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O R, 


By several HANDS. 


^. - '-- * 


Printed for R. G R 1 » F I T H I : 
AfldSoIdbfT, BiCKiT iDdP. A. DiHobbt» b the Stiu^ 



T A B I^ E 


Titles, Authors Names, kc. of tlie Bookj 
and Pamphlets conuiacd in this Volume. 

K. B. For RtUAHKABLE Pa55ACR9, fcc tlic I N I> £ X 
at (he End of the Volume. 



ACT of Pirtianfac, KSeib^ 

AtwiKCTOh't EufcEKf to ('hi;c- 
cgi. li; 

ADfinictt* 10 tb< Uv» and Pliu* 
of Wdpolc'* Aim JoLo of Pjlm- 
infr. jtc 467 

AODfcMi 10 the Clfrjv, 74 

— — - — 10 ihe peof le of Eog- 

-**^^^ to tkv ArchLuflLO|;i 4nJ 
BiJhocu of the i h. cf ftng. 39S 
(o tbe V^oiciiv to. 474 

phvi. 4:0 

ALDJncroK*) Pocid on Shootic^. 


AjiAiftsritsof ReJi|»«oiit PofVk), 

A><lU4bTlNM0Bll OAHoullA0Cn 

InocvUiion, sxc 

AfcOrfiTLk ilifh l%i^td to Hell) £4 
AffiKtt to A^jpiftTio Vin4kaiad. 

LVTt. 1 Rh4pro4y, J47 

ii tbe Doo^bi Cicifc. I47 

A'viiTiOflO on tba DifuTo of 

lo|ant^ a;^ 

Atrnito Vitidicilod, AnAicr to, 

A4TK0C 00 the DiIfAJci of Wo- 
men, Vol, III, ^^4 

ArMJMoin'i Two Sotnnnt. j9<> 
Atti, or a hettttm Momtt$.ix$ 

nAoATiLtt; Of PokIcjI frf- 


B>i uu f [ I L o*t Thou^hEi on Itccu- 

Btovrx't Ptftfl] on Jofepb Aod hii 
Brethren, i ; 

BKu:i>wih:m. PfiaCf of. hn IC 
fiedioni onAleXJtadcnhtfOt^r, 

fitrAiTT'i Ob^vitlooioaAoiient 

tiiflorr. j4$ 

Bu>»^ UihrmA Cvri^, x/j; 

CAiE^iKTtK'^ Atjrci 10 eISo 
ProttiUui, 7 1 

CAreHci 4Jld Gl«:^ ;i 

Cft^TroNi ux^cDircdurtoribc 

R«i-1ndUC0(Tifiinj*, i^i 

— — ^ to the Jie^ii of Fofoi- 

lic-. nr 

Cbjitaih AacjeotTf*£b ftU:Uj 

to Undcd Pjopcrt;' t 1^ 

Cuj rpBLofv*i!»cxAfiinW«, Stc, 

Cirit EibfaliJhoieaH to RditiiHi 
1 Uronnd of In&ddity, hi. 

Ct*^J^KlE'A*» CunlKlcratioQj tn 
tte Mlrtclei, See. i;^ 

Clio, ■ DiCcooflecn Tttle s^ai 

CdLkft'f Tiopii ot' Voyt^n and 1 1» 

IC1?. II ^10| 5^ 

' l-'or LttchOhll(i'> An-ut-Lc*, Uctt)e4iu ^^^a^Jhut >>%v^ 

ff CON T E 


Cd«rJhAJ.TiTft Oblerraroiv m 
T«»9 of ;bc Pocni)i &c. 14^ 

Cowriii'i Dlgdl of ilie L^wtf 

VAV. iij 

Copt let* AiTtow* «n (ht Ltecm- 

I ■ II on the DougUa 

Ciuft. 465 

GotitiiKiKDBV'ct t^tb the R«- 

CcvnrtMOfSslifbur;, « Tugc- 

Covft'i [.fttrt CO Mjty concera- 
iDg ehe FitagonuDJp ait 

C«Ajo'« hlby <»fl the Life of 
ChriA, 41a 

Cut*. Vol- IT- 9 

CLUHlftLAKD.D.Or. MriTl.of, 6* 

LcavivcHAU^i Nfw Uim Dk* 
tionirv, fl|j 


DAtt>*A'i Ejcirri, of (he Bdjj 
an FHabl'lbnicntfl, )t6 

Undp 410 

Dlci»t09r»ofttieCci:rt ofSdboo 
in $(CEludt fVom I7(5a>i7fr^ 

0£rrv<;v of Siridom o« Dr, 
Lowtb, 61 

DiAbOOvt bct*<«a Mr, Wdt«r 

■od ft Member of fW Ck, oT 

E*g. • 3<7 

' ■' hcrnxWl Ac PiifpiT Md 

D*., 4-6 

Diicoviiii, Two,«h1 tfaytf, 
ddivoed «i (ke Quken jcslj 
Mndbg, 47 E 

DTMioanTtofP^brd, RtfifAiooi 
oa. " ^ta 

Umt^kctio^ bcivm ihr Ordi- 
nary and £4Encf\tiB4ry Uif^i of 
(he IJc'Jv Spirts, 474 

Duti^JukioritcTriutf «AdS^ 
rk&aiOA UMnf r^j M4 

Doad'iPocttf, 59; 

DoaAV0« I 1 SpAiiihT^k. 41 

DoL'OLA* Hauk^ PampUcCt f^ 
ULiaj> lou 147. 4^$ 



DvcftVii/t Angli^Noniun Ant?' 
qaiUM. 191 

DosrcOMic'tHofBoc, 1 H 

EAtT-fffDiilt rimpUcEi on> 
73- M> ^ 
hoot-HiLi, aPoom, 16 H 

Giior oa (be Dei^ of the D. of V 
Vwit, J95 I 

Kv£«iO)i'»ATS(hmeMCof Infinite*, fl 

&*• +1) ^ 

Eir^i«Y into rhe Caar<s of tht 

hif li Price of PnivjiMi?, 40 

■ inio ihe cxtr^ordloar/ 

Eicclfency of f^nrJcetOrceev ia 

the Arti, \ty 

EiiAr on filbUifhiMnu im fbl- 

fiioni 107 ^ 

EtiAYi. on Ifufl^ioJ^y, (10 

brjiiMt'i Utdimtioii Cbifg*, &e* 

ExAHivafio^ ofDr. BtFnokfjni 

F. " 

FA e L E I icd T*!« for iheWorf^, " 

FAkii|.r GuideloHoilit, t»g 

Fawkii'i Ti.kiillJLion cf Thcocri' 

\M%, ao6 

^-^^— EciOGUi onPmridj-e- 

FiKG?}OH'3 Tftblei tod Tii 

FMtTuroort's Widow, her Letief 

ro \!»4l>ii. y^ 

FoRu« oiFfO«cdinEif>f carrrivs 

into EtecttiJot the Ute Ro«ii* 

Wb, 1J4 

FovAtaue'i Kcw Caulogw of 

Valgar Erron, \\t 

Fkaivclin. Dr, fiacm. etf, 75 
P«a« and Cnodrd Oi^uifitiotti to- 

UtSn; t» ikc DificAtcrn 1 \t 
Fii>?icM VuU, 467 

FtitMoiT CavEtMi 10 ite Ku^i 

oJ FamlUet, ■* t 


GAt»ftii Md Ptrki, See 

Gaiiet, AscmiL SeeEMQjiiftT. 


1^ Et( CL I sn Book i. 

lI*M&iio«'* ftcm4ik) (Ml Mtlkc- 
HAairoiL*! Counlr^i ofSil^nry, 

|]m^voQi> 9 Lcucf w Erui, 47B 

l^JLL't VvgoubJc jtyfleni, ) ^9 
lOnduJcJ. itfj 

Sdf^att &c. far irOjt t6j 

HuT04pr4t Mrrtioirt fff ihc \me 

D^ cfCumbcrLafid. ^f 

• ' >-^- ol th« liilh 

KcbclLi<Mr, nfi 

III 1 ion r tJ~Mirt Manci};a<, 7 A 
^1 ■ ' of ihc Chevalur dc 

. of Mil* DinVy, y<h. y 

»aJ 4» 77 

of Mf- t/jpo wd Mil* 

GtcviUt, i^i 

I of Noji-jahad. y4 

oTMi^ taidkBenWtM 

■ ■ ■ of Mir» FaalkUpiJ. ^94 
- of M^r Brcmlcy and 

Holt ^f trir. £«« DiiTrKcroK^ 
Hool'i rrArDtuonof tbc Woikt 
ofMcuthfio, Gi 

Ifam>t EVCt^iS Pf0fo£il. 474 

JAco'iEJjEcbil], 16 

UiDuv, Hng^anJ rtcntti, 63 
Jajri«»«\ Wteat o* th« Gtft of 
TongD«. 467 

Ig>OiAiiT Pbi]ofbpb«r, 1^4 

l(ioch;t«iTiOK,Pfti]Fbtettoa. 7^1 
ii^i J64.19S. J^ 
i«»TA[TCTiv> Novriliil. 76 


KEuhtor. SccLirrift. 

Undf 14^ 

lacing 10 ihc Rp^ojy ctf AIil* 
aincTe, ^Bi 

Ktsrc'i Efli7 oa eh* Connifiifeoii, 

K^ov'3 Colkfiioa ofVlryjgci to^ 

LA FoJTv't Fifncf'i Cuidt, 1 ^9 
l^MpjiD Property, 40CICI4 
Tr*dj kJjuuz 10, 169 

LtiiciTON's AJJjer» io:hr PubhCr 

Lavakd'i Ac<c«niorUi« Som«- 

LcTTin fo ihc It. «f OiforO. 01 

'< Second. (9 a Prienj. od 

XeoAtfdy'i Chronnlogy, 61 

■ '—- 10 lijcMArqtJii of Gf4»^ 

^r, t49 

■ — ■■ irom a Grailfin^ » 





from M». R^benjot* co 

the BiO»op of tVrni, ^if 

■ i<o« Mij. M^nk lolKU, 

MAdjCli J no 

U^URt, ofUdy M, W.W^ 
■ddiiioDiI Vol 10, 44. 

^-'— T*o. 10 Mf-Wilk«.6i 

^— ItUCw Ri(«>bcni'j, from 

the CoLinicrM dc Sar«;Tr, ^4 
■ 00 ihel'icf. Miicof tb# 

Ch.of JK«ilaTid> is 

• — fcnt tolbe Mifudty. 7j 

■ (0 liXA^Ulivir. 79 
fcy Mr*. l^favinQCiMi, 

Vol). jlJ.icd IV. ]ti 

" fpom Wr, Hinwvy t> 

dicCf uAr^iMA oJ ibc Ufim I'oor^ 

■ of Luly Jj*c Oou^'ii, 

Ltvii%TfariUui7ni>f Sranarj 17$ 
l.jrr of Li\ni\ \a Vcnc, i^s 

LoM07(o;ifor'> Abr. oftbc Hift, 
nfRfu£j, 6t 

Lo9i:»as Mcrctaaar, «T»tr, 3^3 
Low iH|l><f<u««of S-iiikure oa, 

Uov&'i Cofiv«if«(«oii, « P<fm, 


I.TtiDlkip i nafioJ Enc-Ttiia- 
ncac, 3^3 

L^TTCiTOH'* KiflOry of H*nijr 
lie uK 154 

Und, VoMU. ti; 

KlLwan'tf Eflafiin Diviaiiy, 517 

Mjlcwast'i lilbmi, Eaijliik and 

Fr«acb, e>« 

Mjimc *LO*RtliR[cuiL'bfffty, 4*7 

Miuofiis uf the Coflit of I'OILU* 

■ «f 5/dncy Bidulph, ««•- 
clufion of, f^H 

■ 1 oFriic Count ^>f P« li^t 

I of Gcxf Taiiw, 


MttcuRT, new Mcrli<d nf 
tilioni on St- John, 1 :; 

10 uhtiin J prjviiu Al'I tj Tut 
MiTiiA>i»v Triufr»|thftnf» 59^ 

MiftACM»i 'Mioogtuon, 1^^ 

' C<iofidctatia'** oiu u^ 

lKfucfti4NJi(- By the Audior^ 


■ C*inpat*irvt, on 

TttvPoemt, &c J47 

0<rcA«ti>yAL Lcttcnon Inocuu- 
IrOn, 71 

OiLiOiKOfl.WNc<4«^fllc6ur, 7? 

PAuh't Art of fihockdog Flying. 

PA«Arii«Att of Light of ine 

PW«i\ J9J 

Paki>« HiAon<4l ClUyvoci* 104 

pArKG'&lmrodn^ioa 10 ficoine- 

Pf t p beb'nd Eh« CvrUro, x'-ft 
pG?(MlT«TON*J LcElCn, VoLl- Ilf. 

ji>diV. 311 

Pifrir't F«nitr'i Diu^bict of fif^ 

fcx- 7^ 

— SJf*p7 Scfmop, I&0 

Pf^ftrtPxiD L-ovcri, 464 

PtKLDrtV AppcntJiX GO hit Life 

ofPofc, i« 

PMiio«opMrcAL Tnnfiifi, Vol, 

LV. 3TJ-440 

Piiiich*! Nifntiv« of |lt< Pro- 

ctrdinn fditirc to bii Serptic 

MmIwioci, ^g6 

j_;4 fi^tatH Method of giiifl^lJcf- 

COry, 45 

PoT-**T, View of, jrj 

rOllTtr<>AL> SccMtyOItt, 


. . n 

coQiiflucdr 84i» 449 


Moitus, lanxarFjaminnifofld' 

rbrri>|«Ti luhcHfljnuikcu;; Vxoctt-^i^^A of ihe C««£r£» U 

■ ■ ■- L^Kf f to. 14^ Nrw-Vork, 73 

MovTA^ii't Ltfitcftr uddifbhAl I ia ih< Douglu 

Vol, lOp 44 Cmife, ' 147 

Moral's ElcoKots of Criijutni. Pk^itect of Llbeiiyt 31^ 

£d« Ob ihe Dtftfuny, 131 

Ni»Toji'i Serowns tt OI< 

fiey, 3 16 

Nl^v-Yo»lC. S«o Pto;atOiM«>«- 

P«9VifioMt, Puipbku on dhe 


VA(r«*> TvoDflbevri«ii«t 



tht Exglisr BoctvS. 




EPMC^lo^3 on iW AiU'n 
>of tie DriWctu la fdliftd; 

Kin I ^u.*- J*i 

LoLt'i O3eoa the D. of loii> 




Si'rmiv I JniitaliMof (bcNioiiH 
BYKkkv fii>i:tur^h, oonduTioo or, 

ProviH^r'- 470 

Tuixir, See l>ocx«iKii. 

7ou^f>ri4)y n>kihi^!i<fiilt pov.l; 
Tour, £/r/«A* CrAAf4 Wmf^i 


Hiibarkal EfTiyt 


Si^LtC' Efh^»o« Huf^inJf^t 60 
Servomi* by N<4L«;]i. |ii& 

•i SiDfiTt, 79, i6y, $i«t 

SsvtvTii Lcrtct CO ib« Ncpk «f 

SxAtMiAio'i Mndem An df 

Sirorv ^KKl'i Letter to a M«mb, 

rfPirl. 7« 

St.uh View of ropery, jit 

Siufi'i Military Mcdtj-, 391 

6»icinc 5UJxia«, O^rvaitoin 

Strtrr of ibc BinVr^l^ Ljw )^;i 

Co^lufnpttvti, Arc- a^o 

ETttAHT'iPnaciptoof PoTiiicil 

Occoccmy, coodddcd, 116 
Sroiri*! EirBcdionvonthcUnctr. 

tHHy of ffijny AAroncm.cjd nxl 

CfogfoplkiuJ roQco««, i^} 

VoLTAiiR ilgnnisHPiilivbphfn 

Vo¥*cEi anf] Travd*, Co]l of, 

in J>o, (4 

ViiLGHR Eanxifr Nfw, jii 

WAi,L*i Oiilkrrjtbo oa the 
l£Kcd>fif^ oi Ho-ici. IJ4 
WA4.roii*) A^cdo«c* iif Pjwi- 
ir^ b P^ftg. td Edition, jgo 

W^mmikS Htfl or ihc liiih Ke- 
klioo, ji... j;4 

*, . '7 

Wit «Bi, two Lrtteri lOh 6t 

Wi « o t A V !^'v Nftrraurcof Bio«ro- 
WooDtn Ba^X, a Talf, 394 



n, of. Rim on. j^; 

i i(oLr'iD)(io, 4bS 

YouKOiWoiki, Vol,V, 510 

E Tiii ] 

tn the APPENDIX to dus Votunw- 

^ lUifloire d* Port- VOiim S'aimJ dt/ Scei^.'S, &c 

,. ESiy Oft ihc firft peo- 

[;)V(^in% Pbilolbphj Pokt RojraT. Sec Racihv* 

53S PumiBiit Trdrrt de tEn^tuw 

B, ' FjtujtJA. Kinf> of, hb £jogc of 

Ilo— L'^rs/i/ru 1/ivVfr- Piincc Henry, 5j3> 

CL Rftcivt'* Abridgment of tlie IJtfl 

tLATiOH aF Frapcc witti t^ of roi?-!lo>i], ^^9 

Oeationi, dc^. , ^rjj 

D, BlCHiiriowsff//?wi"7m/,&c.4g5 

E /i Aftfh Ovf^r 49S Rootic^.u"! MoMJ JJidioDary. 

4f<AiBfa de Miiiiqac, {47 - 547 

E. a 

Te Pfiflce Hpnn, 55S SociiTit*, Folitioli N^tval Ot- 

£ttt£^p9tt. Sec. 53 dcr of, 4S1 

G. T, 




5^7 ViitT's Anf*Cf tcVolUirc'iPlif-r 

lofophf o( Hiflory, 5 j8 

I, Voltaike, bis DHcDoc of mj 

?:u, Hilloirc Vcriuhlr, A-f . Undc, ao9 

5;! ^ Scjibunsj a Traged/, 

|j-lh«. &<_ ;i9 ^t9 

M, bb l-hilofcphy of Hif. 

1% Hiflnry orHffl^. tcj imj Bnr*cifd by Virtc, 5jg 


T H E:; \ 


I^or J tt L Y, t^Gf.O., 

The Wsrh ef Horace, in Englljh Vtrfe, Bv Mr. Duncomte^ftp; 
J. DuncombCf M. A. and other Hands, with Notes \i\?ici}.^. 
cal anc) critical. The fecond Edition. i2mo. 4 Vqj^.' 
izs. Beckct, &c. i/^^* '^' 

W£ have already given an account of tBIs publication as it 
came out at differem times in two volumes* oflavo, 
and it Agalh cbmts uhder oiir infpe^lion on account of the m^ny* 
additions that have been made to it. It may be. remembered 
that, in reviewing the fecond volume of the firft edition, we 
obferved it was equally mnfiial &nd Jublimt with the firil ; ironi- 
cally, indeed, notwithHanding the Kditor^ tell uSf with fUpreme 
coniplacenc)^, that their * translated odes flow with eafe.' The 
truth of this fdf- flattering afTumptlon is by no means fo obviout 
as the vanity that fuggeftcd it ; but Ms will be(l appear from dur 
enquiry into the merits of the prefent additions. 

The fiifl [hat occurs to us is a fpiritcd imitation 6f the (irA 
ode, by an anonymous hand. The Tecond is an fmltation of the 
ode to Augudus, by Mr. J. Duncombe, in the character of i 
Portuguefc, who in the fiiA place refen to the deftrudion of 
Lifbon I 

C»n v/e forget thit fatal day, 
V hen baplef&Xitban whelm'd io rn!n lay ? 

When tumbling proflraie all around, ^ 
Temple* ind p»Iace» bfftrewM the ground? 

Whcp hnthing human could oppofe 
The Fiame'i dire rsge, and Earth's mnvulfive lkrow>? 

Ah I what events have hnce enfkted i 
What fcenes of horror, and whit flream) of blood ! 

We law oitT king's deftrnflion pEaon'd, 
His life artempted by a fai-age hand. 
tJaJ not another name been prefixed to this iinitation, one 
Would certainly have concluded that it had been written by 

• For ihe fiifl of ihoft volume!, fee Rev, Vol. atvliii p- 45, and tbd 
ftcrni. Vol, vjfi. p. 15^, 

Vol. XKXVIL B ^«a^- 

jl Dvscoube'i H^racu 

Cebbcr Ncubin^ cy«f fo perfectly rcfcmblcj hie ffvic 

aboTe pilTage, 1 h«^'pcctic lamnicft of one line, ani ihc bUf- 

ttiinj turn of ^n<ith^N,'>^ cmiidy in hit ftianncr, 

^,,y • « • 

brc^tbc the y^rf loul of Cibbcr. His pithoj ia hit cxa^y j 

011 >j ICC, BiLUiiiiu, L^ppyiatiif 
A]V«>*» i't curE'd, ir»J Airurh'd )i every h»nJ. 

His nobl^^oti tempt of cr^^mir too in well eopicfl in the Abc%'e 
couplet,^* cvvEy hind is llrcuh'd m thcc' 

1 'ho. peculiar fccbicncfs of hit intlk-strof Style is thus imi-> 

••/ -" ^^» ^*^ * fl I'^J, ih'iP war-tfflfnM hoft* 
^''■,'** Idifwtm^iM f4v>gcouf defrncclcfi coiitb. 
,,^'Vrhui libfidicutoiu iirpccuoJicy> which aJwiys cnda In inw 
■'pfitcncc : 
;-, New. ROW brboU ihe Bourbon lio* 

Thus hl& balhJ-likc cclcbrutbn of ba«lci and hrroci : 

Arid i^ou, Ma*' 7Vuj*/£&/'/, whom* ia^ieTi dreadt 
^^hti bd'dJn XiOf knew t^u Wolte wji> Jcjid> 
In (bon, chii whLjlc uJc n d mud fmiibcd ink I utl on— -not of 
Horace, but of tlic 1it« hurc^t^ ThU edition otighc not^ hoifr- 
<Ter, to be whoU/ condemned* bccaufc forac of the new pieces 
fsubtilhcd in it afe dull and uTiportic:iT ; for th^re ate oihcn re- 
plete with the r^c^mire fpirit of poetry, ind wMch, though noC 
trarpattd oJny <!*> ic-illyyfrti; with rsfr. Wc alhidc to ihe imi- 
CAlionn written by ihc btc Wdlium Himiltoc) of Borgour, £(qi 
The firfl th;itoc(;uri U ;i modern :4pp1icAtion of ihc udc to Mu- 
A4Lu« PJjncui> Jijti AddrclTed Co John, kul oj Suir : 
L<t others, in ct4]icd Iuy^, 

Tbe lofiy tnurrs of H<JpfED<iii pnEfl;, 

Or where of dd, In lonel/cell^ 

TIht tnnlintf Drtiid wofic tod^dli 

Or wherp iho fdcrcd nflers roin, 

Kuir hdly MelrcJe* ruiu'd di'inc i 

Tfacre 4rCa who paini uiih ji£ ilic^f might 

Tlie fields nhrie Kcnha^i nmmi dcbght. 

Th3t, vb jnding ihrC}ii;^h laiiilinA'i ptftiii, 

RoL beaut«oai ;o ih« diHaft mjim; 

Of, ffiihful BO she fjrmet's toil, 

£x(«l f4)r LoihJui's fcridc foil ^ 

Wher( C«c» her btfl i;'f*[ bf Aowt. 

And Evin lown h«r itrlifUtKi fhnaf. 

Nor me riehgM ihofe SyUfln fccnct, 

Thofc chcquvr'd Um-cri of vrfitjioft Cfe«fi«, 

Wbtje Aff ^nd Nnutc join to yitM 

VnBtt/nbct'd i;h£i3ii u> Maikfidd: 

DukcomceV liiraa. 

Not ytl tha hTi inJ fccrei ftjidc, 
Where t'it y^bojn iflccp ii fafd i 
Whcrr, gjy tn fphghdy Aiace, ro more 
Sliv drtttin« her iotOKt tri«iiPphi o'er. 

Thofc r«(tci c«n bcfl entice my foitl, 
Wh^c fmooib BTa»C4"Tiii% ivjiert lOPI ; 
^*hcrc bcftut^Di Hflme, in fmlting hmrr^ 
1'tuckt The grrcA K«rbt or nortec flower j 
Plcsi'il on ih* bordvn to bfbold 
The a^^h i^L'dcn into goW. 

But whaic'cr p]a« ihy pvefentc 1kuA« 
Let not* O Stakf, an hour br lofl, 
Whpn Ebe TOUgH aonh nnJ ingty llorm 
AIL Nature's Uvely locki dcfofm, 
T^c fouih rcfloKi ihc wonEcd grjce. 
AiiJ drivciiljc cioude ffoaihcavfQ'ifiir facei 
So tluin. ro tiiiilh »1[ ihj'IcjTr. 
The fljfltof bnfk cham}>»igri prrpir^t 
Jcivitc thy frirnJi, v^hb wift dcfign* 
And dto*a ihc ilU of life in wine ; 
Whether lienejth ibe open fky, 
Sirrrcli'd in lUe tcnccd cnuch tD lie 
Thy fie orJlini; ie> Ourte ii^am 
Gtnt on fbmc fmufe Elcnbriin's plaia i 
Hit^Kcr 10 rtilc tby dcziihl«fa nimc» 
Titum^^hiift. lu lol>li[iici ftniEi 
Or ir frcarc from frtcfifli hcii, 
N>*1irton cover ihy r?[reai, , 

Where nil coripirej with love'l dclighH 
To i{(«ce t}t>r di>'ii tt.d b1«ii ihj rt)(;U'< 

When FcrjEui TcJ. in cj«yi of yoie, 
HI) exji*J bjn<li 10 Scotia^i QKitc* 
The^Qctlikfl launder of o<ir lUte 
KvrUm'd th« i^^'icha ofKiverlc fi^i 
Vc; Invc, difdjlnrng to repiocj 
AfOLiuJ h\i btuws he boafld ike vit'O : 

* faFlow lltj, «iihoai deity, 

* Wherever FortLiiK Hv^t^i tH« wiy: 

* Couri£c, mr ladi! Itt ric^ne dcl(r<4lf ^ 
' When Fti^vi Icadi, 'li* h^k lo fc4ri 
' Wiib bwUf otMrt* (hill ixiie 

■ Our empire in tht nnrthcni Ikin ; 

* BtiU7 And valour ilidll aiorn 
' Our h«fify offspring yd unborn I 
' Non fill ihc gUfN come, fill a^iEn ; 

■ To-monow »* fliill irofi jhe ihho.' 

Th»* If, indeed, poelry^ fuch a* ihc rue enlT^fiarin of |t- 
niti»» *nd iT>c powcii of harmony aTohc can produce, Nolhmg 
in The Lytic nttufiirc can be more finely owdubicU than tbe 
foJlt>WJiig lines . 

Not me dellgbt tlioff fylvan frenet, 
. Thofe cltf^efr^i boiven of vwittim^^itecL^ 

B t 


DuKCOM&sV Horace* 
Whtft Afl >nd Naittre ioin l"> yidd 
No' w rhar ioA inJ fccret (Itidc, 

She djriirit Icr fbiinrr tErumiWit cV't 
Thfrp is :( pncuiiar ilclicacy and (rntlfrner* in rhr cniiplcf tHat 
dcfcrlbcn the lall rcirvat ot dcp^rtcnl bcaut/t and chv Imci moyc 
ja fafrly, ilial ibcy ct/cn iiifpiic o^ic wiili the iw of diiluibiiij^ 
bcr rcpoic. 

The following ii an imilaLiDn of the Odr to Vcnua, tht firll 

^ the fourth book, wrllErn by the fjcne ingmious ^entlcniin^ 

anJ aij^iciuil tu Lcird Polv^rth, now KaiL of Mudiinont: 

VVnu- ' tfaH'il iho« onc* more lo armi? 

Sound 11 Lhou crce mofc thy dir« ^brou' 

Anttof^ my pcdccfL>[ Hate af^jtri ? — 

Oh ! rdiEh of oeALJra fwom in va;o E 

Scil'd witli the Ti^ict oTihjr cUivn^ 

And ratify 'd by all the lovrt, 

5pw, Doddtfii I implore-, rciplorc ! 

Aljul ihy fjppliant if no more 

What oii<c he Kvab in hopper tiin«, 

(TlluJlured hy m^ny a rh^mr] 

WhtOf lltitrd ii rvffy ruling >rl, 

\1«na ftvty'd hit yitlding hrA't: 

Love'i champion ih«n, And known Co KAmr.. 

H« boflfled no ingloiioui name. 

Now, cruel cr»>£her of dcrirti ! 

Who doubtt find anxloui jayi iftrpirer« 

Ah I why, fo long dpfy'd. ap4L«i 

Thai Je*icll ihog thy drtadful train ; 

Thir. when in cljibu li^Su He toii'd» 

5oofchi9 yombfular^nr foilMr 

Oh T let ihy h'lflile fnry ceafe, 

Thy fjiihful veteran relt in peace. 

In the Joborrout fervite vofHi 

Hia itDii decjy'd, Jiod cnlipni torn* 

Go, so, fw^in-wjn^'j f through tiqaid air, 

Whef* the bland breaih cf ymitrilul puyer 

Reealli ih« frcm (he Iobjj d<]ay, 

And, wocpfnst ehldci thee for thy (by. 

My towTy roof, ihitE kdowi tio lUte. 

Can ne'er receive i gueft fo greaf : 

In Polworih"»^oin', ftiajribe qoteo, 

V/iih beiitr vnce thou fhalc be fc«p. 

If, ACrthy OF the Cyprian dart, 

Thoa fcek'll ro piette a hvcly heart ; 

Fof he It:* noble hirth hn* jom'd 
' A crsceful form ind g«nil« mind ; 
■ And, 10 ftjbdDv A vjr«ir-hrtait| 

The youth vriih ibouIii;)d art» >> blcH > 

Nor iilcni in hii couniry'i aufc. 

The injrtodf guirJian ofhrr bwi. 

Uf, in rhy nnhJ^il wivlirv rrir'd. 

Shall fprtad l>iv cmpitc Tai and vk»lc; 

Confirm ihc gloric* of Ihy ntijjta ; 

AciJ ni)i A gidirvc Hutl ftlE in rim : 

Then, whrneiich tlvsl {halt Tj^infit 

7hcpn%fr of iM-iOTy BAdof arit, 

And richn tivltf to tair dffirrt 

The tjiuair>hor« rcDia!c hcirt ; 

Graceful (tjy ma: bU fbrB flult I^ATid. 

Fiir-brc.uhtAj{ Mim ib« fbilptor') hindN 

B*ncath ilir ica^:1*\ pilUr'd pridt, 

Fal^ b^ 3 fatrcJ t^>unuiii's ht^c, 

WhcEc Twrrd rpoii» lound etch ivindinjf nuect 

Tlicrc. Tou^' tlidll vruMr> iJiccnfcUcstf 

Nnr <1(imh (hAll r^rt ih« liJv«r lyrf. 

To animate ^ft felttve choir i 

Thrrf, luvicc a dir* '^■>(^ ^T* '^^^ COB«r 

And lender vrigiDi in their bluom, 

(S^uh frif^l avrCf and infiiut Jli<aiac,) 

lo all upon tliir hil]i>w'd nJi^nr^ 

Ai thFicc ftbou; iH« wtnton found 

Wiitk itiOwy kct ihcy h^htl^ bgund. 

For Afc* ao beauty no* lafltcu 
Long fccrcini (v the /<ifi Jclf^lta ; 
Loft to the cvinnTiig am that move. 
Ah f di/r I hops u muTual lovf f 
7'hG foufl rdicEot plnfingpAio, 
ThiE hopc«» fc<>ri. (Joubt}. anJ hopci tpm ? 
No £vtaii(li OIL aty fcrchcid blgoni. 
Where ^owcn thrir vcroil Tciub (i^tifiKne ; 
tia more (he ftigning lo^lt I diiitn; 
1 yi(?M the ttTce ccntce<lc4 nunc, 
Tboujh daiin£ oac< to dfink all up. 
While IS.iCLhu« KvM Liijiply ihc Cup. 

faiFudl. deluJivr, Mlf powf r * 
And u/flconk^i contvmpUiirjn'i hoiv! 
Now, nO# t fcorch^ ccglc£^ed lOOCr 
Thci^hurnii that lie in inortJ i^fp 
HuA Lo aJtwJt£C ihc boiling bloOOa^ 
The ViTont <ii the wll« sod good ; 
N^>v/ wiih ffatcrii)! fbrro^i moi|rn ■ 
^(ow pont tb? teir o'or Fricndlbip't um - 
Or hJ^hcf tiilc the «iih rciio'd^ 
The }^erouk p'jryei for humJio iJodi 
Or aj]Eioui f^ir tny finiiiin't taic. 
To lirrdcini beg a longer date. 
To caIdh her more ihaii eivil rtj^v, 
Ard fpjhfe her ytt otK other sge. 
Tticl'e. thev^ liic labodJB I ^iiifvc: 
Pxntiflk lo'.'f, a Ion? idku ( 

— Xtt. 

puMCoftftt'i H^tm: 

■—Yd wKy. O bciwHvu^ L«vrB. wh^. 
Thu« h»vei ifcc loflff'fofgrKifEi Agk ^ 
Why ^o^ri riT <b«tki, ^^'^*n v-'u »pp*4r, 
Sjcatd, Jf op by if jop, th' uDbJJJca u*r? 
Oi'<c ikiiV^ (0 brcithe the An^ioi-i tour. 
Why fjili any lOii^uc it^ matlrr no*, 
Aii<l, finlcmng, difhiou^ lltiv^^ in vain 
l>c t*odvr mining 10 uplim ? 
Why, in ihc vifion* of the iii£ht, 
Bifc* tlir itn'gt^ to viy njhi ? 
Now, {cii'dt [fa^ fliuch l^v^J foifn I ho1J» 
Now lofc tgiin the iranlicTit fold ■ 
Ucrqual, piMing fLrbchmd, 

WltcEhrt tAc dcAr ddunciL Attvi 
Thruugh Wu Hopc.Park'i ci^haiTtJng dU£C; 
Or, wliCir Ihy rrnrl phnnrAfri glutei, 
Akr^g ti e ftvifity rufinifLg ij^dcv 
Tp pcant ciit (he fcvcul be«iJtk» th the above ode is unntctl 
ftrr. They mul^ be ptrccivtrd bj rvrry rcAd^r of rcnribillcy 1 
and wc AfcglaJ oFthia oppoKvifiity ofdoiik^ jtjftkceto the merit 
of A gen:]tmdfTa whofc poems, ihnugii they have been fomc 
time publifhed, itc noc lo vreW known :ts ihcy deferve to be. 

Let ui ijow cKAmlnc 1 lilllc ihofe new ti^iifl^lioiiB t^ ap|Kar 
in thit edition. — Of the Twond bu-jk of fiiircip, iSe firft, third, 
fifth and fcvcnth f-itircs ue new (rAfiflitcd. The /ollowirg Iii»fs 
arf taken from the beginmng of ihc fifili. tlir wrll-kiiown Jia- 
logue betvrccn Horace onJ hu» ilive ^ which i» irinllatcd by Mr» 
J. DiMi:wi)be : 

U^^vj, To )'0u 1 lofl^ huTCftfti 4 1iflFnioj;«;}r, 
WiiMa£(0 tp*«li, but, aiyourrti^r, if^ttar, 

Nfffti, Sty. who ii ihcie f M'hiT, Uirut, It il you ? 
Da'j¥\, Tlie/jniv. tiiri ever to rny nufler true: 
T>hCO£ti Vkife cfimifhp yet nor (V» wifr <Ul ile^ih 
In tflrT/)cuth ^lovfd A op my «ittl t:0*ih, 

l/.por'. 'i hr ffco^m gmn^fJ hy cvr JirM of d<) 
Ofl S^iaru'i fetiU ( t f;>t.k nncontruaT'd, 
' t>^ i *f, SctM, b> thcit pi^iwi blii^dly led flwvy* 
Thro" (iic fm:ioib fith^of Ijwfer r*Mrure ft ray : 
Sorne 10 ard fro uhh coDfrr urj^piify Twim, 
And pf!i5lE{V vie or viftde Jor a w^im, 
TbM* ri[>£i ■( *om on l^ifci" Irtt harvd fljorei 
But rhc E'lmc kAi>d nt ftiiEht difpUy'J hol one* 
A vu^oui tjfcf* lie c^cry hoai t>vu1J wcflr t 
ftom » piuu^ pjfiice he voild Lirtil rf p^ir 
To* prior hur, fjo*n *hich no <li<«, ii dean. 
To ifl;» foriN <cdJ Jfc<ntly be frrft. 
No*, v^iib ihe Icqrnci, AibrAi «»> hji homCf 
y^nJ r^w «fLh hiir oti be woa^J live at Rome : 
Tlif kkUnhcof-Jl chelbnsofFartii; 
VcitLimnm Aire orcJjdcd it tn buth. 

DuKCOMBE'f fhtVii, 

V^htn Vobnenuf, \ait^ m ilacs to vkcw 
V^'rih iuni)r-cfipp1ed ^Jl1JJ cou]4 thrOA the dkc 
No nuic. lie ibcn reuin'J a boy in pny; 
Lfli i*rpr<hfd hr, Eo vice a ronilani ptfy< 

Ai paSion \cc. 9;-jinft or Anh the llf<-«rt}. 

Ho'atr^ fii a)[ lhi» jaigOfi, t« Lai. vbal'i (hy t;cw f 
To hhun ilc'lt tlicm Apply ii? Spcnk^ 

Jirr^tt. Tome, vSe rogue! £rpl«i). 

The iimpk rru£4l Atre f>r former dtji i 

Bui if fomcpoiflioiild bid you ficcfy chrMfr, 

Thai boon, if pioflcr'd^ you iv^^uld Arak rcfofi? - ■ 

A\ fueh uri«l« vATi^rica >r« yoi^r K>a^u« irnJ b»;(! 

Or die, unui*it to ftlny it viiruo^i pir^ 

Amidd yajr<otiiie you ToJin fonje v^iii dcUy. 

Beyond tfc4?c rm nirrn'U in Irnjiiat cliv. 
^Vhcn Davu* f^fl :)d<ti«irM Iiim<clf to his m^flcr to apologte 
for the libcTiio he ii ibi^uc to i^ke, HofACC vrry n^iurAlIy ai>d 
YimiliaHy calls him by hb rarne— Otftiwjfi?/? What^ l):ivu(' But 
14 hit nuicrablc wi^fk doe* the 1 ranilACor intke ^f ji, vhcu bo 
^n> it out lo a whol<: Hrkc ; 

S*y, *ho Ft ih<frf ? vjhtU Datui^ ii it y"u i 
One would fupfwfc, from ihc firil p*rt of lh« line, ihnt Horttc 
JiAiiIfy knew ht^ nJiJ domrl^ic- Thi», hcwrvcr, U but a llighc 
fatiZr, compofcd vrah wbAt we find in Davui'( icply : 

Vi 'vna/t putit. 

* Even Davu4 ! & (lave rhat loves hi* maftcr* and is tcitipcral« 
«noiigh in live lunf^ in hiv ft-tvice.' Suc:li i) the (rwi^ of Dli- 
\ua's reply, and he cpliIiI rot recnmmcml htmUlf inor« acecpt* 
^bfy to hiA nufUr. The iiiiempcniK'e o{ tlic Kom^u Hjvei niddo 
ihctn fhort-lived, md by their <le-4ihfl their projirletori fuHjined 
a eojilWeublc ^oft.— Jfcw ic wai poHtble kr this obviou;i con- 
(Iruiticn of Che pafli^ to e^ap* Mr. IJuncombc, of how he 
xou! J think of rendering it in ihc m&nncr he hjiA d^ne, i> uuuly 
4j]C0liceiv;Lble to i»^— 

'tloui^h wife enou^bj let not fu wife, 'hit *3eilh 

Tn rflriy yt>\\ih ibniilH ftnp my viciS h f ,ith, 

Not to ir>ention ibe triteneft of chr rhyme and c^refHon of 
^ d»lh Aop(iin^ the viiid bieMh/ who ever hc^td thpt/m^' 
fneari wife, orTrad any relation to fagacily. ihefe»l"c in bhich 
It is here tjkcn ?— The Ttjuflitor might hiTc fpiird himfctf 
*be trouble of quotifig old laws lo pro^c the mevalc-ncc if the 
fupeiituiofi that grcil wtD> <h- early wiis 114 Jboxt-hvcd, iJ the 

B 4. \<i\w«\\vx 


fplfowing pa(&^ in Sf nccaS EfnClkA hatl occvfreJ 10 him. J/i^ 
^JffuU rrui'ft fudr/j wimt, JJia tivm tiiitia^ y'lHYtiqw /anf \ a$ 
htcCt " quo fupi^fiuaKi^ nxetii^ A hw^tX Jik b ^nmll^ a loft^ 
\\Ul fn^it jatiit ur viteff ^ntft. 

fii Another piffAgt. wlthirt ibc compaft of the IranHaticn 

thii kf (be goiJa n^vuld ^cr him ihAt ktnd of lik he puilcd £ 
fi^uch, hv wuuEd ifrfure Ui he udd» ihc irifDna, and Ufi^ 

/^trt f9ii* rtM fietnut rtdr'n irftmaii \ tt t^ftit 

t With rcgofd (o wh« U nghf, cither ^mr iledsraiioTis differ 
from yout LintimC(tT5, or you want fttblueion 10 m-imtam thofa 
r«niinirni4, an^ thus you rHfmhlr i man fei f^ll in the clay^ 
wh^i wifhc^ lo cHiricatc himftJt jintl cannot/ Th\i is the plain 
cimflciEdjon of thcutiuvclincA. which* io (hcUAoflitioji^ i» Jii- . 

At futh wiJc trarbtKC frcyCUr If^njac Md hwif 
prdJc. unuk'il in play a vicmobt purtt 
AmiJd pprcrciVf }ou fofm Irme vain ddaj, 

f Unui'd 10 play a vittuuuB pArtf' j» as much a tranDation of 
nm/'frtvt rv/fhvt ntffjrAiiy ai ttrj^ U ofjrugi ^ and rrrulnly Ho- 
Twc never once lirtami of the ihflolijj^ical m«l;iphi>r of being 
ixvmr^H in-Jii/ttat i/ayt which, hy ihc t>tt is nt^ilcnfc iiilo the 

Wc cannot difmiii ihis irtklc wil^ioul obfccving that there is 
3 drgfcc cf envy as w^ll ai x-ariiy obnous in rcvcT4l pare* of lh« 
work — wherever any flight intccuracT, or any pAlLgc chat may 
appcir 10 Icfs idiantac^c tlian f he itft >n Dr, Francis's tnutflacioii 
can be pointed at, room h <JiIij>c»tIy made to exhibit them tn 
ilii:; HiiiOji. y^i inflUiitc, Or. Francis hat fomcwhcrr or other 
CiUed the fee(3* of the apj^le^ P^f"^^** whieh Mr, J. Ductcombe 

fh!C**JJy obfcrves he fhouM have called kerneU- Mr. D , 

bowfvci', flir.uU havp known t^a(, in many parts or" Kngland, 
ibcy aic aAuMIy fo called k ^nJ if he biintclf C{>uM rvl niakclKc 
fame pfra wh^ie he call) a certain chamber-uienfil ajdrdei^, 0119 
dors ri^t blow vthat hanJle Dt. Francis might make of it. 
There 13 no d^iuhtthai the iic;l£nc;w]f(Iji[il fiipcniiiity of Dt. F/s 
tranH^ifon o^cafioncJ thcfc Jmk kit^tik&i bui they arc b^^iow 
even ihe af;> of a hDokfcllcJ'. 

Upon ibr u-hcJc, 11 if no* without moriiftciiion we (kc on« 
r>f ihv li"<il wiEj in the wojlj thja obfcurc^ by a fwarm of minor 
poeti tnd mil'erib'e rbynieri^ for fjch (one nanie or two ex- 
cepted} ihcy certainly axes arni their ^ra.a^e fafra^o of bUtik 
and rhjmc tran^atrcDt, parodies, paraphrafes and imiiarfonf 
pjaj- very propcjly be termed the HAiiLfi<iyjj* HcR/.cE- 



vTy Ef^t mv4thusSutr4^SM Vol. £<]* ard Till!, iitno, 

IN our Review. VoL xxxiv. we ^avc fomc «ccouTtt of the 
firf) vdume of iliii woik ; and ro wh^it r^chercf^id, vcoov 

0<jr Anrhnr mi^hi wfli hainr nkcr forhifi maern» [wrtc it 
;iol B psifagc tcccm« cnic by bcin^ cilt^n ufcd on Luch occa- 
. fior^J Horatt'^ r*yi"a" ^'^^'''" d<icrf{;aunt quhvttut? Foi he 
hn, in a hufiicrouK manner, irc^ccd of fevcril fubjcA^ cf very 
grive iniporoncc. Tho gcncEility i>rrc;idcr) j:c not ut prc^n; 
vUling to Ifttn to fcrjou* writcn. \Vc hivr> m Crito, many 
obrcivftiionA on p<.i|jticaj ind mor^l fulijcch, whrcH dcn^Eid the 
aitcDTior of allj efp<cii!fy of ibofe, whof^ ll;iciunt (ruble thecn 
to fc^rcfj the public i^fic^'ancGi in llai-^ and church. 

Cri(o flifwi, (tisf 'hf? ftat^ of ihf ^iition it nor w!ur i}\e tnic 
frtci^a cf their country would with it; that there are virioua 
UisA conrcqutncts to be drr^ided fruni thL- growing ^avttt of ihe 
ereat, ivbo Arc continually gaining more ana more inRucnte in ihe 
H. (if C(jmniO(:>» \i\ the 1.1 AT, iind irt (he ehurch, which ihciteni 
the lofa of the conAittiti'>n in olt^^rchy ^ fiom i^^ cronnous 
emolument annexed to the llatc-oOict'i ; from ihe cofucnticn* 
and cabali of ftatefmtfn, by which the btifinffj of fhi.- cation, 
inflcsd of W\:\'^ properly conduced* '\t put into confuiion i 
from ihc ^resdful and ihrnc^nlng incumhruncc of in Imincnfe 
national debt, and coi^fequtni burden rtn commerce, occaiioni 
fay t fcriM of ruinou-f coniiEic-ntaf u-ar< ; fruirt rhr" kiii^'lAincnCi 
cd» hut ^i)l ijnfcmciifd c^ili of Ibpteor^'LiI pirliamcnC*, an un- 
cc|UdJ ic;.iicfeEi;aucin of the ii^iii^n^T pmp::rt)'t ^ntT of pljccinrn 
in a certain alTcmbly i from the dingerou^ privtlcgra of ccrrai:i 
couiu ; from the bad c^ain^lc^ of o^any of the rich^ ^^nd tlic ur»« 
tcf(rain«dlkcntiovfr?f!iof the poor; fi'om lh« unfverflil decay of 
public fpirtit ;tnd prevalence of corruption \ hom the unWerfil 
fpread nflutciry :imldil1tpaiinnt from :he* mtjliiplirsitfoji ofofe* 
Ic&OAihs, lay-tcfb, and clerical fubfiiptiooA co human' invented 
aitieles uec.U, and confcirionii ; frL^ni the diA.'cjuiagemrnti c/ 
mariivge. and failure of population, i^^* fee 

The iccond volume uf Ciiio coniajiu, jiril, a very long co- 
cnieo-f<rrioiJ« dedication co the ^o^d people of ihc cwentietb cen- 
tury I in which the Auihtir givo bi>i iciifuns fji dedicjiiinj itiu 
bU lecond Tolumc to Lhcm» rather than to snvof his conUin[ 
Mric!. He fayt, be forcfcf» confufLojn comlti^ on} -ind bs 
ho|iri, rh>t pubtic aO'jjit may be- ^01 into 1 better ftiie, in their 
times. }lc advifet them not to fi^Ttc^w t^jo IlaviChly the cx^nipfc 
of their nnceftori, which he Cintioc recommend ro iheir imi- 
latwn. He Crlltt the twcniiclh century gentry, ibit our prefcnt 
ideat <\i government are — • dinVrcnt ffom thoCc tJi 
jour fufty Plato*, afid )-our TuLY^vjaL*, dS ^^-4^ ^\\'Cs*tv\ 

Uvf|(iv«% yourMo»K5i«, }-our LrccrRci^sFs* Solok«, Za. 
tbucutcs, lie. They bad :i mi^hiy notion ot police, or the 
foimingQf the inircl» and iniiiJKr3 of Ulc people loccruiri dtf* 
poTuionS) whicb tb«v thoaghi ncccfliry for fccufiiiic the hAj^pi- J 
ticTf offtjics. Wc look upon fuch chmgi a» mcfcly Utop<;uu.fl 
We bave fome idea of what we can fetl, at a purfe of goW, foe ™ 
jndancG But* a> lo your xiocjooi of cn:cTmg deeply iitco hu- 
min n^iiiirc, tr.vrfli^tiR^ lEi hrdclcn f^rmgc, ani nifrJrg ir la 
a mafUrty manner lo purpoEct dleoti^l to national profpcrily^ 
wc Icmk oil jU fucki mAiicr* ^ Ivhcmcf in (he elot^di^ W« hive 
i)ut one iTUXim i and he mull be i dull l^aufmani who cannoc 
imfter one raU. !( i> iliis i " To Ice every thin^ nrmiin as St 
W This hai reduced iha *rt of government, whch hu hctn 
fuimcrly reckoned nuc a t»U]e dcikaie 4nJ Jtivolved, to < moft 
be:tlttL^u! anJ obviout rimplidfv. To govern a natbn u, in our 
tini:^ to do noEliitijp — No — I mult retried : ic is nx tthftiitUfy \ 
dsiag nothing. Ic rc<|uire« your rcccivbg and rpenii.^g, or ^| 
laying up* len or twelve thouf*ii4t n^veari this is the proper " 
bufipe^ of our AAtr'nnplovircMi. TJuiuur notmiof govent- 
mcnr H (cxcluiive of taking the money) dfii^ »Mfi:fl;, appears 
irAdifcniy frotn iht^ ihai, wh'tle ihcrt arc iimunirMMe pttfcteu* 
l«irs in church and ilate ;;onf. ThroLi[:h hpfe of time, into de- 
TJatidii, ouj eip?titccuih-<en(ciy-g<>/cL'»Lwj., fu fj* frorti thinking 
«f reiortnin:- them, vrjll laugh in your face, ir you prnpofe xo 
«lcci or uncnd -my one arttcle. Then tbcy rcfumc 4 wik COUO'* 
tenancy, uid play crfTupnii you fome grsve maxim of llaie, aj» 
^titiioi ni moV£t9\ that b. ** Be not moted to do any cfatii^ 
for ^uicifng ihr miiidi of ihc people ;" Mal^m hne pefaum^ !♦- 
ttimi that ti, being rightly inurpfCEcd, " There ii ^ocril in 
ftutring a gnod furo nf monc^ Imo ycjur pockrt," A^Wvi/ imf* 
firr /-7/1 j^^Abet wriich ii^niBet, according to modern ru*e* of 
eonniiii^iijn \ ^* Wl: will nut cliaui^e ihc taw fur ^citing wbat 
we can cue of ihc people of tngland.'* 

The AuiHor then goca on t» otifcrve to chc tnnrntieth-ccn* 
Ctjr^-'lbllu, ihatcveo \\^v indf^tn^ent pt9^U of thcfo timet dcge- 
ncritc iiiio grcJlci and gre^itee di^ijrci^j of iiiJrucrcuce alout the 
faiery of their Ci>rintry. and that it it become loo eommoi lo 
turn p;iiri<»tirm icto ndicufc. He givei a brief, but cicart Hate 
of tbf? incqtrality nf pifliAntcntiTy rrprcfentiEion, ai folloun: 

* Thirtg* will, I imajtme, be gi« into fo different a way in 
yAitr Timrt, thji you will hardly be aHe 10 conceive their con- 
dition in ouf daysi <^r how we co*ild be concented (o let them 
(JO on in ihdr pfcTcoi iricL I ihink I fee you make eyes ^% 
Jof^c o» Juno'4 in ihelliad, on rc^dinc, that, in thrAOLirhanpy 
tge, the houfe of eomnioni. whiih ought to be a i:ue rc^rcfcn- 
taiivc of tbe whole nilional wealth, cxeeptirg only what be- 
loj^Si* to the pc^ti^gCt i> in fc£t my thing aa mucb. Thai tbe 

IhconWcraWc counties ofCotnwiU an** Devon r^ndrevcnTym^in- 
twr, NiJlth-Bfinin Tany-fAc, and ilte rr^mcr bdrou^hs abin« ^^ 
twif hundred: (o that two thirds ot th« n^cmbcn 4:c g<lQ^| 
into ihf houfff^ before oni: appcnr^ who fcprefrtHK iny pr<tp<ity^H 
of corlcijtKttCc. That the wcillh to be icprcrcntctt in pirli*<^H 
mfrt b c«>fnfrtfiefi[)fd in f.otidon, Hritlcjl, Llrrrpnol, New^^^H 
caHlc, (he manu^diunn]; towiiSf »i Miioc belief » BiTtninghioh^H 
&c. and ihc cuuntio, or J«.nd. Thftt London, Wdlmiiiirrf^^l 
&<»iithvrark> tnd Middicf^sx, are nprffeatt4 by ten nicmbco^^l 
vhik Cornvult aniJ DcKonlliitc lend fcvcncy ; rhiii m^ a quan* 
IJty of pcopcrcf cqu^il to ^ tctith p^rt (probably it is noC To mur^l^_ 
of ihc rtAi wcahb of London, Wcliminflcrt SciuibwarL ii4^| 
IHWdlcfoK, ftndt ten timet aa many m^mbcrt into the houfe. If^^ 
the piopcf number for Corowall and Dct^n ht fevenir^ the pro- 
per run^bvr for the county of Middlrfex. ihr citL^t of LcnLJo:i 
mnd Wcflminftcr, ini the great borOijgh of i^outhwa^kH ouj^hc 
to be fcven hundred. 1 cannot help ihhibing bow firaiif;"^ Ihlj 
moft 2p|irar CO you* our wcsfth^ ddteiidcntu. letfiahfr, Lou- 
don, WcOn^infler anct Sontliw^rk, pjy eiglity pirti, in five bun- 
died anti JiirtccR, cf the knd-tu« ind cne humircd eij^bty-bvA^H 
of thcfubfidy ; wh>1c they fend only ci^lil mcmberi. UtirnwMl|^| 
and Devon pay twenty- n:ne part* Und-t)>Ct and twtniy-foer "^^ 
fubfidy, vrhile they Tend no Icfs than fcvenr| mfn(bris. Or» in 
one view, ivto huncTtcd IlKTy-ti^'e ferL<t <vnfy <fTgfic ; while fit y- 
tlircc Tend kveoiy. Whu wijl you ihiukf when you itc tolJ* 
that* MC tbi« time, the great iniercfli of the nation are not rc- 
prcfcntcd in pa/]ument atull, vix. the commercial, the maun* 
fa^tural, ami ibe monied. Thar a nicrchjtnt, a irjnufjiHufer^ 
or A proprietor tn ihe funds, u not, hy bcJn^' fach, rnti Jed to 
ont tote for i mennhcr lo rqirefeiil his projicrry, br it cvrr (j> 
j^te^L Thar a proprietor of houses and Und^ to jny value what- 
ever, ifcopj'htfld, h^ JLO ij^ht to lieicpjcrtnTcd in parJi^^inem- 
Thai, therefore, the unantmoittfenfc of ihchojfr of comm'^na 
may ucv^^nally pitjvc qulCi? diflcccnt fimrt Ehit t>f ib^ nuJorJcv^^H 
of (be people oT property^ becauTe the p<:"ple of profvcity v^^H 
not tn «ny proponit^n repiefc-ntc^) in the l^oufc of comnion).* 

The Aofhof fhevm, in federal inllanfet, (har ihc /jnV.Mvaf 
have often bcc-i o^ one mind, and the Jv^/^'uaVTsr pcoi'lc hdi-c 
been of a canKntj ojimi(vn,^the rffrrt nf mrnilt^rbJ iii^jcnec. 
He remarks tl>c improptiery of Lhe manner of elcdiifg in many 
iawunt JivJ tlie horrible cuiruption, ;iiid debauchery too gene- 
ra? at nil clc^ioni i uid then he proceeds at folEovrv : 

* ThiJt, my worthy heift ofehe timet cocomCt yoitleeliow 
we proceed in a matter of fuprerne eoriccrn* x'phcre our inte- 
grity And public fplfit ought moll conlfiL-uc^ifly to appear. Our J 
candidatcf bribe, and owr ro-eis reccjvc the bribe. Our peo^h I 
Tell themfcltrs, a»d the buyer* aw the IhepVieiii cA \\ic \«:tji^. 1 
'J'hcIi/TT/cf tt^c nation is in thcfncoA V^c nt^tCUib^ ttwitft ] 

IS CitlTCf ar, EJ/ap en varhus Sidjt£!s^ Vol. H, 

whft yi-j\c it in their |»o*w to reform thcfe jjrofs aliulVf For 

Tttfc »rc, voii muJl know* tUc Hwpp/ clfciflt pi our cnoimoua 
coQK'CinolufncnU ; of which more by uid by/ 

Our AuElior itMf hii i^^ichcnuoa^ of the cojiTciiucnoa, 
Tvl'uch we caonot help Chicking ve but too juil. He then go« 

* Oof gf**' orr*, howrvrr, ^o not dciiiair of the common- 
wcalih. Ihcy Ihcw plAinly, thic they <lo not look upua the 
ftatc as in any dinger i if thty did^ ihty would f« It not lo be 
WorEh while 10 trcilurc up rcvcrfioiu of pcnfiona vid pUcc», for 
ihcir fons, their gTindfcn«, ihcir greBt-grAniifona, jtmA fo cn« 
10 the Icnrh gcncmion. Having ncvtr y«c fccn thcif courury 
vnJrxic* tl>cy c^itiioL Ijc cunviiKcd^ Out Jhc ja la ;iiiy djingcrr 
from thuc whicti hai ruined lII rhc free it:iic>, that have been 
tuiiicJ. U\ which they {hew ihc fame fAgacity. ii iht iJrunkjri 
do«t, who living irregularly tilt forty, aa<i having never in lU 
ha life killed k'itxifilf by drinkijkg, tho' he know« tliOHjorrii havc^ 
wKtIy condudi:i, he may foi^ on with fifirty for Ibny )<CArf 

He now pfOfc*4* to atlvifc the go^xJ |>rr»|iTi: of thr twn»ticth 
century coiiccrntn;; matter* of fUrc, to keep to the conlticuLion 
of kio^i, luiJa, AijJ cvhiiuoud, Ijj dct^ ;ind vuic chiefly by 
ball^jt, t^> make their houfc of «>mnicfib 4 reil rcprcfcntative of 
iheit wcjhbt to rcltorc ivn^iAa/ parliaiucnts to trcut their colo<- 
»i«twich mildne&iEDdjuftket &c. He th«n got« on to s fub* 
fiOis which he took^ itpon [aod vcj^ juRly) to of grctt confc-' 
t^ueiice : 

* Above all other litrc^ioiu, fivi het I can think of for your 
aJviniigCt n*y e"ucl children of a Wtieragf, let me recommend 
to your partiLuUr attentign the cofitcats of the following pirar 
graph ; 

■-- fi quicA Hdeno pruj;ntia ntf/ 

Unuin iUtd tibj, nslc duL* pr2:qoe omiJLiui unjlTi, 
r<itI«Mn. ft rcpctcm Lcruuique iterumqur monrbo. Vjvr;. 

* Ani^ex no forbid u>d^/r to the public cmp!Dynieni»» com- 
monly, with ii3t coJIed the ^ic^t t^lHtx^ of x\\< iUrc, but M 
tfcem bcdilcharjrti by romion, at the officer of flirrifi*^ an4 
the 1ikc> 1 he n-'iiutiil icndc^u-y of fu4;h i mc^ecTiaiy policy* 
will b^ ix> turn ^uJiTLiaidrHftinPt into ^ firrr anJ fcm^hte for chn 
pulrlie mcney \ lo ftif^jcll tothe (hcpheids r>t the people, th,it the 
buliner& of goycinmcnt Is riirhcr to Hrcri^crt chan lu feed the 
flock t to make every ambitious, avAritiouSi and conceited 
pciCcr mfld l<! get :nio parliament ; to give a dcfig^iinp court a 
Jaial afccndeiKy over the houfe of commcm ) to br in^ the coit- 
ilitiiiiofL more -ind more into duogcr of being loft in uligv<:hy \ 




CHITC, tr, Epp M vamtn 5**;Affj, Vol, II. ij 

«Aei]tttioa ; to rcnJcr ^ court fach a fccH}: of iitrain)', thai men 
of pncciplft vrHl noc be oonnc^ed with k, by which mEsuifH 
llic buiirtcfi of (he HAti^n nill be kfc to the mercy of tbc vny' 
iDen, «bo Icift ikf»TF Utc public confidence ^ to dr^w iho 
grot into Eȣbon) >nd CAbali, anJ rnfEi^c them in fchctne:) un- 
conDC>^<{ vnih> and oifrcn prnu'IirMl to t^e ptjbtk inier^, 
while ihc attention of the independent people, the only check 
fin licrntMi«» |Kiwcr, wUl be 4jjwn iway to tiir miimriefling 
Iquabblei un^ng the gntoderi j the wheels of f^oTcrnmenc will 
be dof^nj, and the macbinc, inllc^id of t-cing re^ubrl) dravm 
in i^ (<^ of lueceft and boAQi^r, by the concuirtini endeavour? 
«f tbofir. whole bjftncfs It ii to condu^ lu will be in iJdnger Oif 
bcint torn fn pieceiby the jafring«iFottiof worihlcf^ mcni vrha 
wolJd raihcf kc their country in ruini, tbaa in m^ other hands 
be&diet thotit of their own fjc^ion.* 

Our Auihor, in the ne^ct place, cautions our grcat-^mi- 
cVUren a^inA poAti>tiii^, (he locred ticTr oF Patxiot, by 
kdi>win£ It riiWy or ondcierrcdiy* He atves tbcm a bnel ao- 
cvuni of the cfl^niiils of ibai dtilmgujfhcil it^d rare charader; 
in vrhicb he rifcs, in our opini[?nf above the pitch of any of 
the (ijCj-o hiiheito quoted, 

* A Patriot ' — (1 couli proflrate myfelf before the vencr- 
M/t oMtc) a Patkiot u hc^ who follow'^ virtue for v.W^'« 
fkkt} vho Cerm hu countn* for »he fake offitvtK* hi«coun:ry. 
Hit itmtry^ I lay : noc ffjinf/If, He thijikt not of the vtic tiat>' 
Jo/netut of meTCcn;iry ^nt-oiBcef, he doc« nor, like the^limi, 
naxli^ mount Pelican upon Oii, and Olympui on Pclicn, he^ 
rfnylnymmf on em^^ToyrueriT, pri\fiun upcn pEn1lor^ r^b^erlnn 
vpoo nvcHioHi And firvc'Cuic upnn firC'Curc^ in order to chtrt- 
Vt vp ihc dmighilUheight, to which foidid auibition, or mow 
ibriid aviricej promptf littU foulv to afpLrc. 

^ Ir&niicly bcncjih a fpifit of hii cclellial origin, ii the (or- 
did luli of having hiv luoie wjfted on the flinking gxlc cf p<>* 
pu!ar breath. He ii incapable of Uving irapa for cuchii;* the 
vrortlilfti 10(1 tin lea mco afipUufc of an undifiinguitbirg h«Td, 
who prijfc ar>d bUme they Icnow iv^t why. He will be «■ foe- 
ward toiVfif^ hit eottnt^ymea afc^rfii^, xi with thf ir ipprrtbilion. 
He will bc'C4)iial1y dcftroui of hcnehtins the flaiCt when hit 
iwm inirrci^ a one, Avwiienii i<, advanced. He ehnoles raiher 
la frc yjmjotti with iDimnj^ tli&n to prove a tioK-ferreT wUh 

* True vifftjc e^^nieilt ilfclf. Mr^ertv i« its very bafia- The 
nVG piiriot 11 Jietcr fecn to clbcw rhul'e Around him, in wiirin 
btmkAt iA, and ferew oihtrA ouc> to i^ngage himrelf in ladorii 
ukd caUilst to iniill on ^rdid gai/» for himfclft and Wa v'nole 
crtw of friend*. What Jte defiret, it, thai hi^ country mzf br 
imrd, tf that M likely to be belter done by orh^ri. tb^n W 
lbi3ifJfi (And ot^llyttJII of^n ijicliri?hi[n to think To, ikIu:i\ 


ff Ckito* tfr, E^ajs m vtrrhut Sulje^ft^ Vol. It* 

il ii mutrh otKcrwifc) he will never intrmipt thofo, who artf 
cariymg on pur>hc atiain, til] it xn^nifulHy appcai>, ih^t (he 
pitTilk intcreft i* ifi tlan^cr. AnJ then, ttverrome bjr the rc- 
^Li.ili af the wile ai^J g'^i^la to whom hi» wrortH ts kiit>vrEi, he 
pwdcftiv Cnket ihe helm i»(o bi± UahA. lie kcieps hti rn-r ii»va* 
li^My o:i one point ^ htr purrues one icgulor plui^ fbr he idt 
on rigbl fmic](?1e9| ai>d 'tghl ;riiiCLplc» arc unchangeable. He 
bold* hiiriMf ever open 10 advice and perfuj^on. Hr does ^hm h 
fhcw hiiuMf at diBcrent (imc^ unaccnu neatly (jbtliniie^ and ur* ^| 
accountably pliant, accofdirg as itf^iishU diffefcni rcbentes. 
He 6ot9 nou «< ore tiuic, pecviOily dcfert hi> pollt in a rtifoa 
of difliculty, becaufc lie cannot drire all inm an implicli fub- 
mtinon 10 hu diftatociol commands ; and ^it Anothci' rime yiel4 
to meafurca bj- himle-lf (wh*^ independent) rep'fatrdly declared 
tob< u/tivir/jl-y o\ ru'mcaa tendenciT i becaiile he cannot oihcr- 
wife keep in power. He doct noc lie at tK(! caich for cipponu- 
nitieo of increafint- Kts p^ulariiy. He dots not ^obfcrv^e a pro- 
found rUcfice, whtlc wrong mcjfurcf are Citirtirg on* jnd fcadj 
to t< puc lit excculicrn ( aiul then, tvith lublime pompofity, ^| 
j1a1!ifoii)i, a« if tbjtJ7i4ni//;/«)armcd; 4nd aJTame tohimfelf the ^1 
mcf it of a patriot, for preventing, whentoolarc, wh>tiruepa> 
triourn) would have excited him to ffrevent, when Jirll propoM. 
Hedoci not a^n»awihe crrori of hii prcdeccflbrs in pla^e; 
hia aiccr»tioo m 100 much en^agM ab^ut Eiia own ccndu^. He 
goes rfieflually lo Wi>rlt a^ninft the capital grirvanren of the 
tUtc He applies hit moH Athletic labour to the eradicating; of 
wfon;^ difpoliiiom fn the dr1I;:rent unks of the people, from 
whteht more than from any other Cftufe, all evil) in a1) ht9 
fiates arifc. He hjy the axe to the rutit orcoiEupticiir, Inflccft 
flf fctcing a comipt example by clutching; the birdly earned 
l^itE<\hCC of (he VT'Ctebcd Labourer. He dili^^rntly lludici puticCi 
sr the art of rormlng 1 people to the love of thc^ir counhry, to 
idiluAn , fobriciy* fru^u'ity. He ;ittcnd» to the progicfs of po- 
fulntion, to coniinrrce, lopro^Jlions, to m^nufaciures, to naval 
ai d military difcipJiiM; and ftrcrgih, 10 all that cau render hit 
CDunirv great, jnd (which 13 more) h:ippy. 

* l1>c Ifuc pduiot 11 that to hia country, which a wife and 
lind (.vhcr h ta hit own dc^r rhiltfren, Wtll a wife pnil kind 
iMhtr cnnfult hti r^un advanta^ prcter:iSly t<t that of his chil- 
dren ? Wilt he make hii ^a'ln trfthtij lofs? Will he rttip thrm 
10 enrich himfelf? Will he plunge them inco debt nee^Uerilyf 
Will he draw ibcm into irnpriiJem Ichcmes far hia own aggnn- 
ditrmeiiT, and 10 their ruin f and will he leave thetn Co otlri- 
CJic ibcRifdvfi aa ihcy can fron tbc dilHcultics he himfcif bai 
drawn ihcm into f Will be wheedle and deceive ihem> in order 
to It-tpr^fe tbcir umlefcrvcd cAmn, and then make ufe of ihit 
v>rv;«r<ia]iiy KkBbiife Mid injure thctp ? Will he he the cor- 
ri^p.'cr ci thci/ vamc! iViU he Ic&d t^«K,^\w% v^t;^i\W^**- 




Cbito, cr, £J/afS 9rt varhsti SuiJ^^it Vol. IT* 15 

oroplc, to the afT-riiraiion of ncl)«, uid of ih« luxury which 
ii<:i>c9 procure r CoiiC^iy I0 aII tbi»i the Crue [utziol ivill Uy 
out hiB belt abilmci of body, mind, and fortune. In the Tfrvicc 
of hi» cnuntrv without dcfirci rn profpcA> of any other rt- 
waf*?, than iht pWfure of fceiiig hjs fellow citiuni vinuouft 
inj happ]r in coofcqucncc ol^ hb pucntiif hl» godlike cajc and 

^ I leave yoa to judj^Of my ^ood tiA'CQEicth-ccbtufy-irent 
uhclher it U light to £ivc I0 evcjy ottWmty djbblcr in puMic^ 
bofmcb, the honours, which ought to be rcfcrvcd f^crcd in the 
temple of Viitutr, nuA never pioduccd^ but for the rcwjrd of 
fuch diftinguifhed hcfoiffn, ai 1 have bc<n dHcribtng. Let all 
due praifct and all rc*fon»b?c Adv«i}Cjic.Ci be given to your or- 
dinary flatefmen, to your men of »inbiguou> ctutra^crt, who 
have done fomc thinga well i who liuvc (lone (omc tiiingi iimi- 
»bly ; hut oihcfinrcfiWy. Only p!pjifc to remember, that 
when men of sbilitiu lor buftnefs, ar^d of Rsuoch integrity, leo 
fnoclc-pmiotifm, «r hjlf-patrio*irm, rewarded wlrh iho'o ho- 
ni>ur«i which cuiEltt to be peculiar to the tTue> they grow ^k 
of icrving their cotiniry/ 

In the remaining pan ot hii cledication, our Author cottf^drrs 
the ncccflity (jfd Icnfc iif honour and loteof coucitf>i the evit 
of too num«tous :i peerage, the value of the julV appb^iV of t!t« 
independent people* the proper nKthod of ttwarding thofewhu 
have been at expcneeor trotihlr in the public fervice, indjftryt 
luxury* public di\«rlIciA. concempc of courtt tbe meini of ic- 
forming the manners of the vul^ar^ J^c, fifc-^-Hc concludes U'i 
dedication, (of 120 paget] wiih fame d[rc£tion« toour poiiciity 
Gi\ ihcir conduf^ ~rn regard ro rcUgioo. What fie hyi on ihU 
bciJ, we e^ncltly recommend 10 the perufil of a certain |*ra«e 
tiidcr u( men aitic]n(r ua^ who ice <:oureri:ed la defend them* 
felvctt^ 31 well 31 they can, agilnil tDe atitckiihai h^ve htrty 
been niade upon ihccn by fuch litfrr wtitcrA (if ai.y tbeic be to 
bnter) «i Chto- 

Thc fouitU cITay ccnfaim the Author's «w» account cf the 
origin of evil, and hii r^fwfiif of Chrillianity, from the \U\ 
cfliir in the firJl volume. Jt » Nnpo^bfe todo jirlHcc to foex- 
leitfive afthcmeby any abridgment of it ; wcflijll vot therefore 
Attcotpt ic- TTie judicious readcti who i> conrcrTiiM with fjch 
fubjri^tt, will fnd> m whar our A'rthor advinrc«, iTiary bints 
which delerve aiTcriiiAn, thouj^h thereare, uridtvubtedl^, many 
firong, 4Jid A^uic pcth^p^ unaufvvn.rMc ui>jri^i(>n<s, \o hri Jchcm 
upon the whole^ — After the fourth eliay^ follo^vt a long poD< 
/cripT, concainin^ a v^A ntioibu of reflection! on cillVient lub« 
je^i, — At to bit flyltt it ii, (as we intinmcd in our accot^M 
of hit fortncT t'oIu;iie) for the mofl pifi, rough, but ni^n^y ;-* 
yet, ftrreir, :i little poltfhin^ iri^ht net have im|>aiTe-l \v. <^avt. 
ar.d 1 i^our. Scaxumc^ be cxprciVc^ )x\i tnK^-i\\i\^ \n VuO^ ^i^ 
1 *a^ 

Jaco'j Eagi'tiJil, aP^vrff. 

a». wc arc pciHudcd, no Knglifli viita couki luvc ufed. W^ 
were parikularly futprtred ar hit fjhllhHiin^ (he adje^!<Vf 
^J/i^I, for the iiouC'lLtbllaEitivc, it^jii t^bui ioriic Afilcr* alfcct 

'lo conclurici we vify h»;:«fcly' with, thit the fubjcds 
tfC4Tcd of by our Author iriy !ie ukcn iiiip rh? feriout cianJi 
4er>iion cf aJl perrons of unik'tH^odti^j; :io<i pubJic ipiritt' 
bur cfpfciillf iii chofc in whjlV |«ia<i it i«< (trould lo lir^rc^ 
U vrtit in thcu iridknation tj to rcdrcffi the ruiiiouT ffvili ptMOCed 


f « Fdttr J^*^/. By Rkhjrd Jago, M. A. 4^0. tav* 6di 

THAT poccry vrhich ifl cmplopd in naral ^cfcfiption lies 
umJcr many tJifjdviinU^cs. Though ihcic U a vjr(Tt)-, 
thtre it, l:kcwire, ui unifonrn:;' in (iic wo:ti ci natore. which 
i^iiJcn it tliiBculc CO cmbtllifli f^ch fubjc^A vith image* that 
bate rot been exhibited by wrren. With regaixl to the 
morsliK-in^ «f rural piintm^i^ Ix. b almofialwnp aEtcndcd with 
c^tiami^lfi 3nd > fnrrH minnrr; — nor it ir riiffinjic m invcflj-i 
g9.ic ihc coule : all moral trvitba %ic of an ftb^lndt^d naturv, uid 
wliLii ore ilternp: to ill;*lha(c iHctt* by objcfti of ilie fcHlts, (he 
trsjifitiiifi Iri^m ihe natural umfilicity of ihc litter toth; rct^nc- 
mcntof theiormcr, i» incorr-pjEiblc wi;h that cafe which wc cx- 
peft f o fUi4 in poetical dcfrf jptiona, and t^ircrrijpu tlint attention 
whkh we Jirc always inclined to alford. The dcfciiptivc poet 
Ihould leave the dflcovcry of tlie moral to the Hig^clty of his h 
rcadcn \ by which mcAns they will he (Mattered with the induJ-fl 
gcncc of thrir own pcnctrai'nn : aitd thi"; a V^\\U\.\ Wfiicr may " 
jilwayi cfied, by rercenng tlie m^ix\ corelufion otivioui, with- 
cut <ltawin3 il nimirlf. AiiorVit^f obfcrv-jtinn, which occiirrfil 
to us 00 reading Uii«poem, ani which vre ni.-ill i.ike the liberty 
of mentimiir^^ to Mr. Jajg*:. Uy that in works of this anil of 
every otiicr l:ihd» where cpjf id c< are introduced* thofe cpiJbdet 
fhoiiki be fcUtni in no v<r) tedious or cirtii^aifl^nti^l inAniicf. 
Brevity in cpiioJe? i» eflentlaJiy neceflVy, becaufe it \t Gratia 
Lc^erjt that ibcy arc introduced, qnd wc arc not wiliin£ 10 be 
Irtig drri!r*rd from the piinnpil fitbjri'i ; wf hrn* alltidc to 
the GpiWc of the blind youth ^n his third bor^k, I'he Author,, 
we prcfume, u-ilJ naw underflaTTd our prtncipil objc-iiJana 10 his, 
poem \ aiul we fliall thetcforo content ourdBivc* t«'ith giving ai 
furrher account of 11 in h\i own wordi : 

■ The \\\\^i9 EdiefUli 1 place ta^en i*ofK:o oFby a11 the 

topographical wfiur»» who hod otldTt^in lo niiiLtioii \U foe 

Jtr cxttniivt, aiid agreeable pioCpc^, uvi fuuh<r unhapni^v 


^iflinguifhM by being the fccnc of the iirfl battle between the 
forces of King Charles, «nd thofe of the parliament, under the 
command of the Earl of EfTex^ in the year 164a. Tbefe two 
circumftances of natural beauty, and hiftorical importance, coin- 
ciding with the afiedtipn of the writer for his native couniry, 
lying at cbe foot of this celebrated mouhrairr, prefcnted to his 
piind a theme for poetical imagery, too pleafing to be refifled by 
htm. His bufinefs therefore was, firll to feled a ftock of male- 
rials fit for his purpose, and then to arrange them in the befl 
order he could, Both thefe puijics he endeavoured to eFeifl, not 
pnJy by confuliing hia eye, but alfo by conftdering the charafler> 
Tiatural hiilory, and other circ|jmftanj:es of fuch places as were 
moll likely to aHbrd matter for ornametir, or inllruftion of this 
kindi forming from the whole, by an Imaginary line, a num- 
ber oi diflinS fcenes, placed in the moH advantageous lEght> 
and corrcfponding with the diftcrent times of the day } each ex- 
hibiting an entire piclure, and containing lls due proportion of 
obie£}S| and colouring. 

, ' In the execution of this defign, he endeavoured to make it 
as extenfivety intetcfling as he could, by the frequent introduce 
tion of general fcntiments, and mt^al rcBeftlons ; and 10 cil- 
Jiven the dcfcriptrve part by digreiRons, and rpifodcs belonging 
to, or eafily deducible from the ful^e^ ; diverting himfelf aa 
much aa pofltble of all partiality in matters of a public nature, 
or concernment ; in private ones, following with more freedom, 
the fentimcnts and dictates of his own mind.* 

The rules he lays down for the fituaiion and conftruflion of 
rural feats £hew him to be a man of true tafte and good obfer- 

vation '. 

Wou'd ye, U'i[h fauhlefs judgmrnt, learn to pi a d 
The rural teat } To copy, aa yc rove. 
The wcU'formM piiintc, and corrcft dcfi^n ? 
Fifl^ iHurt the falfc extremes of higb* and low, 
Wi[h ivatry vapours ihii yoor fretted vvalla 
Will loon deface; and thai, with rouoh aflauh, 
And fjcquenc tcmpcti {hake your lou'ring roof. 
Vlt moft Lhe gcr^tlc eminence delights 
Of hcakhy Ch^mpaigii, 10 the funny fnuih 
Fair-op'nJiigt ^nd u'lth Aood^, and circling hiUa, 
Nor foo remoie, tiojj with too clofe embrace. 
Stopping the buxom air> behind citclos'd. 
But if your lot haih fal^n in fields lefs fair, 
Confult their genius, snd, with due regard 
To Nature's clear diredtionf, ^apc your plan. 
The file tcfO lofiy ihchcr, and the low 
With funny lawni, and open areai chear. 
The mariih drain, and, fcviih capacious urns, 
And well conduced flrcams refreih ihe dty. 
So fhall your lawns wiiJi heaithful verduie fmilt; 
Eivjuly. 1767. C '^V^ 


JacoV EJ£f-Mi^, eFff^ 

A Jtj|%C wild (lij|.li^', oi llic nnW bljJf, 
And lnltl«d lufn (t»r i^iTclrft o^ncf fliMTiC. 
Seek not, wiih friitlcri coil, ihc Jtvd plaJa 
To tn(t al»jii nor Ci-j^- Lh« hLin^ h Jt. 
Eith bu lEi charmi t\io' JifTict^i, «Kh in kind 
linprotc, nu jIict. j^iI wJih «;( cuduji. 
Let [i(T flf*ii wrfjc'j lini:! yoor Ajpci dctitm. 
No t»(b'ruut wall] rtfiritn the bonn i4\] TighC- 
With bviier UM ^rur cfcjft.; ^cfi^A^ (^Tpliyt 
And to tbc (li^U^i Tidds ihc cE^fcr feme 
ConocA, Thrltsdatu Uvm Midi fc^ticfM ticc* 

OouiE bn^tiiifjl. Vost unlmpfilbii'd eye, 
Wiilt plea£p£ frtcifomi thto' ihe lofty naM 
Shall jQiCi a-ni fijid no dull Uikif, 
T)jc umJan^ Ilrc»ii with AijTcnM line hvcli 
To loitiife, tc» prefer rhe long cn^al. 
Or l4bou/'4l fount v> Naiurt i eafy ftoa^ 
AnO ajikfi f^li. Vojr snv'Ily wrndin^ mUii 
Now to ihc frTfli'nfTn; biccM, or rupny ^it^m 
DircAed, 00* »irh high ribbow'^fing ircci, 
Ot fragrjinj (araht coifcril'd, uilh h^o^ffli fr»t^ 
And rkir*t nrj^lutc dT<k. 'I'hcii fdttnng ftea 
'lo F«c>'> c>x I'vKt^''* iftKibjtJinU 
Of mcic thxit laorLaJ iDikc, and thclt coc^l QudCf. 
And frrciiiJIj.' flidirr <o rr/reftimrnc f^'ft.'r, 
Afd wholeftjmc mcJiunoii Ihi9] invilc:. 
To e*'ry ilfudoie pive iu propfr TaU- 
Nor, on thr dreary ht«b. liic Eay alcove. 
Nor ibe lone H<mjii*i ^cW, ot moQicfuT vn 
Ruild nn ihp fprighilv liwn. The gnlTy Llnj^e 
And Ihrltet'd bCtfder Ibr the cool Jkiauir, 
Or Tbfein pofth i«[«rvr. To the ch*Jl* dome, 
Abd f$'ir ietct4t girc the rh'cSIbjr mount 
Of fjcAcA ^tccn. IF to ittc Gothic Tcne 
Ynirr cjllr incljnrr. ic (hr VFlUwKer^J vali?, 
Wiih lol'cy pT^ca cmtirr?WD'd, lHc mimic f<nvi 
And oiouU'riEr A^Uj'a lrclE:d windowi place. 
THccr*;ey rotk, 0* precipiuout lull, 
bhaa welflrcomr ihe nAlc'i miLily wilh. 
In loyal vdii4 ihc FiiTtactfif) itdk, 
AoJ Gfcc:an pof(jCr>, wiih di^^nit)'. 
Thrir priJc iJifpljiy : ill fuic* ilicif Ic-rty i»n)t 
The £atflcf (^<rc, l/ch^iicc bilWiic dcc^i 
Yout tidd> tlEjingiiiCi. <ounT t\\em doubly fair. 
And Audioes aki, ififth innnvn#n[>l Aoc«, 
Aad fvhfU commciit. f.ney\ k«4 rcric-'. 
The famous florjr of tbc Lidr G^ra of Covf.itr/ is hcrcv 
for the fitft tiiDPj wt beliet c, ve.'fif=«d : it will ftfvt ai a fnr- 
cb<r rpecitncB of ihc Authors abiii^jc^^ and ai*y alio ifibnl 

Jaoo'j Et^fHiU^ a Potm. ig 

0'<r in'a tuLJccd rtal^i ibo Iccptie (vay'J, 
F-mI [ c^-ff j V-, f^iih c;ullo4 Ibv'jKiirR nvV, 
'V\ic fat>jc^ Mcrtwii n^M. I£i> \oiif hx 
Thr li^«dhci) othei kx i ic inwanl grace 
Uc(> Torf ly L wife, benrfiiMfit. >nJ Jt'MmI, 

Cb.u[rk\I au bci /^lipily [uini rik;c viiiugiii ikc^. 
AriA Trndn fcfling f:ir acoihcrrr. Vp'Ot, 

i[4<hfllIh^i noE. but, vfith defcoKC fair, 

Conircul^d hti «»d~'il rribcs. and. from theii coi'i 

nil laiLLi'jr mnn^JT^rd* (toiLt^ (^^ 

'TUcit jt\x\ati\r ImIei ; wK(h gt^rf llif fiw ih) vrit 

OCovcnrfyt b)r i^rmih-Jbidcprc^'fi ; 

And arjM her bjgjhiy lorJ, by tvety pl«, 

AnA chajici'J JiccJixn lo icirictx iby wcaL 
'i'hui plr^fd fhr, hut pltadoi all m vitv ' 
Dpjf w** hfrldrii and, »ilh * i^erri frbukf. 
He will d her nc*cv £J,<l>A. by fuch rci|ii«U, 
Tc fOach bi» bono-jr, cr bii iisfho icn-jdc. 
Vi*bit ^;ju*d l!ic Jj i Mbifl bt» Jctctc <»nuniiid 
Cbrck flif ilioo^ pIcjdMg* of bcnevnlcocc f 
Mtii public love, to maxrinionul tulci 
< Jf fctfilv taipire, ari obcd^nct ne«k, 

Pfihjp&by (Mil tOApliEt^llj'eifdiin'i! 

Give w>y f For onoc Godiijdtr'J lo tbinii 

U m^bi Boi bct ind, inuibly pervnic! 

Her ia\t rtntvu'd- Bold wii iV i4 rem rout deed I 

Vet rrCt DiOK bold, tboo tuf I if piiiJul 

Itr fidr, and (hjirriri ihM kiio#> no boundi, 

Wbxt buil'il thuu (Iicd tu r«r fnnn wrjih iitJiaak'd 

Wirh ffdCfrf bUctitQ guilts RfbdboaJ^in'd 

With f>innr«ii«ikn<CE, and cdBcEou* xeiJ f 

^ Leafric nighi zi\\ |hc vrrturui dctd > 

Pcrbip m%ht |fum.Vi ^ bcliUC^i deed 

So a^\\\. It k>e rcOcund net : jct ibc' Iqvc 

GVr arj^cr iriu[n|ih'd. md knp^riom mlp, 

No4 o'^r hit pride I v^fiTth betEcr EO miiriLunt 

llii ftd^cr ihut he artfully rtiuf n^d. 

Wbj will ibc pAFTfier orpky rcji] jIjllc, 
ForbiddcDr IliU iJcr wild p(ii;ii>L£ urire? 
'Hibk fiof my brt^n i^ llrrl'd igftirifl the fCiicb 
Of fwEci huTninity. IhieV not I hear 
KeftardU& ihj rrqtieQ- Jf piciy. 
Or Ollicj niotivc, wiiL miiUkea X««I, 
C*U d to thy jid, pieie'd oi>L cay flubborQ fume, 
V<t lo tk^ pfridtr'l wortb. ar-i moJeti ehjrm*. 

