriage. 

1782, June 16th. David Moir and Ann McArthur, both in this parish, 
declared their purpose of marriage. 

1783, May 31st. Alexander Stewart and Ann Moir, both in this 
Parish, declared their purpose of marriage. 

1784, November 27th. James Moir and Isabel McKenzie, both in 
this parish, declared their purpose of marriage. 

1789, December 5th. Mr. James Tod, Borroustounness, and Miss 
Elizabeth Moir in this Parish declared their purpose of marriage. 

1792, February 25th. Alexander Duncanson in parish of Kincardine 
and Janet Moir in this parish declared their purpose of marriage 
and married 16th March. 

1793, July 6th. John Moir in this parish and Janet Stewart in parish 
of Kincardine declared their purpose of marriage and were mar- 
ried the 2 6th July. 

1793, September 29th. 'Mr. Andrew Cowan, Merchant Barony Parish, 
Glasgow, and Miss Robina Moir in this Parish, declared their pur- 
pose of marriage and were married the 1st October. 

1795, December 5th. James Moir and Margaret Duncanson, both in 

*In rubric the name is Bum. It does not appear in Stirling Reg:ister. 


MoiR Genealogy 81 

this parish, declared their purpose of marriage and were married 
the 25th December. 

1799, August 2 3rd. John Symers in this parish and Margaret Moir in 
the parish of Kincardine declared their purpose of marriage and 
were married the 13th September. 

1806, June 7th. Andrew Moir in Parish of Kippen and Mary 
Monteath in this Parish declared their purpose of marriage and 
were married 27th June. 

1811, February 16th. *Robert and Elizabeth Moir, both in this parish, 
declared their purpose of marriage and were married the 1st 

1817, January 11th. John Bryce of the Parish of Renfrew and 
Isabella Moir of this Parish declared their purpose of marriage, 
and having been proclaimed pro. 1 mo. and 2 do. 12th pro. 3 tio. 
19th January, were married. 

1831, November 19th. John Gumming of this Parish and Mary Moir 
of St. Mary's Parish, Edinburgh, declared their purpose of mar- 
riage, and having been proclaimed pro. 1 mo. and 2 do. 20th and 
pro. 3 two. 27th November, were married 1st December. 

1837, August 12th. Archibald Moir and Agnes McPherson, both of 
this parish, declared their purpose of marriage and having been 
proclaimed pro. 1 mo. and 2 do. 13th and pro. 3 tio. 20th, were 
married 24th August, 1837. 

1841, December 4th. William Maule of this parish and Catharine 
Moir of the parish of Kincardine, declared their purpose of mar- 
riage and having been proclaimed pro. 1 mo. and 2 do. 5th and 
pro. 3 tio 12th, were married 16th December, 1841. 

1844, October 12th. Robert Hutton of the Parish of Kincardine and 
Catharine Moir of this parish, declared their purpose of marriage, 
and having been proclaimed pro. 1 mo. 2 do. and 3 tio., were 
married 15th October, 1844. 

1846, January 9th. Robert Moir of the parish of Callander and Cath- 
arine McMartin of this Parish declared their purpose of marriage, 
and having been proclaimed pro. 1 mo. 3 do. do 3 tio., were mar- 
ried 12th January, 1846. 

1S47, May 15th. David Forrester and Ann Moir, both of this Parish, 
declared their purpose of marriage; and having been proclaimed 
pro. 1 mo. 2 do. and 3 tio. 16th, were married 21st May, 1847, by 
the Revd. Alexander Leitch, Free South Church, Stirling, wit- 
nesses, John McFarlane writer, John Forbes Bookseller, both in 

1851, April 26th. James Greenhorn of the Parish of Stirliner and Ann 
Moir of this Parish, declared their purpose of marriage and hav- 
ing been proclaimed pro. 1 mo. 2 do. and 3 tio. 27th were married 
28th April, 1851. 

*Name in rubric— Moir. 


(For Kincardine on Forth, Perthshire) 


(Kindly furnished by REV. WALTER MACLEOD of Edinburgh) 


1855. No. 2. Da^id Drumxnond, born 1855, January 12th, 3 a. m. at 
Tulliallan. Father, David Drummond, Shoemaker, age 35. Birth- 
place, Tulliallan. Married 1844 at Glasgow. Issue 2 boys and 3 
girls living. Mother, Agnes Drummond, maiden name Anderson. 
Her 5 child, 34 years. Born at Tulliallan. Informant the Father. 
Registered 1855, January 22nd. 

1855. No. 54. John Drummond, born 1855, August 11th, at New- 
town, Tulliallan. Father, Andrew Drummond, Sailor, 52 years, 
birthplace Tulliallan, married 1836 at Clackmannan. Issue 4 
boj's and 2 girls alive, 2 boys deceased. Her eighth child^ 
Mother, Margaret Drummond, maiden name McQueen, age 41 
years, birn at Clackmannan. Informant the mother. Registered 
1855, August 30th. 

1856. No. 49. Edward Dinimmond. Born 1856, October 5th, 11.55 
p. m. at Blackball, Tulliallan. Father, Andrew Drummond, Cab- 
inetmaker. Mother, Mary Ann Drummond, maiden name Halley. 
Informant the Father. Registered 185 6, October 10th. 

1856, No. 43. Isabella Dnmmiond. Born 1856, September 12th, 12 
midnight, at High Street, Kincardine. Father, Peter Drummond,, 
Agricultural Labourer. Mother, Betsy Drummond, maiden name 
Johnston. Informant the Father. Registered 1856, September 

1857. No. 11. Mary Wrig'lit Drummond. Parents, David Drummond, 
Shoemaker, and Agnes Drummond, maiden name Anderson. Born 
at Elphinston Street, Kincardine. Informant, the Father. Regis- 
tered 5th March, 1857, at Tulliallan. 

1857. No. 45. Margaret Drumiuond, born 1857, August 23rd, 1.30 
P. M. at Kirk Street, Kincardine. Parents, Andrew Drummond, 
Agricultural Labourer, and Margaret Drummond, maiden name 
Dougall. Informant, the Father. Registered 1857, September 
4th, at Tulliallan. 

1857, No. 19. Elizabeth More. Born 1857, March 18th, 10 P. M. at 
Kirk Street, Kincardine. Parents, James More, Agricultural 
Labourer, and Jean More, maiden name. Home. Informant, the 
Father. Registered 1857, April 3rd. 

1857. No. 31. Stewart, Robert Rintoul. Born 1857, May 20th, 10.30 
A. M. at Kirk Street, Kincardine. Parents, William Stewart, 
General Labourer, and Margaret Stewart, maiden name Anderson. 
Informant the Father. Registered June 4th at Tulliallan. 

1859. No. 2. Drununond, Andrew Malcolm. Born 1858, December 
30th, 6 a. m., at Blackball, Tulliallan. Parents, Andrew Drum- 
mond, Cabinetmaker, and Mary Ann Drummond, maiden name 

MoiR Geneai^ogy 83 

Halley. Informant the Father. Registered 1859, January 14th, 
at Tulliallan. 
1859. No. 55. Drumnjond, George. Born 1859, August 19th, 9 P. M. 
at Elphinston Street, Kincardine. Parents, David Drummond, 
Shoemaker, and Agnes Drummond, maiden name Anderson. 
Informant the Father. Registered 1859, August 13th. 

1859. No. 26. Moire, Janet. Born 1859, May 6th, 6 P. M. at Kirk 
Street, Kincardine. Parents, James Moire, General Labourer, 
and Jane Moire, maiden name Home. Informant, James Moire, 
the father. Registered 1859, May 21st. 

1860. No. 45. Drummond, Christian Ann. Born 1860, September 21st, 
4 a. m. at Blackball, Tulliallan. Parents, Andrew Drummond, 
Cabinetmaker and Mary Ann Drummond, maiden name Halley. 
Informant the Father. Registered 1860, October 8th, at Tulli- 

1861. No. 41. MeKenzie, George Mercer. Born 1861, July 29th, 1 
p. m. at Knowehead, Kincardine. Parents, John MeKenzie, Agri- 
cultural Labourer, and Agnes MeKenzie, maiden name Mercer. 
Married 1860, October 5th, at Kincardine. Informant the Father. 
Registered 1861, August 1st, at Tulliallan. 

1862. No. 14th. Elizabetli Drummond. Born 1862, March 2nd, at 
Elphinston Street, Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan. Parents, 
David Drummond, Shoemaker, and Agnes Drummond, maiden 
name Anderson. Married 1844, November, at Glasgow. Inform- 
ant, the Father. Registered 1862, March 18th, at Tulliallan. 

1862. No. 70. Johan Gibb Moir. Born 1862, December 19th, 5 p. m. 
at Newtown Kincardine, parish of Tulliallan. Parents, Walter 
Moir, Engine Keeper, and Helen Moir, maiden name Duncanson. 
Married 1862, October, at Kincardine. Informant, the Father. 
Registered 1862, December 25th, at Tulliallan. 

1863. No. 36. Elizabeth Drummond. Born 1863, July 4th, 3 a. m. 
at Brucefield, Parish of Tulliallan. Parents, Andrew Drummond, 
Railway Labourer, and Margaret Drummond, maiden name 
Dougall. Married 1857, January, at Auchterarder. Informant the 
Father. Registered 1863, July 17th, at Tulliallan. 

1863. No. 44. Janet Johnston MeKenzie. Born August 28th, 5.30 
p. m., at Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan. Parents, John 
MeKenzie, Agricultural Labourer, and Agnes MeKenzie, maiden 
name Mercer. Married 1861, October, at Kincardine. Informant, 
Agnes MeKenzie, Mother. Registered 1863, September 14th, at 

1864. No. 19. William Drunmiond. Born 1864, May 4th, 5 a. m., 
at Gartary, Parish of Tulliallan. Parents, William Drummond, 
Ploughman, and Helen Drummond, maiden name Ferguson. Mar- 
ried 1858, December, St. Ninians. Informant the Father. Regis- 
tered 1864, May 12th, at Tulliallan. 

1864. No. 7. John McFarlane. Born 1864, February 14t'h, 10 p. m., 
at West Carse, Parish of Tulliallan; Parents, Alexander McFar- 
lane, Ploughman, and SaraTi McFarlane, maiden name Hamilton. 
Married 1852, January, at Kippen. Informant, the Father. 
Registered February 23rd, 1864, at Tulliallan. 

1865. No. 49. Andrew Drummond. Born 1865, August 11th, 1 p. m., 
at Brucefield, Parish of Tulliallan; Parents, Andrew Drummond, 

84 MoiR Genealogy 

Railway Labourer, and Margaret DrummoncI, maiden name 
Dougall. Married, 1857, January, Kincardine. Informant, the 
Father. Registered August 2 6th, at Tulliallan. 

1865. No. 31. Tiny Drummond. Born 1865, April 25th, 2 a. m., at 
Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan; Parents, David Drummond, 
Shoemaker, and Agnes Drummond, maiden name Anderson. 
Married 1845, November, Glasgow. Informant, the Father. Reg- 
istered 1865, May 10th, at Tulliallan. 

1865. No. 2. Arcblbald Moir, Born 1865, January 4th, 6 p. m., at 
Kincardine. Parish of Tulliallan; Parents, Walter Moir, Labourer, 
and Helen Moir, maiden name Duncanson. Married 1862, Oct., 
Kincardine. Informant, the Father. Registered 1865, January 
11th, at Tulliallan. 

1865. No. 30. Janet Anne Sands. Born 1865, April 23rd, 10 a. m., 
Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan. Mother, Janet Sands, Seam- 
stress. Informant, Anne Sanders, Grandmother. Registered 
1865, May 2nd, at Tulliallan. 

1867. No. 2 7. Andrew Drxunmond. Born 1867, May 4th, 6 p. m., at 
Brucefield, Tulliallan Parish; Parents, Andrew Drummond, 
Labourer, and Margaret Drummond, maiden name Dougall. Mar- 
ried 1857, Auchterarder. Informant, the Father. Registeired 
1867, May 11th, at Tulliallan. 

1867. No. 31. Mary McKenzie. Born 1867, May 12th, 1.40 p. m., at 
Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan; Parents, Thomas McKenzie, 
Ploughman, and Betsy McKenzie, maiden name Archibald. Mar- 
ried 1864, August, at Alloa. Informant, the Father. Registered 
1867, May 31st, at Tulliallan. 

1867. No. 58. Thomas Dnmimond. Born 1867, September 14th, 
7 a. m., at Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan; Parents, David Drum- 
mond, Shoemaker, and Agnes Drummond, maiden name Anderson. 
Married 1843, September, Glasgow. Informant, the Father. 
Registered 1867, October 2nd. 

1868. No. 72. Peter MeFarlane. Born 1868, November 16th, 4 a. m.. 
at Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan; Parents, Peter McFarlane, 
carter, deceased, and Jane McFarlane, maiden name Cameron. 
Married 1868, February, Auchterarder. Informant, Jane McFar- 
lane, Mother. Registered 186 8, December 2nd, at Tulliallan. 

1869. No. 46. Alexander McKenzie. Born 1869, July 23rd, 12 mid- 
night, at Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan; Parents, Andrew 
McKenzie PlougTiman, and Janet Hutchison, Agricultural 
Labourer. Informants, the Father and Mother. Registered 1869, 
August 4th, at Tulliallan. 

1869. No. 61. William Buchanan McKenzie, Born 1869, October 
16th, 10 p. m., at Gartary, Parish of Tulliallan; Parents, David 
McKenzie, shepherd, and Mary Ann McKenzie, M. S., Buchanan. 
Married 1868, December, at St. Ninians. Informant, David 
McKenzie, Father. Registered 1869, October 28th, at Tulliallan. 

1871. No. 52. Isahella Steedman Sands. Born 1871, October 6th, 12 
hours noon, at Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan, female. Father, 
Jolin Sands, Carpenter; mother, Isabella Sands, M. S., King. 
Informant, John Sands, Father, not present. Registered 1871, 
October 13th, at Tulliallan. Registrar, Thomas Buchanan. Mar- 
ried 1871, March, at Kincardine. 

MoiR Genealogy 85 

1873, No. 44. Alexander Drumiuond. Born 1873, September 27th, 
hours 30 minutes a. m., at Dolanhamie, Parish of Tulliallan. 
Father, John Drummond, Ploug"hman; Christina Drummond, M. 
S., Sinclair. Married 1861, May, Dunfermline. Informant, 
Christina Drummond, her (x) mark. Mother. Thomas Buchanan, 
Registrar, witness, 1873, September 13th, at Tulliallan. 

1873. No. 45. Mary Tait Sands. Born 1873, September 20th, 6 
■hours a. m., at Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan, female. Father, 
John Sands, wright, and Isabella Sands, m. s-, King. Married 
1871, March, Kincardine. Informant, John Sands, Father, not 
present. Registered 187 3, October 4th, at Tulliallan. Thomas 
Buchanan, Registrar. 

1874. Agnes Anderson Drummond. 1874, May 14th, 3 hours 30 
minutes p. m., at Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan; Parents, John 
Drummond, Commercial Traveller; Margaret Drummond, m. s., 
Steele. Married 1869, December, Kincardine. Informant, John 
Drummond, Father, not present. Registered 1874, May 29th; 
Thomas Buchanan, Registrar. 

1875. No. 58. John Sands. Born 1875, November 11th, hours 30 
minutes, at Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan, male; Parents, John 
Sands, wright; Isabella Sands, m. s., King. Married 1871, March, 
at Kincardine. Informant, John Sands, Father, not present. 
Registered 1875, November 20th, at Tulliallan; Thomas Buchanan, 

1878. No. 1. Betsy Moir. Born 1877, December 26th, 1 hour 30 
minutes, at Sands, Parish of Tulliallan, female; Parents, John 
Moir, Gamekeeper; and Margaret Moir, m. s., Reid. Married 
1875, February 4th, at Greenloaning, Ardoch. Informant, John 
Moir, Father, present. Registered 1878, January 3rd, at Tulli- 
allan; Thomas Buchanan, Registrar. 

1879. No. 15. James Moir. Born 1879, February 22nd, 10 hours 
15 a. m., at Sands, Parish of Tulliallan, male; Parents, John Moir, 
Gamekeeper; and Margaret Moir, m. s., Reid. Married 1876, 
February, at Ardoch. Informant, John Moir, Father, present. 
Registered 1879, February 28th, at Tulliallan; Thomas Buchanan, 

1879. No. 49. James Jeffrey Sands. Born 1879, June 20th, 11 hours 
a. m., at Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan, male; Parents, John 
Sands, joiner; Isabella Sands, m. s.. King. Married 1871, March, 
at Kincardine. Informant, John Sands, Father, not present. 
Registered 1879, June 28th, at Tulliallan; Thomas Buchanan, 

1880. No. 4. Margaret Drummond. Born 1880, January 5th, 7 
hours p. m., at Broomknowe, Parish of Tulliallan, female; 
Parents, John Drummondd, Farm Servant, and Christina Drum- 
mond, m. s., Sinclair. Married 1861, May, at Dunfermline. 
Informant, Christina Sinclair or Drummond, her (x) mark. 
Mother. Thomas Buchanan, Registrar, witness. Registered 1880, 
January 23rd, at Tulliallan; Thomas Buchanan, Registrar. 

1881. No. 40. John Moir, Born 1881, August 9th, 6 hours 30 minutes 
a. m., at Sands, Parish of Tulliallan, male; Parents, John Moir, 
Gamekeeper, and Margaret Moir, m. s., Reid. Married 1876, 
February 4th, at Ardoch. Informant, John Moir, Father, not 


present. Registered 1881, August IGth, at Tulliallan; Thomas 
Buchanan, Registrar. 
1881. No. 56. Adam Laing Sands. Born 1881, October 26th, 2 hours 
p. m., at Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan, male; Parents, John 
Sands, Joiner; Isabella Sands, m. s.. King. Married 1871, 9th 
March, Kincardine. Informant, John Sands, Father, not present. 
Registered 1881, November 12th, at Tulliallan; Thomas Buchanan, 

1883. No. 30. Alexander Reid Moir, Born 1883, July 2nd, 4 Lours 
30 minutes a. m., at Sands, Parish of Tulliallan, male; Parents, 
John Moir, Gamekeeper; Margaret Moir, m. s., Reid. Married 
1876, February, at Ardoch. Informant, John Moir, Father, not 
present. Registered 1883, July 14th, at Tulliallan; Thomas 
Buchanan, Registrar. 

1884. No. 9. Jeanie King Sands. Born 1884, February 15th, 6 hours 
30 minutes p. m., at Kincardine, Parish of Tulliallan, female; 
Parents, John Sands, Joiner; Isabella Sands, m. s.. King. Inform- 
ant, John Sands, Father, not present. Registered 18 84. March 
1st, at Tulliallan; Thomas Buchanan, Registrar. 

1885. No. 28. David Moir. Born 1885, June 19th, 10 hours 10 
minutes a. m., at Sands Lodge, Parish of Tulliallan, male; Parents, 
John Moir, Gamekeeper; Margaret Moir, m. s., Reid. Married 
1876, February 4th, at Ardoch. Informant, John Moir, Father, 
present. Registered 1885, July 8th, at Tulliallan; Robert Baxter, 

1886. No. 10. Helen Sands. Born 1886, February 20th, 11 hours 
15 minutes p. m., at Silver Street, Kincardine, Parish of Tulli- 
allan, female; Parents, John Sands, Joiner; Isabella Sands, m. s., 
King. Married 1871, March 9th, at Kincardine. Informant, John 
Sands, Father, not present. Registered 18 86, March 6th, at Tulli- 
allan. George Gibb, Registrar. 

1893. No. 2. Jane Hay Brummond. Born 1893, January 4th, 4 
hours 30 minutes a. m., at Regent Street, Kincardine, Parish of 
Tulliallan, female; Parents, Alexander Drummond, Mason; and 
Mary Ann Drummond, m. s., Raffan. Married 1885, September 
4th, at Urquhart. Informant, Alexander Drummond, Father, 
present. Registered 1893, January 21st, at Tulliallan. George 
Gibb, Registrar. 

1899, No. 15. Annie Hiitton Hunter Dmnimond. Born 1899, February 
2 4th, 3 hours 4 5 minutes p. m., at Newtoun, Parish of Tulliallan, 
female; Parents, John Drummond, General Labourer, (Domicile, 
Mar Place, Sanchie) and Jane Drummond, m. s., Meek. Married 
1898, November 4th, at Tulliallan. Informant, John Drummond, 
Father. Registered 1899, March 11th, at Tulliallan. George 
Simpson, Registrar. 


(Kindly furnished by REV. WALTER MACLEOD of Edinburgh) 

1843, February 12th. Isobella, daughter to Thomas Drummond and 

Tsobella Stewart. 
1843, March 27th. David, son to Andrew Drummond and Margaret 


1843, June 12th. Peter, son to Alexander Drummond and Rachel 

1844, March 24th. Katharine Re'd, daughter to Jolhn Drummond and 
Janet McEwan, Drip Moss. 

1844, August 26th. George, son of Andrew Drummond and Elisabeth 
Maxwell, Boguhapple. 

1845, November 21st. William, son to John Drummond and Janet 
McEwan, Nailorslane. 

1846, May 11th. Ag-nes, daug'hter to Andrew Drummond and Elisabeth 
Maxwell, Boguhapple. 

1846, December 2 3rd. Janet, daug'hter to Thomas Drummond and 
Isabella Stewart, Kirklane. 

1847, June 8th. Duncan, son to Andrew Drummond and Margaret 
Drummond, Nailorslane. 

1847, September 2 5th. John, son to John Drummond, Janet McEwan, 

1848, March 3rd. William, son to Andrew Drummond and Elisabeth 
Maxwell, Boguhapple. 

1848, April 15th. Jane, daughter of Andrew Moir and Mary Smith. 

1849, December 4th. George Craig, natural son to Andrew Moir 
and Jean Craig. Thornhill. 

1859, January 27t)h. Janet, daughter to John Drummond and Janet 
McEwan, Drip Moss. 

1850, March 12th. John, son to Andrew Drummond and Elisabeth 
Maxwell, Boguhapple. 

1850, June 28th. Alexander, son to William Moir and Grace McFar- 
lane, Mosside. 

1851, March 27th. Jolin, son to Henry Moir and Christian Stewart, 

1852, January 13th. Hugh, son to John Drummond and Janet 
McEwan, Drip 'Moss. 

1852, January 26tJh. Isabella, daughter to Andrew Drummond and 

Elisabeth Maxwell, Boguhapple. 

1852, June 29th. Peter, son to Henry Moir and Christian Stewart, 

1852, August 5th. John, son to William Moir and Grace McParlane, 


N. B. There is note in Register at 1853, to the effect that 
"the Register of Births for 1853 is most lamentably 
deficient In consequence of the habitual and obstin- 
ate carelessness and inaccuracy of the late Session 


MoiR Genealogy 

1854, May 14th. James, son of Andrew Drummond and Elisabeth 

Maxwell, Boguhapple. 
1854, June 16th. Margaret Ferguson, daughter of John Drummond 

and Janet McEwan, Nailors Lane. 
1854, September 12th. Isabella, daughter of William Moir and Grace 

McFarlane, Moss-side. 







(Kindly furnished by REV. WALTER MACLEOD of Edinburgh) 

1753, George Drummond and Margaret Drummond, in Cuilt, had a son 
born 22nd, and baptised 25th December, called Alexander. 

1754, George Drummond and Janet McArthur, in Maines, had a son 
born 12th and baptised 13th February, 1753, called Robert. 

1754, George Drummond and Janet McArthur, in Maines, had also a 
son born 2 5th February, and baptised 3rd March, called George. 

Xote. The two preceding entries occur together at 1754. 

1755, Patrick Drummond and Catharine McKuinens, in Kilmahag, 
had a daughter born 15th, and baptised 16th May, called Cath- 

1756, George Drummond and Janet McArthur, in Maines, had a son 
born 12th, and baptised 13th May, called Patrick. 

1763, John Drummond and Ann Wood, in Cuilintoggle, had a son born 
6th, and baptised 7th, called James. 

At 1763 occurs "Register of such in this Parish as were 

married, and had children baptised by Episcopal Ministers." 

Alexander Stewart of Glenbucky, in this Parish, and Mrs. Janet 

Drummond in the Parish of Kilmadock, were married 23rd 

January, 17 34. 

Then follow entries of six of their children. 
Mr. Duncan Stewart, Brother to Glenbucky, and Mrs. Grissell Drum- 
mond, daughter to Mr. David Drummond, brother to John Drum- 
mond of Culchuly, were married in the year 1730. 
Then follow entries of four of their children. 
John Ferguson, in the parish of Balquidder, and Catharine Drum- 
mond, alias McGrigor, in this Parish, listed themselves to be pro- 
claimed, in order to marriage, 6th May, 1738, and before their 
third proclamation were married. 
John Drummond, alias McGrigor, and Janet Drummond, alias Do., in 
Achnahaird, had a son born 1st, and baptised 2nd April,* called 

1764, Alexander Drummond and Barbra Drummond, at Damhead of 
Deny, had a son born 12th, and baptised 14th January, called 

*No year given for this entry, the preceding one is December, 1749, and the succeeding 
one 1748. The MacGregor's of Balquidder are of the same clan as the celebrated Rob Roy. 
Many of the clan changed the name to Drummond after 1745, for obvious reasons. 

MoiR Gknbai,ogy 89 

1764, John Drummond and Anne Wood, in Cuilantogail, had a son 
born 23rd, and baptised 25th of November, called James. 

1766, John Drummond and Anne Wood, in Cuilantoigel, had a son 
born the 23rd, and baptised the same day of October, called John, 

1769, Robert Drummond and Mary McLaren, in Dreppan, had a son 
born the 22nd of January, and baptised the 28th of Do., called 


1769, John Drummond and Anne Wood, in Cuilantoguil, had a daughter 

born the 16th of January, and baptised the 29th of Do., called 

1771, Robert Drummond and Mary McLeran, in Cosh, had a daughter 

born 19th, baptised 25th August, called Janet, 
1771, George Drummond and Janet McArthur, in Brebochastle, had a 

daughter born 2 3rd, baptised 29th December, called Jean. 
1774, Robert Drummond and Mary McLeran, in Cosh, had a daughter 

born 19th, and baptised 21st March, 1774, called Isabell. (This 

under 1775.) 


MAY 1671-1700 

(Kindly furnished by REV. WALTER MACLEOD of Edinburgh) 

No record of births from March 1592, to May 1671 

1671, July 1st. Parents, John Moir, Isobell Burne, child David, Wit- 
nesses, James Russel, George Lapslie. 

1672, September 21st, Johne Moir, Isobell Burne, Margaret. Wit- 
nesses, George Lapslie, Johne Arroll. 

1673, February 2nd. Robert Moir, Jonet Gillespie, Mary, Witnesses, 
Andrew Thomson, Johne Duncanson. 

1671, June 3rd. William Gilphillan — Jonat Gilphillan, Sibilla. Wit- 
nesses, Thomas Miller. Thomas Gilphillan. 

1671, December 31st. Thomas Gilphillan — Jonat Ewing, Jonat. Wit- 
nesses, Thomas Ewing, Robert Gardiner, William Gilphillan. 

1673, January 16th. Willliam Gilphillan — Jonat Gilphillan, Sybilla. 
Witnesses, Thomas Miller, Thomas Gilphillan. 

1673, July 19th. Thomas Gilphillan — Jonat Ewing, Thomas. Wit- 
nesses, Thomas Ewing, William Gilphillan. 

1672, January 4th. Johne Sandis — Isobell Wright, James. Witnesses, 
Johne Sandis, Merchand burgess of Stirling; John Morison, 
Cowper, younger, and James Morison, Couper, elder. 

1806 — Married on 24th April, at Edinburgh, WILLIAM GLAS, Esq., of Marriage. 
Stirling, to MISS JANE MOIR, dau. of the deceased John 
Moir, Esq., of Hillfoot, writer to the signet. 





John More, lawful son of George More and Janet Smith, in the 
chapel of Struthill, born 28th June, baptised 29th June, 1700. 

Marg-aret More, lawful daughter of Andrew More and Agnes 
Harruer, in Drunlakinoch, was born 2 9th Nov., baptised 1st. Dec, 1701. 

James More, lawful son to Thomas More and Isabel Tais, in 
Drummond, born 6th March, baptised 6th March, 1703. 

Andrew More, lawful son to Andrew More and Agnes Harruer, 
an Drumlakinoch, born 3d May, baptised 4th May, 1704. 

John More, lawful son of John More and Isabel Bryce, in Pett, 
was born the 12th day of June, and baptised 17th June, 1704. 

James More, lawful son of John More and Janet Whyte, in Mut- 
hill, born 10 Sept., baptised same day, 1704. 

Thomas, son to Thomas More and Isabel Tais, born Oct. 13, 1705, 

baptised Oct. 14, 1705. 

Margaret, daughter to James Gloag and Helen More, in West 
Drummawhance, born Sept. 26, baptised Sept. 29, 1706. 

Mary, daug'hter of Thomas Moir and Isabel Tais, in Drummond, 
born April 17, baptised April 19, 1708. 

Helen, daughter of Thomas Gloag and Helen More, in Wester 
Drummawhance, born Sept. 24, baptised Sept. 25, 1709. 

Jean, daughter to Andrew Moir and Agnes Harruer, in Drum- 
lakenoch, born 15 March, baptised same day, 1710. 

Jean, daughter to John Brydie and Janet More, in Easter Borland, 
born Sept. 11, baptised Sept. 12, 1711. 

Jean, daughter to James Gloag and Helen Moir, in Wester Drum- 
mawhance, born March 2, baptised March 5, 1713. 

Patrick, son to Patrick Gibson and Janet Moir, in Cultiheldech, 
born Apr. 2, 1715, baptised same day. 

Andrew, son of James Gloag and Helen Moir, in Wester Drum- 
mawhance, born July 30, baptised Aug. 2, 1715. 

John, son of Patrick Gibson and Janet Moir, in Cultiheldech, born 
April 6, baptised same day, 1716. 

Helen, daughter to James More and Janet Clemmett, in L.adystoun, 
in the parish of Blackford, born April 3, baptised in the Miltoun of 
Machany, April 5, 1720. 

Margaret, daughter to John More and Isabel Miller, in Daurside 
of Machany, in the Parish of Blackfoord, born July 6, baptised July 7, 

MoiR Genealogy 91 

Agnes, daughter to James More and Janet Clemett, in Ladytoun, 
of Machany, born June 8, baptised June 10, 1728. 

Andrew, son of John More and Isabel Miller, in Daurside, of 
Machany, born Oct. 4, baptised Oct. 5, 1728. 

Margaret, daughter to William Maltman and Helen More, in 
Drumness, born Jan. 29, baptised same day, 1731. 

David, son to John More and Isabel Miller, in Damside, in 
Machany, born July 23, baptised same day, 1731. 

Andrew, son to William Maltman and Helen More, in Drumness, 
born Dec. 17, baptised same day, 1731. 

Margaret, daughter to Alexander Ross and Ann More, in Machany, 
born June 24, baptised same day, 1732. 

Margaret, daughter to Andrew More and Ann Gray, in Drumlakin, 
born July 15, 1732, baptised same day. 

Margaret, daughter to James More and Janet Clemmet, in Ladys- 
toun, of Machany, born May 17, 1734, baptised same day. 

James, son of James Moir and Janet Clemmet, in Lady'stoun, 
Parish of Blackfoord, born and baptised Jan. 21, 1736. 

Alexander, son of Andrew Moir and Ann Grey, in Drumlakin, born 
and baptised Oct. 10, 1736. 

Mary, daughter of John Moir and Isabel Miller, in Half-Merkland, 
born Jan. 29, baptised Jan. 31, 1739. 

Isabel, daughter of James Moir and Janet Clemmet, in Ladytoun, 
Parish of Blackford, born March 30, baptised April 2, 1740. 

Andrew, son of William Maltman and Helen Moir, in Drummess, 
Parish of Blackford, born Sept. 25, baptised Sept. 28, 1740. 

Andrew, son of Andrew Moir and Ann Grey, in Crofthead, of 
Farmtown, Parish of Blackford, born Dec. 30, 1741, baptised Jan. 2, 

Janet, daugliter of William 'Maltman and Helen Moir, in Drum- 
mess, Blackford Parish, born 9 August, baptised 21 August, 1743. 

John, son of Andrew Moir and Ann Grey, in Crofthead, of Farm- 
town, Parish of Blackford, born August 31, baptised Sept. 2, 1744. 

(On account of the Civil War of 1745-46, and its terrible results, 

the parisih records were omitted from the years 1746 to 1749.) 

March 20, 1750. Helen, lawful daughter of Ann Grey, in Croft- 
head, of Farmtown, born March 18, was baptised the 20th day of 
March, 1750. With such excessive severity were the penal laws 
executed at this time, that Andrew Moir, having neglected to keep his 
appointment with me at my own house this morning, and following 
me to Lord Rollo's house, but I was obliged to go under the cover of 
trees in one of Lord Rollo's parks, to prevent our being discovered, 
and baptise the child there. 

James, son of William McLeish and Mary Moir, in Muthill, born 
Nov. 16, baptised Nov. 18, 1750. 

Ann, daughter of William McNabb and Margaret Moir, In 
Drumduie, born Oct. 30, baptised Nov. 1, 1754. 

John, son of William McLeish and Mary Moir, in Muthill, born 
Dec. 3, baptised Dec. 8, 1754. 

Jean, daughter of William McNabb and Margaret Moir, in 
Drumduie, born Jan. 15, baptised Jan. 16, 1756. 

Isabel, daughter of William McLeish and Mary Moir, in Muthill, 
born March 19, baptised March 20, 1757. 


William, son of Alexander Moir and Janet Dow, in Lentibbert, 
born May 25, baptised May 27, 1758. 

Alexander, son of Margaret Moir and William McNabb, in 
Drumduie, born and baptised July 9, 1758. 

Mary, daughter of William McLeish and Mary Moir, in Muthill, 
born Dec. 12, baptised Dec. 14, 1759. 

Andrew, son of Alexander Moir and Janet Dow, in Easter* 
Drummawhance, born June 21, baptised June 23, 1762. 

Margaret, daughter of William McNabb and Margaret Moir, in 
Drumduie, born July 1st, baptised July 5, 1763. 

William and Mary, twin children of James Moir and Agnes 
Maltman, in Muthill, born and baptised Feb. 10, 1764. 

Andrew, son of James Moir and Agnes Maltman, in Muthill, born 
Nov. 3, baptised Nov. 10, 1765. 

Helen Moir, daughter of Andrew Moir and Janet Moir, in 
Crofthead, Parish of Blackford, born Jan. 26, 1767, baptised same day. 

William, son of Andrew Moir and Isabel Drummond, in Ladys- 
town, Parish of Blackford, born October 17, baptised Oct. 30, 1768. 

James, son of William McNabb and Margaret Moir, in Drumduie, 
born and baptised Dec. 24, 1768. 

Margaret, daughter of Andrew Moir and Janet Moir, in Crofthead, 
Parish of Blackford, born Dec. 10, baptised Dec. 18, 1770. 

James, son of Andrew Moir and Janet Moir, in Crofthead, Parish 
of Blackford, born Jan. 2, baptised Jan. 15, 1773. 

William, son of Andrew Moir and Janet Moir, in Crofthead, 
Blackford Parish, born March 9, baptised 20 March, 1775. 

Jean, daughter of Patrick Miller and Helen Moir, in Kincardine, 
Crief, born Sept. 16, baptised Sept. 22, 177 5. 

Andrew, son of Patrick Miller and Helen Moir, in Easter 
Tamakuvick, Parish of Crief, born August 28, baptised Sept. 14, 1778. 

In Muthill Chapel, John, son of Jame* Ouston and Janet Brander, 
in Inverness Parish, born in Crieff, Nov. 12, 1783, Helen Moir, in 
Crief, being sponsor. 

Ann. daughter of John Moir and Margaret Gray, in the Cavin, 
born Nov. 23, baptised Nov. 27, 1789. 

Beatrix, daughter of Andrew Moir and Ann Allan, in Muthill, born 
Oct. 26, baptised Oct. 31, 1790. 

Andrew John, son of Andrew Moir and Isabel Clarke, in Auch- 
terarder, born April 3, baptised May 9, 1791. 

Andrew, son of John Moir and Margaret Gray, in Cottertown, in 
Drummawhance, born Oct. 18, baptised Oct. 21, 1791. 

Ann, daughter of Andrew Moir and Helen Crawford, Blackford 
Parish, born March 7, baptised March 28, 1792. 

Elizabeth, daughter of John Moir and Margaret Gray, in East 
Mill, of Auchterarder, born August 30, baptised Sept. 5, 1793. 

Mary, daughter of Andrew Moir and Helen Crawford, in 
Crofthead, of Machany, Blackford Parish, born Jan. 28, baptised 
Feb. 14, 1797. 

Ann, daughter of William Moir and Jean Allan, in Muthill, born 
Sept. 17, baptised Sept. 22, 1799. 

*The famous George Buchanan, educator and tutor of James VI., and also of the Court 
of Queen Mary, was called the " Laird of Dromwhassel." He and his forbears lived and 
died in this neighborhood. 



James, son of William Moir and Jean Allan in Muthill, born 
July 13, baptised July 19, 1801. 

William, son of William Moir and Jean Allan, in Muthill, born 
Jan. 23, baptised Jan. 29, 1804. 

Thomas, son of William Moir and Jean Allan, in Muthill, born 
Feb. 18, baptised Feb. 23, 1806. 

Beatrix, daughter of William Moir and Jean Allan, in Muthill, 
born Jan. 14, baptised Jan. 20, 1811. 

Jane, natural daughter of Captain Henry Wilson of the 72nd 
Regiment, and Beatrix Moir (born 1790), in Muthill, born Sept. 8, 
1813. William Moir, sponsor. 

Mary Ann Jane, daughter of Charles Stuart Edward, near Kempo 
Castle, and Mary Moir, born Dec. 3, baptised Dec. 13, 1819. 

Andrew, son of Andrew Moir and Jean Allan, in Muthill, born 
July 31, baptised August 1, 1813. 

31argaret, daughter of Andrew Moir, wright, in Muthill, and 
Margaret Cramb, born Dec. 24, 1827, baptised Jan. 6, 1828. 

Martha, daughter of Andrew Moir, wright, in Longshot, and 
Margaret Cramb, born May 29, baptised June 14, 1829. 

Helen, daughter of Andrew Moir, wright, at Northgate, of Culdees, 
and Margaret Cramb, born Jan. 2, baptised Jan. 24, 1832. 

Mary, daughter of James Moir, Farm Servant, at Fuer, in Muthill, 
and Helen Robertson, born July 4, baptised Nov. 10, 18 33. 

Anna, daughter of Andrew Moir, wright, and Margaret Cramb, 
Porter lodge of Culdees, born Oct. 26, 1833, baptised Jan. 12, 1834. 

Janet, daughter of Andrew Moir, carpenter, Westgate of Culdees, 
and Margaret Cramb, born Dec. 8, 1838, baptised March 30, 1839. 

Andrew James, son of Andrew Moir, carpenter, and Margaret 
Cramb, born at Westgate of Culdees, Oct. 1, baptised Dec. 12, 1840. 

By the Rev. James Moir of Brechin, William Moray, son of the 
Rev. Alex. Meldrum, Ep. Minister of Muthill, and Jane Catherine 
Wickham, born May 20, baptised June 6, 1841. 

Robert, son of Andrew Moir, carpenter, and Margaret Cramb, 
born at Machany house, Feb. 6, baptised March 27, 1844. 

There are also 13 Moir entries from Jan., 1847, to Nov., 1886, 
in the same Register. 




(From published lists of Baptisms and Marriages — 1573 to 1853) 

(No baptisms found) 

April 20, 1747, GEORGE MOIR and ELIZABETH GREAY, of St. 

Martin's in the Fields, were married at St. George's Chapel, 


married at the Parish Church, St. George's, Hanover Square, 

Jan. 3, 179 5, GEORGE D'ALMAINE of the Parish of St. Paul, Covent 

Garden, London, and MARY MOIR, of the Parish of St. Martin's 

in the Fields, spinster, minor, were married by Edward Embry, 

Curate of St. Paul's Church. Witnesses, John Moir and Thomas 

April 23, 1811, DAVID MOIR and ELIZABETH MOSS were married 

at St. George's Parish Church, Hanover Square, London. 
September 20, 1829, ROBERT HOWLETT and HELEN MOIR were 

married at St. George's Parish Church, Hanover Square, London. 
June 12, 1830, JAMES MOIR and MARY PANKHURST were married 

at St. George's Parish Church, Hanover Square, London. 
July 24, 18 3 3, JAMES RANDALL and ELIZABETH MOIR were 

married at St. George's Parish Church, Hanover Square, London. 
From the London Times of September 25, 1903, we learn that Brevet 

Major ALLAN JAMES GORDON MOIR married a Miss Druce. 
(There were examined, at this time, the records of four other London 

Parishes, but no more Moirs were noted.) 




(List Furnished and Introduction by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ.) 

The following Moir extracts are taken from the f.rst two volumes 
of the Miscellany of the New Spalding Club, printed for the Club at 
Aberdeen, 1890 and 1908, respectively. The editor of this valuable 
compilation from the Council Registers was the late lamented Mr. 
Alexander Macdonald Munro, City Chamberlain, who died at Aberdeen, 
26th January, 1911. The register was prefaced by a special note on 
the names of the register occurring ten or more times, by one of our 
clan, the late Mr. James Moir, the respected Rector of the Grammar 
School, Aberdeen, who was Convener of Committee on Church 
Records to the Club mentioned. His remarks, so far as the Moir 
family are concerned, may be put on record here. They are in 
comparison with the issue of the Aberdeen Directory of 1890-1891. 
We find Moir 31, Muir (added to Moir) 4, and the name Moir appeared 
no less than thirteen times in the Directory already mentioned. The 
contractions seen at the end of extracts, from 1633 onwards, stand 
for: — 

g, guild burgess; t, trade burgess. 

G, honorary burgess, or admitted gratis without composition. 

J, in right of father's burgess-ship. 

1400, More, Patrick. (* Cautioner, Thomas Amfrey.) 

1406-07, More, Duncan. (Cautioner, And. Gifford and Thomas Roule.) 

1466, September 12. More, William. 

1481, September 27. More, William (dwelling in the country). 

1493-4, Moir, Robert (at the instance of the Abbott of Arbrothok.) 

1503-4, Moir, Alexander. 

1507-8, Moir, Thomas. (Composition remitted at request of James 

1558-9, Moir, Andrew. (Cautioner, William Robertsoune, goldsmyt.) 
1596, July, Moir, Andro (baxter), becaus he was a prenteis within the 

toun, quha gawe his ayth, according to the common forme, 

and forder, that he suld not aspyr, nor seik any farder 

libertie, nor privelege. 
1560, December 9, Moir, William. 

1567, Moir, William, was cautioner to Gilbert Sengzeour. 
1598, October 2 7, Moir, Mr. William, son to William Moir. 
1600, September 12, Mr, William Moir was cautioner to Alexander 

1605, September 13, Mr. William Moir was cautioner to John Chalmer, 

ex gratia. 
1605, September 24, Mr. William Moir was cautioner to John Watsoun, 

ex gratia. 

*Cautioner is a Scots word, meaning, a surety. 

96 MoiR Geneai,ogy 

1606. September 3, Moir, Alexander ("Weaver). 

1607, September 22, Moir, William, eldest son of Mr. Willliam Moir. 
1609, September 22, Moir, Peter (ex gratia, Cautioner, Mr. William 

Moir, treasurer). 
1611, September 24, Moir, William. (Cautioner, Mr. William Moir.) 

1614, October 20, Moir, John (simple burgess). 

1615, May 1, Moir, John, eldest son of the late Alexander Moir (for 

the past thirty years in the service of the King of France). 
1615, September 22, Moir, John (pupil), second son of Mr. William 

Moir, treasurer. 
1617, September 23, Moir, Henry, third son of Mr. William Moir, dean 

of guild. 

1619, January 22, Peter Moir was cautioner to Alexander Ross, 


1620, September 25, Moir, William. 

1633, July 10, Moir, Thomas, weaver, eldest son of Alexander Moir, 
weaver. t. J 

1647, December 2 9, Moir, Alexander, baker, served with the late 
Robert Forbes. t. 

1647, December 22, Moir, Jon, smith in the Clintertie, to the hammer- 

men craft, in respect of the few number of craftsmen within 
this burghe, speciallie of the lorimers, and that sindrie o£ 
the said trade are dead of the plague of pestilence. G. 

1648, February 9, Moir, Alexander, and Ergo, James, smith, in respect 

of the few number of craftismen, speciallie of the lorimers, 
and that sindrie of the trad ar dead of the plague of 
pestilence. t. 

1648, April 4. Moir, George, dyer. t. 

1655, August 1, Moir, Johne, drywalker, simple burgess. 

1654, March 8, Mr. John Campbell, Shereff Clark of Aberdeen, married 
eldest daughter of Mr. William Moir, Principal of the New 
College of Aberdeen. G. 

1657, April 30, Moor, Alexander, bookmaker and claspmacker. in 

Montrose, "employing and exerciseing himselfe in macking 
of hooks, clasps, and any other workmanship cf that 
nature." t. 

1658, June 16. Thomas Moir, couper's servant, Alexander Mill. t. 

1659, January 18, Moir, John, merchant. g. 

1660, March 21, Moir, John, eldest son to Patrick Moir, baillie of 

Aberdeen. g. 

1663, June 24, Moir, John, son of the deceased John Moir, weaver, t. 
1667, August 14, Moir, John, merchant, married the daughter of 

Alexander CoUisone, burgess, whose predecessors had been 

magistrates. g. 

1668 May 23, Moir, Patrik, second sone to the deceast Mr. William 

Moir, sometyme baillie of Aberdeen, and principall of the 

college of the samen. g, 

1669, August 20, Moir, James, in Ferriehill, son of the deceast William 

Moir. g. 

1676, September 2 5, Moir, Gilbert, second son of William Moir, doctor 

of medicine. g, 

1682, May 2i, Moor, Alexander, buikmaker, onlie son of the deceist 

Alexander Moor, buikmaker, burgess. t. 


1683, September 25, Moir, Andrew, merchant, son of William Moir, in 

Broombrae, at request of George Aidie, dean of guild, g. 

1688, September 11, Moir, Andrew, in old mill of Foverane. g 

1688, September 5, George Gordon, of Kirktown, of Dyce, who married 

a daughter of Mr. William 31oir, doctor of medicine. g. 

1689, February 28, 3Ioir, John Mr . advocate, son of the late John 

Moir, of Stonniewood, burgess, and William Moir, his fourth 
son. g- 

1690, December 27, Moir, Alexander fourth son of Mr. William Moir, 

doctor of medicine, burgess. g. 

1691, September 22, Moir, Alexander, wright. t. 
1693, August 23, Moir, Gilbert, cooper. t. 
1698, July 9, Muire, John, provost of Aire. G. 
1698. Ju^ 9. Mores, John, burgess of St. Andrews. G. 


List of FIARS JURORS, 1604 to 1900 

(Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE of Aberdeen) 

The undernoted list was compiled by David LittleJohn, L. L. D., 
Sheriff-Clerk, for the second volume of the "Miscellany" of the New 
Spalding Club, issued 1908. 

Moir, Alexander, of Scotstoun, 172 3 and 1729. 

Moir, Alexander, of Scotstown, 1793 and 1794. 

Moir, George, of Scotstown, 1751-'76 — 10 times. 

Moir, George, miller, Old Aberdeen, 1678. 

Moir, George, of Denmore, 1832 and 1833. 

Moir, James, in Ferriehill, also of Ferriehill, 1667-78. 

Moir, James, younger, of Stonywood, 1723. 

Moir, James, of Stonywood, 1739. 

Moir, (also Moor and Muir) ; Robert, merchant in Aberdeen, 1720-33. 

Moir, William, in Caberstoun, 1655. 

Moir, William, in Slippiehillock, 1690. 

Moir, William, burgess, now in Ferriehill, 1629. 

Moir, William, of Ferryhill, 1655. 

Moir, William, of Ferryhill, 1730-48. 

Muir, Alexander, of Loirston, 1840. 



(Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE of Aberdeen) 

The following MOIRS were ordinary members of the Lionach. 
Highland and Friendly Society, inaugurated 1825. Of the 277 
members — 

No. 89. John Moir, Senior, Finnylost, Strathdon. 

No. 90. Arthur Moir, Finnylost, Strathdon. 

No. 91. John Moir, Junior, Finnylost, Strathdon. 

No. 79. Alexander Moir, Finnylost, Strathdon. 

No. 80. James Moir, Faichley. 

This interesting gathering is still held annually on Donside,. 


OLD ABERDEEN, 1731-1911 

(Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE of Aberdeen) 

George Mores, mentioned in the records, 1769-1771. 
John More, mentioned in the records, 1764-1766. 

Thomas Mores, mentioned in the records, 1731-1735, and frequently, 

This society has always been a small body, and probably an 
off-shoot of the Wrights and Coopers of Aberdeen, one of the seven 
Incorporated Trades, whose oldest minute book is dated 1692. The 
history of the Incorporated Trades belonging to Aberdeen was written 
by Ebenezer Bain, ex-master of Trades Hospital, in 1887. From his 
scarce volume, we reproduce entries relating to the Moirs — 

REV. JOHN MOIR'S portrait, by Cosmo John Alexander, hangs 
in the great hall. He was Rector of West Tinfieild, Yorkshire. He 
mortified in 1736, 1000 merks, Scots (present-day value £83:6:8) for 
the support of a Philosophy Bursar at Marischal College, Aberdeen, 
and in the event of no Tradesmen's son applying for the said Bursary, 
the money was to be devoted to the maintainance of decayed Trades- 
men, preference always being given to the name of Moir. 

GILBERT MOIR, Cooper. His portrait, by an unknown artist, 
hangs in the great hall. He was elected Convener of Trades in 1710. 

WILLIAM MOIR. He appears to have been a member of the 
Wright and Cooper trade, for in one of the acts of the Society anent 
bitter and despiteful speaking, there is cited a breach of the act: 
2nd April, 1735. The court considering that Adam Baxter called 
William Moir a brute, in presence of the court, they therefor amerciate 
him, the said Adam Baxter, in Forty shillings, Scots, to be paid by 
him to be trade, for use of the poor, for the said transgression, in 
terms of the third act of this book; and debar him from voting in 
any affair of the trade until satisfaction be made before the Court, 
which, being paid by the said Adam Baxter, the trade discharge the 
above amerciament, and ordered the sum of forty shillings to be 
re-paid to him. 


(Kindly furnished by HELEN MOIR MAXWELL of Doune) 

1713, ALEXANDER MOIR, writer in Dunblane, by JOHN MOIR, 

notary public. 
1718. Will of WILLIAM MAXWELL, written by JAMES MOIR, of 

Lochfield, writer. (Lochfield is a farm about half-way 

between Doune and Thornhill.) 
1727. ROBERT MOIR, son to JAMES MOIR, writer in Doune. By 

JOHN MOIR, notary public. 
1767. JAMES MOIR, writer in Doune. ^ ^ a c\— ' 


(Kindly furnished by REV. WALTER MACLEOD of Edinburgh) 


Dunblane Testament, Dative and Tnventary, of the goods, etc., pertaining 

Testaments to umquhile MARGARET MOIR,* relict of Archibald Menzies, at the 
vol.8. Burns of Cessintullle, within the parish of Kilmadock, and Commis- 

sariot of Dumblane, the time of her decease in June, 1664. Made and 
given up by Thomas McHillie, (?) spouse to Jeonet Menzies, lawful 
daughter to said defunct. Debts due by Humprie Risk; John Bowie, 
in Kingsboquhaple; Jeonet Clark, at the Burn of Cessintullle; John 
Symmer, there; Robert Smyth, in Doune; David Dog, of Ballingrew; 
Walter Graham, in Kingsboquhaple; John Spittel, elder, in Noristoun; 
Captaine David Muschett; William Miller, at the Miln of Doune; 
James Wrycht, at the Burne of Cessintullle; John Neill, in Eoghall; 
Mareoun Kinloch, in Kingcairne; Alexander Muschett, Messenger; 
John Doig, in Murdochstoun; William Haldan, in Garncaber; William 
Chalmer, in Cardrois; Andrew Dick; Jeonett Spittall; Robert Symmer, 
in Denrick; John McEller, in Doune. 
Sum of the Inventar — £118: 6: 8d. 
No debts owing by the deceased. 
No division. 

Confirmed, 19th January, 1665, ROBERT MOIR, in Newtoune, of 
Doune, cautioner. 


Dunblane The Testament, Testam.entar, Inventary and Latter Will, of the 

Testaments goods, etc., which pertained to umquhile JAMES MOIR, in Aberargy, 

Vol.8. within the parish of Abernethie, and Commissariot of Dumblane; the 

time of his decease in June, 1664. Made and given up by himself, on 

13th June, 1664, before these witnesses, — ANDREW MOIR. eldest 

lawful son to JOHN MOIR of Aberargy. 

Sum of Inventar — £2 3. 

Debts due by James Poltie, in Cary; Gilbert Gairner, in Aberargy; 

Summa patet. 

Debts due by James Poltie, in Cary; Gilbert Gairner, in Aberargy, 
Alexander Burt, tailor, in Loanhead of Balmanno; William Rentoule; 
John Playfair, in Cairney; William Buist, in Pittindy. 

Sum of debts owing to dead — £74:6:0. 

Sum of Inventar and debts — £97:6:0. 

To be divided into three parts, ilk part. 

The said defunct, by his Latter Will, nominates DUNCAN MOIR, 
his eldest lawful son, his only executor and intromittor, with his goods 
and geir, and to pay debts, to viz, — Agnes Powrie, his spouse, "mother- 

♦Married, April 25th, 1627, see Marriage Registers of Doune. 

MoiR Genealogy 


in-law" to the said Duncan, 100 merks; and nominates *JOHN MOIR, 
of Aberargy, and JOHN MOIR, his lawful brother, tutors and overseers 
to bairns; and what shall happen to be over and above the said 100 
merks, the said JOHN MOIR, of Aberargy, and JOHN MOIR, his 
brother, shall deliver among his whole bairns, viz: Duncan, Margaret, 
and Helon Moirs, as they shall think it expedient. 

Confirmed, 3d November, 1664, JOHN MOIR, in Nether Aberargy. 
is cautioner. 


Testament, Dative and Inventary of the goods, etc., which per- Dunblane 
tained to the deceast JOHN MOIR, Skinner, in Dumblane; and Helen Testament^ 
Tindall, his spouse, Indweller in Dumblane, the time of their respective Vol.18, 
deaths as follows, viz: the first in the last day of June, and the 
second on 14th March, both in the year 1713. Made and given up by 
ALEXANDER MOIR, Writer in Dumblane, Executor, Dative, qua 
Creditor, preferred and decerned to saids Defuncts, for payment or 
inter alios, sum, in Decreet, at the instance of Mr. Robert McClelland, 
of Barrclay, Collector of Excise; and in another Decreet, at the 
instance of James Watson, of Ormistoun, against said JOHN MOIR, 
for rent of his house. Dated 12th March, 1713. 

Sum of the Inventary — £29:2:8. 

Confirmed, 2nd June, 1715. Robert Finlayson, Merchant in 
Dumblane, Cautioner. 


Testament, Dative, and Inventary of the goods, etc., which Dunblane 
pertained to the deceased ALEXANDER MOIR, Writer in Dumblane; Testaments 
Made and given up by Mr. John Primrose, of Tulliallan, and John Vol.18. 
Bryce. Merchant in Dumblane, joint Executors, Creditors decerned and 
confirmed to the said Defunct. 

Summa — ( ). 

Among the list of debtors appears the following Item by Sir 
David Threapland, of Fingask, and JAMES MOIR, Writer, £10:2:6. 
HENRY MOIR, Merchant in Down, DAVID MOIR in Low, and 
Alexander Moir. 

Confirmed, 9th July, 1724, Robert Banks, Merchant in Stirling, is 


Tlie Testament, Dative, and Inventary of the goods, etc., which Dunblane 
pertained to the deceased ALEXANDER MOIR, Writer in Dumblane, Testaments 
in the parish thereof, the time of his decease in February last. Made y°J: ^^„ 
and given up by James Cairns, younger, merchant in Dumblane, as 
present Treasurer to the Corporation of Skinners of Dumblane; 
Executor, Dative, qua Creditor, decerned to said Defunct, for payment 
to him as Treasurer foresaid of 50 merks, per bill dated 26th 
September, 1722. Debts due by Christopher and Robert Finlaysonea, 
Merchants in Dumblane, and William Ker, Skinners there, Andrew 
Ker, Bellmaker in Dumblane. 

Summa patet — ( ). 

Confirmed, 9th July, 1724; John Gillespie, Writer in Dumblane, 

Folio 226. 

*See note in Appendix, " Moirs of Aberargie." 


MoiR Geneai,ogy 


Dunblane Testament, Dative, and Inventary, of the household plenishing, 

Testaments and others, which pertained to the deceased HARY MOIR, in Newtoun 

Vol. 19. of Doun, and MARGARET PATON, his spouse, within the parish of 

Kilmadock, the time of their deceases in May last; Made and given up 

by WALTER MOIR, wright in Doun, brother german to the said 

Defunct, only Executor, Dative, qua creditor, decerned to said 

Defuncts, for payment of funeral and medical attendance, etc. 

Sum of Inventary — £177:13:0. 

Confirmed, 5th June, 1740; Walter Paterson in Doun, is cautioner. 


Dunblane Testament, Dative and Inventary of the debts, etc., which per- 

Testaments tained to the deceased JAMES MOIR, Writer in Dumblane, the time 

Vol. 20 
Folio 96. 

Folio 133. 

of his decease in December, 1739; Made and given up by JEAN MOIR, 
the Defunct's daughter, spouse of Thomas Duthie, Writer in 
Dumblane; only Executors, Dative, qua nearest in kin, decerned to 
said Defunct, by Decreet, dated 1st July last. 

Debts due by persons therein mentioned. 

Summa Inventary — ( ). 

Confirmed, 27th January, 1743; John Duthie, mason in Dumblane, 
is cautioner. 

Elk, given up by said Executors, of debts due by persons thereio 
mentioned, omitted furth of the principal. 

Confirmed Testament. — ^Dated 26th January, 1744; same cautioner. 


Dunblane Testament, Dative, and Inventary, of the goods, etc., pertaining 

Testaments to the deceased ALEXANDER MOIR, in Hillhead of Machany, within 

Vol. 20 
Folio 104. 

the parish of Blackford; the time of his decease in the month of 

( ) last; Made and given up by George Moir, in Hillhead of 

Machany, the Defunct's brother-german, who is decerned only 
Executor, Dative, qua nearest in kin to said Defunct. 

Debt due by bond, granted to Janet Richard, relict of Alexander 
Moir, in Hillhead of Machany, by said GEORGE MOIR, dated 18th 
January. 1636; Sum in Bill by said Janet Richard, upon James Dawson 
at Machany, dated 2nd January, 1641. Sum due to said Janet, by 
John Richard, in Craig of Matherly, her brother; Sum due also, by 
Alexander Richard in Craig of Motherby, and others therein men- 
tioned, to all which sums the said deceased ALEXANDER MOIR had 
right, by Disposition and Assignation, from the said Janet Richard, 
his mother. Dated 17th April, 1741. Registered in Stewart Court 
Books of Strathearn, 19th January, last. 

Summa Inventary — £216:5:0. 

Confirmed, 17th February, 1743, Mathew Gentill. 


Dunblane Testament, Dative, and Inventary, of the debt, sum of money 

Testaments which pertained to the deceased ANN MOIR, daughter of the also 

Vol.20 deceased JAMES MOIR, Writer in Dumblane, the time of her decease 

Folio 98. jjj January last; Made and given up by JEAN MOIR, the Defunct's 


sister-german, spouse of Thomas Duthie, Writer in Dumblane, only- 
Executors, Dative, qua nearest in kin, decerned to said Defunct, by 
Decreet, dated 5th August last. 

Debt, due by the Honourable Major General James Campbell, of 
Lawers, per Bond granted to Defunct, and said JEAN MOIR, dated 
31st October, last. 

Confirmed. 27th January 1743, John Duthie, mason in Dumblane, 
is cautioner. 


Testament, Testamentar, and Inventary of the goods, etc., which Dunblane 
pertained to the deceased JAMES MOIR, Writer in Doune, in the Testaments 
parish of Kilmadock, the time of his decease in Oct., 1776, last. Made, Vol.23, 
and given up partly by himself, upon 2Gth August, 1775, and by 
•ELIZABETH and *ROBINA MOIRS, only children of the said 
Defunct, with consent of John Forrest, of Deanstaine, their only ac- 
cepting, and acting tutor, and curator, for his interest; Which 
ELIZABETH and ROBINA MOIRS, the said Defunct nominated, to 
be his only Executors, by his Assignation, etc. Registered in the Court 
Books of the said Commissariot, on 5th December, last. 

Sum of the Inventary — £252:l:4d. 

Sum of debts due by persons therein mentioned — £586:7:7. The 
said Defunct, by his Registered Assignation and Nomination, conveys 
in favor of said ELIZABETH and ROBINA MOIRS, his two daugh- 
ters, and only children, in life, procreate betwixt him and the deceast 
Ann Forrest, his spouse, his whole goods and gear; and failing of 
them, to John Forrest, and his foresaids. With the burden of enter- 
taining and maintaining of ISOBELL MOIR, his sister. He appoints 
said John Forrest; James Maule, factor to Earl of Murray; Johanna 
Leslie, daughter of deceased John Leslie, Merchant in Edinburgh; 
George Stewart, younger of Argatie; John Buchanan, of Auchleshie; 
Mr. James Smith, Minister at Kilmadock, to be Tutors and Curators to 
his said daughters. Dated at Doune, 26th August, 1775. Witnesses — 
Allan Stewart, at Bridgend of Death; and Malcolm Wright, and William 
Key, his servants. 

Confirmed 6th September, 1777. William McGruther, Writer in 
Doune, is cautioner. 



By W. B. COOK, Stirling 

Charles Moir, Wright, Stirling, joined the Corps 24 May, 1801. Vol. 3, p. 77. 
Thomas 31oir, Maltman, Stirling, joined the Corps 24 May, 1801. 
Charles Moir, weaver, Stirling, joined 19th April, 1803. 
Robert Moir, servant, Livilands, Joined 27th Oct., 1803. 

*See Doune Births, 1762 and 1764. 


(Kindly lent by MAJ. P. MOIR-BYRES of Tonley) 

WILLIAM MOIR, elder, of Spittal and Scotstown, was principal 
of Marischal College in 1658. 

WILLIAM MOIR, of Scotstown, appears as subscribing to King's 
College in 168 8. 

(The preceding notices are from Spalding Club publications.) 

GEORGE MOIR occurs frequently in the books. The earliest 
date I have noticed is 1726, and the latest 1791. The handwriting on 
the earlier volume is different from that on the volumes after 1733, 
and suggests that possibly there were two of the same name. If there 
were two, there is nothing I noticed to show what the earlier one was, 
but the later one was a lawyer, had apparently been educated in 
Holland, and from the books acquired was a man of accomplishments. 

ALEXANDER MOIR occurs on the books from 1771 downwards. 
He was an advocate at the Scottish bar, had been educated in Holland, 
appears as practicing in 1786 and 1787. Some time prior to 1804, 
he had succeeded to Scotstown. There was a SHERIFF MOIR in 
Aberdeenshire, in the beginning of the nineteenth century, and 
probably he is the same Alexander Moir, as he had a valuable collec- 
tion of books on Scottish and Roman law, which appears to have been 
kept up to about 1820. 

On the more recent books, the only names I have noticed are 

(J. D. W., Scotstown, Bridge of Don, Aberdeenshire.) 


Whitehouse, Aberdeenshire 


ONv xoNHT 'aoxs* 

Advygn ongnj 



Att Aberdein, 24th July, 1695, years in presens of John Allardes, 
ane of the baillies of the burgh — 

The said day, it was judicially verified and proven, be the 
depositions of Alexr. Skein, of Dyee; Gilbert Black, lait baillie; John 
Moir, lait baillie; Mr. James Moir of Perriehill, that Gilbert Moir, 
son of deceast Dr. William Moir, of Scotstoun, now in the Kingdom 
of Poland, who went from this about 18 years ago or thereby, being 
then about the age of ( — ) years, or thereby, is the second lawful 
son of the said deceased, Dr. William Moir of Scotstoun, procreat 
betwixt him and Margaret Skein, his spouse, in the lawful bonds of 
matrimony; and that the said deceased Dr. William Moir of Scots- 
toun, principal and professor of mathematics in the Marischall 
College of Aberdeen, procreat betwixt him and Jean Gordon, his 
lawful spouse, daughter of the deceased Gilbert Gordon of Gordons- 
mill, of the family of Clunie; and that the deceased William Moir of 
Scotstoun, procreat betwixt him and Janet Rae, his lawful spouse. 

All which they deponed to be of veritie, by virtue of their great 
oath sworn; Whereupon the said baillie ordained ane testimonial to 
be extended, in ample and due form. 


(Some notes furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE of Aberdeen) 

1798. Paid MR. MOIR of Scotstown, laid out in repairing the road 
from Seaton gate to the Bridge of Don — £15:0:0. 

1808. Paid MR. MOIR of Scotstown, expended by him in repairing 
the approaches to the Bridge — £15:0:0. 

The above notes relating to the MOIRS of SCOTSTOWN are 
extracted from air. William Paul's "Notes on the Early History of 
the Brig of Balgownie" [Aberdeen, 1876]. They refer to the accounts 
of the Bridge of Don fund. It is of this famous bridge, which has 
been built over six centuries, that Lord Byron writes in "Don Juan": 

Brig o' Balgownie I wicht is thy wa', 

Wi' a wife's ae son and a mare's ae foal, 

Doun Shalt thou fa'. 



"Observe below, where, with becoming pride, 
Fair Stoneywood stands by the river side, 
■^y/"hose owner still maintains our ancient laws. 
And stood, like Cato, in his country's cause — 
Would every Scot act such a part as he. 
How happy still might Caledonia be." 

(From "Don," by Forbes of Bnix, published 
in 1655, and reprinted with additions in 1742.) 

The Author of "A View of the Diocese of Aberdeen," gives it as 
his opinion that being a stoney place, and having a fir grove hard 
by, quhere the green burn falls into the Don, comes the name 



(From Article in the "ABERDEEN FREE PRESS," July 6, 1910) 

The MOIRS of STONEYWOOD flourished for a century only 
(1671-1784), but two of them figured conspicuously in the two great 
Scottish events of that period, the Jacobite risings of 1715 and 1745. 
The first of the family was Jolin Moir, second son of *Mr. WilUam 
Moir, who was Treasurer of Aberdeen in 1615. He became proprietor 
of the estate of Kermuck (or Ellon), on Kennedy of Kermuck being 
outlawed for fatally wounding Thomas Forbes of Waterton in a duel; 
but he sold it in 1688 to Sir John Forbes of Waterton. Three years 
later, he purchased from Eraser of Muchalls the estate of Stoneywood, 
embracing Waterton, Clinterty, and Greenburn. He married Jean 
Sandilands, eldest daughter of James Sandilands, town clerk of 
Aberdeen, and proprietor of the estate of Cotton. His eldest son, 
James, who succeeded to Stoneywood, sat in Parliament as member 
for .-berdeenshire for eighteen years (1689-1707), and was also one 
of the Commissioners appointed for settling the Union of the King- 
doms. The Union apparently did not prove to his liking, for he and 
his son James became ardent Jacobites, and actively supported the 
local rising in favour of the old Pretender. They were among the 
gentlemen who entered the town with the Earl Marischal, on Septem- 
ber 20, 1715. and "with drawn swords, rode to the Cross, where the 
Sheriff proclaimed the Chevalier." The elder Moir was also one of 

*See Mr. Burnett's article on "Ancestry of the Moirs of Scotstown and Bams." 

MoiR Geneai,ogy 107 

thA Jacobite Town Council elected on September 28. At his death, 
in 1739, he was succeeded by his son James, who married a daug'hter 
of V/illiam Erskine of Pittodrie. 

Their eldest son James (who became the fourth of Stoneywood) 
was the most prominent member of the family, having taken a very 
active p ,rt in the 1745 rebellion. When Lord Lewis Gordon, who had 
been appointed by Prince Charlie, Lord Lieutenant of the counties of 
Aberdeen and Banff, made his appearance in Aberdeen in the begin- 
ning of November, 1745, to assume the direction of affairs, he wab 
accompanied by James Moir of Stoneywood and William Sloir of 
Ijonmay, James Moir's half-brother; and it was "Stoneywood" who 
was commissioned to execute Lord Lewis Gordon's order on the town 
of Aberdeen and the gentlemen of the county to "furnish and rigg out 
a number of able-bodyed men sufficiently cloathed and arm -d, 
answerable and effeiring to the land tax." The anti-Hanoverian 
sentiment was by no means so strong in 174 5 as it was thirty years 
before, and there was difficulty in getting either the men or the 
money. "We have all got most unthankful business," Lord Lewis 
wrote to "Stoneywood," "and we have to deal with a sett of low- 
minded, grovelling wretches, who prefers their own interest to the 
good of their country, or the indispensable duty they owe to their 
lawful Prince." Moir, however, managed to raise a batallion, which 
was known by the name of "Stoneywood's Regiment," he himself 
commanding it and having the title of Colonel. It was largely 
recruited in Aberdeen, more than one of the prisoners captured on 
the collapse of the rising confessing that "he putt a white cockade 
in his hatt, and joyned James Moir of Stonnywood and other rebels 
when they entered the town and made a parade with them down the 

Moir's zeal for "the cause" was very marked, and it is said that 
he "stood high in the estimation of the Prince, and to the warm 
interest which the latter showed in his welfare at a subsequent period, 
he was considerably indebted." He fought at CuUoden. After that 
fatal conflict, we are told, Mr. Moir reached his house at Stoneywood, 
which had been some time occupied by a party of English troops. 
He narrowly escaped detection, and fleeing into the district of Buchan, 
he was concealed in the house of a crofter of the name of Bartlett, in 
the parish of Cruden, a retreat which had been prepared for him 
by the exertions of "a faithful retainer." He had several narrow 
hairbreadth escapes from detection and capture, and he had recourse 
to various disguises and expedients. The story of his adventures, 
indeed, is pretty much akin to the better known account of Lord 
Pitsligo's evasions of his pursuers. It was November, 1746, before 
his friends managed to get him out of the country, and he then 
embarked on board a small sloop on the Buchan coast, which was 
bound for Norway. He spent fifteen years in exile, partly in Gothen- 
burg and partly in Sweden, and eventually obtaining Royal permission, 
he returned to Stoneywood in 1762. His estate escaped confiscation, 
owing to' his having had the prudence to assign it to some of his 
family prior to "setting out for the wars." He died in 1784, aged 74. 
All his seven sons died before him, and he left only two daughters, 
the elder of whom married George Skene of Rubislaw. She is referred 
to in the recently-published volume of "Memories of Sir Walter 

108 MoiR Geneat.ogy 

Scott," by James Skene, as "The heiress of the Jacobite Moirs of 
Stoneywood, a woman of character and eccentricity, who shocked her 
contemporaries by such extravagances as making her annual Journey 
to Edinburgh on horseback, in a scarlet riding habit." 

The Moirs of Stoneywood cherished a valuable relic which came 
into their possession, namely, the Bible whicli Charles I. put into the 
hands of Bishop Juxon on the scaffold — described by Dr. John Brown, 
who had seen it, as "a quarto, printed in 1637, bound in blue velvet, 
and richly embroidered and embossed with gold and silver lace. 
There is the crown and the Prince of Wales's feathers, showing it had 
belonged to Charles II when Prince. He must have given it to his 
hapless father, as the C. P. is changed into C. R." A little history of 
some interest attaches to this relic, which passed to the Skenes of 
Rubislaw, the descendants of the Moirs of Stoneywood. Stoneywood 
itself was sold by Maria Moir, James Moir's second daughter, to James 
Forbes of Seaton, in 1789, and passed by succession to James Gordon 
Hay of Seaton (grandson of James Forbes, his daughter Elizabeth 
having married Lord James Hay). In May, 1877, a large portion of 
the estate was purchased by Messrs. Alexander Pirie and Sons from 
James Gordon Hay, and formed into a new and separate property 
known as the estate of Waterton. 




On receiving intelligence of the approach of MacLeod, with four 
hundred and fifty of his own men, and two hundred Monroes, and 
other volunteers commanded by Monroe of Culcairn, — Lord Lewis 
Gordon got seven hundred men under arms, chiefly Lowland men of 
Aberdeenshire, under Moir of Stonej'wood, and Farquarson of 
Monaltry, with a proportion of the Royal Scots regiment, and hastened 
against the enemy. 

It is remarkable, on the occasion of the action which immediately 
followed at Inverary, that those who appeared for the government 
were all Highlanders, in their proper garb; and that the greater part 
of those who fought for the Stewarts wore the Lowland dress, being 
the reverse of what was usually the case in the civil war. 

— Page 142, Vol. II, third series (Parker's Edition). 

On page 16 8 of the same history, we learn that "Moir of Stony- 
wood, who commanded for the Prince, was compelled to retreat to 
Fochabers, he being in charge of the City of Aberdeen, the Duke 
of Cumberland being his opponent at this time, having an over- 
whelming force." 

On page 185. "At the final line-up at Culloden field, Moir of 
Stonywood's batallion was assigned to the left wing of the second line, 
along with Sir Alexander Bannerman's batallion." 




At what date this building was erected, there are no records to 
authenticate. The Baron's Fraser, who held the property for two 
centuries, do not seem to have made this part of the country their 
residence, and it may be assumed, therefore, that its erection dates 
from a period subsequent to their occupancy of the estate. In 1671, 
five years after the erection of Newhills into a parish, Stoneywood 
passed from the Baron's Fraser and became the property of the 
family of Moir. They, in turn, held it for four generations, or in 
other words, for nearly 120 years. As all of the four lairds made 
this their home, it is likely that the mansion house was erected during 
the lifetime of the first laird, in proof of which it may be stated that 
the coat of arms which was built into the wall, and which is still 
preserved at Stoneywood works, was that of the Moirs. 

Only one wing of the old house still stands, and this forms part 
of the paper works of the Messrs. Pirie, who now own the estate, 
but its stout, ashlar walls show little signs of decay. 

Tradition still points to the room where "Steenie" is supposed to 
have slept, on the night of his return from Culloden. It is an under- 
ground oblong-shaped apartment, which had probably been the 
kitchen. Thus, this remnant of old Stoneywood stands in our midst 
as a memento of the romantic period of the '45, and serves to remind 
us how close was the connection of our own neighborhood with the 
stirring events then enacted. 




The following is an advertisement of the sale of Stoneywood 
Estate, 6th September, 1784, and it describes Stoneywood Mansion: 

"The mansion house of Stoneywood, with the offices, garden, 
pigeon house, and that part of the estate called the lower barony of 
Stoneywood, with the salmon fishing on the River Don, belonging to 
said estate. The present gross rents amount to £475 sterling. The 
mansion house, which is modern and sufficient to accommodate any 
family, stands on a beautiful situation, on the banks of the Don, 
within four miles of Aberdeen. The garden is enclosed with stone 
walls, and well stocked with fruit trees, and there is a complete set 
of farm houses, built in a most substantial manner, and covered with 
slated and tiled roofs. The lands hold of the Crown, and will entitle 
the purchaser to vote in electing a member for the County of 
Aberdeen; and the tiends were valued many years ago and exhausted." 




The following is an extract from "Acta Parliamentorum Gutielmi 
1701, vol. X, p. 233": 

"Act in favour of James Moir of Stoneywood for two yearly fairs 
at the Greenburn on the Lands of Stoneywood." 

"Our Soveraign Lord and Estates of Parliament, Considering 
that fairs and mercats in convenient places tend very much to the 
good, and to the advantage of the inhabitants thereof, and to his 
Majestie's other leidges, dwelling near thereto, and likewayes to 
increase trade and commerce in the nation. And it is fit for these 
ends, to authorize the publick fairs following at Greenburn, on the 
Lands of Stoneywood, Pertaining to James Moir of Stoneywood, and 
lying in the Shire of Aberdeen, — do therefor, by thir presents. 
Appoint the publick fairs underwritten, to be kept and holden yearly, 
in all time coming, at the said Greenburn, One upon the second 
Thursday of June, to be called "Hagg fair"; and another upon the 
last Thursday of July, to be called "Bathie fair," for all kinds of 
merchandice. And have given and granted, and hereby give and 
grant to the said James Moir and his heirs and successors forever, the 
right and privelege of keeping and holding the said two yearly fairs 
and the haill customes, profits, and casualties of the same, and all 



other advantages used and wont. With full power to exact, uplift, 
dispose upon, and enjoy the same, and to proclaim and ride the said 
fairs, and do all other things thereanent, as they think fit, which any 
having the privelege of keeping fairs, this Kingdom lawfully do or 
may do." 

"The Greenburn market having been for a long time discontinued, 
the Messrs. Pirie (present owners) a few years ago kindly enclosed 
the stance by a substantial wall, and laid it out for the use of the 
workpeople and tenants, as a park or recreation grounds." 

"That the five-shilling notes drawn by James More of Stoneywood 
on Robert Byres, at Edinburgh, continue to be paid by him, as 
formerly. Any who want twenty-shilling notes may apply to Alex- 
ander Macraw, at Robert Mitchell's, vintner, in Aberdeen." 

(Aberdeen Journal Advertisement, 1763.) 

Moir of Ivcckie 


(Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE of Aberdeen) 

ATT TIL.L.EFOUR — the twentie eight day of Jany., XVI, four 
score three years. It is appointed, contracted, finnaly ended, and 
aggreed between James Moar of Stonniewood, one the ane part, and 
Marie Scrougie, daughter to the deceist William, Bishop of Argyle, 
with assent of Master James Scougall, Commissar of Abd. And 
Katherin Scougall, her mother, her curators, and of Master Roberta 
MacKenzie of Killgiulloclruni, now husband to the said Katherin 
Scougall, one uther part in manner form and affect as after followes — 
that is to say the sd. James Moar shall God willing marie spous and 
take to his lawful wife the sd Marie Scrougie. Lykeas she shall accept 
and take to her lawfull husband the sd James Moar and they both 
solemnize the honorable bond of m.atrimonie with uthers, in face of 
holie kirk, be the words of the present tyme, betwixt the date heirof 

and the — day of next to come. And thareafter shall love and 

cherish, treat and entertain uthers as becometh Christian married 
persons of their estate and rank during the said marriage. In con- 
templatione of which marriage, the sd Marie Scrougie with consent of 
her fds, curators, sells and disposes to the sd James Moar, her appar- 
ent husband, his airs and assignes, all and sundrie Lands, heritages, 
fishings, tenements and rents, and other heritable estate and fortune 
whatsomever, either properlie pertaining and belonging to herselfe 
or whereunto she has or may have right as anyways representing her 
sd deceist father. And makes and constitutes the said James Moar 
her appearant husband, his airs and assignes, her very lawfull 
cessienors, assignes and donators, in and to all whatsomever goods, 
gear, debt, soumes of money and other moveable estate and fortune 
whatsomever pertaining and resting awand to her, either properlie 
for herselfe, or whereunto she may succeed, and have right be deceiss 
of her sd. father. In any manner of way, and in and to all contracts, 
dispositions, heritable or moveable bands, charters, infeftments, 
leasings, precepts of clareconstat, services terbotts, assignations, 
translations and all other wreitts, evidentes and securities, either made 
or conceaved, in the sd Marie, or in favour of her sd. deceist father, 
of and concerning the forsd heritable and moveable estate and fortune, 
with all that has followed or may follow thereupon. With power to 
the sd. James Moar and his forsds, to the empelment and fullfilling 
to tohein of the fds, writts, rights, evidents and securities, and to doe 
all things necessar, anent the premises, which the said Marie Scrougie 
might have done herselfe, before the granting heirof. 

DECLARAND, the above written generall disposition and assigna- 
tion to be above (?) valid sufficient and effectual in Law, to the sd. 
Jamies Moar and his Forsds. as if every particular were geiven 
expresslie nominat, ingrost and set down. With the not inserting 
wherof the sd. Marie Scrougie with consent of her Fds, curators, be 
thir presents, dispenses for ever. And the sd. Marie Scrougie be thir 


presents binds and obleidges her airs excrs and successors with consent 
of her saids curators, to warrand the above written disposition and 
assignation good, valid and effectuall, from all facts and deeds done, 
or to be done to her, or her forsaids that may be hurtfull, or preju- 
dicial! hereunto, in any sort, excepting from the said warrandise, any 
debts and soumes of money, actualie uplifted be the said Marie 
Scrougie, or her tutors or curators, before the dait hereof, where or 
profitablie employed. Jae. Moire. 

PROVIDING allways, lykeas it is hierby provided and declared, 
that the said Katlierin Scougall, and her said present husband their 
consent to the above written disposition and assignatione shall noways 
prejudge them anent the fulfilling to them of the oblidgments 
contained in the contract matrimoniall part, betwixt the said deceist 
William, Bishop of Argylle, and the said Katlierin Scoiigall, his spous, 
whereunto the said umqhelle William, Bishop of Arg'ylle stood theirbv 
bound and obleigt to the said Katherin Scougall, his spouse, in any 
manner of way, nor to any other provisions, or destinations made, 
granted, and appointed be him in his lyfe tyme in favors of his said 

AND ONE THE OTHER PART the said James Moar of Stonnie- 

wood be thir presents binds and obleidges him, his airs and successors 

whatsomever to duly, lawfullie infeft and the said Marie 

Scrougie his appearant spous in Lyfe-rent dureing all her days of her 
Lyfe tyme. In all and haill, the towns and Lands of Mickell Clintertie, 
Mouters, Sequells and Gyashops, of the same with the houses, biggings, 
yards, tofts, crofts, outfitts, infitts, mosses, moors, middowes, comontie, 
common pasturage, parts, pendicles and pertinents, of the forsaids 
haill Lands, and Millne Lyand, within the Parrochin of Newhills, and 
Sherriffdome of Aberdeen. 

And that be severall and charters, Infestments and maner of 
Holdings, And theirof to beholden of the said James Moar and his 
forsaids, and the other from him and them of his immediate lawfull 
superior of the forsaids Lands, Milne, and others above written, both 
in free blemsh for yearly payment of Ane Pennie, Scots Money, upon 
the ground of the saids Lands of the same bees required allennorly or 
otherwise to — [Remainder wanting.] 

The southwest corner has signatures. [We have put within 
brackets the part amissing owing to the document having been cut 
with scissors at foot.] 


James Scougall, above-mentioned, was a son of Patrick Scougall, 
Bishop of Aberdeen. He was made a Guild Burgess of Aberdeen, 7th 
February, 1672. 

[The original document is in the possession of Robert Murdoch 
Lawrance, "Cairnchina," 23 Ashley Road, Aberdeen (who has sent for 
this book many valuable manuscripts), and which he has transcribed 
especially for insertion in the family history. It is in the old hand- 
writing, and the characters were difficult to transcribe.] 




By A. J. MITCHELL-GILL of Savock 

(In the latter half of the seventeenth century, before there were 
so many outlets, as the opening up of the Colonies, etc., half of the 
best farms in Aberdeenshire were in the hands of the sons and near 
connections of the gentry; and many of their descendants are still to 
be found occupying the same lands.) 

Major Opiina Ferat. 

(Let the worthiest carry off the prize.) 

Andrew Moir or 3iore, sometimes IJalrd of Overhill, the direct 
progenitor of the Moir-Byres family. Born in or about 1621, was a 
wealthy Burgess of Aberdeen (admitted 11 Sept., 1688), and resided 
for many years at Oldmill (the house which this worthy built, lived 
and died in, is still standing, and architecturally speaking, it is superior 
to many of ths Lairds' houses of that period), in the parish of Foveran, 
in that county, where he died, at the age of 73, the 14 Dec, 1694, and 
was interred in the parish churchyard. See inscription on his tomb- 

He was twice married, although I have been unable to ascertain; 
the name of his iirst wife. His descendants preserve the following 
tradition, viz., "that previous to his second marriage, he divided his 
property with the children of his first wife, in order that he might not 
do them injustice, by bequeathing too large a portion of his property 
at a future period to children that might be born of the proposed 
marriage. By his will (Aberdeen and Banff wills were nearly all 
burned before 1721), made 1670-80, he left his wife and four children 
of the second marriage 30,000 merks Scots — a large sum in those 
days." Andrew Moir, who, for a few years after 1681, appears in the 
Foveran Register of Baptisms, designed, "Of Overhill," — this had 
probably been the farm of that name, now on the property of 
Blairythan, in the parish of Foveran — married in 1670, 1672, for his 
second wife, Agnes Montgomerie, (b. 1650, died March, 1730). 

ANDREW MOIR of Overhill and Oldmill, and AGNES 
MONTGOMERIE had (Foveran Regs, of Baptisms) five sons 
and three daughters ; — 

1. Andrew; of him again. 

2. Gilbert, bap. 12 Feb., 1675. V^itnesses, Gilbert Moir in Haddo,. 

and Gilbert Moir in Pitmillan. W^as Muster-Master Depute 
in Scotland, and is so designed when admitted a Guild 
brother of Aberdeen, 28 June, 1716. 

3. George, the Rev. M. A., bap. 12 May, 1679. Witnesses, George 

Pirie in Savock (probably a brother of Alexander Pii*ie, who 
married Agnes Moir), and George Conon, in Newtyle. Wa& 

MoiR Geneai,ogy 115 

according to Scott's "Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae," licensed 
31 Oct., 1705; called to Towie, 21 Nov., 1708; ordained 
20 July, 1709; translated to Cluny, 3d Oct., 1717; and to 
Kintore, 9 Aug., 1727 (all in Aberdeenshire); and died there 
9 April, 1737. Mr. Moir was contracted 14 Dec, 1718, and 
married 13 Jan., 1719, to Joan Forbes, third daughter of 
Sir Wm. Forbes, IV, Baronet of Monyniusk, in Aberdeenshire, 
Tjy his wife, the Lady Jean Keith, daughter of John I., Earl 
of Ivlntore. Issue, two sons and two daughters, viz; 

1. William (born 1726, d. 19 March, 1794), the Rev. 

M. A., licensed by Presbytery of Ellon, 4 Oct., 1748, 
and presented that day to Fyvie, in Aberdeenshire; 
ordained 27 April following (Scott's "Fasti"); 
married 22 Oct., 1776, Helen Constable (who died at 
Aberdeen 26 Feb., 1817, aged 67, and had issue.) 

2. George, died young, unmarried. 

1. Agne.s, born 1723-9; married Alexander Rose, eldest 

son of Rose, Laird of Lethuity, Aberdeen- 
shire, and died in 1809 at the manse of Auchterless. 
Her daughter, Jane Rose, b. 1754, married 1790, the 
Rev. Alexander Rose, minister of Auchterless, also 
in the County of Aberdeen, and died in the town of 
that name. 22 Sept., 1820, leaving two daughters. 1. 
Agnes Rose, b. 1795, died unmarried in 1827; and 2. 
Jane Margaret Rose, b. 1796, m. 1823 the Rev. John 
Johnston of Forgandenny, in the County of Perth, 
and died 26 Sept., 1832, leaving two sons and two 
daughters, viz.: 1. John Robert Johnston, b. 1828, 
settled in New Zealand, married 1850, and died 1862, 
leaving two sons and four daughters. 2. Alexander 
Rose Johnston, b. 1832, married 1866, Pauluie A. 
M., daughter of Alexander Farquhar of Glenesk, 
Aberdeenshire. Issue, two sons and four daughters. 
1. Jane Taylor Johnston (eld. daughter of Rev. J. 
Johnston), b. 1825, m. 1881, Andirew Patterson Reid 
of Tighnamara, Rosemeath Co. Dumbarton. 2. 
Agnes Rose Johnston (2d dau.), b. 1830, m. 1860. 
Donald M. Macandrew, merchant, Leith, and now 
of Torquay. 

2. Jean Moir (second daughter of Rev. George Moir and 

Jean Forbes), b. 1730, m. 1751, James Jopp of Cot- 
ton (who died 1794), merchant in and sometimes 
provost of (Aberdeen) (from Michaelmas, 1768 to 
1770, again 1772 to 1774, from 1776 to 1778, from 
1780 to 1782, and in 1786). Issue, two daughters. 

1. Jean Jopp, b. 1755, m. 24 Jan., 1799, Gavin 
Young of Liondon, merchant, and died 18 36 
(no issue). 

2. Janet Jopp, married John Barnes, of East 

Flnehley, Middlesex, and of the Stock Ex- 
change, and died 15 Nov., 1848, leaving is- 
Samuel (son of Andrew Moir I. and Agnes Montgomerie) , Poveran 
bap. 21 June, 168 3; witnesses, Robert Montgomerie and Registers 

116 MoiR Genealogy 

Samuel Forbes (probably the same person who afterwards 
succeeded to the estate and became II Forbes, Baronet of 
5. James, bap. 17 Aug., 1689. Witnesses, James Widowson and 
James Sutherland. 

1. *Margaret, bap. Feb. 18, 1677. Witnesses, James Scott 

in Haddo, and Thos. Grig, Liiiihead. 

2. Marjory, .bap. April 18, 1681. Witnesses, Robert 

3Iontgomery in Groveshill, Thomas Grig at ye 
Liinhead, and Mr. Daniel Taylor, Session-Clerk at 
Foveran. Buried (at Foveran) 12 Aug., 1681. 

3. Isabel, bap. Apr. 3, 1686. Witnesses, George Webster 

and Gilbert Moir. 
Foveran Agnes Montgomerle, Tenant in Oldmill, is polled as a gentlewoman. 
Registers "Her proportione of the valuatione with the general poll is £l:9s. 

Andrew and Margaret Mores, her children." — Poll book of 

Aberdeenshire, vol. II, p. 52, 1695-6. 

Copy of Inscription on Andrew Moir's Tombstone, Foveran Churchyard: 

**Here lyes, under the hope of a blessed Resurrection, 
Andrew More, Burgess of Abd., who departed this 
life the 14 day of December, 1694, and of his age 73 
year — also Agnes Montgomery, spouse to Andrew Moir, 
who died March, 1730, aged 80 years — likewise And- 
rew Moir, their eldest son, who died May, 1733, 
aged 60 years — also Elizabeth Simpson, his Spouse, 
who died 20 Sep., 1761, aged 86 years. Likewise, Isobel 
Moir, his daughter, spouse to John Meders, Burger 
in Abdn., who died the .... day of May, 1777, aged 70. 

Represented by the family of Moir-Byres of Tonley, in the Parish of 



ANDREW MOIR, born in or about 1673; died, 2d May. 
1733. See tombstone inscription above. Settled at Cutler- 
cullen, in the parish of Foveran; and in 1728, has a renewal 
of the tack of Oldmill, from Sir Alexander Forbes, Bart., of 
Foveran. He married, 1699-1700, Elizabeth Simpson (b. 1675, 
d. 20 Sept., 1761), daughter of Robert Simpson of Thornton, 

Aberdeenshire; and had issue, four sons and four daughters, viz: 

1. Andrew Moir, his heir, b. 1703. 

2. Robert 3ioir, bap. 1st Nov., 1712. Witnesses, Robert Moir in 

*George Catto, tenant and gentleman in MonkshUl, Foveran, Margaret Moir, his wife, 
and Robert Catto, their son. She may have been the eldest daughter of Andrew Moir I.— 
See above. These Cattos were, I think, the progenitors of a respectable family of Aber- 
deen merchants, who were intermarried with the Dingwalls of Rannieston, London, etc. 

**It will be observed that the surname is first spelt More, and afterwards Moir, on the 
tombstone. 1662, 7th Feb., James Catto in Upperhill (overhill) of Foveran, brings an action 
against Andrew Moir of Oldmill, and Gilbert Clark, at the Kirk at Foveran. (Sheriff Court 
Records of Aberdeen.) 


Greyshill, etc., alive (according to family papers) and 
resident at Little Mill of Esslemont, parish of Ellon, in 1746. 

3. George Moir, 31. A., "Mr." "student in philosophy" (so de- 

signed in fannily papers), bap. by Mr. Alexander Gordon, 
minister, 12 Dec, 1714. Witnesses, Robert Moir in Grey- 
shill, and Geo. Pirie in Savock, alive 1744. 

4. Gilbeit Moir, bap. 2d May, 1719, an eminent merchant of 

Aberdeen, and burgess of that town, acquired the property, 
and built the still existing mansion house of Raeden, near 
Aberdeen; married in June, 1745, Helen Shepherd (who died 
8 Jan., 1791), daughter of George Shepherd, merchant- of Aberdeen, by his wife, Helen Thompson, of the 
family of "Thomson of Banchory.'* County Kincardine. Mr, 
More — so he and his descendants spelt their surname — died 
27 Nov., 1796, and is interred along with many of his family 
and descendants in the churchyard of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, 
where there are several tombstones of the family. Issue, 
with children died young and unmarried, two sons and two 
daughters, viz: 

1. George II. of Raeden, merchant-burgess of Aberdeen, 

and provost of that town, from Michaelmas, 1795, to 
1797, and again from Michaelmas, 1807 to 1809, 
married, first, Jane, (who died 24 Feb., 1794) eldest 
daughter of Alexander Innes of Breda, Co. Aberdeen, 
and of Cowie, Co. Kincardine, advocate in and 
commissary clerk of Aberdeen, and had with other 
issue, Gilbert More of the Hon. E. I. Co.'s Civil 
Service, who died at Singapore, unmarried, 25th 
Aug., 1830. Provost More married, secondly, Harriet 
Beauvais of Aberdeen, (who died 8 July, 1855, aged 
82) and by her he had, with other issue, George 
More, major in the Hon. H. E. I. Co.'s Service, 
married Jane Mitchell, daughter of James Mowat of 
of Aberdeen, manufacturer, and had issue, Cliarles 
More, chief engineer of the Thames Conservancy, 
and of 90 Sutherland Gardens, Maida Vale, London, 
W. Provost More had by both his wives, fourteen 

2. Alexander, b. circa 17 56; sometime merchant and 

Dean of Guild, of Aberdeen. Afterwards collector 
of customs at the port of that town; married 
Margaret (who died Jan., 1815, aged 42), fourth 
daughter of Alexander Innes of Breda and Cowie, 
and had issue. Mr. More died 30 April, 1836. 

1. EUzabetli, b, circa 1749, married Bailie Charles 

Farquharson of Aberdeen (who was in Dec, 1809, 
accidentally killed by an explosion of gunpowder), 
and died April, 1831. 

2. Catherine, married in July, 1792, James Tliompson, 

advocate in Aberdeen, and cashier of the Aberdeen 
Banking Company, known by the soubriquet of "the 
Black Prince," and died in Aberdeen, in July, 1800, 
leaving issue: 

118 MoiR Genealogy 

ReS^ JEAN MOIR (eldest daughter of Andrew Moir II. and 

Elizabeth Simpson of Thorntou), bap. at Foveran, 14 Mar., 
1701. Witnesses Mr. George Moir (the child's uncle, afterwards 
minister of Towie), and William Armand, servitor to ye said 
Andrew Moir. Married (contract dated Aug. 14), 2d Sept., 
1751, William Mitchell*, of Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, mer- 
chant, son of William Mitchell, of Newburg, merchant. 

Jean Moir — Mrs. Mitchell — was interred in the church- 
yard at Foveran, 25 Jan., 1792 (burial register of the parish); 
issue, three sons and two daughters. 

1. William Mitchell, bap. 13 Sept., 1736, m. 1st, 1759, 

Elizabeth, dau. of John Middleton; she died without 
issue. He m. 2d, 1761-2, May, dau. of William Fordyce. 

He died May 10, 1816; had issue: — 

1. William Mitchell. 

2. Walter Mitchell. 

1. Mary ]\litchell. 

2. Elizabeth Mitchell, m. William Mitchell. 

3. Margaret Mitchell. 

4. Helen IMltchell, b. 1778, died young. 

5. Elliot Mitchell, b. Aug. 12, 1782. 

2. Andrew Mitchell, b. 1737, d. May 13, 1799; m. Margaret 

Cattenach, and had issue: — 

1. William Mitchell, killed by a fall from his horse. 

2. Andrew IMitchell. 

3. Alexander Mitchell, b. 1769. 

4. John Mitchell, b. Dec. 20, 1771, died young. 

5. GUbert MltcheU, b. 1774, d. 1844. 

1. Jean ^Mitchell, m. 1783, John Ligertwood. 

2. 3Iargaret Mitchell, m. 1798, Alexander Mitchell. 


GILL, and from this union, four sons and one daughter, two of 

whom are DAVID GILL, LL. D., F. R. A. S., F. R. S., J. P., 

etc., ASTRONOMER ROYAL at the Cape of Good Hope, and 

ANDREW JOHN MITCHELL GILL, the genealogist, and 

author of the "HOUSES OF MOIR AND BYRES," a great 

deal of which is entered in this book with the author's kind 


2. Agnes Moir (second dauerhter of Andrew Moir, II, and 
Elizabeth Simpson of Thornton) bap. 5 Feb., 1705; witnesses, 

*This family of Mitchell have been connected with the district for at least 300 years, 
and are of the same stock as the Mitchells of Tillygreig, in the parish of Udney (whose arms 
are sable, a fesse, wavy, between three mascles, or), afterwards of Thainstone in Kintore, 
and as Mitchell of Colpna, now called Orrock, in Belhelvie, and were long connected with 
trading in grain and merchandise, at the small shipping port of Newburgh. 

MoiK Genealogy 119 

Robert Pittendreiftli, yoimser, and George Duff, in Oldmill; 

married, (contract dated 16 Nov.) Dec. 10, 1732. George 
Gray, merchant of Boghouse, parish of Tarves, son of George 
Gray in Iladdo, Foveran. 

3. Isobel Moir, (third daughter of Andrew Moir IT,) bap. 

21 April, 1707; witnesses, Robert Simpson of Thorntoune, 
the child's grandfather, and George Duff in Oldmill; married 
John Meders, burgess of Aberdeen; and died in 177 7. 

4. ELIZABETH MOIR, (fourth dau. of Andrew Moir II,) ba.i. 
6 Aug., 1709; witnesses, Mr. George »Ioir, minister of Towie, the child's 
uncle, and Robert Simpson of Thornton: m. (contract dated 26 May, 
17 44) * James Gray, sometime of Overhill, and afterwards in Mains 
of Foveran, another son of George Gray in Haddo, issue, at least one 
son and one daughter. 

1. George Gray, bap. 20 April, 17 4 5. 

1. Elizabeth Gray, m. James Milne of Rosehearty, merchant** 
and had a son George Milne, b. 1777; m. 1821, Margaret, 
dau. of William Milne of the same place, (she died 1855) 
and had with other issue George Milne of Westwood, banker 
in Aberdeen, b. 1826, m. 1862, Williamina, third dau. of the 
late John Panton, in Itnockiemill, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, 
and has issue. 


ANDREW MOIR, the REV. M. A., (eldest son of II, Andrew Moir, of 
Oldmill and EUzabeth Simpson of Thornton) bap. in the kirk of 
Foveran, 13 Aug., 17 03. Witnesses, Andrew Moir, in Old Aber- 
deen, and Andrew Jaffrey, in Cultereullen. Was according to 
Scott's "Fasti," licensed 9 August, 1727; ordained and placed at 
Towie, 11 Sept., 1728; translated to Methlick, 31 May, 1739; and 
from there to Ellon, all in Aberdeenshire, 24 April, 1745; of 
which place he died minister, 19 March, 1774; and was interred 
with his wife and several members of his family in the church- 
yard there. On outside of the church of Ellon, there is a tablet 
to his memory Mr. Moir married 7 Sept., 1737, Jean, (who died 
in Oct., 1789, aged 74) daughter of the Rev. WiUiam Forbes of 
Tarves (a younger son of Sir John Forbes of Waterton, Knight, 
by his wife, Jean Gordon, sister of George I, earl of Aberdeen) 
by Janet, his wife, daughter of Prof. James Gregory, inventor of 
the reflecting telescope. Issue, three sons and three daughters, 
viz: — • 

1. George, the Rev., his heir (of whom again). 

2. William, b. 2 Nov., 17 50, who died in London, unmarried. 

3. Andrew, born 28 April, 1753. 

Of the daughters, Janet, (the second) born 10 Oct., 
1743, died unmarried, and Jane, (the third) b. 8 Nov., 
1745, also died unmarrieJ, 16 Sept., 1816. 

*James Gray, in Overiiill, had also by his wife, Elizabeth Moir, a son; George Gray, in 
Meikle Haddo (the child's grandfather) and William Mitchell, in Bridgefoot ahe child's 
uncle), witnesses.— [Foveran Registers]. 

**0f five sons and two daughters of James Milne and Elizabeth Gray, all died unmarried 
or without leaving issue, excepting the third son, George Milne, b. 1777. 


ELIZABETH MOIR, (eldest daughter of the Rev. Andrew Moir and 
Jane Forbes) born 6 Nov., 17 39, married Robert Gordon, some- 
time designed of Grange and Clerkhill, both in Aberdeenshire. 
Baron Baillie of Peterhead, and advocate in Aberdeen (admitted 
in June, 1784). The register of Peterhead gives the following 

1. James Garden. ) 

2. Alexander. ) 

Twins, born 4th March, and bap. 6th, 1770. Witnesses, the 
Rev. George Moii', (uncle of the children) and Capt. Harry 
Gilchrist, in Fraserburgh. 

3. Frances Garden, bap. 2 3d June, 1771. Witnesses, Rev. George 

Moir and Alexander Reid, in Blackhouse. 

4. Robert Garden, bap. June 5, 1763. Witnesses, James Arbutli- 

not and Charles Smith, merchants, there. 

5. Andrew Garden, bap. 13th Dec, 1765. Witnesses, Capt. John 

Thomson, shipmaster, and Dr. Thomas Gordon of Clerkhill. 

1. Janet Garden, b. 28th and bap. Nov. 30th, 1767. Witnesses,. 

Rev. George Moir and Dr. Thomas Gordon of Clerkhill. 
Married Major Robertson and had four daughters: 

1. Elizabeth Robertson, m. Dr. George Fyfe. 

2. Jessie Robertson, m. Captain Frances Erskine Loch, 

R. X., fourth son of George Loch of Drylaw, in the 
county of Edinburgh, and has issue. 

3. Catherine Robertson, m. Adam Gibb Ellis, of Edin- 

burgh, W. S. (no issue). 

4. Rachel Robertson, ni. George Brodie, advocate 

in Edinburgh, and Historiographer-General for 

2. Mary Garden, bap. 27 Dec, 1768. Witnesses, Rev. George 

Moir and George Gordon of Sheelagreen (relative of Mrs. 
George Moir's) . 

3. Jean Garden, bap. 17 Aug., 1764. Witnesses, George Gordon 

of Sheelagi'een, and Dr. Thomas Gordon of ClerkhUl. 

Of the sons of Elizabeth Moir and Robert Garden, one was a 
colonel in the army, and died unmarried. Another son, George 
Garden, (not in above list) settled as a merchant in Montreal, married 
his relative, Euphemia, daughter of William Forbes of Echt, Aberdeen- 
shire, and had at least two sons, viz: Robert Garden of London 
married, (no issue) and WUllam Garden, also of London, and has 

Of the other daughters of Elizabeth Moir and Robert Garden, one 
became Mrs. Garland of Catmton, near Fordoim, and had issue; 
another, wife of Lieut, Forsyth, R. N., of Harthill, Aberdeenshire, and 
had issue; another married Andrew Nichol of Aberdeen, of the same 
family as Nichol of Ballogie, in Aberdeenshire, and had issue; and 
another became Mrs. Greig, and had issue; her husband was a farmer 
in Forfarshire. 

The Rev. GEORGE MOIR, M. A., (see illustration) born at Ellon,. 
5 April, 1741, took his degree of M. D. at Marischal College, Aberdeen; 
diploma dated 1765, was according to Scott's "Fasti," licensed 26 April, 


From a Painting in Possession of the Skenes of Rubislaw 

Previous to 1840 






MoiR Genbalogy 121 

presented by George III, 6th May, 1765, to Peterhead, and ordained 
11 Aug., following. Of this much-respected gentleman, who was for 
the long period of fifty-five years minister of Peterhead, it is told that 
he had at the same place, at different times, "three churches, three 
manses, and thrice an augmentation of his living." Dr. Moir had a 
sexton, who lived in the Kirkton of Peterhead, named Mutch, and he 
was fond of saying "that there was Mutch in the Kirkton, but Moir 
(often pronounced More) in the Manse." He wrote "The Statistical 
Account of the Parish of Peterhead," which is very valuable. 

*Dr. Moir, who died 18 Mar., 1818, and is interred at Peterhead, 
married 7 August, 1766, Martha, third dau. of Patrick Byres I, of 
Tonley; and commenced the connection between the Moirs and Byres, 
which has resulted in their being merged into one family. 

Mrs. Moir died in Nov., 1816, aged 77, and was buried beside her 
husband. Issue, eight sons and two daughters, viz: — 

1. Andrew, bap. June 12, 1767. Witnesses, Robert Gardon, Register of 

baillie, (the child's uncle by marriage) and Dr. Tlioinas Peterhead 

Gordon of Clerkhill; an oflficer in the army; died in India, 

2. Patrick or Peter, (so called in Register) bap. July 5, 1769. 

Witnesses, Peter Buyers of Tonley, and George Gordon of 
Sheelagreen. Was secretary to Lord Minto, Gov.-Gen. of 
India, whom he accompanied to Bengal in 1807, and was 
appointed Commissioner of the Court of Requests at Calcutta 
in the same year; a trust which he discharged with integrity, 
assiduity and ability, to the time of his decease, which 
occurred there, 5 Feb., 1810. For inscription on his tomb- 
stone, erected by his friend and patron, Lord Minto, see 
article on another page. 

3. James, bap. 14 Nov., 1770. Witnesses, George Gorden, 

Sheelagreen, and Baillie Robert Garden of Clerkhill. Of 
him again. 

4. Robert, bap. 24 Mar., 1772; witnesses, Mr. David Wilson, 

surgeon, and George Gordon of Sheelagreen. Died 

5. John, born in or about 1775, well known in the north-east of 

Scotland as an artist, and in not a few of the country houses 
there are his portraits to be seen. He acquired the small . 
property of St. Catherine's, near Peterhead, where he often 
resided, and died 28 Feb., 1859, and was interred beside his 
parents in Peterhead Churchyard. Mr. Moir married in 
1800, his cousin-german, Catherine, eldest daughter of, and 
co-heir of Captain John Byres, R. E., issue, four sons and 
three daughters, viz: — 

1. George, born at Ambleside, Westmoreland, where he 

died an infant. 

2. Patrick Moir-Byers, IV, of Tonley. 

♦Copy of letter. Earl Marischal to Mr. Moir, Minister of Peterhead, dated from Keith-hall 
lOOct., 1763: — 

" Sir : — I have heard from all who know you, so good a character of you, that I am 
glad the good town of Peterhead has you for minister, and I daresay you will be recipro- 
cally pleased; be assured of the esteem with which I am, Sir, your most humble servant, 


122 MOIR Genbalogy 

3. James Gregory Moir-Byers V. of Tonley. 

4. George Moir-Byres VI, and now of Tonley (1885). 

1. Isabella, died unmarried. 

2. Catherine, married first John Foster Fraser, issue two 

sons, viz: John Fraser and George Patrick Fraser; 
and secondly, William Flndlay. 

3. Stuart, married 3d April, 1849, James Balvaird- 

Bathgate Junior, and has one son, George Moir 
Junior, born 2d Jan., 1850. 

6. William, sometime a writer in Edinburgh, went to Trinidad, 
and died there unmarried 31 Aug., 1802. 

7. Forbes, died young. 

8. Andrew, of Quebec, merchant, died there unmarried in 1832. 


1. JANET MOIR (eldest daughter of the Rev. George Moir and 

Martha Byres) married first, Christopher IVorton, (son of 
Christopher Norton of Penkridge, etc) of Penkridge and 
Congrave, in the County of Stafford, to whom she had one 
son and two daughters, viz: — 

1. James Christopher Norton, a Lieut, in the Hon. E. I. 
Company, died in India, unmarried. 

1. Liouise Liatifer Norton, who became the first wife of 

Alexander Copland, advocate, Aberdeen, son of 
Professor Patrick Copland of the same place, and 
had issue. 

2. Martha Norton, died unmarried. 

Janet Motr married secondly, Captain John Davidson of Gotten- 
burgh, to whom she had two sons, viz: — 

1, George Moir Davidson, minister of Watten, in Caithness, 

married Isabella, dau. of Rev. John Grant of Sandy, in the 
Island of Orkney. Issue, six sons and two daughters. 

1. George WUliam Davidson, born 1836, Professor of 

Anatomy in the Veterinary College, Edinburgh, died 

2. John Kerr Davidson, Doctor of Blackbnm, Lancashire. 

married Mary, daughter of Captain Woodruife, R. N., 
and had issue. 

3. Patrick Moir Davidson, Dr. of Congleton, b. 3d Feb., 

1844, m. first, Anna Phipps, dau. of WlUiam BoUean 
of Dublin, merchant, and secondly, Emily Stainforth. 

4. James Andrew Davidson. 

5. Robert Davidson. 

Both deceased. 

6. Da\id Charles Davidson, surgeon, Indian Army, 

married Edith F. Meynell, second dau. of Major 
General Clarke, formerly Commissioner of Oudh. 

