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- "il 





O R, 


From January to Juni, tKhfivt* 






Primed §ot R, GsirviTHi: 

And Sold by T. Bickit« Corur oT tha Add^ Srad. 



TiTtsa, Authors Names, &c, of tl»c PuWi- 
cauom jcvicwcJ in ihh Volume 

N. B. For muAftKABLE PAasACit, fnt^^fjrfrv^/, iVcthc 
1 N X> £ X> ai tl» Eiui ol «be Volnne. 

BftiTiSM Publications:. 

\ For tbc CciTTiirrt ^T t1i< Fo^vT^y Anfcio, In i&cA 
ice (i« UJIPa^c of Ua Xtbic. 

Ami' 1%^" W«r. PirrphlfCi nlaiix iv, 
ftj. <tt- '«>p ■19. *^, «<T. «?( 

A«riTT*«L«Mfi CpMft, ip 

Aar ** Can«ftti4|, 

Atvi »t| 5(1. m vfr 


iIattii'* iObp^ca Titt:h, 

At* T T I ft t s^ lt«|r«f4iiri 




AiiirLVY'« HiAlarit, MvEdii* i|t 
B«AiiL*if(moft*p irf 

lotHILt. 1 t'WW, lift 

!!-■■« ■ # > Cvocf It MaQc. ik. 

AfeiJTQi. o/Cirt'C>, rriftn«H, 

Bam. Jann, hii THBfliii»ft of ^f- 

Ak'i I-«i f r IB Zimipvinuit. fti 

filvof Bf<ll«l| 4^7 

— — ■ -^1 Aiil**«ra, 4^ 

P*t(ra'> ljA&e«HBkata<lkcH4Mi 

af Cftin«uci, f< 



< CjiirjiCf I hq ^iT* 4IM 

A B C"*- 



4f» r- 

C«ii*i«vl>r, UiTj 


w tiMfh«n^ S 

**^ •» J*»- W- 4^ 

ta*c ts ihr Cadatt, ftc. 




0tfr|CAf > CflMM^ 475 


_ r-nffinif, lU 

DtA>*b»JlB, Ijf 

— t Aidtftaw Mt ft]5 


ViviLi Vitofid*, 309 

DvvHiii of DtTDiiAiin*! Caw, 477 

DmatfDmMhin'iBiiJlt 47! 


r^ ELavTBiCAr B«r 

— - UI ■ LaJf't Ltuet, 
&■ I ■ I air^ M IfH LU iug«, 

IWAftliji'l Eltljr fiji Almiral laBDdcn 



Sit Ch^rt 


Waich'm Auaar.t «f at i?i 

(bat M f ijbk A^', ftc, fof 

Fammmb -a Chiii'i Tm^i lmmib is the 

Ft* ■ n'« TfitcU tfanagk Itilfi tl 
FiiiTvfApnI. iM 

FiTlCllALD*! LcttET to ibc DvT^I* 

ti tta Eaft [oiif C4upi4jr ^ 

Fi-A«Bi.i.AiiT>f HlNoff «r, ]{■ 

f»»TCi'» A^tnOb 10 YoBot U«> 

FtKiiaif Qrrij]B»B^un^ ECE ftniciti 
for MiiTh, p- iitf ; Ui;, f. jfto. 
5m alfo (^ ih« Cutrdti at ih^J 

F«iiTii'> VajHfi ""bA ^ W«U, 


Fail TbH|htl on (In Abciku Cod- 
teAi, 475 

G*M>1.I1I, I POBD, 47f 

OitLiiT't McuJlaipfi Clieoaifbj, ii 
Okntoo Lttfi, 341 

Ob at'i Lilin Odd inlutcj, J14 

GaiTTJTN, Mil ><r TruiAuln of 
Do Enf«Ai' LetlCT » Uii. MonbitBr 

■ ■■, Df. hb ObCmida*! «b 

Feirttt, •17 

GoATi ftarJ, ftFabk, 19] 

OoLbiHiTii'i iwer of Ecpwiflunid 

Philofi^T, 311 

Gu T an cuBcrrii C«re«, 4!* 

I uj9i 

AflLtTt ■ Pmd, 15C 

HufpUiAn, Sir WlUiim^ hit mt%* 

ttt ENGLISH Books. 

HAtHMT of Troth, Pirt If, 4S5 

I ,^^^— — - ■■- CDDtLaudj xya 

HiATN MILL, ^ Poenir 3J1 

Hbk^lc Cpifllfi ftam Duai Y Ruii, 10 

RichardTwiik, ECjj 311 

_ Anfwcj from Rickud TaiTi, 

HtLL'i PiclH RediiiKcnfiit ?> 

HoBJi Sotiuri«, 4^6 

HpiHA^t ComineDtarT on llic PJaliai, 

. — ^XctKr u Smttb, 40 1 

. S« SurfLXHrKTp 
Hoi oh SftfiwniK Linculn't Ina, io 
I F-iA SernioA bcfofr ihe Lcrdi, 

HviHf Sec fflATB HILL, 

LiTTiJi fTom Voltaire to ih< Frfnck 

— ' ^o Cooit^ey Melmoihi jc»i 

^^->^— ftom to Offictr it Nev York, 

" — ^— tp Df, rrict, 400 

— to Ad»m Smith, 4«| 

10 Dr. Ct»pEr, 4JJ 

LiTTim on the Wo'fhip ofChrifl, 41 

on MilFrulifm, Jt*. ft 

Ffom M. Montcilen, 30* 

■ of VlfEIU^ *oy 

^ to Satmt J*nyiii^ ^jg 

' fiom Gcneidl WjdEiDiTndf 

LitiiAL So^ftlMoii «/ the Cofpc), 

htrx of DiFiJ HiinH, 106 

. SiippJfanerLl tn, 49^ 

LfhDrtY*iSei|De] ro hi> Ap^O|y, 14 

— — — ^ OhJE^iont to, 267 

Lion eiTriEJitnt, ^7^ 
Lohnnrt »ni WfHoinfler drfcribed, 60 

LoTT^t Prupotli, 15a 

JAkt !tKOvr fohrr Fr>uicf, (t 

Ifticvi ATiOH, of Uie Snull P(*a, 
fifii^icaird, 4^' 

iKtLOiPT ^nto tlie Opinwiu of (l<e 
LeariKd, ttCt ^n<ninafCiiT'iBt %^ 
■ reVrin^ 10 ihc Fcn«, 399 

y .^—^ .-- t0 the WpriLip of 

Chijfl, 401 

tMTVvcTroKi of ■ Docbefi (o lift 

Son, 391 

iKiutAKct ID LoHrhn coofidc^rd, 

■ - ■■ — Tti-i of 395 

i " Ghoft, #77 

lonii'i TriDlUiJoD of Ci«m*9 Bratut, 


Joniisnri^i Sermcn on ibc Ki(lie< of 
Cod'iGnctj 3^3 


Zlio On Sccrvl Pnjir, 


f A^<iiQt*t'$CouBtTf fudtn, Put 

-L '"■ *77 

JTiTTiiL ;o Lord Chifbint £5 

-^— ■ u die COrponrliob of for- 

^' • to lilt DuebeJi oJ* Dttpofklre^ 

AciAlNi'i LrttfT to Sounv Jv- 
nyntf 431 

AHTT^'i Addni'i TO ibfl InhfbiUDU 
of al-. Aon, ^yettminfte*, ^j^g 

■ Eienacatiof Waijr*I HJflwT, 

Majot**! Ctnfiuvi, ilterej far thv 
Sure, £5 

Mci.iLiaT^'i Librrtl Optn.ani, Vg|^ 

V. ifld^vr. 13I 

' iji^ fa Pupil of Pkarirrr, i^ 

MjEvrS"! Method of sidkiag Miocnl 

Mit-inA", > CcmEc Opera, 391 

MiKUTiiof Milbtwi'i Trill at New- 

York, i]s 

MooEfL^r Trtvcl[*r» ^91 

MoNimv Id the Meantj of the Dvckafi 

ofNorTliuirt^flAnd, Sff 

MoKio-^rW»flrMfr MtSt^, ^97 

Mo^TC4LH'■ Lrtrcri, jcS 

MoA^CAj'kEJfchlh Lc'tcr, Tffi 

Moi ■, Mrfij her Ode To Mfi QarflcL'i 

Dot 314 

NOoiLTIIOUCC*l'Iin0fLC4t lOdCIjf- 

MojiT^i Aa.ffjicjf] G'lctuv, ;^ 




OiiiiiTATiavi on Wefkj'i Sec««d 
Cain AddrcJi, 4£| 



ymAtCft'jCmoMniMf «» tbcEfaog*- 
lifli, 111 

1 «niifiiid«4. If ^ 

^— ^^— Fiibcr'i Ikfln^iofi^ Vat. II. 
UtVI, P«ti, ,71 

^•e«, IV. hn Nvijoht Bf Liberty r^- 


fviilwiT cJw i4ifpia<IJt J<J 


iTiAiohi lor ihe I'tv l^erufr «f tht 

VirttCTiDKi en OiniLii|, Atw 1A9 

TcrH b^ Mr* Clf<', imicuirik^ [he 

Ac ,11 

. on CSilEKft^* Bill. }11 

KlHIVIiAMCli. 4J1 

fto>i)fto*i'> ' rctfc the Icfl PfllicT* 

XOKMlTllhAft |ll«SKtF>lM of C»ltU 

R«*i it'i Pvcnt, i^i 

■ — ■ -^^^— coniinq»4. ft I 

' — — — — cnnt-udt^, 444 

Jt«TTr'iObrFrv4(ju»Qn ih* SUptali- 

TflT^tla B4I 

■ ■ Uvtti* UcdlM Anli<3Ul, iK. 


SAimfriii, Adiqifft], ElrcTOTL, ^jt 

t>»*rt*iy, fit 

!tr«TT'i InDnlvAinrkia HrMtfif, i|t 
Aiiicr* QuBOiin u PlUii tilA' R«t, 


St ■ A nil A. J Cflvitf Oftt 
Stmvakt b^ Hum, 
■^^■■'^ bj TtHba, 

^ I, Bid., 

b^ laitk. 


^^-^— by lB^«l•n, ik 

— — p ai^'^, Tff lit- i«y.4<» 

^^— — • sn LUC GcEitMl r*d, 'J, 15*, 
■ T< I t 

Cb«'i.ifrr*f Tg 

■ ■ I i Ti«'l« snffHini, Iff 

— ■ - H;iiyfT Bi N.v-Yoib, a4 L)>ii 

Sif«iLaT't TmiiI1» Ma «J Tcl«iu«. 
UfeAk m Vhml Md Am', »4 

£rit<a la tkc Ph*1e of CntLltriJ, yj-j 
tiaiul Ufhc. 41 1 

MlBJlldU, S)A 

SvttLiHoiT ID ibG Life nf D*»id 

H«IH, 4ft 

Sw4iH« ■ C«tiU DffOar, 4; 




TiitAtlit " iHc C h»i|% 3t« 


VAt.a>»*i LttvfT 



WAftrii(»'i UTlafHiu, J14 
WAvviirMti, Str Clint** 

Wax.'. Tfai»«tHi«3rT, 474 

WtiT-l«*i* DliiHla, FttOiut Kc- 

P4«» AM 



IVlTVtft* « ihi Atal^ W liMtriiw, 

W.AlAL&*ill4Mcn Cf lUHMb «f 

V^lpis III 




in the APPENDIX to th« Volum*, 


tnf^iH* $« ^ft- Bill*. SmChai*. 

i' fiovH. W, ito, hii Mcfr. rf 1 ynttn I4. 

■km a^ 561 __ oRf c^ kirmd Men m biTiinii, jj9 

A4llrmA, A«U 

A • < 1 > a '< |tM« of A|r>nJlv« ftM^^f 

CiAii, lit. kii C4i6ca «f tJ4 RikM, 

fin CONTENTS tff ihtFoRtias A'%Tictiu 

CoTiKKAOtNi Ste Putt QVtt' 


CoKKxsFtuiDtxci with ihe Rctciewctir 


DicTlohKArAK of tiv Uflifia of v^dl 

I>l<»iTAiioH r rnrmn atlt Oijtr^t^ 
jaiffwi St/fiixif/i, 5*** 

DoKr'vHifl. of ihtEugliiliLiMlFrtach 
ib tbc£*A-Jivlref, sf* 

DuA-Dcair^ M. Gufitiit bit inic Hii- 
tory of the fjLbvbua A|ci, - jjl 

XtpiiTr* Edition of Ckero, 51+ 

_ tor aiic QjcOiUH ^* ^« 

- (wr ki Lutfucv See S4- 

Javcaik'i Hiftorr of Cttdinal PdiE^ 

n-c, 55* 

GiftlLlH'i FriDitrrc W«ld, 6c> VdL 

»IL ^ SJ* 

Ciiifl, Binw dc, hu Moiuin rchiive 

toJnfcai, 559 

OievolAt RclidAn of tha SeiiJeincnt 

HiiTotT of Ox bic War beiwcea the 

RulliAna and Tarki, £21 

_ ■ - - — of ItalUD Littntun, jjr 

p^'— of the Ro^iiL AuLcmy ef 

Scifnui at Puii, for 1771, FJil 11. 

*.^-. — -^ of the SocielT faniud at Am- 
fttrdam igt liic Recaraj ol ilrawnE^ 

Failboi, S>' 

_.. — rttit^blci of the faboioai A^ey , 


. €i CiidiDtl Foli^aic, 556 

^ ' "— of tilt EnilJih ioA f rcDcb id 

the EaA-lndiei, 559 

llacllGAhT'aBjblc, ufeful Abridjnicac 

of, S*° 

liEf ^^^M^r, &e. See Nempkam, 
JiLeiiiNA'i BrpetloftJiu rrUuvc 10 

tht cledrJd Phi«] 0/ Leaden, 590 
J0Rl»rJLVI>»^cIJ iet, Pnviflo of. 

S« MaiiAu/ 
ICtiALio'iH^ftorf of dubrvWar be- 

tfrecB itot Rulluni KDd iha ;i>iktt5il 
Lahilio'i JiMiaiL of fe Mm oi tbe 

WorJd, j« 

LiPLlTfr U. C. A' dFf hii PilrioTifm 

conlidercd u u ObjcCl «f Eduulioa, 

LiTC A L I r II '• Toct^Iirj of Su-teimi, 

ik FrrhCh lod Bn^JiAij 556 

LiTTAKi (iirrOri^ucdnScieDai, 50^ 

MAGitT.Afr,Hr. bia DefcHptioA of cfat 
EnflJOi O^anriud Stitinti, 54S 

MiNOiBi of the Wu Id lujy, jj4 

— *— ^ of lorncd M(D ia Boli** 
mil, (59 

^-^-'— ^ rdiliR to u biaof^ of !■« 

UiuaiAta Pi/rfr'fjiv fif Jfifiun^ *hp 
/irwr i r^. ^ Louit 1E]V. V ^ 
Looit XV, &r. J4f 

MitfOjiiAL d^un MaDiliLOp j^f 

MiLLOT'iJkfemwiof Lcvv XIV, ap4 
LcHri^ XV, s« 

UgniAUt M' bJaPrindpkt of MirtA- 
liCj, publk Jarirpiiirfevva J^' 5^5^ 

NiiOHAM't Drfenre of biiSyfeoi rc- 
liuvc 10 tb« Pn^afitoA of orcAniud 
&odiei| 5]> 

KoTt CDmiKatini Acad. Scieob Ivip* 
Peiropoiiftiw, Vol. XX. jsj 

Nirovi OJ/frvjKSJMi Mierajapkictt, JI9. 

OrvecoLi ivrf^/diri r^fr^cWof/f, 5<T 

pADLiTTi'i^flkyaicUiivc nf Apiol- 

PAkit| Memoinof tbe Rojril AuHBOf 
of Scieocfi of. See Hiitoit. 


PiTifiBvkoH Audemri Mcnoln of, 

Vot. XX. rtf 

Fktit, M. bit Tttftdfc OB the Method 
or^ofCnunE Sljvei, J5f 

Pini QpeOhiJUw pntpolHl br the **- 
duj of Sdencca it Copcnha|ci^ ^%% 

QtfADAAJiT. 5ca Mactllam- 

RoBitAK'i EiuDiiuiJon oi the 5*cdB4 
Pu[ of the SiTojard Vicu't C on f cflwa 
ofFiitb, 55E. 

SAit-iEl'i Efla)'on Lu^aEf ia fcu- 
fiJ, ud of ibc Frencli ia pvticular, 

EALTtivto Emirati. See Geoi- 


ScHDTEiT't M, hii ElUou of ibe Wltci 
of chciociciu Gemiui, Ac* «6o 

dinjrm SpiSeiti'inm, 4^0 

&TOI1A *ifia Ltncratart TtrnT'OMii^ ^|t' 
TaiABOicHi'i fliftory pf JraLan Lit«- 

latBi*, ib« 

Tovi^t E. Delia, hit new mjcrofcQ^* 

C4l ObfcrvitiiHia, S^g 

Tvhtta, M, bif Dillcrtilia* ob ih« 

AqtiquiLiffi of AJI^tlu, 54^ 

VoCAiVLAiii dai Jtrwia ^ ACt/JBCt 

See LciCALiiKA' 
VoLTAiVt. See BA1J-(r, 

>^ hit ' apf Chrifim,* Ac. 

Uir ChrtticD coDtn Sit JuiAr ih.' 



THE .;. 


For JANUARY, i?;?^'.:::;' 

Ai-T. ft J Ctmmtitiarf m /^ B>4i ^ P/*Jmj. If w&kh i^e lircrAT* 
or bl^rk^l Scnfc. v ihcy ttlou lo K\ii\z D«tt*J. 4^4 (he Pco^Ifa 
of KrM-l, n ilkLlnicd ; ^d eVfr AppfciTiati to M^ffiih« tri thp 
C'HuTc^. xnd to IndTTtddtli. *» Mrq[ib«n tlcr«i>J, ii p«tnt>doutt 
Wii^ « Vie« to fcnci<r ihc t'lc of the Pftlccr pUAbi^ *r>iJ profit- 
able id aJl Or6in ao<t Dc^rtci of CbtitLiaiu- Hy <frir'[c Hotnct 
p. D. PrftiJrri: n^ Mi^^tfs Collie, Oifofd. ia4 Ch^plun U 
Ofdicifj to tifk f^iMI^, ,41^ > V>1>, I L I •* Bokidi, Ox- 
ford ptinttd. LcMOOt fcld br Rtno^taa, &rc. <*7^> 

fT^HF, Kknowlcils^ tnti<|u]ix of ifcc booki of the OM 
"JL "i'eftitBcat alone rcromnvAJs them m our bi^h rrjar^i 
aoJ when tl>qr ik coofiicrctl u c«QUioin£ i divjnc rcvclx^on, 
ir will not ippnr (iifprifiQ^ thai ihvy hair rnip<ojvd i^ir Aa- 
di9» aitemrKi of thofe mv>a£ iIu learM^, wbo vitt bc»t >c- 
4|uiifiteij with thrrni nnd tt\;ic ibey hjve been produ^^ive of 
vnany other TjUmca, The Trilmi are an admir^btc c^^fle^Hon 
6f ancient poetry, art!, »ic»i-d la ih»t light only, arc bt^bt/ 
t« b< vtJuod : but ihtY arc ircfttmib r^ en account of ctko rcfi- 
^Otn and morii [^ur|Ktir> whicb ihcy irr caJi^ubtfJ t^ pto* 
|np<B< Thej b>ft accjrJjAgly met tvith muiy eicpofitoiL. Tb* 
ftodcnts* av tim Writer piop^rly obfcrvcs* were chtcfl^ em* 
ptof^ in mikint; fpi:nu;il cr cvitn^Ut^l jpplicacicftt of triem. 
Tbe ooilcmv b*vc fioc ibemftlvcs to icurefiigiic vr.rh dili^ticc, 
attil iloert«m wjcb accuMCv, ibev literal fcope aoJ mcanifl^. 
Fitly mJ devotioa, be adJi, cbifdifVTitc Ibc wnciap of iftc 
anocnt* t riie cotonHntiriCi of ihc moJcnn difpUT more Itam- 
iag baJ juJgtnfnt. Tu bua^ tbeni in fo«t decree co^tber^ 
ii the dcfi^n of the woek before vi, In which th« Autrtor hi$ 
not labouicU to povnc out what fccmcJ wtoag in either, but 
to rtiri^ «har be ju^^tJ to he rif>bc f:om boch^ to makr, 
iajn be, the jnootitigat of the latter* r gro6od*vrorfc for im* 
Vol, LVJ. 8 ^cnt^tfiit^vk 

By lUKip'rltual finpj this Wni 

% Horne'f Ctmmtntsry^w the Bool 9/PjaIms^ 

prov«fiienu like thofc of ulic; former; and thiu to coDflro^ aA 
edifice folid a> wel3 as t^cious. 

Dr. Home cxpreDei;^-*^ flrong terms, the rcfped and grati- 
tude due from iil^SpHra of the facr«d vritingt, to thof? who 
have laboured in'-the field of literal crifidjm \ of whofc works 
he has endeavourj^d to avail himfelf: but he apprehends that 
the /piritiia/ fiiiff'YiM not been fufficienily attended to; and 
this confidfracionf we are told, gave birth to the prcfent 

Iter does not merely underfland 
licatJon of ihe Pf<i]mi[l'acxpTcr- 
fions'and fentimenls by which the pieiy of the Reader may be 
^vrakfcned ant! chciifhed, aj^i! he may be comforted and anima- 
-^ t^d'accnrding 10 his circumdances and duties: but he meaiu 
/.by this phrafe, the prophetical or mylFical fenfe; fuppofing, 
in [he words of one of the Fathers, thar, " almoin all the 
Pfatirfi are fjJoWen m the perfon of Chnfl, being addieilcd by 
Xbt Son to ihej-'athcr, that is by Chrift to God-" 

Such is this Wriier's general notion, and on this idea he 
pnceed^, not wholly neglecting what he tersnA Ihe literal fcDfe, 
tboufh attending principally to ihe other. 

' Wh<rer faya be. ibc liccral fcufe ivas plain, it 11 nou^ only fo 
&r ai 4a» neceffary to make an applicarion, or form a reflexion. 
Where there appeared any obfcurity, or di^iculty, recourfc was had 
to the beft criiica, and ihat folation which fcemed (he maO fati&fic* 
toiff given in ihc concifcLl niaaner. Much Ubour hath here been 
bcdowrdt where Utile appears. The plan of every Pfalm bath been 
attentiveTy fludied* wiih the conneftion and dependence of iti parts, 
virhrch it ifl ihe deHgn of the iTgament, id each pfatoi, to exhibit in 
cue view, and of the CommcnUry to purfuc and explain from be* 
j;inninf; to end.^^Thc refult of fuch criitcal inquirJei as were 
tound nece^iry co be made, h given in ni few nords 31 poOiblc ; 
oftCBi only by j/ifcnjng inio a verfe, or fubjoining to it, thai (tafe 
0f a word, or phrafe, which feemed, on mature deliheraiion, to be 
the be(t I as iiwai deemed improper to clog, with prolix dift^utii- 
iToniof tbi« kind, a work jtitended for general ufe. The Reader 
willt howc*er» reap the benefit of many fuch, which have been 
carefully confulted for him. And he wfll not, it ii prefumed, have 
reafbn to complain, that any verfe rs pa^Tcd over witnonc a tolerably 
eoniiflent interpretation, and fome ufeful improvemeni/ 

fiut the Chrjl^tan ndtrnptioa is. Dr. Home apprehendf« 
the chief fubjedt of thefe di^'inc hymns ; which for the greater 
p^rt are to be confidcred as the language of Chrift and his 
Church. To fupporr this fcntimcnt, he alleges feveral' confi- 
derations; fuch as that, the ancient Jews were caught to re- 
gard the Mefltah as the capital objc>£t of the Pfalter ; that the 
pfimicive Father* of the Chnflian Church united in fuch an 
CKplication ; and above all, that many padages are cited from 
hence by Chrifk aod hii apoltles, and applied in this manner. 




HcmcV Cimxtmtary m tit Bstk cf fftttns^ 3 

Whatrrfr miy br (ho opinion of thoiV who peiufc hE< vo- 
lumcfi l^c piout Bnd IcaidcJ Wiiicf faxpreflcf, tn a very ttfOfig 
inincrr, the rAiiif^idtiar) he has found Id compofiAgtlKm. On 
thb top:c be fpeak) wuh ■ kind of cntbulUfm, wvA brciki out 

* CojM ilie Mvk^t foEier hinfeir, thu Mf one voold ktre ^ajf 
ihc pUjfvtc 14 »c4<tv>£ 1^'' f^!toihin£ (xrdtlioini whkh he ^Jk;k Lid 
la tviiiiirg jl, he i«t>u)J ni^t Icar the loii <jf bu Ijiloar. Tbc citi- 
^lo^ment flrtMcbfd him :j< 01 tbt liuftle«^J herr/of lifr, <^be din of 
|xi]Tiici, and (Ke i^oife of folty » vnricy »d rexftticn few ftftty for 
a fcjibof c£rf ind dL^eiriudf cirvc viT ff<ar hii dwfltirjf. He iiofOf 
frrJh «i (be EBOitir'E 10 h'> iA i the filcnce cf eLc niffht ioriicd bin 
m prirTue it s >iul ne t4ft iroty Ttv tbu tbod ir>d M urre not ^e9- 
lerre<l tetare it. Et^ry PfiFm impioved ffUtnttdy oe hi* j^uuot* 
anev nith it, «ad no one gatv h>m ba^jtineli but th« liA i fof th<« 
he gf irrcd Um hit nf f k wai doQe. Hippicr hours ihm ibcfc ifvhicb 
hue ben rptftl JB thcfe m^diutloM 9* the foog* of Sioo, be ocirf 
tKpeAi to fee Ui ihtt vaild. Very pl^ifantty did ibiey p4f», ind 
raoirid foiDOiklf a»<J f^ifrlj' alce£ t for. whro tbut eiig>j;cd, bv 
Counud n*? liroc^ They mrc gonci bet Vwx \th a rcTiOi ini 1 fra* 
£r«i^(c on the iirind, ind (he retntn^WjiDtc of lhei» l> fvcci.' 

We congntu)«ie the Aurhor oti the pleifure he hia received 
from <n ctnp1o<yine«:t« fo well fuiccd 10 his chiu£tcf ind Di- 
fion. efpecially tn the retirement of a college. How f^f hfi 
jiKf^QTtntt u lo the applim^on of the grectcr p«rt of ihe 
PfalrTki, i4 conf'^nint urtth tbcTftUTH, urr dki r\^A. preicfid to 
dciciminc. The do^btc fcnfe of ptopticcy* ii io itfelf a dlfH- 
c^ulty, but it iceniB tFi«t rti realfcy csraoi but be admitted bjr 
coofitlciit bclicTers in « revelation, it has found nSle tdvocareA 
r»f UCci ycjttj from Tome ^f whofe wrifmc*9, fuch 11 thofe of 
Loed Bjeoii, Up, Chandler, Up. Lovrih, I)n Hurd, Mr. Mer- 
rick, and Mr, Mudgc^, pertinent cjuoutmni are hei^ prcdored, 
Tbefe'auihiK* [10 whom feverjl others might be added, u, 
pfnicufojfy, cbc leirnrd Mr. Pierce <rr Exctc:] fuppc^it the in* 
terprtralion of (owe Pfalmt from wbkh ciliiioni an inad« in ' 
the New 7'cfl;iinetit a^ p;ophctlca1 of Cbrift, ^nd fome of thf fe 
writers, to uihwn m^y tx' iddfd, at etuotrd in ibit pcrfofm* 
ince, (le fieu t^iafuiu) ;iJid Dr. AlfiJ^, favour thaC inuio |;e- 
iteral opt^^iiion ot the p:»Jms, in Chit tnarner, for «hi;li Dr, 
Home iiU^s, ju;d on wt^teh hri Gominetitary proccedu 

fiui ihoagh ii tbould bo altowed tbat ibere are bymr.i in 
thii coJkdion wtitten under ihc in6t*c[KC of tbc fptfic of pro* 
ph<cy, wbrch, enfdoped in a kind of a1lq*ofv, predid gnfpel 
tffrrs nrrd cvcots, it ii (k>c cafy to adirit tbat (ti<h a feniin>cnt 
fhotWI be rir(cr)de4 in thr det;rce 10 whkh ii i* wrried by this 
Cocnr&cnlacor, There are pflCigci eitrd in the Ncg^ iVPi- 
nicnt ivhi^b may receive a £n*jA f<nfe i« illuflrited, or ful- 
6Ued| undcf thcChii^an diipenniion, while tho)' n-.inht not 



onfpi*ft]f7 point to thefc tiivet ; though then >rc ocherv which 
icftn Hiiwcdiaicly incf at fytfi lo have redded them. And ai 
to afiplicilioni cf thU Icirtd tTiidc bf the Kathert, ibir argumfnt 
from bencc lofo much of tu weight when tc ie confiilcrcd ihit 
thfv f'viminK* tJn into vcff wild iml «xtmx^iitt cirjtclurc*- 
St Jrrixr.r, it iv wt!! ki own. ai our Author pfo^rly oLfeTfCt^ 
when groB'n old^ and mffiy lanwnied thJit in l^c ftrvorjof i 
nKi'KiuI fincj h*- h«J fpintuiltj^cd (he prophtry of Obi^Uh' 
Morv he ii"<1er{lood it. If ii it granted ihir other Y^falmi thin 
tbofc wbtch h«vc 4 d]ic<9 prophetical ifpcft, c< ore ^luorcJ by 
Ac wram ot ihc 9of-<l ftbtf lo the ChfiOUn Tcbctiie and 'i:$ 
uithr'r* whcj' fhJI wt Hopcj confine our fuppoAl>oik> J And 
4loei not thi< ofn titt; wbj in mtHiciCm, ci^nrcit, and owluo 
fio«i ' I^r. AlUx, indcH, kcms to farm£b us with Aruk* vbcn 
jpe ttyt thu Cbffil and hi* ^ipoftJcSi in ibrir qitocjtioni, p\^ 
i key to dicir nf^rcn, by ^hirh tbcy might apply to the fame 
ibbjc^t ihp Pf^lcm af the /ajnr crimpofurc »ad nprcfTcis ^ but 
w« Apptchfjid il'.Jt Dr. Hjrn« bith p^ifT^d beyond thi» Tnc. 
/// ack[iLnw!rtJgci ii^ijccd, vcfj ficcf)^^ (Jul cl^ mix:: of inicr- 
pfcuitoc) which breipoufti i« Jabjc ro abufc, and hnh bccfT 
^bijfn) i and vrc a|;i<c with blmt crktircUt iri whkt he »Jdi 
iKtiti Ut, Huidy^-** men of fcolc vtU fjauJer that i prind-v 
cipic li nut Uicrcfbcc Ui br rcjfClcd, bccdulc ii h» been abofed j" 
btii accedini; to ihi«, Wf caiinoc bul Joubit whether, thoiigit 
ffooi p'oj) jjid jjooil inEcn;^nit olu Expofiior, tbic^ugh an 
ait^hAieat to a tavouriie fchecne, has not proceeded foinctbu^ 
fatthce ibau be iJ wananicd to do by fcnpiure and rcaf^n, A 
vtry derocMA^l and edifying ufc mi^ be n^^tdc of ih^» pan of. 
t!ic Cicrcd writing* without induiging the imagt nation that 
the far gre»€r mamber of thrfe ?{Amt ^xt profbeticaj of tbc 
Chrifiiui icdcmptfon. 

We (hill b«c irfcrt fame <|Lici;acioni from difTtrcrt pirci 
of the work, by which our Readcn may form lt>eir own juJg- 
ment of it. 

I'filin I. v^. I. B^^Uh iht m«m rk^i Vfmtitrb n/ ft t^ mM«/ 
ihr vJVfti^. mr JttuU*t^ i'a riv TWi)r o/^nnfrt, iter fittttb U tiafiai if 

* Tbf P&lr<tt Jikc th* fcrmoo on the moT^nt, open^Th nith a 
' 8ea:3iud<B* foe oor eonfori and cncoLirKgement, dircflic^ «> im- 
jDtdiaJcIy to th^i hlppine^^ wkicli all iiiaoWifid in diffr/cni fxytt 
arc fcekin^ 4ud cnquirvQg after. All would fecurc ihemfclTei fjoira 
the incurfioni of cntrerjr i but ti\ do not eonAdrr (bat mifery ii th9 
offiprin?of 6n, from wfaicli ic U tbcrcfore tt'^ttVirj t<> b< dfllitrer«4 
acd ^rtferied, ia o^der <Q bocome happy, or * ^IclTtd/ The VMtctf 
of ci^rilHons t»cre ulcd by DaTid. i^itimtuih to ut^ ihM there ii ■ 
gradaiion lo 'AickedBeft ; and that ht who vr-rj\d not prriiil ia evil 
eooriVs or c^nftmence a kcktt at the mynvrj of rodfiaef*, me^ 
havfi Qd fclbiv£liip with bad uca i iiiict it ii im^otubM for viy oov 



few *hcu thfv b^in 10 waik to the " conoCcI of ibc ncgodW," p«o- 

coc4i AiIaia, who ^onr, lloce tbe trvjgrefcn of thtf <t1t» titft At* 

(Item " jjfhicODtt" thri>;tg>] tSy ai«ri'> lAii gf#cfr/ 

rM%tf/i .- rt>f /IvM **/ ^ /M maMtadt */ ihttr ird^^rtj^tKU fr '*t' 

* Coacejaini^ (^jJl*f;«k of ikU iidpfecaiofy kiod 10 th« bock of 
P^^mi, itia CO be o^t>«J, itur \ltvy vm m*'. fpakf» of pr;V4tc 4.rjd 
pr;;u^»] CQCmitti hat oS Otv i>p^o£tii <j.f Gftd Ati^ hh ^aoMwd i ttot 
of anr inoc^ tb<^, boi thr iruvlvatablff end fiaiiU iT^csitcrir, 
ttai thii bf wxf ot pr^i^liMi, r^b#r <&ia i«»tc£tto4 | wbkh 
««uld mpfcVkTi if ibc oiijeioil woriii wtrf iriallRfv4 U9'iixtt:a\y i« tfc 
faiure tcnic, ai tbcj' ni^ht b;. jnd w4cod, 10 cur .iT t4 occ<(ii'4t 
froa ihftn i>htch Ac(\Tt ii. Ihc^ukl br trunttcd- Thr Tprlc b^rtsfc 
Hi wo^ld lbc9D run tbut — " 1 boo will ^rllroy ihMn. O Goj | ih«y 
AiU pcvifli by theif owo coiini<li: thoti vtiJE ctU iJkoi ouc ia ibo 
muJiitu^ of ibcii iraofKrclToot, for ihey h^ft rcbdlcij ft/ir*^ ihcc." 
The wofdj, wbto rtoikrcd io ibii farn. cociEuq a pr.:.t)^ci:y of iT.e 
ic^ukiilio, tvj*01ofl, «od 'irdradio«t of f«<b u ihnuJd obiLnaccIy 
mHcocx* in ibctr of^pofitiDn :o ibc couaUIj of hvst'cita (%hviiia rf- 
JaiJrf 10 D^vid, 10 Cn*ill, ot to ;bc Cbvuh. Tb« f«Tc cf ^^eo- 
plcl ind Abfalom, o( Jadis uid (he Jcw>. l!x)uJJ «AiD oibcit mm CO 
ofend tiicr tbe ftme tiunple.' 

* CiKfexbAofli ibc a4)iaa) fpAriu. dim tbe er^t, ikd brfn** 00 
old tgv before Ki (ioic. ThuikUfiid, concet«i>je tlentnoelbr- 
rowi, ihit ifiinj were :L.lontj7ifd SI bifTt hi> vifige wm va'red mrhe 
tb» soj RUiii U>4 bk* f-^roi rflJre ibiA tic font of mcp/ Ifi, fij, t^. 
' Hour loof* in ibcf* liracv. nigbt jouia a»d bfauij UA. wcie ^udijr 
feirow cbeir ocly enen; !* 

XV. ^r. 1. Urd^ -u^ yW/ dij^ 1* ily uitntMih! «v^ ^^loJ? 

■ Tbe pf kfphci alJudei to \ht bill of Sico In lb etftbty Jcnifalcm. 
ID ibe ubeinacle of God vbkfa vr^i thcroua* *aJ cbe .toncui- of 
die prielt u-bo &011UI o^ci^ic \m ib«i ubcf..«^lr. B^t aII ihno 
wire ligar» of % coleftsti jL.Tiifi1e«. > fpirtm^k £ian, « E/4e ubrv- 
ractc, lod lA eicrn4l pric-t. To Uie gren Ofij;ioiU therefore we 
muA trdbifer otr ulcaa. lad confifJcr c^c cciqau)' «j m^de afic Wttk 
wlio Ibonld fit hit tt tii; pliCiC on ihe brircniv nouciEr t-id cx^kim 
bi» dficb»g<dblv pruJhood la ibc tcm^te no: mtde wi:b IttmU. 
And fiftce uedtfcip^*, of ihi* ne-v mi j;'<ai higb pfufi, tK^i>^a 
rifbwoiu 10 bin, au uro by tbr Iptni con^fioed to ku iioe^. ibe 
ctaaraQcr vbicb eiTcntUUf ind iatic;CAity bcbn^» onl^t lu btpii wiJJ 
Jerifstiv^f bdnng \t> ibca alio, vho raiil Jwil^p* bl» lUpi bclov. If 
tbey erottld t^-^ "tfii btm at>^e/ 

XVL vcr. I. ^fitJt 'Mm M AV vi/0 >hi LtrJ. /Am jiV i»jr 




§ Hone'j (UmmMary vm thi Bttk 9f P/^m, 

' la die Cbildec uid Sjrijc ike latter dacfe of cib tb^ u le*- 

3end " Mv goodvcd u froa thee." Am ingmou writer 

cUalti tke Hebrew will beuifaii fea1e,ui ifaedfipdcal viy^ditti - 

" Mr j>oodfld^t (ball I facDCiMi thvf by no aosi; ir ii a]] to be 
•CcHbed to ibee.** The ^iMdocfj of mas ii alJ dnitrd FrmiGodt 
aad Ih'^la br ^iicnded fo bi* breihrei- T^i of Ucdh o*cd kH 
orJpDiJ lo Lit attitn i^ib the diviairy; and promoted ibe Glvvtioa 
of tWo[« to whr>m 11 wii comma aic±ied> tfau ti to Ja^^ of iliofe wlui 
tbcttbr became '' the uiau lad ctcelkot onei in ihe earrli." For 
ibcir Ukt*. ohcditMCt wu perforuicd. aod propitiuioa niid«, bjr ibe 
Smi of God. bcca^ire he lorcd tbem wtth an cvcrliEtiag Jove, and 
placed " 4ll bU drLghi" in mskiov 'ricoi Happ^. " He njoiced ia 
ibe habitable pari: cf tVe earth, and aU dcligbti vcre with tiic feai 
rfmcn," Prt>r. y-ii. j»/ 

XIX. wcr. 3, There it mo ffitth mr language wIktc thtit «/» i$ 
9ti beard. 

* Our Tranflator!, bjr tre wcrds iolcrted ia a dlffereot cbarader 
ban 4£<!aicd their fcnfe of ihii p^fTage 10 be that there it no Dittcm 
or Unguage, whuhcr the in^Q^Eon difRifed by the heaveaj doth 
not rea^h. Sol a« the fanie thoaght \% fo fully axprcflnf ia ibe acxt 
veifc, '* Tfaclr found II goneoDt," J^c. it frcais molt advileabte to 
adhere to the fjngin^l which run» literally ihut, " No fpecch, no 
word*, their roice it doi beard j' th^t ii^ although the hcaveof arc 
that appointed to teach, yet it ii not by articataie foundi tha: ihey 
do it 't ihey are no[ endowed, like man, wfih the faculty of fpeccb ; 
bat they addrcfi themfelrei to the Diad of the intelligent behoMcr in 
another way, and that, when uaderAood, a do le& fordUc way, the 
way of picture, or reprefentation. So maaifbJd ii the wifdom of 
Cod ; fo various arc the way» by which be communjcatei it to men V 

XX. ver. 3. Rtmtmbtr all thy offiritgtt find accept tby burv fturificf, 

* Ai CbrlQ, in the dayi of bli flelh, offered op. not only prayers 
and tear*, but, at length, hii own moA precious body and blood, the 
church here prayi that the gfcai propitiatory facri6co may be hadf io 
cverlafting remembrance before Gq^, and the merits of it be conti-^ 
nnilty pleaded ia arreft of judgment, and accepted for herfelf aad 
ber children.' 

XXV. Ter. »3. Hh/oMS fiaild^illattafi, Heb, Udgt ia gtoJnt/i : 

Ver* 14. Tht/ttrtt. Heb'/x^V ettnjti, or ^i^gJl tfthg Lord it nM$tk 
fhim that /tar him i and ht 'wili Jhpw thtm hii ctvewtat j Hcb. aad hit 
<tvt»iuf to makt thtm Amio it. 

XXXVri. ver. 15. / haitt httm youwg, aad anu am «A/, jn has/t J 
m»t Jim lift rightttai /tr/aita, ner hit Jetd htggimg brtad. 26, Ar m 
r^/ir merri/ai aad Itadtlb : aad hii Jiti ii hlefftd^ 

' So far ii charity from impoverishing, that what is given away* 
like vapoan emitted by the earth, returns in fboweri of bleflingft, 
into (be bofom of the pcrfon who gav« it, and bit offipring ji not 
the worfe, but infiniieiy the beiEer tor tt.-.^^-The bread that endnr- 
atht ai weH aj that whicK pertffaeih, ii hii| and the bleHings of time 
arc crowned wiih \t^{z ofcLcmity.* 

ver. yj. M^trk tijt p-r/t^ m»n, aad hth^d tht alight ^ for the tnd 
^that jBoa itptact. 

^ After 


P Horne*; C^^itasSarj p*i thtSauk t/Pfi!mu J 

' Afrrr lahjRu ■ r^rw cJ ihoTtf f>>ort hvrd hovKJun, whkh the 
iMXvM kti«tJi <m lh« hod) of 111 moft f>vou/H rotiiici* kc ui lurn 
•gr cyci 10 " tkc pcffiacl ud t*pfi|:lit one,^ lei oi heboid iW ptfraa- 

JA lb* viKia of tb*.p4r>dir« oi G^d. tabofc icitv* j/d for tho liciling 

tKriiin/t a ^th tht htxr (/ <hJ^ ^itiir it /a/.' tf tvivcr; r^ ^i, 
^f^nfi ihfm 4ir9, ^itm itta ^^ J^ /ravi.t^/tr it ; CT^Jtr/^ t^ t^ 

I ' Under itic bcioiifal ifn>s« of ■ on«e karT«a tod dry 1>*'<J* fCft- 

ItPoarnert a/r ttftt^emtA Y^tc (ai fn JfaL ivrv. iftd iH]nb«f kfi iMh«r 
E*l»c«*] Eke grieicut " vifitftiio*" ot^ th« cfrvrcb b/ tk« fpirjE i ch« 
[" rtdm' «r Kr«c« tad mcf^y, poured on ib« h<«ri» of mfn, frofli 
the cxh4u!llefb ^* river of Cod;" ind ihe bcnioiiruJ pf<ni£oa mjife 
tbcrrbr. fof t^ rfiiict of tbiL rpLricujkl fiminc, Khick hul beta fbra 
rift lil Undi. S<« fuL Iv, 10. Rev. KXl*. i, Amoi viu. IK 

' 1~bc fcappr (flcfU of God'* vifuiog tbc t-ifih mriik retCr va 
villlei eorrrtid vUh roro, v^rdint xnriLli, ifti thrirtos fl^ki- ATI 
tJ^tit idcbi, ifl the fropti<{K4J [crip(ur«»t ift fte^iuaiijr irtnilerred 
(o rKc ii«ie» of rcrtctSmcnt »d confoUiion of pc^tt «nd ff Aittola«^^ 
i:^ Ehe tbuTch, whkh btc^ki forih Iaeo J0]i» ia tiic one tafE^, 41 (bfl 
ivorld it i|ivj)rt tr«dy to <ki io the other. M»ntf> H led mirtclloui, 
O Lord, zrt ihy wijtki, whrihcf ol uitufc, of of gncci rofc^« fo 
viUom ft»i loviaz kjidncfd hi^ Uioa m4tU tkcmalli tbee«rtliia 
wtn fcfifc Ji fiU of ihy rUl<i/ 

LXVIJL irer. i}. T'&n^^ji hatfi itiM fimit^ tl>fMr, yet fhill yfi 
be J» /i# «BJ^' *^ a ^# CP^ftftit 'Ktjh Jiiirtt, aitJ itf /fAjUri «u«V* 

■ ' fi)F " J]rlc2 Ainon^ tbc pou'' or ia " djjft aad tOic*" i> efklcail/ 
iknoif d a >tuc of aAlidioa tnd wrccUicidacb liLc ihai of liricl in 
£girpi; urhkh wai ertKan^il fW cqc of the otmod (ti^nJiv lad 

Jifcchured by fin<>ke <nil fcotr ii iVciii tho bright >iui be«ntifki] 
pJuaxA£c of no <ajicir-tlcic» Kl^Ucring ia:crchaD]£f4bl7t ii wiib filvcr 
and goFd. l>ut rh( (huitb of CbriL!, ciTicrged Tram a Hftic orperfe* 
ciitien and iribiil^cion. Irto one of fpkodi?r acA nigairiCfnce- And ^^ 
fttch u the chopi^ Aide io ine TpinEual conditioa o> iny mu, when V 
he pA^i fjwt ibo booddgc of ccrrupiLon iaio ihe ^tc»riob) libcftr of 
ihc fooaofOodi he ii inrclkii v'wii lite riibc of n^hteoufncf), and 
sdnrnoi ititb rhe gncn of the fpjrit cf holitiefi.* fl 

Id ft DO|e on tbe lornicr pjit of ihi» verfe *' lyiiig imong V 
the potit" out ConitienEaTur oblcrvu Chat his iof^tnioui friend 
Mr. PaikburRt tn bii Hebrew Lcxiooo, oorfidert the weed 
^'nS& '1 fi£fufjtii£ Ruwi of Hojic^. on which the ciUroiu 
or poll were placed* l'7ing amoi^ thefe, denote^ ht rcmirki^ 
[he oToi «W<^ flavcrjr i for this w«» ihc plKe of raA alloned 
to tie uU& Ojvcj. So our T<anIliU)c^ ut Uvi \n n^to ^"^^ 

S 4 "VV^ 






W^rd tit the irjii([in of %v)l. x1. 43- Dr. Clutndkr 9C^« 

■ the r^inc ln1cip(Guii«n- Wc cannot but Ukc notice hcic how 

lliffrrcnilf Dr, Diucll tindcrftaciilt ihe |>airvct who f^uppofcf 

the word <o fignifv *'fhc«p-(old*," and iKinks the vcrfc, lo* 

gciberwirhtV re^t, rarfi« In it ■ rHlex^n on futneoftbe 

t<ibc» of Jir^l whicti dli «ot ilBft Deborah i«i tho b^ttk >^araft 

Sifrra. Whrn ihcrc 11 1 Vninci)' nf criiidrm on ihc Uti^r irxr» 

II fcrro chicdyto confound the Reader. However that which 

■Z)f< Hornr Julo|49, fncai prohaHle and fACitra^or). In iIm 

icommcciiary on i^u Pfalm b« acknowledge* tu> oblj^atiom to 

rhr Uce Dr. Chandler, * whofic admiubSc r;;pcirinon nf |ri li- 

tefdl, or htOofical knfit, ir> ha Ciittcil Htilury ol the Life of 

David, he Ijjh he ha» fultoiitfcdf aoJ alio hiB veiy anf^cniom 

6W%itovt of it into f\ve p^itr, foitmJed on the fkipf)orilioo of it! 

being pcifof med at the remoral of ihc vk/ 

* Tfce pufpoit of tbii SC<c!t rcr^ 'ccini to be, that all vrai tthite 
» fnowr i. e> all wat briglitkcit. juy. ^od FrJlitUir, ibout moane 

i.^almofi. wbraibr Almighi^v lighting for tii frople Tiriel, vt&quiJlied 
lch«if «aeaj<u in or aboit ihM pi/i of ibc conncry.* ^ 

• Ho«bi£*nt m>rf*n the verfe ih y^J ' QoU norit ilm ir* Ipa-t 
flt, vcD«(, tetrrbiLj* ei, luFCTfin tuojpr'H^— '* Who InoMatb,'' or 
K0^ft4tmh, " the pjvcv ol ihina insert ai^d th^ vtaih in proportion 
Si [hoa aft KJitbk '' il^n 11, in vthri wordi, Dotwithi^aodmg all 
the QiioifitlttitQnAof God'i iudignitioft ^giinl) f%n, which iniroduced 
lUath, Aod evcty oEher ciUmity imorjE ntfo, who i* ihrre that 

LliBowcihi o'ho that 4ul^ eonMtntb vt<! Iiy^ih to b«>rT the ATmi^hiy 
■BOwer of L^AC indifjnkiioA i who that i* )ridg<ed| by bcK>>Mlji£ the 
■BtoirMtitj oi hit nctxUbouri, to prepare biritktf for his ^wn dc^jiian; 
|fcrre<? filth hofy conudrraiion ti itip fHi of Gnd, frcin lAhom tho 
rpfalmtfl. in ihr oexi «rriV direiUth at to requrtf ii. 
r ex. vcr. 7. HtfrjtUJrini tftkt ir9ti, or, torrwfit, m 11^4 vrt/^ «*^ 
^n^rt fi^ in li/i up hi iW 

^ The nieint by which Chrift fhould ohtiin hi* unUerfjl kins- 
^e^i, and ererEjJ^irjj pr^eftNood, fr<m here fo be affipoed. " fn hit 
wa>'" 14 glory, h« mi to drink dv^p cj the MAteri of afiljfUca; ihe 
fntolka ** torrent" occurred in the wuy and prefeoicd itklf bcKteca 
%[m and the ihrorc of God. To ihti " loircnt In itie wsty" the 
(tviovr defemiled, bovcd t-iafelfdoiivii, a^d "drank' of it for m all, 
*' an^ TH»«troRK» did h« lifi dp hii heJtd/' that is, he arofe vtflO' 
rtou>, a^ from ^hr r^llcy in «rh(ch the cotreat ran, aft^nded to 
the ruRi4]it of iliii holy and hcaveflly mount, where he reigoetbt 
<hil) *' nil rneniE* he maik hii footDool/' $t, PiuJ hirh rirjirenbd 
thfl Um <r«tiA«iii in literal lenai 1 " H« humbled hinfeLT, and be- 
faoiaobodtcM onto death, evm tk^detlJi ofibc crorat wifiKiraat^ 
Qo4«UbliatbluiMj«xal;c<lbia.'* Phtl. 11. 8/ 




Horae'i Cmimntary in ibr £mI tfPfilm, 9 

Dr. HoriM oltrcrrci on lh« aVovc vcrfc <hai the Hebrew wnid 
fignificH in gcntral, ** acuffcuf of waicr," which m^j be cither 
luibjJ 01 <iirinhcjoin^, or ■ cicjf ari^J ;j:trtclc ilrc^im. ' EUnc^ 
fav» he* anirt ui vffi\hi%Wj in chc inirrpr^ iti^.n uf lh« worJ«, 
WMh fniy be ex^ui>dc4 ciilicT o\ t^c fuJtcungt Ctri^ laileit^ 
or of the itlrefrmentv he « xpcrienc^l ; eiiber vny the fcnfti it 
good* vid Uue» >a ic relate* co Mei&th. The i^ea cf 4 
** brofifc in the uvrr, or the r^d^^ irrmt m favAur rhe eifpofi" 
vion of afiidioQi aniJ rijffcrin/.i. But* if ii added, I advance 
IT, u hecivi^.) me to do, triih '^r»< Jcicrcnct jnd riibcni£ion, 
finre Bilbrp Lowth in J Mr MenkJc ;re of a diffrrcrt opinion/ 
JDfi. Ourellt vre obrcrrv^ ia of tbe i^me opinion vriUi this 

CXlX.m- lit. Thni^tf^^^^^^^ihtrntUttrr/rmrhf 

' The liie^fiil mtli^niemii vhi<k Cod, fn>a tia^e to Eine, in sU 
■£caof ik« woM^ Iiiih cxeciitri, and wbkii he flilJ can aii ivUI eae- 
CBSt CB LB^ei^Kcnt f^eaerr. a^?^ a kiad ^dmonujuu and a poiverful 
Modvv no obedsence^ Ai no force ctn tPOnuvftA ihe fcner of God^ 
tfa no ** etuniaj^ eao deeeirc hrt niAlam. bat will tXfny^ ia tba * 
ead, iiiiCc(ahlj'"dc<cUe*' choie ivhocrvlkfn ir, andemplcv 11 «{4tt]l ^ 
tJic ccuDjvli of bcafeo. " ihcif doceU, 01 fuUiJiT, u itUhtKid'* k | 
will fiil aod fDin i<*B owrer*. Of thi», MjIott farnilS» rrfh-^cef 
ia abuadaftce. And it will be evideav to >ll (he u-ujld, v^'lif;^ ^m- 
^lirity aod iaaoceoce ibi^f reifn trieoiFbaair wiih ibe L»aib, cm 
aoouai Sioo; and dcecn and guile ftiali have thcU pofiioa «vi:h the 
icifccu in ihc lakie uf life-* 

CXX, ver J. SftAt fi^ak tHnmttmtrhu, tr ^iat jM St Jtmf 


' Su^e i£i;dcf ihc £rll of shcJc two vcrfet a Ikcie difleientlyi 
** Whaf iTwlE H ril^ tnngoe give ihee, or what fhall It aAl to iLfof*^ 
IIm iasie wtlJ be laach t^ie 6Ae. vbether tbe pfaiiatU be fiq*pcl^ to 
^drcf* his ({oeflioA to 'h^ UtJe loofttr. or to him aLc* u li^c ovarr 
of It. The purport of 4ho qactSkiu f Uioir n Jut t vrb4t ptojt or 
advantage, do r<>u expcd to mo ffom thii ^ira6f<r tri lying aad 
ilaadtrtcff E ^hu wjJl at Uli bott^ecvd, an^ it> ft^MtAf 'J hea lol* 
loveth the anlver, '* ±>h»rp arrows oJtiw ■lii'hl,^ Qat" who ii iha 
avenger of truth aod !ni>oceiKOa with a iiir ihtt Kin bcicclj, a»d 
burot kinff. like ih^i «hkJi waa made of *' janif-rr, ' u; fume nood 
vied 10 ihEifr daft, refn4rkib£e f^r incrriii:,; j.' I nuir^iae heel, 
PkinifhaiGoif jiAJy iriiitLcd o« a loaj^ue, i «f -^^lO' oi Hrhieh htv« 
been kcca and hilTinf u airov«r axKl. vhui, bj u > tie^and e4l(in- 
ajat* bMb ccvtrbLiud to la tl--e woitd on «tc. W'e lead in the 
.fol^l of C9t, who eachuncd, " :icni I^varur [hjt he auy dip 
ttetip of hta ka%ff ia wateij and cool ^j' toi^usi for J an tee- 
avcftted in thii flime." 

Tbe abcnc n a ^o^d explication cf the vejfn, titii may it 
j»o: be qoeftioalbk wfactbet L^e wo:di, *' b^^p arfcwi/* &c. 


Hof nc*i Ctmmtitia^ w tls Bwt af P/a!mr. 

arc ftoC t cociiInLiition of chc qucfHon in iha foriver tvvfr^ and 
a lively r«pr«ict^t«tion 0^ (he nii^fe of milico, |]jn<lcr» ^« 
And the injuries received r'roni ihcm ,* 

Ac the conHufion of ih« commmcary on the hundred and 
Iwcoly-fccond PWai, wc have ibia obfcrvdiion ; 

' Thvodorc y.n\fi%tr, at vboa fome account mif ba fbdnd Jn 
Tbainat, tvb«Q he 1-^ on hit d«ichbed. took hit Js&r« of the 
«DrId> in* futapb»f« oa ibc |Qrt]t^i*<| PrdlfV, ^mcif ii liie fitnc 
tarn, vriih ch^t sivca to ti above, rijt. aa tbc Ci^rinUn'i alpirAtioa 
afier thv beavcoTy ciiy, ard his »lihct of ccklljj! pc«c« to <ht 
Church od ranh. 1 have ocv^r brcn nhlf ro gcc a fj^hc of the ori* 
£iaal| but one may TVcivre^ 1 bcUeve, to fay, thit tC bat loA no- 
Ibiag itt a Uftnn«tIoa of tt by ibc Ute learned and piaoi Mf. VTcr- 
fkk ; whkli ii fo ax<«Uea(t thai 1 nittft b>cK liate lo prcrenc tt to 
lite Rradff. Some of tha ltfi«a are irtiincd la hit morv Jrteral pooti. 
«ai ver^oo, pobli&rd la 175^ U may ftrv^ u a £>i&ed f^cimca 
of ib< aobk iq<f caatwd ufit v^kich a Chtiltiaa naj and ougfai to 
niakc of iljc Ffakia of Davi<i/ Till plcifinj copjr of vcrfri jcc^rd- 
Irjfy feilowi, but It i> of loo ^at Jrngth Ibr a» to lafert ia oar 

CXXVIl- »er. a- It b ^fmmf^ym ft tiji */ wi-jV, /#j^ a^ Uk, l9 

* The pfatmift doth not, ccftalnly, iatrnd 10 fay* that labour aaj 
riilif^ce arc rab, b«i that they a.-« To, occpE the Lord be with iha 
labec^'er; the bsilnefi if not to be done by all the ic<JaArr and pain*, 
all the marking and canng in the «orId, viLhouL hiin ; whcjcji. if 
)lU aad be talird in, rf p4ri of our liar be Ipeac ia prayer* noi the 
wbok of it in prtycrlcfi ti<!iJig am^ m^j/ir^, our woric Kill becotno 
aalicrp and go 00 better, a foUaiiitJe [tnd a^ixiriy for ix's r«cccr< aa4 
complctioa. will no loa^ci prey oa <fat mindi hf dar, and break onr 
tel! ai Dipbi; wc fhall cheafiully fullil our daily ulki. and then, 
«rith o^nlidcncc ind rrOjcnactoP. Jiy our hcidi nn our pSIIowt, and 
God will "give to hii b*iove<l'' a Wctt atid undillgflii " flMp," 
whfch fhall ht tbem to rvturn, cvfry (norujiiR, wiih ftccwcd vlgoor 
and alauiiT, to ihctr Hated empLoymc^ii, Thli (<cmeth 10 be the 
jmpon of the vcrfr Art obftarity Jiai been micafioncd in rhe cranfla- 
elont, by teftderiag the adi«b,— ^; " Js he giverh hU befov-ed 
ileep,^ in whkh t^tm tbii taJl pari of the teria will n&t coracA with 
what goet before. Bat If ihc adverb be tnntlaud (like it'a kiadrcd 
Heijfcw pariKle) "firrJjhc eircLh hii heloivd fltep;" or. a> Df. 
llamTJonJ retidrr* il *'^wfr he ijlwih hti beloTfd llcep /' ihe difl- 
cohjf wiJ vinifli, and iht (tnft appftr to be ai above. Nof can o* 
•afiqr fiod a mote proHfabic piece «r inAru4lio», wifh regard to the 
inaoa(cinent of «U otir concerci. teraF^ral anJ fpiri:«al. 

From the above fpcctmem the Kcji^^r wiil perceive thn ihia 
iv a very pioiu performance. The Author app^Ara to pcircfi Ibat 
vnaffe^ed foodnefi of hcaif which b uf ftaFirg v-nnh. Htt 
ftrain ri theology itideed will not perfeOIy fuii every ta(lt| 
cfpreiiUy as the iliort prayers, which arc oec^Honilly intfo- 
du:rd> »c gcnciiJIy, il pot eniUcly iddic:!^ to Cbrtft (often 

4 uDLJcr 


HonitV Ctrnmmtarj w tU SjvI tf Pfihms* 


i]it appdliUoci, J'/u) whkhj to hmt pctfons. w>]| net 
quite icripEoral ui4 lufliiiitk. Ytu on ihc vrhol«, bia 
publicuion ku great oicnli il rccooiiiKDd* to oar UtcnLivd 
wtf^rA, an imponini ptftof the Ci^red vrritingt ; it tlluAnttt 
thnn i Anil it inckmi <o 04jr vkiv a mat number of plcxfiug, 
ToIkJ* »n4 cd^in^ rtdcft{i>D>. The Pfxl^i ippoinrcJ fcr the 
public (crvicc of our Churc^i Ofi pircicul*^ diyt» arc hcjc ia 
that view explaifwd, whicb u onE uleful part of thrfe volumesi 
fov it tQu!^ often bavc been painful to tptaj to hear them ic- 
nneeil bf numben titt fbofc occifiofl^ wbo ctunok be fuppofcd^ 
rn foinc itfEUncci, to have pnrpcr, if in)!, idea« lo tU wok!j 
they u»tr', or <o ice any pnjiinei^ hi their being appointed foc 
thofc itmea. 

■ km 

Dr. Home rtprefii* biaifelf with gieal e^ndour and maleHf 
nn^croipc ibe rc<epttea of hii wofk, and the dJiFcrem expli- trhicb many cfpoufc. A* it> hiinfclt't be hyt, * Frooi 
the cnoA <ab«r, 4r]it«ra;e, tod irvv«ii<c ^rvcf of tk* fantiftcflt*^ 
w^)ch prtvulcH i>a ihis poiar, in tbr &r|i 9gtt of the Chsrch, i»hcii 
ibc aponollcal (scih^of dciai^aMl cxponndiif ihePfatiui nu frrdl 
oti ihe miEdi of ibnr Jbllc««r>. the Aoibur cannoc but bc^onriilnat^ 
that hit CoairncaEjry, if ir hid ih«Q mid^ io appearance, wob]4| 
)iav« been v&ivivfAjiyieceiTtdaailaFP^^^j ^'^ tias«&crJliie££«' 
of ii> bj iKc CbritMA vorU.-^-lIe baa wriitto, \i n adie^ c«^ 
grjitiiy ■<» ft€t or party, but far ibc c^tnmop icrrice vf all wh^ c«Il« 
«>n the nameof jffui. wlicrtrwver tlifpcucd, and tiowfrtfrndi.'trtdbli 
on ik= cjTih,^t.(i«Bgb hai "been gmo lo ihe artiol coatroBxifyJ! 
Le*. ijine;hin2 be ^wcn to the Audio ot pi«<y mad a hotv Cfe. ]f' 
iwe can oace oain is EmIc, gur iirmpcn ma^ be bciLer tlifpofi^d rft 
Bhlta la doAriae.^^UADf viay be of a difi^rent opiaian uotti thU. 
JKnthof, tkha eonkltjiuaaiiy tttl.m ihc do£lrin«4 a&d praj^ico (Ei« 
dauci cf the gcfprtt vhccticr ibcy ice iLem ihadowrd out la ihs-' 

P£aliDi Of aoL M&ny liarnrd and £do^1 men, wht^cii be data not' 

tbcnforc value aa^i icrptC* the Icfi. have t^occlvul iliong prrjudicet' 
a^ijitd \tf (<htltit of inifrprrtarioo Wm purfucd, Saca frill cik** 

icy their o*a liberty, tnd ptrmit ibeif brrthreii id do ihcf^c. 

VrtKD the PirbTtG ch« Auvbor ii oow i!> rafc^ tLe detpfmiooiion 
bif firr. ShoaM kj feaienee be la hl> diil^vour. noEhcn^ farcbi 
ttBuiaa 10 be f^id. iban (hat he hai hcncflly artd 1xnhfu\\y tr»it^ 
roufed lOftoe it. to Lbr DTnoft cf bii powrr, in the Aay trt wbieli; 
be thfraght hiintclf b«lt ^iAt^ and lO k<^* <b« wofU fouke accoant i 
that tiffxe, asil ibofc oppcddnijio, which, hy tlic FruviJcnce of 
gracioQiGoi, and t^c mjuL-;eaca of a picua FouDdcr, behai Joaj 
enjnvrd, in the bappr inirrmtfTii of a co'lt^/ 

rim we coDcludV the Article \ biving given tbc Reader^ wc 
|)opCf a jitil and f^ii view tff thi» publication. 


C " ) 

fUt^ml, xnd of ^ thf ArEb AriOng fro« ihlt Sntncc, To the 

of Ti*dc «b4 Cconurcc. Tficortucal and Pridic^J. la Tvo 
Ptrri. Traaibud the trngiaH Gttta^a of C. K. GtlUn. 
bv J. S. »iih Fbut. 5fo. 6»- Sooidi. B»kec. 1776. 

TH R wrof k of this eminent ChcmiA* aow prcfentcd 10 the 
i^ogliOi lo^cff Appears juHly entitled 10 tl>c cbaja^lcr 
gtvcn il bj the irtnfl^cpr, of *■ The molt coacifc Afletiiblagc of 
ufeful Cbemicil Krowlcde« wKJch hu hitherto be«ti publUbeJ.* 
By tlic term Aftiaiixrj^h Ine Auihui Joc» iioi a>tJiii Mrh» iclatci 
foUly ta AUta'Hi boditf^ liiJClTy fo ci^lcd, biil to 4JI loflU fvb- 
fl^itfo. Tht fvopc be Cdkc5 i) ihcrc/orc ruflicicitily cunipLrc* 
hei^livc, aitid lodteJ incliicJcs the grCAKll porikm of wQac ii _ 
cbicd)r valuable It, chcirifiry. H 

Tbc ibcorciical p^rt of the vrorV cofilifU of three <)ivifioiu« ^ 
vndct wbich« ibc Diiturc and prcputtfs of tnijiciJ bocte*; the 
cbfmical aseni>r or inniucneottj %td Ibe operAiJoni ttf che* 
miibj, arc fcrcfalty GX]>]iiLiK>d iiid ikftribcJ. The Jirfl of tbcfe 
hca^K It reodrred rontevrhit confuted by inicrmiEing a chemied 
with A foiTilc^iul cl vilification. Thu* Mr/it/ and y/frrrj, which 
arc abfoTutfly the fafiw in cheniflry^ aie diftribitecd Jnco dif- 
ftxent claflf A ^ mnd ui Jike nunncr tn^ijii arc fcparatcd Uovk 
their vtt^ though ctmniflry confitTera ihem only » ^Jilferent 
fornu of the faoac bodies. On the other hind the cUI« of yir^/* 
being made to comprehend all iht* ici^^i, jilkaliei, and aeutnlt, 
many of yrUich aic trlihcu] fuMlaocct, und many oihcf% fub- 
jeflt of the le^eEiblc and ^ninMl kin^doni*, ^^ not a itiiiieralo* 
(ical but 1 chemieaJ divilion. I'he fme nay be fajd ^fjkiphtr^ 
conftdectd la the iiifl4mmiblc ^uirtciplCk cxiAiiig in tbc feTtnt 
loffni of biiunicn, brinnftone, rdins, oili, ind hallamt. Thefc 
objeAirtdA to thrivr/i/Vi houctei, do not afTcd tbc ntff r/r of 
thit part of the woric 1 whicht ^% vrcll u the two otber genend 
beadi, U eiihcr cxiraAcd frorn the mufl approved Authors, or 
added from Ibe writet*« own obf:rvatiQnt and rcfk^ons. Wa 
iball jutl lemark with regjud to ap e^ctenfivc mUt tf JkhiSi9HM 
annexed, that thete my b« <farigrr of iis misleading the kCi 
atteiiiLvc reader, from the inMfncf of placing the ^nicies in 
ttch cdumnt which ii juff the rereife of that i^fcd in the eom- 
noniaMri tf^^JtUj. In iht>, the fubfli^icu \rStch have the 
greateft aSnity^ with thit at the head of the column arr> lefii 
naturally, placed tbc mod dilYant fron it. 

Tbe proctftev of which the pra^ical part of thia volume 
cocfiflSi Appear, aa ^u aa may be jud^-ed without a^ualiy <'>>ne 
them, to he jodicinuHy cortnvcJ and accutAtdy dtreilcd. 
They arc in general fuch ai are the foLindaiion of tbc principal 
aiu and mukaraflu:e4 of which xninc^J fubflancca aic tlic ob- 

Gcltert'' Mtt^iirtiU Ctjmjhy, 


jc£b, ti»d vrill, doubtleCty be ukTtil tni accepubde at vrII (o ih« 
pkilofof bcr »t the inill. 

We cinnoi help eicprttfliiig ovr rc^rcf ihit iHc fo/tigner whi^ 

be«A reftlibl? enough of hn d«fid«ficie« tn vrriti,!^ tbc bnglsCh 
languige ; for if be lud, vrc c>i)iicki iluubt fb«c ht^ woLild tijvi 
cootidered tbc rerifioit of hi* pefforminee by foine £n|^ 
frieivJ M 1 in»itcr of cUcniul Importincc. TKti iiiia%it 
ftyle U innjnftceriai] in a ^-ork ol ibu nature, ore uc iffiiiinj 
lo sdnui; but fxjicly a {ciciilifk fubjeifl requircat at trad 
much M 4ny other, thit corrcA ufe of vorib, ind propct' 
iliflf iLu:>o» of the pam of i fcnccnee, without wbicb a wilcer'g 
mefloing cionot be convei^fd with ikceuracy vii perf[>icuit^, le' 
woulU be VI cjuSlefi isA: to point out ill the inlnnces in trhjebT 
the tme fcnfe of % paiHge it eilbtr obfeufed of perveit«d b|*' 
ibU tJinn«cor% ignoranrc of cur Unf u«gG. MvH of ihclci it u 
ttur, mty e^tfily re redifird by a p^rfon KCfuiinied wkA ehl^«' 
iniArjv 04it their ciFcvl isexircnnt!) (liD;:reAble to ihc r:^er* 
We mijatfd to this, th4i the frcqueoi 4rHition from i^f rv* 
ctived nttnoet of an^tieifif^^ chomi^l leroti, b not ooU per- 
pleyiog, but h3ib a xtnikti\€j to uofeiilc % pan of our hnj^ 
which » yet bu feire«1v fec<^ujr«<t ftihili:y and eonfllency. 

One lingular mode of fp-:ech which r*pcaiedU occon ia thlt 
workt b DOC Mily coj.trary Co the ^criiuj uf the bnglilb tongvi 
but to that of evrry ohr- Ungqage th^t ore are accfUJUBtM^ 
wUh, » vrcU 19 t9 eocntTion Jrore. Inlleod oi pivecfics ti 
diilojvcihe^xcdor voUcika'cjfU in fplHtoif oitr^j farinlhnce; 
we here meet wnth p*xJC<flc> • \o diffo!'/e the fpirit of nrlrc with 
> fixed or ro^aiDe ilcjiine fiti 3* atid other procellei * to diOu'vJ 
the «CLd of vitriol, that of fea- fott, aod vioegir, with dealing 
falt».' 0«r I'liufUtor fpithcf affitjn* that ' fixciJ tlcaltne filt' 
diffolvei vatcri' mcariinf; hrub/j no doobt^ to ififinvtt* thaC^ 
water diiTolrci fix^ ak^Lnr faff. ^. 

Inftinceso^vicioui, aivd freq«eatiy vnmtelli^bVe, phnfeoJog^ 
are to be met with >n a!moft every par^rtph : bvt eveo, 00 «■ 
Cdtfory perufal only of this trarflaitofi, we have cbfcn^ cri 
of 4 onoic nmcml kind, and which rcrpc^ the fckfKt itfelf.' 
Th'Ji at pa;;p 33, wt r«d that • ihc f^^i AttaSf comtrnerf WitH 
the /V/j*rftf #fh/, produce) a mrdiciril ipiioR WJier f-It, fuch aj 
tbu of ^^;#^ in Enubjid, &c,— This ii called the bitter pure;*, 
lag fJt/ — The mcertft Tyt in chcmilUy now kao«rt that the 
conhanat.on ibovementioneid cenftiiuiei GSan^tr*! /tfl ; if»d thif 
the h'f/pi^, or hit^ purp'^ifatt b a eombioation of the vitriolid 
aci4 with rhe ranh of M^tnffiA.—'^Xc know not when the orU 
grnal of <hia work wat fm publ.ihed ; hut fuppofrng ii lo hare 
bcrn wrineri bt\otK ihe true niturr of ttefc filu wa» known, 
it wa» certain]/ the d Jiy of a iMHlUtet to cotttSL f^ %^v;tvt\ ^ 
middkc'-^A iU\ mote Gi^mtlAi etjot OCCOn 'l& ^tocttt '^.viVt^* 

Vidky'l ii^Mti U bis j/p^hgyi 



(lircDioni are %Utm * to procvrc > fixed alcalinc (all ft^Offi fsFt- 
pctre by defl*^r*tio*i *»(^ c>jfcojL' Ar'«r i\\c dclcrifKion of 
ihc proccO) wc Arc trcf^nicd wrfh <hc Miuwing 
O B S E R V A 'I' I O N, 

< 'plough it b iit>4i clut thi» RicJ ikilLnc (tit ■cil<t pa/ify 
^om the co4b bur lu oif with ii ^ yet w^^ji (it iij ttm^^ti wbic 
4 raulJ p>ia of dho c^n ^itf axile from (b?k f€# co«Ii. And 
bOkM litiic Axed fMc ihcfc few iHici coiilJ pfodure; 14 it n>| 
vciy plAtn Cr^m wbciikce fo great & ^ujuitiiy oJ iUcd Ult caa vifc 
» it obLjiiLcd by ibr« o|jcfi((oji.* 

trcm ibif ef/frt^Jiti, a Ciould fVctn, that either the Auth^, 
«r H< T(AnlljLtur» ur buih* wcrt i^iioranc o^ what h^ bem pcr"- 
kd^y wcil koowu for at Icaft htl? % tcntarv pall » tbat a fi«cd 
alcafinc fultUooeorihc two rtcccilifrly conuitueiii prtTKapleiof 
iaUpciK, Of nilfc. — And y«t, on lariiing uvcr a Few f^ges, we 
fijid (proccft 7) in t'lC Jircflio^ia gifcu lu oUuin ur-ic, iluft i^v 
orJcr 10 procure thU fubf^ancc * a fitcd Bka^ne T^jIe mul) be 
allied CO ib< niuous c-irtb, if ic i> not concaiiicJ ahcdJy thrrc- 
ut/ — Here the woitder, cxciteiJ in Ih? preceding ob:«fV44ioit, 
ccafe> at oace; anJ'v/< now find cbjic the lijicU alcali, which 
appcin tf/ur lUb operJiion, aftiullyexilled tn itw Ultpctre, and 
w^ia prubabEy adJcJ 10 tr, ttftu ttu procci* coiiunc(Kcd.-*Wo 
couM produce other lQiLii>c<:s; but Uiefe, we thiaJe, arc Tof- 

AvT, 111. 3f/^. LiodfeyV $tfytl U Sij J/^'jj nj^Mnf. ^c« Rcvkw 
fiji O^obcr, p. iUj* 

IN the ri:<th chtpitr of the (equci, Mr, lAnxlUy enter* in(o m 
fice Jifcuflicio of the opriijon uf iho(c C^rjfltint, wHo main- 
laiKt ihu J<;ru4 waf the jiiiniltrin^ ^^R^U or agcrt of Ihc 
Almitht^, from ibc beginning U ihin^ti Audt confequpntly 
CAiido^lcd the JewiCb ceconE>my, »t wrll av ibe golpvl difpcuo 
iatioii. Thia oprnbn has IdUly beco well fupfuruil by the 
vef/ ingeniot^i and Jcirrei XicnjiTnin Den Mofdccu *, Our 
A««lbor, whot« pii4nk(/ dcHgn *« (if we roidajc« cioi) to iiMfii- 
Uin that Jciut was, with tcgird to hii n]iui«» in oil lefpe^ta 
like unto hj» b;tiH(cn, anJ conLcijiicntJy hti no cxldc^icc bc/i^re 
ihf timr of bis confrpnrn, coru rn^/crti wich decern and msnJ^ 
Ereodoint mixed with the uim[>Il rci'f:^^ and g'»c<l-will lu ilie 
perfon of hit oppor^eot^ the v4rio[|s aTgr^umirati of th4« cfletirated 
Wiiier, He exhibit* a re^arleablc cxampk of ChtilLian dianiy 
u well as III illtfftriou) priKif, rhat ihe Hbeny clatinad by the 
uu« ProtcQ^nti of abiJing; by bij owa fcnfc of fcripLvrc* may be 
YxcfctfeJ la rf« itiikH UuEude, wiLliom in the lejttl cntiingevmg 

* Ofkb worle, feeovr tecouruin ibeRevIew. to1«. xjviu ). tai 
I1, Th« M pin wu Uttly pablilhed, ani nr'dl Ibwi be fardicr oo* 
U£cd in OUT Jg^mal* 

Ciinflbin pcice. When Utrwl uicn engage io the pmfuir 41^ 
knplutc knowledge, n^itb a tfefcrmiDcd pi.rpo<e Utit ncitber 
iIm- tmoliinrwat) Aiir<xc4 bj the cfUbliibmtnt 10 ^ patticulir 
profrl&on of /lith, nor the pcnaliLei inciirrpd by % dtfc^ion 
ffom iCt ihiU irflDcncc thcif conJufl, it ii next CO icDpo^blo 
thit their cfiritroveifici cau h^ hLirtfvl 1 the !o^ i>f ttxith ilooe 
difcf^s their peuit — the Ume low of truth >vij| ci7m anJ corrc^ 
every ooworthy pfllon c( ihcir he^ru) while ibc fcrcnc and 
peaceful uopcr ci ihc ittritcr will inrenfibly infmujie i^Jclf into 
the b.-eiOtof hii reidef*. On thU acccunt we rrview with 
pleirufc the prcftvftMni of a Ben Moidccai m4 a Lii>Jfevi 
not oolv on ;icco«nc of the ijiiif^lum wc receive frc«n the 
peniUI ol their Jearne^ wcfk>» hut alfo bcc^uie the charitaUc 
rpirit wkh whtch thcjr expreft clKflifcWei wiih rcfpctl lo ifce 
perrooi whofc opioiom thty controvert, utudi to eorvttrm ui in 
otfi r^Toufitc princlplet thit icli^toui llbciiv, en^ojed m it> 
fttlkit eictent, ii the Ctve ird |Hoper preoc cf refi^to^« peace— 
and. ihat llic iinporition of ariklei arid fLjbJci'piioat — the ap* 
pcnd\:^e of cmolumcr^u tL) i fa*ourlce fyDeni— ^Ihe tk-iLJaJ oi' jt 
ralcr^tioi'p — arJ ibc infli^icn of pimi and pcniihiea on account 
cf rtligioyi L'pmkoos ire nwtffanly produfltve of oijIl^ jei-- 
Inufiesf--- fcniAJs cbouovcrfic'i and comnutioAh ^bkh not only* 
diflufb iDd difgraee the religion of the peacfful Jeiuty but haft 
been alh known totlJreaien difi^rifer uid confulion to the flate. 

To wh-eh of the pretent difptit^n!* the fuperiotliy of trgv- 
iT^cnt It to be aMowcJ, our Kc^icn muft dercrmiiM for thein- 
leWei» Wc (hiU only inut^occonc tjuotMioii from thii chip* 
ter, «thfrein c?ur author aili£n» bb reilon) ici conucvcning the 
cpmion of 1 ferfuTjWilh vrlioni, in many irrpoitant points, be 
profdicj to agree. * 

M coof<4. fron iht IujI, T was ennceraed 10 AlftJ from 1 wrtter 
6 trvfy Uaned, abk and worthy : arid I hffitated a ]>^n{t time. wh«- 
tbr 1 Oio«ld not pjf) by hi* work estireTT. For fit 11 cospolod wiik 
h aocfa accuracy jnd juJ^meat, and To tall a eanpafi of Icarijlnj 
lauoduttd opon the fahjcA, thic nHhau^h I thought 1 faw hii citoc 
throoffh ihe whoie, I might be dombcfe) ef bring able tn drrrlop it 
in (aeb a mannt* ai ilu4 Q4t<r« vight (re it. How tar thi* lai bern 
done, sy r»dcri wilJ joJ|;e. B-at aJTAfcdlr 1 Hiould hive b<ca far 
front eafsia^ in aa oppn^tioo co on< itho i> fo noble «a advocate 
fDftbatri^ uairy of God in hb £i!l Icttcrt ard in hii laA lecier 
gT«f I f#rk a jaA jml riiioniii virw cf [■>:^c ol' ihc priadpal dc^rtiei 
ol CJi'-ltianUf, tl I Aai nc'i bclieveda ibat the fcBtiBeat <o«ccrtitng 
CLrilU nticb ht dcf<iilL| woald, if it fhovld prevail, rcitid the 
pnMrtii of (!ie fofpe). vhuh t law him eu hairo equally ai brar; with 
nfML for 1 am prrTuadtd, that hia ar^^rwcnts, hotvever nlaaflttle. 
v>iIJ acvtr btiag itt Jewi to apvK^re a Mllctr, which condcaini ill 
l\keU aacilori *« |t*Uir< dutUf im Mosaic dtipcnfaii^Eii oreifctiin|p 
ibeif norlkip to an obj<<t (ontriiy tu tlK ^eit JU^ed of iLiif Uv. 
aad 19 iktfiiimKtf article of (hear iaiihi vis. That Jehavkltk^ \!kh% 



L!i>dfey*f Afitf//* h\ Jp9Xpai 

tixo* H 



■M frpriDi* God, wii C9 b« wori1kipp«4, uii no oOi#r. And a 
obfid of wordklf • ADtJ robAilcE« of deiiy, f<htttd out by CkiiJtixa* 
for ihe Icivi, ithkh ihcir fiihat of the drcua>cil3an pcr^r ovroed, 
«»d ihrfr foAi now aoivufdilr deny, will not be tikcif lo ;c«tov« i)m 

' It mslt ftlfs tppfur vcrv cxtra^ritDii)' ard unacCAunublc* cUk 
tkfi rrcat fupcr-ari|(clLC firirtu tn whviit «fl (bjuj^i j^c fi^^tpcfH to 
bliTcbfra mikdc, (houid hiTc hrcn h^noart^ aiid WLX'flifp^d tt God 
durtAg tlie Li[n«i of rh« JhW, anrl yrt aArr Mi <ofirffi4:4iiiLtii JU4 faf- 
fenci£V for ihf bcnrlit of tn^iikii J, xhn di^iic hoo^i^r ^vhich K«d 
bem paid liini Ihculd be la « good ntr^fme we. idrn^f^ ; 'vr our An- 
cbor* In ktttr [heUiifd. ptre io;« with hii uUiX un^aur, nvfif, 
*' TbU it ii cciiin. ihjt Cnrifl m no «rh<Ttf (tiwflJjr camuiindrd to 
be jtnytd to, dirough thr whnk Nc<a' Tttfamcr -. ; ^^4 tii-u ru^Tiy of 
Aolc vho ^lo* il ta b< i^c^BiitlCt do not conttd«r it &j a d*ty ; asd 
fcnr fcEdi^tn if trcf piafiifc it/ 

Tb« aim of the fevcnfh chiptcr U ro favour th( hu-^iniiy of 
Jcfvs in the moftobhioiii'icanirg of the icrtn ; ftud our Aclbor 
iQCroducc* a Kmc vuicty of argurn^mt and ieDljrom«« lo fbcw 
^' That Chnll wU not the fupicmc Gvd, nor ^^ircAi ^o^cl or h 
ipirictti} brin^ a.^lmitin^ fl humin hodjr v hut i man Ij^t^ our* I 
fdvcii fitvmg ihofc ex[fiordtnNrv giU'i of ft dW]tit vwifdom aod 
t^ivrr, by which he was dithnzu.fhrd from the fell of cnoA* 

For thefe argument and tct^rmoni^i^ the former of whidt 
ar« urged wuh gre«c uculcnefst and the conduAma dfAwn rrom 
ihr Uitcr mainlined with an equal degree of tearnm^^ wc rauH 
of occcfLcy refer our Rraden lo the ^iQ^ll. iticU- Wc can- 
noi, howevef* difmifi ibia intcfrfling ehjpter without fuhjoin- 
ing forre of our Auihoi'i remark, and hia gcnaal ^loclufion 
froni the portions of fcripturc ap|icaled to tn fupport of bit 

' The four EvtufitlJA), who have recorded the furcj^oin)? panl> 
eulin cf Chrift'i biich, ciiildhoodt hit ffridml Impjovero^nt* in 
caicd acd b'^dy, u^ all the 0Lli«r mark* of bfi bcinj; truly j m&n aa 
themfi;]v<t, thcfeby fudicigiiEjy diUo^er ihdr cwn fcAEinifnrt coo- 
cetpiog hiin. Ai^d the »ccoucU wh^ch they htvc ptcicned in thdr 
hlEloriev, of the convrfluiioo and incT'Ci^Lirfe (ha[ ihey jnd hit 
Apoftio had wiih him. plainly ifidieitci, that cbcy all a Ion i^ took 
bun to be ft man, their cuunrryiDui, i fuperior propbet of God, ftnd 
necOodtOr ft^reataugtiiin jc hLiriio Urro. To irftnkfiW f'om ihem 
ft|] thai fclilct 10 ihii potoc U unncUJliry. In (licoEhcr b uks cf the 
New TeUnncm vf have ihr (olfotvicg (rlbmotiLei coneftfiing htm.' 

After leaiing chefc teft^monieM Air. Liadfcy proceeds a* 
foUowa : 

' Socb 11 tbc doik^neof t>ie fcrfntiref thr^vghoui. concetnin;^ the 
nntarc aad prrtoo vf CbrilU vliicb wicn £(Tic/dly reeciccd and 
ftcknotfJedgca. andibr d^y Iceni oo^^ appn^achmj. w!ll ;r(n^«th« 
grwM ^fiwrt which tvnt maoy frott the go^el* ud coculiKt Jew«t 
MaFiomeianf, and uabclieun ioi£» 


UnA{iefi Stfwia^s jfyef^f* 17 

denbltf flilkiii. ti terj !t-iri»il]fl{: but it fljo«jU not ll»t]cor Jitlurb 
irt. Wc (hocU ooi Tiev i: ai ■ aitrfr ppCQiin to Cb/rlUvnciy. or 
fti tfie^wg litv <viJfnc* which w* h»vo for ii. W* ttt idut ihs 
4inikt covcmtiKat 6vxt a'mkin4, ivlAiiei of K^rit lad l«Ainjt mcMl 
dviucbMHl ticpr jli ^f jr. Ja irii«t a prolb«e lU:e of icnc'duvc of 
ihr ftrieg ''^'^ &>«ilf ihtfoi. w« b/ 6r ihe larked pari of ib« humiit 
juc cow, Hftdtt*« btva fer ag** > '*^ y«ttt<y vf-al^ t^p chiMren 
oFGcdi hif thtiooAl olUpttn^. Amonj; ChrntiiM, ibe idoUtroua 
««tftip of uiuiB ftnd inntct h\% UJixd near foururo tutadre^ ve«rtt 
mnd ihc adc^aiiga of a Giii' ^ /<>/'• ^^^i piQ«fi. 044 nuch Oiof e nf 
4 tkoufind ; ind boih arr ftiU inaiikCatnnl witb RTt< povp, and fui>. 
pofi«d b^ ih« iaftrme xaihority Lhroughoue rraacct UiLy, ^pAin, 
GtrOMny I Ac. And ytt thtit corroptioni of the rmth arc not b^ 
?roMA«nu fsppofcd to arg«c aay ikfvfl in ft^ r^'p^'^ ■> ^i* i^ *c:o 
■01 fufficicnilj I'laja oa chcAr |wiAia. tad viprrfi ag^iull chrm. 

* 'noft who ha<e obj^fled to th« ffvtitticae h»a Biaiimiard, that 
il It eofttmy to a«d iMoa^ttfiit o-iih «tber 4ec:jkrairoa» of ibc New 
TBftafliintc6>c«raUfiClviil. willdo u'cll to coaidir lh« foUllo»Bbo*« 
viTVP of ibofe fappolcj conuirr d«ljmionT. But ittjl nwre AouU 
my ittcad to (be infuperibie diAculdet fa which thtit oas ffhrfn^a 

tmfi/i$amt^t tafjut, ax^ /rem 4 fi^i tf ^JfiiJtfi tfittr*^* amtf inSf^ 
tiiiityt fy J^v Jigrftt, ^f^ut/nttrsmt^inru-^tiifr: lir-A! tht tmp- 
^aT/mi tfxt^U.y thwj^t <tM it ««p itiUrimm. d*i uimit/ •virtmt f 
C#< ■* It thg /'JfiwgMU Spirits Affarr-tly th*'e UnciDjt *H?n ip- 
f>nfa»c<>t theft ladfjoiiKd CO tba propbcnc pFfdid>04ic-fnc*-airj; 
ChriA* (okUowM- Eo hi* ApoAlet <tvcIaraiioA», f^M hi *iVMi a ma% i 
feac i uxtoljr ifte:£ptiubk on IA7 oibef fuppo&ttoft IhI ibfil of h^i 

After a gentle r^ prehfnfion of a iproimdkf* cbarse bmvjEht 
by tbc ^can ofGlouccAcr j^iijifl ihc tn^inuiiicfa eflhc Soci* 
Aim fjrftent^ Mr. Lifuffe)' procccijt : 

' It noc ibe «Ta»p)e of 7^'* l^*^ ^^^ ^ Via^a ■ man Irkc crnr* 
fcl*e» tn all Ebie|:r, but or uirpo^tcd pmhy, bcncvuvtac« ifte oio^t 
ifltvc and diDnErr^iied, an tn-r^riff and fortirade fuperio*- tn *Tery 
nial aad t#Dipia'i<^n. vrit*i tb« n>oEi prolbnnd hmniltiy icJ pjtiyt^ 
ward) G«^ ; i» c-bt chn icorc Jetal ar]<T fuittd id mertiJi, moncfvM 
A>d eocourJ^in^ (h«n tbe e:ia;nijte of the lacoapiCHCQli^Ie Cod, or. 
of the firJE 'I- bciap cr»ccdby him, aodcmtor of all ihrajp vndrr 

ABlioJt vu ia eifber cak patliMe r And ii it not a vnore jitL ia<1 
worth V jdnof Ebe pa/rai of the uriverre. tb«£ out of h» Icic to hi* 
^ij dcfeavratcoftpdr^^, he fboald bf aacipicft nKfTciL^tfE inuic 
ifaccn 10 rttua tn tArirdu^i^ aitj ini« bappincfi. wmH an HjTvTaiKe 
of pvrdiM aa4 h^i Javo^r. raitirr thjin to pajn; Mm infrorablt, im- 
fort^rries, dtcfrnined to pu«i'h 10 \kt uriermoA. had not ^n^ihrr 
kafa foO'e Mienrful than tiimfciri incfp^led* aad avprafed. acid 
faxiAbcd him by fabcahtiii^ ^^ tei'' <bc «<lufc Lovl of kii uraih anil 
dir^ir jfurr riucr ti krecch«!<l torn, t^e intrnitcd vijlimi of ie P Such 
Riitr'prrfcvtacioD of l^e d'^^fine Of revcUiiiM bringi anderetKa re* 
f*oicV upoft it, Oo« b foiiy l« read ih« foUnnvn^ ai^^win x* Vi 


« ucoft tt, uo« la b^iry i« read ih« tcUQMvn^ ^fiSfJV-K x« V!l fl 
JUr-ya^-V;/. C iW* ■ 

able mederm writer, «bo fpcikiog of mao'i " repen U nce, fiirrav, 
hdOkiUatioDi contriiion ic lb* theugbi of Ma bad condafl j" £oci i>ii 
to fay," He even diftrofti tke^ci(7 o( all J&tfi^ »nd mtonlly Icjin, 
kft the w//tm#/^Ct^, 0iop!d fiot, iTke tbe w»i*rA «^4H«. be prc- 
viiled apoD u> Ipire chc criotr, bj^ the mofi imporiDniiclimeDtitJoai 
of Lhecrimiba]. Some «r^ nfrrfr^M, .^m/ ^htr fa^rifitt , fumt wihtf ^ 
Mintmtvt, he hnaginei oiuft br miidc fef him, \xjou^ whmt hiisfclf 
>t capi b!c of making, before ifae puriiy of ihe dirine jaQice cid be 
rrconciJed to hit mamfold r>ffepcFi, The dodrines of rctejatioa 
ftoiaride in crcry rcfpe^t, wiifa ihofe oHgiDiJ ■Dticipatiofri of natarc; 
and, » they leach y>, ho* linle ive ciA depend upon the itoperfcc- 
tion of oor own vinae, lb tbcjr fhew ui, ii the fame time, ihai the 
w^ fwimfml interccffion hat been made, and ihai [he aioft dreadfol 
aEOnemeDt hai been paid for onr mmifeld tftnfgrefiona and ini- 
^aiiici V Had thii Asfhor con felted the Bible itfe)f, he vonM 
have foaod it to fpeak a very dilHnvni laogDage. For Atoiighcy Gotf 
(here declarei, that he wanu so foreign imerceSon, no faiiifaftion^ 
so dreadfol atonement to be patd, but n entirely fitiificd with thit^ 
finccfc rcpenurrce of tbc finner himlclfr an) reqairei no more to re* 
Aore him lo his (avoor. Whtm thf ^UM mam t^mttb ^vtn frum hit 
^icMii/i thui h hath ttmmitnd, *W dmth thmi 'ah'eh ii Imuifml ^md 
rigbu ht Pad Jaifi hii Jtmi eii^, Ezek. Jiviii. 17, And ChriA hioi' 
felt iofornjf Of, thiL IE waj pdrely oat of hia benignity to ibe bnioaa 
race, that God appointed him to be (be ipftrDmeni of hU mercy to 
thern^ John iii. 16 G^tt fa ifutd thmAiorU^ tb^t h$ ^avt bit h$Utad 
^in t9 tke tnd that tvtrj tju that htkfptfh n h;m, fir^uU nai ptrip^ 

Chapter Vlti. of cb« Sequel contafof the teftjcnony of the 
jpoftcitica! fathers concerning ihc nature aird pcrfoD of Chrift. 

Jn the JXp Mr, Lindfey, after fhcwrng that creation is the 
proprr work of God himfelf — and that this b the uniform doC" 
nine of fcripture, proceeds to cTiamine tbofe paffagea in St. 
¥4\jV5 cpil^lfs, in which creation hai been fuppolcd to be' 
afcribed to Chri^. Upon this fubje^ he obfervcs, 

' That if then: be any one doflrine clearly laid down tn the facreil 
writiogi, it is this, ihat God made the world, by himfelf, without 4tty 
aifidant or undcr«-orker ; ihat there are not more creaton than one. - 

- Mofe;, tvho treats of the 6rl( origin of all thingi, deliven ih« 
doctrine with great fokmniiy, and grounds an imporunt religioaior- 
clznanGe upon it : 7a iht htgiitning Gcd creatid tht bta'uta amd iht tarth^ 
Gen. i. I- ^e ii^ 3- vj. 6, 7. In fix dajs iht L^rd nadt htm'vn amd 
tarlh. thtjia amd ali that ia thtm it^ and rtfitd thijnunth dty, ivhtrf 
Jon tht Loao hU£id tht /t^tath dej and haiiovied it. fij^od. xa. II. 

£ce xxxi. J 7 

' The fubfeqDcnt propben repeat anJ ii^tu^cnte rte faa» greM 

truth, but incidetkTally orily, ivitboui fufrt^lii-^n :^ c ifracliie cobld 

ever iinapine that ibcrE nc e m.-rn cri'Liis ::: . O LordG*d^ 

^itjfi> Cvd if L'wi', rh^rf ji'ufyi ■*/■< ty ' ■ ,-: flij, thou art tit. 

Ci.J\ fjtn thsu G!ir<c. ij .i.i ;/ .f--',\i? ■-- .'";-, thou haji ma^ 

' 7i/teij c/M^ra^ S^;' r i-*r, -; 17%' AJ*u ;.;ii:- . . iCo. 

LitidfeyV St^wlu fx'i 'f^^Ugy. 


^^ U fbmf ftrmtd titt fi^m rU 'wmi \ lam tbf Ur4 1^ mxitth ^ 

A9Ji hit maitr^ I A^-vf m^dt sit larri, tm^ tftiat/d «u i ii^ it t f^ ^ctfv 
jifj i«A/( lU'iH JfrUf^/ tmi rbt brAvni, xJv. j|, 12. See Alia Jfr. 

< SoiDCthi*{ faTcly would hitvc dropc froa ibt Wly JtArs cor« 
ctralcg lb ftimrkabte h i^jrcumllmcc in hlSory. /^/^ ^-at^^i hjj 
£*n tMt fy k-jm. On eEl« contrirjr, hf rootiawiJtjr fpcrjJri of him- 
ft\f kt » propbcr or mcHvogtr of God, /m by hln, nLich tht apo^Ma 
fnhn ncofdi of bim nc leu ihin tMny time* s adiJ he ctlh God bi> 
Falbcr. ihecontu^oa fitter of hi(nrdrfj|ohn i(x< 17,} »ndofiUrelt 
oif nit*iktD(^: fcuD wJiOfD bo recrirc<l life iifrlf. and all im pov^rrt 
(kha vi. ;7, V. 19, jo. vlii. aVj. Abd j'*'^' i^ li'* <n<iotfaitou ani 
giriM jwvn vrctc u the MeflUh, ii« S-^ti of <iod, hii cOfllUAt 

' Tac evan^iii and a^tlick, in ihti reflect, fpc^k men^i ci>n- 
IbrDttj wiib (be Ungoi;;o of ifecir iriritriT i^r^j'i^i, and ofjcfai 
tWr dialer; 1I1I ibelivio^ and troc God, ue Filler of aJI, wa<a 
>iCr<re«ior of all thinct. Jobfi i. j, AUt^»g§ ^trr mt^t Sjr i/, (iis« 
ibeZtfH, Wdopx q\ God) ««/ viV^r f> ua/ ru u^tAiwjmn^ 
fhtt ftirat m^. Ad» Itvllj ^ Ltn/, iSm srt C*dt tD^itA M!t madt 
i*svn urnd Mtrib, *»d f A/ Jt^ itmd ttH $kitt im thtm is f—gra9* /6d# 

Jr/mt, S<c Ifa. alii- t.A^Uiv. a;. U ibu prayor. ibo Aodilca 
]trJ« Jrfvvt after k(i rcfurrc<Li9>. thtfirv^m ifC^ ^^ m^ itmwM 
«aj^ur#£. Srealtb Ke«^. U. 19, 11, ilv- 7. 

* Tb«r« are ft«r«rfbek& four pafTa^ca in St Pavl't «pinie!i, wh\<\ 
fcar« bc<« cf-tDAoalf DadrrJ)(wl 10 fp^ak of Chrrd ai creator of iKo 
wOfM- vit, £ph. ill, ij. Cctuff, j> it^i Ilcb. i, J. and li^i> i. 10^1 ;. 
Af«r fccK prrlimi.iary ^bfcrvattons fcl|»«(ii:g thr ffaT ra- 
tufc of C^rMl'a kinf^doir, Mr, Lmdfc^ proeerJi to ihe^^am'- 
niTton of ihtfc imct ; in tHi; diku^ion i>f vrlii;ttp lie difcoveift 
gi«4t critical fkill an4 flrcnt^th of jud^fne^c. 

Wc clofc our Rcticw i>r rhli cxcclknt puUkilioni wjih Mr. 
Liodley'i coacluftuo to hU work. 

' I liavc aoiv f Biflkcd A'bsi I hwl to oAcr upon lb« otiArnce, il)< 
trae aaTurtf and dignity of oar l^rd Jcfui CbritL and have b>rf) my 
Vrt1tt»ony to naiiat \ hthev^ 10 b* ih« tra:h> Jt ii Irom tbr ficrd 
writing* only t^ai v0 rncivs oor in<o<natio0 G04i<«rning bim j #Dd 
tbonec we jttc to dettfaiae» amidft lito Tanoui conclaConi tbat l&t^ 

f . WiMilfto Cbrilt be tie foprrnw God. c^uat to tbr Patbn ^ 

t. Or ffttvniod bcfort alj timo by the po^fr aad tf lU of ih4 
f lAcr : 

i* Or« be tlicn full be^an to cxifl« wH«^ boio of ib« Virgin 

Tbir Ufl opinioB bai appeared 10 r^c 10 hate tbr fufra^n of ilie 
Mffch^mrefiof ChriEl bunfclf, aad «'-:£ap«!tki i indoa itiT: f>m«nj 
J kiYO pkadtd for IE- Jf T^e v^HEpeata ttled^ed are vdhV vo^'vik- 
JW&i'«oC dk Jt>^iae ih£f fappoft wlU fall of i;1i\J'i \:iaw,^rk\u. 

20 Bijhef HuT^'f Strmeni at Ltnc^liis Inn* 

ii will in time make hi w»a by iti own light tnd evideoctf, lod pi^ 
vftil. We Are worn, ibroogb TArioui prtjudLcet, EO form *roa|» 
judpneais of ihings, and Eo hold noihirtg rjicellenc id chtraden* baC 
ibhat JiAth ibe flamp ofyevs ftnd antiquity upoD It; and heoc* fomo 
may perhaps at hrlt hci Comt rdu£lanc«t ana bcdiflarbed at fo laie s 
date IvJfig alligfied loovr Lord's ciiLLtnce, Aad.yCL every thinErii of 
jeAerday. eictpt thccnfcAT eternal himielf. Go back mUlioa^ 
of iniUi(ui« of tgps, aifar ai cbou^hc or numberi can carry, and wben 
you arc Arrived ai whaE you call ifae amfenteft of created bdngi; yet 
cicrnal age« muft have paiTcd before thai creature came inio b^iogi 
nod cccriLal ngta ha^e a|>wayB been paH and always ate to come. 

Adorabkr ineffable^ majcAy fuprcme! Jehovah, that Inhabited 
eternity, ^bom no creiiure hath feeo, nor caa fee or comprehead! 
ShaH we noi bow down before thy fooiMobl, and acknowledge tbj 
pvertefat unfathomable glory aod perftcliuoi ^ How Jhall f^e girt 
ti Kf an equal amidll thy worki t 

— — — - -Ye in beav'n» 

On eanh, juin all ye creaiures, to extol 

UlU fia^T, HJK LA&T, HIM UiOlT, 

Him without euo'. 

FOK OF HlMr i^ N E> THaOl^GH HIM, AKD TO HtJ.i A%W A|.|; 

THJMOS. To HIM THERE TORE bEGLoavrotavfia. AuaHl-/ ' 

* Milton's Paradife Lofl, Book v, 
t Romans xi. 36. 

Art. IV, Sirmtiti prtachtd at Lintolrf*i Ltn, httifJtiti tht Ttmr$ 
176^ and J77'9t ^iih a large Difcfiurfe on ChrlA'i driving tht 
Mtrcbamti oul 0/ tin Tempit ; in which (he Natofc and End of that \ 
famous Tranfa^ion is csplained. By Kichard Kurd, D. D* Lord 
Birhop of LiichfleM and Coventry; and late Preacher of LiocoU't* 
lun. Svc. ^t. Boards. CadclU 

THOUGH fcatcely any thing new can be expefled upon 
moral and religious fubjc^ts, yet every thoughtful and 
fcrious reader mufl be pkafed to fee important irutba placed Jn 
a dear and flrjkir>g point of view, by a writer fo honourably dif« 
tinguifhed in the tcpubfic of leeiera, as the prefent fiifhop of 
Litchfield and Coventry, The fermors now before us arc not 
of the popular kmdi iU^y are more addrcfTed to the underfland^ 
ing than to the heart and the aFe^jona. Thofe who expe^ to 
have their tafle for novelty gntiltt'd, or ro fee points of curioui 
ipcculation difcuHcd with critical accuracy aod prccifion, will 
be difappointcd in the perufal of them : for the preacher has too 
juH an idea of the end of hi» office, and the dtc^rum of his 
profcffional character, to make^ from the pulpit, an oftentatiout 
difptay of critical acuicnefa, eloquence, or erudition. BuC 
rhofe who. are defirous of having Ihcir underRandings enlight- 
ened, and who, ct^nfidcring rcliftion aa a rtdJonchU fcrvice, a4 
their brigbteft ojnament fn profperiry, and their ftrmcft fup- 
p^rt in aaverfity, wiQi to be contiimed and cftablifhcd in 

Bijlf9f Hu/dV Strmmi « Lhcfh^t /w< ir 

fhclf ~brli«f nf th? grcii princtjifn of ii, will he pVe^rcd 
wicli the mtny ju^iciOa« uid pcninCnt obfcrv^tioni which 
hii I.ordfhip Ilia fiiAici upoa rut>jc^4 ihit ftUic lo tiiof 

1'bc lirfl iia (lUm, ufrful ilifco jrfc, frnni 7>!iti1i, xiii- 51, ji* 

it Hh Hfllo 4) iwMT f/w Ji (i/j lMmfif*Lit'\ &C- b'lih ilufic who *fe 
ioltrudtH Eo dirpeiife ;h« word oi Goi, >nii i^^iIf wlio heir ii, 
>D«y be Kr«i}]F UcndUed by in acteniire pcrufil ofihb fcnnuni 
ihc fbrmrr mjy if;(m ih« duty of « CAri/fiat firitt^ ind fh» 
Uctn' iriy Utin hoc to ultc olfcn^ »T th< iDi"ifiry wiihoaC' 
caufir, tr^d fo Jcprirc ihccnfckcf of ihi? fruit which chc^ ai^hc 
ot1)er*iCe icap ffoin ;i. 

The frcond, though a fhoce, u mHreJ an ri^cElcjii rcriiion*< 
Tbc aJvocaitfs fof iclii^i^n m^y k*Mi iiom n Lhc prupc/victhod 
of ^cfcodiji^ Cmift;jjkir)'t »nU ihofc u'ho fit in jydgincni upon 
ibev ituYf u they oUk»bit l<n»n 10 b« more modcl^ and \tU pr«- 
(u«tpIt>ow>. Fivni I Cor* x- 15. i ff*ai:ati7Vfi/e/n^ : jtnt^eu 
tokrf i fjy — h\« fvordOiip obfcifcs thit che Chfiiti^n lehpoa^ 
idivmc «» ii i« ia its oci^in, fjbllDc in ill prc^tpti, juJ prof4>ur^d 
la rtt myrtcn^Sp y« cuit<Jpfc^n<Ji to ippty ufcll to the ntional 
fKuhkt ttf Qunknid ; juiJ* fccujc in iu o^a a.>:uG truth md 
evf^eocCt chiUct^gf^ the wife and leirnf^ 10 ;ivj(f/ of iti pr«> 
icnfioflv. The dccfiTitioin of tbe icxt ihcrcfo<c, he telb lu, 
may b« conrHlvrrd at a flamting precept lo the mlnjfhtt of iho 
wci'Jd* /* T^v^ 'J '' ^Jf ntit i ind to the hcarcn of iti Co uf* 
their h<ll fjtultie*, ii? juSgin^ $f uiw/ /^^ /jtr- 

Af:cr obJ<rvin2 thit Che religion of Jefut was defifned for tha 
InftmdfOfi of nil forii ani dcgtees of men, he tclla us. fhero 
ought to b« a dilTtrence in the tmJfcS t«achrng ica favirig truthi^ 
Accotdin j 10 the trapivkies of tSoTe lo whom ihcy arc iddicJIfdik^ 

* To j*.;.Arti Axb jtLiTRcATi viv, «thO hiv« no prrjudicft ;4. 
c»BfUeritt <bc Tinv^ofGod'i wofdi ar^d noprkleofrct'on^r fcicncfl 
to ^a<IIiof] hi loihoiit), the true and piopcr way i)» no doubt, co 
repic^ai iiic];fra< rruihtof ihc^cfpdp Cmpl^ and clcarlj^, accoa- 

KM ^iih :t^ m^rc ^<mtti\ ind ohvtoai prooii, and enforced upoik 
n ivith ftll (he^xme^Ucfi &f exhortation- Thtic firt^'tt «nd ihii, 
^r^f^99, titif I'kich Li/hE and fvrccin thctn, ai may be rcifuaabljf] 
Upefled to ln%x aa ciT:^ ujkjej ill men : yet to ihc ^vul* who uf«j 

rmpt«± by ibdr carkfj^y, or babjP* of etiQuir)', la ajt ^ rt^tm t^ 
inf* r^f II fv *f *j ard « bo are qu^liatd by littr patE« tnt 
lludiet GO jM^gf at (uch rra^n, wc >«r« iqif«jUiJ lo aid<-cfa 4 mvii 

' T^ei;ac<Loft ttcc vitl be. Ok wm4T piiKCirLit avcH An 
LOCT Ml IT LI piif MPu ' A 4^iifrlTi''n ibe Hiftrr rmportiT*:, bfcaui 
the ajio{ci£L«( cl all Uftei hj^c t-«r too (;£4!fiHy conrfUlei 

' I ?CE. ill. )• 


^Ifc^nJ prfni<iou* pfrocap^; ooJwcim% tittiDCM fuppovf, Imi laihar 
uod lo vreik^n 3ii4 dTfv^Kr, ihf very cio^ they vrould dr^nd. 

* Such w«te the Bpolo^iei, rmio/ linKi, of Ibc sMttmi V^ifiiamt, 
wh4 would tBCorpontc wiih the dirine vtli;;loa oTJcTdi ikc vxip 
^o^iiifti of the gCAtitc pfii1ol(>phxi abJ fijth hire been uycmfccD ite 
f&nrc mt/ffn n^t^^it, which defawc the word of God^ tod corram U 
Willi the dmmt rti our prWimt^oom mruphf ficf^ 

' Oar r*Jfg>ofi ha* Uf*r44 mvc^ in bdtb ib*<ff wi^t not. that 
rulbo o« plu[«lbfhy of «nf kitid* tralr ^^ ctllcd. csn dijl«fT« tb« 
caufc of D dhAiu nli(to« j bvt thai we rtibn and philofeptticv 
/*(/ify9 ^ ptr-vtrji'} i ikM ii. tvf apply filfchood lo truth - ar, «« 
ia](«rf Ijr t'tifti itfal^r ia Utbjrtlinj: ihv ifi<<^inpreli«arible tnyjlcitci of 
««r UtLh (otbe krvt'iny and iciavEe difcuJliOTi of our bcJt rtxf'yji^ 

* FtOffA ihcle mlfc^inftj^ft, wc a'f tdjnoniEhcd whit lo ttviji; At 
rxanplcof the aprnlJr Pml, trho^fi^ v ro ^-^^ js/t, m^jr loAro^ 
m » ifc* fichi WSJ nf fnJ^nfiMf the cJtffor* o* iKc Gofpfl. 

* Frotn Aiiv, then* «rc leirn to inme our :infwen and apol(i^M 
iTCjuiGiiic m<fi, on ihc {rut elliblinied Eruthi of oftEvrJtl and tt' 

vcakd Klifion . to aEiFcrt tbe cvpedUncv of dnloc KvcUiion. fmm 
lb« jrfcnowkdgMi wnhttCl^ 'od forrnprinn of human niuirr, and 
ffocn ibe not>l aitribuict of ihtlHity, to iLla.lrt;* ihc ceooDomjr 
of God'i diffenlatJo&i to tnaakJMl by ajj^iimec'ti takto fcpm that 
icconodkj iifclf' lo fcifun HiEh re-vrrt^it * oa ifcc iii£ui< of tboTc 
^il^nfiitODf, in {Utv «hit ihrjr ^mcT^l fcopc and purpofc ii, hov 
ftriirA la a^rf^menT 1^tr« u beturrtn them, and hour dinorly they 
«rr BMdc to d«^Mid on rach oLbcr. 

' lo doio; <^"< ^^ l^iil ^i^d room for tie exrrcifc of our bed and 
TnoA improved rufnn : wr IhiFl difcirvrf nvch (ind be abk todifplay 
irv^oiKm) of ih« harmoftv '>f the djfinr cnnnciEi, ai ih^y arr- r«t 
beC>re ei U the iafpir«d voIuibo : acd, thod^ bc may not penctrai* 
tlJ the dcpibi BAiS obfcaritici of ih&fc <oitocihi jreit ai in cotten- 
platiM|i the wona^ of Godi whjch «c knoir bu; in part, n< u.n de* 
nooflntr hii tim^ favjrr aW goJhfM/, f<>, in Jtudpng Hii wovn, 
*< AalJ &« aaoDgh of bii aD^aitihibk wifdoQ) and ^odcicfi* §9 ptt 
n Jilnift iht iiatf^iKi ^/fti^JSft oad to f&dify tho inqoine* ot 'wijk 

I {ky, ufiiitfy ih itfmiritt tf tvifi mtv : for tittjt mrv<To not cxpfA 
ro have all di^cuUica in a dnrinc if\tm cltfarrd vp. and every minute 

Soeilioo. which may be xaifed about ir> anfwefMl (for rlti^ God 
latftlf, the auihi^f and fipift*cr of it, can onlj' perform, and ranch 
£rjt tEun thii ii aburtdamly fulhtient for our purpofel ; bul all ihcy 
ikfrrUio fte ihe frtcral partt t^f ii fd far ctcarri vp. and made 
ConCiltcfit *Eth rich oalicr, >nd. upon Uic «vhoIff, to difeorer fuch 
CvidtM marhi of a fapnior wirdoin, powir, ar.ii £ooda(-f» in the 
fjamo 4pd icx:ur«of ir* a> miy conniticc ikcca x'^xx u ia inJy dtvtac* 
iftd iMMtby of the Sapmne Mini lo whotn wc a^cuXk Jt. 

* Wbefi Vi'e Cpralc /^v^ at 10 ir.'tfi «wa, w? do all lhat«vr^ iw^ 
CJik rt^ai^of ih; if ciheribt Hill vntacubod, the £aulc u fcn thfs* 
fcJvp-. tbcy are f*'r#*j, but not wi/e. 

B^fuf HurdV S^ratMi tff Lintihii im^ 

and dr«Ke. bcCJ^rf il iWlc-ki t^f t^jrpgif fvirh inqoircrir And t~« 


cvrc» ibc bcMi«uT r>f ihac rclrrioa. v« undertake to dcfcvd.' 

hrt Lfifdflii^ g«6 Oft Uirfii to ^JTiam/*/ ihr |:<rtrr\fiuni oi (Ijvfti 
wSo hiTC &t ilf fimcs been fo iciiiy to fit m JLtd^^incnt un rtv 
n^vocnc* lot rcTffiion, hf ihe k<»n«n <|irabr»r» of a opibk 

which bft nvi>f h« indHdc* ^lUfTC]^/. He f*€cx\ no 4ppJrf«ti<»|i 
of th« obfcrvatioM be oiUtcs on chcfc tctjailiin in a juj$r» n 
nor wdi ihriiinJcrd ncodTary, TlieJuJiciuui rcidrr will ro4iJ< 
pcrcd'? 10 wUooi Ibcjr irc ino(t applicable, and «c licvtlv h 
thiic (uch jicffunt mAy diilgci^dy axrcnd id ihcni. 

Jji <h« third and ToMrih icfmoni, hit Lo'dihip Ibcws, wiiii 
gftat pciTplcoiif -nd fliength of rca^injf, ik^t ustrt it a ratufal 
laWt rr ritU $/ mr«/ o£tU^^ xtritttm im tht h^arft nf «fi|, ^n^ ihn 
llin i» noc injujrous lo r^tsaitj U/^vt^ bjf niofl fricnJJ)- i^iiJ jhi 
pifioui (n it i parficjiar'y, \\\ix it ro wav dcro^krti from tSe 
h bdourof the ChifiOH h%^<t norc^n icnc ici any iic^r<«to lelfcii 
the »-atott Of fuperfHc ihc olV >5d n*cffliiy of it. 

Whi* kit LoMlhip idvancc« (Scr, ^ih, p* ;},) cofKcinin^ 
tiM* mkfiUtti ^4{f;^if of n^tUtim, oiif pr>jHbfv d^rpriM fwafi 
fcidcTi. Hb nn^ncr of expluniog it i> as foJlovn ; 

■ Th« lirhvakC of ihe lEi^fpcI ii af>E Antf of ihr ntx) rnafc^ndjuitj 
ufit a» it coaGmj, elnciIaTfi, and enfsrcei the Borll law, bar of; 

tfc« «t04l JifiOtUTC ^ILIIIITT I I fay, y Mf «^ M6fit»tfm4<ljptfC 

in nftnuc lO (ic diticic wifdom, and to ffac cooditioo of fnaokmd, 
\taih ivhici», *itbovt doubt. If a« could peactrar* To ftr^ erqciro4' 
ilua peculiar iatcrpoliiian of hfiivn. an pTfnctpt«i of thrhijcbcft 
f««ioQ, Bi wtfJ M mtdftef*. but th« -iv^i u appareni erto (O u%' 
OJ) ibc groui^tji CI thi4 vfrT r^icUziCn, >'or id d^clajcd pufpfij^. 
«aa M rdcuc ail nca from the power oT ^'£, ^nd be^lo«r apoa^ 
ib«m imackorul iifi la kappiocfi^ Bue, now [be fame j^fprl, ihar 
tatl* u* tbif* «tlit ot, tt^thal, that, «v f> ^/m tali ^tJ, fiia Chiiir 
^tiXyyfkmii^mtmifm^tnI.-'itti and tbat,*-«'r^u/ (he ^;Wof Cm Aiir, 
iMrtt^wU U H mii^v of the IbHctcjt? irtcorrfd by the uanfercilioo 
i>f Adam, Ya« fte, ihcn, thai lo argue opoti the jtofpel-prrnripl** 
(aftd thf fiir inqairrrcic *'%>'^^ ujv^r iifs [^th^r) rhr ChrJAlaft difiMii- 
Oitton wat •f^^arj totulhl the parpofea of G«« lo mha, at>d ttt rffrft 
tbit ivbich iht diiriae cooaciU kad decreed in rcla^oo to hina. 

* Thr anifir(|uciice k>, lUat clvouKh weadaui alav of nature, and 
mttm fappeifl ikat law io liavo hr^o a fuSciani oai^ in mt^aiK yac 
the boaoiar «f ChrJItiaiiitf x\ feJIy fc^nrcd, for that ita Mffjitj h 
dairtT cvroced, and c«(]Jd not be /tip^jidtd bj that J*w, wha<h bai 
«M 'W JriMajf «/* trrr*^ h/f, aad COtfld not bavG it| fiKh prorrlfc 
Icifi^ raftrTod to nurifct judiUuiUaw i>^ grace of Cod, throoj|4 

' Rcftfoa m*j be afiofiifhed a; thit TepreCentatioa of thint»» bat 
iodi nottio^ 10 oppAft to it. U looka up, is &l«ai a^oaiion, lo 

C 4 VM\ 

^ BrfiMp Hunl'i Sfrmms at LtMcd^t /««• 

inprtfine incomprchcnGbk power, which wills tint whith u bcA, and 
ctdfTi sdl ihingi wi'b the moft perftfl realbn/ 

How Jhail we ifcapij if W4 rtegU£t fa griat faharUn ? are the 
words which his Lordfliip hj> tr.idt choice of for tbc fubje^ of 
bis fi^th rermon* whcretn he poJnia out the fin&ions of ihe inv 
ofnaturtt and the J^ 0/* tht gofpeU ThU is a very judlcioui 
difcourrc, and the candid DeifT, we hope^ will feriouGy confider 
vhatit ^vanccd In it. The following obfervaiioxi deserves par- 
ticular auenuon, — < When a law is promulged with that evi- 
dence, which the divine Ugtfi&tor fees lo be rufficieni for ihe 
conri£tiDn of a Feafonable man. It is concluding 100 fad, to 
fuppofe, thit I am innocent in rejecting tr, or that I am not 
bound by it, though 1 do r«jed it. 

Sermon VJ. ia intended to guard us againfl unreafor^able 
expei^attoni in rdigictn. From St. John, ch. xiv. 8. ^htvj ut 
the Faihif^ and it Jyffiitth usy ihc preacher obfcrvcs, that the 
gicriter jj^rt of the obje^ions, which weak or libisrune m<a 
have oppofed to the authority of revealed religion, are of the 
fame fort with the demand in the text, Ntiw, in order to fee 
bow little force there is in this fort of argumenution, he deftrct 
it may be conAdcrcd, that fuch high demands of evidence for ihe 
truth of the Chriilian revelation are imptrtirtent^ at the beft; 
that they are, mofl prcbahly^ on the pait of the reveafer, im- 
preptT to be complied wicb : that ihey tnufi be, on the part of 
inau, pTifufTiptwiUs and unwarrantable, — Thofe who enquire,wilh 
any dcgiee of feriourjiefa into the evidences of Chriflianity, will 
receive no fmall advantage frum ^n attentive coniidcration of 
what is here advanced. 

In the fcveiuh fcrmon, his LorJfhip Ihews w^hence that 
hofiilt fpirii proccc^is, which too much prevails, at all limea, 
and under all ctrcumjl<ince£, even among Chri[ti:tn« themlelves. 
From tuherce timt tvars and fighttngj amonp yeji f (^ornr thfy riot 
hrrrfft tvin of your iujis that vjur in your mimLirif He takes 
occafion to point our the mifchicfs arifin^ frrm tnifuppiied reli" 
^icn-t and the perverfion of tivil jufiit, Tliia Lermon was 
preached in rhc year iJii* ai^d though the prcachcf makes no 
partici>]<ir application of what he advances, the aicehtive reader 
<an be at no lofs with refpr^ to the proper inierence*. 

The eighth is a very ingenious difcourfe, and may not only 
innruct ard edify the uelL djfpofed Chrifttan, but amufe and 
ciitcnain the polite fchoiar, and the man of the world- — From 
iht^fe word*— /A* ttid of the commandment is charity^ ot>i ef g pure 
b'-arti J«c, the prtiichcr deduces the panntugt of Chrifli^n 
eharityy and ibcws that its dfcent is truly and propeily invefli- 
^ated by the apoitle. 

Sermon IX. was preached in (he year 1776, and confe- 
qu^nily (he piCACti^r t;ould have ntt vi^w to Lord CbcnerftelO's 


-\jtttKft. Wc ctoiiM 6t\Tf ourfelret rhe pleifute, however, of 
nrncflly Kcoouncnding wbit ikc preacher tdifuiccs upon the 
fub]?£t oi f^ii/n/ffy loiHc a^mifcn of thu ccletmrcd work. 

ttom-^in ^iMf prifirTJMi «x/ diwJi^, he ukci occafion to 
explain the miri/r/f j^rwMiif ui<l ti^bt d^tpAfdHios of (his duty, 
He (hcwj tM our ot»l^g,a<ioo lo ibc pnSice of it ii fowidcd oa 
the cImfcII tc^loiiif taken both frum ihc tuittirt tfmav, and the 
-f #ni£ri rf 9ur hUy tfU^ht. But Ch< whol« di&utiy^ u he oIh 
?ciTes lk> m chc pr«£tjcc of U, 

- * ii it «v>dcnr CBOujh, fif i b«, from whu baib««D faid. Thit 

4hc noTJi^ 1^ ChfidlUn daty of frtftrrttti tmt amllrtr it iuur- 

rcfpeUi only focli] fC4C« icJ chtiiiy, aad tcfmiuiutn ihc gvod 

and «4JJt>caiioa of our Chriftisn bnjtbcr. Its ttit iii to fofccD iho 

miB4h(W»iv»« a*^ ro (4rft« thi^m from rhtr Mvage r«flicpty, which 

*-vag<«d«r« PttOf ncti. and di(cT«dit* ih« vifturt ibcinfelYO. But 

«hca sen k>4 rKp4H«bc<d chc brttcAr of thii coaipljirrf lerrpcra 

and farther ftw tbc c-idt. t\<^\ of chnfiij otiy* bo; o^)ELr-l^YrKR]T, 

, that nlcht be uttAcrcd by ii ; ibey confidert4 no longer in jwfl pur- 

' f«A UM ippJicxiOi^ but llr«tch«d U to <h>t fl^tcioui rcduiiiy, md 

•Kirvni ftmlir/ «r i^iiUbOo, nhich i»t 100 oUcA obfert« AOillt> 

CiuaL in rolin^ej life. ' 

' Hcecc, ibii iitlii^iLc ■iccfillon ind confldcrition. tvhjcTi ti 6 

«f|idtf enAid, a«d fc duly p*i4. in \h< commcfc* of ihp woKd ; 

fot«v, thif pollJEaikia of nird, «hKh JcLVfi i mm no will, 

BO fcq^tmonGi 10 pridciplc, no ch^ricUf i all nfhkk difippeir under 

ibofe lloilicd dif^EUlci, iharc i>wr«qu^oai ditirrio. njgr, chofc al^ 
|ir^«d ff^vOooMi IB a tai>r<)| chotV otalciplird and nitvly'ViriMl forma 
Of inlimiatio* «nd «ddrti['*; tbc dircift am uf whteh max ^ <o ac- 
^aifc ibr fuD< ai poIJEcnGfi and good- breed tej;, but she cmaincJ^ 
Ie^» 19 tcrrupi <Tc:y viiiue, ta fjoib citt^ iwiy. ^nd lo inCamc 
ct^cry tier, ofihr hamin hrjft. 

■ Ike^efital mf^tueU inirodoev tbcmfrlrei undvf the pretence 
nrd fcmbUACc of ihnt h^m^rmitf, ^bkh (he ten eneovra^ci and c^ 
jofl»f. £be the i<atimt viriGc U caCly diltin^jtSjcd from ihc /<■>• 
tt*foi9, and by ibc i>9Jloi^iig pUiit ^'^■f' 

' I, TiLK >otTTih«ht ti mQ^clti anprrcendinjCi and |;eB«fOu>. 
Ii avpcari u tltiJc a* ma/ be « Mid, tvbcn ii don a eowrvrf^, Kould 
winicC^y coaccal it. U ibafti ^etiily to forego iu own lIiIiui, nai 
olW/viiJ]i lo itiihdra* tlicm. Ii ergajt^i « mm w /fj^ir *rj «rr^A- 
dwkrjff^^f^, breaolc b* resilly «f (ymfl him ; beciufe he iiiendtf of 
liK i«p«i4tT«n I bcejvie »« ibmki tt j]»cr« »>nly, more Cbrittii^e^ 
Co liexcnd a tiieU bwdf, than tode£fjJ< aflorber.-^fl eeTpcAt, in 
ft vord. ihe irnitt ^Af sfimtihnvi hii iKi^hbour. 

* 'Ihc iniokic of vbn atniabJe iirtoc, rA(,ii: FOi.iTeiif«i, {i, on 
Chcotbcf hasdt VObiitoat, ftfrvite, tianfooi. te iBf^ti popularity; 
t> follKJCou* 10 p l Mi e , aa^ to bi» uke* nocice of. Tne mm «f ibii 
cbaiactvr 0«ci not oAVr, but obifude, hU chili tic* : Ut^tfi lie 
Ofould merit by liii alltduity: bec4ble. Ln ddpJtir of uiitAifi^ re- 
gard t'V ifi/ ^artJtier qualiiicf, be o^ld be lure to m^ tbt noA 

9fi SfA*^ Hui^V Strmm at limaht» i^, 

fif thill ind) Uftlfr bccaufc of tJlthif^^ ^ luouU «Uckd, br<)« 
cdnaflfoooft^r panflUiom obfcrtAscc, to {m offcoci — »La & voril. 
thli hn cf polheotiri, icrpc<U» for its loimcdiiGc otje^ ihey^vMr 
^td na^H^tint of oar nrrghboor, 

* t. Agi:n : the min, vho g<7t«rai hiofiJ^ by lh« i^V^/ of tb 
BfoAEc'i precept, cipfcJio hii prt/trrmM 9fm»9tUr la fuch t war ■* is 
wjfthj ^r fcimiclf ; in i\\ ian'TCcnt cotnpliucci, in all boociL ciri- 
litict, in ill drccm and nuxil^ cunJEtcrn^oriK. 

* On i^ Cftntnry, ib« am rf (ftc uorM. who ivlb 7n ih« Anitr 
of iki* comcDind, » rvgu^Uft of tlw jwa*/. )>f wbkfa he coo4ad« 
liimicir. He f dpcAi reiihcr his own dig«iix, not tfiit of hunan 
suuTt. Tjuth. icaToEi, vutuc. &U Att cquAlly UirjyoJ b/ ihli 
fopple ifnpolkir. He tfTrnei (o che rrrmt, rHt>B^h The mmt pen^U 
ci^Oi I he Ap)^ialJd■ the foilici, tb04f h the rpoJl rjdjcvloui [ he i^oth* 
the ri<c»i ihouif-h iho uoCl B«$>iue»u>t cf «m1ui mca- He De*«r c«b- 
Uidjds, tboas^ ID the fdfielL for&i of ittliauauaai be never di up- 
pfovei^ Uidugh bf ref|>e<1/dt iijc«c<; be never road«nn», thoogk 
It be only t>f > gr>Dd eiunple. In fhCfT^ he h Ibticuau^ fur nothing 
tnl hf f^me llodied devico to hide ^cm oiherK end, if po&bf^ 
CO poltUcc \a himlclf, the sroJTeeli of bit ilHbi^rsl AduUiion. 

' !• LiAljt we nuj b< tv'e. th^C the ni-rm^i chM. fiM fthicb 
tbHe dilTeftnt t^ji3i arc parfuH, end by lb dilTerent mmst, nuft 
jjfo lU vide ofeKh oiber. 

■ Accordinji'Tp ^* ^'i^^y police ■»*" would, br >tl f>roper tctct- 
monio of irlpcd. projdote the credit ibd eJlimation of bii neigh - 
boar, k*€9^ft he lee*. tb^E, by thi* gctietam cour^OrrjL^Suo of etch 
other, the pe:ice of tlie weild ii in a good <irf>7cc prclervcd { »t€am/t 
\a kftoib* that iKefe nttituAl tcteotioei i^nvcnt AaimvAiieii foficn tie 
ficrotDcficf tncai maiuicrs, end difpolc tbem to ill (kccikevorbe* 
pcvoleiwe and cbwiiy ; Uimi/t, in « wo/d, the intcrdb of fodrty 
%tt beS fervrd by fhia condufi i and itt^ufi be aederAaade it do b« 
hii da:y, 'r it^f ^' mrgtS^irr. 

* The Ulfc!)- polite, on the «^tnry, are wjdodi. br til nieaaj 
uliaccv^f , to procure :Kc favour aod cooitderation of thole Etaer ton- 
vrrfc with, Ifc^^xhty regird ulcimiidy nothing more ttiin iheW 
pfjvaic intereft ' Ucti^t they percriv*, that their own fflaih deiijcne 
are bcfl <afne>d on by fuch pxi^cea : ia a word, hws^fi they £vv 

' ThtJ4 ftie Tte. thegeDuine vuiue confulu the ruincur ofoihcn tiy 
worthy fpeici, irid for the aobkC porpofe , the coDnierreic, ibhciu 
their faroDf by difbooeJl conpliaflcee, aad lor tbc baled end, 

' Br Juch erideri marhi are there two eharaflcri diili[]£oi{}icd 
fjoacach tuher ! aaJ k* IiapoHibk it i>, without a wilfuL peivcrftoia 
cf our fkcokieid lomilUkem thr apf licaciOD of the apoJtle'i pre* 

■ It fbllo«t, yofl fec^ from what has been faid, " that iatajrUr 
of heart* ae Soiouioe l^ng Unee obftfTed, » the ted goiiie ia m^ 
nU i.'* Wc nay iinpstc upoa o;bcn by a Qiew of dvUity ; but 
the Ofcepivoo pMa na ftefber. Wecaaeoi help kriowing, ia oar 

Bijb^f Htird'i Stfvms wt Um^hCt bm. 

m O^V, if •« t« fn^nu4>«s, «vbf« th>t *trEOf r«uisi ift vitrre, 
wben itikfrT^vr«ea mtoihc vice tbt: cJafpt in vaiw. Tocon- 
<U6c4 so bottdl £»«n rum *a rKk tn bcinj potitc- Lcf vi Onfyr^- 
y//<V oor&lvn; w« n^c llitllrarcLT io uni^ wtm. M ttK Sfsflk ad* 

The lemli frrmon llif «tB ih« inAmflion f:ortvt^ inxht^H 
rt( o(ir SinknitS vfafiiiti* tbr tHfiipla fut. Thii, lit cblmm^ 
■*'U5 incmblemiEic xdion, and^ u fufh, figfiifjcauve of mor« 
ibmgt ihiQ 011c. VVic^t he adv^ncts upon ilie rut>jcd ta vcf/ 
in£vnfO«i I wticfhrt ic b« £jrtiir*Aory or ncff^ vrc mil not take 
upon 101 10 dctrrntMi 

Jn the cirveacb fenncn \\\\ L<frdAtp cndnvtmrt I0 txphFa 
4>Tic of the moff (I<£cij1t i>ifugc» lo tbc fi^ur f.ofpds^'^r rtwrjp 
^mt /had ht frUtd tviih fft^ he,— Wc wrjft irfrr our Rearfcrt to 
tbc 4crttM«i itfisi/ for what \% «>dr*r>rcd upon Th^ ^u^jfd> 

The iweHth h « ^rrr ufeft]! diCcourft. HU l^rdfhip, frofa 
— f/a Jiian th-iti hmfeif ■'* ti Jtmethtf^t tp^m ti u JurAfji^, J!v 
ditfttfrt^ hir^/fl/t ft»r*t iTrifj w <(»cctc >nd vain glory trrntinace 
in ttumc and <JirtpfH>intmcnt4 fo tht ittodt&j of cnprceenduig 
^nowkdge ii encviM to our hi^hc6 Hl^oi. 

Dikovfic XltL t* iwtenM R> ftmr tbtt tht En^ilb re- 
formrn «cra i>o< ig»or«ni tn inatKri <rf refigiao. — Wc 2tc not 
% little furprifrd 10 f« a tcr^ triflmj T^'S^ q<iO(c<J, in ittis 
/tnTior, and m (rum of ipprobjiion mi?, from 4 w^k pcr- 
lofinificef entailed, A S.rrfhi^fit Cffntati^ tf Afr. Ln^*t 
jff^pilp. ^Vhit ccnrM iiidtrcc hi> Lordfhip lo oiikc mcdlioci 
«f fiKh t paltry pamphlet ? Whoever hu attentively re*d the 
Cm^td^iiwi, &c, vriU nailily aaTwci tbc que^Joa,^— So ic 11, anl 
WVT will bv, 

T>)C volume now brfotc U5 concludes with a lancr dircotrie, 
bf way o^ commcTTtuyr «n that remarkable part of cbe GofpcJ- 
hifiory tn which Jcfut a ^eprcrcnted, a* drrvfng llic Buy^J anJ 
SilliPi out of the Tcnn?!f.— Thii Umoin i€t, M:co»dii>8 to hia 
lordSlJpi vrn no inccccni fiart of rMl in our Sitrovfi U wa* 
110 *k>Wrt inv^rion nf thr- rSghti cf any ; rt wat no 3& of citH 
i«ttutrity, ufjrp^ by him ( but a prtfhitiir infirmaiitJtt co«vcyci 
In % pr^httii /ffv, ci »n event, the /roil important to mipltiod^ 
#nd to ih« BccooipItQivcAt of hit own offvoc and minidry — ic 
was an ruptefiive fign u> declare hi* grackma porpofc toarardf 
tiie beuli«a. Hi& lordlhip luppom bi» optnion tn a v«ry ioM- 
xtiout manner, and with ;^reat ability s btji whether hla dodtliiff 
k€ well grounded, or not, we Dnll »ot rake upon ui tn pfo- 
fioimtet nvS Ihall only fiy that the fbJution be bzs gir;n i^pai9 
f& v« CO be aittudcd with coiifidetaMc di&cuUict, 




( i8 ) 

^bcdin «Scr>r»criJ(ut» lo £Luon Boro, on i(ic Natsril Uilorj* 
pvtkMUrly tKr M^tuBT^ni lad VoloAOi of ihsi Couirry. ^y Juha 
Jtmei PcrN'i Pr frflof of Naivfal bUorf at Mut«w lo C-rlud. 
And Membc/ of IcvctaI L4l<i4ry &.'<jcU<*- Trdiiildc«l trom ilit 
German; viih Ex^aa-itofjr Noict« Jtcd ■ Prcfict oti ihc prcicnf 
SUic »d faiuic IdipioveaicaE of Minlralogf. By k. E. Rirj^ 
»?0- %i^ BmhJ*. L- Djvir*. 1776, 

IN our Review for June laft, p. 477, we oMfn«iJ, • thii Mr. 
Rjtfpe bid rorfT^ed thv dWi^A of inrroducing to the actjuiiot- 
ii)C« of the Englrfli rentier, ihf arc<iunit which ^wwe hccn 
]atdy [yjblilfied of th« tuvcl> of Uvcril learned fk)r<:Jt>(Kf»t 
emincfit for ihcif 'ikWX in vat ioua branchct oi Niiui J H#^ ^ 
pAfticularlf with fvfped lo tke ifiEctrul QiucJuic sod prodiiC* 
fioa* of Uie carih» — fo wo^idcfful, — ib rirtoot,^^ och, — fo 
jMauiifiil) — fo ufcful, — and fo !>ctlc knowji to tr<c gcncraliij of 
jnanVind, Accordio^ly, Pirb^r't LttUrs i» SartM Btrm, rrri>ni Ui« 
German] on the Nituul Hiftory cf luJft htxc tike the lead ; 
«ihJ mc hope Co fee thccD followed, lo cue ticnct bgr the fdine 
writcr'( nitDCralogtcaldefGriptionorBt^tfBWffj ibe voyage* of JT< 
In'ffl Fkriitt (ttJtn the hall jui i adJ BaionBoKN s jcurcicy Imothr 
B^matt Trtr^htithf ani Hswaiy, fiom (lie Gtiinan : dom all 
of which* the ftoek of mincnlogicjl aai bouoici! kdo^rlnfgCt 
ta thjt ccuntfT^ may giin 1 re^y eoafidcrable au^montacioa. 

With ivfpcQ ii> Italy, it is jutlly remarked, by ihe Icaaied 
Tfarfl«ri>r uf ihcr letirM hrlort ii«, thit^ by a eli^ical education, 
wc are impcrccpcibly, dom our infancy, made te^uaimed wich 
tfaic counEiy ; and that, bcinj- favourfJ hy ritutc, or * infplf^ 
hf fAfhion,' with a lUlc for Arta And ^cicaco, ic ii w;th plcafure 
iind impioiement ihat wc afierwardi travel ovef the Atpi, and 
that wc perufe tho defcripCioDi of this beautiful divifioti of 

' Happy/ proceedi \U, Kaffc, f * i& iu clianate, asd dilliȣuinicJ 
Vy tbe iag<»uitY of iu inhabiianttj it hai tvlcc, uiiiicr tbc Kumaaa 
And Popei. wilt aa almi^Il ijiiirciffcl fnay, pieCd<d oT«r ihc bntrr 
pait of it< WDfU. At iwo dilfercai j>erji:it:t i; lijt nurfcd itj ict- 
proved ih^ Artt and Scirncr*. In fcimtt iiTiti, it handed tttn 
doi^n by th« Komaa C<Al^iii<» to diHant bartur^ui kujoci)- Sioce 
the Uk Gcckic iftt, they rvriv«d ax^i*^ i^ ^^C ^cniai of PtTTarcht 
DaalTt Boccace, Raphacf, aod Leo X^ uho fpitad itcii (F^ojy, li|t^t, 
ABd inftucaer, over (b« ivhctc lohabired world; Afier, » h I'Opvd* 
10 bf loft again. Bjr a juft reiura, every An and Scknet, a»d 
■t«ry ci*iUE<d Dtiion, htye beta cRiuloii* u eubclUlh I aJy« aW lia 
gUe teAimcciy to iu tigbl/ dcfcrvcd cekhri;/. 

■ Ed ik« Article relatioic 1^ Uiii GeQiIedao'i J^ttmmt ^ /ma Qtr^ 
■aa/ ^ iX f ja w , <Wr5mr/rfAg»»MjpabliihedUil]rcar. 

L. * At 


Ferbei'i Tr^wlr thrnth Itafy, 

Ptr v0ri§i tit/ill (^ mul/^ difiriMiAS rrtttm 


Tft cctfrf]vcnc«, ttui ftiin^hub1« pirt of Eoropr, Lftriif b«tt fo 
raath viiicd ind cx^mi^icili oad h *=ioly dci'cribcd by lUc itrttcn. 
nov iflbrdi but ^ lopbi for the XDOtKro ir iicEtct lo cnUr^ Epo«. 
Tbcrc bitfC, hcm9tttt of Uie ftpp*«fed f9m« (Icicnp<u:'ni, mhi^h 
prove, thai inf^mio^t tata mav y«( cc<i1iri<r If^Iy i« » atw ^cinc of 
new. It wouJ^ be tiDfraicfai do; iq MkaoKlcJge tbc ob^i^atioftf 
wc trt oadcf. lo lh« pvbjtcatlopi of La CondaiTiioe. Rkbird, La 

ft»d fiarpty i xnd ic «o«ld be ^nUir nov to nek Mr. Fcrber tnong 
thofi wbo Fnund in Inly objo£l>t 

L^«/r /'f«j *j//f <tvi«r««r ttmp^m M(/W-* 
Mr. R. now proccrtlf lo giw foou «cenint of hi* Audior; 
from ifflvkcb vc ihill cxtra^ ihc following parttculirs: 

* Mr. Ferbcr wai born 4i C*Hfcrona In Sivedtn, tod bid Ui 
fidiKtdoA H Upfil, eh>t f>t«oai f^hool cf NtivrAl HiAory, wh«fe 
L^mtL^r^t, Cr$m/9it, «ikd t^^lfrMtt ha*^ So foccvftfaJlr fft*ini<ri«d 
tb« di^fiai kiv|[dcQi» of NiASfc; sad vhcrct of ucc, (o B&oy 
cotbcuc Nwai^^Ct kirc been islpifcd wi(k tbcir ]i<Qiv>. /Wirr 
cto^rli: 4 imtf fpiik of It, ?Co( wy drTOtm|E bimfflf wiih inidjr 
tfcoittd rv< dtfcjpin cf C*it»te»t to the colledion ma d > tfr tcj (ion oC 

toot of Natvrc; wbich^ fioA ttt bcisg fitiTt>ii«ded ivtih dukacS* 
•Gd ituiMlrd i»iLh tlilhcultici, htt hitherto bcea ico in«di ncglcded- 
Nor did be crtinp kii itBdrrAiftdiog aiEb the btrrcn oomcnditcrcf 
of tuUiit. H* tb«bghc of Utu^tBg hicnfflli %a4 »f tBpn>riti£ 
tcicr^cc, for ibc rch«Iar lod ibe tn'mtr, |a ikia view ke ciuaiftcd 
ibt fiiLDn ud fjnckjp^-plocci im Svtden, aad uaidled, Ironi the 
vcir i7^£ CD iT7ja ihroA^fi Geftninjt Horandi Sivtntfr!»d, FiincCk 
Hogfjutd, Hoit«iie> Huft^rj, lad luty, in N^ler to enlarge ai»d 
nAiiy bie id««i, thd to ^aiber thH vario«> ttftrudioo, from the 
kuncd m4 tbc uokuiicd, iron PbitofcpheriB Cbcoii^. Mlocra* 
*aJ S^ixlurt, Hbick ikc implored CfiltuK of tkofc couotiic* ofm to 
(tie obipfvcr. 

' He made •( feveril iiinei ■ loog l!ty la Gtttainy, the bed u 
*e11 Bi ihc mo^ iMKot U^^ in tv^rope for mineri aod »etil- 
lurip^li. Tbc oM rich mian of ike Hutsfvretl. wuk in fu;atni> 
Iftfmed eo bin mnirkibly ia4roAfve \tt ibnr AiEure, led In ikc wifa 
er«oeottx by aLich -hey arc cooduOed and regtilivd ^ and. in^«cd, 
tfcfif nn btft 1pm maei. tLhicb, <m tikKKCOuait will bear a coa- 
pftfifoa with tbctn, 

* Tbe very ufcful Aci^e&y for Mioen *t Ptelber^ In Saxofiy 
faiitnfd and lofliuacd him- The artt of mining, (arvrf^^g, «wvk- 
rn^, and UneJunj;, are uiaj»bi Ehvrc, by nUe rullert, cpon fcieadlic 
pfiocipJei j and w tbiL pUcc he rreoii to have «oacciicd a laougbt 
of enlirginj npoo Ba'On ttSjt v. Oi^in't idcA of a pbyJ;«at or 

^A> ai Biicht gevfrahie tJeoDi and -adsGc the aft of diTcotet^ng 
a&d purf4J(»£ fTictallic i«ini to beiier priccifJci» Huberlo it uraa 
CAtiicly leri, either to tba«ce, m tbc UpcrAitiosa aoJ ifnora&c. 
pra^kes of cooictoa wo^kmcp; pcilukpa lo ^ ^^i^Qml ^^V^ uuL 

jd F«rtet'f Tratf^ thrsn^h ftatf, 

mmiy^tWiVi< Mtptrici! ^ipeHfRce of ilG:r/ii« miaen, «'KU^ 
co«jIc u co^tsM 19 fiafU vottAEusi, and f<vK cre^ ouiJitci tbc 
^Mi. 1 ntcd Bct (•■vll oa eIk «Jtant«£c^ of likli ha^fj iJci; fiicCp 
fcim ifir prrtec pnti^cid^n, ind fomt oifccri ^IikEi I (bill fiical; of 
flj^f«vdi, ir 11 bbvi^oi h«« Tiii1ruait<e ic nufi prOT^ l^r ilt* Art of 
JfltniDg ; fhicht t^tui itx Naackil irt, {«tat lo be <kr mak took* 

\W fiii<I that in J76S, t pcifuiul jaccjtjaiitEA^cc took pine* 
bctwc^ti Mr, Fcfbcr aod hi* prcfcnt Tr^oAifor, wbcn^ from 
Sinoay ;ind tbc H«rjtfotc0t the famcr procceJctl U» viiU 
HoIUnd, Frinc^tiDd EcgUird. 

' WcGiimiacJ tofict^. UyalM. the H«bcUi»A)d*. onr C*re] i 
Ubdu, till t&tt awmtal, he h^d ifO) no n>lcinic WaonTaint frpcrrd 
to b« fuch, h? ihu noc Alco^rtbrr f:)Eit6f4 vitk mjr Syirin ^f tM 
Evib, H-hich in 17*^) '^d't ^« pabiiOied M AcnJlcKljai, 1 wv led 
10 r^ff-rd. v^b«i fi-ibft i>ti(cfftLiijii» hftvc cMviace4 oc oft chai tbb 
buffc ar^ uQwmh bcjp of laouniaiai ia « okoautts^i of aftticnt 
*oI<inic rrupiiOD*. Ho h»i criEiiiJy im tbrfr Lrt<rr» on Italy i^Kle 
SI* Urge and Jibcfil «ni«£d«v b«c« be bat <t^brDK| &« tu my 

Ml. Fcfbcr, wc ace hete iiifoffix^i bid panicuW aitcuiion 
ftod rclpciU pvd ro him^ in E^gUjtd, by the true lovcri *m| 
fiieodi 10 rc>cocc ; men of liberal cni[idj« wb<s ai Mr> R, 
cxfT«lle« ttp ^ cooftder not fekftce >l Ji jvbt>, ror ibe a^iVQ 
frtcfidi uf koQwled|^c aA ciitruithiitg loirudtn upon their [cpu- 
Olion/ C)n' ibit occilior, he menciom ?.!r, Whiichurd, of 
tHxVf i.jirhot With bofpioblc poljicr<f>, * and an exrcnnic, fjlid 
knowledge of bit eountry, rfiablcd ibc Icirnrd foreigner 10 
«XAflline the mouniiSri Asd minei of th4t coxjmy/— To ibia 
we jt^iy h^re add, wtth refprfk 10 Mr. Wkiichurlt, tbiT, (at wc 
Arc in?oioicd) tiK p4»bl«c ivitl foon be n»adc ac<]uarnecd wriih 
bia atiiliiiest arid tbe rcfulc of hiii long aiki accunie rrfearchrs 
into ihote hidden opctationa ol naEurf, ffom whence, perba;>i, a 
ffeeory of ihe tanti may br deJuced, moie fM(i«fadlory t5 the 
pirilofopbic worldr ih^n any Iha; hiEti yet ap|>ejtred, 

' In t7~o Mr, Ferber letoiDod to Sncdtu, and was mmcd 
ACdE>f in tbr Roy^l Depannkmr of Mtnn; hut foaa afirr Ctf cut 
iflgTifn fee Gnmaay, o« ehc £unc trrsLnd at befofc, and Mhich altcr- 
'Vudt M him 10 tiity. 

* Ba^oa JatgQ v^ Born, Cooafdiof of the Ror^I and TaifXriil .STeci 
■A ft^hrmia, then Ining at Pri^Lie^ ha^l been a<^vaintrd ai:h him 
ta \\% ittfi )ourofy eo Germifiy, and frb^d the opporiafiliy of ibii 
frco«d caevrtion -kfich that uaerov} marach Ufhich hai made bi«i 
(nw of tbe noft kameJ aaid molt liberal ^roowccri of MiacraJonf-. 
EavUf lonnerly n. aicnunicatcd to hii tricnd ixrjr lailtLtfliTe uid 

lertarsis^ accovai« of bit oar ininefaloj>icjJ iravicli to tbe H«n- 

" Om tf tb« ytiiwaie noaiiaiai. at Mr. Rafpa dtema thcia« 
Vlicb cndrdc ibc valky of CalTel. St^ hit tinufct &r o«r »(04iaC 
' ll, rrfetred to, ho ihc frcccdit£ fioie. 

- Fcrber*! Trautb tir$^i ftafy. 

"fUiVt aiJ TrSftf^lvtn^Ab tniM), be aovr fnv^iM om Mr. Frrhft td 
ift&ic him a fJubie man for ibcm by K^odnit irom tciT). wb^ihcr 
he wcnl » tbc Uucr end cf I77<* ^^^V' hiim; mtcjc Kpeacci laiJ 
verr ^nierrlin^ «iiviimAitohi of ihc BohmliA Qii'nci, 

* Thi> occ«Aonai acqminuncr of cur Auihor urtdi Bjuon Bom 
proved a l^mt «l*d£taft« lO OrvdoJogY «nd tntnvnljjj/ I '^^^^^ *i^ 
JK bd<b{<\] to 11 fur icmc <rf tk« raoft rmabk And fcIeotiAc icccm st* 
llhltei^ witticn ia 4:iir Urj^b«ge, B4ron Dorn pobliAcJ Mr./criirr'i 
Lfltc«-rt on luljp SI F^'Zt^t >7"J" Mf. ttrhir pubtKhnt ooc only 
bit 0411 QbrcrTabo«» ^n i^f qvickfilvrr miac< tt Idria and oa cw 
Bfthtniaa uibci, bgt ilfo tbc barOB't TriTcb Co Hon^uy u4 

' TbefF hakc b«t« rvcriird abroad «ilb jaft ippliafe; and, u If U 
wcTinned Itit ibef witi nrcet wiih a ftoirbr fCCFprioo >n Eitgtard, I 
Lm B«d«vtilB*n lo Jajr ihem bcfor* ch« pubt^c, ever indulgent :o tho 
inprovfineni ^ BfclWl 4<>cacc. Aa the lancr arc Jbortly to appcarg 
1 Ibail Ikcfc givtf ibmc remvka Acretf oo tbc prc/^m pabiicadoa. 

Mr. R. procerda loobfcrvc, rhir» a< bcforr \fr. Frrl>er, no 
trsTcHcft ba> cxaatiocd UtXy in a general mincraJogical vkvTt 
the prrat f>bjr^ of ibcfc Lxttciit chcreiorc^ oonus rccorameodcd 
to Qi b^ ill cnti/e nordtr. 

' lotCTTlliog in lij^lfi ur* hcr fbr itic inipro¥e(n«»t of ?l^A 
Ongr*^. juid th« Kaivra] Hlftory of ih« Eauh, it \t iW mon k», 
fti Ualf offera rnany inf-fuAi¥« pbcnomcnA to tkat porp^tcg and at 
ibe viritci cf tWfc L<(Urf wai cniincnilr quatilcd to ireai of ib<aa 
«itb prcrpfficif. I iLiil noi CE^laijfC upoa the ticinit)^ of ikc Alpi, 
tbr eaivrv oi ihc /pfnalnc moumalAa, iba imbjt mirijEt <|«tirwi, 
vhr grCK variety of fcrHj^n nubki onpioffd b/ tbe .IncUfrti, th# 
akn «»rki at ToTfa ao^ in tbc bolfaura, cor (be iDueaie «f ibc 
/ca, wblch Mr* Ftrkr ba* taken noo« c/. Tb« vokiftot cf |liii 
o>«o«/7, Ilqbcvct, and cfpcciaiJ^ Vcfu^iua, daint pankvlar 

' irieg C<au*d in tba acii;ll»Drb«>d of a Iar;>e and popaloai ciry, 
tb>a fli^uciiis had (buck tnc faocri and engaged ibe cunolkri of 
phiIofi;>;^hcri aad triieUm ctet ^nce ihe luac of Pln»y. Htr«rcvetp 
the a>anj[ dcJcfipi'Jiii of the^ ^^^'^ liborarortei of Naiape, vhtcli 
hithtrca havf bcfa {fiveo eo the publk^ are far f;^» bviag ratiiri.aof]r 
to NaturalilU. Entircl) uken up with hiHufiCAl K<Oanii «! ihtir 
vir^uj crupttot»i aijd of the bonoif aod deiaiaijom v^h:dj ^Af% 
u:ndcd, ibey iadol^rd ibcmicht* tfiUiei in fcaiimciLul at4 
poerifM llighta, or in marvflluiif iik* cf woodv^i* p^rfornrdt of 
»jb«r toi petJormed, bv tl>c noftrBfl* of 5i. (jmiAaHoa, and (W 
Cervooain ofciafiy prklfi. Tbiy coiiced only ibe appenai dcraia- 
)Gt. acd did nci fi> much ai imagine iha: ibc vdcank »4 
VcfrvUn hovTvri ar« coivtocnjtact n>jeltk«efrAi of lie moA a^Ivo 
po-^rr of NitM, oeatiag aew IbiTiU jad Uf^ by ibe grt4t«fl oF «U 
_ck<vi««l opcratiofti. Bat very few of tbe-nt atii tbofe only of Ui«, 
l«ifcd ibe ap|jl>iaB t-^ciV pbxaotaoia, aci the ucw'uifcd loluiiik: 
taiitb, to ume general bypoibcfia of the «4r<h: alibough th« 
tOreelct, tboat va/o tbonfand i«ar« a^o, bid fet tbi« h%rt\\ cAftnpIe, 
Iq ErauA2 Naiore'i fyiev br baoiUt tAdi. 1 do not aiJude to f Aibet 



jl Fober'i Trwtth ^rmtgh Itefys 

of « ttvtnl ibJ fubtcrrvveow fir«i a^pcari^f bo tthrn eiecepl 1* 
In* ovB ckgAcriciJ lediiHU of tkc e^iik I ebfib la fpiik of ibv 
bcner ffibtma of ^^, fTfiir. a^d ^fi/. L^t^n Atn^; which» in a 

f««» «3rplM, Of m%hK uplAi*, pikvaoswoa on ibc Corfacc of the 
ciriEi, lb«t hiihcfto hftd tiKa io inoar Bni»oliP|;'noan in ocWr 
orologkal |y^<f* EflabJi&ed vpoit fiSSi, tnd cndc^cfd by eipc- 
rieac« 1^ vdOiy> lltd« aro uwloobeodlv ia i highrr ^tlr thne ihofo 
d WiUlOB, Buract, Wo«d«ra>d, aitj MaiL]ei» m wbic^* Uai *rs 
Ibppoft^a BMi powrn «od erroi* a[cribe<l to NNtuf«, v>il\ vkicH 
NatBrc afpeari to be ui^At^L^jJaicd. loikccf. ibcf uc <lt:lid«B4 m 
fnaay poinLf» ami vrry (it from tiRvir>g rr^rncd fijot tiir han4t of 
tl^ir sochon tbii Utiiad? 3*^ cvj<kiic« tbcy are <Afibk ot* a* wt|| 
in refpcdof kiiorkol trii;^i u of thv natojc aail iioarion of fofiU' 
■ii<l aiorrd bodin. Th»>, I «a3 pcrf^a^td, IUod> ckarly provc4 mi 
my Sj/fm tfth€ tnnh \ vbr^h, far ihc honour of ^«t4#, «i»J ibe ■»• 

5iro«ein«»t of fc^^c, n^i jMibliEhcd 4r AmclfriUA Ja l?^)- '< "i'L 
artK«r «vidci]t]^ ^f^ar, fn>ai a-i Ji-pKnfa «ditioa fhicfc 1 am 
prcpaiia^t aaj froai what 1 fn^MBiC hare to ilia j«j£ibcaG of tfc« 

* Tkai a viriery ofpan^kt aad horixnatiE 11n:a vt pK^ufei^. bf 
vatiooL ciirr«*, at ih« bo(t>yn of ih« fi^: ihii nnl>qiut[e« bi*e 
brokaiit ^ifi^rd«r<«j> and railed Itr;^ pirlt of iKmi abprc in level ^ 
ibM rolcaaot work boih an^cf and tbovc ibc fra; ir^ij Umt man/ 
Ibffili afc djilj produced ard acCDnatjtctJ bj thcra Tnio hilb. kij^h>' 
Ovrcring orcr the fotmfr pUtnT, lilt rim ard yswtt U\«t ihem agiia 
to tbo fffOftodi ibtfa art apdtvrftb^fl iieu, apd, ^ben prof^djr 
aunnlca M, triih a due r<fpeCL to X^^t otW phjtoomen^ nat only 
fuppori ibc orolv^ical bypocbcAt now und:' c<-aiid«;acioii, boc owH 
CCruinlfP ^rc ArtwglT' viar^ed nirt-Irrri of NiEorf'i owo rrftom* 

* Thip fyncm «r <aflftoc be ttioraagfal^ ar^uiinird wil)k, if tl^H^ 
^t-lise« are ooc bl^cd up with luieEy of Dbfrrv>riooi \ tbey aloac 
can si'^ >< li^<^> 'i**^ mik-r it a iruc pidtf^v rf the I'ubccrraneta kift^' ' 
6oin* Left wbcrc fbiluiijphfn bairc If fi \\ hilbcrio. it \\ bij; a faiat 
cOD^rflcifi] ikercb; thai l^jiikhfl. ii »ill pfi thmBf>oe^ nf a p^flufo, 
drawn and celoarrd af]«r Nmittc: wtaS p^iy of a«itlf the f^rnt 
advaiiu^ to aiinori aod pbilolbphtn, at wcll-ddiocatcd aiia^omicaf 
tablet afi of GO forgeoaa and p^rficiaai. 

* I [ball point out «he<c tbh lyfUin wai ile^cj^nt, and by tikat 
meant Itate when ii remain* fo ttiFK 

* Tne probleni to bt rtt'olvrd Evai, in f^evn-al, Itid d'fwn Jpon too 
parrow principlci* It wu only ea (;<pUia tb? 9r;;in of (be lorqiiaTi- 
riev, and of ihe led<{bclli conuincJ in itic^r vadoab p4r,tncl urau- 
Tbii* indefd, ii bnr pa»i of tbe qn^rion. Thir hi]htr mftjtUie a%/ 
/Sm/if mfQwf^iitt: their tlTtirei s*d rriiii ; lb«lr rocki, ^^'Zt'.ch ttrtr 
CO«itaia any adventt(toa» Or|>Boic bnJv ; iheie dilVereei rclatiVtf 
fcttmrov. Io r<fpKt to thcmffUo, and co uic rDKa^' mannc or oiber 
bf<4t «/hich ait iacjmbcac on ihctn : hxre noE bcrn property acieaclMl 
IO- till vpry laidy, wr wrro rrtir^lv ileifkiit* nf fckf-lir^C >od 
»i>E<Ur|ribl« defcripiiaoi M~ nount*tin) lad rrriaia, aad tb? rflpe^ivo 
iMiiiiai Hiauion of tlicir bodi bbJ ro<;lc», Tbii orticiiincy htt beeo, 
01 Uie. pcrceind and fap^liccl b> fosc k^taiosj viuctj, ot dJJf^nai 



W FcWf Tr«^j f^m^ Itaff. ^ 

^pjhM » tt^iM iMWV ftrijr^ tW bx)bi Alrei^iy meai«on«I* Tin 

«rifia of tlfre rnuj icck 4dJ £o*« h«di ;« > litftk cj^f^ci wj^fthcfl 

A ^rB<rdi mil imudirc loqflj^-itiijn ; uif a/c we <i> liiUa lo P^'^^'^l 
'fo^ben, *h« li:iLly c<:>Drd Ull ks, tome jr«3ui a^"^. ilui por:>Ti/rr Si 
a ««d ifttfs GHtU «i'h p«Tritrd poasn of «chini;e» i tb^t cuEttnovrl 
b«fjlc EbalTci «i^ tuSi'tr c nil i tkat a»rcU «fld ilfTJU ^re bc«U 
<Lfi LubiliMo MvAi,c\U of ito uioa^uiB3i ti^il iiufy cKhpcr fvcu 
abr«rdiu«». 'I 

^■^ tf/t mijrrrtima vrA. ~J 

* The hii^tno i,i;g\tiied tiuive pU<e of kit fcXJi, to nb thil 
phralcorSbAarf^tic, j;iv<e» ilic/ir /j«f^ iofu<h «ti2Bcru1 DOoCtiNTaJ 

'NAiFafT, in itiF-^rrai limn, jftJ iind^ riififienc cirtu»diocn, bj itaij 
fi>Vrai» ol im;er and tare, uBffor«l/ pfDdi)c«*,*ft*d hai prodocvd^^ 
Uut wwiy of foCIf, v^ich cap ihs fu-TJjcc of (be cifih «td £IM 
«kr iuufialeifics. The dcicifaifituoa of it<Jc V4riL<kii ctrcv3idiocr>rl 
•ndcr vtiUU N#curv ptrxlvocd Aod drpouicJ them. b. tn icfpcA nJ 
tbc ^lliit, w^it the LtnRj'io ScxoaI Syibcn h lo the pUnu t kail 
A«W(— sat nbit tv«y lotti «> £Ood ^, Of mnpatti of-'bdE ij 
pffttMb't ruJc, b;r *AKh ;o £&d mi eo fMriuc ibna sodcx groyad^!! 
aod bjr «bkb WG nif ibc])*« of tbcb oiigia axtj Act^ul-jr ; iJvaa^ 
twn, »biOb dtt OCrcr oc ripitfArd f-atn oar mta^rakigicil Ty^t^vsJ 
clbbltfM HKftJy tpon Ibroi, c^knt* tad chemiol r3ay>t i^tdl 
which Mill, pn^pi, JMf 4»7 or oihrr, v»lra th«(« cnqvifrci »ar» J 

Kucll U fiill Je(i fof paUci>(> ; for which 1 rckt the rtidcr i^ BifoaJ 
Borti'i ind Fubfr'* acooiimi cfihf Huci£«riiii anJ B^Srntiin minfiil 
to »y ?fcCicc ftddc4 lo tii«ai and to tic VAll boclc ot N«lorv, irhuWj 

* The CAEt^uaku utd vofcaooi. ^ftg tbc chief *t£1»1e «>4l 
|M««rful T^u&i of ih« tncq^A^iUra «nd Ihi^trrfd coftJiitoo nf 'MJ 
iurCtcc cf ib« TAfth, frOkild lon|; aro htv« «v;;)£<d ch« p4ilH>£oph<i«l 
to ffai)vif« UbO tbtif ftftiiuc and vfiVfU. HjpOlhcUCtl lltcarci ^^^ 
h««e in «UinLl«*(c » n*/. ■« iiiir J'- tfifure hou;i in ovr ckf::i vcffi 
Cdi1| imcQt Atv ooth wiihusr improvine fcJcnCf. Bjc h^ic w#l 
fiCU coou|h, vHl ex4m1oRl trid v<l] dfkHbed ' Kite we Ciofrlf I 
«itt*d«d to th«ir Tifioua e9ctU t^d circumUjtttceai «ii wc oakal 
Uar «JlovMi6ci fof (Iki** tr^a vc ai;;«pnd to apply (hem >^ oarl 
Off&kftiul fjrAcna^ baj wc from pP. obtcrrtt ion i a^i rifled initKiblDl 
chvMfn, hj which »e witrc erublrd to dtlt^«r tbei; brmerl 
dfirtffltoiu aad crviiioni, ia Lhofe pini wheie hiAory kft tu iMl 
^ukoefif lbr«fy aoif I 

* Mr. IaCmCiww fiuty uknj»i)cdi;ci, ik>i he taJ hi) fe1fo«1 
acjdcukiuui wtn ttam^aAttttd wfih the lak^u^ji; prtyJuc^tonit w!>eal 
they acre feat co Peru, md ficqvently rfitiittped far wnk* ^adl 
VOBiki on PidrokCJie, Lctopxi, aad Chinb^nloj whkb are, P'^l 
kap«r tie noA rcaaikihle Ukd ktr«fttfc iroU4AO» i» lie *M»| 
world* I 

* Jmr. iMc^t St^t rva:arrd la 174Q 19 a^hr aK ihe llriiiCrA] 
foSMlli? AOdStiiu to roktOK trapWAIJ but be dj4 ftOt provf^ htll 

34 Ferber'i Travils thrffugh liafy, 

aflcrEton; tnd tTiui convinced nobody; nor crer will, in refpcft of 
thofe beds, which vifibly «r« produced and deported by the fei. 
' Count Bufftn in 1 749 prrfumed 10 fay of atl the votcaoic monn^ 

Cina, and the newraifed iflandi, tbftt " they arc witbout paratM 
:di, and that their materials and robCfancei are deftitnte of anf 
TCgnlar pofitioni picfenting only ihe diforder of irregular CTapTioni*" 
Bat what volcano, or wfaat ncw-raifed ifland, bid he or other 
NacuraliHd examined ? none. 

' Mr> La Cndamintt after h If inf feen TraTy in i^$%, feemi to havo 
been the firft who obfcrved, and told the ptibliCt that all fhe environ* 
of Naples are volcanic i and tbtl the volcanic groonda reach from 
thence 10 the very gatei of Rome, and iu neigh boo rhond at Prafcatit 
Grotia Ferrata. CaRel Gandolfo. Albano, Tivol^, CapfiroU, Viterbcw 
and Lore: to ; tbele have never been noticed by billorians a> being 
It all volcanic captions. In this particular he may, 
perhaps have been improved by the Learned in Iraly, fuch ai P. ^ 
9erTt,' Ginr- Targioni TttAtIti, anji Giva, Ardui/ii, tvho aboDi that 
time, pabUQicd their mineralogical Dbferrationi on feverat parte of 
Italy : " bat he was certainly the fir[l, who» on this fidu of the Alps* 
in DauphiDCi Provence, and fevcral other places, fonnd marks of 
ancient volcanos; fo evident, that hii only aftonifhmeut wa*, that 
thefe hii conjefturei Ibould appear naw, and be thought wbimfical, 
in a country, where, according to hts opinion, in ordrr to form the 
like conje&ures, it is fuflicient merely 10 open one's eyet-" 

' About the fame time, and during Mr. La Condimine's abfence 
in Italy (1755 or 17^6), Mr- Cuertari ptefcntcd to the Royal Aca- 
demy at Paris, a Memoir on the perfe^ refemblance between the 
Vefuvtan volcanic produftions, and thofe which he had found in 
Auvergne and on the Mont d' Or. SltniUr difcoveries have (inec 
been made in many other parts of the worM ; in which, except thefe 
unnoticed monunienis, no hiUorica] records were left^ as memorial* 
of former volcanic conHagTatronB. 

' Father la Torrr't Hillory of Vefavios, and fome modern defcrlp^ 
tions of j^tna and Vefuviuj, though juftly conlidered ai cla^ica] 
pcrformancei, and written with much hillorical Icirntng, candour, 
elegance, atld ingenuity, did not enlarge the vJeMS of philofopherSt 
nor fpread any iemarkable« new Irghc on the fubjefl. They were 
highly deficient in a mineralo^ical refpc^ ; nor bad their autho^a 
ever troubled themfelves about the fcientific and jn-.elligible denomi* 
nations of the volcanic proJu^ions, or ihcir various itate, njtare, 
fituation, groond, principles, and conneftion with other folTtl^. Of 
courfe thejr left oa in the dark on all thefe fubje^s ; told us many ft 
pretty tale of marcaGte, biiimien, and precious llone^ ; and were fair 

fame for ihe fubtle lava-dealers at Naples* who. Like iheir kindred 
talian antiquity -fellers, cannot be fuppofcd to be remarkably con- 
fcientious. I have feen dearbought pretended Vcfuvian prcciont 
flones, which, upon nearer examination, were found to be artificial 

frtalTea ; and fome tables, inlaid wiih pretended Vcfuvian and Sicilian 
;ivast which, for the greater part, were extremely apocryphal, or 
confiAcd of marbles. 

' Mr^ Df/hart/l, an eminent mineralogift, who was employed for 
jbae time to exaoine the natural produ^oai of Fruice, obferved 

a that 

ftiitft frovdt thmfh ha^ 


tiMii«ei*d «Htli the Uvi« tad ocb«t ve|r«ai< fdlnU of tbit cdancxTf 
Bodt bt'w|t ia ibeif fMbBjuKe ^nd colour fb aeiilr rrbicJ i« ihe 
he Tco;ww ift 17^ ihc hypMkclii. " cku liib fori of ftuoe 
brionvivf ((», >«d produced 1^* itiCE volcinlc hva corrtcii, I bal 
cvvr^DCc tkc ^«f itO;, orev^ltficc ny cvanLiff]?:Dti of the voieaalo 
prod»Ai«ni i* H<lf«, o^r«rv«d ikv Umf ^hcnoaeniMi i^d Atio 
tonviAccdt hj a varkty of A<tr, ih«t brtijo it< &lu bik^ aKt«li4 
many ocW fodiii rrcetw a dcrcfnioccj iirro by fcifiup sud lOutiab 
M «tU M by rhdr t^luiton in aqucODA fel^nii ; E »it th«ev>r« Aracfe 
by tbiicoiflcidieg nbrerviiiofi, and r«<M tro r«ai6n *^hy (hfr* |^/obl#f 
tnukal foeki Avald not tw hcncef^rlh tMiidtfred ai cirfltJlszeA 
l^rii- Acoordtafly I coatmttnkued la 1767 *n «<(Ouac of ih 
wMtMCJcal Infthci u Pdjfccr^. asd Mbtr plir» in Henc^ 10 ihS 
ksyal Sotfivtyi and^ wiih ^mr hinhfi parTiarUrt. 10 5ir «%i|]b^ 
HattilMttt sad 1^ cb« H^yhl i» de;^ i» U9;tirig«n, 

* Lf i'. d«t«f'Ci any piraitc-, 10 htflre £rA fail upo* a laclcy tiyp^tticfl 
ti caDfiflt pofTibdy b« drnl<4 fo Mr. D^«rir4 ; aed I mjy be rIIow 
ta hftvp Ihine llianr h> ir, iiw br<nj, in po^nt rf time, intrrior ii> tf 
nu*v l«« d^teoverrri of Vufctrtoi bikI vcl^^nic ttiCil:»i ; icr hivin# 
eaoGrnad it by ftit obUnM^tnf and, finallf , f:>r bavine (mpraT«7 
ii hf hmt mvw (afU «r,d *irwi^ w^kk in of Uca Acci^nE of :b9 
Ofrman Vottinoi, I have taiJ before <lM puMk. T><rir chtrT piuw 
vaU aad *cnd««(7 ii, the eonje:tun, « (b«i ihe pvifmiilcaJ bj^Jtcv, 
Idagt M rboCv p£*c«t wh«'c 1 ^hierytd ibciRp 4»d in mtay oibcrt^ 
ticar Of beb* t^ ktcl of i^c lea. tic 10 be cosfid^rrd crihtf «i lira 
corrcMit cooM ia le^a^icr. of cxjUd i« ihcmrrlrc* unarr ^fovn 
urMlOut aAy rraptbn/* Tbr ftme rrArAnt «^ll ninJ fur UfIT Ftr4^ 
3ud Dijm^^, lAd Far wi, in »^»r£l tc^fh^ lirlt fcifntilic d^rcnptiottir 
ibe v«nou» volcanic. «r volcaako mirinr, or rt^ktnif ptr^liLkaC' 
)•■ lb«nd n (be fcr<'it raTcitiivi of lutr. i'rtncr. an^' (icrniaciT| 
ivh<b ibt puKuit of ihcrV cji^airiei and cnUr^rd vivwt, fur ibv 
IttDrovcmtni of TcUftce aad fom< of ihe mtfchtBicil tn$, it nadt 
•aiV and pnparM. 

' Mr. FfrSfF^i accoaat e£ t\t Vcfgriac Jttai abnc it^nU [ire ihit 
^bJkaiion i:rrdii. J: ii aoi oaly ihe iii^ cf ibic kind, but nij# 
^flly b« cunftdrrnl ai a <«A and direction for ochcr toontrirf, vhick 
$r4 d«flicai# 4>f lliJ]<burri(tft volcano^. Probably ir lailt be f^on con* 
limed by ih« BilMtA^f^kal icc^iinu of Italy of M;. G^ttutJ, ivhft 
Itatcftcd ttith /Vr/rr ibr>>^JKb a fcai paft of ciiii eOtimry ; aad^ 
tbo«(h in femt potnii he dicTnot encirrfy a^rrc wi;h birrt. ilic publHi 
«rtll be 1^ belter eaibled by hn accoitati to jud^e of the irutb ant 
mcite ot tbcie rdpctli^e opla;9bf. 

' J^i^A tW< laAe defcriptt^i of t)ve lullaa and tetter Tolctno*. \t 
up^^Ajj, ihai thtix i> ao iintfioaj;bt of variety of lavai and tolc^nic 
i^itai, d^fT^riCfit in tbeir (brm. mtxiorCi c&ckoi*. felidiiyt 
re, ale, ard Aibttion, \Vf am fir, bowever, froa beja^ ae- 
OKd wiik all ihete vafmijo. In rtfpcQ lo thf v^hole fnrtaea of 
cartb, but few eokaaoi b^ve been c^aiiuncd; aad it iiflbii(w>. 
diffrrrai pfr*rkiniHg rocki and mUft^fr'. eoier varii^iii circuna* 
And dr£^»n €§ l«lion# confta^faiica and coelis^, m«it hawa 
a pcoddccd 

.ruai ■ 

jd Fcilcf^i Tfswi^ thi^ih //ji^ 

wiih « link iroQ and Ond. praitjicei, bf jn icifnO he^i of tn in 

rckabUa<« u> commoa br^i. Lci e» deer thn niilvrc. and 4d4 
foste fnOf« l4ed ^r folf*. ilu prod'icc will undogbeedk^ pcuTc ^ry 
dljfcff Al* Let U> (liink of Mttr /fV^fucW'i And ^/iirA/i« or otbcr 
chifiA «ftj pl*A niiwu^i'Tnfi^i ; of ihc ineuIlH: ruroacri, and of that 
tDiftiic QiimbCT ot pryltb'« co(hC>i«ui^ii«; Atid wc IhiJJ qk *9ndAr iig 
in fvmrtf iiottf, ibe jt'*^ chemtcAl tfirc of Nu*f« ibould be l^nd 
to Ijtc pnnjuccd m>/i r ^ncici tf ro«ki. wblch iutbti i9 wo bAvc Utile 
ti.iu:>hc lo bco4'A rolcanic IriAd. 

' Thit lr>di v«, f, TO iht /nb mMTiw^ tn£r*mti «b^ /£# a/^ r«/A/ 
r/**^r. Tb« fbrm^f, th^aj^b iKc mo& fiagulA^ inltiac* of wamA][ 
c:cn)Cnlt. Iiavc bc>ct> (V^kc lo mach ai fpn^cn o^, and urc iGDOtc vciy 
Iruleufi^n; bd v»fcat uc k*i>w >» fu£ici«n( to ftconiDCoJ ibcn 
to imr mifBttuo. Tbef ar? vrrf frrqucor. At appf«r« bf tb« b»k« 
of Heating putn^C'ftOnDt, mrt Kith tnd nodcrd bv fo many FAtiga- 
tort, Tlicy have ipe^t aid «Aciied tbfir ponitcr in nanr pUcci,' 
wHcfV r>cir iHi^i h4X be^n accvntoUied and r^Sfcd by ibcir erv[>- 
tioai i aaJ auy be ncaicf oaanMBcd to ibc ocran and on cbf Ointet 
bt <br1e IHaad* E^ (ach at«tgarori a« irc Nirnralillt ; nay, ifc^ cbav 
be ciand eren oa Ibe cOnii^«Bi, »hcrr aicient vaUaaoi afc e4p[>rd 
bfr mt'tnc ^rvtiL vluch is tbccaf* in H«ir«t and in ibote hitb ot 
ir«J>, vb^b Mr. f ritr hu noiJc«d at bcin)E coaip^lcd ^ A'Umaie 
votcAaicAi-'d OMrinc brd*. Tbcy msil of conrfe produce laodtficai* 
tio«»of ^iHIt, ubich ib« coMiDoa rolcinic Cf u eic ior^i above the Uvwl 
of ike <«A fccDi never fo oifer 10 tb* obt'cvvr. The ofiiciaal pcmkc' 
iiOft<a» Hoaetaf in ibc tu, are iiadoubLcc]]r their pfoduilioo, Tke 
reg^lir piifinatical ttafa^ct recd to tic Lheir lork ; ajuI it i> hfgbiy 
p«obifcJe, ibaE tbe pettlAod iiihfi arc monemeni* of iheir beat, 
i^bicb very nfivn bat b^n obfcrvv4 10 make ihe troubled OceiA botl 
with vblen<e in ibof« plAca, wbeie i'iiuo Mid Neptun* ftroM for 
theif bift^o«» — 

The niirbJe mMion ftnd knoitrn vararity of Btbr* wbm ilivr t iheir 
eafir p«lr<fl^lio«•4d doarin|> on tbr fLirf tee of ibv ivuor tubrn dt^-d| 
And mtoy uthcr circamftaa^ei coincitJc to ii^jicaEe— noc a f^ooJ, 
vrhith cerEkinlf would EioEber have drtivard nor buried throk under 
ih« vjccr; but fone fodiea unnaiciril revotaitoa in ibeir o^n 
Glf««*rt vrbkb molL b4*4 killed ind ion>]T«d ihem ae once in rb« 
f>iivM-nrt of Ike <fOuUei oomb- Qi Efii» aceoun?, mftny ar^iUa- 
Ccom jlue lOckiB filJe><i ihilh pctiUed iilhei, arc tg bo eoatiJcrcd ai 
fub<mfirc or A» fob ujucci^^ iv1c4Jitc iirodoflioin s nay, mAJiv Ka** 
orcD«i lliie*, Tocb at ibcfe ac B^Jca, Nftpenhcicn, ErchJuedf. 
Altbeim. and Moc«nt Libanov, arc, for the Uit« reafen^ to Ue 
taitked ■inor>£fl them — a uiConitanre p«t hij^htf^ favourable 10 tbofe 
&lLnerjTtfj;iLi-, wKoi wiiboal bAVlog midc proper oblcrvaiirfoi. tcil 
»» 100 c■ln^dr^tty. ibai ibc JlrMified Umeilone. wiihoot errepiion, 
eookAt ci c^eca^vJ ar>d dtflblved corjii and fci.lheJJi. In refpr^ to 
the limeltonci i (baK cot for the ptckat launch into ChcmilLryi by 
tttlittifff ujtoo ike b>pothcl^t ^ KOr JhaJ 1 dwdl «« ihc UltDeU and 



FcfWi'i Itsv^f fhrtu£h fufy. 



StVinc «TCfiu ; m«ufl&ng anCy <o Fvcontvcml the ftEvvre «»qvinr«. 
ThvU, it ik ro^Eier oi CMce fupp'ue, to f^ kitherro ■«; tellfd eqctllf 
with iW ti4«i)EiKfoa of iboJc dov iil^fldi. wh <b, bi ran^jako. 
oi by ral^aic cri)p;iob». lute been lULcd ticii i^ boitocs of 

|j»t tf A. 

• I hkd frinlclr f«oom*t^H ih^fe rot^ittHfi to ihe Royif Sccierv 
of LortUot lb ^o»g linro at ihe y«kr 176;. L'^t'«r| of fci^nc^ mJjhe 
have tlKrcforCGifvAcd cSki f:'rt(cricrtiK)» woald hir< b.-ca p^iij 
to tbrm ID ihii idcjuldiirc ijr. aed i« tn cnJifbtcocd kiA^fdoni, fo 
pojrrrfa] mc fej. iftd vk-tch irnd« n\ny Ihipi rrrrjr jivu inro rhe 
ArthiMtaco tod tli« M*djtrrra«»is 1 md Abtcb Iim gcntfO tri lj «ai- 
pJoyed, of Inc. fjipcn uf^j^kiott ta4 «bio phi!«lbphcr>, « ih« publk 
expnee, to (E^tc^if^ovflfift m ibcfe»OE«d p*ri»ol the xoiIJ. 

