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S 016.0786 L8m c.1 MacDonald 
Montana in print. 

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Cover photograph: Canyon Ferry Lake near Townsend, 
Montana. Photograph by David R. Hoffman. 


DEC 2 1 199< 

930 East Lyndale Avenue. Helena 59601 



compiled by- 
Marie P. MacDonald 
Local History Chairman 
Montana Library Association 


Harold L. Chambers 

Catalog Librarian 

Montana Historical Society 

Montana State Library 

Helena, Montana 


The Montana State Library is pleased to issue Montana in Print 
as a guide to librarians, teachers, and others building collections of 
Montana material or interested in knowing more about the state. 

This bibliography has been compiled by Mrs. Marie P. MacDonald, 
Librarian of the Glendive Public Library and Chairman of the Local 
History Committee of the Montana Library Association, and Harold 
L. Chambers, then Catalog Librarian for the Montana Historical So- 
ciety (Mr. Chambers has since become Documents Librarian for the 
Montana State Library). Funds available to the State Library under 
Title III of the Library Services and Construction Act have supported 
its preparation, as a means of furthering access to library materials 
for all types of libraries in the state. 

Classification numbers used in the bibliography are those assigned 
by the Montana State Library for titles in its collection at the date of 
this compilation. 

David R. Hoffman 
State Librarian 

September 20, 1972 

Montana in Print is a selected list of publications of interest to 
Montanans. It is intended as a new edition of earlier bibliographies 
published by the Montana State Library: Montana As It Is and Was, 
1966, and Books About Montana and the West, compiled by Rita Mc- 
Donald, 1962. Both are now out of print. 

Adult fiction, junior fiction, non-fiction and periodicals are the 
divisions used. Adult fiction includes young adult books (Y), mysteries 
(MY), and westerns (W). In the junior fiction list, primary grade and 
picture books are indicated by a grade level notation. Otherwise the 
novels are for fourth through ninth grade reading level. 

All non-fiction is listed together, since many books with Montana 
information will be useful in either adult or juvenile collections, or in 
both. Significant grade levels are given. Where the title is not suffici- 
ently descriptive, I have added, in parenthesis, a brief annotation. A 
star indicates a highly recommended item. 

A majority of the books included are by nationally known pub- 
lishers. These and Montana-printed books and pamphlets can usually 
be purchased through the Montana Historical Society or at various 
state book stores. Direct ordering information is also included as far 
as possible. 

Marie MacDonald 


Ames, Frances. Callahan's Gamble. Doubleday, 1970. $5.95. 

Ames, Frances. That Callahan Spunk. Doubleday, 1965. $4.95. Y 

Bower, B. M. Border Vengeance. Avalon, 1971. $3.95. W 

Bower, B. M. Outlaw Moon. Avalon, 1971. $3.95. W 

Brand, Max. Montana Rides. Paperback Library, paper 60^. W 

Brand, Max. Montana Rides Again. Paperback Library, paper 60^ . W 

Bryant, Will. The Big Lonesome. Doubleday, 1971. $5.95. 

Call, Hughie. The Shorn Lamb. Houghton, 1969. $4.95. 

Cody, Al. Montana's Golden Gamble. Lenox Hill, 1970. $3.95. W 

Cody, Al. Montana's Territory. Lenox Hill, 1970. $3.95. W 

Cody, Al. The Ranch At Powder River. Lenox Hill, 1972. W 

Cushman, Dan. Long Riders. Fawcett, 1970. paper 60^. W 

Cushman, Dan. On the Make: Brothers in Kickapoo. Popular Li- 
brary, 1962. paper 95^. 

*Cushman, Dan. Stay Away, Joe. Stay-Away-Joe Pub., Great Falls, 
1968. $5.95. 

Dieter, William. The White Land. Knopf, 1970. $5.95. 

Drago, Harry S. Montana Road. Lancer, paper 50^. W 

Elston, Allan V. Montana Passage. Ward Lock, London, 1968. W 

Fox, Norman A. Hard Pursued. Dell paper, 1970. 60^. W 

Guthrie, A. B. Jr. Arfive. Houghton, 1971. $5.95. 

*Guthrie, A. B. Jr. The Big Sky. Watts large type, 1947. PLB $9.95. 
Houghton, paper $2.95. 