. C 1 



JacoV Ed^i'tSIit « Phrm 

WdoM my fcrfiEl !<>Te no irivi«] booa impart* 

Bui pOAj* end fainc foibid. T^t nlUige^ 

liVbrch. ibuw^hilcft, Uioa would*fi unpi uit to d Jllbfkra; 

EialEi onr ffdrftjor, and Bs^mcnii my pow'r, 

Wi'h lender bC'fomi rorm'd. u>d yiclLimg hei^ 

Votir hit foonmtlEi at fiehijof vuJj-jtf woe; 

lltcdkG hew gJtn fif^* Uc 4M«^ brcAJl, 

W£lh love of higii prc-enlncnce. This Same, 

In fcBhle nindi. «»i:h veilcfr fury glom^ 

Oppofirifl Jd« iht rp««ioui utfitmrnit 

Fof n>i&r rcgioacvt ^nd publx weal* * 

But pUnc Toflne f^tlct piiGon in in roonr. 

Some »m:iat tntUnA Tuiud lo your mskc. 

At ^torf h ID ouri, Iih< it fi^oiFd 

Then KovM ikc flronj; conienbon loon cviocf 
How fvJfely nowthoujudfcftormy mind, 
And fofiiAc ;r^y condu^. TIiou vc fiir, 
And cti*tc SI hU ; wJA nWil fcnft of ^mv. 
And rdpAiTy ^Fnooghr. Thv borom thou 
DiJ'A dc'er esrpcJr to fliwnf icf» dotliaricc 
orwinton <>« ( iior^ill-<:oxr4ting il 
ItrncJth ihc tr«;<h'roui rov^ifn^, irmpt tlidt 
Tho Itcrec j^laitrr, frith mf^itaicd ttn^. 
^o no?r» Mod by thy motJeli garnwaft bf. 
In n«k<d bcduty. mouTit ifcy itii)k-iArTiiG« HeoE^ 
And dkiDugh the AmGK in fiicie of open dty. 
And gialnji flai«i, ihev fairdflnrWridc: 
'JTiPTiViir t out) Ay pirt wu finc*rf, 
AppUod Lhv rrrlUC, SnJ C'^thrln ihyfuiS. 

Biit if ihoo it^'ft n<^t fuch un£ciitie termiv 
And public fpir^ yicUi tq ptiv^c fhjmf, 
TMftV (hen i*i>f Lwfrir, !ifcr thc^, cjn fwl, 
JUk« diM^ may jxry. uhib be fef-mt Jrrertfv 
A&d once thy fflit no more, Hi» fpeech Ite dfii^di 
Am}, wjtb//^^ oatHii coa^rm'd Lhcdeeptcfdve* 

A^viiT, whhtii GchJiTi't ttxhjLn brt&n 
f^nr titnalt* tote. At trogf h hrr ff cnslt fetn 
Gtve w«yi arii fu^Ctl bicnitiiir prtrjilV. 
RcUnjnt, tqirrrdvM, chcinjii<h?cG fcir 
Gh^rj all bcr bAcJ bciuiy (u iht fon : 
Tlifn mriumilier rirlk-whircftoH, jmf", thra^ the (bectti 
Ridn ff^rlHt : ho* diOirr^Jt'd huf a \cii [ 
Thaic'tf JHTbrautcouilim^ lnKOdint How'i, 
like Vcmu*. i*hcrj upon she Tyfiin iborCv 
DjlB«i»'df)icinclher ion, Wiihf»ntEl»ier 
Abq rL'v'foicfl Tow, th' aAonifS'd niJtf Qt 
Bc^n: iheir |^c iultwi pc^vVJtc f*H, 
Or Ctt (rKJr irtnioi pfwacro retire. 

? ^— dcitfiujnc comii difj^^Jrc *<niii. 



hW, but une frying Dit^C ! who AiaJIy hop^iJ. 

On fach * wwdfOD* damt. Bal fi)al Jirjj^riCO 

O^TEook (heboid ofTVnirr, ac^ he (Itndtr 

By jirll licucr. a rpc<)*c1c abWi'ii 

And UUrt^ nanunifTic cf fwiftreTm^ 

For thouf^iiniETp^r^p at^fl b^iii>'t injUT'd clurmt*. 
U Mr. .(-^gn fcvrnfl lo have w:mted iud^ment ia fome parts Of 
thii pDcm, WET mufl do htm (he JLillto; lo lUv* thar, upua tlic 
whoift be doo not lyinc cafe or fnncy, tnj he lU4 Ihcwn a 
goodncrsof dlfpofiiion in every pucoflmwoTk. 

* *SiorTorr.corkaadGixrmpfioi»£iE Will Djgdak*» Aniiquuio 
or WiPwicVlhJxc. 

' ThvfvllovvinE^rnmttirv i* fhibjojnfd to fiiiirvih^cariofiTy of foch s« 
m<T n^i htvc % piHciiL ctportoniiy of <ct]fttkiaE thi^ vmlnablc tfilje^ioa 
of ainrqiiiiLCi- 7 hdt pi^i of chc fiery* ofwbkh ttojnuQtbn i^ made here, 
f<fli upon Dtl^r Aj[Wi(if», fu&cient. JE Irafl, for the MrUcr*i tiutpolc, 
ihouffh fcm^whai ^ilFrrrnil)! rrlncd now fur he hji farcc«>d in n- 
fdaimar what jfiprdroi lo him 10 be obfcure, and ie gi*vf; ^ ^n>r mr^n- 
wg iad<cn£t^«ncy lo ihc whole, and liicrrby renderinB 11 mc*c rrcdiW** 
«£itcibhr 10 ihofc frcmiiij^x tutlcnik iticnnofUlt whkb are pr^fcrvc^ of 
h, ii Icfl M the jud^mciJ erf the itider. The fiofy. u lakcn froiu > 
MS in Bib. Bod and M^th Pjn't, ii » fbllftun : 

" Thii Lpifnc wcdJid Goiievi, % moR bcauufgl. and devout lady, 
fil^r 10 oneThordd, IhcHF^Lincolhlhtrc, in iticfc day>, and f^tind^r 
of Sptlding Atbty. 4i alfo of the Hock, Mfd tinciige ofThoro'd. j>i«rflF 
vFiMtcuuniv. jfi iticiimeof Kfiinlpb, kin^ol&krti;i. Whicfj C'lHin. 
tf ft Codf V;4 hriring in nrtraordindrj' ifiVbon to thh pltce, olt^n. ind 
c^DcllJy bierou^hincThafltiDd* ihst, for ehelavc<*f God. and thcblejl^l 
ffijtin^ he would free it fioiti (bai zrievcu* ♦cmtude nbciriKiQoii hm 
fubjcd. But he rcbvkin^ herfoi uaporiuoin^ b*m bi ln^Ufr To incofi- 
f nenewkh hit firaftr, <nrn cnamf rd ihai lli^ lhucl<! i>mc'l(>r!h livV>r m 
wove (b.?iem^ Vet (he, out ci hei ivoRivniOt pff linicrty, conimued tn foU 
lk*l hm, JnfcmtFch ih«tli«cold her, >F Che would Hdc on )>orffbackft3k«d, 
froncneerd of the town In ihcotEicr io ihc A^Ucf all th« people, he 
would ^fkxii [xr rcQUctfi ^VhcrtiuiEO iLc rr;ujr-edp 8ul wilL >^u c^itc Me 
ka*< fo 10 do/ And hcf«plyinp» Yei, ihrnotif hd/, opuna^ispfcideftt 
day, got on horfeback nakcJ, i^nh herh«ir Irvife, f^ihaE iie-iiered all 
^htfrbMy, but (he Ir^i, and ilmi ptrfrnmrog ihe j'^u^n^^r. Ihe 'eiJ'itcd' 
«iih joy to bet htibAod, »ho ifaurctipuii grjBtcc co iIjc ijduUu^iE> a 
chatta of fretdijou" 

' Ie h plrfffjint enonjEh to obTerve. uifh (vhit eameflneft <T^ show- 
m^nlioned leirri^d wfiicr dxvcllt On ihft p«rfei oJ diii r*no*ried liijy. 
■■• And rtflw, bcfofe I pfOp«<], fayi hf, I ^i^c a w^td mnrr lo fiv of 
the tobJc CAuncrfi CodoA, wb^ch :*, Ehat Uridnlicr d^'v^^a. 
mcht of (h,iE i^oui tk«ilc of hJi. i.e. hrr halliand Lrornc, in i^ti mitt^oi* 
Jiteoi mriaaikery, vie oJ* mooka «t Co^rnr^r, Ibv g«v<e h«r wh^ rt#j. 
CuDlharvio, aad fentforflidrolgoldfnsitfaf, who, v^'uEiiH ihecoy. aad 
iUter fhc h'ld, [Tiadc cciflcj, imjfcf of Ca^nrs. Asd othc c«riou3 iuna* 
inenu'' Wlii<i p^lTaj:*! may f^rtxas a ipcctneo of the deioiiov, ami 
pJkukjiiCn oTchoUe tieiei/ 

C 3 ^w 


[ " ] 

ri/;Vj, or ittgtnhus Convtrfationt of ttarntd Men among the 
/nij upoM a grtot VarUiy ^f ujtful and tttltrtaining Suh- 
fGrtuci ly puhhjhed by the ctUhmtcd SchuUins in Arabic ond 
ivrtb large Kotes and Obfervaiians , ixphiinwg fevtral pt' 
Cujhms^ MunniJs aid idiams of Speech among the E^Jlern 
\ wh<Teby much Light is thrown upon many Pa^tJget cf 
4re^ b^th of fhf Old and Nm^ Ttfi^meni : together with a 
'ion if fivcral pr^erbiat Scyings among the Arabians^ iiith 
planaiion cf ihtir fin^ular Beauty and Propriety, the tobcle 
lanfliited info EngltJIiy with Improvemenh* By Leonard 
jelow, B. D. Arabic ProfeiTor in the UniverfiCy of Cam- 
;, 8vo, 2S, Johrfon and Davenport, &c. 1767- 

tIRJ, an Arabian Poet and PUilofopher» who flourished 
bout the twelfth Century, was the Author of thcfe Jittlc 
arratives, called Affcmblies or Meetings, in Arabic 
hn^ and generally deriving their names from the places 
he converfations arc fuppofed to be held. Hariri was 
if many other compofiitons of the fame moral and phi- 
al caft; fome of which have come down to us, and 
ave been loft, owing as much, perhaps, to their own 
■tance as to the dcifruiflive efteils of lime. There is, 
a fimplicily in ihcfe cfiays, but then it is uninlerefling ; 
a juftncfs of fentiment, but little depth of thought : 
', the learned Schultcns thought it worth while to give an 
ifthematFrancquer intheyear 173 1* and they had before 
bliflicd in Latin and Arabic by Golins, about the year 
'fofefibr Chappclow, who hasdiftinguithed himfelf byhis 
conjments on the Oriental writings, particularly -the 
Job, hja now thought proper to introduce thcfe Arabic 
into our own language j and the curious in antiqui-> 
uni'Oub'^dly thank \\'\n\ for his pains, — Fgr the amufe- 
fuch, imd bccaufe this ii a fpecies of compofition that 
uihiiur <if novclry attending itj we fliall quote ihe firft 
jiUmblies entire, 

:ith tlic fon of Hemmam hath tranfmitted to us the fol- 

alll'inhly. — Having mounted my travelling camel, the 

puifiied carried me a great JilUnceffom my native friends ; 

JiiceJ to a n cciTitous condition. The viciffitudes of for- 

ke the boiftcr us waves of the fea, when they diftrcfs 

jATcckcd nuriner, with the fame fwiftnefs as an arrow 

'cd from a bow, preflcd up m me with fuch an impetuous 

;louded mc with fo much error and confufion, that they 

i my pafli:^c as far as Sanaa in Arabia Felix. When l 

i'.-eiiy, m. pockets were exh^iuftcdi my poverty very 

^^\- \ nut having fo much as one day's fuftcnance left, 

Mglc morfcl in my bag. In Ihort, my bowels, for want 


Chappelow'j Six jfjjimiilh-s, aj 

of fcfrcftiment, were fo contrai^ed, that I was like an old man- 
flon-houEe without any furniture ^ jeacly to f^U by every blafl of 
wind' You might compare mc to a decayed leathern quiver, or 
a fbephcrd's fhrivelled pouch ; which being empiy of proviftons, 
he Shakes and expofcs lo the open air. This demand of an itn- 
mediace fupply obliged me, like an imporcnt, wild flroller, to 
pafs through every part of the city. In my circuit from one 
Arect to another, I moved as a bird, which Aies fwiftly round 
the furface of water, with a defire to drink^ but yet afraid to 
attempt it. My foottleps, in the feveral avenues where I di^ 
reiEled my' courfe, rcfctnblcd thofe of an herd of cattle ; when 
to fatisfy their hun^-er, or to quench their thirfl, they eagerly 
prefs forward to the paAurc, or place of watering. Mine eyes 
entertained themfelves without any rcflraint, like darts piercing 
throjgh every part of my excurfion. My Intention was to find 
out a perfon of (b much honour and generofity, that I might 
communicate to him with the ucmofl freedom the circumdances 
of my diflrefs : — or, if J failed in that point, a man of k-tters ; 
whole agreeable counEcn>ince might difHpaCc my anxiety, which 
was fo grievous, that it hindered mc almofl from taking my 
breath -. and whofe elegant converfation might afford me feme 
pleafmg lefrcQiment. During this contemplation, I found £ 
was advanced even to the extremity of my circuit ^ the feveral 
inquiries [ made, in the tendcrefl manner I was able, proving 
fo aufpicious, as to condufl me to a numerous affembly of men, 
crowding one upoa another, and raifing their voices in much 
weeping and lamentation. Having forced my way through this 
multitude, [with the fame difficulty as if I was entering iniQ 
the cenier qi a thick wood,] to know the cau(e that drew fo 
many tears from their eyes ; in the midft of the circle I efpied a 
perfon of a lean, meagre vifage, furnlHied with all the appara- 
tus neccilary for a religious itinerant. The words that he fpoke 
were uttered in the fame complaining accent that you hirar at 
a funeral j in fomc roeafure rcfembting the tremulous, tinkling 
found of a bow, as foon as the arrow is difcharged. The fcn- 
tences he pronounced were deliyered in rhymes, and with fuch 
cxquilite fwcctncfs of laoguagc, that one might call tbem rhymes 
fit with jewtls of eloquence. And the reproofs he e^qjrefTed, fg 
full of fatyrand threatening feverity, that they afte^ed the ears 
of his audience to a great degree. The croud that ftood round 
him^confifled of various ranks and orders of people; fo clofely 
united, that you might compare them to an halo, or circle 
about the moon; or, to the flowers of palms, orfruifsof dateij 
which like ftetufes for a whije lie concealed in the grand rcpofi-* 
tory of nature. It was with no little pains I advanced nearer 
him, that I might be ediliijd from his falutary indruftions, and 
collet fomc of his ftriking ohfervaliona- 1 t.Mii\it^\4\i\^>id\c^ 

C 4 ^iKmbX'i 

CitAprELOW') She JJrM'if. 


4iftindl/> wVti he had nifnl ic 10 tbr hi^heft pluli i fpTxting 
with the fiunc Jct;'c« oi y^'i\jhi]\tj uvd ci<*rrQc6, a» vrbcn ih* 
fwift courfet f iiP^ ^ixltiotitn^^ for (he priitc in ihc circus, Tbc 
wQr4» thuhcutt^ml v^t'c fccmingLv fitft /x^rm^r^ cjtiEron % flr>vr- 
ing from Kim wilS iWh c*fc «i to fccjuHC no prtni'^dicatc^ 
thougUi \ buC ift f^ Icniij ai)d cUtM^mui a conC} si. on« ttcaxi 
(rom 4 C4nic}> wScn ti: with ifcic fiiAcia^ bfcec- ' - " 

* To hU ludi^ncc hf ihiw addirfVed himWf r-^ tTWKi,Of 
vih^i Anion or r»ok focvtr, VJ*** withamt the Icjft rolirnnt in- 
dd^ft thvfrlf iu thofp pallMMLt whtth ih* pembfiT i.-ifnlrrK'c of 

f'Outh t:v ever rcociy to ftf^^fll ; vn^ by a cIo]'<^- uticrition to th« 
mpominitc exe^tTi't rf lultful pIcifvfCA, an ti much clifurd^rd 
in mind with the l|lc:Klf'r of (hy ^>pp«lldV, as i>nc» who hf 
lev^ymg hit ryn lut a long limt hxcd on thi- 1>ii|;(itnc& of the 
Tun, is alTcfted wkh drE^xierJK und deprived t*tn of fij^t. 
Tlioui ! in)^ wZiu fulTcicfl iliy i]>ovghiA 10 be tr^afpoitcJ with 
viiii3H^driIIein>f invei0i>E: whotikcallubbainp rcfriAorv hoefi^^^ 
flur ftakcs hh tiJcr, ni>t jrtcldinj; 10 the check of h-.i rein* 
rufhefl hwdlon:; into thy folliei ; drviaiJag froTn whit n I'l^ht, 
WLiJi JL firong proptnfsty loihytaiirroui, crimin»3 cflnver faiion : 
How tongwili tliou Wuer ihyfclt' hj crmf^iniiy pf rafting in 
crrw, ind indulge thy vicioui tiftc In- ctinrfrcflint she rato of 
truth And iiijlice ^ H^w loo g wilt thou Ixhouf mrife lathc ui- 
tnoft height ot pr;de And t-ain j^Ufy 1 and rH>i cnfe t<] cn|:*^ 
in fudi winEuii, e^ciKJtMie plcifuio, « diicit the mind iTOCi 
whatct^cr U of an) rcimu nnofnent^ by ihla ohthndt-y of Km-^ 
per Ldov ait conccn^^in^ vriih one who ii thy fLipetlor^ iiiJ haih 
ftn ablblucc ccfnTn>nd o*cr-th». Thy dii&oiMurable cotid^d 
mako chcc fo auJscious » to life in Dp{> ifititin to birPt fiom 
whom |H> fccret n oonee^lfd. So anfully rwitrived, xt tHoo 
iiBAEincil^ A'^ ihy 4c4i;in^ that eten thy nerghbour n ignocMit 
01 tbftn : vchfn at the fime nft>f thou at i **'K>f»*d to the eye of 
thyereat Ob'ervcf, '\host an very i'M<Jtt^^ thni ihy fefvant 
ItiouU knriw iiotlur^ if ^hy projrtU, whfn ih*- moiV jvivifcr de- 
%« i^ fuMk to ihy iVli<fter. Whit ? »rt ihou fo vwak a» to 
ftippof: the iiiu£i f f rpei<xi> oandition wdl be of any advuntage^ 
ib»beii tb& ti<Ti« Lt dfpivtn^ ti'Mr for ihy dt^panure out of this 
wojM ? will ll>c rkhcfl ueifurev be abft to dcli-rr lhcc» wbcQ 
iby own wc^lu H3Ke™-r»f:oftcJihydcdnidtion? Of, (hyrepen- 
tancf mriVc fi^ > n, .> tu jitfwei all ihcfc qucmooi 

that uil U- 1 'i*^. Cfinffiftioi» the num<tOUt «■- 

rOf» iV'O birt Iwcn gudiy of? U ii thi* oprnion thn lh;y who 
hr/e been iliy coniTifi]o;is» tho" ntv«r f'» niry, and their >f- 
Wti6iW »evcf h f>fM>e, cao he of tny ktu^ to th<c at ihe daj 
of] -V. ' I>^ ujc adrjA* (bee to (c^lify thy pro^ref*, and 
wu; ,■ to rhink of fonw Kintdtei thit niay xemovc xhj 

diii<iij;>e(^ lUtd cbcdc the Jnpetuous covrfir ofthyfrin^gT^'nenn^ 



p|AP7EL0W*l ^jV JffMHiU ^f 

iifl iiiif Ic Jonc by !ivir^ a rcftrii:it on the foul, 9ni 
ii't cXU>va^nt (rr>lioi>> withm jiifi mJ proper Irmht ; 
taiifr Ji i» ll>c mMl powciftit ^ncmy itioO h*il ia engage will 

mined ^ whtc ptcpomtioQ b>^^ rhoij nuJe tor thic Loicmr ti^ic 

thv ;;rt3r ktim >rc iwieikutft fudiciot lo potTcf^ tlicc with xn aw* 

ful tcfr^r. An^ wlut «jccufn wilt diou form in vind^trarson of 

i ibvTcIf F rt thy giJ*c to be the dormlioij. vrberv thou art only 

lo'lk dovm, ind nke thy noonday rtpcit i u^hat ofirvrcr wtle 

tViou niikc when cnllcd to t ftriA cxAtrktculion ? M thyifrjKtr^ 

tutc hen<:*, whfn thoii Jha)i return to Gcd, and ip^ar a.c the 

bar of hit juf^'cc ; who fliilj be an advocate to plcid for thei*^ 

LOU bid -t\cd lon^ «-no«gh 10 awikPoutof dctp. But indcad 

r%r^>]ancet thy time bath been fonfomcd in t voluntary flum- 

'ler. The htl^ ndvirc to rcf(>nn the* haih nor hern w^ntin^ 1 

but ihJt thou h*ll obftinately rcfiffeJ, Evample«ctf ibi; moft 

^L«n'^:i'>:irig nature bjYc burn ptfopotcd f^r thy iinit^LtioTi : but 

^Miiirtia^C£T«rof blirnlnca hafi thou indulg^dj a» not in the Wft 

^Ho be aJfri^k^ by iticnt. Truth md rjghtcnufiieft bate appcrarcd 

^^o tb<c In iheir fioipW* jutcd drcft : but to cppofe tnd difputc 

flgninfl chcni»<bou (ail exerted ibe uimoG of thy power. Dcjth 

hath ^ivcn thcc frcqurnt c»I1i to recoiled rhy aftiont : l>ut to 

To liitl? purpofe* th^t thou ut dcfimaf of having ik> rcmL'.ii* 

ir»nce of ihcin- To commtitiitriic co thcrflicf<>f ether men'* 

idi^cot cJrcumftnncej, ihcu hirt b:tn J.i%^uricd wiiii ill die 

rcunii^et imaginable: but th^rethou haft greatly ficj;1cdcd, 

love of money bath bcf n fo tiiott^ ajid prevailing, tlut tlic 

and ur'ifcik mftrudioM, both of th? Coran, and the tridi- 

}Ai oT our anrcftofst cot]<:ernin^ rrligion and ruhjccis truly 

llvine, (i«h>cb JbuulJ be v^luul at the hi/.bcft Urafurr :) thou 

hofl givtn th* pcefcfcnce of braiding jp abundance of rkhcs. 

And to ^r^iify thy piiJc, iboLihjuill ra:bcr diJlmgiiiflt thyfcU by 

faiGng A l^otclVf expLntite biiiEtJtn;-^ than by doing a Hrigki j^ 

i>r beneficence and charity. !o thy rr*vclfin^ cxpediuk>n»^ ft> 

fai frOTO btJog conduced by C't)e who would ftiew th« the right 

way i thoti <h(K>rcll 10 '.at:c :& tZitlcr^r.t n^urTe, and j^ipcar At a 

ftaitcd mendrcinr, a common bc^^xr fcr an aim* ■ and to b« 

pointed at ior wcirio^ a loofc, lowing ^rmmtt fa;kef cban 

TO rntrii a rt^w^ird by ^M^noroiin^ ibme buTineA of weight uid 

ionpvrtaoce. Thy heart ii io iin;iiodct^t«ly iixtd on rcecivine 

large aiid valuable preirnis thai tbcy iuHLcnce ihy a9ei^ii>iu 

moee than the ttaied folemn li«« of prayer. And Cn£<kirrg 

ifir t^ovt ricSi 10 be p^id atcef 101:1 timo, iiuJ on certain eondi- 

lior-i i£ more eligible with thc*^, thin ihc apjiointing any fcafon 

for cbaritable diflnhuiiont. So ^leat in cpicurcl that tho« 

halt a fhon^er rt]ilblWrjlliogiari!;yof difbu, ferved u^ ^iv4\i- 

ftrciitforEni Juid coloitri, than for tnitn^utr^On'; k\W\<&'^c;vQuv 

^ GufiM Harwii Opira Om^ 

dirtin;;^iiTflitJ bj llic liilo of Thtr Lamp $/ Slrar^i, nn^H 
4/ !t-c !'/t'nf4<> Afur ihiv [ retired Co \ht plac< from wl|L 
l«lilif, l>rinf jrlcjdctJ with lite hi^heH mloiir^ciuc) of di^ 

SocrAl Wncd n^tu are Gubjoincii tothdccGjjrs wludUtdp 
t^^ illtillrite foirte p>ll&f>t« in th« Scripcureib aiu^arc, io dot 
i^iDj>in)k>nt ihctncft V4luftbIcpftrtot'4]ic«rork, 

Edits: i;66. 4(0. tf. \t. in Bc£c^ N^rfc. 

TMEColfc*erfPli\fic«!whavc, 10 ttiii cation, done jufHcc 
to ihciil^able and Ccattfffd rcmniiwof thegmi Horvq-, 
— The aJvjui.igu which ort to be cxpc^cd frorn iKt» elegant 
rditiod rruy br ffcn in rh« follovficg iddrtls fo thr rfftlcr, 

^ ■ Cti^t^km AffJiitr^m LitJintn/t Ltiisri S, 

^ Cum JMidiu, apiuJ c09 qui mcdicuvic eC rcrum ^aivnliiini 
(Itidij, pn6rquuiuur, ifidignARi <tiiiddjm nkeiiui h^itum li^ 
Giiti>e1mi Huvdi Ijbroi, i^uiUui cordii ufjm ct fui^uinie mo- 
f^m pr;mb( Jlle drcbrufit, Jii unia lilcarliQ Uni ilrpcAVJilob jj- 
ccrt ; ad nra potdlimum oam curam portiiMf^ cenluirnui, jt 
DiuniJL ejus opcfit dceccitioii cullu ii& BiJt»u* tiua U^sJcicntuj. 
In pEirni« iuquc edicioacm Frincotuf^cnfcm excrciiaciojtii dc 
raotii cordb <c IHnj;uinl3« quae viro i6i8t Cuiiabrigiciifcm 
aiitem dmrttRi dc-iorjlonuin concn Kiolannmt c^uac anao 1649 
vulgata c(^, diiiivntcr perkgimu* ^ «i;iippc quAc fol^c HiMcii 
aufl^uatfin pmr [> ffrnncr tum eMem cum aliii ediiionibiis 
prti7d|>uT« coitiparavmtui. Qiia rac^OAC, ex irinun)criii (|ai6i» 
i)1:u? pfinnpri irtfTnTj ffrstii lypn^taphfr it, \ph sti^ort^ ir^fbi 
clicuille vjIi jumui ; Icviffima, ubi id nccduiium crsu, fditi 
fimUiione* vel IbU vcibntum imrrrpundtioric nuvu, Stmul i<ero 
fnorumcdlcoru'n immoderatam ccgAovi<nui Iin;;cf>uilic6iubfl>: 
inier tjuoi rmincc Joif^i^cs Antonidc* VanJcHinicn, vanlote 
»ic|ue aadicia profie infrcdibili. Cactcnjmqui«dcgatcraiior» 
stitfn^iuoi Icripfil JLivtius, ct quae Lutidim ^np-j 1651 cdiu 
Tunt, rruirui i^tmrmoJi opli irfligcbarc : ^.i cnini jLcc^ifmc fane 
affmmiflrivcni (jcoigiu» E( i» cTcjami erudillorc vlr, ct IJar- 
\«ii upf>rl<n« fttidiofut. In hjkc iflEur p^rie, nihil itiud a robn 
tunnduiQ tr>ft tiHi vt tditiorcm illam Loiidincrrrcni fcpracfcn- 
i^tr^miK- H Ml- pnmiimn nrccilr, r Joannh Rpni dr omi ei na- 
tuni {»«>fuinit Itbro, 1^hc>i^iic Parri anaromia: quam fubfc- 
c[uiirt(if Hafttli rpitdlir, Hjrum un:i <pi/ctn » Jf'icinc D:i- 
fifrk Horilm m cptllubrLcn rrj^iclnnliuni dccadct altera luTcm 
a Gerir^i » Rkh:cTn inter cpit^ofat 1'dr<^jorr«, olim vutgwdl: 
rdqoj? *<io, «;ua« au-^fore fuo pcrdig^kftc furtt rune primttsi 
ta pMkttttt pfudcvint^ ex imo^^ho Ocorgii Em cjtpzrjliie. 

Wabke*'; Hijt&rf of Jrtfeni. 


Fraririfcus PigoJi, rx actdfmii OxDntcali mcdicinje AoQor. 
' Hirrcii auicm opcribuf^ noram vitic ipfiui ticfcri^uoocjn 

vir kllc fucrit, tx <)cjanm in g«iiu> hum^ioum mentis. Huic^^ 
tfro libri paiUcuhc fccoiidkuai quod^uii iici; tujucunJjm ofni* 
mcDttfm nifdcrc li^tiitpcr bcncvolcialam rcvcicndi vir Ofmufidj 
Beavuut ([ui fctioUc icglj.e Cimu-incnfi ;>ric(!l. l)!c ciiim ilw 
plonaic orchcifpo noi domvic, c|u^ :iculcmu PArii^ini do^Eov 
ri(iu grgiTutn in Harvcium al^kJiii^J^f ojmulit> Hx hx Jip!o« 
mate, Quanu fieri pctuU fimijiruifmE^y ciFogi cur^inut tllofp 
mum urgrum nommft qui indcli^ ct virEi^tU tcftimoniuBi Hitr^ 
vtio tunc inburriiiit. tfiiJicfft licolquc failif copofoc li fd:'(i| 
ontm nodrim mc<ir)oJ2v(:»us. W|c* £x acdibus iwRiUt 
5Cal-Man. i;66/ 

The Uft ef lOny^ which U prdi^«J to th» «ifUio;^ h w 
wfin^ii ; taA cc-iiTims a Qiod hiRoij of hi» dlffcfrnr urorksf 
ai)<l the mannct in vrhich they were rtw:4jivcd by die woHd.7-* 
A gtcitr iiumbcr of j^rciiAttc^ ifnmcJi^cIy »;ipr-'Arci1 on thi^ 
pubTidiln^ hi* account of ihc CVffiii»Vv>'— Tlw iuft Attcm|i^ 
wHj tpdtfproirciKc truthof whalhcprcfcndciiloiicmQnilr:Uc 
and when ihti fitlt^d, they ^ndovoured 10 point out^ ihac i 
wi» tn •y^faverj, — i?ul Har^cjr h^ nol (Mtly to combat urith^ 
tfaofe^ who cithrr thrcwgh cnvv itj a fpirit of oj-pofi^on Ci?Ei- 
trorCTfcd his docirincsi he fuftcrcd alio trom othcr>i wbohj&J 
n IctTrr kindof g^mt tu pby ; ai:d who, by J!rniFjR/&ff£//iaf, in- 
juf«d him in h(» pniticc as a ph/fbcian. — Is it u«t firajijc*— 
that HftRver Should \o(i\m pmUnu by <^ifoovcHngEhc wc\i* 
Htion f — chatOAMLE<» HiiiulJ be thj-owfi ir>Ei> ihc prifon^or 
the inquifition, fur drffriuJiLi?, the Irulli of the ('^frr.kjn Jy^^m f 
— tfnd th>t SoCRATCS Hiojld be irraicd n a btaf|>:'icrtcr, jnd 
put 10 J«th, for c:)dGit^<>«nng to co^c*^ il.c abfard ^^- 
ffftj^ of the Athenian* U-iWhm wt re*d of thefe iHmi;;i, w1» 
b ti^t ftrucic Vf lib ihcfi!fiJlMsrJf and wihiM^ irf tbofc, who h nc 
tn all agri availed thrmrrh'n of ihr i^n^nifw/ and ffeduiiij of the 
UANV* in order to Eoakc tlicin the ^lavci o{ fr^pidUt wikI 


Warnc.-, L. I» i>. 419, i). lOA. in Boards Tonrvji. 

FROM the />^;-tt£r:«of thti work tochc Dokc oi'Nitrihu. 
bnland cvr karn» thai this nublemin ^tty ftroii^ly cou 
terkanc^ the authoi'i d«j^^n of eo(npl«irg Che Iriflj bLl!w»', 
when ihe aJminitlfatinn vti that kin^foiti vvjj dc!<gs:c4 to '^\% 
who fwc £reh,-re to3d} had tt* ^\'ar| %nA\tOhW«^^ 


W^rver'j Hi'?: 


'unrry too much at hcirc, to have funlrcd its general 

to have bten laid didc for want of his countenance, 

litb his gTiicc'5 adminifliaiion fell the author's defign of 

L?i: % the hiitf^n' of TrfbiiJ down to the Revolution. 

hoffTvcf, he could, uiiaffifkd, do towards it, he his at- 

\^ m the pfcfent wcrk \ which contains a part of the Irifli 

ihr moft critical and ini|9' rune to hoth kingdoms ; and 

lover r*f llifi ccuntrv and :cl ^tan :^a work [in ihe Au- 

jtvn word*] ^ devoted to irbjrrydivefled ot" licemioufnefj', 

;cn Irce Jrocn bj^o<ry, an^ :o irutii void of milice.' 

LVuncf havit^ undertaken to xvrite a Gerrcral Hiftory 

Ufid» frfMn rtic cjTjicft limt* ij thi^ i\f\ol-i;o:i, and the 

aJrcady pubhfbeJ cotitaini-^ on'y thj jr-cicnt hiftoiv to 

i^iiCi ci-tmucft, he thiuks i: ir.'umrx'r.r or. hiTi to luiUfy 

fcodlinuince oi thic. as ^et'X Js :.> ^!'. s rci-bns f^^r the pfe- 

lojk. This he dpcs in the Pr-f.;:f\ — frr.m w^-nce we 

ibitfotae encoiits^ccnmii v:::^ ^i-^n him roe\p^cl par- 

lita-y il£AvKc m cjnjlng cr. s rrjr -fvJ ^w^tral hivlofv ; 

I, howcrrf, did no' mectw::h ;h.: Jcf.roU r^*:c^r5, to t^at 

pa ULU ^)tcabin^n<d» ~* :hc r^r:l-:cr pr^fcrulion of ic 

,] wouTd hate b^cnjtttnJ;i w^;!^ jji 4;\7j:;i:e, neither 

r nor prafbcab'c ta at-emr:. 


^ . l!1/:a::c?. 

therefore oow thuli:s ra c -. 

;he Hilary cf 

^ei[scn ard cW<\ *ir in lnV 


;. !;i I. uh'^h 

* ^rtJl U^ht upon cLipy pi. . 

v.: :h h ::.r. ; 

,-iuth ifte h« .tK^ *>' (be :; 

-.-.'.1^-:^ ,-: r 

:.„■_ :-> TL'..h 

:n3 t^m as mueh the C^Vk. 

; ,: :.' — :c ^ ■ 

poini o: hcftiVT la thf * . 

> ^ - t '■ J ^ - > T 

:: -."-:-i.' it 

.rcT fccr^ flint '^^W tiif\ n 

^.-.z 'T-: 

. . I - ■■- i*r^^- 

'■■ untit^ i»f this pr ja . 

- : .- : J - 

T-'r :,'.:.J 

- . l»e fr'"rcTaf trbc^v. 

'-il ■- ^.'- ■" "7.^1 

>--: f :.^ Ihe 

M E*xe c 

:::: --r f^riV 



;^c tNc aK«c« ^ .^ 

—»■--' x' ' r.fc 

*":.-;.■ . ; ■- 

, tl^p'cAirv, ^ ITT lo be n,,. 

. » . .' " i - "' r 1"— 


. ~ ■■' - 


-he4 scraqatv, hi; n ca::, . 

- * - -^ ; -■ . ■ - 

- * 1 '- i ; . 7^3 

L-^EiP n4pcvB>v 

I •" 

r ct«f ftfipaol vafaft vr-: 

""> l'_" T"^ 

CiuiTKwr v. or-i L^ . 

1 "? - r'^^r 

- ■ - -^l ^J MT^hK "i >t i>< ' 

' '■ ' 

— ■ ' ~ - ^ 

^«lf ca «h4i ^lA^ m iSm 

- - -m - - t 

i-i «f ikc Uhtv^t^ 1 

' s - ' - 

I ' ' " "■' ^ ■ 

fi Vr=^ IV w^acr 

' ■' - 

- - - »- - ,■ . , 

.., sai iir^ a^TrTt^^A^ 



The w\\f on^inal En^iiDi btltoriani, who hav< wron viy 
thirff fully of iHif cvciit rn Ircl^td, sfc the lv;if) of Cl»rcmli)i»> 
and Mr- Cvie : but both tbc<« the prtfcnc IS'riter brafidi urjtb 
nutks i,yf noioctDUA p^'iialiiy.— But ilill be pvoftlTu ikx eo cm-' 
furcihrirnp' ■ Mr focintr write rs, but ^1^ t« flvv* * tl>o 

utility of iiii £{)J luthcnEk woik* — like hb own, vtC 

1^1 cfiurTfCTiting hte mitcriab for thi« work, bcHdes the ex-' 
iKk^ itGtn Muihcmk m^mufbrripn In Ouhlift, h^ infonni u>, he 
i* [>:^Uc4 of * the orjgmat return of the Dffpofmoni figricd by 
^hc cammilfionef 1 who wcrr appotnreJ to examine iriio ihc maf- 
frcrfl at the bci'rinirg <»f chc irbdlion/'— Kt: had aJto ibc fid-> 
vantage of Ixxtl CE^Tifi»rde^» memoirs * pitblifhnl Tito )»ie f^r 
otbcr hiftofks to nuke \ih of/ — ^ He ^dt, that * Ibmc on^inat 
letlCEi on tliia fubjc^ from Chjr|i;» !/ ure Co he fuuDil Jtmongf^ 
the Harl«uii maoukriptv in ihe Muieum. — But moic inporiaot 
flillt be li^ the pem^il of ihc * memoit* of Rinuccini. th« 

tope's nancioin IreJind at tbe time of ihn rebsllion/ — which 
rm; Eu light (he f«)r») To m^iiy f^iet aHIiinol' the ca< ballet 
in that penocl, ih>t \t it impofllhlc fof an*' biftoOF of the friflr 
rvbeilion to be cooipleic, witboiM the aiudance of thit lauiu^ 
Icrfpt. ' 

Jn compiiirvg the prefcnt bJflorf* rot only the atithorilicv 
abovcvmcntioncd, bcjt Riinyoehen, we.'r mnfijhed ; wbicb the 
reiider wjU lind cnumenteil (thcMi^h btic b:ifc}y fo] in the mar* 
^in^ at the hc«J of ej>rh rtfpnflive bixik to urhMrli ihey b^lnri? i 
xftd at tbeyeitraarc iJiCtiik^'jjQitd, a parii^'ulir rrkrvrec to the 
j)i£Ct(befi;»)wavtlecmed unneccflTafy. — VVec<i()tiot, howrver^ 
tor out own p-irts, oTto^ber apptove of thit method of quota- 
tion,— or tMber np quouiion at all. For it jtmounU to liltla 
more than a general aeknowlegcmeoT, th»t tbc wijterbaiduwn 
bit matcr^b from fuch anJ fijcb ^tuthorJtifi, at Urge. — He 
aJTurci u># towanli chc «ftd of hrs prtfjt*, ro paim b>tfe been 
fpaioJt no endcivouf^ waiitin^, to ftviltc the work as *orihy of 
tb« public artnu^on, at podjblc r — mi vre loally brlkve hiih. 
FoTi >' he i[oc» tw — * ft wrU infiru^ PfttNce>, co confult ibe 
iotcreA and iiKlin>ttoit» uf ibeif fiihTtJtK, uml not to go««rn 
by mt£a1 and despotic powfr, ft wiil liiDru^ tbc MiftiaTCRa 
fif prircei, tint their uwn piiSoniL, faSinn^ and iH-h<iAioor, 
will producea^ much mifcbiet to tb? public p-nce, and the fe- 
cumy of ibcii m^n<i, ^ ihe mofl open viUainv- It Will In- 
Aruft ibe ?t;orLK« not to fufi^ and iftLtl the Veil y, tbc tro* 
wardncfa, the puJc, and ambition of ptJiicuUr perfons to 
govern ihe public undcrttandjng, and the v«noin of pnrait ui* 
tcrcft to be osiiiglcd with the public eood/ 

• &c Renew, TO!,»»iip p- ai(. 

^'1 ^oofc I* * A>v«dft 3 g gner * l CnnquiVky vhicfa had 
sftUhiAscJ ill It 

L.LiM ri. lib L . 

:, an inforn __.-_.. .*|i 

T, od the pejti [3*j ta 
^ ^ Cu^4<% ia ^ pvorioc< of Ul£rt fl 


«fttte il^tmdioa, bff [v«c«aiLi »ot^«7. 

iIa&^ia mm. wtx a^tec 

W AM^tH^t ffyftry ff frtljfid. 


h^J fhil t^onl birctt ljvi<i|[ eq hii puA af l<iriJ-]it:tit«ant, the 
IriOkdurft net (hcthui]i5] have put thrir dcfi^mcxniaiofi:-'^ 
' tat Ite Eul 1V15 (oo Inirr, lo^ vigiFini, 2nd too high rpirltcJ 
■ rakfi iMt to \\A\< crujhfd Inch an infurre^icn in its birth ' 

Hcaextftivca a ddcription of ^hc firfl CorilTivcrs inj ilie 
pfincipil mon c/ rh« tragk Hrcnc which follmv^d- — The chitf 
of ibdc waj Cof'KoK MAcr.viKEf bitcn of Int&LllLn^— -« who 
bjr a proAig^if sind luxurious vray of Uvin2> bcr j>mr ovcrtfrhdiTtfd 
Vfwh ilcbi : at>d bcin^ thui dLf(Vc4icd m^ia circumffanccs, w«i 
rtadjT Toe ^nj ri^l^puCe that would probably brUft hit fbrTLirre/ 
— lli^ pcxr, though not m rjnk, ia'j^ Koctft Mookei Ef*)! 
CH tbc co.JEi[jof KiliLur i tbc poHcilioat of wht^fc jinrcltnrt were 
now>!tr)oft alt in tbc lundr of ihf Englilh, and which h« mi' bt 
hope to recover br tlii* uifuiicdlion,— CuL rLLJM:(Tt x grc« 
acquaintance of Xtoorv^t, vrai early engaged by him k nt^Mhcr 
confpinior, and principal mltiutncni m tln» plot. — The other 
chtef coprpirator, and Indrfd chkFagrnMn iViis horrid enter* 
prifr, W4I Sir I'liiciM O NllL. of Ihc county of Tyroiie,^- 
who * rmh^iked wvr&!y in thedefiL^n u loon 34 it wa» pmpofeil 
tohioij ind bcc;in>i; the n»on adive, vin^idlve, s^nd cruel ro< 
W »R the kijigiloni.'-^' Thcfe wcie the prtmipM confpi[U':tn| 
and ii ii oVfenabltf, thai thcie u one panitufar, how iti1?crtnc 
focvcf they vrxfc in other Kf|jcds* m which th^re ii a fiinijafitjf 
ihrodgh a[I iheir chira^)«ri • the dlCbdt of thdf circomll^ncet 
occa/'ioned by lict and folly,' 

Tu order to fhcw the ftep» i^en by theft confpirstoir^ towardb. 
Ihc e3L«t:iition of rhcJr dcftfaai wc are next prefented wJlh Lor^l 
Macgtiirv's ftjrrjjtivr, wiutr In the Tower* which cojitjiris k 
circumAjDiialaitdroiflutcrclatioo of the bc^tnninf^and progieii 
of the confpiiicy :— hut as it i« !one. and fomcwh*E tedious | 
arvd may^ moreover, be rcca rii NaUon't coUcSioni we ihall 
give no cximfl from it here- 

The Ttcfct of the confplracT, ai appears fiom that narrttir^ 
was coiifipM but to few pcrlbn% and nu^ht doubtkfa have 
eluded the mnA vigilant adminiflratioii \ ycr. Dr. Warner 
thinkap the lord^-julTic^i [SirWillratn Parfont, arJ Sir John 
Borlafe] had Tuff cieni intim-itiotis given them nffomc iU in^cn* 
tion^w^rdi the Aate, arjd Einie cnuu^h to provide aeainit thorn. 
1(1 fupport of tiiii opinion, he rcfcn 10 a Icuet of Sir Htttrf 
Vane't, wiocc by the kini^'a order, in which fuch intinuiio^i 
Wtigtvcn, but no Hep whateier appear to hive been taken ii« 
conlSqucnce of ic— Th-i appirenl regTf*.** hr ntrrib-irvito the 
leHl-jufiicea owing ihcir pofla to the [ibenj govtrrtn^ party 
In the Fnaliih parJian^ent, rather than roihe kins. L'r^er fucfa 
ftn aifminrftraiioD, a> they are here reprcf<ri:ed, he thir^k^ it 
no wonder thit the cotif^>iracy made the ailvcv-fiu.ig progirfi 
it afrer^'4rd» did. 



WAtKtR'f FiJItfj tf Mani: 

Book n.- On O^obcr la, aV^ut 9 *r o-ghf, .\fr. 0»f* 
QiiW^ mfeimcU Sir Z/'. P-j';*^', that » conipifjcy wft&lbfj 
en foot /or fcWtrtg thacifik of l)uMin tbr iKXt Jay ; <itJ 
fbc chief ^nr^pinton (nrhofc D«we« he gave in) wcr? m toi 
Ibr [hic f ur|>ou-. An order vn tiiifiicdiaicTjr icot to the ci 
le of the cift'C lo have the gatea well gutrdcJ i and 10 
icrandn^rriff), to fee a good watch ipcvay pan of ihc cii 
to dctair. all jif-ogcf*. About itn oVIock ^rr W, Parf 
^qEtain:cJ hli cot^^ag^t Sir John BotUfe, with ilic mVrl 
ciKo he haJ received, aiiJ ih^ Hepa iitca Sir Jcihn fiw? Si 
iiQicnt ihc ttioT of Patronj in gtr'iti^ Itic »laf:n, artJ letO 
Coiwtly jc i iS hiring nobod/ m punifh in coTc the lafu^ 
xiM'jti fliLjuTd prove Fa)fe, oc if iriit« to moke aity proofs ^|| 
gri ai mote dlf'ruvtn'. — l"he coeincil wctc ihcn fuiiiTnqn^H 
Livi OC^i>o]^', b«ifi:- a^^iiimetWLihBiidtalimup, wu bfOU^jP 
icfofr (hrm; nhcic Ik L-orEtnic<f his formci iii Toj rution^ and 
VJdcJi thit^rfi! ra?tibc[»c*l Irifh papiili w'r:ct"l>c iri loi^n tbic 
lit^ht. viuhiiicwto u|t~ the cttlk, jjtU ^iilTcf^i thein^tvo of 
11 Ebc.Jt]TimiiDtito» !"i- 1 1 le next irromir^g: that ihc j- intended 
(k ;o batter thcehir^^ii ; , aud if the ctiy ir^jlJ not yidJi to 
uiiu down ihc houfe', iikd cui ofF all proccflrinu that wovU 
U}C jcii^ ih<ni : ihit ih>:- fnOi had prepatod m?n in all pnti 
'6f fhe ktngdorn fot^lhoy a1] the Eii^lini ifib^bkm^ Ehcrr, tbr 
Dcxr d»y i and that m the fea-porU, all the ptofcflanu fhould 
)>r killed ihii ni^hi. 

Dr. Wjrncr obfrrv«t lapoo thb information of O Conoltj^t 
>rlio rccciicd h^t ir.tdligcncc fiom ure M^cin^oi), ' th^ do 
"finU b Co be lard upon what h depoxd to have boen Skid hf 
fotC'C of the EnpHQi or the hifh. For though chefe cviJencdr 
;teay pro«thai jwrh thmgswcrt fiid, yet chey cai>not (he aJd^ 
1>cadnijtEed 10 prove— that the ehicfi intcn<]ed toai^ In the very 
manner, which, in ihf hejiing of ihcic «itneJlciy xhr. oil 
had reported,' >or inlfance, in the prcfent cafe, he icmi 
thxr Macmahnn went much beyond what ihcprrnclpa) corI 
rator« had deifrmiatd, in affirmBn^ [» O Cono^ly depafcd he 
lijd done] that i)l the En^llfh and proteflam^ wcie ta he kilird 
that niD^t, or next morning: ■ whrreai ii appears bv Lord 
Mac^uLrcVnirutii'CT ttiat nolivei were to be taken a.vnjt ujh 
left omfioned by an opprfition/ 

JFthe lorda julticct and council not been Hrvck with a 
pumt upnn ihia c)carTiinariGn> it vna (bcit huftneO> undottbc- 
edJy, to have feeurH the perfona of Lord M^iwrt and jWjitm- 
itf^, of whnfc loi|gin^ O (^ivtUj had IiiforrrCcd them- ' But 
jnllead of thu, thcv contented ihcmfefvex with fetlin^ & watch 
upon ihoie hcjufet i by which mcjn:», Jnd by PaHbot^impnidentlf 
gitHng the aUrm, the report of a difcov-cry h»d taken mi ua 
all the cliicft ma^c ihtli efca^c,' %^ ilaiv ^ the ^rcat muDbera 



'^. r. 

I lMM|f7crvAi>Tft ini t[>w pr^^^c ; the men rf fcmn 

Vftiugh, *jt ■■il them m »h: : I 

mcdji? ro 6*;t aw*y, — The ncxi mofiim;:, hn^v.-vcr, *c find 
ttuE v^^tHitfAijr And f ^irJ J^Tn.jvin wrrt ^^uut|v mkrn, [thmieS 
the ve*y pa£* b«tort, Dr Warnflr keth« to Uf fSat * isitAe 
diK-ft mUc ihcir rfc.::^'] ;^*--Wtfr/wA«f immcdufHjr onfcffcJ 
the flat. At 4n ;i£lLoA m which Ut rbouclU it to hu rcputnti^n 
to Juie bwn fi>nLCr:icJ i but Lori jfcffaW, whin br.m'.ht 
b^fcfC the councH. rfcni^J ev<^ry thing, cic< -jrt rhit he hul hcwJ 
«f thi» CDnrpiriO' in dre country ; l>ut when. 04 frcm whom, 
hi liculJ rot ii'iKOVrr tlitn, nor iQl i\x m^nihi alter 
'"■ ' The Boif'c cf Uiia coft^nicf (« «»•/ wcU be nsA^incJ] w« 
fonn fpfv^d r^cf the riEy;^ini InielUr.mrc! SHog bitxi^hc 
of grcM numbcTii of l(rangct« having* cokc lo town ; a pTocli- 
motion vw i^u(J, cammajijmg x]\cti\ to di-jMrt wlihiti Jin hour» 
upon pain cf dc^^ih^ which Ihcwing the plot to be difijovctvdB 
tic flr-tngcn fooii difipDcattd- — Sir Fr^cla ^VinDughSy, go- 
Wtnor of ihc if-n oJ Oaliv*/, arriving at this junSkire, was 
COinniAnilo] to take «pon him ihc ^oYCfnmcnc of th? c:i{11e in<J 
cif\\ vid To [ircvific for ttic drfTtcc of bocK i whioh he dlJ In 
the brft mftoiicf he could, vritth tofwillt forcc^u eight ^^irde^s, 
and tttrty halbrrtlifn, * ih^ only j;:r:rr J (*nrre wii lo the (cfl!f,' 
•*and not i tingle comp^Jiy of the irmy «r>i in the riff, wfccrc 
ihe number of paplfti 10 prorcll>ir(s jtm more th^in Irn to one« 
*'■ Vrtpurdtd hovtva At h Wis^ there were in the caflle ijoo 
tiicrc» of pow-JCfi match ind bdlct propor<ior<it>1c, aJivv for 
'tOfCOO tr^tOy and 35 pieert of artillefv, wi'h aH neccffiny 
c^uipiA^: had iKc rcbdi made (hrmf<Ucs mAJtcrs of the 
caftle, rod oF iMc Artr\ and >mm^^r^i'^^>n, it is pobl^b Ihey 
would foon ha^-e becc^nc miller^ of ihc kin^J^fn/ 

The lord^ jiitliL-rt and cmircil that the eon fplra- 
too in tbtrcTJwe pm&oJthe k.n;;dom wooM be romcwhitdif- 
hetrtpned, vrhert h vas kiicrwn ib^i ihc deflgn of fcizing the 
catlle of Dublin wit rlifippotnti^ ; tnJ on tbe other fide> thu 
the pioedlam* ii-xl uhcr loyA fubjcita would be flheieb) ] coiu- 
Jbrtvd, ind dcfc.-v) thcmrclvct with more ftjecett -, a proehr>;t- 
tiou m& ifTucd, Ai:m^ the fa^. And rcf^uiripg bii iri^jcftv's 
cood and loyat fubj>^^^(i ir :it< pirti of tht kingi^oni, wirb eia- 
Sdencc and chearfulnefj, to bcCAke themfclvcb to their on-ii de- 
fitDoe^ and fljnd upon thvU gj^od.--* 'f'be tmc day (OiSohct 
I'^k) ar 13 o'doek at &i|;bt» I^fif Blanff came 10 town with 
'the treurt of the fcbcls fc'r/ing hu hoofc at CaA'c- Bl >ney^ in 
^e county of Mona^han, wit)i aoamen^ and mabof^ Kit lady, 
cllildren* nj\d fer/Jn!> piifcdcis; aTfa 1 lajijfe beloi^KHiV. ^ UH 
t. of Eflbxi anJ jjioffwrof Sir HcnTy S;po\tff0^t^ mtt*<« 


y. At the laft place, there being a little plantation of 
fif they plundered ihe town, and burnt divers houfcs, 
fevem adjacent villages i and robbing and fpoiiing the 
Jh proteAants, and leaving ihe papifts aa well as the IrHb 
jtfted. On Sunday morning (Odober 24.} intelligence 
from Sir Arthur 1 yringham, that the IriOi had the day 
t brolten up the king^s flore of arms and ammunition at 
ry \ where they found 90 barrels of powder. Being fur- 
l thus with arms and ammunition, they put thcmfelves un- 
ic command of Sir Csn Afai^^nnhf and ontCrtefy a monk; 
Jundehng the EngliAi there, difarmcd (he garrifon. 
!>n the 35ih, the council fern a letter to the Earl of Lticefitr^ 
lord -lieutenant, then in England, with an account of every 
that had happened, begging his prcfcnce aniongfl them, 
his application to the knglifh parliament for aJTiflancCj 
in men and money ; and as the forces then in Ireland con^- - 
only of 1000 foot, and 1000 horfe, and thofe fo difperfed 
njfons about the countfy, as not to be coltcded together 
mt manifefl danger of being cut oft, by marching in fmall 
wrs, before they could poHibly afiemblc in a body. — A dif- 
of the fame nature was alfo lent to the king, then at £din- 

rhefe informations to the fupreme authority in the ftate 
g been fent away, the care of the council wai next em- 
J in the further fecuriiy of the city and parts adjacent; 
,'iii they met with many diificultles from the want of men 

loiigh a I'mely difcovery had defcarrd the dcfign upon the 
, yit this not being known at 1 djilance, the rebel chief* 
Ujion the day appointed, and, dividing their foices, fur- 
I many fm;:ll garrifoiis in the proi'ince of Ulft-r^ one after 
icr ; and lb rapid was ihcir pro^rrcls in thefe .itchit'vcmcnti, 
in a weck'i time ihcy got pjir.'iiionof all the towns, fjrts, 
s, anJ gcrtlt-nien's houfes of proicllants and Endifh, v/ith- 
-■ countic^ of Tyrone, DonegJ, Fi-rmJiin^h, CJivan, AiJ- 
I, J,oadonitciT\, Monaghan, and half the county of Down; 
>t the city i*t Londonderry, Ci'kriin, Initkilling, undfome 
placc:>, wiii^h (though well defended atririi) were [afier- 
5] of relitif, furrendcrcJ into thcir h;mds. Sir 
'w (J A('.7 lod the way i and the co.^uidiy trencjhtry with 
h he f^c Gwx wai a lure preface of ivh.u follovved> The fort 
lisrlcinonE was t\\c\\ j placy of .im[n*rMnci: ; of which the 
L'harUmoiK, a xcty olJ man, w^j [^o^cnittr. Sir Pheliia, 
I in hi^ lioi^hbouniao,!, \i\\\\ in got^d co-relpondcnce widi ' 
fcnt him worJj that he wouM come and make merry with 
riiac oay ; when he wj.; ucc^^iJin-ly well rcceiied, ajiden* 
rieJ, with the com^nw vAu^^ V*; V-^^^i'iv^x. Man v of Sir 

Phfli'rn'i rol3f>vrrs, iifl<fcr prtirn^ of panikmg of the nciUe 
Lori'» hofpitaJity, repaired lo ilic ctdfc, \\\ ^kjt'crcnt pftrck^, 
in fbc aiVcrnf»n ; when the rhirf obrcniiig hit mtn to be 
itroojC cnoiigh. on a fiiddcn Tcieed on hit Lordfhi^, mJ thofc: 
in ihi; room wiih him ; as hi* followcrn tlid rn the folJJcfs {\ 
fingtc company of foot) who vrcrc m^kin;: mtrry in th« fort» 
2im h^i^ li»tf dfidc ihcir ji'ill&t J^ol fuf[]CLliij^ in cjjc(n)r. In thai 
furprifiTf tbty w^rc alt ukcn prifont-n ; Jind th« fame night Str 
Phclim tfiott ihc cjflk of Oungninnon- Being thu> furnjfli<J 
vrjth armt ard ^rT>murition, thv^ hcc^mc mailcrt of the upen 
countrj with ^rcit cafe : for ihc common JrUh fifin? u;uvcr- 
filly with itieir chirfi, ihcrc wa» no wint fl/ men — The itos- 
f^xjcrcet of thcir I'ucccf^ were fueh » might be eKpnttcd from 
the diffcrcnr lemprrs, and rati^ral ilifprsftiont of the rrhd chipfT, 

* For in feme plitccs ihc Enghlhand prottltanli weie oMvfcb- 
bciJ of ihcii gocxln and cintlio, and ttiriuxl out of their Wufcs, 
(whieh were dcflroyed of bLirncd) an4 fo left exporcd (o cold 
And hunger InoihcrplAcev, ihcirpcrfunv wercoii])r rcHi^fnedt 
»fter their houle* were plundered and ^iled of every thin^ i — 
and many were fcut under conroy lo the Engtrfh quan^rn. 
Through (hf humanity ^i PHlt^ O Rti^^ the Uii':t wh ihe 
eafe partkuUcly in the county oj Cavan \ in which fcwf r «nd 
Icfi hnrrid cniddcs wrrc rxcrrtfed, ihan in any fnher of rhc 
pri>vjnee of Ull^cr. Afi to the murder* iha: wer« eommftEcd in 
ibc^r^ t£^^ ufthc rcMlioai, tf wrc fay with tlic pioiefbiii wri- 
ters, that there were ^mI numlm^ wc ihall fprak, [fay< 
Dr. Warner] by alt that 1 hitc J'cent n'i:bout j-jthority: and 
tf Tjrc alfirm with thi: pnj>ifh wfiteri, tfj.iiC there ivrrc nnt above 
fivtfttttn pcHbns killed -i: the beginning of thji infiirrccti'Ctnt wc 
ibaJV coiicljilif a^ainfl evidence and probahitity/ 

Biiti a>hegoc3 0n« — * It mitierv lictlct a»to thc^iltof the 
IttOi papilU in chit rebrltiDiis whether many murdcrt wereci^fn' 
mhtcd in !hc firft weA, cf in the firft two monthi ; tho^jth i& 
warmly cbjr^cdun one f[ilc, And fo AiflytuntciWcd a^'^jjflonthc 
other- Nor does >E in fa£l at all Iclten their guili, or ^batu thcic 
emcliy. ihac without an', provocation from tbc Enshfli p/o:c- 
flqrit inhibitint^ ihey 'n y pluridfffd or burnt thc-ir houft-F^ 

* dcfpoilcd them of their ^nntci. {tripped them leaked* and ex- 
poffd ihrm foa lin^erirg death hvcoli and famine : ard whjt- 
foetcr the l»dm£ part cf the Irifh miijbt ddl^n, vcc IhiJ they 
wtre inexcufabk ^ fnt ai l^ord f^Jtltiwvin h'.tnMy cun^lles, 
'* there n r\o great differcAcc whether a man kilU another b^m- 
fclf, or und-taina a malfilf iha? will tear him in pict^c^ ; ^nd be 
cojIJ F'-t therefore bgl believe the conirivcn ar»J aSeiTOf* of 
the liifb rcbelliou ^uili)- of the m^flaore llut ctifwed." — ' lo- 
<l(ed, a ibert ia aiy difference, between putting to d=iih im* 

D 3 nwdiutf^ 


- I'/r:-!. 

:e.v bv i'€ fv.o.'^i ' r :rr-% ar-.i :ati:i^ o^vav ihc life b^ 

L'ha:e\erTi-.:^tpi lie ^t^.i'i ::j;cnJeJ or pji in praflice, thdr 
If J, a? ihc:r mcc<-:'E, c;^Lrt:j]rj,'— ' Theprieits had fo in- 
[rj, aT;ti r':?ut' f.'CT CftJt. im^rcfilons upon the min^Js of 
■r,fi^ cr ihe.r lirit fjccti'^, th_t they held ii a mortal fm to 
Lr>v n^drr.r: of ic!k-f or p:o[rclit>n to the hnglifti ; and 
i]l t:c= orf2'Th 2:^,1 Iricrtifhip wett d;(li)U'cd, and afl other 

ns ciRcci Lc inii f.v:zi^rc/ ■* No method which fraud 

in::t couJd fj^iit!^, i:i o:dtr lo d:aw in ihcir own ptopit, 

ei-.r.nie :hc trgliih, \k-^-. left urtrit-d. in fevcral places 

■^i:i^c LTiTc;^ di'.cr* prtrsent'cs, i^iid bouowcd fuch weapons 

m :.^ ih? pri'Te:':^]^:; had in Their hoLfes : and in Cavant 

L'l ftc:iiT, bcir^ ET Irilt f;:pii\, got pi/licdion of thearms 

rh? prottfJi-'-ii n Chit counn"^ by preirntiing that ihey 

w--n-cJ :u Ucutl' \}..\Vi z^ainft the violence of the rebels 

in an^^ in ib-^ :'.c\c cd-jrry. — Bui the chief engine 

lu Lr.J :ir:-r:ce n-;iJf -ji- of to delude :he ignorant and tin- 

»v,-* tin pi^rcn-Jinj \^ b-.c received a commiflion from 

'^^ :n ScJi] r,;i. rr>r wh-- ihry i^iJ. undo: thi.' great feal; 

in;: tl'.e ctm:^ iHorf ;!iilr"to cl!I i.tcir ^ririciiiJl follo«-ers that 

iA-i:n :h^in_ a! J tLn*'..r^_' ^c-\\.:^ tti th-'ir coi, federates in 

J .r: oT i;ii" tr^-'rr^i,'— * Uut if ihc robtl chief*! ha.l nt^t 

■I] ih^ \7.v.^r?.v.cL' nr" ih- p » i'-, wi-.^m i: 'v.-^s tbiir inten- 

!o dtU:.i:. iV^' v.-'i|.]J ]> • [k,ivi' p:tlf(^J--il uv,v fiirhcon-.- 

a: rJ! , ir: ,v K:li,' r.< :;,jn^ i; ic U!;*iL:h ior a n;jn r,f 

nrn !€■!]> Il-^ ht' ieu\ — * 1: i^. \.:t\ czTi^.w [fii^wcvtrl ii,ac 

rot^nli.^r a-,: uj-o t ot / cr?;-.:i-i.;:;i :* frur»i the kiii^' to the 

L. J 'AMi 6* :Iic inmoii ill con- 

ies of In! nil [o t:il:e ir 

[nee CO h > jfijins in th:il kin^J.-m. y.-.d \:\ i^h." For 

;h [in D . V\ '.;jilt"> d.^i ,\^\\C_ it riijj'rc ^ onl" a Irtile gond 

nn.H impir:i:i;i^v eo ^1 ^' r:, l^i- tlif.C; y^C llli^ c:iiumnv 

Ld jiu.:-:, ht l:i..*, f^-^ ro ; y i >.t ij^ci [riC>iH'i'Jtr m^-n h^re 

!T irrvjlJ t^c imj^.n:'jt;-:r, ' r ..-.n r.^-^'pL-jhjps he beJicvf:J» 

tr.^rv to Thi- reri- An^^i- n.^ fi i' .lyr: \.:,v\\ cr wriicrs^ Dr. 

.tS; iii^ J irrp,:h*E'rotv»TV'r*t:' -.tfrJtr-wcTt commit- 

the rnf} v.-k,— ih* ri^iin vksv <>:"tV,i* lommon Irifh bc- 

kinv-Jcr ; ' lH.v m^*- I'lc rpulcnrc cf -J-.-.r £!V:lifh nci'^h- 

;«r the fiiTic lime that mVv f>Jc rhc Trif.rabk'ner-. of their 

|con,^i!oiTi i^:-J--- t-.-i^^ aW,k\ /.y th<-irihon^avcrfion 10 

to tiin- tlucTLtViit* to nund a in :inv w^ayrof induftry, 

'J£i-j1v c.iiLMtd ut the rnc^r.^ of c^^jni it W the fpoij of 

; dtid chicfiy Iv tiieLc C;m]-.tarion; of iiccnurptifncfs and 

-. S:i Phrlim O Nell, in j u-cck'^ time, ]vd ihir:vthou- 

men under his command ; with which he boaflcd; in hi* 

,o his confrlTor, ih:it he had gained great and many vic- 

ijidced, Ln ihai Ipacc oi tiiue, fo very r^^nd was thcfr 

Warner'j Hjfiory of IrtUnd, 39 

progTcfi, they left the pfotcftamts but litile in the whole pro- 
vince of Ulfter^ and fuch of them whofe live? ihey thought fit 
then tofpare, they drove out of the country ; mulTituJesof whom 
were flarved and perifhed in the roads, after having been plun- 
dered, and flrippcd of all they polTtficd. And many who had 
got together^ and made a ftiew of ftandmg on :hcif defence, 
were bafely murdered on their furrender. — ' Thefe were the 
iiril fruits of this rebellion : whkh^havlng covered over the nor- 
thern parts of the kingdom with a defolation that mufl be left 
to the readei's imagination — for words cannot^rt> it — be- 
^an now to be diffuled over the other provinces/ 

Our Author next takes a view of what w^s done by the king 
-and patliament of England, when they received the news of 
this infurre^lion : — after whkh he prc.tccds to treat of the pro- 
grcfs ofthe rebcU, and the meafurcs putfued in Ireland for their 

Sir Fhtlim Nttly intoTticaied with fuccefs, and in fome 
meafure to prevent his followers from being drawn from him 
by any general offers of pardon from the government, ' look 
care that their hands fhould be dipped in blnod ; and that they 
Should exercife fuch cruelty to the Proteflants atrd Britifh, as 
muft make them defpair of pardon.' Whether this was owing 
to the fu^geftion of others, or to the cowardlinefs of his own 
Jieart, is not eafy for us to determine : * but it is certain, that 
be Rrfl began and encouraged thofe maiTacres, which have judly 
rendered his memorj- execrable to pcrfterity \ and left fuch a flain 
upon his nation and religion — whether it fhould do fo, or not 
-—^ will .never be wiped away/ — The reader's humanity would 
be too much fliocked with a recital of their fanguinary meafures. 
Let it fuffice therefore to'fayi that * everything which the moft 
lavage ferocity could fuggefl was put in prai^ice by the common 
foldjers \ and their maffacrci were committed with liich a va- 
riety of helJifli tortures, and with fo many cirqum&ances of hor* 
jor, as is fcarcely to be paralleled in any hUbory. i^ay, their 
inbred hatred to the Englilb, did not confine icfelf tQ their per- 
fons and houfe«, but extended even to the poor cattle -, many 
ihoufands of which they deilroyed with the mofl fenfelefs ana 
lingring tortures, merely for being Englirti,' 

Whilft thefe things paiFed in UJAer, the lords juftices and 
council were taking meafures for defence agaitifl the rebels j but 
[apparently] calculated rather for their own fafety, than chat 
of the kingdom. Infupport of thisinfmuatlon, manyHrong and 
.(fcemLng]yconvincLng)circumnancesare produced by our Auihor, 
who clofes this book with obferving, ' that if the proteflants 
Jn Ireland have the flrongefl reafon for accufing the papiAs 
there, of forming a moft horrid and unTeafonable confpifacy 
.agajnfl the eilates and perfons of their ancestors, which occa- 

D 4 ^■wiv.tV 


Rornafi cAiMio miy rccHimiiutv oil >bc tf4«k ian4 JUrHiEcnb- 
nn^d Tijc^furci of the A^mjuiAiaiiun, whkh tftibciiccJ uid coa* 
tin^«<l 'C- The fifftiitiic^ arecDo^aJHiiffialt at luvina tegM^ 
ihc wAt ; Smc the crtmo 00 both TiJcd) ov^og to ikc wcraoddcJb 
of piinkubr it^Cii, (x-ing mo g^»i fot ciicciMiifion, i«fte«ldf 

xv]iich iFc 'Wr ir\d good of both fides cid abhor, tbey fiuraJil 
jArik«nt thr fi/Uiica uiil viec^ oJ rbcir Ibrcr^rhef', and be tiu^bC 
by \Ue\T rjc^TTipiC in ilifla-in ftvm all ;ippfDacb«i coAafds thfi 
fine f^rcof guilt. Vd ibort^ thc> fbould 'ota, from >hc mfv* 
rici of.difti^Jid ih^t bjvc tccn rcUtcd^ cb^i u cbarit/ Jk ibc ^ 
fubiffn^f^ of .M ChiiSii^^inucf, fo f»o:htng cooducei mofc i<» H 
|ht price and piofpcrity, "he Afcn^ihtJid tuf^non)^ of anacion/ ^ 
*— — T>»ii may fcrvc at a f^ecimet-i ni ii»c rffiutUns frc^veatly 
tob«.<^ct with iji ihc hjJtory bcf(vc ut. 

In twn Patti. L Of the Gr«r*al Ciorct of this Evil- 
ii. Of thoCAafca i>f it in fomc f^rtictil^-^ Irflattcc^. £vo. 
3*. FJeicWand Co. 1767* 

THF prrfrriFHi:*! price of pr^ivifions ardothff nfCt^jfici of 
])/c IS -1 cdsmilvof fo general aad lUrmln^ a luiurc* ^ 
thar e^d^' attmpF to nrd oui Tu cauff, or to point out a re- ^| 
medy for it, it undojVtcdly commcndibTc, It mufl b< aliowcdi V 
tbit'it ixnur In an ill cxicnt owing lo aityrm^Ic CAufc ; mtny 
CirciKhftinc^* conmr in prodtKliis Ihw c9«* 1 and otberv arc 
alleged to do fo^ which tiJ*ve nnt in fjifi fuch tendency. TTiefc 
Ojr Author examines fepaiittly : fifH, ^^^^^^^'^'^^'^g <bofc cauicf 
^vhoff^ opcrjtion he fiippoiVi to be genera! uniform ^ fccond^ 
ly, ihaie cif a fflcfC limirfri natufOj which afTtti only pifticiiUr 
lu^:ick». and at pitrticubr conjunclurei^— >0f the foroicr fori^ 
(if r^rkcns^ furury^ *ni Mx/'.«That ihc weatih of thb 
cooil^y 11 th^ EiHl (^cncriif caufc of ^bc bi£h price of prorifions 
;iiid'oihcT necrrlLrie^, he thinks indffptjtablt* ; at wrIT :» tbat 
the <|ifariETty of citf uldtrn^ money is pio^lpai^ty iiiar:afed &nc« 
jlhtf Jj'c wdr. Tltecoi^ffijijcticenf which inffcalc muft nrcclTaT- 
jily Vc an idvanee upon ecmmodiiiei nf all kitid*t rfprcJa% 
ff tbe quantiiy ^f comntoditics broujjht ro maikct continue i]^ 
fjmt. ft would thCTcfv^rc, as he obferwc, be rkliciiloitt to ,^<. 
pe^t th;tt the j>nct of prb/iftont noir firouM bc4f any^ pfo^'Mj^* 
lif>ntn the t"^^** "* *^i; KIliabLthS re*g", ot lo the frcri^ot. 
price* *n feme (?4fter c*nnErrei> — The fi'fi^ ami inoft natural 
thulu^ b^ which mcincy fmdi ili way uno any kiiigdovj i« ^ 

tht frffaet ir> A Priti of Prmfitm, 



tile expert of iu produce »n6 nanuh^iim ; the f^nj^ hy cir t^ 
jhvfi npci«i boih whkhirchLrc fitJ nian)rvcry frnribl^oSr^rvi-^ 

ranaflat drfcnd c^kCv upc^ii ihc mmiljer iuA mdiidry of itt J 
tfthabhsntt: wWeh arivanta;;**, in rffpi?^ to En^Iimij taii 
only be <knvci) from in imprr^vcJ a^EiCukuLC, Jind a floiiriflnnr 
COOioMVCe. Hrtice it may be cafly perceived, ht fays wl^^C* 
uv tJicjiropef nbjcfti uf govcrprocnt ivirli rcfpcfl t' ir;i* fiift'j 
cMifeortbf mil cnrnpUmcdof; m.- * lo clitTJIli thAfc kiodt j 
of ^oduee^ diiiMfa^rc, tnd romnxrcct which tmfiEoj the . 
gfoiteft number of hind% and reiid to rtirow om (hV gf^areft' 
plenty of ihe mxcfllinet of life i igd, in thii view, to si>c cvcTjr 
poltiMe rrcottfag^narnr to agrkiifr^jrr, /orxrtnfiiT r-iii^ation^^. 
and liiherif^ of alt ktrda: to chc^ck cni the contiaty dl wacara'^ 
inundjtion of wealth into ihc lt'ni;doin, *"<! to confine, wilhln 
fome 1imLl}i liut deluftvc Ipecicf of jrEifictal money, [f^p^'I 
(he rcprercnution merely of i rrpicfcmaiion> and a iicw piif- 
nom<non in rhe political vrorld.' 

With rx*ard to ^*jrttr7, he very juftly oVcn-ea, that * W*"* 
groSng, aa m wrpfc, to iiiVJf (he commr>diti« broughr to mar- 
k«t» acKJ at the fimc imw obiludirtg ihc mears of theij fupplyi 
it inrvKibl^ tirnds in v:\tty jyiflibie w*v :o ihr dlinirmicn of 
gererJ plenty :' — and ih;it f j.v/j ok ail itinds hare an immcdiatt 
tc/ida^cy ' to cnhancethc {jikc of every ihin^ brou^bt lo toMm -\ 
kct n t&o obviou* to need a proof.' ( 

Hiving thui pointed out wlut he efleem.t thc^fiT<rci/ cau&i ^^ 
that ^mc\ the prices r>f ei/(^ty ihin^ brought to fmrlcet ; he ^i 
fKXC profCedi to confidcr fonic ^^/r^Wkir cJrcuinflantOi Tlld* -\ 
pofcd tornh^nce the priee cf eommodirici necrfTary iq tubuf- 
tencc : and what he oticrs upon ibis fubjed), i* conrprifeJ vnJa 
tivj>hra<b, %>/„ Cf^rn, and Cattle, 

Com, be obferve*, is genciaUy confidered in two diftinS v 
vjewi. etihe' » food, or mcrchandife. Bur be tbinki it ihouJd J 
be co«f:dcred a« a mvrchindfe cnjy it) « fnonJ^ ry view, an-l in i 
m ablbl^ie fubfcf^icncy lo ir» primaTV* and rnofl dftiiial ap- . 
pfkntton ji a ffovifiop He ii, notwisbft ndm^, ;iii advotat^ 
tot a Soiur»Ty gpon the cxpoitation if corn, up n the principle 
of ill c^rtain'y pre-durin^ the grcatelf pleitcy upon the wivde- 
Of thia h^ baa hoc iht )c*ft douM reiriaint <; , but la raibtr in- 
rltned N* thmk, tb« cmn ' would hjve bfcn litter fbort of 
d^utle iti present prUe, hid not '« h"p^f a ttought fu^^iUed 
iil'cif lo our forefathrn'— — He 3<ktiC7Wjrge;, no*ct r, [>» 
evtfi^ cindjd prriiiri inijft] itiJt the boflnry b extended at 
pickht to EDO hi^h a price of wheat, [vit- 48 sJ Jild icunt to 
^lo^fb« k ^^j^ht tt> ceiTtf It 40f- if net at 32*. per truajter. 


y. ;. ... 

^r-.! f, ::, ff;:.'^r :>;= r-rvf: ^f^h; p-^b'i", orjoais own 
:i, l-cr ^1 c^r:! t: l^L ^-^in ^ plfcilfjl yc^r, it hi 
fV^l't'' kr; Lri^-ojr^btc i^Lbn : i£.i ii" lud up in i 
Uu;c-iv, Si-^ when SL:^re :-.? fs.^ile p*<^c, it will [be 

r;^j;j bi'i^e.'a, sri ;'-ch :';.rr o; T.iaiie rr,eii, he j-Jtly 

pc:rtkicii.j lo ibr bed/ p: the people, cxccpL in Ibmc rcfly 

rfituaT'r>:i: : bjr hsco=^ he^C albwih=cnArg« of com- 

rn b^tA"-Cjj thc/c &r.J ihc f^yncr^, ^aric fl> much wd^ht, 

o^htFa attrib jLc ici it. Ard as to tbe circuEiifHacc of 

tj^% pront bcirg gre^t^^ {^^ !s often ^hilcgcd) wacD corn 

|hc rj;;htJl pr,::c ^ be declares h^ tnows not in whu mac* 

can br. — [However, if he means a ujerktn^ miller, who 

in tind fitr i^i" corn hr giindi ; ihe cafe ii very plain : 

ren if ':t- means by milk-r — a au^^ merchant^ we will vcn* 

f^y, Thai candid perfonsof thatoccupation will not deny 

ic/ hdvc uLually the brilWl trade* when corn is above 

lidJlc price : — at Jcaft wc have h^ard fevcral ueryconfidcr- 

|jies acltt^owle^e it< And when any trade \5brijk, vefnay 

crufE ihc fJlcr'a inAing f^mc ifdditknal proRt<] 

|c prc:r('ni: provsiling piscticc ot iJigraJfing farms ^ be appre- 

[not without caijfcj to he a maUcr of a more feuoua vttr 

|'h;iii ir may p' rli.ips at firft view appear to be, — This is 

aij tvlj u'liiirh lijikts ut the very root ofour national proT- 

, ix\ \Y<ih\\i-^ gtics Fit diLailful a check 10 population, as 

loll ptniitjous prpii-lici:, — tJur author thinks a medium, 

riifp'-J, wiiiilU pcrhiips l)c bciler ihan cichcr extreme j 

\\\w& \\v\t r^rm^, til gcucral, did nol cxcet^d two or three 

led nuro flt niort- 

li) ht fiyg upon the fubjei^ of inelffurii^ puriicularly hif 

[r'i n> various ubje^tions frequrntly uriicd againft chis mode 

I'ovi'nuii:, iTt wdl dcfcrving ihc artL-ncion of the public- 

'iMh-:l Itronp^'fl of ail obicaion^,— ihc injury hereby done 

\^^K roiLj^Lis, he very humanely iuiiiic^i, ihar a full com- 

*n fur ihrir Tuiipoftd ail^'iiiU]g<.*s o-' common, mighr, and 

|nly <niL\lit* li> bu mad*', \\\' Jin J^IkJlmcnt <if ^n acre or two 

i:cMr[!Kii i<:i[?L':^tivi; i' itugcs, whxh \\ii:y would hjvc 

imrivi' To fiibii.ire iiti4 impravt' to (he utmoft- Indeed, 

\\^\.- ^l.'iic, cl'cv wc^uJi be rcjl i^.iintrs : — ^.^ut^ on the 

\\^ h ■ l'^ toital to aL'kimw!^;;-, (ikri 1 cxp-fiL^ncc coiifitm* 

Ki!h L>l thv uiniukj » ibm [„ ^in.rj] xcrv Hrtlc regard \% 

lo | i-o:i.i;..-fs jei bilis lu" i-iLUurL- :-lthouL.h be oioil 

Iv .^:!.tios tlut . II fbouU K' ail cvtrh:i:rg mlo ia all 

|iini> oi ih>* kiijJ, to tike ihe E,'c4:tii rae of ihe lmaUi.& 



tlffrfftm high Pri^e of-PitvifiMu ^j 

tkfor« he quiu thit fubjcifl of Ijind- improv»i«tit«i he a<l(U « 

to ihi-m. He byi col t Tyllablc «vUh r«rj>«^l ui xht prtptrtj of 
tith^'f ^ whk)i He rrvrna tQ [k A real hm^eij |;topciCy, f'inJinj[ 

ea fts ro^ a foumljci^n »* any <»Gher inT«uil in had. Bui fbj 
lie wiflic>':o kt ihcin jiWUncly cxiin;^ui(h<di ivh^Fcrtr u tin 
be done withth« confcnc &ra1t pzrtiet -, lhi« being [cfibcjutll^ 

to the pa^'cr 3tn3 in ihe rccpiicf : the fource rf rnikf^ comc'/i* 
11041 bciwtCA ihofe wtm ou^ht, from ihdr rcUlioii lo each Other, 
to dwell Itigettwr in ihc nmft pcifrit u:iJty : ancJ jifo i!c?rTimeri- 
tal ro ilie pubik I aiit may in xt^xty in11uic«4, whvre tithe* »ra 
Inkcn ill kiiid, be »a oblHrtc to valuihle im|krovcin^TtE^.' H« 
thCKlore wUb» to fw, in All a^b for 1h« mclofure of hnd« 
fvbjcdl en :iiLc9, A dlft^toti tu allot ^ [kaiccI of hwli in licvi 
pf ludi lithef - — f Thi« ii fu^anKS^ done, ttoiigh ixit fo wwtyr- 
y^/>r»in]^hi be wiOml^ fcr nothing, ui our opinion, w>jul4 
C4jnFntutc in foc^ffAai) a ir^nncr lo crvjitv i good undcrlUi>d* 
ictg bciv^crn ihc clergy >ni) (heir pirifhioncn \ lo ihcir multul 
imprrMYtTirnT, fpiriEual as wHl a.t icmporaJ- Far jf a rler^yrnan 
» ri|roiv.u> in txa^ r|: hit tit^o, to the lull extent of the iiw* 
he ciitift rdi rvptffl to be grrjrly HWrmnl by hia pcojilr; u^ 
cofifcqu^nrE^ will he leffi iblciobejiehtihem by his inAfuclioms 
and it h*- ii Ktrriia in regard (o hii iJuc^t he ntult, of irtiuffr, et- 
pfclf* bi- ck'r'LidcJ i M nothing h p^tid. In fccrrrjl, with (o 
mutb ftlucfarec j^ ifthci- H.ippy :hci^roic would It be^ for 
M pattiet £ori7erneJ, ii ih«y wtre univvrfjilly «Kchargcd for 
land^t — thov^fj cvi-n of fonicvkhtt Urs v«l^c : of which opiijii>n 
tve^hbvr jifi<«kno»n tnany worthy clergymen; and malce no 
doubt but f icai mimbcrs of ihat body of mco would be be:iru1y 
glad 10 Ece fuch an cxcharjte accomplifheij. But Co xti\jttn lo 
the A(irhor>) 

Ht re^i tvkrfider^ ihe bvn, as iliry now f):rnd, for regpli:ing 
the f^f 9f IrWt and plainly (hews that the biker'^ proJtt, al- 
lowed iherdif, » incfrared in too Ijrgc ft proportion, a« the 
price of wheat ^vancvf. \\ not thU a cotifirmaciof^ of the %^* 
neril opinion, thai \\vz ittakri in corn and ?ia\\x are williri]^, if 
not d«firoL3, (o ciiluTice the prke rh<ic<'ft s^ u^rll at the far* 
rnfM f fo thai amorr^'.l iZicm ihc public arc o^cn gre^t fuRcrcrft 
wiihout fuA^iert caufff, — But >i ihii writer r\t\tx findt fault, 
w^o«t propoling AE1 ^mm^mcmi he has offered \Ki^ Gable 
or alBxf, fttpport^ vtih fuel ratmnal argiiireiKi, da fctm to 
coniirBi iheeitpci^ieTiqr of the propofcd aliefaiion. 

