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M ^ 





Vol. IV. 





In addition to the Titles of New Books, the following lists have appeared : 

Geographical material in the Library. 59 

Library buildings, an index of illustra- 
tions. 213 

List of books and articles on the Dreyfus 
affair. 192 

List of maps and views of Boston and 
Boston Harbor. 295 

Municipal lectures, lists in connection with : 
Imperialism and territorial expansion. 55 

citfe iwBJw<itamK 87 




jlitimiiatBi gift nf riai 

.cting JLibranan, appointment of. 

Passenger transportation in Boston. 90 

Baths and gymnasia. 121 

Labor movement in England and America. 

Mural decorations in America. 

South Africa, the "Transvaal," and the 

Works in the Polish langua'^e. 
Works of English fiction added since 1896 

to the Bates Hall collection. 






i >*^rt*lmt'^*Tyiit nf rfi|iniirr^tvp^« of. 314 Lloyd, Harry. 

Acting JLibrarian, appointment of. 151 Lowell Institute, programmes of lectures in 

Alterations at Central Library. 95 jj, 63, 96, 315, 352, J92 

Annual list, ad. 95 Manuscripts, gifts of. 61, 172, 273 

Annual report, publication of. 973 Mason, F. S., gift from. 314 

Anthropology and ethnology of Europe, Bibliography Montaiglon sale, purchases from. 196 

of. 171 Monthly Bulletins, increased demand for. 273 

Anti-slavery letters, gifts of. 61, 273 Morse, Prof. £. S. 127 

Bacon,_Edwin M. ^5- Municipal lectures, note on. 61, 95, 127 

Baer, F. H., loans his collection of valentines. 127 

Bates Hall, topics of interest in. 127 

Baxter, Sylvester, gift from. 973 

Beethoven, Crawford's statue of. 973 

Benton, Josiah H., Jr., appointed Trustee. 171 

Blackburn, Helen, gift from. 95 

Murdoch, John. 59, 295 

National portrait gallery, London, photographs of. 172 
Needs of the library. 
Obituaries : 

Arthur Mason Knapp. 

Philip Henry Savage. 

Frederick Octavius I'rince. 

William Whitwell Greenough. 
O'Neill, Catherine M.. gift from. 

Boston Daily Advertiser, reprint of editorial from. 390 
Boston Herald, reprint of editorial from. 271 

Bowditch, C. P., gift from. 95 

Branch finding list, publication of. 196 Open shelves at certain Branches. 

Branches and Stations, changes in, 61, 391; programme Osbourne, Lloyd, gift received through. 
of exhibitions at Branches, 1899-1900. 350 Prang, Louis, i^ift from. 


61, 391 


Prince, Frederick O., retirement of, 172; obituary 
notice of. 195 

Prince library, return of missing book to. 196 

Publications. 93, 171, 196, J14 

Putnam, Herbert, resignation of, ij6; resignation ac- 


guincy, Hon. Josiah. 

Gen. Walker. 39 

Brown, Allen A., gift from. 17 

Brownins collection, gift to 31. 

Bunker Hill literature, exhibition of. 171, 19 

Canterbury pilgrims, frieze of. 9 

Carret, J. F. .,...••: ^'•'::> ^ 

Charles ri^cft t^rid^e i:||0i^paiS|r«><<dwidcn4*ltPok ol. 31. 

Children's ftS^ofdh^e library, *^3^biti(M>* in. 19 

Civil war, photograiThs olf. ,, 19 

•Codman collection* cataIo(^y€^S ^uBQcation of. 9 

Congregationalism, £xhibiti^fi*(el^ifift to. 31. 

Crawford's statue • (^ }icc(hevcii>. • * 27, 

Crocker, George Q- ... .•••••• • 90 2>outn H-nd israncn, open shelves 

De Normandie,*J(ie^*i)^*Jafye^^idttctec vice-president Special libraries (including Fine 

of the TrustecV /- ••• ,• ; ••.•!. .2 171 exhibitions, bi. 95, 127, 171, 196, 

pley, Prof. William Z. 
Savage, Philip H., elected clerk of the trustees. 

obituary notice of. 
Scott, Sir Walter, unveiling of bust of. 
Sedgwick, Prof. W. T. 
Sen ef elder, bust of. 
Sohier, \\ . I)., gift from. 
South End Branch, open shelves at. 

Ine Arts department), 
314; programme of 



Documents, reception* t>f fecent'.' 61 exhibitions, 1899-19C0, 350 

Dwight, Dr. Thomas, appointed as Trustee. 171 Spitzer collection, exhibition of. ig6 

Estlin, Miss Mary, gift from. 273 State exhibition of drawings in public schools. 314 

Exhibitions. See Branches, Children's reference li- Station A., refurnished. 61 

brary. Special libraries. Station M., removal of. 391 

Felton, E. C, gift from. 196 Station U., opened. 61 

Fine Arts department. See Special libraries. Station W., establishment of. 391 

Galatea collection, gifts to. 61, 95 Stevens, B. F., of Boston, gift from. 314 

Garrison, Francis J., gifts received through. 61, 127, 273 Stevenson, K. L., gift of blocks engraved by. 273 

Garrison, William Lloyd, gift from family of. Sunday opening at certain Branches. 61, 391 

61, 127, 314 Trustees, action on resignation of Herbert Putnam, 

Gifts to the library. 61, 0^, 127, 171, 196, 273, 313, 391 
Greenough, William W., obituary notice of. 195 

H&ndel and Ilayden society, deposits statue of Bee- 
thoven in trust. 273 
Higginson, Col. T. W., gift to Galatea collection 

61, 95 
Hopkins, James F., exhibitions illustrative of lectures Visitors' day. 

by. 95, 127 Walker, C. Howard. 

Houghton, Mifflin & Co., gift from. 171 

International Congregational council. 314 

Jackson, W. F., gift irom. 314 

Jamaica Plain Branch, open shelves at. 391 

Knapp, Arthur M., obituary notice of. 26 

Law books, given by W. D. Sohier. 273 

Lecture Hall, opening of. 171 

Lincoln. Solomon, elected president of Trustees. 171 
Little, Brown & Co., gift from. 171 

126; appointments to Board of, 171; Annual report 

of, published, 273; action on retirement of F. (.). 

Prince. 172 

Valentines, exhibition of. 127 

Van Dyck, A., exhibition commemorative of. 314 

Velasquez, exhibition commemorative of. 196 

87. Q5 
Walker, (irneral Francis A., bronze memorial of. 391 
W'arren, Prof. H. Langford, exhibition illustrative of 
lectures by. 95 

Warren, Henry C. gift from estate of. 273 

Whitney, J. L.., 251; appointed as Acting Librarian. 

Wood engraving blocks done by R. L. Stevenson, gift 

of. 273 

Wyclif Society, gift from. 6x 






Vol. IV. No. I. 
Janiiary, 1899. 






SOLOMON LINCOLN, Vice-President. 



herbert putnam. 

Central Library, Copley Square. 

Branch Libraries. 

Brighton Branch. Holton Library Roxbury Branch, 46 Millmont St. 

Building, Rockland St. South Boston Branch, 372 Broadway. 

Charlestown Branch, City Square. South End Branch, English High 
Dorchester Branch, Arcadia, cor. School Building, Montgomery St. 

Adams St. West End Branch, Cambridge, cor. 
East Boston Branch, yj Meridian St. Lynde St. 

Jamaica Plain Branch, Curtis Hall, West Roxbury Branch, Centre, near 

Centre St. Mt. Vernon St. 

/:;.♦:♦..;*: '•'"" •••'Delivery Stations. 

Station A';;-:L3iyKi/Mills Reading Station L. North Brighton Reading 

Rob<ri^)A5??hirkton^^^ St. Room, 56 Market St. 

Station B.' * Roshndaie Delivery Sta- Station M. Crescent Avenue Delivery 

tion, 25 Poplar St. Station, 940 Dorchester Ave. 

Station D. Mattapan Reading Room, Station N. Blue Hill Avenue Deliv- 

River, cor. Oakland St. ery Station, 200 Blue Hill Ave. 

Station E. Neponset Delivery Sta- Station P. Broadway Extension De- 

tion, 49 Walnut St. livery Station. 13 Broadway Ex- 

Station F. Mount Bowdoin Reading tension. 

Room, Washington, cor. Eldon St. Station Q. Upham's Comer Delivery 
Station G. Allston Delivery Station. Station, 756 Dudley St. 

14 Franklin St. Station R. Warren Street Delivery 
Station H. Ashmont Delivery Sta- Station, 329 Warren St. 

tion, 4 Talbot Ave. Station S. Roxbury Crossing Deliv- 
Station J. Dorchester Station Deliv- ery Station, 11 73 Tremont St. 

C17 Station, i Milton Ave. Station T. Boylston Delivery Sta- 
Station K. Bird Street Delivery Sta- tion, Lamartine, cor. Paul Gore St. 

tion, 6 Wayland St. Station U. 62 Union Park St. 

PubliRhed monthly by the Trustees of the Public Library of the City of Boston, Boston, Massachusetts, at a 

subscription price of twenty-five cents per annum. 





:n . 

'< .* 



November 15 to December 15 1898. 

»ii^»» ■ 

The ssrmbol = following the title of a work indicates that the work is a gift to the Library. 

Reference Books. 

Bartlett, John, of Cambridge, Mass. 1820- 
Familiar quotations. 9th edition. Boston, 

1898. 45593.143 

Brewer, Ebenezer Cobham. 
The historic note-book: with an appendix 
of battles. Phila., 1897. 2218.88 

Jeans, George Edward. 

A handbook for travellers in the Isle of 
Wight 5th edition. London, 1898. 
Map. 6538.76 

Reuss. Francis Xavier. 
Biographical cyclopaedia of the Catholic 
hierarchy of the United States. 1784- 
1898. Milwaukee, 1898. *34637o 

Rouaix. Paul. 
Dictionnaire-manuel-illustre des idees sug- 
gerees par les mots. Paris. 1898. *2689a.47 
Smith. William, LL.D.. 1813-1893. editor. 
A dictionary of Greek and Roman biogra- 
phy and mythology. London, 1890. 3 v. 
Illus. *2932.i5 

Genealogy. H eraldry . 

Berkshire notes and queries. Edited by G. 
F. T. Sherwood. Vol. i. Part 1-4. Lon- 
don, 1890, 91. *25o6.i33 
No more was published. 

Blake, Francis Everett. 

Increase Blake of Boston, his ancestors and 

descendants, with a full account of William 

Blake of Dorchester and his five children. 

Boston, 1898. Pis. 4432.138 

Colby. James W. 

[The appendix from the] History of the 
Colby family. [Early edition.] [Wal- 
tham? 1894?] 20 pp. = 4434.205 

Crisp, Frederick Arthur. 

List of parish registers and other genealo- 
gical works edited by Crisp. [London.] 

TT .l^\^^ PP- = ♦2501.81 

Holden, Fdward Singleton. 

A primer of heraldry for Americans. N. Y., 
1898 Pis. 22303.48 

Leach. Josiah Granville. 
Genealogical and biofirraphical memorials of 
the Reading. Howell. Ycrkes. Watts, La- 
tham, and Elkins families. Phila., 1808. 
Illus. Portrs. = *2433;i5 


Collective Biographies. 

Lacroix. Desire. 
Les marechaux de Napoleon. Paris. [1896.] 
Illus. Portrs. 46593.81 

Single Biographies. 

Beecher, Henry Ward. 
Autobiographical reminiscences. Edited by 
T. J. Ellinwood. N. Y. [1898.] Portr. 

Clough, Emma Rauschenbusch-. 
A study of Mary Wollstonecraft and the 
rights of woman. London, 1898. 4544.153 
Dallas. Sir George, bart. 
A biographical memoir of the late Sir Peter 
Parker, baronet, killed in action while 
storming the American camp at Bellair, 
near Baltimore. 31 August, 1814. Lon- 
don. 181 «;. Portr. ♦♦G.385.6 
Dickinson. Walter Mason. 

[Biographical sketch and tributes from the 
Amherst Record.] Amherst, 1898. 16 pp. 
Portr. = 4449.235 

Focrstcr-Nictzsche, Elisabeth. 
Das Leben Friedrich Nietzsche's. Bd. i, 2, 
Abth. I. Leipzig, 1895, 97. Portrs. 

Foxcroft, Helen Charlotte. 

The life and letters of Sir George Savile, 

Bart., first Marquis of Halifax &c. With 

a new edition of his works. London, 

1898. Portrs. = 4544.155 

Goldoni, Carlo. 1 707-1 793. 

Carlo Goldoni e il teatro di San Luca a 

Venezia. Con prefazione e note di Dino 

Mantovani. Milano, i88j. Portr. 2778.48 
Correspondence between Goldoni and Francesco 

Guerrier, Vladimir Ivanovitch. 
Leibnitz in seinen Beziehungen zu Russland 
und Peter dem Grossen. St. Petersburg, 
187,^. . . 4843.32 

Hoar, George Frisbie. 
Rufus Putnam, founder and father of Ohio. 
An address, Rutland. 17 Sept. 1898. Wor- 
cester, 1898. 28 pp. = 4345.167 

Another edition of this address, with the title 
"A pioneer hero" [etc], is on 4540.122. 

Leopardi. Giacomo. conte. 1789-1837. 
Lettere scritte a Giacomo Leopardi dai suoi 
parent!, con giunta di cose inedite o rare. 
Firenze, 1878. Portrs. 2749a.46 

Mumford, James Gregory. 

Sir Astley Cooper, bart. An essay before 
the Historical club of Johns Hopkins hos- 
pital, May 9, 1898. Boston, 1898. 22 pp. 
= 3738.49 

Murison, A. F. ^ ^ ,^ 

Sir William Wallace. N. Y., 1898. [Fampus 
Scots series.] 254921.14 

Murray, John, of Broughton. 
Memorials of John Murray of Broughton, 
sometime secretary to Prince Charles Ed- 
ward. Edited by R. F. Bell. Edinburgh, 
i89iB. Portrs. [Scottish history society.] 


Napier, George G. . r j ^ 

The homes and haunts of Alfred, Lord Ten- 
nyson. Glasgow, 1892. Illus. Portrs. 

Paulsen, Friedrich. 
Immanuel Kant. Sein Leben und seme 
Lehrc. Stuttgart, 1898. Portr. 36ooa.47 
Robinson, James Harvey, and Henry Win- 
chester Rolfe. 
Petrarch. The first modem scholar and man 
of letters. A selection from his corre- 
spondence with Boccaccio and other 
friends. Translated from the original 
Latin. N. Y., 1898. Portr. 2746.82 

St. John. James Augustus. 
Louis Napoleon, emperor of the French: a 
biography. London, 1857. 2649.47 

Serassi, Pierantonio. 1721-1791. 
La vita di Torquato Tasso. 3a edizione cu- 
rata e postillata da C. Guasti. Firenze, 
1858. 2 V. 2749a. 47 

Smeaton^ Oliphant. 
William Dunbar. N. Y. [1898.] [Famous 
Scots series.] 2549a. 13 

United States. 
Memorial addresses on Edward J. Gay, a 
representative from Louisiana. Washing- 
ton, 1891. 68 pp. Portr. = 4440.133 


Memorial addresses on Myron B. Wright 
(late a representative from Pennsylvania). 
Washington, 1895. 56 pp. Portr. = 

Memorial addresses on Richard W. Town- 

shend (a representative from Illinois). 

Washington, 1890. 66 pp. Portr. = 

Memorial addresses on Robert M. A. 

Hawk (a representative from Illinois). 

Washington, 1883. 43 pp. Portr. = 


Vigier de Mirabal, , comte dc. 

Davout, Mar6chal d'empire. Due d'Auer- 
staedt, Prince d'Eckmuhl. (1770-1823.) 
Paris, 1898. 2 V. Portr. 2653.112 

Wheelwright, Edward, editor. 

Martin Gay. Three letters written by an 
American loyalist to his wife, 1775-1788. 
Cambridge, 1898. 28 pp. Portr. = 

Willcox, Hamilton. 

The life of Alex. Del Mar. N. Y.. 1898. 

43 pp. = , 4342.182 

Williamson, David, editor. 
William Ewart Gladstone: statesman and 
scholar. N. Y., 1898. Portrs. Pis. 


Worcester countv mechanics association. 

Exercises at the presentation of memorial 

portrait of Thomas Plunkett. [Boston, 

189^.1 18 pp. = 4449.234 


Ancient. Modem. Asia. Africa. 

Burleigh, Bennet. 
Sirdar and Khalifa or the re-conquest of the 
Soudan, 1898. London, 1898. Illus. Portr. 

TUT ^^^•i>u^-*P\r XT 3053.223 

Myers, Philip Van Ness. 

Syllabus of lectures on the history of civili- 
zation in antiquity. [Cincinnati? 1896.] 
53 pp. = 2304.72 


Abbott, John Stevens Cabot 
The French Revolution of 1789 as viewed in 
the light of republican institutions. N. Y. 
[1887?] Illus. Portrs. 4622.11 

Barrett, William, F.S.A. 
The history and antiquities of the city of 
Bristol. Bristol. [1789.] Pis. Plans. 

Bios, Wilhelm. 

Die franzosische Revolution. Volksthum- 
liche Darstellung. 2te Auflage. Stutt- 
gart, 1890. Illus. Portrs. 2622.84 
Castagnola, Stefano. 
Da Firenze a Roma. Diario storico-politico 
del 1870-71. Torino, 1896. Portr. 2724.70 
Charles i. of England. 
A true copy of the journal of the High 
court of Justice, for the tryal of K. Charles 
I. Taken by J. Nalson. London, 1684. 
Pis. Portr. **G.386.28 


« I 

Fairfax, Sir Thomas, 3d baron Fairfax. 
A particular charge or impeachment . . . 
Against Denzill Hollis, Sir Richard 
Stapleton [and other] members of the 
House of Commons. London, 1647. (i), 
29 pp. ♦♦G.386.5 

A remonstrance . . . Presented to the Com- 
mons assembled in Parliament, the 20. in- 
stant, and tendred to the consideration of 
the whole kingdome. London, 1648. 70, 
(i) pp. ♦♦G.386.6 

Howell, James. 
Englands teares, for the present wars . . . 
London, 1644. 22 po. ♦♦0.386.1 

Hutchinson, James Robert. 
The romance of a regiment; being the true 
and diverting story of the Giant grenadiers 
of Potsdam, how they were caught and 
held in captivity, 1713-1740. London, 
189& 2856.81 

Joy, James Richard. 
Twenty centuries of English history. Mead- 
ville, Penn., 1898. Illus. Portrs. Maps. 
[Chautauqua reading circle literature.] 

Lissagaray, Prosper Olivier. 
Geschichte der Kommune von 1871. 2te 
Auflage. Stuttgart, 1894. Portrs. Pis. 

Montagu, Right Hon. Robert. 

Recent events and a clue to their solution. 

3d edition. London, 1888. 4518.155 

On the Irish question. 

Nestor. Russian chronicler. 1055-1115. 

Chronique dite de Nestor. Traduite sur le 

texte slavon-russe avec introduction et 

commentaire critique par Louis Leger. 

Paris, 1884. 5062.22 

Stevens, Captain John. 

The history of Bavaria. London, 1706. 

No. I in ♦♦G.382.1 
Strobel. Edward Henry. 
The Spanish revolution. 1868-1875. Bos- 
ton, 1808. Portr. Map. 3096.157 
Urquhart, David.^ 

ProfH'^s et position actuelle de la Russie en 
Orient: ouvrage traduit de Tanglais. 
[Anon.l Paris, 1856. Map. 3067.124 
Les quatre guerres de la Revolution. Ex- 
amines judiciairement pour d^montrer 
qu'elles auraient 6t6 impossibles sans^ la 
suppression des fonctions du Conseil priv6 
par facte du Parlement de 1705. Londres, 
1874. 68 pp. 2626.121 


Burton, Clarence Monroe. 
"Cadillac's village," or "Detroit under Ca- 
dillac." Detroit, 1896. 43 pp. = 4477.241 
Davis, Walter Alonzo, (Compiler. 
The old records of Fitchburgh. Fitchburg, 
1898. Portrs. = ♦4351.140 

Gillespie, Charles Bancroft. 
The city of Chelsea, Massachusetts. Chel- 
sea, 1898. Illus. Portrs. = ♦235oa.40 
Graham, George W. 
Whv North Carolinians believe in the 
Mecklenburg declaration of independence. 

fd edition. Charlotte, 1898. 43 pp. Illus. 
*ortr8. 4466.139 

Greene, Jacob L. 
[Letter to Francis G. Peabody on the war 
with Spain.] Dated, Hartford, May 11, 
1898. (3) pp. = 442oa.79 

Hart, Albert Bushnell. 
Epoch maps illustrating American history. 
N. Y.. 1898. (5) pp. 14 maps. 2386.58 
Landrum, J. B. O. 
Colonial and revolutionary history of upper 
South Carolina . . . Greenville, 1^7. 
Portr. 4373.142 

Linehan, John Cornelius, and Thomas Ham- 
ilton Murray. 
Irish schoolmasters in the American colo- 
nies, 1640-1775, with a continuation of the 
subject during and after the war of the 
Revolution. Washington, 1898. 32 pp. 

Macbeth, Roderick George 

The making of the Canadian West. Toronto, 

1898. Portrs. Pis. 4466.153 

Mead, Edwin Doak. 

The Old South pilgrimage to the King 

Philip country [Mount Hope, R. I.]. 

[Boston, 1898.] 8 pp. = 4438.157 

Morris, Charles, of Philadelphia. 

The war with Spain. Phila., 1899. Pis. 

Portrs. Maps. 44203.88 

Moseley, Edward A. 

Annual address of the president general [of 

the! American-Irish historical society, 

February 17, 1898. [N. Y.? 1898.] 19 

^ pp. = 4317.47 

Noa, Frederic M. 

The pearl of the Antilles. A view of the 
past and a glance at the future. N. Y., 
1808. Q7 pp. = 4368.175 

Old South historical society, Boston. 

Old South pilgrimage to the King Philip 
country [Mount Hope, R. I. Circular]. 
[Boston, 1898.] (4) pp. Illus. 4438.158 
Ranck, George Washington. 
The story of Bryan's Station. Historical 
address delivered August 18, 1896. Lex- 
ington, Ky., 1896. 75 pp. PI. = 4378.154 
Robinson, Charles, ist governor of Kansas. 
The Kansas conflict. Lawrence, 1898. 

Robinson, Harriet Jane Hanson. 

Loom and spindle, or life among the early 
mill girls [in Lowell). N. Y. [1898.] 


The American and British chronicle of war 
and politics . . . from May 10, 1773 to July 
16, 1781. London. [1783.] ♦♦G.384.9 

Sawyer, John, of Cherry Valley, N. Y. 
History of Cherry Valley. Cherry Valley, 
1898. 4376.155 

Smith, Captain John. 1 579-1631. 
The true travels, adventures, and observa- 
tions of Captaine lohn Smith, in Europe, 
Asia, Affrica, and America . . . Together 
with a continuation of his generall His- 
tory of Virginia, Summer-Isles, New Eng- 
land . . . London, 1630. (12), 60 pp. 
Pis. ♦♦G.383.20 

The large folding map i>ublished with this book, 
and also a fac-simile oi it, have been cut up and 
each division inserted in its proper place through- 
out the book. 

Stith, William. 
The history of the first discovery and settle- 
ment of Virginia. Williamsburg, 1747. 

Thomas, J. A. W. 

A history of Marlboro county. Atlanta, Ga., 

1897. Portr. Map. 4375-131 
Trumbull, Henry Clay. 

War memories of an army chaplain. N. Y., 

1898. Portr. Pis. 4428.288 
Tudor, William. 

An oration delivered March S, 1779, at the 
request of the inhabitants of the town of 
Boston to commemorate the bloody tra- 
gedy of the fifth of March, 1770. Boston, 

1779. 3-23 [21] pp. »*G.384.20 

United States. 

Photographs of the war. Views made by 
government photographers during the 
Civil war. 243 photographs 6^ x inches, 
in s portfolios, with catalogue. Hartford. 
[189-?! *Cab.23.3i.2 

Van Rensselaer, M. K. 
The goede vrouvv of Mana-ha-ta at home and 
in society. N. Y., 1808. 2323.30 

West, Thomas, 3d baron De la Warre. 

The relation of the Risrht honourable, the 

lord De-La-Warre. lord gouernour and 

caotaine generall of the colonie planted in 

Virginea. London, 161 1. (17) no. 

Heliotype fac-simile. 20 copies printed. 

Fine Arts. Archaeology. 


Olechnowicz, Wladyslaw. 
Poszukiwania archeologiczne w gub. lubcl- 
skiej. W Krakowie, 1897. (i), 14 pp. 
Illus. = 2233.66 

Fine Arts. 

Barbari, Jacopo de*. 
Engravings and woodcuts. Edited by Paul 
Kristeller. Berlin. [1896.] (i), 6 pp. 
Illus. [International chalcographical so- 
ciety. ] *Cab.8o.67. i ( 1896) 
Bell, Malcolm. 
Sir Edward Burne-Jones. London, 1898. 
Portr. Pis. 4078.1 II 
Bonnat, Leon Joseph Florentin. 
Le triomphe de I'art. Plafond allegorique. 
Hotel de ville de Paris. Engraving by 
Jules Jacquet. Paris. [189-?] = 

Boston public school art league. 

Notes and suggestions on school room 
decoration. Cambridge, 1898. (i), 30 pp. 
PI. = 8097.27 

Dana, Charles Anderson. 

Eastern ceramics and other objects of art 

belonging to [his] estate ... N. Y., 

i8q8. = 4022.74 

Gandy, Walter. 

The romance of glass-making. London, 

1898. Illus. 8026.28 


Honey, Frederic Robertson. 
First lessons in linear perspective. N. Y., 
1808. 30 pp. Pis. 4060.76 

Lafencstre, Georges fidouard, and Eugene 
Venise. Paris. [1898.] Pis. [La peinture 
en Europe.] 8067.139 

La Sizeranne, Robert de. 
English contemporary art. Translated by 
H. M. Poynter. N. Y. [1898.] Pis. 

Lippmann, Friedrich. 
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Prang normal art classes for teachers in pub- 
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Home study in form, drawing and color 
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Pis. ♦Cab.6o.ii2.2 

A different work from the octavo edition on 
4093.56, which has fuller text but no plates. 


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Turrets, towers, and temples. The great 
buildings of the world, as seen and de- 
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Aveneau de la Granci^re, 

Les parures pr^historiques et antiques en 
grains d'enfilage et les colliers talismans 
celto-armoricains; pr^c^d6 d'un apergu 
sur les temps pr^historiques. Paris, 18^. 
Illus. 223oa.68 


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Music and manners in the classical period. 

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Contents. — Ave Maria. — Stabat Mater. — Laudi 
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Asia. Africa. Oceanica. Polar 


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Konung Oscars beskickning till Schahen af 
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Chez les Abarambos. Cc que dcvicnt 
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Camping and tramping in Malaya. London, 

1898. Illus. Map. 3046.170 

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Reisebilder aus Deutsch-Sud-West-AfnlML 

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Frilandsexpeditionen. Kjjrt>enhavn, 1897. 


Treats of Dr. HcrtKVa's attempt to founda so- 
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The adventvres and discovrses of Captam 
lohn Smith. Newly ordered by lohn Ash- 
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Through Persia on a side-saddle. Phila., 
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= ♦Map 1034.3 

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Through Finland in carts. London, 1898. 
= 4861.59 

i899 ' i 1 9 

the inhabitants of New-Amsterdam (now 

Amerira New-York) lying below the present line 

xuiicii^. ^^ ^^jj ^^^^^^ ^ Y., 1897. 

Bradford, William, printer. 1663-1752. .,. ,^ , ., ^ n?' l^"it^/V^V* 

A plan of the city of New York from actual Views of Rocky point and Block island R I 

survey. 1728 Reproduced by H. D. „,^ ^° P^^x.^^^.'^^ • ' 't"i ' ""• "^^ ^^ 

Tyler: N. Y. [1898?] 180 feet to i inch. Wheeler Benjamin Ide. 

x^.^i. No 6 in *Map 434 ^^^ °^^ world m the new. An address de- 

Another fac-similc of this mip is on shelf-no. livered at the commencement exercises 

•♦•4474.228. of the University of Michigan, June 30, 

Description, A, of the towne of Manados or 1898. [Boston, 1898.] 9 pp. = 4492.77 

New Amsterdam, as it was in September, White mountains, N. H. 

1661. [London.] 1664. 65.4 yards to i Views of various places in the White moun- 

inch. No. 2 in *Map 43-4 tains. 11 photographs. = *4436.i84 

"The duke's plan." . „ r» t 1 Wright, Marie Robinson. 

Reproduced ,n fac-simile by. H. D. Tyler. Picturesque Mexico. Phila. [1897.I IHus. 

b.agar, James Uavid. -d^^,.,, AAf^n ion 

Canada and its capital. Toronto, 1898. ^^^"- 4400.120 
Portrs. 4466.154 

Gage, Thomas. -1656. 

A new survey of the West India's: or, the T anrrnarrp^ T? Vi^fr^rin 

English American his travail by sea and i-railgUagC. XVllCLUllL,. 

land: containing a journal of 3,300 miles 

within the main land of America . . . Basset Rene 

With a grammar of the Indian tongue, ^^^^^ s^r la zenatia de I'Ouarsenis et du 

called Poconchi, or Pocoman. 2d edition. Maghreb central. [Dialecte berbere.] 

London 1655. Maps. ^i, ^•^§3;5 Paris, 1895. [ficole des lettres d'Alger.] 

The edition ot 1648 is entitled The English » :^^ i ^ on 72 t 67 

American his travail by sea and land: or, a new ,,,.,,, ju»5'6-i'J/ 

survey of the West India's . . . [•♦H.91.30]. Braune, Theodor Wllhelm. 

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Gli Stati Uniti. Ricordi. 2a edizione. Bo- Beriicksichtigung des altsachsischen. 2te 

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ander Keith Johnston, publishers. Eigenthiimlichkeiten der Sprache in Thomas 

War map of United States with Spain. Ed- Kyd'» Dramen. [Leitmeritz, 1888.] 19 pp. 

inburgh, 1898. • 442oa.78 2552.90 

Knights templar. Gallee, Johan Hendrik. 

Map of Boston, 26th triennial conclave of Altsachsische Grammatik. Laut- und 

Knights Templar, at Boston, 1895. Bos- Flexionslehre. Halle, 1891. 4885.34 

ton. [1895.] = No. 134 in *Map 30.8 Gorra, Egidio. 

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Bcricht uber eine Reise nach niederlandisch Haase, A. 

West-Indien und darauf gegriindete Stu- Syntaxe frangaise du xvii® siecle. Traduit 

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4361.150 Mason, Robert W. 

Muirhead, James Fullarton. Cosmo-Roman alphabet. Prepared express- 

The land of contrasts. A Briton's view of ly for missionary purposes wheresoever 

his American kin. Boston, 1898. 2363.108 the Roman character prevails. [N. Y., 

New York central and Hudson river railroad. 1895, 96.] 8 pp. 61 19a. 10 

Trip of Prince Michel Hilkoff impcrjal min- Masqueray, Emile. 

ister of ways and means of communica- Observations grammaticales sur la gram- 

tion of Russia. New York to Buffalo and maire touareg et textes de la tamahaq 

Niagara Falls. [N. Y., 1896.] 69, (i) pp. des Taitoq. Publics par R. Basset et 

Illus. 2389a.4i Gaudefroy-Demombynes. Paris, 1896. 

Palliscr. John. [ficoles des lettres d' Alger.] 3032.170 

Solitary rambles and adventures of a hun- Mercier, Gustave L. S. 

ter in the prairies. London, 1853. Pis. Le chaouia de I'Aures (dialecte de I'Ahmar- 

4477.239 khaddou). ifitude grammatical — Texte 

Philip, George, and son. en dialecte chaouia. Paris, 1896. [ficole 

Philip's sketch map of the Klondike gold des lettres d* Alger.] 3032.169 

region, Yukon district. Dominion of O'Neill, Kate. 

Canada. London. [1898.] 2 miles to i Punctuation practically illustrated. N. Y., 

inch. Submap, Diagram of claims on the 1897. 2489.46 

Bonanza, Boulder, Byrne gulch, Victoria Penner, Emil. 

and Skookum g^ulch. No. 20 in ♦Map 119.5 Metrische Untersuchungen zu George Peele. 

Secretan, J. H. E. Braunschweig, 1890. 40 pp. 2552.94 

To Klondike and back. A journey down Philologisch-historische Beitrage Curt Wachs- 

thc Yukon. London, 1898. Portr. Pis. muth zum sechzigsten Geburtstag uber- 

4367.179 reicht. Leipzig, 1897. 4953-30 

Tyler, Henry Dunreath. Wilke. Friedrich Wilhelm. 

Map of the original grants of village lots Metrische Untersuchungen zu Ben Jonson. 

from the Dutch West India company to Halle a/S., 1884. 73 pp. 2557.24 



Rhetoric. Elocution. 

Ford, Harold. 
The art of extempore speaking, without MS. 
or notes. 2d edition. Milwaukee. [1898.] 



Bulletin. No. 3, 5-1 1. 

1897, 98. = 
Williams, Thomas Webb. 
Somerset medixval libraries and miscella- 
neous notices of books in Somerset prior 
to the dissolution of the monasteries. 
Bristol, 1897. Pis. ♦6159.86 


Bibliography. Libraries. Books. 

Ashburnham, Bertram, 4th earl of Ash- 
burnhara. 1 797-1878. 
The Ashburnham library. Catalogue. Sold 
by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge. Lon- 
don. [1897, 98.] 3 parts in i v. ^6142,32 
Bancroft company of New York. 
Evolution of a library. [Chicago, 189-?] 
28 pp. Illus. = ♦6199.8 

An account of the growth of the Bancroft his- 
torical library. 

Bartlett, John, of Cambridge. 
Catalogue of books on angling. Supple- 
ment. Cambridge, i886# 24 pp. ♦2174.39 
Brown, James Duff. 
Manual of library classification and shelf 
arrangement. London. 1898. 6196.78 

Carnegie free library, Allegheny, Pa. 
Classified catalogue of the books, except 
fiction, French, and German. Supple- 
ment no. I. [Allegheny.] 1898. = 

Columbus, Ohio. Public school library. 
Annual report, 20th. Columbus, 1896. 
Portr. *6i57.48 

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Early New England catechisms. A biblio- 
graphical account. Worcester, 1898. = 

Foster, William Eaton. 
Use of a public library by artisans. N. Y., 
1898. 5 pp. = 6202.74 

Mitchell library, Glasgow, Scotland. 
Concise guide. 2d edition. Glasgow, 1894. 
26 pp. = 6159.82 

Omaha, Nebraska. Public library. 
Bulletin. May, [Dec.,] 1897; [Jan.-] May, 
1898. Omaha, 1897, 98. = ♦2144.104 

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Vlaamsche bibliographic, 1830-1890. Af- 
levering 1-3. Gent, 1893. ♦2163.71 

Pratt institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. Free library. 
Report. For the year ending June 30, 1897. 
[Brooklyn, 1897.] = *6i57.4 

Reinach, Salomon. 
Bibliographic de S. R. 1874-1896. Angers, 
1896. 39 pp. = ♦2172. 1 12 

San Francisco, Cal. Free public library. 
Catalogue of foreign literature, including 
translations. San Francisco, 1898. = 

Terry, James. 
Ex libris leaflets. No. 1-3. New Haven, 
i8q6. = ♦6114.74 

Topinard, Paul. 
Travaux du Dr. P. Topinard. [Paris. 1894] 
(6) pp. = ^21 72.1 II 

University college and free library, Notting- 
ham, England. 

Manuscripts. Autographs. 

Association for religious improvement, Bos- 
Manuscript reports, letters, bills, etc., from 
1822 to 1834. = ♦7546.124 

Brentano, Franz. 
Katalog einer werthvollen Sammlung von 
Autographen und Urkunden aus dcm 
Nachlasse des Schoeffen und Senators 
Franz Brentano und . . . Antonia Bren- 
tano . . . CEffentliche Versteigerung. 
Frankfurt a. M., 1896. 55 PP. *6i 19.81 
Sandiford, Ralph. 
A brief examination of the practice of the 
times, by the foregoing and the present 
dispensation: whereby is manifested, how 
the devil works in the mystery, which 
none can understand and get victory over 
but those that are armed with the light . . . 

Manuscript. = ♦7587148 

A manuiicnpt copy of the edition of 1729. The 
subject is slavery. 

[Scrap-book containing a collection of broad- 
side songs and ballads.] Illus. ♦656oa.6 
United States. 
Proclamation [of the president, Abraham 
Lincoln, of pardon and amnesty to such 
persons as participated in the Rebellion 
but wish to resume their allegiance to the 
United States]. Dec. 8. 1863. Broadside. 

Yoneyama Umekichi. 

[Commodore Perry, the opener of Japan.] 
Tokvo, 1896. Broadside. = 5015.135 

In Japanese. 

Arabic Literature. 

Muhammad ibn Muhammad, Al-GhazzalL 
Les quatrains d'Al-Ghazali. [Traduite par] 
Jean Labor [pseud. d*Henri Cazalis]. 
Paris, 1896. (5), 83, (7) PP- 302^0 

English and American Literature. 

Benguerel, G. 
Thomas Middleton. Part i. [Nordhausen, 
1870.] 29 pp. 2552.9a 

Browne, Charles Farrar. 
The complete works of Artemus Ward. 
N. Y,. 1898. Illus. Portr. 4507-199 

Carlyle, Thomas. 
Latter-day pamphlets. [Edited by H. D. 
Traill.l N. Y., 1898. Portr. [Works. 
Centenary edition.] ♦4574.96 

Charles i., of England. 
The princely pelican. [London?] 1649. 
1.48 pp. Pl.^ ♦♦0.386.27 


rom the £ikon Batilikc. 



Reliquiae sacrse Carolinse. Hague. [1649.] 
Portr. ♦♦G.386.23=**G.386.25 

Reliqvise sacrae Carolinse. Hague, 1651. 
Portr. ♦♦G.386.24 

Franklin, Benjamin. 
Poor Richard's almanack. Selections from 
the prefaces, apothegms, and rimes, with 
a facsimile of the almanack for 1733. Ed- 
ited by B. E. Smith. N. Y., 1898. Portr. 

♦♦K. 18.20 

Ha1e« Susan. 1838- 

Men and manners of the eighteenth century. 

Meadville, 1898. [Chautauqua reading 

circle literature.] 4558.149 

Hudson, William Henry. 

Idle hours in a library. San Francisco. 

11898?! 2559.43 

Contents. — London life in Shakspere's tim^. — 
Pepys and his diary. Two novelists of the Eng- 
lish restoration FMrs. Behn and Mrs. Manley]. 
— A frlimpse of Bohemia. 

Keats. John. 

Isabella, or the pot of basil. Illustrated by 

W. B. Macdougall. Phila., 1898. (S5) PP. 


Meredith. Georpre. 

Odes in contnbution to the song of French 

history. The Revolution, Napoleon, 

France, December 1870, Alsace-Lorraine. 

N. Y,. 1898. 4568.141 

Motteux. Pierre Antofne. 

A poem upon tea. London, 1712. t8 pn. = 


A tmewritten cony. 
Pac^e. Katherine S., compiler. 
My ladv sleeps. [Poems by various au- 
thors.l Bo«fon, 1899. 2390.84 

Perkins, Mary H. 
Through my spectacles. N. Y. [1898.] 

Reed. Samuel Rockwell. 
Offthouarhts about women and other things. 
Chicajro, 1888. = P. 18.735 

Skrine, John Huntley. 

Songs of the maid, and other ballads and 

lyrics. Westminster, 1896. 4566.173 

Under two queens. Lyrics written for the 

tercentenary festival of the founding of 

Uppingham school. London, 1884. 64 

pp. 4566.172 

Smith, William Hawley. 

Walks and talks. Chicago. [1893.] 

Spies, Joseph. 

Otway's Titus and Berenice and Racine's 
B6r6nice, a parallel. Wetzlar, 1891. 11 po. 

Symons, Arthur. 
Days and nights. London, 1889. 4567150 
Silhouettes. [Verses.] London, 1892. 

4569a. 179 
Tennyson, Alfred, baron Tennyson. 

Poetic and dramatic works. Cambridge 
edition. [Edited by W. J. Rolfe.] Bos- 
ton, 1898. Portr. 4563.119 
Vincent. Leon Henry. 
The Bibliotaph and other people. Boston. 
1898. 4558.147 
Wh'te, Caroline Louisa. 
^Ifric. A new sfudy. Boston, 1898. [Yale 

studies in English.] = 4583.130 

Bibliography, pp. 199-aia. 

French Literature. 

Daudet, Leon A. 

Les idees en marche. Paris, 1896. 6698.63 
Floris and Blancheflor. 
Flore und Blanceflor, altfranzosischer Ro- 
man nach der Uhlandischen Abschrift der 
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German Literature. 

Deutscher Musen-Almanach fiir das Jahr 

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Greek and Latin Literature. 

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Drama. Shakespeare. 

Boston. Theatres. 

[Scrap-book containing newspaper clip- 
pings relating chiefly to old_Boston actors 
and minstrels.] *4452.90 

[Theatrical, musical and amusement events 
in Boston, 1875-79. Also opening attrac- 
tions of the Boston theatre, 1854-79; and 
of the Boston museum for 36 seasons.] 
Scrap-book. ♦445oa.59 

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[History of the New York theatres, 1732- 

1893. Newspaper clippings. A series of 

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T^ PPv . ^ 4775.88 

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Traditions of the Thompson river Indians 
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^ pp. = . 3774.77 

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Notes on military hygfiene for officers of the 
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Avstralasian association for the advancement 
of science. 
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[1889.] Pis. Charts.. = ♦5304.70 

Australian museum, Sydney. 

Catalogue of the Australian hydroid Zoo- 
)hytcs. By W. M. Bale. Sydney, 1884. 
"Is. = ^5822.27 


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Part I. Recent palaeichthyan fishes. By 
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Ferguson. S. P. 
The pole star recorder. [Boston, 1894. J 3 
pp. PI. = 5907.4S 

This instrument serves to register the amount of 
cloudiness at night. 

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Notes sur quelques esp^ces de cyprinodons 

de TAsie Mineure et de la Syrie. [Lyon, 

1895.] 15 pp. Illus. No. 2 in ♦3&K).35 

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Die pelagischen Polychaeten- und Achaeten- 

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Mathematical works by George Bruce Hal- 
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A monograph of the British carboniferous 

Lamellibranchiata. Part i, 2. London, 

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The sphere of science. A study of scientific 
investigation. N. Y., 1898. 791?. I4 

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Portrs. 5822.80 

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Note sur un nouveau singe pliocene (An- 

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pp. = 3863.85 

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The deer of all lands. London, 1898. Illus. 

Madras. Government museum. 

Bulletin. Vol. i; vol. 2, no. i. Madras, 
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Die Echinodermenlarven der Plankton-Ex- 
pedition. Kiel, 1898. Illus. Map. 



Museo nacional de Buenos Aires. 
Memoria correspondiente al aiio 1894-96. 
Buenos Aires, 1897. = ♦5821.60 

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A mechanico-physiological theory of or- 
ganic evolution. Summary [by V. A. 
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£tudes sur les graptolites de Boheme. Tra- 
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Prague, 1894-97. Illus. *7885.5i 

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The great polar current. N. Y. [1897.] 

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1896. 3852.86 

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The use of kites to obtain meteorological 
records in the upper air at Blue Hill ob- 
servatory, U. S. A. [London, 1897.! 2 
pp. Illus. = 5907.75 

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Lc rhinoceros de Dusino. [Lyon, 1895.] 
31 pp. Pis. No. 3 in ^3820.35 

Torrey. Bradford. 
A world of green hills. Observations of 
nature and human nature in the Blue 
Ridpe. Boston. 1898. 3819.36 

University of Kansas. 
The university R'eological survey of Kansas. 
Vol. I, 2, 4. Topeka, 1896-^. 3 v. THus. 
Maps. = ^7863. 77 

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London birds and beasts. London, tSq<. 

Wp'^ace. Alfred Russel. 

The wonderful centiirv. Its successes and 
failures. N. Y., 1898. Portr. 7917.12 

Anthropology. Ethnology. 

Australian museum, Sydney. 
Descriptive list of Australian weapons, im- 
plements, &c., from the Darling and Lach- 
Ian rivers. [Sydney, 1897.] 4 pp. = 

Demolins, Edmond. 
A quoi tient la sup6riorite des Anglo- 
Saxons. Paris. [1897.] 2309.63 
Deniker, Joseph. 
Sur les ossements humains recueillis par M. 
Diguet dans la Basse-Californie. [Paris, 
1895.1 3 PP- = ♦3822.131 
International congress of prehistoric anthro- 
pology and archaeology, nth session. 
Mat^riaux concemant les expositions, les 
excursions et les rapports sur des ques- 
tions touchant les congfr^s. Moscow, 1893. 
2 V. Illus. ^6230.56 

This scASton included also the International con- 
frress of Koologry. 

Jacobs, Julius. 

Het familie — en kampongleven op Groot- 

Atjeh. Eine bijdrage tot de ethnographie 

van Noord-Sumatra, Leiden, 1894. 2 v. 

Pis. 3822.189 

I^oth. Walter Edmond. 

Ethnological studies among the north- 
westcehtral Queensland aborigines. Bris- 
bane, 1897. Pis. ♦3822.201 


Svenska sallskapet for antropologi och geo- 
Antropologiska sektionens tidskrift Bd. i. 
1878-^. Stockholm, 1878-80. Illus. 


This journal was succeeded by Ymer [*6a73.a5]. 

Forhandlingar vid sallskapets sammankom- 
ster. 187&-1880. Stockholm, 1882. 66 pp. 


Stadgar . . . antagna den 15 December 1877. 
Stockholm, 1878. 8 pp. ♦6273.22 


Dedekind, Richard. 
Stetigkeit und irrationale Zahlen. 2. Auf- 
lage. Braunschweig, 1892. (7), 24 pp. 


Philosophy. Education. 



Alexander, Archibald, one time professor of 
philosophy in Columbia college. 
Theories of the will in th^ history of 
philosophy. N. Y., 1898. 3609.174 

Barrington. Arthur Henry. 
Anti-Christian cults. An attempt to show 
that spiritualism, theosophy and Christian 
science are devoid of supernatural powers. 
Milwaukee. [1898.] 5499a.66 

Jones, Adam Leroy. 
Early American philosophers. N. Y., 1898^ 
80 pp. [Columbia university contribu- 
tions to philosophy, psychology and edu- 
cation.] ♦36o4.rtaa 

Devoted in great part to Samuel Johnson, D.D.. 
and Jonathan Fdwards. 

Mills. Thomas Wesley. 
The nature & development of animal intelli- 
gence. London, 1898. 3888.27 
Mivart, St George. 
The groundwork of science. A sttsdy of 
cpistemology. N. Y., 1896. [Science 
series.] 3605.180 


Cornell university. 
Ten-year book. [Vol.] 3. 1868-1898. 
Ithaca, 1898. ♦2386.26.3 

Curling, Joseph James, and Charles Knapp. 
Historical notes concerning Queen's col- 
lege, St. John's, Newfoundland. London, 
1898. Pis. 448oa.io5 

Eliot, Charies William. 
Educational reform. Essays and addresses. 
N. Y., 1898. 3597.1^ 

Friedrich, Johannes. 

Jahn als Erzieher. Mtinchen, 1895. 4868.41 

Gallaher. James E., editor. 

Representative deaf persons of the United 

States of America . . . who are en^ged 

in the higher pursuits of life. Chicago, 

1898. Portrs. = 5594.122 


Massachusetts state normal school, Westfield. 

Course of study in geogn'^phy for the model 

and practice schools. [Westfield? 1898?] 

2 pp. = 3599.179 

Monroe, Will Seymour. 

Das Studium der Kindesseele in Amerika. 
[Obersetzt von A. Neubert] Leipzig, 
1898. = 7592.146 

Picard, Edmond. 

L'Institut des hautes Etudes i rUniversit6 
nouvelle de Bruxelles. Paris, 1897. 35 pp. 
= 4835.45 

Woodbury. Charles Jeptha Hill. 

The purpose of textile education. Waltham, 
Mass., 1897. 18 pp. = 3593- 140 

Ethics. Manners. 

Cavern o, Charles. 

Chalk lines over morals. Chicago, 1898. = 

Gregory, Eliot 

Worldly ways & byways. N. Y., 1898. 

Harrison, Constance Cary. (Mrs. Burton 
The well-bred girl in society. Phila. [1898.] 

Hodges, George. 
Social righteousness. Boston, 1897. 14 pp. 

14 pp. = 5579a. 1453 

James, William, M.D. 

The importance of habits. Boston, 1897. 16 

pp. = 5579a. 145. 1 

Marden, Orison Swett. 

The secret of achievement. N. Y. [1898.] 

Portrs. 5586.30 

Miller, James Russell. 

Young people's problems. N. Y. [1898.] 

Nichols, Thomas L. 

Social life: its principles, relations, and ob- 
ligations. London, 1895. 3589.159 

Religion. Theology. 

Abbott, Lyman. 
The Boul'^ quest after God. N. Y. [1897.] 
29 pp. 3489.42 

Ball, Charles James, editor. 

The Queen's printers* aids to the student of 
the Holy Bible. Variorum illustrated edi- 
tion. London. [1898.] 3 parts in i v. 
IIlus. Maps. 342384 

Bampton lectures. Namely: 

17&). Bandinel, James. *7504-45 

1782. Holmes, Robert. *7504.47 

1783. Cobb, John. ♦7504.48 
1788. Shepherd, Richard. ♦750450 
1791. Morres. Robert. *7504.5i 
1793. Williamson, James, B.D., of Queen's 

college, Oxford. *7504.5a 

1795. Veysie, Daniel. *7504.53 

1796. Gray, Robert, D.D. 1762-1834. 




1797. Finch, William. 

1803. Farrer, John. 

1806. Browne, John, M.A., of Oxford! 

1808. Penrose, John. ♦7504.58 

1813. Collinson, John. ♦7504.59 

1821. Jones, Rev. John, M.A., archdeacon 
of Merioneth. ♦7504.61 

1826. Vaux, William. „ *7504.62 

1840. Hawkins, Edward, D.D. irj^^j?^^ 

1846. Short, Augustus. /' ^^^504.68 

1847. Shirley, Walter Augusti|s. ^7504.69 

1848. Marsh, Edward Garrard^' ♦750470 

1853. Thomson, William, D.D., archbishop 
of York. ^ ♦7504.7a 

1854. Waldegrave, Samuel. ♦7504-73 
1857. Jelf, William Edward ^7504.74 
i8''3. Smith, Isaac Gregory. ♦7504-75 

By the recent addition of the Bampton lectures 
above-mentioned, the file in this Library is so 
far complete as to lack only six issues. 

Barrows, Walter Manning. 
Southern congregational churches. [N. Y., 
1898?] 6 pp. = No. I in 5579a.i5o 

Bauer, Clema W. 
Indian missions. Part 5. Arizona. Hart- 
ford. Conn. [1896.] 16 pp. = 3537.125 
Berkowitz, Henry. 
Kiddush or Sabbath sentiment in the home. 
Phila., 1898. 70 pp. Illus. 2299a.93 

The parallel Psalter: being the Prayer-book 
version of the Psalms and a new version 
arranpred on opposite pages. With an in- 
troduction and glossaries by S. R. Driver. 
Oxford, 1808. 3419.1^ 

Canticum canticorum, ex Hebraeo convertit 
et explicavit Caietanus Kossowicz. Petro- 
poli, i8*^. [international cong^ress of 
orientalists. 3d session.] 3424.110 

Bossuet. Jacques B^nigne, bishop of Meaux. 
Sermons choisies pan^gyriaues. Avec des 
notes par D. Bertrand. Paris, 1898. 

Boynton, Nehemiah. 
Congregational loyalty to congregational 
societies. [N. Y., 1898?] 4 PP- = 

No. 2 in S579a.i50 

Real preaching. Three gddresses to th^ 

th/?o)ogical student* of Ob«rlin. Boston, 

1897. ^39- W 

Bridgman, Howard Allen. ^ « 

Missionary partnership between C. E. and 

A. M. A. [N. Y., 1898?! 4 Pp- = 

No. 3 in 5579a.i50 

Bugg, Francis. ^^ , • ^ 

The pilgrim's progress, from Quakerism to 
Christianity. 2d edition. London, 1700. 


Butler. Dugald. .,,*,. .x. 

The ancient church and parish of Abernethy. 
Edinburgh, 1897. Pis. ♦2471.77 

Carleton, George, bishop of Chichester. 
A thankful remembrance of God's mercy. 
In an historicall collection of the great 
and mercifull deliverances of the church 
and state of England from the beginning 
of Queene Elizabeth. 3d edition. Lon- 
don, 1627. Illus. ♦♦G.387.3 



Chapman, John Wright. 
Our mission in Alaska. Hartford, Conn. 

[1894.1 15, (3) pp. = 3537.1 1 1 

Crook, Frederick W. 
Our Nevada and Utah Indians. Hartford, 
Conn. [1895.] = 3537.123 

Dale, Robert William. 
The Epistle of James, and other discourses. 
London, 1895. 3448.84 

Barrel, John. 
A treatise of the chvrch. Written against 
them of the Separation, commonly called 
Brownists . . . London, 1617. ♦♦0.387.49 
Dix, Morgan, editor. 
A history of the parish of Trinity church, 
New York. Part i. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 


Driggs, John B. 

Stories from the mission field. Mission life 

at Point Hope [Alaska]. Hartford. [1896.] 

12 pp. Pis. Map. = 3537.121 

Farrar, Frederic William. 

Seekers after God London, 1898. 7447-142 
Fox, John. 
An abridgement of the booke of Acts and 
monvmentcs of the chvrch: abridged by 
Timothe fright. London, 1589. 

Hilarius Pictaviensis, St., bishop of Poitiers. 
Tractatvs de mysteriis et hymni et S. Silviae 
Aqvitanae Peregrinatio ad loca sancta. 
Qvae inedita ex codice Arretino depromp- 
sit loh. Franciscvs Gamvrrini. Romae, 
1887. 2 pis. 2 maps. ♦3500.18 

Hirschfeld, Hartwig. 
Beitrage zur Erklarung des Koran. Leip- 
zig, 1886. 3025.37 
Holtzmann, Heinrich Julius. 
Bricfe und Offenbarung des Johannes. Frei- 
burg i. B., 1893. 3421.133 
Die Synoptiker. Freiburg i. B., 18^. 

Howgfill, Francis. 
The deceiver of the nations discovered and 
his cruelty made manifest . . . More es- 
pecially his cruel works of darkness . . . 
in Maryland in Virginia . . . London, 

1660. 27 pp. ♦♦G.387.19 

An account of the treatment of the Quakers. ^ 

The popish inquisition newly erected in 

New-England . . . London, 1650. (4), 

72 pp. ♦♦G.387.20 

An account of the treatment received by the 
Quakers in Boston and other towns. 

Illingworth, John Richardson. 

Divine immanence. An essay on the spiritual 

significance of spiritual matter. N. Y.. 

1898. 3458.194 

James, William, M.D. 1842- 
Human immortality. Two supposed objec- 
tions to the doctrine. Boston, 1898. 7^ 

pp. 3457.171 

Lawne, Christopher. 
The prophane schisme of the Brownists or 
Separatists. [London.] i6i2. (8), 88 pp. 

Liber hymnorum. 
The Irish Liber hjrmnorum. Edited with 
translations, notes and glossary by J. H. 
Bernard and R. Atkinson. London, 1898. 
2 V. Fac-similes. [Henry Bradshaw so- 
fiety.l ♦3432.112 

Lotesoriere, Tobia. 

L'attuale posizione dello stato relativamente 

alia chiesa; e Topera del liberalismo 

massonico. Torino, 1898. 3469.101 

McCabe, Joseph. 

Life in a modern monastery. London, 1898. 

Miller, James Russell. 

The joy of service. N. Y. [1898.] 5444.98 
Missionary leaflet. The. No. 5. 
Our missions to the Indians. [Hartford, 
1896.1 7 pp. Illus. = *7536.i3i 

Moodey, Joshua. 1663. 1697. 
The great sin of | formality | in God's wor- 
ship: I or, I the formal worshipper proved 
a I lyar and deceiver. | Being the subject 
of a I sermon | preacht on the Weekly lec- 
ture] in Boston. Boston, 1691. (i), 42 
pp. = ♦♦G.376.80 

Mudd, Ann. 
A cry, a cry: a sensible cry for many months 
together hath been in my heart for the 
Quakers return out of that Egyptian 
darkness they have long lain in. [Lon- 
don, 1678.] 7 pp. No. 2 in ♦♦G.387.15 
Muggleton, Lodowick. 
An answer to Isaac Pennin^on, Esq.; his 
book intituled, Observations on some 
passages of Lodowick Muggleton's In- 
terpretation of the nth chapter of Revela- 
tions. London, 1719. (4), 24 pp. 

No. 2 in ♦♦G.387.58 

Letter to Robert Peirce, concerning the 

Holy Ghost. [Dated August 2d, i68a] 

[London, 1719.] 8 pp. No. 6 in ♦♦G.387.58I 

A true interpretation of the Witch of Endor^ 

2d edition. London, 1724. (4), 50 pp. 

No. 8 in ♦♦G.387.58 

New England deaconess home and training 


Deaconess work in Boston. [Boston, 1896.] 

^ 16 pp. = 5576.139 

Report of the first year's work of tho 

Deaconess hospital in connection with 

the New England deaconess home and 

training school. [Boston, 1897.] 16 pp. 

= 5576.140 

Norton, John. 1606-1663. 
The heart of New-England rent at the blas- 
phemies of the present generation. Or a 
brief tractate, concerning the doctrine of 
the Quakers, . . . London, 1660. (3), 8a 

pp. ♦♦G.387.17 

Pagitt, Ephraim. 

Heresiography, or, a description of the. 
heretickes and sectaries sprang up in these 
latter times. 4th edition. London, 1647. 


Pearse, Mark Guy. 
The gentleness of Jesus. N. Y. [1898.} 
Portr. 347^124. 

Pcnn, William. 
An epistle, containing a salutation to all 
faithful Friends, a reproof to the unfaith- 
ful. [London, 1682.] 7 pp. ♦*G.387.I^ 
Penny man, John. 
A collection of some passages (touching 
those called Quakers) which were writ . . . 
by several that were, or still are, amongst 
that people . . . [London, 1700.I 16 pp^ 

No. 2 in ♦♦G.387.II 


Qvaere, A, concerning the chvrch-covenant, 
practised in the separate congregations. 
Sent with a letter thereunto annexed, from 
J. G. to T. G. London, 1643. (i), 14 pp. 

Reeve, John. 

A discourse, between John Reeve and Rich- 
ard Leader, merchant. Recited by Lodo- 
wick Muggleton. [London, 1719.] 16 pp. 

No. 3 in ♦♦G.387.58 

An epistle of the prophet Reeve. Written 

in the year, 1656. [London. 1719.! 6 pp. 

No. 4 in ♦♦G.387.58 
The prophet Reeve's Epistle to his friend, 
discovering the dark light of the Quakers; 
written in the year 1654. [Also seven 
other letters written in 1656, 1657 and 
1658.] [London, 1719.] 20 pp. 

No. 7 in ♦*G.387.s8 
Reeve. John, and Lodowick Muggleton. 

A divine looking-glass; or, the third and 
last testament of Our Lord Jesus Christ 
... 3d edition. London, 1719. Portr. 

No. I in **G.387.58 

Joyful news from heaven. London. 1658. 

Ci). 78 pp. **G.38r57 

A remonstrance from the eternal God. 

[London.] 1719. 24 pp. 

^. , « , No. 5 in ♦*G.387.S8 

Rich, Robert, of Barbadoes. 

Hidden thines broueht to light, or the dis- 
cord of the grand Quakers among them- 
selves. [London?] 1678. (4). 44, (y) pp. 

,.. ^ **G.387.T5 

Rie^rs. Frederick B. 

Chn>Man schools for Indians. [N. Y.. 

^898?! 3 pp. = No. 8 in 55"79a.i50 

Ryder. Charles Jackson. 

Indian medicine lodge. N. Y. [1898?] (7) 

pp. = No. 9 in t;57Qa.i50 

The last word from Alaska. [Missions.] 

[N. Y., 1898?] 10 pp. Pis. = 

No. ID in 5579a. 150 
Redemption of races. N. Y. [1898?] 20 
pp. = No. II in 5579a. 150 

Schmiedel, Paul Wilhelm. 

Die Briefe an die Thessalonicher und an 
die Korinther. Freiburg i. B., 1892. 

Short account. A, of the lives and sufferings 
of several godly persons, who dy'd in 
England for the sake of the gospel, under 
the reign of King Henry viii. and Queen 
Mary. London. 1727. **G.387.5i 

Soden, Hermann Friedrich von. 

Die Briefe an die Kolosser, Epheser. Phile- 
mon: die Pastoralbriefe. [Timotheus, 
Titus]. Freiburg i. B., 1893. 3421.128 
Hcbraerbrief, Briefe des Petrus, Jakobus, 
Judas. Freiburg i. B., 1892. 3421.129 

Sunderland, Jabez Thomas. 
The Bible: its origin, growth, and character 
. . . N. Y.,1897. 3429.139 

Swift, Clarence F. 

American Highlanders. — No backward 

movement. [Poor whites.] [N. Y., 1898?] 

3 pp. = No. 12 in 55T9a.i5o 

Talbot, Ethelbert, and Hugh L. Burleson. 

Indian missions. 3. Hartford. [1894.] 16 

pp. Pis. Portrs. = 3537.112 


Tolstoi, Lyef Nikolaevitch, count. 
The Christian teaching. Translated by V. 
Tchertkoff. N. Y. [1898.] 3437.86 

Unitarian club of California. 
Addresses at the thirtieth meeting, held at 
San Francisco, April 26, 1897. [San 
Francisco, 1897.] 52 pp. = 7469.167 

Washburn, Lemuel K. 
Sunday and the Sabbath. Boston, 1886. 

23 po. = 7457.103 

Wheelock, Edwin Miller. 
The evolution of Providence. Boston, 1898. 

8 pp. = 5579a. 145.5 

Willard. Samuel. 1705-1741. 
The minister of God approved. A sermon 
preached at Arundel at the ordination of 
John Hovey. Added, a funeral sermon 
occasioned by the death of Mr. Willard. 
By William Thompson. Boston, i''43. 


WiMiams, Mrs. Edwin S. 

''^This Jesus Cfirist work." N. Y. [1898?] 

C-?) pp. r= No. 16 in 5579a. 1 50 

The Chinese in California. 
Young. Robert. 
Twofold concordance to the New Testa- 
ment. Edinburgh, 1884. ♦3420a.58 

Social Science. 

Political Economy. 

Allen, William V. 
The arbitration bill. Speech in the Senate, 
May II, 1898. [Wasrington, 1898.] 16 
pp. = 5655.70 

The bill is entitled, "A bill concerning carriers 
engaged in interstate commerce and their em> 

Birkmyre, William. 
Old age pensions. Glasgow. [189-?] 39 

pp. 5573.98 

Block, Maurice. 
The progress of economic ideas in France. 
[Translated by Cornelia H. B. Rogers.] 
Phila. [1894?] 33 PP. 3644.233 

Boehm-Bawerk, Eugen von. 
The ultimate standard of value. Phila. 
[189-?] 60 pp. 3644.229 

Doren. Alfred. 
Entwicklung und Organisation der Floren- 
tiner Ziinfte im 13. und 14. Jahrhundert. 
Leipzig, 1897. ♦5644.21.15 

Dyrenfurth. Gertrud. 
Die hausindustriellen Arbeiterinnen in der 
Berliner Blusen-, Unterrock-, Schiirzen- 
und Tricotkonfektion. Leipzig, 1898. 

Easton, H. 

The work of a bank. London. 1898. 

Eberstadt, Rudolph. 

Magisterium und Fraternitas. Leipzig, 

1897. ♦5644.21.15 

Farrer, Sir Thomas Henry, ist baron Farrer. 

Studies in currency, 1898. London, 1898. 

Charts. 3644.224 


Fetter, Frank. 
The exploitation of theories of value in the 
discussion of the standard of deferred 
payments. Phila. [1895.] 16 pp. 3644.230 
Hardwicke Henry. 
The art of getting rich. N. Y. [1897.] 

Harter, Michael D. 
American banking and the money supply 
of the future. Phila. [1893.] 14 pp. 

Lotz, Walther. 
Monetary situation in Germany. Phila. 
[1894.1 3644.232 

McLeod. Frank Fenwick. 
The history of fiat money and currency in- 
flation in New England, from 1620 to 
1789. Phila., 1898. 21 pp. 3644.236 

Mevroos, Arnold. 
Onze gemeente-financien. Amsterdam. 1897. 

= 3643.137 

Patten, Simon Nelson. 
Cost and utility. Phila. [1893.I 20 op. 


Perry, James Roy. 

Public debts in Canada. [Toronto, i8q8.] 

88 pp. [University of Toronto. Studies. 

Economic series.] 3641.28 

Philadelphia. Commercial museum. 

Prospectus of United States commercial 

commission to China. [Phila. 1898. 1 12 

pp. = 5655.69 

Ross. Edward Alsworth. 
Total utilitv standard of deferred payments. 
Phila. [1894.] 17 pp. 3644.231 

Simonton. Thomas C. 
A treatise on the law of municioal bonds of 
the muniripAl comorations of the United 
States. N. Y.. 1806. 3665.39 

Smith, Isaac Townsend. 

European spoliation in the Oriental world 
as affertine the commercial rights of the 
United States. [N. Y.] 1808. 37 po. = 

Tavlor. William Georee Langwr»r*hv. 
Values, positive and relative. Phi'a. rT8o6?l 
38 pp. 3644.235 

Political Science. 

Chamberlain, Leander Trowbridge. 
The state. An address before the Patria 
club. N. Y., 1898. (i), 50 pp. 5567.38 
Chapman, John Jay. 
Causes and consequences. N. Y., 1898. 


Contents. — Politica. — Society. — Education: 
Froebel. — Democracy. — Government. 

Lathers, Richard. 
Letter on the social and political degrada- 
tion of the times. [N. Y.?] 1898. 30 pp. 
= 4326.163 

On bossism in American politics. 

Lowell, Abbott Lawrence. 
Oscillations in politics. Phila., 1898. 29 pp. 

Thierry, C. de. 
Imperialism. With an introduction by W. 
E. Henley. London, 1898. 4519^.133 



Culver, L F. 
Alabama's resources and future prospects. 
1897. Birmingham, 1897. Ulus. Portrs. 

= 4477-238 

Ede, William Moore. 

The attitude of the church to some of the 

social problems of town life. 2d edition. 

Cambridge, 1896. [The Hulsean lectures 

for 1895] 3569.253 

Ely. Richard Theodore. 

What is our social ideal? Boston, 1898. 14 

PP- 5579a. 145.6 

Huntington, George. 

The Chinese puzzle. [N. Y., 1898?] 8 pp. 
= No. 6 in 5579a. 150 
Levi, Kate Everest. 
Geographical origin of German immigra- 
tion to Wisconsin. Madison, 1898. 52 pp. 
Map. = 4373.136 
Mason, Lewis D. 
The pauper inebriate. [Hartford, 1897.] 10 

„ PP- = 7583.178 

Patton. Cornelius Howard. 

A broad education. [N. Y., 1898?] 7 pp. = 

^. No. 7 in 5579a,i50 

This tract is a discussion of the education of the 

Pobiedonostsef, Konstantin Petrovitch. 
Reflections of a Russian statesman. Trans- 
lated by R. C. Long. London, 1898. 


Rauchberg. Heinrich. 

Die Bevolkerung Osterreich« auf Gnind 

der Ergebnisse der Volkszahlunflr yom 31. 

December 1890. Wien, 1895. Maps. Dia- 

prams. 4822.30 

Updike. Eugene G. 

Chnstianity the solvent of race antagonisms. 

[N. Y., i8q8?1 7 pp. = No. 15 In SS79a.iso 

On ihf n^srro on^^tion. 

Wi'^es, Frederic Howard, and John Koren. 

The linuor prohlem, its legislative asnects. 

2d edition. Bos^^on. 1898. 7583.179 

Woodburv. Francis Porter. 

The feudal south. N. Y. f i8o8?1 14 pp. = 

No. 17 in 5579a.i!?o 
A dUcussion of the condition of the negro in the 

Law. Legislation. 

Abel, Charles Denton, and Oliver Imray. 
Patents, designs, and trade marks: British 
and foreign. An outline uf laws and pro- 
cedure relative to patents . . . London, 
1886. 3667.95 

Dreyfus, Alfred. 
L'affaire Dreyfus. Le proccs Zola devant 
la Cour d'assises de la Seine et la Cour de 
cassation, 7-23 fevrier, 31 mars-2 avril, 
1898. Compte-rendu st^nographtqtM^Ju^ 
extenso" et documents annexes. Pans 
1898. 2 V. 2614.77 

Friese, Victor. 
Das Strafrecht des Sachsenspiegels. Bres- 
lau, 1898. ♦7616.54.55 


Gewerbegericht, Das. Mittheilungen des Ver- 
bandes deutscher Gewerbegerichte. Leip- 
zig, 1898. *556oa.45 
Indian rights association. Law committee. 
The helplessness of the Indians before the 
law. Phila., 1886. 12 pp. = 4563. 197 
Meyer, Balthasar Henry. 
A history of early railroad legislation in 
Wisconsin. Madison, 1898. = 7658.163 
Pavly, Jean de, translator. 
*}MffD |l^n Code civil et p6nal du Judaisme. 
Traduite pour la premiere fois sur Torigi- 
nal chaldlo-rabbinique. Paris, 1896. 


Union interparlementaire pour Tarbitrage. 

Session de 1897. 

Compte rendu de la 8e conference. Braine- 

Ic-Comte, 185A = 3575.152 

Wilkins, Thomas, C.E. 

How to apply for a British patent under the 
patents act 1883. London, 1884. 

Patent Room 

Useful and Industrial 


Abbott, Henry G. 

Antique watches and how to establish their 
age. Brief biographical sketches of the 
celebrated watchmakers of the world, and 
a directory of over 6000 names of watch 
and clock makers who were in business 
prior to 1850. Chicago. [1897.] IHus. 

Bates, Helen Page. 
Australian experiments in industry. Phila., 
1898. 21 pp. 5657.76 

Dicksee, Lawrence Robert. 
Auditing: a practical manual. 2d edition. 
London, i8i95. 3654-49 

Domestic echoes, The. A careful collection of 
tried and approved recipes by the mem- 
bers and friends of the Ladies' auxiliary 
and King's daughters of the W. F. M. S. 
of Third St. M. E. church, Columbus, 
Ohio. Columbus, 1897. = 8008.74 

Duluth home cook book, The. Duluth. 1895. 


Farman. D. 

A B C du conducteur d'automobiles. Paris, 

1898. Illus. 8017.21 1 

Les automobiles. 2e Edition. Paris, 1898. 

nius. 8017.210 

Fowler, Charles Evan. 

The coffer-dam process for piers. N. Y., 

i8q8. Illus. 4013.36 

Friends' cook book. Norwalk, 1898. Pis. = 

Gavctty, J. W. 
The motorman's guide. Chicago, T898. Pis. 

3969a. T64 
Gibbs. William E. 
Lighting by acetylene. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 


Iron and steel. [Weeklv.] Formerly Chicaflro 

journal of commerce. Vol. 72. Chicaaro, 

i8q8. Illus. *40i3.203 

Cmrent numbert are in the Periodical Room. 


Kerr, Richard. 
Wireless telegraphy popularly explained. 
N. Y., 1898. Illus. • 7969.82 

Rorer, Sarah Tyson. 

Good cooking. Phila. [1898.] 8oo9a.25 

Taylor, Thomas W. 

Prismoidal formulae and earthwork. N. Y., 

1898. 394471 

Webber, Frederick C. 

Carpentry & joinery. London, 1898. Illus. 

World's Columbian exposition. Woman's 
Art and handicraft in the Woman's build- 
ing. Edited by Maude Howe Elliott. 
Paris, 1893. Illus. ♦4020a. 103 

Agriculture. Domestic Animals. 

Halle, Ernst L. von. 
Baumwollproduktion und Pflanzungswirt- 
schaft in den nordamerikanischen Siid- 
staaten. T. i. Leipzig, 1897. *5644.2i.i5 
James, Robert Kent. 
The Angora cat. How to breed, train and 
keep it. Boston, 1898. Pis. 6006.104 

Mascall, Leonard. 
A booke of the arte and maner how to plant 
and graffe all sortes of trees, how to set 
stones, and sowe pepins . . . VVith diuers 
other newe practises, by one of the Abbey 
of Saint Vincent in France, practised with 
his owne handes ... set forth and Eng- 
lished by Leonard Mascall. London, 
1575. Illus. = **G.4o6.5 

Tweedie, Ethel B. 
Danish versus English butter making. Lon- 
don, 1895. = 5999- 109 

Military and Naval Art, Science, 
and History. 

Album militaire de I'armee frangaise. 2e serie. 
Paris. [1898.] Col. pis. 4631.68 

Britannia triumphant: or, an account of the 
sea-fights and victories of the English na- 
tion, down to the conclusion of the late 
war. By a society of naval gentlemen. 
New edition. London, 1777. Portrs. 

Chiricahua Indians. 
Outline map of the field of operations 
against hostile Chiricahua Indians . . . 
April 1 2th, 1886 to . . . September 4th, 
1886. Compiled by direction of Brigadier 
General Nelson A. Miles. [ ? 188-.] 

Scale, 10 miles to i inch. = 

No. I in *Map 113.6 
Couch, Arthur Thomas Quiller-. 
The story of the sea. London, 1898. 2 v. 
Illus. 5950a. 12 

Gibbs, Frederick, T. M. 
The illustrated guide to the royal navy and 
foreign navies. London, 1896. *3950-33 
P., A. V. 
Military wrinkles: some useful hints to 
soldiers of the regular and auxiliary 
forces. London. [18-?] 39 pp. 

5959a. 103 


Stockton, Frank Richard. 
Buccaneers and pirates of our coasts. N. Y., 
1898. Pis. 4317.135 

Werner, Bartholomaus von. 
Deutsches Kriegsschiffsleben und Seefahre- 
kunst. Leipzig, 1891. Illus. Map. 

T^. T^ r . , ^ 3953.87 

Die Kampfmittel zur See. Leipzig, 1892. 

Il^us. 3953.84 

White, William Henry. 

A manual of naval architecture for the use 

of officers of the Royal navy, etc. 3d 

edition. London, 1894. 5952.97 

Amusements. Games. 


Austin, Henry, of the Boston bar. 
American game and fish laws. Boston, 
1898. = 4009.220 

Kemp, Dixon. 
An exposition of yacht racing rules. Lon- 
don, 1898. 3959a. 148 
Manners, Henry John Brinsley, marquis of 
The trout. London, 1898. Illus. 4006.140 
Mott, Mrs. Hamilton, 'editor. 
Home games and parties. Phila. [1898.] 

4009a. I 

Newj^ll, James Torrington. 

Hog hunting in the east and other sports. 

London, 1867. Illus. 4005.72 

Ranjitsinhji, Kumar Shri. 

The jubilee book of cricket. 6th edition. 

Edinburgh, 1898. Portrs. 4005.140 


In English. 

Barlow, Jane. 

A creel of Irish stories. N. Y., 1898. 56.205 
Baskett, James Newton. 

"At you-all's house." A Missouri story. 
N. Y., 1898. 67.220 

Bates, Arlo. 

The Puritans. Boston, 1898. 67.227 

Bayly, Ada Ellen. (Edna Lyall.) 

Hope the hermit. N. Y., 1898. 56.206 

England. Revolution of 1688. 

Bellamy, Edward. 
The blindman's world and other stories. 
Boston, 1898. 67.239 

Chetwode. R. D. 
John of Strathbourne. A romance of the 
days of Francis i. N. Y., 1898. 56.197 
Davis, Richard Harding. 

The king's jackal. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 67.214 
Dawe, Carlton. 

A bride of Japan. Chicago, 1898. 56.196 
Dorr, Julia Caroline -Ripley. 
In king's houses. A romance of the days 
of Queen Anne. Boston. 1808. Pis. 



Dumas, Alexandre Davy. 
Agenor de Mauleon. Boston, 1898. 2 v. 
rls. io67u|6 

Spain, 1361. Translated also under the following 
titles, The half-brothers; or, the head and tiie 
hand [1067.45], The bastard knight. The bastard 
of Mauleon, Demaul^on, and The iron hand; or, 
the knight of Maul6on. 

Dunbar, Paul Laurence. 

The uncalled. N. Y., 1898. 67.233 

Frederic, Harold. 

The deserter and other stories. A book of 

two wars. Boston. [1808J Pis. 67.226 

United States, Civil war, and England, the Wars 

of the Roses. 

French. Alice. (Octave Thanet) 

The heart of toil. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 67.237 
Fuller, Anna. 
One of the pilgrims. A bank story. N. Y., 
1898. 67.23s 

Gras, Felix. 
The Terror: a romance of the French revo- 
lution. Translated from the Provencal by 
Catharine A. Janvier. N. Y., 1898. 

Howells, William Dean. 

The story of a play. N. Y., 1898. 67.222 
James, Henry, jr. 

In the cage. Chicago, 1898. 67.232 

Janvier, Thomas Allibone. 

In the Sargasso sea. N. Y.. 1898. 67.218 
Jerome, Jerome Klapka. 
Second thoughts of an idle fellow. N. Y., 
1898. 56.210 

Johnston, Mary. 

Prisoners of hope. A tale of Colonial Vir- 
ginia. Boston, 1898. Pis. 67.234 
J6kai, M6r. 

*Midst the wild Carpathians. Translated 
from the Hungarian by R. Nisbet Bain. 
Boston, 1898. Pis. 1026.11 

Kipling, Rudyard. 

The dav's work. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 56.204 
Kirk, Ellen Olney. 
A revolutionary love-story, and The high 
steeple of St. Chrysostom's. Chicago, 
1898. 67.213 

Lothrop, Harriet Mulford. (Margaret Sid- 
A little maid of Concord town. A romance 
of the American revolution. Boston, 18^ 
Pis. 67.224 

Mackie, Pauline Bradford. 

Ye lyttle Salem maide. Boston, 1898. 67.223 

Marshall, Emma. 

The young queen of hearts. A story of the 

princess Elizabeth and her brother Henry, 

prince of Wales. N. Y., 1898. 56.202 

Mathew, Frank. 

The Spanish wine. London, 1898. 56.201 
Merriman, Henry Seton. 

Roden's corner. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 56.211 

Mitchell, Silas Weir. 

The adventures of Fran<;ois, foundling, 

chief, juggler, and fencing master during 

the French revolution. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 

Montr^sor, F. F. 
Into the highways and hedges. N. Y., 1897. 

Norris, William Edward. 

The widower. N. Y., 1898. 56.208 

Page, Thomas Nelson. 
Pastime stories. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 67.225 



Peattie, Elia Wilkinson. 
The shape of fear and other ghostly tales. 
N. Y..1898. 67.230 

Reed, Helen Leah. 
Miss Theodora. A West End story. Boston, 
1898. IIlus. 67.216 

Rhoscomyl, Owen. 
The lady of Castell March. N. Y., 1898. 


Wmles, time of the Tudors. 
Richardson, Charles Francis. 
The end of the beginning. Boston, 1898. 

Russell, William Clark. 
The romance of a midshipman. N. Y., 
1898. 56.209 

Stephens, Robert Nelson. 

The continental dragoon, a love story of 

Philipse manor-house in 1778. Boston, 

1898. Illus. 67.212 

Stories by foreign authors. German. N. Y., 

1898. 2 V. 1024.42 

Stones by foreign authors. Italian. N. Y., 

1898. 105925 

Stories by foreign authors. Russian. N. Y., 

1898. 1108.35 

Stories by foreign authors. Scandinavian. 

N. Y., 1898. 1027.20 

Stories by foreign authors. Spanish. N. Y., 

1898. 1097.36 

Tales from "Blackwood." New series. No. 8. 

Edinburgh. [1879.] 87.20 

Trumbull, Annie Eliot. 

A Cape Cod week. N. Y., 1898. 67.221 
Walford, Lucy Bethiah. 

Lcddy Marget. N. Y., 1898. 56.203 

Ward, Mary Augusta. (Mrs. Humphry Ward.) 

Helbeck of Bannisdale. N. Y., 1898. 2 v. 

White, Eliza Ome. 

A lover of truth. Boston, 1898. 67.228 
Yechton, Barbara. 

A lovable crank; or, more leaves from the 
roses. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 67.238 

In French. 

Daudet, Leon A. 

L'astre noir. Paris, 1893. 6698.62 

Haeres. Histoire a un jeune homme. Paris, 

1893. 6699.109 

Les "Kamtchatka." Moeurs contemporaines. 

Paris, 1895. 6698.52 

Les Morticoles. Paris, 1896. 6698.75 

Fabre, Ferdinand. 

Lucifer. Paris, 1891. 2677.196 

Grousset, Paschal. (Andr^ Laurie.) 
La vie de college en Angleterre. 9e Edition. 
Paris. [1898?] Illus. 2668.157 

In German. 

Fuerst, Rudolf, editor. 
Deutsche Erzaehler des achtzehnten Jahr- 
hunderts. Leipzig, 1897. 289ob.5o.66-69 


Rosegger, Petri Kettenfeier. 
Das ewig Weibliche. Die Konigssucher. 
Stuttgart. [1898.] Illus. 2899a.85 

In Italian. 

Martini, Ferdinando. 
Racconti. Milano, 1888. 2778-49 

Associations. Clubs. 

Brownell, John H., editor. 
Gems from the quarry and sparks from the 
gavel. Detroit, 1893. 2 v. 100 portrs. 

Extract from speeches, etc of freemasons. 

Buck, Jirah D. 
Mystic masonry, or the symbols of free- 
masonry and the greater mysteries of an- 
tiquity. 2d edition. Cincinnati, 1897. Pis. 

Bunker Hill boys' club, Charlestown, Mass. 
Annual report ist-4th, 1893/94-96/97. 
[Charlestown, 1893-97.] = *5579i45 

An informal report of the work done by the 
club during the year ending March 10, 
1894. [Charlestown, 1894.] *5579-i46 

Summer work for boys. [Charlestown.]" 
1898. = *5579.i47 

Chamber of commerce of Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Year book and directory. 1898. [Pitts- 
burgh.] 1898. = ♦3652.86 
Colorado midland railroad company. 
Reorganization. Circular, plan and agree- 
ment of bondholders. N. Y., 1897. 24 pp. 

= 7658.149 

Freemasonry, Colorado. 
Souvenir. Dedication of the masonic 
temple, Denver, July 3, 1890. Denver, 
1890. 96, (i) pp. = 7564.18 

Master bakers' association of Massachusetts. 
Constitution, by-laws and list of members. 
1893. Boston. [1893?] = ♦8008.53 

Noyes, Isaac Pitman. 
Philosophy of the Royal arch. [Washing- 
ton? 1898.] 9 pp. = 7565.66 
Phi Delta Phi. 
Catalogue. 7th edition. Edited by G. A. 
Katzenberger. Ann Arbor, 1898. = 

Philadelphia bourse. 
Annual report, 6th, 7th. [Phila., 1897, 98.] 
= ^5653.45 

Society of naval architects and marine en- 
Names and addresses, January ist, 1898. 
[N. Y.] 1898. 40 pp. = 7959.80 

Vancouver board of trade. 
Report, 1897/98. Vancouver. [1898.I 
Maps. = *3657.46 

West Roxbury citizens* association. 
By-laws and list of members. Boston, 1897. 
14 pp. = 4'<59a.i56 

22 January 

Catholic world. 
T^ • J • 1 A 1 Index. Vol. 1-63. [N. Y., 1897.] Per. Room 

JreriOalCalS. Annuals. independent, The. [WceWy.] Vol. so. July 

J I 7. 1898. N. Y., 1898. *7220.47 

I nHf^Y^C From this date the Independent will appear as 

1 llLiCAC:>. a weekly magazine." 

Zeitschrift ftir christliche Kunst General- 
Athenseum, The. Register zum i.-io. Jahrg. Bearbeitet von 

Seventieth birthday. London. [1898.I (i), J. Roesberg. Dtisseldorf, 1898. 40 pp. 

24 pp. = 0196.88 ^4071.261 



United States. 


Catalogue of the public documents of the 
54th Congress, ist session, and of all de- 
partments of the Government ... for the 
period from July i, 1895 to June 30, 1896. 
Washington, 1898. = ♦C. 

Index to the subjects of the documents and 
reports, and to the committees, senators, 
and representatives presenting them. 54th 
Congress, 1st Session, December 2, 1895- 
June II, 1896. Washington, 1897. = *C. 
Handbook of the Industrial commission, 
act, members, officers and committees. 
Washington, 1898. = 93310973 

Laws relating to street-railway franchises in 
the District of Columbia. (Including 
street-railway laws enacted during the ist 
session of the S4th Congress.) Wash- 
ington, 1896. 201 pp. = *C.3428 
Message of the President [Wm. McKinley], 
communicated to Congress at the opening 
of the third session of the fifty-fifth Con- 
gress. Washington, 1898. = 
Agriculture, Department of. 
Division of biological survey. 
Beal and Judd. 
Cuckoos and shrikes in their relation to 
agriculture: The food of cuckoos, by 
F. E. L. Beal; The food of shrikes, by 
Sylvester D. Judd. Washington, 1898. 
26 pp. Illus. = *5904.S0.9 
Merriam. Clinton Hart. 
Life zones and crop zones of the United 
States. Washington, 1898. 79 pp. Map. 
= * 
Plumb, Charles Sumner. 
The geographic distribution of cereals 
in North America. Washington, 1898. 
24 pp. Maps. = * 
Elwell, Ervin Edgar. 
The fertilizing value of street sweep- 
ings. Washington, 1898. 19 pp. = 

Wedderburn, Alexander J. 
Report on the extent and character of 
food and drug adulteration. Washing- 
ton, 1804. 64 pp. = *590i. 72.41 
Wiley. Harvey Washington, and others. 
Chemical composition of the carcasses 
of pigs. By H. W. Wilev, with the col- 
laboration of E. E. Ewell, W. H. Krug. 
T. C. Trescot, and others. Washington, 
1898. 80 pp. = *599i. 72.53 

Sweet cassava: its culture, properties, 
and uses. Washington, 1894. 16 pp. = 

Forestry division. 
Coville, Frederick Vernon. 
Forest growth and sheep grazing in the 
cascade mountains of Oregon. Wash- 
ington, 1898. 54 pp. = *5843.25.i5 
Keffer, Charles Albert. 
Experimental tree planting in the plains. 
Washington, 1898. 94 pp. Pis. = 

Simpson, John M. 

Osier culture. Washington, 1898. 27 
pp. = ^5843.25. 19 

Weather bureau. 
Rainfall of the United States, with annual, 
seasonal and other charts. By Alfred J. 
Henry. Washington, 1897. 58 pp. Maps. 
Charts. = S96oa.55 

Coast survey. 
Observations on certain harbor and river 
improvements, collected on a voyage from 
Hong-Kong, via Suez, to New York. [By 
George Davidson.] Washington, 1877. 
22 pp. = 594oa.25 

Education bureau. 
Bush, George Gary. 
History of education in New Hampshire. 
Washington, 1898. 170 pp. = 
RM- . *„ *7S96.S9(i898) 

Bibliography, pp. 169, 17a 
Fay, Edwin Whitfield. 
History of education in Louisiana. Wash- 
ington, 1898. 264 pp. = *7596.59(i898) 

Bibliography, p. 264. 

Geological survey. 

Extracts from the 19th annual report on the 

mineral resources of the United States, 

1897. Washington, 1898. = 9549.973 

Namely: — Parker, Edward Wheeler: Antimony, 
Abrasive materials, Abestos and Graphite, As- 
phaltum, Coal, Coke, Fluorspar and Mica, Gyp- 
sum, Mineral Paints and Barytes, Salt, Soap- 
stone, Sulphur and Pyrites. Middleton, Jeffer* 
son: Clay working industries. Swank, James M.: 
American and foreign iron trade. Ries, Hein* 
rich: Kaolin and Fire clays of Europe, and Clay 
working industry of the United States. Birk- 
enbine, John: Manganese ores. Kunz, George 
F. : Precious stones. Day, William C. : Stone in- 
dustry. Day, David Talbot: Platinum. Kirch- 
hoff, Charles: Copper, Lead and Zinc. [Division 
of survey]: Aluminum, Gold and Silver, Nickel 
and Cobalt, Quicksilver. 

The gold and coal fields of Alaska, together 
with the principal steamer routes and 
trails. [Map.] [Washington.] 1898. = 


Same. (In U. S. Geological survey. Map 
of Alaska . . . with descriptive text. Wash- 
ington, 1898.) 4367.171 
Interior department. 
Report of the Secretary of the Interior for 
the year 1898. Washington, 1898. = 
Interstate commerce commission. 
Preliminary report of the income account 
of railways, ifi^. = 93859732 
Labor department. 
Work and wages of men, women, and chil- 
dren. Washington, 1897. 671 pp. [nth 
Annual report.] = *3576.36.ii 
Navy department. 
Hydrographic office. 
West Indies. North coast of Cuba. Port 
Matanzas from a Spanish survey in 1892. 
[Map.] Washington, 1898. Scale (com- 
puted), 1778 feet to I inch. 

No. 23 in ♦Map 129.3 

State, Department of. 

United States Consular reports. Current 
daily issues. = 
Treasurv department. 

Annual report of the Secretary of the 
Treasury [Lyman J. Gage] on the state of 
the finances for the year 1898. Washing- 
ton, 1898. = 

Bureau of statistics. ^ . tt r» 

Comparison based upon tariff bill, H. R. 
37Q (5sth Congress, ist session), with rates 
of duties, estimated ad valorem equivalents 
[etc.] ; with imported merchandise entered 
for consumption in 1893 and 1896. Wash- 
ington, 1897. = ♦56403.71 
Statement of the condition of the United 
States Treasury and the receipts and ex- 
penditures of the government. Current 
daily issues. = 

Summary of commerce and finance of the 
United States. October, 1898. = 
Synopsis of decisions. Current weekly 
issues. = 
War department. 

Commissary general of subsistence. 
Manual for army cooks. Washington, 
1896. = ^80093.20 

Separate States. 

Secretary of state. 
Report for Jan. i, 1895-Dec. 31. 1896. 
Tallahassee, 1896. = ^6408.74 

Census of the Commonwealth of Massachu- 
setts. 1895. Population and social statis- 
tics, vol. Ill, pp. 1-290. Boston, 1898. = 

Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachu- 
setts relating to political committees, cau- 
cuses, conventions, and the nomination of 
candidates. Prepared by Richard L. Gay. 
Boston, 1898. = 9324.744 

Public Documents, 1897. Boston, 1898. = 

♦6417. 1 

I. State officers: Secretly. Trcwtirer, Auditor. 
Attorney-General. xx. Taxation, Corporations, 
County accounts, Arbitration, Assessed polls. 


Public records, xxi. Lunacy and Charity insti- 
tutions. XV. Board of health; Registration in 
medicine, v. Railroad commissioners. Ti. Sav- 
ings banks commissioners, vxx. Insurance eom- 
missioners. vixx. Education, Libraries, xx. Agri- 
culture, Cattle commissioners, Dsiry bureau, z. 
Police, Prisons, Military, zx. Registration, Labor 
statistics. Manufactures, Gas commissioners, zix. 
Miscellaneous. [Contested elections. Fisheries, 
Harbors, Metropolitan Park, Civil service. High- 
ways, Metropolitan water board and Sewerage 

Commission on charitable and reformatory 
interests and institutions. 
Present system of public charity in Massa- 
chusetts, and changes recommended by 
the Commission . . . Boston, 1897. ap 
pp. = 557^152 

Barre, Mass. Selectmen. 
Reports on highways, 1891/92. Barre. 1892. 

7 pp. = *0347.73 

Hyde Park, Mass. Park commission. 

Report, [ist]. Hyde Park, 1892. = *4456.i5i 
New York, state. 
New York harbor commission. 
Reports, 1856, 57. Republished by order 
of the Chamber of commerce . . . N. Y., 
1864. Map. Charts. Diagrams. = 

Regents of the University of the state of 
New York. University extension de- 
Circular. No. I, 4, 20. [Albany, 1891. 92.] 
= *3596.i57 

General assembly. 
Report of the joint committee on educa- 
tion and common schools fo" t^c Univer- 
sity of Nashville and Peabody normal 
college.] [Nashville, 1897.] 3i PP- = 

359Q. 177 


Bulletin international des douanes. Nos. i- 
151. Brussels, 1892-1898. = 9336.2605 
Australia, British Victoria. 
Report of the commissioner of railways, tor 
the year ending 30th June, 1898. Mel- 
bourne, 1898. = 9385.994s 
Insurance department . 
Report of the superintendent of insurance 
of the Dominion of Canada for the year 
ending 31 December 1897. OtUwa, 1898. 
= 9368.971 
Department of the interior. Survcyor- 
general's office. 
Yukon map. Ottawa, 1898. 10 sheets. 
Size of each, 2&H x 21H inches. Scale, 
6 miles to i inch. = No. 19 in ♦Map 1195 
Department of marine and fisheries. 
Reports of the Harbour commissioners 
for Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Three 
Rivers, Belleville, North Sydney and Pic- 
tou, with statement of wrecks and casual- 
ties to 31 December, 1897. Ottawa, 1898. 
= 9387.971 
Department of railways and canals. 
Annual report for the fiscal year 1896/97. 
Ottawa, 1898. = *7034.24 


Great Britain. 
Reports received from Mr. T. Worthington 
upon the conditions and prospects of 
British trade in the Argentine Republic 
and Chile. London, 1898. 9382.82 

India, British. 
Review of the Trade of India in 1897-98. 
By J. A. Robertson. Simla, 1898. = 
Ministero di agricoltura, industria e com- 
mercio. Direzione generale della sta- 
Statistica dell' istruzione superiore. Anni 
scolastici 1893/4 e 1894/5. Roma, 1896. = 


Ministerio de fomento. Direcci6n general 

de estadistica. Censo general de 1895. 


Censo del estado de Guanajuato. Mexico, 
1897. = *43ioa.222 


Resolutions concerning the purchase and 
coinage of silver, passed by the Hartford 
board of trade, January, 1893. Hartford, 
1893. = 9332.41- 

Wheeler, Gerald John. 

Foreign enlistment act, 1870, 33 & 34 Vict 
c. 90., with notes of the leading cases on 
this and the American act. Part i, The 
British act. Part 2, The American act 
and notes of cases on the acts. London, 
1896. 7613.14 

Arthur Mason Knapp. 
1 839-1 898. 

On Tuesday, Dec. 27, 1898. died Arthur 
Mason Knapp, Custodian of Bates Hall in the 
Boston Public Library. 

He was bom at St. Johnsbury, Vermont, 
August 3, 1839, the son of Hiram Knapp and 
Sophronia Brown. During his boyhood the 
family removed to Boston, where he fitted for 
college at the Boston Latin School. He 
was graduated as the first scholar in his class, 
and entered Harvard College as a member of 
the class of 1863. He held from Harvard the 
degree of A.M. as well as that of A.B. 

After teaching for some years in Phillips 
Academy, Andover, in the Boston Latin 
School, and in the Brookline High School, 
he entered the service of the Library January 
23, 1875. His first appointment was to the 
charge of the special collections of the Library; 
from 1878 until his death he held the position 
of Custodian of Bates Hall. 

His knowledge of Shakespeariana and of 
F.lizabethan literature was of great value in 
the preparation of the catalogue of the Barton 
collection. In his position in charge of the 
main reference department of the Library, his 
special knowledge of the subject of genealogy 
and local history, as well as a thorough gen- 
eral knowledge of the resources of the Library 
on all subiects, was of the greatest service to 
an immense constituency of readers. To the 
value of this service, rendered with exact con- 
scientiousness and singleness of purpose in its 
relation to his colleagues, and with assiduity 
and personal interest towards the readers and 
students who came to him for assistance, the 
warm appreciation of all those with whom he 
came in contact bears witness. 





(Pounded in 1836 by John Lowell, Jr., and Established in 1839.) 

The Trustee of the Lowell Institute under the will of John Lowell, Jr., 
maintains annually in the city of Boston various Courses of Free Public Lec- 
tures. For the sixtieth season (1898-99) four distinct Series are provided, 
to all of which Admission is Free, but only by ticket and under certain con- 
ditions. A Prospectus may be obtained by sending to the Curator of the 
Lowell Institute, 491 Boylston St., Boston, a stamped, addressed envelope. 
Further information in regard to the several Series of Lectures is given below. 

Augustus Lowell, Trustee, 

I. LECTURES IN HUNTINGTON HALL. Under the auspices of the Massachusetts 

Institute of Technology. 

The Seventh Coukse will be eight lectures Twenty Courses of lectures on various 
by "William Ralph Emerson, Esq., on The literary, scientific and technical subjects will 
Old Colonial Buildeks. On Mondays and be given during the present season by Pro- 
Thursdays at 7.45 P.M., beginning Jan. 2. l^^^J*^^ '" *^^ Massachusetts Institute of 

The Eighth Course will be six lectures by Technology. A special circular giving full 
Professor T. J. J. See, Ph.D. (Beriin), Fellow Particulars, with instructions for securing 
of the Royal Astronomical Society, Mitglied ^'^^^^A T^Hr-c!^ obtained by sending a 
der Astronomischen Gesellschaft, etc., on W Tvlir SefretL Y^^^^^^ 
Sidereal ASTRONOMV. pn Tuesdays and Fri- ffass'^feSe'of'^^^^^^^ 

^^The' N^NTH^'c^^^^^^^ lectures ,, I"- LECTURES FOR TEACHERS, 

by Thomas Dwight, M.D., LL.D., Parkman Under the auspices of the Boston Society of 

Professor of Anatomy in Harvard University, Natural History. 

on The Significance of Variations of the Special Lectures on scientific subjects, 

Human Body. On Tuesdays and Fridays at for teachers will be given during the winter 

T-^i: p M beirinninir Tan 24. V *25 Lowell Institute, under the auspices of 

^■THTfE*^H C^HSE wi^be six experimental S^^^VT ^th'Tnslctir'h?'^'?.^- ''"" 
- , T 'k.t r» ri. T T T\ -D particulars, witn instructions now to secure 

lectures by James Mason Crafts, LL.D., Presi- tickets, may be obtained by sending a 

dent of the Massachusetts Institute of Tech- stamped, addressed envelope to the Teachers' 

nology. Member of the National Academy of School of Science, Lowell Lectures, Boston 

Sciences, etc., on Lamp, Candle and Gas Society of Natural History, Boston. 
Lighting. On Mondays and Thursdays at jy. LECTURES FOR WORKINGMEN 

^•Tr^'^;™''3 /t^T^',.. in Wnntincxtnn ^"^^^ *^^ *"^P>^^^ ^^ '^^ ^^"« Memorial 

Tickets for the Lectures in Huntington Institute 

L Hall may be obtained Free (by adults) at the ^ Series of lectures on subjects of prac- 

\ Cadets Armory: for Mr. Emerson s Course ^ical importance to workingmen will be given 

WonSaturday, Dec. 3i,at I0A.M.; for Professor by the Lowell Institute during the present 

■ See*s Course, on the same day at 12 o'clock, winter under the auspices of the Wells Memo- 

■ noon; for Professor Dwight's Course on rial Institute, 987 Washington St. Full par- 

■ Saturday, Jan. 21, at 10 A.M., and for President ticulars may be obtained by sending a 
f CrafU's Course, on Saturday, Jan. 28, at 10 a.m. stamped, addressed envelope to the Secretary, 
I Lowell Free Lectures, Wells Memorial Insti- 
I W. T. Sedgwick, Curaior. tute, 987 Washington St., Boston. 



The Central Library. 

Plan of Boston, drawn by Chevalier Daox in 
1692. In Bulletin no. 95. 

Catalogues of Special Collections. 

Barton Library. Catalogue (complete). $5.00 

Part I. Shakespeare Collection. 3.00 

Part 2. Miscellaneous. 3.00 

Chamberlain Collection of Autographs. Brief 
description, with portrait 

John A. Lewis Library of Early New England 

Books. Catalogue. In Bulletin no. ^ 
Prince Library. Catalogue. $1.00 

Thayer Library. Catalogue. In Bulletin no. 


Galatea Collection. Catalogue. 

Annual List of new books, 1896-97. 

.05; by mail, .15 
Annual reports. Free; by mail, .07 

Handbook for Readers, 1890. .10; by mail, .17 
Monthly Bulletin. 

Free upon application; by mail, .03 
Quarterly Bulletins. 5 cts. a number; by mail, 
.10. Nos. 1-3, 10, ia-28. 35, 36, 46. 47, 52. 54- 

.10; by mail, .18 
— Supplement. 1893-1897. .05; by mail. .08 
Periodicals. Newspapers. Transactions, and 
other Serial Publications currently received 
in the Principal Libraries of Boston and 
Vicinity. Publ. 1897. .25; by mail, .33 

Selected List for Younger Readers. 3d ed. 
1898. .01; by mail. .03 

Chronological Index to Historical Fiction. 
3d ed. In Bulletin from Jan., 1892 to Jan., 
1896. (When finished to be issued as a 
separate work.) 
Bates Hall Index. Supplement of 1866 (in- 
cluding Parker Collection). Unbound. $1.00 
Books in raised type for the Blind. List. .50 
French Fiction. .10; by mail. .13 

History, Biography, and Travel. 3d ed., i8g«. 

'25; by mail, .42 
Russian works in the Library. .05 

A List of Books on Social Reform. 

.05; by mail, 09 

Electric Telegraph and Telephone. In Bul- 
letin no. 92. 
Electricity and Magnetism. In Bulletin no. 88. 
Memoranda of Lieut. Col. Eld, 1779 and 1780. 

Original Letters of Earl Percy, 1774-1778. 

In Bulletin no. 87. 
Memorandums made in a tour to the Eastern 

States, 1797, by Robert Gilmor. In Bulletin 

no. 88. 
Notes on some writing which may be by 

Shakespeare in the Library. In Bulletin 

no. 79. 
Spanish and Portuguese Books not restricted 

to "Hall use." In Bulletin no. 84. 


Chart of Boston Harbor, in color, made by 

order of Andros. In Bulletin no. 92. 
First Draft of the Freemen's oath. In Bul- 
letin no. 97. 
Five Broadsides of the Boston Committee of 

Correspondence, 1773, 74. In Bulletin no. 93. 
Five Revolutionary Broadsides. In Bulletin 

no. 90. 
Four Broadsides relating to the Amencan 

Colonies, 1696, 1697, 1774, 1775. In Bulletin 

no. 94. 
Latin Version of 1493 of the First Letter of 

Columbus on the Discovery of America, 

with a new Translation. 
List of Passengers in the Speedwell, 1656. In 

Bulletin no. 96. 
Petition of the Handycraftsmen of Boston, 

i^7> against the Intrusion of Strangers. In 

Bulletin no. 95. 

The PnUic Librvy of the Citj of 

.15; by mail, .18 

Subject Catalogues. 

Reprinted from the Public C^d Catalogue. 

No. I. Annuals. In Bulletin no. 94. 

No. 2. Egypt In Bulletin no. 94. 

No. 3. Alps. In Bulletin no. 95. 

No. 4. Steam Engines. In Bulletin no. 95. 

No. 5. Works relating to the Blind. In Bul- 
letin no. ^5. 

No. 6. Africa. In Bulletin no. 95. 

No. 7. Arctic Regions. In Bulletin no. 96. 

No. 8. Health and Hygiene. In Bulletin no. 

No. 9. Tracts of the Time of Charies i., and 
English Commonwealth. In Bulletin no. 90. 

No. 10. Architecture. Construction, Decora- 
tion. .25; by mail, .33 

No. II. Roads. In Bulletin no. 99. 

No. 12. Corea. Japan, China. In Bulletin no. 99. 

No. 13. Cjoethe. In Bulletin no. loa 

Special Bibliographies. 

No. I. Franklin Bibliography. 

No. 2. List of Spanish Grammars. 

No. 4. Maps in the Publications of the Geo- 
logical Society. 

No. 5. Bibliography of Special Subjects. Also 
in Bulletin no 80, and in Handbook, 9th ed. 

No. 6. Bibliography of the Official Publica- 
tions of the Continental Congress, 1774-89. 

No. 7. Catalogue of Family Histories. 

No. 8. Higher Education of Women. 

.15; by mail, .18 

A List of Books on Social Reform. 

.05: by mail. .08 

Other Publications. 

Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, 162^ 
1818. By T. B. Wyman. 2 v. ^.00 

Journal of the Quebec Expedition, 1775; Jour- 
nals, 1776 to 1783, By Henry Dearborn. 

each, .75 

Map of Old Boston, compiled from the Book 
of Possessions. By George Lamb. 


Finding lists. Free upon application. 

West End Finding List (and Supplement), .xo 

Boston: Printiiic Department 







Vol. IV, No. 2. 
February, 1 899. 




%--- -. 



SOLOMON LINCOLN, Vice-President 



herbert putnam. 

Central Library, Copley Square. 

Branch Libraries. 

Brighton Branch, Holton Library Roxbury Branch, 46 Millmont St 
Building, Rockland St. South Boston Branch, 372 Broadway. 

Charlestown Branch, City Square. South End Branch, English High 

Dorchester Branch, Arcadia, cor. School Building, Montgomery St. 
Adams St. West End Branch, Cambridge, cor. 

East Boston Branch, 37 Meridian St. Lynde St. 

Jamaica Plain Branch, Curtis Hall, West Roxbury Branch, Centre, near 
Centre St. Mt. Vernon St. 

Delivery Stations. 

Station A. Lower Mills Reading Station L. North Brighton Reading 
Room, Washington, near River Room, 56 Market St 

St. Station M. Crescent Avenue Delivery 

Station B. Roslindale Delivery Sta- Station, 940 Dorchester Ave- 

tion, 25 Poplar St. Station N. Blue Hill Avenue Deliv- 

Station D. Mattapan Reading Room, ery Station, 200 Blue Hill Ave. 

River, cor. Oakland St. Station P. Broadway Extension Read- 
Station E. Neponset Delivery Sta- ing Room. 13 Broadway Exten- 
tion, 49 Walnut St. sion. 

Station F. Mount Bowdoin Reading Station Q. Upham's Comer Delivery 
Room, Washington, cor. Eldon St. Station, 756 Dudley St 

Station G. Allston Delivery Station. Station R. Warren Street Delivery 
14 Franklin St. Station, 329 Warren St 

Station H. Ashmont Delivery Sta- Station S. Roxbury Crossing Dcliv- 
tion, 4 Talbot Ave. ery Station, 11 73 Tremont St 

Station J. Dorchester Station Deliv- Station T. Boylston Delivery Sta- 
ery Station, i Milton Ave. tion, Lamartine, cor. Paul Gore St 

Station K. Bird Street Delivery Sta- Station U. Ward Nine Delivery Sta- 
tion, 6 Wayland St. tion, 62 Union Park St 

Publifihed monthly by the Trustees of the Public Library of the City of Boston, Boston, M aatachiiMtU, at a 

subscription price of twenty-flye cents per annum. 





December 15 1898 to January^is ^899. 

■ ^>w • 

The fjnnbol = following the title of a work indicates that the work is a gift to the Library. 

Reference Books. 

Oark, Edward E. 

Boston blue book. Boston, 1899. Map. 

B, H. Ref. 564 S 
Clcgg, James, editor. 
The international directory of booksellers 
and bibliophile's manual, including lists of 
the public libraries of the world, [sth 
edition.] Rochdale, 1899. ^^6146.4 

Cornish, Francis Warre. 
A concise dictionary of Greek and Roman 
antiquities. London, 1898. IIlus. '^'4935.30 
Dole. Nathan Haskell. 
The mistakes we make. A practical manual 
of correction in history, language, and 
fact N. Y. [1898.] 2259a.70 

Ives, James T. B. 

Historical map. Showing the successive ac- 
quisitions of territory by the United 
States of America. [With explanatory 
text.] Phila, [1893?] Children's Room 
Jordcll, D. 

Repertoire bibliographique des principales 
revues frangaises pour Tan nee 1097. raris, 
1898. B. H. Ref. 881.4 

London in 1898. London, 1898. Pis. Map. 

B. H. Ref. 272.18 
Whitaker, Joseph. 

Whiiaker's naval and military directory 
1898. London, 1898. *652oa.32 

Genealogy. Heraldry. 

Bates, Samuel A. 
Soldiers who served in the Revolution from 
Braintree. So. Braintree, 1898. 25 pp. 

Deacon, Edward. 
The descent of the family of Deacon of El- 
ftowe and London, with sketches of allied 

families, including Reynes of Clifton and 
Meres of Kirton. Bridgeport, Conn., 

T^ ^^898. Portrs. Pis. = *4432.i40 

Dudley, Dean. 

Supplement to The history and genealogy 

of the Dudley family. [Wakefield.j 18^. 

Portrs. *4435.50.Suppl. 

Emmet. Thomas Addis, M.D., of New York. 

The Emmet family. N. Y., 1898. Portrs. 
Pis. =' *4430a.25 

Esteban y Diaz, Wenceslao. 

Arbol genealogico cronologico-historico de 
los soberanos de Espaiia. Toledo, 1898. 
2 V. in I. 30903.71 

Examen critico, programa y notas del Arbol 

genealogico-cronologico-historico de los 

soberanos de Espaiia. Toledo, iS86. Text; 

Atlas. 309oa.70 

Fuller, Daniel. 1 740-1829. 

Diary. With his account of his family & 
other matters. Written at Gloucester, in 
Massachusetts, circa 1775, & edited by 
Daniel Fuller Appleton. N. Y., 1894. 49 
pp. Portr. = *4444.285 

Hapgood, Warren. 

The Hapgood family, descendants of Shad- 
rach, 1656-1898. New edition. Boston, 
1898. Portrs. Pis. = *4432.I42 

Peck, Thomas Bellows. 

The Bellows genealogy. Keene, 1898. 

Portrs. Pis. 4334.143 

Sons of the Revolution. Pennsylvania society. 

Decennial register. 1888-1898. Phila., 1898. 
Portrs. Map. = *44ioa.ii8 


Single Biographies. 

Baumann, Franz Ludwig. 
Der bayerische Geschichtsschrcibcr Karl 
Meichelbeck 1669-1734.. Miinchen, 1897. 
53 pp. = 4842.57 


Black, Margaret Noyes. 
Robert Louis Stevenson. N. Y. [1898.] 
[Famous Scots series.] 2549a. 15 

Brandes, Georg Morris Cohen. 
Ludwig Borne und Heinrich Heine. 2. Auf- 
lage. Leipzig, 1898. Portrs. 4849.40 

Colomb, Philip Howard. 
Memoirs of Admiral Sir Astley Cooper 
Key. London, 1898. Portr. 4545- 1 54 

Cravens, Frances. 
The story of Lincoln for children. Bloom- 
ington, 111., 1898. 4349a.39 

Dall, Caroline Wells Healey. 
In memoriam. Susan Wad den Turner. 
William Wadden Turner. Jane Wadden 
Turner. [Washington, 1898.] 19 pp. = 


Dupont, Paul, of the Universite de Lille. 

Un poete-philosophe au commencement du 

dix-huitieme siecle. Houdar de La Motte 

(1672-1731). Paris, 1898. 2641.142 

E6c<i^y fiaaiXuHf. The pourtraicture of His Sacred 

Majesty in his solitude and sufferings. 

[The Hague ?J 1648. 

No. 2 in **G.386.23=No. 2 in ♦*G.386.2S 

The second copy is not perfect. 

Same. [The Hague?] 1649. Portr. 

No. 2 in **G.386.24 
Fitz-Roy, Augustus Henry, 3d duke of Graf- 
Autobiography and political correspondence 
. . . Edited by Sir W. R. Anson. Lon- 
don, 1898. Portr. 4545.156 
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. 
Brief e an Frau Charlotte von Stein. Hrsg. 
von H. Ci Kellner. Leipzig. [1808.] 

Grand army of the republic. Department of 
New York. Lafayette post. 
A tribute of respect in memory of Com- 
mander R. W. Meade. Prepared by W. 
F. Brown. N. Y., 1898. 64 pp. Portrs. 
= 4349.186 

Hamilton, Sir Edward Walter, 

Mr. Gladstone. N. Y., 1898. 2546.177 

Hoche, Jules. 
Bismarck at home. Translated from the 
French by Th^rese Batbedat. London, 
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13 pp. Portr. Pis. = *4444.284 

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Resrale lectum miseriae: or, a kingly bed of 
miserie. In which is contained, a dreame: 
with an elegie upon the martyrdome of 
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[London?] 1649. 2 pis. **G.386.34 

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Marie Antoinette. Translation from the 
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1898. Portr, 2640a. 1 13 



ia. Africa. 

Ancient. Modem. 

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With the mounted infantry and the Masho- 
naland field force. 1896. London, i^ 
Illus. 3054.176 

Hutchinson, Henry Doveton. 
The campaign in Tirah. 1897-1898. An ac- 
count of the exposition against the 
Orakzais and Afridis under General Sir 
William Lockhart London, 1898. Portrs. 
Pis. Map. 3045176 

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Russian hosts and English guests in Central 
Asia. London, 1898. Illus. Portrs. 

^ 5046.172 

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New Zealand. London. [1898.] Map. 

45x9a. 141 

Robertson, Sir George Scott 

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1898. Pis. Portrs. Maps. 3042.230 

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With Kitchener to Khartum. 2d edition. 

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The story of South Africa. London. [1898.] 
Maps. [The story of the Empire series.] 



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Scutum regale, the royal buckler; or, vox 
lep^is, a lecture to traytors; who roost 
wickedlv murthered Charles the i. Lon- 
don, 1600. 2 pis. ♦*G.386.36 

Chalambert, Victor de. 
Histoire de la Ligue sous les r^gnes de 
Henri iii et Henri iv. Paris, i^. 


Charles i., of England. 
The Kings cabinet opened: or, certain 
packets of secret letters & papers, written 
with the kings own hand, and taken in 
his cabinet at Nasby-Field, June 14, 1645. 
London, 1645. (6), 56 pp. ♦*G.386j6 
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Illus. Map. 4755.34 

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La cour d'Espagne intime. Paris. [1898J 
Illus. Portrs. 3097. i( 

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£tude sur I'alliance de la France et de Caj 
tille au XI v« et au xv« si^cles. Paris, i^ _ 



Fisher, Payne. 
Veni; vidi; vici. The triumphs of the most 
excellent & illustrious, Oliver Cromwell, 
&c. Written originally in Latine, and 
faithfully done into iinglish heroicall 
verse, by T. M[anleyl. London, 1652. 

The nmning title is A gratulatory ode ol peacv. 

Great Britain. Royal commission on his- 
torical manuscripts. 
The manuscripts of J. J. Hope Johnstone, 
Esq., of Annandale. London, 1897. 

♦7090.50,15, Appendix 9 
Guerber, H« A. 

The story of the Enfi:lish. N. Y. [1898.] 
Illus. iPortrs. Maps. 4517.144 

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Killing is murder, and no mufder. London, 

1657. (8). 56 pp. **G.386.5i 

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Divers historicall discourses of the late 
popular insurrections in Great Britain, 
and Ireland, tending all, to the asserting 
of truth, in vindication of their majesties. 
Tome I. London. 1661. **G.386.38 

Mo more was published. 