' Have t^eCc eaauriei been poApuncd n uiJiL£ jr>d uniocfTft- 
ia^f Th« ififttseaiidn 6f ihe Uidiaj ^hx\<Ai>pttiv m\ght flifi fbch 
ID idea, and («em to inply fucc public p-.f-juJice x^ftiialt thesa. 
Bat ihii ieiiicniion pfri^fi, m fnLjit^ ibat femtific Mrnenl'-^ and 
Un<^*>tK have ooe brrn^ hiTlk<nr>, r>> mich %9^ fb E<r</i![f 
uieitdrd to in KngUad 4i 10 other p^i of KoroX' I vn p«ffo*ded 
(bAl ikrvreijcnre oeili' 10 b« exbibittd fo ibe publk, 10 «*ft'g< '» 
Ibeb bchaJf ih«t |[*«fvovt etcoarageaieA* wtich hx rei4d«rcd tiM 
£o£U(b AdrODdjner*. UMWe«*ticiAai «ad NAttrrtUiU. cterr nay 
Teperioe 10 ihofe vf cibEf eo^BLriei. Upuo 4 prafunf^iion. ihjt ili« 
ti«c fi» iheir 1)e:Ur culLkvjtlon in KriiUnd caaooi btf ^ diiint. I 
btt« Ftconmroded rfimc uf t")! enquifi^j* Lera T^pAk^a cf, ic CipcaiA 
CocVC) who ti «;'>■ '*^ fo * oa dHloveriet; ukJ J reccm-^enJ chcoi 
IQ ihc psblic la general, wiiK tbc !!«»« wirm;^, jKbuenidi 1 ajiJc 
Aoubir pnpriAli nii«r vr^rt j^. Whether I f^tall rrap ao)r idvan- 
nge tea tkvH oe i)0<, nu)' br injiffeveoi 10 sie; tine in *bite^r 
pro^ attftOBr Ibey lb«ll be wicf^led [«. I in fu^ ihey kHI rewd 
ibeu P/oteAon, &Qd enU/s* f^^nce, nhich* it i» boptd ce« never bft 
IB^'ftjClVt !□ ihcoL. 

* &o KOi»en foe the- peeCntr, oi' iSr progre't, prri^ot Aite. i»J fuiora " 
Mnproreaent. of Nitufiil i*e&j»r4phy >nj Mj^FiaFoi^y, Mo/e ini^ht 
Ikkte beeA ftid on ihu faolc^l, b<M k ii fulticiebt 10 lut'r poiACed one 
the view, ia wtiJch the pecfeai pablkadoA ii to be «n£dercd by 
ca«di4 Kukrt.' 

Thtit far hw»e w« 4ceon«p>nitil ifce letmed Tranfl«o**p^ 
thtovBh hii cvnoui uid eniciuinify^ Picfacc:. With rcfpcfl 11 
*ny titxtnt riew i>r ihr tieatife to tt-^leh it \\ prrliief), our' 
reader* trc rcf<rrr^ to iHc nccouni eivcn of ii in the Apptivdi 
10 4>urcjih 1^. (putilillieJ «c the fam^ tiowwith rhe piffeui 
Rcvirw) irhere > French iraoi«iiufl of Mr. Kcrbcr'r Lettcri^ 
ii ihe fub^ed o( X rnrrijro articfr 

* Cape. Cook failed «Le«( fosr «iuD«b»a£v. 



{ 3« ) 

AftT. Vr An AccBBvt and Dtferiptiim tf^u imfrwrd Sftam Smtt ^ 
vfoi'/r "wiil vjtth tfn /amt ^amftty -/ /«//, au^ im «# equal Sftuf 
ef Timty rai/t ahvf Jeahlt ibt ^antity ef Ufrnttr th^M niry Ltvit 
Ev^ini «/" the Jam* Qimttji^nt, Uiufirattd nvith a CMffir-^mtt, Bf 
N^D Pakk, M. D. 8vu. i». Law. 1776. 

THE Author of i\i\% pcrfnrmcnce b>t frcqu«nt1j paflcd ID 
rtvicnv before us. in kis mi^dical capacity^ nor isthit tbc 
fird inflance of his prcfcnting himfcll to n> under the chaffto? 
ur of a Riechanicun Our Readers may recoiled that, no< 
lun^ agOt we attended hint in the recital of the mcmorabtt 
eifufis which he made Co bring the late unfoftunaic Mr Day 
and his diving vi flcl up to thu furfaec, at which time we -gara 
an account of fomc of the phllofophical principle*, by which 
he ciidcivoured to account for the horrM cataftrophc of that 
fcif dcvoied proje<l^or. Of thofe principles, that which moft 
excited our attention was hi< total and cavalier difavowal of 
the wi:li known Hdicjiatic^t paradox \ which he confidered n 
a piopofiron * incompatible to (^mmen ftnft ard the nature of 
lhm|>a' *. Jf Dr, Kakk be not better acquainted with the 
powrrs of W3ter, when acting under the modification ofy?*ffW, 
gr eTjdio vapour, than he there appeared to be with it** pro- 
perties iis a grautating Jiuidy we fhould not be inclined to put 
much confidence in any projects cmaivtd by hliTi, for the im* 
piovcm nt of fo compfjcateJ a machine aa the Fire £ngi»e| 
cfpecLilly fhould he bring no priwfs, as is the cafe in tho 
pteTcnt inlUnce, of his having realifed any of his fprculattoni 
concerning it. On this occafion, we can Icarce avoid daffiitg; 
our Auth^'r among thofe adventurers, who arc daily feen decid- 
ing on [he moft diSicult queHions, ind attempting the moft 
arduous eattrprifes, merely by the force of their own fubtim? 
genius; without having pifltd throui^h the previous ftudy, aud 
paticnr expeiimentaf Invel^igatton, which dtfcriminate the philo* 
Ibphtr fiom the vjtioniry, and the well founded and fiiin 
aOcrtions of fci'.nce going hand in hind with experiment, front 
the grouniiMs, and yet itiJl more coniideni decifi^ns of fancy 
ajid inexperience' 

Aa tha^ noble invention, the Fire Engine, is a machine of \ 
very cxpenfive kind, and of great importance to the manufac- 
ture- ol this kingdom \ and as fume of (he proprietors of thefe 
engines may not he profoumfly verfed in the myfleriea of Aeam^ 
or m the niechdnic^l powers which are put in A^ion by it ^ 
we Ihdll, to prevent ihele honefl gentlemen from being mifled* 
to the detriment of thuir forTunesl by erroneous p-rtenfiona^ 
take more notice of this publication than it could poffibly claim 
from It's intrinlic merit. 

* See MoQibly Review Vol. ]iii< OAober 1775. page 30S. 

Tb« ptindplt on wUiCh iJr. FjJck fnund* hit prapoM tm- 
proTCdfCAt of ilic 9r.un cngEiit, cufifiHs ia geoml * Jn ihc 

gine lurJiig two cylloicrt ; into which (he flcAm iv kl alter* 
tly 10 afcc:iil» bj « coaiinvon rej^ubior wbith alvi)! opem 
ihecocwniiQicxicn of ihc llciin <o the ot>f« whild ii Ihuu ap 
tka oftcntng oj ifac oihcr^ by wbkb ihc cogiuc b in « ton* 
iinuAl adton c^ po^'cr. Fur 1^ piltoa rod» (lij im&a of % 
wttcci fijicd to to arbour) arc kept in a coniiruil tftrn^'in^ 
and ^tftc«niiin^ (notion wbcrcby tikcy move iht co.'nmoii ubour^ 
40 fvtiich li aii(jib«f wheel aSjUcd iDortng the pomp rod*, in 
che iamtt alUiiurL- ciira«^ticin 91 ih[? piftoD lodt, bywbkhcofw 
<u)imJ ffOii<ii> i^c pumpa arc kept in i^fpctuaJ aSiwi/ 

By ttiii (acittnj^liLjn» in vih'tcb two cytinikr» ar« ufcd, uiilead 
oi cbc tingle cyliu4cr in che common cfi£^> ibc Author pro* 
poTca 10 proJurc ilc]ul>le ihe qujniity of Hnm by a Kiv^n qmn- 
tily of ttttl applK^ in a git^tt mamicr. Aa we £ fi'>i lui4, 
ciihcr bjr Dr. F^ik'^^ de^ripiiMi of bi> proofed cn^br, or b)' 
tkc piau accompdrfrog U, that he ippliet his Jud (ljttcrrt>ilr 
ironk oibcia, or dilpu*:^ it tmon oomat>}U'ul\y for ibu pL;rpoic4 
wt iJo rxK cornprchcnd Ihe rdifwrtf/a o: ihjt pfopofvd improie- 
ciftcnu -If ibc oictc fliullipl^ifig of cyiintltis wJi produce fuch 
ootaAileKCcil^ofitor forc«. afiil Uvrngtof fu^lt wt k« no reafuo 
why Qc Itciio ibc numUl of ^yUndcrs (o two, 4;k1 iloci not 
araif himtVlft 10 a giejier degtrt-^ of toe adrarLta;*ea promifcd b|J 
Ciiin iJirifty iMproTC inert. ^ 

Paflijig orer ihr objcdioni whkb ib« Axifhor mike* to iht 
fOfluaon iirc mgiuci, we Jliall only a'lcad the cAimate whjcit 
ka giv» ot «i ibe fore ot atw pf tbon, ihac o( ihe^Vork 
buifdioE^* company. That ibh la cnonciHiii will probaUy appear 
Icivo the followin; obTtttatioiM, iottn6r6 tm fome ■'i»<t rurnitbcd 
«U by Hr ingfoioyt oorrefpooikftt* lotiniatcly acquaiACcd WUhJ 
ahii rabjedt- , 1 

Thq Auih^r aJle^i thai the whole power of the YorJi£| 
btiiMiiii^)' rn^»DF, as neh ftiokc, h e<iui1 tu 14 lottn, and tboc I 
jbt pump m4 4)t tbo letcr ii I'Mdcd with 6 ion<, in order ttfl 
VaHe ibe Arrnt piDnn, inJ 10 force <iawn l^ie emptjr butltctkJ 
Nov the cvUiWcr beinj; 49 inebet m biaisotc', ib« area of it'#l 
pilfon Li 1S86 fquue iQch:^ ivf^riy & which, if prclJijd bf tbel 
lull wti^Ul of the ain--4jfj)beie, would be in t^tnit^t»9 with aJ 
weight of 36.404 pouBifi, or it cucii 15 cwu< but m Didcr ib^cl 
the piftotfi Jboolj be prefi^J do-in by the ivWf a^-iiitt of al 
coJuMn of air, whofu tufe b cq^ul 10 ihe ^ica above HKniiooc ii « 1 
Ibe cylJo^er mull be fappofed no be free from alt fefliftin|Ej 
naitcf I iW i»t 10 be perfectly exbauAcd of air, and I'oid orl 
«varm wiicr | uHiich is never the c^fe in fuch en;-inet. On I^le I 
coocttiy, we have reafdfi to foppofei io confeqiKncc of eapcri* ^ 
menu wtarth h<v« been m**^c on olhe* en^Tnci^ ibu Om 'aM- 

1> 4. V^ »^^ 

powcffe txcriel b^ ttut of ihc Ycrk buUilogs* compttift Icircc 
v%fr*4t I ^,oco pcuncit (6 font 14 cwt.) of 8 pouivli on eich 
iq\iar< inch of the pjlion : iti< flAiml wd^tit likcwiLc of t»o 
colvoini of WAitl, Jj iiichn t|i diiircicr, uid ico Crre high 
[f6rfucb are ihe drmenfions of it't pump*) i> cqynl to ibouc 
ii.joo pounds (^ t<jii» 1 curl.) or »baui 6 pounJt foe ndU 
fqutrc inch of tbe art^ of th« pifton. 

The Dodar, tbit ihcie ii a Eounurpoifir of 6 lotu upoQ 
%Y.t pump end- Doei he not know ihit ihr vn^uie works two 
puQips* of ihcfiiTic diameter i ^Hfti/i^ or jick hcjJ pLitnp* whicK. 
U wfought by the immediate impiihe of the eogiDC, And 
opcrirM vrlicn ihc pump end of the kvcr rifu,*— aod a 
fptiin^ puii^Pi '^c piflon of whieh it pr<1tcd ^own ^f on »d* 
ditional weight of kad* and whkb a£lt wh<n the pomp cod of 
tbc leve/ dcfcendi? — the wetgHi nccc^Jiry for (fait purpVc nmli 
only to be cqj»l to ^750 poundi (ihc woig^t of m^ «f tbo 
columns of w^rfr) uirh \\\c addttino of fb much tnorc ftf it 
rteceOiry to rj:fc the ft«irb piAoci* jSjc, The vrfaokt wc ouy 
vemuic (u aiZrm». Mriil fcMfCc amtvuiil to 75Cfi pound (3 loai 
7 cwt.) utdcad of 6 toflf. It fhc Author hu aJleried, 

O'he Autbor H ei^ulUy nn^xtundte in fotnc of hi» critidAiu 
on a br»ih«r pruj^H^fr — iiot however an ti/rfir^ but a pradicil 
projc^of: — we mcjn Mc. Watt^ a ^cotch L'lit^iiiicert wbt> ob* 
titrjed inexcfiilive privilege fur aa improved ftte ciigine, by an 
1^ of pjkrtumcn: piCcd in 1775* Tiro cipiul Kltanu^cf 
Attend Ehif ocw e<in^(iii;iion^ for riffl* ihecyhr>u'«r it included 
in ■ cife, io M CO kc fkirronodcd with hot fleam from tbc boJler* 
afKl ia ihcr«by always kqir uniformly as l^iut a« the Afan sfelf. 
AccofdLQvly no part of the Ikim ia loll or dcUroycd, aa in tbe 
common eo^r^mer^ In rht? n?x: pUfc, rhc \apotjr i» conveyed 
inio a tbin mcinl v^^i^ wbich is ptifowlly air n^^t, and vrbich 
Is alurayt kr^u rjiliujlcd both of aif jrij warer, by crems of 
puoipt %Ktou^bt by the cjitinc k&elf. 'Ihit vdlel ii always kfpt 
coldt by bem^ immcrCed irt vracci that is coniUocly colder 
than the potne in whlrh waiet will boil <> ^atuu Accordingly, 
tbc (Icam which rulbcs into ibis i^id uifsun is fudJctily ard 
perffdly condenf^d ; To tbat it iloet n<]C cppofc the d^ jecot of 
the p^fioiK ' whichi aa Mr. Wati ol>Jcrvci» is ihcr&fore forced 
ifcown by the firll powrr of the ftcam fr^im the boiler, whicb ia 
toMiewhat ^catcf than that of the iimafphcrc' 

Out Author, after having (iven a drfcnption of this machine, 
in the vordsof tbc inventor, cxprclica veiy (iron( apprchcsi* 
fioni * thai tttivar/4,V/f«r ini9)tutu!htt^ it will prove p^rbape 
inretior to the old method he (Mr. Watt-] has viih fo much 
UboiH auJ eKpriMc iluiUcJ to amend/ He fpecilics many ob- 
jrdliofis CO it, and cavei hints of mMiy olhfrs which he could 
im't:o:M; dad grculjf lean that tbc inveiHiotii * U fm aiatut' 

Iftim n iht Wwrjhip sf Chr^. 41 

rW— w»lt RcUhcr proJiKc anj juli'int^c ' co ibc ow»£n of 
CflgincSi or et'cn to iti< inrcnicr/ Wt »Jdi however ■ (hal fa«- 
CbouU be Ttiy b«ppy Co be convUiccii {o tbc contfiry bjr ocuUr 

Now it hjippcni rcr^ unfortuiutdj for l>r> Fdck'a o(jo£ik)ai> 
to Mr. Win I invuition^ &nd at ibc i;ifrc uuic u fovtunatclv 
for tb« <ofnp]<iion of hit wtft, hft qv«i«4a tb» Mr* W^it^ 
fehcmc ^j of/to*^ i'M /ku/ fnr# fi'/4uf/««; and pirticul^ri/, (bie 
rome of thcfo icnfKOVci ciigii^n h»iire been «ff{i<J» ud arc a^vr 
ȣtu&l]jr M wofk. In SufiWdAtiic, ^loplbirct anil MlJctJereXi 
Had ibc J^i>cJor, bcjoie he pubhlbtd tbek douba» snd criti* 
ciJiiu, and wiJbL-»t flcpiKd wily %ihx j^ Siuifurd ht Btnv n^ar 
LofidoAi h< mif>bt tficrfi bavc Jcen o<oe cf Mr. Watt's eagioea 
at iirork, which is fu|>pofed ta b« ihc bnaltcft in EngUiid tbu 
ift ipplicd to rtal bulinvf^: ind yvt this rETiilJ eo^iac, 11 m 
have been in'^ipcd, ftdu*U)r riifca ncirly fuui iluic^ the qtiin* 
tity 0^ wiifr, to the fame hei«hi, wiih cbe rime qoiniity of 
tucl, «> i\xK York buiMin^ft' co^ictc will <^0| which U tfc/cribc* 
leff v<ry juflJj reckoocit Eo be one of (he beA, of the old 
cofi^ruuimii \tk the kin^ifoR). 

Eklid^i ibe resfocu whitb we have already affi^cied, u iflduc- 
tA^ us to ufce ittcb pariKulir notice of this pamphlet, w& 
fhotttd add ihit wc biie ijkcwife been incited tu enter thus 
deeply Jiuo ihe fubj'^t. Ifom a fcnfeof the ^rcit injiity wbkh 
ibe in^niiitijh iinrntor of the i>ew engine mij^bt ftiftiin, m 
tfoAtcqucnce of the cietlic or weight which focno perfons mighc 
give 10 the Auihof'« i^ttU ot^jc^iioA* lo u. U ceruinly was 
jieiiber fair, nor philofopbical, io ihe Author^ to m^e fpt;uiatim 
doubu igainH a pfomJliii]^ inirenlion | without once iui^ijifing 
ivFttthcr the fcFvrme had been VMliffJ^ ind wheth«i the ^nj^jf^c 
ini^ht n&i be in fftmp:u co givc an anfwcr to iheni :— cipccja)!/ 
u his own £chfrn«, whrcb bt wifbr* to fubllitute for rt, ippeart 
not CO have advanced tOA^jdo rtaJiiy Tq far ai even tbc coov 
ftrudioi) of a tLurifflf a«i^. 

AaT. VII. latrrg m ij^ fTtfJ^ ^ Cbni. M^*r^ rt tht Strv^ 

bra- < k Johnlviii i/t&a 

\\T E ha*c f^rmrry hwl occ^fion to cVfcrvc, ihit one of tbd] 
■'^ greatcil dirEiraltiei auer><iing tbc UmiiiUn fchcmf, it Ctf 
CApliJa tho^c piUagcs of ihc New Tc£lim«nEt which fcem id 
htcut tite wiirQiip cf Oirl.l ^ ar^ to determine, from cAemi 
whether nn religious adoraiia«t at ail is to be paid hiin, <jr whc- 
iber we >re juthoti;^ 10 render hirn a fuburdiiuie wotfliip* 
A< chi« ii a &iat(«r on which the Tfiniciiiarks mxnh ai¥<4k lo- 
Iiiurr>fb, we b^vs cxprfficd cur wilb that it wc<c vawK d^C* 

4t - Lettm At tht ^trfii'p of Ckryf^ 

lindly treated of, by tbc oppolcn of the fuprcme dlvfnity of o\xt 
Lortl. Such a dilljn£l coolideration of ihe fubjed is prcfrntMl 
^j the able writer before us, in ■nfwer to a fermon preached bv 
Dr. Honiej bcfoie the univerfify of Oxford, of which wc gmva^ 
M account in our Review for September^ iTJy 

In [he liif^ Letter, our Author cMifinea btmrelf to fMne ge' 
ncral flri^turea upon f>r. Home; and In the fecond be comet 
CO hi* capital poiift, which he iihroduces with the foUowing 
important obtervation'f ; 

* You are undoubiedly too good a logician, nottf^ acknoir* 
ledge, that, if ditfcrent paHagea of fcrrpture be coniradifturj 
«ine to the other, both cannot be true. But, it is the univer* 
fal doArir.e of fcripturc, that ibcre is only one God, one living 
•nd ipje Go<l, who is from cvcilafting, and ra cverUfting. 
And, in peifeA hAtmony with the audible voice of natutf, jiU 
the fir(t and great command of fcripture, Thoufifalt havt nf 9thfr 
Godt btfitt mt: and t|ii« implies, as we are repeatedly taught^ 
thai Titeu^it worjhtp n« othtr G§d. We learn, again, that the 
•ne only God^ and fupreme uncountroulable fovereigo of the 
univoffe, is> without any ^Hxriebltnefi or Jhadffw af turmngy A» 
lie lie vers in fcrtptur?^ thrrvfore, we cannot admil that the one 
God was humbled, or exalted, was born^ fufTered death, or 
«ras raifed from the dead. We cannot believe, therefore, that 
JefuB Chrilt is the one God. Inf^ead, therefore, ot rea^ning 
thus. If fefus Chri/t be 'Jthavah^ he mufi be the eijeSi of retigimt 
adgraiivi i and if the obj h of Ttiigl&m adjrathn, fie mufi be Jg- 
S*vab^ yftn fhould rather have argued, Jrrj^e f^f**^ Chri0 if nvt 
"Jehavaby he cannot be the ehje^ of religieui edorat'tan ; ttnd if rtli^ 
ghui adoraiiort^ therefore-, be intended by V callmg up'>n the name 
of the Lord,'* in my text, fefus Chrifi cavnot he that Lard^ t9 
%tfh$in rehgioui adtraUon is rf^uired ti he offered. 

Befidcs, Thou Jhalt vj'jrjbtft the Lord thy Gedf aid hhn enlf /ha!i 
^u /enre^ is the lan;:uage of Jefus himfclf. And he quoted 
this pdfldge, ouE of (he law, 10 Ihrw that be bimfelf, and all 
fkthcr beings {bould worfhip no other. He accordini^ly has di- 
re^ed his followers to the Father, as the only o'^jtH of re* 
ligious worfhfp. ff^ben thou prayejl^ faid he, fay^ Our Father 
^ho art in heaven, and, he thus addrelTtid himfelf to the womaa 
of Samaria, The time eemethy and now n, u/ben the true ivorjhip- 
fiTit Jhall imrjbip the Father^ that is, the Father only, injpirit 
and in truth. Nay, he exprcfly taught the difLi[jles, that» after 
his departure from them, ihcy Jh.idd aft! him nothings but that, 
w/hatever rhey Jbffuld cfk the Father in his name, he vjo'jfd give them. 
If the apofltes, tbetcfore, either addreHed themfeUcB in retigtuus 
adoration to ChrlH, or exhorted others to do fo, they did this, 
without anywarrantfiomChTift; indeed, in dtredl repugnancy to 
hii commagds. But the apoftlea^ on ibc contrary, faithtuUv fol- 

lowed tha dirc&ioiM of their maner^ when tbcy inllradcd others 
upon thii fulncd, Paul's d«£tnfie it, that stt jb$uii give tbJHkt 
tmi9 tht Ftitbtr, Jamrs fays, AJk if G^d^ even lU Father 4/ 
UghiH wbtgivefhtfioiim/itiMbrraify and urhr^-dei^ utt, AnJ i^eter 
ftytf GlortfyG»di ammit ibi k^rpim^ if your i^ult unit hiatt at 
iwM a faithful cri€i9r i bumhU y9Mrj€i-Jti tati^r the rrj^'^tj hanJ »f 
G*Jt tofiini tU yittr tare ttpf^ bim. \l w«s likcwjic ciic apoi'tlet 
own pridicf, to pray to GcmI, and n->i tr> Chriil. ,\If becrt'i de^ 
fitt and prayer ta Gtdf Uyc Piul, fsr J/T^e! h, thu thty m;gbt hi 
Jkvtd, And Pclcr praised God, %nd prayed to God, Bie£id 
hthe G9d an,i Futhtr 4f 0ttr Lord fejui CLriji^ and the G^d if oil 
gtau ptrftQ y%u. Hence, tbenr you fiiJuM have concluded* 
without tttending to many othrr pffT^^ea Ui ihe fame purpolo 
Cbat whatever be the meaning of ^.^/iVv^ up^nthtname tftht Lwrd, 
in the worda of your icki, tvhfatver taikib tipan the name ef ihi 
Lvrd fhaU he faved^ no fucb dodrine c^n be intended nercf ai 
that we ibould worihip Jefut Chrifi as God. Howe^cft Sfr, it 
watfurtly incumbent on you, to hive calcenfumr little notice of 
the above pifFages, before you ventured to cniiiJc your Sermon^ 
Ciirifi4be oljeH ^f riii§i»ui adsraitirt^ and thmfirti-ity GsJj" 

Dn Hornc propojev to provr, hr(i, th^i ChriH h to be wor* 
(hipprd, and from thence to infer his divinity : but our Letter 
Writer denies both the prem^fcs and the conduLion. ' Jc is 
obvious, fays hc^ from what I have al[c.idy ot)rcfved, that if 
ibe word jTiNBXiff-fiTai, which is rcnditd Jh,^U ti./i r^parr, refcra 
to an a£t of religious adoratiun, Piiu), wlia bthcMd iherc was 
only ONI God tK£ Father, muH h^vc iire'idcd in the ccxc* 
to point hrm out as the objc«£t of our homage, umler the term 
l^erd. Joel cerrainky thought of no oihe; biriitg;, hut theeicin^l 
Jehovah, as thtf Saviuur of nteO' Ptrter, qiio[ii>g Tt'.e I'-imc paf. 
jaget A^iii. 31. mean* Jikrwife, thir ^tf, bv i!-.e terms, 
the L^rd^ IS is evident from his lo p:irii['tiTjrly diriid^ui^hijig, 
\n the ncKt verfe, Gtd himftif^ frr>in the man appievrd nf God^-^ 
The ApoflTe Paul alfo produces ihe texr as a ^in^of Th<t thejame 
£,trd ever /r/i n liih unto all that cdl upon Jivi i whicri fnould 
feemingly lhew,-that he was fh^e^kin^ ol C'lllini! uj^on the name 
of God. So *ar is ii from being VJithout doubt^ ii?at the context 
treats TvbaJy tf Ch'ifl, thai the very contrary may, i think, be 
prcived. And I0 f^r is the lext trum iiitim^iirE;, rhai the mein^ 
Vihe dtfirti to he favtd^ nufi tall upm Chr'f/l hy prayer^ that tho 
context declares, 1/ thuJhuU eonfrjswlth thy m'iuti the Loedjefat 
Chrjji^ and Jk alt htiitVf in tbint heart that God hath raijed bim 
from the dead^ th»u /ba.t he f.vcd.' 

But, flowing that Christ is really the perfon mentioned in 
the test, our Author coi^ien-is that Dr. Home is as fsr from his 
point as ever. For he obferves, thut the word firiic^ia^ft^ in 
the New Tcftamcnt, (thofe parages cxccpicd vibu^ v\ V\^n\^% 


«^ Latm m tie Witf^ 4f CfcriQ. 

mmftd ^ J^mamtjf) iltKi nct^r ntcMin\j Bjgpifft when 
Ifrvrai by an KcudtWe c«(rt lo m^^ or tvtrjti^^ hM Alw>|rs 
narvnlly, to ^fptai m, to r//^ « ^^iv;^ n, or /* /^M/i nih^f^^ 
9i/diB$9V4r #ttvWpfr */ attlhir, Thii idei Theofeb*i cndcj< 
v«vri it> COfifiroit bjr An cxafflictMioii of the patTj^i in wtii^h 
ibr word otcurt ; »nd itK: cf>nc1u6on be di >«rt b, ilut, at it i> 

felbould thi« h^allowt^. yr/wi/fHf f« tht atihfrify 9/ iht L^d k 

In (be ll»[r4 CrrEcr, Cuoit orbcr placci ire c^nruelrrrd, tim 
were prodMcd by Dr. Hoftic, in (upp^ft of tbc wornti;> of 
Chrift. Wiih rrgatd fo 3 TMt. ii. 16. our Au:hnr chtnki, 
%hu lh« f^&z^ ^^T ^^y w^^l t*^ interprviv^t i» if f he Apr>A)tf 
bjid bcfc j»t»f«d» thic il^ gorpd mi|fiv adminiAcr 10 ihc Thcf- 
liUr^uni <onrolitior, p^ce^ »i»d joy* ai aH itmcc; and ibif 
Goil, t; the gofpd, mi^^bi efioMJ^ iitm im rvny ^c^ i^rd uad 
twi, A« la t Cot* xii. V- iht writer i» of of-ntMir *hit CW 
M rr'rilvtirlr thx iArdt whom cbc ipoftk h^fitt^hi thrUc, crcn 
ibr Oid *f sJ ymt \ wbo» JCCorJioglVt u wc Jcwn iri (be next 
VCfki ted unto Lfm« nay gratt h p^ttnt ftr the. The letter 
comrWcf mnh An eximioAtton of riw mflfc ^^^>ef, t John v, 
l^i 14* 15, »fi4 iti. 2it 22 i and with £n cr>d<aio«r u> ibcw, 
uu tber lurnifJi im prctun^ for [>/. Hccne'* doflrinc. 

1 b< fourth Icticr begins wth the ctkbrAUd prijcr, ai it Ti 
nfiall^ Cilktf, oi St. ^rrpkco, fo nturh intillfd i»pon in tlil< 
cBfttrovtrif . J'Ari oi what Thco^clMs obfcrvca concctring it, it 
mi follovn ; 

• 'I he f ifTftge hiay h< rciwicred tsrd 4/ J^fta r^e/ht fff fi^ttk^ 
K^if Iwif ^ifoi, &c. And utcn Scrphco /iiw J^ glt^ t/Gfdt 
md ihf lt49 9f Mmfl^nditz ^ '^ ^'/^ tsitd tf G<d, vi-hit cmild 
be more nituial to bidi, ai lSc folluwrr of Jcfust iban to cont- 
rnit hii depiMine rpirit 10 ihe God of/cfuif »r)d the God of the 
fpif its vf «li £cU) f Niy, I infift that tliii mull be the ^niiioo 
^Ak of the palTi^r, 10 cnake it eonfillcnt with the other parii 
of fcrJpiufCt if )'our c>ipJic»tion of the comiiiora reading be 
unr3i<«p(i«n4bly juft^ B«i if Siephrn iflti»hy fanJ, L^vd'Jtfvi^ 
rufivt my Jpiritf ibcrc i> llill A wtdc d:ftVrrnce, between hit 
tddrrff. And /Vj^r, imc ihf fjanJ^^ i funmrud my /^hit. Tbere 
ii the diffcrtTTcc* thu rublifh, between tf-t /W^rr, who ii ih« 
rvcr^AlliM^ indepcnilenr, Jtiid unchjngnble, 8otfrrfijtii of ibo 
uhivcfk, AnJ the L^d //Vt/, who iccei*<d k\\ hia glory f'Ofn 
ihe Fjiher. jkljdei, ^icphfo, by raltinff Jefui L&rd. vthich 
VPAf tolhf g;Jory of God the i*at^<cr, catmoc b« ntion't^y ftip' 
poffd (o hivC givrn him ihc gittfy of the Kaihcf, Ami* nut- 
wilhH^ndin^ what you hive aficrted, <vcry oar, who calmly 
iUcod> to the mmcr fcJ i T^ugic moment, ijiuA perceive a 


Itttm m Ac H^vrfiip «/ Chrffi, 4^ 

pianjfcft diffacncc, between BppJvIng for nfuge 10 « pcvfc^ 
whom we kc vwith «)ur t)cs, AnO pravn-.^ la ihc fjairprtfon 
God, When we fee bim not. W< ^& l4»our« one of uo^lier i^i 
the iaAgiHige of fuppik^rioo, when wc &rc prcicnf ore to aui 
other. B«jt, we Should b« jufllf ehirgrd witli idoUfy, if 
d«d ihc Cvnc tbfng, in 0:1c aui>itKi'Aiil)Ecn<r. S[.c|jhrn, thcitf* 
^orc, wh*« he /Jtw Ci'''i(U when he bebi;Td him in pofTciltgo 
ih^t kiEi^ckiin fix mKk^ he TodurcJ (he croii, when be kncw^ 
him Id be t^e hMiaior between God anJ o^an, mil appdiiutf^ 
Co be ibe guar4ia» of j»l] the people of (Joi, ml^lic rca!)/ U/f 
ji$r^ ytfiti tMih< tny fpfit^ wiftMut irejiMiti)( lo counceoaac* 
che pf«nice of oUtcr Cbiinbrs who bivc never Cceii Chrift* of 
pn^iog 10 htin »Oo(lt without mc^rjrg my thing more In* 
deed, than if he h><J ididt indifcdly arUrclIin^ himleU to the 
Faiher, ** O Got!, J citLninU mTkclf ro hii cAic, vrhom ifauu 
" lul% made the ftt*\ Cipmri 0/ my fuWa^»ofi, 4^4 to whom 
*> thou hill ^ivfn iMjncr <o jirercnc i11» who Dj>ine uJ)lo ihce 
'* through h»fn/' 7 

ThcJe TGiTtvk* ate impcmrii viJ t^^ Au^W {Koceeia I9 
toftfidrr, with the fairc eriiic^l 4iieernrnenc, the Tcfipttfrt 
neuiiiiK of ibe wotd Tf^tibiki, tni foiT'C fjirhfi pafTigei of iTm 
Ntvr Tefltinent, whtHi ate fuppofcd 10 fikouc tbc re^gioiAi 
worffaiji of Chrill, The WTj[er iSink.* it wuiihf rf noiice* thj 
Zr^wr or It3«^tfi, which he M;w<f, ilwavi ioi^ly rtUim.^, 
ur»r^^y cithei ifue of MJe, b nerer applied to cKir Si^cour*! 
The Iciier eloTei with an «)ctmin>i»on of the biptifmil forau 

Pmc of the f;[|h sad Uft letter t> cnplojed m con!itlcrin]_ 
whar Dr- Hotnc hm^ ilVgcd /totn ihe Fiihen, fnim Pliny, fln4< 
from Lueian. 'lhcofeb««, howc^r, ukcj nuncc, that neillKt 
ibe recorth of U^iciin nor cf Plifif» aca fhc ofivn^on^ of i^^ 
Orv^eru. the Jfn?mef, the IVyeirpfi and ot til tbo dibc^j 
K«thei» «ie & much ai the dull of tbc baUncci tn ^cteimia^^ 
the qucAioB in drbtie. Several fAritter tc^i'roniei of left^iturffJ 
are eolIe^e<J, w^ch ulTeic tltil theic ii tut onsGoJ. and tJi^cl 
he aioiit ]> ro k< uporfbipftJ 1 ard the wh'iik- it conC'Udtd vitti 
ftil^urcs or) eeruiji pilTj^e^ pioJiAced by l)t, HuiiK for tl 
divinity of Chnft, 

How fir the trKl belWe lu may fucceed in rtaovi«g entticl] 
the diitkiiltiei atirnding ihii Irapoj'tinc qirflnn, w« cinnot 
lerninet forre trtkf flill rc«iim, cveo in candid an4 Itl^er^l 
mindi. But wh<t ttur A»'hrw hu adviaced ii undoubtctii/' 
worthy of bijMttJtl conJtJeraLOQ. 



{ 4« ) ^ 

A«T. Vrif, ftijhhca! Mtm»rt «/ the Atlhtr t>f ihi thm-iMA, Vlfhi 
ffime ofigintl Piecn. To which «r« Added, genuiac L«tlen ol 
Mf' de Volfjire, Tiken from hit onvn Minutet, Trtnflatcd 
from the i'rench. Svo. $t. 6d. K.£4rfl)r, ftc. 1777. 

H AT a woHfferrul old man ii this MonC de Voluire !— ^ 
fuppofing him the author of ihele Mctno'in 1 ind we fee 
little rcafon to call rhc f»z\ m quclljon *, At the age o^ 
eighij-three, hcwrites wiib the vipourand vivacity of twenty* 
one; and talks oF himfelf, hts writings, and bia fortunes, with 
mn air of cafe and g^Jetv, which one would rathrr expc^ from 
1 frank young man, relating hia juvenile frolics and amuTeinents* 
The /pirit of this man will never dip, — whatever himfelf (fcep- 
tic as he is) may think of the maiier j and whatever becomci 
of ihc litclc lough frame In which it is encafed. 

But Mr. VohaLre [if it is Mr. Voltaire who boldithe pencil) 
has not, here, given us a finiOied picture of bimrdf. It la but 
a fketch that is d^awn, a mere ouf-linci but it will ftrikc the 
beholder, who has any knowledge of the original, with imme- 
diate convi£l[on of iht true rcfemblance. Theic are, however^ 
m thnufand pairicularities which every one wiTl naturally 
look for in a pcrfi^^ piirtrait of thU extraordinary perfon, but 
which, in the prcfcnt performance, will be fought for in vain« 
Podibly they are refL-rvcd for our future gratification— let ua, 
fur the prHeni, plcafe ourfelves with this hope, and in the 
mean lime, wilcly make the moft of what we h^ve now in 

Wc had an opportunity, a few months ago, of hastily run- 
ning Through the ori'-mal French, of thcfc memoirs, — with a 
fight of which we weic favoured by a friend, who brought them 
from Pjris, ainioft wet from the prcfs : but not having the book 
now at hand, wc cannot pronounce with circumflaniial exa<^- 
nefs, as to the accuracy anJ fidelity of the tranflaiion i all that 
we can fay is, that it appears to have been done by no incom- 
petent hand ; although huffily execuTeJ, v^i:h a few obvious 
llip(i, through want of lime for icvjfal j anrf^ If we ate not 
miftaken, here and theie a Scotticifm ; — all which may be 
eafity rc^i6cd in a fi'cond edition. There are intcrfperferl 
through ihe volume, a nuntber of Utile poeTical pi-jcca, which 
we do not remember to have fcL'n before ; and which the tran- 
ilator * has attemptt'd to give in the fptrii of the originals ;' we 

* All the affkirance ihat we have from the Editor, or raiher TraO' 
flator, op thii poim, 4s contained in the folloiting paragraph : 

* The comenri very evidcnily fhew from what channel they mult 
have flowed, and leave the FubliJher no room to fay any thing in 
proof of their authenticity. Indeed we have never hcatd it once 
floubtcd by »y one who hia rtad ihe work>' 


Ni/mtiii MmaSn ^thi ^mhw •fili Hcarmlt. 47 

m>r *^t wH ofiivCcc^ftUljr, cxctpt ore or Im^ d^ediro 
rbimoi &<, 

\Vc £h>]l Di>« proceed to extnd ft fiew mnccdotcf, «ori othtr. 
paCj^o, for ihc fniciisinment utd inlWaiAiioo tA olic Readers^ 

M» Jc Vofuit*. it wat rtcohfed, ur» bom in 1^4- Ac 
txrcNc fvuwld h< wu inrr^Juccilt «> a piooultn^ fO'^n^ P<^^.| 
toiheccUbriioi Ninon <1« TKockw, bv ilie Abb« Cft*ce4iincuf|' : 
bi» >nil<Mi!c fiknil . and ihii txtriordinirir wonua bc^actibctf j 
10 hiRi two ttioubnd li^icf 10 bay book*. Hs wai tbea v^ 
fch&Ut of the Jcfuio college. r 

Hit evif intititKrv with tbr Abb^C)i«ut>ra, thr M»4)im^ 
U Fur, t^tcDukcdc ^JlTy, >»J the Ab^i Cminin, pfuvokcft* 
hiv filber tri fay, ihji he thought him riukel^ ruint^J^ bn:auf#,] 
lie Icrpr compifiT with people o< fafhivn, and miic rcrfc3.ip<i 
Ttlii It criir AutltOr't o*»o fTjirriciiIatfOn iiT ttc nuiCfr, but wv 
r«pp>tir< feis ritricf might bive mojtf ciufe 'or hi* k»ft \ for h Ji' 
hcfc ufcr>c«le^-^«lt iQAt Voluiit, liurUig hi> }<w;h. m^ 
cxccd3>cly (Iiffipitc4, «*d jmaitr/cd in ^1 tbe plrafuic* comenotl 
■C bi» ti(t)t: of lift.' • 

At ri^-htecri he produced hii tfAgcJy of Oeii^vt | bai befcrc 
IE uri.i |ic lijtcjcJ, h< U{4« (be Ut€n&Ji, 

"• 1^4 hiv« rhciKT liiin onte (fu<^ is thv ^tle irf otir Hie* 
grapHfii) ticdrd him dyi tlul wiicii h< uiiiii:iEiH>)t thcfc iwq 
p«rfornu'KC*B he did ooc imagine he f^iouIJ be n^U to tuiifli,* 
them, and ibu he w&s neither tcqMintcd wjth the ruka ot iha 
dr>m>, i«r epic ;»'irtrin b«t ihit hr «ni firfd iirieh whit he 
heird c>r Henry IV. Irotn \l-'nC Cjucn*ftifi, *ho wjs weU 
MKtM in hiOorj, an exccJGui! aJmirrr a# fhie P;inre, And • 
^ntit-mAH of a moft rclpc-ctAblc <hiiacler} SkiJ ihit hr be»a 
Che vrorh: from mrr? eniSuhjiim, alnin^ w^ilvmc rrAe^on/ ' |] 

An iGCitfccit u hcfc rcUtcd, br which th« rqublic of leitcf* 
«ni ve^r *>^-^ b^^"g f^< ^ver deprived o^ ihii cetcbAteJ ptcce«f 

* HiV n|c onr day md ftmr^l omof «>r hii pornt vrbm on « 
Tifit It* Si- innmit*' fficr-i, tKb y^unp Prdtdcnt tfc MjitfoAs, he 
Wftt r<i trtf7-<-<l wtth dSJc^I^'H, chji he loft piiKnrr, Jiad threw 
hii m^nitlc'ipt Jnco the rif^. The p*frMient< HcfuuCf with 
ftifBt^ukr fckiied it. '^ Kcoivinbcr. ^JJ Wf. Hcniui ta htrn. 
in nne of bit letrer*. it «*« I Hut fived iho HenriaJe, mni 
ihat it ccifl ne 1 hiniroQic pair of jdAci/' 

Somfl jetn ifter, vre «e rciM, T^viral copiei of Kh-« poe« 
htTiiiE- giK Abroid, vhiJe ir wu ontj i Ik-tch, Ati cdftioa of a 
wj< fm^'Iillied, with m*nychjf'ni, undt*r iheciile of Tin Lf^^mt, 
Iftdcid of fame «t)d tiienit. thraM«hori;a*ncd only ciKniiei«nd 
tMjtviin'iCt>t bj ihii hi ft cJnion. llieh^^fl:^ tauk Are ±liE, and 
ibv ^oct vn> confidered $i hiMy criminU* fur ^nfinj Adrai* 
nl Cc4i^fi^» ind Q^iten LhMbeth. Ejidri*o^rt were even 


ifi J^wwd/ AftrftMTj •ftht AiOhjr ffl^ t^mitif^ 

ttM lo gtt ihc piccfl r^pprdTcd i but ihh Bimgc (kftgn provtii 
fibortire. Hi> chig/ln, ou ihi« uccar»>o, l^ift mf^ifcJ him wiOi 
cbe tliought of vlficij>g En^laitJ, in oidrt lo fitiiHi tbc work, and 
ftfiubliOi IT in t UnJ cf lit^rcv, 

< He wiJ riid"ti ''•ya the BK^grjpHcr, {oi Kiog Gtir^e L 
and RK^e (urilcuUtJy the Prm^rfi o4 U'i^ci, auci^jidi Qiteca 
of England, niroj an iinmciifc fiAbftfiplion for him. '1 fm« 
libfr«1iir liitl <hc foundaiion of hit htittne : for en %t% return 
to Frarce in iflS* hO pflC hii mor^cj into « loitcrj- cfiiblifbcd 
by Mr. Dc*fifii» Coci^piroikr Vtctttt^l of the Financw. Tht 
idvcnturet* received a r^nt chiTj;? on ihc H^ttJt4'ilU for 
Ihcir d(ket» ; a^id tTkr pL'tiLfs were pud in ready fiKncjT ; To rhat 
tf a fvc^cty bad rakcA nII thv cicktt^ it vfouIJ h«ve J[MliccI 
a rnJllioci of livrci. M< Joiii<d vriih j iiLimeioifi c^cnpinr nf 
ftdvcnturcff, 2^4 w*i foicimue. We tvtrc furmlbnl wiiH ihii 
aiKcdotc by « vcsibtr of tbc {jnvc fbciety, whg vcriffd k b^H 
producing bii regifieti, Mr. Voltaire wr^ic to hitn %% foilowt s ~ 
** To make ^ mv^fx in thi« couikuy, nothing akiic t& rrqiiiliic 
rhin to lead ih« arrets of the CoiinfiL It it fclc'tun but ih< 
MuiiHry u obliged ionnak?i\^(h atr4n^<flicA;9 in ttie tiuAuco, 
as 1(irn !<> thr^ idvanta^t? nf iniiridiraln.'' 

Tbc ic^nr^tion of trc^lch did not weaken hl» pifSon for 
polite literature. He hi<t. In t^ltt t;i^^ <hf public hit tragtd^ 
jf/«rjtffljw, whkh waidamncJ. Tbitdid not diCcoiarAgc him 
from proriucihgt i«i73<^. hi? Rtuiuh which, rj)iihe Author, 
' vre look upon iot>e hftmcfli'p«ri(ed tr^^edy, nor <*cn except* 
itig Mafaonii^t/ V/c a:c noe culd wh4i ri o-^t with on 
Ihoftagti the Author only fay*, ' Itwaa violrmly criiicjied/ 

• We wcfe pici'eni** co<itiniiea \\c^ * ai the ret^rcfcnraliiitf] of 
!2ara, in 1731* and dthough ii drew te^n from 4 g'eat pattof 
the Audience, il naiTiJVtlr eftiapcd bcitg dainied. Ji wa« pa- 
rodted at the [uliin comedy and ih« fair, and got the ctacac of 
ihc F^vniiiny, ami Uarlniuln on I'lfoaiTu)- 

* About that tinckc one o^ ibe Academicuni hnvii^g pto^of^ 
Mr. Vfl'uire to hll a v«cancr, of wh;(h he did Bi>t entertain 
ibe kaA iboaght, Mr, do Itc/c dfclaicJ thit the Authoi of 
fiiutui aod Zara oouM wvet dcktvc a place in that focieiy,' 

At ihit time we fird ihrt to^aiile grnij^ deeply engaged to 
fludyin^ the principle! of Ncwtoo^ a«d ide fyjlema of Lribnitx* 
anc prrrurm ng jH <Nc c<f«rimrni«oo ii^hl aiidde^r icily. But 
notVp-.ihft^Tvding bla (ondncL» tor thefe new cmploymcnta. he« iti 
'73^* bfOLjghi ciui * hii uagcdy of Alt-ira, nr the Ancilcana, 
which ii>ei with n^e^l applaufe. He al'cMbcd hit fucceJi to bb 
sbfencCf faying UttJu^titr- idi nuu /afff, fid Ma tmiannr iJif 

' Tlie moil virulent cenfurcr of Abira, wit the Ex-Jefuit 
Dcifontai ret,— Thai affair waa attended with fctmc uiK4ioimo4 



Hi^vlcMl Mrwmrj t/tht Atul^ of tit IlfJtriaA, 49 

cifcumAADCCA- — Dc^foQUinca had bcfo ttvi^hjtd in i\h^yfttrnd 
4n Savmitt under the i?irrxr^>rJiiof ihc Ab^c JUgiMiPi, ir<itn whicl) 
be ha^ ban dilmcl^cd ja i jj^. He i^.cn fct up a kill;! of J^iur- 
lUl ^f hit owr^, ^nJ W4t u-hir Mr de V^J «jrr CjlU iix /-^im 
tf^ikirr (« vcttofn Ifiilicr]. Hr c^»M:Jcr ly^^ well kn^wn.— . _ 
hftj bccck tA<n in ilic jj^ vtlih fooic Sivoyafd boyi, Jn4 imj 
priToncd ui (h« ^'J/itrt^ H» iviii^bnr-tit wu begun to be drftVi 
|ip^ iin4 ii vaj ifiiciitlcil io bu;n hii^t jiivtt » it im fiiil Pir^i 

ilc>G4 in llMd of V\ txirpplc, Mr. vc Votr^ifc prcvi^kti upoai 
ikt 6iiEeb*ofK6 (^c Pu: ta ulc her ifticic^ in the cfirTiinri f^-^ 
y«ur^- 7'be'C i> J^li cxanc one oi* llie Uttcti nfiTicr\by Dn* 
^MftiAum to bJ* ilcjitcfcfi II Iku Ucii jirJDEcd >ma£ig tbclr of^ 
cfceM«t(|%iH cJ'Argc^fr Ijr^uille, ^^eiiS, Vol I. >* 1 Qui^ 
never fvrgtt Utc utli^itiocij I lie uiiici lo you : ibe gcodncTt of 
jpMi heart i£ fljd fuprfiuf to roar fEcniui. f Otj^hc t& enpj^^ 
life in ; ' : '.sdc» J tonjiirc joi 


yih^h 1 >n dciivc(c4 trotn Utc iiAjftuf^ mvA buiOkcO ibutj 
Jeij^uct from P^rij/' 

* la a for^ni^hE after th% the fume cnin wrote ik ffcraraitor/j 
libel uilnl) ibc {trrfon iri vhofc fertile he octght to l^i^^ cin^ 
ptof» hw Vift. — 'Vh)^ f«d ti ftuthenticoied bjr a Ittut of Ml 
Tirioll■^ dif - ir, anJ la't^n f/om the lamecor 
^eftioa- — i ■' ici 14 iht poh" who* in aeoi- 

jrCfilTioii *itb iK^ Oum <1"/irgrnf(;jfi» aurmptriJ (o tindtCuM 
^trJdJ bv Uyir{{, J trk^iiVi Io vrhicb-ihe CodiC fe^^Lcd, I Jtg 

* Alter the jfl*K of (he Si/ytrr, tlii» prieft Mifird iiom p*i 
log bii adJrclTrk 10 <hinuif)''<MrL'cpcr». He bied up ^nie )'(.'i]o| 
^fcrcbo^ca to hti d1^vb,c traie lT non-^onbrmifl jr.J i-.M>i 
£iur/; lje iALi|;lii thtm i^c iitol w/iiing r^dtri, ;ti:J r^i ton 
jupdioji vnih thvTi) ^'MTipc^Iri > Aurtil^f of derAon^ury Jtbclj 
vndci itic (il"e o^ y/iUai'omatiiti tf Fc/uiti'a'uj. — Ttcj were i 

. fi^, Although out D^rd Qict wtib '.ipjH<l^uoTi jjtj mxluio'j 
abuie* Uooi « «irict)' cl' encirteii wbj £rw to aim*, at tip] 
/cpr<r«nt0tto^ of i:«c'y fxw pific^* be co^iU nrr drr^tt 0<A(D >rv>! 
dvl^in^ Ml pof^ic'l iiJlf^. AfcorJiLi^ly id the rmic yc^r, * h%\ 
pioJuvcd bb coraedy o4^ T^ Pi^4iioi S^^ ihoiif h cot unJ^cr K^j 
own miuc; attJ he ^>vc ttve jwofiti to McilVt. Lir.iDi ^nd 
LisniMn^ two youitg pu^iJt, w.^oui he b»J foftoed, AntiwSo 
einif^ III Circy while be rcfK^rd ivnh ^UdJTn dc Cbi:dleti tic 
^pcinieJ Libam puccpior Co tb«t Udy'« fon^ urbo h=3 fi^KC 

^ -■■■■■ ■ ■ -— F 

* Till letter wu (be jii M*y ; lb« dttc ci t^ jeir u ouE «£i.xtfd, 
bue k Ku mriiTrn In t;;4. 

50 Hf^vriid MtKiirt tfiU Avtb^ tftht Hittriadt, 

Iwcn Licutenior G«ji«t J of the irtrj, itiJ AmbtHidcr at tbC 
Coart> of Vitntta and Lotfiioft. 

• TJtc ccm^jF of TTjc Pfodigal Son had CTCit fiicccft. Th* 
Author wiocc c>j MftdcmoilcU^ Qainaui, *^ Vo« can k«cpotbef 
ppoptc's Ircrcu u vrtll as your own. ffad I been known t9 
^ the anihoTi the picct woutJ have Utn <famiKd. Men can* 
net bmf fh:it the fjm« prrfon fhouTd fjcccdJ in two ktndi of 
tviiiiflg, 1 i]ia4c cnccijci cii^tf^h \>j aty OcOipua aod Hca- 

But ht had foon 1 crovd of cncmJn of a ntvt Aamp Co en* 
couciicr. He had wiiccn hit EUaunu of the \nxjt^ie9 Pfn£»* 
fifiy^ thepvjncipleief which ^cY^«tbffa fcatcc known in Francei 
but he cvulJ nvl obtaiJi a privih^v for ii frooi ttic Cbanctlbr 
AgtfHfeau : who, llxwgH a van of nfiivtrfal IcarciJn^, harine 
"hiti bfcd a C«rf//ii«t oidbif uUnoA toiiircotirA^c iIk ncwdr^ 
carttUi- Mr. Vtil'.airc'f amclimcot to tbe principle* of New:oa 
amd Lockct waa downnght hirtfj m Ffaiicc. He was atuckcd 
on all fidfi ; hui bf fcrma to hare onl)' laughed at hkt btj^oitc^ 
advcrraiia. Bjr waf of relaxation from bu feverer Hucici, be 
bOW vnuM himfelf In wricinj hia MoU^Wf^i i a peifcrm- 
>n» whkh doea him ro great honour ( but i^tUch ia hoe 
fpo'crn tif in ihe folbwin^ lermi : 

* We have prooh that ihi> piece of dfotl<fj wai composed al- 
noAeniirelyacCifejr, MidiincdcChiielktlovcij poetry aficnuell 
» leorotufi and wat a vtrjr ^ood judge of it. Alchoi^h ihi« 
poem was only conic, yvi there b much tnore fancy in tt thaia 
in ibc Hcnriadci hut it wu vikJj di^i^faced by fomc JbacncJcft 
IcnoniJrrlt, who printed ii with horrtcf lewdneOcs. The ocily 
good edicioni ire thofe of Geneva.' 

Bufinrfs cirrvinLi Mr. VoU«re to BruffcTi, he tbrrr met vt'nS 

'the ceUbrated RocLTou. Thife two geniaks Toon coniraftci 
a ftronganCipAthy Tor each other. Ruu&iu having ihewn Vol* 

lairc aTyrk epiftJe ^ddrelTeii topo^clTy, met u-rtn thii fareaflk 
reponeCt *"• My fiiendj thi^ letter will ne«cr be dclncrcit accor- 
diAg lo iu dtfeQiOfl." Rourejiu could not put up with thit 
piece of railkry- The cno poeii have crcr llncc been at mor* 
ta! cnmityi arid iceordingEy, poor yraw y^fivj ii pLeatifttJVf 
ibufeJ thiovgbctit thcfc memoirs. 

'^ But 4 Vtiha^refjiledofae^uirfn^ the ft icndfiiip of the hunhW 
flod ;vW^ ph i lofopher of Geneva* which perhapt be never fittifrhtt 
he had «in^le amerdi in Chat of ibc Royal phifofopiher aE Berlirr. 
While lhi» prince, who ii likewifc a poet, was htreJicaiy prince 
royal, hr rrgulirly cdrrrrrponded with our AtiEhor, ajid fome 
of their Ictitrs have been grimed in the cotled^on of Volcairc^a 

-work*. A ifj|^iiv4i of Frederick firH Irttrt, with which the 
eorrefpoodom conxnenced, it here infened. It is a loog 
Ic, but ncll wiutco« and w^oiLhy ihc gevinB of the King of 


^rtiffij, Srvcnl vi«c^oicfl of tii* MajcHy ire give© in itt to- 
lumc btffoic Lit; to wmch we iclcr. 

Our Auitiof'i fidl tntfrvtevr vjth the King of Pruffii vri> it 

[cur<t a foull c^Jc ncu CIcvo, (bon afut ihc K^iif hxi 
finithed hi* gTC4t work, iht Xwftdathn tf AUtkitttff^ la 1740, 
VoltATc (rent to par hi» coufi *c BciUn: Wujc ibc fCin; wat 
jv'parcH for ih< iiivafion of Sclclja. 

'rhcfe iDciDoitfi not bc^ig wrjiicn m:h the circuinl^iniialii)^ 
tif a jMrmat, or of i tcgiilsr connci^d ftimdre, we arc not 
Iflformd how loo|; M. dc Voltaire rcficcd aC Li<rlinf during 
ibU lirA villi^ biMi, in 1 year or iw^ we fiit^ him i^Am ac 
Btu£csi» cooipofioi; fan (ra^cd^ of Mabomei, wbkih he Coon 
after carried to Lille, tar repfefer-t^ibon. Thefc vnt tibcn a vciy 
gn4>d connpflnjr at Lilks and the play waiwcM peiformed. Thv 
ccktMated MadeatoirElle Clii^oa wis ihe^e, AtiJ, at tbjt e^ily 
pniodp gave fpcciiDcni of her great theacricil talenn. 

Tfae tcprcfefiiuion of Mibomet rcvifrd the aaiaiuilLy of the 
enemies afiJ tiv^Jb wbich the Aut^o^ had formirly met wi h in 
t6ii walk of liicxaiuf^ 'I'he Abbe Dcsfotiiajno. panicuUrJy, 
with oflc Bonneral, wham Voltaire had iclieTcd in his neeef* 
&ICA [fuffiiciciil piovucation to a rafc^Ily ouiid !] ' ii^K bdng 
abFc 10 prevcftc the pirct from fureetdin^ upon tlw ft«ce, lod^ 
M) iafo;n^-JLtioci a^^inll it Wfore the aitoftiey gcocraT^ aa o>»* 
'tiiniAff iotae tbiogt eontnrv to the Ch'ifitari religion^ Thinci 
went fo far, that Cardinal Vicury ^dvifed the Author to with* 
dfaw bis pe«formti»cc. Thit advice waj n^ujvalcot 10 a com* 
mxnd^ bowcrcr, the Avtbo« puUiibed hi» play, with a dcdi- 
ocion w Broe^iA XIV. [LomheftlnrJ who had alre^d]^] 
fhewD him paiiicular maikf of rcEarJ. tit U*^ t^r^n rccorn* 
locoded CO ibtf Pope by Cardinal P^fionci, ■ man diilingi^ifhrd 
in tl^e literary woild^ and wirh wbocn he had iofi^ rmiptw[>e4, 
a concfpuodcncc. Wr hare fum^ of ihal Popc'a kttcri to, 
VoUftire. Hi» Holir^t wa«^etifou« uf drawing him to Romo^] 
»iuJ our Author has alwayi ejtpjcfTtd a "^rct for not kivji 
ftcn that c^ty, which be uM 10 caU the cipiul of £uro^/ 

Malioivcc we fii^d, wdi ncrt played agita illl linifc aficr^ 
tvben it wm Tevived ly the credit of M^damr Derail, fho Aid-J 
tbor'i niece*! r>o<A'ithf^anJing the ciK^rts of Ciebilloa, ihei 
liceitlcr of tbeltage, urdct the licuumzK of lh«poLic«. Cr«*. 
mion hcnby tncu'tcd iht ceofurc ijf ihc bciicf fo^t of people 
•ftd D'Alc«ibett W2% appointed in hU pltce. Tflit play hog; 
ever ftocc c>>itttn^ in IjII po^lfri'-n^^f ihe ihcat^e. 

* Afcr »U ^hr<^ rq^*ahh'r*, Mcfl-'i. De Reaomur and D*; 
Majf^n jiJvtfrd bim ^> rer^o^nce pt'^t'), vhtcb caly ejip^fc4[ 
h\v\ to envy ind veiitUin ; to ^Jifid biivikli' ^ntirrly ro n^rvr^] 


I bt! lady «'ai inarf:r>^ l^ \la«r Dmii, cORkatflary uvli, m^ 
in 14 tfac rcjfiB^r.l i>; t'fiaJ p^sue. 

t 1 ^\v^cAof\h^ 


St Wfim^al Mtmm »ftht Auihtr §/iht Hatrimit. 

phrl'^fophy, an4 to (oVtch a feat iD ihc Academf of Scicncett 
as tic airctdy hid "Tie in the Royal Society at Loodon, and ia 
the IniliiutJT n of Boulogne, But M- dc Fourmont, bla frieodt 
a nun of icircr*- «nd of a moft amiable chara^cr, bavJng ex- 
horted him in a poetical cpiQJe not to bury bit talent, be wrote 
the folbwing reply: 

Which IS that imitaEed : 

Ta FoumiDntt fntmA I h«|d Bioft dor. 
Wha lint ipon UiF fbrLed bill j 
Abare Vaiure^, ih«t nrern nevr 
When Bichininont vii wat-t to fwilL 
Aid ftrcrci'M in caRltft eife «!«§, 
MmdlJD pour'd ibe umnieAfiti'4 ttnt^ 
Wbeir o( jut€ jaln'd ti'nd in haaj, 

Li^hUf irip'd in fiolk ineifyre. 

And Epiniru* Jed (he bind, 
" QoiE thai thorn* roid, you fir, 
■' CJiiil PhJlorHphyr* dart glaooij 
'< AfIuih ihe long Avfaiicn va|^ 
■< Wbci# P«f7'« Twrci ftw'icu blftOQ, 
" Mtipnmrn* mith (obei ■ir, 
<* And TpoTirvf Thulia viif foa ihet^ 
" Nor dirad the foil^ Cnd« fnwDp 
<^ Wbofe o;ily oleni itiD nt/, 
" YoiiT mniii weighed in e*ta ftile, 
■' You'tl ftavr ib« r««'riie of tbe lairp.. 
" Throw cff the philniflpbic frock, 
** Put on Ibe birlkin or rbc fbck ^' 
Mf friend, I'll do Kbit jiu adrift, 

YDurwunfrl ffremi fitbr,'faiiid,uid wiic, 
Bcfidei, it Tgiti mrindiKitiDit, 
Cn r^i! r^firme TPy occupjTian. 
Adjcu ifatn Ik thefe bircen Aadcf, 
Welcome A^AJn, ye chitiniai^ mtidf. 
Flic wiii^J 1 i>iLLild be cOtr ch^n^inb T 
From nHy Elill ta foWy uii^a^. 
^'^ CJly F'hillii \vill admit 
T>i' cn-brfti<nr'df(jiirii(T, {frpliiDcir, " 
The hvmblE cirrk, the \oiA\j rcftor, 
Tiic p« fcTuL L^t-^kcTi bullying heA.iip 
Tti fjini fhe liu|i 'hrm in htr *rnii, 
£iich h»* fur hfi- tefi'ikfi rhitirn, 
Oi, if you thuolc 1 diETrjent flruoi 
Sfl ivh^n Aiirixi giUi the pliin, 
Tv'lh fl:ei 'Jie Ire wi fn, k licr fwpftt 
And itulet on eich hctb Art mnn j 
Un^vetri'd pli'i hct minbJc widjs, 
JncHTint wf.k'p iT'CelTAni Cnfi i 
T.if,rr rincmff her henry 'd fton. 
Or from ihe hwH^ « from ihc flower. 

* AiiJ itnmediately he beaun hia Merope. The tragedy of 
Mcrope ii ihe firlt pictc, not upon a facred fubje^ that (u«> 
ceeJe^T uithout ihc aiJ of an amcrnus p^on, and which pro* 
curco lur Audior mote hor.our than he hoped from it, was played 
on the 2t)Ch of February, 1743, Wc cannot ttitcr defcribc 


Vtri la lAvirnt >b B^lh^imtitt 
ffwmaii ti ehairsii .#m jnfri, 

Pt^ mtfK d-yr.< fmt Al ft^ 
J^ rtvftr *it ^'Uhrti pmimi 

El k Afiarif & itiJifitliM 

Mh« ami, ji nHf rtme^f 
D'atKmJt'iJi deux tf fiftint 
faut it vttiiijt . ji • idf tfjim 
jf it fsn^t'li, J BT (1 j/i/?,T( 

Affi ^i-'ti* *err apm t^uii 
^fjii^ ^ ('attfut ai4 fiiMiw, 
ji" f^ia^ P'ifmr ti'vii Akkaja 

Aa ^arfiftw^ Mt OiJififi: 

On f''tn,Ji^Bb4 vik^B in'crt, 
Aii>J' fv aaf aLiiM aa matin 
Vi fa*^tr h\ f'lun h Camrcre 
Oh far I 'akfkitt am ptr U tb\m \ 
1 i*JL*i I I'^^^iiU ^ laajwrl .Aij'r j 
El ^ehi fidilr'ii iam mitl i^iwnf 

Hi/t^tai Mtmurs oftht Author oftht Hmrh^J 53 

the fingulir circuinHaTicrs ■trending iis reception, than by 
infcTting his letter of the fourth of April following, tv his friend 
Mr. L'Aigutbere, then atTboloufe. 

*' Mcrope ia not yet printed^ I am afntid it wMI not fueceed 
fo wel! in ihe clofct as on the ftage, — The piece is rii>t mine ; 
ii is MaJenioil'elic Dumcniirs. — What think you of an aft- 
refi that kept the audience in tears through three fucceHive 
m£ts ? — The public have run into a little miflake. and given me 
credit for a part of the extreme pleafure given them by the 
«£tors. The fedu^ion was io great, that the pit, with loud 
fbouts* infiflcd upon feeing me*. I was feizcd in the hiding* 
pl^ce, vhere I had fquatted for {helcett and broug^ht by f^rcc 
into the box of Mailhal Villars's lady, who was there with her 
daughtei'-in-law. — The pit was mad; they called out to the 
Duchcfb dc VJllmis to kifs me, and [hey made fo much noife^ 
that £he was obliged to comply by order of her mother-in-law. 
Thus I have been kiiTcd In public, as wag Atain Chartier, by 
the Princefa Margaret of Scotland} but he was afleep. and I 
was wide awake* i This tide of popular favour, which probably 
will foon ebb, has a little confolrd me for the petty perfeculion 
I have fuftaincd from Boyer, the old BUhop of Mirepoix, who 
is ftill more a Theatin than a Bifhop- The ararlemy, the King, 
and the public, deftined me to fucceed Cardinal Fleury, as one 
of the forty f, Boyer was agajnit it} and at hf), after ten 
weeks fearch, He has found a prelate to fill the place of a pre- 
late, in conformity to the ecclcdaflical canons {. 1 have not 
the honour pf the prjefthood \ 1 fuppofi ii is proper fr>r a pr^ 
fant perfon as I am, to give up all thoueh's of the Academy. 

*' Letters arc not much favcurcd. The Tncatin h^s told me 
that eloquence is cxpiiing ; artd that he endravnured in .vain to 
ttfitfdtatt it by his fermons, but that nobody had Jcioniitd^\m\ 
be meant nobody bad iifienfd\f> him. 

•' The Abbe Langlet is juft imprifoned in the Baftile for 
having written a book of Memoirs, already well kno^n, f«rvrng 
for a fupplement to the hitlory of our celebrated de Thou. The 
indefatigable and unhappy Ljnglet did a fignal fervtce to alt 
wbo wished well to their country, atid to the lovers of hjilortcai 
tefearches. He dcferved arccompcncc, and at the age of fixty- 
eighc he has been cruelly thrown into pri'on. ' fis ryrannlcJ, 
Infrrt nunc Miiiblti pjres^ poft ordint vittf^ 

• Hence the ridiculoui cullom of crying the Author, the Auihor, 
when a piece, whether good or bad, fucceedi the 6rjt Digbc. 

t Tne Academy confifti oJ fo'tv mernbcrs, 

X By a letter dated the 3d of March, i74i» from the Archbilbop 
of Narbonne, it appean that that predate gave up hii ^i^^cq^voivv \il 
faroif/ ofMt ^ Voiuire^ 

£ 3 ^^ \A.4^«nA 


c« Mj^q'^c iJe Ch<ier«t dchrei hrr c<»v)plinKAti. — She mir- - 
net lief iJaagbicr voihe Dulct dv Mom^nrio, a dw^rlifti, thin- 
faced, Iw4rihir, l^ai-ch<tlcd, h<tb-nolcJ, Nca^iiin.— He xa 
OMv hciCf and h gotng t<> Job ia» of Ji j*^^^/ pluiii|>^b«ckrd 
yrcnch <jfL — fiiif *i uu ffflii*-'* 

V ' 

l^r have gi^D ih< fongoing v^'u t^ ^- ^^ Fouimonu ^^ 
t>ic (fjnfliEor'f tWu'Jcjft t» 1 fpccinicn of the oimncf in which 
hr h» i:lcnipted to render M, do Vultiin'* poeuy in the rp<ric 
nf the origJnA^ In lk« c«i4iouiiion tf ihcanirUt wc (hall 
bjv< 0<Ci(\Qn to fc\e& Comt ochcr puHj^ci cf the ljirt>r^nd( 
buU for iJic prcfcou wc miift inikc ro<>in fo* oiha fiiljcdt. 

(r* fft Ti/kmid in irf wjirn) 
m ■ — ■ ■ ^^ ■•" ~ ' " ■ " 

mno. t i> ^ d> bnund< Riving'on. 

WKRE hit HoTincri, i he Pope, to Tell the ciff of Romp, 
by au^ion, tti« Boole might ktw at i cjialogoc of the 
ftirrhure. We onnnt opod ibc whole conliJtf it in a much 
higher chira^cr, though it ii oftrn iotcrfpcKcd with critiormi 
in ihr icfhiik^ flyle, 'ii^l I'C'C anU thcic enlivened with 
uktcdotet : 

So SttiKAt whcr, halfhii cuflomenfr'Uhdraw&i 

The few rcmiinirg yNwa. or feem to >«vii, 

To rouTc their rpmn tn^ ilt^ir cyvlidi resr^ 

Plira %l\ iht gcdim of (ti« autfjdnvcr; 

Their droivfY eari tfTfiTi «iih s»ndroai loundi 

Of Frvfi^o. Unique. Afihcii^ue and GroaDdi> 

Jtufit ihr wti^lr rtng< r>f I>iLerUB4i oW, 

And Ie31t fueb ule*^!* etn b« tnld no rior«l 
Thi>t however, ii nc»c iJio^cthcr the cjfe with tlw cMtJtent^ 
before uf. Hit efhieifint in general feetn in be founded ijv fl 
tfuch ini natufc, and iome cf hu t^lE.-! xiiv^ be tM aj;«in. Wc S 
(hill prefcnt our reitfevf with a few of hu detached sKcounti, 
teinarlts and anecdoce*) aod Hiil with that gloiiou* tnonuiDcni 
of indent magnificefict, 


* The Amp^Lihe^ue, buil; by Vefpaliart, h une of the finrft ^ 
and mofl perkS remami of Roman fn4^ri5cenr«. li wai 
CtuAtrd * n4«r the Cotollit Aaiuc of Nert;^, and no: fiir from 
the Tcfidcncc of the Cmpero*]. It it fiirc hundrtd and ^fif 

M&ffei of ThcatKi. p. 33. who b totally of aiaothrf ■ 

• Vld, 

opinion , 

S Tbit Hatoe, ofwhtrh the riyi of gto«y were rweniy-E*o f<«li« 
IfpgEl, 11 mrtiiii^nrd h> Maniat Vid aitia Cc^kiluj. ep, », lib, t. 

)f tUxr'.y ia lac ^ci^uz oraa^icat H^tna. Vtasti, p. a^ 


fbct lofig, fotir hvntffT^ sr-d ftv«nt)P bfc«^, soii one bun<IfH 
and Cnxf hi^h, fjflirtcEic lo coni'rn ct'hiy ih^ur^nd pco^'Ic 
ieated, ind iwcnty thoufand fl^Dding. I'hf ordrri of sfchi- 
tt^urt ibit t<torn ihia buildirs; &rc J\)fic, looic, CoriorbiitPt 
aad Comporii^ ; ihc flone «'kih wbkh it is built is xht hert 
riiftt wu ufcd in miAf of ihc amicnt cili(i;t« of Rone, an 
iocfutlation of the Kjua Alliunrif, bctwrrn Rome and Tivv^r. 
It U rcmvlcible ihit liiii w^tr dcpoftu lEs ftony p«tt[tl<3 lo U^, 
ftitd in I'lid) ijujiniilfOt ^s to clwkc up iu own ttitnnd' 

> Ihc cnirince to ttc Airpbilliciire U bf tii:hiy arci^^'j 
lcTc»if*^t of which were Kir the i>c>}j1c, ivnj (<k lire t^hifiAiorrJ 
s»d the wiJd b«3lli» afld two for ibc Kmp«fOr and hif f^irr^ 
who C3IUC ill ibc wdy under cotci ftom the rojfil apjirtmenut. 
T^ vriM brifli were not, n list bctn im^ginH, in Ibtt Am- 
pbJlhtatrc, kept in ikni unJirc t^c jfcna, lui were tzg'Aht]y 
brought fronn pUcct fee apait for ihcm^ Cillcd Vimti**. The 
Vivarti of Doatititn ate Atll to be fccn. By the gre^l firedora 
o/ iftgrels ar>d egieftt th« many rfioufan^t thai vrtst pitftm »c 
tbc Amphiclif^trc came iO| aitd wtnc out, with «» much tifii* 
and coAvenirace at fb many hundredth : the di0«r«itE ranka 
koew iheir proper places, and look thccn without the htfi 
coafufioiv. Thtf vHli, ihii tjefrntkd the /pcdalon from the 
fun, were faJlcucd ta p^Iei ihai tcf(c4 on th( topt uTih? h^fhcfl 
orders ih£ holti, uhrtr thdc pijlei eiiieiei^, at? ftJl viJiblo 
on the fidci ot ibe AmpbiilKi^te wbicb arc perfcd to ibe lop,^ 
At tht vi[b arc frgfiicnu of cir^So, the pdri had nc> othtr 
<fibA u|)on them, iti*n F^i^bi upon in arch, and fcrvcd lather 
lo ftrengiJicn thjA do ihcna ibc lead wjuiy. The tt'ih wrre 
tt fiift nad« of cental, or Itncrg, or any o<hcr ch<ap matf-nal 
proper for ibc purpofc, Ije jli more luxurioiu <J-<p> of filk. 
Cftf^ it faid (o hive bad o^e oTIilkta -, thil U, oilc may fuppoV 
ibc pait of hu ows AGi§ibubcaire wlicn; be Ui^ cpjojrtd ihi< 


t KnnAB b^ iIm mame of ihe TtiimElnc. It i$ loi inelf graJfttdf, 
bflE ii vtty dunbte* 

I 0> lU H^uilote bill, oppcfice the coLiacec vbUb wat <«^clRwr 
A*y »Kbvr on it. 

• Malfet, p- a;;. 

4 Orcr each of (he src^ei of the lone^ order, tm i!ie vorih fide.! 
KB MdA lb< fiurabtrt, frtm J^ lO ;^ Tfafk trned to mir-tall 
Ibc nob. whtch arr«A^e«t iilrlf xcordit-g 10 ih« nuMibvri. At cic'lT 
fgunh aru-Uv i»a» « Aur-cik thai had na cOfrsfp^ndcni vomitorr* 

I CarbaAaa d«ind« tfc'i primtii ia rh»ira'n (duxTlff iradsior Lnt- 
talo Spwtet ApollliiMibua lucia^ Fiia> Jib. 19. c- i« 

f VkI. DJov, CalT. lib. 4}. p, ; :t, Silk at ih» limc wti a (<kt««<M; 

otDauodiOTtf jiid *oc ihc p^odvtiioft ot ■tttiOkCliai^ th \u^i 


56 Rttftarh on the BuiUm^iy PiSturet^ ^c, &f ^Mtt 

particular privilege*. The Amphithearre was rometimcs'iwr* 
fun^id^ by burning (rankinccnfc bthiw, and caufing it Co ifctnj 
by filler to ihe top. The loweft fc-t?, or PodiiimJ^ ^ertf 
dcfcjided froTD che beafli by perpendicular and horizontal birt^ 
and yet the ct^mpaay that fat on them was not un frequently' 
alarmed by the bol<l alf-iulta of wolves and ciders. The giU 
leries are adormd with pilaftr-rs, iq which the impc^, pro- 
jecting beyond the middle on each fidif, h^s a heavy and uii* 
ple'fm^ effctSl. DomUi'in ufcd rometimcs to fill che arena 
tL'ith water from a rcfcfvoir on the EfcjuilJnc hill, and exhibit 
Kjutiiachias to the people. It \& knovin but by conjecture and 
iVnplication who was the architeA of this flupcndous building^f 
^vhich for its excclieiKe is peife^'y unique. Gaudcniius has 
been fuppofcd to have given i\\i: pbn, from an infcription 
preftrvcd in the vjult of Si, Mjriin's churth§: '* Vcfpafian 
icwdjdtd (j'ludentius vvi:h death, but Chrift Oiall reward him 
with a hn^r ihcatre in he:ivcn." G^udcntius, it feems, wii 
convei;ed to Chrifliaorty, anJ in all probability fulTcred martyr-' 
dom: hence perhaps arufe the unwilUngnefs of the Romani 
to nientjon him ^ and th^ Chrifl^ans were naturally filent on' 
the fubjadt, becaufc tbev difjppruvtd of theatrical exhibilionSi 
and could thint: it nu crt^dit 10 any pfofclyie of theiis, to have' 
contributed fo much to the advantcment of them. It does 
not upbear at what lime ixailly the Ampl^ilheatre began to be 
defaced i but there \% a ktier U^'m Theodoiic Itlng of the' 
Goths,' to rhc fenate oF Rome, exhoctitig them to prercrve ihc" 
noble monuments of [heir aiiCirftoM, The ktn^ appears angry 
and furprifcd at the thefts and depicdations that were made, 


the reign of Aarchur, (iao Jiunclrtd AaA fevrnry years aficrwardi, 
a pound of pure /ilk wns uor^h it^ uei-^hr in ^oEd Vtd, Vopffcum, 
Jibra enim uuri luuc librd ferif! Kiir. Vid. Aug. Hid- Senp- p, 
5^7. Vir, The mafiDfiii:lUTe of filk from i\]k worms wa> nit iniro- 
duccd into Iialy itIJ ihe time of Jullinian. P:]yd. Virg. I, 3. c. 6. 
Thcopbknc^ apud Phonum, Ncrro, D^un C^Uiua fayi, p> 1030, 
covt^rcd ihe Tlicaire with a vt)\ on which the heivcjii were rcpre- 
Jcnced, and the Emperor in ihc cbafa£lcr of the fun dnving hii carp 
in [Old embroiiiery. 

• Dion Ciff^ p. 398. 

11 The feali of the greateA diAinftion were the nearcA to the 
Podiunr. ' 

^ T'lUcn from fomc ChrifliaD barying-groucd or catacomb. The 
flr^Ei'^^l ^* =** followii 





ftora.time to time, oo the walls of the antlent buildings; and 
ftpraiei thv people for Scaling; the cramps and iheuU froDi' 
tbe vcncrabk rcmaini of mtlquity. A great deal for ae 


. We thai] omit tbe account of St. Petet's Church, as that 
foperb edifice h generally known, and proceed to gratify the 
daffical reader, and the lOver of anuquiues, With tbis Writer's 
lemarka en 


* The fices of the buildings on the Capitol, of which there 
are no veAigei remaining, have been the rubjc^ of much con- 
trovcrfy to rhe anci^uiHans. The two conliderable onea were 
the tcmpie of Jupiter Fcrccrlus, and of Jupiter Capiccilinus i but 
on which of the two fummits of the Capitolinc hill each ^ood, 
19 a much difputed question. The antients, however, both in 
profe and po^tryi fecm to join the Capitol and the! Tarpeian^ 
very often tc^eiher^ and on the other h>nd the Capitol hu 
been faid pofitively to fland on the oppofite mou'dt, now 
known by the name of the church Araceii, that is built on it*. 
In the plain, between ihefe fummifs into which the Cipitoline 
hill is ftill (divided, ftanda the fimous {latue of Marcus Aurelius, 
It 13^ copper, and of courfe h(^lh»W> This is an advantage 
that bronze {tatiies have over thofc that are made of I^one or 
Oiarble, that you are £t liberty lo m^ke the li?gi fubHantial, 
the body light; whereas the contrary obtdjns In the others; 
for marbic bodies mu{l be fupported. As to the icmple of' 
Jupiter Capttolinu^. wc know little of it, but by tradition, 
which is a kind of information' not ihe moft to be depended on 
in matters of art. The firft, which Tarqum erecj^cd, was 
burnt 6ov/n in the civil wars. The fecond, built by ScyUa, 
fell in the Vitellian iciiition||. Vefpaftan fjw his compleatcd, 
and died; which alfo drew after it the dcftru^^ion of the 
Cajjiiol, for it was burnt immediately upon the death of iho 
Kmperor, Domiiian built a fourth^, ihe gilding of this 


t Vid. Calliodorus H^< 3- EpifloUrmn. Theodoric'a letter to the 
fer.ate of Rome, Jcircr ^ i . 

I Vid. Pint, io RpmuJo, 

• Vid. NardUi, p. a^--. 

II Pluiarth in Firpiicvla- Suet, in Vic. Vefp. ^'Domitiaoo* 

^ Mir;ial tciij m, ih;it if Jupiter were to fdi all Oiympas by 
ao^iioni the proiiti of ihe f^lc Aouid be infuScieDt to pay idr the 
public buiidingi o( Daaiitian, h'tb. 9. cpift. 4, 

QuADtumjdm fupenji Cn:lar ccrlaquc dldiQi 

Si rcpctaii Sc i creditor efCc ¥chtt 
Graodj5 in xtherio ijcct aufcio £at Olymi^iOt 
' tofaarvr^ue ^ti ytttdtt^ qatcquid \iabtim 

tfiDrIc, in tb« 6^$ of Pltfiarch, wa> t&cvsntd Jt two mtUioft 
and a hal/ of out mtxicy. Gilding ifitfcctJ in (hr>fc dip VM. 
piiHn^tt which miv account for the tnormlif d a fum tx- 
pcndcj in one fLnglcflrikk of oioi^rcnCi lUjut »a cigblb «C 
tAc wbo1e «>p«ncr of Sl reter'i. a bnilcJing more fpicmii 
t^ao anjr antictil flfUL^urc, ind ibc moJl magnifkcAi o( all 
nvodfrn onci, nf whtch rhc Capiiol wu liutf ciore than a 
third ii) length, and Dot one fourib in breadth. Vt\ia the 
porUros, and within tbe^ourrio/ tbe piUce of the Cunton^ 
(CVnfcfTaiori) arc pf«f<nyed rrjjaunrft of CololT^J ilafuci, 
flTCophtgi, and bii rrtirfs cif furioiu hil!ory. There are al/o 
£gfp4iiiA fiaiue^t of wh.cti the clura^er ia varied iccordins 
to ihc age that f^M^uccd them: ihc liifl ind mofl aficlcnc 
sfpto«i:b<a ncailjr in form to the Chinefci the figures of tbiq^ 
Ijitkjj have fmall cycf* and [llminutjtv fcaiurct. The fccoe 
rcfemb^ that of the Moort in iheJr ]>tgt full eye, thick lip^ 
and flji ttoic. The thiiJi aftci the Alex ^dnaa cop qi»e(l, it 
Cicciin. Jt it rcniirk:iMc, ihxt itie moi^ unretnily charadeti 
cjitut>ica the giutcit know]«J^e of the art, «niJ is fcrupuloul!/ 
exact ID pro[>orrion. ThU nicety ixiccJt alTo to the animaU 
of Kg)'|/iiAn fculpUtrCb fpcciuDcni cf which uc to be iccn ia 
vartety ihro' >ni:icfii Jlome. Adrian fccir« to hive enriched. 
h'n C-iiitLol wiih great abundance of the Atis of Egypt*, anil 
toh^vc paid particular atrenfion to thrrr merit. Ihis prince^ 
io bii progrcb through Forei|;ii eountrtOa <iiftdc coIkdion» of. 

Conioitubvi AfUfi tt nva nil ii> ami* loia, 

I><cidJkC LteuiT) (juji pact ipfe deGra. 
Pro Cwieolirh <|uiil enim libi fbUftc trmplii. 

Quid pro T«rp<i2 frondji honore doicH f 
Ejipccko ir fud^i^cai, Ac^oAe, rctfclTc eft : 

Nam ubt K^ucd faU^. aoa habci ArcBjovr*, 

* There » • fn*11 room kt ipirt f>r E^ptiift tniiqutief, fevn4 
in ibai pattof Adriio'i »tlU which wti idcCliucd for the dtitiei of 
the Nile. Amoaj; vian;r curious iitnTi U ihc God Canopua, wbieli 
Kariiovt telTt ui csfne orf conqueror in thf otut^ wjth bit brothat 
liiribiir «if PcrbA. Tba iiJIory, it Cc-rma, «tX) owie^ cntitcly ro ike 
fapcrior iikzenujir of ibe pricth of EpTP'- The »ial W9u which 
of ihc ditia>iici cotiM bell n(i& the lire- Tbc priefli of rnfii, oot 
ia Ibc kaft fflrp«<hir>j! the ponpr of chcir dctcy to ovrrtzme thr fare, 
comniEied hia wiitioai Cfrcmony to ih« f1smr». lo which he ftll 
jvAaavlf a martyr. The E^ypiiana, doubunf- iSe nax^iral abilrtio 
of ibcif k<k1 10 f«t t^c bciLci of iba ordca!, pre^ifcj lij^n accord< 
isfly. They mtde him of bikcd carcb, and driUhf* hoW in hia 
I^MIOCQ, flcfiHd t^m wiih war. and iVn hTIrd ihr* hollow with 
water. Oi> bcioc ibroim imo fire the wa< wit sialivd, the wattr 
l<i OKU aiid (be ^aoiea exrin^uiihcd. The N>iin of ihli idol ii like 
that of an ape, or babooa. fi:EinR upon fait bfcccb- Vid> fUclef* 
HU. e. f J, ^6^ Vid. Mofeam Captoliaun. 


tbHr fcvcnl cvnor.ilef, and hrought home tvHie wa« pecnliir ^^ 

W etch. Ttc A;iEwc»of ihiC CApIivc ktogt ihlt irc ic b« fccfl ^| 

in ttiis plact cxhisii a ftfiklcig iiiftancc oi Rocniii ctiieliy, i ■ ^M 

n»oaQ in lhr<f wtnt of h»nd« in J ■ftnii there 'are luro oT tbcoia . ^| 

OIK of which ii without ihc ftHmctt the oilier Ute htta. ft ^| 

ihouU 4ppear from il>ck icl^manici, thit fp?jk roo phinly ^M 

10 be Ailtitni, itiar the cuf^om wav, however cfifH, anJ Lin* ^| 

worthjr of n gmt pcop)?t To ^lim the principal capticet in k*^| 

gfc^u irtumph, TD order to incfcafc ibcir humilialion, by reri- ^| 

deling ibem cotaily hctplcfi. Thitt it coo Cru^i i^either can rc ^ 

vith ihc Infl 0i:kiow of pfotMtiihiy be obJcOtJ* iha the tUiuei 

alluded to 3r« Ut^rvcnU't fnce ic i& m«nifc(^» on infpcClEOfi ^M 

t)»}jt that ibe/ ife Bnithcd thir^&t and whit th< artilt inicniied ^| 

latj Chodld be. For noihirg ean be deafer than thvl ihe ono ^M 

n^rcr htfal cncrc ihiu occ arrn', or tbc other more ilian one' ^M 

band. J do not, bonvcvef* reoicirbrr zny Ro^an biAoriaii to ^M 

bare Tpokcn of this piece of vrantonncfi i tbejr iVcm to bav« ^| 

beta aflitmed of ib>i pirt of their charj^rr, aiuf 10 have done ^M 

tlxir utmofl lo fii^^ it on pollcrit)r. 'V hit, peibips may ]caJ*^| 

ut to fufped iheir gtcxi and conHant prof^fltont of nijgnanU ^M 

niif and ge^eiofity 10 iheir enemlc*, and tend to give ihcJr ^H 

otUcr]r a^Dll iM Cji(h.tginTKnt> f-or ftuir'ixjt an air of ctownd-i^H 

kfa invcdivc, more thin well-rounded acctilation. Or, aft^r-^| 

all, if Hannibil ddened the opprobriou* utrtn of £rti jnl ^M 

p^fim^ wiih which they coi^Oantlf loodtd himf, thejr appear ^| 

AC tali to ha>e an rcjual tlilc fo thmx* The flarura e/ Cjiffcr ^H 

aod PoUux a/e at the head of ib« d^n tbac now Icid ti tho ^| 

Capilol. Tbcjr aie rc^njikaMc in bciiij' pcatAiti nTCaius anj'^| 

LucjiUf tbt Ivro nepttcwa of Au|£ufiuB ; but th< chief reaJon for. ^| 

uaalcrng pattieul^f iitenuun of them* <> father to rcmarkt that ^| 

pupili, witch one of t^coi haj, do not feem to fiaccced in, ^| 

ijculpiuTe, and for the moft part pruJutc an indeccrminaie ^| 

cffedt from an injuJicioui aitenrpe to combine form aod cokHip'^f 

in one and the farnc Euhjt^. In thecovil 10 the righc haod^^H 

of the Capilol r^Liare, on entenng from the Aept, near the^^l 

Coloflal bcadi of Domitian and Ct>mmodij», are Tome vcrv Grw^f 

remaiat of a lion devouring a borfe, gteat fivoiiriiei of MiebMF^H 

Angclo> and from which an ingcnioui J counTr^man of ovf^l 

own bai made freqoeni f^udiei with iinei>ni(non fuccrfi. Tbe^H 

CoIoiTj^ figure of Rotra 1 riumphaAa it ^juitc eclipfcd br ihff^| 

inimiEihle hrautyof a wcrping province carved on ii> pr^ei^aT«|^| 

it has been copied by Pikler, and ia well known to the ad^^| 

* See tbe froBiifpifee to ririneD*i Coloaaa Tr>jtaa« Theie an 
fame vhkh have bcitb^/ hujdi hoc a/ou* 
f Srr Horice aad Liff . 

niirrrs of fine engraving. In the rooms above ftiirs ire icp^ 
ftcd V4Eiouv rdfcs of tine art and curious intiqultf, fiKh u 
the Aiiinouf, and the * GiacTiatorc ■ the buft of AriidnH, md 
the wo!f ttruck tvi:h lightning, of which It hat flill the mti^ 
very pliinly to be difccraeJ, Cicero f fpeaks of ihtfl u hap- 
pening in hii litne. 1 here » alfo ■ colfcfkkin of piAuret 
belonging to the Cipitol, among which there are many great 
maft^rs. Before I leave this hiil, I may with propriety fpeak 
of the fepulchre nf C. Bibulus of the daya of the republic, on' 
account ot its being fituated at the cJCircmiiy of the Capitol* 
towards the Campus Martiui, near the Via lata. Firantii 
obfcrvesi that both this, and the monument of the Claudiaa 
family, were without the walls, till Tr^jjn Widened them in 
order tu incTude hi?; Korum within their circuit. The tomb of 
fijbulus h^i tvk'o lioguIarJties : it i% i>f the l^uTcan order, aifd 
its {I pibflers arc ii.irrowcr ai the top than at the bottom. It 

* Tbe dying Gtadiiror may be faid (o be F;Ttar, tho' not iioUe, 
ibe diilin^itun of ihr lltve Hill rcaiaios in ibc cord about kU necky 
and is pretf rvcd in bis eountenance- 

^ In (his is the irar iiJci of Grrciiin beatffy, tvhich cnnGfted in « 
dilplay of the exjjrclljvc parci nl :be face, anJ a fupprcllioti of tho(e 
itiAt addi-d link chari^-cr to the t^unti^nance. The futchead it verf 
ki^^i Slid the cheiks .-ire kept do^n. 

The pi^FOn^ il(ii>k]r;» on the l'dj^? nf a vafe were a preferrt to ibe 
Roinan» by a kir.^ ct I'cigamus I'liny Ij^tf^tki hij'^M^ of tbi-m aa 
a very tint riol:!)!;' Tjic) ucjc (L'^^r-U jn AiJiiar/f viJia* and pur* 
chilled fi^rrtfto thoufaiid poiinJ^, Of four thouUnd zc-(;uiiii. An Hfiiit 
in Rome not ]on;> iincc agreed to copy them fur a thoufand crowns. 
He toolc iivo ycirs lO f^nillx xhi: v^qth^ bu< 1^4^ thrrv yraxt ibout ita 
wiih Lhc af^iUiice of a niA't /or cii^hteen niomh). The copy ii fajH 
pijfvd \o be as compicac ai the origipaL 

f RoRialufquc £: Rrmu> vi fulmirifg \Q\ coneiticront. Cie* dfl 
DivLPat, lib a. \^'. in Oral. Cat. ^, Ta^ui elt eiiam iWc qui fame 
itihem c^'ndiorc Kumulus. The flatud of [be f'agan deitiei werv 
WTcn very much expofed to ihe inclcmerciri of the air. See the 
^iilieh ihat fcrvei for a nioiLo to Lbia tbork, fthich I fhail hero 

'* Haiti queen of ciiest martial Rome, 

Thy lame fhail uoughc cnEombi 
For wj(hi>ut the po«er lo fly, 
Wi:h ihee refls viaory," 
And the AniKoIogiH, p. yJ^- ^^ Pauranias in hti Atiic^t, p, ^i* 
edit, Kuhn. The nbovc epigram nai foupd a: Rome, on a itatuc of 
vktory, whofe wings had been barm olf by lightning. 

n Pil^^Hcn are ttfuaUy wjthotit fAeMinj; or dimiputian, the fame 
breadth at the cop a^ ;tl :he b^ftom. Some mod«rnt have cnought 
prnp«T (o dtmipiih ihem at the lop, and to make them f«cll in ihe 
middle, VJd. iViatifa/d. 

b1A> oFcDda agiinA ihe mle of V'itmviiiit » V'-nuti nbrcrrK^ 
in the propotttotfki ol iis twfrp vhicb ipflnJ of bcrng kjlf i] 
^tiantrtn* of ib^ coJatno in hnghit i* i liuk mure thin » i. 
The ii>CKitl») U hat b«n bc(u(« htnt^, dIJ not Ji'wjyj n^bci 

vajicii ibcon M ihc ci^CitQtQaiKti oj liiK4iicj>, or tt>c lucurc 

'J'bfltts^ the AD'hi>f fecmt rvoe to b« d^uUiful of die Tai 
treauvcntof lU Rpmani wiib rcfpccl lo tkcLr ;n'iiTnc>W trn^ 
tive«. ycC 1i«Mb> Io mir op>nicin» h^z-trdcJ tbe (cvcf^ty of bip 
in()cMii(ncitt too lir- Pourr^ /^lUVn wa« ■ mlc wiih ihis 
brm pcOp'c, and had if bcco cuiloii^jiry to mt'tw Uicir «>p<fv<s 
4itM ibr pui;>4r^ <>' C(>umph&l hvqitlMtio^. bioe nfr* erf ic 
%vu|ii hivr p«lic^ to tf froQi The fcvcmT wiiie» tJitr luvo 
^k,M'\\xA Of »lvJcd to th*t c9thibitton< Pcth^pi tbcy hjJ ff 
capiiv<i more ff-rxiout, or on «h<Mi ibry mighT have been ej 
peeled to rxcrciTt: t iroic buoibliri; diktpltrc, thjQ the Buti 
yet haj ihric piifiijicri been ^Jcp'it^d of ihrir vnit Of hicit^ 

Imtftrati lii^nt jfiii^a Hitimi. 
AtiC bov (bill w« |tcc oT«i lirf^ .ib»c ibe Uaturs arc fioi fn: 
mrnift ■ bur fimlli^ii thmj^s mtd ittch u ihr anifli mienJeJ; 
ibcy fliftuld bc.r — Tvrcly. with wy )ttUc dii^euiiy ! Can 101 
thin^ Sc mote ob«iMi«t th»o ro fup^^c Ehir muty of thewj 
capiivc* ntl^t Mv their Jut>b« in ihv Gtzid^n of tbc ij«y } mi] 
WfKiEd not Jtirh ioim a firn^cr fuie fo: the cjr of ihr con*! 
<)uero; * «rouiJ ihcy not moil effeCtuJiUjr Qieiv ibe viloHr of the 
vt^ur in the *' diieniirpuiGd iidJ f"— if To, the kulpuyj mul 
«f covrfc have rcpic'enied tbem aa thejr appoarc^l} ariI ibit 
rcpflcfcnuiicii would by ro meant prove thai they vrc<c ouimcd, 
for the purpofi? of t'te trrumptt. Ouf Author tntitrucg tbi|* 
ihc RuKiart «rrifCf» ¥fOultJ be- ^IbjircJ or' e? - to poAf^ 

nfy Cuch «D iniUf^c* of Ephiiiuantry »n ^U rr^i i atiA 

llaat thia niijiht be ihc fcd'vn of locir lilctiec on (he f«l>jf A-* 
t>ut t*OtfM J10I the (^mc mciivti hivi- opeuEed wiih their 
((alplorf? fur tjbey too ^pikt^. J-M'mtati^ and many <if tbcir 
jahovv I1MV dvfcentfrd 10 va. Wc ate 01 cpip.ipn then. doC- 
Vithftafi4ini{ ihr dcdtj^ioAJoF (h« iviitcr, ■£»! thr imn^iTp^fCC 
of /V*4»/^, (hjif ihi' K*im?rrt ttand clcu oJ thi& ri ■ . *-, 

H14I t^n ir«*cJUj lx.4f] *j lirUe ftilifd in tJie n'. u ii b« 

apprar^t from bU tranatlTon of hi* moito. to be m po^ry, 
»e Jboukl ban l«c hiA tell m poacc. Bui now ire aitc&d 
luitt Ip 


* In 0i< palact of Siuia Ciocc u a ^c talle^on of pit^unt. 
The kift ot any note 11 Job 00 « dun^hiJI^ i«/rouiiii<d k^ hf> 
, 7 ffi«»i» 



ftiraJi and cocDfof icr*. The man ia &r<nour» with hit liMili 

hkily h«ppf in the cxprcfeon of wo(i#<tr uid furprizjc^ The 
^vrt »f Job b bightj difgoAiitg} hit bodj It rcprtfcwtcd Aill 
•f bcrtti «ii4 fofcit m a poQure <i>f iIm moft piikcnt rcfiiatuon. 
Tbc confrqucncc oJ' (ucfa a rrprffemiiioiit ilut drfcendi loo 
lainutclr irico loithfucBe pirtituUft, t* obvi^«i it ddboya all 

rtner*, mingiji{hri cxay ihii>g that <^>mmuidi refpofk, of 
the kift iend«ncv to th« fub'ime* JuA u hu btcA ob* 
itfvod oi Hrfiol'i defciipiioa oJ' Mdincholy t ibfi ccnible h 
bfl in tbc n»^ou>". 'Hi^a picture u the wotk of iha^tm 
Salv«tor Rof^ The rtxi capicaJ pitcc i» the AiTumptiofi 0^ tbe 
VirRin, by CjuicJo: th«rt v« (brftef dw<n ( one here, oac 
Culikl't4j)co, iK^ Bclogdif and il Dmilcliorps ^li arigirBl^ 
ac»d rer)f well prefcrved. I might mcfiii^ci ibe Scafons b^l 
Albant, but the King of S«rdini«'i arc eieAtfjr fuperior. Tbe 
fwitU 10 b« reoiiTkcd in ih^i'e f nilhcd piSttfef. if thn^ be AAf, 
i* in ttic ^ompo&iion ^ ir i» a link too much 6'4paM 3 ■ ikfeft 
often Kpeated by thi« mailer/ 

The cbfcfvitiioni io the abotc amcle are f^r^' juft j bc^di^i 
Hdiod, among ihe pori% there ari? many tiafT^gn in SpenetrJ 
anil Jcnnc pcrhapt in Milton, on whkb ihc Time obje^oiD inaf ; 
Itll, and wha^ according toLongiauf, ihc terrible U loft 
ihc luuicout. 

In C4ch of the following trClcTn thrrt h romethint^ eurou>< 

' Tbe flefiMof Pnrnf>ry 10 thr fenarr-houfe, at the feet 
whkh t^xim Mm a tine picture^ by Giinrioi licUa norte*^ 
Of ondle^Ught piece. A Dido, by Gtierebio, on the funeral 
pjki ard aCleopacrii by rrevifani, A llaue of a tt<^ic, very 

fotxL There ii aii iiwnloiie with ir^ard 10 the ^atoe of 
'ompcy, which is worth reUtin|*t though it hii bcicn told 
hcfcjre. When the Ihtue w^ fiiuiitl, 11 wjs m fucN a pofit^Qf 
th*t the head lay on orte fn«n'a groundi and the body on ant 
ihci't. A dif^ic aror'c bctwecD ibc prop:icior» ; to wSom t] 
wh<ik of the ftaMt belonged : they both claimed it( otie 
bcini; in pudeffion of the tnoA noble pan, ibchead; thcorl 
of the (teetef, the body. Not, however, bcinf( able 10 adjvl 
the «fifi>i)iet ihe miucr W43 referred to a third pcifoo, who id* 
iriJed Ticli 10 ukc hit p^jt^ which accordingly wi% done, after 
fo^iJi>ji the bead from the body. The Pope* bearing of thi> 
cq ur table itod6ont puri:bifTd the bod^ of tbcone, ij>d tbehea^^ 
of the ochcr. Il)b wa« tbe caufc of the juntiture which ia vcrfS 
diftin*ui(hjblc in the neHt of the flaiue.' ^ 

* Loo^aa«i, fed. 9, 


< Tlu villi niij h< fitt^j ct)nr>dcrcd m$ the refi[|fii(^ of a 
1t<MDin fcAMor, who bid ^owo old in coJfefting cvrtoraics, 
Tbc llourc i) Rocun, the I'uraiturt Rotn«D» ibc gudcot And 
tfM pocticoi ill piit u« in mind of amiquit/ 1 and «i cvff ^^ vtiril 
wc »rc prcicnted wiib Cjrcciin otaxoe^y ^Mh uid pluWopbcis» 
I ^^\ Wgin vith tbc houiir. 

* In ihc Ralr-csic h a Iv^c fBifk of red JEf;fpM» mtrblc^ 
lbttte¥cU formnlf for a window, xhc Tght cnicHnf; at ih« 
inouiib. il u round, tod aboul three ket And 4 hJl ia dit- 

* At ibe fecond Unding-pUce ia a bos tf^kf of H«rcu1c«* 
^nd ihc Htrj>ttidct, i^rry (ioitp uid not unlike Adamind Eve aC 
the tree cf knowledge, 

' The ptlUn of ihf firl) room you arc Aown into above, %r% 
giill'Uiti^uc of ifaioc kmdsi pcrlicOi goM^ utd p^gUai offtntif 

* A ^ct ctnoptn, in biiatt. 
■ A |iro£le of Plottu>t very be:iQtiiy. 
' A yova^ N«ro, the ftoia head a» on the medxit f , 

* Auijivou* in b4« rcljcf> with the aiediilton under it: 
Rlicf i« the fi^e of life. 

* Tbc gatlcTj of ihii villd n tbc itcbcfl In tbe wocIJ, In ■!! 
foru of curiooi aufbk, hit rclif f» ictd Mofiic, from tbe dc£gnf 
of R«ptEAcJ'> Aubdt^jt), wier(;icr(<d with original L^mms a£ 
U) tfton-ibjog magfticudc. I'he ouiEiiity of ihcm ii iticrcdible^ 
And At tike, umc limc fo wcU aiTortcdt thit otic woujd think 
Ibry had been mt4e for their plicfv. Tht ciflivg of the great 
ckUtff is- (oiotcd bjr Mer.g}, Apollo in the cct^er* and ihc 
Alufe* in egmpvimfnit jirotjr>d bin\. Apollo it himlcff a baj 
£^uie. The Murca >rc (otnc of tbcci porcrsiis, md tciy fine 
in tbcir di^crenc chji^fm. Among the <'uiIoriiU^ beWw fbift 
ijG ^Qie altboftcr fi^'jrc» gf an enormoui ti^, fcten or dithC 
feet in diimeter, und a pillu ci die rime materuU^ twenty 

* An anciait bntlfcApc 1 

* A lilt of Euripides's pfay^g on m«ble, 

* BuAb without end of gods, atuJ demt-godi, and In fbi 
«rhicb muft be leen to be rehfhcd i rbr iHrn,:! th>t arc not 
cxceitcnt, wdl never bear d? re riprii^. This vrllami^fat Invrbj 
A greater fkiunber of articlctt in a nobler Aiie, for the money Ui4j 
0ttt on it* hid nuc ibc cjtpcitcc of the gallery rendrird it 
piiAtcabie to make ttio teik propoitiontl- 

* Copied prT7babl)r item ta kieroglt pHck i^sad in Fgy pi. 
' t '-'' t^cnaiii ViJ VMriini. AgaitnL 



< In one particulv the yit^p ^f CiHInil Albani muft be con' 
Jidtred in a dlffcttnt light from almoft all othcra in tbc county* 
It h«K been begun, «nd completed, as IC «ere^ br onepecAib 
which is hardly the cafe of any beildcs itJelf. The Canlitm 
has had great kifurr^ and every opportuaity of purchtfing almoft 
lit hifl own price; otherwifet it would have been impoffible for 
■n indtvidual to have paid for fo much treafure. The Ab&tf 
WiDclcman contribnted mucb^ I believe^ to the order tnl 
Arrangement of the collc^ion^ and wu of great life keuI affiftv 
ance to the cardinal/ 


* In the Cb'gi chapd ii a fl^iup of Xnaht from m mould- 
ing by Raphael *, It has great merit | i though the idea of it 
be much borrowvd ffom the Anrinous. 

' There are fome very elegant ormmentSt of the ardiitec- 
turjJ kind, by SanfovJno, at the call end of thli church, .wbicli 
fiio* the rapiJ p'ogrefs of ufte at ihe revival of (he arta. ' 

* In a chapel about half Vh^ay up il^c church, on the right 
bandf \% a curious micfiption, wh:ch feems to fay, that a cer-* 
tain difeafe was known in Lu ope, bt^fure the difcovcry of { 
^^menOf and confequcntly not Grfl iMroduc^d to ui from that 
country, as has been generally fi^ppoitd. I he inicrlp'ion faya^ 








* S. Pictro in Vincii?is is in one of the fumntits of the Efqul- 
line hill, buih wifh the rcrr.ains of p^rt of 'I itus's baths,- aod 
Oandin^ on the ground of Mec^nas^s ^rdens. 

* Mof^:s at rhe trmb of Julnn tht frcojid, by Mp An^elo. 
7'he ftatuc is a very Jin? one, and full of majel^y, though in 

« Bellori hy%, he chiHelled it alfa himfelf. V. Pitture dtl Vati* 
caro. p. 61. 

f Perhaps :o fay only that it Hh^ ^Tr^i\t ment, is tn fpeak too cridly 
of (he prociii^Hon of fn Jjreat :i ^ei^^us. M^inv people cOnRftcr 11 m 
the grcactii eKbrt of modern Itujpinte, and few unprtj'jdiced ,perfoiia 
would ex^b^r.^c f. for the moil eitcemed rcmairia ot arniquityi 

X JJ»lur.i!iuj dikovarcd Cui>a and llifpaniola in i^i^l* Tltf 
fi»otH'''Ti Ci-n-inefic wai not diicovered til! four years afuiwards,, by 
Aineric'iu Veff'-iHu?!! who d^'privcd CuIuuiIjja of \ht hoAOur of giving 
name lU cLc: tOuHlry, 


po*aU cici/avagftQC. I ctiuld DOt| bawera, finJ in ttli4t 
ifr te^vtibM a goaet «A kI«« Mr> RtchArdroct (^uta %o ba very 

• S, Pftn In pfifon, bv Dooiinichino. A veiy Iramed dif* 
Igm^blc r^fiwT, One %vrc >» iciriAjWjHy r^xcCboTlciicd, 

■ There ire miAf IrjirneJ bDcJfcap'ii 4jcca»in^ on (be vrilll 
(by Gifpir Pouiin, writh t^cutu by Njchd-o] th«c arc little 
oUriveil^ BMuiifai)u]<ling thry h^ve ^il^4I otfrj^ Tbry «r« 
^tioitd io diftccbpcr. ibey lilMc 10 the li'^ of tbe pfacad«4 
fcMBilrrf Eliiha. I Oull jufl mcnT^iyn a totf ihit u mircKjuce4 
|«lo one ofthciTi, ihn u not & litik rrowrk^Ue. 1 Kr ao^ti 
or juAice it icfrvicnrcd poimln^ nr the Afmt^iy ddifftifig A« 
^c«t to the Komm em^ero'i with ord-r» to reven^ tKv d44Uk 
of ChfiH on ihe JcKl- Out Siviour i\ fmtr^ under the Tdibert 
Bo4 Xi!oi ftvnding it an «h*r. 1 he ksfod Uyf, that laul 
coalblled the prof^^b wbeihcr he fbould foocccd ia ihc licgc of 

Wc rceommcnd ihi) book to fouog (ravtllcri, at i| wi)^ 
IflUnidt Ihem bclh what to feck, aud bow 10 jud^e. 

For JANUARY, 1777, 

A n C 1 1 c A K Co irrxoTERsr. 
Art- 10. ^ Ldfrr t4 Ltrd C*jf<4iPi, eoRcerniig the prerent 
W«r of Grcit EtiJuin SfiLoH Anicrici; revicwla^i ciaJidCy and 
tmpanijlf^. nt unhippr daCa And Confe^ueace; «Ai vwhei»a (he 
DoArbc ofSlr IA^lIPUdi BE^fk/lone. a» eiTplainwl in Tiii C^mtnffn- 
UrJci oa (k<Li««of fir^flaad, i» i>p^{e<l <*> MitiJleml Vvr^pnvt 
Vid beld up ia Pito^r of Ancrxex. Willi fotac Th^u^liu vn 
€Santiin«ac Bjr a GentUman of tbc Inner Temple. 9vo. l|, 

TJf IS fprntcd. boi rcr7 ifiaecunte wrirer, a warm Tor Ubmr, 
and ^r the cUi'mi of Amcmi, ai cuniictled witb wbu ho 
appftdmdi to be ihe t<x\ intrrril of chU coiieiry, >i well 11 nith tb« 
cmnmoa rrghn tnCtp^rkhlr from the v^ry Idti of ■ frrr rnmmijinUr. 
But, ami^ft ikB ho/rid din ind dtfford of ib<r« vi^cni limo, it 
cannot be e*pe^cd (hat the »oi« of anj ^iciAc renionftr*!]? vill b# 
beard,— >OnT TccnpUf, hcmrever, bai nuEhjn^ vciy nc«, o: matcrialt 
CO oflrr 10 ih« confiderttiion of iht ct^ntcndln^ partiei. Bu{ w< fcp* 
|>ofe be coald not haT« r«il«d e^ntefit, ivic'rioot encvnivg M« proteft 
wiiaS ch« aea^vms of aicain JlWaii4» ; and be tbiaki ' t^ peopl* 
of tbia GODsiry caoEwt be 100 ofieo icmindcd of their [pctiloui] 
fltaatioo, under pro3!|itc miai&n.'— iihellyin ihefentltmrB ^h* 
■re, by »/iirrt oft tbe oihu fide c( the cucflion, Dylcd, " Tba 

&».)<•' r?7l- 


66 MoMTHLr Catalogite, DroBtmici 

Art. II. RtfltSi'toni 91 tfn Siatt of PartUt\ »n iU matimai 

8vo, n. 6d, W. Daviu. 

Tbii reflefior it « moA nnboanded paaegyrifl ob gpreranieflt, and 
* mofl oijili^nanc arperfer of ihc Americiitt. 
Art. ti. jfn Jpptal H thg unprtJiuHttd*, or^ a VindicatkMi of 

the Meafurei of GoverniDfDC, with Rcfpefk to Am«ricm. Sto, lib 

Oxford printed, and fold by RiTiogion in Locdoa. 

ThU Jm/eriilt advocate for AdminiAratura appean with grcit dif^ 
juivantagc, bf coBiiBg after the able whcen who have fii^ared o& 
both Ldet of this icnpoitanc quclliod.^Thc tide of ihii vutU^'itiCf 
fteni, now, lo have fpcnt iticif, and to bare left on^y tbe mad b^ 
hind.^Thc ittifien ii left to the fword. 

D K A' M A T 1 G. 

Art. 13, Cara^aciUf a Dramatic Poenb Written on die 

Model of the ancient Greek Trigedf. Firfi publifbed in 1799a 

and now ahered for Theatrical Repicrcntatioa. By W. Hubop 

M. A, Evo. i). 6d. Dodfley, lyyb. 

That Mr. Mafon hat been happy id tbe aTtcratioii which he hat 
made in thii drama, in order to adapt it to tbe fingUQi fiagCp ii en* 
dent, from the foccefj with which the reprefcsration hath beet 
attended at tbe iheaire in Covent Garden. The alteration* howcvct 
are not many ; but thcy have beea made with judgmem by the Anthor 
hirorelf ; who hat dedicated it to his learned friend Dr. Hard> fiiihi^ 
ofLuchfield and Coventry, in a pretty fonnct, cqaally worthy of tho 
pairon and the poet *. For the reft, we refer 10 oar fbrmcr acconat 
of CaradtacDs, where it firifc appeared in print : Sec Review, Vot aOk 
p. 507, 
Atu 14. Stmlramis, a Tragedy, as It is performed at thtt 

Theatre Royal in Drury laae. By George Ayfcoo^h, Efq. 8to- 

II. 6d. Dodfley, 1776. 

Nearly a li/tral, but nui a /iteraty tranflation fron a tragedy, bear* 
ing the fame liile. written by Votiaire.— Voluire had the coafideiKe 
tn Htooi in tbe fame bow with Shakefpcare, and failed; CaptaiA 
Ayfcougli his given Voltaire his revenge- 
Art. 15. The Hareii or the Double Valet, A Farce, of two 

Aflt j at performfjJ ac Drury-lane. 8y Thomai Vaughan, Ef^* 

8ro. 19, Bccbet. 1776. 

Taken ffom two farcea of Goldont. It hat neither novelty of cba- 
rafier. nor humour of dialogue; yet the incident of the valet hiring 
himfrif to tA'O naflera, it attended with Tome laughable citcam* 
Art. i6p Soagu I^«'tft Triott &c, in the Dramatic Romance 

oF&eJioiaaiid Axor» a»perrorD3edaiDrury'laae» Svo. 6d« Wilkieg 


Not above the level ofoperatical poetry. 

* The original poem wai, in like manner, addrefTed to Dr. Hard, 
in an firgy, which we find reprinted in tbe third edition of oar Aa- 

tltuj* poeiiii. ivo. 17: 1* 


Moi4-riaT CATAiocoVt ht/fiandrj^ iff. 


Alt- 17. Rtrfai Irttfrtt^rwktt : or, Efljyi on 1^ moft rirlonal 
Mviho^i 9f ioaprorinj; Eliii^t; accnBftio^i;cd to the S^il« Cli- 

A tKU Tirictv ot Rcmirkit on Aotl briocbci of haihn J-y u»d 
brmiof^p aod nhifh iftprhr iri b« iht rrfult of frAAictt a^HnriEiont 
if« CO bo Ri«t HiEb tn Ehii *«rle. Tbc importAiiOF of Oth 1 i^^tirff 
foppofiajf it thr ernuinc pfi^dii^Eioit of an fij^'nono'd %a4 (jJiciouj 
culdrjiiv, if fuS^kn:!/ ab>icB>. 1: u not^ inidcod, 10 be c]lp^^«d 
Umi i-vcfy ne4r boirW oo tbti. or any o:hct. fabj^d, fhalJ ^onnia 
mtKf imprfiTcm^Aii ihai ue obfaluccly new id ilie wfldd; vcr if. 
naoBp ihf DBfiiiatlt or fd£fi«Hiana ifirown our, In To lirvv % volvmff 
ot thia wliich ii R«w W(<)rc m, oiie errctjcotti pr.iCiice u rcJbrmcd, 
Oc ODC ufefdl Jift^oTciy ciAJr, ihf j^ufcha^ 11 ^inplj r«pk|J iKc cji- 
place of <bc bgciL — WhH lefpc^l to ilic cffaiueuuof ftvlrn ihr)rxre 
BUCCn of irafcfio.' fOT>ridfri[iov- If :hf lArirct oq Hulbffni^ry- Of 
Apkaharc iijuil in h»i m.'btiiflK, Etfr ti» «icuirfl bin ■ ff* (iift m 
mmm^t and it^od En^l*^- The Author of Rkt/J ^^^vtmtnti It 
Comciitnn ■ Ittdc dcftuit'c in potnt t>f Itnguj^c; tnd Tome of Via 
ohfrmiMni Aiy, pcihipj, be fnund rattier faprtAcrUI; bui on iho 
« hoie, mmy ofoful bicu mtjr be driwn fiom bii nty nuicctUoooot 

An. l8< jf£ri.MltMra ; OT ihc Good Huflundinan. Bcuig « 
TraA of Afldi^ni ind nxidnQ rspcrinpnul Obrervxilofti on cho 

rm rtjTiibk Sf^n*;:!. lnterrpt;^red »Kh«jifrnipU<T RemArlcs oa 
Potkcof oihcT Ntiiant; to proiooie [nJ^tLtry^ S/J/lm, an4 
PcMic GooJ. by rcdtiCtn^ Fl^'CJIi, Chit«i. iiid trMflii. mid 
Fajni, Tojieilitf niih foiac Obfifrr^Lioci. ic. ic. By M4:z[it«r 
Fcien ^ Mfaib<( tjf ibe Dabtta society for ihr BnciuFmnitttt of 
"ufMtdry «ni cihCT oCeful Arti. Author of tbc ktttrtnifar- 

~, «nd Jfiriit Rkhtt \„ Sro, j a, ftwrd^ Fifinct. 
Mr« Peter}, who appcan (o be tn hoccl^ fin^Lnc llulbindiMBt 
kti broujch: ngrihrr e JjrrM nuitibcr of nlfcettaDFf^ut fiMrr^iTlottp 
froin vhub oun of pra/ikil rxprrieucf may ccW^Gl may food 
Itioit. Firman ivh'> re^lt my b« fjppofcJ fuprrior to thai mU- 
nat* pnjaiticG vkicb «dkf;ci lAflc^tbiy 10 old inerbn-la. a-d fporm 
AH iMfwlioa thai IomJ? do imptofcmcBC 1 yet mudi cau^kin ii nc«of- 
fuy ibbere rifki Arv grett, aad gcfxktncn-f^men o^irn fuFrr fjrrfrrl/ 
br ykliiAf 100 irrpltcie cmJir 10 the poHeiTOJiiiruicneif mifvn on 

All. 19. £ivr^ F^rm^' hU non C^tk Otihr : contmft\n% a foil 
and drar AccoLJAi of :hp 8jBp«ooi and Ci^fb of tbe Diieafete/ 
Caittc, 4-iih the fs:>lk approved Prvfcripciooi for ibtir <«f«^ 
Jlcc. &c By Johd Swua<. iimo* 7»* Rickudron and Ur* 

CoLlcdiooi of rr<ipoi xtt fit txtly 10 be nude bstb Ibr mao a&d 
braA, Lbat tVry r^gbt eoi to be troited tovilhou; j^ru catitlon. It 

• See ftrr, ml, nX-vt. p. jai, 
t Kfi^. vU. xh-i^ p. 119. 

M Xf 4ffrfvir Catazoovi, K^nmAsm 

f f^'i 1- j^rifirr. vA''/': !ft:<rrf:t wiJI promp; bin w oWervtfiOB. 
Ittiy ;■ -rapi i'. -ell b^ rJj o^q CJtile dc^iar, ai fafrr hiiftfelf ti9 
iMcnr.'^tS^ pr'T^rt/ of iny JJfiirrue UivcrlWh of ■ br« f vd* 
IJeT^'c, ^mt •/ a /rr^:' cnftip:!):io» of ibb kind, foncthiAg W^ 


Art. a*?. Tht Tt/trt §f4/nunct^ a pilloni £1«g7f in Menifify 

nf \ht li[e D»cber> of Noribtimbcrtand. fly a Scodcot of lk« 

Middle TfmpV. 4t'>, f f. DodAey. 

Fr' iti ' ihe fuddcnncft of the ihaochr,' the ' fhortncfi ofibc rinr,' 
t«d the AuiKor'i ' ea^er dclire' lo pablilh hii poem ' in diie fcaJba*/ 
be hflpci for iini»igt9tt — md he n«edi ii, 

T^ere ire f4uJtJ in thii elegr <fhicb mij, pcrhapi. be excaMt 
Irnm the foref^ioK conndcratioiii ^ but (in a pocjn of this kin^ ia 
which thf l>irJ, duly impreflcd l:^ hii fubjeft, m\}\ nerer ddbead 
from the difrniiy of woe} the groJTjiera of tbc ^owidj liftc ia Bft- 
petdonibJr : 

* The Dnnor'i palm with ITiare of profits grtai^d-^—^ 
Arc. ir. /d"' ^j^rr f# hr Fritmi: a Pocdcal Epiftle by thfl 

Adihottfi of the Exemplary Mother, Sec. 4(0. 1 j. BcckcU 

The writer of thii little paem, Mr>. Maria Sufanna Cooper, hinw 
Miide fcvrril fticccftful aitcmpci ia ifac homble wjilki of nnu* 
wriiiiifE, \\ now befrinnirif; 10 cfimb ihc flcep afcent of Paraaffai: aid 
ihodj^h WF cinnot flitter her wi*h in eapefUtion that (be wilt crvr 
hivc (treniiih to reach ihe fummii, flie may perhapi be able 10 cttU 
a frw llnweri at the foot of the bill, which will form a itmfittr aat 
unacceptable to thofe who have never rilited the fupertor mionatlf 
the ficrcd mount, [a ihii firH attempt, though we meet with aoBi 
ctt thofe fublime fli|(ht< of fancy or orlglrial coDccptiont wbkk 
rhurd^lcnfe the poet of namre, and with but few of thofe ttoder 
Itrakriof palTion which the futg eft might fcem to pTomife, wt are 
plealed in obferve truth and elegaace of fentimcatf and an ijmiblt 
Aow of vtrll&catioa. 


Art. 11. Mififlkniti^ tr o AJifitllmnt-^taTn^Ofi^ containing fcrcnl 
Maibemaiical Subj«±\a. Evo. 71. fi d. Nourfe, 1776. 
Mr. tmerfon U in indcfaiijtable, and, npoo tbc whole, a ralttiUd 
tfriier on the mnil ablltufe parti of autbematical fcieoca \ bot the 
rap^ditft wiib VLhich he wrirei and pnblilhet, expofei hiia to miioy 
inacCMr*cici which lime and paiience might prevent. TktpttflcB 
Coihii v«1umee\hibitiafpcciti]eaof (bcm^Auy orfcoldioff. wUeh, 
h miffht have been prefumed, a mathemtLician and a phjUrfbpbcr 
hid net«r tludied ; the thrtM with which it c]i>fci it fufficic&t to «vtf 
perlon% p^FciTed oaljr of a moderate fiiare of ttfohiEloD ndfirvMC^ii 

* Taf ; of ii rtlcnips to tbc appmcbbc Ckrifimu-ftftiraL 

' ny 



dirtj fenbb!er. &tU kcicjficr lakv ii ie kit bud, lo creep ;a(o a 
hnic ttke in lAl&iit tad '.ve lurkif^^ there en puipofir to fcuidalitt 
&Mi vail M a« t **^ dafr act fi^tv k» tier Hke i inaii, I 4hU1 £rTe 
sifTdf BO ni«n«r <^ Ei«aU«B^ui r«<h *a srj:in]i|, bac l^ok opOft 
b«B u crcB bdow co^Mspt.' A* *« btvcirodewre fo iccurMri 
f^^'f ^M-'tffl*^, or. twold he tk<T k^i p-^r^Ut the vcr^rihi^ 
impliH i« Khh »wfut mcnaoc) but nort rrprciillj » ibc pucip^t 
and C'tcuUriOfU ia tbii •<^fame are, ktt EFiC nofl pu% tea tautcirt 
•f>dop«ro£« far ite uenefilEv orrr«d«ii *« (kiTI c cit^nt ou»ip'T*< 

Cfui< jfnii" rn ijn irirr JH»i'i M*/'tm—C«»,frm^ita a/ .•f-.tia^^ 

Art- 33- -/ i'jy" Df/.fi^Un $/ iht Ciim ^ U^tn tft/ fFtJ9* 

ikf^Cf/-, tiT/. IV w^fib 4t««4dDd>v«r/ni/fr Ciu/ruf (O (b< Mfr* 
iit^, TrM]er««fl. &c. B/ Sif Jobs P.tldiaj. cne of k» M4- 
r'l JaAicei uf lie Fcuc. I^c i«»o. ;i. Vk'jLk'C, 1776, 
'rom ibtf iiile-Mge. iB<i a<ivenilracn:i, (v rhit t>aak, tbepaaftc 
|bl b« l»d t» lu^pdl< i; ib« pioddCkio^ of d^r Joikn f icUt>j;'« 
t bsi ^ worttipfal knieni b» poliiir«ly (iir4vi>wed ii, ia t||0 
M«-fAperi. Tbc liB^b, uc im^fiioc, i» thii : fc'ioc m/* dckji^tjn 
of o»r cifiEjil ciiy, h^^ be«n t^^ly ticfted, wi<h i^as i4Jr:kin cf 
Sif to>in'i p»p«r cf C*mHM4 igunft ihc iridEi of Shirpcn. Jbe, d^g 
bllKiaai MAAfr in wliidi iiii P^p*| ^ cbM i*"^ii<*^, in lU 
tiik, A<. ii on4 tf^jfVAo/ ;ii££ cF i^kkh St? Jehb FicMi^c bt^f V 
wu not uvMttr ^^ be toJuM. poflibly, bive isfuicd it ipnRg bit 
Ohb^f ca«tioni.— Thii if, i^ iruen. 4 vilr pKr of SM$^*^'mJ 
Arc. 34. Th^S^^^itsfifBitpaphj, conuiEiin^1TtcLivt«ort'»e«go(l 
illuJliioci PcHoDi i^bo b«vc EkiMiillitJ w G'ur fiiiuio. F'«ncc, 
lutjf, g^ijd Qtber Pirti *f Europe, nthtt u Portt. HiAon«n^ 
Divinei, Pbilofopbfri, Soidipn, nr PAliEkiuii; !« tfhkb ill fjper- 
^iwn« MMUf U ftvctJfd, 4nd evcryr Tbinr lOwrciUg. tiitcriiiciip^ 
«r eiin«ai cmiuliv prci'efved. EitfaOed fiom ihn Ukgrmp^m 
^-irdfAHo, &«rlc'* b JfiJOMiy. jui4 oibef t^lutblc wOEkj; Sat Uia 
Initru^kidn of Y<«aih ofbocb >em, nn^ c«<cul4Tt;J to iQfpirc chrm 
vyiLb a i^ovcof V»ri«e and attrt x Spirit of fi-n^itMi, ib^^ntdji 
nrcetTiry 10 (loTe wb'> i-^aaU w-'A lo 4mv« K anj- DtgfW of 
iiupcmrit)' in tacir ^iBcrvQt tnfi^it*4 or Jmtjimtmlu ijw». 
a veil, 6i, KtAfH/. I??:. 

Tbe dc^A of tail fonptliLion 11 fuScicnily cvpliioed in th« li[k. 
Jb • p«blic«i>oa of (hit tci»d. «hk^ t> ci^picd w^b litil' v^riuijca 
Of ftddirjoo Tren (Mb«r worki, ibc E:ldt?of cia h%\K eo pfCtcAliont t^ 

That L( I« an nW aofli, \\ evidenc froift ibr nucy miTrrp'-vfma'^ 
of the frt/tmt /ticft Of ih« Oif^VpntU t Ki^^/gt^f )«tta>n» tb« 
dtj tod county j«iLi Dhck Fraan Bridge li no< butlt } 4a4 lb4 
MclfllL-buili;*^ uc not fto be fotAi^ ft<^ Arc. £tc, 

f J «M 

MowTHtV CATAtocuit Mifaffunnmt; 




Any <vh'f mnUi thin i^«E of « jvd»ctnii4 fcl«^io«. At^ on 
IkuJ wc h^vc tiitU lo fiy in ri40<ir of lb« p'tfcar wCf k ; fof «*■ 
c«nnot ttiiE be of opnion cbic ihc pifE'i vhE<b >rc filled up *iih ibo 
gaJUnLTia K^r R^chcltcft and helK irifta;; jihc(JoUi c/ LhcAcHcit 
chiM^cft, migbE htirc tiffn enrichci kviLb tni;eEiU) cmth bctwr 
** id A pud 10 i^c innftiftbn of /nuth of b^Th (Vrw/' xnd better 
'* »\^btri ro ihfpitc them »i^h th« \f>\t ni virtae.'* 
i\rt. 2;. S^tiitu fu^-^m <jr C /^AicfV St.vnii WJttrh NM^t^ 

aAid fftM by fotmCan in London. 1776' 

lati coH«(tioo Ifom Pliny it « valuabTl uqaiStiOi C^ ite 

jU^Ulttc Itbmr < '^^ LaIid ii €U%»iiit copiouit bcuitiful i &ad 

tbovg^ kri hftbx of tfttil^i^iton, i^oHiblir inidfcd foi tbc tilu of 

virif[r, ttfll he ramnicnci puxzliag tn the ;ounj> reader t fei ix the 

£im« nme iH« JiJficutEjr of /t^mg ^f bii Aothur aiII exerclJc. faU 

ur^OEiiiv bnd teach him to ihmk. Tbe parti (elected ire 

de?»ipt'' ^ 1 t>rtbc ftnimii] creAtcop, Abd, thcre^rc. the nor« 

to tb< irrU .^iob of yODtb ; bkJl ibcu^h (he Ediioi hit antioap 

fft bi« tfry cicfpni t^lJB Pf«fue, ihic he hit hfz out ill fhe infrt- 

dibituitfi cf tbe Jiff a NirnToliK, * pUwkrr.* fr-or/tf tvrf/ft^ijs 90rr4t, 

fm^ <yHH\\ * ^tU^9 9>pr* ^^jV^fwanu,' yet a« >pp'<bv«d h* hu 

adtniltrd nuTifr ihingt of rerj probltmiuc*! Ullb, »d fonu ftkkk 

bier dtfcorcTiei in NiturAl Wv^wf ha/e proved 10 be wiiboiu 

IbuTtdAMOO. Mirffifiil ^uMAfiam fiooi ih« mnll approrrd nodem 

wiiiv't on thpf« fnbjT^d, wnuid hive fet miticri right, sod wOold 

hire b<cii a ^r«flt inpr^Tcmcrii lO (hi> cJiii'^T' 

AiE. /6. Tht S4rtb JrruntitJtt anJ tht fft/ Indian Gaiutl 

ConcAioing an ani^rn-ic Drtc'iptiOD of t^rCoToaifi ar<j Ifll 

in Lbtr parr of ib« Gtobr, Ihewjiig tht\t SiCutttiOn, OMliare, troif ' 

^KidiKv, Ai>J T>ad«k ft^ih their foriii» aoJ pfe&nt C^fiditioOt &c> 

Ululturcd ivi.-h M'l^r nmo. 31. & d> Robmron. 

WH^n ihe GiKcuten iite^y in etrcuUiIon, m^ltii^e att rbe prta- 

ct^«J pU<M in thr habi^abie world, a pAftiil wotIc cf thu (ind, 

cajcolitnl <o (uu a 7<Lrt>il xtmpwuy occauori. mmt be xi limitid iA 

tLs vi:lny. Bu< publicAlioni a* »«]! ■> poiatori and cucumbcfVv 

hsk*t cbtir Cca^fi>nt, 1 i34^h, like Tb? Jftiier. they are frequTiKly forced* 

A'f- 37. yi^ Adt-^fttkTtt ifTiUmaitiin ttf Sett ofV^ffiu Tran- 

flaicd from ib« Ficr<b of Moaf. V* Sahf aic dc U Mo<lit-Fcn»* 

Ion. AtchbiOvp cf C«:aib:ay. By 1. ^jmollcit M. D. t toll. 

I -mo* 61- ^rtwJcf, Ac 1716, 

Concrrnin^ 1 wi»k fo OTiiTcrrallj mid and vdmtred ii T<lc«Bich«t, 
It b wtiollv unoecelCity foe nt to oltcr aaj Cric^il rfinar^i. After 
iIm fevtrai E«£l>fli fnallatioiLt of it already pi^IiCbed, it viQ pCTba|B> 
b< thoufhi ttut another wai uurccdTary. But tf it rtrvc to rcnl 
teancoibo of the public 10 a oork whole mciic, boib poetical Add 
Dtoral, ii fo diningiiilhrd, aoii occftho* a Tfv hojn to be devocfd n> 
llui juIJy «*lebrat«d writrrj ivhich ir^uH otherwife bai« bnn fatri* 
£ced la fone ptttr oioilfrf] ooiciiLl, ic »])1 not be utiiboui att bfi^ 
Thi» trauQaiioD i>> we ihink, ti leiJl, aa cofre^ an-d clcf:4iiE at «Bf 
whWb bid bffo<« apptartd, and doet no <^il<rGtiit |o ttc refpcAlbl* 
pilDV urbich h f rcfc;rcd to it. 




AtL iS, 7W Prtfrpi^^ 9r Cfmtfilitr sf iinmin U/r^ for ihc 
VCe of Etrltilli Ynaik, Canvaia4fi« frtr«1 Pf«cn in NjIsuI and 
Monl fiHoropbr, Hifl^rT. u4 Sl^ae*»; ib« Uret of Sif 
Ibic NvMOTi* Roflin, D«inoah«»n, and Milion: Atr-> fhoH 
hktnttt &FtK Bot^ tTii' Dolh '^f Tonic of iVc loaQ iJi«Ario«» 
Mm to lit J^rr, The Whole d; tinned lo he a noil Mi»fiiatn^ 
<*d int'vdjve Boole Tor ih« Appmttcci of tbv Ci'y of Lca-doa, 
to aiiS ihrm in i«ooll<^ing and rCfua^iif; the atolt ifiiporuac 
f jn» of ■ K^od Hdcritioo ; nnb a DcdUaiion to Sir S(«pltai 
Tlktodort JahlTta, Biri. ikc Luc warifcv OiambrrUiii ofLoadoaj 
cocspilrd by John RjfUnd* A. M ct Northinipion. fra. ) t« 
rvw«d. DUiT^ 177^- 
ScTCnil oltfcf«xtrafit in Mt ptrtormtntt af« made from tft« vorlu 
of Abcfoctby, W4CU( CcoT<r BlackaofCt LcUnd, RoJlia, Woolailovi 
frc. In the a<>ih cbtf ler wc have ilic rtimrmt df moi^t p^ltofophf 
«xtTiAed from the Scriprorrt, or Solomoa'i Frorerbf fneihod^tcd on* 
der ihirty-iA'o h«»d<r cO(i»imng cb« pnccipal braocbM of vie* **4 
filtoc* The fblloanagchipiCfr conJifliaf* of n«fir ^iv p«g<*t it H 
COniempLt'foa oa xhe miiit aad maJnefi of iihtifin, b; tlie Bditofl 
bimfrlf. WcK«tc 4 iiuh r^rprifed ro £dH itm ic kia pc cficOr al«r' 
Kcomcitading ro hh young mj9r«t K^llinV mrih^ of floilySa^ biJl 
lOry, together uiih the Aocieai aj>d Kcmoa HiLtory of ibe <tta% 
•Alitor, iipiiic^iaE«>r dirfdine l^ai. for I'^ai of ihcif on fonatry, 
imheiiiMf cf England by Smim; wtich iacrruinlv a pi^ity liiiJo 
abrUgeocflt i bvi JanJj aoi futtckm fot chofr who bate Icifara for 
iW larger worfci brfa^e meaiiflAf<J t he does indeed add lo ii Mfi. 
MtcaiTey't ToJomo ffoo the rn^n of Jimrt 1, Oo ibe nkole* 
ibo^jh AC bare Jrco a»orv j>^i±idou> colic^tioni, aad ofiBOi fijr that. 
Ifc< prcfcat ti ih« «p^ enietiainiBg aad iudiudirc. jai wc ibink aof 1 
ming pvHoar n bo «tJJ pervfe tt aiimticfly, may draar from it Co** 
f derablr advaaiifft . 

Art- jq, jf 4«najf HtJ^iry of Bnit^i^ fiom iliccarlitft TinvtA 19 i 
iheDeaibof Genrge l^ By John Wcflcy. /».M. iimo. ^fob.' 
trt- fitntfrd. Hawei. i^:^- 

O«ctB0Ci«« l^rthtt publication^ Kcordiof> to the aceoaat in tha 
pft^c* appeariiobei thai there miy le oae ^'My>'tf« hiftory^ of 
what iiiniU tailed (thoQsk bj- « ffron^ %ure) aCfifUtiati cj^iniry* 
TbeciMfplkfcenipIiW imi^nff oiher thingip ihit t-ngliCh hifE^jraoA 
Icldool lake aQcice ofDiitie P^otitiviice, and pTcpofet lofupplyihe 
McA. TIm comphiac he Titkei is jaft, aod hU defi|[a ii j;o«d, but 
w«4oa^6nd (bU«ucci v<r) ^retiiy, or propei ly porfuing ie in hia 
perfoiBftate. Me ircrr truly tcL^i oi, fhiu hj» hillory » cJiieily tX' 
VT*f!ed from GoUfrnJilif Rafdn, andSmoilfi; Thrush hemf]{hTal- 
BM^t havccoofiaed hii aclcnowJcdf metii to tli« Arftof ibcfvauttaoni fer^ 
en lookioe^vaf chefcrol«iziei, and comparinj- then tadiffcraotplaeatp 
veAod tMi to tc fiulc incue than afepubliciiion of l>r. Gold- 
ftntih'i Hilo/j of hngtand, wlih fome ooiiaoni. focne aitdmoai. a 
frur aVifrvEkmi *nd corirAioot, aad Ibmrirmri, perha^ni. emrnfla* 
tiDai. Each t^ tiefa <frricefa ba^ tallen h>(o <h« error (ihon^h per- 
hapi 11 nay coainbuie i^ the falc of ihcii work) of enla/^in; on 
fi^iDc paf ticvlu cicnu whkb teod to utUtelLthe paflion* of tbalf 

F 4 kuLgi«« 

7f M^MTBLT CATAtOOUf, JMt/Aa«, tfU 

rttd^n, fach tt iW trial Md dnth af Miry (JHCn of SrM«, of' 
C^tfUi I Uc £L£kl ^f Cbuks II. JitC. ofwhkk, ia » Abr^-> 
mcei. To firucuUf 4A «c<«uai fvas not io h«vc bcaa axptded. Mr* 
Wdlcy bit chcufhl prOiper to cotplov upwirds of ftftj jn^i i« tu 
Vn^iurj, ti'hciktft ornoi Moy ofScbcUad via (EaJty oS the munfcf 
«rVf liiidiand. Hr it mach m'Vir f<-»crv on Q^ccn EUiiJieth, oa 

Oa the wbciKt lhi4 pcrli)ri«»cc dori Bot oppru to c< to rvird 
much ^ooar *a Uic pubtrHicr. v^bo in (r»t p«r( of the WQfk kiJ 
litrle more idCo tHtn tn ttti4 Dr, G'>lilliBiik\ volume* lo ik« prifl(<r» 
Ybitb 4 1«* nout, and d&n^iaDi wh«fe to cmiit, to ahrrp of co $4A. 
Ai to ill bcihj[ A ihfiJ^iAt kiftorf, u« caaa<H thictk ii aitcfc ctiMcd 
to tke <ktiictcr» foi vc do not bnd r<Ii^iout obr<rf&EioAt fo ffC^uc«(' 
)y intcrwovcit witk the odtTid^o. at iuj^Iji be npef^J from m man 
of |ood ^ftr> and varm pifiy. H^rc aad itttif a nflr^^ioci ia ihroA 
1b, iai(Acr«, j^ll to irirrant the Kcoum k« hM in ihu 'tCpr^ 
l^iTtn of hit boglf. rhui, Lt Eha<1nlc of the rei^o of Rkhard Ll, 
ftlUr far^^ti th It Hkkard wei nihc vf «.n Acutble cbanAtr, ii b 
»dded, ' How then t^mc he lo tc Io unXfruouef — Uod puiieili 
down onr, and ffireih iipanofbar.* 

R £ L t O I O C B tl\6 CoSTROVGRilAL. 
AO- JC- -* A''^' Si'iptmfai Ej^uatttn \f tht Fakh end Dt^ritM 

and Crrr^t, tfluAfAied and coo&rmcd by many IcAti «f berip* 

tdcr* witk i^e TciUtQOAic] of all ike ptimiiive Fatbeitt Are* Ab- 

llra&e^ bam a very Scfipmrj] Commrfitory on ibc ji^ Arikteif 

Wfitern by iha Kair. Tho, KngTt, B. A C^iplaii r> hn Gric* 

Stichiird Abp- of Canierbur^', tn ihe Keign of K- Jamei 1> il^ 

»«nv Ofh«r vnJoable Nota felcted from Archdeacon WA<kmui| 

Btfhop Bcverid|<, &^ la which, alk ibe Scriptcn Refrrvvcei 4re 

carcfuity CK^miae^ and levifcd. By the \mhor of ihe Chriftiia'i 

Mtmormdum Book, 3cc- Sw>, ^ d I^wn, 

Wff doubc not tha good dafige of (bit pabiicatjop : Mr- R^ert^ 

aod ttie oiHcr diTtnci vihore caoict arc kcre meptioneJ, »cro> bo 

iloubti HonhyaKn. bvt iidoei uot fotlow. from iWii tki;W1cn ur 

tbeir viiiingfi «iibrr (ka< any kunun pc^rr bii a rigkl to f*pftf 

arttcltt of faJih, or thai arricWi Co impAlrd arc agr^cibk to fcnpiine 

tfvtk, KVtn tkough ih«y proiiucc fctnt t«xi> of krifKurc wkiui u 

j^Hi r<coi to ivree to ikem. 

Aiir ji. Tht Daitf f/Jfirti PriTfrr^ provvi!!* opened, and nw 
forced, fiy lohnKello. iTmo. « •. 6 d. fclcIL AMj^ 
Tftefe four lermoai on the above fubjcfl arc plirtt, piOiM/and 
pra^ka^ — md writtcQ, with bctoming aioder^twn. oa ulrLniAfC 

An- 33' Pr/fm Riiii^tKfit^ or, A Vindication of tb« Rev. 
lokh Halward't Wmoa, &e. By Kkkvd Hill, ETq. Sva 1^d« 

Mf, Hirl. Amkor of ruror Oku^U^^ ia fttit, vre fee, 'ft^ftfrrd ici 
k^ ftTi^iilc rmp!of menv, r// Di/4»^ifCMt^Kn/m, H»v <liirereae thia 
r«Oc aaNi tors, froa tttt of tt>e g«narality «< oar coontry fqvirci?— » 
Til* liU* ^ iJhij panf kkt ia debited Itun ike Rcadjii|^ £<wi-f-i|itfa 



f ast-Dat Sbkuoks.- 


It 9i\nA iMi tmf^rta^i <o«tioMtfy brju.— For ihefubjeA cf Aiflr, 

oor tifl oO^y^ Sttmitu t( L>t end «l tlt« Rcticw Tof JinuirT* 177$. 
^n. 33. Sjvtiiuni^ DiJiMr/a upoo R«lJ^ion lod Moriljtf^. 
Sj«Li'iJ3'- iim^, a fi i. fc-fJ. Backer, 1776, 
Ttc r*lr kj hivf, oi Uttt dtUovtn^ « wandtrlul tnclinAitoA, t« 
IttTtt.'c fuot tif Lhofc prcfuyiurci, «htch ihc lof J» of ihc cte4xi«i| 
hiH faectt M^nifinf 1I lUftt ioMkemorUI, ro (oak upon 11 rhrir owft* ^ 

to frt tLcir Moi wiibiii r««rn| cAci^fum, lo wfaicii cgllnm had jtiTctf 
lb* m*» «a cJiclv&vc c^kfur^ Thef ki»c Ui4 hold un tbc pfailo* 
fbpWr'i c|«adnft<k th« tincrikn'i uola. ikc poct'i Uord. and c^ 
miic't md ; ivJ In^ now the diaiRtf irrtnhJv* for ht< <if3bck. I| 
«rM tfkt^td for /4>i ftriutF QaU^iie to KEUcIc fkM yirj /)jWiia«.9f ' 
Ibe G]«i'jcyi ««4 to lUk Ibe iMi«d Afp* or ihe pu^p^c Lc«vfv{^ 
b«tttver, thclc *ib« «Tt narc iiLinc(Hiulr i^tnrrcd by ihia iJariEf 
«»««|M, 10 cli«nkr< tic oStndcT ia fuch ao^ancr Mt ftiilt ft«i» to 
their rrwrtmc^ «oft ni<r(, we OuJi oftJy uEce Dpon ■< to c«afoi%' 
flui frmtit nti:n> ^ aMttrrsking a fpvcici of (OApoAfio« to wbicb 
lie f«oni« trbollr aec««att Mid t«r oftcrinK to the pubJk 1 <rad« 
BicJIcT of pencil cva^flint pi^tlr ^^ ^t* f"^' (cmicknowlrd^) 
fi«o (ifteral ■oabofs, anii p"tlT of mitcdiineogi rcffe^ion*, fttflily 
concviwdr itn<*«lbctfic4i)^ thfO«i ngctTirr, «Tid incorreAtj txprcS^it 
w ibc KfffdAUc fojm o( fermon*. Tbc Avibor h«a doablkft ib« 
tonil of Af^d ktcntion, in t\kn% •p 10 fapfiort the mir« of virtur* 
B«l «e Buk sol make tiacb a fac/i&n to cerrmooj, u 10 •How hrr 
■Dj fewtiff pr*ifr, U> ^¥j]frft fiu?fr[vrt the mOr« ff«<If, 11 ch4 
A«lbOr (JKliro brrfcKindiArrtA: tc> appJBufe, and ilTiirei (be pobltc, 
Ibat fto fwvk Acaa tiOfiTe « cbc <}eCii« of Admiraiioii ^avc binb ^ 
thvfc ^ikowlirh 

Aft. 3f- TV .Vrtv LttU^ S^^ii^ fi***, or th^ founj Gentle- 

auii isd LulJ* '3 Giitt^t to tb« i^cglifli Toagoc tn ttc Parta, Ire* 

Br Oi'T^^ vy(t. timo, 1 «, ftobfAfoa. 

To <t'M\ti(< a rpc^lJAff book witbout Toot vory obTio«« caafe, 
would t« bjrakifl^ ft baiierflr oa ih« wheel i«Itcd. W< baT« 
Vjffa'f. FcaDiag'i, aad Dilivortti'i rpcllinxlKvtLi, ai we have Par* 
fao'i, Calreft'i, a^ Hcic<'»» iutire bai; beer; «iib Enii<b ihe fame 
dilferencta amotg tbesi ath ibccoauftu, froeralty, tweed k dom^ 
af4iBA tateil« def« 

SERMONS pteMbcJDccctsWi^th, i7;6, bcuwtbeO^jr 
appoiricnd for 1 PttE>]ic Faft, on looount of ibc TiOttbiea 
m Amcrk*, tfft. 

I. Paltfr Trtmqxitiiry ih$ O^JiS «/ K«7 /ii^f«;jW*i Ctt^fn i In tbo 
Patiih Ch«r<h of Newbafy, Ikikj By Lbe Kcv.Tboait PcuoCc, 
Curate of Newbery. 410. '^d. Dftrici. 
Uf. tVnrofe U ibe preacbcr of peace- Ue nakei » Jult ncd impl* 

(CCoaiiriM tM (bciai tnA^oU&iy afld bappintii, coaudtir^ Ibe plc^- 

f4 Fast-Dat Sermon^ 

i*^ ftidar« witli ihtt or iKf horron acd mi&rki of wtr. Kr CM* 

ib?dui> of fubni^fion to fOTcrneaeaCi buibc talui mo ^IkA ftodco 
oftbe imiDcdUlc occjfioa of dicf^Jl: lb ih«(obatiot o««cr twocjc* 
pcHiotii rrUcire lO at^o /^"'"f^ ^nd lh« r*Mr tf/mSiamJ tbU diA 
CO0fic tnighi hav«b««n fuVly ddiverrdu thtMe//in. 

UU ^ JfW;idi^tfMi>. 0r K, RaidiiT. fvo. Id, Johofoi. 

The if«lr ciodid, modcriie, ind li^rJ fpim iW bf«ftite 
tltroufh the vhoic of ikii fmnott, cj^bot Uil of BivLnf pleiTara U> 
CKfy good ciiivn, tvety rtai Chriftianr vbatcTTr tctitincnci he jtO[§ 
nrffUin co«ctaiag ow co^ppy qoafrtj ttiih AeMrlca. 

TbflF.-^tcUf introdutfo* i« «ukot(erri«j-> (bat « loof« of reU£>9« 
k> b <^pIk inplAaitd ia fcuAAD o>ltjf«, ib4t pctbtpt tbtrc ncrct 
wu 1 Mlujo. cTvillitccl (If btibirvui. uuhoat foo>c app f y kt m fioot of ft 
iWk/, M ifrboft ictrfrpolirlon they ftfcribed tbeu fuctcflVi And mtf- 
foitoftct i tbM levrtition (e«chr» ci to 4tuib« >U tv#aig to iht p«r» 
ulfitOEi or aLpfoiiiLXAt <jf the AJmighir \ thiE it \\ oar dutjr :o jain 
\% Uiofclbkafinhici, nhkh lud oi to acinowl«d£« ihc rorcrtijaij 
md fuprcjnacy of God. ard to implore hit bkllin^ and proicuion 
10 All 0«i ooceroi. Thftt. ia rogard co ihAf* rtrmt, wliich cj^iia 
tht laeo ol' kiogdomt tod flttton, wc m moro crp«ci»If]r bo«tid to 
oekooirlodj^e aa over ralin; iriflvcncct icd td be tnArudcd bj cbofa 
■dmomiiioiii which arc conuincil in oarmvrcio and CAl«mkics. 

He obfcrT«t, thit there wai ntwr more occAfion ilian « prcfcat lo 
bonati o«r ding«r, to coaltCi ocr £iiUt, and to pny tliaC klquky 
mar pot ^otr rurn. 

' ll'«c were to iiA;u[r(. Ij^xi he. laio the C4vf<» of our caoiif, 
pcrbiE^i «e Hiaulii find Dcuhcr pMJiy iuDcKep^; both fidci &re tr* 
proacaod with k vfobclaft of fjiLH, h^innLir, and duty; both an; 
chiff[«d vrieh beiog AUibon of ihh dud^r btcach i tb« one u everl- 
uj[ «n injuilictoui ifciLofiy, (b« ether it rcnc(]t<in£ conAiEaiioGftl 
fubjc^lion; rbc onev Jiia^ivg Co be aUfelu^c, the Mher indcpoodcnt* 
li would not be tQ m/ pvrpo^ lo enicr \i prefcnr icdi Eh« metiii of 
tbb grot contrOL^riy i n<v doei it becc^ne ate to decide \ ca ofe, id 
«'hic4 fao« of lh« MrTcH and belt of mta art divided. Oa« obfcifv- 
lioe, however, u aoi fort>]tn lO my dcGjn. nor inconfiilcne wiib (bo 
cbiracUf J ao« raliin : Tha: wre are ofica miAakea la ttngntaj; oolf 
/ccon43 caufei r>r poT^(icai eiilt. 

' Some per^fli Tiiinle they can r^fotve them all into the claniieg 
ofbucaaa interc^lt and paftonit the iAkprud«riCG of^vernor), and 
tb« sifcoadh4^t *A DaMfrnfa. fiai thofc who take ■ more comprcnvo- 
five rico' of ihiaf;*. will look 10 Lhc i^ocy cf a fupcriac ending 
Deiiy, who. ihoo^h be woHti by hamtn mcani, t'ftt filh to 
OKOtiplilS hh o»n purfior«t E who often puhifhtt eeiEiy rattovi 
aid afuhitioat princet by their own dericfi. by ioUiiiatin]t thtir 
cooocJi, daikutui^ iheir judi^mrnti, and prccipiiiung iLtio iiuo 
jneafdrci «rbkb prave ibcjt cbaHifcineTtc. If noc ihetr rnia.' 

Wc cinaot dlftnift Mr. Kad^IrlT^t diicopffe, wliboet ^xpfclf- 
log our £accre wilheip that every r/o/ Irrend to hii country may cul< 
tir^u ihat tnnptr aai djrpofiuoD of tamd, which it Jo cainclliy 



iVait-Dav Sfiuoks. 


VvcoiwvtM 10 ihm inibtm, ud m\i\th h hi^}f heatmn ai ill U 
our prtCtmt critic aI ficMlba. 

UL To a. CongrcijC'iioo or FroccHsni-DifiHiMn, In Sitnt^Striotfr- 
Gate. y^ik, lAd publi^.rd at rti« nqufft of the AaiitncCi by 

Vc obt'-Efic 10 ibUdifcouffc ntAiiy (bikiu^ tiul pvftinrai ffffc* 
ciOQt era the ckiridfr tnd mafiucn of the fn^ai limci, Vb'^tr the 
AuiIm' fiT^ to thr l(^3<vt/in^ Ihori «rrr>A nij' (<rr« ai > ipccijuja of 
%^Tf<x<iit\ (piri: i»J ir»Mn«iei, i«-tth rcgvd to i^ie ^blk 

'mc^rifjci whkh £arc rife to ibc (olcm-iitj of (he J«r* * The Lotd 
Jooketik fiovi hcxmi, and bchoUcth all the firnr of mca; iiam the 

ji'plicc of hEi hililiiikvi &« |niy)^tth on ibc iihibiiaeti of the Mri>i« 
Mnd be coabd^rrTh lU i>or wofic»,' C&o h« loolc wiifa flniurt ap~ 
Oft Britiinf Cio be lo^fc with approbaiion OH h«r vUci growing «$ 
hii ircr^ci tc Iter kave b£«a BultTpltcJ f Cio he firf uiib iilc^lure 
I^B Und ihitt he hcth circd fbt, foij^eaiag iLii )»torfoo» and ^ir^l 
lU0e eke I^rd rhcir Gc<! } Cic hr (re ttitli pUi/ore ihoff to nrfioni 

*tlie Unci ire f.Il^n jo foch plnfint dIicci a1>»a>[«<l ia th«ir nsThd* 

'frddi Cod« and tarmaj; aw^y ffom i-j4v of whom they held io goodly 
MJt> iiihcfiuicef With coopUccncy can hefee than, unmAdtt6 Vt 

^faim by ihc nriicnbraiuc cif maiHcal drlivmncfi fi ^ai tnd fici- 

'incrn«t. unmclird S/ ehe long cejay9\rnt Ami ir^rtAfc of fo manir 
iBCfcici. u*ivip«ft t^ hit virainsi «nd hu cXilhrcmcpU u nocn 
i> br hii tibcTAli^>» aad tvnderntft ^ Witt com^iUcriirv cmo he b<> 

■hold ihat land iihich Kt h*i found<d on ibc ilovJi ird £<£rJc^ hy 
iWfrii ; whicii he h%% maJc ihe tcriikncc or hcilrh titti t^r irtuCary 

"ofpLcMiy; in vrbich^ notwitlilfaodiM n*ay d^fi^rrif Mbdomritic 

■tyrftoftf a^ i^amff" vieUace, b* bi* kitt4 th< fv&i ot libtfiy ; wtakb 

tby DMby no&^crhil evttiii he btk eaiat.cipjtcd frcai tbc chaiDiof 

daikixft and of fupcilUiiuc ; 9U wblch he hat Ihed down (he brighttlf 

^toriet of ;bc cvirgclic diy i tad w1»cr« he hai f te6ed tbc coirclJe^ 
tcospl* of religloa : iviih complMency ltd pf^afuK catl he beLiold 
thtt land ftftdjfl? nar aod terrof c/off the oceaa i pkafcd with ih* 

'dcraflatJoni Q^c h» already maj^, aod prcpjuing lo m^ke more: ui 
tblic ai well ai jifhiLc Life fa(ii£cia{ hud^aDUy to hoauur | fthroftd. 
^■rylog to hcf oao flfdi pad blood ihc bcpcflia of cqoil law tttd 
ifltfitiA liberty; at boovi lk«otiov« U hir liberty, imaiod Ja her 

plfBty, luU acd dcnyiA^ God, trampling, wUbout recroric aad 
ihjthotit c-we. alike oatbeiodfific itd ibc prc»^u of hu|:firp(I.^ 
Oar Rcadcra nilJ nuke thci/ oa^n otfcrvaiiuoa on tbii piia^e. 

IV. ly Fal Aptborpc, A. M. ViC4r of Croydoo- 410^ it. 

Tbi« ^nElenaA, who baa fcfidtd, for a nii«kb«rof yui», ia Ame- 
rica, k<eii to bi'c empbyfd much tticiuioa on iLc fubjcA cf oar 
(MfJhic dilTcrcncc^ -uUh cui tire^hrcn in ihi. piTt 0^ th< world. He 
n>HligafM rhe cam'o, of raihet. under ffortiicocc, ihe ^frfaiitiij 
CiaCc)* oftbf ^rcai cviturhich hacb befallen vi, and afcribe* mvcb to 
the enorhiuuc fpiri; of tx<f^-\t tuwi i^hfit fntmrr^f.- a Mint wbicb 
icTCiy fh)!Iy tJipUini. Hji cenfur«, m thb rcfped, falli bcaty oa 
the Qolofiiftaf bgt Jte, ijoputullyj udt wc bciicre, booedly. 





m%j, tn t |rcil mrtfuK, be owtnf ea ' ionic ftkori-fi];kLid dutCtatn, 
^gitoA iflttncioflii, now rtmovrd by ^iiS TfOfn ihii iroiiblr<i fc<i»e 
«f woildl/ pi^lJlKi, wh^ wrrr Ird by thr difor^cr Of Ih« p«bii« 
AniDMfti »> form ibe f«ul TirKcine of ruhtit A rct^nu^, wh«n it 
■tttlcT could soi ouf hi to l>f h^d . ltd <frttoriiiof vp (K« mlndt of 
tS# Cnlonifli iniJ} ftich 1 rcrmcaE, u io bare prcwacnl cveoti ums- 
■mpkd in rhc hiffory of Aiafilcind.* 

Rot ibc p^irt,'*J it ret ibt moll ^&f*«J7r pari of iltM *erT feaQbll 
difctMifc. Tfca pioiii Author «r£Mi mcrv at Idvev, frof* co^lUcf* 
vJooB of » rolr^i'tti nauic. Hc^ t<cj buJ«bl)r. cvnxtidi, (>ut 
* a> tH« c^unhict wc now Umerti «ctr Arigin^nir bicQybt oo htt^ 
cooatrict by our ocbarfy d«t-ijuon fjom ilist puff rdrj^iAii «h>cht 
Ia tba>r]r ftfid 0l«b)i1ho>fni| fiil) fuNitfi av^^n^ oiL—^ih* principd 
Mined;* muLl be fought Vy « rctoro to tWr« Kti|ioiJ) pricciplo, re- 
ftr*io*i* ><id duiirt. ^« h4«e fo ritiil/ t^jovn of-'— Th)t u ibo 
ki4licig pHnrpfe nf Mr. Afihorp*! itifcourlV : ind b< rnfn^ct tpon 
11, ia amaiiDrr »>ikhcstmcti fiiti^f ohrktoirj; the bace approbaiion 
of 4vtry codddcrtEC *od fctbus Header* 

\* We di) nw ifln^ii^e ili« ihifl diJcoarTc *■« 4fioi|Iy prcK.hed* 
FtHupt the compel] I }(iri wsk dccmrJ Lm> diWtJle fvr Lke pufpii. 
7i iidodlcsttd by ihe Abtbt;r, to hii parUhloaen of C'OjrdoOr t^ 
whole tflllrodioo he fjyi il ^rt -wi/riruM, 

T* At Oxesden CH3p<) \>r J»mv« Grant, L. L» D. Lttluftr of Sf, 
Leonud. Shnftf<liich- Hvo, 6d. WAiubcr. 
Afl>itxi>£ iriv«fiive a;*^*'^ *^ rcmlied c*(oitwi. 

*V]. BHbre the UAiverfty of OvFbrd. by MiTft O>0|>rr, L. L^ D. 

Tr^fidenC cf Ilia^'i ColU^, AVw Y^rk \ »Bd Fallow efOocei*! 

~CeU«t« Qjifofd* 4L0. iih RivIpftoD. &r. 

Another rioIciittnTe6iv« Ji^amll ibc Amevicioi ; ill tooiportnp. 
%i trc Bpprchcod. n-irh fhtl pnoine Tpirtl «iF p'ty- chanty, nd 
liLiathidon Hhich, 4lc»Qe. o«jjht 10 have bece ouoifcflfd* Ofe tb* 
Jay iei apftri for imploring; the nefcyofHeftreA on a fTflful ajiioo. 
^Wc here EDect» toot i«irh fcociincDti of t political c>£it which 
(u ihc*uchrEi] ffLcc^i tiffrerdomp tnd eterjealou* of >aty Am*r- 
aftce of enrfolchf^Fn:l on hfr fiertd booodanei) we cab iijr bo 
iwini ippfO>Y* Dr C*opvr'i borioni 4>f Gorcrmnrn? frtm to bt 
dr««m from ibe ereidcoda of the Mftinwirinf;!^ aod Si^ihorpet, bo^ 
StchcvoJ* of f<>rjLCr da^i & lod wtiUk. we flattered corfdrr}, had 
^ocb ttmrlr baoifhed Lhis land cf d»il and reJigiDui ttb;-:y, Wir 
eb&tve, ihil chJi dLfriiLtfrr it Hb^tti^'i ar ihf rfqucf) nf Elif VlCfh 
CkaMHlo*. aid he>da of baefe* — Thf« doca not \vA. ■* ituicb 
tboftrotiaofOiJaribadbr^a - «^^nWV 

* ^iJfr A famocia fpcteb of Sir Dudley Rider*!, ■kevxioniey gene- 
ral* We hATC to mdch tc|;ard io; (h« UMnriiy ic rcpttc tho wofdi 
ofihftt vaokat dU Wb^> 

va ru 



#* IT-D AV Sc ft UOTII. 


Vn, 9^ h*? htHh^i tf ftittng am Mmi ft tbr Amrrirtn tT^, At 
Totwniiai CMft-Chipt*. > ihe Rev, CriiJock GUfDOCt. 
A- M Ch«pfiia to ch« EijI of 3y<;h4e, and one of the Pmckcft 
in ihf Chapfh of ibo CcunErli of HaaEk^doo. t^ro. jd^ 

Tbti ^^J' jvfdy, I'C- u il 11 rofnf*hH ^vack'lhl^, «ni«««|[. 

alt ttic fiA firrnODi.^rr/nraovj ««>/ rr/vr jn^ff ^tji : which us mfrCf 
<r4nF unftkbd^trtjr. *^«ther «« ufl bledlFd with peaof. Of UlkOmA^ 

Wrth rtTpcA » p^Li^fi, the /Vr^r^.T h ti>'«Hy <tlr*(. ffai |)w 
£A#f, A Mr. Peclc*c^l (ciipUn ii the P»««^f Mt'chtanefi oT 
Lmhuo:, «rbo prrfms ihii J'rftiMrfc wiili ' m ftddit^,' bit fop* 

*rbitf ali^uft ri*d nf^itih [In ihe W^itrrclJiin Anin'], hi«rt iob[4r 
fte«dcrf. th»i ' Uftr»4 of t^rftttj poUt>ci«'*s (fc<j dioaUi fir« gfrtor 
the Lord/ iliit * LaAca4 cf rYv/i^ ibe <lMihitcii ofothcn, tbe^ 
iiDoU pW<HeIr o*D beini / ard (itac ' b leid of ikcid E^ tthJt 
tiMv AM ooi called tn drt^rvrrrtr. t\*T t^ioakd vnjr fer |*TMn bbI 
wilm* OA th«ni «h9 »n-.'>^W« t<te itrd won* c^in^t Ua« dui« 
lUd ia % p«Ip<<; •n^ fOtfr ^0} ia a dab of choke fpintt. 

VIU. Ai Ci«t't Ino ^kAp«L beWc Lbe Jf^^Vfibk Socir^r, Jkr* 

AlchovK^ \>t. Sifbk ng tiM ihTO*A ODF fom* rtrj imr* rcfitfOiioe* 
oa ibc tcvolied PrOT^n<i4li, be cipiffTei bierlcif vitb « ^j-iovlj^dt 
bnooiisjE the imporihotc *>d C>lcnnLLy of (k<occafioii< lliidir* 
coatfe ii piouj, Cra^blc. md fsiuble lo (kt dftf . 

fi»a.-~U thv FinlH Ch«r(k«r »T, Mirb*d, CornkiJl, Lq»^o«. 

4;flw 64. 

Br R(*h«tt P^ f vocb, D, D. JUd^ oT tUt ^AriOt. 

SerrnI pw c htf i ipptar W Wt« nilconcdTed, in fcmt <f«i* 
gne, ilf rArtifv erf rhe Uie •ppoiAinnit of a f*M-r«l Hiff, aoj 
M h<v« »44« 4i * ■ d4f &f p<?li(kAl d«^«f«, rathrtf iha« rcl>fio«< 
p<«Aiie«1 bttt Dr* Fi*ch k«», w'vtH %it%\ ^roprieix, conined bit dlf- 
C4Mirie w AMlcr* of highrr i^ mt^f/iritmi <4Q««ro. Hil f<f«aa b 

phMllj. JuHldo^Of, ««;t Q>\<\y Adapted to ibc ffrav pafpvie ^ 
awAentAff vi to ■ du« fenfr iif IM dsogicr *« ttt in, ff«tn ib* iwW 
lU»d# Aa/«40ncity of ovr iskifrTrAliiiM i«4 IoIIn*,— ud of tht 
fi^«OT MQtSty of a ttlornAtwo. 

^ imte JtAOkMj mdjrrfid '* ^ P^rfiti, m thr pfxfiwt Stat4 tf 
Jm^rifM ^(^>F<— Prnchvd Al Ckcliuae ia HtffibnllhifO. Ej F. 
Wwfl'v, *ifO. 6 d, BtcUTapr^. 

Mr. WoiHc)' iak«i occaliaD. Fr^ni IfAJtb, tirvi. 9. leienJirfCoa 
the 4wfd fhfb^^ of God'i judi:m«iti, 4ad ^f that ' lighic^aiktia 
whii^ cbe lAbAttiLanit cf itc eifib fhouli icara ^rocn Uicin r He chea 
p8thftk«lly evptrntea c« the csJicnhTri tnd borron of war^ h% 
alpecUUj > WW wart titxft wfaich ke prdc«t<L 10 cii^cr, bf 



Fa5t-Dat Sieuovi^ 

rveiy propCT moiive, ihc Dcceffitj of onr imcndineiit of liA u4 
jnanTitrj, and Our improveibent io piety and gmliude 19 id imB^ 
mitly fjiz*oiii God i in ihc humbk hope of abuiciDg a cOoiidb* 
>ncc of i\i^ic mc^cici wMch he hai fo long and fa abundutlj h^ 
ilnwed -jn ut. The cnarinble ind candid J'reacher condudei wixk 
devotiJy cxpr«[Gng his earnc.1 wifntit and prayc» for i fpoedj 
■ccommr)d:uiun of the unLappy diffcrencei fjbflLliDg beCWCCft Gltit 
Britain a[:d her Co! ,n[fs, 
XI. Bf/erf th€ Houje 9/ Lcrdt^ in the Abbey Chorch of Wcftoilnfteh 

By Ktchurd, Lord Bilhop of Litchfield and Covdntry. 4(0, ii, 


Aft a volume or fennont, by Dr< Kurd, U the fubjeA of la aniclt 
la ihc prtfont mODth'i Review, (to fay noihing of the AuCbar'i bw 
eHabliihcd Jiterary chirafter] there ii no occafion for otir culargiBg 
on the merit} of this finjrlc difcoarfc. We fbalf, ibcretbre, oqIj 
•dd, that it is liberal, candid, and every way worthy of the Anthor* 
XU. Btfire the Htufi 0/ CtmmtM*, at St. Margaret'i, WdbninAei. 

By John Btitlcr, L L. D. Archdeacon of SuTrey, and ChipUia » 

Ordinary to hit Majclly, 4I0. 15. Cadell, 

While mauj of our iail-day preichen have pioperly Supported ihm 
truly venerable character of a pioui divine, — while /omt have maaio 
feAed more of (he political zca]ot,'^-Hnd while rt&m have diflia* 

Siiflitd themfclve$ by their uncharitable, over-charged, rulinf at 
e tge.^we fee, with plcafcre, the Chkistiah aiaihcGiKTLt- 
UAK united in the Auihor of the prefent difcourfe. Jn ihi> eJr|r«Qt 
ind well adopted perfbroiance, we meet wiih no puny iDvcAjTep 
AO daring denurciaiioai of divine judgmenii, do general undif' 
ttnguilhing declamation, no fanatical rant, no [livini doflijoe 
tif pdJJi'Mt 6htiU»€i to die power! that ht. — pr. Butler ha«, on 
the contrary, attended with great propriety to the delicacy of 
bii liiaatLon, by the appointment of chc day* acd to the pecnlur 
refpe^L due in hi> audieDce; whom he addrclTc} with becoming b»- 
dclty, ferioufnefAi and dignity- Hi> fermon ii judicioai, feolibLc, and 
difpalHonaiCr It exhibiii 4 clear and candid view of the temper uuf 
fpirit. the 'vitet and virinfj of the times ; the important occafioa of 
thai religious ordinance, in virtue iif which they were then aflembJed; 
the fotirces of the unhappy commotions now fuhfining in the remote 
parts of the empire; ihc charitable light in which wc onght 10 be* 
bold oar erring and infatuated brethren ; and the condu^ whJchi on 
every confideration, we ought to purfue as real Chrinians, ai irae 
friends to the bcH intereQs of onr country »— and 'in tbe hnoiUo 
hope of obtaining, by the favour of heaven, ' the relloradon of pcKO 
and union to the Britith empire/ 
XUI- NaficJtai Treabht a pv^ptr Ground ftr NaiieMtl Humrliatiom^—* 

Two Sermons, By the Rev, Richard dc Courcy, Vicar of S:, AUc* 

tnond^s, Shre^tlbiiry. bvo. is. Robinfon. 

Mr, Dc Courcy ap/ears to have bboured more abundantly in the 
Lord's vineyard, thmi mo^ of his fellows \ and to have acquitted 
himfi^lf ni.t only a^ a diligent and faith^u!, but as ^in able and intel- 
Itgent fervanr. — Hecondcmn* the Americans, but he compaffionatei 
them as frlinv Cbripient \ and exprcflVs bi> hopes that we * may 
y« embrace them a^ fdlm^i Jujait, when it pleafc* God to diflblve 
4 ibe 

S E ft M O K C 


iWn MO One pukt of dilictii nv^ rcbciijon.' 

Tbb cKTcfwHc attfi ntJm- the ■ppcanece oft pcdkkal piniphF«t 
is ftifour ol the AiBcricBBt, thi> o! a rermon tt^[i:it}y pjctckrd la 
tf*7 diudi. If il wu howerer r«»l)v ddii^fed Jri>m « pulpit, ibc 
prcschffTt v« ^ppoCc* ^^^ prudcciuailir bd»eod to pibtii^ k in LbU 
«»M> rf [/S fotBft t u ibe general il:A^a ti) wikh ll I* cooccivcJ, mig^t 
mher proToVe r^frntn^mr, fhin cKtie drtorion in <Im^ »h» 
SfV uKunily Tnipr«jM witk difitnpt {tfik:i mroti . in rt^tA ro pob- 
Uc ftfturi. Wc oitilt ttc*crtbpeld« obfervv, Uii ibc p^litiaij ob- 
fttmioai cooc«H>e^ in i^\* f«tf/i««di^ fcrfuc<. ftre «rfrdlei writk 
^ncDCy «nd Bodtnuioa i bvi. u mip/nt be ctcmcd fiMneiibl a%f^m^ 
Jim/M. M loft, ca Utft> » ihc Author dA^t. on n«r Ml <^rt¥{t^m 
oftbtj^M of the mtr viih AiMnci, sa ibecmefioaol'oar/utfrrjff 
lAOv wkma pr«rifiioiuorpuiy lad baculiiiicK. 

pMadvd U « Covgregtcbn Of FfotcflAnt Diicftlcrt U fioibnaU 

Gnea, Bj Jobq Eello. 8va 6d. BvckUad, 

Tb*r« 11 A pltino'l't ind lioplidty in chit dif«O0rl«i br vbicli wa 
vukc R« i;<»ubc it «ni well fuiud CO iti he«T«r*, The tivBbJv lad 
9odel prcMher ffo* (itcb, from the penfiU of bu ArcBOEi, it« ton<* 
clodc km 10 bt) f'y>*» he flioold ' not hire ttaoitA ii 10 pobl^z 
fi«w, hod i\ OM b««a for tti* r«pfftC«d folici:a(fo« of lbfn< who 
bcifd it!' Ho ridt, ' Aod o> the author hsd la abnodabi cri- 
iien ce of th« divLOC bkiEn^ btviaj* kccoot fMaicd the <ldi<cij of ii, 
ib h u hit otikfll pf'^yc'' ^'( ili^ Sfiirii of God niajr fnio^j' iapre^ 
It on th< h«aru or %\\ who md Ir.' — Of v&u peculUr suur* tfM 
blcfivg urUk wbicb Bttended the deiivory of lbi» difcourfe, or bf 
wW kiod of CTidcnce it wii miniftHed, w-c ue not iifomed, 
XVt* A fiion— pluin DiTcoarle— ^IcIivGi^ 10 ihc Piiiil CIiar«b of 

L#Bbc«m< ia Bf:L>- By ibe Rev. }. Smiib, Victr. Htu. &d. 

■ Sboff, Md pM>n' inderd ; but rh« mjurcr (uflac Jiiile there U of 
ll) ti r«iubiE le the ouabon. Mr, :>ini(K efti<j[fti ih* rol>tU»oao 
cbUdru Muh gTe*t ieierAtiEudc to tkeir tvduljccnt parent ^ bui be ulca 
00 karlfi )HgiM2£> '^* chafiob!/ pitict ibcir d:ljJioa« aad hopeo 
tbtj wUI ftpeat ind be forgiven : iu which wc heutilf fubjub; our 

f'fvf// SiSHOXs, on r^rioui Oec*liorv* 

mt rji|^ y P/r^Miitm 'Bvvj; C^ijirmtt and tt» Itu Gt*¥m/i r/ 
a»r*«//irJwd*f i« ttltiiwai U/^*r«vj /:r^iarw/:— Hefan llie Uet* 
tf ofCunbryger Nov, j. i;:^. tiy Suniul Cooper, D. D, 
riy Pcll<^ of M^gdftlca Collcf-c, 410. 11. Woodjrc/. 
CvMbridgr. Bcdwf, Ac. Ud<1db. 
Kotoo* of yoor vrktpt-fj'Ihbub fennont. uhofe^rrtfrr/ merit, tTlr« 
Mr. Wbw'j tit natnf'i tl^Eiionary coili;ti hi wrir irittr^/u Tt>C 

Erc2cJi«r krkfuQy cc^nftlcr* hu fut*}*^, and tfe4» ii in a maoAcr 
tcoeiDg a good fcholir, and a aalx C^hoiic dmiw. 

* [0 kU pietuom adTCriifr^vnC* 

U. iLiftiniiaL 





VifiucJos of Um mo<l Re*, ilicl^orJ Abf. oTCAAutbyijr in ClilT 

Cbncht Jalf ^t i77&* Ufcnbed. bv fenuffiooj to bU Ome. 

SjThottui DA*k«, A. U. Vkaro/Utyod. tiw^ 6d, U«e* 

priACed, i^d fold M LoBdoo bj" Jehmfe*, U ATC-MferyLaM. 

At A tin* *b«n ii <««m« lo be f^TwUf bOuoiabk » 4ccf]r cb« »r« 

of t«Aio«( ia AiLJOtov. nd tA cudcAToqj-, abfor^ «*d im «t 

^ch «tfbru aud be, Ki c*tiaj*4if>i ib« ^ahpl^ or imt LoihO. we 

tf« |IhI to in ■ thinpicn iUod brth (npfciallf •« fa Mta- 

HJdbed n occJ^ofl] Eoaffrr: ikt diftsiry rif tteliaaua mamd% afti i» 

B^lMt the poircn of the uk]erai«dkpg froB tike ftftcklie^f ^pMft 

£ip«HtiuoOt ud tntbufiATv oq iW «ii« Ji«*4.'*«*d the mtfiti Trunv 

of itfidelir7 oa the ocbo.^Ur. Devki fcw, «ntb the iiii»ly Spirit o/ 

ft «»Ti'>KJ^L itivjnc, giitn uttvMil aod feetaibte 4Ucaurf« en 

int^%v'f*f£*^'^'/i-'* PfiL cL 2. o2d irftBtUitOD, 

111. j'rfacbcd before ibc Votrtttvf of Ccmbtiigc. 0£L Jf. I7t6> 

Bnoff tbe AfiaJvetfuy cf bu bU.jtl!j'* Acceftos. ftj Dr. 

Wem. 4te. II. While, Jrc* 

Aftoihcr foed /«^frjBfiMj/ diko«rif: fee oar metttieo of i^« 

y. EircomrMgtmm/i trtmi^J tt Rj^firm*(im^~Atfort ibe Covcrior* of 

ihf Ut^Jtifo Horpi'.jt, Mat r, 1776. By Robm MariJitB, 

D.D. k«L^iorof !>r. Mary*!, Whurciipel. 6d. Rmaj^ion. 

V> — * M St P44l'i. AVw rtf4, Upr- tt, 1776. ik4bg ih« fitik 

ty afnr thu Snglidi ChiKhca oiKiitii oo Genrial lluiftx'« 

ttUM pDiUEan or iheTop** Sk. By ihe Rtv. Ur. O'Bc'tnir, 
Otfuu 10 Lord ffov«. PoblifWd 11 tkc Requefl oi the Coo- 

fn^tfoo* 6d. lUvcroh. Ire. 
od Ml J iciloui, — becomiuf ibe CbttUka ofLord Hdw<* 
VI' fir Dt^b 9^ m /r««f an^m^Mui ijtmimud ^^i mpnn^d^ 

Rich's! Bi Bnivt Mr«d, BriLM, N<w- i«« ■» thr Deith cif r|i« 

Ber. Jimti Ko^utr, Cur*?* of ^t. Wvrber*'>, Ijvttcrer of Si, >i* 

<bdt«i, IfC. B/ CiJvb Evans. M. Ah r d. Diay. 

Tbc prafiti »fi&ng fnun (he f*l« of ihni ftmOAi ere iMnded Ibf 

c^iritablc oJr*. 
VIK Before eU Lord* Sf liiieU ind Tcmponl, in l\e Abbnr Cbordi 

»W«ftnieAcr, Nor* ;, 1776. By John Lofd BilhOf of Rc<t4iCT. 

4to. 6d. DodJTqr, 

JlEf^^i^.— Bmr« ihe G»ilemcti NartTea of rhc county of Sooicr* 
ftt, 1: il»tif jfHw/ MHttng^ ib tha Ctiarth of St. Uary^ Redobfp 
BrifleJ, Sfft 16, 1776. By Joba UagbArAc, D. D* lUebOf of 
BkfJoo» >onK.'^(lia«. 410, II. B<«^- 
A tm ud ei^iBt cacoroioia on focitl viriDC> 

ERRATA fn the Accoiini of Dr. Forf^er^ C^tf^/ri/<^t 
fienf. Vid. Review foe Ucc p. ^6^ 

FOf C^ai<a *, titUmi^. 

for fi^rtvji r. Si^unm, 

tT H E 
I For FEBRUARY. 1777* 

MM, md^idkd 10 t>r* eHcAlcr- ^' ^' ^' ^^ I>- '<*<^- 
RDlHofba. 1776- 

1T wa* dtt^ACiiiteJ by M. Dutci^i, in in In;*tni<iui trejijr« 
publifticii mx many yrari *^o'« ih«E iitt iljicovcrici o^ the 
Mo4c(n« Jrc for 1^ oioll pcL-t only iftci«ot Knowledge re* 

DiOffV rc^Cfltit pkflifd uiultr review, »drubcc« t llcp f^rtKcf, 4i>d 
pttttudiy that the ailrDnocny of ibe aocicoi Aniediluvjuu w«s 
nterelf t^e revival of ikofc uMm ai IcJcoce whkh haJ been 
gndtully lo^i ii^d in which the I'rae*d4<Ptic> were probably 
B«Ie^b ; and we le4Jii Irtim rlw trflioiody of inoihef wriieri 
■* iW iJiere ii oMtimL: new umier the fyii." If we n>»y leJy 
Of) iheic ambocttics kicrKCof every ktnd teems to br J'ubje^t^ 
10 veryftruigc revoltitioAt, and wc ate 011 Ty fcafChiag for tbofil . 
*' Kiitdcti treoAirci" wbii:h have bren loQ in iIk coovcyancc. 
It wo«Ui be happy iiv^eedt if mtny Attdtmi eirori were luiteictl 
to ren>*Ui In ihcJr mailed oblivicin, aiiti ihac only <h? iiuihs cf 
■ntiquiiy were to be re%'ivcJ \n more inodern ticner, Bn ftic^ 
b the JaJli^iltty vi the mji>d, an J tltc ^itaHTy of iis vtewa aiid 
apprebenfionat *^^ ttuth anJ rrfor frem to ejtift in infc|Uf«bl« 
Docnttnaiion ; and cipinioni Which have bfecn exploded in OAs 
age Mc itnewed in another - 

I'o thii cli& we may refer tlu firllcc^ oF MiLcriaUfait and 
of iMCeSty, whidi weie Qiaincji^ked in their full eitrm ]>y ttte 
EpKurtAQl and SpinolilU, but l-ttJy mocclttniied and reRuedi 
M«d which hate found a vety zcalo«i advocate in ibt injeoioui 
ipd learned !>> Fnelllev. 