'The fubpeA nf catifc, (bv which the Amhor uodernan^in 
geneml thofe antAatfi WnicS* fupply the lhaniMc») ccmcA rcxt 
before our vicir. li h iu>r to be dl^rn^blcd, that tttcic is at 
pte:i»ii a confi^ejable JKcriupti'^n of the «itt;i t^^V'J^ ^^^&tft 


Lmm4fL^ «- JF—M <u 

frqfa this cF'fK of prov;fi(xi>. He c^quLrca noc irto trj »ect 
<JcAFaT Of lempEitary ciufct of ilii« evil, hiir in^mpu nt nr^cr i 
tMCe M up to iTs very f*>ufC^- Acd this he ap^irfhcfidi to t^' ihc 
toogcntjal uftoflioircs (rather Ojaiioxni) in pluuj^hin^, anl' 
dhVr bufincfi of the firm. After a gooj ^cil of nitionM ar^M- 
mcrt in Tuppou of thiii opiriun, he ;tfk\-^' D^n we mejn 
in carndt to iocrwreoiH brwd of caulc ? OvrfiTd flei^ pi' 
iWcrjJ fiitiH be (o reduce our Ir^cd of hotJH. 'TY^a iJi\ 
ftdiiilly <Io it ; iH^, in tay 9pmion> thii wrff/ — This leftioi 
i» ^oi>duJc>-T with fomc ji^ft liriv^Lires upon the inorfjniCf con* 
IbfT^nion of iifcfyl mcat^ m ihe pfeparation nf crrriin arflel^ 
^riuKi^tyi frcqucrity Eo he met with ii the fablc-J of the ricfc 
Ai u'fTI 1* upon the grcit qiM^uiiir^s of provifions (JrvoLircJ by ; 
ftt of re«<11efi fen-aMii whcrewilh ihofc ubtcj ue tsfijAll^'mf 
10 V A Jed < 

^'Thclsft fcfllon pTOpofc* to IcfTrn ihe breed of ^n^x, ^rtd 
enC'Ou[i;^r ihii of hofotd Celtic, by prohibiting Ihc expoftJtio 
<Ay and bying 1 UJf upon, the former ; which he looks ttpon 
■1 4 fpccic: of iinimah, th4t (from their prodlgloui incrcift of 
Jaie, cWrfly fnr |ili::if»T«hfp pdrpofc*) sre lifcrly tft rrniErrprn- 
vlfiont ftxW dearcTf by confumiriz the produce of fill ouanliije^ 
oftind, whieli nnighi ochervi-lfe br employed In providing moi 
immedikiely for the better fvppon of the hunan r>ce. ' ^^ 

The wfoik t«forc us Tceai* to be wroEe upon enlarged ir 
3«fl piincipl«, withotit Inycve ro ihofc narrow ones, which fo 
oficfi infUjcocemcn of buJmcfa, »ihey arc^jlfed. Theautbor, 
<]oubtlcf*, haft hi* pftrnliifliici, J* we!l w other writers ; but 
whit he offers tfl public conilJcratlon, \\x^\y oicrit* the atcen* 
tion c^iliL^rctthobAvcil rn thrtr powrr rnred'cftlhegricvancciL 
mt ihia liire, fo uniycrrjTy compljmod of. \ 

TheicjlobjedijfihU j,^^^l^lRVJ» cerraTMy UudiMe ; whicR 
finthe Authot^i ou'A wurdi] tij firll, ' To procure the greitcfl 
^t^Ic plenty <-f (he riEuril M\i bcr-cficiil poduqc of thid^^ 
country -. and in ihU view to recommenil i^rKulture to »U ItnA^^I 
flmblc cntouiajeTicriC, m the onlv means yf miiUiiilyiitg rh** 
produce in all its braciditi. And keondly, to d'K^t tVie cofl- 
Aimpuon of it to it* proper chinndt citWf to the immeJiliC 
h^lififlrrce of the Ivdv of the people* r>r to the mimt^iufloo of 
U>ofe aiiimaU vhlcb a/c efTcotulIy nccefT^ry to this end/ 

TAf e^it:SBeI t'tLtxt tf Lrffj ^fftK^i-yt Lituri^ concluded 
fee 04ir U:t, P. ^.-g. 

'jTT^HEvulpir notion *nbixigu),th3tthtTurki3refiieh Enfid 

J[. »3 not to brlie^'c iha: therr vosicn bave (o^^t^ was refuted l>y 
1jilai«tgen;ouiltdy,intfomcrFc::cf^ (i^eRe^, Vol. xhtx. 11,57,) 
f^/Un, iuLciitt h;iL ^add^^ffcd wOoiitH'— ) we have j^ r 



Latirt #/ 1^^ M~ W— M 4, 4$ 

corrfi^ioc] or thri mlflak^ ; cKprcfTod ifi the fbllowln^ agrtciM« 
manner ;t-' I aflure you 'rii «niitily falfc, chaugh commonly 
bdK<c<I in our (nits of llic wuiU, tb«t Mdh^inci ci^cluiJcs wo- 
men fr^m «ny Jbirc in a future luppy fticc. He vriA too much 
a j^dcniAtt, 4ni loi'cd the fair (ex toa wcU, lo ufc tUcm fa 
bubiroufly. On tltc conirar^^ he promtr^i a wry fine p^radil* 
to the TiAfkiJh women. He fayj, indeed, that this pArjJifc 
will be a Tcparatc place fcoin ih^t of ihnr hufbifidt ; bu< I f.Micy 
the motf pATt ot chcm vroo'c like it the worfc for (hit \ icid ikit 
tlie iq^rci of [his fcparaiioi) will not renJcr their parailiic the 
left igrecable^ ll icznaint to icll you, cb^t the virtue* which 
Mahoincl lujiiiiti of the wunitni la nerct (lie cajoymcnt of 
fitture happioels, ut not Co Itre in fuch a mannrr as to become 
tifclcf^i lo ihc worlJt lul tr» cin;»1oy ihcmfclvcs us niLich ;tK pof* 
&b1c, in Hiaking little Muft'ulmani. The vir^ini^ who die rir- 
gina, and the vriJowa who miiry not again, dyin£ i^) rtiurial 
iin^ are cxcloded otit of paradtfe: fnr women, Ufi hp, not 
bcinc capable co manage the >lWx\\i> of fUtc, nor to liipporc the 
bliguca of wtLr, God lia^ rot ordered ihcm to gv^vcni or reform 
the world ; but he ha« entrufted ihem with aa office which ia 
not \th honourable, cvtn that ctf inuhiplyinj^ chc htidi.nn race : 
and luch u^ ouc of malice or la^inefs, An ixra. make it thcfr bu- 
fmcfjb CO bear or to breed children, fiillil not the duty df rhrir 
roctttLon, and r^hel azainll the comniandt of God. Here are 
ma:ciQiA for you, prodij^iouily conujry to ihofc uf your convrntr. 
What will become of your St. Cnherinet, your $u 'I'hcref^i, 
jMur^tt, Claras, and ihe whole bcad'Toll of your holy virpns oj^i 
wklow^? wlio, ifihc)^ arc to be judged by this fyftcni of virtur, 
will be fcuad to h^ve beea inlamou^ crtatura, that palled Uicir 
whole liici in mo!) aljomiiubL' libctninifiii-' 

Thtf* ar« in this leittr, foiie eanJid i>brervation:i on the Ko- 
ran, with fcvcral frnart icEtci^ions €1l the fjllacjoui dealing of 
Che Gieek pr^i, in ordo" to crirreprefent the cekbiatcd Ma- 
bomodan code. Here we find alfo chc f^ntimcnta of a:i intelli- 
cmt Tcfkrft Kfiendi, eoneerning ibc abflincncc frccn wine fo 
mongly enjoined the MulfulmiEin , and a eurioui dtfquiJiEioii on 
the Itrange mixlurn and .TjuOLtrcl brecdf of pfople of diflcrcnc 
countrici, to be met with in tne fuburbi of ConiiantinopI^,— . 
In a IcLier to Mr. Pbpe, from Piris* Hie fmartly arimiJventon 
the n^iliort of fmarti in whieh ihe then refided^ and, in »ro* 
iher, datrd in 171J1 Ihc complincnl^ that cckbraied geniut on 
hiE tranilation ol Homer. How different werehef leniimcnt* of 
that wotk, when fhc fell (o/au! upon iiim (fm indeed, b^gii:? 
her Ifldyrtiif.'! pKrd^n, her vi.ilent perfoimirce luftly mcriii (he 
cpithcij in her /'ry^v mcntioncJ in the Icrn:;: [Mr: uf thii ir- 
iiclr, in otr laft mnntS's R^vtw, The pro^blt ^Win cA i:&\^ 
^crc aufck vjroo her old ftiatd, (cdnu to Vt Vutc ^\mc^ q«u 

■ \^ 

ir.-. 'jriini^ Mi ^-js tr*cr.r ^.; liii^ tc^ *■ t-^- -Jr^ zz: 

.w.-.-i wi , ■;€ T »-< 4-ir-.— 3.. 1^ .a:3 E&r: T!B z^j™* r-j 

-J*-' tf V-. il *» Tvi^i ^'/-,ij4:; M 3ie inn at" r:^ :V- 

■ ■^ ''"..■ -.-i:-.ji^i!r--ijer!, '^' *ii.:i I ^ Tgrfi:»iffit be wa 

t -; '" '-.'. T iv*c cdA IM ^ ant. ipiaui a=rf iiisraer^^j* 

, '*-f. -. \ w'*. ^j'A^rx r^ fc«F»TPit t» Bant frf 2 tix^i^, 

"' ; 'A - 1' i'-*! -"--r"/!* fcai- — fii.: f ^^^ qa:: chiJ co,i- 
','!.'». v\ '-.'. ■*'- la i;'*5 i^-^2a;j;c. wwiI*J Ecr^ier my 

* - " -i - ' V'..'., ■*■• '--.-r-'sc j:a3er i£ the iLraKv 0/ her 
^'j ;',:' .-v^:-', ;i :-- poe3 w= rxrt retir to: — pcHiaps 
1;,' ' ,. r,* ' ,■;»-,-. --,, . to ae IBK ws'ft) a C3p»-ot"i* mijr 

■; ,r;y *:■'; i.i'*\ *;,'-i'*n, pfir,tti tor A. Dod ^ bac wichouc 

•i't :.>■./• .' t9 tit 1'r.ii.r^r '.f t.t Flrji^lrt ^fthtStcmd Bsai 

\i * •■,'a' *^^ I 'f\iiti\%\ f -t !--■/ mcc!y pai^c, 

ft.'.- ,'H.J m ^ 1: ^li! f, !, i-::'T an-icr,r finftf; 

A, : - , rjjr" i,\,-t \.',fj J.r: ' (-. -rr nf,->:t: ; 

',', I, 'I I .'. Ii- i^ vi\ i^h'i trpv iJjt ^iH nnd r^'^c.-K 

'I \...t 1^1'- rlulJ 'fjj-iM h'r!^<:r Ui^ikr'lG.'.J 

'I li .r / t'ii. In- jirri'^r-H . fi i.nTirfc, 

'\\i.. . »r:r'.,|r-ir- [;,.;[ f,v,ij# hi: (iiJ rrmfl.^^e? 

"I Li i' I-, 11.11 [jn fi an i'li i:;v ofii* ptn, 

A'. 1 1. 1.>'I' H !ir( (>f r],*" fn;,s of men : 

Vv hi M • tti xwpi 1|](^Jlv 111 LurlL-fqu*^ v^h \ti,^c, 
i\ U:-h j II Lki-M-f. 'A The noblr mcc 1 
'i I, a I .lE 01 III- r> kiklil.incc and dif^racc. 

/y, 'MT i;ui I ]iM;h, i. i!r UcJte. l\ cK-;ir ; 
V»iii. I uW ' > aifi !y in I. ciriTntUly fucci : 
1^ rM, i\ I l'^,,»f.(, Jii '"^ "ion pure, ' 

\V Jp.»j| iiunr Oiy ti^i^h^J cun-fxTt Oti ^ni^Liri. ; 
till' ' ./» if'V 'rw', ' i.y .1' i'- J t:'ib of/.nri *. 
U /i h.'-- iJu>ni>. fTuy -'! rrr. r/fe* ^jow' ; 

I I like iu'\- thj'W.t. . n.\ miMn bramhlei tl.ri v, 

W ill till' I \M';"»M1\ [!:::. rln' rrink t!ic foil, 


Aix. lV:t'">l;:"Jr,-lO " :Vb*jtJicot. p t-j^ 


Saiirt Jho^U Ukc iL ^jlh'4 rsact kettt, - 

The ru«> but not ifv; olent eo mWc^ 
Arid ii in f'l'tf, vrhz': ftvi it in t^ic ^tcwi. 

Wlljoutjifliftf^snf *i grpfi love mioyi ; 

'l\it obj<rt<if iSy fflrtfl 11 hnmoft Wad r 

kt pr«/> oti ail, nho ytflM or wh^ rcM \ 
i c llice *tii pK^occidon to c*itt- 

Dui if ihoj fcc'il * A g;C4t ^d ^enuMJ hcut> 
Thy t>Oih' i> douUly Ijcni to Tovgc ^ liut. 
Nor ^i^njty nof inftoc-ftcc it fplf <J, 
Nof ij^c, noi r*)!, nor t*rOTi«, nor £rarcj rercr'it 

Not ody JBliifc va»nlj »x JcmiiTiJ^ 

To thii or ifcAf aHLt* in ^^iln ivi* irutf. 
N<tf find UcFlffiivAf^raeTfut (bin ■njofi. 

Not «rtn vnuch ir^d bcmrr Cftn i^Mroul 
The tinmrfjj rjnioOLir ol th/ WI f 
Ctiftimi (Eui nijt'** i*>ficn lupcrflisbn'j mjc, 
Miglii humWf piWr, ar thaw the ice of 3pf> 
But hottr fhoald thod by bejvry*i fdrcr he tnuv*^ 
No more fcr Iovtdj^ irudtr th:xv, id be fov'd ? 
Jl wai ibc equ>(> orrijhicoui )iciv'n, 
TliAl fjCh a TiJuf 10 futll 1 fiiJriii UA1 ^yV i 
And fljfwi ihr uhlfofoiiiy of tier, 
Ttuc out fo qJio^i, CaOkf'J te ^tn ic hait«- 

flc £ud Lhc blue IS [9 EhcyV^i.' ^ £b4 (- 1 

*rvaijrl 'A/4 an^ l^tf ht tt^f!^iir£ ^^wsr^ 

But oh '. the leqaci c^} the (tounce Axad, 

And whUA vou ^rivj/^ /^i> ^^/, b«wirc your heidf 

Nor iliink thy wcukacfj fbali be ifiv4Jtf^n»i 
The fcm»k fcoftTi pf nwAioa in tifirnw, 
Sme 'iti at fair en beii «ho rtniuit f^h:, 
A» tH CO libel thoftf uho CJoboi u-nu. 
And if thou dnuv'it ih) fcn to aii £h« !4W» 
Othcfi A ci]i5];e!. ot i lod. m^y iJriw, 
If nonewuh ve&^ncr yet ihy ciicnei puHae, 
Or £iVf thy manifoM aftW>i>(t thrir di}f ; 
iriirabtiisbfokeo, fJ;:n li/iiJ^Otfl 1 Ibm^ 
Unwhipt, uflbloiikcEeJ, uf^kick'J, un^^m j 
TI14I wicldted litJc CArcifA yoa rcum ; 
Thcmfan i\ not thoii the worlil wiau cyni 
But lIiou*rl To mejn, ihey foe, lai ibey dclpifr. 






Lrttrrt of Lady M^ // — ^— -*; 

When fretful pfrcpfiMf, wiih nacorOBi niHr 
From mounted back Qioou forth a hftniitdi qnilL 
Cool tht Ipc^iors ftand ; And all the *hiJe. 
Upon tbe a- ery Tittle DOnftn- fmile. 
Thyi '<« wkE ihee: — *hik impoccptlr ftfr» 
You Arikc uot^ouodicg. we onhttit an laugk 
If Vtf ^1/ mnjt ia^{^* itii ^-/t «-^c ^J'f^t 

One ovcriuat Ji'd by evVv t-:4!l ofttiME. 

A ihti c^e :r:T^ :o kc-.^p aaL^icJ in Ave^ 

f.v 4^ J---X. / -J-' -r, ;- J . ff !»■'-*' «i^ ^ 

No. !:ic :>> -c;:-;!.' --r rriii. i^¥ K3*ii! Cat 

v.: ^ ■ ■■ :iii i'?-'-.' i-- TXVf carpi ii:^i)« 
'IX i-vj :'^ -v-;^,-^ ■■-'-. ij «.-= ::- rv^adi ; 
TV-v *'\' :i^ :i,i^ ^^;- .:. it:: L^t ;:2- 4r% 

A**: *-.v-i\^ • :,v.c : i; - va Lsr* rrs i ja lofiu 
SI,- >- -t' ^ . ,- .-- -*^ ^231-^.1' ; 
. n . ^ . ,' . ' ,v km . il ^ .X ^» jiTt _:-_■ ' ,^^," 

l- , . I. e* 1.*. ^ ' _^ - '_.-w_^ ■ -Lb b:^ . 


\ I. 



moft t£r»:k1i]caiid vi^ortout flrjrii. jfTr^rrr.t and vjikdjcatcd th« 
m^niigi; ^Uu* r^ont AjmoH t-v r . . ii^i can be hrnuglif 

a^ainlt iif by fnjkrlitie phJvJof^ii;;^, t'i w^-iu^ tteb^iKheo : %tA 
the pAir »rc prucuMrIf oUr^d lo her it\% ibo _Lullicc ilie h^« 
^(ute CO ihcir chnrmv, antl their liap^^y ir>A<ifnif ct'«f tb« oppo- 
fijc (ex. 

At ihr flofr of th^ volufne tv^ hit* t prtcty poem ftf thji 
L.idy^ containing ft dcRiipcivc view of d^vnfintfpii and iia 
ttrvlTtKS\ ard lo tInV piec€ ;trc fu^jointd v/rfit^ fiM rohc wiirtrn 
by Mr. Popf, In pttifc of Lady Ma*y Woiilcy Mockracuc i but 
there b no diic ic^ then: they con uin ai. clcyim cc^mptimtnt 
to ihe hidfi but forr< fif the luies ire unirftr4hv^of Mr. Popc'i 
mufc, — 9,ndt en iSc ^fcoici wc c^n katcc Sclicvc tEicm the |}jO' 
dudioti c»f hh'corrtd ati4 hannomoui p<fi. 

tb9 vtnfTfiti Diptft. T^^hiih U jwfar^^rf a rrrv 7ittiy of tht 
jf^i^t^Mt Afitoi 09 tht Jaihitry Ohndt. Tranflyted from 
the Laiifi of JoCcph Jamc* PIcntk, PraftflV of Suf/cry anti 
Mid-wirtn, xt VicLitia, By WilLaoi Saunticii, M, D. 
8vo, i»/od, DiUy. 17(17* 

TH E cundid artd in^nioua M. Pkrvck, hw in this little 
work* (ommunicutcd lo tlic pviblic* I'vmc very cu:Juus 
and ufcfu! obfervation*- — Tn a convtifat^n -mih hi* friend Dr- 
M«rherrt concerning the aflioo of mercury en the faliv^ry 
gfandiij the Dtrftor ^vc it ag bja opini(>fif thai meici^y had a 
prctttcraffinicv wiib the rJi¥*a»J niu^iii, tKin wiib any other 
Guii3« of ihc body ; ind k w;i3 on tU;it ic^oinir rHJc itir mouih 
and throat were chit-Ry afl<^ii:d by it. He likcwift addeJ, thac 
he had iccn 1 fmall <^uiTiiiry of mercury ilEf4ppcAr b>- tfJEiirjUfiii 
faljvai but imaj^ineJ there wa» a fi ill greater affinity Vet w<«a 
Diucui and mcriiuiy. 

M, Pknck rhereforc made a number of eicpcrimeTitt to d«ef- 
mine br what fLibdincci mcicujy might moA cfiVfliiiny be ex- 
tin^^i^^H- He found, that ore iVruple of mcrcTrry, and two 
fcr«ple« of mucui nifcd from ihc throat, vhcn triturated tog<-- 
ther ia a maible morur for fevcn miiuitct, were conTcircd inio 
a greyifh vif^ii fitblUnce \ on the addition of water, litil* r«- 
nuined fofpcndid : ihc trercury howcicr cfiJ t\s>X fr{»faie, but 
rnuaincd muted willi the miicut at the bottom cjf t^c -dfel.^ 
/rbc/4li>irilm^uTfhcJ ^ niv^h lcf> pmpo^on of rrwrcuTy, a^d 
th;j probably depended upon a fmall qtiirtifr of inuct.* which la 
alwafi un*tcJ with ttic liilivJH — It ar>i^c^["ei from o her opflri- 
nKac«> ibii there wa* liiilc or no athnttj' Mw'ef!n mrfciirj' a»d 
thc^DiUt of an rgg 1 (he while of an ej;: \ 'be b**v>d of ru fe- 
rum^i'nNh animal hilej or ifin^Iaf?. — ^Thc feteotb ^^erittrenv* 


Jl*r >i/, ij^j. 



JO PImck*! Mcthd sfirvlns Aitrarry ^^^ 


which is themoft importuit^ wc 0iitl give inourAitbor'sown 

Experiment VIL MertKry ^uiih mudh^t */^ff ^rctie. 

* VVbcn therefore, Ucm the Torrrcr cxpcnmcfin, 1 learned 
lint there arc no arimal Aiiitis but miicui llui ii ptoper for ex- 
tmgui{hing mercury, cuuodty excited mc CD try whether vt- 
gc»b!c mucus or gumni)' TuDfliiKcs (n*ght not do the famci 
tberefore 1 triturated one dmchm of qtiick^lvrr, wifh two 
dimdi<n» of ^um ar^bic for a quiirtcr of an hour in a ftonc mor- 
tar, adding by di^jjircs x fmnll priirion of water, fo m in givp k 
the confiftcnc« cf » mucilagc- To my %rfMi liirpriie the mer- 
cury fddenly dirapptjiied, »nd the whulc being <aicfj|]y jubbci 
triaethcr, bccamcA vifcid grey mucui, which being diluEcd uid^ 
agitited uvilh a pourd of water, the whole becimc of a grv|^| 
eoTour, and one p:;rt rematncd furpended in li, while another 
pjiCt upon allowing the vcfi'cl lo lUnd jt rcll for fomc minutest 
wai (lowly dcpotilcd to the bottom in the form of a grey fedi- 
mcnt, in which the mcickiry ww fo thoroughly cxtinguj{htd by 
the tifcid miiciLS, that alrhmjgh a large ijujinijiy of water waft 
added, they remained united cogcthcr, and the mercury did not 
run into glnhuln it ufual* By a gentle agitation of the vcflel, 
the whole of thii n^ueu* was again readily urited with the wa- 
ter, and on ihc furface of the watcr^ fomcwhat elevated, there 
wj> a while froth, which, together with the water, hcid th« 
nicicur^fufpcitdcd in «t ver)r fubtilc aticnu&Leditaici for, upoa 
immcrfing a gold ring in ir. It was perfeilJy whitened and fil»] 

' f repeated the fime rxpr rimeni with n rmslIrT tjunntiry. 
frrupU of gum Arabic was reduced to mucilage, and mixi 
with ten grain) of mercury, thai it might be an eKperitncni 
lunjbr to the £rft, — [n the fp^ceof iiic minuie^ the mercury was 
entirely eatingulOicd, while fcvcn minutci were nccdTaiy in 
uritiRg ic with animal mucilage ; therefore tnercary admits o^fl 
a much more ready union with gum jjabic, " 

• The gummy mercurial fediment remained for a long time, 
even for many wcekt, without undergoing any change, unleCi^ 
in a length of time it became fnmrwhit grumcius* mnrc hlaclc^W 
and Wii leO equally mifciWe with the fluid on it< furface i it 
however did not dcpofitc the whole of the mercery, until the 
liqtior above being previouHy feparated by a filtration, wag ex- 
ficcMcd by (he heat of a furoAcc ; then indeed t'lc power of the 
mufitage was dcftroyed, and the mercury feparated and wu no/^^M 
to beobferved in E be form of the globulet of quickfiUer/ ^ 

Fiom rhia eiqieriment it j^ppeirs, that the mucdac^ of gum 
Arabic h n^orc powerful in cxtin^iihlng mercury ihnn aiinnal 
muciu i thac it has « fironircr a^ily with i:, and remains more 





Qri£tly united with \i.-^^ofcwty i» fo pcrfc£tly dttroLved by the { 

muctbgc of gum arabk* ihit it will piifa tht EiIlic ^ wheibcr , 

mvrcuf/ wUl do the lame when united wilh mucia, M.P)eDck \ 

(Iocs fiot inform lu.— >Oun> arable ia Mubk in i^iiicr ; mvctn i 

however j« nnt, is i* cviJcnc f:om the cKpcrim^JU* of Dr. For- ' 
dycc : «nd hence probably it is* that muciUgc b 4 better oka* 

It is larthifr afccruined by the expcnmenia ot M- Plcnck, 
thHE nieicuTV uriUcd with th« mtcoiliifc- of gitm uf ibic* by chiit 
mc3ju bccomei niiiciblc wiih other iubHancts, with wbich ic . 
hu either nodilinityt or a very flight oric ; vi^i bloud AnJ iti 1 
f«ni[ii, the yolk jnd the white ot x\\ egg« the bik, an4 ifinglaf*. 
Mtfcury likc^tifc thus cOTrMned, ^omili a mure Kidy and 
frrtn uniot: w^th eirher l^t or oi] \ nor will \i fcparste fb foon 
f-om thtfe, as in tbe ccmmcin Neapolitan ointmenr, from which 
jl will romctimct be drpofiird fponianeoiiflyj rfprci^liy if ihc 
ointment becomes ihinrer by heat. A prpol oi thir, ihal thtre 1 
iva llxoTTgrt affinity between nirrcury and inu<thE^, than be- J 
cwccn mereufy and fats. — !t ia & iingaUr ladt, tlut mereury ie ' 
not cxiliiguiOicJ hf Tugir in the form of a fyiup; diid yc£» by | 
the ^iJtiilion of fugar or Tyrupt the union of the mercury and ' 
mucilage ii ibc^igtheneJ. rlcncc the %dc of fyrups in M. j 
Plenck ^ftnriuU ' 

Having thii» difcovcrcd hia method of preparing mercury, the 
formula and dar» of ^W\ch arc added at rhe end of (he pamph- ) 
Itli M. i'lenck next relates twi'Uc cafca in which he had , 
tried mercury lhu» prepiad wilh fiKCcfn : li a|ipeart alfi> Uata I 
lecteri addreiTcd to M, PIcnck, that otbert h^d adapted hit me- \ 
X\\iA. and with ]{ood cffcd, Aimoft all oui auihoiS paiienti 
had an eneieafcd fecreiioin of urlncj u'hicU wat foetid and mu* 

Ji) chapter the third, r4. PIcnck makes foirie obfcrvationt on 
the common preparauona of mercury, and ihc uiual manner of 
ai^miniflring them.— And in chapter ihe fourth^ he give* his 
own theory of the a^ion of mercury on the falivitry gUndai in 
which he very dead/ and ingcniouHy iilutlraict Uic following 

L ' Of all thcanini^ Jlaidii mercury ha£ the grcateft affinity 
vfth mucuK. 

il. * Mercury, when cxtinguifhcd by gum arable, i5 fimiJu 
to that which i» cfTf jf^ed by unilinif it wiih Jinimil m^irilage, 
and by meimof this mennr^jum it may be very leadd/ mijied 
with fherrter fluids of our bodv^ 

IJL ' Mercury^ wh^n taken by the mouth, or when ab- 
(bibcd btio rtic blood, by being externally applied, lird uf all 
SiecU with mucut m the throat. 

E2 \V,^\\\ 

g« PlcnckV MtiMof ^ir'mi Mtratry 

IV. * All the f«:<T*6ry fyflcm poflcf* a JpcdAc irrlbibilTtf, 
1>v which mein«thtyiFC not exciud into gfncral iflion by^rcrf 
iKmmluR, buti»iiTyby fomc piilkuUr ODO- 
V- * It « therefore not rppiionant to reafon co fity, that, Ijf 
ihc ^amc ]iw> the crganfi ibar ic<fac mucuit ii>d faliva arc irri* 
taied t>y tii«rcufy» »h a fpccif^c fticrulus ; To thn: ihr fermJea 
of boih become* much greater thin \x wai fotmerly. 

VI, < ThcEcfcTc ihc tauft of a falirati^tn fcDm nicrcor^r, vifiri 
ftocn i^s idhcrinic to th« nticcus glanit of the ibroai^ and beoca 
thff tilivury gbrJi ;(rc flimulsccd by fympithy. 

VlL ' Mcrctify «xiin^ui1hccl by gom orabic CAnnot eiccrcife 
4l« rpecific ftin>t[Tu^ on ihc r^Urjcy j^]4ni)s. 

VUI. * Mcrcwry cwiinguiOiciS hy mucu* pITn woro calilf 
into ihc blood, cither by ihc prima: rix, ot when ciictiniDy 
applied, (ban andr mcttuiy not cuiirtgurfhe^, 

JX. * Thcmiicoiin mcrcurJ*lcirciilQtc»morceafiJjtiidt<tu** 
blyihroEi^h ihc vv^fTtW, t1i;tn wbcmumiE'd with a I^LUy oincntmr. 

X. * ButhowmfrcuryailBon ihcvcocrcil virus iiidcftroy- 
ing ir, no pErrfun fan dttcimmCt unlcis the naiuic of lfai> r»uv 
W^i peifcdlly known/ 

It ti evident that the pankulir advantages of thij prcpjiracion 
me* that the nKrcury may be thus laturatcd with miicilftgc, artd 
^et rciaifi in antivencical ciHoicy , that it will not run 10 the 
l^livary f^TancTf, 3t 11 U afrr^dy united to a fubilancc Willi whicti 
it tk» >L rircnger sfiir^iiy than with mucus \ and that Of) thi» ac- 
count iilfo, ii i) prtfeiiiUlc to the nj^tury 11 combine*! with fat 
in (he mercuric ointment \ for here the mercury will qdt the 
fat, unite with (he mucuv of ihc i^bmls and tbti^ tend to al^li- 
vaiion. M. Plenclc fays, thaC mercury thus prepared caarwt 
Tatfc % fafivailont unlcfi the body be cither afrcady charged widt 
mercur), or another mereurial be joired a!oT»g with it \ and 
even in thcfe cafc^t it will rather ihak the tendency to the Sali- 
vary gl»n*^<. 

The following fitc M. Plencl^^s F^nnuLs, both for ifitcrnil 
and rxteriul ufe. 

* Ko. I. S'mpte Mtrcarial Salufkn* 
R. Mcicurij vivi depuiatllTimi) jj. 

Gummi srab:ei, 1^\j, 
leraniut iKvicem in mortario lapiden, nddito mnlto codilearl 
aqL::r ftimanat, donee mcrcuriuh pcnittJE difpareat in mi>cum< 

Lxactc ftjbi^ii aJniif^c icnftni contcicudo 
Syrupi kemn^rmi j^ft* 
AqtiJC ftjjnarix ^^nj' 
D. S. mane 5c vcfperc cocblearia duo. 

No. Jl. HalJamU Mmkrht SthtirMm 
R. Balfatnt Copaiv7 

Cnmcni aubici ana jf^. 




tcTfndo fubizartur* Exa^c fubadls addc fedjn cofifcfcndo 

Aqux fumAfiv ^rj. 
C0C2 hxc foluiro mirccanir c«iin priori (No. L) bene concvlo 
V4Ig dcntcr mine & vtfpcrc cochleariji duo. 

No. riL f^^'/rV Si^^i^n/tr tk^ OftfySmota, 
H. Aqux fortJ* 5j. 

McTcurii viv* ^ij, 

Flumbi firriLiL 3 if*. 
Aai Icni caUfC fbiutlo. t 

No. IV, Mtrtierial Spl^, 
R. McrcurJi rlvj ^Hi. 

Gmnmi arabict ^ift. 
uraniur inviccm in mottiiio lipidco adJito mcJio codilcari 

Icof^m coRtcrcniio admikc 
SjTupi violirum ^\y ' 
Aqu» Borum fatnbuci |j. 
D- S, pro infjiilc cochleare suffix nianc & vcfpcrc; 

No. V. JUtrwiaJ Ftih, 
R. Mcfcuiii Tivj ]^]. 

TfTintiiT jnviccm adiJKo medio cociiluui at^i^c in cbucuio* 
Hbk bene Tuha^^ aidiU 
Kxmd. ciciitsc jj. 
Ptilveni liquTricJ^ q. f. 
ID. U pil. gr, ii. S, marc & vcfpctc fcK pro doru 

Ko. VI, SitfJe Mfttt/riai OinrmfnU 
IC Mtreurii vivt 

Gumnii arabici u ]{r«- 
Subigamur addtto cochlcifi aquae in irucum. 
Huic iJmifcc 

Uniucnti fiutriti recent. Jj. m. d, ufui, 
Subindcciirphoram & rxponciri nigruai, qu«ndo tunoritus 
iadunii^^ iubmcJe bair^mum cli:id(1o uki^ribui illud aJhibui, 

No, VIL SimfU Mtrcurial Sfntft, 
R. KIcTCuni vivi 

Gummi ar^bici aj Jfi. 
Subjganiur addJto cocblcVL aquae in irucuoi. 

AcUc ccnc li<|Ui:t'«^ix ic butjh Cft^^c^f. pro Ibimindo 

Wc hf>pc Dfi Saundrn, t^ whom die Engliih reader il m" 
dcbteJ for ittii iranlUcion, will ccmniudicatc to ibs piiblic cbc 
refuliof thoic cKpcriircntt and obferv^tioiv, Wbk& be inJonni 
ui ill pjclcni engage bit jtiaiticjiu 

E 3 Aiu«) 

I 54 ] 


Jmirks: in rt/f^H U iht Skmetitm smd M^titt tf g a ^ ' m, 
jpM »bf AUnKtri «ttd C*tfi9mt9f iU fiv^ai imlM^ii^mtt \ thiir 

0f mrt f# *w// BJitim \ tm^vt^i th< Dtl^riftiins and lUmarh tf 
femt ^i Cilrb^tKid Trst^Irri, ntt tt Itr/emJ i'« axj ahrr Cattn' 

fUlMt Etigra^.itp. Bto. 7 voL 2I.11. Knox. 1767. 

J I H K vMuwHoui fiw and gmi price of ihoft coUr^Wi 
of ilrii kiTid whrch >rc tn the bell cltrcint u ChEirchill 
H>rrii, rnjrfhtfr with iheir \nnt of rhofp authcnnc and 
vilu tbk voy«j;r» »n<l ?riv«ls ^hitb ■» of modern dair, *nd in 
i»hich aic mtny judiViou* obfcrvMvori* on ircii aod ibiti^ fhefe 
•r«thcp'C'ii o» vrhicb IhU new colleclion is offered to rre public 
On ibc oilirr hjiJ, t^c fmaflcr abrldgraenu ifc fnii to be til 
dijcflc^, >nd Fithtr caki'larpd for rhe n-wr ^muirtrcnt ef 
cbc lower cUfi <>r ix^cr^i b:inj; tc)i> much^ And tgo nreklVy 
curtftiled, to ]>r rrnJfic*! agrrraS]f to ch*- mtdhgifnc, Thetc 
muy be foirte truth h borh thek dlcg^^iion* i ihc prcfcnt com- 
pilmtion i» tbtrcforir profcl^'cdly cikuUttd to fttrnit)! a compra- 
dljffl, the pbn of which f» explatncd m the fdl^wtng cxuaft 
from the prtf^cc* 

• The iSrrt Vf^Tcmc cont»ns^ b^fid« the compendium of gco- 
graptiif, the d|{cr>ver)r of America by Columhui i be^innluz 
w^in himt aa hU voyigei arcthe tlril in ordrr of thnc^ which 
merit regard, iml have occafiAncd likcwifc To great an alicratiort 
in the commtfcia! fjflfm of Eumpc. ThI* difcoverjr mturaJW 
Itfidi 111 loci.i|ili1cr:>^jinifh Americaj jind to gi*ean ftccountof 
iht conqucft or' Mexico and Pc(u, by ihc SpaniirJi undrr H- 
«aTH> ihd Cort«-r- To ihii more iritient Ll^lc of thofocoun*' 
(rin, we h*^c a^ded Ulloi'a moll moJcni it-cuun; ; fo that we 
feewilh jiiti di-n >*tut jlseratitnti thtfc rxtPiYfivc coumn<4 have 
Mnder,t0^r firrt-ihejc^cne under the dominion of Spii». The 

•o^ume t"rnlii<!fi »i»h % ikwcf ihcpliey whkh r^^ulttet ibc 

iraJf hMw<rn Old Spoin and its coUmkai coniainuig foM 

ritut pkitituLn ODt ftretftilv known* ^J 

• In iV ftraiiJ t<diime we give, in NieuhotTs «oya^e to tW 


|lr«J>1t ""^ ►cc,>«nt <ii the Portujiiefc feitUm^nt there. cnla™d 
by feBTc frthri (Uiticjlan of Uiet dare, Thm fotlowt « me- 
ffiAir ct»m-TTi>ir»[; ihc Jrfuitt i;i Pirj^utv I and dirci£luw our 
rmjtff LOMhwiid, w« clofc what rclxei to the Portuguefe mod 
jijuiiiib iH'iriat^i o<uhc ctntiocnt fay WaIcc'^ dcfcnpooQ 


A n£W O^iiihn &f Vt^f^gn ai^dTrarHlu 




the inhmui of Dirica. Still ftrcring to the rorlh* the Brjtilli 
dommtfms in th« co^frery c!iim mir principal atr^ntickli.. W« 
have thcfcfcrc, from rlic bidt infarnntiofi, pvcn ^ conjic£ccJ 
View of ihc fifiitili rtiilcmciics from Kloridi to KcwroUEidlind ; 
mnd have alfo added a dercripiion of ihc Amcrjcaix iiUA4>, 10 
whjccvci iiitiioii chcy belong ; hi wbiduticit rdpcctivcpioilLiftfi 
ard articles of (riJc hive been cfpcf'ially regarded. For many 
of the pacticufars rfbn^ig 10 the Indians and inlai^d p^rtf of itkU 
cxccnfivc rmpir^, wcirt oMigfd w nnajor R^^grr*, coloiiel Bou- 
quet, and goverror Fowttnl ; thefc arc the guide* wc luvq 
taken^ in pTefVrriice ro the FicntYi d^fcnpnoiis of thefcr cotm- 
tnei, which upon many accounct Arc more iiahle to fufpkion. 
If wc have extended a MiiJc In thi« part of ctic wcirk, ic ih UoyicA 
that the iiHercO every Briton haa io the countries delcri^d irill 
be 1 ftiJEclciiL vtpology. 

* Having thus, a* fat at ^^ur deTi^ admitted, exhanfl^nj the 
defcription of tSc new woild« wc next proceed to the fjrfl Jif^ 
covery of the Kafl Indie* by ih*- Portugiitfc ; Jiid in in iiktro- 
^uction to Dc Gama^a voyage, have traced the fcvcrfll proeref- 
fivc ariemptt which ted ro die doublin;^ <hc Cipc of Good I lopot 
After Dc Gima'*» we have, as a cHri&fity* pfivyn the firit 
Toyagt to ilicfc pan^t undcftiken by the Eo^l>fh on ftvcouot 
of the Kart Indii company. Then follow* a ^^y^g* ta rhe 
CapeVcrdc nUcds i Kolbcin's ac^:ufatc account of the Citpc 
rfOfind Hoj^f*^ ami N'fjiyintf's i/ny^ge to thr KclV Indict, tn 
Vhicb n ifiiroductd 1 fAich^ui narrative of the ctueUie^ prfUHitcii 
by the Dutch on chc EnglHh at AmWna, The vulume clort* 
with a (hoTi view of the CngliJb fetiJenunu and trjde in Ihcfo 
parta of ihc world. 

' H*vinj5 now j^iven the coirtplctt^ft acfftuntc chat CDulJ be 
obij[ncti« from ihc pictcding method, of the wcifcrnandoltcin 
navigations ; the t^iird volume Is approprincrd to ihe ciuMrnrii.* 
VJgaior» of the ijlobc: men whofe attempts were great, and 
dijtrel&a furpflfng} bnt who, with ui urifp<^dkablc fotuiuJet 
furmounted all^ and rtturnetl to cnrkh their jiatfvc coumry by 
their wenlth and their difccvcriei* Of thcfc wc have fcUvlcd 
Drakct Oampier, Woodei Rogers, and ef|>ec;aUy AoJon ^ 
fmcc the Yoyaftcof the Utter, whether we confulcr the auchen-* 
tidty of hit rvitier, or the elegant m:ir"irr in v/huh *T 1* ttUtnl^ 
may be confidcrtd ai the moit vJu:ible publii-ation ot the kind. 

' With the cirriimnaviffaiorsj wc cUifc 'he fnfl div[fi<<« uf 
Ihia eolledion which confilli of vov^gc* ; in the fourth, lifih, 
anj fikth volume*, we h.*vc given the relatione of the tnoft ap» 
proved traveller! ihrouph (iurope, Africa, and Af^a i b?gin- 
ning at the north of Europe, and »dy»nCTng foirthwarJ and 
tiiiwitA, at far as their jotJtnic* tould *>c extcr^nl by land- 
Whcic thcfc have been tcdioua, loo minute, or 4ifeuiiin^'y 
r E4 ^^^* 



A ffrt** C**^*«T $f Fif^is end IVtftwA. 

dry, W« ht\t tiiccn the liberty to ittrencK (hem. On ihc co»- 
trtiy, wh<« they hive been TuperiKial or nrgligcni, we hate 
M.t^ n the iibcnr Co improTc tbcii Accouni», by lofemng piflasct 
ffoni ^thtrt. Thus KeyflcTj for inflancc, »bo b reckoned on« 
orUicmoO fVabfuf tJckribcri of Euiopc, ta M the fame tisM 
fo prcUic, that we have in miny ptaees cunaileJ hb ivo mi- 
nute dcfi^ripiions of unintercdJng objc^S) which hu afforded 
ano;>pni(Ljnfr^ftf crj:T»ftingin propci pUtfi» Cruui !*icr wr.ter»* 
fooie of the /[bofl juJiC'OUk mnarki en the living irt^tnert acd 
pecuti^fitieA of the inhabitiinu of viiiom c:QuntrK4. thjil hive 
appeared Inany hngmg«. Wherever we ha« availed ouriclve* 
of tJ)c tibfrivAtioAA uf thefc wrucis^ the obligauon ii in crcry 
in {Ian ^c ackiiOA']egr<f. 

■ Aucr travcrfins fo mar y foreign <ountric«i ic would be ao 
ur|V4r4nTi4hfr omilTion ro hive ovrflnokrd our own ; aiiJ* like 
fo.-^e minjilcrsj too oiucti cmpiorcd m torcign conqueftPf kiire 
our nntlivc domiiiluju LUNcgHiiJrJ. In orhcf coiintriei wc had* 
perbjp»t f^'cnct cf natural bcauiVi luaurtuu foUi, and happy 
climates to dcfciibet hue in Dritiin, we chidly coniincd our- 
relvei to whjt makd Itie happineft of the p^ple ^ill fuperlor 
to ihit derived from fuch advancazcA, namely ihc gorernmcnt 
'thf country, itt cnndiictii^n aii<i cxccllrnt Zattf. Jr itlhefe 

llch mikc Gr»i Bnioiji ihedclighc, Ehe enyy, and the mif- 
Ircfs of ihc worlJ i aui in ibib p^a cf our uudutakiiig. ii would 
be un£cnerou4 not to own our cbligitioni to ihe learned Dr. 
BJaditionc, whofc comn^cntiry on the Uvri %i{ EnjzUnd affordi 
Che mi>ft accurate JinJ cli^r idea of i^e Brltilh ronltirLi;ion ; and 
in foniic nuafure iloca what had been dcipaired of by others 
rcconctlo Uvr and phjlofjpby. 

' Halving dcfcribcd ouf iiucnor government and laws, it waa 
tbcufht 1 ii<e<iriry cojiclufioii lo ihji woiL, lo eahibit a Oioft 
MflotjcTAl view of our nav*! iraafiaiont, ftom ihc lime when 
ogr jijvy b«jiT.e refcr^ablL- by the defeat of the Spinilli Ar- 
madf^ CO the end of ihc hue Ricc-cfsful war. Nor will this b« 
fofbreigniootir priftclp^M delign, ua may appear on a tranrMn 

f,la««: for in tTij» wcihiU fee the tUca of w^fc rri^ulations 
WiiJ, [n»](TrfLil1y opeuiinij on the ocean i we Jliall fee how 
3 jun policy at home U capable of renJciing u* formidaWc ia 
evctypiri abroad. 

* ThiT, ir H hrpfd^ will fuffie* (nor eouM Ufa have been 
ruOe^nF) i<f t,vc the rcadci a prevjoi** iJe« wf iht mmrc of the 
COile^ion here put intu lib hands ; of ii\t Uhour thU work hath 
C*JJ, of the many volumes wc have been oblii^ed to wade 
through, anj which were to be k-jJ^ though they wcro ac 
Ici^jth to be rejected. Men nor vcrftd ir) ftudici of thii kf 
are apt to overlook a colkaor'safllJuily, and defpifc his car 
yet i\ ij neceluiy, boiU for the improvement and entertaihmci 


jI fifw CvlUnUn tf Fcjdga Mi Trmbi 


«f minkind, that thcr« fhouFd be fticTi wncerfl, tnttt of Audioes 
appTkaCTOn aoil humMc jjmt, wilting to pron)ote kfii>wlcgc 
without being known^ ;m<4 x^ fmofilb the way tn victories ufhlch 
thcY aic l^<'^l lo D^arc. Thi; pAixii wG hjvc been «r 15 tincicccf- 
farjr lo irfift oh ; iho rm^rncr which ihii work his coft it ob- 
viouf. It W113 our dcficn to make fuch a ccllcihdn M wouTd 
aflbrct at oner the tiiiriiy of a gcogra])hicjt Tyllfn], and the 
amufcmcnt of itinerary adventure* : to offVf rothinf o^our own 
but w lilt vtaA iirLrfT^iy ii> conncA the Amcfiils ^^^ Co ^ivc 
nothing from an^ oEher but wh^t mtghc be dtpeiidcd iipf)n «t 
triip, ^Vhxlc thcic £K Kulcr« wihing lo acifuirc koonlege 
without p>Jiiri| ancJ cntcminmcnt without intcrruprion, a wo^ 
of ilii) kind fiiuH be ufcful. And liiii wc miy vuMurc lo fiy, 
lh»we undercook the tiA, not treicaufir ue thoui^hi tliijt ttie 
work wju hkcly to fclK but bccaufc wc knew it * n wanung»* 

FfoiYi Thi( crnelufioii ir wo^lJ be nviiiral fo Aippor, that 
ibcpublifhcr, ibrou^h 3 Tingular bcnevokncc oftlirpeliTior, \tx* 
t^nistc dilUibutt' hj!i ojlWlion ffraiis !■> all *ho pltiift: to ''i>rly 
for them; otherwjlc i! x%% bull that would if o honour CoDubl^a 
JU own fclf. 

Thefc voyi7f;et Mid irftvtU arc neatly printed, and iUudfaled 
with TcvetjJ ]^ouJ iii«pii pbns, i^id uiifcdbneoui p|jtc» : wnong 
ochert \t 1 ven* handfome folio plij) of PariF, which may be 
of ufc to travellers who intend lo viAc 1h«t diy; xrA ivropljn« 
of LrniJon ; onr ti \\ n^vf Ui, And the f^hcr w iX WJ9 iniendcd 
10 be altered After the ^reat 6re, by Sir Chriltophcr Wrtn. 

The woik ii indeed too much c:onl1ne J (l>t the obji-^i of it ; 
for while Tome remote p^rtt, at Japan, ace nuc noCieeJ, oiio 
volume u entirely dedicated to ouc own country; which, how- 
twr af^reeable it n^ay prove to fom«, will doubctefi be deemed 
unnecelTAry by the gtrjculity of rciJc-'k; who pciufv vuyigcs 
and travel* to acquire a knowlege cf diftjnt Iindy. Such rea- 
ders who Jludv ihc cotiftiCutionof Grcit Butjin, wdi rather 
confiilt BtaekAone and other auihort of crfdir, at brg^, t1>aa 
2ny fmall abridei7icn[» of ihem: and the naval hiiloyy ol Bri- 
tai^i whatever hffirity it may h^w^ with voy^jgn, it rrrtainly 
Dot calculated to deferibc other counlriei, the main purpofe of 
voya^j. £o that while: ihcfe articles deviate from the title of 
the euDeitionr they occupy that roon) which might have been 
luoic fuitably employed. However, takirig the ivork «> it it, 
the materials appear to be carefully :ibrid^ed, and corre^jr 
printed i and contain the mofl ufcful aftklcs of informaiion 
conferring the refpeSi*e coontrie* of whif h it treats : fo that 
it certainly dcferrci the preference to the Imatkr abnJ^mentl* 
juid will anfuve/ the purpofe of the ^rneraJity of rmder^ bcccev 
ttua :he larger^ dearer, and mofe indrlcriiniiuto colJedioiu. 

ft [ s« I ^ 

Tht ^firi\ rf thi firewriu Cattkii okJCIuu pfrf/rrvtj ar Ram 
i^y Htufi^ M shi Tm^hrfMty, 'l~hi Mufic by Ur. 
II. NicoU. 1767. 

THE mere tirji5tf wIIT douhrlrft bt JifippoTntcd ifheexpe^* 
10 ftnd any ikgrce of enteriainnicnt ia thb fing-lbi^ coU 
bflirtn ahcivc thut mhlth he i>idinjirrly mce» with in rhr f>ro> 
duclioa of our girikn-murcf. As for example^ what no be 
moic namly pami)ifl>^ ilian the foliowm^ 67*/; 
'• '''' ^'liT th* op'mnj lily blowt, 

SwHl Ehe rrB£r;in( citron f^rovfi. 

Which pcilumrs ihc cAHcrn grove: 
Say, MA <u£hi with ilicfncm^c^ 
Oh. mucli laifcr, fwretcr f^, 

EJ'x»m the chinn$ otf^ her I !o*e. 

Others a^:m itrc wntttn m ch« famiJJAr ftyle of J^ CiVr/j 
fiKh It chc Cflii^i, cuiillcU ami ^^Ucd*™ 

Tht Strtft htri^nf. 
A Rikc, an Akliourc- Worn jn, and her Djiiighter. 


HaHc ]khIv my dcsrf Kune Kith«r, 

Afft"^ me • moinem'f dtfnv 

Where KOu'd fou lun, lay v-hittifir f 
Slkill yoa and I go to ihc ptay f ^ 

Nay» Jun'i be jfranj - - . 

Cooie, eomfl, ynajudri 
Ifcforc ihee»ll«ry*i fulJj 

The play 11 fine. 

And I lie pan torn inf, 
BuropBirtiMcOD a bal. 

O fie. Sir *— 1 can'i, fir — Lord 1 whif uift tUt mijilibrwn fty # 
Thryll ill Ull my tnotber, 1 w«nt with 1 Rian tu (b« pUy. 
Ln mc be %pn< — 1 mmbtc — Excufc me* J ncv znuLt Mtre*U 
I fii clfc. be chidden atjd pindid 4ud d/ub'd. foi ulkio^ with yoa 
in (he Ilirei, 

$*>, miltrcfiin^Dx, have tc4u£ht you f 

EUydiy ! what dbinflj j:c ^eir! 

Cnni« home, you flut. ad tar jn / 

And c^nit^' my <ul1r«m«ri beer ■ 

sir* Jooien hur h*ii<f. 

And to to iht S(r«nd, 

The mitkct iof JtnpuJcni \rhof o ■ 

lit'tr ihr l^uu i; ^uh you igiin, 

ni ti]*n hcf ottC of my d<wrt, 

But ihc i^rMtCT part ue dedicated to Bmhut^ and the writers 
of thfm tiwc thc.a iiirpi»lioit 10 ibc julre of the grap^. Xhe 
Ji^mour ol the fuJIovring C4itb \& ealy and agreeublc : 


*Tht Wvidi ef iht/atounti Cauhet end GUay &<. 


^f/iftt. Which \% tSe fifjptrd^ ^iy to dfiftk f 

Siiurday, ^und^y, Monday / 
Anf-^ktr. Eath i* thr proMteft ity, J ihiflk — 

Wiry (hoiiy vre naric but one i|jj ^ 
^fffffjbtfu Tell cnc but yoitn, I'll mcntiun mj dAf-^' 

Let u< but fii Oct foiric c1<v f 
jfi^fr^ 'luefdiV. Wf^o'lday. I horfdiy, Friday. 
SuuFiJaVt SuTt^iay. Monda>. 
But it ik difficult lu f«yt ^J^ whii kIaC^ of poetry \rc ftiaulJ rAolc 
tbc follcwin^i which, thouj^h a cranflation ircm the itaUati^ 
prcfeivc^ ill the rpiiiE oi" flic orij^iiial : 
I Ihjn if^ian Gttiltfrten eiftr a BtltU^ 

^^ft /j-/ iiiwf. One *l a 

^^K StttmiGi^f, With j]| fny h«iiii. 

^^^K itmtd*^J7^J~ I-Jtc loi ever, BfjivO. hrav&l V4^*tfr«, 

^^K Tfgtiiivi, Oh, ifvh»ijrry in iTiiiili n> join, 

^^r ^nd Uif^ nff bumpcii of gcrfid win*. 

I Th« Auihor of the pfeface has, however, iriadc an apology 

I In bchilf of There cofupofttiuiii, which at oulc ffli-nces atl tfru* 
I fxire, ■ If ihc poetry (C^ys he) of one or two of the flLficfcnt 
Oictics will noc bear a ciiticdl cximioslioii, (he niig^hl Juvb 
addciJ, ih« tnodrrn alfo) the rc^nt ia r^qtief^ed lo confider, ihafi 
they were To writKn, with i nioic pAi (icuW icgird it^ llic Mufic* 
whirh tviti probubly mukc them annple anendi/ The Crfv^ and 
G/r« poclbaj, thcrcforci LtekniorcKk do tb^n CoobfervoSwifi'i 

Suit your wordt tO y/Mir tBufl^ ^vbI] ; , 

and wc h«\c no bufincfi to expert £»y ibi/i( inofc frotn luim 
than what Horarr oils 

Iran/ of our Readcn ChouTd be curiou* to know wtiit la 
ireant by the trrmi Catih^ and Gttri^ the lomrd Pref^eer bat 
givco ti? a fbort dobnitioii of thom» * for the infofTnaiion of 
tbofp perfonri, k^<ho h;ive not bnn Kcqusmtcd with ibit kind of 
mufic.' And fiift h* tells us—' A Caich U thar fpecics of con^- 
pofition, in Abich the wuei!^ ard inuric j-tc (o conirivrd, that 
the fenfc of one line tatt^t on, or phvs inco thit of another | 
and* by (q Joing, oonrcyt a meaning ahJ bun>ou('» wh^h did 
ncH occur in the etirfory rcJiiing/ 

He procccda (o irfomi us, 'aCikc. in the f tvff ^ acccptatioMp 
impLiei fara^blng chcsiftiE, ii in the wril-known fong, 
*" With Lunc^ut prp'> and merry Clevr 
■' Yo^JHir Jotkc>' «on my heart."' ' 

With fuhmiflinn to bu*&bE?[tct iud^mrnf, nr^ hutnblyconocW^ 
that th< word GJft U not mrrcly Sciteh^ z-i m oUcn oco^x^ vch vi>ai 
old £s^4^ writcis, dn^ is in conimon ufc Amoivft ui \q ^^^ ^v) . 

onrn'^r CATAtocuEt 


* Bitt| (fiyiour Prcfacer) aot to be tciofirifloji proJti^osf 
Qif gcntui, ihc rt^lii butjourxble, ihtr hoixouraibJc, iiid <r:lwr 
mcS tttpK^Mc Ri«mtc» of cbc CMck-clo^i in ibdr dectncfi 
on the nent of ibc conipofitMni, whkk Itj daicn to tkc priftc- 
medjl*, have f;rnfroudy extended the appetUEion of Glee 10 
CKty co^lpo^1l10l^ in ihrcc or four pun* whk^ ii not cod- 
trivcd ta nunn« of a Catch/ For ihit leafon vt maH not be 
lufptieed to find 3mr>Tt2 tKc CV^rr in tHii c^llcdion u moft Tot* 
MMVful i^iVfr An fhf dmth nf hit R. H. thr Dijkr nf CufTiberluid- 

Too aiucli pr^ilc cannt^C be given to the * n^Ht ^WfiouraNei, 
the hoouufibleSf and ibe other mod n^rpe^ibte uicutber»of tbe 
catch-elub/ for thui cfieouragiftf; birmony Jtiid good humoitf s 
and ibcic ii noc the leall doubly bitc iHii iioibm^ indelicate or 
immoral i% evtr fuffered to c«oftiiute w/ part rf ibeir amirfe- 

Fof J U L Y. 17&7. 

MlSCBlLAlf|OU9. 4 

Art. IS. 5fW ^^x M H^fhandry^ 'ExUjfle<I from tfce 3fi' 
Pti»% Huj/hum^ ttxA foreign ^ffuyt ort Aprkijliur^- Contain* 
wj; « Viricty of Kxptiitncnti, nil of wtikh have been fouftd 
10 riieeced m Scocbrd. 8vo. 6n. F-ilinburgb jiritiicd, and 
ibJd bf Bcckct and Co, in London. 1767. 

THE fubjeCN httt frkaod fiom iht pcriodlci^ work entcM A/*- 
^«Tv kmfliyifm. %tf, — j^reiTln;;; Tor hnd.^^rofii of Arable «nd pif< 
ture UndcomfiAfcd.— Wheal and other comj and polfc— Tafnep>-— 
Cv1M».— ^Dt it jcd ht>rlc-bcicbg heJhandr)'.^Prj'(t>^Granef.— TW 
djiry.^CMilc and Ihrrp.— Ciirrb^4?i, Ac, ^e. Thcfr papcn are ii^ 
trodtifed bir ' lofoni why liriamg ii> nfiwn provn vnprofirable ;' ^»A m 
4i6iMiiMi 00 ili«ltfod or plants byMtfT. duHind, and M. &nf(flor 
4.w<«rlMJ< Ibc Mh«lc iiprelkeed bx the feCiovJoj; divert iVmeni: 
, •, The p*blinuoa cf ttefc EiTtif* Ukko in r^fc i*u^i Tu^iJ:/ gcutJc- 
900. »bo oic uiloiit fof ^^TuiiLoun^ 4Bd improTJr^ Aj^dculiure m 
ScDiUnd i l^c;r iftc'c ofop inion, thic iherc wr« a if>'i'etj oJ papert in 
itic Mufrum Rnflkum, ud cfli/i in fortign Ai-rKuItjre, whkb. if 
p'OpfrijF \t\veitA »nd [>rmtfdby iht^felift, nould be a rory nliubk 
«rqii-bii«a 10 i\c jwblic. Ihey thrtcrArc fti at>oj^ it wtb care, iftd 
k*«rr«idaecdica»nmcbinio ihr f^T-n cf j frllcm, •) ibc njiofc of tbc 
thirg #u e«pab]« of, Tbtfir cUict Butciitioa vr«» to pigmoic the j*oad 
of Mkx wMori tfc^ if ihe pab^iftd i^ji 41 liberty to nKfldon thek 
oaopri, tUr woufd j^-^vc crciii; i^i mrhocicy to il>e worlc- 

'/^* P^^i**"' ""^^ '^* airuiM, ibic *h»Ae^r h /«oinro:n*i«J in 
tbcfc Bflayi- h>c h«» ijam and igiin t^itd with «ioa(kibIc ruc<4f» in 
SpocI^. ^-hich ij a Jufcwiu eincitJiM ih» tbt> *k vc* j ivcll -d*p«tl to 


Art. 13. Tm Knrtrs -^ mt u Jthn f^iiitt E/f; iu^fmmd fy ^t 

laifmtnt fff Bagfiti^ titwtm him anJ lArd T . YJ(^ rtitrp 

tt a Frifniit ^ Si^iidf and Miiihttft. 8^0. 1 f. Nko!l. 

FiodH}' meant u a diiTjalce from dudlmg. The Authiif id-t uj )m 
w» prOf:>pKd CO fnalcc thii ■Jdfcfa to Mr. Wilkrt, b; hii Ute Account 

01 iiic duel fau(»h: by him «kli LorJ T i f-om \»Kich, he l*yt. ' ii 

■ppean ihlt boihcf thcni met. iJ>itli « ^dibcraEc tiucnilfincf muidrrmj* 
«adi other/ — Fy rrlntlf^e thla tranfafttcin, he adJE, with h much Itv^ 
)inel« lad giiAy, Mr. W, aciempci Co p\t th>; whidi h horriii fn ilfelf, 
liieftccof caiEnairjtnmCi ind iortpr«(cnthii dA:n eaant^ U k4& m 
afvljefloraffilaBrr, and cxcmfdaTy for thai coolflcrtwhkh, whca it b 
rxerird an luiii occiriam, Ri«ketica<ti(wlAnd itinc«inonwickrd. Bui. 
becODiiniWi, wordilm-eno poit^rrfo at'rr thr raturr ofai^cotorthnigf £ 
and ducllinj^, choot^h unic<ouatah|^ i^craifd in ChniUan coonaicr* ii 1 
erimc of a-gr>vB«d ^Jilt, rcpui-fi/mt to the concarnnj; icAiimenU of «U 
good (ucu, loihe uciiverrdh cOAblklUeJ Ukta of Civil ioctciy, And 10 the 
rvprvfi and geruine Iptnc of (he gofpcl :^4ll which, ihif welL-mrftaiOfE 
Wrrwr eadurouu ta prove, bjr & nriftjr of leriott« and piou* argi^ 

la tlte ^d letter, 4dJrciI«dtoarn«nd> the Author cntfravoun to fbcv 
tWt tcligian i> ihc or»!y fiJic itcfcoce aEiinA mcf^ichu'r or JcfptiirA 
anj thBi iIjc le4nied and [hifiktng pJt cf utatiikuid uo mdil apt co HdIc^ 
under (he ueij^ht of iw^tt eviU, by iruHin^ only in ihar owa oamnl'' 

Au» 14. -f £rf//r i» the Rigit Rrv. tht Lord B'tfi^^p ^ dL 

C^t^aiKing fsme Amjmdx>itfmt &n a 0iara^er ^ivnt &J tki Uu 
Dr.BtntJij, 8va is.' Wilxte. 

A \uie pri-ftjfir in il^c univcnir of Oifo^d hiring, la a Icicer to The 
Hoht rer. author of Tht Dit^irt Lqa im »< ^fryij *, fpolien rcy Su#il/ 
of Lhe liF'Or^ c^an.^ter af (he l-iit l^t. Krnllcy,— ^ ^tUcnan wii'7 
here A^ns hiinfeJf ' A niembFr of Oie oQivcrriiy of C«»btidf^e/ Am^V 
*ntnnad«erts on the roffcned of i)ui nijck on a de^uud ^cniiA). To le- 
rpe^abte for hii Icahija- ai Di. U. uiKJouUcLLIy wt% Tlic Authcr of 
rW r^Eier now h:^:tf ui, vrr^ api!y mi ihii occafkin (]iirFtei a pali^ 
tnin Dr. Low:h'i Lfttrr, in which h? rfcro:Jtr4tiet ej;d;oll ihc unlund- 
Iboifl CroitiDfoi wliieh hit f.iXhtr had mei «tth j^nrm Or. Warbimon, ia 
hi» juliii^, «^ix- ' ft i| not iftbehfllf of mrC'lf ib4C 1 eapcdtuUici In: of 
one, fa vhom I «ni muc^h more oonccriu:'!. ihii h-o-Eny frhcr>' 1 ■■ 
From hence ij it obvious nbic <^nirier ittii tindlc-itiori of Dr. Bertley'e 
memory comet from; >nd every imjurM^t rcr^cr Ofilt ^nunrnd (ho 
pety ofUte Ton. whiTe (he fpi't' wuh which he hn ac^u«iied hrnfelf i« 
thia remonfffinc?. wiU cjiiort from crery diictifing mJer, the pioik 
(hat u due lo an m^cni"UB i^iiter. 

• $tp Bii Kronfft of iWi kner, h wff j^H Vol- f, 599- 
Aet, r5. A Drf'mu tj Smtitiut tt Dr. Lnvih^ fff^tjrg Li$trty. 

Ir OBI Ko*'irw for ^^jgufl i?66, p. fC/. v* briefly mpn'ii>i*.| a 
pamf>hkc en Tilled ' 'j'nc picceflAnlt or rhe<JoflrLbe ni'tmivHUt :rb<*<y 
alLrtcd, in oppoljuon lo Dr. Lowth, Uz.^ Trie p,'c£:nt ]> 

peari to coaie U. m 0>c (ttv\c beany eh aiik^i'^n fur Vibrt-.v, a~ 

chief/, aiej':f/ar^i: oft^^cfJoiccbKrae sff*itiH\l\t BSftw^ ^al '^— ^<i» 



lit. fJu h^Uhi Ult/ff^t ^-imeip/fu But thii AoA^ ninu thM tt»per 
ud (ooJodi whkh vc abfabicLr nccdTkry to vnfiiffi fiiCwcIs in ivy 4t* 
tick on 4 wrilcf of Dr. !,owi)>'t ibiliifci. 

An, l6. An jftf4r//t M th PttpU tf Engtani^ «it ihi MuiNrs #f 
thtTimti. 8ro. Qd. Newbcry. 

A writ inctriJid piou> rtmoiilLrADcc JigiiD^ ncKLJ(>cnccm icHgv9«t 
ftnd thr intmoralifics of the rim^i i by cnt brtier aoquxintc:! »itll lb* 
4r*d Jcuer oF rtU^iout prvccpti an hii dufci, ihin wiiTiebnr ipfJic*c»n 
10 aAi«« Jifc m a Commffrcial nation % mil vlir^ imigirfT iSe |«liUC4l 
Cvlli compUi'*rd of by the public, arc ii> be ^iircd br ifjfi) c^^nptvfc , 
Art. 17- Hifi^ki^l Mfmnn sf hit hu Royal Higtritft if^£m/K~ 

/fu^ar/iufy Dykf if Uumhriand. Jmhtdrng tkt Miliary anJ i**- 

hi^itki Hijhty ifGrtitt Britmni during thai Ptri^d- %\0, 6a> 

Walkf, &c. 

This tompilAEton induJci all t^^c nncmortl^lc cvcati of ibc SpuUk 
wu which broke out \ti 1719: of the Gciman wi' nhich br^ia ift 
17^1 ; fif [hr French wir in 1744 i of the 5cm;ilh rchdhiM to 1745 i 
wiib oihar public occurrrac«i, Lo the peiic« of ^kj\i in 1 76J ; and u» 
thcdcatH of hi> fto^aJ llighntfttti 176^. The uhaU appcvt C» b* a 
drcamHincial and ucuiaic cotlcitic^n of i»&^ i but the writer ii AotJier 

Art. 18. J Cfxron^lsgieai AhfygmiftB/fh/ Ruffian Hijliirf\ tr^nf- 

itsliti ficft the ^ixiftiti Rsiffian. Wriitca by Michael L<Mno- 

Ttofl'of; CoimfHIor of Stair^ and Piofcdor of Chemiflry at the 

AcaAlcmy of Sciences at Pcicifburg \ aitd coniinu«d to the 

jncfcni Time by the Traaflaio^. i(vn. 3 1, Sncllinj* 

Thit abndgmeot if fo very brief, ai nnt ro aflbtiJ macTi infMsitioi 

or amurcmeni, btycn*^ a mcreehronoIoj^Unl table. Th« TranCaiov, tt 

Hi dedication to the Rullian minJ^cr at iHo court of IrOn^ci^ oAc'i it 

>■ toptarahig many matciiih th^i have ocvrr yet AjfpcaTcd in tAc Bo^* 

tiJh langD^ge. Tfaii mar F^^^^^pi hr true, but whii retjitri to tbceirtf 

bikI very ruds Hat* of tbe Rudian empire, brfo't iu fuhjefli became df 

i«^rttnce eitovj-h 10 enj^age th'- atiention of. or v^ bite m»ck ioRt- 

nuric kvith the ocbe* Eurcpctn ftatai, tA y<tf omnterHlrat to « ao«. 

Confd tbr writer have affnrdcd ui any privtre anctdotei cov^cfninff ihc 

I1A rcvulu'Jun in ihit empire. hi> abriJjrmciii Houli havcbcea vafaable 

indeed. Bdi — fuch »crr nni eo be evpe^Led front a £avi^ councilor «f 

ths ftaae whode hiftm^ he uritet. 

An. T9. ^ &t»3r/ I^f/r U A FfifuJ. h %vhkhfimfforihrr CV- 

mwd a nnv $<^tan *l €tnmm£j^ Saud if ttftn and tt&r Uxt^ 
4tti 9tt iffmtiitlfy diffirmfrtm Mr, Kntiwl/i Sjfim„ it hmMf 

§ro, I ■. Edkbuijb pniueJ^ ind fold by Nicoil in Lon- 

A fidl kticT on thii fabi^a «raa Uvtdf mgn ikj Dfd in aar Rrrir* 
ldiSe|4cnbci 4761. TM«<kvraMnrt 10 be a JudidMi eand^l ob- 
)c^, nd nr3« bit ftvi««an of Mr. Knu^f* ^ea wicbottt tay 

of dnt vmmtb ft 

coei^^v IB t:ieicKic« Gooccniof bjfMbcfca, 


M 1 tCSL t. A 

u «. 

TW vft <tnnOC prtlcnd to cnicf into ptrficcjUrj of thii conircvcify, it 
i»«y not be uoiictcpuiblc ic fomc of our RcaJcii Iq Jce the piopcr te> 
qui^Ki in ■ fyilirm offcriptiirr chronology, which ihii Writtr hia if* 
ADgH in th« follmving mjinitri : 

■ I A, It mcit place the comTDEnc&mcni of lime it i proper JjAulcc* 
to radod« the fcicial fi^ recorded in ihc Bibl<. 

' fdl/p It Diult tx"^!] iVom ■ fulJ inouLi loixicidrj}! thjth the auniimul 
rtjuinor. on AccriLinr of rhc command ccnKinic^thc Icalt of jo-gathcr- 
in^ - and ihe fp]] moon fhoqid follow ihc etjuinox. 

* ydilfi Ji oB^ht to br£in vritb the firll complcie Hay of Adim*» lift, 
the livci of Adiim and the puriirchi facing what conRjltiwi the chroma 
Id^y of tlic firll igei- 

* 4rh!j', Th«t firfl diy Should liktwife be the Gril diy of ih* wccfc. 
th« 6rft of th« month, the firfl of ihff y(nr, M vrril M th« firll ddy of 
red, ihit every nicifore of (imc ni*y coincide* 

' ^thJ>, The uiccfi thovid not be much paft tlie futl at ilw coni' 
mrDif mrnr of nmr, bccaufc [he wouM nut then be vitibte (111 the £rft 
dty wnt |irTl>ird. 

' 6tbJj. Jt mgfl briog at, io ftboot lUt ;««n Hx monthly to a paf- 
<M full cnoon on a Satgrdjiy, for the diy of ihe cjcodkUn bfcaufe ihe 
Je*i tic cnmoiiinJcd to obfcrvc ibc fevcnth ^xy, i- c- S»urdiay> aoj do 
yc: obfene ie* in mcinorj of ibc eiodoi, and becaule JE happened (he 
nij^hi afipr ibc p%l|bv» vit killeJ, k «. on the t jih of the mnon. 

' yibly, Li\ It agree with the lecoutic of ihe feH\ ot ptoEKoft thic 
year, vii, with rbc|>ifin^ of (he Uw frcm Mount Sinai, oa the Aftkth 
day from tfic uioriow aficj the Sabbailj inilic p^fclial week, aodon a Sun- 
day, iKu iljrcc dayt tt IcaU iha the c^uiLug toMouM Siuai in the 
third ironth. 

* Vihly* It muH bhn^ mi» exa^ly 40 ytat% after the eKodita, to • 
pafchal futJ moon on a Sunday i bi^ranfe what U enjoined 10 be done 
«T<r)r yraj on ihc motruvr dfECi ibe SabbaEb, u, ai the cnCiaDce into C4- 
nain< after ^o year* fojourntu^ (aid to be doDe on ihe oioirotfr after 
the paflbver, Jolhoa r. 10, 1 1- 

* 9iMy> i«f K bring ut from the jabilea proelnoMd on tho icih eby 
of thcJirf or fevcnih mnnih, i. c- m ihr month Tjfji follow ijig lhccje«* 
dui, by 4 rc^ulai fuufiTiijn of p«iiodi of 41^ )ea(i. to lIm ycaj io which 
4iuf l^fd fnArTed, vben itie eipianor lypiArJ by the eeremonicJ on the 
day of atoRcnirntbaing fully completed, ihe acceptable year Lvat prcjLchvd 
10 the whole w«ild. 

' toihly, Let it brin£ u» down 10 a (Mfcbal full rooon ou a Friday, 
490 yean dtui a command 10 rebuild JciufilciDi i>c toiticyeu of the 
J, P. 4746; for [hrrr ii fc4rc« a doubi now but that vuiihe very jar 
ill «hieh oar bleflid Lo^d <ijed. 

* iiilily. Jloofhtio t|;rce with the ffvvnl eclipfrt, MflOTical evenU, 
obfcrrationtp &c< 10 be met nJCA by the nay, a> recorded by au> 
ihorr (if (TedrE* 

* LiJlly. If mtjft bring ui down, by a rfjtnlar fuecdlmn ot 6wrt, 
moaihi. ard yeare, to tfais my ticne, and agfre. rracty ie leall, vnth 
the Ivll nucma, eclipfea, tec, of anv yekr. pnll. prclcoi, or to coot*,' 

Front hence au)rbe conceived the arducrafaeft of in aadcrukiuf; 
whidi nqaim (o criticaf a oorrrfiMirdence and comJdeftK l^rtvcca ttva 
^hicoomena of nnture, unA the tijiorital Etc^i in UctvA vt\^ \ v^^nv^ 
tbo beg'rja^Bg of ttmt to Uu pfcicnL pctioi. A ^^W W«*ii« **«^ 


h\CHtHtlt CATAtOOt/E, 

ht> nor veiUinff d <!c«-ply on tb» fubjed, nril wttb thu klod cfftuf itiai 
it cull) t^ft wc J J bf .ipE ro b« B«nl«d ac linil>o|t [»cb a pribopii ai ihe 

* Tfiuf^ i])J Dc«i CLim iic«c NOR] the crcuioo of ihc tiro grrsi ImU* 
M'^ri* M th-'y <ue tuiibout jmpropTicty C4lkJ& £or ilu e^cfiiog wn, 
iftd the mr^rnrng w<i. is t rrjiibr fucc/i&on Mart i l<^ t>kn »m o^ 
lioMt bgi iti is«niu'4iM;io o' tuoe b; iuj«t ^^^ coAQCftjCcJ btSJte tk>t 

AW wc muA ooi-Lrri ooifclvft noi aMctoktIp Rub a pcffboihiof^k 

the ihfficuky hr m*; tttid j" toticrini'g it. 

I b'- iihj^enmDb \Kiil<i ifirwt nvlifreio Mr. Kennc^i^ htt faiM in ftt- 
fiUinff ifie bcFoic cnecitii^i^cd t(quib»i. and litcc^ife ike lUtBcvltJCi 
whkh AMcnd h\i 'lAiL r^^coi, tihhich ii cotiurnoJ in a l<t cf ubin le 
the <a4 ol Ut9 Icixr ; tic Add^ h'Xhti i'jmc ^*>od rnrom nnuiill/ ta^ 
ffCitcJ. ulitfh ffrz-in Eo aignc ihc imprababiLliiy oJ ever CiKCtcdio^ in la:^ 

To t*i^ <-i our k*a4mwho ntight wifhwrtad roicT«d mioi^fatcJ 
ihe merit* d irx i^lji'fliani maic lo Mr, Kcnntdy'i ichctnc, m wdl « 
dT the laUet i^iTcn in iht» prcicEiE tettcTp we will produce ivhai oar Au> 
(haf ha< II> Tay on » fjmmHry view of the ijSjc^l : 

■ The valLit of umt, (bough Hnlc cantvkxfd, it fb £r«at, ibnt »II 
vko wfiif lltoLild be ci^tioLii hosv tbcy employ it thenfe^vw, «ad bov 
tbity throw « tempuiion h the wiy of oihcn. by putting il«n upon 
nln fDifjiti. 1 own dih iiion^hi. wlikh niAci a mod f^ioin tnplrd^ 
lion on me, nml D»glit lo alTeCi every f'-t\c\\i Cbrilijtr, ha« oftftj cost 
croli me, anil roiJc rne ready lo ihfow my pipers into trie £rt. How- 
ever, upon th? whole, the ivorU is loo inconfiLJerablcto do nudi hvii| 
ftnd a> mcic arc who have Inforc and ibiiiuca to examine the <i«ttf iaa 
hue bid before thopublji:, which I Jiave noi, I fao^ae fusic one hi!' 
con/iijer ir ; a^id aa tar Mr Kennedy, ihcirgh I cannoi ibJlh muy 
take Che func pamj lo underltand hn bortlc ihic I J-Jve done* yet J 
bf very vlikd 10 induce fuch ii have money at comm.ind to bay iL* 

I'o thia goo^l-na cured motive nciilicr Mr. Kennedy aor we cao 
Jib^y have sr> objection, vhcihet llie look ib ever urdcrnood or not, 
An> 30- AnothfT Ht(h Road tp HrtL An EITay on the ptrAV 
coui Nature And Lftc^a of mc>dcrn EmcfUintncxita Trom 
Pulpit, Orrafirincd by a Pjmphlcl intitnlnJ, 7^ Stit^t 
Hiih Rtsd :s /i^ift Sec. iSvo, j ». Vernon and Cbaicr. 
No one wUa rr^Ji the Nlotviii^ paHlt^et, wiU fuppoic Ihii M be i&c 
perTorm^iJiecof any ptrfrMiof clericjlehjia^er. 

■ Thefcoin, laynb*i Waiter, thiEiicaflon the clerjQ' of all di . 
minaiionf, by inlidcUkiid llbcrinet, riccrtAialy very uajufl ; aiijetej 
ihinj c3k tliK. tiicy hfficri'ir.ii the milUkcn conceit that ibeyare 6x*i 
tn the religt'jn uf Jcfui Chilli. If therefore the follosving pffay 
bai trrve tn e]«ar 'hrm nrihii charj^e^ it migM^ by tharmeaai. 
cile to ihecn the men gl moll repuw >n ihe poLiie world lor philofi^bf 
ud crUrj^d fcnttmrniK 

* Kor ca^bE the ALtthor to bc^ charged i^ih ^ much 4« ibe fvinoodl 
wilh frv any chinge in the njiionsl rlhbiiihmentH lince hir ii lb 
plteafed with thr prrfmi nulicinaL ehureh, at (o tv fally C«titfied it cti 

ocra be f«£CCtdH by a beiicf. It the p<cI«Dt e«U«QAib(^ clUbli3>mi 



the jtarpfiCtt <if ^vtratant, and iifortht bdtcflfif du;t Ibdffy. 
(u k<uii ^ciy tvideoi) li it aII iv« an Kuvc fioni any fiicb «Rifa|iJh()Unc 
oF nli^wt - aad Af feme relittous f4<ccdency rc<fniabfoIutcl) nctjciliry 
icr swr ft^CCt fuch an cA^blifliaicDC, and fucU « idcMtion u wc cijjf>y 
in rbU Uiid, h «1f that anv cLrilUui cin vifh for. for h« muA jtrcjujr 
milliUtt ihe religion oT jfliu CKnltr who Ihou'd thinJc ii tvaa «i all ic 
for 4 natioaAl cburcbj or poffibk lo be pridifci bf nt^y whole luitOD qF 
thif v^orlii/ 

Thii bciujf ihe ^rlui'* g^aeul opEU)i>n ofciiriflidQiLy, atid ihe ;iii< 
[t^nd dnirch, lei ui nnur ariend lo irhu itc tiy^ of the dcrgy. and iha 
podcrn proficiion of ihr chtilEiin rfligion, 

' If we look, (jirt he, On oia>Jcrn chrjlljjioiiyi veCet<\ef^ytncn, of 
c^Tffry fan and fc^i courting bi^plduf? nikl popuUrtt/t m^miioin^ their 
clerical di^f 7 sad Drcicnoe to amhi^doifhi p. cnW^ing their inccnci 
by cyeiy mtxit ii) ihpir powrr, living Up ur^Carv* ut >^r;<nc!iy£ \hcir 
fim'ilisi, j'ndalairi^ in lolopduOijEDeii ind cxpcn^vc liviap, uh'lc Ehe 
po£>r Jlari« Jor food ^fiii have qo coitrinj* from (he «oId, Thui dd not 
Chri^. Tbui^ not Chiidfan?. ^i I^tir /rnimt Jimil i'txtj ih^mi Ibr* 

^ir,»tf^y, Every ore mnit Ice bow wfy it would bi itj Jraw the cmtrii* 
b^fwcTLi ancnnE ^iid ff>odcm di^Mi^rifLy to a gmc length ; hut ihn /pc* 
C'lnea nay litftict to ihrv, th^ t^e C4r>rioc ull the cliriAmmcy oocn* 
n»on1y ^rdfedio Ejjrofc, vmjcr va/^oiu fn'm^ ihc rrligron ta^ithi h^ 
Jclu*Cli(ii i wfiboat puiijng d«tkucJ» fbrli^iir, Aiui iigfcl for daika^ltt 
calling erjl gixxJ, ind goi^ a^il ' 

Kivrn^ bf«n tbai vaoght whir ta thirik b^rbofchriflbnlcy in ihe th- 
trifl, jinJ :tb (-ramily prtifcffidt as wvlj m ben told ihlv\c brt df 
l^encicDtcn thcmmillBnortb<f<t«rii]pcrruartoiit <if it «k, (<~or ihc Au- 
thor dikci nu ci:u)](iDn^) h fcnuin* t>al> to obTciiT hi» fcndnienii of 
t1>r (urrrnr dof^Hnfi.of ih« firruii <ItnomJrkiticmi ot chril^Udj ; i^hiclif 

*■ WUy ill iliii dillxrcii'fc atifl ammfifrty ati>o$- p^cple thnt ne rctU^ 
Jiftr<cid intbcmaioj I oi tuidy thiiftbidiCAnp^^c i\opc to j runner bc^'oro 
kii Makrr. mull tc the ouiti ibin);&n lUi^iiJi). Aa>U m c nj^rvcil ib»t il i) 
a good drl!po<1:kin cf mifii! hrfiugbt Tuiih ir,ij> ui ind exercirciJiat fivn 
bOpe. K'hy fhr^uM ihcy difj^rcG iC>jue the ni^i« tbry <aJl il uy f ifo!'? 
alls it the ^^i/i «/'Vr^iV ^jiJ ftiff.- tix^lhit cAll} IE Jt'^'ft r/^iUr^f 

£»«/ lA^t'iRr^Ai; A pwtttipU a/'gri::i ?> ttH : ai^d tuttf^vr f 'i/' iv. i^t otV r/* 
^t/f0fH4tJiaJi : why ihaijld urfv tfrlTer abom uon^i and nacrici, tninj 
tn<y Bi£h>e^cn txtba;!]^ namci with vich other wUPiouc ^^;'JTmE t^^ 
fn*jn tbrti)* lA tiny of iticir lyilcfft ae all .' i^at wheiAer tSric (timj^v un 
b« tompfoniifcd oi noc. ni«ac«» l:ii[t lo tuy lover of ihc ^ti(c6i whit^ 
ChriJl jind J,ii ipDiliti pieidinl* Ufi ocidia p&ny hate «iiy tbiug to d^ 
nisFi chat g^ffri bur (o coTUrir it " 

lLAppca--k(hcrefiof« vpoD ihe i^hcU, ihii cbrJA anif y onno: bem^Jf 
a naiitictal cnL»rc;4; icy.<ihcr ««Jib ibe iii:iiral iinfcrencc Ajwi^ii^ fioa 
ibiA pvJiucn. rW|xciiLig ouro»n ; ih^: the dcigr* r^in ibcir (ifiijcjp-'o 
«Ad 4uod>'1, JVC clt<: uf L^f cJ^^rgc of bf-iftj* f!nciJ) lo the id^£M;i of 
JeAji Chfift, li«umg n^^tling io do tHih tbr goifcl bm t'l CQ^mpt ii i 
(b»t tnv tarkjva f^icJT; of chr^tiani ik (h< fftiAi; ia cSeft ^ uul ihat 
;ioec among iTteui «[[ igrubg «iih «lwt jwb'iA »q4 ^ ^y^'i^v^ 




pr«)dthlH treerery onc^r ibcm trtTdlCng ihcbrDaJ way. WImcm 
i«fti 4II ihi« wLibouc cjjcabuag the pectuoA in Ehc tiicfgy. CX-*/ tv/. 

derive iheir opiobm fn>ia the fjinM fcripuio i anJ ihit txiog ^diaiucd, 
Iicw <an UT tKfii'* inyrcnfoTitJom, ray how «n ibiiwnm |>ropofe<p 
ComiDuniciCc anjr corblui^o, by ilic lolb^wir^ idCru^^D - * I' >t 
fhouM be enqoircd, wh«c mty (ftjii reliKi^B b« k«i whicfc Chrifl and 
}iii tffillki uughi J T^c anf*ixr ii. la the Bibk» taA rto w^t/v ir anf 
ohrr furm th*n It ftpp(f»*> in iWr. [Ic ib^i liu learned fn>n hr» BibU 
wh»T chrirtJAniry wji, find how tE npptartd ai the 6ril, iwiiJ laiiXQiaulj 
badw Ti from all coubifrfnift if lie ih[>ul4 ftt it h> ihc •orli)-' 

U'c art inderi t&U tV**!/'-*'/ « *** /^f mJ m^rt^ tr thi tu^ §hm 
A^t is rfirval I^t^ aitJ /ti^ ihirt h i^ JtnJ ti* B«t DMwilblUaiiOgl 
oar Author'* in^niutiDii uf vih»T ire i\\ knew bcforr. ii Ihovld mm 
Ihat rheit h >t iu4j ; bmiirV nnV^y according 10 bin hi» LiUietto 
bfrrn Jible to 6nd tt -^lnd«<J wt tnult jftcf 2U b^; hi» p*Td*>3, be doCJ 
Iceai <o him ac ioma liiilt bftr-c-jih. and atfome lew uhaJbtvc brni abfe 
ndiJ'fnciijfTui; a» may Iw ii>fi"cJ from ilit foJbwini: pji&R« ; •!£*• 
Uc It*] chii[li>nii)!t wc £hiU fcjid a people, jlthoij^^.h /■ * (rra*f tri^^ 
ttfitdun J4if 4t/p p.fif'nj, ahuiJrri it thtriehti «/ l^:r ithr^i^ i apa 

tbta^iKtt ^/i6rtiJ/riimtUv,^r'J: and cflcfjning ih>C nc inpvrc a&d 
GUij.-vp[ religion iNac leachci inrii ^poTo|{ick (ar llic iiegle^ of tniv * 

Whri ihcTc ctwrcn few arr, (fbr tfi^iUifhrne ai ii precLuJcJ) who arc 
In the hAppy wxy. tic doei not thhik proper to inf^rTn m ^ but ftf;cr tbe 
chariAc ii« h>^ j[ivri» tti the tTf'HJ in geticrnil, he cjnnoi fitfcl) iatend 
to ereU a ivrnf me iiCfcf- tKti privBU r04d. But he tbi» »■ iv fnay* w-bitc 
wc aK To(L ill tiiutrt in (lie <Jark as tve hare hiclx-ito feinaiord; thtt 
trxd 4pp»M 10 U wriiuji b9 very ticile puifcfe. and tbc ^ntci prOfCif 

An. at. J Di/£ovr/r tttrntrring tht Irriial^lifj ^ fimt Finoftt: m 

Thi» Dil^eruEic i-vfrfiirft to hjvc been addrriTpd to fome philbft^pbical 
Ihciety^ ti\ uHch the Authrif \% a member. Jc coorasfii ap «cecvisT of 
in JCcidfiiCil dJIf nvrc* iif HI r<iraordirxary Irritability in the HoC^oIm tif 
ihofe coiTipoutid P^wert v.'liieh in (ho Linr.tan (yfitta cotjflittfee the 
elifi .v-t'w/'jT. The parijcula/ fpceio, on wlikh ihe expciimeiiti wccc 
viatjc, it th« Cr«fpf*P-n tc't'tra^i^j. ' Jf. Jayj [he Aut^ior, yon toudt 
the point or one orLhrrcdofLulei fli^hity wirb yoor firgfr. or the point 
trf a pin, oi tt\r uihei ihlng, immediataly it mo^^e* of irielF, ai if 
awakenra. Bemff ihu. hriuted, Jt i> obferveJ to iteline f^Mcomct » 
the ont fide, «h1 fometiTt.n m r^e other t it iKen ErfldujII, leftintri its 
liaenral pfJlcion. Alter onte mchinf it Ufonirt iuleiiliUe durin;^ ihtwj 
jniaaret, ! h»» happfn, whqn ific ft^vc'i arc yet in d rtite of tmmdiu. 
nfjr I bui when the flofe-.Ici fl« Hfj,, il.r- time of Jmpr*|;t»6or», they 
■votooIymo^eoc^l^.H^tt'uUied. bat the pr>irt^f Iht lowcr, formed br 
die ani».c;ic. » f(en loopcr, and s<]«antJiy of (b»/«;*fl i,dti*tnou<, 
Ob «;i:tn^j; tie npfrimenf rhe point of the tti^ ma <cpn>ca out, anJ, m 
hJt. ercn r>me part ef the flyt., Thii it. ««.3qv;b^Jjr, , cufi.« d:r- 
covdj-. and worth) ih* iEtei^tion ofoBr natuulifli, ' • 






Art. tl* Critliid RtfirSiAnt tfv tht Cfiara^tr ahJ A^hni ef /fir. 
madgr iht Gnat, WrilCtn orrguialjj i\y It^JAn by hi* StKtA 
Htghncfi Krcdcxick AuguRu^, Pnncc of Bru^^Uuk, i2mQ< 

'lY%iyt^\\ wc h*vc livff iiift^irft vrnfffition for t\t rl*tv anj gsc^ frfifo 
ifrLi^h Efic iLIujfaicui AdJ>oj of i^fcl« rtile^iitni lu> ii'.^X'.'-UiiC (hicu^h 
ibe >vliolf, impiiiiklity obli^ ui id c^nf^fi th.ic i^ry ipi^rirw ui on^)^ 

At^% bilto-y:— polTiUy MfuchLhcy migU t>e prHcrvM. and uli^nvatdi 
pqhfUbcd by fnflCf Frcdflfk** pri«ptor. jl^i ibhoihcr \hh »<r* ihc 
cdcorno^ wc «ckaowlc^CC (hat ihtre ii 4 re&imiJc of Icnimicni m 
ihcfc ciiikifini which mij be inflrudi^c Eo tio>«, Eh^mgh ihrrr u nai s 
fafficirrrt ircteneft of pfp*m:irir», of rffirt^mein nihcr of m'^ra! of po- 

Art. It. Lftitrtfi^m the Cmalrfi Jt- Sawtrrt fa tht C.^ii:/ ^<r ^p£^, 

Arr Frittki, B/ MiiHsm Riccoboni, Tninflawd fiom Ehc 

French, ismo. s Vols. 6$. Bcckct. 