1. Jessie Moir Davidson, died 1844. 

2. Isabella Davidson. 

2. Patrick Moir Davidson, some time an offlcer East Indian Mer- 

cantile Service, married Sophia, daughter of Capt. Charles 

2. JANE MOIR (second daughter of Rev. George Moir) became 

first wife of the Rev. William Donald of Peterhead (no 

MoiR Genealogy 123 

JAMES MOIR, M. D., (third son of the Rev. George Moir and 
Kartha Byers of Tonley) bap. at Peterhead 14 Nov., 1770, was some- 
time of Johnston, Rubislaw, near Aberdeen, and afterwards of 
Braehead, near Old Aberdeen. Dr. Moir, who was one of the leading 
physicians of his day in Aberdeen, died there in Nov., 1861, and was 
Interred in St Nicholas Churchyard, in the vault of his maternal 
ancestors, the Donaldsons of Auchmull. (Inscription on tombstone — 
"Under this stone, in the place of sepulture appropriated during 200 
years for her maternal ancestors of the name of Donaldson, the last 
of Auchmull, are deposited the remains of Janet, wife of Dr. Moir, 
Physician in Aberdeen, who died in the 17th June, 1818, aged 37. Also 
of their son James, who died in April, 1826, aged 9 years; and of 
the above Dr. Moir, who departed this life 4th Nov., 1861, aged 91, 
etc.") He married in 1802, his cousin-german, Janet, (who died 1818, 
and was also interred in the Donaldson vault) youngest daughter and 
co-heir of Capt. John Byres, R. E.; by his wife, Isabel Donaldson of 

1. James, died young, b. 1817, died 1826. 

2. Patrick, his heir. 

1. Janet, (Jessie) of Bon Accord St., Aberdeen; died unmarried 



BORN 1770, DIED 1S61 
(From Aberdeen Journal, November, 1861) 

We observed the name of this old and respected citizen In our 
obituary of the bye-past week, and cannot let it pass without some 
slight notice of the event. Dr. Moir was born at Peterhead, in 1770, 
being the son of a minister of the parish; and having received the 
early portion of his education there, and partly at the Academy of 
Maryculter, under the charge of Dr. Glennie, he entered the classeg 
at Marischal College, and passed through the usual course of study 
at the University. Being destined for the medical profession, he 
became a pupil of the late Dr. George French, who was Professor of 
Chemistry; and while thus engaged, he, along with a few fellow- 
students, among whom was the late Sir James McGregor, for the sake 
of mutual improvement, met together, and instituted the Medico- 
Chirurgical Society, on the 15th December, 1789. He subsequently 
went to Edinburgh, and completed his medical education under the 
superintendence of his relative, Dr. James Gregory, Professor of 
Medicine in the University, and graduated there about the year 1792. 
He was soon after attached as surgeon to the Hopetoun Fencibles, and 
continued with this corps till it was disembodied, in 1798. After this. 
Dr. Moir settled permanently in Aberdeen as a medical practitioner. 
He was elected one of the medical officers of the Royal Infirmary, in 
1808, and resigned this appointment in 1814. He was also appointed 
surgeon to the Aberdeen Bridewell, after its erection; and besides 

124 MoiR Genealogy 

conducting an extensive private practice, he took an active interest in 
the management and prosperity of the various public charities and 
instiutions of the city. Though originally of a strong constitution, 
he began to feel the infirmities of age approaching, and after a long 
and laborious medical career, he finally retired from the practice of 
his profession, in 1843, and from this time lived in the quietness of 
private life at his cottage at Braehead, near Balgownie, enjoying the 
respect and affection of his friends and neighbors. He continued to 
possess remarkable good health, and was seldom confined to his bed, 
till within a few days of his death, which took place, without a struggle, 
on the 4th of Nov., 1861, thus wanting only six days to complete his 
ninety-first year. His funeral was conducted on Monday, the 11th day 
of November, from the hall of the Medico-Chururgical Society, in King 
Street, the remains being preceded by the president and members of 
the Society, walking in procession to the Churchyard of St. Nicholas, 
out of respect to his memory. Any lengthened eulogium on the 
deceased would be out of place. His habits were domestic and retiring, 
and he avoided public notice and display. As a practitioner, he was 
much esteemed for his accurate and extensive knowledge, and the 
kindness and consideration he showed in his intercourse with his 
brethren. The same qualities were no less felt in his intercourse with 
his patients; though sometimes he might startle by the abruptness of 
his manner, his wonted urbanity soon reconciled them to him, and they 
came to regard him with much confidence and affection. In fact, 
under a certain roughness of exterior, there lay concealed much 
tenderness and feeling, too often called forth during those scenes of 
affliction and distress which medical men are so frequently obliged to 
witness in the course of their professional duties. To the poor, he 
gave largely of his time and skill, without the least expectation of 
being remunerated. He was a sincere Christian, and kind and 
benevolent to all. 


PATRICK MOIR, present head of and representative of this 
branch of the Moir family. Born 1813. Assumed the additional 
Burname of Crane (the sons of Mr. Moir-Crane drop the surname of 
Crane) and is now of Crowcroft, Levenshulme, Lancashire. Married, 
1838, Maria, eldest daughter of John White, merchant, of Quebec. 
Issue seven sons and three daughters: — 

1. George, now of Stoneywood, Victoria Park, Manchester, b. 

23 April, 1839, m. 11 Aug., 1866, Sophia Matilda, eldest 
daughter of Andrew Hume Bulteel, of Her Majesty's Customs, 
Liverpool. Issue, five sons and two daughters, viz: 

1. Patrick, b. 10 Oct., 186 9. 

2. George Bulteel, b. 29 Sept., 1870. 

3. Edward Byres, b. 30 June, 187 3. 

4. Douglas, b. 31 Jan., 1875. 

5. James Sandilands, b. 28 July, 1881. 

1. Sophie. 

2. Mabel. 

2. James, born 1st July, 1842; merchant of Albany, U. S., 

married 20 Apr., 1870, Alice Catherine, daughter of Edward 
Andrews, M. D., of Titchfield Hants. Issue, (with a son 
Byres and two daughters, Alice-Maud and Mary-Helen, died 
young) two sons and two daughters. 

MoiR Genealogy 125 

1. James Douglas, b. 29 Aug., 1871. 

2. Gordon, b. 27 Oct., 1877. 

1. Alice Hilda. 

2. Dorothea. 

3. Douglas, M. D., of Manchester, born 15 June, 1844, m. 6 Dec, 

1876, Mary Florence, daughter of Edward Wood of Man- 
chester, merchant. Issue, two sons and one daughter, vi«: 

1. Edward, born 14 Jan., 1878. 

2. Douglas, b. 1st Sept., 1883. 
1. Marjory Douglas. 

4. John, born 27 July, 1848; m. 30 June, 1880, Esther Anne 

Mallaber, daughter of William Lowndes- Yates of Congleton, 
Cheshire. Issue, 2 sons: 

1. Howard Liowndes, b. 7 Aug., 1881. 

2. John Liowndes, b. 20 Dec, 1882. 

5. Patrick, b. 22 March, 1850, married 16 April, 1879, Anne, 

daughter of Charles Smith Ross and Euphemia Buchan 
Cruden, both of Aberdeenshire. 

6. Byres, M. B., of Leinster Square, Bayswater, London, b. 

5 April, 1853. 

7. Richard, born 27 Jan., 1855. . . 

1. Jessie Caroline, m. 23 June. 1870. John Hill of Manchester, 

merchant. Issue, four sons and two daughters, viz: — 

1. Harold James, b. 6 Sept., 1874. 

2. Claude John Gomes, b. 3 July, 1877. 

3. Cyril Patrick, b. 28 June, 1879. 

4. Francis Joseph, b. 15 Nov., 1880, d. July 20, 1881. 

1. Florence Maria White. 

2. Evelyn Rebecca, died young. 

2. Caroline, married 20 June, 1872, James Hutchinson of 

Liverpool, merchant, and had issue: — 

1. Robert Leonard, b. 4 Isov., 1876. 

2. Allan Moir, b. 20 March, 1878. 

1. Caroline Maria. 

2. Kathleen Gilmour. 

3. Margaret Constance. 

3. Maria. 



*The author received the following communication: — 
Dear Sir: 

I have your letter of enquiry regarding the origin of my middle 
name, "Moir.'* M^- name-father — there are no god-fathers In our 
Scottish Church — was a Mr. Moir, who ultimately succeeded the late 
General Bryes in the Estate of Tonley, in Aberdeenshire. He then 

♦This gentleman is the author of several historical and genealogrical Iwoks.— [A. L. M. 



See p. 121. 
Art. 5, John, 
etc., son of 
Rev. Geo. 
Idoir. M. A. 

took the name of Moir-Byres. . .The story is as follows: The father of 
this Moir-Byres was a portrait painter, who never attained any 
distinctive position in his art. He was engaged by the old General to 
paint a portrait of his only child, Miss Byres, with whom he eloped. 
They were married, of course, and had two children. The lady died 
in giving birth to the second son, George, who succeeded his brother 
In the Estate. I was born in 1842, and at that time, the first of these 
sons, who wa3 brought up in expectation of succeeding his grand- 
father, the General, was very hard up, and received much kindness 
from my fatlier. Personally, I have no recollection of seeing him, 
and he disappeared entirely from our ken. I adopted my full name 
in distinction to that of my father, who was also a W. M. Byrce. 

Yours truly, 

Edinburgh, 20th Nov., 1911. 



By A. J. MITCHELL-GILL of Savock 

1574. .,30th Novr., William Moir, in Auchloun, a farm now on the 
estate of Tillery. — ("Sheriff Court Records of Aberdeen, and 
Antiquities of the Shire of Aberdeen," Spalding Club.) 

1575. Octr., Agnes Moir in Meikle Haddo. (Ibid.) 

1596. May 29, John Moir of Newburgh. (Ibid.) 

1597. 21st April, Andrew Moir, Smyth, in Foveran against Helen 

Fraser, tried for witch-craft ("Miscellany of the Spalding 
Club," vol. 1, p. 108) in the list of "Nomina Assise" (court 
held at Aberdeen), (at p. 110 ibid.) the names of William 
Moir in Balgeirscho and Andrew Moir, Smyth, in Foveran. 
Reg. of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, 1613. 22d June, Arthur 
Udny — no doubt of the family of that illt — and Janett Moir, 
married at Fowerane. 

WILLIAM MOIR of Belhelvie has a son: — Reg^erof 

1. Alexander, bap. 4th Jany., 1659. Witnesses, Alexander Baptisms 
Lindsay of Many, and Alexander Lyon of Darahill. Foveran* 

Alexander Pirie in Auchnacant, in the parish of Foveran, after- 
wards in Meichle TIpperty, in the adjoining parish of Logie-Buchan, Poll Book 
md. Agnes, dau. of Andrew Moir I, of Oldmill. (Andrew Moir I of 226'aiid^L 
Oldmill had, I think, by his first wife — with James, died young — three 
sons and one daughter: 1. Alexander, in Newtyle. 2. Gilbert, In 

Haddo, md. 1st and 2dly, 1681, Janet Forbes of Blackhall, 3. 

Robert, of Overhill, 1, Agnes, md. Alexander Pirie, as above, and 
probably more children) by his first wife. (b. 1668, Mrs. Pirie died 
14th Feb., 1696, tombstone in Foveran Churchyard.) Alexander Pirie 
was clerk and collector of the poll tax for Logie-Buchan, 1695-96. 
Issue: — 

1. Andrew, bap. 30th June, 1686. Witnesses, Andrew Moir and 

Andrew Sutherland. 

2. Jean, bap. 27th April, 1688. Witnesses, Andrew Moir, child's 

grandfather and Robert Moir, probably child's uncle. 

3. Agnes. 

4. Barbara. (The four children all mentioned on tombstone 

had probably died young.) The George Pirie of Savock, 
who appears as witness of the bap. of the Rev. George Moir 
in 1679, etc., had been probably a brother of Alexander's, of 
Tipperty, and of James Pirie, who was settled at Irewells, in 
Udney parish, towards the end of the seventeenth century, 
who, by his first wife, Helen Mair, was father of William 
Pirie, b. in 1700 — the first of the name who settled at 
Orchardton, in that parish, a place his descendants resided 
at for nearly two centuries; who, by his wife, Flizabeth 
Lalng, had Patrick Pirie, who m. 1st March, 1778, Margaret, 
dau. of Alexander Smith, papermaker, Stoneywood; and 

128 MoiR Gbnbalogy 

thus began the Pirle's connection with paper trade, which 
their descendants, the Piries of Stoneywood and Waterton, 
have so ably conducted and extended. The younger son, 
James Plrie, succd. to Orcbardton, and was grandfather of 
the late James Pirie. 

ALEXANDER MOIR of Newtyle (perhaps another son of Andrew 
Moir I, by his first wife) had: — 

1. Cliristian, bap. 30 Jan., 1659. Witnesses, John Turing, in 

Overhills, and George Thomson in Pitmillan. 
1. Liilian, bap. 1st Nov., 16 63. W^ltnesses, George Conan there, 

and Andrew More of Oldniill in Foveran. 

3. Janet, buried 2 2d March, 1660. 

Foveran Besides Agnes Moir, b. 1668, Mrs. Pirie, Andrew Moir I, of Oldmill 

Burial had other children. A son, James Moir, was baptised 6 Oct., 1659. 

Registers Witnesses, Jas. Scot, in Meikle Haddo, and Alexander Houston, in 

Balgerseho, and buried at Foveran, July 5, 1660. 

GLLBERT MOIR, of PitmUlan, described as tenant and gentle- 
man, with his wife and two children. — Poll book, vol. II, pp. 150, 153. 

1. Andrew, baptised 2 Jan., 1672. Witnesses, Andrew Bloire, 

younger, and Andrew Milne. 

2. Robert, bap. 10 May, 1678. Witnesses, Robt. More, in Old 

Milne and Robt. Milne in PetmUlan. 

3. Barbara, bap. 1st June, 1680. Witnesses, Andrew More and 

Thomas Grig. 

4. Isobel, bap. 27 Aug., 168 3. Witnesses, Andrew Moir and 

George Watson. 

5. Alexander, baptised 21 Aug., 1686. Witnesses, Alexander 

Johnston and Alexander Pirie. 

6. Janet, bap. 18 Nov., 1687. Witnesses, Andrew Moir, Alexander 

GILBERT MOIR sometime of Haddo, Foveran (another son, 
I think, of Andrew Moir I, of Oldmill, by his first wife.) (A Gilbert 
Moir was M. P. for Banff in 1646-1647-1648.) 

Note — It was not uncommon about this period to have two members of a 
famUy baptized by the same Christian name, and in one instance, three 
of one family had all the same Christian names— information from 
Rev. Walter MacLeod of Edinburgh. 

Foveran *• Elizabeth, bap. July, 1675. Witnesses, James Scott and John 

Register of Blair, both there. 

Baptisms 2. Anna, baptised 5 Jan., 1678. Witnesses. James Scott, Mr. 

Alexander Johnstone. 
3. Alexander, bap. 15 July, 1680. Witnesses, *Alexr. Roae, 

son of **John Rose, and James Scott in Haddo, and Mr. 

Alex. Burnett, schoolmaster at Foveran. 

♦Alexander Rose, son of the minister of Foveran, may have been the ancestor of the 
Rose* of Lethinty.— Scotts "Fasti," etc. 

**1667. Minister of Foveran (D. D. 1684). died 1690, married a daughter of the family 
of Udny of that Uk. His father, the Rev. Alexander Rose, Laird of Insch, in the Garioch, 
descended of Kilravock, was minister of Mons^musk. Dr. John Rose, of Foveran, succeeded 
to the paternal property of Insch. His brother, Alexander Rose, was consecrated, 1686, 
Bishop of Moray, and in 1688, Bishop of Edinburgh, while his uncle, Arthur Rose, was 
Bishop of Argyll, 1675, of Glasgow, 1679, and who, in 1684, became Archbishop of St An- 
drew's, and Primate of Scotland. 

MoiR Genealogy 129 

Gilbert Moir marries secondly — contract dated 9th August, 1681 — 
Janet, daughter of the late Patrick Forbes, sometime of Blackhall, of 
the ancient family of Pitsligo. 

4. James, bap. 27 Sept., 1682. Witnesses, James Scot and James 


5. William. 6. Thomas. Twins, bap. 1st June, 1684. Witnesses, 

Will. Gordon and Win. Findlay; Thomas Forbes and Thomas 

Robert Moir of Overhill (probably a son of Andrew Moir I, by 
hla first wife) married. [He is described as tenant and gentleman 
there, with his wife, 1695-6. Poll book, vol. II, p. 151.] 

1. Agnes, bap. 16 May. 1685. Witnesses, Andrew Moir and 

George Webster. 

2. Isobel, bap. 12 Sept., 1687. Witnesses, Andrew Moir and 

Robert Temple. 

3. Andrew, bap. 16 Aug., 1690. Witnesses, Andrew More and 

Andrew Sutherland. 

4. John, bap. 25 March, 1693. Witnesses, John Udny, John 


5. Elspet, bap. 19 May, 1694. Witnesses, Alex. Pirie, Alexander 

The Poveran family of Moir seem to have had daughters married 
to people named Catto, Connon, Johnston, Fint([ay, Webster, etc., and 
over two and a half centuries ago, appear to have had a large 
connection in that district. 

GEORGE MOIR in Savock: 

1. Barbara, bap. 20 July, 1691. Witnesses, George Conan, Adam poveran 

*lill- Register of 

2. William, bap. 27 June, 1693. Baptisms. 

ALEXANDER MOIR in Overhill contracted 6th April and md. 1st. 
May, 1705, Janet Milne. 

1. John, bap. 15 Nov., 1705. 

2. Issobel, bap. 21 July, 1707. 

3. Elspet, bap. 15 May, 1709. 

4. Barbara, bap. 21 July, 1721. 

5. Agnes, bap. — , 1723. 

6. Jean, bap. 20 Dec, 1726. 

JAMES MOIR, in Newtyle, md. 1st Jan., 1704, Margaret Watson. 

1. Janet, bap. 16 Feb., 1707. Witnesses, Gilbert Moir in 

Pitmillan, and William Watson, in Minnes. (Probably the 
paternal and maternal grandfathers.) 

2. Susanna, bap. 17 April, 1709. Witnesses as before. 

Of this prolific race of the Foveran Moirs, none known to be of 
this stock are now in the district. There is still the name in the See article, 
parish Mr. George Moir, in Knockhall, whose progenitors came from "Moirs of 
Dyce, and the Moirs in Tarty, Logie-Buchan, who own part of the Tarty." else- 
estate of Auchleuchries, in the parish of Cruden, whose descent I am ^*»«''« "» *•»»• 


not acquainted with. 



By A. J. MITCHELL-GILL of Savock 

"Marte Suo Tutns'' (Safe by his own exertions) 

PATRICK BYRES, (2d son of Robert Byres of Dublin and Jean 

Sandilands) born at Dublin, 13 May, 1713, I of Tonley — of this family — 

became, through the extinction of the elder branch, representative of 

the Byres of Coates, in the County of Edinburgh, and as such, registers 

Family bis arms, 7 Feb., 1755. Mr. Byres m. 14 June, 1733, his relative, 

Bible. Janet, dau. of James Moir, M. P., of Stoneywood, on Donside, by his 

second wife, Jean, dau. of Alexander Abemethy of Mayen, on Deveron 

side — County Banft — (See family of Moir of Stoneywood); and 

Oct. 8, same year, settled at Tonley. Mrs. Byres (who was buried at 

Register Tough, in which parish Tonley is, Sept., 1787) was sister of Col. 

of Tough James Moir of Stoneywood — ^see that family — one of the most zealous 

of the Stuarts' adherents. Patrick Bjnres, known as the "Jacobite 

IJaird," was "out" in the "45," and engaged ardently in the cause of 

Charles Edward Stuart, and was a major in the regt. (known as 

Stoneywood's Regt.) raised by his brother-in-law, the above CoL 

James Moir. 

"After fighting at the battle of Culloden, he was concealed in the 
Castle of Cluny, near Tonley, by his friend Gordon of Cluny, until he 
got an opportunity of escaping to France. He entered into the regi- 
ment of Royal Scotch in France, commanded by Cameron of liochiel, 
and was exempted from the first pardon, and would have lost Tonley 
but through the interest of his friends, it was made to appear that the 
offending Jacobite was called Patrick and not Peter Byres, (as his 
name had bean entered in the list) therefore his estate was not liable 
to be confiscated, and he was eventually allowed to return to his 
Highland home in Scotland." 

PATRICK BYRES, (who was in June, 1741, admitted a Burgess 
of Guild of Aberdeen) had issue by his wife, Janet Moir, four sons 
and three daughters, viz: — 

1. James, bap. 7 May, 1734, his heir, II of Tonley. 

Family 2. Robert of Kincraigie, bap. 12 Dec, 1740, merchant of Memel, 

Bible. in Prussia, and London. He bought the estate of Kincraigie 

from the liCSlies,, 8 Dec, 1786, which adjoins Tonley. (But 

the title was taken in favor of James Byres II, of Tonley, 

his brother, as specified in a deed dated Nov., 1794.) And 

the old mansion of Kincraigie, with additions, is the present 

mansion-house of the property. "The auld hous," or part 

of it, is now the farm-house of Mains of Tonley; and a 

stone, evidently belonging to it, bears the date 1735. Robert 

Byres married his relative, (contract dated 12 Nov., 1770) 

Family Margaret, dau. of James Burnett, merchant of Aberdeen^ 

Papers descended of the Dalladies branch of the house of Leys. He 

possessed considerable property at St. Pierre, Martinique, 


MoiR Genealogy 131 

which he had gone to look after, and where he died, 
17 Nov., 1799. Issue, two sons and two daughters: — 

1. James. "Sept. 24, 1794, died, son of Robert Bjers, Registerof 

brother to the present Mr. James Byers of Tonley. ^^"®^°* 
The death of this young man was occasioned by an 
accidental discharge of a fowling-piece in the hands 
of his brother, Patrick Byres, while the two brothers 
were in the field, shooting crows." 

2. Patrick, of him again a^ ETI Byres of Tonley. 

1. Isabella, m. (as 2d wife) Lieiit.-Col. James Stewart, 

of the 42d Highlanders, youngest son of Charles 
Stewart of Shambellie, in the Stewartry of Kirk- 
ondright; no issue. 

2. Janet, died unmarried. 

3. "William, b. 29 Oct., 1742. "He always was a delightful child. 

He served in the Navy, was appointed one of the King's 
surveyors, and dyed in St. Vincent's, in 1764-5. He always 
behaved well." — See Reg. in family Bible. Tablet to his 
memory in Church of Tough. 

4. John, born 31 March, 1745. A captain Royal Engineers, Hon. 

East India Company's Service. He made a fine model of 
Gibraltar, which is now in the Museum of the Royal 
Engineers, at Chatham. Captain Byres married, (contract 
dated 1 Oct., 1744) Isobel, dau. of James Donaldson, M. D., 
of AuchmuU, by his wife, Katherine Gordon, of the family 
of Pitlurg, and died 17 Sept., 1788. Issue, two daughters 
and co-heiresses: — 

1. Katherine Byres, married, 1800, her cousin-german, 

John Moir of St. Catherine's, Peterhead, artist, and 
had issue. 

2. Janet Byres, married, 1802, her cousin-german, James 

Moir, M. D., elder brother of John Moir of St. 
Catherine's, and had issue. 

1. Jane, born 6 July, 1735, married John Dumo, J. P., of Cattie, 

now Whitehouse, in the parish of Tough, Aberdeenshire. 
Mr. Dumo, who was b. in 1741, was an advocate in Aberdeen. 
At his decease, which occurred in the Island of Jamaica, in 
Dec, 1816, he was the senior member of the Society of 
Advocates of Aberdeen, and also the oldest life manager of 
the Royal Infirmary there. A brother of his was Sir James 
Dumo, Knight of Artrochie, H. M. B. Consul at Memel, in 
Prussia, who died in 1807. Jane Byres or Durno died 
without surviving issue. 

2. Isabella, born 15 April, 1737, m. Robert Sandilands. He was 

a relative of his wife, a Sandilands of the Craibston, or 
Cotton families. This lady, who also died without issue, 
was killed by a fall from a pony carriage. 

3. Martha, born 6 July, 1739, m. in 1766 the Rer. Dr. George 

Moir of Peterhead, and had issue. 

In the diary of the Rev. John Bisset of Aberdeen, of which part 
Is printed in Vol I of the Miscellany of the Spalding Club, occurs, 
under date Feb. 3, 1746, the following paragraph: "Yesterday came 
In here from the South, liOnmay (William Moir), Tonley (Patrick 

132 MoiR Genealogy 

Byres I of Tonley), Robert Sandilands, Charles Moir, and one they 
call Captain Ferrier, and, I am told, four more gentlemen came at 
night, whose names or designations I have not yet got." 


"JAMES BYRES (eldest son of Patrick Byres I of Tonley and 
Janet Moir of Stoneywood) II. of Tonley, born 7 May, 17 34, and bap. 
by Mr. Patk. Laing; my IJord Forbes, godfather." Like his father, 
this laird was a devoted Jacobite, and was for some time an officer in 
liOrd Ogilvie's regiment, under the French king. Beius: mostly 
educated in France, Mr. Byres adopted the Roman Catholic faith. He 
was much devoted to the fine arts, and was for nearly forty years 
before 1790, antiquarian resident at Rome, and was author of 
"Hypogaei or Sepulchral Caverns of Tarquinia," the capital of ancient 
Etrurla. The engravings in this work, which are very fine, were 
executed by his nephew, IVir. Christopher Norton, w^ho lived for many 
years with his uncle at Rome. It has always been understood in the 
family that James Byres was a lay-cardinal at Rome, and a fine oil 
painting of him, in his cardinal robes, is at Tonley. There is also at 
least another good picture of him there, as well as one at Castle 
Fraser, the seat of the MacKenzie-Frasers, near Tonley. But the 
finest portrait of this gentleman, by Raeburn, is now in the possession 
of Mr. David Scott-Moncriefif of Edinburgh. The following extracts 
from "John Leech and Other Papers," by John Brown, M. D., the 
talented author of "Rab and His Friends," etc., are interesting. On 
Sir Henry Raeburn, p. 420, "Byres, Barry's antagonist, gave him an 
advice he ever after followed, and often spoke about: 'Never paint 
any object from memory if you can get it before your eyes.' " Again, 
speaking of Sir Henry Raeburn's pictures, then 1882, at Charlesfield, 
Mid-Calder, near Edinburgh, the residence of Sir Henry's grandson, 
L. W. Raeburn, at p. 432, Dr. Brown says: "Besides many others, over 
the fireplace is a life-size portrait of Mr. Byres of Tonley, whom we 
have mentioned as at Rome with Raeburn; this was painted longr 
after, and is of the first quality, done with the utmost breadth of 
felicity. The ruffles of his skirt are still of dazzling whiteness, as if 
bleached by the burn side." 

According to the "Scots Magazine," James Byres left Rome in 
1790, and died at Tonley, 3 Sept., 1817, in his 84th year. From Tough 
parish register: "1796, Feb. 3, James Byres of Tonley, and Robert 
Byres, Esq., residing there, were witnesses to the bap. of Patrick, 
son of the Rev. Alexander Urquhart." This Laird united the two 
properties of Tonley and Kincraigie, and entailed them on a series of 
heirs, besides doing much to beautify and improve these estates. 


PATRICK BYRES III, of TONLEY (eldest surviving son of 
Robert Byres of Memel, and Margaret Burnett) born circa 1778, and 
was a major-general In the Hon. E. I. Co.'s Service, succeeded to the 
family property on the death of his uncle, James Byres, in 1817; 
married, first, Jessie, dau. of Lieut. Col. Denny, and had an only son. 

1. James, a lieut. in the First Royals, accidentally drowned at 
Athlone, Ireland. 

The General married, secondly, in April, 1834, his cousin-german, 
Margaret, eldest dau. of Lieut. Col. Joseph Burnett of Cradgirth, 

MoiR Gkneai,ogy 133 

Ayrshire, without issue, and died 1 Feb., 1854, and was interred at 
Tough, where there is a tombstone erected to his memory. The 
succession then opened to the next heir of entail, Patrick Moir, eldest 
son of Katherine Byres, cousin-german of Gen. Byres, and her 
husband, John Moir, of St. Catherine's. 


PATRICK MOIR-BYRES IV, of TONLEY, (eldest son of 
Katherine Byres, and her husband, John Moir of St. Catherine's) 
b. 1802, succeeded, 1854, his cousin. General Byres, and assumed the 
additional surname and arms of "Byres of Tonley"; was a magistrate 
and Commisssoner of Supply for Aberdeenshire, died at Tonley, 
unmarried, in 1863, and was interred at Tough. He was succeeded 
by his next brother. 


1804; m. in May, 1858, Mary, dau. of Henry Prideaiix Hensleigh, 
surgeon, of London, by Mary Norrington, his wife, and relict of the 
Rev. Thomas Gordon Torry Anderson, (who was son of Patrick Torry, 
Bishop of St. Andrew's, Dunkeld and Dumblane, of Fawsyde, Kin- 
cardineshire, sometime incumbent of St. Paul's, Dundee (to whom 
she had one son, Alexander Penrose Torry Anderson, M- D.) Sir, 
Moir-Byres, who was a magistrate and Commissioner of Supply for 
the County, bought the property of Fairley, from the Thomsons, in 
the parish of Newhills, Aberdeenshire, and died in Aberdeen, 6 Nov., 
1881, and was interred at Tough, leaving an only daughter and heiress, 
viz: Patricia Byres Moir-Byres, of Fairley, m. 9 Dec, 1879, Capt. 
Harry Vesey Brooke, formerly of the 92d Gordon Highlanders, second 
son of the late Sir Arthur Brinsley Brookie, Bart., of Colebrooke, 
County Fermanagh, and the Hon. Henrietta Julia Auson. Issue, a 

1. James Anson Otho Brooke, b. 188.. This Laird was succeeded 
by his next brother. 


GEORGE MOIR-BYRES of TONLEY is a magistrate and Com- 
missioner of Supply for Aberdeenshire, born 1807; married, 1854, 
Alleyne, dau. of Thomas Houghton Fields, of Colby, Lincolnshire, and 
has issue, three daughters, viz: — 

1. Alleyne Catherine Elizabeth, m. Dec, 1881, Napier MacLeod 

Wylie, of Edinburgh. 

2. Stuart. 

3. Jean. 

Mr. Moir-BjTes died Dec. 30, 1909, and was succeeded by Patrick 
Moir-Byres VII, of Tonley, a retired major in the British Army, whom 
the author of this book visited in 1910, and was welcomed and 
accorded special privileges at the Moir-Byres homestead, at Tonley, 
Whitehouse, Aberdeenshire. 




1704, in September, I was m£.rried to Mrs. Jean Sandilands, 
daughter to Patrick Sandilands, Esq., of Cotton, and Nov. 4, we 
arrived at Dublin. 1705, Aug. 17, my wife was brought to bed of a 
daughter, who was the same day christened by the name of Margaret. 
1706, 25 October, my wife was brought to bed of a daughter, who 
was christened Nov. 15, by the name of Janett. 24 Dec, our eldest 
daughter, Margaret, dyed of chincough and teething, and was buried 
under the chancell at St. Mary's, Dublin. 1709, 27th (Jan.) (?) at 
night, (at 11) my wife was brought to bed of a son, who was christened 
by the name of James. February 5, died our daughter Janett, and 
was buried by her sister, in the Chancell at St. Mary's. She died of a 
fever. 1711, Monday, 24 September, my wife was brought to bed of 
a daughter, who was christened on the 12th of October, by the name 
of Jean. 1713, Wednesday, 13 May, my wife was brought to bed of 
a son, twixt 9 and 10 at night, who was christened Patrick, on the 1st 
of June. On the 19 of the same month, died our eldest son, James, 
and wag buried by his two sisters, under St. Mary's Chancell. 


1733, I was married to Janet Moir, daughter of James Moir, 
Esq., of Stoneywood, and October the 8th, we came to Tonley, N. B. 
We were married 14 June. 1734, May 7, my wife wa.s brought to bed 
of a son, who was christened by the name of James, by Mr. Patrick 
IJaing, my Lord Forbes, godfather. 1735, July 6, my wife was brought 
to bed of a daughter, same day was christened by name of Jane. 1737, 
April 15, my wife was brought to bed of a daurrhter, who, same day, 
was christened by the name of Isabella. 1739, July 6, my wife was 
brought to bed of a daughter, who was christened by the name of 
Martha. 1740, Friday, Dec. 12, my wife was brought to bed of a son. 
Eg was next day christened by the name of Robert. 1742, Oct. 29, 
my wife was brought to bed of a son. He was the next day christened 
by the name of William. He always was a delightful child. He 
served in the Navy, was appointed one of the King's surveyors, and 
died in St. Vincent's, in 1764-65. He always behaved well. 1745, 
Mar. 31, my wife was brought to bed of a son, who was christened 
by the rame of John. 

The author of tliis Genealogy personally saw and read th^e notes while on a visit 
there in 1910. They are in a good state of preservation, of a fair handwriting, and plainly 



By JOHN GEORGE BURNETT, Esq., of Powis House, Aberdeen 

Appended are some notes as to the early Moirs, which, in their 
conclusion, differ somewhat from the hitherto accepted view. 

Mr. Mitchell-Gill, in his history of the Moirs (p. 71) gives under From printed 
the head of Moir of Stoneywood— "iv. Mr. William Moir, M. A., copy in 
Burgess of Aberdeen, married Janet Rae, served heir to his father, f'^^^gi^'JgiQ 
1602, Treasurer of Aberdeen, 1615. 

1. Henrie, bap. 28th May, 1605. 

2. John, born 1610 (tombstone); of him again as Stoneywood's 
ancestor, next page. 

3. William, as Scotstown's progenitor — see p. 75," etc., etc. 
"v. John Moir I. of Stoneywood, (eldest son of Mr. William Moir, 

Burgess of Aberdeen, and Janet Rae), born 1610 (tombstone, St. 
Nicholas' Churchyard, Aberdeen.)" 

Again on p. 75 — "v. William Moir (whom I make third son of 
Mr. William Moir, Burgess of Aberdeen, and Janet Rae — see p. 71) 
I. of Scotstown, Professor of Marischal College, Aberdeen." 

What I would endeavour to prove is — 

(1) That the first proprietor of Scotstown was not Principal 
William Moir, but Treasurer William Moir, his father, who married 
Janet Rae. This is made clear by — (a) An extract from a birth- 
brieve quoted from "Spalding Club Miscellany," v. 362. "And that 
the said deceast Dr. William Moir was eldest lawf ull son to the deceast 
Mr. William Moir of Scotstoun, principall and professor of mathe- 
maticks in the CoUedge Marischall of Aberdein, procreat betwixt him 
and Jean Gordon his lawf ull spouss, daughter to the deceast Gilbert 
Gordon of Gordonsmill . . . ; and that the said deceast Mr. 
William Moir was lawful! son to the deceast Mr. William Moir of 
Scotstoun procreat betwixt him and Jannet Rae, his lawf ull spouss; 
. . ." (b) "Sa, to Mr. Wm. Moir burges of aberden be andro 
hervie of denstoun On the tua pt Lands of Scottistoun, dait 12 July 
1602, Notter Mr. Wm. Chalmer Pnt. Penes augti 1602. " [Minute 
Book, Aberdeenshire Sasines.] (c) June 17, 1620 George Pecok, 
Appothegar, burgess of Abd. v. Thomas Jamesone in Scottistoune, 
and hil mother and brother. Cautioner Mr. Wm. Moir, burgess 
of Abd. Peats in the Moss of Scotistoune had been arrested by Pecok, 
as proprietor of the third part of the lands, moss, etc. ["Sheriff Court 
Records," ii, 242.] (d) "Renun of the towne of scottistoune maid 
be george peacock. To Mr. Wm. Moir 7 Septr. 1620." [Minute Book, 
Aberdeenshire Sasines.] 

(2) That Principal William Moir was the eldest son of Mr. 
William Moir. (a) Precept of sasine 2 May, 1623. Mr. William 
Moir as "legitimus et propinquior heres masculus prefat. quondam 
Magistri Gulielmi sui patris" of the lands of Calsayseat. (b) In« 

136 MoiR GenkaIvOGy 

strument of sasine following thereupon of the same date, in which 
Mr. William Moir is described as burgend de Aberden filius primoe 
genitus legitime deseruitus quondam Magistri Gulielmi Moir burgend 
dicti burgu. (c) Instrument of resignation dated May 31, 1656, 
Mr. William Moir, in favour of his eldest son. Dr. William Moir, in 
which Mr. WUliam Moir is described as "principall of the new coUedge 
of aberdeen." ["Powis Papers."] 

(3) That Mr. John Moir was the second son of Treasurer William 
Moir, and was the ancestor not of the Stoneywood but of the Barnes 
Moirs — (a) [Burgess Register of Aberdeen.] "Sept. 22, 1615, 
Moir, John (pupil), second son of Mr. William (treasurer)." ["New 
Spalding Club Miscellany," i.] (b) Instrument of sasine, Mr. 

William Moir, Burgess of Aberdeen, to John Moir, of a tenement and 
garden near the Gallowgate, May 24, 1615. "propter paternu am- 
orem quern habet et gerit erga dilectu filiu suu legitimu secunde genitu 
Joanem Moir." [Aberdeen Sasine Register.] (c) June 1, 1604. 
"Sa to \Vm. Moir burges of abd. on the lands of Sonyside & spittle- 
hill as also on the croftis besyde ye Calsayseat dait 1 Junij. 1604. 
Notar Mr. Win. Chalmer, [Minute Book, Aberdeenshire. Sasines. ] 
(d) March 8, 1626. "Sa to mr Johne Moir burges of abd. & mariorie 
beans his spous on the landis of sonysyidS March 1628 James Dauid- 
sone." [Minute Book, Aberdeenshire Sasines.] N. B. "factum et 
cocessum per magrum gulielmu moir burgen eiusdem burgi fratrem 
germanu dicti magri Joannis prefato magro Joanni et mariorie beans 
sue et future spouse." [Aberdeenshire Sasine Register.] (e) Sept. 
25, 1628. "Sa to mr. Johne Moir, burges of abd. and Meriorie beanes 
his spouse On the toune and lands of Stonysyid. 25 Sept. 1628, mr. 
alex. Reid, not." [Minute Book, Aberdeenshire Sasines.] (f) 
Extract from the Aberdeen Burgess Register. Feb. 1, 1654. 
John Moir, eldest son to deceast, Mr. John Moir, burgess. ["New 
Spalding Club Miscellany," ii., 405.] (g) Extracts from register of 
births. John Moir and Mariorie Beanes, a son John, bapt. May 17 
1631 ws. Archibald Beanes. A daughter Christian bapt. Feb. 22, 1633. 
A daughter Mariorie bapt. Sept. 9, 1634. [Old Aberdeen Parish 
Register.] (h) Instrument of sasine following on Charter to Mar- 
jorie Moir and Thomas Mitchell, burgess of Aberdeen, her husband, 
of a half net's fishing in the Don. John Moire "LawfuU sone to the 
deceist master Johne moire burges of aberdene" procurator in name 
of bis sister Marjorie Moire. Dated Jan. 28. 1654. (i) Service of 
heirs, June 24, 1685. John Moir of Barnes burgess of Aberdeen 
heir of Mr. John Moir burgess of the said burgh his father, (j) 
Jan. 12, 1655. Sasine on matrimonial contract between Walter 
Cochrane late Baillie of Aberdeen for himself and "tackand bur- 
dene on him for marie Cochrane his second laull. daughter" and the 
said Mary for herself, and Johne Moir "eldest laull. sone to the 
said deceast master Johne moir burges of the said brugh with 
consent and assent of meriorie beans his mother" and the said 
Marjori for herself binding themselves infeft to John Moir and the 
heirs of him andMary Cochrane with certain lands and tenements in 


at Tonley House 
Whitehouse, Aberdeenshire 




MoiR Genealogy 137 

Aberdeen. [Aberdeen Sasine Register.] (k) Service of heirs, April 
11, 1674. 5709 Janeta, Marjoria, Issobella, Agneta, Jeanna, Mor- 
gareta, Christina et Maria Moires haeredes portionaria Joannis Moir 

de Barnes mercatoris burgensis de Aberdcin patris (xxxii.,298, "Inqu. 
Gen."] (1) Oct. 24, 1691. Matrimonial Contract between Master 
Alexander Fraser Regent King's College on the one part and Christian 
Moir, daughter and coheir of the deceast John Moir of Barnes with 
the consent of Mary Cochrane relict of the said John Moir, her 
Mother. ["Powis Papers."] (m) Extract from the poll book, 1696. 
"Mary Cochrane relict of John Moire of Barns whose poll, if in lyfe 
would have been £9 6s." ["Poll Book," ii, 623.] 

(4) That Mr. Henry Moir was the third son of Treasurer William 
Moir. (a) Extract from the Aberdeen Burgess Register, Sept. 23, 
1617. Moir, Henry, third son of Mr. William M., dean of guild. 
["New Spalding Club Miscellany,"j] (b) Jan. 4, 1651. Sasine 
of John Moir "fiilij Legitim natu maxirai quondam mri Joannis Moir 
burgen dicti burgi ac heredis propinquioris quondam mri henriceMoir 
fratris Imediati junioris dicti mri Joannis et sic patriu dicti Joannis 
on a tenement of land on the east side of theGallowgate. [Aberdeen 
Sasine Register.] 

To sum up — 

Mr. William Moir, son of William Moir, was admitted Burgess of 
Aberdeen in 1598. He was Dean of Guild of the city in 1606 and 
1616, and Treasurer in 1615, etc. He had sasine on two-thirds of 
Scotstown in 1602, on the remainder of Scotstown in 1620, on Calsay- 
seat in 1603, on Sunnyside and Spittal and crofts beside Calsayseat in 
1604, also on land on the east side of the Gallowgate in 1608. He mar- 
ried Janet Rae, and died in or before 1623, having had the following 
eons — 

1. Mr. William Moir. He graduated at Marischal College in 
1616, was Baillie of Aberdeen, Professor of Mathematics 1641-1661; 
and Principal of Marischal College 1C49-1661. He had sasine on 
Calsayseat in 1623, on land on the east side of the Gallowgate in 1623, 
on the lands of Spittal in 1628, and on the lands and milne of Gordons- 
Milne in 1633, and on the north lands of Kirktone of Hospitall in 
1652. He married Jean, daughter of Patrick Gordon of Gordonsmilne, 
and was succeeded by his eldest son, Dr. William Moir of Scottstown. 
Another son Partick, received sasine on the lands of Spiltall in 1672. 

2. Mr. John Moir. He graduated at Marischal College in 1617, 
was admitted burgess in 1615. He received sasine on land on the east 
of the Gallowgate in 1615, and on Sunnyside of Spittail in 1626. He 
married, 1626, Marjorie, daughter of Archibald Beanes, burgess of 
Aberdeen, and died before 1651, having had the following family: — 

(i.) John Moir of Barnes, bapt. May 17, 1631. 
(ii.) Xtain, bapt. Feb. 22, 1633. 

(iii.) Marjorie, bapt. Sept. 9, 1634, mar. to Thomas Mitchell, 
burgess of Aberdeen. 

3. Mr. Henry Moir. He was admitted burgess in 1617, was pos- 
sessed of land in the east side of the Gallowgate, and died before 
1651, s. p. 



By A. J. MITCHELL-GILL of Savock 
"Non sibi sedi cunctis." — (Not for self, but for all.) 
Skene's V. WILLIAM MOIR, (whom I make third son of 

Mr. William Moir, burgess of Aberdeen, and Janet Rae) 
I. of Scotstown, (the estate of Spittal seems also to have 
gone along with that of Scotstown in the Moir family.) 
tProfessor in Marischal College, Aberdeen. Married 
JEAN, dau. of GILBERT GORDON of Gordonsmill, 
and had a son. 

VI. DR. WILLIAM MOIR, II. of Scotstown, married 
at Dyce, 5 June, 1656, JMARGARET, (alive 1695-6), 
daughter of GILBERT SKENE of Dyce; and died 1670. 

Issue: — 

1. William, his heir, bap. 9 Sept. 1658. Ro. Forbes, baillie; 
Gilbert Skene of Dyce; Mr. William Moir, principal; 
Patrick Moir, late baillie; Alexander Skene of Dyce Yr., 
Mr. John Campbell, etc, godfathers. 

2. §Gilbert, 15 Feb., 1663, went to Poland, 1667. 

3. Patrick, 10 Aug., 1666. 

4. Alexander, 8 May, 1668. 

1. Jean, 11 June, 1857. Patrick Moir, baillie; and Gilbert 
Skene of Dyce, godfathers. 

2. Margaret, 15 Dec, 1659. 

3. Marjorie, 22 May, 1661. 

4. Jean, 25 Apr., 1670. 

5. Issobell, 24 Dec, 1671. 

6. Marie, 8 Oct., 1676. 

7. Elizabeth, 11 Apr., 1680. James Moir and Robert Patrick 
of Portlathan, godfathers. 

VII. DR. WILLIAM MOIR, III. of Scotstown, b. 
1658, m. JEAN, dau, of ALEXANDER ABERNETHY, 
I. of Mayen; she remarried as his second wife, JAMES 
MOIR, II. of Stoneywood. His son : — 

VIII. ALEXANDER MOIR, IV. of Scotstown, was 
served heir to his father, 26 Jan., 1695; married MARY 

*For Coat of Arms, see page 14. tSee Mr. Burnet's article, "The Ancestry of the 
Moirs of Scotstown and Barns. tShe is polled with her daughters, Jean and Elizabeth, 
Poll-book, Vol. 11, p. 627. §See article, "Lands of Cotton." 

MoiR Genbai,ogy 139 

1721, Aug. 19. "Alexander Moir of Scotstoune and Mary Chal- Retoursand 

I^ccistdTS of 
mers, his spouse, a daughter, Janet, baptised; James Moir Saint 

of Stoneywood and Dr. Patrick Chalmers, physician, wit- Nicholas 

1723, Mar. 4. Jean, bap., William Moir of Innernethy and 
James Moir, merchant, witnesses. 

1724, May 16, William, bap., William Moir, son of James Moir of 
Stoneywood, a witness. 

Their son (IX.) GEORGE MOIR, V. of Scotstown, 
married twice; by his first wife, he had: — 

1. Alexander, his heir. 

GEORGE MOIR, married secondly, MARGARET, daughter 
of GEORGE CUMINE of Pittulie, by his wife and cousin, 
Christian Guthrie of King-Edward. Issue. 

2. George Charles, b. 10 Oct., 1771, sometime merchant in Tombstones 

Babia, afterwards of Denmore, near Aberdeen, died 1851; st. Peter's 
having married Mary Agnew, only dau. of the late Sir Aberdeen'^^' 
William Bruce, IX., Baronet of Stenhouse. Issue, two 
daughters: — 

1. Mary Anne Moir, married the late Lieut. Col. 

Knight Erskine, of Pittodrie. Issue, the present 
(1885) Laird, and a daughter, Mrs. Flower. 

2. Margaret Isabella Moir, married Joseph E>undas, 

of Carron Hall and Fingask, Stirlingshire and 
has issue. 

3. William, b. 1789, of Park, on Deeside, m. Mary Elizabeth, 

(who died 1868) dau. of John Forbes of Blackford, by 
Margaret Gregory, and died, 1843, leaving five sons 
and five daughters, of whom 

1. George as VIII, of Scotstown. 

2. Mary Christina, m. 1795, Alexander Fraser, IV. 

of Fraserfleld or Balgownie, of the noble family 
of Saultoun and had issue. 
1. Isabella, m. John Urquhart of Craigston and 
had issue. 

X. ALEXANDER MOIR, VI. of Scotstown, b. 1764, 
for many years Sheriff-Substitute of Aberdeen, he was 
major-commandant, Roj'^al Aberdeen Volunteers, 1795- 

1796. (His portrait is given in Mr. Donald Sinclair's From note. 
"History of the Aberdeen Volunteer," published by the R.Murdoch 
Aberdeen Daily Journal office, in 1907.) d. 21 June, 1824, Abl^een.' ° 


having m. MARGARET, dau. of JAMES GORDON, 
of Leicheston, in Morayshire and had by her an only 
daughter: — 

XI. ISABELLA MOIR, VII. of Scotstown, b. May 
1799, m. 10 June, 1822, SIR MICHAEL BRUCE, VIIL, 

140 MoiR Genealogy 

Baronet of Stenhouse, and d. 19 Nov., 1867, (without 

XII. GEORGE MOIR, C. B., Co]. Bengal Horse 
Artillery, b. March 1820, VIII. of Scotstown, (eldest son 
of William Moir of Park, and Mary Elizabeth Forbes) 
succeeded to that property under the will of his cousin, 
the above Lady Bruce; married MISS BEAN, dau. of 
COL. BEAN, and died in India, 5 Feb., 1870, whose son, 

XIII. WILLIAM MOIR, IX. and now, (1885), of 
Scotstown, is a Lieut, in the 18th Hussars. 


By A. J. MITCHELL-GILL of Savock 
Deus Dedit. — (God gave.) 
This family was a cadet of Moir of Stonej^wood, 
and the estate, which is near Peterhead, reverted back 
to that family, on the extinction of the Invernettie line. 
*JAMES MOIR of Invernettie, matriculates arms 
in 1792. His wife probably was CATHERINE AR- 
BUTHNOT, as a James Moir of Invernettie marries a 
sister of John VI., Viscount Arbuthnct. 
SandHand's WILLIAM MOIR, (fourth son of John Moir of 
andskene's Stoncywood and Jean Sandilands,) a merchant in Aber- 

Manuscnpt , , , , 

deen, bought the estate of Invernettie. There is a 
charter to William Moir, dated 1708. merchant in Aber- 
deen of the lands of Invernettie. Mr. Moir was suc- 
ceeded in this estate by his nephew. 
Registers 1720, 21 Dec. "William Moir of Innernethie, a witness to the 
Nilhoras bapt. of William, son of Dr. Mathew McKaill, Physician, 

and Margt. Black, his spouse." 

*For Coat of Arms, see page 14. 



I. *WILLIAM MOIR, first of theMoirs of Lonmay, 
in Buchan (was eldest son of James Moir II. of Stoney- 
wood, by his second wife, Jean Abemethie.) He married 
a sister of General Fullerton of Dudwick. 

1. William, his heir, 

1. Isabella. 

2. Catherine. 

3. Jean, m. William Cumine of Pittuiie in Buchan, and by her 

had Capt. Adam Cumine, first of the Cumines of Rat- 
tray, near Peterhead. 

II. t WILLIAM MOIR of Lonmay, sold that prop- 
erty and bought New Grange, in Forfarshire. He m. 
WORTLEY, eldest dau. of JAMES STUART of Blair- 
hall, of the noble family of Bute. Issue: — 

1. William. 

2. James. 

1. Mary. 

2. Margaret. 

3. Anne. 

III. WILLIAM MOIR of New Grange, married. 
Issue: — 

1. William. 

2. George. 

3. Alexander. 

And five daughters, one of whom, Wortley Cornelia Anne 
Moir, was second wife of Sir James Gardincr-Baird V., Baronet. 

Captain Moir, lately (1837) tried and executed in London for 
having shot a person who was trespassing in his grounds, near London, 
was the representative of this family." 

*The estate of Whitehill, Midlothian, had come into the Stoneywood family ••hrough 
inheritance from the Scougala. The Laird seems to have given it to his son William, 
who in 1727 has a charter of it and is styled, William Moir of Whitehill. and by a 
second charter, dated 1732, this William seems to have disposed of Whitehill and 
purchased Lonmay." 

tDouglas's "Baronage," Skene's Manuscript. (Most of the particulars about this 
family taken from it.) 


"Virtute non aliter." — (By virtue, not otherwise.) 
Register of I. WILLIAM MOIR, Advocate in Edinburgh, mar- 
AbeSn^'' ried 21 May, 1666, ISOBEL. dau. of JOHN ALEX- 
ANDER, burgess of Aberdeen, and was admitted in 
Sept. 1670, jure paternitatis, burgess of Aberdeen. In 
1666, he bought the lands of Knaperna, in Udny Par- 
ish; in 1668, those of Fisherie, in King- Edward, 
probably from the Guthries of King- Edward; and in 
Lyon 1674, from the Donaldsons of Hilton, those of Hilton in 
Ellon Parish, all in Aberdeenshire. Between 1672-1678, 
he matriculates arms, and is designed "of Hilton" about 
1682, he sold Hilton to the Roses of Insch, who gave it 
the name of Rosehill. This family again sold it about 
1693, to the Turners, — a family whose progenitors were 
farmers in the Parish of Birse, Aberdeenshire, who gave 
it its present name of Tumerhall. William Moir, who 
was one of the principal clerks of Session, was M.P. for 
Kintore, 1667, Convention, 1669-74. 
Forster's 1672, 5th July, "He was by order of the Parliament, 

pSment? sent to prisou in the Tolbooth of Edinburgh, during the 
^'^^^ Lord Commissioner's pleasure, for some words uttered 

by him tending to the subversion of the constitution of 
Parhament. He was released on the 10th, having craved 
pardon of the Commissioner and the Parliament on his 
Issue: — 

Skene's 1. William, b. 1667. 

Manuscript 2. James, b. 1670; godfather, James Moir of Ferryhill. 

3. William, b. 1671; godfathers, Dr. Wm. Moir of Scotstoun 

and Wm. Moir, his son. 

4. George, b. 1688. 

Registers of 5. Jeane, 20 June 1673; John Moir of Barnes, godfather. 

St. Nicholas 2. Anna, 4 July, 1683, after Anna, Countess of Aberdeen and 

Lady Anna Gordon, dau. of Sir George, Earl of Aber- 

*For Coat of Arms, see page 14. 

MoiR Ghnealogy 143 

deen and Lord High Chancellor of Scotland. Mr. William 
Moir, Doctor of Medicine; John Moir, Apothecarie; Sir 
Geo. Skene of Fintray; godfathers. 



"1678. 2d April. Wa Iter Reid,comperit for John Moir of Barnes, Sheriff Court 
and produced ane charter grantit be ye Earl of Mar in favour Aberdeen 
of Alexander Erskine of Barnes predecessor of the said John 
Moir, dated 22d. July, 1636." 

I. *JOHN MOIR of Barnes, in the Parish of Premnay, 
Burffess of Aberdeen, married 13 Feb. 1655, at Aberdeen, Registersof 

St Nicholas 

MARIE, or MARY COCHRAN. She had doubtless 
been a Cochran of Dumbreck. [The Cochrans of Dum- 
breck were long connected with the town of Aberdeen, 
Walter Cochran of Dumbreck was a provost in 1691-93; 
and his son, Walter Cochran was Town-Clerk-Depute Kennedy's 
in 1728. They intermarried with the old Gordons of Aberdeen" 
Newton, Cruick shanks of Banchory, Udneys, etc. — 
Arms, — ermine, on a chief, gules, a stag's head erased, 
or, between two mullets, argent.] — (Lyon Reg.) 

1. Johne, 18 Sept., 1660. 

2. Walter, 14 Nov., 1661. 

3. Johne. 21 Apr., 1663. Jrelxactly'as 

4. Waiiam, 2 Mar., 1666. recorded in 

1. Janet, 22 Nov., 1665. Wm. Moir and Dr. Wm. Moir, god- Mo?r'and° 

fathers. By-'^j 

2. Marjorie, 12 Mar., 1657, became second wife of Geo. Gor- 

don, II. of Sheelagreen. 

3. Marie, 20 Jan., 1659. Mr. John Campbell, etc., godfathers. 

4. Isobel, 7 June, 1664. 

5. Agnes, 20 April, 1667. 

6. Jean, 9 July, 1668. 

7. Margaret, 11 Nov., 1669. 

8. Christian, 4 July, 1671. 

9. Mary, 26 April, 1673. 

"JOHN MOIR of Barnes by his wife, MARY COCHRANE, has Thange of 
a second daughter, Marjorie Moir, who married as his second wife, °""^ ^° 

*See Mr. Burnet's article, "The Ancestry of the Moirs of Scotstown and Bams." 

144 MoiR Genealogy 

George Gordon, II. of Sheelagreen in Aberdeenshire; by whom she 
had a son, William Gordon. "He left the estate of Rothney to Wil- 
liam, though it came by his first wife, Helen Erskine the mother of 
George Gordon. William Gordon had a son George, who in 1772, is 
returned heir to his father. The descent of the Gordons of Rothney, 
according to the author of the "Earldom of Garioch," is now extinct. 

(From Thanage of Formartyn, p. 265.) 

Index of "1674, April 11, Janet, Marjory, Isobel, Agnes, Jean, Margaret, 

Retours (Margaret Moir seems to have married Captain James 

Gordon designed "of Barnes") Christian, and Marie Moires, 

are served heir-portioners of John Moir of Barnes, Merchant 

Burgess of Aberdeen, their father. 

p hnnie "Mary Cochrane, relect of the deceast umquhill, John Moir, some- 

Vol. ii, p. '623 tyme of Barnes, is aUve, 1695-6." 



I. JAMES MOIRE, who has in 1667 a lease of Ferry- 
hill (but is sometime described of Ferryhill), married, 
first, I think, JEANE MOIRE. 
Registers of !• William, 8 Feb., 1666; Dr. Wm. Moire, Mr. Wm. Moire, 

Abe'd^^^^^' Advocat, and Robert Burnet, godfathers. 

2. James, 19 Jan., 1667; Prof, of Philosophy in Marischal CoU. 
Retours 1696, Apr. 2, served heir of John Moire of Ferriehill, 

his father. 

3. John, 19 Dec, 1668. 

1. Marjorie, 24 Dec, 1669. 

JAMES MOIR, married secondly, RACHELL, dau. 
Memoirof of CHARLES DUN, Litster, of Aberdeen, sister of Sir 
unn p^|^jj,j^ Bun, Court Physician, at Dublin, and niece of 
Dr. Patrick Dun, Principal of Marischal College, the 
munificent founder of the grammar school of Aberdeen. 
The Dunns of Tarty in the Parish of Logie-Buchan, 
were near relatives of this family. James Moir and 
Rachel Dun had: — 

1. Janet, 21 Jan., 1673; Robt. Forbes, Provost; Thos. Mit- 

chell, late Baillie, etc, godfathers. 

2. Margaret, 28 Jan., 1674; John Moir of Stoneywood, Patrick 

Gellie, etc., godfathers. 

MoiR Geneai/jgy 145 

3. Catherine, 5 Oct. 1676. 

4. Isobel, 1684, James Moir of Stoneywood, James Sandl- 

lands of Craibstone, Mr. Walter Grahame, Robert 
Burnet of Elrick, godfathers. 
Rachel Dune or Moire, with her two daughters, Catherine and vo/1'fp''625 
Janet, polled 1695-6. 




"Mediocriter." — (With moderation.) 

I. MR. THOMAS MOIR, minister of Morebattle, 
1610-33, second son of Moir of Abergeldie, Co. Aberdeen, 
married Isabel Ker. 

II. MR. WILLIAM MOIR of Otterbiim, in the 
Parish of Morebattle, was served heir of his father, 29 
Oct., 1639. He acquired Corbethouse; it came into the 
possession of his widow, Dorothy Ker, 18 Sept., 1673, 
who married, 6 Oct., 1672, Mr. William Galbraith, 
minister of Morebattle, and afterwards of Jedburgh, 
and he disponed Corbethouse to her son, 9 April, 1687. 

III. THOMAS MOIR of Otterbum and Corbethouse, 
registered arms about 1676, and three sons — Thomas, 
Andrew, Henry. 

IV. THOMAS MOIR of Otterbum, died in May, 
1756, was succeeded by his son: — 

V. ANDREW MOIR of Otterbum, who married 
ELIZABETH ELLIOT, and had a son:— 

VI. THOMAS MOIR of Otterbum, whose estates 
were sold by judicial sale, 4 Dec, 1765, Otterbum to 
Gilbert Elliott in Jedburgh, Corbethouse to William 
Ker of Gateshaw; and Rannieston to Adam Keir, baker 
in Edinburgh; he was dead s. p., before 23 July, 1783, 
when his sisters, Sarah, Jean, Barbara, Charlotte, Chris- 
tina and Elizabeth were his co-heirs of provision general. 

♦For Coat of Arms, see page 14. 



(For an interesting and beautiful account of this family, see "A 
Jacobite Family" by JOHN BROWN, M. D., the talented 
author of "Rab and Kis Friends," from which the particulars 
given are taken.) 

*THEMOIRS OF STONEYWOOD seem, from the earliest record 
down to their close, to have been devotedly attached to the House 
of Stuart; and inherited through Bishop Patrick Scougal of Aberdeen, 

(the grandfather of Mary Scroggie, who married in 1683, as first wife, 
James Moir 11. of Stoneywood ) the Bible presented by Charles I., 
when on the scaffold, to his faithful friend Bishop Juson. Bishop 
Juxon was, it is understood, a relative of the Scougal family. The 
grandson of John Moir I. of Stoneywood was: — 

JAMES MOIR III. of STONEYWOOD, of whom, and his caird- 
servant John Gunn, many amusing and interesting stories are told. 
The best of these, perhaps, is the rescue of the Earl of Winton in 1715, 
then under sentence of death in the Tower of London for his concern 
in the Rebellion of that period. During his sojourn in the Tower, 
the authorities allowed his books and family papers to be carried to 
and from his cell in a hamper; Stoneywood who happened to be in 
London with his servant, went to visit his captive friend; John Gunn, 
who was a man of immense size and strength, undertook if the Earl 
put himself, instead of his charters into the hamper to convey him 
out of the Tower. This feat the stalwart Gunn performed with 
perfect success. Lord Winton retired to Rome, where he died in 
1740. The son of this Laird: — 

JAMES MOIR IV. of STONEYWOOD, b. 1710, was one of the 
Stuarts keenest supporters in the North, engaged ardently in the 
Royal cause, and raised the regiment known as the "Stoney woods," 
of which he was Lieut. Col.; defeated at CuUoden, he in common 
with his companions, was proscribed, and roamed for some time in 
the wilds of Aberdeenshire. An ancedote is told of his taking shelter 
with a cobbler named Clark, under the name of James Jamieson 

(a ready rendering of the son of James, his father), and acquitted 
himself so well in this new line of life, as to win commendation from 
the old man, who said, "Jeems my man, what for did ye no tell me, 
ye had been bred a sutor?" "And so I was, freend," replied the 
Laird, "but to tell ye God's truth, I was an idle loon, gey weel faured, 

*The estate of Stoneywood, situated on the River Don, in Aberdeenshire, four miles 
_ , from the sea, consists of properties of Stoneywood, Waterton, Clinterty and Greenbum, 

St. Nicholas ""i'^^d in one barony. It was originally the property of Fraser of Muckills, or Muchalls, 
Aberdeen but was sold by Lady Fraser, in 1671, to John Moir, of Kermuck, or EllonAb. 1610, ob. 1671). 


and ower-fond o' the lassies, so I joined the Prince's boys, and ye 
see what's come o't." It is pleasant to add that Stoneywood when 
brighter days came, never forgot the services of his old friends, and 
maintained the widow and five children of Bartlett (the cobbler 
in question having died) at Stoneywood, till the latter were able to 
support themselves. 

After being assisted through many straits by his faithful wife, 
Margaret MacKenzie, of Ardross, and his equally faithful servant, 
Gunn, who with his gipsy spouse, acted as messengers between hus- 
band and wife, Stoneywood followed his Prince's example and escaped 
to Norway with his friends. He was protected by the King of Sweden 
who conferred on him, a patent of nobility; and becoming a naturalized 
subject, his lady joined him within a year from his arrival at Gotten- 

In Scotland, meanwhile, Moir was arraigned before the Edinburgh 
High Court of Justiciary; but even the testimony of adverse witnesses 
only went to prove the honour and humanity displayed throughout 
his soldier life and he was allowed to return to Stone5nYOod in 1762 
where he died, in 17S2, leaving a widow and two daughters; his seven 
sons all having died before their father. Mrs. Moir survived till 
1805, dying at the advanced age of ninety-six years. 


"Major Opima Ferat" (Let the worthiest carry off the prize.) 

I. JOHANNES MOIR, 1470-1516. 

John Moore, Burgess of Aberdeen, 24 July, 1505, fhTGre^lLi 
of James IV., whose son may have been: — 2595. p. 551 

II. JOHN MOIR, Pie died before his son: — 

III. WILLIAM MOIR, Burgess of Aberdeen 1560, Manuscript 

served heir to John Moir, his grandfather. 
His son: — 

IV. *WILLIAM MOIR, M. A., Burgess of Aberdeen, 

married Janet Rae, served heir to his father 
1602, Treasurer of Aberdeen, 1615. Had issue: — 

1. Henrie, bap. 28. May, 1605. Registers 

2. John, born 1610, (tombstone); of him again, as Nifho?is, 

Stoneywood's ancestor. Aberdeen 

3. William as Scotstoun's progenitor. 

4. Patrick, 13 July 1615, Baillie, and afterwards, 

(1648, ) Dean of Guild, and (1672, ) Collector of 
Excise of Aberdeen, married 4 Jan. 1637, Isobell 
Gray (twice in register called Grahame ). Issue: — 

1. William, 7 June, 1638. 

2. Thomas, 20 May, 1640. 

3. Patrick, 18 May, 1641. 

♦See Mr. Burnett's article in this book. 


MoiR Genealogy 






of the fam- 
ily of Forbes 
of Waterton 

4. James, 22 July, 1642. 

5. George. 

6. Issobell, 15 Dec, 1646. 

7. Jean, 25 June, 1648. 

8. Elspeth, 10 June, 1652. 

9. Rachel, 25 Mar., 1655. 
10. Margaret, 10 Mar., 1659. 

Sir Robert Farqhuar, John Leslie Jr., 
etc., godfathers. 

V. JOHN MOIR I. of Stoneywood, eldest son of 
William Moir, Burgess of Aberdeen and Janet 
Rae, born 1610, is said, according to Skene's 
MS. to have been first designed of Ferryhill, 
afterwards of Kennuck or Ellon, and in 1671, 
as before stated, of Stoneywood. 

"1657. The two Kennedy's flying the coun- 
try, make over their estates to John Moir, 
and his wife, *J. Sandilands, and the longest 
liver of them. He has a charter of Caimmucks 
in 1665." 

"1668. JOHN MOIR and his wife, make 
over to Sir John Forbes of Watertown, all the 
lands of Ardgrain, Caimmucks, Broomfield, 
Kirkhill and other property, they had bought 
from the Kennedy's for £42,500. Scots.'' 
By which it would appear, the estate of Ellon 
had only been held by John Moir for eleven 
years. He married Jean Sandilands, b. 1636, 
d. 15 Aug., 1687, eldest dau. of James Sandi- 
lands I., of Cotton, by Marjory Burnett of 
Count es swells, and had issue: — 

1. James, 1659. 

2. John, according to Skene's MS., Civilist of King's 

Coll., and an advocate in, and Town Clerk of 
Aberdeen 1689, died young. 

3. William, 15 Jan., 1669. Dr. Wm. Moir, Dr. Wm. 

Johnstone, Dr. Wm. Fraser and Wm. Gellie, 
godfathers — first of the Moirs of Invernettie. 

4. Patrick, bap. Dec. 12, 1671. 

5. Issobell, 31 Aug., 1660. 

6. Marjorie, 5 Jan., 1665. 

7. Jean, 21 Oct., 1673. 

♦Jean Sandilands married secondly, on Stoneywood 's death, William Cumine of 
Anchry and liad issue. Accordinfr to the genealogy of the family of Sandilands of 
Craibstone and Cotton, Alexander Moir, (fourth son of the above John Moir and Jean 
Sandilands) was Professor of Greek in the Marischal College of Aberdeen. 


VI. JAMES MOIR II. of STONEYWOOD, bap. at ^"embSsof 

Aberdeen 1st Sept., 1659, John Jafifray, Pro- ^.^2'm'"*'°'* 
vost, James Moir, Mr. James Sandilands, etc., 
godfathers; who sat in Parliament for fifteen 
years as member for Aberdeenshire, 1G89-1702, 
1702-1707; was also one of the Commissioners 
appointed for settling the Union of the King- 
doms died 22 Nov., 1739. 

JAMES MOIR, married first, 10 July, 1683, g^jj^tone^ 
MARY, eldest dau. of the RIGHT REV. Churchyard. 


WM. SCROGGIE, Bishop of Argyll, (elected 
1666, died 1675,) by his wife, a dau. of Patrick 
Scougal, Bishop of Aberdeen, who was a son 
of Sir John Scougal of that ilk, in East Lothian. 

1. James, his hoir. Poll-book 

2. Rhoderick, bapt. at Aberdeen, 25 Aug., 1689, 

(whose portrait, clad in armour, is amongst 
the Stoneywood pictures, ) drowned at sea, along 
with his cousin James Sandilands, 1713-14. 

3. William, an Advocate (? ), and probably the 

inheritor of the estate of Whitehill, in Mid- 
lothian, a property which had devolved by 
inheritance from the Scougal family to that of 

4. Alexander, Principal of St. Andrew's Coll., at the Skene's 

abolition of Episcopacy, whose descendants are Manuscnpt 
stated to have inherited the estate of Inver- 
nettie in Buchan — •see Moir of Invernettie. 

1. Jean, married John Abernethy, II. of Mayen. 

2. Katherine. 

3. Marjory. 

secondly, JEAN, dau. of ALEXANDER ABER- 
NETHY I. of MAYEN, and relict of William 
Moir of Scotstown. 

1. William of Lonmay — (see that family.) 

2. John, b. 1697, died 19 April, 1720. 

3. Patrick, 26 Feb., 1707. Alexander Moir, Regent, a 


1. Janet, married 14 June, 1733, Patrick Byres I. of 

Tonley — (see that family. ) 

2. Isabella, died unmarried. 


son of James Moir, by his first wife, Mary 

150 MoiR Genealogy 

Scroggie), one of the keenest of the Stuarts' 
supporters in the North; engaged ardently in 
the Royal cause; raised, and was the Colonel of 
"Stoneywood's" Regiment; and as before stated, 
married JEAN, daughter of William Erskine 
of Pittodrie, by his wife, Mary Grant of 
Ballindalloch, and died 1782, Issue, five sons 
and two daughters.: — 

1. Jaraes, his heir, b. Sept. 29, 1710. 

2. Thomas, who having had a quarrel with his 

brother James when they were both young men, 
took it so much to heart that he left his father's 
home clandestinely, and went to sea, having 
engaged him«elf as a sailor. He afterwards settled 
as a merchant in Falmouth (England.) Issue: — 

1. Capt. Thomas. 

2. James, a Barrister. 

3. A dau., m. Dr. Vivian cf Falmouth. 

Skene's _ JAMES MOIR IV. of STONEYWOOD, having lost his own 

anuscnpt ggyg^ gons, "was very anxious to form a nearer connection by the 
marriage of his daughter Maria to her cousin James Moir (the Bar- 
rister). He intended to have paid a portion to his elder daughter 
Mrs. Skene, and to settle the estate of Stoneywood on James Moir 
and his daughter Maria, which upon the eve of accomplishment 
was defeated by the underhand machinations of Mr. Dumo — see 
sequel — the as yet unrevealed enemy of the family, who feared 
that the marriage might become the means of bringing his base prac- 
tices to light. Accordingly, he found means to persuade Mr. James 
Moir that his uncle was deceiving him, and had given a false state- 
ment of his affairs, as the estate was drowned in debt, and he only 
wanted the marriage to involve Mr. James Moir in his toils, so as 
to get him to reUeve the burdens on the property. Upon obtaining 
this information, the young gentleman thought it prudent to leave 
Aberdeen and when he reached England, wrote to his uncle, stating 
the cause of his desertion. Miss Moir felt it very severely for a 
long time, and the disappointment occasioned her withdrawing her- 
eeli from society; while her father was so offended as to revive again 
the disunion which had so long separated the two famiUes." 

3. Alexander, 

4. William — both died abroad unmarried. 

5. Charles, engaged in the Rebellion of 1745. 

1. Mary. 

2. Clementina, named after queen Clementina 

Sobiesky, mother of Prince Charles Edward. 
Kennedy's "1745. In the beginning of November, Lord Lewis Gordon, 

Aberdeen ^^° ^^^ '-'^^'^ appointed by the Prince, Lord Lieutenant of the counties 
Vol.1, p. 229 of Aberdeen and Banff, made his appearance in the town, accom- 

MoiR Geneat^ogy 151 

panied by Wm. Moir of Lonmay and James Moir of Stoncywood 

and assumed the direction of public affairs." 

1710, married at Ardross, in Ross-shire, in Sept,' 

1740, his cousin, Margaret, daughter of ( ) 

Mackenzie of Ardross; and had fifteen children, Arms. see 

D. 14 

who mostly died children, excepting Charles 
(the eighth son), b. 1752, entered the British 
Army and was killed in America. 

1. Jane, m. George Skene of Rubislaw, whose de- 

scendants now represent this family. 

2. Maria, married Major Ramsay, of the Scotch 

Brigade, a son of Ramsay of Kinaldie, in For- 
farshire, (without issue. ) 
This Laird, was, like his progenitors, a warm supporter of the 

GEORGE SKENE of Rubislaw, left the following 
children by his wife JANE MOIR, who died in Edin- 
burgh on March 29, 1820, aged 79, having been 44 
years a widow: — 

1. Margaret Skene, b. Sept. 4, 1767, m. Col. Ramsay of 

the 2d or Queen's Regiment of foot, and had issue. 

2. Helen Skene, b. Aug. 13, 1768, remained unmarried, 

and died in Florence, Italy, in 1841. 

3. Catherine Skene, b. Oct. 20, 1769, m. Sir Henry Jardine, 

King's Remembrancer of Exchequer, and had issue, she 
died in 1838. 

4. George Skene, b. Dec. 14, 1770. 

5. Jean Skene, b. Dec. 5, 1771, died in infancy atRubislaw. 

6. Maria Skene, b. Dec. 22, 1773, died in infancy at Aber- 


7. James Skene, b. Mar. 7, 1775. 


By A. J. MiTCHELL-GILL of Savock 

Copied from Original Letters bound into the Stoneywood MS., in the possession 
of W. F. Skene W. S., whose father compiled it. No. 1-58 (marked "from Capt. Byres"). 

1745 I. LETTER, Patrick Byres, of Tonley, dated from Duffus to Coll'n James Moir, of 

Stoneywood att Findhorn 1746, Mar. 18. 

Dr. Sir, — Before I coud dispatch the Carts and the Horses into Elgin, Mr. Moir 
arrived here, and told me you was march'd w't a part of the Battalion for findhorn, and 
proposed that I should meet you on the West road from Elgin. As it's impossible for 
me to bring the men to findhorn to-night, having sent them into Elgin w't the carts, I 
thought proper to send the bearer to know if I should join you tomorrow there, or con- 
tinue the party at Gordonston till further orders. If I be to join you at ffindhom 
you'll please cau'd (caused) Raebum goe directly from you to Elgin, and cause the 
Lieutennatt or Ensign bring them up there, and then come to me here, but if the party 
be to be continued at Gordonstin he may come straight here, and I shall bring them out 
here. I ever, Yrs, &c. 

(signed) "PAT'K BYRES." 

1747 11. LETTER No. 164. — From last, addressed A. Mons. Monsieur Jacques Jameson 

(Stoneywood's assumed name, and a ready description of his parentage, James, son of 
James) Negociant, a Gottenburgh dans la Suede, dated Paris 18 May 1747. 

Sir; — Some days ago I received yours of the ISth ultimo, O.S. Since my last to 
you the prince is returned from M — d, and lives at present in a village called Pessy, about 
a league from here. In consequence of yours I went there, and communicated youra 
to Sir Jo. Graham, who told me what I knew very well before, viz: that though the Court 
of France had approved of the list you and I were in, and had ordered the Pay't y'rof, 
and although on the faith of that Mr. Waters had advanced above 4000 Livres, yet as 
the demands for the campaign had been, and still continued very pressing, the intendant 
of the ffinances had not as yet pay'd in any part of the money ordered by that list of 
Mr. Waters, that till it was pass'd he would advance no more, but that he had writt 

to the Minister the very day I spoke to him, and that he expected the money 

would be very soon pay'd in to Waters. That how soon that happened, he'd let me 
know, and I should have ane order for yours and y'r broyr's. As I know very well that 
every word of the above was true, I could say nothing in return: only I told him that 
as I had writt you in Consequence of his own desire, I wish'd he'd give me ane order on 
Waters. He said he would willingly, but he was sure Waters would not pay it (having 
refused severall before) till he was reimbursed of his advance, which could not be 
long. I likewise ment'd you and Charlie to the Prince at dinner, who expressed his 
satisfaction of your being safe, and seemed very well plesaed when I told him that 
you'd be in Scotland among the first of his friends. When that will be, God knows, 
tho' we hope here it won't be long. Please make my compliments to Messres Scot 
and Carnegie, and tell them they ere in the same list with us, and will draw 1000 
Livres each when the money is pay'd, being insent as Captains. Sir James Stewart 
and his family have been at St. Seden since November last. Sir James Leslie is w't the 
army in Flanders. Lochell is and has been here since the pr. (Prince) arrived. I beg 
you'll make my compliments in every particular way to Mr. Baxter, and tell him when 
he goes home, 1 hope he'll be so good as to lett my wife, and the rest of my friends know, 
I am well, for tho' I have writt severall times yett as the communication to Holland is 
DOW stopt, I doubt very much if we can expect to hear from Britt. by that way, and let 
me know if you think it more practicable y'r way. As to business, there is scarce any 
possibility of success here; the war has ruined that at present. So that the army is the 







''"BLIC LIEftAfty 

Inspector of Poor 

Bucksburn, Aberdeenshire 


Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Pioneer Engineer and Engine Builder 
Extensive Shops at Halifax 

MoiR Genealogy 153 

only resource at present, which I am not as yet determined to follow. Shall be glad to 
know what scheme youre on, and how you propose to prosecute it. Severall British 
letters insist positively that there is to be a second bill of attainder. The F. are carrying 
all before them in Dutch Flanders; they have taken Sluice, Sas de Grand, fort Phillyspiaee 
and Hulst but have lost a considerable number of men before Hulst, the dutch 
having defended it better than their oy'r towns since the election of a Stadhoulder. We 
expect daily the news of a generall action in flanders, which is thought unavoidable, and 
if the Allies be beat, It's hard to foresee what may be the consequence. The D — ke 
has left this some time ago privately, and where's he gone is a secret. Remember me 
to young Gask. and to honest Generall Gordon. We drink all your healths often. L'd 
Lewis is on this side the water; Sr. Will Gordon is here, and is L. Coll. to L'd Ogil. I 
am Sir. Y'r Most Humble Servant, (Signed) "PAT BYRES." 

P.S. When I write to Scotland, I sign Pat Robertson but ther's no danger twixt 
this and you. I sign my own name. 

IIL LETTER No. 189. From last to same, dated Paris, 10 Aprile, 1747 N.S. 

"Sir, — I received yours of the 7th ultimo — I suppose old style — some days ago 
though I have reasons enough to excuse my declining any correspondence w't you after 
the usage I very undeservedly met w't from you, whereof, though you make no mention 
I make no doubt of youre being sensible, yet, as it was always my principall that of the 
two I'd rather any man were in the wrong to me, than I to him, I therefore thought it 
incumbent on me to acquaint you of some facts which concern you. You must know 
then that after being some time here, on hearing that your brother and you had arrived 
at Gotheburg, as there was a list of the prince's friends making up, in order to be given 
in to the Court of france . I waited on Sir Jo. Graham, who does business here, for the 
Duke of York, and told him that your Broy'r and you were arrived in Sweden, and de- 
sired that he would put you in the List, which he was making up of the Prince's friends. 
He ask'd what Quality you had served in I told him you as Coll. and your broy'r as Capt. 
of Lord L. Gordon's first Batt. He said he would insert you as Lt. Coll. and your Broy're 
as Capt., seeing he knew that you had acted as such. Ld. Lewis having been Coll. him- 
eelf. which was accordingly done; and now the Court of france have is.sued money for 
the payment of that List, so that there's 1500 livres for you, and 1000 for Charlie, which 
you and he may send orders to any one of your friends here to wait on Sir Jo. Graham, 
who will giveanyone so Impovvered ane order on Mr. Waters, the Banq'r, for each of these 
sums. You'll need also, I believe send at same time y'r recepts to Mr. Waters for his 
exoneration in case you propose to draw the money, and directions. What way to apply 
or remitt it after .Mr. Waters pays it. 1 believe the Court of france mav be previiled 
on to make some more pay'ts in the same way, to such of the prince's friends as are not 
at yett oyrwise provided for, although I doubt much of their being continued. I have 
writt to Scotland to lot Charlie know of this, in case he should be still there. I am heartily 
Concerned I do assure you for the loss you have suffered in your family by the death 
of your two sons. If Charlie come to Sweden, I'm still of opinion that he could do better 
here than anywhere else. However, as his best judge of that is him.self, I only hint it, 
that he may have it in his eye. Mr. Ogilvie of Inshewnn, who is just now w't me, desires 
to be remembered to you — I am, sir, your most Humble Servant 

(sig'd) "PAT. BYRES." 

P.S. I desire that Charlie may write me how soon he arrives in Sweden, and if you 
write to Scotland that you'd fall on some way to cause him to write me from there if 
he has not yett left the country. 

IV. LETTER No. 190. — Patrick Bvres to James Moir, Paris, 1st Aug., 1747. 

Sir, — At last after being obliged to be severall times at the trouble to go and come 
to the prince's Quarters at St. Toin, which is 2 leagues from here, 1 Got an order from 
Sr. Jo. Graham on Mr. Waters for loOO livres for you, and euoyr for 1000 for Charlie, 
and on giving my recopt on the the back of them, Mr. Wateis has pay'd me the money, 
which is now in my custody. I was obliged to leave your orders w't Sir Jo. as a voucher 
to him before he'd give mc a precept on Mr. Waters, so on recept of this you'll send me 
a recept for the 1500 livres. As mine lyea with Mr. Water.--, and in the meantime i thall 
endeavor to get a Bill for said sum on UoUand, payable to Mr. Crawford, tho' 1 could 
wish to hear from you first, as pos.-ibly you may have altered your intention, it cost nje 
about five and twenty or thirty livres in Coach hire, &c.,8olliciting for you, which I sup- 
pose you will not grudge. We have had here Copies of ane act ol the Brittish parl't which 


MoiR Geneai,ogy 

they pretend to dignifie w't the title of a Bill of Indemnity, tho' in my opinion it ought 
rather to be called a 2d Bill of Attaindre. There are in it 85 gentlemen excepted, beside 
those already attainted of wh. number yr. unkle, you, and I are three. Besides these, 85 
Excepted by name, all abroad, all in foreign service, all transported, and all, any man- 
ner of way concerned in the late rebe'-lioa are excepted in the General Clause, so that 
one or oyr. Everybody is Included; tho' as to those not Excepted by name, in my opinion 
I think they may w'out any danger go home — and I was resolved to have done so my- 
self had I not been Excepted. I had a letter from Robie SandUands two or three posts 
ago, to which I wrote him ane answer the 23d ulto w't my thoughts anent what he should 
do, which I see no reasons hitherto to alter. Please remember me to him, and tell him 
that I have gott him marked down as a Capt. in a list they are just now making up to 
be given in to the Court, but when it wUl be given in or when paj''d is very uncertain. 
Had he write a post sooner, he had been in a list just now given in, and which will, I be- 
lieve be soon payed. He wrote me your Lady was come over, I hope she is well; please 
remember me to her. The only news here are that the french have been sadly defeat 
in Italy, and have lost oyr 8000 men, and a number of generall offr's ; out of 28 Battal'n 
there are 27 Colonells slain, along with Chev'ir de Belisle, who commanded that Corps, 
and is said the Marschall de Belisle and the v.-hole army have retired to the frontiers 
of pcovence, which if true, is a very great check. Glenbuckett arrived here two or three 
Days ago w't Mr. Menzies. In order to save postage I have writt Charlie on this. Hav- 
ing nothing further to add — I am Sir ,Your Most Humble Servant 

(sig'd) "PAT. BYRES." 

V. LETTER No. 191. — Patrick Byres to Mr. Charles Moir. 

Paris 1st August, 1747. 

Dear Charlie, I had yours from Gotthburgh, and was glad to ( ) you had got safe. 

1 have gott your 1000 livres, and shall remitt or employ it as you order; in my opinion 
you should come here, as yoiir passage to Holland would cost you nothing. Tarriebreeka 
you know pay't no freight, and when in Holland you should gett yourself made Burger 
atRotfd'm, and then proceed to Ostend, Dunkerque, or any oyr place of that kind and 
buy a prize which you can do pretty easy, and so you'll be just in your old way again, 
and might be usefull to y'r friends. Your being made burger at Rotterdam 'will cost 
you but a trifle of 15 f . or 20 f . ; or if you please, you may gett yourself made a Burger 
of Gottenburgh, which I believe would be better, and then you could sail your vessell 
as a Swedish ship, for in all probability, the Dutch will soon be in war w't the french. 
This is my scheme, but if you have any better of your own you know Counsel's not Com- 
mand. When you write me how to order your 1009 livres, send a lecept along because 
mine lyes for it. I heard lately from y'r aunt all is weU at home; and she writes me that 
you had left Scotland sometime ago. Make my compliments to all friends, and I ever 
am, Dear Charlie, Yours Most Affectionately, 

(Sig'd^ While PAT BYRES. 



With an Account of a Relic of Culloden and its Associations. 

By GEORGE GAULD, Braes of Cromar 

About the period of the Rebellion of 1745, there lived in the 
near vicinity of Loch Kinnord, a stout yeoman of the name of Moir. 
Like not a few of the Cromar men of that eventful time, MOIR 
not only took part in the rising, but fought in the ranks of the un- 
fortunate PRINCE CHARLIE at the battle of Culloden, under hia 
chief, JAMES MOIR of Stoneywood. After that disastrous and 
decisive defeat, which for ever sealed the fate of the House of 
Stuart, MOIR returned to more peaceful pursuits, and appears to 
have settled down somewhere along the vale of the Burn of Logic, 
in his native Cromar. Whether he was wounded in the battle or 
not, cannot be ascertained at this late period, but the likelihood 
is that he was, seeing that the tartan plaid which he wore in the 
action, and which still exists in a wonderfully good state of pre- 
servation, shows quite unmistakably the mark of a bullet hole 
through its folds. MOIR'S wife seems to have died some time in 
advance of him, and in course of time he himself was called upon 
to pay the last debt of nature. On his deathbed, he confided the 
care of his family, consisting of two young boys, respectively ^ 
DONALD and JOHN MOIR, to a relative of his own, also re- 
siding at the time in the Burnside of Logie district. Nor did he 
intend his children to be a mere unpaid burden on the charity 
of his friend, as, at the same time, he handed over, along with 
the custody of the boys, what was then considered a very hand- 
some sum of money for their proper maintenance and education 
and general upbringing. From the fact of the children being so 
young at the time of their father's death, it is evident that MOIR 
must either have married late in life or else died a comparatively 
young man. The latter assumption is probably the correct one, 
as probably his early decease might have been hastened by the 
privations, he was almost certain to have endured in the course 
of the campaign, or from the effects of having been wounded in 
the battle of Culloden. 

Be that as it may, his friend appears to have been the sole 
and only guardian appointed by him to have charge of the boys 
and their effects, and before long he clearly proved himself to be 
most incompetent for the office. He speedily developed a far 

♦This well-written article by G. G. (the late Mr. George Gauld, Braes of Cromar, 
and latterly at Hillhead of Findrack), appeared in the Aberdeen Daily Journal, 9th 
November, 1905. and was re-printed in the Aberdeen Weekly Journal, Friday, 
December 27, 1912. This article waa furnished for this work by R. Murdoch Lawrance, 
Esq., of Aberdeen. 

156 MoiR Genealogy 

greater affection for the money of his dead friend than for the 
children, and used them so harshly, and even cruelly, that at 
length, the elder boy, DONALD, ran away and took refuge at a 
farm in the lower end of the "Howe" of Cromar, nor did his 
guardian — so-called — ever once take the trouble to go after him 
or make any inquiries concerning his welfare. Bye-and-bye, when 
the younger boy, JOHN, had grown up a little, he also, in order to 
escape the cruelty and oppression of his guardian, ran away out 
of Cromar altogether, into the parish of Leochel-Cushnie, and 
landed at a farmhouse in the evening just as the shades of night 
were falling. On being interrogated as to who he was and where 
he had come from, he was too young to give a satisfactory answer, 
but replied that he "Cam' in o'er the tap o' yon hill." He got 
supper with the family and slept with the farmer, whom, on the 
following morning, he assisted, as best he could, in the very 
necessary duty of "muckin' " the byres. The poor boy was kindly 
treated, and was allowed to remain at the farm as his house until 
he grew up. In course of time the worthy farmer, through re- 
peated inquiries made during his visits to the markets, at Tarland 
— then, and for long after, gatherings of great size and importance 
— not only discovered the boy's history, bat also the residence of 
his brother DONALD in Cromar. It is not recorded that any 
proceedings were ever instituted against their unnatural guardian, 
who, in all probability, was allowed to live and die in posssesion 
of his "ill-gotten gear." When the two brothers had arrived at 
manhood they put their earnings together and became joint 
tenants of the half of the farm of Bellastraid, in their native 
district of the Burnside of Logie, in Cromar, and later on took 
a lease of the adjoining farm of Logie, now known as Mains of 
Logie, which, together with Bellastraid, now forms a portion of 
the estate of Glendavan, the property of Professor Ogston, of 
Aberdeen University. 

The name of the wife of the above DONALD MOIR, farmer 
in Mains of Logie, is not known, but he left, at least, a family 
of four children, who survived to man and womanhood — two sons 
and two daughters. His son, JOHN MOIR, farmer of Monan- 
dawin, married Elizabeth Henry of Dovin, but died without issue. 
His second son, Donald, was a cooper to trade, and his wife's 
name was Anne Robertson. He lived latterly in Tarland, and 
eventually died there. He left an only daug'iter, namsd Anne 
Moir, who became the wife of John Skeen, late innkeeper and 
general merchant in Tarland, to whom she had a family of tea 
children — five sons and five daag'iters. One of her sons, the late 
Deputy-Surgeon-General, William Skeen, eventually became the 
possessor of the tartan plaid, with the buUel-hole throug'i it, 
which had done service on CuUoden Mulr, and which still 
remains a treasured rtlic in his family. In all probability, this old 
tartan phiid was the whole — or, at anycate, the bulk — of their 
father's property DONALD and JOHN MOIR ever recovered from 
their greedy, grasping guardian. 

MoiR Genealogy 157 

MARY MOIR, daughter of DONALD MOIR, farmer in Mains 
of Logie, married George Gauld, farmer in MJgvie; to whom she 
had a family of eleven children, nine of them surviving fo man 
and womanhood. From this union sprung a number of large and 
well-known families in Cromar, namely, the Andersons of Bella- 
more, the Reids of Smiddyhill, the Grants of Blackmill, the 
Raids of Migvie, the Gaulds of Tillykerrie, the Gaulds of Milton 
of Whitehouse, in the Braes of Cromar; and the Gordons of 
Littlemjll, in Glenn: uick. 

ISABELLA MOIR, seeond daughter of DONALD MOIR, 
farmer in Mains of Logie, married James Tawse, farmer in 
Strathweltie, near Tarland, to whom she had a family of four 
children — three sons and one daughter — all of whom died un- 
married at advanced ages. 

The name of the wife of JOHN MOIR, joint tenant with his 
brother DONALD in the farm of Mains of Logie, is not known, 
but he left at least one daughter of the name of ELSPET MOIR 
who married a man of the name of Bunch, in the county of 
Forfar, and she is known to be interred in the churchyard of 
Glamis. Previous to her marriage, MRS. ELSPET MOIR had a 
natural daughter named Anne Carey, but who was known all her 
lifetime by the Scottish border surname of Kerr, although her 
proper name was really the English one of Carey. Anne Carey's 
early experience of life was remarkably trying — beyond that of 
most children of her years. She used to relate in after days that, 
although living in her mother's house, where she might have 
naturally been considered safe from oppression and bad usage, her 
half-brother and sister treated her so harsh that, at the tender age 
of between seven and eight years, she ran away from her home, 
resolved to make a living in the world for herself rather than 
endure the tyranny of her youthful persecutors any longer. She 
may have been prompted to take this step through hearing her 
mother relate the adventures of her father and uncle, in this same 
line in their boyhood. At anyrate, she first made her way over 
the hills from Forfarshire to Braemar, and having, while living 
with her mother, frequently heard her speak about her relations 
in Cromar, in Aberdeenshire, she made up her mind to try and 
reach them. She stayed for a period in Braemar performing such 
light and simple duties as a child of her years might be able to 
execute, and then gradually worked her way down Deeside, till 
she reached Glentanar, where she acted as a goatherd for a con- 
siderable time. She eventually reached her mother's cousin, the 
good-wife of Migvie, in Cromar, in whose family she remained a 
valued servant till she grew to womanhood. Anne Carey was 
never married, and finally died in Tarland on 19th January, 1887, 
at the reputed age of 84, although generally supposed to have 
been much older. She was interred in Tarland Churchyard. 

An old table-shaped tombstone in the west end of Migvie 
Churchyard in Cromar, bears the following inscription: — 

"In memory of George Gauld, farmer in Migvie, who died 
January 16th, 1822, aged 70. Also of his daughters Arm and 

158 MoiR Genealogy 

Mary, who died in infancy. This stone is placed by his wife, 
MARY MOIR, daughter of DONALD MOIR, late in Logie, and 
surviving family, John, William, George, Henry, Isobel, Margaret, 
Jean, Betty aad Helen. The said William Gauld died at White- 
house, Cromar, on the 19th Nov., 1866, in the 86th year of his 
age. Betty Gauld, relict of George Gordon, farmer in Littlemill, 
Glenmuick, who died 16th June, 1866, in her 80th year." 

The base supporting the east end of the stone gives the date 
of erection — 1822; and that supporting the west end bears the 
following addition to the inscription to the memory of George 
Gauld on its face: "His father Harry, his grandfather Robert, 
and his great-grandfather Alexander, were ail successively farmers 
in Migvie." At least eight generations of the family are known 
to be interred around this stone. 

The first of the Gaulds to settle in Cromar was a native of 
the parish of Glass, where the name is still a common one. They 
are said to have originally been a sept of the Clan Macpherson, 
the name of Gauld having arisen from the term "Gault" (said to 
be Gaelic for hillmen,) being applied to them by their lowland 
neighbours in their intercourse together when the former descended 
from the hills for the purpose oi trading at fairs and markets. At 
these and all similar public gatherings they long held the reputa- 
tion of being boisterous citizens, who did not hesitate to carry 
matters with a somewhat high band when they found a fitting 
opportunity for so doing. Be that as it may, the name was — and 
still is — common in the parish of Glass, as witness the old proverb: 
"The Gaulds of Glass for fiddlers," while nearly everyone of the 
name in the north of Scotland seems able to trace his and her 
descent in a more or less direct manner back to the common 
stock in this rather out-of-the-way northern parish. 

The first of the Migvie Gaulds had his ca*-tle carried off by 
the caterans from his farm in the parish of Glass — a by no means 
infrequent occurrence in those troublesome times. He, on dis- 
covering his loss, followed the band in pursuit as far as Cromar, 
in the farm of Tillj'kerrie, on the estate of Pronie, and near to 
the old mansinn-house of that name. He was wont to relate that 
shortly after taking up his residence at Tillykerrie, he heard the 
caterans trying to break in through the hou^:e in the night-time, in 
order to take his life, for the supposed trouble he had given them 
in trying to recover his own propertj', when he followed them 
from Glass to Cromar. Whether he was the Alexander men- 
tioned on the base of the tombstone in the churchyard of Migvie 
or not is unknown; but, if not, then his successors must have re- 
moved from Tillykerrie to the farm of Migvie, before very long, 
as an old receipt-book still in existence shows the Gaulds as tenant 
farmers in Migvie, paying rent to the Farquharsons of Finzean, 
the proprietors, for well-nigh two hundred years in unbroken suc- 





Collected by JAMES M. A. WOOD, ESQ., Aberdeen 



JAMES MOIR, smith, in Tarves, was there in 
1696 (Aberdeenshire Poll Book). That is the only re- 
ference found regarding him. As the Poll Book shows, 
he was married, but his wife's name is not mentioned. 
It is not known when they died, or what children they 
had other than their son: — 

George Moir, blacksmith, Annet, Methlick. He 

was born about 1702. He married Jean Fife. 
He died on 12 March, 1784, aged 82, and his wife 
on 14 February, 1785, aged 72. They were 
buried in Tarves Churchyard where a tomb- 
stone was erected by their sons "in memory of 

160 MoiR Genealogy 

their regard for their deceased parents." George 
Moir and Jean Fife had children: — 

1. James Moir (See Chapter II. ) 

2. George Moir (See Chapter III. ) 

3. WiUiam Moir. 

4. *Elspet (or Elsie ) Moir, baptised 6 April, 1740. Was 

married and had issue. 

5. *Elizabeth Moir, baptised 9 March, 1743. Was married 

and had issue. 

6. Ann Moir, married George Findlater, Coultercairn. 

She died December 1795, aged 56. There was issue 
of the marriage. 


JAMES MOIR, eldest son of GEORGE MOIR and 
his wife JEAN FIFE, was baptised on 1st January, 
1737, (1738?). He was twice married, (1) to JEAN 
had children: — 

I. GEORGE MOIR, Grandhome, near Aberdeen. 
Married ANN MOIR. Children:— 

1. William Moir, sometime a blacksmith at 

New Byth, afterwards in Detroit. Was 
twice married, (1) to Jean Morrison 

and (2) to ( ). Children of first 

marriage: — 

1. Ann Moir, married John Hutchings, 

Detroit, and had issue. 

2. Isabella Moir, was twice married, (1 ) 

( ) Carey, and (2 ) to James 

Black, Detroit. Issue of both mar- 

3. George Moir, engineer, Detroit. Was 

in Turriff in 1888. On 2nd March, 
1888, he served heir to his uncle 
James Moir, banker, Portsoy. 

4. Mary Moir, died unmarried. 

2. Rev. Robert Moir, minister, of Rothie 

May. Was married, but no issue. 

3. James Moir, banker, Portsoy. Was 

twice married, (1) to Barbara Mor- 

*The Records of the Parish of Methlick show that Elizabeth Moir married, on 30 
December, 1773, William Riddell, Brownhill, Monquhitter. Family memoranda have it, 
however, that it was Elspet or Elsie Moir who married William Riddell, and that Eliza- 
beth Moir married Charles Mair. The similarity in the names may have caused some 
confusion. There was issue of both marriages. 

MoiR Genrai^ogy 161 

rison, and (2) to ( ) Findlay, 

daughter of Colonel Findlay, Millbank, 
Nairn. He died on 3rd October, 1887, 
but no issue. 

4. Jean Moir, married George King. No 


5. Ann Moir, died unmarried. 

6. Margaret Moir, married Alexander Mor- 

rison, merchant, Turriff, and had issue. 

7. Mary Moir, was twice married, (1) to 

( ), (2) to James Mathieson, 

Hamilton, Canada. 

8. Helen Moir, died young. 

II. JAMES MOIR, bookseller, Bristol. Died there, 

III. JOHN MOIR, died young. 

IV. MARY MOIR, died young. 

V. ISABELLA MOIR, married James Daniel, far- 
mer, Hillhead, Pitfodels, Aberdeen, and had 




GEORGE MOIR, blacksmith, Annat, son of 
GEORGE MOIR, Annat, Methlick, and his wife 
JEAN FIFE, was twice married. (1) to ANN JACK 
on 1st November, 1781, she died Oct. 4, 1786, aged 36; 
{Tombstone) and (2) to JANET FLORENCE. There 
was a daughter of the first marriage and seven chil- 
dren of the second, viz: — 

I. ISABELLA MOIR, born 6 October, 1782. Was 
twice married, (1) to GEORGE HARVEY, 
Aquhadley, Ellon, and (2) on 19 August, 
1810, to JOHN SIM, shoemaker, Flinthills, 
Methlick. Children: — 

1. Susan Harvey. 

2. Alexander Harvey. 

3. John Sim. 

4. George Sim. 

II. MARGARET MOIR, baptised 19 June, 1787. 

162 MoiR Geneai,ogy 

Was married to JAMES BRUCE, banker, Old 
Meldrum. Children: — 

1. Elizabeth Bruce, married William Keith and had 


2. James Bruce, banker, Old Meldrum. Married and 

had issue. 

3. John Bruce, banker, Old Meldrum. Married Jean 

Johnstone, and had issue. 

4. Margaret Bruce, married and had issue. 

5. Robert Bruce. 

6. Jean Bruce, married. 

7. Alexander Bruce. 

III. BARBARA MOIR, baptised 15 April, 1789. 

Died young. 

IV. GEORGE MOIR, baptised 14 October, 1790. 

(See Chapter IV.) 
V. JAMES MOIR, born 13th and baptised 16 
February, 1793. (See Chapter VI). 
VI. JEAN MOIR, baptised 11 August 1795. Was 
married to JAMES WALKER, baker, Huntly. 
Children: — 

1. James Walker, died in infancy. 

2. George Walker, bookseller, Aberdeen. Many years 

a Town Councillor, and a baillie in Aberdeen. 
Married Jane Craig. He survived his wife and 
died on 6 January, 1910, aged 89. No issue. 

3. Janet Walker, died young. 

4. Alexander Walker. 

5. William Patterson Walker. 

6. John Walker, married Mary Ann Hay, and had 


7. Jean Walker, died in infancy. 

8. Elspet Walker, married George Smith, and had 


9. Margaret Walker married and had issue. 

10. Mary Walker married John Elliot, and had issue. 

VIII. WILLIAM MOIR, Annat, died unmarried. 


GEORGE MOIR, blacksmith, Ardo, was son of 
GEORGE MOIR, Blacksmith, Annat, and his wife 

MoiR Genealogy 163 

JANET FLORENCE, and was baptized on 14 October, 
1790. He carried on business for some time at Newseat, 
and latterly at Ardo. He married MARGARET 
CALDER on 1st July, 1813. She died on 10 November, 
1866, aged 75, and her husband on 24 March, 1871. 
Children: — 

I. ELIZABETH MOIR, baptised 9 June, 1814. 
Died 3 April, 1869. 

II. GEORGE MOIR, tailor, Methlick, baptised 

25 October, 1815. Married BARBARA OF- 
FICER, on 15 November, 1849. She died 10 
January, 1895, aged 67, and GEORGE MOIR 
on 10 November, 1896. Children: — 

1. GEORGE MOIR, Glencaim, Methlick, 

both born 13 November, 1850. Mar- 
ried MARY CHRISTIE on 25 August, 
1879. Issue:— 

1. George Moir, born 17 December, 1887. 

2. JAMES MOIR, born 28 May, 1852. 

Married and had issue. 


June, 1854. Married and had issue. 

4. MARGARET MOIR, born 28 July, 

1856. Married and had issue. 

5. WILLIAM MOIR, merchant, Auch- 

nagatt, born 6 August, 1858. Married 
tember, 1888. Children: — 

1. Christina Jane Smith Moir. 

2. Georgina Moir. 

3. Jane Smith Moir. 

4. Elizabeth Moir. 

5. William Moir. 

6. Hugh Cameron Moir. 

7. Mary Christie Moir. 

6. MARY FRASER MOIR, born 9 August, 

1860. Married EDWARD BURNETT 
on 26 December 1896. Issue. 

III. JAMES MOIR, blacksmith, Fedderate, was born 

2 February and baptised 10 March, 1817. Mar- 
ried AGNES DUNCAN. He died 6 Feb- 

164 MOIR Geneai^ogy 

ruary, 1890, and his wife on 28 March, 1899. 
Children: — 

1. GEORGE MOIR, died young. 

2. JAMES MOIR, schoolmaster, Savoch. 

(M.A., Marishal College, Aberdeen, 
1860.) Married, but no issue. 

3. WILLIAM MOIR, sometime in Aber- 

deen, afterwards in Peterhead. Mar- 
ried MARGARET BIRNIE, and had 

4. ANN MOIR, married JAMES OGS- 

TON, wrigbt, New Deer. Issue. 

5. AGNES MOIR, married ROBERT 

FORBES, Fedderate, New Deer. No 

6. GEORGE MOIR, blacksmith, Fed- 

derate, New Deer, born 10 June, 
1854. Married GEORGINA SMITH. 
He died 19 June, 1895. Children:— 

1. Jane Helen Moir, died young. 

2. George Robert Moir, blacksmith, Mil- 

ner, B. C, Canada, born 10 Septem- 
ber, 1879. Married 26 Oct., 1906, 
Chrissie Tarves, had issue: — 

1. Georgiana Ann Moir, born 
Sept. 2, 1908. 

3. Christina Agnes Moir, born May, 1881. 

4. James William Moir, blacksmith, Fed- 

derate, born June, 1883. 

5. LyallTom Moir, born February, 1891. 

6. Frank Forbes Moir, born March, 1893. 

7. ROBERT MOIR, engineer. Married 

and had issue. 
IV. MARGARET MOIR, baptised 15 September, 
1818. Married CHARLES WILL, shoemaker, 
Methlick. Children: — 

1. Margaret Will, married James Michie, Northfield, 


2. Charles Will, married Helen Ewing. 

V. BARBARA MOIR, baptised 26 July, 1820. 
Died unmarried. 
VI. ANN MOIR, born at Methlick on 12 January, 
1822. (See Chapter V.) 

MoiR Gkneai.ogy 165 

VII. WILLIAM MOIR, Blacksmith of Layton, On- 
tario, b. 1826 in Ardo, Methlick, Aberdeen- 
shire, m. jfirst, CHARLOTTE GRANT, dau. 
of JOHN GRANT, (b. 1830, d. 1872) and had 
issue: (Mr. Moir died in 1898.) 

1. JOHN GRANT MOIR, b. Mar. 7, 1852, 

at Little Ardo, Aberdeenshire. Is 
now a clerk at Wakefield, Nebraska. 
dau. of WILLIAM SWEET, of Exeter, 
Ontario, and had issue: — 

1. Nettie Lorene Moir, b. Mar. 2, 1882, 

in Grand Bend, Canada. 

2. John Edgar Moir, b. Oct. 4, 18S3, in 

Thedfcrd, Canada. 

3. Harry Grant Moir, b. April 29, 1886, in 

Wakefield, Neb. 

4. Anna Louise Moir, b. Oct. 24, 1889, in 

Wakefield, Neb. 

5. Laura Ruth Moir, b.Nov. 20, 1891, in 

Wakefield, Neb. 

6. Dorothy Elizabeth Moir, b. Feb. 29, 

1894, in Wakefield, Nab. 

7. Margaret Irene Moir, b. Sept. 25, 1895, 

in Wakefield, Neb. 

8. Kenneth Nelly Moir, ) Twins 

9. Alice Katherine Moir, ) 

born Sept. 2, 1897, in Wakefield, 

2. JANE or JEAN MOIR of Layton, On- 

tario, born Nov. 1855, in Greens, 
Monquhitter, Canada; m. JAMES 
RENNIE, farmer, of Layton, Ontario, 

and had issue: — 

1. John Taylor Rennie. 

2. David Grant Rennie. 

3. Jean Ann Rennie. 

4. Margaret Wilhelmina Rennie. 

5. Mary Elizabeth Rennie. 

6. James Charles Rennie. 

7. William Alexander Rennie. 

3. WILLIAM MOIR, b. 1854, d. Sept. 16, 


4. JAMES MOIR, b. 1856, d. 1903. 

166 MoiR Genealogy 

5. MARGARET MOIR, b. 1858, d. 1885. 

6. ALEXANDER MOIR, b. May 19, 1860, 

in Aberdeen, Scotland, m. June, 1884, 

( ), and had issue: — 

1. Charlotte Moir, b. Feb. 24, 1885, in 

Toronto, Ontario. 

2. Dugald Alexander Moir, b. March 25, 

1886, in Toronto, Ontario. 

3. John Stewart Moir, b. Dec. 4,1890, in 

Wind so r, Ontario . 

4. George Roy Moir, b. Feb. 3, 1895, in 

Windsor, Ontario. 

5. Gordon Bruce Moir, b. Dec. 31, 1897, 

in Windsor, Ontario. 

6. Alice Robina Moir, b. Sept. 6, 1901, 

in Windsor, Ontario. 

7. CHARLOTTE MOIR, b. 1862, m. and 

now (1904) living at Gresswell, Ont. 

8. WILLIAM MOIR m. second, ELIZA- 

RENNIE, and had issue: — 

1. Mary Elizabeth Moir, of Layton, On- 
tario, b. March 9, 1878, in Wick, Ont. 

lor, Aberdeen. They had only one son, 
GEORGE, who died in infancy. 
Iowa; b. April, 1828, in Ardo, Methlick, 
Aberdeenshire, m. June, 1847, first, JANE 
MILNE and had issue: (Mrs. Moir, d. Jan. 

1. Helen Moir, of Des Met, South Da- 
kota, b. April 28, 1848, m. June, 1870, 
Donald Swainson, son of John Swain- 
son, and had issue: — 

1. John Swainson, b. March 16, 1871, in 

Sonya. Canada. 

2. Jane Milne Swainson, b. Oct. 29, 1873, 

in Balsoir, Canada, m ( ) Grover, 

and had issue. 
3. Mary Swainson, b. Nov. 26, 1875, in 

Victory Road, Canada, m. ( ) 

Siedschlaw, and had issue. 

MoiR Genealogy 167 

4. George Swainson, b. Mar. 26, 1877, 

in Kirkfield, Canada. 

5. Margaret Swainson, b. June 23, 1879, 

in Kirkfield, Canada, m. ( ) New- 
man, and had issue. 

6. Alexander Caldcr Swainson, b. Sept. 

30, 1880, in Kirkfield, Canada. 

7. Flora Swainson, born Oct. 27, 1882, 

in Kirkfield, Canada, m. ( ) 

Siverts, and has issue. 

8. Anna S^ainscn b. Sept. 20, 1884, in 

Arkona, Canada. 

9. Daniel Swainson, b. June 5, 1886, in 

Arkona, Canada. 

10. Edward Swainson, b. April 3, 1888, in 

Des Met, South Dakota, 

11. Helen Moir Swainson, b. Feb. 3, 1890, 

in Des Met, South Dakota. 

1854, ANN REID, dau. of JAMES REID of Newdeer, 
Aberdeenshire, and had issue: — 

1. ALEXANDER MOIR, b. Sept. 19, 1856, 

in Ardo, Methlick, Aberdeenshire. 

2. ANNA SCOTT MOIR, b. July 13, 1859, 

in Northville, Michigan, m. Dec. 30, 
1883, WILLIAM B. JOY of Huron, 
South Dakota, and had issue: — 

1. WiHiam Reid Joy, b. July 4, 1885, at 

Huron, S. D. 

2. Ethel Alsina Joy, b. Sept. 16, 1887, at 

Huron, S. D. 

3. Clarence Moir Joy, b. April 25, 1890, at 

Huron, S. D. 

4. James Ray Joy, b. Feb. 13, 1894, at 

Huron, S. D. 

5. Dorothy Joy, b. Oct. 11, 1898, at Huron, 

S. D. 


10, 1861, in Detroit, Mich., now a 
railway mail clerk, stationed at Du- 
buque, Iowa., m. Jan. 22, 1885, 
ANNA Mac ALLISTER, dau. of 
JOHN Mac ALLISTER, and had 
issue: — 

1. Leo Hughes Moir, b. July 12, 1888, in 
Plymouth, Iowa. 



wood, Iowa, b. Mar. 22, 1864, in De- 
troit, Michigan, married WILLIS W. 
HUNTER of Northwood, Iowa, and 

had issue. 

5. JAMES WHYTE MOIR, of Oelwein, 

Iowa, b. Feb. 6, 1868, in Northwood, 
Iowa, m, June 14, 1892, ADDIE 
BACON, dau. of Jerome Bacon of 
Medina, Wisconsin. No issue. 
RENCE, and had issue. 
Belhelvie. She died on 23 January, 1891. 
They had issue. 
XII. ROBERT MOIR, Blacksmith, Ardo, married 
ELIZABETH CHEYNE. He died on 9 De- 
cember, 1900. They had issue. 
XIII. JESSIE MOIR, born 9 December, 1830. Died 
in infancy. 