Some sober inspections made into the car- 
riage and consults of the late Long-Par- 
liament. London, 1656. ♦♦G.386.47 
Hudson, William, and John Cottingham 
Tingey, compilers. 
Revised catalogue of the records of Nor- 
wich as arranged in the muniment room, 
in the Castle museum. Norwich. [1898.] 

^^2461. 1 14 
List, A, of the names of the Long parliament, 
anno 1640. Likewise of the parliament 
holden at Oxford. As also of the parlia- 
ments holden at Westmister in 1653. 1654. 
1656. London, 1659. 70 pp. ♦♦G.386.49 
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England and the Hundred years' war (1327- 
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A short history of England. N. Y., 1898. 

Sexbv. Colonel Edward. 

Killing, no murder. By William Allen 
foseud.!. London, 1650. 16 pp. **G.386.52 

This pamphlet, attributed by Lowndes to Col. 
Silas Titus, contains a direct incitement to the 
assassination of Cromwell. 

Underwood, Francis Henry. 
A handbook of English history. N. Y., 

1898. 4519.100=4519.99 

Wiel. Alethea. 

The romance of the House of Savoy.' 1003- 

1519. N. Y., 1898. 2 V. Illus. Portrs. 

Map. 2615. 1 10 

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Geschichte der Stadt Wien. Bd. i. Wien, 

1897. Illus. ^4830.26 


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Manifiesto de un cubana al gobierno de Es- 

pana. Paris, 1876. 32 pp. 4318.197 

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South America. The struggle for liberty 

in the Andean republics and Cuba. N. Y., 

1898. Pis. Maps. 4366.173 


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revolution. With other essays, historical 
and literary. Boston, 1898. 2327.22 

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Recollections of the Civil war. N. Y., 1898. 
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Dedication of the Oriskany monument, Aug. 
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H. Roberts [etc.]. Utica, N. Y., 1885. 29 
pp. Pis. = 4377.128 

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Address at the Foreign policy conference, 
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La guerra de Cuba. Madrid, 1895. 43i9a.i47 
Hamor, Ralph. 
A trve discovrse of the present estate of Vir- 
ginia. London, 1615. (8), 69, (i) pp. 

This is the original edition of the "Contemporane- 
ous account of Pocahontas." 
Hickenlooper, Frank. 
An illustrated history of Monroe county, 
Iowa . . . [Kansas City.] 1896. Illus. 
Portrs. Map. 4378.160 

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De Soto and his men in the land of Florida. 
N. Y., i^. Pis. Map. 4378.156 

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The Army of the Potomac, sketch. The 
phantom column, poem. [New York? 
1898.] 26 pp. Portrs. = 4508.269 

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the author's History of England in the 
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Register for 1897. Lynn, 1898. Portrs. = 


Mitjans. Aurelio. 

Estuaio sobre el movimento cientifico y 

literario de Cuba. Habana, 1890. 4318.196 

New York, city. Court of burgomasters and 


The records of New Amsterdam from 1653 

to 1674, A.D. Edited by B. Fernow. N. Y., 

1897. 7v. *6472.20 
Obear, L. A. 

New Ipswich in the war of the Rebellion. 
Worcester, 1898. 71 PP. 4429a. 138 

Original papers relating to the siege of 
Charleston, 1780. Charleston, S. C. 1898. 
87 pp. = ^4418.253 

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History of Nashua, N. H. With biographi- 
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A short history of the United States. N. Y., 

1898. 2329a.5 
Peart, Joseph. 

A continuation of Hudibras in two cantos. 
Written in the time of the unhappy con- 
test between Great Britain and America, 
in 1777 and 1778. [Anon.] London, 1778. 
76 pp. ♦♦G.389a.i 

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The war as a suggestion of manifest destiny. 
Phila., 1898. 20 pp. 4420^81 


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Philadelphia; the place and the people. 
N. Y., 1898. Illus. Portrs. 4378.158 

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Historical sketch of the township of Ham- 
ilton. Cobourg, 1897. 31 pp. 43i9a.76 
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Heroes of our war with Spain. Their ex- 
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Topical studies in Canadian history. To- 
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A history of the presidency. Boston, 1898. 

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The colonies. 1492-1750. N. Y., 1898. 
Maps, [iipochs of American history.] 

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Public papers of Daniel D. Tompkins, Gov- 
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Vol. I. With an introduction by Hugh 
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Portrs. Maps. = ♦4413.111 

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The fall of Santiago. N. Y., 1898. Portrs. 
Pis. Map. 442oa.86 

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Speeches on Quayism and boss domination 
in Pennsylvania politics. Phila. [1898.] 
= 4429.160 

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Cuba and Spain. Our plain duty. Minne- 
apolis, 1898. (8) pp. = 442oa.$4 
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Sketch of Huntington, L. I., to the end of 
the American revolution. Edited by W. 
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Woolsey, Theodore Salisbury. 
America's foreign policy. N. Y., 1898. 


Fine Arts. Archaeology. 


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Iscrizioni cristiane in Milano, anteriori al ix 
secolo. Codogno, 1897. Illus. 2732.67 

Fine Arts. 

Adams, Washington Irving Lincoln. 

Amateur photography. 4th edition. N. Y. 

[1898?] Illus. 3978.183 

In nature's image. Chapters on pictorial 

photography. N. Y., 1898. Illus. ^^8062. 124 

Armstrong, Walter. 

Gainsborough & his place in English art. 
London, 1898. Illus. Portrs. ♦Cab.8o.i68.i 
Clement, Clara Erskine. 

Angels in art. Boston, 1898. Pis. 4087.30 
Hartshorne, Albert. 
Old English glasses. London, 1897. Illus. 



Hicks, Mary Dana, and John S. Clark. 
The use of models. Boston. [1887.] IlltiS. 

= 8069.84 

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Inside of one hundred homes. Phila. [1898.I 
Illus. 4099.11S 

Kemble, E. W. 
The Billy goat and other comicalttiet. 
[Drawings.] N. Y., 1898. 8065.148 

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Skizzen fiir Lithographen und Zeichner. 
Berlin. [1898.] 16 pis. *8o6o.a9 

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Venise. Paris. [1898.] Portrs. Pis. (La 
peinture en Europe.] 8067.139 

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Mr. Punch's animal land. London, 1896b 
Pis. ♦8o6m7 

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Renaissance masters. The art of Raphael, 
Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, 
Correggio and Botticelli. N. Y., 1898. 

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What is art? Translated by C. Johnston. 
Phila., 1898. 4089.63 


Berliner Architekturwelt. Jahrg. i. Berlin, 
1898. Illus. ^^4090.233 

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English country churches. One hundred 
views. Boston, 1898. ^4100.92 

Dearmer, Percy. 
The cathedral church of Wells, London, 
189& Illus. 4109.37 

Dtmock, Arthur. 
The cathedral church of Southwell. Lon- 
don, 1898. Illus. 4109.38 
Geymueller, Heinrich von, baron. 
Die Baukunst der Renaissance in Frank- 
reich. Heft 1. Stuttgart, 1898. Illus. 
[Handbuch der Architektur.] 

^^8092.50.6, part X 
Price, William L. 
Model houses for little monev. With chap- 
ter on doors and windows, by F. S. Guild. 
Phila. [1898.] Pis. 4099.X17 

Robertson, Rev. Alexander. 
The Bible of St. Mark. St. Mark's church: 
The altar and throne of Venice. London, 
18^ 4108.16 

Landscape Gardening. 

Johnson, Joseph Forsyth. 
Residential sites and environments. N. Y., 
18^. Illus. '^J99oa.36 


Baring-Gould, Sabine, editor. 
English minstrelsie. The airs in both nota- 
tions. Edinburgh, 1895. 8 v. Illus. 

♦8050a. 105 



Carrodus, John Tiplady. Mihalovich, Edmund von. Hero und Leander 

Chats to violin students on how to study nach Schiller's Ballade, fiir grosses Orches- 

the violin. London, 1895. Portrs. ter. Mainz. 

4048.102 Mo6r, £m. Symphonic in D moll fiir grosses 
Elson, Louis Charles. Orchester. Op. 45. Budapest. 
Great composers and their work. Boston, Neruda, Franz. Ballade fiir Violine mit Be- 
1898. Portrs. 4049a. 37 gleitung des Orchesters oder des Pianoforte. 
Gates, Fanny B. Partitur. Op. 43. Leipzig. 
The musical interests of children. [Bing- Oberthiir, Ch. Vorspiel fiir grosses Orches- 
hampton.] 18^. 20 pp. = 4041.23 ter ... zu ''Shakespeare." Kin Winter- 
Krehbiel, Henry Edward nachistraum. Op. 210. Hamburg. 
Illustrations to a series of lectures on musi- Pirani, Eugenio. Fete au Chateau de Heidel- 
cal subjects. Cincinnati. [1889?] 23 pp. berg. Poeme symphonique pour orchestre. 
Pis. = 4049a.32 Op. 43. Berlin. 
Knllak, Franz. Ropartz, J. Guy. Les landes. Paysage breton 
Der Vortrag in der Musik am Ende des 19. pour orchestre. Paris. 
Jahrhunderts. Leipzig, 1898. 4045.31 Schiitt, Eduard. Concert (F moll) fiir Piano- 
Vienna, Austria. Internationale Ausstellung forte mit Begleitung des Orchesters. Op. 
fiir Musik- und Theaterwesen. 1892. 47. Berlin. [1896.] 
Fach-Katalog der musikhistorischen Ab- Schytte, Ludvig. Concert pour piano. Op. 
theilung von Deutschland und Oester- 28. Breslau. 

reich-Ungarn. Wien, 1892. *4045.9 Tinel, Edgar. Godoleva. Musikdrama. Op. 

43. Klavierausziig. Leipzig. [1897.] 
— Same. Partitur. Leipzig. [1^7, 98J 

8UPPLEMBNTARY LIST OF THE WORKS ADDED Tschaikovsky, P. Romeo ct Juliettc. Ouver- 

TO THE ALLEN A. BROWN LIBRARY DURING turc-fautaisic d'apres Shakespeare. Berlin. 

THE MONTH OF JANUARY. Uhl, Edmund. Romanze fiir Violine mit Or- 
chester. Op. 7. Partitur. Leipzig. 

Attrup, Carl. Romanze fur Violine mit Or- Vidal, Paul. La Burgonde. Opera. Parti- 

chester. Op, i& Berlin, i888. tion chant et piano. Paris. [1898.] 
Beliczay, Jules de. Serenade en Re mineur 
pour instruments i cordes. Op. 36. Paris. 

Brown, £. A. Elizabethan lyrics. Boston. Numismatics 


Busoni, F. B. Symphonische Suite fiir Or- Fjc^^jrer Carl 

r^^f}i!^L ?«iJ!^* <Ic^%^lf;.r. f^ii. »^«^c fr.r Collcctio Fi'cwegcr. Katalog satvrischer 

^« vnJ^i: ^w^^^^^^ Mo?!ii?c Medaillen und Miinzen deren offentliche 

two voices. Words by Theo. Marzials. Versteigerung Erbtheilungshalber am 22. 

Chvila, Em. Quartett (C moll) fiir 2 Violinen, u^r'^'JK'^^ stattfindet. Berlin, 1885. 2831.60 

cSlJ^' P^?J'''rt'?Sf^H ^Onl"; '^inricx Medaillen auf die Thaten Peter des Grossen. 

I^] Leipzig. St. Petersburg, 1872. Pis. = ♦3o6oa,iis 

Danclaj Charles. Ouverture dramatique k 

grand orchestre. Paris. 

—^I2e Quatuor [for strings]. Op. 142. Paris. /^^^^-^•^U,r T*-^*,^!^ 

Englander, Ludwig. The little corporal. A VjreOgrapny. 1 raVClS. 

comic opera. [1098.] 
Fischer, Cf. A. Kiinstler-Carneval. Suite fiir 

grosses Orchester. Op. 31. Leipzig. Asia. Africa. Oceanica. Polar 

Gade, N. W. Der Strom. Concertstiick fiir J>gxrrir\r%c 

Soli, Chor, obli^. Pianoforte und Orchester. rv^cgions. 

Partitur. Leipzig. [1893.I n a- xj 

Gendt, W. Merkes van. Concert-Ouverture v^ordier, tlenri. 

fur jrrosses Orchester. Op. 48. Stuttgart. Description dun atlas sino-cor6en manu- 

Gleit2,"Karl. Joss Fritz. Sinfonische Dichtung ^^^^ ^ ^"^^^h museum. Pans, 1896 14 

fur grosses Orchester. Op. 13. Berlin. n il^^T hlf Wesle *Map 19.11 

-Venus und Bellona. Sinfonische Dichtung jh^ i?hiiippine islands. Annexation: how 

fur grosses Orchester. Op. 10. Berhn. j^ ^i,l Xmericanize, civilize and develop 

Hamenk, Asgcr. Oper ohne Worte. Op. 30. the islands . . . Boston, 1898. 45 PP. = 

Uitenbacn a/M. 3049a. 158 

Herbert, Victor. The fortune teller. A comic piske, Amos Kidder. 

opera. Vocal score. N. Y. The story of the Philippines. N. Y., 1898. 

Herzogenbei*g, H. von. Trio fiir Pianoforte, Portr. Pis. 3049a. 163 

H6boe und Horn. Op. 61. Leipzig. Ford, John D. 

Jaques-Dalcroze, E. Poeme alpestre. Paroles An American cruiser in the East. N. Y., 

de D. Baud-Bovy. Geneve. [1896.] 1898. Illus. Maps. 3015139 

Kretschmer, Edmund. Hochzeits-Musik. Suite Fumeaux, J. H., editor. 

m 3 SaUen ... fur Orchester. Op. 54. India. A grand photographic history. Cal- 

' Leipzig. [1896.] cutta, 1898. Illus. *Cab.50.30.2 

3^ February 

Gilford, Daniel L. 

£very-day life in Korea. Chicago. [1898.] a 

Pis. Map. 3019.134 America. 

Hylacomylus, Martinus. r» l-h 

Cosmographiae introdvctio cvm qvibvsdam Bachiller y Morales, Antonio, compiler, 

geometriae ac astronomiae principiis ad Coleccion de articulos, tipos y costumbres de 

earn rem necessariis. Insuper quaituor la isla de Cuba. Serie 1. Uabana. [1881.] 

Americi Vespucij nauigationes. [Deodati, _ V 5:, ^ *436o.i30 

1507.1 (54) tf. Maps. »»G.383.8 Brcck, Charles E. . , . 

Ibis IS the 2d edition, printed at St. Di^ by Town of Milton, showing area taken for the 

Gautier Lud. Blue Hill reservation. [Boston, 1894.] 

Kmglake Alexander William. Scale, ^ mile to i inch. = 

Eothen. Reprinted from the first edition. I«^o. 6 in *Map 20.3 

London, 1898. S049a.94 BrenUno brothers, publishers! 

Macdonald, George, educator. [Map of New York citv. from the Battery 

The Gold coast, past and present. London, to 63d street.] [N. Y., 188-?] = 

1898. Illus. Maps. 3059a.i27 ^Map 1016.5 

Proust de la Gironiere, Paul. Conant, Thomas. 

Aventures d'un gentilhomme breton aux Upner Canada sketches. Toronto. 1898. 

lies Philippines, avec un apergu sur la Pis. Map. ^4362. 186 

geologie et la nature du sol des ces lies Dehon, W. K. 

. . . Paris, 1855. Illus. Portrs. Map. Charleston's suburban resort: "Among the 

30403.182 pines," Sunimerville, S. C. [Summerville, 

Sharp, Bartholomew. 1896?] 26 pp. Illus. ^ 4375-132 

The voyages and adventures of Capt. Barth. Frink, Harry A. 

Sharp and others, in the South sea . . . Lumberman's map of northern Maine. N. p. 

London, 1684. No. 2 in **G.382.i 1897. Scale, 2 miles to i inch. 

Worcester, Dean Conant , No. 54 in ♦Map 114.3 

The Philippine islands and their people . . . Gannett, Henry. 

N. Y., 1898. Illus. Map. 30493.164 North America. Vol. 2. The United States. 

London, 1898. Illus. Maps. [Stanford's 
compendium. New issue.J 2389.36 

p. Habenicht, Hermann. 

Hurope. Karte des amehkanisch-spanischen Kriegs- 

schauplatzes. Gotha, 1898. Scale, 118.37-f- 

F., A. M. miles to i inch. No. 30 in *Map 87.1 

Foreign courts and foreign homes. Lon- Henderson Alice Palmer. 

don 1898 22/9 60 The rainbow s end: Alaska. Chicago, 1898. 

Grifi, Llvira. ' „ ^?ls. 4367.180 

Sauntenngs in Florence. London, 1898. Hubbard, Lucius Lee. 

llius. Maps. 2739.»4 Guide to Moosehead L^ke and northern 

Hare, Augustus John Cuthbert U;ixnt. Cambridge, 1889. Pis. Maps. = 

Shropshire. London, 1^98. Illus. Map. r .i_ r »r • »* • r-.^^5*?T? 

2460 158 ^" ^"^ tropics of Mexico. Mexico City, 1898. 

Harris, Miriam Coles. x 1. ^ PP* x ^^^' =^. , «, • 4469a.i47 

A corner of Spain. Boston, 1898. 30993.136 Johnston, James Finley Weir. 

Hissey. James John. ^o^es on North America, agricultural, eco- 

Over fen and wold. London, 1898. Pis. nomical, and social. Edinburgh. 1861. 2 

Map. 2464.84 ^ V- ^""5:^¥*P- 4467.144 

A journey through Lincolnshire. i-angman, ChnstOpher. 

Iliff, Edward Henry. A true account of the voyage of the Not- 
A tear of sympathy!!! or, striking objects tingham-Galley of London to New-Eng- 
of travel, antient, and modern! In Italy, land, near which place she was cast away 
Prussia, Spain, France, Russia, &c. Lon- on Boon-Island, December 11, 1710. Lon- 
don, 1796. 99 pp. = ♦22793.75 din, 171 1. (7), 36 pp. No. 3 in ♦♦G.382.1 
Illustreret Tidende. Lopez de Velasco, Ju3n. 
Illustreret Tidendes Jernbsnkort over Eu- Geogr3fi3 y descripci6n universsl de las 
ropa. [Kj^benh3vn, 1898.] Sc3le, 86.58 Indi3s, recopilsds . . . desde el ano de 
miles to i inch. No. 27 in ♦Map 86.2 I57i al de 1574, publicads por primera 
Murr3y, John, publisher. vez por Don Justo Z3r3goza. Madrid, 
A h3ndbook for tr3vellers in Hsmpshire. 1804. M3p. 4361.154 
London, 1898. M3ps. 6539.75 MsnsilU, Lucio Victorio. 
Pennell, Eliz3beth Robbins. Un3 escursion 4 los Indios Ranqueles. 
Over the Alps on a bicycle. London, 1898. fPat3goni3.] Leipzig, 1877. **D.20oa.i27 
Illus. 48693.49 Niederlcin, Gust3ve. _ / 
Spont, Henry. The republic of Cost3 Rica. [Phila., t8?j8!l ■* 
Sur I3 montsgne (Les Pyr6n6es). Psris. = 4368.184 
1 1898.] Illus. 2662.87 Presbrey, Fr3nk. 
T3ylor, George Bo3rdm3n. The SouthUnd. The present resources 3nd 
Italy and the It3li3ns. Phil3., 1898. Illus. development of the South. [W3shing- 
Portrs. 2764.25 ton.] 1898. Illus. M3p. = 4361.152 


Sampson, Murdock, and compaiw, publishers. 
Map of Gloucester, Mass. Boston, 1887. 
Scale, 763 feet to i inch. = 

No. 2 in *Map 1014.7 
Map of Gloucester and Rock^ort. Boston. 
[1887.] Scale, I mile to i mch. = 

No. I in *Map 1014.7 
Sweetser, Moses Foster. 
Chisholm's White mountain ffuide-book. 
[Revised 1896.] Portland. [1896.] Illus. 
Maps. 2389a. 126 

Tyrrell, J. B. 
Map of central Alaska, Cook Inlet and Cop- 
per River, including Klondike, White, 
Tanana and Munook rivers. Washington, 
1898. Scale, 25.3 miles to i inch. 

No. 31 in ♦Map 113.5 
Victoria, Guadalupe. 
Derrotero de las islas Antillas. de las costas 
de Tierra Ferme y de las del seno mexi- 
cano. Mexico, 1825. 4369.1^ 

Walker, George Harry, and company, pub- 
Map of the West Indies. Boston, 1898. 
Scale, 6 miles to i inch. 

No. 28 in ♦Map 120.1 
New historical map of metropolitan Boston. 
Boston, 1898. Scale, 3 miles to i inch. 

Children's Room 

Language. Rhetoric. 

Belden, Henry Marvin. 
The prepositions in, on, to, for, fore, and 
set in Anglo-Saxon prose. Baltimore. 
[1897.] X, 78, (I) pp. 2483.77 

Bell, Alexander Melville. 
Memorabilia. Visible speech elucidated. 
Washington. [189-?] 2 pp. Pis. = 

Bergano, Diego. 
Vocabulario de la lengua pampanga en ro- 
mance. Manila, i860. ♦5030.22 
Braune, Theodor Wilhelm. 
Althochdeutsche Grammatik. 2te Auflage. 
Halle, 1891. 4885.33 
Gotische Grammatik. 4. Auflage. Halle, 

1895. ♦4885.39 

Brebner. Mary. 

The method of teaching modern languages 

in Germany. London, 1898. 2958.83 

Carro, Andres. 

Vocabulario de la lengua ilocana. Manila, 

1849. ^5030.20 

Franklin family primer. The. By a friend to 

youth. 8th edition. Boston, 1807. 80 pp. 

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The foreign sources of modern English ver- 
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The original English is on shelf-no. *S774.M. 


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1897?] 23 pp. = 2295.77 



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Ueber die wechselseitifi^en Beziehungen 
zwischen der reinen una der angewandten 
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Philosophy. Education. 



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Aus dem Unganschen iibersctzt von 

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Uber den menschlichen Verstand. Aus dem 

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15 PP = 5597-38 

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The school system of the state of New York 
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Address at the 7th annual commencement 
Leland Stanford junior university. The 
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Announcements, educational and social for 
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Tulane university of Louisiana. 

Commencement address by President W. P. 

Johnston, June 30, i8gS. [New Orleans, 

i.r '*^Im?^ ?P-.= 4497.317 

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Speech revealed in facial expressions. A 

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Calhoun colored school, Calhoun, Alabama. 
Annual report, 5th. [1896/7.I Boston, 1897. 
= ♦5594.124 

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Introduction to the Herbartian principles 
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Die Universitat Leipzig in Vergangenheit 
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Glasgow association for the higher education 

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Report, 1877/78-81/82. Glasgow, i87»^. 

= ^ *2S09.i35 

This association was mergea into Queen Margaret 
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German reform in American education. St. 
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The business girl in every phase of her life. 

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Modern marriage market. The. By 

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Helps to right living. Boston, 1898. 3587.148 

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What shall our boys do for a living? N. Y., 

189a 3589.166 


Religion. Theology. 

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The books of the master, or the Egyptian 
doctrine of the light bom of the Virgin 
mother. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 3486.113 

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Anabaptism the trve fovntaine of Independ- 
ency, Brownisme, Antinomy, Familisme. 
London, 1647. **G.387.4S 

Blass, Friedrich Wilhelm. 
Grammar of New Testament Greek. Trans- 
lated by H. St. J. Thackeray. London, 
1898. 2983.65 

Brieff discours. A, off the troubles begonne 
at Franckford in Germany Anno Domini 
1554. Abowte the Booke off off [sic] 
common prayer and ceremonies. [Gene- 
va? or Zurich ?] 1575. ♦♦G.387.7 
Probably by William Whittingham. 

Cole, Lawrence Thomas. 
The basis of early Christian theism. N. Y., 
1898. 60 pp. 3604.120.2 

Cutts, Edward Lewes. 
Parish priests and their people in the 
Middle ages in England. London, 1898. 
Illus. 5526.74 

De Kay. Charles. 

Bird gods. N. Y. [1898.] Illus. 3489119 
Desmond, Humphrey J. 
The church and the law. With special ref- 
erence to ecclesiastical law in tne United 
States. Chicago, 1898. 3638.66 

Duchesne, Louis Marie Olivier, abb^. 
Les premiers temps de r£tat pontifical 
(754-1073). Paris, 1898. 3461.64 

Feasey, Henry John. 
Monasticism: what is it? A forgotten 
chapter in the history of labour. Lon- 
don, 1898. 3518.104 
Fielding^ H. 
The soul of a people. London, 1898. 


On the manners and customs of the Burmese. 

Frankenberg, Wilhelm. 
Die Spruche tibersetzt und erklart Got- 
tingen, 1898. ♦3421.117 

Frith, John. 
A boke made by John Fr3rth, prysoner in 
the Tower of London, answerynge unto 
M. Mores letter, which he wrote agaynst 
the fyrste lytle treatyse that John Fryth 
made concernyng the sacramente of the 
body and bloode of Christ. Now newly 
prynted, 15^. ♦♦^387.72 

The British Museum catalogue says that this was 

printed in London by R. Jugge; but a manu 
(cript note states that "this book ^ 
>rinted, said by Mr. More in his life 

script note states that "this book was privately 
printed, said by Mr. More in his life of Sir 
More to bee printed beyond sea." 
Fulton, John, D.D. 
Index canonum. The Greek text, English 
translation and a complete digest of the 
entire code of canon law of the undivided 
primitive church. 4th edition. N. Y. 
[1892?] 3S3I.IO 

iHoensbroech, Paul Cajus, Graf von. 

* Der Ultramontanismus. 2. Auflage. Berlin, 
1898. 546780 


Hutton, Reginald Ernest 
The soul here and hereafter. London, 1898. 


Jamaica Plain, Mass. Central Congregational 


Manual. .[Boston, 1898.] = 7541.353 

Lee, Guy Carleton. 

Hincmar: an introduction to the study of 

the revolution on the organization of the 

church of the Ninth century. [N. Y.] 

1897. 32 pp. 3462.89 
Leo, frater, of Assisi. 

Speculum perfectionis, scu S. Francisci 
Assisiensis legenda antiquissima. Nunc 
primum edidit P. Sabatier. Paris, 1898. 

Mitchell, Rev. William H. 
[Gospel tracts.] Boston, 1891-95. = 

7459a. 128 
Nadal, Hieronymus. 
Epistolae ab anno 1546 ad 1577. Nunc 
primum editae. Tomus i, fasc. i, 2. 
Matriti, 1898. [Monumenta historica So- 
cietatis Jesu.l *35i5.i07 

Owen, John, D.D. 1616-1683. 
A brief vindication of the Non-conformists 
from the charge of schisme. London, 
1680. (i), 56 pt). ♦♦G.387.66 

Philastrius, St. 
Diversarvm hereseon liber. Recensvit F. 
Marx. Vindobonae, 1898. [Corpvs scrip- 
torvm ecclesiasticorvm Latmorvm.] 

Richard, James William. 
Philio Melanchthon. The protestant pre- 
ceptor of Germany. 1497-1560. N. Y., 

c- I^J J°^"- ^^^' 5559.42 

Siegfried, Carl. 

Prediger und Hoheslied ubersetzt und er- 
klart. Gottingen, 1898. [Handkommen- 
tar zum Alten Testament] 

No. 2 in ♦3421. 1 17 

Sienkiewicz, Heniyk. 

Let us follow Him. Translated by Jeremiah 

Curtin. Boston, 1897. 97 pp. 3479.126 

Spalding, James Field. 

The world's unrest and its remedy. N. Y., 

1898. 3469.102 
Stirling, Waite Hockin. 

A pastoral letter. Buenos Aires, 1882. 30, 

^xr . ^^ PP- ,. 3526.77 

Wright, Arthur. 

Some New Testament problems. London, 

1898. 3428.151 

Social Science. 

Political Economy. 

Arendt, Otto. 

Allgemeine Staatsversicherung und Versich- 

erungssteur. Leipzig, 1881. 5657.75 

Carlisle, John Griffin. 

Sound currency. Speeches, 1893, 95. [N. Y.? 

1895?] 24 pp. = 5646.145 

Speech at Covington, Ky., May 20, 1895, 

ion the currency question in the United 
Utes]. 1895. i6pp. = 5646.147 



4 -i: 


Speech . . . delivered at a dinner of the 
Massachusetts reform club (on "Sound 
currency"). [Boston, 1895.] 12 pp. = 

Cleveland chamber of commerce. 
Taxation: report of special committee. 
Cleveland. 11895.I 22 pp. = 5643.102 
Eastman, Frank Marshall. 
Taxation for state purposes in Pennsylvania. 
Phila., 1898. 5645.149 

Farrcr, Sir Thomas Henry, ist baron Farrer. 
Studies in currency. London, 1898. 

France. Office du travail. 
Les caisses patronales de retraites des 6ta- 
blissements industriels. Paris, 1898. = 

George, Henry. 
Writings. [Memorial edition.] N. Y., 1898. 
8 v. Portrs. ^3658.85 

I, a. Progress and poverty. 3. Social problems. 
4. The land question, etc. 5. Protection or free 
trade. 6. A perplexed philosopher. 7, 8. The sci- 
ence of political economy. 

Heckel, Max von. 

Das Budget Leipzig, 1898. *356i.i54 

Bibliographic, pp. 305-354. 

Krumbholtz, Robert. 
Die Gewerbe der Stadt Mtinster bis zum 
Jahre 1661. Mit einer Wappentafel der 
Gilden aus dem Jahre 1598. Leipzig, 1898. 
Coats-of-arms. [Publicationen aus den K. 
preussischen Staatsarchiven. Bd. 70.] 

Lowndes, William, Secretary to the treasury 
(Great Britain). 
A report containing an essay for the amend- 
ment of the silver coins. London, 1695. 


McCall, John A. 

A review of life insurance from the date of 

the First national convention of insurance 

officials, 1871-1897. Milwaukee, 1898. 72 

pp. ♦5651.82 

Macleod, Henry Dunning. 

Indian currency. London, 1898. ix, 55 pp. 

Meyer, Richard M. 
Betrieb und Organisation der wissenschaft- 
lichen Arbeit. Berlin, 1898. 63 pp. 

♦3562.53. 19 
Powers, Frederick Perry. 
Jefferson and Jackson on present [econo- 
mical] troubles. N. Y. 1897. 16 pp. = 

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The free coinage of silver. Morristown, 
N. J., 1896. 32 pp. = 5646.148 

Stokes, Anson Phelps. 
Dangers of the proposed national paper- 
money trust ... N. Y. [1898.] 10 pp. 
= 5649^.16 

Torrente, Mariano. 
Bosquejo econ6mico politico de la isla de 
Cuba . . . Madrid. [Vol. 2: Habana.l 
1852, 53. 2 V. in I. 5566.38 

Valentine, John J. 
Currency reform. [San Francisco, 1898.] 
10 pp. = 3643.141 

Webb, Sidney James, and Beatrice Webb. 

Problems of modem industry. London, 
1898. 9330.-I 

Political Science. 

Baldwin, Simeon Eben. 
Modern political institutions. Boston, 1898. 

Mowry, William Augustus. 
Elements of civil government. N. Y., 1891. 
Pis. = No. I in 4328.^ 

Elements of civil government in the com- 
monwealth of Massachusetts. N. Y., 1891. 
68 pp. = No. 2 in 4328.98 


Bamberger, Ludwig. 
Zur Entwicklung der internationalen Social- 
demokratie. Berlin, 1897. 56 pp. 

Cuthbert, Alexander A. 
The municipal control of the liquor trade. 
Glasgow, 1808. 20 pp. = 7588.178 

Eaton, Charles Heard. 
The industrial position of woman. [N. Y., 
1898?] 23 pp. = 3577.116 

Ferri, Enrico. 
Sociologie criminelle. Syllabus du cours. 
Bruxelles, 1896. 24 pp. = 3574-139 

Giddings, Franklin Henry. 
The elements of sociology . . . N. Y., 1898. 

Goodyear, Anna Forbes. 
Considerations relating to a proposed gov- 
ernment plantation to relieve the unem- 
ployed poor. Boston, 1898. 22 pp. = 


Industrial aid society, Boston. 

Report of the Committee on the cultivation 
of vacant lots. [Boston.] 1895. 7 pp. =r 


Lincoln House review. The. Bi-monthly. 

Vol. I, 2. Nov., 1895-June, 1897. Boston, 

1895-97. ^^^"^' = *5576.105 

Lindsay, Samuel McCune. 

The unit of investigation or of considera- 
tion in sociology. Phila., 1898. 16 pp. 

Morselli, Emilio. 

Elementi di sociologia generale. Milano, 

1898. 75 pp. 5569a. 122 

New England Peabody home for crippled 


Annual report ist, 3d, 1895/96, 1897/98. 

Boston, 1896-98. Pis. = ♦5576.142 

The second annual report was not published ex* 
cept in the newspapers. 

Paine, Robert Treat, jr. 1835- 

The empire of charity, established by th« 

revolution of this century. Boston, iftji 

17 pp. = 5575.1^ 

Reason, William, editor. >| 

University and social settlements. London, 

„, 1898. 3568. I9il 

Women s educational and industrial union! 

Boston. \ 

Leaflet. No. 1-6. Boston, 1897-98. = 

5579a. 14! 


Law. Legislation. 

Beach, Charles Fisk. 
A treatise on the law of monopolies and in- 
dustrial trusts in England and in the 
United States. St. Louis, 1898. ♦3652.85 
Bertha, A. de. 
La constitution hongroise. Paris, 1898. 

Blickensderfer, Ulric, compiler. 
A review of legal studies: comprising the 
most material parts . . . contained in 
Blackstone's commentaries, evidence, con- 
tracts, pleading, etc. Chicago, 1877. 2 v. 

Frick, Henry. 
Resume du cours de droit administratif 
donne a TUniversite nouvelle. Bruxelles, 
1897. 22 pp. = 5617.66 

Gould, John Melville, and Edward nosmer 
The war revenue law of 1898 explained. 
Boston, 1898. 9336.27-1 


Die japanische Verfassungsurkunde. Aus 
dem Japanischen in das Deptsche tiber- 
setzt von Dr. jur. Brunn. Leipzig. [1898.] 

Loring, Augustus Peabody. 
A trustee s handbook. Boston, 1898. = 

Massachusetts. Probate courts. 

Probate rules. Equity rules. Rules of the 

court of insolvency. May 15, 1894. FBos- 

ton, 1894.] 38 pp. = 5037.41 

Meschelsohn, Max. 

Wirthschaftliche Grundsatze des neuen 

deutschen Handelsgesetzbuches vom 10. 

Mai 1897. Berlin, 1^7. 33 pp. *3562.53.i9 

Riesenfeld, Conrad Ernst. 

Kaufmannische Schiedsgerichte. Berlin, 

o ^^\ ^ PP* *3562.53.i9 

Samuel, John. 

Address delivered on the opening of the law 
library of the Law association of Phila- 
delphia. [Phila., 1898.] 19 pp. = 3636.37 

Useful and Industrial 


Boston locomotive works. 
Three drawings of steam engines. = 


One of the drawings bears the date 1852. 

Cassal, Hans J. S. 
Workshop makeshifts. London, 1898. Illus. 

' Croil, James. 

t Steam navigation and its relation to the 
I commerce of Canada and the United 

L States. Toronto, 1898. Illus. 5656.85 

I ^awkins, Nehemiah. 

I > ; Maxims and instructions for the boiler room. 
Ijl N. Y.. 1898. Illus. ♦8016.120 


New catechism of the steam engine, with 
chapters on gas, oil and hot air engines. 
N. Y., 1898. Illus. 8015.78 

Holde, D. 
Die Untersuchung der Schmiermittel und 
verwandter Produkte der Fett- und Naph- 
U-Industrie. Berlin, 1897. Illus. 8016.78 
Houston, Edwin J. 
Electricity one hundred years ago and to- 
day. N. Y., 1894. Illus. 3969.202 
Houston, Edwin J., and Arthur E. Kennelly. 
Electricity made easy. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 

Institution of civil engineers, London. 

Report of the committee to consider and 
report upon a standard or standards of 
thermal efficiency for steam engines. 
London, 1898. 37 pp. Illus. = 8019a. 168 
Municipal association of Cleveland. 
The Brecksville road improvement. [Cleve- 
land.! 1898. 12 pp. = 4374.119 
Parloa, Maria. 
Home economies. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 

Procter, Henry Richardson. 
Leather industries laboratory book. Lon- 
don, 1898. 4014.86 
St John, Thomas M. 

How two boys made their own electrical 

apparatus. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 7967. I5 

Wilson, Herbert S. 

The practical tool-maker and designer: with 

special reference to a set of tools for 

machining the bicycle. Phila., 1898. Pis. 

Wisser, John Philip. 

Explosive materials. [2d edition.] N. Y., 
1898. [Van Nostrand's science series.] 

Woman's auxiliary to the Charlestown branch 
of the Young men's Christian associa- 
tion, Boston. 
A collection of tried receipts. [Boston.] 
189-? 80 pp. = 8008.87 

Young women's Christian association. School 
of domestic science and Christian work. 
[Circular.] 1896/7. Boston. [1896.] = 


Agriculture. Domestic Animals. 

Aloi, Antonio. 

L'olivo e I'olio. Milano, 1898. Illus. 

Maxtee, J. 
Popular dog-keeping. London, 1898. Illus. 

Rexford, Eben Eugene. 
Flowers. How to grow them. Phila., 1898. 

Wood, John, gardener. 

Hardy perennials and old-fashioned garden 

flowers. London. [1897.] Illus. 3999.170 

Military and Naval Art, Science, 
and History. 

Album militaire de I'arm^e fran^ise. le, 2c 
s^rie. . Paris. [1898.] Colored plates. 


46 Febdiary 

6aer, Max. Daudet, Louis Marie Ernest 

Die deutschc Flotte von 1848-1852. Leipzig, La Mongautier. Roman dcs temps r^volu- 

1898. 5954-iw tionnaires. Paris, 1807. 6698.60 

Wolfe, James. Grousset, Paschal. ^Andr6 Laurie.) 

General Wolfe's instructions to young of- La bachelier de Seville. 4e Edition. Paris. 

ficers. 2d edition. London. 1780. [1898?] Pis. 2668.158 

»*G.389a.5 Guezenec. Alfred. (Alfred de Br^hat.)^ 

Le cousin aux millions. Nouvelle edition. 
Paris, 1888. 667oa.62 

A ,. r^ Theuriet, Qaude Adh^mar Andr^ 

Amusements. Games. Lys sauvage. illustrations d'Amato. [Paris.1 

■ 1898. 92 pp. 6670.12 

iDOrt^ Supplement to L'Ulustrmtion, jan.-man, i8g8. 

Dewar, George Albemarle Bertie. In Gcnnaxi. 
In pursuit of the trout. London, 1898. 

u Aiu-yy T u ^ 17 r. i> 4009-221 Boetticher, Hans Gcorg. 

Hardy, William John, and E. D. Bacon. Weiteres Heiteres. [Geschichte.] Leipzig. 

The stamp collector. London, 1898. Pis. [18013 1 4896.50.588 

Fac-similcs. 2236.33 Droste-Huelshoff, Annette Elisabeth, Freiin 


_^. , Gesammelte Schriften. Bd. i, 2. Stuttgart. 

r iction \}^^^ ^1-77 

± iv^tiuil. Friedmann, Alfred. 

Gallier und Hellenin. Inez de Castro. Der 

Tn Fncrlich Alte von Nervi. Drei Novellen. Leipzig. 

ini!.ngiisn. ^^ 4896.50.388 

^"t^YJf?it?!l^n?T^^^^^^ fl^ir' "^DerkSnTonX^^^^ 

by Andrew Lang. N. Y., 1898. Illus. ^ „,«r^cir*»n T •iorJcr ri«nfti ..jw; en a«^ 


moresken. Leipzig. [1898.] 4896.50.387 

Blark William Pushkin, Alexander Sergievitch. 

Ditter sorrows. W. Y., 1090. *ls. 50*212 x ->:«-;«. r^,Q^Q^ aQ,^ ^^ ^^qq 

Carey, Rosa Nouchette. L«>P^>»- t^*»^J 4896.50.388 

Mollie's prince. Phila., 1899. 56.213 

Crockett, Samuel Rutherford. to • 1. 

The red axe. N^. Y., 1899. Pis. 56.214 In bpanish. 
Hall, Ruth. 

In the brave days of old. Boston, 1898. Pis. Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. 

77.115 £1 ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de La 

England, and later in the colony of New York. Mancha. Leipzig, 1882. 2 V. ♦*D.26oa.92 

Page, Thomas Nelson. 
Red Rock, a chronicle of reconstruction. 

N. Y., 1898. Pis. 67.240 A • • i^l 1 

Sienkiewicz, Henryk. ASSOCiatlOHS. ClUDS. 
Sieianka: a forest picture, and other stories. 
Trans, by J. Curtin. Boston, 1898. Pis. 

1107.28 Builders and traders exchange. Providence, 

Watson, John. (Ian Maclaren.) R. I. 

Afterwards and other stories. N. Y., 1898. Official directory of officers and members. 

56.216 Also list of architects in . . . Rhode 

We3rman, Stanley J. Island. Published by H. R. Chadsey. 

The Castle inn. N. Y. 1898. Pis. 56.2x5 Vol. 14. Providence, 1897. 94 pp. Illus. 

= 4389.631 

Colonial daughters of the seventeenth century,! 

In French. ^ Brooklyn, N. Y. ) 

Organization, constitution, by-laws, mem- 
Bourget, Paul. bcrship. Brooklyn, 1898. = ♦4410a. 140 

La Duchcsse Bleue. Paris, 1898. 6699.103 
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. 
Rinconete et Cortaaillo. Nouvelle. Soixante- O -* J ' 1 A 1 

sept compositions par H. Atalaya. Tra- 1 eriOalCalS, /inilUalS. 

duction de Louis viardot Paris. [1898.] ▼ I 

r ^""S ' r:A ^ T u. ^^'5' Indexes. 

Coppec, Francois Edouard Joachim. 

La bonne souffrance. Paris, 18^. 2668.149 . 

Daudet, L^on A. "Dixie." A monthlv journal devoted to 

Germe et poussiere. Trois causeries. Paris, southern industrial interests. ^ 

1801. 6608 7 A Current numbers are kept in the Periodical room, 'j 

^^'^''^ but arc not preserved for binding. I 




United States. 

Conjn-ess. . 

Bill (S.5024.55) to promote the commerce 
and increase the foreign trade of the 
United States, and to provide auxiliary 
cruisers, transports, and seamen for Gov- 
ernment use when necessary. [Known as 
the Hanna subsidy bill.] Washington, 
1898. = 

List of important . . . documents published 
by Congress relating to interoceahic can- 
als, and especially to the maritime canal 
company of Nicaragua. Compiled bv 
James Marion Baker. Washington. 1808. 
9 pp. = *90io.386-i 

Senate Documents, Nos. 32-100. 1895-96. 
Vol. 3. Washington, 1895. = *C.3349 
Report of the Public Pnnter, 1895. Corthell, The 
Tenuantepec Route. Board of Irrigmtion, Prelimi- 
nary Report [with Bibliograph]r]. Agreement of 
Common Carriers to form a joint traffic associa- 
tion. Morton, Purchase and Distribution of Seeds. 

House Reports, Nos. 294-573. 1895^. Vol. 
2. Washington, 1895. = *C.3458 

Ship Canal from the Great Lakes to the Hudson 

Blockade. Southern Cuba and San Tuan, 
Puerto Rico. By the president of the 
United States [William McKinley]. A 
proclamation. Dated June 27, 1898. 
[Washington, 1898. Broadside. = 


Agriculture, Department of. 

Weather bureau. 

Iowa weather and crop service. Annual 

report, 1891, 92, 93, 95, 96, 97. Des Moines, 

1892-98. *955i.56777-i 

Bulletms of a like nature are received Irom all 
sections reporting to the Bureau. 

•Interior department. 

Report of the Secretary of the Interior, 1898. 
Washington, 1898. Maps. = *9353.3-i 

Bureau of education. 
Fifty years of freedom in Belgium, Educa- 
tion in Malta, Third International geop^ra- 
phical confess at Vienna in 1881, Illiter- 
acy and crime in France, School savings 
banks, [etc.]. Washington, 1881. = 


General land office. 
Rules and regulations governing forest 
reserves. Established . . . March ^, 1891. 
Issued June 30, 1807. Reissued Aug. 5, 
1898, with amendments. Washington, 
1898. = 3846.83 

Hermann, Binger. 
The Louisiana purchase and our title 

west of the Rocky Mountains, with a re- 
view of annexations by the United 
States. Washington, 1898. Portrs. 
Maps. = *9333.0078-i 

Rules and Regulations governing: Min- 
eral Leases, the Collection and Disburse- 
ment of Revenues, and the Supervision of 
Schools in the Indian Territory. Wash- 
ington, 1898. = 9976.6.1 
Geological survey. 

Extracts from the 19th annual report on 
the mineral resources of the United States, 
1897. Washington. 1898. = 9549-973 

Walcott, Charles Doolittle. 

Fossil medusx. Washington, 1898. = 

Namely: Oliphant, F. H. The Production of 
Natural Gas. Production of Petroleum. Produc- 
tion of Phosphate Rock. 

Water Supply and Irrig[ation. 
Darton, Nelson Horatio. 
Underground waters of a portion of 
southeastern Nebraska. Washington, 
1898. 56 pp. Illus. Pis. Maps. = 

Hutson, William Ferguson. 
Irrigation system in Texas. Washing- 
ton, 1898. 08 pp. Illus. Pis. = 


Hood, Ozni Porter. 

New tests of certain pumps and water 

lifts used in irrigation. Washington, 

i8sfi. 91 pp. Illus. = ♦3994.20.14 

Operations at river stations, 1807. A re- 
port of the division of hydro 
Washington, 1898. 200 pp. = 

♦3994.20.15, 16 

Labor department. 
Economic aspects of the liquor problem. 
Washington, 1898. 275 pp. ri2th An- 
nual report.] = ♦3576.36.12 
Navy department. 
Bureau of navigation. 
Drill regulations for infantry, artillery, and 
arm and away boats. United States navy. 
Prepared bv Chas. M. Thomas. Wash- 
nigton. iSgi, 5959a- 105 
Office of Naval Intelligjence. 
M tiller y Tejeiro, J[ose. 
Battles and Capitulation of Santiago de 
Cuba. 1898. = 3957.25 
Views of Admiral Cervera regarding the 
Spanish navy in the late war. 1898. = 


State department. 

The American passport; its history and a 

digest of laws, rulings, and regulations 

governing its issuance by the department 


of State. Complied by Gaillard Hunt. 
Washington. = *9J4X.5-I 

United States Consular Reports. Current 
daily issues. = 
Treasury department 

Annual report of the Treasurer of the United 
States, 1898. Washington, 1898. ^353.2-2 

Bureau of Navigation. 
Report of the Commissioner of Naviga- 
tion to the Secretary of the Treasury, 
1884-188. Washington, 1884-98. =^ 

Statement of the condition of the United 
States Treasury and the receipts and ex- 
penditures of the government Current 
daily issues. = 

Synopsis of decisions. Current weekly 
issues. = . . 

Coast and Geodetic Survey. 
Catalogue of charts, coast pilots and tide 
tables, 1897. [Corrected in ms. to Novem- 
ber 3, 1898.1 Washington, 1897. = 


Bureau of statistics. 
Summary of commerce and finance of the 
United States. November, 1898. = 
Commerce of the United States with 
European countries. 1790-1896. [Wash- 
ington, 1897.1 = *564oa.72 
Imports and exports of merchandise. 
1892-1807. [Washington, 1897.] ♦564oa.73 
The United States notes. 1878-1897. 
[Washington, 1898.] Chart. = *564oa.70 
War department. 

Reflations for the Army Transport Ser- 
vice. Washington, 1898. = 9355.1 

The military laws of the United States. 3d 
edition. Prepared ... by George B. Da- 
vis .. . Washington, i^. ♦C.24C.27 

Adjutant general's office. Military informa- 
tion division. 
Military map of the island of Cuba. 1897. 
N. Y., 1897. Size, 29^ X 90^ inches. 
Scale, 1:500000, or, 7.894- miles to i inch. 
. ^ *Map 129.4 

Engmeer department 
Survey of Connecticut river between Hart- 
ford, Conn., and Holyoke, Mass. Letter 
from the Secretary of war, transmitting 
. . . report of survey . . . fby Smith S. 
Leach, dated Nov. y, 1897] . Washing- 
ton, 1897. 6 maps. Folded chart. = 



Military reservations, national military 
parks, and national cemeteries. Title and 
lurisdiction. Prepared by James B. 
McCrellis. Washington, 1898. = *93S3.6- 

Signal service. 
Finley, John P. 
Charts of relative storm frequency for 
a portion of the Nortjiern hemisphere. 
Washington, 1884. Maps. = *596o.55.i4 

Separate States. 

Bureau of labor statistics. 
Annual report, 14th, 1898. 


Woodbridge, S. Homer. 
Schoolhouse warming and ventilation. 
Hartford, 1898. = *9697.— i 

Illinois. Secretary of state. 

List of state officers, judges of Supreme, 
Appellate and Circuit courts, members of 
Congress . . . and county officers. Com- 
piled by James A. Rose. Jan., 1898. 
Springfield, 1898. = 93539731- 

Chicago. City council. 
Report of special committee ... on the 
railway franchises and operations of the 
Chicago city railway co., the North Chi- 
cago city railway co., the North Chicago 
street railway co., the Chicago West divi- 
sion railway co. . . to Jan. i, 1898. Chi- 
cago, 1898, = ♦76soa.79 

Bureau of industrial and labor statistics. 
Annual report, ist-i2th, 1887-1898. Au- 
gusta, 1888-99. = *933i0974i-i 

Department of vital statistics. 
Annual report upon the births, marriages, 
divorces and deaths in the state, ist-5th, 
1892-1896. Augusta, 1894-98. = 


Centennial of the Bulfinch State House; 
exercises before the legislature January 
II, 1898. Boston. Portrs. *99i 7.446-1 

Report of the special committee appointed 
to investigate the relations between 
cities and towns and street railway com- 
panies. Feb., 1898. Boston, 1808. = 

Board of education. 

Course of studies for elementary schools. 

Revised edition. Boston, 1896. = 3595.187 
Bureau of statistics of labor. 

Labor bulletin. No. 1-7. Jan., 1897-July, 

1898. Boston, 1897, 98. = ♦3570a. 1 18 
State board of health. 

Epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis and 

its relations to other forms of meningitis. 

A report. Boston, 1898. Diagrams. Map. 

= 3804,119 

Nevada. Secretary of state. 
Biennial report, 1895/96. Carson City, 1897. 

VT =, ^ *9353.994i- 

New Jersey. Geological survey. John C. 

Smock, state geologist. 
Relief map of New Jersey. 1896. C. C. Ver- 
meule, topographer. [Trenton, 1898.] 
Size, 42 Vie X 23 V* inches. Scale (com- 
puted), 4 miles to i inch. 

No. 15 in ♦Map 44.^ 

Accompanied by a "name-sheet." 

New Mexico. 
Message of governor William T. Thornton 
to the 32d legislative assembly. Jan. 18, 
1897. Santa Fe, N. M., i8p8. = 

No. 2 in ♦9328.7891- 

Published in both English and Spanish, in sep- 
arate volumes, which are shelved on the same 

Norwich, 1898. 


Rules in the Legislative house. 

1897. Santa Fe, 1897. = 
Council journal. Proceedings. 
Jan., 1897. Santa Fe, 1897. = 
New York, state. 
Regents of the university of 
New York. Examination 

32d session^ 
32d session , 
♦9328.7891- • 

the state ofi 


Annual report, 2d-5th, 1894-1897. Albany, 
1895-98. 4 v.bAbnnu 
1895-98. = ♦9379.747-1 

The I St report is included in the Kegents report, 
107. vol. 2, pp. 1335-1413 [6461. 1. 1893? J- 

North Dakota. 

Legislative manual. Containing the con- 
stitution . . . also, rules and standing 
committees of the fifth legislative assem- 
bly and historical, statistical and political 
information. Bismarck, 1897. = 

Commissioner of agriculture and labor. 
Biennial report to the governor for the 
two years ending June 30, 1890-1896, ist- 

4th. Bismarck, 1890-06. = ♦9630.9784-1 
No. I is for the period Nov. s, i88$hOct. 31, 1890. 
No. a is for the two years ending Oct. 31, 1893. 
No. 3 is for the period Nov. 5, 1892- June 30, 1894. 

Orejjon. Secretary of state. 
Biennial report ... for 1895 and 1896. Sa- 
lem, 1897. "^pasappsi- 

Officers, members and committees of the 
Senate of the Senate and House of dele- 
gates. Session 1897/8. Richmond, 1897. 
, 28 pp. 9328.7558- 

Report of the Secretary of state. * Period 
ending Sept. 30, 1896. Cheyenne, 1897. = 

The state of Wyoming. An official publica- 
tion containmg information concerning 
resources of the state. Compiled bv 
Charles W. Burdick. Cheyenne, 1898. 
Portr. Pis. Map on cover. = ♦991 7.87-1 
Report of the State board of equalization, 
1897. Cheyenne, 1898. = *9336.787- 


Argentine Republic. Direccion general de 

correos y telegrafos. 

Mapa de las comunicaciones postales y tele- 

graficas de la Republica Argentina y las 

de sus conexiones con los paises limitrofes. 

Confeccionado por . . . Don Pedro Lopez. 

Buenos Aires, 1898. = No. 5 in ♦Map 128.5 


Coghlan, Timothy Augustine. 
A statistical account of the seven colonies 
of Australasia, [1894], 1895-6, 1897-8. 
Sydney, i894-S)8. Maps. Diagrams. = 



Reports of the special committee on the 

Drummond county railway. Ottawa, 1898. 

= *7034.47 

D^artment of public works. 

Report of the Minister of public works on 

the works under his control for the year 

ended June 30, 1897. Ottawa, 1898. = 


Department of trade and commerce. 

special report on trade between Canada 

and the United States formse of the In- 

; , 49 

ternational commission, Quebec, August, 
185^. Ottawa. 1898. = ♦9382.71- 

Inland revenue department. 
Bulletin of the Laboratory. No. 1-59. 
1887-98. [Ottawa, 1887-98.J = ♦3973.150 

Insurance department. 
Report of the superintendent of insurance 
of the Dominion of Canada for the year 
. . . 1881-1897. Ottawa, 1882-98. = 


North-west mounted police. 
Report of the Commissioner. 1897. Ot- 
tawa, 1898. = *7034-4i 
Great Britain. 

Trade of the British empire and foreign 
competition. Despatch from Mr. Cham- 
berlain to the governors of colonies and 
the high commissioner of Cyprus and re- 
plies thereto. Presented . . . July, 1897. 
London, 1897. 599 pp. = ^9382.42 

Treaties contaming Guarantees or Engage- 
ments by Great Britain, in regard to the 
Territory or Government of other coun- 
tries. London, 1898. 

Diplomatic and Consular Reports. 9382.42.2 
Germany: Production and Export of 

Beer at Hamburg. M.S.485. 
Italy: Trade of Ancona, 1897. A.S.2195. 
Mexico: British export Trade, &c. 

Trade of Vera Cruz, 1807-98. A.S.2194. 
Belgium: Metallurgical Industries of Li- 
ege. 1897. M.S.484. 

Report on the trade of Yiinnan [China]. 

London. [1898. J *9362.si3'-l 

Mexico. Ministerio de fomento. Direccion 

general estadistica. Censo general de 

Censo del estado de Chihuahua. Mexico, 

1898. = ♦43ioa.227 

New Zealand. Minister of labour. 
The labour laws of New Zealand. 2d edi- 
tion. With appendix and supplements.] 
Wellington, ib^, = 3665.87 


Ambrozovics, Bela. 

Das verhaltniss zwischen preis und consum- 
tion beziehentlich production. Anhang: 
anwendung auf die zolltariffrage. Wien, 
1898. = No. 3 in 9330.-2 

Der gemeinwirthschaftliche nutzen der 
eisenbahnen und dessen berechnung. 
Wien. 1888. = No. i in 9330.-2 

Der ungarische eisenbahn-zonentarif und 
meine theorie. Wien, 1808. = 

No. 2 in 9330.-2 

Messung der wirthschaftliche kraft von land- 
ern. Das problem der quote. Wien, 1898. 
= No. 4 in 9330.-2 

Atkinson, Edward. 
The cost of a national crime. The hell of 
war and its penalties. Two treatises. 
Boston, 1898. = ♦9172.4-1 



Acta historica res gestas Poloniae illustrantia 
ab anno 1507 uscjue ad annum 1795. 
Tomus 1-9. Cracoviac, 187&-86. ♦3062. xoi 
Arctowski, H. 

Materyaly do bibliografii prac naukowych 
polskich. Zcstawienie tre^ci 14-*" tomow 
Pami^tnika fizyograficzncgo 1881-1896. 


Balucki, M. 
Pisma. Warszawa, i885-;9i- 6 v. 3065.136 

1. Byle wyz6j. Powiesc. 

2. Btyszcz^ce n^dze. Powiesc wsp6lczesna. 

3. Ostatnia stawka. Nowella. 

4. Sabina. Powiesc. 

5. O kawai ziemi. Powiesc. 

6. Zydowka. Powiesc z ostatnich lat. 
Biblia Swi^ta. Lipsk, 1846. 2 v. 3412.8 

Nowy . . . Testament. Przez X. 

Jakuba Wuyka przelozony. Lipsk, 1832. 

Borkowski, J. S. Dunin-, hrabia. 
Spis nazwisk szlachty polskiej. Lw6w, 1887. 

Brodzinski, K. 

Pisma. Poznan, 1872-74. 8 v. 3065.131 
Caine, T. H. Hall. 

Chrze^cijanin. Powiesc na tic stosunkow 
amerykanskich. Przekiad C. N. Wars- 
zawa, 1898. 3066.192 
Chodzko, A. 
Dokladny siownik polsko-angielski i angiel- 
sko-polski. Wydanie 2. Berlin, 1874. 2 v. 


Chodzko, I. «^ « 

Pisma. Wydanie nowe. Wilno, 1880, 81. 
3 V. 3065.138 

Czacki, T. 
O litewskich i polskich prawach, o ich 
duchu, zrodlacn, zwi^zku, i o rzeczach 
zawartych w pierwszym statucie dla Litwy, 
1529 roku wydanym. Wydanie Kazimierza 
Jozefa Turowskiego. Krakow, 1861. 


Berger, H. 

Latwa metoda gnintownego nauczenia si^ 
w krotkim czasie j^yka angielskiego . . . 
Wydanie wznowione. Warszawa, 1890. 

2489a. lOI 

Czajkowski, M. 
Pisma. Lipsk, 1863-75- " v. 3066.140 

I. Wemynora, wieszcz ukrainski. Powieid 
historyczna z roku 1768. Wydanie 4. 

2. Kirdzali, powiesc naddunajska. Wy- 
danie 2. 

3. Powieki kozackie i gaw^d:^. Wydanie 2. 

4. Owruczanin, powie§6 historyczna z 
1 81 2 roku. Wydanie 2. 

5. Stefan Czarniecki. PowieS6 historyczna. 
Wydanie 2. 

6. Hetman Ukrainy, powies6 historyczna. 
Wydanie 2. 

7. Koszowata i Ukrainki. Wydanie 2. 

8. Anna. Powiesc. 

9. Dziwne zycia polak6w i polek. 

10. Bufgarja. Powiesc slawianslo. 

11. Nemolaka. PowieS6 siawianska. 
Czarnecki, K. 

Siownik polsko-niemiecki. Krotoszyn, 1843. 
^ ♦3037.16 

Ducis, J. F. 

Abufar. Tragedya. (Brodzinski, Pisma, t 
2, str. 320-408. Poznan, 1872.) 3065.131.2 
Fredro, A., hrabia. 
Dzieia. Warszawa, 1880. 12 v. 3065.142 

1. Pan Geldhab; Cudzoziemczyzna; Damy 
i huzary; Zrz^dnoSc i przekora. 

2. M^z i zona; List: Nowy Don Kiszot; 
Pierwsza lepsza; Odludki i poeta. 

3. Przyjaciele; Gwahu, co si^ dzieje; Nikt 
mnie nie zna. 

4. Sluby panienskie; Pan Jowialski; No- 
cleg w Apeninach. 

5. Ciotunia; Zemsta; Dozywocie. 

6. Co tu klopotu; Dwie blizny; Koncert; 
Rymond; Obrona Olsztyna. 

7. Wielki cziowiek do malych interesow; 
Ozenid si^ nie mog^; Pan Benet; Lit» 
& comp. 

8. Wychowanka; Ostatnia wola; Jestenm 

9.* Godzien litoSci; Dylizans; Z jakim sic 
wdajesz, takim si^ stajesz. 

10. Rewolwer; Teraz; Swieczka zgasia; 

11. Trzy po trzy; Zapiski stanicha. \ 

12. Poezye; Nieszcz^Scia najszcz^liwsze£0 
m^za. J 

Fredro, J. A., hrabia. 

Komedye. Wydanie nowe. Warszawa, iSS% 

81. 4 V.' 3o66.iij||f 

I. Przed sniadaniem; Drzemka pana Pre ^ 

pera; Piosnka Wujaszka; roznaj ni^ 

pokochasz. ' : 


2. Posazna jedynaczka; Mentor; Consilium 

3. Obcc iywioly; Kalosze; Trzy domina. 

4. Wielkie bractwo; Ubogi czy bogaty? 
Pr6ba przedstawienia amatorskiego. 

Garczynski, S. 
Poczyc Lipsk, 1863. 3066.136 

Gaszynski, K. 
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Poezje. Wydanie zupehie. Lipsk, 1868. 

Gawalewicz, M. 
Bluszcz. Historya maizenska. Warszawa, 

1895. 3066.162 

Cma. Materyaly do powielcL Wydanie 2. 

Warszawa, 18^3. 3066.154 

Cudak. Powieic. Warszawa, 1895. 3066.179 
Drugie pokolenie. Powiesc. Wydanie 2. 

Warszawa, 1893. 2 v. in i. 3066.163 

Dusze w odlocie. Z pami^tnikow miodego 

lekarza. Nowela. Wydanie 2. Warszawa, 

1807. 3066.172 

Mecnesy. Powiclc. Wydanie 2. Warszawa, 

1894. 3066.164 
Mgia. Powiesc. Warszawa, 1893. 3066.153 
Od jutra. Powiesc wspoiczesna, z papierow 

familijnych spisana. Warszawa, 1895. 

Szubrawcy. Powielc. Warszawa, 1896. 3 v. 


Z mego albumu. Zbi6r szkicow i obrazk6w. 

. Warszawa, 1892. 3066.181 

Zona. Gaierya szkicow z natury. Nowe 

wydanie. Warszawa, 1892. 3066.142 

Gorecki, A. 

Pisma. Wvdanie uprawnione E. L. Kaspro- 

wicza. Lipsk, 1886. 2 v. 3066.141 

Goszczynski, S. 

Dziehi. Nowe wydanie. Lipsk, 1870. 2 v. 


1. Powieici proz^: Oda: Straszny strzelecj 
Krol Zamczyska. roezje firyczne 1 
powiesci wicrszem pomniejsze. 

2. Sobotka; Zamek Kaniowski, powiesc; 
Anna z Nabrzeza, powiesc; Trzy struny. 

Cjrillparzer, F. 

Sato. Tragedya. (Brodzinski, Pisma, t 2, 
str. 461-559. Poznan, 1872.) 3065. 13 1.2 
(^^nidzmski, S. 

Pod szczesliw^ gwiazd^. PowieSc obycza- 

jowa. Warszawa, 1879. 30^6.182 

Poezye. Warszawa, i88j. 3066.156 

Swiat i pustynia. Powiesc. Warszawa, 1897. 

Zona artysty. Powiesc obyczajowa. Kra- 
^ k6w, 1891. 2 V. 3066.143 

^osick, F. 

Slowackim, Krasinskim i Mickiewiczu. 
Studia historyczno-literackie. Krak6w, 

1895. 3066.174 
Samotnosc. Krajobrazy i opowiadania. 

Krakow, 1895. 3066.161 

J ^iinosza, K. 

Buda na karczunku. PowieSc z zycia 

szlachty zagonowej. Warszawa, 1897. 

Czamebioto. (Paj^ki wiejskie.) Warszawa, 
-I895. 3066.145 

Ojciec Prokop. Kartka ze wspomnien. 

Warszawa, 1895. . 3066.167 

Paiaki. Obrazek z zycia Warszawskiego. 

Warszawa, 1^4. 3066.146 

Stracone szczcscie. Powieid. Warszawa. 

1896. 3066.148 



Synowie Pana Marcina. Powie^6 wiejska. 

Warszawa, 1896. ^066.183 

Willa pana regenta. (Obraz z zycia wiej- 

skiego.) Warszawa, 1895. 3066.175 

Kaczkowski, Z. 

Bajronista. Powiesc wsp6iczesna. Wilno, 

1857. 3 V. 3066.188 

Bracia slubni. Warszawa, 1875. 2 v. 

Gr6b Nieczui. Powiesc. Wilno, 1858. 4 v. 


Kato. Warszawa, 1875. 3065. 148. i 

Kobieta w Polsce. Studjum historyczno- 

obyczajowe. Z przedmow^ i uwagami 

Piotra Chmielowskiego. Petersburg, 1895. 

2 V. 3066.176 

Sodalis Marianus. T. i. Warszawa, 1875. 

Kalina, A. 
Artykuly Prawa Magdeburskiego, z r^ko- 
pismu okoio roku 1500. Krak6w, 1880. 

Historya j^zyka polskiego. T. i. Lw6w, 
1883. 503438 

Rozbior krytyczny pieini „Bogarodzica." 
Lwow, 1880. 306^.147 

Study j a nad historyj^ j^zyka buigarskiego. 
Krakow, 1891, 92. 2 v. S037.41 

Kalinka, W. 
Sejm czteroletni. Wydanie 4. Krakow, 
1895. 2 V. ^065.146 

Ustawa trzeciego maja. Usti^p z niewyda- 
nego trzeciego tomu i,Sejmu czterolet- 
niego." Krakow, 1896. 3066.190 

Kluczycki, F. 
Lauda Seimikow Ziemi Dobrzynskiej. Kra- 
k6w, 1887. ♦3062.101. 10 

Kochanowski, T. 
Wszystkie dziela Polskie. Lwow, 1882. 
2 V. 3066.128 

Kondratowicz, L. 
Wybor poezyj Ludwika Kondratowicza. 
(Wiadysiawa Syrokomli.) Wydanie nowe. 
Warszawa, 1890. 5 v. 3066.177 

Kosiakiewicz, W. 
Rodzina Latkowskich. [Powielc.] Warsza- 
wa, 1893. 3065.139 
Kotzebue, A. F. F. von. 
Wolny mularz. Komedya. (Brodzinski, 
Pisma, t 2, str. 409-443. Poznan, 1872.) 

Kozlowski, K. 
Album wojska polskiego z 1831 roku. 
Wydanie 2. Poznan, 1887. ♦39Soa.ii2 

Kozmian, S. 
Pisma wierszem i proz^. Poznan, 1870, 72. 
2 V. 3065.132 

Krasinski, N. A. Z., hrabia. 
Poezje. Lipsk, 1883. 3 v. 3066.139 

1. Wst^p E. L. Kasprowicza; Agaj-Han, 
powiesc historyczna; Nie Boska, kome- 
dja; Noc letnia; Pokusa. 

2. Irydion; Trzy m^sli. 

3. Psalmy przyslosci; Przedlwit; Dzien 
dzisiejszy; Ostatni; Resurrecturis; Nie- 
dokonczony poemat: Uiamek nailadow- 
any z glozy swi^tej Teressy. 

Krechowiecki, A. 
Szary wilk. Powie^d. Warszawa, 1892. 

Lam, J. 
Dziela. Lw6w, 1885. S v. .3066.165 

I. Wielki Iwiat Capowic; Koroniarz w 


2. IdealiSci. 

3. Dziwne karyery. 

4. 5. Giowy do pozloty. 

Wiclki swiat Capowic. rowte^d spolczesna. 

Wydante 3. Krakow, 1881. 3066.147 

Linde, S. B. 

Slownik j^zyka polskiego . . . Wydanie 2. 

Lw6w, 1854-60. 6 V. *303i.6 

1. Przcdmowa. Z)rwot S. B. L. . . . Wst^ 
do slowntka polskiego . . . Prawidia 
etymologii. Poczct pism polskich . . . 

2. G-L. 

3. M-O. 

4. P. 

5. R-T. 

6. U-Z. 
Mackay, Minnie. 

Ksi^zna Ziska (z tajemnic byiu pozagrobo- 
wego). Przez Mary^ Corelfi [pseud.] 
przekiad C. Niewiadomskiej. Warszawa, 
1897. 3066.166 

Morderca. Powie^c. Marya Corelli [pseud.]. 
W przekladzie C. N. Warszawa, 1897. 

2579a. 1 54 

Malecki, A. 

Gramalyka historyczno-por6wnawcza j^zyka 

polskiego. Lwow, 18/9. 2 v. 5034.39 

Gramatyka j^zyka polskiego. Wydanie 8. 

Lwow, 1 891. 503437 

Z przeszlo^ci dziejowej. Pomniejsze pisma. 

Krakow, 1897. 2 v. 3065.143 

Mickiewicz, A. 

Pisma. Nowe wydanie zupeine. Lipsk, 

1862-94. 6 V. 3066.131 

1. Ballady i romanse; Sonety; Powiastki 
i bajki. Wiersze rozne. 

2. Wiersze rozne; Giaur. (Z Lorda By- 
rona); Grazyna, powiesc litewska; Kon- 
rad Wallenrod. Powiesc historyczna. 
(Z dziejow litewskich i pruskicli.); 
Zdania i uwagi z dziel Jakoba Boehme, 
Aniola Szl^zaka i Saint-Martina. 

3. Dziady; Ust^p (Petersburg). 

4. Pan Tadeusz. 

5. Artykuly liierackie; Artykuly politycz- 
ne; Ksi^gi narodu polskiego i piel- 
grzymstwa polskiego; Korespondencya. 

6. Pierwsze wieki historji polskiej; Zywila. 
Powiastka z dziejow litewskich; Hym- 
ny: Najswi^tszej Panny i Chrystusa 
Pana; Elekcja Nerwyj Do przyjaciol 
galicyjskich; Mysli moje o sejmie pol- 
skim; Nekrolog Stefana Garczynskiego; 
Projekt obrony; Przemowa; Tloma- 

Morawski, F. D. 
Pisma zbiorowe wierszem i proz^. Z 
przedmov^ St. Hr. Tarnowskiego. Poz- 
nan, 1882. 4 v. 3065.137 

Mrongovius, C. C. 
Dokiadny slownik polsko-niemiecki. Kon- 
igsberg, 1835. ♦B.4121.1 

Norwid, C. K. 
Poezye. i. wydanie zbiorowe. Lipsk, 1863. 


Odyniec, A. E. 

Barbara RadziwiH6wna, czyli pocz^tek pano- 

wania Zygmunta-Augusta. Poema drama- 

tyczne. Wilno, 1858. 3068.147 

Listy z podrozy. Warszawa, 1878-85. 4 v. 



I, 2. Z Warszawy do Rzymu. 
3. Z Rzymu. 

^ Z Neapolu do Genewy. 
Tiomaczenia. Wydanie 2. Warszawa, 1874. 
4 V. 3066.129 

1. Dziewica z jeziora. Poema Waltera 

2. Piesn ostatniego minstrela. poema Wal- 
tera Skotta; Ballady i basnie. 

3. Korsarz, powiesc Lorda Byrona; Na- 
rzeczona z Abydos, powie^d turecka 
Lorda Byrona; Mazeppa, powieid Lorda 
Byrona: Niebo i Ziemia, drama liryczne 
Lorda Bjrrona. 

4. Czciciele Ognia, powteSc wschodnia 
Tomasza Moora; Peri i raj, powie^ 
wschodnia Tomasza Moora; Dziewica 
Orleanska, tragedya romantyczna Szyl- 

Wspomnienia z przeszio^i. Opowiadane 

Dcotymie. Warszawa, 1884. 3066.185 

Olechnowicz, W. 

Charakterystyka antropologiczna szlachty 

drobnej gminy Grabowo w powiecie 

szczuczynskim, gubemii iomzyfisldej. 

Krakow, 1894. 38:^.110 

Poszukiwania archeologiczne w gub. lubel- 

skiej. Krak6w, 1897. 2233.66 

Orzeszkowa, E. 

Tanie zbiorowe wydanie powie^ci. Warzawa, 

1884-96. 47 V. 3065.135 

1. Ostatnia milo^c. PowieSd. 

2. Z zycia realisty. Obrazek. 

3. W klatce. Powtesd. 

A, 5. Na prowincyi. Powield 

0-9. Pami^tnik Waclawy ze wspomnien 

mlodej panny uiozony. Powiesc. 
10-12. Pan Graba. PowieSd. 

13. Cnotliwi. Powtesd. 

14. Wesola teorya i smutna praktyka. 

15-18. Na dnie sumtenia. Powieid. 

19. Marta. Powiesc. 

20-22. Eli Makower. Powiel6. 

23, 2A, Rodzina Brochwicz6w. Powieid. 

25, 20. Pompalinscy. Powie^d. 

27. Marya. Powiesd. 

28, 2p. Meir Ezofowicz. Powic56. 
30. Sylwek Cmentarnik. Powieic. 
31-35. Z roznych sfer. Nowellc i obrazki. 

36. Zy^munt Lawicz i jego koledzy. 

37. Powie^ci wiejskie. Niziny. 

38. Powiesci wiejskie. Dziurdziowie. 

39. Drobiazgi. 

40. Stare obrazki. 

41. O kobiecie. 

42. Kilka slow o kobietach. 

43. Patryotyzm i kosmopolityzm, studjrnm 

44. Powiesci wiejskie. Cham. 
45-47. Nad Niemnem. Powiesc. 

Melancholicy. Nowele. Warszawa, 18961 
2 V. 3066.144 

Piein przerwana. Warszawa, 1896. 3066.171 
Osinski, L. 

Dziela. Warszawa, 1861. 4 v. 3065.133 

Ossowskt, G. 

Prusy krolewskie. Krak6w, 1879-85. 


Ostatnie lata Witolda. Studyum z dzi^|iar 
intrygi dyplomatycznej. Warszawa, 



Szkice historycznc z xv wieku. Krak<Sw, 

1884. 3066.159 

Ravnouard, F. J. M. 

Templaryusze. Tragedya. (Brodzinski, 

Pisma, t 2, str. 233-327. Poznan, 1872.) 

W^j^tek z tragedy! Marya Sztuart. (Brod- 
zinski, Pisma, t. 2, str. 445-459. Poznan, 
1872.) 3065.131.2 

Siemienski, L. 
Dziehu Warszawa, 1881, 82. 10 v. 3065.134 

1. Varia z literatury, history i, archeologii 
i przyrody. 

2. varia; Roztrz^sania i pogl^dy literackie. 

r5. Portrcty literackie. 
Muzament; Wieczomice. 

7. Wieczornice. 

8. "Wieczomice; Mozaika; Brodzinski; 

9. Poezyc. 

10. Odysseja. 
Sienkiewicz, H. 

Pisma. T. 1-29. Warszawa, 1886-97. 


1. Stary shiga; Szkice w^glem; Janko 
muzykant; Hania. Wydajiie 5. 

2. Listj; z podrozy [po Ameryce]. Wy- 
danie 5. 

3. Listy z podr6zy po Ameryce (dokon- 
czenie); Listy z Rzymu; Wenecyi i 
Paryza; Komedya z pomylek. Wy- 
danie 5. 

4. Przez stepy; Orso; Z pami^tnika poz- 
nanskiego nauczyciela; Czyja wina? 
Za chlebem. Wydanie 4. 

5. Latarnik; Niewola tatarska; Jamioi; 
Na jedn^ kart^; Bartek zwyci^zca. 
Wydanie 3. 

6-9. Ogniem i mieczem. PowieSc z lat 
dawnych. Wydanie j. 

10-15. Potop. rowiesc historyczna. Wy- 
danie 2. 

16-18. Pan Wolodyjowski. Powiesc his- 
toryczna. Wydanie 5. 

19. Ta trzecia; Sachem; Sielanka; Wspom- 
nienia z Maripozy; Z puszczy Bialowie- 
skiej; Wycieczka do Aten. Wydanie 2. 

20. Wyrok Zeusa; Z wrazen wloskich; 
Organista z Ponikiy; U zrodla; Lux in 
tenebris lucet; Badz blogoslawiona! 
Pojdzmy za nimi; Listy o Zoli. Wy- 
danie 2. 

21-23. Bez dogmatu. Powiesc. Wydanie 

24-26. Rodzina Polanieckich. Powiesc. 

Wydanie 2. 
^-29. Quo vadis. Powiesc z czasow Ne- 
rona. Wydanie 2. 
Skarbek, F., hrabia. 
Dzieje Xi^stwa Warszawskiego. Poznan, 
i860. 2 V. 3065.128 

Siowacki, J. 
Pisma. Lipsk, 1862-94. 4 v. 3066.138 

1. Powiesci poetyczne; Mindowe, krol 
Litewski, obraz historyczny; Marja 
Stuart, dramat historyczny; Lambro, 
powstanca grecki, powiesc poetyczna; 
Poezje ulotne. 

2. Kordjan; Anhelli; Ojciec zadzumionich 
w EI-Arisch; W Szwajcarji; Waclaw; 
Poema piasta Dantyszka, herbu Leliwa, 
O piekle; Mazeppa, tragiedja. 




3. Balladya, tragedja; Lilla Weneda; 
Wiersze; Beniowki. 

4. Beniowski; Ksi^dz Marek: Sen srebmy 
Salomei; Ksi^z^ niezlomny; Krol-Duch; 
Do autora trzech psalmow. 

Slownik, Nowy, kieszonkowy polsko-niemie- 
cko-francuzki. Nowe wydanie. Wroclaw, 
1834. ♦B.4119.1 

Smolka, S. 
Szkice historyczne. Serya i, 2. Warszawa, 
1882. 83. 3065.145 

1. Niepoprawny rod; Witofd pod Griin- 
waldem; Dlugosz; Unia z Czechami; 
Slowo o historyi. 

2. Gniazdo T^czynskich; Po bitwie mo- 
hackiej; Czarny I wan; Spor z koscio- 
lem; Marya Stuart. Winna czy nie 

Wycieczka do W^gier. ' Lwow, 1882. 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. 
Przygody Ksi^cia Ottona. Przeklad z an- 
gielskiego C. N. Warszawa, 1897. 


Stowe, Harriet Beecher. 

Chata wuja Tomasza. Nowe wydanie. 

Warszawa, 1877. 2394.66 

Chata wuja Tomasza. Przetlumaczyl Fran- 

ciszek Dydacki. Lwow, 1853. 2 v. 

Szajnocha, C. 

Dzieia. Szkice historyczne. 
1876. 2 V. 
Szymanski, A. 
Szkice. Petersburg, 1890. 2 v. . _ . . 

1. Srul z Lubartowa: Pan J^drzej Kraw- 
czykowski; Maciej Mazur; Stolarz Kow- 
alski ; Przewoznik. 

2. Hanusia; Dwie modlitwy. 
Ujejski, K. 

Poezje. Nowe wydanie z wyboru autora. 

Lipsk, 1894. 2 V. 3066.132 

Waliszewski, K. 

Archiwum spraw zagranicznych francuskie 

do dziejow Jana Trzeciego. Krakow, 

1879-84. 3 V. *3o62.ioi.3,5»7 

1. Lata od 1674 do 1677. 

2. 1 677-1 679. 

3. 1 680-1 683. 
Wiland, W. Swi^czyc-. 

Czarny porucznik. Powiesc. Warszawa, 
1897. 3065.129 

Wiszniewskij M. 
Historya literatury polskiej. Krakow, 1840- 

57. 9 V. 3064.13 

Zacharjasiewicz, J. 
Chleb. Powiesc wspolczesna. Petersburg, 

1895. 3066.151 

Jarema; Slub mimo woli; Wierutna bajka. 

Wydanie nowe. Warszawa, 1888. 3066.155 
Jedna Krew. Pomylka serca. Lwow, 1883. 

Marcyan Kordysz. Powiesc. Wydanie 

nowe. Warszawa, 1888. 3066.152 

Na Kresach. Powiesc z naszych czasow, 

w trzech cz^sciach. Wydanie nowe. 

Warszawa, 1888. 3065.141 

Nemezys. Wydanie nowe. Warszawa, 188(5. 

Orion i Chrvzantema, czyli, Romans w xx 

wteKu. Warszawa, 1895. 3066.160 

Porwanic Sabina. Powiesc z naszych 

czasow. Wydanie nowe. Warszawa. 1887: 



Teorya Pana Filipa. Obrazek. Lw6w, 1881. 


Wiktorya Regina. Ze wspomnien narze- 

czon^j. Wydanie nowe. Warszawa, 1881. 


Zakryte karty. Powieid W8p6kzesna. 

Lw6w, 1874. 3 V. 3066.168 

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Ludnosc miasta Warszawy przyczynek do 

charakterystyki fizycznej. Krak6w, 1895. 


Wzrost w kr6]estwie Polskiem. Przyczynek 

do charakterystyki fizycznej Po]ak6w. 

Krakow, 1891. 3822.12^ 

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Polskiej. (Wisfa, torn i. Warszawa, 

1887.) 3822.136 

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Pisma. Wydanie zbiorowe przejrzane przez 

autora. Lwow, 1877. 4 v. 3006.130 

Zebrzydowski, A. 

Andrzeja na Wi^cborku Zebrzydowskiego 


biskupa wlodawskiego i knkowskiego 
korespondencyja z lat 15^1553, z prrr- 
daniem Synodow r. 1547 1 1551, jako te'z 
innych dokument6w wsp61czesnych wy- 
dana przez Dra Wladysiawa Wis^ockiego. 
Krakow, 187a *3o62.ioi.i 

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Kirgiz. Powieid. Lw6w. [1850.] 3069.170 

Peryodyczne Spisania. 

Biez^ce numery trzyniaj% si^ w Periodical 


Ateneum. Pismo naukowe i literackie. Tom 

85- Warszawa, 1897- 

Periodical Room 774; *7267.30 
Tygodnik illustrowany. 1897- Warszawa, 

1897- Periodical Room 1681; ^7400.15 






Jst was compiled for use in connection with the Central Course 
e Free Municipal Lectures, delivered in the Old Public Library 
1 January 12, 19, 26 and February 3. It contains the titles of a 
addresses, and articles in current magazines and newspapers on 
of territorial expansion, which are to be found in the Boston 

litional material consult the Reference Attendant at the Bates Hall Desk; also 
ilogue under the headings Philippine islands, Cuba, Porto Rico, and Hawaiian 

VND Magazine Articles. 

es Francis. 

n" and "The tracks of our fore- 
Boston, 1899. 

Shelf-number 4228.72 

Letter to Hon..Carl.Schurz. 

of the ways. (In International 
Ethics, Oct., 1898.) 
empire. (In Spectator, Dec. 3, 

ate on expansion. (In Spectator, 



■ a national crime. The hell of 

ts penalties. Boston, 1898. 

;on E. 
in our possessions. (In Inde- 

Dct. 6, 1898.) 


in assimilating Hawaii. (In 

lerican Review, Oct., 1898.) 
Drge S. 

nd imperialism. Washing^ton, 


■ton Evcnin«: Transcript, Nov. j, i8q8. 

iment of newly acquired terri- 
i Atlantic Monthly. Dec, 1898.) 

Joseph C. 
l1 folly and its victims. (In North 

Review. Oct., 1898.) 
aymond L. 

ation problem. (In New Eng- 
azine, Sept., 1898.) 

Briggs, Edmund. 
The open door, and the constitution. (In 
Catholic World, Jan., 1899.) 
Bryce, James. 
Some thoughts on the policy of the United 
States. (In Harper's Magazine, Sept., 
Cabot, Godfrey L, 
Hawaiian annexation. Boston, 1897. 

3049a. 1 75 
Carlisle, John G. 
Our future policy. (In Harper's Magazine, 
Oct., 1898.) 
Carnegie, Andrew. 
Americanism vs. imperialism. (In North 
American Review, Jan., 1899.) 
Chamberlain, Joseph. 
Recent developments of policy in the United 
States and their relation to an Anglo- 
American alliance. (In Scribner's Maga- 
zine. Dec, 1898.) 
Clowes, William L. 
American expansion and the inheritance of 
the race. (In Fortnightly Review, Dec, 
Collier. James. 
Evolution of colonies. (In Popular Science 
Monthly, Nov.. 1898.) 
Colquhoun, Archibald R. 
Eastward expansion of the United States. 
(In Harper's Magazine, Nov., 1898.) 
Conant, Charles A. 
The economic aspect of imperialism. Tin 
North American Review, Sept., 1898.) 
Denby, Charles. 
The doctrine of intervention. (In Forum, 
Dec, 1898.) 



Our relations with the far east. (In Mun- 

sey*s Magazine, Jan., 1899.) 
Shall we keep the Philippines? (In Forum, 
Nov.. 1898.) 
Dicey, Edward. 
New American imperialism. (In Nineteenth 
Century Magazine, Sept., 1898.) 
Dilke, Sir Charles W., and others. 
The problem of the Philippines. (In North 
American Review, Sept., 1898.) 
Duffield. J. Davis. 
Address at the Foreign policy conference 
held at Saratoga, August 19, 1898. Phila., 
1898. 442oa.82 

Faraday, Ethel R. 
Some economic aspects of the imperial idea. 
(In Fortnightly Review, Dec, 1898.) 
Fenollosa, Ernest F. 
The coming fusion of east and west. (In 
Harper's Magazine, Dec, 1898.) 
Fisher, Horace N. 
Development of our foreign policy. (In 
Atlantic Monthly, Oct., 1898.) 
Foster, Burnside. 
Leprosy and the Hawaiian annexation. (In 
North American Review, Sept., 1898.) 
Giddings. Franklin H. 
Imperialism? (In Political Science Quar- 
terly. Dec. 1898.) 
Greene. Jacob L. 
Letter to Rev. Francis G. Peabody. Hart- 
ford. May II, 1898. 442oa.79 
Hart, Albert B. 
Brother Jonathan's colonies. (In Harper's 

Magazine. Jan.. 1899.) 
The United States as a world power. (In 
Harper*s Magazine, Feb., 1899.) 
Hazeltine. Mayo W. 
What shall be done about the Philippines? 
(In North American Review, Oct., 1898.) 
Hoar, George F. 
No constitutional power to conquer foreig^n 
nations and hold their people in subjec- 
tion against their will. Speech in the 
Senate, Jan. 9, 1899. Washington, 1899. 

Imperialism, true and false. (In Yale Review, 

Aug.. 1898.) 
Jordan. David S. 
Colonial lessons of Alaska. (In Atlantic 

Monthly, Nov., 1898.) 
Imperial democracy. Boston. 18^. [Women's 
educational and industrial union. Leaflet 
8.] 4228.74 

From the New World, Dec, i8q8. 

"Lest we forget." An address. Palo Alto, 
1898. • 442oa.77 

Judson. Harry P. 
Our federal constitution and the govern- 
ment of tropical territory. (In Review of 
Reviews, Jan., 1899.) 
Judson, Thomas J. 

Evolution and the Spanish-American war. 
(In National Magazine, Feb., 1899.) 
Kidd, Benjamin. 
The control of the tropics. N. Y.. 1898. 

The United States and the control of the 
tropics. (In Atlantic Monthly, Dec, 

Lodge, Henry Cabot 
Meaning of the American revolution. (In 
Scribner*s Magazine, Dec, 1898.) 
Lowell, A. Lawrence. 
The colonial expansion of the United States. 
(In Atlantic monthly, Feb., 1899.) 
MacDonald, William. 
Dangers of imperialism. (In Forum, Oct, 

Imperialism vs. the constitution. (In Na- 
tion. Jan. 12. 1899.) 
McMaster, John B. 
Annexation and universal suffrage. (In 
Forum, Dec, 1898.) 
Mahan. Alifred T. 
Relation of the United States to her new 
dependencies. (In Engineering Maga- 
zine. Jan., 1899.) 
Olney, Richard. 
International isolation. (In Atlantic Month- 
ly. May. 1898.) 
Powers. Fred Perry. 
The United States as a colonial power. (In 
Lippincott's Magazine, Aug., 1898.) 
Powers. Harry H. 
The war as a suggestion of manifest des- 
tiny. Phila.. i^. fAmerican academy 
of political and social science. Publica- 
tions. No. 235.] 442oa.8i 
Proctor, John R. 
Isolation or imperialism. (In Fomm, Sept, 
Reid, Whitelaw. 
The territory with which wc are threatened. 
(In Century Magazine, Sept, 1898.) 
Report of the Hawaiian commission, ap- 
pointed in pursuance of the "Joint resolu- 
tion to provide for annexing the Hawaiian 
Islands to the United States." Approved 
July 7, 1898. Washington, 1898. 

Ridpath, John C. 
The republic and the empire. (In Arena, 
Sept., 1898.) 
Schurz Carl. 
Imperialism. (In Century Magazine, Sept, 
Sumner, William G. 
The conquest of the United States by Spain. 
(In Yale Alumni Weekly, Jan. 19, 1899.) 
Taylor. Hannis. 

Pending problems in the light of history. 
(In North American Review, Nov., 1898.) 
Teller. Henry M. 
Acquisition and disposition of territory. 
Speech in the Senate. Dec. 20, 1898. 


Thurston, Lorin A. 
A handbook on the annexation of Hawaii 
St. Joseph, Mich., 1897. 3049^IJS 

Vest. George G. 
Objections to annexing the Philippines. (In 
North American Review, Jan., 1899.) 
Whitfield, A. H. 
The Philippines. Should they be annexed? 
(In Cosmopolitan, Jan., 1899.) 
Woolsey. Theodore S. 
America's foreign policy. N. Y., 1898. 


The daily course of debate in Congress can be< fal- 
lowed in the Congrressional Record, to be found ixltlil 
lical Room of the Boston Public Library. f 




Newspaper Clippings 


Abbott, Lyman. 

Lecture in the Free municipal lecture 
course in Boston. (In Boston Journal, 
Jan. 20, 1899.) 
Adams, Charles K. 

Address at the University of Indiana. (In 
Washington Star, Jan. 21, 1899.) 
Agoncillo, Felipe. 

Argument at Washington. (In Chicago 
Tribune, Jan. 16, 1899.) 
Anti-Imperialist league. 

Petition to be presented to Congress. (In 
Boston Daily Advertiser, Dec. 8, 1898.) 
Baldwin, Simeon E. 
Views given before the American historical 
association. (In Boston Herald, Dec. 30.) 
Barrett, John. 

Address before the Shanghai Chamber of 
Commerce. (In New York Tribune, 
Jan. 17.) 
Barrows, Samuel J. 

Statement. (In Boston Herald, Jan. 16.) 
Bcrle, Adolph A. 
Address to the Ancient and honorable artil- 
lery company. (In Boston Evening Tran- 
script. Dec. 29.) 
Bigelow, Poultney. 

Statement. (In Boston Evening Tran- 
script, Jan. 20.) 
Boutelle. Charles A. 

SDeech before the Boston Merchants' club. 
(In Boston Herald, Jan. 4.) 
Boutwell, George S. 

Speech before the Congregational club. 
Boston, Dec. 27. (In Boston Daily Ad- 
vertiser. Dec. 28.) 
Speech in Academy ball, Salem. (In Bos- 
ton Globe, Jan. 10.) 
Bnran, William J. 

Speech at Jackson day banquet. Cincin- 
nati, O. (In New York World, Jan. 7.) 
Speech at Lincoln, Neb. (In New York 

Herald, Dec. 24.) 
Speech at Savannah, Ga. (In Springfield 

Daily Republican, Dec. 14.) 
Speech at Springfield, 111. (In Boston 

Evening Transcript, Jan. 5.) 
Speech before Chicago club. (In Boston 

Journal, Dec. 21.) 
Speech in Denver. (In Boston Herald, 
Jan. 18.) 
Capen. Elmer H. 

Speech at the dinner of the Boston Congre- 
gational club. (In Boston Evening Tran- 
script, Dec. 28.) 
Chamberlain, Daniel H. 

Address to Quaboag historical society of 
Warren. (In Boston Herald, Dec. 7.) 
Clark, Francis E. 

Discussion. (In Boston Globe, Jan. 19.) 
Collins. Patrick A. 
Speech at banquet of Younj? Men's Demo- 
cratic club. (In Springfield Daily Re- 
Cortez. John Maximo. 
Statement favoring annexation. (In Chi- 
cago Tribune, Dec 11.) 


Croker, Richard. 
Statement sent to the New York Journal. 

(In New York Tribune, Jan. 7.) 
Open letter. (In New York World, Jan. 7.) 
Dawes, Henry L. 
Shall the treaty be ratified? Letter to the 
Congregationalist, Jan. 5. 
De Armond, David. 
Speech before the Boston Merchants' club, 
(fn Boston Herald, Jan. 4.) 
Edmunds, Ge rp-e F. * 
Statement regarding the expansion ques- 
tion. (In Boston Herald, Jan. 9.) 
Foraker, Joseph B. 
Reply to Turner, in the Senate. (In Chicago 

Tribune, Jan. 19.)- 
Speech in the Senate. (In Boston Globe, 
and Boston Journal, Jan. 12.) 
Foulke. William D. 
Reply to Frank Drew on the weakness of 
the anti-expansion arguments. (In Chi- 
cago Tribune, Dec. 15.) 
Fox, Austen G. 
Speech before the Continental League, New 
York. (In New York Evening Post, Jan. 
Garrison, William Lloyd. 
Speech to Woman's suffrage club. (In Bos- 
ton Herald, Dec. 14.) 
Gray, George. 
Speech at Wilmington. (In Chicago Trib- 
une, Jan. 15.) 
Hale, Eu§:ene. 
Resolutions presented in the Senate. (In 
Boston Daily Advertiser, Dec. 12.) 
Hamlin, Charles S. 
Speech before the Young Men's Democratic 
club. (In Boston Daily Advertiser, 
Dec. 20.) 
Harlan', John M. 
Speech before the Men's club of the New 
York Avenue Presbyterian Church. (In 
Boston Journal, Jan. 12.) 
Hart, Albert B. 
Lecture in the Free municipal lecture 
course in Boston. (In Boston Journal, 
Jan. 13.) 
Haskell. Edwin B. 
Speech at dinner of Reform club. (In Bos- 
ton Daily Transcript, Dec. 5.) 
Higginson, Thomas W. 
Address in the Parker memorial lecture 
course. CIn Boston Journal, Dec. 23.) 
Hoar, George F. 
Letter to the Boston Merchants' club. (In 

Boston Herald, Jan. 4.) 
Resolution in the Senate. (In Springfield 

Republican, Jan. 15.) 
Resolutions presented in the Senate. (In 

Boston Evening Transcript. Dec. 12.) 
Speech before the New Encrland society at 
Charleston, S. C. (In Boston Journal. 
Dec. 23.) 
Speech in the Senate. Jan. 9. (In Boston 
Journal. Jan. 10.) 
Hykes. John R. 
Report to the American Bible society. (In 
Boston Herald. Tan. 16.) 

Also in Providence Journal, Jan. x6. 
Janes. Lewis G. 

Lecture before the Cambridge conference. 
(In Boston Evening Transcript, Dec. 12.) 



Knowlton, Rosea M. 
Speech before the Boston Merchants' club. 
(In Boston Herald, Jan. 4.) 
Lodge, Henry Cabot. 
Speech in the Senate. (In Boston Herald, 
Jan. 25.) 
McKinley, William. 
Address to the public in the Auditorium in 
Piedmont park. (In Boston Journal, 
Dec. 15.) 
McLaurin, John L. • 

Address before the Senate. (In Boston 
Evening Transcript, Jan. 13.) 
McMaster, John B. 
Views on expansion. (In Boston Herald, 
Dec. II.) 
Mahan, Alfred T. 
Address before the New York chapter of 
the Colonial Order. (In New York 
World. Dec. i.) 
Mason. William E. 
Speech in the Senate. (In New York 
Times. Jan. 11, and Washington Post, 
Jan. II.) 
Meiklejohn, George D., Asst. Sec. of War. 

Our mission. (In Boston Journal, Jan. 22.) 
Nelson, Knute. 
Speech in the Senate. (In Boston Herald, 
Jan. 21.) 
Perkins, George C. 
Speech before the Merchants' club, Boston. 
(In Boston Herald, Jan. 4.) 
Piatt, Orville H. 
Address to the Senate. (In Boston Journal, 
Dec. 20.) 
Quincy. Josiah. 

Speech at Young Men's Democratic club. 
Rainsford, William S. 
Sermon at St. George's church. (In New 
York Tribune, Dec. 5.) 
Raymond, Andrew V. V. 

(In Boston Daily Advertiser. Dec. 20.) 
Talk to students of Union university. (In 
New York Sun, Jan. 16.) 
Roosevelt, Theodore. 
Speech at a dinner of the New England so- 
ciety of Brooklyn. 
Schurz. Carl. 
Address at Chicago university. (In Boston 
Evening Transcript, Jan. 4, 5, 6, 7.) 
Sherman, John. 
Letter. (In New York Worid, Dec. 8.) 
Letter to Anti-Imperialist league. (In Bos- 
ton Herald, Dec. 8.) 
Smith, Emory. 
Address before the Contemporary club. 
(In Washington Post, Jan. 11.) 
Taylor, Charles H. 
Address at the Auditorium Annex, Chicago. 
(In Boston Evening Transcript, Jan 17.) 
Teller, Henry M. 
Address to the Senate. (In Boston Journal, 
Dec. 21.) 


Thurston, John M. 
Statement favoring expansion. (In Chicago 
Tribune, Dec. 27.) 
Turner, George F. 
Address to the Senate. (In Boston Jour- 
nal, Jan. 19.) 
Vest, George G. 
Resolution in the Senate. (In Boston Daily 

Advertiser. Dec. 7.) 
Speech in the Senate. (In Boston Herald, 
Dec. 13.) 
Watterson, Henry. 
Speech before the Patria club. (In Boston 
Daily Globe, Dec. la) 
White. Stephen M. 
Address to the Senate. (In Boston Herald* 
Jan. 24.) 
Whittier, Charles A. 
Letter to Boston Merchants' club. (In Bos- 
ton Herald, Jan. 4.) 

The Views and Experiences op otbei 

Countries may be found in the 

Following Works. 

Besant, Sir Walter. 
The rise of an empire. London, 1897. 

Dilke. Sir Charles W. 
Problems of Greater Britain. London, 189a 

Donnet, Gaston. 
The French colonial craze. (In Fortnightly 
Review, Dec, 1898.) 
Egenon, Hugh E. 
A short history of British colonial policy. 
London, 1897. 45ISI34 

Froude, James A. 
Oceana, or England and her colonies. Loo* 
don, 1886. 2412.71; 2412.72 

Ireland, W. Alleyne. 
European experience with tropical colonies. 
(Atlantic Monthly, Dec., 1898.) 
Leroy-Beaulieu, Paul Pierre. 
De la colonisation chez les peuples mo- 
dernes. 2e Edition. Paris, 1882. 3563.81 
Lewis, Sir George C. 
An essay on the government of depend- 
encies. Oxford, 1891. 3501.12a 
Seeley, John Robert. 
The expansion of England. London, Bos- 
ton, 1883. 24i9a.54; 2419^-56 
Todd. Alpheus. 
Parliamentary government in the British 
colonies. 2d edition. London, 1894. 

Vignon. Louis. 
L*expansion de la France. Paris, 1891. 

Wilkinson, Spenser. 
The nation s awakening. Essays toward a 
British policy. Westminster, 1896. 




I ■■» I 

This guide was prepared by Mr. John Murdoch of the Staff for a meeting of the 
Teachers' Geography Club held in Boston on January i6. It is intended merely to direct 
students of geography in making use of the material in this Library. 

1. The General Catalogue. All books and pamphlets which have 
been catalogued separately (including also articles in some periodicals) are 
to be looked for in the general card catalogue. The heading "Geography" 
comprises ail works on the science of geography in general and works de- 
scriptive of the whole earth (excepting gazetteers, which will be found under 
the heading "Geography. Dictionaries"), and is followed by the supplemen- 
tary headings "Geography. Bibliography," "Geography. Dictionaries," 
**Geography. History," "Geography. Periodicals," "Geography. Study 
and teaching oL" For special branches of geography, the headings to be 
consulted are as follows: "Commercial geography," '^Geographical dis- 
tribution of animals," ''Geographical distribution of men," "Geographical 
distribution of plants," "Mathematical geography," "Medical geography," 
*'Names, Geographical," "Physical geography," "Physiography," "Topog- 
raphy." The headings "Discoveries," "Karth," "Voyages," "World" should 
also be consulted. 

Geographical journals and the transactions of geographical societies are 
to be found under the heading "Geography. Periodicals." Accounts of 
travels in special regions, and descriptions of particular countries should be 
looked for under the name of the country, subdivision "Geography, descrip- 
tion and travel" — e.g., "Africa, South. Geography, description and travel" ; 
but the physical geography of any special region will be found in the sub- 
division "Geology" under the name of the region — e.g., "Africa, South. 
Geology." For descriptions of the inhabitants of the earth, the reader should 
consult the heading "Ethnology," and the subdivision "Ethnology" under 
the names of countries — e.g., "Africa, South. Ethnology." Particular fea- 
tures of nature will be found under their own names, as "Glaciers," "Moun- 
tains," "Rivers," etc. The titles of many atlases and maps are also in the 
general catalogue, but such material may be found more easily by consulting 
the map catalogue on the Special Libraries Floor. 

2. Special Catalogues. There are two special card catalogues in the 
library of importance to students of geography. The first is the map cata- 
logue just mentioned. This contains the titles of all separate maps, atlases, 
and charts, and of all important maps which are to be found in books of 
travel, etc., and is arranged on the same principle as the general catalogue. 
It is kept on the Special Libraries Floor, near the collection of maps. The 
other catalogue is kept near the main card catalogue, and is an index of arti- 
cles published in certain scientific journals, transactions of learned societies, 
etc., beginning with the year 1898, and is also arranged on the same prin- 
ciple as the general catalogue. The following strictly geographical journals 

6o February 

are indexed in this catalogue : American geographical society, Journal ; Geo- 
gratisk 1 idskrift ; Geographical journal ; Oesenschaft fiir Jirdkunde, Berlin, 
V erhandiungen und Zeitschrift ; Petermanns Mitteiiungen and Krganzungs- 
hefte ; Scottish geographical magazine ; Societe de geographie, Paris, Bul- 
letin ; and Societe royaie beige de geographie, Bulletins. Geographical arti- 
cles occurring in the other journals indexed will be found in this catalogue 
under their proper headings. 

3. Bibliographies. For articles on geographical subjects in general 
periodical literature, the student should consult the standard indexes. These 
are first of all, Poole's Index to periodical literature, with its three supple- 
ments [*5i8oa.7], which is to be found in the Bates Hall reference library, 
and in the periodical reading room, the Cumulative index to a selected list 
of periodicals, published by the Cleveland Public Library, beginning with 
1896 [*2 1 72.24], also in the periodical reading room, the Cooperative index 
to periodicals L*3^72-5]> which with its continuation, the Annual literary 
index [*3i72.6], has been running since 1885, the Index to the periodicals 
of 1890-97 [**3i72.9] published annually by the Review of reviews (in the 
Bates Hall reference library), and for French periodical literature only, 
Jordeirs **Repertoire bibliographique des principales revues fran<;aises" 
[B.H.ref.881.4], which began in 1897, and resembles Poole's Index in its 
scope and simplicity of arrangement. The corresponding publication for 
German literature is '^Bibliographic der deutschen Zeitschriften-Litteratur," 
edited by Dietrich [B.H.ref.881.5], beginning with 1896. 

In addition to the special geop*raphical bibliographies which are to be 
found under the heading **Geography. Bibliography," there are two which 
are of importance for recent geographical literature, the "Geographical lit- 
erature of the month" in each number of the Geographical journal [*6266.2], 
and the '*Litteraturbericht," issued as a supplement in each number of Peter- 
manns Mitteiiungen [*627i.i]. Both of these contain references to articles 
in periodicals as well as to books. For students who wish to keep up with 
the latest work in geography, travel, and exploration, such lists as those pub- 
lished by Mr. John Ritchie, jr. (List of the books in the English language 
on travel, exploration, and mountaineering . . . 1897) [*2i 77. 14], are of the 
greatest value. Readers who wish to keep informed of the latest publications 
on these subjects received at the library, will find the desired information in 
the Monthly Bulletin, under the heading "Geography. Travels," and in the 
Annual list of new and important books added to the library, under the same 

4. Special Lists. From time to time, the Library has published lists 
of books on special subjects. Among these, the following are of interest to 
the student of geography : Afghanistan, in the Quarterly bulletin no. 48 ; 
Hawaii in no. 92 ; Eg}'pt in no. 94 ; Africa, and Alps in no. 95 ; Arctic re- 
gions, in no. 96; Corea, Japan, China in no. 99; The Yukon gold fields, 
together with works on Alaska, in the Monthly bulletin for September, 1897 ; 
and The Philippines, Cuba, and the West Indies, in the Monthly bulletin for 
July, 1898. Most of these lists can still be obtained in separate form at the 

For ready reference, there are some 200 selected volumes on geography, 
general and special, with a collection of atlases, on the open shelves in Bates 
Hall (northern end). 




Municipal Lectures. On page 55 will be Branches and Stations. A new delivery 

found a list of references to books and cur- station. Station U, 62 Union Park St., was 

rent articles on Imperialism. These were opened December 27. 

supplied by the Library for use in connection Station A. Lower Mills Reading Room, has 

with the first central course of free municipal been refurnished and the p^s lijrht jzrreatly 

lectures. The books, etc^ referred to, were improved by the addition of chandeliers, 

kept, so far as possible, for use in Bates Hall, Extensive chancres have been made in the 

or were issued for a limited time. Where prac- interior of the Bricrhton Branch with the pur- 

ticable similar lists will be provided for sue- pose of providing for free access to the shelves. 

ceeding courses of lectures. The larger part of the books may now be 

Division of Documents. Recognizing the directly handled by the public. „. . ^ , 

growing importance of international questions, •. ^\ ^^^ tV'^^.T^' a^^^'^^I ^^^^"' ?^i"*^ 

the Librarv has made preparations for receiv- Boston and South End Branches the shelves 

ing the more important state papers ol Great contammg books on history have been thrown 

Britain. France and Germany, as thev are ^P^" * V^ "" i^"?^**"' 17 . i. . . e ,. 

issued. While the system is as yet undeveloped, ^ "^J^^ Charlestown, East Boston and South 

the value of it to the public and to special S?/*'V!.^?r^"''^^^ |,^^^»°" S' ^^« H^" 

students of international law and commercial ^'^^ P c ^ Delivery Station, are open this 

relations is already recognized, and may be ZlTL "i" ^"1?^^^ ^'^'' *5^ '^!,"^ "^^ ^^^^^ ^^ 

illustrated by recent accessions in this parti- ^«" ^^ ^^^ reference and reading. 

cular line: The correspondence between France r'TiTTc Tr\ ttttt t tt»t> a T»ir 

and Great Britain on Madagascar, of high GIFTS TO THE LIBRARY, 

commercial interest; the proposal of the Czar -. ^ _ , , , 

of Russia for a conference on armaments; the f^,^ the Galatea Collection of books 

English treaties containing guarantees or en- jeJatmg to the history of woman : 23 volumes 

gagements by Great Britain, in regard to the '^^m Col. T W. Higginson the donor of the 

territory or government of other countries; col ection; from Professor J E. Brady Smith 

and the lease (with a map) of land adjacent ^9"effe. her work on Women m Roman 

to Hong Kongr entered into between China ^"erature. 

and Great Britain. From Germany have been tto^w -„„ u/vr-rr^ c^^,«.-„. wr ^'r t *• 

received the proceedings of the labor con- ^^l^V^^^^Jn^^^^ 

gresses held In May and August, 1898; a ^^'^^'^ '" twenty-one volumes. 

critical essay by Dr. Neumann-Hofer on the Frqm the Family of William Lloyd 
growth of the social-democratic party as Garrison, through his son, William Lloyd 
shown b3f the recent elections of Germany; Garrison, letters relating to the anti-slavery 
and a series of papers on German commerce, movement in the United States during the 
one of which treats of the commerce of Ger- years 1839 to 1842, addressed to William Lloyd 
many with the United States. Garrison, but also includinj? letters to and 
Exhibitions. In December and January from Francis Jackson of Boston, John A. 
photogrraphs and plates were hung in the Fine Collins, agent of the Massachusetts Anti-slav- 
Arts room, of paintings of madonnas, of ery society, and Elizabeth Pease of Darling- 
English country churches, French chateaux, ton, England; also a card index to letters of 
French cathedrals, buildings in Paris, and 1830 to 1838, presented a few years ago; also 
famous facades, extending the list of "greatest four volumes, "William Lloyd Garrison, 1805- 
lacades." voted for in the expression of opinion 18/9, the story of his life told by his children." 
asked for by the "Brochure Series of Archi- Two copies, one in sheets to be placed with 
tectural Illustration" for September, 1898. the Garrison letters. 





(Founded in 1836 by John Lowell, Jr., and Bstablished in 1839.) 

The Trustee of the Lowell Institute under the will of John Lowell, Jr., 
maintains annually in the city of Boston various Courses of Free Public Lec- 
tures. For the sixtieth season (1898-99) four distinct Series are provided, 
to all of which Admission is Free, but only by ticket and under certain con- 
ditions. A Prospectus may be obtained by sending to the Curator of the 
Lowell Institute, 491 Boylston St., Boston, a stamped, addressed envelope. 
Further information in regard to the several Series of Lectures is given below. 

Augustus Lowell, Trustee. 


The Ninth Course will be eight lectures 
by Thomas Dwight, M.D., LL.D., Parkman 
Professor of Anatomy in Harvard University, 
on The Significance of Variations of the 
Human Body. On Tuesdays and Fridays at 
7.45 P.M., beginning Jan. 24. 

The Tenth Course will be six experimental 
lectures by James Mason Crafts, LL.D.. Presi- 
dent of the Massachusetts Institute of Tech- 
nology, Member of the National Academy of 
Sciences, etc., on Lamp, Candle and Gas 
Lighting. On Mondays and Thursdays at 
7.45 P.M., beginning Jan. 30. 

The Eleventh Course will be eight lec- 
tures by Professor Albert A. Michelson, of the 
University of Chicago, on Light Waves and 
their Application. Tuesdays and Fridays 
at 7.45 P.M., beginning Feb. 21. 

Tickets for the Lectures in Huntington 
Hall may be obtained Free (by adults) at the 
Cadet's Armory: for Professor Michelson's 
Course on Saturday, Feb. 18, at 10. a.m. 

W. T. Sedgwick, Curator. 


Under the auspices of the Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology. 

Twenty Courses of lectures on various 
literary, scientific and technical subjects will 
be given during the present season by Pro- 

fessors in the Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology. A special circular giving full 
particulars, with instructions for securing 
tickets, may be obtained by sending a 
stamped, addressed envelope to Professor H. 
W. Tyler. Secrctarv. Lowell Free Courses, 
Mass. Institute of Technology, Boston. 

Under the auspices of the Boston Society of 

Natural History. 

Special Lectures on scientific subjects, 
for teachers, will be given during the winter 
by the Lowell Institute, under the auspices of 
the Boston Society of Natural History. Full 
particulars, with mstructions how to secure 
tickets, may be obtained by sending a 
stamped, addressed envelope to the Teachers* 
School of Science. Lowell Lectures, Boston 
Society of Natural History. Boston. 


Under the auspices of the Wells Memorial 


^ A Series of lectures on subjects of prac- 
tical importance to workinjjmen will be given 
by the Lowell Institute during the present 
winter under the auspices of the Wells Memo- 
rial Institute. 987 Washington St. Full par- 
ticulars may be obtained by sending a 
stamped, addressed envelope to the Secretary, 
Lowell Free Lectures. Wells Memorial Insti- 
tute, 987 Washington St., Boston. 




Tlie Central Library. 

Annual List of new books, 1896-97. 

.05; by mai!, .15 

Plan of Boston, drawn by Chevalier Daux ia 
i6g2. In Bulletin no. 95. 

Catalogues of Special Collections. 

u„ D..ii.«:_ ' ' ' ' ran I. bhakespeare Collection. too 


Monthly Biillctin. t"' ' '• Sh«kespeare Collection. 

Free upon application: by mail. .03 rh.^h^ri^-l^r^ln "?"*• f a . v n^?S 

Quarterly Bulletins, s cts. a numben by mJ, h«,^w - C**"*"^*'"" "l Autographs. Bnef 

10. Nos. 1-3. 10. ii-28. 35. 36. 46. 47. 52. 54- *'"'"'*'"*"• *'te™Vv »• K •. 

56. 62. 64. 71. 72. 74. 101-102. out of print p„„,.,;„ j jk„™ * i • 'PP '"t"?" \}>r •"»««4<«3 
English Prose Fiction. 8th edition. i89<^ u^„ T ^^^"'y- L'** «»' portraits. In Bui- 

lo* hv mill t8 leiin no. 04. 

- Supplement. 189.3-1897. '05 : by maii; .08 ^""S" ± ^^J }^^^''^''^ ^\}^J^^'^ England 

Periodicals. Newsfaperi. Transactions, and p ??A :k£''**^^^^^ 

other Serial Publications currently received ?uTv.^ V!*kL7; Catalogue. $,.00 

in the Principal Libraries of Boston and ^'^^^^'^ Library. Catalogue. In Bulletin no. 

Vicinity. Publ. 1RQ7. .25: by mail. .33 r..i«?l« n^u^ »• n s, t 

Selected List for Younger Readers. 3d ed. ^^^*^^* Collection. Catalogue. 

i8g8. .01: by mail. .03 

Chronological Index to Historical Fiction. 

3d ed. In Bulletin from Jan., 1892 to Jan., 

1896. (When finished to be issued as a 

separate work.) 
Bates Hall Index. Supplement of 1866 (in- 

.15; by mail, .18 

Subject Catalogues. 

Reprinted from the Public Card Catalogue. 
No. I. Annuals. In Bulletin no. 94. 
No. 2. Egypt. In Bulletin no. 94. 

chiding Parker Collection). Unbound. $1.00 No. 3. Alps. In Bulletin no. 95. 

Books in raised type for the Blind. List. .50 
French Fiction. .10; by mail. .13 

History, Biography, and Travel. 3d ed.. 1892. 

.25; by mail, .42 
Russian works in the Library. .05 

A List of Books on Social Reform. 

.05; by mail, 09 

Electric Telegrraph and Telephone. In Bul- 
letin no. 92. 
Electricity and Magnetism. In Bulletin no. 88. 
Memoranda of Lieut. Col. Eld. 1779 and 1780. 

Original Letters of Earl Percy, 1 774-1778. 

In Bulletin no. 87. 
Memorandums made in a tour to the Eastern 

States. 1797, by Robert Gilmor. In Bulletin 

no. 88. 
Notes on some writing which may be by 

Shakespeare in the Library. In Bulletin 

no. 79. 
Spanish and Portuguese Books not restricted 

to **Hall use." In Bulletin no. 84. 