WeOialLever brtcadv lo Mkaowlcdire, that itv:h, rrat or 
apptcbended imih, Qtould be the tirft t>\']^\ to tN lucclli^cnt 
»rd i«quifitive; and ttiit " wc Hii^bkl n^vcr dtir:fnbte liulh, 

■ Sec R«vi«Wf vd. Kxav, ». ef4* 
Vvi^LVi* G l4t 

87 On Materiallfm and H^rihy^i ThiOty yfthi Humam AfiitJ, 

for fear of Ua conftquences." But may ihcre not be fomc ^ 
prfhtiiJediTiii[-\it fo gluomy in ihcir afpfcl* and fo pernicioiu in 
their ii^Ruence, as to oblige a man to be wary even tn admitEing 
ihcm, without the dcarclt and moll fatisfjittory evidence j tm 
ilill more wary in propagating them, cfpeclaily in an age when 
they are likely to be abufed, and under the fan^tion of a nafiw 
and chara^cr, which may contribute to extend their baniefiil 
dilTeminationp ■ Celebrity itfelf. Sir (fays our Author, in hu 
addrefs to Dr. Pneflley) becomeaevcnhurtru) tothe polTcfibr^ 
when his bare doubts or c^fual expreffions are by weak mindi 
created into axioms and lirfl-ratc truths. In points of meic 
fpeculatinn, it matteis little what is either faid or thought f bye 
where the moral conduct of many J9 concerned, too grcfkt 
caution cannot be ufed, J am fenfible, had you been awtrcp 
when you faid, ' Man had no hopes of furviving- the ffvwK^ 
. but what are derived From the fchcme of revelation^' that from 
thence one crime would be committed in the world, or 00c id 
of virtue omitted^ you would have been the laft to haT8 
hazardtd fuch an aflcrtion, though you had judged it phiMc^ 
phically true : for we have been informed from unqucvioiiihle 
authority, that " your education was fo ftri£t and proper, tfatt 
the flighteil immorality gives you a fenfation, which ii more 
than mental/' 

Thc^'/i AfidfttBud of thefc letteri contain many jjift remarkt 
nn tht; diingerous and hurtful tendency of the fyltem which 
Dr- Hartley has formed, and Dr. PrieQley warmly patroni- 
zed. Anil though arguments, deduced from the confequencci 
of an/ opinion, are often the merediflatcs of timid pnidcocc, 
ate Tnfinucly various in their application, and have, ontniirf 
4XC4lluii<, been very improperly urged, they feem in thii cfttc 
to be what the logl.iin would call, Ar^ttntnta tid hmmttikw 
Dr. K * is not alarmed at the thought, that, on the hypothe- 
fi$ of maEcnalifm, the whole rmn imtaraify ittcwnes txtinCt it 
dcHrh, bec2u(e he harh been taught, ^ to found alt hit hopes of 
afoture exiitencc on the- chriilian du£hineof a rtfim^t^hnfitm 
thi tifid.*'^*' But on whjt ii X'-\c poi-r philofopher to reft hb 
future rxp(^£tai:ons> who, cither, like a bocraies of ancient 
ttmeti. naih not been inflrudled in the fcheme of revelation, or 
yi\iOy A', this meridijn period, hzth fo f^ diveOcd himfdf (}f 
vulgar prejudices, and dared to think, aa to place even th*t. 
fcheme in tnecomrnon grnupc of human and fallible inventioni ? 
{!urb a k-uc muft ijefpi-niiently furrcndef cvtry thought of fui^ 
vivin^^ the ^ta/e, bccaufe his rcafon idU him, he is of fomc 
* unirnrrr^ miiteriat compofition,' and that fuch a compoJittoll 
muft finally ceafe, when its coaiponuic parts are difunitcd JA 
ocdtli* * AiateriaHfm is therefore of d.i nacrous tendency » 
' aufc it coQtributca to darkcD the profpeftii of futurity; be- 

fh MaUrisS/m vtJ H^tSi/t Tb^ ^At /Imtn MM, 8^ 
caulVti vfibiridi tbs 'cin* lo bkc, coii£riDl<ig the Jibniincind 
t^c uDbdicTfir ill ilteit b^ opiruons inf PiKtcJuljtr » ic it iberc- 
lOTE aHo u;uDL«4l (o rjnuc ; £rj]l), i; ^ . r ihc vrhole 

(•brie of AAEur^ rrl'^iCD) W(4Uic iu mji jl . r cu lor-jt^r 

Ik citrofcccit ivitrjr tfic p{<fic£litf« uf ic ai? old, ibtl ibc fintc 
.vrii) be lt»e iil(ic%a'« liic o^ ili« tiituctt jird vKiouf-^uticT an- 
AtliilKk-K.'— -Tci ihafti wmuittcfcJ tn»Uitui» uf fiafl if[c3 Niid 
tbe prrlcni^ vhc^ f^fily ^iiide WH lise rqli^ioit of nuurC) 
' ocj U) muiv o' w^ii^nt, U 11 ii> t< koftedt vi/cuc vrA« 
pl^aAngr ^''' I Jtn ipo^U- ticriT irni fic^n your 

SiuA *pd witn t .:k, ttivc bccji kE»d}j 

fCCtiroJ I t^rjr vll^j- ^^-i-..; ' . u him A UjIuc, u to 

Kui «vc JhtU lAbc lcav>: of pur Author ac > d«cUuiicr, uiW< 
wlkkh cJijja3c£ be CACEb, anJ ^to (bntc rptcisicnii of liji 

do^taiie of ^t^UrinUjm^ 4U urctl ^1 eul dli^vrUii^ of Uf «& ii h\ 
licffn Utdv naifiuintJ br /<»n»c or iu MivocatOp be ^h\ on 
jawpiitf Ur. i'lKlllcj'a rcpitfciiulioA of i; i uiU (|uoici thif^ 
ioUo^iog pilTjfc iWm bb flrft ^^» ^ cortainiftg hb opiai< 
in bif owii vucilf. *' I am riibcr iacirnci lo tttink, f^y yt'Uf^ 
that thojgh tbc fubjtfS U bc/orx! our oooipfcbceul^jn ic pfd'eri^; 
nan doct nd cotibli of i«vo priucit^lc^ fo cftcntij^ly (bffctciil 
ff ooi one &iiot|icr» is njtur nvdJ^irJt, which arc «lw;t)t dOi 
ic'ibcd u bivinj^ aoicnc co(no>on propcrtj, by mcuu of wb't 
cbcy cm zSeit ot ax upcm each uctiFri il:< ojie nrcup7]n|_ 
tjpACCt aod the oihcf oo( cnlj- not occupying the k^tt tuijgtn-j 
iMo pQrtioo of fparCft h^ic ioc^apalilc ot branny fclaxixi to U t< 
iafoouicls IbaCi t>ropcily lp<akir-jr« niy niind ti nL> more in m^- 
2^1 iban tr u in the miwa. 1 uuier iMiik dui rTxc wf<-otc man 
ia o4 ((M»E unif-rM tsmffJltU'i *nd llwt ttic |L-op:fi^y of piru/t^\ 
:£fj«. ai ireUuihc oti^r ;>ow(ja tcinicd m/Ajivi, ii cbc rc/uh 
(«pbflUu:f fia«ilarv ot oot) vf I'tidi ftA orgdii)C«l fiii»£tur« 
thai of (lie brtin. 

til Lbe d«(<ul1«on of thii paiTag*, our Au:hor obferrei, th«f 
* AfMiiT nuy be confid^jcj cithci in iti ckmcniajy dciachcd 
pfincipkai or in a lUw ofc^U'-iVr*, js i» I'Oilnj u» canual^ -jr 
ai foimcd iaio a ic^uUf ^^U i^r^anixcJ f|llcm. ifm in ikilc 
tbtve ftawi it u c^aiUy unfukcpubile of mmtal ftwrrt aad if/* 
rmtimi. By UkIc fn^^i Mjd c^afiW 1 umkrHin^l* what n 
ytptrallv mrant, tfaefatiUtia oi Icafuuon, fwrcvptiOA, ff^ioiH 
lA^, juio ruluriary moiion/ 

• 1'bc «l«mtftital ffariicUip of i»hU^ all boJin ue cnai|ioreb*, 
reajr be go ^dcrfd citUcr h htmtgrn/4t/it ot a^ '6'/r>-v^Mwi a> 
fiinplc mtjnpdt, UDCOfnpouodail aM i'^dJMiUbVt w k^ ctrc^- 
pouJtJH', Br^f»£/ diVib^rc/ ^)04 iucHclc^cnU, i« (v^^i vi« 

/* - 

ricb MfvUiMl ^kcnmc nnft be gifted wicfa the powtn of 
IhovEhi, tikd Eo inicur, tbrow^h iis almoft m^niu rangCi be 
c«|»ble t4 ihinkiog ^ <ur dfe thit itirpriftn]; f^cuEt^ mmft be rr- 
ftnincil C0 1 4c«rri>UD«ec ovmbcr^f item. But m cither c*^ 
fiifh bfiiiL-it if fuppoM J^^p iccording lo aiy pbOofopby, 
[the AuiW r^jfdtihe i4«a oC tiM booog^nvit^ uid infioiie 
drviftbilrtjT ofinjUCi] will he iult fo nainy IndiviiitMl mrnlkm 
thinkcTi } iKV. «ii ititi (LiffpofiLioiit will n be matter (bit Ihinkt | 
bccjufc mnm in t^tty kuEMncm (fcnk] ti a compounded (yh^ 
lUnrPi wl^cii ftch el<o«nu ate utKompOtttukd^-^lf ihe/a 
eftivtcnti br not fimpk* bui divifiblc fof cr«r and CTCi i i< iben 
fcvm impolEtitc ibit tbry Ibottltf ever poieft ibe powm of 
prfccptior, or iivdccd any othcf property whitCTcri for when 
<\ii A f«culif be made to fefide, wben fhe fubflackce ddWacd (• 
receive it di>ei r«l fo maeb u cnjoj indr'^tJ^i cxiilcncc r 

(>ar Author advancra ne^t to aegnrgitct uid compound 
beJtcai ind labouta (o ihcw, that Wch bodlci in general att 
locapble of pertcpiiov ) mad then p^occrdt to exanune ibrm lA 
their ouift orgartfeJ ft«tr. * !l i« impolfibki faj) hct tbuA 
m^fi of maner, htc the N^in, cotiTd have been foiined fay the 
Almighty Creator with inch esc^iuifite powerii a« lUoutd bt 
capable of f^upritji. Thh i> Juft ihc imxtfe of your ovrn 
aleMion. PoTititel^ toaflert, what (he Deity can or caiiDOt 
b undembiedfy glanngtj arroga&i* unlcfi fonic aifardHf int 
rupi>oritioi> be RiimkU t ibcn to ffiakc that an objcil of Dir 
Powpf, Sreomeinot onlv infbleni, but nrro bljfpbemoui. 
the '^H*^ti be ilone |>erc>p(eM \ that capacity mull fpiing, eiib 
fmmafpccial^raiil, whi<h cannot be undcvAood i or from ita 
eo<Dponei:l parti tn their oripo and after exigence, bcin)> 
afrnjular tonniltit^n, vrhteb i> equally incredible, as tbc brail 
\t rk<f4tkfHc€) fioin Ihc more fuSiIe pirt of otir aiiflKfl^ and 
feeiiw rot to be of a icKture diAcfcni, InqtiilUy at IcafU frooi 
the rpiii*t Biaifow, or the whwlc netvotii ffftcm, which » 
knovrr lo be ar expanded ramtfc^tioci of ckc brainy fubllance » 
or ^nall^'a it muft be ronc-ludrd^ ihjt thr perceptive povrtr iafl 
derived from OKtc or^aniuiion ) bttt then, why IhouM ibe* 
Bgcivcy oi »i Almighty Cicatw b^vrxntWy drawn into fbrn 
)h<f brain, when r^Cuft. in bcr own laboratory, wiiboui iiw 
hcvr oc^.iiie«] ftilK ia ulonc c<|ijal to the curioua wortnianflilpr 
After bficfly »afnTnirig Dt. Prkfllry'a nobon of perception, 
which he acenunti fur by tbe ircoHiloua motton of the nervef, 
our Aotbor addi ; ■ 1 Itc enpaciiirf of feeling pain and plfft- 
farc, of (icrc citing ibc preJcnce nf ufeai, fcixfu!a] or iiueUeUual^ 
of compailt^ ihcfe ideia, and of judij^ing betwixt ibevn, joifteJ 
til ibit n>nk-ioii» fcaticiKfit, which attend) every mt^xtX a^rc* 
rluo, I'd of adrn^ xn a mannrr termed volamart, are, bdidea 

Un ifikat^ gcmral ti:odi6c4Uovkt, viWAq cviltnc« ti ttoc 

GOncroTcncd. If ihtf be aflcdiont i>r tbc b««ici Bli>nc» «nJ mn 
to be found jn inf «ih<r bodioof Ihu matctul vrcirlJ, it mitii 
be lUowcd, cbai ihcv originate fiom f^iDC fiii|uUr or^ajtEziiio 
YcE the tnoft pcrfed org^imvon \» btii ilie mo4 ptffird ar 
nAgCAicni of nutcriil ckincnU i trd cvidcodyt ivh4< g^v 
t>tu a new excrirfic r^licion of futi lo pirii, ciii nrvtf g) 
GtpadciOt which dii not before c;t]{l. JfTucb capocitto cxid. 
salt If grantrd ibejr ilo, th^ir exigence mufl b« ibunJcd i 
fonulbici;. Modca and capjciuci irc not fcJf-«kitlccit ( ilie 
are not lubflaDcca. U they inhere in ih< briiiii ihcy p«rtic 
IMteof iu naiu'c^ ve compounded anddivfible os it ; arc 
the fjime flt;^uiaing and ch4iigc.jb]c qaalicy \ in £hon, are ih 
brain i\U\U But Ihc brain ii a body \ and boJict neither te 
nor rtalbn, nor move progrcSvely frocn a voluntar)' ilcrcrAin. 
tioo. Bui could ftoi tae Deity haic bcftow^d (uchexuaortiindt- 
ry pQwcis o«i a iyllcm of matter T — The Author faf^tfls fciciAl 
rea^i to fhcw that ilitf n impolEbk. The vfTenCfi o£ 
thiag*» be fi)), are eternal and i[^cpcndant » and if *-/^ uititcr 
enjoy* not tbc capaciiicft iri QucHion, Eficy are twit ctfenlial to 
it; and tbc fi^pcraddiltun of fuch cap«JeJtLO vrill, in hiaupinioiti 
deflroy iu natufe, Kuihcr, ihc poucr* of ficfcc-ption are trt 
compatible wiih compofition of paiia i nor can judgi&cc^ 
vrhich i* diSinct from the idejt conccrcitns which ii p 
[louoco, be the ittribtttc of a compourvdcd (ubftiRce. He rti 
fobjoina an extrad from a Krcnch pvblifvion, imitledf /«• 
Jtisaiimi Liit^n^nrntt whicbt rfk hu ■ppreiicnfij>nt conuina aa 
unanfA^rshle mrgitmenl againil Mt^ttr alifm^ * Let the brairi 
be Jhjpp^lcd to coniiil of uiy number or clc^enui on ihiB fop- 
podi<ion, ubieh is ccriiinily jtdmiiGfate : i. Kiihc^ liK wt)<^1« 
bfWi mil be confciout ot its eaifteiKe in fach manreri a^ that 
ita covnpDnciit pvjtabctinconfdotja uf tbc fame, whkb is % p^U 
pabic aMurdity i Gnce the whole brun U only a collet ion ti£ 
partt* and cw iiic]rpon«ri nothing Hji what u derived fro 
them. Or i. Oi tbcfc rlcmcnit c^ch will be fcnliblc of xH own 
caiUcncr, wbilfl it>c vh[>lc bc&in reffiatc^l infcafibic ; bvt ihcn 
the brain itfeJf, the organic fyl^em in (jucflioii, will be void of 
^i coofcioua pcfceptjon* Or« 3. The mterndl fccJJu^ we a#e 
in ieafch of mult be tbe refvli, the rsm total of each Individual 
leDiJUKnt t nvbich ia equally abfurd i for C4ch cJcfnenE ii iloit* 
cocifciou* of ic&lf J it kn<jwt not the feeling of tti kindftd 
aiomi* We flidU thui h»c ais mwy difttjjd p<rccp!ioi^4, 04 
dementa; t^ac ia, r^ch etenirm will Sc feierill^ fonki-joi of 
perceptive of Id own exilUncej noihin;: in the vrhnlcattCi will 
bcible to fayi / am vom^frd vf clccneEitk, ie ii 7 ibat e»i\ fit 
a compounded and orginic Aatc : ihertfore the whole bv«in wiil 
not be confcio«a of iii CA^flcnce ; )«c doe> not I)t. P. perceive 
that be w!l« V He coiKludes wii^ obf*;iv*ii|j, tbit iJae ^v<«t 


Zb On AUtiti^fit a-td Nanltft thmy sf tbt HtrndB JOai, 

aT ■Aingormoviflg in i minDcr icrrned t^thmtirft ai gnvVfJ 
man, cttn^tn be uftdcrftoai! in Hartley's fylfcem : and, * tftac 
itiictcr in every \Hie i« inr3p:iblr o^ pcrfTciinjihf poworriof 
ptiGcpVaon vnd ihcitf^ST, citVifr natutilljr^ m b^ divine difpeA* 
iMJoiij aH thcrvfinr rdu in ttttn rmi^ exhl a fubfliiicc fa* 
pcriof to, «»(! cninttilly diiiinct horn the btam.' 

In the next lencr, ih? Author pti^pulct at large lu» own 
opinion, anJ stCempti to cllaSlifh it, by mtroducing ft ntw 
kiad of aerrtft fofvc, which he alc'ibn to nMicr, and by 
ivhkh h« JicManri Mr ih« munnl adlrn of bodrtnd ^iric^ 
aitil he then fub^ns Rplic;: to th^e principftf o^edioBI vUeli< 
have b«cn urg4d by Dr, P — , aikd othtfi jgainft cbe immattriat 

T^r ^f:h !m«^ evh.blri an snalffit of Dr. Hinfey't fhcory^ 
and in the ftitlowinf; ktur ii la comtaitfd apJnfl the pt^inilirot 
prtnd|drT cf ike Scoieh pni1o4vpher«. Thp Auflior endesvoiiri 
to Ihew, th^r rh< ij flcmiof ^ioatit^ anJ a' ji^i^'I^ vo cfc 
ablr W'it^ thr Utne itfiplliJofofitifeCll'iiid fKrniciot;! C^nft^tl 
rdjEivc to truth ind vjctt*;* 

' Acenrdfn^ lo the ScMch Ichool, otn friwafoi f^ock nfi 
knou-lcdg« i» dehvrd from the dtdaiet of »nn«i //*>f ^ and 
iheiciorc the woik'of natufc. Aceordinft to Dr. Hartky, the 
ai^jtf » Uom ideal tiffiknttM i and i» thcrefr^rc cbo wo^k of 
babit. Both principles are equally n/r^rrand e<|ua1ly ni^fa^ 
HhU iBtberropefatiom.'-^'nirTminedNcephjlWal cauftoMoft^ 
Of. Harilcv will have to be«ffv«.i.i t'lhraTiiti ; u-h'rlfl the Scotch 
do^tori ur};hotit nny minute inrctligaiionf hftre rtc<ntT:e eo iiehftc 
they call* ctMjiiliMijuii frtptr^itK^^'~—' In both fjrflnci evcfy 
meiit;il affection ia a uieceJ&ry and mechaciioal effKt, hoiv v«« 
rious or manlfeft foeter/- — ■* Dr. Braittc arc^a b»a common 
Tenfe iitto an un«fTing cfiierioo of ^irur^^^ liy wfakb meana all 
ar^gnkcntaiKiJi i» fcdijdcd. 4nd every afi^<al (o fcaibn icr.dercd 
iupcrfiiao^if i reafcM] itftlf th^efore becoBiet a rtrr ofelcJa pro- 
peny, In the o^im^^ii of Hirtlcy. and of m difciplcs. 
the capacity of perception or ptrttfiiiMHtf ii alone lo be con- 
&docd a9 ffiariji to man* Thif it is which talcea in every 
nvih, of tvhich ih« hoinatt tnind ii CJpable^ in a miiiner, aa 
inftmiancoui and irrpuirirc, ai Dr* Bcactic*a concnon fenfe/ 
Again, * jfUgmmtj in a% common acceptation, mtv perhapabe 
jkotbin{[ more thin a btre pcrGepcton, or what Harticy caUi a 
complea ferlfrg uf the fotnfiHei^ce of ideii \ but in general* 
there muO he a ttmf^fifc^ «rt;icK a$ joj again leii^ve into % 
nofe cDo^plex feeling, ir htth no fuperioTity over Or. Beatiie*t 
priitciplca. Tbac to ut, fay? the laft named gentteoian, is 
truth, vhich we y/// tVint we mull believe, and that lo ut b 
falffhood, wbieh we M thai we mufl dilbelieve/ " AJTenC 
Md diilcm (Df. Haiifeytp. 158J muft come under the notion 




Ot Aiat/riaiifat /jmJ Uartt^'j Th/tf} tfthf Human Mtnd^ tj 

of tdc»p being onU iholc vtrf co«ni>kx intCTMl teliogtt 
ohEoh w!Iirr? by atfM-z^iTiofk 10 fuch cluflcrs nf wt^rJi, » ai« 
CilTf^ propoficrocii In gCfitnU or ifltfraliom &rK) iK^4tion» in 

parCkuJar.'* ' What i* l^i», bt^l jnJgmff of truih juJ f^tlfc- 

hood hy >*our fe^!inf;i, m *i mnnrct the raali impijlf^^c ani tn- 
flaEinncTjcs ? Ccnaitilj, UiiJ ijir ptirlur^pht-nr H4rdc]r and ,J 
iP^irtic, prcvtf)u!W >|*rcfd (in sn union In fcmimcnr, thty couJd 9 
Dor luvc dpttflcd themfclvci in ictmi mort fin^ihr and ap* ^ 
proxiiiuw:) ' Wc jppirti-nJ, h&A'Cvf\ from Ihc ii<\?^jic« of.B 
M vtn fcco>t d'f^iifc ih4t i^<iib?r the Scouh pliilofo^ihcr» nta M 
I>, P(;efl!ry W[ft liiarlc T^« Author fbf iiit labours in Jii'cover' ■ 
in^ and cflpbl.Ef^Jri^ ihu al]:Ancci th<y ^tc yet haidly di^poicd^ J 
10 *ckfio«!«rg^ iny intjnutr ifi^mtf. Out arofiymr^uji Wtitcr fl 
llccou to ui >«iy prrpf^Ely to ^iiard 4;;iiail ibc obiuscioui jmiIs I 
jft tfactr lyi^fiA ( and we? fcarc lon^e th u^hl, tli:<t bo:h ^f Item J 
arc juflW chir^dfilc v^i h nt^n)' of (hi: tsicifcqucnrci which H«'^l 
(f^dCin frivn ifitm^ Afrrr piirfuing rhc rontriJ) to a coo- fl 
lidcrabJe Itfj^gih, he add}, ' that Hjuky'i fyntm, of the iwo» | 
i» iiii:ch ?hc nxMC iljit^rovi* A^ fir iDckcd ai inftirtA ii ^ 
carfvcdt I alEow it 10 be rcarly allied, in iu coif«<iucnc«, to 
jmir firui:itrihcoX}.*— «-* Jl iliru the Scotch fyilcnij aa |Oii 
To fltf nuouCy »n6fi, muA be r^cd<d bjr ci-cry man, who carca 
fr>r truth, virtiiCr «:x) icii^uja, wJut» Sir, wilt be ibe taic of 
Dr. Hartky't ih«ify?' 

In the j(h iJid Sib kiicrit the Auihnr rcfjrnri the cxamina- M 
uon oi liitiJeY't thcuy, v it refp-^It Che mechaoifni of the 9 
oiind and the n^ctSiy ' f huinaA actiu:i) : at>d in bi« roih Icttc/ I 
b« dofrt bit corfrfp<>ndi;nre with^t on D'- Pnaiiley'a a 
viiWicaJion cf hiniicjf md dddrTlv to wnbcUcrvn, in bit |»cfiC€ ■ 
lb ibc till volumt on air; \ht codcludtog pjrigraph b 2 kJod. ■ 
q( un^icit apology for ihc iteal with which he h«» cihlcarojrcd ^ 
to cxpoff iht mc^hanitraJ and maieful fyflcm cfpoiifcd hy Dr. 
1*—. * The Hartlcyan cu^tinc » an ab>«^ oif the fre^tclt 
moment : ih influence will be fdt, ai fir ai (b;e «ridcfl fpmd 
o^ fcicnce exrcn^i, bccai^rc i\t applkcatioa is generaL tS;it iii>t 
onl^ the philofcpher, the divine :it£(i, and the magiUniri, an; 
dc<vly concerrcJ \ for by it wdl XM whoU Cyllcrn oT mural and 
cit-ik life be (criGtly aAtClcJ. }> it i;oE ibeii ihr duty oJ^ <:ircf jr 
man 10 take the a!aim, to exiTir.ej ard fciupui<)«Llv 
analyfc the peine jpks, and c^ en ibc molt (Tiflini Coufcijucntc* 
oTa fyi^not wb«ch| it cvtf generJiy MJopctd^ wtU f<»gLiMxall)« 
and ID my o^^inioi), fo tVully operate } i poinud wit foioc of 
III defeat, andlOaited fbme objcdiona} bus moch mofc ft- 
Mitni tc^bfl done. DoyOLi* Stft laltc cire, kQ under the Ipe* 
owu fbcw of being rctvlceabl^, you be really intlrumirniatra 
pfopagatiRg a do&, vhertby the caufc of trttb^ viVruVi 
rfiirii* may be fcverely injured/ 

G* TVs 




Th« «*I with which in« ihcory of ifvrljrtcDr. Hsrkft-fof 

hith been r«v[vtd, itad the cxcfitfj^ani ifipUufr litely bcl!<Mrel 
upon il, wouMf TTC ho^^, crc t^ti have r(>uK«J fvoic *ble 
opptMivnl. Tlicful^f^, wc kcfiiVt ti abtlridr^i aril JifEicult ^ 
lh<c<]rLircvcKy bcEvrtti l-cibniu anJ CUrkv, andman^f otberii 
on »ch fLdt; of iht i|t|ct1inn, tt b^riily fur^ouca ; ttid puUloc*- 
tioni of this kmd are not fjiublv to the vicwt iitd c^llc of x^ 

miflcHv writer. The letters no* before ui ar« wnicen vjth 
the bvft inCcniiort : they hate vtiy confirFerablcr merit ; uul 
will fcn'e, wc hope, a« an (iiiidcnc a^ainU the prcvalenec of 
■ iheor)^« whieh dcgrailes cnan to a m««r machine, and whtch^, 
ifpurfiKdt fDuft icttninttc in ab^oimu /pinfi^/m, 

bi> Orator, or aceomphfhed Sptilcc^ Now Ai-Ji iraaiU:cd iac<»] 
EflKliO' by & Jonci. dta. 6 1, Whiir. 1776. 

ALthou^h it mutl be acknowJe^J^i that the method of ] 
ifinD^ijn^ which preii'af]» ai j^rcfciUt is more fleafinj, 
tt may perhaps be quethL>ned, whether it i*, on the whole, ooA 
judLciifln^ tnaii th4i which wia formerly \n uic. If out ol4 
Ironflators did not anein|>t lo cloaih their authors m an degaat 
Englilh drcfti if ihcii Ijii^ua^c w4» often inhjirmoiJou) and 
UikCOBIh, and fometimei even bar barou« ; they were howerer* 
careful «o i^tve an cxift ttanlcript of the meaning of the o,'l^»*'' 
jkil. Whereat modem tran11jiior>t eiiher Ehrou^^h pauialitf' 
for their Buthixi, oradcfrc of d^fpU^jng their own abiliiki*] 
have generally produced morley pK'ci, w^^ich mnjht more ptt 
pcrly hflvc been called jmiutioni ihan tranflations. Thia hi 
been afmnll unrverlatly the cafe with ihofe, who have sil«fn| 
tn iianflare the Greek and Rotnan pocti^ and it wooid oot 
difficult to ffiGW, that fome of ciur iirjft ekfjant and admireJf 
tranlUtioni of the profe cUAlca dv'1i:r<^e <o corne under the lame 

lltU fafh^enahlemodeof iranllaiirg has, in ouroptoioni in* 
iro3uced a falfe tatlc anioc^fl uf, wnich will fcarctly fuf^r uf 
to altow a doe portion of praife to anjr irajil]ator, who actecnpta 
to give the £ingftlli reader Tome idea of hi» aiithar'a di^ion ai 
well ft! lemimcm. VVeaie awsrr^ihat Jt ii by no me^nt aneafy 
lafk, Li> language) which differ fo m>Ei'ialty in Uuir formation 
apd Unis'^tjre a^ the Roman and Englifli, for a tranflator to re- 
tain hii author*} *cncfal cail ofcxprcnton, without faDing into 
an rmjiropcr nfe or obfeure afTangeir^eni of worda, and gfving 
lilt ftylean iir of lalmiif> which mufi appear ciiretncly a«k- 
ward 10 4n Ln^ifh rcatlev. Wlt )uvC| howei'er* mft with 

iSnK^iTratifiAihmtf Cum'i T^rvtcu 


liiiM^i whkh prove the poJTibniiy of umrirg the 6iffcTCJxt 
r* ol tiddity and ck^&^icc. Amofig ihHc wc rcniufc Ett 
the p^cfcDi woikt In wUkh wc bivc an iccurue tud 
»l, tnd at the (uvx Utnt fufficr^nily elegant trjnfljtton oF 
kccf of CiccfOt which bivc never bcfoic appc^ol in Bqa* 
Tb>t our triden may judge bow fji oar UtK of i^ 
of \hn itixidiuon Ji juflf ftccoftiLng to our ufu«l mcikod 
ih« of dtu kind, we Oi^!! pi^ thrm the followtrg p«flige 
B the ori^iiiU tad the ii^nlUiioo : it is fxua^ed from 

•tmi c^ Hie sm^Jkf, <*- 

«uJ m^l|^im^§ §f. Hit 
vsJrrr f*J> /aat : /tii 

fjfijrrttki. fifjmi k^ 

'^m jinfiiti ir/int M^-iti 

a, tViStif tM^rai, S^ 

^tfrr/aittaff if ji /iMft 

*rHy jnvfHiAi* <t(^i» 

iiit ^iiJtrit f»fm mr/i' 

iUtut Jiettt tw^tutrril ; 

Thc third cbQmflcr uihe rxtca* 

vhti potff del the pcMvcrt of rlrcuiMa 
>a tbetr full rii«iit^ Thii i^ ib« cata 
w^LCife rtckinLJnff acd dif^fivc Un* 
^««£c ia fo RiiL<h ftdniKd bj flLlrs- 
iDfl cetioQi, tbuE ibc^ la>Y laaarl/ 
fuifcrrd cto<)u«(ic« eo rule ibe wofld. 
Bui in do'jucncc «vhofe cesHc U 
rapid ft»d fopuvoail ID eloquence 
whjch cvny o»c gnc« », i»d ad- 
Kiim, inJ <f<rpdjn lo ef^usl! 'I'hti 
ii |b« «^qarn» that beadi a»d iViyi 
the p«d>oi>i? thii U ikc tilo^ucacc 
[hac iUriiu Of fiMibt ibcm xx her 
rleafatc * Thbii ih« HtaucncerNit 

'ivhirtwtJi aad, at Olttr iin>ci, 
AcaU icDpcrceptaiti' apoo tbc feaia, 
and probci to the boetcni of ihe 
heart 1 ihe cJoqDcoce which iatrtrti 
^iai&oi cbMafcna^a and efacicaiea 
tile old f hue yet u «kid«ly diScreal 
from tilt tao Oiar«<l<tft of rpcaking 
brforemeii'.foncd. He who e»rt> 
him^ir In Ebc !3nipU and accurate 
chvtrifcr, and {ycik% t't^tXy and 
fmutlv viihovi ainiift£ auT liL^herf 
— he, hy this alune, if carrkdtc prr- 
r«dIon. bccmari a frtAt, if not the 
gveateft o! Dr^it^it ; tof don h« walk 
upofl llipp<r> |>toead» To thai IT he 
haa but ici-incd to trtad ilim, he ii 
in iw d^Kj.'cr of falltiT£. Alfft rhe 
■nMdte kind of on tor, «ho ii dif- 
cajt«iO>ed by bij e^aabiliiy, pro- 
vided be only dr4W> up Ikt) /orcn to 
^vasta^e, iVai* noi th« pehbua 
ard doubiTtil biv^rJi uf n public 
hif ;in£iie ^ ftodtihaufKfuiBetiirci he 
anay aot fuecctd to hu vil^^ ^^\ V« 


Jonea'f 7V0ff/!fi»« tf Cicir§^s BruttiSm 

fuoMt^B misui/mcriAt, ut/apt 

ft^ magnum tamtm pcrlcaluni 
piji mdihit .- airi tnim tadtrt 
«** p^gfi^ At 'vtro hit Mfitr, 
mvtm pTiJttiptmponimMttgra'vit, 
^etr, ardtHiy fi md hta uniim tfi 
m*tmtt aut iw bo€ ^h fi tx- 
trttiy^ lU/ httir gtntri fiudtt um, 
mtcfinvn tspimm emm iUii ttuo- 
ins gcatribni Itftptraijit, max- 
imt tfi tnttmiandtis. JUt fitim 
fitwtmiffutt qutd acute it vtttra- 
49rii //kit, fitpienj Jam ; m*- 
^lu, fi/avij ; bit tiKtem cfipie^ 
fi^m^^w fi «'A// ffi ffliud^ VTx 
J'ain fiinMj 'vidtri fi tt» ^i 
tiarm tsibii pettfi trmifui/lff ni- 
hil Uniter^ nihil pariitr, dt- 
finitf^ aijiittii^-t fattt> dictrt 
(praffTtim turn tatfir pjirtim 
tst/e fint tttBodo^ parti maliqua 
Mr parte iTaSaHs'^J fi it «ca 
praparatii aurihas infiammart 
rrm ctpit \ fttrtrt apu4 fanctt 
it ^najl mttf fibriet baccbari 

^naUntui ^id/tur. Ttntmus 
igitiir, Briittt qium ^tt^rimui ; 
fid aitiifie -■ nam mava fi prt- 
kindiffitKy nt ipfi fi/idtm fiia 
tanta eie^ulittia mihi ptrfita- 
fiftt, Ht fi drmi'tirem, Sfd 
inxTfa/Mj prBft39 rfi iiU th- 
fWiHit qurm nuaquam i/idit 
jiatcaiujt ^uii efi igititr it f 
CempUSar hri*ifi, diffiraM 
piurihui. Is tnim iji tUfutm, 
fai it hamilia JuhtiUttTt et 
magta gravitrr, it mia'iscria 
U^pirattf pstefi dutre, Nim* 
tif inquiu, uaqaam fiuir^ 

if i^t^tt e:rpor«d to aa a^fihu dt^i j 
for it he aevcr Com, hU hU muA be 
inconHderablc. Bur the orator, whom 
we regard t^s rhe ptioce ofbia pnA^ 
fioiii — the nervoui^— the fierce,*— t 
the Haming or«tor, if he ii born tor 
Lhii alone, and only prtairea &Dd 
applies hlmfelf to cbii, wichoat Eem- 
pcfjng hU copiouraefj vith the tiw> 
ioferior charafleri of eloquence, U 
of all others the rood coniempiblc. 
For the plain and limple orator, «■' 
fpcakiag acutely and expertly, h&a 
aa appeatance of v/if6ota aud good 
fenfc ; and the middle kind of orator 
19 fufljcienily recommended by hit 
fkveetnef^ ■ — buc the copioui and di£* 
fufivc fpeaker, if he hai no other 
qualificauoD, will fcarcely appear to 
Eic in his fenfeSi For he who caa Ajf 
nothing calmly,— nothing geaciv,^^ 
nothing methodically — nothing cfcu^ 
Jy, diilin^iy, or humoroully (choagli 
a number of caorei /hould be €a 
managed ihroughaut, and othenln 
one or more of their puts) : he^ 
moreover, who pfocccda lO anspli^ 
and exaggerate without prepariar 
the attention of bii audience, win 
appear lo rave before men of undcr- 
nanding, and to vapmr liLe a perfon 
jntoxicated, before the fober and fe- 
date. Thu* then, my firotas, we 
have at lail difcovered the Gnifhed 
orator we are feeking for: but WV 
have caught him in imagination - 
only ; — for ifl couLd haFc feized him 
wjth my hands, not all his eloqacoce 
fhould perfuade mc to rc!eare him. 
We have at length, however, difco- 
vered the eloquent fpeaker, whom 
Antoniu3 never faw — Butwho, then, 
11 he f — I wilt comprise his charader 
in a few words, and afterwards unfold 
it more at large, — He then is 4tt 
orator indeed! who can fpeak upon 
trivial fubjefla with timpiicity and 
art, upon weighty onei with energy 
and pathos, and upon thofc of mid- 
dling import with calmnefs and mo- 
detaiion. You will tell me. pcrhapi, 
that fsch a Jpeaker haj never cxiAed. 


MudcK Ot CoJb'i Eltmau if CmMoffs 

Jtifii/rM, £g» «mi f*mJ dt^ 
Jftibn. n^'jH fMt JSi ft m fwit /it 

ij^ a«*iA M«^ tttf^fiv /^<' 

ijv it fo :— ror I am mw dircooxfi^^. 
not opoB will I hAT« le»« but g| 
whax L CiMld wi^j M feci Mtd ai 
ifcfcfbie r«ijf eo itat i>ninar)r fc^I" 
bUnc« oriJfii r>-ir nf Pi*io which (* 
h«?« (i;en(ion<4 before* ^nJ which* 
thoiJgk ii cinvot Ik fecn vith Anr^i 
hf>A'x\y tj^z. tnxj bp comj^rf tended, 

1 ft^i not teckinn ilicf a liviafr QtA-cr^ 
Cf afi:.- iqy ti-in; nlikh U nioruf^ 
«lO pcitil^ng, buE aficr thst whick 
ciLcirrt a rij{t.t lodie tiiic of «|»- 

■fief EiOi|uc»M hfrfclfi wio c-m ha^^ 
ctAtffiiCii onJjr bt liic cjc of iha' 

Tbtffff ofcSc p'-cccj here ti^nflateiconuiiiEifewfliorr biie\ 

ufitij^fketctoorslUhefptaVtrt who had RcurUhed inGrrcca(' 

^iLomc fiom ihc c^'licil |^is»ia Lu tSc tiaicuf Cicun ; (h^ 

'^ftftj <ontiiifl« 3 ciicica) ^clinoiion or whtt this grvtt oialicr 

*'«rauify cilcca^cd the mod Jini&Kid clo<lucricc oj llylc or 

'E!T*^''1& 'I rinHitiuni, executed \\\ tb« r;L[T4c manner, of 

^Kcfg'i oriicr riluiblcrcmftti:] oa cbiA fuL'jcOt pJiticuUily hii^ 

**tl />* OrMvrt^ — luvfotimt, — T^fkh^ — and farJititxt Ora^ 

*^ couU Jioi f^il of bcltig Mccpubic lo tbc Public. 

■^•T- 111. Mifmntr tf CtiK^tgjf, tr iib htrtdt^itw n lAr /r«Mu^ 

AcAic»tA C-Jcfflr. iinp«r- Ntf. Cari^. PlinrailV, and of ihe ik>-> 
tsdstSock^y cf IMocence. With ScrcnFUKBiCoouiainxI'icures 
of ercif Geajs of Shcib. fivo. 71. 6 d. Pouit* Wh]i«^ 

^^T At^re hii ii«Tcr teri herfclf srUnDt witneTsr hut appciri to- 
X^l hi'C fcfcfTcd 2 pfoiJi^r f ^ tfih§$di6i the m^imtcnaiicc of, 
Wt «ortt|ipi and the fuppo't of her glory. Shr h.»a hail hcr- 
^poftUt AnorglV j«wi and Gciiul^, ffom S^int AnKotlc, Uk4.*' 
^4itii Pljny, TO ^Ac Liniz^ui, and S«iiit Di C0D4. Tlicfc 
■vc to tu^h pf icfl^ «bo have been adnniued bchi/id ibc rciJ^ 
tt)d K^ act}U4int^ with her mjrftericft. For oui piria, va 
><y alJ die tcvcrcfrce and rtSpeH to ibCLi {>{E:« j and whMbce 
^hn invHlij^iton of a pJaaE, a bmictfiy, or ^ DicU be ihclr ob* 
i*€t, «rc *rc i*itl fcfiGbl*, tHat focb purluili hivr a rcndvnc^ to^ 
■^Irpliy thz gicar wifJcni of the Crcaioi, sr^J cocLilllvatCJi n^ht' 
*nd latiooal d«v«iofl^ 

An utidcvuut ruiurarfl vrouM be a charafltr the moll pre*, 
PorUtoui t lod we j:c perfuidcd (bat itfi iiifiuel, of foch Jiudiet,. 
*^mcxiilc4. Whcu Plioy hftd been conutiifUiii>g uruiti 

9t Mtn4cz da CoAa'i Elmtnh ^fCmth^p^ 

pbvno[neiiJ tn the nacuraJ worU^ he conclndesi with the fol- 
lowing rcBc^ioo : ^uJon i^n^ ^d p<^ ^iiad ^hrt taitfm 

aiiltTfyt tpttmin (rjtatptiu i J. c. thcfc ap^innccs cuinot ftoallj; 
be icfJvcd iiHo any thiog but iheaj^cncy </ providence 

Led bj ibii religious atuehmcnc to Nature, ben^ariesbm 
frr loil aiid d^ngcf at JcliAncc j )uvc \ufk^ ttic tiowltiiz wilder* 
nets uTi<J the horrid d«p ^ pervaded (he inticfpiubk defartv of 
Kcnio^iia, and ihc more Inhofpitftble waters that intcH her 

The purfuit of that pifCr^uUr branch of natural fcicticc* 
whieb fornu the fuhjra of the work be^re us, U attended with 
Hiaiiv difficult and difcDuragiog circumflancr». To ranfack the 
dark chambers of the oce^n to obrjin the Oiinii^g panopLr of 
tt) inhabiEinti, ia ncithcf afy in the proccfft nor proliCAbfa la 
the rnd. The foiBlifl who toils in fench of a gem^ may fte- 
^;iemly ^nd hii iitierelt in concert with hia cunoTityi but the 
conrhologid, who rtfqucs the horrors of the Mofdmbir and 
Ma^elldnic felt in quel t of a Ihcll, oa have no other obje^ 
than ihe |ȣunaEc puifuic of Kaicire, ifarovigh the variety^ yee 
confif^cDcyi of her fyOccnatic opcraiion«, 

Thcfe optrations^ indrcJ, are wonderful^ replete with the 
inoft aE^jRjOirrtg beauty and dcHgn. What an elegant coitfor- 
mlty of iinu and> whii beautiful corufcatjcini of light 
darting through the fliic(t compofiiion of Ihadet have we fccn 
trt fomc {heirs ! — Could we fuirbeor, on fuch an occ^on^ ta 
cxci^m in unpremeditated verCe» 

In confluence of the dj^culurs aticndicig the purfuii of thti 
ftudy, we fuid ihit It h3a been culcivstcd ontf liAce the latter 
pan of the laft century, Aboat the year t6Str a wuk wu 
prtrted at Rotne, with the following title : KicrtaiLwu tk!fO{~ 
tSiti « ^ia Mtntt^ ntit 0^r^\-as.'&ni Jtih Cif'^ai^U i i.e. A mule* 
menu for ihc Eye and the Mind, in the Obfetvation of Shelli. 
Thtj ii the firU pfoftflcd work on the fiibje^. It wai after- 
wards iTanl^Atcd into I'lttn^ hut the edition ii fearee. Th« 
Author, ^ Bucninni, gives ui a fcrica of ligures of the fcvctml 
fpcdft of lliclb, ii> \\\< iitiinbcr of 4 ^t> an the Italiafi cJitiDOp and of 
;;oln liiel^TO etiitinn; ihcj arc noil »f them tol«raE>7 v^vll««- 
f rsvcd, but taJty ia ihit ihe IIlcIIj arc reveHcd by the ipBCCurwrv of 
the enjpavtr. H« tccomp^aici <*ch wiih in pirti<ular d«f<np<>on ; 
buE iht dc^rtption* iic ii^t j^khJ, bcintf loo contlfc and uainftruc- 
\i\ti lie bc^ici (ivea fciem phtbfophical rhspEt-ri on Lite origia» 
BiicrCr fofnj, eoJou(*r properiki, aad other cunobi panic uian of 
tcflaecoui ammaii. ■ 

* The Dcit i> Liltrri Uiftoria Conditlioium. publlSied in folio* at ■ 
dUfttcnt timet, Irou 1655 10 iCi^r. It u an ciceJIeiK work* and X 
I ^ 



)tf nidez da ColU'i Eimnrts $f Qnth^Stff. 9] 

io lot LcGuCc 10 pronmiKC ic iht vay bcA, tliovch Uic fccoAd on 
tbff r«bfo£l, ibat ever i«u priEud. 

* Th\t work, whxk <o«fid> cntircl/or en^nvin^i, h^i tW fo[- 
Jovi^K ^dIo* ihat rfi<lcr rhe c«jpk« voro or hfr ^ied. FwiL J 
Ml ivro C9p*« arc fou^d to b« CKftalr ^iktt it » AibjcA to To ■vnfl 
vanMSooi. Th« pUtciiboui 1767 (in ibtf moil pcil^copioB) vaH 
togfaeoKd ordimmiihr^p mirpInLciJ or corrrfud, udiicrCAC luneH^I 
•CCordi»jE to tHe fjicy or Ttibfcquf ci ilj^i^rrkt iratic bf ibc ■viboTrV 
il u ihcnJorc v«ry dil!icuh to quote the <vctk in fuch • munrr «i to^| 
be quiK 4Er*er*b!c lO other <cpioi. The raj^n'/'inf^t Aic rcfj cJ^ H 
gBi^t uid AcCkinie, and Htrc iJonc bir JaJi (wu dcughieri, Safufta^fl 
mod AftseH In rrfi*H to deferipcioa* tfarre arc noM^ but »i«i tb« I 
ff aoa)iiu itfer» which Ar« »aenJly verjr jood. 'Oc QMitv coun- ■ 
uicft^r* Tew arc alio iddtd/but ibo greater puitrt mcfc cnf^tavlA^ I 
ttilbo«t ADf Dune: uidibvvgti tbe mMixdniGcnn of ibc billon iofo I 
booki, pint, fctiiors. and cb*fufi, fcem very ouxili.^g £nd coo* ■ 
fufed, }«< &n »CCiirife cbfervpr vlll find, ihai ihcy lut proper jc4'fl 
sccdiirr CO tbe m«tbodical arran^tvMt, ^nd the Ainuu aad aj(«ifl 
dt/poGuon of CtitlU Dr< Li^ propofcd. ^ 

■ ThiidifiOTLn.e in ibc fci<iii topki Lia idJuctiJ ft Frcncb xu* 
ibOTj Mr, DifflU, in hii Cabinet, vol. iiL p. tyi^ to give i cofU* h 
tiott ofkiioopf <"'<b tbit in the kiAgof'FiiCc't'libimfy, Frou M» fl 
dc Ba:<» wbo iri the fccond vcUqm of hit BibJi«giipb*e lAli/uQifey H 
bM alk iBADf pcitincnt obfn ritvoDi of ibc dlftratl limci of ukin|f H 
offlbe plftUe: b 7 the >f CO I Til M. do- Bsre givei. It spf<ar* tbaf ib«fl 
Frtscb kiBg'* copy ii a wry period Oioe, ud vu prrirated to ibjcf 
Royil Libfuy by Ur. LiEler hnnfelK 

' 1 btit alb cotUud hm< <opk* of tbii work, ud found ih«v 
mil 10 difagfcc : ibe moil pcticA copy lu Loaiau ii ^d to be in the 
library oTibt CoJIegc of Fhyihiftaw 

■ Sotoe iattita axeaMliiU hire be<a ple;ifed to call UAer'« EliP-fl 
coryadiyackd ftcriU *>ork, Aliuiiicg to ic* baviog <*<> dtf^ti^kjo^l 
bat oolyfTOonytnj. ihouKk h ailotKer rcfpefti the/ cxluI ii^'cail^/B 

M. U Argirnvillr, however, in hit Concbdopy, h>i Ukcfti 
^rcai paint todifparagc Lj^tcr'a woij;:, and befiutei not to af- 
tcrt that ' no Auihur baa thrown (o rntJcb conlufion on the hrr- 
tofj oflhclb m Lifter.' It w of ranfequcnec lo ibo fcienc« to 
remove thii prejiidkcj accordingly our Author h^i uken ib« 
lifk ttpon bimfelf. 

• 1 will be bold cooei^b lo aSen, far* U. iLai Lir.cri UliotlLM 
C<)Pcby]iorDn it a inc4 ofcful work, ai [crfr^l ai iiiir crhrr fiae^fl 

tobtited, and of great cnofeqacoce to tboto vtto make tbc nai«t|ll 
iiory of il^lU their tudy. ■ 

' Thire «>« pvbH&tii jii 1770. uoiber cdttSot) of ih!i ocrllencfl 
a«rk, (r li-'f;C folio. b« the Rer. WittUm E-faikWnrd, of TrnitfS 
CoUege, Oxford, aad Ker^irr <*( ihr AltiinoCeja MuAe^in. t ti^iOk ifl 
Coyid add iDCiie, abao cb4i the f ubJ^ 11 indebted to (be late iearnodfl 
edilvi lor lie npvhUCAlK'itt al Liiler'a »Cik ij ticuimc fo r^Ar^l^l 
but tic indrxei And oi£o ttdfEuIan* arc »»/ irtv:*]^ nf J thrrQ arn^l 
ftlib errorv aoJ lA^ccctaciei in Li k^kh do ao boccur ic Littei'i 
nemoty.- — • • . \ 

' TW Aird sDblictiinn. In diDc cf liw, ii RcfniphJoi'i 
Cbasibtfr«f Amboii)*, i« toUo, pfintM htu in Dmch «i Ami 
Ia I70{, another cdi no a ia 1711, %n4 •noih«r ia 174;, Tlife Ihtk 

■pAttly Aanjt > niil on ikii wt^vk ; an^ ih« i^nttt, io ^orriJ *>rf " 
*Oi>d Abd cotrt&i ksi^ only bMit coHglud. HgiXvf , RbOipkiui 
M Ui ftccouDt* of tkc ftcil) It \«ij *cciinitr, «c^ ■■ *cU worth/ d« 
pcniU of ih« finSiatt, Ic ii icdwd fufpri^iii^^ to r^. thai t&b woffe' 
ku n»«r fer be^n trjin^»«d inio 4 mute currcnr ianjuMgc, iiftor It' 

lidDof ikir part of ibe EaU Ja4«« ' 

Then Miow fuirtc publiCJlioftr of \eh itoc?, furb «s Fettfcr^ 
Gasophylncium, 5ec. ind fomc \oc*\ ind fKiiiiai •ccountt af * 
Ibc flscll kicncc- An>ongfl tticfc aic Xhc Aiafevr^ Kirtifrj'^vnU 

The ncxc wntett on ihis biArch of Nttufil IIiAof j Id poUi^- 
of lime arc » followrtb : 

Argcfiviflc. Ptriit 174^- 
(juiltirri. PlotciKC, 1741- 
Jtoob Klein* Lc^cH) 1753- 
GeomGrrc. Hiit>bvf{h» '755* 

* A Tr«arafe on SbHIi and orber mai-.nt ff^io 4f AvboiUt mA' 
the ntirbbo<iriii£ ilandii hf FrtaKit V«kMfn. ^Uty\m^nt Mt Am^ 
haJns. Sjuula. &c- «tkh fiar cva t •« at'^ Nqikei. fbrrinj «i ft eiM* 
litDition to Raniphiu*'i Rsriiy Chiaib«f, Arn^erdam, '7$4> 'D fiKJ 
Iki, t'hu work ii ia D^Kk. la tbe ACfoent ol Iba fijA JdJus fhtUi.' 
ibe Auiher fellofft Rtaiphius cl^pier hy chaj>icri v^kei AddEifOU n 
t^fit Udiin [^«intJi tbdr pUcc»'t»hcrt f^njuJ, ibtfir viricti««, and 
tli« nrw rprdr^ (Hfco^rrd ; be furLh«r [^o(l«'l ihc fiMdU of »iiv ran 
or viIcKbte (pKCitt, u the VcoiIeciRp, Admirftli, deC. Im »boH voUH 
letiioni tbejr ^e^ a«d cbtir «nj:i»! pric44. ^ 

' He [ivci Itkp wcooati of iht Wcllc Indian and Ewfopean ibtfU s 
u aUo <nuBimiT« the coUoUiunt &TA«k ty ibc UdKfe in tbc £aA ltt< 
diti, tMB Rtkmfhioi'ijtoiof there Bi 1^;$* lod of ibo^ otkl <«>l|tC- 
tioni in lioUaad* wub JilU ol tbc molt Ufiul &«iLi ui oMb col* 

' Thcwliole 11 cinbdlifti^ ttiib fuicm coppcrpUvn (if &e!l>t 
ft«]l rnjriAvcrit coouining cot hiuiiircd lad four ui]ivAl»i,t smI tbirfjr 

* Thii 11 a Ctmoui but not % r<(CatificK) A«ctk. Aad tn two Urvr, 
Of fiicn pUEC4r wberein be b>» Agurc^ (otuc A:i ptuiti* and Jac9C till* 
he b4J given a £ne figuic of a Mcrm&id u vul^irly pAiuEfd ; tbli '!- 
dkvloQi circttoiflucA «lona bu degndrd bu tkork taotig tbe mv, 

Aduifon. PiTis, i;s7- 
Srba. Attiftcrdam, J758- 
{A tnoft c&ftljr and noble work.) 

Rrgenfui. Copcnbagco^ 1758. 
(Every plitc eolouicd by tbc Auib^r, CMft^ucntl)' very cuf louftt) 

W. Wiiilat. Nurein^crg, 1763. 

a}<tropolii ia 17701 ia folio, i\\autMv<d vriih copptr t^'au*. Ii«yfl 
to be p0b];lhcd ID ttiCnXhXy ncmberj, uiJ ciLb number Cd Codui^I 
iwo pliui of (h<]]i. witb ibcir Jcfcnpiun» in En^lifh «td Kfcath.^ 
It «ii *Ub j«tm>it«d to hf I GcactaI Niiuril KIttorj cf SbeITt, %n4m 
to i»di»Je t)>c £garc* of oil titt knoK* fjr>»:i«i, cotnnofi 41 wfQ i^| 
tuc, bcAuiifu], or otbcrvii« i ttd IboM oopHi w«tc ddi{ocd 10 Wl 
accttiitclr wicwrod for iLc uk of die Cvibui. $ii niinbci* of kfl 
were putiiijLrJ, comprc^ntiJog (he Umtlki of (be Lioiprii, Set^fl 

tbe Bui^ft tkve bid ic Alrikj at Jeail (t>r ih« ptcknt.* ■ 

To ibc Auihofa in ibtE 4:pdnnicAC iIkiJ^ mcntionci], ni'^l 
b« added Liit^iuf, BtcycJttB, ^ni the r'jmout Linnjcui 1 wbo iftfl 
hii l«vefAl cditiocia of ^» Syfteni N^^utu: Hi« t&ctbLidirxd ib^l 
tcAsftfoiM uiimili ; but more inHy in bii iiA uid nth cditkM«l 
pubUibed ^Scockbolm m 1767. ^ 

Biring tbosbroQzht briore our Rriden u it w«rt tlt« TchoolH 
of cOQcbology, wc Ibill briely inform tbent) ib«t our Authot'il 
fyftecn U m^e from the Aicll mil not from fb? enitnt). Fof J 
tfitsjrrjn^citiwitt ibc tbllowJn^ Are foovc of rht pikd^J rcA*fl 
foils Mlk^cil ; I 

' Th« vul Aucubcr of fptetri hith«rodtfc4r«ftd, 4vd tfteDUmp*! 
n»tf coJU^ooi Akdfi etDtblt ooJ/ ihc &r|Ji or kabiiaticni, tfitl 
tniat^t tb^iclelto being fcsrcc:^ kfto«p or dc^Hbcc). Ol tfcc flidli ■ 
wr rii Ijr difbovcr^ Aew arc 6ftni ap hvisf*; the |*Fc>ceT au9>ber vttl 
fo4»p4 on Cbof«i, dtid *»d tnptr- A<curiie dficnp^iODi of Melmtit^ I 
wbofef«sUM«a(XCAlil)r Iccd crobvioot, Aod uu40«kaJ r(f«jtd)cvt ■ 
aie aot in tbt cipiciiT oi~ every o«e to vikci nor arc tbc pv^kuljr fl 
piiiit ud ihelr refpe^lve fendliom fa cjitily co^sif«Me u> m^, burfl 
expert, AffidtDui, acd pliloCopiical cuciLJircn. Hdw :» it polIiblA 1 
ibn loorraoite « emnvroui fecof riiih*U bf caar^ctfrfor pirii, we 
caa *ilh drikceliT' ^^^ v»/, £ct ftcqiuiaud ari:h, ia the Ut gttMct 
»unbrr o^tne fprxin irt<c}lrd4>T atfe»ro ' 

T^>(^ led^r^cittHblf lad iccHiitf Kibiut Cchmni »-» farprizrd «t _ 
the omklEoa 1 be rrta ccapUivi of il^ hU tflo^ihtn^, fiyi be* J 
that of aJL tbe uriier* t^n tli»f«b)«d* aoioae Kb coxfi Jered the am- ■ 
imnU thai iabatiil ibc Aielll. ot gieea i^iutt d thca. He o«n.9 
however, tb« m^nf are feldom tea bv an and (bii tbe rvfaiehr* fl 
on ibcir laanner of tiff are extr«m«l>' niHiCHlE- Tb* fftxt dificalijr V 
ol the^ rclMnbei (koM kxrc bete hU snuer: d«4 it muft ^«raji fl 
tcnaiafo} for cf tbe j^teai iibb^I>£i cf fpec ta cifcore/cd (i&cc ^» I 
IHDC (an era in wbtcb natiu^t L'ii]ci>hj« 6ouril^<d mgie iban at ™ 
nmy uihfr |<ni>dj ac (c^rcrl^ kmr* (he knAtiiiur-t a«iB>Ii cf feepe 
fcoiej i and tiea t^fflsn vcfy few Gf dilLikC rrgioat, buichtflyef 
tbe eoaA) of Btrope, <o«iatHe> in rifhich aNnluDM and ejtpcrt aaiii* 
nlifb bive refkki}. 

< Tbe mod ejfjr lod obvloei ch^iraflcra «re cenalnly iha bdl on 
■rk«ch to Ibutd aU fjiibeatft of odinrBJ |ii#o^, J bate (le^lrJ thii 
poiat fslly io tnj le^arcioa foftia. Sci4ant>c<U teie&icKci t-N n^v^ 
w Ibt uuef «incfic of auoialj trf to be hcM H the Cant W^N^^t na 


J£m« } ■ Poem. 

chcmic^ onet in re|rifJ ii> faf^h : ibex ^t ^^* tsitctnt ^ICwttinoM 
to afcwca&p ihe fpcc i«, when the nore Abvloai ind cify chamfien 

* Thui tU ranki of initnali ara vnanj^d iit^ fytmi by obvim 
indouioal, soibj^fct^Blili^alchaT^^tcri; cim ilicAninttior bulk, 
arid <hM vrr our conitani compAnlom. Qjidrupcd* ifc metho^ir 
by (hci' t«th, horn*, hnoft, and htStt or cOKriagt; bif4», byifc 
pluin«£«i btaksr o^^ cliwi i rc^iiUi and iiirc:li, by 1ik« farticuUrt 
ibc rer^ 6iho, iboagti of a different cleovcnt, andcreo arfui^cmca 
b; their fim; iitd ll^c vc^ctiblct ofC diAiiLpaiOurd oy iheir ilo** 
aad frdi:i- AU ihefe a?:aii{;r[r«T]tt iit oo cWe priocipln of cxeenul 
■ad obvKivi charA^ri- Wliy eheo i* it rt^aFr«d tA >mng« b^ (c>«»* 
liicii or diflitfult <b»f«aera a fct of aftimtli uvho chicflr tiix in th« 
dcpihi oT ibe r«a, h4v« hirdlv • proj^rclSrc motiop, Mud art for I 
£K3ief pircdLCcvUvr ifcvcr, ic (jur fvacb ^ 1 irpcaij irhjr Ihoa 
patvi^itAi (lemancl ot Cvch ittmilt only, a fyftem, Dr arraagfivra 
th« molt (tilhCkiU lo ftitain ; while All cb« other order* of snimAl 
vrbcfc *i<ftn^<TDCOt& by fuch mcibods arf tnott tMf atulaabkt 90^ 
metbodbcd cclyi a.t]d wIlK univcrriJ coufini, by ihc obiioui cha^ 
n^f rs, rf ueih. pjocr^^r, an<l fint . rh;irafirri ihil taiioni bt ImU 
in aAV otHcr h^hr, thxs a analogooi to the eiicrnal cbar»dert, 
tb« SnelU of icUac»ui adimdlir 

The WQfk ij dividcil inio futccn &^ioi»* In tbc fixth t 
Author lay» down hitfyflcfv), which hat, in our opioion, th 
merit of pcrfpicuily anJ pfccifiOA to rcconunciid ic. Bui for 
this and much crtcruintng miiTei befi^fe, vrc muft refer to tha 
book. Tbc pUtc* arc executed witb great dcgiikcc* dcearicyt 
and afxmcfr, and Mr, Dj Cojla huhy no (seant tcflVned bU 
Hfxk <jl^ fCfiuuiion for natural fcicncc by thh publkatton* Hit 
ledureson fofEli aire wrll knfivn, und highly efleemciJ. 




AiT. IV. RaK*. a Poeo, in SeTca Sooki. IHuAraicd iviib & eof* 
red Map of tbc HcbtiJn* and clcg4.nt Bngraving*. By Join 
O^ilk-iF, D, D, 4to. la^ 6d, Koardi. Murray. i;77- 

AS ibis Gc»i]ctiian*a Mufc appears in tbc true aereirtcioui 
iiyltt coven-d wirb iibbjiid« and lue, flic cnay be irttteda 
wc pjcfume, without much ceremony. r<>fme|}y, irulced^ wc 
bavcdLAJn£>uiOieid TovrKihirg more of a virgin cEeginreifxl fm* 
plicity ill bcr, thGi»|h never much modefly : fhe row refeniblo 
a Bath crilliner, vsitr% an lEnirtciifity of flowcri an<t foliage on 
htr bead, kmt votg&tiiy in her ccuji;tnaiicc» and in Iwr hn* 
^uage not a lictTr. 

Aajti urtartnii^ tbcn. Rwu it « fmall Tfl^nd which Iiei non 
of [t^ Hehiitlr^ rimoce float rhc reJf, ard rctrsik^ble fcr 
ful-ltTT fiiuaiit-n, andtbr fiirp3iaiy ol iti InhabiunEf. To ib 
fpoi icc(:v> Baliiius ' liritiHi gentlrrnm, t»ho bjid mec m\xH 
dilappoinimcntf,— ill ordef lo bring up nn only dauchc<r> tail 
to (ccurc bcr viitut, bjr fiyin^ ibc umptatigni of piil^icttfe : 

• att 




MM*<d la otm roand. «o« kh iit ]it:k h'^me. 
71>C thu ihoitju^l of the infirit tlut W'ti iioc. Uught 10 r^urri, 
iiAne ol thof« h«ppy obfcuncn in whkh our Auihor hu lo 
irtqucnilx lATolircil Uotb biinklf titJ hh retiert* 

rfpf tni J^^tdifg trh% an^ ill llic cotnivwa pitcc tinrri <if or* 
•UBcnCt And ifcff furfclting ui wirh ji]Tr<NJiidii$ (He ^o^i yTjiil 

tAfeor brio^ hit bens to Rona : 

Ltjong <rt h« St'J, bo vfcw*tl t»ch re^oft o'cr» 
Tbcn ckofs one ttlm. b«i fbUc«rv ftkOr«^ 
« ■ # • * 

Utopc ]ik« Aic<k the Hcbrid Uuft« 
AfiMpi jc CnaUi die winj, «cj roftfi iho in4ia« 

' Iq tfacCc two cQuplcti vr« h«v< two gro& bJundcn* Tht f r'fi 
fton U131 i^ir Mrmd tWclIi 2nd cb« mun toin irouaJj kckI If* 
licu4<i<»a d.v^iW ch« lUhuA l»in, ihoush it lic» flxty mikt nonb 
of Vfjr of ilLoie LduuU. In lbf4 plac( we arc loJJ, dwdU 

AM tffe£lc<l cx^tfioa* by which n^ luppoid tru]r tfiicg, iH 
b« mf-Aot uEimuoA joy* 

H«n too ' «gG ffOtt ^^f^f U^fcV 
Tbo tltpp w of the enpreflico cinnot bo o^«jVocJ:ed. In ihB 
httK p^i^c * FAUcy't bcodtcfv gvu/ <) «Itd^tdKf uocharafU- 

In the ibtftfcnih and fiiKcnih pagci tbc word iMrtTd n ufi^J 
for u^ghi^ an cnt>r, whic^, itou^ ic Mf be provinmt, ona 
wodid lurdfr li«vc expc^cd in « fclHilar. 

Bifiliitt* ttK ti£ro of the poc«, ibo^^h He pa^o iTinw^b aJ- 
Ttacam altogether ai cxcr^orJirury ai ihofu- of ihc Km^ht of 
L4 %Lm«hj, fc^itii [LJ h>i'e diAin£>it£bn] blrrfelf by nicbui^ fo 
much ai tbc bcuii£ lAifruj^icnuJ, jn concert tvJiti a nUaiAer of 
UttKirk, ia Uk KtiiiaRtCTiow or the deao : 
W«ih OM Ue} prki *]0«< ih' j4t*ainfti l^r^d. 
Tk fl:rj^ <w tmii'J, the fueerel blrt prq^xr'd. V. 57. 

' DUiik toJ put ibcloc^'d wocU in two*' bu been Ion' 
conCideivd 2t4capfr4i inrttnce of rtrbil ncdondancvi <i muR 
bowcvo n^vc p^kicc to tbc fuDriuruig line of uvi A4tnot • 

At»i u ibe liple of didiog Jrean dcdin d. 
If o«r Rcadttt «rc Kh<1I/ doaMtd wbetber tberc b« f^ a tine* 
we rcfrr ihom fn ih« 39eh page f)!" ftib rnem, 

IV« tuv« fcldoca met witb ■ raor« ftritiin^ intUnco of fjlf'f 
■fiv&d, ^ntl iDcoA^niou) iougerj, th^i tuc foilawin^ pjlT^jcy 
fla tbo bero'i nafTMgc t 

Riv. Feb. 1777, H Awhiiv 

qS J?"m ( B Poem. 

Awftvk tlkc lofln« in flliicnng veSiife cW« 
Liyhi u ihcy iwfi'J ip «ary oickt plAjr'd t 
Thnr |»lunvage, wlih reMted din 
du^^t t^« |»ay nein. «nid Ijr'd th' aBpr*^jf*d «fr^^ 

KoWt 111 obuin any idc j of this imagtrr, w* m«fi lake « dif- 
liii^ view of one of ihffv ^arf, ^ikI bikrxJ hcf trraicil m 
gJitcctieg vffltire, ^nt^ ffungllng pliiwjgc^ ^/'ig c^rcubilrin 
the air, like Mv. Twiri'«eiglci, ButKow AiiK wc ^iAinguilh 
bcmven the ^wr*) gHltriinj^ rcllufft aitd her fpArgti»f> ptq. 
migc ? ^Vc muttt m ihie c^fc, be A> compUi^m lo the Au- 
xhoi t% to fuppofc (hat hr n»uf>t tfi fcprcrfni hU Jiuirt likfl 
fWAltovn ui6 ploverst and other birds ol circuiir &i^hx, wbolij 

Tclluroof ihc ****■ to he the downy p*ft ihii covers her brtS 
and belly, aitd the rpjnzVinf ptumi^e to be her wfngv and riiL 
— O flwde of Vii^il, tavr ii thy ch»(!e snd tDodeft Mufc 
Ibincd by thcbailour of rtwdfin Jjubcof Dy 

Th<t dmliDg^ bbce of Tonj^ ■ 

Thj< gUfM ireiociidotf*— ^ M4>ojv, ' 

The gUrlns^^^^^^^^'^^^ Ridiculou) Incongrujiy I iklle hna- 
gery 1 f^lfe fire; 

'I'hc alJe^ed ufe and jU-jiHlg«i repetition of ibe vrxd wl^/jir'^ 
in ibe foTIowjng pafliige, irc prrfW^Iy- niiEltriirn^ : 

He ci>r»'d iKr ■«» P> fiilft, )«r ^irmnrKtf wooghtf 
That pleord the rilh, but 4*i«JW^ the batei L^Otftbt j 
Wifh'd tbe dur ebjrft of hij l^^ reOor'd, 
And 4vMa\4 Ut lof* wtl^ vcAfckCi »«<» <l«plor'J, 

In Lbe tbiH bool» a Tovi-r thus addfeffc* Viimfdf to a wiurd T 
T love a tnaid (Ch' Intrepid f cu(!i rcpU'd} 
An anj^el ninpe, but be^n th^i f«elii wiib prid*. 

• I lore 4 miid !' A very cxiraordiDj/y d(^:Uraitoci for a Inv^f 
Oh, but yoti will fay, the expref^^n b co^tradiftindirc ) be' 

might have lo\'d a ujidrw^^'dy you nieter.' He TT'ffhr 

Of a calj or a osw. This maij wi« moieicner welf-DupcJ 

(ail angtl Hiipc) yc! fhe mighl hive haJ a filbw conpJextOB) 
bJack tcfth, and Tcic eye« ; for ^fhtlV a Jad^r's Ihipe M^b 
BicniJOfic^t it implies that Ae winK the oihcr rcquifiica uf 
bcJtuCy. Thr omifTon ofdii before bearc it too Tiolem an d- 
Jijifii for coned writing. 

The fotfovHng couplet la the fame fpeech it to uv pecfe^lf 
t|:unicll!gibk i 

Ffw art jay fj-iendi, aor yet wiih firmi pT«paKd, 
And ihele eomliii^'d to tfote«j 'twere tain to £aud« 

,TbU fUftdB iDdepefidcnc, im in conSfu^oa^ of i>» prccoUnj 
«nd folloving period*. 


JtMff J 4 P^cm.' 


Id the lovrih hooV, 

Htcn Ard tit pMf^ ihclr ihrnfabing bofixni knew. 

irritiCTi ia a p^cnitif^^. it ccitiialy un^nmmaticil. 

Clroii II cimcd oi? by vinlrr^ce, >nd the prkCl cf Ront »- 
quiiQU tier faibcr. BxIiJius ib^u 

~y«i aftr«bclii*ij \ht ^irgim rite ttf miin* 
THii Ift ci-fiainl^ A v«jy whimfic^l mode of expreJ&OQ j but 
■uj p^iiily, be ail ctior of ihc picfi, inJ foe maiit we fhotil 

Doet tht AutJwr vrlee ai4Ji for nMSin/^ or lu» he a£i| 

Whn fobcr conrcpcion i\ it poHtsIt lo form of refined eiN 
drmking ■ mirliin^ bv ^ The wtolc of ihii j>agc » wojj 
than ih« wo^il bcmb^ft of Siitiuf* 

Wc pif> (>\cr innutncfiblc tami of the vtfbil kind, fuch if, 
p,97, « thb hean hu A«r^/ inllead of hi« i#rw, snd, in ihOj 
i^cncptec* * JtunkJcfiic/ infieatJ of * dunL def^rc' hvrouldi 

be «]u«Uf tedi^ui »J diftfufiful to <{^o\t 1^9 viflecy of turgh 

th« coodo^ of thu porm. 

and incited fi^um, or 

improb^bcltlic) tfii abfuicitJU in 

ADitcriiion in pocay hai the Time- e^c^ ihat the fpiral liiii 

hu in pjEdTingt which, v/^n itoi too oWohb, gives birtnon#' 

and ejc^uicc to the dflUnititicn cf chc fi^'csi bLit> when \U 

fiblf Uboored, ii ruber difguftful than pTeifing ; 

The ^jtn owl OirMtng on tht Ihiirrie^ fjiiJ, 

It U ImpomMe ibic ihc alTe^l«d Jingte of thiv line IhouM pirate 
a wcll-judgioff C4r. 

In the fucui boot of th!i poem we meet wub a fcnUinj 
fceiic, fo curious ttut we pr«fumc the Reader m\\\ not f^il 10 
be of the pdrty. The vir^iD Clcofl, and hci \o\'zt PnikaKill 
puifaftd bf ih« moA dreadful din;:en and dir^^err, in a^ooM' 
cif Itfior cti^kc the coaft of Roca, an ciietj^yS vdTcJ in ful 
«iuice of tbcoB ; 

Th« tiltlc ftiffpow bo«ftJi 4lone lb« Urtnd ; 
Sath /mUtt «»d tetp» thjth joyful heart tq Uad. 
Tbf Ci\\ 1oo£ f^J2^t, u itaeff i jipitifBt picfi'di 

Is thii oMctral painting, efpecially wbei the enemy f^ill htd ic 
tn hu power to pmru';: ihcm on the fhoccf V■f^^ ''■ ffoai 
r/^M/rt; ihit filly a-Tod>tioa of fmllin^^, would t%7vt driwft 
tbcir Gtuution mth the tcndercfl toudi« of hU penc^), 

H 2 T^ 


10O Rsnai a Poem. 

The Author prohiTcs to have conducted h'w performaace oa 
the principles of the Epopcia ; but unlcfs it be the dividing hU 

work intu difliji^ books, and writing ic In heroic verfe, wc fee 
but little of the Epic chara£tcr in it. No finiplicity of i&ioai 
no cnJ aiiained by any uniform purfuit; no moral purpofe 
culti^a:fd» except Co ihaw that thece is not the Lcafi prc(citt 
encouragement for virtue be to anfwer fome moral ptirpofe* 

Thus (ar have we facrificcd to the intereftg of public tafie 
and (niicifm ; and as we have found * fomething to blame,' 
it h incumbent on our impartiatityj to iind, if wc arc able, 
* fameihing to commend/ 

Such, except the cxprc£HDn$ In Italics, is the defcription of 

* Far an old Ocean's utm^fl region cafl-, 
Cpc bncL^ Ifle o'erlooka the boundJefA waltB ; 
Drt^pt h1>e a r'>ck amiti' the HtSRin' trslD t 
Arourd it ucili (lie wind, and roars the nialn. 
Dim i~rom iis cliff, but fkr remote, h Qiown 
One dilUnt coail • ; — 'til elfc a world alone ! 
LL^*r>.| frirtixi Soj Lisxf r*i aery brow futvey*d. 
On ihe blue ither ft."eins a hovering fliade j 
EltCt even the wild and naked iHea around, 
Bk^k SLtAT's, or Kupa'i onfrequcDied groundf 
Hveri there the UnU by fewett wandererj trod, 
tictm'd lifi'^^ fo till, the traveller's ihrorig'd abode- 
Not ihat the l!k was wafte i— bui placed afiJe, 
Fe* liiangcrj ere its J]:iic hamlcta eyed f- 
A ftsniy f^-ace ii f lid. One vale coniain'd 
'J^htir <ar/ts -, and one the woolly tribes fufiain'd : 
H\^h o'er the bee^^ing cliiTi with patlure clad 
Ti't biouitng goat-, or Uarmb/i cattle ftray'd % ; 
' ('was clfe with :nofly lurf, or herbs o'crgrown, 
S-vT where oK'i Rinan' rearM the fainied ftonc J, 
\l l\cT\ i^LTC Ibrtorn the hoary hermit came. 
The peopi'd hlfjt^t and gave their land his name*' 

■ * Rcl^A J.-cvor,iin]i in Mr, M^nin^i acccunt) li» Jt ihcdinance of about 10 
Fc-''!iri:i irvm iln: NnrtU-^jfl pi^riE of Ncfi, in ih*: IHt of Ltwctj flhich it the 
Jr.r.J iT'C'^1 'L'F.Ti^'.i 'U& 10 !r. It tjn be fcea from ihii paint in t iiir lummer't 

-f ' Ie i< rfrt:'MK^ lo \-^ nbonT J miJf m Icn^Eh [itoul iwo EngUAi miln) a4 
nr.l> lulf till! [■"fi .rifi.^ in bija'iLh. The Authur above ttferred lo mentioni p*ni- 
ruJjT]^ i\..K '.]:r,Lr,.r ulu I: ' \'S\\vA ihjt Tcmotc JHc, which wu 1 pait of hii (tcbe; 
dnil fen i>i. 1 ;::ri\ir] -Ti ji '■.■ i^'^Ilw lic :ip-]'Cjri lo ta^c recfjved hi^ infaroigliiiiii' 

J * 'ij'f (U*if(Hi her- r^vrn'' c:U ar.- fuch J9 our Airlhor Itidi ui to feppolc 
ir :r It. V; I lir-jL I l^ri-. 'I!„fc Is h? fjjs, a hi J] in thcWcft p»i of the Ifflud:*' 
anhlh^ jiE.^^.-liiT L'; 'J..i: thi- LrM^/.LiiM.'i lijij ro*f, fl]Ccp> bjrlcy, and o*u,' 

^ ■ "1- itfl'ir the rt.i^tr ii' Ms,Mj[t>,'i ^^ccimni of the thapcl of St. RouBip 
\\x \-\:^K "i wvJ kept in it to ^liich il.c fimplc iahibitanti afijribcd ciCrioHidVJ 
vijiu'^^ ih^ir l^iJTi^c (f-Jo^wr.'p<.'*T toi4l if^r-'MrLce of the woiJd, and naiiy othcf 
an 1: j.:i r.Nji" C.mct". Jit mcrnis'T pinkulirlj ;heii laiting their nmei fitm tba 
iLlbJi, iA TiL^', EjinbviVj and civudl.' 

Widt t4 iU$ atf'bet pinvjltctfl CxpfctHoo) To ni4f rrrv; W 
fffn. lUm^h ii in cxpTciirr/rsQaijJie omiaioD of Ittm titer 

wy#v loo TiofctiL ■ :\s ;•-. 

I he iJf» of the jronn^ CTcori, \h {AtfVofjCJf^ t3uKl| is mere 

Blouo'd tkti pti« IJ/ orUc k««I^ vilc*' 
The fcquti of ib'a kfca j» of infc^far merit i b«t lift dorcrij, 
Cioii of iKf pcffofl in t^« third lK>ok is toinurct lAf 'ric^iot ; 

* Kcr thtfr tt'Uh '^codf r Icfi bclw!-! |^.f Biay'i 
A fonw lEt* ViBfi in ifc' J^Ai.Mv '7.1 J< ! 

y^-.., „. r^f-r-^ '— ! -? ,^ bow, 

Ct 1. to £b«v ; 

An. I ^ 

;: .: to ikiae. 

^o*'J her r»i'cn hiir. 

' - II 'Hi, 

.. :c/. 

I^:l. ^ ■ ■ ' 




«^rtfv^ that hf W11 Clovra^ lover, ird ihir rt&tfr vcfki ui! 

■Uicfied to htrf : 

At l;.n iS- Tcte ^Ut c>>ifif.V ,>>HSV?f- fi«ffl» 
HeftJ':'^! mJ t*d J Til 

•• ttTi<> ir^n th< Nailing ilrcpt. ■ni: 

" |r^ qii : ' di u^lbotht »t >iO[i-* ! 

•• Nql ii .1 Uraipacii B*^iMi i* iilc, 

•■ Noi i« l^c itrtnv whcrt blotw ;*-« riiri>c p^k, 

<■ Not oa tbv cojiU vlKfC coomcrci hcUi m; r«igft 

" Not Mf;<d in citKi on ih' *i:ctii(<J pUJn 

•■ T'*" *'fi ''i ' t^'iifi '— >i,i- h- [%f > lUiri unknown • 

" t r'jiliroO*, 


., Irt^t 

^ T^ f^'^Ct tl^ IitfT, wi;L b.tiidfr'd r«flare ct«d, 
** Ttc tluuUg dox< acd vrood'j piocjaAcd Jli^dc, 

« J 


102 Rottai 1 Poeoia 

" Flowers thit on beds cVdrVirying dici nnfold, 
'' Thf jaicy fruicii^ ^tK^^ ^^^1^ mantling goLd^ 
■' Towers, fpim, -±M-fhip5 that roU'd from (hare to lbatf| 
" Swcegp»*bfoail Wings the fAcJiing ocean D'cr» 
** Oc^<?r^^wundIerk range tbat meets the Ocici;— 
V l^el^Twim to ua on fancy's dazzled eyes: 
, -^ *^, Pa^s'wc the tfibcs who haunt thi* inirder zoce, 
'\\^ Their blifi unenvied as their crimes unknowDg 
"":■.'"" " Thy Sirs with ibefc through many a toilfomc year 
" SCemm'd the rough tide, but found his harbour here* 
" Our calmer thoughts infpif'd by purer joy* 
" Far other fceaes aod other fpons employ. 
** When like a cloud, o>j- dark SouLisrgft hong 
'* I ti6 the keen-ey'd eagle's raveno-js youn^i 
•■ Or from the Soi an'i grifp my priac dujoin • j 
" Or fcizc the Fulmar with th' ineangUiig f lioe, 
*' Or find the downy Colk*i % remoter cave, 
" Or lure the ienan[s of the bounding wave, 
** Theprizcwiihtranfporibrought^ihough gaio'dwithcarc^ 
" With (bee how blefe'd, bow doubly blcfsd eo (h^re I 
'* Nor thcfe alone what walcej th' uaprompted fmilc 
*' The fongt the dance, our lingering hours beguile. 
" To reft in blamelefs innocence, to ileal 
" (Thu» Cngs OUT bard) through life's fcqucllcr'd vaJe, 
" To hear, wh<:n raifrd to heaven's Great Lord iu prtytt 
" Angctic anthems wjrblin^r on the air i 
" To meet, when hence the fpirit wings its way 
*' Our fn^rnds rijoicing in ihe climes of day, 
" Be ihefe our i;opcj I fccure at lalt to prove, 
" Thill waked in heav'n or earth, we wake to Iotc." 

Upon the whole, we may pronounce of this poem, that it 
}S not dcOitute of fpirit and genius, but that it is in gener^ 
wrinen in a baJ liylc and tafte. Like Mjfon'a poetry, and Sir. 
J.:ri-t;5 ThorjihEll'j> paiiitrc^gs, it 15 overch3r:;'::d in the colouring 
an'I ornamental part. The engravings by Taylor are excellent i 
tbt ri ft of Ctic p] Jtcs, by other hands, are kfs entitled to praife, 

■ ' Tl c lulin fonfc h fjld to hiUh her rt^ hy inrlofirg [i En her ftHH.' 
i" ' Tl'C bird fulmjc it laid by my amti^jr id he tuunii mufl trcijiifiitly iipDii fhe 
rcfk^ fiirround Si, KiUa. Il is Uktn with t gin nutit of hvrJ'r'hjii, aoA is 
i I i.'.'.f ib-t Itlr- ^larTrn imputes an tpiii^jmic^] dil'mlc iltjt bfokc out apiong the io^* 
hal ri-nt!. I'' ihcir reciting inn iriurh on Ir,' 

"l * The ollc U a bird found, ihojgh rjrcly, nn ihc rack calkcl SuuliJkcr about 
f JF laa[UK fiom Sona, " it ii lufi ihin a S°^^^i ^H coten-A niih duivp, aod 
hhcn It hiichcE it caft^ iia frarher^f which are of i-fW-rtnt Eoiourt ; ihc mile hfti 
d Tufi on his hcJi rcftinblirg Thai aft ;;Fjcock| and a trim lorfCT thin that of > 
h>iiic ^ffcl^t but the ben h*. ovt io. nm^h orn^mcDi and bfaury." 

MAllTJ^'l Wc^rnldei, f. 15,' 


( 103 ) 

Alt, V. Hifimt^ Mtmnrt tf tt* Aittl-*^ *f ik^ ff^tirSadt, conttftM^l, 

BEFORt we pcottfcd ikiih our ablbai:) cf ttiii 44Xouti( of 
lOc hfc *nd wfitin^a of M. dc Volt^'ic, wc murt ic*fJif) a 
mitb^c id chc firit p±ic of ihc ArticEr, » civc^n t^ (he Kcvicw 
for \a\\ moath' It b ticjc ol^fcncJ (p. 50) ihsc VoJukf ani 
iIk poci RoiiilcJu bccuEAG >r<{LfaifiicJ at BfuO«Ji \ \\\^i iScry 
Jmo cofitrdCtcJ A ftrorg diMc of c^b o bcr, anJ ih^t, ac- 
confinj^/, poor y«#4 ^dt'^n/;, t^e l^hiTolbphtr of Gcnci'B, 14 

Hric tne it f>f*^ Rou ^rNu it falfcljr f«>timLiutri) foe (Sc lonj 
inctJ^u4/fJ* willci^ei the fame naokc fnUi K^kt ciro/we wen 
(ircrY brnt c^ly« it it coni'rtiei}} millnlt by »mtt in p. 33 
ibcHinoric^ Rcric^v, wh<rc aa mftincf u recorded of il 
tMfcDcri 3u\6 Ucacltcfj of < tbi? port Kouii^Jti i* 00 wrhich oc( 
Bon the 1 rioll.iC^^r ;cmjr^i, ih«t * Kci'it&iu bt^hiivcij ii) 4 fimi- 
Uf i&iiAiKi fo hist tcncfac^iur» ilic Ufc UjviJ Huuic/ Bu< Il 
eiilicr ibii Tran£l»of, or (fOftelic^, rccot!cc!«J, lUi j^jiv Javitt 
Jtmr^itm muft hart t>cch but a loy at ibc time htic refcricd 10* 
this ootc had n«C btcn mkJc, or ir» till'cy ia-ojI^ nul have 
cfcif<d oui ^rtc^ioj:: t<ri>kr the rn<mr>'% ck^r^cd en tha 
charier there dtiwut m-fibt. obrJouOy, in iifdf, h4v? djfcrU 
minJtoJ bcCA'ccci the tiro jTrrf>iu< Bur v>'c «rc bappr m thit 
€»tlf oppodnuiTv of piving ihr [irht of j'jflcp. fo hOficiUj dvt 
tot llul/ ujj}cdablc cfura^cr, i*btch rfii^bT* otherwlfe, hifC 
fufh^ard irrcpirjbk injury,^Wc now jirocccd with our bio- 
graphical oarrativc. ' 

in oLr UQ, tT^iitton wai made of M. d< Voliiirc**! firft rJfif 
Co the Kin-^ of Pfuflii« m 1741* Hii uconJ je urnc)^ to UcrJiQ.J 
fertDt to lure ukfo pl*CL' lUtut the frar 1743 < but we bat«, 
aim^K fe;Ti;i.-tcJ» tb^i thcji- fii««huirk ita very deJicient* with 
rc^aiu td dam. 

la 17441 Au' Awthoc waa admitted of 9lmr>A all the acadfl* 
mid in £ur«pc |^ ; rvep i»lo ibai of La C'trfta : be waa now* 
atfot af-f-^inud Hijtirit^/afif/T »f /«»<*.— Hi* HiAofy of 
Cb^lti XJJ. fcctiT» to bAvc p4^ed hj» way to fhb poll of ho- 
noitr: which, however Ma'irrjA/^, hr? ftiJc-l i« ^n/M./ rry(>, 
Kcircfthcrcl>t tii4t It irk gliMiuE appear I hflt ttbc iitlc o-.caJlt iB«- 
iiiflj. * ne WT«e'/iv Wiitffj y /A* //'ar ff/ 1741, while in "It 
tttmoll rage.* ,Thi» b.Kkk ii tuA£kni[|r kiwwp^ h ia now itw 
curpOfStcJ With hii Age of LQut« XIV . and JCV, He alfo ew* 
tcbfitcd ihc c«^iif;^i^i) i>f I744t Ji A poecT) 00 ibe bai|l« of FtM- 
tiK9f ■ inil \rc here meet with loaic cuiioiu auecdoici rdltive 
to tbat rr-ernorable eii'ciit- 

• Jran hiy 

,1 iiixccpc Li'« ;:^L- 

irbnv he htd net whh vio\en\ o^^^^^^^^ 

104 Hi^oncal Mtmoift afihi Aui}?or ^fthe Uinna^t. 

We now 6nd our Auihor in gri^at favour with tbc celebrated 
Mardiioncfs of PompaiJour \ who obtained fur him the place 
of Gentleman in ordinary of ihc Chambrr> * it was a pre* 
icnt worth 6c,oto livfcs \' a pcnfion of 2CCO livrci had, before, 
been grantvJ him, from the King, bcfide another of 1500 from 
the Q^iccn ; but, it is here fuid, he never afitcd for payment. 

Voltaire was, likewifc, happy rn the f^riftctl fricndOiip wi^ 
the famous Minifler of State, ihc Marquis d'Argenfoni and 
wc £nd thiit our Auihor was cmplayed in fcveral imporfajit lf» 
fairs in i745< ^:'d the two following years, 7~he fecret of lh« 
irv^fmn ot Kn^Jandj in 1746, was entrufleJ to him ; and iho 
adually wrote Hic '* Maniicflo yf the Kin^ ^^ France, in fa- 
vour of Prince Charles Edward ;'* a copv of which ia here in- 
ferred. The fril projector of this dtfccnt was, we arc toldi 
ihe u]if 'nur.atL- Coui:t L^lly ', of whom the following brief ac- 
cuunt is here ■:iifn: 

' He ^va: born iri Ireland, and deteHed the En^lilb as much ■■ 
our Atitlior tovcd and eflremcd (hem. Wc have fo often heard Mr. 
de Vohaiie f?y> ihar tliit hatred was % violent paHion vn Laity, that 
ve canntt help Ee:lifyin» our aiL^inillimcnt ai ilidi CTcncral ha^Hiitt 
bt'en ^c^cufed* iincc tha: tiirc:, cf brcravin^ Pondicherry <o (he Eog* 
lilli, 'i l>e CLcrcc whith coiiJerttncd Monfieur Lajiy (o be poE to 
death, is one of the molt c^^Lranrtiin^irv fentences which h^i been 
given \ii our da)s, aid was a cajjrci]ucacc of the mi&fortuiin of 
France, This iiiilunce, and (hd* of the Marechal de MaiillaC* 
plainly flie^- thai whoever i^ : i the hri:d of armies or aftjiri of ilatVj 
is TrTdom fuic nf dvinj; in his own bed, or in the hed of honaur,' 

In 1746, M. Voll-iirc Wiis ridmitced into the French aca- 
demy j and in 1748*, he accompanied the Marchioncfs de 
Chaicilet to the court of Kin^ ^taniflaui, at Luneville ; when 
he produced his comedy of A'.ftvVA and his tragedy of 5^jn/r«- 
i;,n, neither of which f[n:cecdcd Jt firfl, but had afterward a coa- 
f^dcrablc run: efpccijl'y the irJ^cJy, 

Jf was during his rtfiilcncc i^t th': court of Kin^ SoniHius, 
in 1749. inat our Auih'ir had the nii'loitUTie tolofe, by deaths 
his moll vjIuOl! i-nd illu-Uions Ifitnd, ddCbstttUt, The 
King of PrLiflin nnw M. <ic Voltaire an invitaiion to live 
with him. Thi:i [livii^tron w.ts the fuHc-;! of much debate 
between tlic pocE and hi$ friend.^ who ^J1 diiTu^ded him from 
iti At length, toward the end of J\u juH. j ; ^r, he refolved CO 
quit Franc:;, in order to ait;;ch himLlf 10 his l^rufllan Majcfty, 
for tl)e reft of his days. lie could not withllanJ the letter 
which that Motiarch wrcle lo him, in the month above-men- 
tioned, ditj-d from the ap»n:meiK3 defined for his future C^ueft, 

P ■ MM- III . ^ . _ "- 

^ 'V'nQ ffcecli uhich he rrrArle on \\\\s rccaiion 15 much applaudeda 
r^nJ m^iy be fee n in the icth volume of llic Eiigliib tranHaoon of our 
iAuE^.or's ^surki. 

JUifiiritaJ Mmiirf t/i&f Jmthr ^tht JltnnoA, toj 

b the Mlace of Bctlia. ^ Tbis IctitTf f«>^ on; H>iloiiu), hx« 
t^n oficn prirtird, *nd ti uniirerfalty icnoim i but tt it will b8 
Tj<w lo muiy of c^t Redden, vre ibill U4:i^fib« tbc trviit^- 

jtUMi «l^tj u h<rc [;;l\ en of JC I 

■■ I h%%t Uku Ui= icMcrwLlcli your ci»« wror« loyon&om Piri^ 

J jhoold [blnk ■( fhc does tf I ncfC Mi^imc Deal* ; hat bf ing wJilt 
Ian* I iEir,k ot^-(7V2}», I Jli^uld be (Tittf^^c^ if I ehDuih; mytclf 
tba c«bI« oI makioK cijr/iBarf AnEchcd > ba*f ihca ci^Id i dcfuc die 
nvluppiiii^pf 1^4 nu) whom I l^vc *»d cAccm^ t^d who. hr tay 
fake lij> gtvfs cp hii tcciairy. «c(l wWcvcr lj»i hns iK-oD^bcttcu 
mBMR^ men t Ha, my ieit Vohalrt, I fhoold he tlM £rtl lo ciiluKlt 
y9Q frtufl it, if 1 <^ouid fordpe tbic yc«t corning to live ia chit coui^i 

J ihcaM ^leikt jtjur bippi^ffi ui chc cxccSrc fikafuic J have i^' 

rifl^m^Jty* Bu: you arc a Plutofdpkci, and lb tm l| wkai caa 
dBorc ftauril, a«rc topic cr rtftiiwAUev liaA thu t^r« I'^iJofb- 
pbni »^Q were ioifikid lo lire cogcilwi't- who art veiled b/ iJu faac 
ilotTra, v.Lo have ikf f^^c lailct aa4 iLc tunc mwuierof liiakJsrgp 

" J rc<p<-: jOEi 41 5r7 ini-ler in Icaininj^ aH tfo^vcflcr, u4Xj 
love yC4 u £ vifiuout frlcfJ^ Wttti ilatcryp ivhu ua^appiacQ^i 
wiuK^anjfc, ktiai ini^-iilji-f-i' oT fnFduie, U to be drtadrd in ■; 
cctdtry fcbcrf j*n sre n ti;.h1>' tab^d it in j-oa/ o«t>, and utth 
friiad vtltD har a fratrfjl ffan f J turvviit Itt fxthlii pnurvijEioii 
M iJimk DctHa cquai loi*]!;!*. If nchc<t ^(•ciddur, ani^ mi^aifiJi 
CM<«, make a uij agreeable, Bcrlut mull jiM m iVii. ll i^<n1 
i» a particjUr f^Uff tc tc fo-^tiA in the i^Cfld, v^bere f.oe Ulr moffij 
^fccraijy prcviUi. 1 koow. atd allow it iirantr bat do i^ct V04, 
carry r^;t :iJFev.'Iih ycu vrltttvUTdugo? Wchave pnwur fi]£<jcaC- 
ti t ntcnti, and j» to koiiaKatB w« will co; >iclJ tu j^y) 

c» - «4ilb< I r«fp(>flcil the D kodihip whI.Jt arLj<^ 'c voo^j 

10 Uadau r da Chli^kt, bci *fwr htr, I mm oof nf yc-tr cjlvd 
frttndt I What 1 bicaele rou coofvAt to rvitrt to a»r home, Ihall il 
be fai^ that tkit faD^fc bc^tjtnvi yo^f pi\(^ii i lh<il I bocone 

Ijrasc b«cavie I m |oar fricnJ ^ I coAfVri 
that logic, ttnd I am £rn)ly fffTuidrd 
^rta SB J«sj> ai I Ih^JJ lite : yea «l't T: 

' ^'"'j T do [Kit aai^tfl 

'1 be v«ry happy 
_ j_^^D ai ike father 

H.:^ one «ih4' valoca hlmu 

f>f UticTH a jd of neb of ule ; tttA' 
wbk^ a ciaa of your lacr^t can cv, <>>: 
Good ftltlit, 

Tb« iraa inu& hitc m mrtfrfiMe bfftrt, ifldecd, ct bart 
fomuiJ ■ vc'7 biJ i>fi;:ian o/ ihe Kirt; tii TrijiEa, n; he misl 
have been bound by lEifu K'rOile attaclM'-^uh to ht nitjvcf tol], 
wbci could tiatewLihLVH>J /ut^ a letter, aiiO rciu^iKtl Jc^f kj 
ibc voic^ o^ thr roy;«l charftvcr. 

The Kin^ of PruRU EuviAgoUraUiCilcbeconlcntorthc Kiog,_ 
cf Frumt (^r Author lepaiied t9 BciUr, vftac !» wu ■ 

2 mcUiatcl/ 

■io6 UlJImea! Memoirs tftlt Authsr tftht lbnrt§iil 

mediately prefented with the order tfvimt^ the Key ofChamtir^ 
kijit and a penfiort of 20jOOO livres *. 

M. de Vol[aire, we are told, was attached to hU royal friend^ 
by the moft refpe^tful regard, as wdl as by a conformiiy gf 

* He baa a hundred timts hii, that that Monarch was a* agree* 
tble in company, ai he wa& formidable at (he head of an army: and 
thac he had never more pte^ifing evening parties at Parit, than ihofb 
to which ihac Prince would huve conitanily admitted him- His n- 
£ard ^e the King of PrujUa role to a degree of enthufiafm. HU 
apartment) were under [he King'F, aitd he never quitted then bat 
to go lo fupper* The King conipofc<t his i^'orks in philolbphy, hil^ 
lory, ATid poetry. In the upper apanmeni?, v^hile hia faronritc coj' 
tivated the fame arts and the fame t^lcnti in the lower- They coin- 
tnunicated [heir works to one another. The Pruinan Monarch wrot« 
bis Memoirs of the Houfe of Brandenburgh ai Poizdam { and tha 
French author, having carried his material) wirh him, wrote bb 
Age of Lewis XIV, at the Catnc place. Thus did his daya glidft 
along in tranquillity, enlivened by fuch agreeable cmpJoymcnu. 

His tragedy of Ore/in was performed at Pari % in 17591 ■• 
was his Rpme PrtfiTved in the year following, l^hefe two dra- 
mas, like bis AJeropt^ and 77j* Dfaih ef Cafar, arc free from 
love Tories. He wifhcd to purge the (lagc from every thiag 
incapable of producing the emotions proper to tragedy. We 
bavc here hisepiftle, on this fubjcfl, to the King of Pruffia, p^e- 
feoted with the mazmfcript of Oreftcsi of which the foJloirilU 
tranilaiion ia given : 

O thou \n whofe capacioue mind 

The poet with the Crliic joinM, * 

Unite [heir mirg'cd fires, 

Thefe hon^ely lines deign to perufe. 

Paint [ranfcript of a Gjecian mufc, 

Whofc firains the world admires. 

Say if it would the Jcene improve. 
Should c:d KitCJpa uh-. fif !ovc, 
,\cn\ LiaguiHiiTig complaint 
Or fi:in:ic Icr her lijughtcr'd Sire, 
With fell rtVLri^jC her bofom ire. 
Till b^ood chace the itaia } 

'Ti< granted that at warm fifteen, 
A fi;^hing Princefa might be fecn. 
To bi-in i:i am'roua ilame , 
r»ut piiil uu- iicy day of the hlooJ, 
Now cool d il;e lully jouihful liood, 
AX t!.r.y—W\ the (iimc ? 

* It is here fatd rh^t he oid not, on this occalion, give np '''' 
licjft a; i'-.ris ; and mat {1$ appear* by the iiccounts o| his a£t°'J 
Jiff tt/jitjuin^d at tlic vjiptntc of 30^000 iivrc* per ana, ihere- 

Jit/HmtaJ Mimirt tfthi Author efih^ Htmadi', IQJ 

Ncr Siottld Or«JUi fif^k a>i4 wiiUct 
Ant! for a juii^Etfi lily pinc» 
Or wrcp bccj?fc hc'i fcofo'd ; 
By futv Aung bt tnitdty drew 
rijvUcbioii, A*i toinc4li«rilcw| 
Widi oUicr d^mc* Ic baf>^*4. 

Now, mj Apfillot i^gQ to tcllt 
1ft tivc re^a'd Jllat wril. 
Aad u-hicl will lUbJ lb« tcA ? 
CivbiU'^D mi ih« Gfcciu ImtJ 

Sxy. which i^ilfplcifc yoa beAF 
■ It mnH b«owr«l, fici our AnUor, ihit BOlliiRg c^li bctaetra 
Rf*tccAblB tbin chl> kind ot It^> or ary Miat; do riOrc b^ooar lo phi- 
itry and (b« BcKtt'icitm. Tliti h«ppin<i* itfiuld bavc bns moiv 
ii;^« Bad wcvM ttQK bue gWco ptue to a tliU )>-'caccr luppjnci^ 
11 bttd DOi bcrn U'j » dii'pu^f oa i futj[*5l i^ miiod inathejiuEicB^ 

wtlh thr Kiar oF PraAt, .intl KtxaijCt libriHm td tk« Princdi of 

OiAa^, It EaG Htfac, Ttt't* dilfuic wti & conclcuiiion of tbtt 

vfasck for 1 lung t'lsn Hid d!*iil(d ibf inattifcna:»din» altoui ib< lU- 

kng aftd dcftd fofcn. 1; cjnMt br itraieJ but (hit 4 Httiv qaukerj 

pit iato thii filvc^, ai weEl ai irto Uir^l^gy and &todJC]nc» Jewii 

amoft lMi9rr>2 quET^Ofi at bdl, T^r I<( ib«m «[iUa£U uairquchai 

tbcf trill, (Ji^ -suA it#a/i tecum lo ibe plain Uwt of mouoo. Tbe 

ir«pcri of the £i(paihaii u^'r fnncrrd, >nJ MiipcrtuU, who rolrd 

t^ A<u!fi0y at Bf/lio, pfoorfd a coadcniQition of Jtoafg't opl- 

itaniti ihc yetr I7;k, on tbc loLhoritvof a UiUt of cbc Iilo LoS- 

ft>t, witbi>ui bcrng able to prodvcc ih« oiisinal of ihat letur^ 

bkUi bou-ficf bkd b<rn fnn by Mr. V^olf. Tfe i*cnc flill finhrtt 

fflfcnio the I*rit;ef9 of Q.>irg«, to brg her t? flilmii* JCcaij^ 

ftfaji eiT'^lcyavntt of Iibr«run s and reprelenicd hiiD ic (be Kir.? 

*f iVitUi !k9 a mn who hod been wmciit^ in iL< nfpccl duo to bis 

Mi^ftf. VotuuCp wtx* li.(] p«£cd iwD wlu'lc ycjfi ai Ciity wiik 

Kwj, d'lfit^ wbic*i tc nidcoi^fiiuJ in lnutaicy, thoognth wu 

'^■l ^4r7 0J)«n!y to ti^tiv ihc ciPfe of bi* friend* 

* Tht qiirrd bfcemc riolffntr aai tb« llpd/ «f f Hilofopby dpg»<.] 
j^triiediaEO fifli^a and <Abd. MjMpcrtuti *ia ac foine fMiiiu t9>] 
^>vr it tEjvon^d 4t f^utt, ib«E one day ubife General Vl.i:ifteiii 
^ fci^-fifr' ;i^ be in !b* .ijMfWnpiin erf Mr. dr Voltaire, trho wai ibett 
'(oFrvnch, -fbi Mm^ri a^ ttrjia^ COmpofcd bytbMDf* 

- . ,- L ^.-^j, irt bi# sfi**] a»«ftifer« k*! a c^py ol t«ife» lo be cx-*" 

^■-V " • ftit^J. yp^ /tt itn K'ng f^t /f^ mt Pi» Jifij iit^n t» ^^r / 
..^ff _»M^% a^tiint rtmt^ A iiagU waM Ji fDacHntn fuAcicnc, 
^.»4 maaat cofirtj M»ptrtBU iinpufC'J fuch a word to Vol-. 

' lEv3iahctE ibitvrryiime ibat Maupcrtnii ful^'-Hird bii icry 
«raTijf philft^phTiM) Lf<T*r», in wbicb t« prftBoTcd I j Vuili i l.iijii 
^r i 10 faji 10 i^ucil of dilcovcfjei dirc^ll/ andenbtf t'ok; lofjr/'t^ 
'*ffi jU canh to ibf «4itt{— ifl£i> 10 tb? tim^ft;! &i tA«^<,V\aiL« 


xnd diHc-fl th: braini of i Patagonian, in order to inveHigate Uc 
nature of J.H? TlJI-I i — lo over ihe bodies of the fick ivirh piEch, » 
prevcnE 'Xti \\^T.'^=t of perfpij-auoo^ und above s!!, noL to pay cba 

M. de V(i!;a]fc did nor fail to hcrghicn» with his utmoft 
powtr^ wf r.iilLryj cvtry thi'.ij which he found, or could make» 
ridiculous, in cSie projects ot M. Mauperciiis, The affair il 
' i}iSic\:r::\y kn^iv^i to the lesrncd world, and the leart^ed world 
hath il:f/:vitr:rly Liughcd at it. In ftiort, Maupersuis was care- 
ful It} unJ:c his o^vn caufe with trnt of the Kin^; Voltaire wu 
confidtffijd a- h.iiiig failed in K'p t^ to his Maj^fty ; ard there- 
fore, ^1 the Tno:t jcfpcclfjl maoncr, he returned to the King 
his Chamb^riaiir^ ^cy* and the Crofs of his Order of Merit: 
accompanied wiih four lines of vc:ft-, io which hc^ with greit 
delicacy, compares his fttuatioii to that of ^jealous Tover, who 
fends b4ck the picture of his miftrefi. — The Kinji; did hononr 
to himfcif by ri'turning the Ki^y and the Ribbon j but tbef 
were not followed by an immedi-ite reconciliation. Voltaire 
fet nut to piy a vi(it to her Hi^hiicfs iheDuchcfs ofiGothl, 
who honoLjrcJ Matv with her fricndfhip aa long as fhe lived, 

' I: ^a> fur hci" ihcii he -wroic 7 /jiji.:naU e/ Ij^ £m/irt, tboet I 
year :>(t.-r -, n uork w^kh waa cniircly new modelled in hii £ffjff 

i//5.T r'- IVjfiry •/ the Genius and Mau>:irs e/ Natiexs, 

' Vr~ii!!j li.^ rL-ii:^!ncd ac Gutlia, Maupcriuis employed all til bifr 
Mrit? :^^;:iin!J. ii<;r tr-iLlTcr* uhich he h;i3 ninde f^rnfiblc of when le 
c;;:".ic i'> M. f: h^ i->^t, Midame Dc ,ij, at Krancftirt on ihe Miync. 

' Un ihu J.:.E'jf J4]„c, AH hariLi; (J^7jn;in» nho iieiLhcr loved tha 
Fr^iiC^i hor tritir vcrft^, g^:i:o« ;ir,d in b^.d French demanded ikc 
woika ..T /.vv '-^ 1^1- J^i";; i^is ui-Ucr- Ojr Tr:n'c!!cr replied, that 
the v-OjLj i:i p'f.. xvLfO »v:C-i tJ'O reil ot hii proiitriy i.t Lcipfic- 
The Gi nn-. int 'Fi: :d hiii;, thni hi: w^j nrJ*:fcd to riancforf, «nd 
mu!- r:at ciirp^irL ;ilr t,;^ ft: ufrks arrivt:L Mr, e<: Vdknire gavu blia 
thi Key of f'h^Lmlpnl^iu, and the Crouof ihg Ori^tr, and promifH 
to tclore ^^■Kac h^ hcid demanded; upon fc^hieh the mefi'^rrgcr wroCf 
the fo'^A'!-;^ i'WUi ; 
*^ b 1 i*,, 

" So focn ihe ]-;gr packet frcni Leipfic ilull bo h-.i-c, where U tba 
" work of pcijihy of the Ki;i2» '"■y i^^J*'* J^u may dv^p^rc wbcre- 
" everyoii iliink proper, 

" I'rancror;, iftjync, J;-^].'* 

' The priEbner wrote at the bouom of the soiCi Cud /cr the t^rk 
*f p^efy y^ the Kittgt your rrtajier^ 

* But wh^n ihe vcrfe« arfivcd, it was prctenJcd there were fbme 
Billj of Exchange expefted, which l^M hol arnvc- — The cravellera 
were detained fificcn days at the T^n of the Goat, on account of 
thcfe pretended Bills % and at kit wk:^ rro: permitted Co depart wtlh- 
Dut pacing a ccnGdcrable ranforn* Thefs are detaiU which never 
come lo (he ears of Kingi** 

As there was fomething riJinhtit in t\\z ftriovfnffi of thii 
guarrcfj the King of PruJia manifefleJ bis great wifdonit in 


'The king fcnc bick bU ^«^|!^ Co hit oM «J:nTTfr; inc), (boil 
afur, fuUowfd i nunber oi fi«w *erles- Vo!i>tic rud 4>r£-r 
a^ain ibc dotjucnt «ml afTc>^ing letter wbicfa ikr King fcni tijin 
in Aufftift )7S^t bi« former leodctnofi returned i <indliccould 
ooi bcT^ cJccliJmiog, " After /k.A 2 Icua* I muA h^te. bcca 
^Ai^y ift the wrofl^ I" 

It ippcitu however, that be was in cto Iiurty to (TuAhCn- 
UHi t£»D «f Berlin, He ivrnt >nd paftd fomttifiM «c a * littl« 
eftau D« kiid in A^ficc, in ihe tcrnoofici 4>f lh« Dultc of Wlncai- 
berg, wbcfc Sf fatslillied tbc jftmtll »/thi Em^rr, wlilch be ni1^« a 
pfTlcQT of TO Jobo PAderfc Sbovltcn, boefcr«llrr *t Colnir, An4 bro* 
rb«r (» ibe <«kbntred Shc«Am, )^(«iJof of HiUorr u £tr«lbMfr. 
TbU bookfc]lcr'« >flkirf wYfe niocb oat of ordei, and ftfr dc VoT- 
ujre kn: bi« lf« tboufa^d Jiires. Upon ihii ficcai'iti ive tanaoc 
brJp etprrdiog our altovii^ntni ai t)i« mrifinfl^ of tbot^ftribbhri, 
WM f^«« II cnrt, ih>t he had Rttdc an jmaienfr faniaa by tkt co«- 
ftani lile of ^i) vfoiki. 

' Mr- Vfrnrt, a FjcDch ttfsi^t ■•d (aUiteofthefo^pdaiGc* 
act*, and NFc^m- Cramer, old freetnec of thti hntont titf, wrote 

, 10 hin urliilc a^ Colmar. r^^'j^ing hin^ to Komt and prmi hh vkCrJia 

'tbeie. 'I be tvo brcthrrt, who wctv at ih« htwt of ■ ibcici^'of 
boelrfclkrit were prcffff^if, «r>J be gate thtm l« ibcft j[fntTceirM 
«)« the £uM trrtni be bid d<vie lo Mr, jibrefic^, ibv 11 14 taj. In 4 
prti^TV. K^ tken wrni i^G^'^P'a vjib Hi ificv, afid hn fitradMr* 
t^oti^fty, mho had t^Viii *n r:<rtt3rr, aid who bai bace beeq ^ 
<rctarT and librxfl-in hO lIi'- ^/rCt^ir r*U;inc. 

' tie pdrc^tlfil a !<l;l- r'r^; Jife of a ccHuitry-^taof^ etittbit town, 
wbvrc the nci;^htouE>(-fid if niTencI/ agreejible^ %nd «heiv ii lb« 
lioWI vtcff in ttfrcfc. He b»;;bc aixtber «c LuHuuke, aod betti 
oftbeMi D^n (^nJitien tliE* certain fun fhovld bo r«<umtd k'ltit 
«hf « ht taunted ibcM. h iTHt tl« tirfl ivHuice uf a Rumaa Catholic 
gettief! an cfabfi^biciesE ta theCt Cancoti, flMe the lime of Zoi^ 

£liin and Caii-ta. 

* He tile^iiff pvrehaW xwo ebtn ia th« Pstrf ir Crjr, abam a 
k«^«c ffOm Geneva. Hit principal refidfnce tvat aC Ptrncji of 
■btcb be mide ■ \:tv(cni la Madame Drnii' ie wti ■ Srt^nry, 
wbich had be«« »broJuterv fr^ inm alJ royal duiift ind:tnpe9ti freca 
iba Ei»c of Henry IV, in alJ tbe oiber ptn^lfictf >if tha kiflj^dosi* 
there are noc t*^ «bkb h>v« the itrttc palrilvm; the Kie;; coa- 
hrmed ihcft p;tvlk^ca ?r) hi^ bf 1 vraxtaat, which wai an obivga* 
rioa coaferrtJ oa iiTn b^ t*- i*t*'«jt cf the m»l ncaero«t and n^r- 
lbidl of Bifii. the D^kt fK Cioilcut, iottbo«i be cud doc trta tha 
kooQua of bcfne parfbnHl^ iitMwiti 

• Til' 1~[<u Ptfir /«0;xw>i «t (hii ittat almoU a TiTigc dcfari: 
Fnu. • T-11 fajd breo laid afidr ever fie<e the rrttxaitf^'^n nf 
the L»j-^ ^- ^ .I'll I fadf ilie <-i>utiiy wai accaaajri nar^it^ which 
piodacfd dirf^fu anJ ii](.;L:r», Oor A^A^f'i ambui^n ima iq 

[JcUk 10 fca* ibfiaie^iVanEUpi, ocd 10 icAorc h to iti luioKr fli^urilli* 

1IO HiJImeat Mtmun oftht Anther 9/th^Hmnadt^ 

itig condition, Ai wc adraDce nothing without laiheotic pcooAj 
wc [hall traofcribe onJ; one of hit Icttett to the Bifhop of AtMecjt 
JD whufe diocefe Fcrncy is htuaLcd. Wc cannot recover the due of 
the letter, but Uwaa writiea in the year I7s9> 

'■ The parfon of the Uttlc vilEige ofN - . . . in the neighbourhood 
of my eAatc, b^i commenced a proccfj againfb my vafTali ofPeroey, 
■ad having frequcnrly lefi his cure to carry ic on at Dijon, he eafilf 
overpowers the farmers who are kept at home in order to labour fiv 
their daity fupport. He chargei them fifteen hundred livre» coQi of 
fuU, and has the crueky to include in thofe coftt the expcnce of tb« 
journeys he took on purpofe to ruin thi:in. Vou, Sir, kqov better 
ihan I, how the Pope* in the early ages of the church were incenfed , 
ftgain{£ the clergy who facrificed co temporal afiairs that time which 
fhould have been dedicated to the fervkc of the altar. But if tbcf 
had been told that a piieU came wltn oHiccrsof juJlice to extort mo- 
ney from families, to oblige them to part with [he only meadow 
whkh thty bad to feed iheir cattle, and to tatc the milk from their 
children, what would the Ireneufcs, theJcroma» and Augutlinta haro 
iaid ? Thisiiuhr.ta parfon has dune at the gaEe of my caiUe, I 
fent to let him know that I would pay the greateil part of what he 
cxafted from my tenants, but he anfwered that that would not fi- 
tiify him. 

■* You, no doubt, dgh at the thoughrs of any paltors of the true 
church fctting fuch horrid examples, while ihcre h not a Angle in* 
fiance of a Proteltant clergyman having en lereii into a taw* fmt with 
hii • pafithioncrs about money matters, &c/' 

' 'ihh leLter, and the iJTuc of ih^t affair^ may fn^^cR forre very 
important reflexions, Mr. de Voliairc put .in end to the procefa, 
aud (Ue whole afFdir, b_v paying the cbims nhicli opprcfled hit poor 
tenanis out of his own pocket; and this wretched diRri^l rery fooa 
changed it? appearance. 

' He extric3(e4 himfclf more agreeably out of a difpute in the Pro- 
let^flnt country, where he had two xery ajsrccnbk p^lfjCion^, the ojiC 
at Geneva, which ii iliil called the H^ufe ofDvikghtj, and the other 
At Ii^iuTLnne. 

' It h fuiHciently known hoiv dearly he loved liberty ; to what 
deforce he haicd perlecuiion, and with whai hoaor he at all timet 
looked upon (hofc wickcid hypocrites who, in the name of Godt 
dared to delbov, by tho moll dic^idrut puniihments, iliofe people 
whom ihcy accufcd of diflt^ring Jrom thern in Jeniimcnt. ii waa 
upon ftich occafions that he famc^imL'? repc::tcd, 

' 1 pretend not to dtdic bcti^ecr* lloin-' and Geneva, 

' One of tliefe letters happened to be made f uMlC by a very common 
indikredon, in which he faid thuz ihat Htdrii, Juha Uiauvia (called 
Caii'in) the afl'tlTinator o\' Scivr'.Ui, had a diahuiuA heart, ivnd fome 

• ■ \Vhar occafiooa thcProttilani clcrpy hawii ;; no tuits *ith their 
flocks, ti their being paid their fabrics by thk^i; :>EA(ei- They have 
no difpuEc ai.h mifcrable \hrcrchc( about their ei:>hEh or tenth Qieaf. 
Thi; Emprefs Catharine hia taken the fame me:hod in her immenJe 
domjriiotis, where the plague of tythei is uaknown.' 

7 bigoti 

JjyttritatiifmtrstfthAMtlcr rfih*f{mnUt, tii 

Gcn(kn»i i>f G<»tap or ihe n«nc of RUil, »J^ vit » mta of 

Serrctia» U a bi|^t i^e, 

He woi Aor QWr wilV i 

Cftltin Vfkb «qail aaddCfi ltd, 

D«T0CC4 to lijnct lilt fiuiit; it«d, 

AemJ pcMr S^jTGLUi tlici. 

Uur indent Icuie liiit the f aaff* 

And ligbt* ill' kakavAft fcfet : 
Uw ADcni fcntte fvic «u wfqthg. 
To join a Urndcd frutic ihmcjt 
H hom bsihkrnoA n^r infplrrv. 
M'f m^uf a'<t the rf«nchm£a» f-iv4|^ itiJ* 
]>dlivairc of ibti pvblfC «cftlr 
B/ «bjdi tkt'it fkltcni b}c4 : 
And yet at bocQC. we did the Tunr, 
' Attd a»»dJy to i^ "si^ &*a^ 
A hipler* « Acdirer kd. 
Tbe mcddlioi pfitft to pttTge hia Ukt 
Who ki^ka frcHi ih' exfjttgailh'd pikf« 
Aod bright iftlgicn lUia^ 
&« cM»m«Ktvici, «iiich rereil 
^ W>itf Kc for ever fhoaU c^jaccJ^ 
Shmi MO bis hoi«d bJ^ini. 
E'tD Ih0«, Aotsiirr, rojc;Il]y (wU'd, 
If ibod ^yf Er< ii'i;;hi b« t4vu d, 
Farfci^l tby pea lo Aj tr t 
Nor boEOflji lo cuf JunI rcfurc, 
Wiik ui, (iiTce v^>°F abod« jroa cJiooJCf 
Til fDrc ilif praJetil w»)r, 
Kmutc Aftd If rreftc bmh ccoalilne, 
tn yoQ tbcir ihotccU £ifis eojOTo, 
With ufihh, Hijh £cniui bkAt 
.NV wamt »e frofr jquf worti fa prtM, 
)i t^e^ LiTf merit, ivejMvccyct, 
By dl thcif wotth'j ca»fttt» 
tf cit pcvcc ind frccJucB civwn Tvar oj^ 
He'e Trortfhin tm, i frka^lj ftjt , 
y«ir heilth inc«II«nt {utfrfi i 
TWa vhiU (icb bkftn|>> yaiiciij^t 
Would yoa yoiH ^tp^iBcfi dtftro)',' 
t'Of Sktirr'i Icin rrwirdi ' 
Author icEltrd to thffi? vvHn by ib< fo]|ottrt*{t 
No fuie, I CAa'i be in the wronjt 
Loud ID pfOcUiiii wiib d«*iniE t«*j»«« 

Tnc ihffHghif of cicry (i^ j 
TbemiowbafV hesft la* ftJtae {li>i»i, 
Nor^Jjftud Ivtni nor dinger lEDVWit 


I It lyrical Memoirs t/lh§ Jiahvr tf iht HmrkJit 

Full forty jcan I're boldljr Jbnght 
The wrcichci thit would fetter ihough^ 

Acd tyraTtoizc the mind ; 
And furcJy in lh» petty Aaie, 
l^ow 10 recant, the blame vere^fttzu 

'T«oM (ptak me meAD lad blind. 

Full oft mankind*! inQduous fbe, 
l^jiving the dreary realms belaw. 

To Peter's chair has fhuffled ; 
And oft hi» daws and taiT conccal'df 
So clufe chcy could not be behetd. 

In Calvjn'fl cloak been muJlted. 

Still keen refcntmcnt firei my brcaA, 
Thofe holy raard'rera I dctcft. 

Who fword and fire employ ; 
Who iQ our heavenly Father*! ctule, 
Brejiking hU Fundamentat \AWtt 

Hi» imagei dG[tn;y. 

So kng ai Jifc informi my heart, 
rii conJlanc afk my wonted paiCt 

Ee proud and tender ilill ; 
0*er Dubourg and Serveiut poor 
With equfil zeal che piooa fhower. 

Nor dread the threaten d ill. 
BiK now ihofe horrid fccncs are o'er, . 
The bla^.ing pile we fee no more^ 

That frantic zeal is Bed; 
Ijypocfify now fiEls its room, 
"IVhoie train diffufing Allien gloom» 

Their baneful influence Hied, 

Ye bafc onfightly crew a^-aunt. 
Silence your vile unmeaning* cant. 
Thai cheats the gaping throng; 
Your Itopid hymnal your fvrmon! vile, 
1 do not think ihcm worth the while. 
And) am 1 in the wrong f 
' \S'c may fee by thi»anrwer, that he was neither of Apolloi, nor 
of Cephas :ind that he preached toleration to cheProtenani charcbeif 
a! well as to ihc Romiili. Ht-* always faid, thjit il wai rhe only 
way to make life tolerable, and thiic he ^vould be content to die, if 
be codld elL^bliHi thefe maxims in Europe. It may be faid that he 
has noi been altogether miAakcn in his defign, and that be has cob* 
tributed not a IiLile to render the clergy from Geneva to Madrid, 
more gentle ai:id humane, and <:(^pticWJy by opening the eyes of tho 

' Being perfuadcd that tKc rcprclentauons of dramatic worlc! of 
genius concribuccd as much to Ibften iavage ninnerSi a* the exbi- 
bitions of the Gladiators formerly did to harden them, he built ui 
Ikftndibme little theatre at Krni:y, and notwithHandiDg hia bad fUia 
of health, fomc^imca played himfeif^ hia niece, Madame Deniir 


(jen>/ 9/ihe Ktv^s ^P^a^t ^ih Rati 9/f^ahh~ i r i 

foSdBok vtcOfXUD&n ulcnti for mufic ftnj rloctrtiAn^ ft^rd i^vo^ 

bArtflefB ibfrc* Madrmnj^iic CUiroc, ui<j the ftmoai Lck^iny 

rvrfe*aied Iq fo»V piccn At> thw t^|;c, v^d f^eopJ* iwcmx l<*e«ci 

^»hftt<4ne !0 tcsriiicm. He h« of lence lLtitcoc«h«d fuppcfi tit 

flfldici- On ihp ;o:h ofAiTgcill, ijic, he bjotr^bE i^jt 0'-/Ad« t/* 

l^to. Mukin'>lfc{IcCbJro«r a^d Mr. Lc^iJn, drfpli/cd sTi ihdr 

* The Sr«^^t£inM>« a ciHmcdy, in prof^, wai not in(«(iiitd T^r 
^U^I baiiiwai pfi^i with jfrrjE foCccIi ta^i y«iir. He aco* 
Kdki«rt:f la compo^ieg iIjU pi*c* it» vUilife <h< abufivc Kivuti, 
*teTn U CT<]r(iftc<J, htii dJJ rot cori^a. fhh ccaicdy, iratiAitrd 
ivo>£c£i;ni b> Mr. Colmin ', hud it gmi a run at Londfm at at 

Krli, TVre At>rkj took no Umi: : ibc S/errlnraMj$ ynt written ia 
liiffyi, Mad Tktvri/iii a nvottill.' 
[Til h aminvJ.} 

teirpcflcd wiih inECfdiej* Anccdarw, Tn wbtdi ji added, m 
IflDf ihroogh the UVUfin, Souih^n, and Inifnct ^rfttiaen ttf 
frincr . ta i Srno ot Lfftion> B^ Naibanitl Wraxi^tt jwn. Ei^i 

GRcat c^'Cnii bjrvJo£ often arifen Iron c^ffi in thtmfdvo 
ibc mol^ incontivki^blf, tc iijuflly 1c^^i•'de^ at a fKJnci* 
P^l f4ft cJ tnc dutw of flo hjti^ian, to tnuk with MtenEive ob- 
'^lUn, and fianfuUv to JcblCt every ciiGumfiuicCt bovvevcr 
miiiitr, nbi(h haa hud an apparent infiueocc in forming pu^* 
^^' cWa^cis, and piuJuciii^ icvolu;joiJ:i in fociciy. But the 
Vfiitr of xhf mcmolri of indivJduiH who Iijve oiAingmDifd 
(^^v^lvca on ibc grca: [JoliEkc«l ihcairc of (be wotldy bas fouic 
i^vattagt rvcfi £bo/e the proffll^'d hi^ojlan in discovering and 
P^Ung out fucb m«iv'<At9t ». tboujtb UjdioK in (htir nature. 
"^uii^fflipocowKeffoai their conneAlont aod operailonst and 
^''-^T ^tft^Q opca the true mot vf» whi^jti give butb to muiy 
:;nt ffanfadHUia, and rraii/ig b^ick eveiKs to tbcir icUi 
^i"^h often coDceaJed and uiLfufpfclcil Jojrcra. 

^cikipi ibcrc II no portion of luLlory wluch a^utds a greater 
^vieif cf i^pportdmiica for the dtfpby of peafcr^licii, tlun 
Jj^i w which ihc author of Uicfc memoiin h« cbofcn to ircat. 
UuJR^ tbiv period, pcrfgnal jcalooCca and domefiic fetids were 
I^lrnji^nt and violent, and the aS^iiri of sallantry were & 
<*0>ly iowr«rov«« with tbofe of ihcftitc, that privaEc reftnt- 
'^^bti, aitd pftvaic iijiriguc5t bid ro tncoiUii^ablc Chare ia 
l^udM the frequent chir^fic* vtkh happened ia gi^^crti- 

Itat iimtirt tfihi Xit^s tf Ffowt tftht JUet tf fMi, 

71tou«hMr. Wrvnilliuiiof, Inouro^nlorit avalTH hiiV'> 
fell uf chit circu in ftui<« f') nntjcb u might hive been cipcd«d. 
be hit fomiChcJ ihc phi^ofophicil mder with m*ny mic»cftrng 
mitcft«b. jr>^ hiiua, for reflc&ton ; at tbc fame time thit he 
bai provEiled an agirciblc Enicfitmnncnc for ihofr^ wSoic ftfin* 
CJ^4 tni ia icaJini biiloty iii to ht ainul«d, Wc muft how- 
€ftt ctmvk^ tbichawoilc would h;ivc been n->orc aocepublc <o 
tKofcrta4«tA who ue not already Umtliuly conwiiat with tha 
btftorj cF FrmLi:, U be hnl bctn more cirGtul to ntnk itie 
cbEonLvK-ifktt feric* of CTcni) ; an^ ihil it wi>uld bare becti 
fnoTT f4Eiirit1r>rj to a\\ bi> fcaikni if ko h*d bcco Ici't fpirtn^ 
of hii luihtKiiifiH The Autlvn'i J*/]e, ihovgh wi the whole 
elegint, foinctino jpticichc} fo ncjir to the French manfiei't 
Af to have the lii cf i tranllATion i ba£ ihU we knpote ta kiit 
grtit f«mitiiri;|' with itc French linguj^e, 

Ai 1 Oiori fptcimcn of ibc work, we ihiU 1>y before our 
Reiden Ebe fcIEo^vir; iccMini of the death of Louii thcDcvcnih. 

* The concluding keteir>t Loub'i Irft bokdupoce of ibcoioft 
•wfot piel»rc» which cin be p^tfcntetj to the imvginnioct: 
Thit of Pygfualton, thpu^h hcighnjicd b^ the coloor* of Fcn^ 
lonS rich afli defc^ipltve peti, ia noc more trcmendoM, or more 
iffe^ing. He cxhaufle^ evety i^nwer of medicine, or devotion^ 
Of irtih:«t to prokn^ a miknbte ind hateful ml^ccee. Te% 
tnfpirc him with g»[<ciy) the moll bcatiiifjl gitU wcie btou^ht 
to d«QCe r^und bii hoefef *nd band* of rrcn who pUjx^ oi 
Itttn icc(l^^panied them. To inlerttde with hcivcn in hh he- 
hilf, proteffioTB wtrrff ordcied throughout the whole leinfedoai 
fot bis iteutfry i sed poblk praycr> olfrred, lo atcri the Bbe> 
S celJ* piercing wtnd, wbicb iocomfnoded him extremelr. A 
¥SK collc^licn of reiki wa> brougbli 2% jf lo lixure hi in by 
their tnBucoce froir the f^roke ci <Ieath : while hit phflicUa 
tfeited hini with iiifvli, a/id e^cioned frooi bim vjiCl fum of 
w^nm ; whkh tbf King feared not fo rtfofe bim in thofe cir- 
eumflaiicci. U n cixn prcccnJcc, tbit t baih of t-ifmU blooi 
WIS prepared for hini, iit the rxpc^tioon thit ie would fofttfl 
tbc ftcrimanTof hulcorbutiebunuwn; but cothU wc miyleoA 
1 very Il«nder faith. After chAviin^ tih pbce of rdtdenee 
many tfmc4i be fat down at the caAlei^f Pltfji-Ui^Ttttrt, Thi 
wiTlt wrtc corrfcd with irrn fpticri ; a gvard of crc^h' Sow meo 
oraiebed nt^hl an4 day, t9 if tv fecure him frotn invafion. He 
hwrd enemies in the paffing wW : every fhW lenifie^ and 
farmed bis guttiy iniod. Unf y ooc wiekce adiniiied into tbp 
ctfllcj and fcaice any one approach ei hit pcffon, cj£T|]t rhe 
fadyof Bt4vjtf«, h^ davf,hc«r, and herbtflbiTr^, Duimg tbdi: 
Jifmal ciicutnttidcca, he )Ci tried to perlu^dc hifufclf arxl othcn 
ihatlie tnl^t live. In Ihii ftittcnni^ dduilon, he fcnt to feck 
a,CaUt3fiau hcjAilt^ cauoi^t for Ua£i'Xy) ojaicd rfMiufco de 


^H J^bnmn 9/ the I^t^gt tf Ff^va ef ihf Ha.e ;/ Fai^is, iij ' 

'K^o. Hz Xhftw h'tmkU Qn th kiut\ btd^tt \h:i Monk ^ bc- 
^']lbii£Jrt with huinSTp Ajj)i>.it«i!OT!i hi? iritcrcit witfi ihcDciey fi>r 
tbe proJciigiiiOfl of hit Uc i built him t^o ton^nta^ ii proofs 
of hu zcit t ukI inew no bounds lo hi» aclubrim and ierp«£i 
for the fup^oTcd miiiititf cf bcivtfn, Fir'^ii^i: hcwcvcr the ip- 
cviubJc bo«r of fiic ^tJviJDC^, «ivd unabit lander lo luru hi« 
CfCi frcm ibe Tuffcy of it; tt r«nc fof Ch^rjci hii for from 
' Ambojft, «nil gave Lim fon^c Mutjjy aJvicc. cxi^U oppoEiU; 
lo ihc iiniforcn ifrnv of at! hil ow'it cuidiift— to chcrUh the 
princci of the blooJ; to gnvcf n by tbc hJvicc of bii noUct £ 
F not to coniroi-Cft the cOibliH^ hwt } aud to Jitr.irtCb the «x- 
loftntiDC impuRa with which be had burdcAcd hii fubj^s. ThU 
rvu the ccnctuding a^ of hit !lfc : be crpirrJ iome <Jiit zTur. 
Thorr «hoirccoATcrr4nlin tfrt great work* cf iniiqui!), will J 
be (loVio^l^ rrmiiHiecJ, un tht pejuf^l of ihii flory, of ihc de* f 
fcffpiioci of TiWriu^'« exit, ii icUrcJ b/ Tacitus, It feemi 
^ ^ruirked whh HI the farr^r flfokei of charter. — « Jam Tiber>um 
[cotpai» jam vires, nondsm diiCmuUiio <Je£;rebv. Idem anjiai 
I Tigo/^ fcimonc ac vutiu inteDiuSa quffLli io'eii^uni i(»iiiLi::itr» 
rQtfftnm nuiifenim dcfedioneni tcj^cbjt^ niutifif^uc fspitis 

The Author 'i dclign required him to rondure the rerie* of 
tbe iiilficea v( the liuulc tif V^loia wilb t\it r^,';'] oi Hcnij 111. 
> But Ihb piit of h[« pliA h« hti noE be«ii tb c tv i^rev^I] upcn 
"^hlmfeir Eo execute. Ai hi» spo!o£y it r^ibe' lin^uUr* wc Ibtil I 

{^ive it lo bit own words : * Thai iJiguor *n<} li^icudvof mind, ' 
ip be, which wc iiaturallj cxpcriatcc aU^v *ny <wit(iittai c;^ 
{\h:asitn or t^rrtim of 04r fat*ilfi« tt on? ob'ei^ mjfl be it>T spo* 
Sgr/ To fappj/ :h= pl;cc of ih^ i:n: -i:;in^ p;iTE of iftc tiifloijr. 
I and fill op the Ceconl volume* the Authiv hai a/Jrl a tour 
l^hroo^S par: of France, from whence we JhaJI Ottuil chc foU 
^lowioK account cf the MocitSe. Mkhi*!, 
L ■ Thia cxtraoidjitary rock-^fcf ic ts no more — tttc« in the 
' tnlddto of the biy of Avrtncho, Natcre baa cflfrjiTttdy for- 
.t^Aed one Hde, by iti cTa£i;y and aJcnoll fc'rptnJicuUr d«fceiit> 
which ic^ndcrt ir impri^icable for couuc^c o; jiUrrfit however 
COnfummaEe, to fcile or motmt it. Tiic mhu pitit ato fiu- 
rounded by wa!h. fenced wiih fcmilunir i-jwcik \t\ the Goihic 

euiiwri btit fti£ue&i]y ftrc^gt fupcn^ded tt» the adranu^e» of 
I dluaiion, en lieffifc I'A AtEick. At ih^ foot of ihe inoun* 
ttttXf b^iot a ilreec Of cown* vrhich windi round iti baia to a 
roiirbJcfib'C hn^hihi Above, ^ic cba^'^^cn wb^rc njfoncfa uf 
fliT* i/e fcept, 411^ ot^ef b^Jtiirjii* irttenr'-rd fi>r r^fKlrnte; ant! 
en (be fuTunji Ji erected itc *b^cy itfcff, o«up>'i(i^ ai pio^4- 

fjtwiu. fpAC« oJ grtfurii, and ct' a ftf?nt;»h and fo*iJuy et^onl lo 
E* enoimoua Ctcj [loce ii bai ftvod aT) the iTarmt u^ h^at^n^ 
la ihu elevated and t3ipoA4 fituatEoa> dui\tvj^ mati^ t«\\v.V^A.. 

I a — V\"%»\ 

'—I f^.'^nt the vrbcilc iftcioofi iit the dtfTtKot pJiti of ihSi tS* 
iirci anj *> eHc Swif» vibo con^u£t<J a>c ihrcugh ibcoi, fbua4 
be could DOC grili^y mj cutioHty ;oo njinutcly^ "^ Mi no jpATl- 
rocnt W chimocr utMcrtt^ The '• ce Cht*«l*iie,"* of 
kntglu h«]], rcnindcd ine of chit tl KirirrWrgh i» Polilk 
Pmflij. it U «<)iiilly fpjcioui, h^i mort bjrlMrout and riMk, 
bcciufc fomc hundred ym» pcitK in ici crc^M. Httic the 
KrM^htt 0f$i. Michkcl iifcd fo ntm in frlfmn ronToci-.ion m 
iffiporiani cccaliors, 'I bey wtrc the dcfenderi inJ £u»tiuiu 
of \hit moijn[jiin and ullKy« ii ihofc of the Ccnij^k, :anl <A St. 
John u( Jirfuralcir, were t" <he holy Tcpulchrf. At or* codlK 
a paiiui<»ff t>f iTie afchin^cl, the ]T«uirn uf ihcir order i ind in 
ihji hiW Louii U« Eleventh l^ffl jnHitutfd, tad iaveiled with 
the iiifi^nij oi' kntfhthood, the chetiEt^t of ihc cjofi of St. 
Miclucl. We paucd o^ ihfo"^'^ fcvrr*! leQer room* Into s 
Vodg p^fTi^e, c(i one fjUc of wnkb ^he Swift opciK^ a dooft 
ni>d ibrough i ntriciit' criuntr, perk^lf diik^ he led mp, by 
» fee* od door* iiUo in apAitmt^it, ur dirn^^on — for it f«iber 
merited the htt^ than the former spprlhrion— in the miiJlfi 
of vibkli ilood a c»gc. It wt> compofcd of ptrudi^iou) wooden 
fa»« ; ■fid.ih« vrictct nhkh iufmiiud into ic wu len or twelve 
ificht* tit ihickiiefi. 1 went into the iafjde : the fpicc it cosi- 
prite^ »» dboui iwe've fert f<juirr. or fouffrcn ; jh^ ir mtght 
be norljr iwcniy in hcij^fit. 'I hit wii the abode of many 
etnlnrrtc vidimi in furirer 'get, trhof; o^mrs :ind mi[Vfie) are 
row obiiteratcd and forj^oitetu " l^ete was* fa^ 9iy cod- 
du^or, tot»ardt ih< liitt-rend ofilie Ufl ctitiury accrum new» 
writer ir HolUndt who had prefumcd to ftruit iomc very fcvere 
0rtd r^fciAic tcSt-£tioD> Oin Madame dc M^JiUnon, an^ Lo«B 
the Foufieenth, Some eiootht after, he v^-ii in<fuced, by a pcr- 
Un\ frni cxprcfbly for tfiat puipole. to incite a tour into Prcocb 
FEandcr^. The infl^ni ht hai q'HEicd the Duuh tcniiorie«i 
he V21 put under irrci). and immediately, by hit Mfljt^y'a rx* 
|^/tfl comoiaAd. condv^ed to tliii ptjcc. Tf>ey iLut hin iip 
in ibb o»t. Here he JivW upwu da of ihice atnl iwcct^ yon | 
and here, ui tei>gth, be cxjiired.— Dmins the lore ti^ghta nf 
winter, continuid the nun, no candte or fire yn.\ alloM'cd him* 
He wai not pefmiitrd lo ha\e any btx^k- Re fiipV no bunta 
ri<c C3iccp4 the gaokr, who cjmc cnce tfciy diy to prcfcM 
Mm^ through a hoTe tn the wicker, hit tjiile parttonof bren] 
and wine. No inflrument was ^ven him, with which be 
Co«iM cVHroy bimfelf ; but he fnund meant at length to <!r>v 
Atil a nail from ibe wood, with whjeh he cut or engraTcd, oa 
iIk UiTi uf hracage, catkin flcura (Te tu, and airnortal brar* 
ingS wh^h formed hnS onJy cniploymeibt and rf^rtaiioai**-^ 
71:a(e I faWf aod ibey aie iadccJ ^cry cLitloufty prrforntcd wirh 
£0 i;jdc a 100K A» i JI9&J withm th.i drudful tnginc, mf 




4 Ltittr/hpi G^prrtur Pnon^i a Dr. jfdtm Smith* 1 1 7 

L«^t funk within mc, I cxccrjtcd the vrngeancc 0/ the 
prince^ whc», lor fuch a Xitfpadf could inflift fo difpiopor* 
lioiMtc And ircmcDdoui a fjua;Ai<nciiL J tti^uj^hi ihc tower* 
ind pihnictci of the :ibbcy (terrttd to diike, ai c<v)r-:r>u« of 
the cruelty coouniucd in their ploctnv rotioJi «iid 1 hAilcn^J 
ODtof itii* Ckd ■patrmcDr, impreft^d wlih J«elln^s of ih< dcqieft 
p4iy vi<j indi^iwiKPn, *< Ic i» now lifucn >e»>t f'lid theSwt/r» 
unce « ^eottrmjii inniiiiMrd hii dayK i;i thac c«^ ; ir wm be- 
liaiclovic loiefdc here : bunher« ia one iaI^mocc wt>hjik w^ 

^ > wn mcmovy. Moiifirar <^r F . a pfrfon of rink, ^i\ CCA- 

■K^Acd fcftc bycominard r>1 the Jate Kmg^ he remained ihice 

^^Birs fiuJC up in ti, I fed Mm niyftU every diy ; i>ui he mtj^ 

»I!oircd book* ind card!« to diverc hii mjfprx ; and ic Iciiif Uk> 

the Abloi, ioui:hed wilh hii deplorable ciwnUiei, re^ijcflci 

and obTiir>rd the rf^al pkrdon, H« wu fei itt€, iiod tt rwiv 

^^tiv< in FrdD<c. The fuStcrDiiciotj* chimben* idJcd hr, in 

Hpit moun'Bin, a.'c fo Dimerous, Ibic we kAO« then) ooE our* 

' *ft!vcj. There are ceiuio dungeooi« called OublicCKS, iulo 

wKkch ihcy wfk acru!!onW Tn<ie-inly ro let 4owr mairftftofi 

guilt}' of v<ty hcir.aui Cftnic» : ihcy provVfcd th<tQ with 1 ii>«f 

cf brcjii «cd a bocile of wmc ; itod then ihey were mtiMy for* 

goiicn, and left to penQi by huTijt*^ in the d&rk vi«ilts of ih« 

rock. Thi* pimilhrnem hii nni however bcto InAidkcd bytfif 

King in the Utt or prefect ceniuiy." 

Except iMi pillj^Ct vc tticcr with few paniruUrt fuffinenily 

currvvs tfid ijitcrcitinit 10 l^y before our Keddeo, Ttte mKcr 

p4rt of iht* fliori rrjTrjtive confiili of ir^ciiJrnrs felrclea fiom 

th4 hiftotiej of France and Kngland, vtd imrodtieed in the 

Autboi'a actnunc of tbc rnfcr^r place* where itiry h*pf>c»ed. 

Tb;» method of blending hifloiy with (o«e1t, however oon^c* 

Ricrii \i (iiflY be 10 an AutWr, who, chotigh UEiprdTed wi[h 

* Ungi-«f ard lafiitudc/ wui\ f^Ll up hii ^ot>kf d«)Ct nor appear 

^^U u> to ^K AEttnticd vrub anv nidl^tN) nlvanligc lo th; Reader, 

^H^*,* For our icCi^Mat of klr. Wrainli'i Tour through fomo 

^^B the No.-ihcin I'jiu nf E'itope, fceo«f Re^irw for Juljf, I77S- 


itT- VIL J lnr4r/r*m iitvftf Prw^U f Jdatt' Smith* t L, D. 
1. K. S- ^^E ^'^ EK»nijn«ti&B oi fcvcral PvinEi of Dodrine^ 
U^d down In kr> F.nq:rify Jnta the Naiarc aod C»fei of ibc 
Wedch orN4(krri. 410. 11. 5d- Almo*. iJT^- 

IT VI29 tiaiural to esptfl, ihat a wo<k fo iMiginal m irt pUnt 
and deviaiin^ fo widely m many partictlari tfrom the cocn- 
iinrutii^k of ihinLm;;on the fubjc^i t.i comcncrce and policy^ 
ftf Dr, ijmilh't int^Liiry, could not pift wiihoul ccnrurc. T^ii 
liifi Guc£t attack upon It^ cgmiog front a very reIp^«L>Ic 
qoiicer \ lod being n>ade with no inconffderAble degree of 
jod^oTcnr and penctnuion. ntU doubtlcfi en^a^c ih>^ ftv\^wu^ic\ 
of I He PuWic, and will prob»biy be tHouG)>i i\<>^ \i^vmv"h^ ^ 
/fc>r;« hy the Amthor of itt liiquUj. \Vc ftiii\ t\<:^\ V-wott 1 

(kia Utter : but in purluaficc o\ tb« pU^i we adoptcti in oar 
BCeotint of the Inquiry, fliill U}* S^forc our Rcidm a br^tf 
ftiinai»T cf Governor I'o^vniiri rcm^rtv^ Leavini; U £othc able 
and ingcfimoi Auihor of ibc Viluabfc wotk wbjch hu ^ivcn 
tlinh lo them to defend hi* own Jjllem^ and to the Pub4:C Co 
ju^jpc of the mcriu i^ ih? difputc. 

GoT«im>r PowniU n dliliiHfird wUh tlie cauTe which Dr* 
Smick aft^ni ioi the ofltgindl d:flribuiion of Ubour, when ha 
ai^Cfifc^* it CO a propcnfity lo baiter ^ and thinlK, it oiiy ba (^ 
viouf]) GxplMiEini, hj coiir^Jcfirg cbe iiic«p«cttj of <Kb icdi* 
vidu»l to di(r^ bi) UlxKif into Tucb a variciy of ctixnndi, w 
DiouM be fvi^oeai for thfl fiipplf of the numcroua wants to 
which h« IS fubjett. 

To the liiqutjrr'fl do^tifx, tbit hbour it the mcafare of 
the cxchaogeable riUe of comrnoiliikt^ he objc^, that if 
moiity be not coftftdcrcd a> tl^ij oeaf jrc. hiving no <rthct ub 
but It an iftftvonrot of <UcBbiJont i» pls^ might be fupplied 
Vy papcr-curreficy, oi even by ao account opened wicb a 
binkrr, aLiruriltng to the pra^inr in ScollanJ. He fujibrr argsCt, 
that labour caaooE prof^fly be Kgafdcdaatbepicafureor TiFuet 
fmccequiT quiniiiirt of labour coiiiinjally vary In iheir valuCi 
from a variety of ci/euinftanc«« ; anJ pitticuUily fiom the 
qualicin and ihe objefli on vhich ihey at employed : Uboitr 
ftmply coopered oot being the ob-<>3 U cxcbanga, but labour 
mixed with lis ixtMicriiift or the laboured article : ct;nfequem:yt 
in aschangfr the purdittfrr muit ^i/e an equivalent for a cer* 
taio poftmn of thofc objcdt which aaotbcj- p^H.-fli:?, as well ai 
ffsr accniin4|iundiy of hii labour. Labcor, hcaddt, varca 
in It* taluc according lo ita pit^duong povrtr, whkh w.11 be 
very diffrrtivt when applied to <iflTerf(« o&jciti, cr in difTereDr 
cJjcuMl^era; an^ itrarica Aill farther* vriih the diipolittonaof 
the perlbnt between whi^tii i: becomes ihe fubjefi of czchio^e, 
A tiling which ia in JifeJf thus fariablc* cannor, he apprehettdit 
be properly confidcKd ai the Rnal mearurr or fVin Jard of vaJuF, 
He therc:fo<c cnnrludn it brttcr to be fati»li?d with llie old idea, 
that money U i!ic mcufurc cf vAlt^r j finrCj a!:ho jgh it br itfelf 
Visible, Jt \i Ufa fo thin tny other tland^rd, Lnil hat been te- 
rcircJ ai fuch by tte gcnerj] expnicnce ard confcnt of roarw 
kind : to wbkh be fubjoi^iat aa an idea of great impoTtaneti 
that inonev outfit to he (onf^ercd, no: only as the inflrument 
of cifcuiatm aud rotaTufe ol value, but as a if/^, or cq^i<- 
yakni pWgr» ft-r chc -icucrca fur whtth il u cjLchangcd. 

Aft<:r cowovcnlrg the propntty of Dr. Smith'* diOin'flJon 

bclvreen tSe nilural piizc md market pncc of gooJi, out 

AutbifT proceeli to point out dilUa^ly ibc diiTijence between 

pper circuUu'tn inJ m^aeyi and to Aiov wherein the latter U 

fif^iTi^c to ihc fofovu, Uia lunvk^ oik tto \a^^ at« ok* 

if from Wbat he cilJi > rounJ-Mbouc Cr»iJe ( imi r«mjkrkinL;, tb^C 
irl^ the Utter coDrey* |^ik)J& by « loitg wjfidirr^ c»ui^ witb> 
nit ifij uJTtnCige to iht oitrdant, and with much lob oi'-' 
Uour, grcBC cjipciKCB s»d iiii uiLoccciljrK tkCL^ntion ufi ApuU 
(u ibe bfiMiog of rice from South CiroJtra to G r^u BriuuJt ■ 
Bikfroatbcncc cxpuftcJ iothcfuutbc;n pi.uo,'' Europe; ibc ^ 
'mrf «j]ibl« the merchanr, attfr h^ub^ rcf^vrd hit firft 
Ftcifilf ingoodf from tbc tirfl miricct, to make a Tcrond and 
FVlttpi a (fa-fil profit, before h\% rciuin heme, at difiVrpnt 
lurtoA. Sgtch a moA&p^Jy jo requires ihc round abMiC tii4c 
bsdfipprovH, bur a;ipfetiends tticcirct>ii4i«f mdc oity be «i«' 
n a B g p c uSy cncovra^ed* ^ 

Ai mateitkl cxcepiiooi to Dr. SmithN fundaaieni^l AoHUthtt 
tbteoQimcrce Diould be left ax peWcct liberty vnihcKit the in-* 
HrierfQCt of law, (ttn^mnr P^wrulE p1r«ilA for rh^ uiilify of. 
Uustitf \ot the en^ouraf^ment nl i^hnc manijrȣtures t re- 
frlittU upuu the iropurtUion of Lve c»tilc in:l ccjrn ; hour\XKt 
<l|oa ibc exportaiion of torn i and the monojxily of the colonf 
Bn^. He u of opinion, that ptcEniUri3iojifiii[; minufnilureii/tt 
ofcful, «hil« (hey arecorfioed to furh 11 art eni|>lof r1 on flttlve 
f<ik proiiiice ; — ih^E jllonui^ the fjee JtRpocation of livccinle 
Od tcfn vrould create fiich 3 dlfidrantigeout compeEiiitin u^tTh 
^lOwa^ra^TCtaind firnic>5, a>wo«ikJ dtfcotirx^ea^i^'cuUtirei — 
I^tbeboorktyomher<£p0ift3ci<>n of corn iiajijdjrioiir exp^ient 
>• rdkvc the relative difircia unde.- vrh^ch he «pp;che%J« (oa 
■bat vrotuidk of reafbning or eupe rirnce we do not clearly lW) ^ 
Qm tbcoirncnof latid and fajoiert anuft always labour in a* 
lifing flate, by iccelrr^tirg ihc rife r-f the pnV* «f their com- 
■MJtkt, vbieh are always the losvctt in the fciEe or t>rrc<j ^ 
mi Uflly, ibat the monopoly of ihe colony-crjde ^We.^ Oreae 
Sriiiia a relative a4vao{a£e in ibe conafftcrctal wnMJi wit)i<?ut 
|cfU(uar.ecicflafiW any abfoluce aJvanvage, or of fLl^jt!flIO^* 
■^^tjf to the ir<onV«(»encea vbich Dr. Snutb'i mfo«iiigt hivv >^ 
l^J Uld to jippichcnd. - ^^ 

Tji* Author haadweltbrpelyoafhislift topic, and h«'r*afttfi*^ 
'E JJi J manner, which dkfcoi'ci:i an nLtenfne pvadtfirai icquaint**' 
uce vnih the political and comrbrrtul irlcfttla of thi« country, 
^^'itb icfp?^ lo wbiiMr. Powoail hull nJiApced en tiK 
^pafitLofi of a d'tTcrcncc between our Undfd an<t eonm?r;ii1* 
™*^rdb; the pccfciccice he fccma to g vc to the former, bi the 
^>u' fup^rt of the itiie; hit irgumfr>t« agalnfl avf a%>foltite* 
^t« Mnport aii^ <K5>ort of cor^i* cattle, and other proviftoRar 
*ai hii reoDjik* or the (allri^^d) didreflh of the Tflnil woifc'rt', 
>tLiic3Woeri *, arifinjE from the continued influx of xx^t^Ci, \^K^ 

Ofk4#f i«tAeaw^aerfptfosre£rcriic bptUci, &c- 



En^and* for ntut I ccniurf p4fl h-^wt refer oof Readers to tlt> 
very rtnlibte flpifnadverfioni of vhe uihor of J^^^ CAouwrrM 
find i'\litH<tt<t »H thi rt^i 0jUr*ht'ift m/rtjh 9f i^ptrhl anJ ^ 
r/m/fitf /iatti^ juit piibSdirJ |. On th« Jtbav^-menftonctl loping 
thciTiiurcpf cbciecirtvi,d^6cr3 totAlIy ffomGoi^mor I'ovroilU 
t See Oct Catsft^n for tbii Monlb. 

Titosu PcrcinJ, M. P. F. A. S. Ac; Sto. ^ i. le^ei. 
Juknibn. 177^. 

1"^ H E PiibUc ha/e alfrat^ff btcn fivdiir^ w«h Tetine nf tho 
p^p«r> ccnuute4 iii fhU fWi volitoK of ihe ia^nkwi 
Auihar'ft PbilaftrpKicjil FHajii but «rb,ch ntc iJir'pcrred in v«- 
tiom publicac^oftfi He h»« tticr<f»rct with propriety, eolttfe- 
tcd ikem logrtkcf^ afccr hiving icvIM and enlarged thrm. and 

Qfihefird cUfi arc the Amh&r'i « O^^f^rtufiW M i^ £Mr * 
e/ Prj'aliuiv it Manchffirr^* U<* whuh were noi long aj^o pvli- 
li(hf^ Ul ibe.PMofofhfCSl TrinflQtOf;! :^< 7^j^>i ^ f^t turn* 

hkru'd in the Itft vrdnnwof rb«it//,W/0;^'>fvtfM«; ■— • A0 E^j 
#« f6r difftrtnl ^OJrUlus </ i^^f n, itJ'ji^ /oii at digtrtnt Hn^U^ - 
#wr thtfantSf^tfCr^uwi}^ publiDitd in Dr. Hurfer'i Gftffirai- 
Egajt:^^ Oiffrv^an9 n ii S*fx:nn 9/ Stev^i tf 1A4 Urrmvy 
BJailtkr^ iy mtam if i^aitr im^ignJUJ tvith fitif Air \ tli* 
fubiUneeof wtiich wat iti(«r»d m Dr. f'neHEeya 2d voluitie 
O^ftiVMf'Vvs JO /A> * :— 'And a Iciirr ' «>: tht imtmai ftrgi 
#/>^V>'/«£(/ 6(ft publilbed bjr Mr. Aikin^ « Ihc end 

Of the virioui ofi^in^l papers CMiuined >« the prd&nt 
Tolume^ fciciAl it\iXc \it the mccicinJ pT«>pef(ic« of fijtidmh. 
Inoocartidt, p4riicu3^1vt rrfprcling (hr> fubje^, Dr. Sattn^ 
ikn, in a IrtLcr H«dJicG<d to eI^c Authcr^ cc^ri^'tACiilltra him on 
ibe probaWc fuccefi of sbcir jo*nt <nJcavou» co diieover « 
powerful tblh'cdt of ihc hiim^n CaitvUu 'A the Mff^itlt tfciA 
or w3:cr impregn:ued wifti f^Ked air. Hi^ td^res fome evperi- 
menu wh^ti eoatirm thnfc of Dr. Pcrc'Valv with refpe^ to tiM 
puwcf whkh ihb le^d puJlcfe ofilillbKiii^ 1 cakuUi out of the 
bJadJcfi iDi lo o:he^ pertiaeat renuki on ihii I'ubjsftt he 

He iake« rtoirce of ihe great dr\^iiicy in ihc eompolition of 
vHtioiu ^«Kii(V 4 fo thii ibo flrof>f>efl cialHe lixiviura \% found to 
bein'uAcient lo'dtUuiLC foflic rpccimcust which readilf yield 
tp ibc ap^kaiion of £icd air. In focir, ^ there h % very* 
l^rge pfopofiiofl of aninuL nanrit a^i J mere pjfikulaily m thofft- 

of bwfl 

of » Ummiitcd Uru^urc ; whilf fach a pjt t>n i vorc fttiniDgi 

crfftAllinc form convitn a Ut^'^t pMjpatvon of f*lmt Mn4 orthi ' 

autier/ — He find 1 chit the nMur Uikhtrgc^l by catculout pi< 

lirnuH ir««lj1y AkJub!e in ihi^ cauftic liiitiMen, whkh bi^wcver^, 

m gcnuAlfOnly foitem tnA loc^fcna the texEttr« of vn humAo mM 

iwiiHf withofjiiuj (liminuibr^ of its /isrf^jurtf. AikI is feap«i 

|>c*r> fr<»-ii Dr. Pcrcirari obrtiviiions, t'ut the jt/i/^itTrfV tK/^/tt' 

conr^-ytxl i.) [be bigijdcr, f^ Bi lo communicate il» frlirnl jnw^^ 

loth« ur.fiff < he ihinkit U highly probable rliic, In tmny c^frv 

vhanu^mi^hiirifcricicn :i1inDiicci>urrc*oftbef'eturcrraie4licv«-j 

Afu-' fuIBci«fit uiili have bc«n m^e vith ihc//A/cvW/h'^*tf;tth&' 

Mtfkitii otvi/cni^ht be employed with ci>nfiiknbJc *i]rinra<^ : 

tbf cBvlhc ak^li iiuckintt the Jitar^f , and ibceby dimjm flung. 

the i:obc&«>n \ iiid cofifcqufAily pioaiotki^ ihc powci of ihi 

MrpHit4C fliCttl f)n Che cMfThy [^jm f>f thf? C^fnhf. 

\V< lx>pc t^at thfCc vrr/ pr^jmiiing mcmpEf of o«r Autkurj 
and Ui iiLotnifrui concfpon^enr, to txwf^ or at tcalt mtii^e ch< 
lonuroof adrci^rul ^ifea^t wiM be flM furt^^ p^oJccuicd 
ihtfffifvJrc* 4n<l othe;*. Thqr both jjHIy take noctct of th«l 
irconvcniciifKS sm] even dargrrv wbrch, in forrecAnH^tuticdi^'^ 
nctrrd the lon^ roniUucif uTc vf die c^uft^c livivtum, «nJ ihc r 
fevete and ttJru^>/;VH rcgTmcd necelfan- to be pcrfcvtrcd in 
during ibf CDiirfe of ic ; and, wiih eqiiai juAke, recoirvm^nfll 
the life 0I the pri>pol^ MtpJ^ilJC LttMnfripiift at a medicjnCv'j 
or (egimvn twClicr, ' il opce f^r^irvfvl litihc ;ialiirt f}mi^thetii 
ing tq the Dofnveh, and filuury to ihe vrhole fylteni}'< 
* Ki^uh'ip^ no tK^nSl'ions in d»rt»' and reiaintog * ita mcJU 
cinil MfCt^ci urJiniroithed in the Oooiaeh and bowcJt.*- 
lu fid, ibe term TCfriincn vi»i«crt a» IiJca i>f abili^imcc ai 
moriifieJtiaQ > buf a rrgtmro o* i*/^ii>« tf»*/#f , tpg<ih*f vril 
Its <OTicomJr«nt cxrenfivc tatituJc of diet, i» ratbcr a coiufe 
luxury, adapted to gratify Ui« cravbga of even the mott coi 
faoioratc cp^cufc. 

1'u thcfe ohfnvacixis v^ ftijll ftdd a btnt vhich OCeur« et> 
on the prtfcia: lubjcif), ar^ which n»if polGbly ^fervc ai _ 
lien — in the /fffm^iir 10 Dr, Pfirttlff'i fecoii^ voluwe olt 
B'f"rmitttt ^aj Ohfrrv^ritai #« Jir^ page 556 *, Mr. BewVf- 
hn Au*wn» ihit wic^ may be jna<i« to r«cei*« many tifnev ici 
pwn bolk of Hxfd air, in eonfcqvence 4>f pm-ioully diSblvinj* 
lu it a renain quantity of fixed or «obtile akalinc fill, it& 
nay be worth whi^c Co orjuire, wbcthrr a tare:er poriloo »f th« 1 
OH-^iitic a<iJ Tony mn bccnrircycd to the bliddcT, afief diink* 
jik|[ water (trof^ly impresnat^d with thii new neutral co(i«bin^< 
iktil, TbiT) can be inirodgcal inra the urine by iifing the fimpte ' 
mtfMtitv^tr, We m^ht evaninr, for inflosice, the i^mji* 
lity of lixod air cxxtraitwrin the urine after ibc ufc of tlvfc two 





I tY .-PcrqralV V^^^^^-Um/, MtvMimJ Exfnimvui ^fi^ 
pMpliWiwM trrpcaTvdn or r»i|;tt: tTT t^** 'ol<vi>t poiaco 

Wilh ndpf^, howCTcr/toiho falmC pfoprrtjr of tlic »ra^, 
js^ftifK >«jVt w« nuA own that tbcrt it tuf^n to ftpp«dK*4 
iluc ilic nvspkiiic «o4 wUl »ol Irava a fuoi ot voUiife ft^cali^ 
r^vbiM wiib « c»lcAr«oui or oih«f frJ'fh : b«c beUo lint 
c^haMv I* ffi^ii p«ono«nce with cciitinE^ on the c 
afliniiiTt DfiHtfTvi«o<nbtruiio(u j tW« urjoft grouwk 10 fi 
pole iti«ti iii co<i£»{u<n<e of ibc KM^Oca which fr^uotflf 
■tewftfJ in cho 6rA piCIageB, & cott&UribJe poft*on of 
nrcpliilk Kid mi y be JiTcaga^ horn ike ikali) «u4 ciifci 
hiiAAri fluiJf, To as tn irfijir^niic tb« orine mofo OQpio«A 
(tMtt If tbc fimplf ciKftiitic A'^icr i^ bc«n civpluycd '.p-*^ 
cxpcn<tic« aV>n? »o »^rftniM the prttjumy of thd'?Ji|g;|yAilOi»ft. 

-Tlw Auihcsr fpwlurkg ol Mr Btitiy^t mvibod <jw>if ci 
ttOllc4 of i>ruir« tiling ^k%U% uri;h fattl sir. Tor ibe purpultf ofj 
p«cptrii>e a )ul(rp. lo b« vFcd %t a Ubrili|g« and ftniiftpik* i 
f««as ar^d otiici ditardm of a put^ul icnkiMf , I4ktt tor gnmrj 
tWt * *) *^c mrpbilk tcid \\»i a w^Ur fct^iioo to aicftiioe 
falu ibui »tty oihtr xiil, 11 v^ill tc r«ii4r,itriJ hi iAc flo^iftdh ; 
Attd cln» «licaiit Uliac >lep >iil' «^o« produce thv tfk^ of ■ 
C4fiic ati^ aWoibent. llui uben il It tKoughi r xjiciiittiK to gjvi' 
(l)ja j^'P *D A Urj^e ^ucitity, not 0>ofc itun adn^ba oJ hjtmi* 
bM tattatf fhould be asiitcd to c^h pine of wjtcr. A«jI 
trtn Jn ihis proporiiois tbc alcili rair pjove coo 6iumica ex- 
c«pt 'o 4<opAcat G3iic)i to which it fccmi 10 be well artniwdj 
Xba pk«Unird btvtrif^c f ha«« yet Ucn ible to ptcpa/e, ii 
made bj dtibJving a tfr^chm and atk htXi of tbc Coffi) alcal 
Aftd twenty-fin grain* of hiy Talt, in ih'ce pinn of pura wsmt, 
wiucb U tt«n to be Aronfflr impregnated wnh iixcd air, 
lij^tfof eiodly rcfcablfa vtty gooi Sattx<r wjui«r, &nd any be 
dfuik 10 falicty, in bolctjmitci; in beifbc, iiJamnuAoryt or 
potfidd4brdeffl, wiihoiit i£«nger, and«i:^ grrat £d/anta|^/ 

Aflfcong the AuLbor't other obfirrvatHxit rclitiTc to fixe4 ai 
%% a (ctm of fXpcnmrn'Ft 'roni wh ch it fbould frem Uiit tbii 
Add d pecuJitrty lavotiiabJc to tbr growth of te^cublea, 
wefcrtYi ihr colour* and bloom of ibe oio3 dfjic«ce Aowvr4« 
The erpcrinwnii arc faid to bav« be«o oi44e with Ui* Nooib'i 
aypi^«iii> I but ihc Aatbor doci not inform »\ whtther rw* 
pMVMvOtP to hU |Lener>trfk|[ tbt ^xed lir in the undcmM>A 
be fillnl tbc iqMIc vcHcJ (in which we fappofie the pUtiti 
b4v* been pTicodJ with witcr, wbkh wu altnwards dillod^d 


" Tbii *f^d uill rriiiijr quit i&c lU&line hU^ iq thii f^mhina- 
tipiu nertfyOA ill having accrTt to L£m>rphvricil lir : )>%X *h«tbar 
11 wU: Ir^'c tbe kiciti oq aatctU^ viib Lite «^>, tvfdiat^ U tbf tn^ 



Ok £xc«I tv Uom b<l6w. If h« rfi<l not* itWMM be loipof- 
ie lu ifccruji] wiih *njr Jc-^tce of ccniinry the fiuftt^ or^ 

loti apd Aawcri wcfc cjipofcd. We »te pi'>ly f«duc?d lo 
ik« lbi> rcfli4riE» bccMk, (■> ind««ii tin AwtWr himfi^lf 
^tm} h'li fcfblu Afc diici^Jj oppofiic lo ibofe of Or. Prt»ft« 
r I who ^om >iii «Xpcriai«rt(s [UJ^vaiunt «a ^rr, yc4, i« 
^ 1^.7 condoilci ihit " f i«d *k u (jntcnrly iM4\ to *-c- 
/' A» t^ DoOor hotfovcr b^ probably atiei>JH to 
- i_-^.<^, ill k new yoJuEBc of O^^^^xiafuni #« yftr^ &c, 
icfai wc arc iafiMiiked, u en the -paint of pcbljmioR, we 
U hot>« fooo to fee ihtic Gomruy ictuUi ImUU^miJ^ v- 
mrd for. 

In the pttcc^irg >ccc«nt of chi* nofk, m h»v« almoA £>1clf 
tifiiK<l cui(rlv» CO fuch t}( the fi>p<n co^oiiMj in it, at 
MG to fuccct ftir : but wo ougbt td obfcm ib«t it contain 
ifc a vaiirijr of rnircelUncowi informaEkcci oo 'phllo(bfJi«eil 
t] BK^lical fubjcds ; prcfciicc4 uA^r the fHom of icucbctl 
ft coii^Iling of rnquiivt, ciburrvjiionft, cKfirriownt*, 
k^ nln, and Qiort Unut Rfli eIuu chovbok mty juHy 
con&fcrcJuaa uiclul ^uUuujb tt> chc Amh<K^ tiro preceding 


■ft IX. 'f Ci**l*m, ^■(rt /^'fttPr, Ar *** ffVr Kv^rij-r/ifit -r*^ 
i6f ^1 */*Ar tff^Jrii ttfMtr ^mi> 4 n^ 'i'r^r.^99t.,n tf ttZ 

. T4 t^^i-k wi AdM tiUr skuk^iimt' Ft0itu fir /'>c^*if Pnne*^ 

I>. D. Iitt Lnrd Hii^op of RocbviUr, P«Mirbfd from ib* oiij^^ 

ul MiA^f^ertpc*. tj Jc^n D^ibr, A. M. hit LofilKip'^ CkapUiv* 

r ood Rtft<>^ oi SobEhfictt uiil Luoeutltift 414. z vol, aL 4>* 

|T~*H1S pofll)un»Mt« vofk m rcry ptopctl^ Irtre^oced wirh 
l-X *i^ xctiunt <^f bti LofcQi^p't life, ulcfd cbiefty fro<ii 

his age ^ m which hf h*^ nlUfd prifwipallr ihe ftfrin of Ktt 

fcrmcol!) wi'-fi too c&iouu a ikni i>f cifcumftanccT. t'fom 

kit narf iiiv^, afiii il\c i^A\llo!U miie Co it by ikv £ldi(or, vre 

kiU (cUiJt wv^aUvci m«)' cocJu^c to ibc t- mci (iiiunciti anJ in- 

rvdion of Ihc tmkr» or Itrvt to ttuow light upcM fair Lord* 

tlv wu bofo in 16^, to Higb Holboin, of t t»milyn^ 

rkiblo for h^nfjCi'ti} ^ lu which h« fecoicd t^ hire ah h^re-^ 

liiirycU^. tJit (JiKuiUKi ^)C rtctlvft^ in the Roytj fVhoot 

WvOcBinfltri wbcrt be rcm^inci 10 ikc twemicih ynr of 
t^ Tbif long comuiuuicv of hU iaiiijtofy ftiMjiei (rcnu 

h«vc bccA owiag 10 ibc hi^'opiDiOD entortaicicd of bim by 
ouAer* Ooftoi Bu^y i whg wai accuJloRied lo i^^it iW« 

buy> loAgcr undc( his 4i(<'tflio€^ cl whole future cnlr>ccc< hf 

ledge wbtchs'^nmif-tih^Uincakucf m that which blnA 
likd^ to be ru[>^licd by future diligence, if ih« Hudcnt beliot 
^rfiucnt to Ibc univcrliiy. To tb» circumlUfKC, wrftat 
c!oubr, Mr. Pcjfcc viin ^rratljr fnrfcbtrd (oi ibic ptiUo^fol 
If;iuui](-a by whxh h< w^a very cifly difttn^oilhcJ. 

The dtSk public proof of hit cm c^\ aSi)itk« wit ftrren m 
I7161 by an cdtLion of C^ffra dt Or^tt^ft which uiM<rwM 
fevcial impiifioni, aad W4t haghtjF cutolLcd hf the kaidfd 
both 4i h^ote Mtvl ftbrofti. H«» book wit de^jicaieid to Lor4 
r^fker^ the then ditef jutlicc of ihc Kiit^'a Itcnchi who afier* 
WA^Jt> 1" Jj'l^t when lh« KiciE fcal lu<t beer i^cUrfiei to bn 
LofJtiy by Ktng Gc«)rgc fhc FiriK ippoInt«J Mr. Ifcjuce hu 
chifJai^ I lui in 1730, prcfenit^l him ihe rcft^r^r of St. Bif- 
jbotofiicw, hcbnid ihc Rtjral iuc4«i3sc> 4aU in 1^24* with 
Ihe vicra^ of St. Martin't in ihe tieftff, V/cl^«i<ttM; 
Vi'hcn Adr. i\ mi^ hii jicknowlcdgnxfita cofhe I^niCkaa-- 
celUf foe ih« re^ory^hii Lo'^ipfjid, « Ycuaicnot 10 ibvife 
Qtt 6) irih^^h aa iJr, liciiilcy fee tbii bcttcpKc' //;i» li lAigr 19 
Ur^r J-Uil Mr I'circe. ^ Why, i^4cd h^i JwvJfhip, When 1 
iJlcc4 Df. Braiic)- to in«kG you a U\\i>yf of TtbUy Ui>lkg<, be 
curifeuteid fu tO-do^. hui o<i-ibuxonJiiioa,-^thac I %tou.Ul pro* 
mJlc :o uonukc t^u h^> ^ '^^^^ ^ ■^ '*/ in my pomi 
utii poiv ht, hy hiving pnwii^ed hli proniilc, h» bovad oc 
10 gUc yoii (bu Uvif>|{/ Mr Pcucc iw>n aiUAclod the voticc 
and zHetm of pcrfunt in ihc highrll t^AEiom^ iaJ of Chi 
grcuttl abiliiiet. hc(i6c Lord Pdikcr. he coald reckon ttfno^tS 
hi> pjtfOiM w f*icnd»^ Lofti Mi^clnTifEdj Mr, Pjlicncy (»f"rci- 
«4rd9 »il oi tiMh). ArchbiHiopPoUcr, Lord Hardwickr, Sc 
ir«ac NcwtOLH Nod other illuAiiouaperfociJgc*^ Qticcn Cjiu' 
Jlite (to whom he had hren (Irongty recooimmdcd by L«dy 
£undon) ficti^jrntly honoured hi.71 w^th her c(^niei£«cion at hct 
driwifi|c- roum. ^ One day at that pbce, Qw aOc^d hirn. if bf 
h*d i£dd (he fUitijdJcti iJiibUHirJ br Dr. S^cboiiig and Mf. 
Fotltr, upoa the fort of heieiice mrant by St. fauJ, whon it 
Tkiu) ill. 10. 13. be reprcknt> 1$ Jtif- ^m^mM^ »/, iMMea, 
replied ihe Dofloft 1 hat/t rrad tfi tht f^ttrfhUu ^vritiin h tbtt^ 
«fl hihfUii §f tbi ftitfitin. " Well, fiid the Qutcn, Which 
cf the two do you tfiint 10 bt in the right ?"* The Doflor im- 
plied, *■' i ritnnut fdy, Madaoit which of the t^o 15 in rtie 
' light, bui I ihink ttiat both of them ate in the wrong/* She 
fnoiiedft and JiiJ, * 'then what ii yo^ropinion of that lextT-^ 
* \led4ait' faid ihc Dof^ur, * it would take up nwfc lirnc ihaa 
|>Oiie M^tHy <»a fpare at xhw drawini--roco>i f<if me 10 give ay 
uptnioji and tlic tCiifiNiK of ti t tnn if your M«|?fly Ihould bit 
pleated to lay your commaadt upon oie^ you Jhall kiruw «y 


nniuof tbc mMia In ifit ikjli fcfmttfi wUkh I O14)] h4«« 
OIHMII to pttticH before hit Majefty/ Pray ^ ikf», did 
2^Kfi ; jif»d Ddftor Pcw^e iccnrdiji^ly qudr a icvmoa on 
lexi I buc the '^fcn cJicd a month bcfofv hii ccvn of 
iijng came about,' 

tli« >v*r I 714, Arckbiibop Wal-e, at the tnftanc« of ihs 
Kdlor, cdnfcriciJ u^n ^i>m a Do^of '» dceicc of X>JTJDity. 
K bmc yfir he dcdiorcd to tbc X^il of Slaccldiieidt b^ 
itin of LMf^iaiu ^ ik HM^timtt ^ich « i»cw LaUA verfi^ 
!noir«; a votk grritiy wamnl, and which prcKUred hj 
rj coi^tdciablc jocrrak ol Jcciary t4ir<t Abovt dlii tu 
14 <tiai he breams aci)EiJiJii:rd wjtti Mr. PiNlcncy, biriai 
(jua ro wait up&n bi«n Id cn^^gc his to aH^fi ihc coci 
Dnm foi rcbviJdiitg St* Aljtttia'a c.^itrtb, in ohtaifling 
nd ad of pdr)iaR>cor, to enjble them to raiffi rhmc kioi 
waA giaoucl by ibc fii^, Fiom this itmc iw4<kn1y an 
a(an<« besL^at but a liUrdftirp bctiAren ihrm* wrhich lallt 
mpnnc«i h» very urar foity ycafi, andiiJI tlic draibofihi 
Emu> nliofii then in lh« H^e t4 Loi4it a& Earl 

cthii Lord and tfce Earl of Macdttficid, Dr. Pcarccfe«i 
IN been rcif ^tQO^\y auachcd. He cia^ taken pai3» to 
jcstc llkc chara^er o( the Jatitf » or M IcaO tt> exivouau Ki« 
■ It U ifcll buioivnt >li^t ihit Loid vas impcid:<d by ihc^ 
fc 6f Comcnoni; tnat he W43 txianimoud^ dccJafcd cu^Uf, 
kt Lordi i a&d vrai fined ^coooJ. lor klVui^ ihe oAccitfj 
liter in ihe Chancery, 1'hii tmpea<hnifrit it repr«tc«t«^ 
le Oodou » father in a£k of itreniaicn: \k%a of judict^' 
Hmttof Waies [iJtcrwjnJt G^urgc U.) having taken of- 
c at tbc anrwer fiven ty Lord Macckslietd and the jud^ 
I tbif ^t«ellio«t tyhtthr rm tMiirian ef tU gromJikiiikf ^ 
XUih4ir gF4Mdfatb^^ A$l9i^<tX»^ 9t f« the p^tntt rf f^^U^ 
\ftrr? U It crrraiD) ihji 'he fale of ih« viiAffihipi i» 
uciy h*d been prailircd by J>DrJ Ma^elcbtxld't prcdfccJioia 
MA ecofure I an3 ii wai credibly faid, ih^ Moit LijM 
^ wli» fbfceeded Ikim aa Cbaocclior, aceepiedof ihachtgli 
an additivoal Ulm of IJCO I. or loco L a ycart tra* bp* 
d 10 t^ poll out of the Htoaper ofiUf, by may vi re<otn* 
c fof thclort which would vifc to the Chancellor for the 
bcjD^, by the judga>c»t sgainfl Lpord Macclei£«kl. Kiy, 
X>f)by thcjournaUof the Houfc of Lord** rbat in Kirng 
lam'a reign, what a bill tor preventing the lotdi licuttnaati 
UDtki from felling Ibc o3i<c of dcik of the peace in iboAff 
dct| waa bioii^c from the Commoaa 10 tb« Lofdt, « 
DO vk* made by 00c of the I'Ordi fof a clau/e 10 be added, 
the [#<>rd Chancdlor Aould Ipe reflriirwd isooi rHIing iht 
tfftipi lA CbuKCf) 1 btft that tl)« L9id4» a/tcr a dc»ace> 
6 xk^f&^k 

vtfjciSMthccUafe, and piScJ ihc bill n-hbout it. Tbdc 
cumHincw, (a Dr. Pnrrp'* r»pii»WDj confrrburr not 1 littL 
ukc o4F much of the odium of tfae <b4rgc brought igMAll 
p»b!< y.%T\, and of th«t of thff ffnicncc givca itpon ic la 
HcbTc tjf Los'ds. Dr. fcarct^ idds, (hit iTurin^ iJ] tbt tiiM 
li«d th« hippin^rf of krnwing him, thr Kxr) fff^med to bin 
lite unirr .k conflint fcnfc of tcfie; on as ■ chriniin ■ il 1 

more efpcciillf ifc«r bh mbfoftunct hsd rcmorcd him from Ac 
bttiinef* arid f«Tt^uet of h'n ofHcc ti Ch«ncdlof. WiihfW^ 
to lb« EatI oi^ B>eh, the world wit) be fuff>rired to be toM b; 
one wtiofe veracity c^nriat be drfputed, chit o«tt of his rrr^ 

thmn m ttnfh part ^ kii t&/><i/« iVmv. Tbcbilbop i cpfcfcntl bin 
« ft firok fntttA to rcliglent and Tree Iron tU the >ic«i of A« 
a^c, cvca in his youth* One Tirihtr Ctrccmflance concaiuflj 
liioi «'• cannot forbnr to mrntbn, beoutc it fervM to Aiv 
how muctt our A^cbof was refpccleJ «od befiicnded by ihc 
<S<lTemit ptrtkj ittto wktcb the hiilon wai it that time di- 

* A% f<>'>n a« it wi< known thn Dr, Pt^xroe wit to b« the 
Dean gf Xv inchefkr, bu frreml, Mn PnUcnc^'i cannc Co can* 
ffftvulfttc him tin that occafion ; aod, anfongll oih«f thipgi 
which he tlirti r4*dt oik waj, *' Dr. Pcftrce^ thouf*h you si^ 
thiQlc rhMocbcfft bchdrSir Robrrr b»r? conirlb^t^:) to g«t yon 
thii digoityf yet ^u ma^ depci>d upon it t^>t h: i» ai! m af!, 
and thic ymi am it tmirrlr 10 hit good-wiJt towinft yai 
jndtbcrddre ai f am now fb'<Dj:a^d m oppofidon to him, a 
may hippcnthirt (ctnc wbo^rc of ftrr p^ny niKy, if ih^rrlbouU 
be any of^pcrfiiion far meftibera of padUment at Wmcbcieri 
ptrrail upoo nic to defirc yotj (o nd tht re io afiiAincc of Omat 
fri*n4 of ovra^ ind Sir Robeit, a( the fiinc time, may aft 
yctji aflillance in the <\zQ\o<i fi^r a tiUnd of hz« own aniaft 
one whom wa rrcom^nend : I tcM yoa ihcrclbre beforc-ba^i 
thtt if you coct^^ly wrtih my rcf]cicf1» rather than wrlh Sir 
bett'j, to whom you are fo wry ni^ch oblijtcd, I (hall hai 
the wode opinion of you," Df< Pcarcc addi, * Cuu!d ai 
thinj b? more ^enerout to the Dean, a« a ftin^if or to Sir 
btrt. to whn«i, in other tt(^ic&,», be was a dcciaied opponent 

it i* cerfain}y ricbt in bcnirfj^on to I«ve their htiitficnri*--. 
lo *^» ift alt fcfpeih, » their own judgmcriu *riJ ccnfcicDCtjl] 
iHatl tflif/*, whc'fvrr duty h conci^rned, and efpeHally in mil 
ten of e'CJt and niciona! importance. But if Mr, Pwli 
tcaJiy tbuu^ht (m he daily protH^eiJ hcrfW) tbit the 01 
lion of Briijfh libaiyt and of the Btitifh em|»ie, dcpcndcfl 
vpoci the deflfo^lioii of Sir Robert^ ind fct^^w ibir hi* friend 
Dr. P<arCe was of ^i parry ai>d pcrfuilioni doc» he riot in cf- 


■dvifc the Doflor to rcfiy friTitc tod pc-loiftl ob'i^j- 
tby« IJtcrjfcc of t^ public intctttkf Confctrniioui >iid 
(fcjr clcfg/turn would 'c^riuaty rt(«fe prcfcrmcnu father 
L afccpt it \i ui a6lrgaiK:fi lo ad, in inj irftanci*, con- 
^ 1^ thcif coiiv»dion, Ni>T 4oci ii tppcir cbic Sir KobcTL 
I hh irtrrrft to protutc Dr. PrAiEe iht dt^nrrj of Win* 
lUfiCnBiiy uowonh} copdttton whicrn^rrr. It r««nu lohtv^c 
i 1 voluntary tribute EO hit dillin^wif^icd irrril. And ail 
«rc can to^tr from what Mr. PuL:rQcv fii^ to tl>c Dcid ii, 
he rhucgbt ic bciivx thai bii rfkml ttiould sd agJtnft ilia 
rcD «f civd f^telyi ihoui not obJi^« the person mull abl« to 
ince him. * 

t wi« in iht yttT 17391 that Dr. Pnrrf vnv apfiuintvd 
m of Wincbcikr, In 1744 itc Dcjn w'» elc^ni Pinio- 
ir of the lowtr houfc <rf C*)nyoc»iioft> for th^ pJo«in» of 
nerbuijr. Hb fmjid Mr. pBhcncy* and Qth<», were veiy 
titoui ro bave him made 1 Bjfliop; but bcfeemed mo^e in* 
ed to eafe himfclf bjr rcfignin^ bia vtcangc of S;. M^ritii'if 
etiwu about jo^t. »y^r, ihm roace^pt ef fafgh;rpfv- 
a«iit< ' He toM bi» friend* i-iac his deaTicr)r« wofib aboqc 
t a }^"> ^11^ hit fxchf r'l cftaEe, which be expci^ed in a 
1 tiaiCi would coi^tcrt him. Jn 174^* the Biftioprk of 
fpt became vaeuit j bat when ?hc <jtfcf of Jl wai made him» 
mM difficulties ahont iccepilng It- He wanted to quit th« 
mm of St. M:inin'», which was irciubleiiine ro himj and 
lolo hit deanery i^t VVinchdUr m commcndam wtth iJai^or^ 
ihb rti]iac(l wu rrfufcd. At the JnHaiice of Lord H^id- 
lUi the Chancellor, he aecepted the Bifhoprk of fjan^iori 
rcome by ibc iiitlnviijig rcm«:iiUanee 0/ tlut noMe Ivjrd : 
f der^cnen oE Uurir^ ^^d n^eriE wiJ not iceept of the 
lopnc*, how tan ibe MmEQcf 1 of State be b1ained» i( they 
F6teed to fill them with oihrrv UU deicfving?" Wbtn it 
nropo^d tu ^iin to accept of the Oiihopjlc cf RocheCter^ 
Peuery of Aeftmitirtet, in*TcSar]-e for Banpor, be rx- 
ted a fli«Bg inclination to refi^n the latter, attd to rctjia 
priraite life, hit faihcf btirg row dead, and bi« f&xiccotnt 
hiroi but afterwajdft he a^rcc<d to tbc cxchaiigc that wa? 
Mried, and was accordingly promoted to ibc iJtlhopiic of 
Ikdler andDcancnof Weftmlntlcr in 175^ In tbrycaf 
1, th* Dilhopric of Lnndon he['pniing ractnt by the diy\h 
3r. Sherlock, I^oid iJjih (>^xed bim hi? jarercft tourarda 
rng il ) ard agiin> a'trv the drath ef Dr. UfbildtOcn, je* 
cd xite fame ottcr^ bat the Ifiihop would net permit hita t« 
;e the If tat. , ''_" 

^e moll reniArkable circun^ftincc in the life of ibii ciee!* 
Prelate^ u tiK fdoluiioD be formed ij:t the year 1763 tit 



icfi*n all bii difiiitki Ja ihe cburch« loif to Jive lo « rcrlft^ 
mao^^r upon bis own ptivarr foriunc, being ibcn rfvrAtjr-ikfct 
ycarioldt Ahi) An-^'ing himkL/ IcCa 6t fi^t tttc bb&[>cri of bu 

lioiu, aucmpu^ (o djll^iaJc bEOi fioin his purpoft» bucwuat 
Ufl prcvaikil tijion to Acquaitit the Kiag vritb ir, And u» il^ff^ 
in ihc It^lbop't nAftiCi tbe hcfiovrot d pri»le audience froa 
bU MajcAj, wlio tfuvijing]), at ihc iitU^Dte of Lord Eit^ 
ap|K>tnt«il A time for rcccirifig him in tiii cMei, vrbcrc be «?«■ 
■dintllcJ alaoc. The accauat vrfaicb ihe Bifbop f-ivcs tif li^| 
iitlcrview WLl^ llifc \i*}e{ij U as follow* ; *' He (Ete niQv>^| 
made knuwn hi* uqi^A lo hU Majcil)-» and icqintatcd hi^B 
wilb tht ^QunJi ol itr cetUog bim thai he hid no mxive for 
icGj^iag an Bifh^pnc and Dcmcij Jr^m dilLkcA wbtch he bil 
10 Arjr thing la the c^^u^f h or flitc ; (hat being of ibe a«c be* 
foTC [itcntJCAcd, ho foLind the burincl't belonging to ('na(c ivo 
lljciof^i loo murh lor him, and ch^t be viia% afraid tb«T it 
would ilill ^row much niofo To, aa he advanced in yean i tb«t 
be W3& deritous to iciire fiir ihc opporiunJiy of JpcDding in«ff 
Iliac in lus devotion and fiudicnj and ibal be wm tn ;hc Cunc 
wJry of cbiokip^ will* a general oiKccf of the Etnpctor Cnaritl 
ibeFifthi who, when hedcr]re<J 2 difmiijion from thit Mona/cb'i 
^rvicr^ ifid the xiinpcfor afkirr^ ihe [c«ron c( k, aufbriri 
* Sir« every vtiic mxn woulJ, it ihe Utter ejid c»f lirV, wifb 
hKvr in fi;:r:vAl bctuccn ihc fiii^utA i^f bufmcfv arid ricm'tty* 
Tbe BiQ^op then fbc,«cd hjjn, m a^rittcn |»apcr, tntiincci e| 
itft havii)^ liccn iIoi>c at fcvcral limeij lod concluded 
iclwg hii MjLJcfly, that he did out opcti of dcfrre &« ji 
db^c lafwci to hb icqucH » but raihcf ibax his Mxjcily wodUj 
£jli co^fuU foftic proper pcrfbi^i smnngf) his Jctvanii jUiovr ihrl 
picpftciy and tc^alit^ ot it. Th-^ the ^ing cofifcn^cd to <kk|^ 
flf>d told the BiAop, t'^*' ^^ wou'd f^nd ^>r him sgajA, vrbq 
tc irai come to a dflcnninUion. About liv^ monthi ^la 
fraidt he itnt for ibe BUbop, and told bim, that be had e«ft- 
Mu^ Ab<>ot it uiib two of h\s lawy en , i\n one of chom, LorJ 
UlaniAclJ, faw no objection to ihc rcfigniiiion of the BiCbopric 
ftrd Deanery s but tbai tbe othrr faiil, be wai dt^tfu! ■ 
thr pii^licibilJly of reficrtir^ ^Biflbcpnc; bi:r that liou 
the Jiirt lawyer, Lcrd Nofttiingtoiit looo ahcnvartJi bad 
him, iha: upoji r^nhcr confdeitng i^ irniur, he thought 
the requdl mi^ht be complied with. * Ann 1 then, bir, lar^ 
the Riliiopi tv fuppofc tbat 1 ha« your Majefty'fc confrncf^ 
V Yc*/" fi*d the K,it:g, • M>y 1 ib(r>> Sir» UiJ the BlOKf^ 
have (Ik honour of kijSng you; hind aa a token of vour eo»- 
febi r UpoQ that the Kiji^ beld wt hii band« uid ibe Siiboi^ 
Uiltd it," 


Sa ist all wcDt »|;rrcdblf to the bLJb"p'i'tnclimilt>ni Sut 
Lofd BmU nx]u<fttng tfcr king to eivc ibc bifboprick ^ml (}»n- 
try which were ui tc rcligiKd, |q LJa£Lor Ncwioff, ibcn Bifliop 
M Briflol, ihc mifuflff ww alu mrd i rhfoking, «> octiir 
rmnificr* haJ doi>c Sdb^t ihcn* that no d(^r>ie^cs rn ibc «hiirch 
(hauU be oHutrr^I fiam iht rmwe, tiuc ihroi^gh thrirharda. 
They ibtrcf&i? rduUeJ locpfitJeche rriiEMii-^n, ii ihe fhr^trit 
way of LerpiTt{E i^t b"{h<ipriLk tton htsus lii'pol'td oi oth^ivr'tfa 
IhlO U ihff ikked : anQ the r^w^T *f- U*^ haif bcvn datii/tti^ ^nd 
i«J)d foun «/(» btfl bcCBf-Vi^r. w» <mpk>pcd tu infoiQi hi» Mo- 
i-fty* Ihai be V«> (itfl l^idn (f<«rir/a/, and lKittb« bilbops j^e- 

H^fhop, ke xikiJ) think tio more abi^uf r<£i.. T^iijt ibr S>&c^rick t 
Vut io the yc4r t7<>St he W4i f.aiti<ttcd lu ith^n bia cleanet)*; 
ibii wii i^rasJy dfKiMc ir) foini ci inccme o hit b»lbof^JklCp 
which he wo oblijfied lo rct^tn. 