ANN MOIR, daughter of GEORGE MOIR, black- 
smith, Ardo, and his wife, MARGARET CALDER, 
was born at Methlick on 12 January, 1822. She was 
married to JOHN MILNE, inspector of poor, Bucks- 
bum, Aberdeenshire, on 16 December, 1845. She died 
9 January, 1891, and her husband on 17 September, 1895, 
both being buried in the Churchyard of the Parish of 
Newhills. Children: — 

I. MARGARET MILNE, born 25 August, 1846. 

Was married to JAMES BROWN, slater, on 

18 June, 1869. Children:— 

1. Ann Milne Brown, born 12 August, 1870. 

2. John Brown, born 29 March, 1872. 

3. Margaret Brown, born, 10 July, 1874. 

4. Jane Helen Brown, born 29 August, 1876. 

5. James Brown, born 27 March, 1878. 

6. William Brown, born 1 July, 1879. 

7. Robert George Brown, born 8 June, 1881. 

8. Alexander Milne Brown, born 9 March, 1883. 

9. Joseph Alexander Brown, born 30 August, 1884. 

Blacksmith, Tarves, Aberdeenshire 

1. George Moir and Wife 5. James Moir, M. A., Schoolmaster 

2. George Moir, Tailor 6. James Moir, Blacksmith, Fedderate 

3. James Moir, Blacksmith, Annat 7. Ann Black, Wife of No. 6 

4. William Moir, Iron Merchant, Aberdeen 

(See pages 159 to 175) 



General Blacksmith 

i.-oi I i'l 

« s n 

:1. L I 

^•'t- •. *. 


Milner, B. C., Canada 

(See page 164) 

V TtHE new YORK 


MoiR Gkneai.ogy 169 

II. JOHN MILNE, builder, Aberdeen, born 17 
April, 1848. Married MARTHA TAYLOR 
VALENTINE on 21 July, 1871. Children:— 

1. William Gray Milne, born 12 April, 1872. 

2. Mary Ann Milne, born 21 November, 1873. 

3. Robert George Milne, born 21 October, 1875. 

4. Alice Milne, born 4 March, 1878. 

5. Louisa Smith Milne, born 29 November, 1879. 

6. John Milne, born 29 May, 1881. 

7. Margaret Milne, born 9 August, 1884. 

8. James Milne, born 24 October, 1886. 

III. GEORGE MILNE, Waterford, Ireland, born 2 

March, 1850. Married MARY PIRIE VAL- 
ENTINE. Children:— 

1. Helen Gray Milne, born 21 November, 1873. 

2. Maggie Jane Milne, born 5 June, 1875. 

3. Agnes Bruce Milne, born 2 August, 1876. 

4. George Milne, born 20 July, 1878. 

5. Edward Milne, born 20 April, 1880. 

6. John Milne, born 8 December, 1881. 

7. Alexander Milne, born 10 February, 1884. 

8. Josephine Milne, born 11 May, 1886. 

9. Robert Milne, born 1 April, 1888. 

10. James Brown Milne, born 27 April, 1891. 

11. Ada Valentine Milne, born 10 December, 1893. 

IV. JAMES MILNE, born 22 March, 1852; died 

14 February, 1867. 

V. WILLIAM MILNE, Aberdeen, born 28 July, 
SON. Children:— 

1. Jane Ann Milne, born 27 September, 1873. 

2. Marjory Brown Milne, born 21 May, 1875. 

3. Williamina Grant Milne, born 5 April, 1877. 

4. Margaret Helen Bimie Milne, born 27 Feb- 

ruary, 1879. 

5. James Myers Danson Milne, born 10 April, 


6. Mary Pirie Milne, born 15 August, 1883. 

7. Joseph Reid Milne, born 21 June, 1886. 

8. Martha Valentine Milne, born 18 October, 1888. 

9. John Milne, born 18 November, 1890. 

VI. ALEXANDER MILNE, born 10 August, 1856. 
Died 20 August, 1858. 

VII. JOSEPH MILNE, Dublin, born 29 October, 

170 MoiR Genealogy 

on 28 October, 1880. Children:— 

1. John William Milne, born September, 1881. 

2. James Milne, born November, 1882. 

VIII. ROBERT MILNE, Glasgow, born 5 October, 
1862. Married JANE GIBSON YOUNG on 
26 December, 1883. Children:— 

1. Adeline AnnabeUa Gibson Milne, born 1 Novem- 

ber, 1884. 

2. Percy William Milne. 

IX. JANE ANN MILNE, born 29 January, 1865. 

Died 8 August, 1865. 
X. ANN MOIR MILNE, born 27 May, 1868. 
Married JAMES MACINTOSH on 25 April, 
1894. Children:— 

1. Frances Alice Macintosh, born 3 March, 1895. 

2. James Archibald Macintosh, born 25 May, 1896. 

3. Ernest Graham Macintosh, born 10 May, 1901. 




JAMES MOIR, blacksmith, Annat, was born on 13 
February, 1793. He married ANN BLACK. JAMES 
MOIR died on 13 October, 1875, and his wife on 20 
January, 1885, aged 81. They had family: — 

I. ANNMOIR, born 22 July, 1827; died 16 January, 
II. CHARLES MOIR, bookseller, Aberdeen, was 
born on 15 November, 1828. He married 
ANN WOOD HOWARTH. He died 4 July, 
1899, and his wife on 21 March, 1905. Chil- 
dren: — 

1. Charles Moir, born 8 September, 1860. 

2. Annie Moir, born 22 May, 1862. 

3. Josephine Moir, born 26 July, 1864. 

4. Jane Walker Moir, born 28 November, 1867. 

Was married on 25 March, 1908, to Rev. 
John Smith, Friockheim, Forfarshire. 

5. James Moir ^ 

6. Elsie Moir > died in infancy. 

7. Isabella Moir ^ 

MoiR Genbai,ogy 171 

III. JAMES MOIR, born 2 August, 1830. (See 

Chapter VII). 

IV. WILLIAM MOIR, born 29 May, 1832. (See 

Chapter VIII). 

V. MARGARET MOIR, born 15 April, 1834. Was 

They have an only son: — 

1. Alexander Anderson, Montreal, born 14 December, 

1858. Married on 4 April, 188S, Marianne 

Thorn. Children: — 

1. James Thorn Anderson, born 25 June, 


2. Alexander John Anderson, born 29 July, 


VI. ISABELLA MOIR, born 29 June, 1836. Died 

18 May, 1854. 
VII. JEAN MOIR, born 12 June, 1838. (See 
Chapter IX). 
VIII. GEORGE MOIR, born 27 December, 1840. Died 
16 November, 1849. 
IX. JOHN MOIR, born 29 June, 1843. 
X. ELSIE MOIR, born 3 September, 1846. Was 
married on 30 July, 1874, to GEORGE 
MORRISON, merchant, Boghead, Caimbie, 
Huntly. Children: — 

1. William Moir Morrison, born 27 June, 1875. 

2. George Alexander Morrison, born 8 November, 


3. Francis Morrison, born 16 July, 1879. 

4. James Morrison, born 15 July, 1882. Died 5 

April, 1889. 

5. Elsie Morrison, born 19 October, 1884. Died 

2 July, 1895. 

6. Charles Morrison, born 7 February, 1888. Died 

6 November, 1899. 
7. Maggie Charlotte Morrison, born 22 April, 

172 MoiR Genbai,ogy 



JAMES MOIR, blacksmith, Keithfield, son of JAMES 
MOIR, Annat, and his wife, ANN BLACK; was born 
on 2nd August, 1830. He married ANN KNOX. He 
died on 5 June, 1908, and his wife on 15 July, 1908. 
Children: — 

and had issue. 
II. ELSIE MOIR, was married to GEORGE 
PORTER. Issue. 

III. ANN MOIR, was married to JAMES THOM. 


IV. MARY MOIR, was married to JAMES GOR- 

DON, sometime carpenter, Insch, afterwards 
in Toronto. Issue. 
V. JAMES MOIR, Keithfield, Tarves. Married twice, 
(1) to ELIZA TAIT on 13 April, 1886. She 
died 10 February, 1898. (2) MAGGIE AN- 
DREW, on 9 June, 1903. There were eight 
children of first marriage and five of second, 
viz: — 

1. Nellie Moir, married John Home. 

2. James Moir. 

3. Charles Moir, married Jessie Kemp. 

4. Annie Moir. 

5. Alexander Moir. 

6. John Moir. 

7. William Moir. 

8. Isabella Moir. 

9. Mary Moir. 

10. George Moir. 

11. Alice Moir. 

12. Elsie Moir. 

13. Thomas Moir. 

VI. ISABELLA MOIR, was married to WILLIAM 

HORNE. No issue. 
Vn. ALICE MOIR, was married to JAMES PRATT. 
VIII. AGNES MOIR, was married to JAMES 
STEPHEN. Issue. 




WILLIAM MOIR was the third son of JAMES MOIR, 
blacksmith, Annat, and his wife ANN BLACK. He was 
born at Annat on 29 May, 1832. At an early age he Wiiuam Moir. 
came to Aberdeen, and entering the business of MESSRS. yJ^rdeS dSd 
GLEGG & THOMSON, iron merchants there, he January s'l. 
ultimately became a partner of that firm. WILLIAM J^tt^^rofj^ 
MOIR married at Aberdeen on 25th October, 1860, m. a. wood, 
HELEN BOWMAN, daughter of ANDREW BOW- ^;^^f '°"" 
MAN, plasterer. She died at Aberdeen on 10 June, 
1903, aged 72. They had family:— 

I. HELEN MOIR, born 9 June, 1865. Was 
married on 4 June, 1889, to FREDERIC 
McCRAE, Aberdeen. He died 21 October, 
1908, aged 48. Children:— 

1. Elsie McCrae, born 2 July, 1891- Died 8 Octo- 

ber, 1895. 

2. William Moir McCrae, born 13 June, 1894. 

3. Elizabeth Wilson Thorn McCrae, born 26 June, 



iron merchants, Aberdeen, born 23 April, 1868. 
Married at Keith, Banffshire, on 3 August, 
1898, ISABELLA McGREGOR. Children:— 

1. Helen Bowman Moir, born 17 July, 1899. 

2. William Keith Moir, born 3 February, 1901. 

3. Charles McGregor Moir, born 9 March, 1903. 

4. Mary Frances Lorimer Moir, born 22 May, 1907. 

5. Janet Isobel Moir, born 23, August, 1911. 

III. ELSIE MOIR, born 5 May, 1870. Was married 

on 18 July, 1901, to JAMES M. A. WOOD, 
solicitor, Aberdeen. (Who collected and kindly 
forwarded these notes on this family.) Chil- 
dren: — 

1. Edward James Wood, born 3 September, 1902. 

2. Douglas Moir Wood, born 4 January, 1907. 

3. Elsie Ethel Anderson Wood, born 11 September, 


IV. WILLIAM MOIR, born 12 August, 1872. Died 

15 June, 1891. 

174 MoiR Genealogy 




JEAN MOIR was born on 12th June, 1838. She was 
married to FRANK IRVINE, (a native of Methlick) 
who settled as a farmer at Seattersquoy, Stenness, 
Orkney. They have family: — 

I. JOHN IRVINE, Aberdeen, born 26 July, 1858. 
He married ELSIE JANE REED. Chil- 
dren: — 

1. Mary Ann Reid Irvine, born 3 March, 1880. 

Wag married on 27 December, 1905, to George 
Coutts, Wartle. Children:— 

1. John Irvine Coutts, born 7 March, 1907. 

2. Mary Coutts, born 3 November, 1908. 

3. Alice Benzie Coutts, born 25 January, 


2. Jeannie Moir Irvine, born 18 March, 1893. 

3. Francis Knox Irvine, born 13 November, 1897. 

4. James Moir Irvine, born 5 December, 1899. 

II. JAMES MOIR IRVINE, merchant, Fordsburg, 
Transvaal, South Africa, born 29 January, 
1860. Married ISABELLA WOOD OMAN. 

May, 1861. She was married on 7 Feb- 
ruary, 1889, to WILLIAM ROBERTSON 
NORQUOY, who has settled as a farmer in 
New South Wales. Children: — 

1. Francis Irvine Norquoy. 

2. Jeannie Moir Irvine Norquoy. 

IV. MARY ANN IRVINE, born 17 May, 1863. 
V. FRANCIS KNOX IRVINE, Llanglaagte Mines, 
South Africa; born 17 April, 1866. Married 
MARY McCRAE. They have issue. 

VI. JANE MOIR IRVINE, born 2 June, 1868. 
Was married on 9 September, 1890, to the 
REV. GEORGE R. MURISON, minister of 
the Parish of Stenness, Orkney. Children: — 

1. Jeannie Moir Murison, born 13 June, 1891. 

2. Frank Irvine Murison, born 4 June, 1894. 

3. Mary Irvine Murison, born 29 AprU, 1900. 

4. Margaret Irvine Murison, born 3 February, 


MOIR Genrai^ogy 


5. Isabella Heriot Gordon Murison, born 15 

September, 1904. 

6. Elspeth Alexandra Murison, born 14 September 


ary, 1870. Died in infancy. 
June, 1871. 
1875. Died in infancy. 
Mines, South Africa, born 10 December, 1879. 
Married ELNA McFAYDEN, and has one 
child : — 

1. Hector McFayden Irvine. 


South Africa, born 31 January, 1882. 
Mines, South Africa, born 31 January, 1882. 
Married MARY HUGHES. Children: — 

1. James Moir Irvine. 

2. Isabella Irvine. 




Kindly Furnished by His Daughter, MRS. A. M. MILLIGAN, of Edinburgh 

ROBERT MOIR of Aberdeenshire, m. ELIZABETH 
MURRAY, and about 1730, he went south to Ormistoii, 
East Lothian, where their two sons, ROBERT MOIR 
and JOHN MOIR, were born. What ultimately became 
of JOHN is not known, but ROBERT, (b. 1761, d. 
1817), m. ELIZABETH MACBETH (1762-1842), and 
had issue, all of whom were born at Musselburgh: — 

II. DAVID MACBETH MOIR, b. Jan. 5, 1798, 
and was a physician in active practice at Mus- 
selburgh, from his manhood until his death 
July 6, 1851. His family record follows. 

III. HUGH ROSS MOIR, 1800-1852, had two 

sons, both of whom are dead. 

IV. CHARLES SCOTT MOIR, 1804-1858, died un- 

See personal Of the above family, DAVID MACBETH MOIR, 

g^tawJh (Delta,) m. CATHERINE ELIZABETH BELL, and 
portrait on their family were: — 
anotherpage. j ELIZABETH CATHERINE MOIR, b. 1830, 

d. 1904, m. THOMAS R. SCOTT, M. D., and 
had issue. 

II. ROBERT MOIR, doctor of medicine, in the 

Indian Medical Service; latterly practised in 

St. Andrews, Fifeshire; born Musselburgh, 

October 23, 1831, m. Sept. 20, 1859, ALISON 

PATERSON of Aberdeen, and had issue: — 

1. David Macbeth Moir. b. June 30, 1860, in 

Hyppa, India, m. June 20, 1897, and died 
of blood-poisoning in Calcutta June 6, 1907. 

2. Henry Paterson Moir, b. May 13, 1864, in 

Benares, India, and is now in business for 

MoiR Genealogy 177 

Messrs. Balfour, Guthrie & Co., of San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 
3. Catherine Moir, b. July 24, 1865, in Agra, 
India, and now (1912), in secretarial and 
school work in St. Andrews, Fifeshire, 

4. Alison Moir, born Aug. 21, 1867, in Agra, 

India, and married M. R. Jardine, barrister-at- 
law in Bombay, India, and has issue. 

5. Emily Elizabeth Moir, born June 4, 1872, 

in Simla, India, and m. May 10, 1904, E. 
O. E. Leggatt, (retired), of the Indian Civil 

6. Robert Moir, Jr., born May 24, 1873, in 

Simla, India, and d. in St. Andrews, Fifeshire, 
Oct. 14, 1881. 

7. John Elliott Moir, born Aug. 13, 1875, in St. 

Andrew's, m. Nov. 14, 1906. He is a Cap- 
tain in the Indian Army. He has issue. 

III. CHARLES BELL MOIR, b. 1833, d. 1838, 

was one of his father's favorite children, and 
the one of whom the father wrote "Cassa 
Wappy," one of the poet's finest productions. 

IV. DAVID MACBETH MOIR, JR., b. 1835, d. 

V. WILLIAM BLACKWOOD MOIR, b. 1836, Named for a 

member of the 
d. 1838. famous Pub- 

1838, m. MAJOR GENERAL T. ORR, and 
has issue. 
VII. ANNE MARY MOIR, b. 1840, at Mussel- 
burgh, m., 1859, REV. WILLIAM MILLI- 
GAN, D.D., professor of divinity and biblical 
criticism in Aberdeen University, (b. 1821, d. 
1893,) son of Rev. George Milligan, D.D., of Elie 
Fife, (b. 1793, d. 1858), and had issue: — 

1. George Milligan, b. 1860, at Kilconquhar, Fife, 

now professor of divinity and biblical criti- 
cism in Glasgow University, (to whom the 
author of this work is indebted for the splen- 
did list of Moirs and Mores who graduated 
from the University of Glasgow), m. 1891, 
and has issue. 

2. David Macbeth Moir Milligan, b. 1861, at Mus- 

selburgh, now an advocate in Aberdeen, m. 

3. Catherine Elizabeth Milligan, b. 1862, at Old 

178 MoiR Geneai^ogy 

Aberdeen, m. 1884, Y. W. H. TraU, professor 
of botany, in Aberdeen University, and has 

4. William Milligan, b. 1864, at Old Aberdeen, an 

M, D., (specialist in ear and throat diseases), 
m. 1890, and has issue. 

5. Janet Frazer Milligan, b. 1870, at Old Aber- 

deen, now (1912), in Edinburgh. 

6. Anne Mary MiUigan, b. 1868, in Old Aberdeen, 

now (1912), in Edinburgh. 

7. Frederick Patterson MUligan, b. 1871, in Old 

Aberdeen, m. 1903. He is now (1912), a 
Writer to the Signet, at Edinburgh. 

8. Wyndham Anstnither Milligan, b. 1871, at Old 

Aberdeen, an M. D., now (1912), in London; 
m. 1903, and has issue. 

9. Emily Mcir MiUigan, b. 1873, at Old Aberdeen, 

m. 1910, to Ralph HiU Stewart, actuary, of 
Edinburgh, and has issue. 

10. Agnes Charlotte MUligan, b. 1875, at Old Aber- 

deen, m. 1900, to Godfrey Mohun Carey, of 
Sherborne, Dorset, England, and has issue. 

11. Oswald BeU Milligan, b. 1879, at Old Aber- 

deen, now (1912), a minister, of St. Leonard's 

Parish Church, Ayr. 
SPENCE, and has issue. 
FOWLER, and has issue. 
1845, at Musselburgh; m. Oct. 5, 1864, to 
CHARLES DUNCAN, b. Jan. 13, 1831, d. 
Oct. 14, 1886. Advocate and procurator-fiscal 
of Aberdeenshire, son of William Duncan, 
shipowner, Aberdeen, (b. July 28, 1788, d. June 
26, 1855); and Isabella Matthews, (b. July 19, 
1801, d. Sept. 19, 1884.) Emily Robertson Moir 
died Dec. 15, 1898. Had issue: — 

1. WUliam Oswald Duncan, b. Jan. 3, 1865, in 

Aberdeen, since 1887 an advocate in Aber- 
deen, and a soldier in the 4th Gordon High- 
landers for 24 years (1912 ), rising to the 
rank of major. 

2. Macbeth Moir Duncan, b. Sept. 1, 1866, at 

Aberdeen, also an advocate, and a major in 
the H. D. R. F. Artillery, m. June, 1906. 
(No issue. ) 



3. Katherine Moir Duncan, b. Jan 18, 1872, at 

Aberdeen, a graduate of St. Leonard's and 
St. Andrew's Universities, m. Nov. 17, 1906, 
Hugh De Maine Alexander, (b. Edinburgh, 
Oct. 23, 1872 ), son of William Black Alexander, 
and has issue: — 

1. Emily De Maine Alexander, b. Nov. 1, 
1907, at New Machar, Aberdeen- 

4. James Matthews Duncan, b. June 17, 1874, at 

Fintray, Aberdeenshire, m. April 11, 1901, 
Muriel Skelton Stephenson, of Grimsby, and 
has issue: — 

1. William Moir Matthews Duncan, b. 

April 2, 1902, at Grimsby. 

2. Charles Matthews Duncan, b. Dec. 

13, 1904, at Grimsby. 

3. Delta Muriel Matthews Duncan, b. 

Dec. 13, 1904, at Grimsby, 

5. Charlotte Rose Duncan, b. Nov. 7, 1878, at 

Aberdeen, m. June 20, 1903, James George 
Paull, advocate of Aberdeen, and has issue. 

6. Charles Julian Duncan, b Nov. 17, 1881, at 

Murtle, died 1912. 

7. Emily Robertson Duncan, b. Oct. 25, 1883,^ at 

Murtie, now (1912), at Aberdeen. 

8. Alexander Bell Duncan, b. Feb. 2, 1885, at 

Murtle, now an Indian civil servant, in India. 

XI. OSWALD BELL MOIR, b. 1847, (now 1912,) 


This lady has 
written some 
fine poetry. 
(W. M. Moir 
of Chicago.) 

tJOHN MOIR, grocer, of Duluth, Minn., b. Oct. 3, 
1867, in Bellrock, Ontario, son of George Moir, of Cold- 
wells, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and Margaret Taylor, 
(died May, 1912), grandson of John Moir, of Cold- 
wells, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and Elizabeth Scott; 
married Nov. 30, 1890, Florence M. Walker, dau. of 
Samuel Walker, of Caldwell, Kansas, and had issue: — 

1. Ina Pearl Moir, born Oct. 16, 1892, Duluth, 

Minn., d. March 29, 1893. 

2. Hazel Muriel Moir, b. Aug. 3. 1895, Duluth, 


3. Florence Oliver Moir, b. Apr. 1, 1898, Duluth, 

Minn., d. May 17, 1898. 

4. Earl Ray Moir, b. Sept. 5, 1899, Duluth, Minn. 
JAMES RIDDOCH MOIR, electric lighting inspector 

and cable tester for the Corporation of Glasgow, b. March 
1st, 1869, at Hattencrook, Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire, 
son of George Moir, gamekeeper, (b. Whiterashes, 
Hattencrook, Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire), and Mar- 
garet Riddoch; grandson of John Moir, blacksmith, 
Hattencrook, and Mary Marr. Married June 23, 1893, 
Agnes Muirhead, dau. of Matthew Muirhead, of Glas- 
gow, (b. Co. Armagh, Ireland), and had issue: — 

1. Elizabeth Muirhead Moir, b. Mar. 17, 1894, 

Glasgow, Scotland, tie and scarfmaker. 

2. George Moir, born Jan. 16, 1899, at Bridgeton, 

Glasgow, d. Oct., 1899. 

3. Jeanie Mcllroy McGregor Moir, b. Jan. 4, 1904, 

ALICE MAY MOIR, formerly governess and trained 
nurse, of San Francisco, California, b. May 21, 1868, in 
Grange, Banffshire, Scotland, dau. of Duncan Moir, 
school-teacher, of Mile- End, Aberdeen, Scotland, (brother 
of William M. Moir, of Chicago, Illinois, and Alex- 
ander Moir, of Indiana,) and Jane McConachie; grand- 

*It is quite possible some of the following families may be able to trace their 
lineage through the material contained in this work. There certainly ia a great 
amount of data concerning the Moirs of this county. 

tThis gentleman fully intended to send us for insertion in this work a group 
photograph containing four generations of Moirs, but the death of the elder of the 
four, made it so that he could not fulfill his obligation. 


daughter of Alexander Moir, and *Elizabeth Henderson 
Skene, (who, after his wife's death, emigrated to Indiana, 
U. S. A., having sold his property at Mile-End, Aberdeen, 
Scotland.) Married, Feb. 17, 1901, Dr. August Fred Rein- 
hold, of Berlin, Germany, and had issue: — 

1. August Fred Skene Rienhold, b. Mar. 31, 1902, in New 

York City, N. Y. (Dr. Reinhold died about 1905, in San 

Francisco, Cal. ) 

tWILLIAM M. MOIR, carpenter, (was three years a 
private in the Scottish rifle volunteers) of Chicago, Illinois, 
b. 13 Sept., 1838, son of Alexander Moir, of Aberdeen- 
shire, Scotland, and Elizabeth Mennie; grandson of 
Alexander Moir, of Mile- End, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, 
Scotland, and Elizabeth Henderson; m. Dec. 30, 1861, 
Emma Milne, dau. of Andrew Milne, and had issue: — 

1. William M. Moir, Jr. 

2. Elizabeth Moir. 

3. NelUe Moir. 

4. Alfred Moir. 

5. Emma Moir. 

6. Alexander Moir ) 

7. Andrew Moir \ ^^^^ children. 

ALEXANDER MOIR, travelling salesman, of Chicago, 
111., b. Sept. 19, 1856, in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, 
Scotland, son of Alexander Moir, of Aberdeen, and Ann 

( ); married Nov. 14, 1878, Ellen May Kinyon, 

dau. of Benjamin Kinyon, of Randolph, Wisconsin, and 

had issue: — 

1. Myrtle A. Moir, b. Nov. 3, 1880, Britt, Iowa. 

2. Madeline A. Moir, b. Aug. 26, 1886, Waterloo, Iowa. 

JOHN MOIR, (son of John Moir), b. 1804, in Aberdeen, 
Scotland, died in New York City in 1895. His two sons 
and three daughters were all born in Aberdeen, on the 
spot where the Aberdeen Carnegie Library now stands; 
he m. Agnes Jane Moir, (born Moir), who died in New 
York City, in 1865. Had issue: — 

1. John Moir, m. Mary Jane Van Hoesen, of Calkill, and 

had issue: — 

*The above Elizabeth Henderson Skene was a sister of Alexander J. C. Skene, M. 
D. LL.D., of Brooklyn, N. Y., president of and Dean of the College hospital, one of the 
Skenes of Skene, the first of whom slew a wolf in the path of King Malcolm, and did 
some other brave acts for which he was rewarded by getting from the king "as much 
land as that crow flies over," which proved to be an extent of some 270 miles. 

(From letter of Mrs. Reinhold.) 

+The above W. M. Moir had a brother John Moir who was named after a John Moir 
of Beniche mountain, near Aberdeen, and Wm. M. Moir was also named after another 
estate owner, — "lang Willie Moir" of Begossie, in the Highlands, who always wore kilts, 
and who "tied his garters below the knee, without bending his back." 


1 Mary Moir. 

2. Jane Agnes Moir, who m. Rev. Henry R. WUson. 

Now (1905, ) deceased. 

3. John Moir, Jr., died young. 

2. Mirgaret Moir, m. Thomas Ward, now, (1904, ) deceased. 

3. Jane Moir, who died unmarried. 

4. Agnes Victoria Moir, m. John Smith, both, (1904, ) deceased, 

and had issue: — 

1. Agnes Victoria Smith, married John Hobart, (now 


2. Frances Preston Smith. 

3 William Moir Smith, (killed in civil war, 1861-1865,) 
m. and had issue: — 

1. Agnes Victoria Smith, (alive 1904), 
m. to Robert Cratur, 1902. 
4. James Davis Smith, m. ( ), and had six chil- 
dren, three of whom are living (1904), including 
one daughter married. 

5. *William Moir, born Aug. 15, 1826, died in New York 

City, March 21, 1898; m. Emily Hun Sexton, and had 
issue: — 

1. Emilj' Moir, died in infancy. 

GEORGE MOIR, Aberdeen, son of William Moir 
and Helen Alexander, b. June 16, 1848; m. June 6, 1871, 
Elizabeth Brebner, now (1912), deceased, dau. of George 
Brebner of Whitehill, Aberdeenshire; and had issue: — 

1. George Moir, b. Sept. 9, 1872, at Whitehill, now at 

Johannesburg, South Africa. 

2. Isabella Helen Moir, b. April 1, 1874, at Stripeside, Aber- 

deenshire, now (1912), at Toronto, Canada. 

3. WiUiam Moir, b. Jan. 9, 1875, at Stripeside, Aberdeenshire, 

now at Killamey, Ireland. 

4. Robert Moir, b. Sept. 26, at Stripeside, now deceased. 

5. James John Moir, b. April 16, 1878, at Stripeside, now 


6. Jane Moir, b. July 14, 1880, at Stripeside, now at Aberdeen. 

7. Alexander Moir, b. Feb. 1, 1882, at Ballhill, now at Barre, 


8. Elizabeth Moir, b. Mar. 20, 1885, at Ballhill, Logie-Buchan, 

now at Aberdeen. 

9. John Shand Moir, b. June 1, 1897, at Aberdeen. 

WILLIAM WILSON MOIR, of Toronto, Ontario, 
born Feb. 14, 1851, in Toronto, son of George Moir, of 
Aberdeen, (and Canada), and Agnes Petrie; m. Nov. 10, 
1880, Frances Maria Rainey, daughter of David Rainey, 

♦This William Moir, was for many years treasurer of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian 
Church of New York City, and a beautiful taemorial window was there erected to his memory 
by his widow; a photo-engraving of the window is published in this book under Memorials. 

MoiR Genkalogy 183 

of Cookstown, Ontario, and had issue: — 

1. William Petrie Sylvester Moir, b. Aug. 21, 1881, Cooks- 

town, Ont. 

2. Mary Olive Moir, b. Mar. 19, 1883, Cookstown, Ontario. 

3. David Wesley Moir, b. June 25, 1885, Cookstown, Ontario. 

4. Frances Florence Charlotte Moir, b. July 19, 1898, Toronto, 


JAMES ALEXANDER MOIR, business manager, 
of London, Ontario, b. May 4, 1877, in Princeton, 
Ontario, son of James Moir, of Elora, Ontario, and Agnes 
Winters; and grandson of James Moir, of Aberdeen, 

Scotland, and ( ), m. Nov. 11, 1903, Addie Calbeck, 

daughter of James Calbeck, of Brantford, Ontario, and 
had issue. 

JAMES MOIR, formerly of Aberdeen, afterwards of 
Brantford, Ontario, m. ( ), and had issue: — 

1. William Henry Moir. 

2. Laura May Moir. 

3. James Alexander Moir. 

FORBES MOIR, of West Garafraxa, Ontario, b. July 13, 
1851, Crathie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, son of Forbes 
Moir and Elizabeth McGregor; and grandson of William 
Moir, of Insch, Aberdeenshire, and Janet Copland; 
m. Nov. 25, 1878, Agnes Gerry, daughter of John Gerry, 
of Fergus, Ontario, and had issue; — 

1. Elizabeth Moir, born July 30, 1881, in West Garafraxa, 


2. Florence Edna Moir, born March 2, 1884, in West Gara- 

fraxa, Ontario. 

3. Forbes Byron Moir, b. May 24, 1886, in West Garafraxa, 


4. Mary Moir, b. Oct. 12, 1888, in West Garafraxa, Ont. 

5. John Charles Moir, b. Feb. 19, 1891, in West Garafraxa, 


6. James Gerry Moir, b. May 20, 1893, in West Garafraxa, 


7. Alexander Leith Moir, b. Dec. 7, 1898, in West Garafraxa, 


GEORGE MICHIE MOIR, of Sunnidale Corners, 
Ontario, b. Sept. 18, 1839, in York, Canada, son of George 
Moir, of Aberdeen and Agnes Petrie; grandson of George 
Moir, of Aberdeen and Catherine Macintosh; m. Jan. 
26, 1869, Mary Jane McLennan, daughter of Alexander 
McLennan, of Innisfail, Ont., and had issue: — 

184 MoiR Genealogy 

1. Elizabeth Ann Moir, b. Nov. 26, 1869, in Sunnidale 

Corners, Ont. 

2. Agnes Petrie Moir, b. Dec. 21, 1871, Sunnidale Comers, 

Ont., died there, Mar. 5, 1895. 

3. George Moir, b. Sept. 7, 1873, in Sunnidale Corners, 


4. James Alexander Moir, b. Sept. 18, 1875, in Sunnidale 

Corners, Ontario, married Dec. 28, 1904, Miss Lillian 
Townley, of Toronto, dau. of John A. Townley, of Aurora, 
Ontario, by the Rev. J. T. Morris, of Toronto. 

5. Mary Emily Moir, b. Sept. 24, 1877, in Sunnidale Corners, 


6. John Archibald Moir, b. Nov. 28, 1879, in Sunnidale 

Corners, Ontario. 

7. Walter Gordon Moir, b. July 18, 1883, in Sunnidale Comers, 


WILLIAM BOWMAN MOIR, of Hamilton, Ontario, 
b. 1858, at Aberdeenshire, Scotland, son of John Moir 
and Barbara Ratray, both of Ballater, Aberdeenshire, 
married 1874. 

SARAH MOIR of Nichol, Ontario, b. Jan. 21, 1864, in 
Nichol, Ontario, daughter of Alexander Leith Moir, of 
Nichol, Ontario, and Joan Wilson; and grand-daughter 
of Alexander Moir, of Rayne, Aberdeenshire, and Isabella 

JOHN SHAW MOIR, of Elora, Ontario, b. Dec. 11, 
1848, in Township of Nichol, Ontario, son of Alexander 
Leith Moir and Joan Wilson, grandson of Alexander Moir, 
of Old Rayne, Aberdeenshire, and Isabella Bannerman; 
m. Elizabeth Cooper, daughter of James Cooper, of Wel- 
lington, Ont., and had issue: — 

1. James Alexander Moir, b. Mar. 22, 1881, in Nichol, Ont. 

2. John Frederick Moir, b. July 20, 1883, in Nichol, Ont. 

3. Mary EUzabeth Moir, b. Aug. 22, 1885, in Nichol, Ont. 

4. William Walter Moir, b. Jan. 31, 1888, in Nichol, Ont. 

5. Florence May Moir, b. July 30, 1890, in Nichol, Ont. 

6. David Nelson Moir, b. Jan. 19, 1893, in Nichol, Ont. 

7. Forbes Edward Moir, b. Aug. 30, 1895, in Nichol, Ont. 

8. Annie Catherine Moir, b. Aug. 24, 1898, in Nichol, Ont. 

ALEXANDER MOIR, of Township of Nichol, Ontario, 
b. June 19, 1855, son of Alexander Leith Moir, of Nichol, 
Ont., and Joan Wilson; and grandson of Alexander Moir 
of Old Rayne, Aberdeenshire, and Isabella Bannerman. 

ELSIE MOIR, nurse, of Baltimore, Maryland, b. June 
4, 1822, in Keith Hall, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; daughter 

of Eldora, Iowa 

9 j 





Kf ^B 

f Jt 


tf ai"- "^ M 




1 \ 

^' flB^^^^^^^Ha 



of Forres, Elginshire 

Progenitor of a long list of Moirs of 

North Carolina 

(Seepage 191) 

Eldora, Iowa 

(See page 187) 


: ,.; FOONDA^ 

MoiR Genealogy 185 

of Alexander Moir, woodsawyer, of Aberdeen, Scotland, 
and ( ) Cassie, dau. of John Cassie; and grand- 
daughter of Alexander Moir, of Aberdeen, Scotland, and 

( ). (Alive 1910.) 

ALEXANDER MOIR, millwright, of Los Angeles, 
California, b. Oct. 7, 1845, son of James Moir, of Aberdeen, 
Scotland, and Ann Henderson, and grandson of James 

Moir, of Aberdeen, Scotland, and ( ) Williams; m. 

Dec. 25, 1878, Harriet Marcia Allen, dau. of Abner W. 
Allen, of Highgrove, California, and had issue : — 

1. Joseph Waiiam Moir, b. Sept. 14, 1880, Worthington, 

Minn. (See below.) 

2. Abner Allen Moir, b. Dec. 21, 1882, Nonesuch, Mich., 

d. Sept. 6, 1886. 

3. John James Moir, b. Sept. 29, 1884, Worthington, Minn. 

4. Reuben Crawford Moir, b. Oct. 19, 1885, Sious City, Iowa, 

d. 1888. 

5. Jessie Ann Moir, b. Oct. 1, 1887, Pasadena, Cal. 

6. Charles Raymond Moir, b. Nov. 29, 1892, Highgrove, Cal. 

7. Margaret Jean Moir, b. Dec. 6, 1897, Highgrove, Cal. 

8. Mildred Ethel Moir, b. Nov. 7, 1902, Highgrove, Cal. 

JOSEPH WILLIAM MOIR, mechanic, of Los Angeles, 
Cal., b. Sept. 14, 1880, in Worthington, Minn., son of 
Alexander Moir, of Los Angeles, Cal., and Harriet Marcia 
Allen; and grandson of James Moir, of Aberdeenshire, 
Scotland, and Ann Henderson; m. June 14, 1903, Alice 
Catherine Payne, dau. of Richard E. Payne, of Colorado 
Springs, Colorado. 

ALEXANDER MOIR, stone cutter, of Quincy, Mass., 
b. 1852, in Aberdeen, Scotland, son of James Moir, of 
Aberdeen, Scotland, and Helen Pirie; m. 1874, Isabella 
Moir, of Aberdeen, Scotland, and had issue: — 

1. Isabella Moir, b. Mar. 11, 1875, Aberdeen, Scotland, 

school teacher. 

2. John Moir, b. Nov. 2, 1878, Aberdeen, Scotland, lawyer. 

3. William Reed Milne Moir, b. Oct. 16, 1880, Aberdeen, 

Scotland, book buyer. 

4. Helen Rowena Moir, b. Oct. 15, 1884, Quincy, Mass., music 


5. Frederick Ernest Moir, b. 1886, Quincy, Mass., student 

Harvard College (1905). 

DAVID ANDREW MOIR, bookkeeper, of Fitchburg, 
Mass., b. 1873, in Aberdeen, Scotland, son of Alexander 
Moir, of Aberdeen, Scotland, and Eliza Jane Webster 

186 MoiR Genealogy 

Milne Moir; m. *Barbara Russell, dau. of Patrick Russell, 
of Aberdeen, Scotland, and had issue: — 

1. Jean Moir, b. 1895, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

2. La vinia Robertson Moir, b. 1897, Aberdeen, Scotland, d. 1899. 

3. Cecilia Ann Moir, b. 1898, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

CHARLES H. MOIR, having a largo sugar and coffee 
plantation in Guatemala City, Guatemala, born in Aber- 
deen, Scotland, having two brothers and one sister living 
(1913), as follows: — 

1. John Munro Moir, M. D., practicing in Inverness. 

2. William Moir, civil engineer, in India. 

3. Grace A. Moir, in Aberdeen, unmarried. 

C. H. Moir married 1904, Concha, elder daughter 
of Doctor and General jFrancisco Anguino, and had 
issue: — 

1. Charles Moir, born 1906. 

2. Graciela Moir, born 1908. 


From the County Directory of Scotland, for 1901-1904.) 

Rev. A. F. Moir, Baillie's Wells, Cults, Aberdeen. 
Alexander Moir, farmer, Brae, Kintore. 
Alexander Moir, farmer, Holland Bush, Glassel. 
Alexander Moir, farmer, North Artrochie, Ellon. 
Alexander Moir, Snipfield, Colpy, Insch. 
Alexander Moir, farmer, Waterton, Ellon. 
Andrew Moir, Wardhouse, Mains, Insch. 
George Moir, Fedderate, New Deer. 
George S. Moir, Jr., Knockhall, Newburgh. 
James Moir, M. A., Firs, Kinharrochie, Ellon. 
Robert Moir, Tarty, Ellon. 

*Thi3 lady is a noted Scottish singer, with a good reputation in her own circle, 
which includes several states. 

fDoctor and General Francisco Anguino is one of the principal personages in the 
Republic of Guatemala; speaking politically, legally and socially. He has served under 
several administrations, as Magistrate, Minister successively of War, Foreign Relations, 
Justice and the Interior. He has been Vice-President of the Republic, Minister in 
Washington, U. S. A., and in Mexico, and is actually Vice-President of the National 
Assembly, and President of the Council of State. 


*WILLIAM J. MOIR, attorney-at-law since 1856, mem- Particulars 
bar of legislature two terms; mayor of Eldora, Iowa, two fvom"Annai3 
terms; treasurer and trustee of the State Industrial School of of lowa," 
Iowa, for thirty years (1904) and on the first day of July, "^* 
1903, made his 69th semi-annual report as treasurer of 
Eldora lodge, I. O. O. F. ; was born October 19, 1824, in 
Buchan, Scotland, son of John Moir of Buchan, Scotland, 
(who came to Stanstead, P. Q., Canada, in 1830, and who I9i2. 
died recently) and Mary Morrison. Married October 27, 
1847, Olive Jane Ball, of Stanstead, Province of Quebec, 
and had issue : — 

I. MARCUS WILLIAM MOIR, tax ferret, now of 
Eldora, Iowa, b. May 11, 1851, in Bristolville, 
Ohio; m. 1872, Frances Augusta Graves, dau. of 
Harvey Graves, of Eldora, Iowa, and had issue: — 

1. Clara Luella Moir, of Aberdeen, South Dakota, 

b. 1873, in Eldora, Iowa; m. 1895, Samuel Sher- 
man Foster, hotelkeeper, son of William Har- 
rison Foster, of Mason City, Iowa. 

2. Harriet Jane Moir, of Eldora, Iowa, b. May 14, 

1878, in Eldora, Iowa; m. Sept. 20, 1897, George 
Harold Brooks, farmer, son of William Brooks, 
of Joplin, Missouri, and had issue: — 

■''William J. Moir was born in Banffshire, Scotland, October 19, 1824. He came to 
this country with his parents in 1830. He was educated at Derby Academy, Vt., and 
was naturalized at Plymouth, Ind., in August, 1854. At the latter place he studied 
law and was admitted to the bar in 1856. He settled in Eldora, Hardin county, the 
same year, where he has since resided and practiced his profession. He has twice served 
— in 1862 and 1864 — in the Iowa House of Representatives, where he proved himself a 
useful and conscientious member. He also served twelve years on the Eldora school 
board, and was twice elected mayor of that city. Mr. Moir was the leader in the work 
of founding the State Reform School at Eldora, and one of its foremost friends and pro- 
moters. He served as one of the Board of Trustees — with the exception of two years — 
from the beginning, until it was taken in charge by the Board of Control in 1898. He 
was many years treasurer of the institution, during which time he disbursed the sum of 
$1,228,557.25, for which he never asked nor received any compensation whatever. His 
services in connection with the Reform School have always met with hearty approval, 
and he is well known to the people of Iowa from his long and eflScient work in building 
up that institution. 

He is a well-known author of articles for the press, and has written for the "Annals 
of Iowa," an historical magazine published by the Historical Department of Iowa, an 
article on "Enoch Worthen Eastman." William John Moir, had several uncles, (brothers 
of his father,) viz: — William, David and James or Robert Moir. 

(From "Annals of Iowa," July, 1904.) 
(See portrait inserted.) 

188 MoiR Genealogy 

1. Margery Frances Brooks, b. Jan. 18, 

1898, Eldora, Iowa. 

2. Vivian Harriett Brooks, b. Apr. 7, 

1900, Eldora, Iowa. 

3. Marcus William Moir Brooks, b. Apr. 

26, 1901, Eldora, Iowa. 
3. Mabel CSiarlotte Moir, born Oct. 27, 1881, in 
Eldora, Iowa. 
II. GEORGE J. MOIR, painter and decorator, of Eldora, 
Iowa, born Oct. 14, 1861, in Eldora, Iowa; m. 

1883, ( ), and had issue: — 

1. *William J. Moir, Jr., b. 1884, Eldora, Iowa, and 
(1905) is attending college in Des Moines, Iowa. 

JOHN NICOL MOIR, of GraniteviUe, Quebec, b. May 

28, 1835, in Beebe Plain, Quebec, Canada; son of John 

(Buchan) Moir, of Banff, Scotland, a stone mason, (b. Nov. 6, 

1797; d. Oct. 26, 1879,) and Sophia Nicol. Married Sept. 

28, 1863, Emma Tryon, of Clarenceville, Quebec, and had 

issue : — 

1. Mary Ella Moir, b. Dec. 20, 1866, in GraniteviUe, Quebec, 

CHARLES MOIR, physician, of Louisville, Kentucky, 
b. 1858, in London, Ontario, son of James Moir of 
Banffshire, Scotland, and Mary MandervUle, daughter of 

( ) Manderville, of County Louth, Ireland; m. 1880, 

Clara Jacques, dau. of Louis Jacques, of Belgium, and 

had issue : — 

1. Charles Louis Moir, b. 1882, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Both father and son are graduates of the Medical 
College of the University of Louisville, Kentucky. The 
father has three brothers living, one John Moir, in 
London, Ontario, one Frank Moir, in Los Angeles, Cali- 
fornia, and one James Moir in St. Mary's, Ontario. 


(From the County Directory of Scotland, for the years 

David Moir, Berry drum, Cornhill. 
Mrs. MoLr, Haugh, Aberlour. 

Moir Clochan, ) at Clochan, Banffshire, 

m, ) 

Moir Homie, ) two and one-half miles from Port Gordon. 

*A note from this young man's grandfather, dated Sei^t. 10, 1912, states that William J.- 
Moir Jr., is now teaching in Lake Forest College, near Chicago, Illinois. 


EDWARD MOIR, farmer, of Coalsnaughton, Clack- 
mananshire, married Janet Sharpe, and had issue among 
others : — 

Alexander Moir, miner, b. 1810, of Coalsnaughton, 
Tillicoultry; m. Margaret Harley, and had issue. (He 
died 1882, and she died 1872). 

1. Margaret Moir, b. in Scotland, now (1912) in Clinton, 


2. Janet Moir, b. in Scotland, now (1912) in Clinton, Mass. 

3. Edward Moir, engineer, b. 1844 in TilUcoultry; m. 1871; 

Ann Ramsay, dau. of James Ramsay of Dumfries, and 
had issue: — 

1. James Alexander Moir, engineer, for 15 years, 

(1912) in Clinton, Mass., for 8 years a black- 
smith, in Scotland, b. 1872, in Dumfries; m. 
Feb. 22, 1899, Margaret Harrower, and had 
issue : — 

1. Edward Alexander Moir, born Dec. 4, 

1902, in Clinton, Mass. 

2. Margaret Ramsay Moir, born May 30, 

1911, in Clinton, Mass. 

2. Mary Margaret Moir, born 1874, at Edinburgh, 

now (1912) in Tillicoultry. 

3. Robert Ramsay Moir, engineer, (stationary) b. 

1876, in Edinburgh; m. 1909, and was killed 
accidently by an engine, Feb. 1911, at Glasgow. 

4. Elizabeth Hamilton Moir, b. at Dollar, Scotland; 

m. 1909, Robert R. Moir. 


(From The County Directory of Scotland, 1902.) 
JAMES MacARTHUR MOIR, Hillfoot, Dollar, Clack- 
manan shire. 

S. H. MOIR, Rowanbrae Cottage, Garelochead. 
MISSES MOIR, Benvue, Kilcraggan. 


PETER MOIR, mariner, of Newport, Rhode Island, 
b. 1857, Glasgow, Scotland, son of Edward Moir of 
Portobello, Scotland, and Margaret Dawson; grandson 
of Edward Moir and Eliza Burns, of Leith, Scotland ; m. 
1897, Annie Pullin, dau. of Samuel FuUin, of Dublin, 

captain 15th Sept. Co., of New York regiment, subway 
builder, of New York City; b. 1867, in New York, N. Y., 
son of William Somers Moir, of Edinburgh, Scotland, and 
Elizabeth Chinscola; grandson of William Moir, of Edin- 
burgh, Scotland, and Jane Somers; m. 1889, first, Mabel 
Afton of Rochester, New York, who d. 1899, and had 

issue: — 

1. Jesse Moir, b. 1891, Bloomfield, New Jersey. 

2. WilUam Moir, b. 1895, New York City, d. 1895. 

W.,R. S. Moir, married secondly, Johanna Geneva Eberhardt, 
of Germany, dau. of Eide H. Eberhardt. 

The above W. R. S. MOIR, had a brother and sister as follows: — 

1. Jesse T. Moir, b. 1871, in New York City, m. 1898; he is 

a custom house weigher; has issue. 

2. Jane Somers Moir, b. 1869, in New York City, m. 

1888 ( ) Knapp, of Newark, New Jersey, and 

has issue. 


(From Scottish County Directory, 1902.) 
See page 179. OSWALD B. MOIR, The Elms, Hillhead, Laswade. 



The family of ALEXANDER MOIR and MAR- 
GARET FORSYTH of Forres, Elginshire, Scotland, 

were at least three sons, and one daughter, namely: — 

1. AGNES MOIR, who married a Mr. Petrie. 


3. JOHN MOIR, who married Mary Lyle. 


Of this family, three are known to have been born in Forres, 
Elginshire, and to have come to America early in the Nineteenth 
century; John Moir and Alexander Anderson Moir went south, 
settling in Virginia, and North Carolina. John did not have many 
children, but Alexander Anderson Moir has a large number of descend- 
ants now scattered throughout the territory named. 

Alexander Moir, father of this family, had a younger brother 
Robert, who also has a large posterity in Virginia and North Carolina, 
many of whom are prominent in public affairs, and successful in 
business. Of this family, one a son of John, met another Moir (said 
to have been a cousin ) in the American Civil War, one as a soldier 
from the South, and one as a prisoner from the North, and through 
their surname, became fast friends, the soldier aiding the prisoner 
at every opportunity. And there is a record of friendliness between 
the two, which has strengthened family relations to this day. 

Mary Holt Cogbill, and had issue: — 

1. Lucy Ann Elizabeth Moir, b. Apr. 26, 1826, at 
Leaksville, North Carolina, m. July 29, 1846, 
Henry Tuggle, sheriff of Patrick County, Vir- 
ginia, son of John Tuggle, and had issue: — 

1. James Edwin Tuggle, b. Mar. 13, 1848, in 

Stuart, Virginia, died July 31, 1865, unmarried. 

2. Henry Irving Tuggle, born Sept. 1, 1849, in 

Stuart, Va., m. Dec. 27, 1877. 

3. Thomas Alexander Tuggle, b. Aug. 16, 1851, in 

Stuart, Va. 

4. Mary Elizabeth Tuggle, b. May 22, 1853, in 

Stuart, Va., m. May 23, 1875, Rev. D. John- 
son Scales and had issue, six children: — 
1. Jessie Evelyn Scales, born Apr. 4, 
1879, in Patrick County, Va., married 

This branch ie 
quite possibly 
related to the 
"More" family 
described in 
article follow- 
ing this family. 

192 MoiR Gbnealogy 

Sept. 9, 1900, ( ) Wood, and 

had issue. 

2. Harriet Mae Scales, b. Feb. 14, 1880, 

in Henry County, Va. 

3. Marguerite Lucy Scales, born May 11, 

1882, in Henry County, Va. 

4. Thomas Henry Scales, b. Sept. 27, 

1886, in Henry County, Va. 

5. Nellie Noel Scales, b. Apr. 1, 1889, 

in Henry County, Va. 

6. Robert Emmett Scales, b. Sept. 11, 

1893, in Henry County, Va. 

5. John William Tuggle, deputy sheriff and county 

treasurer of Portsmouth, Virginia, b. May 7, 
1855, in Patrick County, Va., m. Mary Ann 
Putzel, dau. of Sigmund Putzel of Germany, 
and had issue: — 

1. William Henry Tuggle, b. Jan. 2, 1882, 

in MartinvUle, Va. 

2. John Edward Tuggle, b. Nov. 22, 1884, 

in Martinville, Va. 

3. James Beverly Tuggle, born Mar. 30, 

1887, in Martinville, Va. 

4. Mary Lucy Tuggle, b. Jan. 23, 1890, 
in Martinville, Va. 

6. Lucy Emma Tuggle, b. Aug. 16, 1868, in 

Stuart, Va. 

7. Robert Emmett Tuggle, born June 3, 1861, in 

Stuart, Patrick County, Va. 

8. Walter Lee Tuggle, born Sept. 21, 1863, in 

Stuart, Patrick County, Va. 

9. Caroline Margaret Tuggle, born Oct. 28, 1865, 

in Stuart, Patrick County, Va. m. Feb. 9, 
1887, Charles H. Hudspeh, and had issue, one 

1. Bessie Reed Hudspeh. 
10. Penelope Noel Tuggle, born Oct. 4, 1871, in 
Stuart, Patrick County, Va., m. Oct. 26, 
1898, Charles James Lightly. (No issue.) 

and soldier, of Westfield, North Carolina, b. 
1828, in Leaksville, N. C; m. 1856, Elizabeth 
Jane Smith, dau. of Jabez H. Smith, of Floyd, 

Va., and had issue: — 

1. Mary Alice Moir, b. 1857, in Westfield, N. 
C, married Oct. 12, 1892, Henry Clay Allen, 
son of Baldwin Allen, of Louisa, Virginia, 

and had issue: — 

MoiR Gbneai,ogy 193 

I. Henry Moir Allen, born Feb. 18, 
1897, in Roanoke, Va. 

2. Edgar Percival Moir, born 1859, in West- 

field, N, C, m. 1883, and had issue. 

3. Lucien Alexander Moir, b. 1861, in Westfield, 

N. C, and died when two years old. 

missioner of accounts, of Stuart, Va., b. 1835, in 
Stuart, Va.; m. 1859, Carolina Virginia Martin, 
dau. of Thomas S. Martin, of Caroline, Va., 
and had issue: — 

1. Edwin L. Moir, b. 1860, in Stuart, Va. 

2. Henry M. Moir, b. 1861, in Stuart, Va. 

3. Virgil Pearson Mcir, b. 1864, in Stuart, Va., 

m. 1888, Minnie McCrary, dau. of Thomas 
Witt McCrary, of Nelson, Va., and had issue: — 

1. Marion McCrary Moir, born 1890, in 

Stuart, Va. 

2. Virginia Branch Moir, b. 1892, in Stuart, 


3. William Wallace Moir, b. 1900, in Win- 

ston-Salem, N. C. 

4. McCrary Moir, born 1903, in Winston- 

Salem, N. G. 

4. Mary E. Moir, b. 1866, in Danbury, Va. 

5. Thomas Alexander Moir, b. 1868, in Stuart, Va., 

and died 1885. 

6. Percival Mac Pherson Moir, master of laws, 

attorney-at-law, 1st Sergeant, of Co. D, 2d 
regiment of Virginia, in the Spanish-American 
War, later was treasurer of Cavite Province, 
Philippine Islands, and the prosecuting attorney 
Mountain Judicial District, in the same islands. 
Now, (1912,) of Cervantes, P. I., b. 1870, 
in Stuart, Va., m. Dec. 28, 1902, Maude H. 
Kirtland, dau. of Edward Mansfield Kirtland, 
of St. Louis, Mo. 

7. Jepie Moir, b. 1870, in Stuart, Va. 

8. William Wallace Moir, Jr., b. 1872, in Stuart, Va. 

9. Charles R. Moir, b. 1874, in Stuart, Va. 

IV. CYBELLA SUSAN MOIR, of Chatham, Va., 
b. Dec. 3, 1840; m. 1866, Walker Timberlake 
Noel, of Fluvanna, Va., and had issue: — 

1. Julia Fenwick Noel, b. 1868, in Stuart, Va., and 
died in 1870. 
2. *Moir Alexander Noel, b. April 23, 1870, in 

*Moir Alexander Noel, Sr., in 1899, was in Co. F. 43rd U. S. V. Infantry, and later 
went to the Philippines where the regiment served for nearly two years. Afterwards 
followed the printer's trade, and was for some time editor of a newspaper at Dawson 
Springs, Kentucky, (The Weekly Oracle). 

194 MoiR Genealogy 

Stuart, Va. ; m. June 22, 1904, Laura S. Ligen, 
dau. of Robert C. Ligen, and had issue: — 

1. Moir Alexander Noel, Jr., b. June 

29, 1905. 

2. Robert Walker Noel, b. Jan. 18, 1907. 

3. Lotta Margaret Noel, b. May 27, 1908. 

3. Charles Wallace Noel, b. Apr. 2, 1872, in 

Stuart, Va., now a farmer of Chatham, Va. » 
m. Aug. 25, 1895, Annie Laurier, dau. of 
John E. Laurier, of Pittsylvania, Va., and 
had issue: — 

1. Anna Wallace Noel, b. Dec. 30, 1896, 
in Chatham, Va. 

4. Robert Boisseau Noel, b. Feb. 24, 1874, is a 

railroad employee, of Chatham, Va. ; m. Feb. 
8, 1898, Anna Virginia Shields, dau. of Thomas 
Langhorn Shields, and had issue: — 

1. Herbert Moir Noel, b. Oct. 1, 1899, in 

Chatham, Va. 

2. Helen Moir Noel, b. Mar. 1, 1901, in 

Chatham, Va. 

5. Walker Timberlake Noel, b. 1877, in Stuart, 

Va., and m. 1902, ( — ), and had issue. 

6. Clayson Beason Noel, b. 1880, in Stuart, Va. 

7. John Forsyth Noel, b. Feb. 17, 1882, in Stuart, 


V. JOHN WILLIAM MOIR, of Rocky Mount, 
Virginia, son of Alexander Anderson Moir, and 
Mary Holt Cogbill; m. Barbara Adeline Bur- 
nette, and had issue: — 

1. Margaret Moir, of Kingston, N. C, m. 1887, 

Walter Holdersby, son of Richard Holdersby, 
of Danville, Va., and had issue: — 

1. Elise Holdersby, born 1891, in Chase 
City, Va. 

2. Ida Moir, v?ho married a Mr. Stephens. She died 

shortly after the birth of her only son: — 
1. Moir Alexander Stephens, b. 1892. 

3. James Cogbill Moir, merchant, of Roanoke, Va.> 

b. 1857, in Elamsville, Va.; m. 1887, H. May 
Tumbull, dau. of Louis Edward Tumbull, of 
Retreat, Va. 

4. John William Moir, of Kingston, N. C, mer- 

chant, b. 1860, in Rocky Mount, Va. ; m. 
1903, Lula Maud Duncan, dau. of WUliam 
Duncan of Amherst, Virginia, and had issue. 

VI. JAMES COGBILL MOIR, who m. Louisa E. 
Carter, was a merchant of Leaksville, N. C, 


they had at least two children: — 

1. Mary Alice Cogbill Moir, of Rocky Mount, 

Va,, b. 1850, in Elamsville, Virginia. 

2. John Alexander Moir, merchant and farmer, of 

Rocky Mount, Va., b. 1853, in Elamsville, Va. ; 
m. 1887, Bertha Lee Richards, dau. of William 
A. Richards, of Pittsylvania, Va. No issue. 

SANDY (?) ALEXANDER MOIR, physician, mer- The fuU name 
chant and farmer, of Francisco, North Carolina, graduate ■« exactly as 

' ' ° written by 

of the University of North Carolina, b. October 17, 1862, himself, and is 
in Francisco, N. C, son of Robert Forsyth Moir, of Leaks- ^he name he 

" ' has alv/ays 

ville, N. C, and Serena Jane Clark, grandson of Alex- been known by. 
ander Anderson Moir, of Forres, Scotland, and Mary 
Holt CogbilL Married, June 2, 1893, Alpha Dunkley, 
dau. of Samuel Dunkley, of Patrick County, N. C, 

and had issue: — 

1. Robert Dunkley Moir, b. April 18, 1894, in Limerick, N. C. 

2. Lucy Serena Moir, b. Oct. 28, 1897, in Limerick, N. C, 

3. Samuel Alexander Moir, b. Nov. 18, 1898, in Limerick,N. C. 

4. Emma Lillian Moir, b. Jan. 31, 1901, in Francisco, N. C. 

ROBERT MOIR, tailor, afterwards farmer, large 
planter and manufacturer, was a brother of ALEX- 
SYTH, both of whom were born in Forres, Elgin- 
shire, Scotland. At the close of the Civil War, (1861- 
1865) Robert was the owner of over fifty slaves. 
Robert was born, Oct. 15, 1796, in Forres, he came to 
America early in the Nineteenth century, and settled in 
Rockingham County, North Carolina. He m. Elizabeth 
Perray Porter, on July 1, 1819, and had issue, eleven 
children as follows: — 

I. MARGARET MOIR, b. Mar. 23, 1820, in Rock- 

ingham Co., N. C, and m. Burrell Roberts. 
(No issue.) 

II. JANET MOIR, b. Feb. 19, 1822, in Rocking- 

ham Co., N. C; m. George Rejoiolds, and had 
issue, one son, who died without issue. 
III. ELIZABETH MOIR, b. Dec. 28, 1823, in 
Rockingham Co., N. C, m. N. D. Sullivan 
of Forsyth Co., N. C, and had issue: — 

1. Sallie Sullivan, b. in Forysth Co., N. C, m. 
P. N. Booe, and had issue: — 
1. Sarah Clement Booe. 

196 MoiR GeneaIvOGY 

2. Sullivan Booe. 

3. Elizabeth Booe. 

4. Lucy Hodgin Booe. 

5. Phillip Booe. 

6. Alexander Booe. 

2. Elizabeth Sullivan, born , m. W. N. Poin- 

dexter, and had issue: — 

1. Nat. S. Poindexter. 

2. Elizabeth Poindexter. 

3. William Poindexter. 

IV. DE WITT CLINTON MOIR, b. Jan. 14, 1826, 
in Rockingham, Co., N. C, was a Confederate 
soldier in the Civil War (1861-65), and was 
killed in battle. 
V. PENELOPE GEE MOIR, b. Nov. 23, 1827, in 
Rockingham Co., N. C, m. 1850, Walter B. John- 
son (who d. June 29, 1885). She d. April 4, 
1912. No issue from this union. 

VL LUCY PARTHENA MOIR, b. Feb. 24, 1832, 
in Rockingham Co., N. C, m. S. H. Hodgin, 

and had issue: — 

1. Anna Hodgin, b. in Forsyth Co., N. C, and m. 

J. W. Hanes, of Winston-Salem, N. C, and 
had issue. 

2. James Moir Hodgin, born in Forsyth Co., N. 

C, m. Daisy Maroney, of Salisbury, N. C, 
and had issue, one child: — 
1. Moir Hodgin. 

3. George D. Hodgin, b. in Forsyth Co., N. C, 

now of Winston- Salem, N. C. 

4. Mary Hodgin, died unmarried. 

federate soldier, 1860-1863, served in the 57th 
N. C. Regiment, now a farmer (1905), of Rock- 
ingham, Va., b. 1834, in Rockingham, N. C, 
m. 1858, Sarah Elizabeth Allen, dau. of James 

Allen, and had issue: — 

1. Mary Elizabeth Moir, m. 1879, ( ), d. 1896. 

2. Jennie Moir, d. 1890. 

3. Robert Alexander Moir, Jr., d. 1898. 

4. Lena Tabitha Moir. 

5. Samuel Whitfield Moir. 

6. James Allen Moir. 

7. John Fletcher Moir. 

8. Sallie Dora Moir. 

9. Walter Nathaniel Moir. 

MoiR Geneai,gy 197 

VIIj ANNA DELIGHT MOIR, b. Aug. 4, 1836; 
died young. 

IX. JAMES STEWART MOIR, farmer, of Walkers- 
town, N. C, born 1838, in Leaksville, N. C, 
m. 1867, Melvina Van Hoy, dau. of Abram 
Van Hoy, of Walkerstown, N. C, and had 
issue: — 

(J. S. Moir was a Confederate soldier, 1860- 
1863, (is alive 1912), 3d Cavalry, N. C.) 
1. De Witt Clinton Moir, b. 1869, in Walkers- 
town, N. C, m. 1902, Lillie May Dicks, dau. 
of Dr. W. P. Dicks, of Walkerstown, N. C, 
and had issue: — 

1. Margaret Malvina Moir, b. 1903, in 

Walkerstown, N. C. 

2. Lillie Demarius Moir, born 1870, in 

Walkerstown, N. C. 

3. Betty Sullivan Moir, born 1873, in 

Walkerstown, N. C, and married 
Robert Christian, and had issue. 
(She died 1898,) — 
1. Bettie Christian. 
4. Thomas Robert Moir, b. 1878, in 
Walkerstown, N. C, 

X. ROBINA MOIR, b. May, 1840, in Rockingham 

Co., N. C, and died young. 

XI. T^BITHA INGRAM MOIR, born October 25, 

1829, in Rockingham County, N. C, married 
Charles B. Ogbum, of Forsyth County, N. C, 
and had issue: — 

1. Cora Elizabeth Ogburn, b. in Forsyth Co., N. 

C, m. WiUiam P. Hill, of Forsyth Co., N. C, and 
had issue: — 

1. Charles Gideon Hill, b. in Fors5^h Co., 

N. C, m. Mary E. Cannon, of Con- 
cord, N. C, and had issue, two chil- 

2. William P. Hill, Jr. 

3. Eugene HiU. 

4. Elizabeth Hill. 

5. Ashton Hill. 

2. Robert Edward Ogbum, b. ( ) m. Ella 

. Masten, and had issue: — 

1. Robert M. Ogburn. 

2. Nathaniel Ogbum. 

3. J. Fred Ogbum. 

193 MoiR Genealogy 

4. Heniey Ogbum. 
S. Charles DeWitt Ogbum, tobacco manufacturer 
and merchant, of Winston-Salem, N. C, born 
April 25, 1S61, in Forsyth Co., N. C, m. Feb. 
12, 1895, Carrie C. Shelton, dau. of John 
F. Shelton, of Forsyth Co., N. C, and had 
issue : — 

1. Carl De Witt Ogburn, b, Dec. 23, 1895. 

2. Ralph Belo Ogbum, b. Dec. 14, 1897. 

•JOHN MOIR of Forres, Scotland, and MARY LYLE 
had at least two children: — 

I. MARGARET MOIR, of Rockingham County, N. 

C, b. Forres, Scotland, Feb. 10, 1831; m. Mar. 
2, 1852, Thomas William Field, son of Rev. 
Benton Field, of Randolph, N. C. 

1. Mary Lyle Field, b. Feb. 6, 1853, in Rocking- 

ham Co., N. C, m. Sept. 20, 1879, James 
Madison Price, farmer, tobacconist and in- 
surance, son of John Pryor Price, of Rocking- 
ham, N. C, and had issue: — 

1. Edgar Field Price, born June 30, 1872 

Rockingham Co., N. C, m. 1899. 

2. Mary Eleanor Price, b. Dec. 27, 1874, 

Rockingham Co., N. C, a music 

3. Margaret Moir Price, b. Mar. 16, 1877, 

in Henry Co., N. C. 

4. Martha Price, b. March 22, 1879, in 

Henry Co., N. C, died July 22, 1880. 

5. William Pryor Price, b. Aug. 5, 1881; 

in Henry Co., N. C, a student (1904), 
at the Philadelphia Textile School. 
6. John Moir Price, b. Dec. 31, 1886, in 

Rockingham Co., N. C. 
7. James Bruce Price, born July 22, 1888, 
in Rockingham Co., N. C. 

2. A daughter, married and died without issue. 

3. John Benton Field, of New York City, b. Nov. 

11, 1868, in Rockingham Co., N. C, now 

(1905 ) a bookkeeper for the American Cigar 

Co., at New York City; m. Nov. 27, 1890, Kate 

Collins, of PUot Grove, N. Y., and had issue: — 

1. Henry Roe Field, b. Sept. 7, 1891, in 

Rockingham, N. C. 

II. HENRY CLAY MOIR, formerly a Confederate 

soldier, of the 93rd North Carolina Regiment, in 
the American Civil War of 1861-1865, b. April 

MoiR Gknbalogy 199 

27, 1844, in Leaksville, N. C; m. April 27, 
1898, Fannie Wilson, dau. of George Griggs, of 
Henry County, Va. (No issue.) 
This soldier was one of those who on being taken pris- 
oner, met another soldier of the same name, (said to have 
been a cousin) a Union soldier, of whom he writes, "He 
was more than kind to me while I was in prison at Point 
Lookout, Maryland, for thirteen months during the war." 

*ROBERT MOIR, of Burlington, Iowa, son of WIL- 
LIAM MOIR and AGNES PETRIE, both of Forres, 
Elginshire, Scotland, born October 30, 1824, came to 
America, in 1833, and afterwards settled in Oquawka, 
and Burlington, Iowa, he m. 1849, Mary Nicol, and 
had issue: — 

1. John Moir, b. Mar. 2, 1850, in Oquawka, 111., married 

( ), and had issue, (he d. Oct. 13, 1896 ) :— 

1. John Moir, Jr., now deceased (1904). 

2. Mabel Moir. 

3. Robert Moir, now deceased (1904). 

2. Martha Moir, b. 1852. 

3. William Moir, b. Feb. 23, 1854, d. Dec. 28, 1882. 

4. Mary Moir, b. 1856, m. C. B. King, of Peoria, III., and 

had issue, two daughters: — 

1. Helen King. 

2. Marie King. 

5. Robert Moir, b. 1858, married ( ), and had issue: — 

1. Margery Moir. 

6. James Moir, b. 1860. 

7. Alexander Moir, b. 1862, m. ( ), and had issue: — 

1. Martha Moir. 

8. Ida Moir, b. Aug. 17, 1866, in Oquawka, 111., m. Oct. 

9, 1895, George Stone Tracy, of Burlington, Iowa. 
(No issue.) 

*See extended account of this gentleman on another page. 


See pages 56 
and 57 for 
records of 
births, etc. 

More Family 
also page 71 

JOHN MORE, of Roxbury, New York, was born Feb. 
24, 1745, in Forres, JEIginshire, Scotland; died Jan. 1, 
1840, in Roxbury, New York; son of JOHN MOIR, and 
ISOBEL GRANT. He m. June 9, 1770, in Elgin, Scot- 
land, (by Rev. David Rentoul) BETTY, dau. of 
1738, in Elgin, and d. Oct. 13, 1823, in Roxbury, New 
York. John came to America in 1772, (the two elder 
children of his family having been born in Scotland.) He 
settled shortly after in Roxbury, New York. Had issue: — 
I. JOHN TAYLOR MORE, b. Feb. 27, 1771, d. 
June 23, 1857, married 1792, ELEANOR 
LARA WAY, and in the record of the MORE 
FAMILY printed in 1893, there were 187 de- 
scendants, recorded as follows: — 
12 children, 
48 grandchildren, 
101 great-grandchildren, and 
26 great-great-grandchildren. 

*The particiilars given in this article are taken from the "More Family History," 
published in Binghamton, N. Y., 1893. 

tForres, County of Elgin, Scotland, near there, a famous monument — no one knows 
its origin — 25 feet in height, made of the hardest granite in Scotland. 

MoiR Genealogy 201 

II. ROBERT MORE, b. July 8, 1772, d. Feb. 19, "MoreFamUy 


1849, m. SUSANNA FELLOWS, and in the p.gexx.. 
records of the MORE FAMILY of 1893, and page i03 
there were 147 descendants, as follows: — 

9 children, 
36 grandchildren, 
64 great-grandchildren, and 
38 great-great-grandchildren. 


5, 1775, died March 11, 1854, married 1795, l^f^^^l^ 
NANCY HARLEY. According to the MORE 
FAMILY HISTORY in 1893, their descendants 
numbered 204, as follows: — 

14 children, 

57 grandchildren, 

96 great-grandchildren, and 

37 great-great-grandchildren. 

IV. JONAS MOIR, b. March 22, 1778, d. March 5, ^■ 

1852, married DEBORAH PERSON. In 1893, SfpSi 
there were records of 148 descendants, in the 
MORE FAMILY HISTORY as follows: — 

9 children, 

34 grandchildren, 

65 great-grandchildren, and 

40 great-great grandchildren. 

V. JEAN MORE, b. April 3, 1780, d. June 5, 1861; ^■ 

m. in 1795, DAVID SMITH of Forres, Scot- anfpSis 
land, and there were in 1893, according to the 
MORE family history, a total of 202 descend- 
ants of this couple, as follows: — 

12 children, 

57 grand-children, 

96 great-grand-children, and 

37 great-great-grand-children, 

VI. JAMES MORE, b. Jan. 10, 1782, d. May 19, do. 

1866; m. ROXANNA BENJAMIN, and ac- Indp™' 
cording to the family history printed in 1893, 
there were a total of 93 descendants, recorded 
as follows: — 
7 children, 
25 grand -children, 
41 great-grand-children, and 

202 MoiR Genealogy 

"MoreFamiiy VII. DAVID MORE, b. Jan. 11, 1786, d. Nov. 29, 
SgeSix.. 1873; m. ELIZABETH GOULD, and in the 

and page 255 MORE history of 1893, there is a record of 

119 descendants, as follows: — 

13 children, 

51 grand-children, 

50 great-grand-children, and 
5 great-great-grand-children. 


TafpS/ 1'*' ^^^^' ^- ^^S- 13, 1867; m. Jan. 1, 1808, 

CHARITY STANLEY, and there were re- 
corded in the genealogical record of the family 
in 1893, 125 descendants, as follows: — 
13 children, 

52 grand-children, and 
60 great-grand-children. 

This makes a total of 1225 descendants of JOHN MORE 
and BETTY TAYLOR recorded in 1893, in the family 
record — most remarkable figures for one family. The 
record is illuminated with many famous names, some of 
whom are known world-wide, professional men, doctors, 
lawyers, clergymen, men who have been leaders in the 
finances of the world. 

The complete record of this family fills a good sized 
"book, and it has been gotten up so finely, and there have 
been a number of supplements printed, appearing periodi- 
cally, that it would be out of place to more than just barely 
mention the family in this manner. The family are 
widely scattered now, over the United States principally. 
From first to last this is an honorable and upright family 
and a credit to the Moirs from whom they are descended. 

The Gould Memorial Church at Roxbury, New York, was pre- 
sented by a descendant of Jay Gould, and is a memorial to his mother 
— Mary More Gould. (See illustration. ) 

The More family had a great re-union in 1890 at Rox- 
bury, New York, at which time an immense granite shaft 
was erected over the graves of JOHN MORE and BETTY 
TAYLOR. A representation of the monument is shown 

Since 1890 the family have fully organized, and meet 
at Roxbury every five years. They also issue periodi- 
cally, as already mentioned, "The Historical Journal of 

MoiR Genbalogy 203 

the MORE family," containing full historical informa- 
tion, as well as bringing the genealogy up to the time of 

Representatives of the MORE family of AMERICA, who continue to 
spell the name MOIR in SCOTLAND 

JOHN MOIR and ISABEL DUNCAN, were married More Family 
at Forres, Elginshire, Scotland, Dec. 22, 1735. They had "^gex.'.and 
issue: — page 23 

1. JEAN MOIR, b. Aug. 29, 1739, m. Nov. 12, 1766, JOHN 

TORRIE, and had issue. 

2. ALEXANDER MOIR, b. July 31, 1740, married but 

date and wife's name is uncertain. 

3. MARGARET MOIR, b. Apr. 3, 1743. 

4. JOHN MORE, b. Feb. 24, 1745, m. 1770, BETTY 

TAYLOR, dau. of ROBERT TAYLOR, and had issue. 

5. CHRISTIAN MOIR, b. May 12, 1748. 

6. ISABEL MOIR, b. Jan. 26, 1750. 

7. JAMES MOIR, b. Mar. 8, 1752, m. 1778, probably, 



(It will be noticed that JOHN in the above family is the 
only one who spells his name More, we are taking the 
privilege of naming the others Moir, because, 1st, the 
father's name is Moir; and 2d, subsequent descendants 
of most of the others continue to spell the name Moir. 
Even in the parish registers, some of these are spelled 
More; but this is not to be wondered at, when the name, 
whether spelled Moir or More is pronounced More, 
especially in the lowland Scottish dialect.) 

DAVID MOIR, a brother of the above-described 
JOHN MORE, had two sons, GREGOR and PETER, 
and two daughters. 

PETER had six sons, JAMES, JOHN, GREGOR, 
PETER, DAVID, and ALEXANDER, and three 
daughters, ELLEN, BARBARA and JANET. BAR- 
BARA married JAMES GRANT, and her grandson, WIL- 
LIAM GRANT, now (1906), resides in New York City. 

JAMES had one son PETER, and one daughter, 


204 MoiR Genealogy 

GREGOR, son of PETER, came to and settled in 

DAVID MOIR, brother of JOHN MOIR, who mar- 
ried ISABEL DUNCAN, (both of Forres) married 
HELEN GRANT, dau. of GREGOR GRANT, and the 
pair were styled "of Drumcork," December 1788, and 
they had issue, at least two children: — 

1. Gregor Moir, b. Dec. 1788. 

2. John More, b. June 28, 1790. 

In Aug. 3, 1838, there was married at Lynlish, by the 
Rev. John Clark, PETER MOIR and JANET ROB- 
ERTSON, both in Balnaan of Muckrach, and on Aug. 19, 
1839, there was born, GREGOR MOIR to this couple. 

The above PETER, was probably a son of the DAVID mentioned 
on page 203. 

DAVID MOIR of Liverpool, England, fourth son of 
of Muckrach, Grantown-on-Spey, m. ANNIE FRANK- 
LIN, and had issue: — 

1. Annie Ellen Moir, b. July 5, 1879. 

2. Ernest Franklin Moir, b. Nov. 25, 1880. 

3. James B. Moir, b. Mar. 2, 1882. 

4. Frederick William Francis Moir, b. Oct. 30, 1884. 

5. Barbara Helen Moir, b. Dec. 11, 1887. 

6. John Malcolmson Moir, b. Jan. 20, 1890. 

7. Thomas Amos Moir, b. May 1st, 1892. 

8. Jessie Irene Moir, b. Feb. 15, 1895. 

Of the above family, JAMES B. MOIR, obtained a 
Bachellor of Science degree from the Liverpool CoUege, 
and he is now, (1911), assistant master of the Council 
School at Liverpool. 

FREDERICK W. F. MOIR also won a degree of 
Bachellor of Science, and also a Bachellor of Arts degree 
at London. 

JOHN M. MOIR, also won a Bachellor of Science 

(From Scottish County Directory for 1902.) 

J. MOIR, Aden Villa, Elgin. 

JAMES MOIR, farmer, Balnaan, Dulnain Bridge, 
Grantown-on- Spey. 


Great-great-grand-parents — JOHN MOIR— ISABEL Nfatemai 

Great-grand-parents — JOHN MORE — BETTY 

Grand-parents —ALEXANDER T. MORE— NANCY 


JAY GOULD'S great-grand-parents came from Forres, 
Elginshire, Scotland, in 1772, and landed in America; 
shortly afterwards were pioneers in the then wilds of 
western New York state, at Moresville, now a part of 
Rochester, New York. JAY GOULD was b. May 27, 
1836; m. Jan. 22, 1863, HELEN DAY MILLER, and d. 
Dec. 2, 1892. His family follows:— 

I. GEORGE JAY GOULD, born 1864, m. 1886, 

EDITH KINGDON and had issue:— 

1. Kingdon Gould, b. 1887. 

2. Jay Gould, b. 1888, m. April 1911, Annie Douglas 

Graham. Issue: — 

1. Eleanor Gould, b. Jan. 31, 1912. 

3. Marjorie Gwynne Gould, b. 1890, m. April 19, 

1910, Anthony Drexel, Jr., and had issue: — 

1. Edith Kingdon Gould Drexel, b. 1911. 

2. A son, born Dec. 9, 1912. 

4. Helen Vivien Gould, b. 1892, m. Feb. 7, 1911, 

Lord Decies. Issue: — 
1. Eileen Vivien de la Poer Beresford, born 
Aug., 1912. 

5. George Jay Gould, Jr., b. 1896. 

6. Edith Kingdon Gould, b. 1901. 

7. Gloria Anna Gould, b. Mar. 31, 1906. 

II. EDWIN GOULD, b. 1866, m. 1892, SARAH 

SHRADY, and had issue: — 

1. Edwin Gould, b. 1893. 

2. Frank MUler Gould, b. 1899. 


MoiR Geneai^ogy 

III. *HELEN MILLER GOULD, b. 1868, m. Jan. 22, 

1913, FINLEY J. SHEPARD, son of a Clergy- 
man, and Assistant to the President of the 
Missouri Pacific Railroad. 

IV. HOWARD GOULD, b. 1871, m. 1898, KATH- 


V. ANNA GOULD, b. 1875, m. 1895, COUNT 
LANE and had issue: — 

1. Boniface de Castellan e, b. 1897. 

2. George de Castellane, b. 1898. 

3. Jay de Castellane, b. 1902. 

Married second, 1908, DUKE De TALLEY- 
and had issue : — 

1. Charles Maurice Jason Howard, Duke deSagan, 

b. 1909. 

VI. FRANK JAY GOULD, b. 1877, m. 1901, 
issue: — 

1. Helen Margaret Gould, b. 1902. 

2. Dorothy Gould, b. 1904. 

Married second, 1909, EDITH KELLEY. 


*Helen Gould. A name to conjure with among the enlisted men of the Army and 
Navy. A woman of great wealth, regarding herself as a trustee of her riches for the use 
and benefit of others. One who prompted by the wholesome dictates of a kindly heart 
and a sweet natiire, has quietly and unostentatiously brought sunshine and happiness 
into the lives and homes of thousands. A philanthropist who has aroused no an- 
tagonisms and encountered no adverse criticism. Patriotic, generous and devoted to 
the uplift of humanity, she has won the admiration of the American people, and 
richly merits the tokens and expressions of appreciation which on the occasion of her 
marriage have come to her from people in all walks of life, and from the press of the 
land. From "The Human Factor," March, 1913. 


ALBERT EDWARD MOIR of Albany, New York, 

hotel clerk, b. April 1, 1877, in Buffalo, New York, son of 
Rev. David Stewart Moir of Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, 
Scotland, Episcopal minister, (formerly bookbinder), 
who claimed distant relationship to Washington Irving, 
the author, and had three sisters, who all died unmar- 
ried. He left Edinburgh when about 16, soon after the 
second marriage of his father Richard Moir, and Eliza- 
beth Golding; grandson of Richard Moir of Edinburgh, 

Scotland, and Stewart; m. Dec. 25, 1893, to 

Maude Almeda Dalmadge, dau. of Jacob J. Dalmadge 
of Milford, Ontario. No issue. 

JAMES MOIR of Scranton, Pennsylvania, merchant 
tailor; member of the city council 10 years, mayor 3 years, 
at present (1911), municipal judge. B. Oct. 17, 1839, in 
Forgue, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; son of John Moir, 
b. 1800, in Stromness, Orkney, Scotland, and Elspet 
Robertson, grandson of John Moir of Stromness, 
Orkney, and Elizabeth Shurey; m. Dec. 1865, Frances 
L. Flint, dau. of Francis Flint, of Birmingham, England, 
and had issue: — 

1. James Smith Moir of Buffalo, N. Y., b. Dec. 1866, in 

London, England, m. 1889. — — . 

2. John William Moir of St. Louis, Missouri, b. 1868, in 

Philadelphia, Pa., blacksmith and now detective. 

3. Helen F. Moir, trained nurse, b. 1870, in Philadelphia, Pa., 

1893, ( — ) living in Philadelphia. 

4. Robert Burns Moir, b. 1872, in Scranton, Pa., d. Feb. 1896, 

was civil engineer, and a cadet at West Point military 
academy. (See official letter from Washington, D. C, 
on another page. ) 

5. Wallace Moir, b. 1874, in Scranton, Pa., m. 1897 ; 

he is a civil engineer. 

6. Franklin Taylor Moir, of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, b. 1877, 

in Scranton, Pa., a steam fitter and plumber. 

7. Wilfred Stanley Moir, born 1880, in Scranton, Penn., a 



8. Flora M. Moir, b. 1884 at Scranton, Pa. 

9. Elsie Sarah Moir, b. 1886, in Scranton, Pa. 
10. Fannie L. Moir, b. 1889, in Scranton, Pa. 

MR. MOIR belongs to a number of societies, among 
which may be mentioned: — 

Peter Williamson Lodge, F. and A. M.; A A. Scottish 
Rite; Mystic Shrine; Robert Bums Lodge, L O. O. F.; 
Scrantonia Canton; Columbus Commandery, Knights of 
Malta; Knights of Honor; ex-president North American 
United Caledonian Association; a winner of Champion 
cup for being the best dressed highlander; was a captain 
in the 13th Pennsylvania regiment, for over seventeen 

John Moir, father of James, had at least two brothers, 
Robert and David, the latter was never married, the 
first had two sons, but their present residence is not 

James mentions one peculiarity of the Moirs, espe- 
cially of his own branch, and those in the northeast of 
Scotland — their dark hair and swarthy complexion. 

JOHN MOIR, blacksmith, of Minneapolis, Minn., b. 
July 1, 1852, in Lerwick, Scotland, son of John Moir, 
of Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland, and Margaret 
Robertson, m. Apr. 7, 1881, Margaret Harkness, dau. 
of Francis Harkness of Greenock, Scotland, and had 
issue: — 

1. John F. Moir, b. Mar. 12, 1882, in South Bend, Ind. 

2. Robert C. Moir, b. Nov. 5, 1884, inYorkville, 111., d. Dec. 

19, 1889. 

3. James T. Moir, b. Dec. 14, 1886, in Bolivia, 111. 

4. Margaret E. Moir, b. Oct. 4, 1889, in Minneapolis, Minn. 

5. Lilly M. Moir, b. May 6, 1893, in Minneapolis, Minn. 

^ome:' Moif< j(c/\o Cf{E$j6 


DAVID MOIR, of Yonkers, New York, b. 1867, in 
Northumberland, England, son of David Moir of 
Northumberland and Elizabeth Wilson; married Sept. 
14, 1889, Isabella Dickinson, daughter of Peter Dickin- 
son, of Northumberland. 

HANNAH MOIR, of Oakland, California, b. 1833, in 
Falmouth, England, dau. of Alexander Moir of Fal- 
mouth, Cornwall, England and Elizabeth Rice Pomeroy, 

grand-daughter of Moir of Falmouth, England. 

Married 1859, Thomas Gardner, son of Thomas Gard- 
ner of Kippen, Stirlingshire, Scotland, and had issue: — 

1. Thomas Moir Gardner, cashier firemen's insurance fund of 

San Francisco, California, b. 1860, in Sacramento, 
Cal., m. 1887 and again in 1897. 

2. Robert Kirk Gardner, cashier Wells-Fargo Express Co., 

San Francisco, b. 1862, m. 1890, d. 1902. 

3. Hannah Elizabeth Gardner, b. 1863, in Sacramento, Cal., 

d. 1866. 

4. Charles Harrison Gardner, private sec'y to Pres., Wells- 

Fargo Exp. Co., New York City, b. 1867, in Sacramento, 
Cal., m. 1892. 

5. Frank Pomeroy Gardner, b. 1869, in Sacramento, Cal., 

d. 1874. 

6. George Hamilton Gardner, broker, of Cleveland, Ohio, 

b. 1871 in Sacramento, Cal. 

7. Florence Althia Gardner, b. 1875, in Sacramento, Cal. 

*EDWARD JAMES MOIR, letter carrier, of Phila- 

*The above Mr. E. J. Moir, had an uncle who lived at Cowes, Isle of Wight, England, 
who was the principal jeweler, watch and clockmaker there. He also had charge of and 
regulated the town clock, and all the clocks in the royal palace on the island. Some of 
his descendants still reside there. His son, Thomas Alexander Moir, in 1870, Uved in 
Omaha, Nebraska; a daughter, Mrs. Louis Bochmer, lived at Council Bluffs, Iowa. Ho 
abo had children living in Australia. One son, Robert, wanted to see the world, and as a 
sailor, became mate on an English vessel bound for Philadelphia ; on the voyage the crew 
mutinied, killed the captain and one mate, but as Robert was well-liked by the most of 
the crew they gave him the privilege of walking the plank overboard; he came up directly 
under the stearn and got hold of the rudder chains, and hours afterwards, got through a 
window into the cabin, and hid in the hold, where one of his sailor-friends found him and 
fed him until the ship reached Philadelphia. All hands were there arrested and finally 
sent to England for trial, Robert as a witness. They were all convicted. Robert after- 
wards returned to Philadelphia for a short time as a house and sign painter, and was 
doing well; when he suddenly decided to go to New Orleans. This was previous to 
1861. He was never after heard from. 


MoiR Genealogy 

delphia, Pennsylvania, b. May 4, 1840, Falmouth, Eng- 
land. Possibly a descendant of Thomas Moir, who left 
Stoneywood, Aberdeen, early in the eighteenth century, 
See page 150. and settled in Falmouth, who had issue there: — 

1. Capt. Thomas Moir. 

2. James Moir, a barrister. 

3. A daughter; married Dr. Vivian of Falmouth. 

Son of Alexander Moir, of Falmouth, England, and 
Elizabeth Pomeroy; m. Jan. 7, 1864, Eleanor Klonegar, 
dau. of John Campbell Klonegar, of Philadelphia, 

Pennsylvania, and had issue:— 

1. Hamiah Moir, b. Aug. 25, 1865, in Philadelphia, Pa., 

married Feb. 8, 1893, Fee. 

2. John Alexander Moir, b. Jan. 22, 1868, in Philadelphia, 

Pa., d. May 29, 1873. 

3. Sallie Klonegar Moir, b. Apr. 30, 1873, in Philadelphia, 

Pa., d. Dec. 20, 1889. 

4. Eleanor Francis Moir, b. Jan. 13, 1879, in Philadelphia,, 

Pa., d. Apr. 15, 1881. 


WILLIAM MOIR, of Winnepeg, Manitoba, b. 1846, 
in Elora, Ont., son of James Moir of Elora, Ont., and 

Margaret Pellek, grandson of John Moir and ( .) 

Married 1873, Elizabeth Livingston McQueen, dau. of 
John Duncan McQueen, and had issue: — 

1. Arthur Homewood Moir. 

2. William Reginald Moir, 

3. James Bruce Moir. 

4. Isabella Maude Moir. 

5. Jacqueline Annie Moir. 

6. John Duncan Moir. 

7. Harold Wilson Moir. 

8. Alexander Gartshore Moir. 

9. Leslie Moir. 

A brother of James Moir, father of William, is a British officer in 
New Zealand, and has a family there. 

GEORGE MOIR, marine engineer, of Manilla, Philip- 
pine Islands, b. Glasgow, Scotland ; son of David Moir of 
"Scotland," and Helen Stewart; m. 1883, Christian 
MacPherson, daughter of John MacPherson, of Prince 
Edward's Island and had issue: — 

1. William Fred Moir, b. June, 1885, in Taison, California. 

2. Anna Margaret Moir, b. 1886, in Taison, California, a 
music teacher. 

WILLIAM JOHN MOIR, of Bondhead, Ontario, 
Canada, born Nov. 30, 1874, in Essa, Canada, son of 
John Moir and Sarah J. Coleman, of Cookstown, Ont., 
and grandson of George Moir and Agnes Petrie, who 
came to Canada from Scotland about 1855. William 
J. Moir was a captain in the 36th Peel regiment of. 
Ontario, in the Boer War. 

PETER CAMPBELL MOIR, jewelry salesman, of 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, b. 1883, in Lachute, Canada, 
son of George Littel Moir, of Beauhamois, Quebec, Can- 

*It may be that under this heading some of the Moirs may find connections with 
other families in other parts of the Genealogy. But we are not in a position to place 
them there, especially when the writers mention "Scotland" only as the place their 
forbears originally came from. (A. L. M.) 

212 MoiR Geneai,ogy 

ada, a past master of freemasons, of Lachute, Quebec, 
and Nellie Armstrong; grandson of Peter Campbell 
Moir and ( ) Littel, of Beauhamois, Quebec, Canada. 

WILLIAM HENRY MOIR, merchant, (traveling hat 
salesman) of Antigo, Wisconsin, b. 1872, in Princeton, 
Ontario, son of James Moir, (wholesale saddlery) of 
Elora, Ontario, and Agnes Winters; grandson of James 

Moir, (retired farmer) of Elora, Ontario, and ; 

m. Belle Lyon, dau. of Wallace L. Lyon, of Brushton, 
New York, and had issue: — 

1. Wallace Lyon Moir, b. 1900, in Antigo, Wisconsin. 

2. MUdred Moir, b. 1904, in Antigo, Wisconsin. 

MR. MOIR was formerly three years in the Wisconsin National 
Guard and was first sergeant. 


BENJAMIN MOIR, who stood beside SIR JOHN 
MOORE at the battle of Waterloo, and one of the early 
settlers at Halifax, Nova Scotia, pioneer in the biscuit 
and confectionery business in Canada, one of the largest 
in their line, their goods being sold all over Canada, had 
the contracts for years to supply the British Government, 
(Army and Navy) at Halifax, with bakery supplies — 
among others had a son: — 

BENJAMIN MOIR, who succeeded to the business; 
he married ISABEL CHURCH, and had issue, (all born in 
Halifax, N. S.) 

i Two sons, who died young. 

3. BENJAMIN MOIR, died when about 30 years of age. 

4. W. C. MOIR, who succeeded to his father's business, and 

died 1897. 

5. JOHN ALEXANDER MOIR, died aged 39, was married 

and had issue among others: — 

1. Isabel Moir, b. Halifax, N., S., m. 1876, John 
Archibald, son of WUliam Archibald, of Mus- 
quodoh, N. S., and had issue: — 

1. Howard Moir Archibald, b. Jan. 18, 

1884, at St. John's, Newfoundland, 
an architect. 

2. Louise Victoria Arcliibald, b. Feb. 18, 

1887, in Montreal. 

MoiR Gknkai,ogy 213 

6. *HENRY MOIR, a piano manufacturer, who left for the 

U. S. previous to the Civil War in 1861, and never was 
heard from afterwards, probably killed in battle. 

7. GEORGE MOIR, a piano manufacturer, pioneer in the 

line, in Nova Scotia, died about 1892, in Truro, 
Nova Scotia. He married Adeline Phinney and had 
issue, among others, one son, Charles C. Moir, music 
teacher, dealer in pianos and accessories, now at 
830 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. He m. 
1909, Laura Lamprey of New Hampshire and had 
issue; one child born 1911. 

8. JAMES MOIR, who went to Colorado about 1877, and has 

not been heard from afterwards. 

9. ANNIE MOIR, died unmarried at the age of 19 years. 
10. ISABEL MOIR, married a military man, paymaster, 

named Swabrick, and died shortly afterwards without 

ALEXANDER MOIR, engineer, of Halifax, N. S., 
pioneer in the business of making marine engines and ship- 
ping tackle of all kinds, making marine engines for the 

♦The following notes from a Halifax (Nova Scotia) newspaper (1912) refer to this 
family: — 

In a notice of the recent death in Truro of a prominent musician there, who, some years 
ago — in the sixties — had been engaged in the manufacture of piano-fortes in Halifax, 
the statement was made that he had taken a part in the manufacture of the first piano- 
forte made in Nova Scotia. It may be of interest to recall the fact that there was a piano 
manufactory in Halifax upwards of sixty years ago. H. & G. Moir, had warerooms at the 
corner of Harrington and Duke streets, opposite the general post office. 

In asking the public to encourage native industry, theMoirs called the attention of 
music lovers to some new pianos of their own manufacture, which for beauty of style, 
delicacy of touch, power and quality of tone, surpassed all others ever made in this country 
or imported. Their tone was so rich, round and powerful, as entirely to preclude the 
possibility of being appreciated without being heard. These instruments were of remark- 
able strength, made in the most durable and substantial manner, of the best seasoned 
material, with improvements made by the Moriaon, their own patent, which rendered 
their instruments more substantial and kept them in tune longer than any imported article. 

AU instruments of this firm were warranted to stand any climate, were claimed to be 
equal to any in the known world, and the Moirs professed their willingness to give security 
to any amount to the same effect. They sold pianos 20 per cent lower than could be 
imported, either from England or the United States. They could supply pianos from 
J35 to $100. The Moirs labored for some years in trying to induce the public to give 
their articles a generous appreciation, but it was all in vain. At last they threw up the 
trade in disgust, and wiping "the dust from their shoes," departed for other lands where 
the policy of encouraging home industries had gained a deeper foot-hold. 

The Moirs had a brother, William C, who, like them, was filled with an enterprising 
spirit. He was engaged in the trade of bread-making. The frowns of fortune did not 
dismay him. Meeting with untoward circumstances that would have crushed the average 
man, he grasped them with a hand of mettle and threw them under his feet. He set out 
in life to lift up to a high plane in Halifax the all-important business of making bread for 
the people — a good, clean article, wholesome in every particular. He established a 
manufactory into which he introduced every feature of machinery that inventive genius 
had devised, to improve the making of "the staff of life." The establishment which he 
firmly fixed in our city is justly the pride of our citizens to this day. 

214 MoiR Geneai^ogy 

British Government, starting when the business was in 
much demand, when it was young. He died previous to 
1893, and the business is now carried on by two of his 
sons, Alexander and William Moir. The author of this 
Genealogy called in 1897 on these parties, and was 
entertained there. 



"Salus per Christum." — (Safety through Christ.) 

I. ALEXANDER ABERNETHY, (a cadet of the Aber- 
nethies, Lords Saltoun) of Auchencloich, in the parish 
of Rothiemay, Banfishire, m. Isobel, (contract dated 
30 Nov., 1658,) daughter (and co-heir with her sisters, 
Christian Hacket, wife of Robert Gordon of Chapel- 
toune, and Elizabeth Hacket of Archibald Dunbar 
of Newton,) of Walter Hacket and his wife, Janet 
Leslye, who had a charter of the lands of Mayen in 
1649. Mr. Abernethie bought up the interests of 
his sisters-in-law in Mayen, and became sole pro- 
prietor. Issue : — 

1. John, his heir. 

2. William. 

3. "Master" George. 

1. Jean or Joan, m. first, Waiiam Moir of Scots- 

toun, and secondly, James Moir of Stoney- 

2. Christian, m. Alexander Hay of Ambath, who 

also owned the estate of Tonley; from him it 
was bought by the ancestors of the Byres 
family, 8 April, 1720. Mr. Hay engaged in 
the rebellion of 1715, and was forfeited; although 
he had a family of eight children, his descend- 
ants are now extinct. 

*Most of the facts about the Abernethys of Mayen were sent me by Captain 
Dunbar-Dunbar of Sea Park, and were taken by him from original documents in the 
Mayen Charter Chest. In two documents therein is mentioned, — "1643, 4 July, Cap- 
tain Thomas Moore, son of the deceased Thomas Moore in Peterhead, when James 
Abernethie, servitor to Mr. Robert Bruce, Advocatt, is appointed factor and commis- 
sioner for him, 1644, 20 July — Thomas Moore is designed 'GeneraU Adjutant of ye 
Scots Cavilrie,' in England, when he gives full power to James Abernethie, Writer and 
Advocate, to arrest James Ore COrr) in the Canongate." 

MoiR Genealogy 215 

3. Janet. 

4. Elizabeth. 

5. Isobel, m. Rev. Alexander Shand, of Insch. 

ALEXANDER ABERNETHY died 1683, and his widow Isobel 
Hacket, thereafter married Alexander Forbes of Blackstone. 

II. JOHN ABERNETHY II., of Mayen, m. Jean, dau of 
James Moir II., of Stoneywood, by his first wife. 
Mary Scroggie, while his sister, Jean Abernethie, is 
the second wife of his father-in-law. 
1. James, his heir. 

1. Jean or Joan, m. William Moir, of Spittal. 

2. Elizabeth m. the Rev. Hugh Innes, of Mortlach. 
III. JAMES ABERNETHY III., of Mayen, m. Jane, dau. 

of Alexander Duff I., of Hatton. Having unfortunately 
shot John Leith, ofLeith Hall, in a duel fought in the 
streets of Aberdeen in Dec. 17G3, he fled to the conti- 
nent, and was outlawed. Issue: — 

I. James, his heir, IV., of Mayen, died unmarried, 
and intestate, 1785, had four daughters, viz.:^ 

1. Jane, (b. 1751, died 1805), m. Major, 

afterwards Colonel Alexander Duff, 58th 
Regt., generally known as "Tiger Duff" 
so-called from a deep seam in his face 
inflicted in an encounter in India with 
a tiger. Their son, Gapt. William Duff, 
of Mayen, sold that property; d. 1857. 

2. Isobel m. Captain William Graham, 42d 

Regt., sometime "Master of Ceremonies 
at Edinburgh" and had issue. 

3. Helen. 

4. Anne. 

Arms. — Or, a lion rampant, gules, surmounted of a ribbon, sable. 
Crest. — A parrot feeding on a bunch of cherries, proper. 


By JOHN GEORGE BURNETT, Esq., of Aberdeen. 

Nov. 27, 1602. Instrument of resignation by Andrew Brabner junior, 
Burgess of Aberdeen, of that portion of the Commonty of the 
Burgh called Calseyseatt, in favour of Mr. WUliam Moir, 
Burgess of the said Burgh. 

Sept. 20, 1603. Charter by the Provost Baillies, etc., of Aberdeen to 
Mr. William Moir and his heirs male of Calseyseatt; and 
Instrument of Sasine following thereupon of the same date. 

May 2nd, 1623. Precept of Sasine on the lands of Calseyseatt in 
favour of Mr. William Moir, legitimate and nearer heir of hie 
Father, the late Mr. William Moir and instrument of sasine 
following thereupon of the same date. 

May 10, 1656. Contract Matrimonial between Mr. William Moir and 
Margaret Skene, only daughter of Gilbert Skene of Dyce. 

May 31, 1656. Instrument of resignation Mr. William Moir, Prin- 
cipal, to Dr. William Moir, his eldest son, and Gilbert Skene, 
of Dyce, on behalf of his daughter of lands of Calsieseat. 

June 3, 1656. Charter by the Provost, etc., of lands of Calsieseat to 
Dr. William Moir, Doctor of Medicine, and instrument of 
sasine following thereupon of the same date. 

Oct. 20, 1688. Disposition by Dr. William Moir, in favour of George 
Gordon, Burgess of Aberdeen, second lawful son of Henry 
Gordon, of Auehlyne of the lands of Calsieseat. 

Nov. 8, 1688. Instrument of resignation by George Keith, Advocate, 
Aberdeen, on behalf of Mr. William Moir of Scotstoune, 
heriditary proprietor, to John Gordone Baillie, on behalf of the 
Provost, etc., superiors, of the lands of Calsieseat in favour of 
George Gordone. 

June 18, 1688. Heritable bond George Gordone, 2nd son to Henry 
Gordon of Auehlyne, to Mr. William Moir of Scotstoune, 
Doctor of Medicine, for 3500 merks Scots furth of the croft 
of land called Calsieseat. 

July 20, 1688. Bond of provision Dr. William Moir to Elizabeth Moir, 
his youngest daughter of the sum of 2000 merks Scots being 
part of heritable land of 3500 merks Scots, reserving to him- 
self and Margaret Skeine, his spouse, the annual rent of the 
said 2000 merks. 

Nov. 21, 1691. Receipt Dr. William Moir from George Gordone of 
Kirktone of Dyce of 1000 merks Scots, being part payment 
of the above bond. Witness John Moir, son to the said 
Doctor Moir. 

July 24, 1711. Decreet of adjudication at instance of Elizabeth Moir 
and Mr. John Mulligan, minister of the gospel at Methlick,^ 


(See page 242.) 






C/3 ^ 

«^ ^' 



OS o 




c/3 -a 


a. . 

O £ 

I— > <u 

. > 

Qi O 


. onand I 


against Alexander Moir, eldest son of Mr. William Moir, 
Doctor of Medicine in Elgin, eldest son of the late Dr. William 
Moir of Scotstoune of above-mentioned 2000 merks, Scots. 

Aug. 6. 1707. General charge at instance of Elizabeth Moir and Mr. 
John Mulligan, her spouse, against Alexander Moir his tutors 
and curators to enter heir to his grandfather Dr. William 
Moir within forty days. 

May, 1703. Contract matrimonial between Mr. John Mulligan, 
minister of the gospel at Methlick and Elizabeth Moir, 
youngest daughter of Dr. William Moir of Scotstoune. 

Dec. 23, 1713. Disposition and assignation Mr. John Mulligan and 
Elizabeth Moir to Alexander Fraser of the above-mentioned 
heritable bond on Calsieseat. 

Oct. 24, 1691. Matrimonial contract between Master Alexander 
Fraser, Regent of King's College Aberdeen and Christian 
Moir, daughter and one of the co-heirs of the deceased John 
Moir of Barnes, with the consent of Mary Cochrane, relict 
of the said John Moir. (Mary Cochrane binds herself to pay 
certain sums to Mr. A. F. and Christian Moir, and for further 
security to have herself duly and lawfully infeft in "All and 
haill that sexth pairt of the sunne-half of the maines of Barnes. 
Extending to three pleughes of land, the sexth pairt of the 
sun half of the milne milnelands mulbures and sequells 
thereoff. The sexth pairt of the sunne-half of the lands of 
Daes and sun half of the lands of west bigging with the man- 
ner place of Barnes, town and lands of Earlsfield, houses, 
biggings, yeards, and ofts, Crofts, outsetts, insetts, an- 
nexes, connexes, commonly common pasturage, mosses, mures, 
meadows, tennants, tenandrys and service of free tennents 
pairts, pendicles, and pertinents, whatsomever Lying within 
the parochin of Fremney and Shrefdome of Aberdein which 
fell and appertained to the said Christian Moir and of the 
airs, Portioners of the said deceist John Moir of Barnes, her 

father And sicklyke in all and haill that sexth 

pairt of the Town and lands of Sunniesyde, with the pairts, 
pendicles, and pertinents of the same, lying within the 
Barony and regality of the Spitthill.") 

Disposition made on the advice and consent of Mr. George 
Fraser, sub-principal King's College, (brother) Mr. William 
Fraser, minister at Kilmorah; (eldest brother) for Mr. Alex- 
ander Fraser, and of Mary Cochrane, George Gordon of 
Rothmey and Mr. George Chalmers, Parsone off ffoord in 
England for .Christian Moir. 



JAMES MOIR, M. D., of Edinburgh, b. 1780, son of 
STONE; married 1805, to MARGARET LAING STEN- 
HOUSE; volunteered his services as medical officer at 
the time of the British wars against Napoleon I., of 
France. His brig going down channel, was driven 
ashore on the coast of France, and all hands were cap- 
tured. He was taken prisoner to Verdun. An officer 
got permission to have his wife sent there, with an 
attendant, who happened to be MRS. MOIR; while 
still practicing his calling, and a prisoner, the mother 
gave birth to JOHN INNES ALLAN MOIR, (afterwards 
M. D. of Edmburgh) born April, 4, 1808. In 1814, 
immediately after the decisive battle of Waterloo, all 
the prisoners were liberated, and returned to Scotland. 
He had at least three sons: — 

burgh, president of the College of Physicians 
at Edinburgh, b. April 4, 1808, at Verdun, 
LAND-HERIOT, and had issue, at least two 
sons: — 

1. John William Moir, who with hip younger 
brother, was a pioneer in British Central 
Africa, (see extended account) b. 1851, 
at Edinburgh; m. Helen Elizabeth Tod, 
dau. of Henry Tod, Writer to the Signet, 
of Edinburgh, and had issue: — 

' I Two born in Africa and died young there. 

2. ) 

3. Henry Maitland Moir, b. 1887, at Edin- 

burgh, a medical student. 

4. Margaret Louisa Maitland Moir, b. 1891, 

at Edinburgh. 

Moi& Gbnbalogy 219 

2. Frederick Lewis Maitland Moir, now of 
Glasgow, secretary and director of the 
African Lakes Corporation; (an extended 
account of this worthy and interesting 
gentleman, and his elder brother John 
W. Moir, appears in this volume) born 
later than 1851, at Edinburgh; m. Oct. 
4, 1885, to Jane Fordyce Beith, dau. 
of Gilbert Beith, M.P., for Glasgow, 
Indian merchant, (born Glenelg, near 
Oban) and had issue: — 

1. Annie Maitland Moir, b. Feb. 2, 1887, 

at Blantyre, British Central Africa. 

2. Dorothy Caroline Moir ) rj,^.^^ g^^^ 

3. Margaret Louise Moir ) 

Oct. 9, 1891, at Edinburgh, Scotland. 

II. JAMES MOIR, merchant of Edinburgh, later 
coming to America in 1836, landing at New 
York City, where he m. MARY McELROY, 
dau. of REV. JOSEPH McELROY, D.D.,f or 
over fifty years pastor of the Scotch Presby- 
terian Church, New York City. He had at 
least one son: JOSEPH McELROY MOIR, 
a retired engineer, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, 
b. March 18, 1846, in New York City. He m. 
March 18, 1874, AGNES POND, dau. of REV. 
sionary to the Indians of Minnesota, and had 
issue: — 

1. Marion Walker Moir, b. April 28, 1875, at Bloom- 

ington, Minn. 

2. James Moir, cashier in the offices of the New York 

Central and Hudson River Railroad, at Mount 
Vernon, New York; born Sept. 15, 1876, at 
Bloomington, Minn., m. April. 11, 1901, to Sarah 
Charlotte Spence, dau. of William Spence, of 
New York City, and had issue: — 

1. Ruth Spence Moir, born April 18, 1902, 
at Mount Vernon, New York. 

3. Joseph McElroy Moir, Jr., b. Jan. 15, 1878, at 

Bloomington, Minn. 

4. William Wildei-ming Moir, b. March 26, 1881, at 

Bloomington, Minn., now an M. D. 

220 MoiR GeneaIvOGy 

5. Dougald Stuart Moir, b. Aug. 26, 1884, at Bloom- 

ington, Minn., d. May 23, 1888. 

6. Arthur Duncan Moir, b. Feb. 21, 1887, at Bloom- 

in gton, Minn. 

7. Agnes Pond Moir, born Dec. 12, 1888, at Bloom- 

ington, Minn. 

8. John Moir, b. Nov. 6, 1890, at Bloomington, Minn. 

panion of the Most Distinguished Order of 

St. Michael and St. George, created in 1877; 
Club St. Georges; for over 40 years, civil service 
(British) in H. M. customs at Bahamas; Pres- 
ident of Turks Islands, Virgin Islands, Do- 
minica, and St. Kitts, all in the West Indies; 
b. March 28, 1825, at Edinburgh, married 1852, 
REV. JAMES WATSON, Presbyterian min- 
ister, and died April 6, 1897. Had issue: — 

1. Isabella J. H. Moir i rp . 

2. Margaret A. A. Moir J 

Born April 7, 1854, at Kingston, Jamaica. 
Both live at St. Mawes, in Cornwall, England, 
the latter has been married twice, in 1879 and 
in 1887, and has issue. The former never mar- 

3. Elizabeth Catherine Moir, born Oct. 21, 1855, at 

Belize, Honduras, (Brit.) was twice married, 
1870-1885— now (1912) a widow. 

4. Amy Alice Anna Moir, b. 1857, at Belize, Hon- 

duras, d. 1866. 

5. James F. William Moir, b. 1859, at Belize, Hon- 

duras, married 1886; an engineer now (1910) in 

6. Constance M. Louise Moir, b. 1860, at Kingston, 

Jamaica, d. 1861. 

7. Alexandra Bertha Christina Moir, b. 1864, at Turks 

Islands, W. I., m. July, 1883, d. at Antigua, W. I., 
April 17, 1884. 

*Hi3 diUL'hter Isabella, who is an iava.Hd and is livin? at St. Mawes in Cornwall, 
writ'ss of her father, "i am sure mv father w ml 1 n<?\'er have oonsiderod himself a 
'prominent persou,' or' seek a place amon? anch. — He was just an ordinary man 
though tall and good-looking, and with a very pleasant voice." 


JOHN MOIR of Arbroath, Forfarshire, Scotland; m. 

Mar. 13, 1802, MARTHA HARRIS, and had issue:— 

1. John Moir, b. May 10, 1803, Arbroath; d. May 24, 1803. 

2. Alexander Moir,b. March 24, 1804, Arbroath. (Baker and 

pastry cook, see below.) 