We IcUom opcu chc Icivct of A JcJi»tI^i. Thii a a p]«ce ofip- 

clulf^rncc we allow oarftU» on ar^ouni of the unifrimiiy or ihofp aid* 

drrir<f. Wc are b^ no nfjm fim'^ijf fer a prcifjUon o' pnif^ our* 

l^lvei, M^ iKt haicil a hc^'iily in other «. Ycc ve knov jtot how ii i* 

ibai Maiarn Riicobont hai prcvaikd on ua not on^jr to rr-id h«r de^Iica- 

lion o\ii(d'<i, but lo fjtc h to ihf public. Her iit. tic adJrcr* hare 

mlly s very din^noui ch.itTa about them; hr*ktf%cr. wc hereby pro- 

tnlff and vow wp will never pcller oar Re:idrn uiih dfdiCtb^A 

— lusjcfa it ittJdl bm wnc^n b^ Mad^Ri Kicenliom. 

* To Mr, G A R ft I C E, 

■ 1 hear yon quJic hlih^r— h«<h — liufil, I lai. Be compofrcl ; Iw 
calm i don'r put ytfurlrh'vn fucha poJliOD'^/'^tv ^ 4l^// mjtmmtjtf* 

* Not fa food. Sir i if yv)ij pLufc; why I>iodI4 >oo be inZTi fwforo 
you know wh^Jici ihc fut'jeft be wocth your rcfcmiDtPt } OlwJiac are 
you fo Tery ipi<rthe(iiive > or cntnpttmnut and lOnnnecYiiAnnni / Oh, 
6c! Fricfidthip DcVfT cmpfovi tfic language of £a{tffy- Slull 1 jjo zo 
repeal, alter alE ibff urorldi [hc-t 1^e ^odncfiot jrour h«arr ac^nirj* ;oa 
■> miny fricndi, ai (He fupcricnty olyour j^rniu< aatd uknu Lc^U >Oit 
aJjittrcTt ^ Not F, indeed. [ leave tha; to oihrii- 

' B^r, iij/, t^nt, Jt^ttaff jvur !rrrfri to Aft ^ PilirnCF, and I wiU 
t<l| you, logiweyoo. Sir, a pwblkC pioof oJ' n>y fmceieelleeffl ; of 
•ly aiFUl^Onair, moH al!c^l^Jnale^ ffiet»dfhip : lo give y*u iljjfiki for 
)^ur reciprocal incliust on lo cJu'vau ic i A^d pahnpi ■I'''' lo pleaV cny 
own laniLy. Thai felMotr. wha^h liei la^ki^'^ in ouf bcvu* oiUa ta* 
flLKT3Cfi ouf a^LAHi, vrh^n we are leilt awiie i-T tr. 

■ If m/ pcrlbrmanee Himld b« ihoooht calid and infrpad- iC wilJ of 
courie b« tnroivn a^e, ard ctindtnifrieo lo bo Xfun^tvtitd ^oi boolc' 
felkr ta bookfrtlcr. a» mere i^ocl« ^r trade, to poflrriEv, ,By ^fMJ luck* 
however. IC'cir fuiutv OArnrr may polTibly hrufl\ <.ff ihc doll , and. ac 
f?<iog your nicne, be Ajrprifcd lo find ihe whde crfiSm on hii ^andi. 
How t ihii f *itl be (ay. [h< author a Itiern! t^j ikr <e>S'aiRl Ga«- 
stCKl jb muchnrclTed in bixTwn coirni'y afid<ifcai'ci](fcicr];hi-i> 41 
Eoiopcl WtircouU have imjixiued htm K l^\ii b;ca <oui>f Jli^i >ub* 




UMl:he«aT Nothing hoMcm » ;«o£bk t mdyti, Ehangli tb«Mb 
twjKfmyt bcupotil, thcrvMibctecpicdi tDrf» If the vncir mi > 
^ni4 of Mr.G*»icK. 

• Thii CMfid«nCio« will tnJoce fitm W rMiJ if ; ind. U h ^wMmc 
^9it. I« Older to Om W tuit » Ucur ttOe ib» b^i ii>f^-on, he will 
uJaiK i% inf it of, «nd bnnt ti ibio ftOkicv i fe 1^< l^o ^ ™^ 
kandtf^ fWTi hcnoCf ! nny btf tiuktrrd lo jc« Sir ii4 fii^ccf* of S**- 
CiBt r» riTT<:«f, ftnjifvrn i^f rvptinnon nf b«Tn^ * lolc-ibk »'f*n: 
ftww Tafliidf. ihcd, difC'Cfi *nd nioJcrre : don': cuke a crcai ou^rd 
of it, 'dcu wnt« to oi« in .thcMii cmwiom of p*itoii ; flay, ul 70« 
Ji»rt foc^iKu K>c thii ncut oilcACc ; &»£Jcr, yoo h*rc bcec chiJInt me 
fof ik^k OK mcDtiu |ul at k^ AiJicii, mjr mt^ igtecxhlc tp4 i^cc- 
KinMrfriciuJ^ I irtttna, wi:h lU llxrfc fentirocnti jom mtrit inlf^Q 
lad fbuft ci^ pccrcric, ' 

TliepcO^'* of the icnJcr p^Tjoo thioog'a til ihc cabtrraOiof t^cs- 
liont ui cifunilUiJcct pnuluf to i ifclkuc n!iK^ it fivKl/ dcfcrbcdv 
»qJ milcMthtipriociptlfuhjirAof rhelcTatuniei. 
Art. 14, A Jf^h/fL'atCs!UJtiM 4/frm*'far Bngi!/^ W*»f, in'fr 

S^l-ai/t. By Pert/ Mignanit Author a( ihc French ^holw'^ 
Al7t(tdnt* iioio. I a. 6cl. Pariicr io N<w Bond 2ftrvct, 
The JUtcflioQ lud dfcof ihiicolkdion foil) ipixviin tbc Jiiceof ths 
titk: — Xi ihr AitlJiur ftji, »t may, nadoiibtcilly, ^tf fijif^l It t^fi ^' 

Art. a5, 'iifrtf Ujih<rfii Tatw: #r AVw £fiff>fc 5f 

/jAfi^rjT, CouMvitiijft I, Thr RniJiini'm^ of ^pr'lin^, 
gffti-ri 4»to a pra^kal SvJlcm, aj wcJI m Regard Co <he 
Number of fitters in mcli WorJ, ai to the EaJuicfa of thcird 
Phwiundailoa IL A Colleclion of 1 he molt ufcful Wordf» 
to be found in ihc Woik* of cbc moft celebrated EngUft Au- , 
Aon : rtnkci in TaMra jj1]}h;iUcitcally, anJ jirDprrly icccniod 
*nJ Jividcd iciEO Syllables with a fhort lixpli^gOon of cacfc 
Word, jn. An Abflua €>f Knglffli Gwmmsr: wri:(cTi iikH 
ail CJiy inJ iullrurti^c Mcifto^, anJ ifce from the bmbtJ-B 
rAiV'^at of the Lalm Jcrma and Rule*. IV, A frfca Num- 
ber 01 »-.bk^ to which ate riit5o[iied 1 Moral \a Vcrfff, ^ni 
an ApT'^icaiion tn Pro^*, By / Sf*Ily, M»ftcr i^ the Act- 

the Author, aiid WJI>yHrti>ptr, *fc. - TB 

Our Rcj^en wilt am «f,u irwn a. « f.if/r*i/ -^W »/^J^^ 



tffwpje in 

itfS«i Ic I in £ii|tU( 

■ "^ '^"<^*'^! /" »>^»> jrauf, our R^iftf , «, ft 



* TVeiDCKt^of thepvDn'i rghc begin nrtf in iheehiirtlifTr5ci04* 
bni!| and fwrrw^i h«U agmvince. \vhiia i^c i;iirFcJl cj aSI eoi». 
GCfnrd ifru d4jr rt%9rdri^t ^"^ coniroverGo tb^ui (ho rttclracai were 
fabjcdcd to ihf juJj^ifkCiiE cf ctdcfiilUc <ouit^ nad According to tbo 
Ctpfcfs Jotter cl'tbc Uv, ai>d in foil toi\Cit\czKj wieIi our cont^iotiOcv 
took Wue te <h« dccHSnr of ihr sfncni ilTrmMy. Ai ihat f«riod m- 
dced, in vhkh ihc Mthont/ of h^ um Ui ^hde, ind our «ccUi«£ti6 
coonicatiop fubvviC'd. the patroa'i po^vcr v'n aaife « ei>ol of lyrAnnr fa 
<iknriit|g af»D coagrcsnEion» muJuEudci of dcrgnnco oot oaJy bi^iMy 
itfiiCOrpfibk 10 ik^n, but ignoiJint 4lll>. dod kaa^ihudy imciotjT. 
Tku pn?d«ed in ftte ScAich oiEion 3 prejudice, not agiinlt th? ubulV 
Qalf, W aJfa agiinA the ufc of puronigc^ Abd ai the bap^y ^11 of 
tie ■•lloiatiw of litrifcy to ihia tDzlc^ pitroni^^o war rrj^ardcH: c« u 
cn^isc offo dflogcfOtfi a luiurc, ibitcZii; faciei Uour toalln'nion pt<' 
wiled CO htw km^ *^cc lUogfttcr. Then .1 nif? Ijw iv;i\ rn^ltd, 
•nd liU Jf<nd« iiDTVp^ikJ, vrihng hrretOM and eM«T» a^ith the pcwcr 
Dif cJffrin^ RimiJkfi ifi »|l ptithni n nj^U otjuJ^m«nt bfing it the 
iiftke tine leh cntlrf ta i-^d:j'iilJCAl j^^JCHTotifi, and iht final ^ccifjoa 
lo the £<ff(rKl o^cmbly, \^ hen tbc-.< wu a project of b(lii£ift;; back 
ihc afadicaied fajnijy. its fVirnJit tLit i^^ y o»g!kE f^roinoTf the iiurpofd 
ibfB Id VJew, firocutrd ike iiw fcr tlif reltar^ri.-in of the futron't ngh<. 
Uat they « Anted eiihrr j4j<J_^inenc or power to rtfnrd the aft 1690, or 
to fnive the p«tron^« nxhl the forec ifccy iaicaJcd, by juldinj alt Uic 
faijtiofl) and (iril pc»dil(ic9 thUrcMtLli Ie n armKi ut EugUfKl. t'lj that, 
after iHh ne are juft whtrt wc were : *-c caaaoc be bun by the U« ; 
ibooah we ate, aadori^*) h^vr been, Ty in jbd/ei^^l p^nriCon, 

' Uthe ad 1690 is iK^t abfogated, ir the i>t>hi rfjvJ^nvni remaini 
wiikcvety praJbytctyr H die rif»bloJ deodon vgh>cl) Ofbn;;^ ic thcuT* 
fimb^y u tci aanibiuted, tbc UgtX pouxr vt tU FSirvn ciiy be at:- 
cifrd widiout prfjodiclng ibe ;iitC)» coocerned, ^ ihe ii^li » of judg* 
stent vbhkh belong to e^eAiAiol comii. And though are, nt rrtUo, 
and fame fro^ie lUY ncceAitfy l» gkjard at^aioi^ e^ety inftjngciocut of 
ihe patron '1 n^hit (ht pnvile;^ oi frillies and ibe aulhaojy of ec< 
skfijftkal judJctWiu, yd J t4kc the tiDcKy^o^i&in, it i^^ill cotl in- 
conpoftbly more paioi atd t/ouble. eitiE 10 iliufc tf jhe highed power, 
la ftc ibw a£dr/ 

By rbit it ap^^^n that 1 f rdei^vee cinnre obuh^t la fectlconent lantil 
M»pirOTcd by Ibe btrkora aad rMcra of the |urilh to nhich be Ji pre- 
tend ( MKJ the pietroit k^ieri rcbu to ' ji'i ovciturc c^cemiiiE ihe 
'joetboj q/ licrnfn; probufoners '^^ fettib^ iQiJiilkrir which wilt 
tAme cT^ct (he eo:)ri^cr>iiH^n of ilie enfuing genera] aBVicblf : inA it 
u pxobabi^ tbe cb«tfcti» noivKhfbndiog »U tbc (lircoimgtinmti the htt 
flkMsil^j Villi &M to^ff fight of ibe-ftf oltcttt^ till fomcthitg it duncBu 
geaeul (jitjSat^tat)- B^i i\itt nreili git'e co dlltmbjocc im yoj, o« 
yoor frieidi* The overtcfe terptding ibe Teil^rat vf miiiJiicfi h 
mei^ 10 take p!ar#on3y Aberrthr pa£i«^(i% righ: it not encrci^, tnd 
Uht power cocDOtnto the hand of the ptf^y-.tiy,' 

Gtcat kcarl'bamW):9 it [tcmi have arilVn ie niary lender conrcicncei 
&OII1S skbcii iftJUncccf fvrj)k«uun in «ti oU ^nhulUr mbo met vith 
pm^CUQqj^ %L0**i*r»' aiIembV« '^^tb fi^a^c D;her inllancei o( aa':^- 
trvy.mfi»^g^jW^ vooLd be f4>Tei£ti noukon if>iiii3f ibe Tu^rJ ta 
$atffr anto/vW aioa Ziara often brjrt bvit^ingi cnohJ-^ ot QU o<*>&i 




lack of MT Irad^ si 
««»U« 1W9 » vit* It « s 


aot bt on- 

to a pari* cmU 
Twb*i reWk-iV pMviM^io SoKtorf 4* n aboU the 

rf^ f^i^t4f pn(rrr4rd«Bd ^stkfad Ba Kite a cMr« of itcv pator, 
oartAfiMit* i^u fMJffiiAca) jvdMkV*kiiopfleMoece aod pfoccod 
«;;«■ • pffirMwntm Mitf ol>, with I j«ft ret«*d 10 Uko «cria of cbc 
CWf abd (oiWfljiMctcvil mJ Tok^ftkali nof cwtbe ad tjit, 
tttMtfwv Agbl bv btndcd bjr H, oc lacripittril ocbrroirc tkao in 
49€ cnftMfocy viib o<f coalbtoiion , « vil mi^} ref igiovi. 

* Xt If «-? «itl dual thoif rrriT^ft*! 10 Mh^eb vm *rc iaiklcd by the 
cont^tUEioa of ibii ckur.h jr, ^r he Luri cf our CQunCTT, w£ art id DO 
dingn frptp ibiofe penal II* ' . *liivb ukc fiacc i« other cooBtricK 
bo( wc alagfclbff »aco*fiA<m wi h ovr f ivil jnd vtcldbllk ^dligaf. 
fh<'Vf'h iltf ghcfth of gi> j;lioJ pffla*>* uadtf ihtfttwib which wc drgai, 
Iti4( Ji Eis» rc«roo lor o«r beiaj; hibfcAcd to them i oor bJT« the peopit 
of lla{l«Ad a tight, nof wilt l^rf bf fbvnd ao hate 00^ iod^aarioa to 
4Jepiirc at or ihoTe advanu^ci wc tt^j'yf fruoi the Uv^ of tjur itmaiij 
>odoctlc£aflicilcjnlbit;iJ>>n Wnjfijould a!] (ttcminiltcn ttf thrchiir«b 
of fioxlind be rtJucid <o ttt Cime uniiappy <cadLticia.wiih lh« ukkrior 
clvr^r o*" ihf E^^iih chtfP^h ? 

' 4, Wli«rtfv«r we m«)r hive to fear fton htcrdlcid and dffi^oiM 
fncn amount ourfclvrii wc fcd oiluicd ihut na ivifc miniflii ni]{ difivrC 
the pttiL-r of Lha cottnuy, by [DUdtniardAg an arbitrary extrrik of the 
paiier'i lighr, tnconiiJltnt wiihouKpvlJ and rth^iou* piivi^^ca, «nd lA 

QitidittioH 10 ihe fpiiitof ihe narion, 

* i h ihey Ahole duly i< h n 4oja^kt 10 th«airdtc> acd to their 
untiy, iliAll, (hrcm^^ lim^dit^. throinEh ne^lcd. or lUvllh fubjedioa 

III the gttttt fiLlfcr ihr athitt Jty cirrcife of rhcr pitron** Tight to w> CH*r 
till It narh «bt*in?d the mfhoriry o( innn^Tnorinl pr^^1pc«, thc> «c 
chi^£<4b]« with tht j[uili of b«tr»tne a truli rcpofcd m ihrm by thfir 
rf-tlo4>cii>r£ai. and ot %in^g up Ebe niECic^of religion ind vJjms ib t 
ino^l mAif r al point. 

■ 6. The lyf^nny ofthf fnpubof uri'll be alloovd to be mora iafup- 
pTf t-h'iff ih^n th^r of a ptttfan of itak. H<^^ h it now roo Iaie to »dd»Co 
th*it 'Mfiavatani lUini incj^cuftf oniisathitnry ^xcrcifccf thcptroa** 
ti)!hl , for wIiaUvc Advdfltnj^c Ac ta^f Jcrirc froni our prccoaccivcd 

ErrjuJiccf and HjUe* of thiiikiD^^ tb« fid i« tjrkmll ui, it it h locll 
ih'wn tlirn* 11 rioi any nam>er of oiiiiflm in the chvch :o mmr- 
iiutitr lUric cUiFiiir^ihti ih«y are tpSMlly given up— ood that wtv ii 
lh« iJmr li^^tf1^l^■* chuicH fwctvijupa them, br d<vi£&{ a re- 
fuUiion. tthidi Ar I faioiEabAut 4b«ftitl«»itot of fdiiiljta u> jnioal 

* :■ All llir c It and attrif'^an to b« * J t f oi l e d frooi dl«-ch jodiCJ- 
mtWa t<i I <i'.hO u touBjL tt>fQ (5 pmcft ih* £Orptl, Vu*oi tr<aic the 
v**i h «j*4j]i* i^ieabukof thepai>eo'« po»flr, fur iiho Db*>o«ijY** 
f'Ati ifnk>, I'tviihf, tr ftMiiiif aliceaocAchttidicoonUdiMtac- 
t^fi M irvuOutcc, »«b ao7 d^tcs a/ iJotaMj, m tU c«Ddi4«iv'« 


o V 



Vin^ p^AlrJIc! orwrfibqoililicJtiAni nf TTiArc uff ircT n^frfflry than h 
hiikaOv]c£«nf ihvfc br«rchc' of fi:i<icc upoi) which he li c^dmtncd. 
ado, Bcctu^v boisr Jefs inirttdcdi they *f^^i\ not cfft^ict Lh»i tccuocy 
tJtd dn^rtfclV 0/ jciJ^'Ticat mIiicH may be »pr(!cd from uica cf hirticuf 
jod cofircitncr, uhci hivc hit (fifpofitioTi tnd qmlUlciiioni under con- 
6d«r»|>oii. vrtfh > ttew 10 1 mofl impnrunt 'cbclon for lifr. 

* 8* ShAflU mtrt cf rptril ant! capocily Jirrmg t\ttt,y and Itit/ Kh ch 
God forb(4?) give up ail coTi^cni jbauc ilicJc maiTcfJn O^e ttmrtd cl!i(c 
nail run tii« mtB'- coutIc wliIi «j] oih<'t. ctcn ibe mc^irc Jl emf loyv, 
whicii wc t'ifrf^fcd c>J by »ilnt:arj- wilJ jntj plnfiiT* ;^iTic churth nuift 
otiivoiifib'Lr bff ii/Ird vi(b thr mail %oi hicit snd efrfpiciHlc mlt^ift'i^*- 
Dor viil it be 10 the pon^r cf our judicarorjes ro pre s^rit ". Alreftd/, 
it b voce t»fy h> rroa^fc than 10 Sop the Ircencc of youD^ men of fu* 
per£ti«1 ictonipljunncrii, lEifougb cbci £c«l tv'ih ivbkli occ ifn l^r & 
frjend. ind ihit coolnck and irneloluTe itmidiiy wtih which ition Ti\cti 
inarttd ihtmCtlvrt f^^ thr puMic i and [f iliiiiffv |;o on in the mnnM 
in Mhicb Ihey -oaiv procctd, a fmacienu;; ot Teirmng. «riih the 1eg)I 
acccpuoce ora prc/dDtirion, will b« fuf^cicrt (oTuppo'i a preacher of 
comcmfitible ttid evrncicrptioDiUlc thuiflci a^ijirll ihr j«£n jnjlriacci 
o/* thofr JnTcrdtcd b iheooJii and fi.tcds nt'ht> m^nijlry. v.ho. In an* 
fttpr Id all ihcj ean pletd, l^il be loM utih an sir of miali, ikai i}iey 
mafl eiih«r £ive liioi a Ubel or iubmiu 

' 9. The untvotJi^conIe^cDctt of Stcnoniical eri^icei, iccom^ 

Eiiicd wiih 4 cuirupiioti cf liidpncii, will Qc bciiei kli ihan ihcy C4a 
KTiAgiDHi at i di^^cr. 

* 10, Wrboal>nf iJ:e M^eTlfnce Af oui ecclcl^«AiciIconI1ki]ETfm buc 
ODghi to remember, ihir beng of th? repa ^Exan fona. it cvnnct fablilt 
lo*2«ciih crtdJEand tflffulntfit onder a dE<j> ot p'ivcjplt and de£f- 
mtuy oTmannett. The cnany p'occfib for fciiiii^l l*t;ly c^omcnccd, 
hut noi (ban (0 be AnIIbcJ, ix fuch Urorij^ Zndii;ition* cf n conttijion 
a!rf3d)r bfj>iin, and fprrj^^itg [Ou fafl, 4i j^ught (o htarrn rvfry heirc 
Ihi; <4n F«r] for t^o^{^ nterHh to nuhr^h out iM^fjithcri dcti^d evriy 
I'^-injt dcirand i*lu*Wi ti ta^m i" li*-' ' 

Art, i;. C^fd^rathm en tht frcpojtd^ JppiSiofk^l^ Ih Mojffiy 
and t9 PffrUa>ft€m^ fer fht E/^tsif.iJhrrtfnJ tf «■ iiutfftd tl'faitr In 
BMnbwxfi. 8^0. 3d. Cray ax. Kdiiiburgb, UiDy flnti 
Payr^c in I^ndoi>. 

The fcnfiWcflflil cJiipiffl'^hate Writet of ihefe Conli(f*Ti:*oni ar^uei 
iTAialllliC (fopfieev&t liiccnTrd theatre tt i^dtnbufgh, on nH^irroi prin- 
ap1e»k to uiich he Ibeioi the thcaiic 10 ht p« wky% fnvoura^Ie ; and 
th4( the audirrcc. ^h^ crt'cr-rulf ihe oeconomj of ii. wi'l never JlifTef 
f«cb r«l!rtJt:oni a» a Icrioui rcgirJ to pittf wjof J riiflaW, trt reilriin ihcir 
cnferniamcnii there. Aiauoir^tv, h* if^uci luxlirr f am oor (!«- 
u(«. ihc 4iH to Oco, n, e. 19- profiibiLm; tny Tvch rfprclrnuiioai :a 
ChfunI affut Ciinbrid^e. or within £vc tTiilet ^r <r;hci cf ihnfc grtite-'- 
C(]C«: £nd hU ihirLf iij^umrnc i rh«t tlu: dUMiriiiiiciJi of « i/^cjitre 1* 
fijrrvr-'j'i:- r f rhc indudry and indr^ of a tiding tottfi), both a* 10 

in:.. r^-nat . 

jri i-LL li./ <r rhtfc Tftfbe* Tfin^ Ka»* ^^eit u*;-h». Kit U rPali T 


buuft^Mfldhbws^ #ai ellabljlhcd. 

F 4 ^T^ 

M O S T H I V C A r A L O C U E, 

ihiitfv, opcnnomy and pifiy arc only nwnpiiib,\" wUh nt'mA 
cnnfincJ viem ; iiyi zd incrcafc of tr^de n incritablj connedcil 
^tncra] reUtaiioii cf the rigid prudential vinao. Id pTOponioa 
c txtttidt «nd fiaurllh-5 in North BnUin, fniny worifav old 
to the kirk, nho rtmcinbcr matter) to h:ivc befn grraily uccred 
fime, will hivf rccHifioa to Ihakc iheir bcatfi and benail die 
2 depravity of the age. 

S- D^ranJi, A Spanifh Tale- 8vo. l«. Wilkic, ic; 

pubHc h^th lately heard much of a great caotcS at law, in Scot- 
t!3i:rg 10 ihc fuccefTton to the Dougbt-eR^te, &c. In thii pan- 
le fccrct biilory of the contending cliimanti it agreeably related 
novd-ffirm ■ tad naura^ly reminds us cf ihc famous jV^bivW ^ 
rfMunfr vjtfi; Tijk'fmaw : thcrc being xnocable GoiUiiDdc bcnvccQ 
ics of Douglas and Annefley. 

Political and Commercial- 

(j. A Lttter to a Mcmbtr of ParUam^nt -■ cgncentiig tht Ef- 
■ ofiht Gr5U.'th cf Popery on the PrUe tfFrovifimu By a 
rneyman Shoemaker. With a Preface by Way of Apo- 
: ; and a Poftfcript on Credulity- 8vo- i s. Kearflcj- 

^a^, in this hi'inrroiis pamphlet, ha* mide himfelf mriry with 
ijeds of po'i:ic-<l <ii(cuG;>n, which hrs brother pamphleteers treat 
T failnefs : bjt \verc be .-^Ily of the crafi whoieguife he hai af- 

L[ [& mr,:t ih^n probable [hat one of hit fubjefis at Icall would 
ftificd him v.ii'i o:her cnioHons than ihofc of rilibiticy. 
ar;;iinieiu i^ iha'. a^ c?,x'io]\c- obHrr^e Tent and faft-days lb UriAly, 
nulJ i:i\':it be fi-cour.,;Ti'J rhao fupi'iclTiid ar a [Jme *bcn provj- 

e fr.iriL' and Jv'.^f : h(j uli^Tves thai the<juar,lliy oi fifli Cf^nfumed 

pof-ijih Jlirr^ are a ^i'-i[ lourcc of vvi.-ril'h lo ths proCcftant coud" 
wiiO coulJ not fLibliU fij ivell us 'hcv do, \\ a c^rrajn inJnfcDT re- 
disl iiot pav.i.l in ilic woild. ivhkli jiirn-lhtf ^mrloyment fci 
^Ipfl uill 'iikr rt Tt p:irn5 and f3y f'rs^cr praycn. ' Did the fame 
if iiiJ'illry, a,i.| IjbiTtv, civil and rclii;loJ.^, previil in Spain. 
n1. IIhIv, ..:\'. ihf Cjihdic ciicttsi, aj among proieftantt, i^hai 
btcomt < f iht' Duirh d!i i^dl a* rirrfdvcs ? do not the proieflant 
almuil Ifvc I V farchir;: f^ih for tbu p^p;lh -Jnei ? miy wherefore 

;hc fin huiilr bt lo fi.>]jilc in [-.lli, if a religion diJ not fabfill on 
lal cnj'fi-iL^J (in; pjrt'cfiJj-r iif.' of It? wc flc t!iat iheie is bfh fo: 
li'iioo, iiiid iii:;l rdi.:'<'n foi" f^ni/ 

Jn]m Jl?c!) c<M)fjdvrsii<.[bs ;*'- jV.lj'l- :hat riirnd Ciifpin deems a Ro- 
ithr-lk tobvabcucrfiitiJuH than .1 protjfniit, i\ linrc tif fcaiciu ; 
rfnirKij![!jnnem:?.ii' hL' hislclsfj'ccific llrlli arJ bUi^d in htm than 
ilUnr. Who'll wc c^n-^nl ircriafu our provifion', 1 1* t'bferve^,we 
111 nihiT wny bm to Itfit'n i\ic confurrption, v^hich t^iTr toLutinp 
CM'jilc '.f pjpilU his a tciiJcnry tn Jo. Tn iboit he endvavOuTS 
lull- rlnc alr.nn* fo il.jily r.iifcd in [ne ptiSiic paper' r f pnptTy and 
', ii:*l of touiitLn;<rc(* : nnd it in more th^n prnl'iMt ihai the fj- 
''^l iurh n twtlvtp.-nny ivrrch as this i^ a more fj[LilJ;r taflt to 
Lf.-ii thi. cor.iiUlini^ oi fuila arid upper- kiitbcr;. 

Art. JO, 

RELtQfoufl anrf Coktiotrkhak,. 


jd. APrUfflai^ii'^r 

th4 £^tf Indi^ Di\nJ^ify V7Ui 

ly a Grtirriti Coat, *« ihe M ffJ^4iJt 1767, t^c, t^^, A 
Pi^m- Sk^* 61I. Advtnikd tor AltTton, 

When wc Ivrt ftid thit iheianeaof fet-frsl oiembenofihf httstfcaf 
lords «ppc«r M the end cf thit Protrlt, wch.r.- uid (wc Appicljciic) ai 
modi dU proper for ui toiayt oathc Tobjcfl ■. ftbiA irucle. 

Art, ji, AathmiU Atc^uni tf the PtecttJln^i oftht Con^ifshiUct 

8^0. J ii A\tnon, * 

From ilidc public ind •uitirniic dccIimicDi of the riffle <nd 
|rn(;rinc«i cif cur A:ntric» colomAi, ihc Rradrr will be pmofed i^ 
lorai 3 ve-ff j^ ]c» of ihc i>rjd r^nramvin ojour reilnw-fubjf^ in thn 
fart of i*< nWjbc, on th&ta wty JnKr*l*inK ptinn whicfa were, |b«« 
lime 4^ fb wuta\f debited, >nd, ju {cixiil. Co littU uiKlcfAooJ, co 
ihii IxJc of the wjter* 

Art- 31, fJi^ EyfimttrJtr'sBn ef Dr, Btv}omxn FranSrlSn^ rtUth^ ft 
il^ Rif^al 9/ tin Ain<riiga Stamp^a^^ in i;66. Svo- ««. 


If therr be yei iiciy i^rfnn uoconvjtcfd ef ite rc4Ji>nBti]endf md ■«* 
qHiiy o^ihc hnwinii nrn^d t^e ^Evnp*!^. Irf lii'r rcir] th>i eiuaiii»< 
lion ot tlie (cIcbriKil Dr, Fnslclia. befdretheB lulh bi>ii(« of iom^ 
Itioniy ttidp if «ny Llir>£ niil oaqv vice hiiOt be niR, h« muil bo filif- 
£giJ, ji> to lU TcAitodt of ibai nMnfure. 

Art- 3J' Ltfiiri firJ It tU AfiO'Jtrjt l^i, it/ttani'^ a Papn mtUJ 
A ScCfW i *r,' tf Alf:M t9 ^tzt FmrKt tU mtjl/vrp- 1^^ S^ji^ 
fktf tan h sjcpt^td M hf givta htrjw Agtt lo tirr^r, £^f, Iff, 

9ro* le, wiljci«. 

'torn iH«ft l«t:«r«i which f'-^m to cntrte troen the prn ^f frxvic wll* 
tjg pc^fcn, • JilJc cnlhutofhK^ ly '"<3Lne<J, uTI »e ctti lea ji it, 
iM LfiefiauitH'C AdlliOj J]»ilh Tormcii iotac ^'Un ^Ki^l^ lit^ ill i~l;> vjir, J 
Cafr*rd icTocsctLricm, oprtnc wur Jcrfullf f^n die £uod nf hl» criiintry^ 
hf fecuHllft hfr froin ifie futo/e aiierripti nf ^er rnFinirt. li apfcati, 
bfflivfMWB ihil alJ hu^p^licAliOEib (o r>ur £ffJit m^n, lo mduCf ibcui ti 

Rit ic t tj t and Coi:rftcvcRSJ al. 

^rfj 3i. y« /fJiirm M tf*VjA/ Pntfjifinft ofCre^f Britain ard hr- 
Iv-'-i^ Ulmvift ^/tb^ frtfiiKl fi.'fvd I'TiTfit/f and grfKiffr £"wir ^ 
Pof^ !' th[' Kivgdtms. Ry a Tfut'tarn KngtifV:m=n \ Of^ 
'I he Licile kngidfa Caiptnicr. Kvk% 6i]. Coulu-* 

Tb^i AHftvfs tL> be res'lr the notk ciT t CA*t<olCr> ' vc^lou* ptO* 
CrflMi, M ih« eky of l.oi^n - u^hn bu br^n FtirnncJy a^ive ii] bis 
«<idMvaurt 10 riop the (nowfb of pupvrf in >«3 *botii thn ^r<jC capiul» 

ktf pto'imtinf (he iricltr, A:<. He t'i<*> th'^ f Ilf^wmt <«ciO[<t of ki* 
p*<icerdi»t»s jni^nL>Qdt}frpi^kaat wjr&jc; 'Onecitre'^rrtfTpubfiibin^ 
liftii ic:te pimjjhfcE it (hi% 1 hiri? *t 4 vuc-bwiv ^Ti^fvv«>4&« « k^\-^^^ 



M#«T»tT CATA&»COt. 

ftMr^«Mi, IJim i>*aerf t>«> rf the rBtfirin af Roac^ m4 lU 
vMtf Jd'*>i M wtfjjka fenw4 to he gbJ fawehody hid nkn diea 
b h*M, i"d n«dti|r to«d tU Mi «giM iferw of Am. vpon mf oa% 
ImT <" M^ iMf ind^ tfc«y Bdl «mHiMt duir dviax ifftyvde^^cct amI 

nMv Ihik UtA\ft^ l> Iha Cmc ptKCf* Md W tfe&utce co all hv. 
iii| J *ut luii tobtiopcby brwry (fee tbcy birc c»lraroar«d u> 
•Mil* H|> Iftf •ff-ir I'r ^''''"t ^ r*^ *'^ ^^ «<p«>>c« I have b«ni n^ if 
J will '\f<^f fh« pr#'f«uiifa i) f hive ffcfivcd Itrcial thfCMewn^ kc- 
l#fi| liM 1 lio|^llil OoJ kho hatorrkd mc chrik«£h nuy disccfti 
wM Afpji'Til n^ in iM", ■ricj ctutik mc lo iWy* At ihc fcfrmit of God 
4M l'i no IJi'UifOLik kJnit in ihe da/« of old, I ivill not bow da*n tti 

Al'M^i ii<«» Itftlf f^l i'"i piiin^lrt i« uktn up with « bfief «<coaM of 
(ht |MO|iA*rit< i^ho ruAf'4^ f-rr ihrli rtijf^toii in the Moody tci^n 4^ 

liSll V* il>* tiU'lf Utolrrtni fiiitit of ^\<^Y • t\\ Ahith ma^r Tuvc t 

C tflfibi tti liin<i<| Imi«ii i<vi\ w\\t piiiiK'»if Come cf our IjMidctt nmi- 
K4ft «>' ihi Roaii*OKholx Ktt^km in 1^1 kM^don. 

Alt. }!■ A MMh t^ CLrjf amtnhg ihm Dtfwtwrr /Hm 
ihlM/»'imt 9f Itifrnt^twt^ Dc4k«ttd id ha Gncc Ac 
AitHbiOwfiQfCMitcibwy. BvaMcttbctofthc "' ' 


IMi W«4 lr>^>«* «itJh »M>i^||«fW<h«M«C^ Md 

W ^m fry hta fXMMJE; 44 ife^i«^ W !<«■ « 



Arii>f;F «n^ pttidofltol ii may f<«ni, and }ioACva conirary (o Ae pitv- 
vaHiDf; optnion of the day^ 1 A*tt be hM ti> ul?irin. ihir rrxr lo the 
tonupi l^untiifi ffooi whmccaH th^fe flrcstfiiof jmpuriiy Hmv; nunc- 
IjF, UiC lit*'' of (nan i " ii n omng to /fcj ^r/^ttag e/ mo'ttiilf, /■ nr 
thti'ff". w{ii<h fot hAir « ccrtiTiry h» occopicd the place of tlic gofpd 
do^lrinct ofthe irfnrmnliad." 

Th< Wiiic* pfocf«^i [p a fimilaf ftnln thTQu;;li rhr frmnifid^f <if ht» 

of ch« ^ordi to exert ttictr nuihon^v in ntulini^ ardii>LCton i>, and 
othrrwile icftr*ming- it>c MM*Uin[fl;CJl p4fi t>f tifc (Ictjjr, il»,u ctff 

ptrfon or'ondid ind lilicral femimcAU mull fir.ccrdif rejoici- thu no de. 

£rc« of pofvvr t> lod^cil in the hantlt of fuch forioat bi^ou u qhv Aa- 



Art 36- Thx Orietn ef fW Nfi^jsfiU Bwr i a TnU. In Had*- 
ttdfiu; Vcifr. 8v.j, 61J. Nluill- 

«Tiit C;»tffict<, nnt fof_^crtnp thfrr illuMrinui hrcrh'en of Sii^^'t:;W-* 
There ii noj^redi bum^flr id hit eaI*. fior eicdUnce la hit vefllficiiioa^ 
bill iic l«U£t.a &l <hc <ritjc« i of whom tc fjvj : 

Equal to tnc thrir piaift cr bfsfiie, 
J wri:c foi fun* «nJ i>oi Tor ftmc, 
At\A iW the mufc 1 lotc iIj iije» 
Shc'f boE mf m>Ar«fi,— >or my wlle« 

T^ilyl■'^^^^t*^ howf^ver. doR rot con:ei^t himftlf with mefc ri- 
dicule i fftr he IB ouiragcoiifly frvcfff on ihc pFr>pTe of Ncu'enUIf, ^ 
aba5n£ ilkcm ki c^r^l/ n M**. SiTi;;e diJ tbc inhibTtflnEi cf Biiltol:'^ 
wheiher fr^m ft fualoi ciulc. or uot. ^b bed kno<%ii ■? himieiF. 

Art. 37. MirrTfUj fi trituai Bxamrnatim mfi thf Afrrits if tht 
Pff^mtnt ^^ (kmU PtKtty at ihsTbct^rt->Ry&li^ ijn IJs^ 
mattet. 4T0. i ». Atmon. 

Tbii Mr> MotDUi nifi 11 Mr, Foote %tA hit ptrrormer*; «nd, ia 
very to^i wririn^, ftxuiu ibcco of bH pl'^in£ 1 mke for a fpcc meot 
ibc fjlWinj: Cmilc ; 

Like ihe TouJ Qjatk. m fjine fmall caunuy town* 

Who, »Tih \\'t\ 'uyl, ciitTC«e*Vy c!uwn 

To frr hit prinhi. ind Ahhy Amgt tn vend, 

Aod, With t/^'yiheir quA^iiy commend: 

So H'AOte. Uke dim, lii> curt loud irtimpet bl<)u«, 

And, Mrith a /v/'hu itil]; foj miC imp^/t. 

Wkli (ucb 1 B#rJ 31 iSJs, we Oull never qyiHcl ibowr 1 Jiiile fcnrcj 
«p*ininu; fo^gi^cd bye T ye, Mr Motnai. 

N O IT S L >4 

Ait- 3^, l\KJUrj9fJBomAhmMgk. By Ae Author of C 
ricMi Cubcvt. lunob iVoli. 6». Rgbinfoci sod Ko* 

Wbai vrc Km« fuel, ifi rett/d tO ifcii Wriwr't fenwr prodoaM (tbt 

bat «< voald Adrift kit is m Rrture fcrMtmwee, to troid foat pe> 
cubif pkrarib* «1iicb W9 uite lo bt ib* f io«ib of NwUi-BricHD, iai 
wiMb bos* Enghtb ftsdcnBiy b* KA M io*adtdb»J- They ife^, 
vfbMp fm iniluwf, vba om Aoibi* ffubi of a IWy'* bdnf fMti^ 
ba ki i» &tH comImApm iKUmmakcom to ib« bdv^ w pti ii wi i 
pbo urtbioff iDOic i« iDC«Di; Uun bodiZj tmUfpofuioo, fidia ibc cftte 
^^ #r a oeU, A KTcr, or ft £c of ihe tbcuMKUn. 

^H * See Rcvio, VoL XXXIIT. p. 40;. 

^^ Art. 3<> f^ I'^r^ahx Y*<irf^.— « Colkaton of mft^r, 

^^ tenoning, and improving Sracitii ofv vtrioM Subicci^, com* 

^^^ piled fraoi ibc bcH Autbori, ivoio- 14* 6d. Nobbc* 

^^^ Adapted CO iW uilc oT pan; la An lad auiei. 

fc Art. 40. thf FamuT'i Dawhrt tf Bpv. By Juoo Pimii, 

^H Vicar of CU^rria^ cum Lan^lej, ia ibc County of £fl«Xa 

^^^^^ ^ndL^^urrrnf Si. Annsnd Agrtn, Aldcffgarc- tamo. 31. 
^^^^■'Pnnud foe the Au^ior, and bid AC hit Houfe in CtoiA'i 

^^P Aa bmk^ bui kjadicioiis pwfofwe. The Atchcr l^mi to ktft 

ft giUK 3C*1 for gccii voiki, bttc bn pcTrrt florybeok vHI h»rd!^cooe 
vodfr l^t dcccmiaaQon \ ond we at* tnl^v CE>trr, botb for hij &ke »nd 
SOI owot ihac tite nrtrtAd Writer baUi fe nucb oir^ffeM hi tii^c id 
notadied opea ««r'. Ni>tvi nvritifts ii by n^ bcant hi^ iil;i.u i 
lEBOitt idolhrkortbevtrofld, isd Ii in no rcfjpcQ a laiiln e^l^c art 
tcochiag the Rf*da'i pffioai^ of eogiging hit Mttnt'Ofi b^ ir/^^^Q^n 
«r affeSiTir fctae* arti tcuariock, or of ^\'ttti..tig^ bit ni^d by tb< bv«' 
falK'ei of ■'U iq4 Ku^^uf. la l»i«f« ihc Liilorv <jf if^f luT^r'i tfau 
#r £8rx ill iftOgr opnisfiB oM of (he niot lft{j^«J. 4aJ, at Lbc 
ll(iie,o(ieof ibenoiilianlioiiuntc) ilutwcrver had tbemqiti 
of poraAng. 

Art. 41- Tiff HiJStry ff t!v C^K^litr 4ii Grit%^ ^ ttritttm hj 
fi^. Tiaj;fijtcd fium ihc French, umo. 2 VoU. 

ThJa » mh«t a fv-pubticai'oa than a im»09«| it co«)|[Atngoiily «f 
iht Cory bf ibf CheraUer d« GiievT, ^hkh wu f/trllaTrd abo^l twtATr 
7«an ><«» lod finncfd with the vfcLUkooun c^Enoisi cf ihe MvqoN 
^Bictj^nc; t^ppored lo be wituca by U. T^cvo:^. Tav^ua for nb 
ae^dtf aodoibcrwrriivp- Tail Hivj, ia th^otd tf>»^oo, nifccs 

t Pvufakrly i!ir adrfsicrrs of Mr. Clrvdicid, ^ f.rr^tt>d«d aarui^ 
AmofOfiVrrCmnBert J »sd Ibr D«rt of Cokr«n« i betn «>< »lxh. 
Elavil a* VI1 ott^ b^rit 4b9^-menboaedt (ibct4*rt|«i»4U&fcUj;aa) 
lar« br« a-t«rft]acd and it«l\-ct^TU \u^3wi «ctuiiux. 


mHy the ficicr furt of the 3d volume of Bictagne'i ntemolni but. by 
tJi* Jtif r[npfOt<artfe:i In iHr irr of priming, u ii now fwdlod to tW9 
prcn)r Jiitlf jlamode cockti lonu, — It ii probable ihfit nciLhcr the 
TrBolI«ew oor the Bc<lrfcl]er wa« apprized of the Clievtlicr'i fo;sicr 
sppevuKC in *a TjtgVtCk dtdV, 

Alt 4t. 7^ ffi/e^ sf MroMt Danhj. By a Lady- V<>k, j 
and 4. jtmo. 6ij LownJi, 

Ib oor 32^ Vol. p, 4S0, wc ertd»i'ou(ed to eive fom; iJca of t^ie 
ckuMflcf ofiiifj no*d, frofik a pcrufj] of (he £fll ani ic(«nJ lohmo. 
to CkiX licde ftrlicic *ic r^Rr our Rcidcrt, li % r<jflkicnf rvcommrndto 
linn of Mifi Duibf' ; and thiIJ only Add that, the wo;k J« aow COai> 
ptcacnl, « four ^-oTurnCJ. 

M t O I € A &. 

Art 43. f]^ CndagTery anJ Ccntmimtf Sf/rrttr: «r « Dtjmphn 
gf trnvEnj^im^'nUti ii^umfiritf /tribe JBtsrt /aft CoKWjttnUf ax 
iiftU tff /^ j»(>r/ /J/J *»n<^ ptrffij CfiTf if Fra£!urcs sf iht L^y 
whtthiT fimfU Bf comfiund. T& %irbUft ert nd'ttA thru Copptf' 
flat/Sy j7>€wing tU Cstt/trti^hs and Appliuni^M of tht CoMduhtrm 
By Jt>naiha« Waihcn* Scfgcon. 8vo. i«. Rivbgtoa. 

It i> nUTi ulcaruf c thiiL we rcuivcthe Invcnuoa of iny fnccb^nical oon* 
trtnnct id diiriiiiLlb ihr fi\n inlikh neceirvrily aiiend» nan; of ihf chi- 
ntrgicfllfweeriTrt. TKr ini«r)TiOn Af (h« ConduAor » ml««uir, at fir »m 
poKW«, lh< ^flufcJ limb, in cbe i<novi[ from titt plicr whrrt the 
sccidcTiE occuircd, to ihc phcc where the tuic ji [n be connpletied : ic 
confiA) of (WO tin tax^ixM with ^roovu and flidcfS i tncfc fd«vV 
tivi(h ilifir ilideii fnclofirJ. arc, like '(iHnti of the lamf Irn^rb* (o b^ 
plieed ijne on each fMe lEte friAored leg, 3tid fedreil on Eht tne« 411^ 
>nde jointi b)F n (in bind wfiich 11 jainied ind culbbncd. l^te iljdce 
mar he dKfvn out ai pl^furc. and the de^rfe of vxrenftcn thua pR>- 
cured. i>con(inLicd bjr a kc^-chc^ck wMch f>iEknt ein the tce(!L uf tSe 
flidrr. The ei^dortor miy he Aindirncd by prclTnjf the try and lemn* 
tHc llder rnura into the Cinub.—Thji ufefuS corimvance ii eteculeS 

by M'p Wii^w^'Yjyiii^Tifiman, in OiJStjl/m, Where fach acon- 

dti^or hftwcirer ti nM ;tt hinJ. mifUt not tn rxrtin^9/t one be made of 
tii'o 'u^tdtn/frmt of ^ fu^cicEit ^itgth* ai>d lecureJ by a proper blR« 
d;ipe a( the knee and antr'e j^inttf 

i^he *tv.'invt*ft^ /plnti recomntrod^ by Mr. Wirhen, >^ made of 
Aronp UaitcTi and vvorkvd into the ftape «f tK? limb by hummftto;: 
«nd julun^ upon blocb-^^«i Hh4l«K«4f}0D fkir any f^liot).^— IflUe 
condodor mW lec«re che llinh in cne ttmovi! lion placir ui phoe, ftfitl 
ft not hkettif': be fuljicierit co keep (he limb dsiV lixed, when [he p*- 
l3<vl i< in bed ^ — SnliaCi ol whatever cocnpofitlon, mvft cnereAf« the 
heat of (he limb, ana mofl be n>eT<d ii!lb either for drcfTin^ or embeo- 
cailoti,^^ 3o( if (he limb lie) fecme either by (tie con JufU« or woodcQ* 
fptmfi ii'hich rraeh from inde :□ knee ; it [n;i)' be drefied or «t|ibro» 
catrd at plnlure, and n«oit not bf mcuBbered with ihe nddirlnnil 
toad or fplkttr — SrMf!:<ifj ta ci^ry appvatut Of Itii k'bhl t) the moik 



Alt. ^4. Oh/ervaiijnt *« tht jfrr^ wtdFpidmHMC Difn^s^ fim^ 

V«f, n. By John Huxhwn, M, D. F. R. S. Now 
Uccd from the Original, bv bU Son, John Corham Hudiamt 
A.M. Svo, 4». 6d. I^ncoiu 

Upm ihr nbulc tilt is i f^ood liAtilUtion of «a ulcful ind «dl> 
knnun work : i: b nor DovL^cvcr utthout Lti f4iul:i. It wocld bcner 
bai/c lorwercci ihr furpof? of la l^nffUQi ftadtr. hid tfce fblloMnj 
Wrm* b<ffa literally Cr:inll4iod :—*>*/* nJ' iliv blood ;^C--^fr c^ ft* 
flajdi ; £>^ tiul coffuption :— diilpilinj; the mUf^alA : &<• &C — U 

ihr blood :'-^' 1 kmdly^ iraKnT^l^ii^irrV fmjn^ n* Jtc xoJ in VM« 
Ivv pbe«t ihe crirlliiion i> fiJfc'- th« folJoivia^ptOkgrr p. i6f, — 
' flfttr ltiE« wo had ncouffo to fomentationj, d^iterj, Mwi «ao<lfM** 
which pjodiiccd /cMtfitfi bat ihfa A vafl lan^uoi indjlvp cane c^* 
^a a tnnlliiLjD uf thii taua fcxucQce : ' ad /'simi^m dam tt <Mml, 

J^^Mt jtiimBi'—Tas tttjt hitr^ Iranil^tcn would hive beeni^^rv 
ibcb had rccouff* (o fomcntauoni, dKl^Or Md «nodTncai benoe Ibcbt 
teflp fviv. fic wit moic caf/. moic ocunpofcd] but gmi ba^uort a>d 
ai l^A l7ccp crept on* 


Alt. 45- Ohfimaricni on Sprtifie Mf^ttines^ it^jfrfin the a»fi fiUO ' 
and upprs^ij Spttiji£} in th^v^hfjU Afttteria Medua art ^criM^ 
tuith the di^ertnt DifsTi^rrt to tufruh ihtf art edapuJ^ &c, (iff. 
By a Phyl]Gt»i (ji Ac CouuEry. 8vo- ai, bi. FletdKr. 

Wc Uain from ibc 1^ojk hcfoic m. thai thii PhyCciin la ibc Coo>- 
trjr 11 one Mr ?Mitr : — eKje. ' fuch p^rfbnt m drfirc u> coolblt tbi 
Bodor, tray {ct\d thf'ir e^Cct 10 him, 10 bo Uft it Mr. ^etdm^t amd 
Co. BootfelUn, al 'he Ua ford -i heme, m S\ Foul'i Churtfa-jm, ud 
ftj] IcitcM {p^n r^'^) '^^'1 ^ «af4<rcd >» fooQ la th« ii&mMm oF piMf 
will aduiu — lu^f Lhat, ^ lU h!> ffcciBc rio:jci»« irc G^ncd by ibc 
Amhcrr b hr> nwn liACid-Wfitln^, and Tcilcd ttJib hfi cou of UfDt, 
prevent impoficiopv' 

Jn tha prdicfl and introdvfiiOn to tltcff Obf^rvi^oA-. tbtra ai* i« 
joft rrmafki wiih rcJpc^ (o ibo prelcnt lljtc ariJ prauite of pbytc; 
lire Obfeivitiuni ihrmrclvci llkcutirc arc ibovc the vfj^I Hylc of ()uk1: 
Bdvcr.fc-iJiCDti ; in thei*^ howrvct uc mrct with a prrii ^nJ of cmdt 
ihrrr)', whifb u^c ippreh--nd (hoold pirtUuIiiljr be kept<l«af of, vtea 
ati author ircin oripecibc mrdicinvi- 

Aft- 46. jfn EJpty m fieuiJfftiM fa*' rh faui^-fe-Vt wt^tr/in At 
JVtf/flrr* a/" tfjf O^Jtajt J txyifimi^ the varim Mii^ */" Prtfm' 
rtifitii thitt haiv A//B fTAaifid in Annua a^i rtititaUf tramvtid^ 
omi that U'hiih ih/ /insktr mtftioid^ fi^m Ut fttn Expfritatt^ Ij^H 

Df. Ri,t«u% wrti ihI i.«t Iw ..£ <:fleiiii*llv Jlficrcnt ffom iUe i»bkk 
a«pr=;c4. fctir^nJj kmjvvij and practfcJ in th[i bn^dcMl, we 

S B ft » O IV S, 


tliiiik it tjnnccefivy to g'vt oar R«ac!en t pirt'^uTar scc«ant of U. He 
iitt/opuKm djti iiit i'm:ill^cox ii not id i(i(]«mni£ilory but a pii:rid<iir- 
n(ct ftni i^it il>c fuccdi of ihc prcient mcibod of ii^ucuJAtJon it chitty 

4ix <uiiGiitii A fifw npmmrritt ivhitti Win pft-iu cvKlrntW lo prAft 
thit CJii^md i> lb« priACipat jagr<ditnE in Mr. Nuticr\ mtiicmtt, and 
ikai Ehcf conU^o rio aacimon^. ti haili been ptfntiillv fap^^ofcJ^ Ufoa 
the vhulc. ihc Doflor jppctfi vo^fCt^M expert chymrl}» ind a iiuonal 

Att. 47. OuaJknel LtiteTj tr^ the PraiJt^e ^f Intmktlvn* 4C0. 6 J. 

Wilfonand hd]. 

The inteat of iheTe piciu rpJUIn ii 10 difc-tufi^ the pradiceofaika* 
cobt OP. The Abthar. nonujEhrbndins hii pict]r» 14 « wf weiJc ru- 
fvucT, iiad a very indl^cicDi Mnicr- 


I, Tin PrMffiei 9f JiHeMiiHi ritetrmmd'ii^U St. Jamei'i ChurcHt 
WcftmifiAcfi April 9, nfi; j on the Arnivcffafy Mi«iint of ihc G^ 
Ttffnaif or^cSoiall poxllofpiulii by the Rev. WjDriiniDodJ. I..L-D« 
CTiapUb in OfdinJTy tohb Kfijcfty, Tobehtdof ihcSecrc»ryr Mr. 
KejDOldi. ID Banler*. Btfildingi, Holhors. 

If. For th« nru/ly-^flablinirj ChiH(y-Si:hixil it Sf. John** Cericm- 
ttttl. By ih« lUv. Chr. Nicolli, J^turvr of &l. Mjducr^, Wom^ 
tocL J'arpin- 

oTOiLford, April 5» i;6;, Bj TIjoqiia Wcart, M. A. of JtJua Cd!- 

IV, *fi Jl>4ttl} far tit O-HK^ "/ Er'(UnJ-~iS^ x\< Abbcv-Clicjfttl of 

Bjitb. on Tiiiiii/-Sund«/, May 1^, 17^7* Cj JufcftiPjnbni, U. A. 

CtjfSita/^- — prf;]«ht<i at the Viftration of the K«v. Dr, Mol^ Arch- 
ikacon ot' CoicbcUrr, (now Lord B. o( Sr. Uitid'iJ >t S:. Peter"* Col- 
cbdUr» Mif 40. 17^1 ^ and bcfcrc the Uiiivni^if ofOjtrotJ, May 2^, 
1767, By Nath. FortVr M. A. Rector of All-Saint*. C/^Tchrflrr, and 
Tolldli«ni*kfiiff1iri, M»; and Ute Fellow of Bill. CoTJ. Oxibid, 

Thii cKccU^nt iVrmon It chivA^ iin anfiv^r 10 ibhBi Huire anJ R^iiT- 
Irau h»ic fejrancc^l ^^AinLk ihc CKiLlcnccnKd trc^ibiliLyof mirat-V*. " 
We find by an adreuife^iieitr pf«&<cd 10 ir. that ttv pubhc ii loitrbtnl <. 
ro [btf fame Thgf oiou 1 and JHdiciom urrlrr fo; thr ftfw^ tr.'«/Af C4.>f« 
a^/iw /rf^'W *'j[t Pntfj */ Pr«f^j**.-.— of which an accc«nt 11 giwcii jq 
UJ} aiOftih'» JUrkw i vid. p. 40, & («q. 

f 8« J 


F» It-'^' having, an a Jctttf rKWiCiimbcrlud, dittdMiy t;* 
Dpaa lit for a luelk«t AcOOtfOl 9^ Punct'i Tfinibcioa ^ tbc BaUci 
bku Lho method of JC^uJnuaf bicnt iku iW ttsiSont which k^ 
ducci) 111 iLjfioUpDiK itie cAfkiimmkn aodcoiKliiJiooof ch«uikli%tiu 

or ihis tc(Trr h>t <>l r hrirt^' ihankit for the Uat wliidi b« bM b 
didly cifcnJ, xnd fo banJIoradj^ oficflbd. 

•,• The Attlhcr of ehe L«(ler lo D/. Foroify will ticvtc ai. if w« 
cianut biUovv all tbo atimtioa he f«emi td r«qiijrc upon one &tiicle of 
conitovfifr^ He Kill plcArct^otftJcj boM'jnw^ wc iUnJ cogagoi A 
to Lh? Pabtic i and whit nccctTiEy there i» for our briefly conGgnin 
many miclei to ihf Catatfwte-parr of our Urtiew vhkh Hi:»y Uttn i 
mrtii hif^hfr dL^in^ti^itt but tUv nAr:our tijniu of our olan* and ibf 
nnlf rpliciiy of new puUieaclonj, ifiordi Tq obvkxif an ■pofojy, llw «« 
fitppolc it ncedtcb to ofl«i Ukj thing fLfibcr o^ ihii hctd. 


1^ MoifiTOJt'i IdKt woolJ Kave b«en cniitUd fo ikv ndl rcrpcA 
JKkno«r!aij;jLkciK, hat.] um ihc Wjjicr, in fciiie pira of ii* dcfii 
from the piindfilein/ candnr, and ihc rulei of fpo^-btttdkag. W« 
fhill, ihrrrflnrt. con^fl^t ovrfcl^'trj with f^Wifig him thi« tUvtAoot, n 
brief, iKai h? ii (oiatly oiiLlakce in hii >Jc4 4>^ tbc COndu^ and OM^ru 
of the Kftifwcn, in regard to the pariiculir fubjC^ of hki ■AimiJw]* 
£on i tnd liut Uicy ucwijr djr«ppnjve ALt DhDte^i-fjbtciiptiona, iib«> 

141 If t^e %ttxt\ctnAn i^ho fcnl (iifi>ni« fliiftumoii jtctftain pubCx 
«ti'jfi, witb a qnciy frTaiinj* to a p:ifni^t in ilic Conleffiimt!. wJI £i* 
vouT ihe ptfifAn to wKt^tn hit 1'tier wi< patiLruWTy adcIfeJliid, widb « 
jnt<tvk»^ ii will gKAvtj vld to ibc objigation, &c. kc. fl 

liji In Anr,veT t> Dm-iivivi, who «prfir« Iifi in>pitien«- fot 
oit' lemuki en Mr, Uoole'a irm^fljuofl of M'-'taiLa5i>. we idTiuc thi» 
(Inrr«]pnnd(irt, lUtX ivo bavc prruLcd the yff>tk twjih plfialuip, ar-i 
liiA£ ttur iccvionL of il it du-w linifljed, and wiU ^ iufencd ta tbe 
vsew far Aa^oIL 


ttj TheooKluli*n6fSir)*»e»Sl«»rt'aPrtV<*>-f*n//^*i^V«/0/rt* 

N\ B. \p ibe conchdrtif; paragTffpb of our vtidc tc-'aliiif in tt>i« worlct 
ilie Revicnv fuf lail mouih* lor u«diit^ ueccfliitic}* jca<l traitmi ctm' 

^'j^ Uf.rfi#A>y*t HJA^y of£]«AjJciu waUceruidj^cvtAtik 
K«i-Kii fvr nEiimoAik- 

f^^ Tom !o^<( ir erMii'ed ioo« Oi't^f fe* hfj ic^eHfurtc*, 



For AUGUST, 1767. 


The /fcfjpf of Mf^ajfff/if rrtn^tj frtm iV ItaUtm. Bf Joho 
HooJtf, Vtil. lit and 2d/ iimo. b%. Datfi«3» 1767. 

IT may be obfcrvcd, cf MctiHaHo's pMiry* thit ti i«, cxclu- 
five of the hngu.^i^, of ro p>riicular nation. The genius 
of the Poei U by no mean? c^inl^n^ to EhiC of hiji courcry : be 
htt iinbibcJ *lic uflc «» diflViuii lutiuna in their reijicOlvc ex- 
tfcllenctes ; u^<]f 10 the peculiir ccndcmcls nnd hitmony ofthe 
JuliAn, he bat iddcJ the cafy gilUntr)^* ind rdincd Dora}iry« 
of the Frenrh ; t-igctlier wiih the fitoog clear feriEimrnt, anj 
the cojifcioui djgnic^ of the Englifli muf?. He U not, bowe%«r« 
altogethef dtvcAetl urnacirmat [M.-culiMit[ei : hjJ hr written in > 
country where the (Jf.iino took it^ Uwt from nature, ii ia to be 
preiiimcd ih^ii he would h^ve paid mor^ aitentJcn to her prin* 
cip]««j or» It l^» thM hii thcairtcal performance would F)>vo 
had more coufkHcncy uiJ pioSability, bu'.h 4» to the ct/cnis and 
cturaiWft, than under fucb diiidvjnugci we c;iu allow then* 
ThM precept cf Hojacc, 

icciR) in f^cncr^i to iuvc h&d very lictU v^tight vrtih tKe [iiJiifi 
Poc<> He hxi rather been Oudiouv of jingoluity (ht^t of ocuial 
propriety io his chara^erii nor ha be t^en been at the paint of 
jktieniptioij to reconcile (he fvimet wiili ihc [dUcT.— Of hit dra- 
mttic pocnu the iirH thiti ippe^iri in Mr. J-ioole's ifflofltllco i« 


Tke fubjc^ of ihi« pece is known to moft Engli^ reidert 
frotn tht popular operk ihai wt% taken fruiD it. The fenii* 
mcott *» in many pbc<» very fine, apd hef«htfn«i by the 
united eriihiiri;xrin of (joary jnJ phifufuphy. 1 hui Anaxcrxca, 
on the i^teady alTuratice and liimncfi of the incocent Arl»^f> 
wlicfi he is cbiuged with the murder of Xctxc?^ 

Moole'j Trtf^m^ 

Ctfn hi «wi ft ^afi jrrvr 

Ci^ rjtv/« tt/tn/e 0/^^ 
La t^idrfXKaJtli* t/mar, 
Tha^ looks crctii thai open ciKJn oT virtoe 
On never fpcik ific Unitur ; i>0 di^iJc 
Can Mt the Litllrr of a natile iqeiiiI i 
Aiid in ihc Je*tm«i oft vr* iw4 ihf heart. 
Light vapnun IhaC ilcondin? plo)/, 
An<l /}Tr^-i(! witfi Rcce/ clouoi (he da/t 
iJiay ihm]y ttiI, 

Tlif fun'* rclclfjpnt my, 
V«in ihc (Italtow iihrjct fr<7Wi 
The bndy bci to Mi i 
The drai. umtrt^rcdl t]tf}'fl'] [hco? 
E»th rrtd brimih ihc tide. 
The following line in the lultin, 

it fiot properly tr^jiH^EcJ by 

A«i4 in the t'ciri^ro nfi vr tf^ii r)i« h«at. 
Fftr ihc frtlufc* projMTfly ri.:;f^ify the invjri»t>lc fortn or inoiiU 
Ihc fact, but In ih» pl^cc a ponicuUt iUw: or caA of couait^ 
nince ■» AiUided to. 

^TheclrjT, innl^irrnr crv^) Hicm 

No : tikm is 4 Jouble iiu^canc/ hercs in th^ fpnfc, »nd 11 
apfiltcuiua i*f it. Ic i& noc lutunl or vf»l Uw AjfiJj/iw ih 
Iv ibcwf fo taki .1 vc}*«rCab1e jii a rvsd hnrtai^ Ibe t>d< -, [Mr to > 
tml &nv vbinfi; cti-iit'--fit|niblc in i^ which u hcrc ft naxlT^ 0^ 
Jc^^. Mci«1tjriii intcrvlnj 10 lh«w, hy the fotmtr ptn of hU 
Ik<Luk. Ih4i (h« c^ untcDjncc of t ^pod nun wouli diTcotcT twB 
t ■ luC, mMU'ilhfhiiiJir.; tfa.- rrjn^lc-nc gfoncn t^it ffij<>hr ovrrciil^l 
li, C.1 ihf fun riifcm^i tim lufhc Oiroweh the oppofttc cloa^t 
ami, un itMr (iltwi hiikJ, uijt ith-coiMitrfMfKf o*a *r:okrJ 



ihi Ifirh a/ MfiTAitAsto- 


When Min^ftnc finds nm in hcrfclf ih*t f^nfibllity fiic might 
h*ve h«n fuppofcd m baire expcricnc*^ on tfrf- J«th of Iwx lover 
Aib^cei, fbcthus pluIorophjCAlly&jidbcAuiltiviy acccPunb/oT iu 

O fitf d^'" ir^/p til M^U 

ijtMfi/iftm Ufir/t, A tit a^iJtw I m'rtf 

CLt p^fJ^lU it mdai U fifr /friittt 
^iimti/0 ^rvfii 9tr/t A^t'mr. 

Or thai our rbuli p&rt4k? fomc inwird ligtit 

TliAif^inCn iC futurity, Jtno^noEi 

J minoL tttfi\irn Arbuci >> I Oujthf- 
Ycc the chifi^r nf Mantfijic, llltcmoft orifceothtr^ In ihh 
plAV, is II) the highcft decree UAnatura!, ^he, who, from the 
vJolcnce oC licr pjdft''n (ur Arbito, mufi natufjilly hive been 
nic4^ eonc^ined for hie prefcrvAtion, exerts h?T utittoft tnAuence 
sadinduftr/iobnitgiboui hUdcAtb, ^hcdoonotleircmacir/tto 
the common formi o* j jftice, bJt ufes her priv^^tc foUcitatiotti to 
expedite the dcilh of ber /ftvourcd lover. Artixemcs, wc lupp^fc. 
was inffrndcd to be an »ftiinMf^ eharaflrrj Hut :hii ambble man 
order* the ejECCUtion of hii broEher^ upon the fti^hr^ft iulpiCJODjj 
r^ciliiAm the efoftp'* of his friecv), while he h^tii rc^fon tn hc)ievo 
him guilty, and At lal^, to confirm our aflonilhincnt at the 
wcAiicfi uiT hit con'Ju4?t, p^irdwia the cAcsmblc wretch whofc 
vile imhitvm had been tlve Jt^fhuction of hit hxhtr And his bro- 
ther, and had inv'olved himklf and hkikin^dom% Jtt ihc gre^ell 
diArft^liorf. The chsra^r and c<^n<1tifl <if ArtAban art, if poi*- 
libk) mofc jibficrd ihan ihofc 4}f AnK)i:rrxc( are weak. He Itrfl 
jnfbrm* hh fnn Arbairji chat he had murdered Xerire*, and then 
verj cjimly proceeds Ic paf» feniencc in public judgment upon 
that Ton r>r the murder, wiihoot To much ^t piivaiely giving 
him ary hopes oi a rcfcuc aftci hif ferlvtiev, or conferring with 
him un hit inieniicjua,— The love uf Sriitiut iuid AitflXcrxc* m 
Allo(-«thejr urintrrelling, and ihe fquabbles of that pnncefi ind 
Mundane before the king on the throne of judgment a^c impciEi* 
nent and rt^iculoup. in Jbortf tbcr« h hardly one eharafter in 
lhi» liUy ihat ha> ;Lny claim 10 nature or common fenfc: that 
of Arbacci i* the Iraft eieepEionible, but br* filial pict)f 10 fuch 
a father, when cairied to fo high a piicb> i> cxttavjgant And to- 


After the fveccfs of Tailo'i Arofnta« Md <hc M\ greater re- 
■Mtation of Gtiurin!'!^ PaHoi Fido, thr p^floral drimi bFC<'to>e a 
favourite ob}ed with ihc Italian poctf, and moH of vhem foimed 
ir,cnifdvc« on thofe twn ercai mailer^. Thctr fuccc^. n^' 
withstanding, wa5 fo indil&rent, thuc ib« gr^ltfi p&rtof ihcif 
peifmoKuices died cm) 111 lefiearfal. Such w%> VLltn^A-f \\-^ ^x^^ 



HoouV Tftmfi^im y 

«£t}l d»c Of jmpud [dc^fwbcnfct tomvfic bi oar CcnztiEry, bqf' 
if] Iul;r the Min« ^ Mctatfiafw ind the nicm of cbr poem pr&- 

met W'th fo<nc <IrfadvasUg» frooi tbc vSnmnUramee of i«» 
rvpntor ftfT&riap* ; Sigaon ^Bl^wMii vm difFlcAM vnA ide 
port flfli|;Med fcer, uui tlic Amict bv^ing dilbdsfied with her pnc«v 
fled, like Afgtftc, iDio aoodncr country. Ic cnaj- po^Eblv W 
^iti^ted irb<th«r ihh flxy hH a iighc to be cilM a fiaflonl 
drvtut » the bdui<f» U full of the hermc ^ but the rmni 
liccntfTt '^ ptlonl ajppoiniBim, ini JiniJiioe of ntoi) of chf 
cEtartcEefi, tcwcthet laitb tbc clui^^lj imiijud ftyk aad fpincof 
the Pdlor FW*, both m cbc com^kation of die plor, snd in 
llie geotfaJ cttffafefiafiin of the pic^t inaT «letcTmi&e die pn^pxicCj 
of ihc littc. GfcU utcuikui U (Mill Lo niturc and tbe pilSoini 
threugb the wbole, nad thetc it bm pediip a moee inicrefiui( 
fejkc in any pcfforaaiKe of the bnd, than the fMomr^ 
becween Megaelei a»d Ariflfj. It mdft be utxSerihxKi that Me- 
gaclct «M the fHcrd of Lyc'tilai^ snd that the latter being in 
bve vritta Afillru tbc cliiighier of CliAhrnei, vrhowtppMotcil 
the ^uze ot ibe conqueicr at the Olympic Gamea, b$4 engaged 
hii Ificiid (o eojLicnd for her in hi> n;imc. Me^^aclei was iben 
uflac<)uaintcd thit ArUi<% was the peifon whom be bad fo lonr 
loved, and by whom he w» c^uJIy bdwrcd. However, be 
coDter^t and cofi<tiien in f;tvcurof Lyckdav, and ihe fubjc^ d 
ibc fccnc thAt foiluu} ii ft flronj; and afl^^ing cutiteJl bcrvrrn 
lov? and fricrallbtfi ; the ln::eT IckTio- hicn lo the intcretl <tf 
i/ycidt<» the former inducing him to c^nfuli bi» own ; 

Arrjtra^ At Im^ih wc are alone, ind I taiy noiv. 
Without coAtVraioi, givF vtoi o jovj mty call dice 
My hope, my ticifure, tty Jdlchi— ^ 

Ji-t.^i-cifi, Nt* j^Tincefi ; 
Tliofe ript'rovi nimu a^ nut for mc : ref»ve (hem 
Te grace ■ htppIfT IrtiN^, 

^'fjf. Ai»d 11 t>i;> 
A tiAe l^r fueh dlfroilrlc I thU tiippv Ji^— 
fia ihout[bikr> ^ I im tHod doll but n\mk rae ; 
I aai u> bUmc Ur be al;rm'd> 

Thou hsSi but IQO Enoch cauir 

-^r-/- Bnplflln ihjfdf. 
Mrx* Heiftheo; but tobxc iKy courri^, A/illea: 
rr«pa:cib>F Toul to give ih' eKtncieil ptoof 
Cf dAunlkf* vtrme, 

-fnA SpraV, w^at wooldl! ihod ftj ? ' 
Hew my heart Ihuidcrj ! < 

M/^, IJn^ them not dccUr'd 
A thouliuJ timcs^ 'ci\M Qot ray lium won th^. 

th W&rh c/Metaitasio- 

ftvt ibftt ri(ic«rit}', ihai ^r^tcful mind, 

Tbni foul of horjOLir whi<I] inrpir'd mf ihou^Tit» ? 

^'-f/i MgA cruc icilccd ; fuch didll Uiou Iccm to R^Ci 
Ai fiich I knovf <}ifc y«(. ai fuch adore jhrc- 

JUr^. SiMulil Mei^jcfei cVr chingr Tnim wb«c ihon 

Er h\(e to fficrrdlhif), pftjjrM to the %^^h 

Arid gTvf him da:h iq orhom hr owcr hri Itfe i 
5iy, c«uUA Ehcu love hitn lUlJ -' pftTnit hint Hill 
To woo <hc«p or rccervt him fv ihy hulband ^ 

jtfrV^i And doA rhoo tliink ihas I cia cV fuppoff 
lr)> Mvgulu (a bn lo cv'r^ virtue .' 

Ma. Kjida' tbf« hy 6it't drv-ff'c. :hji( Mej>4ctai 
Mull tv tljii vmrlk if e'er be pfovcs tby hglbind. 
Af//* What hUl (boo ht^ f 

Mrx* Now hc^r the latiT Iccret, 
Tl;c pijicc ofCfCU* who Ui.^uiQL'ii Iw tb/ i.huint, 
TEnplujM my pliy ; 'civai tu him J our'd 
My hfr prilcTv'd : 4h J princci'*, judge chyfclf* 
Coald ] itiui^- — - 

dri^. And ihon haft fought 

hSfg. for hrm. 
jf/^. Aod wilt thoa lofc ctie ihui / 

ih'i^, Ym. teiDtiniiln 
Ujfel/iliU ih'oriby oftheflL 

^"j7. KCnA t ihf» 

A^£, Thou muJlci^mpIeatiny utfii OAriAu! 
Corfirm iho^iAimo^ a gnicful bcwf. 
Yci ftcii'roa« tnttd, let Lyctdai henocrudb 
Be what cill now thy A^r^^cictet bat beeix 
To him Udnilcr ttiy love; my fncod dcfortc* 
Thii lupuiiicfi ; I live AtLhiii hii UttA ; 
Nof un I dtcm thcc lod if he hu ^lin'd ihee- 

j^^- Dillra^Ag chill gc ! I f^W from higliert hov'n 
To deepcH h<U 1^4 paJlion pur« >» mine, 
l>erejvci a belter fttc^AItt ! wuhout thcc 
life i*uot life! 

A%. O bntuuoii* AriAra ! 
Do ftoi thou 100 c^nfpire agiinCt ray virtue ; 
Alrtody hat ii <oit m; dear to fom 
'Tkii drctdfvf rcfolmtor] f one JVfc moincQl 
Pellioyi the j;!ojtOki3 wotIl, 

^'^. To \exvt mc ilmi^^ 
JtEf«;f, I hav« refo'T'd. 


jl/^r/f, Hajl thourcfJv'd? and when .' 

lIa if lIlC filft — 1 

Thii h the bll fjicwcll 

Af<X, This 

-How Ihall 1 lir« to fpnk it i 

Affll m«. Hesv'a I my fc^t begin 10 faif; 
CoU dJinps bedew mv ficcj mcLhmki 1 tecl 




Xbt row'' to i>An-^Roai4, nxac mf foiP-^l go^ 

^^. Wliat %lt thoa f 

Wi!t rl^u iliGii kare met 

jfe/f. And (boa jO'A'** 
JIfrj, V<i, a«r«f to fcrarn. r(?#/jr^* 

-4*'/. Mtu mc— Ab Eo!— ^ 
Saf. WUik«KQ^ikou> 

M*/. Fir frtm thw* fuj tore, 

Mr*. UOMfMcvKln! wUnio t &c > 

TIkM ftji W n*-Ul«i km I & r Aki * 

UMttAtrlbrwl Nq; thm ftfti bK till. 

T% Im«« bit *« •« oadMM-l 

V^P ^9 ^^W^B B^B V^l BVK 


tbi ffirrh pf MtTAiTAilO. 9f 

An extnvacanct of fztncr)\ figurei antl a^ion, an upraar of 
bufmcJA^ buAlc, cOEirjfion ind oatngt^ tctidct ihh upcri ftrik- 
lag in the eithibitjcn, though it is uTk;ific£tirg in the perur^l : 
fioihing can be more truly liughiblc than fotnc of the n^oA cri" 
ctcal putt of Itt nnd the M^cft cifcumftancre cf diflrrf* ar? 
brought about and condu^m bf fuch cxiroordimry mcini a» 
vnuld mm pily into (H^ilcftjiir, Ycr ilicft ii one fcrhc in thi* 
opcts, oMif)ir;:iiilhc4J beauty in<l c^celUacc of fcntimciii : it » 
where ihc ravJllicT Lcarihu^ has got the goml ting To*ncci in 
hifi power, anil vainly endeavours to uilimidite him hy hit 
threats : 


Thou art Df prifoMr. 

'TntJriti, What unheard or&caJoij ! 

ti- At Irngih thou Vt fallnt inro m^ fnare: thy life 
li ai my i^ill: crdore thy lot with paii«r>cf, 
'Til thii» the «orLd for ever Ihifii the feenr . 
And advcrrc foituvic flitl luccc<d> t^good: 
*Ti) now thj (iirn to pittd for mtfty. 

7/, Villiin! 

It. Tainrc% ehaogr iMa UngitAge-: my einmple 
Mhghi tejeh thee pruocnce^ 'iwui but ao« I beat \ 

Wi'b htimbU prayers, a fappliiOL at ihy liccC ^ 

To <iiil out tccppeM. as the Tirroai luma 
Of Ijfe demand, in Tufe a ncctiful ■trior. 
The foKc than feel) h all at my eomtnand : 

1 cab a; will 

T*. What carjfi tK«a fjfthff do? 
Take from thia ebbing liJe iiS potir rcinijiii, 
Ahfady itkromc ttcm ihc double wdght 
Ol'ycartand rorrmu f 

Lf. Thai Lesrchai fiid, 
£ut «hile he rpok« hit tanjriw btly'd bii tIlOD£^tf, 

Ttw Cmi i> t^c JiActcDCc 'iwMi my hc»t ai>d diinc> 

/^» Viin bnalliri^ fill ! F^ch -iainul thai livd 
DrfirM ttt hnid hii ^'"JE ' con1>ancy. 
Which heroet vtanc id haie'ieiitctnieJl triala, 
Ji but an uFt 10 cheat th' unthjhkinj* vuliprt 
1 rcjd itiy TccrM brfafl. ttid know thou trcmbUH. 

To^ Vef, 1 might urmble. ifToantc^' fuul 
W«tr form'd fflre (hL»e : a ihoirr^nd hrrml CfiiruM 
Wculd then for ever hiaiiT my jjui^iy light ; 
Glill ^ould I fccm ic hear thu bolii <it jovs 
For etrr hifliog rodnd me -. Jirvc th' xv^a^rf 
Who ptmilhci the guilt of human- kfnJ, 

i>, Tf> me ih* vrath of Hfa**n i* not fo dreadful. 

^0, Vi^n bouilkAj; tl\ f J hoa canil n^i hgrbow pta<« i 
Fcr Pill conecftial with our i;aturc erasvi 

Tit l*T^ cf viftor ; Jf ic profe lOo *«A 
To cti^ri 'ram «ritnei, it I«ti i( ^itt liBce 
To be iKnr pjnitHmcPl : it ii » glit 
From Hr*vn, (kcfc*d to b« a fcoorje (o eha& 
Who iiic abuft il ; in4 tSc trtaltft <yrre 
The wici;*'t toll is ihn iheir hciili fciwo, 
kv"o ^ tlifif owrt ^^(li^bi, ihc Ccvdi of tfcosior, 
Aftd Ucl a t<>*i«Jui Kfi>c of forVei'^ft gmdoeii ; 

Wboft- knowM^« ctA cjip^e the buouo abod i 
CoaiUfl Kim prit'iirv to tiie fiiip« i iid ihc^ 

Ltv bv tb»i ufrM* f*'^- 

7. There— i*te It, tnkor ! 

[firrWf «i^ io^u*-' 
II. Ko« noH chou bid Ji*kj BO ba^^jf priii« ( 
Tointet it the vjnqviihM, J the itflci. 

Tbcn j«>:g« wpirtuJ of ibc E*^ 

While t chei'e duk^ uoclaufLed wcvi 
Aad Pity ftf«l *r.T Af«. 
Thit fine fpccch of Toantct, " Vwn boaftmg *J!/' bf U« 
dc^iDt ingenuity of the irgument, rcjninrdi oik oT Milcon's <U> 
fcikce of temperance. In bii Csjmu» i ind the TraftfLxtor has tu^ 
piljr f^len inio our great poct'i minttcr, 


Tbk operm » itg^Wt grtat, at:d affc^nf tiifmgboQt i ilw 
cbyiflcT* 100 «c (ciKnllj b o^urt. Wc ndl however ex- 
cept the ramanilc pilfioa of Seiiut &r the duboSint ViielliAt 
|UruciUiri]r wbcK he pcr&fb to keep he; fecrct in the cxtrcnu- 
tio cf ^cffAir ; for lore, *% \fetai!;irM> hun&lf oMcmtck, ani as 
Sir Chiriet Se^lc^ ohftrved bcfoct hmt, feUo«n fiwivca bapf- 
Tluc be Chould CQ«itinue thereftiie to locc aoil ikfcod a fury 
vtio had iATolve^ bim m cbe noil tficidlbl diUni»t M»J had 
nadti him die inllnimem of hu rvMp^aoKX, crta whiU he 
aT«wic4 a pafioti &r uiother, it eonfnry to all cutuf^ coo* 
d«a. Tbe dimJUt of Titci b aJvtnbJj cvaiataiD^ ~ 
tltt irbote i U U tfciu hovtifvlly 4rawa bv Scxou : 
L<ioh dny bhc rccKdi of 4Hi*uky, 

Puai lac Boie Mcmw or vncikl } 
Soak » U« er.«««xli, la vtdWa fees 
T^rootioiai«nKet.i; be^of, 

» *-* *2*t;^ *« -«p«»=y r««b, 


tbt ffVii ^MuTAaTAJlO. 


And piitc* oibn* fcr ihctr abjcA Dvi? ; 
He iTKiiuTc* nor hiilifr t»y Ifngthof j^ctrv, 
fitft >£ti cf goodiktfi cfoTif ; md ihinki tht daj 

'hccoiidu£l cf Thu0 v*hcti (Jtviric honours mic olTcicd him h 
iblypainrH an<3 doet the hichd) honour to human nature. 
*bua il h scpnCcnicd iu ihc FoSlowin^ fccno : 

The father of ilij couritrf ■ nercr yrt 
More jail in Ibdr dcac^. 

jtunimi. Thou art not only 
Thy country^ Citbrr. btri her i;u.trdun god. 
And liiitc tJy virtUL?^ hare •Alzvidy {c^t'i 
Beyond in nrthNvp KoHvr ihf hocnsji^c 
M'CDflj' to Hc4/ii. I he fcnStc have decreed 
Tc ouild A fiately icmptri wLcrc \hy nimc 
Shall Hand ctJioJl'd iimung tite p^aVi diTinc, 
And Trtirr ^vontiip si rhe fanr of T?coi 

Pw^. Thcfc trcaftim, f M>icrM from the annuAl tribute 
Of fubfc^ province), v-td«iicicc 
T'cfiVdlhii pio«n*Ork, d*W/innotTi(Cij 
Tliii pulhc token of oor ||i»;crol hom^igc. 