Guthrie, A. B. Jr. These Thousand Hills. NAL Signet, 1956. paper 

Guthrie, A. B. Jr. The Way West. Houghton, 1949. $4.95. Pocket 
Books, paper 75^. 

Harrison, William. Lessons In Paradise. Morrow, 1971. $5.95. 

Jennings, William Dale. The Cowboys. Stein & Day, 1971. $5.95. W 


James, Will. American Cowboy. Scribner, 1942. $6.96. Y 

Johnson, Dorothy M. The Hanging Tree. Ballantine. paper 75^. 

*Johnson, Dorothy M. A Man Called Horse And Other Stories. Bal- 
lantine. paper 75^. (Original title: Indian Country) 

Joscelyn, Archie. Doomrock. Avalon, 1970. $3.95. W 

Joscelyn, Archie. Wagons West. Avalon, 1971. $3.95. W 

Kilina, Patricia. The Last Centennial. Dial, 1971. $6.95. 

Lutz, Giles A. Montana Crossing. Lancer, paper 60^. W 

McCaig, Robert. Shadow Maker. Ace books, paper 60^. W 

O'Malley, R. K. Mile High, Mile Deep. Mountain Press, 1971. $6.95. 
(Stories of Butte) B 

*Richard, Adrienne. Pistol. Little, 1969. $4.95. Dell paper 75f 

Rogers, Gayle. The Second Kiss. McKay, 1972. $6.95. (Beautiful white 
girl taken by a Blackfoot warrior) 

Rouse, C. C. Montana Bullwhacker. Pacific Press, 1969. paper $1.65. 

•Russell, Charles M. Trails Plowed Under. Doubleday, 1953. $9.95. 

Savage, Elizabeth. The Happy Ending. Little, 1972. $6.95. 

Schaefer, Jack. Monte Walsh. Houghton, 1963. $5.95. Pocket Books, 
paper, 1970. 95f 

Scherf, Margaret. Banker's Bones. Popular Library, paper 60^. My 

Scherf, Margaret. The Beautiful Birthday Cake. Doubleday, 1971. 
$4.50. My 

Scherf, Margaret. Corpse In The Flannel Nightgown. Popular Li- 
brary, paper 60^. My 

Scherf, Margaret. Diplomat And The Gold Piano. Popular Library, 
paper 50^. My 

Scherf, Margaret. Never Turn Your Back. Popular Library, paper 
50f My 

Storm, Heyemeyohsts. Seven Arrows. Harper, 1972. $9.95. 

Stuart, Colin. Shoot An Arrow And Stop The Wind. Dial, 1970. $5.95. 
(Short stories based on boyhood among Montana Indians) 


Temple, Willard. The Drip-Dried Tourist. Putnams, 1969. $5.95. 

Wager, Walter. Viper Three. Macmillan, 1971. $5.95. My 

Walker, Mildred. If A Lion Could Talk. Harcourt, 1970. $6.50. 

'Walker, MUdred. Winter Wheat. Harcourt, 1944. $3.50. paper 75f 

Wolstad, George R. The Schoolma'am And The Saddle Tramp. Gate- 
way Printing, Missoula, 1972. $7.95. 



Baker, Betty. Great Ghost Stories Of The Old West. Four Winds, 1968. 

Baldwin, Anne. Sunlight Valley. Four Winds, 1971. $4.95. PLB $5.12. 

Call Hughie. Peter's Moose. Viking, 1961. PLB $2.96. 

Corcoran, Barbara. Don't Slam The Door When You Go. Atheneum, 
1972. $5.50. 

Corcoran, Barbara. The Long Journey. Atheneum, 1970. PLB $4.95. 

Corcoran, Barbara. Row of Tigers. Atheneum, 1969. $4.25. 

Corcoran, Barbara. Sam. Atheneum, 1967. $4.25. 

Corcoran, Barbara. Sasha, My Friend. Atheneum, 1969. $4.75. PLB 

Corcoran, Barbara. This Is A Recording. Atheneum, 1971. $5.25. 

Gilliland, Hap. No One Like A Brother. Montana Reading Publica- 
tions, 517 Rimrock, Billings, 1970. paper $1.00. JE 

Goble, Paul and Dorothy. Red Hawk's Account Of Custer's Last Bat- 
tle: Battle Of The Little Bighorn, 25 June 1876. Pantheon, 1969. 

Guthrie, A. B. Jr. The Big Sky, edited for younger readers. Houghton, 
1950. $6.95. PLB $4.25. 