With rc^jtfl tt» iho Bilhop'i tameft drfir* of rcfi^^jflg 
litf prcfticmfAti, the Edik-r (hli Lordlhip'a chipUTn) ob-- 
fcrrcit thii ie ga» Dt^cifyin to much di:'<ituili(bii and rim* 
^AdbilC * d> ic,c<iitiJ nM be latinded jil af-uke, it was 
I'ott^ht in vamif, ar^il Dn^'^ur Prjrfe wji luLprclcd >i a'pir* 
«r>£ 10 ih« AiKKjoACfd pratfe of cocieoipt oF wealth, *nd de- 
fiic of rrtirrmcnt.' Bui the Editos^ wh<t bad the beft q^* 
potluniiio ^ jad^ingt rcefns llronfily perfBa'f«<Jt th>t thi lO' 
tcrttM rrii^natioti prmxcJtd frtjui tbe cautca puHicLly allc^* 
a MfC cf difnii^oii from pubhc care*, and of op^innity tor 
more CDnliimcd lludy. Souacof ihc Bil}iop*a aunufa>pu con- 
£n» hifif in tlua opiinon. 

MoA of ch« p4r<icuUr» liitScrto rdaKd, a^cexira^ed rom the 
Bsnvtive Of t^c f(i|h(>p'» Ui^y wniten bv tijraieJf. VVc iliiii 
take DOll^ <ff a few Chinga added by (be tdit«r,<^A/rer he h«d 
tcfttDcd hli deanery, * he feeircd to cocifider himfcif «i frc^ froni 
hairhn* burEbriSt and with fiich vigour ai tinw had left hifl>i 
aitd ttch alacrity ai religious hope condnopd to fapply* He pro- 
fccutcd hit tpifcopi! tfund*oro and private ftuditi* U K^lauitdi 
E^rcAllv to hii honntif, ttur rn the drfpoCal nf ecetetiafitcal p<ir- 
jcrmeAU, he nftvcr gfc*e occaiicjn I0 ctnldre^ except ia tb« 
finale inlUiicc uf an aintiHc rcKing mafi| 0x1 wh-oni hr b^fiowiJ 
iba vaJuabU rciSorf of Ston<i ux corilidofAiior) <^ Vit ^^''*IC 
Rre-4( grandfon of hii pitron, ihc Cail ui MacclcafWld. wbofc 
Airo«r*f conferred /***j K*'* *>cfofe, hi> fo'jf*id* dW ncut TullVr 
him tu r<ir{ct- Whcik iiidt'jp of Ban^r* be coufcircd Wddi 
prtfennertt or beriHiTeft doJy en Wdcbirv^n. fc ii cquil mat- 
rer of ^ricf anJ (CpraJtch, thai hit example 11 fa liciEc copied, 
and that pnblic worlbp in WaJci Hiculd b« To ficqueotly pet- 
fgrtncd in an ufik^ioiA^o tcoi^uc. 

Rfv. f^ i///. 



In the vc*r IJ73» *hc Bifttop, b^ 100 im«h ^ilt^cACC 1*^ fcb 
oftrt, ckhaotic<] All ftrcFgth bc\ond re<ov«ty. Hiving coniinnrd 
It Grtcnwkb ;cc pcrrvp»t hcfuunj himiclf next day unablf Hi 
fpC'k, ind rt(V(f fcg'infd hU former rci4iii«if ot' uLEctitncf- He 
UnguilKed r<om LhiAiliaie4hUpi«fftlylJcccin;>i»nt ificr^ifc<i, ifd 
hil power of fwilbw^ng «« almoftlolt. B^irg aHwd by ottt ci 
bU fjETily. vrb<) Cfirkftimly actcndc-i htm, how h« coktd 1if« 
vrilb fo liicic RUKimeni, I Hvi^ TavI he, uptn iht rttotitdim^ ^ tm 

f6[»c monihi oi lingiTtiig ifecj^i tie liicd, on ih? igih of Junr, 
17741 '" hit ti4(h ycftr, «nd w#» huficd byhii wife (whomhciJpd 
noi long fiuvitrc, ind W'th vhooi be had livcJ mare ibia fifty* 
jtin^ in Ui< higbtll d«K'^ *f conniibuL happLUvfa) in ibe 
church of DtfcinWy in Kcnc, wh«rc> monuOMnt i»cfe^ril to 
bis mcAiory, «iih in cpiuph written Sj himfii/, reriiing bii 
^cferciif ntii h(> rcti^cutiou of the <]cinc(y of WcttairnAcr 
*od '•* hh Jj'ing >fl a comfortiWe ht^pt of [whii w» the tti 
Aimofjll hia Ubc-uri upon ciftli) ihc being prcKii<}ced u»a ba 
pier pliice in hcivfti/' A cenoraph Ukevrtfe tei bfen eredeJ, 
en the &au4h fide, in Wellotinlter Abbey* wiib « LmM tn* 
Icripcion t- 

llc left, by hit will, feveril Icg4ci«i to priviee perfont, %M 
10 public chirrtio^ p^rrUubrly 5CO0I. iQwardt the beaer fup- 
pott cf the twenty witj(>w5 of elcrgyioefi infufiiciently proridcil 
lor* who ire in ihc euUr^r ^f Hmmley. Hi^ mmufcri^itf, to* 
^ibfr with hi> light t^ the ccpie* ol his foioier pvbltcitionft 
Chii of Longfiiut excrptcidt vrhtch hiJ keen Ibid to Sir. Tos* 
Ton, he gave to hh chipUin, the Rev, Mr. Derby. 

jr Si> ptivjle life, we ire tt>1d, be wu caIoi inS plieiil. 
Hislbiviewaa tall, htf ippeirarce veneriblet and his cow*- 
icniAce wrpicifiicof hb bciicwlcittc- fit bia paiixIwAl cure 
. be wu punftuaity dili^viit, and vttf leldom omitted to prtaeb. 
BuC lu» voice wM low aitd ftcbte, and cocid not reacb tbe 
whde of 1 li'ge corgrcgaiion. Hii principal wofki, bdile 
bi> tdilioos of Ltftra tit (J^attst^ and ^ O^iii^ uid L^Qfiwrn 4 
WrfftrMfA a'f hi$ Miract« of jefoi vindicated, in Anfwcr to 
Woolltoni Review cf the Text of MJton r f wo Letters ifiiiHl 
Or. Mkd<ikto<ii l'pif}titr a\t^ in 17 J 1; feveril r>ccafiorMrSeT- 
Rioos I N^ 57a ^tl 033 m ttc Spc^liwr 1 i«d N'' r 1 1 10 ibe 

• ir iT-jdied biiwifc, with vd hem he Jiid iivtd fifir«««yeira 
[fayt the Eilncrr, p^ i<?, bst io p> 7» be fayi fity ru-v,> Tbc fifueib 
yctf O^ their uiiivQ tbcy cclcbnicd u a yur of jubilee. * A 
■ fortnishi \Titi hrr funcril, the Bt^op citne (Town Jdco Lja 
iikd UmVci:^ h\% lofi b proper txpnoiovi cf fortovf tod nloed 
bf lpo4e et her f^iiB in the crtnin^, and fr«(n tbu line ncBti 
her 10 AOre in hit family.* 

f Ttc iafktipuon doci ttOC coBtvn wj ^\^ ««&v\l\^. 



8fr ntmmOwfhryf A TrjgMfy, 131 

Ml- Dnby clota iht account of Dr, Pcaice'i I-ifr irfth 3 !citrr 
«r the Bidhop') 10 D$M Htfiif, Hcbicw Profcllor at OjUbri, 
By thti kiccr k ajipran, th» £i!r IfNtc Ncwif>n*i OrreniJtgy %f 
mmtWii Ar*^JiA4, w» coiv[>o(cd ifi«r h« had fpcoE iliift^ V^ttr 
at mitivils in fc«(lfng orcr ill tSe vmhon, of pxns uif au* 
tiftoci, whuh c&uEd fumifh him wieh any matfrtala fu< f^rmin^ 
■ jttfl Bccouni ofihe rubjcct ; th^cKchjid wji!ieii itowci fcjcul 
tinMV, (the BiAdp thinks fiXiccn timet )) that fur llie Ute of 
fhoiEcfiiuc itk be hid Itfc out, Jn crciy liter coji)'» Juenc tx' (be 
fluihoficirt >nd referencft, upon which he hid giooodeii hit 
opiAi&ii5 I that the iirft Ave chipEcri of it hvS the f.a'tihiag 
hiT*d orf* ihc ^rcv luthor j ancf xtttx the S^^i ChrtnuU {whklt 
wikan >b<itjgnieni o( b<" OftinStf^f) ws» rcitr jnter»<icd t^ be 

rnhlilbec) by ham. Bifho^ Porcv re<elved ihit account (ran 
IT ir«ac htaifcir. And it fanhfr appvm by the Uiuit tt^ich, 
in ihif view, it penincDcly introi^Ked, thu Bilhitp Pcirie'* 
fHn^Dvip va» vjdued, vid his converiitioa fought, by th< Ivft 
nMfnfifhilue srid couri:ry- 

AVc Cioulc now prcceed lo an e^tttniflation of cha CooifnTn* 
tarfviJid other thcoJog-cal piccet of ihit IcArntd pidiTe. Btrc 
tl>i» oiuA bo deferred 10 one or more fuiuie Rcvtewt. W^ 
cjuiQot, «l prcicntk ociiit ft I^^Hj^c ffom lh< prcfi<c i>f Olivet's 
rdttronof CkerOt as ic consams a trftiinonir to our Atjihor'a 
nucnu by 00c wbo W4S binHclF emioent for hit phUologica] 

** '^Kk%rM Pcirciut Aagtoi: qui u<i Dt Ofittvt librtm] 
cnwt]<i*vtr, notsfque iliuAravit^ >nno 1716. Hie wc\ii UuJc 
difniflunuSi quoi ticcic cvm boDi4 tcmperantibtirquo crii-cb 
miTu'l* cjnim cirn* ill, qrii TuUium Cacawbii^iar xtun HrcocJi 
«^iacrisat* Qitarnvb cnim UentJci^im fuuvi iiudibus vtdeaitfr' 
ftd roilvm cxtolkre, non Imiratur tiinco, oequc unumm \ttt* 
cundi«?fi(KS tnnjit; h-ofl^o cxccljenu* ut ifl^oiii ug judieii, 
Bi i *\U9 not^ n'td niigni ai^<\<j^/' 

There H alfo infen«J» by Utt Editor, In xhh IJfe of ouf 
Aii^hnr, the very hvnoorible tcHim^oy borne f^y ch? AbW 
D'OlivtT to the litcrifv merit of Dr. Pcaree, in a letter to him. 
occaGoned by hi» cJiiiQii of dun JtOrattrt^ This letter Was 
■wrhien in 1 739. 

AltT. X- tir Ti*ma* O^'i^'j -* A Tn^f. AMertd from the Itfo 
Mr. Rfciucd Savage. Aa iiow ptrformin* ai iTte Theairo Ro^al 
I« CavatE*G»rdea. ftro. 11. Cid. Newbe:/. i;77. 

TH E following a'Jvcrtifemtat h prc&Ac4 to ibii trj^ctjy 
by the prefcDt Editor : 
• Df.}o&B(o(i. inhii Lifcof Rh^afd 5*?*;.% givea* dfcarnflaa- 
dil accoam of the tragr.'tyof Sii Tboiiai Ofvibary ; au4 idla ua. 
llut IfMM ytvt ftfier Mr. $ira^ hid «Trien oce ^la^ «^^ic> iS* 

151 Sir T^jwwj Owrttry : ft Trtge^. 

lutj^^ (bV'cli. fj^fti tTi own i««<jaa1ir^. a»<^ i1^ ImptrTfA md 

10 wj>u A fccoa^. Tlie fvllowias fceuc^ ^rt the ptodace of tlut k* 
lulu I son. 

* T^r inaAufirttFt of iW Aiih&r wat fome titrr ^ncv put iruo il^e 

roi Enilh'-J, ftbi, frc^ ihc tT'Oaftt-oa of ;tc fxr^i. tal con^dcl 
of ;h« <3:-flfQphe. ii apr*:«rr^* )H;0£(tb^r art.l t-yz Eh< fljfC. Is 
rhi> rw^t n«i« the Fiili-vr ^frfrnlH it if> f*>e MitiRi>ff of CotctiI* 
Girdrn iKr^irr, wfto rfCfivnj ti <>ith Vir<ff«f» and it i ccikv«nHAl 
oppMi^oiiy rr*d ihr pW wiih hii>, tn^ i^rrfd to t>rir^ it «■ t** 
J1jj^«, wbfQ Uic rcctirirjr iTrcfAticmi, in n: ic fur the ^»C| ihotilii 
^« Piuk, la cDftlr^u^ac^ of ihii a^rfcmcnt. ihc £ditAr coaluJord 
hu Imiify rfffrvl*, ufdrr »'hc^« >idvi<:«, irtd h/»hov<r jfiUlincCt fca 
]i» b?tn (£«b c<i 10 five it ro tbt oorld in rti prWrai fu'm. 

* Ik i* Autre (bjic. a» tk\F 'I'lr^vj ncir QaulIv, it i* lliM Iiab!e-ni 
crtrkjil otjf^i».^i. He \\ c^dbdcnE* faowrvcr, lint <v^y iC4dc( ^' 
tt*r •■ill Sfd UfJPiTHjr moT room for pwf' (han fcnrorr, Tht <L»-' 
fcr>fiOft> hii^c brcA niAJr i^irh (|i« £rcittf^ df^rence (o vbc StMM- 
fcript of the Audt^rj a^iiiaai wtst twotM a>triL:«li a« pofiiblr, 
n4 ic hit Wn tH chi<f «<'ii of Uit Kditar, by D<c«fiitr ti«ifpo- 
6iiuni aoJ abiJiJ^mcniT* torrakf Sii»frc mcrttj hinlclf 

■ T'le ipprobilioa Sir Tbo.TU Ovfrbcry h^l ncvi*^ io tt* 
iLwi'c, U tKc bctt prc^f thjtt ib« Edtlc# Ahil hn iritndi trcltf 
tnid^kcc Abco tfacy ibcwrhL ihttri^cdy boi« ilf04t£ cairlu of fcftiui 
acij vlicQ 11 II coDilif rvui iha^ uwinB bo a Iacc kfiirL>^:uii«;c loft { 
loft much lo b« 'amfflicrt hf tvtry frirad to ihe l3ag«'i (be plif 
W41 d<pm«l of ibe pft^erUl ■Qlltaace of ih« iwd firff iMfc^Uatof 
th« ih<Ji(rt in whkb ii ii Mtf^. ih« »pfUv1c ii bip bof« bo^^artd 
vitti, 1M1 oaty (kern tv A^cw rbc inlnrrlic vtluc of tlic p*r<«, bat U 
alfo A tcdimooy of ibe rtrrii of the perfoimen vho no-r iU tbc r* 
fpr&Wv rbtJi-^itrt, t«4 *lio, ubil« thfy t>erriiiil«d to (b« E4hOlf« 
wavmiK «hank« for thrir Ipmi *od r^vrtinn, hA\* 4Joe« thcoiMw 
xhe hij;lKil C(cd4. and h^w coafc^uced/ lil'^o coAtlda&bly la l^ 

\Vc iriwfly jHow thn * ih? Editor ind hi< frl^ftdt were not 
■niHtkcii Ahirn ihcy (bou^hl the tr«^cJy b<^c: Oion^ mirki of 
genivi*/ and thJi.L t^lt « irtiy ftill 
bcaiitio, furfoundcJ by j]nw)[l a» a 

lure been wUbcd^ ihrulorc, xhix ' when iho Kditor ct>nfu1»4' 
his literary /i ienJs under wbofr '4vico» ami by whdfe «GinKn<«t 
he hiA been embtcii to ^'vc it lo the uor!J tn tu picfEat fofipV 
Ibit ihc jjitmioiu hi<I b«en tnadc b^ i bolJer biad* and vLtli 
» Icfa f«rvilc ' licfcmicc io the minufciftt af the Author/ who* 
iA« Are fairly inforiTtcJ, hij left th? uaj^t^y in i (\iVi ' aJl^ 
gctbcr unfit forihe (laftc' To_;ff /^ yir tbt Jla^u in Ofdcr 10 
Uip iho« profit wbicb tJi« vnronanite Author Med to derive 
frofli hu produftiofi, fremi indcod to hire been the (sAc objcwl 
of ■ the Kdifoir »d Mi Ht^aryfrm^f' aaioi>g whom we lev 

3 f' 

genivi*/ and thJi.L t^lt « irtiy ftill !>c f^aJd (o Cfinu^n * «»>rf i 
beaiitio, furroundcJ by j]mo[l «» niai^y dcf^^/ Jt Wfrc r«l 


frotn tlic CviiiCMron. ItM Mr. Colintn ffiiiKipfllly conEiibi^^rd 
to E*^< tiM bullioo of &u>^e * i'l ihntric*! cvticfity/ V/c 
arc ^IjhI Co (iii<J kc bM fucccedcd in irhil we fu;ipT>fe wit bii 
cbicf afnn. the fOiVt fig ir into gu>n<rji for ihe ufc of ihc Edi- 
tor i bill U the IrreiJkf/ ft^lc, like ihc poIUpVal, iJcpcmft fiinr** 
on frM/r ;«rr^grr. wt fiiirern ' wifli rAn/ h^J brtn 1 

A9 ir<il *a (he if^mfrual. TKc rf^ji^, mJeCv', lui :■-. i . j 
h^nfi neg!ec1ed, for th^ p'ajr ree^ni to be 3« iiixcufJicly 

The haltin^ft of the alirrAltofi i^^inlf apppin f/om fniri|r 
rircualtueo of icnpro^ftbilitv m tbc nble, Bftd rj^ckliiKS ijf 
Ahf)'fyn^ which iKe Ahcrer or Airerer*. aj^xiirll rfwir h'fTr 
jit^^metil, hi»e lel( uii'iwi>J*iJi f*Ttis-«:wJy the iwnajuic rpU 
ftxJe of OwfbtJr^ f.iiii* Bt'nvnuj') -dj ffitKlfji* .Si/i^i 
wrote unier the ;<rv!:4ff of fniiffvrtiirK, fjtfEcicut lutuvt drni 
ibe i»oll lovreimg fpliii : t>ul UU klcj» ol (ra^cJy do luic fcoft 
to bive iifffl bnond thic cUlit-«th:i]u] r^J ^)r AJdi:on «aj 
Hughca, Dcvcr lifi'^g lo ihe mi;;nfficcn<« vf Stt^ltc'prArtrt but 
jldw «nit ttiGO c«twftit>g 1 /^int gUim (torn Oewi;, and hri 
flid^ni fulEou'cr. 8o«c, Ja irnivatiijii vl «l) thcfT Ao*ni.':%, tnc 
Adi b*ff coitc'udcil ^ith :Wiir> and rh^me^, in4 ih*.- lAic^jfc 
ill [>-ncral iclJfb«i more of ^ot-ty iFun niiuf^. 

How fir th^^e rerntrics a,re jud, i^S; Rcncfct wil deiermiAf 
. from the hWo^'tng cxirafl : 

ACT ir, 

SOMERSET* **^y, 

Wnuld ! GouKi EictfCf tttiaki^f liivn wrrt hi^fjm 
RtttiCti* riwcti w<>e«pOa Ihc urc.'Li-Afld 

Wbco vtc hjvc fVU^it t« ibefii wv E^jI rvir ('•£'> 

Ta pie thit c^Th^^'i'* kift^l hut tw friMid— 

And ^9V« aai ftirndilap hit fb near jUic<5, 

Tljch Ivrni^^ :o ^ruc the o;tKr^vrttr tti tbtt 
Wby ia vty bu^l ik'iuld fmi^di^Ip t^ w'ak lot4t 
Ifw hnrt rr<«ii prcfl «.ifi cur, f^^^J M/ fi^fttle lori, 

JtVhy te**c ytju tV-a* »^r |?*<cl> virf'Kiidf / 
Wbi* h« ufiTr ' I jfi>'d jtiiif (bulf 

I fcmi iDy[ "d ard ! left jOi-^ 

(W 4RI I i>i<ii— lrf*vtf me, I'JI iirm rvivo- 

Oli! if»T d<»r Lc*it I ^*n nrx f»^ dccmM. 
Tbofir c^« bcni hrir«t ill r»ii 4 trtik^'ogai** Atflt« 
Are f^\iU-i iimi (be gcltuicsof ^ril|^^B f 
Are lT»«r» fiJ flglit tW wtilfr i^f in«if J]at ? 

. Netf *9/— itrjacRibcr 1 us cgiv ywr «iki 

K 5 "TT^x 

Sir Tfodwr Ovtrhurf: A Tragedy 

*T» mine to c^fe >our c>tFC> tnd briiiiE voti CDsfivt; 
S(jt>xi hi\c ^Tiov^t, 1 miift cUim mjr pan : 
Jf vou <^try mc thii, i^ou lovf mt noL 
j«a. Ncidcivc ih<e, ijy'j! thua / Oh 1 (bou faul ofSomfrlctl 

CouEd ihoit bn^\ii tf<riM di/i:cEn my (iimcll LhoagKtt, 
There wuuU you (re, how ycur fuffidoa wrong* mc- 
Leim^ lc»ftli ni^h I— Lff mrgiT* t<re tiEh wonder » 
Wiifrc'i frEcriclU'ip now ^ v^liy rvibn yi^Jdi to be>s(y, 
Whfci ihouEh ihc (rinnci of ivhicb hei ioei tccufc bof^ 

Angrl» ill fuiilie^ on brr fi;frniiig <yc». 

And Ufti an 3«'e m i'wMiDelV ; Lov« r*j^# fOdod krVa 

Aod vhcn lh« ipfikti comfofi. like fwccteft »o6c> 

Ob ' wuh nhklMti y^u ^cli ^ly runttag fpiri|a(-> 
And dm I <lill your drif, your much Jov'd wift i 
Why doX Alt f Taof'* rm conk-fi I un. 
Then icll me, lor /ga jbouJd tmpin yoar ctKi| 
Wfty xic you thui.' 
£««. Oil! 

1 gi]«£i 10 wKom I oivc tny Lo4i r>t pQA^: 
Vou Ijavc 4 '(icad'-A iiicad ! ttd^h ncU thtl bime ^ 
A wife bcconn ibc ir«cil Uud'icit fiKid; 
linlc'd ro her Lord, la int'icQ &t Ln iQr«| 
pMzntt ci tif'ty cut, indev'ryjayt 
Thri>* evVy vifiou* turn of life ifce TftEoe j 
TKe bJra of ccmlOTit foaru of all dcliGhl. 
6*ch ODCC ktai tnaffifl^c— 'BvE yocr hirr a rrirnd ; 
A fr^»d, wbafv lor.gDC ciu ull yen ulri of hqa^vfi 
And b»d yoo a1« i power, an early pnweri 
To irinfflpb o'rr a t^lie, tthi!c yci i biidc 4 
Wbu hd« ji.dccJ Ijci Uallt, but wh^rc diicf crime 
Is lobing you— ^ptrhafii, wfth 100 morh t^ndncA. 
A«. WikU mtitt my iovt— Whit friend f 

CM«r, U there nMoiLV, 

Who Hum ffkv hoAOur, ind arnifnA my Wrc ? 
Wlinfe xeot of ffttaJiliip b» oji^ot'd ouf nuptUlt* 
And mid'ning now >i oppofiiion vim, 
R<bak«t yoi^r clioics r Umq* Aoaa aox yoiit difciaUtl 
L^fc up your eye» on iDiEte!»-To (hit. rrply. 
Ah I ihcy dr<]Lnei your ih^u^hu cjd iind na autrtoccT 
And y« your rilenco Ipnlu— Camr, come, my Lord* 
J know your tutor cM^ffi your IkaUy condu^. 
Go then ind mAc your price- £c mc«kly peniatatl 
PtomiJc to ttr no more, and he ^rj-ivei. 
£af. Hear mr, furcct tjiani, I bcicELh thcc heir oul 

Thoo'rt dear ro me «> bcsury U to love; 
Dcir a< ffijoymeui ro defue : — u drar 
Ai iliil blelfinri to pircnijl fondnefjft 

Or|(b'iAi wci/aie 10 li&uE^cli bcncvolcoct. 

Sir TUmoi Overhirj: A Tn^f. 



C*mmr. AmJ d^i tay Tcf, who caIU liUDfcir four f/icsd* 
He cJ4>fi, ind I rcrjjre him— Yet OKthjiUu 

'Titpicy. e»* wh:f ihtanin wiow toonct) 
[n aU Urn KnKti thic tobtJIrfb kn^wM^e, 
TIt*t orrc, To fbrm'd to «ltiini> tkoutd b:ds a bcvi 
Thii ocriu iaiaax. can:einpc irii hftjc. 
Bat I mall icU you— ycE I i^ocl^J ox^ 

Chh/, ThU Ombaif, thii \ar*ti inin » 

T^ > hv^ «rord-"A vilUid. 
J could forgive xiJ kaee j bui tut ttho sun* 
T4> aJ^PiM f^ar b«^ri fjt^ni jovc like inia« ; 
Or <oiid I jJirdoo l'ir<h 4t -fr^njc to bm, 
Wk«i ij Ki> iIcnefL LorJ All tDCsni I covld HOC. 

X pfirhcf dA Not turn me wiM^-«ipla»n. 

Sam, AgatAlt fOorb^Douil— MadAffi'— Fuiy l-^DcBlbl 

C#«f/, Soi^pufc, t(} «r]£c hit paLuuD N^iinft yam >, 
He lotd ne ycc *erc falJ'r, dcfignUj, Jrslom ^ 
^ppoTc b«. «h«a e«ch art vai I'j«iJ iti VAin, 

^««. F«K< I— bUndcf ' — Tio4i kad waici'ii UH^-Xfajnk OQce 

He codM n« be roi>4Jr- (moct. 

Oh/. Wrn b« »i koiuA u b« leevit he (4utd n^C. 

J««. £rf yet mr fury mottnu i»ro 4 kliM, 

R(C [ v;ib.-ai-d hini wjtk cimffni like tlMfci 
1 chaigc Lfacc lu iiw tnnoccpt* wjtb leiiiti ; 
For tbou may^t open fucft ■ fcca* of b<vrtirt 
'IVilJ ffubc Eh<« iQ ^hol4 it— > H4v« d zut I 
** Dw« yott GOahfn it wub an oath ^ 

•' Da^e I ? 
" Nay, but w«igh uell whu ym prtrTiJine to fw»f ! 
•' Oii&i Air of (SrrAL^ful wfighi— Ard if r*i*yW fdilp, 
" Priw dowi dimriauuii"— 'l~hf} vrbo durdtr fiAVt 
Kit! DOrc (biM life-dcftiuy^f*. 

Cmit. By my hop«, 

Wh4C I hivt 6id 

S#M, No Bor« — I vkiQ beli«v« you ; 

B<lki< ymi» («)d I ? nbai Auft 1 bvi^M .' 

]/ you p>OT< I^Xte ; Ujoa iradutc ivy friecda 

AM wroBff >n> faii^, rnay luiro* bUA il^j bliOOaat 

May conkacact ric la «il her dreadful enuvpl. 

Scijc cv'ry i«nfe, bb^ llHke ibc« wiib dillractio'i < 

Yet fdre lioa'n tni« — Tluii foul vrap: round mib cbarmi ; 

Tbj4 foul caa «<3f ao ftain of bivb'rout filfcb^rod f^ 

Wtu: ilkTA in«ft Ovcfbtufr bef<^— Re^cLbn 

SKk«ai witJa ^cibip a»4 din ia dvk coofafioiK 

Circ oc f««w proof- 

Cinr. Tb« pra«f U here— Tfcda IctKra— 

DarkfcroUa of k)vc fiom OTwbarv'akud, 



Nate bo< ihe c*afittfT-^b*cr*^ ihe ltif« — Kcfuf* — 

I know *nn w«ll— Th* pcrio^i t^>! lo oU 
OncC'Slonr'iJ iq rVcmtn^ foc<iiJDki]>, fcin<Jlinr Itvrv 

IWi filir. UlU, ft}<6. — Carfe OA *ll Irc««h'fOy| JriMtdll 

CtemAt Qf ifl ranki prvfi in in join j<mt f',t*£ant, 

T^loun^f Uici nomond fvell tbe boiworbre. 
A'u f mr Lcri I cv'n hi/vio«y frmrt lu»A i 
ThJ^ig^bt'teut ol'iunra dil^otd bv df itck vit caf> 
A»d ffiy ToaJjAn «1tMn ttr> 
Mf/^ Whit the ca«it / 

K*ttb, Tlkib i> but (<>o appArcftC— Who bu mrroijjt^d icn^ 
Svm. Tb« dftfkcrt of All *mtW.t- A h\k ft icnd !— 

C>h f wiai t thtngtf bu i»7 fK>or h4arcidfUiA*d?^ 

But » Itfur oioAicnu Anc^. ihn man*! ]9i'd memoiy 

^» &f| Ai broc^linK halcT-oni on uty Tout i 

Nov my rodz'd njgr- ■ ' 
Mmi, Njy. ihiiHwild, nyLord, 

Wb«R >nt^ roAiet artr«dnin'd lo ft^iear 

Like k ho^ Ae«0 ii lUmbki in i<» h4Ac. 

Tbe mjin of ibnuf ht rovndi <fecpclf , and llritet Tiff 1^ ; 

Prrmedimioti injikrt bii rtn^pince ftfiVr 

And IcTCli It cfitttt^v to ih< maHc. 
^rfl, J cinMCrf, |lH>t|;(t « C^vi Iter. ktU wilb finik« | 

My fufV fdfPi t«> jtlo*/ torKCBl'*] io cfnbcf»; 

No. It {hfll ntKfnt ar»ij f^^icaJ in fliirLfiK licrteafii. 

If I »bI WI, <Hiy I i*»( bom 10 di#, 

And r&ll Ai « ma iXoald — \i [ rcvcA^t foe, 

i t}f)ti\. ^y irtjuj'd honour ai 1 outfit. 

J». Sftld'fl tbMj Ortrburyf 

Ne>«t b7 m/ Ibol, iketc't caieic in tlk< nivitfr 
A»d my cbtftnM rave ir'cwi \u\\ v midni^hi liUrce. 
Why «cttM'it tboB ■P"': ii f^Lci mt not divdl upwi bdB» 
Talk cf fftlfe ^rUndhiip, nf l^Andon'Lt bniuurj 
Of bftrdj-rivti'd [or*— Of f&K<~Uf fl*nd»ri 
OFli>tl»> rtvob^ J ofruin^ cf diitradkin ;-^ 
^■1 fptrc iKit niiM AC whkk my Utj iikIu t 
Of f,fi\U wiJI 6nik **fcc f^Tet-ejr'd ianocmce. 

Cttwr. My Lord, b« c4lfliH>-Rfflf^> how pcntJ rit^ot 
Oti Etttdtni him, wbcn pL'doo may rtt!»ua- 
*TJ> A^bUr 19 fbfffCWt Uuflionren^t. 

Stm, Doll tboH ptrid for him? be bii hiitt ihy Tamet 

E»>5 lo my car hai hntr li — G^n'rAu* charra", 
T^ mm ibo« pJ«ftd'A t^ caui> ot hinwAc vm?'d ibtt. 

TlithnJ and li-l-piccc lo jbia ^| 

mrc fuppl-^d br Mciri. b(vci<d-D ajiJ CunbrrUcili and arc, cm 
the wtii;>. not ill iJapn) tn ihc rxt^ridn, 

IT iBCtfUinly vDrn^M /"ori Rcvicwvf to lit «hnrn lo the con- 
fkJ^rii'ion oJ^ a pcrkrnjijjcc, vich uiy bua on ^1 mind, 
csttacT in Uvcur or 10 ibe dibdviDtSf-e of hU Aiatlfcoc : 4nd 
yctf updcT « picpodcffion (/ tlic JiHcr kind, n-c muEl hancfil^ 
ovpo* wv ccfrk u^ ilie vohjmM now befofc ti«. Akn lu Ir^Mc 
•i^OAlcAoft, il ii incumticnt on ai lo efface my ufilatovribie^ 
ivfteA«o« ivhich it miftht ktre in tb? minds of our RcAdert^ 
hjfAi funklf rcciur»i( the ciicgmftAnccAof tbcofe. 

Tbuugh urt neither ftudy nor pruOire itt? de}i^hTful art of 
M^iOfe't «c hat< (o«r.cRai<i aoiiiftfd oufklvc* by dipping iciut 
bo4c|k f/Mc WdSion'i CtrtfSfte jf^iitr^ stttttly i» B rieut bod:,, 
wbicb »«i icput>liJbcil, ]R the rc«r i;6o, with tbc •dditioo g( 
vahou» iroourioni by our pirirnr Au:hf]r. hi ch»t puUicA* 
tioAg lAd in ofk« of ihc ti^ibjt'i flotcs, m onet wirb * puiEigc. 
too lemiTkkhle ta ht Coon forgotun bf tnf tgiodetn Si^MtUi* 
and vbicta muft inllftocly and forcibl) be fccoUe^^ by as, oq 
Andiog tho Wiiceroi' it p-'cieottn^ bimlWf In m>t noiirr anJ<r 
tbe chancer of a Maik*l Hiftwiin.^But ihit the Kf4dor.. 
w&accvcT vuy be hu l^ltc, vny judi^c fuc liruiLVIft we fUall 
Cftofcrioti pirt of the Kijito(\> ^\ry ftrikutg AOtc.^ — Afcc? Tpcak' 
ing of Uie iUte of MtiCK in i^n^iuiii, 4i ibo period vbrn VV'^U 
ron WTWtt hn Editor, our Auibor, bttxki om >i follo«« : 

'^ And novr, t aoa «poci ihii fubjcd,'/ifiv^ friV ibt f^adW" a^^ 
/<i^tti wliieli Ht ihit mufic wj« in iu gmccft perft^ion iijH 
£ufOpe froa aboot the mJidk of the l;ziccnih to the bc^rrnini; 
of ibiimMOeAtlictniuryi when, whh a viEJcty of rrsiJf ii«- 
Jh^miWt A tq'fMBi ftf//r W4J ioCroiueicd, avd AdrmiMi rs^rivid 
iti MWrfW EUtfAii. Ill tbt« period AourHhed Pmarfiim, dK 
Priace of VtMJa^ and the fcrcril olh<^r luibori tbovcEncrttioncd^i 
CO b>ve bwacolk^ed by Mrlion, sad, to ibc inniortil bo- 
oour of this natiooi ovr owa Ttfitrr and ffir^i and in the 
ivore elegani kii>di of onmpufitit^n , fMck at madrlg<U, c^nfo- 
bets &C. IViikyy W*AUt-^ Htnjtdt, Ahtitf^ Bstufin^ lOd otbcrH 
iritofc worki ihew deep itUI, aad 6m Inrenuon/' 

We tppcfll to cv«ry Readier acquainted Vftth the ancient <n4 
prtfeot f^tn <]f mLific, ii>ri pofTrfiFd of > cnnprimc Gutc oF 1tcI« 
■■( for the b«AU(ics of ttuc u-t, whcchvr ii were pofEble for A 
flutfir« SitttaaiU to fit down lo the pfrCmt rolitrnci, at a cri<ic, 
with a (TiMid loully uiiprejuciiced or uoimpaJfioQcd. We wtf« 
Id hope* tvixvevtf thtit in ihe courfc of riNtrcn vcwit our Hif* 
tonarmi^h4Chavcac<juiud a bccuf uAeToraileaAoMfomevfcac 
aiorcccD|^iiij[ %vithouj own i atnl ihM thUAfBnflto«r/in<^if M7f 
ni^litt bf thif lijne* be (li''por«d U} aioiw for the fcaitdjl viFhicb 
Tuch a drcl^ratioii muft give occalioo tOi bf a foiiDal iccantil- 
boA of hi* error. In thiv hope, vre cntvfed ot% the pe.'ufi] of 
Ini PrtlmiMdTj Difit^rjie i but had foon the moriiBcJtioA of 
there fiadmg him m^inuiatn^ the hmt u :.tar>Tit>i\t ti\d Gothic 
opinionft and crcn li^cilEtn; m the nwil Jnerercat term of tb* 
Dufie * of the piticrA d^y/ 

* Foe the ^rf£&im tf tPMe/ ha^irrstf^ Ujt our Htfloii«s * WV 
muD teCertoa period of about fifty year», ttttmirtdi M iht jmr 
1560. dtiring which were compofed nnidrigtb for i^irkte iv* 
cf eatioo in ibQiidjnee, th4t afe ih* ftmMs ^ fx^tiitnit in tbeir 
kind \ and in thii S^ttv^g of nafie tbt eofnpokrs of ovr own 
CoiiMty appear to be inrriior ro nore/ Ajain« 

*Therearenotaf«w'— ondouf Author cvuJcnily appe^rf to 
be ore <A the fclccl mimbcr — * wH:> (hlnk ihit at ibe rnd of the 
bxiccfiih c«oCtfrr the Kunuth cbureh-iruftc wai at in heifhCg 
■1 aifa ilui, wiih us \A (be iciuin;cd Cbuich, Ut m^ Jlm ^ ' 
inxfi^* u«i i*w^ *** r*F^* *f £Iiiu^iL* — 'J'be reftimony of ■ 
foreigner ia alfo adducedt woo happti^ed to attend tl'C urricc 
in tbe eboar at Canterbury, while ifap <^eea nfi'.td ihu plac*i 
aod who ttJU tu, fayi the Auibor, thai * the French AmlxJie- 
<tor heAring the rxceUerit muiic in the eaihedral church esEolM 
it up to the Iky. and b?ake out mco ihefc words ; ** O G^^ / 
t^imk tf Pftiw ^f^dt nr «i/ Kvr^ tVfr httri tht Bh, tto, tm mr 

in Thrfe gotdrn darf. be ti likewffc fenKtnbcred, flourifbod 
Dr. BuK, who 10 a UOoa condilbiig of forty paria a<jde4 fbfly 
morr; mn^ wu accairdin^ly fl^tewdiy fufpedcd by a famoua 
mufieitn on tbe Coniioeai to be ' titUr tht D^vil 4r Dr, Hdf^ 
&c. whereupon Bull making himlclf know/i, the aiuficrJii fell 
down and adored taim/ This well-known anecdote our Av- 
ihof givea ui from Anthony Wood | and afterward) addj, that 
* hii lc£Ton« were, in tixe eftirnation of Or. Pcpufch, not only 
for the baimony ^r^i co>ntrirancc, but for tfir and m>Afc^tiMtf, fo 
eKCcUfnt, ttiii he icruplcd not lo prefer them to ibofeofCoo* 
pefin. Scarkttit and othera of the modern compofcrv for ibe 
barplkbord !1'— ^« One of rhrm took up twenir ninutct to ^ 
go through it I*-— tnd a pretty lullaby it rnvft b*ve oeeo ! ■ 

* Of vocal concerts' ^^'S^ <^t Hinoiian, ■ aa tbrv ftoorf 
about tbe >tar 1550, or perh^^i* earlkr, a jvdgnieai may be 


forncd from ikc maJri^ah of thir tnnc, eM/c^ d^tmuf w/r^ «A 
f^ fTtffrt '/ 60^B!ftj.— He Acxt (^LiOi!e« an iiivhor tvho wra<«< 
on Aubc about the year ibcCf ttid who * dcfcnbca thetoacerti^ 
o€ bU lime, w tt^itiJi^Sieg in /vcirinrf tf bo'wtmJ'^'Vk'^ lixv« 
Ae3Ct the 4jeqnifiir judgmcAC of I'om Curyati th< peticilfKU 
trmTellcr, * v\tn i-Uo fp;ik« of 1 pcrformaoce it Venice, chie-fly 
ef inllrvciKntal m^iljo, vrtitcb be protefb bo wo-«ld tiare trft*i 
vcikJ »:t humfrtJ mi:c< 0:1 foot 10 hG«f/ ^ 

It muil lurciy be owing td hmt Ann^t pttrtiQtj in human 
naturcr thu m^Jkai t^ji^ia &oulJ, of «ll oihcr«, be aIdjk can< 
lignc<I CO oblivon or Avgk^tt ui the fliort 'pKc of % etntaryor 
t«o; «bjlc the cUilkd wriicis li other fccnces oi Itber^l 
art»t and polii« IhmcDfe, fbf ever nuinciic thflr ground, in op* 
pofiuon (o noi'cliv, Lflu^fOt ot caprice i yet io a h i ai:d our 
Author ihiLj IsoienEv ibc eveot, — After taking ootkc of ' tbt? 
alcnoli local )f>noriDce ^Kich pjeviiU cf the merit* of jnotl ^ 
th« many cxrciiritt &TEillt wbo BauriiScd tn lb« ^es pit^J- 
jAf our own/ be tbo proccedi ; 

- or T^^ cf A^^^fTi/, siv^fd, ThMiMd^ mMiij irr/ijH 

J^ B^^n^ Hhttv^ and ArAMTi we know iictTtf more tbin iheir 
nanici ( thrfi; mcii cumpcfrd volcimr? uhich arif rav (I fprrftrdi 
and irreiTicvably lolt, ytt did tbcir cini|>ontbDn9 fu};£cft ibcle 
iJea\ of ibt power anl rlEcicy of lauftr, and i^oCs dt^rt^jiploni 
of Ui OkAikLlolJ chArmt thai occur in the verTn ot our bcft 
poeta. To fay thii i^icfc aud * ibe romportiioni ot thcu fuc 
ceJI>brf Blow, Purcclli Humphrey, Wife, Wcldon^ and others^ 
were atJnbcd meidj- bcc^ufc ibcy were new. is beeping a (jvcf- 
boD ihac wJJl be ben cf^ciricd by a nmf^rnfin^ tL-htti f^* tf il>i 
fttM^ MWfff iht p^9fi£^i tj tht art at tlrii doj w^stid /itink 

Bvl rurcJy fomc caufc may be ati^ncd for ibis finitvlar fsif- 
chanee; a^d in h&t we ihink we find one m ihn v^y PrHi^ 
rrutffrj i>ifa^fu^^^ Hov eomei it,' ailc* C(ir Aucbor* * thAt 
there are any work* of gctaiut wbich iren witb eoe common 
confeni piofefi to ■pr'^atfd and admire b» tbc ftandai'da of per- 
reflton ?'^Td ibit Ur atifwcn, ' tha< allhougti Ibe ligbt of 
pr)va£« judgment ia in fome dvtree cxercile^ by ali, ic i* con- 
trouled by the few i and it is fhi tfsifvn tt/fttmvj tf nm rfdij^ 
tfTvmat dJifiM tbac flampc a chara^er on ihe produdiooi of 
f^iuSp and confrgns ihem tiiln m «j/r'.-;W or tt tmioo'talitj-'^ 
tfcre wc thaik iba final djmnat^n, or rathcf tht utter annibi 
lation of ati bui ibe wudri of McfFra. 7y, RMtrtiy 4inJ (U. 
very fiti^ra^orily accoonted fo<, by ibt: ijueriR bimfelf--— T 
praifn or ibe pceu are ai cafiJy explicable; ibey extol the 
muftc of Mi^u afofcfaid ; but bad they ever heard any better \ 

Our Hillotian*! ideaa of the merit* of modern mufical eo«w 
ftol^tioos ma/ be cc^'JetTfcd froci rbe following ftiiVaa^ ^^111.^% 

I40 Ilawkini'j /ijjJarr ^ftki S^itKn and Pr^^kt ^ Mf^fu ' ■ 

vhi^h occur in the Uac pr<!irnirity difcourfV* — ONtrcOftSA 
^ ihc Epfff^fia — ihc Opiit AiT^fnvn of modcfn murit^ be thn* 
m«T<rcnily and unfMlmiEl)^ fpMki ; -^k 

* Tbc prefcpi gtc4( fiMjrcc of mufical dclifbc thr(Hifho«'" 
EuiopCt 11 tha ofbpra,--lc may fjfii^v t£) fiy of the mo^icfln 
cipriA. Uut by lhc/j^ mbA jstJiiiovt pjit trf niacikiDd it fai» 
04t been coo^dfTcd «i the rn^-re olHpripg of luxufy ^ aaJ i^rc 
wlifi luifc cjuitpucd i: vt\'<h * truimi tt/t fViupFf; rot m pro* 

/ht^I. To ijffcciiil to |iiiiiiculir« in proof of ifatt Allcrfvo*- 
would be bai 10 nptH argmrctit) «b»crt have alrvtJ]^ bc«n ^ 
ur^ctlt inV^ ir/f^ fi^^J* '* " ''^'t ^^ut wrch grc4f force 0/ lO-* fl 
fan, •idfd by iJt ihc power* pf wii and biioKwr.' — Hird Cijr* ™ 
tag4 <bclc, tc lAuc I'om ihc moucb of ^n /iji^'iim •[ Miifit/ 

* 1 he JfilbAt /b« ihc Iur^i4 bord^^>r fhc pnc^iit liine, bn« 
no othct ctndciKT chifi to drgr Jik 4n inilrumcnt i^wcnicd tor 
the rlcfjiRi fccfrA^iMi o4 ihc fNuk/ui of ihc oehcr £cx, »nd to 
vendet it what at bcft it now appears 10 ^^ and any ai nvly 
« cinphatic^ly he icroicd, a lUiiiig rraJo/ '-^But in itic foU 
lowiii^ piELgc the RcmIct wih bcho1<t our ftctn and ri^id Cert* 
&X inialv;a£ all out modctn i^iAiurticoial mufic ju dx lump, 
in Ofic iodi^cii'niniCc con^lrmn^tTMi. 

* Ot ihc rulUvmci^ul inulic of the picfcni day. notwilb* 
ftMldirig ibe Iciming ani abi|iii«i of nniny comf>or«ri, th« chl- 
Mderilhca of ic arc noife witbout htumoAf, excmpltiWd in the 
frittenn^ot'p^fl'igfi Iwo ikoiti, r«^uiHn^ fork an innanimeooi 
uiictaACCt that ihir^y-iwo of tbc«i ifc frequently heard in ch« 
time vhich n woirld tike moderately to count f<iur ; trtdoSt^u 
<a(h aic ibc lymphooKa, pcuodieal ovctlures, quartetloit quia* 
inios ^^^ E^E^ r^A f^f thr rrajh d^iily ohifitilrd Aa (he worlJ.' 

J o iWf« hold and gcnctaJ a£eriioii;, ubfupporicc by cvfp 
the tai-il^ itiD^r.t jiEcispE tour^idi pfooi| we irud conienc mr* 
fslrei «r»<h fioipiy opposing, with equal con&Jemet our mi- 
^•ned diflrni ; efpecially at mt cin cMEcriaJn Itttle hapci<tf 
Mclaioiinfi fo Jo|(fnatical a Crnfor, of of comrmtti^cMifff 10 
him any t-ont^KtCftt ^kxcioo of mttfit^ig^au \ ai of ihat fnifibi* 
lay ind r(ftrkcm<Eii uhicll Arc tectDifile to enable htm to reijA 
ihc nijnifcl^ jmprovraiMitt whieh haic been nude in this and 
Ctcry other valiaablr Hjan^h at ihc nufir^ art, _ 

' Aa laflt bavrcvc/ ii a gift fthich u not faeitowcd on aH loeD 1 ■ 
bM even tipon Ihofc wh<>dj)i^mily frek ic, and have fpent theie 
whole hTc« in purfuJe of it ; and a> it it only ^w. though cA- 
tainly oo< an incllenaa}, i^uilif^rarion in an hiftorjao of mi4 f 
fid we fliall wa\e any lurthtr prefecutioo o(" lhi< fu^ci^ 
ir>d fliall pmcced to |;ii« ihe RcmIcf feme accoitnt of the ptjo 
Mtd difpoiitiiiei of the frefrne work i uktaf our Author*! Prt- 
Ummrf UifiMtrft opec uknc a» out guide. 

of cnricirtn^ ourHiftOTOti, and patiicuSttljr ot tnimHJTnlUtd 
on one part o( hit conduO In tive fxccuijon «>f ih« prf li-'hc u«»- 
cJcrt^k>Df. Wc ftKodc lo htt ihjinifeH vi«Utt4Mi oi * r«le wfaieh 
Iv bu hiaifelf laid <lown, or wtkb b u luK in|iLieJ» ia iJic, 
followtn^ <|uot>CK»« * 

' Tlic '' HiA'iirc <»crwrilt, rrtflquf* cf pliilfihi^iqup 4r Ift' 

id ^ thio qiiarCn vn|uin«, hit. very Jiide premise to llw <itl* 
iv b«3rt ; iikf J*mt H*W t^rti of t^ iiJirf* if is 'S»ff*fft vArr^ 

Again, with it^r6 lo the f-tc^ktn of the F*8s proprr (o bo 
oiloilffcd i»lo jin AtAury o^ iMffif^ oof Author U fw^dlvy ri- 
gid* *nd rikr» pftiiM to iociik«t^ rhc ^li^lm^ioQ whkh oij^H 
to be m«dr, * h^nr^rii fuch it >■« in fhtir Awn naiorc i/rttt^' 
nift and iKo^e Ih^t icod ooU 10 f rAiriy tfir id'4 fofrf/i.y.^ 

* Whit (MUii j^'hfiTi^' hPXJdi, ' lion iW mind if^drrr frooi 
fbe te<iial Of the jMnvi of i)t«i<« trbo arc (mt6 10 hire iacrfikd 
thr cfci»rd» ol the ptifnittve tyrp from four to ftvea, Cfi^itebtit, 
H!i«);iiiS and T«rpiodfr | or w\tii wv irt told (lur Olympu* 
Cnvcotvd l1i< vnharmfwiic (tmm. u ^Ifo il»jr H*rin«t»«n oiooJi 
ur ih^t tu<ncl|)u« flod Mrlimr>ut w«fe cxccUcftit iniiltcius 
ond r'roinoioui, AnEV^^^d'^it *i>^ LaRita, cdcttrtivd pli^n^on 
fhi iiitcf Jn fti^ lUU iiill»Tifc&. w^clc then ■» do 6fC«oi- 
ftaiKM ibai fonAaiitc a ct>iradcr, and fNmili*rT£« to mt ibe 
pf f fon fpdccfl of, wc iMldrttJI^ toq^i^rf /f%v V rV^ and, for 
waca of fuiiHcr Inrofct^^tion* bfcccnc frKjificrcrt >i to vrtiflt ft 
rtoofdrd of him/ — In the precrdinf* piftgr^pH r>i< Ai^cbo/ »^ 
|icji3 TO p(H thii Ull <)iirflion, — ^i vtt li^—tn Offitut, tnd 
Avtfirim \ and pronoonc«f th«ir f)o'i«i * t^ b>vr ;m> foirtNJil*on 
tn truCn* boi to have been calculated loJcly for (bo purpose 
of m'^rftl iriAru^ioft/ 

By tbe bye, it fo hippenK tbit oar Atiltiof'a prcd«<Hror, 
rvFrrrcd 10 «i ■bow, ap^^Wf to biTe hrfn prrullattjr culpJ> 
ble io pc(hap4 <v<fv ooe of lh« rniWiec^ jvifl t«cit«d. He 

vait^M vrritrrt tfbo hivc prr<«d«d hLn •« Muftcal UiftMiftMt w4i«k 
b tcfcuDau^L by the A^Uowint Qtort dov^vu of ikc vrack of ouf A»- 

tkor'i ininvduirT prnJccOir aitd courLir>rin.;ti..-^— - At \ia begtfp- 
ftioff of i&ii ptvfeal je>r, 1776, Lb? iruji^bl warld we;C fiTOAlfld 
witn t^ liffl i-Mca>cof a w^rk, <ru;J«d, '^ Jitwr^ fiji^ty tf ^Cm- 
Jku/ffm tki fAtttifi di*t t« ttf jrrffici PfitJ^ -will Difi''*r*tM tm 
ibt Hfjk 9/fh Ji^kAU, hy aurlca fiutney. Mui'.D. F. R. S."" 
Tbe AaihOf in tlie p«i.po£iJi fat Mi fiil>f(rtp;«r, hl< giv^a alHl* 
nrica of the pnblkalum of a fecund, nvhich «c douli; oat k« t*tfl 
«ake food.' 



*}a* 0Ot Oilier, on the inlboiiiy of Citcro tnd pihrT*« coa 
Orfhtm ft ml p«tfbiu(e, Md co<ifi^^«d l^im •» « pr«P« Cttt^DA 
of cnic hiAory ; bui b«s C3C|KiMlctI ^er^ P*C^ o* t^i* ban!* 
Mhl odCJifii^^i TtrfdH^tf^ L^mia, ird ut^r b^rpcn aod Aim 
pbicT» o^ ftDtkittiCy, N^j he b^k ;jicxct4c<l mticll fmtther 
ftftdi la ft ^i^«n' ^ '^'9^1 ^=^ llvouf^ht prop*' ro pttjf pft/licu 
itfpc^ to JftiUf und (be jt<«f im^n i cootpftreJ «i(A whoo* 
O^v/iod J/Kfhif^ lit, M it «tfffc, vi^fi •f yrOrnliy. He 
hu imiccift vith fc^tril to the foioicr, otimd aii ^polo^y for 
thdc ittmiti^ly Uceatioat Uian^rhtgt tiocn bb fuKjc^ ; «»hick 
the gcDciilujr oi jrour <U£ic«l ftfKl /ir/i^r rt«d«t ttiJI fc«c^|r td- 
mil ; u uTfll on irrotiirr of hit oi^nnrr of c-'/atin^^ rb«fe k* 
kikowlcdccd nonciiiiiicii at fi>r the fvlkwfng rcftfon vrbich h^ 
aJ1agA>r for iarrodui^ing ApoUo, in paincular, to hi« fcaifcti. 
A» to Olyttiputp TcrfflJidcr, ind othen, wc fctfce rccoilcli 
thftt be hai once TtKicbfilcd to oiTcr ibc \c*(k dtcufe for tbt 
puiicuUr nocico he Um takea ol them t but leuea ihin !• 
fpcsk foe ihcoa&Jvc) 

■» Tbere it fotitdhing plcifing,'* fifi fac, " in the Jin of 
fcal£:n|;, of even of finding the nty^btcfc Ibuad^iion in htHofj 
foft lie t^b^j with whj;h uc ha^c :>ccn imukd in o<tr youtb^ 
I bdMiVC Cbcrc ak few ofmjr coufitiyoicn wbo bivc n^c, dutioj 
^ildfaoodi rt^ tbe Life ci Robtnfon Crufoe, fti>d ibc Advce- 
tuffC* of Leniud Gulllrer^ u luthcmtc bllloricA, aed wbo biie 
90c relioqU'flMd that ihooght b rip«r yrifs, tritb {one depre 
ofielu^UfXei h bait doubikrftt bcCD the ficnc with the tngcaioui 
^blci of anEic^ujiy, (o eltgiiitly told, and cmbelliQied wUb all 
(he llowcr* of poelryf ind w^tm colouiing ol iaiA^infttion, * 
Jlut CO tciata 10 our ptefem hillofiin : — 

Hq« far he tui conformed to the letm or trrn fpinC of irf 
■UMi 9^rv4iimt and moirJiu, will appear evhdcsic to the motl 
fopcrfi«UJ reader. To pifa over our Authors brevity, *■ where 
<ine would wifh to frnd hid) copbui ;' and hii long cjuotatioot 
from wfiEerj of ihc iti;ddJe And later a^o, many of which are 
calculated 10 opprcfs even the mod ifidtUiJ^ibk tcjtler ^ iWr 
oblevtiljr and dr^'oefii — ^ rci<fcf migbt a(]c,' for what otbet 
purpole, except * s^y it gt^iifj on i^« turi^,* ire fiidt o«* 
ncrou«, cniflLitc, and uaiatcretting; anecdout gii'en 01, in die 
5th roluine pamcularly, of ibc biiiht pucm«ii:e« educaiio#t 
exploit!, and death of minor muficlant, iDcre tidlcra, and even 
lUfUmi^ or M thry are vuf^irly coifed, Ripi. It muft be an 

h'lAofin bcfe gravely related, of ibe conception, biribt oiata- 
aiiyf aod i^lctifion of nucncroua muGcal dobs in tbe cicy y^ 
of ib« AMrrgai $K*tfjft io9 inftsnc^^ — a (tt of wortbUs who 
frcm to bave mtl 1o perpetuate* and be the depoTitarin of* 
that £09d» Qld, d(j ttil« of the l^ cniturj, which our Hif- 




toraii fo piifiotididf ftHmiK«i — wbofff ^ndcr, \n ij^Xy 

* looked ivpon Mr, [[ai;ticl md Bonoi&cifii &t rhc ^r^^ji c-mtup- fl 
T«r» cf the rc»fiCC|'-<-wb[j rint, b« it fer*ir:xi6crcd — CrvAf^V 
PtfifTt^mtt >c titc Ttvv^ ^J/r aJehourc in Biide Kim, whm 
thdr fublcti^oo of 51. 6d. per qiiir»r, > atFor^tcd ihtttt thv 
nrfrtjhviciiu of porter *n^ tobacco /— ^ho ihcn icmavrJ lo the 
F^ttdtr'i -iran in l^thbury i— «bo fooa af(tfiv&rd> rcrurfted 10 f 
ibeu umciem hAunt, the7W/Av ii/i*V ^ f'oa^ wlkcji^cihcfc tfA- I 
Ma tKiftg»^»'^i.— Of cr3*W ^at^^:^i — for /?rfrix£ fremi iMh' 9 
VoU$iit B cerm, — LO the ^trnt Jrmt aTe^oufc, which ti:«j thrv V 
Jcflp a»d nov dri^ on » oiiferAblc ind prtctrtoui cxitUnc4 m 
foOK uvcin in the citf. 

Whir rpec>n ol OMfitfity onift that be vrhich can be c^anlWd 
bf our Auihov'f aniialt, of the concert at the dJiU T'^t^ra '%a M 
PuervNoAcfRow, or of thii it the /fttg^t *od OrtLm Tawrm^ 
in Wbii« Chap<] & ta4 by being uifi>niied» Authertticill^ we 
Amofep of the itifl^ei lod plicts of iboJe of the prrf<injgti 
wbomei (here * for the porpofe of tnuftcal nerMnom*-*'— 

* oF Mr. P<icr Prclleur^ then 4 wrltinf, miller in S)Mri)-6cld»,' 
orof > Mr. John Sicpbent, a carpenter in GcotJmio't tiddly 
&c* V Who C4II poHcfi the curiotty lo pcrtife the minuter of 
the procccdingt ar Mr. CiOon't, ' xUcr he wsc fettled rn 
/r «mi *j ^y<r^iiju> ;' aii^ to tCttti thit Mr. VVootirtrii w«i « 
found performer on thr vioJin i but ihi: when ever Mr. Chirfei 
FrouiJ* orgAnilt o.i Uripplcgftie church cioieint Mr. WooUlloii 

£re plice to him, and pJajtd tfie fccomd Jiildkf— ihtc Mr, 
mtcl Jocockt a btkcr «e the corner t oJ B<rktirj jhtru in 
J?/j^ Liim Jirtrty CUr{rjncil\ and oihcrs, occjfitmjlljp refoned 
ChiCbers^thAt, * tn the tntemU of ihe pcrf^nnftnect the 
■«eAi rericAittJ EScmfclifCt at A fiJc boaitlt which wii imply 
ruroiihtd ^ and when it vtM over, ^l^ins^ dovrn Co a boirle «f 
vine, and a 4ecincer ol caccllent ale* rf Mr, Cj/h^t^i «u-v 
Arnovvfi they concluded tne cvenin^'i eatermnmeni «rtth a 
long 01 two of PuKcLli fuQg to tbc bjxpfichuid* or a few 
cMchti, and ibo^t twelve retired:'— vilkieg home with ch* 
ilcT fircty, It the fUtcd monthly meeting* wc^c judki^ufly 
* on ibtt ThiiffdAy of ibe month tvMch mk% nejtdl the 

Boncft fouli ?— we ilmofi cei»y ye ycur tcmpemr Afnufenirmft 
vsd reficfbmcptai ek^icdby a foberindcoiiitcfapJMivcwjJkbone 
by tocofl light i^vot little f^ftly dtd ycWnafttnc, that yrjur order- 
ly and focul mcclingt, ^nd home-brewed petaiioni woutJ* 
hkc ibc AlfMoiri £f P» P. CUrk efthtt p9'^i/i, ht thus mmiirely 

t Ai the diflBuce of i^v P*£ct, 14c afc lol-d, ib«i ' iht ihcp of 
SameJ «ii at ihe Swufh^mj/f uuncr of h^khf flrcet in Rt^ Zi<« 
/nvr, lie- — Aa »nttqaarun cooJd Ccxne b: note (nxiU t« iLt^.^- 

tMUbf tJK oat C;ltc of tbo /<<v^ y //*V^* 

xktgotcM.fotf Ukc iikiormxion of polfcfity, Ai Irtdc ct 
Mr. S^ipi^ Jracockc^ who • moHiv fUyttf the fein>r' ^r Utc 
vwctio^n fufpcA ih»t hiv rtftmc, hii life Mid ccmvcd^iii 
fcU pfonoroey in fwvnitiHig »iid iinging, nay b'n v«rj A 
uii babiciiion, AmmU hcooorc ibc iu\>yciU of an bcfiory. fco 
which Orphflu« and Tcp^ndrr— r ^ty ApoHop Add rhr N 
Muici — arc netud*^— Nor wklt Mr. ^:v/«J jcAcockc, wlio, 
lb( Aiithor Ciku cite u> mtoriai u!i, u nuw livinff* >mI 
for Aifly ycai) pTcUii^ttC of iJi« Runtn Hood diJputinj; focirtf J 
ht L^ aftooifbeil to iiiTd ha n^iuc hStc«ilr rrcordcd in 
Sttry, for nO'Utf>rr*p|}4<#ni r«aion ife#i bi» bcme; ir(«cd6 
luppcf;ip|{ ui be itkC bioihcJ of Mr. Saniaci Jtivu<±e^i 
But torccApitvUic niArcerv, ami conirlvde: 

\Vc wouU kuouliy ippc«l cuubr A:i!hor, vriehnvt infiEndi 
liowc^erany iJif|>irj^cjucrit to the worthy cuuL-ri «b<»<«V«4*. 
iwii<<li whcihcf 1 rrckuL ol ihttT Jict*. civil » wdi aa muGal, 
Uf * in ii» owa nature mooc ivtrtjtiit^/ or Ifla adapctd * 
gratify an iiiir turUfitf^' t^wn a hillory of chofc atickm mirfit^ 
lOMifiEp. thr Pyihir or O^mfi^ ^at/vi % of whkh fbme of bii 
ptcilc^tlbn hive (bought hi co treat picfi^ lafgelv; tfaoafb we 
4o not find ihrm rvcn once mrniicnrd in tne prelenr ,per46ni- 
tncc— We would aft him, whciher hia Alatur^La uf Mr. 
Saaiuel Jrucock? . «h» * gcneralljr plii<) a i/nir' at thf jMm^/- 
/d/ftf^jV^t u>dof Mr. Woolafton, i» ho played a found nMm^ 
^rd, or fecond, ajccotdijig aa Mr. Cliaila Fraud did or dU DOI 
appear — arc more *• iMtrffiiitg' lha<i the accourti, lor inlfaocCfr 
£iieo by hi^ pieJccefiar, * which w« tKi|>f^ri lo hjrcf now tip- 
'fore ua, ot ibe lOTunac^oa* on ihv lyre, i^ jniemii>n of auJi- 
cal DdtaiwOf andodicr malicalCeacof 7W^.^r.**-^^Qd linallyt 
tamottnc up <o lbs hvroic and ftill tarlber itmn, furely on 
Aiithoc wi^l not affinp> that even Df. Bull, vrichaU^tiM mnk, 
ji a more loiercftrna perforace ih%n OiplMiM, or even cImm 
Apolb : though the Meter might not be U> ready ^ the D*A<v 
at wcvrkfng a canon rt^'// atiA ntro^ \S frr Jfrpn iS Th^%y ivttt 
With all the pincMttiu bc hu baek. 

AVe tic iofvf to fee olf, i^i oi(« lecoufii ol <hU i^oi^t vaholljr 
in a fljrlc of animadvcrltoo ^ but the fubjeda ojt which tic haw 
dwelt, and in which we werr niiuially Jed by ih« Auihor^v 
Friimnarj D'^fityrfk^ are two fuch f-§miwmt p^fuui of tbe 
wcrk 1 that we could not po^bly overlook them, or avoid at- 
tcnd:ag to iheiD. We will in4bige ibc hojM, howevcf, that m 
ouf nirure con£Jeratinn of ii, we may And onr£pit>e^ aaitan- 
itfed to coirmeitd th« Autbof'a diii^^encei a« on Atai^iMary and 
Ca^^Uf \ ihougb we CJOMX fpeak well of hit lificj or of hU 
judgment in f^le^ion, aa a Camjwttt and an Hiflm^^ ■ 




( i45 ) 

AiiT* XII. A Utfiu •f 'fa^ifir* U ttriA^m ftfaim- Ofym^wi <r/JV<i 
bcinjt ttc cu%dL«Jis|| 'XtAiX Ot^tbc Dc*n ^rGiodccitcr* oa tti«^t»- 

TH t DfBD, whoCc ptrCormutcv it novr bcforv di, 
ibiMjfht proper in % (<winc< if*d \ lo ifZcn, iH*t ' when 
ibe^nryojt ftimpi wit Ivl) propoli^d, ftvcriJ of tbe papuJir 
onton And loHk'i ot itic Aacrican^ ufcd comi-'dbj? laurcA 
fO be rmflo^rctl u j»[{«;nt« in ihr diftribiK'an of th<? lttrBpi| 
Attd that one amon^ the rcll (mcning Ur. FvAjklin} W)» mor« 
thtn ordiniry aflUyoiil in k:* ipplicillOH on ih't bfJ^ ; To thiE, 
IimI the ad poto} within ihc ulual timci ie^kdd of Imjd^ a 
Hiiiiiin^ AovTtcan Psiiiott he w<nihl pTd^iblf hive a&J the 
p«rt ol ■ J'uE'fiiilKTCrand in Am«ficui PuMKan,' J^hc U«vi 
«&ctvaTd> procccdi to Aji«-, in his own inimita^U cmanrr* ttw 
Dici&i by whxfa he tvoulii k;ir«u« hdK« iKc v»a|f nt Op^oOciofl 
Id the SiJinipa^ wu rttLtn) i and hf adJi, ' thru it wi« ihjc 
ihii vcrf man (!>. Fran^l^n), th»i l«3f<'iAinHMd publican, 
ctungcd Cidei, lod comtTirnccd a scjImii pa(<ii'r Then h« 
Appaftfvd a* tlic bJt ol ih« Uuuto of Commonvt to cry down tl 
tcry rnev/iic «hich ht Um/t^ h^ 4fiM^rti\ »<>il iht^i^ ai the 
avonKing Angtl o' Amcrkca^ ^ rm^ rv '^^ «o4/r.'urW iv tfrM? 

Filie, inJ miUvoUnt a« thi» ctur^ rnoA crrT^icty vru, ic 
paflcd lor a time unnoticed i but wlvrn Dr. KtA^LItn aftcrwardi 
bcc«n« paMtcotirfy obnnjticHit cq fuiitc pealWiB in poiiv«rt aoi 
when, ill ccmfi-i^uvAceihtteof.ruMilarcalufnnickwcfc muliipKei: 
aji^iin^ him, tic determine J lo cikl the mort c&i^irjfruMe <jf hit 
known accufcTi Ka account i and <rco cunvincc lucb oTlhcm al 
were ^*pm lomovic^iiorif of ihe injuilitT ol' (hnr conduit tow^rdl 
iiioii «;id having oojicitiu he tntf n^cd <o hAtcpivcn tlitf public 
ft4bc<i]ve vindkition of^cvrry part of hit p^liiinl condud ^.i 
Tothi> end Im began a corrcfprx^kncc w>tli Dr. Tucker, rei- 
{pedlin^ hia cvidcrwe tow the picctxlta^ chaigci ; ta^ aHor a fuc- 
cefEoa of pitiful cvdfio^ oji Uie Ur^ii't p^rt, ic bc^jmc appir«tiB 
that he hid t»i\\\v ailvinccii tbcic ihRi^ci* wilhout any juttjo* 
rity, or at b«0, wiCboui any ino'v than ihit af a loofe Atarfirf 
[rvfti or picteMJcdja h/ fnmc n^rnrlcf* or utiicnown pe/fon;' 
After foch a dikx>Ttry, tte Dvtti was in tniib unworthy of any 
fvtbcr miticct but yet Dr. Fianklin coiidcfecndcd, in a Aic- 
cMdiDg ktreft taa^itc4 f>44f, reafons a<id trkjumcnri, iuficienc 
lOCttttvtnrc any ufiprejiKtUed difteinmg fliML^k thai thi> vague 

• Trad IV- 
i Tth itattition u u aficrvardi laid a^c by tbc adf ice of frvaral 

ofhii rTlpcQaU« rn«oii». mrfio rcprcfrnrcd ihe fali^oodt in i^tie^ft 
*i iD«ruiDg cooiUEBpL taiLcr than a pubUc rcUtaiioo* 
Ray. Fcb< 1/77- L VvU'j 

I4fi v/ Sirus if Atfiffffi $j thr />^« if Clooccficr; 

hcfif^T couU not ^tASbly hive ba4 uiy foan^ ti on ia muh.^ 
Tbc Don, bo«tv«r^ »ti itctU Uwn coflndtoo, oc at icaft 
fnmwm/m^ki aaJ the corT<fpoadcncc ectdcd, mi hjt pan. 
with tn iM^iajice of foltcn clHappoJmiikeni lod chagrii», u 
ibc mamfcBaiion of Df- FisckhnU intcpitT. Sbottid fiorft^ 
nwar ef ihcic kitcn (vhich wt h^tr v.<tx ifrn For ibaikc fnn) 
W Wi aoy decree cfrOAco«>, the Dc^in mr readily io HiafeU 
jdfitce by publt&iag ibe vrhode of tbcnif ti he bts air e^y been 
CJilciJ on to do. 

Dr. Fmnklin hid fcarcc left Eo^Und, oo Ui ntom to Am- 
fka. whcA the Dcin foughi, aod wcoi out of bu wty to obuaff, 
oppormniiiei of ^^n arpcrfin^ hit tfaart^ei ; a ptxKcdurr^ 
which, After the fiSt and reifboi vrbicb we knew to hm ben 
fofccJ upoa bi3>, 2p;«^ml 10 Lia ia To unfavourable ■ light, Uuc 
we couM not but cen^'ure it, ai we did ia 0«f temirki oo hit 
fi/ih trad; ((t< Knicwt rml^cac lii. p- I74.) Thn ad of 
juHl^ toward E an injufed^ abfcnt tadUidvaS drew upon oi s 
pankulac attack ia ihe Deal's 'Humble Addreti and EaoKft 
Appeil, itcJ" Fcr in account of thu aaack, aod of many pvw 
tkclarv rcrpcdio2 (he p«Ccni fubjctfi, we mull d<itrco«ir fdikia 
10 fccur 10 the ^rft ountber of our 5fih vat. The DesD ^M 
th«n be foaod allcniitg (among other ihijip) th«t Dr. Fnak* 
lie, * io ibc lettrri vrSirh piJinJ brtvrrra ibrai/ u before 
lioaod, had ad:r)iitcd ■ that he d^ mdir i«f<r^ foe a place ia 
tbe Sianp-OfluT, when the bih had paf&d into a law/ and 
ibe Dr. alleged in thek Jetier) ^ihat tin p^acc for whicfc bv; 
tfii^t was not fof bimfelfr bat for a ffiendt ojie Mr- Hag^KI 
who wai aecordinglj appoutced b^ Mr. GrcnvUU/ — It 
ifaeieaHbbefoood tbic wciiuintaiaed,tbacthcletienut 
■ d«4 not co0«aia ao ackaowledfentnt fio« Dr. FraAkJiii 
havir^g ever aiHtcd cf nude iatcrcft for that or any other place to 
b« giwn fo Mf> Hvghe*, or any othe^ man (' thtf ■ we joiaed 
iffuc with the D<ai) upon thu faid, with a hope of brk^inf Ui 
veracit* m a fat an^ decifirc thil t and that for itlt porpoft 
wc caned on him to pubhfh ihdc kCCcri faithfullj, or lake to 
}umMi the Oixve of d«tr^lcd int«ni:oni^ falfhood.* 

When near twelve months had elapfcd, tha Deao't prc&at 
peff^owict made it* app^af^nce; md Ja ihc prrficvof it vo 
Axiid a continuation of the controvcrf^ bctwen ua, together with 
a p«iblic*tiMi, Mit o( the fevcral letters in difputr, u vre defire^ 
bcii of a pantal eairaA from one <*f them.— \Vf need oot. bow- 
evcr* <ofiipI«JD of the fljortneii uf U; for though iheDoalni 
givrnmachkCi tbin wedcfirrd, he hn^ notwUhftandingi gbm 
cnougbt and more than enough, to fix on bimfdrimaiovcablfi 
the guilt of p/emediuitd falOiood, The extras ii aa " 


ASitUt tf Att^ri tj rh ZVm t^Gtouccftcr, 147 




dAy« ihcT the Starrp t{\ vrif ptikd^ to whkb I M 
lud given all ihc ofjipoliElon 1 tijuld with M:, Granville, I I 
received a note /rem Mr, Whc^Ucy, hii ffcutjry, ddiring to fl 
ke tat the xiexc mojuiiTf. I waucJ Lipoii h;ia accordingly, fl 
and found wirh kim levenJ other Colony- Agents. Ha jLt*.fl 
qM4<otcd U3 ib*t Mr* Grcnvillc w» dcfirou* to attkc the cxc* fl 
Ciition of the ftd ti Ikile l^icontcnicnE and dJf«f;recftbJc to th« fl 
Aurii^Mi M poffible, and ttrCrcfc<c tiid not ttunk of fending fl 
Smnp-*OficeT» from hence ; but wiiheil to have tiijirt/t aod u* fl 
pmUkii pCjUtm appointed in each province, frflm among the ■ 
iiduhliuitv, fuch ss vroold he a^itpialrti to ihtm^ For at ibey fl 
were to paf ihe tiaci he ihou^hc ttrangcM OwbU not have the S 
■motumenca, Xfr Wheiiky therefore wilked ui to (Mint for fl 
our rdpe^tivc Colonics, informing vi thai Mr. Grenvillc would^| 
be obliged (o u» for poiating out to him /v*ry? and rz/^w^^/fMi^l 
awo, and would pa^ great regard to our nomination. By thit^l 
pUuHbJe. aii4 ajipiicntly ciLidiJ d^ljjation, tvf mtrt d^tfuu^H 
TV to ootninat* : and 1 nariKl fi>r out pi^ivince Mr. Hughei, V 
fajriiig ac the Tjok lime, that \ knew nut whether he would 
accepc of it. i iira only ftiie, that it he did, he would 
uttMiu ibt Offct faidftdiy, 1 foon after had noEice of hi» ap- 

Obi iv«<l<n will ctfily difcover that nothing couli be mora 
tinfavoortbla to ihc Dean, thin the precedirg txm&. — It plainly 
cvincca thai Or. F. had oppofcdt and nU ' t/p*mf^* the btamp* 
AGt* That be wai cffii/4 §a in comttion witli oiher Colony- 
AgcoUi by the then Minifier'« Sccrttaty; ibii ihcy < were 
defi/td CO point out, for iKcir refpe^ive coJoniet, hoa^y re- 
fpooCblc meof from among the InhabiunU (' that lhi» was alkcd 
of the<n as 1 favour, ihey being loM ' thai ^fr* Gnnt/itif martf 
hMgtJ i9 tinrt' lor doing ic h 'nd, tbti brmg 'drawn in by 
lltii planfiblc and apparently candid ikclaraiion/ Dr. F. men- 
lioBM Mr. Huf^bM, witboul knowing ' whether be wovU a^ fl 
cept ibe office f being ' oiity fure ihat if he did, he woald cxe- ^ 
<utejt Faithfully/ How very diJferen; is this account of Dk 
F.'k, from ajt icknoiAted^rietH ilut be hid ' eJttJ* and ' mnAr 
inierift ' tor the o^Qt in ^udliixi, ejihrr for hjmfelf 01 for an/ 
one ^\e ; and Kow repugnant 10 the Dean's aScrtion, that the 
Dr, ' had bcca mote tban ordkn^y atfiduoui in faia appltcaiion ofi 
this bead/iifc. And jet he haa the prefumpiion to publtfh chi» 
hi» own condrmnatioAf at rriAttct of triumph ; to call the Uttee 
which njuft for evei fink hjm in difgrace, liia ^I'^md^^ and to 
pfctend 10 believe that ttv h*pfd Ivc had miilaid it V 

Farther* wilb a vain b(/pc of bolficiing up ihii fra<1urci n- 
lutrnft the Dean has introducfd hi» extra^ from Dr. Fran'LUr^'^ 
Icitcf, by obfcrying that *at t-bc very time when Uf.V\o?v^^t4 
the $t^aip'A4i, is ti'wg uJtctv;it;tUEJcaal uid fub\*n&vti ^ ^^^ 

L 2 V*\iCtVw* 

148 ^ Str'its tfJnJiiMn bj ihg Dean §f Glouceflec 

libcrtiei of America, he wii, by the favour of hit pre&nt Mi- 
jefty, coniinuwl poft-mafter general nf the pravincc of Pen- 
iyivanU/ — and that ' he could reconcile [c to his confcicnce, 
to enjoy this unconflitutional lucrative pUcc/ As thi-. is a tope 
on which much has been faid, and much has been miftakeiit wo 
think it prriper to tcniatlc, that when poA officera and poft-VidcTi 
wefC ellabiifhed in America, theiiihabitanrs received them ai an 
important public bcnrfic ; and fome of the a^emblies even made 
annual grants for their lupport; but by a feries of ill mix»ge- 
tnenc, the utility of this eftabKflim^nt was much confined, am 
the produce of it became unequal to the exp^nce. In thtt 
fiTuatJon Dr» Franklin formed a plan for remedying theft 
defeifla ; and the pUn being approved, he was naturallv chav^gdd 
with the crxccution of it; not as 'Poft-mafter grnfr^I of the 
province of Pcnfylvania/ (the Dean's miflakitt cxprcITion} butai 
a deputy of the Uiitjfli polt-m^Uer general. And wharetrer may 
have been the Iuc;l' of ihc ofHce^ ii certainly was much lefi than 
that of the deanry of GlfiuccAcr; nor indctd was it cei tain that 
the oiKce would atibrd any thtrg. If, by the advantageous ex^ 

cmion of his own pbn. Dr. F could dri** fi-fficicnt profit* 

from the eftablifhrn^nt^ he was promifod a moderaLe falary^ hut 
othcrwife he w:i3 to receive none. And U luni: as the colonifti 
univcifaliy conildered this inftitution .is bcnehcJa), it coitld not 
have been incumbent on him to overturn it ^ nor can it be 
thought extiaordinary, ihdt it fo long lubfifted in the coloniei, 
without complaint. Thty perceived an impoitaiit diffcreocs 
between paying a fair price for the poilage and delivery of A 
letter, and the payment of a Itamp-duty ; one being the pur- 
chafe or reccnipcntc of a real fervice (of which the ai^ of pif- 
liament docs but rcj^uUcc the price); the other a demand for 
tifclefs figures or imprrlGons. Ireland too has perceived this dif- 
ference ^ fhc is faiiificd wilh a poll office eftabliflied by the 
firitifh parliament; but, would fhe be equally content with a 
tt^mp-duty i^pufed by the fi^me parlianiei^E? 

Tnc Dem next add?, that as Dr. F. *• could reconcile it to 
his crnfeicnce to eu^oy this unconllitutional lucrative p^ace, lb 
it feems, that after the Stamp- liill had paifcd into a law, his con- 
fcience became kfs roue:imith in regard to that alf:>, as will ap* 
pear hy the foqui'l," This is another ot the Dean's vague 
inconfillent mz.-Ink^s^ rolhinir like it appearing cither by ibe 
fequel or any thiii^; clfe. Formt-rly we w^re tolJ hy him, that 
l^T. F» from the iJefire of becoming *a l^ax £^athcrer Lnd all 
American Publican/ had tirft ' ffpcujid the meafure,' and that he 
* afterwards appealed at the bar of the Houfe of Commons, to 
cry it down.' But now we learn, that he tirfV oppofed the 
mcafor^t iitd afterwnrda became reconciled to it* from a regard 
ft> the office of Stamp-ma\lei« Ttti^ w, \^^tNu^ «a uuib 

MOHTHLT CATALOOtft, PilitUal 1^9 

In cither oF thcfe Arangc contradi^ons. Dr. F/s conduifl wii 
unirorm in ever;' p^it ofthu bufinefs. — He oppofc:!] tKe Stamp- 
fiilj before it pafTcd ; He afierwirda, ' to oblige Mr. GrenvJIIe, 
pointed <jut' Mr. ITughc^ ■ n:^ ^ii (tjnefl, rerponfible man j' and 
nrhen Mr. Hughes w^ appointed, he cndfzvourrd lo render the 
office or nobenciir, by exerting himfeir to procure ai^^pCirl of Lh« 
tSt* But we uie cired of ihe ilandera of a weak, ill-natured 
writer, whole infenfibiliiy to tncdifgracc of a detection, wilL 
probably render him for ever incorrigible. 

Xhe objf^hns which the Oean has chofen to anfwer, are four^ 
teen in number ; vcrj' few of them, however, arc fuch as a wife 
man would have ch,>len t^ urge againft the propofed rfparaf'ton f 
nor is there ajjy thing ia his anfwers to ihefe objt;£tions which 
■ppeaiB of fufficicni weight lo alter the opinion we have before 
giv'en of the Dean's ridituiou^ proje£l. We call it ridiculous, 
beciufe in our ju<1em?iit it was fuch at the time and in the dr* 
cumflances whefein he hjil propofed it, — But that time and 
thofc ciTCumflancei are unhappily gone, to return no more.^-* 
And h may now be right and neceiTiry, though for very difFe* 
rent reafbos, to adopt the Dean's propofal, and difiard the co- 
JonieSt htcaufe ibty hnvt difcardid us ; becaufe they never can be 
again kept under the Britllh government, but by force ; becaufe 
it ia nnccttain whether our utmofi elibns, (even if no foreign di- 
vctfion of them ariresj will be fufHcient for their reduction, and 
becaufe, if reduced^ Aill the benefit refulting from a forced fub- 
iniffioD|Canneverei]ua]theexpence of compelling and fccuringit. 


For FEBRUARY, 1777. 
Artp 13. BffaySf Commercial and Politicaly M thi rtal and relatlvt 
iwtiri/li pf imptrial aad Deptnd^t Sr^UJt psrticMiarlj thttfi rf Grmi 
' Brit»'' "d hrr Dtptadtiuiij : dJpJaying (he probable Caufes of« 
aud a Mode of compromiting, the pre fen t Difputes between thit 
Coumiry and her Acacficaa ColODiea, 8vo* a ■. 6di JohnfoD. 

THI S very f ncelllgtDt Author has nearly ran the whole circle of 
Briiifh politica i but hii principal aiteotioD 11 employed on onf 
Aaericaa conceLl^i on wliich v> msny pabltcationi have already ap^ 
peared. Should any apology be expected from him, for adding one 
totbe namber, he hope*, that if the Aibjefl be phccd in a new Jighr, 
It will be deefncd a fafficieat reafon for oiFenag this ireitife 10 the 
Firblic. Of the manner, and order^ In which he proceeds, he ha^ 
bliflfeTft giren the detail, in his prefuce, viz. * After illultrating 
the advaAtage Great Britain derived from the commerce of each cc- 
bny refpeflively, with the probable caufes of the iafurreftion, and 
to whule charge it ought to be laid, I have endeavoured (0 point out 
ife fpeci&c difference, and corfequencea of exciciliDg the right of 

L 3 Ujint 



iti«rcll of rh* fcBpuc; rvQQtrra, thM our lclkHv-r»b}cAi io Americt 
iho«td be tMtm^i /mm ^ iMMot^^ imi iJittnuti, ts^ i\nXt la conCr- 
^uencc of tbb eccaptton. the Adcticui CoJooJu tt Jkrtbrr r^^mtd 
in thrar M-L>rf j/im M^J^Sfui I^SM ibQ Uttfy Vrtrg, The rtgmiarin 
€/" /itf t^maarrtt e/ itt CrJttUi. «a^ rfjtr tf imp^fitg tmrrmtd dutttt^ h 
II provcid lki« couaiJ)- bu, coafJle&t wiJi tbe ver^ titorc of colotti- 
K*cieAa cej'>7«4l Fron rkt bc^iamaf;! How f i.r ibe cxcf<if« of ibofe 
powvi« mar rcedcr al '<vcn ibc Donh^rn Colonkii wbo liral ■> in 
nport) trit«n:«gei)ui, U Urgclf incicdoo' 

* Thccopfri^ucncu ro ttt of tbe Indepeadmce of ill, or pntef 
Ottr Afncr^CAD Colonidi trc <!ip]>io«d i m likeiviJe bow dMpI/ cb« 
other £ur«pt4d iltio ire l«uralk«J ia ih< crcjit. 

' TliG pcccfiiiy of, «iii hsppj con fc^^i; cocci stlcoJiog ad ucbp 
«U)l frrl»d ; the impmvrmcat of :hf rfvtnpc in ScotUnit, snd 
Bt-ii^ of iqcr»ft02 ihc £Qi«ri» of tke BHaOi Ul«, ire pinicuUrlf 
tfctiod of; Aod la&lf , 1 hare fndcavoarcd to fiicw, iJut ihr Brili^ 
toflcfrioQa in i^n«, miritt. by proper mint^caxet, be fcsdeml iir 
lopcrktr 10 all we ever odd ia America. 

• Ai I hjT*, wirh foTFic fcveriiy, anlmfldTcrted on tbe Anericn* 
rtuiniaf;, notwiFltlAncitng Ihcir Own cry lor [ib«iC]r, <htk MlMr- 
trc«ivrc* in /^/'/■«/>^inv9', 1 thoughi if highly i^^^^^^T* fcW ooly 
to dcci> ibU «i]. bui M> pcJnE out a rcnwJ). and ooc of tc<1i a ni- 
turv, aj fhoatd not cU(li with ibc iTit««Ai of ihrfe whom ch« U«i 
alJow lo ofprvft a pari of ihcir rprcievj for thl> rralbn, I ka*« 
added a Avpndiv on tlt« oianumiHion of Hivti, vhi<h, witbovt 
ibU trbrciVAiion. piifhE apj^cir forcii^ci eo ih« fiibjc^ ofthii trcaiifr — 
Should thU mode uf cmridpKuao uke pixcr, cwn only in a Jhv 
planuiiont. I ihull mWo) myfrlf tijppy in beinc^ tbc IbrrunftW mcaai 
of prvmoETDjcihe liL^rty of fucb a pirt of mv kfjOA-crMLurca. 

' I im HOC lorfdom of bcicf prejudiced to favour of the one pUCy 
or iba ocbcr in the prcrent annappy coaicH wiih oor Anerktn Co* 
t«oiei: at Zeafl t have crdcnvoorrU lo be impiniaU And bftieve I >m 
a^waced by a fincer ? love of bit coootry^ aad earaclt itgard for ih« 
wcH-basf- of ih« 4bo]f cmpirv. 

Ai lbi> WriitT AppcaiA lo hare talceo up hli pco with vcf f ]»oiwfl 
incfi>tionf, ik« wUl ^tve liiai cicdri for (he iincrtity ofhii decUrarioo, 
that t« 11 «Bi'«a^'af cifar.y prejudice for or *j>iirit eiihcT party, is 
o*Jr ^va/fel witJi the Amcnottt \ bui a nae i< not alwayt nrrait *f 
ItntA^^ tn thtftcafo; the fotl^Kins piCfE^ vhill fufKcicntJy fbev 
how Hr c^r Auibor ii rmitled eo ihc prjifc of Aij^ ]En|irtftiality« la 
hit orcovnt of (be groumii of i^e difpuie : h ij» lakca froia ihe b^- 

eaaiai- cS hi> hrtn ff^iioti: ■ From alJ the coadoAoni that haw 
en bertiofor* 4ti*n, it appean ih* dctnaodi on ihc Modier coimi- 
iiy bavo Ucc jbii, *nd tbaefore, tbe prefcnt re^flaocc of tie Ane- 
flcAn* hai oii^inaKd from a [urbulent iuJ fcJrtloai fpifii. iaparieoi 
of a]| conirool, unmindful of ihc molt ucrrd iici, all^^iancr x<t, 
mod gfaiitode for proie^'tioa ltd d«^c«againll <h«ir enemiei^ ani 
(hctr pt<ulUf feliciiy o| bt»uig [bull airiviat pbit of all ihofc btfi- 
ihtni and CApcrcw ihii fill nith rcdouMtd acighi o^ itctr icUow* 
fubjOCU ill tEcinio** 

MoKTKir Catalooui* P^W:W. 


It h eriicftt. ftem the fbrcfioin^ lino, ihit h^mver JiKcrc oi 
Antbor nkybep in ' hii (o?eft>r ha couftrry, anil c«rnvft rtgtrA for 

rat/iMr, i,i hii fvpofiliofi of th« mii^^t to ft&ftinr«, by whKh (W 
Colonilis hive b«co ftfloiud. in tbc pKicct un^uppj' coetcfl. Wbac 
worfr CAn be TaU of tbe worA of til craatcd Uin][i, ihuk he ^a% hc;« 
(ta J io o<bcT p«iu o/ hit pimpbkt] fald, of i^e principki ind c^n- 

Bui if wt cuooE «Ilow chit ZiUnt ifcc f«1I a<t(iar« of lu/rr^- 
^M« CO *}iich be may ihiak hirardf juQly entiJc^, we frcdjr acknow* ' 
Icttce bii ftbdiiucs a k [»litic4j om ctHameVdil wriiCr. Whin 
be liu ^iiQcrd on the iab^<a of ttitnr^^fttJrt it very f!?cribl«ti 
afid mcriti cbe aimoft tiueuoa cf hii revivn. Hit W^itOn Od^ 

ofou: £ihcTlci in the Hcbfiicii OfC4dc«« liiti SheiUndiilr-, CDD>i 
luni BA(i> js^ll aad Uoparunc i>b1crT«[ion* : lod thv foni« iniy t«< 
did of hli Tcm^rki on ihe ill cxfcmion of (he Kvraue Imh in !3C0i«j 
l»d. i 

A fftrouritc poict wiib this Writer ii. to ntke the moft of oar" 
'itrm AEoericjn Ci^lontci. The mere nofthcrn prottncct h« 
1 to think fcarre worih CAnci'ndiftq abanr, Hv «irO«ild rttber 
hlTt et, in pinicaJaF, tfRier th^ SS'/v/ £ighttJ Colonic imd^^t^fitiA 
lhA» rrtain tliem on ihdr former foorine , tni hki rtaTooin^ oa ihiel 
fotjcQ ^p<Br» iQ be fuufldtd in adtjiV and folid infonaaiioo. H«^ 
fnaUy, prapolVt th^t wc niouUl, nthrr thin /i/r /jiir w^Aa//, Jivldstl 
pan of our Americin fc[(temefi<i tihh (otbc d (he imiit;me llateft'' 
of EutCM : boi for Mb4i ho idvtaccj oa ihii faeid, w« inuA rvtei i« ' 
thcbeok. J 

Hu coichiding frAloFi cotirifli of coeAder«ltoai on Mr £ajt im^^' 
affiiri. Theb ht incroducn with ttre fbllatniAfl refntrk t 

* Tha> bngdoen wit wrf powerful, *nd of {rent wtif^l la 
Earope, before fbc had an/ poffcQooi in Amo^ci, and may* W9 
kavc s^dcavourrd to point ouCh bj puriuiog propci EDCifvreti be- 
come anii covrlnue lo bf fi^ m-ichout ihem, and evrn wLihour ihe cir- 
cvitegi cotne^ion we oow httt *hh itiem, which, mi all p'obi- 
btllc/i tx ii« warH cvccts. wo thoald tiiii contijiae i ai m fi»d. by 
the ebaontia of France. H^illand, anil HaRiburj, the Amenctift 
bafe« DGCwiihllvKfing ihey rcfiifttt ta take ihcia duci^ from b». bc«« 
largely fapplifd with SrinOi aritclei i at frooi th[i, ajid tbf df aiand 
iA KoAa aad Taikey, occaf^oncd by the pface bc:4««n tltofe powert, 
our aaanMlttrcr» har« not wanted employ. But whether ihii ci/<- 
cuiioiu iradic txxik or no, »t may, in (oofc^DCQcc of tjiiir^ ftvm 
other powen mmy iftidei thir at CBCOvraDBd oaTy from Amerita* 

EroGOra igr^it^r tend tban wv dMutd eibcnnre haveibr oar uooleap 
ardi^art, cMCOa, and other fnaaatiflorei. ThJi by thtl> earaai, . 
aJvdiiiaf^ni ircaiWi of comoicica might be cctcrtd moo, ihcr« caa-j 
bo no r^fbc lodonbc. Ho«reref. vhciher Aactiia be r:dj;^dorj 
no, tbrrr » osr 2^^* fniirr«of pn^Tr aad fiohe» iha( we ougbi boc ■ 
VOoeclcd. Oar KrriMiriil poikOirfu »n Aiti Djjiht bf rfad«r«d ii 
iraitt^k a brtncb of ibc emfiK ai oar >\&£ric^ pc^>4AM4 ma cvcf 




152 MoKTHLY Catalogue, Mifi^flgtmMs, 

He proceeds to cipUin, by wh«1 mcint thefe greit tait ue to bc 
•arwcred ; and cndeavouii to 1h«w ihat evrry thing wc ctn wiJb fori 
ill this virw, may be .iccnmplilhcd by ^jfr« impro^i/atmC tf trr ttrri^ 
nrial fcfffjj'izvs in Af.a. lie concludes ihii importaoi JcfUoD witb A 
rCkOmmepditioQ of ntCiiluifc to be purfucd^ ^bich, he apprchcndvp 
«'OuM prove highly cooducive to the iDtcicA of Bridina ud to tlM 
hippioeft of bf r fubjcfls in the Indies. 

Tte appeadixr on ibe manuminioD of n^rei^ !a America, fbewa 
not ooly the ^reat bencvolcDce of the Writer, but eviacn the rcftl 
ciccDtofhis icDowiedgej wuh regard to lhc/r«f;iDd;>ffvura/inurcb 
of the ColonUt. 
Art. 14. Ba£i^ Prict'i N^iicus ef the Naturt tf Civil Lihrrij^ 


l^bii, tboDgh the Ufi* q^ the numerofli anfwcri iq Dr. Prica^ - 
celebraied painphlec, is cot the ieaft in point of ccnfeqncQce* Tbs 
Wfitcrt Air. Juhn Gray, appe^iTs \Ct \i^mc bcAowcrd great altCDtioB 
on the fcvcrai imporiaDt topks on urhicb tbc pauioUc Doflor had 
given bis opinion, and inaay of hit zjgMmcuH come recommeaded 
to u« by their noveltyt ai uell as by the ingenuiiy wiib *hicb tbef 
are enforced. But we think that Mr. Gray, in coiniDOD with moft 
of Dr. P,'» antagoniJlSi has failed in the rcfpc£l which wai dne w Um 
JJr.'t knowQ integrity, and amiable fjmp^city of charafter ; to lay 
nothing of his Icvning nnd abilities. We muA, thereforCt coudema 
the afperity of this Wjitcr, ubitc ue atloiv hii tnerit aa a politicua* 


Art. 15. *^n Oration^ delivered at the Dedication of Free* 
Mafon't Hal], Great Q^een-Strcei, Lincolna-lnd Kfcldi, May ijd 
1:76. By WilLiain Uo^d. LL, D, G. C. FuUillied by Rocnl. 
requelt, under fanAion of the Grand Lodge. 4ti>. 11. Robia* 
foPt Sic. 

The frajernity of Frec-Maffrns arc under great obligation* to their 
Rev. Brother, for difplaying, with all thi^ p'jmp ofd^amatiofi, nd 
all the parade of learningn tbc antii^oity, tue extent, the campre- 
heniivenert, the excellence, and utility of iheir royal artand rayftetx^ 
B(it the reti of the world would have been more obliged to the Doe* 
tor. if in terms level to common fenfe, nui intelligible to tbe antni* 
iijiied, he had cnndelcendcd to explain the true meaning and nfe of 
this mytlerious inlliiuii-^n. And hii bieihren of another fraternity, 
■s fcfpcftable as the broibcrr of the Lodge, would have had Jefs reafbn 
toeomplainr if he bad not, in his zeal for the honour of Maibnry, fblar 
violated the decorum of liic dciieal ch^ra^tcrt as to clofe hi* ha* 
langue with an addrefi to Deity, under the appelhtioni of '* Coa- 
fummate ATcHiieft, and Wondrous Geooieiridan ;^* in vCfaicb, in 
playful allulion to the imUumcntj of the malon'i art, he fay r, *' Di^ 
re^ as to make the bleJTed Volume of thy inlbn^ive wildom, the 
never errir^g yfudrf to regulate OQr condu^ ; tbe crmfafi within 
whofe eirdi we l^iall ever walk wkh fafety and peace ; tbe infaUible 
^'timb-iime and criterion of re^tude and truth.*' 

* In tbe furies of publica^Dj according to our I iH. 

7 M.B. Thii 

MoVtTlUT CaTALOCL-B, ifi/il^aiMtin 


N- S. Tbi< «ctkte «u wriooi befoi« a Uw «*«»*» in wbicb ike 

Art. i6i An AtahtiitU Safrativt if Fa/tt, rtJatitig U tht £r^ 

t^tff if h'rtj^mft fiiH9 mf tht 0/*f t { laigforcrd by ik< TiffiJ 

vi<fi>» a*d U«poMb9Ci« od^ kit Majflllp''i Ulfi«ct>, wish r;<«fifl 

OiiciRiI Lciicr* ivd Pificri. Ttij^vtlii^r wiik Rcniftrk* upon ll^| 

Itfporr ud Refalns tti tbe Aocricaa O^agnfi, on tkii "iubjtftjj 

SvD. It, Cadell. 1777. ^ 

Ta« <tt9ir«iil MGomt^ pvWifeed hy b»lh panUi, oTthe tmc«eq|| 

wbkb tW AAcricAO pfifenvttavci «iU. *fur ilKir cipiiuiiboo ^| 

ite Cedtn, arc hrrt fairljr ommAed. The priitcf al ti]itm*M*ts^ itCil 

liAvtBtrradj^ipprirriS in the public pa;»CT>, tc^I airgr«i<r*iJ^ k«<iviij 

fftllujr of iho n^/ #/ f£tf i.Hjfrv/r, ft«d W cntC« tiM periidy of ik^l 
boidjr, in (he rtf^hru 1 ia cvolcqucncc of nkkk tbc <c(iui ^ (bd 
csitrJ, 00 ihc ran of (be Aacr;nni. han ■ct«f bciB fvlilinli ThH 
•Vforl, frc* M tht Co^rrli it heir r«prlMnt. ^ 

AtU 17, Zrfrrf ^fjU, Z>.-f £^481, tf i/tfir4i# jl/Mr#;tt, Sw.ld 
Eliallrf. )777< M 

$« ihc ankle ifrt «Bbi», ■ 

Aru ilE. ^ Leiter f'^m jSmfifW Dtfimfmrs H Mrs^ Atmttaiatsm 
TrMftaitdbjr Mrt. (rrifiiih. Sto. 11. c«}. CriIcII, J777. 4 

T^r dttiga f>f this ifttrr ii 10 viadicaw tif chBr»:tvv M MoivGhiS 
4« F«ii«Ja«. Archbiiho;> of Ciirbr>y. fnim a rvrir^tt^n ihro»« vpon 
it hf L#fd CkrAcricid, in hii Lrllcit to bit Sun, No. e&i ( an 
wbich be nprtfcuo bim »a atlic; tbt p4:l ^^ a pietp octwrcn Lcwid 
XIV. umI MitfiBic dc M«if ipncdi^ Thji ch^r^. wh<b itfroonden 
on ■ ]«itcr la i)ic mrmoiri cf thai tfkbrair^i likd), MAn£«af PcfauB 
f&Dft h4f. «c ihiiik, follf nfuivd : ac (be fkoie lime <jjH«fM|( a^l 
booiA imiigcaiifva i^cainfl a ti-riur, who, in the mere rporar?iic& 
ofa ltcvntK)«4 imsgltiuoR, toald aEumpc «a lodd v'ljb hnCi^, cbo 
ni«inory of a man to vhofn all iSt nrrlJ had 'ftvd to pt^ tbe 
uib«aof iea«nJ3oa. Th« iractllatiofi ii rtc«ai«d nltb vltitaKe vid 

Art. 19. >^ JeewM if Pt^f^ala m^dr fit tU Bfnrfi ^ hh 
M^r,*yi A'^tW Strati '. Airvbinj thdr go(teriit C^i»<t tnd Trn* 
dcciqpt— Ibtf fiKtire ?i»:»fly tf Tiobcf ferae P^f^i of ib« Royal 
Nirr; Mcana -^f wnutb-'.inir [ft iu P^elem"»cn» — ihe acU Ujii§ 
tif tb« Dock-', ird*. Slip, Mj^iaiaci. and &t4ir«i ; wirh tht »«i- 

fiKTcil Ady4^iif;«i atd Cnvr^kktm nf ifa tutrridaaff. luivr- 
ptr(*d viih Ad«*iMtrf aMi f^avy Boird Ktguhtiovt, aa^ oc^a- 
fiotul Rtmiri^i of loaieori;s bonoa/ibJc M«Ab«n, Topcibfriifib 
crrtaJaoitit I Miil«iltoAi, ]■ a f^^rr 10 (he Ri^tc Hnno^jrali^ tb« 
Rarlof Saifdwicbt FJrl Txird-CommiirKirvr of ttic A-'minLy. By 
Y«oaua l^lt, \tvt Ajjcit r« ibe K<ffal licf.Hial 11 fly«ou;b. 

$«i< t<> Act o*<ii, wi.kic. Sit, i::6. 

In out Rotf* fo/;\i)-il, n?6, p. 5^^, wc brwdy rodced iW bird 
caff of rbii CoBiplaiai^Ti inking our idc4 of ii from bb vwn rtjiK* 
ffitcaiioo o4 ie« <ire«m'TaM:«i. ^Ve hive f»ow on^y to 44d, that ib« 
Public wjH kflrn, ficsi tbii OonitDijilioii o( tht iory oF to MlOf- 
rvohit mvif lli«i Mr* toM >4vilti4.ii^ bai jp^ucatio* lo rue »o*h» 



15^ McHTHtr CATALOCtn, Af^thfinatiat 

tor ttirtCu liU !or«rJ tfce dofffOf tttc Ut )^af ; whra, t^kntif 
b««n l^o; and vtn<Ml]/ a^^'*"*! bciwtcn httpc tad dcrpvir. be mi 
ifiillir di^inlfled. by in aefi»<r wflkh rccmi lo have crscllf hi « 
period id bh pujirj] f^r^ncc— Wc «rfl fbrrr to ice ■ pcrfcn tf fuc^ 
appftitfil ftbiliry, and diligrnca «■ eftcr^ n ill rrqniicd for i^Cr 

C^K^ rcrrKO trbicli be appctft do bav« advJJ/ ptrfcrsW, v 
idabtv f^rftfU 

We mtiA ikoc doft tbb attUk wiibaat ip^Caf oaf Re4<}ei*i <^i 
tbey wil^ End. ia Mr. Loit'i pmifihUt^ ■ vvrkljr oT oMfT»Q(3iii on 

eOMcrna) at iavif>«Md ia bJi tiile pB)»« ^ psrtxvlArCy in r«j;»rd 10 iW 
/r^flfr'i'tfffVvf/' flitp tivrbfrj whti other mttltn. ofjErfVCOBf 
ID the BriuQi aary 1 i^r piofpcrity of which, osr Aaihor ftp 
bai« HOMitTrY bad in r}ew, in bii Tirioui well-incendcd pbu' 
impr<v<rar«flt*, ariH prof^faLi for rnrtdytt^ aimjii.—*\vk Mgtrd U 
cbe /ft^f % we dobbi (191, mavy prrtoci vera >n(ar«fl«d t* opfofit 
liiaa ( and so thU C4d^, perbapti cbe ^Jtfcat of all bit Ichcnoia ud 
dM OTuinif Cobjiiifelf To miay enemicft muA be asiribuied. 

Att. 20- JSffi^mfU t9 Cakukiitni *f the Vntnt «/ Amtdtiu, 
pvblifhcri for ihe Ufc of Wirtin fftniiorrd ^r ScAtfil of Agr- 
Coi:UinJn|c vari^di iJlvilriiiont of ihe D^trUe 0/ Aftnvitifi, xpd 
cMDpleTe Tabln of the VaJu* of 1 1. iinmediAtc Aanidcr (betnc 
ihc onlr onci *ji:ant bj- ttl/jtatiy JntcreA «dl1 FijmrniO- To- 
cher a Uh Invcnigacioai of ihc State of the Ltsd^ibk Society o^ 
AarotitnU; ihcwiftg tvftu Anuuirr each Member buh purebalH, 
and rt^i Mortality iherfia, ifdn it* lat^trutioa, cocnpved wifb 
\>t- Ha3[<y'>TahU> AlforetrcralfuUicicicDi. LtitfTa and Ann* 
doiea* reliiiic ti> ibat Society, aad ciplanatory of Pioceediogs 10 
tha prrfent Vc«r. To which arc addcJ. a TaMe and OMrvatiou 
•0 ducidaie iba Snbjtct of ihc A'tfTiMW Dtii^ occasioned hy Mr. 
I^itric'a Rnnarkt onl>r, Price** Obftrvitma. ^'o. ;«, 6d. ftidUy. 

W« fciR do«c JuAice, on a former occanon, to it>e cnvrki of Mr. 
Dale, ai a cakvUlor : «e havp now in opporiauty of aii06Qe<i^ 
■he iatefriiy and aeolwith whidi betiat cndnvooredioo^eolhe eytt 
of bb ddudcJ aApiMK, and to picvcnt lU complioucd rtitn «lucb 
mart ffvcntualtf acciuc from an iailituEiLXi founded aad coaiSnMd 
«o aa ififui^icffiti aid inr^uitahTe pfan : bitt ve are foffy CO fed 
thai he hu libi>or«d in va^n, iolI that (be majoritjr of tbe focic^io 
wfcich he btf]op][), arc decerinincd to mJa thcmlcJvtr, or at 
tbcia JneccAtt«> in y/rr/ cf Lmj. Rtf^rnncf* a£Uaifd by tbQ 
virwt aod iiioiivei bafe little er^coura|^cineQ( to pcr^evr.'c ; ai 
have only *o fay l» Mr, Dale, " Come out frDm im«f^f£lt <bett1 
be fepaftie/' Wb^t opiaioa ean be teafbnibly formad df ibob 1 
ConwntrdET rrc«tH ^^I. /<p Jt%mmm iaflead of t^ I., and much M>« 
«ner ihc dcati:! and t^llcfl ciiilci)ce of the inability of the inflllta- 
tioa 11 make lueh a pi^meet at prrfrrrt, n:iicb \eh 10 coniinve il for 
the fiHonr Miay ci lU ptpert c«iltcted EO^fibfr in chti pcblicaikei 
rrlate iaa>B«diai«1jr to difputeilbat have bran atliaied at dilercoi 
inKtinit* of |b< f^avUir Swkty of Jtmmt*Mi$ ^ bui foroe qi tbfs 
cuoiaia aakumauen of a man ycncnl ftaiejt ud sC^- The ex. 
I iniAaiioa 



ttioa cl ihc Qiw of the fotiety cowiineJ >d k. wtik iht ntuxt 
Oidi ciDplajred in the inTTAigtuuii, i*Jll itrwe loillaftrtfc ind 
£lb thft doArine of asn«i4in, m it kit hrcb Ibt^iIx and ac* 
cir fl«c^ bj ^ ^'t writer * u ibb fubj^a. 
T^ DiAKOLiAD i 3^ Pocffl, XMBcauJ to tbc TorS 


tu peljnuf faiirc, fh« frrcv ind Mj^e <ifC$^iliJ7{ttm 4ntic4 
ikc ffinr ud pl^kfLncry of (l« ii«tnow& t^p} lo whom »c 
it Sf^k t4 Sir l^t Ch^M^u 3rc. The pits of tie Dial^a^ 


TW Deni, grovm eld, «>« >nxfo«i 10 prfpire 
A it fvcwltcr for ihe fcfnnil cbiir, 
L At Utfth k« lh»n»og*d n>rtb hii choJVn tMtd* 
B At4 thui Ehc moetrcb fA^c hi* ItH coamanij ; 
B ** Bxp4uJ your hlble ^i>£i> "nd fpcH cti ruih ' 
K *' To et'ry Knivt of Pootr, a«d torp of Sirrh, 
K *' StaMCDMn >ad P««rt, tl<fr ««lti>mc t'ldi^t t«lV 
■ '* Thai I rdolre 10 ()iiit tW tbrroe of h«U ; 
' " BuC o'er f ctafc ;o Ttija. 'twill be mf c»fe 

" From rajr drir thUci ten :o elctl aa hrir ,"^-» 
I foH U hlJ MijfU/t RIC^ll gficiAu* fpcoch ii GOincI«d«^. hit 
' wwieri w'wig lhfi;r w^} , Arnj tn^ving u tiku itpjwr ar^jd of 
iIkt ti^ht on St. Paiir> dooc^ froQ whciKc tht/ repair t9 
ri rad of the icwa : 

— — feme lai* t}ipir fir'riie wty 
Xo thoTa lani'cd naiUicc 1 aWt* the font of pUjr 
~ f tiLck 4Qd rapine Dure ■ baft fcw^rd, 

lake ihc U](< d)c* aod pack tbc jfadjr card; 
Ta jclfma ron« their errand they proclaim, 
ThttT high commitljot, md tk«ir fer«r«T|ra'i ita 
With joy and «cciler Itiock. the p4:ttn n(t ! 

IIcLL II wonh t'fiit[ kftt^* F 



Pifeorii are Itfi unplutk'd* tbc fimc BDpbjr*d, 
And F ' * fcrgTT' The erttat* twi ht madV. 
fiv'a S— I— n ftclt imbiti^n ^rt h'u brc«4, 

And leaiei, iuif told. li< f#bf ^CAicJjcd. 

* • • ■ 

The Ttft ^f Hf II"! fndalrJoai band rvfon 
To tU CorrvD^d pnincK of ibe coon^ 
To Nr? ibe flatefmae ftom hit deep kud fihena 

To vaka ibc osvrticr tnat hii n^ Jen drcan. —^ 

• • * * 

Nmv pTOwUng oavanJ (o th« BOtfbvitf ca»fi 
Where pjioirirt r lOK ruJei \ktr ttttdy Havct, 
Tiae/ tempt tkc lor^ling, bf Aa■ol^|o^ >«haiiik) 
Ptom Eh< raak plnfarea of an htiiji'i a^niT, — 
Thm, ^ith the mortaJ cnnd^ they bead thrar ili^hr 
To Ihc da#k realm of evavlafiing ntj^hln 

* Dr. Pace 


156 Monthly CATAtooui, PmiM, 

Ictro^iic«d by M/reirry, the Sir Clement Cotu^U of the 1o«b f*' 
noDi, ihe c«ger compctTtari (iftcr ■ Jet fpecch fron E^e iknatj 
icvcrally itand forth, sod Drge their prcEenBoQi to the fucccKoA; 

aod iQ iLefe appropriated dilpUys of their refpefliTe qniliGuDOM 
the curiodi reader it to luok for the zeil Aod fpirit mad energy of 
the performance. — The candiditet conJjA of celebrated charadciit 
well known at the gaming-table, or ia the drawing-rooA : tad BeMi 
were colpiiu more ievcrery tat ufi^ — The codtcS for the iaferul 
crown ii warmly maintained; and the choice falls on fome Maa^ 
LnntT of dininflioii f, — one more fapremely diabolical thtQ the r«ft{ 
but whole iiientity ia not fo very obvioui ai that oF cv«ry otteof Ai 
vafucccftful claimiinti. 

Art. 22. 77fi Djabo-Lady ; or, a Mtrtckin Htit: A Poca. 
4to. II. &d. Fielding and Walker- 
An pncqufll imitauon of (he foregoing iatire. The thought eft 
which the piece is foundedr is thus eiipreltcd ; 

■ ■ now featcd on the infernal throne. 
Thought it not good the Devil Ihoald be alone; 
And 1u refolved (o marry, if a wife, 
Fji confort, could be found, to match hit life* 
Accordingly, bilms of quality, ftage brimi, and ocben of Jite 
fame, are inirodkiccd, ai candidates for the honour of fharing the 
bed and throne of his infernal msjeHy ; but there h nothiog worffaj; 
t>f a f^^ther ejiira^. 

Aft. 13. Tbr Triumphs of Fajhim\ a Poem; containing fomc 
Hints to the fafhJonibIc World, with a Word to the Siints ud 
Nabobs. In Three I'ans. Pare the FirJ]. 413. 1 j. 6d. No 
Boole fcilcr'i Name, Adveriifcd forFiextiey, 

' Now an theJe lines your kindefi influence Jhed, 
And let them be the faOiion to be read/ 
If thi« Satifiil cxpcdti to be the Pcet U fafiiiamt he will probably 
be difappointcd. 

Alt. 24. ^d 6\ H\ Bampfyl-if^y Arm> Epifloln Paeti.a FamlliarU^ 
$71 q;ia CdslimtntHfl'ahuite^iinqiii ah Eo txcegifata, fKtr PtrfimtJ 
TipT^jintuM Patmatii tujtjaum Anglic^nt tui Tiritivit An Eledioa 
Ball. AufloreC. Anftey, Arm. 410. ; i- Dodfley, 
Mr, Bampfyldc, of Hclkrcombe in Somerfetfhire, ft gentleman 
cJUtin^aifhcd by his tallc for (he Am, particularly DraAing, made 
dcfigns for fevcral of the pcrfoni and incidcnti in Mr, Aniley ■ ha- 
roourou^ pueni* called, An EieUm Ball \, For the purpofe of in* 
troducing thcfe droll etchings to the I'ublic, this Laun epiUle leemi 
principally to have been whtteq ; and we muA own that the Author 
h^i prcfefvtfd the fame comic vein and happy r.ciliiy of dj^ion 
whkh dininguifh his other pieces. The defigni aie worthy of Ho- 

Arti 25. H^gifj\ a Defcriptivc Poem. 4to. 2s. 6d. Dodfley. 

The Author docs not fccm to poflcfs any con&derablc talent for 

dcfcription. Epithets are the eoloirs ia poetical piAorcsf and if/ 

f perhaps fome profligate Pceri of A evtghbduring kiogdoDit 
X Vid. Revicfft voLUv. p> 339. 


MOHTHLY CaTALOCVS, P4tf'md, tfj 

^ 100 gtMfil «il4 an«(»pfCpflMed. the foli^iwlng fon^ pUoe 

Hoe oaUi of mtfif^ povrtk r>^ plua embrown. 

Here >#i^''i'^/ lioct ibr tt mpnrt.f orf darr. 

Or ^arLcf hf) itmr'isti Jt^44 la ^f. 

tii»»d(fcnpiioci tlicrc it kfr^Jfy any ili»cg peculiarly cbftraAeHliCt 

ihii migtic nut 1x Arciit>cJ lo ihc whoJe frAtcrniiy tf fbrcC Cim. 

relcf a&cl P<jp« hid (itec liie AwthL>r ptcwfior bftzer JLxTgmentj 

' i« «>l in ' iit<xpcri«nc«d Eif«i' ts^ b BDt <l«f«£tL«« in aim- 

«AY k^ipe for WiErr ihio**. 

mttab^'fh.i i t l>crciip(f« r«m. By T, P— — , 
AM. 410, ft td Bipk. 

"He« yoa *->ll tij. vl atr 1 1 jtorm ^^tt ftHtrr/^mt, »|bcFrrncIt 
Ik* CJip^U It • ccknpiiun jus^ucailli BFprcpru.cJ actl Jmouu ; 
TiiJt >eil «fth ciucffcrixJ. ih<i grown ftrctti »uh i^c^ 
Here iMiodJjiulft dV^kro, :hetc bfO«ni rftlloHt ];rc, 

• f « 
« « 

Tho corn-rack roond, tW b^rv-Urs dfwlapft'4 ojr, 

■ « • 

Yoor £ime liu gflfpin^, fpHmur'd ii ^i:r peicc. 

• * ■ 

* • ■ 

iltU wUl Aoc do. The defiuipiive poet iqaA reanabtr titat h9 
,iJirrfi}»E binitvlf :« tbe eir ar.d thf bi>j:!ta;io«, oa veil » u ^kc 
"e t «od whjtckii t» to* or iU r^odaU^cd rtiult be dil^ailfwl* Ttie 
linctr's pvJf;cifc la infivctH if he gtvci ibc tjfore of hit oUj«^ 

proMrly ei/poi&i t bet xhe pert ouAde^ribe in bf rnnniing p*. 

culufly cAir>(tcri4i<, sno 41 ibc fiac time tvo'id every ihiej; ih«£ 

U I»* or oie^a in eKprcin>>ri. 

tin tk< iibo\c y.i^-z^> &rc the ToIlowteE ftuhl* Xam^arft U n^t 
;uIU.- 1'> J liirn-'iLL n<iLh;f n iliedlrWd/ 10 (he <». Ttie c^w^'i 
[tcndei^ ^f ti tvo /(4ir in etprfflio* — Thnvfnn, akh more 4i{* 
nii*, tslJt h^^ ihe " falf nc^ir'd moihft.'' Fii^siti hai nuhia| to 
do lA t . ■>ri:ofkf> Cit'^Kf i»9t a=d fPiiwur^ pct^C jin} 

lu«r; ,; crr«;^C. Ttc iau line u rtndrnd extremely dlt 

I^EiJ tci Ljc 4iri by KB IhjndJutXti AXtitfT«:iDE. Tbr pixm ii, 
rphifV, irOi J'ilicu:* oftnii^iMikaor Ipirii 1 14^ ibc Axhor, if 
aiJlnke Md, hu UMitA <Mr *pprob«4ioa ot' Itii mMC fc««c£[fkl 

^^J/ ibcnAu^bororSi. TbonKu'fMooBit, 4L0. ts. id, Dc^Orj. 
^^FThc fittijf^ U 4a hiiUn wifi: voJyrtArity cc^eqiuIp^ heflclfto lie 

^^B|4 Ai&Olif ihfl ttrbt^i ; 0^ vhr<^r huw«ffr, tbe At^Uar Uyt^ 

f A Ih^t rrtRWfJ iVpeerif4Jde£triptioa of Si.TfciiM >Mjm 



Thr &»y 11 ccl yitM tM, ^nA iW pocxty b b«t BkidJn&f 
k«««' »0E irhy t%a pitcit k c&lkd t piAort] : UdJ fp«cici of 


Art, !«• -/ ^^g'/f"' ^ftht Traii 9f rh P»n cf l^Utn \ fpccifjr- 

Ig£ tbc Artklc* isportcJ lad cip^rud, arrut«d vaief tbe re- 

];76. r«^«f«fi«w/. Bv Sir Chirtfa WkicAr^rcha McmlMr of 

£nco«f«fcil by ibf bvounble roceptioQ fivcn to 71/ £/aff y ^£r 
9'r#// •fCrraM BrttgjM, liutjT pvUUhcd* b^ Sir Cbark) WbUwOfflit 
tt bit no* formftt th? dffi^i of Mfig before the pablic * u iccv- 
rtieftcccc(t» ueaa bt procured, of tbc arudei or fut>j«a omtCTof 
ite ciFcnt :vtJ iR)poit» of iK< pore of Londoa;' tbe propoctkm of 
whklr. * to ibc irk]l« tiacc of tbe Iciogdoat/ bu [he tUDk«] bcfs 
ciknl«tr<) * at ihrrc-lMrthi.' Whnbcr, br ' tbt ktagdoia,' he 
vtetni Gmr UriealA, ii «oi cUv ; bet, wt Imt^lttt k$ coefiM bk 
titviiu to £4j»Ubd. 

TbM • *4iitiit^ vtnm of lLm kUd mij bt bf^ful CO tbe pablic, h 

■ •dwtted : b«l w€ agm iritb 4 ««riur ia cdc of ihc iDoratQ; p^ou, 
ik« if Sir Cbarlet woold add T'^Un r/Mfh arinlf, la order (o fSev 
the toidquuiU7r iaipoiuil A«d«iporcrd in t^ n^hcie year, locb 
o^kiov wottid reader bit book txtccd'tn^lr vaJutble. 

■ Art. 19. 'fa Jitit^duSkOH it Ht4diftf and Sfitiv^, In four Pjtc*. 
» L Tie PriKipkj, II, Ltlf^ai b Profc and Verfc, Uf. Sded 

Cfilba of Word*. IV. MDnnr>akbl» uagrd by tWlr Soa*d>. 

H To Ahkk ii pn£):«<I, a f Un of ih« Wort, ^icb fbnw Plre^ioat 

H toTcAC^n*. H)' WiJlian i>;ott, Tcxlicr of E&^iQtaa^ WrM^ 

^^ la EJii'lfu-^H. tfvo> fi. J^i. Edjikhwrjb piiatcd, a&d ibid i% 

l^ndoQ by Richutfbo.&c 177&. 

An ure/ial companion co 1 wtrf iDponinv cIaTi of loHroAort^ 
thofe «bo leacli childna to ;ead and fprU. If tbe dirofiion* pre- 
£jcd to thii fmil] vo|u:t« wcc piopcrN retarded, tbcj wvold pi^ 
vc^E the Buriorc of bid h;ibiu in euly tife, whtcb inaEurer weiad 
mor* <Uh^rite prectpn are fcarce Tufficient 10 corr(€U The Tcl&ai 
are aamrroui iod r«lo±Ud w^tb jud^eAt. 

H SERKrfONS pirachrd December 1^, >77^ ^^g iho 

■ D«f appoinlcd for & Pociic VhtT \ tmUtmrnJ: Sec our laft 
" Xfonib'i 'ftovicwt p. 79. 

XVIt. fj^i fr#«sfir»-/ «/ X/itgftm an/ Virt9» tm a Sfati^ tU ^ 

H 4^'-«'.v </ Vd^jMrff Pk-^^Wr^^.— Ai Bceabam, BcrLi. By the 

H Iter, r. SicTCQK D. D. Vkcar of B^<(ib«iD- ^to. 1 >, Crowder. 

Tbe Author brio^* a hcairy cJjtrifc of tbe mcfl abaadoood aad 

depraived wicbedneft aid irrclij-uifi igtlnll oer a^e i&d OMioa ; !g 

vkti'Cb, w« htfpe, be bu doni? ui freit iDji^Hice- He Mpreflct Ua 

T A%rD \r SiRMotrt.' 


fnrt, xhu xh4 Worfibk tngratitudf •nd rtbtHLra of 0«r Am«r:ci« 
brctknoi «6«r(li r&Bie c«2r«c of ciidfrcc, ' ibil Otir t^t l*\-i fcpii- 
fated GoiJ fic« u» — *b4i4* ihc r<«fc of rfligioa I«*b> to m d/v-^f 
mM^M lo B>. God ii picafeit to cTrrcife iSf ftr^e m«rxict of « 
fjtihtrt mt pdfiifhfi* hii obfltniEf afd rtMUcf^t efaildica, to neU 
v» 14 « f^rnft of <itiir bf ih$ t^.'— How di^itst tib kifOi flr^ta* 
from li< inC(J«rt<£ «nd c«n<^id (ciiour of Dr. BxUr'a ?aA'tamom\ 
lwfor« <hf Hcufc of Coinmofli I Setoor Uil, p. jrf— Dr,S. appun, 
MWTib«l«<^», from i^H aiTo^uHc, t© be ■ nry (eil^bu «in, 4j^ ,»« 
4o«bt net> hf u A ttv\f piovi divinr. 

Cof]«rid^c. Vicar of Ottery, ift. ^^n. i « Rivingro*. 4c. 

Suoogly dnAgrfid by chp fjine tccaEinjr ipit'w uh^h it fo confpi* 
coou » ih« difcourfe tL»r« m^kuoAcd t bi:t Ur, Colkiid^ £«>■ 
a^e4 A dalh of (he oM do& in« o(^^h^ titAtentt, &:c. to ico^i bit 
pcrfbrwBPCe ibe idoic Tdkilj^e to the pfcijilioj poIKki of Lh^ 


pi^'mfJ^ By WiJtiun C&rpcoccr, D. D. Vicar of Ticdc^Ivi, oiui 

WvbAow, Coruwilh 410. (t a. RohinCjtt, Set. 

AkkootbDr C- ii not Icfi ftrtit ihiaoibvi p»xcbrrt, in arr^^i 
iw the pnacipltt incJ monli af (he iia«i» be doci not pnfaoM 19, 
laKr CMC G«^ tai iatiik^a ui. He very tvopcflj-, hovfr^t, vfcc* 
emy mecircto A Uninj repcnL4iJCc uf ibulc iins Kirb iubiclm«are 
j«|1Jy cWfnbk. lO'^ (0;i fpecdy rrfom^uion j>rc<Tndaft, IHl > «ortft 
diiaf iib*o > proirifid«I rfvoli bcf«ll ui : Divi&e l^'rovidLeccc hitieg 
Ib MTV Bianv otber inltrijin«mf of rjauontl chuAlkmcatt bcCdc# 
war. Thi* ii pr^^'l^ iltuilfJitH from Dav*^ ' Dta^fv^l Al;cia4UTe, 
ttbea ho foaaJ bJinf<If uj>Jcr ibe nrcelity cf chooi£n£ ooo of U« 
thteetevHbt^ulfmiLirt dnouijcrd Jiz^ift bioi, ^ajk ii. 3|. 
XX. BefM the Utiircffjiy ot fJubiin. By Tkooat I^lud, J> D. 

Scftiof Fellow of Triftitv ColJcse. »i Vku of Sc. AuX Dub- 

lie. 4C0. 1 1. E- j«hu-lon. 

D*. LrUnd appMfs :u have formpJ 11 bfld «a npleloe of i\^ pfvj 
M9plc odGmi EriEai* inc! hcbnd IP an) of thcfortf^ifrj; pieJCkciv. 
lie ntra\y irver;^bi if^ttnA ihe vic«« *ed Jolliw of aJt ranki. ep^ 
^'nti (hvin acfcrcdu for tny vuraca ; wLicb, in trarh« do<t ni;< fcrra 
CO bv ympthn /#ir, nur wtbolly coafiilcnt uUh thtf hi>nrlt ffimim 
wbub Cifjoin* ai 10 jIJo« ihr wry dr«iJ Hit dof- Hoi« dijiffrfnr, bf 
th« wa^i tube P'aCtiu olihc prvtcber and the patotcr: rh' '^.itfr 
aafcSaf It • reJc to ^i^e handfomc JikcE^fTc** tvhilt 1^ fxti^cr ictmi 
to cUk il hii d«>t>r to make huftrt'g^Ui t% iLt-E'^iourciJ ^ ^.^fiil^lfl 
Fef^Apt both th«>fan/r<p a«d ifac cfrf jlinjurr trr titfya^'^, ui pTOjHirucQ 
M they d<«iatt ffom (b« rivru of iiwtivLjiiicf. 

Di. L.'i fcro^CDt bowcvtft *t\\} be ditlia;:4iiWd from ibe jt^ao- 
telity i>f ibc pri*icd difcouHVi 0^ the Lur puMk f^H. by ihe fjpo- 
Hot e)r|arce uid libvialuy trt iiir Un|*ua<i^, »mv)1 nt by Ibc kmijbte' 
Oadiiof fla4 btDvvoUMvwIih whkb he UDimij 



■ Would ttot ihu h»»e fr^TPii mow pfcvlit-^ly ppef*»i haj th« 
Dodor been pecicbio; w ^^ ^atmcau £ 

i6o CoKKesPONDEKCj, 

division JQ I'lC B:iUf!i cmp:rc» and ita ruinoui coDlbqueoc^, to either 
party* In (hia i^fpcdt the worthy Author manifeflt not only tbe dud* 
fjl and loyal fubjc^^, btiC ihc pious aud chariiabte Chriftiaa. 
XXL A fijKtftt gtmralf and eon^tint Rc/erjnatioH of Maumrs rwnm* 

atndtdt At tlingi Hunii. By the Rev, Philip Lcfirocq, M- A* 

Cari:c of EMn^. 4tn. 6 d. Bwcrof't. 

The general ter.or of Mr. Le Brocq'i difcoiirlc is fimifir to wbit 
h» been remarked of thofe meDtJoacd in the preceding pari of 
thii lift. The Preacb?r^9 loyalty is equiUy marttfeflcd in hit keen 
jnvedlive ag.sinA (he AmerkanSt and in hia w«rai encomium* oft 
* our gracious fovcrei^n,' atiO ' hi^ moll amiable qaevq,' 'Jbif, m% 
believe, is the only pcinted fertiion, on the late fait. In which her 
mijelly h:ti been nominally inrroduccd ; and we have no obji:ctioTi to 
the juft itjbatc oi praifi which is here offered at the facred ihrine cf 
roydty: — we beg the Akiihot's pardon, howei'cr,— lor he iJecUret 
that the qceen * TS enthroned above all PRAiifi'* Cananycourt* 
preacher of tbcm all j# bigbir ? 
XXU. At Ei^mplkad. By Francii Humpbrey«r M. A. Lefltfrier of 

H'lnipi^ead- 4E0. Caddl. 

This gentleman ii not one of ihofc pious caricarnrerA nho dc]i|hl 
ID drawing ii^ly rtfcmbhf]ic»- He ftcm* (if uc miAike not) 19 
Co:ifidcr the n^c ss more frivotuuj than wrc^ed; in which idea, we 
imagine, he comes neanr ihc [ru:h of cft^matioa, ihao fonie of hii 
reverend brethren h.ive done, in ihcir violent dectamiiioBi. Bit 
biidifcourij r;ki'E, ririeP.y, u /ftitrca! turn- He cvhibit> n fluwt 
' vievv of ihe o^^;i^t :Mii proj^rc^, of that unhappy difpaie which km 
ean:'rd k, much cvntcntion in :iiia kir^dnm, and fo much diftrefi in 
Ai:icr!ca-^ He tliiL^kVb (!>£ uhole blame on the cotontlli; but h$ 
vies no afp^ri'.y nf I. .n 17^,-1^ e ^ appearing rather in the amtabfc light ' 
of an ?idv':ca(e for moderation, and a prtacher of pe^ce tad brother^ 
]f>vc: — pioufv iind a-ilen:ly looking; forw4jd to th« hippy ttoM 
.(may it ror be fjr di|ij*iLt ') ^« ii> n tnjr J^'u'di ihalL bd tttriwd inca 


MR. VACii'iHl -.?-■ pfcfenTi hia lefpedii to the Authon ^f the Ly A'^i v-:e.-, ;,iJ rcauc:!!] iha: they wuuJd make public 
in-TiC ':] "\ r-v-^o I iijoii on t'.z uvo llnu-y pa|;e 491 of the late jfyf*^ 
*';■* :^r, VgJ, iA'. wh'.'rein rhry ij .oie hji name, a^ mentionipg, to 
Moni". at Ci-ftillofti Ut mi' t itl'jUpg ej /our tf,t d.t.miftr, ^viiti Mr, 
dt T'.hxiigry had c^njiv^dts.—U 1^ no: a uirj.'^^Cy but a large ^armag 
Jiirj complied of iwo gl^Jk-cuntCx furfaces, .tnd nJlcd with fpij-ici of 

■Mr, Prn^aine dt: J.jotiiigny Ti not a c-Hiuruv^or or maker of 
telt copci 1 l.'j i: a ptrni- ol rjini; ; crc of tns roy;;l counfel to the 
king of trarcCi ^^:r^ rj!-jninKJ;fir nf inc JiKur.ft, and a mia of 
ijr|;e fOKcce. :i gr..^: i?ier oS r.J^iiofoDhical unJertAtiiig*, &c. He 
hftt g:»u!id tnjit ■^■vaK itunn^ lent 10 be maii^, nt his o*n expence^ 
\f.tir i* thoofaiid po'^udi Jlirlmgi by \!r, liuriiicri, a very ingenioai 
an.: a^'t c'['!::ccr; wku h.Js ;;]ven proofa uf his abiiiti« in dupJ 
iU:'er iiijidiici.>. 




For MARCH, 1777, 


Topcihcr urhli « Cf](K4l and |tt4fticil Comnieniiif on ibe i»o 
£fitlL£ca cf :^t. P«uf ii> th« Tlcflalurriini By ibc Ijic kiriKiJ 
SKSttl Cbirdlrf. D. D. P^MiCh^a from iht Aocbor'i MS. B/ 
N»&inirl Wlin«, ^lo. lOt- &d- Boardi. Dilly. >777' 

IT will tx a rulTici«^c ncon^merdaiion of ihii vrotk^ tbat iC 
is ibc i^cnuMK prtHiifClititiorih't luracJir'dcxccllciilcrhic, 
the Uie Dr. Chindlcr, JcTigned and trinfcribcd for the pnft by 
bioi&ir, and fiovr publi^Kd from hia own mADufaipt. Tito 
Kdimr wry j*)fl^7 ol^frrvn, ihat * (h<re ftemi lo hive brcfl focne* 
fElinjin Uf» Chandln'iecniirt ard thcngihof mind, a» wdl 4s 
Jn Lhe iif)rciii:reJ coarfe d( hU ftiMf^* whkh cmtntfctlx iiticd 
hjq U) coounmt upon the wnEio^f of 5e. Paul, and to follour 
thzt deep and ^ccui^icc Rra/nncr^ throuj^h hh conTinued chain 
cf arsvnwnl» fo af lo prd'tive the vrhi>le diUmA and cUm 
though fcoiii the peculiar rtgoaf of the ApolUc'i iinii^ijuii'on* 
the ftrvour of hii afie^wnj the compafi of hU thought, and the 
uncOttuiMMi folac^ Oif his ir*ttcr, m» Epi^c» arc f«waikat>lc 
for fuddea dtgredTvooi, long partnthefw, remote connei^fAni, 
awl uMXpefied returni U> f^bjc^^ already difcvflcd. Thefe, 
added 10 manyoth^r clrciimlfancc^ ct^mmf^n lo^tnekrr wri(:n^i, 
muFt rtcedTaiiJ^ oecafio* > conEidcrable drgree of obkuniy and 
diAcultf, which it it tfac bufmefi uf ilie Kiipofitor ai mucia 
<i poAHc to remove/ 

The Paraphrafe dcarlj and fulty rapreflci the meanrng of ibe 
fwed Writcfi the AOiei ai« cmiched by origioii quotation* 
item Ojcc^ and Ladn Aulbon^ in ordci to illuflfaic and con< 
Sim Ibe Jevocd Cort^rrrntaior'i own cricicifiBt; and mviy 
doQiinal lod peiiQIcal c^fcrvacJons are intcrfperCed, with z uiw 
of futher eapUinine the tendency of tbc Apojllc't rrafoning, and 
improving the m&tZ icmpct aod coodu^ of Uu Reader* The 

Vol. Ivi. M pliii 


fUn en v/hkh th« dircufton of the itvo f ifi Kf iftkt, vvk. thofr 
to ihc Gftlati*ni uii lo (^e Lphdian», it Coodofiodt facoM to 
b« »ery profrr for tlluElTaiing the general fcope of ibc Apofit«*> 
»rf jfncni, 4« wrcll u t^ coAne^ion ind mcanio^ of iu ranou* 
pirT», «nd lor drd;K;ing thoTc pr^dk^l Tclkdiooi wbicli ibfl « 
IttbtfUt Iftatcd of ar« c:UruUt«d lo fuf^^eft. fl 

The Cnmai€fUir)r on the iwo E^iJlIcs to the TTjcfdlonum, 
i» more diiTufc: the Author hat e^'cry where introdtjced relcT' 
encci in origLiii] Wn:c[), wUb whom nunc were matt cm* 
rfifinii and omtri^ no Ofpoiiunny of fuhjokoiM |>n^£bcal r** 
fledion», adapted lo the varwui pafligci which he bid |»cv»Oufl/, 
expTaiord by leiinrd ind libtril <rilicifm. 

Afiei thia fCAeral iccomit of ihe plan of the votk before dh 
we fh;ill fried fome tfcia^hed pafTagei, ai fprcjrnrni hi^ih of ihe 
Author'aciKinl Ikil^, and of liti enUrgcd and raiiooit femi- 

It ii wrll kdovh'n that th^ KpiiUe to the Galatiari wm dc* 1 
f^ncd lo cxpUi[i anJ vindicate the Utic iJo^rine of jufki&catioii, 
2nd 10 prove, by a vuleiy of argufitcnu, tnat * the prindpU of 
faitti vrai oftCfcTf fufEctcot, vrithoucaoy confocmity totheitioTtic 
law, to cooftJiuic believers the people 2nA children of God^ 
and entitle ihcm to the promtfe and hope of ctcfiul life/ Ac- 
cordingly, in a ncic on vcr. ifi. ch. i. ihe Iramcd Au 
obrcnrei, that the word ^iXJHEilftt) which ia rcndcicd j^fiifit^ 
' hirh a [hrc-efald ,uvtrptailnn. ift, To ittUrt a frrfi* Jtifi mo^ 
ji^htcoui, whorArJj^ is Jn i» himfelf^ in this fcnfe tt reema toi 
be ufed, Liikc vil. 79, wticic the publicans aic fald |q hjts 
juflif^GtJ^ i. r< 10 acknowledge and declare bim 10 be lith- 
ttoui and holy, atily* Somccimo a pcrfon i> faJd 10 tc juJli&d* 
viho i$ fiififcmnr^ ra d/atftf arid punifh^d in cnnlcqutnce of luf 
fenicncc ^ bcciufc the i«w hftth no farther dcmiivd orclaiai«poa[ 
hifli. Thill Ji)t;itiftr ?(va ^ayaru ii 10 purilli with deatll, £Uui, 
r. 11. J, 1 S. An<? a mm ii tiJd to be Jt'xatapnKt of Ji^iJU^ 
who i» aduallv punif^icdf as jufiice it done upon him: afidto 
this fenfe of the word the Apofllc Paul evidently alludei, Ro«i. 
Ti. T. he (hat is dead ia jtifit^rd fr^m fin : Hn oughc 10 haw no 
fstther intrrcft in him, or demand upon hini, any more than a 
law hath u;jon a pcfru» punilhrj with dcich. And '^\jt It 
figf\ifiet, hy j^ract ct favour, to /irf.«0it«,v tf yfjtnrr, orciiminaJt 
a4f:tiitfJ from (he obligation! of hia jMJiy atid to icmftiCc hini 
In al! forrcLtcd pmilrj^ea, ai ?houg^ Ke wai in reality a juft and 
ri^htei'UB perfon, and hkd never o^nded i or in oiher worda*^^ 
Ic JLtflify 3 erimJnil, U to give himi by x free pu-don, a D«rjH 
risht to forfeiiect Tire, and to all the bendiU ind blciSn^B at- 
tending it; wlicieby he becomes jufl in the eye of the Uw, 
which hath no farther dtmand of pLJnifhnienr iipon him: and 
it ii in tb^ Icjilc iUiti ^u r^l ul>ub the aordjifjtiff^ tn bi» letter 


fe tbe Gilafiuif, and In f har to <h« Romant/**' Th« qiJ«Aioii 
thcicforc Jitoul juflLTicftiioft, of whk^ Se. P«ut ucaia in tbia 
tcirrr to iheGilMbni, j> phinTv ind prpcifcly ihti : how tho 
Gcntilfs, who were btH up in lh« mcfl w»clcc^ jind idcJauous 
prs^irr^^mighr nhfjJn TrmiHicn of thrJr pift fins, b^otnc 
ncoiKiled to itod, ard rtitarH to ih« hope of eternal \\\<\ 
wbcibcr fakli in Chrifl wrcrc JuISctcnt ^jr this (lutpufc, or whe- 
ther It wis fflftbtr rcfcflirv ili«^ thould be circtttncifed, and 
Aihmic Co tbc Uw ol Mule» r And keeping ihU account of juf* 
tifiictrion in Hcwt we fhill find St. P«u1 to be a irtry ju^ and 
cjiaid Rcafonrft even though wc Cbuuld k«ve hit chara^cr of 
bein^ an infplred petfon wholly our of our accouni. And htie 
*i»"C mc Ici^'c 10 fc( before t^*** hia lifft ar^umcni ki fomii li'jtwn 
fiom the contJu^ t^i Sc. Pcirr and (he uTh«r Ap Rtn ihtmrelvrf^ 
flid which he fnaket ufe of to convince them i^f noc h^ng 
bfbaved well lovraidt the GcncilcSt ia leading them by their 
example to obferh-c the law of Mofca. Th« &rffutn<m u thi*,*' 
If wc who arc Jewi and bom under the law, have ncicrtlidcfa 
belteeed in Chrid for juili^cation^ ther it \% cvideni ihsc u« 
tlijnk juflifiration \^ rot to be obtu'ricJ ty the law of M^Tca, 
but b]r believing in Chrifl: bur we bjv« b^Iieveil inChijflfor 
jiifti6caii{>n 4 therefore we think jufliiiGaELoa if not to b« oh<- 
ttined bv tbr Uw of Mn£r«> hut b^ bclieviog In Chrill. Again, 
if wewho are Jewi, believe thai jijRi6caiion e&nnot be had by 
the law of Moles, but by faith in ChnO, then we Jfc (o be 
b1a(r<d 10 compel ihe Gcniito to conform to the hw of Mofev - 
fot JLiHilr^Ai'Kjini but wc believe ibat juAificatcut] ornoibc had, 
&C. iKcrcforc we are to be bUiDfd for compdl^ig, J;e. yo4 
fee thefc Argumcnii of St. Paul, arc undeniable ajiJ condufive, 
upon ibe foot of ptain and folid renroniiij;.'— 'H^? ^lU iji muther 
&OtC, that * to be jv:Ul\ed by the faiih of Chiift, ti lo be 
efiecoted and icrepted oi' GuI, ax peifoni free from ill piU ob* 
Ifgaliocu of puniihiEMat, immediately aa the confeqvencc of 
A fiacere belief of the gofpcl, not only without the metit of 
any paft worki, bm contrary to dcfctu of pal) finfulnelJi and 
guilt; and in ihts f^nfefai^h alonct wirhoui any conftderatioii 
M woika whatfoeier, i» thit by which Cinnerf are juflified^ Gnce 
k W4» by thii that Jcwa and Gentiin hccune mcmben of 
ibe Cbriflbn church* and enritted to ihe benefits of redemption 
by Cbfifi Jefa«. \ wonkl or^ly further obfeive, that thkajufli* 
^cation <ir patdon extended onty lo ihcfc firw, which weie com- 
mitted antecedent to their confeihon to Chnitiantij-, and iwc 
to any of tftjofc fiii^ iKcv OiouW or (iii^hc commit ^It^wiida. 
The brne^t of thiK jullificaiMo mtght be ]o{), jull ai t psrdonei 
jutttfied criminal Di«) jjukii hji life after pardon* by new tranf* 
creAonii pfVilieatiof:. in ^t- P^iul't irgiimcnr, \% the rHiota* 
tton ocly ^ ^ws\ to £fKe and fai^teir, by the ficc mercv of 
' Ml li<A 




164 Chwikr^ Parvfifrafi, &<-. m Si. P^ft Eftfita. 

God f^uJcnbgE paR Umt tt<ir ccntmuinvc in tHi) (race dtfv' 
periled 0:1 (hcii cuniinucJ obcdipncc to xhe goTpcl, mod rbek 
tintl juHilkflii^n on ilwir being f.H^vi U tU dtaih* So th^t in 
l^ic^Tc lura cifct the (caft of ib^ void J*/}iJieatim «i^Iy ditFcn. 
A Jew or Gcntik canTctrd CO ChrlltiimEy v« )(ifti£«l, he* 
TJuJc CMiQauied JLift in iht cjc t>t the Uw b/ s free jwtdoftt 
Chough he bad dclervcd d^aih ; fo ih» here be ti oonfiicrcd » 
an ot>noxH>us ciimir'Ati ^ut aC the fv<ur« U^kruiul of ihc |[icu 
GoiJa nten will be JuAi^rdp or pronounced and trailed «• jdt 
iii»J rightccMt onlf ftcc<v^in£ » ihvir vorkt fhnll be fettffd 
foad I ^ml in ihi« fcpfr they arecosiiJcreJ prapcily is rij^titmn 
pKthMt ^^ hive cofRpJteJ writh tbc tcrtns ol tbc gofpcl c«tc- 
nanf. jinJ Imvc purilkJ (iLCotfcUf} rtvn oj CAr^ is ^e* ' 

Lhap. iiL 1. ' By tbc J/'V^, <b« ApoAle bere mdct, not' 
v^biE (Jiiinci €?ll iheonliptry ftAtincoof tfecSpiih, but iboA 
txlnord I '■ary gtfttof GfxJ, «hkh werr rrc^acatlf beOoivcd oA 
the titi convent (o iffuic r^cin of tbc»r jdftihcitio&t and bdvf 
contlttutedlhechil^Iren oi Ci'xl; vrhfchgifci ate cxprtfsif called 
Ihc Spirit or the Hoty UbofI/— * HciKc the S^rit in hi» CAtn- 
(trdirary gifit,i« calkd tbc Spirit </adopiM>n,Ro«i. riii. t}.'-^ 
^ be ftritunKnl in thra vcrr<r n ^itcd ia the followiDc fylloallUc 
fon; * Ihufc wlio 41c ji»A;ticd by fiiih i» ChrtA iwci no^ 
confottn to th« Uw gf Mofe* for ) Jlfification ; but CbiiflMH* «t 
juilificijby f4Lih. ihcicfoic, &c.' Thai Cluiiti«.i« arc julKM 
bf f'kth it thuB provod ^ ' Thofe who hare reeeivcd by fniith 
Spiiit from Ood» uhich is the grcAi evidence of ihcir jkiJli 
tton, itejufli^ed by faith \ but OiilHiaat hare fccetved, there* 
fore, ice/ 

Our Author obfcf^'ci, in hia fcparate rrimrki on ihe dodriw 
of jttl)tticiiH>n, that iheevpreJBonof rfl^ftJVf rr/£r#«^^/j ttbo^H 
twice meuiioueJ m fciijiiuic, vj-£. Rom, ir. 6,7, 8-^il.— * >*vS 
in neither piice can poflibly figntfy (be imputation of one pfr* 
loci% li^hteoufiicrt 10 anoChfri fb that he who ia miri^ftfeous \m 
himfelft Qiould beciUcm«d andaceptod afajuft^iKlngbbeoua 
man for the fike cf another peTfon'tf iigbtcou(ncla/ Aftd ia 
another pbce he vlkrtc, ' that Chnt1*i righicouinrla b ncftr 
or<c ill ilic New Tcflamcnt Uld to be impuied to any pcrfon 
Hvh^Efncver for juilil:C}cifin; and that f^ii^, or tbefiDcerr briKf 
ol the forpeJ, IB >z^i*^ aixl a^i^kin Cud to he imputed (or ri^hie- 
cufneft, i. e. ict lcr>i)c«i to bclitrers tu chat for which they arv 
■cc<^tcd ud blell<d oF God, a> yiW and rifhtco«i» parfoii*/^ 
■ I Uy out this wiiliiigly to ofTcnd any tn^n, but vd difcharge a 
fOod coiiff iencc, ar>d 1 trull in the fear of God 1 but whether 1 

fCAfc oe difpleaTc men, I liope 1 Qui! always boldly fpcak what 
apprehend 10 be The iiuth of ChriA \ and if it tt un^nd uU 
error^rou* dodrine to Uy* that a fincerc faith ptoduciog all the 
ffuiitoJ^oodiicA 11 thctiue li^bieourncriof a.CArtfttUijarildie* 

' ctpecd 

\ J 

a arv 




Cfffted 9n4 rcw*r<led of God ai CttK^, I haw ncv«fih«E4'r» ihf 
plciilurc to kftow, \h*l I t(r #uh ihc ^rcut ApoAlc of thcticn* J 
ti'cft, 3T:d h^d father do To, th^n* ^n oppniiiion to his fchrm^, J 
be If pUudrd for it^ndA^y jiiid /m^J%^ by &ny tct ot o^cu lO J 
Ibc «vlu>^ vro<1o.' 1 

ladxxia iAi:h the f-'Ilomn^ ^nc/jl obrfth alroa : * There k\ 'Avf 1 
fttiviDf QC or icitrinlkAicmvrilkrAuoftol U« tntiquiiy vdJ iitnu- 1 
IjicikI* upon tlie vciy fiicc of li, whkh iiiuA filc^cc ativioll ^if j 
objc^iofi rtu; cm be rinicsl 3£«ir,L> n. v,x. ih« vcfy «i»tuf< cf 1 
ihe c}i«c&i(Mi itfclf ticK dcbiuii iiuS lut'nl hy i?^c Aputlki wtii^li m 
mull have been peculiiv lo the vei)' £'4 ipputince of Cnfil't* 1 
uitly iti the world, and couli b« qu 0(hrr ihsn h-bu ibi> cf^ifik I 
wprrf^lin ir, a«, whnher ihe oMervmr^n of the liW of M«rct I 
wai reccll^ry lo m^ri'i >c»p*aTLC« »i>J lutlilicaiiott t>ift>fe (k>«if I 
Afitr Ehcy ^>d cfnLtfscod die Ctinluri ifliginn* U wii ii4iurA| I 
M t^e Jc«^9 tc tBMpinc fend in^ukue Uch t nccctl^ty, who hu<| I 
lieeB brcJ up in a £t>Ji>ub ^ojkcmi fur tLii law| and la ptcfv it I 
Immcidiatcly upon ihc preA^hmf* :h« li^finc <if l^jKaiion Uf 4 J 
criKi6<d Saiiour. And accoid^n^ty ihli w»tho fii^ cortclt la^j 
Ibt ChriAiiit church \ bm at tbf pfo^rcft oi ihi« not'4Li m^il I 
karc pMC a Hop to the pio^tcb of ChrilliAnity, and w*» i;idce4 I 
a Yery ahfwrd rifMioji in llTcTf, ii wa« iteeefliry th« coMfov«if)f 1 
I^QuI^ ba d<cjii<i; by t^c audiorhy of'nn Apol^T. &l. P^d 4Jii I 
AClually cfccidc i( in iht» ard fcvcral oilier rpf[llr^, ij[)oii whlr4 I 
it feoa died of icldfi aod croiUd no laKbrr d^lliifbacicc in cbe ^ 
ChhRiinchuich, And had fuch aji epidilc «i ihii bMn vHiic« 
>P |bt (rcofid Of th»id cenCflry, it would bavo te«n % very nevd- 
Ida Aod impcnmcoi Ubouit fmcc 4t Ibu tbi*c ihce wai iiacon- 
trovtrfy o/ i^ii niTuie thit wanEcj to be d«<H}cd/ 

Ouf 1cai:tcd Anrtotitor jpj-rcitcnJ) th^t ih=^c ire frequent 
rtfvrcncft in (he K^iflla lo t^e Ep^Juttt to iht; (1 itue and icm* 
plfi uf Uuiu: ibu4t <»<i vcr. 3j. cb* i. * 1 dotiM &ot (tap be) 
bui thai in there rKpirilonioftlK " bcuJy of Chrill/* >nil '* ino 
fyfrKUof bint who bJcth ^11 la all," ih< Apollk had ic^pcA 
la ibe fanuiua flaiuc oi Di^nJ* who wai i)ic great goddess uf 
ihefc L>h<Ganc. Her iini|:« vas that of « womin, and her a 
body ft fed wii^ thcWetflicif iw>fiTi4ii l ladcocitc, ai .S(- Jcraoif 1 
OD tbc piaec, tdU u>i * ib^t Git V4> tiic nurfe. fuf poner arid :Je I 
of lU livjog Creature}/ or aa M4i.-foiiuA mtWwi ^, S^uiii; I 
I. i> e. 39- * She reprcfrni^i ihee*>iht or ri'cure, by whcfc noj- <l 
HiiiRcnt the whole utilvcrfc w ftippoitcd. K^w thi* j^rr^a 4 J 
bcaatiful turn to the Apoflle'i capifftinii. Xbe church Afl 
Chriii ia that body^ tb>i f>>,v^vuj> ur IuIikUi which he uphold* J 
■ndeBrkh» by hn kowniy. iXaaa, amo:i^fl the t jific{laai, -J 
wa« c|fctcn;i4d the nutfe ard fupt>'>r;vr of a<l rriNi^f, ai-<d her 4 
vtiany bR^A^ dtaotcd bc( vauous lACkhoUs ajd fgiiicL) b;f wWOi%-| 

1 66 ChjndlciV ParapJ.rafit &f. m Si, Pc^t Eflfihx^ 

(He «>nrcy«id brr nouriibincnt to the unLVcrfe: fuch % onc» lh« 
ApoHIc tc-lh The F^ihtfi^ni, CHrif^ ttx\W n-nt: ^Ji hrfiltcth bI| 
thing* witli all ihinE*. He lillcth ihe church tnd ■]! iti mcm- 
bcfB wiih a boiinifiil and rich Tarleiy uf t>)d1ing) \ for, s» Si. 
John, who aJTo litcd long at Ephtfuv^ u)Ji ui in the vrry Umt 
Burner of cxpreSion, ^* And from hu fulneri «c bavc «Ji le- 
celvpd cmce for crsf*/' 

Dr. Chandler ift of Opinion^ though no Interpreters or crttia 
hive taken nonce o^ tt, thai the fjme rhjpter dolei in the midft 
of ihe ApoIfle4 argutnent i and chat t'^eihtte M\ veTfri of tha 
»ext chillier are in ihc ftiit^ell conrkedinn viih the bft voedt 
* who fillcth all In all/ fnOcMl ot luppiylnj^ the wjxd* ■ bai^ 
he ifuicltencd' from ibe lifth fcilc, which wouU requkc a pa* 
nnihefit of irnmoderate lei^gth and a chingc of perfont^ br sum 
tiaiucaliy dciivo the ruF»plcn^eni from the preceding tcrfe ; k^i 
fil/Uf ' ever you Epheruni alfo, who before were dead in 
frefpafTes and \\\\\ \ fc habiruMtd and abaodoned to vice, ai that 
ihere wru no natural hnpe^ nn moril profprA of jour recoverf 
to a better life,* And it app«irt chat this is the knfe of tht 
phrafe^ dtoji'fn trtf^Jpt ami fit, fnxii the ufc of [he fame ib^ 
taphoircaj c^preflion both by Jcwilh and Heathen Wrtteii. 
*' Abtndor,<d finncta" arc denoted by the fmgTc word CHlSi 
or «* d<^ men \' Philo, the Jew, fpcikv ot bad men at *' ij- 
ingrhclifc of virtue'^ and " \W\n^ ihc life of wfckHnefi." U i. 
tU AlhgtT. And Sophoclei, fpcakiriL; cif thoft? who ^ive ihciD* 
fclvci upto pUirufCt fays, * I do fint (hir^k that fucliaoJieliWl| 
but 1 eftrem htm lo be d*ad,' in A'fiztnt. 

Chap, ir, v«3. jMwtrriynatMrftkUi^rnffivrvthf^tmatfdt^ 
< To explain thii palTiKeii mull be confiricred, th-ar ihef« words 
vere added by the Apoltte, as ihrblland iinfUim^anide of tbi 
rs.iCcty of ihc E^hd'uiiit anicceOciU lo thtir convcifaoiia tni 
thti they ±ic a condufLon drawji from what went before, t»l 
ilxnd in immediate cooiic^ioii with it> as ji plain from ihao* 
pjiative psrticfe that joint them. They were be tnre defer tbrd, 
ts pcrfciis under the potter and dominion of cvJ fpirics^ iaAu* 
etiCfd by their cotinfeht and nddictiM ti> their wofllilp; ai l^i 
Vy their fcnfual sppeijici and mdmaiiort, ard as habitually rn- 
dulgfng the Tito^ corrupt dcfircs of (heir btidies^ and the tilcft 
i ma;: i natrons that eould emer into tbcir hcartSi And for thu 
rejibn ihc ApolUc addi^ " they were by nature ehildren of 
irrathi" they were children of wrsth« becauk of the evjj tn- 
cRnatf-'ns they indulged, the corrupt rcifoning and priacipki 
fhit inBucreed ihrm> and (he numerom flees ihey were giitf 
of in pra^icc. llui hnw did ibis make them cbifdrcn of wrm^ 
by nature^ why, becaufc chefe corrupt palliojii and appeMo 
were, probably, in a good mcalure, derived from the criiaioal 
iadu^g^mci of their immcdLKe i^aicnis, nxed In ihc^i from tter 


cvlicft iolarcf, fctOcd in tbcrn tyfcducaton* (oofircnf^ in C^cm 

impuhrio of aq idi>'atrous urorihip ; fo tbac >) ihcy vr«r« bora 
ui^ bred In a very corrupccd llatc of it»c world, «nd traincJ up 
frooa thci* very io^iacy imiiJl^ debauchery ind vi«c^ and aidJiflc^ 
to U tbcnfclrc9 from thdr »rlicd d<)»t ihcy iie ftid t<^ be bjr 
vtimrc, or nstitrjily, children of wrath; brcaufc wideHiwri 
AAturaily reod<r* men liable 10 it, and in reality piepaies ehem 
for tl \ and btcaofc what mm are by inctrnation, cd^catioQ, or 
early habir, iticy tre fo nilurilly, or by nature. 

* II ii dfiJent by ihf very form nf exf>r«Tu»i, that the ApoAte 
reftri to ibcir eoiidition before ihctr converlton, Md noi to tliA 
vrhicb mkf be al all cimei »flirmed rc|ua1ly of all mankind. For 
kff Tayt, U)^ uMft by nature, not au by nature; and therC' 
lore ibcit being formerly children of wrath could oiily rdcr 10 
the vicet of their condition before tonvi^rrii^n^ and mrtnn r^o 
■lOfCt than thcif being fubjci^ 10 Cod'i dif^ltirure, be^aufe 

t^t^ iDd brou^t up Lit. and hftbiiuitrd by Indinaiiorr and 
~ite tQ) the worft of immoraliiies and vice*. Thii b the 
neui^Qg of the wont In ifae brft writen. Ariflophanett fpeak* 
ing of tbe habifa of men. laith, * h is diflicult for a man to 
change ikat nature which he hath always had, though fome* 
timea upon admonition from othert men change (heir n^annen 1 
Z^K. V. 1443-^ where <^ lUiurc" can innti only *< ihat 
courfe of life a rnan hath been long habituated ro;*' and fpcik- 
icig of ■ ptrfon he iouoducoa he f^ivea him this chara^er, 
^ that he wt% wife by nature/' which he hioifelf explaini, of 
*' hit bcmj* ini^cniovii from hi» childhood.'' Nab- v, SiJ. 
^lian, defcribii^^ the natural enmity bcivfcn the Trojani an^ 
Greefc», fa)9« " they were enemies by nature ;" V*f, Hift. L 3, 
c. %i, x. e. '* hred up in a raiinn^ cnciiLiy ind inveccrate haired 
to one another/' See aKo t Uor. xf. 14^. Kom- iu 14. 

* In I kc manrKT the bcf\ Wriiera orCrreece ani Rome rpcak 
of ch« ctiarad^n of nations in general, Jofcphut faith of cb« 
Pharifee^i * (hey are by nature gentle in thdr ptinllhinen(«i* 
Ifocracet of the Perrunr, * thic they are men exceedingly cor- 
rupt by nature:' Hcrodrani ' that ihc Barbariam arc co¥Ctou< 
by nature;' Cicero, of the Laffdemriniani, " ihat cherr virtue 

fIrengthcDcd boih by miture and dr^cipUne; and Livy^ 

* ihat the ruifure of Aime nationi inctfnes ttirm t>> an^er, others 
toboJdncfi, otheratofeartoihetatolbft^ otberato wjne/ SothaC 
by natuie, men areof rciy^iircietit and contrary difpoGtiom i fnmo 
niforatJy tnclineil to parttcitlar virtoea, othcri to parcicular vica, 
AtboufandinHanccs more of ihia kind may bcbioujibc todenMin* 
ftrjO, that by " nat'jrep" it meam cither the prevailing diipo< 
ritiod of nations lod paitictilar pcrfoni, vhich iheir piniculAr 
geniuK Icani* them to, or which they hare been (otfciit& \ftV> Xi") 
fuiy cducaiioff, ImaKmoTiil cuRom, and pittai^ui^ txinvvw- 

M 4, Ki 

And ibiu bgth Jmva Aud Gcntilct were bf nturc childtVVl of 
Wf^bt btcauiti trajncd up anJ cducatc^d in, aod thereby ftd- 
diclctl \Q^ even from (hcir birih, tnole vkci aA<i iiiMt wkich 
vh«rev«r ibcy are ind^lfcj. expolc men to iHe dirpleafurc and 
wcjih of God. '^ 'J'bcif bciji|> children ol wr«th" «ru cvi- 
deotlft in th« ApoflU*! account, ihc ci^£) onlj of tl>crir coe- 
niptionft and id<il4Lfi». Ai thcfc cctfrupUona and idoUtfiea 
were naiiooal, £«cJ by the gfrcnl tduc<tuoii, wul propftguwl 
ngc after aje, they Ofa U^d t-k U n«ural, nr by Difvni 
viJ fur thit TCAfonf Jflvri and Gcittiici, u fat as G{iafg;eablQ 
vilb lhe«i and bro^c up in tbcsi^ were at natufaUjp children 
of wtraEh/ 

In a note on v, 8. cb, 3. Dr. C— ftnurU, thjrt the pe- 
culiar bcAtfiy and piopfkcty «f ih<£c cxpreiBottrj / am jmA # 
WMiJttr—ltfi tUn iit U4fi tf ali jmmU—n thit grst* or ftvMf 
gh.ftt—tl4 tff/tarilalit ri^ifft »/ CtriJi—'>H\\\ tpptaft if we 00fl»* 
parr them wiili what piof^ittr WritrfK ildive* OTftccrninj^ the 
prklli of UiiQa'* tccnpLc, Xen. /' £a^. Q^r.-^Hawt im Bm^ 
^-Spanh. ii jVtftB. p< ; J 7* 7 i8* Tbui Sti^bv tdU vv^ L 14* 
p. 950. * that tC was an oAoe of very great liignityt uul ilMt 
chofc who cibdlnc^J ii were hclJ !n vcty hi^b cHecm.' They 
were called Nr^^tf«j) *' the kccpcri oFthe Eeviplt)" a word ap- 
plied to tbe whole ei<y oif Lphcfui, bcciufe of their il^volion 10 
i th« goddrfttt A£U xix> 3^- In opj>oriEion 10 thefc. Si, Pttl 

iftilea himfclf A»xx(*Kt ** tbc miAiftcrof ibc gofpcl of Cbfiftt" 
tnd to ihcv th« diffiiity of itt declar«i ic 10 be •* thr ff«< |ift 
of the grace of UoJi given him according to tiw working gf bit 
power \" and co fxprefi bit own obll^tJMia for fo higb an bo- 
r 0OU' conferred oa \\\t^, he calli himfelf Icf* ihin the IcaA of 

I alt fainu/ T^cfc priel^!! of Dun« h«iJ farther the ctilKidy of 

bcr t/eaf^reti Paufan. p* 533. Ln whoichindt plcd:^e» ol ntovwf 
were dcpofiicd to be by ihen rd^ocod to choTc who had th< pri>« 
Mf cUim to them. In oppofilion lo ih«ie trearurvtp St. Pinl 
%pakt of'* the unfcarchabkiicheiof Carlil/'ofwhichbc wa» 
10 preach " ihc glad iidingt to ^tl nariocia ;" rich«F of innmEChr 
OM:c wt^rth than aU the Crcafiirei oi DtATi^'^ t(0>j4c, I'bc nyl- 
tencB of Diana wefc :ilio vrvy faciril^ and it wav accoun^fd tbtl 
btgheft honour 10 be mUuied -into the oi i 10 thi: Se, Pai&I op- 
pofet the communion or' ihiE iny^ciy WFiicb wm luJ in God* in 
which he waa appointed to caliebtcn ali mtioni by tb« gospel 
I of Cbf if^t and the Louwkd^ cd which «»j pueot^ wjfb the 

mofl valuable privilege* atW bcociitv.' Out karocd WiiUt 
fiappofct, that the Ajx^fllc all«^dci ag^n in v. ij. k4 ibv Gwna 
chapter, loOUnaof Ef^efti), mbowii ilie i'43n)akon goJddiof 
tbc Afuiic citicfi \ and in oppoi^iion v> her <Uiiot» he »lla ib< 
Ej>helunaft thai they bclmtged to a etibler lAUily, whof* eomsiDO 
father wai God. A timilar aiUfion to ihe Icmpkof Dian«, be 
/yppoJes, U clitt^gircuirk lA t. i^. »4vi be tc\3^e% the term* 



R^lt£fnms m Camti^^ tStk- 


ifiadth and it^^ Uc, «-hkcb tic ih« f^rc^ttiai 6f a WilJiofr^. 
^iff£ to die loic of Chiiilt AA inrcfprric*! h^^v- (.umoionEy tiuQc* 
bit ro llut fpiritual tccnplc, v^^uh' vr*\ lourci'J »n^ KttcUd br 
GimI I the btcadih u)d Icir^'iii of whxh cJ^tcr-M w vtitie at ilic 
Udcr^ifc, cornprehrc^iiig briiEve^v <^t~ -i ' l^ ^ a^i lu tJcpifv 

Tbtf alluHoci if vcfy bcauti^bli/ »>ctc 04. 4^ iLi«9fcCf4 ui 

Wc Jer. ttirougb Cbh whofc work, cviJ-w iiAcr^ ^f on on* 
gioil iiurprcicri wiko U nol employed in UlicnotL(3^ colkclins 
mmI cmnparlitg the crickrilrni of oihfr confincttuioct, bu< wbo 
upJofu ilw mic r«nfe of Uio facnd Wncfr by Mhvc (Ijcngtb 
of jttdgMcni, >nd by CAKto^m itic «niflini:e uf rxi^nfikr rH:jd' 
&l{«an<l intimate ac<juiJAtanc« with the j^ti* j*^ ofibc VVnEcr, 
■o4 of the cu£iom: ot tbc a^c iu wtiicb bt; lived. Wc fluil fur- 
ibn Dcily nprcCi ouf concern, wjih ihf Editor, tbai anj p4if r of 
St P««t * EptAlc* b» been omiitul by ibis Jc«riK>i Wmcrp 
and our wifh, if arty poA^umoui vmrki of ih« famckio^ r«* 
HiAin, thtt thofc in whofe baivdt ibcy afc dcpoAMd, may «ccc 
witb fvlTif ifiii tncounigvnwnt to mikc t^kcm pvbtic^ 

li, Dfcfiei. 1776. 

THflRE arc ftur Pamphlets mere tcjifoaable or belief 
idiptrd to thf purpofc for which It ts Jtl»gtio), tbsn rlut 
^Tbkh u the futtjc^ ot ib^ prtfent iru^tc. The cvih the 
Ui^rniom Writer propoiu 10 icHr^n, uiH corrt^l, arc vcij 
^MfAJ anJ prcvatlmsi tfaeif dincciouf and deilrudiva te«- 
dciKy u bcre cxhlLiitcd In a oijtllcETy maniici ; inJ wc liE'irtily 
vifh ibai ibofc wtio arc immcdiildy coivccrriciJ» wouU jlJv^tc 
l4 liicfc rifit^liJ^ifUoxn a prcfumpliu:) tJiM lh<y could not pcrufc 
tbtm WitboaC prclit. Thfy wi[] frivr, hcwe^er, to guiid the 
^ ttocof mpicd i and Dwuld be put mio <h« bani^s of ^udi n 
vr likely Co be exposed to tbolc tcoipuikoni, «^r;ft whlcblbcf^ 
Ve otfcrcd ai an tstidaie. 

* tivouig, (fayi OL<r aaanymuut Auilior] puttcufirly Id bl^li 

Us, baa no decent acvociic to appur iri lu caufe* but it froia 

I tfwy bcginokiig) a IbnliJ, uDgciictoui, ilifhoucH pAQtiin, 10 

^ o p fiau «bat ia Mithct iN^citcJ orL one fiJe, or can be fpiicd 

H die oibcr ^ u> (iib]c£l Ii putfued vrlih caic and jnquiciuJr, 

I |il&Bcd vrilbout cnjoyn>cm> 4nd loft wich rullfnncft and 

I t3k%ni»» lu vi^oi* appear more like criminMi draped by 

> ^e bcf&n? an iAi)i^iioji> ibjin frlendt aflVoiblird for rrrnra- 

%Vii i CfCfy cou&tcntlicc b the caricature of Tome ujjy padion \ 

fat in th« alternate whirls of furiune there is no tin>e fw ariy 

<»f«ion but uicaimcri * the <up of tbcir p^cit w4 j^^il^iit^ v\ 



fo mixrd ind Aithrd with ncH other, thjtc it b one conti 
niuTcous, btacklih dobt which ificreafcA tbc chirftt «nd ! 
bwh ilir^ufl Aiui cJcftrc l>ehiflii ir. Such aie ihr joyt It briogi to 
iia votinci s let us view its coAr«iuer»» lo rocici)-. 

* If noHcmen, and the hcitsof fpZcndjJf'arttjnrt, tftrrhttw 
CquAncTcrtd their prcrtrt pollfiliofli, or xnEictpitrd chcir futme 
piufpTcl** wcfc to fink Wkwirdi into ihc lower finki of nijiiw 
ktnd, tnd to mingle ^i^un vnth the c^owd ffom which the 
vittucof induflry of their prcdccc^ors orijEO'lV C4l:Gd iJkid, 
theginirgof theg;rcat would hardly he a narionil <*i]| but 
when the ruined peer conctoM} lo be indefensibly a Ic^ittatOTf 
iml the nominal pofTc^or tt( «n rfV^tc, which i Jew broker en- 
joy*, hai Jtill ihc fjprfiorjty over a GO«my or t borou^K 
ind taket ilmcffc an htrroJiriEy Icac In ihc fcrute^ hr nuQ te i 
fluilow poliCieUn who <}9c« rot rorefec the dcflru^ioa of the 
pand ind inofl duriE>le conititution. The rdcnce ot le^tj^i- 
ticn tbj the inuicaey of political calcuUtiQD, Jt a very ciifctc«)t 
Jlinly from the chancer of hizirdi the bonotir ih»t mud Aud 
the liege of eorro prions anl fu^i^l the licred ttuft of the pe^U| 
b HOI the r^mc i>rincipic with the honour oi t gtmcfler. Evefy 
niui incumbered with the conft^quencfi nf hiE vtcct or hii follM*, 
wbocooici into pirliamenE, is aiitiJI {lo^e ibaut ibc neck of 
hU country. He ihtc h*% had fo little Ih<lJg^c for bimfelf will 
)u«e fiJI Icf* for the public j the man who hu difnembcred kh 
fonunr, wilJ difmember the empire to remter it. 