7rt. Roinsnt ! btrUcve ih^rt cv'ry wilh of Titui 
' IvcrAUr'd m your loie : but let na[ therolore, 
Voar love, fcr^riiij] otiii pfoftrt boundf, 
Rdtcfl dif^TiKc 0J1 Tiiatj Of yourictua. 
Is (hric 1 iiJtiic more Jc-jr» luutc icndcf t9 ciCr 
IliMn father cf my penplef yci even [hin 
I ratttcr fcek to meric iKan obiiin. 
KSy fool would imrraie the mighty ^odi 
£/ irii(uou» licaJti but Aju^^crAAt (lie EliOU£hE 
Of Jmplouk ej^iLEiJLin, I fc who dafu 
To rank h im lei f ib^ir equal, fi rfri-t ^Jl 
Hu future ErcCe (o their ^uardij^n ore. 
Ol fftul folly (uben prdurijpcuooi piidff 
For^rtf the wtjikreri «f ai^rultu^ 1 
YcE think not 1 Kfufc your pio^f'd treifureti 
Their ui~e tlone be chjtn^ d.^— Thpfi hru my pDrpafe: 
Vefu/jtij, ^agin;; *vi;li un«on»d iury. 
Poor? frcm her £apins( jnw> ■ bkc o^ Are. 
Sbkkct the lirni <«ilk And J^iindb dcHriifLion roond 
The fubjei^i 'icliii and uiie«: .(rcmbUnv fly 
The hjV Jni^jbiiar^Ti, iwhiTe oIJ itho 'leap« 
The nimioe ntm, rn<a^ic wirri ^urfuet. 
Behold «n ol^cA eltimi our ibooghEi i difpenfe 
Tliefc trcAfuiei to icLcvc ydor fufT'ring brctbrcn ; 
Tbuft, Kmntni! tbu^ yoar tcmptc build for Tiiut. 
Id what a bciiutiful vcii^ of phiiofophlc poetry doc* tlie tTIuP 
tjwus emperor dd'cribc ili^ Juppincfi of humbler illounc;iU ; 
How ivrpicbrd is ilie lot of him who ffigiw 1 
\Vf 'rt iUll df Jty'd tht boicfii^ of lifr 


H:a:i\ .-,-:::. t/ 

• ■^-1,''- 

:; riir ^, :« r. 

:^' a.. 

D E :.! E T R I L' S. 
i5 r::i" r:r:in::z h grf;:!;- infc^or To Ticu*. Scents of 
i.j Ti-^ij-i; ;'.;crci:;v^:i cl:'^:.:": Us ia the tinl ^£1 ; the un- 
.! ch-r-if rf f^-^^Trcr.; i:i C];:>:-i.'f, who I'ioti a fal:c gc- 
.■ , :' -- :!-- :i.::^ i :::n^t:^r.; of i-!:;-^\»^! es -jutbcru^n^ 
...'■-.:'.,- i :.:\; :^ tr; rJ ^ -.jh,-: inror-c ihe worthy 
r "..,: «■■'.-■ . ^ -, ^:::\:-:'r.:. 's- f:; :'.ic Mvvnj j the chd- 
.^ ._'..' :.: ^'e ..? ,:J „::J ;:u"i^i!;licinl ; OUn- 

i V. ," .; » ^ ;: - . . ,-*-:f' i r,r : i:i she thir J Act, when 
... i :- ^ .' ■ ' _■>!:, ■'.",' 'r.?dc::iry c: lii- l-^irih, tnc lilflc 

^ :^ .:■■..-/_ ■- ' ," ni :r.:;r; ni:vr-i. The beft i'cenc 
.>:.. . : :* ,. '.tir-.:* v.:.. - *^:;:or/crj coined a way 

-■ •* . '.^: u . ":_; ^ - *, v.t,. J rciitj-jncc her throne lo 
. :..:■ ' , :^."::.:ja j: _t'j,::.?, v, hilc, to iq'ial her 

' .: . . ,^-.;l:. Oh"-* c;-:rr-^i iJ tV,e tafit 

■:■-■, , -' jj'Ti'J ;oi!c d .he r'Ue ; 

. , ' »r E ^ .- ; . '.:.m;":i to lovc- 

I.". '! >-; Ai:lioi]i ihfc 

,-/ ■ .'.: s : i\.r ?. c- ir\) v.s : i ji Q:d Si.c, 

,. ,-:.„■ .vi\ a- ^ ; o: A\.,i :e; ioib 
..,. V,...: .:,; ;:.j^r4;:-*'-? 

tr.. No Trr^ger on :ixi: fliores 

-. • .:'.,- iJirj'.tfi :i n..'i:»ii.T air- 
.... ...-. ^[\\,\.i'. b-; n-^-e ?— No, CTscaice; 


titf 7^'srh ef M£Ta«TAITO- 


Or coald 1 btullof i4jujccl9 anO i ]hicr«« 

t might p«rb>p4 be kd <' nrcriit (he prooA 

Thy g«a fojt love tvoulil j^ivc^* but ^Ithv kiaj^dom 

And lutjefU nij^Drd Tilt w me ^i&ffbrdr, 

Aic foiQc kvt flotk). «nd a poor llnij»lc cottage, 

C/. yet in xhtii coLUj^c flulF 1 frcl Ehc puce 
U'liich in ft finely palnce. fjr fmm rhcc, 
My brfAlt mull E«vrr 6n<J i no f.nArdi indeed 
\ViU w«ich nw ^hiUl I ilc^^^i but in recora 
|ci[ou) ruTiiiuoiis iici'CJ- tvill tliFlurS 
Uy calm unhrokeUfdl : (he' prccTOfri vi2n[fi. 
In colli/ j^old dKlenor r^ur homefy boird. 
V«t from Ehtf b«ndin|> boui>h» my hand IhtTl plude 
The ripen '^J Jnt^r, i^iere Ivrhi no Jt^idlyjuxc 
To dijU my vein* ni<h iJAc;ipedrJ ^Jih : 
I'll ttinder o>r thr hi\h i^6 rnr^di, bo- Itiff 
^Icetletat my fidet m/fi^etOiiEl iml« 
Tbc forcft^loorri, but Mt Alccilu i^iib me: 
E*ch fun tiiAC ffEJ OiLJI Ira^c mc wiih Alec Hot 
And when a^^m lie rilo iii the cafi 
To gild the mriTTi, flitll firiJ mc filH with tW- 

jfL O Cl'irtniti- mftll ^divd ' iimidft 
l^h« lcen«t ot~ hap^irH*. the dIciCa^ dfCAai« 
Ofcnc vvhof^- fouT oVRow« vrth Idtc'i cxcefi, 
I (cad the gcc<li>«(>ci'th}'2^c'/oot hcari: 
Ytt iheJc ol^t! ATcoiAf v^iii iUulijni 
i>f rung ffon the w^rmib cf jhEjd— 

Dofi ilioa believe me then incapable 
To quit \\ie liutMt? 

A/^ And CJn you iMnIc Ajie erfr 
AlceHcf will pfrmir it f— No my ^^oevn. 
Van Ujoujd hivft ihtn conreil'd y-out trr(;» morv. 
And niflde me If fi entmouf'd of yoer ^lor^. 
Greai fonlt ivere never formed lo Jive rciir^il 
Jn ealm iti.;/Live rrlt, Shill I d^iiAttd 
All Aiiacf ibe losg-expe<;ied peace. 
Which, in ihe camulEi or our iroiiblrJ ilat^, 
Voiri eonlUnCT *f>d wif^om m^rt bellaA ? 
Let u J nut. Lln>f)iL(:. lu(c lIjc fEuh 
Of *11 oar tein tnd ^inftQkfht iTty rlam,^Ie 
I'toghc iTic tM» pure itfc/boft — Vc* my life. 
Who iMtvld not iafitr in it> NifHc a cauie f 
Tbc fiory ofcur Im<« feroorclt times 
Shflli leirrif and wtfh our Joveinur /ofiiTtjdit, 
If ibT* re dtnv'd ro lod imt diyi mgeiher 
In maikial happrnrfi, %t tetifl iiuf mmet 
hht I live ronjox/d, and Ihjrc one <ommori ^[cry* 

CL And whcftforc ic not heie ill Alra met. 
That, hcariog ibec. ^bej niiElii eicufe the pnlH in 
Wluk'ti onc« ia Clcontee tbe^ (onOcmrCd I 

But now t (MuUct'd I iboo my dcti A<f9cf> 

Co clien — bm £;A it) mc S-^hc^-:^ tk' e£^t% 
Of TDtriio^Jc hl^ (bice: ><ithou Ihtk k* 
ila« I coo icnikirc iby r*tct^cvamp]«: 
Cubic Ut b> Uiit^f M^cc ; it\trt Mu^tt, 
Shall iho^i IccdIc (hcuinfort f wiU^ulc; 
Tboj Quit b^-VK^-^u ac ittf rAj'jJ ndf^vti, 

^,'t I; Qt—l dill be—you pfli oiy tonlUocy 
To IOC icvcic it pioof. 

C No— UiD^try 
To emuUic tvh oshci in our fuA'Md^ 

J!. U Hriv'r \ ihcu little ko^wi what crutl sng^jtl^ 
Thfl conltant Eovtr knU, v/ho pin«i tbitbcAty 
T^ kx anoiler l>[«n in the potU&oet 
Uf whM bimfi:If oiuA iicvcr hope c' ofjoy. 

Wlikh jcaloui heafi* fniure; 
Bui da^c J (IjU conblt Lh^ p«ce» 

Lq mc coufido Jccum. 
Vca, wlicti I I.Mvc ihcc ihou ilaU Icnow 

Whai thouRhu my baton mote; 
Anrt whilr I ^itMcfi ftcra, i !r Dkow 

The lt;oji£dl proof of Jovc> 


This opera has bc^n rcccivcJ with the highcfl apj 
ihrougliout Europe. The fubjc^ iifclf h of the mofl pdthctk 
a.ri<l aHVcting nnire^ and xhc pal£Dns and ffntimrnu that »c 
rtifcJ u^oti it tfc tuch » vrc feci at our fouli. I'berc u & va- 
Ti«cy in the OiltrcE* thii Jvidi uk from oi:c fcarnicin lo :inolbcT^ 
jtnd chc event b To finely furp^ciJccJ, th^t atictition and ^uriolici 
arc rontinuAlly kepc a^jv^ikr, T'hcrr h a ftmptidty in the con- 
duct, And a propriety in ibc cbarjctert ot ChL« piece, l^hc 
rpcvHic^ afc ZJt Enacted whh the riioJl vi^oiix Arain of fioctiT. 
The rcnttmenti arc jiift and ^ne^ ani the fongt arc bcaatUullf 
dcrcTip;ivc, h^rmoa:oiji And tcndci. The foJIoHrin^ In paru* 
cxilir wai neivi hdrd wkhout repeated ac<:Iam:aic>m of Br^t^f 

/* /f ^^ ^ S 

Pfr iftttfvta a '«' ^' 
J^ f*rjh jJtff'B /4^ 

CuffJa/'Ji Mw/^ifi 

Shriili I, ^UkT c«<h pkf input 
IVc WT|.bccii<^Mia4 ijokcot/. 
Tbr u^c^aa^dtii»Vi i'^U£i^\u«i\ 

Mr. HooUc* w the Reiser will obfcrvc, has emitted ihc ft- 

bimfcK : pcrii-ipa tt mrj^ht tc an ovcr^ht, <^r poCibI/ it tr.a^ be 
omiitcJ in ihcci^ifTon trom whi^h he trir^n.-icrJ, Ruf wf ran* 
not fo cafily forgive bim his unequal tronHaijoEi of ih« following 
vefft» in tfiut nttjft uiTcfliiij fpcccli of Tjii)juithc3L> wlicrc lit 
fxtppotti h]i wife to be his Jiftcr : 

■ * /r^a* th Ditl 

■ My Clime 
F« ev«f rtTf ' dfC4dful fO rripcmbraitc*. 

The EiDS^ic of diibj^^ion, oi cocfciovs guilt «rd horror^ i» 
mort feebly r^^prcft in (he f »c»llfb tfian in rhr fr^ilriin, 

Thcfc, nt>wc*cr, *n<l itich Jlltlc fiulucs ibefc, v.x muft ex- 
pert to find in fvery tnuifljtian- We nciiiion them from the 
fame tnotivei tbit mducc<l uf to point out tlic fciy exceptioiublo 
pjfiigci in Mr. H/s vcrfion of TaHbt thai be irightt if he 
Ihcjughc pjoper, correct thcin in a future cdiiinn : at the (o-TJe 
time, \*x fitcly iJccWc our oplaionr thut an bikf;ij{li UiiiiiWivn 
ot Mcufljfin, eqEially faiihrvl, uid ntorcelE^ii than thit^ b 
not to be cxpei^cd. 

ft^i. B> JofcphPfidilcj, LL. D. F.R.S, 4cu. il. t*.' 
DodIlcy> ^-c- 1767. 

Cav/a laUt^ \>h ffi ati'Jfima. Ovid* 

NO part of natural jjhilofijphy ever cxciteJ the pulilic 
riofiiy (o firongU' i.i thai whieb fonnu the fubj^d o4" t^j 
prcfcnt Article, "i'he plicjicnicira of clc^ticity are io v4tiou%i 
ib britlianr, anil rnrrmnte frorn the ajspeannces iin»3er whicl 
natural bodies ufu^itly prcfcnt tbemfclvei to ourobfcrvdtion, titi 
9X the fkitic tiiTG th^t they amofe the fupcrficial and exciitilii^ 
attmciOEi of the mofV incurious ohfervcr, they arc adopted t( 
<xc]<:ifc ibc ulmofl fricuUics of ibc profounJcu philofophcr, 
the invcfticaitftn cf their caufcs and relation!. Tlic number an 
variety of the cxpcri;: cnt» which hive been attdc in tbb buncil^ 
of phflofoptiy uMbin our own iirrtei» \i aflonllhing. The fcar- 
eit)r of obfemtiorsm^Jc in the preceding >i^j, ind even b^ 
our irnmrdjJL't piedecf JTnri« on a fubjod which h.if proved Jo 
fruitful i[) our htuij^, i» ^Imol% equally lurpmtiig. rtcm the 
lime of Th^ilrtarid Milrtus >"d ThruphulluSt JoiA'n to the 
mrddle of the UR cemury, all that had been faid, or was krown, 
conccfning clc^jih;ilyi nii^it be contitncd wiibin the c^mpofs 
of aprimrr^cr. Even the more modem vrritcn of general fyOctnf 
of natural phElofophy tttber nc^fc^lH tz^ oc i n uft v\h& VvwNk 
4 Cwi'j 



thcjr hid to Ciir concerning it^ into ibntc obJcuie comer of 
WDnlc, and ufidcroihet anient hoc Acidine tt fij^m^cjiit C4><nigb 
to defcTvc a place dpart. From thii humdiuuig viciv of a iM- 
vburiic fckiKc, wc turn our rrci vri:h plc«fWc to the propped 
of It in Che irisitiphint naie wbcrcin U it cxhrbiteii 
in tbc woik now before us , in irhicli its itnottA untiling» 
IntercAing, snd immune phcnonrnj, obTrnri wiihia tbc 
compirt of the lift ht\y y<^sh tocher wiib the rcafonin|;a u4 
tbeorin to «liieli they bite g^ven birth* occvpy the fpacc of 
froo |Mjt*> of a volume in 4MS *>^n in the condcnfcd Aate to 
which our Author hn rcducol (hem. Nor a the cxtcnfivcncff 
of ihii brajtch of koowle^e, with refftrj Co the tcbiion h non' 
Lcaii lu muiy of ihc othrr rcicncc»» lefa wunh/ of obfcfvatioii. 
Dmrn to the ciiM^ <v<ii of Borto and Kewton* cleif^ilcicy bad 
bem foldf cmplojped in Mtractinc ud rcpdlb^ Rnw* «»1 
ctijrfF: in our dars It bst eKTmd«vi it« inAMnce wen into the 
ftrcnorpbertc re*foni, tmi ha« forrncd conf^ci^fociT with ilmoft 
every brincb ofnatunJ phtlofophv. Ic hiicv^n foared lb bi^b 
ns CO coaft an alliincc with pbyficaJ Aftfooom^, tnd fau ba4 
the condicnce even of {Hiding in a cUiin, vhich may ptrfcaps 
otie cby be alJowcd, of bavtfi^ a Ihire m ihc prodi*^«ofi of CsM 
of tbc (cniidcft pbcnocntCM m tbc uni^^fc. We conmtulitt 
tbe public chac ihia very nfptring and lucccftful fcience nai hsd 
the additiocul good fortiiDc of raccttn^ with to jodJci-ms and 
wcll-infonnrc) an hrftornn ta tbe Auihor of tbK vmrk^ vrho hat 
not oiihf ncordoJ ti« [lovr rife and rapid progr^Ci with clearncCa 
and aeruTA^; but hai bimlidf Ukewifr extended iH bounds: 
lor Dr. Prietllcy n oot tncrtljr an accurate and faithful rcUtor 
of the ilitcovcrii's 2fid cvpnimntrt nf ocbrri : he appcm to equal 
ndvanr^ge nt^cn he Strps (onh in a new chira^lcr, u>d tvl 
in ibt UlcoT part of his vrork* wkh ^n cx^ncfi and 
wnrthy of imiucton, Kn ott-n ucbievetaieoa in this 
fri«neCf which arc of fueh a nature aa to catitlc htm to a very 
diflin^j^fhrd rink among clrfliicUn*. — But li U time lo begin 
our account of thj« wofk* frit tit^rioc a fbort abRrad of thft 
Aiithor'i motives and ddij^ in wriiin^ b. 

Dr. P.biAly obftnwt. thst at prefeni the burmeCi of phHo- 
fophj m io mult>plkdt pbSalbpbical ^tfcuvcrirs ut To nume- 
muis JUid tbe arcotinn of ebett ate lb difpcffcd in booki of jce- 
tttnA phyGes that it ia not in tbe povm of aor mtn to come ac 
ibe kiMwIc^c of all th4tt Ka been ikine, a« a foundidon for hit 
own vnquirkc, and ch«t ihvte circ«aiftan«B hive very much 
ref«j<dcd the pm^nfi of di&pvrrksi that ic i> thereto^ higli 
lioic to fvMiT^'e ihe bulineli • tbe eoflfequeiKe ^f which fu 
4ivv1(on wiMiM br, that every man «^KiM have in Q^pamtWf 
Ibrtn^ *\i ilidl reU:» lu ku ink-n f-frovrite porfnii. ^ ^nd nU 4! 
*r;^fvhr* of pbiWtoby ^i«nU at the (anetkie nnd iheir 


bravii:hr» of a lar^ i:\ct^icpvm f^nilyr tn ihc patiurcli^tJ ajt^, 
found it ntcdEivy toi«|!araU't >^^ ihccojireiiiciicco^ tl)c ivlio^c^ 
mJ ih? f^n^lb aiid incrr^fc olcich Uiiach* wac prvjincud b^ 
the rtpxiatton. I.r^ ihf )'oiin^ft d^m^hc^roT the fcK^Cfv i<<c 
tbc ^x^mplc 10 the rtil, «ji^ fficw (hat Die thit;ki hrifclf ci^tifi- 
4lrrab]e erMu^H to m^lcc her appcafjnce in Oi( worlJ wkhcuC 
the cc^vpHftf' o' bcr iiJccn/ i 

* Buf Ijciort: thii ^(icf:^! fepiralicn, Icr each cnllr^ togrfhcr 
VTVij thing <hJt belongs to h^r, an^ march i>ff wiih her whole 
fiork* Todioji thcalluEion : let hifloTirsbcwitir^tof all ihit 
hB( been done m cvcfv paiticular branch of fcicTicc, >mj let <hc 
whole tc fee 1 AC i>nc *ic*. AdJ when tmcc ihc tntiro pJoj',;[;li 
and prcleiu flak <ii «'«y JVicncc fn^Jl he fully and fairly exhi- 
bited, I liuulE t\<ii but we (t\A\ fee A iicA^ anii c^^ui Ku coiiit 
nieticc in the biitoiy «f all the A:i«ici?i. Such an nfy, fuil *-■« 
com j)rcbcn five view of vr)iJt haa been done hichc^to* could t>ot 
fail 10 give ne\v life 10 i^hiJofophioi inquitirt. It mould ftjg^Hl 
■n inlioity of new cvpenmmts, nnd would iinJoubKtJEyercaily 
acec)ctaic i he pf ogrcfk of knowle^c; which \s .il prrfrnt re* 
carded, ax it were, by 'U own weight, and tbi' tiiuEu^ cn^ 
tanglemeui of ii^ feweiul |>iinA/ — Tlii» fchcme Dr. P- h;t£ eJLc> 
cuced for that bnnch which hat been hi* own favourite amufc- 
mcnt, md at ihc moA prcpcr time, he cbJervo, ' whfu ^ 
m^itrtili were neither 100 few nor too maiiy to n>akr a hiftor|'t 
and when they were fo fcitiercd an to make the unde/ttkiftj 
highly dcfirable, ind the wnrk peeij!i:]rlv uTeful to Erii^lirtiir-pn/ 
He baa cxhrbited a dtllindl view of a)I thftt l\as been do;?c in 
clt^rkliy \n the [ircfem tifnci aid likewlic tlie c4Jer aiij n>ai)r 
nor \f\ which it hit been don?^ fb thai eledriCMn* ir^y lofe no 
time for the future in profeQutin^ cxticiiiiieiiU> aa Jicw« whieb 
have already fuccerded or failed wiih oihera : at the fame time 
knowing where the fcicnec fiajidi at prcfcnif they may 0101c 
clearly lee wh^t remalrtiobe done, and wli^r i^urftdii beff pro» 
mifc to reward their I^briur : no^ to mcmion the new li^hif 
and himt which mult arife from a cimprehcnfi/e and ci>nr;ited 
riew of bU ihe precedm^ o^fcrvationi and e\[ienincnt^t and of 
the rtafoningi, a» far aa Ehc:y are ltnown« which led iti thL"^. 

Our Auduir divider hit whole work into cia^bt parts; the 
firll and pnn«i|)al oi which treats of the hiAury of ciei£Ljicity», 
and t>kei up more than half ihe volume. Jn ih? rollourijn^ futt 
w< are ^ircrenfed with a fhor: mcibodical t'c^iifc of e^Qricit^, 
ID which the Author hat dJ^^Hcd all iu i^cncrjl propertiei> de* 
4ucrd fsoin the rumerou^s obfrrhationi conrainH In ibe preced- 
ing hilVofi', into a fuccmCt and regular ^jnof prnpolitiont. 
Thi» i> fodowed by an accounC of the di ff tfrc«t iheoriea c* ckc^ 
rrlciiy tod of rhe fli^fidrrara in rhr? fHrncr, tpgtnber with hina 
for lis farther »mpro¥emrru. Ip the foUo^uvT^^MXbc K«ft^ 

^& PitiE*TLfiy'j Pfffint StaU if EUiiritiiy^ &C, 

ITC3I« of (be con^ru^ion of clc^i ical macliinci, and ^ivo 
pfiAicat maxims for the ufr of young elc^ricianc, tog^t 
mrh a ijffcripiion of ihe moH tiitcftainlng cxpcrinxnia per* 
fbrmr^J Sy Hc^iiciiy; arid dufr^ hiv work i^lth a (<fiec of ofi- 
{iiial «xpcritiKrnia mode in ihc yc^r 176^ Wc ihall Uke &aic 
nocrne of thefe ditiirTtiit^ p'4it ofihc work tn their order; but 
prinCTpatly of ilie iirEl or h flork^) part \ m our rtview of whicfe 
wc llwll j-ivc ■ fijmcwh,« connc^cd view of the more Oriking 
ouilirics of thi£ hiftor^, whJieihc fctcnce was vet in ilG inraDCy: 
iHit ihc gmE quantity and variety of fnaucr wm vcrirfg«>n i^bligc 
«B to confine ourfdvw 10 i more defulcory accoant of fuch 
the contcnci of thi>, u well at of the following p«ro of the 
work, a» art moll iuicrd^Ing clchrr On account of their oovdEy 
or importance. 

For gnraEcr rleameft the Aiirhnr divtdd hit hiftory Into teg 
periods '1 the firfi of which it a moft cxtenlivv one in point of 
tiroe, 31 it conuiiiF< ihc hlflory of clcclridiy frofn vlkc time of 
Tfaalcj^ who Aourifhcd 6co years A, C. down to thit of Mr* 
HiQwkfbcc, who wfolc at ihc bcgJniiing of the prefent ceniiffj, 
li is nevenhc)of< comprixcd, o.\\6 that very proMrly, in ibc 
mrrow fpace of 14 p>get; of which Ihc oncjotits oon^otLup^ 
one. H1e£tficicy indm owc« vfry little to them, except iu 
name's which it ftilL rcrtinj, and which, though very inadequate 
to the prtfcnt nccnftvtf fbtc of t^^^ hranch of knowlrgc, vrL% 
fuflici:r»tly cxprcitvc of thcUttlc they kntrw concerning 11. Tbe 
firA moJcrn who figurrs in our Author's Llt^trical hrflory b thit 
excellent philofopher Dr, Gilbert^ auEhofoF theadrnimblc trea< 
tifc Dt AfagPtu, who greatly augmented the lill of clerical 
bodies, which before contained on)/ amber and jet. Tbitr^;bff 
of modem clc^ficiiy, il hi» death, left hii Mld^ m^ Or K 
obr<fvci> in \ii hifancy ; in which ftate, wc mxy kJJ, it conti- 
nued above a century. Mr. Uoylc afterwards increased the ci- 
taloguc of clefltict, and obfrrved fjmc new circumilancci at- 
tending elc^rical attrad^ion. Hii cotemporary, OltoGucricliCt 
the ccicbfdtcd inventor of the air pump, iirfl ronk notice of the 
mutual rcpu^fion of bodies ck^rif^1^J, at welt af of the lifit«ni 
found exhibited by exciti^d clc^rici> Thcfe twd lall phrn 
were more accurately obfervcd by Dr, Wall, Sir Ifiac N< 
clofe* Lhie very barren period of ihc elc£tfkal hiRory with 
csmrimenti, from whence It appeared that excited glafs a 
light bodies on the fide op police to that on which ic wu rubft>cd| 
which were at thai rime deemed important enough w dHtnt 
the thanks of the Royal Society, to whom tbey had bc^n ptc- 

The feeoncf period contains tbe exjxriments and dlCcovcrie^ 
of Mr. HawklWc-^ u^hnwiowin ryoq. Undrrhi* hand&eWc- 
Cncitf bfgan to alWow ft tncte \i^i%%uti% vA cA^^^tn^ a^. 

poiTancc. R;f nraDs of f^.^ gU& globn, u wd! an thofeof 
ictUng'wax and rdjn, h<t ol>i(:fTcd m^ny ockv an^ flrilcir;: p^- 
iiumcu^ Ei^tiallv ingenious inJ indcrdti^jblc, he pUmic;! iiiti 
ejcecutcd II gfc«t variety of expctTneoii; 1 the principal oF vrhicb . 
our Author methu^j&s ^nd cojicifcly dcfcnbtA. Thi^fc un dec* 
tncal ittrattton ariJ rcpulfon jtrc v«ry cunou^i but 2rc ex- 
cocdoj In thjt rtLVc^4 b> KI» numerous 4;>tl bnl^Uot cxpeii- 
menw «n the liihr produced irt che infidc or gliii jiobc* ani 
tubes v-^haufttl of the iir, and tubbed w^h iht band* or 
bfaught into the ncighbcurhood of ei;f L[cd gioWi, noc r3c- 
hadtod. H'li «xptnmecita on what he calls thu menttfiai ph^f* 
pheruu or Ibe ftifhct of Ir^hl pruducrd by caiiEing mercury CO 
■JaOi agiiirft the Gdc» of ori cnhaullct) receiver, nre e<)Lu]Iy luik- 
ing : biit, which may iVcm \eiy rLtrprifin^, he appc^rw m hwo 
miirrly overloolced, lor a lomj; time, the very obviuu; aii^lo^y 
between there twu Lfl lelB of cxpcniLictiik, and Ct> hive bci^ - 
very floiv and diflidcnt in referring, at Uft, the lucninouft ap- 
pCiizancca in boih* to uilc common caufc % lUc frl^ion of a non- 
ciedcir aglinfl the fidct c^f in erit^inallv df^ric : for after al)f 
the idea cf a pborphorui hatS t«icej^ fucn hijld of birnt ifa^it he 
flilj dotibred wbeiher iht? iun^inmis tjuiltry mi^hr not rdi'ie in 
the mefcyry : but ind««J he doe* nol fcem, »a l>r. l\ oSfe;rvci» 
In have hid any preeile idrnif iht' diHintiion between eJe^iiti 
and iion-cle^fjci t da we rnsfjud^c: friarti "tic ol hi& l«t«(te.^i?»- 
rifficnn* in which we tad him Jtfemptln^ to pioduce clecliic 
nppeiTajicci frcimthc friftionof abMf-hcmirphere; and fr<mihrt 
altnbu:lng lu» fulurc therein I0 ths wcaknd'i of \ht aitiition. 

After n inieri/^l of nc-tr t«renty years, in grhich fltri^lncjl ex- 
pcrimciiia ai wcJ! a^ Jiicovc-jcs fecoi to h^kve bce.i at a full fla[id| 
noiwii^fl^tiidiii]^ the extc^Urnt lra»ri into which thf^y appfAT lea 
biycbcfn put by H^^'kJbcc, Mr. Stephen Gr^y, ofttic ChArier- 
hnjfe, apneamf, a^id «iib iinweanrd perfrver;trcj riilrivacei) 
1hi» n?w h;!il of phiSofophy \ ihe fble and rxdurive pofTdfioji of 

whiLii lie cldintcdt ^nd of whicti he WJa fu jc^I[JU!it t^^'^ D'< 
Defaguliers, through icndcmefa to him, abfUmed from profc- 
cuiinz any elc^iiud inquiries I being laell ;iirurGd ihut on hi* 
jntenenng ivirh hlrn »n thk irattcr, to which he had cntrrely 
devoted btmrdf, Mr> Grey would ionfidci him aoc u a fellow- 
labourer but u an opjmnrnly and ^^xiu^d iinmedJaidy give up bit 
inquirtcj. Mr. Circy'e great aiKduriv vru rewtrded by Ibmo ca- 
pita! dJicov^rHea, whirh adnrn the ihird period of our Auihor'a 
^ittory. He lirll dikovercd that the cTe^^ic vrrtLic tni^ht be 
COffiQ»unirAicJ fHrcime,v<itcd eln^kricsto ntniaele^rics in conud 
wiib them. He u'aa led to this difcovcry hy accidtntshllv pef- 
ee^vin^ that the corlt* whitb had Iscen thiuA ijiin (he coduf his 
lube, to ke«p ou;dull^ wvald, whtn thf tube wai cKoied, aC- 
osdl li^bt bodi tff with tltc Ivbc itklf. He 


prcfccuibd tlieliSnt, >nJ fourd that a pi«e af pacfcthrcij^ ftf|*i 
]Xiidal front ihc cTci^iificiJ tube, urould cunvcjihc inra^irc^ 
pflwcr lo an Uory ball hin^^ing at the end of it< By afttndUi^ 
to conCidcrablc hcight^i he Wda cnabkid lo try the cxprrlnren?' 
wfth Itwujcr ftriii^s, *nd round nr» tlintinution of the riHtic : Valf ] 
vhcji be nttcn^puJ to rranlmit it horicorrtaJljr, and for that pur^l 
pijfr cfinnc^cd nii juiVihicaJ wiih a hcn^n linr, hanging TrMin 
thCcciing, tlieaicrKtiDnoF the ivory \n\\ diToppcared. He coni^ 
BiuiikilctJ }{%% ilLfiip [Klin line [it (o lila Oie;td, Mi. Wbeelrr ; and*! 
it ift cunout lo obkrve hour the rwo fr'rcrdi, m cDnTe^ucncc oT 
icafbrnng ^n fjlfe principle),, luppity bluriJcrr>J en the impor* i 
tant difcovcry of (he rricEhod of mfi^tiTing bodiet t by wbtctal 
tbc cle^huity communitjicd Xo ihi-rn ii dctjiitcd and prcfcircd,] 
and whicli l.iid the fuundirior oT almcdt ^11 chc fubfct^jent 6'\U^ 
covcrici, Mr. Whtctcr prgpofcd ihit the hori/onul line, bf] 
which the? cIciHriciiy wjn ro be rr>nvryH to the bilt, fhotil^ M 
fuppiirtcd by A fiik ihrraJ. Mr. Grev readily approved of tfcvl 
ptopo/jT^ b(.'c-<kuf'c the lillc lh«c^ wa^ pnnlUr^ and ib^refbf^ DOfi 
likely, he ihoii:;ht, to carry olftbc cfccinc virtue fo lad » ibtfi 
tbitif bciiLpcii ^rin^, '1 he expcikiirnit the p^tn> of wbirh 
our Authtir relate^ wa tned v^'iih Uccci's \ and wc may foppoiff | 
the two fticiiiJs cuiJi^r^tuUtijii* ejt:h o'hct on ihcii hnciralon* 
ing, and perhaps bymg the fourd>iinn« uf no mean hypottwfifl 
on cbla experiment ^ whai, upon the brcnkii:^ of their fiVc ' 
Uring on tbr following day, and the rubfeqiient coiuinued iii~ 
lun,-» of (be experiment on ibcirtubltjEuiionof/7ririfirofl»idbn& 
wire in \t% roonit they found ihiif fhrir former fucce& depended 
en tbt fjppc^TUni^ liric bcint; /)V*, and not on its he'mg£tt^ 

Our Author imt^rrmit* hi* acc^nint of Mr. Grey^ tjfper'i^ 
mcncs, in order to reliic (hofe of Monf- da Kaye, iniendinr of 
the FicjLch kiii^'a guldens, which louk theit rife fiom thetice, 
jtnd fill the fourth period of this birtory. To him wc owe the 
difcovery of feveral general propcrEics of cTectiieii)-, whicli, in 
oonfequcncp, beramr- fomcwhac more confifti^nt and fyDcmjCi- 
C^; but his capLCaldi('i.:cvcry vraichatof [hctwofpccicsof dec- 
iriciiy> which hr denominart^J chc vfirc^iia and minons ; from 
the prinopil fubftaice* to which thty rcfpeilivfty bdanp; tiie 
cbara^eviAic nf whit:h twii kiny^ ii, ibiC bodies polTrlled of 
one of them, repel ftil other bodies, whole ek-^tricity i« of fbi 
fime fpccirv vrich ihcii own, and xtiract u!l liodicb pofiedcd of, 
the ^hfr rprcJeq. * Confiderable as ihi» djfcovcry ttra«, 
Dr. PJ it fccms to have been dropped after Monf. Da 
arid thofe efTrifli ^ftribed tu other oiifni which is an tji 
that fciciice fomttimei ^oc* bHckA'^rdi/ Thii might »ery wVIt 
happen, wh^n we find that even the difeovercr feemi aAcrwanJt 
to bavcj^ivcn it up, and to have brtn inclined to tbinlc ihac bit 
two cJcctndiin ditlered only in de^recp snd thdt the II 

" 4 

oa ibii |3r»ni--J]>lp, buJitrs jjj'fH^lTeJ of Hit twa deSricii'icn ought 
to attract ^nc^noLhcr Mt foroibl/, than if one of ihemhtcl noc 
been c'-ct^rjf^cd 4t all, uvlikh i» coninry to /^;j^.^ Mr, Km-> 
acr^cy of I^hJ^dphijL, fiowevcr, (o late as the 1752* re* 
Jjfcuvcicd, 01 »i IcJ^ icvivcJ, the Jui^riricof luvoclc^cicuicv; 
and propoJcd 10 iJi". Frinklyp, in confc^Liencc of it, cortaui ex- 
pciicncnts which he wa^ not aE itui lime in 4 fLtuAtiuLt tu iimks 
himfc-jr> and ^I'hich, fo liliic Jiad ihe I'ubjed I>*^en actcndt^i to, 
carried vrUh them & vcty JUong air of paradox, Thcjr fuccccJcd 
wich the Do-!orj wha fipljiirifd fhem vfvy rafuially on hif 
on^n pcijKipIt'» of pofifivc artd negative ek^ricUjr. 

We ihirfc *t very reni4ifk;ible ihitf, in ^i] Mr, (jrey'seitperl- 
inchit on infubtcd bodies, psnicubrly on ihc boys whom ha 
fulVciiiJird ojt tail htiCi, orcjvfcd tuil4iid upon wax, he fhould 
never i^crccivc the clr^iic fpurk. This obfcfvatioTi was Hrlt 
made by Monf, *iu Fayu acctimpanied by the Able NoIJet; ' 
the Inter of whom d«J.irM, in hii Lffuft At Phfi^ttt^ ' that 
he Di^ll never forget ihc ruii>ri£c ^vhl^h ihc iirfl clccttical Tpjrlc 
that wu evtr drawn ffom ihc humun body, excited boih in Mr« 
Du layc an<J himklf/ 

In the fiflh ptfiud i>ur Auihor jcrimei the remaining expcrl« 
tnenti of Mr. Grey, inidc after ihv i^blieaEicn ot the preceding 
ojic> by Moiif. (lu Fjiyc> We luvc here (he t^i^^in of Jreullic 
infuJ^icd condu^ort, and lb? Iidt obfervation of the pcncjl of 
rjti perceived at their pointed extremili^^. illr. Circy*» difi^j* 
vcrict jrc clofed wjrh an account of ih^t moll ri-markjtblc in- 
fUncc cf phlJcfophical dchifton irrto whi^h he fdl ^ feducrj 
and blinded, prubably, by a fu^Jn^fi for making difcovcriet i '] 
and »nto whith hcfcLim 10 have Kd Or. Mortimer, with rc^rj 
CO ccruiJi cxperimenti, which he revealed 10 that gcncletnan oi| 
hit dfatb bed, on the fo;>pofcd spontaneous revoluEioni of pen* 
iluluui iHjdiL'», held lu the hand uvcf ^ ftnall iro» g)ob^, pbeeil 
ilk (he center fjfjin exciird circular eake of ro{in ^ in [he ftme 
dircclioii w^h that of the planets round the fun ^ i. e. fjom the 
ri|;bt bind to ihc left^ or from w^^ to<^i(t; from whenc« be 
hi'^J, if he fhould rcc^^rr^ 10 allonifh the world with a net^ 
fUmiGriitm^ and a true theory it> txpljlri i)ie moilonf of iht 
uran^i plititii^itm ©f the vnUciTe- MucJ) paini were taken bjr 
T)r. Mnninicr and Wv Wheeler to verify ihcfc cxperimeriia* 
The liril ol" ihefe j^cmlemtn prod<*crd wen lonie cvpcnmcnii 
uf bi> iiwii, in (uahim.iiion uf tlic truth tjf tbcai . but Mr. 
WhceTcrt afit; vaiiou« EriaU, give tt at his opiniort, th^t a de-* 
fire ro pjud«tcthe moiion from wc{l coeall woi the fecreft cauft 
vrhich determintrrl both tbc motion and dire^ion of the pen* 
<iuli>ii» bijd)\ b> mcarks of fome impreCion froin Mr» Grty'i 
Jund, ai v.tII w his own: thyu^li he j^ai tio* fen{iH^j 8t 

H 2 ' the 


Ito PatrsTLPt'i PitfiuT Sttitf if F.ltffrjnty^ &C, 

iTw tiDi^i cf ikfi^cdly ^vin^, Jitmrcl/a anjr onuofi to hd 

)n tb« 6th period xrc cdntained the experunmcs of Dr.IMt* 
gniient iT>idc bctwc^it ihc ^cjd i^^g^nJ 1742. Th< Doc* 
tof% tvriTJncf, on ihii f^uicicular fubjeft, Arc iutllv chira^f^ixc^ 
ty our Auinor, as ccntiu^ing m.iry ;txiom^ cxprdkJ in a more 
ck-Ar iitcl iJi^in^ manner thiin t)\ty hud beci) btfore ; but Wrj 
fcw, aiiithofc imtnaicrij, improvcmcntA, 
■ liiEhc-no, from the iimc nf Hawkf^nar, ruhe« ooljr hxJ Imn 
ur«d in fWlrical *Jt]>rfimciiu. 'Jo this circumftarKC OUT A*^ 
itkor aiitlbutcv tlic ilotv Adv.incrt m^^ilc in ihe fcicocr, in & 
long A rpic* of lime : f.ow oiily» wc bcc leave to odd, wheA 
^iintEUtcJ with the rspitJtty of iu pnjgrci* after the year 1743^ 
tvhvf) Ehe ijfc of f;1obci wti ngjiin ti^troJuCcti bv ihc Gcrmaftt 
w^bofc ilifcovcric-ii together with \\\y.(v of IJr, Wdtfon, arc cob 
Fairied ir ihc ^ih jvrirtd. By the fiac Jn* number of ihnr glo 
iKc CjcemAtu cxchfil a prtidi-tuus powtr of deitricity, 
Grrdf^n, a SroTch Iki^eJi^irtr, prifcfTar of iwiural philoli 
ftt O.Nfojd, incrcafcJ ihe Urengih f.f the Jimplt elc^ric 
10 fueh a degree, iliJt ibcy vkctc felt from a m*r\'s hc*d lo 
foot; find fmall hrrcU wefc kflhd bv ihem, Theau»A fu 
dfcfl pTDdiKetl ^y [he Gerni-tii mi^-hljin, w;u ilic acccnivao 
infl^mmAbk bodies by the eletflnc fpuk, toward* t^e b^nn 
cf ihcyc4r 1744. by t)r. Ludt^lf of Berlin, who kindloli 
in meani, the :etbcfiKl ft:if*.t rA [- robcniut, row belter k 
kt tlic n^imc of fhc viuiuJk (tcber, But ihc m^^Ct diningul 
iMOwin lhi» perifhl ol thtr hilloiv, 3«ihe Airthorjuf>!y obft 
K(lftat<'f t>r, WiiiforT. He nut or^f y fuccccded in Dr. LuJd 
^pftimciilt bui tireJ fpiiiTt cmrt^ciably diltitrd* diftilltd 
gcUbk <ti1«, r?fine>iia lubl^siiect, itrJ eunpowder. He f«t 
re»tfle ftOUious jjr piwiuccd ou ibe fmitiion uf iioti in dilu 
^ifil of vjirioT, whichi vrhcii ic did not find a tendy 
out of (he moiith cf ihe (IjIV jd vrhich it «u coritatr^ed, 
kinilod thrt-j^hom %u wbole capicitj, with an expIol'fOo ctjinl 
to thit of a 1*^6^ piftoL He iikcwiTe fired fjMiU of wine b) » 
drop of cold waier, iind at'tefwanls even h)' ice: hut we pali 
lyk-Cr ihc account jti^en ua of fevcfAl other intcK^jn^ ^^P^^^l 
DicTKK, made by this gciiilcmait and oilier^, fo haOen to dH^ 
/^uthcr'i 8th period, in which is coniaitied the hiRciy of iktf 
mofl amazing cf »U the e1e£1ik al difeoverici, the Lffirm fh$A\ 
ll> c«)kd from ihc place in which it «a> macte, m th* ydt 
'I74&, by Mr, CunGU», j luiivc of Leydcii, a» be wai rcpr^fjfi^ 
feme experimet^tt of MefTn. Mufchenbtoeck .in<l AUaaiui^ 
ftrofrlE^jra m ihc amverfiLr of ihM eilv \ or» Jt> oiben lay, ^H 
Mr. Mufchcnbroeck bimfelf, who firll fell ihe ftiock, as l^' 
waa ufing an ironcinron, fufpcodcd on filk linca, foi a cc^ 
ifuAor. Df. P. cDdlvcnt thit pait of bit hlAury wil^ «t 


n OJ 

P%t1^ThZ\:*s Pryflni Staff fff Eti^hifit/, Uc, 


count of tbe drredptinnx \Krtii^h^^tinrc vfho fitH felt the dcAric 
(hock, g»v« of It, whik Thejr trtj i*-;iAd^ the influrncc* of the 
puiic occafvoj^cd by it. They tit'cf A frnkJng a nature, thac 
w« (liaTI mnfcttbe tbcm for the amufcrn'nTi^^.^^r Readff»- 
* Mr. Mijfchcnbrocck (fays he) -who trfcd tKc" fX|ftri(i7^fit with 
n very ihii jjlaCi l^owl, T-ty^^ In a l«tcr c<i Monf, Jtrnmniir* 
which he wrote Toon Bftcr (he experiment, that he TMt.'hiftrTcif 
flruclc in hit arm*, fliouUeri and bftiift, r<] th^t he Icft/iH 
bttath, M)^ waa tiJVD (layi before he rccovacd from the tffitcir' 
of the blow md the irirof- He 31^*, that he would not Ukc a 
Second fot^ck for the kingdom of France' 

* The fijll iLrne Mr AIldMi^nd made ihi^ cxpcniiicDt (wliSeli 
i.?At only with :i common Wr gbls) he f^iyi, that he lul^ ib« 
ufe of hit bjiich for fonic momtnti ; anJ then fi^Jt To iiilejifc a 
pjtln i\] along hit right jrn\ Miai h« at tirJl ap|irrh«ndeJ ill con- 
sequences froQ^ ici though it fooii after wrnE oft' without any 111- 
conrrnfenre. Bur the moft remarkable account k thai of Mr, 
Winklcf of Leipikk. He fays, chit the firft time ha idcJ rha 
I^cyden cxficnmeftt, he f.nind violent convulfii^ns by it U\ hh 
body ) and (hjii it put his b!ood jntn great agitation i fo (hat he 
wasafi^d of an irdcnt fcvrr, iuid wji obli^d loufc ^efiigcfitt- 
ing medicines. He nUo fdt xn hcavjncfs jn hi« hciJ, aa if a 
Jtonc lay upon it. Twice, he r^ys, k g4vc him a bleeduigat 
the nofr, 10 which he was not inclined 1 and thit hh wifp, 
(whofc cufioTuyt it fccma, was ftrcjnBcnhjtii her fears) r«;eiv- 
cd the Ihotk cinly twice, and fctund heifelf fo weak thn flic 
could hardly walk , and ihnr a week after, upon recovering eoLi- 
rage In receive aroihrr fliock, flir blrJ^iE thirmife, ifitr ukinz 
it only once/ Our reajcn, who have probnhly been nocuflomtd 
10 cofiiieft the idcav pf mllnus fibres and phlegmatic humnurt 
vrlch thofe of Dutch and Crrin'jn conAitution^, will be fur* 
priced to tind the i^efvoui HAcms of thcihrcc pjofefruft JItuii^ 
vp 10 fuch an exquifiie pitch of irritability, and their homour* 
of fo very aduft a cmnpUj^ion, 4» thcfc accounts fccm to imply ; 
hut wilhoiit fitppnfing fhcm pofieir?d of more than a commoa 
degree nf fufcepnbijjiy, we tn^y in fomc mcafun: vin<]icMeaniJ 
account for what appeart exiL^g^i ail- J In thefe drfcilptions by 
confiderJng that they were w^occ under the iniliicficc of ihcfar- 
privc and trrrnr eKrireif hy a nrio and tmrvpt.^td feelili^, of X 
molf peculiar kind [for c^rrairly the fenfjiion cauic^ bv ihfl 
clci^iic fltock '\% a pi^rfeit imiquf) ,proJuicd by n fecmiiij'l/ 
ioAdequate caufc, hirkinc in a tumbler of water. Every chao^e 
or commoEicin pcr^ciied In the boJy fur fociK time afl^rr tlic 
fhochj ihuiLCtrcumdanced, mi^ht nacufally cnouf^h be ac{iibul<r 
ed by a iinii>fovi> pcrfin* ihcufh cvcf fW well ac<]ti4Tn(ed with 
the phi^nom^na of ck^ricirv already knov/tx, ot v^c \v**4 *\- 
lead/ cilibliBicdt to (omc fccrci and tiaA^couki;u\:pW o^*Cvi** 

cf thi< inrifibk aoJ myfl^riAu^ ijcrti ; psn of vhich, en thJi 
new and flrangc moi!(£(:^Qi\bf i;. might be fufputtcJk on iti 
diflodgincnc rf{>m (Ik bvcr^glifi, to huvc oii]y chani>^iJ ii^ ifuAf- 

within ^hchp3*^"or»t \tx\\ lo hxvc ftrimmtfiriy 6iict>a\\ttyM *nd 
rufflod I'doit of U'C fibres, iniu hifly pd&gt Ouou^h it, Kwn ■ 
,V-f^^i^A'yi il^c rn^rvf>Uau« Ak of chii rx^vrimem ii rtoi To in m 
'^Hrtfnilhcd by fr«iucm rcpetiLLoni, but ihic it i^ill thto^ia &■ ^ 
'^^inilardclutioii on many ) whDirrib^rVy MiJiicril (olUitik thfj 
fed ihe cfi^ictft of ihc cleiinc nit»t:k ^■r foiric time after it hn 
been given i AnJ friv rcttivc it ^rithrul lome degree of perltf- 
bilion. Bui TO r«Uiir: to our .Author. * We »rc nor/ coniinoet 
]>r, * ID hi^Ki ftuni ibcfe irttjiic» fhji ^11 ihc ek^iiciiini were 
jHuck with ihis panic. r-<w, I believe, would Kai^e joanfd wiA 
ibc eouvardly pr^^fdrur^ \^^ho fiiil fell ihia flTOck, in f^yins Am 
he wolpM no( uke a fecoM for (he kJogdom of Fiance. Fx 
ililfcuni from thdc wrrc ihc jcnilm^rui of tbc tragnanincw 
Mr^ Rozr, who with a t<uly fi1i]Tcf[\jbk- bcroifm^ worthy </ 
the renowned Empcdocl**, Uid be wifhcd he mii^ht die by tte 
cle^ric fhocic, chat the accouni nf his dr^rh tniglit fH-niftao 
ATtide ior the Menioirv of ihe Royat Academy of Sc>cncc«: 
but It h not ^ivcn/ f^yi Ot I\ * lo cvciy elcclrkian to die the 
death of the julMy eJiwicJ Rkhmafi.* — I'hc Doftor apparently 
doea not recoSkit that any pcffcn, dctjroua of thit honour, nm 
now be eifily put in » wiy of fhaflng it with the Rufliati pro- 
fcflbr. It i^ icarcf indcc^^i kvorih i^hib fcr a philofophcf of any 
rank lo afpire at becorni/i^ fecond ic profrlVur Rtrhman, bvdpdj 
like him. by it^e e/ifjhji rU'-hia > bui there i» CliH a farr opcA- 
jng^ and a vcrv honourabTe pb^c in the tit^Jricai matrjrtlf^ f0 
the firil mun who ftall Ull by pure, artifioat firHriiitj, If Mr. 
BoLC is flill in being* anO ,ib Jtiilfitiuua and liittcfiid in be wii 
in the year 1746, be may noiv hai/c hrs tvi^^ a»J bt cvk- 
btarcd by all the ^ddcntiro in Kurtipc, Kvcn we, though lu 
academic 1:1 nt, may n^nttibiite 10 the cxtemling of h^ f^mc^ ^ 
re-cchcing the academical eulogia tlut ^\\ bi: (ironouiictd on 
the occafton* Ur. P, wc mav venture 10 fbietcl, will teco*J 
thi« voluntary facrlficeto poHhumoio renown, in the adJitictai 
which hir prnp«?f(.'^ i<> make 10 hiii untrL — and by the bye, m 
know not a 11I4CC « ht-r^' Mr. Bozc's fame con be nvorc cITeSvtlly , 
fic^icd fioiTi otiivion. lie iK<d only then tn rccrire on hM^ 
TcU-devorcd b^iid a Hiock Iron* fuur or Ave hundicd leeic^l 
coated glBfA. orthc utiitcJdifcharEe uf half a Icoieof Dr. Pr«rf* 
ley's eleclrjcal batterica ^to bo ScfcrdH^ h<reafm) 10 be >«- 
titled to a feat at ihc litht hand cf piokilW Ridinian ^ v^^ '' 
all future f\icc<(»T\^\ ca^iv4atct for the eleftficfll ctAwn •f lair- 
tyrdom mvift be corAcw. vi fc\ W*r« Wnn, ft*^ ^i« 
|Hftimcnt be mi.^» a V«&» w«ta V^WA Ti»^t 


PuKJTlf rV Prejhaf Sfatt 9f Eti/ifiiitj^ tx. lo'J 

tf^B t moTc 'crcd't:iH(? minfirr rhan he did by rbit Ic^nd of 
«jMfe|>l^iCtJ irick, which he called his clciii'icai h^ii^-tuKa *« 
JT^ikhkh, 3« it fills v*i|htriihi?( penodof ihtr hiAr;fy, w«r have 1 
gih-cn Icmc acc<tuQt of below, i he \itoSeCot will i^idon ui J 
iff ibiA fJHyt &oMlii It rr^ch him ; ;h wc mean it only >« %t\ 1 
lonocut picco of i<ve&j(r, talfcn, m bchilt of our(c\vtt and j 
< WAT ^apdreOs 01 cl^^/kijna m Lmi}\x ^ni\ Ainciici, fof cjc* 
pOK^ dtfJtjfobiiincM, vul lofj of timr fpcntin uriAv^ilingcsc- \ 
|KnincnC5 made with a ticvo/ rcati^in? thii magnificent phc* ' 
oooicnoin, ard in puffiiui2 ihc jifJC'i^lifuri whrchhc bold out to 
ti>.— Hul to tciurn to the Xc>^cn phul, * li vr«» ihiA ftlloaiJh- 
Ing cvpriinKnt, f*y% Dr- P. that ga/c an rtUt if> Hrflrichy— 
'£rtr7 body w>i eager lo fee, snd not«Jihliandin£ ilic terrible 
DrcDunt that wa« rrpntted of ir« ro frrl ihc frnriETdii ptoHucrd 1 
it/ * U id 10 chifi d^y, ihe Dr. oblervc^f jt^'tly viewed with J 

remirkabJc phcr-ooicra <jf ii have b«n cjicellcntly accoimted 

iot by Dr. Fruiklyn, lad uthci!, (lill much rcmiint <o bi; dfinct 
isdinmuiv rerp<^» trie circtjmll«nc«tatUfKJin«hai« Hill inex* 


la the IVccnd fc^ian of thit p^n^ } for mitter tncreifei lb 
hA up««i our Author* that he is oUjec*^ (hu» lo divide his pe- 
xiorfii WJ havf sn wvdurt of m>bl^ frt of rxpciiments^ 
pijflcicd «ad directed by Dr- Watr<;n, tj&lled by the prcfidctit j 

and ounr of the lt]1o^^3 of the Ruyiil Suciecv, made in ihe yc^ir J 
1747* with % view of afcertatiiifig the dJliancc to whidi Oic | 

vkctric ih«c1c could be carried, and the \cfocitj' vrhh which it 
Skovu. Ift iheif ^t& cxpeumcM the ibocbwai |-ivcn and fpjfitt 

* Tbe pvrloa io b« bntill^d vtm to mDoriE on hrge cakei of pitcfi, 
4Ad Arr* to bf fh^triiicJ by ■ nnoiber e>l lirge globet- A UmUnt 
^iAe* Mr- Bose All'ufed ui, would ftrilc from (be pitth, at the bcgin-^ 
wvof ikbc4liBc pccpoefsk uid fpreid found E<:ic fc<t cf ihc Nfpirinjg . 
iHAclMe; ftoa ihtocp ii wiTuEd be tiropflgntrd m ihc ktirn and boii^, j 
BDd n UM ifcesd lo the hnd, whicn wodM be ((irroundMl by a gloty. ] 
icfEHbliPc iafomc Rieafure itjjt wjih uhieh p^nlt-n adota ihc hcidt of ^ 
Xtijkt>^ Df. Wiifon cook p^ijcuJaf pnick on ihii otcufion. ifc uflder^ 
%evt the fJeftfiicaiiar^ fevtral tuvtt, fur^pocicd bj loiid ch^'biu liice 
tux hCgh. JBipaitfiuly Httukin^ ihe pcomljed i^Aie rf i^IoriikiiinEi : but 
10 M> pvrpofe. Oa ihc t*it\Viiy, he <vai ifu^idrd frr all hi4 trouble, 
«kh • wydilrtpvtabU kind c>Miin(4t]on ; thai cjj an iLjimcufc ^lumbcr j 
of «fr£b ciawlioe over hi* hc*d a.d body, Mr. Boie, bcJueHro^^^y 
|fftfird, aficEvruJb o«n<d thai ht btid a^dc ulc cf a fuh of jfUK-ur, j 
khith *Ju decked with many hulliont of fleel : vnd tha the edgei cf 
thg beJiaei wo*ld, «h«<i <hv «k(tFi»Fimi if^s^s *cry t'l^aiciui, /t^\ IoieFi 
pettCiU of rart.^A vefj liepte exfCftinent, ibiu divcUed of the >mpli- 
iEKtoo H iih wtich lie peo-^cilbr hid adof ced it 9a the iilt iditioo M ^ 
is eke rzulcfephica! TisK^koni T 

H 4 ' Unitlc: 




104 FaiivtlkvV Pnfint $iaif 9fEk&rUhjj 4rCt 

ktodl«d 1^ elcdric lire lA'h^h had b<*A C9avcj4>d through ihc 

rirrr Thimkca. h\ \ht\% ncjct they obliged ibc ckclik rtuid to 

TAilcc A circuit of two mile*, in which u piitnl over lh« New 

rivet twice, an^J through fcvcrd ^nvd-piu apd a l^^C^ JUibblc- 

firld, Thov tftcTwa:J» carried it through iftrtuit of Tour mile*, 

tltrough %^Kich fgijcc they paflcid inJlAUl^couAy as to fcu&t 

t^tas the experiment* from whence ihey dreiif this coneWftoo 

were raihcr adaftiod to fticw the rcUtivc vclocitka of found aftd 

rle^riclttr, ihin iheaSfoluic velocity nfihclancr; Dr.WadDu 

comriveiiJ an cxccllenc mcihod cf dctenninrng, in a dirc^i qud- 

ner, howf^r ihc veluciijr ofthceleflric: JIuidwiiAmcarunble. Ac* 

cordmgly, in the lifl of thefe mi^nificcnt experiments, as ihcy 

were jufily citjcd by PmfclTcjr ^^ukhcLlb^ucck» in a letter to Du 

IV^itfon, the lenfible i^lluUaneiEy of th« niotion of the elc^ic 

fluid Wj& JireOIy Atccrtained by an obfcrvcr, who. ihouj^h in ihc 

r&mc room with the chjiged pFiUl^ »f^^ at the Qme time ia the 

n/iddle of m electric cireui: of two mil»t AndfiJ: htovfelf 

fhoclceJ ai rhe Time inflant m which hcfau> ihc phiardifchsrgcd. 

Sc^ion 3d containi mifcellancous dllcoveiicj of Dr. WuJba 

and others tj13 the thnc of t)r. Fianklyn ; and pardcuUily ih« 

very impofiwitoneof ihefirft-namrd ^entlcmin, tbst the gbEi 

tlobCB anil lubci (lid tioT cnniain within thcmfdvcs ihe ele^lric 
re which app«artd on their eKCiiatJODi but drew it from the 
earth and the boii^c» contiguous iu^ 01 iit ^onUi[l witti ihc 
rubber. Mr. Wilfon appean to have ma^lc the fume ioij^ortsnc 
ohfcrv«tion> Dr. Witiun hkcwifc djfcovcred whjt Dr. Frank* 
]yn hid obfrrved ^bour the fame time in Amciio, itc fkt 
and rsir.ui ftatc* of elcilnlicd bodiei. 

The 4th f*;flicn is priiitipully devoted to the Abbe NoHetj 
ard ceutaios an accoiini of the very exte/ifive fct of expcrime<il9 
by which he f^iund rhat ihe" cvapcstiuion of fluids arid :heir mo- 
tion ihroui;h the fmalleft capJKarv lubes were accelerated by 
fMiiplt He lI I i tat ion. T^c abtie wdi from bciicc led 10 expcd 
iiQiiUr eHcct« from the clciitiiBciiion of orgaiiisEcd bodki ; ind 
the unwicd icfuli uf hj^i jtumctous expcrimenii qii jmimiU wi», 
that their infcnfible perffirition was greatly incrcaleJ thereby^ 
Dr. l\ who ihi:i1u thai the ftmplc contiiucd clcClitfic^tion of 
the human body may probably be more e:ffic3^ioLiE than any 
other mode m which cle^ricily has been yet applied to incdical 
pcirpofeat and iliai the eTtpcnfivcncfi and troiib]e of ihiii manincr 
of clcsLlrifying has hitherto prevented the exhibition of U in thb 
foim, very pivpeily jTropufca nn elc^ticjl machine, which may 
I^ by wind or wnier for the purpo(CE» of perpetual dechiScatioi], 
with 4 VLCw ro mediciucr and for the pcrforniitig other capita] 
«3Cperioient< m clc^icity. 

In tbc I^ft fe^on of ibij period la contained the hifloiy of the 
medicated tube» and globcv, by the cxciutign c^ vrhich ^i^ioc 

Saijitfc»x*; fBjMial Effo^i M Tat'tu 


pititi of Vtntc«« cnpnallyi and ^ficr him Mr Vcnti of Bo* 
l<igni, Mf- Bivichi *t 'i'miii, *nd IVufcfil^i Winkler ai Lcipficp 
pretended to ifAnrmit Che odoun smd inedieiRAli]uj)fiic«4riub<- 
AaiKn conuiiicd whliin thcm« to 4ny number fif pcrCuni Jo 
p^ia£t with the oc^ndu^or. The molt Ji^ivc and 3;Ti(ni(c4 
pxtu of Jr^fra Were f^iJ to be immcdtAEcty fcccivcil jjitu llic 
habtt bv thJa new method, and ti^ e.vrrt themfcli^i mere pawcr" 
fully thao wlun they weiit through the cUt dull rouiM 
of tbe Aomtch and tnicftin»t ^c. Df, P. rtcord» fome of the 
moiG curioia cxr^rimcnt», faid to be pirt^ormed on tbi« occafion, 
for the erwriainnwriT and inAnidlon of [wfteriiy. The Atb4 
NolJci, with whom none of there ex per imcri* (Jid> or a» we 
are now well siTurrd, rvcr could fucccrd^ p^iHtd r))r Alp^ wiib 
a view of vifiting the ccmntry which h>icl giver birth roalJ tJtcfe 
wondcfs, and the pcrftma wliu pcnormcii them; and Ttutned 
con\iiic«<l that, ihouf-h fomc eurei hai been pcrfomiud by conr 
liniicd elcftrif cation ^ yet ihat* in no f>ne jnllance, h^d the 
odour* Of other ferfibtei^ijilUiei of medicines irarYpired thmu{*li 
excited ^bfs. Upon tlic whole, it ippcufr, a* Dr» P, obfet>w, 
that not only the Jmagin^tion and judgmnic, btic evtn all the 
external fcnfes of thdc ^c^itlcmcn muit have been intpol^ 
|ipori, Oft thi% ocrafifin. 

Wc Q14II here clofc our review of this excellent perfontinnet 
fof the picTent ; propufing 10 continue our account of \\% In:e- 
refting conteiuln cur nexi number. 

Hifitrkat EJfays sn Pariu Tranflatcd (r^m the ("reiich of M. 
deSiintfoix. Mtno. 3 Voli. 9s. Burnoc 

ARegiibr hii^ry, cr judicious furvey of Xo telcbrarcd a 
C4ty as PiLri>, the eentrc of polirenefAi acd \«hicb \% fo 
rnurh rtfcrtcd 10, fmn) all p^irts of Kurripe, wr.ijM'^otjbEtfrt bt 
wetl received every where. But thde hi^rieal elliv crldcnt- 
]y of haf^y compiliiion, hai/e fo crude an ^ippeirtJiCff, rhicthey 
will hardly prove acceptable beyond the walla of the dry to 
which ihey itlite. 

If thefe cllays were hafltly pat i^^nhtr hf the French lvdiir>r, 
Xbey appeal tu have lircn dvnr tutu Lnghfh with coirefpund- 
ilig rpccd ; Ijnce they arc not oidy ineorrefil; pfmte^T, bu^ w« 
Are not aiforded any thing, cither under the name of pieficTt 
mtT^ufticn, or the more faihror^ablc term •*ifofrrifrmi^, to m- 
form u» in the IcAlt conceimng the nature t^ ihe irndcrtakin* \ 
though in a note, vol. 3. p^ 1 14. we arrdvfired to pay atten- 
tion to the preface of'thiii volume, Aod to that volume thcte 
is > preface m the oripnp/. 

The thr« volumes are nil prefctited to the public under the 
lltJe of HifioricaJ Etl^ys v^iJt Pans, thtjui^h cuv\CL5!i';n^V5>K«t 



i'o6 SaJnifoIx*! Hijfortcsf EJp^t m Park, 

<>f otScr matter •- The firft vnliime is whH In tlil^ imporlCt 
ifxri acr[;>t for hifWkil diaj^*, detached M[>ccck»tcv, difiK>M ^ 
tifiHrr ilic hcaJs of chofc parisi^l" ilictown whcicihcjf h:ippcrt«f;'^ 
without topoc-t';tphical tlvrcfipiJcn : ihcfi', tf^augh molt o( the« 
httvc Jilir^Jy *pj3CjrcJ in one Corni or DChfr.^rc^enci^tly vriycii* 
teh^mm^t but o\vn\ introduced and totd in fu ibrup'. and iui- 
|trrfc£l 1 nunEicr, without chront^lo^y, and fumciinics whhoiit 
apparent conricviiin with ihofc placet iifldcf whofe n^niei titef 
QIC rtii^cd, as t^t be icfkd<r<d dark and oblCLirc to ^ foreigner. 

To do juHic*- to ih*r work, a* well M to our Relets, 
AaII cxtn^ tlic following aiijclc*. 

* The CiiTfttc of th'ri piijfh luving compTamed cbat a Rua 
Vimcd MichAUt oiu of his parifbioncrf, bad made hifn w«ic 
till midn:, ht to |>Tot)Ouiicc (he bciicdifiion of the mirifjgc bed, 
V^itT dc Gi>TiJii bjftiop of Piriitf ordered that for the fuiur« 
ibis cciciiioiiy fli^uld jiluava be pcrforuitd in ihc daytin^e* or 
at latcft bcfL>re fuppcr. t^rmc-rly a itcw-mirricd couple could 
DoL^^o to bed till it h^d hccti blciTcd. Thia wu jji adiiiiiotial 
JnudI perquilite for the annei, who alfo claimed Ot pUu lU m^ 
us^ (or wcdding-dtlbca,] which wb« their duiiicr cither in kind, 
to in uxoncy. 

^ The curiK'ti of Picardywerc vcr^troublcfDme, aflertiog thtt 
i r«w-mirricd c<jiiplc cnuUl not, without their p(.^rmiinonp Jleep 
together the three i^rfl nighn. An arret was tUtJcd, bcitiiig 
diieche [9ih of MjiLh 1409, " wlicrcb) ihcbiiliop of Amkns 
■nd ibe curaii^t of ihc f^tjd City wctK! forbid the takijif or txuX* 
iiij£ of any money from a jicw-m^nki couple, for girtug tbcm 
love to lie together ihr firA, firconJ or third ni^^ht :iltef tbcar 
fiuplial) ; cmpowerji^g every iithflliit'int of the fa3d city to 
lie with hi^ wife, wilh:>ut the p^-rmiJTLon of the bifh<ip and hU 
oS(Cci3.'' We caixiot dirpofeof any ihiii^ that it riot our> ; 
did thofc CTifit?** likti certjin piicdn in India, imagine tbu 
Cfccfc three bfil uifthti belonged to ihcm i 

* People of Jjlliiffliuji^ 4S welt ju the roniinon;Llityt wcrv 
married ac the chitrcb-doort Id ]5S9t when KLt^abe^h of 
FriEUCC) diuzhtcr of llcnry II. wAi niiiirtcii to i'hilipil. kiii^ of 
Spkin, LtiAjtiiui dii 3«]Uy, bifh^p of Pans, went to the porch 
ol the church of Noire D4ine, and (fJVA the [-"rciKb Ceremonial) 
** performed ihf txiibtatioft of tht' dpoufjls at ihc faid door, 
Mcordinj: lo the cuft<>fn of our holy mother the church. Lc 

_Jfaouid {i^m, thftt ii w» iho;i-bt iodcccnti to give Jeave^ ia 

■ Wc fr«re no«r tbc Fieuch oti^if al tefor-' oSt nei^tmi teltiit». In 
jfvfvpJttoici, Pjirj^j^j^ Thjtnunflatbi extendi ofity u ibe ift, 
4dft aod jd voluoci. . 

llie church iticlft (or a man and a woman to go to beJ toge- 

' Tht crdonnantcs of Cyrlcmain, St. Lewis, Charles IV, 
Dud Charlo V. s£;a[rLll piuhiliEcd kj^mch, niciiiloa dii:c 4ni 
baclcgammon, but do noi fpeak of cardt, which is a proof thae 
ihcy wcfC urkd^^wn at (he time uf ihc publkniiion of thofc or- 
donnanccf. It app?ara they w*re invrmcd towards chc end of 
the rci^n ofCharJci V. av mention irrtiiic of thcni in the chro- 
nicle ot' IJttlc Jch:tn dc Siinrnr, when he wjs p:tj;c to that 
princes A pitnur, who rcftJcd in ihit (tr«f1 of la Vcrrcrlcv 
namfd Jacc|;i(^m]n Ctrinaonnciir, wjftihr iavfncor. In an ac- 
count of ^,'hiirlM Foupart, cMhusr (or fupcnnicndrnE of tho 
fiiiinCCi] loCb^ileiVr we rcaJ ; ** Fiid 3^ fulsi riiria-ini>' 
n^, to Jacquemin Gnngorncur, paincer, for three packt of 
nrils ^ih jtnd verioufly cofoureJ« with Icverjl dcvicci, tubs 
bid hc^r^ihe f;iid lord our king, for bisamufemcnt-'" 

* W« plft)-, {^y Mr dc Croufox, to avoid bcin^ pcAcrcd 
with th« con^crfiTton of fooU. Xherc arc many ftioU then f 
There VTC sifo mnny excommimicAtcd people? the coancU of 
Mcmr^, hdd in 81 3. fcpatjced frnm the communion af the 
f»hhrvl ill «cclcr;;if}ic3 and Uymeni who played at j;4me9 of 

* The thirfl of ^in hat rendered ui more polite than our arw 
Ecflon, The/ di'j not play iipmi their paidc< When a pcr- 
fon had :iot mon'^y to pay ±1 the end cT the game, he wae 
obti^etl 10 give fccurity for l»ic Turn he cwci, " In 1 36S, the 
<iulce vf Biirg-'Md^j lay* Laboureur, hivm':; loft fixly livrci at 
tennis, with the dukcof Hourbon, Mc- William dc Lyon, ani 
Mr. Gny dc la TtlmouitiL-, letf ihrm. for wjnt of monty^ his 
belt u n depoCiC ) which he ^kerwards give in pledge to iho 
counr d'Eu for eighty llvrest which he lofl to him ac the f«m& 

* In 1676* a comedy of live aiff^ of Thonii» Corneitlc, citl- 
led Le Tnomphc des Damcv, [whu^h h'js never be«n printed) 
wai jcfrrcfcitted upon the theatre of ihc Hotel dc Guciicf^ud i 
and ihe Hillet of the Game of Piijuec vfsi one of the inurlufles. 
The four kciavci firil made their appearance with their halbcrta^ 
in nrdcr to eWr the vny. The kings came fticcefflvely after- 
wards gi^ii>^ their hnndt to ibe tjuecn^, wbofc trains were bore 
up by four n:ivt'*, the firfi of whom repttfpnted Tpnaia, the 
leconJ BiLliardf, the third Dice, the fourth Bick^mimon- 
The kingif (jucen', .*nd knavi't, hiving^ by ibeir dances, foim- 
fd tier?es and quutorzc^ \ ail the blick being ranecd on one 
^i^Ct >^d all the red on the other ; they cuiic!\^td ^nvlV % \.v<:kA- 

tfV'd^ncc, whcr«ui ali chc Tuiu were confjrcdl/ hX^ni^i ipi*^ ■ 

ihif- ^ _ ■ ' ■ Jt^ I 

* 1 Mkve tbii tnterlucfc wit not new, anJ thit icw» hoimAg I 

mint tb4Ei « fkcicb ofn 2rsnd b^lki, vrhi<h wj) pcrfofiticJ »t I 

the court of Ch»lcE Vfl. from n^ncncc the firfl idra nf tbe ■ 

gtmc oF piquci w» Uktii, as it wai cciuinly not tbou^lit of ■ 

tiT) toA'Jirtls thf end uftbi^ princf\ i^^gn. Howr mnny ar« thrre I 

who phycv«r>' day at Ehj^ came, without bcm£ ac^j^iinied w:iH I 

the ilrpih of lis mcriT ? A di11rr(ATi<mt which I ulcc io bf fit bet I 

Danifi'St cvmcee that it ib ryinb4>licM, alkgoricjl, politic4lf.fl 

fiif^otkalt ax\^ that it cuni^icltciLdb vciy uft^ful inixims upoafl 

w» and government. As (or Ace) U i U^un word, wbidCfl 

figmfiu 3 piece of money, wcdtlit or ricbn. The Aco Atp<«fl 

qucc Jiavf ili* precedency, even of the kingi, to fipiify ihntfl 

money confiituUa chc fincwa of w;ir, and that when thv fifian-fl 

<«s sre low, the VJrg's power U we-ik in pmpcirrion. Tretttfl 

or Trefoil, (Club») an hcfb that ^rows fponcjticounv ii ouf fl 

meado^t, implies th:ir a grnrr;il fhrtiild tievcr encamp niS annfl 

10 a plnce where Fonige may be fcArcc, and whither ic will bcfl 

difficult ta convey ii. By Piqucx UTid Ciireiux (Sp^det and ■ 

Di^mond^) arc m^int arlcnala of armi, uhich fiiould always b« I 

well f^iriiiihed. L'arreaux rDMmoniis) m/ctc a fort of Hron^fl 

heavy arrows, which were Jhot from a crolk-bow* ^nd wck faS 

called OIL account of their hc^ads being fqu.irc. Hearts tcpr&M 

fttil the cojrage of chiefi and foldiere. Da^id, Alexirider^l 

Caefar, and Charlcmain, arc at the head of the fojt qLiadiilkiiH 

or fuitf of pitjueTf to denote chir however numerous and bfavofl 

troops may be, they hnvc occafion for experienced gcoerafa^l 

^u»Uy pnidcni >nt\ coutii'^ctm^. ^H 

* When an army finjb itfcJt in i difa^rccnhlc fituatUxi, dtF^| 

advantageoufly ciic^ttnped, ^nd unable lo dirpute tlie viAofy^fl 

they muft eiideAvour to make the lofs they nfc ;o I'glbia ^H 

Imall as pofHljIe. Thj& is whac is pra£tifc;d at piquet, [flhe 

foundaEitjn of our gJn>c it bad, if the acei, the qutiiiei aod qua- 

tui'ifc^ aie 4^'^ijill u»t wc nnuft ctidc*viiur, by way of pccic:*^' 

tion, lo geC ihc Point, to prevent rhe Pie inJ the Reptc i tht 

king^ ani (he qucena miid be ^uafdcd to evoid ^ Capoi. ^t 

* Wetnd upon the four knavei [he name* of Ockr, Loncc^S 
lot, [two worthi^ rn the time of Cbi^rleirain] la Hire and 
Hft^*0/ (of Gabidl two celebrjtrd capiaina in the time Oif 
Cbaflc* VII, Tlie mU of Vila was formerly bonounUc, 
and ihe gre*rcft U-uh b#irc it, tdl ihey were rrc-ilcd kok^tt, 
ill ibis view, lh« four knaves (valet:'] at piquet reprefcnt ihc 
nobility, B% ihc tci:i» iiinc»| CJghu And fcrcfis imply ihc ful- 


* The Atwgram of Aigire, which U the name of the (jue 


Silntfoii'i I^JItrical ££bys en Panu 
CharlfRVn. Tbchciutiful Rachacl^ queen of DUmoadi,ifiy 

ctiaftf an^ warlike Fillas the <]ucrn of Spiidct, and IfalxgLa 
Jc [Uvicrct by JuJitb, the (|ifccn <^f Horn. T^i) i^ [UJt tUc 
Judith, who is mrnttaned in rhc Old Tertament, buc ibc cqi- 
prcfs Judith* wife to Ltwlj 1c Dci>druiaifc, wbo w accuic4 
of being 3 woman oF gTcii iningiLr^ who nrcafioncd fo muiy 
trouMtfs in the l^tc*, and vhofe life thcrcibfc hii a ^ocnI 4«al 
cf rrfcinliT.mcir Ui ih-iv of IuW^lu de Bivtcfc* 

■ Charlo VII. ii cafiK kitourn by ihc name cf David, wbich 
If 'given 10 ihc kjn^ of Sp,idr%. I>avid, ai>r hinirg Ikcii a 
tot)j[ time pcffccuied b)' £ju1, hU Mher-in-laWp cbuincd the 
cfownofjudcfti but in llic midflof his profpcrii^, be had the 
inurtificatLon iti fee bti Ton Abfalon revolt agarnfl him. Charkt 
V|h after having bctn diJinhvriled and out Id wed by Chifkj 
VI. his father, uWloufly trcovpjcii his kIr>ffdofti ; bill the lai* 
ter rears of hh U^c were jnueh uowbled bir (Sc rcIUcf? fpirit and 
hadfl^nr^^er of bin fat) (afterwiirdt Lmik X1-) whoJjird lu 
wage war i^aiiill him, ileiJ wn£ over the c«ure of hi^ iloth. 

' ThiiE a pKk of i:jrdt, by :hc help uf a cooicncnury, maf 
become ai conrcqiieciti^I, ;■« many Greek and Liim authcn/ 

* Tbifl police h:td \h name from The fpot whereon it ic litii- ' 
aicdf whuh W11 called La Tuilinuiy bccaufc tilts (la lulU) 
vrrrc made h«f^. Oibcrln^ de Medici? built ir In 1564. It 
cor^fiflcd nf nothing but the large f^juirc pivillon in the niLddle* 
the (wo wingc, each of which have a (erraft on the garden-fide^ 
and the two pavdions which tcrminatt- the wifigs. Henry IV. 
r^wli Xlfl^ar^il Lrwls YIV. have cJCKndcd, clevatrd aod 
decorated it. It it faid to be ndihcr fo veil proportioifd, fo 
Ire-juiifij^ nor fu trjulat^ as it wtt at fitft : the TuiUciJc* i» 
lieverthdcf:. nc^tt to the L*>'.»vfC» the fincft palace in Europc- 
' An aftfoli^acr having pro[^iioflJtJttd to C^lhcTine dc hicdi-* 
- 1\^ ih>% 111'- would die ni-ar St. Germain, Oiv immediately flijw^ 
in a nirift fuprTf^Jiinua mtnncu ffom all places .indchurthcithjt 
Eiorc fhtiname. She no more reff>r ted to St,Gcrtjiain<o Layc; 
and bccaufc her poJacc of tho Tiiilkri^:! ww fuuatcd in the pa- 
fifti of St- CSwmnin de I'A jvcrroU, ihr was at the cxpencc of 
buiidin;; ancthcr, wbich wai ihc Motel ^c Soinbnct ^^^^ ^c. 
EufliitmiN chuich- Whi:n it was known to be Liiurcncc dc 
St G«rri:iin> bilho^ of Nv-ar«th, who baJ ^Ucnded hrr upon 
her deathbed, people iaf^CuaEcd wiih alUolo^t averted ihu 
the prvT<[^ior had been acconrpliChedi 

' liu :iatihcTuillcncat four day;^ before the mailacrtofSt^ 
B^nbolomew, 'ihi; Ihc {;xvcthit fciff, which moft of ihe hilto- 
fUnt make mcmioa uU ^^^ much tooili^htEy. Thc^ ^vlc>x<: 

ibcxG^Ci'ft cunofity, wltbout era^fyuigir. Mcecny Cty^ Onlfi 
Thu upi^n ^ccAfu^n of the ma/fia^e of the king oT N:ii 
^iiik Margaret 4c: Valoiit Uicic w<fc many dtvfirfion3« toui 
Airiustiiid bul]«:b Jic court ; '* niul amungft i>lV-:s, (Vcrc 
OQG> whrch could noc IaiI to prefigure the cdamity ttiit 

iip>ii llic |»in: of huilin^^ LiptJtL [he Hugucnoi.s, ihc kin^ U 

hia broil)tra JckruJin^ Paradic 3£ainlt the kir^j; of Nivarrc aj 
hl» bfotiic[»» whu wefc rcpuKed and b<nifhc4 to hell." Ht 
follows what I hav« found in fomc memoirt of thofc tti 
which Aie very Tcjifcc. '' Full» in the fiiiJ lialK oa the ciet 
hafi<l, P.»TadJ1c r<]»rc'cnird, iho ciitr*rccti> which \mi <i^feom 
by ihicc knighca (Chadi:) IX. Aiid hU brochcn) complcati] 
armril. On the lefr was htll, w?ieirio w*i a ;;rcat iiumb^j 
of devils an<iJiLtJc tmpi, pUyir^in infuiite ntimbcr of monltfy^ 
nirk% ;tnJ making a hurty-buily wirh i gmc wheeU luinin] 
round in the Jiud hell, and lurrounded wiib litdc belU* Pw: 
difc: aii<] licll wcic UeviJciI by ^ ihci, wlicirun wj^ a lark ^^^vi^^ 
^tcd by Charon, Jerrynan of the infernal rcgioiu. At otteew" 
of the hJI, bchrnJ Paridlfc', wcic ihc Elyfiin Fieldi. whii 
confiJlod of 4 garden cmbdl^it^d witb vcidurc and all kiodt 
flowers, fti)ii the Hmpyre&n hcAvcn, repfefViucd by ■ ^aifi 
wheel with <he rwelve ligns of the Zodiac, the feven planets 
and an jnHniCy of foiaJI {bn ilbmirutcdt fhinins wUb p«it 
luflrr by mt^AnK nf lampq and f^ambe;tji3c ih:it were anfiilty dU'* 
poftfd behind. 1 hU whcci wa:t in eoniinual motion, ar.d occ44 
JLoned the lucijiiig uf the gaiJcit alf;>, whcu'itt were twelve 
nymphi, very richly drefTcd, In ihchdl fcveijl k^ightt erranl 
anjicjrcd (thcfc were lords of leligion, who hdd been purpofd] 
tiiofcn^] they wcfc armed at all pointy lubked in ^ kiriety 
liveries and corditflcd by thcif pnncei, (the kinj of N^vArri 
»i^ the prince of Cond^.) All ofthcfekni^huentieavourjiig 
reach Paradifci tn order lug^iirtcn^'Ardi jn qudt of the ny«)pl 
In the garden, wrrc prevented by thi? three ochcr knights 
wbofc keeping it had been committed ^ who one atcer tie oiU< 
appdiod in the lilTi, uid ti^viii^ brukf thrir jnites <tg'iLaA Eh< 
f^id alTailimf , and ftrtjck tl>efn wiib their cuUftfie^, drove tltei 
towards bell, whither ihcy weic dragged by the devils txA 
imps. This fort of battle !al1ed till tlie knights were vanqiitUb^i 
«d, and dragged one by one into hcllt which aftcrwardi JoTcd 
and wv fhut up. Ac that inAane Mercury and Cupid defceiul! 
cd from the lli'ies upon a cock. The pirt ol Mcrcuiy was 
formeid by Stephen le Kot^ thi' crlebr-Uftl fin^i-r, who after 
had come down» went aitd prefcnttd htmfelf to the three kn^bl 
vrben cbuitiog a melodious fooz, he mide theoi 4 fpccwth SJ 
retvmeito beaven aptw hu eoek, l)i>j;inc >II the way.., Tlv 
th; three kiti^h^i asu^! fmni tbel-- r<au, piaflcd tbroiwh Pajadll 
and went \rda ih- £J; Uiw t icidk in 'eucb oi Ok Lvijfc nj mi ' 


SaincfDixV /^f riVj/ EJ^i m Pmu 


^ifian-lfWyicantittftc^'imo th^miidlc of the hAll, wh^t dicy' 
AwfHik bsllc*, whtfN wia cxwedingly diverfiliHl, and Jailed 
;i fvAUhJ^ur. 'I'h^bnllci btin^^onc, ihc knijchiivrho wctcin hcW, 
w»re r*teilVd, i»ml fotigTiiUigc-ch^r hTlicr-rtiHu-r, cillrhfry biaLc - 
iHtft piiccs. The bictle bcin- ended. Tome cnitis of powder, 
\tfhtc-h wtfrf UIJ lounJ a (iiicJ u;» almnft in \\\c middk 
ot the hilJ, were fvt (ir« lo, whereby i noifir :t[id I'lnoke were 
crCMcdf which ubli^cd every oik to rctirr. Su^h w^ (lie di- 
vcrfKiii of ihis day, fiom whence miy be conje^uied, amidil M 
ihefe {cinltt whit were cSc tbougbta of ibc king aiid the eabinet* 

' Caihefine of Medicis, whofe abnminiblc pditles hod cor- - 
rupved clir g<>ud cJirpufirion <ii hrr fniit wAt Uic Itml cf ihffl 
ciblnct-council. Curt one, wlc^iou: Jhuddrrin^ wtth horror, 
ihirfe of a wnman wh(idE:«rc», CTimpofo, x^ pfep:irc< a fcifF 
on the iralFicTfl whrch fhe is to commie four davi after, upon 

Kelt part of the narl-on, ovri which flic icjr,n^ f Whg fmilm ar 
f vii^irn^ ^ whi> pla^ s with cariuge ^ who makes love And ehc 
nymphi dx;icc upon the b;^Jik} ol a river of blood, and who 
bUndf the charmi of mull': wirh the gronrif of a hundred tliou- 
fand utifijrtunaie bciftgt whnm ihc Inhuomity dc{troy»! ' 

* I obferve, rh»t by an nccidrrnt finirut;*r eofsugh^ the fiieft 
ptiblk garden in Athfn? waaealted't'udEcriea, or ihc Ceramifitti^ 
bcraiife 11 had been pJannd, Uke ours, upon a fpnr where .lil<*~j. 
were made* ^j 

Fiom the picccdirt^' ailkic* we derive not oidy artiufmient, 
but Tome curious inlortnation of amient maimert and callomft. 
li wji tiaiufal to ihiuk (liAt the B'Tjtiiit would b^vc jfTorded 
pi en f;^ of iiitejcfting anprdors**, TttilT^-iciii to Ivinifh a volume 
ofilfclf; buE il U aft nalLirtl to ima^me that a Frenchman 
would chufe to havL* ai Iftvle 10 fay to k as poiTible. M, dc Saint- 
foix jult tell* u> when ihe T\ti\ (lone waa laid, and when it va> 
Anifbfrd I :iddin^ very exprefflvcly, * eonctfrning this, ] Oiatl itoC 
give any anccdotei.' 

Afrrr the arc».d";cs fivr Paris we have a ^ncral view of ihe 
manners und ufig« of the inh^hitants of Kranrc, from the 
Oflttiell account of the anticDi Gaub^ and this 11 puffued }fi ihcr 
feeond volume. 