3. David Moir, b. Oct. 7, 1805, Arbroath; d. May 22, 1807. 

4. Thomas Moir, b. Mar. 3, 1808, Arbroath. 

5. Isabella Moir, b. June 11, 1810, Arbroath. 

6. Margaret Moir, b. Aug.20, 1812, Arbroath ; d. Mar. 29, 1814. 

ALEXANDER MOIR, baker and pastry cook, of 
London, England; b. March 24, 1804, in Arbroath, Forfar- 
shire, Scotland; son of JOHN MOIR and MARTHA 
HARRIS of Arbroath, Scotland; m. Sept. 23, 1830, 
SUSAN WURR, dau. of RICHARD WURR, and had 
seven children, of whom the following are the two who 

lived longest: — 

1. Alexander G. Moir, b. March 6, 1 837, London, England, and 

had issue. (See below). Christened at St. Luke's 
Church, Chelsea. 

2. Thomas John Moir, b. London, England; christened at 

Trinity Church, Sloane. 
♦ALEXANDER G. MOIR, carpenter, builder, painter, 
decorator, for 35 years Assessor and Highway Commis- 
sioner, has prospered, having a large farm of 300 acres, 
well supplied, at Temple, New Brunswick; b. Mar. 6, 
1837, in London, England, son of ALEXANDER MOIR, 
of Arbroath, Forfarshire, Scotland, and SUSAN WURR; 
grandson of JOHN MOIR, of Arbroath, Scotland, and 
MARTHA HARRIS; m. Dec. 26, 1864, HULDAH 
Canterbury, England, and had issue: — 

1. Frances Mary Moir, b. Dec. 9, 1865, in Temple, N. B., m. 

June 15, 1892, John Alfred Patterson, of Woodstock, N. 
B., and had issue. 

2. George Alexander Moir, b. Dec. 8, 1867, in Temple, N. B. 

♦Alexander G. Moir had a brother, John Moir, who left London, England, many 
years ago, and although efforts had been made to locate him, he ha.-j not been found. 

222 MoiR Gbneai^ogy 

3. Annie Gertrude Moir, b. Apr. 11, 1870, in Temple, N. B., 

m. Oct. 15, 1902, Asaph H. Faxon, of Gambridgeport, 

4. Edith Maud Moir, b. Aug. 8, 1872, in Temple, N. B., m. 

Apr. 10, 1891, Merrill David Green, d. Aug. 8, 1897, 
had issue. 

5. Susan Isabella Moir, b. Sept. 14, 1874, in Temple, N. B., 

m. John Murdoch MacDonald, of St. Louis, Missouri, 
and has issue. 

6. Charles William Moir, b. April 15, 1877, in Temple, N.B., 

died Feb. 15, 1901. 

7. Percy Miles Moir, b. Mar. 20, 1882, in Temple, N. B. 

•DAVID MOIR, wine merchant, of Edinburgh, Scot- 
land, served 34 years in the Queen's Regiment of the 
Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers, and held the rank of Colour- 
Sergeant, b. Sept. 5, 1864, in Earlsferry, Fifeshire, son 
of JAMES WILKIE MOIR, schoolmaster, of Keir Parish 
School, Dumfries-shire, (b. Dundee, Forfarshire, July 1, 
1839), and MARGARET GLOVER, a poetess, (for a 
biographical notice and poems, see "Modem Scottish 
Poets," fourth series, published by D. H. Edwards, 
Brechin, 1882.) Grandson of DAVID MOIR, iron- 
founder, and ANNA WILKIE, both of Dundee, For- 
farshire. Married JANE MILLER STEWART, dau. 
of JOHN STEWART, butler, of Rait, Perthshire, 
and had issue : — 

1. James Wilkie Moir, b. May 22, 1891, in Edinburgh. 

2. Jean Ehincan Moir, b. Sept. 5, 1895, in Edinburgh. 

DAVID MOIR, SR., engineer, of Buffalo, New York, 
b. June 22, 1849, in Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland ; m. 

Jan. 1st, 1874, FRANCES ( ), and had several 

children. MR. MOIR died, July 14, 1903. 

JOANNA JARVIS MOIR, of St. Joseph, Missouri, 
b. Jan 23, 1857, in Dundee, Scotland, daughter of JAMES 
MOIR, of Dundee, Scotland, and MATILDA GRAHAM, 
and grand-daughter of JAMES MOIR, of Dundee, For- 
farshire, Scotland and ANNIE PETRIE, (has a half- 
brother JAMES MOIR, in Harbor Springs, Michigan^ 
and a nephew WILLIAM J. MOIR, in Houghton, Michi- 
gan.) ^ 

♦The above David Moir had 5 brothers and 5 sisters, as follows — 3 brothers in Edia~ 
burgh, 1 in India, and 1 in Ceylon; 3 sisters in Scotland, and 2 in South Africa. 

MoiR Genealogy 223 

GEORGE MacLEAN MOIR, clerk, of 14 Roseneath 
Place, Edinburgh, son of PETER MOIR, of Kincreich 
Mill, Forfarshire, and ISABELLA ROBERTS, grandson 
of WILLIAM MOIR, farm overseer, of Nether Hayston, 

Forfarshire, and ( ) NORRIE; b. Dec. 20, 1866, at 

Kmcaldrum Mill, Forfarshire ; m. June 6, 1901, MARY 
MacINTYRE, dau. of PETER MacINTYRE, of Vir- 
ginia, U.S.A., and had issue: — 

1. Elizabeth Stuart Moir, b. Sept. 3, 1902, at Edinburgh. 

2. George Edward Moir, b. Aug. 16, 1904, at Edinburgh. 

3. David Roberts Moir, b. Nov. 26, 1906. 

4. Isabella Roberts Moir, b. Mar. 3, 1909, at Edinburgh. 

5. Andrew Hill Moir, b. Dec. 11, 1910, at Edinburgh. 

JAMES MOIR, bank agent of Lenzie, Glasgow, 
Scotland; b. Mar. 5, 1859, at Kirriemuir, son of WIL- 
LIAM MOIR, (b. 1834, d. Aug. 30, 1885) and ESTHER 
MAIDEN, dau. of JAMES MAIDEN; grandson of 
ROBERT MOIR, of Brechin, Forfarshire, (died Jan. 
1850,) and ELIZABETH STEWART. Married Dec. 9, 
of Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland, and had issue: — 

1. Jane Muir Moir, born Sept. 10, 1885, at Pollokshaws. 

(School teacher.) 

2. William Moir, b. Dec. 18, 1886, at Pollokshaws. (Bank 


3. Robert Paton Moir, b. July 26, 1888, at Pollokshaws. 

(Mercantile clerk.) 

4. Esther Maiden Moir, b. May 28, 1890, at Pollokshaws. 

5. Elizabeth Stewart Moir, b. Dec. 12, 1891, at Pollokshaws. 

6. Janet Ramsay Paton Moir, b. June 16, 1893, at Glasgow. 

7. Catherine Paton Moir, b. Aug. 28, 1895, at Stepps Rd., 


8. Mary Paton Moir, b. July 1, 1897, at Lenzie, Gadder, 


9. Agnes Paton Moir, b. Feb. 8, 1899, at Lenzie, Gadder, 



From the Scottish County Directory, 1902. 

PETER MOIR, New Grange, Kmcaldrum, Forfar- 


GREGOR MOIR, upholsterer and bagpiper of New 
York, N. Y., born Aug. 9, 1840, in Carrbridge, Inver- 
nesshire, Scotland, married Aug. 21, 1880, SARAH 
ZULIEKA, of Kidderminster, England, came to America 
in 1883. He died June 24, 1903, in New York City. 
He was a member of the Scottish Clans. Had issue: — 
1. Harriet Moir, b. Oct. 30, 1882, in Liverpool, England. 


agent, of Toronto, Ontario, b. 1878, in Aberdeen, Scot- 
land, son of GEORGE MOIR, of Drumlithie, Kincardine- 
shire, Scotland, and MARY PETERKIN, grandson of 
of Scotland; m. 1902, ELIZABETH LINALL, daughter 
of HARRY LINALL, of Toronto, Canada, and had 

cashier of Railway Dept. of the International Cor- 
respondence Schools, of Chicago, 111,, b. Oct. 3, 1875, in 
Erin, Ontario, son of JAMES MOIR, of ( ), Scot- 
land, and MARY M. HUGHSON; grandson of GEORGE 
MOIR, of Drumlithie, Kincardineshire, Scotland, and 

GEORGE MOIR, clerk to the French Consulate at 
Glasgow, Scotland; b. 1855, in Glasgow, eldest of three 
children of DAVID MOIR, who was born near Law- 
rencekirk, (Kincardineshire), about 1825, he died in 
Lawrencekirk in 1874, and was buried in the family lot 
at Fettercairn. GEORGE was a grandson of DAVID 
MOIR, who was married twice. 

MoiR Genealogy 


DAVID, father of GEORGE, was from the first wife, 
and was brought J^up by the grandmother, he came to 
Glasgow in 1853, there were several brothers and sisters 
in the family. 

GEORGE MOIR, paving [block cutter, of Brooklyn, 
N. Y., b. 1868, at Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, son of 
JAMES MOIR, of Newton Hill, Kincardine, (paving 
block cutter) and Helen Morris, grandson of ALEX- 
ANDER MOIR, farmer, of Stonehaven, Kincardine- 
shire, and CHRISTINA MOIR, m. 1897 ( ), and 

had issue: — 

1. Helen ^Moir, born 1899, at Furnace, Argyleshire, now 
(1912), at Woodside, Aberdeen. 


WILLIAM MOIR, carpenter, inventor, of New York 
City, b. Dec. 20, 1854, at Glasgow, Scotland, son of 
WILLIAM MOIR of Gamkirk, Lanarkshire, near Glas- 
gow, and Isabella Paterson. 

ROBERT HORN MOIR, hotel-keeper of New York 
City, b. Nov. 13, 1865, in Helensburgh, Scotland, son 
of WILLIAM MOIR of Garnkirk, Lanarkshire, Scot- 
land, and ISABEL PATERSON; m. 1883, ANNA. M. 
of Scarsdale, New York, and had issue: — 

1. Isabella Paterson Moir, b. Sept., 1884, in Philadelphia, Pa. 

2. William Bergen Moir, b. April, 1886, in Philadelphia, Pa. 

3. Robert Moir, Jr., b. 1888, in New York City. 

ALEXANDER MOIR, mechanical engineer, of 255 
Brunswick St., Halifax, Nova Scotia; son of ALEX- 
ANDER MOIR, mechanical engineer, (b. Jan. 13, 1821; 
d. Dec. 30, 1889), and HELEN MOODIE; grandson 
of ALEXANDER MOIR, of Lanark, Scotland, and 
MARY McPHERSON; m. Oct. 28, 1878, first, MAR- 
GARET S. HURLEY, and had issue:— 

1. Mary Alice Moir, b. Nov. 11, 1879, at Halifax N. S., d. 

Mar. 23, 1887. 

2. John Alexander Moir, b. Mar. 11, 1881, at Halifax, N. S., 

(mechanical engineer). 

3. Elizabeth B. Moir, b. Dec. 24, 1882, at Halifax, N. S. 

4. Helen M. Moir, b. Sept. 9, 1884, at Halifax, N. S. 

MR. MOIR m. second, July 3, 1889, MARGARET 
A. GAULT, dau. of JOHN GAULT, and had issue:— 
1. J^therine W. Moir, b. Nov. 28, 1891. 


(From the County Directory of Scotland, 1902.) 

GEORGE MOIR, Westmount, Dullatur, Castlecary Station, 

JAMES MOIR, Well Bank Cottage, Campsie Glen, Glasgow. 


The town of Doune, in Perthshire, where the river Teith is spanned 
by a noble bridge, the work of one who though by craft a tailor, was 
truly noble in heart. An inscription on the left parapet, and tran- 
scribed more legibly on the other side, tells us that "In the year of 
God 1535, founded was this bridge by ROBERT SPITTEL, tailor 
to the most noble princess MARGARET, Spouse to JAMES IV." 
Along with the narrative, he boldly blazons a pair of scissors, en 

About half a mile below the bridge, on a peninsula formed by the 
junction of the Ardoch burn with the Teith, stands the old castle of 
Doune, still a majestic pile, with its two massive, square towers, its 
turrets, and high embattled walls. 

Sir Walter Scott spent several summers in his youth at Cambus- 
more, in this neighborhood; and naturally he speaks of its beauty. In 
the "Lady of the Lake," he sketches this district, mentioning "Land- 
rick," and "Deanstoun," where Moirs resided for several genera- 
tions' Canto Fifth, 

"Along thy banks, swift Teith! they ride, 

And in the race they mock thy tide; 

Torry and Landrick, now are past. 

And Deanstoun lies behind them cast : 

They rise, the bannered towers of Doune, 

They sink in distant woodland soon." 


♦From "Picturesque Guide to the Trossacha, &o.," Edinburgh, Adam & Charles 
Black, 1889. 


Doune, Thomhill and Neighborhood 

Formerly Occupied by MOIRS 
(By the late W. B. COOK, Esq., of Stirling) 

SAUCHENS,— is the saughs or willows. 
DEANSTON, — was formerly Sauchentxim. 

LOCHFIELD, — so called from its being near the Loch o' Watson of 

an old name. It is mentioned in a document of 1492, 
along with other estates in the locality. 

♦GARTINCABER,— is "the enclosure of poles or speocks." What 
the tower was erected for is unknown. It is well 
known that this estate is the geographical centre of 

*The site of the centre of Scotland, like many other things, is a disputed point, but 
the common belief is that the spot is in the neighborhood of Gartincaber, which ia situated 
2 1-2 miles southwest of Doune, in Perthshire. A tower erected there, on an eminence, is 
held to mark the exact centre. (From the "Scottish American.") 

MoiR Genkalogy 


MOSS-SIDE, — named from the soft moss lands, characteristic of this 
part of the Forth river. 

BOQUHAPPLE, — owes its name to the chapel, — "the bothy of 
the Chapel," both capel. It is said this name suggested 
to Sir Walter Scott, his "Laird of Balmawhapple." 

MEADOWHEAD,— at the head of the meadow. 

NETHERTON, — is the lower town, and why I am unable to say. 
This farm is made up of feuars acres and a number of 
small holdings. One of the fields is known as "Netherton 
of Moss-Side," another is the "Three Neukit Lea" 
and a third is "Dalwhilpert." There was once a road 
leading from this farm to the village, but it is now closed, 
and there is not much sign of it left, although it can 
still be traced. 



The early baptismal records, and also the marriage 
registers of Doune, (parish of Kilmadock) and Thomhill, 
(parishes of Kincardine and Tulliallan) are very incom- 
plete, as will be seen by referring to the extractable 
records in this book; there are a great many omissions, 
and at places, they are in bad shape — especially is 
this so of the marriage registers. 

They prove, however, that about 1625 there were in 
TER, AGNES, and JAMES MOIR. There is no record 
of the birth or baptism of DAVID MOIR who was born 
at Doune, and was the first of the MOIRS of Leckie, 
(1668), an account of whom is given under that head. 
Probably, each of these personages were related to the 

*The account of this numerous and interesting family are taken from Private Family 
Records as well as the account of Births, Marriages &c., given in this book, pages 58 to 
89. Many individual records can be verified. 

MoiR Genealogy 231 

Of the above, JAMES married, but the name of his 
wife is not known, (the estate where they lived, is called 
Newton-of-Doune,) he was probably an uncle of DAVID 
MOIR, afterwards "of Leckie." It is recorded in the 
Kilmadock Kirk Session Records, that JAMES and voi. ii. pages 
his brother WALTER were members of the session of 
Kilmadock Parish Church, in 1652, and later. (From 
the "Stirling Antiquary," by W. B. Cook.) This couple 
had at least seven children, as follows: — 

1. JOHN MOIR, b. Aug. 30, 1629. 

2. JAMES MOIR, b. Aug. 21, 1631, he m. and had issue. 

3. ROBERT MOIR, b. Jan. 29, 1638, he witnessed a baptism, 

(Andrew Duncanson), 1671. 

4. ARCHIBALD MOIR, b. Mar. 12, 1643, afterwards of 

"Glenwhilk." (Of whom again.) 

5. MARGARET MOIR, b. June 6, 1647. 

6. WALTER MOIR, b. Aug. 12, 1649; he m. JANET OTE, 

and had issue, at least three of a family: — 

1. Robert Moir, born Mar. 13, 1677, afterwards of 

"Lochfield," m. ( ) Stewart, in Doune, and 

had issue: — 

1, Anna Moir, b. July 29, 1702. 

2. Alexander Moir, b. Oct. 19, 1705. 

2. Harrie Moir, b. Feb. 8, 1679, m. Agnes Moir, 

Doune; and had issue, at least two children. 

1. Henrj' Moir, b. Jan. 14, 1708. 

2. Agnes Moir, b. May 1, 1712. 

3. Agnes Moir, b. Sept. 4, 1680. 

7. MARIE MOIR, b. Feb. 2, 1652, m. HARRIE MOIR, 

of Newton of Doune, and had issue, at least six of a 
family: — 

1. Jane Moir, b. Aug. 15, 1679, m. Lieutenant Colin 

Fairfoull, and had issue, several children, 
among whom: — 

1. Susanna Fairfoull, b. Jan. 9, 1706. 

2. Agnes Moir, b. Nov. 22, 1682. 

3. Marjorie Moir, b. Dec. 1, 1684. 

4. A daughter, b. Oct. 8, 1687. 

5. Margaret Moir, b. Nov. 20, 1689. 

6. Robert Moir, b. Sept. 9, 1691. 

Of the above family, ARCHIBALD married, and 
there is no record of the name of his wife, they had 
issue, at least three, as follows: — 

1. Jean Moir, b. Jan. 26, 1669. 

2. WiUiam Moir, b. Sept. 27, 1673. 

3. David Moir, b. Dec. 20, 1676; who m. Janet Caddell, the 

marriage register being blank from 1650 to 1717, with 

232 MoiR Geneai,ogy 

few exceptions, there is no official record of the date of 

the marriage, they had issue: — 

1. John Moir, b. July 8, 1703, who m. Anna Mur- 
doch, and had issue: — a child, b. March, 1719. 
They had at least four other children: — 

1. Robert Moir, b. Apr. 7, 172.3, and m. 

Grizzall MacArthur, (of whom after- 

2. .\lexander Moir, b. July 20, 1735. 

3. Margaret Moir, b. Dec. 7, 1738. 

4. Ann Moir, born Dec. 28, 1740, m. Nicol 

MacLaren and had issue . 

The elder son of this family, ROBERT MOIR, m. 
GRIZALL MacARTHUR, and had issue:— 

1. Jean Moir, b. April 26, 1741, and m. Nov. 12, 1768, James 

Graeme, and had issue. 

2. James Moir, b. Feb. 27, 1743, and m. May 26, 1780, Isabel 


GEORGE MOIR, third child of ROBERT MOIR 
and GRIZALL MacARTHUR, b. Feb. 6, 1748; m. 
JANET ADAM, and this couple had at least eight of a 
family, as follows: — 

1. Alexander Moir, b. Nov. 24, 1776. 

2. Robert Moir, b. Mar. 8, 1778; m. Elizabeth Moir, (of whom 


3. Jean Moir, b. Dec. 29, 1782; m. Duncan MacPherson, (of 

whom again). 

4. George Moir, b. Aug. 22, 1784; m. Jane Stirling, (of 

whom again). 

5. Janet Moir, b. Apr. 30, 1786; m. John Stewart, (of 

whom again). 

6. Andrew Moir, b. Feb. 14, 1788; m. Isabella Dougall, (of 

whom again). 

7. James Moir, b. Jan. 26, 1794; m. Elizabeth Forsyth, (of 

whom again). 

8. Elizabeth Moir, b. Dec. 4, 1796; m. John MacQueen, 

(of whom again). 

HENRY MOIR, b. 1680, it is not known who his 
parents were, as the record is partly illegible. He is also 

Hermaiden Called HARRIE. He m. AGNES ( ), of Doune 

^^^'Tf . and had at least three of a family:— 

A.CX16S A'l.oir 

si p. 61 ' 1. JAMES MOIR, b. Jan. 8, 1702, m. HELEN LENOX,; in 

"Hole of Cambus," and had issue: — 

1. Henry Moir, b. Jan. 8, 1734. 

2._._ James Moir, b. May 10, 1738. 




1^ 01 




I - 

o >^ 

H Q 
OS .- 

Ui ^ 



MoiR Gkneai^ogy 233 

2. HENRY MOIR, b, Jan. 4, 1708, m. ACNES MOIR, and 

had issue, at least one child: — 
1. Anna Moir, b. June 3, 1733. 

3. AGNES MOIR, b. May 1, 1712. 

JAMES MOIR, son of JAMES, of the above family, 
m. ELIZABETH MacEWAN, and had issue:— 

1. JANET MOIR, born Sept. 16, 1758, and 


2. HENRY MOIR, b. Jan. 25, 1761. 

3. JAMES MOIR, b. July 24, 1763; m. ISABEL see below 

Mackenzie, (of whom afterwards). 

4. ANN MOIR, b. Mar. 1, 1767, and m. ALEXAN- 

DER STEWART, and had issue:— 

1. Mary Stewart, b. April 25, 1784. 

2. Elizabeth Stewart, b. Feb. 15, 1786. 

3. Isabel Stewart, b. Oct. 27, 1793. {^Note in the 

record, — "there is no entry of children to this 
couple between 1786 and 1793.") 

4. Katherine, b. Mar. 12, 1797. 

5. John Stewart, b. June 17, 1802. 

6. Agnes Stewart, b. Aug. 5, 1804. 

5. MARGARET MOIR, b. May 27, 1770, m. 

WILLIAM JUNKINE, and had issue. 

6. DAVID MOIR, b. June 14, 1772. He removed 

to Campsie. 

JAMES MOIR, third of the above family m. Nov. 
27, 1784, *ISABEL MacKENZIE, and had issue, at 
least seven children: — 

1. James Moir, b. Feb. 12, 1786. 

2. William Moir, b. Sept. 23, 1787, was married, and went to 

London, was coachman to Rev. Alexander Fletcher, 
there; both he and his wife died of cholera, at the time 
of the great plague. 

3. Elizabeth Moir, b. Oct. 15, 1789, m. Robert Moir. (See Page 242 

account of his ancestry, of whom again). 

4. Janet Moir, b. July 31, 1791. 

5. Isabel Moir, b. Feb. 24, 1793, m. Jan. 19, 1817, John Bryce 

of the parish of Renfrew, (a copy of the marriage cer- 

*Isabel MacKenzie had a brother who lived in India, and who amassed a large fortune, 
when he died suddenly, leaving forty thousand pounds sterling; several of the family at 
the time hired a lawyer, (who was a relative), at Edinburgh, to see what could be done 
towards securing the fortune; he collected several fees and after several years, he died, 
without securing any results to the family. Nothing has since been done about the matter. 
Meantime the money ia in Chancery and has grown to prodigious proportions. 


tificate is in possession of the author) and had issue, at 
least two: — 

1. Isabella Bryce, m. to James Work, an engineer 

on one of the ocean steamships crossing the 

2. Helen Bryce, who married James Lyle, Glasgow, 

carpet manufacturer. 

6. Katherine Moir ) ^^j^^^ ^ p^^ 1795 

7. Jean Moir ) 

I. ALEXANDER MOIR, born Nov. 24, 1776. (Of see page 236 
whom again.) 

II. ROBERT MOIR, born March 8, 1778; married See page 242 

ELIZABETH MOIR; and had at least 12 
children. (Of whom afterwards.) 

III. JEAN MOIR, born Dec. 29, 1782, in ThomhiU, 

m. DUNCAN MacPHERSON, we have not 
been able to trace this branch. 

IV. GEORGE MOIR, b. Aug. 22, 1784, in ThomhiU, Morecompiete 

married JANE STIRLING. George came to foUot ''"°'*^ 
America in 1844, and settled later in Hensall, '^ter on ; 
Ontario. From the twelve children mentioned I 

below, there were 80 direct children in 1904, 
and many of these have families of their own. 

1. George Moir, born Oct. 2, 1817; married Elizabeth 


2. Margaret Moir, born Oct. 2, 1817; m. Alexander 


3. John Moir, b. Aug. 20, 1819; m. Mary Anderson. 

4. Alexander Moir, b. Aug. 15, 1821; m. Jessie Russell 

Ross. H 

5. Robert Moir, b. Aug. 12, 1823. 

6. James Moir, b. April 30, 1825; m. Isabella Murray. 

7. Jean Moir, b. July 31, 1827; m. James Murray. 

8. Janet Moir, b. Apr. 29, 1829; m. Robert Murray. 

9. Peter Moir, b. May 25, 1831. 

10. Andrew Moir, b. June 28, 1833. i 

11. Thomas Robertson Moir, b. Dec. 1, 1835; never was K 

married, now (1904), living. 

12. WilUam Moir, b. 1837. 

V. JANET MOIR, b. April 30, 1786, in ThomhiU, 

m. to JOHN STEWART, had a familj^, but 
we have not been able to trace this branch. 

VI. ANDREW MOIR, b. Feb. 14, 1788, in Thorn- See laterpai 


MoiR Geneai,ogy 235 

hiU, married to ISABELLA DOUGALL, lived 
at Callandar, Perthshire, and had a large fam- 
ily, most of whom later settled in America. 
VIL JAMES MOIR, born Jan. 26, 1794, in Thomhill, s** p*** 
m. to ELIZABETH FORSYTH, and had issue; 
James came to New Brunswick, in 1818, and 
was accidentally drowned in St. John's ice- 
bound harbour, in 1833. one stormy night, 
while trying to board a vessel: — 

1. Robert Moir. 

2. James Moir. 

3. Mary Moir. 

4. Ruth Moir. 

5. George Moir. 

6. Sarah Moir. 

VIII. ^ELIZABETH MOIR, born Dec. 4, 1796, at 
ThomhiU, m. 1819, JOHN MacQUEEN, and 
had issue: — 

1. Janet MacQueen, b. Jan. 2, 1820, at Thomhill. 

There was a large family born to thia couple, 
probably all the others were born in America, to 
which place they emigrated. The descendants 
are mostly scattered throughout the Province of 
Ontario. We have tried to follow up this line, 
but members have refused to reply to enquiries 

IX. HELEN MOIR, | ^he date of birth of these 

two have not been ascertained, but it is 
known that the former never was married, and 
the latter died young. 



The descendants of GEORGE MOIR, b. February 
6, 1748, son of ROBERT MOIR and GRIZALL Mac 
ARTHUR; who m. July 6, 1776, JANET ADAM, of 
Boquhapple Moss, and Moss-side farm, Thomhill. 

(There are a great many descendants of this couple, 
mostly distributed throughout the United States and 
Canada, although there are several families of this 
branch still in Scotland.) They had issue. 


ALEXANDER MOIR, b. Nov. 24, 1776, at Mains, 
Thomhill, m. March 7, 1807, JEAN HUTTON, dau. 
of WILLAIM HUTTON. He was a burgess of Dun- 
fermline, (see extracts on another page) and was ad- 
mitted October 24, 1809. Had issue: — 

I. CATHERINE MOIR, born April 30, 1809, at 
Thomhill, she m. Oct. 13, 1844, ROBERT 
HUTTON, and had issue, she died in Ire- 
II. GEORGE MOIR, b. Nov, 14, 1810, at Thom- 

III. WILLIAM MOIR, b. Jan. 29, 1813, at Thomhill, 
(Moss-side farm,) married May 24, 1846, 
GRACE MacFARLANE, daughter of JOHN 
MacFARLANE, of the Parish of Port, Ker- 
buck, Dunblane, and had issue: — 

I Two sons, who died in infancy. 

3. ALEXANDER MOIR, farmer, b. June 28, 1850, at 
Moss-side farm, Thomhill, m. Mar. 22, 1874, 
James Dick, b. Gartincaber, near Thomhill, 
and had issue: — 

1. *William Moir, farmer, b. April 30, 1875, 

at Moss-side farm, Thomhill. 

2. James Moir, clerk, born Nov. 6, 1876, at 

Nethercarse farm, Gargurmock. 

•William, Alexander and Jean G. Moir of this family have hired another farm 
called Capel Church farm, at Folkstone, and are doing well, according to report. 

MoiR Geneai/)GY 237 

3. *Alexander Moir, farmer, b. Jan. 6, 1879, 

at Nethercarse, Gargunnock. 

4. John Moir, draper, b. Aug. 20, 1880, at 

Nethercarse, Gargunnock. (He served 
about 2 years in the South African 
war in the Imperial Yeomanry.) He ia 
now 1912, at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

5. *Jean Galbraith Moir, b. Aug. 20, 1882, at 

Nethercarse farm. 

6. Robert Moir, farmer, b. June 27, 1884, 

at Nethercarse farm, Gargunnock, he 
died May 21, 1904. 

7. George Moir, b. March 8, 1886, at Nether- 

carse farm, Gargunnock. 

8. Elizabeth Grace Macfarlane Moir, born 

Jan. 12, 1888, at Nethercarse farm, 

9. Isabella Ann Moir, b. Jan. 1, 1890, at 

Nethercarse farm, Gargunnock. 

10. David Moir, b. Jan. 1. 1891, at Nether- 

carse farm, Gargunnock, died there, 
Dec. 20, 1905. 

11. Andrew Moir, born April 19, 1892, at 

Nethercarse farm, Gargunnock. 

12. Mitchell Archibald Moir, b. Feb. 3, 1895, 

at Nethercarse farm, Gargunnock, now 
farming with an uncle at Park of Keir, 
Dunblane, Perthshire. 

13. Peter Moir, b. March 5, 1897, at Nether- 

carse farm, Gargunnock. 

14. Isaac Dick Moir, born July 17, 1898, at 

Nethercarse farm, Gargunnock. 

4. JOHN MOIR, b. at Thomhill, died March 15, 

1892, at Warquami, New Zealand. 

5. A daughter, who married GEORGE ADAM, now 

of 11 Alexandria Place, Partick, Glasgow. 

6. WILLIAM MOIR, a farmer and live-stock mer- 

chant, having a farm of over 900 acres, at Thom- 
hill, called "Netherton farm," (where the author 
spent a day in 1910.) He was b. at Thomhill, 
and married 1st, JANE SANDS, and had issue:— 

1. William Moir, born 1892, at Netherton 

farm, ThornhUl. 

2. Alexander Moir, born 1894, at Netherton 

farm, Thomhill. 

3. A daughter, now deceased. 

*See footnote on page 236. 


MR. MOIR m. 2nd, JANET SANDS, a sister 
to the first wife, and had issue: — 

4. Margaret Moir, born 1901, at Netherton, 


5. Grace Moir, born 1903, at Netherton, 


6. John Moir, born 1906, at Netherton, 

JANET SANDS-MOIR died in 1909. 

IV. ALEXANDER MOIR, born Nov. 11, 1814, m. 
Jessie Morrison, and had issue: — 

1. Alexander Moir, who is m. and living (1912) in 

Glasgow. He has a family. One son, Alexander 
Moir, is now in London, Ontario. 

2. Jessie Morrison Moir, who m. Apr. 12, 1862, 

Archibald MacNicol, in Scotland, and who came 
to the United States, and died in Pawtucket, 
Rhode Island, Mar. 9, 1886; had issue. 

3. Jane Moir, who m. Alexander Montgomery, died 

April 15, 1910, and had issue, several children, 
among whom, one daughter, Jane Montgomery, 
who married as a second wife, Archibald Mac- 
Nicol, (who had previously married Jessie M. 
Moir, her sister), in Lowell, Mass., later going to 
Jewett City, Conn., and had issue, several chil- 
dren, among whom: — 

1. Archibald MacNicol, Jr., who died 1910, 


2. Alexander Mac Nicol, b. Jewett City, Conn. 

4. George Moir, who died unmarried, at Thornhill, 


5. Sophia Moir, who m. 1860, John MacDonald, who 

was accidentally killed in a boiler-yard in Glas- 
gow in 1861. She came to America in 1866, 
and married, secondly, George Kenyon 1868, 
living (1912) at Pawtucket, R. I., and has issue. 

6. Margaret Moir, who m. Mr. Alexander Nelson, 

and lived in Paisley, Scotland. 

V. ANDREW MOIR, born Sept. 1, 1816, at Thom- 
hill, married Feb. 16, 1845, MARY SMITH of 
Thomhill, and had issue. 

VI. JEAN MOIR, born Oct. 10, 1818, at Thomhill; 
she died in New Zealand. 

VII. ROBERT MOIR, born Oct. 10, 1820, at Thom- 
hill, he m. and has issue. 

VIII. JOHN MOIR, born Dec. 31, 1822, at Thom- 
hill, he also m. and left issue. 

MoiR Genealogy 239 

IX. JAMES MOIR, b. Dec. 21, 1825, at Thomhill, 

he m. firstly, ( ), and had issue, at least 

one son James, who is living (1912) in Glas- 
gow, Scotland. 

He married secondly, 1869, Catherine Drum- 
mond, both husband and wife died within a 
year of the birth of a son: — 

1. Alexander James Moir, b. April, 1870, at Thom- 
hill, Perthshire, at the decease of both his parents, 
he was brought up by the grandmother on 
the mother's side. He afterwards came to the 
United States, settled at Worcester, Mass., 
where he learned the dry and fancy goods 
business, with the John C. Mac Innes Company, 
where by strict attention to business, and other 
good qualities, he rose to become a partner in 
the firm; later enlarging and doing a complete 
department store business. He m. 1893, Bertha 
Day, dau. of Edward Day of Chester, Mass., 
had issue: — 

1. Bertha Day Moir, b. 1898, at Worcester, 

Mass., she died there in 1909. 

2. Chester Drummond Moir, b. 1901, at 

Worcester, Mass. 


JAMES MOIR, stone mason^ of Port Glasgow, Scot- see page 235 
land, afterwards of New Brunswick, son of GEORGE 
MOIR, of Thomhill, and JANET ADAM; b. Jan. 26, 
1794, at Thomhill, m. 1822, ELIZABETH FORSYTH. 
(MR. MOIR was accidently drowned one stormy night 
in 1833, while attempting to board a vessel in the ice- 
bound harbor of St. John's, New Brunswick.) Had 
issue: — 

I. ROBERT MOIR, who died young. 

II. JAMES GILBERT MOIR, b. Nov. 11, 1822, 
in New Brunswick, m. ANN CATHERINE 
CHAPPEL, and d. Mar. 19, 1901, had issue, 
at least one son: — 

1. Robert Arthur Moir, farmer, of Mount Whatley, 
New Brunswick, b. Dec. 11, 1878, in Tidnish, 
Nova Scotia, he married 1904, Mabel Gertrude 
Carter, dau. of Samuel Cyrus Carter, of West- 
moreland Point, New Brunswick, and had issue. 

240 MoiR Geneai^ogy 

St. Martin's, New Brunswick, and had issue. 

IV. RUTH MOIR, b. New Brunswick, 1826, died 
aged 69, was m. and had issue. 

V. GEORGE BYRON MOIR, b. July 5, 1828, in 
Sussex, New Brunswick, m. Feb. 26, 1861, 
ANNA BRANDER, daughter of JAMES 
BRANDER, of Huntley, Aberdeenshire, Scot- 
land, and had issue: — 

1. Joseph William Moir, born Dec. 5, 1861, in Mount 

Whatley, New Brunswick; died there, Nov. 13, 

2. Mary Elizabeth Moir, b. Jan. 13, 1863, in Goose 

River, Nova Scotia, d. Mar. 6, 1867. 

3. Lilla Ann Moir, b. Jan. 10, 186.5, in Nappan, N. S., d. 

Nov. 7, 1865. 

4. Lilly Ada Moir, b. Oct. 2, 1866, in Nappan, N. S., 

m. Nov. 5, 1889, Hugh Armour, son of Hugh 
Armour, of Johnstone, Scotland, and had issue: — 

1. George Hugh Armour, b. Sept. 12, 1890, 

Banff, N. W. T. 

2. John Armour, b. Nov. 25, 1892, in Regina, 

N. W. T. 

3. William Armour, born April 17. 1896, in 

Regina, N. W. T. 

4. Martha Armour, b. July 5, 1898, in Regina, 

N. W. T. 

5. Robert Armour, b. June 22, 1900, in Regina, 

N. W. T. 

6. Alexander Armour, bom June 19, 1904, 

in Regina, N. W. T. 

1833, in Shepardy, New Brunswick, m. 1850 
DAVID FLINN, of KentviUe, Nova Scotia, 

and had issue: — 

1. EUa Flinn, born Jan. 10, 1851, iin St. John's, New 

Brunswick, married a mechanic, had issue, and 
died in 1899. 

2. William Flinn, b. Dec. 9, 1853, in St. Johns, N. B., 

married, had issue, and is now (1904,) at Villard, 

3. Mary Flinn, b. Dec. 16, 1857, in St. John's, N. B., 

married a mechanic, and is now, (1904,) living in 
Norwich, Conn. 

4. Sarah Flinn, b. Dec. 16, 1857, Woodville, N. S., and 

d. 185?. 

MoiR Geneai^ogy 


5. George Moir FUnn, born Mar. 8, 1860, in Wood- 

ville, N. S., now (1904,) living at Medford. 

6. Everett Richardson Flinn, born Dec. 10, 1862, in 

WoodvUle, N. S. 

7. Hermon Alton Flinn, b. June 6, 1865, in Wood- 

vUle, N. S., d. 1885, in Norwood, Mass. 

Descendants of ROBERT MOIR, (b. 1778) who mar- 
ried (1811), *ELIZABETH MOIR, at ThornhiU, Perth- 
shire. See page 234. 

GEORGE MOIR, farmer and veterinary surgeon, 
of Alpena, Michigan, born October 13, 1811, at Doune, 
Perthshire, he came to America about 1840, settling in 
the eastern province of Quebec, afterwards going west 
to Alpena, Michigan, where he m. 1868, ELIZABETH 
O'BRIAN. MR. MOIR died Mar. 6, 1893. Had 
issue: — 

1. Elizabeth Moir, dressmaker, born Nov. 5, 1869, Alpena, 


2. Robert Moir, b. May 24, 1871, in Alpena, Mich., died March 

26, 1896. 

3. Isabella Moir, b. Sept. 9, 1873, Alpena, Mich. 


ISABELLA MOIR, born Nov. 1, 1812, in Doune, 
Perthshire, married ROBERT MONTEITH; no issue; 
died in Glasgow in 1852, the same year as the death 
of her mother in America. 


JAMES MOIR, of Denny, Stirlingshire, gardener and 
beadle, b. January 27, 1814, at Doune, Kilmadock parish, 
and m. July 10, 1845, MATILDA MacKELLAR, Denny. 
(Mr. Moir d. May 19. 1894.) Had issue:— 


II. ELIZABETH MOIR, b. Feb. 20, 1849, at Denny, 
m. July 14, 1871, JOHN RUSSELL, plumber, 
of Glasgow (b. Campsie), and had issue: — 

1. Matilda MacKellar Russell, b. July 20, 1872. 

2. John Russell, b. July 4, 1874. 

3. Elizabeth Russell, b. July 22, 1876. 

*See account of her ancestry and lineage. 

MoiR Gknealocy 243 

4. James Moir Russell, b. Dec. 13, 1878. 

5. Robert Moir Russell, b. July 6, 1881; m. Aug. 28, 

1901, and has issue. 

6. William Russell, b. Sept. 24, 1883. 

7. Jeamiie Russell, b. Dec. 11, 1885, m. 1911, a 

Mr. MacPherson, and has issue , one daughter. 
She afterwards removed to Auckland, New Zea- 

8. Jessie Russell, born Oct. 29, 1888, m. 1910, John 

Payton, of Lowell, Mass., and has issue: — 
1. Elizabeth Payton. 

9. Andrew Moir Russell, b. April 20, 1892. 
10. Jenny Russell, b. Sept. 9, 1894. 

III. ROBERT MOIR, blacksmith and engineer, of 

Denny, Stirlingshire, born Mar. 27, 1851, East 
Boreland, Denny, married MARTHA SMITH, 
Aug 22, 1873. (Mr. Moir d. 1912. Mrs. Moir 
d. Oct. 9, 1911.) Had issue:— 

1. James Moir, ironmoulder, b. Feb. 17, 1874, m. 

July 17, 1895, Mary Mac Kerracher Kemp, Denny, 
and had issue: — 

1. Catherine Moir, b. Oct. 11, 1896. 

2. Robert Moir, b. May 15, 1898. 

3. JamesMoir, b. May8, 1900; d. Jan. 21, 1901. 

4. John Moir, b. May 8, 1900. 

5. James Moir, b. Oct. 14, 1902. 

2. Robert Moir, b. April 3, 1875; d. Aug. 15, 1881. 

3. Elizabeth MacDonald Moir, b. Dec. 23, 1876, m. 

Charles Grant, a police officer of Kinrosshire and 
had issue: — 

1. Martha May Grant, b. June 26, 1900. 

2. Jessie Clark Grant, b. Nov. 2, 1904. 

And two others. 

4. Matilda MacKellar Moir, b. Nov. 25, 1878; married 

James Grant, a contractor and builder, now of 
New Haven, Conn., and has issue. 

5. John Moir, a moulder, b. May 16, 1881, now 

(1912), in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 

6. George Moir, b. Dec. 29, 1883, m. and has issue: — 

1. Robert Moir, b. April, 1911, now (1912), at 
Rainy River, Ontario, Canada. 

7. Robert Moir, born Oct. 1, 1888, now at Rainy River, 

Ontario, Canada. 

8. Alexander Moir, born Feb. 13, 1891, now at Rainy 

River, Ontario, Canada. 

IV. JANET MOIR, born Oct. 4, 1855, at East Bore- 

land, Denny, married Sept. 15, 1879, HUGH 
SMELLIE and had issue:— 

244 MoiR Geneai,ogy 

1. David Smellie, b. Sept. 23, 1880. 

2. James Alesander Smellie, b. April 30, 1883. 

3. Hugh SmeUie, b. June 14, 1887. 

4. Robert Smellie, b. Feb. 7, 1891. 

5. William Smellie, b. Aug. 4, 1893. 


JANET MOIR, of Vernon, Mich., b. Oct. 2, 1815, 
in Thomhill, Perthshire, Scotland, m. 1842, JAMES 
MacLAREN, of St. John's, New Brunswick, and had 
issue: — (She died 1905. He died some years previously.) 

1. Elizabeth MacLaren, born July 29, 1843, in Corumia, 

Mich., married Oct. 12, 1872, Michael Garland, of 
Ejnsale, Ireland, and had issue: — 

1. Bessie Garland, born April 22, 1878, Corunna, 


2. Gharles Sumner Garland, b. Oct. 9, 1882, in 

Gorunna, Mich. 

2. Archibald, born 1848, in Vernon, Michigan, (deceased, 


3. Gatherine, b. 1851, in Vernon, Michigan. 

4. Mary, b. 1853, in Vernon, Michigan, 

5. Robert, b. 1858, in Vernon, Michigan. 


ROBERT MOIR, blacksmith and farmer, born April 
27. 1817, in KHmadock parish, Doune, Perthshire, 
Scotland, m. May, 1846, in Province Quebec, Canada, 
of Montreal, P. Om Canada, and had issue as fol- 
lows:— (MR. MOIR died Mar. 12, 1901). (MRS. 
MOIR died Dec. 27, 1904.) 

1. Robert Moir, (teacher), b. 1847, in Port Daniel, 

P. Om m- Helen Blake, and had issue: — 

1. Eva Jane Dawes Moir, born Miramichi, New 

Brunswick, married Dec. 22, 1900, James 

Hamilton, and had issue: — 

1. James Blake Hamilton, born Oct. 15, 


2. James Douglas Hamilton, born June, 


3. Thomas Dawes Millar Hamilton, b. 

Aug., 1906; died Sept., 1907. 

MoiR Geneal,ogy 245 

2. Thomas Dawes Moir, (farmer), born April, 

1849, in Lance Aux Beaufils, P, Qm Canada. 


3. Charlotte Amelia Moir, born 1852, in Lance 

Aux Beaufils, P. 0-, Canada; married 1874, 
Peter Gordon Simpson, carpenter, (died 
1897), and had issue- — 

1. Annie Elizabeth Simpson, born July 26, 1875, 

in Leamington, Ontario; married March 26, 
1901, to Lemuel Sloane, and had issue: — 

1. Bessie Sloane, born June 12, 1902, in 

Leamington, Ont. 

2. Mildred Sloane, born July 11, 1905, in 

Leamington, Ont. 

3. Baby boy, b. Oct. 31, 1911, in Leam- 

ington, Ont. 

2. Allan Gordon Simpson, printer, of Pittsburg, 

Pennsylvania, born 1878, in Leamington, 

Ontario, married 1st, ( ) Wilson, and 

had issue: — 

1. Mildred Simpson, b. 1905. 

Mr. Simpson, married 2d. Eva Hodgkins, of 
Leamington, Ontario, and had issue, one 
son: — 

2. James Simpson, born April, 1907, in 

Detroit, Michigan. 

3. Bert James Simpson, telegraph operator, born 

1881, in Leamington. Ont., married 1906, to 
Jean Mc Curdy and had issue: — 

1. Donald Simpson, born July, 1903, in 

Glendale, Oregon. 

2. Allan Simpson, born Jan. 1905, in 

Glendale, Oregon. 

4. Elizabeth Moir, b. April 5, 1852, Lance Aux 

Beaufils, P. Qm died June 15, 1865. 

5. Mark George Moir, of Eberts, Ontario, farmer, 

born 1853, in Lance Aux Beaufils, P. Qm 
Canada, married 1881, Judith Lenfesty, of 
Perce, P. 0>» Canada, and had isssue: — 
(Mrs. Moir died Dec. 18, 1904.) 

1. WUIiam Alexander Moir, born July 1882, in 

Perce, P. 0- 

2. Ethel Susan Moir, b. Dec. 31, 1883, in Perce, 

Gaspe, P. 0. 

246 MoiR Gene;ai,ogy 

3. Myrtle Edith Moir, born Feb. 4, 1886. Tumer- 

ville, Ont., married Sept., 1909, William 
Oliver Bower of Eberts, Ontario, who shortly 
afterwards removed to Saskatchewan. 

4. Ernest Raymond Moir, born May 11, 1888, in 

Tumerville, Ont. 

5. Lloyd James Moir, b. June 26, 1890, in Tumer- 

ville, Ont. 

6. Ida Amelia Moir, b. June 20, 1892, in Tumer- 

ville, Ont. 

7. Wilson Irvin Moir, b. May 2, 1896, in Tumer- 

ville, Ont. 

8. Amy Christina Moir, b. July 21, 1898, in Tumer- 

ville, Ont. 

6. James Moir, born Sept. 24, 1855, in Lance 

Aux Beauflls, P. Q., Canada, died there Jan. 
31, 1881. 

7. Joseph Dawes Moir, of Tumerville, Ontario, 

merchant, b. July 18, 1857, in Lance Aux 
Beaufils, P. Om Canada, m. June 24, 1885, 
Ida Adelia Turner, (born July 16, 1861, 
Prince Edward County, Ontario), and had 

issue: — 

1. James Percival Moir, born April 1, 1886, in 

Tumerville, Ont. 

2. Helen Beryl Moir, b. June 16, 1887, in Tumer- 

ville, Ontario, married Dec. 1909, to Samuel 
Herbert Davies of Oxbow, Sask., and had 
issue : — 

1. Marion Hathaway Davies, born Sept., 
1910, in Oxbow, Sask. 

3. Josie May Moir, born Jan. 16, 1889, in Tumer- 

ville, Ont., married Dec, 1908, to Clarence 
Junk, in Oxbow, Sask., and had issue, one 
son: — 

1. James Moir Junk, born 1910, in 
Oxbow, Sask. 

4. Sarah Margaret Moir, born Oct. 9, 1891, in 

Tumerville, Ont. Married 1910, to Thomas 
HalliweU of England, at Oxbow, Sask., and 
had issue, one daughter: — 

1. Madge Halliwell, born 1910, at Oxbow, 

5. Annie Marion Moir, b. Oct. 31, 1896, in Tumer- 

ville, Ont. 

6. Thomas Dawes Moir, b. Jan. 22, 1898, in Tumer- 

ville, Ont. 

MoiR Genkai,ogy 247 

7. Malcolm Moir, born Nov. 9. 1906, in Oxbow, 

8. Lily Jane Moir, of Eberts, Ontario, b. Feb. 

16, 1859, in Lance Aux Beaufils, P. Qm 

9. Margaret Moir, b, Dec. 15, 1860, in Lance 

Aux Beaufils, P. O*. Canada, and died there, 
Sept. 1, 1896. 

10. Alexander William Moir, merchant and post- 

master, of Dawn Mills, Ontario, born Dec. 

6, 1863, in Lance Aux Beaufils, P. Q** 
Canada; m. Oct. 30, 1888, to Elizabeth 

Cassie Turner, of Tumerville, Ont., and 

had issue: — 

1. Raymond Earl Moir, born Jan. 31, 1890, in 

Chatham, Ont. 

2. Robert Claire Moir, b. May 25, 1895, in Dawn 

MiUs, Ont. 

3. Allan Leo Moir, b. Mar. 2, 1897, in Dawn Mills, 


4. Kate Veronica Moir, born Feb. 2, 1899, in Dawn 

Mills, Ont. 

11. Edmund Head Moir, merchant and postmaster 

of Eberts, Ontario, born Mar. 13, 1864, at 
Lance Aux Beaufils, P. Om Canada; m. Sept. 
27, 1894, to Estella Grooms, daughter of 
John Grooms, and had issue: — 

1. Lillian Daisy Marguerite Moir, b. Sept. 19, 1895, 
in Eberts, Ontario. 

12. Phoebe Isabella Moir, b. Aug. 22, 1866, in 
Lance Aux Beaufils, P. 0«» Canada, married 
Walton Weddington Grooms, of Eberts, 

13. Annie Moir, of Eberts, Ontario, b. June 28, 
1868, in Lance Aux Beaufils, P. » Canada; 

married Aug. 22, 1904, to F. James Ball, of 
Goderich, Ontario, and had issue: — 

1. Annie Evelyn Ball, born Feb. 27, 1908, in Eberts, 


WILLIAM MOIR, school teacher, of Cascapedia^ 
Province of Quebec, born 1819, in Thomhill, Perth- 
shire, Scotland, married 1862, JANE TAYLOR. Had 
issue:— (Mr. Moir died Sept. 18, 1902.) 

1. Robert William Hastwell Moir, b. Dec.2, 1862. 

2. Grace Rebecca E. Moir, born Jan. 22, 1865; 

married 1890, to William Carmichle, and had 
issue: — 

1. March Carmichle, born Mar. 3, 1891; died July 

7, 1894. 

2. Ethel Jane Carmichle, b. July 13, 1892. 

3. Eleanor Sidgrave Carmichle, born November 

28, 1893. 

4. William Clifton Carmichle, b. Oct. 29, 1895. 

5. Duncan Forrest Carmichle, b. May 8, 1898. 

6. Robert Hastwell Carmichle. b. Feb. 28, 1900. 

7. Mary Mildred Carmichle, born May 6, 1902, 

died May 3, 1903. 

3. David Gordon Moir, b. Jan. 31, 1867, married 

June 2, 1903. 

4. John Wilby Moir, b. June 23, 1869; d. 1882. 

5. George Evenly Moir, b. Dec. 23, 1870. 

6. WilUam A. Moir, b. Apr. 3, 1873. 

7. Lavinia Jane Moir, b. Aug. 10, 1875; married 

April 4, 1900, to Isaac Starrak, and had 
issue, one son: — 
1. John Starrak, b. Jan. 12, 1903. 

8. James Sydney Moir, sawyer, b. Sept. 23, 1877. 

9. Lindsay Moir, b. Oct. 15, 1881. 

10. John A. Moir, station agent, b. July 30, 1884. 


SUSAN MOIR, b. 1822, at Denny, Scotland; m. 
JOSEPH KELLEY (who died 1878), in Caledonia, 
Michigan. No issue. She died in 1905, in Vernon, 

JOHN MOIR, b. 1823, at Denny, Scotland, died 
in infancy. 


DUNCAN MOIR, blacksmith, afterwards marine en- 
gineer, of Glasgow, Scotland, (where he died 27th 


^ "^ ^ 

< u ^ 

O •= 5j 

S 5 c« 
c ■-" 



QNV XOr:; 

Ayvaan onand 



< -a 
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Z S 






MoiR Genealogy 249 

August, 1880), b. Feb. 10, 1824, at Carronhall, near 
Denny, Stirlingshire; married 1849, ANN SMILLIE, of 
Polmont, (she died in Glasgow, Dec. 1910,) and had 
issue, as follows: — 

1. Robert Moir, boat-builder, of Govan, b. Nov. 

21, 1849, in Polmont, Stirlingshire, married 
June 27, 1879, Elizabeth Hardie, daughter 
of Robert Hardie, farmer, of Fouldubs, 
Falkirk, and had issue: — 

1. Mary Nimmo Moir, born Aug. 2, 1880, in North- 

gate, Livingstone, Linlithgow, Scotland, m. 

June 6, 1905, ( ) Brebner; and had 

issue: — 

1. Elizabeth H. Brebner, born April 10, 

1906, in Govan. 

2. Arthur G. Brebner, b. Nov. 6, 1907, in 


3. Jane C. Brebner, born July 28, 1909, in 


4. Mary Brebner, b. May, 1911, in Govan. 

2. Duncan Robertson Moir, born June 6, 1882, in 

Howden, Midcalder, Midlothian, a boat- 
builder, bridge-builder and engineer, at present 
making new railways and building bridges 
in Cape Colony, South Africa; m. 18 Dec, 
1906, at Cape Town, Letitia Craig-Caldwell, 
dau. of James Craig-Caldwell, Supt. Carting 
Department, Co-Operative, Glasgow, and had 

3. Ann Smillie Moir, b. Oct. 25, 1883, in Govan, 

Glasgow, Scotland. 

4. Robert Hardie Moir, born Nov. 28, 1887, in 

Govan, Glasgow, Scotland. 

5. Alexander Moir, b. Jan. 13, 1891, in Govan, 

Glasgow, Scotland. 

2. Alexander Smillie Moir, marine engineer, and 

for many years chief engineer of the steam- 
ship Alps, one of a line of steamships plying 
between New York and South America. Born 
July 26, 1851, at Coatbridge, m. August, 
1878, Margaret Hardie. He died about 1898, 
in New York City; no issue. 

3. Annie Moir, b. Aug. 17, 1854, at Coatbridge, 

• m. 1881, George Fraser, hotel proprietor and 
manager, of Ayr, Ayrshire. (She died Nov. 
25, 1904.) Had issue:— 

250 MoiR Genbai^ogy 

1. John Fraser, b. Dec. 21, 1882. 

2. Annie Smlllie Fraser, b. July 9, 1884. 

3. Duncan Moir Fraser, b. July 16, 1886. 

4. Edith Elizabeth Fraser. 

5. Alfred George Fraser, b. 1891, d. Apr. 22, 1893. 

4. Elizabeth Moir, born 9th October 1858, at 

Calderbank; m. July, 1882, Robert Smith, 
draper, merchant, house-factor, and insurance 
agent, of Glasgow, and had issue: — 

1. Annie Binnie Smith, b. Oct. 9, 1885, in Glasgow. 

2. Catherine A. Smith, b. Jan. 17, 1888, in Glasgow, 

married Sept. 29, 1909, at Glasgow, John M. 
Milne, an artist in photo-engraving work, 
now in Boston, Mass. 

3. Elizabeth Moir Smith, b. April 2, 1890, in 

Glasgow, now a school-teacher at Kilmarnock, 
Ayrshire (1912). 

4. Jeanie D. Smith, b. April 13, 1892, in Glasgow. 

5. Mary Moir Smith, born Sept. 17, 1893, in 


6. Robert L. Smith, born July 9, 1895, in Glasgow. 

7. Duncan Robertson Moir Smith, b. July 21, 

1897, in Glasgow. 

8. George W. Smith, b. Aug. 20, 1899, in Glasgow. 

5. Duncan Moir, draper, merchant, b. July 10, 

1864, in Glasgow, Scotland; m. Mar. 5,1890, 
Jeanie Kelso, daughter of James Kelso, of 
Govan, and had issue: — 

1. Martha Moir, b. June 21. 1893, in Govan. 

2. Annie Moir, born Sept. 18, 1895, in Glasgow. 

3. Duncan Moir, born Aug. 15, 1897, in Glasgow. 

6. William Moir, draper's clerk, of Glasgow, born 

May 12, 1873, in Glasgow, m. June 26, 
1902, Margaret Downs, dau. of John Rae 
Downs, of Uddingston, and has issue: — 

1. Margaret McDonald Moir, b. May 24, 1904, in 


2. Annie Smillie Moir, b. April 14, 1907, in Ibrox, 


3. Duncan Rae Moir, b. Mar. 5, 1909, in Ibrox, 


4. John Downs Moir, b. Nov. 8, 1911, in Ibrox, 



Referred to on ALEXANDER MOIR, calico printer, of Lowell, Mass., 
page 9 ^ g^ ^ l3_ April 17, 1826, in Denny, Stirlingshire, 

■^v ^tVi YORK 

e\ ii 

252 MoiR Genealogy 

Scotland; m. Mar. 13, 1856, 'ISABELLA MacLARTY, 
b. Paisley, Scotland, Nov. 15, 1831, dau. of DUNCAN 
Mac LART Y, of Campbelltown, Argyleshire. Mr. Moir 
died Feb. 3, 1911, and his wife Oct., 1896, and had 
issue: — 

1. Robert Moir, brass-finisher, of Lowell, Mass., 

b. Apr. 16, 1857, in Denny, Stirlingshire, 
married 1883, Florence S. Crowther, dau. of 
Thomas Crowther and Emma Jones, and 
had issue: — 

1. Alexander Thomas Moir, of Ithaca, N. Y., born 

Lowell, Mass., June 17, 1884, he is assistant 
professor of liusbandry in Cornell University, 
at Ithaca, N. Y. 

2. William Duncan Moir, b. Dec. 5, 1886, in Lowell, 

Mass., d. there Aug. 9, 1890. 

3. Isabel Henrietta Moir, born July 1, 1891, in 

Lowell, Mass. 

2. Annie D. Moir, of Lowell, Mass., born Sept. 12, 

1858, in Denny, Stirlingshire; m. firstly 1882, 
John Houston Forsyth. He died May. 5, 
1884, and had issue: — 
1. Alexander George Forsyth, born Lowell, Mass., 
July 1st, 1884. 

^Duncan, John, Lionel, Edward, William, Alexander and Martha, were childen of 
Edward MacLarty, of Campelltown, Argyleshire, Scotland. 

Alexander MacLarty, of this family was a sea captain, and m. Nancy ( ). 

Martha MacLarty married Matthew Gemmell, of Paisley, Scotland, and their 
descendants now live there. 

Duncan MacLarty married Ann Dixrrough, dau. of ( ), and Marion Durrough, 

and had issue: — 

1. Isabella Mac Larty, b. Oct. 15, 1831, in Paisley, Scotland, m. Mar. 13, 
1856, at Denny, Stirlingshire, Alexander Moir, and had issue as noted 
S. Edward MacLarty, b. 1833, Paisley, Scotland, came to America in the early 
50's, and was last heard from in 1857 at Carlton, Indiana. 

3. Margaret MacLarty, b. 1835, at Rothesay, Scotland, m. Robert Wild, and 

had issue, one son: — ^Robert Wild. She died about 1890, at Denny. 

4. Duncan MacLarty, b. 1836, at Denny, Scotland, and died at the age of 

five years at Paisley. 
8. John Mac Larty, block printer on linoleum oil cloth, and master mechanic, 
b. 1838, at Denny, m. Nov. 22, 1867, Mary Galbraith, dau. of Peter 
and Marion Galbraith, and had issue, at least four children, as 
follows: — 

1. Marion MacLarty, b. Oct. 29, 1869, in Linoleumville, Staten 

Island, New York; m. Conrad Zurcher, and had issue, four 
daughters: — Anna Z., Marion, Flora, and Helen Galbraith. 

2. Annie MacLarty, b. LinoleumviUe, New York, m. James Jeffrey. 

3. John D. Mac Larty, of the Department of Education, New York 

City, b. Linoleumville, New York, m. Margaret Sidgr eaves, 
and had issue, two daughters: — Margaret and Thelma Mac 

4. Florence MacLarty, b. Linoleumville, New York, married Charles. 


MoiR Ghnbai^ogy 2$3 

She m. 1888, secondly, Joseph Johns, car- 
penter, no issue. 

3. Elizabeth Moir, born August 12, 1860, in 

Thomliebank, Renfrewshire; married Oct. 6, 
1880, William James Hart, master-mechanic, 
son of James and Elizabeth Hart, of Lowell, 

Mass., and had issue: — 

1. Frederick James Hart, dentist, b. Jan. 3, 1882, 

graduated from Tufts Medical College, with 
the degree of D. M. D., class of 1904, now 
practising his profession in Boston, Mass. 

2. Belle Hart, born 1884, in Lowell, Mass., now 

deceased, died young. 

4. Duncan Moir, b. Sept. 8, 1862, in Thomliebank, 

Renfrewshire, Scotland, and died Oct. 12, 
1892, in Lowell, Mass. One of the firm of 
Moir Brothers, in the dry and fancy goods 
business; a very promising young man. (See 
memorials on another page.) 

5. Alexander L. Moir, of Lowell, Mass., civil 

servant, born April 17, 1864, in Thomlie- 
bank, Renfrewshire, is the author of this 
genealogy; married Feb. 27, 1889, *Christina 
Morrison, daughter of Finley Morrison, of 
Inverness, Scotland, and Isabel Mac Kinnon, 
of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and had 
issue: — 
1. Robert Finley Moir, b. May 1, 1890, in Lowell, 

^Duncan Morrison m. Catherine MacPhail, and had issue, among others: — 

Malcolm Morrison, who m. Margaret Morrison, dau. of Finley Morrison and 

Catherine Mac Donald, and had issue among others: — 
Finley Morrison of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, (coming from Inverness, Scotland, 

with his parents when two years of age in 1822), who m. first, Isabel 

MacKinnon, b. 1822, and had issue: — 

1. Margaret Morrison, m. Henry Long, of Dracut, Mass. 

2. Flora Morrison, m. Thomas Gray, of Lowell, Mass. 

3. Annie Morrison, m. Robert H. Canavan, of Windsor, Nova Scotia. 

4. E9ie Morrison. 

6. Christina Morrison, m. Alex. L. Moir, of Lowell, Mass. 
Finley Morrison m. secondly, Mary Graham, and had issue: — 

1. Malcolm Morrison, m. Susan Ashley, of Lowell, Mass. 

2. Donald John Morrison. 

3. Duncan Archibald Morrison, m. Rebecca MacPherson, now at 

Whycocomagh, Cape Breton, N. S. 

4. Isabel Margaret Morrison, m. Charles Gilford of Concord, New 


254 MoiR Genealogy 

2. Malcolm Alexander Moir, born Jan. 25, 1892, 

in Lowell, Mass. 

3. Isabel Morrison Moir, born Nov. 25, 1893, in 

Lowell, Mass. 

4. Kenneth Eliot Moir, b. May 27, 1908, in Lowell, 


6. George Moir, of Providence, Rhode Island, 

b. April 15, 1866, at Thomliebank, Ren- 
frewshire, department store manager; m. 
Sept. 26, 1894, Jennie Macintosh, daughter 
of Andrew Mac Intosh, and Frances Thomp- 
son, and had issue: — 

1. Wallace Andrew Moir, born Nov. 22, 1897, in 

Lowell, Mass., now deceased. 

2. Helen Marie Moir, b. Jan. 26, 1900, in Lowell, 

Mass., now deceased. 

3. LucUle Jeanette Moir, born in Lowell, Mass., 

Apr. 21, 1902. 

4. George Moir, b. in Lowell, Mass., 1905. 

7. John Stuart Moir, of LoweU, Mass., optician, 

born May 9, 1868, in Parkhead, Glasgow, 
a graduate of Dr. Kline's Optical College, 
of Boston, Mass., and now practicing as an 
optician in Lowell, Mass. ; m. Nov. 25, 1891, 
Margaret Thomas, dau. of Hugh Thomas, 
of Lowell, Mass., and had issue: — 

1. Harry Thomas Moir ^ Twins, born July 11, 1900, 

2. Harold Duncan Moir y at LoweU, Mass. 

3. Alexander Hugh Moir, born June 28, 1903, at 

Lowell, Mass. 

8. James Moir, of Roxbury, Mass., travelling 

salesman, for the Yale and Towne Mfg. Co., 
b. Oct. 15, 1870, in Bridgeton, Glasgow, 
Scotland; m. Sept. 22, 1897, Catherine F. 
Young, dau. of Thomas Young, and had 
issue: — 

1. Christina Isabel Moir, b. May 28, 1903. 


ANDREW MOIR, of Glasgow, Scotland, b. 1828, 
in East Boreland, Denny, Stirlingshire; married 1853, 
MARGARET STEWART, and had issue:— 

1. Robert Moir, marine engineer, of West Kilbride, 
Ayrshire, born Oct. 22, 1854, in Neilston, 

MoiR Genealogy 


Renfrewshire, Scotland; married first, 1881, 
Grace Marie Whannell, daughter of Robert 
Whannell, of Glasgow. (He died March 
19, 1910.) Had issue:— 

1. Grace Whannell Moir, born Aug. 21, 1894, in 

Hong Kong, China. 

2. Robert Stewart Moir, born Aug. 27, 1896, in 

Hong Kong, China. (The father was in 
business there for several years.) 

Mrs. Moir, died Nov. 28, 1898. 

Robert Moir, married secondly, 1901, Margaret 
Craig Boyd, dau. of Thomas Boyd, of West 
Kilbride, Ayrshire, and had issue: — 

1. Margaret Craig Moir, b. Sept. 12, 1902, in West 


2. George Allan Moir, b. Mar. 2, 1904, in West 


2. Allan Moir, died unmarried. 

3. Jeannie Moir, married Mr. King and had issue. 

4. Margaret Moir, married Mr. Allan Cunning- 

ham, no issue. 

5. Andrew Moir. 

6. Elizabeth Moir, married Mr. Mac Adam and 

had issue. 

JOHN MOIR, b. 1830, Denny, Scotland, and died 
at the age of seven years. (There were two of this 
name in the family, the first one was dead before the 
second was born.) 

256 MoiR GeneaIvOGy 



See page 234 GEORGE MOIR, farmer, of Huron, Ontario, b. Thorn- 
hill, Perthshire, Scotland; married, ( ) JANE 

STIRLING; came to America, in 1845, and settled in 
Huron County, Ontario, had issue: — 

See below 1. George Moir, b. Jan. 7, 1816, Thomhill, Scotland, m. in 

Scotland to Elizabeth Buchanan. 
2. Margaret Moir, b. Oct. 2, 1817, in Callander, Scotland, m. 
in Scotland to Alex. Buchanan, died Apr. 19, 1901. 
See page 259 3. John Moir, b. Aug. 20, 1819, in Callander, Scotland, m. 

in Scotland Mary Anderson, died 1870. 
4. Alexander Moir, b. Aug. 15, 1821, in Callander, Scotland, 
m. Janet Ross, died Sept. 18, 1898. 
See page 262 5. Robert Moir, b. Aug. 12, 1823, in Callander, Scotland, 

m. in Scotland, to Katie McMartin. 
See page 261 6. James Moir, b. Apr. 30, 1825, in Callander, Scotland, m. 

Isabella Murray. 

7. Jean Moir, b. July 31, 1827, in Callander, Scotland, m. 

James Murray, died June 31, 1903. 

8. Janet Moir, b. Apr. 29, 1829, in Callander, Scotland, m. 

Robert Murray, died June 12, 1863. 

9. Peter Moir, b. May 25, 1831, in Callander, Scotland, m. 

Catherine Elder. 

10. Andrew Moir, b. June 28, 1833, in Callander, Scotland, m. 

Isabel Dougall, died June 5, 1860. 

11. Thomas Robertson Moir, b. Dec. 1, 1835, in Callander, 

vScotland, never married, (alive 1906.) 

12. William Moir, b. Oct. 28, 1837, in Callander, Scotland, m. 

Marion Gibson. 
Each branch of this family is represented further on. 

GEORGE MOIR, farmer, of Thomhill, Scotland, b. 
Dec. 28, 1815, son of GEORGE MOIR and JANE 
STIRLING, of ThomhiU, Scotland, m. 1841, ELIZA- 
of Callander, Scotland, and had issue: — 

See page 261 1. Jane Moir, b. 1842, m. James Armstrong, Crystal City, 


.2. Margaret Moir, born ( ), m. William Trann, Crystal 

City, Man. 

3. James Moir, b ( ), deceased. 

4. George Moir, b. ( ), Traverse City, Mich. 

5. John Moir, b. (— — ). Glendinning, Manitoba. 

6. Peter Moir, b. ( ), Hurondale, Ontario. 

7. Isabella Moir, b ( ), Hay, Ontario. 

See page 262 8. Janet Moir, b. ( ), m. John Traquair, of Hensall, Ont. 

Do. 9. Agnes Moir, b. (— ), m. John Stewart, of Hensall, Ont. 

MoiR Geneai,ogy 257 

JANE MOIR, of Port Haney, British Columbia, b. 
May 19, 1840, in Kildare, Ireland, dau. of GEORGE 
MOIR, of Thomhill, Scotland, and ELIZABETH 
BUCHANAN; grand-daughter of GEORGE MOIR 
and JANE STIRLING, of Thomhill, Scotland; m. Dec. 
22, 1870, JOHN REITH, son of WILLIAM REITH, 
of Kincardineshire, Scotland, and had issue: — 

1. Isabella Reith, b. Nov. 3, 1871, in Hensall, Ont., a school 


2. George Reith, b. Feb. 9, 1874, Middlesex, Ontario; m. June 

21, 1903, to Jessie Wyland. (Mr. Reith is chief clerk 
to Gen. Supt. of the Chicago and Great Western 
Railroad, at St. Paul, Minn.) 

3. Elizabeth Reith, b. Oct. 7, 1875, in Middlesex, Ontario, m. 

June 28, 1897, Dr. C. E. Stewart, of the Battle Creek 
Sanitarium, Battle Creek, Mich. (Mrs. Stewart was 
formerly matron of this Sanitarium.) 

4. Jane Reith, b. Nov. 15, 1877, in Huron Co., Ontario. Nurse 

at Sanitarium, Battle Creek, Michigan. 

5. William Reith, b. Aug. 28, 1881, in Huron Co., Ont., m. 

( ) to Alice Nelson. 

6. John Reith, b. Sept. 10, 1883, in Huron Co., Ont., at Walla 

Walla College, Wash. 

7. Margaret Reith, b. Mar. 23, 1886, in Huron Co., Ont. 

8. Eleanor Reith, b. Apr. 1, 1889, in Hensall, Ont. 

9. Harold James Reith, b. Aug. 26, 1891, in Hensall, Ont. 

MARGARET MOIR, of Bonnington, Assinobia, Can- 
ada, b. May 25, 1848, in Kildare, Ireland, (canae to 
Canada in 1862), dau. of GEORGE MOIR, of Thomhill, 
Scotland, and ELIZABETH BUCHANAN; grand-daugh- 
Thomhill, Scotland. M. Jan. 1, 1878, RICHARD WEIR, 
son of JAMES WEIR, of Middlesex, Ontario, and had 
issue: — 

1. Elizabeth Moir Weir, b. Dec. 8, 1878, in Meadow Lea, 


2. Susan Sutton Weir, b. Aug. 9, 1880; in Carmen, Manitoba. 

3. Mary Weir, b. Jan. 30, 1882, in Carmen, Manitoba. 

4. James Weir, b. May 8, 1883, in Carmen, Manitoba. 

5. George Weir, b. May 10, 1885, in Miami, Manitoba. 

6. Archie Weir, b. Apr. 6, 1888, in Balmoral, Manitoba. 

7. Richard Weir, b. July 13, 1892, in Ardock, North Dakota. 

8. John Alexander Weir, b. Dec. 13, 1894, in Ardock, North 

JOHN MOIR, carpenter, of Winnepeg, Manitoba, b. 
May 6, 1850, in County of Kildare, Ireland. Came to 


Canada in 1862, son of GEORGE MOIR, of Thomhill, 
Scotland, and ELIZABETH BUCHANAN; grandson 
hill, Scotland, m. MARGARET LANG, daughter of 
JAMES LANG and ANN SIMPSON, of Scotland, and 
had issue : — 

1. George Glendinning Moir, b. Aug. 13, 1879, in Grand Bend, 

Ontario, a photo-engraver, went to South Africa, in 
the Boer war, with Baden- Powell's mounted police, and 
served eighteen months' active service there. 

2. James Hilton Moir, b. Feb. 28, 1882, in Glendinning, Mani- 

toba, a school-teacher. 

3. Elizabeth Lavinia Moir, b. Jan. 10, 1885, in Virden, Man. 

4. Annie Winifred Moir, b. Apr. 5, 1888, in Glendinning, Man. 

5. Jessie Lang Moir, b. Apr. 16, 1892, in Glendinning, Man. 

6. Colin Argyle Moir, b. July 10, 1894, in Glendinning, Man. 

7. David Alexander Moir, b. Sept. 30, 1896, in Glendinning, 


8. Melvin Russell Moir, b. Apr. 3, 1901, in Glendinning, 


JANET BUCHANAN, of Detroit, Michigan, b. 1845, 
in Toronto, Ontario, dau. of ALEXANDER BUCHA- 
NAN and MARGARET MOIR, of Hensall, Ontario; 
GRIFFIN, of Gonanoque, Ontario, and had issue: — 

1. Margaret Griffin, b. 1864, in Rodgerville, Ontario. 

2. Jennie Griffin, b. 1865, in Peterborough, Ontario. 

JANE BUCHANAN, of Hensall, Ontario, b. Oct. 18, 
1849, in Usbome, Ontario; dau. of ALEXANDER 
BUCHANAN, of Glasgow, Scotland, and MARGARET 
MOIR; m. Jan. 4, 1871, BENJAMIN SMILLIE, son 
of STEWART SMILLIE, of Belfast, Ireland; and had 
issue: — 

1. Mary Ann SmilUe, b. Oct. 2, 1871, in Hensall, Ontario, m. 

July 6, 1892, John Elder. 

2. James SmiUie, b. Aug. 23, 1873, in Hensall, Ontario. 

3. Margaret Alice Smillie, born Oct. 3, 1875, in Hensall, On- 


4. Jane Smillie, b. Feb. 10, 1878, in Hensall, Ontario. 

5. Alexander Buchanan Smillie, b. Mar. 6, 1880, in Hensall, 


6. Emmaline Eva Smillie, b. Feb. 28, 1882, in Hensall, On- 


7. Benjamin Stewart Smillie, b. April 11, 1884, in Hensall, 


MoiR Genealogy 259 

CHRISTINA BUCHANAN, of Ashfield, Ont., b. 
Apr. 29, 1853, in Usbome, Ontario, dau. of ALEXAN- 
DER BUCHANAN, of Glasgow, Scotland, and MAR- 
GARET MOIR; m. July 13, 1882, JOHN COWAN, 
son of DAVID COWAN, of Ashfield, Ontario; and had 
issue: — 

1. William Arnold Cowan, b. Oct. 18, 1883, in Ashfield, On- 


2. Margaret Clarissa Cowan, b. Jan. 12, 1885, in Ashfield, 


3. John Cowan, b. Jan. 15, 1888, in Ashfield, Ontario. 

4. David Mervin Cowan, b. Mar. 11, 1891, in Ashfield, On- 


5. Annie Jane Cowan, born Apr. 25, 1893, in Ashfield, On- 


6. Christian Pearl Cowan, b. Oct. 23, 1894, in Ashfield, On- 


7. Luella Elizabeth Cowan, b. June 8, 1897, m. in Ashfield, 


man, of Lanark, Ontario, b. May 3, 1857, in Usborne, 
Ontario, son of ALEXANDER BUCHANAN and 
MARGARET MOIR; m. Feb. 23, 1881, AMANDA 
Torquay, Devonshire, England; and had issue: — 

1. Mabel Amanda Buchanan, b. Dec. 16, 1881, in Kintail, 


2. Charles Garfield Buchanan, b. Aug. 24, 1886, in Exeter, 


3. Blanche Oreanna Buchanan, b. Feb. 3, 1890, in Toronto, 


4. Victor Alexander Buchanan, b. May 24, 1891, inToronto, 


5. George Randolph Buchanan, b. July 6, 1896, in Lanark, 

Ontario, d. Aug. 6, 1902. 

Mr. Buchanan is a graduate of Toronto University, and 
Knox College of Toronto, in 1891. 

JOHN MOIR, stone mason, of London, Ontario, b. 
1819, in Callander, Scotland, son of GEORGE MOIR, of 
Thomhill, Scotland, and Jane Stirling; m. 1844, MARY 
ANDERSON, dau. of DAVID ANDERSON, of Caith- 
ness, Scotland; and had issue: — (Mr. Moir died in 

260 MoiR Genealogy 

1. George Stirling Moir, b. Glasgow, Scotland, m. 

( ), and now lives in Kansas City, Mis- 
souri. He has one child: — 

1. David Anderson Moir, he is also married, and haa 
one child: — 

1. David Stirling Moir. 

2. David Anderson Moir, b. 1853, Glasgow, Scot- 

land; m. 1883, Amy Lavina Adams, daughter 

of Dr. John G. Adams, of Acton, Ontario. 

Mr. Moir in 1904, had been for 28 years a 

Methodist Episcopal Clergyman, a graduate 

of Wesleyan Theological College, and McGill 

University, Montreal; has been President of 

Hamilton Conference of the M. E. Church; 

also has filled nearly every prominent position 

in the Conference. (No issue.) 

GEORGE MURRAY, farmer, of Le Mars, Iowa, 

born Nov. 27, 1852, at Hensall, Ontario, son of JAMES 

MURRAY and JEAN MOIR, of Hensall, Ontario; 

m. Sept. 28, 1881, MATILDA Mc LAREN, dau. of 

ROBERT Mc LAREN, of Glasgow, Scotland; no issue. 

of Toronto, Ontario, b. 1855, in Tuckersmith, Ontario, 
son of JAMES MURRAY and JEAN MOIR, of Hensall, 
Ontario; married 1881, JAMESINA ROSS, daughter of 
WILLIAM ROSS, of Caithness, Scotland; and had 
issue: — 

1. James Ross Gillespie Murray, b. 1882, Pictou, Ontario. 

2. Robert McCheyne Murray, b. 1884, Pictou, Ont., d. 1894. 

3. George Wilfred Murray, b. 1890, Toronto, Ont., d. 1894. 

4. John Grant Murray, b. 1893, Toronto, Ontario. 

5. Lawrence McCheyne Murray, b. 1895, Toronto, Ontario. 

JANE MURRAY, school teacher, of Hensall, Ontario, 
b. 1861, in Hensall, Ont., dau. of JAMES MURRAY 
and JEAN MOIR, of Hensall, Ontario. 

THOMAS MURRAY, high school teacher, of Owen 
Sound, Ontario, b. Aug. 28, 1869, in Rodgerville, Ontario, 
son of JAMES MURRAY, of Hensall, Ontario, and 
STIRLING); m. Dec. 19, 1900, EDITH REDFERN 
dau. of JOHN WESLEY REDFERN, of Owen Sound, 


JAMES MOIR, farmer, of Hay, Ontario, b. Apr. 30, 
1825, in Callander, Scotland, son of GEORGE MOIR, 
of Thornhill, Perthshire, Scotland, and JEAN STIR- 
LING; m. Aug. 25, 1852, ISABELLA MURRAY, dau. 
of JAMES MURRAY, of Hay, Ontario; and had 
issue: — 

1. Jean Moir, born July 26, 1853, in Paris, Ontario; m. See below 

James Armstrong. 

2. Margaret Moir, b. July 8, 1855, in Osborne, Ontario; m. 

William Trann. 

3. James Moir, b. Oct. 16, 1857, in Osborne, Ontario; died 

June 12, 1883. 

4. George Moir, b. July 26, 1859, in Osborne, Ont. (Do.) 

5. John Moir, b. Oct. 13, 1861, in Osborne, Ont. 

6. Peter Moir, b. July 18, 1863, in Osborne, Ont. (Do.) 

7. Isabella Moir, b. June 25, 1865, in Osborne, Ont. See p. 262 

8. Janet Moir, b. Oct. 11, 1867, in Osborne, Ont., m. Nov. (Do) 

9, 1887, John Traquair. 

9. Agnes Moir, born May 30, 1870, in Osborne, Ont., m. Feb. <Do) 

22, 1893, John Stewart. 

JENNIE MOIR, of Crystal City, Manitoba, b. July 
26, 1853, in Paris, Ontario, dau. of JAMES MOIR, of 
Thornhill, Scotland, and ISABELLA MURRAY; mar- 
STRONG, of Ireland; and had issue:— 

1. James Armstrong, b. July 4, 1877, in Usbome, Ontario. 

2. Naomi Armstrong, b. July 22, 1879, in Usbome, Ontario; 

m. July 22, 1898, Sidney Tarras, and had issue: — 
1. Earl Moir Tarras, b. July 21, 1900. 

3. George H. Armstrong, b. June 29, 1881, Usbome, Ontario. 

4. John W. Armstrong, b. Sept. 15, 1883, Usborne, Ontario. 

5. Agnes Leona Armstrong, b. Aug. 18, 1891, Goodland, Mich. 

JOHN MOIR, farmer, of Glendinning, Manitoba, 
b. Oct. 13, 1861, Osborne, Ontario, son of JAMES MOIR, 
of Thornhill, Scotland, and ISABELLA MURRAY; 
m. 1888, MARTHA SCOTT CLEMENTS, dau. of 
JAMES CLEMENTS, of Ireland; and had issue:— 

1. Lulu Violet Moir, b. Aug. 18, 1889, Glendinning, Man. 

2. Clifford James Moir, b. Mar. 13, 1894, Glendinning, Man. 

3. Gordon John Burnett Moir, b. Dec. 27, 1898, Glendinning, 


PETER MOIR, of Usbome, Ontario, b. July 18, 1863, 
Usbome, Ont., son of JAMES MOIR, of Thornhill, 
Scotland and ISABELLA MURRAY; m. Jan. 23, 

262 MoiR Genealogy 

1894, JANET CLARK, daughter of MATTHEW 
CLARK, of Yorkshire, England; and had issue: — 

1. James Ira Moir, b. Apr. 16, 1895, Usbome, Ontario. 

2. Peter Alvin Moir, b. Sept. 29, 1896, Usbome, Ontario. 

3. Jessie Lila Moir, b. Mar. 27, 1898, Usbome, Ontario. 

4. John Harold Moir, b. Jan. 26, 1900, Usbome, Ontario. 

5. Oran Qark Moir, b. Sept. 16, 1902, Usbome, Ontario. 

See p. 261 ISABELLA MOIR, of Hay, Ontario, b. 26 June, 1865, 
in Usbome, Ontario, dau. of JAMES MOIR, of Thorn- 
hill, Scotland, and ISABELLA MURRAY, unmarried 


See p. 261 JANET MOIR, of Tuckersmith, Ontario, b. Oct. 11, 
1868, Usbome, Ontario, dau. of JAMES MOIR, of 
Thomhill, Scotland, and ISABELLA MURRAY; m. 
Nov. 9, 1887, JOHN TRAQUAIR, son of JOHN TRA- 
QUAIR, of Scotland; and had issue: — 

1. Roy Moir Traquair, [born Aug. 13, 1889, Tuckersmith, 


2. Melvyl John Traquair, b. May 6, 1891, Tuckersmith, 


3. James Albert Traquair, b. ,Dec. 15, 1893, Tuckersmith, 


See p. 261 AGNES MOIR, of Hensall, Ont., b. May 30, 1870, 
in Usbome, Ontario, dau. of JAMES MOIR, of Thom- 
hill, Perthshire, Scotland, and ISABELLA MURRAY; 
m. Feb. 22, 1893, JOHN STEWART, son of JAMES 
STEWART, of Thomhill, Scotland. 

Seep. 234 for ROBERT MOIR, farmer, of Usbome, Ontario, b. 
parentage ^^^ ^2, 1823, at Farm of Boquhapple, near Callander, 

Perthshire, Scotland; son of GEORGE MOIR, of 

Thomhill, Scotland, and JEAN STIRLING; m. Jan. 

9, 1846, CATHERINE McMARTIN, (b. 1820), of 

Killen, Ireland; and had issue: — 

1. George Milton Moir, b. 1846, at Callander, Scotland, was 
principal of St. Mary's College, and was for nine 
years editor of a newspaper at Exeter, Ontario. He m. 
1871, N. McCarter, and had issue, at least three chil- 
dren: — 

1. Mary Felicia Moir, a nurse. 

2. Helen Moir, also a nurse, at Long Island 

College Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. 

MoiR Genealogy 263 

3. Robert Huntington Moir, of Ottawa, Ontario, 
b. Aug. 18, 1873, in Blanchard, Ontario; 
he was in Lord Strathcona's Mounted Rifles, 
and saw service in the Boer war, 1900-1903, 
mentioned in despatches — medal and five 
clasps. He m. July 31, 1901, Annie Tolton, 
dau. of Albert Tolton, of Geulph, Ontario, 
and had issue: — 
1. Douglas Stewart Moir, b. May 30, 1902, 
at Thomwall, Ontario. 

2. Mary Moir, b. 1819, at Doune, Perthshire, Scotland, 

and m. 1874. 

3. Jane Moir, b. 1851, at Usbome, Ontario, and m. 1877. 

4. John Moir, b. 1853, at Usbome, Ontario, and m. 1881. 

5. Daniel Moir, b. 1855, at Usbome, Ontario, and m. 1886. 

6. Catherine Moir, born 1857, at Usbome, Ontario, and 

m. 1879. 

7. Margaret Moir, born 1860, at Usbome, and m. 1881. 
GEORGE ROSS MOIR, formerly teacher, now far- Page 23t for 

mer, of Orange City, Iowa, b. April 17, 1855, in Usbome parentage 
Ontario, son of ALEXANDER MOIR and JANET 
RUSSELL ROSS, of Thomhill, Scotland; m. MARY 
of Oakland, California; and had issue: — 

1. George Alexander Moir, born Mar. 21, 1884, in Orange 

City, Iowa. 

2. Grace Ella Moir, b. Nov. 3, 1885, in Orange City, Iowa. 

3. William Rufus Moir, b. Oct. 9, 1887, in Orange City, 


4. Bertha Florence Moir, b. June 15, 1894, in Orange City, 


5. Carl Raymond Moir, b. May 19, 1897, in Orange City, 


6. Leroy Edison Moir, b. Oct. 21, 1899, in Orange City, 


7. Hugh Mervin Moir, b. Sept. 20, 1902, in Orange City, 


JANE MOIR, of LeMars, Iowa, b. Feb. 6, 1857, in Page 234 
Usbome, Ontario, dau. of ALEXANDER MOIR, of 
Thomhill, Scotland, and JANET RUSSELL ROSS; 
grand-dau. of GEORGE MOIR, of Thomliill, Scotland, 
and JEAN STIRLING; m. Dec. 27, 1878, RICHARD 
low, Ireland; and had issue: — 

1. William George Hawkins, b. July 23, 1880, Usbome, Ont. 

2. Jessie Amelia Hawkins, b. Mar. 14, 1882, Usborne, Ont., 

m. ( ), Sept. 2, 1903. 

264 MoiR Geneai^ogy 

3. Richard Alexander Hawkins, b. Oct. 8, 1885, Usbome^ 


4. Martha Jane Hawkins, b. Apr. 30, 1890, LeMars, Iowa 

5. Albert Thomas Hawkins, b. Mar. 22, 1897, LeMars, Iowa. 

Page234 JANET MOIR, formerly teacher, of Bamesville, Min- 
nesota, b. Oct. 27, 1860, dau. of ALEXANDER MOIR, 
of Thornhill, Scotland and JANET RUSSELL ROSS; 
m. 1888, FRANK T. EASON, son of JAMES EASON, 
of England, and had issue: — 

1. Alexander F. Eason, b. Jan. 8, 1890, in Iowa. 

2. George Thomas Eason, b. Dec. 23, 1896, in Iowa. 

Page234 GAVIN MOIR, farmer of Kent, Minnesota, b. July 

10, 1862, in ( ), Canada, son of ALEXANDER 

MOIR, of Thomhill, Scotland and JANET RUSSELL 
ROSS; m. ELLA TUCKER, dau. of R. K.TUCKER of 
Ohio, and Oakland, California; and had issue: — 

1. George Rufus Moir, b. Sept. 27, 1887, in Iowa. 

2. Robert Alexander Moir, b. Dec. 15, 1890, in Iowa. 

3. Jessie Olive Moir, b. Jan. 15, 1895, in Iowa. 

4. Gavin Albert Moir, b. Dec. 23, 1898, in Iowa. 

5. Eugene Moir, b. April 21, 1901, in Kent, Minn. 

Page 234 AGNES MOIR, of Bamesville, Minn., b. May 6, 
1864, in Usbome, Ontario, dau. of ALEXANDER MOIR, 
of Thomhill, Scotland and JANET RUSSELL ROSS; 
m. May 22, 1885, IRA VAN WECHEL, of Wisconsin; 
and had issue: — 

1. Jessie Lavina Van Wechel, b. July 19, 1886, in Sioux Co., 


2. Eunice Ida Van Wechel, b. Jan. 16, 1888, Plymouth Co., 


3. Frank Alexander Van Wechel, b. Dec. 26, 1890, Plymouth 

Co., Iowa. 

4. Clarence Aaron Van Wechel, b. Dec. 8, 1892, Plymouth 

Co., Iowa. 

5. Floyd Lee Arie Van Wechel, b. July 24, 1894, Plymouth 

Co., Iowa. 

6. Ethel Margaret Van Wechel, b. Oct. 1, 1896, Bamesville, 

Page234 RUSSELL JOHN MOIR, farmer, of LeMars, Iowa, 
b. May 4, 1868, in Exeter, Ontario, son of ALEXANDER 
MOIR, of Callander, Scotland and JANET RUSSELL 
ROSS; m. Sept. 27, 1894, LILLIE HARRIMAN, of 
Sioux Rapids, Iowa; and had issue: — 

1. Jessie Lillie Moir, b. May 2, 1896, in Maurice, Iowa, and 
d. Feb. 5, 1902. 




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•— « 


MoiR Geneai,ogy 265 

MARY LUCY MOIR, of Larchwood, Iowa, b. Aug. Page 234 for 
7, 1870, at Hensall, Ontario, dau. of ALEXANDER p«^«°tage. 
MOIR, of ThomhiU, Scotland and JANET RUSSELL jessie(?) 
ROSS;m. Nov. 30, 1892, MERRIT CASH McMULLEN, 
eon of CALVIN Mc MULLEN, of Unionville, New York; 
and had issue: — 

1. Jessie Sarah Mc Mullen, b. Jan. 1, 1894, in Games, Iowa. 

2. Alexander Edison Mc Mullen, b. Sept. 5, 1895, in Larch- 

wood, Iowa. 

3. George Dewey Mc Mullen, b. Jan. 6, 1898, in Larchwood, 


4. Iva Mae Mc Mullen, b. Sept. 22, 1903, in Larchwood, Iowa. 

ROBERT STIRLING MOIR, farmer, of Kimball, Page234 
South Dakota, b. Aug. 22, 1872, son of ALEXANDER 
MOIR, of Thomhill, Scotland, and JANET RUSSELL 
ROSS; m. Oct. 26, 1898, FLORENCE D. LADEN- 
of Glenbeulah, Wisconsin, and had issue: — 

1. Robert Roy Moir, b. Sept. 25, 1899, in Maurice, Iowa. 

2. Floyd Eugene Moir, b. May 25, 1901, in Maurice, Iowa. 

PETER WILLIAM MOIR, farmer, of Exeter, Ontario, Page234 
b. Mar. 8, 1877, son of ALEXANDER MOIR, of Thora- 
hai, Scotland, and JANET RUSSELL ROSS, dau. of 
GAVIN ROSS; m. Mar. 14, 1900, ALICE OSBORNE, 
daughter of DAVID OSBORNE, of Seney, Iowa; and 
had issue: — 

1. William Lawrence Moir, b. June 28, 1902, in Games, Iowa. 

♦ANDREW CLARKSON MOIR, farmer, of Cavite, Page234 
South Dakota, b. Feb. 14, 1880, Usbome, Ontario, son 
of ALEXANDER MOIR, of Thomhill, Perthshire 


WINTER, daughter of MARTIN WINTER, and had 
issue: — 

1. Elmer Edwin Moir, b. April 8, 1901, at Gavite, S. D. 

2. Walter Wilfred Moir, b. June 19, 1903, at Gavite, S. D. 

GEORGE MOIR, farmer, of Hensall, Ontario, b. 
May ,21, 1819, in Thornhill, Perthshire, Scotland, son 
of ANDREW MOIR, of Thomhill, and ISABELLA 

DOUGALL; m. ( ), AGNES ROSS, dau. of GAVIN 

ROSS, of Cariuke, Scotland, and had issue: — 
1. Andrew Moir. 

♦This A. C.Moir is a pioneer farmer, on the plains of South Dakota, talcing a home- 
stead in 1903; and mentions starting a chvirch in his house, the first in the neighborhood. 

266 MoiR Geneai^ogy 

2. Gavin Moir. 

3. George Ross Moir. 

4. Jane Moir, b. Oct. 30, 1857, at Hensall, Ontario, m. Sept. 

24, 1891, Richard Munroe, son of William Munroe, 
of Woodstock, Ontario, and had issue: — 

1. George Moir Munroe, born July 29, 1892, at 

Inwood, Ontario, d. Aug. 7, 1892. 

2. Agnes Ella Munroe, born August 14, 1895, at 

Inwood, Ontario, 

3. Ethel Coutts Munroe, born Nov. 13, 1898, at 

Inwood, Ontario. 

5. James Moir. 

6. WiUiamC. Moir, of Huntsville, Ontario, b. Feb. 9, 1863, in 

Hensall, Ontario, married May 23, 1888, Margaret 
Murray, daughter of James Murray, of Perthshire, 
Scotland, and had issue: — 

1. Cassie Jane Ross Moir, born March 7, 1890, at 

Lamblin, Ontario. 

2. Agnes Winnifred Moir, born January 24, 1893, at 

Lamblin, Ontario. 

7. Isabella Moir, b. ( ), m. Robert Dalrymple. 

8. Agnes Moir, b. ( ), m. Robert D. Young. 

Page234 THOMAS ROBERTSON MOIR, retired farmer, of 
Hensall, Ontario, b. Dec. 1, 1835, in Callander, Scotland, 
of Thornhill, Perthshire, Scotland; and grandson of 
GEORGE MOIR, and JANET ADAM, of Thornhill, 
Perthshire, Scotland; came to Canada in 1845, never 
married, living 1904. 

Page234 JANE MURRAY, of Blythe, Ontario, b. Oct. 14, 1865, 
in Hay Township, Ontario, dau. of ROBERT MURRAY 
and JANET MOIR; m. May 10, 1882, THOMAS WAN- 
LESS, son of JAMES WANLESS, of Varna, Ontario, and 

had issue: — 

1. Henry Arthur Wanless, born February 21, 1883, in Exeter, 


2. Etta May Wanless, b. June 11, 1885, in Exeter, Ontario. 

3. Robert Murray Wanless, born August 16, 1890, Paisley, 


4. Lily Maud Wanless, b. Nov. 7, 1892, Blythe, Ontario. 

Page 234 WILLIAM MOIR, retired farmer, of Hensall, Ontario, 
b. 1837, in Callander, Scotland, son of GEORGE MOIR 
and JANE STIRLING, of Callander, Scotland; m. 1876, 
had issue: — 



1. Jessie Stirling Moir, b. 1878, in Hensall, Ontario. 

2. Louise Jane Moir, b. 1880, in Hensall, Ontario. 

ALEXANDER MOIR, lace and muslin manufacturer, 
(the first to endeavor to get lace manufacturing in Scot- 
land,) of Bearsden, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, b. 1833, 
in Maryhill, Lanarkshire, son of JOHN MOIR, contractor, 
of Campsie, Stirlingshire and MARGARET STEWART; 
grandson of ALEXANDER MOIR, builder, of Doune,' 
Perthshire, and JANE MacPHERSON; m. July 20, 
1872, JANE BOYD, dau. of Robert Boyd, coal- 
master, of Langside, Lanarkshire, and had issue: — 

1. Jessie Margaret Moir, b. 1873, Glasgow, Scotland; m. Apr. 

6, 1899. 

2. Jane Alexandrina Moir, b. 1875, Glasgow, Scotland. 

3. Florence Adamson Moir, b. 1876, Glasgow, Scotland. 

4. John Stewart Moir, b. 1878, Glasgow, Scotland. 

5. William Boyd Moir, b. 1880, Glasgow, Scotland. 





The author 
called on this 
lady in 1910. 
She was the 
means of add- 
ing a great 
amount of 
to this book. 

He married a 
Miss Wilson, 
see page 269. 

See Alexander 
Moir above 

ALEXANDER MOIR, of MuthiU, Perthshire, Scot- 
land, m. JANET McLEICH; and had issue:— 

MOND and had issue with others: — 

1. A daughter, who died young, from a 

burning accident. 

2. Alexander Moir, who married and lived 

in Ayr, and raised a large family. His 
grand-children and great grand-children 
are still there. 

3. James Moir, m. ( ) Graham, and 

came into possession of property through 
his wife's mother, a Janet Graham, 
the property having been in that 
family since 1488, and had issue: — 

1. Helen Moir, who m. ( ) Maxwell, of 

Doune, Perthshire, and had issue. 

4. John Moir, who came to America, in 

1790, married, and had a family, and 
afterwards changed his name to Muir. 
John went into the lumber business, in 
Alexandria, Virginia, and furnished free 
to the U. S. Government, the mahogany 
wood for the coffin of George Washing- 
ton, the American Patriot, who died in 
1799. The family have been quite 
prominent in Alexandria, at least one 
of the sons being mayor of the city. 

JAMES MOIR, consulting engineer and ship-sur- 
veyor, of Pollok shields, Glasgow, Scotland, b. Dec. 12, 
1853, in Ayr, son of JOHN MOIR, of Muthill, Perth- 
shire, Scotland, and MARGARET LEVEN; grandson 
of ALEXANDER MOIR, of Muthill, Perthshire, and 
CHRISTINE PRENNAN; great-grandson of ALEXAN- 
DER MOIR, of Muthill, Perthshire, and JANET 

MoiR Gbnealogy 269 

McLEICH; m. 13 March, 1889, ALICE CHALMERS, 
dau. of ALEXANDER CHALMERS, of Bankfoot, 

ALEXANDER MOIR, b. 1770, d. Dec. 8, 1863; grandfather of 
the above JAMES MOIR, had three brothers born in Muthlll, viz: 
JAMES, (b. 1768 and d. 1840), JOHN and WILLIAM. John married See page 268. 
a Wilson at Blantyre, near Glasgow, and settled in America, and |^"^'fv . 
changed his name to MUIR. WILLIAM was a miller in Dunblane, 
Stirlingshire, afterwards enlisting as a soldier, and marched to the 
continent of Europe, and was never heard from after. 

*DAVID MOIR, of Roxbury, Mass., born Glasgow, 
Scotland, 1844, son of WILLIAM MOIR, of Perth- 
shire, Scotland, and JANE KAY, a grandson of DAVID 
MOIR of Perthshire, Scotland, and JANE LENOX; 
m. 1877, MARGARET CRAWFORD BOYD, dau. of 
CRAWFORD BOYD, of Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland, and 
had issue : — 

1. Alice Wood Moir, born 1878, in Dunoon, Argyleshire, 


2. William Moir, b. 1879, in Dunoon, Argyleshire, Scotland. 

3. Jane Kay Moir, b. 1881, in Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland, m. 

Conrad Sorenson, of Norway, and had issue: — 

1. Dorothy Hope Sorenson, b. May 19, 1903, in 
Roxbury, Boston, Mass. 

4. Janet Dickie Moir, b. 1883, in Roxbury, Boston, Mass. 

5. Mary Boyd Moir, b. 1884, in Roxbury, Boston, Mass. 

6. Crawford Boyd Moir, b. 1886, in Roxbury, Boston, Mass. 

7. David Moir, Jr., born 1887, in Roxbury, Boston, Mass., 

died 1890. 

8. Margaret Boyd Moir, b. 1889, in Roxbury, Boston, Mass. 

9. David Moir, 2d, b. 1891, in Roxbury, Boston, Mass. 

10. Charles Sutherland Moir, b. 1893, in Roxbury, Boston, 
Mass., d. 1894. 

JOHN STEWART MOIR, flour miller, of Minne- 
apolis, Minn., b. 1853, in Perthshire, Scotland, son 
of J HENRY MOIR, of Aberfoyle, Perthshire, and 

Aberfoyle and ( ) McNAB; married 1884, ELLEN 

ROCHFORD, dau. of JOHN ROCHFORD, of Kildare, 
Ireland, and had issue: — 

1. Mary Stewart Moir, b. 1885, Minneapolis, Minn. 

♦Mr. David Moir wa8 a baker, died in Roxbury March 13, 1912. 

tA brother of the above Henry Moir, namely John, went to California in 1848, at the 
time of the discovery of gold, and had not been heard from since. 

270 MoiR Gbnealogy 

I. JAMES MOIR, of Alloa, a banker and factor 
for Lords Mar and Abercrombie, etc., who with 
his younger brother Archibald, are more fully 
described in another article in this book, both 
were sons of JAMES MOIR, (b. about 1760) and 
farm, near Shenifmuir, afterwards of Dun- 
blane, Perthshire. James Moir, was born 1801, 
and at an early age his family removed to Alloa. 
He m Janet Strang, of Alloa, dau. of John 
See page 218 Strang, sea captain, ("who was imprisoned in 

France during the Napoleonic wars, his ship 
being captured,") of Gharleston-on-the-Forth, 
Scotland, and had issue, at least three sons: — 

1. The elder son died while quite a youth, 

through a shooting accident. 

2. The second son, James Moir, Jr., died in 

1882, leaving four of a family: — 

1. James Philip Moir, D. S. O., a major of the 

Royal Engineers, (an extended account 
of whom with portrait is given in an- 
other article), b. April 28, 1872, in Alloa, 
m. Oct. 26, 1910, Ida Muriel Goodwin, 
dau. of Harry Arthur Goodwin, clergy- 
man, of Sheffield, England, and had 
issue : — 

1. Jane Morse Moir, born Oct. 25, 
1911, at Lorraine, Famsboro 
Park, Hants, England. 

2. A second son is a commander in the royal 

navy (1911). 

3. WiUiam Moir, now at Alloa (1911). 

4. Mary Jean Moir, now at AUoa (1911). 
3- William Moir, third son of James Moir 

and Janet Strang, b. May 8, 1843, at 
Alloa, "first studied law, and ended at 
the fine arts;" he was "highly cultured 
and a great conversationalist." Married 
Nov. 29, 1906, Maude Orlebar Moir, 
dau. of Robert Moir, who was b. April 
1, 1838, at Dunblane, Perthshire, a 
civil service surveyor of taxes, of Bow- 
den, Cheshire, England, where he died 
Jan. 11, 1898. No issue. 

MoiR Genealogy 


II. ARCHIBALD MOIR, brother of JAMES came 
to Alloa from Dunblane, about 1835, married 
GRIZELL BEGGS ; he had at least two 
sons: — 

1. J. W. Moir. 

2. Archibald Patrick Moir, (both 

of whom, From "Alloa. 
60 years ago," 

now carry on in even larger measure, ^yjames 
the business of their father and uncle;) Archibald, 

Buchan Bros. 

b. Oct. 25, 1860, at Alloa, he m. June 
4, 1889, Margaret Gifford, daughter Aiioa, i9ii. 
of Robert Gifford, gentleman, of Bal- 
bumock, Wigtownshire, and had issue: — 

1. *Archibald Gifford Moir, b. Alloa. 

2. Margaret Gifford Moir, b. Alloa. 

3. *Robert Gifford Moir, b. Alloa. 

Arms of St. Andrew's Society, New York City 

*AichibaId G. Moir and Robert G. Moir, are both athletes at Fettes College, 
Edinburgh, and cricket and football players. The former won a gold medal for being 
the best all round athlete of his year, and the latter holds the record for 200 yards run, 
wad also many athletic events and sports. — (From letter of the young men's father, 1912.) 


RICHARD MOIR, of Pollokshaws, Renfrewshire, 

Scotland, b. in 1808 there, (died April 17, 1866), son of 
JOHN MOIR, married twice, the first family was: — 

1. Mrs. George Maitland IngersoU. 

2. Agnes, died some years ago. 

3. John Moir of Haldimand Co., Ontario, b. Jan. 22, 1836. 

(See below.) 

4. Mrs. James Patterson, of Oxford Co., Ontario. 

See page 273 5. Mrs. Lawrence Ruddick, of Dorcliester Station, Ontario. 

The second family was: — 

1. William Moir of Toronto. 

2. Richard Moir of Streetsville, Ontario. 

3. Sarah Ann Moir, died some years ago, unmarried. 

JOHN MOIR, farmer, of Haldimand Co., Ontario; 
b. Jan. 22, 1836, in Orange Co., New York; son of 
RICHARD MOIR, of Pollokshaws, Renfrewshire, Scot- 
land, and AGNES CLARK; grandson of JOHN MOIR; 
m. Jan 23, 1860, ANN SILLARS, dau. of DONALD 
SILLARS, of Argyle, Scotland, and had issue: — 

1. Catherine Elizabeth Moir, born Oct. 28, 1860, Wellington, 

Ontario. Teacher. 

2. Agnes Moir Clark, b. Aug. 24, 1862, Wellhigton, Ontario, 

m. Aug. 2.3, 1892. 

3. Margaret Moir, b. June 2, 1864, Wellington, Ontario, m. 

Jan. 1, 1889. 

4. Mary Ann Moir, b. May. 27, 1866, Wellington, Ontario. 


5. Isabella Moir, born Dec. 11, 1867, Wellington, Ontario. 


6. John Alexander Moir, b. Mar. 11, 1870, Wellington, 

Ontario. Clergyman. 

7. Archibald Moir, M. D., born April 14, 1872, Wellington, 

Ontario, m. Oct. 1, 1903. 

WILLIAM MOIR, grocer, of Boston, Mass., b. Jan. 
31, 1862, in Pollokshaws, Scotland, son of THOMAS 
MOIR, of Pollokshaws, Renfrewshire, Scotland, and 

MoiR Genealogy 273 

MOIR of Pollokshaws, Renfrewshire, Scotland, and 
TERSBY, of Liverpool, England; and had issue: — 

1. William Stuart Moir, b. May 20, 1892, in Boston. 

MARION MOIR, of Scarboro Township, York County, 

Ontario, b. June 18, 1841; dau. of RICHARD MOIR, 
(a power loom weaver, who came to N. Y. City, in 1830, 
and removed in 1840 to Scarboro, Ontario, where he died 
in 1866,) of Pollokshaws, Renfrewshire, Scotland, and 
AGNES CLARK, m. Dec. 5, 1861, LAWRENCE 
RUDDICK, farmer, of Scarboro, Ontario, son of JOHN 
RUDDICK, of Armagh, Ireland, and had issue: — 

1. John .\rchibald Ruddick, b. Sept. 3, 1862, Oxford, Ont., 

cheese and dair}' inspector, (see next article), he m. Sept. 
8, 1886, to Harriet E. Congdon, and had issue. 

2. Agnes Moir Ruddick, b. Mar. 10, 1864, Oxford, Ont., m. 

Nov. 3, 1893, to ( ), and died June 4, 1903. 

3. Richard Albert Ruddick, b. Jan. 21, 1866, Oxford, Ont., a 

minister of the Gospel, now (1904), in Wisconsin; 
m. Oct. 1900, to ( ). 

4. Mary Ellen Ruddick, b. Oct. 19, 1867, in Oxford, Ont, m. 

Oct. 31, 1888, to ( ). 

5. James Harrington Ruddick, born Oct. 27, 1870, in Oxford, 

Ont., m. Oct. 10, 1894, to (— ); he is a tailor by- 
trade in New York state. 

6. Margaret Isabelle Ruddick, b. May 8, 1876, in Oxford, Ont. 

A school-teacher. 

7. Lawrence Ruddick, b. Dec. 10, 1879, in Oxford, Ont., m 

Sept. 30, 1902, to ( ). 

dairy business all his life, becoming expert dairy com- 
missioner for the Canadian Government, at Ottawa, as 
he describes, — "the most important position in the world 
in my line;" b. Sept. 3, 1862, in Oxford, County, Ontario, 
son of LAWRENCE RUDDICK of Scarboro, Ontario, 
and MARION MOIR; grandson of RICHARD MOIR, 
of Glasgow, Scotland, and AGNES CLARK. M. Sept. 
8, 1886, HARRIET EMILY CONGDON, daughter of 
HENRY CONGDON, of Fort Covington, New York, and 
had issue: — 

1. Marion Ruddick, b. July 4, 1887, in Lancaster, Ontario. 

274 MoiR Genealogy 

MARGARET MOIR, of Canfield, Ontario, b. June 2, 
1864, dau. of JOHN MOIR, farmer, of Orange, New York, 
and ANNE SILLARS; grand-dau.of RICHARD MOIR, 
of PoUokshaws, (weaver on power loom, who came to 
New York City, about 1830, and removed in 1840, to 
Scarboro, Ontario; b. 1810, m. 1830, d. April, 1866,) and 
AGNES CLARK; m. Jan. 1, 1889, to JOHN TURN- 
BULL, (b. Dec. 14, 1857,) of Canfield, Ontario, son 
had issue: — 

1. John Andrew TumbuU, b. July 22, 1890, in Seneca, Ontario. 

2. Alexander TumbuU, b. Jan. 12, 1893, in Seneca, Ontario. 

3. Archibald Moir TumbuU, born Dec. 3, 1895, in Seneca, 


JOHN MOIR, farmer, of Dunnville, Ontario, b. 1836, 
in New York, son of RICHARD MOIR, of PoUokshaws, 
(who came to New York City in 1830, was a power loom 
weaver, and 10 years later removed to Scarboro, Ont., 
where he died in 1866), and AGNES CLARK; m. 1860, 
to ANNE SILLARS, of Scotland, and had issue:— 

1. Archibald Moir, born ( ), of DunnviUe, Ontario, 

physician and surgeon; married Edna Margaret Byres, 
dau. of James Douglas Byres. 

2. Catherine Elizabeth Moir, teacher high school. Port 

Hope, Ont. 

3. Agnes Clark Moir Porteous, (widow) DunnviUe, Ontario. 

4. Margaret Moir TumbuU, Canfield, Ontario. 

5. Isabella Moir, teacher, DunnviUe, Ontario. 

6. John Alexander Moir, Presbyterian minister, now (1904), 

studying in Scotland. 

7. Mary A. Moir. 

The above John Moir, has two brothers, one of whom, WUliam 
Moir, of Toronto, Ont., m. Miss Sangster, and has a daughter, BeUa, 
b. 1882; another brother, Richard Moir, residence unknown, has 
three or four of a family. 