Chart of Boston Harbor, in color, made by 

order of Andros. Tn Bulletin no. 92. 
First Draft of the Freemen's oath. In Bul- 
letin no. 97. 
Five Broadsides of the Boston Committee of 

Correspondence. 1773. 74. In Bulletin no. 93. 
Five Revolutionary Broadsides. In Bulletin 

no. 90. 
Four Broadsides relating to the Amencan 

Colonies, 1696, 1697, 1774, 1775. In Bulletin 

no. 94. 
Latin Version of 1493 of the First Letter of 

Columbus on the Discovery of America, 

with a new Translation. 
List of Passengers in the Speedwell, 1656. In 

Bulletin no 96. 
Petition of the Handycraftsmen of Boston, 

1677. against the Intrusion of Strangers. In 

Bulletin no. 95. 

No. 4. Steam Engines. In Bulletin no. 95. 

No. 5. Works relating to the Blind. In Bul- 
letin no. 95. 

No. 6. Africa. In Bulletin no. 95. 

No. 7. Arctic Regions. In Bulletin no, 96. 

No. 8. Health and Hygiene. In Bulletin no. 

No. 9. Tracts of the Time of Charles i., and 
English Commonwealth. In Bulletin no. gR 

No. 10. Architecture, Construction, Decora- 
tion. .25: by mail, .33 

No. If. Roads. In Bulletin no. 99. 

No. 12. Corea. Japan, China. In Bulletin no. 991 

No. 13. Goethe. In Bulletin no. loa 

Special Bibliographies. 

No. I. 
No. 2. 

No. 4. 

Franklin Bibliography. 
List of Spanish Grammars. 
Maps in the Publications of the 
logical Society. 
No. 5. Bibliography of Special Subjects. Al 

in Bulletin no 80. and in Handbook. 9th ed 
No. 6. Bibliography of the Official Publica- 
tions of the Continental Congress, 1774-891 
No. 7. Catalogue of Family Histories. 
No. 8. Higher Education of Women. 

.15: by mail, 
A List of Books on Social Reform. 

.05: by mail, 

Other Publications. 

Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, i 
1818. By T. B. Wyman. 2 v. $8^ 

Journal of the Quebec Expedition. 1775: J 
nals, 1776 to 1783. By Henry Dearborn. 


Map of Old Boston, compiled from the 
of Possessions. By George Lamb. 


Finding lists. Free upon application. 
West End Finding List (and Supplementi)^ 

The Public Library of the City of Boston: Printing Department 







Vol. IV, No. J. 
March, 1899. 







SOLOMON LINCOLN, Vice-President 



herbert putnam. 

Central Library, Copley Square. 

Branch Libraries. 

Prighton Branch, Holton Library Roxbury Branch, 46 Millmont St 

)3uilding, Rockland St. South Boston Branch, 372 Broadway. 

Qiarlestown Branch, City Square. South End Branch, English High 

Elorchester Branch, Arcadia, cor. School Building, Montgomery St 

Adams St. West End Branch, Cambridge, cor. 

E^st' Boston Branch, 37 Meridian St. Lynde St 

Jamaica Plain Branch, Curtis Hall, West Roxbury Branch, Centre, near 
Centre St. Mt. Vernon St 

Delivery Stations. 

Statipn A. Lower Mills Reading Station L. North Brighton Reading 
Room, Washington, near River Room, 56 Market St 

St. Station M. Crescent Avenue Delivery 

.^tation B. Roslindale Delivery Sta- Station, 940 Dorchester Ave. 

- * tion, 25 Poplar St Station N. Blue Hill Avenue Dcliv- 

Station D. Mattapan Reading Room, ery Station, 200 Blue Hill Ave. 

River, cor. Oakland St. Station P. Broadway Extension Read- 

Station E. Neponset Delivery Sta- ing Room. 13 Broadway Exten- 

tion, 49 Walnut St. sion. 

Station F. Mount Bowdoin Reading Station Q. Upham's Comer Delivery 
Room, Washington, cor. Eldon St. Station, 756 Dudley St 

Station G. AUston Delivery Station. Station R. Warren Street Delivery 
14 Franklin St. Station, 329 Warren St 

Station H. Ashmont Delivery Sta- Station S. Roxbury Crossing DeKv- 
tjon, 4 Talbot Ave. ery Station, 11 73 Tremont St 

Station J. Dorchester Station Deliv- Station T. Boylston Delivery Sta- 
ery Station, i Milton Ave. tion, Lamartine, cor. Paul Gore St 

Station K. Bird Street Delivery Sta- Station U. Ward Nine Delivery Sta- 
tion, 6 Wayland St. tion, 62 Union Park St. 

Published monthly by the Trustees of the Public Library of the City of Boston, Boston, Massachusetts, ^« 

subscription price of twenty-five cents per annum. ) 






Taaew FouwoATift.^ 



January 15 to February 15 1899. 

I ■■» I 

The symbol = following the title of a work indicates that the work is a gift to the Library. 

Reference Books. 

Almanach de Gotha. 1899. Gotha. 1898. 

B. H. Ref. 14.8 

Almanach national. Annuaire officiel de la 

R^publique frangaise pour 1898. Paris, 

i8cfi. B. H. Ref. 312.2 

Baedeker, Carl. 

Italy. Handbook for travellers. 3d part. 
I2th edition. Leipsic, 1896. Maps. 


Gothaisches genealogisches Taschenbuch der 

freiherrlichen Hauser. 1890. Gotha. 

[1898.] B. H. Ref. 14.6 

Gothaisches genealogisches Taschenbuch der 

graflichen Hauser. 1899. Gotha. [1898.] 

B. H. Ref. 147 
Handbook of Jamaica for 1898. London, 1898. 

Harvard university catalogue. 1898-99. Cam- 
bridge, 1899. B. n. Ref. 582.10 
Hazell's annual for 1899. London, 1890. 

B. H. Ref. 314.11 
Jones, Joseph Courtney. 

A concordance to the Book of common 
prayer, according to the use of the Prot- 
estant episcopal church, in the United 
Stotes. Fhila.. 1898. ♦5441-33 

Lockwood's directory of the paper and sta- 
tionery trades, 1^/99. N. Y. [1899.] 

Minerva. Jahrbuch der gelehrten Welt. 
1898/99. Strassburg, 1890. 

B. H. Ref. 583.15 
Rand, McNall^ & co's indexed atlas of the 
world. Chicago. [1898.] 2 v. *Map 40.10 
Whitaker, Joseph. 
An almanack for 1899. London. [1899.] 

Genealogy. Heraldry. 

Pickerman, Edward Dwight, and George 

Sherwood Dickerman. 
. Families of Dickerman ancestry. New 
Havea, 1897. *443a.i44 

Grant, Francis James, editor. 

The commissariot record of Hamilton and 

Campsie. Register of testaments, 1564- 

1800. Edinburgh, 1898. iv, 85 pp. [In- 

dex library.] *2502.i54 

King, Marquis F. 

Baptisms and admission from the records of 

First church in Falmouth, now Portland, 

Maine. Portland, 1898. Portrs. Pis. 

P^ans. *4435.i6i 


Collective Biographies. 

Escott, Thomas Hay Sweet. 
Personal forces of the period. London, 

XX ^^* 4517.146 

Howe, Mark Antony De Wolfe, jr. 
American bookmen. Sketches, chiefly bio- 
graphical, of certain writers of the Nine- 
teenth century. N. Y., 1898. Portrs. Pis. 

Stephen, Leslie. 

Studies of a biographer. London, 1898. 

2 V. 4548.170 

Terhune, Mary Virginia. 
Where ghosts walk. The haunts of familiar 

characters in history and literature. By 

Marion Harland [pseud.]. N. Y., 1898. 

Pis. 2276.45 

Single Biographies. 

Adams, Charles Francis, jr. 
A record of the exercises in honor of Rev. 
Edmund Dowse, who completed his six- 
tieth year as pastor of Pilgrim church, 
Sherborn. Sherborn, 1898. Portrs. = 

Biagi, Guido. 
The last days of Percy Bysshe Shelley. 
New details. London, 1898. Portrs. Pis. 




Birrell, Augustine. 
Sir Frank Lockwood. 2d edition. London, 
1898. Portr. Pis. 4548.168 

Bismarck-Schoenhausen, Otto Eduard Leo- 
pold, Furst von. 
Bismarck: the man & the statesman. Being 
reflections and reminiscences. Written by 
himself. Translated under the supervision 
of A. J. Butler. N. Y., 1899. 2 v. Portrs. 

Brainerd, Ezra. 
Life and work in Middlebury, Vermont, of 
Emma Willard. [N. Y., 1893.] 17 pp. 

Burnley, James, and Alexander Hay Japp. 

Souvenir life of Gladstone. London. [1898.] 
Portr. 2546.179 

Case, Ashabel Pierson. 
A brief account of the life of John Casse at 
Maspeth Kills, L. I., Windsor and Sims- 
bury, Conn. N. p. [189-?] 24 pp. Coat 
of arms.' 4439a. 121 

Eraser, Alexander Campbell. 
Thomas Reid. N. Y. [1898.] [Famous 
Scots series.] 2549a. 16 

Garnett, Richard. 
Edward Gibbon Wakefield. The coloniza- 
tion of South Australia and New Zealand. 
N. Y., 1898. Portr. Maps. [Builders of 
Greater Britain.] 2548.179 

Gibson, Edward, baron Ashbourne. 
Pitt: some chapters of his life and times. 
London, i&>8. Portrs. 6541.70 

Gray, Rev. Andrew, D.D. 
Rev. Andrew Gray, rector of St Thomas* 
church, Somerville, Mass. [Somerville, 

1897.1 (4) pp. Portr. = 4445.245 

Guenin, Eugene. 
Cavelier de La Salle. Paris, 1898. 71 pp. 
Illus. 2649.45 

Hackett, Frank Warren. 
A sketch of William Adams Richardson. 
Washington, 1898. Portrs. = 4347.274 
Hall, Newman. 
An autobiography. N. Y. [1898.] Portr. 

Hanotaux, Gabriel. 
Henri Martin: sa vie, ses oeuvres, son 
temps. Paris, 1885. Portr. 26493.87 

Hoche, Jules. 
The real Bismarck. Englished by Mrs. 
Charles R. Rogers. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 
Portrs. 4848.64 

Laborde, Jean Baptiste Vincent. 
L6on Gambetta. Biographie psychologique. 
Paris, 1898. 2644.121 

Larpenteur, Charles. 
Forty years a fur trader on the upper Mis- 
souri. 1833-1872. Edited by Elliott Coues. 
N. Y., iSgS, 2 V. Pis. Portrs. Maps. 

Laughton, John Knox. 
Memoirs of Henry Reeve. London, 1898. 
2 V. Portrs. 4544.157 

Lewes, Gertrude Hill. 
Dr. South wood Smith. A retrospect. Ed- 
inburgh, 1898. Portrs. Pis. 4547.151 
Lowndes, Mary E. 
Michel de Montaigne. A biographical 
study. Cambridge, 1898. 26493.85 
Lucas, Edward Verrall, editor. 
Charles Lamb and the Lloyds. Compris- 

Coleridge, the Lloyds, etc. PhiUu, 1890. 
ing newly-discovered letters of Lamb, 
Portrs. 4549a. 151 

Mcynell. Wilfrid. 
The life and work of Lady Butler. [Miat 
Elizabeth Thompson.] London, 1898. 
35 pp. Illus. 4081.71 

Nettelbeck, Joachim Christian. 
Eine Lebensbeschreibung, von ihm selbst 
aufgezeichnet Hrsg. von M. Mendheim. 
Leipzig. [1898.] 4896.5a392 

O'Brien, Kichard Barry. 
The life of Charles Stewart Pamell. Lon- 
don, 1898. 2 V. Portr. 4545.158 
O'Neil, J. lT 
Jerome Savonarola. A sketch. Boston, 
1898. Portrs. Pis. 2747.49 
Parkin, George Robert. 
Edward Thring. headmaster of Uppingham 
school. London, 1898. 2 v. 4548W166 
Pratt. Edwin A. 
Catherine Gladstone: life, good works, and 
political efforts. London, 1898. Portrs. 
Pis. 25461X78 
A woman's work for women, being the 
aims, efforts, and aspirations of "L. M. 
H." (Miss Louisa M. Hubbard). Lon- 
don, 1898. Portr. 5588.143 
Raikes, Henry St. John. 
The life and letters of Henry Cecil Raikes, 
late Her Majesty's postmaster-general. 
London, 1898. Portr. 4544-159 
Robinson, Agnes Mary Frances. 
La vie de Ernest Renan. Paris, 1898. 

Tiffany, Nina Moore. 
Samuel E. Sewall. Boston, 1898. Portr. 


United States. Congress. 

Memorial addresses on George BuHen 
Shaw (late a Representative from Wis- 
consin). Washington, 1895. 81 pp. 
Portr. = 4440.138 

Memorial addresses on George W. Hoidc 
(late a Representative from Ohio). Wash- 
ington, 1895. 86 pp. Portr. = 44^1^1 

Memorial addresses on Joseph Ranktn (a 
Representative from Wisconsin.) Wash- 
ington, 1886. 49 pp. Portr. = 44uai48 

Memorial addresses on Marcus Qaibome 
Lisle (late a Representative from Ken- 
tucky). Washington, 1895. 55 pp. Portr. 
= 4440.1^ 

Memorial addresses on Reuben EUwood (a 
Representative from Illinois). Washing- 
ton, 1886. 39 pp. Portr. = 444ax4j; 

Memorial addresses on Samuel J. KandaU, 
a Representative from Pennsylvania. 
Washington, 1891. 157 pp. Portr. = 


Memorial addresses on William A. Duncan 

(a Representative from Pennsylvania). 
Washington, 1885. 36 pp. Portr. = 

Memorial addresses on William H. Cole (i 
Representative from Maryland). Wash- 
ington, 1887. 44 pp. Portr. = 4440.149 

Memorial addresses on William H. Enodi% 
a Representative from Ohio. Washingtoo, 
1895. 60 pp. Portr. = 4iuai44 

Memorial addresses on William lallj, • . 
Representative from Pennsylvania. VMh J 
infifton, 1895. 60 pp. Portr. = 444^1^ | 



Memorial addresses on William T. Price (a 
Representative from Wisconsin). Wash- 
ington, 1887. 52 pp. Portr. = 4440.142 
Vince, Charles Anthony. 
John Bright. Chicago, 1898. [Victorian 
era series.] 4548.172 

Wilson, David, Indian civil service. 
Mr. Froude and Cariyle. N. Y., 1898. 

Yonge. William, M.D. 

Englands shame: or the unmasking of a 
politick atheist: being a full and uiithful 
relation of the life and death of that great 
imposter Hugh Peters. London, 1663. 


H istory. 

Ancient. Modem. Asia. Africa. 

Alford, Henry Stamford Lewis, and William 
Dennistoun Sword. 
The Egvptian Soudan, its loss and recov- 
ery. London, 1898. Portrs. Pis. Maps. 

Botilger, Demetrius Charles. 

History of China. New edition. London. 
1808. 2 V. Maps. 3016.18 

Combes, Joan Francisco. 

Historia de Mindanao v J0I6. Obra pub- 
licada en Madrid en 1667, y que ahora con 
la colaboraci6n del P. rablo Pastells . . . 
saca nuevamente 4 luz W. £. Retana. 
Madrid, 1897. *3040a.i85 

Dill, Samuel 

Roman society in the last century of the 
Western empire. London, 1898. 2763.34 
Dnmy, Jean Victor. 
A general history of the world. Translated 
from the French. With a summary of 
contemporaneous history (1848-1898} by 
E. A. Grosvenor. N. Y. [185^] Maps. 

Montero y Vidal, Jos6. 
Historia de la pirateria malayo-mahometana 
en Mindanao, J0I6 y Borneo. Madrid, 

« ^^.. ^ V- 3049a.i65 

Rae. Colm. 

Malaboch, or notes from my diary on the 
Boer campaign of 1804. Added a synop- 
sis of the Johannesburg crisis of 1896. 
London, 1898. Pis. Portrs. Map. 



Blok, Petrus Johannes. 

History of the people of the Netherlands. 
Translated by O. A. Bierstadt and RuUi 
Putnam. Part i. N. Y., 1898. Maps. 

Cmdfltf Thomas. 
Historical sketches of notable persons and 
events in the reigns of James i. and 
Charles i. Edited by A. Cariyle. Lon- 
don, 1898. 2424.33 
Gibbins, Henry de Beltgens. 
The English people in the nineteenth cen- 
tury. London, 1898. Portrs. Maps. 



Holt, Robert B. 
Whitby past and present London. [1898.] 
Pis. Map. 2499.127 

Latimer, Mary Elizabeth Wormeley, editor. 
My scrap-book of the French Revolution. 
Chicago, 1898. Portrs. 2626.123 

Leach, Arthur Francis, editor. 
Memorials of Beverley minster: the chap- 
ter act book of the Collegiate church of 
S. John of Beverley, a.d. 1286-1347. Vol. 
I. Durham, 1898. [Surtees society.] 


Owen, Hon. Fanny Mary Katharine Ormsby 

Gore Bulkeley-. 

History of Selattyn parish. Oswestry. 

[1898. J *249oa.i29 

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The Irish rebellion of 1798. London. [1898.] 

Roy, Jules. 
L'an mille. Formation de la l^gende de Tan 
mille. Etat de la France de 1 an 950 i Tan 
1050. Paris, 1885. Illus. Map. = 2629.85 
Woodruff, Charles Eveleigh. 
A history of Fordwich, with a transcription 
of the XVth century copy of the Cos- 
tumal. Canterbury. [1895.] Pis. Map. 
= 2495.164 

Yonge, Charlotte Mary. 
John Keble's parishes. A history of Hurs- 
ley and Otterbourne. London, 1898. 
Portrs. Pis. Map. 2498.138 


Adams, Charles Francis, jr. 1835- 
'Imperialism'' and "the tracks of our fore- 
fathers." A paper read before the Lex- 
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37 pp. = 4228.72 

American-Irish historical society. 
Journal. Edited by T. H. Murray and T. B. 
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= ♦4317.38 

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A history of Barrington, R. I. Providence, 
1898. Portrs. Pis. Maps. ^4438. 160 

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Chronicles of New Haven Green from 1638 
to 1862. New Haven, 1898. Pis. 4439.200 
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The history of Maiden, Massachusetts, 1633- 
1785^ Maiden, 1899. Illus. *435i.i45 

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Maryland and North Carolina in the cam- 
paign of 1780-1781. Baltimore, 1893. 
[Maryland historical societv.j ^4472.9.33 
Discovery, The, of America by Columbus. 
Added, an impartial enquiry into the rise 
and progress of the contest in America. 
London, 1776. 25 pp. = *43i9a.i44 

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The true history of the Missouri compromise 
and its repeal. Cincinnati, 1899. Portr. 

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The beginnings of New England. Boston, 
1898. Illus. Portrs. Maps. 4352.145 
Ford, Andrew Elmer. 
The story of the Fifteenth regiment, Massa- 
chusetts volunteer infantry in the Civil 
war. Clinton, 1898. Portrs. Maps. = 




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The story of the Revolution. N. Y., 1898. 
2 V. Illus. Portrs. Maps. 4414.122 

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Historic towns of New England. N. Y., 
1898. Illus. Portrs. 2356.112 

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A sermon on the present situation of Ameri- 
can affairs. Phila., 1775. {3), 32 pp. 

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The battles of Trenton and Princeton. Bos- 
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Acquisition and disposition of territory. 
Speech ... in the Senate . . . Dec. 20, 
1898. [Washington, 1898.] 16 pp. = 

Texas state historical association. 
Report of organization. Constitution. Mem- 
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The Santiago campaign, 1898. Boston, 
1898. Portr. Maps. ^4420.65 

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A short history of the war with Spain. 
N. Y. [1898.] 442oa.6o 

Fine Arts. Archaeology. 


Cavallari, Francesco Saverio. 

Sulla topografia di taiune citti greche di 

Sicilia e dei loro monumenti. Palermo, 

1879. Maps. = 2735.80 

Czobor, Bela. 

Die historischen Denkmaler Vngarns in der 

Millenivms-Landesavsstellvng. Heft [i- 

4]. 1896. Budapest, 1896. Illus. ^4090. 104 

Fine Arts. 

Black, Alexander. 
Photography indoors and out. A book for 
amateurs. Boston, 1898. Illus. 7977.47 
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Angels' wings. A series of essays on art 
and its relation to life. London, 1898. 
Pis. 4087.36 

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Benvenuto Cellini a la cour de France. 
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Emery, M. S. 
How to enjoy pictures. With a special 
chapter on Pictures in the schoolroom, by 
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The drama of glass. [Toledo, 1898.] 46 pp. 
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The Baveux tapestry. London, 1898. 79 
pis. (£x-libris series.] 8074.163 

The original edition, published in 1875 under the 
■ "The ~ - - - 

Gardner, John Starkie. 
Foreign armour in England. London, 1898. 
96 pp. Illus. 8082.140 

Gibson, Charles Dana. 
Sketches and cartoons. N. Y., 1898. 

Gulland, W. G. 
Chinese porcelain. London, 1898. Pis. 

Hart, Charles Henry. 
Hints on portraits and how to catalogue 
them. Phila., i8j8. 32 pp. •8070.35 

Japanese art folio. Editor, H. Shugio. [Part 
1-4.1 Tokyo. [1898.] *Cab.8o. 189.2 

Kitton, Frederick G. 
Dickens and his illustrators. With twentv- 
two portraits and facsimiles of seventy 
original drawings now reproduced for the 
first time. London, 1899. '^8061.143 

Koenigliche Museen, Berlin. 
Beschreibendes Verzeichnis der Gemalde. 
4te Auflage. Berlin, 1898. Fac-similes. 

Muentz, Louis Frederic Eugene. 
Leonardo da Vinci, artist, thinker, and man 
of science. From the French. London, 
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Cartoons of our war with Spain. N. Y. 
ri&^.] Pis. 8061.145 

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George Morland and the evolution from 
him of some later painters. London, 
189a viii, 88 pp. Portr. Pis. [PortfoUo, 
The.] *8o82.i47 

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London types. [Quatorzains by W. E. 
Henley.] N. Y., 1898. {14) ff. Pis. 

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Love in art. Boston, 1898. Pis. 4079.106 
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La sculpture florentine. Premiere moiti6 do 
xve Steele. Florence, 1898. Illus. 


Symons, Arthur. 

Aubrey Beardsley. London, 1898. 32, (2) 

pp. Portrs. Pis. 4084.51 

Tyszkiewicz, Mikhail, count 

Memories of an old collector. Translated 

by Mrs. Andrew Lang. London, 1898^ 

Pis. 8o79a.2i7 


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Elementary architecture. Oxford, 1898. 


Landscape Gardening. 

Lambert, Andr6, and Eduard Stahl. 
Die Garten-Architektur. Stuttgart, 189& 
Illus. [Handbuch der Architektur.} 



title "The Baycux tapestry rcprodu'cid in auto- ^llX, ' P^H'S^ Glbbs. ^LMm. 

type plates" [VsiciooJ, is mudti larger and with Thanksgiving hymn of the Republic. |Wte-;„ 

fuller text. vi e, W S. 11898.] (3) PP. = *M» 



Chadwick, George Whitfield. 
Harmony. A course of study. Boston. 

^ [1897] = 4045.33 

Cnlbertson, William. 

Yachting glee. Quartette for mixed voices. 

[Boston.] 1887. 5 pp. = S055.83 

Lahee, Henry C. 

Famous singers of today and yesierday. 

Boston, i^. Portrs. 4049a.36 

Lanier, Sydney. 

Music and poetry. N. Y., i8q8. 4{u8.i^3 

Literaturblatt zur Niederrheinischen Musik* 

Zeitung. Jahrgang i. 1853, 54. Koln, 

1853, 54. = No. 4 in ♦4^43.235 

A monthly publication. The volume is incom- 

Literaturblatt zur Rheinischen Musik-Zeitung. 

1853. Coin, 1853. = No. 2 in *4043.23S 
A monthly publication. 

Mathews, William Smith Babcock. 

How to understand music. Phila., 1896, gS. 

2 V. 4044.49 

Musikalische Nachrichten und Anmerkungen 

auf das Jahr 1770. [Jahrg. 4.] Leipzig, 

1770. *4042.2I4 

Tnis continues the Woechentliche Nachricnten una 
Anmerkungen die Musik betreffend [*4043.ai3]. 

Rudhart; Franz Michael. 

Geschichte der Oper am Hofe zu Munchen. 
Theil I. Freising, 1865. 4046.34 

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Musiker-Biographien. 21. Band: Mendels- 
sohn. Leipzig. [1898.] 4896.50.386 
Sharp, Robert Farquharson. 

Makers of music. Biographical sketches of 

the great composers. London. [1898.I 

Portr. 4049.176 

Tucker, William Guise, and Charles Henry 

Purday, compilers. 

Sailors' sones . . . and harmonized airs. 

London. [iSgS.] 8059.94 

Indy, Vincent d*. Symphonic pour orchestre 
et piano sur un chant montagnard fran^ais. 
Op. 25. Paris. 

Kauffmann, Fritz. Dramatische Ouverjture 
fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 23. Berlin. 

[1893.] ^ ^ - 

— Sinfonie in A moll fUr grosses Orchester. 

Op. 18. Berlin. . . 

Lacombe, Paul. 2°^ Symphonic (en Re ma- 

jeur) pour orchestre. Op. 34. Pari^ 
Mazas, r. Donze petits duos arranges ^piir 

2 violons, alto et violoncelle. Op. 38. noi 7. 

Musical carcanet, The: a choice collection, of 

the most admired popular songs, acraiiged 

for the voice, flute, and violin. N, Y., 1832. 
Nicod6, Jean Louis. Romanze fiir Vioiine mit 

Begleitung des Orchesters oder des Qaviers. 

Partitur. Op. 14. Leipzig. 
Pleyel, I. 6 duos faciles et progressifs ^ . . ar- 
ranges pour piano, violon et violoncelle. 

Op. 48. Braunschweig. , 

Rheinberger, J. Christoforus. Legende . . . 

fiir Soli, Chor und Orchester. Partitur. Op. 

120. Leipzig. , 

'Rtibner, Cornelius. Concert (G moll) fiir die 

Vioiine mit Begleitung des Orchesters oder 

des Pianoforte. Op. 30. Greiz. 
Solomon, Edward. The vicar of Brav. Vocal 

score (abridged). London. [1892. J 
Vieuxtemps, Henry. Cinquieme concerto 

pour le violon avec accompagnement d'or- 

chestre. Op. 37. Berlin. 
Wagner- Loeberschuetz, Th. 

Scene romantique fiir Violine-Solo mit Be- 

fleitung des Orchesters oder Pianoforte, 
artitur. Op. 120. Heilbronn, 1897. 

— Zwei Stticke fiir Streichorchester. Op. 17. 
No. I. Elegie. No. 2. Tanz. Heilbronn, 




Arensky, A. 3"" suite (variations) pour 2 
pianos i 4 mains, instrument^e par I'auteur. 
Op. 33. Moscou. 

Bir<C Arthur. Dritte kleine Suite fiir grosses 
Orchester. Op. 32. Boston. [1892.] 

^Gavotte fiir Streichorchester aus Opus 7. 

Booth, Otto. Prizes and blanks. An operetta 
in one act London. 

Dietrich, Albert Einleitung u. Romanze. 
Concertsttick fiir Horn (od. Violoncell) mit 
Begleitung des Orchesters. Op. 27, Ham- 

Faur6, Gabriel. Caligula. Drame d' Alexandre 
Dumas. Musigue de scene. Partition piano 
et chant Paris. 

Franck, C6sar. Symphonic pour orchestre 
(ea k6 mineur). Paris. 

Gtng, Ch. Menuet pour instruments i cordes 
en sourdine. Paris. 

Gilbert, Henry F. Two episodes for orches- 
tra. Op. 2. I. Legend. 11. Negro episode. 
Boston. [1897.] 

Hartmann, Emil. Aus der Ritterzeit. Svm- 
phonie No. 2 (A moll) fiir grosses Orches** 
ter. Op. 34. Hamburg. 


Calverley, Charles. 

Portrait medallion (in bronze) pf James 

Russell Lowell. N. Y., 1895. 7 in* in ^- 

ameter. *G.342.*7 

Washington national monument, Washington. 

Medal in tin commemorating the erection of 

the Washington monument iSc^ = 


Geography. Travels. 

Asia. Africa. Oceanica. Polaf 


Alvarez de Abreu, Antonio. 
Extracto historical del expediente que 
pende en el Consejo . . . de las Indias, & 
mstancia de la Ciudad de Manila, y dem&s 
de las Islas Philipinas, sobre la forma en 
que se ha de hacer, y continuar el Comer- 
cio y contratacion de los Texidos de 
China en Nueva Espa&a: . . . lAnon.J 
Madrid, 1736. *565i.40 


Badlaxn, Anna B. 
Views in Africa. Edited by L. Dunton. 
Boston, 1898. Illus. Portrs. ^058.79 

Beaman, Ardem George Hulme-. 
Twenty years in the near East London, 
1898. Portr. 3043.180 

Douglas, M. 
The white north. With Nordenskiold, De 
Long, and Nansen. London, 1899. Pis. 
Maps. 2269.117 

Hedin, Sven. 
Through Asia. N. Y., 1899. 2 v. Illus. 
Portrs. Maps. ♦5041.174 

Kellogg, Eva M. C. 
Australia and the islands of the sea. Bos- 
ton, 1898. Illus. Maps. 3045*^ 
Landor, A. Heniy Savage. 
In the forbidden land. An account of a 
journey in Tibet London, 1898. 2 v. 
illus. Portrs. Map. 3042.228 
Little, Archibald John. 
Through the Yang-Tse gorges. 3d edition. 
London, 1898. Pis. Map. 3015.72 
Pearce, Francis Barrow. 
Rambles in lion land. Three months' leave 
oassed in Somaliland. London, 1898. Pis. 
Map. ^56.159 
Ptolemaeus. Claudius. 
Geograptiia vniversalis, vetvs et nova . . . 
Basileae, 1540. 48 maps. **G.3&2.28 
Smith, Mary Gate. 
Life in Asia. Boston, 1898. Illus. Map. 

Stevenson, Paul Eve. 
By way of Cape Horn. Four months in a 
Yankee clipper. Phila., 1899. Pis. Maps. 

Tozer, Henry Fanshaw. 
Classical geography. N. Y. [189-?] [Lit- 
erature primers.] 22893.49 


Amicis, Edmondo de. 
Le tre capitali: Torino, Roma. Catania, 
1898. Portr. 2768.87 

Austin, Alfred. 
Lamia's winter quarters. [Italy.] London, 
1898. Illus. 256^.117 

Barrows, Samuel June. 
The isles and shrines of Greece. Boston, 
1898. Pis. 3076.122 

Coe, Fanny E. 

Modem Europe. Boston, 1898. Illus. Portrs. 
^, , 2309.70 

Mackenzie, Alexander Slidell. 
Spain revisited. N. Y., 1836. 2 v. Pis. 

« , 3097.161 

Penck, Albrecht 

Friedrich Simony. Leben und Wirken eines 

Alpenforschers. Wien, 1898. Illus. Portr. 

No. 3 in ^6273.20.6 


Bradford, William, printer. 1663-1752. 
A plan of the city of New York from actual 
survey. 1728. Reproduced by H. D. Ty- 
ler. N. Y. [1898?] Scale, 180 feet to i 
inch. = No. 6 in ♦Map 43.4 


Carpenter, Frank G. 
North America. N. Y. [x908.1 lUut. 
Maps. 4319^.145 

Clark, William J. 
Commercial Cuba. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 
Maps. 4361.158 

Coe, Fanny E. 
Our American neighbors. Edited by Larldn 
Dunton. Boston, 1898. Illus. 9369.130 
Colquhoun, Archibald Ross. 
The key of the Pacific The Nicaragua 
canal. N. Y., 1898. Illus. Maps. 4462.150 
Fernandez de Encisco, Martin. 
Descripci6n de las Indias Occidentalet. 
Santiago de Chile, 1897. *436ai33 

Havnes, George Henry. 
Souvenir of Watervdle, the university city 
of Maine. N. Y., 1898. yi pp. Illus. 
Portrs. = 4430-X3B 

Hill, Robert Thomas. 
Cuba and Porto Rico, with other islands of 
the West Indies. N. Y., 1898. Pis. Map. 


Howard, Winifred Mary, Baronets Howard of 


Journal of a tour in the United States, 

Canada and Mexico. London, 1897. Pis. 

Igarzabal, Rafael, 2^. 
La provincia de San Juan en la exposicion 
de C6rdoba. Geogralia y estadistica. 
Buenos Aires, 187^. = 8022.124 

Inman, Henry, and William Frederick Cody. 
The Great Salt Lake trail. N. Y., 18^ 
Illus. Portrs. 4462.160 

Museo de La Plata. 
Notes preliminaires sur une excursion aux 
territoires du Neuquen, Rio Negio, Chu- 
but et Santa Cruz. La PlaU, 1897. Pis. 
Map. 436oa.iio 

Nilsson, Hjalmar, and Eric KnutsoiL 
Svenskame i Worcester. Worcester, i8g6w 
Illus. Portrs. 4455-^77 

Pike, Zebulon Montgomery. 
Exploratory travels through the western 
territories of North America. London, 
181 1. Denver, 1889. Portr. Maps. 


Price, Sir Rose Lambart, bart 

A summer on the Rockies. London, 189B. 

Portr. Map. 4378^166 

Shenandoah railroad. 

The caverns of Luray, Virginia. [Roanoke? 

188-?] 12 pp. Illus. = 4377.I3« 

Language. Rhetoric. 

Armas, Juan Ignacio de. 
Orijenes del lenguaje crioUo. 2a 
Habana, 1882. 97, (i) pp. 
Berger, H. 

Lativa metoda gnintownego nauczenia %^^K 
w krdtkim czasie j^zyka angielskiego . • » 
Wydanie wznowione. Warszawa, iQqol 

Cowan, F. M., and A. B. Maatjes. 
Leercursus ter beoefening der Enge|Kft* 
taal. Amsterdam, 1876-&. 4 v. in 3. i 

I J 


Dalman, Gustaf Hermann. 
Aramaische Dialektproben. Leipzig, 1896. 
xii, 56 pp. 5033.20 

Grammatik des judisch-palastinischen Ara- 
maisch . . . Leipzig, 1894. 5033.20 

Hutchinson, Tames, M.A. 
The juvenile spelling assistant, iioth edi- 
tion. London, 1890. 72 pp. = 7069.93 
Maunnann, Emil. 

Grammatik der Mundart von Miilheim a. d. 
Ruhr. Leipzig, 1898. 4884.58 

Rollins, George William. 

Preparatory French reader. Boston, 1894. 
▼*» 67 pp. = 2689.123 

Smjrthe, Charles W. 
Our own elementary grammar. Greens- 
boro', N. C, 1863. ♦♦G.389.20 
Vivo y Juderias, Gabriel. 

Gram&tica hispano-ilocana. Manila, 1869. 


Rhetoric. Elocution. 

Bechtel, John H., compiler. 
Select speeches for declamation. Phila., 

^ 1898. , 7059a. 133 
Burrell, Arthur. 

Gear speaking and good reading. London, 

1898. 5597.116 
Clark, William M., compiler. 

Sterling dialogues. Fhila., 1898. 70593.136 


Bibliography. Libraries. Book- 

Adam, Robert B. 
Johnsoniana in the library of Robert B. 
Adam. Buffalo, 1895. Portrs. ♦2170.44 
Book-notes. A monthly literary magazine. 
Vol. I. N. Y., 1898. Illus. Portrs. 


Deane, Charles. 1813-1889. 

Catalogue of [his] valuable private library. 

Sold March, April, 1898. Boston, 1898. 

Portr. *6i 42.36 

Gade, John A. 

Book-plates, old and new. N. Y. .[1898.] 
52 pp. Pis. 6114.70 

Grand Rapids, Michigan. Public school li- 


Second supplement to the Dictionary cata- 
logue. Grand Rapids, 1898. = ♦2143.13 
Great Britain. Commissioners of patents. 
Catalogue of the library of the Patent office. 
Vol. I. London, 1898. Patent Room 

Hopkinton, Mass. Public library. 

Catalogue. [Also, Supplement, March, 1897.] 

Boston. [1895, ^7-1 ~ *6i56.i02 

Kongelic^ norsk Frederiks Universitet, Chris- 

tiania. Bibliothek. 

Unhrersitets-Bibliothekets Aarbog for 1894, 

95. Christiania, 1897. = ♦2161.25 

Mergenthaler linotype company. 

Reports presented at the annual meeting of 
stockholders, October, 1892-October, 1898. 
[N. Y., 1892-98.] = *6i 17.51 


Mueller, Joseph. 1834-1880. 
Katalog der musikalischen Bibliothek des 
verstorbenen Dr. Joseph Muller . . . Die 
Versteigerung . . . findet an den 12. Sep- 
tember 1881 . . . statt. Berlin. [1881.] 
2 parts. ^61 77.29 

Salem, Mass. Public library. 
Class list no. 6. Salem, 1898. vi, 80 pp. = 

♦6140a. 1 25 
Slater, John Herbert. 
The romance of book-collecting. N. Y., 
1898. 2127.111 

Manuscripts. Autographs. 

Amherst, Jeffery, Baron Amherst. 
Copy of a letter from His Excellency Gen- 
eral Amherst, to His Excellency Governor 
Wentworth. Camp of Montreal, Sept. 9, 
1760. Broadside. ♦♦H.9oa.i33 

Angulo, Martin de, and others. 
Segunda parte; de la vida que el Empera- 
dor tuvo en el Combento de Yuste; hasta 
que pass a la etema. Manuscript copy. 

6z pp. = ♦♦G.38.39 

Beverly historical society. 

List of autograph letters and autographs, in 
the C. W. Galloupe, senior, room. Bev- 
erly, 1808. = 4459a. 1 59 
Cordeyro, Antonio. 
Historia insulana das ilhas a Portugal su- 
geytas no oceano occidental, . . . Lisboa. 
Galram. 17 17. Manuscript copy, (i), 70 
Pp. = **G.38.38 

Contains only chapters 25-J9 relating to Una 

Cortes, Heman. 
Fifth letter to the emperor Charles v., con- 
taining an account of his expedition to 
' Honduras. Translated for W. H. Pres- 
cott. Manuscript. 1830. = ♦♦G.38.4I 
Declaration of allegiance to the United States 
of America and renunciation of allegiance 
or obedience to George the Third, King 
of Great Britain. Broadside. **H.goa.i32 

Blank form to be signed by civil and military 

Inquisition. Santo tribunal de la Inquisicion. 

rroceso contra el D° Agostin Tamarit, 

medico dela v* de Salas. Afio de 1754. 

167 ff. = **G.38.42 

La Gasca, Pedro de. 

Historia de Don Pedro Gasca, obispo de 

Sig**., que fue a pacificar los rcynos del 

Peru . . . Manuscript. 94 pp. = 


Noticias relativas al primer plan de indepen- 

dencia, formado por los hijos de Los 

Conquistadores. Manuscript copy. (56) 

pp. = ♦♦G.38.36 

Copied from Re^stro trimestre 6 coleccion de 
memorias, historia, literaturas, ciencias y artas, 
vol. I. for W. H. Prescott. 

Relatione dell' atto della fede, che si e cele- 
brato dair officio della Santa inquisitione 
di Valladolid. 1559. In Bologna, per 
Benacio, et compagni. Manuscript copy. 
8 pp. = ♦♦G.38.35 


Saha^n, Beraardino de. 

[Historia de la conquista de Mexico.] 

Manuscript (i), 148 pp. = ♦♦G.38.45 
Copy of a MS. in the Douession of Don Jom 
Gomes de la Cortina, M^co, by Wm. Camng- 
toa, M6xico, aad April 1839. This is a more com- 

flete account than that in the twelfth book of his 
[istoria, published separately by Bustamante, 
Mexico, i8b9 [43i^$=**C353.s6]. 

Wasp Stinging Frolick; or, engagement be- 
tween the American sloop of war Wasp 
. . . and the British sloop of war Frolick 
. . . [Verses.] [Boston.] N. a. Broad- 
side. No. I in ♦♦H.9oa.i34 

Yn8cni>ciones, medallas, templos, edificios, 
antiguedades y monumentos del Peru. 
Manuscript copy. (2), 40 ff. = ♦♦0.38.^7 

Copied from a MS. in the British Museum for 
W. H. Prescott, Jan. 2$, 1841. 

English and American Literature. 

Among my book . Papers relating to literary 
subjects. With a preface by H. D. Traill. 
London. [1808.] 2554.87 

Arnold. Thomas, M.A., Oxford. 1845- 
Notes on Beowulf. London, 1898. Map. 

B., W. N. 
An ode. The pools at Millburn. Concern- 
ing order and freedom. South Orange, 
1896. 12 pp. = 4399a. 161 

Banks, Louis Albert, editor. 
Immortal songs of camp and field. Cleve-. 
land, i8cx). Portrs. Pis. *4044i7 

Barham, Richard Harris. 
The Ingoldsby legends, or mirth & marvels. 
Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. London, 
'1808. Illus. Colored pis. 4576.39 

Barr, Amelia Edith. 
Msiids, wives, and bachelors. N. Y., 1898. 


ihe tale of Beowulf, sometime king of the 
folk of the Weder Geats. Translated by 
William Morris and A. J. WyatL New 
edition. London, 1898. * 4S79a.i79 

Bourdillon. Francis William. 
Minuscula. Lyrics of nature, art and love. 
London^ 1897. 45693.188 

Browne, H. Devey. 
Papers from Punch, in prose and verse. 
With illustrations by G. Du Maurier, Lin- 
ley Sambourne, J. Bernard Partridge and 
others. London, 1898. 2579.153 

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. 
[Selections.] By Andrew Lang. London, 

1898. Pis. 6568.139 

Drummond, William Henry, M.D. 
Phil-o-rum's canoe and Madeleine Ver- 
cheres. Two poems. N. Y., 1898. (2), 
12 pp. Pis. 439538 

Dunne, Finley Peter. 
Mr. Dooley in peace and in war. [Anon.] 
Boston, 1898. 44093.207 

George, Andrew Jackson, editor. 
From Chaucer to Arnold. Types of litera^ 
art in prose and verse, rl. Y., 1898. 
Portr. 2557.98 

Hainersley, James Hooker. 
The seven voices. [Verse.] N. Y., 1898. 
Illus, = 4394.131 


Kendall, May. 

From a ^rret London, 1887. = 6S77-43 
Lawton, William Cranston. 
The New England poets. A study of Emer- 
son, Hawthorne, Lonefellow, Whittier. 
Lowell, Holmes. N. Y., 18^ ad96.98 
Peabody, Josephine Preston. 
The wayfarers. [Verses.] Boston, 1898. 

« ^^nPPw=t. ., 4399a.i49 

Russell, Matthew, compiler. 

Sonnets on the sonnet An anthology. Lon- 
don, i8p8. 2568.153 
Savage, Philip Henry. 
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The pleasvres of literatvre and the solace of 
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ited by Richard Gamett London, 1898. 
66 pp. 45^^ 

Songs for the little ones at home. Enlarged 
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48 pp. 4395.130 

French Literature. 

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Apr^s le proces. Reponse a quelques "in- 
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The Nineteenth century in France; or, se- 
lections from the best modern French lit- 
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Contents. — i. Tne poets: Lamartine, Hugo, 

German Literature. 

Franz- Voneisen, , compiler. 

Kunterbunt. Humoristische Allotria in 
Vers und Prosa. Leipzig. [1898.I 

Hardenber^, Friedrich Ludwig von. 
Die Gedichte des Novalis [rseud.1. Leip- 
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Gedichte. In Auswahl hrsg. von £. Muller. 
Leipeig. [1898.] 4896.50.392 

Greek and Latin Literature. 

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De rerum natura Buch in. 
Heinze. Leipzig, 1897. 

Erklart von R 


Stidhaiis> Sieq^ed 
Aetna. Leipzig, 1898. 3002.76 

A tmulation and study of the poem ascribed to 
Lacilins Junior. 

Icelandic Literature. 

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Hamlet in Iceland. Being the Icelandic ro- 
mantic Ambales saga, edited and trans- 
lated, with extracts from five Ambales 
rimur. London, 1898. ♦4871.103 

Italian Literature. 

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Essays on Dante. Selected, translated and 
edited by C. Mabel Lawrence and P. H. 
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Spanish Literature. 

Arpas amigas, coleccion de poesias originales, 
de los Sres. Francsico Sellen, Antonio 
Sellen, . . . Habana, 1879. 439836 

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bbras escogidas. Leipzig, 1885. 


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3099a. 183 

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Das Recht der Jugend. Schauspiel. Leip- 
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The theatre in its relation to the state. Bos- 
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Jonson, Ben. 

Ben lonson his Volpone: or the foxe. A 
new edition. With a critical essay on the 
author by Vincent O' Sullivan, and a fron- 
tispiece, five initial letters and cover de- 
sign by Aubrey Beardsley, together with 
an eulogy of the artist by Robert Ross. 
London, 1898. ^6600.67 

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Portr. 4598.37 

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Tres flores del teatro antiguo espafiol. 
Leipzig, 1870. ♦♦D.26oa.ii6 

Contents. — Las mocedades del Cid. — £1 Conde 
de Sex. — El deaden con el desden. 

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Salustio del Poyo, de Luis Velez de Gue- 
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Shakspere society of Philadelphia, 1860- 
1879. Phila., 1898. 35 pp. = 

No. 2 in *66oi.9 
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Die Bekenntnisse. Lustspiel. Leipzig. 


[1898.1 4896.5 

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The world at auction. [A play by Micnaei 
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Pippa passes. A drama. With drawings by 
L. Leslie Brooke. N. Y., 1898. (8), 64 

PP- , « « , 4553.29 

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in 2. *'^D.26oa.i24 

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The adventures of the La<W Ursula. A 
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N. v., 1898. Pis. 4574.163 


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Ethnology in folklore. N. Y., 1892. = 


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A Christmas book. Origin of the Christmas 

tree, the mistletoe, the Yule log & St. 

Nicholas. [Wellesley.] 1898. 35 PP. Pis. 


Medicine. Hygiene. 


Chopinet, Charles C6sar Pierre Vincent 

£tude sur le goitre et le cr^tinisme dans les 

Pyrenees centrales (versant frangais). 

Saint-Gaudens, 1892. 33 pp. = 5794>45 

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A manual for students of massage. London, 

1898. Illus. 3795-136 


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Maurice Porter free hospital for children, Chi- 
Annual report, 1897. Chicago, 1898. 
< ♦5767.112 

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The cure of writers* cramp and the arm 
troubles of telegraphers and ball players. 
N. Y. [1898.] 56 pp. 3797.89 

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Neue Untersuchunjgren ueber den Bau des 
Ruckenmarks. Cassel, 1859. Text, 2 v. 
AUas. ♦Cab.37.13.1 

TWs copy lacks the "WandUfel." 

Talbot. Eugene Solomon. 
Degeneracy: its causes, signs, and results. 
Lon<Jon, 1898. Illus. *3768.i62 

University of Glasgow. Queen Margaret col- 
lege. School of medicine for women. 
Prospectus for session 1890/91-96/97. Glas- 
gow, i89C>;?6. = *2509.i40 

University of Pennsylvania. 
Fasciculus of the department of dentistry 
(1897-98) and announcements for session 
, 1898-09. Phila., 1898. 48 pp. 58o9a.86 
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An epitome of human histology. N. Y., 1898. 



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Health in the nursery. London, 1898. Illus. 


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Bau und Betrieb von Volksbadeanstalten. 

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The book of the [fresh-water] aooariiim. 
New edition. London. [1875.] lUus. = 

The book of the marine aquarium. A new 
edition. London. [1884.J Illus. = 

No. 2 in 5908.26 
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The butterfly book. A popular suide to the 
butterflies of North America. N. Y., 1898. 
Illus. Col. pis. *iB9i.70 

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Matter, energy, force and work. N. Y., 
1898. 5969-87 

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Structure of the stomach of Amia calva. 
[Buffalo, 189a] 5 PP- PI- = 59012.81 
Hurfbert, J. Beaufort 
Physical atlas with coloured maps, showing 
tne geographical distribution of plants 
yielding fruit; climates; flora; soils; 
regions of summer rains; geological for- 

mations and h:f drofi^ph^ of the Dominion 


of Canada. [Ottawa, 





Ah]^s, Wilhelm von. 

Allgemein verbreitete essbare und schadliche 

Pilze. 2. Auflage. Esslingen. [189-?] 

64 pp. Illus. 5852.22 

Allen, Charles Grant Blairiindie. 

Ftashlights on nature. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 


A collection of essays on popular natural nistory. 

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Note on carboniferous Entomostraca, from 
Nova Scotia, in the Peter Redpath mu- 
seum. [Montreal, 1897.] 8 pp. Illus. 

Geikie, James. 

Earth sculpture, or the origin of land-forms. 

N. Y., 1898. Illus. 3862.81 

Gill, J. 

Text-book on navigation and nautical as- 

tr(;momy. London, 1898. Illus. 5924.17 

Ha'rger, Oscar. 

RepQrt on the marine Isopoda of New Eng- 

la44 sind adjacent waters. [Washington, 

1880:] Pis. = ;«6.i 

Ibifiez de Ibero, Carlos, and Francois rerrier. 

Jonction g6odesique et astronomique de 

rAlg6rie avec TEspagne. Paris, 1886. 

Illus. Maps. = '^793oa.96 

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Foot-notes to evolution. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 

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The boy mineral collectors. Phila., 1800. 

Lewis, Margaret 
Studies on the central and peripheral ner- 
vous systems of two polychaete annelids. 
[Boston.] 1898. Pis. [Harvard college. 
Museum of comparative zoology.] = 

McGill college and university. Department of 
Papers. No. 1-7. Montreal, 1896-98. Illus. 

= , *3853.i8 

Departments of chemistry and mineralogy. 

Fapers. i. Montreal, 1896. = ♦3863.150 
Pepper, John Henry. 
The boy's book of science. Revised, by T. 

C. Hepworth. London. [1898.] Illus. 

Raiberti, Giovanni. 

Das Buch von der Katze. Physiologische 
und moralische Bemerkungen. Aus dem 
Italienischen tibersetzt von Edmund von 
Hallegk [Pseud, von Edmund Ritter von 
Herzfeld]. Leipzig. [1898.] 4896.50^ 
Scholfield, Socrates. 
The object of animal existence. Providence, 
1896. 31 pp. = 38aa92 

Tarr, Ralph Stockman. 
Elementary physical geography. N. Y., 
1898. Illus. Maps. 3828.121 

University of Toronto studies. Biological se- 
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I. [Toronto.l 1898. Pis. = ♦3821.74 
Warren, Henry White. 
Among the forces. N. Y. [1898.] Pis. 

IVatts, William Whitehead. 
Geology for beginners. London, 1898. Illtis. 




Wilson, Andrew, Ph. D. 
The light side of science. N. Y., 1898. 


Wright, Mabel Osgood. 

Birdcraft. N. Y., 1897. Pis. 5908.53 

Four-footed Amen ans and their kin. N. Y., 

1898. Illus. 3888.31 

An account of the mammala of North America, 
in the form of a story. 

Anthropology. Ethnology. 

Friederici, , Premierlieutnant. 

Der Gang des Indianers. [Braunschweig, 
1898.] 6 pp. = 382044 

Thurston, Edgar. 
Anthropology. Eurasians of Madras and 
Malabar; note on tattooing; Malagasy- 
Nias-Dravidians; Toda petition. Madras, 
1898. 68 pp. Pis. [Madras government 
museum.] = 3828.5=*5895.4i.2 


Baltzer, Heinrich Richard. 
Geometria. Versado al castellano . . . para 
el uso . . . de la universidad de C6rdoba 

iRepublica Argentina) por F. Latzina. 
C6rdoba, 187-r] Lithograph script. = 


Philosophy. Education. 



Benn, Alfred William. 
The philosophy of Greece, considered in re- 
lation to the character and history of its 
people. London, 1898. 3608.187 

Besant, Annie. 
An exposition of theosophy. Boston, 1893. 
30 pp. Portr. = 3489.118 

Descartes, Ren6. 
Discours de la m^thode pour bien conduire 
sa raison et chercher la y€ni6 dans les 
sciences, avec une notice biographique, 
des notes . . . et des extraits par Blie 
Rabier. 8e Edition. Paris, 1897. 3608.86 
McGill college and university. Department of 
Papers, i, 2. Montreal, 1896. = *36o4.i39 
University of Toronto studies. Ps^rchological 
series: edited by Dr. A. Karschmann. 
No. I. [Toronto.] 1898. = *36o3.iS4 


Antioch college. Yellow Spring, Ohio. 
[Calendar, 1898.] [Yellow Springs, 1898.] 

= 4487.37 

Dartmouth college. 
Addresses of the living graduates of Dart- 
mouth college, the Medical college, and 


the Thayer school of civil engineering. 
Hanover, 1897. == *449?-2^ 

Glasgow association for the higher ^duc^ition 
of women. 
Prospectus, 1877/78-80/81. Glasgow. [1877I- 
80. = *2509.i34 

Hazen, Henry Allen, and Stephen Lewis Bates 
A history of the class of 1854 in Dartmouth 
college, including Col. Haskell's nfirrative 
of the battle of Gettysburg. Boston, 1898. 
Portr. 44$4.i^6 

Home for the training in speech of deaf chil- 
dren before they are of schbol i^e, 
Report 1-3, 1891/2, 1895/6. Phila., 1892-^. 
Pis. = *5594.130 

Jordan, Charlotte Brewster, editor. 
Mother-song and child-song. N. Y. [1808.] 


Larsson, Gustaf. 

''Manu et mente." A text book of forking 

drawings of models in sloyd adapted to 

American schools. [Boston.] 1893. Illus. 

MacLean, George Edwin. 
A decade of development in American state 
universities. Lincoln, 1898. 37 pp. = 

*4^. 180.2 
The next stage in the educational develop- 
ment of Nebraska. Lincoln, i^. 12 pp. 
= *4484.i8o.6 

Morse and Rogers school. New York city, 
[Prospectus and catalogue.] [N. Y., 1898.] 
= 4499a. 192 

Oahu college, Honolulu. 
Catalogue, 1896/97, 97/98. Honolulu, 1897, 
98. Pis. = *4499i77 

Palmer, Alice Freeman. 
Why go to college? N. Y. [1897.] 32 pp. 

= 3S99a.i37 

People's palace. Technical schools. London. 

Calendar and syllabus for session 1888 and 
i88q. Compiled by R. Mitchell. London. 
[188-.] Pis. = 5597.122' 

Twentieth century club. Education depart- 
Report of the committee on free lectures for 
the people. [Boston.] 1898. 15 ^p. = 

University of Glasgow. 
Programme of courses, [etc.], 1896/97. Glas- 
gow, 1896. = 25(^.111 
University of Nebraska. 
University bulletins, series 3, no. 2, 6. Lin- 
coln^ 1898. *44a4.i8o 
University of Tennessee record No. i, 2, 4. 
Knoville, 1898. Portrs. Pis. = ^4490^1.175 

Ethics. Life. 

Comaro, Luigi. 1467-1566. 
A treatise on temperance and sobriety. 
Translated by Rev. George Herbert 
Cleveland, 1898. 51 Pp. 7588.181 

Hobbes, Thomas. 1588-1^. 
The ethics of Hobbes as contained in selec- 
tion from his works. With an introduc- 
tion by E. H. Sneath. Boston, 1898. 



Religion. Theology. 

Abbott, Lyman. 
The life and letters of Paul the Apostle. 
Boston, 1898. 3524*83 

Boston. Tremont temple. 
Annual reports for 1893/94, 1894/95. Bos- 
ton, 1894, 95- = *3549.45 
Brooke, Stopford Augustus. 
The gospel of joy. [Sermons.] N. Y., 
1898. 3447.144 
Caverno, Charles. 
A narrow ax in Biblical criticism. Chicago, 

1897. 3428.153 

Dorchester, Mass. First church. 
Dedication of the sixth meeting-house, 
Thursday, May 6, 1897. [Boston, 1897-] 
57 pp. = 4354.140 

Dresser, Horatio Willis. 
Voices of hope and other messages from 
the hills. A series of essays on the prob- 
lem of life, optimism, and the Christ 
Boston, 1898. = 3587.154 

Gonzalez de Avila, Gil. 
Teatro eclesiastico de la primitiva iglesia de 
las Indias occidentales, vidas de svs arzo- 
bispos . . . Madrid, 1649-55. 2 v. 

Goodyear, Anna Forbes. 
Interpretations of Holy Scripture. Boston, 
1897. 94 pp. = 74i9a.iii 

Groome, Samuel. 
A glass for the people of New- England, in 
which they may see themselves and spirits, 
and if not too late, repent and turn from 
their abominable ways and cursed con- 
trivances ... By S. G. [London?) 
1676. 43 pp. **G.387.22 

This rare tract, which relates to the Antinomian 
controversy, contains extracts from a book called 
"The elder tenents in the Bay," also "Queries 
by another hand [George Fox] for the New- 
England priests and elders to answer," and let- 
ters to Bellingham and to Increase "Madder" 
from Jno. Tyso dated Boston Prison-House. 

Hall, Francis J. 
The kenotic theory, considered with parti- 
cular reference to its Anglican forms and 
argupients. N. Y., 1898. 3477-75 

Harvard college. Divinity school. 
General catalogue. Cambridge, 1898. = 

Jefferson, Charles Edward. 

Quiet talks with earnest people in my study. 
N. Y.. [1898.] 3439.129 

Kaufmann, Moritz. 
Culture and Christianity. [London, 1898.] 

64 pp. , ♦3437.56.14 

Some modem views of Zoroastrianism ex- 
amined in the light of Christianity. [Lon- 
don, 1898.] 64 pp. *3437.56.I4 
Leathes, Stanley Mordaunt. 
The testimony of the earlier prophetic writ- 
ers to the primal religion ot Israel. [Lon- 
don, 1898.1 47 pp. 3437.56.14 
Melmoth, William. 1666-1743. 
The great importance of a reli^ous life, con- 
sidered. [Anon.] 5th edition. Boston, 
1739. *7489a.42 



Mitchell, Rev. WiUiam H. 
End of the impenitent [Boston, 18$^^ 16 

pp. = 7459a. 130 

The glory to be revealed Boston, 1897. 

22 pp. = 74592.133 

Looking unto Jesus. Boston, 1897. 21 pp. 

= 74S9».i34 

Non-Christian religions; their state and 
prospects. [London, 1898.] 64 pp. 

Thy kingdom come. [Boston, i^-r] 10 

pp. = 7459a.i3i 

The two sutements. [Boston, X09-?] 13 

>p. = 7459a.i32 

^t shall see Him as He is. [Boston, 189-?] 

16 pp. = 74592.129 

Moody, D wight Lyman. 

How to study the Bible. Chicago. [1876.] 

29 pp. = 
Nieuw^enhuis, Ferdinand Jacob Domela. 

Mein Abschied von der Kirche. Aus dem 

Hollandischen ins Deutsche ubersetzt 

von H. Harders und E. Groth. 5. Auf- 

lage. Bielefeld, 1892. 32 pp. = 5569a.i27 

Reynolds, Henry Robert 

Who say ye that I am. A question of Jesus 
to His disciples. London. [1898.] 48 pp. 

Simon, David Worthinc^ton. 
The Trinity in sacred history. [London, 

1898.] 64 pp. ♦3437.56.14 

Der babylonische Talmud in seinen hag- 
gadischen Bestandtheilen wortgetreu iiber- 
setzt . . . von Aug. Wiinsche. Halbband 
I, 2, Abtheilung 1-4. Leipzig, 1886-S9. 

Thompson, Hugh Miller. 
First principles. [3d edition.] N. Y., 1895. 

68 pp. = 7449a. 172 

Townsend, Jonathan. 
Comfort for the afflicted righteous. Being 
the substance of two sermons preach'd at 
Needham, quickly after the sudden and 
awful death of two desirable voung men, ^ 
viz. Mr. Solomon Cook, & Mr. Samuel ^ 
Kingsberry, . . . Boston, 1738. (i), 25 f 

pp. **H.99b.i49^ 

Tucker, William Jewett 

The making and unmaking of the preacher. —: 

Lectures on the Lyman Beecher founda — ^ 

tion, Yale university, 1898. Boston, i89&aE 

Young men's Christian association, FallRiver:^ 
Information for men of Fall River. Fzf^m 
River, 1898. 24 pp. Illus. =: 7449.1: 

Social Science. 

Political Economy. 

Bernardo y Estrada, Rodrigo de, editor. 
Prontuario de mercedes, 6 sea indice i> <^r 
6rden alfab6tico de las mercedes conct^MJ- 
das por el Escmo. ayuntamiento de Ii 
Habana, en cuanto concierne k las hacien- 
das de crianza de animales . . . Habam^ 
1857. 3567.2ZO 


Boss, M. P. 
Finance primer. San Francisco, 1895. 8 pp. 
=r 5648.148 

Brentano, Lujo. 
Die Agrarreform in Prenssen. Berlin, 1897. 
62 pp. ♦3562.53.19 

Bynum, Williani D. 
Address at the annual banquet of the New 
York jewelers' association, February 10, 
1898. A single standard of value measure. 
[NTy.? 1898.] 8 pp. = 5646.149 

Cornil, Georges. 
L'assurance municipale contre le chomage 
involontaire. Bruxelles, 1898. 5651.85 

Index bibliographie, pp. iii-xi. 

Cowles, James Lewis. 
A general freight and passenger post. N. Y., 
i^. 3659.121 

Holland, Hon. Lionel Raleigh. 
Suggestions for a scheme of old age pen- 
sions . . . London, 1898. 5657.82 
Knight, J. S. 
A skit treating of the monetary system of 
the United States of America, and other 
kindred subjects ... By "Novice" 
[pseud.]. Mobile, 1895. 65 pp. = 36493.50 
Makato, Tentearo. 
Japanese notions of European political eco- 
nomy. Phila., 1899. 41 pp. 5652.44 
Plehn, Carl Copping. 
Introduction to public finance. N. Y., 1897. 

Smith, Henry Worthington. 
An address delivered before the National 
association of life underwriters. Boston, 

1893. 15 pp. = 5657.80 

Reform club of New York city. Committee 

on sound currency. 

Annual report, 1895, 1896. [New York, 

1895.] = *564oa.8i 

Reports, March 19, May 29, Nov. 21, 1895, 

June 25, 1896. [New York, 1895-06.] 3= 

Schloss, David Frederick. 
Methods of industrial remuneration. 3d edi- 
tion. London, 1898. 3563.146 
Wyckoff, Walter Augustus. 
The workers. An experiment in reality. 
[Vol. 2.] The West. N. Y., 1899. Pis. 


Political Science. 

Ford, Henry Jones. 

The rise and growth of American politics. 

N. Y., 1898. 4229.96 

Rose, John Holland. 

The rise and growth of democracy in Great 

Britain. Chicago, 1898. 4517.148 



Howard, Rosalind Frances, countess of Car- 
Address, on the' occasion of the inaugura- 
tion of the Carlisle Women's liberal asso- 
ciation, July, 1890. [London? 1890.] la 
pp. = 5586.38 

Hyndman, Henry Mayers. 
The economics of socialism. London. 
[i896J Portr. 3568.215 

Jenkins, D. J. 
A special and urgent appeal by D. J. Jen- 
kins, to raise an endowment fund and 
make safe the home for the little orphans 
of his race. [Charleston, 189-?] 7 pp. = 


Lorimer^ George Claude. 

Christianity and the social state. Phila. 

[1898.] Portr. = 3566.224 

Lowell, Josephine Shaw. 

Consumers leagues. [Boston, 1897.] 34 pp. 

= 5567.73 

Schaeffle, Albert Eberhard Friedrich. 
The quintessence of socialism. [6th] Eng- 
lish edition translated under the super- 
vision of Bernard Bosanquet. London, 
1898. S^797 

Scudder, Vida Dutton. 
Social ideals in English letters. Boston, 
1898. 4558.146 

Women's rest tour association. 
List of members [and two circulars]. [Bos- 
ton, 1896.] = 5586.36 

Law. Legislation. 

Callahan, James Morton. 
The neutrality of the American lakes and 
A nfflo- American relations. Baltimore, 
18^. 432i.79=*2356.69.i6 

Cespedes y Orellano, Jose Maria. 
Elementos te6rico-pr&cticos de procedimi- 
entos civiles, con aplicacion & las islas de 
Cuba y Puerto-Rico. 2a edicion. Habana, 
1866. 2 V. 5625.19 

Des Cressonnieres, Jac(^ues. 
filaments du droit civil. Bruxelles, 1897. 

Hill, Charles Shattuck. 
A diplomatic analysis of diplomacy. Is sub- 
sidy not subsidy when arp^ued for diplo- 
matic purposes? [Washington.] 1890. 
12 pp. = 7956.86 

Lancefield, Richard Thomas. 
Notes on copyright, domestic and interna- 
tional. With a synopsis of the Canadian, 
imperial and United states copyright acts. 
[2d edition.] Hamilton, Can. [i^?] 

3067. xoo 

Useful and Industrial 


Elsie: a miracle. Published by the Ingleside 

corporation. Boston. [1898.] 42 pp. 

Portr. = 7569a.32 Brackett, Byron Briggrs. 

A true story of rescue work among women. The effects of tension and quality of the 

Fletcher. Horace. metal upon the changes in length pro- 

That last waif, or social quarantine. Chi- duced in iron wires by magnetization. 

cago. [1898.] 5567-49 Baltimore, 1897. 40 pp. Illus. = 597^47 



Geissler, Johann Gottlieb. 
Der Drechsler, oder praktischer Lehrbegrif 
der gemeinen und hbhem Drehkunst . . . 
Leipzig, 1 795-1800. 3 V. in 2. Pis. 1= 

Kapp, Gisbert. 
Elektromechanische Konstruktionen. Ber- 
lin, 1898. Illus. 8010.68 
Liesegang, Raphael Edouard. 
Das Phototel. Beitrage zum Problem des 
electrischen Fernsenens. [Dussddorf. 
1891.] Illus. 3926,8s 
McGill college and university. 
Department of applied science. 

rapers. i. Montreal, 1896. = *3943.77 
Department of engineering. 
Papers. No. i. Montreal, 1898. = 

Sabin, Alvah Horton. 

Painting to prevent corrosion. N. Y. [1898.] 

84 pp. Pis. 4099.119 

Warman, Cy. 

The story of the railroad. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 

^aps. [Story of the West series.] 



Bailey, Liberty Hyde, j'r. 

Sketch of the evolution of our native fruits. 

N. Y., 1898. Illus. Portrs. 399^.136 

Goldney, G., editor. 

The Royal gardens, Kew, in all seasons of 

the year. [London, 1898?] (40) pp. Illus. 

Olive growing for profit in the healthiest cli- 
mate in the world, at El Toro, Southern 
California. [Anon.] [Los Angeles? 1896?] 
47 pp. Illus. Maps. = 3999.173 

Romero, Matias. 
Coffee and India-rubber culture in Mexico. 
N. Y., 1808. 4461.137 

Sutcliffe, J.UT 
Profitable poultry farming. London, 1897. 
Illus. 4008.225 

Military and Naval Art, Science, 
and History. 

Boothby, Charles. 

A prisoner of France. The memoirs, diary, 

and correspondence of Charles Boothby, 

captain royal engineers, during his last 

campaign. London, 1898. Illus. Portr. 


Castellane, Esprit Victor Elisabeth Boniface 


Campagnes de Crimee, d' Italic, d'Afrique, 

de Chine et de Syrie, 1849-1862. Lettres 

adressees au Mar^chal de Castellane par 

les marechaux Baraguey d'Hilliers, Niel, 

Bosquet, P61issier, Canrobert, Vaillant, 

etc. Paris, 1898. Maps. 4663.27 

Groff, J. C. 

How to obtain admission to Annapolis, 

West Point, the navy or the Schoolship 

of St. Mary's. Also, a directory of the 

leading military schools. N. Y., i&^. 

74, (2) pp. Pis. 595932 

Social life in the British anny. By "a British 
officer." N. Y., 1899. rls. 6527.39 

Spears, John Randolph. 
Our navy in the war with Spain. N. Y., 
1898. Portrs. Illus. Maps. 44^aoa.75 

Amusements. Games, 


Des Courtils, Jean, comte. 
fiquitation. Les moyens de dressage com- 
bines avec les r^les d'^quitation. Paris, 
1898. 4006.156 

Drybrough, T. B. 
Polo. London, 1898. Illtis. Portrs. 

Foster, Robert F. 
Foster's duplicate whist N. Y. [1894.] 


Jeffery, J. 

Croquet. By Straw Hat [pseud.]. London. 

[1898.] 63, (i) pp. Illus. 4009.230 

Washington, D. C. 

Report of the Director of physical training 

[Rebecca Stoneroad]. 18^6-97. Wash- 

mgton, 1897. 22 pp. = *4007.I74 


In English. 

Altsheler, Joseph A. 

A herald of the West. An American story 

of 1811-1815. N. Y., 1898. 67.242 

Child, Frank Samuel. 

A runtan wooinff. A tale of the great 

awakening in New England. N. Y. 

[1898J 67.247 

Gibbon, Charles. 
The dead heart. A tale of the Bastille. 

London, 1889. 
Fancy free. London, 1891. 54*9 

The flower of the forest London. [1889. 



Heart's delight. London, 1888. 

A heart's problem. London, 1884. 

In love and war. London, 1893. 
Lagerlof, Selma. 

The story of Gosta Berling. Translat 
from tne Swedish by Pauline Bancro 
Flach. Boston, 1898. 1027.1 

Roberts, Charles George Douglas. 

A sister to Evangeline. Bemg the story c 
Yvonne de Lamourie, and now she wee: 
into exile with the villagers of Grand P: 
Boston, 1898. Map. 67. 

Scully, William Charles. 

Between sun and sand. A tale of an Afri 
desert. London, 1898. 56.2 

In French. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir Edward George Ea: 
Lytton. I St baron Lytton. 


Les derniers jours de Pomp^i. Traduit . . . 
sous la direction de P. Lorain. Paris, 

X893. 6574.29 

Daudet» Julia, n^e AUard. 
Joum^es de femmes. Alines. Paris, 1808. 


In German. 

Andrejanoff, Viktor von. 
Pater Johannes und andere Novellen. Leip- 
zig. [1898.] 4896.50.390 
Brentano, Fritz. 
Heitere Geschichten. 3tes Bandchen. Leip- 
zig. [1893.1 4896.50.313 
Heitere Geschichten. 4tes Bandchen. Leip- 
zig. [1894.] 4896.50.331 
Heitere Geschichten. 5tes Bandchen. Leip- 
zig. [1898.] 4896.50.389 
J6kai, Mor. 
Die guten alten T4blabir6s. Roman. Aus 
dem Ungarischen iibersetzt von T. Kirffy. 
Leipzig. [1898.] 4896.50.390 
Poetzl, Eduaro. 
Hoch vom Kahlenberp:. Heitere und emste 
Skizzen aus dem Wiener Leben. Leipzig. 
[1898 J 4896.50.391 
Schmid, Hermann Theodor von. 
Der Bauemrebell. Roman aus der Tiroler- 

geschichte. Leipzig. [1878?] 2879.49 

TjrroU i6th century. Reign of Ferdinand i. of 

Das Schwalberl. Ein Bauernroman aus dem 
oberbaierischen Gebirg. 2. Aufl. Leip- 
zig. [1867?] 6899.170 
Singer, Friedricn. 
Voran die Liebel Kleine Geschichten von 
S. Fritz [Pseud.]. 2. Auflage. Leipzig. 



Spielhagen, Friedrich. 

Herrin. Novelle. Leipzig, 1899. 
AVestkirch, Luise. 

Diebe. Leipzig. [1898.] 
V^ittmanUj Carl Friedrich, editor. 
Solo-Spiele. 7tes Bandchen. 



In Spanish. 

Arrom, Cecilia Boehl de. 
Cuadros de costumbres. Por Fernan Caba- 
llero [pseud.]. Leipzig, 1873. **D 260a. 106 
Cuatro novelas. Leipzig, 1885. **D.26oa.i09 
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. 
Novelas ejemplares. Leipzig, 1883. 

Gtiell y Rente, Tos^. 
Tradiciones de America. Paris, 1861. 

4369a. 158 

Associations. Clubs. 


Fortnightly, The. Jamestown, N. Y. 
[Programmes of meetings for] 1898-1899. 
Scotland, its history and romance. [James- 
town, 1898.] Illus. = 4379a. 128 
Hull yacht club. 
[List of members, constitution, by-laws, 
etc.] Boston, 1897. Pis. = ♦4006.170 
Phi Beta Kappa society. Yale college. 
Catalogue of members (1853-1898). [New 

Haven.] 1898. 

^4486.9 (1853-98) 

Periodicals. Annuals, 



Cartera cubana. La. Director Vicente An- 
tonio de Castro. Tomo i. Julio, 1838. 
Habana, 1838. *736i.23 

Zeman, Johann. 

Inhalt der mechanisch-technischen Zeit- 

schriften, umfassend das gesammte Gebiet 

des Maschinenwesens. 1890-95. Berlin. 

[1890-97.] *40ioa.2o6 



United States. 

A bill (H. R. 11022} for the reorganization 
of the army of the United States. 

Report of Mr. Hull on the bill; and testimony 
taken by the committee on military affairs. 

Agriculture, Department of, 

Greathouse, Charles H. 
Historical sketch of the U. S. Department 
of Agriculture; its objects and present or- 
ganization. Washington, 1898. = 3995*41 

Thompson, George Fayette. 

Index to the annual reports of the U. S. 
Department of Agriculture for 1837 to 
1893, inclusive. Washington, 1896. = 

Division of Accounts. 
Fiscal regulations of the U. S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture. Washington, 1898. = 

Industrial Commission. 
Handbook, act, members, officers, commit- 
tees. Washington, 1898. = ♦933I-0973-A 
Interior Department. 
Commission to the five civilized tribes in the 
Indian territory. 
Report to the Secretary of the Interior. 
1898. Washington, 1898. 9970.5 

Geological Survey. 
Extracts from the 19th annual report on 
the mineral resources of the United States, 
1897. Washington, 1898. = 9549-973 

Namely: — Bincenbme, John. Production of 
iron ores. Peale, A. C. Production of mineral 
waters. Newberry and Cummings. Production 
of cement. Production of Fullers earth. Min- 
eral resources of Hawaii. 
Bagg, Rufus Mather, jr. 
The cretaceous Foraminifera of New 
Jersey. Washington ,1898. ♦7872.55.88 
Gninsky, Carl Ewald. 
Irrigation near Fresno, California. 
Washington, 1898. = ♦^95)4.20. 18 

Irrigation near Bakersfield, California. 
Washington, 1898. = 3994.20.17 

Bureau of Indian Affairs. 
Rules for the Indian School Service. 
Washin^on, 1898. = 4463.194 

New Mexico. Mme Inspector. 

Annual report ... for the year ended 
June 30, 1897. Washington, 1897. = 

Navy Department. 
Report of the Judge-advocate-general to the 
Secretary of the Navy for 1897. Washing- 
ton, 1897. = 9353.7- 

Treasury Department 
Internal Revenue Office. 
Revised regulations concerning taxes on 
tobacco, snuff, and cigars under the re- 
vised statutes of the United States as 
amended by subsequent acts. August, 
1808. Washington, 1898. = ♦9356.27-2 
War Department 
Drill regulations for coast artillerr. United 
States army. Washington, iteo. 2 v. = 

Ordnance Bureau (War). 
Description and rules for the management 
of the U. S. magazine rifle and carbine. 
Calibre 30. Washington, 1898. = 5956^ 
Signal Office. 
Property and general regulations of the 
Signal Corps. Washington, 1898. = 


Separate States. 

Alabama Bryce insane hospital reports, 
1878-1898. = *78o2.6a 

Idaho. Secretary of State. 
Official manual for 1895/6. Compiled by L 
W. Garrett. [Boise City, 1896.] = 

Department of Vital Statistics. 
Annual report, ist-5th, upon the births, 
marriages, divorces and deaths in the 
state, iS92-iSg6. Augusta, 1894-98. = 


Massachusetts. Governor. 
Address of His Excellency William QafUn, 
to the two branches of the Legislature of 
Massachusetts, Jan 9, 1869. Boston. i85pi 
= ♦^3sdJ3 

Newton. City Council. 
Eliot anniversary, 1646-1896. City of New- 
ton, memorial exercises, Nov. 11, 189^ 
Newton, 1896. 435i>M4 

North Dakota. 
Commissioner of Agriculture and Labor. 
Biennial report, 5th, 1896-96. Bismarck, 
1898. = *963a9784 

Ohio. Secretary of State. 
Federal, state and county officers. 189B. 
Norwalk, O., 1897. = 93S3.97II- 

Rhode Island. 
Providence. City Auditor. 
Annual report showing the receipts and 
expenditures of the city. 1896. With a 
schedule of the city property. ProTidence, 
1898. *tS3<|0ii4 



Milwaukee. Public Museum. 
Annual report of the Board of Trustees. 
1st, 4th, 5th, 7th-i2th, 14th, isth. 1882/83, 
85/86, 86/87, 88/89-93/5>4, 95/96, 96/97- 
Milwaukee, 1883-^. 7813.35 


Australia, Western. Patent Office. 

Patent rules. Rules relating to applications 
for patents for inventions and proceedings 
thereon . . . Compiled by R. G. Fer- 
guson. Perth, 1898. = Patent Room 
Finance Department 
List of shareholders in the chartered 
banks, as on the 31st of December, 1897. 
Ottawa, 1898. = *7034.22 
Canada public accounts for the fiscal year 
ended 30th June, 1898. Ottawa, 1899. 

Insurance Branch. 

Report of the Superintendent of Insur- 
ance for 1881-1897. Ottawa, 1882-98. = 

Commissioners to in(][uire into the alleged 
grievances of the pilots of the district of 
Montreal. Report. Ottawa, 1898. 


Documents diplomatiques. Affaires du 
Haut-Nil et du Bahr-el-Ghazal. [Fashoda 
incident] Paris, 1898. 0962.6-2 

Projet de loi portant 6tablissement d'un im- 

got general sur le revenue, presente par 
I. P. Peytral, Ministre des Finances, oc- 
tobre 1898. 9336.2444 

Die deutsche Handels-Statistik: Gam-£in- 
fuhr und Ausfuhr in den Jahren 1889 bis 
1897. Berlin, 1898. = *9677.43 

Amtliche Mittheilungen aus den Jahres- 
berichten der Gewerbe-Aufsichtsbeamten 
XXII, Jahrgang 1897. Berlin, 1898. 


Statistik der Reichstagswahlen von 1898 

nebst einer kartographischen Darstellung. 

Berlin, 1898. = ♦9943.0&1 

Zeitschrift des K. sachsischen statistischen 

Bureaus. 1860-1866; 1870-1898. 

Great Britain. 

Correspondence respecting the Proposal of 

His Majesty the Emperor of Russia for a 

conference on armaments. London, 1899. 

Further correspondence with the French 
government respecting Madagascar. Lon- 
don, 1899. *0969-P9 
Papers relating to the British South Africa 

Company. 9968.13 

X. Southern Rhodesia order in council, dated ao 
October, 1808. xi. Proclamation, dated 25 Nov. 
X89B, promulgating native regulations for South- 
ern Rhodesia, xxt. Proclamation, dated 25 Nov. 
X898, making provision for an electoral system in 
Southern Rhodesia, xv. Draft of a supplemental 
charter of the British South Africa company. 
London, 1899. 


Commissioner of Patents. 
Patents for inventions. Subject-matter in- 
dex of specifications of patents numbered 
as of A.D. 1896. London, 1898. 

Patent Room 
Board of Trade. Labor Department. 
Report by the Chief Labour Correspon- 
dent on Trade Unions in 1897 with com- 
parative statistics for 1892-18915. London, 
1898. *933i0942 

Hawaii. Bureau of Immigration. 
Report, 1896/97. Honolulu, 1898. = 

Further correspondence relative to the con- 
tract for the sale of the government rail- 
way, and for other purposes. *9385.97i8 


Alliance nationale pour Taccroissement de la 
population francaise. Programme, statuts 
et compte-rendu des travaux, 1897-98. 
Paris, 1898. = 9312.944 

Fueros, privilegios, franquezas y libertades 
del m. n. y. m. 1. sefiorio de Vizcaya. Bil- 
bao, 1897. 5625.20 

Denner, Richard. 
Bedeutung und Ziele deutscher Weltpolitik. 
Minden i. W., 1898. 9327.43 

Der Entwurf eines Hypothekenbaugesitzes 
kritisch beleuchtet von einem Praktiker. 
Berlin, 1898. 9332.311 

Grundbuchordnung ftir das deutsche Reich. 
Textausgabe n^it kurzen Anmerkungen 
und Sachregister. Hrsg. von Karl Pan- 
nier. Leipzig. [1898.] No. 5 in 4896.50.390 

Hofer, Adolf Neumann-. 
Die Entwicklung der Sozialdemokratie bei 
den Wahlen zum deutschen Reichstage. 
Zweite Ausgabe. Berlin, 1898. 9335.51 

Jahres-Bericht der Handelskammer zu Miin- 
chen Gladbach pro 1897. M. Gladbach, 
1898. = *938i.4342-^ 

Jahresbericht der Handelskammer zu Saar- 
briicken ftir 1897. Saarbhicken, 1898. = 


Jahresbericht der Handelskammer zu Strass- 
burg fiir das Jahr 1897. Strassburg, 1898. 

= ♦9381.4344 

Levasseur, Pierre fimile. 
L' agriculture aux fitats-Unis. Pr^c^d^ d'une 
note de M. H. L. de Vilmorin. Paris, 

1894. = 9338.173 

Note sur la valeur de la production brute 

agricole de la France. Paris, 1891. 

Notions d'^conomie politique [pour des 

61^ves d'ecole primairel. = 9330.2 

Le salariat et le salaire. [Comite de defense 

et de pr ogres social.] Paris. = 9331-2 
Milliet, E.-W. 
Apergu sur le monopole de Talcool en 

Suisse. 1898. = 9336.10- 

Le monopole fiscal des spiritueux distilles. 

Bruxelles, 1898. = 9336.19-2 


Rapport sommaire sur les relations entre le 
monopole de I'alcool et I'agriculture en 
:' Suisse. Lausanne, 1898. = 935^19-3 

St fftra y Cabera, Andres. 

E\ contrato de segura de vida. Havana, 1808. 

Statistik der Neubauten, der leerstehenden 
Wohnungen, des Grundstuckswerthes and 
des Grundbesitzwechsels. Charlottenburg, 
1898. = ♦M14.31S 


Schriften der Centralstelle for Vorberettung 
von Handelsver tr age n . Berlin, 1898-^9. 

t. Vosberg-Rckow. Dm bntiach Wdtretcli vad 
der denttclie Wchbcwcrb. 11. Swtoriiu ytm 
WahcnhAtttca. DMUcfaland vad die Hiwlrlt 
politik der Vcreinicten Stuten von Amcriki. 
I II. V oraberg-Rekow. Die Politik der Huddt- 
vertrftKC in Diren Gnmdsficen n en ii f l nf i iilini 
dargestellt. tv. Voeberf-Rekow. I>ie amtlidtt 
Suuttik des Dctttschcn Aossenlvuidels. v. 
Brmndt M. von. China and aeine Handdfbc- 
siehoncen ram Antlaade mit bctondercr Bc> 
rftcktioitiffianc der 





riLDeN fOUH04 


This List was compiled for use in connection with a lecture delivered by Professor 
lliam T. Sedgwick, on February 6, in the Central Course No. 2 6f the Free Municipal 
:tures held in the Old Public Library building. 

The work now under way for supplying water to Boston and adjacent 
ies and towns constituting the Metropolitan Water District is outlined in 
t Annual Reports of the Metropolitan Water Board, which form a part of 
t Massachusetts Public Documents, and are also separately published. 
lis Board was constituted by the Legislature following the comprehensive 
^port of the Massachusetts State Board of Health upon a Metropolitan 
ter supply, February, 1895, in which the projects for obtaining water from 
ke Winipiseogee, the Nashua river and other sources are considered. In 
t reports of the Cochituate, Mystic, and Boston Water Boards is given an 
:ount of the Boston water supply system, with a history of the undertaking, 
lese documents are in some cases enriched with maps and illustrations. 
le collection may be seen at the Bates Hall Desk. The action of the City 
vemment may be traced in the Index to the City Documents, 1834 to 1897. 
le first document mentioned in that Index is the report of Loammi Bald- 
n in 1834. This document, the report of Daniel Treadwell in 1825, and 

* Message of Mayor Lyman in 1834 are of especial importance. The titles 
many other early publications may be found in the Card Catalogue of the 
►ston Public Library, and in convenient form in the Bulletin of the Library 

• July, 1894. The Annual Reports of the City Engineer who constructed 
; Boston system may be examined [*6357.56], and the City Council Pro- 
edings as far as printed since 1868 [*6350.2] ; also the City Laws and 
dinances since 1850 [*635i. 80-104], especially the important edition of 
76 [*635i.93]. For other material relating to the Boston Water-Supply 
isult the Special Laws of Massachusetts, from vol. 2 of the Private and 
ecial Statutes (pp. 19 and 76) to the present time [*6440a.27] ; partly col- 
ted in Special statutes . . . relating to the City of Boston, 1897 [*6355.66]. 
e Library has recently obtained an autograph document on vellum, being 
Indenture given to the Company of the Waterworks to lay and main- 

n a conduit "in the street now called or knowne by the name of Conduit 
eet" (Union Street) f**G.38o.29], (printed in Suffolk Deeds, vi, 21-24 pp. 
^455.50, Book 6]). It has been called the beginning of the Boston Water 
Dries, pursuant to the incorporation of 1652. A rfval conduit was started 
Capt. Keajme (Boston Record! Commissioners, vol. 10, p. 9) but came to 
thing. The conduit of 1652 lasted until the Revolution. The Act of In- 
poration of the Water- Works Co. is in the Massachusetts Colonial Ree- 
ls, vol. 4, part I, p. 99 [*23«5o.2, vol. 4, part i]. The following illustrated 
iclcs are popular reading : "How Boston gets its water," by Fletcher Os- 



good, in the New England magazine, new series, vol. 14, June, 1896, and 
"Greater Boston's New reservoir," by Charles H. Bemis, in Harper's Weekly, 
vol. 41, Jan. 16, 1897. These may be found in the Periodical Room ot 
the Boston Public Library. The figures added indicate shelf-numbers at the 
Boston Public Library. 

Boston. Cochituate Water Board. 
Annual report, 1850-1876. 21 vols. With 
plates and maps. '^63^7.20 

Fxirther reports are under the Boston Water 

Communications of the Cochituate Water 
Board to the City Council [on the present 
condition and future wants of the water 
works. City document, no. 76, 1865]. 


Report of committee to the Cochituate 
Water Board respecting estimates (or the 
new reservoir. [City document, no. 85, 
1865.1 *634oa.2 

Report of the Cochituate Water Board to 

tne City Council. Additional supplv of 

water. [City document, no. 29, 1873.] 

With 2 plates. *6357.53 

Charlestown. Mystic Water Board. 

ist-iith annual report. 1865-1876. ♦6351.54 

Reports 1-8 are made to the City Council 01 
Charlestown. For reports after 1S76 see Boston 
Water Board. 

Boston. Water Board. 

ist-ipth annual report, for the year ending 
April, 1877 through the year ending Jan., 
1895. 19 vols. Plates. *0355.So 

Later reports are under Boston Water Depart- 

Boston water works. Additional supply 
from Sudbury river. Boston, 1882. With 
69 plates. Folio size. *3940.I4 

Cochituate and Sudbury water supply. Its 
present and future development. Boston, 
1884. With map. 5942-32 

Boston. Water Department 

ist-3d annual report of the Water Com- 
missioner, 1895/96-1897/98. With maps 
and diagrams. *6355.52 

The Water Department succeeded the Water 
Board. . 

The cost of the Boston system of water works is 
reported by the Auditor of Boston in his annual 
reports, which give also an annual inventory (1898, 
p. 394, etc.). 

Massachusetts. State Board of Health. 

Report upon a Metropolitan water supply, 
February, 1895. 270 pages, with many 
maps. [House document, no. 500.] 

♦6423.50.1895, no. 500 

The twenty-seventh annual report of this Board, 
1895 [•6457.16, 37th report], gjives the results of the 
examination as to the purity of the water sup- 
plies of Boston and other cities and towns in the 

Metropolitan Water Board. 

ist-3d annual report of the Metropolitan 
Water Board. Jan. i, 1896-Jan., 1898. 
With maps and illustrations. *6457.3o 

General information regarding: the Metro- 
politan Water Works. April, 1898. 

. *6457.3i 
The cost of the Metropolitan system is reported 
by the Auditor of the Commonwealth in his an- 
nual reports. 

Collection of maps on the water supply and 
drainage of boston. In portfolios. 

♦Map 38.2 

Treadwell, Daniel. 

Report made to the Mayor and Aldermen 

of the City of Boston, on the subject of 

supplying the inhabitants of that cm with 

water. 1825. 32 pages. * 

Baldwin, LoammL 

Report of Loammi Baldwin, engineer, on 
the subject of introducing pure water into 
the city. [Common Council, document 
no. 12, 1834. 1 

A second edition was puhlithed in ifllss. 

Lyman, Theodore, jr., Mayor. 
Communication to the City Council on the 
subject of introducing water into the City. 

1834. 6353^ 

Eddy, Robert H. 
Report on the introduction of soft water 
into the City of Boston. Boston, 1836. 

*63S3.2; *634(ML2 
Celebration of the introduction oTthe water of 
Cochituate Lake into the Citv of Boston, 
October 25, 1848. Boston, 1848. 

No. 3 in *634oa.2 
Baldwin, George R., and Charles L. Steves- 
Report on supplying the City of Charles- 
town with pure water: made for the City 
Council [of Charlestown]. Boston, i860. 

77 pp. *4354-i9 

Bradlee, Nathaniel J. 

History of the introduction of pure water 
into the City of Boston, with a descrip- 
tion of its Cochituate Water Works. With 
map and plans. Boston, 1868. 

633oa.2; ♦♦6(33oa.6 

Report of the Joint Standing Committee of 
the City Council, with report of the Ci^y 
Engineer relating to an additional supply 
of water. [City document, 1874, no. ^] 
With map. 5941^ 

Fitz Gerald, Desmond. 
History of the Boston water works from 
1868 to 1876 .Being a supplement to a 
"History of the introduction of pure water 
into the City of Boston [by ^f. J. Brad- 
lee].'' Boston, 1876. With maps, plans 
and illustrations. *633oa.s; '•6330a.8 

Description of the Boston water works. Uha- 
trated. Chicago. Office of Engineering 
news. 1878. 5943*53 

Commissioners on the investigation of water 
supply. Report [City docttment, i88l3^ 
no. 129.] S9W*' 

Fitz Gerald, Desmond. 
Report on the capacity of the Sudbury rhrer 
and Lake Cochituate water-shc^ds in time 
of drought. Boston, 1887. With maps 
and diagrams. 5943^ 

A short description of the Boston wattr* 
works. Boston, 1895. With map and 
plates. 5SN^ 

Index to the [Boston] city docttments, 1834 
to 1897. [Boston, 1897- *635^lAte 


i>^ I 

This List was compiled for use in conn<iction with a lecture delivered by Mr. C. 
Howard Walker, on February 24, in the Central Course No. 2 of the Free Municipal Lec- 
tures held in the Old Public Library building. 

In 1894 the Public Library published a Catalogue of its books relating 
to architecture, construction and decoration, and such readers as desire a 
comprehensive list of titles on these subjects will find this catalogue useful. 
The following books are recommended as giving a general view of the in- 
terest in and development of civic achitecture in this country and in some 
European countries, and as showing the importance which the subject is as- 
suming. The great mass of information and suggestion upon this matter is 
to be found in periodical literature, and such periodicals as the Allgemeine 
Bauzeitung [*4090.20i], the Builder [*4i04.2oi], the Nouvelles annales de 
la construction [*40i 2.208], the Revue generale de Tarchitecture des tra- 
vaux publics [*409i.2o6] should be consulted. Articles from one or two 
such publications have been used in this list, and the number could be ex- 
tended almost indefinitely. 

An index to a collection of photographs and plans of library buildings 
has been printed by the Public Library, and it may be seen upon application. 
In the Bates Hall catalogue, the heading Public works, under the names 
of countries and cities, as well as the heading Fine Arts — Architecture, will 
show some interesting treatments of this topic. The great work of Belgrand, 
for instance, Les travaux souterrains de Paris [*5940.2], considers the water- 
supply of that city largely on its artistic side — the acqueducts, fountains, 
&c. The books and articles referred to below are almost all quite fully illus- 
trated, although for the most part special mention has been made of the fact 
only in cases where the plates form a principal part of the work. 

The figures added indicate the shelf-numbers of the volumes in the 
Boston Public Library- 
Anderson, R. Persius . . . Zusammengestellt aus dem 
Examples of the municipal, commercial and Architektonischen Skizzenbuch. Berlin, 
street architecture of France and Italy, iggi. ♦L.20.8 
from the 12th to the 15th century. Lon- Baudenkmaeler, Die, in Frankfurt am Main, 
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Strassburg und seme Bauten. Strassburg, Moderne Stadterweiterungen. Hamburg, 
189^ iTlus. Pis. Plans. 8093.122 1887. No. 5 m ♦5216.5C.N.F.2 
Architckten-Verem, Berlm. • Stadterweiterungen in technischer baupoli- 
Bcrlm und seme Bauten. Berlm, 1896. 3 v. zeilicher und wirthschaftlicher Beziehung. 

^ *° ?,.r A.u u 'iA' A A ^-'^^ Berlin, 1876. 356357 

Art and life, and the buildmg and decoration Bell E H 

^\ ^\^^^1J '"^T* ^y^*"I?K-!^^ members ^^ j^ municipal decoration. (In Harper's 
of the Artsand crafts exhibition society. Weekly. Vol. 38, p. 401. N. Y., 1894) 

WSSlwS^Of public n>ace„ paries a^fc ^. , „ „ Periodical Room 

dens by Blomfield, Of the decoration of public BlSnop, Henry rl. 

Imildings by Crane. Of beautiful cities . by Pictorial architecture of France. London. 

LeChaby, Of colour in the architecture of cities ^g^^ *40QI.6o 

Antwahl von° Park- und Gartenverzierungen. Pictorial architecture of Greece and Italy. 
Entworfen und ausgestellt von SchinkeV London, 1887. 8092.97 

88 March 

Pictorial architecture of the British Isles. Sturgis, Russell 

London. [1883.] 8092.16 The building of the modem city house. (In 

Cawston, Arthur. Harper's new monthly magmzine. -VoL 

A comprehensive scheme for street improve- 98, pp. 579-594. New Yorkj 1899.) 

ments in London. London, 1893. Periodical Room 

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French, Allen. In the streets of Paris. (In New England 

Municipal art in Italy. (In New England Magazine. VoL 15, pp. 249-^72. Boston, 

magazine. Vol. 24, pp. 33-5^. Boston, 1894.) Periodical Room 

1898.) Periodical Room Vacjuer, Theodore. 

Municipal art in the Netherlands. (In New Batiments scolaires recemment construits 

England magazine. Vol. 24, pp. 267-286. en France, et propres i servir de types 

Boston, 1898I) Periodipal Room pour les Edifices de ce genre. Ivis. 

C^baude fiir Erziehung, Wissenschaft und I1864.I *4ioa79 

Kunst Darmstadt, 1889. FHandbuch der Visconti^ Ludovic. 

Architektur. Th. 4, Halb-Bd. 6, Heft 1.I Fontaines monumentales constmites i Paris 

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land Magazine. Vol. 24, pp. 21-25. Bos- 4090.289.1872^3 

ton, 1898.) Periodical Room Wheelwright, Edmund March. 

Goecke, Theodor. Municipal architecture in Boston. Part i, 2. 

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qui concourrent i leur embellissement. CaI».6oi5o.s 

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number.] Vol. 2, no. i. N. Y., 1898- Kow, 1890. Pis. ♦♦•8090.73 
• 4096.86=3563.170.2 

This contains an article on Fublic art m Ameri- 
can cities. Civic treatment of color and Civic 
architecture from its constructive side, by Lamb, 

The city's plan by Harder, Municipal sculpture The following articles are taken from tlie Arcbi- 

by Bitter. tectural Record. They may be obtained by prefbdng 

Narjoux, F61ix. the shelf -number [^ogca^j] to the volume desired. 

Architecture communale. Paris, 1870, 80. 

3 V in 2 222 pis *8ioi.57 Adler, Dankmar. 

Paris! Monuments ^l^v^s par la ville 1850- ^ The Chicago Auditorium. VoL i, p. 415. 

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Ogden W S Architectural aberrations. 

Studies in mercantile architecture. London, The Edison building. Vol. i, p. 134- 

1876. 50 pis. 4100.53 The Philadelphia Record building. Vol. i. 

Petit Victor P- ^'• 

Pares et jardins des environs de Paris. The Real Estate exchange, Brooklyn. VoL 

N. d. 50 colored pis. *3990.50 i» £• 40.i. . ,,. , 

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The wonderful cities of the worid. N. Y. 2, p. 89. 

[igg^,] 2275.59- The Daily Record building, Baltimore, Md. 

Stevenson, J J. Vol. 2, p. 213. 

On laying out streets for convenience of The Government and the Worid's Fair. Vol. 

traffic and architectural effect. (In Royal ^,^» P- 333- ^ .,^. ^ , . ,^ , 

institute of British architects. Transac- The Fagm building, St Louis. VoL a, p. 

tions. New series, vol. 5, PP- 89-104. 470. , 

London, 1889.) 4090.289.n.s.5 The Chicago Board of trade. Vol. 3. p. 97- 

Stuebben, Josef. The Hale building, Phila. Vol. 3,. p. »7. 

Der Stadtebau. Darmstadt, 1800. [Hand- The new Criminal court buildmg. New 

buch der Architektur. Th. 4, Halb-Bd. 9.] ^ York. Vol. 3, p. 429. , 

*So92.52.9 The Medmah temple. Vol. 4, p. 83. 


College of St Francis Xavier. Vol. 4, p. 

The Cairo. Vol. 

City Hall. J[ersey City! N. J. Vol. 5i J>. 17- 
he Salvati* 

^i p. 77. . 

The Salvation Army building, 

/ol. 5iJ>. 
. N. yT 


Architecture in St Louis, Mo. Vol. 5, p. 594. 
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Modem hospitals in Europe. Vol 6, p. 29. 
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Art and life. Vol. i, p. 219. 
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New York flats and French flats. Vol. 2, 

P- 55* 
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Problem of national American architecture. 

Vol. J, p. X2I. 

New York City Hall competition — a protest 

Vol. J, p. 213. 
Saelio, Maurice. 
City apartment houses in Paris. Vol. 5, p. 


The followiiiffarticles are taken from the Engineer- 
tag magazine. They may be obtained by prefixing the 
ahelf-nomber [^oioa.^] to the volume detired. 

Adler, Dankmar. 
Tali office buildings — Past and future. Vol. 

Aiken, William Martin. 
The architecture of our government build- 
ings. Illus. Vol. 12, p. 815. 
Capper. S. H. 
The American tall building from a European 

point of view. Vol. 14, p. 239. 
De Wolf. John. 
Beautiful Prospect park, Brooklyn. Illus. 

Vol. 3, p. 16. 
Landscape beauty at Newport. Illus Vol. 

2, p. .167. 
Possibilities of landscape gardening. Vol. 2, 

p. 21. 
Fcrree, Barr. 
City hall architecture in America. Vol. 4, 

p. 201. 
Museum building and arrangement. Illus. 

Vol. 2, p. 221. 
Value of good architecture in cities. Vol. 

10^ p. 671. 


Fletcher, Banister F. 

American architecture through English 
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Fnrer, William J. 

The need of uniform building laws. Vol. 5, 

p. 756. 
Gardner, K C. 
The architecture of bridge-building. Illus. 

Vol. II, p. 844. 
The architecture of modem hospitals. Illus. 

Vol. 9, p. 1086. 
The architecture of municipal buildings. 

Vol. 8, p. 609. 
Arraignment of American city architecture. 

Vol. 12, p. 30. 
~ School and school-house architecture. Vol. 

10, p. 478. 
Gibson, R. W. 
The architecture of modem bank buildings. 
Illus. Vol. 10, p. 1064; vol. ii| p. 4. 
Gilbert. Bradford L. 
The architecture of railroad stations. Illus. 

Vol. 9, p. 649. 
Picturesque suburban railroad stations. 
Illus. Vol. 2, p. 336. 
Hamlin, A. D. F. 
The tair building from an American point of 
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Henry, Edward. 
What is the use of building laws? Wherein 
they are useful — a criticism. Vol. 2, p. 
Robinson, John Beverley. 
Tall office buildings of New York. Vol. i. 

p. 185. 
What is the use of a building law? Vol. i, 

p. 656. 
What is the use of building laws? Why I 
oppose building laws — A rejoinder. Vol. 
2, p. 246. 
Schuyler, Montgomery. 
Official architecture in America. Vol. 6, p. 
Sturgis, RusselL 
Lack of originality in architecture. Vol. 6, 

p. II. 
Architectural sculpture in America. Illus. 
Vol. 10, p. 883. 
Sullivan, Louis H. 
Ornament in architecture. Illus. Vol. 3, p. 

Taylor, James. 
History of terra-cotta in New York City. 

Vol. 2, p. 137. 
Terra cotta. Vol. i, p. 63. 
Twose, George M. R. 
The use of terra-cotta in modem buildings. 
Illus. Vol. 8, p. 203. 



■ ^»» ■ 

This List was compiled for use in connection with a lecture to be delivered by Mr. 
George G. Crocker on March 3, in the Central Course, No. 2, of the Free Municipal Lec- 
tures held in the Old Public Library building. 

It is intended in the following list to give a few titles of books and other 
publications of local interest, the subject of transportation in general being 
too voluminous to be dealt with here. 

The history of Passenger transportation in Boston is given in C. W. 
Ernst's Boston and transportation [4454.47], printed by the Bostonian So- 
ciety in their Proceedings for 1898, pp. 18-31, in which Mr. Ernst gives an 
account of the early days of coaching and dwells on transportation by water 
lines. A sketch of the progress in New England from the time of the stage 
coach to the present is traced by Josiah H. Benton, jr., in his Railroad trans- 
portation in New England [7650a. 77]. Shurtleffs edition of the Mass. 
Records and the various town records should be consulted for information 
regarding the early roads. Mr. C. F. Adams' writings should also be ex- 
amined. The turnpike system may be traced in the Mass. Acts and Resolves 
from 1802 to recent days. Information regarding the Winnisimmet Ferry, 
the oldest transportation line in the United States, may be found in Mass. 
and Boston records, Sewall and Chelsea papers. Much interesting matter 
regarding early methods of travel may be gleaned from the biographies of 
early Bostonians and New Englanders, and the writings of early travellers; 
among others those of Adams, Samuel Breck, Sarah Knight, Larochefou- 
cauld, Drayton, and Dwight may be mentioned ; the Winthrop papers pub- 
lished by the Massachusetts Historical society should also be consulted. 
Descriptions of the methods of conveyance in use before the introduction 
of the railway may be found in the histories of Boston and in advertisements 
in the early newspapers, and in the Massachusetts Register [*2349.i]. Other 
matters of interest concerning the stage lines with lists of stages and dis- 
tances may be found in early years of the Boston almanacs, and in Spofford's 
Gazetteer of Massachusetts, 1828 [*2383.9]. Fleet's Almanac and Register 
for 1794 is unique on Boston suburban travel lines and coaches [*2359.3.ii]. 
The annual reports of the various railroad companies terminating in Boston 
and those of the street railway companies in Boston will be found useful 
and may be consulted in the Library. The recent great development of 
electrical and street railroads may be studied in Johnston's Electrical and 
street railway directory [*396oa. 73], and the progress of steam locomotion 
from the earliest times is set forth pictorially in Pangbon;i*s World's rail- 
way [*8oio.i57]. 

The legislation on the subject may be found in Special Statutes of the 
Commonwealth relating to the City of Boston, passed prior to January i, 



1897 [*635S.66] , in the City Council Proceedings, 1868 to date [*63S0.2], 
and in City Laws and Ordinances since 1850 [*63Si. 80-104]. The Index 
of the special railroad laws of Massachusetts, 1 826-1 873, by Edward L. 
Pierce, will be found useful. A convenient Index to City documents, 1834 
to 1897, by James L. Hillard, may be found in the Bates Hall reference 
library [*6356.2]. 

Poor's Manual of the Railroads of the United States, which has reached 
its thirty-first annual number, gives elaborate statements of the condition 
of the steam surface railroads, and of street railways, as well as of the great 
corporations on which the railroads largely depend for material for trans- 
portation. The latest number is kept in the Bates Hall reference library. 
A collection of publications relating to steam communication between Bos- 
ton and other ports, domestic and foreign, is on shelf-number [*565oa.6]. 
The extent of the literature relating to railroads in general may be judged by 
Teggart's Catalogue of the Hopkins Railway library, published by the Leland 
Stanford Junior university in 1895 [*]. The library at that time con- 
tained 9,245 volumes. Illustrations of the cars, omnibuses and conveniences 
for passengers, and titles of articles not in the following list, may be found in 
the magazines to which references are given in the indexes to periodical lit- 
erature: Poole's Index to periodical literature, 1800-96 [*3i8oa.7], kept in 
the Bates Hall reference library and in the Periodical Room ; the Cumula- 
tive index, 1896 to date [*2i72.24], also kept in the Periodical Room; the 
Cooperative index to periodicals [*3i72.6] which with its continuation, the 
Annual literary index [*3 172.6], has been running since 1885 > ^^^ ^^^ Index 
to the periodicals of 1890-98 [**3 172.9], kept in the Bates Hall library, pub- 
lished annually by the Review of reviews. 

For other material consult the Bates Hall card catalogue under the 
names of the various City and State government Boards and Commissions, 
and the names of the railroad and other transportation companies, as: Bay 
State transportation league ; Boston and Albany railroad ; Boston and Chelsea 
railroad; Boston and Lowell railroad; Boston and Maine railroad; Boston 
and New York Air Line railroad ; Boston and Ontario railroad ; Boston and 
Providence railroad ; Boston and Worcester railroad ; Boston Board of Trade ; 
Boston Chamber of Commerce ; Boston, Hoosac Tunnel and Western rail- 
road; Boston Elevated railway company; Broadway railroad; Charlestown 
Branch railroad; Eastern railroad; Fitchburg railroad; Highland [street] 
railroad ; Hoosac Tunnel ; Massachusetts. Board of Railroad Commissioners ; 
Secretary of the Commonwealth; Massachusetts Central railroad; Mystic 
River railroad ; Marginal freight railroad ; Meigs Elevated railroad ; Metro- 
politan [street] railroad; Middlesex [street] railroad; New York and New 
England railroad ; Union railroad station (South) ; West End street railway ; 
Western railroad. 

The figures added indicate the shelf-numbers of the volumes in the 
Boston Public Library. 

Adams, C. F. 

The canal and railway enterprise of Boston. 
(In The memorial history of Boston. Vol. 
4, chapter 5, pp. 111-150. 1881.) 

B. H. Ref. 560.1.4 
Adams, Henry C. 
Transportation on railways 'in the New Eng- 
land states, 1879-1889. (U. S. Census 
bulletin. No. 46, 1891.) 4410a. 104 

American Traveller. 1825-1846. *79io.i 

Rich in transportation matter including stages 

and turnpikes. 
Ashcroft, J. 
Ashcroft's railway directory. 1863, etc. New 

York, 1863, etc. 5653-14 

Badger & Porter's stage register, 1827-32. 4 

numbers. Boston, 1827-32. ^^9oa.ii 

Contains an account of the principal lines of 
stages, steamboats, and canal packets in New 
England and New York state. 


Benton, Josiah H., jr. 
Closing argument before the Joint Railroad 
Committee, Massachuietts legislature, Apr. 
13 and 14, lispb, upon the bill to provide 
for a southern union passenger station in 
Boston. Boston, 1896. 7658.110 

Railroad transportation in New England. 
Boston, 1 1897 J. 765oa.77 

Bliss, G. 
Historical memoir of the Western railroad. 
Springfield, 1863. 7659.100 

Boston. City Clerk. 
The charters and locations of the several 
street railways in the city of Boston, 1869, 
79. 2 V. *634oa.i7 

Boston Board of Trade. 

Annual reports, 1855 to date. ^6348.31 

Boston Chamber of Commerce. 

Annual reports, 1886 to date. *565oa.65 
Boston Daily Advertiser. Newspapei Koom 

Contains full accounts of transpuriaiion matters 
up to about i86a 

Boston electric railway subway. The. Illus. 

(In The Electrical Engineer. Vol. 19, pp. 

532-534- New York, 1895.) ^796021.1.19 
Boston subway. The. Illus. i'lans. (In Street 

Railway Journal Vol. 14, pp. 493-500. 

New York, 1898. *40ii.237.i4 

Boston Transit Commission. 
ist-4th annual report 1895-99. Pis. Plans. 

The Boston subway. 1895. Plates. 7654.30 

Statement of the Subway Commission. 

[1894.] ♦c65oa.46 

The subway. What the Commissfon has 

done . . . 1895. 7656.69 

Bradley, Abraham, jr. 

Map of the United Sutes. [1825.] 

No. 2 in *Map 117.2 

Contains a list of stage lines from Boston. 

City of trains. Boston's mammoth station 
opened. Illus. (In The Boston Herald, 
Saturday morning, December 31, 1898.) 

Newspaper room 
Clarke, T. C. 
Rapid transit in cities. Illus. Maps. (In 
Scribner*s Magazine. Vol. 12, pp. 567- 
578* 743-758. New York, 1892.) 

Periodical room 
Crocker, George G. 
Index to the reports of the Board of Rail- 
road Commissioners of Massachusetts 
from 1870 to 1887, both inclusive. (In the 
19th annual report of the Board. 1888.) 

♦6453 13.1888 
The passenger traffic of Boston and the 
subway. Illus. (In The New England 
Magazine, new series, vol. 19, pp. 523- 
541. Boston, 1896.) Periodical room 

Cummings, Prentiss. 
Street railway system of Boston. (In Pro- 
fessional and industrial history of Suffolk 
county. 1894. Vol. 3, pp. 286-302.) 

♦4351.117.3; 3652.69 
Dearborn, H. A. S. 
An account of the reconnoissances and sur- 
veys, of routes of canals, between Boston 
harbour and Hudson river, made by N. 
Willis, E. Hoyt and H. A. S. Dearborn. 
1825. 4 V. Manuscript **G.35.35 

A folded map is inserted in vol. 4, and a number 
of maps drawn and colored by Mr. Dearborn 
kimself, arc scattered throusli tne volumet. 


Dcgrand, P. P. F. 
[Address] to the people of Massachusetts 
and to the friends oi railroads throughout 
the Union. [184a] '^'Pph. voL jSij 

Eddy, Caleb. 
An historical sketch of the Middlesex canaL 
lAnon.J 1843. 4J53-IS; 634ai6 

Elevated Railway. 
Boston Elevated Railway Company. 
Act to incorporate . . . and to promote 
rapid transit in Boston and vicinity. 

I1894.] *SfiS2^ 

Child, Linus M. 
"Shall the metropolis of New England 
have an elevated railway?" Argument 
before the legislative conunittee, on the 
petition for an act of incorporation for 
an elevated railway in Boston, Cam- 
bridge, Somerville, and Chelsea. Feb. 26^ 
X879. *8ca5.7 

Clarke, T. W. 
The Meigs plan. Bill to incorporate 
Henry Hastings and others as the Boston 
Rapid Transit Co. Opening and closing 
arguments of Thomas William Clarke, for 
the petitioners, Feb. 15 and a&, x88i. 

Hearing in the matter of the elevated rail- 
road. Opening argument and evidence 
on the petition of Joe V. Meigs «r ols. 
[By Thomas W. Clarke.] i88x. 

♦8035.7; 5651.73 

Hawkes, Nathan M. 
Report for the conmiittee on street rail- 
ways [legislative] on petitions for charters 
and remonstrants against them. 1879. 
Plans. [Senate Doc No. 19a] ♦8035-7 

Meigs, Joe V. 
The Meigs railway. The reasons for its 
departures from the ordinar]|r practice . . . 
A general description of it A crucial 
discussion of its mechanics [etcj. 1887. 
Illus. %)i7.i3i 

Merrill, Moody. 
Opening argument for the remonstrants 
against the petitions for acts of incorpora- 
tion as elevated railway companies, Feb. 
ao, 1879. ♦80135.7 

Muzzey, H. W. . " ,r 

Remarks on the "Act to permit Joe V. 
Meigs and associates to bmld an devated 
railway [etc.],'' in the Mass. Honse of 
RepresenUtives, March 7, 1882. 1882. 


Powers, Charles K 
Shall the metropolis of New England 
have an elevated railroad? Opening ar- 
gument in its favor before the legislative 
committee [etc.], Feb. 10, i88a ♦8035.7 

Ernst, C. W. 
Boston and transportation. (In Bostonian 
Society. Proceedings, 1898, pp. 18-31.) 


Felt, C. W. 
Our steam railroads and suburban travel 

1883. 7^7^^ 

Foxcroft, F. 
The Boston subway and others. lUns. 
Plans. (In The New England Magazine, 
new series, vol. 13, pp. 193-aia Boston, 
1895.) Periodical room 


Guild, WiUiam. 
A chart and description of the Boston and 
Worcester and Western railroad. [1847.] 

Grant, E. B. 
Boston railways: their condition and pros- 
pects. [Anon.] 1856. 4015.1 
Hale, Nathan. 
The Massachusetts railroad system. (Re- 
printed from the Boston Daily Advertiser. 
1851.) ♦7678.1 
Rail roads leading from Boston. Map. (In 
The Boston Almanac for 1840. pp. 86-90.) 

Remarks on the practicability and expedi- 
ency of establishinflT a railroad on one or 
more routes from Boston to the Connec- 
ticut river. By the editor of the Boston 
Daily Advertiser. 1827. 

♦4414.11; ♦6429.50.(1827) 
Remarks on the practicability and expedi- 
ency of rail-roads from Boston to ^ the 
Hudson river, and from Boston to Provi- 
dence. [Anon.] 1827. ♦4014. 1 1 

Hill, E. B. 
The Railway Gearing House. A brief his- 
tory of the institution established at Bos- 
ton by the New England railroad com- 
panies. 18B4. ♦803552 
Hill, Hamilton Andrews. 
Trade, commerce and navigation. (In Pro- 
fessional and industrial history of Suffolk 
county. Vol. 2, pp. 17-163. 1804.) 

B. H. 552.3.2 
Jackson, W. 
Lecture on railroads, Jan. 12, 1829, before the 
Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Asso- 
ciation. 1829. 6086.13 
Lewis, Alonzo. 
Diagram of railroads diverging from Bos- 
ton. Showing the depots and distances. 
[1846.] Size, 4^ X 97i inches. Map 30.8 
Map exhibiting the rail road routes leading 
from Boston to Ogdensbur^ and Buffalo, 
N. Y., 1848. Size, isH x 29 mches. Scale, 
i6Ji miles to i inch. Map 118.3 
Public documents. ♦6414. i 

Contains much matter of importance on suburban 
traffic from a little before 1840 to date. 
Massachusetts. Board of Directors of Internal 
Report of the Board of Directors of In- 
ternal Improvement of the State of Massa- 
chusetts on the practicability and expe- 
diency of a rail-road from Boston to the 
Hudson river, and from Boston to Provi- 
dence submitted to the General Court, 
Jan. 16, 1820. Added the reports of the 
engineers. Boston, 1829. 8013.55; 5656.15 
— Secretary of the Commonwealth. 