Afief (he general rcmaiks on manncff and ufjgcs follows*' 
cotle^ion of fnifcelianeoiii obkivjtions relafive ropalitirt, rcli-' 
gioot and month, appnrentJy copied from the wrircr'» eomnioriw' 
pift-a bfvilc withnuf firing dtjpftcd. Among rhefc we find Oflei 
too Gurioui to withhold from our reader*. ' ''-. 

' ' Our lajt^usge i& bcromc the tmiverfaf one, arid P^rit feernv' 
10 bcNhe capital of notions. To whom ire we indebted foe" 
ibii ^lory, and for thofc o^er-piecci ofdoqi^ence, poetry.* 
painting fculpEure, ajidaichttv£lu(C| whjcb h^ve im3iorutvx«i 


Prtt cad Cj v.^/ Hif^iijk'tofa 



tbeTcrgn o£ Lrwi* XIV? To Coni«i]Ic aod Molkn. h 
the ;irts go hand in baiirj \ cfie bc^iitnjjtg of jTrrfciO an in on 
ionm 3 \mt for th« nril. '\'\v^{t iwo great ^cnJLife» Kivc 
cowicd fburccj, wluvli uiiioout cither CApcccc dt rillt, b 
nan goiJ inio Knnn^ than c^«r tht mcrcild« Jc 
Mn^^u ^ii! Peru earned into SpAin. /v ihrm «r y^ur r' 

hiawih whtrtas Aur ha^xusg^ vfiU ift tM Ifur mJ langtiagt, and 
It iaupoi ti thiiihff! : cvtry onr wiil pHde KimWf tii bein 
tjUiiiiiicJ MiEh Qoi^ iiiJIo:):* diid in cnamcroiiriD; ibc cclc 
Sftmti inJ aftioni of our ktn^ :tnil htruti ; the WVnefs, lb 
politencbof our nunncri wtU b« ^i^ircii hy poOcritx, whil 
thej will be ftni^k wii^ ihc courage vid pride wbcrrwith Iti 
s i^y frivolous people* i3utd Irom their Jethu^c pitAfunat uiA 
flew to glury a» Toon u ihcy wcrr xt:aLlccJ-' 

How well thU prophtcy may be foyndcJ, is Icfc to Eh* de<i 
ii-)n vfour RcJbdcrii ft Is hovcver no bat) i'^^cciuicn \x-j)/t ami 
tbi« v;un fvpertrcial people baiJd i^pon Uk<r regard whtcb i)w u 
thinking ^t of other iiMtioiu pAy to tbcir genius for uiilo. 

Thb third ifoliinie contains a n:uT4iiiiie of the vrm becwcc 
France w^ £ngtAnd« to tfic death of our kin^ Henry V, wrote 
[« the Cimc fpi:it w^k'h fiJ^gcJlcil th^ precvriin^ piop^eey. 
From our «u1tior'« chancer ol Knptn, the hc(^ writer of Eu^- 
)ilH htllory for x fjitbfu) iccorU of Ucixt ttic complrTcion of the 
prefeat detail may be ^ nelTed. RapiA* he f4yst bring forced t 
t|uithiacouf;ity byTbcc^idorNAat£, * h^ed it , perhaps be- 
cttole be regretted its lofi: the uumoliTy he facirs it, u 
quenily to be observed. M well aa hi» gluing panialicy for 
AAiion wkofehitkory htrwtoce.' — Tt»r preienfions of Sdwvd thft 
third to the crown cf Fmice, aSbnii M. de S. an oppoaunitj of 
bcirtg very pleifanx itpon the Englifh \ who, accimUag to hlsiy 
were perfidious in cifty treaty, md brutd in evcrp caga|eiii 
t)«i the whole, ihe tiiro firll voluma conrain inrmenaao 
though i!l-di|^,ed collcclton of AnccdoEcs \ but the ibird vo* 
bime i« ctfiamly tnikfli^cd to oo pvo&ribfe purpofc : for fi 
rcprsfimtaiions vro^iH notj now, be credited or rchllied by 
tte French North Aaieniun ladidn&t fuicc their late 4rquaiii* 
ttnc^ with the brU<0i tuition. 


Frtw «■/ «tfeiJii Dify^i/Uftmi rt^fftms " '^ D'Jhrtfl-i^ Fart 
^nrnfu EJh trwanb a ftrfirmm/w t» ihtir Modi ef tt^iaffU _ 
fMt ff^irjLp, lamo. 2a, Tewed, Johnfoti and U^vcth-] 

WE cmnot help expfeJTm^ tvt f«tiif«£tioa, «t feeing il 
tctentHMi of t^ free uid Mvnl part (d the Dtflfj 
d rented Co the nianncr in which iheu ptiblk vroilbi^ b 


£(iclE-d, Thi) isir7>MttTrirru<h h\-^h impvrunc^»>fxf ><< foaeirlf 
ccfinF^ed u-jrh the inuirl> nf irup rdig^on in tbc work^ ag co< 
■xcfjt ihc vc*'^ TtrrioLis ronfL^imijort tyt ChnUuni ol' crcry ^£^1 
iXimmjiJiin. U wt^M Cuirly bi- pnyinj^ ttic Ditkntcta loo p\ 
acomplimcnt, ii)d pcihips ii ih« cvpcnre of truth, ii^fuppo^ 
lh»t their turnix of woifliip ircr cjtiicd Co fu^li 3 ilc^rcc trf pci- 
fr^ion anc) improvement, it lo nct^i no furih«T re^<cHnk«iKin. 
The men fcnftblc ar^ Jibcul of (hb body <>r Chriiliim wouM 
iKic be willtn^^ Ko slfcn chii ( miny of thcna hii« alrc^y «c- 
jEtiowtcJ-cJ« with gr<tx ir^ci^uitVt the i«>pcffc^icAB of tkcir 
piffini lormi; and ibc rcprcftniaiion which ti givfii of the 
dkfitdvAnugcs of txtempcrarv piytr bi^ the anihoc of Ihc wwk 
bcfoic (iK (who we appirhcnd is himfclf i liiilcocing ctr-raymafi, 
ind «-f]ccft the Ucipit^^c <^ bi»own txperivncc) isJucht At wiU 
fatufy iMofl of our rciJcn. that fc^nic fuftlfcr |;:<;vi&>a ou^t 
to be m%dei %nd rhie a irtMtcr of Co mvch i}i?riity snd impor* 
tancc. Hi xht public atc folcmii wotfhip of Aicit^hiy God^ 
ftou!d ftor be IcTt to tfar ability and ctrc^ion «' « fmi-lc p«r» 
fofi« Mvuhout ihc bvfl ankHir^cc £n4 prcpiiriticn that cm be ob- 
talnnl. Wbcthrr whn ihU Airthor r^commendi bt fuScitfiic 
f<ir the purpofef i« notour proving to dewrmmc, buc tnvtl be^ 
fubuiiittil TO tSe judf cncni of ^^'T P'^vjitc pfrlbn, atiJ cvvtjr 
^ftfiktiUr fbcicry of C^nfliant. Ther* is ooe thirij; hoA^cvct, 
nhicli u-c will ukc ttic liberty lo S»y upon tbJi fubjcd, anil wrc 
Itopdfiihi^uT olTencc. 

if ihc Urlfcrtcn t^o not <Mtj the fcrmt of iheir'puHic wor* 
ftiip 10 the hi^hcH degree of pfrfrc^ion 3n<l imptoveaienc of 
which the nature of divine worJhip itlV]f ii cipaUei if they 
^o not adopc ihit plan whtch 11 of >ll oibera the bcA adapicJ to 
anfwer the great endn of public worlbip t to enE>g<: the .it:cn- 
tion, acid awaken ^ (pint of t]cv(;ti(iTT itciiJ ptrrjr ui ibcir aObu- 
blJrt, ther &rc mof) inc3icuf;ib|c- They ;ie in poJi^fTioni^f ttie 
CDofi fcrpU tibeii^ r<» think and jiidge furtbcnrlUvcs ^ ihty tii/c 
ft fofi, 3ct(iow;e*::jeJ, ifid legal right to COr>du« t^cir w^rlnip 
in the mutner they mofi approve, without the Ji»teifffrtiK« of 
any FXiefnil ^itthnOrvty whatfonfr ; xhcy ac under nn rcftr&inu 
chher fTom civil a ecclcri-iflical Uias ; ihry »fc pcrfe<^lly five 
from miny of (be uiuvoitljE Ic (diJTicultre^ r^hkli attcod every 
•ttenptto bnni: about a rciormi:i&>n in etia^hHuJ i.-huKhetf 
tfunj of ibcir min flcis jrc uien of kjiintrg ocd ^biliiv* b^vo 
cHterered > good tJiile in compofitiiini of \h? dcTottoml kind, 
juid «rc well difpofed to improvebcnti ill this w<y, wvfC ib^y 
propefly ciK0«f3^ed »lid A;pporTrd by (he liity. 

TlKle arc invitinfE circumll«iiccs i a--;d tf iIm £3iilcfiter* cttO" 
tiflnc to <oriieAt ihcmfcltn wilb the (jIJ cufttUTit ^nJ ?uo^ 
funded down lo ihcm frflm ih<ir ancellots ; and do not cKhi^ jC 
ffi peiMl a otodei of Chf;iUa» w;ultt«p ai bviniD wifdooL oiv 

Kiv, Aug. i;6;. * { cw-w'^'*^. 


Frtf arrJ Candid Drf^iafiimt 

1 "i L: 



«oMTi%'«ft sgrecaifeh to Uiv purity and fiflfij^ioiy of uif/_ ,^ 
andaJipted to t)»c rnip'vvcracnt of aiinxinil in )i»Qt>t f^ v»^ 
tuo(»r«lirp^Uo«£, it if tlwif 0*n fault, and they will WjV«] 
vcpioi^Wi with h&vl^^ iK^k>±lcid thi» iiapp/ TcAfon ©f ligSt 

fiiiicki*tiivic that vrc give our rctrkt>(<wi«i^» «f I'He 
before Udi The aiithof bcgirj Vix\.\x rcpercimnij^ tiic jKCi 
4i£uivAiiCS£t} both cl alkUirj;r ind of ihc method of cxtctii^j 
pocary prayer. Wc fukd but ixiC.c new in this part of hu do^l 
ttSiti nor indeed covid tHi» be well cxpc^t«dt coofid>crn>tt ih 
nuiiy volumes wlucb h«rc bc<ik wrutc» upoji th« fubjc^« :i 
thii And ihc lift ccmury. He ^n, liowevcr, in gcneraf» ftati 
the difadvamngcs oi bt*ch« m k Uiri canJ'd and i tiparti^il imp- 
nn. The gr»t ob^^ Sr hut in view, is to rcL'nmmcnd u ihi 
OittVntcri ' 1^ tioainz tf i'jrJtWt prayert itmpeftJ bj the Hkinijtt 
riitmfihti* This nictiioil he tni»k3 luiaU the ad^jnUgooi" 
Jitur^, Of extcmpoc-ir^ prayer^ lb free fxioi the dijadvanuj^ 
nf buihi 4iid hath iWic advuiu^i peculiar lo- itfcir. If bC! 
has inadc all thU appear to genctal fuisradion, he hu gained 
an important point ijideed. The principal argumcnfi he «d* 
varcei xrc the tttUoutiiig : aiid by thtic the Readee will be abW 
to i^orni fome jitdgcvwnt for hxnfl'if- 

* In wthtcn f(uni»> Ivc I'mk, Uicfc u'iH not W that Jull tiril* 
fgrmity whieh it common ui liturgiesi bucaJI that t-anrfr whicV 
fo ftron^ljr recommends cxicmporsry prayct/— * ll i* 4n *d*] 
vaniatt*^, that (hofe who ufc ext«mpoi:ify prayer may adj 
thcmrdves to all pariieuhr occajrciico ; a litur^^y cann<»c1 
thU ^idvartti^r; htic thofL- who ufc precompofed jirayeifl 
tc tH the moU dcftr^blc manncf,' — ^A tbvd advanta^ 
motilv reckoned amon^tJiofc whoai^'niJ cxi7rii|X)r.ary fY^yer 
ihtu It Uyt niJrnOen ucidrr ohiiguiona l9 JiUi^eifrce^ i|t)w tb! 
alio uicndi the ufc vi wfiiicn (owMt <^ ^i^ ui 

• K^cmpoFAiy pra\^gi/et a pctCon Ccaoeht ibccXEr^ife, 
his own ilcviiui aftVcliori ; whcr^w, by a Ikur^y, a minift*r 
conlined tj ihc w*>t^8 cl anotlicr. Tti*\ luivaiiiagE may be fult' 
enjoyed in the ufc cf ii niitiifLcr's tiwii prec6<npored privcrC'l 
Kor Though he will then be conrKiodt in a TnaaiKT, »o a ri<mi 

he is laudly praying nntNtfir* in the eoivgre^aciwi^* In i^ 
tnarnrr the AutSpr mainuin) i\\n wiiitcn tixm* hare all \l 
ftdiiEiu^ci of extemporary prajur : he ihiitkj Iih:ewir:r, (>)attt, 
iTLCthod he tccominendi \i,u all the aivant^'ge* of a iiiL:i[:i. \ 
* Usurer* llcfaji, or ow^Jw.'O ic^^w, ihufc win r 

if»o(rt*u* of the people, hotn any gfeot impropn.-ii.. 

rthtifti it ih Di^Mtirs^ ift. 


prc{$o/iB of which men of fcnfc may fomctinacA be in dan^tr i 
rtiViturli on the fjiidcs and palTioni ol" nicn, which, rvrtp 
wli^jcthc Ificjrt i» ^cvftii!j may carry them beyond ttic bound* 
o( pni^t'iciy i ic jjrcvcnti^ (hic hcftrMion and cnibifrjlTmfnt^ 
wt^ih ts LOO ofitn obfcrvable in diiTenTtng mimftfri i it guar^fv 
tli5;.m,4^inEt jUiy £<cjtdJJ^oi]i|jcjJ'ufC, which 4 variety <]f nicuai*^ 
it^ijcc) rhajf L>ccinon ; ic ii a i^ood ^lief lo che m^rnory anj ifi- 
vbiit'hOLif *n^ (huft rcadcn ihc bufmcrf of prater more cafy antE 
pIcafanT tft thofr who ro/iilucl tlic frrvifr- ; and ^^fftv^naJly pre* 
vcnuthor^ dilcouugcmcrU, which yoLii^^ tnJniitcrs ainung tlio; 
dillrntirri oAen lubuiir utiJcr, and rrorn wT^ich fame of then 
0Lrc jitjE I'rcc To long as cbcy Vive* In chc uic gJ fuch form^, the 
mini hu noching to do but to aticuJ to thccxrrcifc nf ftiitable 
A^cifhons; and thcicfureifi mofi libLely to be devour — Eufh ftr« 
the aJ^^nu^es ot 4 liEui^y, It iujII be owned tliey aic very 
conljderahk ' buc they are by no meani pc^Lj}i^r to it; the/ 
c()ua[]y belong to ihc mcchoi of prayer berc prcpoted^ aa it tod 
obvioui 19 n«ed any |>ArticuTir illullrarion,* 

In the ftxth chapter, oi:r Akithuf feprcfcfits the ft^uSar ad* 
vajirjges artending ttrirunfsrms. 

* Hy !he ufc ot notes iii public priycff amiDiner miy i>ettec 
:ivai1 hlmrelf of the helpi which are to be met with, Tor ihc 
performance ol thii importjnt pari of hta work, ihm he other- 
wife coLild do ; cfp^cially of ihc facfcd writings, whii^h futiiilh 
the moft cicelfeni miteriils for prjyt-r. It t% <Jefir^b1et indeed, 
to comcuic the tnoii devotional ptrt» of fcripcurc Cfa mtmory | 
tut ihji ntuflbe a woxic of time, and when acroinpltAed, 
will not of itidf be fufficient for aU the piirpofci of prayer ; for 
ihofc who hivc <Le fcripEurea mod pctfcjftly in ihrir memories, 
cannot make thit aj^a^isage cf them, whieh ihey could do 
^cic ihcy jJluwL-J tc3 cr.mkribe i^icni lai\> ihelr {jrayen, anJ 
bring iheto in wijring into the pulpit/ — * By iheurt of writtcft 
fonrn a miniflcr would always be provided a^a^nfl the inconve- 
niencirv, which mayarife from Ehr indkfpofitioj'tor difcompofare 
of hia mind/ Thii we apprehend it not peculiar to our Au* 
tbor's mcibod *i diftinfl from ttie liturgical.—* The uft of 
written fotnt would be attended with thi^ further advanu^o, 
thjl they would f JVC m an opporiunity of fpending n]i>rc liin; 
fn Ehet^QKjrate worlhip of (jf>d, ihan <« L^eneraUyalU^i^, of 
indeed caji ufujlly be CApcclcJ lo be employed wiih pioprifty, 
in ejctewipnraty prayer/ The diiTentet* would dc well to at- 
tend to what our Author hia advanced ur;def ihli jpatticulv,— 
^^ Tb^re i« B farihc^r advantage attending the ure of writisn 
^fnli ia pubtic worihipi wbicn it may be proper jofi to n;n- 
tiOil^. it \t^J prove of great fervice in liEliit^^ a perfon ^ whtt 
•f catlejyrv/^ftfy/r, w^entver he (htW havcoeea^on lo ufe tt* 
A tuhiiUa who bad a<cLidomtd hunfclf tg the unttitc cm lO- 


StecaRT'j hfin'ry rn^ 

tition of prajers on a viricty of pbna ftnd occafionff who Imj 
colte3c<l icjfcihcr a lumber of iwrttneat tou of fcriplure, iitj' 
Ircqutmly rcpncol rlicm, vroulJ have it rich rarlety of nutcmli 
iot fira)'er| bid up iii hi» mcffiory, which woutJ r<-n4cr h^m abll 
to pnifi with ;;'c;iter r^fc «ni pro-pncc/t without the uTc 
fioicf, on Any e^Ttcrii^ncy, th^n thoTc ilo who ilwajrt utc thlf^ 
lR«ihod ; provided he nicul^oflncd himlVlf to txttmpot%ry prayer j 
In fearer, and did not ab;oliicclj hinfclf lo h\% nnco ii 

'J'hr ADtf»r>r, »> hk ninth chajitcr, irivrinJt thcconduliocto 
h^t v-cirk, f*i«ci fomc tu1«« for compoftn;* pnyar?, ofi the pbi 
which he rccommcrd) : irour article had not alrc4djr bfcn ex< 
icnJrd to 1 ir<rv C<Kil»<!crit!e l«ngcht wc fhould with plnfiN 
ta« innlcribi'd them * thi-jr arc very fcnfiblc and proper ; an4( 
we Kcomnneo:! them to ihr anf^nrion of >?! fuch a< vr en^g«l| 
m the nilikilUfi^J o£ct, crpecully ibofe who irc m the earl] 
put of Uic* 

Vpoti the whole, the weight and coftdufircjitfi of the amN| 
ifwnti which ua: ^uihof hjs u(Vd> aic fiibmiiicd to ihe jud^- 
mcfii of cur Rcad*w, It h not our pwiucc lo decide in ri 
fiihjed ; rdtScrwdl we pnfuxiM! bi ^i^e ottr opinion whctber^ 
themeifvrxi heir rtcuffinicitc^ed be fiiff.denc to irfwer all thn 
ItrcJl 3rd r^oble pur^ores of divire wodhip vrhidi «rc to be di 
fited. The lubpfl » iit.pv^t^iiit; the manner in which It 
ireJtcd u fffioti, arJ ^rjvr; and we eorKliide with addin\ 
that onkQ the diilcmcit <Jo fomething cfTc^itttly for the refc 
motion 3tjd irrprovemrni of their own wodhrp, they CD«not) 
with >ny decency ctnfvre the at^c3 of rcfxifinition in tl 
rft^blifhrri^r. with the ff^etitphcfy (x^eiimet do, Thc^il 
Jvnterf, if they irr tUf>')ird to ir, hive it in ihcir power to 
ftifru : the ntotl f<nfible md valuthlc fne>-i in the church wi 
^fom, butoniM: 

h^ toe Rfvieiir for Jbm. 

Til r rpeeimrw iliadf ^ivciir^ibli eIa5ofiie<»nipoBtli-^ 
ly W»ce («chof«irKefcJw » have i turn 
{it thii i It lpetuUiior.% to apply ti> ihc book «ife]f,-^* 

\Vt couhU wrtih EfvM fJi'jftue, axxtm^ our Amho* through hi* 
«rwu> d«i^qmhiiott», •od give larf.c €Xln&% itotn the foJIow^nc 
^moflhfworkt bot» nweha^e hinged hefoic^ no cxtr^^v 
*jn do iiiflic« til th'» Authoc I ud ont Bmiu Jo nnt admit of 
jti i"ulii|*l-k atuJidt : uhcid'iTc t^ ftnjouiit wc ihali 0',^ of 
^ reBi«iiM94 bjok>» uii; be liltJe ac^ ih^ 4 biU of /are to 

fhf Priirctf/ft tf p^Iirit^ Or<snc^. 


CJCCJtc the tpfxiicu oF ihorc who ciay be abte to digeft i* dt 

In bi> /^rVWbocrlc, Of "tittij and <^/t^ which it divided iiU 
rv<) pariK, nut Autlioj trcjtu bi^t iubjei^ unilcr ihr fitllowia^- 
hcad^: lil. Of monc> of account. 3ii, Of antliVTal aDd(r;itc- 
rint iTic»iicjr. 3d^ Inc>4|ati:Jc» of ihcmcc^l^ (opcrlvini ihc liIH^g 
ofan invariabJc m<ifure of valuc^ 4(h^ Hctiiods %vhi^^ miv 
be piopofcJ for kffctiirjc ihc iacutivciucitcjt^ to whUli rtiAUrUl 
moDcy is Ibblr, ^eh, Vamtlont m vh^h ihe vaifuc of tht mo- 
oey yiut ii cxpofcd frMH tvety di£ofdcr in tlic com. 6th, (low 
die vtriaiton in thi* imriniic value cf the u;itt of monvy inuil 
iiW<6t the dumcj^ic infcrcft« of i naiJon. 7. Of ihc diiojJcr i:i 
the HriTiili coin, fft ht a« ir ocuifiotii ihc iiidiing doAn, or the 
exporting of the Iptrcie. S. Of the difordcr of the JJmtth coin* 
Ju fjf i> it 46cC!^ ihc (touiid tUdin^ cuucuc^. 9. HldorlLj 
Account of Ltie larufions of the BriliLb coin. to. Of the dlf- 
cfdcr of the Buiifh «m:j» f» far as ic affc^H ihc drculalion cf 
gold And Giver c<^in, and of ihe canff^ijcrice« of reducing gui* 
ocas 10 nvrnty Ojillin;)^ ii* Mcihod of rcilorinjc the m<ioe/ 
Viiit 10 thr f ^oJarl of Kli/^ahrrh, and il:c lant'^qurd^o <jf - 
that rcvcluiion. 12, Objections ;]rd jnlwtrs. 1^ Id yvh$l 
firnfc Ehr (^4nJvd may be UiJ to h-tvv tirco dcbafcd hy bvt 
and jn w^3C fcnfe it m^y be faid 10 hive fuHVred sl gi^gutl do- 
b^fcmcnc b^ (he opcrjiinni <J^ political cuufc^. 14, Ctrcujii- 
fl«nc(s TO be Attended to Jn a new rr^ularonof i^c Britfih coin. 
15. Kc|;uLtiop3 which the principle* of th.» cnquiijf puiiK out 
u euprdient to be mid: by a new fc):uie ior regu],nlni> ihc 
Ilrjiiai coin. 

In tht ff^3jvi j>nrT €\i thrt book our Aiifhnr invcfTigarca the 
principletof money »3ppUed lOEriJe; in which be t^Confidcrs 
the cuiLfc^uciicca of impurm^ ibc piiccof coin:jgc, ^nd thcdut^ 
of fcignlor^pe upon the coin of 1 union, fo br u ihey a\Tv£t 
the price of buUion, and (hat of nW otjicr fommoditics. — This 
intricate fubicel he ireirt ii a very full and perfpicQou« minner: 
and in the /r.cjr^ chapter, coacernia|; the influencf^ w^kh the 
impofinjf ihe prite of coin^gCt iflrl the Amy of feij^nioragT? iti 
lh« ti»$t^fb minlt vh-i^l hnve t.^pon the cotirfe ^i excha^isc* and 
trade of Citcat TiiraT!!, tU:\\-i :)uz hullti:!! it iluirt^r in rMghtid 
than in France^ bccaule the jsrice of ie h kepr Lp by the mint ^ 
and It b ill:>wed 10 fall in Fi^incc 8 per cCiii. below the coin : 
-fiom which regutacion he fcemi to prov?, that KngtAnd lofry 
^ percent- fomctiines, upon her tridc vith Krjn^i:; aiid at a 
incdLuni 4 per cert. The ihrec follnv^ing chaptcrt are chiefly 
l«k«n np in cximiMin^ whether the aSove mcoiti^ned loft 1$ 
rvff/, and the different rrftbodi and rHeClH of iiripnfrng u ,<]tiEf 
on Goinagci — and the b^fancc of aII our Av^^<n\ »£4'tv(t\\% 
U miicb in hvocr of ihc FxcActi icgu!u\oi;i.<— It \\ vj\;>^ &\^- 


12A SrtUAfcTV^fflri>> uriV 

of ihofc wlio aie UiilvQdct Ii, GKiiftpkf of karc ibcrvrcfrtio Ffsac«i 

W}i iilourif, in 0]>!^cJ*- 

• hSvlD^ lhul<*pl-^.^J who! I [r<w> b]P pfPponionAl. f^m^'aii*?, 
llkd [:Kr^i:a! tutct, it i< prj^f go o^lm-e, ;h>^ bovtvir ditioicni they 

tbcy oogliuo imjiaii tU frtiltianJ ncihcfuad: ihccx^ieiicucf ibl 

ut» do lUm, 

< 1'hii h -lids true in «vrt7 defiDm«natfonof Mxv)- tr rEiMnfrdsy;) 
wlwo Anaiiil iribuKi of ll»<a acic f>Md. anil cvcaii p^cfimi aiBOsg ike 
'Ji]:ki. Vilicie 111) Ctilti?i»t7 to rcttuit tlic frffglica of [;ieal lun bjr 
{ti(h conxnimtica, 1 <onii^r the ^oufifE tvumen wtio tf (im. » p«n 
<rl the frijict ttf the pr>plr ^ho frnJ item. Thii it a fWe>'fAmcT4«l 
minafk m lAXS^i^n ; i-nJ thrrvTo'V public conni^^vTi^^ iftbiCh recel- 
nnt7 implv Ji dichiiiiaEson of m^y <*piuia CJTHL^Efr^pcrly t>e t4C£cd ua- 
dcr ih'T briJ cJ loxr-. 1 hij« vfhcn the Utttb ^QWribcUd, n^x aimy 
yeitp 72<; iJic hflnJfcJtli jurt of ilifif j>n>;icT(y covifdi ihe icrtkv of 
ifcr fljH*. * Connor praprrTy <nnfi Icr ihii in the i»!;Nc 6f a t?'<' 

In t^e (lifcufiioft of fo ciRtcLli ftnd complex i lubjc^ n thi* 
or une-s V.*^'^^ '^^^c flKiirU be i-ikcfi itui the ItiunddtiDit be hkl 
upon <{>iid princi^ikt; am) t^i^t noClTmf* bo admitted upun tbc 

:iUthoiily of tV,t jmjuircj i lrCAu(c the Jmni/r/i mer ui iiiU priD- 
0|<'«s Diuil IcmJ to gieai mrl)ukc» JiiiJ contitriur in the fuM^ 
ijiKJii paitA of th< inquiry, — When om Aii;bor Uyt ihit tej» 
ouahi to iDif jir the Jnii:t and iio< llie/vifiii aiid rcpTcCri>i« tbit 
M it ftnJnih^tiMl prtmi^ «/ Jmnvr^v,— ^rc Ihoutd ])a>e wiilicd to 
heve fern the nm/ia upnnrhich this prinf ipli: ii foiind<xl ; as m 
our afpfchcoCoii ii wdni« muLh ot tfie ckarnef& of an intuitive 
irmU:— andurt mil! *jwii it--pfc*/i [o u^ ilut c»enr man *ho(e 
giwdt ire enjb>ait:ed fn the j>tih:JGal vclTefi fifqun the whole ^ 
and in ctjuitjr, i» in ill oihcc^ nafcs of infuMnEr, ought to pay, 
in lAc language oi cotrtmcicul potI«:i«t, %% inirrtfi may aff^ ; 
whkta will \S€ in proponion lo ilic whole lil^uc, «ad not ro^ 
|»Top<iniofi CO tb; p:o>i», or fruii*. — Thofc wbofe /■■.// are ib« 
f-iod -fiion <'f aitmcijJ incictrt or protc^l^d by law^ of tniji1| 
evfn atjiinlV rbr etrr^^ nf ih#-ir owr folly ifid <.*\Trivji^incc; 
o^phti 'ti owr op«»fon, to p»y for their exireordinary fj.'^* lod 
JiiV-'ipf ; tticde bcir)^ hcndiu which the UhnrioLi^ ntin tus no 
fltl^e ifi> ftnd whicti he Via xmd^r no Dhlifaiion to fuppcn wIlIi 
xht j'ff'^Si t'f his iitJiiiliy. For thif^ purpofe what otir Autbot 
eilh fUhMt/.tiw Ujw may wi;h);tCM jufticc anjl propfieiy bei|M 
fHL^df — !o Itii yMWchjiptcf our Aialiof txiofiJcfs the |>iopcr 
objcft t./ proponion^ uxa j utd pcrfevert* iji the »de4 of twc- 

• • Thf ftrr^f m Pruxe h the perftnU rrTvir<e t»f *n the Ubouneg 
cbfrt, l>jr enriytnt^ on pabik work^. Wf l« ih«y paM f^r in money, 
if It cAivporod lb <T we did anicrani t^ fio nou< ttiJia i,to0,O9? U»i 
><)uf. Iliii iix W4I OdBiOci in ikc acciMsi uf the i reii^b rcicnue.*' 

ft < 


lit PrirttipUt tf p^lltii^ Ofcmvmy, 




h^lliA'^hMron]^; in the /AW h^rxpliim th* opcrattiMt of 
<fni#hi)t^b&ck fifoportiofiDl tixca, and fhcivs thac fhi£ drmLit^ 
Arff h the only icjfon why iax» rair'c the prkraarcoinmrTttE;*!. 
In the fi'jrth chipcrr he corfidfrj cumulative uxcs, of iv^uclx 
kinJ ill KtJ^tjiiJ tijc mud f4nuliir ;iic tithfi^ iaud'tar^ tvix^iow- 
ifiXt and pMfi raUi^ 

' The atoJl firpiiioi (xanp^ I04 Ftfncbmin. ur i)te t;iii^tfi»'^*it* 
am! 9/ani!t (ivhicli j^u Loiimutil/ lugnlitr) alia tbc r^ irtf/j^i,- dio 

4fJWia*. the \tn^trfxf, iHO ihc nd^fift *. 

* Th* narurr of all (ht[« mts u, to alfcdt ihc ftoJTeiEoTii, ia<«ne 
•«d piafrn of every in<|t«j^u.tL wiilicui |Hiuii<]( il ifi iheir potcr lo 
ditii ilkcm biL^k ill anj w#> #|)4icvcr ^ co^irc^uenttj, fucb uxci Ucai 
yeff hitlc i<>KUiIi caIipIpicli^^ ins pfkf of cammndkici. ^ 

■ 7 ^ofrv^hcKomcasdrrfirch uxni do nor At«^nyt(N>nndrr t)irtrihvjr 

fixfl induttry. gJit*, or adviDtij;«i of lonunr, nt httc ihiffti^cd to 
ulTcT n drfnieuupn, in fivoar ttf the i^ntci foi vtkkh outgamg tlicy 
Ji4*C4 p<rhap). p]jii3c noprciilion. 

' When p^plc i>f ihc fowrr chfTri. itijlfjcl of bemg fubjcflcd to pro- 
poriiorBl uvn, «r« liid ofid^r ^uch impfujOBi. iherc rcrulri a gr^i it. 
cont^nieow- They trt allowtd ic receive ih* ttb"]* profii of inejf ia- 
«fu[lry, which in iht former chtptcr wc calcd ihcir []A), tUc Aact ho«<r* 
ever lefefviiiv to Jtfdf « dijm for a p«r{ cf ic : ihi>> irtftcid of \>^'m^ 
paid ^tadualf}'. u in a proporibni) ui. it cullcftcU at the cnJ vt ihe, 
yc%F. when ihry have njxie nt} provrfidn lor it, md conkr^uvntly, ihcjr 
:ife put iodii1r«fi. 

' Befidn, how honi ii it 10 deprive them cf ibv po^bvr of dftcainf 

back whu ttcy p^yr And li'»4 iU judged to kuII money Hjth thoIc ttbo 

,Bie Ijpixilcd only to gJln «n vify pri)fLC«1-nf<c]Lry i An «quivjUiit for 

pociiring (hrartlcJf} (ifcilr Ard tuiury, Ihould not bt left in the kta^i 

of lhof« who art] noi pprmi(r«d co « ihtrn. 

' From ihti wc w^y condudc, 1. 1 ha the rnoie fueh taxe» »rc pro* 
fcrrioral to (he Tubjccl mtJ. ^. Uic (vcjfc c^jocnt ihar prv^poiikm ^p- 
pnri; and 3, the niprc frc^ucnly and rcKuUrlv iWv are le^-eJ. tti^ 
icorr the^ wi!l ^rp'lliN^ proporLdojl t^x^, iMl chc lefh burJ^A wij be 
foend iTi pji)>tngthen>,' ■ ■ ■ 

* Trthw iifc B cumuJacive ti* i btti they are aecofnpaojfd wiifc iH 
the iJiicc requiiilt? to rmke (*icm M^fii i alihoo^h in o^hci irip 0» ihcy 

* ' II14 rfl/V i« ^ropiily « Uud-fav, lo^liich n^i-ncollrd H:^//are 
PM Tobje^ed, Itierrjil'an ofvvhich it, ttH n wai n^i^bil y rJipoTtd 
in iieo orfuch peffoaal niiiiiary r<rrvicc9 1* wue pecvliaf to the iowcr 

' 71jeyip'nr* aiiJ flr^'T.V Jrc I^id upon aII ib^'fc who pa^ the z^'/'/t 
■ad arc in propor:iLi(L i<^ jr. 1 hr lirit m jpp'opucfd fi^r the ftibii^nxe 
^rbecavalty, vhrn iSey aw ia quirccei; the Ufl for kettto andTlajtt 
blonfll tor thr (nfJUEfy, 

* The ^>tf-.jafiv^i h the poEI'tiiC, Tlic ^iritm/i aoJ ^iagrM^r* hkVC 
been j)icjJy rxpliined, 4nd ti'hts uc wcti Luowil lociciy oo«. 

' Tlie iiJvfr»t il that iLi]p4>liiron afbici^HIy laid on bv itie tmcndasfk 
of profincet, bpon lU cladTct of inJall'ioui pcopE^ ta pr^i9;iiomlO 
llieir foppofed prc^tt la errry bjinck of buliocu.' ~ ~ . 


fEiihelafcourc, mikci liw jTmviflr*i. Rm ;hcy fill opoci an tm-^wfifm 

'^"'Sptaiinf of the French ux t*pr>n In^ljUiy, o«r AuUiorfaia 

Ae following vcfyjjJicjous obfcrutidfis: ill 

' '' "Pm lilt *i fjpp&ic'l lo b* prorodifTuI to th* profit" ftiadc Ufco 
j^vtr, nndcilicf l^uncho tjf !e^<^uLE'j. ncc fai\iiit; ihc br^d for thrir cb* 
jrfr. AQ mcrchannand crmicfaicn. in ciki. intf in the cootiny, pj 
"Aie ux cnTled iWv^'fJ ; ird ihc- rf^fon £ivrT» ^r rlhbHIhiEtg ^* imc. ii 
I biw &>(J itvADot^cr pljcc, li In oril«r ir* ruVe crcry mdiHdfltl (n iW 
AdTc ooutiibmc 10 ihc opcncc of tit ^^ proparLion to the aJrimtjgc L< 
rrdp, Noiliin^ wouU bt mujcjuf). could ji be put in rlccvrjon* ^kb* 
«ni dmng moic hiid to i^jcfl^E?, ihtn (be fcie^ue ttftMa Tr^nii it cjq 
do jcood. 

' 1 fbilL cow ihrw howr la thri cur, all ihc tlvrn >eqGjfieci wo kare 

* ifno. By i(> nicurci ic <an bcv no cx4ifl pbQpoilIon iodic profili 
#f obv ii^iliiitrioui min e iviec oobutJy but chf prtfun oiiicd cai* £j much 

■ ido, It c4Eibot poflibljr be provided for, ti do ctiectc cin be pit 
npoit tbe iqiporcr. unleli lo iar » ^f rioral rufet arc Infd 4oi*q fw C4i;h 
clafi of ilti^ juif uUiioat i and J:om tbc Id ij^M Other iiKOnfCiucaui 3ow, 
^ (hill be fib(Vrv^, 

* jiio, it coinci atoncrupon poarpcr»|iIf, »vho havt b^n&ci|VFaT!y 
fcrccJ w be]» for wani orepup'ojnient bdoic (b« tan-fiith*rfcf codd 
iiLiike bii demand ; tad ihc^e vho rcttiaia, rnq(Kntl]r bcoooic W^^li 

* I ajt thai fr<m the ^cncrit rulci Ui<{ iJ^>tvn for rrgolaiiDg ihji 
Uir, ai lo t^tty <ltU* Ji workimn »ha bt* Jiljr^r ffmify tA m^taUia. 
i> 00 If^B tKf«d ibao one who b:i$ no chvr{»e but tnnlcltf; an4 il will ht 
alloweJ. I bdievc, tbfit the profits 1:4^ one induliiio«i person of the lowct 

■aiai l><^ Fiinily« moch fefi > tictly oi'c- I therefore Emigine, iku 
cuoiuljtive (axci i«v<-i tliooM be r;i»fH wpqn Tuth daflei of :nbibit^tt 
ai hnvc HO m<«nic but thcii perlonaJ inJuUry, whicb it io in^tmSy 

' Mtrchanii ilfb cu^jbt noi lo be luHjeflcJ ta any tai opcfe ihcW IK* 
doftry. Th«y onglit to be nUcwcA u Jtuumubtt ricEift ai fal aitbfy 
em ■ becJylfl they mijilny tbrm Tor [he fldTJheemeo: of jnd;)tEry i nd 
«r<ty dcJvtiion from iheir proJi£i i» a ^Jmioouon upoti ihjs fb dddl 

' When cuinuUtivctutoi are laiJ upon any of iHc fuJuAriciQs didti, 

they ifn4lo check ^rui^icg ivc4tih; ind irc ftio^t f Jm^lurTy tnif«n£el>a 

mo^vchici) ftatei, *!*«? licho ire aju to ciciCf jcjloary, »i hai b*eti 


^'"^'ItDi u to thff diH of bnd proprieco'i, that H lo fay, the ivorc 

"Wra^thy inhibiunM. wlio liirc up^n ■ reyc^ijc dmiij nade, iheiln^MK 

^«stry of <vmdtiAi>c u^n ii mucb Jrf», I'hcy arc howrvvr Lmitftiwuin, 

o(i£fci lo h*.<ii»i««^ with,, ^ii 


/jt# PfirtcipUt af JW/jVjW Ornnrnf* 


tha ptnt^t di l*bouT CDO hif^h for the pKifpciJEy of fofeign ifaiic. 

' f«»m ibf ctimplfi I havfrgivcnuf (h>tbfincli of ruition, I hopr 
ihc nckCiiTc nf tt may bn fitlly uitCrrf!<w^, wid ih>t for ttw future no Ji^ 
coiYCEifncc «J^ «rire (ram my caijilorin; ihc utai of imjimUti^^ ttst, 

/^/, ^r/;frwj i^y l^^fj^ i« tht Juitty, Al (I'lif dclJD^Eian would ik^ 
bi«e bc«n vfidctil^d at fctUnt our, 1 tbou^'^l i^ proper, linl, to d^ 
pLiin itc niturc of ihr iliing lo U defined.' ' 

Ch*i«rr \\\^ f-fth ircaia of ibc iWjr^fW/fffff whlfh f^roccci 
ffOm proporCLonii t.ixa, 9r<l ibc methods of removing thcm,^ 
Thb i« a long and vcrj inAiuftive chipKr: vrt; cannoi pafi ^ 
over Without ^\\\^^ the Auikor'i fli^t rccaplcuUtioii cf;:4fiy.tb%* 
wc h4vc not room lor lirgcr cxiraflt, " ..': i 

■ Thr pthHp^l iMoiiv*r,i»ticri illcdg^d ffgatnfl penpnttiortl 19 
ift, 1.1 liai ihcy ftir« pricn: 9, Uifcoiifs^fccevilijmptiiir-; tud jiThtC 
they are opptrSlvc ind eipcnJioe in ih« cotUdion. Thcif iticinv»- 
nknc;! ^xt mote >pf ar?ni ih>n rc«l, at w^ll ippMr ^om nhit fotfoviE 

' imow A pro|)<iniohiI uj, rightly impofcJ, and propfrly Irncff, 

'will vn4oubi«<i}y rjff« ihp pricr of rhr chjr^* iivril; Wit ^\\\ o^ 

conf'Tqufntially iaiIv the prKa cf ihc labour ot (he laJullriout man whv 

fay* It ; bccauic fac Wkl|d»w i( bac«c ifl proporiioA on!) w h;i J^li^cncs 

ftad rru^iliiv. 

* TheprKeofUbour isfijaJdAVb/^cni^ind, ■adiii'^wiin^onljply 
pn^poicionnl later. 

■ 2do, Ai ID difcouri^ii^j^ .confurnDtfOD, if luiei nufc pricn, thii 
ct:euni^knc«prc7¥f»th?incrviff of confumpcion \ bcoufc ifcccirtiirpiioq 
^crc (l> dimtnifbi l<:io wouTd ni>r be pJiM. ind pfici:* would f^ll of 
courJc t even it> ihe dnnmeni oftlic indullikiut. Thrfe ««c aJu^ayi the 
(Onfnjurncei of Frerp<Tnic-ri] <ix^, whrn itjiin^ fmpolf d. 

* jiio. At to Lhc cipcnc* and opprcllion in Icvpng thoni, iLicfe io- 
COrvcTiieoeei «re, in a Cresi meifurCi in proporiioii lr> the dlfpoOtloA 
of ih< people to dcfriud i)i< public : for «rh<n eUji arc f^irljr |«ud, 4nd 
hciicfl]y toUr^cd. pTOjVtJutul ujie»«ic T^C Ic mure e;iprnfiire, and 1 4- 
^i>nefy left opptrlTite ihari tny oi^cr- I t'jnfludp my eb>pr«r by IiMdo 
otfcjvstjoni Crt^n from ihe pra^ice rf <iiffcrcn; coumrieir ¥»hicb poiitf 

,'e«t« Cktiiod of avoiding bodi tbcoppirlBonand thocipcMc cf levy* 
rl»g propOftioTial ^j^^e*/ 

Jit hifi ySwA chupter our Author rompurr^ cumulxilvc An<l pfi>- 

pootioiuf ivi».wiEh oncanothcr^ greatly to the utivAniaLfOof 

'.the }i:tL'r. Iji iXk^JfXJtnth he conridcts the con1c<|utnfe nftaxf* 

when (he atnoui^l of them 19 properly applied : and ffatwii, tbac 

* by ibe help of cumuT^livc 2nd prnpontonal tsxo tl^ihj im^ 

L f>f^r^i ^li^Tighi^ trfrndid^ circuhtion is £rt:itly incfcafed; in- 

I dattry ri advsnccri j the public good j* augn^eiucd, ro£ dimj- 

■ 'Miinicd 1 =Dd the burden of pAyirmtt To equallv proportioned, ac 


^<»t to be felt in vt^y tlc^rcc fufliclcnE 10 oi-cibilancc tiic advui' 
^■fci^rt leftilclng from ihc grncral f^fttm/— hi <ht il^HVj cVi.'^\«, 


SflUART'i It^i^i l^e. 



^\l Jamt$ ^xxTnirm die rrxE^ikt of mtMton j KnJ ttirivs^ dtic 
■ the way 10 c;]XTV propcctioaU OKts to their btmr^K e\Ktit u 
ti^-<liaw tu iimkct cvcty ;Mii^ coni^ioub&c > inJ JurciiJinlv to 
ni£9 the t*x upcn ic i6 high n» 10 aVforb a« ram:^ » |>9lHblv' th« 
whole foficrd^jiiy of the ccwkrkimcrj«'*-In the itihilt he coiifi^lcr* 
the confcf^uenccA of 3in ^hfirhn cf-rix^ : ab^ui which we ip- 
f rcbcivJ there is no gtcxt rckfon to be iittfmed. — In the frr/& be 
rntpjifct whether tavc« ire 4 rptir m miluliry ? ind 11 of apt- 
nL<ni llui ' UNCI prri;T):>ce in^ultry, n&t jti con fc que net of tbar 
bring nin^rl upon infiivitlTiiU, hui in tnnfwiHeiifc cf rJicir beinf 
cxpcDticd br the lt4ie 1 fhot i}, l>y iocreiftns dcmard and cir- 
caUiiuri/*— 'lit tlic diVtnti> chapter* cviiEdJirliii^ ccjiifiJer^tHiat 
vpon hod-nxct, with cbfcrvaxions upon tboCeof Ef^zUrid inJ 
Fr^ntc, ire bavc a (c\\ arvd putictiUr cXitiimaiion of f^tiu^aH^ 
ficnoui fcheme of a r^j^l titt¥ ; which it Oiewti to be tinju(l in4 
*>ppjci1Ivc. — Our Amhor** muj''^c!uj>tcr 11 ukcn up with ibe 
difcclBou of Icvcnl mtfcrJlaDCOuB i^t»vl^io:i>, nni conc'udei in 

' Evrry one wba bj» wni conce^trinfr uxci hu cntfeatoaml en con- 
traifi L^« otrj«£l oTvlie/ii n nuich ai poflihle ? iTime, I imagine, «4|i ft 
Vie* to nil the pvbhc tH)i^ the p«np1«. I h]*e MJa^v^ »»oibct O0wfr. 
I t^vc been fflf ;nu1t ptyi'iE ihc o^jf^Uof ujiaaon «) much «» poflitile, 
and Icr leaking ibcni inc;rc in jji9porii[?ii lotapcpcc ihin 10 pMpcilf or 
iiuop^r. hut Jtjut ] ruv conftirLn fnyl'iririn rcmic.ii.fjJijrr ia iin ^i)t»\ 
aT thoie wha hiTF exaniiiieil thf r)niPliiVj<cl, I {htit prr>pr^frH iitithifh 
uolU i\\l Dp ih« fUc nf ciTry other j ini could Li t>r levivd, tfMid 
be the be[% p«hipi ct^er thohit^ht of, 

* Ii u X ux. Ai fb mjfh per ccql, upon the l^e of crcfy coa« 

Tbe thirtttmh and foyrtif'ifh chapten are recapitulatioiu rf 
the fourth 4rid ^fih boosts i md tmi aUc IVjit^ fiaiihcs his 
work nieK the follctwin^ declaration t 

' 1 hav« n&A cunc^udid ihn m^viryi tccorJin^ ici ihe p*tn f &: &r4 
pWp.frrJ. tl i» ihc fim <,f cijKiecd jrc»r» dufc ilii'ii^ii *j»tcnWc »(►• 
pik^iD:-n ; imcftUfieJ only by mauy inicrviii ofbid hciltb, jqJ ntiay 

» ■ ^1 oevrf wit» tH! l<Hy, ray inTcnEiAn 10 f^fftr to th* puWic. dvtip^ 
my fife, «liBt I hml tompofcsj purrf^ fsr my rjwn ii.fl iifltufldM *ni«le- 
ITKUI, Dj[ upcm compjiiiof my f^nLiinciiU in (racial pcvnts n^H tbc^ 
oFiliC rpCTTi^iy iif my fnco \u ibry hive b«r tixaj {t7 wiJr'* tJitlc- 
fr^f, ti'iit } «-4i t^□n^ht in dmy booad to my coatiirf, va fubcT.11 ihcm 
lo the fitififcn of ihe pubtir, 

' To ikii I bare the morv vrjilingly fubin ttrd, a« ] ihrreby ftj| 
putlttC mf IteA inlc»ti(Ki 10 lakrfl; mj F«ii i wb^li v-ai, eoccii irp nj 
iieM on thU fU^i'^. Ard Ilucc t nri oiuv d;av U3 /mhfr koowb-^e 
Jrofli my t)^n ii^t{a.'iFlPt. 1 miiit rKpffl it ffom Iht* (.riiicimi o^ iWi; tth<i 
f>;r <biat; it f^ofi^ tbcir n'hiU to afi:iaidv«ft apnct oiy iiotjo»4-* 

Our A^tbof Hi3 £i^<"» >c the end of cjich volume* ft ufeFul 
la^U of tlr^liHty Ftcnchf Gaman, Jnd Dutch couv^ ITiC(iti>« 

tli Family CuU* fe HeoUh. 


'rc;^uUi(ont of (be fcfpc^iic nunu where tbty arc coinalt and 
1ia« r;ci|»iocilly convcfiCil thci' w^'gHis jnw «ici* other, 

£x<qTviii£ toenc iirw pcculiancits of cvprcffion, htt^\y wrirfh 
rorice, the Ungungc c^ this work in grorf»l> U f\ixt\\\v^ ckcTv 
andncrvouAi the pfopct llilcof iikvcllig&tJon. — I'hc method <^ 
arr^ngrmrri is rxtcllrnc :— 'And ihe cablacf contmts^llierrct- 
pit Jatfont, and ibt index, dererve to W mentioned as n««Ai'y 
appciiiLi^fTs io A wuik lu tvn of iin|icirttnc ivi«ticr : vnd for wave 
o^ vrhieh ihc value of n»njr good books ii erfaily diminifhtd.' 

Upon ibc vhdtc. ihou^h wc dilTer wnJcly fiom our Akrihor] 
in fomeof hii p^litU^l priHcip!ci\ and thii^k many of htviw-3w<iivt>' 
tai priricipki would ka4 to rtguhtinnt much /» mwaf/ to be 
coofilleAC with ijuft fpiric of m.ikly freedom^ and frlf-jav^rri' 
ment in the common afF«ifft of life ; yrC vrc cannot belp idmir-, 
ing hi? prnrtrating genim, ind being pleafrd wiih rhr Hmt' 
itght wfich he has thrown upon r>iry t^hLiLfc tubjtiU ; nof c*« 
wc take Invc of Hiii rr fpcfhtbli- Wntcr wiihoijt yt\ lug litBn the 
tribute of ouf graief^l thinks far the f^lcafitre and mUnt^Ant 
which wc hate iccdvcd from hia oiaftcily F<rfoniiince; Mr] 
wiihoat eirnellly recommendtng it to i be pentfai and »itvntioii 
of tbofc, vrborc pcculijir duty it is, to bevr «n4 cvamine cvcrjfV 
pbiiAble f^heme 10 proiron the order ^jid hijv^ftefiL of ihe poli^ 
lical andinorti woild. 


Tin Fa^Jfy Gm'Je U IJttAh i »r, Jl GtntrtH PrM<t </P^^' A 

d ftati.'iar tyof -■ CsAtatJUM^ ikt mtfi afi^rrofd Atrib^ds of (Xrt^ 

- fir i^ Js'^rat Difirjtrt §f ih4 HMiMtt BfJp, fnm lAtf if^riiinft 

And FtM^hf 4f tin piUt mmimi i^iijfidnvt ; ad^td ta stirwj 

di£vi/iftt tbi Parstiwd C\£*^ if ri^is Kingdtm. O^ivo, 5a. 

TH K Compilers of tSe Feimij G»i4^ t» Htoht mfucm \Sfi 
\\w.\ '■ while i^c fallowing flK<t*Acrc prinirug olTi* book 
wx\ pubIiflK<T, rnti!lc;i» A-i-^^t u the /Vj/'i> iv GfmritJ^ tv'lh </-■ 
gard tr tWtr iieaith^ tri^iH^Kd from tbc t'lcncb of X!^f, Tiif>: i 
with iio»r> by Df- Kfrkpitrielc. The fjind^-nirnrA pf the fit!C|^ 
vith the k^Tocd names arncxcj to it, i.idu(«i us to bclieic at^ 
fiiil: ih±t ciur farchef prjgit:is woul;! b^ wnnccclTary. Yet ibp 
)>nwe^ri?d tlilfj^nce of Dn Ti^bt, hit l^r^c cxnerirncc an4> 
Ibudll jtjdgnicn<« and the ingcnuoufi^c^t of Ix^^ diipofi[ii>i], aici 
I vftW known ^ nor can the ublUty of hi> cdilc^^tf ^^JiIW it^ 

I irork| ^f f^und ihiC ic djd no; m alj t.iurfer^ tvith our defscn. 



7Lt Fam!fy Gaddt u H^IiL 

It W mule pvovirioA only ^ Kubc dtfi=<Ua.3rt4,iMfl4fn 
ifenti b 1^1 Tuch a nii[intr inJfcd » mull b« cxtfciady a(c 
jDunf pu^njui#cr» Hitil othcf j^iiclligeiu pc^rucii , l>ut ic i» n 
at aJL fuiccH to ihe rapaciiici o( Qcma\on familici, Tncrc com* 
prvhcnd nothiog of 'he theory of phjJici irc frrghtcnTd ^t ji^ 

vtcw, how ta proceed through the Tcvci^ AfiCt* a£,4 ijifbrij(r*" 
VVchavC) for itLc U^c ofthdj;. cxtcixiciJ vut pha, bive incloff4 
wichin our compsfi, th« M'ho]c<iark rti-ion of irtlirmity, t)io£« 
m£i\ tm^y excepted. njhji;iia[c taoiC (•cculUrly the pro>iUCc <ifj-, 
Sjrgery an4 MjJwiA;ry -, lud wt have AuJiotUI/ avouloil ''"' 
oflcniacioA of Jinguigc/ 4 

Wc ippr^hfnd chit ii rnuch too JUvoursLble :tn account of the 
work bcl'jrc u». — The hiilorici of difrifca which trc given bjr 
Dr. TJflbt 2fT foil and dillind ; and hii pndicc frnipU ai 
tJiicacioufl I for the whole table of mcdKJnet which he h** 
fonoedt conriAa ou\y of rcvcnLy-oiic diiTcrcrni srtJdc), ahA thcfe 

arc sa little compotinded i> poffibic, h\ the Ftmfy Guidj ti 

Htahh ; El u bui r4idv th«t tticrc ii any ilefciiptloji of the J:f<* 
cafe ifi c]ueftion, the Narrn nf (h? dilVife ii only ine:iuioneJ ( toi 
daCftt iaftctd of « iew ciEocbuj s.\\i cheip mcdjcino in ciK 
ironncrof Or- TilTut^ ihere arctnnrcribed a number of cottt- 
povjid, expctifivc, ftiid frcqucnlfy imprj^lcAbtc Rtdpti, from 
^wi'j AftdUittai Di^iMtaj .'— ^^r^tV Prffii'ut •f Ph/k :'S^ 
^abam.—Rhirit^: — Betriaffv^i and othei«j vjk. 

* Ftr th Richfi. From Dr. Bw*ijjtv, yamtt, te. 
Let the child'j fuoJ be wcl) (irrmentel bfe^d tnd bifcvitv 



mixed with A lni4l] qiianiJEy of faifroiife nurmeg, canJomOiu, 
cinnunon^ Coeds of cdcri ^ and other grateful and Jlrcn£then- 
ingaromaiicv: Lran pign^nt^ fo^vh, rAbbcti^ mutton, kid lad 
vcsti, grntly toalled, eut fmalt and rnixcd with bifcuiC. fait, and 
;t litfEc pmncyu thynK afid jiutme^ ; Miller ant) tuflty^ boiled 
vvich wjcer ^d ratf>ns, and then ftjfoned wuh a Utils wine anj 
mild jfomiiic*. 

• Take of ihc followmg f:cfh leave^^ <Jrird in the fhadet vie. 
of the sialc fern, ihrt? pouoffs -, of marjorartt, bau^i orA mwu 
each two h^ndfulf i of the frcfh flowers (dried in th? jhadc) of 
raelitoe, fweeC trefoil, elder, and rcfn, eich two OLinccs, Roi- 
fluce to -A fint powder- Mix wjth doubfc the (juaniiry of barley 
chafT. Put all into bag* fjjr coucHct, on which the p^itcni li to 
lie, Thcfe arc 10 be cdfcfuly piefcrvcd from niotflurc^ iirt 1 
fn^ueni^y dried. 1 ' 1 J ^1 

■ * Take of bcmo'ift^ mnilt^h^ ofibanumi amber ami franktiil V 
denfc, rath o^ie ounce : KcdtK^e to a powder ; uf wMch thfV>vr 
a Utile bipcw titTtoaii, and tccdrc tbc Ocaoh in Wiirhi Wn^ 

doftn'i^ which let tfic'fiHOc of dw baClE|i'aniVlMldTfr|pM 
r^bi^ night inJ mornirrg. . ■ ' '^' ' rro ^rr . jkt ni ; ^jrwb 

* ^ Take of ihc root* of ip«JcuiftW» m* flrt^pU i <if vrfiiiY 
wWf cnc ©uncc ; 5nfl of (up», two dram* : infuft JW i whc)a 
lii^Ul i ajid wlicn {h^iincd )*ive it in t^c mominji L«( fhil b^i 
repf^TcJ ever If foiinh <^Jy it^r ^vp rinw^, 

^ • Tikcof ihcbcrt fhuborb, half *r cunce; ofcititnciDyro^- 
bobni* without the kcmcK three d^uim ; nud of ihc trochct 
of agaric, iwo fcnip1c«. Infufc In fouv ^rtu ol colJ (hong 
herr, for (wcTUy-four hourv. Lei the piticik; nfc fhi» Tor r<iifK«, 
laon drink for a' moruh. But if it provci to<ft pur^tive, ic nuj 
be mixc4 >vtEh a;\ cquaU or a gfc^ucr, quantity oTothar aIc. 

* Take of agrimony, fpkrn-wort> krnfooi, h^rtf-toi^j^e, 
the foot of polypody, jtnil white rraiJcuhiir^ each tvtQ ou^ict^ 
Cue thrr<fmall. Mix them, put ihrm in % linen cloth » and 
ijifufc them in twelve pinu of cold ale, to be uPsJ fof cotnmocr 
drink- i 

' Take of BojUs Em t^mrrit, two grains i whkh src bo b« 
tfiveri TVery cvcnifti^ in Canary wim: for ihrcrc weeks. > 

* Take of the filing* of ftecl, one ouikc t of the firongcft 
diftlUcil vinegar, ten o.mces -, and of fuvu, ihrcc ounces* Soil 
ii\ rogether gently ht c^eoly-fDC houn in ^ i*]l phiuJ ; and let 
the liquor^ when filtrated, be kept in a dofc vcfUl* Six dfopc 
Drita/rioh<!givrti eveiy mornintf ind evening ina tittle MttiM' 
iatit wine. B9trhat^>^ Jpf/. and AUk AM^ 

* I ixir from expulcficc lecommcnJ, 3a the muH HTe^sl rc- 
ncd^t baibs of fweet water, boileO with nervous hcrbi, fuch a* 
umjcitflm, bVcnJci, mcthcr of ihymCf rorcmaxy, camnmiie a;jd 
haun^ In hich b.'Lths the pitieiit H lo he frequently immcrlcd. 
and have the fpirx of the bi»ck arid joints rubbed am aoojaiicd 
wtth the followfn^ ficivous ointment. 

' Take of humnn fftt, and exprefTcd oil of nutmegv^ each 
half an ourice ; of Ptruuian baUam, one: tlram ; and ot tttc oila 
of rxie, hvender and c!ove«, eac^ (bitty dropi. 

* Hy ihefc incans I have fcci7 m^nv patiraEs afilii.^'d irith 
the Ri::kct*, not only fjrprJfin^ly teileied, but alio (oCaliy ic- 
covered. MtJ- Di^* ut Rinhiits,' 

' For ff/l AiiUimrtrit ^arian. FfOm Dr. S^tltfs7m. 

* Begin with rhr vnmrc, a^ in thr fpring aguei- Then take 
of Peruvian bark finely powdered, one ounCGt of confcrv« of 
H^ rofci, two ounces. Mix tbcm. TakethQ quannty rf a 
large nmmejj morning and evening daily, omthcik daya ihac 
the gcnuioc ht doei juji come, lilt all ;hc eonfeOion » l^krri 
and Jet it be rrpe^c^d oncf^ a fortnight, ta the end of fuc w ^^ ^ 
AbotiE ihfl bcf-inninif of Kcbniarj-, and n-;t fvoricr, let tbc,p^ 
iiejii ^h^jLge lo a acv^ air. Dm if he raano: coLVcalcnily le* 


fy GMide U 

to p:om<iEc ilic lofij^uiJ Jc^uf^tioi » ukI. if fKHEblc, to pa 
H, Tti«««ore 

* 7'iue of the cle^tuiy of ibc rg^i or of Venice Cnadoi 
^riffli ^int * hjir^ Diffofvc ti in two cwnon of^qu^ oidtb^ 
cf coniinuii «io* »iCR : tii^e it two hours before the fit. 

* t ha*e iu"d thi* yftth grpAt fiit<:rf> ic thr drclv^arion of tSe 
l^i^n^l^, But cblcrve ib.t hoi thirg>, given fooncr^ hjrc nth 
douMri) ih? filt, or dufi jCil them imo a cunlinu^ fevct. T. 
will do ffir 7»ung ptfoplc* but not fc childrerii 

* A momh iftct Uic dttcifc vnd all fjinptonn of it ut 
vcd, *rtcj nM before, car* murt be taken ttiai tbc piTKnl bi 
purged : For ti cun fcarc< be imagined how many di/ca^ ire 
occuTioneil by the omilFiriiiTi of thii after iits^'frinjl 'gu^' Lft 
tbcrcforc the com non putgij^^ pi>tton (ordcreti for fnc lllhiK^ 
P" 73J ^ rcpM^H tMire a wci-'it for iwoor three monift« Jbl)ov< 
uijE. Lrrry oi^bt tt^ur the purge, ui unodync mdl mchotf 
Hi\ be taken ; 

* T»Le of red poppy water, twoouncef| of acjua mirabili 
irro dtitniH -. offymp uf wlutc jtnd red poppje^, eub haJTvA 
ttirtee, ^!i)C i»J make a draught/ 

Wbjt do pliin cjumry people know of the ritJI^MTj tf tit 

f^l iV^t a^uA tjtiijtit t Xh^ fKt Vtnrrit^ta,} And«rbaib3t« 

VPie/ to do wilh £jGh txpcdfire, impid^tkltUc /iarr«^M U ibe 
Cbllowin J > 

* latTc black cherry water. And flrawb^ny traiert«f<icl 
three on nco, epidemic-WMtf, eompotjnd reorJium wscft, atti 
cinnaiTiTin wMcr, of each ore ounce, prepared pearl, onedni*^, 
flrid 1 liair, (Mfl^iUincAi^Ar, ij Atfiiticct qtijniity ; cfaunalk 
witer, half a Jt Am, to milcc It ple^fanl ; totx and ctulee Ajvlq^, 
of whkh let the ptijcnt ukc four or fire fpoonfub, wbcn fuirl 
or at plcafiire/ And 

' Take of the didil'cd i^b of einnamoiit citron anj oni _ 
peel, eich thf*e dtorp*, of the oili of Uvcmter fio*rer* and of 
juripcr, each two drops, aod of fu^r« iix dranii ; Mix wdf, 
and add of the toh» of dJct iind j«oiprr, earh three ouncev 
of the Ipi'iC of U% one irim % of the iliflilled wjter:) of eii 
namoot citioit And oj«iigc-[>:c], each itfroouiKcs; ;it>d of 
ililhlltd vatcf of mine, ten ounces : Of chis prcpanuioo Jet 
p^tbot like one ounce every two hout>/ 

Let the Reader novr cum to the citto-pa^ of tho A 
Cuidi t9 Hesitb \ oda^tfd t9 <wry ca^ity^ ami lalntiMid chi^ 
/;r t/>Sff i' hfi //If JTJflif rfW rinttm^anut bnt ttoftJ rhcm M 

dijUau fr^if^ the fa:nity. It wou'd be well, if cither UlA 

y^g'^i. U'ttcr cutfrcfpoiiicj Miih U^fcv, or book* with tii 

[ "9 1 
TX* Vtptah^ Sjitm : or t! Strin ^f Ef^rmfrttt or ' ' ' . .itTi I 

frt^ XctUTf 9nfy, By JdmHill^ M. 6. FoliOw J I Vol*. I 

WHATSOEVER ifinj- appear, upon rt^miiutiitn, (oInt I 

?hc rcaj cliaradcr of ibis work, a ir.mfKnt, fipctii<tU I 

view ^rcUrcs it lo be lb; moil co^ly, ihr moil cxic:i!ii>c anil 1 

moH eUborate boixricjil performance wbich acr s^c oc nuion I 

ImUi produccii. The firll rolumc WiJ pubUilicd in the year ' 
1^5^ fiTce whicli tune tiie fucfecdine v«>Iucims, new e^vcfi 

in jMiirbcf, h«ie griduaTly «Efp<atc^]. The woiL, howcrcr* b i 

j'Ct/ir from being conipVjit ; srd hf^nrc, pcrtia^-'^j <Hir prcTenc I 

acfouoT of it may fccm pfc'^iiuic : bin our iluty afiij inclina- I 

tton to rr^niHbtJtC aTJ \vi our powrr ro llic infiKinilion anJ cn« I 

tefcariimcikt of our Rcidrrt, wjH no losiger pfimit ui lo difrc- I 

g^d Ib'cApiiisil a'pcrJ^ormance. " 

The Jirrt vol jme of thi* wnrt U cli*u ed imn two IcOiCt, thg 

fiifl of wiiTch coin;iinf the hiflory of brsany, from Thco^ibraf- i 

tui dovm ic iti« pfe(mt as^- Thi^ liiflAry the I^oflor di^idM I 

into i%\ <Jtf^ir£l pertodi. Yht fidf period tciis ihU ^n^rat I 

fiik-, '/7v'rfrt ff 5f,'/iTff ;'« anruxt Grteft^ Hcnre ono I 

would naturally ha** esp^drd fomc actovnt t^f the ei^iblifb- 1 

incnto^r<kt^crtn ^rnciil in thai cciumiy ^ bt^i, notwuhnanf^ioj I 

tbeiiile, %h\\ period eorramv nol^in;> more than a ftort review I 

of lUcb(.>Unka! willing of TtTC:>plirA!lu«; fii thnt prot^AMv iHa 1 

ti:k ought tf» hAVe fto.'d thu«, 7t>i i:J^aUffitr.^^t tf-vnt. StitKu^ I 

nimctj cf Baiany. If tbii be an cniifn<*ri of t!x prc^;. it is % 1 

wrt' impirdflfiablfi nrglcfl in llu^ c<irroi;tor, In a wo:k of f«cl| I 

m3i>nih<eacc, I 

Tnr iVfunJ petic^ cmnjrrrltrn'Ft tbe Jlite of iVc fcirnce iJur* 1 

ij|£ ihc govtrnment of ihc Romans* In th>t r<"ic»d the wrii- I 

In^a of Dutfcotidcs and Pliny ue priikripiUy cotiiideicd* [a J 

ptiiod tlic thirtf, we are pret^nt^ wiih liyf finite of boisn/ | 

botany le »he barb^run >f;e« In the fi^h-u-e ^^'^ it rifirig wiiH J 
tl^e i^etv ijnvrn of IJterAture-i >nd in pericd \\^ fUth, vre arg:! 
fjt^ourrd vi'iib s fLircmd account iif liie origin of i^ft^ivailo. 1 
botany tinc'^r fbe grrat Caif-^^pinus tf^jfiher w nh ihe impirtft^- 
iDcnii of focct^'b;^ writers, down lo tbc intmortal Lmn^ui. 
* In ibcycar t7J5> f^iyi our Auttior, Linr^ur, coo gt^«t foe 
priifc* aficr havirf^- unfaccrrafiilly prope'fei! his new Thou^htt 
in ErijJmJ, publidiH n HolUivi that rflrm of pbntf ufhich 
^bi-aderi£ci the cbOcs according to t^c iitamti^b and ft^^^ v 
Rev. Awj. 17^*7, K ^vAk 


ani takc» iMo ib« ^^nerftl dillip£iion all tbc Bower, Tliii 
lyUrin the rucGcodi]^ four uid iwenT>' vein have moic «ud foorc 
cUsblilbvd ( and if w« tD;iy «j;tjf<Jtjic from ill Ttlu«, it "mil 
Jivc (vv^n wticn « ciitiij*! mcihod OitW be found) fo long u 

fi<ii>k the fcfcrn^J trrart of the vcgcuble Aru^urc ind the life | 
orpbiitfi. In ih* fifit rhapict (rf rhU tkookt the DfjJ^nr v*ry 
j\tiU\'tijit(^Y d;ii\npiiQm the three kinjcdomB of Dtlurat hodict In 
ihf 6>l!ovrirg uordt. * MrrrjsUt fjyfthc, hivciftcicafc wftH- 
out lifci OTg^niJK^ pjLtti, rcgjUc ^ro^rth, or ftnfaiion i v^c« 
tAl»!r^ }i;tvc a rcgxilar giuwi!ip am<1 ;i Jc^icc uDiFc, but iioKct* 
faXtor I irTimala f;roWi livc^ ^nd TceU MJr>cnU bavo no vef- 
fchi rr^cuU(« hikc vclTc'b for their nuirlttirc jukes ; aruouU 
hfti'C nutritiie vcCclt anJ nerval t thciV Uft irc a pccuTJ^r >nd 
difl:nt^ fyftcin On thi^ conflrucli-in (depend* the cticntiil, 
univerfi], and invubbfe JiffcTcnwr of tfie itifcc gmf claifnoi' 
ciuiciiat btine^. Mmcnih wincing vcfTvh, though lYtty may 
b« Inerofrd by an ^t^fdjEJon of paru^ cannot have a rrgiitar 
growth} fcr that irtull depend on vtifdi. Pljmtf having vdldf, 
may hjic a rr^iiW growth ^ for it t» ihv cfTcA uf tlieir pfotici 
oflicri *i*ji wantiHijiKjvef, thi^yonnot fcelj thatbcipgihcqus- 
llt^ cf nrrte alone. Aninijli which have nu[;itive fcHcli and 
ncTife?tf:rowanj fecl^ iheEc being the o^ccsrfEhofc two fyAtBi.* 

Hiivii)^ thj* cflabUihcd the preceding ncceir^ry dtfim£lio(»» 
riw Di^dor proceed*' to iJcinonftraie, that the matter of wbrch 
aU boiJi<3 are comporod tt originftU^ the fimti and chat their 
dKTctct}: qujlftici 4re Having eniiEcly to arrangeiDcnt, i>hkh in 
vn^^utlcs JE flTc^ed by the peeulMr rofmatton of their vefCeU, 
' We k;iow> dy^ the Uo^i)i~t wh^L tilings ihcy afc wh^b feed 
Andronn Jtpljnci jridur? know thtfe are the fame in all the badfh 
One p'fcc] of niuuld ;vil[ pzuiiuLC every ipccica ^ one (^oandij 
of water moi film thatrjitth for all^ and thry:]ll grow furrOiUDO- 
ed by one atmolphcre/ Bcitfo: bu: we al^o know, that per-* 
Ird Tef;ctJiiioii re(]tiIrrK the mould to be innprrgn^tcd with a cer- 
tain qilajitity of Taline panicles I therefore the quality, or com* 
pixicnt pAtX^ of the juojld, U not a inatiei cf indi^erenee. 
Hence it r^ms rcafonablc to fuppcfc «i elrd>>v< attra^ion in 
the root? of <JE^i.ictit fpecio cf plani-% by which ijicy feleA 
fromihe common ntits inch [nrtl<\cion\yi\ ^irt sidapted to their 
Ibreuiioni aud that (be oiHce of ihe vdlcUii not merely to 
tDodjfy the matter thus abrGrhtd. bnt to J^ptraie ond affi- 
IBuliic A« a fjtrther argument the VciUn obfetve*, that wc 
outy evi xhn mnuld and dritik this water wlthdui harm, 'yet 
from a feed of deadly nrghtfh:)(^ fown in thift, arifes a leaf, % 
dram *jf irhicb it polfop/ Thia however i» i>o proof thar tbe 
poifon U not af><jatly cotitained in the «rth. Sulphur, o» 
ILire, may with great farcty betake:) into the Itonuchj but 
thcaciSs rhey ccnE^iti, when fe^taie,ih*.ttv e:v\Vtv wn'.^^b* 

Rill's VfgetcHi S^m, Ijl 

"Cheft d^grer poiffirftHa, if not c^nfid'rably diluted. Bin ihs 
Doctor, ill con^rmicion of his hf-i^oih^Hft reminds us of 
ihr cffVcts of thofe fimflc oj>cfa(t(jiiK, wliich, uacfcr our 
own c)^c, put vOTTOUS fubjc^j into difi'^cnc forms. * In 
many miiicnU, hy% be, ilic rubfbinrc lirdf ti mnoi^nt ; but 
lay It or cbc fire, 2nd iu vapour k pcilbnciiG/ Hrncc he c-on- 
eludes that (he roxiou^ quality of the vjpucr niuH be owin^ 
to a ditTbiont arr^i^gtm*nt of p^ms- Eut m this i;iftir[ce w« 
btg Ica^c to differ fram the Dovtor, The poifonoui quj1*I) cf 
ihc vapour it noi owing ro ^ diiTcrent Arrangement, b»i 10 ^i 
extreme jninute divifion of pariiclea, by which they ^re ren- 
dered capable of cmcting a fillet^ of in^iutely fmill veiTeli, im« 
pervious to Ur^cr molicuW, In fhoMf the nodon that chc^ua- 
lirics of bwti» is 10 be aitributed fulcly eo the diiTcrfnc amn^c* 
ment of their pam Cjinnui be fuppurtcd. Tliofti vi'bd arc « all 
s^'i^diinrcd with chcmilify know [ha: (hrrc ;irc rruiiy fiibf^mccs 
in nature u'hofc cfleiiCiJ propertiei rrm^'m in^uiubly flifFtrent 
from ihtifc «f every oihcr buJy, no^wiihlUmliiig *ny inaogc- 
vncntihat cun fofTitilv tilce fl^ice. Bur, be ihU at It inay, if 
will not much affv^^ tl\c Doctor'? Ve^aiblc Syllem. 

In the furcwding chapter, iri whirhthc Atjihor rnrfiJrf* th<» 
anangemcnt of roiictci into a vc^^Cibie bod^^, he infoJinB us^ 
tb^T^ by » careful micct:iiiun in fuft wuicr, the TcvetJ p;irti of 
an entire plant may be caftly fep^ir.iicd ffum cich^Jthcr; nntl 
thit in thia mwner, we fliall discover ihcfc piitt Co be in^r^n- 
abfy Icvtn, viz, an outei: bark, an inner rmd, z b!ca, ^ ttthy 
fubAancCt a pitb, n vafculv ferjcs becwccn the flclh ajid ih« 
Vej, and conet of vefleU within the £cfh. 1'he external parii 
«rh!ch compofc (he ilowcTi arc merely eonEinui:ioni of thofe 
already fjirf ificd ; the cup (crminating ihr rmtrr hart ; th« 
uiner rind^ the outward pculs ^ the hlea, rhc mncr petils ^ 
ibevjfcubr fciiri, theiieO^iii^ the fefli^ the lil:im'^n(k ; the 
conic clulUrt, the rccepuck ; and the piih^ the ffcds^ and 
tlieir capfiilea' Xhis he i\ipporei to be the general a'ringc* 
ncnt of the common paiticlev of tn::itter 'mro a vegetable boJy i 
thai growth i« the natural confcqucnce of thia arnin^emGiit. and 
that confequently there ts no senention amon^ pUrirt- What 
idea the Doclor inay b«vc ifbxcd lo the word f^cncrjtion, w« 
ilonot pretend tn drtcfnimr j hut (ttun iliii e-jrp'snifion of rha 
nunncr in which the ked n impregnated, be icctn% rithcr t» 
confim than to difprcve the fcxual f)ftem. 

In order to ilJviftrjtc hi« do^trinv of the fcven parte 3!>ov« 
mcfitioned, hi^ prccu^i to a minute ckixudriaiioa of the b!ie|t 
belkbore. Tbti nijltei tin' fjbjeit <jf fifveral tucceedin^ ehn'.p* 
Utif inwhitb th: (oiif^iuclion <?f ca^h ^^aaU^^i^xa^nX^ ^\tii 
mtoed by the jSJlarce of micr^^rcopci, aT*i i\^p\»*j<ai \o >^^ 
rt^dcr^ by GKijii of a coaildeTAblc nutnbe; ui Tit*t^i^^*V\ 





HiLL'i f^f^tr^^ Sj/taik 

Thr Doc^'^r i^ of i^pTnloHt ihic ihe rntbryo of the j-otrrf 
f lu^c Is conuin&i m C4cli globule of ilic fuiiu, aod Uiac bct^j* 
rpccivT^d bv ihc jpCMuinri in the ftjgnu^ ihcy irccoJ?vcjed w 
ttc feed into which ihcy tnEcr, whkti r« ctiu« rfndcrcti o|>;kb4e 
of pmJiidng a new pUnt, Now ibU |)iDCcii Is (o exceeding/ 
unAlofbufl, 10 All we know of anim.i} scocnuion, chat wc tte 
at s Itif) to conceive^ wb/ hu fho^ld dllidCoi* ihc jmologoufr ge* 
Jlt1ati■^n of p!»nU- 

llaving thai dtiL^rmincil the convC)'»DCc of ll« cnnbry^ im^ 
tbc focJ, br procrcils to ibc fi^ft growth of (he ^^tanc, (he ftrac- 
lurc of ^c fcmmel t(Att.t« the formation aivJ growtli of the 
fljic, jincl ihc courffof the juicc-f. W[ib rc^Jrcl to thi^t lift 
p«rticula/, namely, the cnuile cf the juicoi, h« ditferft from 
ihofc tvho hiVc {ufVitofcJ a gcncnl ciicuUciocit analogous lo Out 
of sdjmal b«1if 9 1 but 3dmi'« i partial ore, ]n or^^cf to llluf- 
irj:c tUh <J<jcbii)c-, he cjuijniiic^ the nruc1x);e and growth of the 
o^nmon colchicuiTi \-ciy miO'Jtfflf ; tti rSs cojrft of which era- 
mtMliom bo;r<^cr, wc stcf O[wlor» that man)' of hb rc»- 
4cr^ wi]\ rhink tht: :i f^rrUc iinj^JTu^ioit hat fL-pplJcJ the want 
of ^cnnor.llmiAn. ir thii chj^prer* rtitnjr of the Icltcre of ro> 
ftrtncc9rt omiicrj in t^e pUic rrf«rcd to, particuhfly in fi' 
surest ail omifSon i^hich fcn<jcr> « cc-tidtrtble p;rc of the 
chijitrr unimrlli^ibjr. - 

. Cbjpicr 36 concaifii xSt at>?.toni>' and phyfiolo^ of th« wtn- 
tcr a^<iui:c, whlc.i U 4 I'Taivi ^r a lc\\ fimpic (liu^uie tlid^i the 
coIchlc\jbl. ThfiK* our Aifthor p:<>cffdt to ibe H^ncmonf, u* 
an f-9C^[&;)!f of the Pf v: tc*;ct in the fcafc oF vcgctatvoa. In 
the two |>fmfifing pTuti'c lie Hmlt b»t one firrm^c elrcvlitofv 
fyllun I III ihi« hi ditcovcrs rwo. * Frcim the fl-tlklcfi colcbH 
cuitft Uv«tbV Do^lor, wch^'C conTtnueU our rHVurchFs up to 
Uk c<^oiln*d^lon of ih« wimcr art^;ito, wKofc low fl«m one 
circiiLtory fv*Utn 11 aMc rc» nniiriib and fii^iport: but ororcoi 
theft; a>e nrtcft"*rv in tiller pUiiTij and in thearem<-f*on'c ftail 
fjij Jifl-ii^tTy two; tbcfiftl fcaccL', as in the piccuilii^^ pUn^, 
in \he lodv of tbr root ; the ferond in ihe low^r-lialf of ths 
Aatt/— * Vbcycired, cuntinijc* cuf Autbort who fa-icieJ a 
tirctiht-jan tA all ?hr pirii r^f p*anEi 1 for thi* ufe of rhe ric^orloc 
cojlt!,if me'ttyaibf^ pLionsind cvaporailoii ; but ] mull be jdlow* 
rd i-j- fd)\ ih^i; nc'tl^r iTtrc xhry nghr who thotif.bc abforplcnn 
antl evjporaiiciit ^vc!^,>wih hMhc ciTniii^I (iirtj^pf vcgtiibk*.' 
PofTit:!^ lie rn^y l« ri^t»i ;n hrs tonje^'ltiie ; hut nrnv^iihltindia^ 
bU the palAvh^hsi Mien todifwover the fecj«t op«r?iii>nQort»> 
l^ic VI the fotniatiiht i^f vcj^«tjblc»t It fnniiiM^ d ftibjefl abfo- 
luerly liwap:(t-lc^f ('cTi^inftration. The Ji'e of plants, he it of 
op«nioAi lefiJet tu the ikth of the flcrtt, of wbrcb he frpiioTci 
llic fciriii, whirh im;>rc^!iairc tIic frt4t, conuiri^ a jwriicic fuf- 
JicktBt 10 produce 1 L^dtr pliit:t^ tiit liic f*^ ij i«c4p-iVJe at 


HiLL'4 YifttMi ^^m. 


proof* Eirry fpcclcs of gcncniion is % m^'ftcrj, 
will ev'cr itnuin fo. 

Having, iti ch4[>tfr 40, cn^imeriicd ihc cxtcrnil paiU of 
phitU in general, he proccoJs in the fucccxdiA^ cbapref, u> di- 
vide ihc TCgcubJc kingdom tmi> icveik dtftin^t rimJici, difti^ 
gtiiftiinceachfroan the other by (he following chirafk-tifttr*: 

1. AfujSjreofii'f Siclhy^AnA dctlicuCc of leaves tnd viriblcllawcn. 

2. ^p^, merely foliarrouiq. 

3. MifftSs have procdl^i o^^ the inner rind for hivei. 

4. Far,t^ coiififl 4jf :i rtnglcleafniifVd on a ^Lilk, and b<u 
thar ilowenon '\\\ bick, 

LGra£h,t hjivu jointed ilJkii and undivided lcuv»i an4 
CO hold thcJrfccdSn 

6. Pii!ttti^ lub'c d finale iiunk* wiih l^^vcs only on the top* 
and have xht douvefi ind fruit in <Ii/id«^J cjn. 

7. 'Ihc cummoii fjce ul' pUnb, have their rootti Icarcji 
f^allctf l^owrft, and TrtJic diltJn^:ind ohviout, mdhavcnotthe 
chaniiUis of ihe other fix. 

This pTJitury (livjliun tnro fArnih'cf is fuflicicrttly natural and 
obvious. The Uodor now pfocc«dt to cxAmine very nninuieFy 
theftiu£lurv of a rm^le fpeeictof oith. Fmin among the lirJl 
be fclcat the truffle, which, notwJthftAndinp tfie iimplteity of 
it» appearance, be iJ(Jiovci« v> hive^II the cfl«nciM piria of ihc 
moft pcrfe^ vejetabliri, vit, Ojter-rind, inricrrind, bica, 5ec- 
A» W) exjaplc of fh= fttonJ family* he chufti the convoluted 
alga, concefuin^ the formicion of which he propofet th? ful- 
Jowing conjei^urc. ^ The bottom of the ditcher m our fatt 
miiAri ure coveted with a li'^ht and flar fulj^croijt grrrn fu1>- 
ilanee, which fpread? evenly upon the mud. Ih^i is plainly 
the oridiul of liie cunvolmed ilj^i, A bubWc of the air; im- 
p.-jfoncd t>etwccn thl^ g^een coat anJ the mud, n^^v rife to- 
wards the furficc ^ and ^f^ the coit 11 tough aod flexible, thij 
bubble may afccnd ctoached wiih it: the motion ol the w iter 
litAygive the eoAvolutioi»< at thi^ gliu the holFowncf^i and 
JVona thefe combined pouren may aiife ihr peculiar form, nor 
of chi» alone^ bat of cnany cf tbo conferva, which aic u\(o of 
ihix fitmi'y,' Thol^ xvho are ;ic<juiin:cd with the appc^irsuiec 
oi this plant, will eafily comprehend the pv^tor'a meanmgt 
tbough pcrbapB not fu eafily [ubfcnbc lu \^ opiivion. 

Out botjui^-at Keadert vt\\\ have obfeftcd. th^Jt* In the thltd 
fannl/« our Auihcr Adopts a new chatter oT libillnciion \ to. 
which be W3K a perfuifton that thofe fi;^Emecly ^a- 
btiflicd MC, iTnot erroTicAiL^t at Teaft ci^uivoral, toi i\fi :Jlaf* 
Cration of bJk hypoihefit he mike* choice of the fwan'a t^ck 
Vfyunii !t ift well known, th^i in the Linnjrnn fyrtcm^ vb^ 
h^idii of moflci 3re fuppo'ed \n be ffniJjir/r^ ec*nvAW\7>^av\v^ Ji 
fm, Md ^t njkcd ic^^ arc Indeed on oi\iCi piW ot ^« ^a^^* 


AutW, on the contrary, W*c¥« tSefe h*«if to be CkJ< 
vclT-'U, ;mil iSat the farcia ii coni^inoij in whji be cilb ihc 

fuppdriHl, majr confult :K« Ar^.^Kitate% EiKiitic. But ihc Df* 
doct no^: allow itifl ^xjmpJ* thcic produced tobea pro^ id- 
fta-'CTt AA 'lie ^Uii\ U of a fmguljir kind, and pcrhjip* not pc^ 
ptOv a mr^fi. 

The aigumcnta «i wljlch iht Dodlor l»il«b hb opinkm are, 
tb>t the Rtoh^iW f'rtm ih* rivi of the ^frftrii burtt in water, 
vhich i» yh< eJIcniia} vhara^criilic ot/drtW ; and ihic whit be 
<a]h ihf rt*d, which Lfnn:riJ3 Tuppnle* (o be facfna, will nr»t 
burft 1:1 water, and it capable nf producing a new plant* Thia 
hr pr^vM from np?rience, hjving Town fonie of tbclc f^eda 
witti tKedrfirrd tlTcrd. 