He also has four sisters younger than himself as follows: 1. Mrs. 
George Maitland, who had three sons and one daughter; two of who, 
were married in 1904. 2. Mrs. J. Patterson, who has a large family, 
now mostly married, one son is a professor at McGiU University. 
3. Mrs. L. Ruddick, who also has a family. 4. Agnes Moir, who 
died unmarried many years ago. Several of these are recorded in 
this book. 


By the late W. B. COOK, of Stirling 

(See illustration) 

The estate of Leckie comprises a large area of rich carse land along 
the river Forth, behind which there is a stretch of dryfield land, while 
still further to the south the property rises over moorland and hill 
ground to a height of 1600 feet above sea level. The slope of the hill 
ground, which is very steep, and at places precipitous, is intersected 
by a number of streams, which in their progress towards the Forth, 
produce a very beautiful and diversified landscape. The estate ex- 
tends to about 3038 acres, whereof about 260 acres are woodland, 
1778 acres areable, and 1000 acres rough pasture and hill ground. The 
old house of Leckie is situated about 300 yards from the mansion- 
house, and forms an interesting and picturesque feature of the property. 
There are twelve farms on the estate, and eight of the grass parks, 
extending to 155 acres, are let for the grazing season to the farmers 
in the neighbourhood. Three of the old place-names on the estate 
are interesting from an antiquarian point of view. "Carleatheran" 
probably indicates the site of an ancient fort on the hill slope, or on 
the shore of the loch, while "Craigtnakessock" is associated with St. 
Ressock, or St. Kessag, and the well on the craig was not improbably 
considered a holy well on that account. Another Celtic saint, St. 
Columba, (or is it St. Colmoc?) is commemorated by St. Colme's Glen, 
behind the present mansion-house. 

The place-name, Leckie — Leky, Lekke, Lekky, are old forms of the 
name — is not to be found in Johnston's "Place-Names of Scotland," 
and it is also omitted from the same writer's "Place-Names of Stirling- 
shire," for what reason it is impossible to guess, as its derivation is 
simple enough. The first known owner of Leckie, is said to have been 
a certain Malise de Leggie, during the invasion of Edward L of Eng- 
land, but he is a rather mythical personage, and besides, at that 
period owners more usually took their surname from the lands than 
the lands from their owners. Sir Herbert Maxwell, in his, "Scottish 
Land Names," (p. 152) says: "Leacan, a derivation of leac, a flag- 
stone, is occasionally used to denote a sloping hillside. From another 
variant, leacach, comes Leckie in Stirlingshire, most appropriately 
named from its position on the north flank of the Lennox range," We 
should be inclined to derive Leckie from the substantive leacann, the 
side of the hill, rather than from the adjective leacach, but the root- 
word is the same. Mr. Matheson, in the his "Place-Names of 
Elginshire," derives Lekin in the parish of Knockando, from the Gaelic 
leacann, steep, shelving ground on the side of a hill. Leac, the root, "Celtio Place- 
originally means a large flat stone, especially a stone placed to mark a john^Milne 
grave — a smooth, bare hillside. M. A., LL.'d. 



The lands of Leckie were Crown property till the reign of Robert 
the Bruce, who granted the west half nearest Boquhan, to Malcolm, 
fifth Earl of Lennox, in recompense for the lordship of a carcucate 
or ploughland, of Cardross, in Dumbartonshire, where the King 
erected a castle, in which he died in 1329. The terms of the original 
charter of Wester Leckie, are repeated in a charter granted by David 
II. in favour of Malcolm, son of Duncan, and grandson of Murdoch, 
who was the son of Core, one of the younger sons of Alvv^yn, second 
Earl of Lennox. This charter, dated 31st March, 1352, narrates the 
excambion above referred to, and states that the lands were surren- 
dered by Donald, Earl of Lennox. *The reddendo is a pair of gilt spurs 
at the feast of Pentecost (or Whitsunday,) if demanded. tAnother 
charter by King David to the same effect and dated 12th March, 1356, 
is preserved at Leckie. 

*Fraaer'8 the Lennox ii — 409. 
tFraaer'a the Lennox ii — 411. 


By the late W. B. COOK, of STIRLING 

DAVID MOIR, sheriff clerk, of Stirling, had assisted in a monetary 
way, JOHN LECKIE of that ilk, to tide over financial difficulties, 
and in 1668, MOIR was probably his law agent. At all events, the 
crisis ended in the transference of the estate of Leckie to the lawyer, 
and there is no longer a Leckie of that ilk, although the dispossessed 
laird continued to be so designed. With this laird, therefore, ends the 
long line of LECKIE of Leckie. 

*David Moir of Craigamhall, seems to have originally belonged to See reference, 
Doune. A Walter Moir, writer there, who flourished at the same page 230. 
period, may have been his brother. tJohn Moir, eldest son of this 
Walter, succeeded David Moir in Craigamhall, and his near relatives, 
(probably uncles) were James Moir in Newton -of- Doune, and 
Robert Moir in Lanrick. fCraigarnhall," was originally "Craig- 
amot." It is included among the lands formerly in the Earldom 
of Strath em, and granted 8th February, 1442-3, to Michael, Bishop 
of Dunblane, and his successors in office, and the Chapter of the 
same place. It afterwards formed part of the Deanery lands. 
At the Reformation, these lands were feued out to different per- 
sons, who subsequently became their proprietors, and it ap- 
pears from an entry in a manuscript volume in the Register 
House, Edinburgh, entitled "Charge of the Temporalities of Kirk- 
lands, north and south of the Forth, 1569," that the lands of 
Cragamall and wood thereof, lying within the parish of Dunblane, 
were set in feu to James Sinclair, yr. of Bankis Row, the yearly feu- 
duty amounting to £16 8s 4d Scots. ** A royal charter, dated 2nd 
December, 1594, grants to this James Sinclair, the lands of Craigamall, 
with wood, formerly possessed in feu by the Dean of Dunblane, the 
reddendo being twenty-five merks. ttThe place-name is changed in 
the next recorded charter, which is dated 26th December, 1642, and 
grants to James Stirling of Balwill, and William Stirling, his eldest 
son, the lands of Craigamhall, with wood, in the parish of Balmadock 
(sic) and county of Perth, which were formerly held by the Dean and 
Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Dunblane. The name of the 
parish may be Kilmadock in the original, but the lands are now in 
parish of Lecropt. It is possible that some fancied connection with 
Amhall, an old mansion belonging to the Stirlings of Keir, and situated 

*The records of Doune are incomplete, and do not mention David's birth. 
tDunblane Decreets. Also, sec page 227. 
tReg. Mag. Sig. 
*'Reg- Mag. Sig. 
HReg. Mag. Sig- 

278 MoiR Geneai^ogy 

a short distance to the south-west, suggested to the Stirlings of Balwill, 
cadets of the Keir family, the above-noted change of the place-name 
to Craigamhall, but at a later period it re-appears in oflBcial deeds as 
"Cragamal." We do not again meet with what was probably the 
original name, "Cragamot." 

David Moir was owner of Craigamhall, when on 21st January, 1659, 
he, together with Marie Stewart, his spouse, were infeft in Stirling of 
Keir's ludging, at the foot of Broad Street, Stirling. *By a sasine dated 
8th May, 1665, David Moir had himself infeft in this tenement in life- 
rent, and his scond son, James, in fee. tFrom certain legal proceed- 
ings which were necessary in 1687, we learn that a royal charter 
was presented in favour of David Moir, elder, and his heirs, dated 12th 
June, and instrument of sasine dated 27th June, 1668, granting to them 
Easter Leckie and Shirgartane, with half of Wester Leckie; also 
charter by Charles II. in favour of the said David Moir, elder, and 
Marie Stewart, his spouse, in liferent, and David Moir, their eldest 
lawful son, in fee, of the half of Wester Leckie, dated 12th July, 
1670. David Moir, senior, Ukewise obtained seisin of the lands 
of Cambusbarron, on a wadset on 3rd August, 1672. jOne of the new 
Laird's first actions was to protest against the proportion of men the 
parish of Gargunnock was required to furnish to the Stirlingshire 
Militia, which protest the Commissioners admitted. It appears that 
the parish had also to supply 17 horses out of 73 required for the 
regiment, the Barony of Leckie's share being one horse. **David, 
Moir of Leckie is named as a Comissioner of Supply for Stirlingshire 
in 1678 and again in 1685. Both the Laird of Leckie and his 
eldest son were dead before 16th August, 1687, when James Moir, the 
second son was served heir to his father in Easter Leckie and Schir- 
gartane, and to his brother David in Wester Leckie, but these services 
were not extended or retoured with Chancellarie, "in regard that ten 
days thereafter the person so served was deceased." tt James Moir, 
who was thus so suddenly cut off, was joint Sheriff-Clerk along with 
his father. They were also joint-Clerks of the Lordship of Stirling 
and Bailliery of the Water of Forth.On 11th January, 1688, ttGeorge 
Moir, third son of David Moir of Leckie and Marie Stewart, was 
served heir to his father and his eldest brother, in Easter and 
Wester Leckie. ***David Moir, chirurgeon, Stirling, a near relative 
of the Laird of Leckie, obtained seisin from him of Keir's ludging in 
Stirling, with life-rent to Marion Moir, his second wife, the instru- 
ment bearing date, 25th June, 1698, but this property reverted to 

♦Stirling Burgh Sasines. 

tCounty Court Book. 

tMinutes of Commissionera of Militia for Stirlingaliire. 

**Act3 of Parliament. 

t+County Court Book. 

JI^George Moir of Leckie serves heir special to David Moir, his brother-germain. 
Both were sons of David Moir of Leckie, George being the sefond son. On this date, 
11 Jan., 1688, he serves heir to the lands of Easter and Wester Leckie. (Special Ser. 
II, Stirling.) He also terves heir in general to hb father on same date. 

(Gen. Ser.) 
***Stirling Burgh Sasines. 

MoiR Genhalogv 279 

the Laird a few years later. Isabel Moir, sister of George Moir, 
of Leckie, married John Graham, of Aberuthven, afterwards of 
Boquhapple, through which marriage the Leckie estate eventually 
came to the Grahams, as will afterwards be seen. *The Laird of Leclde 
was a Commissioner of Supply in 1696, but after this date, there ia 
no record of him. He married and had a family, but the name of hia 
wife has not been ascertained. tHe died in September, 1710, and was 
succeeded by his eldest son, James. 

tt James Moir of Leckie was probably under age when he succeeded 
to the estate; certainly, he was but a young man, as three years previ- 
ously he was under the tutorship of Mr. John Graham, of Boquhapple, 
bis uncle, and others. He had a younger brother, George, but 
whether his father left any more of a family we do not know. 
tThe Moirs must have been related by marriage to the Setons of 
Touch, as in 1738 the Laird of Leckie is named as tutor-in-law to 
James Seton, and on the death of the latter, unmarried, in 1742, 
JtGeorge Moir, brother of the Laird, was appointed one of the 
curators of Elizabeth Seton, heiress of Touch. 

Owing to physical infirmity, James Moir, who remained unmarried, 
felt himself obliged to surrender Leckie to his brother. By a convey- 
ance, dated 1st May, 1739, he disponed his heritable estate in favour 
of George Moir, his brother-german, who was then in Jamaica, and 
as his (James's) debts and funeral charges, and other privileged 
debts, might not be so well looked after as if the heir had been in this 
country, he authorized and appointed Moses Buchanan of Glins, to take 
care of, manage, and regulate all the affairs that might concern the 
estate, until his brother's return to the kingdom, or a commission or 
factorage under his hand should be executed. ***He also nominated 
John Stirling of Garden, William Govan of Drumquhassel, and 
William Graham of Boquhapple his commissioners to give instructions 
to Buchanan. The date of James Moir's death has not been discov- 
ered, but he did not long survive the demission of his estate. 

t+tThe new Laird of Leckie, after settling down at home, married a 
wife who brought him a considerable tocher. The facts are disclosed in 
a process of separation and aliment, rendered necessary by the bad con- 
duct of George Moir. The lady was Anne Montgomerj', niece of Sir 
Walter Montgomery, of Kirktonholm, in Dumfries-shire, who gavr 
her a marriage portion of ^2000, and made a settlement by which she 
was entitled to ^6000 after his death, but only, it appears, if she had 
any family. It v/as also a condition in the marriage contract, which 
was dated 25th February, 1745, that the Laird of Leckie should 
assume the name and arms of Montgomery, in addition to his own. 
Two of the witnesses to the contract, are Home, of Argaty, his first 

♦Acts of Parliament. 
tServices of Heirs. 
ttStirlingshire Bonds. 
tStirlinghire Bonds. 
t+Reg. of Curatories. 
♦♦^Stirlingshire Bonds. 
tttSeasion Papers. 


cousin, and Wm. Govan, Jr., of Drumquhassel, his second cousin. 
In accordance with the condition contained in this marriage contract, 
the Laird assumed his wife's name, styling himself George Montgomery- 
Moir, of Leckie. There was no issue of the marriage, and it is not 
unlikely that the vanishing of all chance of receiving the ^6000 be- 
queathed to Anne Montgomery, accounts in some degree for the beha- 
viour of her husband, which compelled her to institute the action for 
separation and aliment. 

An important event marked the first year of this unhappy marriage. 
The Jacobites were in arms under the leadership of Prince Charles, and 
the Laird of Leckie was in strong sympathy with the movement. On 
the 13th September, the Highland army, on their way south, crossed the 
river Forth at the Fords of Frew, and made a halt while the Prince 
went up to Leckie House. The Laird, however, was not there to re- 
ceive him. The Hanoverian General, Blakeney, had been informed by 
spies that Moir of Leckie was preparing to entertain the Prince, and 
on the night before his expected arrival, the Laird was seized in his bed 
by a party of dragoons and carried prisoner to Stirling Castle. Not- 
withstanding this contretemps, the Prince and his suite were welcomed 
to dinner atLeckie, and not only they, but many of the Prince's friends, 
who followed soon after, were entertained in a most hospitable manner. 
From Leckie House, Prince Charles addressed his famous message to 
the City of Glasgow, demanding a sum of £15,000, besides what was due 
to the Government, and whatever arms could be found in the city. 

*The Magistrates paid no attention to the demand; but shortly 
afterward they received a visit from a body of the insurgent cavalry, 
accompanied by Glengyle, and his clansmen the MacGregors, which 
made them fain to compromise the claim by paying ^5000 and con- 
tributing about ^500 worth of goods. The New Statistical Account 
of Gargunnock Parish, and also the local histories, state that the 
Prince slept at Leckie House on the night of the 13th September, but 
that is a mistake. The account given by one of the Prince's follow- 
ers, and published in the tLockhart Papers, says: — "This night we 
lay at Touch," from which place the army resumed its march south- 
wards next morning. On the retreat to the north early in 1748, the 
Prince's baggage sent on in advance, was deposited at Leckie on the 
25th January, and on the 1st February, the army recrossed the Forth 
by the Fords of Frew, but on this occasion, there was no time to spare 
for dinner at Leckie House. Everything was in confusion, for the 
Duke of Cumberland was on the Prince's track, and several guns and 
carriages had to be left behind. 

^George Moir, who dropped the name Montgomery, after the legal 
proceedings above narrated, was a witness in a will case, tried in 1765, 
when his age is given as 50 years and upwards. He lived till 1792, when 
he must have reached his 78th year. Having no children, he executed 

•Historic Scenes of Stirlingshire. 
tVol. ii., 486. 
JMorrison's Decisions. 


of Winnipeg, Manitoba 

I See page 257) 

Lowell, Mass. 

I n L i:-i r, v^.^ 



five years before his death, an entail of the estate of Leckie, under 
which Dr. Robert Graham, of Boquhapple, grandson of Isabel Moir, 

succeeded as heir of tailzie and provision. 


By the late W. B. COOK, of Stirling 

According to the family pedigree, Dr. Robert Graham of Boquhapple, 
represented a cadet branch of the great House of Montrose. George 
Graham of Callander, brother of the first Earl of Montrose, had, by a 
daughter of Moray of Abercaimey, four sons, of whom the third was 
Laurence, who married a daughter of Drummond of Borland, by whom 
he had a son and a daughter. Giles, the daughter, married her kins- 
man, Graham of Garvock. Her brother, John, entered the ministry, 
and was parson at Aberuthven. He was a member of the General As- 
sembly of 1636, which deposed the Bishops. He himself married a 
grand-daughter of Archbishop Hamilton, of St. Andrews. — Giles, 
daughter of Hamilton of Blair. By this lady, he had two sons and a 
daughter. The eldest son, John, was killed in assisting to rescue his 
chief, the Marquis of Montrose, when he came over from France to 
restore Charles H. to the throne. His second son, Robert Graham, of 
Aberuthven, married Margaret Hay, of Stronevay, whose brother 
became the husband of Robert's sister. Two sons and a daughter 
were the issue of Robert's marriage. Both the sons, John and James, 
were bred to the Church, but gave it up. John succeeded to the 
wadset of Aberuthven, with burden of his brother and sister's por- 
tions. This estate was purchased by the Marquis of Montrose in 
1702, and two years after, John Graham bought the estate of Boqu- 
happle, which had previously belonged to a branch of the Menteith 
Grahams. This circumstance has led to mistakes in certain Graham 
pedigrees, the Montrose Grahams being confounded with Menteith 
Grahams, but into this matter there is no occasion to enter here. 
John Graham, of Boquhapple, as we have already seen, married 
Isabel Moir, daughter of David Moir, of Leckie, by whom he had a 
family of four sons and four daughters. James Graham, the eldest 
son, married Catherine, daughter of William Govan, of Drumquhassel, 
by whom he had three sons and nine daughters. John, the eldest 
son, died unmarried in the East India Company's service, and the 
youngest son, William, also died a bachelor. Robert, the second son 
of James Graham of Boquhapple, studied medicine, and took the 
degree of M.D.* He appears to have practised in the town of Stirling. 
Under a deed executed by George Moir of Leckie, on 22nd Decem- 
ber, 1789, his heir of entail. Dr. Robert Graham of Boquhapple, physi- 
cian in Stirling, was appointed his sole executor, and a disposition of 
moveables was made in his favour.** In accordance with the deed 
of entail. Dr. Graham, on succeeding to the estate of Leckie, dropped 

♦Family Pedigree. 
•♦Stirlingshire Bonds. 


the name of Graham and took that of Moir, but was unable to aesuine 
the arms of Moir of Leckie, because none had been registered. *The 
terms of the entail rendered it necessary for the heir of Leckie to raise 
an action in the Court of Session against his own son, Dr. Charles 
Alexander Graham, and others, to have certain questions decided, and 
the record of the case in Morrison's "Decisions" supplies the fol- 
lowing interesting particulars: — "George Moir, in 1787, executed an 
entail of the estate of Leckie, with strict irritant and resolutive 
clauses, amongst others, that it should not be in the power of the heirs 
male of his body, or others, heirs substituted to them, to increase 
the rental above ^1000. On his death in 1792, the rental amounted 
to ;i^ll23, without including rent for 150 acres in his natural pos- 
session. Dr. Robert Moir succeeded him under the entail, and 
brought an action against the substitutes concluding that he should 
be at liberty to keep up and augment the rent of the entailed estate, 
as if this clause had not been inserted. It was held by the Lords that 
the clause was to be held as discharged by the entailer. The entail 
likewise contained a clause that the heirs of tailzie should be bound 
to use the name and title of Moir of Leckie exclusive of every other 
name and title, and to carry the arms of Moir of Leckie without any 
addition, diminution, or alteration of any kind. After the action 
came into Court it was discovered that there were no arms of Moir 
of Leckie matriculated in the Lyon Office. The pursuer being the 
heir alioque successoris, only in one-fourth of the estate as represen- 
tative of one of the four heirs portioners, it was likewise doubted 
whether they were ascendible to heirs of entail, or whether they neces- 
sarily descended jure sanguine to Mr. Moir's heir of line. The Lords 
found it incumbent on the pursuer and other heirs of entail to follow 
out the tailzier's appointment in carrying the name and arms of 
Moir and Leckie, and for that purpose to obtain from the Lyon Office, 
arms of that description descendible to heirs of entail of Leckie." 

Dr. Robert Graham's arms, blazoned, confirmed, and assigned, 14th 
December, 1764, are thus described in the family pedigree: — Argent; 
a man's heart gules, ensigned with an imperial crown proper; on a chief 
sable three escallops or ; above the shield a helmet befitting his degree 
with a mantle gules doubling argent. On a wreath of his colours is set 
for crest, an escallop as the former. This motto, Spero meliora. **In 
accordance with the Lords' decision of 1794, the Leckie arms were 
matriculated in 1796, as follows: — (1st and 4th quarters)-Argent; 
three Mauritanian heads couped and distilling three drops of blood 
ppr., banded of the first, a pearl in each ear of the second, in the centre 
a mullet gu, for Moir; (2nd quarter) argent, a head crowned ppr. in a 
chief sable three escallops or, for Graham. (1st and 4th quarters of 
3rd quarter) argent; a galley, sails furled, oars in action, sable. This 
quarter indicates a Stewart and Campbell connection, Dr. Robert 
Moir's wife being a Stewart of Ardsheal. The Moir arms are similar to 
those of Moir of Hilton. Moir ofLeckie's crest was a falcon proper, 

*p. 15.537. 

**Balfour Paul's Ordinary of Scottish Arms, pp. 84, 117, 146, 150. 

284 MoiR Geneai,ogy 

armed or belted, or, perched on a heron lying on its back proper, 
beaked and membered gu, with the motto, *"Ne Oublie." 

Dr. Robert Moir of Leckie married Anne, daughter of Charles 
Stewart of Ardsheal, chief of the Stewarts of Appin and Lorn, by whom 
he had five sons and six daughters: — James Lennox Moir, the eldest 
son, died in infancy. Charles Alexander the second son, succeeded 
his father, and will be noticed below. Of James, the third son, no 
particulars are given in the family pedigree. Robert, the fourth son, 
was Professor of Botany in Edinburgh University, and died 7th August, 
1845. He married Elizabeth Belches, second daughter of David 
Hamilton of Drumpellier, and left a family. The fifth son of Dr. Moir 
of Leckie, was John, a captain in the Royal Navy. The Laird of Leckie 
died in August, 1819, and was buried in Leckie. The Grahams seem 
to have had a right of burial in St. Andrew's Chapel, or Garden Aisle, 
at the West Church, Stirling, but none of the Lairds of Leckie are 
buried there. 

Charles Alexander Graham took the surname of Moir on succeeding 
to Leckie, in the Barony of which he was infeft on 8th June, 1820.** 
He was a doctor by profession, and practised up till his father's death. 
He built the new mansion-house of Leckie on the plan of an old Eng- 
lish baronial mansion-house. It stands on a higher situation than the 
old house, and has a commanding view of the Vale of Menteith. Dr. 
C. A. Graham- Moir married Henrietta, second daughter of Robert 
Hay, of Drumelzier and Dunse Castle, and Janet Erskine, eldest dau. 
of James Erskine, of Cardross, and Lady Christian Bruce, daughter 
of the Earl of Elgin. The issue of this marriage was an only son 
and three daughters: — 

1. Robert Graham-Moir. 

2. Janet Erskine Graham. 

3. Ann Stewart Graham, who died 1846. 

4. Isabella Matilda Graham. 

The Laird died 18th August, 1845, aged 73, and was buried in the 
family burying ground at Leckie; his widow died 6th Aug., 1854. 

Robert Graham Moir, the next Laird of Leckie, was a justice of 
the peace and Deputy Lieutenant of Gargunnock; he m. Anne Eliza- 
beth, third dau. of WiUiam Hay of Dunse Castle, Whittingham, and: 
Drumelzier, by whom he had two sons and four daughters as follows: — 

1. Charles William Graham-Moir, b. 26 July, 1858, and d. 

9 March, 1861. 

2. Alastair Erskine Graham-Moir, justice of the peace, b. 18 

July, 1863, m. Nov. 11, 1897, Winnifred Edith, second 
dau. of Right Hon. Sir Herbert Maxwell, Baronet, P. C.,, 
M. P., and has issue: — 

1. Charles WUliam, b. 30 Oct. 1898. 

2. A son, born Feb. 24, 1905. 
And others. 

•Kirkwood's Crests, p. 53, and Fairbairn's Crests, 335. 
••Stirlingshire Sasines . 


1. Henrietta Florence May Graham-Moir. 

2. Evelyn Annie Graham-Moir, 

3. Marion Clementina Graham-Moir. 

4. Mabel Christian Hay Graham-Moir, d. Dec. 24, 1882. 
Robert Graham-Moir died Mar. 3, 1864, and was succeeded by hia 

infant son, *Alastair Erskine Graham-Moir, who lived on the estate 
until 1906, when he sold the property to Mr. George Younger, of Valley- 
field, Kinross, in the spring of that year. He was the last of the Lairds 
of his line, and seemed to be in want of the usual thriftiness of the 

Shortly afterwards, he advertised that he intended to drop the 
name of Moir. The estate of Boquhapple still remains in the family. 

Mr. Graham-Moir removed to Edinburgh, after selling the prop- 


(From the Scottish County Directory, 1902.) 
MR. MOIR, Airth Mains, Airth, Larbert. 
ALEXANDER MOIR, Farmer, Nethercarse, Gargunnock. 
DAVID MOIR, Farmer, Gateside, Balfron, Balfron Station. 
DAVID MOIR, Lednabra, Balfron Station. 
JAMES MOIR, Park of Auchintroig, Balfron Station. 
JOHN MOIR, Carse of MacOrriston, ThomhiU, Kippen Station. 
WILLIAM J. MOIR, Netherton, ThomhiU, Kippen Station. 

•The Tutors of Alastair Erskine Graham-Moir, (then a minor) were assessed £3,077 
as the valuation of the estate of Leckie in 1880. There were twenty-six estates in Gar- 
gunnock, which is sis miles long and four broad. Leckie being the largest. 

From Nimmo's History of Stirlingshire. 

Vol. 2. page 268. 

286 MoiR Genealogy 


Kindly Furnished by JOHN GEORGE BURNETT, ESQ., Aberdeen 

July 9, 1608. Sasine to Mr. William Moir on the Interior land on the 
east of the Gallowgate conquered from William Norie, son 
and heir of the late Robert Norie. 

May 2, 1623. Sasine to Mr. William Moir on the Interior land on the 
east of the Gallowgate conquered from William Turing of 
Foveran. (Witness Mr. John Moir, brother of the said 
William Moir) for implement of his marriage contract with 
Agnes, daughter of Patrick Gordon of Gordonesmylnes. 

May 24, 1615. Sasine Mr. William Moir, Burgess of Aberdeen to his 
second son John Moir, on a tenement and garden on the east 
of the Gallowgate, where the road goes to Aberdeen. 

June 29, 1638. Sasine. Mr. WiUiam Moir on the tenement of Janet 
Forbes. (Minute book.) 

May 1, 1646. Sasine. Mr. William Moir and Janet Forbes, his 
spouse. (Minute book.) 

Jan. 3, 1650. Sasine. William Moir on the tenement of James 
Robertson. (Minute Book.) 

Jan. 4, 1651. Sasine. John Moir, eldest son of the late Mr. John 
Moir, burgess of Aberdeen, and heir of Mr. Henry Moir imme- 
diate younger brother of the said Mr. John Moir, and so 
uncle of the said John of a tenement of land on the East side 
of the Gallowgate. 

Jan. 4, 1651. Sasine. John Moir heriditary proprietor of the above 
land with consent of Baillie Patrick Moir his curator of the 
above-mentioned lands in favour of Mr. William Moir, 
Principal of Marischal College. 

Jan. 12, 1655. Sasine on marriage contract between John Moir 
eldest son of the deceased John Moir and Marjorie Beans, 
his relict, and Mary Cochrane, second daughter of Walter 
Cochrane, late Baillie of Aberdeen, disponing the tenement 
on the East of the Gallowgate, reserving to Marjorie Beans 
her life-rent. 

June 4, 1656. Sasine. Mr. William Moir and Margaret Skein, his 
future spouse, of the inland of Mr. William Moir. 

July 24, 1657. Sasine. Patrick Moir of the lands of Master Thomas 
Smith. (Minute book.) 

Reg. Aug. 15, 1657. Sa. to Mariore Beanes and John Moir, her son, 
off ye Pendicle called Corriedoune. 

Reg. Aug. 27, 1658. Sa. to John Moir, eldest lauU sone to Wm. 
Moir of Ferriehill off ye lands of Ardgraine. 

Reg. Aug. 28, 1658. Sa. to John Moir, eldest lauU sone to Wm. Moir 
of Ferriehill, of ye lands of Carnmucks. 

MoiR Grnealogy 287 

Reg. Aug. 12, 1657. Sa. to Walter Cochrane, lait Bailzie of Abd., 

John Leslie, burges Yr. and Issobell Cochrane, his spoua 

John Moir Mcht Yr. and Marie Cochrane his spous off ye 

barronie of Meanie. Al. forbes, not. 
Reg. Oct. 29, 1656. Sa to Mr. Wm. Moir, Doctor of Medicine off 

thrie rigis or croftis of land. John Sandilands, not. 

Reg. Oct. 11, 1656. Sa. to Mariore Beanes off ane ploughe of the 

lands of Auchintoull. James not. 

Reg. July 18, 1656 — Sa. to John Moir, Mcht, in Abd. and Marie 

Cochrane his spous, off twa ploughes of land of wast 

fintray. — Al. Forbes, notary. 
Reg. June 6, 1656. — Sa. Inst, of Resign, be Mr. Wm. Moir In 

favours of Doctr.Wm. Moir his sone, of the Lands of Scottis- 

toune, — Al. Forbes, Nott. 
Reg. June 6, 1658. Sa. Inst, of Resign, be Mr. Wm. Moir In favours 

of Doctr. Wm. Moir his sone. Off tenements in parochin of St. 

Reg. June 6, 1656. Sa. to Doctr. Wm. Moir doctor of medicine, and 

Margaret Skeine, his spous of the Lands of Kirkton of Dyce. 

— Alex. Irvine, Nott. 
Reg. April 19, 1656. Sa. to Mr. James Moir in Wast Atarive, Off the 

Lands and Mains of Auguhorthies. — George baird, nott. 
Reg. Apr. 2, 1655. Sa. on charter to Mariorie Beanes, relict of the 

deceist John Moir, burgess of Abd., of thetoune and lands of 

Brodland. — Wm. Chalmer, nott. 
Reg. Sept. 8, 1654. Sa. to Mariorie Beanes, relict of Mr. John Moare 

of the lands of brodland. Wm. Chalmer, nott. 
Reg. Jan. 28, 1654. Sa. to Mariorie Moir, spous of Thomas Mitchell, 

merchand in Abd. of the half nettes salmond fishing on the 

water of Done. Wm. Chalmer, nott. 
Reg. Oct. 4, 1652. Sa. to Mr. Wm. Moir, prinll. of the Colledge of 

new Abd., and his spous. off the north Lands of the Kirktone 

of hospitall. — Patrick Cruickshank, nottar thereto. 
Reg. Mar.. 18, 1651. Sa. to Mr. James Moir, minister of God's word 

at the kirk of Tarves, of the tounelands of Wedderlaires. 

George baird, not. 
Reg. Feb. 3, 1663 Sa. Mr. William Moir and his spouse of the 

lands of Kirktoune of Dyce. — (54.) 
1664. Sa. Mr. William More, of the toun and lands of Wed- 

derlaire (son of James Moir, minister of Tarves.) (539) and 

Jan. 1, 1644. Sa. Dr. William More, and Margaret Skene, his spouse, 

of the lands of Scotston. (568.) 
1665. Sa. John Moire and his sons of the lands and baronie of 

argrais. (456.) 
March 1666. John Moir the lands of Kinnellor (403), (406.) 
Reg. May 15, 1672. Sa. Pairick Moir son to Mr. Wm. Moir, prin'll 

off the coUedg Maraschell, Aberdene, off the lands and bar- 
ronie of Spittill. registrat 15 May, 1672. (505.) (512.) 

288 MoiR Geneai^ogy 

2 May, 1671. Sa. Joha Moir, of Cairmucks and Joan Sandilands hia 

spous, and John Moir her sone of Lands of Stoney wood regrat 

2 May 1671 (298). 
Aug.. 1, 1672. Sa. John Moir of Kermucks of the half lands of 

Torre. 1 Aug. 1672. 
Nov. 26, 1673. Sa. John Moir of Barns, of Milne and Milne lands of 

Corstrie. 26 Nov. 1673. 
On the 29th July 1673, there is a disposition by Andrew Skene 

of Rudrieston, and Christian Skene, his spouse, and Robert 

and Andrew Skene his lawful sons, to John Moir, of the 

lands of Rudrieston. 
Sept. 30, 1674. Sa. John Moir, lands of Cooklaw. 
Nov. 21, 1677. Sa. Mr. Wm. Moir of Scotstown the lands and barony 

of Spittell. 
March 3, 1635. Sa. to Archibald Beanes, burges of Abd. of the toune 

and landis of Auchmenzie, 3 Marche, 1635. 
July 27, 1633. Sa. to Mr. William Moir, burges of Aberdene, of the 

landis and milne of gordonsmilne 27 July, 1633. 
Sept. 25, 1628. Sa. to Mr. William Moir, burges of Abd. on the lands 

of SpittalL— Mr. Alex. Reid, not. 
Sept. 25, 1628. Sa. to Mr. John Moir, burges of Abd. and Meriore 

beanes his spouse. On the toune and Lands of Sonysyd Sept. 

25, 1628. Mr. Alex. Reid, not. 
Aug. 30, 1602. Sa. to Mr. Wm. Moir, burges of Aberdeen be Andro 

hervie of denstoun. On the tua pt. Lands of Scottistoun 

dait 12 July, 1602. Notter Mr. Wm. Chalmer. Put 

Peves Augt. 1602. 
Aug. 20, 1602. Sa. to Mr. Wm. Moir, burges of Abd., be Magr. 

Fduid rait, Prinll. of the King's College of auld Abd., on ye 

sone halff of the Spittell in auld Abd. dait 7. Augti., 

1602. Nottar, Mr. Wo. Clark Pnt. 20 Augti. 1602. 
June 1, 1604. Sa. to Mr. Wm. Moir, burges of Abd. on the lands of 

sonysyde and spittihill, as also on the croftis besyde ye 

calseyseat, dait 1, Junij 1604. Notar, Mr. Wm. Chalmer. 
May 14, 1608. Sa. givin to Archbald beanes Litster and Christian 

Anand his spous One ye — and haul yards of Cukstoun. 

Pnted. 14 May, 1608. nor. George Barrone. 
Sept. 7, 1620. Renun of the toune of Scottistoune maid be George 

peacock to Mr. Wm. Moir 7 Sept. 1620. 
Nov. 22, 1620. Sa to Mariorie Moir, relict of umqll. Andro forbes 

glasswright, On ane tenement of land in Abd. 22 Novr. 

1620. Mr. Thomas Mollesone, Not. 
March 8, 1626. Sa. to Mr. Johne Moir, burges of Abd. to Mariorie 

beanis his spous, on the landis of sonysyd, 8 March, 1626. 

James Davidsone. 
May 15, 1679. Sa. Janet, Marjorie, Isobell, Jean, Margaret and 

Christian Moires, as aires, portioners, to umqtt John Moir, 

burges of Abd., of the lands of Sunniesyd. regrat. 15. May, 


MoiR Genealogy 289 

June 27, 1679. Sa. Janet, Marjorie, Isobell, Jean, Margaret and 
Christian Moirs, Laull daughters and airs portioners to 
umqll. John Moir, merchant burgess of Aberdeine, of three 
pleughes of the sunn halfe of the maines of the Lands of 
Barnes wt the crofts yrof and sunn halfe of dues the 
manner place of Barnes, and sunne halfe of the milne of 
Barnes and sunn halfe of west bigging fra the prinll, and in 
warrandice yrof of the Lands of Rothney and Hillocks, 
Regrat 27 June, 1679. 

April 20, 1680. Sa. Mr. William Moir of Scotstoune doctor of medi- 
cine, of the Lands andBarronie of Spittel, called the hospital! 
of Sanct. Peter,— regrat 20 Aprill 1680. 

December 23, 1680. Merjorie Moir, spous to George Gorden of 
Rothney, of the Lands of Drumrossie, both sunn and shadow 
halves yeof. regrat 23 December 1681. 

May 11, 1681. Sa. to Wm. Moir, eldest Laull sone to Mr. Wm. 
Moir of Scotstoun, of all and haill the kirktone of Spittill 
Lyand within the regalite of the King's College of Abd. . . . 

October 13, 1681. Sa. JamesMoirof ferriehill of all and haill the 
Tenement of Lands rigg or croft, consisting of the twelve ells 
of breedth Lyand in the east side of the citie of old aberdeine. 

August 23, 1683. Sasine. Wm. Moir, eldest sone to Doctor Wiliiatn 
Moir, of Scotstoune and Jeane Abernethie his spous, of the 
sunne south pairt of yekirktoune of Spitthill Lie thehospitall 
of sant peter Lie the outfaulds thereof as also the shadow 
and northmost pairt of the lands of Kirktoune of Spitthil 
Lyand as sd is — regrat, etc. 

June 16, 1685, Sasine, William Moir yonr. of Scotstoune, of the 
Lands thereof. Regrat the 3d. day. 

August 3, 1693. Sa. Wm. Moir, writer in Aberdeen, off Two Crofts, 
about Aberdein called Langlands and Cuttings. — Regrat. 
ye 3d. of August Leif 368,369. John Anderson N. P. 

Dec. 6, 1697. Sa. Mr. Alexander fraser, one of the Regents of ye 
King's CoUedge of Aberdeine Off twelve Ruids, of Land 
(called Pouis) In old Aberdeine . . . Regrat in ye 1 Leif. 

December 6, 1697. Sa. Christian Moire, spouse to Mr. Alexander 
ffraser .... (as above) . . . Regrat in ye 4 leif. 

November 28, 1699. Sa. James Gordon of Barnes and Margaret 
More, his spouse of the Lands of Barnes and oyrs. (and 
Rothey in warrandice.) registrat in the 410 leaff — William 
Johnston, nottar yrto. 

April 16, 1701. Mr. James Moir of Ferriehill and Patrick Milne f'ter 
in Aberden, of ane a rent out of Langlands and Cutting. — 
Alex Leslie — N. P. 

June 18, 1705. Marjorie More, spouse to George Gordon of Knockes- 
pock, one Three pleughs of Newtoun of Knockespock, pro- 
duced the eighteenth day of June 1705. Be Robert Irvine 

290 MOIR Ghnealogy 

wreiter in Aberdein, and registrat in the 18 lea£f. Mr. Alex. 
Innes, nottar yrto. 

December 15, 1712. Sa. Alexander Moir of Scotstown on the sun 
and shadow halfs of Kirktown of Spitthill produced the 

fifteenth day of December 1712 be John Gordon 

writer in Aberdein and registrat 10, 11, and 12 leafs. Patrick 
Sandilands, nottar. 

February 3, 1663. Instrument of seisin following on charter to Dr. 
Wm. Moir and Margt. Skene, his wife of lands of Kirktoun 
of Dyce, 3, Feb. 1663. 

June 23, 1721. Sa. Mary Chalmers, spouse to Alexander Moir of 
Scotstoune in a rent on the sun or south side of Kirktoun of 
Spithill . . . And during the conjunct lifetyme of Jean 
Abernethie, spouse to James Moir of Stoniewood, and the 
said Mary Chalmers, after the said Alexr. Moir's decease in 
case they happen to survive him on Scotoun Thackhetherhill 
and Dubfoord with the pendicle yrof called silverburn and 
Caniecroft with their pertinents Lying within the parioch and 
shereffdome forsaid. Presented by John Maule writer in 
Aberdeen, — and registrate the 139 and 140 leaves. Wm. 
Hay, Nottar thereto. 

Dec. 11, 1728. Sa. William Moir, son to Jas. Moir of Stony wood 
on toun and lands of Whitehill, reserving to sd. James Moir 
his life rent right of one-half nets salmon fishing proceeding 
on ch from crown in favours of sd. Wm. Moir. 

July 2, 1741. Sa. Wm., Isobel and Janet Moir, children of deceist 
James Moir of Stoney wood and nearest and lauU Joint Heirs 
of Provision to the deceist Patrick and Elizabeth Moirs their 
brother and sister dated the 25 June, 1741. In all and haill 
Lands of Muir (?) of Stonywood. 

May 10, 1745. Sa. to James Moir, now of Invernettie, heir served 
and retoured to Wm. Moir of Invernettie, his uncle of a rent 
on Stoneywood. 

August 29, 1746. Sa. Mrs. Jannet Moir, spouse to Patrick Byres 
of Tonley, of town and lands of Findlatrie. 

August 3, 1752. Sasine, George Moir of Scotstoune and Alexr. 
McDonald mercht. in Abd., of towns and lands of Arduthie. 

Dec. 12, 1752. Sa. George Moir of Scotstoun of all and haill lands 
and toun of Scotstown. 

May 17, 1757. Sa. Wm. Moir of Lonmay as heir of deed. William 
Moir of Lonmay. 

June 19, 1757. Contract of March 9, dated the 15th of June betwixt 
George Moir of Scotstoun, Proprietor of the lands of Sunni- 
side, and James Bartlett Farmer in Abdeen. Proprietor of 
the Croft of Causewayend. 

Epitaphs and Burial Records of St. Clement's Churchyard 

Footdee, Aberdeen 

Kindly Transcribed by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE 
Oan. 1st, 1855. to Dec. 31. 1911.) 

ALEXANDER MOIR, *Oyne, Aberdeenshire, aged one and one-half 
years, buried 4th July, 1878. 

ANN MOIR or Allardyce, 30 Park St., Aberdeen, aged 76, buried 10th 
December, 1887. 

fANN MOIR, who resided in 67 Frederick St., Aberdeen, died 4th 
June, 1910, at the Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, aged 71, and waa 
buried 7th June, 1910. 

•Oyne is a parish. 

tShe was a daughter of Robert Moir and Ann Allardyce, but her name has not 
been inscribed on the family tombstone. She was a bright woman and a devoted 
ohurob worker. 

292 MoiR Geneai^ogy 

ANNIE REID MOIR, Neptune Terrace, Aberdeen, aged four and 

one-half weeks, buried 10th November 1884. 
CALDER MOIR, 128 Gallowgate, Aberdeen, aged 50, buried 25th 

May, 1855. 
♦DANIEL MEARNS MOIR, Neptune Terrace, Aberdeen, aged 23, 

buried 19th August, 1886. 
DANIEL MEARNS MOIR, Neptune Terrace, Aberdeen, aged 10 

months, buried 3d April, 1888. 
GEORGE MOIR, 24 James St., Aberdeen, aged 86 years, buried 22nd 

October, 1855. 
GEORGE S. MOIR, 3 Rosemont Place, Aberdeen, aged 48, buried 

26th November, 1885. 
HENRY A. MOIR, 26 Hill St., Aberdeen, aged 10 months, buried 9th 

October, 1884. 
H. MOIR, Lamont Place, Aberdeen, had a child buried 31st October, 

ISABELLA MOIR, 13 York St., Aberdeen, aged 22, buried 6th May, 

JAMES MOIR, 12 Links St., Aberdeen, aged 78, buried 27th August, 

JAMES MOIR, 156 West North St., Aberdeen, aged one and two- 
third years, buried 11th May, 1878. 
JAMES MOIR, ropemaker, 74 Skene Square, Aberdeen, died 10th 

November, buried 14th November, 1908. 
MARGARET BAXTER MOIR, 96 John St., Aberdeen, aged one 

and one-half years, buried 9th December, 1871. 
MARGARET MOIR, King's Crescent, Aberdeen, aged 72, buried 13th 

April 1885. 
MARGARET MOIR, aged 86, buried 3rd February, 1886. 
MARGARET MOIR, 21 James St., Aberdeen, aged 60, buried Ist 

October, 1865. 
MARY MILNE MOIR, 19 York St., Aberdeen, aged five and one- 
quarter years, buried 4th January, 1865. 
MARY MOIR, Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, aged 51, buried 24th 

April 1895. 
tMAUDE UNDERWOOD MOIR, 87 Urquhart Road, Aberdeen, died 

27th December, 1902, buried 30th December, 1902. 
MOIR'S CHILD was buried from 46 Virginia St., Aberdeen 26th May, 

1871. (No age given.) 
ROBERT MOIR, 169 Gallowgate, Aberdeen, aged 52, buried 13th 

June, 1855. 
SUSAN MOIR, James St., Aberdeen, aged 96, buried 11th February, 

THOMAS MORE, 26 St. Clements St., Aberdeen, aged 45, buried 

15th March, 1864. 

*Thi3 child and that mentioned below was named after Daniel Mearna who was 
Lord Provost of Aberdeen 1895-1898. A brother of this Daniel Mearna died at Aber- 
deen February, 1913. — Scottish American. 

tShe was the wife of John Moir, Jr. 

MoiR Genealogy 293 

WILLIAM MOIR, aged 74, buried 27th April 1855. 

WILLIAM B. MOIR, 13 Neptune Terrace, Aberdeen, aged 20, buried 

29th October, 1881. 
WILLIAM KENNEDY MOIR, 21 Carmelite St., Aberdeen, aged 5 

months, buried 12th November, 1862. 
WILLIAMINA MOIR or PETRIE, 15 Allan Street, Aberdeen, aged 

34, buried 10th January, 1888. 
WILLIAM MOIR GOLDIE, 43 Jopps Lane, Aberdeen, aged one 

and one-half years, buried 20th March, 1866. 
WILLIAM MOIR, 21 Berry Lane, Aberdeen, aged 47, buried 13th 

June, 1857. 
WILLIAM MOIR, 21 Spring Garden, Aberdeen, aged 21, buried 26- 

Sept., 1864. 

(Note.) The burial records are missing, 7th July, 1857, to 22 Aug., 


I. A granite headstone is inscribed: — 

"Erected by loving friends, in memory of WILLIAM W. 
MOIR, who died 22nd September, 1864, aged 21 years; 
also his father, ROBERT MOIR, who died 11th June, 
1855, aged 52 years, and his mother, ANN ALLARDYCE 
MOIR, who died 7th December, 1887, aged 76 years." 
II. A granite headstone, bears the following: — 

"The burying ground of JAMES MOIR, rope-maker, 
III. A headstone, the lettering at base of which on the obverse side 
is much decayed, bears: — 

"Erected by Henry Jamieson, late in the 78th Regiment 
of Foot, in memory of his step-children — JOANNA MOIR, 
who died in 1805; JEAN, died 1813; JESSY, died 1820; 
all in the 7th year of their age; and Mary who died 28th 
Sept., 1828, aged 14 years; also of his nephew — John 
narrower, who died in 1825, aged 3 years. The aforesaid 
Henry Jamieson died 9th May, 1850, aged 51 years. Ann 
Wilson, his spouse, died 17th Nov., 1843, aged 67 years. 
JAMES MOIR who died 14th August, 1847, aged 56 
years. WILLIAM MOIR died 11th June, 1857, aged 
47 years." 

The reverse side is inscribed : — 

"Also SYMON MOIR, who died 6th Deer., 1830, aged 
11 months; JAMES MOIR died 15th July, 1848, aged 7 
years. ANN MOIR died 25th July, 1848, aged 15 years; 

294 MoiR Genealogy 

WILLIAM MOIR died 29th August, 1848, aged 13 years; 
ISABELLA MOIR died 7th September, 1848, . aged 1 year 
and 6 months; HENRY MOIR who died 13th May, 1862, 
aged 33 years, and MARY, died in infancy. W. K. MOIR, 
aged 5 months, grandson of the aforesaid WILLIAM 
MOIR; CATHERINE F. MOIR, died May, 1862, aged 
60. MARY A. D. MOIR, died 10th Dec, 1884, aged 48, 
also her children — MAGGIE and JAMES. Her husband, 
G. S. MOIR, died Nov. 22, 1885, aged 48." 


IV. A Tablestone bears: — 

"In memory of Ann Ross, spouse of GEORGE MOIR, 
vintner, 'Old Ship,' Aberdeen, who died 29th April, 1792, 
aged 38 years. Also GEORGE and ISOBEL their infant 
children. Also Mary Baxter, from Wigton in Cumberland, 
second spouse of the said GEORGE MOIR, who died 13th 
of March, 1797, aged about 44 years. Likewise the said 
GEORGE MOIR, died 27th May 1813, aged 63 years. Also 
his daughter, JANE MOIR, widow of William Maxwell 
Shaw, sometime teacher of music in Aberdeen, who died 
24th February, 1850, aged 72 years. This tribute to the 
memory of a most amiable and affectionate sister, is 
inscribed by her surviving brothers, GEORGE (afterwards 
Sheriff of Stirlingshire,) and ROBERT MOIR." 

*GEORGE MOIR, LL.D., Sheriff of Stiriingshire 


In none of the biographies of this distinguished Aberdonian that I Contributed to 
have seen is the occupation of the father stated. " Mr. A. F. Pollard, ^^J Qutdes'l^y 
in the "Dictionary of National Biography," simply says, "he was the j. f. George, 
son of GEORGE MOIR, of Aberdeen." Now this GEORGE was April 1902. 
neither an obscure nor impecunious citizen. He however, belonged Page 150. 
to a calling which like that of "General Merchant," and messenger-of- 
arms, has not maintained its ancient repute, and is now, "sair awa' 
wi't," in the estimation of the "genteel." Hence, possibly, the sup- 
pression. MOIR was in fact, a member of "the trade," a prosperous 
vintner, and landlord of the "Old Ship," who thought very well of 
himself and his environment, and was able to "count kin" to his own 
satisfaction, with the MOIRS of Stoneywood. 

GEORGE MOIR, the younger, graduated M. A. at Marischal 
College in 1817, at the age of 17; ROBERT MOIR, a brother, was a 
bajan in Waterloo year, but did not graduate. In 1824, ROBERT 
was a wine merchant, carrying on business in Adelphi Court, and living 
in Peacock's Close. This address now sounds like a music hall joke. 
So do the addresses of many other and more eminent citizens of that 
period. The Close, which became notoriously "deboshit," in its old 
age, was then in its infancy, dating from about 1820, when the first 
house was built by Frances Peacock, the celebrated dancing-master. 
One of ROBERT MOIR'S class-fellows, was Alexander Tower, son of 
Baillie George Tower, and subsequently a merchant at Santa Cruz. 
Another was George Ronald, Junior, son of the host of the far-famed 
"Lemon Tree," in Huxter Row. The house with the kindly hostess, 
Mrs. Ronald, is still a pleasant memory to the older citizens, and 
is even known to such of the younger generation as had fathers and 
grandfathers not averse from cards, late hours, and whisky-punch. 
Some of the associations are amusing if not edifying. One morning, 
after a long sitting in this inn, might have been seen the interesting 
spectacle of one baillie staggering home, with a liquor-logged brother 
magistrate on his back. It is to be hoped that history will not repeat 
itself in this fashion. ROBERT MOIR was afterwards a banker in 

The "Dictionary of National Biography" does not give the name 
of SHERIFF MOIR'S wife. Carlyle, in a letter written in 1833, with 
several characteristic depreciatory snarls, mentions ROBERT MOIR 
was then living in Northumberland St., Edinburgh, with a wife and 
two or three infants. MRS. MOIR was Flora Tower, who belonged 

*Kindly furnished by R. Murdoch Lawrance, Aberdeen. 

296 MoiR Geneai,ogy 

to the influential Aberdeen family of that name. The sheriff's daughter, 
ANNE TOWER MOIR, is the present Countess of Drogheda, having 
married in 1879, Ponsonby William Moore, who in 1892, succeeded 
to Moore Abbey, with the earldom and other minor honours, on the 
death of his kinsman, Henry, 3rd and last Marquis of Drogheda. 

Of the Sheriff's brother-in-law, WILLIAM MAXWELL SHAW, 
we have received the following facts of his musical career from MR. 
ROBERT MURDOCH LAWRANCE, a promising young author 
and genealogist in Aberdeen. 

"After competitive trial on 13th December, 1797, MR. WILLIAM 
MAXWELL SHAW, who came to Aberdeen from Dingwall, was 
elected to the office of precentor of the West Parish Church, Aberdeen, 
and teacher of vocal music in the city, at a salary of ^20 for precentor 
and £5 as teacher of vocal music." It is somewhat doubtful whether 
Mr. Shaw was a native — some authorities maintain he was, while 
others seem equally determined he was not — but he at least was of 
Scottish extraction. For about eight years, Mr. Shaw "took up the 
line," in the West Kirk, and then left for America, where at Boston, 
Mass., in July, 1805, — the year in which he resigned office — he died. 
He is spoken of as "one of the first vocalists of his time, as weU as an 
excellent instrumentalist." His singing of the Psalms was so much 
admired that "the Congregation accompanied him verj' softly, that 
they might be able to hear his beautifully round and manly voice, 
which appeared to fill the church without any exertion or disagreeable 
hardness." MR. SHAW edited, about 1800, a collection of Church 
Tunes, — thirty-one in number — of which six were composed by 
himself. Everything points to the precentor having been a really 
cultured musician, and considerably ahead of his time. MR. SHAW 
was a pupil of Urbani. 


From "MUSGRAVES OBITUARY" prior to 1800. 
By SIR WILLIAM MUSGRAVE, 6th Baronet, Cumberland, England 

ALEXANDER MOIR, Bursar at King's College, Aberdeen, died 1766. 

(S. M. 615.) 
GEORGE MOIR, of Leckie, died 27 Oct., 1792, aged 85. 

(G. M. 1056.) 
JACOB MOIR, painter at Rome, died 1793. 

(S. M. IV. 619.) 
JAMES MOIR, at Kensington, (London), 16 May, 1752. 

(G. M. 241.) 
REV. JOHN MOIR, (Anecdotes, Living Authors.) (No date given.) 

(E. M. IV. 126.) 








• -O 

MoiR Ghnkalogv 297 


Kindly furnished by JAMES M. A. WOOD. Esq., Solicitor, Aberdeen 
12th Feby., 1675. GEORGE MORE, husband of Marion Byres, was !=-ee Genealoior 

buried. <>t this Branch, 

29th Septr., 1677. JANET MORE was buried. paaeeisa to 176 

25th Jany., 1755. WILLIAM MOIR, a child in Meikle Methhck, was 
buried . Died of small pox. 

22 June, 1756. BEATRIX MOIR, spouse of Robert Gibb, in Balna- 
goak, was buried. 

13th March, 1762. ROBERT MOIR, Tarves parish, was buried. 
(He must have been a native of Methlick parish.) 

26th July, 1777. ALEXANDER MOIR, son of WILLIAM MOIR, 
Brainjohn, was buried. 

3rd Jany., 1782. MARGARET MOIR, daughter of ALEXANDER 
MOIR, Brainjohn, was buried. 

18th June, 1795. WILLIAM MOIR, in Brainjohn, was buried. 

In Loving Memory See reference, 

of page 254 

Beloved Wife of Andrew Moir, 

who died on 

Saturday, 28th February, 1903; 

Aged 71 years. 

Glasgow, Scotland. 

'Twill comfort mourning hearts to know 
Her sufferings all are o'er. 

And in her Saviour's presence 
She doth dwell for evermore. 

Whate'er we fondly call our own 
Belongs to heav'n's great Lord, 

The blessings lent us for a day 
Are soon to be restor'd. 


Kindly Transcribed and Furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE of Aberdeen 

According to Mr. William Brodie's "Aberdeen, Its Traditions and 
History," p. 26, "the site of the Mausoleum of the Moirs of Scotstown 
in St. Peter's Cemetery in Old Aberdeen, was formerly the site of the 
chapel that formed part of the hospital buildings, founded by Matthevf 
Kyninmonde, Bishop of Aberdeen, about the year 1197." An illustra- 
tion of the Mausoleum will be found in this book. 


The illustration is a sketch of the front entrance to the Mau- 
soleum in St. Peter's Cemetery, Aberdeen, as obligingly drawn by 
Mr. William Stuart Milne, architect, Aberdeen. 

The following is a complete transcript of the inscriptions on the 
tombstones, etc., within the enclosure, to members of the family of 
MOIR of Scotstown. 

A wall monument on the north side bears : — 

Sacred to the memory of George Charles Moir, Esq., of 
Denmore. Born A. D. October 10th, 1771, died January 
12th, 1851. Mary Agnes Bruce, widow of the above, only 
daughter of the late Sir WUliam Bruce, Baronet of Sten- 
house. Born 11th May, 1803; died at Leamington, 28th 
January, 1882. 

George Charles Moir, was the eldest son of George Moir of Stoney- 
wood, and his wife, Margaret, daughter of George Cumine, of Pitulie. 
(Temple's "Thanage," p. 646.) 

There are four wall tablets on the south side as follows : — 


To the memory of George Moir, C. B., of Scotstown, 
Colonel of the Royal Bengal Horse Artillery. Born at 
Aberdeen, 13th March, 1820, died at Umballah, India, 5th 
February, 1870. 

Colonel George Moir, was the eldest son of William Moir of Park, 
brother of George Charles Moir (1771-1851). 

♦This article has been printed in the "Notes and Queries" of the Aberdeen V/eekly 
Journal. See Genealogy of this branch, pages 13S to 140. 




Sacred to the memory of William Moir, who died 25th 
May, 1843, aged 63. Also of his widow, Mary Elizabeth, 
died 6th January, 1868, aged 72. And of their children — 
Alexander, died 30th January, 1826, aged six weeks; Charles, 
died 20th March, 1845, aged 15; Anne Isabella, died 10th 
February, 1848, aged 25; Margaret, 20th January, 1903. 

William Moir was the father of Colonel George Moir, C. B., 

Scotstown, mentioned on page 298. He married Mary Elizabeth 
Forbes, daughter of John Forbes, of Blackford. (Temple's "Thanage," 
p. 646.) 


In memory of Louisa Moir, wife of John Bell Sedge- 
wick, died in London, 18th February, 1883. Also of Isabella 
Moir, wife of Wellwood Maxwell, died at Holmfield, Liver- 
pool, 4th June, 1898. 


In memory of William Moir, born in Aberdeen, 9th May, 
1824; died in London, 24th March, 1872. And of John 
Forbes Moir, born in Aberdeen, 5th June, 1821; died in 
London, 28th April, 1890. 

A sarcophagus on the east side has at base: — 

'Non Sibi Sed Cunctis" 


MoiR Gbnsai^ogy 

On the right-hand side of the sarcophagus, facing the east, there is 
a small cross, inscribed : — 

The initials "W. M." stand for William Moir of Park, son of 
George Moir of Stoneywood, who died 29th April, 1789, and "M.E.M." 
for Mary Elizabeth Moir, daughter of John Forbes of Blackford. (See 
inscription on south side No. 2, page 299.) 

A wall tablet on the east side, surmounted by the Moir coat-of-arms 
and motto, "Non sibi sed cuncti3,"(Not for one, but for all) bears the 
following inscription: — 

"Sacred to the memory of Alexander Moir, Esquire, of Scotstown, 
Sheriff of Aberdeenshire, who died 21st June, 1824, aged 64. And 
Isabella Moir, only child of Alexander Moir, of Scotstown, and wife 
of Sir Michael Bruce, Baronet of Stenhouse, born 14th May, 1799; 
died 19th November, 1867." 

Alexander Moir of Stoneywood, born 1760, (not 1764 as inadvert- 
ently stated by Mr. A. J. Mitchell -Gill and Rev. William Temple) 
was the only son of George Moir of Scotstown and Spittal, whose first 
wife's name cannot be ascertained from the Burial Registers, as these 
covering the period 1730 to 1769 have been lost. 

In any case, she died 1760, (see plan furnished on page 302), 
probably after having given birth to her illustrious son. 

Interesting information concerning the connection of Alexander 
Moir of Scotstown, with the old volunteer force, is given by Mr. 
Donald Sinclair in "The History of the Aberdeen Volunteers," published 
by the "Aberdeen Journal" Office, 1907. An excellent portrait re- 
produced in that serviceable volume, belonged to Lieutenant-Colonel 



Knight Erskine, of Pittodrie, who married his niece, Mary Anne Moir. 

The original portrait is now in the poaseasion of Rev. James Smith, 
minister of St. George's in the West, Aberdeen. 

I find that Sheriflf Moir, as a patron of local literature, subscribed 
to the first edition of Francis Douglas's "General Description of the 
East Coast of Scotland," published by Alexander Weir, Paisley, 1782; 
and to "Poems of Ossian," edited by Hugh and John Mc Galium, 
published at Montrose, 1816. 

A small granite cross on the west side is inscribed: — 


"G. C. M." represents George Charles Moir, and"M. A. M." Marjr 
Agnew Moir, his wife, only daughter of Sir William Bruce, of 

Stenhouse. (Temple's "Thanage of Fermartyn," p. 646.) They were 
married 10th June, 1828. 

At the end of the second register of St. Peter's Churchyard, Aber- 
deen, there is a finely drawn bird's eye plan of the old MOIR MAUSO- 
LEUM, which occupies a prominent position on the mound in the 
centre of the older portion of the graveyard. It is headed: — 


MoiR Genealogy 


(1) A dead bom child of 

Scotstown, 1777. 

Mrs. Jean Ramsay, 

Mrs. Jean Innes, 1765. 

(2) Mrs. Mackenzie, 1785. 

Lady Scotstown, 1760. 
(11) Scotstown, 1789. 

(3) Lady Scotstown, 1819. 

Mrs. Betty Chalmers, 

(4) Mrs. Janet Chalmers, 


Jean, Scotstown' s sec- 
ond daughter, 1731. 

Mary, his third daughter, 

Janet, eldest daughter 

(5) Mrs. Gordon of Glas- 

trruni, 1811. 

Scotstown, 1732. 
Lady Scotstown, 1767. 

(6) Lady Scotstown, 1800. 

(7) Scotstown, 1824. 

(8) Alexander Moir, infant 

son of William Moir, 
Esq., of Park, 1826. 

William Moir of Scots- 
town, 1737. 

(9) Lady Pitully, 1785. 
(10) Miss Lidderdale, 1786. 
(12) Lady Dudwick, 1805. 

See reference, 
page 300; also 
pages 138 to 140 

In order to identify the persons here mentioned, I have examined 
the first register, 13th April, 1769, to 30 December, 1797; and the 
second register, 5th January, 1798, to 31st July, 1831. The following 
is the result: — 

(1) 1777. December 21. A dead born child of George Moir, 
Esq., of Scotstown, 

(2) Mrs. Mackenzie (I can not identify this personage in the 
register) . 

(3) 1819. January 23. Mrs. Margaret Cumine, 75 years, relict 
of George Moir of Scotstown. (She was the second wife of George 
Moir of Scotstown, who died 29th April, 1789.— (Temple's "Thanage 
of Fermartyn," p. 646.) The name of George Moir's first wife, who 
apparently, died in 1760, is not known to me.) 

MoiR Genealogy 303 

(4) 1783. December 29. Mrs. Janet Chalmers interred in the 

(5) 1811. March 1. Mrs. Isabel Gordon, 80 years, rehct of 
James Gordon, of Glastirum, and mother of the late Mrs. Margaret 

(6). 1800. January 22. Mrs. Moir of Scotstown. (Margaret 
Gordon, daughter of James Gordon of Leicheston, Morayshire.) 

(7) 1824. June 26. Alexander Moir, Esq., of Scotstown, Advo- 
cate 1782, Sheriff Depute of Aberdeenshire from 1795 to 1822. 

(8) 1826. February 4. Alexander Moir, 2 months, son of 
William Moir, Esq., of Park. 

(9) 1785. March 26. Mrs. Cummine of PituUy. 

(10) 1786. Mrs. Lidderdale. (lean not identify this person in 
the register.) 

(11) 1789. May 2. George Moir, Esq., of Scotstown interred in 
the tomb. (He was the second son of Alexander Moir of Scotstown 
and his wife, Mary Chalmers (Temple's "Thanage of Fermartyn," 
p. 646). 

(12) 1805. April 13. Mrs. Mary Guthrie, 87 years, relict of the 
late John FuUerton, Esq., of Dudwick, in tomb. 


MR. JOHN MOIR, farmer, Millfield, Monquhitter, died on 
Saturday afternoon. Deceased, who was 52 years of age, had been in 
indifferent health for some time. 

Mr. MOIR was a native of Monquhitter parish, having been born 
in Cuminestown Village. At a comparatively early age he commenced 
a carting business on his own account. Gradually his connection 
extended, and subsequently he acquired the small farm of Kirkton of 
Teuchar, which he held for a number of years in conjunction with his 
hiring business. Eleven years ago when the extensive and desirable 
farm of Millfield came in the market, MR. MOIR leased the holding, 
and, ever of a progressive turn, he soon converted it into a dairy farm, 
keeping a herd of some 50 cows. Millfield was considered to be one 
of the best equipped milk distributing agencies in the district, supply- 
ing as it did the neighbouring villages, besides sending a regular daily 
supply to Aberdeen. Some years ago MR. MOIR added the farm of 
South Teuchar to his already extensive acreage, thus becoming the 
largest tenant farmer in the parish. 

The deceased took an active interest in everything pertaining to 
the welfare of the community. In politics he was a staunch Con- 
servative, and for a time was a member of Monquhitter School Board. 
He was also a leading member of Garmond Athletic Society, and was 
repeatedly made the recipient of presentations from that body. MR. 


MoiR. Genealogy 

MOIR'S striking personality and courteous manner, will be missed 
by a wide circle of agricultural friends as well as by his extensive 
clientele with whom he was daily coming in contact. 

Deceased leaves a widow, daughter of the late Mr. Charlea 
Sangster, Burnside of Teuchar, and a large family. The funeral 
takes place to-day, to Monquhitter Cemetery. 

From the "Aberdeen Journal," Jan. 19, 1912. 

Alao named 
Peter in 
Register. Refer 
to page 121 



Eldest son of DR. GEORGE MOIR, parish minister of Peterhead, 
died in India, in 1810. The Aberdeen Journal of 12 August, 1812, 
contains the following reference to him: — 


This highly respected gentleman, the eldest son of the REV. DR. 
MOIR of Peterhead, died at Calcutta more than two years ago. His 
friend and patron, LORD MINTO, paid the last tribute to his worth 
in the following epitaph, in which his character and merits are most 
happily dedicated: — 

&arrrii to tijf Memory of 

jpatrirk iEntr, Ssrimrp. 

Who died at Calcutta on the 5th February, 
A. D. 1810. 
in the 41st year of his age- 
In 1806 he filled the office of Secretary of LORD MINTO, at that 
time President of the Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India, 
whom he accompanied to Bengal in the year 1807, and was appointed 
a Commissioner of the Court of Requests, at Calcutta, in the same 
year, a trust which he discharged with Integrity, Assiduity and 
Ability, to the time of his decease. 

His Virtues, Talents, and Accomplishments, 

all of the highest order, 

enhanced by a singular Simplicity 

and Modesty of Character, 

had attracted in an eminent degree 

the Esteem and Regard 

of the World. 

His gentle but cheerful Manners, 

his benevolent and warm Affections 

endeared him to numerous Friends, 

whose tender but sorrowful Recollections 

will long survive him. 

He lived Respected and Beloved, 

and died Deservedly and Universally Deplored. 

MoiR Genealogy 305 

Soft on thy Tomb, shall fond Remembrance shed 

The warm but unavailing Tear, 
And purple Flowers, that grace the virtuous dead, 

Shall strew thy loved and honored Bier. 


(Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ.. of Aberdeen) 

1749, Nov. 7, On Saturday, died in the 85th year of her age, much 
regretted, Jean Abemethie (Lady Stoneywood), eminent 
through the course of a well-spent life, for all the Christian 
and social virtues. 

1766, Nov. 6, Died here, of this date, Jean Erskine (Lady Stoney- 
wood), in the 84th year of her age. 

1768, Feb. Ist, Died of this date, Mr. Alexander Moir, merchant. 

1774, July 10, Died of consumption, of thus date, Mr. Charles Moir, 

preacher of the gospel. 

1775, Jan. 28, Died at Invemettie, of this date, Mrs. Moir of 

Invemettie, relict of James Moir, Esq., of Invemettie, and 
sister of the viscount of Arbuthnot. 

1777, Feb. 15, Died here of this date, in the 79th year of her age, 

Mrs. Isabel Moir. daughter of the deceased James Moir, of 

1778, March 22, Died of this date, at his house, near Peterhead, 

William Moir, of Invemettie. 
1784, Oct. 1st, Died at Stoneywood, of this date, James More, Esq., 

of Stoneywood. 
1789, April 29th, Here, George Moir, Esq., of Scotstown. 
1792, Nov. 14th, At Invemettie, James Moir, Esq., of Invemettie. 
1794, Mar. 19th, Rev. William Moir, minister of the gospel, at Fyvie. 
1798, Jan. 19th, Here, Mr. Robert Moir, stocking manufacturer. 
1800, Jan. 17th, Here, Mrs. Moir, of Scotstown. 

1807, Sept. nth. At Essingham, Surrey, George Moir, Esq. of King- 
ston, Jamaica, only son of the late Rev. William Moir, minister 
of Fyvie, 

1805, Dec. 6th, Here, Mrs. Moir, of Stoneywood. 

1815, Jan. 9th, Here, in her 43rd year, Mrs. More, wife of Alexander 
More, Esq., Collector of Customs, Aberdeen, and daughter 
of the late Alexander Innes, Esq., of Cowie. 

1817, Jan. 26th, Here, Mrs. Helen (Constable) Moir, relict of Rev. 
William Moir, minister of the parish of Fyvie. 

306 MoiR Genealogy 

1819, January 18th, Died here of this date, Mrs. Moir, of Scotstown. 

1824, March 7th, Here, James Moir, aged 101, he was brother-in- 
law to the Veteran McDougall, who supported General Wolfe, 
after he received his mortal wound on the Plains of Abraham 
at Quebec. The wife of James Moir was buried on Sunday 
last, aged 81, and her husband died within an hour after she 
had been laid in the grave. 

1824, June 21st, At Scotstown, Alexander Moir, Esq., of Scotstown. 
1828, March 14th, Here, George More, Esq., of Ralden, in his 77th 

1828, July 20th, Here, Miss Helen More, daughter of the late 

Gilbert More, of Ralden. 
1836, April 29, At Sunnybank, Alexander More, Esq., late Collector 

of Customs, aged 80. 

1839, Feb. 1st, Mr. Robert Moir, Tartj', farmer, aged 67. 

1843, Nov. 10th, At Asseeghur, Major George More, 24th Regiment, 
Bombay, H. I., eldest surviving son of the late Provost, 
George More, of Aberdeen. 

1851, Jan. 31st, At 36 Schoolhill, Crombie More, daughter of the 
late Mr. George More, of Ralden. 

1851, Nov. 10th, At his house, 103 Gallowgate, Mr. Alexander Moir, 

late hosier, in his 84th year. 

1855, Mar. 31st, Mrs. Urquhart (Isabella, daughter of George Moir, 
of Scotstown), widow of John Urquhart, Esq., of Craigston, 

aged 79. 

1857, Feb. 28th, At St. Catherine's Cottage, near Peterhead, John 
Moir, Esq., aged 82. 

1862, Dec. 14, At Scotstown, Sir Michael Bruce, Bart, of Stenhouse, 

in his 67th year. 

1870, Feb. 5th, At Umballah, India, Colonel Moir, of Scotstown, 

Royal Horse Artillery. 

1878, April 20, At 150 Crown Street, Aberdeen, Helen, eldest daugh- 
ter of the late Alexander More, Collector of Customs, aged 80. 

1881, November 6, At Aberdeen, James Gregory Moir-Byres, Esq., 

of Tonley, in his 78th year. 

1883, June 27th, At Aberdeen, James Moir, surgeon, aged 65. 

1886, August, At EUesmere Lodge, Malvern, Alexander More, Esq., 
only son of Alexander More, sometime Collector, H. M. 
Customs, Aberdeen, aged 89. 

1888, September 22, At Free Church Manse, Woodside, Elsie Hay, 
wife of Rev. Alexander Forbes Moir. 

1882, Jan. 28, At Leamington, Mary Agnew, widow of George Moir, 

Esq., of Denmore, in her 79th year. 

1880, March 17, At the manse, Rothiemay, Rev. Robert Moir, M. A., 
aged 78. 


(Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE. ESQ., of Aberdeen) 

A wall monument, lair 46, section 1 ; a square granite slab, inserted 
into wall: — 

"ALEXANDER MUIR of LOIRSTON, Advocate, Aberdeen, 
born 21st Novr. 1793; died 13th Novr. 1850; and several of his family 
P. K. M.,— M. A. C. K.,— J. B. F." 

(Alexander Muir of Loirston, died at Loirston, Nigg, Kincardine- 
shire, aged 57, and was buried 18th November, 1850. He was a son 
of GEORGE MUIR, Slains, Aberdeenshire, became an advocate in 
Aberdeen, 1817. He was a fiars juror in 1840. His son, Patrick Kil- 
gour Muir, born at Aberdeen, died at Queen Street, Aberdeen, aged 
3 years, 10 months, buried 18th May, 1836. Alexander Muir of 
Loirston was twice married; (1) Mary Ann Catherine Kilgour, born 
at Montrose, died at Queen Street, Aberdeen, aged 29, buried 3d 
May, 1837. (2) Jane B. Ferguson, born at Old Machar Parish, 
Aberdeen, died at Bon- Accord Street, Aberdeen, aged 26; buried 26th 
January, 1849.) 

A finely carved granite wall monument, lair 50, section 1, is in- 
scribed: — 

"In memory of JOHN MOIR, manufacturer, Aberdeen, who died 
8th December 1833, aged 67 years. Also his children, PETER MOIR, 
surgeon, East Linton, who died here, 6th February, 1837, aged 33 
years; ELIZABETH MOIR who died 2nd February, 1867, aged 72 
years; BENJAMIN MOIR, manufacturer, Aberdeen, who died 27th 
March, 1872, aged 65 years; and AGNES MOIR, who died 3rd April, 
1876, aged 77 years." At foot of each base "B. M." in monogram. 

(PETER MOIR, surgeon, was born at Inveresk, and died at 
Canal Terrace, Aberdeen. ELIZABETH MOIR, was described as 
"ELIZABETH MOIR or ERSKINE," in burial register.) 

A freestone memorial at lair 761, section 1, bears: — 

"Erected in memory of CHARLES MOIR, who died 25th 

August, 1881, also his wife ELSPET BADENOCH, who died May 

1867, and their son JAMES, who died Feb. 1846." 

(CHARLES MOIR, who was 68 years of age, was buried 27th 

August, 1881.) 

A granite headstone, lair 896, section 1, bears: — 

"Sacred to the memory of ANN, daughter of FRANCIS and 

JULIA MOIR, late Mains of Cookney, who died 15th June, 1859, 

aged 2 years. Also, AGNES, wife of WILLIAM ANDERSON, 

Bumhead, Cookney, who died 10th February, 1S90, aged 38 years. 

308 MoiR Geneai^ogy 

Also the said FRANCIS MOIR, who died 25th July, 1891, aged 
72 years. Also his wife JULIA TROUP, who died 26th March, 
1910, aged 80 years." 


(FRANCIS MOIR was the father of ALEXANDER A. S. MOIR, 
merchant, Aberdeen, JULIA TROUP, widow of FRANCIS MOIR, 
farmer, Muchalls, Kincardineshire, died at Paradise Gardens, In- 
verurie, Aberdeenshire. Cockney is in Kincardineshire.) 

A headstone, on lair 1246, section 1, has: — 


"Erected by WILLIAM MOIR, merchant in the Green, Aberdeen; 
in memory of his sons, JOHN, died at Keith, aged 6 years; NORMAN, 
carpenter, died at Honkong, aged 28 years; ANDREW, carpenter, 
lost in Algoa Bay, with the ship, "Princess Charlotte," aged 33 years; 
JAMES, carpenter, lost with the ship "John Taylor," on her passage 
from China, aged 29 years. Also his wife *ANN LAWRENCE, who 
died 16 March, 1868, aged 70; also WILLIAM MOIR who died 26 
Jan., 1884, aged 86 years." 


"Also JOHN MOIR, merchant, died 4 Octr., 1868, aged 37; JESSIE, 
died 14th December, 1869, aged 40 years; ELIZABETH, died Blst 
Deer., 1877, aged 51 years; JOHN HAY MOIR, who died atKimberley, 
South Africa, 24 July, 1882, aged 20 years. Also MARY B. 
MITCHELL, wife of ALEXANDER MOIR, who died 22 March, 
1885, aged 25; also the said ALEXANDER MOIR, who died 6th 
October, 1888, aged 30 years; also **MARGARET MUCKLE, wife 
of WILLIAM D. MOIR, who died 25th Deer., 1901, aged 72 years." 

A headstone, lair 254, section 2, bears: — 

"In memory of CONSTANCE NISBET MALCOLM, born 9th 
July, died 18th December, 1883; daughter of ALEXANDER MAL- 
COLM, merchant in Aberdeen, and in memory of his son AN- 
DREW MOIR MALCOLM (died at 30 Skene Ter., Aberdeen), 
student of medicine, born 13th April, 1875, died 5th April, 1893. 
And of the said tALEXANDER MALCOLM, born at Kemnay, 
12th June, 1835, died at Aberdeen, 18th March, 1897, and of 
his wife JLOUISA MOIR, born at Aberdeen, 5th July, 1841, 
died at Foveran, 17th May, 1907." 

*ANN LAWRENCE was a couain of Jessie Lawrence, wife of WILLIAM SPEEDMAN, 
Sacrist, King's College, Aberdeen. 

**Died at 35 Forbes Street, Aberdeen. 

+Died at 30 Skene Terrace, Aberdeen, wine merchant at John Street, Aberdeen. 
He was for many years a traveUer to Mr. A. Ogston and Sons, Loch Street, Aberdeen, 
and in 1874 he started business on his own account in John Street, Aberdeen. In 1893, 
he disposed of the proviaion business to Hurry and MacPherson, Aberdeen. He was 
an excellent business man, of the most sterling qualities, and while he was of a rather 
reserved disposition, he had a host of friends, by whom he was held in the highest reapeet 
and esteem. He was survived by a son and a daughter. 

tDied at United Free Church Manse, Foveran, Aberdeenshire. 

MoiR Geneai^ogy 309' 

A headstone in lair 454, section two, bears: — 

"The last resting place of SARAH WHITE, relict of the late 
ALEXR. MOIR, ESQ., of Granitehill, who died 4th January, 1882, 
aged 81 years." 

(Granitehill is near Aberdeen. MRS. MOIR was buried 9th 
January, 1882.) 

A small stone on lair 572, section 2, bears the simple inscription, 
"Never Forgotten, 1886." The lair belonged to 

JOHN MOIR, who died at the Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, 28th 
Septr. 1893, aged 54, buried 1st October, 1893. Of this family, (1> 
ALEXANDER DUNCAN MOIR, 10 months, buried 28th Sep- 
tember, 1870; (2) JOHN MOIR, 9 months, buried 24th April, 1872, 

(3) MOIR, non age, buried 18th April, 1876; (4) WILLIAM 

MOIR, 8, buried 5th April, 1886. 

A headstone on lair 612, section 2, bears: — 

"In memory of JANE MOIR, who died Octr. 30, 1897." (She 
was 68 years of age, and was buried 3d November, 1897.) 

A wall monument, lair 163, section 3: — 

"The Burial Ground of WILLIAM MOIR. In memory of his 
mother-in-law MARY LEONARD, who died at Perth, 4th Aug., 1905, 
aged 83." 

A wall monument, lair 165, section 3: — 

"The family burying ground of ALEXR. A. S. MOIR, merchant, 
Aberdeen. Francis, who died in infancy." (FRANCIS MOIR, aged 
2 days, was buried 3rd November 1896.) 

JAMES MOIR, baker, Aberdeen, is lairholder of lair 333, 
section 3. His wife, MARY A. MILNE, died at 55 Esslemont 
Avenue, Aberdeen, aged 56, buried 15th November, 1910. His 
8on, William Moir, aged 1 year, 1 month, buried 8th May, 1885. 

There is a memorial in lair 983, section 3: — 

"ALEXANDER MOIR, engine driver, Caledonian Railway, Aber- 
deen, died 15th March, 1909. Buried 18th March, 1909. EVA 
MOIR, 3 days, buried 30th December, 1893; and CHRISTINA 
MOIR, aged 23, died at 51 Balmoral Place, Aberdeen, 9th Deer., 1909, 
buried 12th December, 1909." 

CHARLES MOIR, is lairholder of lair 1643, section 3. 
Of his daughters: — 

JANE TOUGH MOIR, aged 1 year, 10 months, was buried 10th 
May, 1893. 

EDITH DAVIDSON MOIR, died at "The Bush", Peterculter, 
Aberdeenshire, aged 1 year and 3 months, 4th May, 1900; buried 
5th May, 1900. 


(Transcribed by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ.. Aberdeen) 
The first interment in this cemetery took place 17th March, 1874; 
and up to 8th September 1912, there has been 9,731 interments. 

1879. Isabella Michie, wife of Alexander Moir, stonedresser, born 
at Echt, Aberdeenshire, 24th March, 1841, died at 205 Barron 
Street, Woodside, 15th February, buried 17th February, 

1879, Jemima Home Moir, daughter of James Moir, farm servant. 
South Mile End Avenue, Aberdeen, born there, February, 
died there 4th May, buried 6th May, 1879. 

1881. James Moir, insurance agent, born at Brechin, 29th March, 

1820, died at Prospect Cottage, Holburn Place, Aberdeen, 
20th April, buried 25th April, 1881. 

1882. Isabel Moir, wife of T. H. Moir, 60 Powis Place, Aberdeen; 

born at King Edward, Aberdeenshire, 2nd March, 1863, died 
at 60 Powis Place, Aberdeen, 4th March, buried 8th March, 
1886. Mary Moir, at school, born at Millbrex, Aberdeenshire, 10th 
August 1876, died at 5 Mount street. West Aberdeen, 31st 
January, buried 3rd February, 1886. 

1886. James Moir, merchant, Aberdeen, born 1853, died at Isla 

cottage, Broomhill Terrace, Aberdeen, 4th July, buried 7th 
July, 1886. 

1887. Christina Moir, late dressmaker, born at Insch, Aberdeen- 

shire, 1815, died at 27 Skene street, Aberdeen, 19th June, 
buried 22nd June, 1887. 

1887. Alexander Moir, clerk, born at Glasgow, 1842, died at 216 
Union Street, Aberdeen, 17th October, buried 21st October, 

1887. Elsie Ross or Moir, wife of Alexander Moir, Granitehill, 
Caimcry, Aberdeenshire, born at Premnay, Aberdeenshire, 
1845, died at Granitehill, 30th November, buried 3rd Decem- 
ber, 1887. 

1889. Jane Moir, residing at 19 Richmond Terrace, Aberdeen; born 
at Millbrex, Aberdeenshire, 1838, died at Drumlithie, Kin- 
cardineshire, 15th February, buried 19th February, 1889. 

See next page 1891. Forbes Fraser Maitland Moir, M. B., C. M., died at 143 

Union Street, Aberdeen, 26th July, buried 29th July, 1891. 
He was the second son of the late respected Mr. James Moir, 
Blinkbonny, Keith; whose death, at the age of 77 years, 
occurred 1890. Dr. Moir was born in the Parish of Kil- 

MoiR Ghnealogy 311 

drummy, Aberdeenshire, 1st September, 1847, and graduated 
M. B., G. M., at Aberdeen University in 1873. He married 
a Miss Cruiclishank, by whom he had an only son, — Forbes 
Maitland Moir, who died at Aberdeen, 2d September, 1910. 
For a splendid obituary notice of Dr. Moir, accompanied by 
a full-page portrait, see "In Memoriam," 1881. pp. 163-167. 

1892. John Moir, son of Alexander Moir, 123 Barron Street, Wood- 
side, was born at Woodside, 3rd March, 1874, died at Royal 
Infirmary, Aberdeen, 13th September, aged 19, buried 16th 
September, 1892. 

1894. Emslie Douglas Moir, son of W. Moir, 4 Rosemount House, 
Aberdeen, born there, 27th November, 1893, died there, 
25th February, buried 27th February, 1894. 

1894. Christina Beaton Moir, daughter of George and Jane Moir, 
born at Monquhitter, Aberdeenshire, 1879, died at 9 Rich- 
mond Terrace, Aberdeen, 30th March, buried, 2d. April, 1894. 

1894. Elizabeth Ross, wife of James Moir, 181 George Street, Aber- 
deen, born at Geylon, 1826, died at 181 George Street, 14th 
February, buried 18th February, 1894. 

1896. Agnes Elizabeth Moir, daughter of Robert Moir, Royal Arsenal, 
Woolwich; born in Kent, 1881, died at 1 View Terrace, 
Aberdeen, 15th September, buried 18th September, 1896. 

1896. Harold James E. Moir, child of J. A. Moir, born at 12 Ferryhill 

Terrace, Aberdeen, 14th September, died there, 8th October, 
buried 11th October, 1896. 

1897. Alexander Moir, stonedresser, born at Aberdeen, 1830, died 

at 661 Great Northern Road, Aberdeen, 4th March, buried 
6th March, 1897. 

1898. William Moir, shop porter, born at Premnay, Aberdeenshire, 

1859, died at 54 Ashvale Place, Aberdeen, 23rd November, 
buried 26th November, 1898. 

1900. Mary Moir, child of William T. Moir, 29 Broad Street, Aber- 
deen, born there, 1898, died there, 30th December, 1899, 
buried 2nd January, 1900. 

1902. James Moir, rector of Aberdeen Grammar School, residing at See page 310 
Gordonsdale Road, Aberdeen, brother of Dr. Forbes Fraser 
Maitland Moir, and son of James Moir, Blinkbonny, Keith, 
was born at Clova, Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, 19th Novem- 
ber, 1845, died at Bridge of Gavin, 16th May, buried 19th 
May, 1902. 

He graduated M. A., 1869, at Aberdeen University, 
L.L.D., conferred 1891, D. Litt., in 1898. Rector of Banff 
Academy; Classical Master, Glasgow Academy, and Rector of 
Aberdeen Grammar School, from which he resigned, owing 
to failing health 1899. He was the first, and until 7th April, 
1905, the only Doctor of Letters of Aberdeen University. 
For biography, see "In Memoriam, " 1902. pp. 95-99, accom- 
panied by portrait. He was survived by two sons — James 
Mou-, M. A., BS. C. (1897), and William Iravride Moir, M. 
B., Ch. B. (1898), both graduates of Aberdeen University. 

See reference to 
another Tartan 
Plaid in "Moira 
of Cromar," 
page 155 


Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ., Aberdeen. 

An obelisk bears the names of JOHN SKEEN and his wife ANN 
MOIR, who both died in 1870, at the respective ages of 76 and 71. 
SKEEN was a merchant and stamp distributor at Tarland. He had 
a large family of sons and daughters; two of the former studied medi- 
cine, and both entered Queen Victoria's service, in which the elder was 
staff surgeon, and the other was in India. 

An oak panel, initialed — 

A : M : : I : L 
and dated 1696, which was brought from the old Kirk of Logie- 
Coldstone, and is now in possession of SKEEN of Tarland, is said to 
have reference to an ALEXANDER MOIR, and his wife JEAN 

The same family have also a Tartan Plaid said to have been worn 
by one of the MOIRS at CuUoden. 

{Jervice's Epitaphs and Inscriptions, Vol. II., p. 267.) 



From the OLD REGISTERS, Preserved in the Register House, EDE^URGH 

Transcribed by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ., of Aberdeen. 

From Jan. 1, 1789 to Dec. 31, 1854. 

1799 — June 21, Miss More, daughter of Mr. Geo. More, Aberdeen. 

1802 — Aug. 9, Mr. Moir from Peterhead. 

1803— Aug. 29, John More, a child. 

1803 — Dec. 21, Johanna Moir, a child, Aberdeen. 

1805 — Aug. 5, May Moir, Footdee, Aberdeen. 

1807 — Aug. 7, Jane Moir, a child. 

1813 — June 1, George Moir, vintner, Aberdeen, aged 63. 

1831— Oct. 28, William Moir, aged 9 months. 

1840 — June 13, Helen Moir, Yeats Lane, aged 2. 

1841— July 2, Miss Moir, *01d Town, aged 26. 

1842 — Mrs. Smith, residing at Moir's Close, Footdee, aged 71, was 

buried 22 March 1842. 
1842 — June 14, Joseph Moir, Canal Lane, aged 1. 
1847 — Aug. 18, James Moir, East North street; 36 yrs. 
1848 — July 18, James Moir, Berry Lane, 7 yrs. 

*01d Town, means. Old Aberdeen. 



His Memorial Window in Fifth Avenue 
Presbyterian Church, New York City — 

{Erected by his widow) 

(Photo of Window by Courtesy of Tiffany & Co., 

New York) 





MoiR Genealogy 313 

1848 — July 27, Ann Moir, Berry Lane, 15 yrs. 
1848— Aug. 31, William Moir, Berry Lane, 13 yrs. 
1848 — Sept. 8, Isabella Moir, Berry Lane, 1% yrs. 
1849 — Mar. 5, William Moir, (from) Infirmary, 74 yrs. 
1849— Mar. 19, Margaret Moir, Wellington Street, 85 yrs. 
1850 — Mar. 1, Mrs. Jean Moir, or Shaw, King Street, 72 yrs. 
1852 — Jan. 28, Budget Moir, (from) Infirmary, 21 months. 
1852 — June 15, Mary Moir, (from) Deadhouse, 50 yrs. 
1852 — Aug. 24, Thomas Moir, St. Clements Street, 7 weeks. 
1853 — Jan. 1, James Moir, Harriet Street, 79 yrs. 


A tablestone, adjoining the old MOIR family mausoleum, bears: — 
"In memory of JOHN MOIR, mason, Abd. who died 15th Deer. 
1817, aged 63 years; also of his son, JOHN MOIR, shipmaster, who 
died at Aberdeen 5th September, 1832, aged 43 years. And of his 
mother JEAN MICHIE, spouse of JOHN MOIR, mason, who died 
6th April, 1834, aged 78 years. Also of HELEN MOIR, spouse to 
WILLIAM WILLIAMSON, butcher, Abdn., who died 30th Octr. 
1848, aged 48 years." 

According to MR. CHARLES MICHIE'S privately printed book, 
"Michie," JEAN MICHIE was a daughter of ALEXANDER 
MICHIE, Eastertown, Glenbucket, Aberdeenshire. 


An old tablestone bears the following inscription: — 

"Under this stone is interred, in hopes of the resurrection to eternal See page 140 
life, the body of James Moir of Invernettie, who was born 28th March, 
1703. He married Katherine Arbuthnott, lawful daughter to the Hon. 
John Arbuthnott of Fordoune, in the year 1744, with whom he hved in 
all the happiness of that state till it pleased God to call him off this Hfe 
on the 2l8t May, 1765. As also the body of their son, James Arbuth- 
nott, who was born the 15th July, 1753, and died the 16th of January 
next after. As a testimony of regard to the memory of her most loving 
and dear husband, and beloved son, the disconsolate widow and sor- 
rowful mother hath caused this to be placed here, who departed this 
life the 28th of January, 1775, in the 59th year of her age, and her 
remains are also interred under this stone. Also those of her niece, 
Jean Arbuthnott, spouse to Alexander Gordon, of Invernettie, who died 
11th of March, 1826, aged 71." 

The estate of Invernettie from an early period belonged to the Earls 
Marischal. About 1708, William Moir, merchant, Aberdeen, (a 
younger son of John Moir of Stoneywood, and his wife, Jean Sandi- 
lands of Cotton) purchased it for some ^500 stg. He was succeeded 
by his son James Moir, who married Katherine Arbuthnott. This 
lady was the sister of John, sixth Viscount Arbuthnott — her mother 


MoiR Genealogy 

being Margaret, daughter of James Falconer of Phesdo, one of the 
Lords of Session. Her niece, Jean Arbuthnott, was the daughter of 
Dr. Thomas Arbuthnott of Balglassie. Mr. and Mrs. Moir's nephew, 
William Moir, succeeded to Invernettie. He married Jean, daughter 
of Colonel Lewis Hay. She died 25th December, 1770, in her 50th 
year. (Tombstone in St. Nicholas Churchyard, Aberdeen.) 




"In memory of MR. WILLIAM MOIR, who was treasurer of the See page 182 
First Presbyterian Church, Fifth Avenue and Eleventh Street, for 23 
,years, a memorial window designed at the Tiffany studios, has been 
placed by his widow. It is in three openings and it represents three 
stages in the life of Columba, the apostle of the Picts. The left panel 
illustrates Columba about to leave for Scotland. The ship is seen 
with sails flying and Columba standing at the shore with his travehng 
staff. In the centre opening, the apostle is seated before a group of 
people preaching the Gospel. The scene is in Scotland. The third 
scene shows Columba, just before his death, standing beside his couch 
listening to the church bells. The moon which is partly hidden by the 
clouds, throws enough light over the picture to make the object 
visible. The upper section of the window which is placed above the 
gallery, is composed of three richly colored medallion panels and 
tracery. The panels contain the coat-of-arms or insignia of the town 
of Aberdeen, Kingdom of Scotland, and the Presbyterian Church. At 
the base of the window appears a crown and sceptre and an inscription 
to the memory of MR. MOIR. 

The deceased was at one time a well-known Scottish jeweler on 
Hudson Street and on Sixth Avenue." 

— Scottish American, Jan. 4, 1911. 

Mr. Moir was born 15th August 1826, at Aberdeen, Scotland, came 
to New York, when a lad, first established in business in Hudson Street, 
then the "uptown" store, cor. 23rd St. and Sixth Avenue, where for 20 
years he was successful in the jewelry business. For twenty-two years 
he was treasurer of the First Presbyterian Church ; for many years, was 
trustee of the Presbyterian Hospital. He was a Director of Green- 
wich Bank and also Greenwich Savings Bank. Member of St. 
Andrew's Society of New York. 

Copy of tombstone of WM. MOIR, who died in London, England, See page 269 
in 1875. This WM. MOIR is a brother of the DAVID MOIR, of 
Roxbury, Mass., and whose record is herein shown: — 

Erected by DAVID MOIR 

of Glasgow 

In Memory of 

His Brother 


(Late of Perth) 

Who died Jan. Slst, 1875 

Aged 32 years 
Much and deeply regretted 

316 MoiR Geneai<ogy 

"At St. Nicholas Churchyard, Aberdeen, JAMES MOIR, M. D. 
third son of REV. GEORGE MOIR and MARTHA BYRES of 
TONLEY, who died 4th November 1861, aged 91 years. Born at 
Peterhead. Also under this stone, in the place of sepulture appro- 
priated during 200 years for her maternal ancestors of the name of 
DONALDSON, the last of Auchmull; are deposited the remains of 
JANET wife of DR. MOIR, physician in Aberdeen, who died in the 
17th of June 1818, aged 37. Also of their son JAMES, who died 
in April 1826, aged 9 years." 

From "A. J. Mitchell-Gill's Moir & Byres." 

ST. NICHOLAS CHURCHYARD, Aberdeen.— Section D. 
From "ABERDEENSHIRE EPITAPHS," by John A. Henderson 

On a fiat stone, (7 ft., 6 in. by 4 ft. 8 in.) lying on the ground imme- 
diately below the Blackwell tablet there is inscribed: — 

"Here lyes lohn Moir of Stonywood — who departed this life the 
XV of November— MDCLXXIV and of his age the LIV year— 
Also Jean Sandflands his spouse — who died the V of August 
MDCLXXXVII — and of her age the LI year — Here lyes lames Moir 
of Stonywood— who died the XXII of November MDCCXXXIX— 
and of his age the LXXXI year — Also John Moir of Stonywood — who 
died the XIX of April MDCCXX— and of his age the XXIII year. 

At Glenbuchat a tablestone — on which is cut the representation 
of a heart, flanked by the initials J. M. and B. H. bears the inscription — • 

"Here lyes the dust of JOHN MOIR, some time farmer in Kirk- 
town of Glenbucket, who died August 29th 1767, aged 56 years. Also 
BARBARA HAY, his spouse, who died June 8th, 1781, aged 66 years; 
also his children JOHN, JAMES, WILLIAM, JEAN, JEAN 2, and 

"In memory of JOHN MOIR, late farmer in Buchan, who died 
December 12, 1828, aged 85 years. Also his spouse who died May 6, 
1824, aged 62 years. 

Done by the care of his sons, JOHN, JAMES, and ALEXR. 
MOIRS." (The ancestor of this family was in Invernettie in 1696. 
(Poll book) and afterwards at Badenyon.) 

"At Peterhead, in memory of DR. MOIR, during 55 years minister 
of this parish, who died 18th of March, 1818, aged 77 years. And his 
wife MARTHA, who died on the 17th November, 1816, aged 77. 

Sacred to the memory of JOHN MOIR, ESQ., who died on the 
28th February, 1857, aged 82 years." 

(This is a son of DR. MOIR'S above.) 

MoiR Genealogy 317 

A railed in grave at Aboyne, has a headstone bearing the inscription: 
"In loving memory of the REV. A. HENDERSON MOIR, for 28 
years, the faithful and esteemed Minister of the Free Church, Aboyne; 
who died Ist March 1899, aged 54 years, also of his only child HENRI- 
ETTA ELIZABETH, who died 29th October 1897, in the 13th year 
of her age." 

(This REV. A. H. MOIR was the son of JOHN MOIR, messenger- 
at-arms, Aberdeen, and after completing his divinity course, he acted 
for a short time as assistant at Birkenhead and Paisley, being inducted 
as Free Church minister of Aboyne in 1871.) 

A tablestone at Foveran, displaying a skull and crossbones, spade, 
mattock, and sand-glass, has the inscription: — 

"Here lyes under the hope of a blessed resurrection, ANDREW 
MORE, Burgess of Aberdeen, who departed this life on the 14th day 
of December, 1694, and of his age 73 years. Also AGNES MONT- 
GOMERY, spouse of ANDREW MOIR, who died March 1730, age^ 
80 years. Likewise, ANDREW MOIR, their eldest son, who died 
May 1733, aged 60 years. Likewise, ISABEL MOIR, his daughter, 
spouse to JOHN MEDERS, Burgess in Aberdeen who died 30th of 
May 1777, aged 70 years. 

(The above ANDREW MORE or MOIR, sometime LAIRD of 
OVERHILL, was the direct progenitor of the MOIR-BYRES family 
of TONLEY.) 

At Fyvie— "In memory of the REV. WILLIAM MOIR, who died 
at the Manse of Fyvie, March 19, 1794, in the 68th year of his age, and 
the 45th year of his ministry there. 

And HELEN CONSTABLE, his spouse, died at Aberdeen 26th 
February, 1817, aged 67 years." 

(This REV. WILLIAM MOIR was the son of REV. GEORGE 
MOIR of KINTORE, whose father ANDREW MOIR left an estate 
(personal) representing 30,000 merks Scots.) 

ERSKINE of Pittodrie, Lieut. Col. Royal Aberdeenshire Highlanders. 
Born 15th March 1829, died 22. Aug. 1896." 

(She was the daughter of GEORGE MOIR of DENMORE.) 

A railed in grave at New Machar, in a corner of the churchyard 
inscribed: — 

"Erected by the parishioners and members of the Free Church, New 
Machar, in memory of REV. GEORGE MOIR. He was ordained 
minister of this parish in 1840. At the disruption in 1843, he became 


MoiR Genealogy 

minister of the Free Church. His ministrations were faithful, zealous, 
and acceptable, and not without fruit. He died respected and beloved 
on the 17th June 1857, aged 47 years. 

'Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.' " 

EDITH EMMA MOIR, born Oct. 31, 1856, died May 13, 1860, 

Ellen Shebby, wife of REV. GEORGE MOIR, born Nov. 30, 1822, 
died June 24, 1896, buried at Workingham, Berkshire. 

(REV. GEORGE MOIR, who went out at the disruption, became 
the first minister of the New Machar. A son, ALEXANDER DYCE 
DAVIDSON MOIR, died at Townsville, Queensland, 8th January, 

At Kinaldie— "WILLIAM MOIR, late farmer, Begsley, who died 
the 31st of March 1822, aged 61 years. Also of their son JAMES, 
who died 5th January, 1820, aged 24 years. 

How still and silent now we rest. 

Lie mouldering here in kindred dust. 

Have left the friends we loved so dear. 
And dropping down unshed a tear." 

MoiR Gbnbai^ogy 319 

From Epitaphs and Inscriptions from burial grounds and old 
buildings in the North East of Scotland, by Andrew Jervice, F. S. 
A. Scot. Edinburgh, David Douglas, 1879. 

At METHLICK — ROBERT MOIR, merchant, Aberdeen, died 
1798, aged 66 years. 

By sobriety and industry he acquired a small fortune, which he left 
to nearest relatives, except ^1700 for public charities, ^300 of which 
to the Kirk session of Methlick. The interest of ;^700, of this amount 
was left, to annually assist in the education of ten poor scholars of the 

Upon a plain headstone at Kirkden orldvies: — "Here lies interred 
the body of REV. JAMES MOIR, who was ordained minister of the 
gospel at Kirkden the 30th April 1735, and died 28th January, 1753." 
A plate for collecting the offering bears his name and the date 1735. 

His initials also appear upon a slab (built into the gate eaatside of 
the Kirkyard) along with the couplet: 

M. I. M. 
"All ye who enter at this gate, 
Oh now prepare for your last state." 

— 1739 — 

At Kinkell, churchyard, Aberdeenshire, 1832. Erected by JAMES 
MOIR, mail-guard, in memory of his father, who departed this life, 
2d February, 1829, aged 72 years. 

"Stop, stranger, stop, don't walk along, 
Stop one moment and read my stone; 
And as you read the end of me 
Be sure for death prepared to be — 
Death did to me short warning give, 
Be mindful therefore how to live. 

Now slain by death, who spareth none. 
And lies full low under this stone — 
Rotting in dark and silent dust, 
Prepare for death, for die thou must. 
Life is uncertain, — death is sure. 
Sin is the wound, — Christ is the cure." 

A fiat slab in the Churchyard at Mortlach, which lay in the passage 
towards the west end of the church in 1811, (now in churchyard near 
the south wall) presents a shield in the centre with the MOIR aad 
REID arms impaled. The following inscription is round the sides of 
the stone: — 

"heir . lyes . ane . honest . man . called . JOHNE . MOIR 
. husband . to . ELSPET . REID . who . was . killed . . . 

320 MoiR Gen:sai,ogy 

.... efence . of. his . own . hovs . at . the . valk . miln 
. of . Bolvenie . the . 13 . day . of . October . 1660 . mem- 
ento . mori." 

According to tradition, MOIR, who was reputed rich, was attacked 
by "the Cateran band," and killed by a gun shot, while barricading 
the door of his house. The house was till lately, and probably still 
is pointed out by the peasantry as that in which MOIR was shot. 
Whether "Johne," had been an ancestor of DR. ALEX. MOIR, a 
native and once schoolmaster of Mortlach, who so generously left the 
interest of ^600 for educational purposes to the parish, is uncertain, 
though by no means improbable. 



In the Churchyard of Tarves, Aberdeenshire, there is a tablestone 
as follows: — 

"Here resteth the remains of *GEORGE MOIR, late blacksmith 
in Annat, died March 12, 1784, aged 82, and of JEAN FIFE, his 
spouse, who died Feb. 14, 1785, aged 72. 

This stone is erected by their sons in testimony of their regard for 
their deceased parents. 

Also, ANN JACK, spouse of their son, GEORGE MOIR in Annat, 
who died 4 October, 1786, aged 36; and ANN MOIR, spouse of 
GEORGE FINDLATER in Coultie's-Cairn, who died Dec. 24, 1793, 
aged 56." 

(The above from the oldest of several tombstones, relates to a 
family, who according to Jervise, have been blacksmiths in this district 
from before 1696.) 

In the churchyard of Ellon, Aberdeenshire, a stone records that 
the "REV. ANDREW MOIR, minister of Ellon, for thirty-two years, 
died February 1774, aged 73. His wife, JEAN, died October 1779, 
aged 74. Their daughter JANE MOIR, erector of the tablet, died 
16. September, 1816, aged 70." 

MR. MOIR married Miss Byres of Tonley — through this mar- 
riage, the present family succeeded to the estate. 

Another stone in the same Kirkyard, records "MARGARET 
MOIR, wife of Silvester Falconer, some time of Fechil, afterwards of 
Cross-stone, who died June 26, 1787, aged 52; also their sons, GEORGE 
FALCONER, died at Kinloch, St. Fergus, 11 April, 1836, aged 74; 
Silvester Falconer, died at Oldyards, Auchmacoy, 11 October, 1838, 
aged 79." 

*A full account of this family is given in this book, pages 159 to 175. 

MoiR GbneaIvOGy 321 

A tombstone in the churchyard at Foveran, Aberdeenshire, reads 
"In memory of ELSPET HARVEY, wife of GEORGE MOIR, of 
Knockhill, died 1842, aged 21. 

Likewise of DAVID MOIR, son of GEORGE MOIR and ELSPET 
HARVEY, died 10 March 1844, aged 2 years. 

WILLIAM MOIR, minister of the Church of FYVIE, Aberdeen- 
shire, a son of GEORGE MOIR, minister of Kintore, and presented 
by the tutors of HON. WILLIAM GORDON of Fyvie in November 
1748. He died 19 March, 1794, in his 68th year, and 45th of his 
ministry. He married 22 October, 1776, HELEN CONSTABLE, 
who died in Aberdeen, 26 February, 1817, aged 67, and had a son 
George Moir. 

A tablestone to the above REV. WILLIAM MOIR, and also one 
to his wife HELEN CONSTABLE is in the Churchyard at Fyvie. 

There is a tablestone to JACOBINA MOIR, spouse of JAMES 
CLARK who died at Fyvie, Aberdeenshire Dec. 22, 1877, aged 70 
years, in the Fyvie Churchyard." 

Within an enclosure, a monument is "erected by parishioners and 
members of the Free Church congregation, Newmachar, Aberdeenshire, 
in memory of REV. GEORGE MOIR, minister of the parish in 1840. 
At the Disruption in 1843, he became minister of the Free Church. 
His ministrations were faithful, zealous, and acceptable. He died 
respected and beloved on 17 June, 1857, aged 47 years. 

'Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord.' " 

(A daughter) EMMA EDITH MOIR, b.Oct. 31, 1856, died May 
13, 1860." 



"Died at Gladstone Bank, Don Terrace, Woodside, Near Aberdeen 
25 July, 1912. 

Buried at St. Peter's Cemetery, Aberdeen, 29 July, 1912. 

As briefly indicated in yesterday's 'Express,' many in the north- 
eastern counties will regret to hear of the death of Mr. John Moir, 
farmer, which took place on Thursday night. Deceased, who was 70 
years of age, was only ill for a comparatively short period. Born at 
Nochtyside, Strathdon, he was a man of progressive ideas, was of a 
very cheery disposition, and ever ready to do a kindly turn to those who 
deserved it. For many years Mr. Moir carried on the business of a 
cattle dealer, being a regular attender at markets in the North. About 
17 years ago, he became tenant of Woodside farm, which he occupied 
at his death. He was for long a member af the Royal Northern Agri- 
cultural Society, was a Liberal in politics, and an elder in Hilton United 
Free Church." 

322 MoiR Genealogy 

In all matters pertaining to the welfare of the agricultural industry, 
Mr. Moir took a highly intelligent interest. He was a capable judge 
of stock. As a young man he was a very prominent and successful 
athlete, having drawn on three occasions with the famous Donald 
Dinnie, in putting the stone and tossing the caber. Mr. Moir possessed 
quite a number of medals and other prizes for his prowess in the field 
of sports. Fifteen to twenty years ago, Mr. Moir was reckoned among 
the foremost of quoiters. 

Deceased is survived by a widow and grown-up family. The eldest 
son, John, is the well-known manager of the Central Mart company, 
Ltd.; Alexander is in the employment of the same company, and in 
charge of the Turriff branch; Frank is at Woodside farm, and was 
associated with his father; and James is tenant of Green Croft, Auch- 
nagett. Of four daughters, the eldest is married to Mr. Robert Chap- 
man, Mains of Hatton, Auchterless." 

Privates A. MOIR, G. MOIR and R. MOIR are among the men 
of the Gordon Highlanders who lost their lives in the South African 
war (1899-1902), a list of whom with all others of that regiment are 
inscribed on a huge granite monument at Edinburgh castle. The 
author of this book saw this monument in the summer of 1910, when 
on a visit to Scotland. 

MOIR of LONMAY are among the official list of names of soldiers 
who were fighting for Prince Charles Edward Stuart, in the "rebellion" 
of 1745. 

In the ancient burying ground at Kilchrenan, near Taycreggan, 
on the western side of the lake, a massive granite monument has been 
erected by the Duke of Argyll, in memory of his ancestor *CAILEAN 
MOR, who distinguished himself in forays against the neighboring 
clans, and in particular against the Macdougals of Lorn. The monu- 
ment is inscribed: — 

"Cailean Mor, slain on the 
Sreang of Lome, A. D. 1294. 
Erected by George Douglas Campbell, 
8th Duke of Arygle, 28th Baron of Lochow." 

*Cailean Mor, on the Sreang of Lome, A. D., 1294. 



"In Loving memory of 

who died on Monday 9th Oct., 1911; 
aged 60 years." 

Denny, Stirhngshire. 
133 Stirling Street 

"We saw her fading day by day, 
We could not bid her stay; 
She was nursed with tenderest care, 
Till the Lord called her away. 

A sudden change, and in a moment fell. 
And had not time to bid her friends farewell; 
Think nothing strange, death happens unto all, 
Her lot today, tomorrow you may fall." 

Died Oct. 17, 1805, at Stirling, Mrs. Moir, widow of the late 
John Moir, Esq., Writer to the Signet. 

(From the Dundee Weekly Advertiser. Nov. 3, 1806.) 


Lowell, Mass. 
Sept. 8, 1862. Oct. 12, 1892. 

"He being dead, yet speaketh." 

A man of men, in Christ, steadfast, content, 
Pure as the morning dew, life's time well-spent — 
Thy life below, thy living monument. 

One of the tried and true, the frank and free, 
True living thy chief aim, its fruit we see; 
Death only adds new glory unto thee. 

Whilst here thy life gleamed forth its sparkling light, 
Thy memory now renews itself with might — 
Now thou art safe beyond where all is bright. 

324 MoiR Gknea.i,ogy 

'Twas diligence that made thee unsurpassed, 
Through diligence thy influence was cast, 
And that keeps on increasing to the last. 

Sweet are the lessons thy life here hath taught, 
Influence glows from each theme thou hast sought, 
Shines from each virtue, and gleams from each thought. 

Thy thoughts, thy words and acts, are fertile seeds 
Thou'st left behind, do help supply our needs. 
They live and think, they say and do their deeds. 

Thy life in Christ, the only perfect way, 
Led through this world to everlasting day, 
Where love eternal, joy and peace hold sway. 

Thou'st gone to make our homeward welcome sweet ; 
We follow in thy course, and soon will meet 
No more to mourn or part, our joy complete. 

A. L. M. 


Lowell, Mass. 
Sept, 8, 1862. Oct. 12, 1892. 

The years glide on, and as they glide, 
We think of thee when thou wert here. 
We think of thee, when at our side 
Thy joyful presence filled with cheer. 

Too soon, in manhood's early prime. 
The branch didst lose its fairest flower ; 
Too soon, the falling sands of time 
Proclaimed thy flight in sorrow's hour. 