Halynes, Bess and Edgar. Sylvia Bear. Regnery, 1971. $5.50. (Yellow- 

James, Will. Cowboy In The Making. Scribner, 1937. $4.95. (gr 3-7) 

James, Will. Horses I've Known. Gale, 1940. 

James, Will. Smoky. Scribner, 1926. $6.00. PLB $4.05. paper $2.45. 
(gr 7-11) 

James, Will. Book of Cowboy Stories. Scribner, 1935. $3.95. 

James, Will Young Cowboy. Scribner, 1935. $3.50. PLB $3.31. (gr 1-5) 

Johnson, Annabel and Edgar. The Bearcat. Harper, 1960. PLB $3.79. 

Johnson, Annabel and Edgar. The Black Symbol. Harper, 1959. $3.95. 
PLB $3.79. 

Johnson, Annabel and Edgar. The Grizzly. Harper, 1964. $3.95. PLB 
$3.79. Large type $6.95. 

Johnson, Dorothy M. Flame On The Frontier: Short Stories Of Pio- 
neer Women. Dodd, 1967. $3.50. 

Johnson, Virginia W. The Cedars Of Charlo. Morrow, 1969. $4.50. 

Kelly, Marty. Green-Up: The Story Of A Buffalo. American Heritage, 
1971. $3.95. 

Lampman, Evelyn. Once Upon The Little Big Horn. Crowell, 1971. 

Lang, Don. The Strawberry Roan. Grosset & Dunlap. $2.95. PLB $2.79. 

McKinnon, Robert. Moose, Bruce And The Goose. Bobbs-Merrill, 1969. 

O'Connor, William T. The Legend Of Horn Mountain. Criterion, 1970. 

Place, Marian. Mystery of Wild Horse Trap. Caxton, 1971. $4.95. 
(Formerly The Wild Horse Trap by Dale White) 

Pomeroy, Pete. The Mallory Burn. Norton-Grosset, 1971. $4.50. 

Rounds, Glen. The Blind Colt. Holiday, 1960. $4.50. 

Rounds, Glen. Buffalo Harvest. Holiday, 1952. $3.95. 

Rounds, Glen. Once We Had A Horse. Holiday, 1971. $3.95. 

'Rounds, Glen. The Strawberry Roan. Golden Gate Junior Books, 1970. 
$4.50. PLB $4.27. JE 

Rounds, Glen. Whitey And The Colt-Killer. Holiday, 1962. $3.50. 

Rounds, Glen. Whitey And The Wild Horse. Holiday, 1958. $3.50. 

Rounds, Glen. Whitey Ropes And Rides. Holiday, 1956. $3.50. 

Rounds, Glen. Whitey Takes A Trip. Holiday, 1954. $3.50. 

Rounds, Glen. Whitey's First Roundup. Holiday, I960. $3.50. 

Rounds, Glen. Whitey's New Saddle. Holiday, 1963. $3.50. 

Ruppel, Maxine. Vostaas. Montana Reading Publications. Billings, 
1971. paper $1.00. 970.4 

Sanderson, William E. Nez Perce Buffalo Horse. Ccrxton, 1972. $4.95. 

Sandoz, Mori., The Horsecatcher. Westminster, 1957. $3.95. 


Scherf, Margaret. Mystery Of The Empty Truck. Watts, 1966. PLB 

Scherf, Margaret. Mystery Of The Shaky Staircase. Watts, 1965. PLB 

Scherf, Margaret. Mystery Of The Velvet Box. Watts, 1963. PLB $3.95. 

Schultz, James. Quest Of The Fish Dog Skin. Houghton, 1960. $3.25. 

Schultz, James. Trail Of The Spanish Horse. Houghton, 1960. $3.25. 

Schultz, James. With The Indians In The Rockies. Houghton, 1960. 

Sweetman, Luke. Gotch: The Story Of A Cowhorse. U of Nebraska, 
1936. paper $1.95. 

Sykes, Jo. Chip On His Shoulder. Funk & Wagnalls, 1961. $3.50. 

Sykes, Jo. Leashed Lightning. Holt, 1969. $4.50. PLB $3.97. 

Sykes, Jo. Saddle A Thunderbolt. Funk & Wagnalls, 1967. $3.50. 

Sykes, Jo. Trouble Creek. Holt, 1963. PLB $3.27. 