* The coac*Kion of extnapU hn eircuUtrd thii midnf^ 
ihiough every griditian of liJe, where in the lower rjntt jt 
ohcdcr endt m the murder of ochen rhin fuictdei the ^rttu 
aic infcflcJ with ih'Ctcs, nnd the roads with ruSaoi ; fbc gam* 
ing not otTy occifions poverty, by the; lofv whkh cot part^ 
m»t1k ever fuftaint but in the luxury and expcnce which alwayf 
atirndt it, and in the annihihtiou of every idea of the viIm of 
moncj. For to rbc grciit 6ve guineaa or five fhiltioga iitbe 
ihtne e^tptnce fnr a tJiiincr at the tavern, when ihe tfakr it for t 
thoubnd I ar^d fbc rradefman >n (he ale-houfe, allured by the 
tinceriiir idea of gaiiiii>i^ a crcwn, lioei nnt count npon the 
eertajn lof» of half a rr^wn th^E \9 fcored up ij^iiitl^ him at ibe 
bjv. Ifl a vny Cttf^it time bankruptcy follows; it rum like 
wild fire on every Gdc, and fpreadi mifcry and de/an^rion all 
ATDund. The jaih aie liHcd with debton which Janguifh awiy 
Dnheafd-of; ind the gibbeti bend witfi the bodiet oi alTifipai 
the women turn pronitucc^, and if not fwcpt »wty by ibe arm of 
Inlic^, arc left lo rot by inches in the flfccM^ to poifon the 
io\irct* of the rifinff g?ncntJon, and nip population in the bud \ 
while the children, whci jn a few years IhouU be ready 1« 
MtKk in defence oi ibeif country, wbei lb oujiy cloudt are 



A/WTi'mi m Gtmjtiit &r. 


fhkkcning over bcr* ire kfc to pcrilh for wuil of csrc, or fur- 
TJ»« onW lo loft's ftxietjF witH (bcir view. 

* Such it tbc pi^urc of t/tiiar$d^ dnwn from rmjuiry and 
obfeivaiiofi, and not from tuxf. Sudi were not ihe men nor 
tbcmaAOCn chit cl^tbliihcd oar pofUicil fyflcm, ind be^ a 
Chmftertl^ic, Bwfiil lo the world: a chiri/trril^ic ^bkh vre 
Ail] bo>ft otf as in inherent raciical principle, which nothing can 
deftrof, which is ro di:> cvcrv [hing for uk, and which our hif- 
lo^iant have fondly prophcticd lu be immorEi]. Coaclufioni 
vrhirb I pray God may net fooii be CDiiiiadificd by capcrJcnre,' 

After thU JclmeaTionof the pernicioLiB confequences of gim- 
JDSt tbc Author prL«cd) to cxamirc and cxpofc < the futility 
of penal ftaiutc«, in the corrcdion of thit vroft deltnj£ti;*e vice/ 
adJ he ihcrckrc propofcs that they fbovM be ctittrely jcpcjilcd* 
• to ibit it may beookiiiJof oftnc^ uj p**y to anv amount, and 
ibcft ptfAngir flidof parlUrricnE tJuicalUunntovcf andiboicfortjr 
pound* to be won hj any mdi vidua} wiihinthc fji^ire of twenty* 
four hourt, fhojid Jrvim«Jiatcfy veft in, and becoire appropti- 
»tpd lo the ufc of ihc Slaking Fiind, or to th« fuKher^nce of 
sriT public ob|fcl> which tbc Jegillature might ihint fit to di* 
rc^' * Fcwt he fupOjf<s would be fo patrioEic ai lo cock a 
card for the Sinking Fund, or fo cfaariiablr at to t^o at every 
fhing for Chellea or Grctowicb hofpitali. Dut it is id be 
fewedf cbitgsmJBg; ia loo ftrnngly rnTrcnrhef in the houfn of 
the e re It) CO be thui boL^Iy ait^clced in front:' and ihcrcftwc 
he belreiet * it wdi be found more evpcdieni to proceed by 
(■p than by Aor«i, and that fto remedy mil protc 6> fure aa to 
dry up the fourcc from whence Ihc eiil ii fed, by rrn'irrlnv |c 
iaipo&Ue« or at Fejft dtfte^lt to raric the fuppltea for cirryin^ 
on ihecampiigri — So ihit ih<mo41 eligible andede^ual fchefne^ 
wrutti be that of incapjiei'arinfi f>anidlcn from raifing money by 
the faJeof annuitica a;id <y-hcf ufurioui coecta^ i and he con- 
fideif rhif pUn ' in cvriy li^ hi that equity or policy can tcquirt 
it to be viewed in/ He conclude} the previous inquiry with cjc* 
pruning hh aftonlfhn»ent * thai annultivt for the Ufc of tho 
telTcr, ai they are eenenlly Cranradcd, have been io long pec- 
miited to wear ihc maHc of liw, ard to Ice the fril nf a coujt 
of juftice to enforce ttie moA abcmi^iablc anJ op;>rcffivc fraud 
thii avarice ^in poffibly iall>£l. cc neccflky c^n Utncr/ 

Th€ ufual method of obtaining annuibet, even aE fix yean 
purchafc« wSereby an intcrtft of twelve or thirteen ptr /nt. ii 
fecurvd lo the pcirchilcr wiihout ranning any rifque, after itt* 
furing <hc lift of <he feltcTt ii Ihafnefdly iniquitou*; but fctoea 
jo thh viay of iriffic haie liecn litely Uid open, in which tb« 
^p^jrchafe it much m'^re imdequacc to the real value of the an* 
fiuicy, ard iSe gain much more cxortiitjint and opprrtni-r. 
^ocbiiics of tbi4 ki/id 4:c txanincd by out Auihi» boiV^ \ti i\\el^ 


tkM^ucokki &Di^ be aUAsJ Am iJm brtiifr, mJ tW 
MtesoftMtftbca^cnaccrf is4«c«JaiacBHf a»d v fjivgitf- 
aUv » wSbk, to ite ttp^itM ttf loidtf* «c >r ^ ff«i. 

of ihf j^rm 4i fcw ip tt ihM vaofl ami4 wj anMfc f* mAmi 
mikbiciA fo vifiow ami mijv«HaJ. U'vfr ■> & Prom* wtedl 
pDU on Piorc &Jfci l^jm I b^Mr ciibn Ut4r* or kpowto ^ 1^ 
pvffiivt >0d vhicb ai«fl kc ill endlic4 io|:ttkvf, Of the nm^if 
wooidbc ifliUioiif tfi<Sc£e£tUctatbmgia)poAle bf tbavoi 

f/radooit t»d wScfa vo«U defeat »u o«a pstpeUci wbcm 
tkbff pbylk Of li*> itt loo Cerere, ih«f arc Mooitfil up ^itO» 
aru) ocrcr taut the circulAtsoo. B«i then u do mifcbid' 
ihH ciTi fiaod bff^^re t porfcu;ig, pcrferering kgilUrurci cTtD 
th« Poptfli ckrg^ wcrt hunted oui of til ibcir ftroog h^Uii 
rliou|b ruified in the very rcnirr of ihc honui heari. But 

lhi» «M 0Q( th< purfJtt «^ a fcfiodUi it WM KcHju'ccfllllGf 
huitdrcJ jarit fruo <bc tifnc ibut &c<ktl wu uiiVfnneiM in 
ilw reign ot Hctujr ih« SeconJ, Lil ibc mgdcm W4 of ihc rcTw- 

« it hu btfen K»ii that a gr»c Pitloaafe, vbofc illuAnoui 
nuaipte in nkU flkovM hive a iJilTuuvc wvighi, hu oprcfini a 
dcfirc ihic fomc immediate f!«p Jhould be ukcn for the prcveiu 
tiofi of lb* growing tv\U whKh h^vf been ibc futjccl cf Mt 
\Mt tfliy \ li ttU W irur, tt :> to be hcpc4 that < ihci (omt 
leincdf will be •ticoipitti^ <n tb«t ■ c^tngc of mAivneri «av>cf 
the g7<»i tmy urider ji ujirLCtcfiiry* Since i^rc Kiurd fe nuck 
by ilie iniluenctf o/ lh« L'rowii, it it but Jaif ihai it (ho«t^ bt 
inidr up tQ ui by ibe iikfluciKe of ilic Rojal cTuFtAcr/ 

A bill bu bf«A brought inLo ihc Houfc of Coonwtii and b 
iifiw dcpCJidjJig for railiAint[>g and jiccitnliiig ihc evil whkb 
oiir Author bit wcoofed j anj wc hope itat u wili pfondt « 
liidic^ and cfl'c£luu KoiAty* 




( 173 ) 



U&. Pi II]. 
HJ« Mr. VolCtir* w*i cmpW^tli tnd inrnfcJ^ ai tUtfadf 
nUtcdt in our Jaft nontb'* Joumat, ■ Worthjr qUI gcnila* 
min, M, ^« Tillct, iPittr ino«dift»/o' ihe i^uceti's hoa^ 
hM. rrccaiflicntM to his protrAitiY, »n aIaioiI rnci>«ilcr« joune 
1ai!y,*t^c grind dat.g,htfr of tTic gtm Coiekijllc. Our 
Author rct-dily acc^pl^d ihc charge, obH^rrinf, with bis 
yfu'l plcafinir^t ' ttiJiE it wji no muic Itun iIk duty of ta 
ot4 foljicf to ferve ihc |-T!uiii-J4iit>htcf cf hit t;cnfniJ/ MiUi 
Corncilk arrived tx hit countrf'-ituul'e IDtiii/t] t)ur G«iHV>f 
«»lifff« MxInaic Donii* rcccivrd bcr with ibe grcateU bcj>;ro- 
Icactt and clbcCrlully uiidcitaok ta 6aiib her cJicilirjii ) and at 
the CD^ nt ihrrc )'«jrif M. Vo^UiiC had ibc r^tirflSiotl Of ^^i>*C 
hrrnurncdtu\r Dupjisoftfac/'iTr'd^CAr, iCiitjinf andAncc 
afiddodB^crrofdrig^oiii. Mr. and MiJjmf Oupmi continiuxl lo 
litre wifb ikcif £<ji<(oui patron t *ti^ bcftdc ibe poriioo vrliicb 
M. Voliai'« giif wlifi ihr UJy, he l>t ibouE a Coninienurv oti 
ifacworlctcf fiiRRK UoRKCiLi^Ef whicfa Im p^opoCid top«b>- 
lifli b)* rublci>pc>oa i ami To grcii wai ihc fucccd of hit under* 
ukij^i thai in a litil* lime MiJamc Dupuh hMl 50,000 lm» 
fox a weJjhng prcrriu f. 

A vaii«tT oJ itflafvcea of out Aathot'r philantfaropy. and of 
bU muni^c^Kc on pin'n.\AxT occaAon», arc rccord«il in thrte 
mcaiotft I W hit adire bcj<^voJtnce hit b«cn moil ilk&iouiJf 
nanif^Aci in ihc inetu:)ribU and wdMtiiown aliair of ibe 
C0U1 hmihfj »d in ihix of the ^/rWKf. Ai vre need aot» now* 
icpcM the particuUfi, wc Qiill only oblcrj^, (hat hU gcDcioB* 
copdo^, wi(b r^aid to rkrfe it^r'(i&\csitt wiU ever mnafo bia 
DobUll mofiumcnt i and may even fcrvc, io iotnc meai'ttrc, 10 
atonff viih piout and onbodox Chriitianf, for whitevcr may 
lure pccuharly ofFnuM tbcm in hh wriiir^i^t : trScre hti ab- 
bofrmcc ifid coninnpc of ct^e ff audi and l^porttiona of Popery, 
Duy bave provoked b^m, like ^at^ in c^e Tile of a Tubi co 
tend the coal, while he vm too c^getly employed mi ccatiog 
away ibcfricgc. 

1 he ciry of Genera having been tmmctM iu ioceAinc ilirr- 
fioiit and iroublet, which had brrci incrcafa^ fiDce tbe ye«i 
17^3* M. de Voltaare wu loduecd, br thcfe diQgrbajacea, to 
giire up bh houJ^ of Dtfiat m MeiTri. Trunchiv, and to refide 
4liog«lhcr in his caltk of Fcmey \ vhieh he had eniircJy ic* 

• Voitairc'c n icec* 
4 Ths KtD|of FftBce fcbictibcd ]o/?co lrvr«i| aiid ro«teoibn 
priM«nld)OBrwkiafdai«Sy'«»ai]fki ai did alio U)* French acbtlttyi 
JkJidune Poopodoart Ac- dc«- 


i;4 hifitfu^i Aimtin ^thi AtitUi^ *ftht HiJariadt, 
built, tnd idortin! wichgtrtteiu * laid out wiih tg^ttMc 

■ The quarrel anio«{ the cHcent >T Gvnoi, rof^ id fucb t ^icbi: 
that on the i;ili of Ktbrvary* 1770, ttif on« pariy firvd apoa ilT«' 
othfr ; (Q(n« pcfiflc wcrt killtd, and a number of uadtDnea «ub 
their fimiiici, cune «ad bcfgc^l an aTflun wiib M. 4c Voltaire^ 
nhicb he iuiTitcdiacdy grinied. lie rcceircd foait of ibea into hb 
raftk. >nd ID 4 frw yc^n hid f fEj boafci ofhcwD done buQ; fbr ihc 
nitt fo thar ihevillage of Kerney. which «t Ebccloie fffbl* pvrdulca 
wai onl/ a wretched hamlet tcnaiucd bv ro«iy*wi»e nifttalita m- 
faflU. deroared by povorty, difcaff, ai^d itx-vathorcrt i ^tij loo^ 
bc<4Sic a ddigbtrul pUcc* infaaLiitd by ivme hundftd pccpt«* 
totnfonahfy Eliaaced, and rij<ccfifaUy cnployrd for [farmfeT»c« and 
the uatido- TheDnkedeCboiftol pMCr^rO Ttkiiiofiiit coloojr witit 
all Nil p9tt«r, Co that tb<y ware toon la a IJcuatioo io«&abtifc« 
coofiderabk trade *. 

' One Ebi[i)> wonhy of lEicaiion ii, thai thoo^b (hii colony «at 
coinpo<rd of Romin Caihnlict and ProEclUni*, Ji wo^ld bava bee* 
tmpolSble to difcover iliic there were 140 difTfreni rtiigiont U 
F^^ney* We faa^'e l»n the *jve( ol th« SwiJa >a4 iitatt^fii. wiib 
tbclr ovn haodi, picptre thfcc repcr£>iri for ihe boll, aaainAlba 
proc<Oioo ai the felttat of the ha\j iacramcot. Tb«j afiud ac iW 
CfKinony with the deeprft rrrrrericc; and Mr. Haf;T>orE, ihe ntw 
clai^mU (»f tcmey^ a ta*n <^ra lolendng ^nrrovi rpiri?, look aa 
opportuaity of thanking tbcRt to hii difccurfe. Whan a CathoJJo 
^a» fick. the Fi^iclliriii wcui to nurre hits, aad tbey met ihc like 
ainilir>ce, when ihcy h^d occajiaa (ot it. 

• Thi» wa* the crfr« rtf" ihofe mindplw of humanly, which U. 
de Voltaire had recommended is ill h;i vorlci ; but more pariJcoUriy 
jb hi) ircatifv on (oUiation. He al^ayi fiid thai wt were all bf^ 
ihert, and it vu from f*^ that he jrircnoj. The 0\j#jr», ihA 
Nimtreti, the Pa/fwAW'« the /'aWriUj* and oiher realou, bitifrjy 
repraached him with it| but it wai bccaiife tbey were not Ija 

■ Bebold ihii infonptioo, Dio Kaiur, uponihc charch Jbavi 
bailt, faid be. lo thofe tnvrcilcri nW CAm< to vifii hiai. Ii ii co 
Ood, the Gommon fi:b<i of all men. Frttupi 1e U the onTy chuicb 
we have, whkh it dedrcaitd to God alone. 

' More than oat Ibvareign priace ii>ky b« rttkoaed anongttt 
oaittbor «f DrtDfeea, that canie in croaks to ri£i Fcmcy. Senrat 
ofLtkcm, v'bolc lettcri are in our handi, btiucurcd bim «iih aeon* 
ianc cortefpoddencc : the noi^ ucintfrruFLrd. wai that of iH« Kkf 
of Pfuflia. and hJi COtr M*dime Wlltkelmiai Marjnviae, ofUudib' 

* ib4 ttoA imerc-Aujg pervod of liit correlpOBtecci was that 
which pafied betwMo the batik of Ro!iQ» {om ike i8ih of J«m, 
17(7) *'hcfl ihe Kiaj^ of frajla »&■ dcfcaicif. and the affaif of 
Rcrba:^, mktn he wu vidorbui. OD (be ;ih of ib* Callowlag No- 


• ioaaotket plM« tioara Uforoied, that the UmptcU of A^Sa, 
«:«•«, aad ift tbc reif beat of ibc wu aj;«jjMl the Tuiki* bo^ht 
*iKbc< at Fciacy, ratbt amouot of ^V-^^ Urra. 




^f HyftTU9l AirmUi r/tU Atd&ar «/(ii HtnrtaJi* tj$ 

TtmlxT: ft rtrt inflftfice of ft corrcfpondcncc tseinj: Wept up Wtwcta 
A £mple mm cf If itm, $a4 * r^jxi f^asWy of bcioci i ei whidi the 
feJloving mrmontilc Jrttir » i very rmincnt proofs 
* l^crrr irotn her Hnytl Higbheft the Viittcttt of fijmifa, of th« 

jsth of $«pfembe/, 17^7' 

" J wfti fcant>U ftJtcficj with joyr Uttcri and youn 10 the )CiA£« 
SiJdfdTtd III tny (jrc» htd (Ijc fame cfe^l upoa biiii. I bopc yotf 
vhill be f Ir^fcd viih ihst pArc of hii tnititer, vMch Eonc^rai you ± 
but J9% ««iil b« ai iiitic r«tiilf(J with bit r«fi>lBiiO«ii, ai I im. I 
Aaiund mrfrtf wicb ihe hop< ih» your rcAcfUoBi would have mt4t 
fbow inpr^uA upifrQ bit mind, but by ifac todofcd now, 7^0 #J| 
Ca ibr coniruf. U bii fiic provet uDlor:Hai:«, notbiag rciaajaifi>r 
ttr, b«r ro follow it. l ttrtr pndeA myfrlf on bfin^; » phi3ofoj)b«r, 
bat I htvt dttcte my duleavour EO become on«- The Liuk pre>grc|i J 
bftremwlf, hiE CAuehi ID* to<l«rpir« rKheiind £undcuT{ but j bivc 
ibuftd ci<Kbjii}r iQ phikfiopby, which cat; hcii the woundi of ibcbcAn, 
except U be Ehe gciiini; x'ui of Ul ilU, by cullng toljv^ My friua- 
tJOB it w[>rr« thin Atath* I fee [he frreiieA intrt of ihc sgr, mf 
friend ftnd orciber, ib (be moiX drtidful cxEfemty, i r<e ay wboie 
&aiTy exp^fod to pCfilj eud deejcen 1 my oouDifj- torn 10 pifcri bj 
isefcilcfi cucmici: Lho coutkiry whfr« I «ai M pttUnt. pffh«pt 
ibn«M!iiod viih fimitar mitforiunci. 1 wiiH lo heaTcn (h»l ihrlf evili 
whkb 1 >«w encocion to )C-Uj were 10 fnlt upoa nie alone — J wobJd 

" P^i4oa Ui» deiti] ( bu« ib« Citre yos uke in wSitc^cf retinfs 
me. eitg)£eim< luo}>eD mvbsftnio yoo. Mam} etcn hope ii ilnioft 
bantlhed. Fcnunr when vttc^tngti, U n candunt in her pCTfecn- 
(■0*<, M Dhc WM m hfr ftraafi. Hiltory ii full of tbdc eianfJe*^ 
bot I bftTt oeTcF ftea a Ainatioa likv to oorit nor fo cruel or irt- 
faonoto a var, curkd on amooK cttlliicd natioai. If you koew iho 
fiiufttioD of Gttattay and PrulHa, lE Aould duw tears from your 
rff*. Tbecruetiiei which ihe AuffianicommiL in PriiSa, makent- 
tare ibu4d*r. Hov bipfiy are you m your htffiiiu^e, ndio^ uEdcr 
lie fttdo of roar Uureli, whefc yao may ddibevaicEy phiJofopbifc 
vpoa lie mUcoodu^ ofm^n ! 1 nriih you all pol?iblc haiipiiicfi there. 

" If Foftnnc fiiuuld fn>[e a^^iin, you miy depend tipan rty ic< 
kaotvlodgnunti- 1 fhail nerer fi^rger the proof* of k^tach^coi wbicb 
70* bare riveo mc; my ferhbility ihail be my pWj^ t I ftm never ft 
6kftd by Datv«*, aadl liallat^'a)! bcc;ul> one lo broihrr Vohairc. 

- WlUiELhilNA,. 

*■ f refent my fomolimcnti 10 Maiime Denli. I eotreae yod ton- 
gue to write to <be King." 

' We may fo* by thiaafofLiar and well-writEca letter^ what ftaex- 
ccleoE heart Ehe Mv^Anne of fiuciih had. sod how wcTt C%t d<> 
fared the tocomUia brao»«d vpon her by M. Jc Volulrc, ifi an ode 
Umeai:n| her dejttb, which wj» printrd niih hi* orlier v^oiki. Bui 
what niAf be ebicRy obfervcd 11, ihc dreiidfu] mialoriunei which 
warr, uiwertakcri ufKin Cij^hi prcEenccs by ^mp.bfia^ upon she pub* 
Kc : they likcmifc cnay fee to what ihcy ci^poic thcvfcliet, aod boer 
■fthappy Ebrj ace in lx\u\^ the c'lufc ormifeiy lo whole niiiooi. 

* Then, and i^uiing the whole liine of ihie imal war, th« Kec1cif«p 
%i Feraey gaveetefy po&bU prood^ of hji aiuc^meni 10 Ui< Mj^gtft- 


a 76 Ififlmisl Mm^itt */i^^ Akthtf ^fih Htnna^* 

«iM I ^f !■*• xctf Jbr xh* Kbft, h«r bocilker. thil of liti lore of 
He CLi^a^cd Cucioal Tcocini who kad U that tia« retu«d w 
to connifflr« ■ corfcfpond«nce wirb ibc yintmttn^, iq q 
lMii>f iboot ibe «iiih'd-Jhr peico. Tl« Jr-uen both of tb« 
atd the Ctrdiaal ptflVd b^ nay^ oF Gvnevif a MntriJ flan^ 
iboQgii the btadi e< ^1- ^ Vobairc. 

' Aflar all (ha int>/or:ooei c«ar<qoc»t of ilia KJag of Prnila' 
^tl^ii >r K«1ia> tkc rrltrlut^cn akm by tXxi tnantrrb. 10 surdi 

Pruxa anti AuJIrit, that were jt'tatijr TaMrior inoambcr*, 
Marecltal <}e Rkhtlica wai a< 00 %rt^\ ii^t^tt kith a rid 
■iinr, will U lookcJ upon «t a vcrj' liac^^" epoch* Thai noaa 
In tha miJil »f aif bji muforiunc*, hjJ fo much pcaCnic* of 
aE<lw94 Cvffidenttr m^ff orhii>(l«ii 10 malca Ikii niJl ia vcrf^. 
writiiij; ii }is did oot codcoJ hit Attfortncfi, but ba fpobe of t 
lUo a phtlofsph^r, and laok&d upon dcatli vk»h • cdia aftd 
cyr. Wc have cbii piccci wbicb u amauJLlcri moiibiitCDt, 
coiirHybf hti own h^nd. 

' Wc b«vc a Itill mora heroic motiavcni of (hi« royal pirikfs* 
jk<t t — it la a lcci«r 10 M d« Votliire of liie 9th cf Aupifi» (wtaCfw 
ifC difi bdbra hi« vi^rj^ ai Rofbach* 

** A^txri^ttfS /m Jir/niJ'»/f*Jinmdtvw/9amtr^ 

Enaug^— I'm mini ant! tbrrffr>rr bcrn to woea, 
1'q n^Vouf Jai* my firmnefi I opftoic, 

** But though ihcfa bt my fcntioicaii* I am lir fnun coodenatii 
Cacoand Oiho^ — TKrrc wainot a li*g]« gioriouA OiOBMnr Uttem 
ol tbc litter, bci Out «^bich coadadod il 

" ytllaSrt ttam fin hrrmit^ 

^ £h*t Pivvm %4%t ir^fm ia kit 
" Pttrmtiy mtta.4 jiu aai^i^f, 

*\ fti^t <fivri IS mitrtr im Jt§iJ^ 

VoluiFe in r«MCt nrirement bid, 

Bvtiraiti hlj Ui'tiXt hcraty'i Lhule, 

May pfflctitt PUio'j ficrti Jorc & 
Ftfr [!'«> cmbvfk'd on flutmy feaa. 
Nd fuccour nighr m fAv^rirc breciif. 

My Aiip fir diJUai dri*«a from lliorc* 

ThoQjh Jirrcd/t^Riblin;: wire oa ware* 
Mj Ihattfi'd £ic» the itmpcl^j latCi 

And rouud ny held cbc vbild wladi fia^l 
Y« muft I meet thcif ficTcell biir, 
Ffofft'foui, or a^lverfe beioy fafa» 

Tbtnk, jive, die, ai bceomci a lung.** 

' N«bl0|:caii bt Gacr 01 more nobV thin thefe UfT rerfot. Cof- 
Uilia, Uhnbtftdayit couUjiqiaiiy vrutatwjt^j btucr; ■•A 

f^mMl JUfiM^n 9fthi 4ikiU iftht »ansdt, 177 
%fcca 1 btttk ii gaiMd After faeh vttfa, tbt icbtio^cAA teuh w» 

The following account 19 (ircn cf the icbcmc for maSEioi; 1 
Satve of (ur AuchoTp by fubfciipcion; to becx»uttd «^i pA^i^ 

' ThkoonpliiTMAt wi| lljfl Drnpofed in ibe j«if 177c. h]r afo* 
fVi^ttlsdy. to ipcxt tro!}' Uuttcd bms, ts m^kcMr. V-iAvadilbrdl 
th« infiptd libflU and ridkvloui calvmaM vJii<h faaiudJia ind 1^ 
n&Tttcc hvl UcftpcJ apCd bint. It ««» MiJ^hlc Nckc;, ibc i^ire of 
liie rcnJcdC ttoat Gcaevm. who firft louccIyciJ Uiu fj^>j(vl. Sbc luu 
a vroraac of 1 lu^^^T Cbltiiatt^ DoJerihiKliog, and U p^mble. her 
tfOrtb w«i wctt fdptVior to bcr gmiui. Htr i^l» wu «i£cr|^c«cbcd 
Kthf 4II bcriilitA^u»* opoa cofiiiicio* thK nonv but bid of kttCfi 
Ihoolcl be lut^fcribcfi w Uc Bbdofuiin^. 

* Tbc ^ng of Prafli4r si 1 oai vf letUu* EO nliEch iJtlc and EO 
Hi«e or itciiiBi f«rHy to maa h^i x Ivftter clum, wrote ca ttir t<le- 
bMird M- J'AlenUtt, xod «iprcl£fd h'u d«Ar« co b« unoof llketr* 
lo rtbfcfite* Hit ktMf df tbc iStb ot~ Jul/* 1770* U Mg^d is tho 

** The ktadisneft moavmcat of Voluiie 11 tW wbich be bath 
crt^cd himkif, in bii bi>jkf, Thry «il| ijiil bog^ ihin (hr iJom* 
«r5L Pc:cr'i, tbc U>aif«, and l!| ihcU buildinf;! wh:cb ytftlly bu 
cottfccraicd Wct^fdiry. Wbca the FfCn^K lui£ii£« vh«Ubtf Q^raore 
^pokcn* Volsvrc ntllbcEraa^CtdiDioibc lan^ai^c whkh fhall acxt 
uec«GiJ. In Ib4 mtaa ttor> whiTv t vd ftlkd with cb« pldftrv 
vki<h bit prodafltoM, fh v-iHoui^ atid each fo p«rfrd in iia lci»lp 
kavt ipTaB me, i c^attot, without tngmitadt, rcj«H ihe pi^poial 
whkh TOO bavff vbadc 10 att, of cdncnbuda^ to the boqciscm whith 
U to be crc^fd fur ht:A aa a proof of public ^raiiludc Vou ba/fi 
(wty :o \ei tntknowhatiieKfedcd froca facj<— Jwillrrrsrenochiof 
for a Hatofl cHich Jmi moro botour to the man of Intm who cr«^ 
ii, ikao it po4ttb1^ c&a to Vottairc, It wtH bt fald, that in ibe ftreo' 
E«*th ceotory. vbhiEc fo =L«tjj mci of fc::a» wr:c :carb; o<k jiru>- 
ibrr in pirco ihniu^h cnfy» tbcir were func feuod fu Italy noSU 
3od gc^cFnu*. u ic do Jultlce to 1 Run vbofa {eoiut and taktit* 
wtrt fipvtitrt to trciy ;if^---tbat w« d<f«rv«d Dopo^Dfri V»ltaif<! — 
md our lataJl p^^tiiij will cory ui ibut fia^ular Adraata^. 'A« 
daAiagoi&iaS Cckbi^cd men, and doitj joAice K3 fhiir merit, \t th« 
way to eoooarage fupf-'kr nJenu. h ia the oulf recompcoceof 
worthy ntiDdi, and tt joAty du* to ihofr *bo coltiraie letmi la an 
^Viim^bi 6tPftt, Tbay proc u fe the pletjlprca of th/t nlad, v^iih 
Are more l^ftj[ than tbi^fe of cb« body ^^ibey fofrfa iha nofl fara^o 
Baaoen i^cboy rprcaij»i/tti ovti the whole <ovrtc of life ;-^th£f 
rc:idrf oar rx^lle«fG more fjj^poruhk. aad deaib Idiietrib^. Coo- 
lia«t <hen, Gcii:^?o«9, td prowA and cct<hraie all (hob in Franca 
wbo apply 10, a»4 arc Ut h«ppy at to fucc«od in, t'^fc ptfrfuiu. It 
will be the tnmxSt hoooaryovcan po^hlj 4ey^*r tuvaa. 


* Thm Kid^of Prufiadid ndic: becaulcJa lvalue of hit old ftr- 
ta»t 10 be Daie io hli inc porc«IiTn. is>d f<Ai k to U(d with tbo 
word /www»»/» IttCcrlhtd upon Uic pcddtal.' 

Rn-. M*f. 177;, >4 Thii 


Hi/imial Hitmun afiht JidUr rfihg HtmrkJim 

Thi« immpfided honour rcrvet), u Voltaire kirtteM, 1o gfve 
frefti pfovocition to hi« tn«micf. ' All tLc taaiik wm«* irf 
the Pm wi^*,' fMyt o«f AuthoTt * wcfe upon htm}* and >f> 
• better to M. Titioe, be pleafantly made the following ao* 
kncyiv]ed|vic«»i i 

' AH i^fe |»«n<kRi«od«r«f*r 0M«nnii>fl)bc^tertb<n f A>; aftd I 
cvflfefi i^c b^n ■/« (one 9i ihtm* wl»f* *&£*•» ou{ht t* 1^ Asdc 
■p in ;ic Crete j/ 

Our Author iifdi. th«< the * Noootta, the Frdovi* tke Sibottena 
and ihf'ir companicru* tnudly cfceUimcd: bai he «kho peWfcoecd^ 
kiA *iifa ibe gfeitfl ctor'ty and jtbrf]r'f>Ty, w3» s fof«wm jpotB>' 
Uineer, vrho «ru filter for Ifl^rpinj; chioiaiei, thin direfibje C«»- 
fcivaco, Thi» vtry fcRiihu eentUniian vrrctcio (he Kin^ tiTrfCBCf, 
in tbcfifkcf^oc trovtfd fcf4J to «notFi;,-, w> bc£i1jc fivtMrcf bii 
to ttprl A f<k Di>n, of fticntr-five yan of age, from ibe 
«hich bv buih, fr«m it>c Itndi Ahich he hid cirirrd, tnd I 
boBdrid ftailiei, wh» dcrtved thdr TabTirftenoe froiik kkn. nS« 
tboo|tbt the pri>(«ril v^ diDiontJl »ad onciviHifto, tmd pvc 
ilvai iHc ror^rr Cr^r mie^c be toM to,* 

The mmtidn nf itji,i wiffJt tf 75, fertni <q liire browbt in % 
piftKuUr accouni of the wd1-hof>ivn liTair cT M. Volciuc't 
fending for a piHbnt ai iIlu ju-ni^iitCf ia order lo rccelrt tx^ 
trtnt wtBim^ icc* 'flic licuJl ii pkafuvt «ncu£b \ 3«d ibc JK* 
couut of i^t/ffitri/i to w^ich ihi> adicjuuic gave bi/lh, ki 
order 10 levder the /fi/i rn^t compkiety f idicoloof , is eurioiu 1 
■nd ticivei to ix)nfimi the f«rp:ctuni wrcmeitiin^t ^ the time, 
that tbe dtHtrttkn tnd fffrj^'^ tf faith Uid to hive been m«d4 
bjVolrijrciC ihf p«(TV(nance t^ iut htiy ttrrm^j^ Wtrcnm 
Jpr^rrUt^ The EoUotring letter wm s^nttcfl by our Author, on 
thU oceifiiMt : 

■' I am not oFcnded with Eboft proflc, vIm haw vnede ne fpeJr 
ttte v^rdt of bollncf^ \% a DLle iaih birbirovt and ivpfrtinebl ; 
ihey c^cld ba\e rrpfcHfd ny uue fraun^caLi but b*d)y ^ tltcy aii^b: 
kait fcpmod in tbdr j>r£oai obnt I bite fo frei|octitlr p^MiOti-i 
Prci'tli^ bu: the/ b«vc not cycii exprc-ncd (be fibftaiTce vf a; 
toioM, J agrer wiih ihrxni 1 jrijn an iteir fjlth ; ni/ <aLrghiii>t<i 

eal <rc^>iidt ihcif ignorance, :ir J I rcconiscAd myfelf io tftcif $«' 
«c)Ard prAycrj. I oalj bcg iheptoui ftfrgcrft, <*ho di^eflvdlbc decJ 
cf iLe jjih of ApiJIi (ococfider thai ihe^ aught *o( 10 Mnucfek 
deedf, cm in fait-or uf the troih* *nKincm tbe Catholic reUrioa 
M tru, Ut aJt il>e h«>r)d knourij there li the kA nerd of tHIfngEia 
for it. T>if Tr linlf librrtiri tvhicb bat too common, oay natb^^ 
ri1< more dangcic^i impcrntont. People cuv vc/y fooo ihank ihtr 
ni^ be allowed to fiLrjcotc hSk aUU, Ulic Jvaiilonif ia4 iaUc ac- 
muticnf, foi the f Iwy of God. MdH horiid fur^erart har« been 
COBoMtied OB Ibrflier occafiOBi. 


• Tbe GrMSfirrtr of l*irti. 

■t IIk Cfry$ u ikc fUcc of ciccotioa Ibr crimjojiUa 



*■ Sattivof th< pMEfsdad *i(n#lI>icoarrri ibatthvy W«rf r«bon>«<f j 
l)«c ih«T fcfv mjidc 10 Wietv ihx i^f incrc doing sood. Tkt/ 
^ifc dcdutd. th«£ tbc^ «nl? ic^ld Sr^ mvl^ i ^ood idkaIioa^ 

" AU titH vn ^OAC no iJovbl wjih the iuk i^IiiriUb^ intvviian* 
thir ahr rt^in'iitaAtwerc iinpucfd lO MrcT't. dr MniiiiTriint<a. dr U 
CMoun, dcl4«Bidar. ntf * nvcrbrr of cihArpe^ffe, T^e>c pi»j> 
fr^ddi ba«« Ihvib ia falhton > b«iE ftx;f<a hvodftd ye«ri ; b«t vr()«B 
ibtflc g«od wotk* (O ihc Icntih c^^^ r«ir«Eioodi it ia rki«£ > giMt 
dejl in chii ivoiU. «■ ei;;T<tftnini of tk« kift^dvoi ol* brttvA.** 

In ilierifniiiikJcr of ih^le m^tnoti*, whkh end vrtch rheyptf 
■774* ^'^ btrran tccount ^ cHe horrii pro^'ccutian an<ld»th 
Of tfee Ot^alier dc U Bine, at AbfecFilTr, mj of rtir i^il 
and fuc^ctj m^iTh u-h<h our Author cfpoufcj th< cufc of ifc 

hecA ir-uI'CJ u^ ih« Ume p^vfccBticH). J he cfunc f«4 v«htch 
ihcy wee i;jcrudl^' condcQincJ. J> here Tiid Lg n«ve Wfl-v 
* DM kbtrltng in liftwof riio, Dcfore a proctffigfl of C4puv~^»lU| 
wbo hid pillod ilxkui 60 picn from them « ihcj were aIju m- 
cuCeiJ i>I fkxigia^ A rik ih i^ug of ico fcir* Jd, wtd rtpci^ing 
PUou'« ode JO rtiipti. 

* 1 kit Kf^ of Fjroa I w» 1 tcn^d l^ljhc of 1 jr'^VDg inin, and 
!<kefte4 tcoa 1< fqci a vci;iil '-tef;»«ri, ihll Ihe Kiog of Krititf*, 
l-iMii XV' betnii; iIjM Utf AaiHor wii poor, ffi^^ him 1 pcndori due 
of ^it pri'f piftf. Th'ii !;« wbo ccmpofcd cho pic« rivi> rcvr^/Jcd 
Iff ■ £'>od Wtr^. >hTii1« ibr^ «fJO j^|3Ck:ed is, itcre condcinnri 10 
fvftr tbeswfl trth&(^\ |Miflilhin»(, t^ Tone iab^jniin monltn taX a 

• Tb-#* j«d£f« of Atb*tn*ccondafl*J i^e prfl&catio^, *nd cJi* 
ittceBceflita- IoILai; IVfl the Chiralitr dc U 8«rir. ivd hit 
jr*itaf ^icfld {of u'bans «e hiv< bcoo fpcjhun«{|, :1u>aU be ps; ^3lhf 
Uiruif« orCtify aod cxfrtutdiniff. iWir h»d> be- est o«, tbur 
ton^vctlo^a <'flt «iLb ctficeri, lad ibeir bodi» buiat ili«c/ 

Wc h«>«, li^cwik, tovwd tbtf ccDclurKrfi of Uiii work, t 
r^ciiil i>f ihtf mrani by which M. Voltiire urcd hii territory in 

the f f;j i> G^r, of lb« p^a^ue OJ* the y^iVW, Of cficflf « of it^C 'A- 
^■liflioo \ wtio loroKnlcd tbe poor fcop'-c^ and involvti the 
coun>ry in tikemofidrc^^rut mitcrv. 

All jcunjfit alfo i» hcicgittnof 1 Mr. Clement* oo« of Vol-^ 
uij«?'t htttxi^ pctrecutoTi; and vbhofc Terfcnty * tovriTdt our 
Jiuihor, u pi^^X baiiil>04a«ly Ktikaud, — Uiaij^h ia a fctf 

S^ikiAfforMr. Vofutft'ii^/rtvofJti, if uobftrrtd, ihiT' iWa 
Bi«a fvrt 1^ :fm^'T. <« k,kh, h^Viajt ovci coii;rii^ti ■ bibsE of wril- 

Hove aad ?-jM«nrjT^, TKnajh o^r aoihor vrti Vfl|h«d dAwn with 
v«an aad diiarJcu, be nM ilift-j* cbaarfslly rartptMid. Hia Epittla 
n Bai'nv* La Ep.lU 10 Umim. rit« TaHlcv, tJ)« DiiJofl«« ot Pe- 
gatoaati the Old Maa, )ohii *bo l.aaeli^ •v^ Cmi. aail ^fv^rjl 

Sec aa ^ccoflSi of hb luMdUca, ft«r. 4^ (o, ^t. 


tto Koortkojck't Mi/itriisl and Cur^t^l DiBimary* 

«ihcf pitco vf tfc>t kied, w«r« wniiva ai Eh* off* of^xitj'^tM, 
coaju^dion with t»o or ihf«c loca of JearnJitj;* he vroic (hroe-Jbonb 
of Tf^ ^fjfii'Aj III t^ £4ijiit/f/u. Af loQij *t cidi lotmnc nudf in 
ippc&uncc. It^i^raJ cdiiionB i>f it wu< ptiaudt lad c^ wkok u« 
VEty incorrvA/ 

The ftjilowiof; «ii«c^o;« j« nuilly noublct u^ Dtewt, nott 
Author rcnukt, that * the cyca pit^vy Arc not aluviyi cjcu^ji^bct^ 
Thcl Aftidc ^tcJily ptibitd Id iLc ^rca: pAri* eJiiioa, wu vtum 
by Mr. Policr de Boiceni, chief piAorcf ikc chiirdi ot LiaAuMi 
B niti trnly r«fptjlible, both W hii viitut and kanttoj. Tb« 
Article u ien&ble, iftftrudive, ind cf prDfound crvdhioti ; — w9 htn 
the Qiigin^ ia the »aihor'> own hiiid. While ii i*u bclitvvii 10 U 
UfiJlcn by M- dc V«kiire, ihcrc wcic a hgnJicd f«ulu ib«»d ; bii 
When ic wii known to b« the work of ■ tTrrgymin, It bceaine tnlf 

- Wc hive now given fu^ctcnc vzua^ from ibcfc very coca- 
tiiiiing iEieni>jirA i q( (he lut^jciitkiiy of whkh, vrc bive lU 
iTidy hiT^ardcJ our opinion, in ibe bf^innin^ of our fiHl vtick. 
Subjuincd tutiic tiicmijjrit aici uunriiicrab^c number of Octivw 
'JUticre ofM. de Voltaire.' ThMihtytfr^ ^envm«»wc havcm 
doubt: ind many paffvgc^ frotn thcoi might be cxtnSctJ, fee 
tbv anufwoent jiul infvraiaiion of cur Rca^*en ^ but wc nuil 
baRcD to other Tubjc^b^ 

■od CbuA^cri of ib< noA entincnt ind learned Perfno«« » ncif 
Age and Nationi (torn the eutkll period (o the prtJcBlTin^ 
By J(^ NooMhoutk. i Voli. ivtt. ui. Ca4cll, 177^. 

WE have had many blugtaphical colte^EOni, from Moecr, 
Biyl<T the Biogripbii Bntannica, Ace. in /^f, dowa to 
9 vAfJ^ty, of infeijor nuie, in q^oxv and Ja»Jar>nk. Tlw prtftbl 
work Lt tbo laft eofn^ndikim of tiac kmd^ and conTe^^uentlf lie 
Uiofl wilt be expelled rroiD il with regard to nr^ hta uid ^ 
C^VmW jreedotci ; and if the Public be not too urueaTomMcin 
jbta cxpc^laliooii it will rot be wholl/ difAt^pointoJ. Mf. N. 
■ppCift CO be 1 diligent and judicmi compilrr ;— of vhkfa «v 
have bad 9C^r pr^s% U\ liii hiftorf of Londoa*. lie wrkca 
like an hoixO, t^nliblc, intdligmi man, — cnlifted by ao pirtf , 
■Ad CniUved by no ryAtm. 

The Author's rnaJii dc^gn, ti himlUf rtpHIa h, Nl Ui 

preface, la ^ Co convey lo Ya% Keiders, In % drftind and coiMJCi 

* iDinner, the lume, time, o^uniry, charier* principal tc- 

■ tiotiH cr literary work*, of the perfona^ee moft dtfiittguiM 

^* 10 bi^o.7 » To u to laduJc ihc ouiitue4 ol a {fcacral iyAtt 

t> of biography/ 

Both the utility of fiteh a wotlct aod the diffieuVey of eitu^- 
tngit fromihtfvolumboai m^eriaU which vme to be collet 

* 5ce Rev< Vol. xJix. p- j6> and ^. 

jfbr liU pvrpor«i m fuAcrciitlv otivkvui \ tnd while the Author 
wHi^a ibe former u bU rcalcku foe un^tuking the iilk, lis 
[offer* th« htm- is jh ipolo^/ for iny 4^1«di which miy ^pev 

Ecjcccutioji of bt) ddL^o; plc^JIn;^, ihit xh^ Bucmpt to 
aCe ilut «bunil>nc«r of mtirer which lay before him, within 
, iifkolcd lieniUi might it firlit ijjcbt ippcir imprtdlciblci 
tnd ihjt lo C^arrh ntK nnd ibtind furh lirge memoirf, ikmiiids 
ft ctottr MttnUan thin ihofc who bare acver fuboiitud to ^ucll 
Iftboar, vrill rcsifily cohcrlv?. 

In a CO en f Element of ihb kin<f( ibe greater piart of the >f- 
ticlcs rmid uoJoubtcdl/ Uc copitd from preceding publtcilioiis ; 
ftnd con fwiu catty, ft vvjlt be no wonJcr if mittf of the CTron of 
jlonncr compiler* ihoutd hA\c cfca^cU thU Au:hor'A dctc>:Uofip 
iBuT, wha:cfcr ite the umvoidihte defe£li ol fuch i perform* 
Aoee, the ctndid reader will icJkdil^ zi\<yw bicn the priirc which 
m hii duet ■'■^ vhlch m, hridlr, that of givrng ut i 
^better eompendiuni of *ef>en] biography than wc wtfc bcFof« 
^lofleied of. Wherr he hii borrowed fjon) hia predcce^Tan, ho 
tu« leli out m(Kh ci their fup^rfluoiu matter i he hat m*da M- 
cafioQil MJJiiiocis Co fuch iftklci ts appcarfil to rcqviie iticail 
[snd be hit tnterlperfed many namcE, worthy of fuch didiiK* 
^tiotit which h*d not tic/art foutid i pfjcc in any work of the 
<ktoJ< — "Hie two following lives arc fefeded is fpeeimef^B- 
I I. The account here given of Chit celcbrateti mcchanicitrH 
ll^r. Hatrifon, if Aot th< fame with ihil mferi^tl in ibr Appen* 
[<i\x to Ibc B*o£raphii Bri'annica-) ^ and c^ntainai on good ata- 
llhofity, [at we ha/e rtafon to belie\ej fe^ml pariiculara not 
locntioned there. 

U' llurilbn (John) a moA accurice inechamc* chc cclcbriud Invca- 
' aad Bikfr of the ^mnu^ Ttmt-trtfitr fnr ifctrtaiciDg the tcogi- 
tndc at Iett> and alfo of the coropound, or ai it it catnmofly callrd, 
thcjtridiro«pcDilHlaRit wat b^rrt oi Foalbv* in the parifh of Wrajtb/v 
Po«Mfra^ i» VorkfhirCr ia 1^9). The tiraur of ^ii KtaUral 
f If Dot efcn nici^);thciwd by Et»e wmi of educaiioDa vrhkh 
fifted hii atmiioti to itw obje3t| ic Inii amyily c-^mpenfaied ibe 
'^£ciancic> of it; at fully a^pCMd fiom the ^iicai^^^^tig progi^ft ha 
«»adc ta that braach of vecnasici lo *hich he deioicd h:mfc^f, Hu 
faibff irai « carpcaier, U «iikh crofcJioci the Jon afltAed* occafion- 
alio, according to the inilccnatjvuut rraflica vf oruuLry arii^ 
~ag ]aii4ta and rrpilrini^ clockt »na watcbrs. Hr via, from 
earfy childhood attachtd by any machiotry noviafE by wbedi, ai 
vt>)ijch« lay Ikk of cS< Tnallpoa'r aboat iha bth year oF 
mvK i Hih<» be hadawiEch placed op«n upon hit pill»* lo amtiie 
lurnflf by contenplaiios '^^ the noveioeac. In 170'^. befemovfd 
with hit FtEbtr to Barrow tn Ijacnafhi/^ whrrv, tbnngh titt op;<ir'> 
tdttittea of aoquirivg knowledge ver« «ety few. he eagerly inn pro* c4 
tftrr iectdciu ftom wh^b he initHi coHe^l bfomaiiuo : frci^kKaily 
BSKDWyiss a)]* or g^ai part of bia aiKkis la miiinf . or dTAWinsf 
IM h« always acknowledged hia OLrii|>aEioni 10 a ^k*^yi»tn vbo 


f Tha( accooat u (aid to be grorily erioncoua. 

cune cttrf SanSif to odidite tn ihe nvTf^tibpvff muI, wWo Tcm fctm a 
MS. mpy of proiirirnr &idnd>rrrr,i't LrtitTti -, whrcfc he carefcilT 
■t^d Madf irsakMbcdr nilti »1l tie di>^*ii^i. Hi« B4dv« g*"*** 
«icn«d tifcirfapcriM to ihd«lbliunFdi<idTtai«Kct; for hi tli4 mr 
]7i6. bf h«4 oo»JlrDfU>d iwodockt. mdU^ of vood. in wUcbW 
applied ihe e&4p«awn4 ih*! <oflipiMiq4 prndvUA of hji o«d t«v*n> 
twn: th«ri; farptJIcd every tkii>g ikrs vtjdc. fciKtly vfrin^i CtcObA 
id 1 morith. in t^i^, ba cam* i^> to Loadon vwitk ti« <liatvifi|> 
ft B^ichine for<:ctcrniiRing (he kpj^^ivdc At (tA\ in ci^daiioa 
Ixing tiiablcil 10 cjtmiie irac tw tbc hoiitt of los^iiude. U^mti $^] 
p!k«ittni to Dr. HilTryp he rrfirrfpd faim to Mf. Grw^^ Onhkni 
bSn difrotYnng hr hi<i c[ico«^nion mrrit, idvifrd hba to mk«' ' 
jnachine before k< Apj^lied ca the boaid cf lonf^iiudt. Hm nivri 
boBiv lo perform Lbi»t&A;. aod in r7tc> <we m LoadoB af*'* ^< 
bii/v'ivf^fflr; wiih vtbkh ^ wat ilraL to Ubon ocxi yvm Cm 
irit] cf i^i pfOfTftief- fti ib!> ^:ir[ «f^V';^ tw COiieQv^ ibv 
reckcninn About ft 4t<{f^^ md 4 bpiJ '^ * iVt<tti tbtt |iiond the 
of Jiir retcivinj b^ib public uJ prtrue eflWft'»yif*E. Aboat 
ytMr I 3 ^, be <i>mp]cuJ bi» fittiJ MOtivjr, of 4 coo^mAiMi «ocl 
mOrcCm^ff tkin tfaefofrntr^ *nd nrhlcb Jtfwreied wocS bcner: tH' 
tlwugbnor frnttofrg, rerommtorfrcJ Mr H.vfifs* •« rljotigerroi 
fiiron»f^of M»prJv>fpefrWnJi iP^lofchepjbfk, Hi* rhramoi^t 
which l«proddC«d in iT^rp^ «KlflilI kfi ecr^p^TCilvd llian<)ic 
■hJ fufcnor io *»ufi»cjr, «) etn>c oiTt tbrve or l^kf feooodi m 
^trt. Tba heconcnvctito t^ike ar/^aii^tfof hu urciapit^ bul 
lA in endcftirour to improve pocket wAitktt, he feuad the fviacipki 
bt applifti, l^fta^tlt laejpc«UEM)fti To adch. %& tocftcoerijt *4i 
to m*kc h««/'vri^ Tutf J't^r^ ^h'tzt iriiktbc^rni oJAfoekd i*4ii 
«bobi fixiixiciin tlu^icicr. Wittu'iit 'iliuC'kfcpcr hic foo 

two ^a^ct, tbF OQF (O Jimaki, trt-i ihf oibpr icj Bijtud'tC*; 
both «hUh crpcrimroEr it corrrCttd the kr^jiudc wiiJttB tbr mtin\ 
limiu required b/ ifte Af) of tb« i Jtb of t^mn Ann^i ind tbt ir 
*caiur ib«r<^rc, «i diFrreni i!ra»r though oot nt^ith-Mt in£oi 
noiibr^t mriicJ ihc p;upoW kwjM uf 30,000 T> flidc 
ra»cbi»fj wtitf giivm up ;a i^c bund of ]r)npEiidc. The vhtre foi 
were n^ of tny nCe* >j -H ^Ke AtftfAtitig^s ^lined by raikifl^ <&ri 
w«M Cdmprilcrdcd iti il>e ltd : ibey writ woriby hF>*eter ot betaj 
ctrefg]]y ^rcA^ted a> eaecbaaickl Ccirjoftticii la which [ni|;&i be Uii 
ihr gradotLOni of iJigemuitj-, evecuied kviib cbe mad dc! : ~ ~'r- 
rttiXkbip! vfhem-, trey DOv lie mully nrgle^fl. Ir t . 
^nafCry 11 Grrentf/id^. The foutth mieTii^e, coipbitk^i >' Ci^rmi 
jt«afbe^ by iHp rime of tJie Tifrttt/fr, hks bem coptvd &y lb* >» 
gtnioai Mfa Ket^dal; anJ th«i dophca'Ci dur^nff « itircc vein ctf 
cDntnavt^RLion of die vIobe» in ib< fovtbetn bcnifi^bTfCwiih cafnU 
CooV, anfwered ij nefl 11 thf orifiifik!. The la:;fr oift of Mrj 
Harrilbni l*ff, w«j enp^o^red in Dikl:t«£ "J^* fm/rt^tJju^i ht^ 
Qv the fune princrples oritb the p;«cfdicj; one i wb^h a; fh<? 
• ten wcekt iij«L id 1774'. u (be kint 1 f>(iv4ie n tfci TA:o<y » 
mond, erred c^aty 4} fcci^ntff. Wiihio a few ^ei-ri 0/ fab (i<iEhi lit 
corJIhvtiijn biAMy cedTned, xFd he ha:! frefjutnE If ri 0^ t^ 2^'> ^ 
divider iLm nivernutfe*^*'!!^ bfforr bi* :;kh j*»f : he die3*( %t" 
IkMfl ift K«i Laod f^dirf, Loa>ioii, oa the 24:^ of M^cb, 177^ 
t it< 

■fedSj. The r«cUreia»nrrof hi4 Hft In tht uArcmilTfJ f oHair or 1 

Jiki CirooHtf ^bl«3, Vk» by no ni»Aa nI<ahEcd to ^Jilify ki« M « I 
v»of ik« world , ltd ihc iTAiijr dtfcoaraj^itiCAii be cacouni^rcJ ]«^] 

roJicitiif the F«]^il n*jrJ t^fliUUboun, ftiU tefi difpolcd him 10 oc- I 

coaaocwe lumiclr toihchtimaaMcfiDinkiitd- kcanrcrAngott Mt 1 

Mer vcchAoki, fout»l 1 dtAicult7 in delivering bi» mnrrnv bf I 

wrhiojEi U ivbicn he adh^redto a pccalitriEd u&co*ihphrAr<«Togy. 1 

Tlukwa»bu||OOcvid(at in UU Dditifii^* iffatrrma^ jifii Maianifim ] 

•bkb hi« mUkn^AB mrcSiakil talenu nilHaJ^ceEtw Public Co ftc< j 

cImbC for froot hjt u«K{]aiinUncc «ith Ucifri, .^rov hii AdfAACecf J 

B{C| And attMdsBi mcnul iolimkitKi . Anci^ji; wh;ch may be f«akc4 1 

hi! ctninatc fc-'ufiil to accept uf aojr aHlIl^acc wtitTctcr in ibn | 

P«Ukatif^«. Thli frnalT wivk iDclu-Ji^i allb an actouoi of Ml P«vi^ I 

muBcjIl^le; dr Enc«h,i9Uil dhil^nA cr<b«o!tiT«, according lo ifaa J 

pVoporfion ttfaicb (he radiot ind <lUm«tar of a cirde, h^ve refpn- I 

ifrcl^ tc» the circumference. H« b*d, U bii youita, b^a ikc leader | 

of > dillingui^ed b^nd uf LWcb-fin^cn; h«d a vtry dvlic^tc rar 1 

iat Kktxtc » and hb ciprfimenr^ on l^Ed« vJib amcdl cdriAainnnfi* I 

cbord 6f hit 0*a im pro y« meat, «r« reported to bave been noE I<A J 

ACcorMs tbin tbofe he wuen2>ET^ in fortb« AttLfuriTicn ordnK.' I 

With rclVcfl toihic opiman of (he Monthly Rcric«ci>r In I 

nli^ofi to Mr. H;ifriroa't Jnicnrinni, and lm;)rwrnrkcnti Ln I 

dock woriCf Kii trcuifCi juft iDtmionod. ctiii:]cJ, DefkU^Un^ j 

&c. and hti con'li*^ with rc^rd 10 ihr Piibl^Cr ^lEd Ehr lewiidt I 

whtrb be rccctved) th« <utiout fc*dcf it icFertcd lo oui Nuaber 1 

f«rOaobef 1775. j 

IL Th« lite of Lutbtr >pp«flrB to be j^tdtciouiljr compiled I 

from Df, Roberrfon'i Hiftwj of Chiflci V. vi^, | 

* LaiLer /Mifun] Ehi E»4ir«f>7rmcT, n-a* the knof aai^tr, avid 1 

bom at IQcbcn in Suonv In i\i^* He wtut ibreu^h ihe iiftMl I 

oouHn at the unive^iiEj of Erfun. aed VDterlf ^ loio (Ei« AiiEsllia I 

Ci^Cr in I<;c7, brcamrn pr^VlTbr in tbc new ur^vrrfi:* iWitded at | 

Winenbarg by FtcJ^ici: rlr^tor of Saxony. Leo a. hario^ ei- I 

fa;a4iQ«d til ir»Ji<ry br b;i gvneront and enierpnitei^ lemptr. a^d I 

bcangobJ^rd tocxcnaH til larrniion to rufr iRacer, pub^i%«d a J 

general fide of indclgeocet i aiid ftiiaed oat tbc prvdiKc of Saaoo)r 1 

aod thecouairiN rouftd the BaTdc. fo Albert. «bp. of Meotv and I 

add Magdcfaorg. Xbe Au^aPm frian fcuj afualf/ bren ampVttftt | 

ia $«Jco&7 CO preach «p ihe inda^^n^n, and had drnvcd botb profit I 

OoAtniraai, vbo o>ef-afte<i ihcir pim» aed by their licentio*! ^ 
prA&KeiimJ Ii<fr, pxpnOd the i[iLi«'"rn«* rnconcetape; ilirv €***• 
botited *' of havic;- lo jjfgc 3 c:>mxL4oft from tv pope. cli«f Uiiocta 

a nan 9wn|d b«ie dcPowcied ihe viritia Mary, yti for moniyT^o d 

niigliEbc pude«ed/' L^fUr, aa aa Att^oJIin ffMTt r<f»itii<c ihc j 

affrt>'<E pot upon hti ofdcr. bcfflo to preach agajoit tbcfe abcfrt ie I 

ibe fate cf lAdulgeecea; and bdag naianQy of a iangoioe icmper, I 

and provoked by op^fitioa, be p«cinvd«d c*e« 10 dtery tndat^Dcei ] 
tUnfelvei; i£d Hraa tbeoce dnicd by ib< \ax\ o? &lb-^u, u>- 
aucabs tbe McdKnUf of ik ^pr* Oom i*htc>i b'u t^tciWi'^c^ ^*- 

1 04 ^ Koortbouck'i Hifiaual ^d Cltfjka! Di^littarj: 

riv«l thrir RrorigcQ ir^imtrii i^ilnH %\a, Ai be enUmd 
r«t>dirg t^ fijp^re this ccaIpH^, he iTill ifi&ovfrtd ibmf nfw iDuft 
crior to th* (hurcb of Ko«M ; «nd G&dicg kit fcfktiineau c«{frl_ 
tiopMd. be VM cDOMua^d to proc««d to vorc dttiscfoua Ics^llu. 
tlb>a be orlguiilljr mcciiuicil; Co ibai ty rcrnwoi, wfkiaf^i, An<l 
coofacfvcci. hcdiily au£mcn:ed :h< nvti^ui cf btt difcipl». ATI 
Svovj. a1! G«raiiry, til Eiirr>pp, h«rvr foon fil>ii v\th the io»cc 
ortbiitl*rinj;innotfAia; ; tad CfCfl, ai if roufed ficm t I^DC let^trfiTi 
b«|t*'^ io qucilun Ehc moii 4DCicnt And moll rtccived do&na^*4 Tm 
cU&or «f Sij(Oti> fiToarir^ LciUr'i dcfigott frODc^fd bim ffoo ibtf 
vinlfnce of (be papal ie(ttiitiit:azt ibc lepublic of /Zurich even r^ 
loomed (h(ir<hurc}x according co M« firw modtl; niny Ibrenig^ 
of th* cmpLrf nifwc4 a fjvourablv difpofihoti to nt <«d L^tte, 
OAianiiy ipflu^iblc-* <ou]d aevct be prev^ilbf on. dihff by prowfti 

Of chroUr to fchnt^aini ih< |jb~r t^rbc^din^ To ivfioidable Aa Ofm ' 
i»i]onto pipil Eyrinajr, tnd oMiOArlitg rcLigioui Ciii^ «»d pr&naplu 
tonrml;iia^ei. Henry \lll. nr Enf^Und. who hi<f oce tWn ctahnrlM 


tilth lAc popct vra:* a Laeia trficiri ai^ucid thop finer pU* of Lethcr | 
IW whicii Leo copf<fr<d od hun ihc itcfc of DrfrDucf of iiic Faub: 
Lutber, wid&vvc r«£4id to the dt^nuy of hit muxonjlt, reioitcd 
Ifa2ffty ^ itidthit tr«Aim«DE, added Eo Uic circunriHlanL:? of Mi \am»i 

Gib&cly ecttred the iLlh flcikfl hira^ uf re r^fhcTCOC to viltbol? 
BOfV JiOA recdviiTg Kii dofti iiici. when ocb^i motivei latpht bt^ ^ 
To difpofcd him. NctTnUlcft H;nry'* bccki which for ■ ku^ ***H 
cct cuiKcmpubUr and LuihcrV iJttnu^r over him in »/uanCi^ 
gave [he rrffTtnrr frdb luilff, foibai ihr irrcrrion rf nxtikind wu 
Itill mofc turned lo himj rrJ [br Luihertn doftnae £»i>ed ««« 
€onvnit ID tiv^ry part of* lierope. In i^Vf* Luibcr »•£ off At 
Tnoftktfickftbiti ici the jt*i flftcr orvnied CathahaedeBorc.« tiv^ 
who JbiQCiiEiic bdurc had cfcapcd fiom hci conical nith <ifbE mort 
filler prol?l/m (oa (fad be hul ivroic OgiioA V0<r»orvitgiciij: U 
confcJled, anong Other naroni, lEut tbii choke o4i wife watpirdf 
nadf ascQOcainng uich hu grand fcbemeofoppoGQ;; ihec«tb<litM 
Mid thu rpjt«ru] uAion wu pmb«blr n bcr &vou;. by codanct btf 
10 hini. for be found hitni'df ourcnicly li4pp/ in bi» <.onjii^] Uiei 
c/pffuJ^) wh«n hii wi'c tiruughc htm a fon, aad be bad ilifveio aL 
ImpoiLant av the evraei oi Luther'a life were in tbtdr coAf«qnefmi 
our timui wilJ not ailoa- itken^iaz to pitbcaUr*. Kecptag (bar- 
fbic EO£eDcril), icnccdoaly be aided, that «i the laoei umof kM 
lilt hcbadliulctudo but fa down and cuatccipl^n tbe nighty vert 
>te had rfiVAedl for fuch ii mijcht be deemcfl. iKat t &ngtciBOtt 
Ibonld |»ive the batjghty ihurc h of RcBkt io rivde a Aock, thtt ibv* 
ikccded b«l fach aoothcf lo onrfet it toullj. The icni ai»d«f oTkii 
Ufc w«A rpcnt ]n cxliorung pnncci and fu£ci, and BniicifiliUi " 
confirm ibe fcfonaaiion ; iad in puhlidiidj ffO« unie Co ijac feci 
wriiiflgf »> njght ifd and cficourjge tbtn (b u do. HedkdU 
t;4bt «nd wai buitcd hL WirLembuf^ with ik« greaeoR Pe*p thK 
perbapt «m ever bcilowcd en a private nan: Mdu»&bOt p(0- 
noguccd hii TudcmI cruioc Tber< is ngi;bij]£ eitiaoxcifkirr la 
Loihertch.uafUt being fcprcfenccd In twi> i-cry oppofite lighui no 
pjifty Scamia^ wtb fagf. imputed lo him alJ tKc ncet of in bl^tniil 
bvhsi ftbiJ« ihc oiber, wiimcd «ith admiriijoii aad Mtitoi^ 

Willla « t&i Afatar ^ A0mm !7)c&r< 


faiA wo m>X however ct«dic hin wiih « let) for tTsth, totrcf Ui:f 
^itiAg it, Abilitioiofkippoti IE. icid iAdvAfy. iti rropi£i:ut^ it: 
ia:inrc»acrcpufCM<c iaiiLflcni)r ; AafJhiidiuntfreilcJndint^ 

U diictp^if r^mainJn^ iRtiifi«(i with hii Oti^lRAl ap^miet^Arg of 
hfibr i« th« whittrfiiy, AQd piHcr of Efa« tawn of Wirtcmburf, 
'oold li&trc been Afi^aK tf h< hid br<n cxcEcpi fiDO ihc [iitSoai of 
iin nature, kod hit ad\it(Wiriput ihem loa fvlBcirnt t'faLj btrc 
sioz/rlted no cGrrupiioQ cr iS hf^ri ^ ind ««■ mull 
lyt b* jult rbough to vftimitiT nvii by ihe otaxiaii and aiAii* 
r of tb<if «i>'n timet. In confr^ucncc of LoTbcr'i ftrcaa^ai ea- 
irotifi ED ejipofc ibc crafty ururptttan of ihc chaich uf H<^u)Ci ibt 
idcMi of Dromuic, Swcdeiii Engriird, Scvi.tind. and nearly 
maiforOcrntiftv, rennuvcrd ihejiartfdirlion oMhr prrpe ; md in 
ft conitriei which did net optnly ftvo\\, the dir^mcCtion brolu 
vriih diir^Teni dc^rrti of riotcocv* or r«akl«d (bcretly. l^ly. 
da iblacdabcriDg tbc Uocni&icA of the Roniui pontiCi he even 
H^d A fcfitrnftimn ia (h«r fyl^cm of politici, and rnugli: rbrai to 
m tlk«Datiani ilni 0ill adbend to tb«m upoQ nuLdei mtuna, 

with & noie Ivnic^tt band*' 

Uibougb wc a<knowJedg« lh< Utility of chli worV, wc cm- 

fo fir accede ed ih« opinion which the Author hM bbou:«d 
'jppofr, in hii preface, aa to tbirk the d^iiiitf/ffd/foim ihc 
( cl-K^^J*^ 'V*' cnllrfliiMia of ihi* kiftij. After all thif hai 
lCTtol>ccn done, in this walk ol lucraiorc, k CbrtDtUgrtAl 
graphvi CAtriifdcd from vti|;ini1 zutiton, in which the hva 
»eQ of fell tmdiencc fhflgid be given in ihrir proper dallev, 

in the order of liine, appear to u^i to be Qill an ioipcrtjnc 
draiiai, — See mxc on (hU b»d tn Rev. vo\. JEXKviii. p, 

r. V, rW ilf4//rr */ Jx^^mml Tjitt $f mt^fii*^f Srut, ^ f^ 

V' '/ '*• '^'''^ '/ Z*'*^*™*. *' ^"-^^ 'j i''-* CjW// fl*'»* 
Wl^r, AsrtJi Smyh, (^r. » //^ Ow^r r/ Exthk^^tr in Mic^iMot 
'wm, t}t». H) Cecil Willis. D-D/Vicar of Holbfacb, and 
Wbca^ary cf Liacols. ^to. t i. Nvubrry- 177O- 
k Gifiment lytbet are fucb ai ire djc upon the pafii^ragc. 
K of uiiprotlubic cMiIe ( and unprofiubLe ciltle ire foeh Aa« 
35g iwitber been brought tn the pbugh nor to ihc pati, 
Ed CO tylhctbic produce. — To rbcfe may be «4ded Ibecp, 
■ the time they ^inr fhorn, lo thf time they at foM tn ine 
tiwr, or otncrwilc djLpofed of. What i$ rtjoft m^itctial to 
clergy in th«; prcfcat cafe, it the mode of paying ihcfc 
\vu. beaa Watfon, and, if we miflake iM>t, dbfcw and 
rn, and oibeT wriicri of ectlefufllcal tair, have propounded 
t the ttnih of the coul, or of the improved value, QiouM be 
J to the (laifon, ihaf Is if an ox bred by the farmer, a»d 
ef tifrd in tbe plough ii broogbt to miFkrf, rhe tythe of 
feM for thm be piidi but if be hu UtA u(m^ 


lt6 Cameron 'i Ph^a! ff OfftM. 

M ■ cerUin age aitj aftcrwanli Md^ ch« tcn:h of the iin(>rorH 
▼*f»c (ball tbm bfr p^iid. This wat ft vagvc «od unccrutn 
mclhwJ i «iMl, ill fa^lt HOC fixiftilcd oo any legal prifKtplc, 
Tor it U no: tli« lyibe of ihc value of c)^c caidr, (which miotic 
be more oi lc& according to iSc (kt'A oi igitoratcc, i^ (ood 
or ill ionittm of thr finnrr) which ii dve ir Jurf to rb« 
pwfon 1 it i» the i]rth« of (Ik |»rodvicc of the »rth coo* 
ftfined «1iirliig ibe iioif Ajch cattle irc krpt w an unprofiuble 
flatr, tbit 19 p^icninly and d^jr/pVduC, lltii ibrn qu^ be 
the EfKide <jf pifmerf^ A r«rinff breeds an D)ft ^nd » thr«e 
ye«rs eld fflU him to a grizj<r for fcvcn po^imis*— According 
lo the aborc-oiciiLioncd 4iiihmitici» ilie pArfon would be en* 
titled CO fourteen (hillii^a, btii it Ibilt appeir thit he ii Mtt 
lor* upon the faoie pnncfpJc, be wnuld bive been ewkUd 
10 the trnch pur of the ciroaAr^ had the farner hUtcd hiai, — 
wbcrt£i be could have no fuch n^br, hia cFa.-ni being fouitdcd 
excljrivcljp on ihf ifnvh of iVie produce cojiluacd by thfl 
ammaL He muR thercfouc b< paid ihuAa 

What la the price of tccpJng rft ycv ^ too 

AVhit [he frcondf j t5 O 

What the tbtrd? 3 5 d 

Tenth 0100 
VrhcA th« OIL ia j'a the hiflda of the gratler, a Tecond lyihc 
jrifcA, probably 10 another pArfon in another parifhi He fccepa 
him iwfEicy wceki and fclU him to the buEchc^r for ten giilneu. 
The improved val^e U 3/. lor. but cbc parHan ftiall not b^ 
intitlfd 10 fevcn IhtlTingi for agiilrjwnt ryihej for then he 
would avail himlclf of the fkill^ adaicft and juJgnacQi of the 
gtizjcr, who, ior ought he knowi, tmy hive over^rcith^d ihe 
bjtcher, and loJd ih« Animal for ni:ife ihan he will yield. It 
U the lenib of the price of keeping hitn twcniy week* tbai fae 
may claimt which at&ouottiif to fotty Ihillin^a, Jeavea lnai 
fo«r. And fo 11 ia wi«b icipcA to colls aiid othcf anknah 
cooling und«r thia deaomination ; and this 11 the legaJ tod 
cqjitjbic EUidc of p&yincnt. The in:itLcr, however, b dot 
fodeiTty fct fonh in thii pimph!eL 

AaT. V!. ^^ F^i^aitfO^m, fta areirni Epic Poem, to Six Ronka, 
TuAlUccd ffou cJie orTgiQAl OiIIlc LiigaBge by hlf. Iimci \l*Cr 
fherfoap and no«v Ttniltrcd into Kcioic Vcff*. By ^tven Ca»o- 
loa. 4tO* J5 3 B^ardit Robfon, 1777. 

OSSJAN ia iallcu with the mighty. Hit beard is like ibc 
ttijf^te orthep^nurci, when the oorth^ind whiftlcth oa 
abc t'iilu KwcD i^a oiowcd it -maii hl> cudai4» aa the wild- 


^iJAPt cr^pprtli the flon«r. The bnrd oi OSin wa» n 
fcMm o/ watCT>, whirc wUH ilic oitiliituJr of raoont, Tbctliii 
down Ihcaoicih tbroueh thv sir ( — it filkdi oo the hunicr Jq 
riie morcui^i whc« dkc red <So^ howkch oo th^ hc^iih. lie, 
notccb it iKi Trom hit cloafc. 1 b« bnrd of Ofliati wni facr«d ! 

&tf« mi (^ eaiWti Eoran, Cvc^ of recMt (ino : 

Otfc wji tb; cml^d, Kwcup hnxn \\\x ciHi|]kil ikjnwh 
So Tfiuch by n-ay of d^r^ <in iht* mdlAchoJy occaltOA \ Wa 
fhall now attend to the ftncicfie h%rA\ miflbtciina in bumhlo 
proA-. An SitffmpT fo frjucr ihe JefultofT nunner inc WiU 
ni«irafc3 of 0:3iin's pf^cErJr ti> the tiri>e »nd r«2«Ur lii*fcll 6t' 
ihc cf»u{ilrz» Jbcwfd Tuch in c mire vnnt of ijJlr fti*d jwdgTiiait^ 
ijiac w« could auc poffitly hope anjr t^''^ 'f*)^ this perform* 
anrci andr ofciwrlr, wc vine nut difippuinicj. 
On perusing the firfl cot^p^^c, 

3y Tuf»'t loftT wall C^LlmriQ bj*. 

Bcnctih (he fbi^« of* ruitrEn^ tree prajr]' 
W« (ofictjcJeJ ift::i (be innfpofcr hii wuiun in blank vfrHiy 
but wc focin found ihac ihii wai nochii^g buc r^/ B^^^af [for 
ihf Bro^^f h roi {'«tfli^r to IftUruJ] of whkh here mk mtnf 
cuiioui inHnKct : 

Jrt»nirrabk foci ^Ir U^d inridc, 

A&d WuiB ktmi dettrpiiad to ra<«c«d rfoccadc]. 
* » * 

Brif be fjpin (k<ij ^i of fictl ■ ^oWumJ bcanv (bioMi) 

JDCciMttt fihflun^^fn iSc hciOt OH llum. 

\Vc b;>«« prccfci±<d fto fircfKr tl>Ai cbe fifttcnib pftftr, yet 

tnigHc wct I'lifcl^t wi:bi>dC impeachment ^ 04>r cin£>u> or 

0KICJ, pifi ren»n<:c on ibc book witb<}at o^cntitj ftjioiher 

fheet — But ij> publicaiJoni of cci^lider^blc dzt »fd cupi-^c*, 

we jfrtfTJlIf fulfcr an arrrft of judgmfm, and iiicoojp4lTitm !<*• 

• poct'fr pocket, « Icalff try a1 we coa to five him* To pro* 

Aed, thcti ;— 

Mm* time ifev*di iht cfitftinjt dis ofvnii, 

Tlic f,tiY dopi howt anidtt l)»e loud dlrm*. 

Tht» U a hdfpr mixttjio cf the fubJifltc «ni ibc bmilUr, and 

conte^i a p* rkcl ni*j of a bank between two b«r«br/i* i'ugi 

«nd ibeif oiaJlcri (nhJch ia not rudx the Z9k) at the ranc 


Heat thrftv^kth* pride of LocIIjd'i tbkb airar't 

And routed d^ivc (IcA bc^dl^^n^ i<» ihe fm [u^ |. 

Tliia it »ditrct}ed to a chief, prcvMiLi> lu bU itia-^king (be enc- 

mft ukdueitbcf ii the bnj;u4^c nor tbe ideacoounocii ^Im 

la tau^bt 10 attack tbrin wiih rufi^* Nowlbii ln>pllc»ifi«. 

rn-hiu^c, wb^b, bcift^ hunly und«tfteod» bti^ens tbc iur-^ 

jifixe. Ti^e laiitmle of the iJea too it mten^ini ihc cbief 

iQij attNck tbeia eiUici At aa bysrnaj i bolt, a lioii| or an >^ ^' 


Thf C#fff'j B«w^>' A Fzhle. 

For ikovthr'f fike, fvhich i% the foul of the furpriJui^ vt iriQ 
fuppofc i^c Utl. 

An ifiibocc of ihe ciff aiftd fAmiliu— 1 Jtepf'd in, Miftnft, CO 
wirm wj fingtn and m; tc<a. 

Concoraing i djfputc between two bcron foe > pted ImU^ 
t)ie Author fiyi, 

About ihli hrilf >rofe fuch it«rct Aehatt, 

Tbat often U^rd lo hind ch« li«roea m«c. 
Tlii»t Coo. i4 ei^ 'niJ fainUkflr, but Cceau to be ciceeM is 
ibat wa/ by thr ^llowini;, 

For 1 1 TAliAnt c^iicf cam'd ComiJ kMw, 

Who i njicIvGricn lJ V hia nidreTi ilciTi 
A» the pocij^ ifarilciicj liiiJ of the iUtuc» of CcpbdM a»l 

He beni bii bow tnd {Lot u rudoDt 

And blJ^ bl> wife for a mcnonodom. 
Mt* Macphcrfon end»%xiuicd to maire HoniCT Tpeak like tbo 
Er^ift Offiani thi» Wri:ci hu ■tunptcd Co make 0£m 
ipeiV liW ihc EDgU(>i Homer : bocb have fijlcd : bor fofw «- 
fpcA waa due (o (he former, as to a man of geniuit vrhofe J&bovt 
was miremplojrcd ; the laiiei, e<;ui]1y void of uleou aud uAe^ 
bu no claim to our artcr^tion. 

•*• A fonner iranflaiio;t of Fincal wai pijb)in>ed ia 1771; 
fee Kevi«w« vol. xWti. p- JJ- Of thi>, a new odilioii bcM j«ft 
made lU app<jir4»cc. It i> hy no fricaiia fo defcOtvc a pa* 
Ibnnancc at cbe work which is the fubjeft of the prdcnt Ar* m 
ikte; but wc cannot give i: our approbation. f r^CM/'j^rW; APable. 4tou la. 64. Dodic/. 

I TT^A»uti*T^, In «Tfc or profr, arc mora! prcacbfr*. The 

\ j} <?^t of the fermcn before lu )jc« m the 4lh book and i^tk 

I chapter of Pha-drus, tvhcfe Jc » rhui wHiten ; 

^^. Barbim Cipellfe qooni laipcariOeni ah Jorc, 

^^B Hirci iDtxreaEes indE^AArj corperuiti 

^^^^^^^ Qi^mI dj^DiiatrO] fomiinT xqu4lTeaL fuam & 

^^^^^m " Siaiie, inqaii, il!U glorU rini frui, 

^^^^^ft ** Bt afarptr* rtth-i ornaum muberii 

^^^^^H ■< Parti dum non Gnt vcflrx liarritodini.'' 

^^^^"^ Hoc arjttitDcncitni moaci vt fuOLiccaj (iU 

^H^ Habuo <f( fmilci* t^ui fmi viftute unparei* 

^^ ■ The purport of ihe above Kable is ihi«. When the SHv-^otrf 

hid, b/ their inEreaiiei, obuined of JupEcr the privilege of hamg 
B*>r^t ai w«Jl aa the Uajes, ihe He-f^oatj jcrew nn^ry ; a^d eoa- 
plaiBcd, ihu be had defrideil their di^ait; iy tiaiw^ the fflBAlca 
» eqoaJ iioaoiiri iflih ibonfcliet. 



rh* Gm^s Btar>d: A Fable. 1I9 

tfti and cfftttliil tdvuiasei m^Ub thtir fcx far* £an 
ofn ibe oibcr. ihcy w^M bftve no tctfoa 10 be diJ&iiiScd wifh Ui- 
tjDt ihem c«nkiF4« in f/hn wtt mtttiy o^naineniaJ/ 

From ihcfe word* th« prcfcni Ltr^ur«r (who hai iii« honour 
of bdi^ Pcciicil Chjpbb to hii Mijdlj) hu giron the r»o 
iMOf utgenioui doctiiticna; Afxei an nbiir^ur rtfltf^jf>n on th« 
fivcUUi of VirgiE, uibrviAtinjE IhftC ihe poet hu a^gocd to 
Mtttva thrfccDcryorNij'lctt oLirEnglilhPltxJrut (or ratbtr 
Fcoliinc* fO' th^ ^^ >i more in hit manncf] rcpftfcnti a 
fMrriV of the R04li iJJreiling Jupiicr lo nndcr tbrm fqmJ to 
tbc ll]AJc^ by bonojrij)^ tbcir cbins with a be^rd. Jupiter, in 
a frolic EQood, groi^t* ihcir pctiiioot «hkh occaJAont a tfmon- 
finncc from the Gfioitrit oi matcsp and oblige tbc God to ctn- 
wntt iitJiaUix in order to dctcrmioc the clajmi of both fcxa : 

^The God ipiifAT'd, in pnvper HaWp 
Noi »i ihc %t bjrcf of fiw, 
Wtib all (iioff eni]£ni of COnunftod 
Which IW«r (he ^i'l the lc«, the Uad, 
Bai jrn H'Kh di^uiiy/iotlriiw 
AtteniicD, And bfcoinmj[ bwf. 
*' ApproM'h:" hfcf)''d, *< fouf iiUfifird 
" Hu ««*d ■ lliought i V\l j^ve it life. 
" For know, yc GdAii. my high Ixhdti 
'* Shill au: be throivn awajr en BealU. 
" Whfft 5/«i plfsd^ the caofr ii cominon ; 
I >■ S«G4fi/ asy mor«, bntiiM dWir^vA." 

Harin^ wroughc this Iranslbriiiaiiort, Jove p(o;*eiJ» m do- 
Ikant on the ch^nal dcftiniLJun of the Teveral fcKtt ; 
" Wb» irti I difertnt fciei fom'd, 
" Happf cayl«lfi with tootfncfi waicii'd. 
" I aicail you h«Tp-iiuici for each dchcf I 
*' The twt of father. Cop, and brother, 
■< And all tbt chuatk* belov 
f* I kindly mutit (heuld fp«ing from jroj^ 
*' W«rc BOic eaallcd Icenc* rour Jat, 
" I kindly ncantr a» vha Kcvid oor, 
■* The Piir fhoutLl fnnh ih« Hfro** cart, 
*■ The UcfO ftiould prM«ti <h« FlirF 
** Th« Jitai«CDaii'» toifi a r«fpi(« lai 
" la plcafvrt* of donwdic h;nid i 
" And £(■£! thvmCclrct in fucial dom 
.*' Forgtt tbr ihom wbich Einc a <ra««. 
*■ la hoB^'fr Eiff , iha< Mio OkmLJ roisi 
«• Snjy abroad, v^hUIt itc at hooK 
" Impnicat for hii dear fcikira 
" ShouM hid 1^ oaiuklLiiK iscenlc bvtD« 
" Aad i^vead, ai fonoAO might aflM, 
** Th« iffDU ImA, Or frvgaJ boaxiL 
" Th« jovi of hoBcJt CuiopoLea^, 
<' The ibJuc CYca 0/ Icilijcnu." 



Ti^G^^tS^J: AV^hk. 

lu}y *dircf!f> th« ladlev j amJ in hU 4±ifcourie lo lhc(o» » wrl 
>i in h'n taore folcmn bftranguc ct> il<e ^mtk^noit w« thi 
1^ Heathen Goihcid irhcr inclintj to hf pofiniit, aitJ Ehj 
he difccvcr^ l*>^ grtAi tn iiKlinatiOB <q Ihcv bit tc^din^. mhn 
Utmt to lie rntEicr out oi his wiy, kk he 6ttit iha^^f in mo- 
dcm hill^ir- Mu<h of whai h* Tif^^ bowcvcr, it ftoi m 
ircrtbv <he olUMion of hi* fair audirwi. Wc ^c ^utkcilirJj 
i>Ic«leu wilb the I'^IIowtn^ p.'Uligei : 

B; Mcre sriiforiunc rcjitfer*d b^ld, 
ll>*e dravD ihf digger in JFJencc 
Of ibrtf o*^ Ipoc^rs unowftcf . 

And Pirjr'a tn« &dl f r«oe ibrir arn. 
t Othcn, & aorr hmk jMj(» 
By joll revenge (o fory l«l, 
H&ve plufit'4 ii in a AaAitidS heui. 
Ana trJiMBf b'4 A'cr il^c nithTT dc*d- 

Ad(1 be wiib kunblf f Etiyi:Art <roa-D'd, 

WbO I fvck'd the pO)I^Q frCA ib« Ur<Hiji4. 
# ■ • 

Gloiloui, no doflfjE. il Ki, to dw 

Wb«« ^rvnol! in ibc ckic« ycu rt4« 

CioBC baiMoftK Acid, 3041 cukc^i K^idr, 

Aad owe* by pi^vrdfocc. oi cbwft - 

S*OBr fjilVif M jwiu IcoorwMc. 

ItocAb! lb* co f J pq i f gal Ul 

blicbl fi'^ i ii n ift •*'« w««n't wilt. 

TbtlwTM«h^o«il'd br TyboraU kM 

Ob tkc bit fofcbud't Ptrim Am i 

TW fNckUst bloecbvi, uid wck'd Iklfti, 

Tb« «om^ »bkb l^Lc black-bcided ptm$ 

Pwp tbra«£b ibe dtfBJik cbecb, or rib 

Ott Mfn WMiCid due of ue. 

An cbian «Ucli fan^kv «uck (o itmd.— 

B« 700 kaov bsi, mul 1 prscnd. 

f • OcW> 1 ^t« dtfifk^ M Hm* tt%bl b« ibDogbc fabalM^ 


f 1 • Jtr^V^/^ti] Wb<tbcrdKi»<ifBktto«orC4lik. 

KI Ed^mrd tbe FIri of Ka^oad, U flAHIoos or mi, ib EJomi 
Croi«> ciiEHaf •■ p**'"^ •** * foficMC ttiimooj of btr iMfcttdi 
mttStwm*w OM bti t— U todt t9 b*r acvofj ' 

I - f>ior« Ul Tbo feUl lOOod boEi w%kk MfUrcd {U ■<■< 

Mn in bcuf tb< dJii^ nii i hi ouit «f « fkk-pccbct : li b oo* 
oJopcrd b^ ^ roii g MO otti Mh^* 

ntGm'$BterJt ATiblt. 


Tn modern dtyt, the ftet%U ft*n 
Ii pinm^uti, And copCf w.tb sra* 

Atul kiEiil)' tolJ ai aIL they knew. 

J mcaiion none — to ^n\i* tkr man. 
And ftc in ihM i«n)« Lirk iil« 
I ncir, wLik A fMclUr fraile, 
AnJ wiHi to uajot s cb«fea ftwi 

Of — 6«E I vvon'r ft cevjr rtliea. 
Few (DCb ofi Iwftf c*ch ocbar*! pratfes, 
And In tlic t'lir o*c woold boi frc 

A Goal trriuiiit- 

■ • » 

B« wiif . tw t«»m'<l, be bnvV, nty fru*J — 

8«t4w/ jw>ur, md f liLOVTMi Bt«««, 

Uivii^ tfatti dofcd hi* mod gractost fpccch Co the hdici, 
l» turn*, or nUber cffalt x<* turn^ to the gcntlecivti, fot ib« 
mj^ftrtt/ of hb prccc^ flJI contijiuc left applimUc to (he 
roilci ihan lo (be frmaltt. Prom ihxK fbutce indeed h« draw 
tfaem«A fUiitrngftihc moftedifyiojf.ftpd moll cntcrUimtie piru 
of hiftdifcourfc. Th« fallawjn^ iliif^jfet un the mndilh dc- 
poftmrator ihckx« «re 4 joU, though fcvcic, cocDmcnioa 
real life : 

■■ tk* preieac p«£e, 
Tbfl rcr^fc of «B ifoo ■£•> 

Spuking to the men of i|uJtt)r OJi ibcii JliJc of bch^i lotir u> 
the woncn cf unlc, At4 iu cttofeqiunc cfitd, Jove ddivcr* 
binfcif thu« : 

Bui prrpf^ whmjtm *ppe9- hffnft 'on, 
Vou wtM ilE ^cfer«4<e, it*^ dcccmfn ; 
And» confdo^ji ot j;i»i Heat'o knowi whjc, 
N«ddlc your hctdi> cud ^osrb josrbiti 
Oft CvcTtfi of the circHB£ ibroofff 
Tluoogh fell iCnnbltfi loun^ tJov^ 
And on t coocb pcJinlf ihtom 
Yoor ItAkfi linb« Mtko«t a bow, 
Wbilt nil i}ic r«ii. tike Shct»*> Qje<n, 
CroMt cifcr w ib' jaiidng iwuc. 

f ' flidi tU SiurJ^] A c^Etici Gieciui paiaEer, ikhohid sriallf 
evrrtcd kb tnkn:i &■ Ufetvi<]ui fntjpfU, ah commindrd by ihe 
Sura uodcrwik^ be lived, to aiotic Ibr hi* cnor» bj furmrRf n 

Ekfc vhUk OioaU diap tk« net licftntioni nppcutc. H« nccordi 
tglfdicw anaki^d Vcnuj vviih aU tW cbanoi bri i«ixiD«UO« cuaii 
fff^rti uhI tkca, lo n»kc licr ioclH; dirjcvfiiEg, <bp{)«0 her on a 


rhiCm\Mi^d: Af^bJe. 

Afld «'cr tftut coBcIi in raproret bug 
To Wv (If IT ^kindi/> haunj^QC. 
>jo ^bbj 'ill cdifyiog: Auff* 
{For fcmtf cirt «ic C-tnacfri -proof) 
And wife if^c dofJijm which jroit r^adi. 
But lOKr £unptri morv than prnch, 
For 'cu 6o«h heocc joar hifb-^Kd Udci 
Lofc, ordcfpiic, tbcif diuvc Eiiicn. 
Hctrcc ccuici ic tb^ ti cvrrr nnji 
m«y ho^^dcD in« tad hoydca out. 
Tl« aodtH -JijniCj* ofyof?, 
Tbf ll<p chiHu'd, 11 k«a oo noro. 
Th?y hap, ihev )^»Tlop. ud i^ irot» 

Th' »lWted fiare, tkc tlirua^osi chtn. 
The k«r, iftie <in«t, and ttie f:riii. 
Supply *«hti ^* hotlf Gn lltU't c^V, 
*' AiiJ tv>'ii i9 Jive in Jimplc Jink." 
tizy, fbmc whs boaj) ilieii i;t:teA qu^^rri 
Ua« tni^^t millKk:e for chtndJfn dAO^Iueri. 

When o'er (heir d»cl ibc> Jcbuc 

Cich pre.Ety viVtim'f fuiorv fire j 

Wtrb ^h«e <«nte(rpf ind tnificr frioght 

TTbcy fn«cr ihc fdhet ihej hiv« tiLSFMi 

Hcnv litej: t bJuIh rhcir cbrcic wcvl3 £r«l 

Their tiiilc b;ca]}i vrou}d burfl with %tti 

Anil ihc molt hprrfTeft mtickin (here, 

The lovciiclt idfoc. <irop a :e«f. 

Vii(ue» h*Te {rati, paft a doubl* 

lt1>ltjol'>jciIfi bavc EflackM chcm oaE; 

Nor je( m fxtcHcLcc ilooc 

lUip-e (till prcblrir difTerrr^ce Ibonrn : 

Year Vkei — ihat'« (ixi httt a oama-* 

Your Foilitj— Aiould aot be (h« Ciiiia. 
He wiwb up hii dodrinc of frtfrU fuM m^l^tu in ihcb 

Whetber you <v yo«r fancied rtifft 
In bfotbclf. or ia drawisg-nMEnta 

The liuje S^m/ttUa^ ftill matn. 

Be Gamcitffc, Ubcconn Jockin, Gi<oODUt 

Be alt v'hJci N«;urc never meanti 

Frcc-thinkcrr in the Tult citcni, 

Bai ibk fbf ^Hirr^iTf be rcrer'di 

Afld kripjt^Stif, and m^w tmi Bf*lt». 
Thii liitlfr piece bat, w« thin it, a cunfiderablrdcj^ree ofi 
tk. h u C4fy aod r^iKitnl, Ii might (.cr^UjJi liive been raibcr 
fp<jte ccmprdl i and nrorc atccntioji Oiould haw been paid ii 
ihc th)jnc^ the loj^curatks cf wlnchi in fucb Ibofft pocou» m^ 
kjirccly c3tca^blc. 

( 193 ) 

ftr, VIII, Ag^ E^i I A Fftble. A JdreOtJ to \U Aucbor of tkt 
G*M*f £»t^J. 4t(k 6d. Hilcj« 177^. 

VN ill'fliturcd And uiirjcal atuck on the Liureir, f^r hit 
livdy fibJc, whkh is ih* fub^cd of the preceding Afii* 
1. 1i i* not, bt^MCicr, void of pJeifanfry. Ir the foTlrm-ing 
in^n of it>< cjndi<jsit8 for the laurcJ, or caiher ^f f^rif 
r Rcjkici* will FuJU/ rccoenirc i /fv^^ ^'ttvfbt of ivro of 
nr old icqtt«munc< ; ^^ ^rft <}f tvhr^m hji fritadi hive dig- 
icd with th« trdc oF rAr Enjlifi AnfifffAattUt and the Jift of 
lom h» beta branded by his cntniiet wttb tke name of 

IPM lUra rhe Tjirif hi}^ JUn^cr fotih^ 
Depeodi»f on hi« comic wonb ; 
But hiflri fenc from wwy fidfi 
Confcvnd >t once bi« AlJy pnd«« 
THii t^'tit mimi^ mij[hi bcftiHe 
Th«if fritijrt* from <h« pilicid fmifFp 
And bjf hii oft rtprit*tJ iflkr, 
COBTalGTC la^^hlCf mi^AI provoke, 
L»aghiti, proicfib'd by SumUfi'% pen 
Anongfl rbe bciicr lortof mm, 
Pit OJiIy Mtttm ro rurptfEC, 
A»d Jhak* ihfl vkllnict o/ ib« &iei* 

Nai Aif^ Brnim lo be bcird, 

Wtib l«cr uDCOi^lh, till fuir prrfrf'd i 

WbAt ifaotich fail fom ould boiill so grftcf. 

Ho {<n(t< uiilci adcm'd hji lace, 

H£» ttientfti )[iJ<et lU muH own. 

To a!J bji polilh'd ftnffl wu k(ia«B; 

<j«f had in vnff proHiin'd ofjore, 

Kow liYli hi» hftftda couJJ grifp tha otr, 

Cootnd tiriih uoiiooj uie hf> ii\U 

Or iprcid hu canva/) co (be ^alc. 

Siftce which wiib txaiuroui b-irk he had If7*d« 

New fhorct, «rid dimuci fir «cd »E<le ; 

Htd d^r^d ihc rt^ of windi and Iwi 

£acer to view the HiirUut 
_ Prom whence he Icuco futi well 10 wHcct 
K OfQ^Htf* and Acjr^fiit^. 
H Tbe cro«d it firH wiU cUmufO^i breuJl^ 
V Criod ff'prif wtil defcrv'd the wr»tb, 
B H'kcb £«^ with m4Jifcnit'^i toD£ue, 
H Ofother wnfinci iu^tat U^t* 
^ Where fenfe lod ^^nitji kjd hem Ttniid j 

Qoon wen: thii fentence Ujfh »(«d*1: 

t* TiMefh fo« fOur vovi^e the rovwd ocedf 
* Mithi to Tout hroitB hitc b<ca Screed, 
* Attd well yourueUtof pdtiicf. 
* Utght Ofl yOQf bead ihe Viifhy (i, 



td4 Feirce'j C#wmfw(*fj w i^ /•it £tM«[r^i» tf>. 


* Vet ■« r<int« :Hl^|;i mhich once fou wrilf 
' We deem vOu for the plicc tnii 


pOMfi'it of thi Jffi i» patticu!*tl>^ fovi^«J»>, *trf Irt our 
opinion uficindli and unjtiB. Of tfcc amp!ifii:*iifni Af PtixA^ 
h} the mcKfnn U^ulj[t, ih^ LaQre«i h44 btmlMf Ipomn mutti 

And no* f'om t^g^i old Lit-n lU^ 

%'h<it Tom* (mull fp"t *' gcplm Ihiite*, 

To wuc dT«« ttMTJV llic«ii »rc Abk, 

Tbdi ull (he iDOn(ti(/jk ftc^ a fable. jij^ fi^iv* 

la cijht tcrrc lin«i h«> Pfkrdrui cold 
(So frupl wcie the Birdi trf oVl 
A T*k orGoati i aad <fn«^d w^^a gncc 
nta, Mofil, aU, in ih^; llioti fpace. 
A!v, ih«i «nctcrti MordiA 
Knew iboihin|> of ibc Ilc|]<kr luriA 
Whkh Itih-. ind fttnce, tiine iitt^ 
Ta lirtf Etn«> 1^ ^pn the tiicuihr, 
7*^7 «rc oar mvftcn xo^, Bvtl \V4 

Will r«ll 11 in A jnodrrn Mvy. f>Mr^ kMr/ 

The tfturtl was hid b^ ib« a^citntv n> biTC the po«tr of 

iklerkil modtrn butcaU UoD\ the SEttller}' of their ce^temponria. 
If tiur prcrent 

«-^ Ne<J^ ytit't I^A^A ^ft-^ binh 4iy odei , 
>ie f^oi cquaT Lo Pitidar Of Hcmer. ihey aio not riitctilooa, Vktr' 
ihoff vf 3h;iilwcl1 &nd Ctbbcr, Their annual {^rodv^juiu rcD->j 
4crcd the Uure^) contemptible | but the prcknt Llvreatt 
Ophellii Tayi, ** weara his rue with i dtflcrence, and ^ou my] 
C«[l ic Hrfi $' G''aci on 5vniA^</* 

AiT. JX- ^'C-ktfWn'ji^ M /Ar>««r£wMyJf^i «B//i#i(?j f/'rtf 

/« j^ Ciruf^ftfAi. iM^jfr d Purtf^/ri^ Mi^ JV«rrr, Bf Zadwj 
Pctrcff. D. D. l4ic Lord Billiop of Rodidltr. {Jnkk ttwdaAd.} 

FROM the acccunr giveh of T?r l*cifce in w»f bf! RevKw, 
it appears tbit he W25 ^ncaily celtbnied for philoloakJ 
teir/ilng. ThAfe who sre acciuainicd wlrh bis c<titioo of m- 
fMnrr, and bia Cif/ri 4tX)rat9rt^ tnd Jr O^iitt i>ccd no other 
P«ouEh vf his (kill in the levrofd bugu^gti. Hli two 1«M 
EpiPUs, M\ pubiifted in the year i7>i, Diew bow «rJ^ hitw* 
tetnion w«i turbrd to tlie l>u<1yor ihr Nrw Teflsintnv. Tbrfe 
circumftinctt JUturaltf r*iie out c!V|<<daciDJU conrt/h-ng ibe 
iflofk t<fi:jc ui, ivtii^h we [ii'W prwerd ro exiDiine, Wc Chftll. 
endatour tu do jmIIicc lioth to tbc Auikor ittd tbe Public^ 

hf injt brfort ovr Rcad«i9 TuLh rxiiid» from the Comii^ntar^ 
a« ijull ^(ft crt>t>k tbcin ei> foroi i true juflgtpvBt coficcrning' 

«e fhottM ettiy tfScit fCtJ, y,yj*j r/^ Cft^/fl^, 

Ver* ip; Ht fi>^ ft^-t bf$ fnft )wtm tbtir fi9i^ that it, ^m«^ 

in L«in luthor^ Wcfrv itnrt*(tsn lio*Tvcr tn f'-Jr^ thr cnnii 
moil totCTprctiricp) «»bicb tii^foka ihai one |f>rt of Cht'^t' 
4v6sN wa» f# nrit arj etUipyhm *9i juifvilJ/Jt iHds iiu 36. TiC< 

On MatibtvrU. 1, he Itn iHv fnllowini; t^jcniuin cot^eo* 
tUfe ; * ffom the &rJ^ Hefo^^t Hcini ih« Gtd, dvmI;- fpole*^ of 
hatt ind Lukt J. 5. ai A'^v; «/^ J.ii!r<f, wiiKrHit aaj nurk lo 

dMitffttftfll llim ffo^ ^'ru' Agripf^ fjT« H^lcr^ who trJit Ktilj 

of J^d, «i AcSI sf bi^^iJi'i^f^^Scr, Jitd wa the tiiO Jtt.if if- 
fcf him t/yrndtB^ it ^>T fi-rm prfij'.hf? thai to:h .Minhriv \aA 
t^Icc *'76ic thfir ^tfr<l* bc'o*c HcjoJ A^fippj bcjtn i*> f«i^ 
in J If dr 4. i.«, i4i[hm 1*^ ye^m iffcr ilie rri^ifitLfln of JrrtH : 
lor tile KRi|KrorCUiitfitit »1 the b«f iiifi;iijc or hn reign, ^ave 
that kingdo^ii in hiiTt, whk^ nr>rK- of tt>r fi<d M^rod'i iamW^ 
ffl^d^ed, &i IC;ii^, bJt k« ( ArcbclRtti having b^cn on cthnarcCf 
onit, AH J HcfiiJ Ar^[iju^ a icti^.uil> otlI)* axvi of G^lilct: oaL^,' 
Oft ibfl mention <»? wftich ?ift, bt .i^Js* ic ratf bt prefer \6 
|jf bcloft the K collet fttiit^icrc iLi^ciipiicn, which ."^pon Kis 
pabJiftiU, ut(f 4rh;cb fuvonti ibe jb&ve-iiifrEioucd ct>nrr<luf4 
on rb« addition of the vrorJ KtK^ in ihia plKCi " Hirtd thi 
TlttBrti>y fin tfHif^tht A'.r^J* 

Tbe Mlowing conjcdvrc Joes noe fecm to etrr)- anj ^rcit 
probftbiliijr vriih ir^ viz. fhat tlx 3/^\ meniioDcd M»riri« ri. i* 
were '}twi iii/'hf ia r^£t*tfi^/i 9f i^ Ala^i. The ^Mrt) opinioa 
r> in fiVQvr of i\vdr bcmg HciiFirit*, Nor is it ■ fjIBLimt jcm* 
fbn for fefvctinf; ihn o(>4E>io(^, ttiit Cbrift'* (Mifonil nunirtrf 
wu, for tf^fe reufoiM^ cootioctJ to tfve J^vvi ; to; the UiiK rex* 
IbM di^ nor ho!d igxinlt tD e^:!^ Tevclicion oT hit hurh be«nf 
n44c CO tbc Gcntiica, to ■vhori be hiJ been proa^ired loaf 
before, uid nho had aa ^v*^ ia<errft in bim irirh the Jewi.~ 
He hu prodoccd fereril icill«iKe9 ffo<n Hexibco wjiicri 10 i^iCW 
rhat tf»^ calTfd a meteor, oe »nf kind nf Ifioit and fnnfitnC 
Jighc tti rhc atinofptKrc, by itie i^aiac of ahJ^ and /*^J>, But 
vrhvhf fhauM f^ppoftrh* ftar, or light, whieh the wife men fjiN« 
(o be <>f the natitrc of what ibc Jcw^ eaJtcd the fiatinsh or di* 
ttae glory, we are ar ■ lofi m determine. 

We fcftd in Matthow iL byTbivSHhUhmiMAikni^Ju* 
Jifr, jrr «* th0 kmfi anstr^ tht PnMf$ t/Jtidtti: which if di- 
tt&^y contrary to Micah t, 3, bo*h jft ihc Hebrew uxc and 
L tbc GieckStTentv Tcifit^n. To retnovc ihu diAculty, Cro- 

■■fc 3 Ullf 

im >»d oth«n pfopofcd mding and cnnflating bnth hj wiy 
of tnicrrotAtiont /irf ih$v Stthit&rm tht Irefi ^mttftfft tht t^- 
fan4\ tf Tuiahf Ntx In confirniatioii of thia fcnre, Ur. 
P<4rcc oftcD ihc three following very jaft obferTaiion* t jft» 
* T»w Hcbfcw woid JR Mk*h rcndcrtd UttU in the Emliih 
tTtflRitkOAf otay be rendered /<tv /m/J, » it adtuJIf it tncfe 
frcqucntljTt }i4iticuLiljf LciJiiJgi TJ. 15. 1 Sam. ix. 31* Jcrcm. 
ftlix. 10, snd cb»|>. I. 45. adiy, Both ifl ihe Hebreir md in 
the Gicck of Ihc Old »ad New Tc0iir<iitt 11 ia not tiauriMl 
tttf « feoleticc 10 be andctHooi by way of inierrogiUon, ihoufk 
there ift no mark pUecd *t the beginning of ihc IcflteDee, iiM 
in eiiherof ihe biigjac|r-i for a nark of inierrogition* In* 
fiances of this tn ihe Hebrew «rc found in 2 Sam. xviii- a^t 
■ King! ixi, 7, Jcib ii^ icf, chip- xir. 1, Zcih. viir. 6i And 
in the Ore^, the fime \% found frtf^urmfy in poflafei of th« 
Old and New Tcfftnunr, at tn 3 Sam. xiiii. 19, M^Uh. xK j» 
ftlatk xiv. 61. 3<ily, When word* are ufed ihua interroga* 
iiielj» thetc \\ often it tlic cdd of ihcm aci anfwer of Tt^ or W 
lobe fuppljcd in the fci^fe, chcugh ft ii doc exprelTpd in the 
wiitdf, rhia U >'try common with (hofc M^h^ wr^ee in t^c 
B^rbrew language* and wiih thof<-, who, bcin^ Hebrewi, write 
in the Greek, In' the New Tcl^ament the worJ M 11 to be 
fupptied in t Cor. x. 19, ao, tj Iv frn^t; ?ti ttJ«\dir, rt frn ; 
8 St> 11 Jw^09ur»i, Ti «ri» t ^tfi^fsyl thin f ibei iht t^i il mf 
thinff fribaru^hieh ii tfffrtd tt iith u any tUn^f No, See 
tllo I Cofi xii. 31, AiUvni. ji. An inilaJiec v/h<r« fW a r« 
b< Tupplicd, J3 tv be found in 1 Cor. jk. 10. Hence \\ folknra 
that 10 aik, whether any (hrng ii r<Jv d^iU *"^ *^ aftfwer A'' 
(aa the Hebrew text aiul Scrcniy vcrfion do) ia the fame u to 
AlHroi, ihai it ia tioc ihc tcaR, u Matthew here doti.' 

in Matthew iii. 7, we are coldi ih^t mawy §f ihi Pbari/at 
snd Sadduifjt tamt u hii (John'a) luftifm. On m\ palTage our 
Author has iht following note: ' It Ja obfeivable, thai Mat- 
thew docs not Tiy here, to h htiilxtti ^ i/sr, whuh are Lake's 
wordjf cot^eminK the muiuEiiJc, chap. iir. 7. Artd that thti 
waa not iHc jntenElofi of the Phanfres ind SJ^Jueeea in j^lic^ 
ral (if U was of many of thcoi} Ofpear^ probabEt from Maith. 
xxi. 31, where it it faiJ* ihaC they (the chief pfiefl» and elder* 
of the pf«p1e} did Mti hiHtVi in 'fekn \ the confequcnev of 
whieh wai, liiat iher dkl noi receive hii hapii/m st /r$m &»!«■« 
(Jk. vet. iy) Grn^n, it Ja fatd by Luk?, (chap. vii. |o.) 
that the ('hirifc^i had nti Itfa t^pti^d 9f ^]»km \ and ii ii left 
likely that ihc Sftddvi<r<i had b^ra. Ii ftem^, he addl> voft 
pitotiabkt that ihia coinir^g of the Phari>ec» jind Sadducccf M 
Jtrhirk h4ptifiTT« ia ibe fame with the coming d the pri^a ani 
Le«ite« (John i, t^) to aOc JobD* li^h^ art thiv/ For thofe 
piufts ud Lcviie* might be iooie of the one fcvt* ind knac of 


P«rccV C9MVanisrf m the Aw FvsvgtSfis, Wf. 197 

(be othcf,' — Thu 11 i icry iagtAicuti Jn^« withal, a wry pro- 
bibk conjtfAufe. Ncvprthdeft, u U poiriE^c (hit rtjjnr, b*>;h 
of the Pharifcci and biJiJtjrcr), rrlghi cofre with the inicritioA J 
of rwciving J*>hn'i baptjfm, ind ytt aftcfwafJ* rt^jrc if when " 
(bey bccime tcqunrtcd wirh tbe Urttay of bU dofirlnc* tbd 
wfre It (>ic r^mc icrnr cxifpctaicd wiiti the ibarpocfi of hix re- 
proofs. Sec Matthew iii, 7. | 

In order Ln (hcv that oiini impofcd hf lUlWiiy arc not in- I 

eluded in tfajt prohibition, &wfar nt at a//, Mjtlh. v. ^4, he I 
obfcrrta, ir^l Jufephui (U<}l. Jud. ». &» vi, j) bp con-* 
ccming the tfl<nc>, that /^it wir (icntr, ifftr Vi^t^ t^ng 
^rmitrlhan 0it 4^ti> \ ri H iftnitt aumc sf^nt-atat, X'^'*' ^' 
r«e mi^iiV ^ToKji/'Caf«Ji(, fufrarimg xtMt Juff-Jiu^vi in thm 
mfbfl^glf is Jet:tttbing unrft iifSH pfijury, AfitJ yet the fame 

writer, wHo hjs expniTod ihetr ikm fweiHn^ at all in fu. h very - 

ftr«n{ tcrma, hai aifiired as thsCt when they firH cntcied into I 

tbe focirry t\t the EJ&rci, f^ fdrf htrtihtt tttroj (f^vjfc ^iTulr*() I 

TO obferve feveraj parii of ri:ljf;iun, which tr^Ki hijtr>riin incQ- I 

twos. — Wc dij roi (rmc<iibcT 10 have (ecu ihii pj(Ti;jf ciicd I 

on thii orcalion t>y any other wtilCf^ and noihin^ couid be 1 
mote to our Auiho^'a puipofc. 

The fo'fowing Cf ttkifm la pecoJiaf to our Atiihor ; and ive 
fubmii ti etitiret/ to tbe judf^nient of the Re^dc/ ; TV h^fVt 

kforii that it h-sih ^4w/iiift 'f^v /ha!t frvt tfy rtft^bhury fnJkfils ■ 

ihiju rmmjt XfiEih. v. 43. M fnd Gt>Jt id Levit. ai>, 17, llf, I 

commandmif in ihi . munDrr, TArcr ;Mr mM ii^;' (■ ^iei->fH:j I 

tbyivtihtr la thy ht.rti — ih*t, jtail Uvf ibf n^ghhttt ai ihjtif* I 

And thfs f<^l1't3;f? pc hsf^i Jrfii« hid In view; if lb* rhco ifl I 

Matthew'i accouni ot hia vto'dt, tS« word ^ n^uff, by ifkiHaket I 

hafe been raily \<h oet in the Greek copic). Infer c the wor^ I 

mH^ and then you hare (it it fc«ou co me) the fenfe of what I 

the law fayt about i<ruHg Kaghhawrit And jn/ l^ttiig auaifii in I 
the above citfd pkiTigv. The aHdni^n, which Jcfui miket to 
this eonanridnd to the ncit vcrfc i> ottviou«, WJih th^^ aticrition ; 

heit //a>, ihu yt Ihjl) not onty e«f A?//, but )e tuW in'^ ^ttr J 

ts/miti fo fir* ai by praying for them, btetBn^ them, and doing I 

gord to them. I'o ill (hit lee me add, t^at Jofepfiui (inVji. I 

M*rf '*>t <hJt J/ iLai w/ ^H0Qm4 ij t^ ytwjh itwi U diff&:td I 

gst^ thnt tmmttk.* I 

Tke irordi which we rendrr. P'*j r# 1^ Fj'A-^ wAkA « i¥ I 

fi^rit^ are by our Auihoi more t'u^y lendifcd, P*^ m pi* 1 19 I 

rj^ Fttth'. Our t^n^lili [r^nlUcioni he obiVrtet, rcprcfcnti I 

the P'athcr at being in ftt^rt % i*herfn it it moft namtal m fup- I 

pofe ihai the petforr hc« U.d to be i« fttrtt^ it the pcifon whc>, I 

wAm jf/ liAA mitrii iMc hh tkjH^ bad firatt ihi Jut. AoJ ihc I 
wofda of ^Ltthcw tr>U ear/r if^i) fcnCc with \\kTm, \1 iii'^i^ ^ 

O 3 ^^ 


198 VtiTc^'r Canm^tary en if>t Four. Evetn^lijliy.^ti 

T*V ra h Tw Hi>vir1«, we fuppofe him to have written jr^l^l a 
■(u xpi/rVt agreeably 1^ what is found in the MbS. Cant* ^ 
Rfiti:bl. a/fd alio ia the Vulg. and Arab. vfrGoaa. Miag^^ 
fu iv r^ XjjvTFfL^, fdyst ' prius t^ potefl ab^Se/ 

The JoiJowing words in Matthew x, 23, ]1r j^a// ntf 4}tv 
gfit^ fityr //y f j/i>j ^ Iff afly tUi the Son tf Man ht fwrv* arc ^ 
fierally und^rfiooil lo mean, thit thr difciplt's would not h^t^ 
time tq iinjfh ihur protiii:!s tbrough the cities of Ifratl^ until 
Chriftcautc to take vtn^'^ance on their pcifccutors- But Ur« 
I'earce explains i( of the difciplcs not firAJIAug ar convcr(li^ ibc 
inhabiunis of thcff: cities before the ddirucJion of the Jei^ift^ ' 
Jlace. In fupport of this intcrpreution he atgnei in the foUov* 
ing manner : ' The words tiAfiV oJov, or TtXm with aJoi Co he 
fupplicd in the fentence, lignify to^a ox jitujh a pumtj: but \ 
have not ycc feen any fufHcicnt authority for rendering TtXfa 
voAfi; by goifg o^r £itits. It is well known, that tiXjI* i^ 
fometimes ufcd for whit is done with regard to myfteiicfi fuct^ 
as thofe of Cerej'f &c. amongfl the Heathens: from he^cft 
comes TiAirif y,ufMpiett peragfr^ wx/iiria^ and Tt^up ritl i^op^MTA^ 
^iqitem my/itTiit initiare, mentioned by the Greek lesticogrt- 
phers. Grog. Naztanz. applies ihis pbrafe to a peifop who it 
made a pbriltian, and calls him riAtc-fitif tw ^atIaV^aIi, mv 
f^f<£ledof imtiated by baptifm. In a fcnfe not much diftcrenf 
from this, Ovid h:is ufed the word perftcit^ aa in hU Art. 
Amal. 1. i. 11, Phillyrides puerum ciibaia pcrfeclt Achilkiq, 
j. c. perfe(^Lt cuvi in do^fina ciiharx^ perft^ed him, af^d made 
(kini an adept in that fcience. For the reafons above-men* 
tionedt I am inclined to think, thit Matthew here tneant to 
piake Jefus fay, thac the J^jVj (or rather the inh^bitamiof the 
cities as in ver, 15, and in chap. iii. 5] 0/ ifr^l^ would 90! 
be perfe^d or initiated into Chi iftianity, and become meoihera 
of the kingdom of the gofpel of Jefos* before the ruin of the 

itwifh ftaie, and his coming to take vengeance upon it. See 
eigb'sGjiii-*? 5iJ.Tfl, p. 32S. Hcinfius, Di£irir:s Pirpm-'itUi 
and fo Audlor ParergJ^, Virg. j£n, iv. Hz Gztulx urbet| 
genus infuperabife bcllo.' 

The Reader, we believe, will be particularly pleafed wtlh 
^he explication which our Author has given of the fbtJowin^ 
palLge, which has pcrplejced moil interpreters : Ti fioH wot fet 
jnt hcRcefcrth^ tili yt f>a'd fny (i. e, till I come to deftroy your 
city, and then you wi:l fay) Bleffedh ht thai ccmeth (or rttbert 
th/rt came) in tbe itar/if of the Lordy Mauh. xxiiJ, 39, * Thfl 
^ords I ffX'V^^^f ^^^ ^ ^\i\et bv which the Chrid or Mcffiah 
wu fpoken of; they meant in thofe prophecies him who wJii 
X<i come. ^ See chap. xi. 3, and xxi, g, and note on thii U&. 
fiut here D t^;^c'p»of fignJiies [I think) hg who tapii} for thcic 
words arc fufpof^d to ^c what w^^ulcl be ulcd by fucb Jewa 

Fe4^*i C^ntmnlarj en tht Ftter Ev^^i^s^ ^'< 


Ipv^ ifiet JeCu9'% ^rath^ Hvrd Kong cnoucti to fee thv njo of! 
tlfif ctiurcb ard flaw* A* if Jcfm had Uidt iKcn they wiUl 
rtfirtoibcr whAC ihcy dli id inc. when I wit arnongft thzrtt i 
fh«a thc> wiU 3cknt>w^(e ihat 1 mu i^ drt/t, the p^ifot^ | 
tc^ cent in tU iidMt/ f^ f^ Aar^. Accordingly, KiircUul Ja , 
Hift^ ^ccUC ill- JSt ''^'^ ■''i ^'^^ '^P^n bavifig fcen tfcic dc-J 

fo* u ilf faifh §f Chfi^}. *\ Yin c if)(^ifiTrti may be rcnJircJ I 
^< tt^ {<m.'. «|>pCJ(« (Jum J>>hri Ix. 2j. wbric ihc bli^J null 

•m Jf/. So in • Th^fi" i jc.*fl f-^xftu^ if, w^i- ^t/fifr^; j 
anJ ja pmb^M^ i J^ firnitici In ihf Mlowjii^ pTiC<i, Jaftn i. J3f. 
({ct fiKc incrc.) Jonn ilL 13, aod cKip. vi. 46. Sec alRi 1 
A^i X* 7. Agreeable 10 Hm ufe of the pjtticiplr, we re^d in I 
Xeoof'*-^"'^ Cyicp. p. 1^8 frJ. Huccti.) »;^»>iaj(, iif* j^rfi] 
«<^a*i find m p, I74i •H nx.^^^*" ^' ipaI^, x2i fiV^iTiw { 
^')?>f»' J^-^v, (fi if hat Jaihtr tttff ^Jd^ a4«^ ati iiu ajfain ttv/v J 

We cannot fo:bc3r trii^fcf ibirg (be roce on Mjttb. XKvi, %^ j 
f>0( o^eiely fix Jiv Qwn fake (ihoaigh thjit woulU be 4 fv^ctci^t , 
rrtlbn} b^r alio 041 kcovp; ol 4 fjjrthfr ufe iftit may te nu43« 
of it. lV*bcii JuiTai afivtO hU iTk-iflrr* It it i ^ Jefji ic^tIic^ i 
7^- • ."V, i,e, it i« tb*>u, * Th;E ihii etprcfiion, i*!ir ; 
/" ^iiilicf, it is ih^ttt rr<mi 10 Jcpend up^^n ih^ idfoiri i 

of Hie il<r:>rcvf Unaxiagr ; m which there if nn pr^fcit renfr', | 
4nd ih<;ic:f:irc m ftoil fcmcncet the vtib ii Icfi out, wftci ^ 
fcimeifutt^ prcfent b fpoken of. So here when Juda* fpake in . 
Che Hebuw (cr Mihei in tb^t mixed Unfuaj^ cilked theSytttC 
^ JcfutS d^^F) hr fi^d *3^ /? i, e. It it Ff ^n in Uiii ex* 
pfil1:i>n the verb fubJUiiu>« bcia* leFi n-t^ ir.<nirchrji^ wbi^h { 
^nf>^ct» iOp it jj, jnb:bt he a^ well fuppliri lu niikc uui the ] 
fonencc; a^id tritrrCo^e i:ikir;s^E for granic<j, ihir, ri/i, mi^ht 
1>« Ju^plird (01 ttui pjjpofc, live icpltrt uficn Tip, /(sir hajffii/t * 
vrhcti he mrini, Chy y^:d%, Tuppjfed at I T.-pply thcui, do m:- I 
Jc(U»wLr^(7 (his (o be cue. See jh Inftance orchis in vcr» 6l» 
^^4, cocitoired wifb Muk xir, 61, 6I- S« Luke xill, 7?, 
coiTfarcd wlEh tcr. - t • and (ec Jolin xriii. 37. If thft be « 
^ur uccc>urtt cf tbe phrjir^ ic Will follow, ihit, whin iba 
Crvfk* or Liiin* m^kc u^e of the tike way of fpcjtJng, ihey 
bwrowcd IC ^loci cr^.e KaJlem li.i^uj^tt. 1 fmd ihii whcc« J 
PUurji in Mccc. i* ii* jTt rmtci one man fay> £ci'i j&m ku* 
firmm dlitt^ be makcv the other T^lv, T« divil% f%9(iuii. Tc* 
/VOL PhoTfnio, A^ 1. Sc. 4- Ge< M$Ji af^jt ^tnm (Ic. »idi 
pitfcm.) An> Mit/imv? Qe. Ini/tUxti,, (0% Tfi. £0 In Xcno* ] 
t'kou, Cyr. Knit, when he layii if^ i Otu?tC' hti oicaniog is 
Orwia (9^fi^4j il(a k iCt p. 6z. EO. Hutch/ | 

a 4 o«i 


SCO Purcc'j Ctnaantary m th$ Faur Evanifli/t§t Utm 

Our principil Jcfk^n in trinfcribing ihb cxcclkat ooce b fof 
ihr hte of o^^erui^g, th)t w^eii Chrifl uai aflced b^ ihc R<>- 
tn»n j^ovcrnor, J"'/ lA^Ar f^ Kii^ «/ fA« Jrtts? 'I bcse htbs do 
amt^i^iMijr io hj> >«p]yt 7hau fryjl I for he wouU t« uudci- 

We dv iici krvow any wriier whc» h» givrn To full and den 
in ucourc ot (ha dimfcni Uoguaee tn wbich (he ^^f of 
Chrift's icfuric^iCR i» defctlbcd. Moft tommoijl^ it is CaiJi 
that j^e WKio tifc<»n 'he third^ay: but in \hithevr, xiL 40^ 
we leid A« fulTowt : ^j ytuas u^ ri^r/^ fS^isji #Ti fhr4t miihti iw 
thi m^h'i h/Hj : fijhatit^t S:9tf rrnPK i/ thffi doff m^ U^rtt 
m^hri in lit kfari 0/ tvt rarib. Tbe JcwBi like u»i hftd no one 
wotd by uhxh tci »pic<» Ji diy of incpij-fbur bour^ o< 1 
9^^{y,tf9ti ai the Giccki calfld it» i. *. i m^hl'tiiaj, ta *rc mitbt 
Cillic. Tliry fcmeCiniFa i^y]<d ic 1 day, 11 yrtdo; bui at oihcr 
timer, d/^ Miitftf righf^ or a k/^H at4 a J^j : toth« weaie Vonn- 
dciEliLd by die opuffion, rir/^^/jjj d«c/fVrfnf;&fii ihrttd^i (u 
wcftiouldcxprefsK], r«clcoiiini;>ncrE>l>%«])>ih(f>rnandrbcliAf6r 
twod^yi, ihoygh only ^aniof diyi, and couniine ihorepxmcl 
dayifor wboJe dayi. Abrn Eiu^on Lcv.xii, ■}. (peaking of lh« 
liw for circumcifijig ao infant on the ci£bth day* fvftt ttut* 
* if thr inrant wa& burn but cne hoi^r before ihc firft day wu 
cr»dcd, it wa» (ouiitcd iQi ore whole day 1 and fo, for tbc faaio 
mfon, the pan of ih? day ibac WAi pal\ when the irifanc wat^ 
nrcunidrc{1, was (cckoncd a ivholc d*y» if it wa« onfj qdo 
hour that was pilled, of the evenire with which tbai etahtb 
day brgan/ And 10 the farrc purpofe, Porphyiy, in hit Tra- 
tik dc Homer. Qiiffft. 14. ffCiiks tbu> : * ht^ thAtiiM htwmm 

th fV4r.inf^^ apid i^s abrtej 9/t iht mfrnnvf */ 1^4 tkird im% 
it /aid t9 ti /ram lumi on tht third ^ey, ihauib thttt ti tn!j ntt mj 
tenfUfi^ Wrth it th* miiiiiJi »a/. Matth, %xv\\. 63. ji itiui 
(jGplajiLcd by cur Authcf ; /fV rtmtmber that ilii distivtr /nd^ 
uhf/f It ivfii Jit fiiiVtf J/UT llfTtt Hap I wift lift rf/*j» t ibac Uf — 
ID ihiYc dayt, or on ihc ihitd day. So in a Chron. i. 5*1 
vherf Rehoboam UiA 10 th« people, Cmt ffg^in ttntt mt afia ^ 
t^te dayit 11 js *4dci In ver- 1 j, that ibiy tarru upU h^tn 9m tht 
tkird daj^ a» thtifiit* knj tttrmftrtii^rS^ Jt^p^%% Camt a^cin la mr Bflflt 
1^ third day. The Ume ibing mav he concluded from wbatfl| 
we lead in 1 Sarn. xx. ji. complied wiih rer. 19. For m vcri 
ia< Jonathan faid to Oav»d, fPhtn t ^^tv /^amdtd mj /•thtr^ 
ftiut tt mtrrrtv attj //m/, rr tbtthird dsj i and In ver. l^ he fai^* 
A»4 Vfim lUu haji fififf^ th^i djjtt thtn /£m fia^t gf dtum frnti- 
Ift he, Thui alfo, urhcica* we ate loM i^ Gcp. tii, 24. ibit 
th uettrt friveiled ml0^ ikt tatih tfn h-mdrfd end /fit dfji} il 1> 
fatJ in ebap. vItl, 3. that «^f/r Mr fitd 9/ ihi btMdrtd ^md /^ 
d^t tti tvM/rj ti^rfi tthetid. \n ihr rame minn^rof fp^altictg, 
J^fhm (Ajitiq< u 12> 1-) (^^ of ICucv itut be wa* cikuid* 

Pcircc'i CtmPtfti4Ty 9n tit Ftttr Evan^til/ti, ^c^ 20 1 

bfr on Cbc eighth ill}-: *nd fo whit in Bflt. Jud, i. ly i. be 
cicpreflcd by /ar^ Tn fV»i he cxprclled by it^iif^ I'm ia 
km Anii^. xir. t> 3- T(» ihis miy be added, itiu Cicero 
uf«« ibff cxpiriiion f^ in itic fame vriy i» ^fT« is uCtd li«f< 1 
for in Tufc. Difp* 1. 47. be fiy» A^Ufi iJJalMnnntJija^ftfi' 
ijui ^ii ditm itrttufs^ p/i ul iiJuxttt t*9rim* funi reftfti. And (;o 
ciic 00 moic} Olid in Falh vJ. 774* fjyji 

p9ji fffhm Ucnjtitiui ^tui $rit. 
M<in<Dg, (h«t on itic Utcncti day» the momh of Ju^£ will be 
ftt in cut!/ IVc will oiity >dJ, ihac th« chief (>rkl1« and Ptft-i 
trcc« uodc.'Dtood our S>viour ^n ihe Cenfe explained aborc 1 for 
tbey sddt Ctmn^wJ tJtai thi fifnkhre ht m^Ji Jtat trmii ikt ittrd 

The c<tr^f» thtt^f niidc fiotn our Author, iic riffictcaC la 
Ibew bow £oc<i « tifc h< tn fn)<3eoE hi» phiklocica) kuoing. 
Slid (ivb4l [uM of ciitciUmu^cnt fiU) be cx^'.cd ffom tie 
ptmfal of hit tomn^nury. Wc codpoi hoi^ever forbear hy- 
ing beftMc ihe Readei fome fsnher cxu»^9. The followlnt; 
cntcifm Mtntt cxmiiucton. In LuVe tx jt. tve rud, 
H^mih^iimuai tsmi thai ht fiiiuU bt rtuhe^ up i wbkh ouc 
Author rcndtfl, t^hiit ihi Jatt »f hi$ rnhinr ^rrt tMifii^e/J, 
* I ihinic,' Uy% he, * tbil tn^ word *»AXv}<»'fi nuO fignify 
Jr(ut'» riti'fiag et tWiAA^Urf^ UiDjflfy «rd ntii of hi» iji'^ f*- 
triwJ^i bcuufe the word rv^«-\^»r04i, » here ufcd before ii^ 
dcnoccs > rime terjr^fffft which thai oT bb jfcrnfion wai noc 
tkea. The Ccnfc 11. th»t the lime waK con^^, when Jcfu» wm 
|io longer tc> retire from Judci and the p«tt about Jcrufalcni 
(whcr« h« wai born) u b« hid hitherto dcrf s for he h>J lived 
tlcojttbcr 10 G«li11re« ItrS ihe Jcmj fhould h^vc l^id huld ui\ 
hinii before Che wcik cf hit mintflrj v^ai ended, and ivW prcoA 
o( hii diviJ^c miiTion ^jvcn. ind fooic of the propbccici con* 
cetning him sccompl^Oied, Thr phrife ift.i^M r^c A*ta>.n^ttp| 
«r:^t it the fai&e wi;h xpi'^di nc Ai^Aji/kCd^tirt ijt^toi or Jut rs^ 
apitnS: wbich <ipfeffioni the Greeht ind Liiins irfe, when 
t^7 would r^nify, thit ■ van wfthdrew himEdf front fomi 
dinger to ui-hieh he wit near, or from fomahrnf with whr<h he 
vrai iijed. The fonncr ww iKe cafe of Jefui, who [aa John 
Jayi in chip. viL 1 ] tu)/lf/iv GsiUkt i fir ht w^sl-J nai \c^ik 14 
yUi^r^ ^aafi th4 Jfftffj fiirhf tt ki^ hfm : the latter wai tbft 
cafe of Piolcvi. [in Vifg. Ocorj, n. 40J. whcfe it isa faidj 

/n fiertia fiaii Attam^ fn* ^^^ ^^ Vfrirj 

f/ ruifit.^ 
It Qiufl be lekoowledgedf that ihit interprecanoo fvit* better 
vkh wlut fi]Jtowt, than any ocbcr we ha»c (een, Fcr after 
^/uigf that ui/K ritf iilfffJ y' tif mim^ titat am^toX^d^ V-^Ll« 


:toi rearct'i Canwrat^j ff« t^ fiv EvavftbJfSf tff», 

«]ds, htjlt^ffifi^ ^ bit /nv '« ^' ftf Jt'M/a^ft i he qomt fifwlf 
refoJvcd ra go to rhit fen nf hti Poemi^f n<ieftiiht1s»J)«^ bii 
knowledge of tfie T intritijon to itfitoj hun. And our Aucbor 
obfervts, ' thut all whkli foUo^'s here inLukr, tocb kIv- 45. it 
ftprc^cnic^ *»y hi"* »» fi^d *nJ df>ite bf Jefiw, iti bu hff jottfnef 
^ivn G^ll'lec Eo Jerufalim/ Cciiaiii it is* (hit till ihv% lime, 
CV'ft bid ifcquertly witt»dtawii him^cK irom bia en«(viic«« 
>Dd thit he bid been blamed for not lliewirg htm&ir mwc 
cpcftt) to the wofld- We could urifb* bowevef^ i^af our Aa* 
ihuf Um! p<Oiiuccd ihc authority of fomc O'cc^k vriiccr 10 jufltf^ 
hrt cxplECJEtion pf the word aVffXi>4'i^f, Sc>;mU Tifi, * meU- 
pboricc <}uoqiic i^Etftgr, jtvA>dt>tC.;t*M»r I'^vtbtk ut Litinifi ttt' 
/ff (T* A '?"** IfoCT. in A^^^k(alr>o/ And Cocifliniine fjj^ 
itac nva^a>^a'>v, dcaoco fbiuciimtn rctribo, dciinco, ul 
tfmAd(^i£0'>^v Tfiv '«iri»| eifuum ftxjio itf^ere & coercerc. S* 
tb4C the expreEQon or the cvan^cfifi tnay tmporit th«t hiibcn^ 
Qnrift hi^ Tt^r;(inci hirrfHT, both nrlih trffcQ to hi4 do^Uio^ 
•ihI condcft, (not in:FhrjE himfdf to iny, John it. 3^, nor 
4^ia1y divuT^Eii]^ hh fuffcriii^b mii dcuh,) a wdl 11 i^ilh- 
drawn himrcUfrom dinger, 

Onr Author ffeciutnily undcrtiko lo corrcS [be tr>r, •«! 
expunge* trordt and whole vcrfet IhJt he fuppofes co be istcr- 
folationfi wiihout (He Jttithurity of a fjii^lc inuiufciSpt. * Tf 
me,' f*yi he, * the whole ijtti verfc of the ift chapter of 
Miiibcw i» an irtcfpolition.' In hii note on Miitb. x*\ii. 16, 
b< f>yfi ' I am mclinci to ihirk, that the wordt, ^^ n^T*! U 
<^kJ, ^at ffw au thtf^t^ arc in the Ortck an incr^tiUtJon,* 
And it mijft be confclTrJ thtC tbev have t\^ ncir relation to the 

Kabic of the labourers hired at tlilFcrcnt bourii of the day^ if hfl 
rspliined it. but are very perEtncnt upon ibe ronoion Ift- 
tcrpreraiion. See bit oMca on Maitb. ^li-i^. chap ix. lO. 
c4iap. xxTiL S. Lu^e u. 1. chap, x^l, 1. chap. xxiL 36. JohA 
vi. 4, 44. Adi xvjji. 17. chap, xxiii. 8. We arc tar froi^ 
tiVmg upoi) u» to fay, 1 ha 1 there a;e no inlefpo1artt<n& in the 
fac.-ed text I but ct;r Author .'omctimet at Icall baa recourfc to 
ibcm without rcafon, » ka/t without occciSty. He rtjcda 
hlatth, viii. ly- liim/if tosi tvr infirmrfhtf avi W# tur fidk- 
mjfii , bccaufc ^ ii is not obiivui' (a» he faya) * hew ihta pro* 
phrcy hit arty rr!:itioti to JcHit'ii healing dircjfct/ Nfvff wa# 
any prophecy in&rc fcrtinently applied. CbfiA riij ii^«jv biaifi^ 
mir inflrmiiin anJ iikiK^V^ I7 hi* tracer fin^arty^ and by the 
Mtttr and /■iiigtii he ondcTWcnt rather than lofc an opportuntiy 
r^f healing them, whereby they became a he^vy load 10 him : 
he liktwiJc ^rt thm imny, or removed tbeoi by hii miraculo^ 
power. Compart Gal. vt- 3- Rom. iv. i. The wo^ds of ihc 
evaneeltft ire a !i;tral tiaDflttioa of the criciiul, If; liii, 4. 


AiJ ttJHl ihry been u^ oal/ bf wMy of jccooi modal ion, 011 J 
Avthqf, on hh o^n principlM, (f«c hW no«c on DklilcJl. ii. 17.) 1 
COuM not have condcmpfij iric cvAngtlill. J 

Ic tnufi be nt^ticT of furprixc to c^oH rraden, 10 find ih« 1 
fiiflkop caking pitich pami 10 Jlfcrcillt, itiou^h he doc» not pro* j 
ffiT^dly rtjrct, chtr miorlt, «bkh, accqrdin^ to Ltttr, fca»p> I 
yiii, 51,) Jcu? ftrrorcned u|:oo the c:ar cF M^kbut. fhrce ] 
obje^ioiifr lit bi« nr^L^ci a^iinf) li. iS, * h ii obfervsble, that 
\^t thiee ctVifT e^jng^jliii fjy rj<nhing sboaE Jrru*'ft touchinr 
the CAr of M.lchui iiid hcaLsig \z* Suilcc oui of tho ev in- I 
^eltfb tilt fe^^il fj£li pccqii^r in rich, and how ontt & bhnk j 
will be iV't^c In tbe (TdCpcI-hilUfj J The gofpcT of John in ] 
pirticu!^; R^i|t1 be j]m«£t twily cxpurgrd. 2d, * )i frerqa 1 
Tid piob^ble, ibJC Jefji fhccU! woilt a mirtck then, wlien ] 
(» be fsid lojiidit lod ihf reft) it wji ibeif i>jur ^jr^//v/Kbt^ I 
$f da^itf/i.' Thi» ariuencnr* Jid ii<]crcrve like nimc, woul<) 
prove |M» C?irift*t power W4i niit exrrre^ H llriVing to thf I 
ground (bofc who easie 10 oppel^od bim, J^hn 3rviii< 6. 3^^ ] 
* Stttl 1<I> it 11 prob'Mri \iim furh 1 mificic fhouTit itoc biire | 
had (q much weight with ibe iruhiwir, at to aHonifli them* I 
^t\4 imliiLC thcfn to Itl Jdut dcpjit qtjrnly ouc of tbcit b^fidt. ] 
TbH obj<4£l;on likcAffe, did ft ccinduiJe ax ill. vroiitd <onc]uio 
fnorc flit'tiglj i^urEl ibc cicdibJlity of the buejcJc pcifcimeil 
upon (he pcffo^it frni to fciite him. Tht f»^ if, thtijefus. I 
ftUcr giving ful!^ienc piouf of hl» power to efcipe from bia e*iE* 1 
mkt, Toluniirilf fuf rendered hlnvrjrtf into ihcir hindf. I 

Wh^re^cr f^nik m-iy be due to Dr. Peuce ai a grjmEriiUn. I 
nT emndt a!way» coo^mriad bim a» a critic of taftc aj^d uf juda- 
mcttl. Hi> intcrp:^!aLo:i of nuiiy pjJTjigei i? liibTc Id jufl ob- ( 
JCifiiGnf. Jt vrji ufiu) with ciur .^^Tionr to ii\c occafinn, fron^ j 
mticjTif incident* cr occurrcQce«» to deliver tome gcit»»1 in- J 
|tr«^ine> On MinhaS wanting 10 cill awjty M^iy fror* Iter 1 
icienduicc on CbnEI't d^fcoark, to afitft ber in prrp4;tftg aa 
cntetUiamcci foi hito scid h]» apollln, Oiiill reproi'ca bti lOQ I 
great fo^Kiittdc on tbb o^oafwr^, ind ihcn ^Jb ih*t m ifl im- ] 
pofUQi jpophibc^m. Ott thix^ ii mtdfui i whtcb be fjiiihcr cjc- 
pliint bf addio?, M^rj h&% chiftn tht gt^i fart (vrgt. ihtt cf re* 
celriag bji tlodtfine) it-liih fi^U wf bt taiitt au.ay/riM h^r, 
NcvcriMc'i our Avihor, >f<rr Theofbylid, Bafil^ and ocbffi^ j 
(vhooi he doe« not cile) cxpUin* r^ «iv r^'*/ wrii/iJ, jf <i^ 1 
jIfAynMtf ; ihou^ ic U evident Cb^C ^ne dilb could hoc luJScfi j 
(or Jo Urge 1 eotrpam't wJio by 00 di^ent eouehei. I 

In his a^ccixnc of lhe ir^riuiicin of ihc liO^d't '^■■j^peft h« ] 
(uppcfct Uut thofe wofdsi v^u^ u fi*d far /vv, refer, ni^i iq | 
l6f yttd tf Chri/t^ but 10 the cut^ or vriae jn it, jufl fr^Jied 
Atttof a Uigervcfi^] for ttt'tn lodnnk, (Lube xtii. toO- ^^^^ 
^j ixjtcrpreutioo be more f;igid anj uiiingl TV Wi^i^^, 


of MitilKiv if ciprrfaly s^inft ft. uid refer* [l>e vorJi Irf' 
<|ucfli<i« to the h'ood 4>( ChrilVp tMi^ it jM far marj far ihi\ 
tcmi^m tf fkiiSt chMp. x\i>'u a3. C»a thtt be uuc of ibc c^pl 
or <if ihe mne four«d out of a hfj^ fcilel for all lh« coo^j 
pan) ? 

We wffc r^nicolArlr dirple«rcd inth hii note on A^ IL i, 
wlKrc the hitloriAn ulU us, ih^l bcfcc ibtf dcCrcM of iW' 
Holy Ghuf( on ihe S|io(ll^yar<£^iriy fV/ tami a JeUKd /ram 

ttuW . 1 circuml^iiicc iliu fccixi» to hire been intci>ilcd la ini- 
pffft an afkc Uy-XM) rhe>r mtndit Md to r^prefcne (^e flrtriili 
jnd powri of lhr>re gifo whict) tlicy vcic foing (o rctelvrt 
OurAtiihor iliultrjtci (hi* byr a pilT^^ from Juftin^ (L %^^ 
c. 6.^ which if^riVci Ehe or^ck «t l>clphi to « rMU ti^^fiTi 

iati /9r4tt oj ii wtr4 a win^i u^ub fv^fitJ m9 ttr iiuvU* tf ifM frfA 
fhtii It maiinf/i. * I.uke/ Cij$ our Auihor, ■ rfprtirrM thfl 
wind V comir)]* from aSovt, And Jtillm » trom bcAcaFh^ bat 
lUit latter Tudicifnil)' llicwt, Ttiii ihis circurnH^rcc in i;ii^r»* 
tjon vii agreeable Lo ih? notion* of the hc^ihens/ But Juftin 
onTj Jayj) ttic v^pouf wudilveit up. * vi t^uiditn, vctui vcricoi,' 
utd our Author kntw ttiac ibc p'oph<ttc vapour entered itM 
belly of <he Pythi^ B<»t what affinity U thcic bctkveca thbi 
XH^patr^farud hU ihi vir^ln't Mf^ and that y^uii from beavM 
whicii ^kd ihc tioufc where iSc jpoJllc» weic alTcinbtci? Ia 
neiehrr cafe wu there any thing mor« \\\xn Ibmc rrremblMic* 
m wind. 

In A^ ijciv, >5. wr irr trJi, ilut at Paul rtaf^sd pf rirhu* 
«»/«'/, ttmf^ram^t and j»uf/^m/*l ft ttm/^ FfHx rrtnM* HcfCi 
Ijt. rearee fiyit * The reifoii of Fclix'a f^f feemi in have been, 
left Druftlla, who waa a jvw«fi, and knew, tim whii Du 
tiad done, was a^iinfl the law of Mofcs, might be itiAu;:nfcd 
by Paujt dircourfe, ind Felix'i happinefi with b«f be disturbed.* 
Did UiufLlIa Jh^jn iny Tignft of uiicarincU ? llid Pad Appealed 
to the law of Mofet f it it eert«in [h4C Felix felt rM> fc^notfe 
of confd<nrc on ihii moving; occiHon, merely bccaufc be dil ^J 
not afi^rwaidi t{\ m io hii prefenc conviction t ^| 

Some may be dcfitou* of knowing what renCimcfits were *»• ^^ 
tettaincd by o«' learned prelate on fiibjcfii of eontroveHial 
divinJtK* We {IiiU e'ltify th<ir curiofiiy by laying before fheiw 
bii comment on two prffTagei whiih hzve been ihe A^bjrCt nf 
an^fy debate^ without tnEcrpofifij; our own jijdjtmeri. On the 
ttn vcffe i»f the f;*ft th4j)tcr of John, he exprelTc* hiniMf in 
ibc following manner: * /« Ibr ht^rim^g, i, c^ of tiine, of H 
(wtiat U ctitiivalent) from all ctcfniiy, toai lit tnrW, i. e. Jdtta ^ 
ihe ChrtH, 9nJ rhr n^rJ was w-th Gtf< «r ratbcr ttVr^ tht Gad^ 
i$ Cm wish God the Father^ aid tbt vord uoi GW.' On chde 

UEl wmit bt obfcivcSi ' (hM in mtay pl«cc« of Uui ^p'e, 
pAiitfuijjIy in »K- 1^ 13. i8> of ttuii chaprcr, ibe inick « i» 
BM foutftJ Wofc liKt (hough it it pUui, iha ih« tine «<! 
pmwr GoJ ii meant by ic/ The other puTjigc 11 AO* xili. 
48/ Ji may t?J xvtrt trdaiaU U Himiti Sft^ Atitct^ > that i«» ii 
mmy 2t were frfp«rtd[or t6fp^U) for eicrn^l life. hj«mj£ 1^0 
vices or prf)ijdicc» 1o hinder ib^oi Irom rmbr^ing Chriniadicf. 
CoApftrc I Cor. xvi> 15. It jcllcdli grcic honour upon iZut 
kAincd Writer, that hedircoverin^ bigotry, nor uriJue lEl^h- 
mcni Eo try piny of Chriftiins- He propofct hi» own fctiu- 
mcftts with cAlmndf, and mvtr inveighi wiih brtiffncfa Bgntcift 
ihofle wto clilTci Aom bini in opinion. 1a (hi» fcfpc^ he u 
worthr the iibiiatLOO of all the vv^s dciiomiRstions ^f 

Oft the who!r, we 3|ipr«heo(l Dr. Pf ar« d^rctv«i to be ranked 
wicb oiher wriici^ of ciruicnce, wh<7 hivf ccnploycd their phi- 
Mogkal feirrjin^ rn lUurtnririg iXnt fxred wciiingi. We majr 
bovcttr 1m illowcd to add, thai ihc \tUl^\ o^tcritiiona pccy- 
liif fo our Author, inighi have been rciluced wiihin a muchnir- 
rovrcf CMnpib Itmi two Ur;;c qiixrto*. 7 hii obrcrvalion will 
Applv It} more modern conimc^uifori than Dr. l^cjfcc, Thff 
woi^Id be more ufefal, bccaufe more leid, in fomc AbbrevUtci 

Befide hia Commentary on the ftr ft cpifltv to the CortnthUnKt 
he lut ^fcn ut a new tr^nlatrtMi of it* mors triticai and cxaft 
m <boie inflaccei, than ibc pftfeoc i but like alt other modetn 
uiniU&oni of the New TcL^aincnt that we lu\t: fctn, liable in 
inanv »fei, 10 great objfcliod. We can Tee tio nectfiiy for 
fdenncing delicacy to grimtnaTi^a) ntceiy, in eitpJaJniitg the fol- 
T owing pa iTage, i Co?, vli. r?^ /i aity iKon taUtd ktiwi trraait- 
tifidj iit him trU h^tirK itf^iratfmijt^ \ * Ut him nti t-j ttlS of 
fufgery eiidrarout to pull down Ihe fgircntin again/ Nor ran 
we ipprove of hit reockring nXnT^f ttvif*Mu chap, i, 1, tbt 
tffJM, thtmp*^, and referring the fatmcr t^j bit bcir^g cjllct to 
die Ciith of Clirdli for it wi« St. Paul's intention to atErnit 
that he nu o c*iiU efr/t^ i ihjt if, c«llcd by God to thia high 
oAce, not appointed iQit hymen. 

Hij [raBuatioa of 1 Cox. ix, 5. i» greacly preferable to that 
now in ufe, ■ Hat^ wr noc a ri^ht (iEv^t») 10 lead nbouC 
(at/iA^itr yVHMtOk) aChnlTiaii wifCa a) [hcoihcr apolltot and ih« 
brethren wine Lord, and CrpHat it$f 'St. PshI alutayi meant, 
by »it><fiU or iUt>^'9t a brother or fiiler in the chriltiaj: rcli- 
gion ; (ha: ii^ * Chricfiin.^^'And he inf fti up'^n hn havtn* 
a right tomarryt and haxt hi* wile mamta^ntd at the expencc ^ 
hiaconvcrES, provided Ok wa^ a ChritUan wife* whrch hmU 

Kn he Uy« down m chap, vii. 39. at a Tule to all belicven/ 
4 W,! 

irinlal on dclrrrH to tx romrtirnJtd. Jt>it nc irm^ frlVr t(k4 I 
retder to ibc woric itfllfi whkh, ihoftgti ir mij not i-mtify fih ^ 
bLgh-riiTcii cxpcdttiih* will repay his bbour irt p€Hiti0^ It. 
'At ih« tnd of thv IV^i^nif tntuihe <if ih« Btfhr>f>'i Comfi)?rt<' 
Grr* ait ^pfmlce^ hi» MtrJ^Mi if J/f«ti Vfi/itttiJ, #Wth i% thk 

^Br/^r/rf, ill i>hkli he JilTciS wMcty /iom hi> kftrhcfj lEirnJ 
cotiwrt'-iiii; t\yf ntlnfe <*f iHit ©rdmafr^ ; — am) hii wcH icfit?»fi, 
ind vciy citriou* i^^rfli^ Ov.f^ wSlch wrrc ccc«1io^H by Ur, 
ficDtky'i p'opod'its f^T pilntirlg nn tdrifoM nf tht Nc« TriVv^ , 
drcdCi AsihcfubliehM long been in pviteJEooof ihefepttAln 
ibr-y do fioi now cnftie vtiJ^ rxtmi nation. Th«tc n a he# 
dilttEatkin q£ Or. Tc^'cc') prdixcd to hi< Cotr.cncrUfj i thff . 
Iliti^ctl of whKh i^.T-^r f/i' ofdtBirSf-tfChriji, tin'tk ^ CHrv^ \ 
hgkaJ taUi. t;r ihu in£t, rthrch i9 bui Oioitt the RvUtr^fl J 
nui t»j)cCl itiy abti<*-mci)t. Ht *tM cjrfrly ima^tnc. thtz a. work 
of Iha kind II it bflt ufi^n-e ruining, ftnd otlcn pf<Kecdi upoa 
pnncrpkf ihit Arc vviy do^bcfiil* or difEfiill to be afc^rtaihcdk 
Th« iiirerencc ihr BiHi^f) dravPt ffo^ the o'tic^e It. thai «« 
lUlT Reckon Jcfui to h»ve b«r horn on Dce«tnV«f vyK la tit^ 
rt>d^ iWttr-ihff4 yHr ; wd ihW it ill bring (», he think*, co die 
tfu:b «I Ijfl ; ^ Aod Chrill wilU when hia birtS ii rcckoriH 
frtiffi that pcrfo*! Hart bcfii, Jn the fiifi or ^ecwid month of- 
Tibcfiui'i lUtecAlh ycjr, beginning Cd b« ibout tfaifl/ |t2i) oM j 

' ' - . -1 

t&i 6d. CiJdi. j;;7> j 

Wllcn iTtcn of fiich Part>i and ftdt Pftit^cirrEf^ ts 
ihofe vrhich dt^aguiflMd the charnfirr »i\4 wrlnrga ofj 
Mr, Huttic, conic tcj face the iCnmcdiix terrors ci deitbi ihm 
world <i Atwftji curjooieo >r3irn in uvh^e minner (h<r fufpvi^lAt- 
trrioc co:tf)ia : vhcihcT the near ipproich of (hic iwful ^kinffl 
of fiiuation vfbbcli ihtj itt tboai id txpcritnct, [io as IsMT 
wbc:ciH one would think, the boldcft f^ortil woulJ not diM 
cvthtr tf] DtiirHnti; Df to tJtErLr) hid prodaced anjckvn^ 
IB ihcii fflf«/« I whcib«r thry coocirtac fticed, Md ^leady t« ibetr 
paA pfo4cffion*t of^ vrhtiricr ■ mrwH^hi' it k-e into ■ the fovl't 
duk eotn^,' ai the poet ocpreffiet tt, ' ti^rough t1)« ciisV cf 
ita ruiiiSt— o^niag wiJcr, it the moniciil wbtn the baitcrM 
fabric i> wctcriitg coiti difibluciotr. 

7^e late drfsrtvre of chc celebrated pbilofophcr jtifl max* 
tioncd, iatrt evcAi of tbn kind) ajvd tbtpvblic «ri]L, no dmbit 
be highly iruilkd bj cbU irjiq[iEiTiO»iA£Lft accoviil ct bb 
Lir£^ uuTofhit Death* 

rS4 Lift t/Diri^ Home, £/?? 



Tbc following AcfvenKcmcnt if prcfixnl to the iccoiim «( J 
Mt. Hurtwitire; J 

* Mr, ^um>^ x Tew ROQ:Libcfoft hU ^rc:!^, *TOtt the foIt^Atn^ 1 

ihxt u ini?,^t '.ic prcti ^d ti> ibe jkj: f^iijoo of lih wofki, Ttii I 
vdui<>ii cu^r^t be p -Liir,'j£4 fcr t COafiJcTAbU lime Tic CJitOr, 1% I 
the flitdC rtLitCi J'L c^iier to fcne lE^r y^r^^cfA or the fgrdiCr «^i* 4 
clopi; mi. inl.c fin^e tiitiit, :ugMiiry thf impAtlHtreo/ tl^ pibdtc I 
cuholity^ t ^M (hQVghc ^fOp<^r EO fubliA i[ irpttttt\y.' I 

Thenirrttivc ikcntftlciJ ' flrrMjEi Li}} ^' abd begiM^ ifitr " 
1 nodcfi apolodjTB wiih 1 brief account of the Auihw's fWily. 
etoilflc^!OD4. He then process to incntioo hll CfJuciiioOf hm j 
i1iidti>uv, if)ijLtnitWJ», antjrobcr iJir^HiTiiignp his unfurmMtniabie, I 
pi^n lot J'ttf Jlurc inA ptkilofophy, and t^c p-obhc4iwn 4>f kttt I 
ftf A wrott, j'f 'Ins^tiji tti //uttiiPt ^tdiutt I wAt< b r>x-Ic it» tp* I 
ptita»c« K Lon<k)n in j;^^. I'hts trorfc vni totilJy dtire- I 
gtt^cit bf (he Public; or, lo ufc the Authof'i own wordi, ic I 
f^\ tkM't'wn ffvm tl^ prtfi^ without reicWng fuch diftlnd^jo**^ I 
A) cmi la cjiciic a mirfnor tmdn^ the i4tlUf< I 

Id 1741, hrptjSIilbrri the ift pJirt of hfs ^'ffi?'. wWcH btinj I 
rivoQfibl^ Kcciv^, made hLCC Coon forget bjt Utfi difl|ifkOijAt^ I 
mert. I 

In 17471 bcwaiin\a:J t>y U^ncril St. Cliir toa:tc(^ hlmi% I 
ftcmuf, tn ttU flciliiaiy cmiMn^ 10 liic coujii ^i; Virniu &Ei^ I 
T«rlii> He ihen w^>rc the uaJofm ol ui o&cer* and wA> iom 1 
trbdoccd %l vix)^ co«rri( as tid-dcciEiip lotbcGmtraJ. : 1 

On hn rCtutrt ffoffi IibI^, be fpcot fp^ke tiai« t^ib hit fiiszid» 1 
in ScoilTnd, arid ihcic ct>nif)orcd \hz frct^sd pNrt of \\h £JtfrV I 
^hlch tt-: cTsUfd Pxi.'U^ Di/iSvr/rt, tni *Uo hU £«fW/-; ,^9»j^ 1 
, vj </ Ahyj^s, 1(1 tSf fc worftf, tQgcU:«r iivith^ 1 
-.t.'»^ HuviJiH D>//^aorf-ji^, whkb wii pub* I 
li&ed nrbric be *«> at Tvciti, be ' caG a-acw/ and iotciivoirc~l 
lUf 6ffi unfufiuitAic work i corKdriag itvtc ihc 111 facccfi of ib% I 
Tfe4tiCc on KnmAa Nature fpfune raiber fjocn the intttccttioa I 
tbit he had paid ro th? i^iwwit in whtch ic wja tHiiteo^ than 10^ 1 
any other dl-l«c1« oi thit perforfn^rur, 1 1 

Hit worki rjiikv brgan to frit IrtifVTr; ntiilr nlitioiSG vrre d^ I 
nUoded} J-^Jii^i^ hf rercrC0di 3fiJ right rcrcrctidi, ciroe odt^J 

tWo 01 itirtc in ii vral : 'I 

■ . f -^ 1 

* Wm RtfteAtMf hoHrfrrr, thai ii i>vai ^/'ingarjMjf br ibr fir^fAtri I 
of that titnv, tfcough not in a ni«*aer fnfTihli^ to Ehr dvpfAarktn* 6^ I 
Vi0icl olihi A«1hOT. It «rii lrc4t.«< with fon*c dejrrt« ot fObMaipt I 
by lie WiiEtf of r^** f^i*rf 5^ rit tftrh t/ tU Lttr^J. voL ii. Ncl 
tfatyCAri;;9; vfao. ncitrthrtrfi. pm^DonEoced An/rr ihiwp. frvhrJ 
1K4 matirrer Jge ^-i nt [ih*n roang] iothnr. Tb»c ia a pIc^anM 
Hevy cf Darid't payicifi; * viDt 10 the Critic, aod ihffitening to pa(| 
iib to tbe fnord i bat ai we cxnaw tfirfjr svtbehiiciie ilic patuct^ ' 
Un, wc do DOC diufc to rcixai Lti«in* 


book) w«r< b<);inAing to b« tSsnnfl in good ci>[n»«r. Hotfcvcr* 
J httd £Md « r«roJaciafti wMcli [ Ufleiib!)' raAiciuIrtviJ, ccrcr to rc« 
fjjp lo anj b^jdv i tad ooc bciof!; >ttty irtfciblc in my tevtpcr^ f hivw 
cafily krpi mywi/ckwof all Jli^nty lqu*bbkj. Thtft rystptomto/ 
ft nliagrcfUtAiicn gt^e Okt cncouMgerntiiL, it I w>i cv«r nvvre <''^' 
p^fcJ i# k« ihe r4«o«rBb1# thin uniBvouMble fiiJt of ihiAp ; ■ i 
of mind wKicb ii morcbtfp/ to poIkiV. dua to be bore id &« c5au 
Oftrn tkouricd 4 )ctr/ 

XVc OhII aotv proceed 4 ]Lul« faithcr^ in ibc Auihor'iovi 

' 101771. Irrmotcd ffoin thr couniry lothrra<*D, the tree 
fori Piftn of Ulirrt. In tr^s, tvore publilKed ti b^inburgb, A-h«r« I 
then JiTcd, fny Paliiical Difcoutfei, the only v/t*ik of misc thM wa» 
iaKcCt.(u\ OIL ihc fifct pdUlcjiIoi H It wu ttII rccdi^ tbrotd > 
•r hocDC. In the fame y«r w>* pafatinicJ *t l^ndoo, ■/ Ea^akf^ 
conoemibg the FiUdpIci at Marilii vh'xh, in my ova Opinioa,' 
(tthfr CBfJie luxio jiidf«oQ (hat fvfajcCi], ii ol aU any w/itt»gi, ^U~ 
totkaJ, phiJolophKilt Of Uif rary, 'morofbt^biy ih* bt(L It 
utnciKtJ And iii]'>L7i<rT«J iiiii>tiic wurM. 

* U I7{7, ifir FiictiUv of Adiocatci chofr me their LihruiaA, la 
oSct from whickj 1 rt<eiv<d Inile or no emoli^mfofr but which {iro 
n« ihe GOiDfli««d of ft Urgo Itbrai>. I tfiefi brmoJ ibv plaa of 
vriitivf the Hiftory ofEoiUnd i butoeU^ fri^kcaed with itc oocWs 
of coniinutn^ a niriaiive through a period of 1700 ^cari, 1 coo 
ineiKfd iHib ihe iiccriEon of the Hodf^ of Stnirt, an epoch wlw«, I 
ihovjEM. ih« RuLrt^rtfaatatiOQi of faction bc^an chicH^ totik«plMe. 
Iwai, lowR, fa&gajoc ta my evpcfutioai ol EFtefDCcer* of lUi work.' 
I lliouffal thtt I w» tl^t oaJj htlloiiHp, ibat had at once ikcgU^cd fne- 
fmt powtr. intrreli. and authority, and the cry of popular p'r^*^ 
di<ei I »nd ai tb« fubje^ wai CujeH CO every cipiciiy, I expc^tad 
prof^^iiond] jppiauie. Lvt aiferahJe wai my dt^Appoiatmaac : Ii*ai 
af&ilcd by on* cry of lepioadj, difapprobaiioD, aad cvcd deicAa- 
liOQ ; Enylii?!. Scotch, and IriQ;, Whig and Tory, c^urchaaa and 
1<}Atty, fffrThlnkcr >nJ r^iigifiniiV, ptrriar and miirtier, vnhed bi 
their ran a^indthe man, who bid preliined 10 EWd a j^acroai tew 
for tbe UMofChirlftl, and the Earl oF Strafford i a&d afrcr the irfi 
€fnb«Uiiiona of their farv Atre ovci, wbat vrai l^ill mor% oiortifyiji(a< h 
th« boob iVrmed 10 finb into obiivioa^ \!f. MiJlar cofi me. tItM m I 
1 tftaJtfCVODib be fold only foriv^iie copiei of ic. I fcu-cdy. indeed, 
heard oi ooe mm in cba liree kiogdomi, conliderxbie for rvttk of. 
Uttin. that cnu'd endure lKc boo<L. I nia)L only «cep< the pHmiW j 
of £j34^Ld, Di. lltrrici^, ud ilic t'Un'[« of Iielacd* Dr. Si«»e, H 
*hieh lepoi two odd eitYpuonj, Thtk dignified prtlacci frparataly 
i<oi tae cirnagft eci to b< Jifcouragrd. 

' I wai, however, t coolclt, dUcour*f:ed; and bad not the irar 
be«E at ibat time brcjL'ii;j( out beiwecn Trance and Etj^laiHi, I bad 
ceriaiaty redrod 10 fome proiincial tonrn uf the former b^c^domt 
Liif rhangcd mj aame, Mn^ ttri/rr more havf retaracdco my luiito 
courtry. Bota* ti.ii fcbemc «at not n^^v pf^ticabUp R*d tkc fiib- 
fieqatcii voJane wm con^clcjAtly aiivaAuJ. X rcl^rcd lo pick wf 
Gowagc aod to FUlCTCfc. 



- Tn thU LortrrU, 1 pvbllfhtd n LocioEi my Nttdfil IGikrr of 
Rv1i|;ioii. ftJoDf with fomc oih« fraiil ptctn ; iti pubfic curry *tJ 

, tuhtr obr^uTT, CTCPpc ^n[y rhai I>f. t turd u-roie 1 (*iinpbr«t a^^ibfl 

I iu vrttkiU (he illiberal pciuUncfi airocsocc. atid iCLJmijiy, uhtch 

4tftif>rvi1h th« WMbaftonun fcboot. iku p^tnphitt str< ra« fbme 

ca<i(bUtion fw ihc OTk<twifc iJ^iiiiTercaE nccpiioaof lu/ uetfuiiuKDcc/ 

Mr. Hliom: gon oa to rcliic ihc vaiiom Tuiccm whjch st* 

< Icndtd tbc publjcati^o of lie lubkqufnt volumes of hi> hilUiy* 
On (he whole, wc fuid that liit wiitin**, 4i length, ffcw into 
fvch vogue, Uul the copy-ttioncy i;i*en hLm 6y the bookfcilcrf 
* a>Hcl) cxccr^cJ »rty ihiiig fur cikiJ> hLivowfi 10 Hn^Uni.' The 
priceiof lltenuure hive, bowevcT,,gtefli]]r ilfrn Cwct tS* (in* 
in which ovr Au:bor thus, with gnitcrul c»ultuif>n, acknow- 
Icdra ht)«- amply ;ind nohlj b« tnovghc himrdf irwardcd to 
faUlnrrwd UUoj't. 

Btittt titivcJ ii the »gc i>t fftj, ottc Authar [hav!ng lufpif^ 
Atiaioea iikot only whit he grem«d an i>tJtp€T%^t^<y, but even 

\^mtnc€} propufcd Co pais th< ictiuioder nf ha li^c i<i philo^ 

I phic rHiremcntt in htt native country of Scotland i~-whrn ia 
W^34 * I rcfcrvMf/ fiy) he, * tn jnvit^nciQ from the E«il of 
tlAnforJ, with wb9Ri 1 VII fioe In the l«klT KY^uiEnCfd^ to titen'l 
bun Oft hii tsbifff CO F*rii, wiih i ft«Ar profpri\ tal bciup ippointed 
Cicrrraf^ to itc embatFy; and* in the meinwlikk. of perfarmmg lh< 
fuoAi^niof inK<j^<c. Tin ojTcr, however invitiv^, I atArftde* 
cliocd, bo:h bc<Rute ( wis nluOim 10 besia cntatxioAi wiih the 
grvatf ind bcciuf^ I wat >fraid fh«i ihr otil)Ei«f ind g»y compiny 

,»f P41B, would provt dtflsrccible to 1 pcrlbo of my ag* «id bo* 
moor : but ob bi> LotdlUf 1 ivpntipff the bvintioiii 1 ■cccf<cd of 

'\u I l«v« every rniC>n« tmih of pkaiuiv lod laiercAt to chi>k ny« 

ilrtf iuppT (a my tnEQCxtcnt with iltjc Doblcmaa, ti u^J ai after' 

jwvdi hkiii hii tfty^fr. General Conway/ 

He frrxardi,— ' 1 ftai aypototrd rccretary to the enbaflyi aiid» 

!I« fcsmcr J:6;t Loid H«M^rd lefcmc, he\n% »ppomTcd L^ti Lica- 
C«*ant of Iftltnd. I «u Uurii J'itft^irn lili tbe irnral of the Duke 
of ft]<ftmoc>cf, ttm^rdi \\t end or ihcr yeir. Iit the bcgionsng of 
1766. \ kft Pir^r aad ivTT 6mnntcf «i«er ?e Iii1jnb4ir|h, vith ibfl 
fjRw vieiv «a foFtMrly, of bfjfvinj; mjitflr' irt a pfciicio^ieal rv(r*M« 

'1 rvtiiTvM to thait p^ac«i (Mt richfr, bu« with tpuch oioro moery^ 

^aod a cBDch brgff icu:ufnf, by irictu!! of ly>ii llcciiWd** fnendlhip. 

iihan 1 left vt; uid I w«i defin>«i of iryJtig vhit fupctAuity could 

«iodB<e, ti 1 hi^ Tofinrrly v.sde in rtpenmcnt of a eompeuacy, 
at, ia i?6r, t recovrd fr<>m Mr Ceow^y f ao i<i»itaii«n to be Ua- 
<l<i^r<cicivy I awl ibU iavi»t»0Q, btfth tbe <b>riAcr ot the perfoa, 
ukI Af copaej>oni «^th LordHu^f^fdi pccrcoK^ me fracn dccliciug- 
% raturfird lo Edmbftr^h ui 1 ftH^„ very Of aUai f for 1 podTiOcd a i«>« 
VenDvof lo^io K i y«r), beatiby, avid taod^h fottewhai drkhec in 
wrt, with like profpca Of eajoying loog my eafe. and of freing the 
tBUea^ of CM" repurattoa. 

^ ' ' ' — — -^ . 

^^ f Sccrciaiy of Suu ibi the nwtbem depaf tmeat* 


310 T^ U/f$/DivU Kumci Sffi 

* Id fprici* I7;<t 1 v,kt ttruck *iih a cifordtr in nyb^wvli, ^lirTk 
at Ci^ £&T« KTtc bo jituEi. but hu 6nc«, u 1 apfxiiktod ie, br<ome 
martai »r)d /vfr-a^jf. I n^« fcckcn upon a Ipfcdi' diflbltiJiQa ( 
htrf I'ulfrml vrry firtif pun ficni mir cirnrdrr ; ai>d what U 
flffiPjt, havf, ncTtwiibiiindUg the ffnt decline ftf 01) prrroa, Be 
CuETcrrJ a n>onenL'r ^iMCcrreiii oJ mj Ipdiii ^ iDrohociii rbatwvn 
lo I 4mc ihc p<*^ioJ of my Iifr, v-Hk^ J ^^^uEd s«fl cbooic lo 
&v<r Bgib. i iit^ht br tciupiad to p<»ini u> lh(i U»r ^riod 
paflrfi ihc £iinc af Jaur ai «vpi in tudy, uiJ (he fame gamj in ooM^ 
panir- 1 coniidvf. befidM, thi: a nan nf fiity tn, b/ ^yiog. ci»> 
4>4 vnlf * 'c** ye*ra of ibi'miiiot mii tlif;ugh I lc« many 
lOQki of my Iticiary rcpnE&iioa'i breakinj^ ^"^ '^ '^^ ^'<b niU 
kCj^. 1 kncar thai 1 oihitd Imvc but Kw run to cnioy U- 
^i^ifult to be nore detachrd from Ji/c than laA ai prciebi. 

* Tn coDcluJe hifiunoll/ »ith my o^-n chmA<r, 1 ami or 
tbrr wa« (Tor ihaE ii th« fi)i« I mut no*, uf^ in {pcxkitt* ci tst_ 
which cm^^'Mcd* mc ihc more to ffxak my fVoTintcoii]* I *« 
I fayp a it.^ gf mild dir^oiLicni, of romaund cf icxnpn. of 
o;ifn, fuoil, and fttccifdl hdiD<»ur. cipabk of tirjcttmrai, b«tl 
fulccpcit'lEof enmiiy* and of great iD4ftJeriiii^a ja >ll lay 
Ev«Q mr loif ni bicrify fanii, n/ rwlht^ fdlHun, »t>ar fc^ecd m 
Uffper. i.otHJihAandinff my frcqueot dtfapp^^icicmcnu. Mi co 
iriny iiaipoi uiu&'pttulc lo tht yojag acd »ic*c&, at wd] a< 
the jludiottiard ttEcrit> f knJ at f luok a p^jfircuPif pVifurf in r 
CMDpu^y of nif>d<tt wAiTicii, I had no feifno (o b« difptc*rtd idt 
ilit rfcepiiop I met <vLth r>c»in (inni. U * word, tkouflt nod m 
any nirc eminent, h-ve ^nd Kafoa to complaia ol^ caluatfy > 
flhicr v«i touched, or even at;tckcd by licr baneful n>^;i; 
liboLifh ] ubarion'y rvpoJcd oiyr^li'tii itiT rt^cof buttk dvil an4 fo 
^ioui fKt:Qnt, they Itenitii co b: <1tr>Fmed in ray behalf of I 
voatfd iuty. My frifodt irei^r lud occtUon lo *iftdJcata wnf 
dfcumllaxc; of e\y cnarj^cr and ccedud ^ not bat that ilw aca 
wc lA^y ifrcll fofpoA;, ^hOvId btvc U<ii jeUd to imcat atid p<-o, 
^4te ^\%y llory to niy difadiait^ajct. but Lb^ycouM never n^d a* 
^vhkli tFiry ibOttgKt vnutd vrrir Cte ficrof prnt>ityrty, I can hoc b 
there it ni>ra[iltyid cnikifig ihit fane^al oMtioa of mffcff, boi 
bore it i» rgi a mifpUitd ouit and tbii Ja a nattcf of fa£t wbickii 
CBity «lc«tcd ID J ftlcciiainod.' 

Bv way Kt( artinknifiaf Mr. H;tmc*« accnuni (tflireh ct.., 
hi* f^ovn lo a ^jcnad * within about fo-jr oionilu of I 
filial clufr) wc hart, in a fc'trr I'lOfii ihrcrtrhnued Dr. A 
Sml^h to Waii'in Soitun, l:f^; ■ circumlUnfiaJ ^till t>f th 
injnner in i^bkh he fupi^^rted Ida IjA ilLjiefi : the Uotilot'i ac* 
CuijRC hrginr, xvheie Mr. Hun>«'K ri^Jt. 

Thu-jght m till own judgment, hjj difo^« wai mortal, fn 
He ji^Iowvcd hmfelf i» ^- prrviiled en to try the d^'e^i of a 
loifg |ourit«y. He r^pai^cJ to LoqiIoa, and b>» dirorccr frrmfj 
to yJ«M lo cxcrcifc and a change of air. He wat^ ocjLtf iJ* 

Jrii. Huobc'i pip» 11 dated April i5, *TT^' 


vir«t to ^ to Bach, lo djinic the wiicri ; vhich ipp»ted, for 
fom« time, lo have fo gocJ an ffffit upon him, thu fvtn Uim* 
(c\i bc^^ ('J cjuriuji a lc;tcr opiriion of hii gwn hctlih. 
Bur, the Doiflor stldi, * bi« Cym^iotTtt 'foon murned \ri(b 
ladr uld^l vtoUcicc, lad froo that m<]iiien( be ^are yp *ti th^ut^u 
of fecorcfft bill fubnii^'xti wab ihc utinoll cbcrrfutucfr. an*i :be 
noA |»rrtfrfl co'npZtcctKj aai rcGgnauLjti. Up^a hii rcitm :u t4^D< 
bdrgb* ihooffh ^ $Cat\A tjisciVlF much veak*-. jpee fcii cArctfuihcri 
MRT ataivd, and he coniinucd to divert hix^feir, » uUi]« wjtii 
c^ftdinjE huonD ii&jk» fcr a ne* ediiicint aiib rrad^iijc 1'')>Sc>of 
sm«fcai««Et with thecoiiTctUEiotT of ^'t fficadi ; aad, fvmnijackta 
ikecivrii?^, MJih a party at hU btcnni^ j^^fnc af whcEf- Hii cUret* 
fulnrft wai ]r> |*ftai, and hit eonverfat^on antt aiDkilVftiPnci ran fy 
mack ia tktir ntuiJ I^vaio, chat. ckOtH-icJiJtaaciingail b*d rymptani* 
ni^ ic^fple <adii not iictjere he wai Uyinf/ 

ThcfDlbwing remarkable ii^ftaiux of Mr. HuilKr't bappy fe- 
rcaiiy of mmd, tniJ ercn p^MJanirj, m what tnav, almolt, bt 
ilyleJ Ini djrtjig inufi]ciita» n liiua idattd i buCi nr^l^ vrc nmfl 
attend to the particular circumlavice whkf^ \td to it : 

III A ct^nvcrJatigo* one dav. wjih the Aulhot o\ (liia L€titr^ 
wbcn Dr. Smith v<J9 cxprrT^ng tome * f^int hopft/ fronn hkt 
faictid^i chzcrfulocl?, he ant^crcd, *' Vuur bop« arc (jtound- 
ieG. An habtioal <tiarrhcc« of more ihin a jrrar*! jtandrnj^. voulJ 
b# a refv l»d dircaTe a; atiy age t at my >h i: It a morcal ctoe, 
Wk*B t lie dottn in ihc «r«nin^, 1 feel aivfcTt weiksr tkaa Ahfn l 
folc u tbc Roaming ; and when 1 rife ia the moinin^ft vrtaltcr thaa 
wbra 1 Uy Jiiwn in ihc <vciun^. I as IcfiCblc. b?(idoi thai lr>ai& 
«f my ifhaJ pam ttc »ftWtM, fo tUi I mn!l fooa die/' " Welf," 
UJd 1| " if it mvR be fo. you have ac U^'k itt faiiifj^iaA of teaviajr 
all y««r frieodit vo«T b«^(bcr*i fjtniLy in pariiculiri ia ^^At pro- 
fpcirliy/' Ik faid t^at be Jf It that fatiifa^icn fo fcnribtr* <^mc wbcH 
ke was itadinf* a ^ day> Ufurr, Lucua*j DialojDca of the Dead. 
UiOU ill ibe ercufo which 4re a][fg«i] to CharOa 0br not eorfring 
readily into hii ^w., he could not £nd one that litted him; be bftd 
nohfrnfe to tn^lh, kv bad no dak^jh^cr to provide for, he hid ao 
cavnM* np^a •«bf>Rt be vlihcd to rti^tn^ himuif. " I couJd oot 
«re]l fcmaEiae^" fud be* '* whu eicufe I oeald make to Chj^on in 
frrdertoo^ai* n littk delay, I kiire done ertfy thing of conle- 
^ge»cc *kich I ever meiait to doy a^ij j could a: d« cim« t%ftt\ to 
learo my nlatioei and friend* to a bcitcr iltuatio^ ikao tbat in 
tbbicb 1 ua ttov likely to )««>« cbcni t I. taerffbrv. have all tt^Toxk 
ix> die (outemcd '' He ihrn di/ercKii titmklf H«(h inftniingCrtefat 
jocvUf OFfdCei, wbUk he fuppo*td he m\^i tnakf to Cba/dn. and 
wtik loiagiaing the *cry furly an/wfln «ai(jli ic a^ijtht fait the ek^ 
n&ct <rf Cbtrcn to rctdrrt ;o t.ira- '* U^^eo Tiifthl/ c^jitJeraiaQti/* 
fkU kct '* 1 tbou^bt I nifgbi Uy lo Lim. Gi>od Cnarx/u, 1 L.itc bewu 
coifvftnif my noiks for a c?ev cdUiOA- Alloar ne a t!t(>c time, 
ikai I may W» ho^ thr Rubbc rvctiivr rhe »Jte*»!tine." Bui tha- 
tiMi wvbU anf<«fr, " Whva ^<i« ha<e (<^n tkeellfd ot there yoa at U 

I foe miktng oUirr ilLJati&ni. There wiil be no end of CkI ex- > 
ta; fui huaiU TjU-J* /■^•b^ J^'? -aio ike b^oi." 3v; I o^i^^tx 
' Pa Olv^ 


Tif Lffi ffDsnid HuiaCr ^n 

ftill urj^r, '* V\i\t n tUt\e pulcnct^ fOod Chiron, I ht'n btn iv 
ft«vciumg to op«i the ein otf ilitFublK. If I iWr & ft-* r**f» 
l<>u£<r, 1 DiAy have t1i< GtltfaAioa of fail's the dowr^M of liorav o| 
lh« prcuilLnie (rilcms o/ fafrcrilitiop.'' Sa( Chu^o wooli ihii 
kEb all tcoiccT «iid dc4Cocy. *' Yoti Iou^Hjiq n^uc. (hsi will an 
>t«j)pci] ihfit mmy bunUr'^ jfirt' Do y*^v hncf I tvlK grvtc jrof • 
tccfefor Jbfos^ « term f Get into the boat diii initat, jod Utf 

The fcficgDiQg convn^iior hijipcncd on the Sih cf Auguiti 
He wif nov bc^^nic f[> wcjIc, thii the comptn/ ot hn moA 
inumaic irkn^a faii^u^ Wmi ; for hia fpif ic» cofttiruc^ is fucfc 
9 dour, and hit focUl difpcJiLkirk rem^intO AiU fo unbnAea^ 
Uu wIko anf (fiend ww vriih lumt be C9ul4 not bt\p u]ki&f» 
Wkth greiitr exeninn, thun fuited ihe weatncA of till bod 
Ac tij} own ifcftrr* thffcforCt Dr, Siritll *fir<*ii to k«vt Ed 
tVurgh^^ii ctinJiiluii %hti Mr. Hiit;c f^ould fciui (01 him, wtvn 
tvev he wilheJ 10 fee him : X>r. lll^k, the pti^fi^itn who 
iendtJ klmt ptotr^ifm^ in the mean limt 10 fend Dr. S, 
(lonillyt an account <>f the Hmv ofMr. Hum«'« lw«1ih. 

On the 7i4 of Ait^uft Dr. B!ack bformcd Dr. S. by I 
iHk although Mr Hume* grew ftill wc^kcrj he coafinucd ^o( 
free itoai anxiety, impilicncCt or lovr ffxrJl* 4 and that he 
hi« time very well, u tifkd, miH the afilluice of imii 

The next dajr Hr. Smith rrcci^eU a letter from Mr Huittc 
hir»lelf| of which an eAifoQ i« given m lhi« pamphlet. He 
o»*dc ufc of ha hc^Ikw*) haod^ Jn witiing it, as lie " did not 
rife tfut day/' He fayi, *^ I go rery fait to ilcclioep ^r^d lift 
■ijj^fat bad A (null fewer, wkicli I hopc^ oil^bt put a quicker pe« 
rod tn ihli ledioui illneftj but tj^EiKkity it ht^ ia 4 grega inu* 
furc ^onc ojfi I onnol fi^oiii to )<xir cotoing o>cr b«M 
my KCOunt, » Tt it pnHihle for mr to kc yen fo Tniall 
ct the day, but Dr. Black can better rnfocm job e 
the drgrce of ffrenEtih wbkh tray fiofti lime to time rcaiio 
irjih me. Adieu, Ac." 