Annuid reports of the railroad corporations, 
1851-1850 . . . added an abstract of re- 
turns. 1852-56. 6 V. ♦6453.11 
Abstracts of the returns of the railroad cor- 
porations. 1857, 58. ♦6453.11 
Returns of the railroad corporations in 
Massachusetts . . . with abstracts of the 
same, 1859-69. 1860-70. 11 v. ♦6453." 


— Board of Railroad Commissioners. 
ist-28th annual report. 187Q to date. 


Since 1857 the reports of the railroad corporations 
are also to be found in Massachusetts Public doc- 
uments [*64i7.i]. The 10th report contains an 
Index, 1870 to 1887 inclusive, by G. G. Crocker. 

— State Board on Dock and Terminal Facili- 



Report, January, 1897. 

Matthews, Nathan, jr. 

Argument before the Committee on transit 

of the Massachusetts legislature, April 4, 

1894. [Also, Facts and fig^ires submitted 

April 5.] 1894. Plan. 6357.49 

Melish, John. 

A description of the roads in the United 

States. Philadelphia, 1814. 4498.13 

Roads from Boston, pp. 35, 56. 
Geogn'aphical description of the United 
States. Philadelphia. 1816. 2388.8 

Contains a good map ot the roads and turnpikes 
around Boston. 

New Union station. The, at Boston. Illus. 
(In The Railroad Gazette. Vol. 26, pp. 
367-369. New York, 1894.) ^7220. 50.26 

New Union station. The, in Boston. (In 
American Engineer, Car Builder and Rail- 
road Journal. Vol. 71, pp. 48-50. New 
York, 1897.) ♦4011.211.71 

Pathfinder. June, 1849 to date. 4389a.54 

Pease, Levi. 

[Captain Levi Pease, founder of] The stage 
business [in Shrewsbury]. (In Hurd, 
editor. History of Worcester county. 
Vol. I, pp. 803, 804. Philadelphia. 1889.) 

B. H. 552.1 

Phelps, Abner. 
Report on constructing a railroad from Bos- 
ton to the Hudson river, Jan. 19, 1827. 
1827. 4014. 1 1 

Preble, George H. 
Early ship-building in Massachusetts. 1872. 

Quincy, Josiah, 1802-1882. 

The railway system of Massachusetts. Ad- 
dress before the Boston Board of Trade, 
Nov. 19, 1866. 1867. ♦565oa.7 

Railroad and shipping facilities of Boston. (In 
Statistics of Boston. 1882.) 

♦4353.73; ♦*4353.74 
Railroad Journal. 1832 to date. New York. 


Especially good until about i8<o. The name has 
been changed several times ana is now continued 
under title American engineer and railroad jour* 

Railroad Jubilee, 1851. 

Account of the celebration commemorative 

of the opening of railroad communication 

between Boston and Canada, Sept 17th- 

19th, 1851. 1852. Maps. 2354.3 

Chesbrough, £. S. 
Tabular representation of the present con- 
dition of boston in relation to railroad 
facilities, foreign commerce . . . 1851. 
Folded map. ♦4404.5S; ♦5656.14; 7646.7 

King, Thomas Starr. 
The Railroad Jubilee; two discourses in 
Hollis-street meeting-house, Sept. 21, 

6088.179; ♦Pph. vol. 413; ♦Pph. vol. 372 



Rantoul, R. S. 

Old modes of travel. (In Hurd's History of 
Essex county. Vol. i, Ix-lxxvi. Phila- 
delphia, 1888.) B. H. 551.4 
Rapid Transit Commission. 

Plans. 1892. 31 plates. '*'445oa.iio 

Report to the Legislature, April 5. 1892. 
Maps. Plans. ^35779 

Fitzgerald, J. K 
Report on the transportation of passengers 
in and around the cities of Europe made 
to the Rapid Transit Commission, Oct. 16, 
1891. [With appendix.] 1891. Plates. 
I Ian. *6357.73 

Galloupe, F. £. 
Rapid transit and elevated railroads. With 
a description of the Meigs . . . system. 
1886. Illus. 8019.140 

Howes, Osborne, jr. 
Report on the transportation of passengers 
in and around the cities of Europe made 
to the Rapid Transit Commission . . . 
Nov. 10, 1891. ^6357.74 

Sedg;wick, T. 

Brief remarks on the rail roads proposed in 
Massachusetts. By Berkshire [pseud.]. 
Stockbridge, 1828. * 

Seymour, George F. 

Railway consolidation in New England. (In 
New England Magazine, new series, vol. 
20, pp. 250-253. Boston, 1896.) 

Periodical Room 
Southern Union station in Boston. (In 
American Engineer, Car Builder and Rail- 
road Journal. Vol. 71, pp. 48-50. New 
York, 1897.) *40ii.2ii.7i 

Spalding, H. C. 

Local transportation at Boston. Compris- 
ing swift transit by tunnel railways . . . 
and rapid transit by the aid of subways. 
i8qi. Illus. Maps. Diagrams. 5654.28 

Swiu transit by tunnel railways. Boston, 

1891. 4454.187 

Street railway conditions and financial results 
in metropolitan Boston. Illus. Maps. (In 
Street Railway Journal. Vol. 14, pp. 471- 
492. N. Y., 1898.) ♦401 1.237. 14 

Street railway system of Boston. Illus. (In 
The Street Railway Journal. Vol. 11, pp. 
205-232. New York, 1895.) ♦4011.237.11 

Swift, W. H. 
Massachusetts railroads. 1842 to 1855. Bos- 
ton, 18^6. *7678.i7 
Travelers' Official railway guide. 1868 to date. 
New York. *4497.7 
United States. Board of Supervising In- 
spectors of Steam Vessels. 
Proceedings, 1875 to date. Washington. 


Contains among other matter a list of accidents 
with loss of life, etc 

— Census Bureau. 
Tenth census, 1880. . *C.28ai.4 

Vol. 4. Report on the affendes of transporta- 

, mclndinc 
of railroads, steam naYigation, canals, tele|[raphs. 

tion in the United States, mclndinc the statistics 

and telephones. Statistical report of the rulroads 
in the united States, by A. £. Shuman; Report 
on steam navigation in the United States, hj 
T. C. Purdy: Report on the canals of the United 
Sutes. by T. C Purdy; Report on the statis- 
tics of telegraphs and telephones in the United 
States, by A. E. Shuman; Report on the postal 
telegraph service in foreign countries, by R. B. 

— Interstate Commerce Commission. 
Annual reports, 1887 to date. Washington. 

Vose, G. L. 
Notes on early transportation in Massa- 
chusetts. New York. [1884.] 4454.197 
Watson, W. 
Die Construction des Tunnels fur die elek- 
trische Strassenbahn in Boston. Illus. 
Plates. Plans. (In Allgemeine Bau- 
zeitung. Heft 3, pp. 109-116. Wien, 
1897.) *4O9O.20i.i897 

West End Street Railway. 
^^History, in which is included sketches of the 
early street railways of Boston, etc [i8(^] 
Illus. Map. 8014.159 

Whittcmore, H. 
The past and present of steam navigation 
on Long Island Sound. New York, 1893. 


Contains much information about the Fall Rirer 


Williams, H. B. 
Change of present car routes in addition to 
subways, a help to rapid transit [1893.] 
Plan. *565(ML45 


Publications. The Catalogue of the Cod- Sewell, in the house of Mr. George J. Gould, 

fp an Collection of books relating to landscape Lakewood, N. J., has been framed anxi hung 

architecture^ supplemented by a list of books in the Fine Arts room, 
on trees and forestry, was issued in February. 

The Index to Vol. 3 of the Monthly Bulletin, , „ . 

for binding with the Bulletin, is ready for dis- Alterations. The Newspaper and Feri- 

tribution. odical reading-rooms are now connecting de- 

The second Annual List, of books added to partments on the entrance floor. The Patent 

the Library in i8c8, compiled from the Month- room has been removed to the west wing, and 

ly Bulletin, was issued January i. may be reached by the way of the courtyard 

arcade, or by means of the elevator, through 

Municipal Lectures. In this Bulletin will the Special libraries. The room formerly oc- 

be found reference lists supplied in connection cupied by the Patent collection now iorms a 

with lectures during February in the Central f ^^ond room for younger readers, to be used 

Course No. 2, on the subjects "The Water 'o^ reference and study. 
Supply of Boston," and "Civic Architecture"; 

and with a lecture to be delivered on March 3, r-TTTTc Tr\ txjtt t tho at>v 

on "Passenger Transportation." GIFTS TO THE LIBKAKY. 

For the Galatea Collection: forty-six 
Special Libraries. Exhibitions have been monographs on the rights and duties of 
held in connection with the lectures, January women, from Helen Blackburn, London; 
31, by Mr. C. Howard Walker on Early twentv-six monographs, volumes, and peri- 
Greek Architecture and Ornament, and Feb- odicals from Col. T. W. Higginson, the donor 
ruary 15, by Prof. H. Langford Warren on of the collection. 
the Acropolis of Athens, both lectures under 
the auspices of the Unity Art Club. In con- 
nection with the lectures given by Mr. J. F. From Mr. Charles P. Bowditcii: his 
Hopkins before the teachers of the public work in collaboration with Mr. Harrison 
schools, photographs and colored plates have Ellery, on the Pickering Genealogy, being an 
been hung on. the following subjects: Egyp- account of the first three generationi of the 
tian sculpture and design, Greek sculpture, ar- Pickering family, volumes 1-3. Privately 
chitecture, and ornament, Roman s'-.ulpture printed, 1897. Also twelve sheets of addi- 
and architecture, Byzantine and Saracenic ar- tions, etc., to his Genealogy of the descend- 
chitecture. ants of John and Sarah Burwell Pickering of 
A photograph of the decorative frieze of the Salem, completing the copy belonging to the 
Canterbury Pilgrims by Robert Van Vorst Library. 





(Founded in 1836 by John Lowell, Jr., and BsUbliihed in 1839.) 

The Trustee of the Lowell Institute under the will of John Lowell, Jr., 
maintains annually in the city of Boston various Courses of Free Public Lec- 
tures. For th« sixtieth season (1898-99) four distinct Series are provided, 
to all of which. Admission is Free, but only by ticket and under certain con- 
ditions. A Prospectus may be obtained by sending to the Curator of the 
Lowell Institute, 491 Boylston St., Boston, a stamped, addressed envelope. 
Further information in regard to the several Series of Lectures is given below. 

Augustus Lowell, Trustee. 


The Twelfth Course (the last of the 
Season) will be eight lectures on John Mil- 
ton: His Life and Writings, by Hon. Wil- 
liam Everett, LL.D., Master of Adams Acad- 
emy, Quincy. 

L Early life and Poems. 

II. Lyrics, Comus and Lycidas. 

iii-iv. Political life and Prose works. 

v-vi. Paradise Lost. 

vii. Paradise Regained. Minor Prose. 

viii. Samson Agonistes. Minor Prose. 

Mondays and Tnursdays at 7.45 p.m., begin- 
ning Monday, March 6. 

Tickets may be obtained Free (by adults) 
at the Cadets' Armory, on Saturday, March 4, 
at 10 A.M. 

W. T. Sedgwick, Curator, 


Under the auspices of the Massachusetts 
Institute of Technology. 

Twenty Courses of lectures on yariotis 
literary, scientific and technical subjects will 
be given during the present season by Pro- 
fessors in the Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology. A special circular giving full 
particulars, with mstructions for securing 

tickets, may be obtained by sending a 
stamped, addressed envelope to Professor H. 
W. Tyler, Secrcta^, Lowell Free Courses, 
Mass. Institute of Technology, Boston. 


Under the auspices of the Boston Society of 

Natural History. 

SPEaAL Lectures on scientific subjects, 
for teachers, will be given during the winter 
by^he Lowell Institute, under the auspices of 
the Boston Societjr of Natural History. Foil 
particulars, with mstructions how to secure 
tickets, may be obtained by sending a 
stamped, addressed envelope to the Teachers' 
School of Science, Lowell Lectures, Boston 
Society of Natural History, Boston. 


Under the auspices of the Wells Memorial 


A Series of lectures on subjects of prac- 
tical importance to workingmen will be given 
by the Lowell Institute during the present 
winter under the auspices of the Wells Memo- 
rial Institute, 987 Washington St Full par- 
ticulars may be obtained by sending a 
stamped, addressed envelope to the Secretar:^, 
Lowell Free Lectures, Wells Memorial Insti- 
tute, 967 Washington St, Boston. 





Vol. IV, No. 4. 
April, 1899. 






SOLOMON LINCOLN, Vice-President 



herbert putnam. 

Central Library, Copley Square. 

Branch Libraries. 

Brighton Branch, Holton Library Roxbury Branch, 46 Millmont St 
Building, Rockland St. South Boston Branch, 372 Broadway. 

Charlestown Branch, City Square. South End Branch, English High 

Dorchester Branch, Arcadia, cor. School Building, Montgomery St 
Adams St. West End Branch, Cambridge, cor. 

East Boston Branch, 37 Meridian St. Lynde St 

Jamaica Plain Branch, Curtis Hall, West Roxbury Branch, Centre, near 
Centre St. Mt. Vernon St 

Delivery Stations. 

Station A. Lower Mills Reading Station L. North Brighton Reading 
Room, Washington, near River Room, 56 Market St 

St. Station M. Crescent Avenue Delivery 

Station B. Roslindale Delivery Sta- Station, 940 Dorchester Ave. 

tion, 25 Poplar St Station N. Blue Hill Avenue Deliv- 

Station D. Mattapan Reading Room, ery Station, 200 Blue Hill Ave. 

River, cor. Oakland St. Station P. Broadway Extension Read- 
Station E. Neponset Delivery Sta- ing Room. 13 Broadway Exten- 
tion, 49 Walnut St. sion. 

Station F. Mount Bowdoin Reading Station Q. Upham's Comer Delivery 
Room, Washington, cor. Eldon St. Station, 756 Dudley St 

Station G. Allston Delivery Station. Station R. Warren Street Deliveiy 
14 Franklin St. Station, 329 Warren St 

Station H. Ashmont Delivery Sta- Station S. Roxbury Crossing Deliv- 
tion, 4 Talbot Ave. ery Station, 11 73 Tremont St 

Station J. Dorchester Station Deliv- Station T. Boylston Delivery Sta- 
ery Station, i Milton Ave. tion, Lamartine, cor. Paul Gore St 

Station K. Bird Street Delivery Sta- Station U. Ward Nine Delivery Sta- 
tion, 6 Wayland St. tion, 62 Union Park St 

Published monthly by the Trustees of the Public Library of the City of Boston, Boston, 

a subscription price of twenty-five cents per annum. 





February 15 to March 15 1899. 


The symbol = following the title of a work indicates that the work is a gift to the Library. 

Reference Books. 

Associated charities of Boston. , . 

A directory of the charitable organizations 
of Boston. 4th edition. Boston, 1899. 

B. H. Ref. 564.7 
Dictionnaire du commerce, de Tindustrie et 
de la banque. Public sous la direction de 
Yves Guyot et A. Raffalorich. Livr. 1-3. 
Paris. I1898.] ♦5651.88 

Haydn. Joseph. 
A dictionary of dates. 22d edition. By 
Benjamin Vincent. N. Y., 1898. *224i.70 
Meyer, Ethel S. 
A practical dictionary of cookery. 1200 
tested recipes. London, 1898. *8ooi.27 
Pritchard, Rosadind. 
London and Londoners, 1898. London. 

[1898.1 2499.77 

World almanac and encyclopsedia. 1899. 

N. Y., 1899. B. H. Ref. 3135 

Genealogy. Heraldry. 

Allen, Orrin Peer. 

Descendant* of John Fairman of Enfield, 

Conn. [Palmer, Mass., 1898.] 36 pp. 

Portr. 4439.202 

Goodwin. John Samuel. 

The uoodwins of Kittery, York county, 

Maine. Chicago. [1898.] = 4434*235 

Malderghem, Jean van. 

Les fleurs de lis de I'ancienne monarchic 
fran^se. Bnixelles, 1894. 39 pp. = 


Mayo, Charles E., compiler. 

Mortuary record from the gravestones in 

the old burial ground in Brewster, Mass. 

Yarmouth, X898. 79 PP* 4434-^ 

New York, state. State library. 
State library bulletin. History, no. i. April, 
1898. Supplementary list of marriage 
licenses. Albany, 1898. = 6460a. 11 

This forms a supplement to the work published 
by the New York. Secretary of state. Names 
of persons for whom marriage licenses were 
issued [*6d6oa.9]. 

Pelletreau, William Smith. 
Early wills of Westchester county, New 
York, from 1664-1784 . . . also the gene- 
alogy of "the Havilands" of Westchester 
county and descendants of Tames Graham 
(Watkinson and Ackerley families). New 
York, 1898. Portr. *443oa.i42 

Pillsbury family. 
Pillsbury genealogy. [Everett, 1898?] 15 

^ pp. = 4434206 

Streeter, Milford Barzaleel. 
A genealogical history of the descendants 
of Stephen and Ursula Streeter of 
Gloucester, Mass., 1642, afterwards of 
Charlestown, Mass, 1644-1652. Salem, 
1896. 4433.70 


Bedford, Augustus. 
Interesting facts and incidents regarding 
the United States flag. Boston, 1898. 32 

pp. = 4229a.50 

Holden, Edward Singleton. 
Our country's flag and the flags of foreign 
countries. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 2239.48 


Collective Biographies. 

Apraiz, Juliin. 
Los Isunzas de Vitoria. Bilbao, 1897. 




Giles, Herbert Allen. 
A Chinese biographical dictionary. Lon- 
don, 1898. 2 V. in I. *30ioa.76 
MacGregor, Amelia Georgiana Murray, com- 
History of the clan Gregor. Vol. i. Edin- 
burgh, 1898. Map. *452oa.ii3 
Morse, Charles Fitch. 
Memorial sketches: Abraham Perkins, 
Tacob Thomas, Nathan Heath, John Dol- 
loff, jr., John Dolloff, sr., Samuel Dolloff. 
'St. Johnsbury, Vt, 1898.] 74 pp. Illus. 
^ortrs. = 44J9a.i22 

Single Biographies. 


Bismarck-Schoenhausen, Otto Eduard Leo- 
pold, Fiirst von. 
Gedanken und Erinnerungen. [Hrsg. von 
Horst Kohl.] N. Y., 1898. Fortr. 

Zum Tode des Fiirsten Bismarck. Ham- 
burg, 1898. Broadside. *Cab.28.ia.a 

Extra-Ausgabe der "Hamburger-Nachrichten." 

Cary, Elizabeth Luther. 
Tennyson, his homes, his friends and his 
work. N. Y., 1898. Portraits. Plates. 

Cooke, George Willis. 
John Sullivan Dwight, Brook-Farmer, edi- 
tor, and critic oT music. Boston, 1898. 
Portr. 4043.45 

Dametz, Max. 
John Vanbrughs Leben und Werke. Wien, 

1898. 4552.55.7 

Daudet, Leon A. 
Alphonse Daudet Added The Daudet fam- 
ily ("Mon frcre et moi"), by Ernest Dau- 
det. Translated by C. DeKay. Boston, 
1898. Portr. 4649.87 

Delia Kocca^ Enrico, conte. 
The autobiography of a veteran. 1807-1893. 
Translated and edited by Janet Ross. 
N. Y., 1898. Portr. 2742.24 

Elizabeth, princess, landgravine of Hesse- 
Letters. Written for the most part to Miss 
Louisa Swinbourne. Edited by F. C. 
Yorke. London, 1898. Portrs. rl. 

Fairfield, Charles. 

Some account of G. W. Wilshere, Baron 
Bramwell of Hever. London, 1898. Portr. 

Fisher, Sydney George. 
The true Benjamin Franklin. Philadelphia, 
1890. Portrs. Pis. *2347.67 

Fiske, John, Rev., of Chelmsford. 
Extracts from [his] notebook, 1637-1675. 
With introd. by S. A. Green. Cambridge, 
1808. 24 pp. = 4434.241 

Friends' school. Providence, R. L 
Proceedings at the unveiling of a bust of 
John Bright. Providence, 1898. v, 60 pp. 

= 4547.155 

Gennadius, John. 

Dr. Johnson as a Grecian. A paper read 
before the Johnson club. [London? 
1808.] 21 pp. = ♦^545.68 

Greenhal^e, Frederic Thomas. 

Memorial exercises held by the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts. Boston, April 

18, 1896. [Boston, 1896.] (6) pp. Portr. 

= 4441*44 

Gregorovius, Ferdinand Adolf. 
The emperor Hadrian. A picture of the 
Graeco- Roman world in his time. Trans- 
lated by Mary £. Robinson. London, 
1898. 2754.72 

Griffin, George Jrlermon. 
Frederick A. Packard: ... a memorial dis- 
course, October 19, 1890. Fhila., 189a 
15 Pp. = 4449.242 

Hiatt, Charles. 
Ellen Terrv and Her impersonations. Lon- 
don, i8c^. Portrs. 2549.149 
Hobson, John Atkinson. 
John Kuskin, social reformer. Boston. 

Hume, Martin A. Sharp. 
The great Lord Burghley. A stndy in Eli- 
zabethan statecraft London, 1898. Portr. 


Lemonnier, Charles. 

filisa Lemonnier, fondatrice de la Soci^t^ 

pour Tenseignement professionel des 

femmes. 2e edition. Paris, 1874. 50 op. 

= 5580.32 

Mvall, Laura Hain Friswell. 

James Hain Friswell. London, 1898. Portr. 

Phillimore, Cathenne Mary. 
Dante at Ravenna. A study. London, 1898. 
Portr. Pis. 2799.79 

Porter, Mary. 
John Blackwood, by his daughter. Edin- 
burgh, i8q& Portr. *4544.X48 
Randolph, Ed,ward. 
Edward Randolph; indttding' 4iis letters 
and official papers, with other documentt 
relating chiefly to the vacating of the 
Royal charter of Massachusetts Bay. 
With memoir by R. N. Toppan. VoL I, 
2. Boston, 18^ [Prince society.] 


Robins, Edward. 
The palmy days of Nance Oldfield. Lon- 
don, i8(JB. Portrs. 4545.166 
Smith, George Adam. 
The life of Henry Drummond. N. Y., 1898. 
Portr. 4545.163 
Smith, Jeremiah. 
Memoir of Hon. Charles Doe, late Chief 
justice of the Supreme court of New 
Hampshire. Concord, 1897. 30 pp. Portr 

= 4444.^1 

Smvth, George Hutchinson. 
The life ofHenrv Bradley Plant, founder 
and president of the Plant system of rail- 
roads and steamships. N. Y., 1898. Portr. 

Stepney, Catherine, lady. 
Memoirs of Lady Russell and Lady Herbert, 
1623-1723. London, 1898. 454&X74 

Stevens, George Barker. 
The life, letters, and journals of Peter 
Parker, M.D., missionary, physicisui» and 
diplomatist With the co-operation of 
Rev. W. F. Markwlck. Boston. [1996.] 
Portr. 3538wl27 

Stevens, John Austin. 
A memoir of William Kelby, librarian 0! 
the New York historical society. N. Y. 
1898. 40 pp. = 4444^ 


United States. Congress. 

Memorial addresses on Austin F. Pike (a 
senator from New Hampshire). Wash- 
ington, 1888. (2}, 89 pp. Portr. r= 


Memorial addresses on Terrence J. Quinn 
([a representative from New York). Wash- 
ington, 1879. 42 pp. Portr. = 4440.132 

Memorisd addresses on Zebulon Baird 
Vance (late a senator from North Caro- 
lina). Washington, 1895. Portr. = 


Williamson, David. 

Gladstone: the man. A non-political bio- 

paphy. 2d edition. London, 1898. 

Portrs. Pis. 2546.180 

Worthin^on, Edward Dagge. 

Reminiscences of stndent life and practice. 
Sherbrooke, 1897. Portr. 2469.36 


Ancient. Modern. Asia. Africa. 

Bingham, Harry. 
The annexation of Hawaii: a right and a 
duty. Concord, N. H., 1898. 22 pp. := 

3049a. 149 
Cabot, Godfrey Lowell. 
Hawaiian annexation. [Boston? 1897?] 

16 pp. == 3049a. 1 75 

Carpenter, Ldmund Janes. 
America in Hawaii. Boston, 1899. Portrs. 

3049a. 1 76 
Gouger, Robert. 
The founding of South Australia, as re- 
corded in the journals of Robert Gouser, 
first colonial secretary. London, 1898. 
Portr. 3046.28 

Hall, William Henry. 
The Romans on the Riviera and the Rhone. 
A sketch of the conquest of Liguria and 
the Roman conquest. London, 1898. Pis. 
Maps. 2751.20 

Krausse, Alexis. 
China in decay. London, 1898. IIlus. 
Maps. 3012.132 

La Goumerie, Eugene de. 
Christian Rome. A historical view of its 
memories and monuments, 41-1867. 
Translated and abridged by the Hon. 
Lady Macdonald. London, 1898. 2 v. 

Mahaffy, John Pentland. 

Old Greek life. N. Y. [1898.] Illus. 
Portr. 2969a.44 

Poole, Stanley Lane-. 

Saladin and the fall of the kingdom of Jeru- 
salem. N. Y., 1898. [Heroes of the na- 
tions.] 3043.184 
Vibart, Edward. 

The Sepoy mutiny as seen by a subaltern 
from Delhi to Lucknow. London, 1898. 
Portrs. Pis. Map. 3045.182 

Wallace, Edwin Sherman. 

Jerusalem the Holy. With an account of 
the modem city and its conditions, poli- 
tical, religious and social. N. Y., 1898. 
Pb. Maps. 3043.182 



Besant, Sir Walter. 
Fifty years ago. New edition. London, 
1899. Illus. Portrs. 4571.134 

Blanc, Jean Joseph Louis. 
La revolution de fevrier au Luxembourg. 
Paris, 1849. = 2628.150 

Bronsveld, Walrand Cornelis Lodewijk. 
Het buitengewone gezantschap van den 
Heer van Sommelsdijck bij den Koning 
van Frankrijk in de jaren 1625 en 1626. 
Haarlem, 1896. = 4824.74 

Dyer, Thomas Firminger Thiselton-. 
Old English social life as told by the parish 
registers. London, 1898. 2467.151 

Fisher, Herbert. 
The medieval Empire. London, 1898. 2 v. 
Maps. 2824.78 

Foulke, William Dudley. 
Slav or Saxon. A study of the growth and 
tendencies of Russian civilization. 2d edi- 
tion. N. Y., 1898. 3060.50 
Gomme, George Lawrence, editor. 
The queen's story book. Being historical 
stories collected out of English romantic 
literature in illustration of the reigns of 
English monarchs from the Conquest to 
Queen Victoria. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 

Guerber, H. A. 
The story of the English. N. Y. [1898.] 
IIlus. Portrs. Maps. 4517.144 

Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur L6on, baron. 
The court of the second empire. Trans- 
lated by Elizabeth G. Martin. N. Y^ 1898. 
Portrs. 2049.149 

Maitland, Frederic William. 
Township and borough [of Cambridge, 
England] : being the Ford lectures de- 
livered in the University of Oxford, 1897. 
Cambridge, 1808. PI. Maps. 2492.135 
Nevinson, Henry Woodd. 
Scenes in the thirty days war between 
Greece & Turkey. 1897. London, 1898. 
Pis. Maps. 3076.124 

Ramsay, Sir James Henry, baronet. 
The foundations of England (b.c. 55-A.D. 
1 154.} London, 1898. 2 v. Pis. Maps. 

Stillman, William James. 
The union of Italy, 1815-1895. Cambridge, 
1898. Map. 2729.69 

Watson, Thomas E. 
The story of France to the consulate of 
Napoleon Bonaparte. Vol. i. To the end 
of the reign of Louis xv. N. Y., 1899. 



Atkinson, Edward. 

The cost of a national crime. The hell of 

war and its penalties. Two treatises. 

Boston, 1898. 29 pp. = ♦9172.4-1 

Bacon, Edwin Munroe. 

Historic pilg^mages in New England. 

Boston. {1898.] Illus. 44^^.273 

These pilgnmages are confined to eastern Massa- 


Bates, Samuel A. 
The ancient iron works at Braintree, Mass. 
[Edited by F. A. Bates.] So. Braintree, 
1898. 30 pp. = 4359a. 129 

Bigelow, Edwin Victor. 
A narrative history of Cohasset, Massachu- 
setts. [Cohasset.] 1898. Illus. Maps. 

Brown, Alexander, of Nelson county, Vir- 
The history of our earliest history. [Cam- 
bridge, iSgS.] 34 pp. 2329a.7 
Catherwood. Mary riartwell. 
Heroes of the middle West. The French. 
Boston, 1898. Illus. Portrs. Maps. 

Channing, Edward. 

A student's history of the United States. 

New edition. N. Y., 1898. Illus. Maps. 

Dudley, Myron Samuel, editor. 
Timothy White papers. 1725-1755. Nan- 
tucket, 1898. 9(5 pp. Plan. [Nantucket 
historical asociation.] ^4457. 120 

Earle, Alice Morse. 
Home life in colonial days. Illustrated by 
photographs. N. Y., 1898. 4358.130 

Hale, Edward Everett. 
Historic Boston and its neighborhood. Ar- 
ranged for seven days. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 

4459a. 171 
History of Litchfield [Maine] and an account 
of its centennial celebration. 1895. Au- 
gusta, 1897. Portrs. Pis. ♦4430a. 133 
Howard, Oliver Otis. 
Fighting for humanity, or camp and quarter- 
deck. London. [1898.] 442oa.85 
Lopez de Gomara, Francisco. 
The pleasant historic of the conquest of the 
VVeast India, now called new Spayne, 
atchieued by the worthy prince Her- 
nando Cortes. Translated out of the 
Spanishe tongue by T[homas] N[icholas]. 
London. [1578.] ♦♦G.388.3 
McDonogh, John. 
Some interesting papers of John McDonogh, 
chiefly concernmg the Louisiana purchase 
and the Liberian colonization. Edited by 
J. T. Edwards. McDonogh, Md., 1898. = 

Martyn, Benjamin. 

Reasons for establishing the colony of 
Georgia, with regard to the trade of Great 
Britam. London, 1733. 48 pp. Illus. 
Map. ♦♦G.383.10 

O'Beirne, Thomas Lewis, bishop of Meath. 
I 747-1822. 
A candid and impartial narrative of the 
transactions of the fleet, under the com- 
mand of Lord Howe, from the arrival of 
the Toulon squadron, on the coast of 
America, to the time of His Lordship's 
departure for England. With observa- 
tions. By an officer then serving in the 
fleet. 2d edition. London. [1780?] 58 
pp. Plan. ♦♦4418.256 

Page, Charles A. 
Letters of a war correspondent [1861-65]. 
Edited by J. R. Gilmore. Boston, 1899. 
Portrs. Maps. 4423.338 

Parker, John H. 
History of the Gatling gun detachment, 


Fifth army corps, at Santiago . . . Kan- 
sas City. [i8s^j Portrt. Pis. Map. 

Ren^-Moreno, Gabriel 
Crltimos dias coloniales en el Alto-Per^ 
Tomo I. Santiago de Chile, i8g6-^ = 

Roy, Joseph Edmond. 
Histoire de la seignetirie de Lauzon. L6vis, 

1897, 98. 2 V. Fac-simile autographs. 

Smith, George Bamett 
Canada: its rise and progress. London, 

1898. [The romance of colonization.] 

Smith, Helen Ainslie. 
The colonies. Edited by S. T. Dntton. 
N. Y., 1898. lUns. Portrs. 435S>i40 

Suffolk county historical society, N. Y. 
Year book, 1896, 97. Riverhead, N. Y., ifio7, 
98. = ♦4472.182 

Thwaites, Reuben Gold. 
The State historical society of Wisconsin. 
[Madison?] 1898. 21 pp. Portr. Plans. 

= ^ . 4375-130 

Treaty, The, of peace between Spain and the 

IJnited Sutes. N. p. [1898.J 78. (2) PP- 

=r 44aoa.09 

Trumbull, James Russell. 

History of Northampton, Mass. Vol. i. 

Northampton, 1898. Map. 435I-I47 

Willets, Gilson. 

Greater America. Heroes, battle camps, 

Dewey islands, Coba, Porto Rico. 

[Views.] N. Y., 1898. Portrs. 

Fine Arts, Archaeology. 


Clermont-Ganneau, Charles Simon. 
Recueil d'arch^ologie orientals T. 2. Paris. 
1898. Illus. d04^io6 

Description of runic stones found near Yar- 
mouth, Nova Scotia. [Yarmouth.) 1898. 
9 pp. Illus. = 4317-134 

Pamitky archaeologick^ a mistopisne. Or- 
gan archaeologick^ komise pri Cesk6 Aka- 
demii cisare Frantiska Josefa pro^ vMy,- 
slovesnost a umeni a archaeolonck^ho 
sboru Musea krilovstvi Cesk^ho. Kedak- 
tor: Dr. Josef Lad. Pic. Dil 15-18. 1890- 
97. V Praze, 1892-98. Illus. ^3^90.38 

Perry, Walter Scott. 
E^Ptf the land of the temple builders. 
Boston. [1898.] Pis. Map. 4097-70 

Fine Arts. Illustrated Books. 

Abbildung und Beschreibunff der 26 

Statuen, welche das Grabmahl Ki^er 
Maximilian I. umgeben, und in der Hof- 
kirdie zu Innsbruck aufgestellt sind. 
Innsbruck. [188-?] Pis. = 8o8!9l49 

Black, Alexander. 
Miss America. Pen and camera sketches 
of the American girl. N. Y., i8g6L HHu. 



Cellini, Benventito. 

I tnittad dell' oreficeria e della sctdtura. 

Novmmente messi alle stampe secondo la 

originale detUtura del codice Marciano 

per ctin di Carlo MilanesL. Firenze, 

1957. 4025.21 

Corson, Hiram. 

Portrait Photograph. Bnffalo. [189-^ = 


Crmn& Walter. 
A floral fantasy in an old English garden. 
Verse and colored designs. N. VT, 1899. 


Crowe, Sir Joseph Archer, and Giovanni Bat- 
tista Cavaicaselle. 
The life and times of Titian. 2d edition. 
London, x88x. 2 v. Portr. Pis. = 


Estainpe, L', et I'affiche. Directeur: Clement- 

Janin. R^dacteur: Andr6 Mellerio. No. 

I-& Mars-oct. 1897. Paris, 1897. Illus. 

^4071. 48 
Fan, Julien. 
Donze lemons de photographic. Paris, 1854. 
88 pp. = 7979a.26 

Froehner, Wilhelm. 
Notice de la sculpttire antique du Mus6e im- 
perial du Louvre. Vol. i. Paris, 1860. 
lUus. = 8089.87 

Grolier club, New York. 
[Catalogue of} an exhibition of English lit- 
erary portraits. N. Y., 1898. 26 pp. = 

Heath, Richard Ford. 
Albrecht Dtirer. New edition. London. 
[1898?] Illus. 407aii8 

^Holmes, C. J. 

HokusaL London, 1899. viii, 48 pp. 20 

pis. 4088.34 

Italy. Ministero della publica istruzione. 

Le gallerie nazionale italiane. Notizie e 

docvmenti [per A. Venturi], Anno i-^. 

Roma, 1894-97. Illus. *8o8o.^ 

Jessen. Peter. 

Italienische Barock- und Rococo- Decken. 

BerliUp 1893. (4) pp. 12 pis. *Cab.8o.8i.i2 

Leasing, Julius. 

Bronzen des xvin. Tahrhunderts. Berlin, 

1898. (2) pp. i; pis. *Cab.8o.8i.i6 

Moebel aus der Zeit Louis xvi. (Zopfstil.) 

Berlin, 1898. (4) pp. 15 pis. *Cab.8o.8i.i5 

Moebel des xvn. Jahrhunderts. Berlin, 

1895. (4) pp. 16 pis. *Cab.8o.8i.i3 

Thueren. Berlin, iH^ (2) pp. 15 pis. 

O'Neil, Henry. 

Modem art in England and France. Lon- 
don, 1869. 39 f)^. = 408S.38 
Park, Carton Moore. 
An alphabet of. animals. London, 1899. 

Poir^ Emmanuel 
Les lundis du Figaro, par Caran d'Ache 
[pseud.1. Paris. [1896.J 62 pp. ^8060.87 
Pritchard, H. Baden. 
About photography and photographers. 
N. Y., 1883. Illus. = 7979a.27 

Ravaisson-Moflien, Jean Gaspard F61ix Lar- 
La Vtous de Milo. Paris, 1871. 68 pp. 

Reed, Edward Teninrson. 
Mr. Punch's prehistoric peeps. London, 
[i^?] Pis. *8o6i.i47 


Richter, Jean Paul, Ph.D. 
Lectures on the National gallery. London, 
1898. X, 67 pp. Pis. 4^3.60 

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Dutch painters of the Nineteenth century. 
Translated by F. Knowles. London, i8g8. 
Illus. Portrs. ^4081 .69 

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Celebrated paintings by noted masters. 
Boston, 1898. 80^.89 

Van Dyke, John Charles. 
A text-book of the history of painting. 4th 
edition. N. Y., 1898. Illus. Portrs. 

Willard, Ashton Rollins. 
History of modern Italian art. London, 
1898. Pis. 4084.53 


Baudot, Joseph Eugene Anatole de, and A. 


Archives de la Commission des monuments 

historiques. Tome i, fasc. i, 2. Paris. 

[1898.] 2 parts. Pis. ♦Cab.60.135.1 

Coleman, Oliver. 

Successful houses. Chicago, 1899. Illus. = 

Klinger, J. H. 
Die Badeanstalt. Ein Hilfsbuch zum Ent- 
wurfe der technischen Einrichtung grosse- 
rer offentlicher Badeanstalten. Wien, 
1891. viii, 86 pp. Illus. = 8095.77 

Longfellow, William Pitt Preble. 
The column and the arch. Essays on archi- 
tectural history. N. Y., 1899. Pis. 


Sturgis, Russell, jr. 

Classical architecture on the shores of the 

Mediterranean. Rochester. [1898?] 15 

pp. Pis. ^4092.29 

Wheelwright, Edmund March. 

Municipal architecture in Boston. Edited 

by F. W. Chandler. Part i. Boston, 1898. 

Illus. ♦Cab.60.133.1 

Landscape Gardening. 

Cleveland, Horace William Shaler. 
Public parks, radial avenues, and boule- 
vards. Outline plan of a park system for 
the city of St. Paul. [St. Paul.] 1885. 
31 pp. = 4479.243 


Annesley, Charles. 
The standard-operaglass, containing the de- 
tailed plots of 123 celebrated operas. 13th 
edition. London, 1898. Portrs. 4049a.4i 
Bach, Alberto B. 
Musical education and vocal culture. 5th 
edition. London, 1898. 4^5.35 

Boieldieu, Francois Adrien. 
Les charmes de New York. From La dame 
Blanche. Arranged as -a rondo for the 
pianoforte by C. Thibault N. Y., 1828. 
8 pp. = 80SI.479 


Croker, N orris. 
Handbook for singers. 2d edition. Lon- 
don. ri895?] 4049a.34 
Music teachers national association. 
Official report of the ipth annual meeting, 
held June, 1897. N. Y., 1897. = *4045.i8 
Phipson, Thomas Lambe. 

Voice and violin. London, 1898. 4048.11a 
Runciman, John F. 
Old scores and new readings: discussions 
on musical subjects. London, 1899. 

Taylor, Tom, musician. 

Everybody's guide to violin playing. Lon- 
don. [185^-?] 8059a. 135 
Thorp, George £., and William Nichofl. 
Text book on the natural use of the voice. 
[3d edition.] London. [1895.] 4049a.33 
Wing & son. 
The book of complete information about 
pianos. N. Y. [1897.] IIlus. = 4049a.38 
Yale college. Alumni. 
[College songs.] Boston. [189-?] (24) pp. 
s= 8050.49 




Burmeister, R. Die Jagd nach dem Gluck. 

Symphonische Fantasie fur Orchester. Op. 

2. Berlin. 
Busoni, Ferruccio B. Symphonisches Ton- 

gedicht fur Orchester. Op. 32A. Leipzig. 
Clarice, Justin. Hardil les Bleusl fipisode 

des guerres vend^ennes. Op6ra-comique. 

Fauchey, Paul. La Carmagnole. Opera- 

comique. Paris. [1897.] 
Grunewald, Gottfried. Astrella. Oper in i 

Akt. Magdeburg. 
Hall6n, Andr6as. Rhapsodic (No. i) ftir Or- 
chester. Op. I. Leipzig. 

— Rhapsodic No 2 (Schwedische Rhapsodic) 
fiir Orchester. Qp. 23. Berlin. 

Hegar, Friedrich. Fest-Ouverture fur grosses 

Orchester. Op. 25. Leipzig. 
Hue. Georges. La belle au bois dormant. 

Feerie dramatique. Reduction pour piano 

i quatre mains. Paris. [1895.] 
Indy, Vincent d*. La foret enchant^e. L6- 

gende-symphonie. Op. 8. Paris. [1892.I 
Jaques-Dalcroze, £. Chansons romandes 

avec accompagnement de piano. Premiere, 

[deuxieme] serie. Vevey, 1893. 

— Chez nous. Nouvelles chansons romandes. 
Geneve, 1895. 

. — Des chansons. Geneve. 

Kretschmer, Franz. Suite (D dur) in vier 

Satzen ftir Orchester. Dresden. 
Lacome, P. Les quatre filles A^mon. Op^- 

rette. Partition chant et piano. Paris. 

Le Borne, F. Amour trahi. Op. 24. [Chant 

et piano.] Paris. 
MacDowelf, E. A. Erstes Concert (in A 

moll). Op. 15. (Zur Ausfiihrun^ auf 2 In- 

strumenten . . . arrangirt.) Leipzig. [1884.] 

— Zweites Concert (in D moll). Op. 23. 
Pianoforte-Solostimme mit Begleitung eines 
zweiten Pianoforte . . . Leipzig. [1890.] 


— Im October. Supplement zur ersten Suite 
fiir grosses Orchester. Op. 42. Boston. 


— Die Sarazenen. Die schone Aldi. Zwei 

Fragmente (nach dem Rolandslied) fur 
grosses Orchester. Op. 3a Leipzig. [1891.] 
Perosi, Lorenzo. Confitebor tibi Domine. 
Salmo a quattro voci con accompagnamento 
d'organo. Milano. [1898.] 

— In nativitate D. N. J. C. In i"*. vesperis 
psalmodia modulata . . . Milano. [1898.] 

— Messa a tre voci d'uomo con accompagne- 
mento d'organo od armonio. Milano. 


— Alessa da Requiem a tre voci d'uomo con 
accompagnemento d'organo od armonio. 
Milano. [i8g8.] 

— Missa pontificalis tribos vocibus inaequali- 
bus concinenda, organo comitante. Muano, 


— Missa "Te Deum laudamus" ad duas vocas 

facillima, organo comitante . . . Milano. 

— La risurrezione di Lazzaro. Oratorio . . . 

per canto e pianoforte. Milano. [1898.] 

Renaud, Albert. Le soleil de minuit. Op6ra- 

comique. Partition chant et piano. Paris. 

Rubinstein, Antonio. Quintette pour piano, 
flute, clarinette, cor et basson. Op. 55. 

— Quintetto en Sol mineur pour piano, deux 
violons, alto et violoncelle. Op. 99. Paris. 

— Suite pour orchestre. Op. 119. Leipzig. 

Scholz, Bernard. Symphonie (A moll) fiir 

Orchester. Op. 80. Frankfurt a/M. 
Vidal, Paul. La maladetta. Ballet . . . d'apres 

une legende gasconne. Paris. [1893.] 
Widor, Ch, M. Serenade pour orchestre. Op. 

10. Paris. 

— Walpurgisnacht Pour orchestre. Op. 60. 


Gazette numismatique frangaise. Dirig^e par 
F. Mazerolle et ^ditee par R. Serrure. 2e 
ann6e, 1898. Livr. i, 2. Paris, 1898. 
Portrs. Pis. *a(S3oa.63 

Geography. Travels. 

A^sia. Africa. Oceanica. Polar 


Astrup, Eivind. 
With Peary near the pole. Translated . _ 
by H. J. Bull. London, 1898. Illt= 
Portr. Map. 2263.1 / 

An account of Peary's two expeditions, ura l^^^ii< 
Eskimo of Smith sound. 

Brink, Jan ten. 1834- 
Ooost-Indische dames en heeren. Vier l>i/- 
dragen tot de kennis van de zeden $sa 
usantien der europeesche maatschappij ifl 
Nederlandsch-Indie. se druk. Rotter- 
dam. [1891.] 2 V. ^^^7$ 



Bureau international des administrations t61^- 
graphiques, Berne. 
Carte des communications telegraphiques du 
regime extra-europ^en. Berne, 1892. 

No. 6 in ♦Map 19.3 
Carte g^n^rale des grandes communications 
t^6graphiques~du monde. Berne, 1898. 

No. 7 in ♦Map 19.3 

Chambers, Trant. 

A land of promise. Western Australia in 

1807-98. 2d edition. Perth, 1898. Portrs. 

Pis. Map. = 3046.164 

Conway, Sir William Martin. 

With ski & sledge over Arctic glaciers. 
N. Y., 1898. Pis. 2269.119 

Explorations in Spitsbergen. 

Cosmos. Comunicazioni sui progressi piu 
recent! e notevoli della geogralia e delle 
scienze affini di Guido Cora. Vol. i-ii. 
1873-93. Torino. [1873-93] IHus. 
Maps. ♦6282.16 

Diosy, Arthur. 
The new far east. London, 1898. Pis. Map. 

Gaidzakian, Ohan. 

Illustrated Armenia and the Armenians. 
Boston, 1898. Portrs. Pis. = 3088.127 
Gesellschaft fiir Erdkunde, Berlin. 
Gronland - Expedition, 1891-1893. Unter 
Leitung von Erich von Drygalski. Ber- 
lin, 1897. 2 V. IIlus. Maps. ♦2261.80 
Hamm, Margherita Arlina. 

Manila and the Philippines. London. 
[18^.] 30493.166 

Heller von Hellwald, Friedrich. 

Hinterindische Lander und Volker. Leip- 
zig, 1876. Illus. 3044.169 
Hepworth, George Hughes. 
Through Armenia on horseback. N. Y., 
i8cp. Pis. Portrs. Map. 3088.125 
Hue, Evariste R6gis. 
Travefs in Tartary, Thibet and China, 1844- 
5-6. Translated ... by W. Hazlitt. Re- 

grint edition. Chicago, 1898. 2 v. Illus. 
[ap. 3018.144 

Sabrijian, Dimoteos. 
Zwei Jahre in Abyssinien. Von Sr. Hochw. 
Pater Timotheus. Leipzig. [1888.] [Ar- 
menische Bibliothek.] ♦3088.151 

Smvthe, S. M. 
Ten months in the Fiji islands. Oxford, 
1864. Illus. Maps. 30493.157 

Webster, H. Cayley-. 

Through New Guinea and the cannibal 
countries. London, 1898. Illus. Portr. 
Map. 30493.170 


feesant, Sir Walter. 

South London. N. Y. [1898.] Illus. 
Maps. 2496.83 

bureau international des administrations tele- 
graphiques, Berne. 
Carte des communications telegraphiques 
du regime europ^en. Berne, i^. 

No. 5 in 'Map 19.3 

Qoorvoisier, , artist. 

Views of various places in Europe, chiefly 
Paris. Engraved by Dubois and others. 
II pis. in I V. ^6260. 10 


Danish tourist society. 
Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Co- 
penhagen, 1898. Illus. Map. = 4839.40 
Gibbs, John Arthur. 
A Cotswold village, or country life and pur- 
suits in Gloucestershire. London, 1898. 
Illus. 2465.154 

Littlehales, Henry. 
Some notes on the road from London to 
Canterbury in the Middle ages. London, 
1898. 56 pp. Maps. [Chaucer society.] 

Mathews, Charles Edward. 

The annals of Mont Blanc. London, 1898. 
Illus. Portrs. 4864.33 

Queen's empire. The. Illustrated from photo- 
graphs. London, 1897. ♦22603.105 
Stieler, Carl, and others. 
The Rhine from its source to the sea. Tr3ns- 
l3ted by G. C. T. Bsrtley. New edition. 
Phil3., 1899. 2 V. Pis. 2864.82 
W3llace, Susan Arnold Elston. 
Along the Bosphorus, and other sketches. 
Chicago, 1898. Portrs. Pis. i?/>^ 


Boston, Mass. 

Block map, vicinity of Faneuil H3II, Boston, 
embr3cmg Custom house. Post Office 
squ3re, Fort Hill squ3re, 3nd Chsmber of 
commerce. [Boston, 1897.] Size, 21 x 
25 J4 inches. ♦M3p 33.1 

N3mes of the streets, Unes 3nd 3lleys. Bos- 
ton, 1800. 19 pp. *44593.i75 
Clsrk's Hotel, Boston. 

L3 utilid3d souvenir of Cuba. [Boston, 

1897?] Pis. = . 4368.173 

Colton, W3lter. 
Deck 3nd port; or, incidents of a cruise in 
the United St3tes frig3te Congress to C3li- 
forni3. Boston, 1886. Illus. M3p. 

Eddy, Robert Henry. 
Pl3n of E3St Boston, showing the Isnd 3nd 
W3ter lots sold 3nd unsold. Boston, 1837. 
Sc3le, 400 feet to i inch. 

No. 7 in *lM3p 34.3 

Est3do 3CtU3l de I3 isk de Cuba. M3drid, 

1838. 4368.176 

La Condamine, Ch3rles M3rie de. 

A succinct 3bridgment of 3 voyage made 

within the inUnd p3rts of South Americ3 

from the co3Sts of the South-Se3, to the 

co3Sts of Brazil and Guian3, down the 

river of Am3zons. London, 1747. M3p. 


Contains a map of the river Amazon 
Lookout Incline r3ilw3y co. 
Ch3tt3nooga Lookout mount3in, 3nd scenes 
historic, poetic 3nd romantic. Ch3t- 
t3noog3. [189-?] 24 pp. Illus. Maps. 

w = . ^ 4377.134 

Me3d, Edw3rd C. 

Historic homes of the south-west moun- 

t3ins, Virgini3. Phil3., 1899. Pis. Msp. 


Philip, George, 3nd son, publishers. 

Speci3l m3p illustr3ting the Sp3nish-Ameri- 

can war. London. [1808.] 

No. I in ♦Map 87.1 



Price, Julius M. 
From Euston to Klondike ... in the sum- 
mer of 1898. London, 1898. Illus. Maps. 

Reynolds, Charles B. 
The standard guide. Washington. Wash- 
ington, 1896. Illus. Maps. = 4479.245 
Suarez y Romero, Anselmo. 

Coleccion de articulos. Habana, 1859. 
iii 4368.178 

Contents. — Educacion. — Critica. — Biogralia. 
— Costumbres del campo. — Cuadros de la natu- 
raleza cubana. 

West, John, M.A. 1778-1845. 
A journal of a mission to the Indians of the 
British provinces of New Brunswick, and 
Nova Scotia, and the Mohawks, on the 
Ouse, or Grand river, Upper Canada. 
London, 1827. Map. 4364.201 

Language. Rhetoric. 

Breul, Karl. 
The teaching of modern foreign languages 
in our secondary schools. Cambridge, 

1898. 93 pp. 2958.85 

King, Leonard William. 
First steps in Assyrian. London, 1898. 

Krall, Jakob, editor. 
Koptische Texte. Band i. Wien, 1895. 

Schj>tt, Peter Olrog. 
Samlede philologiske Afhandlinger. Chris- 
tiania, 1896. = 2953.45 

Mostly on the Greek and Latin languages. 


Bibliography. Libraries. Book- 

Aberdeen, Scotland. Public library. 
Catalogue of the lending department. Aber- 
deen, 1898. = *6i59.92 
Buffalo, N. Y. Public library. 
Finding list of history, travel, political sci- 
ence, geography, anthropology. Buffalo, 
1898. = *6i 57.65 
List of books in the children's department. 
Buffalo, 1898. (3), 35 pp. = ♦6157.67 
Cornell university. Library. 
Catalogue of the Dante collection presented 
by Willard Fiske. Compiled bv Theodore 
W. Koch. Part i. Ithaca, 1898. iv, 91 pp. 
= *6i73.6o 
Dix, Ernest R. McC, compiler. 
Catalogue of early Dublin-printed books 
1601-1700. Part I. With bibliographical 
notes by C. W. Dugan. [2d issue.] Dub- 
lin, 1898. 26, (2) pp. ♦0111.104 

Contents. — Part i. 1601-1625. 

Enoch Pratt free library, Baltimore. Central 
Finding list. 6th edition. Part i. Balti- 
more, 1898. = *6i45.45 

Hajpht, W. R. 
The annual Canadian catalogue of books. 
1896. Toronto, 1898. *2X54.ii8 

Heiland, Carl. 
Die Lutherdnicke der Erlanger Univer- 
sitatsbibliothek aus den Jahren 1518-1523. 
Leipzig, 1898. T! PP* *2i42^5.2i 

Hutchins, Frank A. 
Two years' progress of the libraries in Wis- 
consin. [Madison.] 1898. 11 to. Pis. 
= *6i96.63 

Ingalls, James M. 
Catalogue of [his] professional works and 
papers, prepared chiefly while instructor 
of ballistics, U. S. artillery school. Fort 
Monroe, Va., 185^ 11 pp. = ♦2172.114 
Malloizel, Godefroy. 
Armand de Quatrefages de Br^au. Liste 
chconologique de sea travaux. Portr. 
(In Societe d'histoire naturelle d'Autun. 
Bulletin. Autun, 1803^) *2i73.ii3 

Minneapolis, Minn. Public library. 
System of classification, index, and scheme 
for numbering books. Minneapolis, 1880. 
29 pp. = ♦61^66 

New Haven, Conn. Public library. 
Books for young people. With reference 
lists on Washington, Lincoln, Grant, 
Easter, Arbor day, Memorial day. Inde- 
pendence day, Thanksgiving and Christ- 
mas. New Haven, 185^ (10), 66 pp. = 

Petri, Albert. 
tFbersicht iiber die im Jahre 1894 auf dem 
Gebiete der englischen Philologie er- 
schienenen Bticher, Schriften und Auf- 
satze. [Halle a. S., 1897.I *2i6mo 

Sydney, New South Wales. Public library. 
Guide to the system of cataloguing of the 
reference library; with regulations. 3d 
edition, July, 1898. Sydney, X898. ^191.15 
Tuer, Andrew White, compiler. 
Pages and pictures from forgotten chil- 
dren's books. London, 1898/99. Illus. 


Walter, Emily L'Oiseau. 

A complete collection of the quotations and 

inscriptions in the Library of Congress. 

2d edition. [Washington? 1898.] 16 pp. 

Welsh, Charles. 

On coloured books for children. London, 

1887. 47 pp. PI. [Sette of odd volumes.] 


On some of the books for children of the 

last century. London, 1886. [Sette of 

odd volumes.] *2i27.xOB 

West Roxbury, Mass. Free library. 

List of members containing 106 names. 

Manuscript. (2) pp. = *62oa7i 

Zeitschrift fur Bucherfreunde. Hrsg. von 

Fedor von Zobeltitz. Jahrg. i. 2, Ed. i. 

Bielefeld. [1897. 98.] 3 v. Illus. 



Taylor, Frank. 

The newspaper press as a power botii in 

the expression and formation of public 

opinion. The chancellor's essay, i%BL 

Oxford, i8p8. 30 pp. 555&1S 


Manuscripts. Autographs. 

Great Britain. Royal commission on histori- 
cal manuscripts. 
Report on manuscripts in the Welsh lan- 
guage. Vol. I. The Welsh manuscripts of 
Lord Mostyn at Mostyn Hall, co. Flint. 
Edited by J. Gwenovryn Evans. London, 
i8SJ8. *709o.5i 

Ringgold, Thomas. 
Autograph letter to M'. Samuel Galloway, 
dated Chest' Town Aug* 3i»* 1759. 
Manuscript i page. = ♦♦G.38.32 

Thomas Ringgold was afterwards a member of 
the Stamp-act Congress, 1765. 

Arabian Literature. 

Amr ibn Bahr, al Jihiz. 

Le livre des beaut^s et des antitheses. At- 

tribu^ k Abu Othman Amr ibn Bahr al- 

Djahiz de Basra. Texte arabe public par 

G. van Volten. Leyde, 1898. 3023.150 

Assyrian Literature; 

Johnston, Christopher. 
The epistolary literature of the Assyrians 
and Babylonians. Baltimore, 1898. = 


Dutch Literature. 

Maerlant, Jacob van. I235?-I300. 
Strophische gedichten. Nieuwe uitgave be- 
^erkt door J. Franck en J. Verdam. 
Groningen, 1898. ^4902.50 

English and American Literature. 

Bachelor ballads. Set to pictures by Blanche 
McManus. N. Y. [1898.] 4562.144 

Bridges, Robert 
Milton's prosody. Oxford, 1894. 80 pp. 

Brotanek, Rudolt 
Untersuchungen uber das Leben und die 
Dichtungen Alexander Montgomeries. 
Wicn, 1896. 4552.553 

Browning, Robert. 
Paracelsus. London, 1898. Portr. [The 
Temple classics.] 2549a. 104 

Burton, Kichard. 

Literarv likings. Boston, 1898. = 4558.152 

Caldwell, Augustine, and Arthur Wesley 

Dow, compilers. 

Old Ipswich m verse, [ist], 2d series. 

N. p. 1898. 2 V. in I. = 4394.127 

Carlyle, Thomas. 

Sartor resartus. Illustrated by E. J. Sulli- 
van. London, 1898. 4577-25 
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tS?^; ~ V'A PO«*n: of Matthew Arao?«?* - 
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dith. --The romantic revival. — ChalepA td kaU 
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5°'^^^,°J»- .0 GpWsmithT^poems and pllTs '^ 

sS!fi° • ^*'"^" ?!=*^°^?;:.r- The latest iif; of 
Steele. - The author of "Monsieur Tonson." - 
Boswells predecessors and editors. — An Emr- 

field and its illustrators. — Old Whitehall — 
Luttrell's "Letters to Julia." - ChangSs afchar- 

i5?.F*^?u'; "T.i°*»° P*y; - At Leicester fields. - 
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Nine charts; no text. 

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[A collection of eulogies, odes and poems 
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sides. = 




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The pre- and proto-historic Finns both east- 
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Classical tales of old Japan. Tokyo, 1898. 
(2), 8d pp. Pis. = 30i9a.3i 


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Association, The, of American medical col- 
Proceedings of the meeting at Denver, Jime 
6, 1898. Easton, Pa., 18$. 59 pp. = 

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Manual of first aid. A text-book for ambu- 
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Diphtherie und diphtheritischer Croup. 
Wien, 1898. Illus. [Specielle Pathologie 
und Therapie.] *3782.i3i, Th. i 

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Report of intubations performed in the 
diphtheria ward of the Stefanie-Kinder- 
spital, Budapest. Translated . . . by £. 
M. Plummer. [Boston, 1898.] 7 pp. 
Illus. = 3793-25 

Farabeuf, L. H. 
Dystocie du d6troit sup^rieur. M^canisme- 
diagnostic - traitement - symph3rs6otomie. 
Compte-rendu d'une demonstration obstd- 
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£en geval van spheno-lordose ten gevolge 
van kunstmatige schedelmisvorming. ^- 
Gravenhage, 1897. 97 pp. Pis. = 3793.117 
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Picric and chromic acid for the rapid prepa- 
ration of tissues for classes in histology. 
[Buffalp, 1890.] 3 pp. = 3794.144 

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Acromegaly. An essay to which was 
awarded the Boylston prize of Harvard 
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De conservatieve vaginale laparotomie. 
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Corrections, by operation, of some nasal de- 
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1&8.] 14 pp. Illus. = 3809.135 

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Some modern methods of the treatment of 
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Physiological treatment. [St. Louis, 1898.] 

(9) pp. = 5804.83 

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Insanity of King George iii. Utica, N. Y., 

1855. 31 pp. = 6543.88 

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tJber Geosot (Guajacol. valerianic- Dr. 

Wendt). Berlin 1808. 22 pp. = 5794-42 

Chiefly on the use of the drug for tuberculosis. 

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Bijdrage tot de kennis van het onderste 
uterussegment. Leiden, i8q8. (9), 66 pp. 
Pis. = 3772.78 


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Parasitologie. Jena, i8g8. 
buch der Hyg^icnc] 


Illus. [Hand- 

Crow, Moses R. 
New York city's water "supply. 
[1898.] 29 pp. = 
Fuller, George W. 
Report on the investigations into 
fication of the Ohio river water 
ville, Kentucky. N. Y., 1898. 

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Uber Volksbader. 2. Auflage. 
schweig, 1888. 50 pp. = 
Topham, Thomas W. 

Health of body and mind. N. Y., 

" N. Y. 

the puri- 
at Louis- 


1898. Pis. 


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A further investigation of paradiazotuluene 
sulphate and the action of sulphuric acid 
on the methyl ether of paracresol. Eas- 
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A redetermination of the atomic weight of 
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44 pp. = 5976.121 

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Topography and surface geology. [Nashua, 
N. H.r 1895.] 15 pp. Illus. = 586oa.70 
Australian museum, Sydney. 
Catalogue of a collection of fossils. Syd- 
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Quindecim lepidoptera nova faunae Rei- 

Sublicae Argentinae et Uruguayensis. 
>uenos Aires, 1885. 22 pp. = 3892.70 
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Las espccies minerales de la R^ublica Ar- 
gentma. Buenos Aires, 1879. = 7864.49 
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Descriptions of seven supposed new North 
American birds. [N. Y., 1891.] 11 pp. = 

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Suggestions on a uniform system of me- 
teorological observations. Utrecht, 1872. 
i7)t 56 pp. [Royal Dutch meteorological 
institute.] = 5963.102 

Engineers' society of Western Pennsylvania. 
Chemical section. 
Methods for the analysis of ores, pig iron 
and steel, in use at tne laboratories of iron 
and steel works in the region about Pitts- 
burg, Pa. . . . Easton, Pa., i%>8. 

Fewkes, Jesse Walter. 

On excavations made in rocks by sea- 
urchins. [Phila., 1890.] 21 pp. Illus. = 

^ ^ 5885.43 

On the larval formations of Spirorbis bore- 
alis. [Phila., 1885.] 11 pp. Pis. — 



Jameson, Robert 
An outline of the minendogy of the Shet- 
land islands, and of the liiand of Arran. 
Edinburgh, 1798. Maps. 5864^ 

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Beskrivelse af en Raekke norske Bergarter. 
Kristiania, 1892. 94 pp. Pis. = 386oa.5 
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On hitherto unrecognized wave-lengths. 
[New Haven, 1886.] 24 pp. Pis. = 

Lowell observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona. 
Annals. Vol. i. Observations of the planet 
Mars . . . 1894-5. Boston, 1898. Pis. 
Maps. = *392oa.89 

Meyer, Ernst Sigismund Christian von. 
A history of chemistry. 2d edition. Lon- 
don, 1898. 3974-158 
Microscopical society of West Chester, Fenn. 
Reports ... on the Act of Assembly . . . 
awarding a premium for the destruction 
of hawks, owls, minks, weasels, etc, etc, 
enacted June 23, 1885. West Chester, Pa., 
1887. 16 pp. = 3908.75 

Treats chietiy of the food habits of bawlu and 

Museo nacional de Buenos Aires. 
Comunicaciones. Tomo i, no. i. Buenos 
Aires, 1898. = ^5831.61 

Ragland, Charles Dabney. 
Some double halides of cadmium with the 
methylamines and tetramethylammonium. 
Easton, Pa., 1897. a5, (i) pp. lUus. = 

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The determination of geographical latitude 
from observations in the prime vertical 
New Haven, 1869. iv, 45 pp. Illus. = 


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Rivers of North America. N. Y., 1898. 
Illus. Maps. 5866.36 

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A contribution to the study of liquid mix- 
tures of constant boiling-point Easton, 
Pa., 1898. 17 pp. = 5976.1i/ 

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The timepiece of shadows. A history of the 
sun dial. N. Y., 1895. Illus. J923.82 

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Om Flyvesandets Indvirkning paa Rulles- 
tenenes Form. [Stockholm, 1888.] 4 pp. 

= 3869.141 

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A further study of the products formed by 
the action of heat on parasulphamineben- 
oic acid. Easton, Pa., 1897. = 5976.119 
Traube, Isidor. 
Physico-chemical methods. Trans, by W. L. 
Hardin. Phila., 1898. Illus. 3964.150 

University of Kansas. University geological 
Annual bulletin on mineral resources of 
Kansas, for 1897. By Erasmus Haworth. 
Lawrence, Kansas, 1898. Pis. = 


Veiy, Frank Worthington. 
Hail-storms. [Pittsburgh, 1894.] 20 pp. = 

Vines, Sydney Howard. 
An elementary text-book of botany. Lon- 
don, 1898. Illus. 5854.30 



Ward, Lester Frank. 
The conrse of biologic evolution. [Wash- 
ington, 1890.] 33 pp. = 3825.37 
Wilson, Andrew, Ph.D. 
The light side of science. N. Y., 1898. 


Wirdn, AxeL 

Hdematoclei>tes terebellidis, nouvelle ann6- 

lide parasite de la famille des euniciens. 

Stockholm, 1886. 10 pp. Pis. = 5886.^ 

Om en hos eremitkraftor lefvande annelid. 

Stockholm, 1888. 14, (i) pp. Pis. = 


A Tariety of Nereis fncatm b described as a com- 
mensal with hermit crabs. 

Anthropology. Ethnology. 

American statistical association. 

Papers on anthropometry. Boston, 1894. 
Tables. = 3764.128 

Barclay, Isabella. 
The way the world went then. London, 
1898. Illus. 2239.19 

Brinton, Daniel Garrison. 
Note on the criteria of wampum. [Phila.? 
1898.] 2 pp. = 4363.203 

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The land of the pigmies. With introduc- 
tion by H. M. Stanley. N. Y. [1898.] 
Illus. 3056.161 

Carr, Lucien. 
The social and political position of women 
among the Huron-Iroquois tribes. Sa- 
lem, 1884. 216 pp. = ^^4364.200 
Girard, Henri. 
Aide-memoire d'anthropologie et d'ethno- 
graphie. Paris, 1898. Illus. 38^6 
Haddon, Alfred Cort 
The study of man. London, 1898. Illus. 


Ontes, F61ix R 

Etnografia argentina. Segunda contribuci6n 

al estudio de los Indios Querandies. 

Buenos Aires, 1898. 60 pp. = 4364.204 

Pfitzner, Wilhelm. 

£in fieitrag zur Kenntniss der sekundaren 

Greschlechtsunterschiede beim Menschen. 

[Jena, 1897.] 52 pp. = 3822.198 

Roth, Santiago. 

Ueber den Schadel von Pontimelo (richtiger 

Fontizuelos). (In Mittheilungen aus dem 

anatomischen Institut im Vesalianum. 

Pp. 1-13. [Basel, 1891.]) = 2239.17 

Svensica sallskapet for antropologi och geo- 

grafi, Stockholm. 

Geografiska sektionens tidskrift. Bd. i. 

1878-80. Stockholm, 1878-80. 13 parts in 

I V. Maps. ^6273.24 

This journal was succeeded by Ymer [*6z73.2s]. 

Tidskrift for antropologi och kulturhistoria 
utgifven af Antropologiska sallskapet i 
Stockholm. 1873-1877. Stockholm. [1875- 
82.1 16 parts m i v. Illus. *a273.2i 

This society united at the close of 1877 with 
STcnska sallskapet for antropologi och geografi. 


Abbe, Geveland. 
Historical note on the method of least 
squares. [New Haven, 1871.] 6 pp. = 


Philosophy. Education. 



Aitken, E. H. 
The five windows of the soul, or, thoughts 
on perceiving. London, 1898. 3589.174 
Larrowe, Marcus Dwight. 
Assimilative memorv. By A. Loisette 
[pseud.]. N. Y., 1898. Portr. 5609.45 
Siger von firabant. 
Die Impossibilia, eine philosophische Streit- 
schrift aus dem xiii. Tahrhundert. Hrsg. 
von C. Baeumker. Mtinster, 18^ 

3604. 1 12.2 
Snider, Denton Jaques. 
Psychology and the psychosis. Intellect. 
St. Louis. [1896?] 3607.163 

Woods, James Haughton. 
Thomas Brown's Causationstheorie und ihr 
Einfluss auf seine Psychologic. Inaugu- 
ral-Dissertation . . . Leipzig, 1897. = 



Baldwin, James Mark. 
Mental development in the child and the 
race. 2d edition. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 

Bell, Alexander Graham. 

Address upon the condition of articulation 
teaching in American schools for the 
deaf. Boston, 1893. 72 pp. = 5597.28 
Brown, Elmer Ellsworth. 

The school. [Oakland, Gal., 1896.] 12 pp. 

= 3596.164 

Burch: Robert L. 
Technical schools. [Nashville? 1898.] 11 
pp. = 5597.118 

Chicago association of parents of 'deaf chil- 
Public day schools for deaf children. Chi- 
cago, 1897. 16 pp. = 5597-39 
Columbia university quarterly. Vol. i, no. i. 
N. Y., 1898. Portrs. = *448i.73 

The successor of Columbia university bulletin 

Fowler, Thomas. 
Corpus Christi. London, 1898. Pis. [Col- 
lege histories. Oxford.] 24993.12 
Garrett, Mary S. 
Homes for teaching deaf children to speak. 
[Washington, 1896.] 7 PP. = 5597-34 
Lessons drawn from the past history of the 
education of the deaf to guide us in our 
present work. [Washington, 1893.] (3) 

pp. = 5597.36 

The next step in the education of the deaf. 

[Washington, 189-?] (4) pp. = 559735 
Greene, Jeremiah Evarts. 
The Roxbury Latin school. An outline of 

its history. Worcester, 1887. 21 pp. = 

♦4499a. igo 


Harvard college. Graduate school. 

Catalogue of the doctors of philosophy and 

of science, and of the masters of arts and 

of science. 1873-1898. Cambridge, 1898. 

=: *4483.i6a 

Hopkinson school, Boston. 

Year book. Boston, 1895. = 
Hubbard, Gardiner Greene. 
The story of the rise of the oral method [of 
instructing the deaf] in America. [Edited 
by Mabel G. Bell.] Washington, 1898. 
48 pp. Portr. = 559733 

Hutton, William Holden. 
S. John Baptist college. London, 1898. Pis. 
[College histories. University of Ox- 
ford.] 2499a.iS 
Johnson, John Butler. 

A higher industrial and commercial educa- 
tion as an essential condition of our future 
material prosperity. [Boston, 1898.] 26 

pp. = 3593.145 

Koeniglich-preussische Friedrich Wilhelms 
Universitaet, Berlin. 
Chronik, fiir 1897/8. Jahrg. 11. Berlin, 
1898. = *5594-i32 

Leonard, Delavan Levant. 
The story of Oberlin. Boston. [1898.] 
Portrs. Pis. 4388.104 

National educational association. 
Constitution. [Washington 1897.] 8 pp. = 

Official program and guide. 37th annual 
meeting, held at Washington, July 7-12, 
1898. Illus. = 3596.161 

Department 16. Official program. July 7- 
12, 1898. [Washington.] 1898. = 3590.159 
Ramsay, George Gilbert. 
Should women study the classics? Glas- 
gow, 1891. 34 pp. = 5596.22 
Stearns, Lutie £. 
The child and the small library. [Madison.] 
1898. 9 pp. = 5594.126 
Stewardson, Langdon C. 
The Lehigh university . . . Origins and 
destiny. South Bethlehem, Pa., 1898. 26 
pp. = 4492.230 
Tarver, John Charles. 
Debateable claims. Essays on secondary 
education. Westminster, 1898. 3598. 181 
Technology review, The. A quarterly maga- 
zine relating to the Massachusetts Insti- 
tute of technology. Vol. i. Boston, 1899. 
Pis. Portr. = *735i.i5 
University of Glasgow. 
Students* handbook. Selkirk. [1893.] = 

Queen Margaret college. 
Annual report. Session 1882/83, 1884/85- 
1889/90. Glasgow, 1883-90. = ♦2509.141 
Calendar, 1884/85-92/93. Glasgow, 1884- 
02. = 2509.136 

Memorandum and articles of association. 
Dated 15th June, 1883. Glasgow, 1883. 

12, (l) pp. = *2500.I24 

Report of proceedings at the opening of 
session, 1891-92. Glasgow, 1891. = 


Ethics. Manners. 

Glover. Elizabeth. 
The gentle art of pleasing. 

N. Y. [1898.] 


Hall, Walter Scott 
The universal law of forms and signs of 
character. Part i. The essential elements 
of law. San Francisco, 1898. 48 pp. = 

Taylor, Elbert O. 

Short studies in scientific temperance. 3d 

edition. Milwaukee. [1897.] == 7589.107 

Religion. Theology. 

Adadourian, Haig. 
If Jesus came to Manomet [Plymouth.! 
i8Qt$. 19 pp. 3479.128 

The Gospel according to John. English 
and Hawaiian. Honolulu, 1S54. = 

Conference of bishops of the Anjg^lican com- 
munion. Holden at Lambetn palace, in 
Tulv, 1897. Encyclical letter from tlie 
bishops, with resolutions and reports. 2d 
edition. London, 1897. 3547-109 

Cooke, John P. 
The only God, or whence? and whither? 
[Boston.] 1897. 16 pp. =: 3489.121 

Daae, Ludvig. 
Symbolae ad historiam ecclesiasticam pro- 
vinciarum septentrionalium magni dissidii 
s^nodique Constantiensis temporibos per- 
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"Believed to be the first report received bj any 
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United States. 

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Useful and Industrial 


Ast, — k. k. Regierungsrath. 

Beziehungen zwischen Gleis und rollendem 
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The first article contains receipts for the various 
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Amusements. Games, 


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Boston, during the War of 181a. 

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The forest lovers. N. Y., 1898. 57^ 

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Place, Cornwall, England. Time. 1745- 

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From school to battle-field. Phila., 1899. 

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Englished by E. H. Lockwood. N. Y., 
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Told in the twilight. Stories to tell to chil- 
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Her ladyship's elephant. N. Y., 1898. 

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I1874.] 6899.166 

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Das Miinchener Rindeln. Erzahlung aus 
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2. Auflage. Leipzig. [1874.] 6899.165 

Die Zuwider-Wurzen. Geschichte aus den 
bairischen Bergen. 2. Auflage. Leipzig. 

I1874.I 6899.1C7 

In Polish. 

Caine, Thomas Henry Hall. 
ChrzeScijanin. PowieSc na tie stosunk6w 
amerykahskich przeklad C. N[iewiadom- 
skiejj. Warszawa, 1898. 3066.192 

In Spanish. 

Arrom, Cecilia Boehl de, compiler. (Fernan 
Cuentos, oraciones, adivinas y refranes 
populares € infantiles. Leipzig, 1878. 

Un verano en Bornos. Cosa cumplida . . . 
solo en la otra vida. Lady Virginia. Tres 
novelas originales. Leipzig, 1882. 

Perez Gald6s, Benito. 1845- 
La fontana de oro. Novela hist6rica. Leip- 
zig, 1883. **D.26oa,i20 

The scene is laid in Spain during i8ao-^. 

Sinues de Marco, Maria del Pilar. 
Amor y llanto. Coleccion de leyendas his- 
t6rica8 originales. Leipzig, 1&3. 

Trueba y La Quintana, Antonio Manuel 
Maria de. 
La hijas del Cid. Leipzig, 1870. *'^D.26oa.99 

Associations. Clubs. 

Anti-bell-ringing society. Boston. 
Constitution. Boston, 1839. 16 pp. = 



Croly, lane Cunningham. 
The history of a woman's club in America. 
N. Y.. 1898. Illus. ♦5583.24 

League of American wheelmen. Massachu- 
setts division. 
Official appointments for 1898. [Boston, 
i8p8.] (8) pp. = 2371.106 

Periodicals. Annuals. 
I ndexes. 

American economic association. 
Publications. General contents and index 


of vols. i-ii. i88(H)6i N. Y, [1897.] 
52 pp. 556CMUI1 

Family lyceum. The. [Weekly.] Conducted 
by J. Holbrook. Boston, 1853- nins. 


Mathematische Annalen . . . Generalregister zu 

den Banden 1-50 zusammengestellt von 
A. Sommerfeld. Leipzig, 18$^ Portr. 


The periodicml is on shelf-no. ** £.5145.1. 

New England home magazine. VoL 2-^4. 
Boston, 1898. Illus. = ^221.40 

Issued as a supplement to the 



Social Science. 

Political Economy. 

Armsden, John. 

Trade Depressions, or the Cause of Cutting 

and its Remedy. London. [189-?] 31 

pp. = 5659.112 

Bengough, J. W. 

The up-to-date Primer. N. Y., 1896. 7$ pp. 

= 5649.131 

This advocates single tax. 

Bliss, H. L. 
Bad Money and Wages. [Chicago, 1895.] 
3 pp. Ilfus. = 5649133 

On the free coinage of silver. 

Carlisle, John GrifHn. 
Gold- Oder Silber-Wahrung? N. p. [1896.] 
8 pp. = 5649.127 

Corthell, Elmer Lawrence. 
Maritime Commerce, past, present, future. 
Bern, 1898. 20 pp. = 5651.45 

Devine, Edward Thomas. 

Economics. N. Y., 1898. 3659.28 

Donnell, Ezekiel J, 

Free Coinage of Silver the Ruin of all 

Credit N. Y., 1895. 8 pp. = 5649.140 

Eaton, Charles Henry. 

The moral Aspects of the present Campaign. 

A Sermon. October 4th, 1896. [N. Y.? 

1896.] 17 pp. = 5649129 

A discussion of the silver question. 

Foote, Allen Ripley. 
The Money of the Constitution. N. Y. 
[1896.1 = 3649a.25 

Garrison, William Lloyd, the younger. 

Senator Hoar and Protection. [Boston, 
1895.1 21 po. = 7648.64 

Gold Standard Defence Association. 

The Gold Standard. A Selection from the 
Papers issued in 1895-1898. London, 

1898. 3646.153 

Gordon, F. G. R. 

Hard Times: the Cause and Cure. Girard, 
Kansas, 1897. 27, (3) PP. 5569a. 124 

Harriman, Daniel Gould. 

American Tariffs from Plymouth Rock to 
McKinley. N. Y., 1892. 95 pp. = 

7649a. 14 
L6pez Tuero, Fernando. 

Estado moral de los Factores de la Produc- 

cion en Cuba y Puerto- Rico. Madrid, 

1896. 56 pp. =2 5659108 

Mactarlane, Charles William. 
Value, Price, and Distribution. [Prospec- 
tus.) Phila., 1898. 24 pp. = 564^150 

Massachusetts State Board of Trade. 
A Report of the Proceedings of a Conven- 
tion representing the commercial and in- 
dustrial Interests of the New England 
States, held at Boston, March 22, i8g8. 
[Boston, 1898. J 46 pp. = 3656.85 

Reform m Taxation. [Extracts from Ad- 
dresses by] F. T. Greenhalge, Josiah 
Quincy, John D. Long. J. A. Lane, Je- 
rome Jones, John C. Cobb, with Editorials 
from the Boston Papers. Boston, 1896. 

38 pp. = 5648.152 

Rogers, John R. 

Free Land. The Remedy for involuntary 

Poverty, social Unrest and the Woes of 

Labor. Tacoma. [1897.] 19 pp. = 

Starke, J. Anthony. 

The true Situation. A non-partisan State- 
ment on the financial and economic Issues 
of the Hour. N. Y., 1896. 40 pp. = 

^ , ^ ^ ^ 5648.156 

Taylor, Robert S. 

The silver Question. An Address delivered 
at Fort Wayne, Ind., Aug. 6, 1896. [Fort 
Wayne 1896.] 36 pp. = 5649134 

Warner, John De Witt. 

"Free Coinage" dissected. N. Y., 1896. 32 

PP- = *3649a.S2.3 

Women's Institute, London. 

A Dictionary of Employments open to 

Women, with Details of Wages, Hours of 

Work, and other Information. London, 

V '^F^ XT, SSa5.34 

Yeaman. George Helm. 

The silver Standard. N. Y., 1896. 32 pp. 

Illus. ♦3649a. «?2. 5 

Zeitschrift fur Volkswirtschaft, Socia'poHtik 

und Verwaltung. Organ der Gesellschaft 

osterreichischer Volkswirte. Wien, 1802- 

98. 7 V. = 9330.543<5.-i 

Quarterly. Current numbers may be consulted 
in the Statistical Department 

Political Science. 

Deploige, Simon. 
The Referendum in Switzerland. Trans- 
lated by C. P. Trevelyan. Edited with 
notes ... by Lilian Tomn. London, 
1898. 35^.255 

Diplomatic Fly-Sheets. (Chiefly repnnted 
from Vanity fair. [Monthly.] London. 
1877-91- = *2304.io8 


Falkner, Roland Post. 
The Development of the Census. Phila., 

1898. 30 pp. *93io.973 
Hoar, George Frisbie. 

No constitutional Power to conquer foreign 
Nations and hold their People in subjec- 
tion against their will. Speech in the 
Senate, January 9, 1899. Washington, 

1899. 28 pp. = 4228.73 
Jordan, David SUrr. 

Imperial Democracy. Boston, 1898. 19 PP. 
_ 4228.74 

Marshall, Perry. . 

Evolution in Government, or the Coming 
of God's kingdom. Chicago, 1894. 29 
pp. = 3659.14 

National Primary Election League. ^ 
National Conference [ist] on practical Re- 
form of primary Elections, held . . . Jan. 
ao and 21, 1898. Chicago. [1898.] = 



Association for improving the Condition of 
the Poor, New York. 
Cultivation of vacant city Lots by the Un- 
employed. N. Y., 1895. 47 pp. Pis. = 

7579a. 1 1 
Derfel, Robert Jones. ,, ^ . . 

On the Importance of nght Methods irt 
teaching Socialism. [Manchester, 1891.] 
15 pp. = 5569a.i32 

Devine, Edward T. 
Public outdoor Relief. N. Y. [1898.] 23 
pp. 5576.144 

First Needlework Guild, Boston. 
Annual Report, 1897. Boston, 1898. = 


Girdlestone, Edward Deacon. 

Christian Socialism versus present-day Un- 

socialism. Limavady, 1887. = 5569a. 128 

Gordon House, Boston. 

Annual Report, 2d, 5th-iith. Roxbury. 

[1889-198. = ♦5579a. 160 

The Gordon House was formerly called "The 
Field's Comer Industrial School." 

Hale House Association, Boston. 
Annual Report, ist. Roxbury, 1898. = 

Hyndman, Henry Mayers. 
Socialism and Slavery. Bein^r an Answer 
to Herbert Spencer's . . . "The coming 
Slavery." London. [1889?] I3 PP. = 

Kropotkin, Petr Alexeievitch, prince. 
Esprit de Revoke. 5e Edition. Paris, 1892. 

32 pp. = 5569a.i36 

Leamet. S., jr. 
Gradual Prohibition by a restrictive Sys- 
tem. Is it desirable? [Phila., 189-?! 8 
pp. = 7588.182 

Lombroso. Cesare, and Guglielmo Ferrero. 
La Donna delinquente. la Prostituta c la 
Donna normale. Torino, 1893. Illus. = 


Pavson, Edward Pay son. 

SuflTfrestions toward an applied Science of 

Sociolopry. N. Y., 1898. 3568.219 

Present Problems. Semi-monthly. Vol. i, 

no. 1-15. N. Y., 1896, 97. = ♦36498.52 


United Hebrew Charities of the city of New 
Annual Report, i8th-23d. N. Y., 1893-98. 

^, = , ♦5576.13s 

Van Buren, J. 

The new Reformation. By Prognostic 

[pseud.]. N. Y. [1890.] 76 pp. = 

SS^pa- 130 
Westcott, Brooke Foss, bishop of Durham. 
Co-operation. An Address. Manchester. 
[1890.1 12 pp. = 55^.83 

Woods, Robert Archey, editor. 
The City Wilderness. A Settlement Study by 
Residents and Associates of the South 
End House. Boston, 1898. Maps. 



Documents and General 


United States. 


Census XII. 
S. 4545; H. R. 11,465; H. R. 11815; and 
House Report No. 1871 on the twelfth 
Census. Washington, 189&-09. = 

H. R. 11917- to define and fix the stand- 
ard of value and to regulate coinage, and 
to provide for redemption thereunder. 
With report (No. 1870). Washington, 
1899. = 

Hearing before the Committee on Coinage, 
Weights, and Measures, January, i^. 
Washington, 189a = 

Series of articles from the Sin^pore Free 
Press relating to the Philippine Islands. 
Washington, 1899. = *099l.4-2 

Agriculture. Department of. 

Agrostology. Division of. 
Scribner, Frank Lamson-. 
Studies on American grasses. Wash- 

ington, 1897. Pis. *7996.4,8.ii 

Botany Division. 
Galbraith, S. J. 
Vanilla Culture in Seychelles Islands. 
1898. Sfi^io,2i 

Farmers* Bulletin. 
Chesnut, V. K. 
Thirty poisonous Plants of the United 
States. Washington, 1898. = 7995.40.8$ 
Forestry Division. 
Roth, Fillibert. 
Forestry Conditions and Interests of 
Wisconsin. With a Discussion br B. B. 
Fernow. Washington, 1898. Map. = 

c -1 n- • • *S843.25.i6 

Soils Division. 

Mulder, Emile. 

Cultivation of Tobacco in Sumatra. 

Washington, 1898. Map. = *9633.-i 
Whitney, Milton, and Thomas H. Means. 

Alkali Soils of Yellowstone Valley. 

1898. 9631.— a 

Civil Service Commission. 
Manual of Examinations for classified Cfrtl 
Service, revised to January i, 1899. Wash- 
ington, 1899. 9{5jx.3 


Interior Department. 
General Land Office. 
Circular containing the Instructions issued 
under the Act of Congress, entitled "An 
act extending the homestead laws and 
providing for right of way for railroads 
m the district of Alaska, and for other 
purposes." Issued June 8, 1898. Wash- 
mgton, 1898. *9333.09798-i 

Regulations concerning the right of way 
for Canals, Ditches, and Reservoirs over 
the Public Lands and Reservations. Ap- 
proved July 8, 1898. = *963i-i 
Navy Dei>artment. 

Regulations for the Government of the 
Coast Signal Service of the United 
States. Washington, 1898. = 5966.35 
Navigation Bureau. Naval Intelligence 
Jacobsen. [Commander.] 
Information from abroad, Sketches from 
Spanish-American War. Translated 
from the German. 1899. Maps. 3957. 
Printing Office. Documents Office. 

Bibliography of public documents relating 
to inter-oceanic Communication across 
Nicaragua, Isthmus of Panama, Isthmus 
of Tehuantepec, &c. Wasihington, 1899. 

State Department 

Hunt, Gaillard, compiler. 
The American Passport; its History and 
a Digest of Laws, Rulings, and Regula- 
tions governing its Issuance by the De- 
partment of State. Washington, 1898. = 

^ ^ *934i.5-i 

Treasury Department . 

Tingle, George R. 

Report on the Salmon Fisheries in 
Alaska. 1896. Washington, 1897. = 


Cuba and Porto Rico, Special Commissioner 
[Robert P. Porter]. 
Report on commercial and industrial 
condition of Cuba. December 27, 1898. 

Imports into Cuba, 1805. 9381. 7291 

Revenue and customs Tariff, internal, in- 
dustrial, and professional Taxation of 
Cuba. November 15, 1898. 9381.7291 

Fiscal and economic condition of Jamaica. 
December 31, 1898. 9381.7291 

Currency Question of Porto Rico. Janu- 
ary 19, 1899. . ; 9381.7295 

Architect, Supervising. 

Annual Report, i^. PI. Washington, 

1899. = fe9S.9 

Comptroller of the Currency. 

Instructions and Suggestions relative to 

the Organization and Management of 

National i5anks. Washington, 1897. 

♦9332. 1 1973 
Internal Revenue Office. 

Regulations and Instructions concerning 
the Tax on Legacies and distributive 
Shares under the Act of June 13, 1898. 
Washington, 1899. *9336.2i 

War Department 
Military Information Division. 
Sources of Information on military pro- 
fessional subjects, classified List of Books 
and Publications [reprint 1899]. 5951-77 
Staffs of various Armies, January, 1899. 



Hawaiian Islands. 
Collector-General of Customs. 
Annual Report, 1897. Honolulu, 1898. = 

Minister of Public Instruction. 
Report, 1896-97. Honolulu, 1898. = 

Hawaiian Almanac and Annual for 1899. 
A Handbook of Information compiled by 
Thos. G. Thrum. Honolulu, 1898. 


Separate States. 

Connecticut. Bank Commissioners. 
Report. 1897, 1898. Hartford, Conn., 1897- 


Chicago. Educational Commission. Re- 
port. Chicago, 1899. = ♦3591.114 
Indiana. Board of State Charities. 

Report, 8th, 1896/97. Indianapolis, 1898. = 


Supplement to Indiana bulletin of charities and 
and correction, Mwch, 1896. 

General Court. 
Centennial of the Bulfinch State House. 
Exercises before the Legislature January 
II, 1898. Boston, 1898. Portrs. Pis. 

4350a. 199 
State Board on Dock and Terminal Facih- 

Map to accompany Report of State Board 
on Docks and Terminal Facilities, show- 
ing existing Conditions and proposed 
Changes at the Port of Boston. Scale, 
1200 feet to I inch. ♦3654.81.1897 

Boston. School committee. 
Annual Report of the Committee on 
Truant Officers. Boston, 1898. = *6348.27 

Ceremonies at the laying of the Corner- 
stone of the new City Hall, Sept. I3, i89(S, 
and at the Dedication of the Building, 
April 28, 1898. Worcester, 1898. = 

Michigan. Commissioner of Railroads. 
Annual report, 1898. Lansing, 1899. = 

Abstract of the Tax Lists of the several 
Counties, for the vear 18^. = *9336.29776 
New Mexico. Legislative Council. 
Actas de la Asamblea legislativa. Sesion 
32a. Jan., 1897. Preparadas para su 
rublicacion por Lorion Miller. Santa 
F6, N. M., 1897. = 9345.12- 

New York. 
Assembly Bill No. 473. An act to provide 
for the release and forfeiture of charters, 
privileges and franchises ' granted to or 
held by elevated railway or street surface 
railway corporations in cities of the first 
class. [Introduced by George J. Gross- 
man.] Albany, 1899. = 9336.2-2 
Assembly Bill, No. 940. An Act to author- 
ize the appointment of a commission to 
inquire into and obtain information re- 
lating to the operation, enforcement, and 
administration of the existing laws relat- 
ing to the taxation of property in the 


state of New York, and to suggest legis- 
lation thereon. [Introduced by George 
J. Grossman.] Albany, 1899. = 9^30.2 

Senate Bill No. 209. An act to amend the 
tax law relating to the taxation of real 
property. [Introduced by John Ford.] 
Albany, 1899. = 9336.23 

Assessors, State. 
Annual Reports, 1890, 92-98. 8 v. = 


After 1895 known as the State Board of Tax Com- 
New York City. 
Message of Robert A. Van Wyck, to the 
Municipal Assembly, January, 1899. = 


. Foreign. 

Argentine Republic. 

Discusion del Proyecto dc Ley sobre Acu- 
fiacion de Moneda. Buenos Aires, 1879. = 


Direccion general dc correos y tei^grafos. 

Legislacion y tarifas telegrafos nacionales, 

[por] C. Carles. Buenos Aires, 1898. 

Map. = 7969.84 


Coghlan, Timothy Augustine. 
A statistical account of the seven Colonies 
of Australasia, [1894J 1895-^, 1897-98. 
Sydney, i894-(;^. 3 v. Maps. = *93i9.94-i 

Victoria. Railways Commissioner. 
Report ... for the year ending 30th June, 
i8gS. Melbourne. [1898.] = *9385.994S- 

Westem Australia. 
Statistical Register for the year 1897. 
Part V. Land Settlement, Agriculture, and 
Live Stock. Map. Perth, 1898. = 

Austria. Kaiserliches konigliches Reichs- 

Kriegs-Ministerium, Marine-Section. 

Relative Schwerebestimmungen durch Pen- 

delbeobachtungen. Aus^efuhrt ... in 

den Jahren 1892-1894- Wien, 1895. Maps. 

=: *39iii3 


Auditor general. 
Report for the year ended June, 1897. 
Ottawa, 1898. = *7034.i8 

Finance Department. 
Report of Dividends remaining unpaid 
and unclaimed Balances in chartered 
Banks of the Dominion of Canada for five 
years and upwards prior to 31st Dec, 

1897. Ottawa, 1898. = *7034.23 
Insurance Department. 

Preliminary Statements of the Business 
of life insurance Companies for the year 
ending 31st December 1898 . . . Ottawa, 
Interior Department. 
Annual Report for the year 1897. Ottawa, 

1898. = *7034iS 
Secretary of State. 

The Civil Service List of Canada 1897 
Containing the Names of all Persons em- 
ployed in the several Departments of the 
Civil Service. Ottawa, 1897. = . ♦7034-3,3 
France. Administration des Monnaies et Me- 
Rapport au Ministre des Finances, 1896- 
1898. 3 V. =: 9332.4644 

Directeur: A. de Foville. 


Office du Travail. 

Les associations ouvri^res de production. 

Paris, 1897. 5563-45 

Great Britain. Parliament 
Reports on Petroleum. 9614.834 

1. 27 July, 1894. 

2. 9 July, 1807. 

3. 13 July, 1898. 

Report from the Select Committee on 
Money Lending; with the minutes of 
evidence. 29 July,^ 1897. 
Second Report, with evidence. 29 July 
1898. 9332.8 

Diplomatic and Consular Reports. Annual 
series. 9382.42-2 

2198. Russia, Agriculture in the Trans- 

2199. France, Trade of, in 1897. 

2200. Brazil, Finances of. 

2201. Denmark, Trade of, in 1897. 

2202. Persia, Trade of Khorassail, 1897-98. 

2203. Turkey, Trade of Jeddah and Hc- 
deidah, 1897. 

2204. Italy, Trade of Naples and Southern 
Italy, 1898. 

2205. Hawaiian Islands, Trade of. 

2206. U. S., Trade of New Orleans, 1898. 

2207. Servia, Trade of, 1897-98. 
Miscellaneous series. 

487. Local Government and Finance in 

488. Mother-of-pearl Industry on the Ca- 
labrian Coast. 

489. British and Westphalian Coal Trade 
at Hamburg in 1898. 

490. Development of Commercial, Indus- 
trial. Maritime and Traffic Interests in 
Germany, 1871 to 1898. 

491. Commercial Education in Edg^tim. 

492. French Fisheries on the Great Bank 
of Newfoundland and off Iceland. 

493. Trade, Finances and Colonisation of 
the Three Southern States of Brazil. 

494. The Diamond Fields of Minas Ge- 
raes. Remarks on the Province of 
Minas Geraes. 

' 495. Commercial Education in Denmark. 
496. Commercial Education in Switzer- 
Secretaria de fomento. . Secci6h de estadis- 
Anuario. Criminalidad. Inscripci6n de 
Ciudadanos. Beneficencia. Rentas muni- 
pales. [1894.] Guatemala, 1898. = 


Anuario. Territorio y Poblacfon [1804]. 

Guatemala, 1898. = *93i4.728i-i 

Mexico. Ministerio de Fomento. Direcci6ii 

de Estadistica. Censo general de 1895. 

Censo del Distrito federal. Mexico 1898W = 

Spain. Cortes. Congreso de Diputados. 
Los fueros y sus defensas. Tomo i, 3-7. 
Bilbao, 1897, 98. dQ97'i9S 

Switzerland. Statistisches Bureau des eidge- 
nossischen Departements des Innem. 
Die Ergebnisse der eidgenossischen Vieh- 
zahlung vom 20. April 1896. Bern, l8|g& 
Map. [Schweizerische Statistik. iid.] 



I ^mm I 

This List was compiled for use in connection with a lecture delivered by the Hon« 
Josiah Quincy, Mayor, in the Central Course, No. 2, of the Free Municipal Lectures held 
in the Old Public Library building. 

About fifteen years ago the Engineering Record (then called the Sani- 
tary Engineer) began a systematic agitation of the question of public baths, 
and a great quantity of interesting material is to be found scattered through 
its volumes. Some of the more important articles are indexed below, but 
a systematic analysis is impossible in this brief list. In January, 1894, the 
first public bath house was opened in Chicago, and the recent Reports of 
the Department of public works [*4475.55] give brief summaries of the 
work accomplished in this direction. In April, 1895, the New York Legis- 
lature passed a law requiring cities of the first class to maintain public baths 
which should be open the year round, but this law has not yet been carried 
into effect. In 1897 the committee appointed by the Mayor of New York 
published a Report on public baths and public comfort stations, no copies 
of which were obtainable within a short time after its appearance. The first 
volume of Municipal affairs [3563.70] contains a Bibliography of municipal 
administration and city conditions, by Robert C. Brooks, and this Bibliog- 
raphy gives a brief Ust of works upon Public baths, lavatories and wash 

Buffalo, N. Y., and Brookline, Mass., each opened a model bath-house 
on January i, 1897, and articles describing both these will be found in the 
appended list. Late reports of the Boston Park commissioners [*4353.5o] 
and of the Health department [*7765.5o] give valuable statistics of the 
long-established public baths of Boston; but the inaugural address of the 
Mayor, in 1896, first called attention to the need of all-the-year-round baths, 
and the Dover street bath-house resulted from his recommendation. The 
public gymnasium has received much less attention than the public bath- 
house, if the poverty of contemporary literature on the subject is taken as 
a sign ; but it is probable that the absence of printed discussion on the matter 
is to be explained in other ways. 

The figures attached to the following titles indicate the shelf-numbers 
of the Boston Public Library. 

Allsop, Robert Owen. Chicago's new gymnasium and auditorium. 

Public baths and washhouses. London, (In The American Architect. Vol. 54, p. 

1894. S096.102 62. Boston, 1896.) ♦4097.205.54 

Baths and library, Westminster (London). Citizens* union, New York City. 

(In The American Architect. Vo!. 44, p. Public baths and lavatories. N. Y.. 1897. 

67. Boston, 1894.) 4097.205.44 Illus. 5579.153.1 

Berliner Verein fur Volksbader. France. Ministere de I'int^rieur, dt Tagri- 

Die Thatigkeit des Beriiner Vereins fur culture et du commerce. 

Volksbader. Beriin, 1896. 8094.46 Bains et lavoirs publics. [Paris.] 1852. 

Chicago bath-houses. (In The American Ar- Plans. *70io.ii 

chitecL Vol. 56, p. 30. Boston, 1897.) Hartwell, Edward M. 

4097.205.56 Public baths in Euto^^, \}N*\H5cl ^ ^i^cJ^^a- 



graphy.] Pis. Plans. (In U. S. Depart- 
ment of labor. Bulletin. VoL 2, pp. 434:- 
486. Washington, 1897.) *35(:d<i33*2 

Kane, John. 
Kane's new system of public baths. New- 
port, Mon. [1895.] 8094.45 
Klinger, J. H. 
Die Badeanstalt Ein Hilfsbuch zum Ent- 
wurfe der technischen Einrichtung flrross- 
erer dffentlicher Badeanstalten. Wien, 
1891. lUus. 8095.77 
Lassar, Oslcar. 
Uber Volksbader. 2. Auflage. Braun- 
schweig, 1888. 7804.40 
Lindheimer, Otto. 
Turnanstalten. Illus. Plans. (In Handbuch 
der Architektur. Th. 4* Halb-Bd, 6, Heft 
I, pp. 289-311. Darmstadt, 1889.) 

"^80^52.6. pt I 
Marggraif, Hugo. 
Mooerne Stadtbader. Berlin, 1882. Illus. 

No. 3 in ♦5216.50.11 

Osthoff, (jeorg. 

Die Bader und Bade-Anstalten der Neuzeit 

Leipzig, 1887. Illus. Plans. 58o9a.64 

Paddinfi^on. Public baths and wash-houses. 

rCircular.] [London, 1876.I 7769.61 

Pubfic baths in New York. (In The American 

Architect. Vol. 51, p. 56. Boston. 1896.) 

Public baths and laundries. (In The Ameri- 
can Architect. Vol. 51, p. 93. Boston, 

1896.) 40g7.a05.51 

Ravenstein, E. G., and John Hulley. 

The gymnasium and its fittings. London, 

1867. Pis. 6003.60 

Schultze, Rudolf. 

Bau und Betrieb von Volksbadearstalten. 

Bonn, 1803. Plans. 400576 

Volks- und Hausbader. Jena, 1894. Illus. 


Tolman, William H. 

Public baths, or the gospel of cleanliness. 

(In the Yale review. Vol. 6, pp. 50-62. 

New Haven, 1898.) Periodical Koom 

Wolff, Carl 

Das stadtische Sdurimmbad zu Frankfurt 

a. M. Stuttgait, 1897. lUu*- Plans. 


The f oUowiag articles are taken from the Builder. 
The itaelf-otimber [*^io4.aoi] ihould t>e prefixed 
to the volume deaireo. 

(^ambcrwell Green baths and washhouses. 

Vol. ^, p. 462. 
Competition for new baths and wash-houses 

at Kensal town. VoL 64, p. 247. 
Competition for baths and wash-houses, St 

Mary, Newington. Vol. 65, p. iiH. 
Competition for the reconstruction of the St 

Marylebone public baths and wash- 
houses. Vol. 6^, p. ^ 
Hackney competition for public baths and 

wash-houses. Vol. 6a, p. 330. 
Islin^on. St Mary's pubhc baths' competi- 

Uon. Vol. 59, p. 3&. 
Shoreditch (London). 
Design for public library and baths. VoL 

71, p. 494. 

The followingtitles are takes from the Bagineer- 
ing Record. The ahelf -number PSQgB.eoil should 
be prefixed to the volume deaireid. 

Baths for the people. VoL 20, p. ^A 
Brookline's model bath-house. VoL 55, p. 

Buffalo free bath-house. VoL 34 p. asH« 
A Pittsburg bath-house. VoL 37, p 414. 
Public baths. Vol. 36, p. 265. 
Public baths and wash-houses. VoL 9, p. 535, 

552: vol. 10, p. 479. 
Public baths and wash-houses [in England]: 
I. Goulston Square, WhitechapeL VoL 9, 

p. 401. 
3. Whitefield street St Pancras, London. 

Vol. 10, p. 480. 

3. Paddington, Queen's road, Bayswater. 
Vol. 11, p. 33. 

4. The corporation public baths at Birming- 
ham. VoL II, p. 129. 

5. Public baths at Lewisham. VoL 12, p. A 
The Yonkers, N. Y., public baths. Vol 37, 

p. 567. 




I mtm I 

This List was compiled for use in connection with a lecture delivered by Mr. Harry 
Loyd on March 8, in the Central Course No. 3 of the Free Municipal Lecturs held in the Old 
Pablic Library building. 

The labor question presents so many phases that it has been thought 
best not to prepare a list of specific references, but to indicate generally the 
more important sources of information. Should the reader desire to consult 
a full list of works dealing with the labor question, reference may be made 
to "A List of Books on Social Reform in the Public Library of the city of 
Boston"' issued in 1898. 

History, No good history of "labor" in the United States has been 
written. The census of the United States has dealt with industrial statistics 
since 1810, but with little consistency or result until that taken in 1870, 
under General Walker's direction. Since that time the great features of in- 
dtstry in this country have been treated statistically every ten years, with 
more or less satisfactory results. Even in these investigations the theoretical 
discussion of labor problems has been avoided, and effort concentrated on 
recording the actual status of the laborer, with an indifferent attempt at 
recording his efficiency as measured in product. The difficulty of seeking 
g^eneral averages based upon a collection of facts drawn from many sources, 
no two sources possessing the same conditions, has led to some question 
on the merits of the census returns. The report of J. D. Weeks on Wages 
in the Census of 1880, must be taken with due allowance. A critical exam- 
ination of the methods employed in census wage statistics will be found in 
R. Mayo-Smith's Wage statistics and the next census [5656.31]. 

Some of the difficulties attending the collection of wage statistics are 
obviated by obtaining returns from a limited territory, in which the works 
may be regarded as standing on more nearly the same conditions, and by 
obtaining returns at frequent intervals (annually) from the same establish- 
ments. This method has been pursued for some years by the Massachusetts 
State Labor Bureau, and commends itself for many good qualities, without, 
however, entirely disarming criticism. Nor has the system been adopted by 
any other state bureau either at home or abroad. In this connection it may 
be stated that no comparison of wages in the United States and in a foreign 
country can hold true, because the factors to be considered are beyond record 
and comparison. The tables of wages in New York, Belgium, Tokio and 
Calcutta are not reliable material on which to rest conclusions of compara- 
tive wages. 

Much has been done by varit>us state bureaus to gather information on 
the condition of labor in the different communities, and the reports are well 
worth examining. The recommendations made by the bureaus are, how- 
ever, usually of little value, and mark the separation of the bureau from the 

124 April 

workingmen. The best results have been obtained when the state agent 
connnes himself to recording facts and conditions, without entering mio a 
discussion oi the needs or rignts of labor. U he most decided effects of these 
state agencies he in their eiiorts to secure the safety and health of the 
worker, his treedom from unjust treatment in the matter of wages or housing, 
and a general supervision oi his weitare. Legislation can do much for the 
workmgman; but the law must be made eitective, and the reports of Fac- 
tory Inspectors, also of state officers, must be consulted to supplement the 
reports ot the labor commissioners. 

Ihe intervention of the State has been sought in labor disputes — 
through state boards of arbitration and conciliation. There is some dispute 
whether such an agency can be of real benefit in every case, and it is beheved 
that better resmts are obtained by invoking it only for the most serious 
emergencies. The following works may be consulted : J. D. Weeks, Labor 
Ditlerences and their Settlement L5577-44J i Josepliine S. Lowell, Industrial 
Arbitration and Concihation L35^-^5^Ji S. N. D. North, Industrial Arbi- 
tration : its Methods and its Limitations [3569.46J ; and the annual issues 
of the Massachusetts Labor Bureau. 

Apart from State interference the workingman holds a power of acting 
in his own behalf. The most usual form of exerting this power has been 
the strike, and the industrial history of the United States gives many in- 
stances of its use. The railroad strikes of 1877 (Pennsylvania), 1886 (South** 
western system), and 1894 (Pullman) may be named among the more gen- 
eral ; but the local movements, such as the cloak-makers in New York, the 
cotton operatives in Fall River, and the trolley men in Brooklyn, were quite 
as intense and as suggestive in their way. The legal aspects are important : 
Moses, The Law applicable to Strikes [3664.71 J; Cogley, The Law of 
Strikes, Lockouts and Labor Organizations [3663.79J ; and Neville, Strikes : 
a concise Statement of the Criminal Law relating to Intimidation [3665.84]. 
The statistics of strikes are collected by the United States Labor Depart- 
ment, while those of strikes in Massachusetts, 1 830-1 880, may be found in 
Carroll D. Wright's volume [3575. 109 J. 

An active and powerful engine for conducting a strike has been the 
Trade Union. That is, however, only one of the objects of these combina- 
tions, and is now of secondary importance. The most recent and at the 
same time the most complete examination of the sphere, actual and possible, 
of trade unionism is Sydney and Beatrice Webb's Industrial Democracy 
[3565.218]. The history of labor organizations in the United States is told 
in Powderly's Thirty Years of Labor, 1859-1889 [3570.163], and this may 
be consulted in default of any other compilation on the same subject. J. G. 
Brooks's Labor Organizations [7563.113] and W. M. Grosvenor's Trades 
Unions [5643.60] may be read with profit. One phase of combination is 
shown in the liistory of the farmers' movement : W. D. Aiken, The Grange 
5992.7.55], and J. D. McCabe, Jr., History of the Grange Movement 
^357oa.66] — a record showing the besetting dangers attending any such 
movement, when in unskilful or interested hands. 

Akin to trade unionism stands the co-operative movement. While co- 
operation is more common in Europe than in the United States, it is not 
without interest from its possibilities. Co-operative production has been 
attempted in many lines, and under good management has met with success ; 
but it is in distribution that its greatest achievements have been acconi- 
plished, and of this the Rochdale enterprise is the great example. (Sec G. J. 
Holyoake's History of Co-operation in England [3568.74] and his History 

i899 "5 

of the Rochdale Pioneers [3569.155].) For the United States may be read: 
History of Cooperation in the United States [2356.69.6]. A form of co- 
operation is the loan or building association, on which there is much to be 
found in State reports. ^ 

Capital and labor may combine to aid the worker, and this aid has as- 
sumed two forms : that of profit sharing, in which the laborer shares in the 
net profit of the undertaking, and that of insurance, compulsory or volun- 
tary, in which a fund is created for assisting the workingman when he is no 
longer able to work. On the former subject see Carroll D. Wright, Profit 
Sharing [3575.105] ; F. H. Giddings, The Relation of recent Economic 
Theory to Profit Sharing [3569a. 108]; and N. P. Oilman, Profit Sharing 
[3564.87]. On insurance of workingmen, the study of J. G. Brooks on Com- 
pulsory Insurance in Germany [B.H.Ref. 532.3.4] brings out one side of the 
matter, while E. R. Johnson, Railway Departments for the Relief and Insur- 
ance of Employes [5657.73], presents another. A combination of state and 
company agency is proposed in the scheme for pensions for old age, now 
before the British Parliament — Drage, The Problem of the Aged Poor 


For studying the different phases of the labor question in Great Britain 

reference may be made to a bibliography of the subject of wage statistics in 
the Economic Review, October, 1898. The Board of Trade issues a monthly 
"Labour Gazette" which contains a record of the condition of the labor 
market, strikes and legislation in the United Kingdom. In the Parliamen- 
tary papers regular reports on labor are printed, supplying the basis for 
theoretical treatment by experts and economists. 

Resignation of the Librarian. 

At a meeting of the Trustees on Frida^y, March 24, the resignation of 
the Librarian, Mr. Herbert Putnam, ,was accepted in the following resolu- 
tions : 

' "In accepting the resignation of Mr. Herbert Putnam as Librarian, the 
Trustees of the Public Library of the City of Boston desire to put upon their 
records the following votes : 

"That they recognize the harmonious and helpful relations between flie 
Librarian and the Trustees from the day he accepted the office ; the remark- 
able administrative qualities he has shown — in directing the alterations by 
which the Library Building has been so well fitted for its purposes ; in in- 
creasing to so large a degree the interest the public takes in the Library, 
until to-day it has a larger constituency than any other; in instituting so 
successfully the work of the Public Library in connection with the Public 
Schools ; and in making the public realize that this institution, created and 
supported by it, really belongs to it, and needs its ever-enlarging patronage 
and generosity. 

"That they appreciate the feeling which leads Mr. Putnam, at much per- 
sonal sacrifice, to give up his position here to take charge of the Congfres- 
sional Library at Washington, and his desire to make it the culmination of 
the Library system of this country, and in time one of the great Libraries of 
the world. 

"That their highest regard goes with him in the difficult work he is about 
to assume, and their faith in his gifts to bring it to the most successful issues." 

Mr. Putnam has accepted the position of Librarian of Congress. 


Bates Hall. Readers will find selected 
books on topics of current interest placed on 
open shelves near the Bates Hall catalogue. 
General subjects, the Spanish-American war, 
Imperialism and others, and such special sub- 
jects as the anniversaries of the birth of Lin- 
coln, of Washington, the Boston massacre, and 
the Philippine Islands, have been recentlv 
illustrated by collections of pertinent material. 
Recent accessions, also, in travel, history, and 
biography have been located here. These 
books may be drawn for home use. 

Special Libraries. On March 22, under 
the auspices of the Unity Art Gub, Professor 
Edward S. Morse lectured in the Fine Arts 
room on the Industrial Arts of Japan. 

There have been exhibitions during the 
month as follows: books and photographs in 
connection with the lecture by rrofessor 
Morse; photographs of Rom.inesque and 
Gothic architecture, and of Renaissance sculp- 
ture, to illustrate the lectures to teachers by 
Mr. J. F. Hopkins; books, prints, news- 

Sapers, etc., relating to the Boston Massacre, 
larch 4, 1770; a collection of Valentines, 
loaned b^ Mr. Frank House Baer of Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 

Municipal Lectures. In this Bulletin are 
printed a list of references on Baths and Gym- 
nasia, the subject of a lecture delivered by the 
Hon. Josiah Quincy, Mayor; and a bibliogra- 
phical note on the Labor Movement in Eng- 
land and America, a lecture delivered by Mr. 
Harry Loyd. 


Garrison Papers. Among other gifts of 
the month was an addition to the C^rrison 
collection, consisting of Letters to William 
Lloyd Garrison during the years 1855-1850, 
together with certain bronze medals; re- 
ceived through Mr. Francis J. Garrison, Boston. 




The Central Library. 

Annual List of new books, 1896-97. 

.05; by mail, .15 
Same, 1897-98. .05; by mail, 15 

Annual reports. Free; by mail, .07 

Handbook for Readers, 1890. .10; by mail, .17 
Monthly Bulletin. 

Free upon application; by mail, .03 
Quarterly Bulletins. 5 cts. a number; by mail, 
.la Nos. 1-3. 10, 12-28. 35, 36, 46, 47, 52, 54- 
56, 62, 64. 71. 72. 74, 101-102, out of print 
English Prose Fiction. 8th edition. 1893. 

.10; by mail, .18 
— Supplement. 1893-1897. 05; by mail. .08 
Periodicals. Newspapers. Transactions, and 
other Serial Publications currently received 
in the Principal Libraries of Boston and 
Vicinity. Publ. 1897. 25; by mail. .33 

Selected List for Younger Readers. 3d ed. 
1898. .01; by mail. .03 

Chronological Index to Historical Fiction. 
3d ed. In Bulletin from Jan., 1892 to Jan., 
1896. (When finished to be issued as a 
separate work.) 
Bates Hall Index. Supplement of 1866 (in- 
cluding Parker Colleclion). Unbound. $1.00 
Books in raised type for the Blind. List. .50 
French Fiction. .10; by mail, .13 

History, Biography, and Travel. 3d cd., 1892. 

.25; by mail, .42 
Russian works in the Library. .05 

A List of Books on Social Keform. 

.05; by mail, 09 

Electric Telegraph and Telephone. In Bul- 
letin no. 92. 

Electricity and Magnetism. In Bulletin no. 88. 

Memoranda of Lieut Col. Eld, I779 and 1780. 
Original Letters of Eari Percy, 1774-1778. 
In Bulletin no. 87. 

Memorandums made in a tour to the Eastern 
States, 1797, by Robert Gilmor. In Bulletin 
no. 88. 

Notes on some writing which may be by 
Shakespeare in the Library. In Bulletin 

no. 79. 
Spanish and Portuguese Books not restricted 
to '•Hall use." In Bulletin no. 84. 


Chart of Boston Harbor, in color, made by 
order of Andros. In Bulletin no. 92. 

First Draft of the Freemen's oath. In Bul- 
letin no. 97. 