Tall Bull, Henry, and Weist, Tom. Cheyenne Warriors. Montana Read- 
ing Publications, Billings. $1.00. 

Tall Bull, Henry, and Weist, Tom. Grandfather And The Popping 
Machine. Montana Reading Publications, Billings, 1970. $1.00. 

Tall Bull, Henry, and Weist, Tom. Mista! Montana Reading Publi- 
cations, Billings. $1.00. 

Tall Bull, Henry, and Weist, Tom. Northern Cheyenne Fire Fight- 
ers. Montana Reading Publications, Billings. $1.00. 

Tall Bull, Henry, and Weist, Tom. The Rolling Head. Montana 
Reading Publications, Billings. $1.00. 

Tall Bull, Henry, and Weist, Tom. The Spotted Horse. Montana 
Reading Publications, 1970. $1.00. 

Tall Bull, Henry, and Weist, Tom. The Turtle Went To War. Mon- 
tana Reading Publications, Billings, 1971. $1.00. 398.2 

Tall Bull, Henry, and Weist, Tom. Who. Montana Reading Publica- 
tions, Billings, 1971. $1.00. 398.2 

Tall Bull, Henry, and Weist, Tom. The Winter Hunt. Montana Read- 
ing Publications, Billings. $1.00. 

Voight, Virginia F. Cuff, A Baby Bear. Putnams, 1969. PLB $2.97. (K-l) 



Aasheim, Magnus, comp. Sheridan's Daybreak: A Story Of Sheri- 
dan County And Its Pioneers. Sheridan County Historical Ass'n., 
Plentywood, 1970. $15.00. Q 978.621 

Abbott, E. C. (Teddy Blue), and Smith, Helena H. We Pointed Them 
North: Recollections Of A Cowpuncher. U of Oklahoma, 1955, 

1966. $5.95. B 

Abbott, Newton C. Montana In The Making. Western Printing, Bil- 
lings, 1964. $4.50. 978.6 (New edition now being prepared) 

Abodaher, David J. Rebel On Two Continents: Thomas Meagher. 
Messner, 1970. $3.50. PLB $3.34. JB 

Adams, Ansel, and Newhall, Nancy. Tetons And The Yellowstone. 
Ritchie, 1970. $8.95. paper $5.95. 917.875 

Adams, Ramon F. From The Pecos To The Powder: A Cowboy's Auto- 
biography . . . Bob Kennon. U of Oklahoma, 1965. 917.86 

Adams, Ramon F. Western Words: A Dictionary Of The American 
West. U of Oklahoma, 1968. $9.95. 427.9 

Alderson, Nannie T., and Smith, Helena H. A Bride Goes West. 1942. 
U of Nebraska 1969. paper $1.95. B 

Allen, Harold. Father Ravalli's Missions. School of Art Institute of 
Chicago, 1972. paper $9.00. 

Allen, Jules V. Cowboy Lore. Naylor, 1971. $5.95. 

Allison, Janet S. Trial And Triumph: 101 Years In North Central Mon- 
tana. North Central Montana CowBelles, Chinook, 1968. paper 
$2.25. 978.6 

Alt, David D„ and Hundman, Donald W. Roadside Geology Of The 
Northern Rockies. Mountain Press, Missoula, 1972. $3.95. 557.78 

Alterowitz, Harold S. Black, White And Beautiful. Author, 1005 Rim- 
rock Road, Billings. $4.64. 

Amaral, Anthony. Will James, The Gilt-Edged Cowboy. Westernlore, 

1967. $7.50. B (The real story of Will James and not the one he 
told in Lone Cowboy.) 

Anderson, C. R. Know Your Schools: Public Education In Montana. 
State Pub. Co., Helena, 1972. $7.00. paper $5.00. 

Anderson, LaVere. Sitting Bull: Great Sioux Chief. Garrard, 1970. 
$2.59. (gr 2-5) 


Andrist, Ralph. Long Death Of The Plains Indians. Macmillan, 1964, 
1967. $8.95. paper $2.45. 970.5 

Andrist, Ralph, and Bingham, E. R. To The Pacific With Lewis and 
Clark. Harper, 1967. $5.95. PLB $5.49. J917.8 

Andrews, Roy Chapman. All About Dinosaurs. Random, 1953. PLB 
$3.89. J568.19 (includes discovery of dinosaurs at Hell Creek) 

Archer, Sellers, and Bunch, Clarence. The American Grass Book: A 
Manual Of Pasture And Range Practices. U of Oklahoma, 1953. 
$6.95. 633.2 

Armstrong, Virginia I. ed. I Have Spoken: American History Through 
The Voices Of The Indian. Swallow, 1971. $6.00. paper $2.95. 