On the a^th, two da)A aFicr wtlcin^ tbe abore letter, Ur. 
flucnr expired^— * in fuch an happv compofuTC of tmnd, tbat 
ucChit^g cck:kJ c:iccc<J it ' :' fo Dr. £mlth eaprcilei k i and ta 
which we tn4)r «Jd ;he genuine aiKJ piom exclaoHtifwi of * te* 
vcrcnd and u\i\y orihodox dlvmc, on rcjdin* the acooMoCt ai 
leihgih, from which we hare extracted tbe ferrgoing pafiktH 

Ian, — '* Oh I 1*^HAT GOOD CHkniJAN WvVLI> JtOT w 
ID Dtk taCII A OxATH P" 


■ ' H* niY*/,' faya lU i>o<>M, • dropped the fmalteft exprtflctt 
i»r inpiilcncei but when be h^ oocafioa 10 tmk to tlie pcopla 
ateji hta» alw > ^ 1 did it viJi aftOion aad tcECeifttft.* 

Dr. Sniitk'« lect«r coftc)u4r« wiib iJie folld^ing Cummuf of 
Mr, HiLmc'a cbtri^^i : J 

■ Tttai ^itd oar TAoft ctcellfA', tud tittrtr to be fergottn Trirad j I 

U«)r bupcn lo CviBCiJc or jifn^rcc w\\M hir vwti ; but COnCCrftinjI I 
wbofe cifiidcf Rjitl cunJi;^ thrie i^in Icsrcc be i djlfcicncc (^ <>;>(• I 
0to>. Hit EcmpcTi indnd, franked :o bt ;riore h^f^'iiy hijinnd, I 
if J tA%y %t ftir^^tJ fufh aa cirprffli<>nr (h^n itiji: p«rkjip« of any o'bfr j 
mi* I bifC CTcf known, £'«n m ihe f»wrfl itiM of hii forTgUi 1 
In (rtoJ And ncccfldry friigaJity affrr tindtfcd hiai from CX«r<'tlJE|ti I 
*|mi MperMMfinni. Ji.*ti Qriib nf cttJfrl^' inrl f^enomAry. Il V4k m I 
Irnjca^ry f)»Dodtfd, rot vpan avRrk^, but vpoa rhe to«« of tndff«c* I 
Jvnif . Tb« emrcmo ^mUtnofi of hri b»tiirf nttt«r «B«ktiif<d n'hrf I 
ib< CruatAorbit Hiind. m ibe ilciiIJiKff ^ bii rcftj^tioe*. Hi* I 
cmidxitf pteaCutux ai> ibc ^etqulqc cifufion of jfood-cMorc «aiJ J 
20od<banif>or. craipfrcd aritb drtlcjcy ind nmlcfly, and mliLout 1 
«*Ga the Jli^hicil ncftiifc of malifiiityt fo rreijuenE!;^ the dHVgffV- I 
4bfe fejr<c of aLj.1 u o-led «if kn oihe/ ni«o^ U ii«*«r #4) ih* ' 
a^iCoiinjF of )i)i riilkty to norciiy i and rbcreforCi In fron offtnd- 
iv^Z- ^^ fddoin filled lo pJcJiT^ A«d dcli^hli even tbu|« whn wcra llii 
obfrAi M if. To hi< frif odi, who ww« frif^tnily ch( obJKli of »i« 
ym VMbOt p#rba^ »y oa« of aII bhgra«t ud ftoiiib:* ^tthtW*, 
which CMtribuui II104C lO «od«:ir bi* convcHuico. A^ tk^t gticEy 
of Itrovpcr. U> *jfirc«bU ia IbcMty. boii which ii lb ofica ii^oup** j 
•M witb iiivoiOkii anU fcipericiil qfliliiica, im tt tirv tcrtUIy ai* I 
irodrd wiih ih« mctl i>vrre >ppl:ciiii>ni rhf jbotl riTtfaCfc I^truingt I 
rte g;MirA depth of thoa;;^!, 4*d « optciTy in evexy Kfpeil ilM I 
in<^fl comprrktAtl*^. Upoo th« wa«Tt, J but thrty* ccAAJfrvti bi»i I 
bo(b jA hii tifnjmc and Tincc bi» ilc«bi it «ppro^ctitR$ » ricarly to I 
ihe idn oft pcrj^lj wife lad riisuoai tuflt i« perhifif ihe aaiGM 
ofhuntn ffaihyvilJ permit.' 

*f * There 't% t ftood crriratlns of Mr* Hun»e, pielixed to 
C^C Li&« by Wiy ol' fruTtli (piece. 

Lihtrty^ mJ t^ ^'*f 'wuA jfmfrtrs. tec. Hf R&chard Piice, D.D. 

T% R. Price hu prc£x<d to ihr* ti<« pjblicaliodt an iiitro- 
1^ 6\»Qaty view of il> conimn, frorn vti«nce we thaJI ib« 
firidt, in ouf ovrti «•)« & few p«rticuUr«. 

He fi/ft rcimrkt. iftjtt i>i L«i faidKr pimpblet hE hid given 1 
a brief MCouAC of the »tjrv of libiktv in c«iicrjil, and of \ 
i!vU tshftty in pariicuUr. Tbit accoiuiip be Uyi, itppcjrt lo 
hintt after carefully rcconiiJcriKig t(t (o be juui and he ac- 
knowiccl^ (hAi he doce aoc thjok it ia \m poivcf to improve 
it ; lo ibie lUt wifwtrcr*, pcrbo^A^ will reply, thai i£/y bave 
door it for him* 

Inor^er, howewr, tobe au fTplicit» pdBble on ihi> fohjeft, 
apd to remove thofe nu^pprrbenrioot of hit fcatiditcvu, \^\'^ 

P 3 ^^^vt^l 


wfaich Tome ham filleD, he hu cbcmgtK il pfoper lo *3d iW 
fu|'pkn^«iiu1 air-J cxp4iiuofjr obferviiioiM which «pill be fattv^ 
i#] ih« hrft pan oft this paaiphkt, la lliis rccoarjefition of 
ihc lubjc^t the Oo^lor hit cftibliihcd fboK vtijr iippofost di' 
tirtdioni I lad bw, at Icjfl, g rvcn Qt « ekir View of w~ 
civil ^ovcinmcm ^■;r^ lo be, 

PdM [^e r«coni opens with nmirkt oe focrw |i«rticiihn 
Lord Nurch'i (fttch, ac opcnini; the faifrv* la Apfil UA ^ aoj 
hen we have ibc AbiharV (uthci oh^tvntan% fw the farATsi 
or the icicj^uct CQ the qvarrtity of c->ta in the kir^omt wid oa 
piper c?ri!lt. Iff ihrn ptiKeoJi ui take inro inuter cotifiAet^ 
li<;ci the tti»te of ific »-t»oo, the wir wilb AmcriOt tuiil the 
fcHcmt* Ivr r4ifini( EBrnc)> by public lo^m: wub icfpcQ to the 
/Im^ricin wv, tfte Df conuntif£ to Jtffirm ilut he anBM 
pxpcA iny other thin a t.a^ical Aiid dcpbr^bk ilTue from k; 
whether, \n thi» plj<« h^ m«ari$ ira^it-tl with rerpcft to Brif^i 
or 10 America* or boih, i» not ck4r. Uut, he 4^^^ ^ let ctcan 
rurfi ojt ai thry will, [ OiiH ilwaj-* rrilr^ wirh (ariifj^iop, 
ihiEi h4«e, tbo' A piivUc period, oJ lit|Icconfe^EicAC«v bou 
jny icfiiirtuijr from <(erp fell corvi^i4>n, :ig:ujifi a war whtch 
mull ibock fhe t<c<Jtn{;» and the rc^ron of ercry cottfidentt 
per ran /^" 

Ai hi* pfofi^ of the ftaie of the kietgJom is, without 
doubt, 1 mchr>cho1y une^ he piemifci chat <hi« \t r>ol the cKiftf 
^ Tome fvtrc intimMtJt of either % natint difpoTirton, in the 
Wnter^ to gWniincT), or of riiiincr views. Few, l^yt tbc 
worthy DoAar, * who kno« m«, will ^.ticuiii Tuch 4 fuf^* 
IVftt VjJriiDgj^A'i wliK ^toUiiciani and ihccl'mfn value jtf^. 
I feel injrfdf perf«>l/ e:*fv with refpe^ 10 my int«rell at i 
ctiiA«n of chj* wotU i rtor r) there a chii^ge of fitabiiov 
can otike me hippirr, except a rccurn in piivacy and obTcuril 
The cptnion I ha*< entertaiw^I of the preWnt danger of 
kiTi^Jom \\, ibcicforr, the z(\<€t, of eviiicni'et which appcirt 
|o me irrefillible. Thii evid«fico I htve ftttcd to the publici 
«(i4l ettry biic rnjy jujpe of it ai he picjifo.'' ■■ 
*' In tbf ihiiJ parr w« hsvff, i. an a^flri^ of cjr vt^nt and 
'loiporii, from jbq?* to 17731 with rcoiatkSt in order to fbeiv 
* Ih? pro^rcr* of oijf fofci^n irade, arrd in cd^ed 00 (he ovlcQ 
Froin fhe braicinirg of thu Cfncvryi and pariir<ibrty. m po<«t 
Oot in unfavotjblo chjp^e which feenit co ria%v iiken pbos 
A"<e 17641 — tvs. tbit i\\e bilince his beei t^aittfi Vi- 
la tttr iecnnil 8r^ti«m of the hfi piU» C\t Aurthorbav grrc« 
»n ai^»lyl4i ^ of all ihe di(Ti;renC ar;iclc« Dt ih^ ration^ deht, 

■ Tlir Dnaor hii noi fetvplcJ 10 refe«i thii T'thirr^ irrm i ie. 
MHupi, ih^v-h* hiinleJf cowattued by thcie wBo intr^uC^ if 
J* Uic UoaCt of ComDont* 

iriiicit will prabAt>ly iitrorn every pcrrcm of m^ tbiE be CJio 

Section 3. t;(»ti of th< d*b« and ff(brjr<^ of Fraace; a 
fiibic^, <t all ttmcit but «c prefcni ptritcuUffy mtcrcftin^ \<> 
Ihit nat'on : ihr l>i^or tcIN i>^ tn4C *■ h^titxi btrn iiif^tfutrd of 
feme idipofitAC f^4 rclati^ig 10 \u h« bn* ihou^hc i picket 10 
Uv in^m birfo:c tbr p^ibli;:, w*tti fucH irAiClinus ji bite 
4>EFcmJ in mirfitioiiinj> thrin/ trom the fi<lf wbkb he his 
JljUii, 4[id fftioi th< Authof** r'cSrfliorj upon ih^m, 11 is 
cridmt, — CO ul'c hU o^vn noidf, flut * ^»< oughc not fr> b« 
ilriwn i:ito fciitfity, by any alFiraiKie* of (be wc^^c^ of 
Fnivce.'--^ If w? do, wt ni>y AnJ o^fTvli^ed A»l]y ilrccivrd.' 

In SoftiiiH 4. we huir rewj^rks on ibc e^iV t^f$iMt*% arcovnt 
of tb? (hiWlc incDfr>c*mJ rxpe«*Jittiic ■- Tbe irhcfc condudn 
with «n 4CC0UI1I of * 1 r<foIij|iAo d'jvra up ifi « cooiinkcve of 
ibr AiicrlL:49 ^rin^rtfi in 1775- di-tUlftt'Ki imUi^'Jrit,:/^ intl 
oJciifi^ an jn/3uil 4^ofkEtkHiiiji>n cu 8;iijin lor difcbir^mj^ jct 
J<bti.'— ' Thib i> ii fi^U ^1' ranch iiii;iort4n^x t i bui h Ajipctr* 
tbjtl Cbu refolittion wii rv^t c^uf cd m th^ m^nji^ o( (he tof)- 
(n&; '« Ccvcfc A^ of pinMnKiiE h«pp(iiia]t to H'tw At, 
tbat liaf, which ikx^iwixifi^ tbcm noc to ghx tbc fiun pro* 

Tbrou^bcAiF ibe nhole of rhtt wnric, <br Dk^af bjii ivoid«J 
*■ Cfllcrinff ioto *of coriCroTtrfi- «jih fhe cro^d of wrirci* who 
hurt- p.bUtbcd icfurki on fj;» f'^r-iiei pj'rp^fct/ Uawj|Jltiff«, 
hiwc'C, "> oa■cU^>olc tPicm Citlrrely, he once f^i ill, pio^«cJ« 
to fcEtlc «ccauni& wuh chcni, in laota foui pi£Ci of his iW«- 
Jv^/M. In ihii gcaral mOcf, Mr. L — d, Aulhof tii ibtee 
Jdun 10 Ur. Piice, [dee Kcv. for Au^. IaO, pi|;c 151) i« ibe 
onTy wtiM' wh'J U p4f Lii^uUfly nqilec^: he i& nocniiancO 2% a 
0«i« ol d Ilr-gHtfbrd abrttty; bui hii iJc» o^ Civil libcrtf tt^ 
\i<2tc\ here, wiih » l.iilc icfpeii mi itofe of Dr. F. bavc been 
by Mr. L hirDklf. 

O.JT Ajthnr conctuJci with the fDllowiof occlifjition t ' I 
now love «n Oi>cn 5rM to k\\ Mrbt) fb«lJ pA«jF« cu r^ict an/ 
fartbcf BOLicc of DK. wilhinc ihfm irt^ finkc JAiiifA^Win thit 
I hiw felt to mfitrifi$f ro prrm'^rr price an<} j^i'tice ; and J loking 
higher ibu) ihu wotU of U^ifc and t«imulE,^^l w^Iaji^w fio^n 


Wc ctnoot nke k^ve of thii refpcA^le wriur« without 
fxpr*'^J^g our cujicnn 10 fee a pcr^Mi of ha amrAhSc cnjfit.l'-f 
io re%'4«d ani unvrofc »ly iri-^ecd, is be h^i bt«ii, bf fotncof 
Wi nimjeroui o^^k*>iicou.^-Ai 1 very im^arciitt aiJiv. bo lue 

t The dccUraJioa « (kc c-imcajtccc \t piiatrJ «i length iti Dr. 
y '1 puauUctt 

P 4 ^3i^ 



9&ed the pirt of ■ ipod ciiisdi. hf calling die itt»tto<i of the 

Eubltc 10 objr^t aod cA(|uirks whirh ipprirrtl to him to be 
i^hl/imcnftkOjE to his conntf^. He tut done tnii wkbout 
abuiing >ny ooe* ta6 (lU lie prorefTci— *dtid none who know 
bim will dotibt hh rintcmy) viibtnit ih« moil ditbni cxpefU- 
lion of fcrviiig iiif kind of tniercft. Tturc> ihcrc/orc^ whu 
miy piiy bioi m a mlt^lcfn nian, hire no frafoo to be ini^ry 
wilti him foi lb: hor/cH at^wiI of tbojc pflivctplu inJ fcnci* 
menu which he jpprebends to hire received the ficrod fan^iort 
of trcth. 


(By our CoRtwrowDi^Ti.) 


THE following wofk which hjs been long evpeQed with 
imi»aiJcricc. bv the Epiiuns in Dcllc* Lcttjo, *nd Poefieaj 

l^foduRioei, jnd whkh ibe name of \t% Airiho^ w^ll fixoxi^^ 
nconnacLid lo the cufiofit^ <>f ih^ public^ b jufl faltei^ mto our 
hmJi t Lff /nctfr, ffc. r, e, Tht [vcAf ; er r^r Dffirv^im 9fAt 
iimfirt tf tttm. By M. MAfiMapiTttt Hiftonogrtpher of 
Francfj »hJ Member of the French Academy, Pifli. a Voll. 
Iu« Sto. with clr^tnt places I7}y, 

The conriurfti of the Spatiurdt m Souih Amefic4 (wtitch 
ate confignvd to tht execration cf ill ign by etrry Trt«rk «[ 
aiiociiy and proflt^tc f4rij»L<ifm thit tan dcgridc htiounttf 
ar\d Infp^re liorrorj form i^ ground-work of ihii ■niv«ced 
And rcbic pro(l;ictron ; ind iia dtfi^n is if vc may girc m- 
h»pnM crrdii la the AuEbor, to render /am^iUi/m ition and 
jtaorc dddttd, to prevent ito being confounded v^ith a '<i^/'*"> 
Itbofe eflcnce ii charity anri mercy, 9n4 co cveiw Jti ibe mtaa 
6f the Rcadeft the hh^hcll love and vcneritloA for cfic ok, 
8fid ihc kcenel) arerfion 10, and hatred uf, the Other. TN 
lirork ri property n poem in profe, tho" Ihc Author rcnoimcet 
a\\ cUitn to (loccical mnil ; tc coniiim loo oiich minet ot ft^ 
|o pifi for a nmance, and not enough to admii of jta being 
ooofidert^ u an hiilcry. *'lt\i rather {fiyi Mr. MAMMOirfiLl^ 
ft plain recital, fouiuM <»n r?al fi^^ than a fdblc artfullyfl 
comporcdj and ihc fi^^ions which t have interwoven in ih<^ 
thread of the narration, are fuch orly at arr coin^atibln with 
hi^oricil truth/'— Be that aa it iriay, the moR OrlLnc thiiac- 
tcra are Inougbt upon tlic fcetie in t^Tii infcie^injj ptece, and 
kbey exhibit ih^ ftfongefl contralfi ibsc can be itntgineJ. 
F#*tl»« piety, B pure and tender xcil, candid rfrtiic, in z word, 

- tlv fprii or cb'tffunity in a]] he omtable fKbplrdty^ ar« pre* 
fenicd 10 our view iu the chara^r and conditfi of Banholooscw 
deLai-Cafjt; while Ferriandf} of Lucca, DaTjIi, VJaccnl Jk 



U|lterd2t Rtqurlm, adJ ti'Mai of thit o<Iioui cUfi, mrc held 
|Hb 11 C7c>ln|^tpt of Thic finarkifm, vrhirh dvm^% the man 
liR pcrvtnt tbc chfir^iac— The t)-po^rj|ihi(J oicrii of ih« 
^^k ii uncoflacii<:>n, and the j^Uifi aie beiuliruily defi>ncd 

js/ritrt/ff iftf L7< «/ SrosK^. By M. Vial dc CLAittou; - 

'Sv6. a Vnli. wiih ctJift. ThU tb a artful book yteW ^Xtdttti^ ■ 

anJ nwie acCooiod^Ud fo (he mftm£lbn of Iht gcnenJky of I 

iiavigiiorf, tbin ihc amplf and vo^ufttiROui f>rodu>A(0;)S, on the ■ 

TIL 4u(d^fti Jfi BidMM .Mi^ &c. ], B, J'tri^ffi reUtm tt tht 

Im PttMffj^, $£v!flurt, EngrnLiiigf JttitKUHaitj Jitufii^ tic. atS iii 
tht LiWitf Afiifit ^ tUSatifnt^ frontht Orii^m if thf JtfU U tht 

M1m»»», Svd, iV-»l», ?xt\i. 1776. Thli #oik, a«*iih- 
il^nding romc Jcfcwli vriili ivhlcK it m«y ^t chu'gcjblc, is ftll 
^f InfimAion and imaftmwn, Tht fifft voUme rdatei to ih« 
origin cF pairifin^, \u d^Vrcnt kirtds^ iti fijij^ular cfTc^i, in 
4ate irt Cn't'Cff \T\ 4»cic:i; R(jnu% >ril In mmltrn timri^ ifi 
Jwly, flanJer^, FVance, Spairi ind Germing, lojethet *iih a 
cnultiiuiJc of crtcrEiin ^2 ji'^i^ciJoic) ail J l\iih>» ef Grcfhn, Ko* 
maitk Mei^ifb «nd oih«f pRinicd, llie lbcon<) volume, (afccr 
sn accouri of the Dutch, Getmin, Swt<IJIbt Firnih, SpiniSi^ 
Poriitguefe aiid English painicts, tc*g«thrr withthcf^ of S^iEitn 
)iad Au6 Citncvi, who arc te;y few \t\ number, snJ puoy in 
ii>frit) u^m of fcutfiurf; poinM out ihv origin and progrefj 
pf thtt finr »t. tnd dtfcribcv <hc principal pieces U hai pio- 

Tri^rr^'XHry j*^ iV* i^/*, B? ihe Abti RokIigkol, Ji>cicnC 
PfoMIor of Miibenailic* *M N-jtuul l^ilofopby in the Ufti* 
vciRiy o( MiJ4nt Svo. Pahs. 177^'* A jjdtcjo-ji colleftion M 
of the mo(^ ufcfiil ;ir]d imp^icint pans of the fcteric* ia I 
qucftron; acJ bj^f ^X f^^'tci hr itft fm^pUctiy inJ pcrfpicutiy^ I 
10 erti) ordir^Aiy capacities, lite Hx fedtioD« inio vrhich it is I 
4|jvidcdt trtv pii;Kipa)l)' of ibt cof^fl'uSion of ub)ei of finf^t I 
the fdVuiion of irijngtcst the ptafuic of diffjtiCfi by lanJ, at I 
fciLtindin !hchc4rtjis| in all vrbicb w« fiikd jniercftifig prublcros I 
pf dtltereni fmcm. 

V. La Cuf^lHt du Xfffii vurifi\ Wf, u e. 7>/ Ci^aff/n 

6ffJ>t Mt£c3b WTif4i i in ytfiMi ^f SaX-rrtth. By Mr. CLCMEVCEf 

Canoa o' ih^ Church of Roiien, Sto, 3 Volt. 1776. The _ 

Author deicrqiines the cturadcriilical marks of the Meffiah ■ 

^^jtb preciiion ind accuracy \ pointi oui la con!Ecc\dcncc <^ <Qftte^ 

cliArader* (which vt drawa from tbe cl«utA prtAl&iom) the 
propbecici thai* ukco i» « Ktcul fcrTr, regard ihr MeffiMf 
and by i comp'rlfon of tN«(c proph«ci« wiih the rvcnri feu 
tbir (iJviiLc miSlon of Chnft in iIk mod ftrikin|( %h(. Tficrs 
is a g'c^I ^c*' ^'^ 6^^ CfLidiiioii Mttd Coimd CfiiiciJ jitij^nMnc 
in tbi«, work. 

VI. Ttie AbW AtJGiR, Pmfdwr of fcl/w Lfttrfi u Ro«e« 
toj McAbcr oT ih« Acj^^mf of Scicocci in tb» ci<Tt bu paW 
IHhcJ tti ^ve Volutfivs Svij. a Frcucn'! T<aDatiioA fi^ ibc wh-tit 
Work» <^f DjoioftHenei and A^r<htn«.. VVc ftiLjuir ikm hive 
men^ionrj thh ttattCuhn^ wctc ii ii^i 3ccii'n;iaTji?d wien rtm-t^f 
upon Ehc K«niu» and prttgft^oo* o' thcfe l#vi tC'^-*^ orator*, 
with iTUtot nrtn on iht G'cck KXt^ a p'tiiteiiurry ii/in'Ji u>n> 
cetnio^ t:o<iucii»i > TttaiiJ^ on Ihi? Jtjrifji^l lk) an^l Law* of 

tjrct whi<h have reil n>erit. 

VU. TbcfotlvwiAg wwk ii too inrimfttcr c«nnc^cd with 
the improvcfi^nt of the Cirtioa in«nuf>i.£ti i:ir»ife tuM ro ilerv->c 
■ p«rtJ(uUt fttnaton: Itttit^eit; £ ^^- j> k /tiniurt ^i fit 

T^fAw/tfiuf "t l&^ Fff I CO which i< p^tJiKfd, 4 M^thnrj tf ih§ 
tru4 Ca^fit t/ih FirsiiiO tr P^rm^viit o/'dW^, — Ugtibtr wiik 

B/ M< LR PiLCua p'AfLicpnr, iimo. Pa-is 1776. TWl 
wofk tus iTKt wiib rh^ hi^hcfl ip^rotutbon, i» fontjjuin^ f«* 
fcirchci t^f the uimoil jnifK><tuK« to tb< unprovc<»ent U ihe 
ulfful arr of dyirg, 

T^ Pfffirvithitt ami MilMi «/ 6*irrf /^ jnir^ $t tt^kyd in 
thi o'lUiiiM OiforJ^i cnt^ ihr i/r<vJ CatiU. By M. Vic^ 
j>'A7.VK« Doctor Rrgeii of the Mcdifil Facult>- Ji P^rii, 
CbmminVy Ga/wril ■>/ t^pidcnucai Dircifci, &r Parit* Bvo, 
1776. Th« joarnul of oblcrvationi and cxpcrimca-i o^ thi* 
cmincri ph^icijn, ilui uit publilhtd M Auch in 177 5t "^ 
other fl<;cc> of hi;, rffEatir^ to ihe co^t^giou* difordcTi aiaoog 
c^iule tint biv« appcaiciJ fm^, flicw the fj^xcicft cjie and 
affiJuiCK «-i',h whLch he h<d itudied the importJot lubjeet | ihai 
birraieJ in the pu^liCAlion now ix^oie u^ Tho' iHc moJdt 
and truly learned Auit:or do«t A'.^t prciCiid 10 hiv« fouaJ out 
a certain rencdf for lhi> deilrud ve contagion, |tt hi« b^k 
o^n> vfry tokftf^rtini ticwiof thr fal^f^, jmJ b full of urcful 
jjifurnitticn «nJ G:(«rie'iL difc^liona, thic cnay b< reduced U 
pf3^'t*ce with tfic gj«wi* fttciiuy. 

IX. A bo'ik ff U;n«- Eotbcforcg^ting I'ubi«£thai jgfl f^Hen aCt 
cii5ciiiary into O'lr hindi* which Wt)» pjblilhcd at /irtai in iba 
^(«r i;Tfi by Mr. J-S-MKUAEL^Lcih, under irtc foSlowiiig 


Fo&IIQV CotfttfltOlfDIItCB; 


JJtfi^fii ^titig lAf 6Wri//, tuitt Dtrt<ft»s imwm^ ihi .ttavur 

wbkh bt confidcis st * kind of ruH, >• of Cuch * Ourp at^ 
corfoljvc i»«luic that it riifu Slillcn on the fcit of ihc fhep* 
)icfd«, who &o Sxrc-CooirJ, ioi uvea Ci^nfumct th« huofs of 
ihs oitlc. He fu'pc<fli imx it has itkvc or kd ihc qu^lji^ 

Id pC'MC^ous inltiicnc^i ACCarding to hint, ii renJcrcd Jlill 
tnotw pQiwctfiil (ijf a vanriy of caciimflancrit fi^h ai Tandmr 
the ciiile into tht AdUa loo ci'ly in ihc fpfiox* thctr drui^iu 
wiier oiiccd wkh kc or l>ui btcly thanxtf, tli«t ^ng k^pt i^ 
KsMii iba< af« too ddfc aid IUt>i)r, ind ^rc not futiicictitif 
aif«d; the miliJc^i prsjucing the dirc^^, i« tbai whkh dfin 
»fld burni C>« ^ufi and Irave*. it bUi ui'iulEy m the m irnmr^ 
pa* tit ulaily Jkita ft thkirtlvi'lLorm, Ui pu;Wu«i ouaUiy, 
{wretch dori not Contintic anci? tw<itl)-|iiur hoorv) n^cr 
opcrak*» tjc witfn it bai bttn Ct^^Hovcd immciJiatcty after iti 
fjLJin^. The diforilcr, it oci'^lKin^ Aiiatki the llomKcb, ii 
Accompanied wilb pimpUa on th« tongue, witti iuf;> of ajipciJte. 
viita lli« (kficcatiaci of the alifncrx* iri iIk U<>'iiirh, wiih a 
co«eb anJ a difikoity of t«fpiraiion. A> a prvfcrvafivc ihe 
Auudf prdljil^^ pvi%ittg in ipring 4iiJ \i\ wiaicr* 'Ihr meJi- 
ciiw be aJLiTet ii coaipofvS *>i ihuty £(>■"« of fulphvr of «nti- 
OkOJiy *bJ fixty f^raioi of fcfin of jJtUpt He ia ajgaiutt vomliiiib 
aad trrry thin^ ihac u of a beating nuur«. 

X. 'I he Abbe SAOitf» whor« »«"> of phltofophy, fot the 
ufc cf the Frca;:h uritvcrlilirii bat coik thru' Tewrrx] rJitioni^ 
bat now comfileitefl thii cou^re. by t«o pu->Iic'Eit>iiit merit- 
in2 panicuUr t>uTitx. T^c fi'jf »« Lii Sl^raid 4tr Ciiiytm dm 
Mwmit, »■ U Mtr^i* dt U R^fi^ : j. r. ?V Af»rtiJ Sjfitm ^ m 
Ciimt af tin /^wH *' iIm MtttUUy 9f SUi»j^.— X%z /u^4 b» 

Puia, 1776. The moral fyihm i> div^cd into two fr^onsi 
of which one rtUret to the mrfvrl l>ite of foctoy, aiW ii^ita, 
nmiMie other objc£hi of religion, fuicide, fJv.dhn^a uf the 
o;>iniiKi> [rf pliiloioprtrn c^iiccrriii.g tbp nwiu'r of virme >nd 
the principle of a^prt>batJon i of the roiduCt lod rnMuiCJs of 
oun III fo-Ser^ 1 of tee o;i(in of moral fcrtini<-:iti, ati^J the 
pndica) iul«« of moral coivlufL I'he i^htt fc£lioQ, inixfl 
ample aaJ extenftvc, preltnti 1 tiUatute uf V\^ rwtttm^l Djie 
of ci*il forieiy, which comprch^nj* agriejhure, popuUiion, 
manuJadnrotCOoimcicCt luvi^AtJoo, war, po;Kiiclag«9, le^illa- 
Civc power, polirical mi«eilt, connedliont, siii4 fi^tbis, inirrr>ftl 
policy. &c. All ihfftf fuujtUj ut created with ji«Jgnictit, 
pnciJion acj pcifpicuiljt 



XI. Tbc time hulki^ui mad Ititned writer bti pM^Gtti, 
In 4 Vols, ijmo, Pitti. ^ Ctarfi tf Sofurai PAH^ffy^ (Cm^ 

Cc^witi ia whuh <kc fjrioin briAchn of ihiv HhporrtM 
f<wM« iri tr«it«J onJer Ch< foll^wtftg hMdit— ihe me. Kintfm 
DrboJjnfbyJroJyni'ric**, iKeihcory of pttjrfjcal powcjt, uJit*, 
«douri, Couod, opiic<, pb^fict! »flrono«if, tK}<», cltfUf>c>tr«,- 
mo^nciifoi. Wiicn he, «r, •!! ki^iU of meteors an^ ib«ir' 
Ip^tnCf 00 ve^irtttton. The fiM-moin of til th« IniMl 
sodMik* of Europe^ ind the molt celctraied woflt* 141 tl* 
ckfr 6f aUronMny 9ttd Mmril philofopHy, thii hivt sppcircd 
ia nso^crn tliM«i kiv« hiriu(bed e» iht Indjlffy Ai;d ju<Jic>oiil 
cbeice of tbe Ab^ Sauhii the mitcfblt for thu fvccUtnt 

. XIL Rmhtrthis Phikfifhi^iKt fiir U Sdivrt 46 /Vff Mrr^a* 

ihi N.ti»r4 tfW'trsaj Ahr ihtti jiir tt^ivrJ tf tit P^i/tm. Bf 
ihtf Abbe ffMX Fo^TAffA, DirKlki4 at the Rofil Cibisct 
ofNacirAl Hillor^ ac Mortncc. Sun. Parti- 1777. Thu Hit k 
«poik) whrch 11 nor b«ynnd the Im of a pamphlrt, ii initrrtting 
m )ir conicnti, snd mtf be MoJiilcrtd ai an ina^rovenKix ttpM 
the jaflly crrkbratril diJcoveiica of Dr. Pficftloy, r^ljtirc |o ihe 
elcnudt «c bftJilbf, an^ iu cnt^ificttj^m and ^rofierfvtv. The 
M>hi dividfi liii wk into two pirtt ; in the fiiA, he i«H|vJiici 
joto Ihe naittte ol nitrou« flir, iitd find« it cotn p oW of • 
iittroiii4 icid fixur.)Ecd wUh pblOjziJIon. Hence be proceHa 10 
fetfcnl cufiout rctVarcfiet confcnriru; iht naritre antf f>fopcrtiea 
of oihcf kind) of iir, And he dc^cfniinca ib« priiicipla asd 
degree* of fht falutwiiy of iho rfiflVr^nt kind* of aif we bfeithe, 
bjr the ^iminucion they fuifiir in ihtlr unicfl Ptith nltrooa ait* 
In tbc fecofifi part lire Abbe Fohtavia tmn of i^tfpbki^ICK* 
Cited air, ct tht ori^fft of tomm^n air, and of the Mvi"*kAUm 
oiatmU without the Ailditiffn of the phloyillon, Hr hit bcTn 
co*)vinc«d by • icri^t of npcnmentf nndcr wirh thi tt^mott 
CaiTf that J^J'fiJiitfiftii ait arid even the JtmtHpheii'^A] air an 
poihiAg more ihjn ibe nuroui m^iJ d^ompofed and derived 
of lEt natiinl phlo^ifton, Tbefc expcrifnrnrt ktin to piore 
ihu WKUral ciAx or fioirdpr, fuch it red ^rtilfitMt^ i« reduced 
to meuli by the i^Ecrvcmion or InRoence of ihe phlo^iftM* 
which the nitmuft ac»d Icavea »n lh<fe calcinafiont, •mutf% \t 
IneoiMii it^itgifi^e^ttJ s^r^ or, in o^her wofdt^ it deptrvei of id 
ftilogEflon.— The fub^cct ihii^ tfeiced, bjr (he tugcniout Abb^ 
MWfirt the atcention of naiurjl philofopken and cbeiHiiVs, 


FoXitGK C«El«t9?OIfOtKCl. 9|| 

XIIT. The cwijwgiC^oi oi ihe Prtf^anJ^ H lt<wit, k>vt 

Eutlilhed uDdcr tite infpc^ion of Um Abbt Atti^u7,u tUv 
^ftpStQf of ttioii Pfiniing'tiouJc and ihc K. F. Ci'pioi, for* 
nwvly a M*flioD«ry in Pcuy* in an 0/J«vr VoJunK^ T?-* StfmM 
K f^jAPi ^^f^^t •/ tht Ki»/^dim if 4^ and lAr stpMmi Cmm* 
fmi.— The Lu^Ji iitle ts> ^ifJf0^tiitim S^mamm Jm B^atnm 
r^ Av9, jWcimrmfarf XE^hbavl, The k-o^dom of An 
ficualtd intbcdift dcgr««^lonciiudt,linconiiituo«9 torib««, 
mnd ChliwrG Tartair* and i« furcoundej b]r ikc kint^doinsi «f 
P<(u, Tan£^t« L*»t *^*^ 0^ AOm lad Amicaq. Tb« 
dominion ul tlic Moairch of Av4 i» exie^nfive, TOmpich»4i»g 
XMictil* f«g^, Arr^A), Frail, P^zui* Muttbui, the ptoviooM 
Tal^ and rcn^TcrJEn uii I'lc iStoirNisvAlu. T^c Bmrmtm 
or Bmtdv lingtja^e driire« -tt nariic rro;n the trrm UonaM^ 
triiich figoifici a ttronf^ a>»n or u gfcai natioji, »ek] k i» rpokci« 
Ul all Ibe tfriiofiet oi ihc Kiftgof Arai its al^^abet ooiifiAa 
of tbirtf-lhrec radical loiierj, aol Icvcral compounikid one* f 
il ^giiu with K aiid ciidi wjilx A. It hn n{>i <bi- Q^ nor ihtt 
K ^ Isjt M Imi lhrt« k^ndt of th« I and iwo of the V and th« 
O* Befidci chcir * utgu la»j;uigc cUc inliAbiiuiu of Ava hive 
another <}f ^r«at anriquiry, wFiich ii confecraied to the ex- 
n<e£oo of llKir leli^toaf do*:inncft ind ccrcnkonici, tnd it 
callad £»^ Of Bj^a. 'nh Ungva^ ii only known bf an 
Ofdcr of ptjcft), <xUc4 T^Japnas^ wbo trm much in the facuf 
■unnt^ ai the monAlltc ofderv of the clivrch of Rome, Tb« 
r<i«a^C4 of ihcfc countries have alfo a pcculiir language, which 
ihej call Cariap anJ whUh ii pilpal>t;r diJtiAd fioo) the two 

Attbcwzh the inhaVitants of ihele covntriet are Idolaieri, 
who woMh'p un^r itie iiciuHnu»lioii of G^dmu ih« famous 
Pi^^t o.- Dniy of ihc 'I'ibeiuwi tin Barnablie MiffianMne* bavn 
lounj Tn<Ant of ere^littg uhok then tbntcen chtirchot- 

XIV, The lovci* of atickiit Iia'ian lircroCurc wiJ not b« 
^ifpkafed 10 find the Oi/zf. or Orpheus, a ;rage>dy f^f Anicelo 
Potiiiaop pvblilbcJ for tSc fitO time entire from tvo dd nam* 
fcrip?*! artd ilUQiaicd by the iu>tci ot an ohintuatine monk, 
Kitlter ARo dc Jfulleto, ProMTor ol Phiivlbphr in tfae Rojjft 
Schoub at OojflaUa. Thn wofk (us bern litdy publiftted at 

Vcr:ice, in 410. oiHier the infpe^ion of Kubcr Lewia Anthony 
of ftat-eitfia. 1776. Polfltjn la well knowti, ai bcarioj an 
«iBiiM>it ritok amoti^ cbe wit< and ftnreu of the lihcenih 
cetttMyi but it i> not fo well kiMm-ft, tkatt ai the age of 
otghfcen b« coffipored tbJt trspvtf, which he h«Ein tad fimfiied 
to (be fpuc of two da\i. Ic la a noble componcatM^ aftil not* 

wrthll^din^ Iti dcfctb, whkh Mr ibofe of in a^e, it ia 



7» FotElSKCoiL3EirOfCDCirC£. 

wriitcuwiih tlui bcauUful limpliciij, «rhicb chira<Acmcf 
»nri«ni drunk v- 

XV. Lt ermkht Camrt Jiili Tfrw 4i f/h^ &e- i. 0* ^ D4 
firifium of fhi ancit/tt Chom^trt, whtb i^nt^Iiwt rfv Thcimi 
tr tiwshi t/ Tilatt illuflfntd bv P^mu, Wrttv, iw. ^tUot 
cB^rivcn uid ilJamlnircti by L. Mirri, by ihc abbcM Jftisr! 
CA&lBTTt, Folio. Rome. '776. Thli ef^>nC pvolini' 
Ma* whidk «xhit>t» a d«fcrvpCMNr of ibcfc fBmL>a> buh^t hot 
cf itc |ijiniin;^<i llui ifJonvd (ht^m. ftr^;>iTipjn>fd with Ir^tmfi 
and mgcnioui no:ts wiU andoijbte<ffy meet with the tivourabli 

f«?C|liiu;l thry dcrti»c, ffom ill ibc lor^ti rf arc*»irctlui**^ «■< 
of ihe line irii, A briutiful pL'^ture <if Vf-nui anJ Adui)ifl|^ 
snd iriotixr fcprcfcntiit^ ih^ Ccruui Furyius cmb/icitKr Hip- 
pod^nnk, whom Tlic1>ut dctirtra fr&in ilie Monftcr^ ire ftiiion£, 
the pfiitcipil picco in <Hii curious vroik- ^ 

4AWlj PfwWTnf of NiftirAl Hiltory in the Unii-rHiiy of Pavii^ j 
Uembcr ol i^e Rufal Socfcty oF London, t^/itrh:r wtt^ LrHtrif 
^ddr^td^ 9nOtiAj\4n tfthtff TnAiifis /J *W>. Bsr^rnt tf G^mt^^\ 
^nd atbtr Imrn/d Ma^ VoL J, 8»o. PfuiECil by the Typopi-1 
fhicil Socif^iy t\ Madftm^ 1776. 'I 

Thts £ift volurvK (of «vhai U, Sfi^iAtifti cJl 4p«/n^ of] 
itite iK>rk«) contims but onr irtatiffi tbe fubjc^ of w!ik& ii \ 
trioTe mi^iut^ an'maii ihii att rcr^tfmd vftio|«- only by cbf ' 
oiicrofcop;, which Afire, in fnultatuJo from ve^^ublc: or tntsiV | 
ftrd mfuicd, and which ire cilird or» thit itcownr. jfvjmainh 
pflK/ufian- This fubjcd hx\ ^n tntrmitc contK^iOfi with the 
tfcticTiirioE] of orginiz^cd badjti, concerniog which profound 
mrci cf nature tKe hypnchdcc of lornrd i^id fiftc\M obkmn 
have been To virioui and unfiiisfaclory. The h>poctK& of 
Mjp Nce;lMtn rs combated with mac ftfeiiRth of reiforcM 
fcci>ndcii by cxpcrimcnii. in the voIiicdc befvfc u9t Mf. N(t^ 
haAt fitppofct maitrr endowed with (whaf he c*tS) 4 tr^itjsm 
tortet which fete it in motion, tk^rjHci it* acid o^mmnr>iciiA j 
to U 1 kind of vrjd/;r/, ditlm£t fcom fenlibil ly. Toitiitfoicc I 
be AEirjbum the prodij^ions of animiEculet of inftffioat, an' 1 
to provr ih^t (licfe mmuie btin^i do pot priKeoi frdrn fpcett? i 
gemu, he alleJged hif having obferved chit iliey exited ^ I 
vclTcU pLccd 4^011 fire, whiih muii of jKCdTiCy have defii^f*^ I 
fuel) {^ermv- Onf ibl)u', ib invilidife ihib otiirrvaiion, pltct^ I 
vclitlt hcime:ica]iy d^fcti in boiling water, and dctrlar^, 1^ I 
la <h*» rxperifnent nn ;iiilfnarii1ei wrre pTo<*uced Jrom ** I 
inlofed laMtartcef, He tijUled tbi« cxperjincix ift hii £^ I 
immimog tyitra/r^tti Oifwrvaiism m tU Sr^hm «f 4f^r. Jw* I 
^Mf tfdc^ifv^. r^JoTfiv/i CM-wAfT-tA'T, pubtilhed iit iy65. M'< I 
ATcti/Aini traEj^^tcd ibU clHy iaso Ficncht and ui b^i noctf I 

FoftEK^H CoftREfrOXDEKCi* 


g3VF 0:c fultowmg Aiifwcr to M. S[M-An£^^'5 cbfcrvatioifl, firft, 
tbsi «rwe:>ulliiio*i (which iccordtn;; t> ihtiVboit't ac^ouui hid 
comiDiKd for ID houO ai^bt hMc diflniftiO^fd ^rcaijy, or pcihipi 
d«ftto)cd tnxMy ihf tvfftsTiw forcr of the nful^il fubMincrt, 
jiikI fccondlft th4l It -ni^hi Ka^c atfci dimfoiihcd the d^lticitvor 
thr air coiitiinril in the v<ffr-U. In (hr folume nf}w bcfore 
q» Mr SpdUni>nt Ihcvrtt And m our opinion vrnh coifidersbk 
ftiejfgth of tvfd^ncc, that ndrWr of <hcr< cafca cxift ; — he 
prr^ci, in »[ifw«f to the firft, Sy cxHicTufiOKt deduced Uom % j 
Tariei)' of r:t pen menu* ihit die length ot chc cbu^Kton inHrid 
of beiDjf ^KJiiiicuL to th< product jofl oi ammikulci, CYicrc^fct 
U>« number in alt the diRcrcncfccdi be empJnjcdt except in 
the C'lrn cf Tufkcv\— that krd< maflri irr the ftff, like eoffrfj 
rcdiKed (o {T-jAdcr and then inJuled, bad nurc animal;: Jei 
than ihf)rc vthih hjd rxpciifnctd finaller *legrrrt of heat, 
and Eh*t ibc trtiA\ imc^nte dr^rcn ti( he$K 'hd not aE aJi diminiflt 
the ^tjniity in quclUnn. Jci anfvrcr to M^'. Ncrdham'a iccond I 
obfrrvi;van, iti* abboi Uiewi bf tJilurent Txpcfjoienti, tbat* 
by tbt aO i;r d fini; htrcfteika!!/ cmhcvn vvITcIb, iIk interna] 
air ii not rarili«J, aiiit of coniequence lofe* tinthing of ita , 
cUHicity, DAjr, ttjii irn cjxiiio^ vtiklt tbua cloTcd. a Ton of 
fiaxnc II obfrrvtd to fhooc fonh, whirh it a clr^r lodicario-i 
ibit tbc c)«hidiy of ibc latcniat ur baa iacrfa(cd> lAflead of 
dimiiiiniin^* ] 

Aiur hiving confidcrtd the micfo&opical nnimalt, u ib«Y , 
Arc affcdrd by hrar* and cotnpvoJ ihvm, >i] ihU rcfpe^, wjih 
ihofc that afc viltbte to ibc mked «<, our Airtbo; confidcra 
rarh of' theic cUilb ai ihft art aff'cfkcd bv cold. From thia 
tr<]uiry [whkh h-4% [ugjifiiied to ihf induftriovii abbot many 
cuiiout ob&dAii ifti aiideipcrinicni*, idated In nt tnuttWitig 
muiocr) b« procf^i to genial coiifaierationa on ihe a^lton 
of heat aod co]J on all t^rtn;; crcamre*, beginning with min. 
And htre he refute* M. dt BjfTon, who attiittiica th« torpjd I 
lUtc of Ceveral animiU dkirin{^ the wio'cr* to the lutjcat 1 
co'dn«A of ihctr bTood, tf>hiWi the v/^nih alone of ihe aimof<- ^ 
phcrv can maintain ID a JUic ol Su^tliiy : our Auih^tr cbfc-rvct« 
on ihe concriry, ihai cf (lie aiurnJ^, aic iti ihit lituaiton, \ 
fev«i«] havt the blood evtrcatiely wiiat, fuch aa bedj^fi-hofa, 
mumoia, aiid bata t and tbt^' i: tc Uur* thai during the ftat? i 
of torpor the blood ii cfeiNtJ or ftagnir.i in thrfr la^oialt, ytt" i 
he is petfu^cd that ihc vorpor of the animal Ji-ca imjc fu «iuch i 
proceed from tht» chlHntft of ibr biood as ttom tbe humb«d- 1 
r>cf» of the folid- : i^joji cicpeftfli<n:a en fr«g», wbi.h hi'c ^ 
been rrrjliej lo li*e, afui tuvin^ \oi\ all ibcir hhod, con^;mrd > 
tbt a&boc la ihi» by o^bclt-, \ 

In ibc fcrcotiJ prt of the voFimac, M. SpahneanI atiacfci < 
Cfac coaie^ML^nce wtlch Mr. NLedham deduced ffom bk^ byj>o- 



FojiiiiGH CoxBtt^OHlfttbrct: 

ihcC^ tvtn tbic the anlnalc(jlt« of Infuf^on* wrvt fb mi 
^idilt, irj^HifoftncJ into rt*\ aoimaU. Mr. NccJh»m prcie 
CD ^nnonf^'^tc tMi conrc<iu«Ti<c bjrrxpcrjmcpu. Hit ai^tajjoni 
icpc4tcd theff cxpcrimcAUi but ibo' tbcy K«ve him occ^Ji 
tci ottlrfvc :hc proJudjofi of the mJcroTcoprc pUnii> dcfcii 
by Nccdham* yet hf could rot difuro in ihdc plaou any re 
in»(kft uf (p'juUAi ciiva iiioLJuji or lunifudnaiion. itkI he crrii 
perc<iTt4 tti^t tbc mo'loa wKicb deceived Mr Ncctihim w^ 

Eroduccd by circumflmco lotilly diGTcroni fioai viciltiy. Fton 
enct our Auihcf prxcHj to a very curioui Irquiry connra 
iiftjf the g^tvcratio:) <^f tkcfc viiina^culct, and «i'tcr repealing 
in ririoui w*yt ird with >1I pt>tTil>i« prrc;iuiio(is *gw^ Llu£cia 
mnd cncff the cxpenmcDts of M. Jt Sju^4 of Cjcqvvj, 
ttiAi fubjfifl. he caiicbdo that ihc/f antmiU an; tc-prodt 
like the frWh' water polypus, hydivjfioo iiidi ii it were by fbouu 
w< smtt rrfci the leajcr lo ihc nrvfk lU'cIf, fur ^n KCi^nni t 
the di|}'[:rrnc ur«y> lo which t^^U dividiou ii elie-tluired Atcfirdiif, 
it> the dtiferent (on* o( the tittle bem^i ia ciucflion. !■ hiy, 
way* M. Spibnzirti rtfum the bypothriii cf Mr. Etlit, viifc 
tefpcft to tlK scncTAlion of the animtkulnof infufiopi^ aa^ 
afiervifJs piovcf, by a dciaJ! of nice and declfive expcrJAcn 
chat fotne of thftn aic viviparotu« <'theti oviparous, wid all 
thein he:mapbToditts in the moll ri^^orout fenfe of chat eeri 
He tScn ie;uri>f, '^ain, to Mr, Nrcdham (£i<t ittr\m O^i/' 
pinut !} who mjiniunrd thai ihcfe urimalculn 'it r.nty indued 
with yjuhty,— and proi*o, af;ajA(1 him, that thry bc^r aiU th< 
tiuc charafken and diftindive miilu of animaliiy* which ate 
defined in an accurate and phiJofcphica) aunncr m the condu* 
fior uf iHi» volume. — The Second voluoic of iU'n OfajHuti, wbi: 
Diul b? intete^ifig to the Jo.rf« of Nktural tfi^ory, tb«li be th^ 
fubjcA of a future arciclci n foon as U como to hand, 
XVri, Cms^tttjfle dftiaSrmaGt^afie^^$:c. I.e. ^v^^. 

1776. Chili| iho* placed in ihc torr:d Tonf* la remafkable fl 
the mildncri of ita cliitiiic and the ftuiifulneft of in foil. It 
a^jndi with ufeful and agreeable plini^ pfoliKcs alino^ all 
the uriU ve|-tub!r» known m Europe ■ amd many ptanit, which 
rcqu'ic atroni; ut the mo^ tjfcful Afid diltgrnt cultiration^ 
grow natjraUy in that kingcJom. Th« defciipibn. howeTC/« 
of iheic pTOduOions of nature, ii not the pan of ihia pabticii^ 
lion which ii the iroft recomm^ndab'e, Ip general^ tbc branclt 
of NaiQra) Hjftory 11 here treated in a manner lefs entcrtaimac 
and (ncthfldtcal than the othcri. The Ctvil Hiftc^y o( Chili 
ai wel) compolcd^ infbu^ve and entertaining: the Author 
makca uaacquairrtcJ with the difTcrcTit [irovincoof ihit kin^ 
dom, the language of iia inhabitants their rdi^ioc, (which 
icfcaiblc* much that of the other lodiaoi; the civil and military 
• gwren-. 


tnrrt! of (hr Ariui-iniani, their mar^nrr of Kv'nj, tWr 

I WlHUc p<opk, wtro pfnic- th^itiMro in ihiT Jrbcrt) irti ir^f-- 
I rai4«nrrt which <hcy hate alwjyt miiflUinvid a^^mlt tba 
' Spaniar^t. Thr Hidor^ of ih« SpaniHt Cf)ii(|uellt lod Scttlc* 
I ment« coiKluiin (he work. 

7%t9iexieoi f%inLtfitfii dedic«i«d i«» hi* HJ<A«ff Pmi V, 4C0. 

; RonK. 177&> Firber GVr^j/, a Bimabi^c, ixie iW ikc m:^ 

K-uiff artd molt pliilofophiCJik gcmufvi in Iialyi whj hi» ^t^uitcfl 

an illuflnou) rark jethki^ the mctiphyfict&nit bj hi» rcma.'ts oa 

Liti/i SjHtf M f.V Himj^ Vnhr/ii'sStg, \\ lh« Author of thi< 

work. AnJ, ii>dc«i. thcc i« tn it a ftruv^c mixture of 

the PhH«Aiphcr ind (bti RiTSibite* [c is 1 ptty to frr (hi 

rfl^niH pen dif^iUvin* ftlienm«I}\ throughout cbo Toigai«« 

tfi nncoinmun powrri id dcCctscc of ihc bfft jind ihe woHt 

ogT^, HiA dv^ftncc of r«ve|juo(t i| cxnltent & hrs aCEa^lcj upon 

drifm Anil mMtrJalirrn ir? vi^o^ious; bur when he pvii* un 

hiA cofljurirgc^p to <nimia>n ihcttnfrrof the church anJ tfia 

I indtffilhihf} of l^t. P<tTr\ rbiir, wc arc CC(^>ixcJ to Tjy uf htor, 

^ai 5fbv7f fjid of hiraftir, before t,j% ioolung g^^^>i when he b^n 

' lO diWt ^Mr «u]n ' 

^ Cmti/i^i ^iejafoifivt, fftJUtm Mtfai C^ratytt P, nv^ piiiwm 
\ SMi^gt ^'CT>Jf-/t ifhjhAta^ i- e. 7^/ Av:ifnr infarplltxi if ihf 

'totth Mtfn, bj ihr Mtn^w OuAtco, i:c. Vctl. f 410. Pfirted 
!ac Rome bj SiToAioni. I'hcu inlcr^piiont^ which tre divided 
*inro d^fTei t>^ tb« noble itid Lrarneif Ediinr. oivfi be ltn«aUcIjr 
inccrcOJn; Ci> the hvcri of anri<jaiiy >nd phit^ogyi As tncrc Is 
n^t, prthapfi, one of ihcm tbii tlon not ihrour H^ht upcni fbme 
'point of cfiiditioo- J'hc irrlLripEionf, coTKii»ed in tb;« h^W 
:vo]uTrc, rfUlc 10 ihe niTiri ind Ntrrihytes of {*ujt and gndJcfrf, 
jrhcir cettipl^, *lMf>t AAt»«i, pt.cftt; a« iho to the Rontm 
iKmperorn, CtjnuM iml Pftfcds uf ihc cit). Sciitie of thda 
"infcnptwf h*vc fllre*dy be<fi publiOtc-^ in a fotwvd minner, 
'wiEhuuc aav cipl^jauii, jitd iF1-co;;cJ ; but na fjch defers 
VilJ be U>^nd in the preferti publicatirw, A lecond twl third 
itotijir^ will foon be piibliflicd; and wJU aiOkpicce ihii valtuhh 

1^^ G B R M A N V. 

-By Ml. HMrfr^md, Biu«]r*kL 1776, The twdve c<fes 
'^onriined in (hi; curiout col!r;iioi>, *T*d on whkh ifw Author 
'h&i communicated hb obfcivitioDa fo (be pubTk, vt. fiHt, a 
tna^mfa, rurcd by a AcrnuiJtivt, co'npofcd of powdei ofhrUebore 
^^r. Mar. 1777. ^ vA. 


Slid oil of maijoTam^ which made the paiitnt cvacuAte a Iat^ 

fluuntity of fctitl w^tcr. and of urorms, timiUr to ihofe whick 

trc fouckd in chccfc — Tne perforaiivn vf the intcL^ines bjr t 

woTin uf the round kind, halt an cU ion^:* vrhich wa^ Jircovered 

by an uIclt^ whiih iT>ade w<iy f.T it, was dra»n t-uc of tbc 

WOuiiJ wi.hcu^ any bdd citi.lcqucocts — 'he bite of a mad dog, 

wiiich was cured by mercurial rriftiuns* producing a faliva* 

lii>n — 1 he revurn of the »;ffl/^i in a woman at ibe age of 

fevcniv — An itch which fuccce^cd a fupprtrllioD of the mt/ijh — 

A ch^ilic in the lloniiich, which rtturiicd weekly, and vr^t 

accutik, amid, at eacli tit, with a kind of jaundice, and evacua- 

tion'' uf yellow »rine-'A wotnan, who biou^hi Mrth kveo 

lUttn^ 'nd heiithy children, before \icr rn^niKly t^a'Jfs [te^in-^ 

A he^d 2i\\ dtcompaiiii'd wiih convulfiony, and fuch ihickocft 

of hirniijiirs, ih^L thz hliltcr, raifud l-y the blilKrin^i-plaite 

coni^-ii^i'd a JlHi ; this difofdor was not cured — A Placeman 

comiJi'ttd of bbddci^ — A cunltipation of thjfteen days, whicb 

tho dfoiigcft clylters ucre un^bie to remove, and whi^h wtf 

cufcd byiifri^iit; 1oint:(.hing like this has ofttn happened,— 

An ulcer, whuh coniaintd a itk^ne — A hemorrhage in the nofci 

which fupplied the want of the menfii. 

XXI, There aie alfo fcveral cales and obfervations worthy of 
the rkttention of the learned in the fullowing collci^tion, Ah- 
haudhingin und Btita:fjturi£en^ fcc, i. e. Medical Dijftrtetim 
fittd Ohfiv.-iti'.n<t by ^a Sixiety of Phvfjcians at Himbur|rt ptA' 
iijifd l-y Mr. i\ D. Gif Le, Doflor of I'hvfic, and Profeffor of 
N4mTal Philufophy. Hamburg* 17;6. VoL L in 8vo. 

XXII- LftUitkng zvr Mt^t/nimeti^ Uc. i. e. /fa IntradaBim 
to iht gtn.'rai Harmv.y th.t nigni in the Dv^irint af aU N^tiai 
and all Jgfit nlative ta tht Gods* 8vo. Leipfic. '776- The 
order in which the anonynuus Author of this work tdatei 
the origin ;ind ptogrefji uf ih? amjent mythology, in » pri- 
IhnUiHTy difcourll', ajipcars to us natural and pfaufiblc, and 
it is iliuflraicd and fu^iponcd bv an extcnfi^-fi knotvledge 
of antiquity. Agriculture, adroiiomy, the obfervation of in- 
ajiinkite iiaturc Jii its dilVi^rent af|M:<5b of benignity and feve* 
rity, in hs ci^Miectun wiih our w^nts and enjoyment*, co- 
gendered the lir[l foims uf mythology in Egypt ; — the ^atitudt 
and terror excitcJ by public bencfa^rs and oppreffikil en* 
Ijfj^eJ the fpherc of polytheiffn,— and the intercourfc opened 
betwfcn nations by navigattcn, comn^crce and ccnigraiionii 
multiplied and propagated, throughout the world, thcformtof 
rtli^iouK error and idolatry* The work iifelf is divided into 
three books* In the iirfl, our Author treats fucceCvcly in file 
ch.ipiera, of the origin of gooJ and evil, of metcon, of ihc 
pf.r:L'Llioji-' cf the deiiy, of ihcfc ariributes ^r/#jf{^i^, (whcnct 
pVO^^^*^^^^ J' v' ^^^ viuuei and vices of the dcLEiea th4C wei^ 

2 ^tfonifiH 

MoKTHtT CataloGvi;, Mitlit4£^ 



pcrfoDiiitd unikf ttrtcfljiil >di1 ciaivral imi^t. The fccon^ 

fJlhiblU ■ WW 0/ JfiJigJ itrut. Hat tt^c Author fhrwi the 

hifmoiijr of tiered and prol«<ie 4uib<^i urtit the Jdu^c, trA 

gi*«* ui the hiHofy of Noahf of Mij^ei, And ihe h«r£>o, wiili 

A iticO|;omc4l <k ftccKtlosicsL tali!:^ of C4ch, in tht ME<iwU>^ 

ibrder: Ttram, Gi*rtti, Ar|>flBim(, ThrtaiH, Tit^int, Aihe* 

'Fk)iQ«, Grect^ns Sylphs, Go-i|f><i<, Svrcitf, Chinoaua. — Th« 

R^aJcr^ wtio hA> vr-jIkeJ ur windr'cJ iTunu^b all tMe Uby- 

lijkthtoJ^criKlilion, ii rtfrrlhe<), ji the ccJ of ihti fccood boolc, 

jlif 1 trttaip concrrnmg Kci^W jnd Aitbrodi^ which iruk^ 

[the vrhole go off <m U t*u0 d*Ut. The ihird bo^k trvAti of 

iJloruflt Miihrili, Phocbu% Crod^ ^chwifiJowiih, Aporo^ 

;l.tirM, ir», OiAAA, HfCAir, Jji^JUt Oilcn, Auc, [>ion^ Ni^hE* 

[fjAtoni, Niubc, Auforj, anJ c^ticri.»«WAG« we cuouJcr ibc 

jlbarcn of mttbologiol knowtedgr, In their 6xtVmh and 

ambagutif, arid the Urge, but obfc^urc ^cld tl)=y o;«n for irni^i* 

naiwn 11^ conj^^ure^ wf thmk th« f«^jfa fncxhauEfibJe^ And 

m< ircnttfTc to prooi^fc :o the rcmo^ pcnodi of t^u (l^hc, 

prw cluciJaiioni, I'^llrmt nnJ rplntart wtih refpcA to Tblt 

Mcieucc, 10 perpciuAte theit c&icruincncAi ajti kc«p ikcU 

curiofitr alive. 

\iPhuhit^ itc. i. c. jfTrAtift tiMcirning vwian 0>jtitit ra!aiiv4 

b> Natural Hillorj. By Mr, J, S, ^ciiJioETeii. Pin L l^vo. 

With cui> illumfiiaicd. Printed 31 Efjllc. ^776. Of ^rnteen 

brticUft cren«d in ihif ro^umct the t^rn fiMt i«t«e to the in- 

uencc of jViiiu'isy lii/isrjr upon the dutic* of reli^on and 

yni«mt/, aud tbc cxp^ii^ncy and oitari? of rci^uciit^ <h^ 

icncc io a cumplcic fyfirm; itk£ oifco i^aiJ M<f^-:li af 

ariout km^i, and iadica;c the inrEhods 0/ collcding, pctltrriog 

n1 ^cdrajriag than. 

A L 

O G U E. 


Yot M ARC il* 

M t D I C A L. 
Jin. IJ. PreBUcJ OifirvaTitKi tM t^ Chr^ »/ Httfrc cn4 SUiw 
Frptrjf M^ li^ Pamtitsrj CfJtfij^*^^ ta wliich ji add<d, A 
Idcitaiof irvaiing £rv«al Kindt of laicrni} HEiooribiPvi. Bf 
MofiaGdftth, M. D.of tie Royal ColU^t of Pliyficlim.Loadoa; 
J»o J •- Wfci;<- i7;6- 

£ karc CO rcafon EC (idtltioii cillicr ihc bmcv^lrct (tt^tivri 
iikkk lodvccd ibc A4Ui(»f ci thii liiilc pc«c to mJdftfj '.k« 
ribUc. or ibc tia\h of the h^ rcUird in ii. Thir Csifk vnaJTrfitd 
.^k ifl fj^ki U it u-ritlfn. b<fpriJCt the mas virlio, b«lAg CODviatvd 
fcJf, 11 ih<rrfor« deGieoi to conw'tMie O'.heri. At i^c ranic li&a 
muli ic^rct, tbflt fo liaU pki«i bavt btru takea to pu! tbc prac*>dcd in it upon thu; utional iWtc^, wVScb ^^urnj^^fi^'v 
' Uf a> a tc:tii<€ fiosti mete ^tapuici&a. 
" a 

MoffTKiY Catalooui* MtJhvL 

toUy 4cwa hny precis iicai of ibe rery iGfieraE 4(fr«fa *la?^ 
|-ftnk godfr ib« appdUiioa* of bcfiic aod flow kicr*. uid 
TumpiiofK ; wTihrut crit^ravovrinf 10 •ftcruWt to «'bf<h iii|^ 
^ lit cofnpOLmd nac J ieig* prfijkovd, tbe filuiarj el¥«Ai «r« cbi 
j^wingi ihe Author ironblf* bm(Af no Unhtr ibttn lo |;iv« 
«cry1iiitittirf dcul of olb [apparcntif froa mCBiorr) *it^ coj ' 
dT pnfcriptioQi horn ibc upocibecArv'i £k. Tic fvnfdjr b a 
JotUM of nyrrh la wttfr, wiih fit< of &tt\ jQd Till of vorm\ 
Dr. Giiflitk jinDcipitet 4 cScmicU objr^ion uhicb imiMdinelf 
^CDri to ii> on Accoitni cf ih« dccao^pobtioix whkli mttfl uk« pT>cc 
Kbi'ingtbc ib£rcJi<n(> ; «ud fighiij vlifervcs, iliat ibv ocirr 
eipiraKd irt^m ibc fiiltof ftcd by ihe alkali cmcwt aMoIntrly be 
v^rdcd >i >n ini^ivc fublfin<«t Iincr if ir^j br i^M upcn ia >'trM 
wa^ri k« ar* ijfit«qoainCvd »jih, by tha ^Dkr* of tM Aofnub ai 
^bov«1<. But ftJidy ifch i> a *»y landom w%j of cihEbillfiEft oKl 
tone! 1(1 Uttac <alci wi are iororiDTJ, that nitfc waa fubOitvwd 
ffelE of «otin»ciMl : b<iE aliboagh Ebii mvJt product a maiifHtl*! 
iMt in the piedkciu?, iio anicropt ii made to t%pli\n th« onan 
tfr«(4j cifthii ilrcrAtion. Wish rtiptit to any prcj*di<x) wbUk 
Jttppofcd qvdtuci cfvtyrrhaD^ fled m^^hi occaHca afsinfl thetrnl 
U^i^'ii iti Ifbrilc dticrJcn, uxaic ir.uiy ro I'jknoHltxIgc, ikti tl 
ou|>bt II cncf TOgrve Aij E6t««1laiith«titiriied pKooh Af ihairM 
CfTic«aDdffhcacy ;— acdve (hiakthcreadduccditttheprcfeaipiil 
lion WTl]der«rY<ihcat(cntioh ofihc facvliy. 
' Wc onbot Ly (o mudi io favoaiu/ vbt mnhod of coring Im 
' Xwmonbigi-i bj » rr'iTxate ci <C€i\ 6fA*tn Itnftcd Oil and tasdoni 
fbiib>rt> i lELCc U iJ>«^ cot appear, cvec hv ihe cilcc r«Jatfda to 
M aU fttpciiorg «r ct^uali in r&ucf* ic well Itai^fMrii aud kfacaapvn 

Aff. (4, ^ f^anUn'tsr jfiwtnl of th Rkhtt m Chil^en% 
Httnurki on in AnaJo^y 10 the Xi^g* E'^iL ^ith geelml IKl 
tiont Hovr locufc r.cb difc^r^d tiLfaxiuin an caff a^ eftcj 
mann«i. AJfL*. RfccipET for ibc t^creniiuti of mot Difedcs 
CtiiUr«n ; and a temcdy icr (.autia/^ai an^ lAe ii^mg Qajifc^ 
KfW.Karrtr, M D. Timo. 1 1. JohnfiMi. i^rj •. 
Wc do tioi Jikt to fvc a maD afharD^i ^f hii vocaiion. Hcrt d«C| 
tlkii f;AC>4 D'>Aor t^v£ hiiiifc)!' and b» rcidrn tnach ftcciikfi CK«] 
■n iiicripdi]^ ifl W01U <jd~ ihc charge of quickery, vbich I^c jtifll 
sprrehfrdi ri« it liable ro rncur. f'om Uia &diremfeip«At of fail 
ji^frjarv* ^tmSirt and jiwtimtmisi Pm/JiP^ Udf late acquVnl 
kOBcftUf* Si^fbafy. aded vuh sivch more Cdn^0«u. Ik tolJlfJ 
afii*iBCii ikc appdJtLku and coU^uri of hit party, aed ouk^c a fvnMa 
ancarfioa inio c^ ocaften ofhii ania2i>nil1i, fbc Higvtxrt 

\i Dr P*r«r, *irt h\t * dec DffircnGr to the Gn^iJeonca Rtvie*' 
an,' rcallvv'ilheito bo ii]fi>rmed why ifcy cannot couiidfr tbc *cd^j 
cia *^r*« in (h< rcfpcc^alle light of « jicrwier <if urtful ko^ 
k^Ec, 4c can readily aiifvtr, ihu :i ii brcaufc be refufet ta rr^hrM 
bvnany ibSng «n rhe cocsmoo Aock of Tcf^ncei confcnei i^ithiv a 
DBTTOA drcU lb* bcii<£c'ial <l«c{^ of a remedy vlilcb, irhrnfft, be 
maJt ibiak of iaaF<vi»i>Cf 10 ma^kiad ^ ani u a^moA sccelTarily M 

' • TM» inkk bai bv» for ■ lo»g i^mc mitlaid, wkJb • frvr «b«« 
pfiJ^«fjAr dari. 


MoMTHtr CaTALOGCB. Palit'tal II9 

(ttfik« credit of hiimcdiciue. 

1 regard to the iiirc^c^^rv tnatr^ (v ve at)r c^II 11} ttt tiU 
c«c, ihoj^h (Ji<irn(]r »riitcn. h coauIvs 00 rev lafo^mji* 
ncfrain^ iJiG di^jfif) mcnilon^ n ic- One (t^itixt v^ftlJ 
(o fjrfir{~r, thit iS« Aurher ust 1 &aHtv of « flftfr-ktc^dom. 
I, ' wktu <h« child 11 hblt 10 wjtlk bcfor* ia tift nuke Dfcctf 

! qo very cicu coiitp^f hciilton of the nti'jre of iLii fymp'ocn. 
:. J Trtnuji it^ ih frrrAfJian tf tin Ch^jia.'tiiu L*Jt3» 
*c«ri;e ficribivicki SuifeoQ of ihc (oartctnth Rrjcinwnt it 


poitti tn rKr pndtc* r>f fnrgery k^vc l>efn CAAtfovrrtrd vrith 
toiih ih^a th« compuilirt tB^iit ol tht I vi> operation 1 of «f- 
baJ ^'/'^iW <^^ cryiuIUac leoi in a catitrid. We hO|ioJp 
ft Eittc of tbii liiiTc pUcc, to h«Tc m<( wuh fame funhet 
Pvihich ruL^hi :tf!il ihe piA^.k:lf>a<r (o feiHc hit ju^^i^nirnt q& 
ijefl : but «<r7 latnctthir iliri^po-.a:cd in ftnJirtg le 10 ca»- 

kkttf oFpcW^rcain^ ihr OfxriitOn ol fintrt^li^o. Thfi •y- 
LicDilf juiiaio^>. but hai little cl4::in to crigiaittiK or 
(meat. NorhUj; i« pronounwd dire^Uy canctrning ihe ftfc- 
iba optration 10 (h« Au;hcr^i pr>^!ic« ; buT Tb« foljourifej^ 
CBi&rk woujd ItaJ a J to forta &n urfsvuunblt* iift ^f is* * \% 
» fpaccof (vo (Uy*i the ivovbfJ df ike c^nea a alnofl ui»tUd • 
trnJiJ^M^lf i/^rtry, wbkh fiftnciinei meiuli a coi\rid«nfale 
hen rfiiarvi /«^«r^jruAif/ Tftii* Wi^l^iildtor, (aod v>e 
KH to ihe conmrv) woaU fwnctiAtt hma'* /f /i/>- 
b. j/« £^/ nr iitf 7^»ry attd C^nt/ tJk V>u<ewJ Go* 

)hftAndre«, ^prgf<« iotheM&|d«}M Ho^piul, ^adTCaaher 

tH JjnoAifrfitjiicnanibu orp-iitrHcAibcij^ion iheVcocr^aJDif- 

ill iiiltimi, iicianu-;bc fK^f:nl ihalaaf (tnjig vrrr iiviginal 

intainrd k a fbillin^ pa*pk]«f, (he (n\*<a »( ubhicb ji Co 

!»• ibat«f Mr. A&dteei. Thij, ia b^l, it a j^dioom ib> 

le vioAfaikna]*pi«wfi* lit th<o«f asd pr±ai<e ooweMcr- 

rcganf to ihc diferdcr vo nbkn ti <trai> . 'I'd maf pjovv 

W iorbe)i<Aiitig pfaAJiinnar ibui many vraika of Uiger 


Irt, 17. jf P9^iiiat ParodeiF. Svo, ^d. Al«nort. 
HT tt tfcv mtTiiAry ; — who haW deeUfeJ, oq a &>rmr> «<«alioi, 
Ev «/* rt/ttfitg tt JmerttM /if ^Jf^tf / ^ p'i*v anrf ItSfrty^ To 
neir fi«ccri(>. thek Llcflin^i, n m irm&fl^d. irc i«L^>irrcd 19 
eri«iit. b) iWhinclRfir \o,^0q tv^K^trt Irtai ftriiai* srd 
1/. The ifrgeeioui KaBpbletter waltcf tke mvA of ibjt 
fV«/ appwafice i» th« cc^dud ^f G«vctnin«iii ^ boi be ku 
ber teov^nti, rviui^c (v iW flaw «l' tibcriy ^ iMin br 
tw tJtnuti^iLl dpp^a^jd blev. tohttc rbe adrecaio foradvU 
ft wOi i«c htm Aamti~'/A0tmi* ^lai dijitjkatd* 

1^3 >rtV 


MoHniLY Catalocuz, Law, 

Aft- l8. Ck^A^tfU Coni^nUg »n Tinpani*! Re«!cv v>i t 
public CodJdA imJ Ab^liur» of (he moO rmintiil Pfrfce»£vi in 
PjrltiRimi of Grcit Bfiuin ; coaAdcfcd &« Suur«:cn. Stk 
■sd Public Spoken. Rrv</cil ind cuficAoi hj tbr Jaihar^ k 
■heir orjfiikijj>oblki»oaia the Gtfufi^vr, 9*0. ««. 6d. Bcw* 
fcc. 17*7. 
I'tivfcchknft^riftvciJellncKnfif line obtiivfd, Ircnn i])c pob&c 

• TCfj c«pfiilc»b)eSiarCQr ApfiriibUjoa, Tficy a^yc^r loh^TV bmi 

Cc^mf ioI«an, j» fume degree, coward iht p^rif in opfvofttioci. Hx 
piAkJTcil prjDcipiI tb^d, 1) to enable the K?a<J«r to fofniaioA 
eHiniic ol vtvt ftbJilici, tnd Fclitlcal *vii/iH or our UiJU^ ncnia 
totti botifn of PirliimcDi. The; pdbn*f;cs ivfao Iijdk Lb ihii cot* 
IpfllOD, ar« the Dukn of Grafrnn i=<S Ri(hmoind> ihr Li>fiia Maof- 
Mdf ClmdM, Lviirl-on* Lhlihjcni, HiIlltMifOueh, !>«ffi:)lk, Shtl< 
benep Sjind*icb. Norih, And I^rd CvcOfj;? 0<nrti«ie ^ vith McflH. 
Baikc. Thur^t Qir;c, WcdJcfburnc. Fox. Wclborc lj^[£i% aod 
nantilr^'-^Thr p^rtrajTt oflhrfir [tudZrc (haufUrtt ihovjh p<rbiM 
rot frorr^lly finifhed. may at Icafl br f'lid to har« been £efched by 
affan«rl)r han^I — The Aaihor, v« oLifcrie, conlienfi 10 anfneM 
|j» lill, ihfofjjh tii> oiijcinil ch«nii<T of cj>AvcyaAce< /^ CmvUnr: 
to ibic ifc uijv. ia due lime, viftu a fpifud 10 ihc prclrAC cotMSoi- 

L A V. 

Arc >^> ?^ ^'■^'^ Sfit/vitf ahiJ^t^t ^ oifUhaifMUy ^roKgrJ, 

CsJcufiicd ro fcrvc ifie ikfjrabtc Eud of Mi aT^tbet*cal Cov* 

vioo f lac« Boole or'thr pcnj Laaa. EihibiTrnj^, atone Vte^, ti« 

Kaiurvof (be Utffnc«i Ehc I'faally toMi«d 10 it. for tbe firl. 

fccrtnti, nnd th\ni Offence ; the N«3nb<r cf WicQ<IIci anj Magif^ 

iraicinccc^u/ (oC^nviciloQ : tbc Applk^zion of the Pettier ; lb( 

Manner of prefrcutln^ ind rfcovcrinj; the PrtijltV' By GoOfg; 

C(<J-k, F.l*^. Ivo. 31. ft*cd, Pirldtn^ind Wjiikvr. 1777, 

In our Kcrt«vh> fof February i:7fi,p lEa. ^c j^avc a brief a<c*M 

<^f Mr. AdUiogCon*s abfn^eiocnc of ibc prml iti^iuuv. 97^ votk 

wsi f^ivcB in a ubuUr formt f^fi ii nriti^d in the didiooafy- 

m^rl^'vl ; r^i ultlch we hire, in ftitne mcifurc. givtn Che pnfcretce V 

A C9nipifcm«fit of ihn kiAd miy be coD£idtfr«l at an appendix u 

Jt^rntjM^'tiii forwcfind, particula/Fy in thii book of blr, CI, 

|ire ha*c r^t Mr. j^iltiiii^ioih*! ai hand) a number of iiilea m 

not COEnprchcnilrd tJi Bk^r. Hffrn'i vtry valuible pe|ib 

fpMfa f'om a «oaipanron of ihe « lei-mfh f edition of iha* lal mVtp 

fioned *Mki u'ith ttk* present m^iJ^tmtnt \ which maj' be re^taidcd 

A kiodof/v/f-v loiiktpcnti rtaEaua 1 and in ihat tir«f iCDiay r«of ofe. 

Alt. 10, Conjiiifrntitnt oft iht Laws riitiun^ /« thf f^v */ 

C«r#iNrt *^^^ ^^ *^* Pradice ot Coroaari. \tt talcing Ini^uifiti 

fap€r ■ov^« t^rp9fit, tfc* Svo. jii* 6d. NdkffliLk 

^told bjr Baldwin in Loirdoa, 

The Aatbor of thii pamphlet olVera mar r iVaHb^e remirbi on ^ 

defedive Hate of our la^t reipefting the inqoitlcions lak^tx ^ con>' 

-** * In ibc aci^otiat of Mr. Addin^ioo'e book* 

^ Wo belict^ ihcrc U nov a 131^ rdittoo of Bnrn'i Jufljce- 

Monthly Catalogue, Sivth and Memoirs. 231 

Dcn on de-d bodicit ind iheir im proper execntfcin ; nnd modcfll/ 
prOpolf* ■mendmenLfl, in our appr^healionp not irnivorihy [h« atrcn- 
tion of (be Lc>finature, f ^^ parnciilari on ^hicb he chi«Hy inlini 
tre Ebefe ; that ihe la^f bein^ cniircly lileat cOQCcrning the qualili^ 
cifioni of a juror tm ji coroner'a inqueJlt ihejarie»i on ihcfa occt- 
fioDS, arc generally fumttioned in a hatly and careleia mu-incr ; chat 
the jury on a coroner*! inqa^ ii no: cha]lengab!ct nor capable of 
being anierccd by the coroner ; ihat the coroner's power to :iripre- 
'Lead afid conttDiT, is at prefect liable ro difpLtre ; that coroneM, 
contrary ro rhe main defifrn of their iuqucili, wSncli i^ tn afcer.aia ihe 
■leans by which the deceafird ra.-ne 10 his de^ih, rcfule to hear sn^ 
evidence but the evidence for the King ; thatj \t\ ci^res oF fuicide, the 
iitqneft often makes a return of Fila Jt Jt. without any ju^liliable 
ground or evidence ; bur more lrc^acn:ly return a vcrdift o^ Lana-j, 
without having either a Ih^Joj^ or pfefumpiion to fupport incoi in 
fuch judgment, other than whjt ihry in/cr from iheir own pa-iuJ and 
and cipricious reafonitip ; that the Jiiw 0I Dt^odands is ui-reAfimable 
■Tvd oppreflli^ ; thai fuEficjent atienfion is nut paid to tJ.e qa^Lilica- 
tioni of coroners, who ought not nnU' to b-f m^n ofitriyi integrity, but 
fioHifed of a conliderable ihxtt o( juridicaJ learn ng ; and idSllv. that 
tbere i< not fuAicient proviHon in:ide for the puniLhrnent of miJbeha^ 
v.jourin coroners, or for the protedionofihe fubjewL fram the wilful 
Ukd oppreffive abufe ofthc JawA commiited to thrir cxccuiion. 

On thefe feveral loplct, ike Writer caprrlTfS himfelf in a manner 
which Qtnws bin) to be well acquainted with his fubjcdt; and he de- 
cJarea it to be his inienLJon, not to weaken or deprcct-ite political 
re:guU(ioni and legal authority, but to contfibuie in fome degree 
toward ibe improvemeat and perfcAion of our excellent fyltcm of 

NoT£L< and Mamoirs, 
Art. It* Liberal OpinionSy in which h coniioued the Uiflorv of 
Benignua; written by hira[elf» and publitheo by ^t^onni-y McU 
niTfh. VoL V. and Vf, 1 zmo. 6 1, Rohitiioo, iScc. 1 ;^^- 
HaWng folly eiprrflcd cnr feotimcnta cunc^-ming ihs litcjaryand 
■KiraJ mtrit of the former parta of this wo'k'i we fi-'d thef- con- 
cluding volumes fo fimiUr to the pr^cedin^, mat we chink Jt nn- 
necelTary to dwell apon them> farther than to remarlE, that they 
abound with dt:hneatic;fti of chara^r, anu dcfcripU^^na of fcenei 
to law- life, which Jhow that the Author pofTciTci a tolerable vein of 
pleafaniry, and is no Ur^nger 10 the wo'ld. 

Art, 21, Thi Pupa of Pli'%furt: ar, thi Nrw Sy,fem Uluflrtited, 
lofcribed to Mr. riugenia z^raohope, Editor of Lord Chtilerlield's 
Letteri^ By Courtney Melmoth. 2 Voh, initio* 6s. Robinfon, 

ftc- 1777' 

Tliont;h we are, perhaps, as much convinced of the dangeroui 
lendency of fjoje of the principles i,icukared in lord CheftcrneUi 
letters at the AiJthor of ihia work» and Aduld b)' no mc^ns be under- 
flood as infinuating an apoEogy for dtipticiiy or licentisufncfs ; we 
cannot bbt think, that in the ardor of his zeal for morality, bf has 

• See Rcr. Vol, Lll. page +68, and Vol. LV. page 319. 

0^4 donp 

23^ Monthly CATALoctrs, Mfffi^Utmmu 

done foRie injnAicc to the Aoble Aaihor whom he crmfarea, hf 
diverting the hcfo of his piece of fvery feaiimeDi of haxkoar, dcliocf 
aad hgrnanitx. Wb:iierfr Juiicde liii JoidQiip i fyftea mty tHow^ 
in The purfuit of pkafure or ihe pn^ce af dtffidaiiUdoa, tkcf« 
feejTii to be no fouDdation for loidiog it with ihe iahaiy of pr^ 
ducjng charaticri c^pible of dcrx fpcciea of *iJlu]r' And ia tbii 
light «c mufl coaJidrr Mr. Mrtmotk*! Papil of Plcafare; wbo«i W 
biij dcfcrfbcd >» forming & pjio of ledafLioo againft ft Mrnc4 
womaa ntbo wu id the Itft Oi^e of a coDrumplioa, awl mc Icagcht 
feizing the moment of a fainiiDg fit laio »hicli lu« prdeoce hftd 
tbroivD btr, for accompli fhiAg bis purpofe by force. Thii piri of lbs 
Hory it reUied with fo miny heightening circanAanceii thai it i» 
iApnOJble to rc^d It wiibout feeling difgafi, aod prVDOnDCiog tha 
vIicjIc unojiturit md ibockinE. Jn the Qtbcr paru of ikc wtm^ 
tbc iccnc» of reduction are p^ioied in fuch glowing cotonrif that 
fbmc rcadeu miy be apt to queiHoa whether Mr. Mel^oth*i onp^ 
ration wiN operate u tn aniidote aguAil the poiioa of lord Cu&tr' 
field'i writings. 

AfC. 33. Tbi £!£ of Bitanj \ containing the Htflory of tho 
Sere nee : with accurate Definitiona of all the Termi of Arti 
cjLcmplined in eleren Copper p!arev; the Theory of Vegeublett 
the fcientiAc Arrangement of Planti, and names ufed jn Botany; 
Rulei concerning the general Hillory, Vinuei, and Ufn of Planti. 
Being aTrinflition ot the FhiU/opbsA Roleiwiea, and other Trcadfet 
of the celebrated LirrNjeua, By Hugh tlofct Apothecary, hro, 
6a. Boards. Cadelt. &c. 1777. 

Mr Rofe jppears (o have executed this ufeful work ^ill) JDdg«nt 
fttid accuracy i and as the ivbtlt of rhii treaiife had not bctore 
appeared in onr language, ibi» publicauon ^'\\{, doubtlcft, pro*a. 
highly acceptable to ihofe Englifh readers who are attached to tha 
fubjc^ — The Tianltator hai added, by uey of approditt a defcnp* 
lion of fume plints lately fontid in Pjorfolk and SafFoJk, never belor^ 
difco^'i-red in England, or not dffcnhed ai £ng]ilh planUj fta4 
itiultraied nhh three ajdiilonal copper-p>atei, 


Alt. !+• M'mutii of iht Trial and Exatni flatten of etrtain Pafimf 

tm tht Pro-uim* of Nfw Torkt chargtrd wuh having been engagc4 

in a Confpirncy ag^inl^ ihc Authority of ths Cojigrcfij and iha 

Xjibf'tici 01 America. Kvn. 1 a. Bew. 17; 6. 

If \Mm account be authentic*, \K ia Worth/ of notice. Ii relate| 

fill? iiart'ieuhn which came out en the examination of Mr. MJif'hewi, 

late iMJyor of New York, Aikd othfr pcrlbnSi accufcd of a confpiracy 

ag-iinlt the Contrtfj, and eipecially sgainll Wafhrngion. They 

pii/pcfcd, it fccn^s, in fsijif and cirry nft mis American Samfbo, by 

<1k' h^p of bis D-1>Si*i^t a Mrs^ Gibbons, who had promised theq 

her aif^lUncc- Mi[the«v» w^i condirmned to fuffer death ; but* in ft 

. , — ■ ■-> ' ' ■ ■ ■ ■ >t 

• The anonvmooi Editur fay*, the miaotes were fonod at New 
York b/ the nritilh trorips, atnong the papers of a perfoa wb« 
appears to haic u^cn fccr^r^ry to the committire of cEHjiuty* 

r fall 

MoKTHLr CATAtoovt, ASfiiBmum* 



bll tfteninf- Ai^, i. ihe Coogrrii feMMJ lo poApoec the rtvco> 
tioa vf U« iVcErnctr ^f A^, ud oniciTd htm to be carried iati^ 
Cone«AJcutt lh«rv td ht kept inaprif»Q«d tin farthtr orcUri, 
Alt. If. J ifut jf.iot/nt ef tbf Trial «/ Mr. Samu{ BriaiyUns^f 
^tM/4r/^Ji i»f'ff*amfai, U GdUdhAjl, London, Juae ij, 17761 
utd «lfb c( «t] t^c tatmtt P*oci«diAj;» in l1i< Cotuo cif LMTk^l 

TLiB rcnut4Jible c,%u(e hu bMa* far ihcfc liz ycin ptA,, agirunnl 
iQtk« couru ofLnr; ind hu, v kngrh, bKn <Jcte-xit)cd in ^roqri 
»f Mf- BrvcicAiw tbc vcfongmir pUiDi^fti with 1 wtdid of otk^f, 

^j aJii^ mxfikfiMiliJ w«^i A»^ ysj^/i^f. — [9 OEii flrr. Vol. L*. 
p«i;t 413. wc bricfU nxniJDavd a tormcr pvbUEukn of M-'. B/< 
Om th* ^^J4 pf frvtimt y^ k^tt, ftod An ro> own jwrricuUr tmu 
neat, anicf in iH r«pporied c^i'^e of lanflcy. Hr lid rc<ourf« w 
lh< Uiv for re<tr«r>, uuj i^e here nnd in m cum of ic; 7 A 9 /> 6i^' 
adod «ipcnfc ia ihc tiitfiatioa ; lo (he dtuhir^c of wbiclt iho,' 
bflttcv9l«Bt fsSfttipiioni ? rairrd fcif him 1ii«c priH'td rcry ua«qij&t. 

Art. 26. A Di£tttaii4m upsn iht EpijUu tf PhaUm, wab a(| 

A^riircr 10 the Obj<dKfOi of iKv Hon- C^«rk' Bi>))e. &y RtchMnI 

Bvciie^r D.D, ChupUii bn Criiair^, naJ Lil^fi^f'ticfpci la hit 

M^Hlx- I'o wfkteb ifc ftdd^ct, Dr tfrotley'i Uiit^Ttatjon on iJ« 

BpilUei c4 ThemiAo(l«i, ^ocfaiei, Karipi^n tatd cihen, *r<! the. 

^ Foble* of dtfep; «i ortjpnt'lf print«di vilh c^Ca^oaJ RcflbAfkl 

OA Lkc whotc. <vo. 63. Bonnet flud Nkhdtlt. IT'T- 

Tbj*r< ii 1 rtfpr^L dot to eIiok ku«c>d «tcn, who o're tngaM^ 

in the Iteaik^hn cottlioiYrf/^ thoa|ta, Ut fiA, they knev no ttorar 

of Ph4lftrti thqa ih«7 dfd of !>■« toloor o> Uynwi** cow. Oui 

Rfl«dc4V. ibcrcrforc, vill not c<p«A rltai *e (Hoald aiicMjK to rcnoVt 

t^c hin ol i*«i controversy, hy iU^ing Uw ctrainftineea of it. n « 

tine wheo (he chief point m difpute ii (b fittle toterdlbg, Wa 

iktki 0«lr obTerre. ibu lIi« ^tj^juU rtm^h d tht fediior arc judi- 

oowe Aad peftincvitr and < hit ibc bi>i>k v4i itrcl) wofth rrpriociu^a 

ft* ic coo(«ia* & %ctr l>r]t< fund of AncTtQi IctafaiaC' 

A^< 17< f«/irtfiK/ ijr LMitrUt t^s^^rrd^ with :i TabtC] ibrmns 

the Uulii)r oit lh« Mio'ioc CalCbTati^M id aay i<oiic#v that u 

dnwa in anr Nomber of Days ff«in thttry-fu co ^ijr'&rti botM 

WtaGve. Br a CiEculaior. Cvo. Letcrofi. 177$- 

Daftgwd 10 guud iguaft the ^^ak>M« pradka of iaforine 

iMtttr^'lkket*! and nthiMttog la a leri«« ^ tablci tb> rW raia« cr 

U tarflra^<c aEainll a bUnk 9^ a pritc for e rev y d^r = where bjr lh« 

djfadfaoiage (jfinfuriAg tn rhc c:)Enz}oa Vkode am ikc imBonfepia^ 

if oAcednefan, arc dirpUyfd, at caaiioot 10 the unararj. 

t Of the aoMUfii of ibc fuioi fubruibcd, the aamo of the Aib* 
firribr'*' aod th« vaafiwr in uhMh^iU money au fXpCiuUd^ &t 
fcooaat ii pv«o io th» BVf»ive, 


S34 MoKTBLr CjfcTAiocwpf Afijttikjumu, 

Art. 78. Sfsu sf (^ G^U ik London^ WtOmindrr, a^Btrtih 
^ Soathwifk, To which ti add«d, ic Afcoone ol <he Mer«Di 
buieof ihe Conr'tcli rcf^Hotcd 10 bird Lib^tr Aa bcxrj ib<7^ 
Ana «pciii thf Rittr TbaiccK. By Williui SMiih, M. D. «ro. 

We have hithtfio fcMtod ogrfeli^ nnil«r tkr d&figreeabkBKtftlj 
oTinimtdrAningoA 011117 of iliit Auifanr'a former piU%c«ti04> ; M)4, 
therefore lecl » unccre plcftfgrc in being bo«r aUc 10 rp<ak in tcruiii 
of appfobauon of ihe prcfeni peWbrntmicCi botb with rHjicA co j«* 
lentfoa i-nd c:trcuTioi], The diArfffb and aboieitthkh it pn£a«u 
ID the view of lh* Public ate of a oMare vaich matt ioTfcU cv«ry 
feeling mind, and citcitc aa careeft dc£ie 10 pri^rrintv any fchcmc by 
which ihcy axAf be rentored. The occafioo whtiM gtvz nfc 10 m 
pf-^nt perfi>nn>ntre ti rhji; 

SirCtiarTvt Whirwanh, chairman tft tkt Ity/mn^ftr eiKsriy^ btv- 
iaj- pr^pofed (o the conuniuee of ibai innitaiioit [hat the Aat^r 
Ibovld viHt* and give mtdical aSllaoce lo^ xbie ink prif^ntn in iJit 
1^3 in LaDdoD. WcAtnint^rr, aod ^onchwarki ibe propaial «u 
appmicd of. on March :^, 1776, and the Aaibor immrtituelj' ««• 
(feriook (he charge. From that dme, to the i^tb c1 aepetidtber, 
he itiforRii ui ihii * 5:^0 |>efforif have been cured cf ^j-i^>4i c->ai* 
filaiaij} oionty of the pgtrid kind / and aJdi ihai ibc Tublk nill 
be conirittccd, '(toot [be eupcjimeni their chariT^ble donaiiott [ 
df ihr tft^mtn/ft^r^ti'jtj hfi err^bfed biei <o mike, uhai eooa tklU 
>rife from a pertainrnt cif iblifhoitnt fef the i«iief of Mt p«i« 
!(»<»/ — ai a <ovip4ntiv<J)r itatU rvpencc. 

The Autfaof'i medical aLunti^e<E on the loipitlbnrd fii:^, gare 
liEm oppinaniiiE^i of brin^ an iAtifnace viioe^ of their ineil 
diftreU'rt, and a conpcrcai J<*<i|^ ''f 'be circuniUtc'i by which 
tboft diflrel«t o^e oc<jili'-, or je leal bfchly aggravarrd- Asaonf 
tbcfe Ui) my be re<k-Micd, ibc want o? fre% air, ui^clcaaliic^ 
and i^e alino: (Oial IflecHcicy of ibc piovMioni made br ih< kgi4a- 
lare, from the dayt of Elif sberh lo xhc prHVnt tint-, rripr^ag thb 
parucoJar Ot^efl- Jt fppca^4 that et-?a ihE r«eeni sft, t^ Uv*t>. III. 
"/' t?' '* aJrtady heccRio • deid Uitti i the rcguUijona prcicrilxd 
by it beiag. 10 eenefal, very little aticndcd <o» aikd in Ibnc uiiioect 
totally negtftftee. 

The detatl which the Author ffirei of ihe varioiu fpedri ofniftiv 
AbTerved by him. in the drcadfui mufio«t »bicii ht k»t vifijMt 
is 4ifchv£ih£ (he dmica of hii f^ncUoo. *iJli uc hope, bv mttat 
of bii pamphlet, or ibe prcfcnc acwuni ufii. coore au^ the notKv. 
a*d evdv the atteriiion. of ihoie who may 1^ In KApt^ay m re- 
a»OT« or alleviiie them. We hope 100, Ehii xhU de:ail ma^ iiLiaaUie 
ihem 10 inquire into and re>itiJy thof* SisiaAi aWlei* bj MbK^ 
ihffc dlfiieflet are, u» part at JcaA. occafioaeJ. 

Ti^thijrd The dole of itii: ,^iinpMet, iht Amhur ^ivei a dicnacccest 
ffiSe «iuiiion, brhawinur. JWc, of rhYCOn«i?j on baard ihey#^f»/^; 
tiid though there aro gtoiindi to hope that the new ntoA^ 01 peniih* 
PMtt !h«tc inili^ed Lfiiy ulimuiely produce ike focd cflWKt iataodrd 
by ill {^KiC (\iiX<it trgijUiium apvtit to be ih^niEog- Attiong the 
d«fcA4 of tbli infant ^ulilical inili^ucion, nc on*) reelcoa the tool 






MoHTKLir CATALOfiUti Pttt'o^* 



vutt cf mfji»l afld ghoriJy Ut\cf^—' No c'f^ynin,' fjTi tb« 
J^vtbor, ' v>£l* Ekf C9ft«icki, nne hBT« they «nf mt^ikil alqiUj)cc5 
IatUc arc n'jw fick> anrl un^bl? to lasvc ebcir hc«dt ffOat tlic ^tf^-i 
on ubrrh ihirj l>c— Tti< do/ea rooDBcd to ttc twanJ* if« ilt of 

them kai-e bwn ili a month ; wJ o!h«F*, br tep*-*'^ «lipfr», aec 
Acble id POE able »<) ^4lk; — yet ilcr Kivc rt<eircd no ctiodkal 
^ffiiVicc'^Th;^ want likcwifc roOfD, adeI tii ; tbe Auch^r oCTCf* 
fkcM*! carifidiCfi tbe s^ *i cicdUvt : «nd ch^e ' it ^Irc^y^ ^^t** to 
&tiv til £Ooi f ftoAt «5>0f* thofcund^r rEifr:iiiu>»r/ 

P a T I C A L. 
An- ig. ^ -Ifto*^ /a.'r/^ ti thi Mjnrrj t,f FJl^^hih T>mhrfi *jf 

Itr^i^tmhrUmd. Ad^'rlTcd CO tit Cr>eo th« Uokf of Northam- 

bcrbad. 4^0- 1 I, Dodllrr. 

Bjr no (BCAOA vorib/ of i^fl fubje^. Tlie firA Iiao evkccfr a waot 
uJte tttd d«licacT : 

Itftd the Aaihor aUoded to tit e<i«f of th« »£er, iy\k\ %a Craa 
foBi(tiiit< ke|ri, the ujjljr wordTTftf naiththafC lud foiiK ^ti>ut\<xy, 

*' And chcar the firivo'i JmlJ li^rrtrj ^^l)^ « (baj* '* 
Tbc poet tnn?, hire bcf n ^*t/ indtr^, mhra Iv givo that epUkf t to 

*' Beoeuh thy foiiles rvrivin^ S<ieace rtu*^ 
*' Wi:h brighwf -iftrdtrt \<t imaotul hwd," 
The hraJ of Science h here defended ii gfwn i the wrrlwreerriiiil 
took the imiae from hii ova. Hk pOTPriy of iar* inMiori hit b«fm 

fovcfy di;irc3iD£i ihii htf h4i m lu bocn otli^cS to dcf^tibcihc 
fancril ctnoioEif : 

" ^^— ' snd lof ihe mured prcbti; ltnd», 
•' The Aered voJume rrembttng in fcb kinJi. 

*' Tb* lift fjd obOniiiei prepared to ptj," 

And the finfiDf: br^yi : 

" fi\ Ehc deep choral chiani th* ttcordin^ '^J " 
' Niy. the Tefy icddeni ihit hipfKoed u the time In WeE^oUnflfm 
'Abbey, Uc fjll of i pE«oof boildiog: 

■' whtt neint Chki awful feead 

** Tbii Oiook the pilUta of ibe trembllojc i^e, 
** And diQ/d yoa aocieai pmrtl ro the grovod f 
" Well m»f Ihj ptlUrt Ihahe" 
Tbia Moaoilr ii icfeiiar to ihe Avtkof't Ijtjlen^uvt Ft.m*^ in«n- 
food in «ur U^l Moath't Review* aod by to me&oi mafwcntjc to 
*" tbe ' kofei' w bid cooceired of ' better tJiinxt' /rom the famo 

:ltTL 30. JJJiUini to th4 DiaM^^ Zf tkc Time AiKhor, 
4:0. I >. KejirOy* 
OaropjnioDorihe DubolUd vn given in the 1j1 Kevjiv. The 
Awtbor bit chongki pfOfwr to tntrnduce ihree cr rmr new cbv^floffa. 
Ue witi, probably, add £0 bU biilding, liU he cvcfloodi Ue faua*- 

h*g^, SccRciteir, Feb. p, 156. 



^^ Moirrntv CArAtocui» XWlxrur, tff* 

Religious anil CoNTkov i Rsi a l; 

Aft. ,^T. 'fn A'£iiit^fi»S fi" NaUtrjl atJ RfV^J Rt^gkn: £■ 

Kbkb ihc Principle* ot Free ibjukcn irc fTimtntd. 6j ibc Rev. 

fcno WiUuAfoa, A. M, Fellow of Htttivtti College. 8ta. it, 
font pri«!«d. %a}d bjr RiviogioA ia LtMt6oa. 
Wc li«ve (ardul])r pcrntrc tint pAinpUfCt ia bopti of bfvn; aUs 
lo by b<£arc o^r Kcadcri the fubltaoec ortoac PCw ujcnecnc im 
btroMf of NaiuiaI Miil RcictkJ Rf ll]£imi ^ bvU ibougk vc meoi Hri:^ 
■AAjrJotf id^M, thry An-fli^cc^ T? immcrho<iic4J1y, tod txptvM fc 
oblc4ir«)]ra tl^t ^^ lelcnowlflgG ouH<lv« «t a loii 19 cttlco%«r 
^ift of o«r Author* fTsfoEunff. \\ he wifhca b«< af^uft^ot to 
«i cfftQoil «&i»d«K t^aitttlihe pri»cip|e*of Pfcc'lb>abfri, we 
tinCt bisk ro IVilc U morr iDj^killy, and to of/vTi k «rkli 
prctii'iB. Bffor« hr gWn biniVif that ironH«, how^rr, )>« 
do well 10 b< certain, tFiai hi« cuia ar|>utfifnt b Utter t^id oee 
vrhtdk ^ hjii tiU/oldCc^ by the tta^ > " '''^ ^^ dillcoltk» to bci 
feoad both m roreUuua •nd iiaiUfU pbilofophr. are « proof ihii 
ihcy ccmc from God ^ ^mce i: li tl!ic- t«rrro;^tfve i>r Am voikt w be 
■nlttrehfiblc/* T^U old dorl fine or trU* fM.i inMfiM hu luij 
m4vf: II ii nov. furetj^> hif^h tijue. tbai it AodTo b« opMed^ 
«kaJl ffcnoi/icmi of iM-raln^ ^ad fcicncc; aaltffi wc mean la 
A«Dp [Kc r^n^tute a\ T>it'aCi\j ca^ itrbir^ and iti)l^iLtAn, aoJ ID oaaJtl 

AfU 31- *Y Ch^ii 6t\iV<tKA »t the OrdinitioA of Ui« Rcr. Mf. 
Thol T»iniflg. tiiy 31. i77i> i" Duwnif^Pi WiJu, I7 jcWia 
Stuirh; ihd a 5fr«n preichc-d on t^ I'tme occa&or. by Jothna 
Toulmn, A. M, I'oeeiher with a* Intr^^atry D*/£m*Jf, \^ 
|afcn MiLb, ud a C>V'/«i tf^ ^'^^ by Tbo. TwiaiBg, iro. 
• a. Bucklandp Jk^ 1 :76. 
The fevtral pcco conuincd in ihi» pe1>^Wioo, aic pioat iad 

tadonal; and Ecml. na doubt, prorc prcuLirl^ ictepubk ID iJm 

M0Tr lib«iAi part of ih« DWiciteri, 

pcafled ai to AncidDTr ij^iinll modern Deifm. Htd. j ». Priuvd 
atSalilbory, anit fold in Lunaoa by Waiiii «nil Co. 177^ 
Thi AaiW'i ddi^a in ihii pf rfof vonco it toeilablillt t^ed«c- 
trtBC of cjviat grace cu>niai u ■ i^auJ tu (W mind of m»D. 09 ihc 
fcacva picncipki of rcafon iadcpesdcrily of x wrtictn rcT«Utio« : 
&tlhii pLirpoJV be codf-ivoaff to fttv, thac the miod of nwv i> 
j^pvmtivraJly M^V'd ^iiii» J divine pnncipJe, wbicb ccn&tcra6i 
rbecril ^ncipk, oamral to Jiim ia conroqucnctf of the UpCc of b4 
fiiA p«rcnu, and mLIi:^ it ihc Ioukc of tui fiitli la God, A»d in 1^ 
imvraltty cf th« I^idI. He fvppowi rb^i ihu priitciFle, AA>cb bt 
ideeorr'niiTi 1 di^ie^t fcofajun in the mrrid cf man, and fotftetivc) 
a tfifix^tX pM^iuia or O'jtao, it the tme tMitdaboo of i^col^y* 
Tb» fnfhfi It r» «ir« have bc^n abk to difco^er it, [o b« die ff^ 
Mval fcopc of ht) rr«liioJo£i btii b« hai cuUriUd iog«tt<f focA ■ 
laaft of hfttrQgcnfou» mi:rfr, ihit it ii dUliL^uEt to k«p m A^ht tk# 
jthjtft s.t ^h'Kh b< uliinitwEy aimi^ And wc miKb itar, howcEar 
faw^k faisdcGsa ouy be. tWt l^ f^f^r^a/ fo-t^ wtU ufw<i 


Fast-Day Sikmonsj 


SERMONS michid December tj* i??^! ^^^ ^^ 
0*j appoimcd id % Fufttic J'AAT I €»9tvm^; Sec our UA 
Month'i Review, p- 160. 

Mir/— PrT«c1i«d in Dckc-$ucc( Chjf«l. Wciljninttcv. ByU.M^r- 

rioic. RcAor of AiphamlloiK in EUcK, LcQuiei of Su LuIub*i,&c. 

4to, I ». Fleiney, &c. 

Iliffn fron i^ofl cf th> Kill Strmoiti, in t^i rtffcd,— «|4| iV 
/f^ ]« the ch«ef ot^cA «r the Aii(h«i*i 'rtn ftftd afipnbea&oa*, %mk 
(Lc Di«n Ebcmc of tji> inimAicJ xo<l sot iarlf^iiii d<cUvi*noii' W« 
mpprovv hn tnl ip,tinlt ilie Kabi^loulh bv^oi, fi> br » h b pnib 
dffttly in<j lraronil>Jf rxrrted ; but w* ^o tioc thifik Uic f^^rf^f 
«vii !^ propf r lime Fdr Riiit* the oM J^ubel b«r t^rffb^. 

l<— I r. i riPtlATtfd frofn ttie Qi«ctcr ab^ pfcicJicd ea a Co«ncry 
CAafrcfAdoa.— T» whith ii «<l<fcd, ■ Ltttcr from « liio Jod^ 
ooQCcmfpf tbc Ri^ht afiirtu Briuin id tax fact Cdoain. Vftik 
is AFprndrn. By £4. Lrwii, M- A- lU^lnr of WitcntocJe uil 
KnUgien, OxOQ- ^XO- 1 1* .Oi!bid pftoced, Aoi'foid by Xt- 
vSajMn in L^cdon. 

Wbubarc ihcfubpv^i^ftfM Ecvcmami M Jowiik rb« poticf- 
0I fcciirrmii of ibtv Tcncrablc fl«*e * f :■<< Chti-lbJomS notn»«f 
psCve AtvdTTftf« mietii f^^titd *HJ 4no9j[fa on tbr Okmci oi ltfiM»* 
ti^nt, bet wf tPt \hw oblJj^vd 10 bU uuCiMr for >aiarftliBa( tfc«M 

Thv ' Lhwt Ftocq i Jadsc»' wfakb 11 h«re flkcbcd to ch< good 
^tb«'iBBni)DcmBAtl«, Hluit pMcb of SpkuUdtb tabby on a pkce 
of oW tlpfHf/, if flid TO tiif bern wiiitcr', in 1765* by th« Uw Sif 
Jefeph Yeaici, a^d UtfNffcd to C )Lria«phra tiri iiU, lU^i m tlu« 
tlac xTiiibcr fcr tti< counry of 8«rki ^ aod GOaeuni 6Ae A«gaciMi» 
hi flippoft of the de£pB of tn'ttig AatPttcm, mhkh biv«i ia^c, boa 
irrf^nbl]r aBAirrrcd oy ibe advocavo im the ntaerfidf, 

<XMr.Ltwit'i amiablr c^d>v% laodtriiian, fadiKmcftt4^ 
porfttcei in tbe C<H cf caiit<OTen>i ukc i«c f44l>AtDfC J^rfiwil, 
from h(i Appendix ; 

Afnr a<i nrvr^tv^, Ifi the backaWd ftraln, againft oodara liN' 
tric^ira. he rhu< pr^cf^itt; ' Stp^'ofa t^i; in coaieqorace of tbrlW 
pd<rioi>c ECivoni df a natoril ftAd i!^i«a4^k ri^tx. &C-— «l ihouli 
ftoct mf wviby fm«4 and pd^bkoitr, tJi« csllcaar of ibc «Dik»iv 
Ui> vrhD, h>ckrdby it« >ai4onty oc iha vbolc legyiatun, Aiiomitfcd 
CO f^nrr iny huiift, Jn ordrf to tfiflrtift ny ff^u and to IcJl tin^ 




SjS 3 t K If O M ^ 

ID piy the UIJ Idi Di^ RcAHon ht. l Oiovld meik-t|mVj«rc &I 4 
f«r(iix 2nd fritfnd rol.thfrEj. oj ch*i j ought to be b«(i(ba a» Jt rcbrl 
>»4 Anwrdrnr. Tbuk li )^iJ j.!:*!'. b-t I a** f<*rc my C0nJcitac« 
would rtK 1" "ly ^*^r *'*' ■^-' ='!''■ ****"!>"(; **» «« K*atk a 

Sif !] * But iE the fime !■ ..l, .. .^ :,x tlrn: fscat f* t« fbcnc rei- 
t^n tb*E ift*i fnv^iect kwKfr. Dr ^<^/, AALiJ4 mecr wUh ibt fivf 
llt<;ifrtEbb*«tiber!r b^l:, )yin|r«-iMdaiJan«, aaddty capd^a] 
m. hU backljjic fa ffc, Mr, lj:^\' \ io rc»Ji»cr« w rrccirc 
jo«r vi>l<-. Reader] ibc M liid^tiz^ of nMiirc (oat upon ]ro«, 
Mr, I^«u*} ici her Ui\ ci?uf;i. AHil fur a reco ai pence co }tKk KxfCbp 
lor oi««uiiAg a deed ol^ ei4,r« «icrfc, <hu) tluc wbr/«by iti pcereat 
owntr ;>itntii U.'-^ k««4jth ol M^Jtor Lv*»», RcCKor ol W^utflDck 
■>d Miirington ( 

B^ C. D« Cce^lojan, M. A. sro. 1 i. OlWrr. &c. 

We a«e fcldofn diCpoitd i« c^ficraveft ibo dofUiotiwfaiily citlofccd 

■V ri/ ^t'li acii were i^c, at thit timffi incfaiicd Eo aeiai»dv<r( 00 

riomc of th« i«w*Ar«rfVTg<rO(l iriinjct iJraoceJ tn t^ prcfcnt (crsiroii. 

, we ixioltl be eitduliy viibluU Dy rbc bencvolrnt woidi pfiAicd «t 

#>« bonoa oF lb* liiJvpagrj viz, " For the Lxn^ffc cf UicLeck 

^ Holntd'* 

MxJ ir/ttttJ"^ At Noiiin^^^in, by Thonu* Pfcaike* Sfo- 6d.~ 

Bmw>., it 

Ano(b«r piOBi fMcmmt pda'ion ofihclltvtlhdo^riorof p«Sm<6r* 
d*enoe Aicvrdiij^ :a thii Ocntlcaa*n'« priodptft, if ukcv ie tbeir 
fait extent fof ivkicb Ik it, p^Wpv, noc awmf) ihc Glniouf Rt*<H 
loiioo wii A quffi uTicEkfUliin mcaftrc, Thi» Pmcbor au> be a C«* 
c»«#, vclln!-a .ip^ drvior* b»t he u a vtit indiF.oroot fO^dctiB. 
XXVIL. Tir Smiset »fFihg%9mt ASjfin^if^ d/ ^ Mums •/ d^^^t^t^ 

ibc Rti. i->cor^ KTllfi |un« B* A< Jau ol' iialiui (Joltiri;?, O^/miL 

HftViAgctprndeJ ourwaole Aocle ct prtife 00 the FaJt-Seimooi 
«kf4iHutvi» a Bu-ic/i « [UiklJf. « Stebbtoj;, aLtUod, 6:c. vietrt 
forrjr to &dU ikit ke hivD cone U/t for ths pcrn>rmaac< c^f pCKW 
Mr. Kil'p: who tfrerrt 10 be « tni^lirf ptiod lort of nan. 

SiMgU SERMONS 9ft c^'du/ Ouafionu 
L Prcacbcd 11 the Annivcrliiry Meeting of ihc Clcig/. in tbe Ca- 
tbcdr«t Cb^rcb of St Paul, Miy [^. 1776. By Bcilby Partem, 
D.D. now Bifttop of Lhrllcr. 410. 1*. Baiburft. 
A ^ii>i4cic acid <l«gAi}C rccomm«rtdatioa of tliii exceUrac chiiify x 
'Hctuom;; % joA ard proper ecicotnioo 00 otfT cktKr- To tho fci* 
tton » «ddfd, ' 4Ufi of ihc ■niiudj accouni of the antributiooi lO 
tbociJiriLr. from t7ii to 1776 titdurive; in order 10 fbrw tbegra- 
dLi^ incfeiff and Jccliae thereof: and it ii h^pcd (hat ihr bcttero- 
l«Bt iat<aiion td toj;ood an iaHjiocion^ by wbkh fo niny valwtbl* 
nembcTf 10 rxkry have bcco raifcd, will ncter be ftiJfcieJ to lui> 
gktJ^r, t-ut. 00 the t«Atfary, go ^ujjd io hand wilb the tibcrality 
of Lit limeii* 

U. Befo.-« 





ll. Bcfon llic lioaSt U LotJi, Jja, 50, 1777, Bf Jolil Lor4 

There if iotl^Icg htre «n.''t«tftdJ]r vo civil Ub^rir, u 4*1/ 
UtcOt AirfJ r«ppOrtri on jilt A«d coiiriiialio*d trrtiii:Tf}U), 
OJ, Before 1^0 C-^vcroart of A<JdcuUL>A'i Hufph^i, ]or*e £?, 17;! 

ia Gf«4t Si. TIioau'i CiiuJcIt, CiCPb^L^f, f^ J«hA Wiai 

FubltlLM for :be benvM oJ tbe cfaftriijii— wit^ « lice of 

fair t0 ^^-^i^nt^ thtmftH^t fj AW nminiar O.^rtr «/ ruff smJ f^tt 

mj^bool ift UrA*d UucSootiimrk. By jotrpb Tonn, tra.' 

V- T^fiMinrt, AWr.^. tmd Adwuu^ittf tin rt^^h^ Qifir^o-Mim 
tfiU JjJJ^J. *— 1I!ft«r*-rcI, .*l<. Kor tJbr Knr(}uri;^iheni ot a S^. 
c t*y h>f I j^fK ifig ibo fV^ioilJon of Uh* Loc d • D*y. it^ C. Pe 
C«il«£^(i. M. A. Sro. 6d« Mau^hk 


Tv firr AcJTiiaHi ^16/ Moivtkly Rrvitw. 

IHAVR been ovcS plcifcd «ich iho Review Kivrn, ui ^mt fai 

loitic ICf'iiCj] v9tt*^tUtd ^tt>^^, ttha it^ta tiM very rfadc <o <«ed«c 
w^Ai |0« kII Of, of it* ftcM «MtvA( mi ihe citj of B«ilin. T* 
iht >tf4ciir c*r (be ftceouot itn< givcA. I u*» bo«*evcr, Wd mf 
irttcnoay at ib rjre-wrrreft. 1 v^ Utelf i^lTft) fon>e ri«e in U*c 
. «a^ttl i aod I OB, with 2r«11 UUtk, ifarc ihe t'ablic (by r^g/ £4. 
V<i4') iku Bertib id. c«t:ain)y, on« of rbe' Uracil ciuci la Es/cpeii' 
J( cidi^ac be ALEh tcTi («« to ih« cantoi of £roo»d oa whkh k 
JEtndi] tb«i?aitt; and iHif, I bdicic, 11 afccrLuavd by &n ^led- 
ICAi f^lan, ptibliftini bjr FirM MuCiaJ SfhmetFa«. Th? Skrtvi in 
%hich 1 re£<Mi \% at^vc foir £j»f>Lfli miJei loafCi ia a fifok hiw. — 
Tb« JBiM^tf of ^fwf/, aad if^ri II, hotfcvcr, in«<li inferior 10 tW 
of ibe JlrccCs la^l boafti is Lodoa aii^l ftrlii bceaufc iLcie hc. 
In ficrlifr, t^ Jink, narroiv, erockcd, dftap. and dark Afec:i, coaru, 
lanei, i»d allryi, vbith dlf^racn the opiiali of EojiUad mmi 
Fraac* 1 and bceajfe the hoslci, irhieb, in geniral, irt tbvlf M4 
fpacjo^t, bive out o£cc»g covit-yards and j>Ajd<a) be^^ifif M 
ibeni. Ticre ^v, alio, pcu ambfiiiof Tquiro, aikd ockcr «f»aa 
pabJic pliitei^ Miny oftbe priarif il Hrrett are, mopvovcr, fa wide^ 
ikit l]< coieMt ma/ run ibrtan in ib«:&, wjthoui tnconunodiaf 
tb* I6« paSmcrf oa ci:b<f fedc : lAd cba octfi A/<«U ai« mhc 
C>oa|;b LO aJua t>f ib/ec coacbcs ac o*ce^ 

I caanoe o»ir to »enii(ia, boc* ibc ■a^aifieeooc and «lc{aDce of 
PotCdani s v««a wifli rt'pvA i» rba privaic bodbL. Tfrrfe are. j»e' 
nrraltjr, bsiU 1I ihr Kiaj:'i evpcnce. UoatmonjradcfjtoCA, foldtu«, 
latiJidit orpbat^i.-^oajF ^ffirs are k<S£«d, at Poifdam, in edi* 
ficej, whkL, an) nbcjc die, mi^Li feito for nco Qf luik. fertaitfi 
•a-d ulln, Ou of (be Kir^'a eAjrta d« C-banbiv, li*«v W & ^vk 


Coftttarotf SEMCE* 


ft for « fomrcJiD pnace. U h boib oa t^ pUa cf iftt ea<lciahoM< 
«i Rone* vbkb it dccorftud wM Ab mmI^ ivohuu of lb« tem| 
of jfrMMw tnd /o^^ftc It Im* B Wfiiwc llf be of twvhv 
0aC*4 coli«itta ia cbe ifMi, «hicfa ve tbtMiv Imf fen iMf. Tm 
^tia4o*i eoa€t of po^hH plaie-slafi, Tha MUilvy L>rp%4a u4 

Kofptal ^ in vhKi lorci^Dcn, imI tAcr-i^. will ivflJy ftdnirH 
ilr« <oya] nufiificcfice of th« feooida» lad ite mMt chMtttj of ibii 
opukax A*d povctfal naCitM. 

I ictw u M « fvw oUo-rMjioai oo 1^ Prufiin 7>iiMv« rr«<r ^ butt 
ftSptblBv thtt foa ttiil noc like Mn <ftA[e. ike better lot ;ti {rex 
liofib, f aill. iot the p;e1^a;. odE^ «cd, dull ini, Gmlnua, 

mutk$, 1777- R,, 

£aJiATA m iht R^lrw/w Juu^ dx/ f cbnivy 
P, 1 1 . )• «■ for ii^T^td, t. arrm/rd, 
— 1|, L i>* dft *r, 
*— 34, |-/mi/^ ft/ i?76. f- 1765. 

^§Q, RodfiftOi of Ccacv«, being, by ocAflif. »eiitiot«d in 

of the CuKOU ^/ o( th*x ft«ac. our Rtadrri ■'* fif^Hii vo 
COrre^lbttrcoptftBuh tb« p«c, |rit « rWj><eU£)(t thuattir 
IbooU. in tnf dtj^t, fudTcr, by tht ftiM c^ritraiaf i* 
iMd in ibc pA^v : fee mcK Co ibii b«jd, p. luj^ oTlift 
Moiub*! R«fkw. 

in FcuuARv. 

** 100, I. 7i Affcr virtoc, put « Mna^. 

— f^, pftr. J, I. SI, for rrA m/ rwf^, {5 ptts^fittj Tk^ I 

'tt* la it< £^r.xM »i Uc cod of Jjnuwy, (tn GdtmU, r. Ca^mtM, 

ty Wc tiv owdt obllgcii CA L, Ibr ki« lift of Ettms in o«r lift 
9«IamCt afiteui^h lorry to tad ii«» fo ituvtHMiti bui wc aBfl, to 
au^fe, rf/^iif, to (bit Corrcfpoaikat, ifbai im have hid trc^ocM 
oc^a^Qft ID pr«(cni M ilic awUo of our Rcaderfr*-^bc g^^t dilkoJrjt 
or, r«iher> tMp^^^iitjy Af rmHcrinjif ■ pcriodiol publicaiton «C1)' 
Mvre^L— Wfcff« Auttkori do i:ct tcgubr/y Kc 1^ proof iLctli M 
•vbat ih«^ have fini to tha prc&t (^f ^■■^ »oi ^Acia^i itoie, or o»- 
pottv4ihr> A?r rrrt^i^j chtet, it wouJd be wondcrfol, todced. QjquIJ 
dicsr vorki Ciftape* aJLO^eikcr, fkieh litilc Ui;it xi ihufc vtaich bavr, 
wirii propNcift, b«Q poifiEcd out bf our Corrffpcndcott w\i^ 
tfatof* oblfrvauooi, ia occaft^a nay oficf, wiU be viuy aoce^ubic 

AtB< «ril] ind lb«aracle fdattaj; 10 JUttfimmt In Rciicia, rci id« 
p, ie9. The rvArTEtrc ;fl lae Ja^x h» a 9 tritr^ of rbe cypher. 

<f Racvpt ia a faw iaaaacea, ^^cicia itit tAODOi isroc ivi«h 



For APRIL, 1777. 


Atr. r The Hi/Ur; •/*/*# ffW/» *r P^frfi t!. X^wg */ Sf^*m, By 
K&brn WaeCm, LL,D. Fivfrftir o4 PJiiior^hf tad K&«li>ric 

if>s. Cadell, Ac. i???. 

N any period ja vrhkh ODO country rjfcs lo ftr fupctior 
to iU 4>lhcin in p*>«cr and r<»fi(«n(nK c» ** ta cxifnd JCf 
domimon* thratr^^h the greaier p»rt ot ih* worfd, and in»d«r 
iti conncfiioiu and influence unitcrfJ, JU liT^iri bccumc fo 
hi«rw<ovcr> with OkjI^ of OLhcv couniiitr, thM there may b« 
A coovcnkn^G imi pcopficty in roakjii^ irt hlflofV l^o tuJU 
of the g^nen! hiSkory of m;uikiiid in tSav p«ncKl, By ih'i 
iBCtnt, the I^jHomcaI piflurc, in llic hliid« cf « t'tet oAaJieri 
white it U filled uiiti an inicicn^ vancty offtgur^lt wi^t prrferve 
in unity of dcrign ; rhrmol) inttKHin^ Ucnci i;;<l ch^^^tftor* mc-jII 
be broiighc into ful] viv^ ; ami ihofe cif fc^i tmfcrl rnc* ifill 
>ppev ill their ptop<r ftatc^ 0/ anfcriojity, m the txtck-crouni 
or die pirce, Thuit the hiftotiei of the Gr^>n and Rnnun 
&Uiu,uenot iittpiopcrW m^c ihe ground oTthcgmcral fcj|li><y 
oflhe perit'dBJa which ihey fiouriflKiJ. In hkc nMiutci, ir^durmj 
Bf«ric» or \caritiliisglc inidi^iJital Aandi tt>nh in pijbtic v,xw i« 
the piuieipiAl 'E'^t '^^ l>olit'<:«l jFairji, deciding the t«tc ul tia- 
lions an4 cmpife^ by htt lupt^iof Uj^acity Of vaViur, the annila 
of ruch^prince will iMlunlly iiuludc ihc gciK-ral liiQofy of tko 
ttmei to which be lire^. The hiflory oF the two of Alexaikdcr, 
iff. Tor that DuHt pciicv', Ihc Viiflo') of iIk wMrld. 

Tbe dr^rcc of lu^riottt/ 10 which ibc Empcroc ClivUv V, 
sfofc, ui<d which he mtiatrfircd ihiough a li^g courte of ycir% 
tmithilwn CO ihaiclevHtted Aaiion mhillory wJii^ii Dr, Rot>eTi- 
fon has ipvea hink* But it may be qucRionc^, w.'ici^c; hit ibo 
Pbilip has an ectiral eUitn to 6e eabibJted at full lergth, ai lh« 
firft figure in the piece, in the fuceeedtng period, 'J he great 
^etiTi of ibii period might prth-tps moie woperlT hi\« Mrn 

Vot.LVi, R .rdiu4 




%4t WgOon'tfCJIpfjffiht lUtffPi';S^\LJCh^tfSf 

reiiwl » portbORB of t^c gcaml hlflotf of Europe, or of tW 
Icvcral couatri£> ia wbkh tbcjT bap^ftcd^ tlun rcfutrd to tbe 
reign of Phibp n. By a^opunc thu btnrr pIftA, tbf AMkoc 
cf itie prcfcDt work ht^t wc ihii^, bctn fcxDctinici led uato M 
unntcc^jry rrinutrnrf* of detail; tnd hu obtind hi«nle4f lo 
clofc hii nvntivc, at > lunc wfacn tbe tl^n of m Nctboki^i 
were in an unfrjU^ ftuc, &nd to Uivc bis Reidcn io rufpcMO 
coacetaittg their idue. 

If thu bcackof^wlodgodlobeftdc^isovr AuiIm<'« pfteml 
plan, he wUif howcrcr, b« fraJilv aUowtd no laooniWtblt 
fharc of merit from tbccxerLnionoTike wotk. He bu cotlc&d 
with jti<l£ntent > vjriny cf valuabk vMtcri&Ji» and ariao 
ihem with pcifpicuily. His Ajlc, thcv^h •M hi^bly fini 
uclur, and nc<pt in % few LnJ^a.tcei, correft. Tbe 
iior> which aFe.occaftooally imerfpcHcd tbfoi/£h the worl^' 
i/ tlkcy 4o not difcoi^er chcifa cxtcnfivc views, and ihat ptfofbiuid 
pcoetntion which we adRiirc in fomc of clu avcicciti tad ia a 
few of the modcTTf hillofjani, aft yet raanljr vid judrdouf, 
Bnd ibcw the Author lo bo a uue fiiend to tbc rcligso«i ^ 
civil libeitici of mankind. 

When be relatei the horviJ peTfecution* which were dtri 
on by Philfp, piriicuUrly unilcj ihe dulLC of yfkat again^ 
Prote^antB, we olctn &i)d him (without dcpaitin^ from 
di^niiy of the h(lloriJn)!expir[rtrtg m honc!^ indignation 
the haieftil ip'mz whJch occafioned tSfm. Hu nccount 
origin And cffe^ of the e^ibliQunc;^ of tite uic|uilittun in 3 
ja u followi ; 

' ThJBtnt>mi4l4 which, dihough ii wat not tbe pi real, bu 
the nurfe idcJ guardian of ignornncc ^nd (aprttition^ in t^my k 
4otii into whUh ir hit bf«D aJau[u4r vva> lAtroduccil info Spjtt 
Aceotdry before ibf prrfrni ptfi^, b^ Fftdirktuid andlfibcfUi 
W4t prir^ciptily iaicfidcd to prctcbt thereUplcofihc Jtwi and Mvon. 
who b^d been (onTCrtcd, or pictcniJrd m he cuiitcrEcd lo cbe 6hh of 
tht church of Rome. Iti jnrifdidion wai cdt oon£ited to (h« Jtvi 
and Moon, but «]it«Dd«d to ill thof« ^ho, \n (heir prxct»c« or«f«< 
fii^att ditfvrcd from tht cllablifhed church. Jb the vaiied hinrjojai 
of Cftdjle dud \tt%%oii, ihcie were ciglTtccQ dtfitrcat iMgiwrill 
courui hivb^ rich of ihrm iticounfcIloM. termed apoftolk Ittfit- 
fiLon, it* fecrvtarift, drjeantt, andcihfroAiceri : andbcftdct 
there »«r« twenty thouUrd Uniiluii difptrfcd throujjhoai ibe 
dom, who iAedatfpiei aad i[>formcri, and wck cmplcyrd toj,, 
heud all /ufpedlcd peifiMis, ind to comma thea for Ebcir trial, ift 
pf jfoAi which belonged io the inquiJition By ihelt* fflciUian, 
ioat vrtit fcired on bj» ftifpici<ta ; and, in cootruti^on te'lte 
conmoo ru)«« of [iw, they were j>ac lo the torture, tried nndco»- 
dcQiMd by tLcJAt^uirnorflt without htiofcOflfionGcdeiEbcrwitbchi^ 
acciifm. or »iih ihe wliDClTtfi en wiijjfc rvidcace ibry nrfre conriff* 
fted. ThrpuniAicacDEi inflifl^d were mere or Jefi drrAdfjE, acconUa^ 
10 the caprice aod hum^ir of the Jud^ei. The ufthappy Tt!Uai<Tw« 



ciikcf Ann^led, or cotiimiircd to the Aaneik Or loaded vriifa chai&i. 
Hiot up in dui]ff«04ii dunnj^lifc. Their cfft^i verc confifcAicitt 

TbU ieitiEariiOn «i«> nti doabE, »t[l okuhtfd to proJjce in unU 

)/ [fiT fAfcOQf rc<LJil Jife; to binilti all freedom of thought uil 
cJi; lodifiiufb mrn't micdi with Lhr moft difqurtDng HppKbcA- 
I, and it> eroduee ihe mcft in:4>1enMc fl*»cfy, by rc^facinj' pM» 
tiof 4II latkiof life tot ftAt« of ibjtd dvpcadfflce apon pricftf j 
'hofc iii:<£r>Ey, »ere Ji ^cn j^ffjier th«n thai of ether fiico, a* Jd 
Crcrjr ftllc icLgion it i> Icfs, miitl h^t^ been cortupir<l by ibe an* 

Such, B«ulj'> uffre th« ftntimenti »hic)i «vvd the Spiniudi fa- 
tttniiird of thuiaicjtilcoui iribonil. it (be line wbeo u >^u eicAod, 
Ba< Ml hating bid crf^iicnct ihcn of \i% ptmiciou* rlTtAi. titii 
OwJidcrinj It u intcncteii Eor ihc ch^Llifemcni of Icvi md inlidrls 
tihcy oaljr mDrmur^d ind compliui^il, tiJl. ihf )CKf brfajp vrf«:hrd 
AtKMicihttr Mcki, ibc mQl r«cfrt marmvitn^ b«cim« dsn^roiiff 
mm^ of^en fu4] to iWc«rho micfcd thcin. By tbii tjibuniJi a viiibic 
<hui^ A'«i «vrou(:h( it^ [he temper of ihc people ; and rcfcrrc, dif^ 
tt^xfi, and jcilitiury. bfcamt; ih^diilirL^aifli^OjC'^'"'"^'^' °^' SpinUrd. 
Jl Krpciutlfd an<J conhrmfd tb« rrign ot ij'^onnc* and fttj»f rMicioiU 
It ifil3xa>cd ihcfa^e ct lalrgioiti bipotrr ; aad. by the cru«1 fpcd>cU» 
to which* id ib< c;te(utto!i of iii Jccrret. it iWniilUnfed liic pcoplca 
It aooriflied in thfm that fi^'roEioua fpiriE, whkJi. u the NciherUnda 
ttad Amcricit thr/minifrrte^ b/dffdi cIile hive fixed in ctr^liUin^ 
s«pf«ach On Ibc ^punifh name 

By I tbefccoafiaeriiioos (ould not bt ipprchondcd br PhllTp ; qot* 
if they had been fu^irctlcd 10 him. wvuldthey hitc hjJany influence 
vpos biACOadud. He had imf^ibcd* in aJl 111 virulence, ihai fpirit 
W bigocry ind pprrrcuiion. •vhict> gtvf birth to rht inquiftridn. H^ 
M^SMod herciici ai ihc m:»ft OiJidifi af crirninalsi tnd confLdered « 
dbptnurc in hU fub;<dt f^om iFkc Komi:^ (uKrlliiioa, ai the moH 
JifiiViil r ifiiiiirji that could befiil them. He wo tbeiervrc Jeier> 
■noBd tofuppOfi tti^ ifiquiJLton wiib all h U power, aad he encou raffed 
thtttiiO vxert ihcmfeLvei, in the eicr<if« of ih«ir office, n-iih th< 
MBOA diUfcotefe The Tcal aod tij^Udcc cf thcfe men fulJy conef- 
poukd 10 (hac ariouj wi;h wtiich ihcir fuvereigo wat in£taied ; jCC 
fO iti«fillibIeinibLi age^ii rhcfpirtt cf innoriEJon, and fo great die 
loree of tr^th, ib,ic the opini[>nt of the rfffirmen bad foaad ih^if 
vay tvea into Spain, aad wen eoibraeed opcol^ by trM< numban 
of both fcici. among whoai Eh^re were both p^iedi and Runi^ Evea 
tbe ucUiUkop of Tofedo, B^rtUmt d> C^anj J MifAsiA, nu from 
Mrtftit ffopeAitoni cof^uinH ia a catccliifiTi which be pDMifhedr 
fufpcdod 10 have «fpoufed chest. The in^utfiTori informed (he king 
of ibe rroBodt of theu fufpiaooi t»dda£red to re<4ivehi» inOruyiioct 
foe clKir CDoduA. CaTaiiia had Excn anir<rfa|ly r^pcAcd ai one of 
the i»oft viftvoui lad Iramed prcUcci in Spain. Having, whc« 

Irovincidoftbcorderof St. I>MBini(}oc, been canted by Pht lip Into 
itgTand, ai a p«tijn veil qualified 10 pfoeiott the ja-dublifhinenc of 
pcpcty to that kingtiocD, be hdd Ubokirei with {^ maeh acal for (hat 
CDd, and thereby frcoomeEtdcd biolclf fa pcwcrlcUY ^ vWV\tv^% 




t&Aliq U>e J«f QBC tknifttd Ere Imf drcd at\A -' . r>« V'nUlf 

■dviocfd bj£Q ic the pjimicT. Hit fjrll {.-i.^tuj , r jruir^ing 

kmpciur, vaoa k« Miended U bii lu diJfcri^ Bui tK« [..;rQT,r/ 
of hu okEriiaud fcfvjui wu Kiow obJit«&ic4. Fmlip wro:e lo the 
in(^ujA;oia fVom ibc NetLcrluid*, ihu^i Lhcjr uidII* *»tliuui hdjwko, 

Srrcrfil ug^tin^ ihe archhifhop m ikcjr wouUI do ai^uBfl cu her fl 
cLnaucnu; tnd ihit ibcjr l^ouLl tuoi fp4if even bit ovn fan, if ^ 
tbt>- lofat4 iim j^aitif cf hticfy. Cinmii wij acccrdiegiy ihrowa 
into P'iivfi' afiitf hi» revenue* were feqoclfraicil, TJjc prufXtt^;ioni ui h 
hjj cticcliifni, 11 «vlikh tii« iDijaiJ^tcii a*J iiiLeo ofcncr* were L<)tl fl 
f9 b« of ft diipdnbttf nnare^ vtcn amoc^ i^ k.atMki theoi^Tei. ' 
Jtit prabkbU, h^u'CKr, ilui £c4ic«iicr u^u^^^ b%*« b>svn ;fOttO(iDced 
«g«iaA bio. had fld: E-^C ^pf tOVtpckd, id4 ciaicac4 «■ e><lu£TC ^ 
JigTii la decide the Cau-'c, Pfttlip, aaxMOi for 1^ InrHJiir cf Ui« kotjp fl 
CLRCf, to khoflf pou^o- he vAt dfiiraiii th^ no boacdt fliouSd be ^ 

frrfcdUd, mplotr^ atl hit iaicj«(L <ik prct iil ^ n ik« pmitf to drop 
U j>fc((8liODi. Bai ax JaJl he hinfdf yielded ; a/ii CirMtJca, tlwr 
liittnit bogaUhcd in pnfon for fix jtm 3c^ fc^co aio«tbip wii 
fltinflioricid IQ Kumt, n^htrc lie msi nlciTcd tram coBnaexcai, bst 
dkd tb a ffW 4i«etta uf\er he aak fei ii liberty. 

■ fi<f«ie I JuUp% afiivAlin iheuLy of Valh^li^I. an AiJt^4e-A 
Ltd bvfp «]Lbr4t<il. in nkkh ft sr<a: number of proiclUi^rk vcr« 
coiiiiij;ut:d tc lie iljrati. 'llieie were liill ia the pfi^jui o/ihc in* 
qvifiiion CD' re thirti tUn>' prrf m. a^lcfi %boA iW lacaf dreidr«l 
pnuitimCDL hail Ueo dcnouaced, Philip, eager to give public ptvtff 
aiejrlyftip ni!>lc, ofhii AbtwircrKr &J rhcfe iiliio^(»iori, dc&ftd tLfl 
^jqtjiilt^o to £i a d>y Aj' ihcif ckichiios, The dfciJTkil Gttctuvmrf 
{mr>re lepugcici LO butnjoicy. t* urll » loihe (}^t^lCo^lhc ChriJ^Utt 
reUgion, r/iio ihr trtaH abcmmjbFe lacriAcei iec:>rJcd in i\vt annall 
ot lA< pajiAh wofM) wai eoadu£led with itie gttvxll Cvietaaij wh 
tb« io^uJ^iori could dcviJf i And I'hili^, aiieiultd by bu ios £ 
Cttlo*, b> bit iiilcr. aii4 b) hit j:ooiucri and guardi, fac vkhnf 
i^^ht cf the Dnhippy vidimii. After hea^fnit a fertnOfi from tb| 
bflhop of ZAfliar^f be Me frcot bt feat, aa^i bivjcf^ dt^^iv hi* 
r«o Jt «ia£|[B*l, iLac ittib it he vould defend tnc [o^lv fd-ib, be 
caultd an oath lO be aJnuoi^crCil C'j Liia by the Jn^jlii <jr GencnJ. 
ihM he ivouLd Tuppori ihc tniujiti<[otfi Hni ie> tm^nttctt, agajail all 
berftict >Bi afnUaiC), or oLhefi who ff^outd arumpc t^ vppoA il| 
Aud wouU cotupcJ hJ4 fwbjcfli e«iry vhtrre to mid cbcdie&cc BO ii| 
dc«itci- Ai^ooe [he prouiUciti condcrnficd, tbcK vtm a nnbtimn 
of the fiainc of D*s Csrivi lit St^ who, uiieu ilic cACGuiun«ri hti* 
tfoo^a^iog hini lo the J^ake, citlcdoat io tbe kirg Ui nttitj, Oyitft 
^ aiid (aaA thoa (but, O klvg, uiin<fi th« toristali or thy lolnftte j 
ifavc u) JfOoi ihii cjocl deachf «te doaoiiiif«'veiE,*' '* No.'^rbilip 
fUtT\\y HpVv^t ** I would iii)r<lf cany utobd 19 Lotn uiy uwn fb», 
«rcrt he fuch A Vffcich a> iIkiu," After ubhkh, Ic behrU t^ 
^itU iprfiule thu {^J[\Cl^4t^i, wt:h a cocDpoIuTr aad tfaoqaiLLcy tbcc 
^loktiiid ihu aod bnfeeUug bevt- 'Ihii Oc^iilvl kvcricy. ;oiocd 
Wiib ctftiivfixrd Uwi, cnaii<d:o picvcne tl]eii»^jfutiun<kf Lu^^tiaa 
iMmka* ivoa i^odkicd U>c Ut^jid c£cd. Af:cf i];e j;clc!3raEioc of 
^ootbcr AMU/'dC'fc, au ^liKk ib;}m £f±y p;oic^JJi:i f^^&ci^ ali cbt 


W*ifon"* injlsr^tfih R/f^uefPk^p II. Kik^ 9f Spain. US 

ItQ, if th«»t vcff Aof who iXW fcmcin^t dther Cdaccakd ibcir 
CEMlm<»t», ^r nu^difirrf^apc into foreign poJti.' 

Tbc ttia-fttfln u/ Vt'M^i, whn wit Jh^jitiiy, anil from pno- 
<ip)c, a bj^oi M» rtli^iofif au;d a tyrant in fKvJitiCii r» aiimiratiif 
cuDtraftnl by "hai nt Wtlliun I. princt ol t>r4ng^. The fiJ- 
lowint* txtri^t, jt tSt r-rrw lime xhxi ii cciitains miny inl*ieftiJij 
paiikulfT? jn ihc cu.idui^ tii' ihis gresi nr-in. aiTorJi a pioof 
Cf ttie V\rritff'$ icrpiriulicy, in rcUcin^ without djL^tjile tbc 
cirolA *i>J miuTfrcKJuict of iht rcJbrEiieri. 

* Wiliiiui c^M\A, aw, «iihrr «i(h Caivty cc bo«O0r, have Irf: bii 
Atny iucMf ikan be d^^ Frcui QHoft wbcrc ic wai dilbandcJ, La 
went, aicc&dfd 9u\j \>j kl> own JpakCf^u. aid a compabr of horrc* 
lA Canpcn io Ovti; iTcl, and ln>m ihencv he pallcJ oi<f (he 2viil«r 
Ira la U(K^^yC<«; ivh^e he vai j^jfuU^ fecejt^, and ail hu 
dirr^>ocj foe t^c^jciict Iccarii^ oif ibe placr* were carried immcdU 
&£dir Ritu ca<c«:E9D, Atirr lu^in^ ibere for f^CK diyi, ai:d vil^mj 
tbc othff roAbi itt tl>c pr^ftil)t<4 be fc; om for litcitem ^ biria^ a»- 
petUiud acrfvrnEion of ibe Sum ro be he1<i la iLii dijr, locrwfitur 
Cf rbc prrfeci liEu^ion cf tbeif a^iiri. Hu sTrhal tfvutfdin ptrrou 
o/aii raoki iW nMlt a^ffij^nad j^v \ but thi» kj, fct t<i<citcd) ivu 
^really alLycJ by ihctr 4p^ciic-Vio(i> vl bciag niaLblc lo tcltA tt 
Dicmj'. b;J<ije i^hom be bimlclf, ai tbc bc«d cf a p(>4eMut ftriaf^ 
lad bemotill^ed to rf ifc. The fird oli|cA of bii jf^cAttoa v/ai lo 
jatle ihiir dfcopiciK Ip^^'u, bf DuIuEije them fetfiUc of ibe adva** 
Ufci ^kh [hc7 poClcCcd inihc lu^src and ^tuatica of i^hf c^aei'fi 
v-ttiLh. wbiJc ilirrjr jT<>^«^ J (lidc f'u£<fjtj>-ilr ti ftj. aod a£~:cd u coa- 
ccri, wonld tender abciiive all ihc atirmpii uf the Spaniardi lo 
inlacc ;ftezT. T^c n^^^rieirTkii)' uhicb he difplayvd diRufcd \\it\( 
]£to ereiy ^rra ^ ^ ar.c uic JrptKie* VDaaiiaaiJlly dc^Urtd, iHit liff 
^ou£J be cit«i;c>y ^^irjucd bj bu c<»ab^l in aJl ibcir cocdufl, and 
-.would lajr dotfu ihelr tiiet i^ot<er thaa alModoA tbat JavalEjabla 
^llbcrry, vitbcut nhkh tbej* thco^bi lifr irfelfwat not deHrablf. 

Ift ibc ^n^efit umpcT ot ibcii minji, WiiJUm mtgbi have r«!<ii 
tW peopEc of lilt inariiitpt provinces w»h an hbtcluic f^af t bat be 
ksew tbctc nat a mu^b fife/ ai h<11 m a nrnc cITcctujI m4lb«d ofei* 
ncJattij jHHarr, aird wifely received to cu^fuh ihc S:a;ci ia Cvrrjr 
juaircf oMmpcrTincf* aad to :ake lapon himfelf onl^ the tieeutiCA 
of Ibcir eoamanda. tcr ciia purpo^ he lirrquAtl/ conicneJ t^em; 
»a4 ia ordfi ii> ^Ive x'^^*^^ wcigbi to lEicii tkciiaaD-*i be pe:fKa^nl 
tbcm 10 admit iaiu thdr iminbrt ibc deputies vf luilvc uthrr ciiio. 
befidei ib^e cf ihbojn ikrir aEf^rably had been buherEo caLnpofed : a 
■MaTarcinhkh 4U irO Ee f^ ^rtdoui aod ^opaUr, ikan ii waj bifeacd 
.pfod<*t- It flaEiefed the vajitiy cf tboic towua «b *biJi die new 
^rmlege ir^ b;<'lcwcd; cnf ajcd ihcai to conEribvtc with greater 
■Ucriry iheb tluft of ih« pjt>lic eitpcncn ; anii jIicw iLc ff tcnl dif. 
uULicf ihe pf»inceiaio a 0aie of motr Iniimaie kaion iviih oao 
»ao(h«r. With like ?)iatei, thut incraifed ja ovmbe/t the piin^e 
apP'icd bimfelf CO rectify tlic'difbfdcri wbkb hi^ p^vaLlcd, Ufd to 

CKi ike pfi>f iacc iuo a puilotc of defeau a|iiolL ibe Spioiardt. Jt 
ad hfen d«ftned durlB^ the Iiieroirmo^Eoni by many of the piin- 
V^ uikabjOAtit bj Ui«n4 [r^etnbcra of 'M <o«ru of i«fttCCt >v^ 
^ R3 . ^ 




Wf (h«oAc«fi cf ihe rcrrnnr, and oihrn ^ho h^ poblk r-mp 
mcati I which the^ lud bc«i iadae«d to «JMhdoc. nthcr bf <b«ir m- 
Ucbaicrl (» popen* or ifbfb diHidccicc la ihc dutiiioft t»dUrilirf 
of lie prtfcai |£OiCfnin<Qi. The cmncoui T^cindo wbkh wtn 
tKm ocC4fiOiif<J, wtrc tJpplird wtth proivdiru; ar<l ro caiboilc wb> 
adoiticd iPto Any &$«» cr Miowed EO isLc tnj' concern i% th« i.d* 
miniltrAtion of p^Ulc aJT^rv, The tKcrcif* Af tb« ^oomJL r«iicM 
W4« prohiUcfd id L^c chmcbcs i iai eHc onTjr wotIVi^ pemJiBeS lo 
be tMcrtlkd publicly* wii ihc iiri^rrrTini, »t ua^ht by CitYim, ind 
pradifed in G«nfva. ind ihf ?iUTtn<itf^ 

' Thu» far the Fn^cr of Orange complied *ith tht indfnit^on of 
tbe people* by » ^mt mijoriiy ot»hi>ni the pfinciplet of tbeivibrai* 
en had btca rmhiud. Bui n-W pcrfctuiitJii on iccoant of rdigioai 
hedifcoungrdto xhz oimoHof hit pnwer. HuTeaToQiiigiibrtolvra- 
rion we/e mofe fumfafol naw in favour of the psptAt, i>iin they bvl 
been formerly v»hh ibc tfccUCiof Parma, in b«b4irof ibe reforaerr. 
The S'-ftKi, by hh pcfruNfion, refolvcd, iKat bo pfTfon wlu;eTer 
ftould be moZclte^ on att^uui of hU rdl^ion. provided ilm be Sited 

3eivE[yj hrp» nr> eortfffn^odriiee wiih (he SpmUrds •od gjiTt n* 
lAurbancc lO [I^e ejtiblrlhed nude of worfKip. Wtlfian fovml 
f rCJter diificdi^ in fcflr^iniifc ihc llecntioariicri of the army, ihi^ in 
fcEilinf ciih^r iPiecowriiof juilite *>r thcihvich. When wreflcfloa 
iliofe hctrii fcenti which were cxUbired in <heNe:herTamdt by the 
Duke ofAlvj ltd hit afTociiiei, iiwiJl not appear farpriBn^, thu 
the ptottJUpCi i^Loatd h>vB coneei^ed the n^A vioteai uiiDoilj 
a«tiiil1 iheir blood)' prifecatou. They }ui feen their deueC reJ*- 
crani aod fnen!!. bcfiilfi rmay perfuna whum ihcy ic^crcd uomcovdc 
of t^c innocence *nH finf'riy of their H«s treated like ih* iBoA 
fiij^nmi n^alefj^Otf^: tnd mi«y of ihecnfelve* bid, ia onkr 1# 
avoid ihe fantefare» t-teo obllj^ed lo tbai>^ti ihrir hobitatioer, ind 
CO wmdcr {luiTi pbcc LO plice» forlorn ind indigen;. la the better* 
nefi of their cjjnreff, they h«d fnrgot (he fpirii of thit reli^iott for 
«hlch they r«jft«rcdi tnd oo micy ocoiioQi, wrecked iheir foi- 
gejiffce i.c^aind ihitr enemiet wiih a htoul ivry. To the S^diniardi 
tfho were lahcn prt1oi>erf at (tt, the protcAaaci on boiio the tlect 
f;ivc nn L|tiarLer ; tvhile (he ccc[efitj>k«. ini many oihe**. whole 
ttii}y crime wt% their adkiereree xa the religion of their flnctjorit 
were Treated by thr prowHini (bldJeriwith equal inhumanUy* 

' The eoaat of La Marc, cooimander in chief of the foreca, WM 
fc> far fiom oppoftng ihzCt cnoridliei, ibai he encouraged Uaft^ 
dieet IB covmiLtiEifi (hrm. Thii noblrniiD'i pridcipfll viniic «D 
ifltrr[>idhy; and ander the doik cf ^tal f^r liberty » and the refbrmcd 
nligi4jn, hcKcmi to have incvadcd aothtQi^ lo moch as ihesmlGoo- 
tioQ of h]»avuicc or icvenj^, The Piitcc of Oiingc, wto frOa bt* 
futvraL humjti:y. and a Cf^udcct itniil to fuiurc coalequcnco, wi* 
otter})- anrfr from erery fj^etin orvioleEcc^ actempced to mukv him 
fcnlable of the folly and tnjquiE>' of hii ccrduCL tvx tDon^ that be 
vu noi likely to fueccedp and that t^e roTJicD (tiJ[ JnJuIf^cd thea- 
Jcltei v>i;hokilcontrOkjl in ihzit wonuii ctuiTcji he icfcrred :he mot- 
■cr iottceo^i7jncecr(he Statei, anddrrircd tboratoconlider coo^ 
wbar VfU prrjptr to be done. The Scitea, whA «tro bbbly iaceoM 
afiic JI the Count, for bis co£tecnpt of their aothority, ^eprircd J^ 


W h'l <en«i&nd, afd o*dvrcd bim to ba a7»pveh«i]ii«d. WiJIinnj 
ubwitKng to bmt thclcrvicci nkich ihc Count bftd prribfiDcd lA 
[he bcpiinning of ihe rcral:, foan a^cr Ic:erpofc<I jti hit behalf, »nil^ 
pmailfd EfCnii ihe Siir^ to rtltafe hint- H*tLt}.'i»tc c<)dM nt^idU^ 
g<ft (he aSrOnt whtch hjid bt«a offWvd hi=n. H< omp]ainc4 UaJtf ' 
ofi^Stii«i for thcu- infra lit wi!e i boAfkd ef hit auchomy m the' 
jQccia^d trn)', avdacteirtited locjrdcei rpii);orfcJj(L9n Among thci 
pnpk. The StAtti wcrr mrditatiu^ to Itite kim a frcoed ifmr, in 
order lobriigfcun mhfti trial, Hut the Prince of Or^agr^ prompted 
hfundatttU tor hUnluionu and a ieafe of fcia ^mer UitiLCt, 
dldbaded them from C]C(<utLi>^ ihcir defien» and tdrlfed :hem to 
imfScT btn (v lc4ic the prciiDCo. The $uin ]iiLc«cd, t>iuu^h with 
(me reluAince to iltjiiivire, ai^d rhi^ Ceoni having left Ehe Ne< 
tfaerfaadi. dird Iboa ^fcriii-ardiiti ihe city of Licg^r/ 

Or. Watfijn clt^ki bii g«ntral review of the chui^croJ' WjU 
itacn of Otjnpt^ with tViU fp-rircd rrply to ihc chirgc of amlri* 
tion, which o>an^ cithr>lic wrjscrj htve broJgbt againl^ htm* 

' It » tto: 10 the parpofe which ihr Veipl^ Liltairarii iai<£^td to 
ter9t,hy ihrlr pnrif»i!» of Wti^iami ehjrj^^i', in fijof him (ha.- bc 
«ri* ftaabitioM : in iticir, antbitioA Ritriti odthcr praife nor b!tme, 
bat H cmlpabit or laodable accoidiAt to the cad M which it affireia 
aod ih« mcatii vbkh ii cmplof*. But if wc judge oonccrniat ^ 
-clMra£t(t of the Piince of Oranjieiccordieg 10 ihia ciiiefiao, ie niiift 
be irpoiible for peflbnt rE> upjKilitc in their prioctpto*, at the caihc^ 
tic uta p->i«ftartc hiltorUoi to agree. 

' Jf, %-iih the foicicr, uc f^Ucc ihe ilvhti of all (oTCfeigfU oa the 
fame foandatioti, witiiovi tlilTtn^uiOiiDf uctvcen an ibjoltiie jifii^oe 
ami t!it ttvcrrigti of t Tee people, lod brlicvc (hat every prince in 
by 04 iidefeafible and divine ri^h:, iatiil«d to cxerctf« a defpotie 
povcr over the rvtii^ion and Lbcnyof hii fahjeAi i if ive believet rhat 
with the peimiSon of the pope, a kinsmay vLoUte hiamoA foicmi^ 
otihi, asd that the obli^iibna of hU fiibje^ m obedience icmaln In 
fore*, <ier afiet twry c^nditicrn eposi wkich ihty entered into thtn 
haa breatioUied ; iiw^ikfuch pnncappi ai thefa, we judge of rho 
Clwrafier ofthe Priiicc<jf Oiu^c, ti irill be JlBicuIt not toconCdcc 
lus u gmhy boEb of perjury md rcbcllicjo t and, la thii (;afc, ckfl 
moll ^TOurable terdift that can be paLleJ apon kia condud, ii ID {kj, 
ihu H pr«<eedcd from a criminal ambittnn, 

* B«t iff on ihc other haad, ive regard t^e pontiiTi pnte«Go«t m 
the power of fec;:ujf men at liberty from thcit oxeIii a> ftbfard and im« 
piuuii ifwc regard ifae rijrnti cf TobjcfLi Ji soleli facrcd than ihoie 
ofkitMi if 4^ diilinguifli b«tihe«o a prince lovHled wJih unlimited 
autbotity* aod oec whofir po*«r U circumrcribed by Eh< fundimrntal 
\iwt of tlie lUie ; be^hecu a ptinct whofe fi^bt to his doaiiaiOnj i» 
i»defca£b]Ct anil one ^hq nbiiUard hii £cit«cr|*aitr oaly upon conala 
lerw, ubich he fwnre iti fulu:, arhib hii fabje^ti ertga^fd to yield 
tbetr obedience en condition of hii foHillirg tnem ; in ini< eaft, our 
Jedcvencof WjtUam*! ch«riiB«f «riJL b> octrecHl/ <^iEr«rcne horn 
vrbat it wt»OD the ftiimer fupaoIitiOQp ''V nHi/(Caall} not be hii\*- 
Bed fllth bafcly arTcrLsd^ hi> tnaocence cf tbolc Crimea nf which bta 
•Aomicakare acculed htm, b<c ivt^iii [Ihailjooate wkon him thCi 
glormiappcUiiJOQiwbicbluaeouatrjmeaMmrtdt ^\hAW^t<4U 


IT ma 
I of a 

flfS Ruttr 0«f£' L^'iJsn tfjii EJhtlvt^h DrffinfM^r'uf* 

-IkUcooiurT. <Di iWg^triluD of *i\ Wbtay «ai Ivwa. vbo ^etwifif 
ficfifictd fiEt Uierdl, ctfc^ tnd faffry ta it« publk 5001I; tod vfe^, 
liHk by otiblEl kad pcrhxHoa^ \u<A tfurKdrdi bjr r>>r^c of irm>, did 
note 10 icku? till UMov t^tiacat ienttt op^rct&ort, t^AP «■< cvcrdoaA 
la fcch uctuwi:d ci:c«iniuncci by AHf p«;iw( in \)tt ^r^>lld bdorc* 

Fi*>m ihefc (pcci^cft* cf thiii ufofk, ojr Rudcn will» wO 
dciubt nor, be Iticlircd to %)\ow ic x very coofidcr^ble HMre ;^r 
R^cric ; add ihU o^iriioii wiU iccriv^ firriticr ciin€fmittnii (loa 
the cxtr>d* wtiich w« prop^c IQ lay bccorc ihem in a future 
At ;:c>- 

fmimiK^ 19 tii^if tf iktft ^'*rii. Bf Ihc Uie JoHp RutEy, M- IX 
Avthotof A bynoplikoJ Mi«icf^WAieri|«AdoUicr Work** ktmfim 
3». 6d- Diily- i;76. 

Akt* III. M^i^/rfdi J^fJica .dWiw (^ iVirrd. Rift^iafm ig ilU^rm- 
tmi yS%^ Je J^tiittsntnfer^m itm^tiMm CMVi'4(«i'r#H FtKatirmlt^ 
9Va7j/«i, Akiflcte J[)h«nie Rauj, M- IJ^ Ate. Op«i XLAnw- 
rum 40. Kotcciddini, Si«Gkpl;bu>E. ^C DiEly, 1771, Piicv 
I i. 1 1, boucd. 

T nay ff tm ntbCT tn^dicatc Jind vofiir to crickifc ihc work 
a Wi'tfT who U not notr In x rttiiEion 10 xnfMVf fj>r 
Ay ihc fubjc^ however of ihc tiftt of ihcic Ariic]<i if 
a miircr of public concern ; lod a wc ih\ii)t very dttfercnUy, 
wuh icf^<^ 10 the main objrdt of iCi froi^i chc Ucc A«ibor, 
who iiJil acquired fi^mc decree of rrputnion in itlf!^ mcdicfll 
wcflJ } wc fhall ^flow more «tr«nlii.>ii on ibcfc O^rvMwa 

' Whilf ti'tfry ijtional pf^^f^iboner of M^icuif> who k fiiH 
CfreTy conccfjKd fcir thv adiancemcot f^f fais itn, Jtid iSr ^tioA 
of mmiklnd, hn> Fcjf>iccJ *t iht nf^^pashts lov^iird rcrofmAtioa, 
whkh the «>!!c;^r> i>( I«uii^l>.i ard T'JJniiur^ti bive maaifcJtol J 
lb (heirrH^£livif DlC^nUioucif by ttie rcjc^mg many of ibv ^ 
irHrn^ artv«:lc« wbkh tud obuinrd* ».idlwi|E kcpti pULi:ih<:fC» 
l^c Authof cif tbcfe ■ 0i/fTV9TirM* Cnma f«eJiri^tr t^ i>^i>eDt th« 
faibccfsof thcfc ExpurgAtort^ aoJ fiteicndtd Rclvimcrt; wd 
Arofigly p!f:ijh, on wri-JiB aoJ fr*ijM«niJjF very l!i[>hi'prctcnc<«v 
foi iIk rcjdtniiSon of ni«nyof the ^rofcriMfuljr^^iof iho if/j^ 
feri^ AI/i^<a ; u vrcM is far th« RdmifQcn nf vArioJl ocai article* 
which hiid tLcvtf yet been hon'>urcd wish a phcc in cipher 1/ 
ibffc MllIi^^T CijJc4. \Vc fbjit KArifciiW, tiid oc<>fta^>\[y 
ani(ruiT«t« upAn, a f«iv piir.-ge* conumcd in the full of thck 
pubJicAiiuitt, wrbouf any |Mtticul«x rdt^ioit ; 11 ibere «rc fri^ 
p»gf«ofthe work tfrhu-b «ic not adapird to loeniih ciMiucfor 

The Author e^ummcn it wiih 1 fummary enamc-rarion of 
r4XKC» &AiflcH w£uch bavi tkhcr not been adi^pccd^ or which, 


Rutty »fr iii ttrdai oni SJiitlv^h PiJ^fsieritu 149 

mFctr t prior t^^pcion, bttvc been ffjc^tcd^ hy ibc Lon^oa aii4 
Xdlnbutgh colk^t. Afirr rrriiing aivl condcfnnln^ ihc o«nJf* 
iiooi of ibc kftt of ib«(c bcdio t he obfctftA t^t ihc Utter, hr 
ifam cntrivminng to ^uppTr cIkIt iJefc^?, ■ (ccm 10 tixv? in* M 
dulled ibc rprrit of retrenching )«t faithcrj* aaJ gma ui an*' I 
inerovi infltiico in fitppoit of th«chug«« sfl 

Oe)c o: ;hc(e gncvoiii ncgk^ta U thii, ' u to tbe5«rrf#t*JI 
lllef liive lel'i tfic apo:kc?ary'ft Jhop tleftiuite noc only of fig*^ M 
tlHitii, 3r:4 JaCci, but of heitfy^ arJ even of fuf^r for mill 
fjruptiiid julcpj/ — Ari hvnible charge ifiiJee^, — ihlt omiflioii of 1 1 
yuY^lf a/iJ h-4>/3wHV( — conlBeriDg tbe many biiter potions ihaffl 
iHue fjtim ibit ttvcptJcIc, I 

Bolb the London ind Edinburgh eoTI«^et arc cbirg»d wilh- I 
liavjng omitted — * aff>o[>g the Ciibartic*, AiPm$ mgra h^oftta^ fl 
Af^n taJ. Brj9»itr Ma rod. Cmtf^^itu mttjff^ ^ mmfj Cf-^ ■ 

^'JH^/p*— Wc hftvc inn^^tlic trinfgrcilions of the two colleges I 
oc thii btxct togetlwt :*b«it what prMcnce can be iirc^ for I 
fwillii^^ the t>tient wUH dcco^iooi or mfurior\ion)tfk of elder* ■ 
or flowen of htpa ; when » few grxini of ^hublfb^ or j*l»p, wVii ™ 
4o the bufiDtfi a( pureatioDf vibch more tcrfely lod eoe^uAlly 1 
•-OVf, tvU ^ juiuPife ? m 

I Tbofe who «fc difpofc^ towatdi the excrcife of rocnitrnn-p U 
tnty hvTc rrrct with i p'rifmg 1 iricty of fuhltirurci co iprcacoJ I 
aoba ( Ibcuid they be tti A lots 10 procure tbcmlclrti that rccrc-- I 
■uon. T^e two eolUget arc r^jualfy culpible, acconfing to I 
oar Author, in hiving, both of them, rqc^M the foJIowiaf M 
€iiiii^ucm fat ihil (vniVion i^^* AfgriratL Ert^trvn^ Kartiffkt^ I 
JPtiMutit yfTitf Rsfhiims h^fo StJvm mams piTwkniaittm sir§/ 

After a fiaiilir cnuniirjiiiui] of fitnplci. DOC adopted, «r te- 
jected, by both colleget* trd which ue herr* clidM accordinff J 
to their refpcdiirc or reputCLl viriue»i the Author defceoda to^ 
|itnicultri, and prcf^CDU each negle^ed or peofcrlbed article ift^l 
an «1pTiabtEkal vciicr ; annexmg to each the tetter L or £, lol 
imlieaie that the article in queftion hi% ehher not tjeen admiticd I 
inro, or ba» been rcjcflcd hy the Lo^idon or KiJiabvirgh cotIc|^eff V 
or both. Wc fh^ll < nTy tranfcribe a paf&gr or two ai fpccicvenf. I 

^ /r and £. AD£rt Atrscittxt;;. Gt^e Crfaft.~'M»f be aif I 
anicicd M a t^/J)- atrong th? fjliy fubAancrf, beir^ altowed'^fl 
(by m\\ old niiricat be might b.ivt nddcd] ' to be more fublitafl 
aoil prnetTatirc than bog'> grrafe.' ^ I 

• i. lad £. ^Mr^k««fJM, J?w« Af^rana^ C. B. Whiftfl 
Wi'^cn hatr, W;tl Rjt.— Here the f^ndon aftJ EtTinburgltfl 
co!]egi'Safetvo ^udntout ia Di^bUn \ loror aU the maiden 'batra-^ 
ihii t» ihe nn^fl tcmmcn heic, briitj;, iudccdr very frcqwcnion 

«Id MttXtk iu Out ucr^bl?ourboo(i» i(c*'«raad tbcn Wv^t%«r^^\ 

f|0 RuttjV JAf/r^ A//&J, M. 

*^* thom^ \i 4^roc»/ wc src fuKSer to!dh ^ with the C 
ygmht I u>d id all probabiliiy U poncfTcd of the /^»rf titrtaitt,* 

« L anJ £. Fu^ M^tr^ C, B. Glides ti»n.— Tkc ochi 
of thi« anrde by boch coU«ga /; *r/ n ^^ trca/tJ^ even Tor Ui« 
ufersliicftoif ill «)cj1, piniculu'j ill jfiflMDsuicMisoftiicbmJb 
and ;/^/j — eitbcf difculADg tbco, or bfiuging Hmo to fupfu 
ration, &p/ 

* L *rd £- /'#n'ii« CapriMimt C. B, Lcrft».^DeCMTw a 
pl«c« in K Afturia M<£<At— (atc, and in i poc rki^c poc tw, but 
fur«1y not \t\'AD:fpfnfcXwj) born for iti frrcjctencyind u^fultieii, 
with wbictKhc^iLdcMi were wdl AcqujimtoJt twlh in reference 
todtrr ind medkine, an<J pauicruUrly ai aa etn^nuyogtte ; 
and Hippocrates oc4er«d the jmcv Co be dunk for ihia purpolt.' 
, The^eral ple» whkh iH« AuLhoi uficii forcbe adoptiwiof 
U> c4Uiil»dAtei trc, either cbat cbe p^op^>1ed article i« eaJy to be 
hida on old wa)U» or dungULIi i or tbxt it hu (be iand^ 
iniiqiity^EliaciB, of old wocneoi mild Jbmctimcj, thic it bas 
bccii furiiicply jecciicd and adopted by OQC c< b^nt) of t^e oot< 
Uf ci : — in unforiunii^ recomnirndacioo Turely ; Ibr after a lon^ 
poduiUoo, ai»d a fm triili the ejc^hncnt aSbrdi a pretty Aroag 
proof of the )r;f[^ntli:ance of tbe fubjc^. Oo fuch pleas how- 
ever be foliciu the ufmifTi^n or rc»4mif7ion of »o Wh than sj; 
fimplct itto our two difpfrnf^tori^i ; and r^or content utith ptt- 
fencirg tbij etwcoiou* body *>f Jim^U recruits for the medkal 
ietvice, niany of wbom have long f orr been drumoaed out of 
it, !• non-meienti i he pleads for ibe adrviilGon of oumeroua 
fabjeflt of a d^Aereni clafs i— len new diftiiiid waitrty Cix new 
fjitraJIit tvclva JMit and o;ne new Tix^irn* — Surdf be wout4 
bave been inoch better emplo^rd in Jecimaitng the prcTrnc cfti* 
bliEbmenI) or w inqki'tttng mio Oac uiles o4 many of the M 
tfccupana thit compufc ie> 

1 owards ihc clofc of the volutne, the Author c0efs fertnl 
obfeiv^tioni on fome uf tbe preparaiioi^ end copipoJttioni Ib 
bMb dtfpenfatorici. Tbefercmartt ue chiefly pliitiiuocuticalt 
inJ Tome of llieot appear Co mciit alteration. 

The objc&ions which we have made to this fmaller perforv* 
ance arc not fo cxtcnfrely applicable :o the Aaihot'i larfCr 
work, the ii<\<^ of v^hich h prv^xtA to ibii atiic^. le itex- 
pcdcd from the Authnr of a AliUtna iVfiJita tbit he Qiuuld ad* 
nit into hit coJlcLlion every fubje^ thii hii any, nen the ncft 
dnbiotjii pretenfwDs to mcdtcal efficacy* The Author arrsngc* ^ 
tbf articlr* in alphabetical order ; and, like all his predeceflort fl 
in this wallt, a rather too ccpioui in difpUying the Icgcadvf 
tirtoes of niiioy of hia Amples. Ttie work* however, miy o^ 
c^ftonally te consulted with 3tJvantAf;e 3i a pharmacal eomitkoa- 
platc book t compiktl from anciciiC and ntoiifin wrhcra, and 
augmented with additionl obCttv;iuona, on fcveial of tbe ajti- 
€^ pediiur to the Author. 





W ( 351 ) .4 

ji«T. IV. MlmtmtJ / Ft^^i; ; »■, Mm mr'^m^ ^ fc^ ««rf 
CU11c», Ord«r(, Cencra, a.n45p«<»ii ^wiit rivjrC£n'«tfn-t, Bf 
' Ocor£« Edttnidi, £J^, trtt. 9%, 6d. frwcd, WLlu. i;;5. 

IN ord«T to'olMain a knowledge of the true or Ulioute 
naurc of cniocral todie>» or of cbc pfopcrtift by whicb 
tber are diftingvUbed frocn each <xhct^ tocourlc mull be 
had to chcBiifliy. But a^ ihc cfaeoiical tjualiiks of bodies 
»re far from being afparent, and ire. In ^eiMral^ only (• 
be difcoTCred bj proccJiet frci^venily opcrufc ukI diilirulc t 
fofne oTufitisi metbod becoinet Dtcetlary, foiifi4ed on Iheir ex- 
tendi and more oWioim appearances »nd cbara^er* ; hy which 
the Tjco ft^^y be erubkd lo difiinguifh (he dJITerent fubjc^a of 
tbcmmcral kingt^rti, and refer e«ch to that pa/tJcuU tUft^ 
^r^t^AMa and J^i/fi in whtrh i\ iw^y moH properly be com* i 
prebcoikd. Under there cflaMiihcJ Jiviftocu ttie ptfcfcAC Au* ] 
tbo« hu arranged mlnrriil ftibflitKCi, and hai ailded a newooe, 1 
ttoikt ihe denomin«tioo /jvJrWaitir. Hts reflfou for this addi- ^ 
tioci are, ' llut ibc lawa of mctbud rcijiiifc ir» and thir^^iQI^ 1 
would be Ian:>e, confufcd^ ani very imperfc^, iF it wanteil 11/ 
When * the individual varira fioiti iilclf iii Lmc un^{.-nTUI 
point/ Ji a to be called * or<1y a vanet^ of the fofljl, an^ is not 
to be confuJcrcJ ^ a difTctfiil ime/ 

In arranging that great C6ii», ibe ftiiiiera] kjn;^doiTi, it ap- 
pcu» to ua tbjkt ai n^anjr detecmioacc and permanent cbata^Wre 
M poir^le fbould be employed, for the purpofe* of (Jikrinu* 
oatiu^ and defcf Ibin^ ib-c varJoiti rii1:jc£ls wfcicb Cfxnpofe jf , 
The principal fburcet from wbich thcli; ehara^cn are to be 
drawo ^e* accordi^ to the Auihoft * Chtimfirf (of the nf- 
fifiaxie« of wbkh hi>wcvcr be don rtoi often avail himieir) 
Aradiw, Fi^tirtt Ctlmr^ tnd tbe degree of lUrdiu/t of folTil 
bo<fiei<* To ihefe we mighl atld compjrjtive weight and hgbt- 
tte&i tfaofpircficy aiid opacity* malleibjliiy, duiliLityi •nj fri- 
abiliiy, la^e, &:c. fi^mc of which qtuJiiJcf ihe Aiiibor bai oc- 
caBonally employed in cbe comfe of the tvork- 

Tbofe who appruvc of a naiartU nMiicralogica] f)ftem, or one 
founded en chemical expeijmcnti, may probcLbly oKjtdt ro the 
I grcai uk which the Author has made of CAinr^ a» fuinidi-ng a 
I cbaraftciiflical diilioftion of fo^il bodiea. He endeavour* t« 
I obfiaic ihia obje^ton by reirarkirg that th^^h, n fiiJl view, 
HH^ar naj appear ^"agii^. >n^ infufHcicnt to ifTord prcipcr cha- j 
^^^krss yetin dkaiactenfine and dcLcnbing the fpecict ^itj m* ] 
dividual^ of foffil bodiei. it li of the greiEcft feri-icr, and deferi'cf | 
the moti cucful cooli^eration. *■ I be cifiBcultj, fays he, of 
fixing upon proper ninaei to exprefi colours may he got o^er by 
paying aiteatwo, whkb never ycc has been doeie, p^opetly to 
know anJ dtltinguilh colour ; ind by Itnding out vanoui cd- 
i9isri» wbi«ti are uiufo:irvly asfj conftintly «^«rr«d'iftticv%^^>i.\ 

«t oaCortf aniJ which Sev a reOiDbbiicc to th« coloun of foKI 

findiicri m \\\t 4^piic;,iion t>t naatu to roiou'i m^y rvnUcr iK<j» 
vci) fcrvicc'blc id rQ£31I<i->;v ; and z<:z\(\xje% iFuovi) cu: ji;j;iLfiii 
ihcir ufc, lrt>qu«;irLv 3^ <^ot l4»)ull 0* thvy tr* rpt<iovi/— Ou 
Ibcfc ptJ»4^fpJcf he i^roi^ccds p, ^. ofllK: cIcfiMitti ; 
' * l)Mf« u ft colour fre<|tjcn<lf Occ«jflng in fnctiU anrf iheir 
vric, wbich hu ytK iKvcriicen n^nted. It ii not b4ac. it u jui4 
wba«, nor nit M'Ck. h* diftVicitt fh^ct fomciimc* rifjiLj 
■pproich !• the fiitfcfCdt Jliftdc» of [he three cclauni ibovemtfn- 
tio>ncd, but iVy rciUy jir« pcrfffi^ly dilhngui^tJ ind fr^nrar* 
«d from thcfiii 1 ni> cotr/ur^ which wc Qia'il tfiUinftjiib 
aikdcAlW^' unndMv/ffiiifir 4J' imra-'i, it pfcfrnt in Irjd, wTic/c 
colour CAiinot tie fiid to b« bUck, bTuCf o: while, from tl»e 
great appli»ti''n h admits of, aod from the ncceMiyoi tn^ktng 
tilcofiffe wcttiaildbb ilhthiicoJovr in the m*n»i;E 4borcpr»- 

'though wcacknovMgc thcdtfictrUlcf ifVcfldJAgihe rniaul 
lyAem of cUifiticaiion» u-c oonm avoM ilikirig iwitjcc of iJii 
■AonMhttand incongritaiei vhicb unat-ordaVly «^r li a lyifnt 
vlm^d puccly uificiat. Thin in rtte f^crenc an-lkUl ^tMi^t- 
mcnC^in conftqurncc of p)acrn£ f.^rtf.f tod /ftmt In dillmiC 

poflefa the fante prov^eiiio, sod differ not more fr^m ejch other in 
tlivir chcmicjik mtiiici. or component pn[ii:i]>1f3, (hjii ihc f«aie 
kird of ruliOiric« 10 f7v (l^ce of a floitr, 4>r nifoetd to powdw 
^aic Iscic ta be fbuntf fcparatcd ffoiti each oihet in two ditferent 
clalTn. — The Author indeed anfiveri the objt£lHm which mttf 
b« urged Aj-dlfifl tome fimilar fcpir^iliuiii of (»'/mA/ rcibAince** 
b)' cbferviEiQ ehat * method (to whieh nature, for ihe fake of 
MV4ongc, ts, in foJTjIogy, to ba f^^iificed) re<|uirct tbcni>*— 
Itb indred tooira?, th:ii oaMre and ineibod ir« bxit loumuch 
Airariaocc in all our ariificiji) r){)cin«i an4 th«t only h thebdl 
which coniaim the feweH of thcfe anooialkt. Error it cob- 
Dion 10 ihciD all i—Opifmtis ii/<t f«i> Set. 

WefHatl only funhrr obfrrvCt ihhi iht AmHor diMhnrn 
foAlbodie* laiofiKflalici s 1. Kartb^ 7»&itt<it j- /R^oimaU*, 
j|, Miiah^ 5. Crjplatnti^-iit^i /"^j, (whkh he dc^nrf to be 
* (o£l bodtea, having no ai^peaianc* of ntetaU, yt-t coficin- 
ing them in fuch i)u«nitfy, ih«l they may be c-jltcij tnrti 
boJieft, or ores of metaJt/) and b. Saftt. I'be Author** 
Icmpt b certatjily praife- worthy. He cinJidly arknuwlrd 
the defeat of hti pTin, whieh o^onof. At h« fl-bfcf^^e^ 
brout(bc to petft£tioit, and cllablffhcd fiec fiom erroik, tw 
fioglc hand* Ht propo^t to reptulifli tfiii work fbmeli 
hence, in a more iKrfc4.l iLtc, and ciirit;h<d wirh a grtei nil 
bet anJ 1 niore mrnuto account of individual fofth \ Qioiild 
IffVotlat v'K^fe tlfiflaiK^ tK^olkiii, favo^ir him with ibeopfio^-' 
inuity if feeing a fu&cuni uuwbct *A l^txat^A, *w».t* 



r t 

(453) , J 

utL'^*i tf*J rt^VtoliJ RiLgi^; ft/fi^ii^ ih4 h^fft^/s ink a/ t^ 

[;.r irg % bnct aaddiJpaJ&oiiuc View of ibc it^ititX Dtth^'v^iei u^ 
|r , ;.LiCif atirndiD^ the Oilbodoi, Ariati, inJ Sucivijin Syilcai ui 
^»ii w ibf bclr TitiTfi^ B/ Jofiab TiKker, D. D. Dcaa of 

Tub Dcin of GJoceilcr htih Utdj figured iwiy In 4 

culf writ n^t hAVLn^; been chiefly of a conxnvcial luiurc \ ic 
£]u»vM L-i;in, fiom L'lnc paiTtgcs in llic D<x}(>v'« woils, that 
Ix bti bfcn tvfri>whr4 with ncgWdin^ Uu puikul^r (tudics 
oihjt ptofilSLKi, snd witb ;>j)riMg AGre^tuicgiriL to ihc know- 
Mgc *A tixie ihin lo the knowUdge of religion. Thii rcproacli 
he tai been :olL^4(c/ua id «jj^e i>li , aod* ibc«c£(fce, whilr hr Kj^ 
pot iiitcJiuMt'^'ir but raih'r Ixcn r^unihni U hi« poJiuc^I ^-i 
cuUtioin-f Ixe li^ ucilcJ the i'ublic with Tcvcrjil tbetJo^cal 
picccu Hence wc h^re bad froiD bim bU apolojr for tb», 
Cbufch^f En-UnJ, b*) two Letter* to Dr. Kippit, bisEiLjr 
onrelic'oat Inio'euncr^ bis ihoTt TriS on the Tiin«v, and 
now ■ Vouoie oi^finon^, Ic woiilil be tnj jUkc loDf.Tiickcra 
jic-t cu acknowledge, ibit tK bith eancclleJ itie chifge of dqc 
b^TUii; «p^)cd bimull Eo tb< tludj of divinay* He bith ikk, 
indeed, eotrrefl derpljr Into itu- interior paiti cf it; ^n^l h« baa 
«df«n-£ed ttkxxvf tbin^t in wbjch we do not «(rec vrjfb hijiu 
Nti««nrwki'f, his wriiingt pruuc ib«t be u not ignormt ja 
fubjcUi of ibrolo^y* wid ttui Iw bu Cfco paid tbcm 4 con^dcf* 
^le degrre ivf jticaiioo. 

Ab tj t^ie S<rntodB btfi^^e vr, the Dean bitb aided u> in £tv- 
jng a diltind tccmint <if ihcm* bj' a vciy explccit uble of coo* 
icn1«. ^Vubihii jflilJanGe, therefore, we Qu3i mention ibcoA, 
jn a moie ir^uUf lad focnul ouiincf \\t\\ mtc ^tncriJIy thinfc 
AttcdluJ ooutcrning voliii^ci of dilcouif» from ib« pulpit* Wc 
sre wiUing [o fhcw a)! proper refpc^ to Df. Totkert wben he 
bimfelf will vDiblvus 10 doi^t and we iic for ry that, by cr* 
tui iiid utllij&.LVt be biu obliged u», la uiy iufbncc^ Co treat 

The fiilt £x of tbcfe Scrmona were publiflied \i\ 1773; and 
«ur Readert wjU fiiid an aecowit of tbttn in the ^^tb voluinff 
fif the Review, at p. 59. 

The purpofe of the feven?b fertnoo (from 1 Tint, tv, 8) 11 IQh 
prove, Ihdt the gic4t endi ;o be piopofed by iiuc ami genuina 
religion, by ihe coercion* q/ aood go^nnmcntr '^ by a njtbt 
ca;i|ilo}'iiic<»l of our time and t^tcnts muli neccJTuily ceMcr^ 
and do in fa^l 1JI coincidr, to fit ?« tbc bappattcrs gf tbe pea-r 
4p$t-l% u coo;aAed i and^ therefore, ibdc tJ^efjAema 

of Tcligioi}, ^vernintnt, and commerce* m 
one ^neial plan of pruvidciice. 

'l^hc Dcin crJcavoun to d^monftnif, ia the next plKC» 
(frotn 1 Cor, vii* 31) th^C the vulgiir nMioit of fuvriry't bring 
the mcJint of cinployin^ » gttiitv -lumber of hind* than ocbcr-^ 
wifr wculd huvr f\nitx^ cmpWjrrtiCiiE, anJ cottfoquciidy ofbtuig 
ihtjcby beneficial Co coirrrMrce, ii a grand MitTAKBt— . 
uiJ ihcrcforc» ihif ihe principle* of pure 2nd uDcorf upcH tno- 
uls will ever b« found to t>e ih« bcO fulcA for pronotinf and 
extending mtiiuil jnJ unii^nf^l comrtttrce. 

The fcopc of ihc ninib diCcooffe (from a Cor. II. 27) i> to 
give 4 itvoiitl accounfi and co fct (oah the oiw&I ufe*, of (be 
irJlitution of Jl^W- 

In the leoih (ffl^[n Luke Jx. iS) ibe indifpcnEibte dtitj of 
restitution, in iti r«ven1 briochn, Iv panicuUrly lACulciiedi 
and Dr- Tucker Iibau» to mslte it lully ippetrt tb>t injunc* 
donr to rhe public rcvi^nue, and to the chjri^Om ofperfom in 
high fUlioni> arc of a more nirodou* iiMnre (hin in^uiica docc 
to prtvaTC properly, or ID privaic cl-iMAen. 

The elevenih fermon (tfcm b/liichcw xv« cj) dividea tbe er< 
lort and ccirruptiona of Popery inin two ctifTn* vis. ihi 
which ue merely, or for the aioft part, ooljr ^crp^ and tJit 
which iie rc^ly mi/ibrtvsui in iheir confctjuencea, and 
tivc ol Ibe peace and welfare of focicEy, » well Jis abfurd. 
conduct, ^hkh t'Ui ^nd nt/i/ifit rioicHiiiis ou^h: to bold n 
cefpeft to both ihefe font, \» painted ouc anJ enforced. 

in ibc iubfcijucnt difcourfc, ftoin tbe f/mc Icxc, ibc Atitbofj 
fV)dea^o[«n to prove, that the pir^iTlel preierdcd to bcdt»i 
between the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, and the do^rioe 
vranfubOaniJon, and of other erron of the church of X«i«f, il 
falfe tnd grOLmdIcff ; unti (o fhcWi in varJoui lighb* aodlVon 
m variety of CLrrumflmcci, thac thii conAdence of bodlla^ 
•BaJnEl the church of Eir^iandit empty and rann. Whit the 
Dean hath adviticcd upon thia fubjc^ js Ibracwhat lO^eDBOUS, 
but, in our opinion, by no means fatiifadory. 