Five Broadsides of the Boston Committee of 
Correspondence, 1773, 74. In Bulletin no. 93. 

Five Revolutionary Broadsides. In Bulletin 
no. 90. 

Four Broadsides relating to the American 
Colonies, 1696, 1697, 1774, 1775. In Bulletin 
no. 94. 

Latin Version of 1493 of the First Letter of 
Columbus on the Discovery of America, 
with a new Translation. .50 

List of Passengers in the- Speedwell, 1656. In 
Bulletin no. 9(5. 

Petition of the Handycraftsmen of Boston, 
it^n, against the Intrusion of Strangers. In 
Bulletin no. gs. 

Plan of Boston, drawn by Chevalier Daux in 
1692. In Bulletin no. 95. 

Catalogues of Special Collections. 

Barton Library. Catalogue (complete). $5.00 

Part I. Shakespeare Collection. 3.00 

Part 2. Miscellaneous. 3.00 

Chamberlain Collection of Autographs. Brief 

description, with portrait 

Make application; by mail. .03 
Franklin Library. List of portraits. In Bid- 

letin no. 84. 
John A. Lewis Library of Early New England 

Books. Catalogue. In Bulletin no. 891 
Prince Library. Catalogue. $1.00 

Thayer Library. Catalogue. In Bulletin no. 

Galatea Collection. Catalojarue. 15; by mail. .18 
Codman Collection of Landscape Gardening, 

and Works on Forestry. .10; by mail; 13 

Subject Catalogues. 

Reprinted from the Public Card Catalogue. 

No. I. Annuals. In Bulletin no. 94. 

No. 2. Egypt In Bulletin no. 94. 

No. 3. Alps. In Bulletin no. 95. 

No. 4. Steam Engines. In Bulletin no. 9s 

No. «;. Works relating to the Blind. In Bul- 
letin no. 95. 

No. 6. Africa. In Bulletin no. 95. 

No. 7. Arctic Regions. In Bulletin no. 96. 

No. 8. Health and Hygiene. In Bulletin no. 


No. 9. Tracts of the Time of Charles i., and 
English Commonwealth. In Bulletin no. 98. 

No..ia Architecture, Construction, Decora- 
tion. .25; by mail, .33 

No. II. Roads. In Bulletin no. 99. 

No. 12. Corea, Japan, China. In Bulletin no. 99. 

No. 13. Cjoethe. In Bulletin no. loa 

Special Bibliographies. 

No. I. Franklin Bibliography. .50 

No. 2. List of Spanish Grammars. .25 

No. 4. Maps in the Publications of the Geo- 
logical Society. .25 
No. 5. Bibliography of Special Subjects. Also 
in Bulletin no 00, and in Handbook, gth ed. 

No. 6. Bibliogn^phy of the Official Publica- 
tions of the Continental Congress, 1774-89. .50 
No. 7. Catalogue of Family Histories. . 10 

No. 8. Higher Education of Women. 

.15; by mail, .18 

Other Publications. 

Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, 1629- 
1818. By T. B. Wyman. 2 v. ^00 

Journal of the Quebec Expedition. 1775; Jour- 
nals, 1776 to 1783. By Henry Dearborn. 

each, .75 

Map of Old Boston, compiled from the Book 
of Possessions. By George Lamb. 


Finding lists. Free upon applicaticm. 

West End Finding List (and Supplement). ,10 

The Pablie Library of the City oi BoiitoA*. ^PtVa^Ieb^ I^«vtxti&«B0L 






Vol. IV, No. 5. 
May, 1899. 







SOLOMON LINCOLN, Vice-President. 



Acting Librarian. 


Central Library, Copley Square. 

Branch Libraries. 

Brighton Branch, Holton Library Roxbury Branch, 46 Millmont St 

Building, Rockland St. South Boston Branch, 372 Broadway. 

Charlestown Branch, City Square. South End Branch, English High 

Dorchester Branch, Arcadia, cor. School Building, Montgomery St 

Adams St. West End Branch, Cambridge, cor. 

East Boston Branch, 37 Meridian St Lynde St 

Jamaica Plain Branch, Curtis Hall, West Roxbury Branch, Centre, near 
Centre St. Mt. Vernon St 

Delivery Stations. 

Station A. Lower Mills Reading Station L. North Brighton Reading 

Room, Washington, near River Room, 56 Market St. 

St. Station M. Crescent Avenue Delivery 
Station B. Roslindale Delivery Sta- Station, 940 Dorchester Ave, 

tion, 25 Poplar St Station N. Blue Hill Avenue Deliv- 
Station D. Mattapan Reading Room, ery Station, 200 Blue Hill Ave. 

River, cor. Oakland St. Station P. Broadway Extension Read- 
Station E. Neponset Delivery Sta- ing Room. 13 Broadway Exten- 

tion, 49 Walnut St. sion. 

Station F. Mount Bowdoin Reading Station Q. Upham's Comer Delivery 

Room, Washington, cor. Eldon St Station, 756 Dudley St 

Station G. Allston Delivery Station. Station R. Warren Street Delivery 

14 Franklin St. Station, 329 Warren St 

Station H. Ashmont Delivery Sta- Station S. Roxbury Crossing Deliv- 

tion, 4 Talbot Ave. ery Station, 11 73 Tremont St 

Station J. Dorchester Station Deliv- Station T. Boylston Delivery Sta- 

ery Station, i Milton Ave. tion, Lamartine, cor. Paul Gore St 

Station K. Bird Street Delivery Sta- Station U. Ward Nine Delivery Sta- 
tion, 6 Wayland St. tion, 62 Union Park St 

Published monthly by the Trustees of the Public Library of the City of Boston, Boston, Mstaadiutefts, at 

a subscription price of twenty-five cents per annum. 





March 15 to April 15 1899. 

The symbol = following the title of a work indicates that the work is a gift to the Library. 

Reference Books. 

Adams, Oscar Fay. 

A dictionary of American authors. Boston, 
1899. *6i.'»2.59 

Annuad literary index . . . Edited by W. I. 
Fletcher and R. R. Bowker. 1898. N. Y.. 
1899. B. H. Ref. 881.2 

British almanac and family cyclopaedia for 
1899. London. [1898.] B. H. Ref. 3145 

Gasc. Ferdinand £. A. 

A library dictionary of the French and Eng- 
lish languages. N. Y., 1898. 2682.64 

Hart, Henry George. 

The new annual army list, 1899. London, 
1899. B. H. Ref. 313.1 

Literary year-book and bookman's directory. 
1899. Edited by Joseph Jacobs. London, 
1899. Portrs. B. H. Ref. 7^23 

Lodge, Edmund. 
The peerage and baronetage of the British 
empire as at present existing. 68th edition. 
London. 1899. B. H. Ref. 1003.3 

Whitaker, Joseph. 

Directory of titled persons for 1899. Lon- 
don. [1899.1 B. H. Ref. 004. TO 

Who's who. 1899. London, 1899. *243oa..«>o 

Genealogy. Heraldry. 

Alexander, De Alva Stanwood. 
The Alexanders of Maine. Buffalo, 189S. 
Portrs. Pis. Map. = 4434-86 

Andrews, Charles L. 
The Gardner family of Machias and vicinity. 
Augusta, Me.. 1898. ^ pp. 4434B5 

Chamberlayne, Churchill Gibson, editor. 
The vestry book and register of Bristol par- 
ish, Virginia, 1720-1789. Richmond, 1898. 


Dewey, Adelbert Milton. 
Life of George Dewey, rear admiral, U.S.N.. 

*2 Q TH^^ ^^ff'^y ^^^^^^ • • • West field. 
1890. IIIus. Portrs. Map. ♦4431 ng 

Ellery Harrison, and Charles Pickering Bow- 

The Pickering genealogy. [Cambridge.] 
^, 1897. 3 V. Portrs. = *443i 120 

Hovey, Lewis Richard, editor. ^^*-*^ 

Old Ipswich : a magazine of local genealogy 
and history. Vol. i. Ipswich, 1899. 

Rowell, Rowland. ^4432.20 

Biographical sketch of Samuel Rowell. With 
a genealogy for seven generations. Man- 
chester, N. H.. 1898. Illus. Portrs. 

Toner. Joseph Meredith. 4434-215 

Index to names of persons and churches in 

Bishop Meade's Old churches, ministers 

and families of Virginia. Washington, 

1890. 63 pp. ♦4475 7, 

xxr ?'^^7? ^""^"^f* ^^°^ » on shclf-no. •3544^701. 

Wade, W. Cecil. 
The symbolisms of heraldry. London, 1898. 

Y iy^u c * J . 223oa.70 

A., of the Saturday review. 

The right to bear arms. London, 1899. 



Collective Biographies. 

Carnoy, Smile. 

Dictionnaire biographique des hommes du 

nord. Nord, Ardennes, Aisne, Somme, 

Pas-de-Calais & Oise. Vol. i. Paris. 

[1894.1 Portrs. *464i.8o 

Lang, Andrew. 
The companions of Pickle. London, 1898. 
Portrs. 2542.153 

"Studies of persons connected with Prince 
Charles, and with the Jacobite movement." 


Single Biographies. 


Barbe, Louis A. 
Kirkcaldy of Grange. N. Y. fiSg;.] [Fa- 
mous Scots series.] 25493.22 
Blaikie, William Garden. 
Thomas Chalmers. N. Y. [1897.] [Famous 
Scots series.] 25493.21* 
Bluysen, Paul. H 
Felix Faure intime. Paris, 1898. Illus.M 
Portrs. 2647.16a 
Bonneville de Marsangy, Louis. 
Le comte de Vergennes: son ambassade en 
Suede. 1771-1774. Paris, 1898. Portr. 

Browning, Robert. 
The letters of Robert Browning and Eliza- 
beth Barrett Browning. 1845-1846. N. Y.. 
1899. 2 V. Portrs. 4533-3^ 

Butler, Sir William Francis. 
The life of Sir George Pomeroy-Colley, 
1835-1881. London, 1899. Portrs. Pis. 

Maps. 4544.171 

Calderwood, Henry. 
David Hume. N. Y. [1898.] [Famous 
Scots series.] 25493.23 

Choate, Joseph Hodges. 
An address at the unveiling of the statue of 
Rufus Choate in the Court house in Bos- 
ton. [Boston, 1898.] 26 pp. = 4444.295 
Crozier, John Beattie. 
Mv inner life. A chapter in personal evo- 
lution and autobiography. London, 1898. 

Daudet, L6on A. 

Alphonse Daudet. Paris, 1898. 4649.88 

Duff, Sir Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant-. 
Notes from a diary. [3d series.] 1881-1886. 
London. 1899. 2 v. 2548.161.3 

"Kept cnicfly in Southern India." 

Edwards, E. M. H. 
Commander William Barloer Cushing, of the 
United States navy. London. [1898.] 
Portrs. Pis. 4349.190 

Edwards. Matilda Barbara Betham. 

Reminiscences. London, 1898. 4544.165 

Ejrleston. Thomas. 
The life of John Paterson, major-general in 
the Revolutionary army. 2d edition. 
N. Y., 1898. Portr. Illus. Map. 4344.180 
Ferrier, Susan Edmonstone. 
Memoir and correspondence, 1782-1854. 
Collected by her grand-neohew John Fer- 
rier. Edited by J. A. Doyle. London, 
1898. Portrs. 2543.162 

Fontane, Theodor. 
Von Zwanzig bis Dreissig. Autobiojrraphi- 
sches. 3. Auflage. Berlin, 1898. Portr. 

Gardner, Col. Alexander. 1785-1877. 
Soldier and traveller. Memoirs of Alexander 
Gardner. Edited bv Major Hugh Pearse. 

Edinburgh, 1898. Portrs. Map. 3045.180 
"A goodly portion of Colonel Gardner's eventful 
life was spent in the Punjab kingdom or prov* 

Gothein. Marie. 
John Keats Leben und Werke. Halle a. S., 
1897. Portr. 2448.72 

Guthrie, Charles John. 
John Knox and John Knox's house. Edin- 
burgh, 1898. Ulus. Portrs. 3559139 

B May 

Haiper, Ida Husted. 
The life and work of Susan B. Anthony. 
Indianapolis, 1899. 2 v. Portrs. Pis. 

Humboldt, Friedrich Heinrich Alexander, 
Freihcrr von. 
Jugendbriefe an Wilhelm Gabriel Wegener. 
Hrsg. von A. Leitzmann. Leipzig, im. 

Humboldt. Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Carl 
Ferdinand, Freihcrr von. 
Breife an Johanna Motherby. Mit einer Bio- 
graphic Johanna Motherb/s tind Erlatite- 
rungen hrsg. von H. Mdsner. Leipzig, 
1803. Portr. ^6.45 

Landor, Walter Savage. 
Letters. Edited by Stephen Wheeler. Lon- 
don. 1809. 6545.23 
Leask, W. Keith. 
James Boswell. .N. Y. ri897.1 fFamous 
Scots series.] 2S49a.20 
Macaulay, Thomas Babington. 
Essay on Milton^ Edited by C. W. Fnmch. 


[1897.] [Famous 
2549a. 17 

N. Y., 1898. Portr. 

Madachlan. T. Banks. 

Mwngo Park. N. Y. 

Scots series.] 

Morse. Edward Sylvester. 

Henry Mason Brooks, secretary of the Essex 

in«!titute, 1888-1898. A memoir. Salem. 

^r '®*^'5 Pp. Portr. = 4444.atM 

Nujrent. Gaud. 

Memoir of Robert, Eari Nugent. Chicago, 

T> J^M ^''^''^- 4544.167 

Porter, Mary. 

John Blackwood, by his daughter. Edin 

burgh. 1808. Portr. [Oliphant, M. O. W. 

Annals of a publishing house. Vol. 3.] 

♦4544. 14S 
Ritchie, James Ewing. 

The real Glad«tone : an anecdotal biography. 
London, 1898. 2546.183 

Saintsbi'rv. George Edward Bateman. 
S:r Walter Scott N. Y. [1897.] [Famous 
Scots series.] 
Schweitzer. Georg. 
Emin Pasha: his life and work. 
1808. 2 v. Portr. 
Smeflton. Oliphant. 
Tobias Smollett. N. Y. [1897.] 
Scots series.] 
Thomoson. Silvanr.s Phillios. 
Michael Faradav: hi^ life and woric Lon- 
don tRo8. Tllns. Portr. 5g7aio6 

TrasK William Blake. ^ 

Memoir of Capt. William Traskc, of Salem, 
Mass., 1628-1666. Boston, 1899. 18 pp. 
Plan. =r *4444.293 

William«!on. David, editor. 
Parliament's tribute to Gladstone. Lopdon. 



2549a. 19 

[1898.1 76 pp. Portrs. 


H istory. 

Ancient. Modem. 


Grandmaison, Louis de. 
L expansion frangaise au Tonkin. 1M% 
1898. 3oiai45 


Malotet, Arthur, 
^tienne de Flacourt ou, les origines de la 
colonisation francaise a Madagascar. 1648- 
1661. Paris, 1898. Portr. Maps. 3055.152 
Metcalfe, Charles Theophilus, editor and trans- 
Two native narratives of the mutiny in Delhi. 
Westminster, 1898. Portrs. Map. 3045.184 
Monicault, Gaston de. 
La question d'Orient Le trait6 de Paris et 
ses suites (1856-1871). Paris, 1898. 

Sanderson, Edgar. 
History of the world from the earliest his- 
torical time to the year i8g8. N. Y., 1898. 
Maps. 2215.72 

Streane, Annesley William. 
The a?e of the Maccabees. With special 
reference to the religious literature of the 
period. London, 1898. 2298.79 


Adams, George Burton. 
European history : an outline of its develop- 
ment N. Y., 1899. lUus. Portrs. Maps. 

Below, Georg von. 
Das altere deutsche Stadtewesen und Btirger- 
tum. Bielefeld, 1898. lUus. 6252.25 

Bolton, Frederica, editor and translator. 
The Greco-Turkish war of 1897. From offi- 
cial sources by a German staff officer, 
London, 1898. Portrs. Maps. 3085.119 
Daendliker, Carl. 
A short history of Switzerland. Translated 
by E. Salisbury. London, 1899. Maps. 

Dickens, Charles. 

A child's history of England. With intro- 
duction by ^drew Lang . . . London, 
1898. lUus. [The Gadshfll edition.] 

Dilke, Sir Charles Wentworth, bart. 

The British empire. London, 1899. 4519a. 132 
Holies, Thomas Pelham, 2d DtSce of New- 
castle. 1693-1768. 
A narrative of the changes in the Ministry 
1765-1767. Told in a series of letters to 
John White. Edited for the Royal histori- 
cal society by Mary Bateson. London, 
1898. 4515.138 

Hume, Martin A. Sharp. 
Spain; its greatness and decay. (1479-1788.) 
Cambridge, 1898. Maps. 3098.83 

Kleinschmidt, Arthur. 
Drei Jahrhunderte russischer Geschtchte. 
Berlin, 1898. Portrs. Map. 3064.153 

Meiklejohn, Max John Christian. 
London; a short history. London, 1808. 
Pis. Maps. 2499.128 

Olivart, Marques de. 
Colecci6n de los tratados, convenios y docn- 
mentos intemacionales celebrados por nu- 
estros gobiemos con los estados extranje- 
ros desde el reinado de Dona Isabel ii. 
hasta nuestros dias. Vol. 7, 8. Madrid, 
1896, 97. *509i.40 

Parmele, Mary Piatt 

A short history of France. N. Y., 1898. 


A short history of Germany. N. Y., i8c^. 

^ . ^ 282Q.88 

Routier, Gaston. 

LEspagne en 1897. Paris, 1897. Portrs. 

Schultz, Ferdinand. 
Die geschichtliche Entwickelung der Gegen- 
wart seit 1815 unter Beriicksichtigung* der 
wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Verhaltnisse 
in Deutschland. 2te vermehrte AuEage 
der .Geschichte der neuesten Zeit.* Dres- 
den, 1897. 2 V. Map. 2822.26 
Shand, Alexander Innes. 
The war of the Peninsula, 1808-1814. N. Y., 
1898. Portrs. Maps. 652oa.37 
Smith, Edmund Munroe. 
Bismarck and German imity. N. Y., 1898. 
Portr. 4848.68 
Stephen, Caroline Emilia. 
French history for English children. By 
Sarah Brook [pseud.]. Revised by George 
Cary Eggleston. N. Y. [189-?] Pis. 
Maps. 4628.34 


Bonsai, Stephen, jr. 
The fight for Santiago. N. Y., 1899. Pis. 
Maps. 442oa.95 

Butler, Charles Henry, editor. 
Our treaty with Spain. Triumphant diplo- 
macy. Washington, 1898. 64 pp. = 

Condon, Edward O' Meagher. 
The Irish race in America. Glasgow. [1898?] 


The title on the cover is Greater Ireland. 

Dudley, Mass. 
Town records. 1732-1794. Pawtucket, 1893, 

^ 94- ^ *4353.I56 

Emery, Samuel Hopkins. 
History of Taunton. Massachusetts. [Also, 
Supplement.] Syracuse, 1893, 94. Ultis. 
Portrs. Maps. *445T.i27 

Fassett, James Hiram. 
Colonial life in New Hampshire. Boston, 
1899. IIlus. Portrs. 4436.186 

Goodrich, John Benton. 
Our national responsibilities. Address. 

[Newton? 1898.] .20 pp. = 4228.77 

On territorial expansion. 

Hathaway, Samuel. 
A sketch of historical reality with the blend- 
ings of the romance of ideality. Wor- 
cester, 1897. 38 pp. Portr. = 4453.131 

The title on cover is Old Worcester. 

Hildreth, Samuel Prescott. 

Pioneer history: the first examinations of 

the Ohio valley, and the early settlement of 

the Northwest territory . . . Cincinnati, 

1848. Map. Pis. ♦4476. liPj 

"This work is published under the superintend- 
ence of the Historical society of Cincinnati, and 
forms the first volume of its transactions.*' 

Hobson, Richmond Pearson. 
The sinking of the "Merrimac." N. Y., 1899. 
Ill us. Portrs. Maps. 442oa.9(5 


Kennan, George. 

Campaigning in Cuba. N. Y., 1899. 4420a.94 
Lewis, H. H., editor. , ,. , 

A gunner aboard the "Yankee"; from the 
diary of Number Five of the after port 
gun. The yarn of the cruise and fights i>f 
the naval reserves in the Spanish-Ameri- 
can war. N. Y., 1898. lUus. 442oa.56 
McNally, B., publisher. 
Soldiers and sailors of New Jersey m the 
Spanish-American war. Newark, 1898. 46 
pp. 442oa.59 

Martin, Archer. 
The Hudson's Bay Company's land tenures, 
and the occupation of Assiniboia by Lord 
Selkirk's settlers, with a list of the 
grantees. London, 1898. Portr. Maps. 


Mueller y Tejeiro, Jos^. 
Combates y capitulaci6n de Santiago do 
Cuba. Madrid, 1898. Pis. Maps. 


A translation of this work is on shelf-numbers 
4420a. 76; aQS-T-IT-X. 

Murfree, Mary Noailles. 
The story of Old Fort Loudon. N. Y., 1899. 
Pis. 4407.198 

Old Eliot. J. L. M. Willis, editor. Vol. 2, no. 
8-12. Aug.-Dec, 1898. Eliot, Maine. 1898. 
= *443S.i63 

Polavieja y del Castillo, Camilo G. 
Relacion documentada de mi politica en 
Cuba. Madrid, 1898. 4318.198 

Rice, Franklin Pierce, editor. 
The Worcester of 1898. Worcester, 1899. 
Illus. Portrs. ♦44Soa.i28 

Romero, Matias. 
Mexico and the United States. A study of 
subjects affecting their political, commer- 
cial, and social relations. Vol. i. N. Y., 

1898. ♦43ioa.2i6 
Sigsbee, Charles Dwight. 

The "Maine." An account of her destruc- 
tion in Havana harbor. N. Y., 1899. Illus. 
Portrs. 4420a.93 

Spanish-American war, The. The events of 
the war described by eye-witnesses. Chi- 
cago, 1899. Illus. rortrs. Map. 442oa.9i 
Trevelyan, Sir George Otto, bart. 
The American revolution. Part i. N. V., 

1899. Map. 4414.124 

Fine Arts. Archaeology. 


Benson, Margaret, and Janet Gourlay. 
The temple of Mut in Asher. An account of 
the excavation. London, 1899. Pis. 

Boissier, Marie Louis Antoine Gaston. 
Roman Africa. Archaeological walks in Al- 
geria and Tunis. Authorized English ver- 
sion by Arabella Ward. N. Y., 1899. 

Schneider, Albert. 1836- 
Die neuesten romischen Ausgrabungen in 
der Schweiz. Zurich, 1898. 32 pp. PI 3. 



Fine Arts. 

B^n6dite, Uonce. 
Le mus^ national du Luxembourg. Cata- 
logue des ecoles contemporaincs. lAvec 
supplements pour 18971 98-] ?«•»«• U^^ 
98.] . 8o79a.233 

Berlepsch, Hans Eduard von, editor. 
Gottfried Keller als Maler. Leipzig, 1895* 
Dlus. 4088.42 

Blanc, Alexandre Augustc Philippe Charles. 
Une famille d'artistcs. Lcs trois Vwnct 
Paris. 1 189-.] Portrs. Pis. 4083.62 

Qerc, L. P. • « . 0^0 

La chimie du photograpbe. Pans, i8g<- 


[Collection of photographs of places and 
people in the Bombay presidency^] [Bom- 
tay? 18—?] 120 pis. = »Cab.sa3a3 

Cust, Lionel. ... * • j- » a 

The master E. S. and the 'Ars monendL .\ 
chapter in the history of engraving during 
the xv^ century. With facsunde repro- 
ductions. Oxford, 1898. 25 pp. ♦8o7oa.i50 
Duff, Mary Graham, compiler. 
Some noted sculptures and their homes. ^ 
edition. Boston, 1896. 2 v. 8085.55 

Eder, Josef Maria. , _ ^ , . 

Ausfiihrliches Handbuch dcf ^Photographie. 
2. Auflage. Heft 7, 8. Halle a. b., 1896, 

97. 2 v. nius. ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^,u\^. 

An entirely different work feom that with the 
same title on shell-no. 3972. xj6. 

Field, Lilian F. ^ . * *i. t>* 

An introduction to the study of the Re- 
naissance. N. Y., 1898. 4088^ 

Finiguerra, Maso. 
A Florentine picture-chronidc : being a se- 
ries of 99 drawings representing sccn^ anrt 
personages of ancient history, sacred and 
profane. Reproduced from the orMrmal* 
in the British museum, with text by Sidney 
Colvin. London. 1898. . ^^?^'\^ii 

Furtwaengler, Adolf, and Heinnch Ludwig 

Urlichs. , . - • u^* 

Denkmaler griechischer und roini^Aer 

Skulptur. Miinchen, 1898. Pis. 8085.80 

Gibson, Charles Dana. ^^ ^ . _. ^jj_^ ,_^ 
Pictures of people. N. Y., 1898. Pis. *8o70.206 

Hesse, Friedrich. ^^^ „ 

Die Chromolithographie, mit besondcrcr Be- 

riicksichtigung der modemen auf photo- 

jrraphischer Grundlage basirtndoj Ver- 

fahren. Halle a. S., 1896. Dlus. 8065.156 

Hoyt, Deristhe L. ^ ^ .. . -^ 

The world's painters and thetr pictures. 

Boston. 1899. Illus. 4089.65 

Huebl, Arthur, Freiherr von. 

Die Collodium-Emulsion, und ihre Anwcn- 
dung fur die photographischc Aufnahmc 
von Oelgemalden, Aquarellen, photographi- 
schen Copien und Halbton-Onginalcn je- 
der Art. Halle a. S., 1894. Hlus. 8065.155 

Die Drcifarbenphotographie. Halle a. S,. 
1897. Illus. 8065.1.S7 

Hurll, Estelle May. 

The life of Our Lord m art. With some 
account of the artistic treatment of the life 
of St John the Baptist Boston, I«g8. 
Illus. 4076.107 


International kunsthistorischer Kongress, Bu- 
dapest, 1896. 
Offizidler Bericht uber die Verhandlunjircn 
des Kongresses, 1-3. Oktober 1896. Nura- 
berg. [1898.] 48 pp. 4073-50 

Kaemmerer, Ludwig. 
Max Lieberroann. Leipzig, 1893. (i), 17 pp. 
Illus. Portrs. 4082.00 

Kaiserling, Carl. 

Praktikum der wisscnschaftlichen Photogra- 
phie. Berlin, 189'i. Illus. 7974-56 

Marthold, Jules de. 
Histoire de la lithographie. Paris. [1898?] 
64 pp. Illus. Portrs. 4075.84 

Muentz, Louis Frc leric Eug^e. 
Les arts i la cour des Papes Innocent VIII., 
Alexandre VI., Pie IIL (1484-1503.) 
Paris, 1898. Pis. 4073.18 

Pennell, Joseph, and Elizabeth Robins Pcnnell. 
Lithography & lithographers. N. Y., 1898. 
Portrs. Pis. *8o6o.i33 

Pictorial photographs. A record of the photo- 
graphic salon of 1895-97. Reproduced by 
W. L. Colls. London, 1895-97. 3 v. 55 
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3049a 168 


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The royal capital is Edinburgh* 

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The United States: their geography, re- 
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The Greek prepositions, studied from their 
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Manuscrit in^dit public par le due de 
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Das Wesentliche der deutschen Grammatik. 
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A handy bibliographical guide to the study 
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nection with the benefit given under the 
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Annual report of the commissioners, 4th. 
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u 'r^- T u TT - 4579a. 180 

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Driftwood. 1883-1897. A memorial. [Ed 
ited by C K. Bolton.] fBrookline.] 1898. 
81 pn. Portr. A. 1099 

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Poems. Boston, 1898. = P.85.T80 

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In memoriam. Versions, and Idle measures. 
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A critical examination of G. Birkbeck Hill's 
"Johnsonian" editions issued by the Clar- 
endon press, Oxford. London, 1898. (7), 
^ 86pp. 2451.67 

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Magnolia leaves: poems. With introduc- 
tory bv Booker T. Washington. Tuske- 
gee. r 1807.1 = P.85.305 

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Wild-flower sonnets. With illustrations by 
Abbott Graves. Boston, 1895. 35 pn. = 

T7 .u • u T P.85.307 

Fothenngham, James. 

Studies of the mind and art of Robert 

Browning. 3d edition. London, 1808. 

^ c c ^ 1f> 
The first two editions were entitled Studies in the 
poetry of Robert Browning [456380; 4564.121]. 
Gates. Lewi*; Edwards. 
Three studies in literature. N. Y., 1800 

^%^ ^Q O^) 

Content*. — Francis Jeffrey. — Newman as a 
prose writer. — Matthew Arnold. 
Hanscom. Alice E. 
Perennia. [Poems.] Geveland. t8oR. 72 

TT 7%"^ o P.85.380 

MP'-'^v.Thomif;. 1840- 

Wessex poems, and other verses. With illus. 

by the atithor. N. Y., 1899. 2566.138 

Hr»fbpwav. Samuel. 

Rtt^h and Naomi. A paraphrase. Worcester, 

t8q5. t6 pp. Pis. = 4392.120 



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Rebel rhymes, and other stories. N. Y., 1888. 
vi, 78 op. = P.85.40S 

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Songs and meditations. Westminster, 1896. 

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Works. [Vol.] 3. London, 1897. [Early 
English text society.] *46o7.72 

Contents. — 3. The regiment of princes. Baited 
by Fredcriclc J. Fumivall. 

Howe, Julia Ward. 
From sunset ridge. Poems old and new. 
Boston. 1808. = P.85.431.3 

Lodge, George Cabot 
The song of the wave and other poems. 
N. Y.. 1808. A.5290 

Maigron, Louis. 
Le roman historique i Tcpoque romantique. 
Essai sur rinfluence de Walter Scott. 
Paris, 1898. 4572.152 

Martin, Arthur Patchett-. 
The beginnings of an Australian literature. 
London, 1808. 46 pp. Portr. 3043.18 

Miller, Emily Huntington. 
From Avalon, and other poems. Chicago. 

1896. 75 pp. = P.85.594 

Milton. John. 
L' Allegro and other poems. With biogra- 
phical sketch, introductions, and notes. 
Boston. [1899.] [Riverside literature se- 
ries.] No. 3 in 2558.4s 
Minor poems. Illustrated by A. Garth 
Jones. London. 1898. [The Endymion 
series.] 6606.73 
Mure, Sir William. 
Works. Edited by William Tough. Edin- 
burgh, 1898. 2 V. [Scottish text society.] 


Philp, Carolyn Howard. 

The ocean of dreams, and other poems. 

London. [1898.] 85 pp. = P.83.693 

Sinclair, William. 

Scottish life and humour. Haddington. 

[189-?] 2479.40 

Statham, Henry Heathcote. 
Architecture among the poets. London, 
1898. Illus. 2557.99 

Walker, Horace Eaton. 

Intimations of heaven, and other poems. 

Claremont. N. H., 1898. = 2394.109 

Washington, George. 

Farewell address. With a prefatory note by 

Worthington C. Ford. Boston, 1899. x, 

(i), 32 pp. 2349.79 

Whitman, Walt. 

Leaves of grass. Including Sands at seventy, 

Goodbye my fancy. Old age echoes, and 

A backward glance o*er travel'd roads. 

Boston, 1898. Portrs. = Whitman **io.66 

This is No. lo of the American limited edition of 
sixty copies. 

Wollmann, Franz. 
t)ber politisch-satirische Gedichte aus der 
schottischen Reformationszeit. Wien, 1898. 


French Literature. 

Bruneti^re, Marie Ferdinand. 

Essays in French literature. A selection, 

translated by D. Nichol Smith. London, 

1898. 2678.225 

Hugo, Victor Marie, comte. 

Les annees funestes. i85a-i87a [Poemes.l 
Paris. [1898?] 2675.78 

Laveleye, £mile Louis Victor dc. 

Essais et Etudes. S^rie 3. 1883-92. Gand, 

1897. 6676.109 
Le Braz, Anatole. 

La chanson de la Bretagne. [Poemes.] Paris, 

1898. 2676.224 
Lerberghe, Charles van. 

Entrevisions. [Poemes.] Brussels, 1808. 

Michel, Henry. 
Le quarantine fauteuil. Paris, 1898. 4949a. 12 

Contents. — D*HausAonville. — Jurien de la Gra- 
viire. — Jules Claretie. — Meilhac. — De Vofirfl*.— 
De Freycinet — Pierre Loti. — Ernest Lavisse. — 
De Bornier. — Thureau-Danjrin. — Cha11emel-La- 
cour. — Brunetiftre.— Albert Sorel. — De Heredia. 
— Paul Bourjret. — Henry Houssaye. — Jules Le- 
maitre.— Anatole Prance. — Gaston Paris.— Costa 
de Beauresrard. — Andr^ Theurlet. — Albert Van- 
dal. — De Mun. — Hanotaux. 

German Literature. 

Dyroff, Adolf. 
Fest-Gruss zur Eroffnungs-Feicr des neuen 
Universitatsgebaudes zu Wiirzburg, am a& 
Oktober 1896. [Wurzburg, 1897.] 8 pp. 

No. 2 in ♦8091. 121 
Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich von. 
Werke. Hrsg. von J. G. Fischer. Stuttgart 
[1897?] Portr. 4901.15 

Greek and Latin Literature. 

Campbell, Lewis. 
Religion in Greek literature. London, 1898. 

Coleridge, Edward Philip. 
Res Graecae, being bnef aids to the history, 
geography, literature and antiquities of 
ancient Greece. London, 1898. Illus. 
Maps. 3076.126 

Plays, translated into English prose from the 
text of Paley, by E. P. Coleridge. London. 
1898. 2 V. Portr. 2996.43 

Isham, Norman Morrison. 
The Homeric palace. Providence, 1898. viii, 
64 pp. Pis. 2963.32 

Nettleship, Richard Lewis. 
Lectures on the Republic of Plato. Edited 
by G. R. Benson. London, 1898. 2995.59 
Ovidius Naso, Publius. 
Heroides. With the Greek translation of 
Planudes. Edited by the late Arthur 
Palmer [and Louis C. Purser]. Oxford, 
T898. 2923.87 

Codex Oxoniensis Clarkianus 39 phototjrpice 
editus. Praefatus est T. G. Allen. Pars i. 
Lugduni Batavorum, 1898. *Cab.2i.i2.4 
Symonds. John Addington. 1840- 
Sketches and studies in Italy and Greece. 
2d. 3d series. New edition. London, 1898^ 

PI. 2769.49 

Tacitus. Caius Cornelius. 

Vita Agricolae. Edited by H. Pumcaux. 

Oxford, 1898. Map. 2945.71 


Vdlcius Paterctilus, Caius. 

Ad M. Vinicivm libri dvo. Ex Amcrbachii 
praecipve apographo edidit R. Ellis. Ox- 
onii, i8(^. 2949.31 

Persian Literature. 

H^fiz, Muhammad Shams ud-Din. 
Quelques' odes de Hafiz. Traduites par A. 
L. M. Nicolas. Paris, 1898. [Biblio- 
th^ue orientale elzevirienne.] 3Q29a.34 
Versions from Hafiz. An essay in Persian 
metre. By Walter Leaf. London, 1898. 
(7). 76 pp. 3026.70 

Spanish Literature. 

Andrade Caminha, Pedro de. 

Poesias ineditas. Publicadas pelo Dr. J. 
Priebsch. Halle a. S., 1898. 3094- 139 

Drama. Shakespeare. 

Bradley, Katherine, and Edith Cooper. 
The world at auction. [A play by Michael 
Field, pseud.] [London, 1898.] *4574-i6i 

Scene, Kome; time, a.d. 193. 

Gottschall, Carl Rudolf von. 

Rahab. Drama. Leipzig. tiSoS] 4896.50.397 

Heywood, Thomas, -1659, and William 


Fortune by land and sea. A tragi-comedy. 

Acting version arranged for the annual 

theatricals of the Harvard chapter of Delta 

Upsilon for 1899, by Janet E. Walker. 

Boston, 1899. 4574- 165 

Jullien, Jean Lucien Adolphe. 

Histoire du costume au theatre. Paris, 1880. 
Portrs. Pis. 2632.106 

Lyonnet, Henry. 
Lc theatre au Portugal. Paris, 1898. Portrs. 
Pis. 3098.82 

Moulton, Richard Green. 
The ancient classical drama. 2d edition. 
Oxford, 1898. 2968.83 

Nani, G. K 
Seelenstiirme. (Una tempesta neir ombra.) 
Drama, tubers, aus dem Italienischen von 
M. Qaar. Leipzig. [1898.] 4896.50397 
Rostand, Eugene Alexis Edmond. 
La Princesse Lointaine. Piece.' Paris, 1898. 

SchelHng, Dorothea Caroline Albertine, editor. 
Tres flores del teatro antiguo espanol. 
Publicadas por Carolina Michael is. Leip- 
zig, 1870. **D.26oa.ii6 

Contents.— Las mocedades del Cid.— El Conde de 
Sex.— El desden con el desden. 

Whytc, Frederic. 
Actors of the century. London, 1898. Portrs. 
Pis. *2570.45 


Ford, Robert, editor. 
Vagabond songs and ballads of Scotland. 
With melodies. Paisley, 1899. ^2566. 140 

Grimm, Jakob Ludwig Carl, and Wilhelm Carl 


Deutsche Sagen. 3. Auflage. Besorgt von 

Herman Grimm. Berlin, 1891. 6894.32 

Hull, Eleanor, editor. 

The Cuchullin saga in Irish literature. Lon-. 

don, 1898. Map. [The Grimm library.l 


Kupfer, Grace H. 

Legends of Greece and Rome. London, 1898. 

Fls. 3489123 

Reling, Hermann, and I. Bohnhorst. 

Unsere Pflanzen nach ihren deutschenVolks- 

namen, ihrer Stellung in Sitte und Sage, 

in Geschichte und Litteratur. 3. Auflage. 

Gotha, 1898. 2904.69 

Medicine. Hygiene. 


Allisoij, Henry Edward. 
Insanity and homicide. [St. Louis? 1898.] 
13 pp. = 7804.70 

Barton, Clara. 
The Red Cross. A history. Washington. 
[1898. J lllus. Portrs. Map. *3752.75 
Cornell university, Ithaca, N. Y. Medical col- 
Announcement, 1898/99. N. Y., 1898. = 

Gibson, George Alexander. 
Diseases of the heart and aorta. Edinburgh, 
1898. lllus. 3762.144 

Gillespie, Alexander Lockhart. 
The natural history of digestion. London, 
1898. lllus. 3767134 

Great Britain. Royal commission on vaccina- 
A report on vaccination and its results. Vol. 
I. London, 1898. [New Sydenham so- 
ciety.] ♦5714.8a 
Hertwig, Oscar. 
Die Zelle und die Gewerbe. Grundziige der 
allgemeinen Anatomic und Physiologic. 
[Bd. I.] Jena, 1893. lllus. 3822.23 
Hollopeter, William C. 

Hay-fever and its successful treatment. 
Phila., 1898. PI. 5809.87 

Hoyorka Oskar, Edler von Zderas. 
Die aeussere Nase. Eine anatomisch-anthro- 
pologische Studie. Wien, 1893. lllus. 

Manson, Patrick. 

Tropical diseases. London, 1898. lllus. 


Millot-Carpentier, Gabriel. 

Nos ancetres : etude historique abr^gee de la 

m^dccine depuis les temps les plus recul^s 

jusqu'au commencement de ce siede. 

Pans, 1898. xii, 82 pp. Portrs. 3728.79 

Newton, Eleanor Frost. 

A brochure on menorrspasm or dysmenor- 

rhea^ menorrhagia and metrorrhagia, and 

most modern treatment. [N. Y. ?] 1890. 

15 pp. = No. I in 377772 

Gynaecology. [N. Y.?] 1894. 28 pp. lllus. 

= 3777.71 


Vaginitis, leucorrhoea. Phila., i8go. i8 pp. 
= No. 2 in 3777.72 

Potter, Samuel Otway Lewis. 
A compend of human anatomy. 6th edition. 
Phila., 1898. Illus. [Quiz-compends.] 


School physiology journal, The. Vol. 8, no. 5. 

Boston, 1899. Illus. ♦7761.30 

Chiefly devoted to the stady of the effects of 
stimulants and narcotics on the human body. 

Schreiber, Josef. 

Das medizinische Paris. Wien, 1883. = 


University of Glasgow. Faculty of medicine. 

Programme of courses, regulations for 

graduation, and bursaries and prizes open 

tor competition. 1896/97. Glasgow, 1096. 

= ♦2509. IDS 


Cameos of vegetarian literature. London, 1898. 

Chreiman, M. A. 
Health, loss and gain. No. i. A plea for 
preventive medicine. London, 18$^ 

Cuempel, Carl Gottfried. 

Common salt. Its use and necessity for the 

maintainance of health. London, 1898. 

Illus. 3768.166 

Moore, J. Howard. 

Why I am a vegetarian. Chicago. [1895.I 

44 pp. = 5709a. 108 

Winthrop, Alice Worthington. 
Diet in illness and convalescence. N. Y., 
189Q. Illus. 3768.164 

Founded on Mrs. Henderson's Diet for the sick. 


American association for the advancement of 
Preliminary announcement of the Boston 
meeting, August, 1898. Boston, 1898. 32 
pp. Map. = 3935-8 

Apgar, Austin C. 
Birds of the United States east of the Rocky 
mountains. N. Y. [1898.] Illus. 3908.73 
Jeal, William James. 
Seed dispersal. Boston, 1898. 95 pp. Illus; 

Berry, Arthur. 
A short history of astronomy. N. Y., 1899. 
Illus. Portrs. 3929112 

Brackebusch, Luis. 
El carbon de piedra. Rio Cuarto, 1876. 48, 
(i) pp. = 7867..S8 

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4 Genes 4 Toccasion de la 4e centenaire de 
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= *449i.45 

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3599a. 138 


Sarah Fuller home for little children who can- 
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i8q7, the sixtieth anniversary of the ac- 
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1. * 

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Buddho's. Aus den Thera«ratha imd Thc^ 

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The law of France relating to industrial 
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The sailor and the law. Why American boys 

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ence to Alaska and the northwest terri- 
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Western union telegraph company. 

Circuit court of tjfie United States. District 
of Massachusetts. In equity. Western 
union telegraph company et al., v. Ameri- 
can Bell telephone company. Record on 
exceptions to Master's report. Boston. 
1899. 2 V. = ♦769oa.27 

Useful and Industrial 


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Vegetation and scenery in the Metropolitan 
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♦5990a. 16 

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Advanced agriculture. London, 1894. Illus 



Military and Naval Art, Science, 
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C. von Zepelin; Die Flotte von C F. 
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Manual for cyclists. For the use of the 
regular army, organized militia, and volun- 
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La chimere du d^sarmement. Paris, 1897. 


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Bilder aus der deutschen Seekriegsisreschichte 

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Amusements. Games. 
. Sports. 

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Practical letters to young sea fishers. By 
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Hunting trips in the Cfaucasus. London, 
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With bat and ball. Twenty-five years' rem- 
iniscences of Australian and Anglo-Aus- 
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In English. 

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Boston, 1899. 68.9 


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England, reign of Stephen. 

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Frederic Harold. 

The return of the O'Mahony. N. Y.. 1800. 
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Swallow : a tale of the great Trek. N. Y , 
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Through the turf smoke. The love, lore, and 

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The secret of Fougereuse. Boston, 1898. Pis. 

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Pms. ^^5 

Time of French and Indian war. 
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Two men o' Mendio. N. Y., 1899. SM4 

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Melody. The story of a child. Boston, 1808. 

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In French. 

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Dernicres lettres de femmes. [5ie Edition.] 

Paris. [1898?] 267a23i 

Nouvelles lettres de femmes. [496 Edition.] 

Paris. [1898?] 26^^230 



In German. 

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Das Wanderbuch. Eine dramatische Erzah- 
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Wenn's nur schon Winter war* I 4. Auflage. 
Stuttgart, 1898. 2876.145 

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Trinius, Au^st 

Miss Annie und andere Geschichten. Leip- 
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Vortrage Scherz und Ernst. Zur Belehrung, 

Belustigung und Unterhaltun^ in geselligen 

Kreisen. ites Bandchen. Leipzig. [i8q8.] 


In Italian. 

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La baraonda. Romanzo. 3a edizione. 
Milano, 1894- 2775.90 

In Spanish. 

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Maximina. begunda parte de Riverita. No- 
vela de costumbres. Madrid, 1887. 2 v. 


Associations. Clubs. 

Boston elevated railroad company. 
Annual report, ist, of the directors, for the 
year ending Sept. 30, 1898. Boston, 1898. 
= . ♦7658.170 

Dutton, William Henry. 
The boots and shoes of our ancestors as ex- 
hibited by the Worshipful company of 
cordwainers. With a brief history of the 
company. London, 1898. Pis. ^4532. 122 
Ferree, Barr. 
Institute organization. The plan and scope 
of the Brooklyn institute and its applica- 
tion to other cities. N. Y., 1898. 20 pp. = 

Odd Fellows, Independent order of. 
The record-history of the invitation to Boston 
and the reception and entertainment ex- 
tended to the Sovereign grand lodge, I. O. 
O. F., September, 1898. Boston, 18^ 
Portrs. = *756i.87 

Periodicals. Annuals. 

Island of Cuba magazine, The. Vol. i, no. i. 

Havana, 1899. Ill us. *736i.30 

Libussa. Jahrbuch fiir 1846-50. Hrsg. von P. 
A. Klar. Jahrg. 5-9. Frag. [1846-50.] 

5 V. Portrs. Pis. = *6879a.35 

Providence journal almanac. 1899. Provi- 
dence. [1898.] = '*'4489a.i78 



Social Science. 

Political Economy. 

Allix, Edgard. 
L'ceuvre economique de Karl Mario, (Karl- 
(jreorg Winkelbiech. 1810-1805). Paris, 
1898. 9335-5 

Ambrozovics, B61a. 
Des moyens d'int^resser les agents aux Eco- 
nomies sur les depenses et a I'augmenta- 
tion des recettes. [From Congres inter- 
national des chemins de fer, 1863. J = 

La formation des employes de chemms de 

fer en Uongrie. Bruxelles, 1888. = 

Atkinson, Edward. 
Forced loans. Greenbacks, Sherman notes 
and silver certificates. [N. Y., 1895.] = 

Sheep in the cotton states. A suggestion for 
doubling the crop of cotton . . . adding a 
clip of wool . . . [Boston? 1898?] = 

Biedermann, Ernst 
Die Sutistik der Edelmetalle. Berlin, 1898. 

84 pp. Pis. *786o.75 

Conigliani, Carlo Angelo. 
La riforma delle leggi sui tributi locali. 
Studi e proposte. Modena, 1898. 9336.2845 

Family budgets: being the income and ex- 
penses of twenty-eight British households. 
1891-1894. Compiled for the Economic 
club. London, 1896. 76 pp. 5563.41 

Garelli, Alessandro Stefano. 
FUosofia del monopolio. Milano, 1898. 

Guyot, Yves. 
L'Economie de Teffort Paris, 1896. 3567.212 

Contents. — La science ^onomique et les taits. — 
L*^change. — Trois entit^s: la propri^^, le capi- 
tal, le travail. — Les instruments <i*6change: la 
monnaie, le credit. — Capitaux fixes et capitaux 
drculants, leur valeur relative. — Les aberra- 
tions protectionnistes. — Des salaires. — Les con- 
ceptions socialistes et les faits. — L'^volntion et 
la regression ^onomiques. 

Le Bourdais des Touches, Jean. 
£tude critique sur le regime financier des 
colonies francaises. Paris, 1898. 3645.117 
Leroy-Beaulieu, Paul Pierre. 
Trait6 th^orique et pratique d'dconomie poli- 
tique. 2e Edition. Paris, 1896. 4 v. 


Loria, Achille. 

L'unportance des Etudes to>nomiques sar les 
coiomes. Paris, 1898. = 0325*54 

McCleary, James T. 

Studies m political science. St Paul, 1894. 

32 pp. = 5<)4^i57 

Marryat, Joseph. 1757-1824. 
Concessions to America the bane of Great 
Britain; or, the cause of the present dis- 
tressed situation of the British colonial and 
shipping interests explained, and the proper 
remedy suggested. [Anon. J London, 
1807. Jb58.86 

Medford, Macall. 
Oil without vinegar, and dignity without 

f^ride: or, British, Amercian, and West- 
ndia interests considered. 2d edition, with 
a preface, and additions. Together with a 
chart, shewing the rise and fail of the trade 
between the two countries. London, 1807. 

M6moires pour servir i I'histoire des assurances 
sur la vie et des rentes viageres aux Pays- 
Bas. R6unies et publics par la direction de 
la societe generale N6erlandaise d'assur- 
ances sur la vie et de rentes viageres. Am- 
sterdam, 1898. = 9368.3-2 
Merlin, Roger. 
Le meuyage et la participation aux b^e- 
fices. Paris, 1898. 9333-51 
Neymarck, Alfred. 
Vocabulaire manuel d'6conomie politique. 
Paris, 1898. ♦556oa.2Q 

Bibliography, pp. 45^478* 

Parsons, Frank. 
Public ownership of monopolies. Phila., 
1894. = 3659.32 

Sayous, Andr6 E. 
Les bourses allemandes de valeurs et de 
commerce et les lois imp^riales des 22 juin 
et 25 juillet, 1896. Paris, 1898. 9332.643 
Segura y Cabrera, Andres. 
£1 contrato de seguro de vida. Habana, i8». 

Simonson, George M. ,, , . ^r v 

The clearing house of New York aty. N. Y. 

[1898.] 32 pp. Illus. Portrs, 5649.124 

Smith, George Armitagc-. 

The free-trade movement and its results. 

London, 1898. [Victorian era series.] 


Supino, Camillo. , 

La borsa e il capitale improduttivo. MOaxK), 

1898. 9332.6 

Vanlaer, Maurice. ^^ 

La participation aux b6n6fioes. Pans, logBf 



Wallace, Alfred Rttssd. 
The wonderful century. N. Y. [1899.] 

Warner, John De Witt 

Greenback retirement and "gold" bonds. 
Speech in the House, February 6, 1895. 
[Washington, 1895.] = 5643.110 

Wicksell, Knut 
Geldzins und Guterpreise. Jena, 1898. 

Wolff, Henry W. 
Co-operative credit banks. London. [1898.] 
58 pp. 3648.130 

Political Science. 

Citizens' union, New York city. 
The city for the people! Campaign book. 

Scpt-Oct., 1897. 2d edition. N. Y. [1897.) 

Ti F^f= „ 4378.168 

Hysiop, James Hervey. 

Democracy : a study of government. N. Y., 

T ^2P% „r . 3568.223 

Lee, Robert Warden. 

The social compact A guide to some writ- 
ers on the science and art of politics . . . 
Oxford, 1898. 3568.221 

opooner, L^sander. 
Free pohtical institutions. An abridgment 
znd rearrangement of Lysander Spooner's 
Trial by jury. Edited by Victor Yarros. 
«^.,®®^^®'^' '^- 47 pp. = 3626.17 

World politics. N. Y., 1898. 3567.216 


Annee sociologique, L*. Publiee sous la direc- 
tion de fimile Durkheim. Annee i. 1896/97. 
Paris, 1898 ♦35O6.226 

Boston children s aid society. 

Sutement for 1898. Boston. [1898.] = 

T» , ^ *757i.i8 

Brooke, Emma. 

A Ubulation of the factory laws of European 

countries in so far as they relate to the 

hours of labour, and to special legislation 

for women, young persons, and children. 

London, 1898. 5665.63 

Bumham industrial farm, Columbia county, 

New York. 

[Statement of its design and methods.] 

, [Newark, N. J., 1886.] = 5576.158 

Citizens association of Boston. 

The changes recommended in the system of 

public charity by the commission appointed 

by Governor Wolcott [Cambridge. 1897.] 

^ = 5575-139 

Consumers' league. The, of Massachusetts. 

Investigation of hours and other conditions 
in the mercantile establishments of Boston. 
[Boston, 1898.] ^ 38, (9) pp. = 5567.77 
Girdlestone, Edward Deacon. 

Society dassified, n reply to the question: 
How far is the saying true that every one 
lives either by working, begging, or steal- 
ing? 5th edition, revised. London. [188-?] 

Leamet, Samuel. 

The temperance problem. Its solution. N. p. 

[1889.1= 7588.180 


Lichtenberger, Andr^. 
Le socialisme utopique. fitudes sur quelques 
precurseurs inconnus du socialisme. Paris, 

1898. 3569.257 

Mavor, James. 
The Scottish railway strike, 1891. Edin- 
burgh, 1891. 5569a.i4it 
National convention of working g^'rls' dubs, 2d. 
Report of proceedings, Boston, May 9-11, 
1894. Boston. 1894. = ♦5586.40 
Oppenheimer, Franz. 
Grossgrundeigentum und soziale Frage. Ber- 
lin. [1898.] 9333.3 
Philadelphia for infants. 
Annusil report, 19th. Phila., 1892. = 

Revue sociale catholique. Brussels, 1898. 

Sanz y Escartin, Eduardo. 

Uindividu et la reforme sociale. Traduit de 

Tespagnol par A. Dietrich. Paris, 1898. 

i^ 9302.2 

Savatier, Henri. 
La th^orie moderne du capital et la justice. 
Paris, 1898. 9331. 

Soloveitchik, Leonty. 
Un protetariat meconnu. £tude sur la situa- 
tion sociale et economique des ouvriers 
juifs. Bruxelles, 1898. 3653.38 

Stein, Ludwig. 
Die sociale Frage im Lichte der Philosophic. 
Stuttgart, 1897. 9302. 

Tarde, Gabriel. 
Les lois sociales: esquisse d'un sociologie. 
Paris, 1898. 9301. 

Watrigant. Henri. 
Le decalogue agricole, ou esquisse d'un pro- 
gram d'action catholique dans les cam- 
pagncs. [Abbeville, 1898. 1 = 9335-9 

Wiltse. Henry M. 
The moonshiners. [Chattanooga, 1895.] Pis. 
= 7589.109 

On the illicit manufacture and sale of liquors. 
Women's institute, London. 
Transactions. No. i. [London, 1897.] = 


Public Documents. 

United States. 

Hearings before subcommittee of House 
committee on appropriations in charge of 
legislative, executive, and judicial appro- 
priation bill for 1900. Washington, 1898. 

=f 9336.73 

Spanish- American treaty, 1898. 

Secret proceedings of the Peace commission. 

Official verbatim report ... as originally 

published by the New York Journal and 

Advertiser ... [N. Y., 1898.] = ♦4420.71 

Agriculture, Department of. 

Experiment Stations. 

Atwater, Wilbur Olin, and A. P. Bryant. 

Dietary studies in Chicago in 1895 and 

1896. Conducted with the co-operation 

of Jane Addams and Caroline L. Hunt, 

of Hull House. Washington, 1898. = 




Atwater, Wilbur Olin, and Charles F. 


A digest oi metabolism experiments, in 

whicn the balance of income and outgo 

was determined. Washington, 1897.= 

Atwater. Wilbur Olin, and Charles liayton 

Dietary studies in New York city in 
iSqS and 1896. Washington, 1898. = 

Atwater, Wilbur Olin, and others. 
Report of preliminary investigations on 
the metabolism of nitrogen ana carbon in 
the human organism, with a respiration 
calorimeter of speciaJ construction. By 
W. O. Atwater, C. D. Woods, and F. G. 
Benedict Washington, 1897. = 


Foaden, George P. 
Cotton culture in Egypt. Washington, 
.1897. = 5993.70.42 

Snyder, Harry. 
Losses in boiling vegetables, and the 
composition and digestibility of potatoes 
and eggs. By H. Snyder, Almah J. 
Frisby, and A. P. Bryant Washington, 

^ 1897. = ♦S994.70.43 

Statistics of the land-grant colleges and 

agricultural experiment stations in the 

Linited States for the year ending June 

30, 1897. Washington, 1898. = 

T.. . . *5993.70.5i 

Forestry Division. 

Fairchild, David Grandison. 
Systematic plant introduction: its pur- 
poses and methods. Washington, 1898. 
= 5843.25.21 

Mlodziansky, A. K. 
Measuring the forest crop. Washington, 
1898. = ♦5843.25.20 

Interstate Commerce Commission. 
Annual report, 12th, 1898. Washington, 
1899. = 5658.6.12 

Preliminary report on the income account of 
railways in the United States for the year 
ending June 30, 1898. Washington, i( 
^^ =^ * 

Navy Department. 
Naval intelligence Office. 
Cervera y Topete, Pascual. 
Views of Admiral Cervera regarding 
the Spanish navy in the late war. Wash- 
ington, 1898. 442oa.6i 
Mueller y Tejeiro, Jos^. 
Battles and capitulation of Santiago de 
Cuba. Translated from the Spanish. 
Washington, 1898. Maps. Plans. 

Same. (Completed.) 1899. 165 pp. 


The edition of 1808 omits thirteen chapters of the 
Spanish work. Inis edition omits three only. 

Paris Exposition. 
General rules and regulations of the exposi- 
tion. Chicago. [1899.] = *8o23.20 
Treasury Department. 
Letter from the Secretary . . . transmitting 
estimates of appropriations required for 
the service of the fiscal year ending June 
30, 1900. Washington, 1898. C.241.6 

War Department 
Customs tariff and regulations for ports in 
Cuba in possession of the United States. 
Washington, 1898. = 7^43-177 

Separate States. 

School Document 
Woodbridge, S. Homer. 
Schoolhouse warming and ventilation. 
[Hartford.] 1898. = *9697.-i 

Iowa. Board of Health. 
Biennial report, ist-9th. Des Moines, 1882- 
97. = *96i4.09777 

Kansas. State Board of Agriculture. 
Eleventh biennial report, 1897 and 1898, con- 
taining analysis of agricultural statistics 
for twenty years [&cf. Topeka, 1899: 

Bureau of Statistics of Labor. 
The enumerator's book. (Number 2.) For 
the industrial statistics of 1875. Boston, 
1875. = ♦9311.2744--2 

Metropolitan Water Board. 
General information regarding the Metro- 
politan water works. April, 1898. [Bos- 
ton.] 1898. = *6457-3i 
Cambridge. Board of Health. 
Annual report for the year ending Dec, 
1897, Nov., 1898. [Cambridge, 18^, 96.] 

= *96i4.097444 

State Board of Trade. 
Reports at the annual meeting, 1898. [Bos- 
ton, 1898.] = *3656.86 
Mississippi. Secretary of State. 
Biennial report to the Legislature for 1896 
and 1897. Jackson, 1897. = *9353.962i- 
New Mexico. House of Representatives. House 
Proceedings. 32d session. Jan., 1897. Santa 
F^, N. M., 1897. = 932a789i- 

Issued in both 'English and Spanish. 
The Philadelphia exposition, September- 
November, 1899. = 9606.748 
Wisconsin. Forestry Commission. 
Report [ist] [1897/8.] Madison, 1898. = 



Annuaire statistique de la Belgique. Tome 
XXVIII, 1897. Bruxdles, 1898. = 

9314.93. 189^1 

Canada. Department of Finance. Insurance 


Report of the Superintendent of insurance 

lor the year ended 31st December 1881- 

1897. Ottawa, 1882-98. 17 V. = 

Causes de d^c^s dans les villes du rojraume 
de Danemark ,1897. 1898. = 




Sutistike Medddelser, (4th series). 1897- 
1898. = 9314.89 

Principftl contenta.— Bmploi de la terre danB le 
Danemark in 1896. Salaires des oavriern de r6tat 
4 la journte on 4 la pi4ce. Caractire de la t6- 
colte en 1897. R^coltes en Danemark, iSjK-iiqiS. 
Indnstries an Danemark en 1897. Rapports sur 
la determination de la snperficie dn Danemark. 
Elections an Folketing 1893-1898. Prodnctions 
contt oUes, X897. 

Efl^t Administrations des postes. 
Kapport et statistique g^n^rale, 1895. 1896, 

1897. La Caire. = 9383.162 

Minist^re de TA^culture. 

Statistique aericole annuelle. 1893-1897. 

Sv. Paris, 185)4-1898. = 9338.144-3 

Statistique agncole de la France. Resultats 

g^neraux de Tenquete decennale. 1882, 

18^. With atlas. = 9338.144-2 

Mimst^re des Travaux Publics. Division des 

Statistique de I'industrie mindrale et des 

appareils i vapeur en France et en Algerie. 

15^. Paris, 1898. = 9338.244 

Society d'£conomie Politique. 

Annuaire, 1899. Paris, 1899. = 9306.^ 

Reunion du 5 mai 1898 [retirement of A. 

Courtois and election of Jules Fleury]. 

Paris, 1898. = 9306.44-2 

Gladbach. Handelskammer. 

Jahresbericht pro 1897. M. Gladbach. 

[1898.] = ♦9381.4342-2 


Secretaria de fomento. Secci6n de estadis- 
Anuario. Criminalidad. Inscripcion de 
ciudadanos. Beneficencia. Rentas muni- 
cipales. [1894.] Guatemala, 1898. = 

Anuano. Territorio y poblacion [1894]. 
Guatemala. 1898. = ♦9314.7281-1 

New South Wales. 
Government Statistician. 

New South Wales statistical register for 

1897 and previous years. Sydney, 1898. 

Documentos presentados i las Cortes en la 
legislatura de 1898 por el Ministro de £s- 
tado. Madrid, 1899. 

I. Negociaciones diplom&ticas desde el principio 
de la guerra con los Estados Unidos hasta la 
firma del protocolo de Washington y gestiones 
practicadas para su cumpltmiento. 9341.746 

XI. Conferencia de Paris y tratado de paz de 10 de 
Diciembre de 1898. 9341.246 

United Kingdom. Parliament. 

Agreement concerning the exchange of pos- 
tal parcels between the United Kingdom 
and Guatemala. 1898. 9383.6 

Navy estimates for the year 1899-1900. Lon- 
don, 1899. 9354.427 

Statement of first Lord of the admiralty, 
explanatory of the navy estimates, 189^ 
1900. London, 1899. 9354.427-2 

Report of the departmental committee on 
prison dietaries. 1899. 9613.21 

Report on manufacture and use of water gas 
and other gases containing a large propor- 
tion of carbonic oxide; with minutes ol 
evidence. 1899. 9665.7 

Reports on the use of phosphorus in the 
manufacture of lucifer matches. By T. E. 
Thorpe, Thomas Oliver and George Cun- 
ningham. London. 1899. 9614.728 

Reports respecting the telephone service in 
various foreign countries. London, 1899. 


Seamen's savings banks (money orders and 
transmission of wages). Statements, 1855- 
1808. 9332.2 

Worthington, T. 
Commercial mission to South America: 
Brazil CPart i). 9382.81 

Board of Trade. Labour Department. 

Fifth annual abstract of labour statistics of 
the United Kingdom. 1897-98. London. 
1898. = 9331.0942 

Mural Decorations in America. 

List of Photographs in the Boston Public Library. 

All photographs may be seen on application to any of the attendants in the Fine Arts De- 

Abbev Edwin A< 
The'aucst of the Holy Grail. (Boston Pub- 
lic Library.) 
Alexander, John W. 
The evolution of the book. (Library of 
Barse, (Jcorgc R. 

Literature. (Library of Congress.) 
Benson, Frank W. 
The Graces and the Seasons. (Library of 
Blashfield, K H. 
Justice. (Lawyers* dub, New York.) 
rittsburg offering her iron and steel to the 
world. (Bank ot Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pa.) 
Evolution of civilization. (Library of Con- 
Sketch of detail for the Triumph of the 
dance. (House of C. P. Huntington, New 
Blum, Robert 
The moods of Music (Mendelssohn Glee 
Oub. New York.) 
Cox, Kenyon. 
Venice. (Walker art gallery, Bowdoin Col- 
The Arts, the Sciences. (Library of Con- 
Dielman, Frederick. 
History, Mythology, and Tradition; Law. 
(Library of Congress.) 
Dodge. R. L. 

The Elements. (Library of Congress.) 
Gamsey, Elmer E. 
The JElements. (Library of Congress.) 

La Farge, John. 
Athens. (Walker art gallery, Bowdoin Col- 
Music and Drama. (House of Whitelaw 
Reid. New York.) 
Low. Will H. 
Harvest time. (House of Mr. Lawrence, 

Lawrenceville, N. Y.) 
Music of war. Music of sea. The Muses, 
Drama, Piping times of peace, The Echo ; 
Fourteen nations and their representative 
instruments. (Astoria hotel. New York.) 
McEwen, Walter. 

Greek heroes. (Library of Congress.) 
Mavnard, George W. 
The discoverers. (Library of Congress.) 

Melchers, GarL 

Peace, War. (Library of Congress.) 
Millet, F. D. 

Thesmo^oria. (Bank of Pittsburg, Pitts- 
burg, Pa.) 

Pearce, Charles Sprague. 

The Family. (Library of C^ongress.) 
Pratt, Bela L. 

The Seasons. (Library of Congress.) 
Puvis de Chavannes, Pierre C6cile. 
The Muses welcoming the (lenius of Enlight- 
enment; Astronomy, Chemistry, Dramatic 
poetry. Epic poetrv. History, Pastoral po- 
etry. Philosophy, Physics. (Boston Public 

Reid, Robert 
The Sjnses, Wisdom, Understanding. Knowl- 
edge, Philosophy. (Library of Congress.) 
Sargent, John S. 
Triumph of Religion. (Boston Public Li- 
Sewall. Robert V. V. 
The Canterbury pilgrimage. (House of 
(korge J. Gotild, LiJcewood, N. J.) 
Shirlaw, Walter. 

The Sciences. (Library of (ingress.) 
Simmons. Edward. 
The Muses. (Library of Congress.) 
The Fates; Justice; Liberty; Fraternity; 
Equality. (Criminal courts building. New 
The Months; The Seasons. (Astoria Hotel. 
New York.) 
Thayer. Abbott H. 
Florence. (Walker art gallery, Bowdoin 
Turner, Charles Y. 
Triumph of Manhattan. (Manhattan hotel. 
New York.) 

Van Ingen, W. B. 
Executive departments; United States; 
L* Allegro; II Penseroso. (Library of 
Congress. ) 
Vedder, Elihu. 
Rome. (Walker art gallery, Bowdoin Col- 
(jovernment; Minerva. (Library of Con- 
Walker, Henry Oliver. 
Lyric poetry. (Library of Congress.) 

Appointment of an Acting Librarian. 

After accepting the resignation of Mr. Herbert Putnam, to take effect 
on April 3, the Board of Trustees appointed Mr. James Lyman Whitney, Chief 
Cataloguer of tlie Library, to be Acting Librarian. 



The Central Library. 

Annual List of new books, 1896-97. 

.05; by mail, .15 
Same, 1897-98. .05 ; by mail, 15 

Annual reports. Free; by mail, .07 

Handbook for Readers, 189a .10; by mail, .17 
Monthly Bulletin. 

Free upon application: by mail, .03 
Quarterly Bulletins. 5 cts. a number; by mail, 
.10. Nos. 1-3, 10, 12-28. 35. 36, 46. 47. 52. 54- 
56. 62. 64. 71. 72. 74, TOi-102. out of print 
English Prose Fiction. 8th edition, 1893. 

.10; by mail, .18 
— Supplement. 1893-1897. .05: by mail, .08 
Periodicals, Newspapers. Transactions, and 
other Serial Publications currently received 
in the Principal Libraries of Boston and 
Vicinity. Publ. 1897. .25: by mail, .33 

Selected List for Younger Readers. 3d ed. 
1898. .01 : by mail, .03 

Chronological Index to Historical Fiction. 
3d ed. In Bulletin from Jan., 1892 to Jan., 
1896. (When finished to be issued as a 
separate work.) 
Bates Hall Index. Supplement of 1866 (in- 
cluding Parker Collection). Unbound. $1.00 
Books in raised type for the Blind. List. .50 
French Fiction. .10; by mail. .13 

History, Biog^phy, and Travel. 3d ed.. 1893. 

.25; by mail, .43 
Rus«;ian works in the Library. .05 

A List of Books on Social Reform. 

.OS; by mail, 09 

Electric Telegraph and Telephone. In Bul- 
letin no. 92. 

Electricity and Magnetism. In Bulletin no. 88. 

•Memoranda of Lieut. Col. Eld. 1779 and 1780. 
Orijrinal Letters of Earl Percy, 1774-1778. 
In Bulletin no. 87. 

Memorandums made in a tour to the Eastern 
States, 1797, by Robert Gilmor. In Bulletin 
no. 88. 

Notes on some writing which may be by 
Shakespeare in the Library. In Bulletin 

no. 79- 
Spanish and Portuguese Books not restricted 
to ''Hall use." In Bulletin no. 84. 


Chart of Boston Harbor, in color, made by 
order of Andros. In Bulletin no. 92. 

First Draft of the Freemen's oath. In Bul- 
letin no. 97. 

Five Broadsides of the Boston Committee of 
Correspondence, 1773, 74- In Bulletin no. 93. 

Five Revolutionary Broadsides. In Bulletin 
no. 90. 

Four Broadsides relating to the American 
Colonies, 1696, 1697, 1774. 1775- In Bulletin 
no. 94. 

Latin Version of 1493 of the First Letter of 
Columbus on the Discovery of America, 
with a new Translation. .50 

List of Passengers in the Speedwell, 1656. In 
Bulletin no 96. 

Petition of the Handycraftsmen of Boston, 
1677, against the Intrusion of Strangers. In 
Bulletin no. 95. 

Plan of Boston, drawn by Cheralier Datix in 
1692. In Bulletin no. 95. 

Catalogues of Special Collections. 

Barton Library. Catalogue (complete). $5.00 
Part I. Shakespeare Collection. 3.00 

Part 2. Miscellaneous. 3.00 

Chamberlain Collection of Autographs. Brief 
description, with portrait 

Make application; by mail, .03 

Franklin Library. List of portraits. In Bul- 
letin no. 84. 

John A. Lewis Library of Early New England 
Books. Catalogue. In Bulletin no. 89. 

Prince Library. Catalogue. $1.00 

Thayer Library. Catalogue. In Bulletin no. 

Galatea Collection. Catalogue. 15 ; by mail, .18 

Codman Collection of Landscape Gardening, 
and Works on Forestry. .10; by mail, 13 

Subject Catalogues. 

Reprinted from the Public Card Catalogue. 

No. I. Annuals. In Bulletin no. 94. 

No. 2. Egypt In Bulletin no. 94. 

No. 3. Alps. In Bulletin no. 95. 

No. 4. Steam Engines. In Bulletin no. 95. 

No. 5). Works relating to the BUnd. In Bul- 
letin no. 95. 

No. 6. Africa. In Bulletin no. 95. 

No. 7. Arctic Regions. In Bulletin no. 96. 

No. 8. Health and Hygiene. In Bulletin no. 


No. 9. Tracts of the Time of Charles i., and 
English Commonwealth. In Bulletin no. 9IB. 

No. la Architecture, Construction, Decora- 
tion. .25; by mail, .33 

No. II. Roads. In Bulletin no. 99. 

No. 12. Corea, Japan, China. In Bulletin no. 99. 

No. 13. Goethe. In Bulletin no. loa 

Special Bibliographies. 

No. I. Franklin Bibliography. .50 

No. 2. List of Spanish Grammars. .25 

No. 4. Maps in the Publications of the Geo- 
logical Society. ^ .25 
No. 5. Bibliography of Special Subjects. Also 
in Bulletin no 80, and in Handbook, 9th ed. 


No. 6. Bibliogrraphy of the Official Publica- 
tions of the Continental Congress, 1774-89. .50 
No. 7. Catalogue of Family Histories. . 10 

No. 8. Higher Education of Women. 

.15; by mail, .18 

Other Publications. 

Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, 1629- 
i8ia By T. B. Wyman. 2 v. )&oo 

Journal of the Quebec Expedition, 1775; Jour- 
nals, 1776 to 1783. By Henry Dearborn. 

each, .75 

Map of Old Boston, compiled from the Book 
of Possessions. By George Lamb. 


Finding lists. Free upon application. 

West End Finding List (and Supplement). .10 

The Public Library of the C\ty ol '^tiUm*. Fiiatiiic Departaieat 





Vol. IV, No. 6. 
June, 1899. 






JAMES DeNORMANDIE, Vice-President 



Acting Librarian. 


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Branch Libraries. 

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Building, Rockland St. South Boston Branch, 372 Broadway. 

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Dorchester Branch, Arcadia, cor. School Building, Montgomery St 
Adams St. West End Branch, Cambridge, cor. 

East Boston Branch, ^7 Meridian St. Lynde St 

Jamaica Plain Branch, Curtis Hall, West Roxbury Branch, Centre, near 
Centre St. Mt Vernon St 

Delivery Stations. 

Station A. Lower Mills Reading Station L. North Brighton Reading 

Room, Washington, near River Room, 56 Market St. 

St. Station M. Crescent Avenue Delivery 
Station B. Roslindale Delivery Sta- Station, 940 Dorchester Ave. 

tion, 25 Poplar St Station N. Blue Hill Avenue Deliv- 
Station D. Mattapan Reading Room, ery Station, 200 Blue Hill Ave. 

River, cor. Oakland St. Station P. Broadway Extension Read- 
Station E. Neponset Delivery Sta- ing Room. 13 Broadway Exten- 

tion, 49 Walnut St sion. 

Station F. Mount Bowdoin Reading Station Q. Upham's Comer Delivery 

Room, Washington, cor. Eldon St. Station, 756 Dudley St 

Station G. Allston Delivery Station. Station R. Warren Street Delivery 

14 Franklin St. Station, 329 Warren St 

Station H. Ashmont Delivery Sta- Station S. Roxbury Crossing Deliv- 

tion, 4 Talbot Ave. ery Station, 11 73 Tremont St 

Station J. Dorchester Station Deliv- Station T. Boylston Delivery Sta- 

ery Station, i Milton Ave. tion, Lamartine, cor. Paul Gore St 

Station K. Bird Street Delivery Sta- Station U. Ward Nine Delivery Sta- 
tion, 6 Wayland St. tion, 62 Union Park St 

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Reference Books. 

Annoaire-almanach du commerce, . . . i899> 
Paris, 1899. 3 v. B. H. Ref. 3011 

Bouvier, John. 

Law dictionary. New edition, revised, by F. 

Rawle. Boston. 1897. 2 v. *5632.4 

Biofin-aphical encyclopaedia of Maine of the 

Nineteenth century. Boston, 1885. *4340.68 

Cogfalan, Timothy Augustine. 

The wealth and progress of New South 

Wales. 8th issue. 1894. Sydney, 1896. 

Map. B. H. Ref. 283.16 

Newfoundland. Colonial secretary. 

Year book and almanac of Newfoundland 

for 1899. §t. Johns, 1898. B. H. Ref. 3134 

Tout- Paris. Annuaire de la soci6t6 parisienne. 

Paris, 1899. B- H. Ref. 301.2 

Toynbee, Paget Jackson. 

*A dictionauy of proper names and notable 

matters in the works of Dante. Oxford, 

1898. *4792.i3 

Where to educate. 1898/9. 

A guide to the best private schools, higher 
institutions of leammg, etc, in the United 
States. Edited by Grace Powers Thomas. 
Boston. [1898.] Ulus. 3591.118 

Genealogy. Heraldry. 

Kelley, James K, compiler. 

Wilmington records of births, marriages and 
deaths, 1730-1898. Lowell, 1898. '*'435oa.2oi 
Roseboom, Catharine, and others, compSers. 
A brief history of the ancestors and descend- 
ants of Jomi Roseboom (i 739-1805) and 
of Jesse Johnson (1745-1832). Cherry 
Valley, N. Y. [1899?] = 4432.149 

Slayton, Asa Walker. 
History of the Slayton hmiXy. Grand Rapids, 
1898. Portrs. Pis. 4432.147 


Collective Biographies. 

Baldwin, James. 
Four great Americans. Washington, Frank- 
lin, Webster, Lincoln. A book for young 
Americans. Chicago. [1897.] Portrs. 
Pis. 4348.220 

Burton, Alma Holman. 

Four American patriots. Patrick Henry, 

Jackson, Hamilton, Grant. A book for 

young Americans. Chicago. [1898.] 

Portrs. Pis. 4348.221 

Crimson, The. 
Harvard volunteers [in the Spanish -Ameri- 
can war] 1898. [Cambridge, 1898.] 44 pp. 
Portrs. = 4483.195 

Griswold, Harriet Tyng. 
Personal sketches of recent authors. Chi- 
cago, 1898. Portrs. 2243.77 
Contents. — Tennyson. — Renan. — Darwin. — 
Matthew Arnold. — Du Maurier. — Elizabeth 
Barrett Browning. — Ruskin. — Huxley. — Har- 
riet Beecher Stowe. — Stevenson. — Howells. — 
Louisa May Alcott — Tolstoi. — Kipling. — 
Christina Rossetti. — Thoreau. — Bayara Taylor. 
— Barrie. 

Single Biographies. 

Arbuthnot, Sir Alexander John. 
Lord Clive. The foundation of British rule 
in India. N. Y., 1899. rortr. [Builders 
of greater Britain.] 2548.178 

Beckwourth, James P. 
The life and adventures of James P. Beck- 
wourth, mountaineer, scout, pioneer, and 
chief of the Crow nation of Indians. New 
edition. Edited by C. G. Leland. London, 
1892. Pis. [Adventure series.] 4347.145 
Brownson, Henry F. 
Orestes A. Brownson's early life : 1803-1844. 
Detroit, 1898. Portr. 355378 


Cadell, Sir Robert. 
Sir John Cope and the RebellioH of 1745. 
Edinburgh, 1898. Map. 4515.1^ 

Carrington, Henry Beebee. 
Washington the soldier. Boston, 1898. 
Portrs. Maps. 2547.45 

Collingwood, Stuart Dodffson. 
The life and letters of Lewis Carroll (Rev. 
C. L. Dodgson). N. Y., 1899. Portrs. 
Pis. 4547.161 

Compton, Berdraore. 
Edward Meyrick Goulbum, dean of Nor- 
wich. London, 1899. Portr. 3558.47 
Cox, William Van Zandt, and Milton Harlow 
Life of Samuel Sullivan Cox. Syracuse, 
N. Y. [1898.] Portrs. Pis. 4344.182 
Diederich, Benno. 
Konigin Elisabeth von Rumanien (Carmen 
Sylva). Ein Lebensbild. Leipzig, 1898. 
05 pp. nius. Portrs. Fac-simile. 5088.20 
Frederick n., the Great, of Prussia. 
Briefwechsel mit Grumbkow und Mauper- 
tuis (1731-59)- Hrsg. von. R. Koser. 
Leipzig, 1898. *28i3.75 
Gibbon, Edward. 
Memoirs. Edited by O. F. Emerson. Bos- 
ton, 1898. [Athenaeum press series.] 

Gladstone, William Ewart 

The passing of Gladstone. London, 1898. 
Illus. Portrs. 2546.181 

Reprinted from "The daily news." 

Grottschallj Carl Rudolf von. 
Aus memer Jugend. Erinnerungen. Berlin, 
1898. 2842.80 

Dichter-Biographien. i. Band : Friedrich 
von Schiller. Leipzig. [1898.] Portr. 

Griswold, Rufus Wilmot 

Passages from [his] correspondence and 
other papers. Cambridge, 1898. 4341.49 
Leudet, Maurice. 
The emperor of (krmany at home. Trans- 
lated by Virginia Taylour. London, 1898. 
Illus. Portrs. 4846.42 

Maurel, Andr6. 
Essai sur Chateaubriand, avec un appendice 
bibliographique. Paris, 1898. 2679.204 

Mazzini, Giuseppe. 
Lettere inedite di Giuseppe Mazzini ed al- 
cune de' suoi compagni d'esiglio. Torino, 
1898. Portrs. 2747.86 

Mill, John Stuart 
Correspondance inedite avec Gustave d'Eich- 
thal. Avant-propos et traduction par Eu- 
gene d'Eichthal. Paris, 1898. 4548. 176 
Palmer, Roundell, ist earl of Selborne. 
Memorials. Part i, 2. [Edited by Sophia 
M. Palmer.] London, 1896, 98. 4 v. 
Portrs. Pis. "^4542.140 

Parker, Charles Stuart, editor. 
Sir Robert Peel. From his private papers. 
Edited for his trustees. Vol. 2, 3. Lon- 
don, i89g. 2541. 116 
Rawlinson, George. 
A memoir of Major-general Sir Henry Cres- 
wicke Rawlinson. London, 1898. Portrs. 
Map. 4543.142 
Simpson, Eve Blantyre. 
Robert Louis Stevenson's Edinburgh days. 
2d edition. London, 189S. 4549-145 


Sollv, Henry Shaen. 
The life of Henry Morley, LL.D. London, 
1898. Portr. 4548.178 

Swift, Jonathan. 
Unpublished letters. Edited by George Birk- 
beck Hill. London, 1899. Portr. Pis. 

Yusuf ibn Rifi^", Bah& d-Din, called Ibn Shad- 
The life of Saladin. London, 1897. Maps. 


H istory. 

Ancient. Modem. Asia. Africa. 


Brandt, Max von. 
Drei Jahre ostasiatischer Politik. 1894-97. 
Beitrage zur Geschichte des chinesisch- 
japanischen Klrieses und seiner Folgen. 
Stuttgart. [1897. J 30iai47 

Brooks, Francis Augustus. 
Objections to the President's pr(K)osed sub- 
jugation of the Filipinos under license 
from Spain. Boston, 1899. 11 pp. = 

Green, Elsa Goodwin. 
Raiders and rebels in South Africa. Lon- 
don, 1898. Pis. 3050a. 1^5 

An acooant of affairs in the TnnsTuI after uit 
Jameson raid, and in Rhodesia during the natire 
outbreak of 1896. 

Halstead, Murat. 
The story of the Philippines . . . Events of 
the war in the west with Spain, and the 
conquest of Cuba and Porto Rico. [Chi- 
cago, 1899.] Illus. Portrs. Maps. 


Johnston, Sir Harry Hamilton. 

A history of the colonization of Africa by 

alien races. Cambridge, 189a Maps. 

[Cambridge historical series.] 3058.186 

Sweetnam, G^rge H. 

What shall we do with the Philippines? 

Boston, 1899. 48 pp. = 4^aS.79 


Lyonnet, Henry. 
Ercursions historiques et litt^raires. Paris, 

1897. 2678.227 
Michelet, Jules. 

Histoire de France au seizitoe siMe. La 
iJgue et Henri iv. Paris, i8j>8. Portrs. 

Monod, Gabriel. 
Etudes critiques sur les sources de rhistoire 
carolingienne. Partie I. livrc i. Paris, 

1898. fBibliotheque de r£cole des hautes 
etudes.] *d622.i46 

Rambaud, Alfred Nicolas. 
A popular history of Russia, to 1880. Trans- 
lated by L. B. Lang. Enlarged by N. H. 
Dole. Boston, z88o-[S2l. 3 y. Portrs. 
Pis. Maps. ^5062.30 

Roehricht Reinhold. 
Geschichte des Konigreichs Jenisaleiii (iioo- 
1291}. Innsbruck, 1896. 3543-175 



Earle, Alice Morse.. 
Home life in colonial days. N. Y., 1899. 
Illus. 4358- 131 

Femald, James Champlin. 
The imperial republic N. Y., 1898. Maps. 

Miley, John D. 
In Cuba with Shatter. N. Y., 1899. Portrs. 
Maps. 442oa.97 

Read, David Breakenridge. 

The Canadian rebellion of 1837. Toronto, 
1896. Portr. 4314-176 

Vaili. Elizabeth Sedgwick. 

An American's patriotic catechism. A brief 

histoi^ of the settlement of the American 

colonies ... in the form of question and 

answer. N. Y., 1896. 96 pp. 4329.167 

Watterson, Henry. 

History of the Spanish-American war. Em- 
braancr a complete review of our relations 
with Spain. Boston. [1898.] Illus. Portrs. 
Maps. 4420a. 1 10 

Youne. George, of Philadelphia (?), editor. 
The Columbus memorial, containing the first 
letter of Columbus descriptive of his voy- 
age to the new world; the Latin letter to 
his royal patrons, and a narrative of the 
four voyages of Amerigo Vespucci. Phila., 
1893. Portr. Map. 431 1. 197 

Fine Arts. Archaeology. 


Cousens, Henry. 

List of antiquarian remains in the Central 
provinces and Berar. Calcutta, 1897. Maps. 
[Archaeological survey of India.] 

Flouest, Edmond. 

Notes pour servir i T^tude de la haute an- 
tii^uit^ en Bourgogne. i. Le tumtdus de 
bois de Langres. 2. Les sepultures ant^- 
historiques de Veuxhaulles« [Semur, 1872.I 
54 pp. Pis. = 4632.10 

Hostmann, Christian. 

Studien zur vorgeschichtlichen Archaologie. 
Braunschweig, 1890. 2233.72 

Otte, Heinrich. 

Archaologischer Katechismus. Kurzer Un- 
terricht in der kirchlichen Kunstarchao- 
logie des deutschen Mittelalters. 3. Auf- 
lag^e, neu bearbeitet von Dr. H. Bergner. 
Leiozig, 1898. Illus. 4103.74 

Rea, Alexander. 

Monumental remains of the Dutch East India 
conmany in the Presidency of Madras. 
Maaras, 1807. (10), 70 pp. 63 pis. [Ar- 
chaeological survey of India.] 3040.163 

Fine Arts. 

American academy in Rome. 
Catalogue of the first annual exhibition. 
N. Y., 1896. 42 pp. nius. 8(^9.211 


Autotype company, London. 
Illustrated catalogue of fine art reproduc- 
tions, [loth edition.] London. [1898.] 
Portrs. Pis. 8079.207 

Burckhardt, Jakob. 
Der Cicerone. Eine Anleitung zum Gcnuss 
der Kunstwerke Italiens. 7te vermehrte 
Auflage, unter Mitwirkimg von C. v. 
Fabriczy und anderen Fach^enossen bear- 
beitet von W. Bode. Leipzig, 1898. 2 v. 
in 4. 4099.126 

Contemporary art Thirty etchings and chro- 
molithographs. With text. Phila., 1876. 
= *4070.ii2 

Coulthurst, S. L. 
How to make lantern slides. London. 
[1898.1 78 pp. Illus. 7979a.37 

Davidson, Ellis A. 
Linear drawing, showing the application of 
practical geometry to trade and manufac- 
tures. London. Illus. 8o79a.2o8 
Day, Lewis Foreman. 
Alphabets old and new. With an essay on 
''Art in the alphabet" London, 1899. 61 
pp. Pis. [Text books of ornamental de- 
sign.] 6118.55 
Dow, Arthur Wesley. 
Composition. A series of exercises selected 
from a new system of art education. Part 
I. Boston, 1890. Illus. 4061.59 
Guide du photographic. Paris^ 1854. = 7974-54 
Guillaume, Qaude Jean Baptiste Eugene. 

Notices et discours. Pans. liScfi}] 4089.67 
Contents. — Charles Blanc — Paul Baudry. — M. 
Jean Alaux. — Antoine Barye. — Discours. 

Hall, James, of Springfield. 
With brush and pen. Suggestions for some of 
the newer phases of public school art in- 
struction. N. Y. [1897. J 76 pp. nius. 4065.58 
Kieslin^ Ernst, and others. 
Die Kunst der Schaufenster-Dekoration. 
Leiozig. [1899?] 2 v. Illus. "^8050.64 
Lange, Konrad. 
Der schlafende Amor des Michelangelo. 
Leipzig, 1898. 93 pp. nius. 8085.87 

Law, Ernest. 
The royal gallery of Hampton Court illus- 
trated. London, 1898. Illus. 100 pis. 

Life's comedy. 3d series. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 

Mauri, L. de. 
L'amatore di maioliche e porcellane. Milano. 
1899. Illus. ' [Manuali Hoepli.] 4029.28 
Mdlerio, Andr6. 
La lithographic originale en couleurs. Paris, 
1898. 45 pp. 8065.154 

Morris, William. 1836-1896. 
Art and the beauty of the earth. A lecture 
delivered at Burslem, October 13, 1881. 
[Printed at the Chiswick press with the 
Golden type designed by Morris.] (i), 
31 pp. ^4076. 109 

National portrait gallery, London. 
Historical and descriptive catalogue. loth 
edition. London, 1898. ♦8075.151 

Peale, Rembrandt. 
Granhics ; a manual of drawing and writing. 
N. Y., 1835. 88 pp. Illus. 4068.& 

Pope, Alexander. 
The rape of the lock. With eleven drawings 
by lAubrey Beardsley. London, 1897. 80 
pp. Illus. ♦8o69a.iii 


Strzygowski, Josef. 
Das Werden des Barock bei Raphael und 
Correggio. Nebst einem Anhanjj iiber 
Rembrandt. Strassburg. 1898. Pis. 

Werckmeister, Carl, editor. 

Das neunzehnte Jahrhundert in Bildnissen. 
Mit Beitragen von Herman Grimm, Erich 
Marcks . . . Lieferung 1-20. Berlin, 
1899. *2240.65 

Witthaus, F. E., editor. 
Selected examples of decorative art from 
South Kensington museum. Part i. Janu- 
ary, 1899. London. [1899.] 12 pis. 



Bond, Francis. 
English cathedrals. London, 1899. Illus. 


[Plan of proposed alterations .in Copley 
square.] [Boston.] 1899. Scale, 20 feet 
to I inch. = No. 23 in ♦♦Map 35.1 

Brock, Arthur Clutton-. 
The cathedral church of York. London, 
1899. IIIus. Plan. 4109.40 

Darby, John Lionel. 
Chester cathedral. Illustrated by Herbert 
Railton. London, 1898. 66 pp. Pis. 
Plan. 4109.23 

Jewett, Llewellynn, and Samuel Carter Hall. 
The stately homes of England, [ist], 2d 
series. London, 1881. 2 v. Illus. Pis. 
Plans. 2465.28 

Landscape Gardening. 

American park and outdoor art association. 

Report. 1st, 2d. 1897, 98. Louisville [etc.], 

1897, 98. 2 V. Illus. = *3994.25 

In 1897 this was called Park and outdoor art as- 


Boston training school of music. 

[Circular.] 8th year, 1898/99. [Boston, 1898.] 

= ♦8047.130 

Goudimel, Qaude. 

Les cent cinquante Pseaumes de David, nou- 

vellement mis en musique a quatre parties. 

Paris, 1895-97. 3 V. [Maitres musiciens 

de la renaissance frangaise.] 8042.145 

Helm, Theodor. 

Beethoven's Streichquartette. Leipzig, 1885. 

Henderson, William James. 
The orchestra and orchestral music. N. Y., 
1899. Portrs. [The music lover's library.] 

TT , T 8o59a.30 

Huneker, James. 

Mezzotints in modern music. Brahms, 

Tschaikowsky, Chopin, Richard Strauss, 

Liszt and Wagner. N. Y., 1899. 4048.141 


Lavignac, Albert 
Music and musicians. Translated by W. 
Marchant. Edited, with additions on music 
in America, by H. £. Krehbid. N. Y., 
1890. Illus. 4048-35 

Moscheles, Ignatz. 
Thematisches Verzeichniss im Druck er- 
schienener Compositionen. Leipzig. [1861.] 
66 pp. 8054.7 

Nottebohm, Martin Gustav. 
Zweite Beethoveniana. Nachgelassene Auf- 
satze. Leipzig, 1887, 88. 4044.21 

Reinsdorf, Otto. 
Richard Wagner's Meistersinger von Num- 
berg. Eine kritlsche Studle. Leipzig, 1873. 

65 pp. = 40492.59 

Schumann, Robert Alexander. 

Music and musicians. Translated by Fanny 

R. Ritter. N. Y., 1880, 81. 2 v. Portr. 

Trente et une chansons musicales [par] Qaudin 
(de Sermisy), Consilium, Courtoys, . . . 
et anonymes. Paris, 1897. [Maitres musi- 
ciens de la renaissance frangaise.] 8052.150 
Part-songs for four male voices. 

Vogel, Adolf Bemhard. 
Hans von Bulow. Seln Leben und sein 
Entwickelungsgang. Leipzig, 1887. 76 pp. 
Portr. 4a49a.47 




Albert, Eugen d*. Zweites Concert [E-dur] 

fur Pianoforte mit Orchester. Op. 12. Ber- 
lin. [1893.1 
Bendall, Wilfred. The Rosiere, cantata for 

ladies' voices. London. 
Bruell, Ignaz. Gringoire. Oper. Op. 66. 

Coquard, Arthur. Jahel. Trag6die lyrlquc. 

Paris. [1899.] 
Cowen, Frederic H. Idyllische Symphonic No. 

6 in E dur, fur grosses Orchester. Leipzig. 

De Koven, Reginald. The three dragoons. A 

comic opera. Vocal score. ClncinnatLri899.] 
Franck, C6sar. ^Le chasseur maudit Foeme 

symnhonique. Partition. Paris. 
Gleitz, Karl. Irrlichter. Fantasie fur Piano- 
forte und Orchester. Op. 9. Berlin. 
Guiraud, E. Danse persane. Air de ballet 

[Partition.] Paris. 
Hubay, Jeno. Scenes de la Csirda (No. 2). 

Pour violon avec accompagnement d'or- 

chestre. Op. 13. Hambourg. 
Indv, Vincent d'. Istar. Variations sym- 

phoniques. Partition. Op. 42. Paris. [i8g7.] 
Jensen, Gustav. Landliche Serenade rtir 

Str Mch-Orchester. Op. 37. Leipzig. 
Kienzl, Wilhelm. Drel Suiten in Tanzform 

fur Orchester. Op. 21c Kassel. 
Klughardt^ August. Symphonle (C moll). Op. 

57. Partitur. Leipzig. 
Lecoc^ Charles. Ruse d'amour. Saynfte . . . 

Lutz, W. Meyer. Frankenstein, barlesqne 

melodrama. London. 
Moeller, Adolf. Sinfonie in G moll fur grosses 

Orchester. Partitur. Leipzig. 


Nipravnik, K F. nHftPOAHiie TaHiya" [for or- 
chestra]. Nos. 1-6. C^. 20. Partitura. St 

Perosi, Lorenzo. La passione di Christo, 
secondo S. Marco. Partitura. Milano. 


Pwet, Paul. Beaucoup de bruit pour nen. 

Op^ra. Paris. [1898.] 
Riemenschneider, Georg. Valse-Caprice ftir 

Orchester. Leipzig, 1S93. 
Servais, Franz. L'Apollonide (Ion). Drame 

musical. Paris. [loQa] 
Thieriot, Ferdinand. Serenade fur Streich- 

orchester. Op. 44. Leipzig. 
Verdi, G. Prelude d'Aida. Partition. Paris. 
Wapner, Rudolf. Friihlingsjubel. Ouverture 

fur Orchester. Op. 96. Leipzig. 


Thorbtun, William Stewart. 

A guide to the history and valuation of the 
coins of Great Britain and Ireland, in 
ffold, silver and copper. 3d edition. En- 
larged by H. A. Grueber. London, 1898. 
41 pis. 2533.14 

Geography. Travels. 

Asia. Africa. Oceanica. Polar 


Ansorge, William John. 

Under the African sun. A description of 
native races in Uganda, sporting adven- 
tures and other experiences. N. Y., 1899. 
Illus. 3054.180 

Chofre y Compania, publishers. 

Carta general del archipi61ago filipino. Ma- 
nfla, 1897. = No. 10 in ^Map 106.2 

Reproduced under the direction of . . . [the] Chi^f 
signal officer, U. S. Army, 1809. 
Two copies, one of which is kept in the News- 
paper Room. 

Geographische Gesellschaft in Bremen. 

Deutsche geographische Blatter. Bd. 1-20. 
Bremen, 1837-97. Illus. Maps. ♦6276.25 
Gordon, Charles Gibrge. 

Gordon in Central Africa, 1874-1879 . . . 
From original letters and documents. Ed- 
ited by George Birkbeck Hill. [3d edition.] 
London, 189^ Portrs. Map. 3057.114 

An earlier edition, with the title "Colonel Gor- 
don in Central Africa," is on shelf-no. 3057-^ 

Kajiwara, Cho Hachiro. 

Map of Japan. Phila., 1892. Scale, 18.31 

miles to i inch. *Map 69.12 

Kinffsley, Mary H. 

West African studies. London, 1899. Portrs. 

Pis. 3056.163 

Mallat de Bassilan, J. 

Les Philippines. Histoire, geographic, 

moeurs, agn'iculture, industrie et commerce 

des colonies espagnoles dans TOc^anie. 

Paris, 1846. 2 V. 3049a. 159 

The atlas of plates is wanting. Linguistics, vol. a, 
pp. tSt-ty^ 

Miller, Conrad. 

Mappae mundi. Die altesten Weltkarten, 


herausgegeben und erlautert. Stuttgart, 

1895-1898. 6 v. Illus. Maps. 2281.12 

Proust de la Gironiere, Paul. 

Aventures d'un gentilhomme breton aux lies 

Philippines. 2e Edition. Paris, 1857. 

Illus. Map. 3040a. 183 

Richthofen, Ferdinand Paul Wilhelm Die- 

prand, Freiherr von. 

Schantung und seine Eingangspforte Kiaut- 

schou. Berlin, 1898. Pis. Maps. 3012.136 
Three large maps are in a separate case. 
Stoddard, John Lawson. 
Lectures. Discourses delivered during the 
past eighteen years. N. Y., 18^7, 98. 10 
V. Illus. Portrs. ♦2263.80 

Contents. — i. Norway. — Switzerland. — Athens. 

— Venice. 2. Constantinople. — Jerusalem. — 
Egypt. 3- Japan. — China. 4. India. — The 
Passion i;>lay. 5. Paris. — La belle France. — 
Spain. 6. Berlin. — Vienna. — St. Petersburg. 

— Moscow. 7. The Rhine. — Belgium. — Hol- 
land. — Mexico. 8. Florence. — Naples. — Rome. 
9. Scotland. — England. — London. 10. South- 
em California. — Grand Canon of the Colorado 
River. — Yellowstone National Park. 

Stone, R. H. 
In Afric's forest and jungle, or six years 
amon^ the Yorubans. N. Y. [1899.] Pis. 
[Stories of missions.] 3058.187 

Tasman, Abel Janszoon. 
Journal of his discovery of Van Diemens 
Land and New Zealand in 1642, with docu- 
ments relating to his exploration of Aus- 
tralia in 1644, being photo-lithographic fac- 
similes of the original manuscript . . . 
with an English translation. Amsterdam, 
1898. Pis. Maps. ♦Cab. 70. 10.6 


Borsari, Luigi. 
Topografia di Roma antica. Milano, 1897. 
Maps. [Manuali Hoepli.] 2739a.48 

Boucher de Crevecoeur de Perthes, Jacques. 
Voyage d Aix-Savoie, Turin, Milan; retour 
par la Suisse, en 1859. Paris, 1867. = 


Fontane, Theodor. 

Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg. 

Theil 2. Das Oderland. Barnim-Lebus. 

Wohlfeile Ausgabe. Berlin, 1893. 2866.83.2 

Same. Theil 3. Havelland. Die Landschaft 

um Spandau, Potsdam, Brandenburg. 

Wohlfeile Ausgabe. 1892. 2866.83.3 

Laurencic, Julius, editor. 

Unsere Monarchic. Die osterreichischen 

Kronlander zur Zeit des fiinfzigjahrigen 

Regierungs-Jubilaums . . . Franz Joseph I. 

Nr. I. Wien, 1898. *486oa.i5 

The author was a political offender transported 

to Cayenne. 

Stone, James Samuel. 
Woods and dales of Derbyshire. Phila., 1898. 
Pis. 2495.166 


Albertis, Enrico Alberto d'. 
Crociera del Corsaro a San Salvador, la 
prima terra scoperta da Cristoforo Co- 
lombo. Milano, 1898. Illus. Maps. 

4362. T90 
Includes an account of a visit to the World's fair 
at Chicago, and a study of the vessels, etc., of 



Davis, C. M., and T. Newman, compilers. 
Los Angeles illustrated. [Los Angeles, 1898.] 
Pis. = 4370a. 124 

Fiske, Amos Kidder. 
The West Indies. N. Y., 1899. Pis. Maps. 
[Story of the nations.] 4369.162 

Pitou, Louis Ange. 
Voyage i Cayenne, dans les deux Am6nques, 
et chez les antropophages. Paris, 1805. 
2 V. Pis. *4366.i79 

Robinson, Albert Gardner. 
The Porto Rico of today. N. Y., 1899. Pis. 
Maps. 4369.160 

Tonge, • Thomas. 
Denver by pen and picture. Denver, 1898. 
(93) PP- Illus. Portrs. Map. 4378.162 
Trowbridge, William R. H., jr. 
Gossip of the Caribbees. Sketches of Anglo- 
West-Indian life. London, 1895. Pis. = 


Language. Rhetoric. 

Bruggencate, K. ten. 
Engelsch woordenboek. Te Groningen, 1895, 
90. C.R.63.14 

Buckley, James Monroe. 
Extemporaneous oratory for professional and 
amateur speakers. N. Y. [1898.] 5597- 128 
Qyde, Anna M., and Lillian Wallace. 
Through the year. Book i. September to 
January. A supplementary reader for third 
and fourth year pupils, combining nature 
study, science, history and literature. Bos- 
ton, 18^. 4407.204 
Fredrich, (Tarl. 
Hippokratische Untersuchungen. Berlin, 
1899. [Philologische Untersuchungen.] 

Gruber. E. H. Hugo. 
Wie lernt man eine moderne f remde Sprache ? 
2te Auflage. Berlin. [1898.] 96 pp. 

Nesfield, John Collinson. 
Historical English and derivation. London, 
1898. 4589a. 155 


Bibliography. Libraries. Books. 

Lawler, John. 
Book auctions in England in the Seventeenth 
century (1676--1700). London, 1898. 

Leclerc, £mile. 
Nouveau manuel complet de typographic. 
Paris, 1897. lUus. [ Manuel s-Roret.] 

61 I9a.20 
Maimonides free library. District no. i. Inde- 
pendent order Benai Berith, New York. 
Catalogue of English fiction. N. Y., 1898. 
84 pp. = *6i56.io7 

Minneapolis. Public library. 
Catalogue. Section i. English prose fiction 
(including juvenile fiction). Minneapolis, 
1898. = ^2142.49 

Modem book-plates & their designers. Lon- 
don, 1898/9. 78 pp. Illus. ♦8072.46 

Morrison, Leonard Allison. 
Dedication exercises of Armstrong Imilding 
for Nesraith library, Windham, N. H. 
Boston, 1899. 34 pp. Portrs. Fls. = 

New York, city. Public library. Aster, Lenox 
and Tilden foundations. 
Report of the executive committee. [N. Y., 

1899] = *6i57^ 

Peoria, 111. Public library. 
Qassified catalcwpe, not including fiction, 
juveniles and German. Peoria, 1809. = 

Peries, Georges. 
L'index: commentaire de la constitution 
apostolique "Officioram" . . . Avec one 
pr6face de M. le chanoine Pillet Paris, 
1898. ♦2188.42 

Royal society, London. 
International catalogue of scientific litera- 
ture. Report of the committee, with sched- 
ules of classification, March, 1898. [Lon- 
don, 1898.] ♦6196.77 


Kingston, Alfred. 
Pitman's popular guide to journalism. Lon- 
don. [1899?] 6199.20 

Manuscripts. Autographs. 

Omont, Henri. 

Fac-similes de manuscrits grecs des xv^ et 
XVI* siecles reproduits en photolithogra- 
phie d'apr^s les originaux de la BiUio- 
theque nationale. Paris, 18^7. 15 pp. 
50 pp. of fac-similes. ♦6171.45 

Washington, George. 

Page of Hamilton's draft of the fau^well ad- 
dress. Fac-simile. = No. 3 in ♦♦G.38.33 

Paffe of Washington's letter to Madison, en- 
closing first draft of a proposed farewell 
address. Fac-simile. = No. i in **G.38L33 

Page 27 of his farewell address. Fac-simile. 
= No. a in ♦♦G.38.33 

The original manuscripts from whidi iht above 
facsimiles are taken are in the New Yorit Public 

General Literature. Criticism. 

Fischer, Rudolf. 
Zu den Kunstformen des mittelalterlichen 
Epos. Wien, 1898. *45S2.55-9 

Danish Literature. 

Baggesen, Jens Imraanud. 
Danske Voerker. 2. Udfl»ve. Vcd A. Bag- 
gesen. Kj^enhavn, 1845-47. la y. in 6. 

4909c IflO 

English Literature. 

Adams, Robert Chamblet 
Illustrated story of the Union. In rhyme. 
Revised by Herbert He3rwood. Boston, 
1891. Portrs. Pis. 4325-iSo 


Browning, Elizabeth Barrett 
Aurora Leigh. London, i8qo. Portr. [The 
Temple dassics.] 2507.92 

Browning, Robert 
Dramatic Ijrrics. Dramatic romances. Christ- 
mas-eve and Easter-day. [Camberwell 
edition.] Edited W Charlotte Porter and 
Helen A. Clarke. N. Y. [18^.] 4569.191 
The ring and the book. [Camberwell edi- 
tion.] Edited by Charlotte Porter and 
Helen A. Qarke. N. Y. [1898.] 2 v. 


Cary, Alice and Phoebe. 

Poetical works. Household edition. Boston, 

i8j>8. Portrs. Pis. 4407.168 

Caton, John Dean. 

Miscellanies. Boston, 1880. Portr. 2395.150 

Contents. — The close of a ludicial career. — *A 
lawyer's retrospect. — The death of Lincoln. — 
W. H. L. Wallace. — The position and policy 
of the Democratic party. — The growth of the 
law. — An American state [Illinois] and its 
architecture. — Old Chicago. — Origin of thp 
prairies. — The last of the Illinois. — American 
cerms. — The wild turkey. — Vital statistics of 
the Hawaiian islands. — The yolcanoes of the 
Hawaiian islands. — Surf bathing at Hilo, on the 
island of Hawaii — Letters from low latitudes 
[Cuba]. — The Yosemite valley. — The petrified 
forest of California. 

Church, Alfred John. 

Heroes of chivalry and romance. London, 

1898. Pis. 2577.178 

Same. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 2577.177 

College requirements in English for careful 

study, for X900, 1901, 1902. Boston. 

[1899.] 6 parts in i v. 2558.45 

Contents. — Macaulay's Essay on Milton. — 
Milton*s Paradise lost, books i-j. — Milton's 
L* Allegro, II Penseroso, and other poems. — 
ShaJcespeare's Macbeth. — Macaulay's Life and 
writings of Addison. — Burke's Conciliation with 
the ccMonies. 
Crosland, T. W. H. 

Literary parables. London, 1898. 61 pp. 

Foulke, Elizabeth. E. 

Braided straws. Boston, 1898. Illus. 

Stories and rerses for children. 
Goodwin, Hannah Elizabeth Bradbury. 

Elizabeth and the roses. A legend of Hun- 
gary. [Poem.] Boston. [18^?] 19 PP- 
= 4399a. 172 

Hancock, Albert Elmer. 

The French revolution and the English 
poets. N. Y., 1899. 4558.160 

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Exotics and retrospectives. Boston, 1898. 

Ulus. 3499124 

Howe, Mark Antony De Wolfe, jr., compiler. 

The memory of Lincoln. Poems selected. 

Boston, 1899. xvii, 65 pp. Portr. 4399a. 176 

Lloyd, Arthur. 

Kenshin's vision. A poem of Japan. Tokyo, 

1894. (i),27pp. Pis. = 3019a. 107 

Merrill, Charles Edmund, jr., compiler. 

Yale verse. N. Y., 1899. 4509a-263 

M^rnell, Alice Christiana. 
The spirit of place, and other essays. Lon- 
don, 1899. 4559a. 142 
Oates, John. 
The teaching of Tennyson. New edition. 

London, 1898- 4557-154 
Witherbee, Sidney A., editor. 

Spanish-American war songs. A complete 

collection of newspaper verse. Detroit, 


•"4391.1 14 


French Literature. 

Massy, Paul Auguste. 

Au pays des carillons. [Poemes.] Paris, 

^ 1898. 6709a.37 

Olivier, Paul, editor. 

Cent poetes, lyriques, precieux ou burlesques 

du xviie siecle. Avec, en guise de preface, 

un poeme de Jean Richepin. Pans, 1898. 

Rod, Louis £douard. 
Nouvelles Etudes sur le xixe siecle. Paris, 
1899- 4697.97 

Contents. — Alphonse Daudet. — Anatole France. 
-- Victor Hugo et nos contemporains. — fimile 
Hennequin. -- Arnold Boecklin. — Schopenhauer 
et ses correspondants. — Unc traff6die oe Suder- 
mann. — A. Fogazzaro. — L'idealism^ contem- 
porain. — Lea mceurs et la litt^rature d'informa- 

German Literature. 

Walther von der Vogelweide. 
Lieder. Ins Neudeutsche iibersetzt von W. 
Eicrenbrodt. Halle a. S., 1898. 4879.42 

Greek Literature. 

Bacchylides. A prose translation. By E. 
Poste. London, 1898. 46 pp. 2975.80 

Japanese Literature. 

Aston, William George. 
A history of Japanese literature. N. Y., 
1899. 3015^.136 

Scandinavian Literature. 

Herzfeld, Marie. 
Die skandinavische Litteratur und ihre Ten- 
denzen, nebst anderen Essays. Berlin, 
1898. 48793.38 

Drama. Shakespeare. 

Ammann, Johann Joseph, editor. 
Volksschauspiele aus dem Bohmerwalde. 
Theil I. trag, 1898. No. i in ♦2904.65.2 
Daudet, Alnhonse, and Leon Hennique. 
La menteuse. Piece tiree de la nouvelle 
par Alphonse Daudet. Illus. de Myrbach. 
Paris. ri897?] 66993.80 

Ford Paul Leicester. 
Washington and the theatre. N. Y., 1899. 
79 pp. Pis. [Dunlap society.] *4504.44 
Garborg, Arne. 
Paulus. Schauspiel. tJbersetzung aus dem 
Norwegischen von E. von Enzberg. Leip- 
zig. [1898.] 4896.50.393 

Jones, Henry Arthur. 
The case of rebellious Susan. A comedy. 
London. 1899. 4579a. 185 

Jusserand, Jean Adrien Antoine Jules. 
Shakespeare en France sous Tancien regime. 
Paris, 1898. 45993.175 

1 62 

Leon. Victor. 
Gebildete Menschen. Volksstuck. Leipzig. 
[1898.1 96 pp. 4896.50.397 

Marriott, E. 
Bacon or Shakespeare? An historical en- 
quiry. London, 1898. 46 pp. 4598.184 
Pinero, Arthur Wing. 

The benefit of the doubt A comedy. N. Y., 

18^. 6598.91 

The notorious Mrs. Ebbsmith. A drama. 

Boston, 1895. 6598.92 

Trelawny of the "Wells." A comedietta in 

four acts. N. Y., 1899. Portrs. Pis. 

Shakespeare, William. 
Works. Edited by C. H. Herford. In ten 
vols. Vol. I. [Eversley edition.] Lon- 
don, 1899. *4599-50 

Contents. — i. Love's labour's lost. — The com* 
edy of errors. — Two gentlemen of Verona. — A 
midsummer-night's dream. 

Troilus und Cressida. Tragikomodie. Nach 
der Cbersetzung von W. A. B. Hertzberg, 
bearbeitet von Ernst Freiherr von WoT- 
zogen. Leipzig. [1898.] 4^-50.597 

Sudermann^ Hermann. 
Die drei Reiherfedem. Ein dramatisches 
Gedicht. 6. Auflage. Stuttgart, 1899. 

Weyman, Stanley John, and Edward Rose. 
Die rote Eminenz. Schauspiel. Deutsch von 
E. Zabel. Leipzig. [1898.] 88 pp. 


A dramatisation of Weyman's Under the red 
robe. The scene is laid in Paris in the time of 


Botermans, Antoine Johannes. 
Die hystorie van die seven wijse mannen van 
Romen. Haarlem, 1898. = 2953.47 

S6biIlot, Paul. 
Litt^rature oraile de TAuver'me. Paris, 1898. 

♦4670a. 76 

Medicine. Hygiene. 


Boston, Mass. City hospital. 

Photograph showing the improvised exten- 
sion of hospital accommodations by tents 
and huts, of 216 beds, occupied by sick 
soldiers in the Spanish-American war, 
1898. = No. I in ♦3760.103 

Photograph showing the interiors of two 
tents for soldiers returned from Santiago, 
Spanish- American war of 1898. — 

No. 2 in ♦3760.103 
Busey, Samuel Qagett. 
Annual addresses of the oresident of the 
Medical society of the District of Colum- 
bia, 1894-98. Washington 1899. Maps. 

Cooke, Thomas, F.R.C.S. 
Tablets of anatomy and physiology. Arteries, 
veins, lymphatics. London, 1876. = 



Creighton, Charles. 
The natural history of cow-pox and YaoctJial 
syphilis. Londoii, 1887. 3798^34 

Lang, Arnold. 
Text-book of comparative anatomy. Trans- 
lated . . . by H. M. Bernard and Matilda 
Bernard. London, 1891-96. a v. Illos. 


Treats of iiiTertebratea onhr- 
Massachusetts volunteer aid association. 
Hospital S. S. Bay state. 34 photographs. 
Boston, i8g8. = *37Sa6i 

Monti, Alois. 
Das Blut und seine Erkrankungen. Berlin, 

1898. Illus. [Wiener Klmik.] *3762.8i 
Moore, Benjamin. 

Elementory physiology. N. Y., 1899. Illus. 
Diagrams. 3769.212 

New Sydenham society. 
Prize essays on leprosy. Thompson. Cant- 
lie. London, 1897. Maps. ♦5714.80 
Schweinitz, Geor^ E. de, and B. Alexander 
Randall, editors. 
An American text-book of diseases of the 
eve, ear, nose, and throat Phila., 1899. 
Illus. ♦3^^1.10 


Citizens' union, New York dty. 
Qean streets. N. Y., 1897. 16 pp. PI. Plans. 

Public baths and lavatories. N. Y., 18^. 

Oil) pp. Illus. = ♦5579.153.1 

Small parks and recreation piers for the 

people. N. Y., 1897. 7, (O PP. lUus. = 

^ „ ,. *5579. 153.6 

Genzmer, Felix. 

Bade- und Schwimm-Anstalten. Stuttgart, 

1899. Plans. [Handbuch der Architektur.] 

*8o92,52.5, part 3 

Mernman, Mansfield. 

Elements of sanitary engineering. N. Y., 

1898. Illus. 4013.86 

Thompson, Sir Henry, F.R.C.S. 1820- 

Food and feeding. loth edition. London, 

1898. PI. 576R116 


American society of naturalists. 
Records. Vol. i, 2, part 2. Boston [etc], 
1884-97. = ♦3821.15 

Until 1886, this society was called Society of natu- 
ralists of the eastern United Stittea. 
Cajori, Florian. 
A history of physics in its dementary 
branches, including the evolution of phy- 
sical laboratories. N. Y., 18^ Illus. 

Conant, Gilbert 

New England feathered songsters. Salem, 

1^79- 3905.83 

Lissler, Manuel. 

The cyanide process for the extraction of 
gold. 2d edition. London, 1^8. Illus. 