We think of all thy pleasant ways. 
Thy cheerful voice still speaks to us ; 
Thy face still sheds in sunny rays, 
Thy light still shines aU-glorious. 

Thy words and deeds still live and glow, 
Still cheers us and impels us on 
To live as thou hast lived below, 
To rise and shine as thou hast shone. 

MoiR Genealogy 325 

The songs which thou hast sung, impart 
To us a charm, the accents clear 
Still find an echo in our heart, — 
Still bring to us a wholesome cheer. 

The seeds which thou hast sown, still grow, 
The lessons thou hast taught, endure — 
These are thy monument below. 
These show thy worth, these prove thee pure. 

A. L. M. 


Lowell, Mass., 1831—1896 


Thou has gone to thy home, fraught with blessed delight, 
Thou hast gone, and we miss thy loved face from our sight — 
And we study the path thou hast chosen — and know 
'Twas thy beautiful life that constrained thee below. 

Thou hast gone to thy joy, and we seek to attain 
The same pureness of life which on earth thou didst gain — 
And the love thou hast giv'n, may it teach us to be 
The more loving, more tender, the better for thee. 

Thou hast gone, but we still hear thy voice day by day, 
And it charms and delights us whate'er it may say — 
And with love in each word, doth rehearse by-gone tales. 
With a lesson and moral which each one inhales. 

Thou hast gone, but thy love and thy kindness remain, 
Thou hast left these behind, to relieve and sustain; 

Thy kind voice still doth speak and thy thoughts doth take root, 
Thy pure love in our lives, still will grow and bear fruit. 

Thou hast gone, to thy rest, and we wish we could go, 
Just to share in thy presence, the joys thou dost know — • 
Just to know thou art near us and hear thy kind voice, 
Just to love thee and with thee forever rejoice. 

Thou hast gone and e'er long we shall follow thy way. 
And so gladly we'll meet at the close of life's day; 
And we'll try so to live as thou didst when below. 
And bestow the same kindnesses thou didst bestow. 



MoiR Genealogy 

Thou hast gone to thy joy — to thy radiant home, 
Where no sorrow invadeth, no trouble can come; 
Thou hast won the reward of the righteous and true, 
Thou hast gained the eternal — the life ever new. 

Thou hast gone to commune with the saints ever blest, 
Where the good are at home and the weary at rest; 

Where the angels doth praise and exultantly sing; 

Where the Lamb is the Light, and where Love is the King. 

A. L. M. 

Page 249 

In Loving Memory of 


ReUct of the late DUNCAN MOIR, 

Who fell asleep on Thursday, 8th December, 1910. 

In Her 81st Year. 

Interred in The Southern Necropolis, Glasgow. 

Now the labourer's task is o'er, 
Now the battle-day is past; 
Now upon the further shore 
Lands the voyager at last. 

Father, in Thy gracious keeping 
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping. 




Jan. 5, 1798 (A) Jan. 5, 1898 
By the REV. JAMES SHARP, Minister of Inveresk 
(From "LIFE AND WORK." a Parish Magazine) 
January. 1898 

One of the first objects of interest that arrest the attention of the 
visitor to Musselburgh is the statue, at the end of what is known as 
"the Mall," erected to the memory of DAVID MACBETH MOIR; 
it is the work of the famous scupltor, Mr. Handasyde Ritchie, and is 
acknowlegded to be a striking likeness of the poet. The subscribers 
to the permanent memorial included the names of the most famous 
literary men of Britain in the first half of the nineteenth century. 
The statue represents Dr. Moir in the classical robe and appropriate 
attitude of the poet, with a scroll in one hand, the other being in the 
act of inscribing his thoughts. The pedestal bears the following 
inscription from the pen of Professor Aytoun: 




BORN 5th JANUARY, 1798, 
DIED 6th JULY, 1851." 

As will be seen from the inscription, the centenary of the birth of 
"Delta," occurred on Jan. 5th, 1898. The event was not allowed to 
pass without suitable celebration. The inhabitants of Musselburgh 
— the place of his birth and the scene of his labours — as well as many 
admirers of his works, scattered far and wide, made preparations to 
revive his memory, and to acknowledge his service to literature. There 
are still many left with us who remember the stately form and the well 
poised head of the gentle poet, and there are more to whom the memory 
of the "amiable Delta" is a rich and rare possession. 

The subject of our sketch received his early education at a school 
in Musselburgh which his biographer considers of little note. But it 
must be said in passing that Musselburgh during the greater part of 
this century has been famous for its schools. At the age of thirteen 
he became an apprentice to Dr. Stewart, a medical practioner in 
Musselburgh, and during the last year of his apprenticeship he was 
permitted to begin his medical studies at Edinburgh University. He 
passed as surgeon in 1816, when he had reached his eighteenth year. 
A year later his father died, and young Moir rose at once to the sup- 

328 MoiR Genealogy 

port and comfort of his mother and the other members of his family, 
and it must have been a rich reward to his exertions, that the mother 
was spared to rejoice in the literary achievements of her noble and 
devoted son. Soon after leaving the University, he became a partner 
with Dr. Brown in a very extensive practice in Musselburgh and dis- 
trict. Even before this, however, he had ventured to put himself in 
print. At the early age of fifteen, he had sent a contribution to "The 
Cheap Magazine," a Haddington publication, and subsequently his 
essays appeared in the "Scots Magazine." It was at the age of nine- 
teen, however, that he formed his literary connection with "Black- 
wood's Magazine," and during the remainder of his career he was the 
warm friend of the Blackwood of his day and of the charmed literary 
circle of which "Delta" was not the least distinguished ornament. 

About the close of 1824 he published in a separate volume "The 
Legend of Genevieve, with other Tales and Poems," which he had 
from time to time contributed to "Maga" under the nom-de-plume 
of "A" "Delta." This publication was received with public favour, 
and the author was hailed as a poet of merit. More poems appeared, 
until he completely caught the ear of the public in the mournful 
dirge of "Gasa Wappy," the self-given name of a dear child gone home. 
It was the out-pouring of a stricken heart, and as such, has brought 
comfort and consolation to many called by the same dark way. 

"Do what I may, go where I will. 

Thou meet'st my sight; 
There dost thou glide before us still — 

A form of light, 
I feel thy breath upon my cheek. 
I see thee smile, I hear thee speak. 
Till Oh, my heart is like to break, 
Gasa Wappy. 

"And though perchance, a smile may gleam 

Of casual mirth, 
It doth not own, whate'er may seem, 

An inward birth; 
We miss thy small step on the stair; 
We miss thee at thine evening prayer; 
All day we miss thee everywhere, 
Gasa Wappy. 

As an illustration of how "Delta's" poetical works became known 
and prized even in the highest circles, we quote the following from 
"The Edinburgh Courant" of 30 January, 1858. "In moving an 
address of congratulation on the marriage of the Princess Royal at a 
Gourt of Gommon Gouncil in London on Tuesday, Mr. Under-Sheriff 
Parker said, 'We shall always remember our Princess Royal. Though 
she may continue in the Prussian dominions for many years to come, 
as we hope she will, to attract by her graces and win by her virtues, 
still shall we say in the words of her own favourite poet, the late Dr. 






MoiR Geneai,ogy 329 

Moir of Musselburgh, to whose elegant compositions it is understood 
Her Majesty's family are greatly attached — 

'The thoughts of thee are as a pleasant dream, 

Soft, soothing, holy, beautiful and bright. 

As of a star that sparkles o'er a stream, 

Gemming the dewy coronal of night.' " 

The poems of "DELTA," especially in the "Domestic Verses," 
which are unquestionably the best of his poetical pieces, are remark- 
able for their "smoothness and facility of style." There is a graceful 
fancy, and there is a tenderness and a pathos rarely surpassed. Pro- 
fessor Wilson has said truly, "DELTA has produced many original 
pieces which will possess a permanent place in the poetry of Scotland." 
And Jeffrey ascribed to his poems, "more genuine pathos than any- 
thing almost he had ever read in verse." 

In October 1824, he began in the pages of Blackwood, "*The Auto- 
biography of Mansie Wauch: Tailor in Dalkeith," a book which alone 
would establish and perpetuate the fame of its author for all time 
coming. It may be new to some when it is told that although the scene 
of the story is laid in Dalkeith, the whole of the characters were well 
known to everybody at the time, and remembered by many in the 
present day to be genuine natives of Musselburgh. This, of course, 
intensely increased the local interest of the story. The original of 
Mansie was a well-known tailor, and Deacon Paunch and Cursecowl 
were well-known butchers in the "Honest Toon." Their names could 
even now be given, but they are withheld for obvious reasons. The 
"Resurrection Scene" was enacted in a house within Inveresk Church- 
yard and the eating of the cigars at the famous dinner took place 
in a well-known mansion in this parish. For genuine humour as well 
as deep pathos — as witness the death of "Mungo Glen" — there is 
nothing better in the language. Maginn has characterised this work 
as "admirably descriptive of a class of persons fast wearing out even 
in that land of originals, Scotland, as well as of manners that are no 
longer common." 

"DELTA'S" position as a critic, rests upon the "Sketches of the 
Poetical Literature of the Past Half-Century," being an admirable 
estimate of a period through which he had lived. He also edited 
the "Poems of Mrs. Hemans," wrote a "Life of John Gait" and 
"OutUnes of the Ancient History of Medicine." One of the most 
erudite of his works is his essay on the "Roman Antiquities of 
Inveresk," read before the Antiquarian Society in the year 1850. In 
all he wrote more than 350 articles and poems during his comparatively 
short life. 

If "DELTA" was admired as a poet and a delineator of Scottish 
character, he was also beloved as a man. His private virtues may be 
understood from his "Domestic Verses." As a physician, he passed 
through the terrible visitations of cholera, ministering fearlessly to the 
physical needs of his patients, while at the same time endeavouring to 

*"The Autobiographic of Mansie Wauch: Tailor in Dalkeith," has been printed 
(1913) in the Scottish American published in New York city. 

330 MoiR Genealogy 

soothe their sufferings with the consolations of the Gospel. His letters 
on the cholera contagion, were widely read and his views much can-' 
vassed at the time. 

The whole of DR. MOIR'S work was permeated with a truly 
religious spirit. Notwithstanding his busy professional and literary 
life, he took an active part in the work of the Church, of which he 
was ordained an elder in 1844, and from 1846 till his death, he was the 
representative for the Burgh of Annan in the General Assembly. It 
is a tradition that during many years of his life he saw his minister, 
and esteemed friend, almost every day to discuss matters affecting the 
social and moral welfare of the town and parish. 

His end came all too soon, on 6th July 1851, when he was on a visit 
to Thomas Aird, his friend and biographer, at Dumfries. When it 
was apparent that his end was near, certain members of his family, as 
well as Mr. Blackwood and the Rev. J. G. Beveridge, hurried to 
Dumfries. He was much comforted by their presence. He died as he 
had lived, in a deeply religious faith and hope. "And now may the 
Lord my God," he prayed, "not separate between my soul and body, 
till He has made a final and eternal separation between my soul and 
sin, for the sake of my Redeemer." The inhabitants of his native 
town — a town, which, notwithstanding many tempting offers, he 
steadfastly refused to leave — voted him a public funeral, and now 
he sleeps in Inveresk churchyard — one of the most beautiful of all 
resting-places in our land. "The world," says Fraser, "has but the 
moiety of a notion of a little part of his worth, when it thinks that 
his poetry comprehends all the merit which entitles him to the praise 
and good-will of our courteous readers." 

"O were I laid 

In the greenwood shade, 
Beneath the covert of waving trees; 

Removed from woe. 

And the ills below. 
That render life but a long disease!" 



(In honour of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of DR. DAVID 
and the author of "MANSIE WAUCH," a banquet was held Jan. 5, 1898, 
in Inveresk Parish Hall.) 

After the loyal toasts had been honoured, Emeritus-Professor 
Masson. gave the toast of the evening, "THE MEMORY OF 
DELTA." It was, exactly a hundred years ago since the man 

*Thi3 appreciative article was published in an Edinburgh newspaper, Jan. 6, 1898, 
and was kindly furnished by Mrs. A. M. Milligan, a daughter of "Delta." 

MoiR Genealogy 331 

was born whose name and reputation had brought them together 
that evening. He was born in Musselburgh on the 5th January 1798, 
and a remarkable peculiarity of his life was that so long as he re- 
mained in the world he was connected with Musselburgh. He re- 
mained in Musselburgh all his life, and no allurement could draw 
him more than a few days at a time away from Musselburgh. He 
was for thirty-four years, of his life a medical man in Musselburgh, 
and through those years, he performed according to all records, the 
duties of a physician of a locality with admirable hard work and 
with admirable bravery. He was an indefatigable and able phy- 
sician, who showed peculiar bravery at a time when bravery, even 
in the practice of medicine, was specially necessary. If there were 
no other reason whatever for remembering that man, there would be 
this one — that he was a good physician at Musselburgh for so 
long a period. It might perhaps be that there were inhabitants 
of Musselburgh still, it might be that even in that company there 
were some who could remember the man himself, as he walked 
about or rode about their country roads. There was much more 
by which to remember Dr. Moir than that he was a good phy- 
sician at Musselburgh. From his boyhood he was seized with 
literary propensities and tastes, and about 1817, he began to be known 
as a man of letters and a contributor in prose and in verse to various 
Edinburgh periodicals, and most especially of all after the foundation 
of Blackwood's Magazine, as a contributor to that periodical. (Ap- 
plause.) He seemed to have been one of the most prolific possible 
contributors, for it had been computed that his contributions in prose 
and in verse amounted altogether to 370 special articles, which was at 
the rate of one for every number of Blackwood through the whole 
period of his connection with it. (Applause.) But not only was he the 
most prolific of contributors, but he was one of the most conspicuous 
and most liked and most beloved contributors. (Hear, hear.) Their 
great reason for remembering him now was that he was a man of letters, 
and that he had left literary remains in verse and in prose. The best 
means of judging him now, judging his poetical remains, judging him 
as a poet, was through the two volumes of his so-called poetical works, 
which were published in 1852 — the year after his death — by his 
friend Thomas Aird, with a memoir. He (Professor Masson) thought 
the two volumes contained about 130 pieces. Now, if they compared 
130 pieces with the 370 contributions to Blackwood — without our 
being able to say how many other contributions to other periodicals — 
they would see that these two volumes contained but a specimen, a 
selection of his poems. Still, they were the most accessible means for 
people now to judge of his poetical powers." After quoting from 
"DELTA'S" works, various examples of his poetic genius. Professor 
Masson proceeded: "Somehow, because he abstained from certain 
higher walks of imagination represented in later poets, somehow on 
that account he remained as a tradition, as a name, as the gentle 
"DELTA," the amiable "DELTA," the man of fine melodious nature, 
who was not now generally read. Generally read ! Who after fifty 

332 MoiR Geneai^ogy 

years, was or ever would be generally read ? (Applause.) In prose 
or verse the man who schemed his literary life so as to be gener- 
ally read fifty years after he was dead, staked his life on an improb- 
bility. (Applause.) The true test was capability of being read after 
fifty years — (Applause) — and of finding hearts that would respond 
to what they read. (Applause.) And that was true of "DELTA," 
yet, and would be true, because he hit the affinities of human nature, 
which were not temporary, but were everlasting. (Applause.) Another 
thing, and a more important thing, was, there had been a mistake in 
fact in representing "DELTA," as merely the melodious, the graceful, 
the plaintive, the gently melancholy. He did rise higher than that. 
He did exemplify imaginative power of the higher kind, and that they 
would see, by referring to the two volumes of his collections. He 
mentioned a few of the most important poems in which "DELTA" 
rose above what was usually the plaintive, the finely graceful, the 
merely melodious, and dared higher strains. He was not sure, were 
he asked to name that poem of "DELTA'S" which all in all, was his 
greatest, his most impressive verse performance, he would name "The 
Dark Wagon." Often as poets and prose writers had nibbled at that 
theme, he did not know that it had been so well seized, so poetically 
conceived, as in that poem of "DELTA'S." (Applause.) Among 
the poems that he had mentioned as illustrating his higher imaginative 
power there was a set of a different kind, where he touched on what 
they might call the weirdly and ghastly vein, the gruesome. What 
he meant by that was not only representing something old in Scottish 
history, but giving a totally romantic poem. Professor Masson went 
on to notice the religious beliefs underlying all the author's works, 
whether in prose or verse. That these beliefs were sincere in Dr. 
Moir was exemplified, he said, in his life, and in some of his poems 
he definitely expressed them, while in others of them there was a tinge 
of these Christian beliefs very apparent, and yet unobtrusive. It 
would be wrong, in speaking of "DELTA," to leave that sacred 
topic totally unmentioned. (Applause.) After paying a tribute to 
"DELTA" as a prose writer, Professor Masson said there was scarcely 
a trace of humour in "DELTA'S" verses, and yet they were told about 
him personally that he over-flowed with humour, and that sometimes 
he plunged into a revel of fun. They should never have thought that, 
from reading his two volumes of poems, and it would be a good thing 
if some one were to ransack the old volumes of "Blackwood" and 
bring out some of the relics of "DELTA," in the capacity of a 
humourist. Fortunately, however, they had one specimen, the immor- 
tal "MANSIE WAUCH"— (applause) — which was certainly a 
masterpiece of comic invention and comic literature. If they took 
the work merely as a succession of scenes of the adventures and 
situations of Mansie, how laughable it was. There could be taken 
from that book, extracts say for comic reading, that would vie with 
any in Dickens' novels. (Applause.) He remembered reading the 
book as a boy and laughing at it, but he had read it since, and he 
now saw in it higher qualities of exquisite writing. Its characteristic 

MoiR Genbalogy 


had been said to be artlessness, but in his view it was consummate 
artlessness. There was the exquisite Scottish, not broad Scottish, 
but the Scottish quite fitted for the character of Mansie. And then 
the character of Mansie himself was unique among Scottish comic 
creations. There was not one among them that was quite the 
same as Mansie Wauch. (Applause.) He had said enough to show 
that "DELTA" was remembered in the British Islands on account 
of his distinction in literature, and especially in the literature of 
Scotland, in that age that included the last year of Sir Walter 
Scott, and the afterglow that followed his death. The day on which 
they met, ought at least to be remembered and would be remembered 
in Musselburgh, which "DELTA" loved so well. (Applause.) 

From a Memoir of "DELTA," published in 1860 by PROF.THOMAS 
AIRD, we learn that "the poet was tall, well-formed and erect. His 
hair was light, almost sandy, his features were regular and handsome, 
eyes grey-blue, always ready for a twinkle. His voice was kindly. 
His life was simple but practical. He signed his poems and papers 
with a (A) DELTA, which sufficed to give him the nickname of 
'DELTA.' 'THE AMIABLE DELTA,' has been a common phrase 
for a series of years." 


From "ALLOA, SIXTY YEARS AGO." by James Archibald 

Mr. James Moir was connected with the town of Alloa for over 
fifty years. He took a conspicuous part in all its projected useful 
schemes and movements, and exercised from first to last, an important 
influence on local affairs. Mr. Moir was tall, broadly built, a portly 
looking gentleman, who from his appearance, proclaimed him to be a 
leader among them. Mr. Moir came to Alloa when quite a young 
man from the neighborhood of Dunblane. He in 1817, entered the 
office of Mr. John Jamieson, writer and Sheriff-Clerk of the County. 
Mr. Jameson was at this time an old man, but he took kindly to his 
young apprentice, James Moir. Mr. Jamieson died, but his son 
Robert carried on the business, assisted by James Moir, Mr. 
Jamieson being agent for the Paisley Bank, which business the Com- 
mercial Bank ultimately took over, and in 1850, transferred their 
premises to the modern building in Bank street, with Mr. Moir as 
its agent, where it has been ever since, with a MOIR as its agent. As 
years passed on, other appointments followed, Mr. Moir having 
such an aptitude for business that through time so many offices, 
honours, and duties flowed in on him, that left nothing to desire. To 
enumerate all the posts he held would be tedious. He was factor to 
three Earls of Mar, also factor to Mr. Johnstone of Alva, and during 
the minority of Lord Abercromby, he looked after the Abercromby 
estates. Mr. Moir was connected with so many appointments and 
duties that really his life was one continuous labour, but still he man- 
aged to keep a grasp of all his work. At the starting of the town, he 
took an important part, he held the post of senior magistrate for eight 
years, and on his retiral from office, he was entertained at a dinner 
given in public, in recognition of his long and faithful services to the 
burgh. He also managed to take a deep interest in the affairs and 
management of the Church he was connected with, namely, Townhead 
U. P. Church, Rev. P. McDowall, minister. He often presided at 
business meetings. As we have noticed, Mr. Moir was tall and 
strongly built, and seemed likely to have a long career before him; but 
how often do we see exemplified the fact, that the race is not to the 
swift nor the battle to the strong. At the end of a week he did not 
feel quite so well, but thought he would be all right on Monday; the 
illness developed so rapidly that he died on the Monday, March 1st, 
1875. The sad event, in its suddenness, took the town quite by 
surprise, and it was soon felt that a prince and a great man had 
fallen in their midst, as was evidenced by the great company of 

*For genealogy of this gentleman, of Archibald Moir, and of James Philip Moir, 
immediately following, see pages 270 and 271. 

MoiR Genkai^oGY 335 

gentlemen who camn from all quarters, to follow hia remains to their 
last resting place, thus adding their last testimony of respect and 
esteem, to one who was so widely known and respected." 


From "ALLOA, SIXTY YEARS AGO," by James Archibald 

Archibald Moir was a younger brother of James, and he came 
to Alloa from Dunblane about 1835. He began as clerk in the 
office of Robert Jamieson, afterwards, he became connected with 
the Commercial Bank, where he became accountant under his 
brother James, who was bank agent. On the death of James in 
1875, Archibald in connection with his nephew James Moir, 
Jr., became joint agents, and a year or two later, Mr. James 
Moir having gone abroad, Archibald became sole agent of the 
bank, and factor to the Earl of Mar and Kellie. He held the bank 
agency up till 1892, when his son, Mr. J. W. Moir received the 
appointment. Mr. Moir had for many years been factor for 
Lord Mar, after retiring from the bank, he still held his factorship 
of the Alloa estates, and several other positions of trust. He was 
best known to the public, for the active interest he took in all 
philanthropic, charitable, and benevolent societies. His large and 
generous heart went out in true sympathy to all classes of suffering 
humanity. He was identified with every institution that was cal- 
culated to help the poor, the afflicted, or the suffering. At public 
meetings, he was a fluent and ready speaker, his utterances being 
often interspersed with a rich vein of humour, which always secured 
for him a ready hearing. From the interest he took in the Town- 
head (now Moncrief) church, made him really the right-hand man 
to all its ministers. For long years, he conducted the senior class in 
the Sabbath school, and even after he retired from the work, he was 
always ready to fill a gap, to come back for a time. He was church 
treasurer for over fifty years, and to mark that event, he was pre- 
sented with his portrait in oil, and a tea service for Mrs. Moir, 
on which occasion abundant testimony was borne to the love and 
esteem in which Mr. Moir was held by minister and people. His 
readiness to help the widow and orphan was often amazing. 

It would be difficult to exhaust all the good Mr. Moir crowded 
into his long life, which was a record of continuous activity and use- 
fulness, blended with exalted piety. He died suddenly, being taken 
during the night of November 17, 1898, aged 81 years. Amongst the 
roll of Alloa's leading men, there can hardly be a finer example of a 
genial, happy Christian gentleman than Archibald Moir. 

Of the two sons of James, the eldest went abroad, the younger 
did not enter a business career, but studied art; while the sons of 



Archibald, — J. W. and A. P. Moir now carry on all agencies 
and clerkships in even larger measure than was the case in their 
father's and uncle's time. 



From "BRETT'S COMPANIONAGE" in Boston Public Library 

See:page270 "Captain James Philip Moir, D. S. O., (Distinguished Ser- 
vice Order) son of James Moir of Grange Place and Fenton House, 
Alloa, Clackmananshire, a noted banker, (described elsewhere in this 
work), born 1872, educated at Fettes College, and at the Royal Military 
Academy, Woolwich, England; entered Royal Engineer, 1892, and 
became Captain in 1902. Served with Nile Expedition 1898; present 
at battle of Atbara, (medal, — Egyptian medal with clasps) and in the 
South African war 1899-1902, was present at battles of Belmont 
and Modder River, Relief of Kimberly, and battles of Paardeberg, 
Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, and Belfast. Mentioned in despatches 
for bravery; (Queen's medal with seven clasps, and King's medal 
with two clasps, D. S. O.) was employed in South Nigeria as Super- 
intendent of telegraph lines, 1905-1908. c. r.— D. S. O. 1900." 


Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ., of Aberdeen 


*George Moir. Born in Aberdeen, 1799, and educated at Aberdeen 
University. Became a proficient linguist, acquiring German, French, 
Spanish, and Italian, and soon became recognized as an elegant trans- 
lator. Passed as advocate in 1825. Contributed to the "Edinburgh 
Review," in 1824, an article on Spanish literature and Spanish lyric 
poetry, with many beautiful specimens,, such as Manrique's elegy, "Oh, 
let the soul its slumbers break," Luiz Ponce de Leon's "Noche 
Serena," and the songs, "Bright Eyes," "Oh, Broad and Limpid River," 
and "Blow Light, thou Balmy Air," set to music as a glee by W. 
Horsley. Translated Schiller's "Wallenstein" in 1827, and Schiller's 
historical works, for Constable's Miscellany. Goethe inquired of 
Carlyle about the translator in 1828, and Carlyle replied, describing 
Moir as a man of small bodily stature; "he seemed to me a little 
polished crystal, nearly colourless for the present, but in which at 
some hour the sun might come to be retracted, and reflected in a 
fine play of tints." Moir visited Craigenputtoch, in 1829, and 
made several pictures of the house. He visited Germany the same 
year and passed through Weimar, but Goethe was absent. Carlyle 
gave him one of the four medals which Goethe had sent. Moir 
wrote articles on Tasso, Calderon, and Camoens, and for the 7th 
edition of the Encyc. Britt.. edited by Macvey Napier, the articles 
on poetry and romance. Appointed 1838, professor of rhetoric and 
belles-lettres, in the University of Edinburgh, but resigned in 1840 
on obtaining the sheriffship of Ross-shire, and subsequently of Stir- 
lingshire. In 1854, wrote a eulogy on Professor Wilson in "Black- 
wood's Magazine." In 1864, appointed Professor of Scots Law in 
Edinburgh University. 

(From Aberdeen Newspaper.) 

"Moir honorably maintained the traditions of Edinburgh law. 
He was a man of very wide reading, and fastidious taste, alive to 
very various degrees and kinds of excellence in literature. He died 
16th October. 1870, aged 71." 

From Encyclopedia Brittanica, IX. edition, vol. 16, p. 608. 



Rev. John Moir, M. A. Episcopal clergyman, an alumnus 

of Aberdeen University, where he obtained his degree. Settled in 

London, and got a lectureship in St. Dionis Church. He published in 

*See page 295 — Article "George Moir, LL.D., Sheriff of Stirlingahire." 

338 MoiR Genealogy 

1788, two volumes of "Gleanings, or Fugitive Pieces, consisting of 
Essays, Sketches, Verses," etc. Had previously issued two volumes 
of sermons, one in 1775 and another in 1786. Wrote also on "Female 
Tuition," "History of the Life and Public Services of C. J. Fox," and 
"Transactions in Ireland from 1760 to the present time, 1787." He 
stated that his books were published for the support of a sickly wife 
and numerous family, and that he had taken a lease of Dr. John's 
house in Bolt Court, in the hope of letting it out for lodgings. These 
particulars are gleaned from the Gentleman's Magazine. I failed to 
discover the subsequent history of this unfortunate Aberdonian, 
whose fate resembles that of Andrew Macdonald, so pithily de- 
scribed by Isaac D'Israeli in his "Calamities of Authors." 



William B. Moir. Born 1842, at Fedderate, Aberdeenshire, 
and educated at New Deer, bookkeeper to a manufacturing firm at 
Peterhead. Poet, lecturer, and newspaper correspondent. Twice 
paid visits to South Africa. Died 20th February, 1910, aged 67. (See 
Edwards' "Modern Scottish Poets," \ol. 1.) 


(Scranton, Pa., Newspaper.) 

Refer to Captain Moir, of Scranton, Pa., has written a great many arti- 

page 207 g|gg f^j. ^jjg press of his home city, among these were a number on the 
"Celts," and the "Celtic Bards." These articles of Captain 
Moir's show him in a new light; that of literary man. His versa- 
tility has not been appreciated as it ought. A modest tailor, he spent 
evenings away from his sartorial labors, in the midst of a well-stocked 
library of books, such as are found in few homes. Conversation 
betrayed the great literary stores of his mind, and an occasional literary 
allusion in the after-dinner speeches, full of Celtic wit and humor 
revealed his literary taste and intellectual quickness. 

Many have known JAMES MOIR, the MAYOR, the MILITARY 
but not all were acquainted with JAMES MOIR, the WRITER, the 
HISTORIAN, the LITERATEUR, the best side of this many- 
sided man. 


From "THE BAILLIE." Glasgow, Scotland 

Frederick Lewis Maitland Moir and John William Moir, 

both now of Glasgow (1912), had practically the same education, as 
both graduated from the same schools, and from Edinburgh 
University and also a college in Germany. In early life, both served 
a very complete commercial apprenticeship. 

Learning while they were still young, that the late Sir William 
MacKinnon had conceived the idea of constructing a road from the 
Zanzibar Coast, to Lake Nyassa, both volunteered their services, to 
assist in furthering the scheme. Their offer was accepted, and sailing 
for Zanzibar, they spent a tropical rainy season under canvas, during 
which they succeeded in laying out some twenty miles of the road. 
For want, however, of government support, the enterprise was ulti- 
mately abandoned. 

Happily, another and more fertile field immediately presented itself. 
In 1878 the African Lakes Company was organized, partly to follow 
out Dr. David Livingstone's great project, to suppress the slave trade, 
then prosecuted so lucratively by the Arabs. Many hand to hand 
fights occurred between the slavers and the forces of this company, of 
which the two brothers were part managers. Leading his men on one 
occasion in an assault upon a bullet-proof stockade, Frederick, 
was shot through the right arm and the bone shattered. He came 
home to Scotland, where he was obliged to have the elbow excised, 
an operation which proved so successful that it was regarded as a 
triumph of surgery. 

Many adventures befell these brothers in the course of a residence 
of fifteen years, not the least exciting of these was the crunching to 
pieces of a small boat — in which Frederick was travelling — by 
a hippopotamus, he saving himself by swimming to the bank of the 
swift and deep river Shire, which flows out of Lake Nyassa, and joins 
the Zambezi some hundred miles from its mouth. On another 
occasion, on Lake Tanganyika with Mrs. Moir their two dhows were 
driven ashore by a gale in the dangerous country, to the north of 
Karema. At sundown, they were treacherously attacked by hostile 
natives, and had to load their goods and ivory and put out to the 
lake under a heavy fire, the band of Mrs. Moir's hat being shot 
off by one of the bullets aimed at the boat. 

Both of the brothers can speak several languages, Frederick 
having a working knowledge of three African, besides three Conti- 
nental languages. Both have in the course of their travels, shot many 
elephants, rhinoceroses, hippopotami, buffaloes, and other big game. 

*For genealogy, see pagea 218 and 219. 


Both are possessed of business principles of the highest integrity, 
and endowed with a kindly, generous, and modest nature, and both 
have a wide circle of friends. 

Both have served the Dark Continent well, the prosperity of the 
Nyassaland country in particular, being attributable in no small 
degree to their enterprising, well-conceived and even heroic work. 

John W. Moir states, that in Old Orange Free State and near 
Kimberley, he met several Moirs, burgermeisters, who were doing 


(The Gordon Motto) 

Adapted from David Macbeth Moir, "Delta," 
By W. O. DUNCAN, ESQ., of Aberdeen 

Scotland, dear to us is Scotland, 
In her sons and in her daughters, 

In the Highlands, Lowlands, Islands, 
Wind swept Links and dancing waters. 

In the glory of her story, 

When her Tartans fire the field. 

Dear to us the Gordon watchword, 
"Byding," what come time may yield. 

Ever dear her Doric language, 
Mither tongue gey pawky kind. 

Dear her Sabbath, for then faither 
Hath a rest day tae his mind. 

♦"Bydand" (The Gordon motto), is the title of a new song of more than ordinary 
local interest, in that the words from 'Delta" (D. M. Moir), have been adapted by 
Lieutenant-Colonel W. O. Duncan, 4th Battalion Gordon Highlanders, (T. F.) and the 
music is composed by F. Campbell Oddy, bandmaster of the battalion. The words 
rhyme clearly in telling the story of the old-fashioned Scots word "byding," and the 
music is singularly melodious with a nice simple, flowing accompaniment. As a regi- 
mental song, it should at once take its place among the other music inseperable to 
various regiments of the service. The song is the composer's property, but is pub- 
lished by Messrs. Boosey and Company, Regent street, London, and the coat price is 
28 net. (Aberdeen Evening Express, 5th Maroh, 1913.) 

Inserted with the kind permission of the author A. L. M, 


Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ., of Aberdeen 

The following tribute was paid by an anonymous writer to John 
Moir, blind poet, in the Frazerburgh {Aberdeenshire) Herald, June 
22, 1909. He says: 

Some short time ago, the remains of John Moir, better known as 
the "Blind Poet o' the Feugh," were laid to rest, and the visitors 
now look in vain for the blackboard which hung at the cottage door, 
and on which was recorded daily a verse of poetry, perhaps in 
a patriotic strain over some event during the Boer War, or simply 
recording some local event, or picturing in his mind's eye some scene 
on the Feugh. On paying a visit to the cottage where he lived, laboured 
and spun his rhyme, I was heartily entertained by his son, who, 
although inheriting little of his illustrious father's rhyming powers, 
has the same public spirit and hospitality. From my bed-chamber, 
and where the poet must have often slept, I could hear the splashing 
of the Feugh as it rushed over the waterfall at the bridge, and could 
well imagine how the sounds must have awakened a responsive chord 
in the heart of the blind poet, and drawn from his well-spring of poetry 
the following lines : 


When springs are at their lowest ebb. 
And mountain streamlets gone to rest. 
The Feugh is like a little child 
Asleep upon its mother's breast. 

But when these springs began to rise, 
And babbling brooklets gem the ground, 
The Feugh is like a maiden shy. 
So softly slipping rocks around. 

When hghtnings flash and thunders roll, 
When mimic cascades sing for joy. 
The brawling Feugh takes up the song, 
And frolics like a madcap boy. 

When fierce rain clouds' usurping power, 
To deluge earth would fain conspire, 
The Feugh is like an angry man, 
Loud growling in deep tones his ire. 

*Feugh, bum (brook) with wooded banks, (from "Celtic Place-Names in Aber- 
deenshire," by John Milne, M.A., LL.D.) 

342 MoiR GeneaIvOGY 

The storm o'er-past, forth dart sunbeams, 
Anon, all clouds are put to flight, 
Foam-garland 'd rocks their heads uprear, 
Arrayed, like bridal maid in white. 

When Luna climbs the southern sphere, 
And smiles adown Feugh's festooned glade, 
Then, lo! a more enchanting scene 
Was ne'er by pen or brush portray'd. 

21 September. 1901. 

Although the poet was blind for many years before his death, he 
still cherished fond memories of the enchanting stream that mean- 
dered past his cottage door, and never seemed to tire conjuring up the 
scenes around his native Banchory. As is rightly recorded in the 
preface to his little booklet, "Feugh Spray," (published 1898 — pp.56) 
he was not much in sympathy with the romantic school of poets, of 
whom Sir Walter Scott may be said to be the chief. Rather did he 
prefer to tell a simple story in simple and homely language. He was 
undoubtedly nature's poet — the rustling of the trees in Autumn, the 
mariner of a Highland burn, touched his heart and found vent in such 
poems as "To the Tourist," "Phases o' the Feugh," "Pure Possible 
Pleasures," etc. 

Mr. Moir was a great bookworm from his earliest days, and 
collected a large library, and after he was deprived of sight, he taxed 
the energies of all his friends reading to him the events of the day, or 
interesting passages of his favourite authors. He was an ardent 
politician, and a staunch supporter of the late Mr. John William 
Crombie, Liberal Member (of Parliament) from Kincardineshire. Few 
had such a grasp of the Scots dialect, as his Scotch version of the 
Twenty-Third Psalm will show: — 


"Wha is my Shepherd, weel I ken — 

The Lord himsel' is he; 
He leads me whaur the girse is green 

And burnies quaet be. 

"Aft times I fain astray wad gang, 

An' wanner far awa'. 
He fin's me oot; he pits me richt. 

And brings me hame an a'. 

"His guidness an' His mercy baith, 
Nae doot will bide wi' me; 

While faulded on the fields o' time, 
Or a' eternity." 

MoiR Genealogy 343 


Were earthly homes of woman void, ' 

Sweet homes they'd prove no longer, 
Mere shelters, and naught else beside, 
Nor love, nor joy could they provide. 
For which man's heart doth hunger. 

Then let us prize her presence there, 
And count the prize our treasure, 
Life's blessings with her seek to share, 
To make her happiness our care, 
Nor find a greater pleasure. 

Behold what love a mother shows. 
What genuine emotion; 
Her courage dangers to oppose, 
Afflictions but still more disclose — 
Unselfish, true devotion. 

With loving care, her gentle hands 
Do minister in sickness; 
We listen to her grave commands, 
Assured our safety such demands — 
Her strength is ours in weakness. 

We sing but half her noble deeds. 

Her virtues, charms and graces, 

Her faith in pure, domestic creeds, 

Her wise foresight forestalls our needs, 

Her presence, grief effaces. 

27 September, 1901. 

No less interesting were the verses that appeared daily on the black 
board, usually of an advertising nature, and inviting passers by to 
purchase the small wares he kept in his little shop adjoining the 

"Green peas and ducklings are trysting to meet. 
Bought they must be e'er the tryst is complete; 
They're in splendid ply, 
Who'll come and buy?" 

344 MoiR Genealogy 


Kindly furnished by his Son, ROBERT MOIR 

The subject of this sketch was born near Stirling, Scotland, about 
the year 1817. Twenty-three years in Scotland, thirty-seven years 
in the Province of Quebec and twenty-three in Ontario, may be taken 
as marking three distinct periods of his life. 

In Scotland he was known as a youth who, though slight of build 
and far from robust in constitution, was so early and so tensily em- 
ployed, as to leave barely time for a little schooling in the three R's. 
At the age of seventeen, he commenced his apprenticeship as a 
blacksmith, and from the fact he was selected to assist in making the 
instruments required for experimental purposes by his master's son, 
then a student at college, v/e must infer that he was a favorite 
with his employer. It was while thus employed, that he gained a 
knowledge of the construction of optical instruments and the pro- 
perties of lenses, that was to be of use to him in after years. Often 
has he told us of the spare hours used in experimenting with a rotary 
steam engine which he and the student referred to above invented. 
After its power had been tested in various ways and proven to be 
quite remarkable, it came suddenly to grief by the explosion of its 
boiler, — an old copper still. 

This aptitude for mechanical experiment, together with an ardent 
love of nature and the study of natural law in the things around, 
mark him as one whose thoughts flowed in no ordinary channel. 
After a brief period spent in the City of Glasgow, he embarked for 
America and about the year 1842, commenced work in what was then 
considered an extensive blacksmithing establishment, near Montreal. 
Here again he seems to have found time and scope for experiment. 
The proprietor wished to have a small cannon made for saluting 
purposes. A "hooped cannon" was forged, which fortunately or 
unfortunately burst into pieces the first time it was discharged. 
His inventive skiU was soon after turned to better account in the 
engine-room of one of the river steamers; which, even at that early 
stage in Canada's development, were taking the place of the slug- 
gish batteau and the "Durham boat." When all efforts of the en- 
gineers had failed to start the huge rusted crank, the young Glasgow 
mechanic, in less than an hour, released the stubborn piece of metal. 
Amid the cheers of the crew, he was carried from the wharf on their 

Immediately after his marriage in 1846, he accepted a position with 
a lumber firm operating in Eastern Quebec. He had no intention of 
spending more than two or three years on the shores of the Gulf of St. 
Lawrence, yet he was destined to live.for upwards of thirty years amid 
conditions so primitive, and to aU appearance so uncongenial, that we 
wonder why a change was not made long before it did take place. 
Here, however, he set up in business for himseK, only to find that his 

*For Genealogy, see page 244. 

-^ 'V,'a: 

(See pages 334 and 335) 


Grandson of James Moir, Banker, 


(See page 336) 


Lowell, Mass. 

(.Se; page 253) 

.DEN FOl' 

MoiR Gkneaix)GY 345 

poor fisher neighbors made but scanty use of iron, in the construction 
of their boats and fishing gear. Need we be surprised, that as the years 
went by, the forge was found oftener locked than open, and its owner 
encouraged by the returns of a really fertile farm, toiling in his fields 
rather than at the anvil. As a farmer then, he was among the pioneers 
of that region in the establishment of an Agricultural Society. P'ifteen 
years rolled by, ere a grist mill was built at all worthy of the name. 
Until that time the grist had to be taken in boats a distance of 
nearly fifty miles. But the limit of agricultural pursuits in Eastern 
Quebec is soon reached, its winter extending over nearly seven months 
of the year, and its chilling Gulf winds retarding vegetation till June, 
render profitable farming impossible. So about the year 1877, when 
large numbers of the English speaking population were leaving for 
locations in that vast New West, that Canada had so recently 
acquired, he removed to a fertile farm in Ontario's finest fruit belt. 
And there, surrounded by his sons and daughters, who had all found 
spheres of useful occupation in that prosperous peninsula, we find 
him spending the declining years of his long life; his chief delight 
being to walk about his orchard and to study the habits of the birds 
that annually come to build their nests 

"In tree and shrub or leafy bower." 

He had scarcely passed the allotted span, when his health, hitherto 
so even, began to fail. A bronchial trouble set in, under which he 
gradually grew weaker, till Feb., 1901, when he passed away so quietly, 
that the watchers by his bedside could scarcely tell when the summons 
came. For many years previous to his death, he had been a consistent 
member of the church of his early days. Liberal in all his views, he 
warmly supported whatever he considered might in any way promote 
the weKare of the community in which he dwelt. 

Never can his children forget that in him was exemplified, the 
immense advantage of plain, simple living, temperate habits, and 
that regard for system and regularity which his early training had 
made part and parcel of his very being. 



From Burlington, Iowa, Newspaper 

Robert Moir, of Oquawka, 111., was born at Forres, Elginshire, Page i 
Scotland, Oct. 30, 1824. His mother was one of seven children, none 
of whom survived over 40 years of age, except herself, who lived to be 
over 90; and Robert Moir was the only one of her children who 
reached the age of 50 years. Mr. Moir came to the United States 
in 1833, locating in New York, remaining there until 1849, when he 
settled in Oquawka, 111. He married Mary Nicol, May 25, 1849. 
He has been connected with the mercantile firm of Robert Moir 
& Co., since he was married. The firm originally consisted of 


MoiR Genealogy 

four brothers: — William who died in 1856, James who died in 1863, 
Alexander who died in 1868, besides Robert who died in 1904. 

Mr. Moir was one of the leading financiers of his locality, and 
was well-known in business circles throughout the west. He possessed 
great mental vigor, tireless energy and application, of shrewd and 
unerring business judgment, which enabled him to manage large and 
varied business enterprises, and render them successful beyond the 
measure of men. He believed in punctuality to be an essential element 
in business promises and relations, and ever practiced and exacted it. 
He was positive in his opinions, but his seeming sternness was softened 
by the courtesy of the old regime. He was a great reader with a 
remarkable memory, and well-posted in general affairs. He was an 
interesting conversationalist, sociable in his nature, and took a friendly 
interest in the welfare of his friends. He was ever attached to hia 
home and family, where he was loved and revered. He was very 
modest in his tastes and unostentatious in his private and business 
life. To be, and not to seem, was a dominant element in his nature. 



Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ.. of Aberdeen 

Rev. Thomas Moir, M. A., was the fourth minister of Cruden 
(Aberdeenshire) United Free Church. He was the son of Adam Moir, 
a farmer in Udny, and was educated at Aberdeen University, and 
the Free Church College of the same city. During his fourteen years 
ministry in Cruden, he did excellent work. He was a faithful preacher 
and pastor, who won and retained the affection of hia flock. Unfortu- 
nately, he was cut off, after a lingering illness, at the early age of 46. 
He was buried at Cruden Parish Churchyard, amidst universal regret, 
and the handsome obelisk which the Free Church congregation have 
erected to his memory, tells its own story of work nobly done and of 
affection proved and tried. He is the only minister of the Free Church 
of Cruden who has died in office. On the obelisk mentioned, there is 
4he following inscription: — 

"Erected by the Free Church Congregation 
of Cruden, in memory of Thomas Moir, M. 
A., their faithful minister in church for 
thirteen years. Born at Udny, March 9, 
1831. Died at Aberdeen, June 22, 1877. 
His last message to his people — 
'Come to Jesus; come all.'" 

His portrait is given in Rev. Adam MacKay's "Cruden and its 
Ministers," printed at the Buchan Observer Works, Peterhead, 1912. 

MoiR Genealogy 347 


Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ., of Aberdeen 

Son of "Delta", was elected a member of the Round Table Club, Page 17S 
January, 1871. He was one of the surviving members, January, 1900, 
M.D, (Edinburgh), once in practice in Musselburgh, now in St. 
Andrew's, Fifeshire. 

The "Annals of the Round Table Club" were edited by John 
Gray McKendrick, M. D., (Aberdeen); LL. D. (Aberdeen and 
Glasgow); F. R. C. P. E., F. R. S., F. R. S. E. 

Thirty-five copies only were issued in 1908, and the original proof 
copy is now in the possession of R. Murdoch Lawrance, Esq., of 
Aberdeen. The club included many distinguished men in the 
medical profession, and was inaugurated 8th of December, 1868. 



From "AhfNALS OF IOWA." July 1904, (p. 416) 

William J. Moir was born in Banffshire, Scotland, Oct. 19, Page 187 
1824. He came to this country with his parents in 1830. He was 
educated at Derby Academy, Vermont, and was naturalized at Ply- 
mouth, Indiana, in Aug. 1854. At the latter place he studied law and 
was admitted to the bar in 1856. He settled in Eldora, Hardin County, 
Iowa, the same year, where he has since resided and practiced his 
profession. He has twice served, in 1862 and 1864 — in the Iowa 
House of Representatives, where he proved himself a useful and con- 
scientious member. He also served twelve years on the Eldora school 
board, and was twice elected Mayor of that city. Mr. Moir was 
the leader in the work of founding the State Reform School at Eldora 
and one of its foremost friends and promoters. He served as one of 
the Board of Trustees — with the exception of two years — from the 
beginning, until it was taken in charge by the Board of Control in 
1898. He was many years treasurer of the institution, during which 
time he disbursed the sum of .$1,228,557.25 for which he never asked 
nor received any compensation whatever. His services in connection 
with the Reform School have always met with hearty approval, and 
he is well-known to the people of Iowa from his long and efficient work 
in building up that institution. 

William J. Moir, of Eldora, Iowa, in Feb., 1905, was serving 
his seventy-first term as treasurer of Odd Fellows lodge there. 

He has twice represented the district in the State legislature, and 
is one of the pioneer lawmakers of Iowa. Before the inauguration for 
the government of state institutions, Mr. Moir was for years a mem- 

348 MoiR Geneajlogy 

ber of the board of the Iowa Industrial School for Boys. For many 
years he was manager of the Opera House at Eldora. Mr. Moir 
is a lawyer. He probably will continue to hold the oflSice he occupies 
in the order of Odd Fellows for the balance of his life." 

Special newspaper despatch, Feb. 1st, 1905. 




Page 220 Alexander WUson Moir, C. M. G., b. March 28, 1825, was 

the son of James Moir, surgeon in the royal navy, (of whom 
an account is given in this volume) was for over forty years in the 
British Colonial civil service, being in charge of customs, was president 
of Turks Islands, (Bahamas), Torlota (Virgin Islands), Dominica 
(Leeward Islands, West Indies) and St.Kitts (West Indies). He was 
created Companion of the Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. 
George, in 1877. In later life he retired to Jersey, England, where he 
died April 6, 1897. He married Isabella Dobson Watson in 1852, 
and seven children blessed the union. 



Page2is James Moir, M. D., a young married doctor of Edinburgh, 
Scotland, volunteered his services as medical oflBcer, at the time of the 
British wars against Napoleon I. of France. His brig going down 
channel, was driven ashore on the coast of France, and all hands were 
captured; he was taken prisoner to Verdun. An officer got permission 
to have his wife sent there with an attendant, who happened to be 
Mrs. Moir (Margaret Laing Stenhouse). While still practicing his 
calling and a prisoner, John Innes Allen Moir (afterwards M. D., of 
Edinburgh), was born, April 4, 1808. In 1814, immediately after 
Waterloo, all were liberated and returned to Scotland. 

MoiR Genealogy 




Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ., Aberdeen 

Sir Michael Bruce, who married Isabella Moir, of Scotstown, Pagea 139 
June 10, 1822, was one of a number of Aberdeen city gentlemen, who ^'^ ^^ 
formed a guard of honour at the landing of Queen Victoria, at Aber- 
deen Harbour, 8 September, 1848. The late Mr. Peter Cleveland, 
artist, made it a "famous local picture," afterwards engraved, and 
now extremely scarce. He is described in the key to the portrait as 
follows: — 

24. SIR MICHAEL BRUCE, Baronet of 
Stenhouse and Scotstown, Dean of the Faculty 
of Marischal College, and Deputy Lieutenant 
of the County. Sir Michael is wearing the 
badge, suspended by tawney orange ribbon, of 
the Baronets of Scotland and Nova Scotia. 

(He died Dec. 14, 1862.) 



Sir Thomas More, Lord Chancellor, one of the most illustrious 
men of his age, was born in Milk St., in the City of London, Feb. 7, 
1478. Son of Sir Thomas More, a barrister and justice of the 
Court of the King's Bench, in London. He graduated from Oxford 
University, 1496. After which he studied law. Under Henry VII., 
he filled various prominent positions. After the accession of Henry 
VIII. in 1523, he was chosen Speaker of the House of Commons; in 
1529, he succeeded Cardinal Wolsey as Lord Chancellor. He resigned 
in 1532. In 1534 he was commanded to swear obedience to the act 
of succession. Upon his refusal, he was committed to the tower, 
where he remained a year. On July 1, 1535, he was brought before 
the high commission. The trial was a summary one; More was 
found guilty and sentenced to death by beheading, and he was exe- 
cuted July 6, 1535. 

He wrote a great many poems in Latin, which have passed through 
many editions; he also wrote many works in English, but his beat 
known work is "Utopia," which describes an ideal social condition of 
the world. There are also several historical articles by More, 
notably, "History of Richard III," a fragment. 

350 MoiR Geneai<ogy 



Hannah More, the authoress, was born at Stapleton, near Bristol, 
England, in 1745. She was the youngest but one of five daughters of 
Jacob More, a scion of a landed Norfolk family, who taught school in 
Stapleton and Gloucestershire. 

She made three reputations in the course of her long life; first 
as a clever verse-writer, and witty converser in the circle of Johnson 
Reynolds and Garrick; next, as an animated writer on moral and 
religious subjects on the Puritanic side; and lastly, as a practical 

Among the literary efforts may be named "A Search for Happi- 
ness," "Eldred of the Bower," "Thoughts on the Manners of the 
Great," "Sacred Dramas," and a great many others. In one year 
two million were circulated of her spirited rhymes and prose tales, 
to counteract the doctrines of the French Revolution. 

In her serene old age, philanthropists from all parts of the world 
made pilgrimages to her home. She died at Clifton, September 7, 
1833, at the mature age of eighty-seven. 



Henry More was born at Grantham in Lincolnshire, England 1614. 
His father was "Alexander More, Esq., a gentleman of fair estate 
and fortune," highly spoken of by his son. He was graduated from 
Christ College, London, in 1639, obtaining several degrees. He died 
Sept. 1st, 1687, and was buried in the chapel of the college. 

He wrote "Opera Theologica;" "Opera Philosophica;" "Opera 
Omnia;" "Apology;" and "Philosophical Poems." 

*Her portrait given herewith, is from a picture painted by Opie, in 1786. This 
portrait is prefixed to volumes of the Memoirs of the Life and Correspondence of 
Hannah More, by William Roberts., Esq., Third Edition, revised with an additional 
preface, 3 vols. Published by R. B. Seely and W. Burnside, and sold by L. B. Seely & 
Sons, Fleet street, London. MDCCCXXXV. 


From the "KILMARNOCK STANDARD." June 22, 1912 

The late Colonel Mure of Caldwell, whose death occurred with 
startling suddenness, on the evening of 14th inst., belonged to an 
ancient Ayrshire family, the Mures of Rowallan, much light was 
thrown upon the genealogy of this family by the publication, in 1825, 
of "The Historic and Descent of the House of Rowallane, by Sir 
William Mure, Knight of Rowallane, written in or prior to 1657." 

According to the author of the "Historic, " Rowallan had been in 
possession of the Mures, previous to the reign of Alexander III., from 
which they were dispossessed by the powerful house of Cuming, and 
the owner. Sir Gilchrist More, was "redacted for his safety to keep 
close in his castle of Polkellie." After the battle of Largs, however, 
upon which occasion Sir Gilchrist received the honour of Knighthood 
in reward for his bravery, he "was reponed to his whole inheritance." 
"Sir Gilchrist," continues the author, "for preventing of more occasion 
of trouble, and for settling of his owne securitie and firmer peace, made 
allyance with this partie of power, and married Isabell, his onlie 
daughter and heire, by accession of whose inheritance, to witt of the 
lands of Cumingside, Draden, and Harwoods, his estate being en- 
larged." The editor, however, remarks, that it is "fully as probable, 
even from his own showing, that Polkelly was the more ancient inheri- 
tance of his family, and that Rowallan was acquired solely by the 
marriage of the heiress, Isabell, as is generally held." But to follow 
our author — "After the death of Sir Walter Cumine, Sir Gilchrist 
now secured not onlie in the title and full possession of his old inheri- 
tance, but also in his border lands, quherin he succeeded to Sir Walter 
forsaid within the Sheref dome of Roxburgh, being sensible and mind- 
full of the deserving of his friends and followers in time of his troubles, 
deals with all of them as became a man of honour, bestowing upon 
each, parcell of land according to his respect, interest or (happly) 
promise to the persone. He disponed to his kinsman Ranald More, 
who had come purposlie from Ireland for his assistance in time of his 
troubles and tooke share with him of the hazard of the battell, the 
lands of Pokellie," &c. Now there is evidently a complete jumbling 
of time and circumstances here. In the reign of David II., Maurice 
Murray had a charter "of the waird of Walter Cuming of Rowallan, 
in vie. de Roxburgh, with the lands thereof." It is thus apparent that 
the Rowallan lands in Roxburghshire were not in possession of Sir 
Gilchrist at this period; and it is next to impossible that the same Sir 
Gilchrist Mure, who fought at the battle of Largs, could have been 
alive in the reign of David II. Indeed he is stated by the author to 
have died in 1280. No reliance, therefore is to be placed on the 
"Historic" by Sir William farther back than can be corroborated by 

352 MoiR Genbalogy 

concurrent testimony. The immediate ancestor of Sir Gilchrist, 
appears to have been "David de Moore," mentioned in a charter by 
Alexander II, between 1214 and 1249, who is stated to have been "the 
head of the house of Rowallane." This is extremely probable, at least 
he is the first on record. That he possessed Rowallan, however, is 
doubtful, though the lands of Polkelly, chiefly in Renfrewshire, may 
have belonged to him. He was probably succeeded by Sir Gilchrist, 
who fought at the battle of Largs. Archibald, who was slain at 
Berwick, where the army of Baloil was wholly routed, in 1298. Wil- 
liam, heir and successor, is honourably mentioned in an indenture 
truce with England, in the non-age of King David, wherein he ia 
designed, Sir William. "Sir Adam, who having been bred a long time 
in his father's auld age, with the management and weight of all his 
affaires both private and more publick, in these rougher times, found 
the less difficultie to apply himself by a more easie method to main- 
taine the Ictt and fortoune left by his predecessors, now in his own 

It appears from the "Historic" (says Paterson), that the family 
had suffered considerably during the war of independence, maintained 
first by Wallace, and afterwards by Bruce; and Sir Adam is eulogized 
for his prudence in having improved and enlarged their dilapidated 
inheritance. Sir Adam is said to have married Janet Mure, grand- 
daughter of Ronald More, heiress of Polkellie, by which the latter 
estate was rejoined to Rowallan. By this marriage, he had two sons 
and a daughter, Elizabeth, married to Robert, the High Stewart, 
afterwards King of Scotland. There existed at one time much dubiety 
as to the reality of this marriage. All our early historians, down even 
to Buchanan, were of opinion that the union had never been legalized 
by marriage. The author of the "Historic," however, quoting from a 
"Deduction of the Descent of the House of Rowallane," collected by 
Sir John Lermonth, chaplain to Alexander, Archbishop of St. Andrews, 
says "That Robert, Great Stewart of Scotland, having taken away 
the said Elizabeth, drew to Sir Adam, her father, ane instrument that 
he should take her to be his lawfuU wife, which myself hath seen, saith 
the collector, as also ane testimonie, written in Latine, by Roger 
M'Adame, priest of our Ladie Marie's Chapell." Mr. Lewis Innes, 
Principal of the Scots College at Paris, first completely proved the 
fallacy of Buchanan's account of King Robert's marriages, by pub- 
lishing in 1694, a charter granted by him in 1354, which charter showed 
that Elizabeth More was the first wife of Robert, and made reference 
to the dispensation granted by the Pope for the marriage. That dis- 
pensation was long sought for in vain, but was at length discovered 
in 1789, at which time a dispensation for the marriage of Robert II. 
with Euphame Ross was also found." Ample proof of the union exists 
in the Crown charters. For example, there is a charter by David II. 
"to Robert, Great Stuart of Scotland, of the lands of Kintyre, with 
See page 33 the advocation of the Kirks thereof in fee and to John Stewart, his 
son, gotten betwixt him and Elizabeth More, daughter to Adam More, 
Knight, and failzeing of him, to Walter, his second brother." Also 


MoiR Genealogy 353 

a charter by Robert III. "to Andrew Muir, uncle to the King, of ane 
pension of £20 sterling furth of the great customs on both sides of the 
Forth, until said Andrew or his heirs should be heritably seized in a 
£20 land in some convenient place." Elizabeth More, the first wife 
of Robert II., is said to have been a woman of great beauty, and to 
have attracted the attention of the High Stewart during the troublous 
times of Edward Baloil, when he was frequently compelled to seek 
safety in concealment. Dundonald Castle, then the chief residence 
of the -"tewarts, was no doubt the "scene of King Robert's early 
attachment and nuptial with the fair Elizabeth." From this union 
are descended the existing race of British sover igns, as well as most 
of the crowned heads of Europe. 

Robert Mure of Rowallan, is described as a frequenter of the "court 
in the minoritie of King James the Third. He was ane man, black 
hared, and of ane hudge large stature, therefore commonlie called the 
Rud of Rowallane. The king in his bearne head proponed to round 
with him, and as ho offered swa to doe, dang out his eye with the spang 
of ane cocle-shell. He was a man who regarded not the well of his 
house, but in following court and being unfit for it, waisted, sold, and 
wadset all his proper lands of Rowallane, quhilk may be an example 
to all his posteritie." 

Mungo Mure of Rowallan, appears to have greatly improved the 
old fortalice of Rowallan, having " aisit ths hall vpone four vouttia 
(vaults), and laiche trance, and completit the samen in his awin tyme." 
He is described as a "man of singular valour, and very worthie of his 
hands, quherof he gave good proofe in divers conflicts." It was this 
laird of Rowallan who, with Robert Boyd, Guideman of Kilmarnock, 
gave the Duke of Hamilton such signal assistance at the skirmish called 
the "Field of Glasgow." 

John Mure of Rowallan, is said to have taken "great delyte in 
policie and planting. He builded the fore wark, back wark and woman 
house, frome the ground." Ano her account states, that "he plaintit 
the orcharde and gairdein, sett the vppir banck and nethir bank, the 
birk zaird befoir the zett." He is said to have "lived gratioulsie" yet 
from a "Letter of Sleance, by Alexander Cowper," it would appear that 
he was not saikless of the feuds of his time. He was on friendly terms 
with the Kilmarnock family, and assisted them materially on various 
occasions, particularly when the Laird of Knockdolian attempted to 
hold the Baillie; Court of Grougar. 

The Laird of Rowallan, had a letter addressed to him by Queen 
Mary, on her escape from prison in 1568; but as he subscribed the 
"Band" in support of the Reformation in 1562, in which year he also 
sat in Parliament, it is not probable that he attended the summons. 

William Mure is described as "of a meik and gentle spirit, and 
delyted much in the studie of phisick, which he practised especiallie 
among the poore people with very good success. He was one religious 
man and died gratiouslie in the yeare of his age 69, the yeare of our 
Lord 1616." His latter will was "Subscryvit at Rowallane, the third 
day of September, 1616 zers." 

354 MoiR Geneai^ogy 

Sir William Mure succeeded his father. "This Sir William," says 
the "Historic," of which he was the author, "was pious and learned, 
and had ane excellent value in poyeise; he delyted much in building 
and planting; hebuilded the new wark in the north syde of the close, 
and the battlement of the back wall, and reformed the whole house 
exceedingly. He lived religiouslie and died Christianlie in the years 
of (his) age 63, and the yeare of (our) Lord, 1657." 

Some further notice, however, of Sir William, the author of "The 
True Crucifixe," seems only a just tribute to his memory. He appears 
to have early cultivated a taste for the muses, and some verses in Latin 
on the death of his grandfather, occur amongst his juvenile pieces. 
His manuscript poetry is considerable. Among the larger pieces is a 
translation of some books of Virgil; a religious poem which he calls 
"The Joy of Tears," and another, "The Challenge and Reply." Several 
of his pieces have been published. In the "Muse's Welcome," a col- 
lection of poems and addresses made to King James, on his visiting 
Scotland in 1617, there is a poetical address to the King at Hamilton, 
written by Sir William Mure of Rowallan. In 1628, he published a 
poetical translation of the celebrated "Hecatombe Christiana" of Boyd 
of Trochrig, together with a small original piece called "Doomesday." 
In 1629 he published "The True Crucifix for True Catholikes." For 
some years after 1629, he seems to have been employed on a version of 
the Psalms, which was much wanted in Scotland at that time. The 
old English version was not popular, and the one executed by King 
James, and Sir W. Alexander, of Menstrie, was so disliked that the 
Bishops would not press it upon the Church. King James' version 
was not sanctioned by the Assembly, and some expression in it gave 
offence to the people, e. g. the sun was called "The lord of light," 
and the moon "The pale lady of the night." Though this version was 
rejected, still many wished that the old one should be improved, or a 
better one substituted in its place. Several gentlemen attempted 
particular psalms; but a version of the whole was undertaken by 
Sir William Mure of Rowallan, which he seems to have finished in 
1639. Principal Baillie, who attended the Westminster Assembly, 
as Commissioner from the Church of Scotland, in a letter, dated at 
London, January first, 1644, says, "I wish I had Rowallan's Psalter 
here, for I like it better than any I have yet seen." It does not, how- 
ever, appear, that Sir William's version was transmitted to the 
Assembly; Mr. Rous', which was recommended by the English 
Parliament, was finally adopted; and has ever since been used in 
Scotland; but the committee appointed to revise Mr. Rous' version, 
was instructed to avail themselves of the help of Rowallan's. The 
attention of Sir William, was not entirely devoted to literary pur- 
suits. He took his share in the burden of the duties of civil life, 
being a member of the Parliament held at Edinburgh, June 1643, 
and of the "Committee of Warre," for the sheriffdom of Ayr, in 1644. 
He was also with the Scottish army in England, in 1644, and was 
present in some engagements between the royal and parliamentary 

MoiR Gbnbai,ogy 355 

forces. Sir William was also one of the Rcmonstrators, who "brunt 
the Gaite of Drumlanrig, and plundered and waistcd the lands," in 

William Mure of Rowallan, the last lineal representative of the 
family, succeeded his father in 1686. He was entered a student at the 
University of Glasgow in 1660. His name frequently occurs in the 
records of the parish of Kilmarnock. He is mentioned there, for the 
last time, in 1695, in a commission to defend a process of translation 
before the Synod. 

Dame Jean Mure of Rowallan, his only surviving daughter, and 
sole heiress, succeeded. This lady married, first, William Fairlie, of 
Bruntsfield, afterwards designed of Fairlie. to whom she had issue. 
She married, secondly, David, first Earl of Glasgow, by which marriage 
she had three daughters, Jean Mure, Countess of Glasgow, died 
Sept. 3, 1724, and was succeeded by her eldest surviving daughter of 
the second marriage: — 

Lady Jean Boyle Mure of Rowallan. She married the Hon. Sir 
James Campbell, of Lawers, K.B., third and youngest son of James, 
second Earl of Loudoun. He entered the army at an early age, and 
served on the Continent, under the Duke of Marlborough. He com- 
manded the British horse at the battle of Fontenoy, 30th April, 1745, 
when he was mortally wounded, one of his legs being carried off by 
a cannon ball. He expired soon afterwards, and was buried at Brussels. 
He had a daughter, Margaret; and a son who succeeded him: — 

James Mure Campbell, born 11th February, 1726. He assumed the 
name of Mure on succeeding to the estate of Rowallan; he was elected 
Member of Parliament for the county of Ayr in 1754; — succeeded 
his cousin John, fourth Earl of Loudoun, on the 27th of April, 1782, 
and died on the 28th April, 1786, being then a Major-General in the 
army. He married, in 1777, Flora, eldest daughter of John 
Macleod, of Rasay, and by her, who died in 1780, he had an only 

Flora Mure Campbell, born in August 1780, Countess of Loudoun, 
Baroness Manchline, &c., &c., who succeeded to the ancient patri- 
monial inheritance of her ancesters, the Mures of Rowallan. Her 
Ladyship married 12th July, 1804, Francis, Earl of Moira, Marquis of 
Hastings, by whom she had issue. 


By "G." in "KILMARNOCK STANDARD." (Published 1892) 

The orthography of the name Mure has passed through a great 
many changes. Both in the "True Crucifix" and the "Cry of Blood" 
(British Museum), Sir William spelled it "Moore," probably because 
Mure was more of a local name, and when he began to publish, he pre- 
ferred the spelling which would be the more easily pronounced by Eng- 
lish readers. I think there is no doubt that the Gaelic "More," mean- 
ing "great or big," is the original, whether imported from Ireland, or 
whether it was Strathclyde-British, need not matter. The probability 
is, that the family owned Polkellie long before the time of Sir Gilchrist, 
as the name is to be found in a charter in the reign of King Alexander 
II. and the "Historic" states that Sir Gilchrist was buried with his an- 
cestors in the Mute's aisle, at Kilmarnock, in the year 1277. When the 
spelling More was altered to Mure, I think it was pronounced Moore 
It is common enough to do so at the present time. The spelling 
Mair, which is common in this district, is just the Lowland Scottish 
pronunciation of More. A century ago, when Latin was so much in 
vogue, it was often written Meuros, and there was a publisher in Kil- 
marnock of that name. Besides nearly all the parish of Fenwick, and 
a large part of Kilmarnock, a large area of land, used to be owned by 
branches of the family all over Scotland. 

I have seen the name written Meyer or Moir. Patrick Moyre or 
Mure, of Annandstone (Upper Ward), witnesses charters in 1493 and 
1508, and this family at one time held the Barony of Thankerton, in 
Upper Ward. Samuel de la More deThangarston, signed the Ragman 
Roll in 1296. The same family held the Barony of Symington (Upper 
Ward), John Muir, of Anistoun, was served heir to his father, in the 
barony of Symontown, with the patronage of the church in 1646. 
More, de Mora, de la More (Delmore), Mure, Moore, Moor, Moir, 
Muire, Muir, Mueros, Mair, Murison, and Moyre, are all just 
different ways of spelling the same patronymic, and I think I may 
safely say, that there is hardly another surname that has been 
so variously spelled. I have a settled account in my posession of 
"Peeter Mour, carpenter in Kilmarnock," dated 1741. The name 
Gilmore, the servant or vassal of More, seems to have changed 
in spelling along with More. It used to be Gilmure, and now is 
commonly written Gilmour. 

The Moors of Corsewall, who are descended from Captain Alexan- 
der, second son of the poet, Sir William, still spelled it Moore. They 
are the real nearest male representative of the old house of Rowallan, 
and seam also to have inherited a large share of the genius and amiable 
disposition of their ancestor. Sir William, as witness, General Sir John 
Moore, and his father. Dr. Moore. 

MoiR Genealogy 


The armorial bearings of the different families of the name in Eng- 
land, Scotland, and Ireland, bear some family resemblance generally, 
a Saracen or Moor's head, frequently alluded to as the "Bluidy Held 
of Rowallan." There is a tradition that the crest and motto, were 
adopted in consequence of some exp)loit in the Holy Land, during the 
Crusades, but it is quite possible, that the name may have suggested it. 
All families of consequence, adopted some heraldic distinction about 
that period. The motto of the Mures, is "Duris Non Frango," and 
again it is, "Durum Patientia Frango." 

In "Fairbairn's book of Crests," I find Muir, of Riccarton, Bart., 
and can not think what family this could be. My notion is that Ric- 
carton is an error for Rowallan. The great estate formerly held by 
the Mures, have mostly passed into other families, through faUing to 
heiresses, who failed to observe the old Hebrew law of success on 
enacted by Moses (Numbers, XXXVI). It reminds one of what King 
James Fifth said about the crown of Scotland, — "It would gang by 
a lass." 




The Mures of Caldwell, County Ayr, are immediately descended 
from Sir Reginald More, of Abercorn and Cowdmas, who appears to 
have been Chamberlain of Scotland as early as 1329, the first year of 
the reign of David II. The name appears at various periods — 
More, Mure, Muir, Moor, &c., and from the correspondence of the 
armorial bearings, seems to be the same originally, as that of the 
Moores, of Moore place, Kent. 

The arms of Muir, of Caldwell, and Muir, of Rowallan, being 
then the two chief houses of the name in Scotland, are exhibited on 
page 46 of the Scottish Heraldry, emblazoned by Sir David Lindsay, 
Lord Lyon, about the year 1540. Those of Caldwell, present the plain 
shield of the Mores, "Three Mullets on a bend," while on the shield 
of Rowallan, are quartered the wheat sheaves of the Comyns. 

The most ancient of the name on record are the Mores of Polkelly, 
near Kilmarnock in Ayrshire; one of whom, David de More, appears 
as witness to a charter of Alexander II. The direct male line of 
Polkelly, becoming extinct, the estate passed by marriage of the female 
heir to the Mores, of Rowallan, cadets of the family of Polkelly, 
who had acquired the neighboring estate of Rowallan from the 
Comyns, its ancient Lords. 

Gilchrist More (younger son of Sir Reginald More, of Abercorn, 
one of the commissioners appointed A.D. 1340, to treat with the 
Lords Percy, Mowray, and Nevill, on a truce between the two 
nations), became the male representative of the house of Abercorn, 
at the death of his older brother William. To him descended the 
property of Cowdans. 

The estate of Caldwell, in the shires of Ayr and Renfrew, he is 
supposed to have acquired, by marriage with the heiress of Caldwell 
of that ilk, then a family of some note, having given a chancellor 
to Scotland in 1349. 

Between 1340 and 1539, the family nams of More was changed to 
Mure, at which latter date, John, son of John Mure, inherited the 
estates of Caldwell, in Ayrshire. 


Arg. on a fesse, az. three mullets, of the first, within a border, angr. 
Crest. A Saracen's head, ppr. 
Motto. "Duris non f ranger." 


Transcribed by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ.. Aberdeen 

The founder and first deacon of the Church, now known as Belmont 
Street Congregational Church, Aberdeen, was a native of Skene, 
Aberdeenshire, and was born on the 29th June, 1764. He came to 
Aberdeen as a boy of thirteen, and was afterwards in the employment 
of Provost Abercrombie, Aberdeen, who was a stocking manufacturer 
in 1799. 

Thj Provost's business gave way, and Mr. Moir appears to have 
taken up the retail hosiery trade, on his own account. For that period 
he seems to have received a good education, a circumstance, coupled 
with his early establishment in business, which points to the comfort- 
able circumstances in which he had been reared. He became a burgess 
of Guild in 1796. There is abundant evidence that he was a thought- 
ful, intelligent, man, fairly entitled to the often loosely awarded 
epithet, "well read." He also had the habit of the pen, and has a 
good claim to authorship, although his works have never been printed. 
They consist of an "Occasional Diary," of much interest, and an 
incomplete series of letters designed for children, on the subject of 
Religion, and entitled, "A Poor Father's Legacy." These were 
methodically classified under distinctive headings, a storehouse of 
readily available subject matter — the tabulated gleanings of a man 
at once reflective and cultivated. Mr. John Bulloch, the historian, 
of Belmont Street Congregational Church — the first Congregational 
Church in Aberdeen — possesses a manuscript volume entirely of 
George Moir's own composition. In it there are no fewer than fifty- 
three poetical pieces. The following is a fair sample of his muse. 
It is entitled: — 


Once more, the blessed day I se^, 
When Jesus Christ, who died for me, 

Arose triumphantly — 
The dreary regions of the dead 
Could not confine my living Head, 

Or else my hopes would die. 

Awake, my eyes; arouse, my heart, 
Dull drowsiness away depart. 

For Jesus early rose — 
At early dawn, He left His grave, 
And all His en'mies did outbrave, 

And vanquished all my foes. 

360 MoiR Genealogy 

The pious Mary early sought, 

This Jesus who their pardon bought, 

Before the shadows fled, 
To the S'pulchre where he lay, 
They took the solitary way, 

And thought He still was dead. 

But lo! an angel, blazing, bright. 
In vestments of the purest white. 

Addressed the plaintive pair — 
Ye seek the Lord, be not afraid, 
He now is risen — as He said; 

Come, see, the Lord lay there. 

But go and tell His friends the same, 
And mention Peter out by name. 

Lest He be sore cast down. 
Though sin may hide His face awhile. 
When sinners weep, the Lord will smile, 

'Tis force that makes Him frown. 

But am I sure that He was raised ! 
Yes, for the Galileans gazed. 

While up to Heaven He flew. 
And I am sure He'll come again ! 
Yes, for His promise must remain 

A truth — if God be true. 

So early as 1792, George Moir, was favorably known as a public- 
spirited man, a man of practical benevolence. In that year he had the 
honor to found a charity under the quaint title of "The Sick Man's 
Friend Society." Among the many ways in which George Moir 
helped the church in its early years, was in placing his home at the 
disposal of the numerous "supplies," who came to officiate. What 
kind of a home that was, may be gleaned from a verse of the poem, 
"Wrote when I took up House." 

"Oh, let this humble house of mine, 

Be under Thy peculiar care; 
And, as a little church of Thine, 

Be daily sanctified with prayer." 

In the midst of this good man's many activities, and interests, the 
heavy hand of disease and death was laid on him. After a protracted 
illness on the 16th November, 1802, at the comparatively early age 
of 38, he closed a career, poor in years, but rich in experiences, and in 
service. He was predeceased by three children, and survived by two, 
a son and a daughter, the latter was a member of the church till 
her death. The first. Captain, in connection with the church of which 
George Moir was the founder, is thus registered under date 22nd 


(Civil Service over 40 Years' 

President of Turks Islands (Bahamas) 

Torlota (Virgin Islands) Dominica and St. 

Kitts, (West Indies) 

'A. Orange, Photo. Edinburgh) 


wife of 


(Stuart Photo. Glasgow) 

(See page 348) 

See page 3621 



MoiR Genealogy 361 

April 1799. — "This day, George Moir, hosier in Aberdeen, and Ann 
Smith, his wife, both members of this cliurch.had a son born, named 
George, baptised by Mr. Moseley of Longbuckley, Northamptonshire. 
The ordinance was performed in the chapel in the forenoon." 

(From Mr. John Bulloch's "Centenary Memorials of the First 
Congregational Church, Aberdeen.") 



Kindly furnished by HON. WILLIAM J. MOIR, of Eldora, Iowa. 

George W. Moir, patriot soldier, born 1839, in Stanstead, 
Province of Quebec, son of John Moir of Banff, Scotland, and Sophia 
Nicols. He was brother to John Nicol Moir of Stanstead, P. Q., and 
half-brother to William J. Moir, of Eldora, Iowa. He enlisted in the 
12th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and was elected 2nd lieutenant of that 
company — was in the Battle of Fort Donaldson, and on the Gth of 
April 1862, in the Battle of Shiloh, was slain while leading Company 
"A." He was buried at Eldora, Iowa. He had previously taught 
school for two years in Iowa. 

"He was a good man, mentally, morally, physically; as brave a 
man as ever drew a sword, and as good a brother as ever God gave to 


(See official letter elsewhere in this book, from the War Department Page 368 
at Washington, in reference to this gentleman. 



From "WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA." 1912 

John Muir was born at Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland, 21st 
April, 1838, a son of Daniel and Anne (Gilrye) Muir. He came 
to America in 1849, with his father, who settled in Fox River, 
Wisconsin, and cleared a farm. He entered the University of Wis- 
consin when 22, and graduated in 1864. He commenced his lonely 
journeys through Canada, Eastern and Western States, the North 
and the South; in 1868 after exploring the Yosemite Valley, he settled 
there, living alone on the mountains ten years, and making a particular 
study of glacial terraces in the Sierra Nevada — on this subject he wrote 
letters to newspapers beginning in 1871. He discovered in the High 
Sierra, 65 residual glaciers. He made his first trip to Alaska in 1879, 

362 MoiR Genealogy 

discovered Glacial Bay, and Muir Glacier, and explored the upper 
courses of the Yukon and MacKenzie rivers, and in 1880, accompanied 
the DeLong search expedition in the ^'Corwin" to the Arctic. 

He has written much for periodicals, urging the formation of 
National parks, and forest preservation; the Sequoia and Yosemite 
National Parks are due to his efforts. 

He was given the honorary degree of A. M. at Harvard University, 
1896; LL. D. from University of Wisconsin 1897; L.H.D. from Yale 
University in 1911. 

He is editor of "Picturesque California," and has written many 
books of great scientific value. He travelled in Russia, Siberia, 
Manchuria, India, Australia, New Zealand, South America in 1911, 
and in Africa 1911-12. 

His address is Martinez, California, U. S. A. 


By his brother, J. C. MOORE, published 1833 

Sir John Moore was born in Glasgow, November 13, 1761. 
He was a son of *Dr. John Moore, well-known as the author of 
"Zeluco." They were descendants of the Muirs of Rowallan in 
Ayrshire, and the Mures of Caldwell in Renfrewshire — whose 
ancestor was Elizabeth More, the queen of King Robert IL, of 

Sir John was appointed tutor to the young Duke of Hamilton, 
and this appointment was the means of procuring for him educa- 
tional advantages, by which he profited so much as to be called 
in after life, "The Most Cultivated Officer in the Army." He 
accompanied his father and the young Duke from court to court, 
to all the chief capitals of Europe. While travelling, he was sud- 
denly called in 1777, to join the 51st regiment. At this time he 
was 16 years of age. He served in America, till the peace in 1783. 
A year later, he was returned as a Member of Parliament for the 
united boroughs of Selkirk, Peebles and Linlithgow. In 1790, he 
resigned his seat in Parliament, and got an appointment as a 
Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army, afterwards rising through merited 
promotion to be Brigadier-General. In 1792, he went to Corsica, 
in the Mediteranean; in 1796, he was called to the Barbadoes in 
the West Indies. Two years later he took part in the Irish 
Rebellion, and was active in the battles of Wexford and Vinegar 
Hill. In 1799, he joined the expedition to Helder in Holland, and 

*Dr. John Moore was born in Stirling in 1730, and died in London in 1802. 
"Zeluco" was published in 1789. He was the first of his line to spell his name 
"Moore." the spelling was changed "for a difference." 

MoiR Genealogy 363 

the following year he accompanied Abercromby to the Mediter- 
ranean. He was some time in Egypt, diHtinguishing himself at the 
battle of Alexandria. He afterwards was prominent in Spain, 
Portugal and Sweden, and again in Spain, where he made his famous 
retreat from Napoleon, falling back quickly, fighting every day and 
invariably with success. 

It was on the 16th January, 1809, that Sir John Moore fought 
his last battle; he fell early in the day, and knew at once that his 
wound was mortal. His last hours were cheered with the knowledge 
of victory, and were spent in recommending his old friends, Graham 
and Colburne, to the notice of his Government. 

Sir H. Hardinge's description of these hours is in its way 
inimitable, and in it must be studied, how a modern Bayard 
should die in battle, every thought being for others, and none for 
himself, or the pains his wounds gave him. 

He was buried wrapped in a military cloak, in a hastily made 
grave, at midnight the same day, in the ramparts of Corunna, 
Spain. A monument has since been erected on the spot. 

The well-known poem, "The Burial of Sir John Moore," by 
Charles Wolfe, contains eight stanzas, of which the following are 
two: — 

"Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note. 
As his corse to the rampart we hurried; 
Not a soldier discharged his farewell shot 
O'er the grave, where our hero was buried. 

Slowly and sadly, we laid him down, 

From the field of his fame, fresh and gory; 

We carved not a Hne — we raised not a stone, 
But we left him alone in his glory." 




Gilbert Anderson of Finshaugh, (descended from a very old 
burgess race of "Bon Accord," appears to have been connected with 
the town of Aberdeen, so far back almost as any of the records of 
the town extend), married at Aberdeen, 29th May, 1576, Janet 
Moir, (who died 4th May, 1601), and had at least three children. 
Marjory, the younger of the three, married Andrew Jameson, an 
architect in Aberdeen. Their son was George Jameson, born 
1588, the celebrated painter, termed "The Scottish Vandyke," who 
married 12th March, 1624, Isobel Toasch, and had a large family, 
one of whom, Mary, married Prof. James Gregory. 

364 MoiR Genealogy 

"He (*George Jameson) was endowed by nature with an 
uncommon genius for portrait painting, which he discovered at an 
early period of life. After passing through the usual course of 
education at schools and college of the place, he went abroad and 
studied at Antwerp, being fellow-student with Vandyke, under the 
celebrated Rubens." 

He painted many portraits of Charles I, and many eminent 
men who flourished in the beginning of the 17th century, and many 
of his works are to be found in the possession of the principal 
families of Scotland. The finest collection of his works is at Tay- 
mouth Castle, the seat of the Earl of Breadalbane. (See illustration.) 


Of DR. JOHN MUIR, a very able man of byegone days, some 
good stories have been told. It was said that he used to mark his 
"heads" in shorthand on his finger nails, and this led to the saying, 
he has his sermon "on his finger ends." During the ten years con- 
flict, he was a non-intrusionist, and went to the very edge of coming 
out, but drew back at the last hour, joining the famous "forty thieves," 
led by Dr. Leishman of Govan. DR. MUIR was quite equal to the 
occasion, for on the Sabbath after the Disruption, he preached 
from 2 Samuel XV: ii, "And with Absalom went two hundred men 
out of Jerusalem, that were called; and they went in their simpUcity, 
and they knew not any thing." 

tWILLIAM MITCHELL, Baptized 13 September, 1736 

A stone which bore the annexed incomplete inscription, could not 
be found, when Mr. Robert Murdoch Lawrance visited Newhills 
Churchyard, near Aberdeen, May, 1908: — 

"There are also here interred, Mr. William Mitch eU, merchant, 

*George Jameson, born 1588, died 1644. He acquired large practice as a por- 
trait painter, and had among his sitters, many of the most celebrated Scotsmen of hia 
time. Among them James VI. and Charles I., Sir Archibald Johnston (Warriston), 
the great Marquis of Montrose, and the first Marquis of Argyle. According to his 
correspondence with Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy, his price for bust-size portraits, 
was 20 merks, or with a gold frame £20 Scots, and he engaged to turn out 16 por- 
traits in a period of three months. He was buried in Greyfriars churchyard, Edinburgh. 
His pictures have suffered much from re-painting, varnish or neglect. Perhaps the best 
examples of his work were seen in his portraits in the Glasgow Exhibition, 1911, of the 
Second Marquis of Huntley and his wife; also the portrait of himself by himself at the 
same place, now in possession of the Countess Dowager of Seafield. 

tKindly furnished by R. Murdoch Lawrance, Esq., of Aberdeen. 


Aberdeen, who died 10th May, 1816, aged 80. And of Mrs. Mary 
Fordyce, his spouse, who died 13th April, 1824, aged 82. James 
Lawrance, who died 10th April, 1843, aged 66. Also Elliot Mitchell, 
his spouse, who died 20th November, 1854, aged 74. Also Elizabeth 
Mitchell, spouse of the late David Morison, hat manufacturer, Mon- 
trose, who died 12th April, (date worn off). Also Mary Campbell, 
who died 12th January, 1886, aged 74." 

James Lawrance, above mentioned, was the father of Walter Law- 
rance, Fleet-Surgeon, Royal Navy, retired, who died at 5 East Craib- 
stone Street, Aberdeen, 17th January, 1902, aged 82, and was buried 
at AUenvale Cemetery, Aberdeen. Surgeon Lawrance was a native 
of Aberdeen. He was educated at the Grammar School, and at 
Marischal College. {Records of Marischal College, II., p. 493.) 
Whence he passed into the Royal Navy in 1841. He was promoted to 
Surgeon in 1852, Staff-Surgeon in 1854, and Fleet-Surgeon later, 
retiring with that rank, 1871. Surgeon Lawrance had an exceedingly 
interesting career, in the service of his country. During the 30 odd 
years in which his name figured in the active list of the British Navy, 
he served practically in all parts of the world. At various stages of 
his career, he served on board over a dozen different vessels — on the 
West African, Australian, and other stations — and naturally during 
the long and interesting period which covered his connection with the 
navy, he was an active participant in many important changes in the 
first line of defence. His service in the Australian Station was during 
a very lively epoch in the history of that colony, and he had many 
interesting recollections of his experiences in that quarter of the globe. 
He took out the last batch of convicts to Australia. 

It may be interesting to mention that the last vessel on which Fleet- 
Surgeon Lawrance served, was H. M. S. "C/ycfe," at Aberdeen, in 
the early seventies. Personally, Surgeon Lawrance was of a most 
genial, kindly disposition, and his friendship was appreciated by a 
wide circle of acquaintances. He was a keen conservative in politics, 
and a member of St. James' Episcopal Church, Aberdeen. He was 
survived by his wife, who is still (1912), hale and hearty. His portrait 
in uniform is given in "/w Memoriam," 1902. 

I. Andrew Moir (1673-1733), and Elizabeth Simpson of Thornton 

IL Jean Moir, eldest daughter (1701-1792), married William 
Mitchell, Newburgh. 

III. William Mitchell (1736-1816), merchant-burgess, married 

secondly, Mary Fordyce of Aquhorties. 

IV. Elliot Mitchell (1780-1854), married James Lawrance, manu- 

facturer (1777-1843), at 27 Albyn Place, Aberdeen. 
V. Elliot Lawrance died Ist August, 1886, aged 72, married 18th 
December, 1834, Alexander Ogston, manufacturer, Aber- 
deen. They had issue. Alexander Ogston was born 
9th May, 1799, and was afterwards of Ardoe, died 11th 
December, 1869, both were buried in Banchory- Devenick 
(Walter Lawrance. He married without issue, Hannah Bennet, 
daughter of Francis Bennett, M. A., of Brigg, Co. Lincoln.) 



Richard (or according to Camden, Thomas) De La More, came 
from Normandy with Duke William, and lost his life at the battle of 
Hastings, leaving a son, Sir Thomas de la More, who, to use the words 
of Camden, "built faire houses at Launceton in Cornwall; Halton in 
Cheshire; and More in Shropshire, giving to the latter place his 
paternal name." He married Constance, daughter of Robert de 
Unfrevil, Lord de Tours, and was ancestor to the Mores of More, Co. 

William More, Esq., of Larden, in 1491, (grandson of Richard More, 
of More and Larden) m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Berkeley, and had 
two sons, viz: Edward, his heir, and Thomas of Needham in Suffolk, 
whose son Robert, returned to Shropshire and was of Linley; he was 
buried at More, Mar. 20, 1604, leaving a son Richard, of whom presently. 
The elder son, Edward More, Esq., of Orleton, had three sons, viz: 
1, Thomas, his heir; 2, John, clerk of the exchequer, father of Sir 
Edward More, Knight of Oldham in Hampshire, and Eustice, the 
eldest son. Thomas More, Esq., who succeeded his father at Larden; 
m. and left at his decease a son and successor, Jaspar More, Esq., of 
Larden, who died in 1613, leaving three daughters only, one of whom 
m. Samuel More, the parliamentarian. The More of Larden estates 
passed to his cousin, Richard More, Esq., of Linley, who thus re-united 
the ancient estates of the family, being styled of More, Linley and 
Larden; he m. a sister of Sir Thomas Harris, of Boreatton, Bart., was 
sherriff in 1619, and represented the town of Bishop's Castle in the 
long or fatal parliament of Charles I. The part he took was decidedly 
anti-monarchial, and he appears early among the most active partisans 
of the parliament within the county, but he died Dec. 6, 1643, before 
the triumph of his party, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Samuel 
More, Esq., of More, Linley and Larden, who took a leading part in 
the civil commotions of Shropshire. He had scarcely paid the last 
rites to his father, when he was called upon to take command of 
Hampton Castle, one of the fortresses in Shropshire, which were at that 
time in the interest of parliament; and he gallantly sustained a month's 
seige, with but thirty-one men, against five hundred horse and foot. 
Subsequently, events crowned with success the party espoused by Col. 
More, as he is generally called; and he was actively engaged through- 
out the Interregnum in the internal regulations of Shropshire, of which 
he was returned to be one of the four representatives to the parliament 
summoned by Cromwell for Sept. 1656. His first wife, a dau. of his 
kinsman, Jaspar More, brought him three children. By a second mar- 
riage he had three sons and four daughters, one of whom m. Sir John 
Turton, a puisne judge of the King's bench. The sons were: 1, Richard 
his heir; 2, Thomas, a medical doctor, d. unmarried in 1697, aged 

MoiR Geneai^ogy 367 

69; 3, Robert of Linley, who m. Sarah, dau. of John Walcot, of 
Walcot, in Salop, and he had an only son, Robert, successor to his 
cousin, Thomas More of More and Larden, the eldest son. 

Richard More, Esq., of More and Larden, b. 1627, Member of 
Parliament, for Bishop's Castle from 1688 to his death 10 years after. 
M. in 1659, Ann, dau. of Isaac Pennington, Lord Mayor of London 
in 1643, by this lady, from whom he was divorced, he had no issue. He 
m., secondly, Dorcas Owen, and had with a younger son Richard, slain 
in battle in 1709, another son. 

Thomas More, Esq., of More and Larden, at whose decease in 1731, 
his estates passed to his cousin-germain, only son of Robert More of 
Lindley, (Third son of Col. More), Robert More, Esq., of Linley, 
M. P., F. R. S., b. in 1703, who was highly distinguished as a naturalist. 
He m. first in 1750, Ellen, dau. of Thomas Wilson, Esq., of Trevallyn, 
and had by her: 1, Robert, his heir; 2, Thomas of Larden Hall, who 
m. in 1795, Harriett, dau. of Thomas Mytton, Esq., of Shipton, Co. 
Salop, and dying in 1804, left issue, Robert Henry Gayer More, in holy 
orders, now of Larden Hall, Co. Salop, b. 20 June, 1798. Harriott 
Mary, m. to her cousin. The Rev. Thomas Frederick More. Mr. More 
m. secondly, Catherine, dau. of Thomas More, Esq., of Milliehope, 
which lady d. without issue in 1792. He died himself Jan. 5, 1780, 
and was succeeded at Larden by his second son, Thomas, and at Linley 
by his eldest son, Robert More, Esq., of More, Linley and Shelve, who 
was high sheriff of Salop in 1785; he m. 4. Aug., 1781, Eliza, dau. of 
James Taylor, Esq., of Much Hadham Herts, and had issue: 1, 
Robert Bridgeman of Linley Hall, high sheriff 1822, b. 29 April 
1788, d. unmarried 1851. 2, Thomas Frederick, now of Linley Hall, 
minister of the gospel, A. M., b. Jan. 19, 1790, m. 1831 his cousin, 
Harriet May, dau. of Thomas More, Esq., and has issue — Robert 
Jaspar More, and Harriet Louisa More. 3, Henry, an officer in the 
Peninsular war, d. in 1814; also four daughters: — 1, Catherine 
Louisa, m. 12 Feb. 1811, Thomas White, M. D., of Glastonbury 
and Exeter. 2, Charlotte, m. Arthur Neale, Esq., barrister-at-law 
Bellevue Co., of Stafford, and died 1828. 3, Laura Octavia, deceased. 
4, Olivia. Henry died 12 Jan. 1818. 


Sa. a swan, close, ppr. beaked, gu. all within a border engc. arg. 
Crests, 1st, an eagle, arg. preying upon a hare, sa. 2d, out of 
Ducal coronet, is a swan's head and neck ppr. 




Washington, D. C, Oct. 12, 1903. 
Hon. Buti^er Ames, 

Sir: — Referring to your letter of the 8th inst., in which 
you request for Alexander L. Moir of Lowell, Mass., 
certain information from the military records, I have the 
honor to advise you as follows: 
sepagesei. It is shown by the records that GEORGE W. MOIR 

mnamjMoir ^^^ mustered into service with Co. A, 12th Iowa In- 
agei87 fantry, as Second Lieutenant, November 25, 1861, and 

that he was "killed at the battle of Pittsburg, Tenn., 
April 6, 1862." 
See page 203 It is further shown by the records that one ROBERT 
BURNS MOIR was admitted to the Military Academy 
at West Point as a Cadet, June 17, 1890. 

Very respectfully, 
Chief, Record and Pension Office. 



(See Illustration) 

This tablet in Latin is on a building known as the Beid house, Old 
Aberdeen, which was built in 1676, the building taking the place of a 
very old building of the twelfth century known by the same name. 

The Old Beid House, Aberdeen (See illustration). 
In 1604, this property was "resigned" by Sir Thomas Gordoune of 
Cluny, Knight, and John Gordoune, Apparent of Avochie, by Peter 
Blackburn, then Bishop of Aberdeen, in favor of Alexander Lillie, then 
tenant; the croft of 40 roods or ells, lies in the east of the territory of 
Seattoun, on the east side of the road leading from Old Aberdeen to 
the Bridge of Don. From 1604 to 1670, no tenements stood on these 
"40 roods." The tenant of Bishop Blackburn's time became possessor 
and his heirs sold the subject to one of the magistrates of the Burgh 
who we find by a stone tablet in the wall near the inner door of the house 
has, in Latin, recorded the fact that he Baillie WILLIAM LOGAN 
and JANET MOIR, his lawful wife, ordered this house to be built 
in the year of our Lord 1676. Just one hundred and ten years 
afterward, 1786, the property came into the possession of Forbes of 
Seaton, and in that year he gave it with other tenements and lands, 
for Bishop Dunbar's Hospital, hard by the Cathedral gate. It is 
numbered 19 and 21 Don Street. 



The Moirs are a very old family in Aberdeenshire, for they are 
Reigned supposed to have settled in the County in the reign of *David II. 

' The tMoirs of Stoneywood were descended from a burgess family 

of that name, who appear in the records of the burgh about the middle 
of the 15th century. The first of the Moirs mentioned on the tomb- 
stone, John, was the son of jMr. WiUiam Moir, burgess, and in 1615 
Treasurer of Aberdeen, by his wife, Janet Rae. John Moir was born 
in 1620, and was first designed of Ferryhill and afterwards of Kermuck 
or Ellon. This estate was conveyed to Moir by the Kennedys, when 
they fled the country in 1657, and was sold in 1688 for the sum of 
^42,500 Scots. In a delightful sketch of the family, under the title 
of "**A Jacobite Family," contributed to the ^^ North British Review," 
by the late Dr. John Brown, author of "Rab, and his Friends," it 
is stated that the estate of Ellon was sold by Moir while in his cups, 
to BaUlie Gordon, a wealthy Edinburgh merchant, at a price greatly 
under its true value. 

About 1670, Moir entered into an agreement with Eraser, of MuchaUs, 
now Castle Eraser, for the purchase of that estate, but was afterwards 
persuaded to take instead the estate of StonejAvood, embracing Water- 
ton, CUnterty, andGreenbum. This was in 1671. Previous to this, 
however, he had married Jean, a daughter of James Sandilands, Town 
Clerk of Aberdeen, by his wife Marjory Burnett, and the issue of this 
marriage was at least four sons and three daughters. Of this family 
James succeeded his father in Stoneywood, John became an Advo- 
cate, and for a time filled the office of Town Clerk, formerly held by 
his grandfather, and William became the progenitor of the Moirs of 
Invemettie. John Moir died on the 15th November, 1674, in his 
54th year, and his widow married as her second husband, William 
Cumine of Auchry, and died as recorded on 5th August, 1687. 

James, II., of Stoneywood, born in 1659, was one of the Members 
of Parliament for the Shire, from 1689-1707, and acted as one of the 
Commissioners who were appointed for settling the Union. He was 
twice married, first on 10th July, 1683, to Mary, the eldest daughter 
of Bishop William Scroggie of Argyle, and a grand-daughter of Patrick 
Scougal, Bishop of Aberdeen. Of this marriage, there was issue, four 
sons and three daughters, of whom James succeeded his father in 

*Miscellany, Spaulding Club, I., p. 79. 

tHouses of Moir and Byres. See pages 106 and 146. 

JRefer to Mr. Burnet's article, "Ancestry of the Moirs of Scotstown and Barns," 
page 135. 

**The sketch of this Family appeared in the March number 1866, and afterwards 
in the (Horae Subsecivae), 3rd series. 

MoiR Geneaix)Gy 371 

Stoneywood, Roderick was drowned at eea, 1713-4, William, and 
Alexander who became Principal of St. Andrew's College. 

James Moir's second marriage was with Jean, a daughter of 
Alexander Abernethy of Mayen, and the widow of William Moir of 

Scotstown, and the issue of this marriage was three sons and two 
daughters. Of the sons, William became proprietor of Lonmay, and 
John, as recorded on the tombstone, died in 1720, at the early age of 
23 years. 

The Moirs were all ardent Jacobites, and in the '15, both father and 
son took a part, though evidently not of such prominence as to lead 
them into very serious trouble. Among the persons who "cam into 
Town with Earl Marchall the 20th Septr. and wer at the Proclama- 
tion" mention is made of "Ja. Moir of Stoniewood elder and j'ounger," 
while the elder Moir is further indicted as one of those "that mett in 
Mist. Hepburns, vintners, and afterwards came and insulted the 
Majestrates, and tooke possessione of the Armes and Amunitione," 
etc. The laird of Stoneywood would thus appear to have taken no 
inconsiderable part in connection with the local rising, and on the 
29th September, 1715, in the New Church (East), when the election 
of a Town Council was proceeded with, he was chosen one of the 
number. At his death in 1739, he was succeeded, as already stated, 
by his son, James III., of Stoneywood, who had by his wife, Jean 
Erskine, James IV,, of Stonejrwood, born 1710, who took such an 
active part in the 1745 rebellion, having been constantly with the 
Prince from his landing till the disastrous field of CuUoden. Stoney- 
wood was much sought after by the Government, but he managed 
to elude his pursuers, and the story of his wanderings and privations 
forms the bulk of Dr. Brown's interesting sketch. He at last managed, 
by the assistance of his wife, Margaret Mackenzie of Ardross, to get 
to Norway, where he remained till 1762, when he was permitted to 
return to Stoneywood, where he died in 1782, leaving a widow and 
two daughters. 

*The estate of Stoneywood passed away from the Moirs in 1789, 
when Maria Moir, with consent, disponed the lands to James Forbes 
of Seton. The family is now represented by Dr. William F. 
Skene, Historiographer Royal, who is descended from Jane, the other 
surviving daughter of James IV., and last laird of Stoneywood. 

An interesting story is told by William M. Moir, of Chicago, 
Illinois; (who claims descent from a branch of the Stoneywood 

At the rising in 1745, Stoneywood declared his intention of follow- 
ing Prince Charles — his wife objected, and said he would lose his 
estate, and maybe his head; the laird was determined, however, and 
called for his riding boots and his best horse. His wife, either through 
accident or design, emptied the contents of a kettle of boiling water 
on the legs of the laird, who leaped and roared. (Dr. John Brown 

*Annala of Woodside, Morgan, p. 174. 



in his "Jacobite Family," mentions this burn on the leg.) The Laird 
afterwards raised his tenants to fight against King George. An insult 
to one of his largest tenants made him mad, and the King's men came 
to their farm, and took away all their horses and cattle. Mrs. Moir 
went to the Commander-in-Chief and begged for their stock, he turned 
out an old mare to her, and told her to go and peddle fish with it. 
This was too much for Stoneywood, who at once headed all his friends 
and tenants of his estates to fight the King, everyone who had strength 
to carry a gun, or who could draw a dagger. 

The Prince's cause failed, and Stoneywood had to leave the country 
for a time, but finally he returned and declared allegiance to the king, 
in heart unwilling, which went to show force not subdued, as told 
when they went to family worship, a lady offered prayer, he spread 
his tartan plaid for her on the floor, she prayed for King George, 
when he gently pulled the plaid from her, and said, "Na, Na, my fine 
leddy, ye'U no pray for Geordie on my new plaidie." 


By ANDREW J. MITCKELL-GILL of Auchinroath, Rothes, N. B. 

(Written Mar. 7, 1904) 

Of the armorial bearings for the name in Scotland, there are in all 
five matriculations given in my book (pp. 46 and 47), and are all the 
Aberdeenshire families — more or less connected — when I say all — 
there is a sixth matriculation, 1796, not noticed by me, viz., Moirs of 
Leckie, Stirlingshire — 

"Argent, three mouritanian heads, couped and distilling three 
drops of blood, proper, banded of the first, a pearl in each ear of the 
second, in the centre a mullet gules." I should say that this family 
is probably a cadet of some of the Aberdeenshire branches. (As far 
back as the records go, this has not been proved — A. L. M.) The 
present Moir of Leckie, is paternally a Graham (1904), and inherits 
through a female. 

The point I want to draw to your attention, is that all the promi- 
nent persons of that name in Scotland, who were all more or less 
connected, belonged to Aberdeenshire; consequently, "it was the 
cradle of the race" from a genealogical and statistical point of view; 
of course, at the same time, we must also bear in mind, that it is a 
surname that may have been assumed by different people, in no way 
related to each other. 

In Aberdeenshire, the families of Moir of Stoneywood and 
Scotstown, were the most important in the 17th and 18th centuries, 
there were some 30 or 40 separate landed families in Aberdeenshire 
and district, of this number, only one — Moirs of Scotstown, is still 
Laird of the old acres. 


(Edited for the New Spalding Club (1912), by John Alexander Henderson F. S. O.. Scot) 
Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ., of Aberdeen 

Moir, William, admitted 24th July, 1744, apprenticed to Thomas 
Burnett ( 1722) , died before 13th April, 1764. 

Moir, William, admitted 8th December, 1853, third and youngest 
son of John Moir, farmer, Peterculter, and Agnes Middleton, his 
wife. Educated at grammar school, Aberdeen, Alumnus, Marischal 
College, 1838-40. Apprenticed to James Edmond (1821). Member 
of General Council, University of Aberdeen, Married Jane Shaw, 
with issue: — 

1. William|Moir, M.B., CM., Aberdeen, 1883, afterwards in 

practice in Australia. 

2. John Moir. 

3. Agnes Moir, married at Aberdeen, Dr. Eddie, and died in 


4. Elsie Moir. 

William Moir died at Aberdeen, 11th December, 1882. 

Pages 265 Moir, George, was an apprentice, but did not enter the Society. 

and 337 gQ^ of George Moir, vintner, Aberdeen. Born 1799, M.A., Marischal 
College, 1817, apprenticed to WUliam Stuart, (1804), from November, 
1817. Member Faculty of Advocates, admitted 5th July, 1825. 
Professor of Rhetoric, Edinburgh, 1838-40, and of Scot's Law, 1864. 
Sheriff of Ross-shire, 1840-58, and of Stirlingshire, 1858-68. Author. 
Married 12th July, 1830, Flora Tower (died 31st October, 1858), 
daughter of George Tower, Aberdeen. He died 19th October, 1870. 

Muir, Alexander, admitted 19th November, 1817. Third son of 
George Muir, farmer, Nether Leask, Slains, and Mary Gray, his 
wife. Born at Slains, 21st November, 1793. Alumnus Marischal 
College, 1809-12. Apprenticed to Thomas Sangster (1802). Some- 
time in partnership with James Mair (1823), firm being Sangster 
and Muir, and finally with John Allan (1841), firm being Muir and 
Allan. Fiars Juror, 1840. Proprietor of Loirston, Nigg. Married 
first, 11th August, 1831, Mary Ann Catherine Kilgour (died at 
Aberdeen, 27th April, 1837, aged 29), daughter of Patrick Kilgour of 
Woodside, with issue: — 

1. Patrick Muir, died 13th May, 1836, in infancy. 

2. George Falconer Muir, writer. 

Alexander Muir married second, at Aberdeen, 28th December, 
1847, Jane B. Ferguson (died at Aberdeen 21st January, 1849, aged 
26), eldest daughter of James Ferguson, advocate (1816). 

Alexander Muir died at Loirston House, 13th November, 1850. 

♦There are other Moir references, than those given here, in the volume. Some 
advocates had a Moir as their mother, or were near related by inter-marriage. 

R. M. L. 

Mostly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ., Aberdeen 

JAMES MOIR, Editor, 

"Henry, the Minstrel," or "Blind Harry," Author:— 

"The Actis and Deidis of the lUustere and Vailzeand Campioun, 

Schir William Wallace of Ellerslie." 

(Printed Edinburgh, 1889, 567 pages.) 

"Hector Boethius." Edited and translated by JAMES MOIR of 


(Aberdeen, 1894. 210 pages. New Spalding Club.) 

REV. JAMES MOIR: "Gaston Lichenstein," "When Tarbaro 
was Incorporated"; "Edgecombe Changes Her County Seat." 

(Richmond, Va., 1910, 27 pages.) 

JANE F. MOIR: "A Lady's Letters from Central Africa; a Journey 
from Mandala Shire Highlands to Ujiji, Lake Tanganyika, and Back. 

(Glasgow, J. Maclehose & Sons, 1891, 91 pages. Illustrated.) 


MoiR Genealogy 

JOHN MOIR: "Female Tuition; or an Address to Mothers 
on the Education of Daughters." 

(London, Murray and Highley, 1800, 288 pages.) 

FRANK L. MOIR is the author of a number of well known popular 
songs, among them being: — "By a Distant Sea," "Down the Vale," 
"Love is the Star," "Only Once More," "Somewhere," and 
"Where Norah Dwells." 

The Scottish Text Society, publishes "The Works of Sir Wil- 
liam Mure of Rowallan; Edited with Introduction, Notes, and 
Glossary, by William Targh, M. A., F. S. A., Scot." (Vol. I. and 
II., 1898.) 

The Maitland Club of Glasgow, publishes in a volume of mis- 
cellany: — "Obligation by John, Earl of CassUlis to Make Certain 
Payments to his Brother Hugh Kennedy, of Brunston, Upon Taking 
the Laird of Auchindrain's Life, Anno, MDCIL John Muir of 
Auchindrain, was Suspect of the Recent Assassination of Sir 
Thomas Kennedy of Cullean." 





Tablet in Wall of Old Beid House, Old Aberdeen 


MoiR Genealogy 377 

The Maitland Club also publishes the family papers of the Mures 
of Caldwell, known as the "Caldwell Papers, Dating from 1496 

Onwards." They contain many plates of illustrations, only 100 
copies were printed for private circulation. 

HENRY MOIR, F. F. A.,F. I. A., of New York City, is the author 
of a book used in Schools, Colleges and Universities, giving a complete 
course of instruction on Life Assurance, and the title to the book is 
"Life Assurance Primer, a Text Book, Dealing with the Practice 
and Mathematics of Life Assurance." 

There are twelve lengthy chapters and an appendix, the titles to 
some of which are, "Principles of Life Assurance," "Different Kinds 
of Life Assurance," "Mortality," "Interest," "Investments," "An- 
nuities," "Probability of Life," "Net Premiums," etc., etc. 

The above HENRY MOIR is Actuary of the Provident Life 
Assurance Society of New York, and is a member of the Actuarial 
Society of America. 

"A Jacobite Family," by JOHN BROWN, M.D., of Edinburgh, 

was published first in the North British Review of March 1866, and 
afterwards as a section of "Horae Subsecivae," published in various 
editions later. It is a very full account of the Moirs of Stonej^wood 
from first to last. 

Mittermaier, Carl Joseph Anton, "Capital Punishment, based 
on Professor Mittermaier's Todesstrafe." 

(London, Smith Elder & Co., 1865. 266 pages.) 


"Some Things That Trouble Young Manhood." 

(New York, 1899, 213 pages.) 

WILLIAM MOIR, butler to Sir H. Wilson of Leigh Hall in Derby- 
shire, England, is the author of the book: "Brewing Made Easy. 
Being a Compendium of All that Has Been Written on that Art." With 
directions for the making and preserving of made wines. (8vo. 1802.) 

(From "Biographical Dictionary of Living Authors," printed for 
Henry Colburn, London 1816, p. 236.) 


Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE. ESQ., Aberdeen 

A correspondent informs us that the family have been great book 
collectors. This is borne but by the fact, that when the late Julian 
Marshall, Esq., of Belzie Avenue, London, W. C, had his extensive 
and valuable collection of book-plate sold by Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkin- 
son & Hodge, London, occupying four days, 28th to 31st May, 1906, 
there were 93 different Moore, and 5 different Mure plates, exposed 
for sale. Only the following were mentioned in the catalogue, viz: — 
I. Sir Charles Moore, Jacobean. 

II. Moore or More, anonymous, Chippendale, lozenge, a rar6 
plate, not mentioned by Miss Labouchere. 

III. Henry Moore, Jacobean. 

IV. Step. Moore, Marlfield, Jacobean. 

V. Richd. Moore, LL. B., Chippendale. 

VI. Right Honourable Charles Moore, Lord Tullamore, 

VII. Edward Loftus Moore, Chippendale. 

VIII. Rev. Fowke Moore, Chippendale. 

IX. William John Moore, Chippendale. 

X. Will. Moore, Chippendale. 

XI. Henry William Moore, Chippendale, two states. 

XII. Nathl. F. Moore, festoon, by Maverick (Allen No. 586). 

XIII. Earl of Moore, Drogheda, Chippendale. 

XIV. Jas. Mure, ch. ch. Chippendale. 
XV. Mr. Baron Mure, Chippendale. 

Subscribers to "Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect," by Andrew 
Shirrefs, A. M. (Edinburgh, 1790.) 

MR. GEORGE MOIR, Aberdeen. 
REV. GEORGE MOIR, Peterhead. 
MR. JOHN MOIR, printer, Edinburgh. 