The evila of aviicular confrlTiDn, at pr^difed in thecbvrrk 
ofRi^me, ate next dirpUycd, frotn Jaoie* v. 16 1 >nd feme di- 
refliona atc ^ivrn wilh icgard 10 thjl $ae/ijnai coiifcffiun, oac 
CO anothor, which n^ay be expedient in very particular caieiiAi 

In ih« fouftccnlh rermon (from John xx\, 31) the tiae li 
attempted to be drawn between fjch parti In the deep mjAt* 
rk* tk oui religion, which appear to be w&ljBMiwKr, and fuch 
ai are hnwM^ : and our proper dvly U Chcwn to conlill in ac- 
i}Liirfc!ng in our ignorance refpr^ing th^ forir^eri ard in dif- 
charjing all ifaof« n>orjL] and rdi^iouA o&cei, which afc rp* 
quired of ua in coflfcqucncc of the laticr. 

Dn:n TucVcr'i Strm^nt, 



The intcniiOD c>rthc t^.furrth difcourfc [from Htb, t, i.) ii 
to fet foith iKc dilffrent p<nixti inJ fiifjjrnfaronn of rc!:gioii 
f'ooi A^ft 10 lailfc ui<i to r:«pUin in tfb«t Tcnfe every ilift^n- 
ffttion, nbcilvfr ftncnl or panicuUrt mad fomcitiing la 
■t fast Mi4 iw9vria^t ^^ '" ^^^^ ^nffi dfo ii ruj iJinii oT 

'I he ruiUvreh fiTidiofi (ffooi Pfor«rb« xxii, 6} iraj prcActrd 
before the GovcTdOfi of ihc Ch^ELty.ScliiMU in Londoa. Dr. 
Turker here tiioAgly re<04rcR«nt)< ibfl MCeffit^of iitc«ICAtiilg 
the ftving iruthi o? ihc |.'<>fpc), And chc Julirs of pn^fcjl re- 
liKtoo in the mlndi of cb^lJrcii, cfpccUltj the chilifren of ttrt 

rfcr fort; jnd he cn^c4Tour» lo fhcwt ihit cbtfity-rchools, 
conjun^jr>n with infirmarl^, aic aimoft ihe only w^xn\ 
left* cortfificnttj with oar prcfcnt Ucm •f cunlUiuiioOAl li* 
Vriy, fof ioftrlling lofo the lower cbA of people tha du* 
lif] of livia^ pE^uiIy, lightcouAyt uiJ fobcrly in this prefcBC 

The lift difeourfe vr^ prfsch^d oq ih« ^^th of JsAfftry, 
fjtxn I Per. li. \j. And here ihc Dean ;icErmpr« to prove 
that tbe foundation of atl humia ^ovcriHiienu, like that 
of the divirc governmrntt co^ifilh in pcv/er, wifiom, and 
{oodnefti — but each oi thcfc in a very ftnite irtd imperfc^ 
DianncTt ri-rn al the bell, vntl oficii fubjcft m greit ch;i^^re 
tnd nvolutiona tof the wotfe : fo that cur obedience to loch 
govcrnntLits ough[ uox. lo be abfolace, or unEi<niicd» wUhoul v\y 
T<lerve< or exceptvoni. Nei'ertbrkr«» as human governmenia 
there m^fl br, noiwich Handing aU ihcrr faults and impcifec* 
ticBf, he mijptatns thit fhe gnu^at duty of the fubje::! Ik cer* 
tainly tifdunte inA n:n'rtfy9itv:f\ and that the txa/ijirt tajhof 
rtM'jrift niut> be letE co the niturjtl fe^Lngt of mankind, 
Vhkli are fddom or never vmiing to advcflife us in aJ) dan- 
gnoui cafei of this aacvre. Thi> fcrmon eonuint fomcihing 
of the fcberoe of Dr. Tucker's threatened attack u;y:»n Mr, 
Lo<ke£ at ihr jirofi^e^ of ivhi;.h, r>o true friend <jr th^t g'^t 
man fceli Ihe iraft eoncern. In ihe applicition of the fermon 
10 the prcrent ilmrt. Dr. Tucker alTcJiai tkut ihe fame prin* 
<lpUt and ma.imitt arc row rcturnirc, which fprc^d fo much 
-Dtrfcry over ihcfe klngdomi once bcfotfCi— ih^i the fiine re* 
publican fchemes are a^n »(t agitation i — that the fame pbitf 
aie now foiining >acw t^hat the Ciuac engines of ddlrodion 
^c again at wo^k lo pull down and demolih our goodly fa- 
bflics both in church uid Jtate : in fhon, fhii ihere it i JcJtltd 
plan^ and a p:em<diiAieddefign of overturning ihr conUttuLon. 
Thil, he ihinki, a ihe true mtrjfir'irj^ wh»ch unlocks and )ayi 
cjpcn the latent defiftrt nf ibofe who oppofe (h« tneifur^'t ofad- 
BiinifiutiOQ. Tbc Dean of Gloceller hath again and a^ain re* 
|»caicd litis b^fc 2nd gronindkfi calumny in hii political vfH>. 


Rowley'/ ^AURf, 

tiogt 1 and be IB now willing to UnAify his tfi«oTo^7 «1U| I 
Wc djicliy be U not a litttc proud ofhb ju^?«r'ir/; butt ^^ 
CUT pirtt, «*e can fcatccl)' Mp col^|^a^ing ic 10 th^ biinglii 
wrjfk 91^11 (Hip of fomt counir)' blackrmith, who ftiKf» it dU 
cult to irilcc 1 key ibxt fbifl br ibJe to (uin & ccmntcn locflc. 
Dr. Tu<licr'» ilylc t» pcffpicuou* at^d uf)', withoui bcij 
mean ^ andj en ihai,a«otif«* very pmpcf for ih« pulptc* 

JttvfJtj ^tui Oii*ri '■ j/tf fi/^ft^/r Caivrj i the f^ctieit Part 

Spftimm of On? of tlic MsSS. To uhich flre ail<^f4. a frdicc* 
aa ifitrodflf^ory AizcoiiPt of t)i« IvverJ Pkcnj KnJ a GL<fd4(jaj 

^-VN OUT firft opcDJE}- theffl Poems, the finoo!h fLyUof 

efibc cpfurj, iKt Orudure of the phnfet ai^ ilie cuA aaI' 
cooLplcxion <if (be tliuu|^b(»f niidt u», prcTcotly coficludc 
lbc| wer« vl/e^ Rmrt$. — If fuch ibty aic^ thcu merit is of 
kigb cIliniiiTion* it bcixi£ aa cafy for a peifba accununud to 
vcxfiUcaiion, inJ act^uatr'tcd with oblblcte tctmt, to /^ibnott 
9(1 old pDCL-n ^s to wHtc a ncir unc ; but if* <mi tiK cvatrar^i 
they ar« icuJl/ ptfoduftioiia of the fifteenth century, they M 
the fl>oft cxtraoirdiniry liiujrycufioiitv^ ihu thli or any recfsl 
priiod hav produced : for they would fhciff lu thit the grata 
of numbers and tbc refinements of pociicai melody* axrofiw 
IDo^crn daic, but bflon^cd to ope of the firll idvenEurm in 
£agLib potly. Tbis curious qucHion, thcri^ it ls cur lonc' 
dUte oAi<:r to iavef1jL-4ie, ajid ufc rnier upun ii uriih th( gta^:cf 
fatisfa£iion, a* wc uein poJlcflioci of f(>nic authentic docu«>enb>t 
IcTpe^in^ the uu|ULry« which do not ajt^eu in the work bdtfV 

Jo ibc firjl place it U ncccfLry to s(3ducc the Preface to itt 
publJcarion: ^ 1 

* The poem, which mal^o the pnacipal paft of tbU colk^^Sif | 
bave fat fomc lime erclceJ much eurioflTy, sa ihc fjppofej proiaO 
lioni ofTNOUJi RowLtv, 1 prieil of BriM. is i}w iei|fia c^ 
H«nry Vi. and EdiA^ard IV- Tbcv are hci* fjiibfollir prinicd fto* 
ihc R^oA flythcnLc MSS. that could be procured \ of v-hlck a iin- 
CbIu dcfcripilon ii eivco in ibc turroix^Try rrc^^xt «^ thr Jnm 
piHtt fM^^itfid ta thti ^dumf, (ubjmerd ro (hit P/efsce. Pfoek^ 
mOT« ibvriiore l<«oi( recelTary ii ppeliinct iIua 10 inform ihr Rrt^ 
IboiftJy of Ehc msQDCr in wLich tbcfc poem vrcro iktk bn>ufki » 
li^hi* ind ^f iJjc Auihority mj^d vrbkb ibcy uc adcnbcd U» Uc ^ | 
fidai uhui'c DAinri they bear. 

' Tliii CAiDot bff don« fo futiifafioiily as iti ihe worui of ]hlA 

Ceorje CK;cote of BtiOcl, 10 wh?Is kvry laudab!< Ecd tb? pibiic " 1 

iadeMcd /or the moDi (cftG4cjabU put of ti« Islkvibg co!Udi'>*i I 

* ^1 

iTki AccoDfit of tic DUtur ■> ibii : " The iit% fftovefy of c«rtjiia 
J4SS. luTinjr bcni d^pufticd In ftcJUift chvitb, aboic ctrm copcu> 
11*4 agCp U3I fna:^« in the yr^r 176', »i (hciimcofof<«inj (kr tinv 

verf BiKVni \f S. ThU excmd (hccurfo6tf of h^e ptifn-^t tn en* 
qiiirc af[«r ih« orrgioiE^ T^iv priaur, Mr. F^'t^f. tov\d giveoi^ 
accouti of 11, Of of ihe pcrfofi who braughl tha copy : boE ificr 
■iLKb enquiry it Wfti <Jif<:«vcnd, Ehat tbc pcrfen «bo hrt^ugbt tJie 
copy WBJ I foffih, b«(w«CD i^ utd 16 ycifi of >|;c. «v}tofe ctma 
tTAi ThE>n;>i Cbaiierron, ird wboJi: Ti'ntTjr kjj bfro f^viont af RH- 
dtft c^ure^ f^r «»r 1 ^o y»M. Hit Nii«r, wbo nai now d«adt 
bad airo bna siaUtt tA the fffe Tc^ool i* ?tU-^!Ktt. The youkr 
sua <rai » 6fA unitJEijiE lo difcorfr fx^m whEoce be bid i%t otl- 
^Mli bui. after tat'if pru^-nilci nadc ti> bin. ht wi* u fati pre- 
vailed OB to »rfciicm|«di;^, ibil ht kftd riPC«hivd tbii, U^ttbtr -wHk 
■my #/^ il/55. froA bji ^h«f, «rtw bad fcvnd ikcA m t Iat^ 
ch«a iQ aa appcr 'oon om ib« cbvpfl on tbc nonb ids of RtdcLfe 

* Sotift «fief ibi» Ur. Caicon cnnmfa«ed bii tnjaiinrukcc wk^ 
^Ovf^ CiLllcrcoa *, ud, poutty » padeflcv p^ftlj aa pufcbatei, prA. 


* ' TI1T ^ fsfynf lliti r^jTb ti £> Jfll'iiHE^T (4nri^H vilhdlil vf tt»t p9fn« 

te iniElDTAT-y, v:i;l >^c<rt in crmlnLr^ T'^i W UA Aridod id Apr I nrD- 
frtfir^ 4^ l:n#MI. jf,' 

:?!..» « i-iTr^^, hi ditcPttreJ in «>itr rju lair:^ 

Ini" ' "(f^i i r?^ 1- f: ly a:< J. .1 vitft hit 

An --■- ■ -■ '- ' "■■ - '*- :'t of 

-K VllttQA.WIirrAflr- 

J?*! flbd ijTo (here »« (o^ — ,— - , -- ..» 
. .. 4%ttr iold"lv^ m h«r«!i ef >fv3Wuf fell 

tftdf <kpc4d'd ur ■ I* ■ ■■ 
l»nf HF* p**"f»^ '**'- •* '^^ / 
fiflvnbf fh^i T'-^ * ^- '' 

B«ASf til CltH'l'' ' 
Sue lint ■ 
ij fii-fH -* 

it i^rwHi i 
&>«. At""''' 

*^f^ *^ f^-^j'^^rtfi rf mt*ifg lb* bai>fc- 

11^ un i\t k^]^ Iff Mil h< WEM* Id ^WifMilKr, In 
,UJ, " jit ti M'. -, M^.' — —, Mr , 

£t V if C«riW i# ««rlt.''. 


258 Rowley'i Pwrnu 

cared from Mm copies of many of hli MSS. in profe ind wttU, 
Other copiei were difpofcd of, in the fame way, to Mr, Willim 

Barr?it» an eniiaen: fjrgcon ae BriAoli »bo lia» long been engaged 
an wnriiig [he hinory of that city. Mr. Barrett alio procured from 
him reveial fragnicntSt forac of a canlideraljlc length, writTrn upon 
vellum*, wh'icTi he ail'^^ricd to be part of bi» origiiial M3S. lo 
Ihori, in the fp^ce ofahout eighteen montba, rram October 176B to 
April 1770, befides iheFocms now publillicd, he produced » m»y 
compofjiior^ iti profc «iid verfc, under the namea of Rowley, Ca< 
nyngci ftc. as uouLJ r?arly hLI (azh aooihcr volume. 

' In J^pril 1:70 CliaiLerion went 10 London, and died there in the 
Auguii lo!]«wing ; io ihat the ^holc hjftory of thii very exiraordi- 
nary tranf^fkioD cannot no^v probably be kuoxvn i^^jth any certainly. 
Whatrver may have been hh p-iit in 11 ; uhi-chcr he u'as the auibor, 
or cnly the copier (a^ he conlUntly fiLned) of all thcle produc* 
lions; he appears to have kept the ftrret entirely to himfL-lf, 2nd 
not to baic put it in the poner of any other ptrfoD, to bear ccriaiji 
icilimony eiihcr to his fr><Lid or to his veracity. 

■ The que 111 on therefore conci:rn]ng the authcocicity of therePocms 
tnuJl now be <!cc:ticd by an eicnni [nation of the fragments upon vel- 
lum, which Mr. Uarrett received from Chaueitoii aa p;ut of his ori- 

* In :i1ctlfrlr>hii fiflrr, [lutj y '.', he infor-mi fieri ihii heii in be cmploytl 
" jr tLrinnr a ^ ^i.-n-Iti-.w l-'-f'C V f|'Ijiii''iin, /a appear in'^rri tft tfrirmww if nrxi 
^Linrir." In iKt iii.i, lis l;.d wr iten lomcihing in jUrfifc of ihf LoiJ- 
^tJ)ur (Bcckf^iii), i' h..! pr< ^.itLoJ hint ilie hoQcPiir of htin^ pnfectF^ ta hit 
Loidfhio^ In ttic leiit^r ]H\ mm'i-n'vii lie plvci the lullowinj^ urcoum of hii rccn- 
ifon, »ii!i feme rcTio'is ohliirvoiirn' i\\v.n p- liiic;-! wriiing: ■' 'ihe L^jd-Mii» n- 
seUci ihli Hi f^hu'ky ■:> i ciiirfii i^ulil. QmL ihe afvII of the mjlirr ii, there ii 
iti» rri-nn*y 10 \c ^-X ft liii-- fiJf "f itir -lUi'lLun.— Bui hi" is i yooi auih'^T' hfao CiD> 
r '1 Mih,- I'd h- '.\i ftii.t-^^V-iW-; ■• "ti ihr |i 'iiuiiki: fiJc v ill !L-tch nu mutx ihan whjt 
Ihe copy ii I'^^lI l:^r. Ai the rd:t[ul-. tt.tfn,r;'L*i;i arc l4;.i»]i|n£ fur 4 pbiv, i'n-j 
h^\: nj gr-liLi:> t^ '.fi.-.. — On rh*: i>i;]ct^, tin^^ii\tr t^tiiyt Kill not cten b« 
AfLfi'E'h' i *-i >" - i^i'^I ■'-« t^% ^^jvr Ukrm priDlcd: buliUen you fi-ldon^ lofe b^ir, 
at t 'drii' r ^14 It] MribLc ot iju'lr LliTuK-ncy in mcTii, Elt#l thiy £H.'neroulljr rewu4 
alE v-'h I iiivw hi<« kv H,iwb th^rm ■w\'\ the i^pcjrjpce of Lt/' 

■ Nuiu LijitjriiLin^: UU cinyl^^nirnl iin ihe Hulory nf Lnadon, he continneif to 
n-fitL- i^K iJ.-!!!!^ Ill v'jji'nn pi-ii-ilkJ pitMn:viL>u- C;i 1^4: iiih "f July be leJJi 
bis iiWci ihjT Li- li.J rii'7'_i U^ t.} r/fi \-t iJ rC^'fi! A\i~,jiK^i the Ti>tL'n aaA dw 
rrjt '■-•■^- Mjiij iriiii-]L.r ^ i^iii --■'"'Pi Hlhiht <-i' OJ^i:"-* { To Mif, Bith, &r. 
Cm: jiA C-tyt I f'-'-i- ; W/i^v.-r/ ii.yj f, ,tc. iiui jIJ :hi.K- iicrtlofit of bis [eDiui 
bn*if|hi ifl »** IiST'LhT f r-iif| fk .: }j.' v. a- i- <■ i rfuv^'.-j lu i?-! ir.-rif.pncc ^ fiDm which 
he wj» rv'liivx J H^i .\c.:.'.i [-a ■<i l-r.i in.nfL.T ■•, [^.tr ciEbiinIy Lni^vrt), tm ihe saUi o( 
Au^tilf i.'i UiLTk.i v*:<i i-iivn he u.ti'UJ rc,:r chrc.^ monsJts Thp cuEnf]L]tc Jii> dih* 
Ic n'li j-^-". I'li-i -^ "1 ' r hii. li. riKr wjj (uv.rtij ihiih b^iilicn p^vi^n, mhicb he 
h-^-;l ; rn if;ii i^i il p-'^^^^i ^"^ I'icjt: v.'j& nu Jt>pa»jnce (ui the tdifor bu ban 
crfdriy L,irorm<i;3 ''^' -ny luhingi on p.inltim'ni uridi im/ 

' ' OnLof ihtf: I'ra^rr^cr.i?, hy Mr. B.jrcu s p rmHio,', ha? teen c-^pwd ui iha 
m:^nri:r ot s I^\ fir Ut Ej- rli-H !rii:fn:Mi5 jrtift KJf.h;:^;!;, snJ an cnguvin^of ii ii 
i<TELr;<d J? p. *^S' Twoinhtr fir.ilJ fr:i^ncn[i of Po^Tiy ^n; pcjjited in p, ^■"j, S, 9. 
tfi; iLi.' h'jiJ.'J'j y?.-i£uf.t. The I'rj^rm.'Eils in pofr, »ihich "re cunfkdfvih^f 
I:?-', ^ r. U-Mr,ti juii'niii la full []: jn hi'. Iii(li>n ^f Hrifliil, v-liu'h, ihe Ediigr 
*-; u:z f*! ^uclitii ? ■ iiivrm I'.c I'ublic, i: *cij' ..j^ariccd. In ihc time *atk 
v\\- i • iiiVrirl .JA//^,: rf i"-- ;,'^-iv» s.-.d t!,; ttlur l-.\:': rical picfei in prafej 
vr:ili C j;l..:j:; it ^ii'^.i,- .t tirr^i H.iivcrcJ fii-r, 41 cii-cJ Ruwlej^i MSS.; 
vl,ji ..c,* Ttm yiV'. by Mr. iijr^*;:, m Ji; "f^H p-.sT liTir^ it UA ^UJlificdbJ DukCf 
fi^^:;! hi& .ikLdTdU ECLL-ai^uc^intc t^-c -^nrlquitjL^ of DriAuh' 

J^ovrUy't Pams^ 


[lul MS&. 9md bf the intrenil fvidenre wY'xh ilte'levrri! picicr* 
ifd. Iftbe Ff»g«fn;» AiJ be jvd£ed lo be jttnuine> it hiil HUt 
!tt«in b* b« dtccnniocdt fcow Ju U^r gcnuincncft lba«ld ffivc to 
aaEbcuikatc |K< f<liorth« cclltClkOO, of i«Lich no (Opio* vMcr ihiii 
ibcr^ fnjJe fay CtkA:itrtoa, hive eve* bcra praduttd. Oa ilc cthcr 
biad« if (tv wniio^t nf the fra^nMBU ftiill b« J0(fged tob«cc«nc«r. 
fitc and kn:«d by ^'fc^i^oiOB, it viH rci ortttccULi^ fo^Jrix, ckit :ifl 
flitetftr of t£tin wfti ftJlb forged by hfm, «fH] ilill Icfi, ih« I'l (he 
other comrciAiioni. vtiich he profcJTcd 10 h^fC u>;ncd fiom ircK^t 
MS5. were nicrrly imrenEioui uf liii own. Vn cipher exTc, \hc cccu 
£cA itivd ia:tl\j jepfod upon (lie in:eiPi| ev^^erfe. 

* Iiaty be expelled pttk^atp rkal the Ediier Ci^til^ ti*-c an o^< 
BIOS up«n ihb iinf«iu;]E ^jaciien » bat he i*ih*t ih»Uu Jvr mtcf 
foCjni, to leiTc it to the t^rrciuiJiAiljLi of the unprcjuc'iceJ laj to- 
telhfrnt flr-j^rr. He ti . ' ' lcb dcfiiObs ifciL ihc^c Poftnt Oinjld 

be friaud i itrii tbij' IV utdk-nook l)i« ch3'£? ol l';iper' 

iGKfliJiog ihc idit'OB, I Lilt »e iiA» executed >n tW miEner \«h;cb 
fetxnrd eo him belt Cnhr^ 10 Aacfc A (lubKcimn i oe^ hcrt %c p^cma 
tkit lu» tjK '' ^ ' Wi. t.^r ihc foeioi be rejilljr aictcnt, or 

Sodera 1 r^ -^'Yrftf t'^c foe^rlnof ChttirrMo e 

ih€y 01 oil ajAAj: fi^ cp±lii3: (d wt t r^.atl biigiiUr hterary cariefitj.* 

Hii^crio ir tfpeari c.W ibe pcfi*>rul CTidctacc of th< ftuch<n- 
ttcitr of ihcfi Pc»cmi if.ih cmifcTv on ihr fxih of Chi^trrtin,— 
«n the ^4it^tC'^a hif^rant^ Nvit:^' bj* txpr^jtols and equalfj dc- 
Jlii«i« of prffpcti^^icJ of pcJnfiple* Wc It^tc been cred My 
iBfofmcJ iKdt ifai« >o«ng m%a c^rtiod hi) ATSS. 10 Mr- Honcc 
Wal(xjlr, and (b4i he aie: vith an tJ>covr4(eiivrnl iMvm chir 
t<«if;td »ftd 4r«|^^*ioin ];C(tl<min, who fufpeiilcd hii'VtrKit)'; 
a crfuiit^BPCc ttbieh, ecMfiiiilr, doca nc»t (pc«li tn fmoni of 
the ofr^FfiaUty of t^efo piubiifl^i^a. On ih« uzhrr h^nJ^ we 
have Itcn pit: of a InicT iLtjm Dr Mi'lif Dc^n cf Kxeicr, imd 
Pr^fidcnt 0/ i^e Soc^erv e^f AmJ<|iiu*n, iti vhkh he thu< ex- 
prtCes hicnfcir:*' T:^c irc oniKrfiliT «dann*J ; boc I 
faiticnt ibe.cmldlfin^f (fi^ pr^fi, wHldi would ha^vcftibiliihcd 
thetf >uiti'cDib^|v wifb cviry i>oc who n 0|>cn 10 coovitlion. 
The nimet of :hc hf:oei in ihc D^ul« of H*fly(i^t*# wtiotn- 
lilUd under Oulic VVaiivn, cortci^pood cxa^y wiih tkc roll 
of BiiiL- Abbej,"" 

Soinoof iha proofi to whkb ths DeiJi here i1lu4ei ire be- 
fi^ft im; buc iUz(ci anJ tSe leflimuitm aiilvi^ (roai tbc iiiiio- 
iJu^orj pait of tbU p^tblicAiiorr, together vriih our finil Tenti- 
mcnn coaLemiog iu aocEcjii 01 modern birtbt would fwcll thii 
Arvrclc bejond the Jllow^bfe lipT\iu, and muft, thffcforct be 
tlflfcnoJ to ihc cnluii>{; moirh : — p^tncuUily »% our Kcj4cm 
will look for 1 fpcciinctii ind *ifli 10 form ih^t judg;ir-f nr from 
that ioccroaJ nlJeneei which cbc Edtto^t in hu Pfci^&cc» bol4i 
oui m ibc ibe oj^ljrprcoT, 



t6o Bo«}«y*f Pnmi. 

Pnm thf TtM^yui EnitritJi t/£LL4. 
C K L M O N D B. »B>rirDir>. 
Befoi* yoAM* ««44!« ro«fi« b>t Groove Iryft ««^ttt 

iter. Lvpptkli mtt, bcc wylk « wreccbc b«h«*ld«, 
Utcfclfe. drd»l lilac's mvE«r U^vititc Xi"-^^ ri^yCcliMncci cbajroc 
rf/^y Stri^, ^uJ** /./^ SjJttTf /fotft th€t fajrt? 
XV!|tc >TL i^u all llitt po^nic!!*^ i.t\t,t b<;*ft«oe = f 
Wtiie aft ihQO «)ti ■> coirfc » cchcfi if« f— 

Lychc ancubrovitc cl^i3r«, «lu4 bit ib Ibiivc ota^e rcdJCi 
Qrr fciL'cif, wjr;i« v»>-I(f« lynnco dath« fwiccnc *. 

Tbji dax b;^n -l^Ui Jotne UtvEve konir b birtc 
Cll/ote M kji ovae M bt, whfcbe nee Iran Itji ooftt ptrt«. 

AnJ cflKs 1 1;t* 10 l<« her vyth« i»r/« > ! 
Yit tamtuitt MKjfit irHrr, nsif^ jff Jk^it mtt htt, 

Tk^i •^Ut rU f mitt fir f^t ^yfiw^ ft< tht hrrt, 

At-d hjmiA. hirr. 3^ nrjulfc. vtenci ^ wyll (let, 

T« Cta akiaidJr. mie t^i^, amI tVc mit dooebbc ' fticndc, 
.t L L A. !I 1 R T H A. 
Mhh K. 
Notte; «|]iTQ« the hitlie prirAe dyd mnlce »c kft^ghf^v 

!fo»o be« Dkle headc iIk prcv^I^ Dtac lbo«l<l blede. 
lJviir« J ftkaUe &ftca bcc. And oftca njaKi yam (yfhui 
No4«ri widwft 1 fjrQ* b«btldt Uim b«Mteoa» b<*, 

Koet, alf^oa ffna ihc bvM borfc yn fightc d>d mnr- 

fitf /t^'v '^'W 'WTf i«« 4^' //-V '''^< 

Wlujb sjT i3« iroops* of D«aia5rquc raadv ^fcu dol«* 

V' piet<K U< luJatftiinnc of tb« (bate, 

P uj tojiyon icayiyfjirdc towc: 

N U'l rVlyiTf flr yr |[rt« j 

Sba^ .*«*sl- i>o»c }m«d« hy* woc« kr M «tA»tt« *, 
B I R T H A. 
M]« lordc. k birftiirdr, fykc ■ pk ys ni>r i 

Albcyt» tbo« maycil rede yri jaq SDyoe t^'AC* 

Or ysc «ya« h«/i«, wh«rc LhM (htlte b« far am ( 

.Un M-iU:^ I titt bD;:c jQffc^cJ cm ibic fiic *■ ; 

Tc: iv?l<c Ifoici I«dTQ rLr m^»r [tk^S< bis }btc«te<f 

j4i miftk tynei futiw T^rd Uie Godde cf dAse, 

Ab A «fl the guff> h«r Uw« ' of lilv«rr Trai*, 

' fan, I wcUr. 

■ (CO< 

< U{V1-t, 



• fiAc. « icOu, flamiii. 


Sythc :ll©a dj'Jfl ehfrrft rat* for l^«« 'w*^* w b«. 
Ofcc kMP« i fi^rif' ih«e 4ttf (bf nooa d»io fciftft 

Jtll A (Ufgnoui Mbc Lo eAfc tv fcnu, 

md oBirfaJfo ' maJf in<c, mQ< iha^ir yk com^ibccrOa 

All tfcic jTitcnic tu plfjf? u, . ' . nwj-, 

I Cftic ytr, [ iiw»fte Arc** ihiit i i U«- 

^ L L A- 
Mic Ivilcl kfnJACJlei wJijccic I <ljrf j ijr^, 
Tiilc £cm^crc6 <loth uirvcn lKceu f^c (i^ic. 

Bom bian tnie K^fonfM lU^j^ktc * ;hc ml^c i>f tuc* 

On ffiyh WQuMe bf fj[7)CjU tnntr fcir a^e. 
I 4mm Lovffi bonoV, iv cicne EtfCf puc> 
B01C ba iir* bo/ro«4f A^Jki ^ ihvA«. nuc Uitf, ferai*. 
B I R T H A- 
Lon, doe ttoti txzt you/ ichcva>eate«' foe fmilk i 
A« I to jroa, f/kr tevf pnioe v:«v bet^e ; 
For ■otbye^c pilU v^H* Biftltfl *rtr call, 
N«ci> t ^ociJc /run; H.-ii/en ih^n't? po tbrcrc, 
Ai fur Ai [bT» friyk biuijrllf iicAJt mtjU Lj.<cr« 
lEykrt & na iirdh<f J fltp«Af of you i 
\x ncete toe flt«Lc yp J^w, 0ccvcrd«±/t; , 

fnall iyrCf yia ■ LooJe flu^, pffitca mote tfdC« 

^t: L i. A. 
ThW gVDile wordit dt>« liiic vo^nEic ' kcor^c 
To b«e noe clergiocdc tBioi y> y^n mtyr-tx^ ^^ ^nn^f. 


C E I. M O H D E, 
Attt UHTyB^* IhciAiT An gfDile '^Jift'i hedde f 
Oft miic ihe ino44pe, fn fyh'-'-- i^-r- f^ IfCblV 
l»ii rificd cka^Dtn »*f **d '■ ""^ii* ■ 

BcCprcngcyaifT far abrtHlc tri.niaiitr^ Vfbttf ? 

lag Ruy^A ibna aryih /Tlllii fr^e nn<«4 pruei 
!Wyt^ JaUnvOV, *• vyth a r«>«>-c, bo '<yi;4*V| 
Wytli cx€:}t^ cka«nj»yji«e ic^ra ne*^ ji4n cflCMiJe ! 
1* at a icfken tff VH l(K« 19 fpnaMxi 
H irr brpo^f jTwjwbt*! of ifcf, »T ay^nte jnare b»aTT**» !»*»•>«• 

' 4'UiLafil. k r**'»^r rf^ ---D- ' Stt^^ 

S 1 IE.\.\-^ 

262 "Rowley's Poemu 

^ L L A. 
When foppercfl palle wc'lJe drenchc yourc ik foe flraAgCt 
Tydelyfr, lydedeith, 

Ye MycnreMcs cbaupc yoHf fooge. 

MynfirtUtf SsBgE, hit a Mammt aad f9^9manatt 

M A N N E. 
Tourne tbe« to (hie Shepfiei r ' fwtjriM ; 
Bry^bic fonne has ne droiicke the dewc 
From thefiaures of jtlUi/se but j 
Touccie ihee, AEyce, backe ag^yne. 

W O M A N N E. 
No, befloikefrt', [wyJfeegoe, '' 

. SofUic iiyppyagc o'crc the me« ^^ 
Lycbe the fy]ver-foot«d doe, 
SccLcyDgc Oidierf yn grcne treet. 

M A N N E- 
S/r /£/ ma/i-grevriit t/ai/yj kankt^ 
Fercynge ynnc ihe ftremi! belowe j 
Here we'lle Jyuc, yn dcvvie danke; 
Tourne thee, AVte, do noitc goe, 
W O M A N N E. 
I've hejirde erfle mie grandamc faie, 
Yange damoyfcUcs fcJiuldc ne bee, 
Inne the ftkoiie nkonihe of Miic, 
Wyihe yongc menne bie the grcne wode tree. 

M A N N E. 
Syiie thee, Al)ce, fyiie, ind hatke, 
Howe the ouzle ' chauntt bys noate. 
The chelandrec ^, gic)r morn taike, 
Cbaunlyogc from chevie lyrte] throate; 

W O M A N N E. 
I heare them from cche grene wode tree, 
Chauntynge owte fa blataontlit >j 
Tellynge ]c£liiri]ye> ^ to mecj 
M/fcheefe yi ivh^nce you are nygh> 

M A N N E. 
Sce'»|onge the meci fo grene 
Pied daifjci, kynge-coppes fwote ^ 
hWt wee fee, bie non b«e feme, 
Nete bottc Aiepe fettes here a foie. 

W Q M A N N E. 
Shepfler fwayne, you tare mic gratchle". 
Ouie upODDt ye I leiie me goe. 
Leave mee fwythet or TlLo alaiche. 
R^hynng^ tbji yitrt dama jhall kn^mt. 

' Shtpherd. % Jpcfinr, I mudowi. I The bUck-tHld 


M A N N E. 
Sccl t>ie crokynge brionie 
RouM^f tht popter iioyfit hitJpraU ; 
Round the oake tbc greece iric 
Florryfcbcih tod lyv«ih aie* 

Lettc u* feare ui bie ihys lr«, 
LAughr, and Tyogc to fovynge lyrts; 
C lUitf, and doe hoEte coyen b«e ; 
Nit lire Tn«de aJJ ihyDgcs bie payrei* 

DroDri«d catiea wyttc after kjnde ; 
Gce:Ic doves wytle kyfi and coc : 

W O M A N N K. 

Botte manne^ hee moLle bee ywryadCr 
TJIe fyr preeRe make on of\^6. 

Tcmpcc nice ne to the fode thyage ; 
J wylle no maanei leDiatme be i 
TyJl fyr prEcflc hy> fonge doethc fynge, 
Tbou (iialt ncere fyode aught of ntee, 

M A N N E. 
Bie oure tadic her y borne, 
To-morrowet roone as ytte y> dale, 
•• rtle make thee wyfe, dc bee JbrfworDe, 
So tydc me lyfe or detbe for ale. 

W O M A N N E. 
Whatt doihe Icite, bottc that nowe 
Wee aticnci '^, thoi honde yn hoadCf 
Udto diviaiRre ^ goe. 
And bee lyncked yn wedlocke bonde f 

M A N N E. 
1 agree, and ihus I plyghtc 
Honde, and hartc, and all that's myne; 
Good fyr Rogerr, do db rygh^t. 
Make us one, AiCothbertei fhryne. 

B O T H E, 
We wylle ynn a bord*lle^ l/w, 
Hailie, thoughe of no eflate ; 
Hveryche clocke stoe love fhall gyve ; 
if'ujftn godentffi luy// h* grealt. 
iE L L A. 
I lyche (hyj fonge, I lyche ytt myckle well ; 
Afid there yi mohte for yer fyngeynge now ; 
Butte have you noone thatt marriage -bleffynget telle 1 

Jn marrUgCt bleflyngea are botte fewe, I trowe. 

Laverder, wee have ; and, gyfi^ you pleafe, tville fynge. 
As well ai owre chooge-voycei wyLl permytte. 

" Al QDRi* f 1 ditiae. 1 ■ cottigti ' Lordi 

S4 JL\.\*K> 

A L L A. 

A»d HvR *, »<] crpriK «iJ Uk boau wjctc. 
Toe cJufr bEc diB<. 

Wtll Orayo* o*r« ajii* ud ^^ 

Thc bod4)rB£« fioMflUvi Wu^> nce ikv lygkte i 
Tk« vcvi b* rpffanJ vytb tbc ) clten* t»4 i 
Yn* ^tUcjd intiticU yi tbc movou/bc ^rjliiv e 
Tbe i>dh * yon^t <owH1cpe beAdetbc wyt^ tke £«■« ; 
Tb« iffn eaIrM, yntor- H«»Ytii« n*4U£Afe, 
WbcDB £«atkiryodM <Joc blowci 10 V htUtyaj; djTDBc y> bioo^lt* 
TW «rMyi(2< rotnvi, and bryngrt Itr d«wc aIod^ i 
Tbe roddit Hrky^c llierticib to Eb« cyn« \ 
Arawnde ib« KlefUke MyAHicII* fviifc ihe Ibcice ; 
Yongf irir rovotk tht doorc fuHc ^o catwyu t 

AibTyT<« t^l r* fii 'c. itict« l9clr«che foin«chy«H IrlW- 
So Aiiin itutf^hicnci mWqi yn Pm^yfc. 
j^TI H^i^cfnc ar-d £r|}i JyU bomin4P« lo byi myikdc J 

Ct, r J'tf *wr/V *«rM 'Wtfmafr, mi^ /n 

WtiEif^ Aotbmpn* bfii;«* And fonfic-bnnt doe ■ppCfV^ 
With by* |;nv'<}c hon^e f^uykcyrcc ibc hlJcjrnc ^ic» 

^rryn^e up^nne hyi b^gkc ihc rjpcd ilicic ; 

1^ hiane }c*ynf\t-i-t*^ 4nd I<ai» do oelc f/om farthv f^rfhitti 
U'htnn ilir (lyi* ippiv. rcddc ai »t«b fiss*. 

When \J*u< pef<«. tnd bcrrici ^fbjickc di«« 
Par diuncr yn ayrr, aad cill ihc <yoc a;aaad« ; 

Anodic? bc« «iv|[;« <9^ o4 aci4h<t kvndct 
At«qcllf«>Mcuiciranim chile'' dclyrr bcc frtct 

Ne JTTv^r yn »iJ(*< boiiv. hi«ttx« Uctki? vul rrfc'. 


■ Sttiuh, 

' itider. 

« MM. 

* ba. 

Woiecncn \xt iDJidc. notK for hcmfdvei, boitf tsinnf^ 
Boae a/ fap hone, md chyld of hyt ^Icfir^ i 

Vwreghw w»sh moch* c» w«ter^ fy'tc^c fyr« j 
Tbcrciotc \Vi< ftWc Eh< fyr« cf lost, to Jbcic 
The EbilkyDeTi cf kfndr* iid make fccfafrlfet cooplcte, 

AJbeftie, H^ihout wommc»« mcrne were phMrca 
To iUw»£* tcyo-ar, *nd wald* bo«« lyve » fiet, 
tfltte woDir.cEi ae «fte tbe fprtfJiic cf petice lb cbercft 
I^Ochrlod y« Anfcl joic tiEic Aufv^fci bcc; 
Go, i)ke [face fWyiJivn ' tu itie bc^ld a wjf^t 
Bcc baair or bU ilfd kk, yn proovjftj^ autrrynj^ Jjfe. 

Aftodkcc Uynartllei So>£f, i^ ^r Tliybdot CotgiL 

Jt Bfj^fvr hit tk4 grnn I'^HU «HJ ^r^V'* 

SU /t*, *i i/f r t-if*/v t$mAi 'h4nr« i«^ ,»« i«;A;rvn 

Gsf mmf «M* t^ttrtJ d^ mjif /tt acf ^dtmt^ 

£*f/rJiMJ/ J •gn rt tumtrnt CttnJ dttJ^ 

At im ih fid Jtrij wj «Hi ^-^M^^jr* 
Si^ pfu tf^ Ao- iajirjtj^t. vntf^m^mnt^tt^ 

The Reader i< to obferv^t >>>&< <h« "ff^ M tlw l^oitom or the 
ftveni pigr^ ihrougliout cbe booV. vc ill copM ^m MS$, 
lit the biad*wtitjng of Thomil Ch«urtcn i and thiT i»L>fl of 
lliorcobftJete wtTrdy, whkli, in iKt funding cxCfi^li ate rcii 
r^l^Uiaed, nay b« illutlritcd by mrauig to the Gloflary, at 
tW vim) oTcbe rol^me* 

l-^or the ttliimonin eve dall product in ovf D»t Rfvifur* 
wc >rco61ig«d ro fwitc Gcmlcmcn of chvidcf aad iogciimty 

r ^ic'.ij. 


( 266 ) 

Art- VII. A Vc^agt r^iLwi tht Worlds im Bit SritawtitMajMM &l0$p^ 
Refoiuthti, tmmandid hy C^pt. yamri Cisit ^f^ifg '<^' Itmrt i772p 
3. 4, «^;. B/ George Fofficr, F. R. S. Member of |l|« RojU 
/Academy of Madrid, aad cf the Society for prOino:iog Natural 
Knowledge at fitilin. % Voli, ^co. al. z \. BoifUi. WbUv, 
&c. 17:7. 

THOUGH we have had this woik too Qiort a time in eur 
bands, to enable us yet Eo enter upon the narrative part 
of it} we take the e,ir!icA opportunity of explaining the na- 
ture and defign of tbe undertaking, «nJ of reciting ihe moft 
mattriai circuin fiances relative fo the publication : elpcciclly aa 
che fpccdy appearance of another account of the iamc Voyage, 
written by Capt. Cook, uniJer the fanflion of the Boar<) of 
Admiratcy, has been announced in ibe public papers. Accord- 
ingjy, previous to an abflra^ of the Voyage Jtfelf, we fiiali en^ 
dcavour to gratify the curiofity of our Readers, by giving an 
account of the circun>flaiicj;s and motives which induced the 
Author to undertake this work ; To far^ at leaft, as tbefe arc 
explained to us in his prefatory addrefs, and, we may add, 
hinted at even in his title-page. — In the JaUer we arc £ril 
iLruck with ihc following fiuatr&in : 

* On ne tepouHe point la verlti fans bruit, 

' £t de quelque fa^on qu'on Tarrote au palTage^ 

* On vcrra tot-ou-tard que c'etoit un outrage, 

« Done il falloit qu'au moins la b^tttt (ut le fruit/ 

De Mis3Y. 
This moito Teems Co convey a meaning not very favourable 
to ccnain peifons unknown. As yec it does not appear Co ut 
whether the never-failing prevalence of iruth^ held forth in 
it, relates only to the Author's perfonal concerns, or dealings 
with thofe who have the direction of the Admiralty '■account of 
the lad circumnavigation \ or whether it carries another and 
more general meaning, relative to matters of a more pubUc na- 
ture *. Such lights as the Preface affords we Qiall endeavour 
to communicate', in the following analyfis of it ; 


* Speaking of the intended publication, the i^utbor hint* hit 
apprchcnfjons thatt in one particular, it may probably refemble Di^ 
Hawkcfworth^i conipilationt * where many im porta et obfervatioai, 
thought ohn^xi^ui, have been fuppreflcd, as is caftomiry in France/ 
— * Tbe fame authority, he adds, which blew o(F M. de Bougainntle 
from the illand of Juan Fercandcz, could hulh co fjlence the Bntifh 
gunn, whilll the Endeavour cannonaded the Portuguele fort at Madeira.' 
— The two ctrcumftailcea here alluded to, fayi the Aaihor, are well^i 
known fafla, though fupprcfled in the publiOied oarntives. * U. 
de fioogaiaville fpept fome time at Juaa Fercaadeai, and completely 
S icficihcd 

I^oijlcr'i raj/agertmMJ tU tf^fftU. 


After fpnltin; of the libcfal motivtv whkh hid piodttCcJ 
and dirt^r^ th« iferw former rofMQtt ai Mt&rtrjt * a foojrth,' 
f^ift ibc Auibor, * wu un4cculcn bjr <»iikr ot Ma cnii^lucjuJ 
MoBftrcti, Bpon > iddt? mbr^cd aod mijefttc plan ilun rvoc 
wu poc in cxxcution bcfbic* Tfac grcitdl naneacor of liU 
tilMt iwo iblf ai!rannmrri, a min af Irirricc eo Ou^J^ nifure 
in «ij bcr rccdlcr, ftrd « pAintcf to c<^]r Tooic o# bcr laoft tfu« 
fio»* pr(xlu^ii-iw, vtftt icIccWd it ihc (xptncc oi the nstioii. 
Aiur c<Mrplcting (heir tofi^, tbcy h«vc piepjttcd lo pve aa 
accnarit of ikcir icipc^tic difrovrrici, whkb cmuiot I'^il of 
otowEuitp tlit» cinployefv, at Icaft, wjtk iisoiortal hoMuir/ 

* The Urifkfb n^>o»,' (be Auiiwr >d4«» * dnj rut itod ouc 
an^ )ibciL:]»' iapyon my father [Dr- J, R. torfterj ai a nita* 
rslift, vtrlio vua merely lu Uuig butiic J culU&>oci of bsttcr£Jca 
aad drird ^^nii. Thpi fupenor wi£A/jm wht<'h guidn ilie 
counfcli of ihi« natiotit inJuccii aany ^xt^oa^ of cuaijdenfala 
dif^Jn^nn to Jt^t on ih!8 occallon witb-uixTtamplcd greatM^ 
£o ^ ftom pr^krib^nf; fulet lor liii <cDda£t, tJicr cwicctvcA 
lliat tho mm u-hum ibrv hid chofcii^ pitimpud by htf naitlf^ 
knreof fcicnctft wm'd cadtxvour to ^riic <bo f;rca?eft pci&blc 
9(H'int3|r^i ro ^rirniii^ frooi hu voyage. He nvii only ihere- 
l(>re diicScd to exerafe all ha uUnis and to cxtvod bU ob- 
fciT^ktictii to t:\xsf icnailuLk uhjc^t, Froai kick thrj rx» 
pccM « ^hiitf^hftat hifi^ of tbe VojAg«, fi« from prtjodtce 
atid valvar error, Thtre human tiatuK fhou!d be lepfcfcnicd 
witboa* inyadJwTcnce- co fjlt«c*o<ik Ij-ftcaikr aad upon the pfin- 
^cipltt of ^cncraJ phtUnhiopy^ io Atorit «ji dcrtajvJ CL^rirrra »;»•■ 
n pian xttith tfn ftar^4 tt^tid tad aar hithttfjftx ^xtevi/dj' 

Mr, Fonkr ne»t proc«cd« to mfotm u* that ihf &fA fpcci- 
Wkvm ai Ml fjihrr'i iahojri* were in^rinol and pr«Ctnted t# 
bii Mijctty within t^ur itiontbi *iivi hia ret jm from the \-qj- 
agc }— tbjt^ with itfpeili ici ihe Hijftry ^ tht Vsfsgty • the pria- 
cipd V^rfofituncc wtUe^ wu cmuiiidcd at hit bacidt/ it was U 
lirft' propofed that a ijiiglc u< conunucd nansiive DioulJ be 
foffrod I/om hi4 and Cifir. Cook s )o«riiais, di^DguiOicd hj 
jMrtkuT^i mjrkhi^tb«t bin fah<f uconiio^l)' drew up fevnal 
Iheeti u a fpeeimi^n ; but \\\\ it wai a/terwiTds ibosght more 
capcdieat to fcpaiatc Ac two jouiiaUi— th«t ilic Loids of tbc 

rc'r:' ^r'ewtWei ihooj>b be«iOtn to b«»«ii onderA<<od that 

«a,. . .] |H-Kve»Erd bii liKjchiE^ ft^ iLkt iiTaad^— C«pi. Cooje» 

In it.r hnitf^voir, bditervd the l^co £^ ai M^dtim, ia canjuc^tioa 
Mfth 3n tkriilb frigiie, ihtit 'Cfrniinj an ajr'roni ulHic^ l>a^ bcrm 
oScrtfd to ihf BritiOi flig/ Tiui torr^ bowevcf, i» duJy «catfa* 
diiddd br tlK GcDtkiDcn who Bi>ii ibif foyt^i lul who po&UMljr 
affijin (hAt BO fflch civcti nJ&^ncc ^ver h«ppacd. 


Foidtt't F^£i nmi the tFvtlL 

Admiralty gtnerouOy gruiud che nrfcote emdunffitt «i£ftf 
fiom lAic nvrnfroiu pliilo ci>{^4vctf Tor ib« Airurc ptiblicMi«R» 
the rxprncc of whicli iirountcil to \\\^k^% of tCOO 1, in n|Ml 
Qi«rcs 10 l>ti forOcr and Cape. Cook i*^bK to ificcaieot* 
&iithcatk«(c<l bv the figniiurt c^ LonJ Saodvicb, wtt driwi 
«(t in April Ui^, * rpcciFytng ifac p^fticulv partt of (be «c 
<i>unt whk-h were 10 be prcpxrcd for ihc prcfi by cmIi <^ the 
piriu* feparalclft mnd cofitinoin^ to (beat boib joiaihr ihc gc* 
cerrni ^tfc of ihc plutn frun tbc tioarxl of Atlaiinliy- 

1a confwnity 19 thi£ ftirangemcnt, wc ve lolJ, Ur. Forto 
■ nfeJCTLied a fccooJ fpccimcn 0/ b]» ^Aivrdtm for ilic pcrsial 
of (be£irl of SaMwidip and w£i mucb ftirpriftd at Hrft ftiftt 
thit ftfcoJid c(^y WA> caiiicl^ dJUpprQ^esI i but after A>nc dne 
li« vai ccovinced thai, a4 tba word ** X^rrsirut^' wM ooaited 
id tbc ai^icccwflit be bad 00 Hgbt to compok a coanci&d aq^ 
tomAi at the voyage. He wv told ibar if he meam to pt^ 
fervo hU ctiin lo half ibc profita an^ag frocn ihc plaici,— -he 
fAvfi cofiform ID ihc J^J/r cf ihe igrreoi^nr ; ard ibougb he 
bad alwa^ft confidced hLmreJt as fcni cct chictlf with a vkw 10 
ivrice the hxfloty of ihe vojrsgc, he acquicfccd foi ibc h«tkelk 
of bisf^mil/t and fljtdly cvn^ned htmfdf to tbc publication 
of hii luicoancideid philofofriiical obicn«UD(» made id ifcc courfa 
of the voyage.' 

* [ mufi cooCeft,' add* the Author* vhafe own wnrda we 
cboofe tOKiveon this octaftofl) *t theqne^.ion it rather of tb^ 
ca&iflicd kind^-* it hun mc much, 10 (kc ihe chief micot of 
my f2iheT*t mdlkui defeated, ami' tbf Public difippcngted ia 
i\\<it cxpedatkwt of a philofofhical ledial of t^u How 
cvtr, at 1 bjid been appointed hi» a£iftant in the coarfe of ibif 
capcdition, I thought it ircutnb^nC upoo ttkc a< kafl to iiteiii|>t 
CO write fuch a lurr^mr. F-vrry rofifi.tcf Jtion prompted me to 
vndciiaie (he tAfk, which ii wai no ion?er in hij powtr Cnprr- 
form. Il wa^ a dury wr owed to the Public t I had colledcd 
fu£Bcici>t matcfiah during the voyage, xr.d I hsdft) mutch fpod 
will to t>r^in with, ai any trivcilcr rhil evrr wrote, w any 
co«ppiler iW /twr uwi ^/mv^ it rhttvhlt a laarr^titv, I w*l 
boinid bv no agircmcoC wteirucTCfr aiid ihii lo which my E^ 
ibcr b*n %ned, did not make hiai anln^able for my a^ti^Mi 
mot w ibe ntoA diTtAui muttxs preclude hb giving me afnfi- 
•ace. Theiefore m ereiy itrp<»[titit cir^umflmc*, I hid leaK 
to confvic t-ib j<idr]iJ>, and li^vc been tnibUd 10 dfiw up my 
naruii^with the w^ tcru|iu-<iu» acirniion to tuj^iiciJ uutJa.' 

After if|bily mentioning the tvro tattaym^*** id^tioiu uf 1^ 
btv voyage, Mr. Forfter uko irrfh nc'ficc uf the io;endal pnW 
licitBon, iy Amthtriij, Here too it may be proper -to Jcave tbc 
Actl'Of in rpcak For Krmfdf. 

■ Aitoihtr Datraiireof thiaciteuirnariiraiioiit rc/«</io 
iwfl ie;jarj| by Cip<< JimeaCoo^ ol WtttAv^^^Yja^ii^lm^ 




Fof fUt'f / Vc ^"■^ ^' ^#W^. 


Uftdtff w4iok cocnmiivJ ii ^'A» pcrforvncd, Thu account will 
be ij«ii*iiMnM^ witb a p^ii vAiki/ of pUtci, rcffcfcoiing vkvt 
f>t llic couAbici wlnck w« vifuc4, poftiuts of Ibt nauve*^ 
fif ut« oi Ihci' boais iririflt uid uiciiliii, lo^rthci miK a num* J 
bcr ci pafiicular chant of ihf rew dtfrorc-Mcs; aad all ckeTe | 
p)jtct*-ttic ihc joint pc^pcfty ol Uipii Cook and mjr fiiiier/ '1 

&t> Ut as th* PiiWk only arc for<*frfd, \ht Author v«ry{4* 1 
ti%Si&W^J apolog t^i for sbc kcming ftiperiiucy of o6«ftTig b^t j 
celMioa of itob tujragc (o ih« wurld ^ by obfcrrin^ thai tK«^ dif* 1 
fcrent occvpUioM, uHef, and purfuiu of dpi. Cook tmd turn* j 
felf» mtift nccf ]r«r4y divcTltfy ibcir rcUcioni, ar^ be produc- j 
tire of v4n«tT both wi(h r«fpcd to ioridcnts ai>d obfcrvaiioiu $ 1 
and thjit CKu iLc t^i f fjimc u^^Oi Duy niluijlljr be (u^^Qk4 co 1 
have b«o l^crn by tb«iti in difl«rcnt poin» of viev/ ^ and the i 
iioic fi^i girc mCc to didcfdC rcHo^ioni. fJ( iteitt but j 
ftir«ly wiih coo much fcvcriry, Ihui chsra^fccriict Dr. HawkK' I 
worthy compilaiicD, anJ fubjoir.i a hint rcbtlve to ibc publi* i 
caiion comti^g oat undvr the name cf Cvpt. Cook : • 1 

Of (h< fl'll, be fayt— * it wm the file of ibit brfiory, tO be'n 
cx^mpilcd by 1 p^rfon who h^d nnt hern on the voyvM ( Ml4 ] 
to the (nj;>[oo> oI>krrau<Ki9, the ufiinicrdlittf; di^reflloni, ar d 
fopfijOk-J j!tii'<iplrh of this Wiitcf, ihc ill fuocrlft of tht work 
bfti b«n atuibuitd s though t?vr ar« aUa co dcicmiioc with 
whiE drgicc of jiJlicc lh« blait>c i» ihrowfi upco tb« Com- 
pilcf^-^wiilt fcfpf^ to tho littcf bo obf«rT#5> that < th« 
aaiiclifc of Ca|ii. Cook, and hi* io^fiiigable puifulu after. 
diftov^JCfv have oi^de it impc^hle for him to fopoiinitod ihO | 
printing of ha own j^uiniU i jad ihc PuUet I am muchafiaW^ \ 
Bi\i& agcrn ftit^fifjif uith Atn *j rxtant tfjta ibttrfr4t4r, i 

The Aurhur uiminatci b>f preface with Com furxlcvlin rr- < 
fpc^ing O'Mai [Omiah] cfpecial])- rdatlnf to hit mental J 
potvtnt »G(|oircJ aceoirplilhsitacjt and njurpcncnt here. Af- 
tu obfeivinfl ihtt thit IHan^rr hai either brcn confidcrcd a« 
fcatarkably QvpMj, or «<ry im«IZJ£i^t, accoidin^ to the 6iffc* I 
tmt alJoA'at>ces outde by ibofe who juJ^ctJ uf hn abJiit» { he I 
fpcaki nry favottr^bly of hit pattt, &ikd adduce*, as otw i^totfg j 
ififl«nce at leafi «f hn iotilli^cniir, hi? Atratin)^ piotjciency in 
the ki>o»lcd|^D cl (h« ve:y ccmpU^iicd gime of cbcff, H» 
liktwilc very leatJilyimiiatcd and adopted thac eafV and graci^ 
ful polii«fi<fv natural to l>^ good company wbicb he frv- J 
qoenttiJi ajiJ gave * other prooFi of a quick pcfceptioa anJ j 
lively fancy/ at tikewire of gieac fenlibilTty, on paitin^ vritii J 
hia Iiuropean fiienda* I 

)n the Author* acrr-i?nf ct O-Mai, he Te^Tm by no nran^ ] 
inclined to be the p^Jie^yiilt cl ihof': unier nhofe lui(W>n he; i 
fem^inFtl nm two vcAri I and who fbrmrtot to hare hid mu<rt| \ 
at heatt the improrcment of hJa ttniern^ndLn^ with sttptU cc» 
■uticrt which oil^hi Ix hciciftcr pit^iu^YPof bcnelii both to 

}k\mit\( 3i»d Ids cQtJOtfy. ' ii »n hiFill* be rtf{>po4«4/ he o!*^ 
fotv«» * itutO'Mii ncvcT Toffnod > iirifh 10 o^am feme know- 
kd(e- or otur igftCbUure, uti, aftd Bi«mif.k^vM ; bat m 
fficndly Mcnror ercr >fi«-nfpi«rf to dirriCb ai^ to ^ni 
wiitr oHjdi Icr^ to improve bb ipotaI rbtf jdrt, 10 fca 
our cxjhrj \6tx^ of vun>c> uid tlic fubli«« (iriacipJvi cif 
veiled rcltgion.' 
f It fiiDuUi form likrwiCc, from our AuThor's acrovaf of (V 
Mai's c<iiiipn>cnt, on hkirvto'ii ftom«* thic ^orcinmepi tKong 
prttprr lu fit hioi out nibrr At 1 Cui^af^r ihxn > Noim 
MsoKoCoipjc. He vjsfeotoui toO- Tihriicr, Fumiflird wii 


E't^ffuGi J/A'^f>#| (opethcT wito * 41^ rae%» 

m^njcniD. «E)J oib-u rillt3« whicb m < i nicf 

fuppiy out arti&nil winat' but noc provided Mriib * «nkkf 

itj] uk Lo bii cQumijr '*' r 

The Autbt^ Ttfnumco bb Preface viih a profter rrflc^ 

on the beiiiditt to be licfivai tVom tOT«ce« ol Ji^orerv, i 

with eikiag ooiicc of the conipimtivdjr fmBil ocp^ncr «f «bi 

thcv Jire carried oci 1 the wbo^ dunouni of Ih : ' •^- 

rmh^fkcd not btvlciK occcJnl the ^uui ol ij,: 1 . tuU 

alJ cxttacrdiaary diiburrcoictin. 

With Tcfpcti to the itUc<D[> itftif, «c on ovly at 
&yt tb»e> it itt a* we h4«t proceeded iA it, it hu ^iFi^rdH m 
pJeaJtiJir in the pejuLl. It » iJ[uftia<cJ by a curfrrkpftfi 
<hdil of ibe Soutbern Heotii>bete, iWiAe^ o«i 4 pfu|r^K>A 
whkli ' r.iphicAl dtfcovctief cniclc bv the tih'9 t«IIcla, 

|bcir t- \i^j:k%^ ire cxhjbiied ic one wtvt^ 

* Ge^ventHMBt. hovrrer, h rot jal'7 cb|r^tb<t w>tb \\U 
Ji(T i ihty r»p plied him, Jtbvnitya «ith iroa rot^ - ' ^1 
mrtir^i at u-ae frK^^eclol in itietp. ji fikely to tr to 

rWcac oAc or Joivir iinprf>Tf»cae. orkUenmiryr 1 04* 

Lim. tlf^t cMi^ Jk^ lhr<p ; n^COimgiej, by ite? « oaJf 

tpeo^t >* ' I^^rcvi'lkc^ i^: h«ppy loil coild r<<;u<r. N^oe^ 

lUtti i. ic ihi) ouvuv »crc «iUlr[ m> V^iifr binwiiJi 

^hi^ci«r lit: Kcujrd Co licw ^tilb M'ifLfvI C)ca; tr-L "fft 

bin an v^ti. anMket trAeor, ard etrn an rVf:< rw 

Ati.VUI. A-tjtmtral H^/§9y tf tit -itian aU t/^a-u tf M' 
^B Bv Sit t'^^ HAvkibh. fCioainMd from o«f krvictf lot 

I exi 

I r,j 


T N oti( iiiimct «re ^ve ibc Kei^ fame fprd 
X v/ ibc i«nc «ad oiufu^J opLmoiu of ihe Auitior, pnitc 
extnflcd from hit pTcli.-nifitry <}ifcouHe, but lilstiEdiril 1 
\r\k tj pilL^es w:ii^b (Irutk our ejc« even on « euiT'if p 
fjJ 0^ Uh bft volume ol iSc wfoK, TM« t^Ue mi^ tbcloopi- 
D'fiAit difiVr ftf gM Atiy U^>tn ojt uwo, and Ikmh tbaCe ctf 
quaIiIx«) jo^s^ veith, whom wr are Kx^uiiDLcd} ihat wc 
cot aroud utukin^ than* uitl exhibiting tbc^n At cbarj^ 

tical of the prtf^ni vroifc :-*-fo fkf, ic .Icaft, a> fiile, lad 4 
knowledge <A ih« rtftl cxccllciicica c>f ihe art, »(hJ of t^e pre* 
fcni Hiie of iCt may bf deemed r^niijl rdiuiliici toward* t^.a 
comptUtion cft~ on HiiU-ry ol Mi*l>c> Waviivg, hoircvcrt tSa 
cociTi^craiion uf tkiii aiitir; for (he prcfcirC, we iliall proceed 
10 give lome account of ihe manner m nhKh the Avthor 
hu cxtcuttd tti^ ?icJC, <u il tc«fi vuUjwini>uH ur;>f)c Hcte 
luo, EO btjt>n wJlh t^ ^ii\ of ihefc volu»iie«, we are f«ir^ co 
<A)lervc ibac wc cui iicabcr cocnmcod hit pJan, oof hii cjkcu* 

Tkcoiiglnof tUhtjmn in< or uirMKiooA tf guicrJly in* 
volred in ciGuJf >[>J dJrknHs \ and, accordinglf, it c&nnnc bo 
impuud 1) a U\\Ai tn bjcn wh<i ■fidcrukct to wt itc ibc hiHor/ 
oi" a paiiicvUt iit, i^ he l^ould lettc ihsr of Et\ tJirly aptt m 
«> duk ft llaic 11 be /uuni it- T}|l3 b uudoubtcdiy the c«r«9 
Wtib uor prcJcri LiUotun \ )re<« ibo;i(^ we ito not mpan ca 
rcpxoacb bim for hi> irant of ri>cGefi in this p^fiifular* wo 
bave a li^bl tu cpoipiam ih^ he OiautJ io futcl/ p^rpltx an4 
mortify CI anJ hit ether RciiJcrs vrith fv int>ch ol the nK/9 
/tm^AHi€ tA tnToroi^tioci, aoJ dif^j^ fo little of the rc^lrij- v-* 
that little, too. over m lie ![»«<! and foEToraccd in % maCi of i)iio- 
tatiom* 4:^^14017* arid JiroiiitcJ c>JcuIaticji»* 

If Oie A'Jt!vu\ pbn laid h\m utAei the nfceiity of treating 
CcicotJ&d!)r ^'^ t/iat conapltcated, d^ik, Add hKlcncycd fu^jc^^ 
the mvtjc of th« Anckn(i;**-rupporin£ thjt he vt^s nut fur-^ 
oiihcd «iib any n<w lighu eo throvr upon ji, or hai no new 
cojijeducei to olTcr rdiiuig to itj*— a vras, fuicly, hU dutv 
to fhew fomc nK/cy c^rn on hU fcicniihc readiT, bv previ- 
ously aitd oiaiiircly d^^dlijig \x\ hi» own ntTod whjuvec «r.ia 
koowra with cefcainty en tbe fubjedi aftd pretentint bim, in 
oDe cotinc^.cd ilev, wHti [lie fubfliiicc of what be hjO ctiU 
ICitied ffom rctdLn^*> compiriogt nod medJtaiir>g on, the on*, 
^nal author^ «nd ihc-i iibaicious and diCoirdiQt tiatikribcJA- 
aoJ eonwocntarofi. 

Our ITtlofUn hi; f^lTi^-trd a different ai>d Anecb kfi A-M\' 
cull mit^od : ai eiak.tig iran^cripti frorn Aiuhon H a mus:Ii 
caGtr ij(k iba/i aniUGng th<m» And ci«tng a clear account of 
ihetr diKhlnpCs colk^ed from l)te nudv an;! compaiifon of 
tbcir difiirciit wo;ki.'" We would alk the Ambort Ut «baC 
clafi i)f rr^deiA are Kis longinJ yrc muitUltd qiiotaiktiisfroitv 
A^Aoxcnu^ tuc^d, Piokmy, &>etiuj, 6>*c. titiendedJ— 'It it 
poSbJc that ciiber il^ Icaiited or unlcarnrd ioquirer can c<Kn- 
prebertd the fenfe of tictKhed a&d muulaied ^xtm^'li f/om wotkt 
wbkK have cluicd the ('i;:acitr of the moft enli-hiened mutiial 
Clitic*, wbo have diiij:cmly Au^icd, vricb very JUtie pjo&i, ib& 
tfolrr/ «oik4 ffoA wbicb thcfc extfUEii arc t4keor*-*lt> « 
word, <!ofi the Author h-miVlf urvjcrfland the greaict part a£' 
the very extract wb;cl: be ba> given ^i ^ 




%Ve Sh%}\ iccordjrtgiy piTi over thU pm of the AtflFtor'v 

Cfonnaiicr, obftfrvtn^ onljr lliai •! llic cad ot hii feft vi>* 
ne h€ bttagi bii liJlof/ doivs to the time of GqMo. In 
the prcmh of »t, in the fnbfeqticctt ^dIuidcs, the mtrficmi rrtiJU 
er't pitieiKt it ntcrdftd by the ficqiHnt IritfrruptiDni it»v h< 
freds uiib in ttii irtnin puf f«ii i from whiib he ^i cvrr acd 
tar.oxi (Irjuvn ofi^ bytiifl A(itttor*K vAfiout excudnoi into iii^ 
jc£ts vcfv ditlantly or fio: At all cofircvttfd wtih his priiKJptl 
obj«A. 'Tfcvt, In the frfond vo!unir, bifing brought hU hifij 
tony down to iJtc ticnc of Ch3^c<r» m author wh^c vritlogf^ 
Sft itty w«lt knovTfTt he ■flifiltj' comntrncrv RfvifVJir tjf 
the Caaterbsnr TaJo i girci u» jn htdory of the poet's plui, 
and piitkuhrij- ir.ilvtVi the prtloguw, branjfe * ai t^<y w* 
Ktc to iiK>(}<i of litt, the) are ch;tra£teiiriic of the limei, and 
tend/ iMhe AuihiTf vculd pcffuxiJc (15, ' todu^ d)tc the fiib* 
jcit of tSe prcfcrtt inqutfy/ Horn fxr ihcy anfwcf thii pti 
pofc will ipp<ar b)r a tranfcript or tvro iVooi 1 pari of the 
Auihoi^t Crin^t which h^ih m r^ai a rdattoD to mufic u 
lny of itic t-thti psm whkh we ooiit. 

•Theft pf o!ogfl«i'— To elucMitofj of the pcdetic fx 
jeft, our jTA/ftm/ Hiffofi^n gravely otrcnei, ' Itacfa us i 
at Strttford, cnr Bow in Middlrfrx, \ra« a Irhool 
fiifft, whora the IVench lan^ittge, hjt very diffrrept frwn 
that of Parli. wii rau^ht, and thn zt oreab not t^ wet the 
fingers deep ifl ihe faofo wtj oac fign of ■ polite fcai 
educATioit, And here, he adili, ■ it wiay not be icn[>ropeT ro le- 
niirlEt that before tht utnc ni K*^% Jamct the t irft, a fort 
wj! in implemenc (irfc:Jow-r» m thii ivuntry. Totd Cmaio 
ihe tfivellef tevned t^e ufe of it tfi Italy* end one which he 
btfou^ht with him frcm iheiuc wai here eilcrmcJ a gteu ru- 
iiofrty.' "We O'TiTi a |r\TTf; no'e, innfcfibe^ fKni the i>»- 
d[r/Mi wheteJQ Tom himidf f;Kt^ an account of thb »it* 
ler; at the end of wfrik-h be civelafCi, rhit • Wi familiar 
fiieiidt Mr> L)»itncc Whiuker, in hi; mefty humovrt i^oubcof 
not 10 tall htm at tabic, Fvnifir^ onty for tifias a fofk at 
fecditif, hvt ftr iM tiher .v j,&,'— Paflifif over certaui po<ntl of 
Informatior, rrtaTing xo (crjTJnft ar Jaw. jodget of xffite, to* 
pom> and year book i, colltcicd fiom the ptoJoguci KforefAidi 
vc procrrd with him, in hia coumefaitoii of their cofucilttt 
u foUowj : 

•^— That the roonki «xrc loveraof hoocm^ and krpt 
f[reyfiound»— th»t the houfes of cotiotry £epilenie» aboboM 
wJih ibc ctiokcft vtaud>-^hat a habcidafter. ■ carpmcer» % 
treiver, a dyvr, and a rraker t^f tapeflrr, were tti the raak J 
of f;ich citiscni aa hoped <o become alderxrcn of LooAvii V 
and thit ihcir m\\^c% claimed to be eiTlrd Modern — chat rook* 
were great chcaia, and K^ld Jicb the £ime meat CDOfc tha« 
% mm 


oact-*-lHat the cnaf^ci* of lfl»p« vrerr piram, woA ouiic b«c 
Ulllc conrd«iKC \A ftralin^ wihf out of fhc veflrlt of ihrir 
cbApncn when ihc brtef wcvc sJlccp— viiat phyficMn* made J 
ftAji^Gigy I pdit of Lhctr timd|r>*-ihjii ibc weiviag o^ vrrwiJen 3 
cJoih wu ft vct>- pj^table trade» aaJ ihil ilic neighbour bood J 
of Dnuh wu Ofic <if the fcMt of tlui m«iiar«diifc— ih«r a J 
pilgrJou^F to Roire. nay ro Jintrafcot, «ni noi an cxtfivi^ J 
g&nt uadcrukifig for the vnfe ol 41 wtfiMCf ^^-thjt tiie mcfcv- | 
n/T^ foffv of clergy were x;ci>ftoi»cd co Itork en LoaJoA, ia j 
ofdcr to procure cStfi«nif>» in tbc caibcJnl of &(. I'avI— -J 
ttkrt ir ihr Trmpk ih* (T^mh^ii wrr* not maitr irore thin J 
Ihifift twetvc ot whom \rfrc qqalilicd to be fitw»rd> 10 tny . 
prcr of ibc itaTm— t^at thtir isjucipk wii > rogur, tnd HmI 1 
<i«iHHi»g cii'jvtih to dk«4t tbcni «1)'--ih*t Ilcw4rd« j*rcvr ncli 7 
b/ leiidiog Ihcxr lords iJicir otvn mojicy— -jmI finiilj, ihjc J 
ib« fflsttncnef— in the et'c^'Cfis^iei} con rC'i-* would f<ir 1 fitiAll ] 
fee fyffcr a guod fciJow 10 b^ie Itb coiKubiiic lor a Cttclve- J 
inoflib.' 1 

0«f Rrfttuvr proc«ds ivanilrrlAi; tnJ t^iverttn;^ irrxw nA ' 
more in hit muliifortn digrfiFont ; iar afier jndul^if>g ihc mf^ 1 
cem mder wiih a rcgoliir ttialTru of ifc Miikr^* and c^c j 
Recte'i Tifca, 11 fp<crfncm of hit Authot'i ftylc vid manter, 
he trcati of itke origin and toHuctice o£/f9M Uwara \ which* I 
amnng othet cviU, pmJuord that * Jtaic of boikdagc in which I 
a wocnui i> dcmrd th< liberty ol cboofing the m* fhe Ijkci ' 
for a huAiiEid ;*<— ani cif chitalf^^ with refpcdl lo the ori^it I 
of whicb he cdls ut, 11 may aow * itoi bt iaipropcr ro inquire ] 
*— ji it coflt'ibulcii to Jitu:rip<f the altnrtff riBtur*! ferorky < j 
of the people, ^Tii rt^f& % luftrc oa ih< fetnale elur^fler '«» > I 
A Yvry pri;fc-WDnfa/ jiiquirvt ^i^A ■iTufcdly, at 4 pro|>et (iimd J 
and placet but why our Muftcil Hif^otim lliould turn 1 
<jyix<Ke, O' r«1!y fonb To tbe Holy Land, to add a Jutirt ro 
ibc feiinle chara^^r, we ear.B<M rfifcQver. ^1^ furely fbould 
be hn foJe Dalt'tfa , but vur rectcant «ld didir^l Lni^ht 
tjkea every ofiporcuntiv uf Icuvm^ the difconfniarc difnEVl be- 1 
hi»di and i* contintiatiy ptickmit hia fi^fi^bariffn /tui in qacft ' 
4}f other and ftrvnge mtJlrcGra. lie defceodt tv accof^ eren "I 
thrwtrcf BAddAtghTcrt of C^micrt, and mechaaiu— tn fbort •] 
there t» no eivJ of hii inJiJrlit^j* * j 

Ntii i<y puff^e our alivru^i «Tiy furtWr— OQf Hltlorf in nMt *j 
cfitcftAiiii ua with 4 giffji nu^nbcr of UaocAi — in the bl«ct • 
Jneer— from an si^nont poem irftled * H^t Nff^ti^nn Mnhe^U ^ 
lUr^ini i9 htr Daoz^'T \' in which throlu l.tdy a^»ni&C3 her .^ 
1030 to chureti, ferveGcxi, look iftct \mT mcfi, ;trd rikeeirecf 
tktff kcyi; bat dota not drop %t\t fBvlUfl bintf gt^ or bid, rn 
rebfnp to mtffie. either \oeai or iat^iimeit&il. k^ li*tic;/1 
1^ riTAtly refp^inft I'vu f(jb;c<l, ia td bs fou^td td the 7re«i<^> 
I lUv. Apr. i;;;, T \»V^ 

174 HiwWns'i ffifisrj vftht Sttfnu *ii ftMBttt ^ Ahp. 



brge quMjrioif, tmmcJJitfly fr>rowln^ thr^, which ih« A# 
tbor(iir<» ut Uom h Cbfiom old bo;^k whkb, fiy» our ffill 
rian, * ihouftb ji grcit ifnl ti raniJiir\ri in it, fc« hjve bi 
ccmpltd 10 Took inK»/ It is tbc urorjc intulc>d ' Di Pnfiht 
tiitit Rifum^' o(igin«]ly wtitien in Larint abntjc iHe * 
1364 ^ BariMn0bi i ^ntj tfsnOicr^ inio £nf;)(f1i m 1398 
7w< Trrt-i/vt vicar of the piriJh of Ikrkcky irt ibc icifta 
Kichjtd tbc Second.^Our R«ad«T* muA b« conwat with 
InWul (zaintKZ %jz iwo of ibc different cxifWb ^cdcit fn 
this work b^our Hitlomn. 

Trmij^f; d chiUrco, our incnki or father his tranflar 
Ti)'!, that they irr " fcrcec 10 Ittvynge, and comprllrd to n 
JcmyDge 4nd chaTcyfydget Tbcy are ptyauot ol body, «b 
and Irj^hit to fnocv)n^Ci vrytty tu Icim ckrufksi and «ryi 
outc bdrncfir, &c.' vrd tbcy lov< «n ipplc more thtrt 
&c.'— /^f Pafiliit he faith^ ^ A majde. chylJc, and a 
i« cil]«d PjilUt kv Jc were clen* and yturc » the btKk of 
eye — Men b/hcKC to take hcdc of ntiydcns, for ihcy 
hole «Dd moy^e of complm-oit, and lerdic, firite, plyinn 
ind fayf of dilpofycyon of body, — 1 niiii^f Dt /^r#^ 
fahh ibai ' 4 man haih th;tt name of myghte and vertue, 
Arengtbe, for in mygbce and in Arcngthe a maa piflych 
woman*' f n bU accourj of bis courting, weddinf artd bed 
viour to bta biiJc, we meet with only thin piflage in wfai 
mulic i» memioncd,*— * He Jpe^kyih lo lier plcyfaunsly 
trhold<)h her cheer in the face with pleyfyn^e, and ^laA 
cbcre, and w>th a Aiarp eye, and ;inc:r(y(h lo her at laflc<^ 
and makylb rrvcU, and fce^ct, and fpoufavlci, and £cvytb 
EMflygtrod gcfce* to frcndca and giHcat and cooiloftydi aal 

Coitb hit gTllri ifiib fonget and pyf^t, and otfaee v 
^c of mufykc : and aficrvrvctc be bri/igeih bcr 10 
pryvtEte* of hi* ehnmbre, Str.* 

The Author at length reiurni to hn fubje^, wrbcre «c 
Ifc^ly iitiend him ; cfpcciilly at ht ircaii ttir mufica' aniiqi 
rian with what may b^ deemed fomc ebtpice morfcla, Wc 
bU accoiini? of the conteiiit of two coilc^ioiu of 
nmfical Era^ to which fce ha^ had acctft* The firtH ii 
figiie<l hf ihc titie of ihc CttUn MaKafcript^ the Ofiginat 
wbKh wit, accordii^^ io \\\z Author ■ cx^relBon, * reode 
dUdii' by the 6rc which happened in ;\fhbiiraham hoc 
wbae it uraidepofLied, Before \W\\ cirri, however, a cop 
of it bad been procured at tbc cxpcncc of tbc late Dr. Prpufcta. 
Froen a tkac at ihc ronelufion of the Hrft iraA coniaiiUd in 
ii« the whole collection la faid to hivc been complcated ia tikc 
jcv 1326. tn the fecood of ihefe trafii, the writer of it 
m giving ruici for tjettmf^i defcaat* cautions tbc itnj^er tfjaifit 
Cbc ufe oS £^rin «nd aa he j> ptifo^ly iUenl coKernisf 



their prcptrfliion ind lefoEvtjrin, without vrhrch Ibcy a:c in- 
Ukttfniilc, Dur prcrcni Aurh^ir ihrntEt itui rhe ufc of difcortJ^ 
10 mafical compofuECQ wn then unkn^wfi, 

Kcvctlhckfj ibt Anonymauv imhor of ihc iMrd triA, ircit* 
ift£Of ^JcfciAf, and fj>eikin{c of the candor Ji, fsp, ih»t ^ aUha* 
Xhctiinne md/ifniiiittit^ (the nKJur and luinuf llitfJ) 'itchoC 
rrcfcon«4l imotr; ibv pvrfeit ccncif^d*, yet ttit ^morg ihc l>cft 

3;«oH)* in focnc counities, av m £n^Un(fi in the counmr 
led f$^tfltmtrt^ thfj are ufcij xt fuch- — Mmjr goodorjinim 
And m^<^ «f hymn) and inrrpho?^ pui difcordi in the roota 
ai conccftlftf wiih»ue i^j (ulc or confttltrjltcjn, fK':cpl that 
llkt difcofd of ji tone or feeond be ukcn belore 4 pCffcA 
CoiKOcd.'— ' Ht<c» ftp our Hiflorian, it h to be obfcnec, ihjit 
for th« Uril lime wc mc» Hith the nrawv of difcordi i* — bi 
o^ght to h^vc sddcd, in compoTition, or mufic in p4ri»: for 
AiiHv dHcords bkvt been mr^ttntd by tlmcvft every wricef on 
the Icicoct, 

The nent collefHon I* IntHted th« msmifcripc of Ffa/rl^M 
H*h Cr^tt ind wm priMip*lly wrictco by John WyJdc» who 
raSln hioifcir piecrmor rf irie ntonn fiery at that plicc, o&d it 
fup^oTfd 10 bafc Bdurilhcd ibiMtc the ynr 1400. Our Author 
^ives • leguhf epitome of ihit maruicrif^t, which et^ntaini la 
|enerii an ilEullration of the principal muftcal prccepei of 
BociiLiJr Mjcftihjus, and Ouido t and ubfcnm* thii though 
thctc tovo colJCi^ioni ' fieni to contain i\i of mufic that cati 
b« fuppofcd 10 have been known at the time of vrriitn* them i 
Ui«r inak« but a very mconfidenble part of ttio^ wMc^ appear 
Id hive been written in that pciod which occurred between the 
tinif of Guide* ani the invrnfion of prtnllng/— * !t ii not to 
be iiror>d<rc4 ae/ he adds ' ihit :be g*^^^^ number of tbcfa 
autbof ««rr monkt ; for ikoc only their profrlHon obligf 
tbtm CO the practice oF oiufic, but thejr fcqueHired tnannei 
of life gav« theoi Icifurc and oppoftutiitlrt of ftudyiDg it ni] 
great advantw/ 

Hue our iliihirun U Xt^^ by a fccminsly invincible pfOpcn-' 
^ty, to givv M% the ftitc of monkery in detail, during UiflJ 
three cent uriei pTCctdln^ ih- Kformation. He not only cxhU, 
bfEi th« Vinout Titlr* and fvtnflionf of all (hn memhtn of lh«i 
cn^iMltic order, fjom (he abbut and prior, to ihft CffWndrni, 
Ggr£»arii/s, and Firta'iift\ but he «rtum«rate^ lt>c offces— ] 
the ItftKtff'iam, ' where Ihc clothci of the mci^ki wef< 
wiAed, and where atfo at a conduit they waQKd ihcii handia/ 
-*thc * JCii^in^ vrith Urder and pintry aJjotniof^ ;*— th^^J-' 
Wti, ■ under ibe care atid nuiu^ancnt of the yfrfiftfrw, of] 
uhKct of the horfe, and f'swu/mw/, &c/ Nay hf defctodi 
to a clafliric^itriMi or i4ih^i rtvirw of ttnC monkiTh uctfA/i' 
GOfiJjfling oftjnannf, jelJirgs for the faddle cf the br^er 

T 1 ^N»* \ 



jhJ 4.i^iu c*'i o' plovgfc hor<^* Nor 4o«t be ditdjia 
iltii iniTot'Ky of monkiib ^oo^s dnl dnucii* to rrgidWr * tkm 
Xf^uijitriumt <it Ibc co«»'hou&, lad cIk ptn^i^rm^ or tha f^ific 

ll)C; Viii lo IcAi'C (Ik icqitirilivc fc«it<r Mtblnf fuUbcr tO 
^ite, t»c recite:* ibe vniovi vcguli'iOQi Tvr|<r^tig the Xvtvt 
and cuRvcE^uont of the monki i then itme« of prayw^ Wi* 
ing, flcfpi'ig iE>d w^uhing, &c. tnd aJdi (mw Afid^rmt^ on 
lb« luLjrdt, rcUiLa^ to the titki of oAccrt «noi»c lba». 
miny ol whofc tEnplojrocni** aluf * cm now onlv be gud&d 
21 i' — ^ttv f«>#aii>iM, t^f^rhtt, ^^uu j€»t^imnttt #»l^ 
Jcifsrlt^^ pirtstiuJt t^rtilarimt ttHtranl^ ^Jif^rstUt and ^r^& 
variM'J — Bui it ii high tivie lo give our monkiOl hi£lo«uQ 
• Jog. and vrake bioi out of ibi> <f<U^btfiil roori* & thai we 
HiaT attend to the rutin TubjeA, 

Bffi^rc «ad aFur th^fe-diiculKoQat the Aifll>of uVn frcat 
pains to evince ihj< (he /<7«fsi nttn/itruttiii wxs nuf, a» baa b«aa 
ai&r(»«d> ihr iineniion cf y.^^u ^ Mm/it^ in tha i4<h<oi»ti*y, 
but oJ Frimco in ilie elcvrntb. He tbto treats of the intciU 
tiOA of cowiiopoint, »od of the taait fyvitu -, aeid ^vc» & 

iirciCjr crpioLii account of ihc fu^^ue ind cinofi. Thia Uft 
iibfccl he difcuilet f«n amtr^t and ttith litfiaJtcd a |v«dtla^UM^ 
a» hcduo oiaBikef) ji>^ the Uaclc letter, Hv |ivc> in kvca^ 
fjvcinicjis of ihi« fp^cits of com|wriii(Wi, whkK noc loag af^ 
ler Its irvtAiiop, ibout tbc bcgirn^of of the i6tb ccn(iir)r« 
wai (no(Lif)r-i inio fu^u<^i by iirgfiirnrifimi inJ dimimiliafi i— 
fuguci vritb thetr mwtn id the fouTih* fiHb, ot eigbtht ei- 
ther aboi-c ni bebw ;— ^/ff kj/ y'.ja/i, or. ^s ih^y ire cooi- 
monljr oikd, eanurm vriictctt in one lint ^ — fugaa to h^ 
r^nit rW7f C^ rff'f, forw^idi ot bacWwardii attJ otbcfi /^ 
di^ ts thjit^ one part iifini- Kid the othP' dtCcen d ioj^^ So«c 
of ihcte. like tbc omf^rtfAit <ArMix''tfnri ox raLiic< tbc ^gfip 
Allan 4nd i«jr<r in pociiy, were wofkcd into ibe figure* of #^ 
tfc^^j, cr^'i andrJnfrii oot to mcnituti oibcr cwioaa Coih 
ceiis and dcv^cei; fuch i) ibat goodty device, «rh:eb boiffcvrr 
we beUeve W4S of poAerior dite, oC iurr>iflg the paper upfide 
dowr, Aid rxccuring the cferpty conrcried cofiirwacwe baick- 
ward;, be^miiinF: 4t the b^^uom ; — the icrj ivi^^f of hajipo- 

Among other cuf iofieiei Ia thii wiy, the Author |*iv«a m & 
Wi>j^d<(ful cajiojt cofifiAmg of only i; no(r4, fpQ<D lCircbe% 
" wtiicli oiay be fung/ tiya the bit«r, * by fonr or & 
T«icei mo;c than looo trayt,* Kiicher ffiemiodi ajioibcr fluot 
cnmpuniii>ii, « w>i.b may be dJIUibuiod U)io ll9 choir*i a 
fuAK by ^^aoOiOCO voices, Aay bf ao inEtutte nufubcr t'— 
beji'ir.u ibc furpetft inUieRevelaiJonahvlhw, labcff ccjtcen 


Jf$d 9K JVhM f*w!dtftrn l*-if /fv^, Acrf /^ *«/ Ivufr^J and J^rSf- 
ft^ thnjc^d w6(f£ ipff t rtJitratJ/ftm thf tarth^' chop, x;*, 
Amoo/thf cic3^pt«s o/ c^ls fpwir^ ^lif conipoJliion — rf!>rr»' 

prcrcnit t^K wiih fume liiiSfrco Eii^'JiTrd cannntof Dr. Aull, opj*^ 
of Bird, ukcn frrm rranufcripti ro which he h^d Atxtr*. A^cc 
givi[i^ar;igur of ihehucr, trin&TJbcJIVain ;tf^Z7'»7a/rp/vJ?w<p^1 
* oJ tuvti pirit m one. per Arf:n tf Tiffin^ with the pgint rr*J 
vtTterJ/ the Author, in fobcf QdncOk iiuyici I^Jtln li*r*mt* 
fiti 9/ AJu^tJ 11 Invifb in hit comiricnilaticDi of it, and At' 
poJniine nL>E, and unfoldirg \li cxccUcncici in the Mlowinj 
ttrmi I wii h vrrll {;Ue the Reader foirtc idea of ibit kind 

• The f Fih and hfl obfecrMlon vi, lliJc 3fl fbits of fugnct* 
(rtporu tad rctfCfM cF ihe rAiTke. ti»d ofdivcn poioti tn lb* 
fjvnc, ;ii^ divtn cstiona, an4 id the fame aii^ divcfn putf). 
arc fon>efimc4 moEY e^e)>aiit]jr iflTfrfr-cdd1ed> » in that inimi* 
tibic lellbn of Mf. Bird's codt^JDinf iwo pjrtt io one uptrii' 
ft pltin^roAg, «h«rei(k rhe frl pari b«ginneEb with a poinc, 
abo ihea rcvtrKth ir rote ti>: noM in Jt fmil^ or C[cTCD:h t ind 
Ike fe<ond pan tirfl r-i-erteih inc p:)in: in the frarth ii (he dih 
(fid, and ihen reporCeih it 'o the unison i belbrc iheend tfhejtuf'^ 
the RrftEMftha^tn^rcfted three mlnimt afrerhit reverr, fut^tW 
a feccind point, B&d fcteneth it tn the (ij>hih ^ and ihe fecon4'j 
fu^ Tcv*ncta rhc p:T'H? in a faurth^ and then rrpoffeth it in » 
fourth: \^\jy (he Rrl tin^nh ;& ihird poiat, «ad levercetli 
it In ■ J^fih, ind then repofiech in a^ uniftw, and To ctofeiA' 
tC with Umz anaexcd rtoitii and th« fecoliJ fitVk rfrrerreih 
ii In a fifth, ^J cbrn rcporieth ii in an unirun. and fa 
cloftth it «iih a fecond revert \ where, lo make up the full'^ 
humony, umo ibcfe ibicc pu» Is tided a founh. «rtich vcrj 
mulicatiV toucheth ftiU span the pointi tepofud and rfTcfted/ 

-^* JvEib <i>^ w^rj if this it J'-a^u u iM ^ quoth my un» 
ck Toby.-^We beu the Reader** panlon for iliu ai;i— 
but tbc hlU>ir'in^ puUjce in rnHfavi Shai»dy'« hh Mpd opi- 
ntom fudtfenlf bounced into our be^Ji, ind prodtic^d tmtt 
apoliraphe. Th«rc j^i tn ^&ctt arnirvcUotalimiUiudc betwcn 
the ouflrr btjtler'i account of the ntuCicjJ fetfla o/ cnallvr 
Bird, wf:h hn vario«a '^f^i^Pt ''fvtrtinxtt *nd ihj$ti%^ ofl! 
&ltand Tecortd piriru — lud Sh^ndyS licfctipLicrii of ibc allc* 
^iic*l iMft.'/wf< <nd fuwmrrjtu of G>j»tij^7 and capt. Trifp^^. 
^Tcn ai fiinplcs of polemical diirinit/, — Here at leift tl 
palti^e, fomewhtt aVidfr<l. 

* — Thf n faddenly— he fetched a (arnbol «^ ^tufmi^ tm 
turning fo ih? tifi ^nv^* Tailed not to rarr/ hii bodf ^feflt 
riwit/* jwft into hij fyrmcr pofiticin,— TlWfk WnA* * iT^w^^ 

T ^ \^w« 


Blair*' Stm^u 


out flrcogth anJ i|tlit/» lufnici^ tojrxidi lite r^h Jm/* ^e 
f«icl>ed anothK Uiikivg gacibcl u bcfor? — laj fo turned ioi 
whirled himrdf tb«<it ttvcc tintn ; at ibc fourth rnvr/v bu 

7>f/^rr— iaconiircntly lumfd /wAr nvr Aba/ in tbc ur^^and 
madeaboTMhE}»lrvd fVUlu^ turns, and dcinS-poAmiadaj *.' 

* 'flii eoMi It fyhti-ii ! faid ttij uncle Tob^.' en hcar<ti| 
Yotick reid ihi« pflVgr. ^^^ Crruu ih t camv>t be «&;&/— 
cxclaineicd our b/ochcrt Afartiiua SiriW^na^ when ire read to 
him the roicffojng ijuoiation, given u% hf out Hifto<ian. Jt 
it mufic, or ti lb »llei» however, though the eati have ge* 
nerilly litL'c ^onorn wilh ji ; a.ij k U of a fpecio which 
£ndtt g'fU favour in the ejcs of oiLf HiftoriiA- No two cnen, 
the Rc^Jcr muf2 know, can well tiiiT^r more in tVicir uHci 
and multcs^ optnioai, thin the Author loi our ancient alio- 
eiate afo.-claii^ who abomiiulcs (hJ9 pedjniry of ^«cnfJt 61ft,. 
wtf^^td, and (htn rrtwr//<— and lo he underflooi only hf 
iMifg it the Ibof c : ind yet, no^witnttandtog hit Grms^ 
idita^ h; h hy no mcajijt an enemy to ibc lempetate u£e nf 
ttat moderri ijivemun, barm^i when it Uyi no improper 
rfllrjinift un tite gerius and faixy of the coinp<ffcr> He re- 
liflkct in the hizKeOh degree ihe ' fvarff^Uf, f«;n^rf», f^Mi€4i 
iV^riurfSf ^. of JJay^t Ftrnim^ SiGmatXf Stella ihort, 
what our Author ct!1» ^ the /riv/K dail^r t^iruded on ib« 
world/— (lad we intrufttd ihc criii^uc of ihi> wotk to out hjo- 
ihtr M^iln, the mterowate montl would absolutely haw 
a\i<le Jif'i }).iat of our HidorUn. and would not even hare 
given him crcdir for Ihf ^niiqi^rian frag^nenrt and other cv* 
lioHciiJ which hii woilc icilly contajm* Wc hive hitherto 
taken care, however, to llecr a middtc courfc befwccn ibem; 
■« we (bill continue to do in the reiaainiag part <rt thii en- 

* VoL U. ebtp. aS. pag. loou edit, of i77l> 

A*T.IX. Strmtm. h'f Hu£h BUIr, D. D. One of iheUiaJtoi «f 
ihr HichChvKh, incl frofciforof Rbr;orie and iWlea L«maiB 
(htUrnTerfiTj, of UdiDbwijh, C»o. 61. bee ad h CaddJ* 1777- 

X HO UGH ibcfc if, perhapi, 00 fpecteA of compoGtion 
whieh remains fd far befow lujufl degree of perfe^ion 
__ ment i and ihoogh, la (cnculi they cMiie no greac flufc 
of the pubhc aEtcniioni — jet the difcouffcs before ui f^nnot 
hi\ cjf ]>eing fivcurably received hy re^idcr* of very (JifTereoi 
ehin^trt. The irsn of ta/t and ihc pe/iu /thtit^j wiU be 
pleaftd with them| ai eirgant com po fit lone ; ind the man of 
the world viiri approve ihe PmchciS judicio^i^ obfenationi 
paoD buoian life i but above iJ)> thofe who read in oider to 


"■i«Tn~~fSSicftl knowltfJije, — with % vkw to te wifi for w=w 

^■jttAl or the pubTic-uian b«forc ui« 

^K Tbc {ubjcd^i on which Dr- BI«ir difcouHfft >r« not 4o£Iih 
ml pn'inH of cviiou« rprruti-innf but Turh » rrbte 10 the con* 

' du^ of lir«, ind t>ic dircij>Ime of the hcift ind fitfioi^t j— *- 
uul thcj arc plicoJ in (a lufipy, fci Ariking 1 point of tieivJ 
u irufl, u[>doubccdIy, make drcp imprcfUona tfpon cvcf K»dfr«i 
uSq ii defirotf* of i^ing in s inaniicr «L»iihf of hi> r^(tOj;alJ 
i^aivrt, «nd hit Chriflno ptofeffion. There »g two r«rmonc«J 
jfidcod, of « n^orc phiJoft^hicAl c«il th«n tbc icA; one, 0«l 

^ Mir imftrfui Knswttd^t »f afuiitU StMi^ ibc Otbrrj Ojb f^ ^'fA 
trArj *f 1^ Pjijiws i and iJioagtk ibcjr oiav b< rctd wuh |ren 
■dvaftta^F in fl pra^inl vlcw^ will be chit'tl}r >c<vptibtf to ^^tmi 
ibfu of ft rpccuUtivc turn, 'I'hi.y wc cxcdlcii dificurfct^l 
at^ will i!o the Author grrAt honour.— In a woijJ, wf irir of j 
opiivjen, xnut Dr. ftl^li't ^crmorit ifc, m pomt of (l)Ic, fcn>J 
lirticai, md cnropdririon, ctjuil ro the ntcjfl cdcbrjrcd pc':^ 
rorfnincciof ihi4 kird in (be Enj^lifh U(i|;uair. A few tA'J 

K\Oct witJ cmhJc ouf Rc4ikrft (v luiin sjuR i^^^r* of ibrif itier)c/| 
Id liu Crrmoa Ot tin Ds^rdtrt if t^ Pa^tUi, atttr fvuflj 
ikiog fcfl<i,lion» nnutilly arifioc from ibcic words— Kff trU \ 
mnMi atwLth m/ mil>imgt ft hwg m J fit AU'-JfOn tht yno ^iit^g i 
^^k tbi Kn^'* £tiu — ibc pK^chti ihui pioccn^i : , , 

I^^B' Proia thii iraih of nbitmiiatt^ fttizh ihe irii hat futg^'^rJ* 1 
CIA »c ii^id icfkfliiE upon i%€ diioidft lEiwhUA hi«mAt3 naiur? j 
plvoty appcan ai prtfTnt i'> Ik f Wti bavf bilrdd, ia Haukan, tk* 

C'8ar« ot dial mifcrv t«lii<h irjfi;) from «vjt pailioci ^ of ihit ijir I 
Lppiocli, wbich li lEicidcn; to the hif.liclt pfofpvrar ; ^( Uu£ dif* ] 
COfltcrtCt Up'hJch ti connioa ttf tvtty f nrr, tt beiber ^t confider hioi 1 
fta ft bad ina^t a pfofpcrout man, %ir hinpty ai a maa, in 9rtty light J 
«C bckold rcaioa too wok for p aSiof^. Thii ii the JVvKCo/ ihft j 
i rc]£niit2 evil ; ibu ii ibc root of the aaircffal <3iftafb. Th4 i^ofy of I 
I HuBftft ontf riOMTi ui avbai huoiad «aivrt haa. ton ^f9e\t\lf, ap> j 
P«trTd lo be in every art. H^nct?, vheo ve read the hiiory of' na^ i 
lioflUt ^/hat ^o ve ickd but Ibt hilt?'? of the folJia* and <ritnfa of j 
mCB? Wc iiiaj dt^nifr <bolf recorded trai^riaion*, b)* CAJiid^ them 
1^ iacdjguci of llAicfv^r), and i\t cjiploi:* of coaqjcfon ( bai ibcy j 
■re, in tniih, oo other thati rbe rffom ^ difconient to cfcape frani J 
io^AlTt acid (be Jlru£glr»of coatciidUj^ p>fl!oBi tmooff vahapp/ 
PKti, The hidory of loaokind hai evrr been a coniiiiaed ira^tdv ^ ] 
lix vorld> a irc&t theatre cxh^bmaj; the Cime repealed fcene, uf tt« J 
follio of mcD A^ooLiD^ fijjth into gHJc> and of Uidi paitooa f;f* | 
ne&iiBgi b)'a<^i]Sck firoceft, into milery. j 

■ But <an u« beiicvr itit the naior* of nan came fbrih in cbif 1 
fl4t< IrcAi the baadi of hi graciOvi Creator' Did h« f^anae chta j 
f world* md florc it with iobabiianu, fokly ikai ic might be rcplc- 1 
I nifhcd vuiih crime) aai miili^rEunet ?^la th« moral, at veil ai in J 
t tkv iMor^ novldf m maj plaJnty diicei'D the Ggai of fbme tidrac 1 



28o Blair"! Strmmi, 

convtilfion, which Kn ftisnvred the original irorlcnaaAip or ihe 
Almighty. Amidtl ibu wreck of humio nitarBi traces fl ill rvnun 
which indiiaic iis Aaikor. Thofe high potven of co&icienu %»i 
nafoo, ihfit ctpacufF for happincfi, thiE irdour of enierprimei that 
glow of sfTc^tioD, which o'ipn hrc4k through the gloooi of hii«M 
v^niiy jrd S»iE<< irc like the Tcatitred catuinnf, the brolccB af^c^ 
and di:r«ctrJ ri:i.lp[i]re9 of iatnc hVen temple, whofe ancieoc fpleo- 
dour appira.'s amidA i:5 ruins. So coafpicuom in h did an dm are ve 
ihole charaders, boih of a high crjgin, aod of a degraded Qaic, ihat» 
by mapy rdigioui fefti iLirtiughoat the earth, they have been fecQ 
and conf (TeU. A tradition reroii to have pervaded a^moll all aa- 
tTfin!| ch:;: [he human lacc had either tbroufih fcne ofFrnce forfeiicdk 
or through futne mJifondBe loft, ihii ftatioa of pHnxval honoar 
which ihey one* pcflefTed. Biit while, from thii dddrjoe, ill Audcr- 
ftcod, and involviid ia maoy fabutoui ulei, the naiiooi wanderia^ 
ID Pagan dirkr.efs cou!d draw oo cnn{ct|aencei that were juft s whU^ 
Ef^[i|iy jgncrart of ihc nattire of the diieaie, ihcf fcught id WMn tor 
the remedy; the fame dJxine revelation which ba« informed ni 19 
wKat manner our apoHacy aro!e, from the abufe of our raiioaaj 
powers, hii inltiutlAi a% aifohow we may be rcAorcd to virtuea and 
to happioefi.* 

id his fcrmon on the worJj — C^mrnone teitfr ffttrmm hrart^ 
t^c. the Dj£tor fhews, in the Brft pUc^t the advantages of fe- 
ijoui rriircrnent and meditation ; and, rn the fecond, he pointa 
out fi^me of the pfrncrpaL fubje^s which ought to emploj ui in 
our rctTc^r. The advantages of retiring lo etmmmu with tmr 
htattSy arc great, whether wc regard our happinefs in thiairorld, 
or cur preparation fnr the world to come. 

' Let ud coniider ihio, t.t\\, f^tyi ocr Aaihcr, with refpcft 10 oar 
hipp^nrfj in rMi worUl J: ^-\\\ readily occur to you, that an catiit 
fcireai from worldly srMlri h ret what retigiiio rctjuirci ; nor doci 
i* even erjofa a gre^t rc[j<.ai fioei tbem. Sanic ftationi of life woaM 
not perrnir thii; and there are fcK- fiatioQi whkh rtnder h necefiaij. 
The chief £rld, both of the duty and of the imprut en^ent of aaaj 
Iic» in afkrve life. By the graces ar.d tiriuei ^].h:ch he eaerd&v 
avidlt hri fet [0^7- creature*, he if trained up for heaven. A total 
re;rc^i from the world, h 13 far from being, accordtcg to the doc- 
trine of Toe Romifh church, the pcrFe^ion of religion, that, fbntfl 
panicDlaf z^Wi exi.ep'ctit it i^ no ot^er thin the abuie of it. 

' Bu'r ibough en:ire let^czt ivoulJ l«y us jEi^c from the part for 
v>hich FroviilcQce chiefly inicnJrd as, IE is certain, that without oc- 
cafiDca] fetTL'4<i w« oiuil a£l that part very \\\. There will be 
nciLber conf:11rncy in the cunduir>, nor digniiv in the chiraAer, of 
one who f«ti ap-rt no Haie ^f hit litne for meaiiation and reileftloa. 
In ih= heat az^d btilile of life, white pa^n is every monert ihrow' 
ia^ faife coJouri on iLc cbje^i aro^^nd us, DOtbiog can be viewed ia 
a ;ail Tig^E. If you wilh that Reztbc G:onld e^reri her native yuwtit 
\-^j ir.iL'X dcp afidc troai the croAd, io'O (be coot and CLeut ihada. 
It LJ tuEre ihat, with fobtfr and fteady eye, ir.e examines what ia good 
or '\\\ whu is wife or foolilh, in hums:! coriufl ; fhe looks back oa 
Ehe pttfij the looki brward to ihe tuinttt and fcrmi planti noc fbr 


BUU'i Sirmau. 


ttnt MM 4Uch«rge tny port oTIu* daij An^hc, ako Mm fiflcrt hi> 
paffioftt W cool t Ami kw liould M» MfioiJi cool« wbo i* rnf^i^. 
vifbcvc intrrmpiin*^ in chviiisiulE of tlieworii' Thii inccitini ftir 
vuf b« cUUd, tlw ^TpctiMl druokvnivWt «t UU, It rftiiri il^t 
cs^f fef u i cn ttilPo oi i^iiu, wiich *m tc cTfff trn^tng font iJbe 
^ftiif crowi ItiAH of rarincfs «b4 folly* Wbcrcu be wEir> miB|»k« 
nllgioo* irrmE with worli)/ aftiin» rrnuini nim, if d miicj of 
kinftlt He ii PCii wbirLH toirrsd, and r«aief«d gtddy, by itoe «{i- 
c«bM of Ue fhorM i but. ffooi Uttt fur«d leiirem^nt, jri *bJeh bv 
ku bwit <4nircrr«At «raoof[ bi|[k«« objcAi, come* foiifa bto ibc 
vorU nUfi cuiiTr LfArHjuiltuy, lortificd bf ihc principin nhicti bff 
hAi fermoJ, And prepwnsd fair every occcrrrnce thai may 6t/a^ 

* A* bf *bo t» aa jcqufti n (id vith rctiru carnoz fpEUui Atj Cks^ 
»Acr WLib pfpr^if, ^o DoiibtrcAJi b««9joy ibc world Mitb aaf#d« J 
%aftU|«. Of Ue two cUffcj of ncii who tic i^ioi^ *{]| lo be nigK I 
g(*i cf lKIi duiy. the mm c>f plvatforci and ih< men of Lr«£i>«^i it ■ 
U haH 10 fir wWh, TuFrf molt, in point of tnjufiziftn, fit<a lh>t I 
totglctfK To ihe lormer, «v«ry motncar ippeifi to be Ictlt, AhJcb I 
ptf lakes not of fTiv riiacic^ of AmufemcDi. Ttf «iaaed one pUnof I 
gueif witk stfQtbn. i» ih£it hU ILudy ^ tilt, in a ytry thoix time* I 
pocl»t«^ renain but lo inad tht faiiK beawn louadi locvjoxahx I 
they ha»* »!rM[;y enj^j*d, and to f« nhai fh*y hare o/iea iVrn, ■ 
ricifjfri (hut dravn to Ibr 4r«^f , b«ca»« *iptd and uJideil, Whif I 
V)ifht ±:tTC plcaf«d lorji if crtjg)ed intb Icmptrancei and ntrf^kd f 
wtiii rc;trcm4;at, bein^ deTo^rcil wiili fach eaf^ci bjfic, fpc<4iJy iai* I 
Mn and di%«#>. Heoce. ihetfr ire the pcrluni, *bo, lieer bavinf fl 
ftttt tht««^ a tapid eouHe «!' p;faiiir*, afur hvvnig {LkfTMid for i I 
lew yctri in ih< feif fvod line of puyi« aKulcaari, ai« t^ ito^ H 
apt to Ar af Ud to a meUQCholf ratrtac i mm M by rellf )o« or re^^ I 
fJVa bvi diivtc br difippcinicd bopci> and CKbi^Itrd fpitii*, Co thtf I 
pevfive rebelHr>oo, ibaL all it 'tMai'if jmJ^^rrtttim af fpnit. I 

' If voTBivfrvp<ed intercoDrtc with ibe vortd wean c«t lb« mn of I 
p)iafiir«, ii 1IO M oppnA* iha nao of boAocfi and anbilioa Tlo" I 
JliQnnd ^ncjtt wd at Icngiti £nk uodcr i(. The bappicft •ompcr'fl 
nwd Dt Ibarvd bytncefiini rciwini of iti« o^poHiion, (he inoofMlancyt- d 
and ifeK^ffy of aO' Fot h« 9bo li^ei al*!) s in the baAle of ibi'fl 
worMv lit«* in a pffpttUAl W4rfir«. Hofc, aa eaa«i) 4a«oontfn|^fl 
tb«T«, a nf«3 fvpplxnit ki*. Tb« inf>ratici*de of a frie^ d^p hiai, I 
lhUbo«r. tod tbe pfideof a fvpvrioiir woaacb blaDt (b< a«ai. Ifl'fl 
vabi hr fliffl A>r rrli«f» to irif iaj; *niif«Divnt<^ Tbafc »«y aford s^-l 
m»pMtry epiarc t^ earc ; but ibey covimonkarv n<^ d»«itglb co ih<r ^ 
■tiftd. Ua (be coairary, tbey lcav« >< more foh and 4H»«ceM, 
when (b«dtflarb««<»«f I'llc rrrcv iMratiac^v _ 

* Lei brm wbo wilbei fur an t Af^gal Lire lo ill the ui^uadi wbkbtfl 
G^. Wliea heuteri iffobit dok-i, icid Hticitrhe doi^r, lotltimi^iit B 
oor, at the Uj>e tiate , aJl iBtrsfion ol waridly care ; tfnd dwell aAnn^ fl 
obfcfltdifke knd ifluntietar Thoie bi/ profpediof otdff and peice,-H 
ibttll there opeu «o bii ntv, ithtch form (he mod pcrlirfl ctintraJl (o the ^ 
conladn aiod wekrj of t^>i ranb- Tb« celeOi^l inhabitaiM^ ^uu- 
evl MT ; tmctf ches tfctit i> «riibu lapiuwde, not cart^^ v» ^«- 



filiir*/ Serimm, 





Si<lv- M«n iMy hirtfi <»■« «aotber t bQC ii 
caacor<f And innquHKEy nign lor ctcT'^-F' 
bcAsii upon ttic mind of (he phrat m9a. A ;^arc «p^ culirtnLnr litfat 
fl^fv it liiHutcd over hii hurt, a holy aim. Hit ^Jiii^i-f Ipiric rfr 
ftJlumfi itt Arrofififi, tnd rrnim iti pca«. Tbr uorM liakt ta tci 
uvportucc { >ftd the Joad of morliiitx md oiicrf |o^ aloioA tU ki 
%kttjt^ Tbe jtrwv /t/furti open, t»4 the /fV/ w«rrrj d iw iro«kd 
kin. bcf^dc irbich (b; ^^fi^J i/ Sfimi ^uxlci hb lUi:. Tb« dif- 
lorbjintfi i»J BUrmt. ^ iWmtdiblE lo iMe whu arc ii^ijfd i« tbt 
iBRuiIti or iVc Afiilr), f««n lo him Wi\f Itkc (bander rolit^j; aAr t€\ 
like ihc cntlit cf diUii'E «aDtn» iBtet* fodnd ht brut, vh^fc 
be tracci, but wbslc invc* tovrb bin am.' 

Xhc Atniabk virtue of inuitmtp^ » Dt* It!jir very jyfl 
fervn in hii hrm<i^ on Ut:i fubtc^. it too fcldom view 
■cligicui lij^Si i tod i> oioie rt»dJ)' cnnlidcfed by ihc balk 
iDtn, u A mere MteiEy of ivatur?, or an octctior »n7in|i] 
«MPC of rriJinner}, ihin m ■ Chriftiutt mtuc which tbcy 4 
bound CO culiivare.^nc firi) explains th? nicvre ofthii viriMei 
■aJ tbcn oiFc's fomc vgu(r.cnu lo rccontm<i]il. xxui fomcUi 
rcc^iont lo furilitiEe, (he prtdtiec o/ it. 

* 1 b«pfti fay» be, with diili»j;EjiJ})it;Q cme f^entUQcri ft^mi 
Uiifn«6^rpiitl, 4Dd froro unJiLidte^ <«fnf>luficc wilh ihe 
ofoiWft. Tbit pidiw (uiienefi which fubraii*. wishodt 
to «fery iDcruchnent ofiHe tjclenE and afliiiniog, fermi bo 
ChrirtiAB duly ; bat. on the cost/i/y, i* dfilrqitivp ol n«cr«l 
pineft ud Older. Th4i untiAiied eowpUifincc, wbicn, oa 
occftitOQ, ^IJi in ititb the Qpitioni and diaiieico of oihcTSi i* To fa/ 
liiMD bcin^ a •iriaer ib^ ic ii in itlcif a Tice» and (he pan«t of 
many vioe*. It orertbrovi all l^eidiArfiorpiri^plp; ftnd peod«ec« 
Kbit lie f« I confOftEity wtik Et« wof^d, ivb^<h taiftii t)t« whole cb^ 
rader. in the prdcei cor«apt«d Paic <3f hDniD mAcnera, alirtpto 
iQenc and to covpljr* U tM terjr wof I maxim vre cad Jbtepf. li u 
impofiUe to bpfoit tbc t^uiy lad tiifitiir of CbrifliiEi monli. 
wit^Ql oppofing ihff Mkrid on yariout occiboni, even ihovgh m^ 
Aoutd ftiad alofte. Tlui £eaci<»tfi Ibercfore wfuch b«ioB{» lOTJl^, 
tue, j« to he etreftiUr di^iejcviiied frev the tMjta fpirii of CMkrudft. 
Aod the fawning ali<GC of IrcopbMiia. U rcnovivcev so jnl riskt 
fnun f!rtr. It (trea np ma imporiaot irj:h fn>«i fiiutrj. h h in- 
deed Hkc onlf con&fteitt fritb ■ Srca mind, but » mccIuiiIt rcqoirv> 
A BAnly fpiHi, ftiKl a txcd prt&cip!e, in order to £L*e ii » ay nil 
vaIkc* Upon tbii fofid i^rooDd oeilji t^ polilh m jceoEEcnefi on 
with adva>Ufc be fapcrindnccd. 

' Ii ftandi nppofcdt voc to the moll determined regvd ftir vim* 
ud truth, bac to ksrihMA ud fevcHty. 10 crroguce aod 9rfr- 
be*rt>|b CO Fkftlnci ud oppreffioa. It »* pfopcriy, ck4t ptjtaf 
■be f teat rirtue of ebvicy, which nkbci ■■ LAwilliag «o f i*« pum M 
ftoy of o«r btethrcn. CMp«Jtoo prOJipti u» to rdioe VkA wivik 
l|o«WaraDce pmettove ftov maliating their iidvrks. Meekft^ 
Tiiai o«r angry paflieftit candour, our fever e J«dg=ica u. Ges- 
ilcMli eon«ai wbanrer u oi««£vc in oar Auntn ; uid, by % eso- 
H4 craui of huAUie aittBaotj, fiudjce to Alienate ibc bariea of 

BUit^* Sfrmini* 





eomnos ntke^' JU one*, iherc(6re, ii CKlcorivt. Ii ii r^tt, Vt\tm 
t^mt cthff *>tdr<, callci forth nal^r oo peculiar croKi^iKin i bit 

tncD. ItocfhtiD tcfv our iddrcJ^, ;o fcgulucoor fpcccb, aail lo 
diidft itrcif over riflt U'hj>1< behaviour. 

* 1 taat vaati you> hawtfwr, not 10 confoond itiSi ^fitl* OiV^^UNt 

Wi/^^ it /rem dJdttf, «Utt ihtt a.T(iC(U) COVrTtfiTt that |l«di(d 

Inootbacli ol' ci&nrxn. which u learned in (he fchool of the v^c.-U. 
Such atcaTnpli1innci^[f. the tnoH friroldui &nd cEitpty ntjty ptiflcrv. 
Too rj^co th^y are fmploypd by ihe arfoJ 11 1 fn*'r : too oftwi >f. 
fKUd bj t<i* hird ind ifnFrfGnf;, M ft c^^tr lo 'he bit#ntf> cf tVeif 
Viia4>* W« <innt>l, « ike ftme lime, troid obTcftrn;; it^ borsijf, 
«1ikk, <rea ik dtch ioAincfi, ihe fpintof tbe #oiM » conitf^lneJ 
tt piy to niEur. In ord«r ti^ rcrdrr f^xlrrr i*;r«tftt'}c. |i I? fou^d 
nectfflirv lo >irDm« l^Tif ^h«t, thAt =iay it Irail cafm iu ftpprnrincf. 
Vm««ii ih« vDivtrfil chifrr. £vrn >(• Ibidow ii <o«it<d, w%n 
ibe fubllAAfC it waa^tn^. Tha imitation of it* lotm hat be«a rc- 
ducni JMO 13 art ; and. jji the comcicrcc of life, i1^ firjl jlvdy of 
■11 ttfco woald fii^r ^.tir tht eAeem, cr vin the timr.a of wh^n, 
it to IrAfD t>ir fprfeh, and trt j-inpt ilir iTimrfrff, rf cindoirr^ B*"" 
tksdi, izd hum^^^iiy. Bitt ?t«c ^^rleoefi wh«ck it ihv c>>trkflc- 
fUiC of • goodii^an, hai, like every other vinvf, its feM in the 
htMi : aftd, let mc dddt nctUng; cicepi what llovi frc«a thr be4tt. 
can render r>en eiuraal matnrii truly pleil^ng. Fuc no slTitred 
be^vioar cxn x*. alE tim« bide the rf iT cbiraf^ei. Ia thni nntiStSKd 
ooartcff abich fprinj^j from a j[«nil« mind, tbfre it ■ charm in£- 
ftktdjr more p«wcrj'«], :hu ia aJI tbe flvdied raanncn of tb< Boll 
iUifhcd coiutier. 

' Tntc pnrtcnrfa 11 fottndpd on 1 fenfe cf whit ve o«e tn ihe 
GoJ tt'bo Bule u«k and 10 th* c«nicion n>tat9 of whkh iite all fture. 
Ii mriJca froa reAe^ion oao*t own failiiei Andwancii tod front 
jul viewA oftbe condUion, and Lhe duty of nuoi* \i is cAiire kcl- 
jnf, heightened and improved b)* pritid^t. It 11 th« hc4ti vbi^li 
eabiy fdenO; whidi kcli for everything that » hLtnun ; »ad i» 
baekiK-xtd and flow to inB:& iht leaft w^und. It ia %S\\ilt in in ad- 
drcft, and mild in i(» dvnKaccui i cki r<4dy 10 o^Kgc, and wUJiJtf 
to be ubljEtd vy o^hcfs i b.'caihirig hibitiiii khiacii towardi fiicAdf, 
coarccfj [Q nran^fft, lorj^-fufTcrihg to tnemifi, li exercilei luibo- 
ritjr '■ilk moderacton ; aiminiftert reproof <A'trti lentUrtrf* ; tonfrrf 
fkvocn aitb cait and m^^ffLy. It ii lintHaming in opinion, ar^l 
teinpnarc ta ic^l. It contends not eagerly ibout trifleji <low ttt 
coitttidi^, arid flil] (1o««r to Uamc i buL i^rotnpi to alUrdiTfntioa, 
a»d 10 rellorv pcafe> It neiibcr i n termfddJei uDneee^Attij i^hh ihs 
affiirt^ ROj- ^r1ei UqulCii'eiy into ihe fecreti, orcihen. fr dflighta 
>bo*e all thiiifS 10 ftllevi^a dil|r<l>r a<;d» if it eannot dry «p ibo 
f«Din£ ccir, 10 footht ax \t*^t the j^tittf^ hearf. When it ha> 
DOC the pot4et of being niefdl, ii ii ntre: iLjJccfomc^ Jt feeki 10 

Skleaic, mher ihaa id inline and djxtlc; and conctaH liirh carir, ibu 
eperkkrity cirfcer of tiJrnEii orof rank, which »i opprrir^i^ejotfaoTo 
who are benrath ii. In « n^rdp >< i> ihvi fpirir, aid that icnor of 
na«Qr/>k «vhich thr Gf^rpd of CkriH cnjoivi, when it eotzmitrfi-b u^ 
M iftrur tfMtfArr'i Ixr/tM^i it rrjvitt viitb llrtjk -wfco r^Utk a*A <i 

fll4 mtm'iM.^^mm. 

^ffart thr ^n*f, 0td If U fmnat ff^t^r^t M mem.' 

aiUtfft of vtiicli he cijfljws *» ^ f^ pUcei In Uic 

mL£* cooccf nuif if. He iMi>iiwco iW Aibjcft ia U< loliW 

■ TbM rrtixtM tf •A«fi*l IB iW ««|Im« of Bta, c» W 

Awm, Biv wMuJMC lo AppOM in awkorirr iNcr 

For *j y niii Hk«5«aa*iacv iW laderW M dtug, «kn iltfy 

u«Kt biW is iW iittfM #f cAtMi iWy oTic* vaaiOi mtm 
li^M vf other Mi *oic imHvfU rprrogi, vrbic^ jafivnoc cbc 
WMmcflti of U« bvvja IruBC. I> orckr in o^rtu akk f« 
ih«a£li*e pcmvrtv ih« bcvi nut b« guaed Seoa^rftt ^md 
tMs pkH bt brwt^bt 10 tJM «>d «r rtaTM. It » >«< **«««b tl 
■c> b«l^« teltf,pati u> be ■ wiJc mj raiMd role of c^jado^ 
i^v rcJifli it '« i£j<Ttbki Hd ind i( u> cx'jj iu «tvm 
N»p|»}F it the ma, «facv ia ibc cooAiO of drGrc btt«rrt God 

4b WOf^lir f»«fpok, OOCOnlf ir^DiMVl EOafgSDCat, b«Cftaif4 

I* pkafaf c i ttte tft iJm enctad aJIvNaMeu 6f fcnfe, cap 
ibjdl'ia^l joy* «f dfVoUofti aod 10 tbc vocciuia pMBifn'of 
Aajicrbg %DHir Uia ccnaio «apcricn» cf liiac /met r/ Garf 
/hP^-^4 uMdtw/tLw^^l. ift/*^ Iti mi/fJ jaj hart —iige^ i» t^ tgnfft i 

ihai |ood Ctniuritfo, wb«J« fy «a/^BU ar« TamI to bai« 
lia MHi«rra/ h^w* Cm*' 

l>ViiCion, hr Tiys » '!>* l"»*-"'y "'rrifc of tV«ft tffvdi«i 
trhi<h we 0¥r« Iu |hc Suprtmc Betn|;. h CQnifUebci>d« 
■wotkni rf itic hrsit. whfcb il) tciimnarc <>n rhe faine 
objcA* Tltecbitfof ihcm arr, i'CT)?riEi<K], gr.ititL'dc, drnr^,] 
1(hI reflgoiiion. Aftrt ffilL-^juirjH^ brfcfiy od cich of ihcfe, ht 

S««0{) tofhcu'filucifoc devotion ii raiiorul and WdllfQiiQcJcdi 
^X k ia of the bj;hc(l ttnpofCtocc lo cicry otbcc pjia of icli< 
gion ftod virtut t ar^d ihH ic i» moft conduch-t loour ttappii 
' In ihc ArA pU^c f*>i h*^ true dtvofion I» ritKnaJ, aaci 
Ibaa^rd. h uU» i:i itl^ fn^oi *^c£:ionfc, Abicii arc clEraiU 
tb feumia fniTo. \^> aia fmratd by Nutrr. lo aJia-rv wtar ■ 
|f«ai, and la love n^at U ambbl*. Kven kc^aaimaw al^efii hftvfyj 
pooir lo csiciia th«fr faioooai^ Tbe v^nHicrnt p«ofpc^ of iJ 
aaiafal wi^Md. l.£l Ue mtiHl «itb rcrtJcaiiiJ a«e. Ili lx*at>fu 
fcauat ociic d«li|;t(, W'hvn wc lanxj ihc a^^im acd bcbj 
of our f<irfl«fc'-rT<^^mrt. the aftcAioai gl->« miTk g^aiar ardMf| 
■ad. if to b« 4Afb9- rdt in tbv fofortv c<»r«, arj^on a lided of 
fibrflty U ovr pvucr», it ^ifcovcr*, ia the la^ttr, «« odioai b^rdi 
• ti4dip'atk>if ID (40 b4MU Tbc uodfroeftof aaal&^lioiMCcpai 
cArpncfOUi/ oi a tw^niav cncaft tbc fuhlK fpiriioi a faiiiot 

O abafO^H 

a bcro. <i^rti Cn itc <ry«i viih i«4r>, >nd r>««l] the bnaft 9ihh ^^y^ 
iktpt [04 bi# fof *itcna<«. Th« ob}«d n«' titc(» alit^iiQcs ii ffc- 
q«/Uit]f uiltd ibott lu. Id con^i^4« »id t^ink. Let «> Upfufc him 
r*ifcii aJl'o abort U£, ia aitbcc 1,^ o» imaginf, ikilJia ^*K^* f^ 
any bclfig oT Tupcn^ir ord^r, tuU rrrcdrrLrndrd to br our rriend, 
opf |uiik, «hd f«tr<>n ; no pcrloo, lure, uvouii hold (^ ■xakutow 
cij hit bfrvfsdor^ cb^afifr* to be aa uj>utoCAi wby be fhouU larv 
Mbd rtvuc iiM Uft,— SirAf>2* ^ ^'><*'' ^1" uuxbmoac and rtntratkcw 
iJm viAipiik acd owfAowiftg oJ* kt%t% *hkk cvcrlteocc and jEtMid- 
t>H» op 0*07 otbfff oc<iJCHi c«Miin*nd. titodtd b«gia m be nccnieiM 
irriboaal. m ftwB a> th« SoprtM Being Mc«»<itterobj|Mk. For 
wbM jcaf«M BuEl knasMi GGatbiUtr be cittoU lowirdi bin abacf 
Aj^^U bcncdu cauclfid uigfAiiiodc, cic«pi LheLE]tJ>cttaDd tbcbcAf 
^ail ^Qodnci'! cfTi^ CO be amiibtc. unijr hrc^ur* »( i« ptHtd t 

' ft will, pcibipi* be £LMf. tiiAi ftn unLnon i«d JAtiitbb Briar* 
» R0< ^odUrd to riift aA«&j<iB i» ih* Jids>mi hctru ^Vr»pi «p ik 
tb« vjfcrioui ob^cniity of hi* ci^urr* kr eiicApcs our fcarck, jnL 
ft0b»de fto dcWmtiaA^ it^jcA to our lave Of dcfir^ "V/^yWviv^ 
ivf ir t'l Hf rAfr/ , «>■/ if jfiiuari, ^^ «iu ft9M ftrtttvt Mm ) «■ r^ 

lily* ii ib<rc AAjr bting lo Lire uttjvcrJc «orv itaJ ecd <rti«Ht, diu lie 
Creator of ^he*nrM*fld ihcfjpfKinia of aJ] oiieMe? iiJietM^ifMi 
mf M^i amtl mpm^ too ^itll^t t'lon ■>. bo ridv de«ocM ^ Hi* liwi 
ttd Hhaof, iadecd, «c cannct km bot r« be «pfoa» and u»pftH«eti7' 
kiH>w», io ottayoihcriaElaacoc, prccLflira odibet (jntkude o«tf Iav«. 
Ici* boc tbeigk^ fomucb ui^o ilnMj> coicepiios, or deep inptd'*' 
fioA. cf M) <i^ea, wbich aiefli the paiHuni. We gtuw mtb a^vU 
nt>oa«f p«rfoae|t«i, vbo have hrfrf m 1 diJUftt af;c. VViude aa- 
dtfat bavc been triti^ricd mi^ Bcal and aUiten, kr ilm {MkOfO**^ 
ham. ar pjbJk deli'c«r, wfae« tbcy kccvr onJv by fimv. N»>\ 
MDMrly Ipriking, ihc due^fl ot^Q of our lavtft te. is every <BJr, 
iariibte. For ibne on which if>d>»« b pfsecd, i« ibn Mtnd, cb« 
foal, tbt inieraal cbanMer of o«r iriro4' citv^^tft ; «bicSt fvrety, 
u no k^ concealed, ibaa ihc Diilne Naiufv itfcif if, tfrCB she lie* 
af faarfa. Froa idiwis* vm can quI^ laJcr ibe difftafiikfoi of men ; 
DoH nbai ne Cee of thrir Uhsvinur. ur calW£ wh» 'j invifibSr; 
haiibatanj«<1nnewhtcb«« A^tm. U, jc beA, iraprilrd; and itbtn 
tbett aCtioD* cacitc onr lore, e^ucb d ibtir hftit rrtvaiot iilJ nn- 
kao»n, iaAitbctt, inwbw tti^Ct God i* k I* qsaJ ^icd tban aKf 
uiko bring, o be an obje^ of aifc^' u-n f. CoAvmed ;bji lie rtilk f 
beholdii; nil ^oodaefi Ipre^ «hrru.d in bii vorki, exritt^ ia ibe 
IpHreeaaeni o4 dx vrorbl. d jfpJai rd in fooie nMafur* ca (aaU, in lie ' 
afiioaa af bU Son JFelaa CbrM i are ivc net fmnifted si^tb e*cry ef- 
faetieJ rtqttiaLe nhech the bean ^nindi, in Ofdce ia ladglfe tie 
VoAwnrm, and x liie Tanc tirse tne ew*^ laixtnal cvotifn^f 

■ Jf tbefecoaiAfraiioni jiiitrf the rmfb«aMe««& nf devofioa, ki , 
expnicd in «aa««iEio»» love, and ^ratitadt, iba iane tre>a af 
tboaif ht will Mnaltr jokify ir, wh<a appciflog in the fatroa af dtfircv - 
delJgbt, or icngnaifoa. The Utter are, Indeadt ibe caoJequetct aft 
tbe fcener. For wv cniMKPt but d^tre foae cowmcnkatiiMi wiifi' 
wbil efa Icvf i ud wJl sa:«;jUy i(%n onrdvet ta aoe, ae nbncn- 


SUii'i StrmMU 

«r« k4T« pljfdd tk« fall cont^cac* of itftAiov. IV a<>In«*OM 

>rtfh for kvppii^'t, witidi s^wi in crtfj b;«ftit. AH nfa hi 
fbmcwbii ihfti BAj be cjllcil ifcc cbjed vf ihclt tfciwim ; fcp«( 
UOPa pkafsrr^ Inmtsg. tichct, or ttfiifnrr tpfMrcat 

miich hab(tii4lt/ d/iivi ibcai lowirdi U 4 wbkii qoKkmi And 
bu> «]1 ilifir moiioal, Wiilk ite iMt cf t^c voHd vt tks* 
ihd tinptn>cid, according to ibc o^c^ whtc^ ihcf JcitmUj 
ft&U h« oriI]r who dJfcAi hu dn#cioa (ovanU ih^ Sspi^cD* B«bj 
b« txUud«d f^om A pUce U ih« rjrtrm of ritioaiJ cos4u£i / ot ba 
lowed BO pkfl^oQj, ftkichi in ibc c^aric ci tbcir poHiiir, aair a 
wk^tvodciDvfj, or nie Uto fciroar f— ilivUg luuticatvd ikc 
fonaUcb of delation* I cosir, 

■ la rte kcatA pUcc, ea lloft Iti impArtinct, M»d ih« kIj;lLl 
vUce wMch i< pollHUt io tke iyUeia of rcligtoo. 1 a<^irefi 
ttU n«v to tbor<, vbo. (hoQfb ibrr rrc^ fioc dcmodoa a» irn 
tioiuJ. yet coofuJcr ti ai au annccelarf jciof oicnt i u a^zmini 
wbkh niay be laftlf left to reckfc and r<qucilcnil pcrfi>Tti> win ain 
U iiB<oiT]Enr>n fii^Ai<|. Tlie folid lad miieriiJ duii«« of i g<^cd liia 
tkvT Ihold Eo b< b a ^rtst nii*furc iadapcAdcni of detail iHcfiio* , 
Ua Lbak thrm fv^cicaily fopporEed, by ibetr t^t^Atj coat^tlLa^l 
wkli oar iaccnUi botb in thii and in a Tjeu^c wotli* Thtf itti 
Mocb vpOP rtligioo baiaig a calEn^ a ferhtit and raaonsJ pHftdpIc 
CoaduCL^I admit that it i* very Uodablc lo hn't a raiional 
£iooi Hal t moil ftdeaooilh you, thai ii ii both rcproaehful »ni_ 
niEtalt 10 bavc an iafcofible bvafi- 1/' wc 'C-Juce irli^iofl ii 
cool a dstVi aa out lu admit \vjk, ajF:dion. and dzdjt, wc ftall 
ll U pofMIoii of fmall bnuenrr ovrr humin life. Lock aVoi 
iato u« world, and obfervc hotv tew aft upon ocUberaie aad miooal] 
VM4I of thejf tJuf inrerell. Th« bulk of maakind m impetlrd bf| 
ibtir fc<lLD(i. They arc aitradlod hi appearance* of jood^ Tt 
Mhd ioclinatioii rcilethcif (ODdufL To direid tbcu iadlsicioaati" 
tfttt eouanii*ibe hl|b«A ftbjoAi ; to form a rtfift withia ib«, fjT' 
virluoui and l^pjrieaal cttk^BVac; to introdvc* rrh^oo uM tl 
hcvia ii the proriac* of wtotioa t »J bcDc« arifca itj m\ 
to the iiMivAj of FoodfitA. 

* Asrv«BbIy to »ii doftrEoCk the grrai ^mhor of o«r rcJigioa,' 
ttVtl iw«c«tJU' ^vdj 4a m^9, lud CM ro«odi:ictt of hii wbol« f|i 
U ibe t«|»eacrari04 of che bccrt. Tbc cb&a|cc wbkb uvu to 
cevckUlbtd Oft bit follove/it b« did not purpcfc lo c£cdt . 
ctfvUiiag thcif citcn^ caoMl i bot by fxaiyig whliiji i 
ftMr vanre i by t^ki^ mn^ fU ktmn rfpm^ aad^tmg rim 
*Jt^t tkat »■« a bean r«l«ria( aad mdcr* yHMiog lo tb« 
and rvi4»l)r fvfcvptible of dvroac iamrfioAK Thta 

>1^ .- ri/f it tktftrf mai^r^M «— M^r^, if; /^, ^» h /J| 
iMTT, i* tht call of God tocacboT o> : ud, i*4eed. il tba h 
bo wi(hk«M, *E i* oo« ea4y co coofiata, what ocbff oftriniL "* 
^(«al, ibai m\\\ be aocptabJe to biB< 

' Of vbai Mtuit piait ibit taaa't rrhf^kto be* »bo pmfciSta 
vcrfbip Gal, aod to bciierf u CWi4, and ytt nafea bi« 

Blair*/ Strm9Kt. 


ttk of f f at4tiM)c 

Hvtnli God, tfld )tU S'TEOur. wuhftui spf i 
Ityrt i I fptak t<tt of ihofr «cafinii*l deciyi 
wbi<k iSit bfft jr« rabjrtl, but uf i lotJi tirrcclibiiiEr to ihn put of 
rdiEi^D. dureUp Ut (h« oatusfd behaviouf b? tvtt tfb irfvprckxin 
able, tbcfc aiulk be /bio« cfTeQiUI dcfr^t ia ' ^iaic> whkh tcxm'tj^ 
mlwAjt pnmtivrd it tiif ricv of in^nitc |jcrc>diicf5. Tij« irfTifttoQi, 
C4nK>c, Jr ibli cjfc. he deemed id fiaw to Uvtr ovanl ch*] 
Some coBcnkJ mdij^nhj mn'\ kivc tuated ihe in*l^l ti*in§t- 
Thia u flot ih« man whom lou would <hafe lor yowi boCom-£iicDd s 
«r •rbdf bean jrou coald cxpcdl lo aeiwci, ^tib radprooii VAfmtli^ 
to TOon. Hit vIjiuc, if it dcfrrvc ihitE eunr, it cot of i^> nofe| 
■auhkfbnt 'od mi7« wrih nnCon, ttttivritie ippeUiiion (often 
j»jo4ic>Mfl]r b«0cw«f) ot <ofd vnd dif moiaLf^. ^tuch 4 perfott 
mefti SI yet. bt/ar/rtrn r6t imj4fn t/Hi^vtm/ 

The wbf'Ic of ttU fciiDon ii cquJ to wfauc we hive inA-rtf^y 
butvte midt iwt eolar^, »id IhUJ onJy Jaj before our Reader* 
the following p4JU£c irom it ; 

* Tbe refined ple^fure? cf i piooi trrnd, are, in many r«rpcAs, 
fiipijior to the caRffc ffr^r&cAhortj ot fenla. T^ty Mtt plcnare* 
wbich belea; ^^ ^^^ hixncjl po«crt, erd bcl> >f<(>ivni of iSc Ibut; 
wbcteti. the 2'Atiic4(iociA cf fciik /cji^c In the lowcll rf^ioa of o«r 
8V«rt. To ihe cite, ihe foul n<i'if)8 bclA* iu itiirve djgnit^, Tb«^ 
•tb«r» nife It ibcv« itrelf The on«> Irart ilvayi v cotnt^rrlcfft 
oAca 4 iaortiry:n^ /emciTibiance behind ihtm. T^e oihcr> Are r«- 
fic^Yil «iib tpf Iftufe etid c)cl]|hz. The ptriruTei of fcnfe rcrcmbte 
m fbamin^ tov^cnii wkiit], iStr ft <?ifordefly cou/fc, fpeedlly niri 
c%U aod leiiei in etnm and of«DJiv? chinncl. Bat At pFe«f«fe« 
of devotien rcfMnbk (lie c^Q^ble current of ■ pure rirttt vihUh at"' 
lirco» ibe 6eld3 ihroajch b-htch it pan>i> and difbTM verdure lal 
ftTuVttf AloDf Ki banki. — To thee. O DcT^tion ! *eo«e (be U||lkrlt^ 
lAproremeiit ofour oature, and tniich of the erjoymciit of our n&. 
Tho« lit Ihe foppon ofoor rfrt^;*, and Ihf n\\ of <t:tf taaU la ihh 
l«rb«|«ai world. Th^ii compokft fbe thouj^hti- Tbcu cuInicA the 
paflon*< Thou e»ir«il the htiri. TTir c^mtiDnictiiani, and thine 
oaiy, ere impanrd to the Jaw. no Ie6 th^o m iht high ; fo tii« 
poor, it wrti at to the rl<b- In thy prcfrnre. worldly dil1in£tlont 
ceafe 1 and under thy uiAuen<re. wofldl^ r^fT«wi ire r>r£»itcn. 
Tboa art the bilm cf the woiifided mind, Thy fuet^A-yi* erer 
open to (be icrfcubtc ; inacccHible onlj^ to the unn^htcoai md tni- 
purc. Thou brjiencll oa eiirt^ ihe i<ni{'cr vi hrai-cn. In thee, (he 
boAl of nfljttU ind blefTed rpjiui ciernjlly rtjakc' 

Tlie Uft extr^a Ihill be taken front our AtICbr^r'» fermon 
Off f£r DutUt %f tht Ttiiv£. Pjri of hb addreft to iheiii ia ibe 
inuodu^ry pait of his dJfcourrc ti i% (oMovt : 

' Whca >ou Jook forward to thofc plaoi of Ukt whiLb dtber^ 
you- (JtcttKiiaiiccv hire fi>£|;eflcd. or juur fiicadi baire propofed, , 
yod tirtlJ uoi befiiate to aekao«L<J^e, lUi ia eidrf (o pvifue th«a 
with tdiaet^e^ famt pievt^i difupline ia tt^al&ie- £« aJTurcd, ! 
ihu whatever u to be j^ht prcfffllcn, to fiJetuba U m<:tz C4cef- 
Ivy tit youj r»(u&, (h«a tJie at^ei^cc^'tat of vif;uou> difpoitiont 


Bkn'r Strmenu 

a>d hibon. Tail 11 tkc osivcifkl pcvparvoov Icr vrriy chmi8«V 
Aad cvrry Sirlon in hfc ft^d s* ilte wid it, fcipEA U aVwaji 
Md 10 virtM. Ia tk« afaal <««rle of bnttMi itfiirt, it *ill b« 
JcMcd. tlut < plain vRdfrttiodiijc )eitcd *irh Kk0o*fr^f4 «pofl^i 
OOftUibaKA »Otc to profpcrilf, UiJta the brijthtcA pMU wAbuWt p>»- 
Uiy ttr fcoa«*i. ^htther feicncv. «r bn^ne^p or pvfaHc lift* W 
^e«r da, vittwt Ml «mtim. for J priadpaJ 6iar^ rattt a[] |ta«fr 
j[««»l irp«riBm»ii Cf kasw cChaii. li it <««*rclt^ wath roivottct 
intvirjr Itbcf*! art; A'hb rcpviMMt* w even bnoch «f Ut »ai dfr> 
fal WA»dt( vitk fiiilin^LkB ia ticr^ pvblk fcAUOB. Tm l if ii f 
«hklt tt gi«vi tic »bdt irti ibf wi^Ju libkti it jdd>eoch4n£Wf : 

dM porrdOh ftSncMati nhkh it hrc«fbci, I^ tsmJivaerd ^irit 
«bl«ft ic iNfpt<«i, Um trdov or dili^itictf wtudi ii ^atcJbWt l4« 
JVeeiov wtticb it preeam from pcr«jcio«n vkd rfiftoarigrthh iV^ 
carion^ arc ike mc^wos* of «il (b«( b bifk io fiac, or {tvac !• 

* Wbitf^«r oraiArvtil or ffBgvginf: rbdoi>n«Bii yos oo« pfifi^ 
Tiftoc u a occ«£w7 foqoibff* ia Mcf tc Ui«if &isjsg «iib pi«p*r 
lain. F»bie u« tit AXtrAcLioni of iW turcli foroi, if k be IdA 
pedtd ilui (ocb'icg wjihl^, cotniptmds no ih< pkaJiag »[ 

viHymt, Sk<trt ifC (W rriampbi of wit^ trhca it It {upaiM M bft 
tle*c^c]c of mUicf. fif ■rbaevve/ ini j>3 mij ac fii4 •cntA dw 
uicMjoe, f&B con hold ibt cftecs. abd Icoora Ek« beott* of «tta^ 
odI/ bf uiiiblc difpoAliDBlt «pd ihc u&mrcvcnu of tbt ni^ 
Tb«J« «^t ibcqutJitk* who6 h^ifcncc wilt Uf. m-hn ibt laAicoT 
4^1 'bit cnce fpuhkd tad dtxtk^, hat p^iXtA uriy. 

< 1^ ooi IMS tbff CmIm of yooib b« btfna of in&ramwiti, Co 
cfi*tial to your ^torc feHckr a»d boM«'-. No<v i* ^ iUd 6mc of 
lift t >^ actoi^toe to ^vAaT jm >#w. j«* ,^«^ ray, Vosr c)k*r>c- 
icc ii now, «nd«r divue aHftaew, of foor <«o nrsiiog ; jro«r Ikit 
ii» IB (aiB« mofii'*, pBt 1BCO )'OBr ba'b ktada. Yob/ oatott Ea t* 

KpIrB»< am) fofL iUbui ba'c doc tibblilbcd tbcif ilfminjns 
jWkc» bai« ooc pn-o<iCopW ;«ar uaJciIir'JIc^, Tbe voaU 
his B«t ud ilnMO» vmmQ Mnd^<hik yost uFeuiom. Ailjvmt 
powrn trf mosc rlfotoo*. dlfcnburadri and fr«c, cban ibt; «il1 
tw ai iftf fdtif« period. WUicwr imfwiic yo« bow g^rm lo mr 
df lini sod pifiopa, th< dirc^Ica it liluiv to cocuuiuc. It wQt Hi« 
tWecha«»cl IB i>L«ch |Cvf hfciaMivBi Bay, iin*/ dnomiMin 
ct Tto ian idjac CoaAdvr ihcfi cba cBiplojmcat of tbU imf^iuai 
ptnod. M ihe hl^kri tnA «rUdi fcdl cm b« cooamtttd ro jro* i 
u, IB a jr«it mtitartt iu'ih^t of jov kappiicf), in tiOM udii 
eui«lQr. At iA<^ ftctciEKk&fEhc JcaiDSHrBcb, b)r ikeiovAfHbk 
Ubtb of Naiuce^ affcfu the piodo^juB* of t>h«i i» a«ti ja coorftr 
fo. In baman lift, rrrry frriod cf ocr k««f ifCi^jrJfnf at it b vhH 
or ill fpfBi, Uflu«r>cr« iht happin^fi of thai *bkh i( rn Mo«. 
Wnvai )outh j-mdsaHv brinp forward *Cctmpt>lb«d iBd B'>taiik- 
Lfif AiAhoodi «Bd facb vuhood pilSn«fhft)f« vlihosc aar«tccf>. 
row mpvAib^e lad iriDonit oJd »r ftnc vfam VBtaro li lorMd 
0«t of ill nguUr roufft, dtlbrdrr tjer* pJan ia the oMrot, juit ci tfl 
it« t«j[vuW w«Id. If tW Sfriot put f«jib oo bSolT^ai, ia Sii*>* 
iD£f Ocn «iU bf »o }ff»if, u4 la AaiaBv, d^ frstt: So* &f 


yf)tA he iiilr4 a*iy B'lihrat invprnvrment, mtnW^ «ni br con. 
itvftibit, %n6 old *£C mirerAbk, IF tbc b<^fttti«|^ of l(^%4r^' 
bora «tff>yr* ii» ^o««f *«<* »!» tw Bft other tti» ^Jrtf//rf ^f/pirH.^ 

The aboTc cxirafli, wc »p^iethtrd, mil amplf juAlPf 
the cbira^r «« hart <:ivca of Dr. BUir't difcMirftt, md if- 
furd ifac ilifirtivc aiJ juJkiuui Reader j juft (dciof ihc dc- 
gftttce and rtmplicirr o1 the Author's Avte; of bfi umneifled 
manner I of his uHf in compotition i of ihf viricCj, bcautji 
»nd pFopri#ry of tiii fcDtinKoci; *nd ^ h^ '^'^PY ^^^^ ^^ 
conviGtU}^ t^ jv<^£infQCi and il tfc« faoir titne ■fle^b^tbo 

'Die fmttjcAs of thor« fcrmoQi «rbrch wc biTc not already 
RKntirTirJ^ ariw-The Ur^Oin of Pi^iy a:xl Motjliijj the In* 
Soetict cf Rflifion u^'on AJ^cfiily t tM loHueacc o( Rettfiioo 
upon r^ofpcriiy ; Uic Doth of Chrifl ; our VgrnTince of Good 
and brii <ii thULkfei iheUiMict >nd C^lolactonvof ihc Acv<l| 
the fb»crof CotifcLcncCp the MixiuEc ^f Joy rndFe^ in Re- 
ligion \ »nd t^« Motives CO ConRincy in Vi-tuc. 

h oitT be Oiisf^Ourj fo Ibmc of onr Rcadui to know ifaaC 
fc if to Dr Blair chat the Public ire Indebted for the Critical 
Dificrutttf.! 00 the Pucou of OilUo; Sec Rcv^. vol. sczviit. 
p. 144. 
— I - - - - — 1 — 

of rhcLjf^of PctTJfcb. iimoh tu 6d. BctUu 

THOUGH t[ would rcquifc unconkooti gentu* lo c^ft 
pew lights 071 ifito Jind Aackn^yci topm, it iv, howercr* 
in ibc power of Ctffic a;id fciKimcot 10 rtn^ci them h ghly in* 
t«r*fting; lod t Mfiiicr, who attciripif k\u% with fucccf*, hii 
no uxoofidc-'ablc diJm to a^plauEc, Jf therefore Wt: do noc 
find frafon to xWow the Author of ih'i Dblogue th« merit 
of fuggtUm^ origio&l iJcii on ihc wotli-out fubjcfl of fricnd- 
fhlp, WF mtift ihink hrr eniitbd ro foriK ihire of pnufe, for 
bavtn;; throwiT together (in t marner indeeid rather mifcdlt- 
neoui thin mcihoilealj many fi^nflblc and fprij^htly rdWIjona. 
inMtfptiJed with pcriinent hirfoncal aii«c4ot<a and quotoiioi»»* 

Theic Gii^ui wlko bring c^ciy thing tu the irA of cilm rea- 
foa and phtlofophv, will pc;hapa thifik focr^ of the wric«i') 
ideaa tonaAtic niid fanciful i Hnd piiiicu1a;fy uill be o^ opi- 
Alonp that, wht^n fhe explama the nature of frten^lbip by ire* 
cinr JC up toon hixfiVn r^mpitbyf by tfbich kit died mindi ai- 
ucS fhernfetvei to vKh other, (be i> loficg hcrr^If tu tbn 
cto«da of mjllicifm. Bat it ought to be fe<nen^t>eicd, that 
on ftniinu^nul fubjef^i, « decree of arJoor which will noe 
cafit) fibfrit to the rctlftinu ol aicicifmi \t to be intJil^ed % 
and jhac ii ii much better^ fonwiimtt^ to ta« a fligbc into tho 

Rev. Apr, 177;. U n^KKa 

tcg^om of cnthufitfiBt tJua to be ilwif* crctpins alu^ tkl 
buitn irick o( iniiftdiif* 

The (oiloiTinc rttoL-ti on pb^fnoptomj wtQ (iteowRcii- 
cis no unfivoiirAblc ide« oF ihb wo<k : 

< 1 bir« oAcA ihovgkr, coodaied Afaitt, «k» ^Itgfo ik 
i»lf of phjiiotAOair flrMld ftfM, coaU v« b« a. Jittk ■•» Ctt- 
IM IB our coojc^BHAa wk«a vfl MttJJic tbc ooaiim>ai 4* ite 
W»cf ibc Wart, 

«iih iW p««&«t M)«fi; for ffsputiei trv, i>»' dosbc, fafd 
' fro* IM op««Co« of (b« coamtraiffcc i »nd il u by tW fe«« tf 
pSxfio££«mr (t^t KC ^rccrn the £mi1, wbicl u oficB &» Jboftdtf 
in4vktd ia ibe fjcc thii not c»lf > nua of oBderfavdiaf Bad B 
pui of f«li>f ire ir cnc« ff^a ; tat by tltk kBOvWg* ku alk 
bMa 4ifeov«rH> Bi^BV ^rvt dil|>o6L^Bi of tW b«ut- 

* Tbtrc ia « wdl known ci/ciiin&ucc ef ikU fort 10 tbe lift tf 
Alaaxidcit £tom wfaitb b puousf hsi beta akcA* wboiu lb 
migmnimicy of Alnr)»dcr h Ihotrfy tip r tOrf : b< ucnfldtbf 
iIh coeBtmJMv «r hit p^rftdia, ^er bt^iac druk of ibepK 
tioA, •bkb be k*4 bera lEiformr^ iru inietdoJeo poifinbiaB* 

' Tbc coanccfiticr, fijd A^Wii. wilJ difiiD^stJfa qbc ptHa oB 
crra wab fciUrca th4t bctr fodac tdciobUncc, fitim b bsodnl 
tboBfiBil otben. I btvc cdtea coiAdord io wbu ibi« ^ tPiifcJ, 
■ad I foBod il VM Mt b tbo fitrtbod, nor errs is tb» mi ii»B«i 
tkit ii «u noc in tbc rc^ltritj or detkacy of ih« teBM- (bcu 
of tbii kitd hAiin^ firi^QccE]/ Eke htl nprtfioo) s aer U ibc 
0fi« IhrBi or coloBnaf of tbc Aor; btt ■■ tBCt^rdibJc frgirthaf 
fcfsttiof ftOB i]V, cr ratkcr b fa»rtkiig bryo&d thfia til. 

■ Tb«ooaBtCB«»«c h BlA> wy ditf«r«vt ot dUhMBC pcnoA of 
Hie, tun ow»c (o Aft cr Bttflm, b«t to ^^efitvoo of ■■d, A 
piittcr drew lie pi&ue oF b bdy mice, xi £jnccB 4bJ >c lUl^- 
£1 ; in i><r FrA Hie ipfcBrrd wiih ic oprB fWceuMfi of 
Mfttc, iBd IB caaffe^.ed fvik; in tbc fccccd b«i bfO«r 
CriAcd, her cTci aprcffcd o pBlnftl viv*ci=Vt *^ ber 
the Antic cf co«tciap« : botb vcrc duao iccotdiBf 10 
Ux TAiUiiun, wii^h iLad cdiCEi pUcc ifi dc cbitAeTt 
diaUgallbrid U tie Utter. 

' It u tkii cbanaer, iald Aa^^dB, ta maman^y fttvck o«r, 

b— Icdar of tbckoaw coooecoaacc, tkx: Duki tbe 
^tmtm ibv «Ock> of nCBi bd4 comob Bniib, ba«b io 
folpBfC; ftnd pflftteohrir In ifcciBinrj »kMlk» 
iriAg Ceemt to provo cbe frocriotirf of tbo »t. 
pom at brU itbt. ioif«&bU to intafa frBtuMnt isia 
jhMt it li po£Ue, iLe Oaeoci of tbe uckeu bjc b p 

IliC MDoot ibe ttodeiBi, k«i not oaljr ^tcd fctiiiaKtti, 

LpnStd ibe KBovi bi «rcl] bi ibc dfeadfuJ pBfliooi, kft hb 
blr otooemcclt. 

* BcMig ei^ed oac day, by ■ fncsdj bow he coold pco Ju cCr Tmv 
ftoftc, facta feft. i»d fuch fablwe mr c fc oii he oiodciUf fOffifd* 
** Jt bv lU in dc itkirhk« I oolj pkb it out*'' 


^D tfibe iddyof thr couuuince will, In fiJc* mianfr, l«ftd to 
V« kftOwUdgv of Cbf r^iil, i( may Omu^ iu {u Mo«ti^a< it a 
Irikiog <rMn«r«prfii1<> it) " (tn fc^4C iinAj[««r oar Ho(4cr Hft- ■ 
tare inker Ml tfiAJcflyt tai tie nij rttd la ha fue t^u ge- 
aenl asd coqiUbi nrlcty which «9brdi (a Abmtdiat and dvLgkifii 
s field for coaicjupluion/* 

* Eftcb tianufi beio^ hu t chi»dcf iarcriWd oa iu fKe, fud 
AJp«&>t buc to kMv »i* <hirx:iof we tnuA be «fEi£b in phyiig* 
noojr Tkc fji^icil chADgTi iti4 the &4;«£cmi of coiii:c«tE)c« 
tk4E deceive Dihert, iiiU irkjch «ft employed :o miic igfiOTan«4 and 
fblly, ar« iiuiiicdinttl/ fc«a tfiraa^h, if thii kn^vlcdK ii per* 


' Some kire thciiglitr r«id AtnaatJi. that iku kiwvlcdgtl* aA 
Iftilvd «r Nuuf«, bui U appCAO to nic ttu: ii b utiutnrd b/ m 
vMcUvlobfrrmn of tSr cona:tDincpt Hown^r thli be, ike g^r- 
3*ff wty lo ii le>dt m ac ialinity oJ plrifanfi, frvin (he ^ii-effat/ of 
dileohtioa) whick every daf ancl er^ry hnur ptefcQti lO ricw. 

^ Thcfc ut nujtjr real idrartutOp fkid Vpafia. aJtcoJirt^ ih« 
Inoolvdgc of ph^fiu^nofcy ; asd i^ere ii aoe in paruruUr, wlich 
Ii« ike fate »^th wb:r^ the pertaaf i%ho poflieri ir, onvprfe witb 
all (ttJ^kicd, anj irf capabi-, if thtr choofr it, of aJaplJnr ih««* 
felvct to crcrj diftrcai chAnt^»t\ but lo 4o itu, witk Tacceii. 
ibcrc ooll be, 1 Ltacak. a aatjre turn of mindt » vcl) &i much 
obftmation; fucb pcrfan* are a» much (lctii;kic<! #iEh the fiUnt 
erprelTMa of tk« coo^tcmnce, vihtn in iit urr^ofl^inTf^lTed (Uee, 
«■ Otken ara inih brjLliar.t conTcrfiEiOn i and vfhtlv r^mcnon ob- 
Ifcrrtn c^ly biv'.; a pc(jcuatiai; lovk, ar a (Laj-nlir exprcdion of 
r<amre*t ibcjr c^ pkice ibfouj^h Uw veil ikat fcecwi todilj^ulfe 

' ll ii CfTtaiA. f*y Amanda, vt are elicflj- to judgt of i^ co<li- 
icitknee ia iti ralca aad proper llire^ tbcfe ItcaautJB* that call il 
forth 10 public vi««, ice, howevcf, rerj iotertnin^ to behold. 

' lidced, ith id^u^ble 10 lee the chaise a inamen; nil] pr«»* 
4uc< In Ill4 foulp in fome critical cirrooirtanc^ o( life. 

* We are told, ihat when MooiaiU diic^^vered 10 Mi(hrida:ei 
her lore to Xipharei. tfcc c^id^ of hit GOanlcnAoee inUantly coo* 
via4<d hcv of itflr uwji iitiif?fLuH«, and ilae ruin oiXipharet. 

' Tbe cnuoTcnjnce, when c^lnt, appearii to an afcUl in phftiog* 
tkomy, to bcir iome nurki of ibe chi^A^ler «h)rh fiith ctuum^ 
iaacea ihill briaj- to \\R^t, and he »iJi jud^ Jn vkki macnc the 
ioml H)!] theo be agitate U tton readU^ ii 10 thok raomtnti vfaeo il 
Jiea mntit ooocealcd Irom fithcri. 

* Tkia kpoorledje, faid Affafia, Icadi 10 a juA view of hwflun 
■aiorv, and rtCtaiblei iht tfcv able hkrlcriim. wtio umre ih« |pod 
and the bad, that are iainnixed in ail cMar»±t<n| aitd w kicb u 
abfolknel/ nccdltiy 10 dcv<k>p4 wvnfn | 

* Mip ti a [oin|ii;]i]iid '-Kihg, bul we aliBoll alfftyi coafidir 
Ilia faiFcty^ brcftHrV wc lic^id him oaiy to one pitific ofnetr. 

* Tbit oan u Boft likely to prov« a fotad frWad, wfro kan.¥a 
h«iv 10 ae<oitai tat tht cir^fi at woU a« virl*e» of thofr ke u«»et 
with I for ceruinly no niJiu vf (cofe or feetipg will rBu»jnoe 4 
Iricftd bcuitia he bti cr^n. but be wiit be no:* ijkclj. fr^^m 


thii knfMlcdi^ W cooKicvMaaCC l^tn with llie Inwtrd ewrl- 
Lencici kU difrrrnmai «ttl dycoier, and to ii*<tl upon Ue h* 

in our Co«aeaiooJ in I'tli, «»d »bar« tli ibit cenrotievi ^iTpv- 
GlIoq To imaj tntivlgCf ji in foae mcftfora owiA^ to tUr i^nt^ 
tAjicf ^r ihji uCrf'iit fcurct of ph)'6c^ii*y, 

tU. t»i «vr jirdfiD^M of clMfBtien, ibtM cM bt ftO do^ oF 
m importiacc, 

• II «u fEoni ihu kto*>>aJt{C. iba «-n tJae obrctTstio* «f Ui^ 
CMfitrnafCC of Sxtun, Ztiftiuui I'^hilj' j^^cd kcbad bevt^bb* 
|cc« to ?ici>>fli re<:ici(iofli. 

■ It wM from liv view of $*l1a'» «o»slfasof« thlC Arobaitm 
■0b«dkttio( of the F^AttbUBi, cumisttdt * J ftfl tAoaifhcd tfiat « 
iLDCiin c>« bfar ra nwn ■ luprriof. * 

< And &r CiccrA hid jucHttfd of Orfir b|^ Ui yfcyfiog»omr 
flffftd of hii nen>^nM« dfrCr, u Cvfar jud^d or C>fiat ■(» 
UbcV^] b« co«id ncrrr^ ai h« o«eud AA«r the biitle of 
fiJiip b4Tc pkco ibe p4fiy of romper ■s*'"^ b^jfi. Bci 
hnw ^; c^att 19 be (kuifrd in Cxi*i i ** h:i dfc& dccci 
loiij Of'fO, for uihrn I fir>vfil hU R<>m fHng;rd ^d uficll 
round ibecd£««t ted hit bjirr flDhin^ in wavio|r rinj-lcti do*i ' 
bick, wbilc R«Mn| (o «ifor^cr it, he C^raulrd bii Lwd vitb 
Ihigcr 1 could cot pcrfiiic mTfrir ih*\ o«4 fo cpputllci, 

* 11^ £j;«i tbit ut ccnjy^yr^ vy tte o«t«nrd tfptvmctp Tv4 
Ar^iTiAr o*i)tbi acttf to b9 oiUcd iLali vb* ict«fK« of p^riiOftaa7 1 
ibcr uc «ccidtiu1> rarber iban iowaid tad folid loktn* cf ike 
cbar±^^r : a*d ifacj' fcUciro, If crei, citetd to ihc kuowUd^e 
ibc l«in. 

' Tbrr* ii a« 4n«eiSota of the Aiivout Airhonf CoIpoT, 
liriaK ^ <bc tatUa cosicdy, o pvrfo^ who f«l »(fti bim 4i ~ 
lluihc wi} A pjjurcr, brcajfc dminf ibc trictf^ in which 

decpW inECfTitrd, he he^ hii ibunti iti tbc f^ai* 
VOficiOQ V ii ii ^u fv^pv.m^ bti pilJer. TIi#m *% a f^rttl 
luriiy of fofff. Aoil of B4abs/| wiijcb, libc that of chii p«l»i 
fsciu lo difcovfi ihe pfofeftion tarn* mth u« oJ^, ftbd cren 
ftOUAiry ID vrbkb ibev bckftf* 

' Tbii mniaOa ar, iifd Anuada, ttf ■ fin^tibr iMcilottt 
rcbeed by a very ingtnioui tfiao, at t Tad from hitarTt thu 
A bailll fcmjjof^d af pcofla of dtlTercnt cotutcnei, wbarei* 
bad been • gft AiujbLrr* ibc ijjditiduib of cA<h Baiion 
tfiAlngvtnied l~ro0 Obc aeothcr^ by iJkc pnrikuUr Ibape of 
frulli; the bjntfini of th< bod, in T^riout mianm. ai i« pi 
tir«d t> i^>m« pvophf, or rbe hivlaj: a coaU4i:Jy ««pof#d v 
oiberai Riigfat petkapt cOQtribuic to ikUdiirrrTncc uf Ibm* 

' Ifi hov flvUcias « oanacT, onniaacd Afpafia, baa that ptai 
Jbarcbvr inio Naiurr, emtt hit teAlmony in firocir of ^fkg- 
noxy. by placing the Tm« aad hijowlfd]^ of i?, In oot of Isi 
{laufft afld a«(Lwof(hy of hit diuaiu^ cbvaUtii; »4wi^lH> 

F Z^Titf CZie^FeHvltT; Gmraif^t ifmjtifijt Ptrpnfi^ft^ ICJ 

difj^flile of ooiwAnl iitmiion : 

'* Thrrr ii wnitrn in }Cur htnuv, Prov^[^i hoofflj' a«d ^ttnAanc^ 
—if J t^d ie not fruly. a)'»nficnt fkiJI b^goiki mv:— Buion ib 
boidnfffi of inr opiaian, I will |«y mjftirin hturd> 

*■ Tkc A«cUd JAjrlor, u the friend of m?Q.'* 

Mralu*} too Mi-^^'t. 
Th*rc n r<» Utile viricty in the ch^r^tn %j\d I^eoa^p ot-i 
ihc rpcikcti in ihb convrrHilion-plecc, ih«i wr rannm b«iE chlnlC^ 
k WAttM haT« jppearH with ii Icift i> oiuch >;fvu]i3^e in <he^ 
fom) of m cHivt » in tbit t>r di«?t>^uf, of wlikh «« liiiJ no^ 
oibtr iwlic»ioei, ihin, at Oe b«g n.niog of pkijigraphi, in^jt- 
pctiiKXi of the phrafcftt * f4id ^Jpafict inJ 'cp^icJ rlnta^da.' j 

AftT, XI. CimtaJlmf/ tniKm Fff/ima^ t^h't f^^Timtt Wriiir(l?Q 
bj the U:« Eul m Chefterneld; and never before pobtlfted.^] 
iimob II. iJnrafl}* 1777. 1 

LITERARY Iriucls we become (a fft<;ucn% inJ thc4rC^ 
of dficiviJTt* 11: \ithil i» iieiicd 10 fufh ptTfcdinn mf ' 
ccneiiiy, ihu ihc critic <a[>roc ic tM> SikI in hU inquirki* |I 
CI ton dtilruAful of appeal ante r, be ihcy oci (o piomiftng. { 

Tbefe charadcrifticii n;ctcbe4 trt g^veci to the woil4 st^ 
Lar4 Cb^HciiScId'^, on the 'niih sod crc^Jt of — [t:}bi>dy : for J 
B nnmeler* cdiror H a irxrc ron-<xr!lcnce in the ey« of ibo A 
pybtkt 10 vhkh hi> ptt(om\ <o(ity is im perceptible. 

Tlw proc'f of the duthmiiciiy of thefc pif^ri^ ibrrffore^ 
rcI1», fold), oa (hiA jnicioit cr]<?rncc vrhi<h, »ftcr iHi mutt j 
be very uticertain, at its e&cacy d^peodt alco^ethec Gn the 
ttflc in^ difccrniTtcnt cf ibolc who prcfunc to (ll in jWf- 
iBCDT,or like upt^n ihrm the ufk of euminstton : and dimrrent 
judge* wih Mm diHcrenc condoriori, wbcto Uiete U 00 ocr- ' 
Uin criirrion, or toitchrlrnte of uulh. 

The an^tiYWKim irctfaccr of ihtfc poUbvnHjge piece*, a^u 
them 10 br l.oiil C'a; ird ivhai he Jt&rU !» probablj liuc ; 
alHMufEh be hdZirdt oiithri>g in f^rpcct cf hit vetJcJi; » tro 
Uy ^ffitf^^, bmjiufe thc^ vitit fu Hrtking a refeinblance of hit 
LordHip's miftner^ (bat hit own p^Auie ieoiv 10 be juf^l^r re* 
dc^ciJa fEOcn the poitraiia here dtAwa of other ptopU. 

Lc-tfvof Rradeia, K,«rver, take the jud^mmt fen, and forn 
ihcir own cpiuji^n, f;£<m ihe foiU>wicig fpccimci] ; 
Mr. Pitt, 

' Mn Pin owed tit rifr to the ineA coeCdrrtble pcrili and 

in ihii kineiJoxii fingly 10 ^ii ova AUUtict. ifl brn tbt/ 

fied ibt wjtii of bitlh abJ fortutr, wk'^h UiUfp in oihcrsr 

leoolten fopaly th< uLint oiibefbrner^ He »ii a foub^ hrr>- 

lh« oi A rcry nvA Junily, aikd bit forun* v^ai Oily lA an&uiiy of 

6nc bondrtd pounda a ytar«< 



s^ l^rd QicfictfeM'i ChoTAfttn ^tmima Pir/m^tu 

' Tbc uny wu bU orsf ittfti 4MttMnomt uid s contttf of kdiA 
kii hcl Add only comsiifitoa in it. Tkai ufi&flid«id bf &v«ar «f 
fcn>oe he *id no pcwcrf«l proicAar u tbtmducc hist i«o 
b>fiiwK>. Ai^<I (t^ I Dtty Dfe ihai erprrffiop) m do ikc bosoun ttf 

* ilU ooiiiicaoftp rtfaM biv tb« o/otl pl«Atfurci, ted hu t*^aM 
Ibrbid ham iW Ule ^lUTipifioia of yoitfb, Co* Co CAily &» ai i^e ija 
of fijcicea he vu :he matiyrof as bcrediurx gave He ibtrvlbn 
etnf toy«d ihr Irifurv fthiclf tb«T tcdl^di ibd plliuul dlAemper ^iW 
procvfcjj or ^U^wMl kitt i* «:(}«ina£ a >;<o fiind of pnniiiaifl 
ftnJ a£cr^ kE«wlidg«. Th«» by ihc iinacc9«fiubla »Iaiio« of,^ 
Cidfri anii c^da. wkit {ccTxd ihc rrciEcit iiiufe«»ae of bu ii&f 
vru prthi^ (he priactpil CAafc afiii tpkn^oar, 

mCAnBcfi. All kii trnriinvnu Q»e libctal a«d rle*>ic^. Hii 
talbg pftiEoQ v«i tA Btbovnded «mbi,M«t, whkh vbcn fdppOffcJ 
bjp JE'^^^ ibtlJEici, MM>d crovAcd wub grttt ia^Ltit, mikv wbu 
|i^ft4 calJi 1 Gmi M&n. 

* H« wai hiugbTf, tmprtioui, iapttknt «f M«lnidl£HoD, i*l 
ATCf bcuine— qv^iiLici nbicb loo olua BCCJJppiioja bse tdwtif 
CJ^C> grcai CDfi. 

" He bid miatiert 4nd adtJrtii. )>%t ooc mtgbt (Hffcni Umwfb 
tbciB toa grr-U a COfifcloufn«(t of tiii omt fup^rlor tlUtr*. 

' He wAi ft moft fegrec«b[« «nd \:**if covsputoa in tbc^il Itfr, sfli 
bad r^ a terbuliif of wn, tbii he vvccld adtft it lo aU fofp 4if 
coarcr^ita. He had alio a moJt ^«ppx ttun to poetiy i bai be M^ 
don irfJwlgftJ^ tnd Icldom AvnwrJ i[. 

' He fAow yoaog i|ito ptflLimeiir, tod cpoo that grcu ihetlft 
be foon ei94jaJlvd the oldeJl »^4 chr &bj<u a^ioru Hit eko<|uence «m 
of evcrv kindi eod he (xcr][(d in the sr^umCntiUrc. ai wcli M 
in the ^eclojnitofy viny. llut hri ijire^ii-^« i*trc irrnbU, tad 
littered wiih I'ech enrr^y of difiTOO. and fuch dignity cf t^tioa 
and eouo:cnAnfp> ifilt he iarinKJired ihore who were tbe mtA 
KiLUflz and the bell *bk to cctoun^ej- hiei *. TLeir uid> ftll 
C>DE of iktir tund*. uid (Jicy flifunk under the aJcemUcit wbad 
bit f cnioi gained over tbcif'«. 

' Jn ihii ftlkmblv, where paUicgocd ufj>ni]ch talked of, asd 
private ia:crcd Lapj purfuc<j, he Ivi out with acting ihc p«u»olt 
atd performti that pari fb ibEyj ih*! bo y^t 44t>pted by tbe 
pifblk at ihcir chkf« oi r^ht/ tbcu unljr uDfjlfc^ted, chaa* 

' The weight of bii popoliriiy i.nd bl« antivffdlv acbftov-' 
]edg«d ftbthcici obtruded Jiim upon Xinf Georg« tbe ^feond, » 
wbdfi be vAi pcrfoaelly obno^tiom. He ww made Sccrairy of 
SiMe. la ihii difiicaJi aad dcliutc fiimuoo, whicb on« woald 
bare ihooght mul hiiv /cdic^d eicker ihc parriot, or ibe aloV- 
trr, (o ack£ifiv«op4ioA, ha Managed ftub fneb oiBrf, that wbila 
he fcivcd ihf Kin^ more ei^elualij^ ia hi* ciod ttanafra«t>bla 
eJrfloraJ ricat ibAu adj f<>:ma rainidrr, kofrcerr wiUiav. kad 4»nd 
ID do, he (till prrfcffod all bit £tv>dii aod popmlviiy wbik tbc pnbliC| 


LwtfCHtHtrtitM't Chrn'oHtft tfrmintnt PtrfmaittM j^j 

n he affurcd tad coaviitced iKii the prcEcfUoa and tJcfcnccoT 
overwirb ui inny of frvtniy-^ic ihourind mtn in BrhiJh pif* 
^eoD^y poflSbTc m^vhod cj u»miing our po]r?{toaiorArqal£it&at 
oit^ Aen«rici,— So nach cafier i«tl CO d«c«ive ciujk i^ dnd«- 

Hi) OMTO JtiitiCcfcAcdncri, loJ even <orcenipl of moficf, 
ihti, h\\ wxj 10 pourr. and prcrfnicd or filencrd ■ c^rsi Qiife 
k«l »Ty vbich commcnTj attendi ii. MoA cua tktnk ihu they 

■& equLl natural ri^Hc eo richct, tnd c^ual tbiJiiict to inakt 
ipcr niie cf ihem, but not vcrv fcitr^y of ibeoi hare ibe ivip«* 
c to tbiak tbemiehes qualintJ fijr po«'::r. 

Dpoo th« whole he u'lM mite % gr^t irid klinihf ^girr \% 
AD^iortbit ecu P try : nontithEludm^ tire blct ^thith hi> >C< 
tftc« cf ibrce thoufind f^^^i^' P'r tnoam ^r.bon S>r ibiM 
^ upon bi) voUnufj r<ri;;naiicf] «f the fctli, in ihc £rtl jc^ of 
fOTliat KU^. niuH m^c ia hii cbi^Kler, c/pccUlly tu 10 the 
ttfeLlcd pirf of it. — Honevcr it moft be acJcnowJedjed, rb>r he 
iLofe ^tjilttiti abich nooc but a Greit Mati can ti^ive, v-itb a 
:ar* of fcvie of ibofc f«itiapr wb^cb ue tbccoiamoa l^x of 
tfccd ind lAtpcrfrcl bumjo Aaiotc,' 
'he oihcr rhara^cfi are, 

K. George 1. who i» itprercnted as an honttl, ^u\\ Grr- 
■ gemlonAiip as %tzt^ at uflwilling 10 fr^ the part cf « 
[i whick is, to fbii>e >ni oppre&— -^ 

• Qjiccn Caroline,-*- ' an agreeable womaitT'-^of trveff ■ 
tf p«t*t A s^^^^ conception, and fome d9^r» of ffrntto 
wMfTc. — After putdin;^ hcffcU in all ttie vhTtnrica ar>d 
tftical fpecuUnoAi of different feds, Ihe (ikc<) ultimjieljr 
)ctrai, believing \ future flaic, and dyin^ with great refo- 
m and intrc[9iJity, of a very painful diOemfcr^ uid uiuJcr 
t CrucI operation** 

[L Sir Roheit W>1po1e : t u-ell-dfawn portnlt. 
IT. Mr« Fulicneyi iu oompAaion. 

'. Lord HaTdnrirke, • perfiapi ihe greaieft ma^fflrite ihlf 
DIry cter had !* — ' A cbearfut, mllru^te eomp^inion, hu- 
le in hia nature, decent in hJf manneii, >fid untlaincd with 

vk*, aratkc cKcepCDi/ 

X Mr. Foi— Ad hatAi fikcneA, but rciouchcil by the 

rar* (in the PrcfftceJ and brought to a more favoarabi« re* 

blancc nf the oiiginaJ. 

''kt Editor hia alCb, 10 fcU Preface, defeoJeJ the cbira^^r 

3^ CiroliDCt from Lhe chuge qI ' tb< Io<g of mon^y/ He 

tlfo given, in a note, wbac wouk} have tkecn a vcfy ^^d 

r* u an infUocf of Lord Bath*» covetosifnci*,*-b4d tt been 

j^^ut vrc lie aHuicd, thai if hat jio foundation in fadi 



C 3^ ) 

, aVr I* /rrrr /^ /r «»«v r6f fimt Wiiri 4f 6W. ^Vi* -.a^t nt th* Bt' 
vfni^f i*ith O^UfHi ih< Cri*ti*M tf tht WWy, r A*f frgtrtd fwr , 
4£n^ii^| amJ mi S9^ uUr SnU rr Spirit th^ iMar t^ir^'^4»'\ 
tnMt*^. Na«r frft pobUfhcd by ih« E^xor of BreJ. Bm Mofde- 
Gil*«SewoL«tt») to£liDuLeri. 4«o* j i. WilkU. 1777, 'J 

NO htjtGt t>( corXfvetHf in the Chnfliaa voild luth been j 
s£itA(i:U miih ^rqaici nolcQCc* oc pri>Juced marc omIia- ] 
clioly e^f^tt, than ttat which -"OtKefni iht iwivtt and icc'Wft^J 
tion of Jcfui Chrtd- Wwd* aimI phr»r«9 hate been imiodiKeJ I 
tj diJ^rcfit pa>ii» in the roiiirc uf it » titj'puttr, vrhich i»«khff'] 
Uftdtfrftoocif tioti voitfcquciiCl)'! wctc ibic 10 explain i and Jt^\ 
iMe llflT* bpcn made ihtc tH^ cf nrrHor^nky^ and the fHndtri 
of Aibmlftoti* fron wbjcb none vmc oIl^tAred to dcvistc, wkb* 1 
out inciming thv ch^rgf of firrdf, and cxfrufiriB Oi?mrdv» t«rj 
the MMhcmu of councils, and to &*] the pcnaltKa wbich, i^ 1 
^cifsntarid duiiiy, ihcy were able to inAicl. ThebiAo^f' 
ol the Chnfiiin cburch for TcvcmI cefiiu'^tb lumiOwi oaly a 
lamcmtMc dciiil ^ f Baftu^iiij^ acid urjiritdligiblc f^^axa of 
foieb i each cf which, in JEa iurri> wu rigonwlljr jnir^offdi a^U 
none of which thi^ii oivfi nJi^niati A4iw*tt» pretended lo.tMl 

pUi». ■'■ 1 

Tbc mriul of the ccnlndiSory h^potbcrn that hiT« keaa 
fldoptid, of the ucuntclligitle fcrm» chit bait been ufed lA or* 
dci to fup'P'^l tbc(c bypothefea, arrd of rbc lioloncc aud pcifc*i 
cMLioe wbfcFi i]>ry occifioafd, n tnhtr m^hncMy ttijia pteaC- j 
iDg ; snd vrc cnhooc but vrondcr gi chc paiicnco oi our uig^i 
Ti'fldi and 1jbcrrJmisIh~r^u]jti.|t,wbabi?h taken ib«|nui« (OlTKCfl 
the tcdioui tad iinedifp0|{ coouoforf/ throu^^ all its revolt* 1 
fioniv ri (be pnifcM limr; more crpccJAlFy wbe^ ire con&lrrJ 
tbftt Lib^r^ity of temper which be fo eminently pcticfic*, ■•4I 
wbich muA h^vc rendered itLc icviewr or lis rile aaJ P^Mffl 
often R^orUf)ir«g na6 pioful. But t^ end at which im l^^H 
in tbia elaborate Irt^uirj, ia of grc^t impoftawe } it ia ' tol«4 
cover to ebe phtloM^pbical ChnAiaD a vuy rmiuKeaEil crt^cil efl 
^ih; which, ^kovji tfniiYriilJy krbf«rd bjr i^ co^movt peofl«|l 
Lttb bcoi cip-'siAcd ao4j> ever £ncc t^ Cc-dnci] of tVff/, u iJifi3 
theafica of 4lni->a all ibc diiTefcBi fctb mhjcb bare i;B4cjuke& lobqM 
ChrifHJLuiry brfi>rr ihe wortd at 1 iyt^m, J 

* Tlia tttir)* I i»ej« » itist 'bit it vu lf>p laiV of Gtofl 
( I Uor, ik £<} or tbe Lord wU bovthe u> j ot ib other wordr. Mn 
It vat ihe Jkm alivtfw P*r/9M. A'^i'w. and 5*^dg<frt «lbkh «aa U-l 
the begiamaf aiifa God, Uui /Ut ibc paim oT the vtOt aid fa&l 
frrcd fur m^Akind. i 

■ (bit ii ibe dodrine, abicbt in St, FavVi daja, wu to ibayf«fj 
m JitmhJi^bitik t and to iba iirrtii,/t4i'J^fi\ % C&r. i. t%. Bft4| 
^cm^EO bate bcca looked upo^ ia ihc tootc lifibif lor ibcfe tao9^ 

St*, br ib« Conncib \ ttid by alapH a)J ii« ^Fcjcot fcfl* of 
HitUii. The C«ri«f^ iIcDxd ii i «D( of A prcteGcr, ihar ifa* 
Divuti Kiiiflrc or SabflvAcCr HbicJi ihcj^ckllcd cSttfi, iefc thciuail 
7{/Wj »t hi« 4ifith.— T^ Jirif/iMuf 4»kd ic, b; iruiiiiAkibf:, ih«^J 
(M £4^*' ^*t ^'^i BAd thai CkriA hod no niAcace, bcibn kia birtb 1 
of lit VJr^ifi Id^tn* ftii'^H tft Dti vfr^nn, «Am C»«i»rv») aM- 1 
OfftL I; wjik Lhi9 C^r^? viKjo iufincd. — Tfcic ixJniani dcnird ti 1 by. 
iniincJUAicf. ihuii-hfyj wn « wtre mon ; 4^>;( ■■3(»'v>f, *eiuAK4 I 
iDd«C4i by ih« spirit oT C04 ffwriJia^ U him; bui kitiufftno^ weto j 
col)r itofc nf fcaxfc iejc— And th« y£r^«a^^w dcfiy iti b; AHiitt-* 
iaj, lIii [be cjIcocc ui' ihf £n '/ Ch^ » mfwlfiblc. Aad ibb i«< 
tW<^tiiiv i>^ 'il Sift/ta* chufCho, whcihrr Prouilvit or ^ifiU^ 
wh« i«ctA« the t>iir Sr^( gcncx^l Coundli ai the leU of licrtfV.' » ^ 

CJtir Author ccAlldcTi the dj£cultc? in which ibc ^rcfciit 
ijfifcnof ouluhJoxy hjiA iiivoUcd the Cliritlun r«H:*iDn, uth«. 
BttMi^bltvk* which tor si;ii^r ^g*» hare prcvctitcd,^ in a ^mt j 
oittiiirc, the propfl|jBi!>jft at CliiittJinity amooj^ the ytws^ M^\ 

" Xk ii in v«ta (he Tiy-i} ^ lh« Chrifliih dlvijin to nmpliia, u ^ 

lalind 10 ^ftnd ibrtf wron, ir all rtcitii oierely bcttLirf t\tji 
finStlMm ■Irctdr jjiticdvT«d. Let but tS^i ftm4^mtmtti \i\\^\t o^l 
GiriAUnitr be riAoicd, chu Cod lb i^rcd ihc tirgfU, ih«i >ic £aTtt 1 
hl« ocif Son (tnd ooc ibe ^>t of b>i Ckolj Son. ibllni^tr^ Ton hi/ 
tfima; nor aml*f j/rttf, fhjr wit /w^^i 10 tic* ;) (a fufTtf f>r " I 
rtMH^ind—iMi v« fiiiouhl i^cn ^»d ii «^1d row hive the itnic cf-N 
fcfi ipon both the rciicm «nd ibv ptConi of tninkind ki fbrmcrVf.'] 
Bvt whlk w« cOiMiaaeiD be ^(hBRifd of ^h ^QQ.nnr t and argD^Jn 
that ** *■■/ a*' rhitf* _/* mtam't tf ihi S*» */ CW, j/ /a txj^^mi iff ' 

^ tif Ihf fOfpet dilpCffUtinQ, acfd CDefoond Oarfr'rfi vilh in«U*\ 
pb^Atal f'vbikiivt ; An^j «ic u^: ibk L« cxplaift ihc Cliritl^zn lyilan,'' 
^ fTcn iwliii it cdJ^d ih« Apc4IJ«*l Citrd, niitioui fm^lng it «iiJh* 
a th^urjcd iacopliflrncwt arid MttiTrftdU^icns i whkh >t ti iiispciCibl4 
for Jcy ntn of frn^ 10 brlic*^/ 

TI>c acjiociua of ihc AihuHofi^n fyflcm bare Ion* appro-, 
pfiiltd tbc lettn fun^ioainiaf Eo thdr own opj/tjon i ink^ouicM 
iJiac U b now bicoQ^c a kind of ma/ cxprcXon which bib lulO 
hi terro:}; our Author rcpeiccdZjadrpH (he fin^lcfnk, ibtiughj 
wc »re pcff\iai<di wiihout annexing ii lo their coti£ncd idJ^ 
uncbarJuNe idea : bf tniy, ho^ cvrr, l>rr tbou^ht by mtny to^ 
U]r AA imprQi^r Arcfa on 41 ittil <ld^>ni>bk ood undfctdTd o^jt- 
l^vOfi, SToif rJ|><c»Ilf vrbtn he !<>'*« thit upun * ibb jrrticlr of 
fai4ht' t> be uik<HUndj( and vxpUkn* jt^ > a^J our ailui»nt« oC 
itdctnptLnn asd bL>pc ui imniuiialiLjr a» Cbriil'tB> ia built.' , 

Jn ibf fiti\ chapter of tbis In^t^n* <b« Ai^rhor cxamimf th^ 
origin of [he dtf^juicx cDrKciridg iht Anlcmtiodtftc gunaiioM 
fif JcfutChiifli and Qwwr, honr i\^9 I^imtfm^M 4^rxm^ wM} 
pfi^iLfbtd aa an article of fiiUi. 