' 3867.113 


Gentry, Thomas G. 
Life and immortality; or, soul in plants and 
animals. Phila., 1897. Illus. 5S22.86 

Tnis book consists largely of popular essays on 
natnnl history. 
Kentucky. Geological survey. J. R. Proctor, 
Life of the birds of Nelson county. By C. 
W. Beckham. Frankfort [1885.] 50 pp. 
= 3900.JO 

Kirby, William Forsell. 
Marvels of ant life. London, 1898. Illus. 

3899.92 . 
Macdonald, Donald, of Melbourne. 
Gum boui^hs and wattle bloom, gathered on 
Australian hills and plains. London. [1887.] 

= 3045.31 

Sketches of natnre and life in Australia. 
Marshall, Dr. William, professor of zoology in 
Spaziergang^e eines Naturforschers. 3. Auf- 
laee. Leipzig, 1898. Illus. 3816. no 

MicheTet, Jules. 
L'oiseau. [Avecl £tude par F. Coppee. 
Paris, 18^ 3909.35 

Peters, Carl. 
King Solomon's golden Ophir. A research 
into the most ancient gold production in 
histonr. London, 1899. Portr. 7869.85 
Pierson, Clara Dillingham. 
Among the forest people. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 


Stories of woodland life for children. 
Prahn, Hermann. 

Pflanzennamen. Erklarung der botanischen 

und deutschen Namen der in Deutschland 

wildwachsenden und angebauten Pflanzen. 

Buckow, 1897. 3859a. 121 

Rafinesque-Schmaltz, Constantine Samuel. 

Ichthyologia Ohiensis, or natural history of 

the fishes inhabiting the river Ohio and its 

tributary streams. A verbatim et literatim 

leprint of the original, with the life, work, 

and the ichthyologic bibliofrraphv of Rafin- 

esque, by R. E. Call. Qeveland, 1899. 

Portr. 5902.83 

Rogers, William Augustus. 

The microscope as a factor in a study of the 
behavior of metals under variations of 
temperature. [188^.] = ;^5.i8 

Sabine^ Wallace Clement. 

A student's manual of a laboratory course in 
physical measurements. Boston, 1898. 
Illus. 5963-106 

Wir6n, Axel. 

Beitrage zur Anatomic und Histologic der 

limivoren Anneliden. Stockholm, 1887. 

52 pp. Pis. = 5880.18 

Wisconsm. Geological and natural history 


Bulletin. Scientific series. No. i. Madison, 

T8g8. Pis. = ♦s82oa.2i 

Anthropology. Ethnology. 

Andree, Richard, editor. 
Beitrage zur Anthropologic Braunschweigs. 
Braunschweiff, 1898. Illus. 2832.9 

A collection of articles by different authors. 

Hauffen, Adolf. 
Einfuhnmg in die deutsch-bohmische Volks- 
kunde nebst ciner Bibliographic. Prag, 
i8q6. No. I in ♦2904.65.1 


Laube, Gustav Carl. 

Volicsthumliche Uberlieferungen aus Teplitz 

tmd Umgebung. Prag, 1896. ♦2904.65^1 

Lippert, Julius. 

Das alte Mittelgebirgshaus in Bohmen und 

sein Bautypus. Prag, 1898. 24 pp. Pis. 

No. 3 in ♦2904.65.1 
Owen, Luella Agnes. 
Cave regions of the Ozarks and Black Hills. 
Cincinnati, 1898. Pis. Maps. 4469.175 

Mathematics. Astronomy. Navigation. 


Andre, Charles Louis Frangois. 
Traite d'astronomie stellaire. Partie i : 
fitoiles simples. Paris, 1899. Maps. 
Diagrams. ♦♦£. 5 147.22 

Appell, Paul fimile. 
Elements d'analyse mathematique a Tusa^e 
des ingenieurs et des physiciens. Pans, 
1898. Diagrams. ♦♦E.5125.19 

Qerke, Agnes Mary. 
The concise knowledge of astronomy. Lon- 
don, 1808. Illus. 3924.11 1 
Martin, William Robert. 
A treatise on naviizration and nautical as- 
tronomy. 3d edition. London, 1899. Pis. 
Maps. 3922.137 
Nijlandx Albert Antonie. 
Uitmeting van den sterrenhoop G. C. 4410, 
zoowel door rechtstreeksche waarneming, 
als op fotografische platen. Utrecht. 

[1897. 1 = 5921.65 

Reye, Theodor. 

Lectures on the geometry of position. Trans- 
lated by T. F. Holgate. Part i. N. Y., 

^^^- 3932.75 

The original German is on 5922.68. 

Philosophy. Education. 



B^ze, Francisco P. de. 
La enseiianza primaria y sus metodos. Cor- 
doba, 1877. 46 pp. = 3592.157 
Roussel, Alfred. 
Cosmologie hindoue d'apres le Bhagavata 
purana. Paris, 1898. 3498.45 
Schmid, Carl Adolf, editor. 
Geschichte der Erziehung. Fortgefiihrt von 
Georg Schmid. Bd. 1-3. Stuttgart, 1884- 
92. 5 parts in 3 v. 3591- 1 16 
Siebert. Otto, 
Geschichte der neueren deutschen Philosophie 
seit Hegel. Gottingen, 1898. 3606.144 


Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence, and others, 
Universities and their sons. History, influ- 
ence and character of American univer- 
sities, with biographical sketches of alumni. 
Introduction by W. T. Harris. Vol. i. 
Boston, 1898. Illus. Portrs. ♦4490.114 


Citizens* union, New York city. 

More and better public schools. N. Y., 1897. 
15. (i) pp. I"us. = ♦5579.153.3 

Ladd, George Trumbull. 

Essays on the high^ education. N. Y., 1890. 

Morris. R. Anna. 
Washington, Lincoln, and the 'American flag. 
Patriotic birthday exercises for schools 
and clubs. Qeveland. [1899.] 85 pp. 
lUus. Portrs. 2549.82 

Thompson, Alexander Hamilton. 
Cambridge and its coUeges. London, 1898. 
Pis. Map. 2499a. 120 

Tweedie, Ethel B., editor. 
The first college open to women. Queen's 
college, London. Memories and records of 
work done, 1848-1898. London. [1898.] 
= 5583.60 


Mackenzie, John Stuart. 
A manual of ethics. 3d edition. London, 

1897. 3587.156 

Salter, William Mackintire. 
An ethical view of life. Phila., 1894. 20 pp. 
= *3586:96 

Religion. Theology. 

American Moslem, The. Organ of the first 

society for the study of Islam in America. 

Vol. I, no. I, 2. [lulited] by J. A. Lant. 

Tarryton, 189^. Illus. = ♦7350.10 

Auj^ustinus, Aurehus, St. 
Confessions. Edited by Arthur Symons. 

London. [1899.] [The Scott library.] 

5509a. 53 
The translation used is Pusey's. 

Briggs, Charles Au^stus. 
General introduction to the study of Holy 
Scripture. N. Y., 1899. 3422.140 

Bruce, Alexander Balmain. 
The Epistle to the Hebrews; the first apo- 
loory for Christianity. An exegetical study. 
N. Y., 1899. 3422.145 

Bunvan, John. 
The pilgrim's progress from this world to 
that which is to come. With designs by 
G. W., R, and L. Rhead. N. Y., 1898. 
Illus. Portr. ♦5501.64 

Gray, Andrew. 
The Church of England and Henry viii. 3d 
edition. N. Y., 1899. 58 pp. = 5529a.30 
Kinloch, Marjory Georgina Jane. 
Studies in Scottish ecclesiastical history in 
the seventeenth and eiprhteenth centuries. 
London. 1898. 3549a. 125 

Newbolt. William Charles Edmund. 
Religion. London, 1899. [Oxford library of 
nractical theology.] 3489.125 

Ojea, Hernando. 
Libro tercero de la historia religiosa de la 
Prouincia de Mexico, de la orden de Sto. 
Domingo. Mexico, 1897. 57 pp. = 



Ollivier, Marie Joseph Hcnnr. 
Le pape Alexandre vi. et fes Borgia. Partie 
I. Paris, 1870. Portr. 3516.75 

No more was published. 
Orr, James. 
Neglected factors in the study of the early 
progress of Christianity. N. Y., 1899. 
[Morgan lectures.] 3521. no 

Quincy, Mass. First Congregational church. 
The "Ghappel of ease" and Church of states- 
men. Commemorative services at the com- 
pletion of 250 years. [Edited by D. M. 
Wilson.] [Quincy.] 1890. Illus, Portrs. 

Ramsay, William Mitchell. 
Was Christ bom at Bethlehem? A study on 
the credibility of St Luke. N. Y., 1898. 

Thomas i Kempis. 
Variantes du livre De imitatione Christi. 
[Par] Mgr. P. K Puyol. Paris, 18^ 

Trine, Ralph Waldo. 
The greatest thing ever known. N. Y. 
[1898.J 55 pp. 3447.145 

Wobbermin, Geor^. 
Altchristliche liturgische Stucke aus der 
Kirche Aegyptens nebst einem dogmati- 
schen Brief des Bischofs Serapion von 
Thmuis. [Und] Zur Uberlieferung des 
Philostorgios von Ludwig Jeep. Leipzig, 
1899. 71 pp. [Gebhardt and fiamadk.] 

*3504.50.i7. part 3b 

Law. Legislation. 

American Bell telephone company. 
United States circuit court District of New 
Jersey. American Bell telephone company, 
vs. the Overland telephone company of 
New Jersey, et al. Brief for complainants 
on motion for preliminarv injunction . . . 
Framingham, 1884. = 7693.9 

Browne, George. 
A treatise on the principles and practice of 
the court for divorce & matrimonial causes. 
4th edition. London, i88a = P.53.119 

Dreyfus, Alfred. 
La revision du proems Dreyfus i la Cour de 
cassation. Compte-rendu st^ographique 
"in extenso," 27-29 oct. 1898. Paris, i^ 


Engel, Antonie. 

Naajmlooze vennootschappen. Beschouwing 

over eenige buitenlandsche wetgevingen in 

verband met de nederlandsdhe. Leiden, 

1898. = 3626.40 

Fennema, Enno. 

Het vermogensrecht bij latere huwelijken 

met het oog op de regeling daarvan in het 

ontwerp der staats-commissie tot herzie- 

ning van het burgerlijk wetboek. Leiden, 

1897. = 3^.12 

Flowers, Hiland. 

An epitome of the laws of 18^, of the coun- 
ty and city of New York, relating to 
jurors. N. Y. [1898.] i*^ pp. = 3626.19 

Hess, JcaxL 

A I'Ue du Diable. Enquete d'un r^rter 
aux lies du Salut et i Cayenne. Paris. 
[iSga] nius. Portr. 26i9a.95 

On the Dmftts tdhir, 

MaiTiiy Marie Paul Constantin. 
•Histoire populaire de Taffaire Dreyfus. 
Paris, lidS. 26ipa.97 

Phillimore, William Phillimore Watts, editor. 
Edwardus Rex, 1207. Victoria Regina, 1897- 
Pladta coram domino Rege apud West- 
monasterium de termino Sancta Trinitatis 
anno regni Regis Edwardi filii Regis Hen- 
rici Vicesimo quinto. The pleas of the 
Court of King's bench, Trinity term, 25 
Edward i, 1207. With index by K A. Fry. 
London, 189& [British record society.] 

Zijst, Wouter Adriaan van. 

De nationaliteit van schepen beschouwd uit 
een intemationaalrechtelijk oogpunt. Am- 
ersfoort, 1897. 5613.16 

Useful and Industrial 


Qay, Arthur Joseph. 
A manual ot linear shorthand. Part i. Cor- 
responding style. London, 1898. ♦6149.111 
Dwight, Henrietta Latham. 
The golden age cook book. N. Y.. 1808. 


Recipes for those wishing to follow a vegetable 

Ga^s, Jacques Uon. 
Traite de metallurgie du fer. Paris, 1898. 
2 V. nius. 7862.45 

Gomel, Charles. 
Les grandes compagnies de cherains de fer 
francs en 1897. Paris, 1898. 42 pp. = 

Industrialist, The. Issued bv the Kansas state 
agricultural college. Vol. 24, no. 8, 9. 
Manhattan, Kan., 18^ Ulus. ^5O90a.20 
Journal t^legraphique. Public par le Bureau 
international des administrations t616gra- 
phiques. Vol. 23, no. i. Berne, 1899. = 

Kramers, Joannes Coenrardus Hubertus. 
De dectrische geleidbaarheid van kaliumni- 
traat Leiden, 1897. = 3965.168 

Marquis, Raoul. 
Gas and petroleum engines. Translated and 
adaptea from the French of Henry de Graf- 
figny [pseud.] and edited by A G. Elliott. 
London, 1898. Illus. 4019a. 172 

Master car-builders' association. 
The car-builder's dictionary. An illustrated 
vocabulary of terms which designate 
American railroad cars. N. Y., iS^. Pis. 

Sdinabd, Carl. 
Handbook of metallurgy. Translated by 
Henry Louis. London, 1898. 2 v. Illus. 

Tmscott, Samuel J. 

The Witwatersrand goldfields banket & min- 
ing practice. London, 1898. Illus. Map. 
Tabfca. 7862.47 


Military and Naval Art, Science, 
and History. 

Gloucester^ U. S. gunboat. 
Loj|[ of the Gloucester, commanded by Lt- 
Commander Richard Wainwright, during 
the late war with Spain. Annapolis, 1899. 
Illus. Portrs. 4420a. 1 1 1 

Griffiths, /^hur George Frederick. 
Wellington & Waterloo. With an introduc- 
tion by Field-Marshal Viscount Wolseley. 
London, 1898. Illus. Portrs. [The "Navy 
and army illustrated" library. Stories of 
our national heroes.] '*^52i.40 

Jane, Frederick T. 
The torpedo in peace and war. London, 1898. 
Pis. 3950a. 122 

Martin, Sir Thomas Byam. 
Letters and papers of Admiral of the fleet 
Sir Thos. Byam Martin, G. C. B. Edited 
by Sir R. V. Hamilton. Vol. 2. [London.] 
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2502. 1 17. 12 

Amusements. Games. 


Church sociables and entertainments. Phila. 
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[L. A. W. Good roads library.] 23703.117 


In English. 

Barr, Amelia Edith. 
I, thou, and the other one. N. Y., 1898. Pis. 

England, 1830-^, passage of the Reform bill. 

Carryl, Charles Edward. 

The river syndicate and other stories. N. Y., 

1899. Pis. 68.14 

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The Black Douglas. N. Y., 1899. Pis. 57.15 

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The Mormon prophet. [Joseph Smith.] 

N. Y., 1899. 68.23 

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A duet. With an occasional chorus. N. Y., 

1899. 57.18 

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The taming of the jungle. Phila., 1899. 68.24 



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An incident and other happenings. N. Y., 
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Short rations. N. Y., 1899. Pis. 68.11 

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Gaunt^ Mary. 

Deadman's. N. Y., 1899. 57-19 

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Each life unfulfilled. Boston, 1899. 68.22 
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Fighting in Cuban waters : or, under Schley 
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Under Dewey at Manila: or, the war for- 
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A young volunteer in Cuba : or, fighting for 

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The procession of life. N. Y., 1899. 68.15 
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Tales of the Malayan coast from Penang to 
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In French. 

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Les bourjreois de Darlingen. 
Coveliers. Nouvelle edition. 


Paris, 1888. 


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A continuation of La Dame de Monsoreau by 
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In German. 

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Contents. — Die Prinzesain Orsini. — Die Ceila- 
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Ferdinand vi. una Karl xxi., Konige von Spanien. 

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The scene is laid in Austria, in 1850. 

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In Danish. 

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In Spanish. 

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1886. 2 V. 

In Swedish. 


Lcvertin, Oscar. 

Fr&n Gustaf iii:s dagar. 
Stockholm. [1897.] 

Andra upplagan. 
4909b. 1 19 

Strandberfc Hilma Angered-. 
Den nya varlden. Roman. 




Periodicals. Annuals. 

Encyclopedic chimique publiee sous la direction 
de M. Fremy. Table alphabetique des 
matieres, par M. Chastaing. Paris, 1899. 

Library journal. 
General index. Vol. 1-22. N. Y., 1898. 

New Brunswick magazine. Vol. i, no. 1-6. 

St. John, 1898. ♦7396.20 

Our lady of the sunshine. Morang*s illus- 
trated summer annual. Toronto, 1898. 




Social Science. 

Political Economy. 

Banque de France. 
Compte rendu au nom du conseil g6n^ral de 
la oanque et rapport de MM. les censeurs. 
Assembl6e g6n6rale des actionnaires, 29 
Janvier, 1899. Paris, 1899. 9332. 1044 

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Die Kornhauser. Eine Studie iiber die 
Organisation des Getreideverkaufes in 
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einigen deutschen Staaten. Stuttgart, 
i8go. [Muenchener VolkswirtschaftRche 
Studien.] 365584 

Blondel. Louis. 
La definition nominale et r^elle du b6n^fice. 
Arras, 18^. = 9330.4-2 

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Del consumo delle ricchezze. Bologna^ 1898. 

Contents. — i. Letteratura economica dei feno- 
meni del consumo. 
Croker, Edward T. O'B. 
Retrospective lessons on railway strikes. 
United Kingdom. London, 1856. Portr. 
Pis. 5566.67 

Currie, Charles Earl. 
Rej^ort on the commercial possibilities of 
Cuba and Porto Rico . . . Compiled for 
the Louisville Board of trade. Louisville, 

1899. = ^5655.74 

Ford, Thomas J., and John J. Garnett, pub- 
"A dollar worth a dollar." A collection of 
articles and speeches on sound money by 
T. G. Carlisle, J. Patterson, and others. 
N. Y. 1 1895.] = 5649.153 

Hallock, James Collins. 

Proposed plan for the clearing of country 

cheeky in New England. [Boston, 1898.] 

4 pp. = No. 2 in ♦9332. i-i 

Jackson, Charles Cabot. 

Has gold appreciated? N. Y., 1895. 31 pp. 

, = 3643.138 

Johnson, Emory R, 

Industrial services of the railways. Phila. 
[1895.1 20 pp. 3654.88 

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Good trade and a living wage. London, 

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Toepassing der waarschijnlijkheids-rekening 
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Commercial geography of the United King- 
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I.] London. [1898?] Pis. Maps. 

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L'^tat et les renseignements commerciaux. 
Paris, 1899. = 9380.07 

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L'impot pro^essif sur le revcnu. Une en- 
quete en Suisse. Toulouse, 1898. = 

Say, Jean Baptiste L6on. 
Les finances de la France sous la Troisieme 
r^publique. Tome premier. Paris, 1898. 

Chart 9944-C^ 

Contents. — L' Assemble nationale. — Grands 

emprunts de la guerre. — Impdta nouveaux. 

Sdigman, Edwin Robert Anderson. 

The shifting and incidence of taxation. 2d 
edition. N. Y., 1899. 5643.114 

Smalley, Eugene Virgil. 

The money question of today. Chicago, 1898. 

_ ,32 Pp. = 5649.139 

Tuck, Henry. 

The railway shareholder's manual. 7th edi- 
tion. London, 1846. 5649.157 
Viti de Marco, A. de. 
Saggi di economia e finanza. Roma, 1898. = 


Contents. — I. Le teorie economiche di Antonio 
Serra. 9. Contributo alUt teoria del prestito pub- 
blico. 3. Bntrate patrixnoniali e demanio. 

Wolff, Emil. 
Grundriss der preussisch-deutschen socialpo- 
litischen tmd Volkswirtschafts-Gesdiicnte 
vom Ende des dreissigjahrigen Krieges bis 
zur Gegenwart (1640-1898.) Berlin, 
1899. 5567.33 

Political Science. 

Guthrie, William D. 
Lectures on the fourteenth article of amend- 
ment to the Constitution of the United 
States. Boston, 1898. 43203.199 

Lowell, Abbott Lawrence. 
Governments and parties in continental Eu- 
rope. Boston, 1897. 2 V. 2303.66 
Die Verfassungsurkunde fiir den prenssischen 
Staat, vom 31. Januar 1850. Textausgabe 
mit Anmerkungen und Sachregister. Her- 
ausgegeben von K. Pannier. Leipzig. 

[1898.1 4896.sa393 

Reid, Andrew, editor. 
The House of Lords question. With contri- 
butions from Lord Monlcswdl, Philip 


Stanhope, Robert Wallace . . . London, 
1898. 251970 

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The philosophy of negro suffrage. Wash- 
ington, 1897. Portrs. 7587- 151 
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Die sozialdemokratischen Gewerkschaften in 
Deutschland seit dem Erlasse des Sozial- 
isten-Gesetzes. Teil 2, Abt i. Jena, 1898. 

Ulrich, Franz. 

Les chemins de fer d'6tat, les voies navi- 
gables d'etat, et la politique 6conomique 
de TAllemagne. Introduction par Henry 
Haguet. Paris, 1898. = 9385-943 


Ashton, John. 
The history of gambling in England. Lon- 
don, 1898. *5574-iS2 
Association protestante pour T^tude pratique 
des questions sociales. 
Travaux du Congr^s de Montauban. 6e as- 
semble g6n6r23e. Novembre, 1894. Paris, 

1895. = * 5567.35 

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History of the Hopedale community . . . Wil- 
liam S. Heswood, editor. Lowell, 1897. 
Portr. = 5564.47 

Brooks, John Graham. • 

The consumers' league. r3^ enlarged edi- 
tion.] [Cambridgeport, 1099.] 33f (i) PP- 

Brown, Mary Willcox. 
The development of thrift N. Y., 1899. 

Qtizens union, New York city. 

New York's tenement houses. 2d edition. 
N. Y., 1897. 8 pp. Illus. *5579. 153-4 

The city's poor. How machine government 
failed in the public institutions on Black- 
well's island and elsewhere. 2d edition. 
N. Y., 1897. 15, (i) pp. Dlus. = 

^ . *5579. 153.5 

Herron, George Davis. 

Between Caesar and Jesus. N. Y. [1899.I 

International cooperative alliance. 
Statistics of co-operative societies in various 
countries. London, 1898. Tables. "^5561.40 

The text in parallel coltunns is in English, French 
and German. 

King. George. 

Old ^e pensions. Glasgow, 1899. = 9362.6 
Lake Mohonk. 

Conference of friends of the Indians. Pro- 
ceedings of the l6th annual meeting. 1898. 

Passy, Fr6d6ric 
Les armements de I'avenir. 1895. 
L'avenir de I'Europe. 1895. 
Contribution au centenaire du comte Sclopis. 

L'^ducation nationale. 1899. 

Guerres et congres, ou le sodalisme interna- 
tional. 1859. 

Lettre ouverte i M. le directeur du Monde 
^conomique, 1899. 

La question de la paix, 1894. 

L'titopie de la paix, 1897. 



Rawlinson, Sir Robert. 

Public works in Lancashire for the relief of 

distress among the unemployed factory 

hands, 1863-66. London, 1898. 5566.65 

Reich, Emil. 

Die biirgerliche Kunst und die besitzlosen 

Volksklassen. 2. Auflage. Leipzig. [1894.] 

Richmond, Mary £. 
Friendly visiting among the poor. N. Y., 

^ . i^- = , , , 5579.155 

Saint-Ferreol, Amedee. 

La reforme agraire & ouvri^re en action. 

Paris, 1898. 9335.01 

A large part of this work is devoted to a con- 
sideration of collectivism. 

Schirmacher, Kaethe. 
Le feminisme aux fitats-Unis, en France, 
dans la Grande-Bretagne, en Suede et en 
Russie. Paris, 1898. (3), 73 pp. 5589. I59 
Supino, Camillo. 
La domanda di lavoro e i disoccupati. To- 
rino, 1899. = 9331.9 
Trueblood, Benjamin Franklin. 
The federation of the world. Boston, 1899. 


Public Documents. 

United States. 

Agriculture, Department of. 
Agrostology Division. 
Smith, Jared C. 
Grazing problems in the southwest and 
how to meet them. 1899. ♦7996.67.16 
Chemistry Division. 
Wiley, Harvey W. 
Experiments with sugar beets in 1897. 

1899. ♦5991.72.52 

Entomology Division. 
Osborn, Herbert. 
The Hessian fly in the United States. 
Washington, 1898. Illus. Map. = 

♦5892.52, N.S. 16 
E3cperiment' Stations Office. 
Experiment station work 9, Farmers* bul- 
letin, 92. *7995.40.92 
Bevier, Isabel. 
Nutrition investigations in Pittsburg, 
Pa., 1894-1896. Washington, 1898. 48 

pp. = *5993.70,52 

Goss, Arthur. 
Nutrition investigations in New Mexico 
in 1897. Washington, 1898. PI. = 

Mead, Elwood. 

Abstract of laws for acquiring titles to 
water from Missouri River and its tribu- 
taries, with legal forms in use. 1899. 


Wait, Charles E. 
Nutrition investigations at the Univer- 
sity of Tennessee in 1896 and 1897. 
Washington, 1898. Illus. = ♦5993.70.53 
Publications Division. 

Thompson, George Fayette. 

Synoptical index of the reports of the 
statistician, 1863 to 1894. Washington, 
1897. = *9630.973-2 


Interior Department 

Decisions of Department and General Land 
Office relating to public lands, June-Dec, 
1898. 1890. ♦5675.4.27 

Education, Bureau of. 
Reoort of the commissioner, 1897. 2 v. 

State Department. 
Soap trade in foreign countries. Screws, 
nuts, and bolts in foreign countries. Ar- 
p^ols in Europe. Rabbits and rabbit furs 
m Europe. Cultivation of ramie in for- 
eign cotmtries. Washington, 1898. = 

American lumber in foreign markets. Wash- 
ington, 1897. = ♦7643.22.11 
Vagrancy and public charities in foreign 
countries. Reports from the consuls of 
the United States. Washington, 1893. = 

Treasury Department. 
Coast and Geodetic Survey. 
Moser, J. F. 
Hydrographic notes and sailing direc- 
tions relating to Alaska from Dixon En- 
trance to Yakutat Bay, 1899. 
Internal Revenue Office. 
Compilation of decisions by commissioner, 
under war-revenue act of June 13, 1898. 
Life Saving Service. 
Annual report, 1898. ^5956.52 

War Department. 
Adjutant General. 
Anderson, George L. 
Electricity and its application in artillery 
practice. 1899. 
A reprint of the 1893 edition. 
Ingalls, James R. 
Supplement to artillery circular F. 
(Ballistics.) 1899. 

A reprint of the 1893 edition. 

Walke, Willoughby. 
Gunpowder and high exnlosives. 1899. 

A reprint of the 1893 edition. 

Military notes on Cuba. [2d edition.] 

November, 1898. ♦9917.291 

Medical Department. 

Manual, 1809. 
Regulations for army, 1895; with appendix 

to Jan. I, 1899. 

Separate States. 

Alabama. Railroad commissioners. 
•Annual report, 6th-8th, ioth-i8th, 1886-98. 
Montgomery, 1887-98. 12 v. = ♦9385.9761 
San Francisco. 
Message of the Mayor to the Board of 
supervisors of the city and county of San 
Francisco. [San Francisco.] 1899. = 

Kentucky. Railroad commissioners. 
Annual report. Louisville, 1887-99. = 


Boston. School committee. 

Annual renort on the Horace Mann school. 

Boston, 1898. = ♦6348.28 


New York. 
State institution for feeble-minded children, 
Annual rq>ort of the managers. [48th, 1898. 
Supplemental. Includes Report on anthro- 
pological work in the institution by Dr. 
Ales Hrdlicka.] [N. Y.?l 1898. PI. 

Railroad Commissioners, Board ol 

Sixteenth annual report, i8{^ N. Y., 

1899. 2 V. Maps. 93859747 


Secundo censo de la R^publica Argentina 

1895. Tomo II. PoblacioxL Buenos Aires, 
18^. = 9318.2 

New Zealand. Registrar General. 
New Zealand official year book. 1898. 
Wellington, 1898. *5046.S9.i898 

Qiemins de fer, postes, tdegraphes, tele- 
phones, et marine. Comte rendu, 1895, 

1896, 1897. = 9385.9493 

Worthin^on, T. c 

Conditions and prospects of British trade 
in Brazil. 9382.81 

British India. 

Report of the Indian famine commission, 
1898. London [Simla], 1898. 9351.84 

Appendices : 

III. Bombay Presidency. 93Si.^3 

IV. Central Provinces and Berar. 9351.^4^ 
VI. Punjab. 935i>S4-^ 


Criminal statistics for the year ended 30th 
September 1897. Ottawa, i8g8. = 93^971- 

Trade and Commerce. 
Report for the . . . month . . . [Oct., 1897]- 
Dec, 1898. Ottawa, 18(^-09. = *9382.7i-2 

The Annual reports are on *9^;a.7i-3. 

Quebec. Board of Health. 
Annual report [ist]-3d, for the year ending 
June 30, 1895-97. Quebec, 1895-97. = 


Statistike Meddelelser. 4th series, vol. 4. 
K^benhavn, 1899. 9314.89 

Contains statistics on crops, prices of srain, for- 
eign trade, savings banks, and producttoo of ex- 
cised articles. 


Dispatches respecting the conduct of the 
British and Egyptian troops after the battle 
of Omdurman. London, 1899. 9399.6^ 

Report of her majesty's agent and consul- 
general [Lord Cromer] on the finances, 
administration, and condition of Egypt, and 
the Soudan in 1898. London, 1899. 9962.-1 

Moss & CO. 
Egyptian statistical tableau, 1896 and 1897. 
Alexandria. = 9338.062 


Ministere des affaires 6trang^res. 
Declaration additionnelle du 21 mars 1899, 
a la Convention franco-anglaise du 14 juin, 
1898. Paris, 1899. Map. 9966.1 


Corrcspondance et documents relatifs i la 
Convention franco-anglaise du 14 juin 

1898. 1890-1898. Pans, 1899. 9962.6.3 
Correspondance concemant la declaration 
additionnelle du 21 mars 1899, 4 la Con- 
vention franco-anglaise du 14 juin, 1898. 
Paris, 1899. 9962.6.4 

Germany. Reichstag. 
Weiszbuch. Neunzehnter Theil. Berlin, 

1899. 9325.943 

Contains reports and papers on Africa and Mar- 
shall Islands. 

Ma|^deburg. Statistisches Amt. 
Der magdeburger Wohnungsmarkt, 1894- 
98. Magdeburg, 1899. = 9314.318.8 


Ekonomisk Tidskrift. Uitgifven af David 
Davidson. Arg. i. Haft 1-4. Stockholm, 
1899. = 9330.54.85 

Unitea Kingdom. Parliament. 

A bill to legalise certain colonial marriages. 
[1899] BUI 29 

Cheap trains bill. 10 February 1899. Bill 26 

Old age provident pensions bill. 10 February, 
1899. Bill 41 

A bill for establishing a national system of 
old age pensions. [1899.I Bill 9 

Report of the departmental committee on 
beer materials. London, 1899. 9614.344 

Minutes of evidence taken before the com- 
mittee on beer materials. 9614.344-2 

Minutes of evidence taken before the com- 


mittee appointed to inquire into the Indian 
currency. Part 11. London, 1899. 

Report from the select committee on south- 
eastern, and London, Chatham and Dover 

railway companies bill. 1899. 9385.942-1 
Providing for a consolidation. 

Papers relating to the arbitration in the case 
of Mr. Alderman Ben Tillett. London, 
London, 1899. Statis. Per. 1509 

Further correspondence respecting the af- 
fairs of Crete. Map. London, 1899. 


Statistics relating to persons employed, out- 
put, and accidents at mines and quarries in 
the British colonies and in foreign coun- 
tries. 1897. Edited by C. le Neve Foster. 
London, 189^. 9338.2 

Railway and Canal Commission. 
Tenth annual report, with appendix. Lon- 
don, 1899. 9385.942 

Light railway commissioners. 
Order authorising? the construction of light 
railways in the isle of Thanet in the county 
of Kent. London, 1898. 9625.11 

Memorandum upon the use of automatic 
couplings on railway stock, with especial 
reference to American experience. Lon- 
don, 1899. 9625.2 

Hardinge, Sir A. 

Report on the British East Africa protec- 
torate for the year 1897-98. London, 1899. 



Appointments to the Board of Trustees 
AND Election of Officers. On May i and 
8 respectively the Board of Aldermen con- 
firmed the appointment by the Mayor to the 
Board of Trustees of Mr. Josiah H. Benton, jr., 
and of Dr. Thomas Dwight. 

At the annual election of officers of the Board 
of Trustees, on May 9, 1899, Mr. Solomon Lin- 
coln was elected President, Dr. James De Nor- 
mandie Vice-President, and Mr. Philip H. 
Savage Qerk, for the ensuing year. 

Opening op Lecture Hall and Unveiling 
OF THE Bust of Sir Walter Scott. On May 
17 the Lecture Hall of the Library was opened. 
Advantage was taken of the gift to the Library, 
from the Westminster Committee on the Scott 
Memorial, of a marble copy of the bust of 
Sir Walter Scott by Chantrey, a first copy of 
which was placed by the Committee in West- 
minster Aboey; and a formal unveiling pre- 
ceded the addresses on the opening of the hall. 

Mr. Solomon Lincoln, President, presided. 
The bust was unveiled during the preliminary 
address of Dr. De Normandie by Mr. Fiske 
Warren, who with Mr. James Murray Kay, 
took charge of the American subscriptions to 
the Westminster Memorial. An address on 
Scott was delivered by President Eliot of Har- 
vard University. Other addresses on the in- 
fluence of Scott, as well as on the opening of 
the Lecture Hall, and its significance as a sup- 
plement to the work of the Library, were made 
l^ His Honor Mayor Quincy, Mr. A. Law- 
rence Lowell, Mr. Edward Robinson, and 
Hon. Charles Francis Adams. 

Publications. A Selected Bibliography of 
of the Anthropology and Ethnologv of Europe, 
bv Professor William Z. Ripley of the Massa- 
chusetts Institute of Technology, is now pub- 
lished ; price. 50 cent^. The book is a large 16** 
of 160 oages printed in single column with wide 
right hand margins for annotations and addi- 
tions. The bibliography contains 2000 titles, 
about 95% of which are in the Library. 

Exhibitions. Since note was last made in 
these columns, exhibitions have been held in 
the Fine Art room as follows: 

Of plates illustrating the industrial arts, in 
connection with the Exhibition of the Society 
of Arts and Crafts; of a collection of Shake- 
speareana from this Librarv and the Harvard 
Library, in connection with the meeting on 
April 3, of the Old Cambridge Shakespeare 
Association and the Boston Shakespeare Qub; 
of broadsides relating to the battle of Lexing- 
ton : of Scott portraits, etc. ; of photographs of 
the English school of painting; of photographs 
of American mural decorations. 

In the juvenile department an exhibition is 
open of books, etc. relating to the battle of 
Bunker Hill ; the exhibition is held in the new 
reference reading-room for children, and circu- 
lars of invitation have been sent to the teachers 
of high and grammar schools in Boston. 

From Mr. Allen A. Brown for the Brown 
Library of Music: a full score of the opera 

From Messrs. Little, Brown & Co., and 
Houghton, Mifflin & Co. : six hundred and 
fifty-seven photographs of portraits in the Na- 
tional Portrait Gallery in London. 


The Retirement of the President of the Trustees. 

On the retirement of the Hon. Frederick O. Prince from the Presidency^ 
of the Board of Trustees the following tribute to Mr. Prince was addressed to 
him by the Board : 

'The Trustees of the Public Library, at their meeting held on the 19th of 
May, 1899, desire to put upon their records the following tribute to Hon. Fred- 
erick O. Prince : 

"Mr. Prince is among the oldest residents of Boston and a faithful servant 
of the city of his birth. 

"We recall with interest the part he has taken in suggesting and carrying 
out many of the most marked improvements in this city of these latter years; 
his felicitous addresses upon so many public occasions, especially at the laying 
of the comer-stone of this building ; and his fidelity in the highest and most 
honorable offices which Boston has repeatedly bestowed upon him. 

"It was most fitting that he should become the president of this corpora- 
tion, after his activity in arranging for the site of the building, involving care- 
ful and complicated dealings with the City and the State; in deciding upon its 
plans; in watching the whole work of its creation and the transfer of its treas- 
ures from their old home, in all of which his interest was unabated and his 
pride justified. 

"During the eleven years he has been a member of this Corporation his 
attendance at its meetings has been prompt and faithful, his counsel judicious, 
his gracious and affable manners and spirit always the same. 

"We have marked with unfeigned regret his failing strength, by which 
he has been detained from our meetings the past winter, and which at last has 
compelled his retirement from the Board. 

"Our heartfelt sympathy follows him to the confinement of his home, and 
our earnest wish for the quiet enjoyment of venerable age, without suffering, 
and with a happy retrospect which he has earned by an active and helpful life." 





Vol. IV, No. 7. 
July. 1899. 







JAMES DeNORMANDIE, Vice-President 



Acting Librarian. 


Central Library, Copley Square. 

Branch Libraries. 

Brighton Branch, Holton Library Roxbury Branch, 46 Millmont St 

Building, Rockland St. South Boston Branch, 372 Broadway. 

Charlestown Branch, City Square. South End Branch, English High 

Dorchester Branch, Arcadia, cor. School Building, Montgomery St 

Adams St. West End Branch, Gunbridge, cor. 

East Boston Branch, n Meridian St. Lynde St 

Jamaica Plain Branch, Curtis Hall, West Roxbury Branch, Centre, near 
Centre St. Mt. Vernon St. 

Delivery Stations. 

Station A. Lower Mills Reading Station L. North Brighton Reading 
Room, Washington, near River Room, 56 Market St 

St. Station M. Crescent Avenue Delivery 

Station B. Roslindale Delivery Sta- Station, 940 Dorchester Ave. 

tion, 25 Poplar St. Station N. Blue Hill Avenue Deliv- 

Station D. Mattapan Reading Room, ery Station, 200 Blue Hill Ave. 

River, cor. Oakland St. Station P. Broadway Extension Read- 
Station E. Neponset Delivery Sta- ing Room. 13 Broadway Exten- 
tion, 49 Walnut St. sion. 

Station F. Mount Bowdoin Reading Station Q. Upham's Comer Delivery 
Room, Washington, cor. Eldon St. Station, 756 Dudley St 

Station G. Allston Delivery Station. Station R. Warren Street Delivery 
14 Franklin St. Station, 329 Warren St 

Station H. Ashmont Delivery Sta- Station S. Roxbury Crossing Deliv- 
tion, 4 Talbot Ave. ery Station, 11 73 Tremont St 

Station J. Dorchester Station Deliv- Station T. Boylston Delivery Sta- 
ery Station, 157 Norfolk St. tion, Lamartine, cor. Paul Gore St 

Station K. Bird Street Delivery Sta- Station U. Ward Nine Delivery Sta- 
tion, 6 Wayland St. tion, 62 Union Park St. 

Published monthly by the Trustees of the Public Library of the City of Boston, Boston, 

a subscription price of twenty«five cents per annum. 





June 15 to July 15 1899. 

I <■» I 

The symbol = following the title of a work indicates that the work is a gift to the Library. 

Reference Books. 

Australian handbook (incorporating New- 
Zealand, Fiji, and New Guinea). 1899. 
London. fiSoQ.! Pis. Maps. 

B. H. Ref. 314-2 
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The United States, with an excursion into 
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The merchant's dictionary. New edition. 
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of-arms. 243oa.66 

Dictionnaire encyclop6dique des sciences me- 
dicales. Paris, 1864-1889. 100 v. Illus. 

The first two volumes were edited by Raige-De- 
lorme and Dechambre, the rest by Dechambre 
alone until x886, after which he was assisted by 
L. Lereboullet. The work was published in live 
series, of which the fourth belongs alphabetically 
between the first and second. 
Foreign office list, 1899. London. [1899.] 

B. H. Ref. 314.6 
Guia oficial de Espafia. 1899. Madrid, 1899. 
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Official year book of the Church of England. 
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Encyclopaedic dictionary of music. Trans- 
lated by T. S. Shcdlock. Revised to 1897. 
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Statesman's year-book. 1899. London, 1899. 

B. H. Ref.314.13 

Genealogy. Heraldry. 

Balch, Thomas Willing. 
The Brooke family of Whitchurch, Hamp- 
shire, England. Together with an account 
of Robert Brooke of Maryland and 
Ninian Beall of Maryland and some of 
their descendants. Phila., 1899. 71 pp. 
Pis. = 4434.251 

Burke, Ashworth Peter. 
Family records [of Great Britain and Ire- 
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Births, baptisms, marriages and deaths from 
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Noyes pedigree. Boston, 1899. n PP. = 

Roberts, Ellwood. 
Old Richland families. Including descend- 
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Stanford, Arthur Willis. 
Register of the descendants of the revolu- 
tionary soldier, Abner Stanford. [Karui- 
zawa, Japan? 1898.] vii, 45 pp. Chart. 
= 4439a. 123 


Collective Biographies. 

Thayer, William Roscoe. 
Throne-makers. Boston, 1899. 2249.84 

Contents. — Throne-makers: Bismarck; Napo- 
leon III.; Kossuth; Garibaldi. Portraits: Car- 
lyle; Tintoret; Giordano Bruno; Bryant. 


Single Biographies. 

Bapst, Germain. 
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The book consists oi Letters to, and from, 
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La reine Marie- Antoinette. lie Edition. 
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Order of the white rose. North American 
In memoriam. [250th anniversary of the 
beheading of Charles i.l N. p. [1899.] 
Broadside. = *652i.35 

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Francis Turner Palgrave. His journals and 
memories of his life. London, 1899. 
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Pinkerton. Mary F. 
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Spies, August Vincent Theodore. 
August Spies' auto-biography; his speech 
in court, and general notes. [Edited by 
Nina Van Zandt.] Qiicago. [1887.] 
(4)» 91 PP- Portrs. = 4448.88 


Walcott, Charles Hosmer. 
Sir Archibald Campbell of Invemeill, some- 
time prisoner of war in the jail at Con- 
cord, Massachusetts. Boston. [1898?] 
62 pp. Portrs. Pis. 4543-144 

H istory . 

Ancient. Modern. Asia. Africa. 


Adams, Herbert Baxter. 
The study and teaching of history. Phi 
Beta Kappa address at William and Mary 
college. Richmond, 1898. 18 pp. = 

Amir 'All, Matdavi Saiyid. 
A short history of the Saracens. London, 
1899. Pis. Maps. 5043.34 

Bennett, Ernest NaUianiel. 
The downfall of the dervishes: being a 
sketch of the final Sudan campaign of 
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Bladen, F. M., editor. 

Historical records of New South Wales. 
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La question catalane. L'Esf^igne et la 
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19 pp. 3092.131 

Die 8oojahrige Wettiner-Jnbelfeier. Jam 
1889. Festschrift. Dresden. [1889.J 50 

pp. = 




Gef froy, Mathieu Auffuste. 

£tudes italiennes. Fans, 1898. 2779.43 

Contents. — Florence: la renaissance. — Les 
srands Medids. ~ Jirftme Savonarole. — Gui- 
chardin, d'apris ses oeoTres in^tes. — Rome 
monnmentale. — Rome pradant le Moyen age et 
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CencL — Les collections et les oollectionneurs 
i la fin du xviiie siide. (Les Piranesi.) — La 
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The story of the people of England in the 

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189^ Portrs. Pis. [The story of the 

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Newcastle-on-Tjme, its municipal origin and 

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Illustrated story of the Union. In rhyme. 
Boston, 1891. Portrs. Pis. 4325.180 

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History of Brul6s discoveries and explora- 
tions, 1016-1626 ... of Lakes Huron, 
Ontario and Superior; and of his explo- 
rations ... of Pennsylvania and western 
New York, also of the orovince of On- 
tario, Canada. Qeveland, 1898. Pis. 
Maps. [Western reserve historical so- 
ciety.] *437oa.i27 

C^.y R. 

The history of South America. By an 
American. Translated from the Spanish 
by Adnah D. Jones. London, 1899. Maps. 

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Some statistics of Belmont, Mass. Boston, 

1890. 25 pp. Portr. = 4359^.131 

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The rights of Great Britain asserted against 

the claims of America. Phila., 1776. 92, 

(4) PP- ^4418.261 

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The story of the West Indies. London. 

[i8|p8.1 Ms4>s. [The story of the empire 

senes.1 4^.164 

McCarthy, Justin Huntley. 
A short history of the United States. Lon- 
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Marshall, Edward, member of ist U. S. vol- 
unteer cavalry. 
The storv of the Rough Riders, ist U. S. 
volunteer cavalry. N. Y., 1899. Illus. 
Portrs. 4420a. 1 17 
Mason, Eveleen Laura. 
What is America's relation to England? 
Boston, 1896. 17 pp. Illus. = 432389 
Peck, Charles H. 
The Jacksonian epoch. N. Y., 1899. 


Peckham, Wheeler Hazard. 

Response at the dinner of Union college 

alumni association to the sentiment "The 

Union of our fathers." N. p. [1898.] 

12 pp. = 4228.76 

Wakefield, John A. 

History of the war between the United 

States and the Sac and Fox nations of 

Indians, 1827, 31, and 32. Jacksonville, 

111.. 1834. *44i5.i25 

Fine Arts. Archaeology. 


Brunn, Heinrich. 

Kleine Schriften. Gesammelt von H. Brunn 

und H. Bulle. Bd. i. Leipzig, 1898. Illus. 

Portr. 2732.69 

Contents. — i. Romische Denkmaler. — Alt- 
italische und etniskische Denkmaler. 

Biyant, William Qement. 

Interesting archaeological studies in and 

about Buffalo. [Buffalo, 1890.] 21 pp. 

= 2336.32 

Fine Arts. 

Berger, Ernst, painter. 1857- 
Quellen und Technik der Fresko-, Oel- und 
Tempera-Malerei des Mittelalters, von der 
byzantinischen Zeit bis einschliesslich der 
ffErfindung der Oelmalerei* durch die 
Briider van Eyck. Miinchen, 1897. Illus. 

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Catalogue of the private art collection of T. 
B. Clarke, New York; to be sold at pub- 
lic sale, February 14-17. N. Y., 1899. 


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A history of art for beginners and students. 

With complete indexes. N. Y., 1891. 3 

v. in I. Illus. 4076.102 

Custt Lionel. 

History of the- Society of dilettanti . . . ed- 
ited by Sidney Colvin. London, 1898. 
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Histoire de Tanatomie plastique. Paris. 
[1898.1 Illus. 8087.57 

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productions from Raphael, Poussin, Rem- 


brandt and others.] Paris. [i8— ?] 12 
pis. = 4062.39 

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Ausfiihriiches Handbuch der Photographic. 
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2, Heft 2, 3. 2. Ganzlich uragearbcitete 
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Gerhard, Friedrich Wilhelra Eduard, editor. 

Trinkschalen und Gefasse des Koniglichen 

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V. Pis. *Cab.8o. 197.2 

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Raphael. Translated by Campbell Dodgson. 
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Fuehrer durch die Bibliothek des Kunstge- 
werbe-Museums. 2. Auflage der ^An- 
leitung.* Berlin, 1896. 95 pp. 

No. 2 in *2i79.85 

Hauptwerke der Bibliothek des Kunstge- 
werbe-Museums . . . Berlin, 1896-98. 6 
parts in i y- *2 179.85 

Maeterlinck, Maurice. 

Exposition des oeuvres de Franz M. Mel- 
chers . . . novembre 1895. Preface de 
Maurice Maeterlinck, Paris. [1895.] 11 

pp. = 4079a.55 

Metropolitan museum of art, New York. 

Guide to the halls and galleries. N. Y., 
1894. 52 pp. Plans. = 8077.125 

Oakman, John, and others. 
Moral songs, for the instruction and amuse- 
ment of children. Phila., 1806. 48 pp. 


Four of the woodcuts bear the initial A, the 
mark used by Alexander Anderson; the others 
may be by him, although thev are not mentioned 
in the Catalogue of books illustrated by Ander- 
son, N. Y., 1885. 

Perabo, Ernst. 
A pictorial conception suggested by the re- 
marks before each movement of Beetho- 
ven's Pastoral symphony. Photograph. 
Buffalo. = *Cab.8o. 168.2 

Pope, Alexander. 
The rape of the lock. Embroidered with 
eleven drawings by Aubrey Beardsley. 
London, 1897. xix, 61 op. Pis. 

Reber, Franz von. 
Rom mit dem Triumphzuge Constantins im 
Jahre 312. Rundgemalde von J. Biihl- 
mann und Alex. Wagner. Beschrieben 
von F. von Reber. Miinchen, 18^, 94. 
2 v. Text. Atlas. = ♦8095.80 

Weber, Siegfried. 
Die Entwickelung des Putto in der Plastik 
der Friihrenaissance. Heidelberg, 1898. 
Pis. 8082.66 

Leipzig. [1897.] vi pp. 8 pis. [Meister- 
werke der Holzschneidekunst.] 

Whitman, Alfred. 

The masters of mezzotint. The men and 

their work. London, 1898. Portrs. Pis. 

The plates are mostly reproductions of famous 


Choisy, Francois Auguste. 1841- 
Histoire de Tarchitecture. Paris, 1899. 2 v. 

T Square dub, Philadelphia. 
Catalogue of the exhibition, and architec- 
tural annual for 1898. [Phila., 1899.] 
Illus. Portrs. = ^4092.70 

Landscape Gardening. 

Parsons, Samuel, jr. 
How to plan the home grounds. N. Y.^ 
1899. Illus. 



Agnew, Phihp Leslie. 
A run through "The Nibclung's ring. 
London, 18^ 82 pp. 4048.137 

Baur, J. 
Winke betreffend den Gcsanguntcrricht in 
der Volksschule. Ziirich, 1887. 3h (O 
pp. = 4045.37 

Beethoven, Ludwig van. 
Duos, Trios, Quartette, Quintette, Sextette, 
Septett, Concerte u. Symphonicn, fiir 
Pianoforte zu vier Handen arrangirt von 
Hugo Ulrich u. Rob. Wittmann. Leipzig. 
[i^?J = 8055.124 

Costeley, (juillaume. 
Musiquc. Premier fascicule. Paris, 1896. 


Doerffel. Alfred. 
Festschrift zur hundertjahrigen Jubclfcicr 
der Einweihung des Concertsaales im Ge- 
wandhause zu Leipzig. 25. November 
1781-25. November 1881. [Leipzig.] 1881. 
Pis. No. 2 in 4040-99 

Geschichte der Gewandhausconcerte zu 
Leipzig vom 25. November 1781 bis 25. 
November 1881. Leipzig, 1884. 

No. I in 4040.99 
Eisenberg, Ludwig. 
Johann Strauss. Ein Lebensbild. Leipzig, 
1894. Portrs. 40492.44 

Evans, David Emlyn. 
Alawon fy Ngwlad, The lays of my land: 
collected by Nicholas Bennett Arranged 
for harp or pianoforte. Newtown, 1896. 
2 V. Portrs. ♦404a 100 

Fletcher, Alice Cunningham, and Francis La 
A study of Omaha Indian music. Cam- 
bridge, 1893. [Archaeological and ethno- 
logiod papers of the Peabody museum.] 
= No. 5 in *4363.i27.i 

Freedberff, Louis. 
Der blmde Bettler. The beggar. [Lied. 
Bar. Mit Begleitung des Pianoforte.] 
Words by Morris Rosenfeld. Boston. 
[1898.] 3 pp. = 80500.127 

Kobb6, Gustav. 
To horse! Words after Robert Browning. 
N. Y., 1887. 5 pp. = No. 3 in *R.7.i 
Liszt, Franz. 
Briefwechsel zwischen Franz Liszt tmd 
Hans von Btilow. Hrsg. von La Mara 
[pseud.]. Leipzig, 1898. 4047.103 

i899 179 

Mackenzie, Alexander Campbell. to music. London. [1884.I (i), 8 pp. 

There's a woman like a dew-drop. Song = No. 14 in R.7.1 

from the tragedy "A blot in the 'scut- Vogel, Adolf Bernhard. 

cheon", by Robert Browning. London. Hans von Biilow. Sein Leben und sein 

[18&-?] 7 pp. = No. 4 in *R.7.i Entwickelungsgang. Leipzig, 1887. vi, 

Mason, Luther Whiting, and others. (0^ 69 pp. Portr. 40493.47 

Fifth reader. By Luther Whiting Mason, Weissheimer, Wendelin. 

James M. McLaug[hlin, George A. Veazie Erlebnisse mit Richard Wa^er, Franz Liszt 

and W. W. Gilchnst Boston, iSgf/, [The und vielen anderen Zeitgenossen, nebst 

educational music course. 1 = 8058.77 deren Briefen. Stuttgart, 1898. Portr. 

Sixth reader. By Luther Whiting Mason, 4048.144 
James M. McLaughlin, George A. Veazie 

and W. W. Gilchrist Boston, 1898. = supplementary list op the works added 


Medini, F. Roena. the month op june. 

The what and how of vocal culture. N. Y., 

1893. = P.84.577 AmCj Msurtini, and others. The songs, dia- 

Mozart, Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Ama- logue, duetts, trio, & marches in the histori- 

deus. cal romance of the Crusade. London. 

Trios, Quartette, Quintette, Concerte und Bach, J. S. Weihnachts-Oratorium . . . be- 

Symphonien. Fur Pianoforte zu 4 Han- arbeitet von Robert Franz. Text deutsch 

den arrangirt von Hugo Ulrich u. Rob. und englisch. Partitur mit unterlegtem 

Wittmann. Leipzig. [18&-?] 84 pp. = Qavierauszuge. Leipzig;. 

8055.123 Beethoven. Ouvertures choisies. Arrangees 

Neidlinger, W. H. pour piano et violon par W. Meves. Braun- 

The year's at the spring. [Song for soprano schweig. 

or tenor. Poem by Robert Browning.] Bull, Ole. Adagio religioso pour violon avec 

N. Y. [1895.] 5 pp. = No. 5 in *R.7.i orchestre ou piano. [Partition.] Ham- 

Ormerod, Helen J. bourg. 

How they brought the good news from Fantaisie et variations de bravoure sur un 

Ghent to Aix. Song for baritone. Words theme de Bellini pour violon avec orchestre. 

by Robert Browning. London. [18&-?] Hambourg. 

(i), 9 pp. = No. 6 in ^^7.1 Frederick the Great. Musikalische Werke. 

People's dioral union, New York. Leipzig. 

People's singing classes. [N. Y., 1896.] 31 Gilbert, Alfred. The commemoration ode, 
pp. 4059.60 written for the 300th anniversary of the 
Pittman, Josiah, and Colin Brown, editors. birth of Shakespeare. London. 
The songs of Scotland, a collection of 190 Haydn, Joseph. Symphonic No. 1-3 .. . fiir 
songs. London. [i88-?l = 8055.89 Pianoforte und Violine iibertragen von 
Reinagle, Caroline. Friedrich Hermann. Leipzig. 
Three songs composed to poetry by Robert Lachner, Franz. Quatuor IL Op. 76. [In- 
Browning. No. 2: I would that you were ^ .^?'"P^;^*,^1 Mayence. 

all to me. London. [18&-?] (i), 4 pp. Lmley, Thomas. Love m the East, or, adven- 

= No 7 in *R 7 I tures ol twelve hours. London. 

Rogers^ Qara Kathleen. ' Meves, W., editor Ouvertures poui piano 

Ah. love but a day. [Song. Words by] ^* J*^^^" ^^ ^^^"^' ^^".^^' Boieldieu, H^- 

Robert Browning. Boston, 1890. 5 PP. l?}\, Arrang6es pour piano et violon par 

= No 8 in ♦R 71 ^' M^ves. Braunschweig. 

The vear's at the soring rSone Words Paganini, N. Erstes Concert fiir Violine, 

by ""^^^nB^y^Z^f' B& K herausgegeben von Jean Becker Uipzig. 

3''pp -- No. 9 in *R.7.i —^^^^^ Quatuor en E majeur [for strings]. 

^^?^^^;.i5^!?*r** •♦u re t Raff. J.T^Erstegrosse Sonate fur Pianoforte 

Grow old along with me. [Song for mezzo- & vioHne. Op 73- Leipzig, 

^ranp. Words from Browning s Rabbi Raff.Album. 6 morceaux, pour violon et 

Ben Ezra.] N. Y., 1882. 3 PP. = pjano. Op. 85. London. 

r . , re> «o. 10 lu K.7.1 Rq^j^ p Conccrto No. 4 pour violon et piano. 

In a gondola. [Song for mezzo-soprano. Braunschweig 

Words by Robert Browning.] N. Y., _ Concerto No. 8 pour violon et piano. 

1882. 3 pp. = No. II in *R.7.i Braunschweig. 

The page sings to the queen [Song for Schubert-Album. Lieder und beriihmte Stucke 

mez2<>-soprano. Words from "Pippa ... fiir Violine und Piano. Braunschweig. 

passes by Robert Browning.] N. Y., Viotti, J. B. Concerto No. 22 pour violon et 

1882. 7 pp. = No. 12 in *R.7.i piano. Braunschweig. 

This is the spray the bird clung to. [Song Weber, C. M. von. Ouvertures choisies de C. 

for mezzo-soprano. Words by Robert M. von Weber. Arrangees pour piano et 

Browning.] N. Y., 1882. 5 pp. = violon par W. Meves. Braunschweig. 

No. 13 in *R.7.i Wilhelmj, August. Romanze fiir Violine mit 

Stanford, Charles Villiers. Orchester- oder Klavierbegleitung. Parti- 

Prospice. Poem by Robert Browning. Set tur. Berlin. 


Geography. Travels. 

Asia. Africa. Oceanica. Polar 


Alcan, Eugene. 
Les cannibales et leur temps. Souvenirs de 
la campaffne de I'Oc^anie sous le com- 
mandant Marceau. Paris, 1SS7, 3040a. 184 
Bordeaux, Albert 
Rhod6sie et Transvaal. Impressions de 
voyage. Paris, 1898. Pis. 5059a. 139 

Bruyas, Emile. 
Deux mois 4 Ceylon. Lyon, 1898. Illus. 
Map. 3040a. 147 

Chambre de commerce, Lyons, France. 
La mission lyonnaise d'exploration commer- 
dale en Chine, 1895-1897. Lyon, 18^ 
Illus. Maps. 3010a. 1 15 

Ehlers, Otto E3hren fried. 
Im Osten Asiens. 3te Auflage. Berlin, 
1896. Pis. Portr. Maps. 3018.149 

Travels in China, Corea and Mongolia. 

Eraser, Mary Crawford. 
Letters from Japan. N. Y., 1899. 2 v. 
Illus. 3015.143 

Great Northern railway. Passenger depart- 
Greater America. A brief description of 
the new Pacific colonies of the United 
States and how to reach them. [St Paul, 
1899.] 45 pp. Illus. Maps. = 3049a. 174 
Hurabielle, Jean. 
Au pays du bleu. Biskra et les oasis en- 
vironnantes. Paris, 1899. 3058. 18B 

Jepson, Edffar, and David Beames. 
On the edge of the empire. N. Y., 1899. 


Stories oi native life on the northwest trontier 
oi India. 

Lewis, Agnes Smith. 
In the shadow of Sinai. A story of travel 
and research from 1895 to 1897. Cam- 
bridge, 1898. Illus. 3059.191 
Nicolas, yictor fileuther Renold. 
L'exp6dition du Dahomey en 1890 avec un 
aoergu g6ographique et historique. Paris, 
1892. Maps. 3056.165 
Oppert, Ernst. 
Ostasiatische Wanderungen. Skizzen und 
Erinnerungen aus Indien, China, Japan 
und Korea. Stuttgart. [18^.] 3019.139 
Percy, Henry Algernon George, Lord Wark- 
Notes from a diary in Asiatic Turkey. Lon- 
don, 1898. Pis. Map. 3084.123 
Piolet, J. B. 
Douze leQons k la Sorbonne sur Madagas- 
car. Paris, 1898. 3055.153 
Proust de la Gironiere, Paul. 
Vingt annees aux Philippines. Souvenirs 
de Jala-Jala. Paris, 1853. PI. Map. 

3049a. 162 

An English translation is on shelf-no. 5049a.69. 

Stoddard, Charles Warren. 
A cruise under the crescent, from Suez to 
San Marco. Chicago. [1898.] Illus. 



White, Arthur Silva. 
From Sphinx to oracle. Throufl^ the 
Libyan desert to the oasis of Jupiter 
Ammon. London. 1899. nias. Maps. 



Edwards. Frederick George. 
Musicsu haunts in London. London. [1895.] 
(4), S8 pp. Illus, Portrs. 2497.145 

Grad, Charles. 
L' Alsace: le p^s et ses habitants. Paris, 
1899. Illus. Portr. Maps. 4861.70 

Oppenheim, Edwin Camillo. 
New climbs in Norway. An account of 
some ascents in the Sondmore district 
London, 1898. Illus. 4B67.33 

Schlesinger, Max. 
Saunterings in and about London. The 
English edition by Otto Wenckstem. Lon- 
don, 1853. Pis. 219S-II 
Sights and scenes in Ireland. London. [1899?] 


Terhune, William L. 

My friend the captain :^ or, two Yankees in 

Europe. A descriptive story of a tour. 

N. v., 1898. Portrs. = 2278.80 

Bernard, Marius. 

Au Pays des dollars. Paris, 1893. 2369.116 
Cordemoy, C. de. 

Au Chili. Paris, 1899. Illus. 4362.192 

Detroit. Common council. 

A part of Detroit through the lens. [De- 
troit.] 1898. Portrs. Pis. Maps. 

Firmat, Ignacio. 

Una excursion al Gran Chaco. Buenos 

Aires. 1879. 65, (0 pp. = 4366.176 

Hespel d'Harponville, Gustave, vicomte d*. 

La reine des Antilles, ou situation actuelle 

de rile de Cuba. Paris, 185a Maps. 

Kessler, Harry Klemens Ulrich, Graf von. 
Notizen iiber Mexico. Berlin, 1898. Pis. 

Morelet, Arthur. 

Voyage dans I'Am^rique Centrale, Tile de 

Cuba et le Yucatan. Paris, 1857. 2 v. 

Illus. Map. 4361.164 

Smet, Pierre Jean de. 
Missions de T Oregon et voyases dans les 

Montagues Rocheuses en 1845 et 1846. 

Traduit de Tanglais par M. Bonriez. 

Paris, 184a Pis. ^4369^. 162 

Smith, Frederic M. 
Boston through the photographic camera: 

Commonwealth Avenue and its residenoes. 

Boston. [187-?] = '*'4450.i3B 

The book consists of 99 motuited ph ot ogi a t^ of 
Commonwealth Avenue and its houses. Tnerc is 
no text. 

Smith, Minna Caroline. 
Our own country. N. Y., 1898. lUos. 



Texarkana gateway, The, to Texas and the 
Southwest Issued jointly by the Iron 
mountain route, the Cotton belt route, the 
Texas & Pacific railway, and the Inter- 
national & Great northern railroad. 1896. 
St. Louis. [i8g6.] Illus. Maps. = 


Language. Rhetoric, 

Knabe, G. J. 
Wie pflegt das deutsche Volk seine teure 
Muttersprache, und Wie kann die Schule 
diese Arbeit fordem helfen? Weinheim, 
1898. 2886.84 

Loqman berbere. Avec quatre glossaires et 
une etude sur la 16gende de Loqman par 
Ren6 Basset. Paris, 1890. 3032.164 

Noack, Fritz. 
Der Stroohenausgang in seinem Verhaltnis 
zum Refrain und Strophengrundstock in 
der refrainhaltigen altfranzosischcp Lyrik. 
Marburg, 1899. ♦6686.62.98 

Noulens, Joseph. 
La flahuto gascouno. Seguido d'un bocabu- 
lari gascoun. Paris, 1897. 46B6.80 

Smiley, James Brady, and Helen Landon 
The beginner's Latin book. N. Y. [1808.] 
Illus. = 2939.30 

Uhlenbeck, C. C. 
A manual of Sanskrit phonetics. London, 
1898. 295574 


Bibliography. Libraries. Books and 


Academic royale des sciences, des lettres et 
des beaux-arts de Belgique, Brussels. 
[Publications acad6miques et ouvrages non 
publics par I'Academie d'fidouard Fran- 
cois Dupont] [Bruxelles, 1896. 1 10 pp. 
= *6i79a.20 

Bierstadt, Edward Hale. 

Catalogue of [his] library . . . sold at auc- 
tion April, 1897. N. Y. [1897.] Portr. 
= ♦6140.35 

A collection . . . rich in old English poetry and 
drama, particularly of the 17th century. 

Brunet y Bellet, Josep. 

L'escriptura, lo gravat, Timprempta, lo 
llibre. Barcelona, 1898. ♦6112.80 

Guild of women binders. 

Catalogue of an exhibition of bookbindings 
by the guild of women binders and the 
Hampstead bindery. [Second exhibition.] 
[London^ 1898.] 39 pp. Illus. Portrs. = 


Koeniglich - preussische Friedrich Wilhelms 

Universitat, Berlin. 

Verzeichnis der Lesesaal- und Handbiblio- 

thek in der Universitats-Bibliothek zu 

Berlin. 3. Ausgabe. Berlin, 1898. 



Monet, A. L. 
Machines typographiques et proc6d^s d'im- 
oression. 3e edition entierement refondue. 
Paris, i8sd. Illus. 61 11. 106 

Niagara Falls, N. Y. Public librarv. 
Finding list, 1899. [Niagara Falls.] 1899. 
= ♦6156.122 

Ranck, Samuel H. 
Need of additional copyright depositories. 
Baltimore. [1898.] 19 op. = 6197.47 
Roth, Philipp. 
Fiihrer durch die Violoncell-Litteiatur. 2. 
vermehrte Ausgabe bearbeitet von Carl 
Hull week. Leipzig, 1898. ♦2179.71 

Worcester, Mass. Free public library. [Wor- 
cester.] 1899. 8 pp. = ♦2172.116 

Arabic Literature. 

Hartmann, Paul Wilhelm Martin. 
Das arabische Strohengedicht. i. Das Mu- 
wassah. Weimar, 1897. 5074.72.13,14 

English and American Literature. 

Bell, Henry Thomas Mackenzie. 

Pictures of travel and other poems. Bos- 
ton, 1898. Portr. Pis. 4568.187 
Bridges, Robert Seymour. 

On the prosody of Paradise Regained and 
Samson Agonistes. [Anon.] Oxford, 
1889. 12 pp. = 2559.47 

Browning, Robert. 

The Agamemnon of iEschylus. La Saisiaz. 
Dramatic idyls. Jocoseria. [Camberwell 
edition.] Edited by Charlotte Porter and 
Helen A. Clarke. N. Y. [1898.] 4569. i97 

Balaustion's adventure. Aristophanes's apo- 
^ogy. [Camberwell edition.] Edited by 
Charlotte Porter and Helen A. Clarke. 
N. Y. [1898.] 4569.194 

Ferishtah's fancies. Parleyings with certain 
people. Asolando. [Camberwell edition.] 
Edited by Charlotte Porter and Helen A. 
Clarke. N. Y. [1898.] Portr. 4569. 198 

Men and women. In a balcony. Dramatis 
personae. [Camberwell edition.] Edited 
by Charlotte Porter and Helen A. Clarke. 
N. Y. [1898.] 4569.192 

Pauline. Paracelsus. Pippa passes. King 
Charles. [Camberwell edition.] Edited 
by Charlotte Porter and Helen A. Clarke. 
N. Y. [1898.] 4569.188 

Prince Hohenstiel-Schwani?au. Fifine at 
the fair. Pacchiarotto, etc. [Camberwell 
edition.] Edited by Charlotte Porter and 
Helen A. Clarke. N. Y. ^898. J Portr. 

Red cotton night-cap country. The inn 
album. The two poets of Croisic. [Cam- 
berwell edition.] Edited by Charlotte 
Porter and Helen A. Garke. N. Y. 
[1898.1 Portr. 4569.196 

The return of the Druses. A blot in the 
the 'scutcheon. Colombe's birthday. 
Luria. A soul's tragedy. [Camberwell 
edition.] Edited by Charlotte Porter and 
Helen A. Qarke. N. Y. [1898.] Portr. 


1 82 

Strafford. Sordello. [Camberwell edition.] 
Edited by Charlotte Porter and Helen A. 
Qarke. N. Y. [1898.] Portr. 4569.189 
Buckinghap, Elinor M., editor. i 

The revival of English poetry in the Nine- 
teenth century. Selections from Words- 
worth, Coleridge, Shelley, Keats and 
Byron. N. Y., 1898. Portrs. 4568.143 
Carr, Elbridge Gerry. 
Poems. Rumford Falls, Maine, 1898. 51 
pp. Portr. = 4399ia,i74 

Culbertson, Anne Virginia. 
Lays of a wandering minstrel. Phila., 1896. 
= P.85.207 

Fait, Garence Manning. 
Points of interest of Gloucester in song. 
[Poems.] Boston, 1894. Portr. Pis. 

4391. 1 16 

Guiney, Louise Imogen. 

A little English gallery. N. Y., 1894. Portr. 

= 2549a.ii5 

Kimball, Hannah Parker. 

Victory and other verses. Boston, 1897. = 

Mabie, Hamilton Wright. 

In the forest of Arden. Decorated by Will 
H. Low. N. Y., 1898. 4403.165 

Medini, F. Roena. 
Love's hymnal. [Poems.] Cambridge, 1896. 
Portr. = P.85.577.1 

Morris, William. 
The well at the world's end. [Printed by 
William Morris at the Kelmscott press, 
. . . Hammersmith, 1896.] 4 illus. by 
Burne-Jones. *4570.ii3 

Nye, Edgar Wilson, and James Whitcomb 
Nye and Riley's wit and humor. (Poems 
—yarns.) By Bill Nye and James Whit- 
comb Riley. N. Y. [1896?] Illus. 
Portrs. 4402.161 

Peabody^ Josephine Preston. 
The wayfarers. [Poems.] Boston, 1898. 
(11), 83 pp. = P.85.678 

Rollins, Alice Wellington. 
The story of Azron. N. Y., 1895. (i), 21 

«• = P.85.758 

Schaffner, Alfred. 

Lord Byron's Cain und seine Quellen. 

Strassburg, 1880. (i), 48 pp. 2557.29 
Shuey, Lillian flinman. 

California sunshine. [Poems.] Oakland, 

1889. = P.85.820 
Shuman, Lilian Gertrude. 
From me to you. [Poems.] Boston, 1898. 

= P.85.822 
Watson, William, of Liverpool. 

Collected poems. [2d edition.] London, 

1899- 2569.1^5 
Weeden, Howard. 

Shadows on the wall. [Poems in negro 

dialect] Huntsville, Ala., 1899. Pis. 


French Literature. 

Doumic. Ren6. 
Contemporary French novelists. Authorized 


translation by Mary D. Frost N. Y. 

ri&)9.1 Portrs. 465oa.79 

Jouin, Henry. ^ . ^ 

Vucs de profil. Paris. [1897.] 46sob.63 

Contents. — Benjamin Constant — Meisaonier. 

— Amile MicheL — PuvU de Chavannes. — L. 
Royer. — Jules Thomas. — Louis-NocL — Max 
Bourgeois. — H. Cros. — Richard MandL — 
Charles Blanc. — At Parrocel. — A. de Mon- 
Uiglon. — Abraham. — L. Pat*. — A. Mafllard. 

— Lecomte-du-Nouy. — Saint-Victor. 
Lefranc, Abel. 

Lcs id6es religieuses de Marguerite de Na- 
varre d'apres son oeuvrc po^tiquc [Lcs 
Marguerites et les Demicrcs po^,sies]. 
Paris, 185^. Portr. 2672.181 

Lerberghe, Charles van. 
Entrevisions. [Probltocs.] Brussels, 1898. 

Lichtenstein, Gustav. 
Vergleichendc Untersuchung uber die 
jungeren Bearbeitungen der Chanson de 
Girart de Viane. Im Atihang: Kapitel- 
iiberschriften der Dresdener Hss. O. 81 
hrsg. von E. Stengel. Marburg. 1899. 72 
pp. ♦6686.62,97 

German Literature. 

Br6al, Michel Jules Alfred. 

Deux Etudes sur Goethe. Un officier de 

Tancienne France. Lcs personnages ori- 

ginaux de la "Fille naturcllc," Paris, 

1898. 4878.42 

Fischer, Johann Georg. 

Den deutschen Frauen. Gedichte. Neue 

Folge. Stuttgart, 1869. 6909.15 

Neue Gedichte. Stuttgart, 1865. 6909.14 

Greek and Latin Literature, 

Alma, Laurentius. 
Studia in Plutarchi vitas Galbae et QthoniSs 
Snecae, 1897. = 3008.60 

Haagens. (Abraham Joseph. 
De Hippolvtis Euripideis. Lfigduni-Bata- 
vorum, 1898. = 2996.40 

Nijhuis, Gerhardus Janus. 
De Pharsaliae heroe. Dotocomiae, 1897. = 

Owen, Sidney George, and John Swinnerton 
Mvsa davda. Translations into Latin ele- 
g^iac verse. Oxford, 1898. xiv, 70 pp. 

The Laches of Plato. Introduction, trans- 
lation and notes by A. Lloyd. Port Hope, 
1891. (I,) 30 pp. = 30090.84 

Icelandic Literature. 

Poestion, Josef Calasanz. 
Islandische Dichter der Neuzeit in Charak- 
teristiken iund ubersetzten Proven ihrer 
Dichtung. Leipzig, 1897. 4876.26 


Italian Literature. 

Buonarroti, Michelangelo. 
Die Dichtungen des Michelagniolo Buonar- 
roti herausgegeben und mit kritischem 
Apparate versehen von Carl Frey. Berlin, 
i8c^. Ulus. Portrs. 477i*i3 

Ltizio, Alessandro. 

Studi Folenghiani. Firenze, 1899. 4775-92 
Torraca, Francesco. 
Manuale della letteratura italiana. 3a edi- 
zione. I^renze, 1894-96. 5 parts in 3 v. 


Judaeo-German Literature. 

Wiener, Leo. 
The history of Yiddish literature in the 
Nineteenth century. N. Y., 1899. 3033.150 

Bibliography, pp. 355-389. 

Spanish Literature. 

Paris, Gaston Bruno Paulin. 

La 16gende des Infants de Lara. Paris, 
1898. 28 pp. 3091.129 

A review of Ram6n Men6nde« Pidal's La leyenda 
de I08 Infantes de Lara. 

Prieto, Guillermo. 

Versos in6ditos. Mexico, 1879. 2 v. in i. 

Pis. 4396.28 

Tamil Literature. 

Madanakamaraj a. 

The Dravidian nights entertainments: be- 
ing the translation of Madanakamaraj an- 
kadai fan anonymous Tamil wor)c]. By 
S. M. Natesa Sastri. Madras, 1886. 


Drama. Shakespeare. 

Banville, Theodore Faullain de. 
Riquet i la Houppe. Com6die feerique. 
Paris, 1884. [Poemes in6dits.J 4669a.77 
Brandl, Alois, editor. 
Qudlen des weltlichen Dramas in England 
vor Shakespeare. £in Erganzungsband 
zu Dodsle/s Old English plays. Strass- 
burg, 1898. *2902.5o.8o 

Fishley, Edward E. 
A Shakespearian tract. The Tempest. 
Boston, 1898. (9) pp. = 45993.176 

Hasty Pudding club, Harvard college. 

Spring theatricals, 1897, April 29, 30, and 
May I, 3, and 4. ["The flying Dutchmen." 
Programme.] [Cimbridge, 1897. 1 = 

Hauptmann, Gerhart Johann Robert 
Fuhrmann Henschel. Schauspid. Berlin, 

1899- 68993.74 

Kohut, Adolph. 

Das Dresdner Hoftheater in der Gegenwart. 

Dresden, 1888. Portrs. 2847.84 

Muench-Bellinghausen, Eligius Franz Joseph, 

Freiherr von. 

Begum Somru, Trauerspid von Friedrich 

Halm [Pseud.]. Leipzig. [1898.] 84 pp. 

No. 3 in 4896.50.396 


Ponsard, Francois. 

Charlotte Corday. A tragedy. With intro- 

troduction and notes by Arthur R. Ropes. 

Cambridge, 1899. [Pitt press series.] 


Saegelken, Heinrich. 

Ben Jonson's Romer-Dramen. Bremen, 

1880. 43 pp. 2557.28 

Sudermann, Hermann. 

Die drei Reiherfedem. Ein dramatisches 

Gedicht. 6. Auflage. Stuttgart, 1899. 


Treptow, Leon, and Louis Herrmann. 

Unser Dqlctor. Volksstuck mit Ges3ng. 

Leipzig. [1898.] 4896.50.396 

words only. 

Ward, Adolphus William. 
A history of English dramatic literature to 
the death of Queen Anne. New and re- 
vised edition. London, 1899. 3 v. 2573.69 


Asmus, F., and O. Knoop, editors. 
Sagen und Erzahlungen 3us dem Kreise 
Kolberg-Korlin. Kolberj^, 1898. 2906.78 

Medicine. Hygiene. 


Americ3n hum3ne association. 
Abstract of the report on vivisection adopted 
Sept. 26, 1895. N. p. [1895.] 16 pp. = 

Beigel, Hermann. 

The human hair: its structure, growth, 
diseases, and their treatment. London, 
1869. Illus. = 37993.110 

Bihier, Winfried. 

Beitrsge zur Lehre von Augenm3ss fiir 
Winkel. Biihl, 1896. 31 op. Ch3rts. 

Bok3i, j3nos. 

Under wh3t circumstsnces do pushing down 
pseudo-membrane and occlusion of the 
tube t3ke plsce in O'Dwyer's intub3tion? 
Tr3nsl3ted ... by E. M. Plummer. 
[Boston, 1899.] 12 pp. Illus. = 3796.81 
Buetschli, Otto. 
Untersuchungen iiber Strukturen, insbeson- 
dere iiber Strukturen nichtzelliger Er- 
zeupiisse des Orgsnismus und iiber ihre 
Beziehungen zu Strukturen, welchc 3uss- 
6rh3lb des Orgsnismus entstehen. Leip- 
zig, 1898. Text; Atl3s. 3790.107 
Burrsge, W3lter Lincoln. 
The immedi3te 3nd remote results of seven- 
ty-one Alex3nder 3nd seventy-one sus- 
pensio-uteri operstions. [Boston, 1898.] 
24 pp. = 3776.76 
Children s hospit3l, Boston. Tr3ining school 
for nurses. 
[Prospectus.] [Boston.] 1898. 12 pp. = 



Gould, George Milbry. 
The practical adjustment of spectacles. 
[Kansas City, Mo., 1892. 1 7 pp. = 

Heg, James E. 
Wisconsin county asylums for the chronic 
insane. Madison, 1896. 14 pp. = 


Hubbell, Alvin Allace. 
A plea for the general use of measures to 
prevent ophthalmia neonatorum. [Buffalo, 
1897.1 10 pp. = 3802.143 

India. Home department 
The plague in India, 1896, 1897. Compiled 
by R. Nathan. Simla, 1898. 4 v. Maps. 
Charts. = 3791.126 

Journal de physiologic et de oatholog^e gcn6- 
rale. T. i, no. i. Janvier 1899. Paris, 
1899. Illus. ♦3762.83 

KoUmann, Julius. 
Die Herstellung der Teichmann'schen In- 
jectionsmassen. [Jena, 1895.] 12 pp. = 

Ueber Spina bifida und Canalis neurenteri- 
cus. [Jena, 1893.] 23 pp. Illus. = 

Lambert pharmacal company. 
Listerine. For the prophylaxis and general 
antiseptic treatment of disease. St. Louis. 
[189-?] 32 pp. Illus. = 7767.87 

Mclntire, Charles. 
Personal circular to the Fellows of the 
American academy of medicine, [dated] 
July 21, 1898. Easton, Pa., 1898. (3) pp. 
= 7732.20 

Marlow, Frank William. 
Painless panophthalmitis following cathe- 
terization for retention due to enlarged 
prostate. Death from abscess of the 
brain. Incomplete paralysis of both third 
nerves of sudden and simultaneous onset. 
[St. Louis.] 1897. 4 pp. = 3807.145 

Morton, William James. 
"Cataphoresis," or electric medicamental 
diffusion, as applied in medicine, surgery 
and dentistry. N. Y., i8q8. Illus. 


Parlaghy, Vilnia. 

A powerful and pathetic appeal [against 
vivisection]. [London, 1898.] 4 pp. = 

Piekema, Johannes. 
Over ^ezichtsscherpte bij verschil van ver- 
lichtmg. Arnheim. [1898.] 70, (i) pp. 

= 3807.48 

Quincke, Heinrich, and Geors: Hoppe-Seyler. 
Die Krankheiten der I^ber. Wien. 1899. 
[Specielle Pathologie und Therapie.] 

♦3782. 147, Th. I 
Satler, Robert. 
The diaenostic importance of double optic 
neuritis in focal lesions of the nervous 
system. [Cincinnati. 1806.] 9 pp. = 


Steiner, Isidor. 

Die Functionen des Central nervensystems 

und ihre Phylogenese. Braunschweig, 

1885-08. 3 V. in I. Illus. 3802.140 

Verworn. Max. 

General physiology. An outline of the sci- 


encc of life. Translated . . . by F. S. 

Lee. London, 1899. Illus. 3824.45 

Wood, Horatio Curtis. 

Neurological lectures and addresses. [Phila., 

189-.] Illus. = 7801.84 


Barnes, Henry Jabez. 
The arid atmosphere of our houses in win- 
ter. Concord, N. H., 1898. 12 pp. = 



Boulenger^ George Albert 
The tailless batrachians of Europe. Lon- 
don, 1897. 2 V. Illus. Maps, [Ray so- 
ciety.] *388o.35 
Brackenbusch, Luis, 
Los fosiles: su origen € importancia para 
la ciencia. C6rdoba, 1875- 22 pp. = 

California academy of sciences. 
Announcement concerning the publications 
. . . [San Francisco.^ 1896?] (8) pp. 
= 5302.4 

Campbell, George Douglas, 8th duke of Ar- 
Organic evolution cross-examined. London, 

1898. 3828.92 

Dabney, Charles William, jr. 

A national department of science necessary 

for the coordination of the scientific work 

of the United States government [N. Y.J 

1897. 13 pp. = 5592.34 
Earl, Alfred. 

The living organism: an introduction to 

biology. London, 1898. 382a95 

Eldik, Anthony van. 

Metingen van de capillaire stijhoogte der 

vloeibare phase van een mengsel van twee 

stoffen bei evenwicht met de gasphase. 

Leiden, 1808. 87 pp. Pis. = 5976-56 

Hoffmann, Ralph. 

Twenty-six common birds. To accompany 

Audubon bird charts. Boston, 1899. 27 

pp. = 3909.37 

Common birds of eastern Massachusetts. 

Jones, Harry Gary, translator and editor. 
The modem theory of solution. Memoirs 
by Pfeffer, Van 't Hoff, Arrhcnius, and 
Raoult. N. Y., 1899. IHus. 3976.148 

Kalender fiir Geologen, Palaontologen tmd 
Minerjdogen. Hrsg. von Dr. K. Keilhack. 
Jahrg. 2. 1899. Leipzig, 1899. Portr. 

Kobelt, Wilhelm. 
Die Gattung Cerithium Lam. Ntimberg, 

1898. Pis. [Martini und Chen.nitz. Sys- 
tematisches Conchylien-Cabinctl = 

♦3876.50.1, part 26 

I^s, Hendrik Cornel is. 

De voortplantingssnelheid van het gduid 

in dampen, 's Gravenhage, 1897. 09 pp. 

= 5913.14 


Muter, John. 
A short manual of analytical chemistry . . . 
following the course of instruction gfiven 
in the . . . South London school of phar- 
macy. 8th edition. London, 1898. Dlus. 

North Carolina. Geological survey. 
Bulletin. No. i, 6, ^li, 13. Raleigh [etc], 
1893-97. Illus. Maps. = *786i.47 

Parsons, Frances Theodora. 

How to know the ferns. N. Y., 1899. 

Illus. 3845.7s 

Peckham, George W., and Elizabeth Gifford 


On the instincts and habits of the solitary 

wasps. Madison, Wis., 1898. [Wisconsin. 

Geological and natural history survey.] = 

Roth, Ernst 
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Legons elementaires sur la theorie des 
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♦♦E.5 129.38 
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Tables pour faciliter Tapplication do la me- 
thode des moindres carres. Communica- 
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New Orleans, 1847. 33 op- = 5968.39 

A lecture on the upper atmosphere, niuon, etc., 
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Annual catalogt;e of the Chicago college of 
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University of Toronto. 

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The stars and stripes: a patriotic souvenir 

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Bedford, Mass. [New Bedford.] 1898. 

8 pp. = 4456.153 

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The Christian life, social and individual. 
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The book of the prophet Daniel, harmonized 
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[Charles Adelle Lewis Totten]. New 
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♦Cab.34.21. 1, Chart 

One chart contains the translation from the He- 
brew, the other irom the Chaldaic. 

Same. Illus. 2 charts, folded. 

♦Cab.34.21.2, Chart 
Campbell, Rev. Duncan. 

Hymns and hymn makers. London, 1898. 

Garidge, Richard. 

Melius inquirendum : or an answer to a 


book of Edward Cockson . . . mis-in- 
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London, 1706. *7554.i2 

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deceased ministers and others of the 
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New- Jersey, and parts adjacent. London, 
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i85». 3466.64 

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3 pa Illus. = 3542.74 

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The redemption of Africa. A story of civi- 
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Almost exclusively an account oi African mis- 

Paravicini, Frances de. 
Life of_St. Edmund of Abingdon, Arch- 
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Historical discourse in commemoration of 
the one hundredth anniversary of the 
Missionary society of Connecticut. Hart- 
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Here and there in the Greek New Testa- 
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Sanctuaires d'Orient. figypte — Grece — 
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A manual of patrology: being a concise ac- 
count of the chief persons, sects, orders, 
etc. in Christian history, from the first 
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N. Y., 1899. Map. 355376 
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One hundred years. Being the short history 
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Saint .FranQois de Sales: introduction a 
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The doctrine of the Twelve Apostles. 

Translated by Charles Bigg. London, 

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Thomas i Kempis. 

The imitation of Christ, called also The 
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notes, and introduction by C. Bigg. Lon- 
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Use, The, of Sarum. [Part i.] Cambridge, 
1898. Plan. 3464.66 

Contents. — The Sarum customs ts set t<Mth in 
the consuetudinary and customsry. The original 
[Latin] texts edited from the icas., by W. H. 



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Law. Legislation . 

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The Virgmia state bar association. Annual 

address, "Relation of the American bar to 

the state." Richmond, 1898. 30 pp. 

Portr. = 563539 

Useful and Industrial 


Arkwright, John P., editor. 
Cabinet-making for amateurs ... By va- 
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Street-paving in Sydney. Sydney, N. S. W., 
1895- (i), 27 pp. Map. Plan. Pis. 

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On the springing and adjusting of watches 
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Buchanan's gear chart, for the use of 
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pp. Pis. 8014.186 

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Telegraphic code. London, 1886. Z7 PP- = 

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Petroleum motor-cars. London, 1898. Illus. 

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Signalling across si>ace without wires. New 
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72 pp. Illus. 7969.85 

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Die Ingenieurtechnik im Alterthum. Ber- 
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Iron making in Alabama. 2d edition. 
Montgomery, Ala., 1898. 5872.70 
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Continuation of experiment in propagating 
eastern oysters on the Oregon coast: Re- 
port of work, summer of 1898. [Eugene, 
Oregon, 1898.] (5) pp. Illus. = 


Williams^ James H., & co., Brooklyn N. Y. 

Bicycle drop-forgings. 1894^ [1896/7, and] 

Supplement to 1896/7. Brooklyn, 1894- 

(97]. 3 parts. Ulus. = 8039.45 


Agriculture. Domestic Animals. 

Bordiga, Oreste. 
Economia rurale. Parte i. Milano. [1898.] 

Dog, The, and how to breed, train and keep 

him. Boston, 1894. 65 pp. Illus. = 

Jekyll, Gertrude. 

Wood and garden. Notes and thoughts of 
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On the forestry conditions of northern Wis- 
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Histoire de la pomme de terre. Paris, 1898. 
Illus. 3991.132 

Military and Naval Art, Science, 
and History. 

Gray, Thomas, assistant secretary to the Board 
of trade, London. 
Regulations for preventing collisions at sea. 
London, 1872. 63 pp. Pis. = 3956.35 
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The navy in the war of the American Revo- 
lution. [Washington? 1898.] 15 pp = 

4414. 126. 1 
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Batailles frangaises. [Tome] 2, 3. Paris. 
[1898.] 2 V. Illus. Portrs. Maps. 

Money, Hernando De Soto. 
Shall we have a navy? Speech in the House 
of representatives, February 15, 1895. 
16 pp. = 4228.62 

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The United States of Europe on the eve of 
the Parliament of peace. N. Y., 1899. 
Portrs. Maps. Pis. 2308.45 

War emergency relief board, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Report, June, 1898-November, 1898. [Cleve- 
land, 1898.] = *442oa.99 
Wilmot, Sydney Marow Eardley-. 
Life of Vice-admiral Edmund, Lord Lyons. 
With an account of naval Qperations in 
the Black sea and Sea of Azoff 1854-56. 
London, 1898. Portrs. Pis. Maps. 


Amusements. Games. 


Ayers, Edward T. 

Bowls, bowling greens, bowl playing. 2d 

edition. London, 1894. Pis. 4009.239 
Bicycling world, The. Vol. i, no. i. Boston, 

1879. 16 pp. No. 2 in ♦6001.48 

1 88 

Knickerbocker athletic club, New York. 
Amateur billiard championship of America. 

(Class A.) Souvenir. [N. Y.. 1899] Le^,?a8^<^» -^^^.^Sl^- 
71^ (i) pp. Illus. Portr. 4009.228 ''•" - * '"•• •"• 

Rehfus, Carl. 
Durch norwegische Jagdgrtinde. Von Ober- 
lander f Pseud.]. Neudamm, 1899. Illus. 



In Spanish. 

Historia de Gil Bias de Santillana. Tradu- 
cida al castellano por el Padre Isla. Leip- 
zig, 1883. 2 V. **D.26oa.ii7 
Perez Gald6s, Benito. 

Zumalacarregui. Madrid, 1898. 3099.185 

A story of the Carlists. 


In Dutch. 

Marez, Hendrik de. 
De bruid van Quinten Metsys. Een ver- 
haaltje. Antwerpen. [1894.] (i). 76 pp. 


In EngUsh. 

King, Charles. 
From school to battle-field. A story of the 
war days. Phila., 1899. Pis. 77.127 

A trooper Galahad. Phila., 1899. 68.17 

McManus, Blanche. 
Told in the twilight. Stories to tell to chil- 
dren. N. Y. [1898.] Pis. 77.121 
Moles worth. Mary Louisa. 
Mary and My new home. N. Y., 1896. 


In French. 

Leclercq. Paul. 
L'^toile rouge. [Nouvelles.] Paris, 1898. 

Verne, Jules. 
Michel Strogoff . . . Paris. [189-?] 2 v. 
Illus. Map. 2676.228 

In German. 

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Aus dem Officierleben. Humoristische 
Bilder. Berlin, 1863. 6897.60 

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Die erste Schwalbe und andere Erzahlungen. 
Aus dem Ungarischen iibersetzt von Ernst 
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Jahn, Ernst Reinhold. 

Die beiden Englander. Humoreske. Leip- 
zig. [1898.] 94 pp. 4896.50.396 
Jerome, Jerome Klapka. 

Die miissigen Gedanken ernes Miissigen. 
Ubersetzt nach dem 132. Tausend von 
Fritz Heilbron. Leipzig. [1898.] 

Roemhild, Willy. 

Magyaren. Teil i. Dresden, 1899. 4879a.40 

Thoma, Ludwig. 

Agricola. Bauerngeschichten. Passau, 1897. 

Illus. 6897.198 

In Swedish. 

Lagerldf, Selma. 
Antikristens Mirakler. Roman. [Kj^fben- 
havn.] 1897. 4909b. 121 

Scholander, Fredrik Vflhclm. 
Fjolners saga. Berattad och ritad af Acha- 
rius [pseud.]. Stockholm, 1866. 32 ff. 
Illus. 2902.27 

Luisella. En qvinnomodells 5den. Skil- 
dringar ur Konstnarslifvet, af Acharius 
[pseud.]. Stockholm. [1867.] 4909b. 127 
Wetterbergh, Carl Anton. 
Penningar och arbete. Genremilning af 
Onkel Adam [pseud.]. Stockholm. [1893.] 

4909b. 123 

Periodicals. Annuals. 

Ilustraci6n espafiola y americana. 
Almanaque-ilbum para el alio de 1899. 

Compuesto 'por Don Antonio Garrido. 

Madrid, 1898. Illus. *7300.75 

Kadimoh. [**TDMp| A magazine in Hebrew. 

Published monthly by Grerson Rosenzweig. 

Vol. I, no. I. N. Y., 1899. *7354.20 

Associations. Clubs. 

American historical association. 
Circular letter to members [on the publica- 
tion of the American historical review]. 
[Baltimore, 1898.] (3) pp. = 4361.162 
Bamicoat fire association, Boston. 
Constitution and by-laws. [Boston, 1898.] 

31 PJP. = 44S9a.i73 

Colonial society of Massachusetts. 
[Statement of the treasurer in regard to the 
Gould memorial fund. Boston, 1898. 4 

PP- = 4353.157 

Military historical so<;iety of Massachusetts. 

Annual report [of the treastirer for 1897]. 
Boston,^ 1898. = *4357.24 

Military order of the Loyal legion of the 
United States. Ohio conmiandery. 
Proposed amendment to the constitution. 
Cmcinnati, 1897. (3) pp. = 4323.165 

Special report of the Committee of in- 
vestigation in the case of G. E. Alkins 
. . . presented . . . Feb. 3, 1897. Cincin- 
nati, 1897. 3 pp. = 4323.166 
Union club, Boston. 
Estimate of cost of addition to dnbhouse. 
[Boston, 1895.] (3) pp. = 4451.125 



Social Science. 

Political Economy. 

Archiv fur Eisenbahnwesen. 

Beilage ziim Eisenbahn-Verordnungsblatt 
des Koniglich preussischen Ministeriums 
fur Handel, Gewerbe und offentliche Ar- 
beiten Jahrg. 1-20. Berlin. [i878-]97. 

Bemis, Edward Webster, editor. 

Municipal monopolies. N. Y. [1899.] 

Contents. — Water-works. M. N. Baker. — Max- 
nicipal electric li^^hting. John R. Commons. — 
The latest electric light reports. Edward W. 



York. Max West. — Legal aspects of monopoly. 
Frank Parsons. — Street railwa]rs: Gas; Regula- 
tion of ownership. Edward W. Bemis. 

Bowie, Archibald Granger. 

The romance of the savings banks. London, 
1898. nius. Portrs. 3649a.6o 

Qeveland, Frederick A. 

The final report of the [Indianapolis] mon- 
etary commission. Phila. [1899.] 


Coulet, filie. 

Le mouvement syndical et coop6ratif dans 

I'agriculture francaise. La f^d^ration 

a^cole. Montpellier, 1898. 5563.49 

Dubois, Louis Paul. 

Essai sur les finances communales. Paris, 

1898. 9336.284 

Fagniez. Gustave, editor. 

Documents relatifs i Thistoire de Tindustrie 

et du commerce en France. [Tome] i. 

Paris,, 1898. 9944.01 

Hazard, Rowland. 

Do you want "cheap money"? [N. Y., 1898.] 

= 5649.147 

Mabilleau, Auguste Leopold Marie, and 
La pr^vo3rance sodale en Italic. Paris, 1898. 

Patten, Simon Nelson. 
The development of English thought. A 
study in the economic interpretation of 
history. N. Y., 1899. " 3563.191 

Ruehland,^ G. 
The ruin of the world's agriculture and 
trade. Dealings in 'futtu*es' of agricul- 
tural produce and silver. London, 1896. 


Straulino, Giovanni. 
Le istituzioni di credito e la circolazione 
monetaria nello stato. Firenze, 1898. 

Whitney, Henry Melville. 

Cheap money and wages: a letter to the 
employees of the West End street rail- 
way company of Boston, Mass. [Boston, 
189(5.] = 5646.162 

Political Science. 

Citizens' union, New York city. 
Public economy I A brief treatise on the 
city's finances. N. Y. [1898?] = 

, . . 5649.155 

Home rule m cities: the separation of elec- 
tions ... N. Y. [1897?! = 5567.46 
Foote, Allen Ripley. 
Powers of municipalities. A discussion of 
the report on municipal program of the 
. . . ^^ational municipal league. Indiana- 
polis, 1898. = 3564.88 
Low, Seth. 1850- 
Speech at Cooper Union, Oct. 6, 1897 . . . 
for free, honest, and efficient city govern- 
ment in Greater New York. N. Y. [1897.] 
== 4478.280 
Machiavelli, Niccol6. 
II principe. Testo critico con introduzione 
e note a cura di Giuseppe Lisio. Firenze, 
1899. 4776.27 
Reeve, John Charles. 
The referendum: i. How much of it we 
have. 2. Do we want more of it.** Day- 
ton, 1898. 23 pp. = 3564.38 
Whelen, Frederick. 
London government. London, 1898. 3568.227 



Barrows, Samuel June. 
The criminal insane in the United States 
and in foreigfn countries. Washington, 
1898. 81 pp. = 9365.1 

Caiyl, Charles W. 
^few era. Presenting the plans for the New 
era union to help develop and utilize the 
best resources of this country. Denver. 
[1898?! = 5564.144 

Charity organization society of New York. 
~ [N. Y., 1898.] 12 

District maps. 1898. 
maps. = 


Crawford, Mary C. 
The female ex-prisoner. [The Dedham 
a^lum for discharged female prisoners.] 
[Boston? 189-?] 4 pp. = 5576.152 

Demolins, Edmond. 
Les Francis d'aujourd'hui. i. Les types 
sociaux du Midi et du Centre. 3569.259 
Goodyear, Anna Forbes. 
The duty of the United States government 
concerning the poor. Boston, 1898. = 

Grimke, Francis J. 

The negro : his rights and wrongs. [Wash- 
ington, 1899.] = 7589a.264 
Grosvenor crescent club. 
Programme of arrangements for the sum- 
mer of 1898. [London, 1898.] = 5589.127 
Henderson, Charles Richmond. 

Social settlements. N. Y. [1899.] 5575.147 
James, Edmund Janes. 
The growth of great cities in area and 
population. Phila. [1899.] 3564.226 

Kingsbury, Mary M. 
Socialism as an educative and social force 
on the East side. Boston, 1898. = 5569.146 
Metzler, Gottfried. 
A concise exposition of modern socialism 
and a criticism of American reform 
parties. [2d edition.] [Phila.] = 5569a. 142 
Miller, Herbert. 
Liberty; or, the individual and society. 
Chicago. [1898?] 5565.16 

Revue sociale catholique. Vol. 3, no. i-^ 
Louvain, 1898. = *9305.44 

The current numbers are kept in the Sutistical 

Rouge et noir, pseud. 
The gambling world. Anecdotic memories 
and stories of personal experience in the 
temples of hazard and speculation. With 
some mysteries and iniquities of stock ex- 
change affairs. N. Y., 1898. 5574-153 
Seilliere, Ernest, baron. 
Litterature et morale dans le parti socia- 
liste allemand. Paris, 1898. 3569a.259 
Socialist labor party, Rhode Island. 
Algerism [and] annexation: both mean 
capitalism. [Providence, 1898.] 3565.247 
Tarde, Gabriel. 
£tudes de psychologie sociale. Paris, 1898. 

Trade unionist. Nov., Dec, 1898. [London, 

1898.J . *556o.45 

Wolff, Emil. 

Grundriss der preussisch-deutschen socialpo- 

litischen und Volkswirtschafts-Geschichte 

vom Ende des dreissigjahrigcn Krieges 

bis zur Gegenwart. (1640-1898.) Berlin, 

1899- 5567.33 

Women's institute, London. 

Autumn programme of lectures and classes. 

[London. 1897.] = 5589.122 

[Prospectus.] [London, 1897.] = 5589.120 

Public Documents. 

United States. 

Superintendent of documents. 
Bibliography of United States public docu- 


ments. relating to interoceanic communi- 
cation across Nicaragua, Isthmus of 
Panama^ Isthmus of Tehuantepec, etc 
Washington, 1899. = ♦9016.386-2 

Agriculture, Department of. 
Biological survey. 
Natural histoi^ of Tres Marias Islands, 
Mexico. Washington, 1899. 3902.64.14 

Contains bibliography. 

Experiment stations office. 
Statistics of land-grant colleges and agri- 
cultural experiment stations in the United 
States, 1898, 1899. *5993.70.57 

Sturtevant, K L. 
Varieties of corn. Washington, 1899^ 

Farmers' bulletins. 
Abel,, ^ary Hinman. 
Sugar as food. Washington, 1899. 

Denton, A. A. 

Manufacture of sorghum sirup. Wash- 
ington, 1899. 7995.40-90 

Galloway, B. T. 
Potato diseases and their treatment 
Washington, 1899. 7995-45-9I 

Greathouse, Charles H. 
Vegetable garden. Washington, 1899. 

Statistics division. 

Report on condition of winter grain and 

losses of farm animals. Washington, 1899. 

Weather bureau. Gimate and crop service. 

Annual summary. New England sectioa 
1896, 1897. = *596oa,62 

Navy department 
Naval intelligence office. 
Plueddemann, Martin. 
Comments on the main features of the 
war with Spain. Translated from the 
German. Washington, 898. = 442oa.92 
Naval war records office. 
Officers in the Confederate states navy^ 
1861-65. Washington, 1898. = ^353.7-3 
Treasury department. 
Internal revenue office. 
Laws and regulations concerning docu- 
mentary and proprietary stamps under the 
act of June 13, 1898. Washington, 1898. 

^ ♦9336.27-3 

War department 

Adjutant general. 
The autumn maneuvers of 1896 in Eu- 
rope. Washington, 1897. = $951.83 
Staffs of various armies. Washington, 
1899. = *9355^ 

Separate States. 

San Francisco. Health department 
Statement of vital statistics. Vol. i, no. 
3-V0I. 4, no. 8. Mardi, 1896-February, 
1899. [San Francisco, 1896-99. 1 = 

Maine. Governor. 

Inaugural address of LleweUyn Powers to 
the Legislature of the state of Maine, 
January 5, 1899. Augusta, 1899. = 



State library. Bibliography of works on 
taxation. Boston, 1898. = *90i6.3362 

Prepared by Ellen M. Sawyer. 

Newburyport City improvement society. 
Exercises at a special meeting of the so- 
ciety, Sept. 6, 1897. Newburyport, 1897. 

= 4355.117 

Department of state. 
Michi^n monthly bulletin of vital statis- 
tics. Edited by Cressy L. Wilbur, M.D. 
Vol. I, no. 1-16. 1897, 98. Lansing, 1899. 
= *96i4. 109774-2 

Insurance department. 
'Annual report, 30th. 1898. Advance 
sheets. Jefferson City, 1899. 9368.9778 
State board of agriculture. 
Annual report, 1888-92, 1894-97. Lincoln, 
188^-98. ♦5996.51 

Annual report. 1886-98. 9336.793 

North Caronna. 
Geological survey. 
Nitze, Henry Benjamin Charles. 

Monazite, and monazite deposits in 
North Carolina. Winston, 1895. = 


Bibliography, pp. 39-43. 

Secretary of the Commonwealth. 
Biennial report to the Governor, 1894-98. 
[Harrisburjf.] 1894-98. = * 

Bureau of mines. 
Report ... including .reports of mine in- 
spectors. 1897. [Harrisburg.] 1898. = 

Geolofirical and natural history survey. 
Bulletin. Economic series. No. i. Madi- 
son, Wis., 1898. = ♦s82oa.2o 


Trade and shipping of. London, 1899. 


New South Wales. Department of mines 
and agriculture. 
Agriculture and forestry. [Sydney, 1898.] 

= * 


Bericht tiber die K. bohm. Landesirrenan- 
stalten fur das Jahr, 1897. = 9362.2437 
Statistical Commission. 
Bewegung der Bevolkerung der im Reichs- 
rathe vertretenen Konigreiche und Lander 
im Jahre 1896. Wien, 1899. =5 9312.436 

Mouvement commercial de la Bulgarie avec 
les pays Strangers. Sophia, 1899. = 

Canada. Psirliament. 

Report of Commissioners upon the state and 
management of the St. Vincent de Paul 
penitentiary. Ottawa, 1899. = 9364.71 


Report r^th and final] of the Select stand- 
ing committee on agriculture and coloni- 
zation. Ottawa, 1898. = ♦9630.971-1 

King, William Lyon Mackenzie. 
Report on the methods adopted in Canada 
in the carrying out of government cloth- 
ing contracts. Ottawa, 1898. = ♦9331.8 

On the sweating system. 

Quebec, province. 
Board of health. 
Report, [ist]-3d, 1895-1897. Quebec, 

1895-97. = ♦9614.09714-1 


Office du travail. 
Resultats statistiques du recensement des 
industries et professions. Tome i. Intro- 
duction. — Region de Paris. Paris, 1899. 
= 9314.4-2 


Erganzungsband (i & 11) zu den Wiirttem- 
bergischen Jahrbiichern fiir Statistik und 
Landeskunde. Stuttgart, 1898. = 9314.347 

Statist! sches Handbuch fiir das gross- 
herzogthum Mecklenburg-Schwerin. i. 
Ausgabe. Schwerin, 1898. = 9314317 

Neefe, M. 

Statistisches Jahrbuch deutscher Stadte. 
Siebenter Jahrgang. Breslau, 1898. = 

Statistik der Reichstagswahlen von 1898. 
Zweiten Theil. Berlin, 1899. = 9943.084 
Zeitschrift des K. Preussischen statistischen 
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Bulletin mensuel du commerce special de la 
Grece avec les pays etrangers. Athenes, 
1898. = 9382.495-2 

India, British. 
Accounts relating to the trade and naviga- 
tion of British India. Calcutta, 1889-1899. 

= 9382.54 

Xrade by land of British India with foreign 

countries. [Monthly.] Stat. Per. 151 5 

Amsterdamsch effectenblad. 1800-11, 1814- 

69. Amsterdam. [1801-70.] 68 v. 


Previous to 1842 the title was "Prys-courant der 

Nieuw algemeen effectenblad. July 6, 1869- 
Dec. 31, 1879. Amsterdam. [1870-80.] 
10 V. *9338.5-2 

This continues the "Amsterdamsch effectenblad" 

Miscarea populatiunei Romanici in 1893. 
[Movement of the population of Rou- 
mania.], Bucuresci, 1898. = 9312.498 


Bulletin russe de statistique et de legisla- 
tion. 5e annee, 1898. St.-Petersbourg, 
1894-99. = 9336.47 

Commerce ext^rieur de la Russie par la 
frontiere d* Europe, octobre et novembre, 
1898. = 9382.47-2 

Meddelanden af geografiska foreningen i 
Finland, iv, 1897-18^. Helsingfors, 1899. 
= 9914.71-2 

List of Books and Magazine Articles 
on the Dreyfus Affair. 

Some of the books mentioned below are not yet on the shelves of the 
Library, but may be expected to arrive shortly. In addition to the material 
cited, recourse will naturally be had to the daily newspapers, for which con- 
sult the files in the Newspaper Reading Room. 

Affaire Dreyfus, L', Le proces Zola devant 
la Cour d'assises de la Seine et la Cour 
de cassation, 7-23 fevrier,3i mars-2 avril, 
1898. Compte-rendu st^nographique "in 
extenso" et documents annexes. Paris, 
1898. 2 V. 2614.77 

Bahar, Jacques. 
Esternazy contre lui-meme. Paris, 1898. 

£trennes i Dreyfus. Paris, 1897. 
Barlow, George. 
History of the Dreyfus case. London, 1898. 

Bonnamour^ George. 
Le proces Zola; impressions d'audience. 
Edition augment^e de La genese de Taf- 
faire Zola, Une heure chez Texpert Bel- 
homme, Lettre aux intellectuels, et illus- 
tr^e de cinquante dessins . . . par L. 
Sabattier. Paris. [1898.I Illus. Portrs. 
Pis. 2614.76 

Brulat, Paul. 
Violence et raison. (L'af faire Dreyfus.) 
Paris, 1898. 
Brtmeti^re, Marie Ferdinand. 
Apres le proces. R^ponse k quelques "in- 
tellectuels." Paris, 1898. 2^.194 

Contents. — L'antis^mitisme. — L'arm6e et la d^- 
mocratie. — De quelques intellectuels. 

Carrere, Jean. 

Affaire Dreyfus. R^ponse i £mile Zola. 

Paris. Rouam et cie. 1898. 

Announced, but probably newr published. 

Chronology [of the Dreyfus case, and Short 
biographies of the persons concerned in 
it]. (Cut from the Boston transcript, 
Oct., 1898.) *26ioa.79 

Ge, La, de Taffaire Dreyfus. Observations 
graphologiques sur T^criture du com- 
mandant Esterhazy. Opinions des experts 
sur I'ecriture du Capitaine Dreyfus. 
Paris. [1899.] Broadside. Fac-similes. 


Colline, Michel. 
Billets de la province. (Affaire Dreyfus.) 
Paris, 1898. 

Conybeare, Frederick Comwallis. 
The Dreyfus case. London, 1898. Portrs. 
Fac-slmile. 26i9a.92 

loe Edition. 

Dreyfy^, Alfred. 
Lettres d'un innocent Paris, 1898. Fac- 
similes. ' 26193.93 
Drumont et Dresrfus. &udes sur la "Libre 
Parole" de 1894 i 1895 par TArchivistc 
Paris, 1898. 
Dudaux, Pierre J&mile. 
Propos d'un solitaire. L'affaire Dreyfus. 
Paris, 1898. 26193.86 
Escoffier, L6on. 
Oh6 les jeunes! Paris, 1898. 

Plaidoyer en faveur de la folie g6n6rea8e de I'acte 
de Zola . . . 

Falk, Victor von. 

Auf ewi^ getrennt? oder Kapitan Dreyfus 

und seiner Gattin. Berlin, 1898. 

Purely imaginary. 

Gohier, Urbain. 
L'arm6e contre la nation. 
Paris, 1899. 
Grand-Carteret, John. 
L'affaire Dreyfus et Timage. Paris. [1898.] 
Illus. PL 80693.109 

Gu^tant, Louis. 
Dites-nous vos raisons. Lettre i M. Mir- 
m3n i propo^ de Taffaire Dreyfus. Paris, 
La jeunesse. Annonay, 1898. 2614.74 

Relates to ftmile Zola and the Dreyfns affair. 
Guyot, Yves. 
La revision du proems Dreyfus. Faits et 
documents juridiques. Paris, 1898. Fac- 
similes. 26103.77 
Guyou, Greorges. 
The Dreyfus case. With a prefatory note 
by Prof. P. Geddes. Edinburgh, 1898. 
[Current events series. No. i.] 2(5193.90 
Haime, E. de. 
Affaire Dreyfus. Les faits acquis i This- 
toire. Paris, 1898. 
Hale, Richard Walden. 

The Dreyfus story. Boston, 1899. 26193.106 
Hess, Je3n. 

A rile du Diable. Enqnete d'un rqK>rter 

aux lies du Salut et i Cayenne. Paris. 

[1898.] nius. Portr. 26193.95 

Jaur^s, Jean. 

Les preuves. Affaire Drejrfus. Paris, 1898. 


Laporte, Antoine. 

Cour d'assises. Police correctionnelle. 
fimile Zola et les Dresrf us ou la d6bade 
des traitres. Paris, 1898. 
Lazare, Bernard. 

Comment on condamne un innocent L'acte 
d'accusation contre le Capitaine Dreyfus. 
Paris, 1898. 3614.7s 

Une erreur judidaire. L'affaire Dreyfus. 
2e m6moire, avec des expertises d'6cri- 
tures de Cr6pieux-Jamin, Gustave Bridier, 
etc Paris, 1897. 26ioa.76 

Une erreur judiciaire. La v6rit6 sur Taf- 
faire Dreyfus. 2e Edition. Paris. [1897.] 


Le commandant Mardoch6e. Paris, 1898. 
6tade, sous forme de roman, des moeurs mili- 
taires et des juifs dans rarm6e, k propos de l'af- 
faire Dreyfus. 

Lemazurier, Jean. 

Cat6chisme dreyfussard. Paris, 1898. 
Lentillon^ J. M. 
Lettre ouverte i £mile Zola, en r^ponse i 
sa lettre au president de la Republique. 
Lyon, 1898. 
Marin, Henri Paul Constantin. 
Le Capitaine Lebrun-Renault? Paris, 1898. 

2619a. 104 
Dreyfus? (Documents, &c) Paris, 1898. 
Histoire populaire de Taffaire Dreyfus. 
Paris, 1898. 26i9a.97 

Le Lieutenant-colonel Du Paty de Gam? 
Paris,' 1898. 2619a. 102 

Le Lieutenant-colonel Henry? Paris, 1899. 

2619a. 103 

Peters, Madison C. 

Justice to the Jew: the story of what he 

has done for the world. N. Y. [1899.] 

Aims to fix the responsibility of the Dreyfus af- 

Pressens^, Francis de. 

L'affaire Dreyfus. Un h6ros: le Colonel 

Picquart. 6e Edition. Paris, 1899. 


Reinach^ Joseph. 

A rile du Diable. Paris, 1898. 
L'affaire Dreyfus. Vers la justice par la 
v6rit6. Paris, 1898. 26193.100 

R^ville, A. 
Affaire Dreyfus. Les topes d'un intellec- 
tuel. Pans, 1898. 
Revision, La, du proems Dreyfus i la Cour de 
cassation "in extenso," 27-29 oct. 1898. 
Paris, 1898. 26193.94 

Saint-Georges de Bouhelier, pseud. 
L'affaire Dreyfus. La revolution en marche. 
Paris, 1898. 26193.87 

Sincere, Pierre, pseud. 
Le proems Dreyfus devant I'opinion. Paris, 

Trarieux, L. 

Lettre i M. Godefroy Cav3ign3c i propos 
de I'dffsire Dreyfus. Paris, 1898. 

ViUane, £. 

L'opinion publique et r3ff3ire Dreyfus. 
Paris, iS^ 
Villemar, H. 

Drejrfus intime. Paris, 1898. 26193.98 


Vr3ie reponse, La, des ^tudiants i MM. 
fimile Zola et Aujar. Paris, 1898. 
On yellow paper, si^ed: Un groupe d'^tudiants . 
Wyzewa, Theodore, comte de. 

L'aff3ire Dreyfus. Les dessous d'une tr3- 
hison. Paris. [1898.] Illus. Portrs. Pis. 

Z0I3, £mile. 

The Dreyfus C3se. Four letters to Fr3nce. 
I. To the youth of France. 2. To Fr3nce. 
3. To M. Felix F3ure, president. 4. To 
the Minister of W3r. With an introduc- 
tion by L, F. Austin. London, 1898. 
Portr. 26193.91 

Hum3nite, v6rit6, justice. L'3ff3ire Drey- 
fus. Lettre i I3 Fr3nce. P3ris, 1898. 

No. I in 26103.78 

Hum3nit6, v^rit^, justice. L*3ff3ire Drey- 
fus. Lettre i I3 jeunesse. Psris. 1897. 

No. 2 in 26103.78 

Hum3nit6, v^rit^, justice. L'i*ff3ire Drey- 
fus. Lettre 3U president de I3 Republique. 
P3ris, 1898. 

Humsnite, v6rit6, justice. L*3ff3ire Drey- 
fus. Lettre 3U 6tudi3nts. P3ris, 18^. 