Subscribers to "James Fordyce's Hymns." (This was printed 
for the publisher, at Aberdeen, 1787, by A. Leighton.) 
MR. MOIR, baker, Peterhead. 
WILLIAM MOIR, Aberdeen. 
JAMES MOIR, Aberdeen. 
GEORGE MOIR, Aberdeen. 
GEORGE MOIR, Fraserburgh. 


From an old and very scarce book: "Aberdeen Municipal Elec- 
tion Poll Book of the 2nd Ward, 1842," the following Moirs are regis- 
tered: — 


ANDREW MOIR, surgeon. 

BENJAMIN MOIR, provision merchant. 

DAVID MOIR, tailor. 

ROBERT MOIR, wine merchant. 

Of William John Moir, (whose genealogy ia to be found on 
page 187) an amusing incident is thus related. He got his second 
name from a girl by the name of Harriet Bates, when he attended 
the Academy at Derby Centre, Vermont. When Norcross, the 
principal, on the first day of the school term, was calling for the 
names of the pupils, she, sitting beside Moir, said, "When the prin- 
cipal calls for your name, you say 'William J. Moir,' " so to please 
her, he did so. On leaving the room, he asked what name he was 
indebted to her for, she said Jehosophat, he demurred at that name, 
so to please him, she said, if he did not like that name, he might 
take the name of his father, and that pleased him, he has retained 
the name of William John Moir to this day. 


Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ., of Aberdeen 

Moore, Frances Moore, Esq., (London, 11th May, 1829.) 

Moore, General, (Bath, 1827.) 

Moore, George James, Esq., (9 Pall Mall, East, London, 19th 

March, 1829.) 
Moore, Harriett, nurse to Robert Burslem's family, (Cheltenham, 

29th July, 1836.) 
Moore, Lieutenant-General P., (Bath, 16th March, 1827.) 
Moore, Master Charles, Coulfield, (Cheltenham, 6th October 1829.) 

Two portraits. 
Moore, Mrs. F., (Bath 16th March, 1827.) 
Moora, Mrs. Elizabeth, Turnham Green, (London, 24th April, 

**Moore, Ponsonby, Esq., (Cheltenham, 15th October, 1827.) 
Moore, Rev., of Limerick, Ireland, two portraits. (Cheltenham, 

11th and 12th August, 1829.) 
Moore, Rev. Dr., Rector of St. Poncras, London, (Cheltenham, 6th 

September, 1829.) 

Moore, Rev. William, Brimsfield Rectory, (Cheltenham, 6th Oct., 

Moore, Richard, Esq., (Bath, 26th February, 1827.) 
More, Master Thomas, adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Edmond P. 
Patershall, of Allensnore House, Herefordshire, (Chelten- 
ham, 29th July, 1829.) 

More, Miss, (Edinburgh, Ist February, 1830. ) 

Muir, Miss Susan, (Liverpool, 3rd June, 1837.) 

Muir, Robert, Esq., 22 St. Vincent Street, (Glasgow, 30th January, 

Muir, Thomas, Esq., Muir Park, (Cheltenham, 3rd October, 1836.) 

The list given above, are those of the names aforementioned, who 
were silhouetted by the celebrated August Edouart, (1789-1861), 
silhouettist to the Royal Family of France, and to H. R. H., the 
Duke of Gloucester. Edouart practiced his art chiefly in the British 
Isles and in America. 

*The odd art of silhouetting is practically dead now; but early in last century, 
before photographing was discovered, silhouetting was quite popular. 

♦♦This gentleman is mentioned elsewhere in this book. 

MoiR Genealogy 381 

He not only wrote the name of every sitter, date when taken, 
but also, place where taken. He also cut each portrait in duplicate 
from black folded paper. A list, numbering some 5200, was pub- 
lished by Messrs. Debenham and Freebody, of Wigmore and Walbeck 
Streets, London, W., in 1913. 


Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ.. Aberdeen 

In 1902, Arthur Charles Fox-Da vies sent out a circular, seeking 
information on various gentlemen, legally entitled to bear arms. 
Amongst them, the undernoted: — 

I. Moor, Henry Isaac, East Grinstead, Co. Sussex. 
II. Moore, Blandford Forum, Co. Dorset. 

III. Moore, Langley Lodge, Gerard's Cross, Co. Bucks, and 


IV. Moore of Corswall (1851). 

V. Moore, Hon. Charles, Moorecourt, Springwood, Blue Moun- 
tains, New South Wales. 
VI. Moore, John (formerly Mulcail), of the City of Dublin. 
VII. Moore, John, of Bristol, and of Ireland. 

VIII. Moore, William Cameron, Manchester, and of Bamford, 
Co. Derby. 
IX. Moore, Gordon, of Mooresfort, Co. Tipperary. 
X. Muir of Cassencary (1773). 
XI. Muir of Deanstown, Lord Provost of Glasgow (1892). 
XII. Mure of Caldwell (1779). 
XIII. Mure, James, London (1868). 

MOIR, JOHN, "History of the City of Aberdeen." (Edinburgh, 


MOIR, JOHN, "A Short History of the City of Aberdeen." 

(Edinburgh, 1825.) 

The foregoing items are mentioned at page four, in a "Concise 
Bibliography of the History of the City of Aberdeen and its Institu- 
tions," by James Fowler Kellas Johnstone, Aberdeen, April, 1903. 

382 MoiR Genkai,ogy 


These articles were furnished by JAMES M. A. WOOD, ESQ., of Aberdeen 

"JOHN MOIR, Burgess of Forres, in 1578," (Reg. Privy Council, 
II., 667). "His goods are escheated alone, with those of the Sheriff 
of Morey, and others, for unlawfully committing and doing dili- 
gence against Alex'r. Winsister, Minister of Elgin, whom they 
accused of slaughter of Elizabeth Dunbar, 21 April, 1578." 

(Reg. Privy Council, II., 686.) 


"22 June, 1566, DAVID MOIR, in Braidhauch, was mutilated by 
Alex'r. Forbes of Auchintowill. He was mutilated of his left arm, 
and compeared before the Council on 22 June, 1566, and the Lords of 
Secret Council in respect of his poverty, and of the oppression done 
to him by Forbes, ordains the latter to inf eft by charter and sasine, 
the said DAVID MOIR, his heirs and assignees in all and haiU, the 
lands of Braidhauch with the pertinents, held by the said Alexand^ 
Forbes, blench for payment of one penny allenarly, if it be required 
at the feast of Whit-Sunday," (Reg, Privy Council I, 469.) 


"*JOHN MOIR of Aberargie, was married to Isabella Kinnaird, 
daughter of John Kinnaird, portioner of Inschmichael. JOHN 
MOIR and his wife were both alive, on 7th July, 1661." 

(Special Ser. II., Perthshire.) 

"In March, 1643, JOHN MOIR serves heir general to his father, 
JOHN MOIR, in Aberargie." (Gen. Ser.) 


"31 July, 1630, ROBERT MOIR in Plains de Kirkcaldie, serves 
heir special, to his father JOHN MOIR, in tenements "terrae con- 
tinente rudam terrae intra territorium de Kirkcaldie et re Salitatem 
de Dumferling, prope finem arientalem appido de Kirkcaldie E. 18d," 

(Special Ser. I., Fifeshire.) 


"JONETA MOIR, spouse of Robert Murray, between 14 Nov., 
1632, and 8 Jan., 1633, serves heir special to her brother JOHN 
MOIR in an annual return of 300 merks (Scots), from a tenement in 
Edinburgh." (Special Ser. I., Edinburgh, 711.) 

*See Dtmblane Testamente; the Aberargie Moirs were a branch of the Doune 
Moirs. Pages 100 to 103. 

MoiR Gknkai,ogy 383 



'4 May, 1630, MARIOLA MOIR, Bervea heir portioner in 
general to her brother JOHN MOIR, burgess of Aberdeen (Gen. 
Services). JONETA MOIR, her sister who was wife of Robert Murray 
at Christ's Church, also serves, on same day, heir portioner general to 
her brother, the said JOHN MOIR." (Gen. Ser., II.) 


There is an incident thus recorded in the Farr Collections: — 
"During the troubles of 1688-9 (The Covenanters), the family of 
Rothiemurchus and some of the neighbors were obliged to take refuge 
in the castle of Loch-an-Eilean, their own property. During their 
residence there, they were attacked from the shore, while a smart fire 
of musketry was kept up from the castle to carry on. Grizel More, 
the Lady Rothiemurchus, who was a clever, active woman, was 
busily employed all the time of the attack, in casting leaden balls 
for the defence." 

There is a fine painting of Grizel More at the Doune, owned by 
the late William Patrick Grant, of Rothiemurchus. She is described 
as a lady of great size, and she lived to a very advanced age. 

(From "Inverness, Parish by Parish." by Charles Frazer Mac- 
intosh, F. S. A.) 

Another story of Grizel More of Rothiemurchus may be given: — 
"Quite unexpectedly, two great men, one Catholic, the other Pro- 
testant, accompanied by their Chaplains, arrived at the Doune to 
dinner. Grizel was at her wits end which of the Chaplains, to avoid 
offence, should be asked to say grace. The difficulty was solved 
by her saying grace herself, and in Gaelic, but unhappily, her words, 
probably unique, are not recorded." 

(From "Inverness, Parish by Parish," by Charles Frazer Mac- 
intosh, F. S. A.) 

In the records of Marischal College, and University; Vol. 3 of the 
New Spalding Club publications, there is a colored illustration of the 
Heraldic Ceiling in the old Marischal College, circa 1682, from the 
painting by Alexander Dingwall Fordyce, Esq., circa 1833 — previous 
to the demolition of the old building. 

The key to the plate says, "6a Sinister, or Western Row, — 
William More of Hiltone, benefactor; and a plate containing the 
arms of Moir of Hilton, with date, 1681." There is a blue wreath 
circling the head, and where the neck ends, red. 



Mr. James Cruickshank, of the official staff of the Messrs. Pirie, 

who now own the Stoneywood Estate, says of the cut produced in this 
book of the Old Stoneywood Mansion House: — "This is a fair repre- 
sentation of the old building, judged by such documents as are still 

Thomas George Dundas, of Carronhall and Fingask, son of Joseph 
Dundas (who died at Carronhall in 1872), by Margaret Isabella, 
youngest daughter of GEORGE MOIR, ESQ., of Denmore, Aber- 
deenshire, was born in 1853, and is a lieutenant in the 52nd Foot. The 
name of Dundas is very ancient, it may be traced to Cospatrick, first 
Earl of March. Sir John Dundas of Fingask, in Perthshire, who 
flourished about the middle of the sixteenth century, was descended 
from Alexander, eldest son by a second marriage of James Dundas, 
of Dundas, eleventh from Earl Cospatrick, with Christian Stewart, 
daughter of John Dominus de Innermeath et Lorn. This lady was 
aunt to the Black Knight of Lorn, who married Jane, Queen of Scot- 
land, daughter of John, Duke of Lancaster, son of Edward IIL, and 
relict of James L 

(From article "County Aristocracy,'" History of Stirlingshire by 
William Nimmo, Vol. II., p. 111.) 



"The Town Council yetserday, by the very unmistakable majority 
of 38 to 4, rejected MR. MOIR'S motion for that which might result 
in the promiscuous use of the West End Park, and adopted a proposal 
made by BaillieGemmill, to remit the matter to the consideration of 
a committee. Having recently dealt with this subject pretty fully, 
we need not now do more than express the opinion that the Council 
has come to a very judicious conclusion. We truly believe that MR. 
MOIR does not desire that the park should be used in such a manner 
as to be destructive to its beauty and amenity; but his motion was 
urged in such a dogmatic and brow-beating style that it had a danger- 
ous look about it, and the Corporation very properly asserted its dignity 
by rejecting his proposal in a manner very decided. MR. MOIR 
tells us that he will make use of the park in spite of the restrictions 
with which it has been surrounded for the public benefit, and that he 
will figure upon the grass this day at twelve o'clock, where, if he likes, 
he may dance a fandango by way of asserting his own rights as a 
proprietor of the soil, as well as proclaiming and showing off the privi- 
leges of a much abused and long-suffering community. We would 
advise him to stay at home. Even though he should take a caper on 
the grass, and throw down his mitten in token of defiance, we do not 
think the Magistrates will make a martyr of him for his agility. If 
he does go as the embodiment of a grievance, which, by the way, has 
not yet been felt, he will only take a leaf out of the book of the petted 
body, who made a fool of himself for the amusement of other people." 

(From "The Glasgotv Herald," July 20, 1860.) 

"We regret to find from an extract published today, that "The 
Glasgow Herald" of 1860, was not sound upon the proper use of public 
parks. It devoted nearly a column leader, to chastising Mr. Moir, 
in terms politely sorrowful — for Mr. Moir was a councillor of ap- 
proved public service — because he advocated a fuller use of the 
recently acquired Kelvingrove, by which he evidently intended the 
uprooting of warnings to "Keep Off the Grass." Mr. Moir, whose 
liberal views shocked the Council and the press, startled both still 
more, by going to the park and rolling down the grass banks, by wa}' 
of protest against peddling restrictions. We doubt of any councillor 
would do so to-day. But the complaint was recently made here, and 
so far as we are aware, it has not been redressed, that a large part of 

*The above Baillie, Hon. James Moir, was a tea merchant, and there was a atreft 
named after him, formerly called, "James Moir Street;" the street is now named 
"Moir Street." It is not far from Bridgeton Cross. 

386 MoiR Genealogy 

the grass in Queen's Park is shut to the citizen, in order that it may 
earn a very few pounds a year for grazing rent. That is a penny wise 
policy, which should be abandoned." 

(From "The Glasgow Herald." July 20, 1910. 

The curious square belfry of three unequal stories in the old church 
at Muthill, Perthshire, in some of the upper windows of which there 
are traces of Norman or Romanesque architecture, is an entire and 
interesting object of antiquity. The remaining walls and pillars of 
the old church, which is said to have been erected by Bishop Ochiltree 
of Dunblane (1430-1445), are good examples of the architecture of 
the period, and under their shadow lie several stone effigies, the refuted 
figures of the lords and ladies of Stratheam. Four miles south of 
Muthill, is a Roman Camp at Ardoch. (See illustration.) 

"The Associate Congregation of Menteith, now the Bridge of 
Teith Congregation, at Doune, originated at a service conducted by 
the noted preacher Rev. Ebenezer Erskine, at CessintuUy in 1740. 
McKelvie states that a tent having been set up at the end of Thornhill, 
Moir (?) on land belonging to the Earl of Moray, MR. MORE, his factor, 
applied to the Sheriff of Dunblane, to interdict its use and have it 
removed. He appeared eta the ground with the interdict in his pocket 
as the people were engaged singing these lines which the preacher 
had given out: 

'Why rage the heathen, and vain things 
Why do the people mind?' 
He retired without serving the interdict, and refrained from molest- 
ing the seceders ever afterwards." 

(From "The Stirling Antiquary") 

Mitchell's "Scotsman's Library," page 24, contains the following 
anecdote: — 

"MOIR of STONEYWOOD, having obtained a pardon and the 
restoration of his estates after the rising of the '45, returned home. 
Soon after, meeting one of his tenants, he was asked, 'Weel Laird, 
what sail it be noo ? Sail it be Steeny wud or Wud Steeny ?' " 

Charles Stewart, the young Chevalier dined on the afternoon of 
Sept. 13, 1845, at Leckie House, the seat of a Jacobite gentleman 
named MOIR, who had been seized on the preceding night in his bed 
and hurried to Stirling Castle by the dragoons, on suspicion that he 
was preparing to entertain the Chevalier. 

{"Rebellion in Scotland," P. 73, by Robert Chalmers.) 

MoiR Genhaix)GY 387 

"There is a story of a lover who was to win his mistress by carrying 
her to the top of a mountain, and how he did win it, and how they 
ended their days on the same spot." 

This story forms the subject of DAVID MACBETH MOIR'S 
poem of "Genevieve." 

(From ''Casquet of Literature," Vol. 3, page 243.) 


From a Manuscript in the Handwriting of MR. JAMES RETTIE 
("W." in ABERDEEN WEEKLY JOURNAL, June 23, 1911.) 

[The following song, as an item of local lore, and illustrating the 
jolly-good-fellowship of citizen life in a generation long gone by, is 
I think, worth preserving. The date is somewhere about 1840-5. 

ROBERT MOIR, wine merchant, who lived long in Peacock's 
Close, Castle Street, built very excellent and extensive premises in 
the shape of wine cellars, etc.. No. 23 Adelphi Court. He gave a 
dinner in the cellars to his friends as a sort of fire kindling. The fol- 
lowing song was written for the occasion by William Allardyce, wine 
merchant, and was sung by John Angus, advocate, town clerk. 
Most of the worthies (wine merchants) named in the song, were 
present. The air is an adaptation of "Langolee. ") 

"Hail to our host! who in business advances, 

Onward till first he will be in the line; 
Long may his roof-tree, as well as finances. 
Flourish and prosper, supported by wine. 
Heaven send it paid when due. 
Orders for Old and New — 
Gaily he'll bottle and crusted stock grow; 
While every dealer then 

Sends back for Moir* again, 
Moir's Wine for ever ! O, ho ! iero ! ! 

There is no liquor mixed up from the fountain. 

Bottled in autumn, in winter to fade; 
From the Cape to the Hermitage, on to the mountain, 
Moir shall be found to exalt him in trade. 

Claret as well as Hock, 

Port, what a noble stock. 
Thicker he crusts him the older it grows, 

From Moray to Angus then. 

Echo his praise again, 
Moir's Wine for ever ! O, ho ! iero ! ! 

♦Formerly pronounced "More," the original form of the name. 

388 MoiR Genealogy 

Loudly his circular threatens all ruin, 

And *Bannerman's hands they will quickly be tied; 
tHacket and Allardyce smoke what is brewin', 

And the stock of JGeorge Thomson lies dead by his side; 

**Blaikie must quit the trade, 

ttForbes shall lose our aid. 
And tJDuthie, his old master, and ***Calder & Co.; 

tttBlack and JttJohn Lumsden then 

Quake when they hear again, 
Moir's Wine for ever ! O, ho ! iero ! ! 

Now, my lads, fill ye a bumper, good-fellows. 

Pledge me his health in the rosy-red wine; 
O were the Bacchante that graces his cellars 

Some nymph, by the torch-light of Hymen to shine; 

Oh that some seedling gem. 

Worthy of such a name. 
Honoured and blessed in their nursery might grow; 

Loud should the deepmost bin, 

Send the shout back again, 
Moir's Wine for ever! O, ho! iero!!" 

[Another edition of this song (whether by Allardyce or not, is not 
known), was also sung by Mr. Angus, at a meeting of the Mary 
Culter Club, when Mr. Moir was in the chair. ] 

(From "Aberdeeen Weekly Journal," 23 June, 1911.) 

The following notice appeared in an Edinburgh newspaper in 1896: 
"Information wanted of ALEXANDER MOIR, last heard from 
in Washington, D. C, U. S. A., address his mother, MRS. MOIR, 
8 Minister Lane, Aberdeen, Scotland." 

Another notice appeared Feb. 1912, in a Boston, Mass., newspaper 
as follows:— "Information wanted of CHARLES A. LE MOIR, wife 
and three-year old baby. Last known in May last, at 48 Union Park, 
Boston. Important." 

"ANDREW MDIR, who left Scotland, in 1903, is inquired for by 
his mother, who lives (1912), in Glasgow. When last heard from, he 

was in Washington, D. C." 

{Scottish American, Oct. 16, 1912.) 

♦Bannerman's business was in Mariachal Street, Nos. 59 and 60. 

tHacket and Allardyce, 40 Union Street. Mr. Allardyce lived at TuUoa. 

JGeorge Thomson, 21 Regent Quay. 

♦*Blaikie {?) at Causewayend. 

ttForbes, 38 Castle Street. 

ttDuthie, lived at Broadford Place. 

***Calder & Co., Green. 

tttBlack, Concert Court, Broad Street. 

tttj. Lumsden, 95 Union Street, 

MoiR Gbnbai,ogy 389 

MR. GEORGE MOIR, artist, who drew one of the four pictures 
etill preserved to posterity, in 1814, of the Castlcgate in Aberdeen. 
His view was selected to be reproduced in the historical work "Abet- 
deen in Bygone Days," published by Robert Anderson in 1910. 

Allan Ramsay, in his "Selected Writings," pp. 282-284, mentions 
among other old time merchants, who did business in the Narrow 
Wynd of Aberdeen, early in the nineteenth century, — "JOHNNY 
MOIR, a grocer with pigtail, white neckcloth, and Hessian boots with 
dangling tassels." 

"MURE of ROWALLAN," is mentioned in James King Hewi- 

son's book, on "The Covenanters of Scotland." Vol. 2, p. 187, as one 
of a number of "some Westland gentlemen most likely to lead the 
Covenanters, if occasion served" and was with the others, "ordered 
to be incarcerated in fortresses." The date, 10th Feb., 1666. 

In the same volume p. 367, is an account of a Captain Kilpatrick, 
an oflBcer, at Thomhill, Perthshire, where a number of MOIR an- 
cestors record their birth, "was accused by two merchants of that town, 
David Ralston and Robert Young, of stealing their packs and money, 
binding them, and despatching them to prison in Edinburgh. A 
process was ordered," another case of the same kind is recorded in 

Various petitions prove that many men, women, mothers, babes, 
and youths lay for long periods without being charged, some dying 
of neglect, and others from the foulness of the dungeons." All in the 
name of religion. 

WILLIAM MUIR of Glanderston, afterwards of Caldwell, while 
sympathetic with the non-conforming party, or covenanters, Muir 
had lived regularly and orderly, keeping out of the clutches of the 
despots. Unhappily he took fever. His household sent for a respect- 
able apothecary in Paisley, of the unfavorable name of Sprewl, to 
bleed him in his unconsciousness. That was enough. Sprewl was 
a registered suspect, and the Council would bleed more if need be. 
Muir was sent to prison and to the bar of Justiciary Court, on 8th 
August, 1682, from which he was discharged, the indictment being 
departed from. 

(From "The Covenanters of Scotland, from the Reformation to the 
Revolution." Vol. 2, p. 388. by James K. Hewison.) 

"JAMES MUIR was one of three men who were hanged 22d 
February, 1684, for refusing to say "God save the king," in the 
prelatic sense of acknowledging the absolute authority of the King 
in all causes." (From Hewison's "Covenanters of Scotland," Vol. 2, 
p. 418.) 


John Stirling, one of the Covenanters of Edinburgh, one of a num- 
ber of ministers of good stern quality, who with other clergymen, 
was arrested by the soldiers of King Charles I., for his adherence to 
the National Covenant, and committed to prison in Edinburgh Castle 
It was this man who wrote from his prison cell to his Kirk-session, 
"Yet this is my comfort, that whatever the world say or believe, the 
cause I sufFer.for is the Lord's, and no less than the avowing of His 
marriage contract in a sworn covenant betwixt the three Kingdoms." 

This gentleman (runs a tradition in the family) was an ancestor 
of JANE STIRLING of Doune, who was the beloved wife of 
GEORGE MOIR, and who raised a large family, whose descendants 
are now scattered over Scotland and America. 

WILLIAM MURE of CaldweU, was Captain of the 82nd British 
Regiment during the American Revolutionary War. He was twice 
taken prisoner, the second time at the surrender of Yorktown. He 
was rector of Glasgow University 1793-1794; as rector, he is often 
referred to as one of the foremost Greek scholars of his time. He 
was a friend from boyhood of Sir John Moore. He married Ann, 
daughter of Sir James Hunter Blair, and died in 1831. 

Robert Bums, the Scottish poet, presented to Mrs. Robert Muir 
of Tarbolton, Ayrshire, a pair of silver sugar tongs, which were 
exhibited at the Glasgow Historical Exhibition, 1911. 

In looking through the baptismal registers of Muthill, Perth- 
shire, there was noted the registration of (afterwards Baroness) 
Caroline Oliphant Naime, the gifted Scottish poetess, the daughter 
of Lawrence Oliphant, of the "Auld hoose of Gask." She was born 
16th August, 1766. Her father was one of the most ardent sup- 
porters of the Jacobite Cause, and she was named Caroline, in memory 
of Prince Charlie. She wrote some of the very best Scottish songs, 
nearly all of which have a Jacobite ring to them. 


There is a lengthy ballad of fifty verses of four lines each, entitled 
"Lang Johnny Moir," printed in the "Ballad Minstrelsy of Scot- 
land." The opening verse has a fine ballad ring about it, thus: — 

"There lives a man in Rynie's land, 

Another in Auchindore, 
The bravest lad amang them all 

Was Lang Johnnie Moir." 

(The present day spelling of Rynle is Rhynie, and that of Auchin- 
dore is Auchindoir.) 

MoiR Ghneai.ogy 391 

According to a correspondent, "LANG JOHNNIE MOIR" had 
his castle at the foot of Benachie mountain, near Aberdeen, and there 
are a number of MOIRS now near that locality who claim rolation- 
ahip to him, and a characteristic of the branch, is the exceptional 
height — above six feet. 

DAVID MOIR, D. D., Bishop of Brechin, succeeded to the Parish 
church of St. Matthews, Meldnim, Aberdeenshire, in 1862. During 
his incumbency, the present beautiful church of St. Matthew's was 
built, and consecrated on St. Matthew's day, 1863, by the Right Rev. 
Thomas George Suther D. C. L,, Bishop of Aberdeen. MR. MOIR 
also serves as minister of All Saints, Whiterashes, a beautiful little 
church built by Major John Ramsay of Barra and Straloch." 

(Thanage of Fermartyn, p. 271.) 

In Dr. William Findlay's "Robert Burns and the Medical 
Profession," published by Alexander Gardner, Paisley, in 1898, 
there is the following references: 

Chapter III. Dr. John Moore, London, son of an Episcopal 
Clergyman at Stirling, pp. 35-50. With Portrait, by kind permission 
of Blackie and Son, Glasgow; and another from an old painting by 
Sir Thomas Lawrence, P. R. A., with kind permission of James L 
Caw, Esq., of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. 

Chapter VI. Dr. David Macbeth Moir, (Delta). Page 91. With 
Portrait, by kind permission of Blackie and Son, Glasgow. 

There is also a reference to a Robert Muir, Kilmarnock, (page 
15) Dr. Wilh'am Moore, Kilmarnock (page 15); and Colonel Mure of 
Caldwell, author of "Travels in Greece," (page 96.) 

-JOHN FORBES MOIR, son of the late WILLIAM MOIR of 
Park, Aberdeenshire, died 28th April, 1890, at 16 Clanricarde Gardens, 

From the "Free Press," Aberdeen May 1, 1890. 

*The name ia mentioned in the Moirs of Scotstown. See page 139. 



1. Rorie More's Horn, date 1610. This Horn is one of the Family Treasures 
at Dunvegan Castle in the Isle of Skye. In ancient days it was con- 
sidered a Test of the Manhood of a MacLeod at his coming of age 
that he should be able to drink its contents at one draught. It dates 
from about 1600, when the chief was Roderick or Rorie MacLeod, 
who was knighted by James VI. Sir Roderick built a considerable 
part of the existing Castle of Dunvegan, and the Waterfall, near the 
Castle, is known as the " Nurse of Rorie More," from the tradition 
that its sound acted as a lullaby to the chief. 

(Lent by MacLeod of MacLeod.) 

2. Testimonial from Thomas Carlyle, dated 6th May, 1861, to the late 

John Macrae Moir. (Lent by Mrs. J. L. Eskdale.) 

3. Captain Robert Moir. The oflScers of the 3rd Battalion, Gordon High- 

landers, lent to the Glasgow Kxhibition, 1911, the Presentation 
Sword to Captain Robert Moir, Aberdeenshire Militia, by the non- 
commissioned officers and privates of his company, 10th May, 1805. 

4. Painting of Willam Marshall, violinist and composer, born at Fochabers, 

1748; died 1833. Painted by "Moir." 

(Lent by Miss Cruickshank. ) 

5. Two views of Rowallan Castle, Ayrshire, a very picturesque old house, 

built by John Muir in 1562. A much older tower, in a ruinous con- 
dition, forms part of the buildings, and was the residence of the 
Muirs from a very early date. Rowallan was the birthplace of 
Elizabeth More or Muir, first wife of King Robert II., of Scotland. 

6. "Celtic Literature." A Gaelic book on the Sacrament of Jesus Christ, 

printed in 1794. Written by J. Moir. 

7. " Stuart and Jacobite relics," James Moir of Stoneywood, (From a Por- 

trait belonging to Miss Skene, a great grand-daughter). 

'.'I'SKprv^-^-sr..:- jy-^r-. 



Glasgow, Scotland 


),ft7? ^^' i^"^"''^'?'?^;, Sc^J^rlC^^ 




MoiR Gknkai,ogy 393 

8. Rev. Professor William Milligan, D. D., Minister of Kilconquhar, 

1850; Professor of Biblical Criticism, University of Aberdeen, See page 177 
1862. One of the Company of the Revisers of Authorized Transla- 
tion of New Testament; Distinguished Commentator, and Author 
of valuable books on "The Resurrection," "Ascension and 
Heavenly Priesthood of our lK)rd," etc.; first President of Scot- 
tish Church Society, 1892; Moderator of the General Assembly 
of 1882; father of Rev. Professor George Milligan, Glasgow Uni- 
versity. William was a son-in-law of Delta, (A) David Macbeth 
Moir, the Scottish Poet. 

9. "Sports and Pastimes," Archery Medal of James Moir, 1673. 

(Lent by the Rector of the Aberdeen Grammar School.) 


"This mansion house is situated about a mile south of Logie-Buchan 
parish church; this estate was owned for over 150 years by the Dun's 
of Tarty, the wife of the first Dun, was burned as a witch in 1597. 

Some time after 1746, it was acquired by George, third Earl of 
Aberdeen. After his death in 1801, it was owned by his son, Hon. 
William Gordon; and after his death in 1846, it came by entail to 
Alexander Gordon of Ellon; and it was sold by his trustees in 1890, 
to its present owner, MR. ROBERT MOIR of Tarty." 

(Thanage of Fermartyn, p. 540.) 

REV. ANDREW MOIR, grandson of ANDREW MOIR, burgess 
of Aberdeen, and nephew of GEORGE MOIR, minister of Towie, 
was appointed to the parish of Towie, Aberdeenshire, "jure devoluto." 
He was minister of the parish church of Methlick, Aberdeenshire, 
translated, May 31, 1739; and afterwards to Ellon, April 24, 1745. 

'REV. JAMES MOIR was appointed minister of the parish of 
Tarves in Aberdeenshire during the times of the Covenanters, by 
King Charles I. He remained till 1659." 

(Thanage of Fermartyn, p. 371.) 

MOIR Family, 93. 
MOIR Family, 649. 
The above are among a list of names advertised in Chancery. 
(From "Index to Heirs-at-Law, Next-of-Kin, Owners of Unclaimed 
Money," Ijondon, England, p. 259.) 

There were MOIRS of Chesterberry, seven miles from the banks of 
the Dee in Aberdeenshire, who sheltered, supped, and housed King 
James VI. of Scotland, who received a historic name and estate. 

(Note from A. Moir, 303 West Erie St., Chicago, 111.) 


Mackintosh's "Collection of Gaelic Proverbs and Phrases, " published 
in 1785, mentions one Finley More, a chieftain of the Clan of 
Farquharson — whose lands bounded on Aberdeenshire — who bore 
the Scottish Royal Standard at the battle of Pinkie in 1547. 


"GEORGE MOIR is Buchan born and bred, his birthplace being 
ELXiaps, Rora, Longside. Moir was a farm servant for fifteen years. 
His athletic career has been an extensive one. For over thirty years, 
Moir has competed in England and all over the north of Scotland. 
He is an aU-round heavy weight athlete, and heavy enough, in all 
conscience, weighing 17 stone (238 lbs.) George has won an assort- 
ment of prizes and medals beyond most. He was perhaps best at 
caber, wrestling and hammer. In his prime, Moir was up against a 
lot of talent. He had to compete against G. H. Johnstone, Sandy 
Mc CuUough, Kenneth Me Rae, G. M. Ross, Anderson of Stirling, and 
latterly J. S. Erven; this being the case, he could not expect to win 
many first prizes against such formidable athletes. But he always 
held his own in Dee and Donside, and when visiting Mintlaw, which 
he did for long. 

Some of Moir's records are good, to show he was a class athlete: — 
16 lb. hammer, 109 feet; 17 lb. hammer, 104 feet; 24 lb. hammer, 77 
feet; 28 lb. weight, 53 feet, 3 inches; big Geordie Moir, stands six feet 
two inches, and weighs 17 stone. We always found him modest and 
manly, in his travels, and competitions. He was a general favorite 
with his contemporaries." 

(From Buchan Athletes and Games by Archie Campbell, New 
Deer, Aberdeenshire, in the "Buchan Observer," July 16, 1912.) 

Marriage certificate of WILLIAM MOIR and JEAN KAY, mar- 
ried by REV. JOHN MOIR, a brother of William. This William 
Page 269 Moir is father of David Moir of Rosbury, Mass., who is a brother of 
the William Moir who died in London 1875: — 

?Barang of (glaHgatn 

"That William Moir, mason, Blythswood Ground, and Jean Kay 
residing there — have been three separate and distinct Sabbaths, 
lawfully proclaimed in the several Parish Churches of Barony in order 
to marriage, and no objections offered, is attested by David Mac 
Brayne, session clerk. 

I hereby certify that the above named parties were married by 
me at 8 Douglas Street, this 30th day of April, 1838. 

John Moir, minister of Congregational church, Hamilton." 

(Copy of original). 

MoiR Geneai.ooy 395 

Of the family of ROBERT MOIR and ELIZABETH MOIR, Pages 234 
(born Moir) who lived at Thomhill and afterwards removed to Denny and 242 
in Stirlingshire, several of the sons were unfortunate in the loss of 
limbs: — 

WILLIAM lost an arm while at work at Lisk's paper mills, Denny, Pagc 24« 
but it did not deter him from studying and afterwards becoming one 
of the most learned of teachers following the profession in America 
to which he removed, becoming head-master. 

DUNCAN lost a foot in a place where a gasometer had been moved Page 249 
from, but he being a blacksmith, afterwards became a proficient 

JAMES lost a leg in Duniven print works while at work in a steam Page 242 
boiler. He after became a master hand at gardening, and for many 
years was beadle of Denny Free Church. 

Rev. John Brown of Haddington, the eminent divine, and old light 
burger, born 1722, died 1787, author of "Self Interpreting Bible," 
was grandfather of Dr. John Brown of Edinburgh, author of "A Jacobite 
Family," an account of the life of James Moir of Stoneywood. 

Two important firms doing a world-wide business — their goods 
selling in nearly every market, are the well known firms of JOHN 
MOIR & SON, Limited, of London, Aberdeen, and Seville; dealers 
in jams, jellies, marmalades, etc., and the firm of MOIR, WILSON 
& CO., of Aberdeen, Fish Merchants, and Preserved Provision Manu- 
facturers. The former now has no MOIRS connected with or inter- 
ested in the firm; the latter MR. MOIR has sold out, and is also 
unconnected with the company in any way, but has removed with 
his family to Sydney, Australia. 

Both firms still do business under the old name ! 

A great grandfather of WILLIAM M. MOIR of Chicago, was a 
tenant-farmer on the entailed estate of Fettemear in the north of 
Scotland, who became ultimate heirs of the property. The nearest 
heir came to prepare his claim to the estate, and was ruled out by the 
court at Edinburgh because he was born in a foreign land; he traced 
up the record of the family and found that Alexander Moir, the tenant 
was the true heir of the property; at the close of the case, the con- 
testants, defeated, bribed the session-clerk of the parish for five hun- 
dred pounds to tear off the leaf of the record of the registry book; the 
session-clerk confessed on his death-bed. 

Alexander Moir, being a Protestant, and the contestants were 
Roman Catholics. He joined the Cameronians, staunch and true to 
the last, and fought the last battle of wild Killicrankie : 

396 MoiR Genealogy 

"Where the sword and the Bible, is seen 

Engraved on the stone where the heather grows green, 
And the souls that come out of great tribulation, 
Have mounted the chariots and steeds of salvation." 

A relative of his who was Bishop Moir, left a Covenanter's bible, in 
which the Bishop's and Mrs. Moir's names are written in red, the 
blood of the Covenanters, dated 1742, and which is now in the hands 
of W. M. Moir of Chicago. 

There was an "S. MORE" among the followers of William the 
Conqueror; came over from Normandy with him, in 1050, A. D. 

(Vol. 1, p. 424, Hist, of Norman Conquest.) 

In the famous "House of Somerled" genealogical tree, there are 
a number of descendants, whose name is MOIR. It is from this house 
that several branches of the royal family are descended, as well as 
several aristocratic families of Scotland and England. 

The arms of MORE of Surrey, England, are: azure, on a cross, 
argent, five martlets, sable; crest: on a ducal coronet, an antelope, 

1623, Sir Robert More of Lothesley, in the parish of St. 
Nicholas, near Guldeford in County Surrey, Knight, married Frances, 
dau. of Sampson Leonard and Margaret Fines, Baroness D'acres, 
and had issue: — Sir Poynings More of Lothesley, Baronet, who mar- 
ried Elizabeth, daughter of William Fitch, and had issue: — 

Sir William More of Lothesley, Baronet, 1662. 

(From a visiting of Surrey County in 1662, to 1668, by Sir Edward 
Bysshe, Knight, King at Arms.) 

In the biographical sketch of the ancestor of the More family, 
John More, who came to America in 1772, and whose descendants 
erected a fine monument to his memory in 1892 at Roxbury, Delaware 
County, New York — it is stated in the splendid history of that family 
(printed in 1895,) that when in the year 1770 he proposed to Betty 
Taylor to marry him, and told her he intended to go to America, she 
replied by turning to the first chapter of Ruth, sixteenth and seven- 
teenth verses: — "And Ruth said, entreat me not to leave thee, or to 
return from following after thee; for whither thou goest, I will go; and 
where thou lodgest, I will lodge; thy people shall be my people; and 
thy God my God; where thou diest, I will die, and there will I be 
buried; the Lord do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part 
me and thee." 

MoiR Gbneai^ogy 397 


Details have reached Stonehaven of the heroic part taken by a 
native in queUing a disastrous fire, which broke out on board the 
Weir Liner "Poleru," an ex-Cunarder of 8000 tons during an Atlantic 
voyage. The vessel was sulphur-laden, and this made the grim 
struggle to subdue the flames all the more unequal. The chief 
engineer, Mr. Thomas Moir, belongs to Stonehaven, and on him 
fell the brunt of the fire-fighting. By the time Engineer Moir 
had got an effective stream through the pumps the fire had spread 
with alarming rapidity, and hour by hour the tongues of flame 
licked round the inflamable cargo, and slowly but surely threatened 
the sea-worthiness of the liner. 

With 32,000 bags of sulphur aboard, and with a hurricane 
blowing to imperil the fire-fighting, the plight of the officers and 
crew of the "Poleru" can readily be imagined. The gale swept the 
men off their feet and the decks were so aglow as to be almost 
unbearable for the crew, but still they fought with dogged deter- 
mination. Twice the "Poleru" was on her beam ends. For ninety-six 
hours the grim struggle was fought out, and in the end the liner 
reached port battered and begrimed. Chief Engineer Moir played 
a conspicuous part in the fire-fighting, and is to be congratulated 
on surviving a thrilling experience. 

From the "Aberdeen Evening Express." March 3, 1913. 

Hon. Edward Peacock's "Index to English Speaking Students 
who have Graduated at Leyden University." List was published 
by Longman's Green & Co., 1883: — 

Moir, Gulielmus, Scotto-Britannus, 29 Maii, 1676. 

(Marischal College, Aberdeen, 1672-76.) 
Moir, William, Scotto-Buchanus, 12 Dec, 1753. 

(Marischal College, Aberdeen, 1740-44.) 
Moore, Henricus, Jamaica-Britannus, 23 Mart., 1731. 
Moore, Henricus, Londinensis, 27 Aug., 1738. 
Moore, Johannes, Britannus, 23 Sept., 1729. 
Moore, Peirce, Hybernus, 24 July. 1736. 
Moore, Samuel, Hybernus, 4 Oct., 1729. 
More, Robertus, Anglo-Britannus, 4 Oct., 1728. 
More, Robertus, Anglus, 22 Feb. 1642. 
Mure, Guilielmus, Scotto-Britannus, 12 Sept., 1740. 

Iron was his chest. 
Iron was his door. 
His hand was iron. 
And his heart was More. 
From "Fugitive Poetry, 1600-1876." P. 563. 
By J. C. Hutchieson. Stoneywood, (near Aberdeen.) 

398 MoiR Genealogy 


Kindly furnished by R. MURDOCH LAWRANCE, ESQ., Aberdeen 

Lord Moore, eldest son of the Earl of Drogheda, came of age 
yesterday. Maternally, he is the grandson of George Moir, LL.D., 
Sheriff of Stirlingshire, a native of Aberdeen, who is well remembered 
as a friend of Thomas Carlyle and a translator of Goethe. Sheriff 
Moir's wife was a Tower — a grand-daughter of John Tower, some- 
time convener of the Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen. 
See page 380 The present and ninth Earl of Drogheda, who was formerly 

known as Mr. Ponsonby William Moore, succeeded his cousin, the 
third and last Marquis of Drogheda, in the minor honour in 1892. 
He was a great grandson of the fifth Earl, and his grandfather mar- 
ried Lucie, daughter of James Currie, M. D., of Liverpool, who is 
known to fame as the first biographer of the poet, Robert Burns 
(1759-1796). The earldom dates from 1661, and the family seat is 
at Moore Abbey, Monastervan, County Kildare, Ireland. 

(From the "Aberdeen Evening Express," 23rd April, 1904). 


This gentleman, who has been of material assistance in the 
compiling of this book, is a well-known genealogist and historian of 
Aberdeen, Scotland. He has added to our book an immense amount 
of material, especially with reference to the city and shire of Aber- 
deen. Because of the abundance of his writings, it behooves us to 
give, briefly, an account of his genealogy. 

He was born at Aberdeen, Scotland, 9th August, 1879, served 
as a sapper in the First Volunteer Battalion, Royal Engineers, 
Aberdeen, from 5th September, 1898, to 9th January, 1902. 
Admitted a member of the Rymour Club of Edinburgh, 12th May, 
1906, being proposed by Mr. J. Macbeth Forbes, J. P., banker, 
Edinburgh; and seconded by Mr. David Mac Ritchie, C. A., Edin- 
burgh. His portrait was painted by Mr. Allen N. Sutherland, 
artist, Aberdeen, July, 1912. Residence, "Cairnchina," 23 Ashley 
Road, Aberdeen. 

Mr. Lawrance has written a genealogy of his family, and 
traces his pedigree back to John Lawrance, who was born in 1667, 
at Barnyards of PhUorth, near Fraserburgh. It is interesting to 
note the long ancestral line, of which Robert is the eighth genera- 
tion; each branch is recorded, and full information is given. 

Robert Murdoch Lawrance is a son of Robert Scott Law- 
rance, who was a master mariner, born at Peterhead, 15th Sept., 
1845. Died at Port Said Hospital, 13th July, 1885, and was buried 
in the British cemetery there. His mother was Mary Ann Mur- 
doch, eldest daughter of Robert Murdoch, farmer, Glack of Migvie, 
Tarland, and Isabella Brodie. 

MoiR Geneai,ogv 399 

The following poem, by one of our clan, appeared March, 
1912, in the Pall Mall Magazine:— 


Rocked on the branches, swayed 

In cradle wise, 
My Lady Honeysuckle's couch is laid, 
And as she sighs. 
Stirring in sleep, 
There comes to us, who peep 
From window under which her home is made, 
Scent of her loveliness 

About our faces, 
Like a caress 
From far-off fairy places ! 

R. Charles Moir. 

Mr. Walter MacGilvray Moir, a native of Woodside (near 
Aberdeen), has been appointed a special justice of the peace at 
Warrenton, South Africa. 

Mr. Moir is a son of Rev. Alexander Forbes Moir, a native of 
Strathdon; he has had a very successful career since he went to 
South Africa, and the news of the further honour which has been 
conferred upon him will give the warmest satisfaction to his friends 
in Scotland. The appointment is an important one, and corresponds 
to the British magistrate or judge. 

"Aberdeen Evening Express.^' 6th March, 1913. 

Alexander Moir, of the Island of Saint Croix (Santa Cruz, 
West Indies), was the founder of the Moir Bursary, by a will 
made 14th February, 1783. He left six hundred pounds to King's 
College, University of Aberdeen, for the support of poor students, 
in that College. He was M. A., 1735, and M. D,. 1783. In 1857, 
there were sixteen bursaries on the foundation. Four received ;^17; 
ten, ^15; and two, ^13 each. 

(Abridged from note received June, 1913, from R. MurdocL- 
Lawrance, Esq.) 

Maria Barclay Forbes, wife of William Moir, labourer. North 
of Scotland, Orkney and Shetland Steam Navigation Co., Aber- 
deen, died at 74 St. Clement Street, Aberdeen, 19th April, 1913, 
aged 52. Buried at St. Clement's Churchyard, 23rd April, 1913. 

John Moir, Mariner j are mentioned in a "List of Burgesses 

Robert Moir, Merchant 1 of Guild in the City of Aberdeen," 

qualified to vote at the election of the Dean of Guild and his 

assessors, 4th November, 1833. 

The list contains 703 names, and was printed by D. Chalmers 

& Co., Aberdeen. 


MoiR Genealogy 



The above couplets are taken from lettering carved on stone 
on the building near Stirling Castle, called "Mar's Wark," built by 
John, Earl of Mar, Regent of Scotland, in 1570. The building also 
contains, carved on masonry, the Royal Arms of Scotland, and other 
important inscriptions. 

The atones from which this "Ludging" was built, were taken 
from some ecclesiastical building, probably Cambuskenneth Abbey 
which was demolished about this time. The first two couplets are 
on front of the building, the latter is on the back. A modern reading 
of the inscriptions follow: — 

The more I stand on open height, 
My faults more subject are to sight. 

I pray all lookers on this Lodging, 
With gentle eye to give their judging. 

Esspy speak forth and spare not 
Consider well, I care not. 


" GiflF thou desire thy house lang stand, 
And thy successors bruik thy land, 
Above all things, live God in fear, 
Intromit nought with wrongous gear ; 
Nor conquess nothing wrongously, 
With thy neighbor keep charity. 
See that thou pass not thy estate. 
Obey duly thy magistrate ; 
Oppress not but support the puire, 
To help the common weill, take care. 
Use no deceit,— meddle not with treason. 
And to all men do right and reason ; 
Both unto word and deed, be true ; 
All kinds of wickedness eschew. 
Slay no man, nor thereunto consent, 
Be nought cruel, but patient. 
Ally ay in some guid place 
With noble, honest, godly race. 
Be humble, haunt guid companie, — 
And all the vicious vices flee, — 
Help thou thy friend, and do no wrang — 
And God shall cause thy house stand lang," 
CFrom Barclay of Mather's advice to his son. Written circa 1500.) 


MoiR Genbalogy 403 






406 MoiR Genealogy 


MoiR Genbalogy 407 


408 Mom GBK BAI<OGY 


MoiR Genealogy 409 




Mora G^ifHALOGY 411 


Moir, A., 1251 California Street, San Francisco, California. 

Moir, Adam, 1932 South 18th Street, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Moir, A. D., c. o. W. R Wade, 451 Columbus Ave., New York City. 

Moir, A. Ellen, 56 Aubrey Street, Liverpool, England. 

Moir, A. E., 364 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Moir, A. F., C o. Mrs. Black, 3 Irvine Place, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, A. F., (Rev.)., Baillies Wells, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, A., 17 George Street, Leith, Scotland. 

Moir, Agnes, 49 Rue De Lisbonne, Paris, France. 

Moir, A. G., Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Moir, A. H., 382 Highland Avenue, West Somerville, Massachusetts. 

Moir, A., 104 Kingston Street, Boston, Mass. 

Moir, Albert E., Cashier, Ten Eyck Hotel, Albany, New York. 

Moir, Albert, 603 West 124th Street, New York City. 

Moir, Alexander, 35 Arthur Street, Windsor, Ontario. 

Moir, Alexander Bearsden, Fairmount, Near Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Alexander, 255 Brunswick Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, Alexander, 1 Brigen Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Moir, Alexander, BurUngton, Iowa. 

Moir Alexander, Couture Hotel, St. Boniface, Manitoba, Canada. 

Moir, Alexander, 2915 Dickson Street, St. Louis, Missouri. 

Moir, Alexander W., Eberts, Ontario. 

Moir, Alexander, Faribault, Minnesota. 

Moir, Alexander, Brae, Kintore, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Moir, Alexander, Holland Bush, Glassel, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Moir, Alexander, North Artrochie, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Moir, Alexander, Waterton, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Moir, Alexander M., c. o. Free Press, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, Alexander G., Temple, New Brunswick. 

Moir, Alexander, 419 Hancock Street, Quincy, Mass. 

Moir, Alexander, 6452 Kimbark Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. 

Moir, Alexander, 123 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, Alexander, Nethercarse, Gargunnock, Stirlingshire, Scotland. 

Moir, Alexander J., 6 Newton Avenue, Worcester, Mass. 

Moir, Alexander, Nichol, Wellington County, Ontario. 

Moir, Alexander, Oelwein, Iowa. 

Moir, Alexander, Oquawka, Illinois. 

Moir, Alexander, Perry, Oklahoma. 

Moir, Alexander, Rainy River, Ontario. 

MOIR Grnbalogy 413 

Moir, Alexander R., Craig Dhu, Kelty, Fife, Scotland. 

Moir, Alexander, 40 River Street, Newark, New Jersey, 

Moir, Alexander, Snipfield, Coply, Inach, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Moir, Alexander, Stanley, York County, New Brunswick. 

Moir, Alexander, 25 Starr Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, Alexander T., Roanoke, Virginia. 

Moir, Alexander, 815 Walnut Street, St. Louis, Missouri. 

Moir, Alexander W., Dawn Mills, Ontario. 

Moir, Alexander, West Quincy, Mass. 

Moir, Alexander, Winnipeg Medical College, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Moir, Alexander A. S., 50 Ashley Road, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, Alexander, 3 Hilton Street, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, Alexander, 938 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Moir, Alexander, 48 French Street, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Alexander G., 50 Congress Street, Boston, Mass. 

Moir, Alexander G., 40 Water Street, Boston, Mass. 

Moir, Alexander, 50 Henry Street, Victoria, British Columbia. 

Moir, Alexander, 51 Hoadley Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Moir, Alexander, c. o. John Thompson Grocery Co., Denver, Colorado. 

Moir, Alexander L., Fergus, Ontario. 

Moir, Alexander, 1716 Cordova, Los Angeles, California. 

Moir, Alexander M., R. 1220 South 5th St., Denver, Colorado. 

Moir, Alexander, 125 Spruce Street, Paterson, New Jersey. 

Moir, Alexander, Township of Nichol, Wellington Co., Ontario. 

Moir, Alexander, 484 Convent Avenue, New York City. 

Moir, Alexander, 98 West Street, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Alice, 599 Young Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Moir, Allen J. G., Brevet Major, The Royal Scots, War Department, London, England. 

Moir, Andrew, Cavite, South Dakota. 

Moir, Andrew, Eugene, Oregon. 

Moir, Andrew, Hensall, Ontario. 

Moir, Andrew J., 285 High St., West Detroit, Michigan. 

Moir, Andrew, 133 Morris St., Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, Andrew, 5 South Oxford Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, Andrew, 351V^ Stark Street, Portland, Oregan. 

Moir, Andrew, Wardhouse Mains, Insch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Moir, Andrew, 303 West Erie Street, Chicago, Illinois. 

Moir, A., Newport, Rhode Island. 

Moir, Angus, 5942 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

Moir, Ann, 584 Twentieth St., Oakland California. 

Moir, Anna M., 584 Twentieth Street, Oakland, California. 

Moir, Arm, 5827 Lasalle, Chicago, 111. 

Moir, Annette E., 5827 La.salle, Chicago, Illinois. 

Moir, Annie L., 528 Kennedy, Oakland, California. 

Moir, Annie, 622 Valdez, Oakland, California. 

Moir, Archibald, 145 Abbott Avenue, Westmount, Montreal, Canada. 

Moir, Archibald, 298 Byres Road, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Archibald, M. D., C. M., 10 Hartford Street, Newton Highlands, Mass. 

Moir, Archibald, M. D., Dunnville, Ontario. 

Moir, Archibald, M. D., Sick Children's Hospital, Toronto, Canada. 

Moir, Archibald, Northfield, Blairlogie, Scotland. 

Moir, Archibald, 76 Somerville Avenue, Westmount, Montreal, Canada. 

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Moir, A., Risdon Iron Works, San Franscico, California. 

Moir, Arthur H., 455 Elgin Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Moir, Arthur H., 382A Highland Avenue, West Somerville, Mass, 

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Moir, A., 15 W. Richmond Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, Barbara H., 56 Aubrey St., Liverpool, England. 

Moir, Catherine E., Port Hojje, Ontario. 

Moir «fe Co., Limited, 4 West Regent Street, Glasgow. Scotland. 

414 MoiR Geneai,ogy 

Moir & Co., 81 Saint Vincent St., Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir & Co., 26 Schoolhill, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir & Co., 360 Townhill Road, Bumbrae, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Charles A., 8 Dalhousie Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, Charles B., Lome Terrace, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, Charles C, 830 Massachiisetts Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. 

Moir, Charles E., 85 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Moir, Charles E., 36 West 117th St., New York City. 

Moir, Charles G., 326 Princeton Place, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Moir, Charles H., 4A Avenida, Sur No. 3, Gautemala, Central America. 

Moir, Charles M., AUoa, Clackmananshire, Scotland. 

Moir, Charles, M. D., 2403 Third St., Louisville, Kentucky. 

Moir, Charles R., Roanoke, Virginia. 

Moir, Charles S., 33 Bigelow Street, Cambridge, Mass. 

Moir, Charles W., 626 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Canada. 

Moir, Charlotte, 35 Arthur St., Windsor, Ontario. 

Moir, Christina, 584 Twentieth St., Oakland, California. 

Moir, C. Lewis, M. D., 2403 Third St., Louisville, Kentucky. 

Moir, Colin, Hensall, Ontario. 

Moir, Crawford B., 2 Madison Court, Roxbury, Mass. 

Moir, CybeUa S., Rockymount, Virginia. 

Moir, Daniel, St. Marj-'s, Ontajio. 

Moir, David, Ashington, Northumberland, England. 

Moir, David, 56 Aubrey Street, Liverpool, England. 

Moir, David, Auld House, East Killbride, Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Moir, David A., 45 Mount Vernon St., Fitchburg, Mass. 

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Moir, David, Berrydrum, Comhill, Banffshire, Scotland. 

Moir, David, Esq., 61 Ladysmith Road, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, David, Gateside, Balfron, Balfron Station, Stirlingshire, Scotland. 

Moir, David G., Little Cascapedia., Province of Quebec, Canada. 

Moir, David G., Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Moir, Da^-id, Jr., 101 Maple Street, Buffalo, New York. 

Moir, David, Jr., 622 Valdez, Oakland, California. 

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Moir, David W., 14 Cameron Street, Toronto, Canada. 

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Moir, D., 131 Dundee Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

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Moir, Duncan, 465 Paisley Road, Glasgow, Scotland. 

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Moir, Edmund H., Eberts, Ontario. 

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Moir, Edward H., 215 West 23rd St., New York City. 

Moir, Edward J. 2 Lauriston Park, Edinbiirgh, Scotland. 

Moir, Edward, MarceUus, New York. 

Moir, Edward, 450 Old South Building, Boston, Mass. 

Moir, Edwin, Davieland, Giffnock, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Edwin L., Roanoke, Virginia. 

MoiR Gbnealogy 415 

Moir, E. F., 61 Argyle Place, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, E. F., 56 Aubrey Street, Liverpool, EnKland. 

Moir, Elizabeth, 4 Bridge Street, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, Elizabeth, Brock, Ontario. 

Moir, Elizabeth, Layton, Ontario. 

Moir, Elizabeth, .518 Lockwood St., Alpena, Michigan. 

Moir, Elizabeth, Sunnidale Corners, Ontario. 

Moir, Elsie, Aged Women's Home, Baltimore, Maryland. 

Moir, E., 4 and .5 North Bank Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, Ernest W., 507 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 

Moir, Ernest W., 10 Victoria St., Westminster, London, England. 

Moir, Forbes, 146 Buchanan St., Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Forbes B., West Garafraxa, Ontario. 

Moir, Forbes, Spire^j, Ontario. 

Moir, Frances, M. D., Prestia, Soccondie, West Africa. 

Moir, Francis, 833 Michigan Street, Buffalo, New York. 

Moir, Frank, 214 Swan Street, Buffalo, New York City. 

Moir, Franklin T., 841 Madison Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

Moir, Frani, 1527 West 27th St., Los Angeles, California. 

Moir, Frank, 229 West 148th St., New York. 

Moir, Frederick R., Calico Printer, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Frederick, L. M., 16 Kensington Gate, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Fred, 303 West Erie Street, Chicago, Illinois. 

Moir, Frederick W. F., 56 Aubrey Street, Liverpool, England. 

Moir, F. W., M. D., Jesmond, West Cults, England. 

Moir, Gavin, Huntsville, Ontario. 

Moir, Gavin, Kent, Minnesota. 

Moir, Gavin R., c. o. Boss Company, Quebec, Canada. 

Moir, George, 584 20th St., Oakland, California. 

Moir, George, 142 Adelaide Ave., Providence, Rhode Island. 

Moir, George A., 54 George IV. Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, George A., R. F. D. No. 2, Orange City, Iowa. 

Moir, George Anderson, 36 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, George, Ashington, Northumberland, England. 

Moir, George A., Temple, York County, New Brunswick. 

Moir, George, Bellrock, Ontario, Canada. 

Moir, George B., 357 Lasalle Ave., Chicago, Illinois. 

Moir, Goerge, Burngraines, Methlick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Moir, George B., 1733 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. 

Moir, George B., 623 Yakima St., Tacoma, Washington. 

Moir, George E., Cabano, P. Q , Canada. 

Moir, George E., New Richmond, P. Q., Canada. 

Moir, George E., Priceville, P. Q., Canada. 

Moir, George E., 1230 Main St., Dubuque, Iowa. 

Moir, George, 131 West Regent St., Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, George, Fornety, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Moir, George, Fedderate, New Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Moir, George F., 61 Prince Regent St., Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, George, General Delivery, Brooklyn, New York. 

Moir, George, Gray Street, The Lodge, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, George, 631 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, Goerge, 10 Home Street, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Moir, George, Huntsville, Ontario. 

Moir, George, Jackson Street, Dubuque, Iowa. 

Moir, George J., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Moir, George J., Eldora, Iowa. 

Moir, George, 14 Keith Street, Hamilton, Ontario. 

Moir, George K., (Rev.) The Melanesian Mission, Florida, (British) Solomon Islands, Via 

Sidney, New South Wales. 
Moir, George, 357 Lasalle Avenue, Chicago, lUinos. 
Moir, George L., 1380 Nelson Avenue, New York City. 
Moir, George L., 447 West 54th St., New York City. 


Moir, George, 1025 Folaom St., San Francisco, California. 

Moir, George, M. D., Zurich, Ontario. 

Moir, George, 9 Mid Street, Clacknaharry, Inverness, Scotland. 

Moir, George M., 14 Rosemeath Place, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, George, c. o. Mrs. Hugh Armour, Regina, Saskatchawan. 

Moir, George M., Sunnidale-Corners, Ontario. 

Moir, George, Oil Springs, Ontario. 

Moir, George O., 4 Leslie Street, Pollokshields, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, George, Rainy River, Ontario, Canada. 

Moir, George R., Milner, British Columbia. 

Moir, George R., Kent, Minnesota. 

Moir, George, 12 Royal Crescent, Queen's Park, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, George R., R. F. D. No. 2, Orange City, Iowa. 

Moir, George S., 4722 East 9th Street, Kansas City, Missouri. 

Moir, George S., Knockhall. Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Moir, George S., 33 Miller Street, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, George, 626 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Canada. 

Moir, George, 121 Spruce Street, Paterson, New Jersey. 

Moir, George, Sunnidale-Corners, Ontario. 

Moir, George, 41 Mount Street, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, George, Traverse City, Michigan. 

Moir, George, Virden, Manitoba. 

Moir, George, Westmount, Dullatur, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, George. 131 West Regent St., Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, George W., 285 High Street, Detroit, Michigan. 

Moir, Gertrude, Blaine, Maine. 

Moir, G. F. B., 629 Railway Exchange, Chicago, Illinois. 

Moir, Grace A., Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, Guy, 146 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Harry G., Wakefield, Nebraska. 

Moir, Harriet, 1120 Washington Ave., New York City. 

Moir, Harry C, 150 Dearborn St., Chicago, Illinois. 

Moir, Harry C, Manager, Hotel Morrison, Chicago, Illinois. 

Moir, Harry, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Moir, Harry M., Stuart, Virginia. 

Moir, Harry, 5I8I/2 Seventh St., Oakland, California. 

Moir, Harry S., Acadian Hotel, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, H., 256 Broadway, New York City. 

Moir, H. D., 175 South Ninth Street, Brooklyn, New York. 

Moir, Helen F., 841 Madison Avenue, Scranton, Pa. 

Moir, Helen, 419 Hancock St., Quincy, Mass. 

Moir, Helen, Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Moir, Helen, 30 Starr St., Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, Helen, 40 Starr St., Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, Helen, Woodside, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, Herbert, General Post Office, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Herbert M., Roanoke, Virginia. 

Moir, Henry, 346 Broadway, New York City. 

Moir, Henry D., 195 Avenue B., New York City. 

Moir, Henry, Leaksville, Virginia. 

Moir, Henry, London, Ontario. 

Moir, Henry M., Stuart, Virginia. 

Moir, Henry R., 2639 California St., San Francisco, California. 

Moir, H. L., Rev., St. John's Church, Montrose, Scotland. 

Moir, H. L., 28 Somerville Ave., Westmount, Montreal, Canada. 

Moir, Hugh, 55 Gardner St., Partick, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Hugh, 15 May St., Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, Hugh, 360 Townhill Road, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Hugh W., M. B., Ch. B., 24 Heyburn Crescent, Partick, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Isabella, DunnvUle, Ontario. 

Moir, Isabella, 419 Hancock St., Quincy, Mass. 

Moir, Isabella, Hay, Huron County, Ontario. 


Moir, Isabella J. H., Braeside Cottage, St. Mawes, Cornwall, England. 

Moir, Isabella, 518 Lockwood St., Alpena, Michigan. 

Moir, Isabella, Newtonville, Mass. 

Moir, Isabella, Toronto University, Toronto, Canada. 

Moir, J., Aden Villa, Elgin, Elginshire, Scotland. 

Moir, J., Sydney, Australia. 

Moir, James A., Elora, Ontario. 

Moir, James, Lenzie, Cadder, Lanarkshire, Scotland. 

Moir, James, B. Sc, 56 Aubrey Street, Liverpool, England. 

Moir, James, 9 Cheever Street, Hamilton, Canada. 

Moir, James C, 7 Lotta St., Dumbarton, Scotland. 

Moir, James, 137 Devon Street, Roxbury, Mass. 

Moir, James, Midmar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Moir, James, Elora, Ontario. 

Moir, James, Balnain, Grantown-on-Spey, Elginshire, Scotland. 

Moir, James, Park of Auchintroig, Balfron Station, Stirlingshire, Scotland . 

Moir, James G., 63 Broad St., Boston, Mass. 

Moir, James G., Erie, Pa. 

Moir, James, Harbor Springs, Michigan. 

Moir, James, Hon., Scranton, Pa. 

Moir, James, Huntsville, Ontario. 

Moir, James M. A., Kinharrochie, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Moir, James, Ponsonby Road, Auckland, New Zealand. 

Moir, James M., Hillfoot, Dollar, Clackmananshire, Scotland. 

Moir, James M., M. A., 7 Kelvinside Terrace, W., Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, James, Oil Springs, Ontario, Canada. 

Moir, James, 26 Pamrapo Ave., Jersey City, New Jersey. 

Moir, James P., D. S. O., Royal Engineers, Aldershot, England. 

Moir, James S., 841 Madison Ave, Scranton, Pa. 

Moir, James S., Walkerstown, North Carolina. 

Moir, James S., Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Moir, James T., Andover, South Dakota. 

Moir, James, Toronto, Ontario. 

Moir, James, 443 Victoria Road, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, James W., Olewein, Iowa. 

Moir, James W., 19 Edinburgh Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, James, Well Bank Cottage, Campsie Glen, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, James, 26 West Tenth St., New York City. 

Moir, James, 599 Young Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Moir, Janet D., 2 Madison Court, Roxbury, Mass. 

Moir, J. A., Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, J. C, Blaine, Maine. 

Moir, Miss Jean, Layton, Ontario. 

Moir, Jean, 30 Starr Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, Jepie, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

Moir, Jesse, 377 Sleeker St., New York City. 

Moir, Jessie F., 98 Falcon St., East Bo.ston, Mass. 

Moir, Jessie I., 56 Aubrey Street, Liverpool, England. 

Moir, J., Rock Valley, Iowa. 

Moir, Johanna J., 1851 Clay Street, Saint Joseph, Mo. 

Moir, John A., 2.55 Brunswick St., Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, John A., Little Caacapedia, Province of Quebec, Canada. 

Moir, John A., (Rev.) Dunnville, Ontario. 

Moir, John, Blaine, Maine. 

Meir, John, Carse of Mac Ormiston, Thornhill, Perthshire, Scotland. 

Moir, John D., 526 Third Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Moir, John D., 3frl Notre Dame Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Moir, John, Dunnville, Ontario. 

Moir, John, Exeter, Ontario. 

Moir, John E., Wakefield, Nebraska. 

Moir, John F., Elora, Ontario. 

Moir, John G., 175 South Ninth St., Brooklyn, New York. 

418 MoiR GenbaIvOGY 

Moir, John G., Wakefield, Nebraska. 

Moir, John, 200 High St., Boston, Mass. 

Moir, John, Holland, Manitoba. 

Moir, John, Hurondale, Ontario. 

Moir, John J., Glendinning, Manitoba. 

Moir, John, Kinnellar, Scotland, 

Moir, John M., 56 Aubrey St., Liverpool, England. 

Moir, John M., Graniteville, P. Q., Canada. 

Moir, John, 81 Morris Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, John Munro, (M. D.) Inverness, Scotland. 

Moir, John, 93 Northcote Avenue, Toronto, Canada. 

Moir, John, Oakland, California. 

Moir, John, Postville, Iowa. 

Moir, John, 2 Railway Terrace, Inverness, Scotland. 

Moir, John S., Fergus, Ontario. 

Moir, John S., Aoirenbeg, Eglinton Road, Ardrossan, Scotland., 

Moir, John S., 342 Mammoth Road, Lowell, Mass. 

Moir, John, 30 Starr Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, John, 690 Toronto St., Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Moir, John, 644 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 

Moir, John W., 2944 Locust Street, Kansas City, Mo. 

Moir, John W., 841 Madison Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

Moir, John, 599 Young Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Moir, Joseph D., Turnerville, Ontario. 

Moir, Joseph M., 1819 Emerson Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Moir, J. W., Alloa, Clackmananshire, Scotland. 

Moir, J. W., Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Moir, Katherine, Hensall, Ontario. 

Moir, Katie, 14 West Ninety-Fourth St., New York City. 

Moir, Kirkwood & Co., 75 Virginia St., Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Laura, Cookstown, Ontario. 

Moir, Laura M.,[23 WeUington St., Brantford, Ontario. 

Moir, Lavinia J., Harooiirt, New Bruns-wick. 

Moir, Leopold H., 250 Lockman Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, Leslie G., Buckland, Betchworth, Surrey, England. 

Moir, Lily J., Eberts, Ontario. 

Moir, Lindsay, Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Moir, Louise, Hensall, Ontario. 

Moir, Louise, 285 High St., West Detroit, Michigan. 

MoLr, L., Vancouver, British Colximbia. 

Moir, Mabel, Oquawka, Illinois. 

Moir, MadeUne A., 6452 Kimbark Avenue, Chicago, lU. 

Moir, Margaret B., 7 Kelvinside Terrace, W., Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Margaret, Canfield, Ontario. 

Moir, Margaret, Hope Street, Thomlea, BeUshill, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Margaret 21 Johnson Street, Lynn, Mass. 

Moir, Marguerite, 1 Mountfort Street, Boston, Mass. 

Moir, Margaret R., 7 Kelvinside Terrace, W., Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Margaret, Sydney, Australia. 

Moir, Maria A., 30 Huxley St., Toronto, Ontario. 

MoHT, Marie, 10 West Sixteenth St., New York City. 

Moir, Marion 2 East 120 Street, New York City. 

Moir, Marion W., 1819 Emerson Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Moir, Mark, Eberts, Ontario. 

Moir, Mark W., Eldora, Iowa. 

Moir, Martha A., 115 Linden St., Yonkers, New York. 

Moir, Martha, Oquawka, Illinois. 

Moir, Mary A., Barrie College Institute, Barrie, Ontario. 

Moir, Mary A., Canfield, Ontario. 

Moir, Mary A., DunnvUle, Ontario. 

Moir, Mary A., Rockymount, Virginia. 

Moir, Mary B., 2 Madison Court, Roxbury, 































































MoiR Gknbalogy 419 

Mary E., Elora, Ontario. 

Mary E., Graniteville, P. Q., Canada. 

Mary E., Layton, Ontario. 

Mary E., Roanoke, Virginia. 

Mary J., Alloa, Clack inananshire, Scotland. 

Mary, 599 Young St., Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Mattie, 38 Elm St., Quincy, Mass. 

Maud, 191 Bank Street, Newark, New Jersey. 

Milton, Saint Mary's, Ontario. 

Mitchell Archibald, Park of Keir, Dunblane, Perthshire, Scotland. 

Miss, Barrie, Ontario. 

Miss, 57 Bedford Place, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Miss, Beechgrove Place Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Miss, 18 Beechgrove Street, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Miss, Danvers, Massachusetts. 

Misses, 29 Belvidere Court, Aberdeen.'Scotland. 

Misses, Benvue, Kilcreggan, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. 

Miss, 651 George Street, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Miss, 33 Manor Place, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Miss, Port Hope, Ontario. 

Miss, 45 Powis Terrace, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Miss, 146A West Regent St., Glasgow, Scotland. 

Mr., Airth Mains, Airth, Larbert, Scotland. 

Mr., Barrie, Ontario. 

Mr., Lovat, Ontario. 

Mr., Paisley, Ontario. 

Mr., Campden, Ontario. 

Mr., Exeter, Ontario. 

Mr., Hotel Moir, Racine, Wisconsin. 

Mr., c. o. J. R. Booth, Ottawa, Ontario. 

Mr. M., 68 Watt St., Glasgow, Scotland. 

Mr., Rock Valley, Iowa. 

Mrs., 4 Bridge St., Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Mrs., 30 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Mrs., 52 Castle Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Mrs. C, 410 Great Western Road, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Mrs., 4 Cockburn St., Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Mrs., Haugh, Aberlour, Banffshire, Scotland. 

Mr., Sidney, Australia. 

Mrs., Kinear Road. Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Mrs., 52 Loanhead Terrace, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Mrs. L. W. T. R., 607 St. Antoine, Westmount, Montreal, Canada. 

Mrs. M. E., 127 N. Market St., Wichita, Kansas. 

Mr., Smith's Falls, Ontario. 

Mrs. M. J., 22 Barony St., Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Mrs. M. J., 53 Harrison Street, East Orange, New Jersey. 

Mrs., 8 Minister Lane, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Richard, Toronto, Ontario. 

Mrs. R. T., Schenectady, New York. 

Mrs. S., 145 Abbott Street, Westmount, Montreal, Canada. 

Mrs. T., 47 Gardiner St., Partick, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Mrs., 3 Trafalgar Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Mrs., 68 Whitehall Road, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Mr., Otterburne, Manitoba. 

Mr., (Teacher), Minnessing, Ontario 

Mr., Truro, Nova Scotia. 

Mr., c, o. Water Bailiff, Montrose, Scotland. 

Munro, M. D., 4 Ardross Terrace, Inverness, Scotland. 

Myrtle A., 6452 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Nettie L., 310 Pearl St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Nettie L., Wakefield, Nebraska. 

Oswald B., Hillhead, Lasswade, Scotland. 

420 MoiR Genealogy 

Moir, P. C, 19 Manafield, Montreal, Canada. a 

Moir, Percy, Cavite, Philippine Islands. ^ 

Moir, Penross, Kingeoroft, Jedburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, Peter, 813 Collier St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Moir, Peter, Davieland, Giffnock, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Peter, Hay, Ontario. 

Moir, Peter, Hensall, Ontario. 

Moir, Peter, Hurondale, Ontario. 

Moir, Peter L., 42 Stanley Place, San Francisco, Cal. 

Moir, Peter, Ponsonby Road, Auckland, New Zealand. 

Moir, Peter, New Grange, Kincaldrum, Scotland. 

Moir, Peter, Orange City, Iowa. 

Moir, Peter, 1932 South 18th St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Moir, Peter, Usbome, Ontario. 

Moir, Peter, 462 Thames St., Newport, Rhode Island. 

Moir, Peter, Waterside, Dunblane, Perthshire, Scotland. 

Moir, Peter, 2 West Richmond St., Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, Peter W., Exeter, Ontario. 

Moir, Richard, DunnviUe, Ontario. 

Moir, Richard, Queensville, Ontario. 

Moir, R. Leslie, Turner Hospital, Leith, Scotland. 

Moir, Robert A., LeaksvUle, North Carolina. 

Moir, Robert A., Mount Whatley, New Brunswick. 

Moir, Robert, 2130 Arap, Denver, Colorado. 

Moir, Robert A., R. F. D. No. 3, Reidsville, North Carolina. 

Moir, Robert A., 5 Thompson, New York City. 

Moir, Robert, 424 Bay Ridge Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. 

Moir, Robert, Boisavain, Manitoba, Canada. 

Moir, Robert, 4 Dnimoyne Terrace, Govan, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Robert, 74 Comely Park, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, Robert E., 285 High Street, Detroit, Michigan. 

Moir, Robert, (Foreman,) 15 Chestnut Row, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, Robert, Glendin, Minnesota. 

Moir, Robert, Graniteville House, Rubislaw, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, Robert, H., Custom's Department, Ottawa, Ontario. 

Moir, Robert, Hensall, Ontario. 

Moir, Robert H., 47 Muirpark Gardens, Partick, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Robert H., 53 Vesey Street, New York City. 

Moir, Robert, Jr., Oquawka, Illinois. 

Moir, Robert, Kimball, South Dakota. 

Moir, Robert, 2 Little Belmont St., Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, Robert, Mill of Ardoch, Brace, Perthshire, Scotland. 

Moir, Robert, Rainy River, Ontario. 

Moir, Robert, Reidsville, North Carolina. 

Moir, Robert, 59 Ritchie St., West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Moir, Robert, Rubislaw Den, South, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, Robert, Tarty, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Moir, Robert, Tottenham, Ontario. 

Moir, Robert, 44 Vamum Street, Lowell, Mass. 

Moir, Robert W. C. A., Little Cascapedia, P. Q., Canada. 

Moir, Robert, 2052 West 24th Place, Chicago, Illinois. 

Moir, Robert W., Aberchirder, Banfishire, Scotland. 

Moir, Robert W. H., New Westminster, Canada. 

Moir Robert W., 40 N. Market St., Boston, Mass. 

Moir, Robert W., Marshall Cottage, Lyle Road, Greenock, Scotland. 

Moir, Robert, W. 78 Woodbine St., Auburndale, Mass. 

Moir, R. T., Schenectady, New York. 

Moir, Russell, Jr., LeMars, Iowa. 

Moir, S. A., 36 Broughton St., Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, S. Alexander, M. D., Francisco, North Carolina. 

Moir, Sarah, Fergus, Ontario. 

Moir, Sarah, 134 West 165th St., Bronx, New York City. 

MOIR Genbalogv ^21 

Moir, S., c. o. George R. ^loir, Milner, BritiKh Columbia. 

Moir, S. H., Rowanbrae, Cottage, Garelochead, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. 

Moir, Son & Co., Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, Thomas A., 56 Aubrey St., Liverpool, England. 

Moir, Thomas, 9 Broomfield Terrace, Springburn, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Thomas, Eberts, Ontario, Canada. 

Moir, Thomas, 97 Hamilton St., Albany, New York. 

Moir, Thomas, 2 Heathfield Terrace, Springburn, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, Thomas, HensaU, Ontario. 

Moir, Thomas, 412 Leavenworth St., San Franci-sco, California. 

Moir, Thomas M., 115 Linden St., Yonkers, New York. 

Moir, Thomas R., Walkerstown, North Carolina. 

Moir, Virgil P., Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

Moir, Wallace, 1122 Fifty-Seventh St., Brooklyn, New York. 

Moir, Wallace, Scranton, Pennsylvania. 

Moir, Walter G., Sunnidale-Corners, Ontario. 

Moir, Walter McGilvray, Warrenton, South Africa. 

Moir, W., 210 BuiUngton St., Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, W. C, Ariel, Ontario. 

Moir, W. C, 10 Jubilee St., Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, W. D., Lilybank, Cardwell Road, Greenock, Scotland. 

Moir, W. H., Antigo, Wisconsin. 

Moir, Wilfred S., Scranton, Pensylvania. 

Moir, Wilfred, 214 Swan St., Buffalo, New York. 

Moir, William A., 2169 Charles St., New York City. 

Moir, William A., Dawn-Mills, Ontario, Canada. 

Moir, William A., 506 East 163rd St., New York City. 

Moir, William, Alloa, Clackmananshire, Scotland. 

Moir, William, 73 Argyle Place, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, William A., 2037 Second Avenue, New York City. 

Moir, WUliam, Ashington, Northumberland, England. 

Moir, William, 81 Atlantic St., Jersey City, New Jersey. 

Moir, William, 1046-1048 Avenue D, Bayonne, New Jersey. 

Moir, William, 10 Twenty-Second Avenue, Paterson, New Jersey. 

Moir, William, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, William, 645 Barton St., East Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 

Moir, William, Belgrave Sq., Darwin, Lancaster, England. 

Moir, William B., 53 Bothwell St., Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, William, 307 Brunswick St., Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, William, Capel Church Farm, Folkstone, Perthshire, Scotland. 

Moir, William C, Huntsville, Ontario. 

Moir, William, 322 East 82nd St., New York City. 

Moir, William, 153 East 86th St., New York City. 

Moir, William, 135 East 63rd Street, New York City. 

Moir, William F., 204 St. Charles St., New Orleans, La. 

Moir, William F., 584, 20th St., Oakland, California. 

Moir,- William G., 91 Charles St., Hamilton, Canada. 

Moir. WUliam G., 98 Charles St., New York City. 

Moir, WiUiam G., 601 West 176th St., New York City. 

Moir, WiUiam, 48 Gloucester Gardens, London, W., England. 

Moir, WUUam, HaU Forest, Kintore, Scotland. 

Moir, WUliam, HensaU, Ontario. 

Moir, WUliam, 26 Heriot HiU Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, WiUiam J., (Hon.,) Eldora, Iowa. 

Moir, WiUiam, 5 Linden Street, Brooklyn, New York. 

Moir, WUliam, H., 32 Lynde St., Maiden Mass. 

Moir, William, HuntsviUe, Ontario. 

Moir, WUliam H., 42 West 53rd St., New York City. 

Moir, WUliam, 98 Jackson St., HamUton, Canada. 

Moir, WiUiam J., Bondhead, Ontario, Canada. 

Moir, WUliam J., Cookstown, Ontario. 

Moir, WUliam J., Jr., Lake Forest CoUege, Near Chicago, Illinois. 

422 MoiR Geneai,ogy 

Moir, William J., 364 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Moir, William Jr., 307 Brunswick St., Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Moir, William, Layton, Ontario. 

Moir, William, Little Cascapedia, P. Q., Canada. 

Moir, William, 288 Main St., Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Moir, WiUiam, 1 Mountfort St., Boston, Massachusetts. 

Moir, William, 76 Nelson St., Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, William, New Westminster, British Columb'a. 

Moir, William P. S., Port Arthur, Ontario. 

Moir, WiUiam R., 70 Bank St.. New York City. 

Moir, William R., 419 Hancock St., Quincy, Mass. 

Moir, William R., 364 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Moir, William, 11 Rodney St., Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, William R. S., Subway Builder, New York City. 

Moir, William R., 306 West 4th St., New York City. 

Moir, William S.,ril3 Albert St., Dundee, Scotland. 

Moir, William, San Jose, California. 

Moir, William S., 51 Bedford St., New York City. 

Moir, William, 3 Sciennes, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Moir, WiUiam S., 2 Lord's Avenue, Weaste, Manchester, England. 

Moir, WUliam, Toronto University, Toronto, Canada. 

Moir, WiUiam, 622 Valdez St., Oakland, California. 

Moir, WUUam, 417 Washington St., Boston, Mass. 

Moir, WUUam W., 14 Cameron St., Toronto, Canada. 

Moir, WiUiam W., 1819 Emerson Avenue, S., Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Moir, WUUam, 299 West Erie St., Chicago, lUinois. 

Moir, WUliam W., 303 West Erie St., Chicago, lUinois. 

Moir, WUliam, 331 West 14th St., New York City, 

Moir, WUUam, 6 West 20th St., New York City. 

Moir, WUliam, 518 West 47th St., New York City. 

Moir, WiUiam W., Jr., Stuart, Virginia. 

Moir, WiUiam W., (Rev.) 26 West Tenth St., New York City. 

Moir, WUUam, 565 Yonge St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Moir, W, J., Houghton, Michigan. 

Moir, W. J., Jr., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Moir, W., c. o. Mrs. Eraser, 307 George St., Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Moir, W. R., 51 Bedford St., New York City. 

Moir, W. W., 1819 Emerson Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Moir, W. W., Stuart, Virginia. 

Moir, W. W., 243 WeUington St., Toronto, Ontario. 

Adam, Mrs. George, 11 Alexandria Place, Partick, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Allen, Mrs. Alice, Roanoke, Virginia. 

Allen, Mrs. Henry C, 409 Roanoke St., S. W. Roanoke, Virginia. 

Alexander, Catherine M., c. o. W. O. Duncan, Esq., Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Archibald, Mrs. Isabel M., 4115 Sherbrooke Street, Westmount, Montreal, Canada. 

Armes, Mrs. C. M., Roanoke, Virginia. 

Armour, Mrs. Hugh, Regina, N. W. T., Canada. 

Armstrong, Mrs. James, Crystal City, Manitoba. 

BaU, Mrs. F. James, Eberts, Ontario. 

Barr, James, Esq., Knockintiber, Cross House, Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Blatchford, Mrs. Frank, HensaU, Ontario. 

Booe, Mrs. P. H., Walkertown, North CaroUna. 

Boulelin, Mrs. Powhattan, Stuart, Virginia. 

BritneU, Albert H., 241 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario. 

Brooks, Mrs. George H., Eldora, Iowa. 

Buchanan, Andrew, HensaU, Ontario. 

Buchanan, Dr. George, Zurich, Ontario. 

Buchanan, Mrs. Alexander, HensaU, Ontario. 

Buchanan, Rev. Duncan M., HensaU, Ontario. 

CaU, Mrs. Wm., Ford's MUla, Harcourt, New Bruswick. 

MoiR Gbnbalogy 423 

Carey, Mrs. Godfrey Mohun, Sherborne, Doraet, EaglaQcl. 

Garland, Miss Bessie, Gorunna, MichiRan. 

Garland, Mrs. Gharles, Gorunna, Michigan. 

Garland, Mrs. M., Gorunna, Michigan. 

Garmichle, Mrs. William, E.scuminac, P. Q., 

Gase, Mrs. .Joseph, Toronto, Canada. 

Cogbill, Mary Alice, Rockyinount, Virginia. 

Corwin, Mrs. Mary C. R. E., 69 Summer Street. Somorville, Masa. 

Coville, Dr. Luzerne, Ithaca, New York. 

Cowan, Mrs Christina, Kintail, Ontario. 

Craig, Mr. Thomas, Bookseller, 117 King Street, Kilmarnock, Scotland. 

Cunningham, Mrs. Allan, Hollywood, Elmbank St., Bellshill, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Dalrymple, Mrs. Isabella, Moosejaw Assa., N. W. T., Canada. 

Duncan, Dr. James Matthews, Grimsby, England. 

Duncan, William O., Advocate, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Eason, Mr. Frank T., Barnesville, Minnesota. 

Elder, Mrs. John, Hensall, Ontario, Canada. 

Faxon, Mrs. Asaph H., Gambrid^eport, Mass. 

Fei, Mrs. Hannah M., 1017 North 2Sth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Fiddes, Mr. Edward, The University, Birmingham, England. 

Fiddes, Rev. Andrew, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Field, Mr. John B., American Cigar Company, New York City. 

Fitch, Prof. Edward, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York. 

Flinn, David, Faribault, Minnesota. 

Flinn, Everett R., Faribault, Minnesota. 

Flinn, George M., Medford, Minnesota. 

Flinn, William, Villiard, Minnesota. 

Flynn, Mrs. David, Medford, Minnesota. 

Folsom, Agnes Petrie, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

Forbes, John, Hillside, Montrose, Scotland. 

Foster, Mrs. Clara L., New Aberdeen, South Dakota. 

Gardiner, George H., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Gardiner, Mrs. Hannah M., Oakland, California. 

Gardiner, Thomas M., Wells-Fargo Express Co., New York City. 

Gilfillan, William, Saint Ninian's, Stirlingshire, Scotland. 

Gould, Frank J., Esq., New York City. 

Gould, George J., Esq., New York City. 

Graham, Alastair E., 9 Glaremont Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Grant, Sydney, Bellrock, Ontario. 

Griffin, Mrs. Janet B., 42 Russell Street, Detroit, Michigan. 

Grooms, Mrs. Walton W., Eberts, Ontario. 

Hadden, Mrs. George, Wick, Ontario. 

Hamilton, Eva J. D. M., Tottenham, Ontario. 

Hamilton, Mrs. George, Tottenham, Ontario. 

Hart, Mrs. William J., 602 East Seventh St., South Boston, Maas. 

Hawkins, Mrs. H. J., Maurice, Iowa. 

Hawkins, Mrs. R., LeMars, Iowa. 

Hodgin, George D., Kingston, North Carolina. 

Holdersby, Mrs. W. L., Kingston, North Carolina. 

Howard, Mrs. Marj' J., Harriston, Ontario. 

Hudspeth, Mrs. Caroline M., Blackstone, Virginia. 

Hunter, Mra. Willis W., Northwood, Iowa. 

Ingham, Mrs. Gelia I., Moline, Illinois. 

Isham, Norman M., 1013 Banigan Building, Providence, Rhode Island. 

Jackson, Mrs. Robert, St. Martin's, Ne.v Brunswick. 

Johns, Mrs. Joseph, 246 Concord Street, Lowell, Masa. 

Johnson, Mrs. Nellie, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

Joy, Mr. William B., Huron, South Dakota. 

Keator, Dr. Bruce S., Asbury Park, New Jersey. 

Keator, Dr. Harry M., 107 E. 70th St., New York City. 

Keator, Frederick R., New York City. 

King, Mrs., G. B., 103 Roanoke Ave., Peoria, Illinoia. 

424 , MoiR Gbneai^ogy 

Lightly, Mrs. Penelope N., Midlothian, Virginia. 

Lumree, Mrs. Ira., Stayner, Ontario. 

Lyle, Mrs. Alexander P., Glendelvin, Perthshire, Scotland. 

MacDonald, Mrs. John, Saint Louis, Missouri. 

MacQueen, John, Lumley, Ontario. 

Maitland, Mrs. G., IngersoU, Ontario. 

Malcolm, Miss Jeanette, "The Sentinel," Toronto, Canada. 

Maxwell, Mrs. Helen M., The Cross, Doiine, Perthshire, Scotland. 

McClure, Mrs. WiUiam, Greenock, Scotland. 

McCiirdy, Miss L. Isabel, 2&i Merrimack St., Lowell, Mass. 

McGiU, Colin, Moropano, Manitoba. 

McLaren, Miss Mary, Vernon, Michigan. 

McLaren, Miss Catherine, Vernon, Michigan. 

McLaren, Robert, Vernon, Michigan. 

McLarty, John D., 377 Heberton Ave., Port Richmond, New York. 

McMullen, Mrs. M. C, Larchwood, Iowa. 

McNichol, Mrs. Archibald, Jewett City, Connecticut. 

Milligan , Frederic P., W. S., Edinburgh, Scotland. 

MiUigan, George, 1 Florentine Gardens, Hillhead, Glasgow, Scotland. 

MiUigan, Mrs. A. M., 39 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Milligan, Rev. Oswald B., St. Leonards, Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Milligan, William, M. D., Manchester, England. 

Milligan, Wyndham, A., M. D., London, England. 

Milne, John M., 45 Bay State Avenue, West Somerville, Mass. 

Moore, Mrs. Emily, Lincoln, Nebraska. 

More, Charles C, Poughkeepsie, New York. 

More, Charles C, University Station, Seattle, Washington. 

More, Claire E., Chicago, Illinois. 

More, Dr. David H., 530 West 144th St., New York City. 

More, James W., Heathcote, Danson, Scotland. 

More, John G., Walton, New York. 

More, Miss Margaret B., 9 West Regent St., Glasgow, Scotland. 

More, Otis P., Roxbury, New York. 

More, Rev. James H., Polo, Illinois. 

More, Richard, West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Morrison, David M., 180 Broadway, New York City. 

Muir, BaUlie, Howard Street, KUmamock, Scotland. 

Muir, Hon. John, Hollywood, California. 

Muir, James F., 603 King Street, Alexander, Virginia. 

MulhoUand, Mrs. William, Hensall, Ontario. 

Mure, Mr., of Rowallan, 26 Hans Place, London, S. W., England. 

Mure, WiUiam, HaU of Caldwell, Uplawmoor, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Murray, George, Le Mars, Iowa. 

Miirray, James, Exeter, Ontario. 

Murray, James, Toronto, Ontario. 

Murray, James, Hensall, Ontario. 

Miirray James R. G., 12 Maitland Place, Toronto, Ontario. 

Murray, Miss Jane, Hensall, Ontario. 

Murray, Mrs. Thomas, Owen Sound, Ontario. 

Murray, R. W., Normal School, Toronto, Ontario. 

NickeU, Mrs. WiUiam, Port Arthur, Texas. 

Noel, Charles W., Chatham, Virginia. 

Noel, Clayton B., Worth, West Virginia. 

Noel, John F., Worth, West Virginia. 

Noel, Moir A., Dawson Springs, Kentucky. 

Noel, Mrs. BeUe M., Martinsville, Virginia. 

Noel, Robert B., Vivian, West Virginia. 

Noel, Walter T., Eimis, West Virginia. 

Norman, Mrs. J. J., Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

Ogbum, Charles D., Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

Paterson, James R., Woodstock, New Bnmswick. 

Paton, Mrs. Andrew, Sherbrooke, P. Q., Canada. 

Mora Genealogy 425 

Patterson, Mrs. J., IngeraoU, Ontario. 

Petrie, James P., Chicago, Illinois. 

Petrie, Mrs. Agnes Moir, Oquawka, Illinois. 

Porteous, Mrs. George, Danville, Ontario. 

Price, Mrs. J. M., Leaksville, North Carolina. 

Reith, George, C. & G. Railway, St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Reith, Jane, Columbia, Washington. 

Reith, John, Walla-Walla College, Washington. 

Reith, Miss Isabella, Port Haney, British Columbia. 

Reith, Miss Margaret, 219 Manchester St., Battle Creek, Michigan. 

Reinhold, Mrs. Dr. Aug. Fred, 825 Grove St., San Francisco, California. 

Rennie, Mrs. Jane, Layton, Ontario.. 

Reith, Mrs. J., Erie, British Columbia. 

Reith, Mrs. William, Waneta, British Columbia. 

Rose, Mrs. Welsley, Sunnidale Corners, Ontario. 

Ruddick, James H., Dept. of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada. 

Ruddick, John A., Dept. of Agriculture, Ottawa, Ontario. 

Ruddick, Lawrence, Dept. of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada. 

Ruddick, Mary E., Dept. of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada. 

Ruddick, Miss Margaret I., Dorchester, Ontario. 

Ruddick, Mrs. L., Dorchester, Ontario. 

Ruddick, Richard A., Dept. of Agriculture. Ottawa. Canada. 

Russell, Mrs. John, 71 Garscube Road, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Scales, Mrs. Mary E., Martinsville, Virginia. 

Shepard, Mrs. Finley J., Irvington, New York. 

Simpson, A. J., Leamington, Ontario. 

Simpson, Allan G., Pittsburg, Penn. 

Sloan, Mrs. Lemuel S., Leamington, Ontario. 

Smellie, Hugh, 4 Donaldson Place, Uddingston, Scotland. 

Smillie, Alexander B., M. D., Hensall, Ontario. 

SmiUe, Emaline E., General Ho.spital, Toronto, Canada. 

Smillie, James, Hensall, Ontario. 

Smillie, Mrs. Jane B., Hensall, Ontario. 

Smillie, Mrs. Margaret A., Hensall, Ontario. 

Smith, Annie B., 45 Bay State Avenue, West Somerville, Mass. 

Smith, Mrs. R. W., Lower Shinninicac, Nova Scotia. 

Smith, Robert, 27 St. Andrew's Drive, PoUokshields, Glasgow, Scotland. 

Sorenson, Mrs. Conrad, 3 Duncan St., Roxbury, Mass. 

Starrak, Mrs. Isaac, Harcourt, New Brunswick. 

Stewart, Mrs. Dr. C. E., 219 Manchester St., Battle Creek, Michigan. 

Stewart, Mrs. John, Hensall, Ontario. 

Stuart, Mrs. Ralph B., Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Stuart, Mrs. William, Mountreal, Ballyclare, County Antrim, Ireland. 

Swainson, Mrs. Helen M., De Smet, South Dakota. 

Syer, Mrs. Charles, Lindsay, Ontario. 

Thompson, Miss A. H., Hamilton, Manitoba. 

Thompson, Mrs. George, Glendinning, Manitoba. 

Thompson, Mrs. J. B., Hamiota, Manitoba. 

Thompson, Mrs. Samuel, Kippen, Ontario. 

Towler, Miss J., 112 Union Grove, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Tracy, Mrs. George S., Burlington, Iowa. 

Traill, Professor T. W. A., Aberdeen University, Old Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Traquair, Mrs. John, Hensall, Ontario. 

Trann, Mrs. William, Crystal City, Manitoba. 

Tuggle, Henry, Martins\'ille, Virginia. 

Tuggle, James B., Portsmouth, Virginia. 

Tuggle, John E., Portsmouth, Virginia. 

Tuggle, John W., Portsmouth, Virginia. 

Tuggle, Lucy E., MartinsvUle, Virginia. 

Tuggle, Mrs. Henry, Martinsville, Virginia. 

Tuggle, Robert E., Martinsville, Virginia. 

Tuggle, Thomas A., Huntington, West Virginia. 

426 MoiR Genbai,ogy 

Tuggle, Walter L., Pinner's Point, Virginia. 

Tuggle, William H., Portsmouth, Virginia. 

Tumbull, Mrs. John, Canfield, Ontario. 

Von Aide, Mrs. Captain, War Department, Berlin, Germany. 

Van Wechell, Mrs. Ira, Bamesville, Minnesota. 

Wanless, Mrs. Thomas, Blythe, Ontario. 

Weir, Elizabeth M., Dundurn, Assinobia, Canada. 

Weir, George, Regina, Assinobia, Canada. 

Weir, James, Regina, Assinobia, Canada. 

Weir, Mary, Regina, Assinobia, Canada. 

Weir, Mrs. Richard, Bonnington, Assinobia, Canada. 

Weir, Susan S., Regina, Assinobia, Canada. 

Williams, Elijah, 7 Hampstead Lane, Highgate, London S. E., England. 

Wills, Mrs. William, Layton, Ontario. 

Wood, James M. A., Esq., 31 Beechgrove Avenue, Aberdeen, Scotland . 

Wood, Mrs. Alfred, 36 Hall Avenue, West Somerville, Mass. 

Wood, Mrs. Jessie E., Stuart, Virginia. 

Young, Mrs. Agnes, Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada. 

Aberargy or Aberargie, 100, 101, 382 

Abercairney 282 

Aberchirder, 38 

Abercorne, 22, 33, 34, 358 

Aberdeen, 23, 40, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 51, 52, 
53, 54, 55, 56, 95, 105, 106, 107, 108, 110, 
111 112, 113, 114, 115, 117, 119, 120, 122, 
123, 127, 130, 131, 133, 135, 136, 137, 
138, 142, 144, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 155, 
159, 160, 161, 162, 164, 166, 169, 170, 
173, 176, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 182, 183, 
185, 186, 210, 215, 216, 217, 224, 225, 
286, 287, 288, 290, 291, 292, 293, 294, 295, 
296, 298, 299, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 
307, 308, 309, 310, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 
316, 317, 319, 321, 337, 340, 341, 346, 347, 
349, 359, 361, 363, 364, 365, 369, 370, 374, 
375, 378, 383, 387, 388, 391, 393, 398, 399. 
Aberdeenshire, 23, 33, 44, 53, 56, 97, 104, 
105, 106, 108, 110, 114, 115, 116, 118, 119, 
120, 125, 127, 131, 133, 135, 136, 142, 144, 
149, 157, 159, 165, 166, 167, 168, 176, 178, 
179, 180, 181, 182, 183, 184, 185, 207, 225, 
240, 291, 297, 300, 303, 307, 308, 309, 310. 
311, 312, 313, 317, 319, 320, 321, 338, 341, 
346, 359, 370, 373, 384, 391, 392, 393, 394. 
Aberdeen, South Dakota, 187 

Aberdeen University, 39, 53, 54, 156, 177, 
178, 311, 3.37. 

Allenvale, 3io, 365 

Allensnore, 380 

Alloa, 39, 84, 270, 271, 334, 335. 336 




20, 145 


24, 188 




279, 282 

Aboyn, Aboyne, 

33, 317 

Abraham, Plains of, 




Acton, Ontario, 


Aden Villa, Elgin, 



218, 219, 362 

Agra, India, 






Airth Mains, 


Akintor, or Akintoir, 






Albany, New York, 

124, 207 

Alberta, Canada, 


Alexandria Virginia, 

268, 363 



Algoa Bay, 


Alpena. Michigan, 


Alvie, Parish of, 

Ambleside, Westmoreland, 

Amherst, Virginia, 

Andover, Mass., 



Annandstone, „„„ 

Annat, Methlick, 61, 72, 73, 161, 162, 170. 

172, 173, 174, 320 

Annet, Methlick, 

Antigo, Wisconsin, 

Antigua, West Indies, 




Aquhadley, Ellon, 





Ardgrain, or Ardgraine, 


Ardock, North Dakota, 

Ardoe, „„„ 

Ardo, Methlick, 162, 163, 165, 166. 167. 168 

Ardross, 147, 151. 371 

Ardsheal, 283. 284 

Arduthie, 290 

Argatie or Argaty. 58, 59, 61, 63, 66, 69, 

70, 73, 103, 279. 



15, 21, 112, 113, 119, 

e 242 

38, 334 












148, 286 

85, 86, 227, 386 






128, 272, 322, 364. 


Arkona, Canada, 

Armagh, Ireland, 





Ashfield, Ontario, 

Asia Minor, 


Assinobia, Canada, 


Athlone, Ireland, 

225, 252, 269 


180. 273 







Auchindore, or Auchindoir, 













Auchnagett, or Auchnagatt, 





Auckland, New Zealand, 


Aiirora, Ontario, 


123, 131, 316 





83, 84. 90, 92 

115, 322 




Australia, 209, 362, 365, 374 

Avochie, 369 

Ayntslare 34 

Ayr 97, 178, 249, 354, 355 

Ayrshire, 22, 34, 38, 39, 133, 223, 249, 250, 
254, 255, 269, 351, 358, 262, 392. 








220, 348 



Balgerscho, or Balgeirscho, 44, 127, 128 

Balgerso in Foveran, 44 

Balglassie, 314 
Balgownie, 53, 124, 139 

BalgowTiie, Brig of 105 

Balinan, 25 

BaUacrans, 72 

Ballater, 184 

BaUhiU, „ 182 

Ballicaish, 72, 73 

Ballindalloch, 150 

Baliingrew, 100 

BallochaUan, 70, 72 

Balmadook, 277 

Balmanno, 100 

Balmoral, Manitoba, 257 

Balnaan, 204 

Balnagoak, 297 

Balquidder, or Balquhidder, 71, 88 

Balsoir, Canada, 166 

Baltimore, Maryland, 13, 184 

Bal^v-ill, 277, 278 
Banchorjs 45, 143, 341, 342 

Banchory-Devenick, 365 
Banff, 23, 107, 114, 128, 130, 150, 173, 180, 
187, 188, 214, 240, 347, 361. 

Banff, N. W. Territory, 240 

Bankfoot, 268 

Bankhead, 109 

Bankis Row, 277 
Barbadoes, 28, 30, 362 

BarnesviUe, Minnesota, 264 
Bams, or Barnes, 20, 106, 135, 137, 142, 

143, 144, 217, 288, 289, 370. 

Barnyards of Philorth, 398 

Barra, 391 

Barre, Vermont, i»^ 

Bath, 380 

Batisoan, Canada, 27 

Battle Creek, Michigan, 257 

Bayswater, 125 

Bearsden, ^o7 

Beauharnoia, 211, 212 

Beebe Plain, 188 

Begossie, 181 

Begsley, "*i° 

Belfast, 258, 336 

Belrium, 188 
Belhelvie, 118, 127, 168 

Belize, 220 

Bellamore, 157 

Bellastraid, 156 

Bellevue, 367 

Bellrock, Ontario, 180 

Belmont, 336 

Benachie Mountain 181, 391 

Benares, India, 176 

Bengal, 304 

Benvue, Kilcraggan, 189 

Berkshire, 318 

Berlin, Germany, 181 

Bermudas, 28 

Berrydrum, Cornhill, 188 

Berryhill, 72 

Berwick, 352 

Ber-wick, Maine, 29 

Biggins, Lanrick, 74 

Biiierica, Mass. 27 

Binghampton, N. Y. 200 

Birkenhead, 317 

Birmingham, 207 

Birse, 142 

Bishop's Castle, 367 

Blackburn, 122 

Blackford, Aberdeenshire, 44 
Blackford, Perthshire, 90, 91, 92, 102, 139, 

299, 300. 
BlackhaU or Blackhill, 74, 82, 83, 127, 129 

Blackhouse, 120 

Blacknull, 157 

Blackstone, 215 

Blackwood, 328 

Blair, 282 

BlairhaU, ' 141 

Blanchard, Ontario, 263 

Blantyre, 219, 269 

Blinkbonny, Keith, 310, 311 

Bloomfield, New Jersey, 190 

Bloomington, Minn., 219 

Blythe, Ontario, 266 

Blysthwood, 394 

BoghaU, 59, 100 

Boghead, Cairnie, 171 

Boghouse, 119 

Bolivia, lU., 208 

Bolvenie, 320 

Bombay, India, 177, 306 

Bon Accord, 19> 123 

Bondhead, Ontario, 211 

Bondingtown, 32 

Bonnington, Canada, 257 

Boq\iham, 276 
Boquhapple, 69, 87, 88, 229, 236, 262, 279. 

281, 282, 285. 

Boreatton, 366 

Boreland, 282 

Borroustounness, 80 
Boston, Mass., 29. 250, 253, 254, 269, 272, 

296, 336, 388. 

Boutoune, 70 

Bowden, n^ Vh 

Bowhapple, 75, 76 

Bowtoune, °0 

Braca, 21 

Bradford, Mass. 29 

Braehead, 123, 124 

Brae, Kintore, 186 

Braemar, 157 

Braes of Cromar. 155, 157 

Braich, 65 

Braidhaugh, -Jg^ 

Brainj ohn, 55, 297 

Braintree, Mass., 26, 29 

Brantford, Ontario, 183 

Breadaline, 363 

Brebochastle. „,„ „89 
Brechin, 222, 223, 310, 391 

Breda, 117 

Bridgefoot, ^^ 

Bridgend of Leath, 103 

Bridgeton, Glasgow, 180, 254 

Brigg, 365 

MOIR Gknkalogy 




Carnes, Iowa, 


Bristol, England, 

161, 3.50 



Bristolville, Ohio, 


Caroline, Virginia, 


British Central Africa, 

218, 219 



British Columbia, 


CJarronhall, 53 

. 139, 

, 249, 384 

Britt, Iowa, 


Carse of Cambus, 

72. 74 







( ':isHil ia, 


Broiche, or Broioh, 61, 08, 


71, 72, 74 


Brooklyn, New York, 


,, 225, 262 





Cisilc Iwirbes, 




(':isi,lc I'luser, 

132, 370 



CaHtl<^g;ilc, Aberdeen 







83, 84 






290, 388 





Brushton, New York, 






Cavite Province, P. I. 


Buchan, 107, 141, 149, 

, 18'; 

', 316, 394 

Cavite, South Dakota, 




Central Africa, 


, 339, 375 



Cervantes, P. I. 








Cessintullie or Cessintully, 

100, 386 




222, 311 

Buffalo, New York, 

207, 222 



BurUngton, Iowa, 

199, 345 

Chaplain's Choice, Virginia, 






Burne of Cessintullie 


Charleston-on-the-Fortb , 




Charlestown, Mass., 

26, 27, 29 

Burn of Cambus, 

72, 73 

Chase City, Virginia, 






Burnside of Logie, 

155, 156 

Chatham, Ontario, 




Chatham, Virginia, 

193, 194 









, 270, 366 



Chester, Mass., 




Chicago, 180, 181, 188, 224, 






CairneyhiU, Fife, 

37, 38, 39 


255, 308 



Christ College, 



148, 288 

Cincinnati, Ohio, 






, 189, 336 







, 176, 304 

Clarenceville, Quebec, 





120, 121 

CaldweU, 18, 22, 351, 


1, 362, 391 


46, 49 

Caldwell, Kansas, 


Cleveland, Ohio, 


Caledonia, Michigan, 




Calechat or Calichat, 


69, 70, 71 

Clinterty or Clintertie 96, 

, 106, 

113, 370 

California, 177, 180, 181, 185, 

188, 209, 

Clinton, Mass., 



Clochan, Banffshire, 






Callander, 72, 78, 81, 88, 235, 

256, 259, 



261, 262, 264, 266, 282. 



CallibuhaUie or CaUibuckalzie, 


Cluny or Clunie, Castle of, 105, 

115, 130, 

Calsayseat or Calsieseat, 135, 

136, 137, 


216, 217, 288. 











Cambridge, Mass., 

30, 213 



Cambridgeport, Mass. 


Colby, Lincolnshire, 



72, 73 














185, 213 

Campsie or Camsay, 


; 242, 267 

Colorado Springs, 


Campsie Glen, 



50, 118 

Canfield, Ontario, 


Colpy, Insch, 






Canterbury, England, 


Concord, N. C. 


Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, 

29, 253 

Concord, N. H., 


Cape Cod, 



122, 125 

Cape Colony, South Africa, 




Cape Town, 




240, 243 

Cape of Good Hope, 


Covent Garden, 




Cookstown, Ontario, 



276, 284 


307, 308 





Carlton, Indiana, 


Cornell Univeraity, 








Cornwall, England, 


220, 366 


MoiR Geneai<ogy 













Corunna, Mich., 



220, 348 

Corunna, Spain, 


Don, Bridge of, 

105, 369 



Dorchester, Mass., 




Dorchester, Ontario, 


Cotton, 106, 115 

, 134: 

, 148, 313 


178. 381 



Doune, Perthshire, 11, 


60, 61, 62, 63, 



64, 66, 72, 73, 74, 75, 



102, 103, 

Council-Bluffs, Iowa, 


227, 228, 230, 231, 232, 



244, 256, 



263, 267, 268, 277, 383, 


County Kildare, Ireland, 




County Louth, 






Dracut, Mass., 


Cowes, England, 





117, 305 









Drip Moss, 



277, 278 

Drogheda or Drohega, 


, 296, 378 

Cragarnot or Craigarnot, 

277, 27S 



CraigarnhaU or Craigarnell, 


, 277, 278 















Craig of Motherby, 






, 139, 306 






224, 310 

CressweU, Ontario, 





90, 92 




91, 92 



Cromar, 155, 156 

, 157: 

, 168, 312 







, 280, 282 







, 129, 346 



Crystal City, Manitoba, 

256, 261 








88, 89 


39, 57 







Dublin, 122, 130, 



169, 190 



Dubuque, Iowa, 





141, 303 

Culloden, 107, 108, 109, 130, 


155, 156, 

Duff us. 


312, 371. 













, 280, 294 

Duluth, Minn., 





34, 37, 115 




267, 276 


116, 119 



Daldorn or Daldoran, 

65, ( 

38, 76, 77 



, 189, 330 




222, 279 




30, 361 









i, 133, 

222, 323 



Dunblane, 60, 63, 99, 



102, 103, 

Damhead of Leny, 


133, 236, 237, 269, 270, 

, 271. 

, 334, 

335, 382 



Dundonald Castle, 


Danbury, Virginia, 


Dunfermline or Dumferling, 


, 236, 382 

DanvUle, Virginia, 








Darlache, Balgram, 




Daursude of Machany, 


Dunn\'iUe, Ontario, 





38, 269 

Dawn Mills, Ontario, 


Dunse Castle, 


Dawson Springs, Kentucky, 


Dunvegan Castle, 


Deanston, 62, 72, 75, 103, 


227, 228. 

Durham, New Hampshire, 



Dyce, 97, 105, 129, 



287, 290 


1-39, 157 

Delaware County, N. Y., 




Denmore, 53, 97, 139, 298, 


317, 384 



Denny, 242, 243, 248, 249, 


252, 254, 

East Boreland, 

243, 2.54 

255, 323, 395. 

Easter Drummawhance 


Derby Centre, Vermont, 


Easter Leckie, 

35, 278 

Derbyshire, England 


Easter Tamakuvick, 


Derby, Vermont, 

187, 347 



Des-Met, South Dakota, 

166, 167 

East Finchley, 


Des Moines, Iowa, 


East Grinstead, 


Detroit, Michigan, 160, 167, 


245, 258 

East India, 




East Linton, 



22, 259 

East Lothian, 


176, 361 



East Mill, 




Eberts, Ontario, 245, 246, 247 

Echt, 310 

Edinburgh, 11, 12, 18, 21, 22, 33, 34, 49, 
56, 5S, 06, 75, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 87, 88, 
89, 103, ill, 120, 122, 125, 126. 128. 130, 
132, 133, 142, 145, 176, 178, 179. 189. 190, 
207. 215, 218, 219. 220, 222, 223. 227. 233. 
271, 277. 312. 319, 322, 330. 331. 347. 348, 
354, 364. 370, 374. 375. 377, 378. 380, 382. 
388. 389, 390, 395. 398. 
Edinburgh University, 37, 40, 327, 337, 339 
Edmonton, 237 

Egypt, 25, 363 

Elamsville, Virginia, 194. 195 

Eldora. Iowa. 187, 188. 347, 348, 361 

Elgin, 152, 217. 284, 382 

Elginshire. 56, 57, 191, 195, 199, 200, 203. 
204, 205. 275, 345. 