Aronson, J. Hugo, and Brockmann, L. O. The Galloping Swede. Moun- 
tain Press, 1970. $8.50. B 

Athearn, Robert G. Forts Of The Upper Missouri. Prentice-Hall, 1967. 
$7.95. 978 

Athearn, Robert G. High Country Empire: The High Plains And Rock- 
ies. Peter Smith. $4.00. U of Nebraska, 1965. paper $2.25. 978 

Athearn, Robert G. Union Pacific Country. Rand McNally, 1971. 
$15.00. 385.0978 

Athearn, Robert G. Westward The Briton. Peter Smith, 1953. $4.00. 
U of Nebraska, 1962. paper $1.95. 917.8 

Audubon, John James. Audubon In The West. U of Oklahoma, 1965. 
$5.95. 917.3 

Bailey, Bernadine. Picture Book Of Montana. Whitman, 1965. $2.00. 

Ball, Charles. Saddle Up: The Farm Journal Book of Western Horse- 
manship. Lippincott, 1970. $5.95. 798.2 

Bancroft, Hubert. History Of Washington, Idaho, And Montana. Mc- 
Graw, 1967. $20.00. 979 

Bard, Floyd C. Horse Wrangler: Sixty Years In The Saddle In Wyo- 
ming And Montana, as told to Agnes Wright Spring. U of Okla- 
homa, 1960. $6.50. B 

Bartlett, Richard A. Great Surveys Of The American West. U of 
Oklahoma, 1962. 557.8 


Boyne, Nedra. The Broadwater: Relic Of Elegance, reprinted from 
Montana, the Magazine of Western History, 1969, paper $1.00. 

Beidler, X. X. Biedler: Vigilante, edited by Helen Fitzgerald Sanders. 
U of Oklahoma, 1957. $2.25 B 

Berry, Barbara. Let 'Er Buck! The Rodeo. Bobbs-Merrill, 1971. $5.00. 

Berthold, Mary P. Turn Here For The Big Hole. The author, 123 Elm, 
Anaconda 59711, 1970. paper $3.95. 

*Bjorklund, Lorence F. Bison: The Great American Buffalo. World, 1970. 
$5.95. PLB $4.57. J599 

Blassingame, Wyatt. Sacajawea: Indian Guide. Garrard, 1965. $2.59. 
JB (gr 2-5) 

Boileau, Margo and Thornton. Joe Scheuerle: Modest Man With 
Friendly Palette, reprinted from Montana, the Magazine of West- 
ern History, 1971. $1.00. 

Bonney, Orrin H. and Lorraine. Battle Drums And Geysers. Swallow, 
1970. $15.00. 917.8 (exploration of Yellowstone Park) 

Bourke, John. Mackenzie's Last Fight With The Cheyennes. Old Army 
Press, 1971. $5.00. 

Bower, Donald E. Roaming The American West. Stackpole, 1971. 
$9.95. 917.8 

Branch, Douglas. The Cowboy And His Interpreters. Cooper Square 
reprint of 1926 edition. $4.95. 917.8 

Branch, Douglas. Westward: The Romance Of The American Frontier. 
Cooper Square, 1930. $12.50. 

Branch, Douglas. The Hunting Of The Buffalo. Peter Smith reprint, 
1930. $4.00. U of Nebraska, 1962. paper $1.95. 

Brier, Warren, and Blumberg, Nathan. A Century Of Montana Journal- 
ism. Mountain Press, 1971. $7.50. 071.86 

Brier, Warren J. The Frightful Punishment. U of Montana. $5.95. 796.83 
(Career of Con Oram, Montana prize-fighter) 

Brown, Dr. C. J. D. Fishes Of Montana. Big Sky Books, MSU, Boze- 
man. paper $4.50. S/597.0012 

Brown, Dee. Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee: An Indian History 
Of The American West. Holt, 1970. $10.00. 970.1 

— 9— 

Brown, Dee. The Gentle Tamers: Women In The Old West. U of Ne- 
braska paper, 1968. $1.95. 920 

Brown, Dee. Showdown At The Little Big Horn. Putnams, 1964. $4.50. 