The tri3l of £mile Z0I3. Cont3ining [his 
letter to President F3ure relsting to the 
Dreyfus C3se, 3nd 3 full report of the fif- 
teen d3ys' proceedings in the Assize court 
of the Seine]. N. Y., 1898. 7698.5 

Magazine Articles. 

Aff3ire Dreyfus, L'. (In Le Monde illustre, 
m3i 18, 1899.) Per. room 

Aff3ire Dreyfus, L'. (In The S3turd3y re- 
view, June 3, 1899.) Per. room 
Ameisen, Arthur. 
Courts m3rti3l: the Dreyfus C3se. (Com- 
p3rison of French 3nd Americ3n courts.) 
(In The Americ3n l3w review, Jsnuary, 
18^.) Per. room 
Brunetiere, Marie Ferdinand. 
Apr^s le proces. (In Revue des deux 
mondes, mars, 1898.) Per. room 
Ch3mberl3in, H. R. 
Dreyfus affair and French public opinion. 
(In The Ch3ut3uqu3n, M3rch, 1899.) 

Per. room 
Ch3rmes, Francis. 
Revue chronique. (In Revue des deux 
mondes. V3rious numbers to date.) 

Per. room 
Cohn, Adolphe. 
Dreyfus case: past history and present st3te 
of. (In The Outlook, Dec. 3, 1898.) 

Per. room 
Colonne, Alphonse de, comte. 
The French judicial system. (In The Nine- 
teenth century, March, 1899.) Per. room 
Conybeare, Frederick Cornwall is. 
Dreyfus case. (In The National review, 
October, 1898.) Per. room 

French milit3ry justice. (In The N3tion3l 
review, November, 1898.) Per. room 

Genersl de Boisdeffre. (In The N3tion3l 
review, April, 1899.) Per. room 



The Jesuit view. (In The National review, 
March, 1899.) Per. room 

Treason in the French war office. (In The 
National review, December, 1898.) 

Per. room 
Coubertin, Pierre. 
Contradictions of modern France. (In The 
Fortnightly review, March, 1898.) 

Per. room 
Crawford, T. C. 
Dreyfus mystery. (In The Cosmopolitan, 
March. 1898.) Per. room 

Crime of the century. (In Leslie's weekly, 
June 22. 1899.) Per. room 

Demoralization of France. (In The Contem- 
porary review, March, 1898.) Per. room 
Dreyfus case. Events from May to Novem- 
ber. (In The Political science quarterly, 
December, 1898.) Per. room 

Dreyfus judgment. (In The Spectator, June 
10, i8cp.) Per. room 

Farleigh, K Austin. 
The case of Captain Dreyfus. (Comparison 
of French and English courts martial.) 
(In The Westminster review, January, 
1898.) Per. room 

Guyot, Yves. 
Dreyfus affair. (In The Contemporary re- 
view, May, 1898.) Per. room 
Dreyfus case. (In The Forum, November, 
1898.) Per. room 
Drevfus case: drama and its significance. 
(In The Nineteenth century, January, 
1899.) Per. room 
Laffitte, Paul. 
La paix publique. (In Revue politique et 
litteraire. Revue bleue, mars, 1898.) 

Per. room 
Littlefield, W. 
Truth about Dreyfus. (In Munsey's maga- 
zine, May, 1899.) Per. room 
Lushington, Sir Godfrey. 
Conspiracy against Captain Dreyfus. (In 
The National review, June, 1899.) 

Per. room 
M. Dupuy and M. Beaureoaire. (In The 
National review, March, 1899.) Per. room 
Maxse, Leo J. 
The key to the Dreyfus mystery. (In The 
National review, Oct., 1898.) Per. room 
Military terror in France. (In The National 
review, July, 1898.) Per. room 

M. Cavaifirnac's vindication of Captain Drey- 
fus. (In The National review, August, 
1808.) Per. room 

Russia and the Dreyfus case. (In The Na- 
tional review, Nov., 1898.) Per. room 
The sins of the syndicate. (In The National 
review, March, 1899.) Per. room 

Mazel, Henri. 
Considerations psychologiques autour de 
I'affaire Dreyfus. (In Revue de Belgique, 
ser. 2, vol. 22, pp. 105-130.) 

Per. room 

Military espionage in France. (In The Quar- 
terly review, April, 1898.) Per. room 
M. Zola and the Dreyfus-Esterhazy affair. 
(In The Review of reviews (Eng.), Feb- 
ruary, 1898.) Per. room 
Morse, John T., jr. 
Dreyfus and Zola trials. (In The Atlantic 
monthly, May, 1898.) Per. room 
Murray, David C. 
Some notes on the Zola case. (In The Con- 
temporary review, April, 1898.) Per. rootn 
Narrative of Dreyfus's jailor. (In Public 
opinion, December 16, i8q8.) Per. room 
Negative ruler. The, of France. (In Black- 
wood's Edinburgh magazine, June, 1899.) 

Per. room 
Reinach, Joseph. 
Present aspects of the Dreyfus case. (In 
The North 'American review, June, 1899.) 

Per room 
Sanborn, Alvan F. 
French working men and the Dreyfus affair. 
(In The Outlook, June 10, 1899.) 

Per. room 
Sources of conspiracy. (In The Saturday re- 
view, June 10, 1899.) Per. room 
T., K V. 
Dreyfus case. (In The Contempoiary re- 
view, October, 1898.) Per. room 
Thompson, Seymour D. 
Revision of Dreyfus case. (In The Green 
bag, January, 1899.) Per. room 
Tonjoroff, S. Ivan. 
The clash of races in Europe. (In The 
Arena, March, 1899.) Per. room 
Trial of Zola. (In Blackwood's Edinburgh 
magazine^ March, 1898.) Per. room 
Tricolor, pseud. 
Coming revolution in France. (In The 
Contemporary review, January, 1899.) 

Per. room 
Vandam, A. D. 
Dreyfus revival. (In The Saturday review, 
Nov. 27, 1897.) Per. room 

Victory of justice. (In The Speaker, June 10, 
1899.) Per. room 

Vindex, pseud. 
Case of Dreyfus. (In The Forum, June, 
1897.) Per. room 

Warren, Mary S. 
Madame Dreyfus. (In Cassell's family 
magazine, November, 1898.) ^352-J 

Whitridge, Frederick W. 
Zola, Dreyfus, and the French republic (In 
The Political science quarterly, June, 
1898.) Per. room 

Wolf, Lucien. 
Anti-Semitism and the Dreyfus case. (In 
The Fortnightly review, January, 18^) 

Per. room 

Zola, Dreyfus case, and the Jewish crusade in 

France. (In The Review of reviews 

(N. Y.), March, 1898.) Per. room 



Philip Henry Savage, a member of the Library staff since 1896, and re- 
cently appointed Clerk of the Corporation, died on June 4, 1899. 

Mr. Savage, son of the Rev. Minot J. Savage, D.D., and of Ella (Dodge) 
Savage, was born at North Brookfield, Mass., on February 11, 1868. He 
was graduated from the English High School in Boston in the year 1885, 
and from the class of 1893 of Harvard College, which conferred on him the 
degree of A.M. in 1896. After a year (1893-4) at the Harvard Divinity 
School, he acted as assistant in the English Department of the university dur- 
ing 1895-96. During the summer of 1896 he was appointed an instructor in 
English at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but he resigned this 
position to enter the service of the Public Library as Secretary to the Librarian. 

This office, requiring unusual patience and ability to control vexatious 
detail, he filled with great acceptability. His mind was singularly direct and 
ingenuous, and his manner winning and responsive. He was held in marked 
respect by his associates, and his death called forth expressions of the deepest 

The author of two volumes of verse, Mr. Savage had already begun to 
meet with recognition as a force gentle, yet strong, in the younger American 
literature, and his growing reputation was appreciated in this Library, where 
his union of literary skill and executive capacity was of conspicuous value. 



The Hon. Frederick O. Prince died at his residence on June 6, 1899, in 
the eighty-second year of his age. He was born in Boston on January 18, 18 18, 
graduated from the Boston Latin School, and from Harvard College in the 
class of 1836. 

He was Mayor of Boston in 1876, 1879, and 1880, a member of the Board 
of Trustees of the Boston Public Library from 1 888-1 899, and from October, 
1895, ^"^^1 ^^^ retirement in May, 1899, he served as President of the Board. 

On the occasion of his retirement the Board of Trustees addressed a tribute 
to Mr. Prince, which is printed in the Monthly Bulletin for June, 1899. 


On June 17, 1899, died at his residence on Marlboro Street, William 
Whitwell Greenough. He was the only child of William and Sarah (Gardner) 
Greenough, and was born in Boston, June 25, 181 8. He attended the Boston 
Latin School and the private school of Mn F. P. Leverett, and was a graduate 
of Harvard College in the class of 1837. It was his intention to become an 
oriental scholar, and he partly fitted himself to that end at Andover, but soon 
entered business with his father. In 1853 he was elected to the Treasurership 
of the Boston Gaslight Company, and this office he held until 1889. Mr. 
Greenough was chosen a Trustee of this Library in 1856, and from 1866 until 
his retirement in 1888 was President of the Board. The Proceedings and the 
Correspondence of the City Government and of the Board of Trustees on the 
occasion of his resignation are given in the Bulletin of the Library for May, 


Exhibitions. In the Fine Arts Depart- 
ments, exhibitions were held as follows: May 
2^June 19, Photographs of the works of Ve- 
lasquez on the occasion of the anniversary of 
his birth, June S, 1599; May 20-June 19, 
Photographs relating to the Civil War; June 
20, Plates from the works in the Spitzer col- 
lection purchased at the Montaiglon sale. 

The exhibition of books, maps, and pictures 
relating to the Battle of Bunker Hill, an- 
nounced in the last Bulletin, was continued 
during the month of June in the Children's 
Reference Library. A circular in regard to 
the exhibition was sent to the teachers of the 
public schools of Boston. 

Purchases made at the Montaiglon Sale. 
This Library, through an appropriation for the 
purpose by the Trustees, and by the gift of 
|iooo from an anonymous friend, was enabled 
to purchase at the Montaiglon sale, which 
took place in Boston during May and June, University. 

1296 bound volumes, 176 unbound volumes, 
192 1 pamphlets, 300 fac-simile manuscripts, 
and 700 photographs. 

PuBUCATiONS. On June i, as of the date 
of Aprfl I, appeared a Branch Finding List, 
containing titles of Books added uniformly to 
all the Branches, subsequent to the lis^ which 
ai>peared a year ago. It is intended that otiier 
lists shall appear annually and at about the 
same date. 

Gift to the Library. Edgar Conway Fel- 
ton, President of the Pennsylvania Sted 
works, at Steelton, Pa., has presented a vcd- 
ume entitled Reason why,, not Anabaptist 
Plunging but Infant-Believer's Baptism ought 
to be approved, by Joseph Low (Boston, 
1710). The book was once in the P.riQce Li- 
braryj and is now returned to it bv Mr. Fel- 
ton, through President Eliot of Harvard 





Vol. IV, No. 8. 
August, 1899. 







JAMES DeNORMANDIE, Vice-President 



Acting Librarian. 


Central Library, Copley Square. 

Branch Libraries. 

Brighton Branch, Holton Library Roxbury Branch, 46 Millmont St 
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Centre St. Mt Vernon St 

Delivery Stations. 

Station A. Lower Mills Reading Station L. North Brighton Reading 
Room, Washington, near River Iloom, 56 Market St 

St. Station M. Crescent Avenue Delivery 

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tion, 25 Poplar St Station N. Blue Hill Avenue Deliv- 

Station D. Mattapan Reading Room, ery Station, 200 Blue Hill Ave. 

River, cor. Oakland St. Station P. Broadway Extension Read- 
Station E. Neponsct Delivery Sta- ing Roop. 13 Broadway Exten- 
tion, 49 Walnut St. sion. 

Station F. Mount Bowdoin Reading Station Q. Upham's Comer Delivery 
Room, Washington, cor. Eldon St. Station, 756 Dudley St 

Station G. Allston Delivery Station. Station R. Warren Street Delivery 
14 Franklin St. Station, 329 Warren St 

Station H. Ashmont Delivery Sta- Station S. Roxbury Crossing Deliv- 
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tion, 6 Wayland St. tion, 62 Union Park St 

Published monthly by the Trustees of the Public Libraiy of the City of Boston, Boston. 

m subscription price of twen^-fiTe cents per annimi. 





June 15 to July 15 1899. 

I ■■> < 

The symbol = following the title of a work indicates that the work is a gift to the Library. 

Reference Books. 

Aimuaire de Tarmde frangaise pour 1899. 

Paris, 1899. B. H. Ref. 312.1 

Oarke, Hup^h Archibald. 

Pronouncing dictionary of musical terms. 

PhUa. [1896.] *4042.40 

Davis, John David. 

A dictionary of the Bible. Phila., 1898. 
Illus. Maps. *3432.70 

Frye, Alexander Everett. 
Home and school atlas. [New England edi- 
tion.] Boston, 1896. 48 pp: Illus. 
Maps. No. I m 2280.71 

Geographisches Tahrbuch. 1898. Gotha, 1899. 

B. H. Ref. 283.8 
Great Britain. Colonial office. 

The colonial office list for 1899. London. 
[1899.1 Maps. B. H. Ref. 3H7 

Greater Boston business directory and register. 
1899. Boston. [1899.] Map 

B. H. Ref. 563.15 

For earlier years see Boston directory ana busi- 
ness directory on same shelf-number [43593.1]. 

Holt, Rosa Bell, editor. • 
Gassical authors. Ancient and wise thoughts 
of famous men who lived before Christ. 
Vignette edition. London. [1896.] Illus. 

Index juridicus. The Scottish law list for 
1899. Edinburgh. [1899.I 

B. H. Ret, 334.19 
India list, and India office list for 1899. Lon- 
don. \i9^] Map. B. H. Ref. 314.5 
Sanders, Danid. 
Cilatenlexikon. Sammlun? von Citaten, 
Sprichworten, sprichwortlichen Redens- 
arten und Sentenzen. Leipzig, 1899. 


Genealogy. Heraldry. 

Barnard, Robert Merry, compiler. 
Barnard. Robert Barnard, of Andover, 
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40 ff. 4434.247 

Dean, Gardner Milton. 

A genealogy of the descendants of James 

Dean, one of the settlers of Oakham, 

Mass. Boston, 1889. 29 pp. = 4432.145 

Greenwood, Charles Curtis/ ^^MS 

Eoitaphs from the ofd burying ground, 

Needham, Massachusetts. Dedham, Mass.. 

T . ^?^% ^^^' 76 pp. 4333.128 

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The Lincoln family, and branches, of Ware- 

ham, Mass. [Boston.] 1899. = 4434.240 

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Old families of the First parish. Read at 
the centennial of the First parish churdh, 
BUIenca, Massachusetts. [Boston.] 1808 
^9 pp. = ♦4432!f5i 


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fitymologie de quatre cents prenoms usites 
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No. I in * 
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Deux i6tudes sur Goethe. Un officier de 
Tancienne France. Les personnages ori- 
ginaux de la "F\VV^ T«X>\\^'fer ^^\v^^ 
18^. i^i^Ci;!. 


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Gabriele von Biilow, daughter of Wilhelm 
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Portrs. 2844.88 

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Pis. Maps. [Great commanders.] 

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Story of the Princess Des Ursins in Spain 
(Camarera-mayor). N. Y., 1899. Portrs. 


"The Princess Des Ursins was m central and 
dominant figure in Spain durins the . . . Wars of 
the Spanish succession." — Prtfaet, 

Kossmann, Robby. 
Lord Nelson und der Herzog Franz Carac- 
ciolo. Hamburg, 1895. 44 pp. 

No. 8 in * 
Lemerre, Alphonse, editor. 
Le tombeau de Th^ophile Gautier. Paris, 
1873- Portr. 6706.4 

A memorial volume, consisting of poems on Gau- 
tier by Hugo, de Banville, Coppee, Leconte de 
Lisle, de Heredia, Mallarm^ Mistral, Swinburne, 
and 75 others. 

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Lord Byron. Hamburg, 1897. 47 PP- 

No. 6 in * 
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Gedachtnissrede auf Philipp Ludwig von 
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The empress of Austria. 

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No. 13 in * 
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No. 6 in ♦5914.50.N.F.10 
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rhistoire de France par L^n Lecestre. 
T. I. 1690-1703. Paris, 1898. 4644.7J5 
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A study of George Washington. Read be- 
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Chidher in Sage und Dichtung. Hamburg, 
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Ancient. Modem. 



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Der Koreakrieg in seinen natiirlichen Be- 
ziehungen zu den Witterungs- und- Be- 
volkerungsverhaltnissen Ostasiens. Ham- 
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No. 16 m ♦5914.50. N.F. 10 
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En^and in Indien. Hamburg, 1895. 40 pp. 

No. 18 in ♦5914.50. N.F. 10 
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nius. 5050.192 

VoL I is of the 4th edition. VoL a is of the sd 

Valentine, John J. 

"Imperial democracy." Dutch colonizers in 

Malaysia. Annexation of the PhOippines. 

San Francisco, 1899. 53 pp. = 4228.80 


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Extracts from the account rolls of the 
Abbey of Durham, from the original mss. 
Vol. I. Durham, 1898. fSurtees society.] 

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Germany f her people and their story. Bos- 
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for the county of Somerset, i Edward 11. 
to 20 Edward iii. 1507-1^46. London, 
1898. [Somerset record society.] 

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Kilmacolm. A parish history. 1100-18^ 

Paisley, 1898. Fls. [New dub series.] 



Cambridge chronicle. 
Semi-centennial souvenir of Cambridge. 
- '46-'96. Cambridge, i8g(S. njos. P6rtrs. 
= ♦44SO1147 



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The Fries rebellion, 1798-99. An armed re- 
sistance to the house tax law, in Bucks 
and Northampton counties, Pennsylvania. 
Doylestown, Fa., 1899. Portrs. Pis. 

Hathaway, Samuel. 
The history of Redemption rock [at Prince- 
ton, Mass.]. Worcester, 1898. 14 pp. = 


**On this rock May the md, 1676. an agreement 
was made for the redemption of Mrs. Mary Row- 
landson of Lancaster between John Hoar of Con- 
cord and the Indians." — Pagi 5. 

Hinsdale, Burke Aaron. 

The old Northwest Revised edition. N. Y., 

i8d9. Maps. 4374-149 

Humphreys, Henry H. 

Reply to General Porter's articles which 

have appeared in the Century magazine 

during 1896 and 1897. N. Y., i8c^. 32 

BP- = 4423.350 

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Das Deutschthum der Vereinigten Staaten. 
Hamburg, 1898. 84 pp. 

No. 19 in ♦59i4,5o.N.F.i2 
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History of the "Battle monument at West 
Point. West Point, 1898. Pis. = 


Longshore, Joseph S., and Benjamin L. 


The centennial liberty bell. Independence 

hall. The Declaration of independence 

and its signers. Phila., 1876. Pis. 

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The battle of Trenton. An address deliv- 
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the Trenton batUe monument, Dec. 26, 
1891. Trenton, 1895. 26 pp. Pi. = 

The heroes of the Revolution. Address at 
the state Society of the Cincinnati of Penn- 
sylvania, May 15, 1897. Trenton, 1898. 
7 pp. = 4414.129 

Fine Arts. Archaeology. 


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Roman Africa. Archaeological walks in Al- 
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Revised list of antiquarian remains in the 
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wad, Kachh, Kolhapur, and the southern 
Maratha minor states. Revised by Henry 
Cousens. Bombay, 1897. Maps. Plans. 
[Archxol(Mpcal survey of India.] ^3040. 154 
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Aosta und seine *Alterthiimer. Hamburg, 
1896. 34 pp. No. 23 in ♦5914.50.N.F.10 
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The amateur antiquary: his notes concern- 
ing the Roman wail in Northumberland 
and Cumberland. Newcastle-on-Tyne, 
1899- 2532.2a 

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Introduction to the study of North Ameri- 
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Fine Arts. 

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Die Venus von Milo und die spatere Ausge- 
staltung des Aphrodite-Ideals. Hamburg, 
1895- 35 pp. No._i5 in ♦5914,50. N.F. 10 
Burlington fine arts club, London. 
Report 3 of a sub-committee appointed to 
test certain methods devised for the pres- 
ervation of drawings in water colour. 
[London.] 1898. 4 pp. 8074.188 

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La polychromie dans la sculpture grecque. 
Paris, 1898. Pis. 8089.46 

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A popular handbook to the Tate gallery, 
'National gallery of British art.' London, 

1898. Plan. ♦8075.172 
Hubbard, Elbert. 

Little journeys to the homes of eminent 

painters. No. i. Michael Angelo. N. Y., 

1899. Portr. ♦4089.69 
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Winckelmann und seine Zeitgenossen. 2. 
Auflage. Leipzig, 1898. 3 v. Portrs. 


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Homer und die Sibylle in Kaulbachs Bilder- 

kreis der Weltgeschichte. Hamburg, 1897. 

49 pp. No. 4 in ♦5914.50. N.F. 12 

Maindron, G. R. Maurice. 

Uart indien. Paris. [1898.I Illus. 8087.58 
Meusel, Johann Georg. 
Teutsches Ktinstlerlexikon oder Verzeich- 
niss der jetztlebenden teutschen Kiinstler. 
2. Ausgabe. Lemgo, 180&-1814. 3 v. = 

Pfldderer, Rudolf. 

Die Attribute der Heiligen. Ein alpha- 
betisches Nachschlagebuch zum Verstand- 
nis kirchlicher Kunstwerke. Ulm, 18^. 

Pictorial England and Wales. London. [189-?] 
Pis. 2461.70 

Quarto, The. An artistic, literary and musical 
quarterly, for 1896, 97.. London. [1897, 
^.1 3 V. Pis. ♦4041.220 

Ruskin, John. 
The nature of Gothic: a chapter from The 
stones of Venice. With a preface by Wil- 
liam Morris. Orpington, 1899. Illus. 


Seidlitz. Woldemar von. 

Die Entwickelung der modernen Malerei. 

Hamburg, 1897. 41 pp. ♦5914.50. N.F. 12 

Stieglitz, Alfred. 

Exhibition of photographs, at the Camera 

club, N. Y., May, 1899. [N. Y., 1899.] 

(IS) pp. = 8076.37 

Thomson. David Croal, compiler. 

Illustrated catalogue. The Tate gallery. 
The National gallery of British art. Lon- 
don, 1897. 91 pp. ♦8075.173 
Witthaus, F. E., editor. 

Selected examples of decorative art from 
South Kensington museum. Part i. 
January, 1899. London. [1899.] 12 pis. 

Cab 80. 197. 1 

There is no text. 


Architecture. Building. 

Barker and Nourse. 
Illustrations of a few buildings erected from 
designs by Barker & Nourse, arJiitects, 
Worcester, Mass. [Worcester? i^-l 
Illus. = 4095.78 

B)rme, Austin T. 
Inspection of the materials and workmanship 
employed in construction. N. Y., 1899. 

4019. 121 

Dillenbeck^ Gark. 

Specifications for ... passenger stations 

[and freight houses]. Form A — ^D. Phila., 

1896. 4 parts. ^4092.27 

Totten, George Oakley, jr. 

Report upon the iv International congress 

of architects, Brussels, 1897, [to the] 

Secretary of the Treasury. Washington, 

1898. 14 pp. = 4095.80 


Sammtliche Pianoforte- Werke. Kritisch re- 
vidirt von Herrmann Scholtz. Band i. 
Leipzig. [187-?] 4 parts in i v. = 

Fragerolle, Georges. 
Chansons des oiseaux. Dessins de G. Frai- 
pont. Ornementations de Jean Gosset 
Poesies de Bonnard, D, de Bercy [etc]. 
Paris. [1898.] 45 pp. 4042.85 

Hanslick, Eduard. 
Fiinf Jahre Musik (1891-95). Der »Mo- 
dernen Oper.« 7. Thoil.) Kritiken. Ber- 
liUj 1806. 4048.132 

Kohut, Adolph. 
Josef Joachim. Ein Lebens- und Kfinstler- 
bild. Festschrift zu seinem 60. Ceburts- 
tage, am 28. Juni 1891. Berlin, 1891. 
Portr. 40492.55 

Shaw, George Bernard. 
The perfect Wagnerite. Chicago, 1899. 





Balfe, M. W. Letty, the basket maker. Comic 
opera. London. 

Belchtr, W. T. The Fates. A cantati. Lon- 

Bellini, V. Ouvertures choisies. A.rang^es 
pour piano ct violon par W. Meves. Braun- 

— Romeo u. Julie. Scene u. Arie der Julie. 
^ Berton, H. Ninon chez Mme. de S6vign6. 
Op6ra. Paris. 

Campra. Motets a i., 11. et iii. voix, avec la 
basse-continue. Paris, 1710. 

Hamerik, Asger. Concert-Romanze fiir Vio- 
loncell und Orchester od. Pianoforte. Op. 
27. Offenbach a/M. 

Hauptmann, M. Quartett No. i, [2]. Op. 7, 
No. I, [2]. MSS. score. A. A. B. 

Haydn, Joseph. Der Versohnungstod. Can- 
tate . . . aus sechs Adagios von Joseph 
Haydn, arrangirt von J. A. Schulze. Leip- 


Kliebert, K. Concert Ouvcrture (Romeo und 

Julia) fiir Orchester. Op. 5. Berlin. 
Kreutzer, Uon. Symphonie. [Paris?] 

— Symphonie en si b^mol. [Paris?] 
Mitterer, Ig. Missa solemnis . . . zur Feier 

des Centenariums des Tiroler Herz-T^u- 
Bundes im Jahres 1896, fur gemischten tlior 
u. Orchester. Op. 70, 
Sarasate, Pablo de. Jota de San Ferm:n, pour 
violon avec accompagnement d'orchestre. 
Op. 36. Berlin. [18^] 

— Navarra. Duo pour deux violons avec . . . 
orchestre. Op. 53. Berlin, 1889. 

— Peteneras. Caprice espagnol pour violon 
avec accompagnement d'orchestre. Op. 35. 
Berlin. [1894.] 

— Viva Sevilla! Danse espagncJe pour vio- 
lon avec accompagnement d'orchestre Op. 
3. Berlin. [1896.] 

Spohr, Louis. Quatuor Brillant No. 11 [for 
strings]. Manuscript 

— Duos pour 2 violons. Op. 39. (David.) 

Storace, Stephen. The Cherokee, an opera in 

three acts. London. 
Volkshvmne von Josef Haydn und die Na- 

tional-Hymnen fremder Staaten. Instru- 

mentirt fiir vollstandige Militar-Musik. 

Wien. [1891.] 
Weber, J. M. Quartett No. 2 [for strings]. 


Geography. Travels. 

Asia. Africa. Oceanica« Polar 


Brown, William Harvey. 
On the South African frontier. The adven- 
tures and observations of an American in 
Mashonaland and Matabdeland. N. Y., 
1899. Pis. Maps. 3056.169 

The maps represent southern Rhodesia, and Af- 
rica south of the equator. 

Foreman, John. 
The Philippine islands. 2d edition. N. Y., 
1899. Pis. Portrs. Maps. JQ45.I59 

Eraser, Tohn Foster. 
Round the world on a wheel. By John Fos- 
ter, S. Edward Lunn, F. H. Lowe. Lon- 
don, 1899. Illus. 2267.145 
Graham, Robert Bontine Cunninghame. 
Mogreb-el-Acksa. A Journey in Morocco. 
London, 1899. Portr. Map. 3054.182 
Hesse- Wartegg, Ernst von. 
Schantung und Deutsch-China. Leipzig, 
1898. Illus. Maps. ^012.1$ 
Hourst, fimile Auguste L6on. 
French enterprise in Africa. The personal 
narrative of Lieut. Hourst of his explora- 
tion of the Niger. Translated by Mrs. 
Arthur Bell. London, 1898. Illus. Portrs. 
Map. 3056.152 

The original French ii on shdl-no. jos&isi. 
Hyne, Cutdiffe. 
Through arctic Lapland. London, 1898. 
Illus. Map. 4863.1 

Lyth (pseud.). 
The golden south. Memories of Aastralian 
home life from 1843 to 1888. London, 
1890. = 3045.33 


Manning, Samuel. 
The land of the Pharaohs; drawn with pen 
and pencil. Partly rewritten by R. Lovett 
London, 1897. Ulus. Map. 305045 

Miller, William, M.A. 
Travels and politics in the new east. Lon- 
don, iS^ Ulus. Map. 3082.107 
Semon, Richard Wolfgang. 
In the Australian bush, and on the coast of 
the Coral sea. Being the experiences and 
observations of a naturalist in Australia, 
New Guinea and the Moluccas. London, 
189^ Illus. Maps. 3041.18 
Tremaux, Pierre. 
Voyage en fithiopie au Soudan orientale et 
dans la Nigritie. Paris, 1862, [63]. 2 v. 
and atias. Pis. Maps. '^Cab.m4i.i 

The plmtes are part of the atlas published by 
Borrani, iSs^-sS. 

White, Trumbull. . . 

Our new possessions. Boston. [1898.] Pis. 

Maps. 4420a. 1 13 

Younghusband, Francis Edward. 

'Among the celestials. A narrative of travels 

in Manchuria, across the Gobi desert, 

through the Himalayas to India. Abridged 

from ''Tne heart of a continerit" London, 

1898. Pis. Ma^. 3046.178 

The heart of a continent is on 3084.112. 


Black, Charles Bertram. 
The south of France. East half. Part 2, 
including the valleys of the Rhcne, the 
Durance & the Po . . . 5th edition. Lon- 
don, 1899. Maps. 46392-37 
Dodd, Anna Bowman. 
In and out of three Normandy inns. Bos- 
ton, 1899. lUus- = 2664.1 II 
Hole, Samuel Reynolds. 
Nice and her neighbours. Londor, 1881. 
Illus. = 2766.74 
Manning, Samuel, LLD. 
Italian pictures, drawn with pen and pencil. 
A new edition, revised by S. G. Green. 
[London, 188-?] Illus. 2761.14 
Scott, William, of Venice. 
Rock villages of the Riviera. London, 1898. 
Illus. Map. 3769.45 
Temple, Edward Lowe. 
Old world memories. Boston, 1899. 2 v. 
Pis. 2279a.8o 


Friederich^ Gustav. 
Am stillen Ocean. Erlebnisse in Honduras, 
Kalifomien und Alaska. Berlin, 1898. 

4369a. 167 

Ricaud, J. A. 

£tude commerciale-industrielle-^onomique- 

constitutionelle, etc, de la grande repu- 

blique am^ricaine. 17 ann6es chez les 

Yankees. [4e Edition.] Paris, 1889. 


Language. Rhetoric. 

Dyche, Thomas. 
The spelling dictionary. 3d edition. Lon- 
don, 1731. *4588.i5o 

The book haa mftnoacript interlineations through- 
out, bcaidc some jo pages of manuscript addenda. 


Faidherbe, Louis L^on Cesar. 
L^igues s6n6galaises. Wolof, Arabchassa- 
nia, sonink6, s^r^re. Paris, 1887. 303988 
La Grasserie, Raoul de. 
Langue zoque et langue mixe. Grammaire, 
dictionnaire, textes traduits et analyses. 
Paris, 1898. [Bibliotheque linguistique 
am^ricaine. ] *23 12.92 

Nobili, Amadeo C. 
II giojello della lingua italiana. Boston, 

1899. = 4789a.4i 

Pardo de Tavera, Trinidad H. 
£1 sanscrito en la lengua tagalog. Paris, 

1887. 55 pp. ^5033-87 

Regenhardt, Carl Franz, editor. 
Die deutschen Mtmdarten. Auserlesenes aus 
d^n Werken der besten Dichter alter und 
neuer Zeit. Mitteldeutsch. Berlin. [1896. 1 
Portrs. 4888.81 


Bibliography. Catalogues. Books. 

Andrews, William Loring. 
The old booksellers of New York and other 
papers. N. Y., 1895. (9), 84 pp. Pis. 

Bibliotheque nationale, Paris. 

Catalogue g6n^ral des livres imprimis de la 
Bibliotheque nationale. Auteurs. T. i. 
Aachs-Albyville. Paris, 1897. '^'2142.9 

Bierstadt, Oscar Albert 
The library of Robert Hoe. With one hun- 
dred and ten illustrations taken from 
manuscripts and books in the collection. 
N. Y., 1895. Illus. [Private libraries of 
New York.] = ♦2122.22 

Buffalo. Public library. 
Author-title catalogue of English prose fic- 
tion including t4'anslations. Buffalo. 1898. 
= ^2143.76 

N«w York, state. Regents of the Ur>versity 
of the state of New York. Public li- 
braries divison. 
Best 50 books of 1897. Albany, 1898. 16 

. pp. = ♦2164.43 

Wiltshire archaeological and natural history 

society, Devizes, Eng. Library. 

Catalogue of the collection of drawings, 

prints, and maps. Compiled by W. H. 

Bell, and K H. Goddard. Devizes, 1898. 


Manuscripts and Broadsides. 

Bibliotheque nationale, Paris. 

Fac-simil6s d^s manuscrits grecs dat^s . . . 
du IX® au XI v« si^cle. Publi6 par Henri 
Omont. Paris, 1891. 39 pp. 100 fac- 
similes. ♦0ab.2i.ii.6 

Fac-simil6s des plus ancjens manuscrits 
grecs en onciale et en minuscule . . . du 
iv« au XII® si^cle. Publics par Henri 
Omont. Paris, 1892. (i), 18 pp. 50 fac- 
similes. ♦Cab 21. 1 1.5 
Hatch, Isaiah A. 

Elegy to "The little man." Isaiah A. Hatch, 
South Well fleet, Mass. Provincctown, 
Mass. [i88-?l Broaidsldfe, ■=. *<>j^a^ 


Danish and Norwegian Literature. 

Bj^rnson, Bjdrn. 
johanne. Skuespil. Kj^benhavn, 1898. 

4909c. 126 

Hcibcrg, Johan Ludvi^. 1 791-1860. 

Poetiske Skrifter. Kjfrt>enhavn, 1862. 11 v. 

Portr. 4909c. 123 

Moe, J^rgen Ingebrektsen. 

Samlede Skrifter. Kristiania, 1877. 2 v. 

Portr. 4909c. 125 

English and American Literature. 

Bierce, Ambrose. 

Fantastic fables. N. Y^ 1899. 4509a.26i 
Coutts, Francis Burdett Thomas Money-. 

The Alhambra and other poems. London, 

1898. 4567.160 
Coyle, Henry. 

The promise of morning, f Poems.] Boston, 

1899. = 4399a. 180 
Grierson, Francis. 

Modem mysticism, and other essays. Lon-> 
don, 1899. 2559.48 

Halleck, Fitz-Greene. 
Poetical writings. With extracts from those 
of Joseph Rodman Drake. Edited by J. 
G. Wilson. N. Y., 1899. 4Scfe.92 

Jones, Edward Conway. 
'76. Lyrics of the Revolution. [Edited by 
Julia L. Walker.] Phila., 1899. Portr. 

Lewis, Edwin Herbert, editor. 
An introduction to the study of literature. 
For the use of secondary and graded 
schools. N. v., 1899. 2557.102 

Mabie, Hamilton Wright. 
In the forest of Arden. Decorated by Will 
H. Low. N. v., 1898. 4403.165 

Paul, Sir John Dean, baronet. 
Rouge et noir, in six cantos, . . . Versailles, 
and other poems. 2d edition [Anon.] 
London, 1821. 2569a. 137 

Rogers, Robert Cameron. 
For the king and other poems. N. Y., 1899. 
92 pp. 4398.170 

French Literature. 

Gidel, Charles 'Antoinc. 
Histoire de la litterature fran^aise. T. 5. 
Paris. [189-?] ♦4670^91 

Texte, Joseph. 
Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the cosmopolitan 
spirit in literature. A study of the literary 
relations between France and England 
durine the Eighteenth century. Trans- 
lated by J. W. Matthews. London, 1899. 


German Literature. 

Conrad. Hermann. 
Schillers Realismus. Hamt^urg, 1895. 44 pp. 

No. 17 in ♦5914.50 N.F. 10 
Fischer, Johann Georg. 
Gedichte. 3te Auflage. Stuttgart, 1883. 

Steinhausen, Georg. 
Der Wandel deutschen Geftihlslebens seit 
dem Mittelalter. Hamburg, 1895. 43 pp. 


Greek and Latin litetature. 

Gleason, Garence Willard. 
The gate to Vergil. Boston, 1898. Illas. 
Map. 3949.34 

Hussovianus, NicoUus. 
Carmina. Edidit loannes Pelczar. Craco- 
viae, 1894. [Corpus antiquissimorum po- 
etanim Poloniae Latinonim.] 5066.15.4 
Laches. Edited bv F. G. Plaistowe and T. 
R. Mills. London. [1898.] [University 
tutorial series.] 2979a. 11 x 

Wirtschaftslehre. Ubcrsctzt von M. Ho- 
dermann. Leipzig. [1898.] 4896.50.393 

Russian Literature. 

Nadson, Semen Yaklovlevitch. 
Gedichte. Autofisierte Vcrdeutschung im 
Versmass des russischen Originals von F. 
Fiedler. Leipzig. [1898.] Portr. 


Sanskrit Literature. 

Oman, John Campbell. 
The great Indian epics. The stories of the 
Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Lon- 
don, 1899. Pis. 3026.127 

Drama. Shakespeare. 

Bauernfeld, Eduard von. 
Landfrieden. Deutsche Komodie. Leipzig. 
[1898.] 72 pp. 4896.50.395 

Das Liebes-Protokoll. Lustspiel. Leipzig. 

[189a] 59 pp. 4896.50.393 

Bridges, Robert. 
Eight plays. No. 2-8. [London, if^90.] 

Gen6e, Rudolph. 1824- 
Hundert Janre des Koniglichen Schauspiels 
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Contents. — i. Henrik Ibsen und die dramatische 
Gesellschaftskritik. a. Von Hauptmann bis Mae- 


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Life of Vincent Priessnitz, founder of hydro- 
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Bibliography of wild oxen, sheep, and goats, 
PP- 309-314- 

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Popular-wissenschaftliche Vorlesungen. 2. 
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The lectures treat oi various subjects in physics. 
T^o editions of an English translation are on 
shelf-no. 3918.122 and 3918.143. 

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Ueber einige Schutzeinrichtungen der 
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— The institution of electrical engineeri 

— The physical society of London. Vol. 
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A monthly publication. 

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Pis. = 3842.70 

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Report on the marble, slate and granite in- 
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= .^864.31 

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The Penobscot Indians: a brief acrotmt of 

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1899.1 4 pp. = 4364.209 

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L'avenir de la race blanche. Cril«qae du 

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Los Itas. Madrid, 1890. 3Q49a.i69 

On the negritos of the Philippine islands. 

Mathematics. Astronomy. 

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Algebra. Versado al castellanp . . . para el 
uso ... de la Universidad de Cordoba 
(Republica Argentina) por F. Latzina. 
[C6rdoba, 187-?] 94 pp. Lithograph 
script = *3936u|6 

Trigonometria. Versado al castellano . . . 
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Report ... for 1897-98. . Madras, 1898. = 

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A collection of mathematical and physical articles. 

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An introduction to the differential and in- 
tegral calctilus, and differential equations. 
London, 1899. ♦♦£5129.43 

Philosophy. Education. 



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Instinct and reason . . . with special study 
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MS. For the first time edited by R. Beer. 
London, 1891. [Wyclif society.] ^3492.69 


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schools. S3rracuse, 1899. 4*093.218 

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Trinity college. London, 1898. Pis. [Uni- 
versity of Oxford college histories.] 

2499*. M 


Jewish training school of Chicago. 
Some information. [Chicago, 1898.] 16 pp. 
Pis. = 4499a.200 

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Wie erziehen wir unsem Sohn Benjamin? 
2. Auflage. Miinchen, 1808. 5587.100 
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Something of interest about a Massachu- 
setts institution [the Cambridge school for 
girls, and Margaret Winthrop hall]. Bos- 
ton, 1891. (5) pp. = 4499a.202 
University of Pennsylvania. 
University bulletin. Vol. 2^ no. i. Phila., 
189a = ♦4H90a.i8o 

Issued monthly during the academic year. 

Warfield, Ethelbert Dudley. 
Addresses on the occasion of [his] inaugu- 
ration as president of Lafayette college. 
Easton, 1891. 39 pp. = 449i-4i 


William Belden Noble lectures for 1898. 
The message of Christ to manhord. By 
'Alexander V. G. Allen, Francis G. Pea 
body [and others]. Boston, 1899. Portr. 


Religion. Theology. 

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Das neue Testament nach der deutschen 
Uebersetztmg D. Martin Luthers. 3te Auf- 
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741 1. 61 
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The transformation of Hawaii. How Ameri- 
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to the world. N. Y. [1898.] Ph. 

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A series of sermons on the parables of the Good 

Samaritan and the Prodigal Son. 
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The pilgrim's progress. With illustrations 
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Life lectures by the author of "Alpha": 
being lectures on the religion of life as 
exemplified by the man Jesus Christ. Lon- 
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This work is edited by "A. C. S." 
Fluegel. Maurice. 
The Zend-Avesta and Eastern r.'ligions. 
Baltimore, 1898. 3024.61 
Glaser, R. 
Diether von Isenburg-Budingen, Erzbischof 


und Kurfurst von Mainz (1459-1463) und 
die kirchlichen und politischen Reformbe- 
strebungen im fiinfzehnten Jahrhundert. 
Hamburg, 1898. 64 pp. 

No. 18 in ♦59i4,5o.N.F.i2 
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Papias and his contemporaries: a .«tudy of 
religious thought in the second century. 
Boston, 1899. = 3506.70 

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The future of ecclesiastical councils. [Port- 
land, Oregon.] 6 pp. = 3545-86 
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Revealed religion. Edited, with an intro- 
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Bowden. N. Y. [1895.] ^1459.170 
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The commandments of Jesus. N. y., 1898. 

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The history of the Reformation of religion 
within the realm of Scotland. E^lited for 
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1898. Portrs. 3527.69 

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Myth, ritual and religion. New edition. 
London, 1899. 2 v. 3497-89 

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Christ among the cattle. A sermon, Port- 
landj Oregon. N. Y., 1899. 41 pp. 

Newman, John Henry. 
History of my religious opinions. London, 

1865. 5464.22 

Another edition, bearing the title Apologia pro 
vita sua, is on shelf-no. 5464.5. In the present 
edition, Part i, most of Part 2. and about half of 
the Appendix of the Apologia nave been omitted, 
and a little new matter added. 

Stimson, Henry Albert. 
The Apostles* creed in the light of modern 
discussion. Boston. [1898.] 3458.196 

Thomas k Kempis. 
The imitation of Christ, called also The 
ecclesiastical music: a revised translation, 
notes, and introduction by C. Bigg. Lon- 
don, 1898. 34493.150 
Wyclif, John. I324?-I38i. 
Tractatus De simonia. Now first edited 
from the Vienna mss. [etc.]. By Dr. Herz- 
berg-Frankel and Michael Henry Dzie- 
wicki. London, 1898. [Wyclif society.] 

= *3492.79 

Ziegenbalg, Bartholomaus. 

Genealogy of the South-Indian gods. In- 
cludinfi: a description of oopular Hindu- 
ism. Translated by G. J. Metzger. Madras, 
1869. :'497.ii8 

Useful and Industrial 


Compton, Alfred George, and James H. de 
Advanced metal -work. Part i. The speed- 
lathe. N. Y., 1898. Illus. 4017.39 
Farmer, Fannie Merritt. 
Chafing-dish pcfesibilities. Boston, 1898. 



Hofman, Heinrich O. 
The metallurgy of lead. Sth edition. N. Y., 

Kent, William, mechanical engineer. 
The mechanical engineer's pocket-book. 4th 
edition. N. Y., 1899. Diagrams. 

4019. 1 19 

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Lessons in domestic science. London, 1898. 

2 V. in I. Illus. 8oo9a.35 

Macdonald, Bernard. 

MacDonald's skeleton mining report. [Butte, 

Montana, 1807.I 70 pp. 7869.43 

A volume of blank iorms to be filled out. 

Nitze, Henry Benjamin Charles, H. A. J. Wil- 
Gold mining in North Carolina and adja- 
cent south Appalachian regions. Raleigh, 

1897. Illus. Maps. [North Carolina. 
Geological survey.] = ♦7861.97.10 

Schiller-Tietz, . 

Neue Wege der Gahrkunde und die Malton- 
weine. Hamburg, 1898. 88 pp. 

No. 22 in ♦5914,50. N.F. 12 
Standard charcoal-iron and chemical company. 
Patents and processes for the treatment of 
wood for charcoal, acetate of lime, wood 
alcohol and other wood products. Nash- 
ville. 1887. 15 pp. = 8030.66 
Thorp, Frank Hall. 
Outlines of industrial chemistry. N. Y., 

1898. Illus. 3973.152 
Wool and cotton reporter. Vol. 13. Boston, 

1899. ♦4012.288 
Woollcombe, Walter George. 

Pratical work in physics. Part 4. Mag- 
netism and electricity. Oxford. 1899. 
Illus. 596939 

Agriculture. Forestry. Fisheries 

Brown, William, of Perth. 
The natural history of the salmon, as ascer- 
tained by the recent experiments at Stor- 
montfield, on the Tay. Glasgow, 1862. 
PI. 5909.32 

English Jersey cattle society. 
Jersey cattle : their feeding and management. 
London, 1898. 57 PP. 3993-87 

Gilbert, Frank M. 
Pigeons, and all about them. Boston. [1898.] 
Illus. (:oo6.io6 

Three copies, two of which are kept in the Chil- 
dren's Room. 

Pinchot, Gifford, and W. W. Ashe. 
Timber trees and forests of North Carolina. 
Winston, 1897. Pis. Maps. [North Caro- 
lina. Geological survey.] = ♦7^1.47.6 

MUitary and Naval Art, Science, 
and History. 

Cristobal Colon, Spanish flagship. 
Abstract of the log of the "Cristobal Colon," 
from April 8th to July 3rd, 1898. N. p. 
18^. 4 sheets. [U. S. flagship New York. 
Special bulletin.] = *4420.67 

May, Edward Sinclair. 
Field artillery, with the other arms. Its re- 
armament with quick-firing gbns dis- 
cussed. London, 1898. 3956.132 


The military code of Pennsylvania. [Har- 
risburg?] 1898. 46 pp. = 5952.99 

Amusements. Games. 


American bicycling jotu-nal, The. Vol. i. Bos- 
ton, 1877-79. j8 nos. No. I in ^6001.48 

No more was published. 
Braddon, Hon. Sir Edward Nicholas O^ventry. 
Thirty years of shikar. Edinburgh, 1895. 
Illus. Map. 4004.133 

Sporting experiences in India. 

Brown, John 'Alexander Harvie-. 

The wonderful trout Edinburgh, 1898. 

Illus. 4009.223 

Burton, Reginald George. 

Tropics and snows: a record of travel and 

adventtu-e. London, 1898. Pis. 4005.144 

The travels were in India, Jamaica, Norway and 
Russia, and the adventures chiefly big game 

Gottschall, Hermann von, editor. 

Sammlung von Schachaufgaben. 4. Teil. 

Leipzig. [1898.] Illus. 4896.50.396 

Hillier, George Lacy, and T. H. S. Walker. 

The art of training for cycle racing. Berlin. 

[1888.] (7), 89 pp. ^ ^ 4002.169 

in English, German and French. 

Hopkins, Nevil Monroe. 
Twentieth century magic and the construc- 
tion of modem magical apparatus. N. Y., 
1898. Illus. 7608.120 

Kenyon, Brewster C. 
History of the postal issues of Hawaii. 
N. p. 1895. 26 pp. Portr. = 2335.15 
Maxwell, Sir Herbert Eustace, baronet 
Salmon and sea trout. How to propagate, 
preserve, and catch them in British waters. 
London, 18^. Illus. 4009.214 

Neesen, Victor. 
Dr. Neesen's book on wheeling . . . from 
the physician's standpoint. N. Y. [1899.] 
Pis. 4008.191 

Ome, Martha Russell. 
Hallowe'en. Its origin and how to c-.lebrate 
it N. Y. [1898.] 44 pp. Illus. 


Warfield, Ethelbert Dudley. 

The place of athletics in college life. Easton, 

Pa., 1894. 24 pp. = 4007.178 

Zander, Richard. 

Die Bedeutung die korperlichen Ucbungen 

fiir die Entwickelung des Korpers tmd 

fiir die Gesundheit Hamburg, 1897. 21 

pp. No. 7 in ^59x4.5^. N.F. 12 


In Danish. 

Lie, Jonas Lauritz Idemil. 
Lindelin. Eventyr-Spil. Kj^^benhavn, 1897. 


In English. 

Bangs, John Kendrick. 
Peeps at people. N. Y., 1899. Pis. 



Barrett, Wilson, and Robert S. Hichens. 
The daughters of Babylon. Phila.. 1899. 

Barton, William Eleazar. 
When Boston braved the king. A story of 
Tea-party times. Boston. [1899.] Pis. 

B^lor, Frances Courtenay. 

The ladder of fortune. Boston, 1899 68.32 
Brown, Alice. 

Tiverton tales. Boston, 1899. 68.37 

Brown, Helen Dawes. 

A civilian attach^. N. Y., 1899. 68.42 

Brown, Vincent 

The romance of a ritualist. London, 1898. 

Burchell, Sidney Herbert. 

The Duke's servants. Boston, 1899. $7.41 

England, 17th century. Relates to the Duke of 

Cable, George Washington. 

Stronir hearts. N. Y., 1899. 68.40 

Catherwood, Mary Hartwell. 

The queen of the swamp and other plain 

Americans. Boston, 1899. 68.44 

Farquhar, Anna. 

The professor's daughter. N. Y., 1899. 68.33 

Fowler, Ellen Thomeycroft. 

A double thread. N. Y., 1899. 57.39 

Guthrie, Thomas Anstcy. 

Love among the lions. N. Y., 1899. 57-33 

Haggard, Henry Rider. 

Swallow: a tale of the great Trek. N. Y., 

1899. Pis. 57.12 

Harraden, Beatrice. 

The fowler. N. Y., 1899. 57.31 

James, Henry. 

The awkward age. N. Y., 1899. 68.45 

Lee, Charles. 

Patd Carah, Comishman. N. Y., i8qq. 57.32 

McCook, Henry Christopher. 

Old farm fairies. A summer campaign in 

Brownieland against King Cob-veaver's 

nixies. Phila. [1895.] Illus. 77.138 

MacManus, Seumas. 

Through the turf smoke. The love, lore, 

and laughter of old Ireland. N. Y., 1899. 


Magruder. Julia. 

A heaven-ldssing hill. Chicago, 1899. 68.30 

Mason, Caroline Atwater. 

The minister of Carthage. Phila., 1899. 

Pis. 68.41 

Merriman, Henry Seton. 

Prisoners and captives. N.Y.,1899. Pis. 57.37 

Morvan, Louis. 

The secret of Fougereuse : a romance of the 

Fifteenth century. From the French by 

Louise Imogen Guiney. Boston, 1898. Pis. 

Time, Louis xi. 

Pcmberton, Max. 

The garden of swords. N.Y.,1899. Pis. {7.42 
Phillpotts. Eden. 

The children of the mist N. Y., 1899. 57.40 
Praed. Rachel M. 

Madame IzAn. N. Y., 1899. 57.35 

Rogers, 'Anna A. 

Sweethearts and wives. N. Y., 1899. 68.31 
Sidgwick, Charlotte S. 

Grasin Ivo. London, 1899. 57.29 

Smart, Helen Hamilton. 

An unofficial patriot N. Y., 1898 68.34 


Walford, Lucy Bethiah. 
A little legacy and other stories. Chicago, 

1899. 57.38 

Waterloo, Stanley. 

The wolfs long howl. Chicago, 189). 68.39 
Weyman, Stanley John. 

When love calls. Boston, 1899. 57-34 

Wilkins, Mary Eleanor. 

The Jamesons. N. Y., 1899. Col. pis. 68.43 

In German. 

Fontane, Theodor. 

Funf Schlosser. Altes und Neues aus 

Mark Brandenburg. Berlin, 1889. 2826.79 

Hoffmann, Heinrich. 

Der Struwwelpeter oder lustige Gesrhichten 

und drollige Bilder fiir Kinder von 3-6 

Jahren. 213. Auflage. Frankfurt am 

Main. [1898?] (2), 24 ff. Illus. 4870.40 

In Italian. 

Barrili, Anton Giulio. 
Sorrisi di gioventu. Ricordi e note. Mi- 
lan©, 1899. 2779a.98 
Fogazzaro, Antonio. 
II mistero del poeta. Rqpianzo. iia edi- 
zione. Milano, 1896. 2777.28 

In Spanish. 

Ochoa, Juan. 

Un alma de Dios. Novela. Barcelona, 1898. 

Illus. 30993.124 

Pardo Baz4n, Emilia. 

Cuentos de amor. Madrid. [1898.] 3096.180 

De mi tierra. [2a edici6n.] Madrid. [1893.] 

Perez Gal do s, Benito. 

Mendizibal. Madrid, 1898. .1099.186 

Valera, Juan. 1824- 

De varios colores. Madrid, 1898. 3099.106 

In Swedish. 

Schwartz, Marie Sophie. 
Positivspelarens son. Svenskt original. 2. 
upplagan. Stockholm. [1879.] 4909b.i25 

Periodicals. Annuals. 



Manataug pebbles. Vol. i, no. 1-5. July 26- 
Seotember 20, 1880. Marblehead 1880. 

No more was published. 
State journal company, Lincoln. Nebraska. 
Annual catalogue. 1898. [Lincoln 1898.] 
60 pp. = 4379a. 124 

Associations. Clubs. 

Boston veteran fireman's association. 

4th grand concert and ball. Dec. I4« 1898. 

[Boston.] 1898. 36 pp. Portrs. 4451. 129 

Society de geographic de Lyon. 

Liste des membres . . . au ler Janvier 1899. 

Lyon, 1899. 39 PP. *^<,'^ 



Social Science. 

Political Economy. 

American public health association. 

The Bertillon classification of causes of 

death. Lansing, 1899. = 9614. i 

Apostol, Paul. 

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Jahrg. 13 contains a Register lor 1884-96. 

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Current numbers are kept in the Statistical de- 

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Agriculture and agricultural labor. 

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Relations and conditions of capital and labor 
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. = 6364.56 

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Government statistician. 

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British India. 

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Statistique sanitaire des villes. R6sum6 de 
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France. Ministere des travaux publics. 

Statistique de la navigation int^rieure. 

I. D^penses de premier ^tablissement et d'en- 


tretien c o ncemant les fleuves, riviires ct canaox. 

a. Re]ev6 gininl du tonaage des marchandises. 
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Statistique des chemins de fer francs an 
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Documents divers, le, 2e partie. 9385.944 

Chemins de fer de I'Europe. Situation au 
31 d6c 1897. Ouvertures en 1897. 

Reichs- Marine- Amt 
Die Ausgaben fiir Flotte tmd Landheer 
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Marquardt, Carl. 
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1899. 9996.1 
United Kingdom. 

Money-lending bill. 1899. Bill 215 

Correspondence respecting the increase in 

the wine duties. London, 1899. 9337.5 
Correspondence with Russian government on 

railway interests in China. London, 1899. 

Exports of coal. London, 1899. 9582.42-3 

General regulations for the management 
and discipline of certified inebriate re- 
formatories in Ireland. London, 1899. 


Return showing the number of days, hours, 
and minutes occupied in the transit of 
mails between Queenstown or Sonthamp- 
ton and New York, in 1898. 9583.142 

Labour Department 
Collet, C. E. 

Money wages of indoor domestic ser- 
vants. London, 1899. = 9331.2-2 

British South Africa company. 
Correspondence with Mr. C J. Rhodes re- 
lating to the proposed extension of the 
Bechuana land railway. London, 1899. 

Papers relating to the complaints of Brit- 
ish subjects in the South lA&ican republic 
London, 1899. gg/SS.^-J 

Correspondence relating to the e^qilosives 
monopoly in South African republic 
London, 1899. 996812-1 



At the time when plans for a new building for the Boston Public Library 
were under consideration a collection was made by the Library of pictures and 
plans, so far as they were obtainable, while all such material in periodicals in 
the Library was indexed. The result was embodied in the first edition of the 
present list, printed in the Quarterly Bulletin for January, 1886, and May, 
1888, and republished in the Library Journal, October, 1886, and September, 
1888. The compiler, Mr. J. L. Whitney, of the Library staff, has continued 
the work of collecting up to the present time. Additional information was 
obtained through blank forms sent out by Mr. Putnam, at that time Librarian, 
to such libraries as have erected new buildings. 

The great impulse given in recent years to the Library movement, espe- 
cially in this coimtry, is shown by this list. It is also seen in the recently pub- 
lished Ninth report of the Free public library commission of Massachusetts, 
where are found pictures of 148 libraries in this Commonwealth. 

The Trustees of the Boston Public Library will gladly receive additions 
to their collection of library pictures and plans, and also any information which 
shall render this list more complete. 

Connecticut. Public library committee. 

Reports. *6202.56 

Granite monthly. Concord, N. H. 

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— Same. Imperial edition. ♦4097.203 Public libraries. 4th edition. 1891. 2127.56 

— Same. Regular edition. ♦4097.201 Greenwood's Library year book. 1897. 
American university magazine. New York. *6i98.43 

♦7290.66 Harper's weekly. New York. ♦Per. room 

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Architccture and Building. New York. sion. 

♦4102.210 Reports. 61403.95; ♦♦61403.96 

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vol. 3, Nov., 1897. Boston. ^8093.124 New Hampshire. Board of library commis- 

Builder. London. ♦4104.201 sioners. 

Building news and engineering journal. Lon- Reports. ^6206. 20 

don. ♦8090.201 Scientific American. Architects* and buiMers* 

Burffoyne, Frank J. edition. New York. ♦4091.21 1 

Library construction, luxhitecture, fittingjs Vermont. Board of library commissioners. 

and furniture. London, 1897. [The Li- ist report, 1895-96. ♦6202.70 

brary series, edited by Richard Gamett.1 Wisconsin. State library commission. 

6199.10 Report. *6i94.67 


An Index to the 

Pictures and Plans of Library Buildings 

to be found in 

The Boston Public Library. 

Second, Enlarged, Edition. 

9 « » • 

Aberdeen, Scotland. 
Public library. Building news, vol. 59, July 

18, 1890. ,^ „ 

— Plan of the lending department. (In Bur- 
goyne. Library construction.) 

Abingdon, England. 

Free library. Building news, vol. 70, May 

15, 1896. 
Abington. Conn. , 

Social library.. (In Connecticut. Library 
commission. Report, 1893-94.) 
Acton, Mass. 
Memorial library. American architect In- 
ternational edition, vol. 25, June 29, 1889. 

— (In J. Fletcher. Acton in history. Phila.. 
1890.) ♦4450.114 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

A.cworth ^I It 

Silsby ' library. (In N. H. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1894.) 
Adams, Mass. 
Adams memorial library. Photograph, with 
statistics. 1899. *6i90.84 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

— Photograph. 6190.84 
Adelbert college of Western Reserve univer- 
sity, Qeveland. See Western Reserve 

Albany, N. Y. 
New York state library. Reading room. — 
State law library. (In The New York state 
capitol at Albany. N. Y., 1891.) ♦8005.103 

— Interior. Literary digest, vol. 9, May 5, 

1894. ♦7273.25.9 

— Reading room. American architect, vol. 
59, Jan. 1, 1898. 

Library and museum. View of interior gal- 
lery. American architect, vol. 19, May 3, 

Allegheny, Penn. 
Carnegie free library. Design. W. S. Era- 
ser, architect. American architect, vol. 21, 
Feb. 12, 1887. 

— Competitive designs, by J. W. McLaugh- 
lin. Extenor. — Plan. Inland architect, 
vol. 5>, March, 1SB7. 

— Design. J. L Faxon, architect. Ameri- 
can architect, vol. 21, March 26, 1887. 

— Design, by William H, Wood. Amcri- 
can architect, vol. 21, April 30, 18^. 

— Elevation and plan. Inland architect, 
vol. 31, April, 1887. 

— Design in competition. J. W. McLaugh- 
lin, architect. Scientific American, vol 4, 
Aug., 1887. 

— View. (In 2d annual report, 1892.) 

— Exterior. Accepted design. Cab.6o42J 


— View. — Plan. Library journal, vol. 18, 
Aug., 1893. 

Alloa, Scotland. 

Public libraiy. (In Greenwood. Public li- 
braries. 1890.) 

American antiquarian society. 
Antiquarian haU. Bay state monthly, vol. 3. 
Aug., 1885. Per. room 

— (In Worcester past and present Wor- 
cester, 1888.) 445asi 

— Photographs, etc ^190.25 
Amherst, Mass. 

Town hall and library. (In Mass. Library 
commission. 9th report) 

North Amherst library. (In same.) 
Amherst college. 

Library. Woodcut of the exterior before 
changes were made. Potter^s American 
monthly, vol. 9, Dec., 1877. Per. room 

— (In The college book. Boston, i^) 

Henry T. Morgan library. (In F. H. Hitch- 
cock. Handbook of Amherst Amherst, 
1891.) ♦^35466 

— Six-floor stack. (In W. I. Fletcher. 
Public libraries in America. Boston, 
1894.) 6209.11 

— New England magazine, vol. 17, Dec, 
1897, Per. rooo 


Universitats-Bibliothek. Allgem. Bauzeit- 
ung, 1884, vol. 49» 1884. 
Anaconda. Montana. 
Hearst free library. Plans. With statistics 
of cost, dimensions, etc. *6i90.58 

— Photograph. With statistics. *6i9oa.48 
Andover, Mass. 

Brechin hall. Library of Theological sem- 
inary. Photograph. ♦6190.25 

— Heliotype. (In Bailey's Historical 
sketches of Andover. Boston, 1880. 

Memorial hall. Public library. (In Bailey's 

Historical sketches of Andover. Boston, 

1880. *2353.75 

Also in New England mamzine, vol. 4, April, 
1886; and Massacnusettt. Xibrary commission. 

ist, 9th report 
Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Ladies' library association building. Inland 

architect, vol. 5, Sept, 1885. 
See also University of Michigan. 
Annapolis, Maryland. 
United States naval academy. Library. Two 
photographs. With statistics. ♦6i9oa.6i 
Ansonia, Conn. 
Public library. Photo|^phs. *6i90.6o 

— Four views. (In CTonn. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1897.) 

Arlington, Mass. 
Robbins memorial library. (In Boston ar- 
chitectural exhibition, 1891.) 8093.56 

— American architect. International edition, 
vol. 30, Dec. 27 1890. 

— Architectural review, vol. i, no. 2, 1891. 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Art museum and library. 
W. M. Aiken, architect. Architecture and 
Building, vol. 4, Feb. 27, 1886. 
Ascot, England. 
Dwining library. Builder, vol. 557 Aug. 11, 
Ashburnham, Mass. 
Public . library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 9th report.) 
Ashfidd* Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 9th report) 
Ashland, Wisconsin. 
Vaughn library building. (In Wisconsin. 
Library commission. Report 1895-96.) 
Free library and science and art school. 
Building news, vol. 61, Nov. 13, 1891. 

— (In Greenwood's Library year book, 


Die Bibliothek in Athen. Architekt: Theo- 
phil Hansen. 5 plates. Allgem. Bauzeit- 
ung, vol. 56, 1891. 

Library. Architectural review, vol. 3, no. 

3. 1894. 
National library. Harper's weekly, vol. 40, 

Sept. 28, 1895. Per. room 

Valliano library. Plan. (In Burgoyne. 
Library construction.) 
Athens, Penn. 
Tisga point historical society. Spalding 
memorial library and museum. Architec- 
ture and Building, vol. 29, Dec. 10, 1898. 


Atlanta, Georgia. 

State library. Reading room. (In Hand- 
book of the city of Atlanta. 18^. 4373.144 
Young men's library. Library journal, vol. 
21, Jan., 1896. 
Attleborough, Mass. 
Richards memorial library. (In J. Daggett. 
Sketch of the history of Attleborough 
Boston, 1894.) 4354.133 

Auburn, N. H. 
Griffin library and museum. (In N. H. Li- 
brary commission. Report, 1895-96.) 
Auburn, N. Y. 
Case memorial library. Competitive designs. 
American architect, International edition, 
vol. 54, Nov. 21, 1896. 

— Competitive designs. Architecture and 
Building, vol. 26, 2:^, 1897. 

Augusta, Maine. 
Lithgow library. Proposed building. 
American architect, International edition, 
vol. 42, Dec. 2, 1893. 

— Architecture and Building, vol. 20, May 

5, 1894. 

— Competitive design. American architect, 
International edition, vol. 45, Sept 8, 1894. 

— Photograph of the interior. ♦61903.3 

— (In Brochure series.) 

— (In Augusta centennial souvenir. Au- 
gusta, 1897.J 4430.134 

Ayer, Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. Library commis- 
sion. 9th report.) 
Ayr, Scotland. 
Public library. Design by Morris & Hun- 
ter. Builder, vol. 61, Aug. 8, 1891. 

— Building news, vol. 63, Oct. 7, 1892. 
Balham (London). 

Public library. Building news, vol. 74, 

April 15, 1898. 
Baltimore, Maryland. 
Enoch Pratt free circulating library. (In 

G. W. Howard. The Monumental city. 

Baltimore, 1876.) *4 374-73 

— Exterior of Central library and Branch 
library. (In Letters and documents relat- 
iuRT to its foundation [etc.]. Baltimore, 
1886.) ♦2143.17 

Peabody institute. (In G. W. Howard. The 
Monumental city. Baltimore, 1873.) 

Also in Report for 1879 [•4477.101]; and m A. 

Grasel. Gnindzuge der Bibliothekslehre. Leip- 
zig, 1890 [•6198.23]. 

Barking, England. 

Public offices and Public library. Building 

news, vol. dy, Oct. 19, 1894. 

Barre, Mass. 

Woods memorial library. Library journal, 

vol. 12, July, 1887. 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 
report. ) 

— Photograph. Cab.60.42.2 
Bassano, Italy. 

Biblioteca comunale. Pianta del Civico 
museo. (In O. Brentari. II museo di 
Bassano illustrato. Bassano, 1881.) 

8079- 1 25 
Batavia, N. Y. 
Richmond memorial library. Inland archi- 
tect, vol. 10, Dec. 1887. ♦8093.201.10 

— Library journal, vol. 14, July, 1889. 



Bath, Maine. 
Public library. Sketch for. (In J. C. Ste- 
vens and A. W. Cobb. Examples of 
American and domestic architecture. 
N. Y., 1889.) *8i03.iS 

— Architecture and Building, vol. 10, Feb. 9, 

Battersea (London). 
Public library. First premiated design. — 
Second premiated design. Builder, vol. 
55, Dec. 8. 1888. 

— Competitive design. Builder, vol. 56, Jan. 
26, 1839. 

There are views and plans also in The Library, 
April, 1889 [2147.75]; Greenwood. Public libra- 
ries. 1891; and in Burgoyne. Library construc- 

— Lurline gardens branch library. Building 
news, vol. 61, June 19, 1891. 

Bayridge, L. I. 
Public library. Photograph. *6igo.77 

With this is a plan of the ground floor; also, 
statistics as to tne number 01 volumes, capacity 
of shelving, cost, etc. 

Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. 

Williams free library. Library journal, vol. 

21, April, 1896. 

— (In Wisconsin. Library commission. Re- 
port, 1895-^.) 

Bebington, England. 

Village library. (In Greenwood. Public li- 
braries, 1890.) 
Belchertown, Mass. 

Clapp memorial library. Library journal, 

vol. 12, July, 1887. 

Also in Picturesque Hampshire, Northampton, 
1890 [*44^.ii2]; and in Massachusetts. Library 
commission, ist, 9th report. 

Belfast, Ireland. 
Free public library. Selected design. Ex- 
terior. — Plans. — Premiated design. — 
Alternative design. Building news, vol. 

45, Nov. 16, 23, 1883. 

— Free library competition. Builder, vol. 

46, Feb. 16, 1884. 

— Design. Architect, vol. 32, Dec. 13, 1884. 
Belfast. Maine. 

Free library. (In Bulletin and finding list, 
April, 1888.) 6156.78 

— Library journal, vol. 13, Aug., 1888. 
Belmont, Mass. 

Town hall and public library. American 
architect, vol. 10, Aug. 6, i^i. 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 
port. ) 

Beloit college, Beloit, Wisconsin. 
Librarv. (In Picturesque Beloit. Beloit, 

1888.) 4471.7s 

— (In Catalogue.) 4496.24 
Berkeley divinity school, Middletown, Conn. 

Library. (In Biennial catalogue, 1897.) 

Berlin, Conn. 

Free library. (In Conn. Library commis- 
sion. Report, 1803-94.) 
Berlin. Germany. 
Konigliche Bibliothek. Photograph. *6i90.6a 

— Eine Skizze yon A. Oskar Klaussmann. 

Illus. Zeitung, Sept. 28, 1895. ♦5210.1.105 
Sketches of readers, with illustrations. 

— (In Brochure series.) 

Rathhaus Bibliothek. (In Architektonische 
Studien-Blatter ausgewahlt von H. Ende. 


Universitats-Bibliothek. (In L. Klasen. 

Grundriss-Vorbilder von Gebauden aller 

Art, Abth. 10. Leipzig, 1887.) ♦4103.58.10 

Wittig, P. Die Bucherei im Rdchstagshatise 

zu Berlin. Berlin, 1898. Illus. Plates. 

L. 8^ *6i9a8s 

Bermondsey (London), England. 

Design for public library. By Newman & 

Newman. American architect, vol 30, 

Dec. 13, 1890. 

Design for a public library. Architect, vol. 

44, Nov. 21, 1890. 
Public library. Builder, vol. 62, Jan. 23, 
Bemardston, Mass. 
Cushman library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. I St, 9th report) 
Biblioth^que nationale. 

See Paris. 
Biblioth^que Sainte-Genevi^vc. 

See Pans. 
Billerica, Mass. 
Bennett library. American architect, vol. 10. 
July 9, 1881. 

— (In H. A. Hazen. History of Billerica. 
Boston, 1883.) ♦2352.81 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th ^^ 

Birmingham, England. 
Free libraries. Reference library. (In T. 
Greenwood. Free public libraries. Lon- 
don, i8fi6.) 

— (In Greenwood. Public libraries. Lon- 
don, 1890.) 

— Two photographs. Cab.60.42.2 
Blackburn, England. 

Free library and museum. Accepted design. 
Architect, vol. 4, Jan. 27, 1872. 

Also in Building news, vol 14, Jan. 3, 1873; and 
in British architect, July 4, iS75- 

Blandford, Mass. 
Free public library. (In Mass. Library 
commission. 9th report) 
Bloomington, Illinois. 

Public library. Photograph. Cab.60.422 
Bodmin, England. 
Passmore Edwards free library. Building 
news, vol. 70, May, 1896. 

L'aula magna della Biblioteca univer^itana. 
— Una sala degli archivi di stato a Bo- 
logna. — La sala dei manoscritti e dei 
codici nella Biblioteca dell* Universiti 
(In Pubblicazione speciale dell' Illustra- 
zione italiana per Tviii centenario dello 
studio bolognese. Milano, 1888. 


Bolton, England. 

Old library, Bolton grammar school. In- 
terior. (In R. C. Christie. The old church 
and school libraries of Lancashire. Cha- 
tham society, 1885.) *242S-0i 

Public library. (In Bolton weekly journal, 
Dec. 19, 1885.) Cab.60.42^ 

Bootle, England. 

Public library and museum. (In Greenwood. 
Public libraries, 1890.) 

— Ground floor plan. (In Burgojrne. Li- 
brary construction.) 

Bordeaux, France, 
Archives d^paftementales. Reyne g^n^e 


de Tarchitecture et des travaux publics, 

vol. 29. 4091.206.29 

Boston, Mass. 

Boston Athenzum. Two photographs of 

the interior. ♦6i9oa.7S 

— Views. (In Boston almanac, 1850, pp. 49, 
SO.) *4359a.i.i850 

— Interior. (In Catalogue of the Washing- 
ton collection in the Boston Athenaeum, 
compiled by Appleton P. C. Griffin, with 
notes by William C. Lane. Boston, 1897.) 

Boston medical library. Ventilation plan. 
Library journal, vol! 4, June-July, 1879. 

Boston public library. 

Boylston Street Building. 

— Design for the library building. By 
Luther Briggs. 5 sheets. Boston, 1855. 

Cab.6o. 105.6 

— Designs, by Edward C. Cabot and James 
Elliot Cabot. Two designs in nine sheets. 
Boston, 1855. Cab.6o. 105.2 

— Design, by Horace Gray. Boston, 1855. 
5 sheets. Cab.6o. 105.4 

— Designs by John R. Hall. Boston, 1855. 
Two designs in ten sheets. Cab.60.105.1 

— Plans, by Paul Schulze and John F. Ed- 
wards. Boston, 1855. 6 sheets. 

Cab.6o. 105.3 

— Plan of library lot 1855. ♦♦6190.44 

— Plans, by Charles K. Kirby. 10 sheets. 

Cab.6o. 109.2 

— Exterior. — Interior. — Plans. (In Pro- 
ceedings at the dedication of the building, 
Boston, 1858.) ♦2134.12; ♦2134.13 

— 17 stereoscopic views. 1866. ♦♦G.285.1 

— Studies of plans for the Central library 
and some of the Branches. 10 plans. 


— S photographs, size iij/^ x 1954 inches. 


Dartmouth Street Building. 

— Copy of the land taken by the city. Made 

by Thomas W. Davis, city surveyor. Dated 

Dec 12, 1881. T.R.27.13 

For a description of the general parcels of land 
taken see City docnment 45, 1883. 

— Proposed new Public library building, 
Dartmouth street, ist, 2d, 3d floor plans. 
By George A. Gough. [18^.] 3 plans. 

Cab. 60.107.3 

— Plan. (In Boston. Architect department. 
Preliminary description of the building 
... in the competition for designs. Bos- 
ton, 1883. *2I34.49 

— Sketches and sketch plans of four designs 
to which prizes were awarded in competi- 
tion. American architect, vol. 17, Feb. 14, 


— Sketch of exterior. (In Architectural 
league of New York. Catalogue of the 
third annual exhibition. N. Y.. 1887.) 


— Fourteen views and plans. American ar- 
chitect, vol. 23, May 26, June 9, 1888. 

Also in the Imperial edition of this periodical. 
The regular edition contains only thirteen illus- 


— Photographs of progress of the work. 
Aug., 1888 to the completion. 258 photo- 
graphs, mounted. 2 v. Cab.6o. 128.1 

— View. (In Proceedings on the occasion 
of laying the corner-stone, Nov. 28, 1888. 
With addresses by Hon. F. O. Prince and 
others. ♦2142.67; **2I42.69 

— Plan of ground floor. — Plan of Reading 
room floor. Library journal, vol. 14, 
March, 1889. 

— Book stacks. 6 plans. T.R. Cab. 15.1 

— Illustrations and plans. Boston, 1889. 


Issued as a supplement to the 37th annual report 
of the Trustees [6001.5; **G.s64.2]. 

— Numerous views, details, etc. Ameri- 
can architect., International edition, vol. 
48, April 6, May 18, 1895. 

— Doorway. (In The work of McKim, 
Mead & White. Architectural record, 
May, 1895.) ^4092.64 

— Front view. — Doorway, vestibule and 
staircase in Bates hall. American archi- 
tect. International edition, vol. 49, July 17, 


— Views. (In Herbert Small. Handbook 
of the New Public library in Boston. 
Boston, 1895. 6203.69 

The new edition of 1899 contains plans showing 
alterations made in 1898. 

— Seals and medallions of printers' marks 
on the facade and elsewhere. Z7 photo- 
graphs, mounted. Cab.6o. 128.2 

— Twenty-five photographs of the library 
building. By Newton W. Elwell. Bos- 
ton, 1896. Cab.6o. 104.2 
The Annual report for 1897-98 contain plans of 
the Central library building; also. Map of Bos- 
ton showing the location oi the Branches and 
Delivery stations. 

— Branches at Brighton, Jamaica Plain, 

Roxbury and West End. Photographs. 

♦61 90a. 42 
Found in reduced form in the Annual report for 

— Brighton branch library. Heliotype. (In 
Proceedings at dedication of the new 
building, Oct. 29, 1874. 

♦6147.50; Cab.60.42.2 

— Roxbury branch. Woodcut of ?xterior 
and plans of the Fellowes Athenaeum 
building. (In Annual report of the Bos- 
ton public library, 1872.) Cab.6o. 109.4 

— West End branch. Building news, vol. 
71, Oct. 16, 1896. 

— Report by the Trustees of the Public li- 
brary on the fitness of the English High 
and Latin school building for the uses of 
the Public library. 14 pp. 4 folded plans. 
[Also], Minority report of William H. 
Whitmore, one of the trustees. 14 pp. 6 
folded plans. Boston, 1882. *620i.28 

Massachusetts general hospital. Tread well 
library. (In Medical libraries, vol. 2, 
March, 1899.) 

"Providence depot" (Boston) plan, etc. Li- 
brary journal, vol. 4, June, 1879. 

State library of Massachusetts. (In A. M. 
Bridgman. Our state capitol. Boston, 
1894.) *4358.ii6 

— American architect. International edition, 
vol. 49, Aug. 24, 1895. 

— Scientific American, vol. 23, Feb., 1897. 


Bourne, Mass. 
Public library. (In E. G. Perry. Trip 
around Cape Cod. Boston, 1897.) 


— (In Mass. Library commission, gth re- 

Bowdoin college, Brunswick, Maine. 

Library. Interior. Photograph. *6i90.25 
Braddock, Penn. 
Carnegie free library. Photograph. 

Bradford, England. 
Free library and museum. Architect, vol. 
23, Jan. 10, 1880. 
Bradford, Mass. 

Public library. See Haverhill. 
Bradford, Vermont 
Woods public library. Photograph. 

Braintree, Mass. 
Thayer public library. (In Mass. Library 
commission, ist, pth report.) 

— New England magazine, vol. 5, Oct., 1891. 
Bran ford. Conn. 

Blackstone Public library. Inland architect, 
vol. 22, Nov. 1893. 

— Library journal, vol. 21, July, 1896. 

— New England magazine, vol. 21, Nov., 


A description, by Mrs. Edward M. Gallaudet, 

with numerous views. 

— (In Exercises at the opening, June 17, 
1896. New Haven, 1897.) 6i9oa.45 

— (In Conn. Library commission. Report, 

Brattleborough, Vermont. 

Public library. (In Proceedings at the dedi- 
cation, Jan. 25, 1887. With the address by 
Hon. Mellen Chamberlain. Cambridge, 
1887.) ♦2144.30 

Also in Vermont. Library commission, ist re- 
port. 1895-96. 

Brechin, Scotland. 

Public library. Architect, vol. 46, Nov. 27, 


— American architect, International edition, 
vol. 34, Dec. 26, 1891. 

Das neue Gebaude der Stadtbibliothek. Illus- 
trierte Zeitung, vol. 107, Nov. 7, 1896. 

♦5210. 1. 107 


Gebaeude fuer die staedtische Sparkasse und 

die Stadtbibliothek. (In H. Licht. Archi- 

tektur der Gegenwart, Bd. 4. Berlin, 1897.^ 

Bridgeport, Conn. 
Public library. (In Conn. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1893-4.) 
Bridgewater, Mass. 
Memorial library. American architect, vol. 
12, Jan. 7, 1882. 

— New England magazine, vol. 5, Oct., 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Brimfield. Mass. 
Town hall and library. (In Mass. Library 
commission. 9th report.) 
Bristol, Conn. 
Free public library. (In Conn. Library 
commission. Report, 1897.) 


Bristol, England. 
Design for a museum and library. Civil en- 
gineer and architect's journal, vol. 29, 1886. 

4010.220.29; *^ab.6o.42.2 
Free library, Trinity road. Builder, vol. 
72, Jan. 30, 1897. 

— St. (jcorgc's proposed free library. Build- 
ing news, vol. 73, July 16, 1897. 

Bristol. N. H. 
Minot-Sleeper library. (In N. H. Library 
commission. Report, 1895-6.) 
Bristol, R. I. 
Rogers free librair. American architect, 
vol. 3, Feb. 9, 1878. 

— (In Dedication. Providence, 1878.) 

British museum. 

See London. 
Brixton (London). 

Tate central free library. Architect, vol. 49. 

Jan. 13, 1893. 

Also in Amertcaa architect Internationa] edi- 
tion, vol. J9, Feb. XX, 1803; American architect. 
Vol c8, Oct. 9, 1897; Burgorne. Library coo- 
stniction; and Greenwood's library year book. 

Brockton, Mass. 
Public library. Two photographs of the 
interior, with statistics in regard to the 
library. 1898. ♦6190.82 

Brookfield, Mass. 
Banister memorial hall. (In Dedication. 
Jan. 31, 1884.) *6i9o.24 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Brookline, Mass. 
Public library. (In Bulletin.) ♦6147125 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Brooklyn N. Y. 
Brooklyn library (formerly Mercantile li- 
brary). Woodcut Long Island Life illus- 
trated, Sept, 1869. ♦6190.24 

A different view is given in the Bulletin of the 
library, June, 1873, folio edition. 
Also in Builder, voL 30, June 8, 187a; N. Y. 
Sketch-book of architectvur^ yoL 3. Boaton. i^ 
[*] ; and in Souvenir of Brooklyn, N. Y., 
1890 [^6470.71]. 

— Bedford branch. (In ist annual report, 

1899.) *6i56.i35 

Long Island historical society. Design oS 
building. American architect, vd. 6, Nov. 
29, 1879. 

— (In Half century's progress of the dty of 
Brooklyn. Brooklyn, 1887.) ♦4371.111 

— (In Souvenir of Brooklyn. N. Y., 189a) 


— (In Brooklyn Public library association. 
Testimonial. N. Y., 1898.) 

Pratt institute. Sec Pratt institute. 

Public medical library. Accepted design. 
Inland architect, voL 30, Dec., 1897. 
Brown university. 

Library. Two designs by Potter and Rob- 
ertson. (In N. Y. sketch-book of archi- 
tecture, vol. 2, Boston, 1^5-) •8o9a52.2 

— (In E. M. Stone, Our French allies. 
Providence. 1884.) ♦43^3.100 
Views are also in Greene ,W. A. Tlie Frori- 
dence plantations. •Providence, 1886 (*Cisy^7]: 
Providence illustrated. Providoiee, 1886 E^teO'Q: 
and in Tolman, W. H. The hiatory of fisher 
education in Rhode Island. Balttmore, 1894 



Bibliotheque royale. Entree en 1857. (In 
Bruxelles a travers les ages, vol. 3, p. 2^. 
Bruxelles, 1891.) * 

Bnckland, Mass. 
Public library. Woodcut and description. 

— (In Mass. Library conunission. gth re- 






Buck memorial library. Library journal, 

vol. 13, Feb., 1888. 


Universitats - Bibliothek. Hauptfagade. -* 

(In L. Klasen. Grundriss-Vorbilder von 

Gebauden aller Art, Abth. 10, pp. 942, 043. 

Leipzig, 1887.) ♦4103.58.10 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

Buffalo^ library. Twelve heliotypes. (In 

falo, 1887.) *6i90.30 

The Buffalo library and its building. Buf- 

— Exterior. Library journal, vol. 12, March 

— Deisign for building, by H. H. Richard* 
son. Building news, vol. 52, March 25, 

— Desi^. H. H. Richardson, architect 
Amencan architect, vol. 21, April 23, 1887. 

— Heliotype of exterior, C. L. W. Eidlitz, 
architect Cab.60.42.2 

Grosvenor libraiy. Photograph. Cab.60.42.2 

— Plan of first floor. Blue print. 


With statistjct of cost, capacity, etc 

Buxton, England. 
Public library. Building news, vol. 61, Nov. 
6, 1891. 
Calumet^ Michigan. 

Public library of the Calumet and Hecla 
mining co. Statistics. Manuscript. 

Camberwell (London). 
Public library. Building news, vol. 65, 
Sept 8, i893r 

— Interior. (In Greenwood's Library year 
book, i^.) 

Camborne, England. 

Passmore Edwards public library. Build- 
ing news, vol. 66, ^ 1894, 1896. 

— (in Greenwood's Library year book, 1897.) 

Cambridge, England. 

See University of Cambridge. 
Cambridge, Mass. 
Public library. Library journal, vol. 18, 
Dec., 1887. 
Building news desiring club. 
A viUage free library. By "Multum in 
parvo/' Elevation^ plans, etc. Building 
news, vol. 60, April 24, 1891. 
Burlington, Vt 
Fletdier free library. Statistics of cost of 
building and number of volumes issued. 
Manuscript 189B. *6i97.97 

Bury, England. 
Public library. Three premiated designs. 
Building news, vol. 73, 1897. 
Butte, Montana. 
Free public library. Photograph. ♦6i9oa.46 

Also tn Masaachiuetts. Library commission, ist, 
9th report; Inland architect, vol. 16, Jan., i8ox; 
American architect. Imperial edition, 1893, No. 


Cardiff, Wales. 
School of art and science museum, library, 
etc. Plans. Building news, April 23, 
May 21, June 4, 1880: Dec. 20, 1893. 

Also in Building news, April z$. May ai, June 4, 
1880; Dec. 39, 1893; Builder^ vol. 70, June 27, 
1896; and in Greenwood's Library year book, 
Carleton college, Northfield, Minn. 
Scoville memorial library. Exterior. — 
Floor plans. Library journal, vol. 22, 
Jan., 1897. 
Carlisle, England. 
Proposed library and school of art. Builder, 
vol. 60, May 9, 1891. 
Carlisle, Mass. 
Gleason library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 9th report.) 
Grossherzogliche Hof- und Landesbibliothek. 
Photograph. ^6190.62 

— Stock des Gebaudes. — Schnitt. Allgem. 
Bauzeitung, 1884. 

Cesena, Italy. 

La bibliotheque de Cesena. (In Charles 

Yriarte. Autour des Borgia, p. 14, Paris, 

1891.) 2740.55 

Chained books. 

(In J. W. Clarke. Libraries in the medieval 

and renaissance periods. Cambridge, 1894.) 

6129. 1 15 

Wimboume Minster. Library. B. P. L. 

Special libraries. 35 1 7945- B 2 

See also University of Leyden. 

Champaign, Illinois. 
Public library. American architect. Inter- 
national edition, vol. 52, April 25, 1896. 

— Library journal, vol. 21, April, 1896. 
Chantilly, France. 

The Chateau de Chantilly, the gift of the 
Due d'Aumale to the French Institute. 
The Library. — Exterior. — Interior. Il- 
lustrated London news, vol. 89, Oct. 30, 
1886. Per. room 

Charlemont Mass. 
Public library and town hall. (In Mass. Li- 
brary commission. 9th report.) 
Charleston, S. C. 
Charleston library. (In A. Mazyck. Guide 
to Charleston. Charleston, 1882.) 

Museum of fine arts and ladies' library. 
Exterior. — Plans. **Cab.6o.42.2 

Chariest© wn, N. H. 
Public library. American architect, Inter- 
national edition, vol. 39, Jan. 28, 1893. 

— (In N. H. Library commission. Re- 
port, 1804.) 

Chatham, Mass. 
Eldredge library. (In E. G. Perry, Trip 
around Cape Cod. Boston, 1897.) 


— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Interior of the Duke of Devonshire's li- 
brary. (In Catalogue, vol. i, pp. i, 102. 
London, 1869.) **6i70.32 

Chelmsford, Mass. 
Adams library. American architect, Inter- 
national edition, vol. 48. June, 1895. 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 


Chelsea (London). 
Public library. Accepted design. Building 
news, vol. 56, June 7, 1889. 

— Free public library competition. Three 
premiated designs. Elevation, 2 plans. 
Builder, vol. 56, June 7, 1889. 

There are views and pUns in Architect, vol. 33, 
1890, vol. ^, 1893; Builder, vol. 60, Jan. 24, 1891; 
Greenwood. Library year book, 1897; and in 
Burgoyne. Library construction. 

Chelsea Mass. 
Public library. (In Proceedings at the dedi- 
cation, Dec. 22, 1885. With address by 
James Russell Lowefl. Cambridge, 1886.) 


— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Cheltenham, England. 
Public library and schools of art and science. 
(In Greenwood. Public libraries. 1890.) 
CheshirCi Mass. 
Town hall and library. (In Mass. Library 
commission. 9th report.) 
Chester, England. 
Free public library. Design for new front. 
Builder, vol. 55, Oct. 20, 1888. 
Armour institute of technology. In the Li- 
brary. New England magazine, vol. 22, 

Chicago historical society. Inland archi- 
tect, vol. 25, June, 1895. 

— Heliotype. *6i90.6o 

— American architect, International edition, 
vol. 51, Feb. 15, 1896. 

McCormick theological seminary. Vir- 
ginia library. American architect, Inter- 
national edition, vol. 50, Dec. 14, 1895. 

Newberry library. Photograph. *6i90.6o 

— Inland architect, vol. 21, March, 1893. 

— Entrance. American architect, Interna- 
tional edition, vol. 51, Jan. 4, 1896. 

Public library. Accepted competitive de- 
sign. Inland architect, vol. 19, March, 

— Floor plans and sections. Sheplcy, Ru- 
tan & Coolidge, architects. 1896. 8 sheet Sw 


— Interior arrangement. 1896. 5 plans. 


— Views. American architect, vol. 58, 1897. 

— The Chicago public library, by N. Clif- 
ford Ricker. Inland architect, vol. 30, 
Jan., 1898, Supplement. 

*6i90.73; ♦8093.201.30 
Text, with 70 illustrations. 

— Main staircase, etc. American architect, 
vol. 59 ,1898. 

Chicago theological seminary. 

Library. (In Year-book.) ♦4481.134 


Public library. (In Bulletin.) ♦6200.19 

— Interior. — Plans. Building news, vol. 
21, Dec. 15. 1871. 

Clapham (London). 

Public library. Exterior. — Ground plan. 
(In Greenwood. Public libraries. 3d edi- 
tion. 1890.) 
Clerkenwell (London). 
Free public library. Building news, vol. 56, 
May 17, 1889. 

Also in Annual report, vol. 59 [*6i47.i481; and 
in Greenwood. Public libraries. 1891. 


Qeveland, Ohio. 

Public library. Woodcut ♦6190.25 

Colby university, Watcrville, Maine. 

Library. Three photographs of the interior. 


— Woodcut. ♦6190.24 
Colchester, England. 

Public library. Building news, voL 64. June 

16, 1893. 

— Builder, vol. 65, Oct 14, 189^ 
Colgate university, Hamilton, N. Y. 

The Colgate library. University magazine, 
vol. 5,T^cc., 1891. ♦7390.65-5 

Colne, England. 
Technical school, free library and public 
hall. Building news, vol. 74, April 29, 
Cologne. , , ,. 

Stadtische Bibliothek. Schnitt durch die 
Biicherrange. — Front (In L. Klasen. 
Grundriss-Vorbilder von Gcbaudcn aller 
Art, Abth. 10, Leipzig, 1897.) ♦4i03.58-io 
Colorado college, Colorado Springs. 
Coburn library. (Inland architect, vol. 25, 

June, 1895. 
Columbia college, N. Y. 
Library. Photogravure. . J"'90..25 

— Exterior. American architect, Impenal 
edition, vol. 20, Sept 4> »886. 

— Photograph. 1897. , . , /^.}9?a.65 

— (In Description and views of buildings. 
N. Y., 1807.) , 4490a. 139 

— Views. Inland architect, vol. 29, July, 

1897. Til 

— Exterior. — Reading room. — rian. 
New England magazine, n. s., vol. 17. 

Dec, 1897. , . -, . ... . 

— Exterior. — Interior. ScienUfic Ameri- 
can. Regular edition, March 26, 1898. 


— Nine views. (In Universities and their 
sons, vol. I. Boston, 1898.) 

Avery architectural library. Harpers 
weekly, vol. 42, Jan. 29, 1898. 
Columbus, Ohio. 
Public library. (In Evolution of a library. 
Chicago, 1897.) 6199.8 

Concord, Mass. 
Free public library. Six photomphs and 
heliotypes, and two plans. Cab.60. 109.4 

— Photograph. ♦6190.81 

— Three stereoscopic views. ♦6190.60 

— Exterior. — Sections. — Plan. (In Dedi- 
cation of the new building. Boston, 1873.) 

Concord, N. H. 
Public library. Board of trade building. 
Granite monthly, vol. 3, Sept., 1880. 


— Fowler library. (In N. H. library com- 
mission. Report, 1894.) 

— New England magazine, vol. 18, June, 

State library. Plan by G. J. F. Bryant, of 

librarv apartment Cab.60. 109.4 

Accompanies the 'Report of the Trustees for w6f. 

— Views. (In Dedication. Concord, 1895.) 

6190a. 14 

— Granite monthly, vol. 18, Feb., 1895. 


— New England magazine, vol. 18, June, 



k I 

Biblioth^ue du Sultan Ahmed. B. P. L. In 
Special Libraries. 

A photograph of the interior. Reproduced in 
Grosvenor't "Constantinople** [3081.118.2]. 

Conway, Mass. 

Town hall and library. (In Mass. Library 

commission. 9th report) 


Universitats-Bibliothek. Innere Pcrspektive. 

Allgem. Bauzeitung, vol. 49, 1884. 

Cornell university. 

Library. View. (In Dedication, Dec 2) 

1866. N. Y., 1867.) *6i90.22 

— Photograph of interior. *6i90.25 

— Plan. (In Bulletin, vol. 2, Nov., 1888.) 


— New library building. Plans. Library 
journal, vol. 13, April, 1889. 

— Views, etc. (In Exercises at the opening 
of the library building. Ithaca, 1891.) 


— (In Cornell university, by F. C. Perkins. 
N. Y., 1801.) 4484.108 

Croydon, England. 

Public library. Braithwaite hall. (In Green- 
wood's Library year book, 1897.) 

— Plan. (In Burgoyne. Library construc- 

Cummington, Mass. 

Public library. (In Bryant centennial. 
Springfield, 1894-) 4347-147 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Dalton, Mass. 
Crane library. (In C. W. Bryan. Book of 
Berkshire. Great Barrington, 1886.) 


— (In C W. Bryan. The new book of 
Berkshire. Spnngfield, 1890.) *4455.i67 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Cranesville library. (In History of Berk- 
shire county, vol. i, N. Y., 1885.) 

♦4451.55. 1 
Danbury, Conn. 

Public library. (In Conn. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1893-4.) 
Danvers, Mass. 

Peabody institute library. (In Mass. Li- 
brary commission. 9th report) 
Danville theological seminary. 

Library. Architecture and Building, vol. 
14, March 14, 1891. 
Darlin^on, England. 
Public library. Ground plan. (In Green- 
wood. Public libraries. 1890.) 

— Ground plan. (In Burgoyne. Library 

Dartmotith, Mass. 
Southworth library, South Dartmouth. (In 
Mass. Library commission. 9th report.) 
Dartmouth college. 
Library. View. First floor plan. (In Ex- 
ercises at the laying of the corner stone, 
June 25, i88f ) ♦6190.24 

Alto in American architect, yoI. 16, March 14, 
188$ [*6a90.i.i6]; Dedication. Hanover, 1886 
rajBa.6o1; **Dartnionth." West Gardner. 1886 
[*^BS.3oli and in New England magazine, N. s., 
vol. 17, JJec, i8j^. 

Darwen, England. 
Technical school, free library and school of 


science and art. Building news, vol. 64, 
Jan. 20, 1893. 
Davton, Ohio. 

Public library. Exterior, with manuscript 
sketch of plan. Gab.60.42.2 

— (In Dedication. Dayton, 1888.) ♦2144.43 

— Inland architect, vol. 13, May, 1889. 
Dedham, Mass. 

Public library. Three photographs. ♦6i90a.79 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Denison university, Granville, Ohio. 

Library. (In (Catalogue.) *4393.i55 

Denver, Colorado. 

Public library. (In Public library hand- 
book. Denver, 1895.) 6209.18 

— Engraving. ♦6190.63 
Derby, England. 

Proposed free library. British architect, 

Dec. 29, 1876; Sept. 21, 1877. 
New free library and museum. Builder, 

vol. 36, Nov. 16, 1879. 

— (In Greenwood. Public libraries. 1891.) 
Design for a free library and institute (Soane 

medallion, 1876-7). Architect. April 14, 


Design for a free library for a country town. 
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Design for a musuem and library for a small 
country town. Exterior. — Plans. Royal 
academy, upper school prize design by E. 
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Design for a public library (Soane medallion). 
By Arthur Sykes. Builder, vol. 56, Feb. 9, 

Design for a public library. By Percy E. New- 
ton. American architect. International 
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Design for a public library for a country town. 
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Design for a public library for a country town. 
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cial town. By Philip J. Marvin. Building 
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Design for a small library: Geveland archi- 
tectural club competition. Architecture and 
Building, vol. 29, Dec. 11, 1897. 

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fellow. (In Architectural sketch book, 
Boston, vol. 3 ,June, 1876.) ♦8090.51.3 

Designs for a public library. Architect, vol. 
13, Feb. 6, 1875: vol. 29, Jan. 27, 1883. 

Designs for a public library for a country town. 
Architect, vol. 46, 1891. 

Designs (6) for a memorial library. (In Ar- 
chitectural sketch book, Boston, vol. 2. 
May, 1875.) ♦8090.51.2 

Designs for a public library (Soane library 
competition). British architect, vol. 31, 


Designs for a public library, by H. Edward 
Fickcn and W. Kirkus, jun. 

No. 26 in Cab.6o. 109.4 
Des Moines, Iowa. 
Iowa state library. Architect's plan and 
photograph of interior. Cab.60.42.2 

Detroit, Michigan. 

Public library. Photograph. Cab.6o. 109.4 
Dewsbury, England. 
Design for baths and public library. Archi- 
tect, vol. 46, Sept. 4, 1891. 
Dexter, Maine. 
Abbott memorial library. Photograph and 
ground plan. 1897. *Di9oa.32 

Doane college, Crete, Nebraska. 
Whitin library. Inland architect, vol. 25, 
June, 1895. 
Drew theological seminary. 
Cornell library building. (In Year-book, 
1896-7.) *4484.i42 

Dublin, Ireland. 
New national museum and library competi- 
tion. Building news, vol. 48, June 5, 1885. 

— Competitive design awarded second prize, 
Building news, vol. 48, April 24, 1885. 

— Selected design. Elevation. — Plans. 
Building news, vol. 47, Oct. 31, 1884. 


— Architect, vol. 36, Aug. 7, 1891. 

— View. Plans. (In Burgoyne. Library 

Dulwich (London), 
Passmore Edwards public library. Building 
news, vol. 71, Oct. 23, 1896. 
Dundee, Scotland. 
Public library, museum and art gallery. (In 
Greenwood. Public libraries. 1890.) 
Dunfermline, Scotland. 
Carnegie free library. (In Greenwood. Free 
public libraries. 1886.) 
Durham, England. 

Cathedral library. (In Brochure series.) 
Durham, N. H. 
Public library. (In N. H. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1895-96.) 

— Granite monthly, vol. 22, Jutie, 1897. 
Dutton-Walker travelling studentship, Not- 
tingham school of art. 

A museum and free library. Exterior view 
and plans. Building news, vol. 46, March 

7, 1884. 
Duxbury, Mass. 
Free library. (In Mass. Library commis- 
sion. 1st, 9th report) 

— New England magazine, vol. 5, Oct. 1891. 
East Bridgewater, Mass. 

Public library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 9th report.) 
East Haddam, Conn. (Moodus.) 
Library. (In Conn. Library commission. 

Report, 1893-94) 
Easthampton, Mass. 
Public library. Two photographs of the 

architect's drawings. *6i90.25 

There are views also in Picturesque Hampshire, 
Northampton, 1890 [*445o.ii2]; and in Mass. 
Library commission, ist, 9th report. 

East Hartford, Conn. 
East Hartford library. (In Conn. Library 
commission. Report, 1897.) 
East Randolph, Mass. 
Turner library. Library journal, vol. i, 
Feb., 1877. 


East River, Conn. 
Library. (In Conn. Library commission. 
Report, 1897.) 
East Saginaw, Mich. 
Hoyt public library. Three floor-plans. 

East St. Louis, Illinois. 
Public library. Statistics of cost of building, 
dimensions, capacity, etc Manuscript 
1898. 6i9oa.97 

Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 
Public library. (In Wisconsin. State li- 
brary commission. Report, 1895-6.) 


— (In Annual report, 1895-6.) *6i57.32 
Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Courts of Scotland solicitors' library. Se- 
lected desifirn. Building news, vol. 55, Aug. 
10, 1888. 

— British architect, vol. 30, 1888. 

— Architect, vol. 52, Dec. 21, 1894. 
Public library. Accepted design. British 

architect, vol. 28, July 15, 1887. 

— Competitive designs. — Selected design. 

Builder, vol. 53, July 16, m Aug. 6. 1887. 
Views and plans are in Building news. vol. 59. 
60, Dec. 12, 1890, Jan. a, 1891; Architect, vol. 51. 
Sa. 1894; and in American architect, International 
edition, vol. 44* 45- . ,• , ^ 

Signet library. Intenor. (In J. Gowans. 
Edinburgh and its neighbourhood in the 
days of our grandfathers. London, 1886.) 


Edmonton, England. 
Passmore Edwards public library. Build- 
ing news, vol. 72, April 9, 1897. 

— Plans. (In Greenwood. Library year- 
book, 1897.) 

— Plans. (In Burgoyne. Library construc- 

Elgin, Illinois. 
Gail Borden public library. Photograph. 


With statistics of the number of volumes, capa- 
city of shelving, cost, etc 

Elmira, N. Y. 
Steele memorial library. American architect^ 
vol. 5S» Jan- 16, iS^. 
Erie, Pa. 
Public library. Half-tone engraving, ele- 
vation and ground plan. (Three plates.) 

1897. . , ♦6190.71 
With sUtistics of cost, material, etc 

— Competitive drawing. Architecture and 
Buildmg, vol. 27, I>cc 11, 1897. 

— Two views. Brickbuilder, vol. 7, Nov., 

1898. ♦4091.240 
Essex, Mass. 

Public library. (In Mass. Library commis- 
sion, oth report.) 
Everett, Mass. 

Frederick E. Parlin memorial library. Sta- 
tistics of cost, capacity, etc. Manuscript 
1898. ♦6i9oa.97 

— View. (In Mass. Library commission. 
9th report.) 

Shute library. (In Mass. Library commis* 
sion. 9th report.) 
Exeter, England. 
Albert memorial museum and public library. 
(In Greenwood. Public libraries. 1890.) 
Exeter, N. H. 
Public library. (In N. H. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1894.) 



Fairhaven. Mass. 
Public library. (In Dcdicatpry exercises, 

Jan. 30, 1893.) *6i4S-7i 

— (In Brochure series.) 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Fall River, Mass. 
Public library. Desi^s by various archi- 
tects. Views, sections, elevations and 
floor plans. Boston, 1895. *6iQ0.7Q 

Rq»riiiied frotn the American architect and buiid- 
ing news, Oct. 26 and Nov. 99, 1805 (*4097.ao5. 
1895]. Also photographs of front and side eleva- 
tions and floor plans. 

— (In Brochure series.) 

— (In Mass. Library commission, gth re- 

Falls Village, Conn. 
David M. Hunt library. (In Conn. Library 
commission. Report, 1893-s^) 
Falmouth, England. 

Passmore Awards free library. Building 
news, vol. 66, April 13, 1894. 
Falmouth, Mass. 
West Falmouth library. (In Mass. Library 
commission, gth report.) 
Fitchburg, Mass. 
Wallace library and art building. Photo- 

flraph and heliotype. ^6190.25 

There are views in £merson, W. A. Fitchburg, 
Mst and present Fitchburg, 1887 ['4350a. 169]; 
Hurd, D. H. Historv of Worcester county, 
vol. X. Phihu, X889 [*445o.s6.«; and in Mass. 
Library commission, xst, 9th report. 

Five designs for public library buildings, ex- 
terior and plans. Bv Hartwcll, Richard- 
son and Driver, architects, Boston.. (In 
Conn. Library commission. Report, 


Biblioteca Mediceo-Laurenziana. Interior. 
Three mounted photographs. 

Special Libraries, B. P. L. 

— (In J. C. Raschdorff. Palast-Architek- 
tur von Ober-Italien und Toscana vom 
XV. bis XVII. Jahrh. Toscana. Berlin, 
1888, plates 31-37.) Cab.47.8,4 

— (In G. I. Rossi. La libreria Mediceo- 
Laurenziana architettura di Michelagnolo 
Buonarotti Nuova ed. Fircnze, 1755. 
22 pis. F**. Cab.60.57. 1. 4 

Biblioteca nazionale. (In D. Chilovi and A. 
Papini. II nuovo palazzo per la Biblio- 
teca nazionale centrale di Firenze. Fi- 
renze, 1892.) ♦2i4oa.67 

Florence, Mass. 

Lilly Free library. See Northampton. 
Folkestone, England. 

Public libraiy and museum. Selected de- 
sim. Building news, vol. 51, July 16, 

Foxborough, Mass. 
Memorial hall. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 1st, 9th report.) 
Framingham, Mass. 
Memorial library. (In Architectural sketch 
book, Boston, vol. 3, no. 12, June, 1876.) 


— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, gth 

Francestown, N. H. 
Public library. Granite monthly, vol. 23, 
Aug., 1897. ♦4435.54-23 



Freiherrlich Carl von Rothschildsche oef- 

fentliche Bibliothek. (In C. W. Berg- 

hoeffer. Die Einrichtung und Verwaltung 

. . . wahrend der Jahre 1887 bis 1890. 

Frankfurt a. M., 1890.) ♦6146.83 

Sudtbibliothek. (In F. C. Ebrard. Die 

Stadtbibliothek in Frankfurt am Main. 

Frankfurt am Main, 1896.) 6140.32 

Franklin, N. H. 

Smith library. Granite monthly, vol. 18, 

March, 1895. ♦4435.54.18 

Franklin and Marshall college, Lancaster, Pa. 

Watts De Peyster library. View. ♦6190a. 53 

With statistics as to capacity, cost, etc. 

Freetown, Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. Library commis- 
sion. 9th report.) 
Fremont, N. IJ. 
Public library. (In N. H. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1894.) 
Fremont, Ohio. 
Birchard library. (In Proceedings at the 
unveiling of the soldiers* monument, Fre- 
mont, ife5.) ♦4214.62 
Fresno, Cal. 
Combined water tower and library. Inland 
architect, vol. 23, April, 1894. 

Gardner, Mass. 
Levi Heywood memorial library. 


— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Georgetown, Mass. 

Peabody library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 9th report.) 
Georgia historical society. 
Interior of library at Savannah. Harper's 
new monthly magazine, vol. 76, Jan., 1888. 

Periodical room 

Germantown, Penn. 
Friends' free library and reading room. (In 
Annual reports.) ^6186.20 

— (In S. F. Hotchkin. Ancient and mod- 
ern Germantown. Phila., 1889.) ♦4370a. 114 

— Heliotype. Cab.60.42.2 
Glasgow, Scotland. 

Mitchell library. Plans. (In Burgoyne. 
Library construction.) 

— (In Brief notices of Glasgow and its li- 
braries. Glasgow, 1897.) 6159.46 

Glasgow university. 

See University of Glasgow. 
Gloucester, Mass. 
Sawyer free library. Two heliotypes. (In 
Outline of history and dedication. Glou- 
cester, 1884.) ♦2141.63 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Magnolia library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 9th repo:t.) 
Gloversville, N. Y. 

Free library. Interior. (In Industrial ad- 
vantages of Gloversville. Gloversville, 
1890.) ♦4472.103 


Universitats-Bibliothek. Grundriss vom 
Erdegeschoss. — Details. Allgem. Bau- 
zeitung, 1884, Plate 41. 

With woodcuts in the text. 


Granby, Conn. * 

Frederick H. Cossitt library. (In Conn. 
Library commission. Report, 1893-94.) 
Graz, Austria. 
Die neue K. k. Universitat in Graz. Biblio- 
thek. Allg. Bauzeitung, vol. 61, 1896. 
PI. 2, 3. 
Great Harrington, Mass. 
Free library. (In Mass. Library commis- 
sion. Qth report.) 
Greenfield, Mass. 

Library association building. (In Pictur- 
esque Franklin. Springfield, 1891.) 


— New England magazine, vol. 21, Jan., 


Green-Ridge, Penn. 
Design for a library. Architecture and 
Building, vol. 14, April 18, 1891. 

Greenwich, Conn. 
Pemberwick library. (In Conn. Library 
commission. Report, 1893-94.) 

Gregory's plan for a public library. (In Ed- 
wards. Memoirs of libraries, London, 
1859, vol. 2, p. 725.) 2124.2; 2126.2 

Grenoble, France. 
Mus6e et bibliotheque. Exterior. — Plans. 
(In Encycl. d'architecture. 2e s^rie, 
Paris, 1874, vol. 3, pi. 169, 175, 224; vol. 4, 
pi. 249, 254, 270, 279, 303; vol. 5, pi. 396, 
411.) ♦4090.51, 3e s6rie. 3 

— Interior. — Plan, etc. (In L. Klasen. 
Grundriss-Vorbilder von Gebauden aller 
Art. Abth. 10, pp. 954, 955, 963 Leip 
zig, 1887.) ♦41. -3.58. 10 

— (In Brochure series.) 
Groton, Conn. 

Bill memorial library. (In Conn. Library 
commission. Report, 1893-94.) 

— Photograph. ♦6190.60 
Groton, Mass. 

Public library. Half-tone engraving. 1893. 

With statistics of size of building, cost, capacity, 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Guilford, Conn. 
Free library. (In Conn. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1897.) 
Guille-Alles, Guernsey. 

Library and museum. (In Encyclopaedic 
catalogue, 1891.) ♦6165.50 

— (In History and formation, etc. Guern- 
sey, 1891.) ♦6189.48 

Halle university. 

See University of Halle. 
Hallowell, Maine. 

Public library. Heliotype. ^6190.25 

— Three photographs. ♦6i9oa.72 

With statistics of cost, capacity, etc. 


Stadtbibliothek. Grundriss. Cab.60.42.2 

Hamilton, Ontario. 
Public library. Four photographs of the 
interior. ♦61903.49 

Hamilton college. 
Library. (In The college-book. Boston, 
1878.) ^2382.2 

Hammersmith (London). 
Passmore Edwards public library. (In 
Burgoyne. Library construction.) 

— Building news, vol. 68, 69, 70, 1895. 


Shepherd's Bush building. (In Green- 
wood. Library year bool^ 1897.) 
Hampstead (London). 
Public library. Competitive design. Builder, 
vol. 69, Dec. 26, 1895. 

— Accepted design. British architect, vol 
43, June 7, 1895. 

— Building news, vol. 73, Nov. 12, 1897. 
Hancock, K. H. 

Town library. (In W. W. Hayward. His- 
tory of Hancock. Lowell, iSSg.) 4436.119 

— (In N. H. Library commission. Report, 

Harrisburg, Penn. 
State library. Two stereoscopic views of 
the interior. ♦6190.25 

— Front view. (In Report of State librarian. 
1896.) ♦6195.40.1896 

Harrow-on-thc-hill, England. 
Vaughan library. (In Our own cotmtry, 
vol. 5, 1882.) 2461.62.5 

Hartford, Conn. 
Connecticut historical society. Library. (In 
Conn. Library commission. Report, 
Hartford theological institute. Hosmcr 
hall. Exterior. — Plans. ♦6190.25 

— Case memorial library. (In Dedicatioa 
Hartford, 1893) ♦6190.69 

Public library. (In Conn. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1893-94.) 

Wads worth Athenaeum. Woodcut. (In 
Memorial history of Hartford county, vol. 
I. Edited by J. H. Trumbull, Boston, 
1886.) *445i-58 

— (In Conn. Library commission. Re- 
port, i&)3-94.) 

Hartford, Vt. 
Public library. Photograph. ♦6i9oa.2i 

With this is a rough plan and statistics of the 
number of volumes, capacity of ahelving, cost, 

Harvard, Mass. 
Public library. Three photographs. — 
Plan. Cab.60.42.2 

— Heliotype. (In Proceedings at the dedi- 
cation. Boston, 1888.) ♦2144.44 

— (In H. S. Nourse. History of the town 
of Harvard. Harvard, 1894.) ♦4353128 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Har\'ard college. 
Library. Exterior. (In Harvard book, by 
F. O. Vaille and H. A. Clark, vol. i, Cam- 
bridge, 1875.) *438o.3 

— Extension. Stack. — Shelving. Ameri- 
can architect, vol. 4, Nov. 23, 1878. 

— New England magazine, vol. 15, Dec., 


An article on the library, by Charles K. Bolton, 
with illustrations. 

Divinity school. Library. Library journal, 
vol. 13, Feb., 1888.) 

— American architect, vol. 29, July 26, 189a 
Law school. Interior of reading-room, 

Austin hall. Two heliotypes. (In Mono- 
graphs of American architecture. No. i.) 

Hatfield, Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. Library conunis- 
sion. 9th report.) 
Haverford college. 
Library and Alumni halt. (In Haverford 


college: its aims and characteristics. 
Phila., 1879.) 4494151 

Haverhill, Mass. 
Public library. Nine photographs. **G.2go.i 

— (In Haverhill, Massachusetts. Haverhill, 
1889.) *4455.i46 

— (In J. Frankle. The story of a New Eng- 
land town. Boston, 1891.) *445oa.io2 

— Bradford branch. Statistics of capacity 
of building, use, etc. Manuscript. 1898. 


— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Heath, Mass. 

Free public library. (In Mass. Library 
commission. 9th report.) 
Helena, Montana. 

Public library. Photograph of reading 

Hereford, England. 
Lcs bibliotheques enchain^es d'Hereford. 
Plate. (In Le bibliophile fran^ais, vol. 3, 
p. 51. Paris, 1869.) 6160.3.3 

Free library and museum. Exterior. — 
Plan. Builder, vol. 33, Feb. 13, 1875. 
Hightstown, N. J. 

See Peddie institute. 
Hindley. England. 
Free library and museum. Exterior. — 
Plans. Architecture and Building, March 
20, 1886. 

— (In Greenwood. Free public libraries. 
1886.) 6125.46 

— Architect, vol. 39, Jan. 27, 1888. 
Hingham, Mass. 

Public library. (In E. Nason. Gazetteer of 
the State of Massachusetts. Boston, 

1874.) *2385.5i 

— Designs. American architect, vol. 5, 6, 

Au^. 9, 1879- 

— Building burned in 1879. (In Bay state 
monthly, vol. 3, Sept., 1885.) *5322.55.3 

— New England magazine, vol. 5, Oct., 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Hinsdale, Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 1st, 9th report.) 
Hoboken, N. J. 
Proposed free public library and manual and 
industrial training school. Desi^s. Ameri- 
can architect. International edition, vol. 50, 

Nov. 16, 23, 1895. 
J, Li 
April, 1897. 

Public library. Library journal, vol. 22, 

— 2d prize desijgrn. Architecture and Build- 
ing, vol. 26, Feb. 13, 1897. 

Holden, Mass. 
Damon memorial library. Library journal, 
vol. 13, 1888. 

— (In I). H. Hurd. History of Worcester 
county, vol. 2, Phila., 1889.) ♦4450.56.2 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

— (In u. F. Estes. History of Holden. 
Worcester, 1894.) *4353.i32 

Homestead, Penn. 
Carnegie library. Three floor plans and 
two elevations. Size, 215^ x 31 inches. 
Scale, }i inch to i ft. Rolled. ♦Cab.21.10.8 

— View. (In Handbook, Aug., 1898.) 