' The Covodl el AVrf, Iw oUeriVf , wu ooc oonvnttj wfA Mb' 

Cc/iof the 0ouji «• w«rt r<nad ifi the word of God* aoJ kad 

^M iaSrJIiMiH, Bpon tbeprtidpktoftheikfft— fd^ia^pfcOoCbpkf 1 
»d sceordia^lT they decreed. UiAt il< Son of God wu «/, of •^V* 
fir Stt/sat^ of God; Aod ih«t the t'etlwr icd 5oo wnc «w C*/, bs- 
uvfc ikcr were b^^^ of the Jam tmii-v^Alt Jm^wm: isd ia thdr 
^irpatri itflih ihv /'^^'Jiu, inileulerkeepiDgfo rli£«Qr4ief fcHp- 
fvrc, (bAt ChHll wuj h9i^. cforffom God} they febttitied ikctr 
ovn covkVMAt, in ihe f Uce of ihc text i and r«qjiwf tWm to i«1>- 
JctiU, » to «A ariicle of filJi, undcf i^c pfuliy of lauhcai, tbac 
Cbfift iw» tfot ff^n God; Ji r« !!?:« t* B« th-j* fcitin^ dkclr 
OWD opiaJ<«i uprr ■ Icvd wlrli ite tt<krd of QM * la coaTe^wi^H 
ofwhicb ■ \h* jtrixtntjim veve mc cenicated with a faMcripci*^^ 
ibcoordi of <cHptof«| which, diey vr^ coafctoai, wk> the otilf^ 
^bknpiioB ihcy hjd aajr n|[ljE 10 rcqi^TV • Lui ia£Aed upoa > lab- 
fcriptio!|i to Ihcir owa ioiefprtcaiioa and cobudvjiei aiUdi tbey 
Jcac* they Hbct no rif-ht ta ffo^ 

■ Thii "fki thr iii public and OfCt ipoAMf <if cKt c^grtk, Trofl 
tliC irord of God to the dctcmiznilioaf of vcti 1 and provc^l the feedi 
the looc, the fuuudjiiiua i/f ill ilic cfialHitfwJ arort* which bn« 
firdm thki EJrre to thii irfrflcd ihc Chriflur. filth. Tb« crkfrki of 
mth >nd orshodoxy wu ao lonftr ctMAned w iht /trffti,r4, m- 
Chfi^i^it %/triif I but Atiflfr rv Iff of faith fpranf; iipi fo4Ti«icd spoa 
tr^iiMa lad ifac dccrcti of Cvuo^iJit wlacii HriiciUed the CmtmUit 
wfSt^ittk ; aad thefe iwro rain of fiiib freifueniljr (oBtrvJulnl OM 
aaotber, in fucb mate/uJ iftidei, 2% at length divided ibe chanh 
into what «i bo caikd two diHWnnt niipoai.— The ttftfii, wd- 
hoia^ CO EridJEJon and the Jccreci oflhc»arch> auiatiineddl ifao 
mori, [hat had hcca iuuoduccd bjr ihofc meant; fitcS ai prajrm 
fbrihe deadt pnyeri ro fitacs and aogfli. the worlhip of iaiageir 
iranrcbftanttaoon, iBdothorerronunknOAiii to the ChiifUaa rerityt 
orfcripfujc. Aad tfae ^rsf^HU/.-, on the oibu hand, adhaiogtot^ 
Ckri/ii»% viM/pi rtjfdcd all ibefc dodjinci ; M>-tl tbcrtbjr ^\ rid of 
numbcrlcG ibfuriitici ird mnEiiJLtlioni : bu£i u ihcy did «o< keep 
Ari^/ 10 clt« &rtl principle of ihelr tcfi>rrnicionr ia rtcdviaf rb* 
feiiptare^r CJfrifiian ^frnij ai the ^^ fule cf faiib ; bflEUEa4Ttfcdl7 
joiocd wiih il iW decreet of ihc fout £fJt ^eaeril Coundli (com* 
mgnly fo citUd) liid ocW AriicFn cf bumau CDm^-^fiUOn, not ex- 
pre€ird in Ccrlpcttre imr< ; they Ilill conrinuc emaagled in many 10* 
cotrfitflenckt a^d contridi^ODi, nhererer thefe Jijiriai rale* of f&i^ 
bappcQ <o dififiree/ 

ui tbc JtitKd chipiet aur AuLhoi pfoccvdi 10 fhcwt chat iht 
MdWN^fien dodriiK w incondltetiC with the fuffcrici|i cf Chrift, 
»ad hb dd«efit frooi bcircnp a» revetted in the New TeAa- 
ncnt, ind understood by Uir primitire CbHIIiaiti ; ^^'i rim fr 
J3 fuppoft^ ooly by tac aEbnnf j decree* of the /Aninjfta 

Oathi»f>bMlhcobfcrvei» < t. chM, if lU fane 7^, who wt« 
ip tbe fofa of God, coiEd wd did diTcA biadalf of hu ek)i7» and 
cak* up«in htm tbc foim of a fervut, he CMild not bs of tbe faao 


^/fai/sNf wVt^ iWPathvr; andrccnffqnrally, tnivbi laflfr nid ; and | 

th«r«ro*tf the tiOttia fA hit JET^pilfibility muil be u\k ; jniTthe iEtra<i' 1 

du£Uo« o( «soib«f rpirit. who {hnoM Arel ill th« fiaict, iJid the Uj^^ < 

pofitiiM». ihtl ihc fdfivnpp of C^^ wcrt only iq hit //■'Vrdp inil j 

noc i&bii>W/f4(f (ntkh it facrc fufJdflrr} rupcrflaout And 11 a- I 

* t. 1; m\% fM«toJd otCififi, ibit fat fhould ^^^ - tad bj cIm I 
vrord C^i/ w&« ac«m4 ck* Lvri from h«4vcn : bat if thr paifet I 
vrcM Ofitf let; byakmaiAiA Toalf bow A^stbb ibc (uflWinjof C^^/ ' 
or tkc Lord ffoA buveM f ' j 

* ). Tic ilorj of 0»dcmfiAid tk hisfmt Tort to tlie world, lav] 
eime «p hu >S«* to fsfcr fcr Duakind ; i.f>d by bi* Sr« ii »nM4 ' 
KU #4rV.' Eui how dcei tbii IC^^C ^^^* nppcinr? of bow d^ci tfl' i 
ibv i« bcfc r*id tend eo tlic £l«ry ol God ih« Fiiher f if ibc fudcr-' 
legi wrrr only fdc by 4 hunun fool, Jiad not bf b^i #Wy. ' | 

of God, that p<ffeim«d all tht t^ingi cntamcraied, Pliiiipmirr ii." < 
^— J I ; ihej bcvtr ncre pffrfi^roved ai aj) 1 And coart^McUy CAr^j 
wu Cic^ nilud tc> be ■ PrliiM «nd a Sitioaf. in rcvud uf oil cit«**4 
diea«v ; Tor ii ii ibfurd » fuppofe bim rr«;irded fi» faffi?r(e^, whk^ ^ 
he fttvtr ff^lt, and a faumiliacon^ which he orver DDdrrweni. Nor'^ 
wu u tbfr Lord tbii b^tf^ht ui, bai b« «tho paid Ihc pric« both bf ' 
hii buadli«cio<i M^d fa£<Tiagi i «c vc unbouj^fct ««d li&rcdnnrcd. 'j 

' {• A> MO oibcf bctn|[ ever ictcircd the povcr 10 riEfe ihr (J«ad« ' I 
btit (bat VWWef Gnd, who r«nir ilihur from hnvf n ; and he t^-'\ 
OiiYcd ttui F«w«r, io 3<ward ol hit biuntbLtion and fafieriiE^it b«--| 
CMifbe WM the Soa of Maa| if ic wai *oi the (<nie bein^, wb^'l 
iafttcd, uid d>c<], and to(c agiin, #*r bop^ of a ieftiire>dtOQ arv ^ 
vtio. For, wba^cv^; oibn ifir^t or foul » fappt^frd to bcr nntt«d co H 
tbc ^/ti, aftd ie bjiv« faitWed aid nffn «fr>b), mt nfttrrr^ioa jj so 'I 
caiNc co^aeAed vhth ^j doath and fafFcnsn, tJua w^th the deaib^ 
and r«fi!riitci of ucry ^rier vacrc man. Wiii may CkntlUn i^^re to -^^ 
aflert. that the atoncmemt vat tnadc b; ■ pcrte, wha owvi exiled ^ 
titl 4C&1 \tii> afirr ?tc C'ca'.km P' 'M 

TJk« }itmttMji^m da:\tinc, faja St- Jerovi. wm vaksown C9 ch«^ 
tp«Jlk» t ii 19. *cJdt our Aviboe, * contrary botb to ibt icri^tvro it- 4 
felf, «sd to Lhe (ct^fc of it at •ndeticood by ihe snoft pnmkEhv Fa* I 
then, ihbo believed the Sl>s c^ God to bava beea fijitit \ i\ttt re* j 
■BaiBi BO ocber aotboriif for k, bttC tM arbitrary decrfvi of the fU- 4 
■ t airf— C*wi6i'w* 4 

The /Wi chapter cootiim a rcciitl of alL ib« djderoic ^ 
fcnfes in wt^ich ibc Hamit^fitn doi^liir.e it rjpbtinH ; and 1 
tbc Author undcrt^ktt to prove, thai u omiiot bo de/cDdH % 
upon ihi.- prjiiLlple^cf the SaMUvnt, P^^l^tijh or ///wf^f^mp^ 
but that it dtpcTiUt folely on lhe auiboriiy o' tho Niunt Cr«D- 4 
ciL JkfurF he exatuiDCa the aullLority or ibii Council, bc^ 
firthcr iricci Ihr progrcft of the controverfjp briw«en tbs i 
AthtmaJUnt and Aftans^ aod bcivtcto the //rit^jv^AU tbeoircTvCf j 
to tii« f rcfbit tbin) cbap> 4, '^ 


After fmc uitrcduclory r«nurkc in chip, 5. 00 CouDcili ta 
gc^kcr^C* he pirticuIiHjr conCdcn the authMlry of ibtt m Nioc 
in ttac yur 315- ■ 5tfSra<r/, biOwp of' Hfraifrs m TVjtfr, tn 
bU CtJ!Wf Curi&mn Cwfaicb i'4if,<M fpt^ki of « ■ *ctv uitUl 
work; fnquently aaoccd by Stirmui to hai £cckfit£k4l uUIoit) 
vrivt, ihtt ihr biniE>pi who mti to^riWr «i /t7rr «Ad fo#tt«d tM 
Crt>cdt iMfc imffr*ttt rii4tt, 'f/f", f«J«^J, Mi#j—|a> r*Fm» trrnxftf 
wilboul Oull, 0« <xpftncirl«t Of kcowlMf^*, Of k4r«iftj[, ft>^m^ 
■■Dl vf ftll ibint*. l*44Mvi*f CtUi lfc<ca nufrf ^ iUitrrmftti, C*M> 

^4r/i iV/r Martyr wihei, Jlf« 4W ^fiOilur j/i/iif«#, ar >(^ fi« 
^lj " r*fH *9i fmri^ I'Jiriui} Stl*frr if /tmat^ tm^Mm ui^4- 
rh*. Snts fifK fv<t] W41 rJic follr- i^ttonncc. aabttioBa itd 
mUkc4M(» of mt*y bir^op^i crco- i« iJm i^ ^ '«■//, if comticd 
«»k diofe ibftf fDJioBCcL ihM yoo wooU fiipoofe tfbe lUfU wm 
pnd4«A* ID iMr aaobliri.' Tbc tttfsbam ot J/W/, «4W. 
Mtr^, Sir L .VrWu, tad y^« //^r arc ^kcr Mtioccd tn or- 
^ toc<tnGt» ibv meoa opinioD nhkh ire nuH c(il«ruui cf ibc 
idcicnt Coundb. 

Some ol iFi^Fiithtn Ufferd have a£:rited dlitM lalplmiaa tO 
tbe council ot JVfff t bur p«tb«p> (Ufi ouf Autker) ■ tto flON 
wii mciutcd by itBJ« than by ikc Hej»ht)i kf^iOtftirc i who •« 
w lotdft is the Aatflt* Jk*t ^fl ea^biifliod ikc Lituf^T ^ ^*t* 
UaJ* ihat It mm condiUrd b^ tbr kfftiop* »itfa one pniJ^m 
ignCttCDi, fytb4mJo/ thtihfyGhifi. her R0tibi:kll4Ti<fifi]( ikbp 
■I kfti ttRdvMi* Jour fttooaa 4Jtia«d94t 6r-:< iJu; tina[ «4M 
cotemIj ivoftU noi ^*« bom fuflbcd. if the «*d« k^d bcM «■* 
dsrflmd in a irid itmic- And at » jufi tbo kmn «itk ib» 
Cau&ctli ; thry aIw^av* twin^ la iht Hcif Gko4l to <hrE ih«ir 4»> 
ctAoat, wbeihrr OfikodOx ot battical { Md AMcoedre|f C-o*ftcili 
took »pGA it AJ Rure vmMt of IbriBr *^ auk* no Cciiple tns^ 
fciodUrm. Tbiu ihc f^ti^taXOmtKWttfStn^hmim i^^beHoRi 
To iioie of Ike infinranon nf JV.irr U ji; j ilur 3<::i btibops «ar 
of the Weft, bclicict tb« £a£frn bitt«p«r aaii^e no ccnsflVf U 
rtfekdiiig tk«vr dc ew w 1 ^mI drau-i*); a »<« coatvfton ef nok, 
ffM «biGft cka StiiUM N^^w/>» «<i* i<>ia«l/ Tit CDuociloT 
Aif# wi* ' ia ht from bmg a GencrJ CvaadL iI:jt ihcn i»<ro 
hat five «rcn«r« btihoipi pri&oit *r it, vvtt from luty, ciM frta 
fr^Mt, OM frOQ f/Aia, aed oat boOD J^ittL,' 

'VhtA Couivctl wu faccccJcd by three otber gmfr^f Com^ 
ciK QM » di^ter^MpA in 311, 38?, 33c ^, onrii £^m ia 
454r srtd anotiicf st CMaSit* in 455 ( ^nd upon Hi^ Icverd 
decreet of (hcic fuercAvr Cmincih drpcndx tht * letl of be- 
te^ wbxk tbe ckurtk of En^hud UtU c'joyt. The n>Oak< «f 
Wivtt^rm 4t«ie ciic«£cd ft* ibc Cou»cit (oJ CMt^dt^J m ik< fcl- 
Jomux fPiaiirrk one ibttJt^mi^ a oMnk oribboit cried on 1 in iktf 
P«lpl(, bc^'cft a gKti u:cinbL/; ' U uiy m^n f^kul »0C ibp fov 

CoatrciLi i^i:h the fo^r Efik^rJilli, ki bim be uaikem-' Tkii 
vokv rvro^iid tkr monlca for \\t ConncJt a«d ikay looli «l ai a 
Itv, iktt |k« fbar Cou^icili (b«uEd l>c jf^i^rd viih ihc IjckJ l»aku' 
Cvm ikipg u bcfffy ID JveeUnd tfk^k li dcclucd 10 be fii 

'* t br 


The Auibor c)oJei hb ftcoo«at of thdc Ca«ocUt with tb« ] 

Uid pnnuf: hk>uiM pliciii upan< 1 kirvl witti ih« (mpcuce »i ib« 
left of arihoiieiy. ij odi <inJT il^^ fusdwMAul pf^acifLle or ih^ j 

ih«]r IbJiow If, tDto alt tbe cifpibi of V^^f' ^^or%^tt^ ftni ] 

lupfttLiuon, It U certd^. b«fCDt£ iH d'>Lib(, thiE the morv licAr 1 

Jiaa» <9eeir»efl* hiv< prcvjiiM in tWchardi, the nore ibc fcrip* h 

iQVca hive bc<o ric]{!cAcij. AnJ ihui tkc f lacil ipoiifj from th* \ 

viord of Gpd ta ihc coniniaimcQ^a of sun. prcvMled more ud < 

aiovv over ih« f^cfpct, v^hh McUe vcfifl^ac* ler nusy ■];», cUJ ih* ' 

(uie of L^f-tr \ »bcn the Bivtt begM o>'b« coattintd by Pn>> 

iet>e:i u tUostjr ii^c of faith : {for Lhey couU not deJcnd then* 

r<l»o iif«ii AD/ oU^ ptitctplc. Uuii that of lie Scrij>tan or 

Ckiiflija rrriiy, ipirrT dir buciia dccrtcw wluch conttntMd «ilif 

ifce PuUb c«IJ ihe CAiUlit *iUii<t^) Uut 00 fwMier were tbcic 

htncd diiriDca U>oroughly fariihcj, thit the £cftptarc virA» ibe ' 

0«lr roli of filth, ibit couE4 be depenicd u^n iviih fifccy, then ! 

iktf Alt, In their ^rvml churdiri, \\ \i bf A gcnrrd tj>ritaitioii, ' 

nAhvd to fubilirutf* Tooe hnitiin cempofiiion, either io ki ieftd« J 

or in puiBcHhip hith il. 'I hyi the^ dclerud tie fiin^eventtl ecb 

ticUi of the JLcfMiTitiion, Hkicb kcki ibn O0£erh<r in oae bodyi 

Itfkil by j4mitiic£ human »ili of bcrdVp t^uipofed hj men cf vr^jr 

diffennt reniiinrrti, have filivUed and fubdirided inro mere fed< 1 

aad pertici. riUieT cbas chsicbei; «k^f4lcenrd ihcmrclvei, 1* Fro* 

tdUact, t|r«Ull the comaiOB idTcrforrt Bn4 cneouri^ed e couij* 

pvil kAtrtd u}J liiijnL^nr egaifltt eac iAO[ih<ip For 11 i» Sut (00 ' 

Uue. (t^t whecievn thv decf«M of Codac'ib, or even of piriknlir | 

(hurc^ei, have cofftc imto cofipedcicfi wiih tA« ScripTurei tk^' 

ltiv« geoty^lj cverboma ;: \ «ko lb« ebiiehvi hive been mon dc- 

ttrmukcd in dtkt^c o<' thor pcculUritici* tbu to fccorc the |*eoe- 

ral dodriHiuf Chfii1iinlt)r« *^^ *^' cojbmon jmouIc wore futioue 

BftainlJ o<e «no<hef open fuc^ difference^ thin If they hud brolrta 

kll the ctPttni«id»f«c«. — Ac4 ihtfe homu cunporiiiont have bcctt 

dchc^d of lite, by I he mcdeni Tht*^^, i« fvch en cxtriofidi- 

Dtr^ iDiincr; efpc^iiUy in dEfT»diii£me life of Script y re, aw) it« 

fsftKienej at a rule nf f^Jth : ihil if ve «ere 10 jud^c of ibe nre- 

lent flue of Pfcri^nuEiCm by tbp trjiioenu Ijurly nlrd by llele 

wriWr, we Qio«Td b« t«Bpied to cbkrw, that tbe tec e^ lW Pro- 

ttJlsot coo^ci To [><ir (he heel of thepk^^nt tbit it ^t\U tiJ kibe** 

Chip. 7. tbe Ariihor fn>:u'(, thst the fienUufi«v do^ire, U 
tXpJuQcd urd tniinti^ined by ibe leirn^d imoeis; ihe aDcJemi 
and nic^G'ii'i 't% 1 'icap of (oiiiLxfLuu mJ iucui.ullcacy. Hiv-> 
19$ CJ[anine<d uicl telvUd Dr- WMcrUnj'i nctico (^ n ^mx- 
ijftmm be ^n on to cooiiiki ikx ojj 1^00 of Bp. Bull uid 
«tbct>, lli»t the inccmuDdane ffvneraif Jn of the S^n wa« t 
pTA^SitM, dnd (u cxpofe olTicr brnilir S^potbclc^. 




Tbcntib duoccr 

isMiflccor it, hfwvfct 

lathe 131b cbaptcr, th« Aaihof 
Ihofe «bo vcjtd de mvtipbjr&al ^odboa «^ tiM &«!'• m«&- 

«M pwnl iAl«- 


nygo, Md caipbiB it p«nlf in m 
llu >4di chapter ngi ii iuitei ike 

Cl>COt * 

In tbp Affm£M we Inve Cbe cofici of two Icdctv of j^w, 
in vbidi W cxpnic* faif feittiei«vti with rdped » ih« 4ec 
u\m ia £fptttc between ha Jad ibc fff^T^m, oae ^ 
tfrvM 10 JiamUtr^ and the etber to £^«r 1 tu» Ccecd pr»« 
fcntd CO €mfimtsi»i aJict hu (ciuni froa exile* awl C^m^ 
im9 kftcr to ^in utd AUx^^Mtr^ itKoammh^^ mniliiiilw 
Bed lUMiiiiaiiT- 

Bflving <^0 foTBier occalkn* * given ov oplnioa CWKsnH 
log ibc abtlitiTs tftJ Ic^rnirg of Ui« Editor of Ben Mo>riSec^> 
leump *e (ball 'mJ/ «J«it ^^^ * pen-f*! of the pt^fcac piMi- 
cstiocs th*U tefide u rKtfti£r« »c<iuaiAuocc wii£ cc(k£if^ 
licit «ikd tbruk>gic«I wfituit U^ uicicni ind onodcrn, be 
pofleHn lh< oJroti «f an acute and ^^AttXy feaiaaci \ lo£>* 
imi<h ilu« no evidence or ar^uiDcst hai eiiiped hit nodeei 
wbkh uadt to iavalld«te sod expole the Jthmittfiatt fyftcn io 
■II the riTMHi* viodiScHiont of ky fion lite tine of tbc Counci 
ol Uiiu <^ t^« ptcfeni day. 

• Rev, for oa. 177J, F«b. tod Sept. r7|, 

For APRIL, 177;. 

M ff D t C A L. 

Alt 13. Ptiflwith*t Di^4£itm 9% ^jffTtf/, jfmmd, amt Vt^f- 
tM i*V'*' > <^* (')in^^{ a DH'cripiion of Poiroai in ^eaeril, tbor 
Maincr of A<tic»n> EHe^li oa ikt JJuman Uodf, m£<f nrpcAite 
jlntidaicu vUh Hipc/i(nC£>E« and Rtctarki ou ikubi^ui EiUi> 
lion> fiom EiriJit Air, incl Wiiur. Togcthffwi^h fmn) enriP 
OfdiOAiy Ctfri, Jind clrgini Rn^rtvingi at ihe priidpjil PocJiMi 
of tb« different CtmiTric*. *vo, 6 1. fiords. Niwbery^ '715" 

SCARCbLV any futjril cona«ftcd niEh aiural pkilofopby taj 
mcJicLUc appu't (u much to rtivirc an a^^uracc and tltm-al in- 
ipcffgaitfin ai Lbc M(htt */ pii/^i. The matf folgv a»d k^mcd 
trt^t tttikh ItiK adbrrc eu ii i thr daubii wtih legtrd to fad, and 
Obfcuriciti *'.ih rrfptft to (hcorx- in whkk k U iavolvci^, KRd«f it 
*xfr«iii«fy d«firiblc that fame pcrr«nr pOJTeJ^ of adeqoate sbtlkj 
aoti mnoi cf informaiion* flkovld make it tbe otjod of bla i^ 
Qvif in- 

NothiDf can be fariiev from tbt aecocnpUflimcDe of thia pupoJa 

tW ifcatift bcfbfc oi* whac^ u, la lafLj u poor and iBjudictoM* 

> acon> 



MoKTHLT Catmoovi, Mt£t*L 303 

ftCOSpStllMi ■» «r« rcmembct coktvc rcta,ec|i:dlr v^iJorKCDMCjr 
^nd tn^nmiy, ind a> fxulif lo the fdc^ion, » Porcnl/ to the »- 
rtogtiHVitt o4 ill mnierrali. We nonci even rrcocBmcad Run 
B&Fal tflemlHige, howcvtr iJI di^cftcd, of fa^li ud optnioit rcUlfBg 
10 the fuhfev'lt, t<nc« ehc mth^^ricrci rk often Ttiy tooril/ died, or 
cntiKly vni^Licd, Thtt*. uaiicr the arficle G>ruv, ilicic ii a brjv 
nrtraA, word To* word frcm Lcwli'i AtaJrria httdk^ i tnd under ihat 
0> ihe .#PMv P*tfim, incihcf fmm Btncr^fi'i AVi, ///^^. ^ C^mtm, 
vUboilt Ihe Jettt ickii0wJedg(n4nt or mark ^i ft quouuoci Tho 
botankil pin ffthsch ifpw to be mcf) libouicd bf the Autbor) 
oemi^ai fcverjJ prolix dercHp;ioiii oT plan:*, wbidi. £ho»li coog^ 
ncroiai viih fomc poiibnot;i vt^E^Uei, &re nd: Icnowo to be of thtx 
ii»sb«r ihvmtckd. The philoT^^hicil part o^&lli »l»Dil fHtlj of 
cjrplodtd Cf aaliippoited L/poitliele*, ibd cvhibiu tif proToflndcft 
S^vOfiBCfl ofrcvcnl t«tc dWccv<nci. 

If inf bmcSt cm be derived fron ihSa fupcrfidil perfbtmance, ic 
if from ihe fncimeTation of ihjC ftvenl inerhodi of tMtt Ed cifei of 
potfoa eitermll/ cr ifiKmaJlT applied. Thefei though o^n of 49 
cOf^rUd caft, tre ia ^eaerai the w^l\ approved kad e&<acioiia ■»* 
dcr Mcfa pirikolir h«aJ. 

Art, ]4> Oifrrvauins ut iht Ahuft if Airditiw. By Titoinxs 
\^~]tbtn, M-D. ivo- 4i> f«ii«d, Jobsfbn. I77f. 
TbcdcCja ofihls Aathot u to eAumcraec. i^nJcr diiTtirent beidf. 
taflincei, iiot oalf cf ihff iiiiaccTa«i) and iinpiopcr itfc, but of the 
catvabTe r^gleft of medicinei, Jt 11, therefore, ai he oWevr^, 
* cSofelf cooncA^d with iK§ in of picvcoiiag Ut6 curioj; dircafei i' 
fit cloJtJi^t lodecdp ihat vre arc to fomc doubt xi 10 the propricij 0^ 
sitkEni >^ * fep^nte (Cnfjderaiion i It is dc< %tty ob*touB wim xtott 
Jkive b^an the Autlior'i r^lc for feir^ltng fomc pirutatirt aod o«dv* 
liog oihtn, fr)~ Jii to rfnder hii nork >nj tMaz dii?<r*Tt ft^m ^Jf- 
ncrvifr^tm cf medical prmftice; Md we JipprtbCfld it ii 4 ifcewf 
€oafcqa«nc<cf hit pUn, in which li»o PwdtGine, ukI not tbcdilcaf*, 
k the vbjc^t ofdiJcu^ioa. that it tcndj rither lo geneFtl miTicni ibra 
CO tkofe Atnuicr and naoie tpproprUicd dire>ftlaAt which aloa« can 
qbfullir b« applied tj the pncUiicD^r. 

After thcb SrT<tfirci on the /7iiv, it ia *ilh pEeifure ifatt wc can 
hj with ftfpc^ 10 iht tKiiMti** of (W woik before ui, that k ex^i- 
bii« vB^aubicd p;ooficf an accurate and eitenfit^ ac^uaintaakcewjifc 
the fcieoce of mrdicJne, erfiedall)r in ibc inprored llatc in tthkh 
it i» now taa^bt ia tht muv^rhcy of Kdifib^rch- it au), JqdKdi 
bs tk«i£b< that it 11 too cjcclialiTcly calcalaied for ih« merit^un of 
ihm pti<*> ibo £rcaioli p4M of id afliboriuei being dcrivei^ Srw^ 
ibncTi aad Iti largvij^ fprikin^ the prcuEbr cenrii cf the Ca/fr. 
m^mfi^t^^ TheWrifi^ hit, hoivfi-fr, in grBrraf, Jiepi (ulKcicrcIf 
clfarfrom hjrpotbenul ttiioain^^ acd hai deJirervd bimrdtia a ttxie 
&Dt oeV cofiid. b«t «k»iil. 

Uii OMtf vatiuai arctUdnl niKlrr the foil awing be^ oflvqinfft 
1. Of Uood-leitiaj;, f. Of ecne iif 1 Red porgirjir*. ;. <Jt tfdilo. 
titcu 4. Of b^Ulett. f. Of UimijUnti, 6. Ot fcJiSun. 7. Of 
lonici f r llr^f^thvnen, All tbrie afib^d a vaikiy vi Katiki wliicta 
nuj* proTC icfliv^ivc uci only 10 the iirr, but to (bofc who arc far 
wlvaaced in ;bc find/ j^d p;aClic< of BCilJuac 


Alt IS* BrfmmtJtii and Of^tr^Hitmt \ inihiM P^m. Pmf> 
On ikc ^iftilvtM Power trf WA;rr iva't^tied -^ - Air, 

> £orai*iH<* wiA fisph Wii«r. rCiAiirc ;o crdiii, tjcci. 

1^11 11- Ox\ ihe diiTuIiettt Yomcw ot' Wr«f imfurtnuij vitb 
finiDiv Air, 4n tif urinary CiScalvt. Piri ITf. Oil m aanfcpek 
power of Witvr ittpvniyJ 4H>n ^vitrE? An, arid i OtmpcriJm 
Qrro«<ril a«itii*p«ic fiJbQAbcu w^th cc£ 3«oeher rcU;jir« tg ibu 
QuaTttf. Bf wUlUm Foloooef, M. D. P- R. 6. Sro. a». 

We<»*nc but mih th« jdci a-dvkl occor 19 A«« df our Qi':dfni 
<dpeiittCfttjiMii >h<ic iber* vc «irpcn«tr«ri f fry proper To be mmdt^ 
bui Aoc ia>'^ pMfUi, A fn\ii oX itf^n%fvf m*f in*oc<Bi^f, and 
pwkAcH uicfiHx cnpAo/ b:« time ja lOf rtfbvcWi ib«i entire hu 
CdfiolSif : *bd Ur coinpATitlw Inpofiancc, tAd f(Kc«n of hb ci* 
quiritii ii a miner relcl/ f:>r hit ■>«• priwe conftdrratto*. |«i 
wbcfi be MBviapu 10 iawr«Ll ihx P<btk in m rtfulvt, he tioald rcMefi 
|l)«kebM<tc^»ftllX«Ubcriir tfdOccupyri'Trtinic Aod ■ticAiion wiA 
. «b^i of dulnom nMinm ; t^d ihki u fir ti wbn be fiabflib^ if 
cnid«, frivolooi, or Efflp«rJ«fl, h« ti liabk lo the «Iut^ «f dc«cit> 
inx cbc cxpc^«ticn>. aaJ mifrpcadLDf; tbe nm«of bit rtt^tn. 

We f*ftr chc Ugcoroat Aul>i<>f <?f the Srffrrmnfi taA O^fif-wMif* 
natv bcfbrc B>k casnof bccaiirely ocL^mtieU ^fibU iaputauoD TW 
irifUl MEOTC ind wmi tirfucceri oi" fodw ofkk «ualrie«, itrj Use 
V«rj hmiuil ilc£'c< ia which otfarn i««ic purruMl, 1«hI ■■ ta wiil 
Utat A put of Au Bur«itii>n bi<l 4iib«f b«en fuppnfcd «t £ivva U « 
HBC^ more Samm^-f fvni, eati tbc rvd dc>47at citi Toak lnrtWr 
progr«r> \^t^ b«rA m.tic la icirAigadEtj (be rdpcdiw fitbjtdi The 
Auibof hiaffli r«ndidly Jckao«lPJ g >« ib< dr^Ai ird in^r[«iK>M 
of focftc ot hii «Ap«ri[n«nts ; but v»a«ld oot ilui Ctodmr hkTv b»i 
XBOM liuJabljr <^ut:id iri fvp^iefii^ ■katerUi u jret ov^c for tbt 
pobUceytf J cfpcciallj ucfa^ mnot ofj «io(l lowardi wMcb fc«ti 
QMortkrjr to«iclt«ib« tramadbtOMtmiiOR of phlMbptoi' 

£julxc av to proz^Dtf o^ Ek< (oluikrn oc ni«didu«i fttbAancci 

(tlhtltf mo««th«n tX\*\ ic iiu in fcAroilr a 5af k iuianoo tbii pf^pei:; 

ifi jnjr dtfgTTC whick cau rcotter ■( piaOtcaJlf *Uaj. 

Tbtftcoott pan,c«Ltalu fear crpt f i «« <m. wJikb«Af" - 

£xiUc air* afli ua rotrrniof ibc «n*iry ctlcului, rM«/ th« 
at \tik, in B (kgrcc fupnbr to 4iiipU Alter* Pra^iEiov 

C^ ibl^ fbrm DO aery fte^i— capoctaiioat Aimi tbU dtfaDVo 
ciic* art brought lopforeitiir jiax«rtt a fijallir «i«dk 
Uo«f« i« ik« bUd^r. J'-w reifudj' ia oc/takljr ^»vlt «r«nli m 
bii< tiJI iliai ia vadc, any iWiJicr cKfcr^meau oi^ iU« klwl 

TtKcbird part 11 a prolU actnmi^a fiajleltr of 
»Ub vsrivBt in^ifrptki, Troaa irkich Iba Aiicbar bii rfr«irn-'^ 
■ i«bitof ftoiirfrpiic pOttC* ID siaaf laipaiU difierAtl fromtbit qTw, 
lafuiPrtfi(U* Ic it ioKoaoaAiwi witb iWx ibnt the Do^ior'a 
,Ju|OivlcidttamCA oJdrfofl jnr cbiri^y i«tnfdi:^c4 l aaJ. intkvd, it 
,fufic«Mi.1y oowtoui ihnf oMbiftg ]r|i tban k k«ig c»ipi« of apfri 
p-etc*, frrqifefnt^j' rcpeiicJ and jaJUioi^y »*rwl m tbeu circx*- 
tiAi^u ^^^ clUtiUlh aaj ibi;g lolid a*d UiliUdof j qb Uli bo4. 




MOHTHLY CATALOOuf, Minorf. 3^ 

Art. lb. Tiff Dr/f^/rt tf Lhildr^y »d tUtr Jlrm<£a, Bf ihe 
Jur NkbuJii Rr.Jbn Voii ftorfnJtniii FiA P^>Ucijp to hi> S^^r-tfiib 
Mtj/eity, &c. TrMfjI^Kid into togliUi b/ AMlf^« Sparroos. U.Q. 

The Um Avftvr 0/ tluJ f^TrormoAce w&i?ror«d«r orMcdiciDV ifi 

*o co«ri. He *±\ OM of ihr oMcJt ind troA fxperUa^eS pificki- 
Eioctrt ID Snedca; and it iltcI 10 ht*^ been puitculvlj' oIcVucJ 
Mkd TAjD«i hr hi» Rren kn4<«l(ige, *ad iDCCiu if» the trus^cac, of 
Cbc <lijG«|«» ofckiUrfn. III! J ffciCti wiiiAngi un th4C faltjc^l wcf^, 

/oucfivelf prktH J* ibeir inapiL Jim^m^At. Ae the tequ«f1 nf ch« 
/uM Ac^viy lk« EfiKl»ru«k lbs t;i£( oJ coJj<<l(«£ 4ad rcpubUlhiAj 
Ku forviff trftAi, jiaJ of CJiit^lfig fcui p)4£ ; iV A5 U> coiaprclucu 
ia it all (WcdiiuJc* iA*hiUi cbiijf«« «;r iwbjc^. Tbv noflcatp- 

0/ miKfa riJKjiog ind pcrfoDit obftrraiiDo, jriard 10 a c^ii^'pao- 
<|«Ae« vikii iEt«Tat fncmbcn i^f lie lic«Ii> in tfjf,crtci paiii of 1^> 
rofc. TU A«tbor i/riEi bLi fubjecl In ■ nkc^bo^'v^t uautiar. 4«1 
pevrpicuoui maimer : jwid ilv t r^BlUi&f, ai far ai a« irv «rsbk>d 

Art. xj A Litttr /# ^^ Majhr^ IV^'Jem. att/ r^rt tf iftjUm^ 

•ffht C*tftr€tim f/ Safit^^!^ iSc. tff 0> 1 TfJ^Obbcr of cttt Cor* 

poriron. »To, t I. Ix»«rft3<f i'7'i> , 

TbJ( I €C*f it pTrncj^jUr ** • *ot*l Msurr Tfc* Apihar cifla 

vpOO (hi pcEJOni jdJfciffd IP cb« til4« 10 vidUic&jr tbrjr ft^^t•Vtf 

rififfit 4nJ ^ti^ A Ac>p (r- clit i^fm£{>ni of ' Vttxttmivd M^nm* .* 1*19 

' ruA A*jj wiih ibc £rc^[v;i prt gf flic btfi-; j,'— -ftd * keep i^tir 

.Z:c. Uthcj atn/ei ^*^ Jik<w,fe, i!>ar>c uf *h»ch aftfi ih^ 
Publir i lai H'bic^ uif^ f am (h< Ji:c}jJ> of f^ifjlEi^irioua «nd «aA* 
\9m/fd i)U4ckc4>t fb ititjcfi c' «'' >-'j^Ci3 Id thcT: our' dayi. Tbf Au- 
^hor, ^n*(Tf», cJf'Tjiiritf:; ;»' Li.ib iff ih^ iQUl rrO^vil of itrff Itft 
SkeouooeJ^i^aciK ari^i », l;:ui* cticgy fc^ic^toui [bat ib« t^Ehoff 

^ at ii' 

Uf^i4 to <rii'«rik/l t.irr 


Jiirk better liur 

,: cTve« Umi ' fitch enci #vd 

U^%t% may cj>x ttcir f 'tU;<# in fOtJKf ^^'**> *^ iuki il J 

vicQt h l0D>C i*1t/Ait f»f$f/€* 

, tij$*mihr Mv^^fMfml ef frr£a0»r .and ^^4* ir.MM. £vo. J J^ 
. X>tUr. I"77- 

T*tt» piece. >Ll,Lb iy,r ,'^ '' ' r'v proper!}', f^Tiitcd Icp^ 

^«Wy* tee ihf OJ^vt-Ti! --C' ■ ^1 \u= ^tA cdiriofi, ooiip 

^lisi A rcupuultlicc of rhr J' .rL'^n:.L ;<jMi in Li Ac J pa unbetru^ 

|ilt u Uijf[e, wi^ Uiu<*Jdu.oa«lciki. In Ub ifft p«f£, ivc £bJ • 


lojcQboav, «cc, 

' jott potl^ibetf . 
Air. A|v. 17/7. 



MoaruLt Catalocui, PkSt't^. 

tiial frctt, e^ ibe il»£n«»i lo<ha. A< ** obviooi ded«£ti09 fro 
ibi) theof^r the Aatkor Kill m^rt cvneAly If^cntcm^n tbe ■<riBi| 

Ami t>^ foBK rcinarkAblr iotUncn. AncEg ibe ^ditkmal calfi^ 
riw/C h ^nc p^vTiirlj defiFTving of ikr atttvtiO* ^ the fcfttlrj. tl 
ii a rdiiioa of ibc care cf tbit ni«4 «lmi»^ iB^d ^al tccjdti, M 

■fitr tithcr ilccmpts !k£J ftilcd, u4 t^ paEkst wn rtd w c ^ q to tW 
UK niFfniir. &t thuA dcfcrihed bf Mr, WkLtc: ' ] f'^fpe^ tbe M7 
ofii {the ui«'u>; ift nr ^Anif, Aiid h«Id iz (firrc m f«9C Hn*, ia 
ordtf to Idlrii iTi balk bv coopnCoO' Ai I Tcry Iboo ycjc tin j 
1^1 jC brgpn to d-nuRjih. J f^ffrrcrcd ; uiJ, fooB &^er. Bide M^ 
fKcr icicnpita reilLtceit, bf [Viraliiogit III fiwdfk. [i bt^^n togiic 
wiy. J OBtinirrd :h« force c'rlE ] htd pfrfrdtj fefornM it, i*d nW 
icncaiEfd mj kind iBt« m bod}'. I uow wiibditw fty ba»d >IUika 
&nd<cdctrourcd to c^.ofc lb« w «/rri bx*ftAtaj-UiD tE« confradic* 
wi;b my nngcn- Ii •u bo fooaer rcdoccd ikm ihe pfllie is bcTj 
wrift brgin re brae. She rfcoirrrcd at lij! at vc could wUh, la^ 


Art- jg. l.mffifr»m th Afgr^h A H$muAi^ G^v^mtr^G/n- 
^ rsi f/ Cv^* \ U X'^f. ^ Mmtr *J Dt U X'»IJ, /« lit r*m 
irC7i t/fS* I7E9- Witb aa fioglLih TraaDB^oa. ivo. in 
Almon. i;77» 

Prom ihrfe l^trcra, tt^hifh ipp^r to 9V. to be grrulne, illbiniit 
"Af Editor U Cl»r, wiib rvfpra 10 ihii potni, At find ihn >1 
'dc Mr>nualia hid, fof fcwfal yean prtccdicg ibc ciOD4|dcli ni C*- 
Bada by the EugliCi, carnnJ od a fccrci coiirfponJacc »Ui Iboc 
itfhibiums of [!i« PcLghboofing Bruifii Cc^nlei. Br ibb tbeni k 
u'ai in^rv^cd how to #<1i»B<« ■b« Aiu of Eholt f rctincef, bb^ W 
form. XI it v^re, a poltcicaS barometer, br wbtch bv <ouJd nuik t^ 
;£/idaaf fife, or ftll, of oar tntCfcJt in ihii paxi of tlic world. I; 
'm Drift «ctCQiion to tbc maii>p) of ihit biromcTC-r, tbc Mbvvc* 
'iW-tnt tfl hair« rnthlcd himfflf to prFdicI, «iih a dFj[r«v Ofproei- 
%]tiiy ceafty ipprctiichinF cocenainiv, ihe furure vjctfitodM Bf otf 
influence and pDWtr in North Acnciica; and h« hai, KCOrAB^r 
/^rcftild fL-mc of tfaofc c^ci-i chanECf nhkb b>T« ukcA place mt 

'wilt evince the r^gacity nf tliji c^U'briird t rmchmafi 1 vIb w. 

pertupt, BquaJI* qxliftcJ 10 (biae in th« cibioci or th« ^Id, 

* Ai coihr EbcIieI] cobniei> ihcre it one cfrci;iial poier n l* 

Conudcrrd : itiey h^ac ijctr<i )'» brm lLixd> bat hare alwrap pit* 

fervent mat rifiht [□ ihcmfVlwA^ar r^>fr^-intii blijniicf \tt \\t pirii- 
^fW> of EaxJud. 1 Ley fiiould have been lasted Oa tbeir irfl fn-' 
"tlcnnti ibOQgb io ever fo tr^AiBt a c^cgtcri they fttoeld !«>« 

■tied cb^a e utUc, and a^nujltj icoiitEcd thc»i> by wbv of ftreer, 
%hc raonty ihc^ raTfcil : iLui the r:g^[ of laiaikiD wDvId ttare beta 
VlUbFifctd anil miitiijJacd. U'rrp 'Mj aov to attFinpf », 1 bait 

certab aJTu'incef, that the kri^Effa cokiiiei would take 6r«, aad l3f 

njtt* V04U Iprted every *hcrc, nhich. if piopcrly fed, would <v- 

Mfra6^i;UBd to uLBf,iu^ ii/ 




Aj^p. ' — J kno« theniwclli not it^n lh« reports of ftriiitciiv 
liat Irani itfvtmtiioti laJ Iccici «>r^|jCfi(Icaca, wbuh I rnvJcIf j 
0ilfiftg«d, 3cd wStch> if Cod rparn m^ Ifr. I witt cict <tiy nifn fo j 
lb* aSvanugv of rnjr ccunir^ T^ ^c! lo Eh<jr hippinHi, i^^ 
^l*»l«n Itvv all Mt1>«d M ft ttry Floarilhing dctiitioa ; l^cj tfj 
jimntciPui And I'fh ; ibty ^eow in (b« b^roni of rhtir covriiry. all i 
ibe nrccAries oT lif« Englmd ha bcf n (o r<«fTUfh «at] iieik, ftil 
lo fnrfrr tbwAlo FilaMtlH *ti>, ifadi-*^ aod TiiarBi&A^BTfi/in^ tbtftif J 
cn4b]cd th«fi> LO bf«iik the cbiin of nrcrfljLy Mbkb bouftd ^nd ac* 
iMJied thciQ 10 her, ai-d ithkb made ibroi dcpendeai. Al\ rh« { 
Bn^lifii ccli^niti *o[i1d long lintr hire fiikca c£ t^rjckc, tick ' 

rjn« wevid bavc kirriird Ufzlf \n\a t fink itckpfEdrnt rrpub* j 
if ch« fftr cf ft«inff ih< Fr(*<b kt iheir door had bot beta t ' 
<heck spon ibftn. Mailtr for Tniir*f, ihvy &it« prtUm6 their \ 
fltka couflirrrnfa to flnr^ccri, <jtrrvittf>, boaxtcr. ihii mtjuai i« , 
cbr/ 11 li'rlrvi fO0'*blc: bjt uhcn Canada iKall be coaqocred^ 
and lh« Canidiaiii «d flirfv colonic become out pfopFc, «n ibtt 
ftri^c<Ji£OB, t^'brn tia^rand IhAll 1c<n to ll'ikt ii tfwir intertlt« i 
do ]rO« bilae^. tny dear cculifi, thai (bcfc colonic* itiTL ol^cy ? t^d ' 
ibluu would ib«^ h*ic to fcAi from a j-cvt>lE ^ Could Pn^ltiiid fend 
«a iTniy nf an huTidicd or two bondred ihooiucl men to oppofe 
<|KM u locb a dlfEance^ It li rroa^ ftv oofTrtTci a [feci, <rd it]« i 
ibMi oF Notib AcncrieA, bcridei bcia^ tew i& niamber, Art All ' 
«^c(t, KuhoLtt c]ei^1) or IvrtihciTiof .-, md thil a lea' tncA of 
war in ihtir piris *i>u!d be frl^c^cm id keep ihem ig thof dviy : ' 
W* rbc iniTfior pirf of the country, nrbicri trirtni ai oh;^ of ^ 
muCb greater irnporUnce, Aho u'oold cnicrtalrc to coa[)o«r if, over | 
focki, lakot rit«i3. Aoodi, &nd mountaini, whkb every irbeie in- . 
' wcrCeik \u and wheic a handful of meo* acq^aiaKd Aub tb« <o«a« 
fry- would ht furETM-RT 10 Odfrcy ibe ^reattll amiitfi f* ' I 

Hk'd t)w Mafii^ti furtivrd the »ar, it U |ffdSib]« tbat %t wnuld^ 1 
m* tiw peojT^fd, ti»t^ Jipph?d hit kaowledf^ cf our CgJonwa, in a , 
jpftfltei grc^Ely to t^e Td.iuEaicc of hii coootry, Bot It irit oii^ter* 
wiW dc^fccd : fo' trc Ml* in ibt fane blotxiy adkm by vbkh H^g* i 
laod, alfb. lAftoneof h«r ableCt oficcr«:-— the galboi aftd accom- 
pMhcd WOt-ri : I 

Art. 30, TV LftifTi tf y^ltnjy inhich Ofigiiiilly appeared JA 

like Lovdon Erenloif P<rn, with Carjcclioni. e^pJiamry Notn,^ 
- tftd 1 Pfcfife bif ttic Authnf. Svo> 1 1^ <j d. AJnon, I??;. < 

U ibcCe im'I wfiiien. fpjnicd, auiiniaiJiorbJ Letter*, tKi Aui^ar^ 
Takn « vk« of ih< poSi^y of' ibc Americao Atf ^ in obje^U 1 iu j 
cuodu^ • and ihc mvEi'Ci uf ^^vcrnMcnt igr eacjigini* in It* Thtf j 
toi«fj)<A it dreary, K^d JircooFijing I ^^^ lermir^aErt wirb tSii le^ 
frfliAa; thai it will b« wifa in Hi lO TerKe ihe [(rj.iiiitor^J eiaaot | 
of Uc<th fwbeo il4t bip^y fDonent Aj^tvet] to do pi«u<ily, #bii . 
lo*£ Uncc At ouxbi IS have done vitcly^to rcpcit the cb«oxiou> j 
%i%%, iiiid to p4i H'Xnp <*n the IbcKing 10 wbich t^ iood, ia i;6u I 
Aft. 11- A Sf^b tt liv ft'^f e/ £T£&*i, f!0> 1 1 Nonrft* < 

An 0'A'»f« la pralfe of etciy ibjuj^ ibti h cor'Jctntcd by Va-I 
l«^> Ilk the jirecedinD ^lUcEtf^ The Author U &4t dclliiii>e of i^f 
ab'iitiei rc^uiiiu fji d<4Unii:bf]r campollEiOs- 

998 Uoitrmtr Cataloooi, Jmritat &«^mrj. 

An. II, Pt^t thK hjt Pt£cy ; «m, RcAf^kwt on tbc Ayif 

«IKC ot ■ forfigo War. iW fnft^l StiX c/ AJbirt >c £mw« 

tftid ik« CoakBii£cft for grA»ii>f P«f^o« in A»mo, Bj 
IttTbtBp?*. M, tvo» It, ^Bb*tt. 17:7, 

frW% lMr« VII f ffJi ApfctriDCc of t FfcecA wtr. Hr. KiMnJba, 
*ti}i wh«^ ibifi[t«« ike Ftblic ftr« ftOt •aacq«ttijnl *, ^cr« BOf 
firic^i teflfclbu 00 ibe prob*biluy aF ■ Ibrng* wu, i* «kickite 
rc^o^Ec^ Aaicrk*iJ will. M)t^Ufldljr» io«a ix^<ti& h^ Ut 4nvt 
A vajr gloomy ptftarc of onv 6iQ>tIoft ■( ik^ eum ^ uid cw»^l^ 
Odtioft* as jffiinft nihljr inrrritflsg (d'peciflUf >■ opt pirftw qjoal 
cimiRj4«ceij i«i the qupjirlj o4 o«r cootisfvaJ »oigUw«rt« faf* 
XKttUtly Spun Mrd roftsfil. He ptiLatC^'lf Uvcnt* iIm yhaypf 
dvA^on of ikc Oit^aict. loi ffoagjv »!«> tAc Acccftry of • ft* 
coQcHhikkn, hy t€^i]\a^ ihc Ufc obaoxioat idi of ptrfiinttT» 
r«Aonng :lt« Colour Clu'irn, md puitUg m»iut* mi iknf Iocs** 
r>«iJD£. " Let ui, £ip bfp op^o «'»<^ oar aim i^ ovr couftuy- 
IB<« of Aa>cnu ; if xhty hiLI reu'ft lo osf goron^eac * In 1;* 
•I *JJ cv<cu^ bowevcr, ukc pcAu biJi liciB oa tbc bml caa^ j 
riopi Ml ocr povw. Thif 11 (k« ttiy of oor &te^ 1 bsi th* ii 
of cea^ccH, M i: IB :« ii^IE acA ilcuiAbfc, fe if it ia cvtv; %N»1 
UlKwifci ftb(<»Ute]r Mard «^ dc^mfttvc for b*.' ■ 

Mr. R, hu ■ luktj of l«»GbIc AricttiKt oa Dtfta Tvckcr'i pb«' 
of icfuitioB, &c, Acd thirn, Euiaifig bii n<> ^^*f< iainic4£stei|' 
CiQ oaf ^iD«ftic ty'\U, b« Cfocrrdi ro <«nit4rr the ou*lioa, * kb«b 
ibrr >Ek iccoaBodaEioa m^b Amcn^ aill be ■ funticftt lacaaaaf 
recovery Trom «1] our |)u^Uic dlforicrtV Tsii UmJj bin Imd M 
erieofivc lidd of polUki i ind ia (be cowrfi of hit cxcnrfioa, bt 
uku up, tkith pccnliir AppfObatiCA. * ihe Tcrj Tfela»b>v lappf 
Uft ut« »t bit deparlor* Iro* ^blie bu&nefi, by t aoilo M^rj 
■ttcA^ iMiiaf /''^ **iLtfiij f« i^r /Uu.' Oa> Aaibor bert I 
|be fjnoiu propofil for doati^ifj^ (be rcprtfi:iiu;ivci of o«r 
tkir in tbc Hoolb of Con«o«»: Kfae prrKiMe good cCtAi 
wbich, («TT« ibe ddicA adopted] b< f a n^cr-itn, itiib gnai ap^ 
pcuADCc cf rcaloo tadi juticc : i«nclti^v;^, Ib^i (ucb t r«fbri 
boa of pArlumcat coakl aoi fail of undii £, in « c^abUrjUe 
kfcc. EOwud rr^uciagour sioA cxt^lknip Inii f>ow iliaolt M 

bif. R. tatt^ ]<9VS of hli RcLdrn vilb ikc (blkwiDg iMalj ip**J 
logjr. aikd boDcfl cnhoriAtion : 

' If ibcwnmfcall in ^ay pJiccftppm 10 Kivc cx^nAcd 
frif u lEh a grrat«r drrfrc of f^^dom tluo maj be wrtccor ta 
ncp, it dvfirvtt to be conijdcrcd : bow j aft a ^iTekAfare or 
Touddn It b for tty on* Hr£rftVy fitlitrd in hu &ainb!c &i 
to fvt ercry thing iccvi biD, hti covDirr aad bli private 
la i3aogci r>f bdng loufly tonfuiiad^ aad dlirifbcd b« tbe 
bad ibc mc^rifti of thoft vtty Ferfoat ; vhoft pankolar pro*! 
aad dgiy it ii 10 prflarra (bt Pablie from all «ifcbi«f*. Oar pi«- 

' * te ja pnrtTcvUr, ■ OnfiArariH/ «« ri« Mfffif^*, &c< Jtcv. 
FiU [7;^ tad ' Aii'rthr ijai^inti*»M* tX* RCV. Mtnlr, 177^ 

CnK cOoduioc rtrf wifitcljr ^iffcrt ftoni tbtt of oiif Aiicfftori it tbc 
prHod cf ihc RcicluEMia. ^V« htt\ thn no natOMl dcbi, hirilj 
one of 1 Sng\e llUIiig. Ourconntr^ abcundfd vfih mm tad mo* 
»er. GoTimmvAE ivit in iuvpgoar. An incoa£<i<r0ic m»n»re in 
pouiic* atipbt be purfitcj aIihoA wtLJi jrtipunicy. ThcfV things 1/? 
nan UruLly tUctcd, Wc t/c by n j^rftju^ pfCK^icfi «t length cvinc 
ro the b'lpk of ■ pT«iplcr, W* muft ftiy o^r ilep*, or we go 
)k«44Jcnj[, (Jur rU:« ntu^h <f<prndi upon a friv iQOoiht Or dnyi. ^ 
Let m then Jiot btcsme pMriei ia fbt ^jfpuie b<iw<«n Sptia aD4 
fona|if* Let ui kc4p 1 tvilchTBl c^'c over Prince for tht p^fpofe 
BOC of cticripg iniQ ^ununiitin. but of pft^rving prate. Lti u* 
»tM>T« ri) nt'commAJiic oaHVlirt wiib our Ojl-^ntn. Lcr lU rAt* 
UUh r«cb provirV^ni. tt stay at ttif fitne time both cbcck cor- 
tupeton *ti ^iiuvfclat ambition. L«t hi fmpl^y oai narS«i u^d 
onr nrmici for <!:< Ucfcr<c md not the dfltiutiic^n of gurfclvcs. 
Let at witbdut (iilli/i^if'r ufjUe Far ihe (xth^ cur <t>unify ; whicti 
^QCf, in ibi< tnoil di^'iuJL crilii, bur too macii wui th« concuffcac? 
ftftd dio niiifljccf of evny honeil nun/ 

Wc b«re akodr oblcrvcd ihai thJ» pirrioiic ivnicr Joei fioi Ijoop 
ble litnifcif muih nboui (fitcmiuc irunj^cLueni, oi d«iTrc puuiy of 
ikflti fhii he ibonodi with petvJunnei, ud ni^andtncci of ev« 
pftfficn ; J>dt tht? bii catnpoBliObi am Ihr crodufllGcri af a vigo- 
roni, coAnrchenliire niin<l, dee&lv impr«^d by tfcc Iwbjfft, a^d 
filkd ivlt^jult, b^td. llUr^l. *nd rfAeacdi<Jvii, 
An. 21. if C^ A^drtj^ i§ the hhHtttnn t/ Eit^lM^. By Joha 
\Vzatr. jd. Vry. 

Mr. WcC^y^ C>i/« Ad^tft /« f^ Jmtnumt * hiving, ftx yei, op«* 
rated im lit Lie io*jid iccondJing (be BrmJk CoJoaici withUietr 
lio^her C^uniry> Ihii venerable cham^ioB fer ^retrment Jcemn 
f«fblr<d 10 try whj^t siny be done by lAlliinf ■ luile to the s^ 
peofk at hooie. £41 much do tve fear tbai biJ Cd<W AddrcAri a/tf 
41 Adapted rpr the d<£rftblc purpoTO of quicEir^f our political Ti*- 
mahi. The irvEb ii. iM ibc Autb^r'i ^Imnt^ » ocity 10 bo 
Ibfltd fa \t\MnU fM^ii', that he 11 far, rcry far from beieg a di& 
pt(>e«*ie nri:ci I iiad th^t the AmericaA* have j^rftt reafoa [O 
coaplaio of tu^ a^ ■/nv/aifr, rath«r than a con^pofer of aacional 

All' 24. 7hf DwU D/fxJhn : or FaSion the Caufe of all iba. 
CootnJ&an' In a frrioua Rav^ev frJ Cui Aniericail l:abroiJatst«> 
Kvo* L»d. E'iohrfciD* 
CoBKooD-plac* invc^ive. 

An. 15- J?rt/»«J fir tht ktr imfff/t tf tht p44r R»U*: Of t 
COtopvatiue Vtcw of the Price of l^boar and Feovilioni. JitnH 
My addnOcd JOthfrCoalidee4iionofikeLc|ifl»«ir. Sm. i>.6d. 
^^IMOey. 1777- 

^■n'hc faferinga of iba ^nrA UbovfJOg pooc-, and tbe tMfes tkal 
^^nvvtlwia ID a fUfi^ maintenavce, are very feriooi objc^ol U>" 

I of fcva'al able «vfiTar>, who hi*e. aii^ng far'foiJiEhT f ^r c u iMtiani . 



31& Mo^rniY CatalocvEi MifuiUnt^ia, 

c<c«rioiiillr ft*rftii (ptny j-iod hif>U ; but. llity b*Ft gnMnllyt 
thu frrewd ivnccr t<prc^csil. * brvildcrcd thupfelvci in fofmin) 
incffitAoil plant ht iht rtlW of tTir poor. who. aiib rh« bUfTj*] 
or heakh, a^thtj^ rvj.Artl •f ttrir h^ur, irc twit ibl* to iclim] 

btud br the prflViiL wrticTp antl ble rtprclcnuiiona C4;r)r 4 
or convidicfl With th^m (hit miy tot b* eiflly wiEhi^od, 
prrb»d> a foil view of tie fib^i^ * tbou^^h ibe contJiHo« nr| 
in JuHo witt prclisMy CfuTc ihc firnrr ind h{i Utd^ord to wttkT 
boM ihcif afT^ci (o l1i)> optritrsn. Biit It wHI ihcn be iocimbcat^ 
on ihroi ift aJS*n f«mf n««r>T TC*fj|i. ivhy, when j^riEohufc «i 
l>iatiiltft«fr< irr going r><^an! in ibe hijbefl lfi^« '>f iinprov«h| 
mfn't tb« [abourff* in bofb, (KontJ he in fo wreichtfJ ■ A^t*. uii 
•o btccm« in uncify bufdeo on (be coannufti<y ' Our Autfcof tt 
9t. and ibii m^y {tt «ncihfr ar:tdf of icforniAticn. thi: iboA trbi 
vc tDOd TctfiMc of, mi7 br rbe mod Q^ivilling (o tUow ^ t1 
* tb truth, alt or^cd and (1rj»r«<i of men in higher dAtjoni l^^"^ 
loii£ b«<n unihinkinelVf bvMi(irMTi>r«I1j ihfiTi^ «i th< eicF<»c« o 
tie poor/ A< th<*ci?je thcf^ *lfcniofti icij i*ot m«t "iib a rt»Jj 
itftcii, iHf IfTiport^nce of ihc fubjcA cliimk a dvc rv^ird to die v* 
bdJiy of tbrif jijftiRc^Tjon, 

' I be^fit, Uyi fhc Aiifbor, 107 ftrf;amni with i^ii ftS. 
■fitbiA Ulc C|> ftcv of fcii^ yttn, l^A ii «<d«-4awd in ycArfjr r«]i 
«iurc<li>ii one thtid. cr it>^ac fixiy per cent. moJl /rat) 
been nilVd ii that proMtrilnr^^ Tbs pnre orproi'ffiani hu t_- 
vo tbc fjmr leieV Mtridf^^itr^i have frit ittv cHjng«, 
nbbo-f- 11 wat tn-i^cabtr, follo^rcd Ebr Allrntioo i «t-^rrT u vrti 
pra^uiHe, rhrir budntfi hi) in eonfci^ucnce, dtff!rn<iJ. Bac il 
Dxdl ufcfj] or UbouTca. ramek, ^^^ mai emptied in ch« br4a<] 
of htfban<!rv> bai nor, in rhii rf>n*i)1f(rd flit« of ihiiij;i 
jn rvt«il pFOfir. 10 pui Kim upon th« lam* fboving wi[Jl hi> cnplOTfTi 
which buancrllnr) Mere ctpori with thcvcmploym/ 

To W (hbti Jdf4(cd, and noi fufTcitfd CO mo<re a finalV 
forwbnf, aloti|( Mi:fi the fupnior clirifi of mtnlcrnd, mart cfmtnJ] 
Invrrhr pftcp labrurrr, *hflfa lirft rirairgi Cin be boi (CJintTi «" 
der &c<vintiU[«d difbdv^ivUf^ei i ij^iinfl whieh, bu Only mlKtal 
iWourrt ttill t*f ihe «hi»JT]r Teciirtd to hi™ by Jj'f. Hr* ^r&p< 
Atiei are ihe linre Mtch [hofe of hii fapeiiorv, and if he it. u ibw 
{mime line foJtrjtfit by tl^r COnliginn of ^uhll^ ni4«ineta, ro uft* 
ibr i1*r{* cf taaufy, ItroAf* M<|iiOfi} and idlenWi. hi* dillrcfi it 

Thc.arjft«Tj >«cordii.f 10 r«e* inJ pricca recorded in PWhitwd' 
CtrniH»/rfir>f>aa. JnnU Lh»( Ulv;brcM nught in jailii'e 10 b« m 
t >: tt4. Um htX^j*9 *vortE. *hcD Kvneat fellt for 4i' ^d. a b^fift 
or (D tb« raJtiB ol ibf thud p^rt of 4 balhrt, be iha pnrc whn 11 
11W7 : •fading, that Iaboiir«r» appcir Ifojn Pirctwood lO bavr bee* 
M> ,4 nitih bcucr £(«uiiii>(i Cwu «rihrrc bi»nJreil jcar» ago* ibaa^_ 
Ihr7 jf* ac prefc-nr. ^^ 

#t», iftt oc<t»pi«r», f/^Oa'Ci, iiinherthfv Rivc fi.*>f* in vragca, 4»d 
/Wi ro r^f p<«f facet t or i^binb^i ^Uc^f t^JiLVhTkuc 19 pa^r fx^ca 4»d 

Monthly CATAiocutf J/^JKuvMnj. 


lord And tcnaai ; cvidcptly So : ^nd muil tirtkt ererj jm;>v(iil mf ft 
wTcb cvMiviAioff. U (ntn%, thercrnrv^ vrry ftnitj^r, whtn Uiid, la 
^M>4l, i«tA<rMle<f in in Ym\y wtlue (^tty cir t^ni. gtvAiput ^f 
^H pr^acG »cul/ 41 mocS, «nd ixii^ ba/dlf ia ibe pfoporcioa of 
iw«aiy per c««i. That inaiikinfi' Oioflld vrondcr ac tht.- iniittCc tf 
Um |,oor*B »tr, «tiJ ilist fucb mnc^fin Ci^nM ba fntjght Afoer, 
do fH7( pr^LEnrftfn curv of t»e<vii. It woiild be thought »-r aN 
Turd co«4ud, if ilw *4C4r of a hoKv. wlifv otE* «nd fity ro<« tn 
price, liould tbri^i;« hb Uilt of hi* farontf qjitntiiy of provcodcri .^ 
Dccavic be cuufd uul buy lb uiuth r^r 4 ti«:c]i fum. a\ kt ftitPKtff 
did ; And fei thtt he fbould continue to ex9t\ the fRnif work iron 
Mm. abd won^rr « bii loAng BcJh, ind ^eciing out of ci^Qdtilod*^] 
if wodld be fijil mOra Abfurd il, when he p<rceivcrj ihii iltcrijjsQj 
is kb aAintal. bo lliould 'Pply ^> * Umcr «o cme bn boric ofpo^J 
vertr bj hb mrdicinci, N«; he kna^it boiEer. He abicci ncc hi 
Iboda buE enp^fti CO Ict'f ihr tnorv, upon |h« mri-iMrc vbkb htf^ 
ftlJi, IB ordtf to mitcA i\m Mmertdi. Why ihta Lhou.d ih« hvnii«i 
fcfi^aai b« more abnJ|^ thin ii» iniraiil ArrviiU 1 And jet tboj 
ucr«a» Ufiujiicr^t oi the poor, ibc [cocr^J wonder that the/ cunoCi 
live 4> Ibrmerlj't and the vaih rndcntiMir iri make (koir or^diria^ 
coBifert^ble, wiehi)!)! adr-iiMtng iheir n^gct. or linking ihc pri«a 
of profitiont, it o Cflfe ve/y qcij ^Jtio to t^c of ibc lain tnd ki 

Thde dcijched pi^ffagrj witl embje ibe Rnder Lo conceive wbu 
he maj eiprct ftt^rn ihr fimphlr:, tvh^fe th^ reafoning U pfofe- 
cuted 10 1 caano!Ud ir«i> ; w\ni of f^otn j!vdc wiLbhoI^i ui Irom 
entering 6ttpci into & fabjccl ibac demandi the fiu:iuclt aodM^ 
jtf^'W confidersEiOQ oi aU thofc wboifo earnrlUr Ca\U.k (b«fiiaf* 
dMOlbip of ibc coniRioriwejUk and profvfi O iibcrjiJy» on iho pro- 
ffta <a bcipj; bODOjrcd u^ith ihe (ruit. 

ky rW H t^ l^ikFia^m a9tt Mtrchmwti, to the Huuioof OimDiOfli*^ 
«n (be if>ib af M«Kh. 177^. A> ii wai inirnducod tt thr Bir 
finazncd up by Mr-Uiovef * ; fo Ur ai the fame rcfpe^i BA^-tu- 
ftnd tbfl Lfocvrud itl«adr. By Wcfl livdU PJaoE«r. bn. 

Th< dofigB <7f ibii poblicirlrin la oipliloed 11 th« foUowlog ov- 
troA ff>oai ttae pfefice : ' Mr. Glover's prodn^^ioti c«me ia Hie aaoiIi _ 
of tJw Writer of tbir letter, ivfailA b« r«bUrd tn the Wtft ladMiA ' 
frooa tbcn^c be traaAnirccd to « fxicnd bii ienitnicnt* on ihc ta^itcr 
«bkh re cimrjini. Bcidj; n^sw reiurpcd a> Bn^l^nd. he hat lircn 
iodwed la f;Ii-« ihem 10 the Pub^k . in hopei ikat ti mty ennv'trrte 
tbem, that ibe SriiJIb Wrd India ilbndf, which are elticniud ir t^ 
Tolofof llxty niliiwii, mx€ in no dieter of bang toll la ibi> country, 
wbaiettr cia> be ibc eveai of che American rebeiiiuii. Had the 
diuiger been u grt^i ai it wu repiefcnttd. bowser fie ih4 inf-irfliji* 
tioA rbcreof migbt harr befn for tht miniJlir^ privnic car, thm 
poblio declaration) inuch .V^ cheipduHricuj prii^a^non of ir, muA 

* For UL iccottAt of tbu poblicaiioA. fee Rtv. rot. Jit. p. ^-yO^ 

,X4 .^ \^w* 


314 UotfTHi't Catalocoi, PwitesL 

bivcbecm to th« bighvft dcgm inpoliiic, tad prodaftm of A* 
■iDi pf roicoDE conkqucDC^/ 

T»c pjjnpblcL i> ■rgumcDOiive, »d ke«p> clafe to f«a>t ivovai 
fkim perianal kaowlcilgc ind good iniottaMxioa i bm w* CSaooi «■- 
ttj- iDto 1^ dcuil of pajticuUtt. 


Att* 17. 5/* ^ertitUi fsr Two yUHns^ d TtmoTy snJ # Fitl^ 

- tfil^. DcdicttLcd ro hit E^Cnilkncf lloverpor George Jobaftoa*^ 

By J> G. C. G^eilcr- Op VL To which tie prcfiied, Ibnt 

Tbotighti on the J'ErrbrinaD^c of CoDurt Mafic, bj the P^biiflter, 

4M- lot. 6d Bremntr. i7~7. 

AU inmeraof fci^ncecome properly under oar rertev ; bat •«' 
4te not flop to cx«n'iae mere mufio! dolpi. It i« the prcfttica] pift 
of thit publicaijon thit cUims out attcPiion. Mr, fimnncr bu liut 
ch>«(i rofDC urcful cocumcnii for the rej^aUtion ofconctfrt pUjing ii 
pankolir, in whicb ihe d.lFeient fiDcirnl purftiii of grtctfi, t# ^thc 
vegteftot (be plain iotind, creaiei a confuted kind of wlody ibtf' 
CIA Devt:r be tccepiab!e to a refined ear. TW plm fband ti ccr- 
tiinly be^L idiptrd to ihe fimplicrry of oituril pcrceptioD. The irc- 
moloi, ihe apoggiacuras, (he up bow qniTers. which lift treaCcAcd 
bccnufe (bey are lilAicult, fpoil ihe amfon^ and thoagh, in d«e kccp- 
jrj, they trnf no[ hurt the harmony, they arc, certatAJyt iBJaiiovi 
10 (he melody of concert playing 

Mr. fifin^Drr lia- d'>ne hui feif honour by hii judlciona prchct. 
Od »e rcc^Jinmend the whole of Cbe publkatioa go oar malcal 


An, iB. Bx Hii'li a Def^rri tive Poem. By Edwird Baniu 

4T0. ^i. Wilkie, 

* The church, a free flone Itruflure, Jofty fUndi.* 

' A croodtd pi1ei InconMDence'i delight.'., 
Utrvm hirum rnavir, acci^. The Aiihor* of foch poetry at ika 
rii^e noil/m^ to apprehend from (js t it fcts criticifm at ddmnce. 
Art. 25- Nrath HUl\ a J^rfcripiive Poem, in Four Csatai. 
By V^'> f urn 4to :. " d, Robinfoo. 

There are Lk »ny GQ^d verfes in ihis p</cn)t and maoy idrntf^ 
tions. Tht Auit.oi has genju., but wants jadgtnent, (be .yn# fgJ 
w« in the tnti paraiiwc pejleciron o* poetry. 
At^, 30. Jn Hifol EpifiU fisyn DsmaTrrtJa Pinna T Rmu^ ^ 

J-'imj 10 RirViafd T»ifs» Efq; F, R. S- With Notea. ah. 

IS OJ. K^:iiJly- Rcpiin:i.d f'oiti the Dublia Third Editioa. 


When Author tratelTerf in^ke thhr remarki oq % country, or OB 
tti iuliabiidnEi, ihey pubhOi %\ their peril, and mufi abide the con- 
fck^kicnc^k Thui JOMMOH frtcly deTivcrtd bit opicion of Scotland ; 
and (he ic.tis were angry. ^Thui T^'^^ " fpokcj in fouae pai(Tcu- 

* See our Catalogue-article of Mr. Twifi't Toar in IraUftdi RiT- 
▼Ol. Iv. p» i&i. — A lar^r tevjewof hit rfai'c}iii$p4i« ifldPtHi* 
g$k mi ^ivco ia vol. liii. p. ig^. tt /t^. 

MovTHLV Cataloquc, P^iid* sit*' 

Itn, ^Urcrpcfl/iillir of InUndi end «« h«irc b«ud or kii mcccJo^ 
■ri[h dK4jp«vb]c cfc^< of Irilh icrcntmciit. 

WKk wg hiiL-f^ Afd/i', ho-bctfrr. iMy not be tFv«; bat, here, ^we 
Ipttk ii with ^1 fuiuWf concern Toi aa Kiifortiio«ie bfotkef.^for 
Ur.T«ir>, :oo, ii a ti^vir*tvr} mc bur Ahacf* (o hit riiFciiftg» fiout 
%hc/nift of 1/ifii liiiJcdc j «U(I tbzjf U9 plcfliifuJl/ uJ ri^Diou^/ 

T&it Tarirt it irrlli«e tfter tb« mannrr of the cdebrxied Mcroie 
B^ftk to Sir W, CfciBibers— To be f/it^ ligmhci [^omebrocij m 
In&» to bo fvrtf «vi'( i bji vCt ^n i^> ^^^ ^^^ waLcr» giflCrAll^ 
JVppofe tbar be who ytufau u Uhi^. We 4Uo«t PCverLhcl«fi, tbiE 
eke WrEwr cf tbii mock-taerotc, dcei not follow hU ruder it « vtry 
grcAt dicbnco — Thfr« it ^it. ind there b hamoarj to tU oerr/ 
pct(urnrir»ce ; vrrh an CAfi' at^J h^rfnoP'DUi d^w of rcrifiuiicn 

Ttttfit t^tnnt T kti^. 4C0, Xrvily. Reprinted (rooi ifc« p« 

Third £aii*oa. 177;. 

Wri^Kv, «i ■« fa|>fore, by (^e Hime infcckioo* Aatbor. T 

notei, in butb pieces, are excra^d fci>n Twi&'i Tr^ovL, tftd »dd 

00 fnalj embrlJiihrnent 10 thF pocuy. Thcmtgg^ bird U Actrtiiy 

wclcceaeto hit coaica J jfi«jF » tli« Rnicae'i. 

An. 31, 7^ Eti^talci!, #^> Gjmn^ui E^f/lrimu ByAdutt 

Strong. Ntcuralik 410, l «» 6d- Bcw. 

( PooticaJ nrcc. KocheUrr revjicd. 

An- 33. Purfuu ^fur fhp/-'iijh * Poeta, To wblcb ii aiJcJ 

an Oce la Mf. Ciirr^-ic ni bu <jbjiuing ibc %i»fe, ilfo ju Elrg;/ 

4M cbe Death of Mr. Barry. 4I0. ) 1. 6d. Krarily. 

TioB^h ibe fiiD 9f t^ck p^mi n not tqual co the i*r/ «aE<nio^ 
yUi Jbme'i Jmtt^ ^fUr iUfpi^Ji, >r U nc4 t^iihout cD4rLi of go* 
alut, iriff^ulv, Mectf. aij4 unLubdjcd bjr jud^meiLC. The Oc« co 
Mr. Gj'nclc ji of iaf«i<K aerJt, and ibc ej<g/ ti AiU Icfi worwy of 
Arti i4- 7«rri/^i u CV^MfiV, a pocitcd £pjflk, 410. j ^ 

Tfe« Aory of TheodoliDi and C^aiaoti*, wrilted by the JlJtUlriO«« 
Addifoa*, avd revised ^y Dr. Laagbornef, hii aenr rcl^Loa, ii f^ 
MtpQ k»o««» Lbat iM need aot leciic it hefc. le ibe cpi^Jc bcfoio 
lit. •bkch \\ fuppAJed 10 have hern wrirten bj TbeudLi|iti«. fnoe> 
diat«-ly after hit h^vip^ retired to a conv««t, and ftltcr havm^ tcamt 
lb«t)Iity^f the reper< co'icvrniDj; Iht MiAvrugc of CoaUaaua, m% 
0te( with ^ijny £ood TCf^ct. 

Hojt i>/[. in iJia. hive I cllay'd 10 JVvo 

My htvetck l^rol, ^et flUI it cJtafi to tbro. 

^^K Still eJiiiS> fL> (htf, by pO»rr sid ii«»c onnlOT'd, 

^^L Dear, f*iaJ proofs how foadly I lure tov'dj 

^^B # ■ * * 

^^^ Let ttoica bot:! the mo/e thta bunan ut 

^^ Tbat bid* c«M apathy tafold ib« ioartt 

• See SpT*>i^oT, No. (('•t- 

t free Lcucn bcthtea TheodoHv) ud CoAJLuiiA* 


91^ Monthly CATALOGCfe, Kt^^Smtt ffu 

Bi4« £Eki CO vieriMr, uJ bidj cctn to Smt ^ 

Ab4 (3kC±A BiiIiJM) «iili fyapaikT iaptttv 

Mdem il» U ^ of iDMaaca dtlUeC, 
• ■ * » 

Kird ii Bf lot. &r eref ^000'd to n«f. 
When tovcn»f wilts cxclsd« tkejocsad ^471 
Where w>C a fmiU iiUnio the dreary fccnta 
No bo(?o ir*rquiV, >ad ki braw fereoc, 
YM tbi< ^* i>o' cottfiOent Kith wfui fbon after fbllmtf ; 
ftr wifff ch«f«, vio fMk in fltooai ljk« cM« 
Alilc of viftuc vith I IiAe or cafe, 
Bdi. puhjpi, ibc ppei tboofkt coftfiftcncr iccOBpBuble wich tfie fta* 
tUDenu of Ji lover in thciiaatKM of Theot^cfaL. 

The focn u, op '^f whole, o&r^at:, lod conHini rfmnj v«.- 
poIi4it4 &«) ifi«l<(t»t lice*. 

An. 3$. J'fiiiaUMit a.%J TranfiaiciUt ffOR) cbc lAXin of Mr. 
Gn>'t Lr'ic Od». 4IC- I a- 6it. Dodflrf. 
Fro« lh« crldmud Alc4ic0^r n Iht C-Vtfaycl«rrr«^» 

Thoo, ahoJc flriA iii«»d»c djd«tci here. 

And Ttt^p Ehit aih-firl pfare. 
Wbo«Vr Ihou trz ; (bo! rr- iir«k powV, 
No ftr*hj^l«ft ontt <as gorcfb #>r 
Thli vmf Jtvpn^^ta m»fi. 
S«rh paeiT a» ihh iHiBwn imiIt the filtne criricifm of iuliri, of 
which v0 fjy, 11 Sincho fud <if ilcep, * bleflM hr thv maii who k* j 
▼vaiod Ihcflt.' 

Aft. 3^i ^Yirfi-^***-^— calcubicd to cxpofc the Mj 
' of thrAuth^rof />uA«*^. 41a. r i. $d ?«Hcvr, A«, 
' ■ Cak«Utrd fo /if«> Ihc Aorh^^^fAnti-dbbo lady. 
Art. 37. VozM AT ^ Latins p^riim finpia^ p^nmnMt^: f«*' 

^rriV^. A GiJb«rto Wak«&fld« A. B. ^tf C«//. 7^ #/«/ Ctf«^. 
Skj>. 4to. 3*. ^1, Whiw. 1:76. 
* Pocnie and jwonc pcrfbrmt«rci. 

Aft. j8. Ocfr ro /)r<^j>r, Mr. Giritck't Koaft Dog u Hi 
ion, fEOy 6d, CidfJl. 1777. 
I A wUtr cofnplimeni on Mr, Gam«k'j rtiitiaf From tbc Jh|a,a«d 

not oAwonhr of H^anah Mo/c. 

R r E. I c 1 o 17 > md Co ktkovikiiau* 
. Aft 39< vf'^ inpriry tnfp tht ^trturt ^J i>^« «/ Chriftt TrifX- 

ATiH >■ 7^ mUtrm/t. Bj Ho^h Fafncr. Tht l^vd Ediiaon. 
^H B**o- !«• All' BuckUnd* i77^> 

^B A* nr TAAk omicc nf rhr nro formpr «diriofit of thlt kftrnrd aad 

^^ io|cniDu> Inqubr)*, we IhalJ ooly fay, wLih tcfpc^i to tL« prfkwt 

^H ikwd lc<lto»i M wbich chc AmhoF i^nlirnti bu cipl«miaB a£ 
^H Ckfijti irtM£ imihi itiu ^ tvi.^^er9//t l^ or f* thf J^fri\ bj ncviT- 

i .' 

Fa it-Day Skrmovi. 


Art. 40. T»/ht Simons- By (he K<v. J. Smith, M- A. Ch^- 
J»A tn OrdiAsrvio hip Mijeltjr. Svo. 6i. Hvrifoa, 1776. 
The £rfl, «f^h(h, tnd nioih of ihcJc Stj-ftiODi, ate, at tW Auihof 
■^kiicwlcd^ci m K>» preficCi puily ukcA frdm two ciiiiRCit[ Frcnd^ 
divlDCtt itid. TcdoubL not, itic> will be no lefi KCCrpt^hlr to (btf 
Rcidrr, ih«a thty u^rc tA Eh« Congrfgitian bifurcwhklJ iticj wer« 

Then? difrouffeiiM »11 flioni bo 1 whatever ihc^ <«f] tun, i< fjtd 

u ihi /*e/tfir lit *n ^fr J^H*^ 'i^^ p^'i'L '^ct *"E "'^'^ ^"£"'£^, 
Thrix I1 brrc no |>nnipou* dSfpUy of InrntDf;, hat there- >rr nt^ny 
l«4!icKioni of an heiri (Kit wiuu well 10 t«tigidn, und <ntf»v«on 
10 pfcvncxe in IxA iacral^i* 

All. 4t* Tif ^Vivj s/Gjft-t! Graff c^t^iJ, in Twelve Dlfcourk^fl 

on the follQUftog ^nierrttinjt Sjbj^^cti or' ihe Ntiv Teifiincnt ; tl^S 

\hrcrd or God in lU Truih ind Ktf.cacf t ifa« Word of Go^ in itfH 

cxt«auvcLBEifudci C^tW. ihejcntti Hi^h PrUfli Chrj{t «tl ti «n jH 

RipnURCc and }l<nu[non of Sim i Acj-taffition, or [icing boTflS 

cfGod; Joiliriruicni br Fiiih ; Eun^e^CA] S^nf'VtPurbn ; rhcfl 

ikpiirm or theHoly Ghotl; theSpini'iTrftrmotiyofca^Soa; tli^H 

J-'atbor't iiUtty opoocd by thc^^oa i ihr bcii ot U^rd oti ihffThroo^fl 

of Jod^Di<«t« By John ]ah«ron, Mj*iA(r of the Ga(f^\ Ia ^'^'^'IVfl 

pool. X Vol), 8vo» i a. fcHcd, WariuiKioa f rLnicd t folJ t>^H 

Lmt in lj>ndon, ■77'^- S 

Tbr Author of the sbov< dlTcourfei apprara 10 havfl p^^e coa^| 

MUtLd of words : hii Jtf);;uax* '* **^T '^^ aninuied i bu feadmcnl^B 

vc C^viftifltul. icid te iomctmkO cij^r^jTct hiaifflf ^Ith a coo(^H 

d«ttce and po&xniiy khkb* it toij^h^ be ti^jpcd* dclibcrace inqoLryo^fl 

^oatxrul fabj«£tj, atd 1 duo coofiikraiiOB of batifta ftkilty ttkd fU*^ 

iibiliCv, would («ftj 10 corrcd. JM 

SERMONS 00 the l4tc Gfncral V^fi, totumutd : Sec otif liftjl 

XXVUl. flW o**6i/i Strvf^f »i p*jfortnfd in the Corjirfgifion of 
?»Miaiil Didennn ai WaLciield, Utc«inber 1 1, ^c- Hy Wdlam 
Tuser. 8io, 6d. WilccAcId piiotcd. 

Tkb difcourfe it plain ii^d pratlical. jeit^iof a proper acc&oBi of 
tkc EsrHsre axid defijn of a faJl^dav, The prrji:hrr wifely rf/raint^| 
fiom entcrirtjc into %ht controffHV ahicb imirfdiare^y occanoaeii^l 
ik« appoibtncnc of ihe d^n lliov^h froiri ionic htnti lE miy b«fl 
fonikirod that bo Joe» not vkotef>tly mcliae la ifi< KorerDmest'fldct^l 
ia the commit vith America. The prayrri wlikh U hu ber^'lfl 
ihOughE fTopfr CO pnblilb ^ith tlie £iranOBj vt very faliablc to tb>M 


XXtX. 7>« JV^Tirv, fjifntf, «y Im^fntmtf, ff thi J>ary ^ .tf dfrJV 

jMacr— at Aberdeen. By Gcor7C CimpbcU, D.JX Pjinupi] of J 

Mirilhal Collrge, jflo. 1 ». C-^tll, Ac, 'fl 

Inhere aro fome gtneril principlei in <hhach wift men acrce^ ''^^l 

tlmoll every fabjedi but ia the enphciiion of thofe priftcipici, im 

(be nafonirr^f* obfcrviilom. and coadallont that aiiK from itiem. 

tbcy aretirten fo«nd 10 differ widely. ThJi \t not, pcibipi, move h 

•ppiucoi In «ay icDiKre, than 00 the topic of |OvernmeDi. SevfifatijH 

sdvocAW* for the Actericuiif in the prvftftt lib^p^- laA mvWvMlV^ 


Tait-Day SKinaKi^ 

c^fUfork^iii wUI j£rc« witk ih/e Acibor of tbii di^MriSr* in 
^«Mfi. rcmatki vMcii he cttttti bat ia ihc cjtccuncn of 
iraiar^lf «nd in fcvcril of kU ecQeftiau on lL« difputc brincc* 
Biit&In «c^ it* colokieit ibe^ nUl think thcr« b ruJon lo diAa 
frotn bim. mil crrn fcxacucKi :o chirgc hin wiih piitUlhr. 
cf tfaf Jitr fi1t.£rrin<)'ni tnjt < arcrrd f^ airLlculiflv iiico i Men 
df the i^u<Aio« beEiv««n «ii ttn4 oor American bmkrcn ni ihtv 
wijch h-Aii clpecriiJlr in ffjcna pani, rather the air of 4 pdlinc- 
punyhk; ibkp ^r a CbnitiAn miniflcF'i »JJfcfi id bit Ant£raU| 
tf« a JkV <if ImmttUtlon. fo/ ihji, hcwetcf, ilic Aiubar Jft^vt 
l^ciiC iTOic^V it Hi^ pifficf, ihf rhief SiitU of •ihkb r«4i on 1 
Jtmif of a Chrilltaa mlcilUr lo incQlcait oa hii brAfvr> alt t 
pcccf t» «1 Uk Eofpd. aoi ^mon^ tb« rctf. t^ii of oU<!>cncc 19 
misinrAur. Tbe i>gc<iiiit]i lud ^itity iiT th« vilicr at* fvltdcpk}^ 

ocular, dtfcfving of aittntia:). i>i<»u2h ih<» »t# cSfeftjr fucb ai btwt 
ken conT'ifCfecJ and rj ci^niitjfred. u 11 t^rcM fmc, bet ta Uolt 
pur^r«. Tnc «f« uhlch tbe D4>ftOf Qtko of iuMty ud tuJUi^ 
!■ t'nnrc inf^aDttt, sppcua lo ui^ unfuiivfalc 10 <be ooc«finv, i|b« 
wonhf or il^« pTKe In which ht ftond, and wh«t «rootd be ftl4«tt 
prtwT in tbe diAoQion of > potci: which ii now bccooio fe fffovi 
ua fb irol]r dtpbsrtb'c. llr ii| t^ <£oLibi, p«ffc^t)jr cgattntcii 
ikc tpjullicc of tb« Aoicncaa ^*vk, And wc need Dot ikpader (bat 
be Aiculd th»t fon£Jcr I(, If (h< optorori of ibii p<op1r ii fomwJ 
mtrcly. Of <bitfly, ffo»i the cbanfttr wiih vbkh h^ iril* tt Mr. 
Bofkc Tu> furnilhed him, (ib?ogh he o>^ni hivfelf indicfd tn thin 
ii c^ijgGCfiiuJ) ihaE ihcv are a proud. acrc<> jcal^^ji* flobbo 
«at'4Aal>If> rvr^iicivur^ lici^iuus cbicaning iac« of pftitfu^jcn. 
I>r. Ciflipbeil hii. tiewcTFf, raftdof wov^ to ftdwf iKjt in rr^trj 
to lb< aiiickcf tifu/iKiAt^tat <ber« i« rove dUtcrvnce bctitcca ib« 
ftbjc^a if) AmfficA «iid EriuiQ : "The xicmbfo of ir'.< 
c^iDDOfiii" ft)* he, " in ilmoii cvrrr <»« ibc> tay oa ibtiv 
iblIow-£«bj«&, IM ihrsifclK* in pfnporiioo. Tbe C4J^ b 
\% ivyvd to ihtif ffl'ow I'ubjr^i in Amr/icii^ Ilui ihu, b< 
M an tDfouitity tha: riuWJinijf^lvEct ir«|Q (iia diJierrncc ef lai 
^»d is bcfiJefg nva<e lb«a covDltrbalvi^cd bj fomf siuurtfi 
4l£caain ibai »ill crer cAc^valt^ pr^kcw the Jc^i^im:! f/ai^ 
jOJAg Lh« faia* t«nj;rH> in laiiut cte Anericaa rjbjc<ti ivbicb 4 
tt«7 Taulj' £o it uaiag l>/iconi. ' TJita ialt rirgEciUo* nBjr |cn4 
to ftlkviaie ihc ctil ( how ftr li wiil i>e admiii^ m aa atiVcr U> (bf 
ob^£{JO«i u ii floi rc^'iuic l&i ua 41 piefeui 10 coaUcf. 

W« tfb^nc thtt, in ibc clofc uf lar rfilcourre, Dr- CampbftS 
imcifrni fame apprcjb^itL^A of the propoftJ aitde by D<an Tocluti. 
B<itef far w«f« li» ht ihtnki* lo !«< |b«(A hftra their bflo*t4 
t^p^tAm* iba« \% icrr* to all ih< c^ccl!io«i nhkb (b*r ban 
requd^cd, '* 1 ani noL fvre,'' fijrt hf. '■ Ui4< ihii woaU net te** 
k«c«i the beit mcaiuie is^iOk ^hf bc^inflin^^ 1 Tay ibk. bo««*rr. 
wiib aiJ d»f ^efei<Mce and fabAiluon, for Jam far Ij^a ^«utl«Ui£ 
oi/UlM ipro^r iftd£« JQ lo nicf AqAcElion." 

7b« p(kiK*pvt uflctfcoce bciwEtn liiu punphlM and wben 1 
btvc been vtrkieo 01 the Anetican dtfpme, lira in t«c inifoduAktt 
AjMl aj>p:kaiiQa of ito^ palDgu cf Kripi^rc ii'ti«b aUon« Inb- 


n ib«i^ 

iuOktt ■ 
,c Enb- I 

S 2 K U >d t. 


V^iMt $Ai obedSeoDe it die wU iprcrjtiBrit, TbWe frrc^pu 

ftccitrt llw ^VMIUb rVvlTltUA. ft»t 1b»ii7;h Dr. (;ifhpMJ jntro- 

alOBCf bv wnoM itrrwuzu, ilicir pottvi «!• poAblf be Ht>d<tf» bt 
t*iifli*iy Bml ftot be e<7M t>i<i (hi« ptn of (ht rdl^rd of Wbfr.y ki^ 
kMctt foraiflrly UILt cjav»fi(^t M^ ii bk* fa&Cfcntljr app^md (Wt * 
ftQ »cM«lio« lO ik<m R v«rr cci^lnt *ifh * ccilom r«^>J-4 lo iboV 
ciril v-aI fdigicMM rittbu of aia>ki*dp «hicb ta boncll a^i»d woifU ' 
winh 10 (tcArtiti and Cciin. It be^j^i to oihen cMar fAfiioiJvIjr 

cb4t >t il noft Irve, Jii fiur Antke/ hiv>, th«t 1^ CbriJli*b rvltg^M 
■» fiicftifi M onl«f» fti>4 to tbc inbik fthxt «Uca it *ijl a«« 
pcmit H hfAtr lo mrrinvv. He ad^u " tbe flstkat Uacf maWc^ oT 
tJM fiMlkoti(>a, It iWUit «| to rrKittrr, I* i^ pH4m^^*^m» bo|w 
tiMt vrf 0iQ«ld ptoee ih«m aitett ^ue^ ihta 4i«r forcjiiihcr* h«v« 
rfoftc/' Jt^j^ lo iDfricrjFi lit |]4Uk p<icc ii, frc »^tte «iib 1>« 

Infr, Bat fHyfjfvJMvai-y i« tbit wr-icr^a phrafr v c<li«r ctneH 
td ttteotft inirndincnt', Alikll nty b« ii>pe wiEl>OU< My f«il 
diBflfbaate <ft tW gtftfrri «rd«t, tf aU p^j^i vc prop«rlf ^i/podcJ» 1 
iifvfrom bdast^Dtnrr t'? iLc (pun cf ili« EO^pel. wli>c;i Icidi 
b| alt num En pfonotc uc^ o:be'*« «ouifcT; jnJ hajiptcvfi. 

At ib< batcdri*«ouitkkirarcict«to i Kniob frettMTt»vi|?hllan^»« 
■>it**dcd. «bv faftir h«r« cloTc it by «*i«iA)t HI lb* with #'tth ^\f<h 
(he (ood DdOor SipOiot hj» ftrm^aj ".MbirC«di *b»bn«|tiih )if Jk 
out gT fftrkndft, atid ordrr out «f GMifoTi^D. [A4^ aU «tt (rodltlaft 
crraiinarr ui *bM Aali j>fOTe the frikdty iff ^IL" 

Si'^lt S £ k M O N 5 «» w^«aj Oat^^, ' 1 

Piridt. 6d. Tvpit. 

fi. «;7i* KrUcMfForter. A.M. 6d. VtUuioc 

iXU Ae ibt l>jr*fh CWcH of S*. G«argf. Hfvowr S^a«r«, IW.Ibi 
£«iM£tof ibe LMkHip^ftJ, P«^. f^, 1777. iAj tbcKn. M«r^ > 
lia MaJ'ia, CbjpiatR.JrG. 61J. li4ci:Ubd> &c. . „ ui ^ 

IV. At WiijchrAcf AtEici* before iH; JuJ^et, &C. Mardi f, ^^TT^*^ 
%aic!ufd Rarltigb, CunrtvaTBomliAi. Ad, {Uoctf^lV, A«. ' 

9fR9€hifirr: fee Kcv. Fcbruaiy, 

Tbc Ediiar of Bilbop Fiurcc'* l.ifr ha« ^aaistfied a ffr«4t milUk« 
il flyifij;. thir Z^^. J«^-_r v^f^/# «Vftff« rff^ ^r Lji^tjf ^w^r ^t J<Jl 
tipUuft */ %^fi fin^ni^nK.'t ^4 ^fiJ mtfi i*^3atiOx. and alfljtnipjp^ 
ibb u t&e itaCcm of Ur. Pcaiic'i lieJiot kept at WfflAii^ttci khf^ ' 
to ibe sotb yeaf of bii age ^ fnr Mr. Prirce wii (tnt to WritinioAvr 
Ichoolp F4b. (It ir°4i *' ttZikh dm« Dr. Fnecd iru m^lUr of it. 
Ur, Bu% died U j6gs, ajcd S9. 

C Q R^ 

( 3i« ) 

YOUR C«rrarpondcct R. B. R. ij riekl, 41 to iHe nufi^fi^fuc 
ud rlexw^ of ?o(Mani; bac I felt, vbca tkcir, « prtinrit 
fomtihiag MX tfv bnpflftficty of begirt nrcup^bg u^hir COutd onf^ 
foil ihiir (uTxrion. ButPcMfilxai hu ic be mj^aiftecni at «ll <v»d, 
MkI the outlidc it iAil«rd fa. Forcf , ftnii nuliufy drf,yi(tfai, wc cw 
CKlfuUcei 10 li'iv inbkbitAnEi of nukf f^ logtiLcr* Tb«vo iBBadi 
nonpv rpfnE (o l>i«w the u^rcllcr /fUmdr/» mi/kria. 'I'bfl rvfv ftw 
buildinj; hii been ih<? frnt>lf of ihac riTntlT- Then u fooirtfciDg 
Ikocktng m > v^ ^ii^mhrf liHrgj^ in 4 police 61 far a Cmnit* 
|uiace. Tlic MituAfy Orph4»'bouic itd WArkbtMfci ibo Gciid«- 
^sn fays >3 f*rf>*»f* 'f"^ to G'(cijwi<^ Hof^iul ia £iaii<!r«r aad 
acatPtfO- Atici «);«i ttiJi HOC impmt iMi 10 the oow duritjr of 
lUt opoUnt Jnd powrrCul n*iioa, ^jt eo tU ull« of 1^ noautli 
for fpleadoar I w atiioa n M3t opajent, b«t thv moearCfa U, and 
arill %t. Potfdaia rdomblei the Ibrccd fniiu of the f arilcAt of 5an 
d#arf I it D A bothosrc in in oograiciuJ f luaaBC 

YoarcMtflant taader, and banble femat* 

*^* T^ Rc^ic^cr ofAri- 1, in ihelall Namb«r, hid difcorffcd, 
pKviODi f^ tb« receipt of a Iciifi oc tJic fubjrA TfiMa a Cond^o^ 
deotk tlkat the ttivLfioa and coaAmfliOD fE^efM by Dr. C%aad' 
inhhnoincnchaf^t. t%. and diap, ii, 1, clihev^iAtc Co tl«Bp 
riant, Htrc noi cru.^ fw Monchly RcvU*- fo^ Ult Monlb. p. ib6. L'. 
He bad found^ on examination, ibii Dr- I>oddrid(;Cr Ik /h> ritti 
nee of Imo who propofed tbe ranr cuc^n^on* lbOaj>b be di 
uprOTUof it- Bat t< apo«af> l>tai thr E<vro«d comcacftfiior Dih! 
C/wu not appriicd of ibit; aad ibc Rtfiewtr vn« itflnl bf 
Improper conitkncc^ m tba accoricy of bli iaqoir/. He bfi ( 
BOta, p. 91) fpeabing nf the connriioA brtMm tba ibrca it 
*erl<« of the feeond ehaatcr ind the Uft t^rfa ol iba Jud 
ler ; ' however crident toil ippeori to mc, it\ no iftt<m«Ka 
criiki, that 1 baw fcca, bavc Lik^ji ibc IciJl notka oT k^fl 
lbet«iorc fcf nvani of ir, bai^ bren ^itljr it 1 lofi far fhe 
liOB or th( iroftfi, and hov 10 tx a f ropet ]'uf>p1«xnenc to 
the fcrifc ol (hem/ 

Wc H'c ob]>|»tJ CO oni Cofrtfpoerdeai for lu rcnuk ; aod liki 
Mtf* for noiitinE ib< rrrof^ , la (bit and oihfr Anidaa, ubkh 
•ictpfd bofb i\ic Einnfcribc/ and oorrrAor; pantcnlarly ilui < 
C*rO * *** CnC *^i^h 11 in the wjfinal copy from wWb iJ 
Unfilciipt Kai mad*. 

* Review, M^h. p. 166, 



r. Dftle rtttindt s* of t poU^ipt eo « Utter ic fcu ^>//A>- 
MTAT, a<«. (haR«tit* f^r F«b< Art, xo) which cf<ipcd our aoiicc 
From ihit po^Tcnp* it appear*, ihu be j^ually witbtlrcw from the 
i^t^i-f 5(<ifrf, in April, 4i Toon » ihr fdyinenci which he rr^iiifc^ 
%a-«r« tmtaimta to tkisc > And th^ftfure ihj» our atlficc tn thic Ariklc. 
which t-tt not ianv^rd to fu^jtcA any rcAe£iioc on ht« tutcgrit/t 
VII iiccdWr Our RoJcn, %t «pptchcGd, will not be iuhcC cn- 
tCTUtPcd or cdi^ni bjr a Coircfi^obdcacc, whxh principtJt/ nUtet :o 
mcmbcri of t)iH inlhtnrirtn; Jiiid Mt. Dale «U] rxcufe Dt for 
n'lDg bii paparip iccodiog to bii dcOrc. 


*|* Jmifnt of WottctlnHiir?, cAAnoE poflibV ^ fcriotit; «ii4 
yet he fcfini Ifnc a f^ber joker. He fiyt, the AiiThor of ihr Epiftlo 
CO Si'W. ChimlMrt hi> iro««d bic^VlC «i>dt' (h« nim* of //«/- 
fnU M'Grtier, U ir bt irn« tb«t |>oor <<«i^v bu b«cn itMmm*J^ we 
hAt« chbricr caoacH la (et him H^^t* by iofortauig hin ihii, in 
cODltvKCiicc of hii ktirr, wc htpc fntde inquiry imting the (ire* 
cmdnJ M^Grrgor'i fritnd), and havr difrotered thai bU ml aim* 
b »0l MaJcoIm M'Gffgcr, bm Rt^J^m FmtUu, 

tat Wo ha«< nolhipj; tc ob>^A «s*ibll T. B, but tW hii Letter 
i> Bot vrordi ihe f*fitip. 

'^ %t Ao ' Oft^jSfitMl C«rrfJ^»iNhwi' tak<B PAti<4 of 4 ptH^^c lA Mr, 

lluacV Lifct ihfrr(«d in our Rcfieiv for 1^ Month, p. 1091 nmt 
AtilerTCk thai the AuiWjr d^vincri a ' fAlft/»a^ jn licfib^nv '^^ 
" Remirk* on t1^< N^inrak Hifiory of RfJi^icrr/' to ]ti« pf-n of Dr 
Ifbid ; 11 |hc Jum* tin>f chirgin^ ih< DoAor ' with aM ihr liiibml 
fciulonce. arrofiDCc, and fcurnlii^t «bi<h di[ti»;:uiEl) rhc W^rbur- 
tnnitn fthool/ fiat oar C^rrcf^ondcat allcru. oa the contrifVp 
* ihit Dr, Hurd did not wiiie ihic pamphJei, wtitr;tr tti isrriti 
may br/— In flfif««er to (hii, we hav« onl v to inftif Mr C«drjr» 
odteriilcrMot pr*&xcd to chc acw t^iition fjnil puMifb«d) of tl^e 
Mfmofki > AlC| «r^ " The follo^in); I* rvjfpoJcd 10 be ihc pamphlet 
nfcfied 10 b? the Uic Mr. Divld Hume, id p- ai of hi> Life, ^ 
^^g*jtriiifm by Dr- H^'in, Upon roir appTying to rhe Hlftiop of 
LiEchfdd and C«v<otr> f?r hit pcrmiUJciv to rrpubTirh it, he rcrf 
fc*tliJj n*ie me hUcoofent- Hm Lord lliip only adjfd. he wai forry 
hecouidfoi lActo hinifejf the wiiokt iolijiiy of ihc ch^rjc LrCLi|<ht 
aHunAhim; but thAc h« Oiould hrmftrr, if he ihnujiht 1( wotih hi4 
«aik. npUra hinlAlf ftorc pArticululy on Uut fubir^, 

Jff**f, Ar-r-i .;:7, T. C*i>Bti." 

Prom the foie^De advcrtiAtneiii, it h fu£dcnt]ycle4/ that etlJ^er 
cor Orr^/^MJ Ctrr^Un^fMt wn dm wKOLUr In ihe fecrct. uiih ro- 
£«rd to :ht publiotioiL in oB«iliaD, cr LliaE he lougfar, in /oftt ''<j'w, 
CO difgvtfe the ^U^, at the fame lime that he was rxcUimipff igainJt 
llw imfiddlif or uQU'uiafy of bilh>Ty — It u tiow fvIhtieniTj ^p4* 
mil tbati liboeTu w» iv^^^, ur/Mruy couccrutd In wriiJaf the id* 
fMiiMa tomatkt od Humc't Nit, Hit Jkc. the charge h br<3Ut;tii 
'■ prefty homo to the " Wuburtonun fchooU''— for <tat opifiios laf 
' ibc Btril cf l^e Jtinntfii, k< Rev. rol xtili p 169^ - 



gettcn out of rermcme^f of lh« iffroot put ooon bi* ord«r i akcb 
motive ii aUrlbutcd to hin ia Sswrthvmi'i CUfit^ DvAttmmr^ : (et 
gvT, for Uft MooEb, p. 183. S«i ht hi* himMf ^»)Kd ii« ovJ^ 
j«aiic«ti^ntHiECio perhtpi nowfc«^»tnfocad«pihi2 (W^i '^maik, 
viz> tbit " Mr Noonhoack dM no* jnTVBl ii, btn fosod it.'' If 

cinum^Jincci 4irpo<rc(l nftnfcivd et> (hiak (>, of Lvrbcr, ii^ aauiiif 
decii'ii? cm He produced 10 iltc coqUi/^ , ii may Aiil icdujft tW Ml 
lufurU locoaae of hii ^^ c^uiitEl viih dw lionliUciaB* tad tMr 
Qtiriujl inercbiad^f« 1 «uht>iit 4f4n«<tfi^ ffcn 1^ finccHtj of bu 
Ubic«]ucn( vifOfooi scd if:&infl cb4 dofinatiAAd sfiMTtimj ti iIm 
tbnrLh in which li« *** bred. ReJeatoicat, bo«crcf *" pahrj," 
tnighr ftiRicUEC inquUtci, ib4t Cttuld no4 liil tn )«4id 4 ti>n o^ B^ 
Irtiti in<i hctidty zo cohTiflioa. Tt« «wul eiMlleat <Wftdrr, if 
«»he4 abot« iht Aindu^ ot fcumAit MtarVp rrA« to tb« bicnrf^ 
blCi ipd H ibot oaty the more cipofcti eo drc'idAjion. 

Al aitiUguIir in ihc fuiw uork, idtiinf m 4 (nnlUtvoa of Lo«* 

8inui ftid 10 be BiMlf by R<Jm«fid Smtih, tbc viRborol Pk^rt is4 
ippoliioi.bubcco ninitrlc<^bt'anoih«rC-itrflfoa4«Di: oiiiki»b<jHl 
It 11 fellicicfll xa ckticf^^ fhat ib< iraadAtioa of ^Mj^iuj, fo mU 
Itftown vudci Utc name of Avj'^'i, i* ib« work of (b< pre^i Dcaft 
of ChclUr. 

ERRATA f nr i^tf . 

3 1 4ayt bvfon iht ^lAorr t^ 

bQOE th« in;^dk " oih of h%p it 4a 

Itolbach ;'* 4 miAdie of ebc Auchof , or Tranftuor, of Vol- 

iair«»LUc, u (hu \»£liijy bjul^ly dated tftc £Uof Nfff. 

In J.ttlr- of p^ 174. 
^ 177, I- 3»j fi^ /f%>mt9nttk, r-rig^trwfb^ 
«« 1G3, J. J 1 From boiiom. dej« ««# at br|^a&D{. 
^- iB;, I. nit- for $rmiU. f. ^^f^. 
^-.S^TItlcorAiticlcVI. GaiSc. Ibould bt G^qfilr 
^- |JV, i. pfoutt, for/f, T. arr, 
<— 19T, MD Lisca from boctom, for tx^nxa f* 'yffi^ 

— iOji U 1^ for *■* jV, h /i *y. 

— £iil, Art. VI IK t 10, no Hop aFKr >^fM. 
•*ta|f Artkia it, im tbt ttrrii xtm\ an Ofvffighit m Cluli 

ttholty bayOTid. or baili c^ ikt corrld none. 

— f|it L t;p ait^e cad d«ka«/, 
^-136, J. (1 lor*^, r, *v. 
** 340, l> 4. /»/ . Qfcry (to oar CorrHpondcnl R. E. ft.? Wbi 

it fhould sot be ^'i^^ at /p^ 11 tihbigaoii, aad onay rot« 
to ih« rvient of ibe R»fiht. 
IhUt To tbcKrfitaia [be Kevkwv fot Jaa. and Pcb.«Jr«ady omn^ 
after tbat in p. 1 1 . L %, a maMniJ oaa (o L a6 of ihat 



^. 'THE 




For M A Y, 1777. 

Ait. I. RovUy'i Pemt /nriNM/ Vf 3, 111 |ilo^ib*i Rwicof, 

WE refumc ibin Arrkk with hysna befiiir our RcaJm 
fiicti iiT'ji.U of the auUicllUcicy of tlicfc f>ocm», u hi*« 
bctn cofnraunkiTed 10 ui by our frirndi and corrr^ponilctiri i 
«noAg iIk iclt vrt Ait pirtkulul/ ob3i|;cil to Mr. Gc^-g« Ctt- 
Gott( a IcaiiKii aaii(ju»iy in BfiRo), and to Dr. ThoiDii StiIiIi^ 
acemi&ent phylki^n of \Vnn;;ccn ia $oni«i£r;fhtre. Tic M- 
l<mEn^ tccourtt contci item the fciitiii <if Mr. Caicok : 

* 'I ht poetical con^ jKtfL tioni ContairoJ in ihis bo^k u'rrc si'^ft 
<*f ihtuj wriircn during tbc cojiicfilioaii bcin^cn the houTc* of 
York aaJ Lio^iiYvr : ct coctrfV ih^y ni^r fcrvc ro convince 
poft«rity iluE Lht B^mcft of civil difcord 4;i noi tistJrdf co^i* 
fuiTVC the grtviui of poetry ; that (bU period [which >1moll trery 
hifloruti aJT^rcs u» w» dtllitute of pocticil proJ^^ions) had 
ii> potti, ifid that thJ4 rnhlime iTxJ r^gigirig parr of liimiufa 
Wu by no mcani fti a itind, ercn in iho^c dtiiltroui iima. 

■ The progrcft of pocliy may juflly be conCccred »> the pro- 

J'ttfs of human naiarc fjom l»rbarity jq rc^neoieiKi a*d, 
Krc^jT) U mud be a plufLDg diA|Ltiluju]i lo tf jce the gradual 
■draien of Che buvin mind» fro^ jri infiney to 1 £1ji« of ma- 
tority. It u an obfcjrJiuoQ of Lord Ortery, that no poet or 
hiftoriin of r>o«« wai born in thii mUmltout ptiiod i hut ihe 
fortunate difcovcr^ of tbcfe valtubic wori* of {cnjui Affxdt a 
&TI fefuEaiidV) of hii ljjrdfhip'3 opinioti. 

■ 1 think it ne<:cffary, for ihe inform3t'*on of ihe Pablic, Co 
mtnUrjD it) 1 know of the difcrivcry of Rowley's Poeois* mhI 
ivhst ivthorjiy J hire fot bdifving thcfn to have bom really 
written ftt the rcIgn of £d«wd the Fojrtb> *r>d collided by 
Mr. f^UUMm Canjngf the fole foander of Si. M^ Hi^jffi 
thirtA, in the eky al BriiUl^ «id left by hln Ja the Uid churcl^ 

Vat, LVU y Afwr 


31a Roitlty'i Pn'^i, 

ih* preface (o (lieie iKwaii (foe our Ufl Renew} Mr, Citcott 
ihu) proceed 1 ; *" 

* li dc<i fiat appeir petclfrly at wUu linic Chiiitrton'i fji* 
iTvfr oi^c thii <fitcc>v«M' 1 but tbeif ire fxnr rt^foni f>r ihtck- 
jftjf il f-i* abuuE the |e4f i;4Si ind p^itJcuUiIv il \^ r^jti, thil 
upon hit applying to lt:e vrili^ for p>f<t to cotrer the boyS 
ccpy ^^o^3» cnc GhvrchwdrikA>t through a llrui^j;c Icin^ of io- 
XEfAiion 10 ihi^igi c' ibU ^fi* i°l<t N'n, that hf might inakc 
life of tJkC cki p4reti9tviiti which w«re in the chcCIa before- 
Ohrl (ined, «nJ nhxh ihry fuppcifinl were nloaUe upon in> 
ffibcT 4tccount, (t 11 irn;>ol&bIe co foy wh^t, or hovr ma^y 
tvrHid^m were ilcllit>]rc<l in confequnLtc t^f tbii pcTTninioni 
but Mr, Cfiiitcnon, hiitrng, ie feemi, a u(%e for poetty, a»4 
meeting wiib Jtvcrni] <>f Mr. Rowlc/'t cpmpD&iiora in ibjt wijt 
h% coped miny c/ t^'ClIl: bowev^r, Jutiiic \%n lire, none cl 
ihcrn ivcfc Qi^jJc public* At hli dcceafe iftc rciuit^lr.g MS5- 
and cu^iei iill Uto the huidi of hU Ion, t )<]'jrig man of 
VOy tiNCOUMOB' ADiliTUttbul JiAl> FXlt-ClFLEJ. Hi» cJtf* 
Cii.011 ttitK no nrher it;Ji} whsi li~ recc:vcd from a frhooT on 
£<> AU£«i'«a> ila;.k» in wKicb i:otkiii|: was taught bot £ngfifb, 
writing, and :iccliui:«. Yei* wttH llirrc tJiriJv^ria^eit he dif- 
eov«re.i ^n usccmmomtastc roE Poetry, ,iiid i hairenow 
\\-\ my ft&Qa^si iumc ga^d fpceiaie.i« cf hi* abiliiiti^ In ibir 
WA/, Ho w« 4IW « gfcac rnorici£?tT in Heuv^ldrv, aoi 

VCiy fbon itii^fe h'lLli^t.'' ^c^u^LrUfd Wtlh the CLP CIIAXaC* 

.7ftit£ o( ihc M^S, b;i fjthn left behind bitn, and u tginckly 
(Jikovcf'd tlxir value. Ht wa> not, howe^^. oJ'«n ottn oa 
|ftiOGM;ou» i>itPOSiTio>i, and* conffqucnOy, would i>cvfr 
gift jLj^y SATiarACToar accdvmf of what he polTcfled \ bi^ 
oikly from tkme 10 linxe, at C15 KrciMlTlEs ob3i£cd bim, pftw 
d^icd -r<i(nc u^aLcripU froai ibcfe ofigmalik ind U wu with 
^re^t difficuityt ^f^d roa7C expence, 1 prtjcurfd what I hlt^ 
Know-u£ ibiit Mt. WiUum BarrcUt an ernincnc furgeon in 
Btkil«>T, w«a then w:itio^ ^ crcjEife qii the Aiuiauitie? uf ihac 
ciiyi 1 iiitroduceO yoi^t% Chatterioa co binif and cf bien Mr* 
B< |>urch«kU K>oic of ihe o^i^iuJila. He ha^ fre^uciiUj eon* 
fcllcJ to me th4C be dcAroycd m^nf ochen, >nd mentioned tfckC 
tlllca of fonx at t^ac t-mc in his f<}lleltion» whkb 1 covU 
i>«vcr gel a f;ght 0^1 as, Th« Trai^dy of i^e Apoflace {ot 
wh^<h Mr. BnreU ibore^mexiijontd Xai a (lion eM(rx£l} tiK 
fu^tA WJi, 3 pcifad's apo^ifing from ibe Chrtflian 10 t}i« 
je\vJll rcli;uom He ^Ifo loroniied me thj; hit father («rko 
iiKiIcj^(eat ikli^hc in mufical cfvnpoltciovi) had a book of that 
Joit ccimpofrJ by Rowley i but 1 do noi lecollH^, whethe< hi« 
fdn ever bad it In hit p<^SclBon, In tranfciibinj ibefc pQrrn* 
be feciat oevcf to bait de^^flxted from t^re &bfo3cic Janguige iit 




ii in fomc inft*rtcw in ih< Hn/nv Trmit^if^ whtch ffanJi tn lel^ 
htc^ of ■ GlolTiry ti]4n an/ o^ tbcnthecv; in aII the kI!, at 

Oti^rf 10 ron>e or tticm, which, ihoue^ not ccmplcec in aII 

vvf^e^S fMil'Uics ihc tciJ.EfZ. Ici»vcr]tobrcnalil>c, In mm^ 

'iaftincei, (h:*r, u-hrrc he c^uld IWM tn«kc CAil cne trv? o?i}<injil 

te^ifif, TJft HAt iHBtRTEu tvoRD» -ritAT Ane A£»OLt;rtLV 

UMKTrt.troiBt.r, rithcr than I'upfl/ oiberi frr^ thf ci;ucot 

^fodc. Miny proof) of thik mvf ht fc«n m tbe Ti^t.^j of 

^Itj (f« sn cxtriit from mis m oui Uff Review] which t«rn* 

lohftrc btct iriorcfibAi, from th: ^ . . ■ to tlM^n^twiih 

ihe mod rcruj>ukv» a^irrjiinn^ J . i^nf ibji tii^cd/ 

U pithfliCi »nd the fft-j^ti'jn jrf»A\ Pjior 10 Kowlcy'^ 

(Bjibc itic p'lytwxfc iVio4lIy uk«Ji TfOftk hjlc wtit, unJ llicchurch 

VIE Lbt; tKntrc wVicre, fomf cmci, the moft mottflfout abfurdiika 

■ wc it <xh»bicc<d. In bis Ep^R^ to Mr, Canr"J^* prcioji to 

ihit rrtt^cilf , he fe«fti« to hive bfc^eo tbrouj^h the prejudice ot 

^he i»mes xa irfiich he lived, ind to have lotraduccd ■ rew kln^ 

of dn^i, ilmoli upon (Sc U'nc pJin on which cHir |Trcfrnc 

fhcffiricjl co<npo6ti«oi ate formed ; ti$ nrorrfi ftrc ibtfc : 

riAin midde frommc failfic ts!<> 1 hc>]de onmcte. 

I^ite fcmmr g^Kic ifi:<ric Cif 1 mar re he li^nge ; 

WluAQV M » AAn>« vcv Uadi« laJ JU^i i^eaic, 

, yooD nn p^rc c;vadc wee tt^f ^t U&dbfdi* wronri^ 

In 1770* CbaUcriOD went tu Ll^^i^o;i, And GUticd all tliLi 
jTcifure urich him, in ho^^ ^^ W^ m^y very miooi^lr fup- 
j^ofcf of difpofing of it tr> Kit a^vwla^ i he accorditi^V *p' 
fflicd, \\ J hive bren informed, 10 tha( Ic^rDcd aniEtjjary, 
Mr. Honcc WftVpoI^t bu: mtt with hule or no cncourj|:e- 
^tciU from h:mi f**n afier «'6jri, in Jt fit of Jcrpi>r, » ti i« 
^LippofcJt he pu. iUi cr^ CO hii un^iippy life, h-ii^in^ (irfc cuC to 
|MCC£* jnJ d'Ltfiycd all ihc ?/SS. he baJ in b;d p^JT^iTi^a. 

With refpe^I to the atiutjiuiy of ilwfe pocm<t it oerds only 
to be ol>&iic.^ liut Mr. C^DgE^t^ ihc g'fiC frici>d ac;d p3;ior\ 
^ RowKcy, ^led m the ynr 1474* and by Kit wUl dircvlvd 
tlut tbc&» tD^ctbrr with a vad tollc^ioji of other wilirgj^ 
futE<-ienr to nil three or four br^e cheOt, thonid be deiKJlEErd 
In RfdJtft thwi^, ia t^c lo^m bciui^ cncnEitir.tJ, icqardin^ 
Lt tbr nuyor aod dvcf fti;^^if^ritci r\f ihc fiiv, airroiIfiJ by 
le tovit'Clctk, rof^t^cr '^i «nd churcbvMrdent 

if tht p^iifh would aiut^^ . 1 ,.-- ; < fiinr* JJid fct; that 
rcry thins W|s cATGfuiI)prck:«^ i otdcf.tji;:, mo't^tr^ that 
cf^Ti'.RTAjrfMvrrT tHoui ^^ ' -* itiuru pu* them ©« 

iT»et IeJ:eiJbaduA^ the vlniulL p;^Laul;mitui thcU UcuV\t^« 

Row! <j'j r«ffQ« 

for Ulorc yeu tntcre-J tSe roo« where tbcj wot ^pofileJ, fai 
hipd ro pih ibrouph ibrtc i^rt^ v>c|i of which hu cbrec^i^ 
forcnt iocki, Kowlcf U^ ia * MS. of hi> cvn vritiflca Aow it 
M'< \S itliain Bifrcu'i jjallclEon, that ihc cbcll wbidi n*- 
uiTkcd ihc Julio Udgcr W4i bound rou«i^ ^ it>> I'c^s ftfid b«4 «« 
h fu d:3aTi^t k<k>, wL<kb mcic t9 be opcacd b^ the feitnl 
tiuiUci. TbU chcO >ra]j(n< truire lo thii Jiy, in iht nwv 
bcriric mmlivncJ i ftoai nhcscc «c may *cry rcifeiuibtr gdu* 
clbd^. ibii what W31 conuincd iin<l«r ihd« lock*, wx« of 00 
fnul! talcc is ibc clhni*tion of thai ftf^U nuiTt wbom Roakft 
io foEUe MSi ivtrmcua of bimfrir, flylrs In vciy rm^^halisl hi> 
i;;!*;^, '* "J'^c r«rrun'te of Gctfdc, (h« fr)«ndt ftf thcchirrtbc, 
thr ci^nipanyonre ol tyamt *nd (h« fidrc of b^^ QJiyve cieWi 
ih« siei* and fioo^ Wyllyxofim Canyfigt, ifc." 

' Mr> Cinyri^c h^d likewifc 1 CKbintt of csiioriiieft whicb k 
hftd collcftcd n 1 vtry gTcat cvfL«nc« ( ind Rowley aiEtM hm 
in cuktint tkc coIk^iLin. Ihc grcaufl piu of a luge U« 
WH fit}TiJ wtth hfi con«pofki9fH, 1 hii folio Rowfcy fkyt, " «v 
I prc&nic woniicof a prctc k)[^gCi'' in^ tbclofi of it will k 
cvi'f (iqr*rt*T r»i-rettH by tbc frtcndt of IJtcrxiufe i u (he vrv mifHt have tbiourn fomc li^bt o«i ihc karnitj^ of ibdc 

anJ ]ih<ul lujn of irjfidi ibc 4iJlin£il(£hciJ patroo of litcraitKftfl 
ami a lorfT cf iht finr atu. ^1 

* It hirn:n> very unFonanatefy that tbcrc rcmAini do ac 1 
ccntnt of Mf. Rowlty, ciccpt nhit we pi«t with in b»» owi I 
mcmoirt, (-rom tbcncc it ippcari ittx he 'iiT<l id tbc insttt || 
in:i(n4cy wiih Mr. C^n^ngc, siU received very txmv^ti a rj H 
marki of bii firoiir ind gcntrofiiy, Mr. Rowlty'i ynnk% t»^ 
ijrcd jrea fulTif^iii uHimonyorhtk woffd«ift-l genius ai ■ porrf 
bur if, b«fd«t this, wt coriMtt ih^t exFrvmf mo^efly { lb tab- 
pArabU frcni great oiind>) virifth wbkh be fi<-Va uf hioifclf, iirf 
Wh-i brciJit hii •' unwordhie poc«i^/' that jrarntth of p«^ 
tur^c Oifvirn upo>t alf occafioni to bu i]l'jQ'iou» friend t tbcpff- 

,pcrijAJ J<li.;ht be iilrrt In dpicUin^ .rpcn hit mmy unjibkrif* 
Ucit arid (he C4rr»cll dcfire whi<b hr fo conllanilj m^jfcfid 
tranrmiFcing hiv fitnc to poAtmy ; all tticfc thin^i gtv« «l> 
hi^h an idea of tho ^oodncfa of hif beart, that wo caiu^c for- 
bear lovjn^ the fiUOt Bi much ai wt admire tlio poet.* 

fc^r. Caicou, whu uppcxra to have written the above, l^Ml 
fitr yr4r>( Hj^o, ha^^ upon Uter «;>^ri:itioci ind inquiry^ faj wed 
a fvcoTL J memoir concciring Rowley 'v woTtct^ of which bktw^ 
he ]>a« favaiirrd ui vbitti a Copy, ft it aa Foltowa ; 

* My acqdaincajic* with Chatmton vnt wcidefimL tt^H 
one diy> in 1769. ai Redclih chuKfa, with a friend of a 
be obl'erved thai fomt ancicnE f^cca of pcecry had brcit fbtf^ 




th«rf, and ihit mary fpccimcni of it vrare ici the |T<t(r<-[Tion ttt 
a yt)uth whom he knew. I yta Toon afccf nuic jc^uiriiicd 
wifit taim, and he tta^^y^ jnd without reward, ^>\« me th« 
Brifiow Tragedy, KovrUyU Epitaph on Mr. CiQ>'nj[C*i Grand* 
Tuber, and cwc or two other tiirf« pifcci. in two or ihrre 
dap titer be birought me two orif irtli -, J %htt\k ibc Vc[|<>« 
Roll) arti the Ode tn RNj, whiih I tntmrdjitcl^^ pi.i< inro Mr, 
£jaeit't poitvrjtaii. At \h\t time Chut^noa co-^ld }>t Utile 
more than 15. jud come from Mr, C<>i4tott'* tharitt Jtt}yfl \ anil 
I well recoiled hif mfntionixg the nirnct cf m^t of the poemi 
wbichKive ftnce ippcJicd, ai being then ui bis paflcfUon. Xh\t < 
fad, 1 thuik, may be cor^fidcreil » a full confuttiton of an 
opinioci which bu gained fomc ground, of bis beln^ iheAuihof 
O^ ibefe pormi, and having forced thefc [uetr^ttfj nri^iiiili; 
«iid I wiTl vvAFurc to Uy^ that iF anr of thotc grnrtcnicft who 
ftlfe^ 10 drfbelieve the cviJrjKc brought irv proof o! (he :iurf)CR* ^ 
Cictiy of RowJey't wriiiogi, will ditcll theitjfclvn «if all p^rju* ' 
dice, ibey will loon fee ihe ■bTurdity of fuppofmg ihii a ImJ 
of ijf bred up at a t^ritj ft>9tl^ wjihout lh« a^^var'taf^r* of a 
dtAeal education t aftt'wvdi hackn^y-v riier 10 ui ai:otiicyt 
and kepi «on6aed to hli miner't bufincrc, c«uld at once fbrt 
fiom bia obfcjrityt comnxticc a ]u«i^e </f coi^^s I^rtooic «g- 
quauitcii with hcmMry, vrtkf whole; ffncffncd <jf Luin and 
C^TCckp for I can produce iniiancci of both, and fcrgc MSS. 
which difcover the mr>f) evidrnt mirkt, both by th-ir chaiac* 
t<r$ And Uylc, ai well as tbe nature ol llie pirctmrnE liU \U and 
|be manocr of the wmingi oriheir being pconrJ at Uall ihire 
centHrka a^o. To my eentin Icnowlcd^ he un^Jerllood no 
Itnruvgc but his mocher tongue. To tbal (nous;h be mighi cofif 
Greek and Liiin, he could uo\ compose in thofe L.t^^^i^u, [ 
have afic^dy iikcii ooiicc of the nMitn^r cf wrJiin;^. In tbc 
Odv to Klla, which ii written upon veltunx, the charafltn are, 
tji frener^, very ftir and Ictiibic , but wh)C ii very rcmarkablE:, 
ABO which I think nniy be centiJercd » a fiiong, \f not an un- 
doubted proof of iti authenticity, the lines ate iioF kept dillin^l, 
but ilie whole it wriiten in the manner &f a isiofc cotnp>ruion, 
■I waa ufual, when parchment wai fo very kaice. 

* I fliall concli^de wi^b laying bcf;in; the candid Rc^et the 
following iCAiatks ; 

• In a poem tailed the Brtfi^TM Trtt^^fSt^ or IVa'h of 5* 
Charles Bawdin, King Kdward ihe Fourth ia rfprtfentetl iu lk*1 
lint in the Miniver window to fee Sii Charts yJt 10 exccuiiorwj 
St.Xwtn'a church was then the City Minder, md m Ihe boolsi 
of the cbufch there i« now to be Iccn a charge for tiiiin^ u|hj 
tbe church for ihr recepiirtn of King t'dwarJ io ihr ^rar %\'>f^' 
and bb being in Briltol thai yeaf, ii con^mcd hy Howe in b^ 

ilion of Stowc'a Caromde, Frcra the Old Original 
y 3 I-edgci 

3i6 RowWyV Ftmis, 

Lctf»vr T hift tntrtcir^ ttt^^xtim (morg levml caha%) ikc 

** QtcsMd€ &Wcnilnk . 'racuricuft pf the Uyi$ 

tyi^t of Avcr«ll, vmi th? fcif yin oexi ymsdynHf fmB§ 
bye iui bouJ itcrc uid o<J4c i]i>i. 

Cofte dim orn the diyiche. 
*■ Item fo I Ubourcf 7 dajst every tiayc iij d. ■- *^ 

i-«- 3^- - X*ji- I 9 

'* I1C01 far carnioje nriie the lubbclt j d. - o t 

*^ hrcn for wiDitnge ibc cH^Khc |iijr ven 

3^07 ni Kjn^c Ldvtatde 4ih 11 co«ny<igc jiij^. 

ob. - - o 4I 

« Among the pfof? MSS. ii »n iccount of BriAolt ia whick 
lllf, Rovriey nxjLiion> a church fbasdcJ hy a Johauncfl L*- 
rayr^onn* In puUiflg^own t1iefchooJKo4rc in 1762^ wlucli 
WAi ihc remaini of a cburcb or chifvJ, wu fouad a Rooc cof- 
fin, on vbkh wMihe nsmc of Johtafttt Lamyogtonn ai I<tigtb| 
In Ytry kgiUe cbtra^crt. Tbo ftone cofSn b now pfcrervcJ 
rcrire in r-iint bfiijr Rtddiffk chmrih^ wj:b hb efBgin at /mJI 
Jcfiglboci tSccoi«r, h^iLcJ Jtie a piieftt quite pcrft^, «a4 
lir^c ai Ifc. 

* The fotlowiog circumflince oiay, I thirjc, with ^e*t pro- 
prif C)'i be cuol^ied as an »ddi:io:iaJ proof of die auibcati<i|y 
of ibHe viLuibU tcmains of ancKut poetry* && 

■ The cafe j» as (sAXovtt : Tn difi:i;>g a ^rare i:» March i;?6( 
«n tbcebapej at the »of(h entrance iiuo KcJolilil clHuch, ^- 
iwccfl two and three feet uodef ibc lurface of tkc grouDd waj 
difcorefcd a very hige fton« farrxTpb4gti«, probably i^iwardftof 
icoo jctn oMt B< lean it 11 prior to the late Sl NKhoiai 
ebutch, whicb U the oUeQ in Brinol, a»d built^ ai ] bate brta 
eredibly inrormcd, about ^rxv yean aj^^ and what greiily 
flren^lhcDt lliii ci^mjoo ii, th«t u K nude of j jieculiar kioil 
of ftone, triiicb tt t^oc fauiKJ nearer Biiltol than the tVeilof 
Dean, or fose part* of OUiDOfgirLfltire. And ai ibcfe ma a 
gfeat deil of Duiidty llonr ufed in ibe fabric of 5% NkhoJaa* % 
-conildcrab^e pariof wkteh ii flilJ pr«r<fi<d in the pliaUi, tlut, 
by way of cijnamrn:, tti:i:cly fcrruvnJ* the loiver part of tht 
prefvot cdi^c, J chink ihl» may very reafofi^bly be urged 10 fa> 
lour <iF itfbcti^ pjicx to the late church; for c«rt;tiri!y ibt 
butl^cri wculd never laie a^tcd fo vety abturdJvai to Tend b 
farai tbc f of«ll fui Acre, if ihey had koowo '^ nifthi liavt 
becA hu.1 e<|u3Jlyii goo^ a,-?d ai large To near as Ouoiry, which 
ia t^oi i»rrc iban four fborc mtlo diOant : xiJ thit, in lay 
buiniile npimod, may jufily ^ coA^iIered as laotber ftroof 
^rcof of the aathcoticiLy of Rowhy'j IliActy of BuHo^ in 
> - which 

nrbkb ii i« hid ihtrc iv«s i churcb on ReJdiiTt IIilJi pri^r tol 
Alt baiU by Sir Simoa't^ Bmirioi, beinj* fr/unJcJ by R^fgSt- I 
fiVit) or Bithnc io 7891 in which ihc tdofC*rDc:»ti".ici fj^co-" I 

It «itefiiivcly, m^y cj% irrci>rc« tviJrnC ouikj of rctti&cc An JJ 

* l^c fti&fcqu«rt proofs m larovr of the uithentlCiCy of ih4^1 
6cforv'inci^tM:c4 M53< wrrc Jriwii up b) m inj^eiiiotu £tn* I 
dcmanof tbcficulty. -...-§ 

' StippoJlng ^Tlcutioni ^icctJentalfy l:api>cmng ftom frfnlii^'l 

accidcnul <JrcgnilliJi<i:» <0{it.]ujs ng^nri ihc nanj "iliita^.t 
thpft MS>- h*vc, Fn g^n^rjf, to aflt^(jui:y ? *J 

' Scppoun^ e^cft ih*t ChMtcrtun baJ wntcen fortw ifiihgTl 
ID imiufioffi of Rowlfy, which, ffom bft ablUtJci mJ ^3r*c**J 
tec, it ji poffib!c lit mi^ht ^-ivr tfon?, c/«n tbcfc mutt havt 1 
bcrn triffi-t for whm tic wai firft ArfitramfcdtvLEh Mr. Ciicocr^ I 
AA^ Jiitir mcire thin 15, he nicDiioncd lao't uf iliok f^iccc* 1 
wS)i:h fiavc Hucc ji|'pr£iixl «% ihrrj in hi% pi^£c£uii : TuCh ^ I 
llw Intcrludeof ifieTojMBntent, ihe Bjuleof HiAyn**, BcyC- I 
towc Tri£cJie# &c* A*". iH vcrj- Ji>iij pocntt. 1 

* Miry p:fbn3, qualified \>c\h as rckoriri jtij aDfouirUni, 
baie folli' and 00 ihc f^wr, leifrf ^t) // tet h frtpt/!i dutf^ ■ 
cuimut^ Ihc eviJeocci on whicb thcie MSS. grounti t*^'*J 
claitn to irEJquiry i anct I do not rc{-ot[«cl a Hnf^ iiifliiirc of| 
any o^ie who ilJ noi appfrjr ci>niijii:<d. Dr. hVy, iIt** I«3 J 
Jearncd PrtfidcnioE St. John's, OjcforJ, pirttc-^! ivtd 1 
fhc whole with ihc grrittfl ildJl>?rjilon i wji u\--:-. ■-_:'. ^-^ii' | 
vinccd of ihcir authcnCkiTy | copied cnoCt pirt wiih Ilr« uiv^a I 
h«DiJ £ went very f^r in tailciii^ a It^'^^'yi '^'^ ii^Icn^cd CttOI- J 
pleting it. ■ 

* Mr. (fair, a ^rnilcaian xicjr BiiftuJ, litJ wtio fbtiAert/^ 
vfii m the law, hat fftttncAtl/, unJ v^ry Uirlf, iiTizr^'me, I 

boib from the wntin^ jcid th«? rabrrcatioa of tl -^"t. 9 

Tbil gccUcfnin it well qiiJititwJ to 6cc\4c oil ibb point. H« 9 
pcficflTr* grr;it humbf/i of »^ry jnclfnt nunufciipti, w'licli nric " 
coJlcdc^J by Sir Mictbcw Hik, nliofc tmoicdMte d^fccii^^^oc he 
11, hlf. Hftle ti^i likcwflV h:id vcrv uncocnntnii op^itiutiiio o£ 1 
informiliop, hiylng in hi) [>nffu£on b<cn emj^i'oud ta P'fccl 
sbflrjcts of ih« f^IJ Df^ilt «jf rnany af iIk chutcbci ITI B^Llbtv J 
on ^iccouoi of hts hring fo p^jJcA 1 judi^t 4>J otd i^-riTing. ^ 

* T be btc Lotil L ^ i&u(0(igM> invcQi^iicii ihb AitUfi 
and was coRijoccd. < 

■ J Kcoll&fl itjjt Mr. Birrett f»« Wm a triilfcrirl ofTh* I 
Soflg to JE\Uf written m Lhe f^itnc aju»k> u (he orHn*!^ like 

» pi0f= CJMMGtiofl, ' ..rtnv 

Y + *ViAb. 

ytS Rowley*! Petats^ 

* I>w3 C— evimirkcd ihit *ffiw witS fTc« itKoiion, 
th^ou^b it>e HboU rvid^nce on Lbc fpi^t, 3n4 h«ir<] the cbjcc- 
tiann oi^Jt )>j tbf gcntkoKa of London Uom Uufufchcj^ )ci ii 
he ftill con¥mc«d inn [if Pccnt are lultierttic. 

' U 177U Mr. Haifi) of Sit<{barf hiring • vork in Iliad 
Vpon ihr rtf<? and progf^ri rf KngUDi Pi:rEry, dcfirrd Ttt. ^ 
10 rc<)uc11 Mr. BArr«U to iti^d hiir fomr (pccirc^ns of Rowtc^'c 
Pttmtt iTic uri^iflk! of which Mr^ Birifii tuiJ in hit h^r-idi, ro- 
g«lli>r with an accouai of the viinncr m uA/,A l/^ ^frtMf> 
i§%>irtJ, inil tlie evidence of ihci oitfLoiTiEy. Mr. [Imcft Ji4 
fe, And Mr. Hi'rii cxprcfTed (be pleifure ht ftccired ftoQ 
tlicnii in Ehc bi^hcll urmi^ wlLhoui even to htm a» if be dou 
tbrtr auibcnikiiy. 

' The Ucan of Clagher ii inccwifs perfra ntjftcr of 
proofi, ard j» coiivmccd thai ibf Poem& In ^cnerNl havt % 

• pi. Fi/aefiri} very muth dovbtcJ ih^ auihefittdr^of 
Poemt, SiVt on «cfOuni of ** ihe cltaAce of ibe Un*oige, h 
very dilTctcoC ffuni whjit one would ^rar rxptHMt in fuch aji 
flgc Ai th^t in which Ihev v^rt fiiyp<>ft6 to have beei> wriitm/ 

' Df- M(li», DcAoof Eitier, «nJ PrcTiJciH of i ,c AinRiiu 
vzan Soripr?* w^<> ■> a'cM xr(iLt>inicd vili}\ MoU^c c.njt1iQi, 
pCffc^ cniAcr of ancicni crur<ik^?re, Miii, eon(<<tucor]fr, a» 

EA^le at >n^ one of d^cr^tog a forgery, h^ ihcfe brcn tav'^ 
u mmutclj cx^tcinciJ aU <Ke originals 00 tbc fpo:, and i» fdH 
convinced they are auihentlc/ 

We have* from the fame handf, a curipu* account of 
Temple church in nfiftoT, copird vrrbalim fiom the oH^iA 
in Kowiey'ft hand-writing, and figocd with hii r»mc. It 
jjiiib ihjs: * Tys u:iLOulhc wbimi ihit t:b>Tche vn\ fyrOc 
]rbiiyl4^iin, nacalcf^ i ledc ynn fiocha/de of ibv nvttir^tt thtt 
ynn ityi fyx womn^cnnc ynit Eaftef weckc dj^d doc petw 
nauoce for ewhriv, jE'^yog from 5«)nAe ^auUr'a CfoHe to tha 
' new ehyrchc of ihe Tcmplaires/ 

Frocn fever«) rircuTnl^jncei now fennel in that church, coc- 
rdponJing with Rofvlcy'i accounti Mr, CafCott fcemi to hatt 
no dfkuht of itt auihenrifiry. 

W« have liktwife anoLb^r memoir conccrninc; a fctinon (aid 
to be wricren by Rnwlcy* ' On <hr Dc^irie of Holte Sf«yit.^ 
\V«h refpeA 10 thi« Mr. Catcoit obf*fvci, in a Jeiter 10 ~ 
Smith, ' there ii a paCa^c in it from Gregory Nat, doc ft 
Ctr cf which CbJtIerton unJcr^ood/ 

We ha? r now put oaf Rca<Ecra >n poTcinoA of all ihe te 
ptonir^, corcerningthe anti^^vtty of fhete Poemc, ihat wa hare 
t<cn rbic to obtJitn, In our next Rcricw wc fhalt aiteod u> 
tbc lAKtiiiJ ?vid<iict| ir.fl give ovi firal oflnkrn. 





( 3*9 ) 

WE find ourfeWct riEhtt tt i k>f« In wh^t larms to cb*< J 
ri^'lfc thit unequal pcrfOTm^ncc. As f^r is it e«* j 
tendl, thii Sufvry of Expcricn^nttl Phllcfopby It executed in ft j 
ptca(iD£> irtd, ftran txciptnU 'n inflru^Ivc mmncr ; nhcn our I 
AuihorOmdi on 1'aft ground, and hii midc himfclf m;iltcr cl ] 
the fjbir^li of which be Crcais. Hia ilUClrauont, too, arc ofttn 
hippily cbo'cn, and grnerally cloittird in TirniUir >nd agree- 
able, tbouf^h frcqucnily ii^corrc^, bn^oage. Bui, »n thi j 
c>ibrT b<nJ> (he work cuQiaim « vrcJi niiQibcr of erron ; fbcnc 1 
of Vibich have probably proceeded from hafte ind inadvcrrcAce | I 
but thctc 4rc cEhcn, of fiich a tiJluic ai evidently indkitc tbxt 1 
ibe AtiTbor was not himfeEf fiitfciently ■ctjuittiud w^ih the ] 
fiibjpc6» >vbicti be uftdcMMxt ca tc^ch oihcri. It \«DtjIJ N- 
rquiltj lediout and uvtprr>fuibte to th« Reader were we to hy 
before bira irjmy uf ihe dcft^s ind e;rori which we h»c cb* 
ierved or i currory petufsl nf thit peHbrmanrr: it maybe 
proper botrerer to produce % few, mettly in juEeHcuiob of ibia 

\w tj>c cHapler on Ek^'ieitf — % fubjefl To gcneralTj knct^n— 
he brirajt lEn^ofl 4 tol«l i^ourijiLc i^f fume uf ihe mol^ fimple 
phcnoinena. The comtron elc^ric fparlc, ffooi a conimon eon- 
clu^r* i&dcfcribcd in ihe folbwiiig tumid uiii magni^ed tcrins: 
— • Ar* spprarince i» evcitrd, tbac #tv^twij rjftmtj^i /i^tftiv^ i 
the diQi b fudJcri, the o<^tf? 11 loud, 1 fiilpbureo<«i I'oicTI en* 
foev, A ^r«J /.dttu and fiat is ^ele, and a Orj^ht burn rfmaini 
upon iHe finder th»: fuilii^* the expcfimcn'/ — WV fUniy add, 
IBSI (be Ah'ibo;, in ihr precrriing pjgc, dc^ibe* ihc rordu^ior 
» being ' a lorg tube cf t;<&i'.v r'c«t/ 

Agiin, couM an f one trtM^*inc that cur PhiJobphicaf twr* 
v/jrr bad ever fecn theeooimon Leyden cxpciimeni, wKcn Ibef J 
find him afnpli'ying Ltt wclMtnown d&Oa in the fLltoM-inrl 
terriJie cniRncr.^ After defcr^bing a coated fqiurc pJiie c? j 

Iglafk, ' uf about twenty inches dian»cier, th^u^h tl'c liigcr I 
Ibe better,' and fupp^iuig n placed of» a itiet-!l»c ft*m!, h« j 
■dda-^' Tbi/T^a being thua difpofcd, the tb4ifi ^a ftronfflr | 
e)edrili<d ty turnirg the globe, arJ ihtji commuriLCittiig witfi J 
the upper fjde of ihc pane (the latter] iaek^rin^d itlfo, Now] 
fliould a man br fi^fl/h, ibw^a being iti lhi« fituaiion, at to J 
touch tbe under fatfttce of ihe pane witb one hand, while vHeIi j 
ibe other he touches the chain that cDir^muni'Tau* between the j 
upper fiirfice and (he globe, the Oiock iixukj be f^ terf ible« J 
' (hat itv^xid Jiiiki ^•mdUdiman i'^aii// 

Thrfe piin^^, at well u olhcTi In ibit and other cbiprtrt 
of i!ic (vork, c»Ty ivAb tMm thff «« of liicnl molXitiofis frofli 
Hm l>'irnrb iml o-hn t^ivgvra^ct. Tlic fornct, in p»[jnrfvi 
■tc pr<^bibly ukcn frc«ii tbe 4eKn£tiona <)f (avc of the 6rft w* 
Uionof ibeic <*pciimeint ; — poJibEj v\ MukhcnWix^, ubo 
uJkcd Uhc ^iie |>brct Hiu^k, ifcct rc<ci^i:i|; the JiiCl dtdhc 
^S«i ;<— [Sec iM r:«icJ Profvtlbr'i &wn «>ccoun( of ibc millTit 
■nd hif cxtnordirary ^tmiioji on ihii rvcor, in cur 371b 
volwir. Au^ult '7^7> P'l^ lor] Wc Dull i^lJ oac lootf 
uuMatJQo <M thu rubjf^f vbich ippcv) to be 2 tf AiilUti«D 

* Afr. TnriWrt^' Tays Dr. G. or fubrr Tom^ mor« **rjf 
a^tiht^fi vfhc^n he it ktvjlcly iranlbrifigt * ba» invented « aie> 
ttiod of fccuhBg ri' bDufn, xnd oc}i;<ct)iicnt)j [he inkibioitti, 
(looi tbc violence of thvodcr- It U no more ihia procunsf 
t ^"j i'on rod, vhicb wtod>t% frfft tht <U^ it tbt cuEb/— i-JoDg 
tadccd f — * lod it lo cro^td ui or neat a boule^ aa to /n^'froo 
noB'dc^iic fubQukcc wh&icicr, uccpi dic gtcund brtmr, ani 
tiw^Jou^ ibove. Th«enJ e^r tbii i<Mf, jMh:Hnf tb« ek^riM 
fAft/iaibJbcs the dcSric iluid with which ibc oo^id u cbargedp 
luid came* it ^ovm lo fhc »nhi whc/c ii » dLffipaicd vriihout 
firikcr okirchier,' 

Jtl u»iing of ihc >fnrt of w.itfr b^tw<rcn iwo gljift plitei, 
- wltorc fufftccft afc pUccd nearly in conu^ vrjth »ch oUtef* he 
fiyt, that * if ihetJiflinre betuTc:^ rhem be above ihe hundredth 
|uiit of an iochi tbc water will riJe 10 about an inch ; if ibe 
tSJJ^yt^i br bui /,£/^ ;har, the water wilt rife but h^'/^i hJ^H.'-* 
He fkoutd have uid, ot probably nic^ric 10 have r^id, t^n u 
llj^h. Tbc error indeed appears to b^vc piocecded father frocB 
uwJvcrtcncc than j^iwrance ; for ttw Author bad juft before 
ri^U:I) oblerved that * the itfi the Jufatit between t^c two iat* 
fjeei of tbe gl^ffei, the /^t^^vr wilJ the wuer riJe :' tnd Toon af- 
K'warda, when he treata of the iinirtar phefiofDoxiOi prefcmcd 
by capjilary tubes, he juftiy olirerTei, that ' if a tube tbe hm- 
^tM pur of an inch dismeirr, raifci the vrater to ott incb, a 
tube tbe Jif^h pirt of an incb unU iJife jufl h^/f *ii inch of 
waicf/ — In tbe fiife of ihefe palU^pf, he waa probably led iaio 
the miAAe bj conrideiiiig the ^j^of ibe bstkdrtdth pait ol as 
JActi to be tbe Ahicth of aa inch, inftead of tfkc Iwo hundredth 
^ri t'f that diflance. 

Ic chap' 9i the only reafbn which tbe Authof tlS^ni vrhr 
.the pianctj* ptimary aod <cGonidary» do not sioire in eircks, la fl 
thai, ■ wbiEe lb«v are ^ittr^ed bf the bodiea refpeflivclf iu^l 
thesr ceotctH at the fame tir&c ihtj arei In a IcCTcf proporiioo^^l 
aitiailed iytwb^J^, Foe ihh reafen, be i4iu they do noc^^ 
ibOie in circuUr orbita, but in fueh ai are «ll]pti(a)t tic* — 
Not frrn 11^ to knoWi or, at lcafi| confidctia^r tbacihia caofe ^ 

VVartDit'f Pnmu 


curi Dtfl^j produce 3i!oniali«it ot irrr^ulaticlti, Im iMr^fnttCt^ 
And thM the clEiptK^I tutm of Eliuf oibi-n h prMi^cod btr ih< 
inci^iuhET bttwcfin ihc [jrus<^t!c 4<)J ^ut^^u.i)^ foica; or thic 
tbr nature of ik^ cuivc jh w.iicti ilu-y rcvf^jvi^ b tktcrtrintd bv 
tW rtf Ja» ^twffji tlicir c«Airi^Ml And pr<4cdik furtc*. 

To cbii lill of crrort artti lf]jdvcuakci<»t 4<iriiig Uota a n>ii* 

w« Siall aiid only one articl« more, itfttira co^O/^ni.— I'cat- 

wlih rcfua) c^fc thrnugh (he furilcft (Ijiimoriiji and rhf To/cclt 
airj LI OKfti in the drnfe^ mcdiuoM DOJhirs lif r«unJ iti prc>- 

ttc^, bui much to incrctfc iia ccWtiej, rui ii ol>;]ri ihc in* 
MfKCof ihdr fuperrar stiraOionr*— A raj- o* Uj^hty djiciog 
obliquely upoD the tntcr. hu the cbliauiiy oF Ii» f«ll inttr- 
luptcd by utM^bn, and c^nlcoMnily U\h more |:<rpi:r.dicu- 
JAily down i though, riiwtijij Jp<ak:'^% the r^T. Ja k> ilcfccnt 
;Jir«i|2& wacn- or ^Ufi, a not rcfn^ed y^tf^jv thi JwJau n xAd 
i«ir#n in t_j9rfijf&f »V'v, but a <r9tked pjh,* 

Ri£tr^Ji]i f[-€Mn^^ hawfTcrf ihc r^y ncliriU^y lUDvrt in s 
Jfraifh line thrarjcS xht aadia mcoiiotcid by Kil« Auchor»/r#af 
/&^/4f/r#/£r^rJrAr, or ihrougb aoy othrrv clnttr^^&r]ai4/fA/£ry^ 
ivha(<ier be Ih^ir depth or tliJciciKf»t I n theft m^A'j, it ti onjf 
bcfoie ic tobchrq^ and yihcn it ii leaving, trieicf:9£lifig/Mpy>b-rt 
and is at in int^nlible diT m jt, thit il alluiucs a turvt 

dkcftion. 1(3 £li(jjc, lIk .\ ^rujj^fuiLU, fo'^rup^jn* 

jnovnced, bctrA)i hu want oi krtoLvlrJge in the fubj^^; and » 
ttue cnly with tcfpecl to a r«y of Ji^hc cniciing i^tto jfid de- 
/ccndm|( thfXH^ the atmorpbfvc, or «ny other jtv^^rarmwhcfe 

Not«khJlan[fing the flianr anJ kind of rti««ic which wf have 
aTloircd io thl> work* at the bcginflin^ oF the Aiitd« \ thc^e 
and fevcrjj oTh^r errors, nor here fj>rdfied, renier ir rrry ^nfit, 
while tbey rcoiain in it, to be put into tbe h^rrdi of lyroi ; 
for wbofe aCe performance J of this kini Mre chief y deli gnerf. 
The phi]of;)phicaJ reader^ who is capable of co>rreOi/ig tlic Ai*- 
ihor*) irilUket as he ^u alonj^ iloea iiot fland iu »m \A fuch 
an inlbudcr. 

AaT. lUt P*tmt. A *iV9 Iditin, wift* AMfitM. By Thoow 

WE hiTF ilwafa eonlUcnJ Mr. Warton a» a poet of the 
fuH ^kbilklica, whole j^niiu wai drefkd ry daflic ullc 
amt jud^riKiti, auJ wbo£= faiKy, howcrcr fci5u€ivCt ltd him 
not to in fff^fftaciOA of overiibouied orn-^^vir Si'n|i|i<ity 
aad peffftcuity, fuppoitcd bj dcgajice» ait . . . .i^uifK^sg 


Vt' utom't Ptmim 

mrki of the bcft fWy, How AK<v&ltil Utr, \V. Iui beca b 

CultivBtioff ihHV, will *pp^*r fto/n ihe Portni bc^re v&. 

In the Brft ptj<cc we vc (o obf^rn-c ihii ctiLi pubiic«i»o« mwf 
btccnfi^^trrJ u, ID foakv mcifTc, ongiitftl, bete bekig oolf 
ft«c« p«««v* ihir bive before utfoieif, aod ww three 
tb>t flumbcf which uc now £ifl prbiieJ. 

The 6rft of ibefc [orjEiAali] if %Mi Jnfehpliort in in Hi 
■ge, At AanqT'Htllt in WuwidcftHri tb>a which ootkififft k 
oui Dpuuo«), can b« more b«iniifoUy fio^t, or clLiridcnBk: 

Bcneaih ihb ftoay roof rc<lirtM, 
f fcxxh to peKC mx pcntrcraiBilt 
A»^ wbiL4?> lo biidp (Dj- lovty c4fe. 
Embovf'i'^E «<ini tb«ir cabrAj^e inre i 
AdJ whiJ« che BiAfle d'lh ii nuae* 
The bc«bct cup. DnAaia'd mih witx r 
J fcorv iLc gty 'icrotlon cro*d. 
Nor faavd fkc imt ik«i i:«ck Uc proi4. 

Wkhi* vr fiKic* tone 4ih] flillt 
The blukbiTfl (>jp«i JEi jfdrfitriJJ: 
Fitt by mj coucb, co^rcui j>u«ft, 
Tk< wren fci* w«« bif mo£> ^*-^ 
From b^ljr lc«ae>r uici bnchtcr HtMw 
To Jurk Wi;;i inoott^cc. Jhc £i«i ^ 
tine hcfci jo ftie fvpofr ca dw«II, 
fiot ivght furprAi the fYlras celt. 

At BOni> 1 uke tRjr cuat^m'J rouad, 
To muk hftt bud) yon Jhrubb/ Boutd; 
Ami eierr ijp*ning prioiroiV ooaM. 
That inmljr VitJDii my btoooiiiig ttoattt : 
Qr o*«f (Ih Uttlpcvft*i ouaUi i^^ rode, 
Th4< ffr*ce my jloooiy Mkade. 
1 itAcb id winilij.^ hTcALhi Lu Any 
Fuktsdic 1*7% gitjdicg fpny. 

At eve, wiibtn yon Hudtoai oookt 
i «pc ray bri^-cmbtifcil book» 
Fouruay'd wiih miny i lioly deed 
Of Buryrf, croivn'd v^th hnitaly ikeri: 
Throt » my <xper wssrea 4ia, 
Chaatt ere I (Iccp, v^ aKarar'j b]rnBi 
Aad, 4t ihc doTc. Lbc Elcurn bchoU 
Of partims «iiii£i bcdtopt wiib gold. 

W)uk fuch pure jo^£ any blift create. 
Who buc wQuU Imilc 11 guilc)- t^itc t 
Wko bat iKiLiM i^iih hit loly loi 
la calai OUimo's humble gron f 

WirtenV Psmi, 


Who )tai would ckd hii poa\p tAiy, 
To take Rif ttafF, ind amkrr ^r;iy ; 
And to t)i< wotld'k iLimaltiKJui rtiga 
P/«frr the bUmc^rri bcrmittif^ / 

The Monodj written Jt Straiford upon Avon i« wtW ippro- 
profihitfd uid pf^turcr«iur. The ^ripbic^l pftiiiiiitj; of iho 
rivcf, nvhicli grvcs st perfe^ an Mc-a of it at you CQul<f fain 
from the pencil of a'l'cMcri, *nd ih« fine catbuUftfta that iul- 
Iqwh ^^c o^ '^c hjf'pidl cxccuiifin: 

Avnn, iby rorll rir**^, rhy p^flnft Mid, 
Thf wi]tow» ihai oVrhjm^ thy ewilirhc fdrc. 
Their bodgha cnuiiglin^ v,{[\i ifaVntVlUlrd Mpt 
TKy bfkOK «ri[]i uri[Vfy foJia^ q»]ntty fring'd. 
Thy furfjer itith rfflctirf wrdnrr ttfig'd i 
$Mfh ffie wi;h mtoy ■ pnliiT p'ti/ur? mild. 
But while t mtife, inil here ihv b«rd dirine 
Wbofc (icrcd dill yon bigh ajcl/d iUi inddct 
Wlirrc (he Lafi wisJuuri rife in lluclj vowi^ 
Above th' ffmbowefiny Ih!ic4*, 
H*r« lirft, « Fac*| i fiur» dreW Dirine, 
Ufdailici pred til infant ofi>riDj> oiadc; 
Hfic oEjkTjuL yet, ia tlrtpTiDf ycarj 0nnpt« 
Pn-Ti d of ihy rfedi ■ fhfill «nd ariMi pjpfl • 
Saddfn th^ beioriei. Avon, a!] ar« fled, 
Aj at (he waMng ot torn* mnj^ic wtnd; 
Ad holy rnncc my charitied iptrit uip^at 
And mhTuI fhapea of fcaticx* ud of kit^ 

likt fpe^lr«i hv«fmK>g fOth« oifard't haJ] | 
Aftd Qci&ly pitt^ aad poUc with titmbPiDg basd 
The woQbdi 3i corcr'd br ihe purple palf, 
BcfojG mc Y'tij fccmi to ftaud 
A werpfrg mournrr, fnotf ulrh an^siQi (brv. 
To ffc Mufortune rcttd in frftBiic nood 
Hu robe, with rrat itoei embrcidet'd o'tT- 
PaltTerroui leads ibf *i{>OQ«iT bird. 
And PernTy iLakei hu fceptrc, droppiag blood. 
Tbe Poem en the D?3th of Kir»g G^rge th« Secood, ad* 
4rcflttl to Mr. Secretary Pitt, vrr have afway? reckoned anaongft 
the bcft p«irormaDCCi of ihW Author, h ic elcgim and har- 
■MOlOui in ibc grcauU degree I and at it wu unaccounublf 
okco no notice af in &'jr review of ibc Oxrord Vcrfcs on thai 
rioccaiiont vo fkall prcknl our Rndera mib it here; 

So flfCiin the futrow* (hat embalm the brav*» 
Tb? iriM thar -*tclrnce fheda on Gtory'i gnvcl 
So pare Uic towi whkh cUAc dacy payi 
To bie6 ftno4h4r Brvofmcka nftnf- rayi! 

O Pitt, if choica Itraint have powee U fUal 
Thy waichfBj breaJl awhile frooi Biiiaici'* vral i 
Ifvotiie tcffe, from Cured Um lemi 
Mif be hop* to chvn tiy nactf mind, lAtent 



Oa pBtriM pUn«, »hkh ancittit frrtd^n J/cWt - 
Awlulc with fced auension dcigf- to vu* 
Thti imp!< ^V'rriiihr ubitti jU th* ^piMrd Nine 
tt'iih ftU vn^ifd ^rc cfufpir'd to iwine. 

Yri, ^ulrfr j»d j^Jifdrvi of vhy c^ottry'j <ia|« ! 
ThTC<M.ldon fceart Oull haU vith j«A ip[>tiifc 
Tbc (it!«)vt M^fe, nidC'* h4ic o&ciots Lria{> 

Thf too^uf , wrU lutflf'd |A hiOoric lofc« 

Cia fp««k kcF o&ce aaA lier oh of f ^re i 

F<jr (Mk (h« inbu» of i4t£fa;ia«u ff^fe 

li«t hup JifpccaM le CfC<U'i |c£den tb/i i 

HiK^ wrr« ihc palmi, in iJln uf cJJ npowo^ 

Shf? <uird« 10 dfc'c rhr g^tJitcfi inoiurcli** ctumn ; 

Or.loatiJdTbcion't r*p<w'^ eye djf^iot^l. 
Brlgl^i «Alr», *bc:« rpliiucf Ltc brave rrpoi'dc 
Yft fii!l brafJtk t^ tbKTBc, usbH^'d, Oic ^te. 
Tk« dffeacE havd «iid, not tka flit^c, ol Iam | 

T«b1ftiJ [h« \ui\rt ofhttcoatUrr'AtMuei 

Tor, fiEglit like Our'i, &cdu'i. will: fmdcnc pn^«, 

Ob«dr<iic« fr<>m dependence co dtridc ; 

'iiidtffb prin««i cUim'd bet utb^Utf iMjt^ 

Wiik tfiuh fc'cic fltc tempct^d ^iiii paiic ± 

Boltl 11 hrr Aighit, ind ii tci auiabcfi iicr. 

A^ fure if f'erU« nolcindafx^d btr flrdfii, 
.WiOt j«tl r«icat^> tt gf^c* fccr64C rci^ai, 
Whct^ could h<r £Ur>(c ft li<xae of triumph owa 
Si> dc^f t^ i»a%^ uK^iomt'^ tjwbicd ibrciicf 
At vthcie &'« bftft. th^ Ik^bit roul Arpirci 
'la u'lLe A ttigljty naELOo'i 4cc;e&t ktttt 
Arpiiu to h*ar Ki^tiao'i fpcdoas cUinif 
Rotrac UnjcUnc'i n^Ct uid giro her tbuf^Jer tfa : 
OiOi Wfiit the in;iiB hcf coo^utrin^ b«abar» IWocp, 
Af ftifl ^tf cdtr.mcrcf darkrni tU tfae dfep, 
'lEy iu*d fclolrf rroetfi wch irm d«cm 
Thtfl RuiJct tb4C kcpL r>f joiC) ibv cctauy Tkc, 
CiirM hr tty vi^LCC, 1401 dof to fti;*i tlumu 
'i nJUing youch itic laral eoipfre iroM : 
\^{n The 1c}nT( of Albio*'* cvltar'd pJlisi 

14 ifll fki. I ifchff 9. (wr>m ihc fti ai or ibU> 
Fliritfd -fi tkc vin (j/ BMi* ■ hariM bahL 
Nor jMih: i&c fomp ol UdotttR drteMv 
Tbr a'ar of «ord*, (k« fctpbf Itriei ol t4t« : 
Nf^ 4r^i4 C3uc>m <bvcki t^r ''*^ 6rlr|ca» 
Nor Ho]H thy Hrran of thqvoiKt di'inc : 
Fci Lh^rc lie ptmJege, oa leir bL9::7*'i}, 
To ftdj iQ ibink, to (^tk, ^ puul;< good. 



la valft Corroprton nlft W venal iribet^ 
One coaimoQ etife one cOAftios end prcfVribn t 
Noi- frar lor frtqd. or rp>l/vj or icrtr^i, iJw foe, 
fiai f|T:ii^ f.-cruKt. ard va1o<sr ^iltfj ihc blow. ^ 
O Piir, fc'hilc bonr^*r p?in(i <hy liberal fl^n, 
Af.4 oVr tkf MTsi.'rf e»ilrt the M13, 
l»i4 MijcBuJ |^r<*t» thy finhFuJ fv^iyt 

For 'ei» aoi Ifer^f, b/ rnVc coficc/tloat dnnn, 

At (fitrt'llA SffliYT/'i rr>rdrd Hiriftv » biti ; 

Each ri(iv« effort tff the frcTfnjf bmil 

To fn«tiil>, to ibc*, in cqoiJ fctri Tapprtl : 

*T» tot (or bcr i& purcLilf! a fuifDC 

Tke p^tvioni Jifi>«n of the cungitif* trtv : 

MtHC vfcAl tarli bt-r f udioei boun tfs^^gr, 

Aftd fiiirr J I^Jqq* fil] htr fpstlrr* p«|t* : 

£«n«aih (m^jioQ, but itx^o dif^cci 

Vilth nobler ifiT ihe form* the mAbj tt<v : 

Witb hjppier r^i, ttd Icf* rcCn'd ptefe^c^, 

Inek^rrrmcf, Pi^noo'd Mniilr^ace 

To ttir htr sKVfd rMfj in repi ;:tiif*, 

Asd tift KtT templci nevu- to the W\ci j 

PrtBco and prcUtci Cncda'd tf>c fod*! EfAnd. 

To fbrni, dwofct tnil £x, her high c^Eimarid : 

From Itie^i L^e cliim'd, j^ ftofn"d ftt irtk, the prttft 

Frco kings, IHee Gdomcx, benigiVK, jail, Jiad nifc. 

Lo, tht* frtr £co flir-c l^re. — rfcr rtjoo vcFaft 
T^It hambTc prrTcni of n^ Pariuf hlufe 
Prom ihM cji!3i Bower", uhwh irun'd Oiy iloo^iful j^jjh 
In the pvrc prtcvpti cf AtImusii tr«tb ; 
Wh«rv fifS ibc form of Bdriilh Ltbcity 
Bc«m*J la fKUrftdunreceihr niififieCfY; 
TkAi fgrn, «bo^« mien fvbtimr, wfih cqvil am^ 
In tbf &»e f^ade irnM^mTfh'd Somen fsw : 
Where ot<« [|flf ire J Ihe tov'd the fri«ndF^^ grovo 

tWhUk e^ery claC;: ^rue fcdd lem'd «o rotr) 
Ht* »biipcf J ir*tM fifjt f^UTrinviOC to fctj^ 
The bicffingi of her yt^ionity rd|c ; 
TM( r'^» vihich wur no mpore, an empty t^fve, 
AdcrA» ptii^ra^hf'f fical drears, 
BuccroKfl) at IiA» beReath a Oioitoe'a Imi!^, 
Ja full reili'if th:> f^vovr'J Jde. 
Tlw Vcrfc? on ihc Marriage cf the Kltt^ art of infirrior me* 
t'f not to thoft crn tlip Birih of the Prhce of Wales. • 

The Ilunkit an OJe, wdtKn in WWchwood For^ft, ;« « 
iliffbtfo) pi^uie of runl Lfe, or rather of ihe Itf^ of ibc b-jl- 
Uidir^* PiSv ^ Jr^a isaa mni> But rofKj'^T whit the f>oct 

rfa-Tibei he oiufV |:oirt/i the poet'a emhul^irrri : 

, , - I I 

• TfiniirCwnet*, Oifofdi lawbUk alfo Lord S«ne'i, ano Sir 
IDca Hirria2;:oa, aaibor of iha OcBAaA« ««f«Wvca£«f, 


WiA>nV Pa/mt, 

Th« bxA^ bow bleti, «hd &c'«r bTgnil'd 

Nm hMOE ibc truaj. aor Lcap: the a;ilnt 
For f^lmdid cue, uud niiUy {«(• ! 

Wkcn motoiDg'i i*t!ij|ii.tiraiij*<I bcicv 
^tfikti i^«fr lou ihitch Htrh dknciA^ glcun, 
TFuy vote ftbtoad in cihcr blue. 
To i>p ibo fcyihc in ^Ei^unt licw : 
ThtriLnf iQbmX ihcbccUiioMI 
That noiMiDg ih^6t* « cragg)- dell. 
'Midft gloocay Axln, ic «»b)M ck«r, 
Wil4 ftAiaf«*i («ccic^ notn tb«y b«Ar ; 
On j^Tttn bniioddco btnkj ibey view 
The hv*dii;h'i mrgkfccd hwr i 
In cb«ir \oae h^nni^ inJ wnciiUnd rottndi, 
Thiy fpr tbe Iciairrrl ■ litf bo-iad* s 
And Awik from b<f jU^n Ip'Ayt 

Acrijfi tb< tlca. l^: fcsMcxiia^ >«y : 

Racb AiLitc ch<i^ ihclf C-cpt cipEoic 

Of Solicu^r't frqurftrr'd Aarp, 

t'or tbcm the mooa with dftodicf* tiy 

MouBtta to illnoH; ikcir hobcwud wny t 

Tbdf «c«[j f]?irat> ta fttjcr^i 

The mniiowi Incenfe lirc-athc it ert. 

No rJat min iht fimplc fare 

7'hai oVr Ji glimmeNnj^ heafth thcjr fhiK'; 

Bat mbcn ibc <uiU|l'i 4«e*rui'd nuf 

Uvl;. (Eic (Iwltoius TtllLd oV. 

KflA echoed frofn tie diflinx cown, 

Tbey vifh no b«di of cysnci^downf 

Nv trophUd <tncfivf» to dofc 

Tbcu dfoopine cye» id quick rtpoTc, 
Tbcii humble fionh ntth bonitd Covers 

Tb« corliog iroodbdntS Qiadt eabowcni 

yrooi the trim gAf Jen't thyny mound 

Their ^ri io buJy fwarnii refbvndi 

Noi Ifll Dii'ofc, before bii tiior, 

Hi4e>Ci>c«DfuRAC Jifc'igoMcB print: 

Bui when their tempJci loti^ bare won 

The nivtr <roi«o of ErrJIci iv>ui 

A» Addiooi JliLl cftim pcicc to kv«pi 

Bcacfttb a ilawcry toil tbfy Qcep^ 

Kr. VVanon is pinicuUrlv b4pt>y «» dcfcripLivc poctty, W 

fince Uid down by on« c( bU brethren in o&cc, vrc mciut tU 
Ptfctry Pfofcflor cf Rome. 

Ol thii ulen- ixi Lbit walk the for^^oicig PottD* srtd tb« £i- 
vcnth Ode fcnt to » tricnU on Iraviog a r«vouEiic Viltwc U 
Bwipl^irr, wiU prove vciy agreeable f^vcitneoi : 
Ab nuMirn, tbon lovM fCLTc» ! No son 
Sbftli cUfic JUp iby fceiic» eiflDn 1 



"WartonV Pamu 
tnm'4 p«l* nyt hut Uiaily peep 

Who oow ihdJ dimb iti broiflia lo view 
Tfcy length t>f iandlki^'i* ever offw ; 
Whrrc Siimmrf fluigi, in car^rJeft pride, 
H*r rkric4 *cniLf« fjkt %tni Aid* I 
'Whoovjiiki bcncaili, r^h vi1ls^(buci| 
Of £tingc, or <tm -encircled farm: 
The flinty dore-cocc'ji croudcd rooF, 
^iFeh'd by (be kiir ih>t Titla alo^f r 
The tafied pin«>j whofe umbrage itll 
"Dukcaa Lhc long dafeiEcd hill ; 
The vctcriji bc^cb. ihai on tho ptalii 
CAlteAt At eve ihe phyfal rr»ln ; 
T)ie colt ibat fmolcoi wiih etHy Cf«, 
Tbc \ow/-iiyoVd fane'i embofom'd Tpirt! 
Who DOW IliiU LnJokuclf fljaj- 
Tkircugh (he deep (trtdi'^t icnglrd wxy t 
pLc»'d a hii cujiom'd ufit ro lind 
The wrU knnwa hoar^'trf^cd hind| 
Th«t toili ivich feeble handf co flcoa 
Of wiiber'd bought kU piMincc metsl 
W ha mid [by nooki cf hirJe fir, 
Lott in feme mrfincholy tt} 
Acid liltciiinj; la Lhe raven'i croak* 
The di^m !l«jl. [be f«Uin^ o<ik t 
Who, wandering H reiiirn cf Mfljr, 
Citch ih« (ir£t c:uckou''i v^mfil liy ^ 
Wko, muting WA&i the fummer hcuf. 
Where high o'cr-wchtn* xivtt cmb^w'f 
The gtaffy lioct foriKlK pac'd, 
Wich uurf fionTCti Jdlj- grac'd ! 
UnueiJc'd now, at lftilichi*> d«wa 
RctDrning mpcri crcfi Ene ]awa; 
Hor fond itteiti^ioii lovej co none 
The wejther'4 brtl from folf^i remotei 
While, owc'd t>jr no posrie eve, 
Iby perfiic ei^eninfji (hade the Iky! 

F^or lu I ihc Bdid ivho iipiuic fotOiA 
Tmm every rural fight or founfl ; 
WhofV grriEiK wirm, and ju Jgnimt ebftie, 
No chirm of genuine niluic pell ) 
Who fclE tbc Mure > pureil £iu. 
Far from iby f^vour'd hiunc reiUci ; 
Who pwpVd ill thy Toeil boweri 
With (haii<i«-v Qijpfv, asd airv poiirera. 

And fee, iKy fiJ (niucHex'a eloomt 
Tbcir jQcieni, dread repole refuine«1 
Frtifti the deep dell, vhere Pt'^y too:i 
riingc ibe roHgh bnJ»k «ri*h wreathed tbooH, 
Tb' oai^Lling U^eivt lliet f^rlorv, 
Hii pfwolc chap!<l fadely utm. 



31^ Wirtdn'i PAmr. 

Witb hollov Ihrkk ihe N^n^t tor«k« 

The p«t1ilrfi copfc, and hedfpi r*w bnbtf. 

U'hcTC the dcJvM BiouaUia** bodlotg iidi 

Iti «hilk]r cmi lib opcdi wide. 

On ihr grttc faoimit, atnbcJh'd kigh^ 

ho UriRcr Echo bro to li<. 

Ni> pufi'CfOvA'd M«d>, wii^ wi>K ^^^ 

Rift beckoDtDS &om ibc ;n^j kroolc 

Around the gl^^i^^^^'i^'s glinUQcrit^ buk, 

^^o Ftiiifi run in icry rtnk \ 

Nor bfufh, kttf fccii. io lirfuc^dg 

The violci'^ unpiiaicd kud. 

But Faacf, O^ni the ihkkeu tKowa* 

Thenreft-otki. ilu cokand boe. 
Hod to dM bJftft iviEh Warier Uttc. 
nOMbgkiia sod ritllcA «iicr&JU« 
Htr orighE Idea) cfipring »11i. 

So by fonf fagc itchaaur*! Tp^Ut 
(A> old Anbiib hblcM tdl) 

LosMtU^i garden I gailj tinird : 
flo« fo^rc rockt tht hawiaiMi ftieaa'd^ 
Widk flwdu froit tbi bflSflch** boa 'd i 
Fur fcvnu. lA ertr; wowkniw vopdt 
Or li^ht^r ir-pp^d, or fokvo Jkood ; 
And ofE, r«truUDg (torn ikt «ie«, 
Ectny'dt «: dliUoce, bcisiiM ae* t 
Wbik cIcuEunc o'er the cni^cd bci^c^ 
Kkb rpir« uok, a»d fpvi^JiE^ towcrt* 

If bovad OB Ctrftee erw to go, 
Tbe Mftef of tbc cuj-ic ituw, j 

Hit inafitorr chum AuJtJrev, 
Awtj th'iiQu^vc lunffcApc flew : 
Dflt ciMdft oU^tffM the ftiovo of gol4t 
Blflc Kgbcniag footc Uic uooning mojili 
la fiGoiftiry^ory icftr'd, 
Tbe gorgcoiM «aiU difappcv'd : 
Acd 1 b«rc hr4(b'i Bafnitf*] pluA 
Urufp'd U« wirard'« pcood doottiftt 

The Od« wruun at Vilc-Ropl Abbty in Cbcfiiirr a wuk 
in the lljle and mjiiiicr of ibc CliBrcby-ji J £^^>i ^^ «pi|^nn 
CO be mo^Ucd upon iti r« '^ wanu the rtaplic^iy ol UmIm- 
cc-rj but tbtit poiabljr, tW nagQifitcfKc of xhtc (ubjtA vavH 
not tifilr illow^ 

Ovf AuthoiT rcvs:s s'^ to ^^c bad Mr, Gny in hU c^ 
wben be wote bJt Od«>, entitled, £b« O^ai^, ud riv Gm« 
«^ JCj'-f 4'thmr ; for lh<y4n nucb iv Um wifd and wrc^ d finlm 
orbuC«fnbraii lyrv. TbrgrtMpott, prateblj, thougM 

k. Mil 

1 romantic <nthuiur<i of tb« times be dcTcribc^, Wc do 
t ihiak ihcfc Od» infcUQi to Mr^ijtiy's. At the {ktue rime 
ly baye more pcxfpicuicy. Some pfWiy origitnl $onncu /J- 
Vp but irc inuJl-**y/rd/ n0 nj^r/. 

[. Atkia, IEV10. ««, (>4. rcACiL Wajfip^iMf priAtoi for 
'ohaToa in London. I777i 

rH£ naturil alliince beiw^cn Uic Scleiiccs «nJ tSc Ant, 
though cxiicincly obviuus, hi< ncir bcon TuElicipniJy «- 
dcd to by Artiiit* Relying too much upon eIic naiivc powcfi, 
which ibcy jre, Of imigtEi:? thcmrrlv» 10 hr, pofTrfrcri, thry 
'C ffl<iein taken due c^re 10 actjuin thai kaowJ^dge which 
cquilitc to provide niJicniU for ihc diTpljy uf ^cntui and to 
ulaio iia GXcitior^a* HGnc< Jt lo frtcjucriily happens that 
at abiJIti?» aic injuJicIoully employed upon JmpiojKr fub- 
t(, an^l ibac in productioni whirh bear thecvj^roE tracer of 
naflcjfy h.iiiJ* wc ri>crt with iocoii^iuitirt dnd dcb^iatWi 
m truth and nature whkb ajc no inconfitlcfabit dimjnutica 
;hnr mziiu 

n none of ihe fine Arti b the litilltjp of extcnHve and ra* 
la knovrlcd^e niuic apparent tbtn in pocrty. Jl being tl;« 
vinccofthc pon Co coIIcj^ and combine ima^vi from every 
irtcj^t it muf) be of infinite advaniigc to him to be capal>]c 
furvcying ttie CevtrAJ iirld* 0/ natMre vr^th jid acmrjre jiid 
niific eye. It i» by lbt» means ajojic th^t poetical compo- 
»Q can be fufflcHrntty djveifiJicd 10 give It the ch^rm or no- 
j\ and jC is perhjip* to be imputed to the fieglc<rt of ibia 
[lc4tion of fcience, more than to any real dtficfency of poeti* 
gcotua in the prciVoi a^c, that in utc^Jcfo poetry wc r^c fo 
:h reafon to complain of a prrpetual jepeiiaon of the fjmc 
gea clad almoiV in the f^me langaige. 
.his general iJira i?i illaflratcd at larac in the prefcnt tK^^y 
iru tefpe^ that exunfivc branch of fcirnce, NaturJ Hif- 
■- Tbc tDgenicHJi Writef, with tKai bapfiy union of folld 
tment and clc^ani taite wbich ch^raClcrili:* h)« worki, hai 
rn* by a number of well chofcn cximpicst that rhc wjit of 
lAdte atlcniion 10 the obje^a of niture, b» oc^^aiitxicd a 
;ncfi of thought aod cxpreJlion iri pgeucal dcllripiion*, 
:ti has alJ the appearuice of fcrvilc imiucion, and has pio- 
;d ocinfafed, ubfcjic, i^icungruoui and faJfe dcTincacioni of 
re- This latter obfervai»on our Author thut illudratei : 
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I'kf f reaiuK. Even the noble expreffion or " ht« nrck b^ 
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' The indLHtndt.icfa of oioft of tbc oiher defciiptions in Ail 
book ma/ be inferud from the very dif&rent opiniooi cnta* 
uincd by critica concerning the animals which the writer ui' 
tended. Thu^t the bchtrnocb U by fonie fuppored to be ikc 
elephant, by othcra the hippopotamu;. The rerm, Mm^ 
in 4>ut vcrfion rendered the inikDrn, U vaiioufly inteiprcied iW 
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