Brown, Margery, and Griffing, Virginia. Montana, A Student's Guide 
To Localized History. Teachers College Press, 1971. paper $2.50. 

Brown, Mark. Flight Of The Nez Perce. Putnams, 1966. $8.95. 970.3 

Brown, Mark. Plainsmen Of The Yellowstone: A History Of The Yel- 
lowstone Basin. U of Nebraska, 1961. paper $2.50. 978.63 

Burk, Dale A. The Clearcut Crisis: Controversy In The Bitterroot. Jurs- 
nick Printing, Great Falls, 1970. $3.50. 

'Burk, Dale. New Interpretations. Western Life Pub., 1969. Order from 
Flathead Galleries, Bigfork. paper $5.95. 709.786 (Information 
about 23 Montana artists) 

Burlingame, Merrill G. lohn G. Bozeman, Montana Trailmaker. The 
author, Bozeman, 1971. $1.00. B 

Burns, Robert I. Jesuits And The Indian Wars Of The Northwest. 
Yale U, 1966. $15.00. 970.4 

Burt, Olive W. The First Book Of Copper. Watts, 1968. PLB $3.75. j553 

Burt, Olive W. Negroes In The Early West. Messner, 1969. $3.95. PLB 
$3.64. j920 

Call, Hughie. The Little Kingdom. Houghton, 1964. $3.95. IB 

Carpenter, Allan. Montana: From Its Glorious Past To The Present. 
(Enchantment of America Series) Childrens' Press, 1968. PLB $4.50. 

Carpizi, George Jr. The Gary Cooper Story. Arlington House, 1970. 
$6.95. B 

Carroll, John. The Black Military Experience In The American West. 
Liveright, 1971. $17.50. 355.3 

Carter, William. Ghost Towns Of The West. Lane Magazine & Book 
Co., 1971. $11.75. 0917.8 

Catlin, George. Catlin's North American Indian Portfolio: Hunting 
Scenes And Amusements Of The Rocky Mountains And Prairies 
Of America. Reproduction of 1845 ed. Swallow, 1970. $100.00. 


Catlin, George. Letters And Notes On The Manners, Customs And 
Conditions Of The North American Indians. Dover, 1970. 2 vols, 
paper $2.50 each. 970.1 

Catlin, George. Letters And Notes On The North American Indians. 
Facsimile of 1841 ed. Ross & Haines. $17.50. 

Chaffin, Glenn. The Last Horizon . . . The Rambling Chaffin Clan 
Settles In The Bitter Root Valley. Pine Trail Press, Somerset, Ca., 
1971. paper $4.95. 917.86 

Cheney, Roberta C. Names On The Face Of Montana. U of Montana, 
1971. $11.95. 910.3 

Chidsey, Donald Barr. Lewis And Clark: The Great Adventure. Crown, 
1970. $4.50. 978 

Chittenden, H. M. History Of Early Steamboat Navigation On The 
Missouri River. Ross & Haines, 1962. (2 vols, in one. Reprinted 
from 1903 ed.) $10.00. 978 

Chittenden, Hiram M. The Yellowstone National Park. U of Oklaho- 
ma, 1964. $3.50. paper $1.95. 917.87 

Christopherson, Edmund. Adventure Among The Glaciers. Earthquake 
Press, 919 Woodford, Missoula. $1.15. 917.86 

Christopherson, Edmund. Montana's Historic Markers. Earthquake 
Press, 919 Woodford, Missoula. $2.00. 978.6 

Christopherson, Edmund. The Night The Mountain Fell. Earthquake 
Press, 919 Woodford, Missoula. $1.25. 551.2 

Christopherson, Edmund. This Here Is Montana. Earthquake Press, 
919 Woodford, Missoula. $1.25. 978.6 

Christopherson, Edmund. "Westward I Go Free" The Story of J. F. K. 
In Montana. Earthquake Press, 919 Woodford, Missoula. $2.00. B 

Clark, Ella E. Indian Legends From The Northern Rockies. U of Okla- 
homa, 1966. $7.95. 398.2 

Clarke, Charles G. The Men Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition: A 
Biographical Roster Of The 51 Members. . . . A. H. Clark, 1970. 
$12.50. 978 

Clinch, Thomas A. Urban Populism And Free Silver In Montana. U of 
Montana, 1970. paper $6.95. 329.02 

Coburn, Walt. Pioneer Cattlemen In Montana: The Story Of The Circle 
C Ranch. U. of Oklahoma, 1968. $6.95. B 


Cole, Philip G. Montana In Miniature. O'Neil Printers, Kalispell, 1966. 
$18.50. 978.6 

Conner, Stuart and Betty. Rock Art Of The Montana High Plains: An 
Exhibition Organized By . . . For The Art Galleries, U of Cali- 
fornia At Santa Barbara. 2020 Beverly Hills Blvd., Billings, 1971. 