Tbe vatiuiiH le^vcJ polypody ferve • aa an example of the ftrn 
iimilyj in which (be proccis of rature i« difcoi/cred to be rfce 
f;ime ai m Jl oilier ptmta. The filihfimily U exemplified in 
luxuriant grafi, and ihc fitth in the winzed palm* Th» vcm 
\\stt\t conclude} with a chapter on <hc dl'cct of light cA pltftta i 
Inwtiirh the Uo£>or rndcavouri to drmDnftratc, that vr^ctablcs 
owe theJr form, colour and quaJETicv iq light. Thus, fays hf, 
if iwn prafe \ir. fown in ihe f;imc border ; and (he fpo( whae 
one (Itnds be covered with a box of wood^ ard th^t where ibe 
fiT.her ifi pi iced wi[h A IkclI-j^Tafji ofei^ijal bignef* ^ ihe pl^ni un* 
dcf the boK will be Herder, yellow, infipid, and Alm^ft leaiUfi i 
tbac und&r ihcsl^^i w>ll ba«e i[« naiuul pioportion> and proper 
colour: the leaves will grow regiilart the rafte will be leffimi* 
BOuu ftnd the whole pUt\c wcU formed and green/ What 
truth fncvr/ there miy he in thit ob&rvatlon, we rafmot help 
rcEoatkin^t thai this example proves noihin^i beca^fe the de- 
prceof heat will be rruch grcdter unJrr the bdlglafi than un- 
der the bo\. To miike this eitperimem fjifl/, ihc dircA n(y« 
of it^e fuu Oiouii n^c be: permitted to fhine on either. 

[7# ie (OAt/nJed in wr rujrf.] 

tt>6ifA hi tiveJt "" ^''^^ i^offii. By George Lofd Lyttclroji- 
4to. 3 Vols, tl, 12V, 6d. fewed. Sandb^. i?^?* 

IT wiU iTiiv-cifdlly be jcknc)wkd|>ei, ihat lhcr« U nothing in 
hiflory which it is flf more impoftAncc for u« to be ac- 
qu4tntcii wiib, than the hiftory of our uwn couriry. 7'be b\£* 
tofr of our o^n oouMjy cannoi^ in any pair of it. be rotalEy 
jndiff^nt to us ; but thofe pciiods in it ire the mod worthy of 
aittmtoii wbJili arc diftiiiguiflted hy great eveTim, by figral re- 
vduEicn^ aadbyfuch inlltttitio&s a» baw a coniidcrabk in- 

tit Li/r «/ Htruj thf StitK^. 

flucnce upon the fl^ic cf fuccccJJng agct. It it not, homvcr, 
hi cur power lo obiaui, from a mere f«ruf«t of gvncrjl h^ftofif*, 
the CAjTplccc information ihit b ijcfirdblc in chcfc r<fpc^». fn 
works of fb valf jin cxtniCt ihrfe cinoot b^ iuc^ ;l lull tlciaiJ tif 
p»rlKul3irv, nor {o much cxa^ntfn an4 accuMCyt » fn ihore 
which ?ic rnrfinrft ta Larrowrr limiis. It it ot>1)' m ihe Ucicft 
thit th« Icvcril licpi find prGpjra(c»ry mcAhiies by which K'^<^* 
at\iujja Jic toniJuticilj 4H*1 H"*t t-vt-ma urc bicui^hl wi» C*rt be 
ih«wn with any clcjirncri. THuch, (h^rdViTf, in fuch a hillory 
u i» now pTcfc filed loihcpiililic, will he rciv EO many icjJcr^ i 
and i( i» to be hoped ihat i^eiiilemirn of ibihcy and leisure will 
be cjigagcd, by the IjuJjlUIc example here fee bcftrrc thcoii to 
^mrfuc a dmilar pbn, uiil to ^rUce the fdine pains in writmg 
the Uvej cf fume cthtr kings of Liigiaud> which have nut Wcr» 
hithfrriD tfeafcd oi Co tiiilirdly and l~o amply, a« the* iir.pdnancc 
of th? miKej^ coii(aij>cJ therein may b^: luppolfii 10 ccq^irVk 
There i* uo Wiidi of liierjiurc in which ihc fvn^lifli ^avc left 
ejtcfiJ]e<J, though furcly then? is none which lUfcrves aiore to be 
CLiltivatcJ by a fiec people l as ii Ihcwv them the biilh'tjght 
they hare in their pii^ik-^ec, raift-« in their minds a generous 
price) and malcci them aOutncd 10 degen?fj;ic from the fpiric ^ 
their ancdlors. 

7'hc hfe of Henry rhe Second, wbk'h Lord Lytrcimn hat 
chnfcn to ir^kc hU pnnrptl, ii^ particularly irAru^livr^ 
/rom the uncommon variety o( the events it conraira i Ifom rts 
bcin^ dpAlriguiflicd by gic^i viriuo ^iid j^ieai faults ^ by riiddcii 
and furprifing chanf^ei of foitunc in the i^iiirt of ihi( kingdom ; 
by the liibjckliofi of W4]», of ScotUnd, and of Irclandi and 
by a glory Turpilling :(1] military atchievcm^ntt, the rcktrtn^ijun 
of gO^crnincnCt and the eriablifhincni of good l^ws, ar>d wife 
inOiuiitr>ns, bCTiehcial t^ the pubiii\ Thefi' ar^ ohjci;^* dtfcrv* 
ing the attention ^i alL agci \ and in the d^fiilay of thefc vbjrdsi 
our nnblr Auzhor hii exerted hJmfelf in a manner t^at will in- 
crease the rcputauon he hie heretofore fo judly acquired in tht 
learned woildt and he of no fniail fervre^' to hii country. 

Prc%ious to his Lordlhjp'i ciflrance upc^n h» capita] fubjedt^ 
he hai gi^en a view of ih^ revgjulionscf iin^Jjnd from the tfc4lh 
of hdwajd the ConfvfTfir to ihc birth o( Henry the Second, If 
fight of bl< od h^J alone been confiJcrcd^ bdgar Aiheling was 
the undoubted heir to thr crown \ but ^f hr was fiill under age 
when King Ldw«rd dicdi he wa> aoi thought capable of caking 
the governiBent, and thereftire waa nor nominated by that mo- 
narch at i\\% dc-Ath, to fu<ceed to hm kingdom. The fame ot^ 
tcflion prevailed with ihc yrcai councd, or Witena-gernotCj to 
fee him afide, and to elect Harold, ihr,* fon of E^rl God>tir. 
The cxdvdng of a miiiui from ihc fu^cdfion in I'njland was 
iwt n*w to tb« ivHWt, They faw the eViU_ihat iriy aiiend a 

K 4 irami\\. 

minority in the Urnn^f^ fij^hei, ia6 diJ snn CuAcidii 
whjt gr»tcr irikhj«rt mighc I'o^lov^, wbcn a prince wbO htd 
bccfl Uiu» cxcIuCc<J lIiouUI come uf?^, and be c3;>Jblc of ^f- 
frrtlng a diim to Uie crown i but fought to Avoid a prdcmt ia* 
conTffitCACc, agaijilt Whkh oihcr an<i belter rcmcdici mxHc 
have been fou^, viih liitlc prAvidciKc or circ foe the furufr. 
It wM trcm ttiih IbcjC' fi^hicd policy, anti lUottomtht dciirc of 
hivir^ ;i k\a^ Me la cf>mjmrH) tnrir urmK-i hinfV]f rn limr uf 
VJr {a <Jmy tt>cy iliou^liicOniiai to lovcrci^nEv} ttiJt c^cy now 
vrrc indue cJ to prcfrr HainlJ to Ed;^3r. 'rhcabjEiici aii^t vii- 
tuE?) of IJjroU did hcnuur lo their cb'iue. BriiJcb all it^tf 
lufLfc he litctf fioin I^U palitsc^I and iniliEJi'y utciKs* tn wlii^'h 
h« bed iK> equal jcnoag hit cwn countryintn, hit cbir;i£^.f r w^ 
cmbclIiAioit tni icudcK*i mofcimiiblc^bjr a{;cjicroia Ipiric triJ 
a heart in vuhJCd huoi^niiy icnipcrcd ambitiort. Itdom noi appear 
that hi» vinvourcrvditj^raccii byi. mijf.ote of ut\} vici:or wc4k' 
titii, vtbkh could lUIhunour him Icitbccyi'vof 1hcpll^tic. Up^n 
the wW^, he wn worthy of the crown he af^iiicd 10; whuh 
ii conrclTcd even by writcri mi wjy di]jk>(cd tojud^c of htnk tixi 
favout'ibly, and fUtJ btCt<r pio»rd by lU hi» b«hairJouf after he 
^f/.ii on the itifofLc. Qux Furo^d fjoa Toond a fofiiMtisHi: com* 
pci^ior in Wutiim Dtkc «if Kormindy, furmirt-'J iSt Bjfljfd, 
WlUi^ni f:r(>ii»^^cd hii clium upon a iccr<:t ^r^im fc nude to bliu 
by Jidwifd ijie Confcflbr, u> jppnint him nh (utcctiar in the 
kir^J m <^ £n»J4Ad. Thra prxxnifc w.ii ncit auEhcnticitcd by 
the Ud vriU Qf ih= Lite kiivj ; njy. fomc ancictic hil'ioiUm of 
po liiile auLhoffliy iRVrt ihjt the alr^ion of HaioId wat rccoco' 
niendcd bv Ldw^rd, at the uutc of hi& Ocxih i and even hit will 
iifelf, h*J it b«A ni::Jc in favour of Willtim without the ratj- 
ficaucu of the ^rcjit counciI> wou*d not hiic been obliga* 
tiiiy tj ?hc p^op^c or" EngUncl. Yet, wraic it ihp ctiIc of ihc 
Dtfica of Nof*iia(idy vraj, ic h*d ibc fan^joD of the popc'» np- 
pTi^b^iir^, ujjich V3« Mr in ihofc d^yi lo f^pply 'il dc/cw. 
Thi) tc ySu\€d by fubmttting hit <zuic to the jud^cicfit of 
Itomc* vh clt HjfoLiI not doirg, h< wjx dc<iiit^ an ufutpcr by 
Al«t3n-**< the Tcn-oi^ ; that fee procccdnij; in tbu affiir ppon ft 
pilitjcil maaiim it oficn ba^ fuItuwcO. to ^u« fcntauT in favour 
oT tho£r whj ^rP^y lo i:, againtt tpoi^e wlio do not, without iny 
fc^itd to the nvrits of the <Afc> 

V\'i!l am hnviflg (hu», ai other ufuf^^^rthsd Ji^nc bcf^Tft hlm^ 
bclprd oj£ a bid laJc, and itallowvd iin enier^^riEC very itnjutt 
in itfclf^ by the gj'pd benc^Ii'^lioiit rrfulrcd tu puriuc )t, not- 
i»ir^Qaiidiri£ fu^'h di&cuhi«f, as (tone butagicac jnd ticroic 
f^LfitwoutJ (live cared lo eucuutiScr. TUl'c dii5t:uUjc<, and 
the oih^r iranf^tcAf of the lirrc, arc acct^r^Tcly Tfpfeierttd by 
our m6^c Anchor, logcihei with the nKiiiO{At>Ic bMiIcof MmA* 
in^s'wbicliwa^cluefly decided by tbe death cf HiroU. Tiiit 



itr Lift 9/ Ihiay A4 Supi^. 


ttnfTtaia'ceveut, anil ihcwim f»f a proper kaJcr, indiKcd the J 
JlngUih to Tubmit 10 the Ubb; of NoMunJy i Af;i thui cndcj I 
the governmctit of tlic ^h>om Irt l^iigUni. two huddled i^ni I 
thim-fcvcii ycits Afcer ihe uniun^ ot the hcpEarchVi arid Itx M 
hiinaiZi} Aiid fcvcmccii ;if.i:i the i^aJjii^ <jf llcit^iH iitd Horrii ^ 
ihCnF fidl princes* 

* IViUl^^u}, bou'cvcr, f>^t hi« LonJQiip, vrai fo far froiA 
groiir<fing h» own tjtir 10 iht rrown upon a AippoffJ rf^hr ^ J 
•«nfn^f, ilut he ufcJ hU urrixjfl enJcavoun to t^^tilifb the nc- ^ 
lUiix of hii bcirtii ^^x> Ij King fAuard, fnm tht appcimmtnt of 
that tmnar<h* '1 h< Liiglifh itoi>lci and picUufl wtohud rccOii- 
t'ilcd chcmfclvrs ;o him, ;*od the chief dEixcfla of f^ndoru 
ftdoptirie thU coiicot. cnuc^tcd him to be crowiKiJ without d^- 
\ty i VMikh, Jil fiiA. Ic kciTJcil to dcvliijc; ubjcviins;, ittii 
peace wai not yc< fctlUd^ and did, ring, tl\7i jb/ dijsrtj thf trca^ 
^itHSt/ tf il^ iirt^dMi mvr/ thtin ihe t7ou^n; words t?ry di^cicnt 
fjom ii-.v bngiiiijc o^a rtx^t/fTtty »nd p^op^r to ilby the fear* 
ofthok, ^vho diLadcd ihc violence oi * m J jury govern meat. 
But confidcrif]} uficrvvsidx^ ihiii, in coTifrqumcF of htsbFinJ; 
crowned k'ui£t all pcrfon^ would be more afraid of lebellin^ 
tfgainl! him, 4i:d nituc f ifdy tiujlicd, if chcy did, he ^ icIdrJ^tr) 
thtr iirpoilLiriLlicsciflhc Liij^l'lli and Normni, ;^f;dtraicrcw¥l^ 
in Weft jnk<ifti.r' Abb;:) on Chijflinii-Jjy of tbc year oric ihoij- 
fan3 and DxTy-fuCj not wUhout ihi; ^ppf^amnce and form of an 
tIWIioi)* or Ace aiknowltdgmcNi ot his daim; for the Atch*' 
btfhjip of York 2(id ihir BilViop oF Conltancc, who o^ciat^d U\ 
the ceremony, fcpantcly dcmnndoJ of th? nobility, pr<1a£?9^ 
ar)d people of lioih fiaiioiUt ^ho Wf:re prrr^nr and altillin^ 
tabuLr thty<c*tftttit^ ihat hf fijiuU rriin svtr ihtfti? and wiiH joy- 
ful aL'tlaJiJAtJonA, tlir^ 4iil-Acrtd. \\v&i tbcy ti^tt. Before b; af^ 
C^T^^'ci the throne^ he m7<.c 3 compact wich hiti nc^ fiibjc^t, by 
'bi»co^o>n^:iMi ojth, c^efoinc With ttiacol the S4:(oakifL£i. Nor 
^did he ImTiedJaicly vbt;icr thlt fnlemn en^n^nwnt; t>ot dtf* 
fcnfcd to all icipAiiiii jtilkice, aji4 even conft^rcd great fjTO^ft 
;on the Englilh, til! fome, who haJ no: y. t fL^bmiiied m hi* gOi- 
vcrnincitt, panccuLrly Edvnn and Murcar^ wEiotc power hfl 
feircd the incjfl, vcilujitwly C'lm? in Mii pjid hirn obcJlfntC. 
He a!'o cncoonic^ niTer-mirriajirt bttw*tf(i the Normanfi ^nd 
K: ^liilif ^nd fitmi.i2 Ui wifb to iu.;ke ihetn oitc people^ Sci th^t, 
jltbough be hjd really no rieht 10 rhe cro-J^*") when lirtl he 
c1aiii>cd It, he n>ay b^ fsiJ to L«ve acqu'irtd owe^ afur ihc dc^iih 
of H.'rral<l, from (he coitfcni of tbe r^:it>r>t (li'tn ehr-irt'uUy> 
'«n<l with n>arkj ^f rjiu«tal kinoncfi a >d aH^c^ion bcrvrecn hiA 
"nnd III! fuhjf^^ls, lndc:J be foon ~>ricrwirdfi^ conJiri;areit Ihe 
^Ibies of il'l^^r tflal'^ >«l,oh.-d f^i^ht ji^irll him at H4ll» J 

^rr^:* I ^. a^ of i9jvtlivC| Uu; oovneJ «i£H ^tve ^^u^^^t^^ ^^- 


Mmtin ^/th AjA Rt^ffiptt^ n i64r- 

Ut\<t cf legal proceeding % HaroM'» dc^ion being ctHed ^^ff- 
fifitjr, aitii qU adhcicJK^AccouiKcd rebeli m WilliMtn thtirjintt* 
rajpt^ which opinion, bowevcr ifroundtcf^^ vnt then wileJf 
tskctt MP ind a4naitifd by ihc nition, ih«i En^Uad might ap- 
pear to be governed by inii prince un>dcr tbe Htt ind peicefot 
title of « hwM fuccefTLOiu md not under one fb ^eftru^irc 10 

[all libcrcy iQ th;i[ of mr^v^/. Nor nrere die forfeiruref due ro 
liEAi for ihb fuppofcd trcilon, or attf other pcndtits iiKarrod by 
the guih of it in ihc rffife of iht' Ijw, r-xtrndcd any rurtiwft xi 
the becjriimg of hift reign, iban co tbofc wbo had anally op* 
|iofect mm in jtiiiu. Thit wji ;i11 the indulg^cc he could ihcw 
to the Englifb, witboac paffinf; a cenenl act of f;ucc u>d obli- 
ticik i from which he wa» hifidcrcJ by the promise he hxd made 
to all the chiefs cf his army, thai he would, if viftorioiw, re- 
ward their fcrviccs in this war, with laii>J& aiid hcnouri in Krg- 
land, Thefe conftftiiitMii enabled him to pctform thai ^romife 
in f-art : but many nnorc were ftiU WJuiting to faEisfy the d^ 
mauil^ of fur h 1 number of fr>Tctgnen> Af, not bHng vrijlingto 
nly u|^on the EnghQi, he thought it itecdliry to retain in tbe 
iu|i^omt Aif the fup|)L>rE of hi» puwcr- That waoi waA iup- 
'^^•d by feveraJ rnfurrcctionst anJ confpindct ^gainft hb go- 
vcfnmcnti to which the nobility of Kngland vi-ere aftcnrardi 
driven b/ ih« iniquity of hit mimJlctf, whofc guilt he tO:)k 00 
Kimfdf by paying no regard 10 the jtifl complainU of bia lub- 

[7# ^ fffjathrtwl,] 


frim Pariiam^nt'fry yaumtth^ Srai^-jf^it and tbe m^ animot 
Putf/Jant H^orwt^ Tcgfihtr tvith an Apf<^'^ tmiaim^ 

ftvtral okfheniii Paf^n rrUtini it thh RthtUhty nn rtfirrrd 19 
in ihtff Mima'tn, !n iLrticr to Walter Hanis, E(^; lintcv 
at. 6d. Williams, l?^?' 

THC Writer rf thefc Memoir* profelTcdly endeavoun t» 
throw Ihc odium of ihc IrifH rcbrlUon, from Ihc iMpifU* 
upon the thrn lorA* juflkf *» Parforj snd Bvrlaft, In an dAvr- 
iry^flirTi'* prdixrd, ii is allcdzcd, chat * the Inlh wantcO to re- 
drefi grievances by itg^l ma tanflitniiMai mram. They vr^& 

^ A I tlie end of tliii A/i^trt/'ietf wc find the ^ati, Au^ft 17. 
17^7: b'hrcSp addci) to (he ('rruniltancf of rh« rjr//-?d^/ being pfitu^ 
no » ^j^/*.'j ^ver iftt^r, And piRcd m the ntxr leaf, mduco*> tflj^ 

I (■ thlu^ fomtfiiEnc* done) »iih ■ r^-iv ft^'tt oF the ^'^^r jvdrV j/^^-r*^ 

refprdjf bst «e icjvc the auuur to bc dnmnincd t>y i^ffidd^t. 


Thf Rift and Frtgrtfi aftht prtfmr Tsftu to, 139 

firmly auditd [tt ibia Writer affefC»] ^ ^^t mim^rAkf^ fvrm 
of govcrnmcm : They wcie loyal 10 the reigning prince^ fwt- 
xvithftindlmg th« urworthinci) of hit deputies, who betrayed 
him^a^^thtm; They gave' him (he hi^cft ilcntODflruioiti oa 
thelf atff£*ion, by their rq»ferOTRitivc8 in parliament. What' 
ihcn ptts\/thed 10 the dcfpCT^iic incarurn w^lcli n>>iTiy (0(rk li;u(i' 
afttr *-^— Thr anfwvr ii r^^Jy : Thry founJ tht King's honcft' 
inccnlioni fruflraud^ fey an adjoiirt;mcnr of thit fclTjon* tcH/.-i/ryJ; 
l0x/j/ A''Bff J vtcmm-dir: Thry ftsiind imhat prfxrcft^i^ig^ how the 
Lor^ JwAiccfl h^ueJ ftirtifj ^ith the Paritam tti W<pm;nfitt ,• 
Th»ry fdt the HantJi tif thdr enemies' ir homi: anJ ^ibroail 
Jhtitgthinti \ thofc of the Kinz wt'thnrji. A part^ therefore^ 
nut ii//, rofe In Ui/J*i\ aiid ftjught fclicf ui rrfinincc ; what the 
continuation ot the A^flion, ai^U the pallini; tome bilJt mto liwft 
mturtir'^ to hn Mu;fJ^/i tUJire, uii^hl h^vc privtnltdw To thix 
tivachrry^ thercii^re, [he adds] ail the irtircters sad JnaIIac^o^ 
which cnfucd, tuiht ptmcipAlly to be afcnbed.' 

That fimt of thrm may be afcribed to shit tenft^ Truth will 
oblige every card id pcrfon to own ; bur nothing, bcficlcs piuy 
xeal, woultl rvcr think of iii^putiiig ih^m /r//to th;ii one fmgle 
fourcc. — The Wiitcr of thcff: Memoir* i* ofoptoion (as well as 
Dr» WirwrM thai thcNumheci fuppcfe^ tw be mufdcrctf, in 
the co^Efe of thift rcbelJiOQ, were gmtly cxaqt^erattd j which 
VA not, indeed, much to be wondered hE, by tUufc whu ure old 
enough 10 remember the many llianc^e reporsi that Ikw, lik« 
wiM' I^rc, from one pjrc of England to another, upon, what waa 
failed, tu^av^ SafurJa^, inthelarc rebt1)ii;n of 1745. For when 
fi<5t» arc (ccn through ihc medium of yloTj ihcy nppcir of courfe 
magnififrd beyond the bound* of iruth ; -^/sf^ (act-onjing to the 
Wife-iran'ft obiervation} Jier it a h<tieyng 9/ thi ftiec&uti tjhi^k 

T& Itljg ATkfl Pr^trtft af tht prtftni Tajlc in planting Parh^ Pttth- 
fvre-grtHnMiu Car^flf, t^t. frtm Hf^rf thr Eiffhh lo King 
Cttr^ tht Thirds tti o puttk EpiJiU iv Charks^ Larti f'i/;tttnt 
/ftra. 4C0. IS* 6if. Moran, 

^yTO rLtbjrifl eouid be bciici cakulaicd fur the cxcrcifc of an 
1^ ekgan: fancy, than that of the Epillle now before uj, 
HorcicuTrure U an aft* which In fomc meafurc cUi/n» the tute- 
lage of the miife£, and in whkh a porcic:)! Imagination is par- 
ticularly farmed to excel. To humour ihcdilpofictoo, and to 
exhibit to advantagi' tht geruinr and fimple cliarm* of nalurc, 
as the common province of poccry and of gardening. We arc 
here inficed to aiccnd thr Uttei^ i^nJcf chu definiuon aiJ di- 
Mfligji of the focmcr. The Author begioi vith the flate of 


Ti* k^ «rf Pm^tfi t/df prjfi^ Tafit iV 

£an)«iiirg In Cnghnd in the time of H^nry ike Eighth, before 
whofe ftign, indeed, there u-» hvdlj any tbJ/Yg like a gAftka 
ift thii liii4. In fufpiclou* Mid unpraccol^c irinr*, thr ncAdence 0/ 
almoA every mui of pr<fp«nv «u not ch^fcn for tbe fjtJcc of ju 
bcaut]f but its fcCLirivy; in^ mot^K mi tanki&iru fopplioj tbt 
pUc« of carib ini terraces Henry buitt a palace xx. Cvddi.ig- 
lofl near Ei>r(r<ri, Jind c<i)lcd it NoHsccHt of whkh chrve ue 
iww DO 9lhcr rcmini ctiun a cotti^. 'I^Au« it » <tcrciibeU 1 

The filfc mjgmnttnw of Tuif-r'> dayi c 
Rich Tot[ir>vcir[c t^f pvif«At citif'r ciifb'd, 
And proiid ikCTvt f^^c'd jdJ ^jli ufib ;;oJ(l t 
LfttM cabjncti ol vcnittfti^ b»9l3 of A>:vcr)« 
AnilJinilL canalt. fqitarc yrroif) and roJb^e bcwen. 
Av iJitck >< irrct f^rjidFlic tliik'luro rtE«, • 

And G&ihic iTnij» wiih pinrH eyn ; 
Tlic filicUL founr* OS (sUitb t-avt fraiiittr 4^} 
Tbro' bciki ofbirdi nd^ciiloufly plk^ j 
TrccA iljpi I? il^tun. nio^EUj], cAiJ xiid do^i. 
And hi^llicK mcumorphot'tl into bq^t ; 
Hmc oFftt and i>ir«rci rn cnnfLrfiDn fliind, 
Atd onv wii« qslte 1 friehM r(>t»d iht hnd. 
TiUla like ihofc 4t f>iaad Vcf|4iEr<» cnnibia'd, 
l-'oo£fr (P lurp«i^. and l^cck the UlUfuI mJiiii ± 
Thji tludic» Njeu'c, T»iih uf cjch gr^r. 
Wbfn not abfvpi ia Arc't dcrint^^vc face. 
Th«otMld«t of wbich the Pooc givcj the following jufl an^ 
E|{>iru<d dcrcriptk>n, \rx^ bu'Jt by iZi<: I^ojd Treafijre^r iSui]?i?h^ 
vb.0 eiithin^ied \x wiih Jjmc* the Firfl *W Hahcid R?i;i> : 
Ac MicobaUk A;( di:li£tJ['d dciy (Lcnc, 
Tho' coAty. poorp uufiiiSccni^ |(Eitie4nr 
Here fiTi«i tLid Ifituri At x\ Notifu^H pTic'd. 
WiiKoul tK« ];ilt pi>.'itrtcl>, or UU« 1 
HcTt ntarblcd btlbni Jimpid Itrrami cjcA, 
Which patkriHe full, wiib rrf^intirc clfc^ : 

A 11 J led* cf P-fit.'i ntr^Bfl fr^in lide lo lidc- 
Ymi here in v&in fc^r dilUnt r-roTpf^U k>ck« 
BeluJJ i|»c wjll»^ci-cir JpJ tjr ji brook » 
£j(IuJe. 4haic'ci iho ch«>iii'ii^ Unddtip liTlti 
1 h« Bocka j»ad hor^i^; ihc rtc^^ woAdi 4nd Ulk 1 
Y« prilmt J^ntM U ihi» *Jinit'd T«(r*ai, 
UfT^oj>r(iout how Lo mrilte the fflo«arch tcreai* 
Prifi'd hftif h» ricnc nj^h Bkick iH;kiDn and CWr« 
Ai fund cf liunMij. :iT ifmd of war. 
We fiip;xirV fhff^ *ic f<:w who wUJ new difpute ih« P*,it1| 
Judgirxni in hU account of ibe c«rdci»B »t H^Lnipu^nC^ii ; 

Mfre ^rc t Ni^ltu (hf stt^ian (wJcuk l[u»d, 
Vn Himpcno-Lniiii ih' \tn^\t*\tm agr miilrd : 
LonK pravft wjiki Atth pomk kno*> cf ^tuviCTi 

Pf lAJltf *od ^rindctu mtl dcftigj ^ t^>««^ \ 


ffatrling Parh^ Pltafurt-^ftyfiis^ CafJiKy Itf/- Jfl 

! Vflih in!crfci*ffd pt«i of UJcUA ^tU. 

\ Which fccro tD inicrupi « u wv pafi i 

iCiniilh*d li- 1 CViit»« hra*n with box, o* pcm 
Wbai iho" meand'rinj; Tham« fl.^^ gtidiog hjr^ 
Yet ooe JtMlkvtL^iUoFtfndt chev}-e* 
We here fati;:«'d tht lerj-tbcfting *nlk Carrey, 
TKu Ririrur'i hii»L(5. And parterres ilLrj>'By ( 
And pjrjmiJi of yr^v, tFut doleful ll^nd 
Like mu^r* >n4 tuoiiracn In A f^JCi^ril f^a/; 
When alter dmpjin^ <t^r lir'd Ir^ a mile, 
Lo ! i»o (AYilioiii in 1 vrctc^cd llyU i 
ThrA* whii:h wc Cjv>n lo nrul (scadt rxtr»i, 
y\nd vhiE ihrfc- (;;irdrnt w^inE in ihcm nc meet. 
From Himptcn'G>un, we make ^n txty triniliion to Kw 

ficgion : 

See Kenfifijjtofl, byOrfllifls'*«iimnifid, 
Netv-mo«<U'd ^iifici, in rvH^ f^ncy punc*J | 
Yet l«^Trc i^^cfc fylru kenri a» ill iaimurVt 
Sfit-'Ir't ci<ty C^^^* '^^ cicry chifoa o!>(cut'4< 
Who gHM« rro: 1li.\ lo Tec thci j^vJe n^ Igift. 
Wlicd not » nonirch coulJ in Pu'Ope ha>ft 
Of b»ith:e' Undr^ijH^ more lafurroat vjcivj^ 

Aff ^ ivrf t^litJd with plejftirc afd rjr^iter 

F/oni tf>)1l;iAd'i Tafio lachanAjng (coici, ^^jf^ j 

hilt ho«fe bc^tr fB;bofi>m'd m ^^j wood, 

Iff i()i «4JU «mlai;i&d, *>c « Ctaritenjf ftood i 

FfQ«i every pm h^ nfl«' d<!fghwd Cm 

Towfii, iewr'>, vil[M, Hvers. ia»di ind timt 

An<J Cvff^ o^auty too hrj f^rdmi £rtcc> 

WhiYC KaTu-r licictiif^e eoncciiM licr f*cf. 

Tht gardens of K*wnnkl RiclimtJirid are nrxt cJffcribH; but, 

tjnbnppiiy for the Pott^ Brevity fpoib cnc of the dcfci ipti;>n3. 

itird Loyally lh« other : iitjr h^i lie been nyoic fiiCEcfifu! iri hii 

Kcotrnt of the gordcni of C Jillc- Howifd, Howcvcri in hts 

inflru^ljoni J'dj Iptyin^out j^learurc-^touttdf, he Dic^i himfclf 

ro be a nun of lajtc ;Liid injcnioui obiertilion : 

O ftud/ NsEue! and Ai;h <boui>ht j^<ofotinJ, 
Trciioat t'^ Uying mtt uiib lufle >(ji;; jrround : 
O Rinrtc hrT trjia: e* »« th^y A^tlking ut'. 
B»d ill h*f aJwTmirr<^5 cha-mt AupirTc! 
Ry« aK he' IhiAin^ all n*t fhiJowy j£'<ic^« 
A^<J in nniCf )l tKrni rvrrr bfr.-nillj u±cc ; 
YcT ibrrc'i Ji hEppcds [hii baillci A:t, 
]d (bf»*irijt NjtofCirri-r iti rv*ry pi-t, 
Uhi<h<hi*ti) <fcj«» firm itiingird Ii];h1« anJ ftade*, 
fn Uuni, «»d wci^% hilU, n^m, tucks ai»d £Tad^i| 
for otlr lj;rpv'» i» Jt aflcOiblajt vado, 
Wi('< r^Ke o' li^lit contccth wtib force cf ihwJe, 


■41 the RiJi^Pr^p-tfi Afthrfrffiat T^r m 

Bdi wheo too hnfy art drftrtiyi exh ^tkc, 

Aad A»Jr* wafii^rnuncnit hrr lciv«t/ tK», 

WcftUkatH bmuty mc with ptie, 

And A/1 prcfid«s ^'hcr« NjTurc ou^hi lo fCtga. 

F^ir Naxui« llitl impliicnL of itHriifnt. 

When fofc'd 3t ill grnws UiiE*uii» dull nn^ iiniit. 

When fabh'dof fteidom/loj" chirm b^diua. 

Till Ihc expir«i in AnV u[orpn|» •rm. 

On rwcilinr fumnTiff Tpiry t(n»p|«i fbuD^t 

And IcuIpurS cbclilki «'iilj.|bttKicro»it*^; 

In bright prrlpc^rr Ut tach objed ftfc, 

Yrc not It A-lt — bisc <)n rctutt farprivo. 

A wdl-fiit'd fliije, or a hnenifplK'^, 

h vhw'd with plcarurc. Or crcJilca diHAAf. 
AnJ uMtR r]tj^iM.K in fuuirUiig fh^wrr. 

Wfirt^ rnvt >rnund ire ncgfigrni^y ifirovn^ 

Jo QDabcM not too many or loo f^w, 

Ctcap'4 u in NAiurv'i iv/nidi tittet we vico*. 

Lci Ebcbnvtoik, ^u 
Then follows 1 lojij lift of ir«% llkr the patrbTchv of old be- 
fore the pr^fcncc of Ifaac, each bJcir«l with it> pcculiAi cfitbct* 
The inftru<5ljons ihm pjoiccd ; 

WiLh ifugic wiod Ihll lame th' oACuItQr'd groonda 

And bid SlyJtJia Wiurici bloom around | 

Let r«nc imrravf vn fane, and gfjice ofi ^racc, 

ludMmjng NaUfC iiwdl io every plitc t 

litre from df)- tcicki. like Mofn it a blfiw, 

CoiTim:>nd Eh' (OOl itinQufcitr ItreietM to fiour. 

And {fni>ciih!> ^lidc — ^tili ibtji inpodcd riff. 

And «irh firw wtEcf-fAlli ihc vttn furprixc 

The CliiacLe bridj^c Ln fuiki'Cicck^a ning» 

AcTfolt ll;e Ijtinj f^rracns thil widr^ma^iprmg | 

Boundedby aldcf r bcc-^hand pgfiUr Ihidci, 

And (naaz fvll tfie filh of loud c«1ctd<4i 

Wbotc fpAiklinf iUcaniA at uiieiwli jjc fcen, 

Shine thru* d;c iliadtt iiid purl ;:1o[>g ihegrrcci 

Thro' rural e'eg«n« t'till ttjndiiig Ti>v'f, 

Till murmnTing toik ip Tome fomAnii-e ^rovt. 
With regard to bringing the different si^d remote proditfiioot 
of- Nature, of Ctti and minet, inio groitoi form»i in tnlmil 
fcci>a, we on by no mcsnt agree with the Author* that tht« 
U fovinded on genuine ;tnd narur^it c^llr; we ihilt thtrre^utc pi& 
bjr his mfiruition^ fcUtive to tbit patiiciiUr. The ^^^rJeos of 
iitowve, SEudte)r, aiiJ Wuotum ^vpropctly critkifcJ i ukd (bc 
bft^dcrvedly gains the pilm, 

Ccbhum wiih pim, and tvcry rjrruc blcA^ 
With pldLfjftj; ikill ihc iittx ^^ Narnrc liitft ; 
From frnciricaiform'd a grtaidetign, 
Coold he h^« dropt ihe -wj/rviii f^it and tt^. 
Then $tOAc had been »Lth nobler wildncft t;K'J» 

^jy' be full t^fuU ui i^ttfuiAtlit*. 

But tirelbaic gitm cacb 1on[, long Icn^tbcrriiig iflc. 
Where oplivc Niiutc nevci dcignM io ftnile, 
Wlwre c«od«l laruti. croirdH iItuAlicvi glire. 
And oolv Iffve tQ miko ihf uiit^ir llaT. 

i^wcct StiiJky fticv^i 106 niucJ) th'^flcfliofAiti 
With cvcfx tcJiitr NaiOTC tou'd impaii. 
For prim cfipi hcjgrt, lormal towi crtmi. 
Veil *i'eiy gf.'t* iht mleftil eyt i]«rw*. 
'J~hc ftrcim) pcUutiJ Itill impoundcij £ow, 
^nd limc) »fc (oofiir'J lik« i b-lnLi-nigttt Ltfltll 
Here Hiiocntng Nature {{ifndi Ilci churns ia ivd^ 
And iiiJLir'<J f^rn fn tumI fnc»d) io lO]^. 
' Wonh«:n fftr me fof trior charmi can bo«B, 
Where NiWrt'e ftill improv'J, but nc-rcr LoA i 

AnJ jll ilir t'frm Aiid pump of Art tcfig^f. 
?tt;itc> aicnc by her inninfic fificf. 
And htnrt ihp native buoii«i orhvr faor. 

Afcc^d ^on (CTfjtt, »nd yoo there /urvc)', 
Tlkc iiuccfi ofciika all licr ilomci dvfpUv: 
Sec Wrcn^s l^u^nJoui ^vork. ili< hue vt i^uli 
!ii lofty majrfty o'crloobt Vm atl ! 
Ihvrc Wiurifor, crowp'd ivirh icwTr» ind gold** fpirtf, 
Ffom Kdwflrti'* dtt^i xht bieaJt iviiii glonp ttn i 
There Bdwafd uiuTiph'd >»nh hii girter'd kmghcst 
111 pmud pvtrllioiis iuJ ii) b^fifj %l<(ht 
1 here bcauiici amr ihe (rdiv&l w gruf. 
And to ibeii ca^rmtnill bcw'd tha wirrinr ncet 
Jp J' ui>» anti loarnamcmi tlicy mingled OionCi 
Wiih flj^ry Udic rouitil ihc bit|:]u<A (hionc: 
There many a iroblc many a icj/al mmCk 
Itliiinr the retordi nF iniTncrial fanw^ 

Whai pofti fabkd or ddcripiion )riddi. 
Of Tecnpc't vAle, and rw««iHTy^an field*, 
8c« Fcalia'd— t^fbi here inchaptca rorci 
Tlic eye tiVr hilEi. valci, *i\]»>, iL]wn» «iij vdvd ; 
Tatnf tdlii hji ilreami in Icrpcni nar-f^t round. 
While tlocktand t;ffdi^iR« o'*r iir er^aiiif 1*4 ground. 
And nufky Erphyn, hiih a £«tit]«,brCL'£ri 
Dante o'er ilic hwn, ai^d fpon alon^ the itttti 
la Citry bulTi a femhcfU roafc we bear, 
Whaft mrt^rji^ noiet inelod ionit fooE^ the ear, 
Tlicre weeping ivil^Otn k^fa ttie^vjjj^v r,W*t, 
And rlUa ftill mufmuf ihroueh ihc pun^ic niadni 
While WoomJog Boweri amtfofijt odoun bicaibe. 
And all above b grace, sod be«ity ;ill bmrJib, 
Affrr thcfcdcEciipuoni, the Author vifus Chir^a, and ^TV9i 
ut a very magnificcm idea of the gariJcnitJ^ anj irchlie^lurc of 
(ticChiitcr«. Wc Bgiw wfth hiTO* ihar ihrir rafe ti (pleinJi*!, 
H ofttn gfvad i but wc nasH beg Itavfr tv i^d, thac ii is alr&oit 

Monthly Catalog of^ 

^ rantadic. They Ilnrl.juifi Nature; and, wliiFe lh?f 

loembcllift her, tliev make htr ridfcuJous. 

is pocrn corciudrs with an mcomium on TTempie New- 

fhe feat of Lt»d Irwfn, in the Weft nding of Yotk- 

aiid, indeed, the poeuy may not improperly be com- 

to the p'acci for both have beauties, and both havede- 

nor is cither the one cr the other in an iufcnor degree* 


For AUGUST, 1767- 


I. The I^itorant Philofopbtr. With an Adilrcfs to the 

Mc upon the Parricides imputed to the Families of Cai-i*! 

Sirven. Tranflpicd from the French of M. dc VoltaJrc- 

. 4s. Bladon* 1767. 

TIS ib a t'biiQ.jttonof ihc n/Vrf attributed toMonf. Vn'tairf, « 
ivliich we pnve, from ihe orif-mal, fomeacc^on: in ihe Appcuci* 
3;in \'oL of our Review ; Vid. Ait, if ?hi!-/opht i^Mo-tiJ^l. Of 
uJinTior, which i* neUher corrcdl nor elegant, we \h-i\\ f;i« the 
nj; fpitimen, taken from thcchap:eron 7i^/^J?* fl/"ifc^"*' V 

l!o nm itiiiilc th-ii I have f^'erv<*d from my fuHj'^, Jn rclatinj a!j 
yampL*. iri ferpmmcii imp lo men ihiat Tcli^^ii^n which urists 
am! ni-i: t;.aT which HiV]dos ilipm ; rhnt rcli;^ii>» whirh i cf "" 
u'hcli fitJ"^' vjfiuouj ci[ 2**n!i, ,irid nor imj-nt-nt tch-^br<; i-aII 
1 w'l. ih lolin^'^. ^,[-[1 nnl thnr whr h ppHrru*f-i ; that rcli^-f>n 
[h''% *h:i" tr.C ^vl"'l<? I.i^ crinfirls in Jcivrr:^ ^jih? nri\ nne'* n^'-J'*- 
ip f J»'^' li'^f u^hith makrs a tjrani of GoJ, ;ind of oiics* nri^b- 

n Ji"vt? !*Ci'p ptripr'n^ piirclf^liy bv r^nn!;-:. The «''h S"*** 
id \ f".lT'\\v fvidtfniiy jTO'cd i:. He h,c- fnewn thai the unih 
wii*cfi i' f;.if(<'' iht I'<"* ^**/;'*> **'a* '*"' 'rfs b^rSaiou* Th:in (he 
'/i ai-4 ili^ ri'CCtcJ-ny, wihjih proHuc'I rhni hej^l ot brf^^-r*, 
\ 'c vo:v^ '-"' li^ in^, r,t if « fxpencp cit- hyirrp, .inif JOfmt-f tinfi 

J'-ncmV' I,. i!bf ijiiTrr'ii lj^''Qi'^, encmir? to ihi'tntrlvcs a* wtW 
■i. 'iiy.:^^- i^.'.l." oi kr"^*'ii'j7 tlv. f^''CCl5 nf ircicr*-, rh^y neceiTiTiiv 
! it. 'i hcv (iir'''[jv 'fmr'n^'l rlc^m i rl^mur iin-!cr ivhi''h i'-»"y 
:i-.'\'t iiiii! ^'hi'li il-7 sil h'-lr-'J f* iiicR ;iir, Ei'rrv mr-nU f.i^'-c* 

chimin v.'hich he fnrpirH f r h'n{?'lf, l^rike- hii I'rr^'her wiih i\ 

Hit!: i*> hi? Turn, wlftrub!? in th^ir ficrvd rrcre-t*, &ry 
nint'' f'lVr mt-n miu-rable, 1 h-MT c'-illTrr- ^t *■ ih-' :>l>o 'e *>f 
iiCT*, (tiff^id, !.i,l1 hnrreJ. Ti'eir T^c ct iiirifdidinn it tSijt 'T 
o .-nnrt Al'vi,t', r hey 1-urv lor lik- in aLn-cons ihof.- t>f iKrir 
n v'J»o may iiccuiV Uicm* In a wo>d, ihcy have invtmcd ihc 

niu' :hr.j ■-> rkf irnililruJc f?f [hefc wrCTchfs who kfe.l KilfKv- 
>.Lwia at 'iLtir. %c-:mj. a^r, iIilk have bfCQ mfu of fiii'-dif 

nji^: j» 


mpric,. who bave iroreftiperior to their condition, W have been fer- 
vic^iiblc to thcJr counoy. But 1 may venture to Chj, that alJ fuch gmt 
ment whofe merit pervaded ihe cToIHer Jnto the world, have ill beca 
perlecuied by their brethren. Every learned mtfn, crery man of ge- 
nius, endures more difgnn, ia at[3clced with more envy in thcle icmi- 
nuiesr than he would nave expenenced In ihe world. The ignomniai 
and the fanatic, who maintain tht intcreil of the wallet, have more de^ 
fprence paid thin the greatest genius in Europe would have in their 
Situation. The horror which rei|rna m tbefe caverns fetdom meets the 
iecular eye ; and when it bnrlls fofch, it it with the exploGoa of aflo* 
nifhing crimes* We have feen in Ebe month of May of ihii very year 
[1766J eight of thele unhappy men called capuchinsj accufed wirh hav- 
ing murdered their fuperior in Paris. 

' Nevcrtheleii, by a Arange fatality, Others, mothers, and dangTirera 
kneeling, reveal all their iecrets to thefe men, the refafe ofnature, who* 
polluted with all crime*, boaJl of remitiing the fins of man, in the nimd 
of that God whom they mannf^flure with their own hands. 

' How often have they infpired ihofe ihey call their penitents, with 
all the atfOcioufncfs of their charafierj f They have been ihe principal 
fomenters of the religiooi animoHties, which embiticr life. The judges 
wbo condemned the Calas's and Sirv^ns coT]fcJl>d to monks -, they gavo 
Calas two monks to accompany him to the IcaFjId. Thcfe two mtOf 
left bubafoui than their brethren, at iirlt acknowledged, that Calas ex- 
piring upon the wheel cilled upon God with the rcfignatiun of irnio* 
cence. But when they were required lo give an BttcAation of this hQ, 
they refufcd dcang it, dreading to be puniQied by ihdr fuperiors for 
having told the truth. 

' In fine, who would dredit it, afier the folemn verdifl giveo in ^ 
-rour of the Calas'a, that there fliouLI be an IriJb jcfuit. who, in iho 
mofb inHpid of all pamphlets baa d^rH to hy thit the dcfondcri of tbft 
Calas's, and the malter) of the requc^s, who did jullice to their inno* 
cencr, were enemies to religion ? 

' The catholics reply to [hefe reproaches, t^st the protcHanta are fuf^ 
cepiible of the 'like. The murders of ^ervel and BarnwellT Jay ihey* 
arc at leafl upon a par with the alTalliMaEEOn of the counfcllor Du Gourg. 
The death of Charles L may be pur in compeiiiion with that of Henry 
m. The gloomy rage of the EilngLifh prelbyrerjans^ and ihe fury of the 
cannibals of the Cevennes, are equal to the horrors of Su Bartho- 

' Compare fefls, compare times, you will every where liud, for one 
thoufand fix hundied yean, nearly an equal proportion ofabfkirdity and 
horror, every where amongH a race of blind men, who are de^roytng 
each oiher in the obfcumy that furround* ihem. What book of con- 
froverfy is ihere written wilhont gall f and what [heological dogma hs$ 
not been the caufe of fpilling bTood i This was the neceHary ?Jfe^ of 
thofc fcnfible words, '* Whomfocvcr llficns not to the church, (hall he 
looked upon as a pagan and a publican." K^th party pretended to ba 
the church -, each pnty has therefore conffandy fdid» We abhi^r the of* 
ficers of the cufloms we arc enjoined lo treaL whoever differs wiih ui in 
opinions, u thefmugglers :rea[ ihe oflicerft of the cullomj, when they 
hive the fupcriority. Thas ihe firft dogma every where cllablilhcd wai 
Rev, Aug. 1767. L ' Wbra. 


MoiffTHLt CAtAtdtiUBf 

ma :^ 

■ Wlm tlw kmjt of Pni[^ mt«i^ th» firft tine Ibio SIIHtt, i iJcM 

ihc kiOj^'a po-miAoQ, ftv putEin| ill ibc irliAbiuaL) of ib>t v'itU%t lo 
Uic (ivoiJ. The kirrg i<t>Ucd Co ibc iwo dtpLJUui If ifm nlh^c «aiM 
te^afliwcltiif (ucucjiour ihroit»r «Oiildyoo diink Dc right Co grwc tl 
to ihcni^ Oh, gTidooi Ibvcteictt! icflkd ili« ^puiki, ili« a& h 
very diocreni i v^t art th« trijc cri«Kb. 

The ibovc ciinad will fcrvc ii i f^nfacr fpccitftca, Jidtled (O itc6 
gJTCEi in our ApfciiJix ibovc jc^crrcii EO. uT ite Oji Jail HOtk ; whidi, 

rk of f^tijtififm Ahd imoletanc^ (hut h»ih prompu^T To oany ifaoalMi 
[wc cai^hta pcttijpi, iuve Cijd mi^liom, Aichoat cxcevding tb« 
bouudj of troth) of ojr fellow <fcj(ur» oocutvnc truMhcr'> ditOMi!^ 
and »IU «0 M:. fUiibMi]'»' phnrc ii, Foft vhk cu»iir or OoOt ah 

' S« Krvlrv fbt JOTie 1767, p. 48?, 

Art. 12- *I&^ Pmtgi 4/ ScMand. A<mfiitt Fr^tfiiftfi 
OrJtrt <f HUititj ef that aitcit nt fGj^d$m t ilttir D^anti, JHar* 

Oifitf Suf^Sin^ Afitfo4^ Chit/ ^MJj, tfsi iht high Offi^ 
ik^ f*ffifi \ /» melheiiij^d at to ^iMaj tffhatn^ it tnt^y tjfifttl n 
ihit atfiru^i\^ tinJ amtjtjri B'-av^ i e/ Kngwirit- Tigftttr wiib 
a Lifi *f thr Si'li/yt Pf/ri, fnm tht Ihltn U 1 767, md cm 4t' 
4Maa tf ilt ofiaitifJ P^trt 1 ihiir Dfjcniit ^'' ^ '^ P^^^ 

PUttit ltadfi'i£ 1^ An ^iiiraidn* By Mr. Kimbcr. iSoio. 

3». \V«xif-3K 

'i lui littte piecf » writien 00 ihe fAine pha wUh th« Aoibtf^ Pttr^t 
^ ^ngUtU^ except thkE thcarm»Krc bciLcr ej>f;ravoJ , nith tliciddioon of 
trytu Aff^U'tt Kid mateti, ypon ihc (^litci — Tboii£li ibc MCOUAti 
miaMaiUci arc *tty dtoit, ;et i)icy irc tjoi omw free from CLraff^ For 
loAwicrt at p. £, vvciren>td thu * Uird Wiltiim C^mpbrll prober 
f fAtgytllhir^. '■^iiOVcrnorolNc*4SooiU/nocwilhlbadiagtbo(«l«o 
iJepartmcnu we furtnd, by ati ol porliincnc, la be oceupMd by tht/t/ti 

E;i£mi U #iif ii*^ linftim iiaif . ihd in fjd. hit lonilbip <;bi|H4 Kit 
•I ib (lit hokifc. when Itc lUcptcd tjf hit ^uvciiiiaifHr.^At P- 4 j« 
the K^rl of Kdty. be r*yi, * ouitj aiuintrJ in L74V v^^^^ ^ oecircic; 
lie oAly 4iHiifVh«ve^en fo, in cife he bxd roi furicoikred (wbidi itf 

diJJ ifi di.e trnK« 

Arc. 1 1- LftUTi /rem Ahatam w tht Capita! u in FrunJi in the 
Ccuntry. 8vo. 38, BcckcC, 
AlUfnoDt U ibc k^ of a gci^ilcosn m/hobjiJ icimtAy been in officer 

in ibc triny. but bu] ied:eU iiiLo ouc of the rcLnvitlt and tntM fc ^ <wf 

€'thci Vqottlrge of niJiikLnit tUtn wbir he f oold £Uber from bcdki» be 
i< n UA condj^td to LoD4oa nadef chc piirOfUM of Str U'lllnoi i — ^ 
teboh*i| difccrctcd hLm ir bJA rctirrmcnti Hb opifiiop sod dckrtp- 
lioDi cd'whAt be mee(» with jp tn< uuuoicrcc of rvblic tiic m^kc ibc 
priuciful pari of ihcfv Irtten. whl^li ^rc iddnflcd 10 bi* fiihcrr hit 
biochcr. And liilcr. Ai to ibc meiic uf k^ obiavuloat, m fltiU bck% 

4 <^. 



liv, thm, fn mirnpTnion. thrv fprsilc (hrji)veiiEllcynrFTt« V^riier; ftcm 

fc'fiom brt«f tbifiji* miw be ttpctttd, whtu Ijinher expcficncc, ind « 
more cxdfnfivtr kioivlr|^ir of the votJJ l^aFl hdvc trmartnS hit jgd^meni. 
I A'C. 14* 7Jf jf'gvmnit tfv^ Ottrrmhtathtu ofiU Rigijt H&a, tht 
I ^v^f tfC^trth'ii ^4 S^tn in Scdlerttit "/cw f ^i7f important i^Jt^ 

I fifff^ 0^4 Juf^MJ Ovttgtas Gf Dtupki t^, Dtftniant. IVith 

I tin JniTV^v^^'j Pr^Oity living ajs tmpartial and difiin^ ^urairtt 

Jly a BirrUL«r ac Law, 8vo. 4». fwcd, 

A^ thit Sttii, 

it notking, ve ajif#ctirnd« at<rK^t) fbi m 10 jdd, lEi An «ri]<k of thii 

Art, I5. -^ f»*^ AWclrtV e/" 'f/ Pr^^Ji/^i in tht D«Hglas 
C^Ji ; wAA Kgmtitit cJt tl/ Mtrtiariali ; « a irffi-r n tf P/itn4, 

Thi^ luirjibfc it dmH'd u|) b^a iralnui aivocticfor U^. Duut>U«; 
conjrnit^iuly, ihe Auibf>r en Jcivoora j<i thiv« »tl ihc wctght of cvlHt- mq 
itii" Eh? dcfeP(f>ni'« ^l«. Kor^LJF puc, ww r^inlc thcrf u< Hill ^il 
dillieultKt rcmirnln^, On bo^t^ l)i:«i o| tFie i|ucnion ; aeiJ. ih^rtr^Kt »« 
«rv n<M AC JilMur|>rtr«d IC find tbai ili<' I'^rd uf afGon, before twtiom chii 
ccJ?bra(cd trul viai Jitd. wcfC fo equally divided in ifidro^iuiDniol ihe 
mti'tt or fo tm|)oiUTiE and 41 the iame (joie fo oblcurc and pcrjilex«U a 
ca lifp. 

Art, 16. Tht *i*dirn Art */" Cstitry trntrvvtii vf titgant^ chtep^ 

t/nJ ea^ Miifedt <if pr fpiJ^ iifg mtflt/ tit Dijhrt riour m t^r^'-^^i in 

iht VtnpQfium fthrrtof ^ri Hfalih md Pir^/vr/ fst-x tff ^m- 

fiittJ, By Mt9, Anuc Shickitfvrd, of VV mchcJIcr. Jimo. 

19- Newbi'i)'. 

T\^t€ ii la old idaEc ihhJch r;iy» tb«t " Avihorj and fiorf:i tft O 
bcfrd buE no< fiiEencil /' ihctrjore not i^cijig ufcd lo iSc pimptrL-i 
im^n of cuLn&iy fuxiiry, vtT miiy be prdumcxl 19 b( lit ji.LJ^r\ ctfitic 
ATI o4 o^okrry t wc therefore beg Irave to rrff r rhi> anick to ctii book- 
fcNcr, Of priricft 

An. 17. TV -4W;, tf Rhoff^- ixmo. t Vob, 4a. Oa\U 
and ReymffK. 

Thii Hiange woitc, which in preceded by Hill Elrta^r prefj.ei, aJ. 
dfcQei. End afdirclLfemcTht*, b a p*}|iiii^1 ille^or^r, and u^jTE itil^-rid en* 
trrt^ivmcnt ru liioJr only it'ho are pulHically mad.^Thin^^ of (b» kind 
chat trv ndi'icr Ji^inFfUiched b)r uTit^Tminrin hanioart knoxvjrj^r, orpe- 
nccralioi]^ ire of dJi nthfi- T^r moll inliptd xo an ufipf«jUHjrc<<l nlnd, 
Arl. 18- Camparativt O^Jt'v-^'ieJti o/iTwe tfiif Ffmi uhif^ti/trt 

htncu^td with Prwi in a in:* (Irrtamrit at CK Ch. B^ > Orti- 

tlcman *A the Univerfity. Svo. i ». York piinecd, lold 

by Mamn in London. 

in liicraxy C'liipftiiioni for pnMic p^iri. th(«n1y fete n|[r ihat th« 
dif^rp'xiif^^^* CAit^Tdiic uahavc* i< M *rTttf\ t^ejudgriwetor ijiipVfihfirv 

(Ofnppriri ifi«, oi'cniL'tlc rciy ufeUili ^'K t'tfridcii wiU'. In tl^ri |Mm« 
pui#t Ibe Ovja of Ch. Cb. and tfif* r^t df' me cra^crt ^re ticaird w ib a 



drgrte of Cucafta wKich ibe merit of tbe fut^c^ Qiewi tc be tllogctKcT 

Arr. 19- ^s: w, a L^ittr ta JAm, jJt his Lttr Dtfifirt ffmen^ 
Ala-talt ; — *f, ratktr^ to iht mifiakttt -ffil-erai Msriai ivhtfc ht* 

FaJ/itaad^ J/t^ratilaiiitf AiaJt^iUna^ ^c» ^c, 410. 1 5, Moian, 

Thi> ifcffDCc of ihc lii>'-niaikci pUy«n. h v^aiWy impoiunt wiih tfae 

dull i[T3ck on them, mrmioiacil m out bit moDth'i Caulogtici Aa 


Art- 30- Rtmarki on a Pjmphiet latcfy finh/iJhi-cJ ly the lUvfr/rui 

Mr. AfaJkrJjTi!^ uiidtr tbr AsBsriTf ^J ihe Btjard of Lsa^irudf. 

By John Hjirifon- Svo. 6J, Sandby. 

'Ihc pubttcdiiofi wbtclt MX^ODcd tbric aniat^dvcHioiis. w» bricfir 

nrnriontd in (he lill voluinc t>f our Rciricw. p- jni; ; ant) we dtfrl 

from ic. The fciminary npinfoa ihereiti ddiveied by Mr, Malkelync, fo 

mocfi (o tbe diitftfditof Mr Hairilbj.'tiovcniior>, 

That Mj. H. (hfftiH be greatly difTatiiicd, and highlj oficndcJ atlhs 
ff TiLf jif r ihus p'onouni^tii a^ainj^ bim. by ihc illroEXomcr-ioy&l, wai Tctjr 
iii[uraE I ir.d ih^t he fhoi^M be Jbtkiiou; 10 viadicate his own rcf [ir^tLon. 
and to UText th£ rncttE of hU dtfcavery, ia qoe at all to be ^oodereJ it : 
tltc griTii qiiclliod, wiih regard to ih? piiblk, will be* bow fLr Mr, 
Hi has btcfi able toobviaic Mf, Mi'iobjc^iona? This poifit wccan- 
not pretend W dcti^^minc ; bat flu-l itfcr our Reader*, fbr iirihtj iatit- 
fs£tiot^, 10 ihe p;]bIicaiioiis on boih CJe5,^TfiP fubjeft of Ttvri debate 
ii utidou^ieoty of greai imp<Jr;aacc (0 molded, in genur^l, &« ' 
CoojFOvn coa-irrv ia rariiculari and ttitrcii>re o-Jt AjthorS rt 



oDongftude t and Jls daily revolution eafl ward round iti own axis is 
perJbtmediD Znf boaia; confcquendy in (hat pcrio:', cacb of ihofe ima- 
ginary linci or degrees, becomes rucccfliielyoppofjie to the Tun (whkb 
makes the noon or precife mj Jdle of the day at each of ihofe dcgrtes) ; 
and jt mufi folk)4', ihat from [he lime any one of thofc Jines pafTts^e 
iijn, (111 the next palTi:s, muil be jufl four minute; ; Fbr 2^ houra bcm^ 
divided by 360 will give that quaniUy; lb thai for every degree of 
longitude we fail weflward, Jt ivil! be noon with us four minutes the 
Jaler, and for every degree eaflnrajd foor minuiei the fboner, and (o in 
proportion for any greater or left quantity. Now, the cxaft time of 
the day ai ihc place where we are, can be ascertained by well known- 
and eafy obfeivations of the run. if viiible for a few mmutes. at any 
time, from ha being ten degrf;es high rill within an hour of noon ; or 
from an hour after noon, till he is only 10 degrees high m the after- 
noon L if therefore, at any time when fuch obfervation is made, a lime-^ 
keeper tells us at the fame moment what o'clock it Is at the place we 
failed from, our longitude is clearly difcovered. '^To do this, it is ngc. 
neceflary that a watch ftiouid perform it? revclutiom prccifcly in that 
fpaceMtimc which ihc earth takes to perform her*s ; it is only required 
that It Ihould invariably perform it in /ornr Jcittwi limt, and iben the* 
conflant di^rence bctweep the length oFihe one re vol uij on and the 
other, will appear a» fo tnuch darly gained or lofl by the waicb ; which 
conftant gain or lof>, is called the rait &fiti g^tng, and which, being 
added to or dedufled from the time fbewn by the watch, will give the 
irue time, and confequently the diAcrence of longi'.ude.' 
We (ball conclude with our A uihor^s concluding paragraph. 
' I IbaU not, fays he, prefume 10 make any reflexions on the diB«- 
vent treatment the two * inventions have met with i nor will 1 take up 
more of the reader's tinie by a detail of the very eameil attention paid 
by the French government to this objc^> If our rivals in commerce 
and arts Jbould rob us of the honour as well as the A. A advantages of 
the difcovery, 1 hope it will be admitted that the fault is not mine : 
and 1 likewise flatter myftlf thai I have now furnilbed fuRicient oiatc- 
Hali for t)ie juftlfication of my Friends, and for fliewing that the cauft 
which they from public fprriced motives bad the goodnefs to cipoufe, 
was not unwort hy oFthnr patronage. 

* Thole oi aiccrrajiimg the longitude by the mton^ and by the ttme- 

{itct I the former, Mr. H. fays has already coR the public ^,Loo \- at 
eaA. Mr- H. has rcCLived, as yet, biit hdf of die parliamentary re- 
ward for his invention, via, 10.000 L 
Art. 11. jf Letter to ,Jhe Right Honour&bk tht A^rquis of Granhyt 

Cammander in Chief of tht Army : concerning the Regukiims 

lately eliahUjhedy reiattveio the Sale of military Cammijftins. iSvo, 

15, BcfVet. 

The ingenious Author of this Letter, highly difapproves the regV' 
hiioms i and he endeavours to Jhew, that * they are inadequate to the 
cud propoftd of rewarding mfirit and Tvrvice % thrti they are prejudicial 
to the officers of the army in general, and evi-n to thofe who are unable 
to puTChafe, for whofe relief thry arc fjid lo have been intended ; but 
above all, highly injuciou? to fuch as arc incapacitated from furiher fer- 
tjcci that tbry are extremely Kurrful to lUe dilcipline of the acttv<f .^^ 

L 3 «»W^^^ 

Monthly CataloguFv 

^linn^Ti, and ^^T^LiIi of fonie very aHefiing filcattonc ; bat 
Mion, b(in[> the wnrk ofz foreigner, impCTfcQly Ocillcd iu Our 
p will A^peir inioierable to the EDgliQi reader. 


. Tht fUlitge JP'tddiag : or the Faithful Cevnfrj Maid. A 
:^l Enrcrtainmont of Mufic. As it \% performed at the 
vtic Rnyal at Richmond- 8vo. I ». Hingcfton., 
Ifi not loot for e^c-lUate in \\vc% pttitfi ^wets ; if we fajr thit 
nothing very ahford or unnaturil in the condaQ oF ibetti» nor 
'libit! in the pcK-tryt we fliiU hoc come Hir fhott of giTinjr ihcm 
i> praiie 1 and in much may wiih propriety be laid ctlhc FiliMgi 

J, Bti^<jU-Ua ; or P&£iiial TriJUu In this ColleAion is 
ntcd the Fr;igmcm o^ AlUn ond Eita^ which (unknown 
le Author) appeared fume Years fince undci the Title of 
n and Lucy. To which is fubjoined, a Journey to, and 
ription of, the Paradcte, near the City of Troycs, in 
mpagne, where Abdard and Eiojfa were buried. iiidOp 

Dodfltfy, &c. 
11 and [rut account of tins book h contained in the title page ; 

moJi:l1y cf uhich ^c commend the Ainhor, and, ai the Ume 
iR^ire the public ibm ihcrc arc Eve hundred x^'orfe poecs in tbii 

,0. 'tif^ Llfj iinl ASiicns cf Jefui Chriji, from his Birth t9 
RffiitTit^L-'-fy hy JP'ny of ^ejiitn and jtftfii'er^ for tht Edu^ 
m of LhWdrat and yani/j. In Four Fans. By a Lover of 
rift. 1 2m<j. I s. VVilkic, 

\ih trafl tlir anfwtrs 10 the ijuiilions arc ad in verfif, Thr, we 
c, i» for the aid of the memory; and, fo fdr» [he rhing may an- 
cry ^vell : but il is f[jmewh;L[ qucJlionablc whMhcr cfcildrtn, by 
T thtir ^'aT^ :jccuU{>:iied to h^d rhyme*, may rot in time bixome 
tyniiT* — ll f'j, thcv hjid better mwr have learni thrif catcchifm* 
31. Ki-Ju ('tJrdciiy a Pa^f/j in ftfs Canioj. By Henry Jones, 
ithor L'f Th Earl of h.fjix^ Td^ Ip of U'ight^ &c, 410, 
, 6d, Dodilcy. 

■ adjpt tlic ilyJt.- 10 the f::liif^. it or.enf the jffeatell aTls ofpoetry, 
: is nor, ilnTL"oif, to be aoiyjircd. if ordinary writers hardly cv*r 

t't ir. In utl Jcicrijitin" 1-0,1113 r. fiinpliiity of fcntiment and per- 
ly of mj::iie[ i:nd t^p'Oinin are indifpenfibly neceiTary : bal (he 

bcfuii: U' ran b'aPt uf in'i^hiir. Forced and foreign lcntiment% 

fulLian ftyli:> aiu fj~j|ti:jud for fimple painting and cafy dc- 

31. C//?, J.'' -; tyjc^'vfi rn Tt;!}t, Ct'ldrffftd to a young La/fy, 
i?.-\'.ij. I s. 6d, T. J>avi«. 

he Writer of t'J> i'^^^i[ tiL'-itiic ii a right ijdy's philofopher. He 
net ['ic,'p!tx [i'c niiiid by very abllratied difunflionp, or dcplh of 
lijjiiTon, — i it iiourifnc^ ihion^ha number of harmlcfs periods, ard 
I ;>-jL-H:tiv iii cjio on the furfa;^ of ohilofophy* 

^ " Art- 33* 

Religious and CoktroT£Rsial, 153 

Art- 33. Fahhs and Tales fir the JVorid^ and M*fif!lam/t far sbt 
Ctuntry.. ' Fatrkia^i Addrefi. Beingfit to he vfod in all Chwcbn 
and Chapels throughout England ; hut not at Bewick upon Tivtedy 

mr in Bidfor^ire. 8vo» 2s. 6d. Stevens, &c. 
The impudence and ilupidity of ihiA litlC'pa^ can only be cquaJled 
by ihe daUcfs aad ]ruper[incDce of the book itielf. 
Art. 34.- j1 Poem on Jsftph and his Brethren^ from yofeph's Birth 
to ihe Reandliation between them^ after the Funtrai cf Jacob their 
Father, By Joieph Brown, fomctime Servant to the htc 
£arl of Ayelsford, and to the Hon. Mr. Baron Legge, &c. 
8vo, I s. Willums, &c, 

Jofeph Brown*3 char^flcr of himfclf, and of hli literary abilitlaa, nu^ 
be berc given as an tmpartrat fpecimen of xh\tpum : , 

^ . To litile boya of tender agea, 

I df^djcate theJe e^tfy p^gea, 
Unard to ih' elcqucnce of fchoofsj 
And lef* to nicer granunar-rulei. 
In childhood 1 began to fpcll ; 

To learn to write ivas pleafed well. i 

Soon to the Bible I was brought, 
PJo oth^ book was ever taughi ; 
Wiih wopder I perns 'd « o'er. 
The more [ read, 1 Jik'd the more ; 
And Jofeph's ftory pleasM me fo, 
I often back to it would go» 
My inclination me did prels 
To pet ihii flory into verfe. 
Some writing! w^i tan^ht bettoiei. 
But ne>t was ven'd, youll fee, in rbjmes. 

RELIG10U3 and Co wtrov ersi al. 

Art. 35* Thoughts on Miracles in getierafy and as they r/IaU iP 
tht Epsbisfiimeni cf Chrifiianity in particular: interfptrfed with 
Remarks on Bijhsp Butler s Analogy of Religion wuh the Courfe 
sfNaturt. To which is added the Creed of a Real Deift. 8vo. 
25. Bcckct, 17^7* 

In thii pattTpblet are 'o be found the well-known objections that are 
generally made by uubclievers, on the fabje^ of miradca; nothing 
more being really effe^ed than colle^ing lo^eiher old weapons, and 
rubbing the raft o|F[hern, in order to make another arrack on [he Chriftjan 
d^fpenbtion. It will not therefore deferve a formal con&deraiion, Jince- 
the revival of objefiions often obvuted, ire fuficiently anfwered by m 
FCference to former I'cplies. 

^rt. 36. A fecond Part of Annotations, critical and grammallcalt on 
• St, John's Gofpely reaching to the End of the Third Chapter. By 
Jamn Merrick, M- A. late FelJour of Trinity- College, Ox- 
ford. 8vo. 3 5. Newbery. 

We have already mentioned the laudjbte defign of this undenaking, 
which w$3 to introduce the lef? learned iludent to a criiical know]?pe of 

' ■■ • - ■ ^>i« 


MoEfTMtr Catalocds, 


ihr fc'Tpturvi- There ii the fitoc cirt, Inrno{ iftd «ccuncy. la tide 
■i ill ihc lormcr AnnouiioQi ; 6ul wc aift ftppwbfliLiirc Uutf. if ilic i«- 
|vnjniii Aiiihf>r purfuei Wis 4efign upAn ike itmc pi»^ hi« wotk irtt 
^ IOC volammout TA Sr gcnenlly attfvh 
An. 3$. 7^ D^riw cf tht7rimtf^niSstiif4^imi^ iUtifiraui 

ThiA^tececonCiittoTihrc^ tt<ien, in vkkttl^ Autbot, wiMk liadt It 
dcmi, Dctn incliAibIc w the Ariin hfpothdis. rtbi«* lh« cottT«6<ie« 
he hvl wj(h ft 'hcod i nho ot;vinccd htm of hL« cnxir bjr fo nFMnctU 
in jfguracDE. iitd »hkh nude fa ftn>nj A«t HDprtfCon tipon bii min4 
thii Ai- tiriar Tiippofev at) «ngd frnm Hevrep ivould wx be ibk to fCV' 
fo»d« bim than the iJe^tr)r« ol the tnniiy it untrne. Ilia v^vMittc 
which produced loch ■ wnndcrrul efRft npon our Lctect writer u, b^v- 
trcf, only ■ m(Ui>KyliC4l oifC. driwn from tbe n4Uir« of tW busua 
foal, ai conriflici;; of three piindplesr vHI, wiUam, and powrr. O* 
iht* thr llreft cf the futijeet i« ptireipklly bid, n^i rety oonJjftrvJ/ 
wiifa whil '»e are told in ihe bcgijiMing of^ the f>>ivfc/ciiCcr iL-tt the 4mt 
nine of [hd i/ioily it fo eniHrcly f ogpdeiJ upon the ICf ipfuie f cicU^ion of 
ir, tbat f|i gie^tcO M]*ouuit hive □<> v^dmentt to fuppoit ii bf» 
hikt furh ai uc drawn from thr fcripturp, 1 tic Auihni't fricnif gm o« 
io da^uccfrnm rhe fnie rneTaph^fKjIfcufce, th« dofliioe of ibe SaCff- 
bdion ( ^Ml]icH p:<rl'^f th« priforaaincc i* ftilt Oforc ibfurd tban ilMjire- 
crJiaii and, indeed, ibOunda, u we ihinht with fuCb oBv^nby miJ 
vrilcripiuul rciuimeiiLi conceJumj; the dinne Mtiibaieit tbjl ii»e Onvot 
help foolcing with fnmc degree rtf piEjr en a perfen who couM be coa* 
»iMe<l by r*B<of»ing of fo Hr»nge a esrurr. 

The pamphlet it wrmcn w\i\k nnotiejRtion and MWper, a&d h hfw 
means Cdntetnprtble in poftic oMan^uit^e anil comp<^{itiQn. 
An. 37. ^ /7*u; tf/"/^ Trinity .'» rir Gin/i a/ Divi^ RrtxitXva : 

tvith/an/ RiJUUi4At m AtntMn Eje^lieatiwtt tciK4fmn£ th^ Sn^ 
,Ia7. jfwf^ tf Dffi^it »f PritMif Jwigmtnt in Opf^stta It Uitad 

Of^fdifnci. In Three Di[&rtiiKin», By a JUyman, Svo. 

I u Jtobinfofl anJ Roberts. 

Ol all the dofxixnt^ in divtne rcTelittoo. thai of ibc trintiy flTMi 

KkiA room fnr man'i inveniinn ; far hrrf iha mofl f<prT>«d gjentat b 
, ai-hfji ATtcrrptin; lo t^ beyond thfti Line* 'J'liu uocrriat J^*^ 
<>iir Ahbchor profc^ei 10 fellov i Mad ihinki it ' evident froa knpcnrc 
trllimony, thai there u but Mf Jehovah . [but] thai in Jiivovan 
ibei« it a rLua^tirv, wh^ch plt^i^lity i«a mintTT of diUiott pcr- 
iot'i, «fao bare r« rfJTViM all the di'inc iHWr, ffji^i^m, ud ^Jbrnv 
eflhctfMf JiBC>VAti,' 

U ^ppoTc cf thit propofition he hu bought together a farlriy of 
tcxti. wherein ' the lame pcrfc^-Tioat arc atcnbed to Jefkit Chrifl. nnit 
the Holy GhfiJ>. ihn nrr proper t/Jf tn the fupreme Gop '' frOm 
whence h? coneLndet. that eich of (he ibfH pcrlona if G^\ ihosjft 
be aeknowletd^i ihst thtt ih»« and Jijh'^^tut vt myiicrtti ucnrly on* 
linowi] LO niaukinJ- 

Dincrtsdon 11. conutini fnroe pertinent refeA'OM opoi^ boTatn ez- 
pUcdtiOfit of i'« crmiry ; ihewmg l( Co be * ihe hJgheA prefurnptitw in 
loeDt E'* lay fiO&twtly more conCf rnma God, tha)> be hii been pUaled 
to n\id 4l hiQafoU'/— ' How oqiiiubU thea mufl ic be 10 cooped 4 


BKLtGious an^ Cosnort%UAt> 


the cvnlci^ocf, by r«<jttfr<np :ii^ implicit b*lJ«f of i^ u a term of com-' I 
mun^ort in tbc church nf CkEi.i >* I 

' Bvd^tt ihr ftnptdAi, in (Ik iu-o lirH ccnturif^, iliwr urcrc no I 
IrEllcd fctftn* (h« i»y*) ul thit dL'^riftcof tli; iri^iUif — To bdie^p jad ' 
■gite in (he ftnyiu'* acoiim of ic « ai iWu^hc fufnc^m, *ithout dlf- 
fennj; ohcvt philoTophKal <filb'i{tr<ini frnctmiTrf^ ihemriur of ir/ 

Ja die thinf duller:! tion. f^i.-au f-^X'"''*' ^* J^fcn<fc(ft And blin^t cbe> J 
. dicnct di<'d4rmtfd { in Tdim fh cw 1 'cm^ikt^jiii Ic^i^ii^c, iTifm, ind * 
\^ icfoiffjiMon principle!.^' EViv^tt judgmtrc j> i ra^/, fftc. Ijp) not 
fm^itf, but rA<» by tTi« ifrOrd nf God. ^9t fuch > TuJ«> ii wc O-il ifVtfr 
»A bw^My afrfltnli, \n tbedjfPTe t^ t)ic hi^hclt motcalt i it bfinc the 
di^ftic of canfciEQCt. GoJ i <:efuiT in ihc fouU never lo be c»ritrA> 
di^cd/-^' And Eho|lg^ A rn>n\ conrdencc any en. yci nv Cn< Ahn 
oqghi ri^ v^lk <onrrf FT In thf diA^itri i^f it — H'^x/ irrjiinnft] ma.i in* 
piOu4 then il K, lo «qukre x man co hclreve w^iir if nor <To>Hy pf* 
*f«led in r<rftpitif c ^ If t ^dcarlv rev««kt}, he uhom but belieic it; 
but iJ' be d^iTi not fee it conumrd in fenpciiret it » )aiFH>£ble lo/trrr 
ciibrr bit/jfd/ Of hv fa.t* ; coiifU|ueii(]i bii obctliencc C4mivi be r&> 
qacrrd ArtEhonT ihf emfrcrr- ofhii r(iva^^J<><V^''*^-' 

Art. 3$^ NU*drmuisG*J^^ Cfriainmttt tifr^sr'litmyanJmir j 
Att(/ Jaonnt of Bur ^tjjid Ssvimtr'i Trial 'iftii /fiiufaihn j hit \ 

I W^f ^'^pptnfti thtrt <iurtv£ ihst Ptri^. nnb hit Afurtji^v i.tig 

t H/avrft. Wfiichcijfioun KdirUn will bj*-f(>uiid igrerible la i 
I Scripture Anaiogyt add cofroboratmg With the fiTic. By * 

I Jnfrph W)ifr>ii. Xmn. m, 6d. Primed for rhe Author; lad 

l^v Told ai hit Houfe, in LAACafltr-Coun, in the £)Crand. i 

^^H Ihi* it a vrr)" poof u^iiflidon. Iiom ihe Liiin of s lor^cij goS^^ I 
^D*ief ht4Td ot v]\ ibc fborih crntury. The ^t\^in».K lom^irr «v ,h ft I 
ni*ch bfiKrtrjiridj'ion, ir^j aFuII >cco>n(ef ii, rrtay baiream /.-ivj'f I 
fOiv MttM*f/rrr'ir( t^ei^jftm tf Iht \'f'v-Tt^9'^m ■/, _ I 

Aft. 3^. Tttampiti of Faith t «r, /^ rrci Cf^i^lttn'i Hjpe M 1 
Diiiih: nrtotfiifit^ in tkt JixperUn^f if thf Jnyi rmi'iftt F^rfinS 1 
tt^6ff Wtv ilounihed, /j^A) ^iy Atartwd/rn <if Suphtn ^ndigrM- ] 
l»Vj» r^ ihr }r/ffttt TiTiiti \ and by thrir -yin^ Hf^avitttr^ Ss^tr^t^ I 

oi that impsrf^nt S4Qf9it. I7iik»- 3a. Dillj^ AlC. I 

Afi trnpf^emeit oi Hurnhjin'i >'t^in X'.mtna't, svnh ■^'^nrHlcralif^ 1 
addiibai i bui wc look ufcn mol of t^vit colJcctionft. 4nd ir^c fTclmt j 
book in pflrricuUr, *i dit^niCi^d bj ibc JnjinlJCKnJB inrrTrJufti,^,^ Of ii:vrj,il i 
weak-hfadM «nrhufiart<. uwlnle namci ftu ht by romearj* ri? f>- 'fiTrt?T«l I 
«ilb tbe traly p^ut proiefh-ini matlyrt t>r Qiifen Mxr/S diy;. riorivitb 
fuch mea jH (^< bic fdii<>OA^ a^id te'r . ^ , f ^Im i^Uni* ot OuWrT. j 
Aft. 40. Cin/Jtra/ioits upon th4 Mira:lts ef th Gtfptl : in Ao«J 
fwef 10 the Difficii!tic* laifrd by Mr. John jimr* K^uiftaa**! 
iehis tbjjd LcClcr fjom ibc Mountain. TririElaicd ff<>ai thfi 
French rj D- Cltparcdc, Piftor. ii'tJ PjofcfTrvr ' f ^Ji^,,.,)^ 
at Geneva. By the Editor of the Cinriijua's Ma^j^inc, ot'4. 
ij, 6tl. Newbery, "767- 

k : ^^ 


rvitlriir:'. I'f t lirl[^i;inity in general, and of ic» miracle* in 
:ir, li lu- Ul'Ii of Ir.Cu year^ fft fully conlidcrcdr and efpccialEy 
iwn vonntr)', t!i«t i( is diincult to advance any tfaiag dcw upm 
.eii. l!<}vvcvtr. wh^n frcfii auihors fprine up, wiih ciLber 
»ic,:tinn-, "t old ones dftlTcd in a different form^ ii ii pfOpCT^ 
L-ii iLCCtir^tt)^ th.-:t they fliould be anfwcrcd. This is mout 
aU'ly (hu CfU!r, when the otj^fti^^nA come from fuck jt pra ai 
Mr. Ruu>l(::^u, x^hufc ^rcai repucation as a wHlcr, and lA'bde 
nciii doqucncr, cannot but give a pccuiiar advantage to iui 

^ouHI'mU tnkc& a different method from thole who have hiilterto 
^Imirade^; he nriiher admits nor rcjeds them; bur dnks 
r Jj^rd employed Lh<^m as a prcxif of b» miiGoD, and acco- 
. dilliatUio^ iij^.-lI^^iI this kind of proof. Mr. Clip^^ede, oa 
ur.iry, C]3Jeavo^^^ to ihcw. in the firit part of tus pcribr- 
ih:Lt m:r;;cl<.a were uT:?ught by Jefiu Chrillr aa a proof of 
tnity ot^ his. iiiidio;^ ; and fecondiy, that the prtioi of mi- 
> rroper to cJlr.lilii^ :i divine injlTion. 

t okir Author h^s f;iid on the nature, dcGgnt and chaiafler of 
r, Skill ni't, xvchcliL.;', he unacceptable to our Readers, 
miniclo is a fonfihle ch:;nge in the order of nature. 
rt is iIk- ;ifll'nihl.ij;i: of created Beings. 

c Kcin^s atl upon each other, or by each other, agreeable to 
biws, iKi' refult of which k what wc call the order of nature. 
V l-iWit bcitijr a confcquencc of the nature of thole BcingSt 
ih{- jvl;iiii>n<j uhich they bear to each other, are iDvaria,lue; 
rh:m (i hi ^^i'lfrn^ the world. He alone eAablilhcd them, 
I' ihi'Riiiif cutt \\i(p\:n'.\iht:m- 

j^n'jKTi Ii' K*i then ut' iiiiradt's i; fo mark ckarty the divine 
^iiLEpn ; .Liid the fiirij^turc liippnlb.^ thai fuch too U their dedgn- 
i dr,m' tai'' oinfiviutTici', that hi- who performs a miracle per- 
r ill ihr ii:;ii]r iif (iokl, and <m his behalf; thst is to fay^ m 
A' r. div i;]i' miliion. 

,vh::r 7.\\- i\ic thar.iiiUi' nf true mir^iclcs ? How may we know 
: m.-lur "J n •i\.-^v h;jth bct'ii iileafi'd to modify or fufpend its 

A i]Yh lii f tin.- hif^hcil impi^rtantc ! 

\y.\vt: a i]:i\- uy ^uinlr u\ in this refcarch; linee the end of mi- 
ls n^aik i]i-j di^iiiL' ^ntiTpnficion, the miradc mult have cha- 
pmpiT rc'[ii:tTk th;*. itit^-Tjiuruion. 

i\\rn, it mult hjvL' an end and worthy of iti ao- 
;*. He fi nl.lili'. nv.A t.My to be obferved. ^. ISc independant 
nd I a^li'^' Anil laillv he inllantaitcounv performed. 
The {iT:i, is an important end, worthy of its Ao- 
\^ Y.At proh'iliility is there that God fhould fpccially intcrpofc, 
'l'e!],l the L^w^ !iy which he jjoverns this world without an/ 
V, fur a frivi'!^ L!s reafon, incniifiilent with hi^ \^-ifdom, un- 
of h!i rr.";:tr:'rs ? Every miraelt then mull have :in nfeful 
u\ r;ie to \:W\i ii U'cnnd c:;ufcsafl; ii^vJeijuatc ; as to authorize 
1(1, or TO eCl^iMilh a revelatiou. An end, fo wife, is well 
of thi; Suprcinc Keinj^. 

. J he iiLirjfle inult W fenfible. f.nJ caf.' 10 W r-bfen'ed ; it 
":*[::'■:; \:rv- \siii^.h L'V ■^.'.'ViiMlly kn!>'VD ; and not upon fiich 


RelioiouS ami CoNTKOvtitsiAL. 157 

su arc Scarcely or not at all known ; nor upon fubjcfb too rccflotc 
from UA, or which require the experienced eye of an obtervej- in order 
to be perceived. A lupematunl motion in the ring or SacelllCci <^ 

Saium, could not therdbre be a miracle for the generality of the 
Earth's inhabitants} it would at mofi be fo onl-^ to aftronomers. 
Miracle beiu^ calculate^ tocAablifli the divine interpose ion, ou^tto 
be more vdthin the rt^ch of men : fignift^n^ Earth, therefore, wdl be 
preferable xofigiifnm titsmem. 