Hopedale, Mass. 
Public library. (In Second annual report, 
1887.) *6i56.56 

Hopkinton, Mass. 
Public library. (In Dedication. Hopkin- 
ton, 1895.) ♦6190a 26 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Horeau's design for a grand library hall. (In 
Edwards. Memoirs of libraries, vol. 2, 
London, 1859.) ♦2124.4; 2126.2 

Hubbardston, Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 1st, 9th report.) 
Hull, Enfi'land. 
James Reckitt public library. Illustrated 
London news, vol. 95, Dec. 28, 1889. 

Periodical room 

— (In T. Tindall Wildridge. Old and new 
Hull. Hull, 1889.) ♦25ooa.ii8 

— Branch library competition. Building 
news, vol. 67, Oct 12, 1894. 

Huntington, L. I. 
Village library. Architectural record, vol. 
6, 1807. 4090.273.6 

Huntly, Scotland. 
Brander library. Builder, vol. 45, Sept. i, 
Hyde, England. 
Municipal library and technical school. 
Building news, vol. 70, Feb. 28, 1896. 
Hyde Park, Mass. 
Proposed public library building. Ameri- 
can architect, vol. 60, May 14, 1898. 
Iglau, Austria. 
Knaben-, Volks- und Burgerschule nebst 
stadtischen Museum u. Volksbibliothek. 
Allg. Bauzeitung, vol. 55, 1890. 
Ilion, N. Y. 
Free public library. (In Finding list, 1893.) 

Illinois college, Jacksonville. 
Jones memorial library building. Half-tone 
engraving. Jacksonville, 1897. ♦6i9oa.38 
With sUtistics of size of building, cost, capacity, 
Indiana university. 
Wylie hall library. New library building. 
(In U. S. Bureau of education. Circular 
of information, no. i, 1891.) ♦7596591891 
Indianapolis, Indiana. 
Public library. View. ♦6i9oa.67 

With sUtistica of cost, capacity, etc. 


State library. See Des Moines. 
Iowa college, Grinnell, Iowa. 

Goodnow hall. Library. (In Catalogue, 

1885.) *4497.I7 

— New England magazine, vol. 18, June, 

Ipswich, England. 

Museum. Free library, etc. Architect, vol. 
22, Julv 12, Aug. 23, Sept. 6, 1879. 

— Three designs. Building news, vol. 37, 
Aug. 29, Sept. 19, 1879. 

— (In Greenwood. Free public libraries. 

Ipswich, Mass. 
Free public library. Exterior. (In M. Wy- 
man. Memoir of Daniel Treadwell. Me- 
moirs of the American academy of arts 
and sciences, vol. 11. Centennial volume. 
Cambridge, 1888.) ♦4340.101 


— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, g/th 

Ithaca, N. Y. 
Cornell library. (In Dedication, Dec. 20, 
1866.) ♦63ioa.72 

See also Cornell university. 

Ivorytown, Conn. 

Ivorytown library. (In Conn. Library 

commission. Report, 1897.) 

Jackson, Mich. 

Public library. Two views. *6i90.83 

Jacksonville, Florida. 

City library. (In S. A. Adams. Homes in 

Florida. Duval county. Jacksonville, 

1890.) 4479.175 

Jaffray, N. H. -rf ^ 

Clay memorial library. (In N. H. Library 
commission. Report, 1895-96.) 
Jamestown, N. Y. 
James Prendergast free library. Photograph, 

Jersey City, N. J. 
Free public library. Competitive design. 
Architecture and Building, vol. 29, Dec. 

— (In its Library record.) *6i40a.99 

— Accepted desig^. Competitive designs. 
Architectural review, March, 1899. 

Jewett City, Conn. 

Slater library. (In Conn. Library com- 
mission. Report 1893-94.) 
Johns Hopkins university. 

Historical seminary. Two views. (In U. S. 
Bureau of education. Circular of informa- 
tion, No. 2, 1887.) *7596.59(i887) 
Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Public library. Inland architect, vol. 17, 
June, 1891. 
Kansas City, Missouri. 
Public library. (In The new Kansas City 
public library, 1898. Kansas CTity. 18^. 
rls. Plans.) ♦6i99a.5 

— (In Brochure series.) 
Kennett square, Penn. 

Bayard Taylor memorial library. Critic. 
Sept 26, 1896. Periodical room 

Kensington, N. H. 
Social library. (In N. H. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1895^96.) 
Kenyon college. 
Hubbard hall. Library building. American 
university magazine, vol. 8, May, 1893. 
Kidderminster, England. 
Public library. (In Greenwood's Library 
year book, 1897.) 
Kingston, Mass. 

Frederic C. Adams public library. View. 
(In Dedicatory exercises, August 4, 1898.) 


— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Kingston Plains, N. H. 
Nichols library. American architect, vol. 
58, Oct. 23, 1897. 
Kingston upon Hull, England. 
Central public library. Building news, vol. 
176, May 12. 1899. 
Kongliga universitet. Upsala. 

See University of Upsala. 
Kyoto, Japan. 
Doshisha collegiate and theological school. 
Library. (In P. F. McKeen. Sketch of 
early life of Joseph Hardy Neesima. Bos- 
ton, 1890.) 5539a.37 


Laborde's plan for a public library. (In Ed- 
wards. Memoirs of libraries, vd. 2, Lon- 
don, 185a.) *2i24^; 2126.2 
La Crosse, Wisconsin. 
Public library. (In Wisconsin. Library 
commission. Report 1895-96.) 
Lafayette college, Easton, Penn. 
Libranr. Reading-room. Scribner's month- 
ly, Dec, 1876. Periodica] room 
Lambeth (London). 
New Duming library. Lower Kensington 
lane. Exterior. Builder, vd. 55, Aug. 11, 

Tate free library. Builder, vol. 53, Dec 17, 

— Exterior. — Plan. Building news, voL 
56, April 19, 1889. 

Lancaster, Mass. 
Memorial hall and library. (In A. P. Mar- 
vin. History of Lancaster. Lancaster, 

1879.) ♦2354.61 

— Heliotype. — Plan. *6i90.25 

— (In Worcester society of antiquity. Col- 
lections, vol. 6.) *4452.536 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9tb 

Lawrence, Kansas. 
Spooner library. New England magazine, 
vol. 22, 1897. 5322.55.22 

Lawrence, Mass. 
Public library. Library journal, vol. 17, 
June, 1892. 

— New England magazine, vol. 17, Jan., 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Lebanon, N. H. 
Public library. (In N. H. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1895-96.) 
Ledbury, England. 
Barrett-Browning memorial library. Archi- 
tect, vol. 48, Nov. 18, 1892. 
Ledyard, Conn. 
Bill library. (In Conn. Library commis- 
sion. Report, 1893-94.) 
Leeds, England. 
Leeds library. (In T. D. Whitaker. Loidis 
and Elmete. [History of Leeds.] Leeds, 
1816.) '^9ai 

Public library and museum. Eleven photo- 
graphs of the municipal buildings, ex- 
terior and interior. ♦Cab.60.724 

Copies from « put of these photographs, with 
plans and descriptions, may be found aUo in Tlie 
builder, Aug. 33, 30, 1884, and a description in 
The library chronicle, 1884, pp. 66 and ^. 

— (In Greenwood. Public libraries. 189a) 
Leek, England. 

The Nicholson library. (In Greenwood. 
Free public libraries. 1886.) 
Lehigh university. South Bethlehem, Penn. 
University library. (In Register.) *450i.62 

— Harpers' weekly, vol. 32, Sei>t. i, iSfflL 

Periodical room 
Leicester, England. 
Public library. Westcotes branch. Plan. 
(In Greenwood. Public libraries. 189a) 
Leicester, Mass. 
Public library. American architect, Inter- 
national edition, vol. 54, Oct 17, iSgd 

— (In Mass. Library commisston. 9& re- 


Leigh, England. 

Public library and technical institute. (In 
Greenwood's Library year book, 1897.) 
Leipzig university. 

See University of Leipzig. 
Lewisham (London). 

Public library. Building news, vol. 63, Sept. 

g, 1892. 
Lexington, Ky. 
Memorial library. American architect. In- 
ternational edition, vol. 25, March, 1889. 
Lexington, Mass. 
Town hall and Public library. (In Mass. 
Library commission, gth report.) 

See University of Leyden. 
Library for a country town. Building news, 

vol. 57, Oct 4, !%)• 
Library for a country town, Scientific Ameri- 
can, vol. 8, Dec, 1889. 
Library plans. 

A series of illustrated articles on Free public 
libraries was published in the Building news, 
beginning June 6, 1890, and continued into 1891. 

Library wall. Interior decoration competi- 
tion. Exterior. — Plan. American archi- 
tect, vol. 5, March 22, 1879. 
Biblioth^que. Interior. (In J. P. Namur, 
Histoire de la Bibliotheqiie publ que de 
Li^ge. Bruxelles, 1842.) 2157.7.3 

Lincoln cathedral. 

Library. Architect, vol. 47, June 17, 1892. 
Lincoln, Mass. 
Public library. American architect, vol. 24, 
March ij, 1884. 

— (In Dedication.) 6190.27 

— (In Mass. Library conunission. ist, 9th 

Lisbon, N. H. 
Public library. Granite monthly, vol. 20, 
May, 1896. 
Liskeard, England. 
Passmore Edwards free library. Building 
news, vol. 70, Feb. 14, 1896. 
Littleton, Mass. 
Reuben Hoar library. (In Mass. Library 

commission, ist, 9th report) 
Houghton Memorial library building. (In 
Proceedings at the dedication. Littleton, 
1896.) ♦61903.17 

Livermore, Maine. 
Washburn memorial library. (In Dedica- 
tory exercises. Chicago, 1885.) *6i 90.24 
Liverpool, England. 
Free public library. Lithograph. 

Cab.6o. 109.4 

— Plans of the building, etc. 

No. I in C^^ 

— Exterior. — Reading room. Graphic, 
May 3. 1875; May 5, 1877. Per. room 

— (In (jreenwood. Library year book, 1897.) 

Public library. Building news, vol. 60, 

June 26 1891. 
London. , 

Balham. Public library. See Balham. 
Battersea library. See Battersea. 
Bermondsey. Public library. See Bermond- 

Bishopgate institution. (In Greenwood's 

year book, 1897.) 


— - Plan. (In Burgoyne. Library construc- 

Borough road, S. E. Passmore Edwards 
public library. Building news, vol. ys, 
Dec. 3, 1897. 

British museum. Exterior. — Plans. (In 
Pugin and Britton's Illustrations of the 
public buildings of London. London, 
1838, vol. 2.) ♦4092.9.2 

— Project for enlargement. Civil engineer 
and architect's journal, vol. 13, August, 

1850. ♦4012.220.13 

— Six views. Illustrated London news, 

1851, 1857. Per. room 

— In 1853. (In G. Clinch. Bloomsbury 
and St. Giles's past and present. London, 
1890.) ♦2492.101 

— Plan of ground floor. — Interior of new 
Reading room. — Plan of new Reading 
room. Harper's new monthly magazine, 
Vol. 46, Jan., 1873. Per. room 

— Plan of Reading-room. (In pamphlet en- 
titled Reading-room and libraries, Lon- 
don. 1884.) ♦iSi90.2S 

Further information may be found in the preface 
to the List of the books of reference in the Read- 
inff-room of the British museum and in Pagan's 
Lite of Sir A. Panizzi [2746.59]. 

— Plan of ground floor and Reading room. 
American architect, vol. 16, Oct. 18, Dec. 
20, i88d. 

— Uebersichtsplan. — Grundriss und Schnitt 
des Lesesaales und der Bibliothek. Allg. 
Bauzeitung, 1884, Plate 35. 

With text. 

— Exterior. — Interior. (In P. Villars. 
England, Scotland, and Ireland. London, 

1887.) ♦2460.74 

— Plans, etc. (In L. Klasen. Grundriss- 
Vorbilder von Gebauden aller Art, Abth. 
10, pp. 89s, 944-947. Leipzig, 1887.) 


— Colored plan showing the arrangement 
of the library of reference in the Reading 
room. ♦6190.25 
Accompanied by a statement in manuscript, by 
Richard Gamett. 

— (In A. Grasel. Grundzuge der Biblio- 
thekslehre. Leipzig, 1890.) ^6198.23 

— Exterior. Two photographs. 

B. P. L. Special Libraries. 351.5308.E2 
Brixton. Tate Central free library. See 

Camberwell. Public library. See Camber- 

Chelsea. Public library. See Chelsea. 

Clapham. Public library. See Clapham. 

Clerkenwell. Free public library. See 

Dr. Williams's Trust. New library. Ex- 
terior and interior views. Building news, 
March 28, 1873. ♦7360a. i 

Dulwich. Passmore Edwards public library. 
See Dulwich. 

Guildhall library. Exterior.— Plans. Builder, 
vol. 28, Aug. 27, 1870. 

There arc views in Illustrated London news, Nov. 
9 [Per. Room]: J. E. Price. Descriptive account 
of the Guildhall of the city of London. London, 
iffl6[C.B.ii.2]: R.Lovett. London pictures drawn 
with pen and pencil. London, 1890 [2491.1391; 
and in W. J. Loftie. London city. Lonvlon, 
1891 [*2490.iii]. 

Hammersmith. Passmore Edwards public 
librarv. See Hammersmith. 


Hampstead. Public library. See Hamp- 

Honourable society of Gray's inn. New li- 
brary. Perspective view. Building news, 
vol. 46, April 4, 1884. 

House of Commons. Library. Photograph. 
B. P. L. Special libraries. 35i.53cS.E.ia 

The Commons^ library. — - The Peers' li- 
brary. (In The abbey and palace of West- 
minster. Photographed by John Har- 
rington. London, 1869.) ^2460. 19 

— (In Round London. London, 1896.) 

House of Lords. Library. Photograph. 

B. P. L. Special libraries. 3Si.53o8.Ei 
Inner Temple library. Proposed extension 
of library. Six views. Architect, vol. 11, 
June 13. 1874. 

— Exterior. — Plans. — Details. Building 
news, Nov. 11, 1881; Nov. 25, 1881. 

— American architect, vol. 11, March 25, 

Institution of civil engineers. Library. 
Builder, vol. 71, Oct. 17, 1896. 

Ladbroke grove. Netting hill, W. Free li- 
brary. Exterior. — Plan. American ar- 
chitect, vol. 29. July 12, 1800. 
"The intention is to make the main front em- 
blematic of the growth of Knowledge, by shew- 
ing the Tree of Knowledge springing from the 
base of the building." 

Lambeth. See Lambeth. 
Lambeth palace. Library. Bibliographer, 
vol. 3, Dec, 1882. ♦0180a. 1.3 

— Builder, vol. 44, Feb. 10, 1883. 

— Bookworm, vol. i, London, 1888. 


— Lewisham. Public library. See Lewis- 

Lincoln's Inn. New hall and library. (In 
W. J. Loftie. Inns of court and chancery. 
London, 1893.) ♦2460.121 

London institution. Three plans. (In Ed- 
wards. Memoirs of libraries, London, 
1859, vol. 2, pp. 685-^7.) ♦2124.4; 2126.2 

Middle Temple. New library. Exterior 
and ground plan. Builder, vol. 18, Dec. 
15, i860. 

North Lambeth. Library. See North Lam- 

Notttng hill. Free library. See Nrii-ng 

Nunhead. Passmore Edwards public li- 
brary. See Nunhead. 

People's palace. Interior of library. Illus- 
trated London news, vol. 93, Sept. 15, 
1888. Per. room 

— Builder, vol. 57, Sept. 7, 1889. 
architecture. 1889.) 4090.215 

— Interior of Reading room. (In Academy 
Poplar. Public library. See Poplar. 
Record office. Construction der eisernen 

Repositorien. Allgem. Bauzeitung, 1884, 
Plate 35. 

With text. 
Reform club. Interior of library. (In L. 
Fagan. The reform club. London, 1887.) 


St. George. See St. George. 

St. Giles. Public library. See St. Giles. 

St. Martins-in-the-Fields. Free public li- 
brary. See St. Martins-in-the Fields. 

St. Mary-Le-Strand. See St. Mary-Le- 


St Paul's cathedral. Library. (In W. J. 
Loftie. London city. London, 1891.) 


ShadwelL See ShadwelL 

Shepherd's Bush. See Shepherd's Bush. 

Shoreditch. Public libraries and museums. 
See Shoreditch. 

Sion college. Exterior and interior of li- 
brary. London news, vol. 89, Oct 9, 1886. 

Per. room 

South Audly street Public library. Archi- 
tect, vol. 55, Feb. 7, 1896. 

— American architect. International edition, 
vol. 52, April II, 1896. 

South Lambeth. Tate library. See South 

Stoke Newington. Public library. Sec 
Stoke Newington. 

Streatham. Tate Public library. Sec 

Wandsworth. Free library. See Wands- 

West Ham. See West Ham. 

Westminster. Public library. See West- 

Whitechapel. Free public library and mu- 
seum. See Whitechapel. 
Loughborough, England. 

Public librarv. (In Greenwood. Public li- 
braries. 1091.) 
Lowell, Mass. 

City library. Architecture and Building, 
vol. 10, June 22, 1880. 

— View. — Plans. (In Story of the City 
hall commission. Edited by Prentiss 
Webster. Lowell, 1894.) *435i.i20 

— (In Illustrated history of Lowell and 
vicinity. Lowell, 1897.) ♦4351.134 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Ludlow, Mass. 
Hubbard memorial library. Library jour- 
nal, vol. 13, Tune, 1888. 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Lyme, Conn. 

See Old Lyme. 
Macclesfield, England. 

Chadwick free library. British architect, vol. 
6, May 26, 1876. 
McCormick theological seminary, Chicago. 

Virginia library. (In Annual catalogue.) 

McGill college and university, MontreaL 
Library. (In Opening. Montreal, 1893.) 


— American architect. International edition, 

vol. 48, May 25, 1815)5. 
Madison, Wisconsin. 
State historical society of Wisconsin. Pre- 
miated competitive designs. Inland ar- 
chitect, vol. 26, Dec, itoj. 

— View. — Plans. (In Wisconsin. State 
library commission. Report, 1895-6.) 

— Library journal, vol. 21, April, i^gib, 

— ^[Picture of the building.] (In R. G. 
Thwaites. The State historical society of 
Wisconsin. Madison, 1898.) 4375. iji) 

— (In Brochure series.) 

El palacio de bibliotecas 2[ museos. La ilus- 
tracion espafiola y americana, vol. 42, April 

IS, 1898. ♦7371.10.42 


Magnolia, Mass. 
Fublic library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 1st, 9th report) 
Magn^sson, Eirikr. 
Design for a library. The spiral plan. 
Scientific American, vol. 2, July, 1880. 

— A new design for libraries. (In Athenae- 
um, Feb. 27, 1886.) ♦7210a.s0.188s 

The designer 8 ideas are set forth in a paper read 
before the American library association, July, 1886, 
and published with illustrations in the Proceed- 
inn of the Association and in the Library jour- 
nal, Sept., 1886. 

Maiden, Mass. 
Converse memorial library. Sketches. 
American architect, vol. 18, Oct. 3, i88s. 

— Heliotype. American architect, vol. 20, 
Sept. II, 1886. 

— Heliotypes. American architect. Imperial 
edition, Nov. 6, 1886, Sept. 22, 1888. 

— Six heliotypes. (In Family record of 
aeacons James W. Converse and Elisha S. 
Converse. Compiled by William G. Hill. 

1887.) ^ ♦4335.105 

— (In M. G. Van Rensselaer. Henry Hob- 
son Richardson and his works. Boston, 
1888.) ♦8100.22 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Maldon, England. 
The Flume library. (In C. R. B. Barrett. 

Essex. London, 1892.) 2461.104 

Manchester. England. 
Campfield library. The first public library 

under the Ewart act. (In Greenwood's 

Library year book, 1897.) 
Public free libraries. Exterior of old bpild- 

ing. Illustrated London news, vol. 19, 

Oct. 25, 1851. Per. room 

— Two photographs of interior of Refer- 
ence library. Cab.60.42.2 

Taken about 1854. The building is now demol- 

— Plan of principal floor of old Reterence 
library. (In £. Edwards. Memoirs ot 
libraries, London, 1859, vol. 2, p. 906.) 

*2i2i.4; 2126.2 

— Design for public library. British archi- 
tect, vol. 6, Sei)t. 8, 1876. 

— Woodcut of interior. (In Greenwood. 
Free public libraries. London, 1886.) 

— Plans. (In Burgoyne. Library construc- 

— Openshaw public library. (In Green- 
wood's Library year book, 1897.) 

Owens college. See Owens college. 
Manchester, Mass. 

Memorial library and Grand army hall. 

Heliotypes. (In Dedication services, Oct. 

13, 1887. Boston, 1888.) *2i44.74; *6i90.3i 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9tb 

— rin D. F. Lamson. History ot Man- 
chester. Manchester, 189s.) 4353-144 

— Three photo-engravings. *6i9oa.83 

— (In E. H. Garrett Romance and reality 
of the Puritan coast Boston, 1897.) 

Manchester. N. H. 
Public library. (In G. F. Bacon. Man- 
chester and its leading business men. 

Boston, 1891.) 4431.106 

Also in New Hampshire Library commission. 
Report, 1894; and in Willey's Book of Nutfield, 
Derry Depot, 189s [*443M*iix]> 


Manchester. Vt 
Mark Skinner memorial library. (In Bro- 
chure series.) 

— ^In Proceedings at the opening. Chicago, 
1898.) 6i99a.4 

Manchester New College, Oxford, England. 
Library. Photograph of the interior. 

Manningham, England. 
Design for Airdale college. Interior oi li- 
brary. Architect, vol. 12, Dec. 5, 1874. 
Mansfield college, Oxford. 

— (In Origin and opening. London, 1890.) 


— Two interior views. Builder, vol. 60, 
June 27, 1801. 

Marathon, N. Y. 
Peck memorial library. Photograph. 

Marblehead, Mass. 
Abbott public library. (In Mass. Library 
commission. 9th report.) 
Marion, Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. Library commis- 
sion. 9th report.) 
Marlborough, N. H. 
Frost free library. (In Charles A. Bemis. 
History oi Marlborugh. Boston, 1881.) 

Mashpee, Mass. 
Temple hall library. (In Mass. Library 
commission, ist report.) 

— New England magazine, vol. 5, Oct., 

Massachusetts agricultural college, Amherst. 
Chapel and library. (In F. H. Hitchcock. 
Handbook of Amherst Amherst, 1891.) 

Massachusetts state library. 

See Boston. 
Maynooth college. 
Library. (In J. Healy. Maynooth college: 
its centenary history. Dublin, 1895.) 

2490a. 126 
Meadville, Penn. 
Library, art and historical association. Li- 
brary hall. (In Daily tribune-republican. 
Centennial edition, May 12, 1880.; 

Medford, Mass. 
Public library. (In C. Brooks. History of 
Medford. Boston, 1886.) *235S-78 

— Heliotype. ♦44Soa.43 

Published in a collection of views of the town, 
in 1888. 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Public library, museums, and national gal- 
lery. View. Plan ol classification. ♦6200.5 

— Interior and exterior. Illustrated Lon- 
don news, vol. 36, April 28, i860. 

Per. room 

— New library and museum. Exterior. 
Builder vol. 42, April i, 1882. 

— Exterior. — Interior. (In Cassell's Pic- 
turesque Australasia, London, 1887, vol. 
I.) 3041.105.1 

Memphis, Tenn. 
Cossitt library. Architect and Builder, vol. 
28, March 19, 1898. 
Menasha, Wisconsin. 

Elisha D. Smith library. Library lournal, 
vol. 22, Dec, 1897. 


Mendon, Mass. 
Taft public library. (In Mass. Library 
commission, gth report.) 
Menomonie, Wisconsin. 
Mabel Taintor memorial building. Three 
views. (In Wisconsin. Library commis- 
sion. Report, 1895-6.) 

— Library journal, vol. 21, April, 1896. 
Merly, England. 

Library. (In R. Willett. Description of the 
library at Merly. London, 1785.) 

Cab.80. 183,4 
Methuen, Mass. 
Kevins memorial library. Photograph ana 
heliotype. Cab. 60.42.2 

There are views also in Americaa architect, vol. 
15. June 21, 1884; Catalogue, 1^7 1*2141.771 ; and 
in Mass. Library commission, ist, gth report. 
Mexico, City. 
Biblioteca nacional. Three photographs. 


— View. American architect, vol. 22, Aug. 
27, 1887. 

Middiefield, Conn. 
Coe public library. (In Conn. Library 
commission. Report, 1893-4.) 
Middleton, England. 
Free library. British architect, vo/. 32, Aug. 
9, 1889. 

— Architect, vol. 44, Aug. i, 1890. 

— American architect, International edition, 
vol. 29, Aug. 23, 1890. 

Middleton, Mass. 
Flint public library. (In Mass. Library 
mission, ist, 9th report.) 
Middletown, Conn. 
See also Berkeley divinity school; Wesleyan 

Russell library. (In History ot Middlesex 
county. N. Y., 1884.) *443oa.5i 

— (In Conn. Library commission. Re- 
port, 1893-4.) 

Milford, Conn. 
Taylor library. American architect, Inter- 
national edition, voi. 47, Oct. 20, 1894. 

— (In Conn. Library commission. Re- 
port, 1897.) 

Milford, Mass. 
Memorial hall. (In Mass. Library commis- 
sion, oth report.) 
Millis. Mass. 
Free pubnc library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 9th report.) 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 
Public library and museum. Premiated de- 
sign. — Accepted design. Inland archi- 
tect, vol. 22, 23, Jan., Feb., 1894, and in 

Architecture and Building, vol. 20, 1894. 
Views and plans may be found in American archi- 
tect, vol. 43, Jan., 1894; Wisconsin, State library 
commission, report, 1895-96; and in Library jour- 
nal, vol. 21, April, 1896. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Public library. Competitive design. Ameri- 
can architect, vol. 20, Sept. 25. 1886. 
Photographs of sketches, exterior, and 
plans, by W. Channing Whitney. 


There are views also in the Public library, Min- 
neapolis, described and illustrated, Minneapolis, 
1890 [*2i43.33]; Illustrated Minneapolis, Minne- 
apolis, i8qi [*447o.io7]; Minneapolis a study, 
Minneapolis, 1891 [*4474.i5i]; and Library jour- 
nal, vol. 16, June, 1891. 


Monastic libraries. 
Biblioth^ue de Noyon. — Pignon de la 
bibliotheque du CoU^ de Navarre. (In 
Revue gto^rale de l^rchitecture et des 
travaux publics, vol. 14.) ^4091.206 

Monson, Mass. 
Horatio Lvon memorial library. (In Dedi- 
cation, Worcester, 1882.) 445553 

— American architect, vol. 13, April 14. 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist Oth 

Montpelier. Vt 
The Kellogg-Hubbard public library. (In 
Vermont Library commission, ist re- 
port. ifl^S-^) 

See McGill collie and university. 
Montville Centre, Conn. 
Ra3rmond library. (In Conn. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1897.) 
Moodus, Conn. 
East Haddam library. (In Conn. Library 
commission. Report, 1893-^) 
Moosup, Conn. 
Aldrich free public library. (In Conn. Li- 
brary commission. Report, 1897.) 
Morgan Park, Illinois. 
Public library. Inland architect, voL 14* 
Aug., 1880. 
Morristown, N. J. 
Library and lyceum. Photolithosfraph. 

Mt. Holly Springs, Pcnn. 
The Amelia S. Givin free library. Exterior. 
Library journal, vol. 15, Oct 1890. 
Mosinee, Wisconsin. 
Joseph Dessert public library. Library Jonr- 
nal, vol. 24, April, 1899* 
Mount Holyoke college. South Hadley, Mass. 
Library. (In Catalogue.) 2387^1 

— (In History of Mount Holyoke ' semin- 
ary, by Sarah D. (Locke) Stow. 1887.) 

Mountford, E. W. 
The planning of free public libraries. 

In the Builder, Feb. 15, 18^ pp. 116-ZI& with 
one illustration: and in Btuldiiig news, Feb. 7* 
pp. i9S-i99f witn five iUustratkms. 
Die Konigliche Bibliothek. Perspective 
view. — Plans. — Section. (In Edwards. 
Memoirs of libraries, London, 1859, voL 
2j) *2i2iu|; 2126.2 

— Urundrisse. — Schnitt AUgemeine Baa- 
zeitung, vol. 49, 1884, Plate 34. 

With text. 

— American architect, vol. 18, Dec 19, 1885. 

— (In A. Grasel. Grundztige der Biblio- 
thekslehre. Leipzig, 1890.) •6198^3 

— Ireppenhaus der Staatsbibliothek za 
Miinchen, von Gartner. (In H. Knack- 
fuss. Deutsche Kunstgeschichte. Biele- 
feld, 1888, vol. 2.) 8061.75-3 

Muskegon, Michigan. 
The Hackley public library. Library jour- 
nal, vol. 14, April, 1889. 

— Heliotype. •6i9a6o 
Mvstic, Conn. 

Mvstic and Noank library. (In Conn. Li- 
brary commission. Report, 1897.) 
Nahant, Mass. 

Public library. Architectural review, voL 
2, no. 5, July 3, 1893, 


— (In F. A. Wilson. The Nahant public 
library. Lynn, 1895.) 6190a. 12 

— (In Mass. Library commission, gih re- 

asntta, N. H. 

Public library. Granite monthly, vol. i, 

1886. *443S.S4.i 

atick, Mass. 

Bacon free library, South Natick. (In 
Drake's History of Middlesex county, Bos- 
ton, 1880, vol. 2.) 2350.16.2 

— (In Mass. Library commission, gth re- 

Morse institute. (In Same.) 

— (In Mass. Library conunission. ist, gth 

— Photograph. Cab.60.42.2 
augatuck. Conn. 

Howard Whittemorc library. (In Conn. 
Library commission. Report, 1893-4.) 

— (In Brochure series, vol. 3, Nov., 1897.) 

— (In The work of McKim, Mead & White. 
Architectural record, May, 1895.) *4092.64 

few Bedford, Mass 

Free public library. Lithograph. ^6190.24 
There arc riews in New Bedford: its history. 
New Bedford, 1889 [^445^ 103]; and in Mass. Li- 
brary commission, ist, 9tn report 

Few Boston, N. H. 

Whipple free library. Granite monthly, vol. 
22, April, 1897. *4435.54.22 

Few Britain, Conn. 

New Britain institute. Front elevation and 
first floor plans. Phototz^raph. ♦6190.8b 

lew-England historic genealogical society. 
Woodcut of building. (In King's Hand- 
book of Boston.) '2359.65 

— (In Report.) ♦6145.23 
[cw Haven, Conn. 

Free public library. (In A. M. Hiller. The 
free public library of New Haven. New 
Haven, 1893.) ♦6190.39 

— (In Conn. Library commission. Re- 
port, 1893-4.) 

— New Haven colony historical society. Me- 
morial building. Architecture and Build- 
ing, vol. 22, March 2, 1895. 

Jew Ipswich, N. H. 
Library. (In N. H. Library commission. 
Report, 1895-6.) 
Jew London, Conn. 
Public library. (In New London county 
historical societv. Records and papers, 
part I, vol. I, New London, 1890.) 

♦44m 129 

— American architect. International edition, 
vol. 33, Sept. 26, 1891. 

— (In Conn. Library commission. Report, 

4ew Milford, Conn. 
Public library. Architect and Builder, vol. 
2, Aug. 14, 1898. 
^ew Orleans. 
Howard memorial library. Library jour- 
nal, vol. 13, Sept, 1889. 

— (In Mary A. Townsend. Poem written 
for the dedication. New Orleans, 1889.) 


— American architect, International edition, 
vol. 41, 44» Sept. 2, i893» Feb. 17, 1894. 

^ew York City. 
Apprentices' library. Exterior and interior 
views. (In Annals of the GJcneral society 


of mechanics and tradesmen of the City 
of New York. N. Y., 1882.) ♦3570.126 

— Bookmart, vol. i, Aug. 20, 1833. 

Astor library. American architect, vol. 7, 
May 22, i^. 

— Description by F. Saunders, with views. 
(In New England magazine, April. 1890.) 

Columbia college. See Columbia college. 
Free circulating library. Cab.60.42.2 

— Grcorge Bruce tree library. Library jour- 
nal, vol. 13, Jan., 1888. 

— (In Annual report, 1888.) *2 144.25 

— Jackson square library. (In Annual re- 
port, 1888.) *2i44.2S 

— Ottendorf fer branch, Second avenue. 

Cab 60 v<^ 2 
Harlem library. Architecture and Building, 

vol. 16, Jan. 9, 1892. 
Lenox library. (In N. Y. Sketch book of 
architecture, vol. 3, Boston, 1876.) 


— American architect, vol. 2, Sept i, 1877; 
American architect, Imperial edition, vol. 
20, Aug. 28, 1886. 

— (In 2ist annual report for 1890.) ♦6206.9 
Mercantile library. 7 woodcuts. Scribher's 

monthly, Feb., 187 1. Per. room 

— Architecture and Building, vol. 13, July 
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lustrated New York. N. Y., 1874.) 


— (In King's Handbook of New York city. 
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Public library. The Tilden trust library: 
what shall it be? By John Bigelow. With 
illustrations. Scribner's magazine. Sept., 
1892. Per. room 

Contains Suggestions for library buildings, m 
numerous illustrations. 

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be erected. Aug. 2, 1897. With plans. 


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Dec, 1897. 

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vol. 27. 

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Newark, N. J. 

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(In Catalogrue, 1857.) *2i39.36 

Free public library. Exterior. — Interior. 

— rlans. Library journal, vol. 14, Nov., 


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Newburyport, Mass. 
Public librarv. (In Statement of proceed- 
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Massachusetts. Boston, 1874.) *2385.5i 

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Boston, 1896.) 2352.87 

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Newcastle-under-Lyme, England. 
Public library and municipal buildings. (In 
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tion. London, 1891.) 

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Front elevation. — Plans. British archi- 
tect, vol. 8, Sept. 21, 1877. 4103.201.8 

V lews and plans arc in the Library chronicle, vol. 
I, Sept., 1884 [*]; London news, vol. 91, 
July 16, 1887 [Per. Room]; and in Building news, 
vol. 70, Jan. 24, 1896. 

Newington, England. 

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12, 1892. 

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13, 1892. 
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Newport (Monmouth) England. 

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— American architect, vol. 11, May 2-], 1882. 
Newport, N. H. 

Richards library. Photograph. ♦6190a. 55 

— (In N. H. Library commission. Report, 

Newport, R. I. 

Redwood library and Athenaeum. (In Re- 
portsj *6204.25 

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wood library and Athenaeum. Newport, 
i8qi.) *6i74.65 

Newton, Mass. 
Newton theological seminary. Hills library 
building. American architect. Interna- 
tional edition, vol. 51, Feb. 22, 1896. 


Public library. (In Drake's History of 
Middlesex coun^, voL 2, Boston, 1880.) 


— Photograph. Cab.6o42J 

This btniding has since been enlarged. 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Norfolk. Conn. 
Free library. (In Conn. Library commis- 
sion. Rejport, 1893-94.) 

— Connecticut quarterly, vol. i, June, 1895. 

North Adams, Mass. 
Andrew Jackson Houghton memorial. (Id 
Mass. Library conmiission. gth rq>ort) 
North Attleborongh, Mass. 
Public library. New England magazine, 
vol. 17. Oct, 1894. 

— (In Mass. Library conunission. 9th re- 

North Brookfield, Mass. 
Public library. (In Dedication. North 
Brookfield, 18^) 6202.57 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

North Canaan, Conn. 
Douglass library. (In Conn. Library 
commission. Report, 1893.) 
North Easton, Mass. 
Ames free library. (In Catalog^ue.) 


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i877» June 30, 1883, Sept 11, 1886. 

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M. G. Van Rensselaer. Henry Hobson 
Richardson and his works. Boston, 1888.) 


— (In Mass. Library conunission. ist, 9di 

North Granby, Conn. 
Public library. Woodcut, with description. 

North Haven, Conn. 
Bradley library. (In Conn. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1893-94.) 
North Lambeth (London). 
Library. (In Burgoyne. Library construc- 
North Reading, Mass. 
Flint library. (In Mass. Library commis- 
sion. 1st, 9th report) 
North Scituate, Mass. 
Peirce memorial library. Statistics of cost, 
dimensions, etc. of building. Manuscript 
i8j^ ♦61908.97 

— view. (In Mass. Library commission. 
9th report.) 

Northampton, England. 
Long library, Althorp Park, seat of Earl 
Spencer. American architect. Interna- 
tional edition, vol. 43, Jan. 6, 1894. 
Northampton, Mass. 
Forbes library. (In Northampton the 
Meadow city. Northampton, IW4.) 


— Library journal, vol. 19, Nov., 1894. 


_ View. — Plan. (In W. I. Fletcher. Pub- 
lic libraries in America. Boston, 1894.) 


— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Public library. Photograph from the archi- 
tect's drawing of the exterior and interior. 

Cab.6o. 109.4 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 
report. ) 

— Lilly free library (Florence). (In Pictur- 
esque Hampshire. Northampton, 1890.) 


— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Northborough, Mass. 
Public library. (In Dedicatory exercises of 
the Gale library building. Northboro, 

1895.) *6i94.55 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Northbridge, Mass. 
Whitinsville social library. (In Mass. Li- 
brary commission. 9th report) 
Northfield, Mass. 
Public library. Dickinson memorial library. 
CIn Northfield echoes, vol. 4, no. i, 1897.) 

M 17 1 ^ . *74Soa.63 

— New England magazme, vol. 22, Aug. i, 


— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Talcott library at D. L. Moody's school. 
Library journal, vol. 12, Aug., 1887. 

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cago. An account of four Bible schools. 
N. Y. 1892.) 4499.173 

Northumberland, Duke of. 
View of library in Sion House. Interior. 
Builder, vol. 39, Dec. 18, 1880. 
Northwestern university, Evanston, Illinois. 
Orrington Lunt library. Library journal, 
vol. 10, Oct., 1894. 

— (In Exercises at the opening. Evanston, 

1894.) *6i90.52 

Northwich, England. 
Free public library. Architect, vol. 35, May 
21, 1886. 
Norton, Mass. 
Public library. (In Dedication. Norton, 

1888.) *6i94.45 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Norwich, Conn. 
Otis library. Slater memorial building. (In 
Addresses at dedication. Cambridge, 1887.) 


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Norwich, 1888.) ♦4431.64 

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antient town of Norwich. Norwich, 1895.) 


— (In Conn. Library commission. Report, 

Norwich, England. 
Free public library. Illustrated London 
news, vol. 30, May 16, 1857. Per. room 

— Architect, vol. 35, Mav 21, 1886. 
This building was bumea August, 1898. 

Norwood, England. 
Free public library. Builder, vol. 53. Sept. 
24, 1887. 

— (In A. M. Galer. Norwood and Dulwich. 
London, 1890.) 2460a. 107 

Norwood, Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. Library commis- 
sion, oth report.) 
Nottin^ Hill (London). 
Pubhc library. American architect. Inter- 
national edition, vol. 29, July 12, 1890. 
Nottingham, England. 

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lege. (In Greenwood. Public libraries. 
3d edition. 1890.) 
Nunhead (London). 
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Oak Park, Illinois. 
Scoville institute. View. ♦6190.24 

— Exterior. — Plans. Inland architect, 

vol. 5, Feb., 1885. ' *6853.i.5 

Oberlin college. 
Spear library. (In Order of exercises at the 
dedication. Boston, 1885.) ♦6147.214 

— (In Oberlin college. Descriptive and his- 
torical sketches. Akron, 1887.) 4498.113 

— Photograph. Cab.60.42.2 
Ohio state university. 

Library. (In U. S. Bureau of education. 
Circular of information. No. 5, 1891.) 

Old Lyme, Conn. 

Public library. (In Conn. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1893-94.) 
Oldham, England. 

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mitted. By A. H. Tiltman and H. Shaw. 
Builder, vol. 42, Jan. 14, 1882. 

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Omaha, Nebraska. 

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2, 1893. 

— (In Brochure series.) 
Orleans, Mass. 

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Feb. 9, 1878. 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

— (In E. G. Perry. Trip around Cape Cod. 
Boston, 1897.) 4352.143 

Oskaloosa, Iowa. 
Spencer library, Penn college. Building, 
vol. 9, Dec. 8, 1888. 
Ottawa, Canada. 
Parliamentary library. Plan of the upper 
part of library. Builder, vol. 17, Dec. 10, 

There are views also in American architect, vol. 
I, June i7j 1876, vol. 22, Nov. 26, 1887; and in 
Dominion illustrated, Feb. 8, 1890 [*73ao.5o.4]. 

Owens college, Manchester. 
Christie library. Builder, vol. 71, Nov. 14, 
Oxford, England. 
Public library. British architect, vol. 46, 

Dec. 18, 1896. 
See also, Mansfield college, Manchester new 
college. University of Oxford. 
Oxford, Mass. 
Town hall and library. (In Mass. Library 
commission. 9th report.) 


Palmer, Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 1st, Qth report.) 

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Edwards. Memoirs of libraries, London, 

l8S9, vol. 2.) 212I.4; *2I26.2 


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time-club. Croquis d'architecture, vol. i, 
Jan.. 1868.) ♦Cab.60.67.1 

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chapelle de I'abbave de Saint-Martin. In- 
terior. (In F. Bloch, and A. Mercklein. 
Les rues de Paris. 3e arrondissement, 
Paris, 1891.) ♦2630.53 

Bibliotheque nationale. (In Pugin's Paris 
and its environs. London, 1829.) *2630.3 

— (In Laborde, marquis de. De I'organisa- 
tion des bibliotheques dans Paris. Paris, 
1845.) 2170.14 

With illustrations and plans of other libraries. 

— (In Laborde, marquis de. Revue critique 
des projets presentes pour le d^placement 
de la Bibliotheque royale. Paris, 1845.) 

No. 2 in 2170.14 

— Restauration par Mr. H. Labrouste. (In 
Encyclopedie a architecture, le s^rie, Paris, 
vol. 8, 1858, pi. 28, 38, 39, 40, 99. 100, 116, 
117; vol. 10, pi. 98.) 40p0.225 

— Interior views. (In Encyclopedie de 
Tarchitecture, vol. 2^ *4I02.57.2 

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Laborde for its reconstruction. (In E. 
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deur. Paris, 1861.) ♦66ioa.2.2 

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des architectes et du batiment, 6e ann^e, 
Paris, 1868-69, no. 23. 4091.225 

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travail. Plan. ^6190.65 

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Plate 36. 

Also, woodcuts in the text. 

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can architect, vol. 16, Dec. 20, 1884. 

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ct des travaux publics, vol. 8, pi. 39, 40; 
vol. 30, pi. 56-58. ♦8090.110 

Plate j8, vol. 8: Plans de diverses biblioth^ues. 

— Salle de lecture. Photograph. (In Vues 
des principaux monuments, issued by the 
Municipal governments of Paris.) 


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Pierre Vidal. (In Le monde illustre, vol. 
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Plate 34. 

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j6, Dec. 27, 1884. 


— Querschnitt — Seitenfront. — (In L 
lUasen. Grundriss- Vorbilder von Gt- 
bauden aller Art Abth. 10^ pp. 99^ 937- 
Leipzig, 1887.) *AiO3.s8.i0 

— Three photographs. Cab.6ai04.3 
Conservatoire des arts et mMers. Biblio- 

th^ue. (In Paris dans sa splendeur. 
Paris, 1861.) ^6ioa.2.2 

— £cole de droit Sketch plan ot library. 
American* ardiitect, vol. id, Dec 27, 1884. 

ficole de mMecine. Biblioth^ue. (In 
Brochure series.) 

£cole des beaux-arts. Sketch plan of li- 
brary. American architect, voL 10, Dec 
27, i£fi4. 

Soci6t^ de g6ographie. Biblioth^ue. Two 
photographs of interior of library. 
*^ ♦6190.62 

Pasadena Oal. 

Public library. Photograph. ♦6i9oa.73 

Paterson, N. J. 

Free public library. (In Monthly bnlletm 
and Annual reports.) ♦6156.61; 4156.50 

— Twelve photographs. (In Description of 

the building [etc]. Paterson, 1891) 


Pawtucket, R. I. , 

Public library. Statistics of capacity of 
building, use, etc Manuscript 1898. 


— View. Plan. Library journal, vol. 24, 
June, 1899. 

Peabody Mass. 
Peabody institute library. (In Mass. Library 
commission, oth report) 
Peddie institute. Hightstown, N. J. 
Longstreet library and science buildings. 
(In glimpses of Peddie Hightstown, 
1895.) 4497.308 

Pelham, N. H. 
Public library. (In N. H. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1895-96.) 
Penn college, Oskaloosa, Iowa. 
Architecture and Building, vol. 9. Dec 8, 
People s palace. See London. 
Peoria, Illinois. 
Public library. Eight photographs of in- 
terior. ♦Cab.6a42.2 

— Library ioumal, vol. 22, March, 1897. 
Peterborough, N. H. 

Town library. Granite monthly, vol. i^ 
April, 1895. *4435-54-i8 

— Statistics of dimensions and capacity ot 
the building, etc. Manuscript 1898. 

Peterhead. Scodand. 
Free librarv and Abuthnot museunL (In 
Peterhead free library demonstration, Pe- 
terhead, 1891.) 6159-^ 

— (In Greenwood Public libraries. # 

Petersham, Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. library com- 
mission. 1st, 9th report) 

— New England magazine, vol. 5, Oct., 

— (In Brochure series.) 

Apprentices* library. (In U. S. Bureau of 
education. Report, 1876.) ♦2202.10 

Franklin institute. Photograph of interior 
ot library. Cab.6cM2.2 


— (In Official catalogue of International 
electrical exhibition. Phila.,1884.) 3961.72 

Free library. 23 photographs of the: main 
library and branches. 1899. %i9oa.ii7 

Library company (Ridgway branch). Li- 
brary journal, voL i, oep^ 30, 1876. 

— Phototype. ^6190.24 

— (In G. £. Vickers. Philadelphia: the 
story of an ! American city. Phua., 1893.) 


— Inland architect, vol. 23, May i, 1894. 
Loganian library, 1745-50. (In U. S. Bu- 
reau of education, Report, 1876.) * 

Mercantile Hbrary. (In Reports.) *6iQ0.24 

— (In Philadelphia and its environs. Phila., 

1884.) ♦437oa.79 

Pennsylvania historical society. Potter's 

American monthly, vol. 13, Dec., 1879. 

Tioga hall and free library. Architecture 
and Building, vol. 26, May 15, 1897. 
Pittsburgh, Penn. 
Carnegie library. Building. Designs by 
various architects. Views, elevations, sec- 
tions and floor plans. *6i90.7o 
From American architect and building news, 
March 5, April 23, May ai. 1892. 
Also vie ITS, sections and floor plans. 1897. 

— Same. The architectural review, vol. 4, 
no. 3. Boston^ 1897. *4i02.205.i897 

— Accepted design. Inland architect, vol. 
18, Jan., 1892. 

— Premiated design. Same, vol. 19, March, 

— Competitive designs. Architecture and 
Building, vol. 16, Feb. 27, June 25, 1892. 

— Library journal, vol. 20, Nov., 1895. 

— (In Dedication souvenir. 1895.) 0194.56 

— Lawrenceville branch. Plans. Library 
journal, vol. 22, Sept, 1897. 

Pittsfield, Mass. 
Berkshire Athenaeum. (In History of Berk- 
shire county, N. Y., 1885, vol. 2.) ♦4451.5.2 

— (In Inland Massachusetts. Springfield, 

^y9^'\, , . *4454-i75 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Pittsiord, Vt 
The Maclure library. (In Vermont. Li- 
brary commission, ist report 1895-96.) 


— (In Exercises and addresses at the dedi- 
cation of the Walker memorial building. 
Hartford, 1895.) 6196.71 

Plan for a library building. Sketch. (In M. 
G. Van Rensselaer. Henry Hobson Rich- 
ardson and his works. Boston, 1888. 


Plan of one-story public library. — Plan of 

two-story public library. (In Account of 

proceedings of the ist Australasian library 

conference, 1896. Melbourne, 1896. 

To illttstrate an article on A model library build- 
ing, by W. B. Tappin. 

Plans for a public lifcrary. (In W. Fullerton. 

Architectural examples. London, 1890.) 

♦8090a. 53 
Plans for a village library. Building news, 

vol. 57^ Tune 5, 1889. 
Plymouth, England. 
Public and C^ttonian library. Civil engineer 
and architect's journal, vol. 3, Oct., 1850. 



— Builder, vol. 10, March 6, 1852. 
Poole, W. F. 

The construction of library buildings. With 
plans. American architect, vol. 10, Sept. 
17, 1881. 
— Poole's plan for a library building. (In 

Burgovne. Library construction.) 
Poole, England. 
New free library. Graphic, vol. 38, Dec. 3, 
1887. Per. room 

Poplar (London). 
Public library. Building news, vol. 63, Oct. 
24, 1892. 

— Plan. (In Burgoyne. Library construc- 

Portland, Conn. 
Buck library. (In Conn. Library commis- 
sion. Report, 1897.) 
Portland, Maine. 
Public library and Maine historical society. 
(In Dedicatory exercises. Auburn, 1889.) 


— Front view. (In S. A. Drake. The pine- 
tree coast Boston, 1891.) *4435.ii5 

Portland, Oregon. 
Public library. (In Our library. Portland, 
Oregon, 1894.) ♦2203.44 

— Library journal, vol. 20, March, 1895. 
Pratt institute library building, Brooklyn. 

Library journal, vol. 21, May, June, i89i5. 

— (In Burgoyne. Library construction.) 
Preston, England. 

Harris free library and museum. Builder, 
vol. 43, Sept. 9, 1882. 

— (In Greenwood. Free public libraries. 
1st edition.) 

— (In Greenwood. Public libraries. 3d edi- 

Differs from the preceding. 

Princeton, Mass. 
Public library. (In The Goodnow memorial 
building . . . Worcester, 1885.) ♦4459.101 

— (In Dedication. Worcester 1887.) 


— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Princeton college. 
Library. (In New- York sketch-book of ar- 
chitecture, vol. I, Boston, 1874.) ♦8090.52.1 

— Interior. — Plan. Scribner's monthly, 
March, 1877. Per. room 

— Interior. — Plan. Library journal, vol. 
2, Oct., 1877. 

— Stack building. 3 views. American ar- 
chitect. International edition, vol. 54, Nov. 
14, 1896. 

The Chancellor Green library. — Court of 
the new Princeton library. New England 
magazine, vol. 17, Dec, 1897. 
Providence, R. I. 

Athenaeum. (In Providence illustrated. 
Providence, 1886.) ^6330.6 

— (In W. A. Greene. The Providence plan- 
tations. Providence, 1886.) ♦6330.7 

The John Carter Brown library. (In H. 

Rogers. Private libraries of Providence. 

Providence, 1878.) ♦2205.39 

Public library. (In Providence illustrated. 

Providence, 1886.) ♦6330.6 

— Competitive designs. American architect. 
International edition, vol. 48, May 25, 1895. 

— (In Bulletin. July, 1896.) 2140.40 

— Library journal, vol. 21, Aug., 1896. 


— Seven photographs of the exterior, two 
of details of the interior. 1898. *6i9oa.ioi 

Rhode Island historical society. Library. 
(In W. A. Greene. The Providence plan- 
tations. Providence, 1886.) ♦osjo.? 

— (In Providence illustrated. Providence, 
iS»6.) ♦6330.6 

Provincetown, Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 1st, ^h report.) 
Putney, England. 
Public library. Design by Maurice B. 
Adams. Bunding news, vol. 75, Dec. 16, 
Quincy, Illinois. 
Public library. (In Quincy illustrated. 
Quincy, 1888.) *4370.i02 

— Inland architect, vol. 11, May, 1888. 

— Library journal, vol. 14, March, 1889. 
Quincy, Mass. 

Thomas Crane memorial library. Four 
views. (In Address of C. F. Adams, jr., 
and proceedings at the dedication. May 
30, 1882. Cambridge, 1883.) 

♦6i9oa.5; 6i9oa.6 

— Chimney piece. Book room. American 
architect, Imperial edition, 1892, no. 868. 

Boston, 1888 [*8ioo.2j: and in Mass. Library 

commission, ist, 9th report. 

Randolph, Mass. 
Turner free library. Design by S. J. F. 
Thayer. (In Architectural sketch-book, 
Boston, vol. I, no. 5, Nov., 1873.) 


— Library journal, vol. i, Feb., 1877. 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 
report. ^ 

Reading, England. 
Public library. Ground plan. (In Green- 
wood. Public libraries. 3d edition.) 
Redruth, England. 
Passmore Edwards free library. Building 
news, vol. 67, Aug. 3, 1894. 

— (In Greenwood's Library year book, 

Rehoboth, Mass. 

Goff memorial. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 1st. 9th report.) 
Turner free library. (In Mass. Library 
commission. 9th report.) 
Revere, Mass. 
Town hall ano public library. (In Mass 
Library commission. 9th report.) 
Rhode Island historical society. 

See Providence. 
Richmond, Surrey, England. 
Free public library. Exterior. — Ground 
plan. Builder, vol. 40, March 26, 1881. 

— Interior views. (In Annual report, 1881, 
86.) ♦6147.81 

Richmond, Virginia. 
Stale library. (In Snap-shots at Richmond. 
Richmond, 1885.) 4466.131 

— Harper's weekly, vol. 41, Jan. 2, 1897. 

Per. room 
Ridgefield, Conn. 
Ridgeficld library. (In Conn. Library 
commission, no. 2, 1897.) 
Rindge, N. H. 
Ingalls memorial library. (In N. H. Li- 
brary commission. Report, 1894.) 


Riverside, R, I. 
Public library. Woodcut, with description. 

Rochester. Mass. 
Free public library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission, gth report) 
Rochester, N. Y. 
Reynolds library. (In Reference catalogue. 
Rochester, i^.) ♦614135 

Palazzo Vaticano. La biblioteca. Mounted 
photograph. Boston Public library. Special 

— Photo-tint Building news, vol. 55, Sept 
14, 1888. 

— Interior, showing style and arrangement 
of book-cases in ancient Rome. (In R. 
Lanciani. Ancient Rome in the light of 
recent discoveries. Boston, 1889.) 

♦2751.58; »L.52.3 
Rostock, Germany. 

See University of Rostock. 
Rothwell, England. 
Public library. (In Greenwood's Library 
year book, 1897.) 
Rouen, France. 
La bibliotheque de la ville de Rouen. Two 
views of interior, and text, by Jules Ade- 
line. (In Le livre. Bibliographic ancienne, 
i, 61-72. Paris, 1880.) ♦6164.70.1 

Rutgers college. 
Library. Architectural record, vol. 6, 1897. 


Rutland, Vt 
Rutland free library. (In Architectural 
league of New York. Fourth annual ex- 
hibition. 1888.) 809431 

— (In Vermont Library commissioners. 
1st report.) 

Saginaw, Michigan. 
Hoyt public library. Four photographs, ex- 
terior and interior. *6i90.89 
St George, Hanover square (London). 
Public library. Building news, vol. 63, Nov. 
18, 1892. 

— Architect, vol. 56, Sept. 25, 1896. 
St. George's in the East (London). 

Passmore Edwards's Public library. Build- 
ing news, vol. 72, May 21, 1897. 

St Giles (London). 
Public library. Designs. British architect, 
vol. 40, 1893. 
St Helen's, England. 
Design for Free library. Builder, vol. 67, 

Oct 20, 1894. 
The Gamble institute. (In Greenwood's Li- 
brary year book. 1897.) ♦619843 

— (In Burgoyne. Library construction.) 

St. Johnsbury, Vt 
Public library. Exterior. — Interior. (In 
Vermont. Library commission, ist re- 

— Two stereoscopic views. ♦6i9a6o 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Mercantile library association. View. (In 
Description of the library building. N. Y., 
1889.) 8090.27 

— Exterior. — Plan. Library journal, vol. 
14, Jan., 1889. 

— Exterior. — Interior. New England 
magazine, vol. 11, Jan., 189a. 


— (In H. H. Morgan. The historical World's 
Columbian exposition. St Louis, 1892.) 

Niedringhaus memorial building. Library 

journal, vol. 13, De&, 188& 
Public library. Small woodcuts of exterior 

and interior. ♦6190.25 

Library and office building for St. Louis 

board of public schools. Inland architect, 

vol. 17, July, 1891- 

— New England magazine, vol. 13, Sept, 

St. Martin-in-the-Fields (London). 

Free public library. (In Greenwood. Pub- 
lic libraries. 3d edition, 4th edition.) 
St Mary-le-Strand (London). 
Public hall and Parish library. Building 
news, vol. ^, Nov. 23, 1894. 
St Paul, Minn. 
Law library. Inland architect, vol. 27, March 
St Petersburg. 
Imperial library. Views. — Plans. (In E. 
Edwards. Memoirs of libraries London, 
1859, vol. 2.) 2124.2; 2126.2 

Imperial public library. Photograph. 

Sale, England. 
Public library. Building news, vol. 59, Sept 
5, 1890. 
Salem, Mass. 
Essex institute. Photographs. ♦4456.106 
Peabody academy of science. Photographs. 


Public library. (In Address of John M. 

Raymond, at the opening. Salem, 1889.) 


— Interior views. — Plans. Library jour- 
nal, vol. 15, July, 1890. 

— Photograph. ^6190.66 

— Six photographs, also a photograph of 
the Salem Athenseum, and two oi the 
Court house library. Salem, 1891. *6i97.25 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Salem Athenaeum. Photographs. ♦4456.106 
Salford, England. 
Free library. Greengate branch. Front ele- 
vation. — Sections. — Plan. Building 
news, vol. 19, Dec. 16, 1870. 
Salisbury, Conn. 
Public library. (In Conn. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1893-1894.) 

— (In Brochure series.) 
San Francisco. 

Hubert Howe Bancroft's historical library. 


— (In Evolution of a library. Chicago, 

1897.) ♦6199.8 

Mercantile library association. Five photo- 
graphs. ♦0190.80 

Alto statistics of cost, dimensions, etc. 

Public library. (In its Monthly bulletin.) 

San Rafael, Cal. 
Scott library hall. (In The Calif omian, vol. 
I, 1891/2.) ♦5321.511 

Saybrook, Conn. 
Acton library. (In Conn. Library com- 
mission, no. I, 1895.) 
Scituate, Mass. 
Peirce memorial library. (In Mass. Library 
commission, gdi report) 


Scranton, Penn. 
The Albright memorial library. Exterior. 
— Plan. Library journal, vol. 17, July, 

— view. — Details. Architectural review, 
vol. 2, no. 8, Nov. 15, 1893. 

— (In Brochure series.) 
Seabrook, N. H. 

Brown memorial library. (In N. H. Li- 
brary commission. Report, 1895-96.) 
Shad well (London). 
Passmore Edwards Public library. Journal 
of the Society of architects, new series, 
vol. 5, June, 1898. ♦4090.271 

Sharon, Conn. 
Hotchkiss library. (In Conn. Librarv 
commission, no. 2, 1897.) 
Sheffield. England. 
Central free library; also Upperthorpe 
branch. (In Greenwood. Free public li- 
braries. 1st edition.) 
Shelton, Conn. 
Plumb memorial library. American archi- 
tect, International edition, vol. 48, June 

IS, 1855. 

— (In Conn. Library commission. Report, 

Shepherd's Bush (London). 

Passmore Edwards public library. Ameri- 
can architect, vol. 60, April 9, 1898; Archi- 
tect, vol. 59, March 18, 1898. 
Shirley, Mass. 

Public library. (In Mass. Library commis- 
sion, gth report.) 
Shoreditch (London). 

Design for public library and baths. Builder, 
vol. 71, Dec. 12, 1896. 

Public library. Building news, vol. 64, May 
12, 1893. 

— British architect, vol. 45, March 27, 1896. 
Public libraries and museums. (In Annual 

report, 1897.) *^i5i.34 

Shrewsbury, England. 

Free library. Photograph. Boston Public 
library. Special libraries. 
Shrewsbury, Mass. 

Free public library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission, gth report.) 
Siena, I^aly. 

Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Magg^ore (Prov. 
di Siena). La biblioteca. — Porta scol- 
pita in noce. Photograph. Boston Pub- 
lic library. Special libraries. 

La libreria in Siena. (In H. Kohler. Poly- 
chrome Meisterwerke der monumentalen 
Kunst in Italien vom v. bis xvi. Jahr- 
hundert. Leipzig. 18S0.) Cab.8o.^i 

This room in the Cathedral of Siena was deco- 
rated by Pinturicchio. and was prepared by Fran- 
cesco Piccolomini, afterwards Pope Pius iii., to 
contain the manuscripts of his uncle, Aeneas Syl- 
vius Piccolomini, afterwards Pope Pius 11. 

Simsburv, Conn. 
Free library. American architect, Interna- 
tional edition, vol. 43, Feb. 10, 1894. 

— Connecticut quarterly, April, 1895. 


— (In Conn. Library commission. Report, 

Sioux City, Iowa. 
Public library. (In C. Baldwin. Sioux City, 
1890.) 4477.196 


Sketch for a small library. American archi- 
tect. International edition, vol. 39, March 

18, 1893. 

Sketch plans for a university library. By W. 

B. Ittner. Library journal, vol. 13, Jan., 

Smith college, Northampton, Mass. 
Library. Interior. (In U. S. Bureau of 

education. Circular of information. No. 

2, 1887.) *7596.S9 (1887) 

Soane medallion competition, 1877. Design 
for a free library and a public institute. 
Designs by W. Scott, April 13, 1877; by 
T. Manly Deane, April 20, 1877; by J. L. 
Ball, April 27, 1877. Building news, vol. 

Somerville, Mass. 
Public library. Exterior. — Plans. Ameri- 
can architect, vol. 23, July 3, 1886. 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

— (In J. S. Hayes. Our Public library. 
Somerville, 1896.) 6206.28 

— (In E. A. Samuels and H. H. Kimball. 
Somerville, past and present. Boston, 

1897.) 4351.132 

South Bend, Indiana. 

Public library. (In Brochure series.) 
South Berwick, Maine. 
Fogg memorial library, Berwick academy. 
New England magazine, vol. 16, July, 

South Braintree, Mass. 
Thayer memorial librai^. Statistics of 
cost of building, dimensions, capacity, etc. 
Manuscript. 1898. *6i9oa.97 

South Dartmouth, Mass. 
South worth library. Library journal, Dec., 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

South Lambeth (London). 
Tate library. Building news, vol. 56, April 

19, 1889. 

— Plan. (In Burgoyne. Library construc- 

South Orange, N. J. 
Free circulating library. Architecture and 
Building, vol. 24, Feb. i, 1896. • 
South Weymouth, Mass. 
Fogg memorial library. (In Mass. Library 
commission. 9th report) 
Southampton, England. 
Free library. Designs. Building news, vol. 
61. Oct. 9, 1891. 
Southport. Conn. 
Pequot library. Scientific American, April, 


— (In Conn. Library commission. Report, 


— Statistics of capacity and use. Manuscript. 
1898. ♦6i9oa.97 

Southport. England. 
Design for Free library. British architect, 
vol. 4, July 6, 1877. 
Spencer, Mass. 
Sugden library. Library journal, vol. 13, 
14, Nov., 1888, Sept.. 1889. 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 


Springfield, Mass. 
Citx library. Stereoscopic view of interior. 


— (In New York sketch-book of architec- 
ture, vol. I, Boston, 1874.) *8(X)o.52.i 

There are vtewi alto in Inland Masaacfaosetts, 
Springfield, 1890 [*44S4-x:^]; Progreaaive Spring- 
field, vol. I, no. 4. Springfield, 1891 [*445i.iiiJ; 
and Maas. Library commiaaion. lat, 9th report 

Springfield, Ohio. 
Warder free library. Library journal, vol 
IS, April, 1890. 

— (In Bulletin of the library, Oct, 1891.) 


Springfield, Vt 

Town library. Spaffbrd library building. 

(In C. Horace Hubbard and J. Dartt 

History of Springfield, Vt Boston, 1895.) 

State university of Iowa. 
Library. American university magazine, 
vol. 4, Oct, 1896. 
Sterling, Mass. 
Public library. Elizabeth Anne Conant me- 
morial. Photograph. Cab.60.42.2 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, gth 

Stockbridge, Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 1st, 9th report) 

— New England magazine, vol. 5, Oct, 1891. 

Die Konigliche Bibliothek. Grundrisse. — 
Schnitt. Allgemeine Bauzeitung, 1884* 
Plates 39, 4a 

With text. 

— American architect, vol. 24, Aug. 4, 1888. 
Stockton, Cal. 

Public library. American architect, vol. 54» 

Nov. 28, 1896. 
Stoke Newington (London). 
Public library. Selected design. Building 

news, vol. 61, Sept. 25, 1891. 

— Design submitted for a free library. 
Builder, vol. 64, Jan. 21, 1893. 

Stoughton, Mass. 
Public library. (In Catalogue, 1886.) 

Stow, Mass. 
Public library. Woodcut, with description. 


— (In Mass. Library conunission. 9th re- 


University. See University of Strassburg. 
Stratford, Conn. 

Public library. (In Conn. Library com- 
mission. Report, 1893-94.) 

— (In Dedication exercises. Bridgeport, 
1896.) ♦6i9(Mu29 

Design for Shakspere memorial. Architect, 

vol. 15, April 29, 1876. 
Shakespeare memorial library. (In Report, 
1889/90.) 4595."7 

Streatham (London). 
Tate public library. (In Greenwood. Pub- 
lic libraries. 4th edition.) 

— Exterior. — Plans. Building news, vol. 
60, April 24, 1891. 


Sturbridge, Mass. 
Joshua Hyde public library. Account of 
the dedication of the library. With wood- 
cut, and statistics in regard to the build- 
ing, its cost, use, etc. *6i9oa.27 

— View. (In Mass. Library commission. 
9th repoft) 

Konigliche Bibliothek. Gebaude. Grund- 
riss. — Schnitt — Details. Allgemeine 
Bauzeitung, vol. 49, 1884, Plate ^; vol. 
S3, 1888. 

With text 

— Querschnitt durch das Sammlungsge- 
baude. (In L. Klasen. Grundriss-Vor- 
bilder von Gebauden aller Art, Abth. 10, 
p. 940. Leipzig, 1887.) * 

— Sketch plan. American architect, vol. 18, 
Dec. 19, 1888. 

— (In A. Grasel. Grundzuge der Biblio- 
thekslehre. Leipzig, 1890.) *6i98.23 

— (In W. Windmann. Wanderung durch 
Stuttgart und Umgebung in Wort und 
Bild. Stuttgart, 1896.) 2869.4 

Sudbury, Mass. 

Goodnow library. (In Alfred S. Hudson. 
Annals of Sudbury, Wayland, and May- 
nard. Ayer, 1891.) 4351104 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, 9th 

Sunderland, England. 
Museum and library buildings. Builder, 
vol. 36, Nov. 29, 1879. 

— (In Greenwood. Public libraries. 4th 

Swansea, Wales. 
Proposed free library. Briti:>h architect, 

vol. 22, Nov. 21, 1884. 
Public library. Illustrated London news, ^ 
vol. 90, June II, 1887. Per. room 

Swanzey, N. H. 
Mt Csesar union library. (In B. Read. His- 
tory of Swanzey. Salem, 1892.) ♦4436.152 
Sydney, New South Wales. 
Public library. (In Greenwood. Public li- 
braries. 3d edition.) 

— (In Australasian bibliography. Sydney, 

c '^^^T XT *^^70.29 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Public library. (In Evolution of a library. 

Chicago, 1897.) *6i99.8 

Syracuse university. 

Library. Harper's wceldy, Jan. 27, 1894. 

_ „ Per. room 

Tacoma, Washington. 

City library. Library journal, vol. 20, 
March, 1895. 
Talcottville, Conn. 
Talcott library. (In Conn. Library com- 
mission, no. 2, 1897.) 
Tamworth, N. H. 

Public library. Granite monthly, vol. 2^ 
Oct., 1897. 
Taunton, Mass. 

Public library. Photograph. *6i9o.2S 

Templeton, Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. Library com- 
mission. 1st, 9th report.) 
Thesis design, by S. J. Bloomingdale. Archi- 
tecture and Building, vol. 23, no. 7. Aug. 
17, 1895. 


Tilton, N. H. 
Hall memorial library. Photographs. 


— (In N. H. Library commission. Report, 

Toledo, Ohio. 
Public library. (In Brochure series.) 

— Photograph. 6190.87 
Topeka, Kansas. 

City library. (In Topeka illustrated. To- 
peka^ 1887.) 4479.210 

— Heliotype. *6i90.6o 

Legislative library, Old parliament build- 
ing, New parliament building. (In F. 
Yeigh. Ontario's parliament buildings. 
Toronto, 1893.) ♦4312.176 

Public library. (In Catalogue, 1885.) 


— (In Greenwood. Public libraries. 3d edi- 

Town library of moderate cost. Scientific 

American, vol. 17, Jan., 1894. 
Townsend, Mass. 
Public library. (In Mass. Library conunis- 
sion. 9th report.) 
Troy, N. Y. 
Design for a public library. Architecture 

and Building, vol. 21, May 25, 1895. 
Hart memorial library. (In Brochure 

— American architect, vol. 58, Dec. 11, 1897. 
Truro, England. 

Passmore Edwards free library. Building 
news, vol. 68, May 17, 1895. 
Union theological seminary, Richmond, Va. 
Spence library. Inland architect, vol. 28, 
August, 1896. 
University of California. 
Bacon art and library building. Cab.6o. 109.4 

— (In W. C. Jones. Illustrated history of 
the University of California. San Fran- 
cisco, 1895.) 4490.109 

University of Cambridge. 
The new Public library as it will appear 
when completed. — Trinity college, li- 
brary, interior views, exterior views. — 
Pepysian library, Magdalen college. (In 
Cooper's Memorials of Cambridge, new 
edition, 1860-66. 3 v.) *4S7i-i 

This is a new edition of ^he Memorials of Cam- 
bridge, by Thomas Wright and Harry L. Jones, 
with the engravings of J. Le Keux. 
Plans, with views of the libraries of the various 
colleges forming the University of Cambridge, 
can be found in the following work: "The archi- 
tectural historv of the University of Cambridge, 
and of the colleges of Cambridge and Eton. By 
the late Robert Willis. Edited with additions 
by John Willis Clark." Cambridge, 1886. 4 v. 

University library. Architect, vol. 44, Dec. 
26, 1890. 

New University library buildings. Building 
news, vol. 60, Jan. 16, 1891. 

— West front. — Catalogue room. (In T. 
D. Atkinson. Cambridge described and 
illustrated. London, 1897.) 2493.160 

Magdalen college. The Pepysian library, 
1842. (In T. D. Atkinson. Cambridge 
described and illustrated. London, 1897.) 




Pepysian library, Magdalen college. — The 
Senate house and University library. 
Etching. — Trinity hall library. Interior, 
(In J. W. Qark. Cambridge. London, 
1881.) ♦2460.57 

Pembroke college. Library. Two photo- 
graphs. *6i9oa.9i 

Library of St John's college. Library of 
Trinity college. (In G. Dyer. History 
of the University and colleges, vol. 2. 
London, 1814.) *2462.s.2 

Trinity college. (In R, Sinker. The library 
of Trinity college. Cambridge, iSgi-) 


— ^^(In Brochure series.) 

— Library. Photograph. Boston Public 
library. Special libraries. 351- 1363. Ei 

— Photogravure. (In J. Belcher, and M. E. 
Macartney. Later Renaissance architec- 
ture in England. London, i897-) 

Cab.6o. 123.4 

Trinity hall. The library. Interior. (In T. 

D. Atkinson. Cambridge described and 

illustrated. London, 1897.) 2493.160 

University of Dublin. 

Trinity college. Library. — Interior. (In 

R. Lovett. Irish pictures. London, 18SB.) 


— (In The book of Trinity college. Belfast, 
1892.) ♦♦2490.120 

University of Georgia. 
Library. American university magazine, 
vol. 2, Sept., 1895. 
University of Glasgow. 
Three ground plans of the University, in- 
cluding the library. Cab.60.42.2 
University of Halle. 
Universitats-Bibliothek. Photograph. 


— Grundrisse. Allgemeine Bauzeitung, vol. 
49, 1884. 

— (In L. Klasen. Grundriss-Vorbilder von 
(jebauden aller Art Abth. 10, pp. 956, 
957. Leipzig, 1887.) ♦4103.58.10 

— (In A. Grasel. Grundzuge der Biblio- 
thekslehre. Leipzig, 1890.) ^6198.23 

University of Illinois. 
Library. Library journal vol. 22, June, 1897. 

— Five views. 1899. 6190a. 109 
University of Kansas. 

Spooner library. (In Brochure series.) 
University of Leipzig. 

Die neue Universitatsbibliothek. (In A. 
Grasel. Grundziige der Bibliothekslehre, 
Leipzig, 1890.) ♦6198.23 

— American architect, International edition, 
vol. 50, Oct. 12, 1895. 

— Views.—- Plan. (In E. A. Friedberg. 
Die Universitat Leipzig in Vergangenheit 
und Gegenwart. Leipzig, 1898. 559oa.73 

University of Leyden. 

Library. — Interior. Photogravure after 
Jan Cornells Woudanus, who lived at 
Leyden during the last half of the six- 
teenth century. 6i9oa.77 

Bibliotheque de Leyde d*apr^s une gravure 
du Cabinet des estampes. (In Encyclo- 
pedic de Tarchitecture et de la construc- 
tion, vol. 2, p. 318. Paris, 1890.) 


Universitits-Bibliothek. Gmndriss. Schnitt 
Allgemeine Bauzeitung, 1884, Plate 36. 

With text. 

University of Michigan. 
Library. First floor plan. (In Public exer- 
cises on the completion of the library 
building. Ann Arbor, 1884.) ^6190.24 

— Front elevation. — Section. — Details. 
American architect, vol. 18, Aug. i, 1885. 

— Library journal, vol. 14, July, 1889. 

— American university magazine, vol. 3, 
Nov., 1895. 

University of North Carolina. 
Library. Exterior. — Interior. (In U. S. 
Bureau of education. Circular of infor- 
mation. No. 2, 1888.) *7596.59.i888 

— American universi^ magazine, vol. 4, 

Sept., 1896. ♦729a66.4 

University of Oxford. 

Views of the libraries of the Universaty are to be 
found in Skelton's "Oxonia antiqua restaurata," 
published in iSaj [*a46o.a.a; ^G.^30.5]; in In- 
gram's ** Memorials of Oxford." pobrishea in 1837 
^0490. 18], and in the "Hand>DOok for visitors to 
Oxford,'^ Oxford, J. H. Parker. 1847 [a494-S3]. 

All Souls. Library. (In Joseph Foster. 

Oxford men and their colleges. London, 

1893.) 2490.1J6 

Bodleian library. Interior view. (In £. 

Edwards. Memoirs of libraries, London. 

1859, vol. 2.) *2i24.2; 2126.2 

— Five photographs of interior. Cab.6042.2 

Views may be found in J. Fulleylove, Oxford. 
Oxford, 18B9 [^ai^ijB]; W. D. Macray, Annals 
of the Bodleian library, ad edition. Oxford, 1890 
[3127.50]; and in Joseph Foster, Oxford men, 
188O-18S0. London, 1893 lM9f>-i37}' 

Christ church. Library. (In Joseph Fos- 
ter. Oxford men and their colleges. Lon- 
don, 1893.) 249a 137 

Exeter college. New library. Civil engineer 
and architect's journal, London, vol. 21, 
1858. ^4010.220 

Merton college library. Interior. Illustrated 
London news, vol. 45, Nov. 12, 1864. 

Per. room 

— Interior. (In J. FuUeylovc. Oxford, 
Oxford, 1889.) *249ai38 

— Old. library. (In Joseph Foster. Oxford 
men and their colleges. London, 1893.) 


— Building news, vol. 66, Feb. 23, 1894. 
Queen's college. Library. (In J. Wells. 

Oxford and its colleges. London, 1897.) 


— (In Brochure series.) 

Radcliffe library. (In J. Gibbs. Biblio- 
theca Radcliviana. London, 1747. 

^8090. 142 

Also in E. Edwards, Memoirs of libraries. Lon 

don, 1859, vol. a [*aia4.a; axa&a]; T. FoUeylove, 

, .^a490.iJl8]; Joseph Fo 
Oxford men, 1880- 1893. London, i8g3 [2490.137]; 

Oxford. Oxford, 1889 Ci 

and in J. Belcher, and M. E. Macartney, Later 
Renaissance architecture in England. London, 
1897 [Cab.60. 1x3.4]. 

St. John's college. Library. (In Brochure 
University of Pennsylvania. 

Library. Library journal, vol. 13, Aug., 

An article by Talcott Williams, with woodcut of 
exterior and plans. 

— View. — Plans. — Description. (In The 
Pennsylvanian. Vol. 4, Sept 26, 1888.) 



— (In Proceedings at the opening of the Li- 
brary. Phila., 1891.) *2I42.66 

University of Rostock. 

Bibliothck. Photograph. *6i90.62 

University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. 
Hodgson library. (In L. S. Merriam. 
Higher education in Tennessee. U. S. 
Bureau of education. Circular of informa- 
tion, no. 5, 1893.) 7596.26 
University of South Carolina. 
Library. (In U. S. Bureau of education. 
Circular of information, no. 3, 1888.) 

University of Strassburg. 
Universitats- und Landesbibliothek. Ameri- 
can architect, vol. 49, Aug. 31, 1895; vol. 
57, Sept. 25, 1897. 

— View. (In S. Hausmann. Die Kaiser- 
Wilhelms Universitat; ihre Entwicklung 
und ihre Bauten. Strassburg i. Els., 1897.) 

In Harvard College library 
University of Upsala. 
Universitets-Biblioteket. (In Upsala uni-» 
versitet, 1872-1897. Fcstskrift med an- 
ledning af konung Oscar II :s tjugofem&rs 
regeringsjubileum den 18 September 1897. 
Utgifven af Reinhold CJeijer. Upsala, 

. 1897.) 2832.63 

University of Vermont. 

Billings library. Competitive design, by 
Rossiter and Wright. American architect, 
vol. 14, Oct. 27, 1883. 

— Photograph. Cab.60.42.2 

Views arc in the American architect, vol. ao, 
Sept. II, 1886; M. G. Van Rensselaer, Henry 
Hobson Richardson and his works. Boston, i^ 
[•8I00.M1: The Bilh'ngs library, H. H. Richard- 
son, architect. Boston, 1894. 15 plates; and in 
Vermont. Board of library commissioners, ist re- 
port. 1895-96. 

University of Vienna. 
Die Universitats-Bibliothek. Grundrisse. — 
Schnitt. Allgemeine Bauzeitung, 1884, 
Plates 39, 40. 
University of Virginia. 
Library. Interior. (In U. S. Bureau of 
education. Circular of information. No. 
I, 1888.) ♦7596.59.1888 

New library, as planned. (In Alumni bul- 
letin, vol. 2, no. 4, Feb., 1896.) 

A picture of the Old library is in the May num- 
ber of the same year. 

— (In Brochure series.) 

— Dome over rotunda. American architect, 
vol. 54, Nov. 7, 1896. 

University of Wisconsin. 

Library. (In U. S. Bureau of education. 
Circular of information no. i, 1889.) 

*7596.59 (1889) 

— (In Catalogue.) 4494.27 

— (In Wisconsin. Library commission. Re- 
port. 1895-96.) ♦6194.67 

— (In Blue book of the State of Wisconsin. 

1897). *6403.6 

Upsala university. 

See University of Upsala. 
Utica. N. Y. 
Design for a library. American architect, 

vol. 3, June 29, 1878. 

Uxbridge, Mass. 
Thayer memorial library. (In Proceedings 
at the dedication. Uxbridge, 1896.) 



— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Vanderbilt university. 
Interior of library. American university 
magazine, vol. 5, Dec, 1896. ^7290.66.5 
Vassar college. 

Library. Interior. (In U. S. Bureau of 
education. Circular of information, no. 2, 

1887.) *7S96.59 (1887) 

— Photograph of the interior. *6i90.25 

— Thomson annex library. (In Vassar, a 
college souvenir. Poughkeepsie, 1896.) 



Biblioth^que Saint Marc k Venise, dite Li- 

breria Vecchia. (In Encyclopedic d'ar- 

chitecture, 2e s6rie, Paris, 1881, vol. 10, 

. pi. 765.) *4090.5i,2e s6rie, 10 

— Elevation, drawn by S. W. Mead. (In 
Technology, vol. 2, no. i.) 5935.6o 

— (In Brochure series.) 

Kaiserlich-Konigliche Hofbibliothek. Plate. 
Plan. (In I. F. von Mosel. Geschichte. 
Wien, 1835.) 6125. 1 

— (In Wien vor 150 Jahren. Wien, 1894.) 

C^3.b 28 TT 1 

— Die Hof-Bibliothek in Wien. Zwanzig 
Tafeln in Lichtdruck. Erlauternder Text 
von Dr. Camillo List. Wien, 1897. 

Kaiserlich-Koenigliche Universitaet. Li- 
brary. Photograph of the reading-room. 

ir.ii r ... *6i9oa.7i 

Village free library. By "Multum in parvo." 
^T'u ^">^^;"8f news, vol. 60, April 24, 1891. 
Village library. British architect, vol. 39, 

April 21, 1893. 
Village library. Scientific American, vol. is. 

Aug., 1893. 
Village library. Building news, vol. 65. Dec. 

29, 1893. 
Wabash college, Crawfordsville, Ind. 

iir ir ''!7' . Qr" Catalogue, 1896-97.) *2386.2 
Wallingford, Vt. 

Gilbert Hart library. (In Vermont. Li- 
brary commission, ist report.) 
Walpole, N. H. 

Bridge memorial library. (In N. H. Li 
ixr .^rary commission. Report, 1895-96.) 
Walsall, England. 

Free library and reading room. Illustrated 
London news, vol. 36, Feb. 4, i860. 

iir i^t- « . Pc*"- room 

Walthamstow, England. 

Public library. Building news, vol. 67, 
Sept. 28, 1894. 
Wandsworth (London). 
Free library. New reading room. Builder, 
vol. en, Dec. 13. 1890. 
Ware, Mass. 
Free public library. (In Mass. Library 
commission, ist. 9th report.) 
Warner, N. H. 
Pillsbury free library. Photograph. ♦6190.60 

— (In N. H. Library commission. Report, 

Warren, Mass. 

Public library, fin Mass. Library com- 
mission. 1st, 9th report.) 

— New England magazltv^, no\. ^, Oe^., '^^iv^ 


Old Zaluski library. (In E. Edwards. Me- 
moirs of libraries, London, 1859, vol. 2, p. 

708.) 2124.4; *2126,2 

Warsaw, N. Y. 
Proposed public library. Architect and 
Builder, vol. 28, May 21, 1898. 
Washburn college, Topeka. 
Boswell library. (In Congregational year 
book. Boston, 1890.) 5540a.67.1890 

Washington, D. C. 
Design for a new fireproof building to con- 
tain the Army medical museum, the Li- 
brary of the Surgeon general's office and 
the pension and other records of the same 
office. *6ipo.24 

This, with the estimates, la pa^es, is an lucecu- 
tive document. No. is, Senate, 4iBth Congress, ist 
session. ^ 

— Das Gebaude fur die Staats-, Kriegs- und 
Marine-Departements in Washington. 
Bibliothek der Marine- Abtheilung. All- 
gemeine Bauzeitung, 1885, Plate 7. 

Library of Congress. Views. (In The Li- 
brary of Congress. By B. Pcrley Poore. 
Harper's magazine, vol. 46, 1873.) 

— The proposed plan. By J. L. Smithmeycr. 
Library journal, vol. 6, April, 1881. 

— Adopted plan. Library journal, vol. 8, 
Feb., 1886. 

— The $6,000,000 plan. General design. 
The $4,000,000 plan. Basement and main 
floor. Library journal, vol. 14. Jan., 1889. 

— Adopted plan. Exterior. — Plans. By 
J. L. Smithmeyer and Paul J. Pelz. 


— Designs. — Plans. (In U. S. Engineer 
department. Letter from the chief of en- 
gineers of the army, transmitting a report 
relative to the construction of the building 
for the Library of Congress, 1888-96. 
Washington, i8jfe-97.) *8o9S.i4 

— View. — Plan, first library floor. (In 
The new library building. Washington, 

1895.) 6203.58 

— (In R. S. Fletcher. Official guide to the 
new building for the Library of Congress. 
Washington, 1897.) 6203.71 

— (In Herbert Small. Handbook of the new 
Library of Congress. Boston, 1897.) 


— Thirty-one views. (In The New York 
times. Dec. 25, 1897.) ♦6190.51 

— (In N. B. Maury. The new Congressional 
library. N. Y., 1897.) *6i90.53 

Cut from Cosmopolitan magazine, Vol. 3, no. i, 
March, 1897. 

— The new Library of Congress: a study 
in decorative architecture. Architectural 
record, vol. 7, Jan.-March, 1898. *4590.273 

An article by Russell Sturgis, with many illustra- 

— Twenty plates. (In Monographs of 
American architecture. Issued in connec- 
tion with the American architect and 
Building news, no. 6. Boston, 189$.) 


In the Fine arts department of the Boston Public 
Library is an index of the views of the new build- 
ing of the Library of Congress published in the 
American architect, Architecture and Building, 
Inland architect, etc. also a collection of pro- 
tographs of the mural decorations. 


Medical library and tnnsetim, U. S. army. 
Exterior. — Plan. American architect, 
vol. 19, Jan. 16, 1886. 
Washington, N. H. 

Shedd free library. (In History of Wash- 
ington. 1886.) *44^77 

— (In N. H. Library commission. Report, 

Waterbury, Conn. 
Silas Bronson library. (In Waterbury and 
her industries. Gardner, Mass., i^) 

/T ^ *4438.io8 

— (In Conn. Library commission. Report, 

— (In J. Anderson. The town and city of 
Waterbury. New Haven, 1896.) 443oa.ii7 

Watertown, Conn. 
Dc Forest library. Photograph. ^6190.25 

— (In Conn. Library commission. Report 

Watertown, Mass. 

Free library. American architect, vol. 15, 
May 10, 1884.) 

— (In Annual report, 1891.) 

— (In Mass. Library commission, ist, gdi 

Wauwautosa, Wisconsin. 
Harwood library. (In Wisconsin. Library 
commission. Report, 1895-96.) 
Wayland, Mass. 
Town hall and library. (In A. S. Hudson. 
Annals of Sudbury, Wayland and May- 
nard, Ayer, 1891.) ♦4351.104 

Welbeck abbey, England. 
Library. Builder, vol. 6$, Sept 23, 1893. 

— (In Brochure series.) 
Wellesley, Mass. 

Town hall and library. (In History of Nor- 
folk county. Phila., 1884.) ♦4451.54 

— American architect. Imperial edition, 
vol. 19, Jan. 30, 1886. 

— Heliotype. Cab.6a42.2 

— (In Mass. Library conunission. gtfa re- 

Wellesley college. 

Library. (In History of Norfolk county, 

Phila., 1884.) ♦4451.54 

— Interior. (In U. S. Bureau of education. 
Circular of information, no. 2, 1887.) 

^ . ♦7596.50 (1887) 

— Design for new library building. Welles- 
ley magazine, Jan., iSgi;, 

Wells, England. 
Free college library. Vicar's Qose. Build- 
ing news, vol. 67, Aug. 10^ 1894. 
Wesleyan university, Middletown, Conn. 
Rich library. (In The college book. Bos- 
ton, 1878.) ♦2382.2 

— (In History of Middlesex county. Conn. 
N. Y., 1884.) ♦4430a-5i 

West Brookfield, Mass. 
Merriam library. (In Worcester society of 
antiquity. Collections, vol. 6.) ♦4452.53.6 

— (In Mass. Library conmiission. ist, 9t]i 

West Chester, N. Y. 
Library. (In Souvenir of the libracy. West 
Chester, 1891.) 61957^ 


i I 

West Falmouth, Mass. 
Library. (In E. G. Perry. Trip around 
Cape Cod. Boston, 1897.) 4352.143 

West Ham (London). 
Technical institute and library. Architect, 
vol. 54, 55, 1895, 1896. 

— Competitive designs. American architect, 
International edition, vol. 50, 51, 53. 

— Competition. Various designs. Build- 
ing news, vol. 69, 70, 1895, 96. 

— The Library entrance. Builder, vol. 70, 
May, 16, 1896. 

— Competitive design. — View. I^uilder, 
vol. 71, Aug. I, Dec. 12, 1896. 

— Canningtown. Public hall and Free li- 
brary. Building news, vol. 65, Sept 29^ 

West Swanzey, N. H. 

Stratton free library and art gallery. (In 

Catalogue. Boston, 1885.) ^147.91 

Western Reserve university. 

Adelbert college, Cleveland. Hatch library. 

Inland architect, vol. 25, May, 1895. 

— Half-tone engraving. *449oa.i6o 

With statistics. 

— (In Brochure series.) 
Westfield, Mass. 

Athenseum. (In Mass. Library commission. 

9th report.) 
Westford, Mass. 
J. V Fletcher library. (In Souvenir of the 

dedication. Lowell, 1896.) *6i93.27 

With statistics of cost, number of volumes, etc. 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Westminster (London). 

Baths and library, Great Smith St., West- 
minster. American architect. Interna- 
tional edition, vol. 44, May 12, 1894. 

Institute of civil engineers. American ar- 
chitect, vol. 59, Jan. I, 1898. 

Public library. Building news, vol. 65, July 

7. 1893. 
Weymouth, Mass, 
Tufts library. Photograph. *6iQoa.8i 

— Statistics of cost of building, capacity, 
use, etc. Manuscript. 1898. *6i9oa.97 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 961 re- 

Fogg memorial library. South Weymouth. 
(In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 
Whitechapel (London). 
Free public library and museum. Building 
news, ol. 63, Oct. 28, 1892. 
Whitinsville,. Mass. 
See Northbridge. 
Widnes, England. 
Municipal library and technical school. 
Builder, vol. 67, Oct 27, 1894. 

— Building news, vol. 71, Sept 11, 1896. 
Wigan, England. 

Public library. Reference library. Interior. 
(In Greenwood. Public libraries. 3d edi- 

— Reading roooL (In Greenwood. Library 
year book, 1897.) 

— Plan of ground floor. (In Burgoyne. 
Library construction.) 


Wilkes-Barr^, Penn. 

Osterhout free library. Photograph. 6i9oa.5i 
Willliams college. 

Library. (In Indelible photographs. N. Y., 
1890.) *2387.78 

— New England magazine, vol .15, Oct, 

Williamsburg, Mass. 

Meekins library. Photograph. ♦6i9oa.69 

— (In Mass. Library commission. 9th re- 

Willimantic, Conn. 
Dunham Hall library, Willimantic linen co. 
(In Conn. Library commission, no. 2, 

Willisden Green, England. 

Free library. Architect, vol.. 55, April 10, 

— American architect, International edition, 
vol. 52, May 30, 1896. 

Wilmington, Delaware. 

Wilmington institute. Exterior. '''6190.24 
Wilton, N. H. 
Town hall and library. (In A. A. Liver- 
more and S. Putnam. History of the 
town of Wilton. Lowell, 1885.) *4439a.45 
Wimbledon, England. 

Free public library. Builder vol. 48, Dec. 
12, 1885. 

— (In Greenwood. Free public libraies. ist 

Wimbourne Minster, England. 
Library. Chained books. Photograph. 
Boston Public library. Special libraries. 

35 1. 9745. B2 
Winchester, Mass. 
Town hall and library. Views. — Plan. 
American architect, vol. 23, May 12, 1^8. 

— (In 250th anniversary, etc., 1890.) 

Winchester, N. H. 

Public library. Granite monthly, vol. 24, 

Nov.. 1896. Per. room 

Winchester college, England. 

Moberley library. Interior. Photograph. 

Boston Public library. Special libraries. 


Winona, Minnesota. 

Public library. Two photographs. Also, 

floor-plan, dimensions, statistics of cost, 

etc. 1898. ♦6190.74 

Winsford, England. 

Public library. (In Greenwood. Public li- 
braries. 3d edition.) 
Winthrop, Mass. 
Frost public library. (In Mass. Library 
commission. 9th report.) 
Wisconsin historical society. 

University building. Library journal, vol. 
21. April, 1896. 
Woburn. Mass. 

Public library. Designs by Gambrill and 
Richardson. American architect, vol. 21, 
March 3, 1877 : also in Cab.60.42.2 

— Designs by Peabody and Stearns. Ameri- 
can architect, vol. 21, March 21, 1877; 
also in Cab.60.42.2 

— DesiRfn by Cummings and Sears. Ameri- 
can architect, vol. 21, March 10. 1877; also 
in Cab.60.42.2 


— Photograph. ^6190.25 

— Etching, by E. H. Garrett. ^igoa.Sg 

There are views also in American architect, Im- 

ferial edition. May k 1886; Architect, voL is» 
une 35, 1886; M. G. Van Rensselaer, Henry 
lobson Richardson and his works. Boston, 18SB 
[*8ioo.aa]: and in A model village library. By 
William K. Cutter. Description and eight riews. 
(New England magazine, vol. 7, Feb., 1890.) Also 
in Mass. Library commission. 9th report. 

Herzogliche Bibliothek. Photograph. 


— Grundriss. Allgemeine Bauzeitung, 1884* 
Plate 34. 

With text. 

— Die alte Bibliothek^ (In A. Grasel. 
Grundziige der Biblfothekslehre. Leip- 
zig, 1890.) *6i98.23 

— Neue Bibliothek. Hauptfront. (In L. 
Klasen. Grundriss- Vorbilder von Ge- 
bauden aller Art. Abth. 10. Leipzig, 
1887.) * 

Wolverhampton, England. 
Free library. Building news, vol. 74, March 
25, April, I, 1898. 

— British architect, vol. 49, April 8, 1898. 

Woodstock, Vermont. 
Norman Williams public library. Two pho- 
tographs. 61903.87 

— (In H. S. Dana. History of Woodstock. 
Boston, 1889.) *4435.63 

— (In Vermont. Library commission, ist 

Worcester, England. 
Public library. Plan. (In Greenwood's Li- 
brary year book, 1897.) 

— Ground plan. (In Burgoyne. Library 

Worcester, Mass. 

Free public library. Two photographs. 

There arc views also in The city of Worcester, 
Massachusetts. Worcester, 1886 [*445A7a] ; Worces* 



ter past and present Woroeater, ittS [*445o.stl ; 
D. H. Hnrd, History of Worcester. FhiU., 1889 

r*AACOLC9: *x«ca.alLa1; Kmmrwmn AtvtiitM^. Tn. 

[•44So.>7; ♦449a.s6.«]; Amencen architect. In- 
ternational edition, toL a9» Aug. 30, 1890; Mass. 
Library commission, ist, 9Ch report; and in A 
tribute to the Columbian year by the city of 
Worcester. Worcester, 189^ [*44So.iai]. 

Worcester society of antiqui^ 
Library. (In F. P. Rice. The Worcester of 
i8q8. Worcester, 1899.) 44503.128 

Wrenthatn, Mass. 
Fiske memorial library. Proposed building. 
American architect, vol. 50, 51, Nov. 9, 
1895, Feb. 9, 29, 1896. *4O97.2oi.50,5i 

Public library. (In Mass. Library conmiis- 
sion. 9th report) 
Yale college. 
Library. Exterior. — Main hall. (In Yale 
college, edited by W. L. Kingsley, vol. i, 
N. Y., 1879.) **4490.i05 

Chittenden library. (In Yale Banner, 1888.) 


— First sketch for Yale memorial library. 
(In Architectural league of New York. 
Catalogue of the 4th annual exhibition. 
N. Y., 1888.) 8094.31 

— Library journal, vol. 15, Aug., 1890. 

— Inland architect, vol. 16, Aug., 1890. 
Reference library, Divinity college. Interior. 

Law school library. Interior. — Sheffield 
librarv. Scientific school. Interior. — 
Lowell Mason library 01 music. Divinity 
college. Interior. (In Yale college, edited 
by W. L. Kingsley, vol. 2, N. Y., 1879.) 


Yarmouth. Mass. 

Free library. Heliotype of architect's sketch 

of exterior. (In Dedication, Boston, 

1872.) *6i23.8 

— New England magazine, vol. 7, Nov., 

— (In Mass. Library commission, gth re- 





Vol. IV, No. 9. 
September, 1899. 








JAMES DeNORMANDIE, Vice-President. 



Acting Librarian. 


Central Library, Copley Square. 

Branch Libraries. 

Brighton Branch, Holton Library Roxbury Branch, 46 MiUmont St 
Building, Rockland St. South Boston Branch, 372 Broadway. 

Charlestown Branch, City Square. South End Branch, English High 

Dorchester Branch, Arcadia, cor. School Building, Montgomery St 
Adams St. West End Branch, Cambridge, cor. 

East Boston Branch, 37 Meridian St. Lynde St 

Jamaica Plain Branch, Curtis Hall, West Roxbury Branch, Centre, -near 
Centre St. Mt Vernon St 

Delivery Stations. 

Station A. Lower Mills Reading Station L. North Brighton Reading 
Room, Washington, near River Room, 56 Market St 

St Station M. Crescent Avenue Delivery 

on B. Roslindale Delivery Sta- Station, 940 Dorchester Ave. 

tion, 25 Poplar St. Station N. Blue Hill Avenue Deliv- 

on D. Mattapan Reading Room, ery Station, 200 Blue Hill Ave. 

River, cor. Oakland St. Station P. Broadway Extension Read- 

on E. Neponset Delivery Sta- ing Room. 13 Broadway Exten- 

tion, 49 Walnut St. sion. 

on F. Mount Bowdoin Reading Station Q. Upham's Comer Delivery 
Room, Washington, cor. Eldon St Station, 756 Dudley St 

on G. Allston Delivery Station. Station R. Wafren Street Delivery 
14 Franklin St. Station, 329 Warren St 

on H. Ashmont Delivery Sta- Station S. Roxbury Crossing Deliv- 
tion, 4 Talbot Ave. ery Station, 11 73 Tremont St 

on J. Dorchester Station Deliv- Station T. Boylston Delivery Sta- 
cry Station, 157 Norfolk St tion, Ldmartine, cor. Paul Gore St 

on K. Bird Street Delivery Sta- Station U. Ward Nine Delivery Sta- 
tion, 6 Wayland St. tion, 62 Union Park St 


Publish^ monthly by the Tnistees of the Public Librmry of the City of Boston, Bostoo. 

a subscription price of twenty-fire cents per annum. 






July 15 to August 15 1899. 

> m9m • 

The symbol = following the title of a work indicates that the work is a gift to the Library. 

Reference Books. 

Alexandre, Roger. 
Le nius6e de la conversation. Repertoire de 
citations frangaises, dictions modernes, 
curiosit6s litt6raires, historiques et anec- 
dotiques. 2e Edition. Paris, 1892. 4677.32 
Davies, Edwin. 
Gems from the fathers, or choice thoughts 
gathered from their numerous works. 
London. [1899.] 3437- "3 

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2. Auflage. Leipzig, 1899. 59 maps. 

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Washington, 1898. Portrs. ♦224oa.66 

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outils et litensiles employes dans les me- 
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The cyclopaedia of home arts. London, 
1899. Illus. ♦8061.149 
Musician's directory and diary of Boston and 
vicinity. loth edition. Boston, 1899. 
Portr. 4049a.53 

Genealogy. Heraldry. 

Anpleton^ William Sumner. 

The family of Annistead of Virginia. Bos- 
ton, itoo. 23 pp. = 4333.130 
Coolidge, Charles Austin. 

Chart of the descendants of Joseph Coolidge, 

of Boston, who married Marguerite Oli- 
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Broadside. = ♦Cab.23.20.12 

Lmcoln, James Mmor. 
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♦4432 73 
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The Hoar family in America and its Eng- 
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New England coats of arms. Newspaper 
cutting. (From The Beacon, March 4, 
1899. Boston, 1899.) ♦2^^7.72 

Signed "New Englaider." ^^^7/^ 

Spencer, W. D. 
A list of Revolutionary soldiers of Berwick 
[Maine]. [Berwick.] 1898. 18 pp. = 

Weaver, Frederic William, and Edward Har- 
bin Bates, editors. 
Index to Collinson's History of Somerset 
Including a supplemental index (alphabet 
and ordinary) to all armorial bearings 
mentioned in the work. Taunton, 1898. 

♦2501.6 (Index) 


Collective Biographies. 

Adadourian, Haig. 
"Dying, and, behold, we live." Or obituaries 
of some Manomet people who entered into 
their rest between November 4, 1897, and 
January 9, 1899. [Plymouth? i8gf9.] 50 
pp. Portr. = 4344-183 

Bearne, Catherine. 
Lives and times of the early Valois queens, 
Jeanne de Bourgogne, Blanche de Navarre, 
Jeanne d'Auvergne et de Boulogne. Lon- 
don, 1899. Illus. Portrs. 2647.164 

New England biographical scraps. Newspaper 
cuttings. 1873-80. ♦4442.321 

248 Sq>tember 

Suetonius Tranquillus, Caius. torical society. Cambridge, 189^ 20 pp. 

History of twelve Caesars. Translated by Portr. = 4445351 

Philemon Holland, anno 1606. With Emmer, Johannes. 

introd. by C. Whibley. Vol. i, 2. Lon- Kaiser Franz Joseph i. Funfzig Jahre 6s- 

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2 V. Illus. Portrs. 4840.21 

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Single Biographic. ^S^Tilo^trofluXJiSeS^^TaJ^Ji 

(4) pn. = P. 1 1.2790 

Adams, Herbert Baxter. Field, Edward. 

Jared Sparks and Alexis de Toameville. Esck Hopkins, conunander-in-chief of the 

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"Ce livre termine la sine d'6tudc9 que nous jjjjg Edward Everett 

J^nVcrerru ^Li^^^VX^^n ^- James RusseU Lowdl «id his friends. Bos- 

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et de ses lettres publiees par L. W. Hoi- Laforge, L^n. 

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the Proceedings of the Massachusetts his- Portrs. 3068.170 


Lumsden, Sir Peter Stark, and George Robert 
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Lumsden, . . . with selections from his 
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IS, 1778. Read [before] the Society of 

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Plan. = 4473.185 


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The early work of Aubrey Beardsley. With 
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Die geheime Offenbarung Johannis. 15 
Vollbilder nach den Handzeichpungen 
Albrecht Dtirer's und gleichzeitigem Text 
nach der Strassburger Ausgabe von Mar- 
tin Graeff 1502. Mit einem Vorwort von 
J. N. Sepp . . . Munchen. [189-?] 


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Mc^^t 4yKii/uaw* Stvltitiae lavs. Declamatio. 

Recognovit et adnotavit I. B. Kan. In- 

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Com., 1898. 4079.122 

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Historical, biographical, and descriptive 
catalogue of the objects exhibited at the 
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Portr. Pis. ♦8081.111 


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Illus. ♦4090.108 

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Florence, Italy. Consiglio comunale. 
Le temute demolizioni nel Centro e il Con- 
siglio comunale di Firenze. Rendiconto 
stenografico delF adunanza del di 23 Di- 
cembre 1898. Firenze, 1899. 44 pp. = 


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Cours de construction civile. [le serie.] 

Partie i. Chauffage et ventilation des lieux 

habites. Paris, 1880. Illus. 4092.74 


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Old English peasant costumes from Boadicea 

to Queen Victoria. Suitable for fancy 

fairs, costume balls and bazaars. London, 

1898. Pis. 2439.27 



Alhrn, Eunice Gibbs. 
The king[ of all painters. [Song, S. or T. 
With pianoforte accompaniment.] Giicago. 
[1898.1 5 pp. = 8osoa.i26 

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By the way: short essays on music and art 
. . . taken from the program-books of the 
Boston symphony orchestra. Boston, 1898. 
2 V. 4049a.7O 

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songs of the sea as sung by the men who 
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baum. N. Y. 1898. ♦8050.120 

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Chats to 'cello students. London, 1899. 
Illus. 4048.108 

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The student's musical history. 2d edition. 
London. [1894.] 4049.188 

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Zwei Jahre Kapellmeister an der Koniglichen 
Oper zu Berlin. [Anon.] Bielefeld, 1890. 

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Anton Seidl. A memorial by his friends. 
N. Y., 1899. Portrs. 4041.SB 

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Information for players, owners, dealers and 
makers of bow-instruments, also for 
string-manufacturers. N. Y. [1899.] 

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The Salabue Stradivari. A history and 
descri»^tion of the famous violin common- 
ly called "Le Messie." London, 1891. 31 
pp. 30 col. pis. 4051.25 

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A system of harmony. Translated by 
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The great piano virtuosos of our time, from 
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Tausig, Henselt. Translated by Made- 
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Beethoveniana. Aufsatze und Mittheilung- 
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Musikalisches Conversations-Lexicon. lote 
Auflage, bearb. von R. Musiol. Leipzig. 
[1877.1 = ♦40493.74 

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Change-ringing disentangled: with hints on 
belfries, bells, etc. 2d edition. London, 
1880. 8045.83 




Bach, J. C. Symphonic p6riodique. Manu- 


Bishop, Henry R. Faustus, a musical romance. 

— The overture and whole of the music in the 
operatic comedy of The rencontre. London. 

— The overture, chomsses, and whole of the 
music ... to Henri Quatre, a grand musi- 
cal romance. London. 

— The songs, duetts, & glees in Shakespeare's 
play of Twelfth Night . . . London. 

Broustet, fidouard. Berceuse poor instru- 
ments 4 cordes avec c*^ basse ad libitum 
Op. 53. Paris. 

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und Orchester. Leipzig. [1891.] 

Gounod, Charles. Stabat Mater, para^uasi 
en frangais . . . Partidon grand oroiestre. 

Handel, G. F. Le iocf*» Psamne. Terre, 
b6nis le Seisneur! . . . Manuscript 

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actes. Paris. [1898.] 

La Tombelle, F. de. Impressions matinales. 
I ere suite d'orchestre. Paris. 

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Op. 6. Leipzig. 

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Pleyel, Ignace. Symphonic concertante. Manu- 

Rameau, T. P. Castor et Pollux. Trio ct 
chceur (acte 3). (Instrumentation de Fran- 
coeur.) Manuscript. 

Reicha, J. Sjonphonie. Manuscript 

Roeser, Valentin. Symphonic. Manuscript 

Stamitz, Charles. Symphonic. Manuscript 

Toesky, Charles Joseoh. Symphonic. Mann- 

Viotti, J. B. Adagio de la lere symphonic 

— 2*^ symphonic concertante. Manuscript 
Wanhal, Jean Baptiste. Symphonic p^riodiqne. 


Geography. Travels. 

Asia. Africa. Oceanica. Polar 


Bastian, Philipp Wilhelm Adolf. 
Die deutsche £3»>edition an der Loango- 
Ktiste. Jena, 1874, 75. 2 v. Pis. Map. 


Becke, Louis, and Walter Jeffery. 

The naval pioneers of Australia. London, 

1899. Portrs. Pis. d047J3 

Bernard, William Dallas. 

Narrative of the voyages and services of the 

Nemesis, from 1840 to 1843; and of the 

combined naval and military operations in 

China. From notes of Conmiander W. H. 

Hall, R. N. London, 1844. 2 v. Maps. 

Brinkley, Francis, editor. 
Japan described and illustrated by the Jap- 
anese. Written by eminent Japanese au- 
thorities and scholars. Boston. [1897.] 
10 V. Illus. Pis. ♦Ci^.saja.i 


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The guide to South Africa. 6th edition. 
London, 1898. Maps. ao59a.i4i 

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Voyage of H. *liif . S. Blonde to the Sandwich 
islands^ i824-i&S5. London, 1826. Pis. 
Maps. *304oa.86 

Cabot, Sebastian. 
World map of a.d. 1544. (The Sebastian- 
Cabot map.) [Ottawa, i8g6.] Scale, 
none. = No. 7 in ♦Map 77.3 

Craft, Mabel Qare. 
Hawaii neL San Francisco, 1899. Pis. 

3049a. 178 
David, Mrs. Edgeworth. 
Funafuti, or three months on a coral island. 
London, 1899. Pis. Map. 3049a. 171 

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Hints to lady travellers at home and abroad. 
London. [1899.] 6279.84 

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Down the stream of civilization. London, 
1898. Illus. 2279.62 

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Vom Kap zum Nil. Reiseerinnerungen aus 
Slid-, Ost- und Nordafrika. Berlin, 1898. 
Pis. 3058.189 

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Imperial Africa; the British possessions in 
Africa. Vol. i. British West Africa. 
London, 1899. Illus. Maps. 3054.184 

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Reise nach West-Sibirien in Jahre 1876. 
Berlin, 1879. Blus. Maps. 3064.167 

France. Minist^re de Tinstruction publique et 
des beaux-arts. Comit6 des travaux 
historiques et scientifiques. 
Bulletin de cr^ographie historique et descrip- 
tive. T. 3-12. Paris, 1888-97. 10 v. Illus. 
Maps. = ♦6272.45 

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Letters from Japan. N. Y., 1899. 2 v. 
Illus. = ♦8063.132 

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Au pays des pagodes et des monasteres. £n 
Birmanie. Paris, 1899. Illus. 30403.172 
Gefaring, Hans. 

Sud-Indien. Land und Volk der Tamulen. 

Gutersloh, 1899. Illus. Map. 3042.234 

Haardt von Harthenthurn, Vincenz von. 

Nord-Polar-Karte. Wien. [1898.I Scale, 

1.9 miles to i inch. No. 27 in ♦Map 119.1 

£ight submaps illustrating arctic meteorology. 

Hursthouse. Charles Flinders. 

New Zealand, or Zealandia, the Britain of 

the south. .London, 1857. 2 v. Pis. 

Maps. 304535 

Jackson, Frederick George. 

A thousand days in the Arctic. N. Y., 1899. 

Illus. Portrs. Maps. 2263.82 

An account of the Jackson-Harmsworth ex]>edi- 
tion to Franz Jotef Land. 

Jacobs, Joseph. 
The story of geographical discovery. Lon- 
don, 1899. Illus. Maps. 6269a. 16 

Journal, The, of school geojrraphy. A monthly 
journal. Vol. 2. Lancaster, Pa., 1898. 
Ulus. Maps. = ♦6283.62 

Current numbers are in the Periodical Room. 

Kipling. Rudyard. 
The citv of dreadful night [Calcutta]. 
N. Y.. 1899. 92 pp. Portr. 4573- 1 54 

Lef^vre, Dr. K 
Un voyage au Laos. Paris, 1898. Pis. 
Map. 3018. 151 

Mamo, Ernst. 
Reisen im Gebiete des blauen und weissen 
Nil, im egyptischen Sudan und den an- 
rrenzenden Negerlandem, 1869 bis 1873. 
Wien, 1874. Illus. Maps. 3053.235 

Murray, A. S. 
Twelve hundred miles on the river Murray. 
London, 1898. Col. pis. ♦Cab.8o. 190.2 
Nazarbek, Avetis. 
Through the storm. Pictures of life in Ar- 
menia. Translated by Mrs. L. M. Elton. 
London, 1899. 3086.102 

Reeves, William Pember. 
The loni? white cloud. Ao tea roa. Lon- 
don, 1898. Illus. Map. 3045.37 

"Ao tea roa" is the Maori name of New Zealand. 

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Eine Reise um die Welt. 2. Auflage. Ber- 
lin, 1899. Pis. 2276.87 
Thomhill, Mark Bensley. 
Hatmts and hobbies of an Indian official. 
London, 1899. 3047.241 
Verne, Jules. 

Histoire des grands voyages et des grands 
voyageurs: Les premiers explorateurs. 
Paris. [189-?] 2 v. Portrs. Pis. Maps. 

2269a. 49 
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Among the Himalayas. Westminster, 1899. 
Illus. Map. 3042.232 

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Reisen in der Regent schaft Algier, 1836- 
1838. Leipzig, 1841. Text, 3 v. in 2, ols., 
map; Atlas. 30503.147 

Werther C. Waldemar. 
Zum Victoria Nyanza. Eine Antisklaverei- 
Expedition und Forschungsreise. 2. Auf- 
lage. Berlin. [1895.] Illus. Map. 

Younfirhusband, George John. 
The Philiopines and round about. N. Y., 
1899. Portr. Pis. Map. 30493.60 

The traveller included a trip to Saigon and Java, 
as well as to the Philippines. 


Allen, Charles Grant Blairfindie. 

The European tour. N. Y., 1899. 2279a.82 
Bartholomew, John. 
Plan of Liveroool. [London, 1898?] Scale. 
300 yards to i inch. ♦Map 1035.10 

Chester in 1893. Chester. [1893.] 18 pp. 
Illus. Portrs. = 24603.75 

Dodd. Anna Bowman. 
Cathedral days. A tour in southern Eng- 
land. New edition. Boston, 1899. Pis. 


Field, Benjamin F. 
Reminiscences of a Boston merchant. Bos- 
ton, 1887. = 2277.71 

Largely made up of notes of European travel. 

Fontane, Theodor. 
Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg. 
Wohlfeile Ausgabe. Berlin, 1892-96. 4 v. 



Franzos, Carl Emil. 
Vom Don zur Donau. Ncue Kulturbilder 
aus Halb-Asien. 2. Auflage. Berlin. 
[1898.] 2 V. 3085.80 

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London in the reign of Victoria. London, 
1898. 2499.IJO 

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Le Mont Saint-Michel. 3e Edition. Av- 
ranches, 1861. 2639a.95 

Kil^atrick, James A. 
Literary landmarks of Glasgow. Glasgow, 

1898. Illus. Portrs. 2479.42 
MacDonagh, Michael. 

Irish life and character. 2d edition. N. Y.. 

1899. 2478.78 
Murray, John, publisher. 

A handbook of Warwickshire. London, 1899. 
Maps. Plans. 6539.77 

St. Barbe, Reginald. 
In modern Spain: some sketches and im- 
pressions. London, 1899. Illus. 3098.177 
Whittaker, Thomas. 

Sights and scenes in Oxford city and uni- 
versity. London, 18^. 18 pp. *246oa.i^ 


Caffin, Mabel Blanche. 
A Jamaica outing. Boston. [1899.] (20) 
pp. = 4369.168 

Chambers, Edward Thomas Davies. 
Quebec, Lake St. John and the new route 
to the Saguenay. Montreal. [1899.] 54 
pp. Illus. = 2389a.35 

Davis, William Morris. 
The New England states. Boston, 1897. 31 
pp. Illus. No. 2 in 2280.71 

Supplement to Frye's complete geography. 

Dyer, E. Jerome. 

The gold fields of Canada and how to reach 

them. London, 1898. 4366.161 

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Gout and rheumatism as factors in the etio- 
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Excessive hemorrhage after enucleation of 

c i^^^i^v ^i???» ^^ ^ PP- = 3808.127 
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Stana:XleMD.^ "*• = '^"^ 

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Treats of light from the oculist's point of viev, 
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}S99: "^l?s- ^ ^ 379x41 

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Current numbers are in the Periodical Room. 
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Current numbers are in the Periodical Room. 

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A monthly publication. Current numbers are in 
the Periodical Room. 

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Treats almost wholly of the mythology of the 

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Ix>rd and the apostles as speaking not in an 
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