Elie. 177 

Elizabeth City, 28 

Ellerslie. 375 

Ellon, 20, 106, 115, 117, 119, 120, 142, 148, 
161, 186, 320, 370, 393. 

Elms, Hillhead, 190 

Elora, Ontario, 183, 184, 211, 212 

Elrick, 145 

England, 22, 25, 31, 94, 150, 178, 179, 204, 
207, 209, 210, 213. 214. 217, 220, 221, 224. 
246, 259, 262. 264. 270, 273. 274, 275. 315. 
336, 348, 350, 352, 354, 357. 393, 394. 395, 

Erin, Ontario, 224 

Essa, Canada, 211 

Essingham, 305 

Esslemont, 117 

Eustice, 366 

Exeter, New Hampshire, 26 

Exeter, Ontario, 165, 252. 262, 204. 265, 
266, 307. 






37, 249 


150, 209, 210 










163, 164, 186, 338 



Fergus, Ontario, 




Fermartyn, 22, 33, 301, 302, 303, 320, 391 

Ferryhill, 45, 96, 97, 105, 142, 144, 148, 

286, 289, 370. 

Fettercairn, 224 

Fetternear, 395 

Fettes College, 271, 336 

Faugh, Brig o', 340 

Fife, 177, 218 
Fifeshire, 176, 177. 218, 222. 347, 382 

Findhorn, 152 

Findlatrie, 290 

Findrack, 155 

Fingask, 53. 101, 139, 384 

Finshaugh. 363 

Fintray, 143, 179 

Finzean, 158 

Firs, Kinharrochie, 186 

Fitchburg, Mass., 185 

Flanders, 153 

Flinthills, 161 

Floyd, Virginia, 192 

Fluvanna, Virginia. 193 

Fochabers. 392 

Folkstone. 236 

Fontenoy, 355 

Foord, 49 

Footdee, Aberdeen, 291, 312 

Fordoun, 120, 313 

Fordsburg, South Africa, 174 

Forfar, 157 
Forfarshire, 120, 141, 157, 170, 221, 22. 223 

Forgandenay, 116 

Forgue, 207 

Forres, 23, 56, 199, 200, 201. 203, 204. 205, 

Forsyth, N. C, 195, 190, 197, 198 

Fort Covington, 273 

Fort Donaldson, 361 

Forth, 229, 275, 280 

Fort Phillyspince, 153 

Fouldubs, 249 

Foveran, 55, 97, 114, 115, 116. 118. 119, 

127, 128, 129, 286. 308, 317, 321. 

Fox Uiver, Wis., 361 

France, 90, 130, 152. 153. 218. 270. 282, 
348, 380. 

Francisco, N. C, 195 

Fraserburgh, 51, 119, 341, 378, 398 

Fraserfield. 139 

Frew. 280 

Friockheim, 170 

Fuer, 93 

Furnace, 225 

Fyvie, 115, 305, 317, 321 

Gadgirth, 132 

Gairn. 54 

Garden. 279 

Garelochead, 189 

Gargunnock, 11, 236, 237. 278, 280, 284,285 
Garioch, 53, 128, 144 

Garnkirk, 226 

Gartary. 83. 84 

Gartincaber. 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 100, 228, 236 
Garvock, 282 

Gaspe, P. Q., 245 

Gateshaw, 145 

Gateside, 285 

Gavin. 311 

Gerard's Cross, 381 

Germany, 25. 181, 190, 192, 337, 339 

Geulph, Ontario, 263 

Gibraltar, 131 

Gilcomston, 52 

Glacial Bay. 362 

Glack of Migvie, 398 

Glamis, 157 

Glanderston 389 

Glasgow, 18, 20, 21,37,38.39,50,81, 83,84, 

128, 170. 180, 189, 190, 211, 219, 223, 224, 
225. 234, 237, 238, 239, 242, 249, 250. 254, 
258, 259, 260. 267, 268, 269, 273, 280, 297, 
310, 315, 326, 339, 344, 347, 353. 355, 362, 
364. 376, 380, 385, 386, 388 390 391, 393, 
Glasgow University, 12, 37, 38, 39, 177, 390 
Glas-sel, 186 
Glass, 158 
Glastirum, 302, 303 
Glastonbury, 367 
Glenbeulah, Wis., 265 
Glenbucket, 88, 154, 313. 316 
Glencairn, 163 
Gendale, Oregon, 245 
Glendavau 156 
Glendinning, 256, 258, 261 
Glenelg, 219 
Glenesk, 115 
Glenygle, _ 280 
Glenrnuick, 157, 158 
Glenorchy. 304 
Glentanar. 157 
Glenwhilk. 60 
Glins, 279 
Gloucester. 350. 380 
Goderich, Ontario, 247 
Gonanoque, Ontario. 258 
Goodland, Michigan, 261 
Goose River, 240 
Gordonsmilne 105, 135, 137, 138. 286. 288 
Govan. 249. 250. 364 
Gottenburgh. 107, 122, 147, 152, 153, 154 
Gordonston, 152 
Grand Bend, Canada, 165, 259 
Grandhome, 160 


MoiR Geneai^ogy 

Grange, Aberdeenshire, 120 

Grange, Banffshire, 180 

Granitehill. 309, 310 

Granitev lie, Quebec, 188 

Grant, 23 

Grantham, 350 

Grantown, 24 

Grantown-on-Spey, 204 

Grant's Town, 25 

CJreddon Burn, 62 

Greece, 391 
Greenburn, 65, 106, 110, 111, 370 

Green Croft, 322 

Greenloaning 85 

Greenock, 208 

Greens, 165 

Greyshill, 117 

Grimsby, 179 

Grougar, 353 

Guatemala City, 186 

Guildeford, 396 

Gyashops, 113 

Haddo, 114, 116, 119, 127, 128 

Haddington, 395 

Haldimand, Ontario 272 
Halifax, Nova Scotia, 212, 213, 226 

Halton, 366 

Hamilton, 394 
Hamilton, Canada, 161, 184, 243, 353, 354, 


Hampton Castle, 366 

Hampshire, 366 

Hanover Square, 94 

Hants, 270 

Harbor Springs, 222 

Harthill, 120 

Harvard University, 362 

Harwoods, 351 

Hastings, 355, 366 

Hattencrook, 180 

Hatton, Mains of, 215, 322 

Haugh, Aberlour, 188, 
Hay Township, Ontario, 256, 261, 262, 266 

Heads, 60, 73 

Helder, HoUand, 362 

Helensburgh, 226 

Henry County, N. C, 198 

Henry County, Virginia, 192, 199 
HensaU, Ontario, 234, 256, 257, 258, 260, 

262, 265, 266, 267. 

Hillgrove, California, 
HUlhead of Machany, 

HoUand Bush, 


Holyrood, Palace 


Hong Kong, China, 



Hudson River, 



Huntsville, Ontario, 

Huron Coimty, 


Huron, South Dakota, 

Hyppa, India, 


22, 380 


89, 189 


102, 155, 161, 190 



14, 19, 21, 142, 283, 321 

152, 153, 154, 362 





255, 308 

162, 171, 240, 364 

256, 257 

Indiana, 180, 181, 347 

Innermeath, 384 

InnisfaU, Ontario, 183 
Insch, 128, 142, 172, 183, 186, 215, 310 

Inschmichael, 382 

Inshewan, 153 

Inverary, 108 

Inverbrie, 49, 50 

Inverbucket, 49 

Invercauld, 49 

Inveresk, 307, 327, 330 

Invermarkie, 24 

Inverness, 92, 186, 253 

Inveraesshire, 224 

Invernettie 14, 19, 23, 51, 139, 140, 148, 
149, 290, 305, 313, 370. 

Inverurie, 308 

Inwood, Ontario, 266 
Iowa, 166, 167, 168, 181, 185, 187, 188, 199, 
209, 260, 263, 264, 265, 345, 347, 348, 361 

Ireland, 29, 132, 169, 180, 182, 188, 190, 
236, 244, 257, 258, 259, 261, 262, 263, 269, 
273, 357. 

Irewells, 127 

Iron, 73, 74 

Isle of Wight, 209 

Ithaca, New York, 252 

Jamaica, Island of, 


Jersey, England, 


Jewett City, Conn , 




Joplin, Missouri, 


Kansas City, Missouri, 

Keir, Park of, 
Kemps Castle, 
Kent, Minnesota, 

KentviUe, Nova Scotia, 
Kildare, Ireland, 
Killarney, Ireland, 
KUlen, Ireland, 
Kilmadock, 58, 61, 65, 66, 74, 78, 79, 
100, 102, 103, 230, 231. 242, 244, 277. 

131, 220, 279, 305 



21, 25, 364 


182, 336 


39, 240 





277, 278 


23, 173, 308, 310, 311 


56, 121, 184 


225, 308 


52, 296 

264, 358 

188, 192 



106, 148, 288, 370 


60, 66 


177, 393 


257, 269 

54, 310, 311 





Ibrox, 250 

Idvies, 319 

Illinois, 180, 181, 188, 208, 224, 345, 371 
Inbry, 67 

India, 121, 122, 140, 176, 177, 179, 186, 
215, 222, 233, 298, 304, 312, 362. 

32, 250, 353, 356, 358, 391 
308, 336, 340 
151, 318 
Kincardineshire, 75, 77, 78 79, 80, 81, 82, 
83. 85, 86, 87, 92, 117, 133, 224, 225, 230, 
257, 307, 308, 310, 342. 
Kincraigie, 130, 132 

Kincreich MiU, 233 






KimbaU, S. D., 



Kincaldrum MiU, 


MoiR Gbnealogy 



King Edward, 


King's College, 

Kingston, Jamaica, 

Kingston, N. C., 








Kinsale. Ireland, 

Kintail, Ontario, 


139, 142, 310 


217, 296, 308 

220, 305 











Kintore, 50, 115, 118, 142, 186, 317, 321 

Kintumer, 34 

Kintyre, 33, 352 
Kippen, 81, 83, 209, 285 

Kippenrait, 270 

Kirkaldie, Plains de, 382 

Kirkaldy, 382 

Kirkcudbright, 131 

Kirdken, 319 

Kirkfield, Canada, 166 

KirkhiU, 45, 148 

Kirklane, 87 
Kirkton, 73, 97, 121, 137, 216, 287, 290, 
303, 316 

Kirktonholm, ' 279 

Kirkwell, 207 

Kirriemuir, 223 

Kittery, Maine, 29 

Knaperna, 142 

Knaps, 394 

Knockando, 275 

Knockdolian, 353 

Knockespock, 289 

Knockdolian, 353 

Knockhall, 129, 186 

Knockhill, 321 

Knockiemill, 119 

Knowehead, 83 

Knox College, 259 

Kynchubr, 33 

jte, Canada, 



90, 91, 92 

Forest College, 





339, 375 

)lin, Ontario, 


rk, Ontario, 


rk, Scotland, 

34, 63, 64, 226 

Lanarkshire, 22, 38, 223, 226, 267 

Lancashire, 122, 124 

Lancaster, 384 

Lancaster, Ontario, 29, 273 

Lance Aux Beaufils, Canada, 245, 246, 247 
Landrick, or Lanrik 59, 61, 62, 63, 64 65, 

68, 69, 70, 72, 74, 227, 277. 
Langside, Lanarkshire, 267 

Larbert 53, 285 

Larchwood, Iowa, 265 

Larden, 366, 367 

Larga, 16, 269, 351, 352 

Las wade, 190 

Launceton, 366 

Lawrencekirk, 224 

Layton, Ontario, 165, 166 

Leaksville, North Carolina, 191, 192, 194, 
195, 199. 

Leamington, Ontario, 245, 298, 306 

Leckie, 11, 14, 34, 111, 230, 231, 275, 277, 
278, 279, 280, 281, 282, 283, 284, 285, 296, 
373. 386. 

Lecroft, 80, 277 

Lednabra, 285 

Leeward Islands, 348 

Leicheston, Morayshire, 139, 303 

Leigh Hall, 377 

Leith, 115, 190 

Leith Hall, 215 

Lein.ster Square, 

Le Mars, Iowa, 


Lenrick or Lendrick, 











Leyden University, 


Limerick, N. C. 





Linley Hall, 



Litl Marti, 

Little Ardo 

Little Mill or Littlemill, 


260, 263, 264 

275, 27(S 

60, 64, 74, HX) 







115, 128 

115, 128 







133, 350 


366, 367 


249, 362 




117, 157, 158 

Liverpool, 124, 125, 204, 224, 273, 380, 381 , 


Liverpool College, 204 

Livilands, 103 

Livingstone, 249 

Llanglaate Mines, 174, 175 

Loanhead, 100 

Loch-an-Eilean, 383 

Lochow, 322 

Lochfield, 60, 61, 99, 228, 231 

Lochiel, 130 

Loch Kinnord, 156 

Lochmillan, 57 

Loch o' WatsoD, 228 

Lockerbie, 37 

Logie, 156, 158 

Logie-Buchan, 144, 182, 393 

Logie-Coldstone. 312 

Logie, Mains of, 156, 157 

Loirston, 97, 307, 374 

Loirston, Nigg, 374 
London, 21, 25, 27, 28, 94, 118, 119, 120, 

125, 130, 133, 141, 146, 178, 204, 220, 221, 
296, 299, 315, 328, 337, 349, 362, 367, 376, 

377, 380, 381, 391, 393, 395. 

London, Ontario, 183, 188, 238, 259 

Longacre, 53 

Longbuckley, 361 

Long Island, 29, 262 

Longshot, 93 

Longside, 394 

Lonmay, 19, 51, 107, 131, 141, 149, 151, 
290, 322, 371. 

Lorn or Lome, 284, 322, 384 

Lorraine, 270 

Los Angeles, California, 185, 188 

Lothesley, 396 

Loudoun 355 

Louisa, Virginia, 192 

Louis\ille, Kentucky, 188 

Low, 101 

Lowell, Mass., 12, 238, 243, 250, 252, 253, 
254, 323, 324, 325, 368. 

Lundie, 62, 73 

Lynlish, 204 

Machany, 91, 93, 102 
Mackeanstoun, or McKeanstoun, 62, 65, 66 

MacKenzie, River 362 

MacOrriston, Carse of, 285 

Maida Vale, 117 

Maines, 88 

Mains, Insch, _ 186 

Mains of Corstorsine, 34 

Mains of Down, 63, 64, 73 

Mains, ThornhiU, 236 


MoiR Genealogy 






124, 125 






160, 165, 303, 304, 311 




68, 78 


211, 256, 257, 258, 261 

Mont Kegree, 


Mansfield, Mass., 26 

Many, 127 
Marischal, 99. 105, 120, 123, 135, 137, 138, 
286, 287, 349, 365, 383. 

Marlborough, 355 

Marlfield, 378 

Martinez, California, 362 

Martinique, 130 

Martinville, Virginia, 192 

Maryoulter, 123 

Maryhill, 287 

Maryland, 27, 184, 199 

Mashonaland, South Africa, 175 

Mason City, Iowa, 187 
Massachusetts, 30, 31, 32, 185, 189, 213, 
222, 238, 239, 241, 243, 250, 251, 252, 253, 

Maurice, Iowa, 264, 265 

Maybole, 38 
Mayen, 130, 138, 149, 214, 215, 371 

McGiU University, 260 

Meadow Lea, Manitoba, 257 

Meadowhead, 65, 229 

Meannie, 287 

Medford, Minnesota, 241 

Medina, Wisconsin, 168 

Meichle Tipperty, 127 

Meikle Haddo, 127, 128 

Meikle Methlick, 297 

Meikle ]\Iorfy, 33 

Meldrum, 391 

Melgdrum, 33 

Memel, 130, 131, 132 

Mendon, Mass., 27 

Menstrie, 354 

Menteith, 386 

Mentieth, Vale of, 284 
Methlick, 55, 159, 160, 161, 163, 164, 165, 
166, 167, 169, 173, 216, 217, 319, 393. 

Mexico, 186 

Miami, Manitoba, 257 
Michigan, 167, 168, 185, 222, 242, 244, 
248, 256., 257, 258, 261. 

Mickell, 113 

Midcalder, 132, 249 

Middlesex, 115 

Middlesex, Ontario,. 257 

Midlothian, 141, 149, 249 

Migvie, 157, 158 

Milanab, 69 

Mile-End, 180, 181 

Milford, Ontario, 207 

Millbank, 161 

Millbrex, 310 

MiUfield, 303 

Milliehope, 367 

Mill of Kellv, 55 

MiU of Methlick, 55 

Milner, B. C, . 164 

Milton, 157 

Milton, of Cambus, 72 

Miltoun of Machany, 90 

Minneapolis, Minn., 208, 219, 269 

Minnes, 129 
Minnesota, 180, 185,' 208, 219, 220, 240, 
241, 269. 

Mintlaw, 394 

Miramichi, 244 
Missouri, 187, 206, 207, 222, 260 

Modder River, 336 

Moira, 355 

Moir Clochan, 188 

Moir Homie, 188 

Moir's Close, 312 

Monaltry, 108 

Monandawin, 156 

Monastervan, 389 

Moncrief, 335 

Montreal, 120, 171, 211, 212, 244, 260, 244 
Montrose, 96, 282, 301, 264, 365 

Monymusk, 115, 128 

Moore Abbey, 398 

Moore Place, 358 

Moray, 23, 128, 386 

Morayshire, 139, 303 

Morebattle, 145 

More, County Salop, 366, 367 

More, Shropshire, 366 

Moresville, 205 

Mortlach, 215, 319, 320 

Mosside, 76, 77, 87, 88, 229, 236 

Mount Vernon, 219 

Mount Whatley, 239, 240 

Mouters, 113 

Muchalls, 308, 370 

IMuch Hadham, 367 

Muchrach, 204 

Muir Glacier, Alaska, 362 

Muirhead, 65 

Muir Park, 380 

Mulben, 23 


Musquodoh, N. S., 212 

Musselburgh, 176, 177, 178, 327, 328, 329. 
331, 347. 
Muthill, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 268, 269, 386, 390 


Murtle, * 

Nailor's Lane, 




Nappan, N. S., 



165, 209 







Nelson, Virginia, 


Nether Aberargy, 




237, 285 

Nether Leask, 



229, 237, 

238, 285 

Nether Hayston, 


Newark, New Jersey, 


New Biggins, Lendrick, 


New Brunswick, 134, 221, 222, 225, 235, 
239, 240, 244, 373. .- 

Newburgh, 118, 127, 186, 365 

Newbury. Mass., 26, 30, 31 

New Byth, 160 

New College of Aberdeen, 96 

New Deer, 53, 164, 167, 186, 338, 394 

New England, 28,, "32 

Newfoundland, 212 

New Grange, 19, 141, 223 

New Hampshire, 30, 213, 253 

New Haven, Conn., 243 

Newhills, 23. 105. 109. 113, 133, 168, 364 
New Jersey, 190 

New Machar, 53, 179, 317, 318, 321 

New Orieans, 209 

Newplace, 47 

Newport, R. I., 190 

Newseat, 163 

New South Wales, 174 

Newton or Newtoun, 58, 59, 60, 61. 63,65. 
66, 86, 100, 101, 143, 214. 225, 231. 277. 289 
Newton Hill, Kincardine 225 

Newton-of-Doune, 231, 277 

Newtoun, TulUallan, 86, 102 

Newtown, Kincardine, 83 

Newtvle, 114, 127, 128, 129 

New York, 25, 56, 181, 182, 190, 198, 200, 
202, 203, 205, 207 209, 212, 219. 222, 224, 
225, 226, 249, 252, 262, 265, 271, 272, 273, 
274, 315, 345, 377. 

New Zealand, 37, 38, 115, 211. 237, 243. 362 
Nichol, Ontario. 184 

MoiR Genealogy 




Nonesuch, Michigan, 





North Artrochie, 

North CaroHna, 

197, 198, 199. 

North Dakota, 





Northwood, Iowa, 

Norwalk, Conn., 


Norwich, Conn., 

Norwood, Mass., 

Nova Scotia, 212, 213, 239, 240, 241, 




65, 75, 

191, 192, 194, 195, 


107, 147, 269, 



Oakland, California, 



Oelwein, Iowa, 


209, 263, 264 



166, 168 

184, 188, 209, 264 

Old Aberdeen, 52, 97, 119, 123, 136, 178, 
298, 312, 369. 

Old Govell, 50 

Old Gray Friars Quarter, Edinburgh, 80 
Old Greenburn, 110 

Oldham, 366 

Old Machar, 52, 53, 307 

Old Meldrum, 162, 180 

Old Milne, 114, 116, 119, 127, 128 

Old Orange Free State, 340 

Old Rayne, Aberdeenshire, 184 

Old town or Old Town, 44, 45, 312 

Oldyards, 320 

Omaha, Nebraska, 209 

Ontario, 165, 166, 180, 182, 183, 184, 188, 
207, 211, 212, 224, 2.34, 2.35, 2.38, 243, 245, 
246, 247, 256, 257, 258, 259, 260, 261, 262, 
263, 264, 265, 266, 267, 269, 272, 273, 274, 
344, 345. 

Oquawka, Illinois, 199, 345 

Orange City, Iowa, 263 

Orange Co., New York, 272, 274 

Orchardton, 127, 128 

Oregon, 245 

Orkney, 122, 174, 207, 399 

Orleton, 366 

Ormiston or Ormistoun, 101, 176 

Orrock, 118 

Osburne, Ontario, 261 

Ostend, 154 

Ottawa, Ontario, 263, 273 

Otterburne, 14, 20, 145 

Oudh, 122 

Overhill, 20, 114, 119, 127, 128, 129, 317 
Over Landrick, 63, 64, 71 

Owen Sound, Ontario, 260 

Oxbow, Sask., 246, 247 

Oxford Co., Ontario, 272, 273 

Oxford University, 349 

Oyne, 291 

Paardelberg, 336 
Paisley, 38, 2.38, 252, 301, 317, 334, 389, 391 

Paisley, Ontario, 266 

Pall MaU, 399 
Paris, 152, 153, 154, 352 

Paris, Ontario, 261 

Park, 139, 140, 270, 298, 300, 302, 303, 391 

Parkhead, Glasgow, 254 

Parktoune, 61 

Pasadena, Cal., 185 

Partick, 237 

Patrick County, Virginia, 191, 192, 195 

Pawtucket, Rhode Island, 238 

Peebles, 362 

Peel, 211 

Peadicle, 280 

Penkridge, 122 

Penn.sylvarua, 207, 208, 210, 226. 245 

Peoria, Iltinoi.s, 199 

Pierce, Canada, 245 

Perth, 38, 115, 277, 309, 315 

Perth.shirc, 75, 77, 78, 82, 87, 90, 100, 222, 
227, 228, 230, 235, 237, 238, 239, 242, 244, 
248, 256, 261, 262, 263, 205, 206, 268, 209, 
270, 384, 386. 

Peterculter, 374 

Peterborough, 258 

Peterhead, 20, 23, 120, 121, 122, 123, 131, 
140, 141, 164, 181, 214, 304, 305, 306, 312, 
313, 316, 338, 346, 378, 398. 
Pett, 90 

Pessy, 152 

Phesdo, 314 

Philadelphia, 198, 207, 209, 210, 220 

Philippine Islands, 193, 211 

Pictou, Ontario, 260 

Pilot Grove, N. Y., 198 

Pitfodels, ifil 

Pitlurg, 131 

Pitmillan, Petmillan, 114, 128, 129 

Pitsligo, 129 

Pittindy, 100 

Pittodrie, 53, 107, 137, 150, 301, 317 


Pittsylvania, Va., 

Pitulie or Pituly, 

Plymouth, Mass., 

Plymouth, Ind., 

Plymouth, Iowa, 

Plymouth County, 

Point Lookout, Md., 






Polnekill Grey, 

Port Daniel, 

Port Haney, 


Port Glasgow, 

Port Gordon, 

Port Hope, Ontario, 




Port Said, 

Portsmouth, N. H., 

Portsmouth, Va., 





Preston Grange, 


Prince Edward County, 

Prince Edward's Island, 

Princeton, Ontario, 


Providence, R. I., 


207, 245 

194, 195 

139, 141, 298, 303 

27, 347 





10.5, 138 

351, 352, 356, 358 

223, 272, 273 

268, 274 











78, 236 







143, 217. 310, 311 





183. 212 



130, 131 

Quebec, 122, 124, 187, 188, 211, 212, 242, 244, 
Quebec, 122, 124, 187, 188, 211, 212, 242, 
244, 245, 246, 247, 248, 306, 344, 345, 361 
Queensland, 318 

Quincy, Mass., 185 




Rainy River, Ontario, 



Randolph, N. C, 

Randolph, Wis., 



llo. 145 











Regina, N. W. T., 



81, 233, 358 

Renfrewshire, 39, 253, 254, 255, 272, 273, 

352, 362. 

Retreat, Virginia, 194 

Rhode Island, 190, 238, 254 

Ricoarton, 357 

Richmond Virginia,, 375 

Roanoke, Virginia, 193, 194 

Rochester, New York, 190, 204 

Rockingham, Virginia, 196 

Rockingham, N. C, 195, 196, 197, 198 

Rocky Mount, Virginia, 194, 195 

RodgerviUe, Ontario, 258, 260, 262 

Rome, 132,146,296 

Rosehearty, 119 

RosehiU, 142 

Rosemeath , 115 

Roslyn, 13 

Rossi-Shire, 151, 337, 374 

Rothes, 373 

Rothey, 289 

Rothiemay, 160, 214, 306 

Rothiemurchus, 57, 383 

Rothmey, 217, 289 

Rothney, 144 

Rotterdam, 154 

Row, 60 
Rowallan, 16, 17, 20, 22, 23, 34, 351, 352, 

353, 354, 355, 356, 357, 358, 362, 376, 392 
Rowanbrae, 189 
Roxburgh, 351 
Roxbiu-ghshire, 351 
Roxbury, Mass., 29, 254, 269, 315, 394 
Roxbury, New York, 56, 200, 202, 396 
Rubislaw, 16, 19, 107, 108, 123, 151 
Rudrieston, 288 
Russia, 362 
Rynie, or Rhynie, 390 

Sacramento, 209 
St. Andrews, 97, 128, 133, 176, 177, 271, 
282, 284, 315, 347, 352. 

St. Andrews' University, 41, 149, 179 

St. Catherine's, 121, 131, 133, 306 

St. Clement's, 291, 312 

St. Colme's Glen, 275 

St. Croix, 399 

St. George, Barbadoes, 28 
St. John's, New Brunswick, 235, 239, 240, 

St. John's, Newfoundland, 212 

St. Joseph, Missouri, 222 

St. Kitts, 220, 348 

St. Lious, Mo., 193, 207, 222 

St. Martin's, 240 

St. Paul, Minnesota, 257 

St. Pierre, Martinque, 130 

St. Mary's College, 262 

St. Mary's, Ontario, 188 

St. Mawes, 220 

St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, 40, 42, 117, 123, 
124, 127, 135, 314, 316. 

St. Ninians, 83, 84 

St. Seden, 152 

St. Toin, 153 

Stuart, Virginia, 191, 192, 193, 194 

St. Vincent's, 131, 133 

Salashie, 58 

Salem, Mass., 30 

Salisbury, N. C, 196 

Salop, 366, 367 

Sancte Marie, Virginia, 33 

Sands Tulliallan, 85, 86 

Sandy, 122 

San Francisco, 30, 177, 180, 181, 209 

Santa Cruz, W. I., 295, 399 

Sas de Grand, 153 

Saskatchewan, 246, 247 

Sauchens, 62, 64, 65, 228 

Sauchentum, 228 

Saultoun, 139 

Savock, 12, 114, 117, 127, 129, 130, 138, 
140, 141, 142, 164, 304, 363, 364. 
Scarboro Township, 273, 274 

Scarsdale. New York, 226 

Scotland, 22, 23, 25, 30, 31, 33, 53, 55, 56, 
57, 114, 120, 128, 130, 143, 147, 153, 158, 
166, 180, 181, 182, 183, 184, 185, 186, 187, 
188, 189, 195, 198, 199, 200, 201, 203, 204, 
205, 207, 208, 209, 211, 218, 219, 221, 222, 
223, 224, 226, 227, 236, 238, 239, 240, 244, 
248, 249, 250, 251, 253, 254, 255, 256,257, 
258, 259, 260, 261, 262, 263, 264, 265, 267, 
268, 269, 270, 272, 273, 274, 293, 297, 301, 
315, 319, 322, 329, 339, 340, 344, 347, 348, 
349, 352, 354, 356, 357, 358, 361, 362, 364, 
373, 384, 386, 388, 393, 394, 395, 396. 
Scots CoUege, Paris, 352 

Scotstown or Scotstoune, 14, 21, 49, 97, 
105, 106, 135, 137, 138, 139, 140, 142, 147, 
214, 216, 217, 287, 288, 290, 298, 299, 300, 
302, 303, 305, 306, 349, 370, 371, 373, 391. 
Scranton, Pa., 17, 207, 208, 338 

Seafield, 364 

Sea Park, 214 

Seattersquoy, 174 

Sefton, 53 

Selkirk, 362 

Seneca, Ontario, 274 

Seney, Iowa, 265 

SequeUs, 113 

Sequioa National Park, 362 

Seton or Seaton, 108, 369, 371 

SeviUe, 395 

Shambellie, 131 

Sheelagreen, 120, 121, 143, 144 

Shetfield, England, 270 

SheiUs, 32 

Shepardy, N, B. 240 

Shelve, 367 

Sherborne, 178 

Sherrifmuir, 270 

Shetland, 207, 399 

Shetland Islands, 208 

Shiloh, 361 

Shipton, 367 

Shirgartane, 278 

Shropshire, 366 

Siberia, 362 

Sierra Nevada, 361 

Silverburn, 290 

Simla, India, 177 

Singapore, 117 

Sioux City, Iowa, 185 

Sioux Rapids, Iowa, 264 

Skene, 181, 359 

Slains, Aberdeenshire, 307, 374 

SlippiehUlock, 97 

Sloane, 221 

Sluice, 153 

Smiddyhill, 157 

Snipfield, 186 

Sonya, Canada, 166 

South Africa, 174, 175, 182, 222, 237, 249, 
258, 308, 322, 338. 

South America, 249, 362 

South Bend, Ind., 208 

South Dakota, 166, 167, 187, 265 

South Nigeria, 336 

South Teuchar, 303 

Spain, 13, 363 

Spittaltoun, 62, 70 

Spittel, 104, 137, 138, 215, 288, 289 

SpittlehiU, 136, 217, 287, 288, 289, 290 

Stafford, 122, 367 

Stanstead, 187, 361 

Stapleton, 350 

Staten Island, 252 

Stenhouse, 139, 140, 298, 300, 301, 306, 349 
Stenness, 174 

Stirling. 12, 35, 80, 81, 89, 101, 103, 228, 

MoiR Genealogy 


275, 276, 277, 278, 280, 282, 284, 344, 362, 
386, 389, 391, 394. 

Stirling Castle, 280, 400 

Stirlinsshire. 32, 35, 39, 53, 139, 209, 242, 
243, 248, 249, 250, 252. 254, 269, 275, 27.S, 
279, 282, 284, 285, 294, 295, 323, 337, 373, 
374, 384, 395, 398. 

Stonehaven, 225, 397 

Stonevwood, 14, 19, 21, 23, 45, 49, 50, 97, 
106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111. 112. 124. 127, 
128, 130, 132, 134. 135. 136, 138. 139, 140, 
146, 147, 148, 149. 150. 151, 155. 210, 214, 
215, 288, 290, 295, 298. 300. 305. 313. 316, 
322, 370, 371, 372, 384, 386, 392, 397. 

Stoneywood Works, 

Stony sy id, 









Strath weltie, 

Streetsville, Ontario, 





Sudbury, Mass.. 










98, 321, 399 

102, 277. 386 


23, 24 










183, 184 



Toronto, Canada, 166, 172, 182, 



224, 258, 260, 272, 274. 

Toronto University, 


Torry qr Torrio. 61. 62. 63. 66 

, 70. 





Tou-h, 110. 130. 131, 



Towio, 115, 118, 





, 335 







Traverse City, Michigan. 










Truro, Nova Scotia, 





Tulliallan. 82, 83. 84, 85. 86, 









Turks Lsland, 





Turnorville, Ontario, 



Turriff, 119, 





Sunniside, Sunniesyde. 136, 137, 217, 290 

Sunnybank. 306 

Surrey, 305 

Sussex. 381 

Sussex, New Brunswick, 240 

Uddingston, 250 

Udny, 118, 127, 142. 346 

Umballah, India, 298, 306 

Unionville, New York, 265 

University of North Carolina. 195 

Upperhill. 116 

Upper Lanrick. 62. 63, 64, 74 

Usborne, Ontario. 258, 259, 261, 262, 263, 
264. 265. 

Sweden. 107. 147, 153, 363 



Sydney, Australia, 395 

Varna, Ontario, 


Symington or Symontown, 356 


218, 348 



, 187 

, 347, 379 

Taison, California, 211 

Vernon, Mich., 

244, 248 

Tarbolton, 390 

Victoria Park, 


Tarland, 156, 157, 312, 398 

Victory Road, Canada, 


Tarquinia, 132 

Villard, Minnesota, 


Tarty, 129, 144, 186, 306, 393 

Vinegar Hill, 


Tarves, 55, 119, 159, 172, 287, 297, 320, 393 

Virden, Man., 


Taycreggan, 322 



, 223 

, 268, 375 

Taymouth, 363 

Virgin Islands. 

220, 348 

Teignmouth, 295 

Teith, 227, 386 

WakeSeld, Nebraska, 


Temple, New Brunswick, 221, 222 



Templestoun, 32 

Walkerstown, N. C, 


Teuchar, 303, 304 

Walla WaUa. 


Thackhetherhill, 290 

Waltham, Mass., 


Thainstone, Kintore, 118 


62, 73 

Thankerton, 356 

Wardhouse Mains, 


Thedford, Canada, 165 

Warquami, New Zealand, 


ThornhiU, Perthshire, 11, 62, 75, 76, 77, 



87, 99, 228, 230, 234, 235, 236, 237, 238, 239, 

Warrenton, South Africa 



242, 244, 248, 256, 257, 258, 259, 261, 262, 

Washington, D. C, 186, 



361, 368, 

264, 265, 266, 285, 386, 389, 395. 


Thornliebank, 252, 253, 254 



Thornton, 20, 116, 118. 119, 365 

Waterford, Ireland, 


Thornwall, Ontario, 263 

Waterloo, 181, 



, 295, 348 

Three Neukit Lea. 229 

Watertown, 20, 46, 106, 



128. 148, 

Tidnish, Nova Scotia, 239 

186, 370. 

Tigermuck, 62 


68. 71 

Tighnamara, 115 



Tillery, 127 



Tillicoultry, 189 



Tillygreig, 118 

Well Bank, 


Tillykerrie, 157. 158 

Wellington, Ontario, 

184, 272 

Tillymorgan, 50 

Wells, Cults, 


Tipperty. 127 



Titchfield, 124 

West Aberdeen, 

301, 310 

Tonley, 19. 20, 104. 116, 121, 122, 123, 125, 

West Africa, 


130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 149, 152, 214, 290, 

West Atarive, 


306, 316, 317, 320. 

West Byres, 


Torlota, Virgin Islands, 348 



Torquay, 115, 259 

West Carse, Tulliallan. 



MoiR Genealogy 

West Dnimmawhance, 


West Fintray, 


West Indies, 


West Kilbride, 

254, 265 

West Kirk, 


Wester Leckie, 


Wester Ledriegreen, 


Wester Lundie, 


Western Isles, 


Wester Torrie, 

63, 64 

Westfield, North Carolina, 


West Garafraxa, 




West Indies, 

220, 348 

West KUbride, 






Westmoreland Port, 




West Tinfield, 






Whitehill, 141, 

149, 182, 290 

Whitehouse, 131, 

133, 167, 158 


180, 391 







Wick, Ontario, 




Windsor, Nova Scotia, 

Windsor, Ontario, 

Winnepeg, Manitoba, 

Winston-Salem, N. C, 193, 

Wisconsin, 168, 181, 212, 264^ 

Wisconsin, University of, 

Woodside, 105, 226, 306, 310, 

371, 374, 399. 

Woodstock, New Brunswick, 

Woodstock, Ontario, 

Woodville, N. S., 


Worcester County, 

Worcester, Mass., 


Worthington, Miimesota, 

Yale University, 

Yonkers, New York, 

York, Canada, 

York River, 



Yorkville, Illinois, 

Yosemite VaUey, 

Yukon River, 







211, 257 

196, 197, 198 

, 265, 273, 361 

361, 362 

311, 321, 322, 


240, 241 

311, 336 

153, 183 


99, 262, 273 



361, 362 

The date opposite names refer to date of birth or earliest known 
reference; if preceded by "m.," it denotes date of marriage, or may 
refer to date of birth of first-born child ; if preceded by "d.," it denotes 
date of death, if earlier dates are not known. 

If a person's name is entered more than once on the same page, 
there may be but one reference to same in the index. There may be 
more than one reference to the same personage, for various reasons, 
this is done for easy reference. 

Moir, Abel, in King Philip's war, 32 

Moir, Abner Allen, 1882, 185 

Moir, Abner AUen, son of Alexander, 185 

Moir, A., d. 1899, 322 
Moir, Adam, married Christian Forbes, 43 

Moir, A. F., Rev., 1901, 186 

Moir, Agnes, 1733, 62 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Alexander, 55 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Alexander, 1668, 47 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Alexander, 1723, 129 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Andrew, 1705, 118 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Archibald, 1840, 66 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of George, 1652, 43 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Harie, 1682, 60 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Harrie, 1682, 231 

Moir, Agnes, 2, dau. of Harrie, 1712, 231 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Henry, 1712, 61 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Ihon, 1625, 58 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of James, 1693, 49 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of John, 1667, 143 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of John, 1748, 75 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of John, 1748, 75, 143 
Moir, Agnes, dau. of John, 1799, 307 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Peter. 1618. 42 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Rev. George, 1723, 115 
Moir, Agnes, dau. of Richard, 272 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Richard, 274 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Robert. 1649, 59 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of Robert, 1685, 129 

Moir, .\gnes, dau. of Walter, 1643, 58 

Moir, .\gne3, dau. of Walter, 1680, 60 

Moir, Agues, dau. of Walter, 1680, 231 

Moir, Agnes, dau. of WiUiam, 1629, 43 

Moir, Agnes Elizabeth, dau. of Robert, 
1881, 311 

Moir, Agnes, in Haddo, 1575, 127 

Moir, Agnes Jane, of Aberdeen, d. 1865, 181 
Moir, Agnes, m. 1679, 231, 307 


MoiR Genealogy 

Moir, Agnes Maitland, of Aberdeen, m. 

1890, 54 

Moir, Agnes, of Aberdeen, 1655, 44 

Moir, Agnes, of Doune, 1702, 61 

Moir, Agnes, of Doune, 1708, 61, 62 

Moir, Agnes, of Doune, m. 1625, 230 

Moir, Agnes, of OverhiU, 1679, 114, 127 
Moir, Agnes, or Anderson, d. 1890, 307 
Moir, Agnes, or Eddie, dau. of William 374 
Moir, Agnes, or Forbes, dau. of James, 164 
Moir, Agnes, or Gray, 1633, 43 

Moir, Agnes, or Gregour, m. 1627, 79 

Moir, Agnes, or Oram, 1701, 50 

Moir, Agnes, or Petrie, dau. of Alexander, 

Moir, Agnes, or Rose, 1723, 115 

Moir, Agnes, or Stephen, dau. of James, 172 
Moir, Agnes, or Stewart, 1870, 256, 261, 
Moir, Agnes, or Stewart, 1870, 256, 261, 262 
Moir, Agnes, of Van Wechel, 1864, 264 

Moir, Agnes, or Young, dau. of George, 266 
Moir, Agnes Paton, dau. of James, 1899, 223 
Moir, Agnes Petrie, dau. of George, 

1871, 184 

Moir, Agnes Pond, dau. of James, 1888, 220 
Moir, Agnes Victoria, or Smith, dau. of 

John, d. 1904, 182 

Moir, Agnes Winnifred, dau. of William, 

1893, 266 

Moir, A. Henderson, Rev. 1899, 317 

Moir, Albert Edward, of Albany, 1877 207 
Moir, Alexander, 393 

Moir, Alexander, 1503, 95 

Moir, Alexander, 1588, 42 

Moir, Alexander, 1609, 42 

Moir, Alexander, 1648, 96 

Moir, Alexander, 1690, 97 

Moir, Alexander, 1696, 312 

Moir, Alexander, 1707, 217 

Moir, Alexander, 1764, 139 

Moir, Alexander, 1841, 310 

Moir, Alexander, 1855, 184 

Moir, Alexander, 1856, 167 

Moir, Alexander, 1860, 166 

Moir, Alexander, 1862, 199 

Moir, Alexander, 1874, 311 

Moir, Alexander, 1894, 237 

Moir, vUexander, Aberdeen University, 

1735, 39 

Moir, Alexander, Aberdeen University, 

1813, 39 

Moir, Alexander, A. M., Aberdeen Uni- 
versity, 1731, 39 
Moir, Alexander, A. M., M. D., Aberdeen 

University, 1735, 39 

Moir, Alexander Anderson, of Forres, 

191, 194, 195 
MoLr, Alexander A. S., Merchant, 308 

Moir, Alexander, baker, 1647, 96 

Moir, Alexander, baker, 1804, 221 

Moir, Alexander, builder of Doune, 267 
Moir, Alexander, buyer and wright, 

1694, 49 

Moir, Alexander, burgess, 1647, 96 

Moir, Alexander, burgess, 1648, 96 

Moir, Alexander, burgess, 1691, 97 

Moir, Alexander, bursar of King's College, 

d. 1766, 296 

Moir, Alexander Calder, son of George, 

1828, 166, 167 

Moir, Alexander, d. 1766, 296 

Moir, Alexander, d. 1768, 305 

Moir, Alexander, d. 1824, 302, 303 

Moir, Alexander, d. 1826, 299 

Moir, Alexander, d. 1826, 302, 303 

Moir, Alexander, d. 1851, 306 

Moir, Alexander, d. 1868, 346 

Moir, Alexander, d. 1878, 291 

Moir, Alexander, d. 1882, 309 

Moir, Alexander, d. 1885, 308 

Moir, Alexander, d. 1888, 308 

Moir, Alexander, d. 1909, 309 

Moir, Alexander, Dr., of Mortloch, 320 

Moir, Alexander, Dr., schoolmaster, 320 
Moir, Alexander Duncan, d. 1870, 309 

Moir, Alexander Dyce Davidson, d. 

1905, 318 

Moir, Alexander Elder, witness, 1660, 46 
Moir, Alexander, engine driver, d. 1909, 

Moir, Alexander, engineer, 213 

Moir, Alexander, engineer, 1821, 226 

Moir, Alexander, father of Alexander, 

1682, 96 

Moir, Alexander, father of Andrew. 1762, 92 
Moir, Alexander, father of Andrew, 

1816, 76 

Moir, Alexander, father of David A., 185 
Moir, Alexander, father of David A., 185 
Moir, Alexander, father of Isabella, 300 
Moir, Alexander, father of James, 1825 77 
Moir, Alexander, father of James, LL. D., 

Moir, Alexander, father of Jean in Mosside, 

1818, 76 

Moir, Alexander, father of John, 1822, 77 
Moir, Alexander, father of John, 1892, 311 
Moir, Alexander, father of Margaret, 

1782, 297 

Moir, Alexander, father of Robert, 1820, 77 
Moir, Alexander, father of WUham, 

1758, 92 

Moir, Alexander, father of William, 

1813, 76 

Moir, ^Uexander, Finnylost, 98 

Moir, Alexander Forbes, Rev., 399 

Moir, Alexander Forbes, Rev., 1888, 307 
Moir, Alexander Forbes, University of 

Aberdeen, 1837, 39 

Moir, Alexander G., 1837, 221 

Moir, Alexander Gartshore, 211 

Moir, Alexander, G., married to Huldah 

Ingraham, 1837, 221 

Moir, Alexander, Granitehill, 1887, 310 
Moir, Alexander, heir of Dr. William, 

1707, 217 

Moir, Alexander, "horseshyer," 1689, 49 
Moir, Alexander, hosier, 379 

Moir, Alexander Hugh, son of John, 

1903, 254 

Moir, Alexander, in Ayr, 268 

Moir, Alexander, in OverhUl, m. 1705, 129 
Moir, Alexander James, of Worcester, 

1870, 239 

Moir, Alexander, Jr., 1660, 46 

Moir, Alexander Leith, son of Alexander, 

Moir, Alexander Leith, son of Forbes, 

1898, 183 

Moir, Alexander L., of Lowell, 

1864, 253, 368 

Moir, Alexander, m. 1588, 42 

Moir, Alexander, m. 1607, 42 

Moir, Alexander, m. 1609, 42 

Moir, Alexander, m. 1670, 47 

Moir, Alexander, m. 1678, 48 

MoLr, Alexander, m. 1691, 47 

Moir, Alexander, m. 1698, 47 

Moir, Alexander, m. 1744, 55 

Moir, Alexander, merchant, 1768. 305 

Moir, Alexander, of Aberdeen, 181 

Moir, Alexander 2, of Aberdeen, 185 

Moir, Alexander, of Aberdeen, 51 

Moir, Alexander, of Aberdeen, 1830, 311 
Moir, Alexander of Aberdeen, 1858, 308 
Moir, Alexander, of Aberdeenshire, 181 

Moir, Alexander, of Blackford, 1743, 102 
Moir, Alexander, of Brainjohn, 1782, 297 
Moir, Alexander of Dunblane, 1713, 99 
Moir, Alexander, of EUon, 186 

Moir, Alexander, of Forres, 191 

Moir, Alexander, of Forres, 191, 195 

Moir, Alexander, of Fabnouth, 209, 210 
Moir, Alexander, of Fetternear, 395 

Moir, Alexander, of Folkstone, 

1879, 236, 237 

MoiR Genealogy 


Moir, Alexander, of Gargunnock, 285 

Moir, Alexander, of Gargunnock, 

1879, 230, 237 

Moir, Alexander, of Gilcomston, 52 

Moir, Alexander, of Glasgow, 1842, 310 
Moir, Alexander, of Glassel, 186 

Moir, Alexander, of Granitehill, d. 

1882, 309 

Moir, Alexander, of Halifax, N. S., 213,214 
Moir, Alexander, of Halifax, N. S., 226 

Moir, Alexander, 2, of Halifax, N. S., 226 
Moir, Alexander, of Indiana, 180, 181 

Moir, Alexander, of Insch, 186 

Moir, Alexander, of Kintore, 186 

Moir, Alexander, of Lanark, 226 

Moir, Alexander, of Longacre, 1859, 53 
Moir, Alexander, of Machany, 1741, 102 
Moir, Alexander, of Mains, Thornhill, 

1776, 232, 234, 236 

Moir, Alexander, of Methlick, 1745, 55 

Moir, -Alexander, of Methlick, 1856, 167 
Moir. Alexander, of Muthill, 268 

Moir, Alexander, of Muthill, 268, 269 

Moir, Alexander, of Muthill, 1770, 268, 269 
Moir, Alexander, of Oyne, d. 1878, 291 
Moir, Alexander, of Rayne, 184 

Moir, Alexander , of Scotstown, 1701, 49 
Moir, Alexander, of Scotstown, 1712, 290 
Moir, Alexander, of Scotstown, 1721, 290 
Moir. Alexander, of Scotstown. 1723, 97 
Moir, Alexander, of Scotstown, 1771, 104 
Moir, Alexander, of Scotstown, 1793, 97 
Mojr, Alexander, of Scotstown, 300 

Moir, Alexander, of Scotstown, d. 1824,303 
Moir, Alexander, of Scotstown, d. 1824, 306 
Moir, Alexander, of St. Andrews, 371 

Moir, Alexander, of St. Croix, 300 

Moir, Alexander, of Stonehaven, 225 

Moir, Alexander, of Stoneywood, 1700, 300 
Moir, AJexande.-, of Tarland, 1696, 312 

Moir, Alexander, of Thornhill, 265 

Moir, Alexander, of Washington, 1896, 388 
Moir, Alexander, of Waterton, Ellon, 186 
Moir, Alexander, or Mure, m. 1661, 47 
Moir, Alexander, Principal St. Andrew's 

College, 1713, 371 

Moir, Alexander, Regent, 49 

Moir, Alexander Reid, son of John, 1883, 86 
Moir, Alexander Robert, M. B., Ch. B., 

University of Glasgow, 37 

Moir, Alexander, Sheriff of Aberdeen, d. 

1824, 52 

Moir, Alexander Smillie, son of Duncan 

1851, 249 

Moir, Alexander, soldier, 1745, 322 

Moir, Alexander, son of Alexander, 181 

Moir, Alexander, son of Alexander, 214 
Moir, Alexander, 2, son of Alexander, 214 
Moir, Alexander, son of Alexander, 238 
Moir, Alexander, 2, son of Alexander, 238 
Moir, Alexander, 3, son of Alexander, 238 
Moir, Alexander, 4, son of Alexander, 238 
Moir, Alexander, son of Alexander, 1662, 47 
Moir, Alexander 2d, son of Alexander, 

1673, 47 

Moir, Alexander, son of Alexander, 1694, 49 
Moir, Alexander, son of Alexander, 

1798, 51 

Moir, Alexander, son of Alexander, 

1814, 238 

Moir, Alexander, son of Alexander, 

1856, 167 

Moir, Alexander, son of Alexander, 

1856. 181 

Moir, Alexander, son of Alexander L., 

1855, 184 

Moir, Alexander, son of Andrew, 127, 128 
Moir, Alexander, son of Andrew, 1671, 46 
Moir, Alexander, son of Andrew, 

1736, . 77, 91 

Moir, Alexander, son of Dr. Williams 

1668, 138 

Moir, Alexander, eon of Dr. William, 

1695, 138. 139 

Moir, Alexander, son of Dr. William, 

1711, 217 

Moir, Alexander, son of Edward, 1810, 189 
Moir, Alexander, son of GeorKC, 139 

Moir, Alexander, son of George, 1776, 75 
Moir, Alexander, son of George, 

1776. 78, 236 

Moir, Alexander, son of George. 

1776, 232, 234 
Moir, Alexander, son of George, 1821, 234 
Moir, Alexander, 2, son of George, 1821, 

Moir. Alexander, son of George. 

1821. 256. 263, 264 

Moir, Alexander, son of George, 1882, 182 
Moir, Alexander, son of Gilbert, 1680, 128 
Moir, Alexander, son of Gilbert, 1686, 128 
Moir. Alexander, son of James, 149 

Moir, Alexander, son of James, 150 

Moir, Alexander, son of James. 172 

Moir. Alexander, son of James. 185 

Moir. Alexander, .son of James, 1701, 49 
Moir, Alexander, son of James, 1845. 185 
Moir, Alexander, son of James, 1852, 185 
Moir, Alexander, son of James, 1886. 172 
Moir, Alexander, son of John. 316 

Moir. Alexander, son of John. 1668 45 

Moir. Alexander, son of John. 1672. 46 

Moir. Alexander, son of John. 1696. 316 
Moir. Alexander, son of John, 1707, 

62. 148, 149 
Moir. Alexander, son of John, 1735, 62 

Moir, Alexander, son of John, 1735, 232 
Moir, Alexander, son of John, 1740. 203 
Moir. Alexander, son of John. 1770, 269 
Moir. Alexander, son of John. 1777. 75 

Moir, Alexander, son of John, 1S04, 221 
Moir. Alexander, son of John. 1833, 267 
Moir, Alexander, son of Patrick or Peter, 

1635 42 

Moir, Alexander, son of Robert. 1705, 231 
Moir, Alexander, son of Robert, 

1826, 9, 250, 252 

Moir, Alexander, son of Robert, 1826, 250 
Moir, Alexander, son of Robert, 1862, 199 
Moir, Alexander, son of Robert, 1891, 243 
Moir, Alexander, son of Robert, 1891, 249 
Moir, Alexander, son of William, 141 

Moir, Alexander, son of William, 1583. 42 
Moir, Alexander, son of William, 1629, 43 
Moir, Alexander, son of William, 1636. 43 
Moir. Alexander, son of William. 16.59. 127 
MoLr, Alexander, son of William. 1690, 97 
Moir, Alexander, son of William, 1705. 61 
Moir, Alexander, son of William, 1777, 297 
Moir. Alexander, sons of William, 1826, 303 
Moir, Alexander, son of %Ailliam, 1850, 87 
Moir, Alexander, son of William, 1850, 236 
Moir. Alexander, son of William, 1860, 166 
Moir, Alexander, son of William, 1894, 237 
Moir, Alexander, son of William, d. 

1777. 297 
Moir, Alexander, son of William M., 181 
Moir, Alexander, son of William M., 

1838, 181 

Moir, Alexander, stonedresser, 1830, 311 
Moir, Alexander Thomas, son of Alexander 

A., 1828, 192 

Moir, Alexander Thomas, son of Robert, 

1884. 252 

Moir. Alexander, weaver, 1606 96 

Moir, Alexander William, son of Robert, 

1863. 247 

Moir. Alexander Wilson, son of James. 

M. D., 1825. 220 

Moir. Alexander, weaver, 1606, 96 

Moir, Alexander, witness, 49 

Moir, Alexander, woodsawyer 185 

Moir, Alexander, wright, 1691, 97 

Moir, Alexander, writer, 1713, 101 

Moir, Alexander, writer, d. 1724, 101 


MoiR Genealogy 

Moir, Alexander writer, Dunblane, 

1713, 97 

Moir, Alexander, writer, of Aberdeen, 49 
Moir, Alexandra Bertha Christina,! dau. of 

Alexander W., 1864, 220 

Moir, Alfred, son of William M., 181 

Moir, Alice, dau. of James 172 

Moir, Alice HUda, dau. of James, 125 

Moir, Alice Katherine, dau. of John G., 

1897, 165 

Moir, Alice May, or Reinhold, dau. of 

Duncan, 1868, 180, 181 

Moir, Alice, or Pratt, dau. of James, 172 
Moir, Alice, Robina, dau. of Alexander, 

1901, 166 

Moir, Alice Wood, dau. of David, 

1878, 269 

Moir, Alison, or Jardine, dau. of Robert, 

1867, 177 

Moir, AUan James Gordon, Brevet Major, 

m. 1903, 94 

Moir, Allan Leo, son of Alexander W., 

1897, 247 
Moir, Allan, son of Alexander, 1859, 53 
Moir, Allan, son of Andrew, 255 
Moir, AUaster, soldier, 1745, 322 
Moir, Amy Alice Anna, dau. of Alexander 

W., 1857, 220 

Moir, Amy Christina, dau. of Mark G., 

1898, 246 
Moir and More in Scotland, 22, 23 
Moir, Andrea, Aberdeen University, 

1679, 39 

Moir, Andrea, Aberdeen University, 

1720, 39 

Moir, Andrea, Aberdeen University, 

1749, 39 

Moir, Andrea, M. D., Aberdeen University, 

1822, 40 

Moir, Andrew, 1673, 365 

Moir, Andrew, 1792, 92 

Moir, Andrew, 1833, 256 

Moir, Andrew, 1903, 297 

Moir, Andrew, baker, 1596, 95 

Moir, Andrew, baker, of Maryland, 

1774, 27 

Moir, Andrew, burgess, 1558, 95 

Moir, Andrew, carpenter, 1838, 93 

Moir, Andrew Clarkson, son of Alexander, 

1880, 265 

Moir, Andrew, father of George, 1819, 77 
Moir, Andrew, father of Henry, 1821, 77 
Moir, Andrew, father of James, 1773, 92 
Moir, Andrew, father of Jane, 1848, 87 
Moir, Andrew, father of Janet, 1839, 93 
Moir, Andrew, father of John, 1744, 91 
Moir, Andrew, father of Margaret, 

1770, 92, 93 

Moir, Andrew, father of Martha, 1829, 93 
Moir, Andrew, father of Mary, 1797, 77, 92 
Moir, Andrew, father of Robert, 1844, 93 
Moir, Andrew, father of William, 1768, 92 
Moir, Andrew HiU, son of George M., 

1910, 223 

Moir, Andrew, in Aberdeen, m. 1670, 46 
Moir, Andrew, in Blackford, 1741, 91 

Moir, Andrew, in Crofthead, 1767, 91, 92 
Moir, Andrew, in Drumlakenoch, 1710, 90 
Moir, Andrew, in Drumlakin, 1736, 91 
Moir, Andrew, in Foveran, 1597, 127 

Moir, Andrew, in Foveran, 1687, 128, 129 
Moir, Andrew, in Foveran, 1688, 97 

Moir, Andrew, in Kincardine, 1829, 77 
Moir, Andrew, in Muthill, 1790, 93 

Moir, Andrew, in Muthill, 1813, 93 

Moir, Andrew James, son of Andrew, 

1840, 93 

Moir, Andrew John, son of Andrew, 

1791, 92 

Moir, Andrew, m. 1641, 43 

Moir, Andrew, m. 1659, 46 

Moir, Andrew, m. 1848, 78 

Moir, Andrew, merchant, 1683, 97 

Moir, Andrew, of Aberargie, 1664, 100 

Moir, Andrew, of Aberdeen, m. 1670, 47 
Moir, Andrew, of Kincardine, m. 1819, 77 
Moir, Andrew, of Kincardine, m. 1845, 

78, 238 
Moir, Andrew, of Kippen, m. 1806, 81 

Moir, Andrew, of Mains, Insch, 186 

Moir, Andrew, I. of Oldmill, 127, 129 

Moir, Andrew, of Otterburn, 1756, 145 

Moir, Andrew, of Overhill, 1673, 317 

Moir, Andrew, I. of OverhiU, 1621, 

20, 114, 115, 116 
Moir, Andrew, II. of Overhill. son of 

Andrew I., 1673, 114, 116, 117, 118, 119 
Moir, Andrew, III. of Overhill, son of 

Andrew II., 1703, 116, 119, 120 

Moir, Andrew, of Thornhill, 265 

Moir, Andrew, of Thornhill, 1788, 

77 2.32 234 235 
Moir, Andrew, of Thornhill, 1816,' ' 238 
Moir, Andrew, of Washington, 1903, 388 
Moir, Andrew, Rev. 393 

Moir, Andrew, Rev., 1774, 320 

Moir, Andrew, Rev., of Ellon, 20 

Moir, Andrew, "Smyth." 1597, 127 

Moir, Andrew, soldier, 1745, 322 

Moir, Andrew, son of Alexander, 1672, 128 
Moir, Andrew, son of Alexander, 1762, 92 
Moir, Andrew, son of Alexander, 1816, 76 
Moir, Andrew, son of Alexander, 1892, 237 
Moir, Andrew, son of Alexander Jr., 

1657, 47 

Moir, Andrew, son of Andrew, 255 

Moir, Andrew, son of Andrew, 1673, 116 
Moir, Andrew, son of Andrew, 1733, 317 
Moir, Andrew, son of Andrew, 1742, 91 
Moir, Andrew, son of Andrew, 1813, 93 
Moir, Andrew, son of Andrew, 1824, 77 
Moir, Andrew, son of Andrew, III. of Over- 
hill, 1753, 119 
Moir, Andrew, son of Dr. Moir, 1767, 

121, 122 
Moir, Andrew, son of George, 265 

Moir, Andrew, son of George, 1788, 76 

Moir, Andrew, son of George, 1833, 234 
Moir, Andrew, son of George, 1833, 234,265 
Moir, Andrew, son of Gilbert, 1672, 128 
Moir, Andrew, son of James, 1765, 92 

Moir, Andrew, son of John, 1791, 92 

Moir, Andrew, son of John, 1832, 122 

Moir, Andrew, son of Robert, 1690, 129 
Moir, Andrew, son of Robert, 1828, 254 
Moir, Andrew, son of Robert, 1828, 

254, 297 
Moir, Andrew, son of Thomas, 1676, 145 
Moir, Andrew, son of William, 308 

Moir, Andrew, son of William, 1631, 43 
Moir, Andrew, son of William, 1657, 47 
Moir, Andrew, son of WilUam, 1683, 96 
Moir, Andrew, son of William, 1686, 127 
Moir, Andrew, son of William M., 181 

Moir, Andrew, surgeon, 379 

Moir, Andrew, witness, 1672, 128 

Moir, Andrew, witness, 1683, 128 

Moir, Andrew, witness, 1686, 127 

Moir, Andrew, witness, 1690, 129 

Moir, Andrew, witness, 1703, 119 

Moir, Andrew, wright, 1833, 93 

Moir, Andro, "baxter," 1596, 95 

Moir, Anna, dau. of Andrew, 1672, 46 

Moir, Anna, dau. of Gilbert, 1678, 128 

Moir, Anna, dau. of Henry, 1733, 62 

Moir, Anna, dau. of John, 1672, 60 

Moir, Anna, dau. of Robert, 1702, 61 

Moir, Anna, dau. of Robert, 1702, 231 

Moir, Anna, dau. of William, 1683, 142 

Moir, Anna Delight, dau. of Robert, 

1836, 197 

Moir, Anna Louise, dau. of John G., 

1889, 165 

Moir, Anna Margaret, dau. of George, 

1886, 211 

Moir, Anna, or Muschet, m. 1711, 75 

MoiR Genealogy 


Moir, Anna Scott, or Joy, dau. of Alexander 

C, 1859, 167 

Moir, Ann, d. 1848, 313 

Moir, Ann, dau. of Andrew, 1792, 92 

Moir, Ann, dau. of Franeia, d.- 1859, 307 
Moir, Ann, dau. of George, 1795, 100 

Moir, Ann, dau. of George, d. 1795, 1(50 
Moir, Ann, dau. of George y., 1833, 293 
Moir, Ann, dau. of Henry, 1773, 64 

Moir, Ann, dau. of James, 1802, 65 

Moir, Ann, dau. of James, 1827, 170 

Moir, Ann, dau. of James, writer, 1743, 102 
Moir, Ann, dau. of John, 1760, 63, 92 

Moir, Ann, dau. of John, 1767, 64 

Moir, Ann, dau. of John, 1801, 76 

Moir, Ann, dau. of Robert, 1836, 52 

Moir, Ann, dau. of William, 160 

Moir, Ann, dau. of William, 1799, 92, 160 
Moir, Anne, dau. of Andrew, 1834, 93 

Moir, Anne, dau. of John, 1730, 62 

Moir, Anne, dau. of John, 1740, 62 

Moir, Anne, dau. of William, 141 

Moir, Anne Isabella, d. 1848. 299 

Moir, Anne Mary, or Milligan, dau. of 

David M., 1840, 177 

Moir, Anne Tower, or Moore, Countess of 

Drogheda, 1879, 296 

Moir, Annie Catherine, dau. of John S., 

1898, 184 

Moir, Annie, dau. of Benjamin, 213 

Moir, Annie, dau. of Charles, 1862, 170 
Moir, Annie, dau. of Duncan, 1895, 250 
Moir, Annie, dau. of James, 172 

Moir, Annie D., or Forsyth, dau. of Alex- 
ander, 1858, 252 
Moir, Annie D., or Johns, dau. of Alexander, 

1858, 252 

Moir, Annie Ellen, dau. of David, 

1879, 204 

Moir, Annie Gertrude, or Faxon, dau. of 

Alexander G., 1870, 222 

Moir, Annie Maitland, dau. of Frederick 

L. M., 1887, 219 

Moir, AJinie Marion, dau. of Joseph D., 

1896, 246 

Moir, Annie, or Ball, dau. of Robert, 

1868, 247 

Moir, Annie, or Fraser, dau. of Duncan, 

1854, 249 

Moir, Annie Reid, of Aberdeen, d. 

1884, 292 

Moir, Annie Smillie, dau. of William, 

1907, 250 

Moir, Annie Winifred, dau. of John, 

1888, 258 

Moir, Ann. in Dunblane, d. 1743, 102 
Moir, Ann, in Kilmadock, 1769, 80 

Moir, Ann, in Kilmadock, m. 1851, 81 

Moir, Ann, in MuthiU, 1799, 93 

Moir, Arm, in Torrie, 1760, 63 

Moir, Ann Isabella, dau. of William, d. 

1848, 53 

Moir, Ann, of Aberdeen, 1811, 291 

Moir, Ann, of Aberdeen, d. 1848, 313 

Moir, Ann, of Aberdeen, m. 1843, 52 

Moir, Ann, of Fraserburg, d. 1814, 51 

Moir, Ann, of Grandhome, 160 

Moir, Arm, of Kilmadock, m. 1847, 81 

Moir, Ann, or AUardyce, d. 1887, 291, 293 
Moir, Ann, or Cuming, of Doune, 1816, 74 
Moir, Ann, or Findlater, dau. of George, 

1795, 160, 320 

Moir, Aim, or MacLaren, dau. of John, 

1740, 232 

Moir, Ann, or Milne, dau. of George, 

1822, 164, 168 

Moir, Ann, or Ogston, dau. of James, 164 
Moir, Anne or Skeen, of Tarland, 156, 312 
Moir, Ann, or Stewart, dau. of James, 

1767, 74, 80, 233 

Moir, Ann, or Stewart, m. 1784. 74 

Moir. Ann, or Thorn, dau. of James, 172 

Moir, Ann Smillie, dau. of Robert, 

1883. 249 

Moir, Ann, wife of George, 160 

Moir, Archibald Gifford, mod of Archibald 

P., 271 

Moir, Archibald, in Deanston, 1721, 62 
Moir, Archibald, in Doun(!, in. 1H37, 81 
Moir, Archibald, in Glenwhilk, 1069. 60 
Moir, Archibald, in Row, 1070, 60 

Moir, Archibald, M. D., son of John, 274 
Moir, Archibald, M. D., son of John, 

1872, 272 

Moir, Archibald, of Alloa, 1835, 271 

Moir, Archibald, of Doune, 1837, 66 

Moir, Archibald, of Kilmadock. 1668, 60 
Moir, Archibald Patrick, of Alloa, 

1860, 271, 336 

Moir, Archibald, son of Archibald, 1721, 66 
Moir, Archibald, son of Henrj', 1778, 64 
Moir, Archibald, son of James, 1043, 59 
Moir, Archibald, son of James, 1643, 231 
Moir, Archibald, son of James, 1753, 63 
Moir, Archibald, son of James, 1835, 

270, 271, 335 
Moir, -Archibald, son of John, 1720, 62 
Moir, Archibald, son of Walter, 1863, 83 
Moir, Archibald, witness, 1676, 60 

Moir, Archibald, witness, 1791, 64 

Moir, Arthor, of Aberdeen, m. 1608, 42 
Moir, Arthur Duncan, son of James, 

1887, 220 

Moir, Arthur, Finnylost, 98 

Moir, Arthur Homewood, son of William, 

Moir, A., soldier, 1899, 322 

Moir, Barbara, dau. of Alexander, 1664, 47 
Moir, Barbara, dau. of Alexander, 

1721, 129 

Moir, Barbara, dau. of George, 1691, 129 
Moir, Barbara, dau. of George, 1789, 162 
Moir, Barbara, dau. of George, 1820, 164 
Moir, Barbara, dau. of GUbert, 1680, 128 
Moir, Barbara, dau. of Thomas, 1783, 145 
Moir, Barbara, dau. of William, 1758, 55 
Moir, Barbara Helen, dau. of David, 

1887, 204 

Moir, Barbara, or Grant, dau. of Peter, 203 
Moir, Barbara,or Hay, d. 1781, 316 

Moir, Beatrix, dau. of Andrew, 1790, 92 
Moir, Beatrix, dau. of William, 1811, 93 
Moir, Beatrix, in ICincardine, 1765, 77 

Moir, Beatrix, or Gibb, d. 1756, 297 

Moir, Bella, dau. of John, 1882, 274 

Moir, Bella Jean, dau. of James, 203 

Moir, Benjamin, manufacturer, d. 1872, 307 
Moir, Benjamin, of Halifax, 212 

Moir, Benjamin, provision merchant, 

1842, 379 

Moir, Benjamin, son of Benjamin, 212 

Moir, Benjamin 2, son of Benjamin, 212 
Moir, Bertha Day, dau. of Alexander J., 

1898, 239 

Moir, Bertha Florence, dau. of George R., 

1894, 263 

Moir, Bessie, dau. of Alexander, 1661, 47 
Moir, Bessie, of Aberdeen, m. 1671, 46 

Moir, Betsy, dau. of John, 1878, 85 

Moir, Betty S., or Christian, dau, of 

DeWittC, 1873, 197 

Moir,, covenanter, 396 

Moir, Bridget, of Aberdeen, d. 1842, 313 
Moir-Bvres, Alleyn Catherine Elizabeth, 

m. 1881, 133 

Moir-B3-re3, family of, 126 

Moir-Byres, family, of Tonley, 19, 317 

Moir-Byres, George, VI., of Tonley, 

1807, ^ 122, 133 

Moir-Byres, James Gregory, V. of Tonley, 

1804, 122 ,133, 306 

Moir-Byres, Jean, dau. of George, 133 

Moir, Byres, M.B., CM.. M.D., 1876, 40 
Moir, Byres, M.B., son of Patrick, 1853, 125 


MoiR Genealogy 

Moir-Byres, Patricia Byres, 1879, 133 

Moir-Byres, Patrick III., of Tooley, 

1778, 132 

Moir-Byres, Patrick, IV., of Tonley, 

1802, 121, 133 

Moir-Byres, Stuart, son of George, 133 

Moir, Calder, of Aberdeen, d. 1855, 292 
Moir, Carl Raymond, son of George R., 

1897, 263 
Moir, Caroline, dau. of Patrick, m. 

1872, 125 

Moir, Cassie Jane Ross, dau. of William C, 

1890, 266 

Moir, Catherine, dau. of Alexander, 1809, 76 
Moir, Catherine, dau. of James, 1676, 145 
Moir, Catherine, dau. of James, 1896, 243 
Moir, Catherine, dau. of John, 122 

Moir, Catherine, dau. of Robert, 1857, 263 
Moir, Catherine, dau. of Robert, 1865, 177 
Moir, Catherine, dau. of William, 141 

Moir, Catherine Elizabeth, dau. of John, 

1860, 272 

Moir, Catherine Elizabeth, of Port Hope, 

Moir, Catherine F., of Aberdeen, d. 

1862, 294 

Moir, Catherine, or Findlay, dau. of John, 

Moir, Catherine, or Fraser, dau. of John, 

Moir, Catherine, or Hutton, dau. of Alex- 
ander, 1809, 236 
Moir, Catherine, or Hutton, of Kilmadock, 

m. 1844, _ _ 78, 81 

Moir, Catharine, or Maule, of Kilmadock, 

1841, 81 

Moir, Catherine Paton, dau. of James, 

1896, 223 

Moir, Catherine Yoimghusband, or Orr, 

dau. of David M., 1838, 177 

Moir, Cecilia Ann, dau. of David A., 

1898, 186 
Moir, Charles Alexander, of Leckie, 

1820, 284 
Moir, Charles Bell, son David M., 1833, 177 

Moir, Charies, bookseUer, 1828, 170 

Moir, Charles, Captain, soldier, 1745, 322 

Moir, Charles C, son of George, 1909, 213 
Moir, Charles George, of Denmore, d. 

1851, 53 

Moir, Charles H., of Gautemala, 1904, 186 

Moir, Charles, in StirUng, 1801, 103 
Moir, Charles Louis, son of Charles, 

1882, 188 
Moir, Charles McGregor, son of James, 

1903, 173 
Moir, Charles, M. D., son of James, 

1858, 188 

Moir, Charles, of Aberdeen, 1813, 307 

Moir, Charles, of Aberdeen 309 

Moir, Charles, of Aberdeen, d. 1881, 307 

Moir, Charles, of Stirling, 1803, 103 
Moir, Charles Raymond, son of Alexander, 

1892, 185 
Moir, Charles, Rev., d. 1774, 305 
Moir, Charles R., son of Wilham W., 

1874, 193 
Moir, Charles Scott, son of Robert, 

1804, 176 

Moir, Charles, soldier, 1745, 322 

Moir, Charles, soldier, 1746, 132 

Moir, Charles, soldier, 1746, 132, 153, 154 
Moir, Charles, son of Charles, 

1860, 170 

Moir, Charles, son of James, 1745, 150 

Moir, Charles, son of James, 1752, 151 

Moir, Charles, son of James, 1828, 170 

Moir, Charles, son of James, 172 

Moir, Charles, son of William, 1830, 299 

Moir, Charles, son of William, d. 1845. 52 
Moir, Charles Sutherland, son of David, 

1893, 269 

Moir, Charles William, son of Alexander G., 

1877, 222 

Moir, Charlotte Amelia, or Simpson, dau. 

of Robert, 1852, 245 

Moir, Charlotte, dau. of Alexander, 

1885, 166 

Moir, Charlotte, dau. of Thomas, 1783, 145 
Moir, Charlotte, dau. of William, 1862, 166 
Moir, Chester Drummond, son of Alexander 
J 1901 239 

Moir, ( — '—), child of George d. 1777, 302 

Moir, ( ), child of John, d. 1872, 309 

Moir, Christine, dau. of Robert, 1644, 59 
Moir, Christian, dau. of Alexander, 

1659, 128 

Moir, Christian, dau. of John, m. 1691, 137 
Moir, Christian, dau. of John, 1748, 203 
Moir, Christian, dau. of John, 1633, 136 
Moir. Christian, dau. of John, 1671, 143 
Moir, Christian, dau. of John, 1748, 203 
Moir, Christian, dau. of Patrick, 

1655, 45 

Moir, Christian, dau. of Peter, 1632, 42 
Moir, Christian, dau. of William, 1687, 48 
Moir, Christian, of Aberdeen, d. 1849, 53 
Moir, Christian, or Fraser, dau. of John, 
1691, 217 

Moir, Christina Agnes, dau. of George, 
1881, 164 

Moir, Christina Beaton, dau. of George, 

1879, 311 

Moir, Christina, dau. of Alexander, d. 

1909, 300 

Moir, Christina, dau. of George, 1639, 43 
Moir, Christina, dau. of Thomas, 1783, 145 
Moir, Christina, dressmaker, d. 1887, 310 
Moir, Christina Isabel, dau. of James, 

1903, 254 

Moir, Christina Jane Smith, dau. of William 

Moir, Christina, of Aberdeen, d. 1909, 309 
Moir, Christina, of Stonehaven, 225 

Moir, Clara Luella, or Foster, dau. of Mar- 
cus W., 1873, 187 
Moir, Clementina, dau. of James, 159 
Moir, Clifford James, son of John, 

1894, 261 

Moir, Colin Argyle, son of John, 1804, 258 
Moir, Colonel, of Scotstown, d. 1870, 306 
Moir, Constance M. Louise, dau. of Alex- 
ander W., 1860, 220 
Moir-Crane, Patrick, of Levenshulme, 

1830, 20.124 

Moir, Crawford Boyd, son of David, 

1886, 260 

Moir, CybeUa Susan, or Noel, dau. of Alex- 
ander A., 1840, 193 

Moir, Daniel Mearns, d. 1886, 292 

Moir, Daniel Mearns, 2., d. 1888, 292 

Moir, Daniel, son of Robert, 1855, 253 

Moir, ( ), dau. of "Harie", 1687, 61 

Moir, ( ) , dau. of James, 268 

Moir, ( ), dau. of Thomas, 150 

Moir, David, 287 

Moir, David, 187 

Moir, David, 1719, 62 
Moir, David Alexander, son of John, 

1896, 258 
Moir, David Anderson, Rev., son of John 

1853, 260 
Moir, David Andrew, son of Alexander, 

1873, 185, 186 

Moir, David, brother of John, 187 

Moir, David, brother of John, 203 

Moir, David, brother of John, 208 

Moir, David, brother of John More, 203 

Moir, David, father of David, 224 

Moir, David, father of George, 211 
Moir, David Gardner, son of WUliam, 

1867, 248 

Moir, David, in Campsie, 1796, 66 

Moir, David, in CornhiU, 188^ 



Moir, David, in Douno, 170.3, 61 

Moir, David, in Doune, 1720, 62 

Moir, David, in Doune, 1733, 62 

Moir, David, in Landrick, 1767, 63, 64 

Moir, David, in Landrick, 1777, 63. 64 

Moir, David, in Low, 101 

Moir, David, in Low, 1724, 101 

Moir, David, ironfounder, 222 

Moir, David, Jr., of Dundee, 1864, 53 

Moir, David, Junior, son of David, 

1887. 269 

Moir, David. Junior, of Dundee, m. 1864, 53 
Moir, David Macbeth, (Delta), 1798, 

11, 176, 327, 330, 333, 387, 391, 393 
Moir, David Macbeth, Jr., son of David M., 
1836, 177 

Moir, David Macbeth, M.B.. CM., M.D., 
Edinburgh University, 1885, 40 

Moir, David Macbeth, son of Robert, Jr., 
1860, 176 

Moir, David Macbeth, St. Andrew's Uni- 
versity, 1877, 41 
Moir, David, M. A., Edinburgh Uuiversity, 
1865, 40 
Moir, David Nelson, son of John S., 

1893, 184 

Moir, David, of Buffalo. 1849, 222 

Moir, David, of Campsie, 1772, 233 

Moir, David, of Campsie, 1796, 65 

Moir, David, of Cornhill, 188 

Moir, David, of Craigarnhall, 1659, 

277, 278 
Moir, David, of Doune, 1733, 62, 230 

Moir, David, of Doune, 1763, 63, 64 

Moir, David, of Gateside, Balfron 285 

Moir, David, of KUmadock, m. 1782 80 
Moir, David, of Leckie. 1668, 277, 278, 282 
Moir, David, of Lednabra, 285 

Moir, David, of Liverpool, 204 

Moir, David, of London, m. 1881, 94 

Moir, David, of Northumberland, 209 

Moir, David, of Perth, 1831, 38 

Moir, David, of Perthshire, 269 

Moir, David, of Roxbury, 1844, 269, 394 
Moir, David, of Roxburj-, 1875, 315 

Moir, David, of Stirling, 1688, 277 

Moir, David, of Stirling. 1698 278 

Moir, David, Right Rev., D. D., Bishop 
of Brechin, 1862, 391 

Moir,, David Roberts, son of George M., 
1906 223 

Moir, David, sheriff-clerk, 1686, 277 

Moir, David, son of Alexander, 1891, 237 
Moir, David, son of Archibald, 1676, 60 
Moir, David, son of Archibald, 1676, 231 
Moir, David, son of David, 1670, 278, 282 
Moir, David, son of David, 1825, 224, 225 
Moir, David, son of David, 1867, 209 

Moir, David, son of David, 1867, 209 

Moir, David 2d. son of David, 1891, 269 
Moir, David, son of George, 321 

Moir, David, son of George, 1842, 321 

Moir, David, son of George, d. 1844, 321 
Moir, David, son of Gregor, m. 1788, 204 
Moir, David, son of James, 1772, 64 

Moir, David, son of James, 1772, 233 

Moir, David, son of James W., 1864, 222 
Moir, David, son of John, 1670, 60 

Moir, David, son of John, 1671, 89 

Moir, David, son of John, 1754, 203 

Moir, David, son of John, 1769, 75 

Moir, David, son of John, 1805, 221 

Moir, David, son of John, 1810, 76 

Moir, David, son of John, 1885, 86 

Moir, David, son of Peter, 203 

Moir, David, 2, son of Peter, 203 

Moir, David, son of Peter, 204 

Moir, David, son of Rev. John, 394 

Moir, David, son of Robert, 1647, 59 

Moir, David, son of Robert, 1702, 61 

Moir, David, son of Robert, 1777, 63 

Moir, David, son of William, 1844, 269 

Moir, David son of WilUam, 1844, 269,394 

Moir, David, son of William, 1844, 269 

Moir, David, St. Andrew's University, 

18.35, 41 

Moir, David, St. Andrew's University. 

1865, 41 

Moir, David Stewart, Rev., son of Richard, 

1877. 207 

Moir, David Stirling, son of George S., 260 
Moir, David, tailor, 1842. 379 

Moir. David Wel.sey, son of William W., 

1885. 183 
Moir, David, witness, 1720, 62 
Moir. David, witness, 1763. 63 
Moir. David, witness, 1767, 64 
Moir, David, witness, 1777, 63 
Moir. David, writer. 1764. 64 
Moir, de la Thomas, Virginia. 1624, 28 
Moir, De Witt Clinton, son of James S., 197 
Moir, De Witt Clinton, son of Robert. 1826. 

Moir, Donald, of Cromar, 1745, 

155, 156. 157 
Moir. Donald, son of Donald, 156 

Moir, Dorothea, dau. of James, 125 

Moir. Dorothy Caroline, dau. of Frederick 
L. M., 1891. 219 

Moir, Dorothy Elizabeth, dau. of William, 

1894, 165 

Moir, Dougald Stuart, son of James, 

1884, 220 

Moir, Douglas, son of Douglas. M. D.. 

1883. 125 

Moir. Douglas, son of George, 1875, 124 
Moir, Douglas, M.D., son of Patrick, 

1844, 125 

Moir, Douglas Stewart, son of Robert H.. 

1902, 263 

Moir, Dr., of Aberdeen, 1881, 316 

Moir, Dr., of Mussellburgh. 1844, 

330 3.31 332 
Moir, Dr., of Pertehead, d. 1818, ' 121, .304 
Moir, Dugald Alexander, son of Alexander, 

1886, 166 
Moir, Duncan, in Doune, 1689, 61 
Moir, Duncan Rae. son of William. 

1909, 250 

Moir, Duncan, Robertson, son of Robert, 

1882. 249 

Moir, Duncan, school-teacher, 1868, 180 
Moir, Duncan, son of Alexander, 

1862. 248. 253. 323, 324 

Moir. Duncan, son of Duncan. 1864. 250 
Moir, Duncan. Q., son of Duncan. 

1897. 250 

Moir. Duncan, son of James. 1664, 100 

Moir, Duncan, son of Robert, 1824, 

248, 326, 395 
Moire, Agnes, dau. of John, 1674, 144 

Moire, Agnes, wife of John, 1673, 47 

Moire, Agneta, dau. of Joannis, 1674, 137 
Moire. Alexander, witness, 1676, 47 

Moire, Andrew, witness, 1672. 128 

Moir. Earl Ray. son of John. 1899, 180 

Moire, Bessie, m. 1678, 48 

Moire, Christian, dau. of John, 1679. 

144. 288, 289 
Moire, Christian, or Eraser. 1697, 289 

Moire. Christina, dau. of John, 1674. 137 
Moir, Edgar Percival, son of Alexander T., 

1859,  193 

Moir, Edith Davidson, of Peterculter 

1900, 309 

Moir, Edith Emma, 1856. 318 

Moir, Edith Maud, or Green, dau. of Alex- 
ander G., 1872, 222 
Moir, Edmund Head, son of Robert, 

1864, ^ 247 

Moir, Edward Alexander, son of James A., 
1902. 189 

Moir. Edward Byres, son of George. 

1878, 124 

Moir, Edward James, son of Alexander, 

1840, 210 


MOIR Ghnbai^ogy 

Moir, Edward, of Virginia. 1634, 28 

Moir, Edward, son of Alexander, 1844, 189 
Moir, Edward, son of Douglas, 1878, 125 
Moir, Edward, son of Edward, 190 

Moir, Edward, of Coalsnaughton, 189 

Moir, Edwin L., son of William W., 

1860, 193 

Moir, Eleanor Francis, dau. of Edward, 
1879, 210 

Moir, Elin, dau. of James, 1796, 65 

Moir, Elis, or McQueen, m. 1820, 77 

Moir, Elizabeth Ann, dau, of George M., 
1869, 184 

Moir, Elizabeth B., dau. of Alexander, 

1882, 226 

Moir, Elizabeth Catherine, dau. of Alex- 
ander W., 1855, 220 
Moir, Elizabeth Catherine, or Scott, dau. 
of David M., 1830, 176 
Moir, Elizabeth, dau. of Andrew, 1678, 46 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of Andrew, 1709, 119 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of Dr. WiEiam, 

1680, 138 

Moir, Elizabeth, dau. of Dr. WiUiam, 

1688, 216 

Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of Forbes, 1881, 183 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of George, 1743, 160 
Moir, Elizabeth, dau. of George, 1796, 76 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of George, 1814, 163 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of George, 1869, 242 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of George, 1885, 182 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of Gilbert, 1675, 128 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of Gilbert, 1749, 117 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of James, 1762, 63 
Moir, Elizabeth, dau. of James, 1789, 64 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of James, 1777, 103 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of James. 

65, 80, 81, 232, 233, 234, 242, 395 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of John, 1793, 92 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of Rev. Andrew, 

1739, 120 

Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of Robert, 1852, 245 
Moir. EUzabeth, dau. of Thomas, 1685, 60 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of Thomas, 1783, 145 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of WilUam, 1648, 43 
Moir, EUzabeth, dau. of WilUam M., 181 
Moir, EUzabeth , 2, dau. of WiUiam M., 181 
Moir, Elizabeth Grace Macfarlane, dau. of 

Alexander, 1888, 237 

Moir, EUzabeth Hamilton, dau. of Edward, 

1909, 189 

Moir, EUzabeth, in Gartincaber, 1815, 65 
Moir, EUzabeth, in Meadowhead, 1814, 65 
Moir, Ejizabeth, Lavinia, dau. of John, 

1885, 228 

Moir, EUzabeth MacDonald, or Grant, dau. 

of Robert, 1876, 243 

Moir, EUzabeth Muirhead, dau. of James 

R., 1894. 180 

Moir, EUzabeth, of Aberdeen, 1877, 308 
Moir, Elizabeth, of Daldorn, 1799, 76 

Moir. Elizabeth, of Kilmadock, 1789, 

65, 80, 81, 232, 233, 234, 242, 395 
Moir, EUzabeth, of London, m. 1833, 94 
Moir, EUzabeth, or Byres, m. 1819, 51 

Moir, EUzabeth, or Erskine, dau. of John, 

1867, 307 

Moir, Elizabeth, or Hart, dau. of Alexander, 

1860, 253 

Moir, EUzabeth, or MacAdam, dau. of 

Andrew, 255 

Moir, EUzabeth, or MacQueen, dau. of 

George, 1796, 232, 235 

Moir, Elizabeth or Mair, dau. of George. 

1743, 160 

Moir, Elizabeth, or MuUigan, dau. of Dr. 

WilUam, 1703, 217 

Moir, Elizabeth, or Russell, dau. of James, 

1849, 242 

Moir, EUzabeth, or Smith, dau. of Duncan, 

1858, 250 

Moir, EUzabeth Stewart, dau. of James, 

1891,J 223 

Moir, EUzabeth Stuart, dau. of George M., 

1902, 223 

Moir, Elizabeth, or SulUvan, dau. of Robert, 

1823, 195 

Moir, Ellen, dau. of Peter, 203 

Moir, Elmer Edwin, son of Andrew, C, 

1901, 265 

Moir, Elsie, dau. of Alexander, 1822, 184 

Moir, Elsie, dau. of Charles, 170 

Moir, Elsie, dau. of James, 172 

Moir. Elsie, dau. of William. 374 

Moir, Elsie, or Morrison, dau. of James, 

1846, 171 

Moir, Elsie, or Porter, dau. of James, 172 

Moir, Elsie, or V/ood, dau. of William, 

1870, 173 

Moir, Elsie Sarah, dau. of James, 

1886, 208 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of Alexander, 

1660, 47 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of Alexander, 1709, 129 
Moir, Elspet, dau. of Arthor, 1608, 42 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of John, 157 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of John, 1690, 46 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of Patrick, 1652, 148 
Moir, Elspet, dau. of Peter, 1630, 42 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of Robert, 1643, 59 

Moir, Elspet, dau. of Robert, 1694, 129 
Moir, Elspet, dau. of Thomas, 1638, 43 
Moir, Elspet, of Aberdeen, 48 

Moir, Elspet, 2, of Aberdeen, 49 

Moir, Elspet, or Black, dau. of George, 162 
Moir, Elspet, or Bunch, of Forfarshire 157 
Moir, Elspet or Elsie, dau. of George, 

1740, 160 

Moir, Elspet, or Saint, of MethUck, m. 

1775, 55 

Moir, Elspet, or Riddell, dau. of George, 

1740, 160 

Moir, Elspet, or Sangster, dau. of George, 

d. 1891, 168 

Moir, Elspet, wife of Robert, 1681, 46 

Moire, Majorie, 1654, 136 

Moir, Ertuly, dau. of William, 182 

Moir, Emily EUzabeth, or Leggatt, dau. 

of Robert, 1872, 177 

Moir, Emily Robertson, or Duncan, dau. of 

David M., 1845, 178 

Moir, Emma, dau. of WilUam M., 181 

Moir, Emma LUlian, dau. of Sandy A., 

1901, z 195 

Moir, EmsUe Douglas, son of W., 1893, 

Moir, Ernest Franklin, son of David, 

1880, 204 

Moir, Ernest Raymond, son of Mark G., 
1888, 246 

Moir, Esther Maiden, dau. of James, 

1890, 223 

Moir, Ethel Susan, dau. of Mark G., 

1883, 245 

Moir, Eva, dau. of Alexander, 1893, 309 
Moir, Eva Jane Dawes, or Hamilton, dau. 
of Robert, 244 

Moire, George, witness, 1679, 48 

Moire, Isobel, dau. of John, 1674, 144 

Moire, IsabeU, dau. of John, 1679, 288, 289 
Moire, IssobeUa, 1674, 137 

Moire, Jae, 1683, 112, 113 

Moire. James, son of James, 1667 144 

Moire, James, of Ferryhill, 1667, 144 

Moire, Janet, dau. of James, 1673, 144 

Moire, Janet, dau. of James, 1859, 83 

Moire, Janet, dau. of John, 1674, 288,289 
Moire, Janet, dau. of John, 1674, 288, 289 
Moire, Janeta, dau. of Joannis, 1674, 137 
Moire, Jean, dau. of John, 144 

Moire, Jean, dau. of John, 1679, 288, 289 
Moire, Jeane, of FerryhiU, 1667, 144 

Moire, Joanna, dau. of Joannis, 1674, 137 
Moire, John , bailUe, 1687, 48 

Moire, John, Jr., witness, 1668, 47 

Moire, John, of Aberdeen, 1673, 47 

MoiR Genealogy 


Moire, John, of Argrais, 1665, 287 

Moire, John, 2, of Arpjrais, 1665, 287 

Moire, John, of Barnes, 1651, 137 

Moire, John, of Barnes, 1008, 4 

Moire, John, of Ferriohill, 1096, 144 

Moire, John, son of Johne, 1054, 130 

Moire, John, son of Wilham, 1615, 130 

Moire, John, surgeon, IGTJt, 48 

Moire, John, witness, 1081, 48 

Moire, Margaret, dau. of John, 1674, 144 
Moire, Margaret, dau. of John, 1679, 

288, 289 
Moire, Maria, dau. of Joannia, 1674, 137 
Moire, Marie, dau. of John, 1074, 144 

Moire, Marjorie, dau. of James. 144 

Moire, Marjory, dau. of John, 1074, 144 
Moire, Mary, of Aberdeen, 1080, 48 

Moire, Margareta, dau. of Joannis, 

1674, 137 

Moire, Patrick, bailie, 1676, 47, 48 

Moires, of Drohega. 17 

Moire, Thomas, of Canada, 1694, 27 

Moir, Eugene, son of Gavin, 1901, 204 

Moire, William, M. D., witness, 1660, 144 
Moire, William, son of James, 1666, 144 
Moir, Fannie L., dau. of James, 1889, 208 
Moir, Finlay, of Doune, 1697, 61 

Moir, Flora M., dau. of James. 1884, 208 
Moir, Florence Adamson, dau. of Alexander, 

1876, 267 
Moir, Florence Edna dau. of Forbes, 

1884, 183 

Moir, Florence May, dau. of John S., 

1890, 184 

Moir, Florence Oliver, dau. of John, 

1898 180 

Moir, Floyd Eugene, dau. of Robert S., 

1901, 265 

Moir, Forbes Byron, son of Forbes, 

1886, 183 

Moir, Forbes Edward, son of John S., 

1895, 184 

Moir, Forbes Fraser Maitland, son of 

James, d. 1891, 54, 310 

Moir, Forbes, son of Dr. George, 122 

Moir, Forbes, son of John, 122 

Moir, Forbes, son of Forbes, 1851, 183 

Moir, Forbes, son of William, 183 

Moir, Forbes, writer, 37 

Moir, Frances Florence Charlotte, dau. of 

William W., 1898, 183 

Moir, Frances Mary, or Patterson, dau. of 

Alexander G., 1805, 221 

Moir, Francis, grocer, 1885, 37 

Moir, Francis, in Mains of Cookney, 307 
Moir, Francis, merchant, 1808, 38 

Moir, Francis, soldier, 1745, 322 

Moir, Francis, son of Alexander A. S., 
d. 1891, 309 

Moir, Frank Forbes, son of Goerge, 

1893, 104 

Moir, Frank L., author, 376 

Moir, Franklin Taylor, son of James, 

1877, . 207 
Moir, Frank, son of James, 188 
Moir, Frank, son of John, 322 
Moir, Frederick Ernest, son of Alexander, 

1886, 185 

Moir, Frederick Lewis Maitland, son of 

John I. A.. 1878, 11, 219, 339 

Moir, Frederick William Francis, son of 

David, 1884, 204 

Moir, G., soldier. 1899, 323 

Moir, Gavin, Albert, son of Gavin, 

1898, 264 

Moir, Gavin, son of Alexander, 1862 264 
Moir, Gavin, son of George, 266 

Moir, Gein, of Kilmadock, m. 1625, 79 
Moir, George, Aberdeen, 1787, 378 

Moir, George Alexander, son of Alexander 

G., 1867, 221 

Moir, George Alexander, son of George R. , 

1884, 263 

Moir, George Allan, son of Robert, 

1904, 255 

Moir, George, artiHt, 389 

Moir, CJeorge, bagpiper, 18-10. 224 

Moir, George. l)la(kMniith. d. I7S4, 320 
Moir, George Bultt'cl, Hon of George, 

1X70, 124 
Moir, George Byron, son of James, 

1828, 240 
Moir, George, C. B., 1820, 298, 299 
Moir, George, C. B., of Bcotstown, 

1820, 140 

Moir, George Charles, m. 1828, 301 

Moir. George Charles, 1771, 139 
Moir, George Charles, of Dcnmore, 

1771, 53, 139, 298 
Moir, George, dyer, 1648. 96 
Moir, George Edward, 1861, son of Alex- 
ander C, 167 
Moir, George Edward, son of George M., 

1904, 223 
Moir, George Evenly, son of William, 

1870. 248 

Moir. George, father of George. 224 

Moir, George, father of Isabella, 1855, 306 

Moir, George, fiars juror, 1751, 97 
Moir, George Forest Barclay, son of James, 

1875, 224 

Moir, George, gamekeeper, 180 
Moir, George Glendinning, son of John, 

1879, 258 

Moir, George, hosier, 1799, 361 

Moir.George, in Fraserburgh, 1787, 378 

Moir, George, in Kincardine, 1776, 75 

Moir, George, in Knockhall, 1709, 129 

Moir, George, in Machany, 1743, 102 

Moir, George, in Savoch, 1691, 129 

Moir, George J., painter, 1861. 188 
Moir, George Jr., son of James B., 

1850, 122 

Moir, George, labourer, m. 1874, 54 

Moir, George Littel, father of Peter C, 211 
Moir, George, LL. D., sheriff, 

295, 337, 374, 398 
Moir, George Macintosh, son of George, 

1905, 254 
Moir, George McLean, son of Peter, 

1866, 223 

Moir, George, M. A., sheriff, 1799, 295 
Moir, George Michie, son of George, 

1S39, 183 

Moir, George, miller, 1678, 97 
Moir, George Milton, son of Robert, 

1846. 262 
Moir. George, m. Jean Stirling, 1784, 
78, 234, 256, 257, 258, 259, 260, 262, 263,266 

Moir, George, moulder, m. 1885. 54 

Moir, George, of Aberdeen, m. 1637, 43 

Moir. George, of Aberdeen, m. 1663, 45 

Moir, George, of Aberdeen, 1670, 48 

Moir, George, of .Aberdeen, m. 1083, 47 

Moir, George, of Aberdeen, 1764. 359 

Moir, George, 2, of .\berdeen, 1790, 378 

Moir, George, of Aberdeen, 1790. 378 

Moir. George, of .\berdeen, d. 1792, 294 

Moir, George, of .\berdeen, d. 1813, 294 

Moir, George, of Aberdeen, d. 1855, 292 

Moir, George, of Aberdeen, 1894, 311 

Moir, George, of Bowhapple, 75 

Moir, George, of Brainjohu, 1735, 55 

Moir, George, of Buchan, 394 

Moir, George, of Buchanan, m. 1726, 57 

Moir, George, of Campsie Glen, 1902, 226 

Moir, George, of Coldwells, 180 

Moir, George, of Donmore, 1832, 97 

Moir, George, of Denmore, 1853, 384 

Moir, George, of Denmore, 1882, 306, 317 

Moir, George, of Doune, 390 

Moir, George, of Doune, m. 1776, 78 

Moir, George, of Dullatur, 226 

Moir. George, of Fedderate, 186 
Moir, George, of Glasgow University, 

1685, 37 


MoiR Genealogy 

Moir, George, of Jamaica, d. 1807, 305 

Moir, George, of KnockhiU, d. 1842, 321 
Moir, George, of Leckie, d. 1792, 

279, 280, 281, 282, 283, 296 
Moir, George, of London, m. 1747, 94 

Moir, George, of Monquhitter, 311 

Moir, George, of New Grange, 141 

Moir, George, of Scotstown, 1726, 104 

Moir, George, of Scotstown, 1751, 97 

Moir, George, of Scotstown, 1752, 290 

Moir, George, of Scotstown, 1760, 399 

Moir, George, of Scotstown, d. 1789, 

139, 302, 303 
Moir, George, of Skene, 1764, 169 

Moir, George, of Stoneywood, 298, 300 

Moir, George, of the "Old Ship," d. 

1792, 294 295 

Moir, George, of Thornhill, 1778, ' 75 

Moir, George, of Thornhill, 

257, 258, 259, 260, 261, 262, 263, 266 
Moir, George, of Thornhill, 1846, 257, 258 
Moir, George, Rev. Dr., of Peterhead, m. 

1766, 131 

Moir, George, Bev., in Towie, 1701, 118 
Moir, George, Rev. M. A., 1679, 114, 115 
Moir, George, Rev., M. A., M. D., 

1741, 119, 120 

Moir, George, Rev., of Foveran, 1709, 119 
Moir, George, Rev., of Kintore, 321 

Moir, George, Rev., of Newmachar, 

1810, 321 

Moir, George, Rev., of Newmachar, 

1840, 321 

Moir, George, Rev., of Peterhead, 1790, 378 
Moir, George, Rev., of Tonley, 1861, 316 
Moir, George, Rev., of Towie, 393 

Moir, George, Rev., witness, 1767, 120 

Moir, George Robert, son of George, 

1879, 164 

Moir, George Ross, son of Alexander, 

1855, 263, 266 

Moir, George Roy, son of Alexander, 

1895, 166 

Moir, George Rnfns, son of Gavin, 

1887, 264 

Moir, George, sheriff of Stirlingshire, 

1799, 295, 337, 374 

Moir, George S., Jr., of Knockhall, 186 

Moir, George S., of Aberdeen, d. 1885, 292 
Moir, George S., of Aberdeen, 1885, 294 
Moir, George, soldier, 1675, 32 

Moir, George, soldier, 1745, 322 

Moir, George, son of Alexander, 139 

Moir, George, son of Alexander, 238 

Moir, George, 2, son of Alexander. 238 

Moir, George, son of Alexander, 1810, 236 
Moir, George, son of Alexander, 1866, 254 
Moir, George, son of Alexander, 1886, 237 
Moir, George, M. A., son of Andrew, 

1714, 117 

Moir, George, son of Andrew, 1819, 77 

Moir, George, son of Andrew, 1819, 265 
Moir, George, son of Arthur, 1615, 42 

Moir, George, son of Benjamin, d. 1892, 213 
Moir, George, son of David, 211 

Moir, George, son of David, m. 1883, 211 
Moir, George, son of Da\dd, 278 

Moir, George, son of Da\'id, 18.55, 224 

Moir, George, son of George, 1681, 48 

Moir, George, son of George, m. 1781, 

160, 161 
Moir, George, son of George, 1784, 76 

Moir, George, son of George, 1784, 234 

Moir, George, son of Henry, 1787, 76 

Moir, George, son of George, 1790, 162, 163 
Moir, George, son of George, 1790, 

162, 163, 168 
Mou-, George, son of George, 160, 161, 320 
Moir, George, son of George, 1793, 170 

Moir, George, son of George, 183 

Moir, George, son of George, 
232. 234, 257, 258, 259, 260, 261, 262, 263, 


Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George; 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George; 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 

Moir, George 
Moir, George, 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Mojr, Geooge 
Moir, George 
Moir. George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George. 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 

2, son of George, 183 

son of George, m. 1800, 51 

son of George, 1815, 173 

son of Geo.-ge, 1815, 256 

son of George, 1816, 76 

2, son of George, 1816, 76 

son of George, 1817, 234 

son of George, 1817, 234, 256 

son of George, 183 

son of George, 1839, 183 

son of George, 224 

2, son of George, 224 

son of George, 256 

son of George, 1850, 163 

2., son of George, 1850, 163 

son of George, 1872, 182 

son of George M., 1873, 184 

son of George, 1887, 163 

son of James, 172 

2, son of James, 172 

son of James, 225 

son of James, 235 

son of James, 235 

son of James, 1696. 159 

son of James, 1737, 160 
son of James, d. 1784, 

159, 160, 320 

son of James, 1840, 171 

son of James, 1854, 164 

2, son of James, 1854, 164 

son of James, 1859, 261 

son of James, 1868, 225 

son of James, 1899, 180 

son of James R., 1899, 180 

son of John, 1661, 45 

son of John, 1677, 46 

son of John, 1775, 121 

son of John, 180 

son of Patrick, 1644, 148 

son of Patrick, 1839, 124 

son of Rev. George, 1724, 115 

son of Robert, 1731, 55 

son of Robert, 1748, 75 
son of Robert, 1748, 

232, 234. 236, 239 

son of Robert, 1811, 65, 242 

son of Robert, 1875, 243 

son of Robert, 1883, 243 

son of William, 141 

2, son of William, 141 

son of WiUiam, 1688, 142 
son of WiUiam, 160 

son of William, 321 

son of WiUiam, 1848, 182 
, St. Andrew's University, 
son of John, 260 
1815, 163 

d. 1813, 51, 312 


Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George, 
Molt, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 
Moir, George 

Moir. George Stirling, 
Moir, George, tailor, 
Moir, George, vintner 
Moir, George V. of Scotstown 
Moir, George VIII. of Scotstown, 

1820, 139, 140 

Moir, George W., 1861, 361, 368 

Moir, George, witness, 1693, ' 49 

Moir, George, witness, 1770, 75 

Mob-, George W., soldier, 1839, 361, 368 
Moir, George WUUam Watts, son of Robert, 

1841, 52 

Moir, Georgians Ann, dau. of George R., 

1908, 164 

Moir, Georgiana, dau. of WiUiam, 163 

Moir, Georgius, Aberdeen University, 

1828, 40 

Moir, Georgius, A. M., Aberdeen Univer- 



sity, 1730, 
Moir, GUbert, m. 1697, 
Moir, Gilbert, son of Andrew, 1675, 
Moir, GUbert, burgess, m. 1695, 
Moir, Gilbert, cooper, 1710, 
Moir, GUbert, cooper, father of Jean, 
Moir, GUbert, son of Dr. WiUiam, 

Moir, GUbert, father of Hector, 1645, 

MoiR Gbneai^ogy 


Moir, Gilbert, father of Jean. 1639 43 
Moir. Gilbert, in Haddo, 1075, 114 

Moir, Gilbert, in Pitmillan, lf)75, 114, 129 
Moir, Gilbert, M. P., of BiuiiT, IG4G, 128 
Moir, Gilbert, son of Andrew, KUfi, 128,129 
Moir, Gilbert, son of Andrew. Itiyr), 114 
Moir, Gilbert, son of Andrew, 1719, 117 
Moir, Gilbert, son of Andrew, I, m. 

1681, 127 

Moir, Gilbert, son of Dr. William, 1063, 138 
Moir, Gilbert, son of John, 1G03, 47 

Moir, Gilbert, son of John, 1603, 47, 128 
Moir, Gilbert, son of William, 1676, 96 

Moir, Gilbert, witness, 1686, 116 

Moir, Gordon Bruce, son of Alexander, 

1897, 166 
Moir, Gordon John Burnett, son of John, 

1898. 261 
Moir, Gordon, son of James, 1877, 12.5 
Moir, Grace A., of Aberdeen, 186 
Moir, Grace Ella, dau. of George R., 

1885, 263 

Moir, Grace Rebecca E., or Carmichle, 

dau. of William, 1865, 248 

Moir, Grace, dau. of William, 1903, 328 
Moir, Grace Whannell, dau. of Robert, 

1894, 255 

Moir. Graciela, dau. of Charls H., 

1908, 186 

Moir, Gregor, of Forres, 200 

Moir, Gregor, of Forres, 1788, 200, 203,204 
Moir, Gregor, son of Da\-ici, 203 

Moir, Gregor, son of David, 1788, 204 
Moir, Gregor, son of Peter, 204 

Moir, Gregor, upholsterer, 1840, 224 

Moir, Grisell, of Aberdeen, 1640, 43 

Moir, Gulielmi, burgess, 1626, 136 

Moir, Guliemei, magistrate, 1623, 136 

Moir, Guliemus, Aberdeen University, 

1679, 40 

Moir, Guliemus, A. M., Aberdeen Uni- 
versity, 1679, 39 
Moir, Guliemus, A. M., Aberdeen Uni- 
versity, 1723, 40 
Moir, Guliemus, A. M., M. B., Aberdeen 

University, 1847, 40 

Moir, Gulielmus, Lejden University, 

1676, 397 

Moir, Guy, writer, 37 

Moir, Hannah, or Fee, dau. of Edward J., 

1865, 210 

Moir, Hannah, or Gardner, dau. of Alex- 
ander. 1833, 209 
Moir, Harie, in Doune, 1679, 60 
Moir, Harie, in Newtown, 1682, 60 
Moir, Harie, merchant, 1702, 61 
Moir, Harie, son of Walter, 1679, 60 
Moir, Harrie, witness, 1679, 60, 61 
Moir, Harold Duncan, son of John S., 

1900, 254 

Moir, Harold James E., son of J. A., 

1896, 311 

Moir, Harold Wilson, son of William, 211 
Moir, Harrie, son of Walter, 1652, 231 

Moir, Harrie, son of Walter, 1679, 231 

Moir, Harriet, dau. of Gregor, 1882, 224 
Moir, Harriet Jane, or Brooks, dau. of 

Marcus W., 1878, 187 

Moir, Hary, witness, 1702, 61 

Moir, Hary, witness, 1740, 102 

Moir, Harry Thomas, son of John S., 

1900. 254 

Moir, Harry, witness, 1703, _ 61 

Moir, Hazel Muriel, dau. of John, 1895, 


Moir, Hector, son>f Gilbert, 1645, 43 

Moir, Helen Beryl, or Davies, dau. of 

Joseph D., 1887, 246 

Moir, Helen Bowman, dau. of James, 

1899, 173 

Moir, Helen Constable, d.l817, 305 

Moir, Helen, dau. of Alexandra, 1822, 52 
Moir, Helen, dau. of Andrew, 1750, 91 

Moir. Helen, diiu. of Andrew, 1767, 92 

Moir, Helen, dau. of Andrew, 1832, 93 

Moir, Helen, dau. of (ieorRo, 161 

Moir, Helen, dau. of George, 1800, 22.') 

Moir, Helen, dau. of GcorKc, 1899, 223 

Moir, Helen, dau. of Georgi,'. 23.'» 

Moir, Helen, dau. of Georjje M., 262 

Moir, Helen, dau. of James, 17(KJ, 63 

Moir, Helen F., dau. of James, IH7(), 207 
Moir, Helen Marie, dau. of George, 

1900, 256 
Moir, Helen M., dau. of Alexander, 

1884, 226 

Moir, Helen, of Aberdeen, d. 1.840, 312 

Moir, Helen, or Chosser, m. 1693. 49 

Moir, Helen, or Duncunson, m. 1862, S3 

Moir, Helen, or Hewlett, m. 1829, 94 

Moir, Helen, or Maltman, 1740, 91 
Moir, Helen, or Maxwell, dau. of Jamc.^j, 268 
Moir, Helen, or McCrae, dau. of William, 

1865, 173 

Moir, Helen, or Miller, 1775, 91 

Moir, Helen, or Miller, in Grief, 92 
Moir, Helen, or Swainson, dau. of Alexander 

C., 1848, 166 

Moir, Helen, or Williamson, d. 1848. 313 
Moir, Helen Rowena, dau. of Alexander. 

1884, 185 

Moir, Henrie, son of Robert, 1644, 59 

Moir, Henrie, son of William, 1605, 135 
Moir, Henrie, son of William, 1605, 135,147 

Moir. Henrietta Elizabeth, d. 1897, 317 

Moir, Henrv, d. 1862, 294 

Moir, Henry A., d. 1884, 292 

Moir, Henr\', author, 377 
Moir, Henry Clay, son of John, 

1844, 198, 199 

Moir, Henry, father of Ann, 1773, 64 

Moir, Henry, father of George, 1787, 76 

Moir, Henry, father of Henry, 1708, 61 

Moir, Henry, father of John, 1851, 87 

Moir, Henry, father of Peter, 1852, 87 
Moir, Henry Grant, son of John G., 

1886, 165 
Moir, Henry, in Doune, 1733, _ 62 
Moir, Henry, in Kincardine, m. 1845, 78 
Moir, Henry, of Kincardine, m. 1773, 80 
Moir, Henrv Liddell, M. A., Edinburgh 

University, 1887, 40 

Moir, Henry Maitland, son of John W., 

1887, 218 
Moir, Henry, merchant, 1724, 101 
Moir, Henry M., son of William W., 

1861, 193 

Moir, Henry, of Doune, 1680, 232 
Moir, Henry or Harrie, of Doune, 1680, 232 
Moir, Henry Paterson, son of Robert, 

1864, ^ , 176 
Moir, Henry Patterson, St. Andrew's Uni- 
versity, 1880, 41 
Moir, Henry, piano manufacturer, 213 
Moir, Henry, soldier, 1745, 322 
Moir, Henry, soldier, 1745, 322 
Moir, Henry, son of Andrew, 1821, 77 
Moir, Henry, son of Harrie, 1708, 231 
Moir, Henry, son of Henry, 1708, 61 
Moir, Henry, son of Hetury, 1703, 233 
Moir, Henry, son of Henry, 1734, 232 
Moir, Henry, son of James, 1734, 232 
Moir, Henry, son of James, 1733, 62 
Moir, Henry, son of James, 1761, 63 
Moir, Henry, son of John, _ 269 
Moir, Henry, son of John, 1651, 286 
Moir, Henry, son of John A., 213 
Moir, Henry, son of Robert, 1768, 64 
Moir, Henry, son of Thomas, 1676, 145 
Moir, Henry, son of Walter, 1733, 62