Cortesi, Lawrence. Jim Beckwourth, Explorer-Patriot Of The Rockies. 
Abelard-Schuman, 1971. $4.95. 

Cottonwood Home Demonstration Club. In The Years Gone By. Order 
from Mrs. Floyd Whaley, Simpson, Montana, paper $3.00. 

Courchene, Richard M. Hell, Love And Fun. Reporter Printing, Bil- 
lings, paper $1.00. 940.548 

Craighead, John and Frank, and Davis, Ray. A Field Guide To Rocky 
Mountain Wildflowers. Houghton, 1963. $5.95. 582 

Crouse, Nellis M. La Verendrye: Fur Trader And Explorer. Kennikat 
Press, 1956. $9.00. 

Crowell, Dave. Montana's Own. Author, Missoula, 1970. $5.30. 709.2 
(Montana artists) 

Cummings, Elsie, and Charlton, Wavie. Survival: Pioneer Indian And 
Wilderness Lore. Author, Hamilton, 1971. $4.50. 613.69 

'Cushman, Dan. Cow-Country Cook Book. Stay- A way-Joe Publishers, 
Great Falls, 1967. $4.50. 641.5 

Cushman, Dan. The Great North Trail: America's Route Of The Ages. 
McGraw, 1966. $7.95. paper $3.50. 978 

Custer, Elizabeth B. Boots And Saddles: Or Life In Dakota With Gen- 
eral Custer. Reproduction of 1885 edition by Corner House, 1969. 
Also: U of Oklahoma, 1968. $2.95. B 

DeHaas, John and Bernice. Footlights And Fire Engines: The Story Of 
Bozeman's Glorious Old Opera House-City Hall. Museum Of The 
Rockies, 1967. paper 60^. 

'Denig, Edwin T. Five Indian Tribes Of The Upper Missouri: Sioux, 
Arickaras, Assiniboines, Crees, Crows. U of Oklahoma, 1961. 
$6.95. 970.48 

DeSmet, Pierre Jean. Origin, Progress And Prospects Of The Catholic 
General Mission To The Rocky Mountains, Taken From The 1843 
Philadelphia Printing. Ye Galleon Press, 1971. paper $1.00, 


'DeVoto, Bernard. Across The Wide Missouri. Houghton, 1947. $12.50. 
paper $2.85. 978 

Dimsdale, Thomas. Vigilantes Of Montana. U of Oklahoma, 1953, 1972. 
$2.95. 978.6 

Donohue, Merriam, ed. Seed In The Soil: Poems By Poets Of The MIA. 
Mountain Press, Missoula, 1967. $1.75. 

Downey, Fairfax D. Indian Fighting Army. Old Army Press, 1971. 
(Reprint of 1911 ed.) $10.00. 973.8 

Drago, Harry S. The Great Range Wars. Dodd, 1970. $7.50. 978 

Du Bois, Charles. Kick The Dead Lion. Reporter Printing, Billings, 
1954. paper $1.50. (Custer Battle) 973.82 

Dunlap, Kate. The Montana Gold Rush Diary Of Kate Dunlap. Ed. by 
J. Lyman Tyler. Old West and U of Utah, 1969. $15.00. B 

Dunlop, Richard. Great Trails Of The West. Abingdon, 1971. $7.95. 
(Chapter on the Mullan Road) 917.8 

Ege, Robert J. Strike Them Hard! Old Army Press, 1970. $7.00. 978.6 

Eide, Ingvard. American Odyssey: The Journey Of Lewis And Clark. 
Rand-McNally, 1969. $14.95. 09 17.8 

Eliel, Frank, Eirene, and Lambert. Southwestern Montana Beaverhead 
Revisited. Finefrock Pub., 1970. paper $1.25. Order from Chamber 
of Commerce, Dillon. 978.669 

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