3dly, It ought to be indcpendant of fecond caufes, or peHptmed 
without any natural inflniment- If *ny cxtcrnul aiflion or.nforeign 
circumltancc accompanies it (which is commanly the cafe) thi»a£lion 
or thii circumflance has no natural connexion with the efFe^ pro- 
duced. This is what particularly diAinguifhcs miraclci fi-om natural 
events* Tbefe laft have a natural cauie ; that caufe is proporiioa^tc 
to the efie^s which refult from it. Thus every body in motion moves 
in proportion to the force which caufes it to move. But the imme- 
diate fpccial interpofition of God excludes that of phyOcal agents: 
Tn every miracle the proportion betwixt caufes and cdtfb no longer 

Phyfic has remedies proper for curing maladies; thcfc remedies 
bear a certain proportion to the nature of the mahdy which they are 
to expel or dellroy; but no fuch proportion is difcernable in mi- 

It is by natural means that the underllandmg is enlightened ::nd 
inflrufled in that of which it was ignorant. I fpeak a Jangua^, which 
is foreign to me ; I gave time and pains to it ; I employed che aHiiU 
ance of^a mailer: but if, independent of fuch aids, my brain is in- 
riched inJUntaneoufiy with all the words of a language unknown to 
me, the efie^ has not its cau^ in nature ; the event is fupematuraK 

^thly- Lajlty, miracle is inflantaneous ; it prcfents nut the i!iad-i 
ings and gradations which are oblervable in nature- Nature proceeds 
QOt by fits and fbuts; is gradual and progreflivc in itj operation !i ; 
does not create, but unfolds ; nourishes, caufes to fprout, and ta 
grow ; lets to work fecond cauTes, which a^ only by little and fittle, 
and produce not their cSc£\ till the end of a cirrtain period. I hedi-^ 
vine agency is free from this rule. God faid. Let ibtrr he iight, and 
there ^Ajas iightw _ , 

Tothcfe requifiteawemayjoin three or four others, which, though 
not foelTentittl, do ordinarily accompany miracle, and render it lo 
much ihe more palpable. 

lit. It is announced before-hand, and preceded by the invocation 
of the name of God. 

zd. It 11 accomparued by a vifible Hgn, or fomegeflure proper to 
awaken the attention, to m^rk the intereil of the miracle, and to 
render more fenfible the difproportion of the event to fecond caules. 
'J hus Mofcj Aretchcs forth a feeble jod over tJic red fca, and it is 

3d. Notoriety is alio requifile; not that a miracle performed in 
light of a few witnefles isthc lefs a true miracle on that account. t 
1^ enough that there is a fufficicnt number of fpc^aiors worthy of 
credit. The notoriety of this or that particular miracle m:iy be mort 
or lefs rellrained by cir^umUatLces i and ortc cannot juHly rejeft a mi- 



Catalooui if 


,nck properl)' ^fl^blifSH. vnder s prrl«n« thu it hsd not dl df 
aotonct/ one mi|rht ti«i« imf-pnedi Ho« grctt foevcr nuy be (be 
oumlicr of the iitttiicncibk wc CJtn Mw^.^k conccj/c « {tc-iict. B«i 
tkrre ii ad^grvr oT nocoricty wht^h I'^iiilicri rrftfoo \ and if ii wue 
net fc, ceAimonial prooF «cuTJ nr.frbc cwcpbtv, 

4thly. itAlj*) It U nit«T&l 10 wiHi that eftir«d» w-erc Ffc^amt^ 
repelled, nu^croai, aitti vulcd. Tliii condition, howewr, u vm 
ofthr gmcrft EiFccfliEjr: * fioglr miracle ircU pfovcJ. foniii, Urifilf 
rpe^kin^p > Jfmooftrttlimt andynili* cnncuTrcn.^r ol' Tc^eral pre- 
ijjj^iet in favour of th? fame rcveUtion it iv>t I'tipcrAuc^iu; thewit- 
neflu ea one mincJc ooly mighi be fntpcAcd of ddLifiofL t they mijeht 
llicmfclvf J fcju the iunn; been iffccncd ; bat if tbcy rcJata a hibI- 
ricuile of minirkt, utiDu^hi Jtt diiTcrrLil limc* in d^fTcrctit pAacc*, 
Upon dilFcrvtit rx^'afifyit, liid vi-ib-t n ifa^afukd wityt ; nref)' feiref 
tllafion ii uitiihilate^ ^nd «v<iy docjbl 4Jp«IIed. 

Th« pftrticul^M 1 hiivrUcii enEcrii.^- upon, ^ive ffreic ligil to 0«f 
ftt^r^ i iind rcEvce.fL!) to ^nfwcj ilie priacipiJ tfuexioiu iMJaded in 
tftc doAflne cjf minwiles- 

Toalk tthciPirr Gcdonu'Orfc mirtrlci, iito tik ^hnhrrit itmoM 
dxftculE tor hint fA fufpend Eh* morion of a pbuictt ckxn to m&k« tt 
nfrro £ orio roifc adc^tnin, ihiiiiiacrc»lca[iviA|!; one, 

Ta JiD; if Airi^^Ici cjji bi; f txtvrd bj huoun luUmony. a lo aIi 
wh^itirr fiifl4 valpublei glHnng, r»1crufuri.I tr; flrjkc nrr^cy*. »ft 
bebrlirvrcl, ii'hen l>veri] witm'fc><citify ihem, ubho arc nii&lpaded 
cithirnf ddufionorfrAud. 

To idc if ihcfc e*n be an^ propriety in minehii b to afit i*h<thct 
h be.' cuiififlciJl wjtb Jic wifj^ni uf Cjinlt (ii iii(c:r)^le in Att cfpeuil 
mtnner, whc^Tifrcond cauTb arc intufiid^'ni :■> acfwf j hii tlclijni.' 

r h? prinriflri h^-r^ bid *f<>ttn arc applit^ 1>/ oof Autfior fo tbt 
i)iiiiculEji.-« whi:h Mr, Roulfeftu h.'it ur^td i^mlt 1h« ^tirijLiii mi- 
fulcit uid Mr. ^ Up;tredc h*j, in ibe covjT^ of hit woik, luide 
tnanyjjdiuouijuidunpoitiuit obfcivaiionit with leg^Td lothecitra- 
ordiniTy {\(\a rrtorJcd In ihr Nrw 'iVrfanvnt. He bu, at the 
fune tune, Imttd bit JOdgonill wnh the ueh^oA ctfidour and ffto- 

We ctanot eondadc without cipitllfn^ oui wIQiei thjU the rvlin^ 
powers :i[ Geneva loJtead of fJiufcnbLii}; Mr. Kuui^aut lud dr- 

Ertving him nf :hf privilpgn of riit n:iiive dry, \\^A eoficeDCrdtbctn- 
Ivci witti employing thrirdmnet lod philofcphen in onfivehBt 
whit wii dfcmed cieer^tionAblo in hi> vrrtCio?:. The UttmroolS 
not only \\%\x rtdouniicd nmchmi^n; 10 tliclr Iipi^uuj, but. IJkciiaiei 
10 iliirif imcfelt ; fof , if wc hivc mit ^rcn mi 1 cifbnned. die condaA 
of rhe ^na^ifiratf 1 of Geneva, with lefj^?^ lo M r. Koull^ii, bu hnn 
UQC <aii[t of th^diJl^ke which aumbeuof ihr 1 icb'-na b;n-(^ Cijocritcd 
ton'ardi ihetn, ftrid of the difpuUi frkkh fcetti to chrct^icc taUl COH- 
ic^u<ac<i to tb» liUJ« rcpvbLf^ 


C '59 ] 



Additio!J to the Catalogue of Forzion BooiUy ia 
our Uft ArriKOix, puhlilhcd in July, 1767, 

An. 15* Elenum 4t Crkiquty ou R/iltnX/tt d/^ tfj^^rfnui Cau^ 
^^Jaffitinn dtt Tt^tii L^ilnt^ cvt^i^t Miy/nt J'^h r/aJ^t ^ 

Ij/ J h-'e plus /mi/ft ^i* — LJtOiCHtt of CiUJui'nii or Kinjuilics 
Cfinccnitiig the citflcrcnt C^^ufcft of the Cormpt'oii oJ the 
Tcxii of auucnt Latin Authors : with the Mcjiis of Koda- 
Ingttw iv«aduif(Of thttn more ca/y, &c. By Abbe Mc4d* 
limo. P«ri>f 1796. 

THAT bririck oT ciitidfm which ii treated In tlicle Efcfncntf, 

dvrthk uic, finrv, if «nr)cm wtactt be oi tny valor* thr more cofre^ 
tbt inoi« ufflvl ihry cenaia[v ar«.— Abbe Moivl ^ifcafliM la> 
^^^jtdl tttih K'tiljud^mcnt and accitiacVi aaJ iUuHrMei ubtt be i^ 
vwccb hy very pcaifiiAi cxadif Ifi. Hn mork id diTj'dci] Into iwoyuui 
th« M cunciim oblciviEioni whidi feive fur ^rncnl prfrciplfi : m tb« 
Iccocid, h« cnumcraret thr tffvfijt cauCcfi to uhich ihc alreraEiofii in iXm 
uSLViorant'COi Mi^on^rt o4'inff. — The ru]i-( he hyt down ha rmc^ 
(in Eo be <ibrcrv<d in otir fc^Arth iUa ottgitud rvaiiogt^ aji^icmi u* 
be M^i uid jdJicioui. 

I Au> 36. R'/t^>ti haz^r^rfi J' arte F^mme i^mranf^ ^i w ^»it- 
t «j/f /'f Pif'Viti dei autrn ^m pur Igi Slmi^ et is JlfonJ/ ^ut far 
I JUirtitn it par flw-'i^;*-^— Reflect iont, vrhj(h iin ii^tiotjjit U'o- 

I man vvnEurts (o mikc, wb^ only kncwi the I'^aulti of ochcn 
^^ by hcf oiva, ;L»d ibe Wurld by Hcai'fjy. ismo. Two 
^^ftnatlVoli. Piri«» 1766. 

r Who the AwlWor of ihU work is ■*< know noi i wc are a^ieJ, 

" howrvrr, [hKihii liic pioduAicn of a Icmjife pen, ind Ji it r^o moif 

than ioft<e 10 fij. ifi.*r ^c h*» a very cn^iJiUcfible Ihjur df merii- — The 

II AuEhoi'i KHieitioni rrfeft^ up*>rrt» pI fcvtrty ditfcirni article*, all f*^ 
liute 10 raofiiiiy and the hnov^Jedge of minkipif i ibey Ih^^ K'^tf <k^ 
licicy and fcofibiliiy vf """d, «3 ».cJl d jjd^'mcM vnJ loriJity. TV 
Wntcrfermi (o tw u-c!! ac4uaLr>te«J wiih thovurjd. And w^ih t^c t»ffraiA 
|>cjrti th< pifiuffi Die diiws «jc juft and Itritwing, ibouoti Ih* d<jk 
moie in fcrtr^iiom ibifl chinden. When fhe »pof«i wh4i it nJktt- 
lcn» in ihe inanicn *nd osaJuA orffAa^lcd. (U doe4 fi »iiho«i haf 
■utL^ al' atif4Ci<J<rt'fiy. 01 of ^1*1 ui^iiui l^niit whxhdif^uui ium|f 
prtforniaiKe^ of ihii kind. 

Alt. 37. CftiA dlu AfarhUf. Far M* Lafift^ ManSvI Att Pt~ 

titft L<urui itf R»K a^'*i ^'^ t'ifitrti tn*ia';Ut Jttii:4 The 

Fuiiu^A Guide. ij> M. Lalolttf, ^c. 410. ?Mi», i;6b. 

Ttfofe nho arc (nmprEcnt judp» fpcak biehly of lUi ^votk. a» 
bring cjrrof 1^c hcfl «e h^vf «in tfte fubjefU flie AuinofS u^n r«> 
pcjtcn^e, a&ftcd by di*c vf bih ftihrr, render bim ptculi^rly f^UnitUiei 



for fgdi « uA.-^Thf work it dirkled into five paru : (h» M rnftHijf 

ibe iDtimti 4ttl K^tdcins. on thri lufcfcct, :o{ftbcr witb the tnclo ■/ 
qaKlc^ U fK« ifcird. the AiMhor ut^ii oftEie rfitef«.i] difrirJn-* of Ebli 
■flimil, Willi ihfi' Ciw*t. fj^npcomi, dii^rt^jci. piogaofltc* , afti me- 
thod of curt I iW faatih coDumt an accourC c»f die cxicnul li^fcrife^ 
Milkubrlv l^ofc ol the cf CI ; »d ihv (fth U a ttmife coaccniof tW 
OioeHf nf horCei- — Aa iKc fi« <ff a WIc U luble (d mAr dlfavdeot 
««J, «Onkc|aAt)y. ih« ker«lcdg« oTiMf pvi f^rxintpomuc rhv A>- 
lk<« givtt » vinvEt Kni ururaM dtfchption Qt ii. In Ml iMr^ 
di|d>»D. ho fhcwt ihe djfWvnO* of tho{e external narkt by ivluch borib 
■iv JlOiiiguiihcil, and ihc wij' of Icn^ic^ their inci, &c. 

S E R F^f O N. 

iTf tf^*iy cf PrfVtxtitJf, a i](»py Stronon, ca1cuUtc<i for 
Dog'tbys wtih nn AddrH'ii lu ihe Ocrgy, und ^nntber ro, 
LbK|'> of the C'ty el I.oniwi, By me Rev. Jame* 
V((«t cf Clamiris c&iiii Lan^lcy, £ir?x. Hw, 6 J. \ 


/ftf a ftptpy fermfMi. Iwt a &rmM> >jr>irfyt^»: «/ f^»rf*, TV 
Mftmcynf a InchfuLoi nc^Tlf^cnc bchjiioiTi in uImc^ qT ifirkK *or* 




THR wiltcr oT a I-cCfcr JVoni IrcUixJ, ftgncd i/i OJV 0^«v, » 
eniill^ i^ our chin^* fur hii ImrlTignacr ; buJ> in r^jjird to tW beet: 
wh>cS ho CfltTimetic'i [» out notice. «^c fl^#r hntd ot ir belbft. Dot6> 
VIC kncv^ whc^e il.tvai pablifhcd, tor by whit ricu» io pn^can U^ 

W'c arc t1fn ivncK cbli^^ to tSa OeiM^/l-fr Gcai^ctnnti for bii ki^^^ 
)citf r. The ibtgoj nliiioit i>f dx fuljUcAtJun «^hkS h? mnHkau ^^^| 
P0( ye! TiWta vudet mriaffcdion- hot weinreni m laat irtoit, ^™ 

j. B,'( '^vciw ii r(t"fr^t(ulfy atkn'^uf^csJijtti Wc areenEniyof 
OpiTVwn uilll rtjjrd 1> the (uprf»>r Hii^Cf of Dirine San^i- 
c^^( In ih4 S. S anJ ^/« hopo. th^f» on t-xarft^tsia^ the 
tr> viikh he refcn, lie will perceive ^c^l^iPE lifcrcifi vciy \TMvnnai 
vJiii ihc ji^cd piinciplc* iutilciEr^ in hlf oibliji** Itiier! we 
4;ettain. Him no^in^ cu;irr3ry to hii jvit ta^ Mat le«tii»rau 

J/jjufirS Tccofld Lrntrii oMie i&han^, «^rrcfn h6 tcIU in, ilat, 
ihoo^h He cAfYfn* our parti, and ii ofico much clc^fcd w'nh our crit^ 
clAn*. WJioldi i; acrimo, tx^:tiiptiincnt a*ij Cr fcik)u<, aivl ^ val^^ 
lUrath^n^ abt^i(^ij*joa£ud and rcirlcibvE^-^ifd'Ti nf ihebV.^H 
* Jp anf-w^ iflfhjj. w« htvc oiiTyto fiv. (Sj- uc dare a fc(gh reginJ fi^^ 
the fliufcH i^f J<:n;landvtvianincbhi;:hn1>t-Se ?vcv: Tdbrnm t aad 
^ink ii ■ crincof Avtiy K€^o<-p% n^StJie. r* it^; ' 
aaid fach talwbfe i^Tt^^i ^* ^^^ iilcrrfti </ ^ru' 
fiiadaintaAi] j rinciplo tf ProctHaDufn}. 



For SEPTEMBER, 1767. '* 


Royal Ac^tmy oi ScifrpC« *c P*ni, &c for the Year 1763. 
CutiduJcd from P* 563 of oar Uft ArriKDix, puUiih«ti ua 
July, 1767, 

THE fril Jtrtick in the chft of ChemitVry, whifh nm fol- 
lows, ii a Memoir by McRl Hclloi, 'IMlct, and Masquer, 
on the ifUyln^ of gold and filvcr. Mr. Tillct^ in ihc hilUiry 
of ih« prrading yriri bid Chcwn that the U»A^ cnnptoycd in 
the jii&yiiig of hNfit c^riicJ with U| iiitu the fubCbiicc of the 
cupel, 31 TmilJ portion of ihit qictaL Thi» maunatl cireum- 
ilaiicc hcing unknovrn lo ihc sfia^rtr, the lofi of wxighl fuffcrcd 
by the fiJvcr fubjr^cd to thii optntion, hii been blihena 
wholly attrlhutcd to ihe copper, or other aMo)^ which it coo- 
lained: irt purity h» 3ccordtn|^1v been unJcr-ratcd, in propor-* 
tion to thi« lofi, — to the great ii^jury of the proprietor. 

At the i^uxntily of filvcr, thus abfarbcd hy ihc cupelVt V4riett 
in pr&ponior to the ^U4ntity of lead emptied ; the matter of 
whkh the cupeh irc rnidc^ md even ihcir form, fuinc ic^tiU* 
tion in thefc partitulan it abfolutely oeee/Tiry towards thcjuft 
vjiTuation of tiic quiniity of filvcr IoH in the alU/, and confo 
qupntly the knowrkge of the drgr« of purity of the tnoul. 

1'hefc matters were deevried of fuch importance, that by in 
ami of rhc caitnci)^ the three scademiciini ihove named vera 
appointed 10 make fuch »peiiin«niE ai they IhouJd deem nc«f- 
fary, ro deieiirnie the bed jlkI moil jtccvrazt mcihnd& of tiTiy-^ 
ing rh« precious metali. In the profi!CLition of ihit jn(;uiry, 
Above in hundrcJ expcrimcnii have been m^de co filvci afone^ 
particularly with regird to the riifferait t^uiniltiea of lejd proper 
to be employed ii the alTaving of thai mcu!, Thcfc cApcti- 
meuti have pnxfuced arfguiJiiont thef^rll of ititii^d, elHblifh- 
mi an uniibtmiiy in the proccfa of allayine, throughout the 
kingdom; in which the milter^ ^ni uid ihidjicfi of ibc 

Vot. XXXVU, M c%ni^ 


tiiftwy •fthi J:j.lff7j *fSa4J^9 4t Parhi 


<«f»«U arc ^c«rt^i»4, uwdl as ths quality aju! quantifjr 
th« \*^iA lo be rmpbj'tJ ; bv 1^:^0^11111^'^ t<i whkh, it will 
«ify to kflow how R^uchTiivfr tfi fCUmcJ b^chccjpcU in Any 
pfiicijIpU alTaf ; snJ cnnJn^ucmty 10 arccioin iJic uuc fkandutf 
4|tta|tcy of ihe fitvcr, 

Th« txpcrlmCnn of our »ai(icmtciaii) bftve gKxo rift to 
curious dire uflion, on nhlcfi ind«?d fhc truth xt\A accuncy 
lltEjf roiicIuriDni greatly dcp^'ti^. Many ch<inifb of the gicaicil 
ltp'iraii<.'li> f;jnicLj1ir1y OcU h^ilj, St%^ii sni Junker, affirm thii 
Uttdt convfrtoi intofrorioeor Jithirgt, and wftcri^ur^i reduced 
liack CO in meialltc fljTt, ar.'-! r^ipoW ro ihe fire on 1 cupel, 
JcavG9» op tin fccoiid rcotift;Alioiit a rrnili pojtEion ^ lilw> 
v,'h]dh wis ncjt m ii b(ft»c. In fine, thai. In thi* pnxrcfs rhcr? 
it an QJtLal cnnfruniiorL of paiG of thv lc4J in'o Tilvcr : fo 
ttiai, after all, (be filvtr wMcli hipt Wrii c;«(fac3cj ffom the 
rup^U^ ufcd Jn ihe «xpctimM^taf>r the jcadffniciant, might itot 
he a part f<f that originaJry put U\ta the cupd in order co tc 
air*'^i, but n^ighi flicn be prodwW, //'#«'*> ffora i^p lead, 
bv iIk ai^tt^n uf chc fire ufh>o iu ISuC thac ttip is w>t t^ cak* 
they thi nit is evident from i)ie fnTloAiirj; CK|K'rinienTc, They 
tc>"k tlir (cunx of the Itad abbrScd by a coupk of copds, 
whJLh hi4 bcvri empluycd in the alliyln^ of fdvcf, and vc^it- 
jfig ic by m«ahi i>i b<»rax anJ ihc l>l3clc SuiEi exfofi^d it to tbe 
fiiz ojt a ficv^ cupeJ ^ wheic it Jcft behind it fi.x ^lalii^ of fine 
fdvcr'. Tlie ftrofix of rhis fecond cupfl, b^irg rcvivej and 
j>ui inKo a thdd, futnilhcd avAy h^lf a grain of nTic Itlicf : ori 
itic Ihitd icdu^ion, only a lix:erii:h paK; on a ftsurib, {till 
U&i oti the ftfch, tho globvie of fifvcr was too foiall to be 
wei^,hcJt jmliinAlly, on thcci|>hili, it W3» not vir'bli? withou 
uCnjf a kfib <ir lialf nidi foctu. From tbcff cxptrrmcnis chty 
tnTi^r, that the imdl ^ua^nity of Itlvcr* pcucurcJ frx-n the lead, 
4f<*« ftni |irofcoa from toy i^TloaT tiar^fmutarion of lh« mcc*! i; 
fuTt if that were tUr c^fc, ihc (^ j^iulty of l)U<r produt-cd uu/ 
to be ncarljr cquul after each ttJiiiTtinii ^ bur rhjt rht Ji'vcr li 
eich t^ine is a pn of the nobU mHal, which the lead hat car* 
tied 4bn£ ii«-i(h it into the cupel, jiid vhjcli tus ac laA been 
r^rced Irom it hy rrpr^lpJ feJtiiijodi : (a toaf the Ic*d» laf from 
flCtjLjiringB ti> thd'e rcitetatfd opcraC[L>n^ ihc i;i4rv<:irru« tran^- 
mi^ulrijiO im^utfxi ro it^ i» 0/1 the coritr;iry Impouerillaed. and 
robbed officer/ ihc niinuicfl atom of fi vgt nhich it ttcfurc cun- 
taiticd* T^i% wc iii-.y obfi^ikCi j» not tfic unh inAancc in 
Mhich a rranfmiiciciofi hai brtn fuppofi-d to be effcdcd^ when 
ibcuo^-Ie metal only liy eonccaliHJ in ibc marcii U cinpfoyrd 
IB tlie prwcCt. Thu* Bechcr and oiher chcmiiU have 4&iinc4 

* fl-*'A ,V/'*'//f, u ioiajIiM'r »*i!»r. yhxh «< b«ie net room t> 

fsf tht liflT 1763- 


tb« ailuil trjinrntLitAlion of filter Into gold^ by a ^ifoluiion cf- 
feficd 1>j fofnc tMJticulai kind} of fpirit ^r aiE c. Tlicv bive J 

Erotiably hctn Jcceived, \% the inf;''nio«i Dr Lcwit obkrrcs, I 
y cc>niidirt^ m ihc i^-^^^tt^ total incjipi^-ic)r<*f ihcir mdiAruufn I 
to i^tfToItp gold. ThL'if oi'iidfuurn mi^^t n-rvtr^firliCK cmuin, I 
unknowTi (o them, n ctrt^in portion cf th^t mcul wltbin it ; fl 
farilhuiE bt^CM ilncc proved, iHii gcU miy^ uiidcrc^rntiacirjoni* I 
fiance^, b< very Iirjcely dil^'lvcd in ihe niin^uB iicid> Fhb ca- fl 
flout dif<.x>vciy, which i« Mccwifc of im^vifun^D lo tbofc con* ■ 
cemvti m ptriinggnrd and Hivtr by fpirJE of niut, n-os mad* |f^ I 
Mr- DrAiMr, 211J putliilicd in the StvcJilli TtAti(^m%\% i\-ii ib« fl 
y«r 17^8- Rut to rrtijft*. The fo cgo'ng cifjcfimen'* flifW I 
that Tcad do^i not Imcncditclv ptn fii^m ihc liJvcr united whb I 
it Infuprlliiion, inj furnifi) ad snrwer to 1 dikniiD* proporej fl 
byUifc^Allt who Hty^ th«c udicr the filver vru conuinei in I 
ihclcjiJ tx^bre thr c tpc1hiian« or wa« produced <-;ictz tirnc hy fl 
the ai^iion oftJic hrc-: but if ihifilvcr cxift.d tbeie before* why I 
w<)£ It not ill left uii the cupel, on ihc £. Jl Tai ifik Ation of tbc fl 
le^d V The inrvvcr i& cily : the t^o metajt art fo intioutelv 4 
uniio!, tluc a total TcpdEHitlon CA^)m>t be cifcclcj o\^z\^\U fl 
than by repeatedly in<l Alterniidv fcorlf)in^ the ]»J, sdJ re- V 
floring ic to \x% m^tjlllc iliie. Tf the purdt filvcr be Aflayed 
with any quartirv of Irad whatever^ ^ <ert-iln poflion of V will ^ 
«l;JippGar jn tbe c^pcU with whit h. the Uiiwill a^C/rJin^/ b« ^ 
rnrichfrd : but ihrft are onlf bvrtoved ricbei, od' which Tt jsaj 
be iJifjiuCrcflcd by repeated cupdlat^m. 

The fcfonJ oteRinir 'w by M. T*Uci aloric, iind creiti of ihs 
opparfnt inereafc of weight oblerved iji pure fHver^ After i^ hu 
b^n ail^yed; and vn :1tc r^.tocrctfe of c1j« weight of kidt 
when converted inio U;hi'ge. M. Tillel, in this memoir, re- 
lates 1 h&% whiib fcemi, 4t fidl fiflhtt to dctiroy tbc reafon- , 
inp employed in the f.:^mirT mrniriir, againffc ne KarjiVnuubU ^ 
lity <ti Icii <ii;o fi]ver. It feeoii, thaE wb?n the purctt filver is fl 
olliyC'^ witfi le^df :]ni| wl^nt t^ ibr buuon rcni^ciin^ in ibtr cu-* 

rt\ the gbbulc ot i\nv til^^t eattra^ed Irom the h-ad ibrorbe4 ^ 
y the cLtJjc], is ad^cd, ihc wriffHt of the whole U mvuubljr H 
found [6 be inci-eifed, Th:>fe 5ieaiift', who a£:ci that leai, ™ 
oil i:> reiiviucitioii and fubki^uent ftoiii^ca ion, b in part iru:^ 
iruEcd iniojilvtr, muft look upon I'lit esprrimentM deciftve tit 
favour crf their opiniim. M. Tilht w** even (lurtied «t if, aod 
^(ndertook a coune of ciperimmT*, 10 fcttir thin dctu'atp piriint 
ID the mctailurgic ait^ ano to hnd f^ocn whence th 1 jncr^ic of 
wei^hi prMcri?drJ. He (oau f^cTccii^ed thai the button of liUer, 
taken out of The euf^Jf ihouch rar brilliant on iu upper fur- 
face, had on ic» Toi^rcr a 3tin]w Ungc, which he fufpe£trd to 
|»roceed fro.Ti a fmAll p»Et tt the ]tt^t^ adhcfirig 10 it- Tihv% 
he cnJeavi^urcd w fcpifate from itj by bciii^'^ Ctit Sa^Vv^*^'^^ 
* M 1 V!/On 


Hifi^ry (/ tht J!4i$my itf StitHus at P4rU^ 

conCtnCr&Kd vinegar ; tW Without ciFcfl : but on cXiK>fjn£ it 
fi:npljr to ihc fire, he founil, on rcpraird triala, thai \i loft «• 
ft^l^ this Advcnitious <^uAntiEy i which he therefore julll^ fu^y^ 
pofVs to be litharge \ Hnci? in fomc fuSrcquc/it ca per uncoil, he 
flJI^ycd the fame qaAiitity of pure fiUer Rvc times with ibe Umc 
leailt Without perceiving the IcaO fcnfible loft ui the ^u^iKity of 
filvtTf and It the lame time Mrrtho^t any increafe of the a<mn« 
(ttioui weight ;tbovc-mcntioncdi which, as before, diUppcucJ 
on the finiplc fiifion rf the filvef. The remainder of the »e- 
moir lA employed in giving Ad<:cail of the numcrou) cipcnovcntl 
iTtade by M- Tillrf, wirh a view of' detrrTnini/kg* iirflt the 
KjiUly, and, ihnt beit^g eft^bliUjed, the quantity of thac ft" 
mtrltahle an ^men tuition of weight, which \^^^^ u well » ca* 
lain netallic c^ilces, acquire in the aA of fcofifi cation. Tbe^C 
cjcpcrlincni> fccm to have been made with the mod fcnipuloua 
cxaflneri;. The refult of them i*, that the lead aec^iLlret, 
the a^ion of the fur, an inercafc of one fixtcenth ; wbi 
TillfC thinks he mnyeAin^aiefo hig;h at one eighth, on aqcmitt 
of the lofji which it fullaim in Conlequcncc of the copioui 
funics uhifh rife diirinj^ the opcfation, 

Thia clafa ia tcnninaicd by i chemical obfervuion relatirc to 
a very HnguUr kind of eUilrc icfiiit called Cm^^thmt^ which 
flows from incifiom made in a tree Rowing in S. AmefTca* ^nd 
of which the hiflofian of the acaiJcniy gave fonte account in 
1751. Thii fuhftancr, which app«;irft nor to polTcf* the diflin* 
guifhin£ charAckra ofa gum, ai il ia ncTtfoluble tii water , rtoe 
of a refirr, aiir dors not dtlTolve in fpirji cW wine; maymiime 
be dtilolved in oil of olives % or will melt by the a^on of the 
fire : but in htjth (hefr cafe^^ It rcm:iin^ for ever aftrr in a A^te 
eif Litiiitfa^ion. It became an interefting ehemicol problem to 
fbii^ a means of diSolving ihib htrciudite fublljiicef fo 41 Uut 
it might afterwardi return to \u fornifr folid and elaf^ie llstf, 
Mdlrs. HciifUnt and Macquer have each Succeeded in the at- 
tempt. From iheir cirprnmcntt it appean that \tic ta^taiomi 
may be {oftcncd by inlufinn in the rectified oil of hafdbain 
[known under the tuh of eil ^ iUppft} or in that of turpentine, 
or even by bcir>g expofed to iHeir vaippur, or to tbat of eam* 

Ehtre ; or bftly, by Dcing infufed in a^ihrr ; fo that ir may be 
louldcd ijito any Ibape, which it will retain, anda^am become 
liarti and ebftic, on bcin^cxpofcJ to a dcnfc fiiiukc uf burning 
tallow or hay. M. HerifTuit thinks that an exeetlent ufc may 
be nude of chcfc ptopctiica, in the condtut^ing of hollow ai _ 
welt at foltd cirherert, of this rrfm ; which, on aecottnt of theif ■ 
Bexibility* mult be greatly preferable tothofe of mcuL ^ 

The memoir annually prcfcr^tcd by the academy at Moatpel- 
Ikx may be brought lUideT thij clafj i though it ia cbiefiy topo- 

gpaphicel- , 



frr (hi Tta/ 1 763* \b% 

graphical* It CrcAEa of the cxicnfivc iiilc woik& at Pccib in 
Lower Laimiedoc- 

I'hc cU{eofbounyfuniiOic9 III only with three obfcnaiionil 
m the fiHl of which we are informed of ^ LxmtW kinri of clcch^ 
mA]^ufi£Ur«d At PtCai, from the lind of broom, Hy the fecontjp 
wc f nd that ihc lea-pbnt is in a £iir way rtf bein£ naturalifed 
in Europe : Mr- Linneuc having ]nrorn]«<) Mr. Ju Haire) of his 
having one of chefc ihrubt In hii ^ardcji (v^c fuppufc »t Upfit) 
in « thriving con<^iiion» noi appearing to be moic affciW by 
the cold (hail the fyrbgi i ai^d thai he waj trying to piop^giie 
itj that hcnnighc fendfomcof [he phntJ^ro thcscademy. Irom 
the thirtl it appears that the djliemper in the rve and whc4C, 
called fri9t^ (by ut called fpurr'd rye, SfcJ and wnich hav been 
fuppcled 10 occifion dry congrciKa in the octrcmitica of thofe 
who cat the corn thui& MiTriftedt fomcttmei rei7:cK Iikcwifc iha 
barley: fomc grairt of which, diut diflcmpered, wcrefiiewnto 
the academy by MoiiC Tillei* 

Thefe obIcrvaEion» are followed by an account of a pew fvf- 
tern of botany, contained Jn a work of Mr. Adaufou*^ cntiiied 
Tht Familitt 9f Phtus. Mr. Adanfen'« vegetable fsitiiliet are 
not colledions of plaAta rcfcnblinj; each other in their ftowcr« 
sod fniit* onty, u In ToiiTnefort's fydtcm \ or in the ft^mlna 
principally, as ia that ol Linneus ^ but afkmblages of fuch aa 
racd^ rrfemblc each other in a1: chcli p:tru: noi only ihole of 
fru^ifjcanon, but likewifc their roots, n^lks, leavei> feeds i in 
Ihoa, al! ihcir vifiblc parts. Nay, we are told, that ihofc 
pUntA in which thefe refcmblance« are very numerous, that ii, 
which are of the fame faniilyt have nearly the fame medical vir- 
tuet. If Mr. Adanfon, by hii attentLon to tbofe famity like- 
neffci, baa difcovered nature'* true fccrcc in the Brrani;emcnt of 
her rhlidrrum the TegpmbCc kingdom ; fimplic ity may, pnilihly, 
ai leall bkethe refuli of thia feenungly very complicated niann^r 
of ci>nfkJcii%' theiii : but as the piincipal ufe of a bulnnkj) 
fyftem is 10 alEll the memory and facJuate the knowlecc of 
ManOt we fhould think thai, till order fprings out of (he lecm- 
W confufton, arifing from this variety of combinations^ learners 
at leaA might prclit more from the arbitrary* anjficlalt unna- 
i ttital, if you pleafc, but at the fame time more fimple arid com* 
jnodicuj arrangemcnl of Linncu», 'I'hc otcrnai organisation 

I and grnrral aspect of ihe miilbcrry tree and the nciilc, or of 
the elm and the carrot, are, we own, by no mean! fifnilari 
hut the Linocan fyffcm, which clalTcs them cogetber, and baa 
thereby given great ottence to fomc modern naitiraliftt, fuffici- 
emly atones for any fecmln^ impropiiciy in theft a0Qa'«iiorL*, 
by Iw precilion, concifcncfs and the facilities which it offen 
to ihc botanical fludcnt. — Who^ that is learning a new Unr- 
^uase. and &ad^ tbc ctovcniencc of » &il\ icut^t u^iAtai*^ ^vi\ 



Hiflvry tfthi Aeaitmy tf Stiixat si Psrhf 

[ifkijIdJUribuiioD, (wi; m»fi, i>ic tlp^ib^tlcAl imngement) 
fo very dcUcscc se co be Ihockcd on lir>Ji.*i^ m tfnfxror and 
tn cmmct, i mouiiuin mil s moufc un<ltc the i^aK leitcf ? 

The finl memoir in the cUft cf jflroni>my cnnuin* Mr. Pin- 
|rrc*B obrctvmi«n«onthcorbitAurch«coirTettori739 ind 1761. 
The Jail- of ihete it TinguIaT, m having pjft tWei* time* nram 
Ihcfuiii than the ciTth i^whcnit'o In tu ^cniytWoni ani like- 
ivife thjr, thoiigh ir wa^ ftcrt a very fcA^ davR alscr iu pcHbcIioit* 
and mighf be ekpcA^i to hjtve equilleJ (he eel«brate4 coR>nof 
IbSo in fplenJor, yet ii did noE eicc^ hi bn^Htncf^ 4 llir of 
the third magnitude: its Uil ac the Time time not exteLtdlflj; 
A^invc four dcgier;. Mr. Pingri: thcicroic fupporca it to bint 
hczn very fm JK a"<^ thai ilt iTtncfphcrc ^v;ii not c^u^lifird 10 
ilfo'bor jcimdti A^cof Jiiii^ lo M. MAirjin^ ingenioui fyilcni* 
1 rufficiem <]uantity of chofe luminouE p^tticln, wbich, Accoid- 
Ing trt him, compufc the fcUr otmorphcrc. In, ano^^hcr a>^ 
nioir, M, Biilly gives icueral o^frrujtion? nf ;hc fame comet, 
ind tHc elements deii^ccd hon\ them, for th: benefit of (occccd- 
jng iflromjmrri- 

Ihc next mtmoif, by M- B-iiily. trei'fl of the cjNxhi of tht 
fnoon's nuan niiJC.o*>> tuwird^ ihc oid of ihc 1*11 tcniuiy* The 
many irrc^ubritie^ in lh« roonon of thi« plar^ct have at all linvei 
judTy cAiiicd th< atceticioii uf ani(;ficiHici;t »i\i grofnctncUnf> 
It is well known how much 1 pfrfc^ knoivtej^-r <f ihcm uWd 
cnnuibjte to the improvement of (»ct'f;rflpSy iind /uviEitKn, 
Xhowgh tie Sew Ionian theory h;il enabled :iflfoni:)m?fE to dkfeorer 
many of th^fe incqLjaliCic^^ yet ir m abfo'uicly necclTary to At 
firrfcflton of the Tiin*r tublcs, that the epochl of tU n»oon*t 
fnean nioLTon. Ihould be ^xed Uvat obtett^t'toi\t fo that hfir 
true phce may be founfi fnr any given ilriie. Mr. B. In ihs 
[^ fsrtfenc mcmf^tr, empToyj for thia purpofsn^ W» thati 42 obfer- 
^,vMi«tii of M- d<: f^ Hire, made between ibc yrar^ 168^ mjiJ 
'I6IE5, whfch he ompA'Ct with ihe fcfuh cf cjUoUtion^ ronn- 
cd»^for the fame period, f^am mndem ihcwic*. He piefcrTed 
theff to any obffTwatiorn mor? amicntf Zi he ibinkt ihcy f^lfll- 
ciently compcnface for ihefntalTreft ofcbc interval of iimc IiDCC 
Ihey were made, by ihii aftronamica! preflfj^n wbkh h pccu^ 
tiir toibe modem obfervaiions, bi2t It wantic; in tlic moretn^ 
tteni. Knim the whole, Mr Tl- c^indudct, that ibe epoch cif 
tfie fnrni tonjitude ufid hy Mayer ought to be cariied bielc 

Iibotc 43 fecocdi; a»d fiom hcntr^ lie thinks, wc m>y jully 
i?>fFr, thit ftic iti'^n n^oEion of the moon is grtater th^n he 
had fuppofcd. Whether thefe con^lufioft* *ie i*dl fouoird qr 


floT, allrono^en ate highly obTipetl to the author* for j)ltfe»^t- 
ifTe ihrtn-vriiti fotonfiderpiblc a namb:; < f l^-;j :'o:j!. fufiid- 
Cflily amiiiiit iod at the fa^e iicnc iet^ i - , a u=i;rnjuy 


for thi Trar 1763, 16; 

And Uboriout tedudion, in order t»£iv« ibo» alj tUpitcilka 
cf which they «c capibEc, . . 

In iho following and two fub^e^uent memoirit Mr- Jeitnt ua- 
dcrtftkcf lo rectify the tUcj^rjcs ^1 Ji^iitcr tnil SAtu:a. bjr Aicant 
«jf oiiOfvjtfioni m^tr b^ tiimirlf and oib-crt froni the t^^tr 1755 
to 17611 ccmparcd w^h cciiam afiiicm obifrv^iiori!^ m^j^t dc 
Ur^nibnurg, by 1 y<-ho Hutlir, in i;<)3, f*miain«d In ;i MS. 
iii the polklH'jn oi xhc jfadcrtty^ ftm! which are here puhhQicd^ 
'J'htlc mcoiou^ Mill not u<iJy he arrc;>TAhlc to prA^lic^l aOinn^ j 
ibcfk in gcjitra], but if\\\ liticwik be pccAiliaHy gnt«fvl to ihe 
anuincuniL»l ;iru^ilu4riaii j a» tliry i^t only coMiiln a DitifC d<- 
ict%pi\:*n nt th«' itlUumckt wiih i^h^cb lycho made his obfe^- 
V4<»0fiA, but Afc likctwjiV ^cvviEiip;inkd vrjth diawingA of ilicin 
dcnnily ^n^iravcd, in live: pl^rci. 

We h i\c not three mcninirt by M. de Biillr* on ihe ihcofy 
of Che faitUitcs^'^ Ju(-iiTrr, rhc pcrfi*clm^ <$i which i», ntxx. to 
thai oc ihe noon, of ih« etcaEdt imror Ai>rc tu eco[^raphy and 
fuvi^atH>n. The tublci m ibe Ut- Uiecs arf very hif from ^i%~irg 
the CiRkci cf their ctlilifts tviifi the pfcciiTon ncceHkry to the 
lUcui^jTc dcCf'jn'ij'atioti ol j[)c lonfiiudc ^^J pUcr^i bv thctr flnctns. 
: Tbolg of the li(it inde^. whi \\ jb f 1 r^wr Jupiter^ idd wh^ife 
fnoitOLj » iiiicjidiri^iy veijr 'a^iJ* '•nd prrh^pt tllvfc vf llir fv- 
cond n»y be foretold wiih fufficicin lecuracy : buc the bcA 
tablet, vrc arc Ikxc told, fon ctimc» err c^<d twelve mijiuici 
in the lon^tiiidi* of ihc fAiirh. For vraic nf knowlri^ 
til the caufcs of the ini-qu^litkn fiojn whence thefe eiror« ELnlc, 
ard conrrei^tTUJy Ititir cjiiiriittCK ;ifid pfiirtjf^ ti-rtHm tp^rs^l 
equttionit ;i» tlwy 4ie ralUd, hjvc been f>riincd f'om a f^^-^t 
number of abfer^j[itijii ; panicalirly ihtt of 43T divviy Jtrft 
cniplo\^ w*ih luc<*^ by Mr. Waj^enun \ but the GiA idei 
ti\ wrhiili wc owe to Di. ufOcLlcy. This f^iiifio toIer«bly viclL 
the irTecjujiliiiesof ihefifO fa'eiUret and tv«n thoiVcf tbr fecondi 
« but there i» rcaroa to believr, fuyi Mr. B. th^ic thi 1 period 
coireidji onlv thf' incqtuliiict CAi^lrd bv the n^uiuul »Jhnn of 
the three hiA fueKltcs on cac^i oihcr. For ihi^ rt>iron it n faf* 
ficiriit for the iw^nrll fiAelJi^e^ ; bctauiV the aflion of th- luOr 
and even of the fourth f^ieiliEe ufton tacnt if riot tc notbini; : 
buttlir timiiuliiichof ttiejd »iuJ 4Ah fdlellito* produced by ihcJr 
muttul ^lOn on Cicb other, depend en inoihcr perjt^d, which 
h iiut ycl fudicie^t^y known/ Mf B- aitcmp<» the rilLlutioii 
cf tbevefy complTCJt«J pfobleintbtncf iiifing, by endeavouring 
In hnd tn t^onr^arrf^ vr by a kind of U\ic polilicn, the maSci 
$tvl xttrtcUve |>o^ci« rti the fiCeUirei, by Uie4nt of thofe very 
ijjcqMiTitiea of whkh ih«y an ihv eaufr* Uur rcadefv will be 
conTcnt with the rcfiilii only of hJK cakaUti&iu o^ the quantity 
of cnmer »n the f«lelhic^ He thinb: he nuy k&tm thnc ihc; 
DiaTs of tbe Second ifttcUiEV 11 the kftfli u tb^t of the fourth ii 

M 4 'Ce* 


ihc jcreitcft of c^ whole number \ ind Chat fupfoAag Mr 
vtuJk» to be nrcponional (o th<tr bulkia, and confet^iMfiUy duC 
they are all of e^uU dcnjity ; snd feprcfeficmg the bulk of our 
moon by umiy» the bulk or the fidV wUl be lo that of the loooii 
31 30 to II (hat of ihe >irt'onJ, ju { to I i that of the ihiid, u 
7 10 I. Wi;h regard lo the fourth, he carnot ip^^ with pre- 
(ifion ; hi)i he it ^trurul th^it It ii the laigcfl i>f ibL' firur. 

The foUowiae memon fumilhca uft with » proof of the ittes- 
f ion whkh ihc Frciith tiiiniftry cojululic co pay to the advioce- 
ment of kt^ronomv ^'^ 6^'^'^P^ft ^ '^'^^^ ^ ^^ phylici vhI 
Hiuirvl hiilbry, which arc lacidcncally bcnefticd by their cut. 
F'ltcoi I Tt» an account of the prolongiiion of the mcndUn of 
PftfiK i<,s%'^rd« ihc Eo^f d9 far is Vienna, by MofiL Cifiai ic 
Thury- Thia work* br^un in 1733. ^nd carried ufirsi S<af* 
bura, but imcrritptcJ by the wart ba^ been refumc"} tr 1761* 
by thr i^rdcr of ilic Dul(c di; Choiicirt^ who hitd mailc all the 
necvllaxv prepiration* whfn he propofc^ the exeeudon of it to 
Mujif. dc Thur/, who wn^ to unite ihcle two ciciea by a rcri»> 
of triangles. We Ihall Iciest fiom thif memoir foent of the 
cntcruiiiing, sj well ^ inurcflirg inecdott* and obTcrvMiocia* 
With which it abcun4i. Before Mr dc T. began hb ifkeiriirp^ 
he took a j<turiiey 10 Vienna^ that he mi^hE rc<onnoTtrc tbe 
ground* and form hia plan of operations. At thit city he had 
All opporiuniiy of obferving the traniit of Vcnui, or rather on)v 
ihe moment of her egicfs j from which obferntjon, compared 
with thole of otheri:, he determine* the folirpr^laxlo be itinc 
feconds ti\d a hiilf< M. dc T. t» copiotii in h» relation of the 
diA^ngujfhfd proEe^ion ifibrded to the fdencts inGmnt&y; 
the partictjlar attention {hewn to hii tal^tosx by a!] ibt pnACtt 
through whole dominiont hi« linr wm lo ,paG, snd xYfC higti 
favours conferred on himfi:lf, Th» Mirgrave of Bareith* at 
whofc very brilliant couu hr piiTm) a fortnight, rvi*n ciid bin 
the honour to accompary bim to the top of the higheH moun- 
taii) in \xU tcrTicoiio, und pudcil the night at the lout iif it* 
Wtcn M, dc T/» operations were in the moll imminent dan- 
ger of Ijcing toEiily intc'iupud b^ a very high modntain, ki 
the (tiU of the Bilhop of FjITiu, which when Mr. de T. hid 
befo;c reconnoitred ii, at the diltancc of icn Leagues, had ap- 
peared qujic lukeci, but waa new found tn be ciovemL with trcei, 
and fotmed a Ccemmglv infurmourtable obstacle to the extend- 
ing hiii fuitc of tiunglett inio AuflrU ; ihiK magniftnent and fpt- 
fitesi prince inft^ntly propofed the cutting down above aoco 
irn^i and chia noble and cofll/facririce to fcLciLCC would h^irc 
been made, hid rot M. de T. hit on an expedient, which wi» 
jrncncdiatcly pui in execution. A fcaFoId wu tatfcdt and an A 
oSfervatoiy lormed :>n rhe tf^pofoneof the treev, ab<ive 110 ^ 
feet high, wh;ch the prince moujiEcd wiih all hb coun* -and 


fir tht trar 1763- 


wtirrc Mr. T. pcrforoicd hia obfcrvliions u (leadiFy art) fitcli- 1 
fftitoiily as he could hive dona on ihc ground, — Thit i» indeed I 
mcjiruTm^ the cirth in « crcdiLablc tnd cotn^oMAblc oAnnu* m 
\rhcn compaied with thr fiiuition of our author'^ pfcdecclTor* I 
ij] rho fame ufk* (bivcriiig under the Pokr CikIc and on th« I 
topa of ihc Andfs, anrnng lyjij^andcr^ :ind Iriflisnir Mr. d? T« I 
fecms 10 chmk fo, an<l fcjiciuic^ himkif ihu thi& h^ and choico I 
rnoTif^u wn left fof him- WJien M. lie T- »invcd ai Vi*nna^ I 
where hL£ measure lerminaicd, hevris iurpfifcd to £nd the dif* J 
lancc between ihii city and Pjijk to UiiFcr very confidcrablr m I 
gi vtm by the trigc no meTiica] mtrAfurc, from thst deduced from I 
the cclcAul obCervacloni. He could not rcfl %i\\ be bod dTuicd I 
liimfrlf of the cxidner^ of hit tiigonometric-il operailorfi, b^ I 
meafuring <wo bafct . one at Munich, and the othcf at Manheira, I 
prepared by the Jpecla) dirc^icn of ihr e'<-olor of Bivari-i snd I 
the cle^lot: PftUtine. The (irft of thcfc bifes, which v/oB I 
above 7C00 totiea in length, w^t nor found by the moft eii^ I 
actual roeafurcroent, 10 differ more iban % Tingle tojfe from the m 
Icngtb rcfiilting frotn the ferfc* of trungte^ ejttending from 
Viennsi rbicher: and the (econd, which meafured above 6000, 
did-noi diHer mote than half a (oifc from the Icngih likcwire 
deduced ffom c^JcuTaEion. The error confequ^Mily is EO b4 J 
fclcly attiibuied to the celcfliat obfcrvations, which, aficr aII^ I 
frrm not to be adaptrd ro the difcrtvrring thr difFcrcnce of me- I 
hdiaiis between cwo pfacesi with ihat preeiJ':on which xi require I 
vd in thefe very nice operaiionr. Mr. T, rhereiore propofcs 1 1 
very in^crioua Tubftitution \ being; an improvemcht of a moihod^ I 
long ago piopofed, of ufm^ terreflrial for xWia pu'pcfii^ J 
and which had been execuitd by him tn Lower Lang<jedi>c«| 
where the Cwru pidco weie fo fitualed J» to be viliblr; Unm B I 
third. By the prerent method, die vilibiJity o^s terreOrJal 1>E^~1 
nal ia^ at it wcrct extended to a^y diiUncc. Thirty cI^Hl Aa* m 
liont, each vifibfe from that nrxt to it, were found necdfary to 
conned Vtm and Vienna. It we fuppofc a large <ivarmty of 

{■unpowder £red at Pans s' > certain hdirr, known to aft ol>> 
ttver at Vienna, ^nd the fanie fignal fcpeiUed ai 1^ v^ Jdnie 
in/fatr at iW the iiitcrincdJatc poind; the d»(icie)KC of longitude 
briwecn the two citie* may be afcerra'mcti witd she utmofl pre- 
ijfion, fiuiii the dTfTciciice of lime, a:i rcck:uiri:J at the twopUcc^ 
at ttiat iDltarc. But ihouQ;h the motion of tighi from llation to 
llation is, aa to fcnfe, tntfantancous . the mociona of men arc 
not fo. Some tinic muA necefTarily be loll in the repftition of 
Ihdelignalt. Mr, dc T. propofea an cxceltenc method cf^i^J- j 
ing the qujiniity of ihj^ returdjiionb or the tnterv^t of lime em* f 

E'oyed in ifac iranfmiSion of tt^c fignil from Puris to V'ienna. 
U method wtll appeal clear from an eaampfe. Let ut fuppofe 
the observatory at rarjtt tobv ^f; minutciof limewelLof Vicnr^j^* 



Jirjoty tfiht Aitdtv^ vfZtttmff at Pari/t 


citiployfd to rtpot the fij^naJa, 30 rccondti of trm« are fpcni 10 
tMfifraliting the Paiifian fi^al t^ Vmmi, Tliii laJl 4)iiiiiittj 
10 urrknown to ih«obrerrcr, and ii n> be vbus difeovered. L«t 
the rt^n^il lie nude, by appuininKnt, from the ubfervatory it 
Parw, fwcirdy ac 7 o'cl<»rfc, Th< obfer^'ft- at Vienna wV,\ pcr- 
cmc ihe E^ or 38ih repetition of it* at cHc rtotion nat to hifA, 
A? 56 mintftet u^d 30 fKondt pll 7 ; ind will ff'tm ihencc t)«- 
^ucc thcdlRertnce of looi^icuJc between Parti ind Vienna to be 

56' jo" of lime. At fl o*cloclc let tfcr -^bffrver at Vienna &e 
i» ti^'.naL I1 wilJ be repeated at the bft ltat»on m vi^w of tlhc 
obfejvc^ at Paris (fup^iing the retinUriofi in cocniitt; and »k 
IPg 10 be c^u)]) at 4' ;o' afrer 1, Mc wilt conclude chc diM* 
rcnee of tnngitnde to be 55' 30' : a miiiuie of time, or i; wW 
nut^olad<grcel<ftilianth«othcrd«ti^iiination. The cruihlMi 
in the mid AAV between them; l^r half a minute being added to 
vhe<ima]left fum, or taken from the preiieti, wilt give the true 
dilFcrcnGe of mcridunf, et^u^I 10 56 minutes* Thus bf J otibi- 
ing the error, and then baWJr^ rhf- fum, the true quan^^^H 
the fmall intervil between the firll and laft fi^naU is WVwi^^H 
the gfraicltcaactncrft; nnd, conroqircntly, thr prrcife inftant oT 
luring ibetirit: efprcialljrif thefignaUbt fucccHi^clyrepeatcdf aad 
tbe mean tJiken uf the retaitljiijum Tound on tbt.- fevcral rr'uU< At 
OOlhiri'^ cerain can be inferred ffofo Mr, de T.'a very exsi^ tn- 
gonoiTietrieai operAtionA, on a^conriC of the impcrfeiftion oflbe 
ctlfftial obfcjvaTujni ■ we arr (old that the Gefmin prinera <a»* 
ptitly wijh thjt ibrfe terrdlna) fignaU otay be tried* vid have 
proniifcd 10 hjvc chcin earti^cd in their rcfpeifUvc lerriloriea: 
-and Mr. dc T. e3tpe£l» to obtan the king's perimtSon to h«*e 
uhcm mxdc in tbupartof thcline wbkligoc* ihro'igh Fran<e- 
FTOm fhf number of fecond>, by ^which M< do T, hat chokn 
to eKprefc ibc fuppol^ quantity of rcUrdaiion, which wv b>*c 
repeated after him in the above example, we may infer that he 
thinkca tt pofTible to tfanfmil a fignat, and eonfequCntly ibe no* 
lice of nn tfiieicAinz cvcnr, from ?arii in Vtenna* a djihneeof 
aSoltragucs, in half a minute. Wc hive heard, fomc omc 
am, of an offer to convey inKtligeoce^ and that too of a eom- 
^Icated niture, with a f|>4:rd, which looks mdecd fmall »ftet 
the torejiomg i bc^n|;, if we arenotmiilakcn, not much greitrr 
th&n that tjf an hurricane, but fuffirieniiy great to render the 
Jropofil cufk^u* and imerefttng j and we were in hope* thai ii 
irould, bcfoie tbw timr» have Hcci^ bro-jj-hi 10 the teft of ex- 
peeimem ; rfjwiallj, ai we believe it wr« propofcd under the 
very allufinj: form of a bet i wirb the folc view, wt liip- 
pofep of mJemrjifj.rig the pmpofce fof the expet>cc in mak- 
■ \^t 'J** ex,K.r«near : btrt neicher the phiWophlcil fp 'it, 
^— tbc fpifrt of ^tin^t fi<>m which note iru to be exl 


fvr tht Tt^ 17&3- 



ptftH On thit tccifion, hx^ yd, we bcl'eve, produced any 
huh and ncnfr ac more lb;in cxprd that :ttc pcccediog Re- 
count «ill tumi'h lit wirti 1 fcry 10 ihe filirion 0/ the probtcm, 
and clcjxly&i* it» pnctic«Silicy, if not tht fuitliy of ii» cxc^ 
cuiion. The cxfcnfivrDcft of M <Jc TA fumii'-u« fignaJi, 
crpccL^lr where ihcficuatieti it fivourablc, i« JriL^eJ immcitlc: 
foT the rjih, he rdh !3t ftom four pmiLdt of gufi])owiJf r ^rcd 
in the op«n air. may be ittvk by iiic naked <t«^ ac the JiiIai^cc 
ofnioreEhin 30 lc:Egucf. 

In an K!dmon made to thif memoir, M. de T. vndcrtakei to 
fbcvr, tbat tbc late obfcfvationi on the cranfte ofVc^ub lia\c 
been far from producing ttait prccificn wtiicli wa:s expcilcd Troiu 
ibcm, ia the <laerininaut?n of (he fuj;'f pir<i[Ju ; and [liitr iliey 
orly fertc to confirm [jridr dettimina'ions. Wc are rather fur* 
pfiicd a* fmding M- dc 'W allowins :hcrn ih:) merit i Ji b/ hit 
accnunt, rhe fan's psuflaic wcii before known ro a quliter of x 
fceonif, in cgnrcqi;ciicf of the otlcrirato/ta made on th'T pl^jict 
Mars by hU grandfaThrr Dominko Csffiri, MellVi Richer and 
Mera'dj, hi$ father and ihe late Abbe ile b Cailkj vrhcrcut 
act^jrding to h'ln, ttc diffcfcnt o^ftrvictona i>f the trinfii^ even 
reje^ing eert«in <}oubcfuJ oact, Iea«c an uncvnatnty of fouf 

\i\ a forr>tfring memoir Mr Pinpe endeavour! to cof>1irm 
the truth of bit nurribers rebt^ve to the obrervjiion of \\\^ iiaD- 
fit of Vtrmi aT the iHarcJ e-f Itodrijuei, (j miOakc concentii^ 
which h-id been i(n|:uicd to hirii) by thronlj-cbfe'vation whicti 
Mi. Mift:e»jiie bjd an op;iortunlcr 0/ mikjag, at St. HeU-oa| 
on tb,Jt phcrwm^'non. 

The oci: mcmoif tfrata of the difference pfoHurrd^ by th« 
oMi'e fi^i re of Juplier, in ihe frmiJLirat>Ofli of itie ecliplci uf 
hU fa{ditiei< M di. Ii l,.afide, the auih^'i of iij flicw^ itic ne- 
c«ttcv, and afc^ttalns rhe quimlry, of a n^w cbrtcdtjr^n, rcJa- 
flvcui'thi.' theory of ih<re r&tdlitet* Arirmf froni tHc conCtlera* 
tfon of die ellipt'eil fijuie of JupJrer** ihido*, which h«t hi* 
thcfio been c< nlid(r«l >i JrcuUr, Uy EhJi ccimltiun, the 
theorv of thefiftlliie^ is clcafrd ofill ineqiM^h^i evrder>iJy too 
coi^ffjerabk tobci^egleAed; at the ffmidurjt]i>n, di-Iucd front 
th^ fiifjVhlVd circular l^dkicm of ihe J^.ticw, JiJlVn frooi ihac 
drawn ftorti the tive cJlipticiI FguTc of it {when the diHVretic« 
iflgreaKflJ i.'3i"lotihc Hrfl tacelUtei a 14^ for llKfrconJ j 
1' 1 1" for tbff thinl t ^^ With regard to tfic f^urthj an cr^r of. 
ru> lefs (hiEi a mo^ith!> n>iy be committoft in if^taiiiiiig ihc 
lime wh^.^ itcearci tobcedipfcd, by not ^tretKlip^ to chit tor- 

' OftbertnuinTngmrtnofrt of tbUcbr«, we dialWrinieni our- 
ftlvct with ffi/lftf on?T the tiil^ j which j re ai follow, Otv 
jlie uidiuAioo ofihc orbit of (be tblid Vai^i^Uc o^ Ju^\»t , >*i 


IJ2 Nj/tvy ^f thi Jca^trt^ s/Scttncts at Pari:, 

M. IMftrtlilr On llw difference between vcrj firtilj fphcnoJ 
>»d t\'^\ Imcii CTLjiB^Icf, by M- «lc U.Luidc, A new mct^ 
«f etlcuUeing cdipiM <>f the fun wiiK prtf ifioci, by the fjunt. 
Obfemcionvf lui «lipri:o/<bc Jctoitd iku'Jitc o/jupiur, by 
"M.MiTsMii and r^^fl-^^tioni oa the folir ctlipfe of Apnt i» 

cl>c hiftonan ^rf the K^deniy* "^ two poftKufnout wnrxc of tbc 
hc« Abbccic (Jaili«: tb? ArU ot whicb, tmuivd LW^joB^a^dl- 
frf^fitmm, contuns vbrrrvjiiuiVA made 4t ibc Cx|i«: of Good 

^op« oil iOtOH ^'H 'y^<^e bccwtcn the Scuih Pole ud ti»7 

'TSopic tsf Ciprioorn— *iho Uuju of an iimnci;i<: uiulcrOiLiiigi 
m vi'hich th« uihor b^ an oppottunliy of clirpl^jring |x)Ch lut 
ci>uugc ^-id <ipiKity. I'hc fLccnd b a volume of cphcaiaidcs 
^ ih« cclrttixl m6cioiuc^cuUtc4 fof loyciirt^ vji. ffomiT^s 
0> V 774, on tbc Tunc plw with tbctwo prccct^ing voIidics * W 
mjKi"^'''^^! vrirh 1 mnre aiupk caC;i1ogut of iiicd Aan, uid j 
dilcoartc or tfat progress oi Ailronocty. 

W« c^iAJiot ^uii ibis cUfi withoui dwdllng^ in 1 partkubr 
inai:n«r, oa a moA fiDguUr obfetvstion wtth urhkb it cads. 
HI. dc K'lfbn, at Ilcinc, bcini^ 4^ LikiCanCt >Lnd l^nkia? at the 
fuj\ wuh a ulcfcopc, on tbc 9ih of Auguft 1762, pcrctt^ed bit 
cuflcrn Itmb ccLipled by an trrcgulu body of 4 aioll cxLfJonti- 
naiy fiKc and ib>p« \ the foutkeni 4M lower end of «irbich, two ■ 
hoursuida btli «jccr the firft «^eivitioni appeared deudicdV 
frnm the limb uf tho fun, while ihe upper cxirernity roBiincd 
fixed to the iiortharn limb: tbe whole appearing of tbe l^p 
of A rpindlr, ij digiti long and 3 broaJ. Tbii f^nnge bod 

^kept moving over thfidiil: of the fun fiom ctft to weft, wit 
't^'ftbout hjit the velocity uf Uu: fuUc fpou, ind did :u/c ^ritve 

»'th* wtrftcrn cd^^e tiU the ^th of September, when itdUap 

'^' U. de R' dicw a figure of It, wbtch be fcni to ihc acMJany 

W whtch doe* not i^rcotipiny this account. About the ^^ 

timci Mr. C^ftct * frlcod of M. dc R/a* 11 faid to h^ve ob- 

fervH ihc i4Qi« phtnivncrEion atScife, in tbc biDboprk of 

4; German ]<i£uc^ to tbc nonii of Laulanc. It appcjnd 

hJm of (he ftme for^n, Of)lr fooicwbar \vU ; wHich the hlAc 

*' «f tbc academy Kcouatt for, by ruppoDug that the body^ 

Ing then ncdf tbc end 0/ \i% appcataiicc, began to turn, a 

ptrfeni tu edge to the eye of tbc obfervcr. A difference w 

.bkrwilc I'dccvrcd in \Ia paficion 00 the fun's dill- But wbiff 

L^it vrry cxir^ordiraf^', M MelTicf faw no pan of thi» pheno- 

-^nRKPonat Paris, though be i« fiud to Have confUntly obfovd 

I' lltf fun dunrf^ t^mtLmc. Wcroniinl refill a ffrong ioclinMion 

■ imitrowcuta c^^njccUfc or two on thievery tempi jnguccalaoD* 

^-''/Tti^Mhiv pbKLtoutciion was not a fpot on the fun*K furf^ce, the 

'Jilloiiun qE 4 br academy thinlu b apparent from it» obfervablc 

pSoMiUx^ mi^b^ \Xa luuLioiii flowei than that of tbe foUr 


/*r tbr Vtar ij6^. 


fpotSk If wc^vcrlook (he firi^ of thdccircumlHnc^Tf the ]^^ ■ 
wc thinki may be accounted for, b}' fuppoting it rvfimmiiig oa I 
tli^ fun't fiEifAcc in a ifircSion ctnyuftty ioth»T rn which he re- I 
volvts- When wc arc tnclrncd to be farciful, to fputn atdif- 1 
Jiculfif^, and lo adept M, dc Buffun'a iJcai of « oikl-nKikJng, I 
wc iook wiih envy on MclDv Rofiin uiii Coflc, ajid the inltabt- 1 
tatit^ oT Laufjinc And So!c, wbc^ wc muf( Tuppore, pa^iook w<^ I 
tli«m in the Jighr, at fpv^vtor} pcrha|» of a rew ptuifc, in.(he I 
verj a£1 of its formaticrn from a Ihivcr ofthcfun, or Jicquvot^f I 
the folar^mnUcf', drtschtd from his firbftjnc^ by Theoblijjjeiboke 1 
of a cofiict. The bi^y indetd, when (b«y law ii, had, u-e trtuft I 
own, 1 irioft unfljjiCT-jry upprjirjnfc; btiC wc coiifiiicr n a?t flfll I 
iniUchioticniFc, 3rd rtol yet properly rounded. Urwh/Tnigbt I 
ic not rxiher be the tf/hrit or the tereof an old worn-out comet, in I 
its final fb|;ecfexifl«jicetpetfcTmingoii« of ih^Ufltucrfpertupi I 
of jufpua] jouiid thcfutii intu whofe body It v^a^fboiitodiop? I 
-^Bji we check this fact of conjefttirc, «cc!Je£iinF, tho* per- I 
hipa too Ijtc, FonicuelV* inilTuclivc ta!e of the Sikfiau chiU^ \ 
born with a golden tonth. Whll^r the Crcrtn^n doiftori and 
»C!^dcmU'idt)s vrcrc exhiufling thcmfclvcs m b^poibcica and rta.- 
foningjt on thic Angular phenomenon, ihey wtre fcufrjnably in- I 
terrupted by ft coct hcid among themt who pfopofcd to enquiry I 
firft iniolbe m^iuci of faO. In foberfulne^t ihislanicfpindlc- I 
like body appe;ir« in fuoh a ^uuflioi^abU ihapa thai fi^me of our I 
more phlcgmaik rc^tdcfk bad, vre fuppofe, jnticip^icd in ibctr' I 
own mindt the advice of thii fbbcr indemkiin, bcfbrc ihey I 
arrived at bi» flory. Even wc, with al! the rcfpcil we be*r la 1 
the roy:i1 academy, and rolwlih^nding ih« almcift iinlimited 
credit which we are diJpofcd to give to the eonimunL<Aiiocia of ■ 
in corrcfpondemt, when publilh^ by thetnj eannot helpwJfK- I 
iitgthflt, for the conviflion of the more iiKredulou^, inid the I 
informiELCiii of othcn, they h-id f;iviMjied ihe jnjblic wUhi mnec I 
fully anthrnEKired and circumlf^nti^I account of ihii very fn- I 
gular and flup(ndou:i phcn&mejif)ti« which fiomith fi^c. Mi well «> 1 
duration, it mut^ have been very capable cffuinifhm^- Wcharea 
late inftance* \t\ the laA vo1> of tbcPhlbfciph: TranLidiomi even 
ofaprince, perhaps too fcnrpa|oiitTy,llrengthPtimghiiowji tdli- 
fneny by that of three other perfom, with regard to hU relciiicuiof 
certain phcnr>menaobfrrvrd byhimiri ThrmooiT— ofaverycjickw* 
uamreintjccdi buiby nomeanr* rwimrm^, wc think, foUrong in 
ftuihciuitiliori uithis flupcjjJijus jppf jrunte. Wcicpcm iht»epi<> 
Ihet: foreertainTy the appc^jnnceot a body, covering; no icktJian 
^dlgiuin Icngihand 3 mbicadth of [hefiin'tdiiVt nuy properly 
be fo icrmcdf wherever placed between him and the earth. If 
we fuppole ic on* or vciy nenr the fittfjce of the fum in m*f n:- 
tude oiuft hai'F b»n immenfe. The whole fular fyAem of pla- 
rc!>, prirriyiy aiiJ fccondiryi iltung Icn^rhwayi, Accc^rdin^to 
their rcQ^e^jve (act, ja ihc foim ^^ * (5\M\ftj 'Hiivi-i ^lii,^ '«* 


174 Hifttrf oftht jfttfirflQ' ^Sahctt tfi Pttrri. 

betirv^, occupy Co h^g^ 1 f|>JOf ii ib.ic fituj^tiotfi. Ofi ih« 

to be iftftncd fVom ihc oSfffvuiion at S^il^, Urt imire pircicu- 
Ivlj from the nbl'cTutf n .n :ipj>c»rjbacc qf the pbcnMn«fioo at 
?«rii ; t:^ fiec itJtfJ Jimiiilfhca; kui it bcco-iici 4 jittl objcffc 
«l afl^nidimcnTj (rem lu aiBfnting, vumlif to tlicc^nh.^-Sut 
we forbcnr ; m wc fuiil ouifclvcs i^^^in^ d^picc Into our fur- 

impt r.f the lace \Vjl1uin D^illr, puM-fhcd by his bn>:b<r; 
oniucaUi'ty one of Pal^flinc, 111 wbich UicpJ^ccftt cxn of ihc 
itone* and rrcfx, cncniif>ncd in fcHpt'jrc, iec nurkeiJ, wiih the 
gfciutl Accuncy^ afid u IthDut Cfnirufian. 

1 he cLirs oi hydfa(\Aic% TurAiibci onlj on? mrmoir, whUb 
coritins ceft»n cxp^rimcor* of the CHcvulicr 6c BorJ*, on tSc 
rcTiittnre of fluLJi, wt]ik:b caiiiitoi wrl) be ;:briJgcti, Wr thili 
Wy hi'^ '^c rctuttfi <t( thcm« whic^ are, ii!> Thi; cbc rei'if'' 
lAiicci of budici iiioviitg Ui *ir 01 waECf ^rc, cjccciU ^u^bu^i 
prtrpc^rtiof^ji} to 1^ fcju^im of the vttocui<». idly* "llpi ibe 
lacu of the rcfiUjitcc of p!im fuf facOf mov Jiij in oir, iocrcafo 
fiflcr thJin tbf jr Rt^jgiiTTiidct : ajid 3c]|f*, Th^c the comnton 
thdCiy it cniucly faKi: w'jtb rc^vd to 'bt rcfifl^ncc) offurtictSt 
vhcther pliin or rurvc^ IIrkK oV^u«3y hy JiurU ; u it Oltkct 
the former Irf> ih^tn cbcy ajc foiutci to be by bu cxpcfic»rrti£i 
and the )i:irt gicjiirr. 

The daf' oJ mcchanict cofiluLna two nicmoiri. In the firif, 
M> tc Roy tncAUof iA ii«w pofn'oii ufthc fufcc in wiicbcfr* f^om 
vlicncc proceed fcvcral :idvj&un;;A, an^ wbitli is fouMcd 00 
tverv rjfT*pte p^iEicifhi w\ikh n nothing iDorclb^ix thU; cbu 
the wbccliand pinions fb'iulif br placed i>n !>ic middle cf their 
33Ct, or til an ct^ual Jiflincc ffom xUat piv^^lit fts ' ir^- 

liCsbV. By thji mtJri^ (be f/klio^j ttrqij>J|y<] b«» 

twecn ibe two pivots \ It hK\>^iiXtkc*\icUh i ibc tfbv«i» cur a 
more frvely ; ihr bole:, in uliidi t^ii: pivciu Luni ;tjc icA f^bje^ 
10 ivtir« and the pEifCi» ttifnTcIm vkill auiDit of V«ing road» 
Icfa. Tbcfc good iiFi:iUi j« iiojuccd by ihc Cpip!c inverCoa 
of tticfurccH M-Ie Itoj* brvilKi,4dopieJ thi» cohil ruction i.n 
i^6o> ■' - c lolJ, ih>t on ail ioJpc^iou <jt Ore witches 

th\ii Tr. ii hiic j^tirjt frtT yeaj">, it« utility ipjicau to be 

uJ itirmnlr » by Mr Vauc»fi>B» aaJ dcfcilhei i 
ciAno ol a iKHT CMiJhii£tioi>t proper for liftirj^ indw the Celtic 
iiniCt Wtl^hlri^ greit bui^cii!). Uii^er this dif^ i» hke«vU^ 

SivcH on ace vn: of in cl^mcniuy ticatite of ffiecbanici and 
jnvri' *i .] piijiciptilly ^ tli« tnouijn qf aiatblncA, bf 

the Ati . . !. 

l*fie ^^;.!n-ijf C'inTinxi« iti uTcfLl bll'ory of (*ac artit the 
pjT^ of w^Kb,A^-c b:lk»C> %/j^ fo-nit-J iicar a ceniury J^<i| 

LlWts'i TfatrfiatitK */ StaTIUJi 



lliougb it ha not till lately bocn put in execution^ ThoSe 
which have bc«n puMiihcd m the coofle of the ynr i yt} vc 
at foUvw - 1. I'bc xn of dying Tklk, by MonC M«cqucr4 1. 
The ift of fofiming caJii>jton : a podlhufnous vroric of M. de '^ 
RcAufruff ccncaiiun;: many new and curiou* ftaniculin not to ] 
be found in ihc titafifc publfllird by (hut exi-cHcriC c^ippfimcn* I 
ti) phil<»ibphcr, CD the Uait (u^jod, in 1732, j, J be vt of 
drrJTing Qiitrmy uid ctlicr fViiu« by M. dc la Lande. 4- Thf? ^ 
art oJ biick ana itic m^km^^ by Mcfl'r*, Fourcfoy »rrd Gallon : J 
and J. Thai of the ^oirper, by M. Fuu^ckhik^ Wc arc >i^ < 
luraiFy reminded, on tht> occaCon, of a woilc furjn«<3 in ouc 
own country, on ft tiili better pUti : «% iscJa tiff pJahjtjihJaJ 
ammitvt of rJ^r ^I't by Dr. J^rwii ; in whTch the cnfiul dei^ 
fed of tbc foicgoiflg work, aiitutg (torn ^onfidcrin^ e^cb arc in 
sn infidawd t^;ii«> antl dciacbed from thr rrA, i^ avDjJed, by 
hi» more general and cooiprchcnrivc iDEiriDcr of Cfi^Alin^' them 1 
at br cf>nnrdU, by incini of gctirtal pnnc^plei, drdiicrd Trow ' 
cacpcrimeni and analogyt the particular pfinc^ic^ jod prA^iccs | 
of one jtft, with thi'icnf anoiia^ri 10 their mutual ilJuAfatiun 
and improvement. Tbit he has cxeciJt<d with regard to fe-- 
vcral of tbenuDicroLii aiiv related Icj chtfTJiIiry, in fucb a man- 
ner at lo Indufc every one, who ininellK himieJf in the im^ 
provcfncf-t af ufrful knowlcfCi Eo wi£h ibat the public enc«M 
n^mriii mav m^Mf^ blm to prolccutc with fpiriv^ thit cxcdi 
Icntaiid ecmprchcnbvc, but confcf^urnilyrKpcn five undcnakinif. 
A ilion act oum vl tlic niiichinei prcitJiiecl to the ararieoijr 
fbliowa th'S laft aiiide % and tbe htflury of the Academy ccn-* 
doilei v^ith <be r^/ c/ ihc Marijiiia IVdcixi, at^d the lubjed 
-ftopoM {aibcond time} ftjt ihcpnse of. 17(^5, which we m-* 
Jen* though tbe iJoubIc pM-itc (of 40^0 Uvtci) to wbicS the 
fnCCvTihil candidate Uf^niided, it, we unaitinr, already ilijpolcd 
of. Tbe ALadctnv rcqL>ircA ' a tidcrptjon ol the diiicrciit mz* 
tbode ufed, l^oih in fbtps of war and irirrchant fbip, with rv- 
gard to Itowagc \ a difcuflion of thefc mc^Mli, afid an cxjni* 
nation of the means by whicb rbcy may be improved.* 

Jh/ Ththmd of Staifus, iranfiatti iata EngSJh Verfiy with Nttti 
aTvi C^'/tttf'KW \ end A UiJffrteUtTi ufsn ih{ \%^h4U iy /^<7 ^f 
PrtfiMM £ro. 1 Vola. 121, Oxford^ printed ac dlcCla^ 
venion Prels< 1767* 

THkR£ ia hardly any ftuUkor who hu fbffercd fo much 
from tbe prejudice of panlal crrticitm^ SratTU«- Had 
bti fauhi betn more^ and hit bcauuei fc^r And iff* confidcr* 
able, he niLht HlB h:ivc defer kred a morr cxirnfivc repuraiion 
ihar hu writingt have 3cc|iLifed. I1 mult iiLdr>oi be confdied 
^lat he la fomitinich ol>f<.uie, and ihar m%s/L cL pofpituitir 
not elic 1e It of hifi dei>^D. Hence it requinci UbOtfT Id uafdd 
bi« fcncuncLUt wd to tr<icv hu cnnncSiwu: ke ij ^^/l in ^ 


n»d without flud^r, uid application i and xhott vbo wot & 
wfliing to puTctufe thr pl^ure of hb ipcquljuance ai fuch 
cxpcncc, would y^( be rc^Jjr enough to ajiolopse for ibcir in- 
Mfnce, by jojnio^ in the crjp a^uiftlun wiEh crrtuR Frf»(b 
ciiiiot to vrhocn he h^d probably be«ii u formiibblc tor hit dif- 
ficulri«, u he wat f£> ihcmfdvci. Bui tf Boff^ ;ii)J others hate 
w%6< it a point lo dccrv the w riling* of Sutkis, he tv» not wamod 
critics of diilinguifheu note who bave bem no lc£i kcaIoui Idc 
bia repuUtioflp H« brinj^ wjth him a ccAimoni^l of hit abiliciai 
frcon iIjc wiitcrs of hi^owit umc ; he ii diflifiguifhcd kyibc 
prtifc of Juvcnd biirtrdf, whofi: (vSt^gt \f more tbia foftcicnt 
to ^nvaliddtc the uiiicctl charge of all mo Jcrn critics. Sutiw 
loo can boaft in hit favcur the pcnccration of a Scaligcf^ and 
tbc taJU of a Strada; the lalt mentioned writer^ fo facDoiu for 
the fkill and tlie exercife of c]o(|urrieu, Haa placrd hu& in ilie 
bighdl risk of poect ^ and hii tcttixnony alone nnighc fofdy 
bare bocii more efTn^ual in fxrng his reputation wiOi fuccecdJng 
ag». The beAuiLCi of hia poctiy, panicularly in defcripCioiH 
aftii coni;urjrivc iiii;ii;(rY, arc fo many, and fb obvicxut chat it 
ia wonJerful he Ihould never before have induced anv coogenial 
poet to give tit a cotnplecc truflaiJoti of hia Thcbaid. Mr. 
ropr, when he was very /oung, tranflared the f^rft book ; and 
ku not hU native ui^t tor poetrv, and that genuine cDtbufiafiDt 
with which he then itndattbtcnly re^t^ Statics been dHcoi^ 
ii^e^ and pruned away by the fupcrtictaj deeifiona of Kreticll 
ciitkirini it 13 more than probable that be woiiJd have: perfiftcd 
ui his Eranlation. Thai Pope might difcouer fsdta in hit author, 
we allo«t for fault* no doubt he hai, Nnthing could have been 
mcffe ill judged chaa the fupeffluoua combat bcti^etaTydeut 
uid PolynicG^ before the paJace of Adrafioi. Tbb ctrctim- 
ftancc, which it neither preceded by anr viTible caufir, oor leadc 
to amy important conJ^niucncct i:r entirely impatincnt ; it places 
tht two bcTDeK in no n>otr rrfpe^Mc light th^iri two viUagc- 
curs, that in the inclemency ot the Mreather fhould light lor 
JheUcr under a ihcd. The author no doubt mjiy dcitvc fomc 
cxcufc from the charaiflcriAic ferocity of Tydcui) and tbe fa- 
vtgc Keniufl cif the limeA be dcfcribei ; but both bia charu^n 
and bit epifode would have been fupported with more dignity, 
had Tydeui, whh whofe fonunes vre were then unacquajnied, 
I nftead of beating Potynices, given him a fbort account cf hia 
binrlhinent and diBrefi. A TceAe of fyrfipaEhy between two 
fd^l>w-fu^clC1l of fuch coiifcvjuciiiC, whuni ch;iiice had brought 
together, wovitd h;4vc t;)terefied ui moch more in their favouff 
than the bfuifcA of a brutal and caufelcfs coofii^ If ignorance 
wtd fvrocity muA necel&rily have made the char«A^ of Ty-* 
dew, PolynJces ecitainjy muft have been of a more polllhcd 
torn. Cadmui, the founder of the Thcban kt^i^ofri, had mi* 
(TAicd ttore a ^^xxry that ^ad bf«a [qi^^ tivUi^cd j be cou^d 



f^ Tbthid t/ ^ativK 


fidri ibcrtfor«> bul1>rin|; with him ikcfpitii of huniiniiv- and 
(tiliimioit) ** wcil ^i iiic oli; o( IccccTh ot whii,h^ b/ imru* 
ducm^ ihcm inco ^ counriy wtee ib'!:y v.-ecc unta-.own, he is 
Iii4 t<j iavL ImxL tiic Liivcnioi. Uiil c^ UEum W uur tiJiiJlattoftf 
•'tbt Arlt ffrcimen we fiuU give, i« the ifccch of Juplccr ia 
tht fufi book: * : 
-. TRANS* 

* At ^uiitJi I) in fu Itw lijoJa, it h in fbuic mcdlurt iiKifl^ry tij 
quot« ihc «ngmal iloag «with the iranfistJon, thai a proper compflnYoDi 
may he midc : 

At ywfij rmpfj'ni rtfiM/vp/r mfri/t CarU 

Lt.'ivi fffw-i^tf di^mw <9Wtmrat 9^ 

*It"^ Off » ft#^ 4>f. MfAtit/t/f d'jt^i 4j^trt 
hfr^i, fJ*<iJt^^tt^m Utt^M t^An *%irtt 

£t ftmf'rffa mti^Jirx^mfft m*r^^a tAffp 

/^frafMt mertfJi fvri$r, ^vWiiw yff** imfi/Mf 
F^lfwiJtti /titn^/ /a* Cx'^p*" '/'"/* /-^'A''^ ■# -. — ^ 

Srt ff ^H^m PiUgt, iiirmMf, Ji/i/t, 
^tnc ifwitrmf fJi»'/4 Ji^en, faU Jitmgmimi amitr 

ttiufifaf, ityi.'^jS^it hit ^ ArigmfTbt^. 
E'rift/fitfitti tfi^'iemi ti niJitmda Jf'um 

Pvtttii^ tt tmni'ii^ ^fttmium t^ffitrt ftti^tit 

Lit r^mtvjiiffrn Mri«B fianla/id^nit ' 

PwMitM Jftm : nrf /Ao ^^fh^t mbtfi w/M. ■ 

»*r, Sipt. ij6;. N T-IA?- 1^| 


Coftvtnrn > fvnod of.ine po»>* above ; 
i^dll \t\ (hff midr^, uithron'd, itac iknadVvr ficr^ 
SuldiRi^ >n alJ (he pomp of legal lUie. 
JkncAih 111) picrcli^i; eye. in toH iorvoyi 
Tbc r^fadDLit tAwK ^nd fc3i conmdcd lajr* 
Hi* brow was tdiJ orfrowni. fcrrnc hbtoolc* 
Yet il hii nnd Ftt* whole crtauon ft)r?rk, 
Th«ir h«A>''fi1y kinj; the rifiMf* Ttnitc (Jtc^ 
Aa4 Kl b:i wcrd rcliimc thdr llirry TmC. 
fnfctioi ggud fr?m every qujirter «oair, 
B^ Tiftk di^ljtigulrtk'd >n ihc flarry ^ooie. 
Wonpabltnr veft of ill, whofe faicf «o bisd^ 
O/ on iht de<p difcharg? ih« fniioat wind* 
No roT/ drrod ofthc fUdy vraod, 

Nar a:£Ufc fl[l:r cf ihc ciylUl flood. 
But here- ubeJicuf to liidr foT'rtJ£n^ vfU* 
The wiHl >f< filrnr, and :he wivet lit ittil. 
Thro' Hciv'n* evp^nfc a gJih'fing hofwt roUl, 
And hu£C Ofyoi^iLi ifn:nt>l£s re ibc polca. 
With nya fcrerc the ivrca^ird pJlan glMV* 
And u new lii^rr ^iMt ihe Aeliii of tir. 
Jti trernori nOk«' (he globe bef^nn to rcafr. 
And Nsturt b/ rriign'd to downy pcAccj 
When thd) (he lliond nr fpolcE: Aflcntini Piltt 
On <vVy accent jljcnp'd lelinicri weictti. 
&■>! mull I (tili uF hum^a trinic* (ompUin* 
Arid ffiuft (he ihtifidVet'i tx^lM be huri'd m vijd^ 
Why fe«k ihey thai my tardy ivrjih to pTove^ 
And fcorn my praifcfM clemency ind love f 
While yet Lhe Cyelopi ply rlicir *nn> no morv. 
And ^Eni we<pi foi her «ihii)lUd floic. 
Forthi! ( foffrr'd headflTOnjj Phaeii^n 
To mount The or of ihc letjCl^nl fun | 
And Nrpiune bod ih' imprifon'd wa(«ri Jlo«v 
And hilh jnd valct DO more <iiO>nfUo[i kni>w ; 
Jim all in vjiift; our icrge«nCf ihey dc^. 
And triumph oVr the mkrcf rhe fty- 
To punilh f^ffr, I t«ve the realms Abovef 
A fi<c defcepdcd ftom imperuil Jove | 

Dir/fit^jt i mt'ktrt fuel nfrvrmmr^j* 


Ththa'tJ e/ Stati'ut. 


Wuli Pcrfcui Afijo*' foni aUianw chim. 

Who hdi net IkuJ of ivtciclicd Cidttjub' fixct 

And ihc loD^ Utiouri ofit.e Thcban ilfitc? 

When fmm l^c filcm f cj^ionn of ifi^ nigb'. 

The fiifKa ffrnDf. and n»lh'd 10 iriorial Aa^bt. 

IVhv n^ould 1 piibUCh ihc Acrcc mother'} £anic> 

And dccJb ihc (iow'r> <^riUiv*n would tluQi tunamv? 

tfrfnrr J rouM rccouni tbcir num'toui ciimri 

From Cadmai'dayK onc^ ^^ pNftfnT timei. 

PhcDbui woa'<l ftck ibc ch«mbcfi cf tbc raiia« 

And life V) gild the <i:uru cf hetr'n i^^aja. 

Say Mriihctjt lioiror un Utr ulc be icad. 

Of Laiui Him. and hin diOionogrcT bed? 

Dire m<:4iR4r 1 firll lo «ufe iiii fAihtfi 'i death f 

'JtiCD l\tit> Eh« w&mb. iFom i^tirnCc he df cw libretti]* 

V(( ili'Mt)£iy pow'ik Ik ffL4iA£cj wiih gccaris. 

And jiloum cEC^ml fuf bb fim afaws. 

No nior* hr brr'H?!** 4i '"tfi' o^'' Tf^^ *■'■ 

But l«od> ibc WC4TDI cf tooluciKc «Lh dcipur. 

Vet Tty, whti fbty coaM bU foni infpire 

Tha* lo icrroent thr^r cld» uobt^py (:n i 

To tramptr on hit cjct wiih impioui fccN 

Atad buil him htidlong from iTif r^gil fcii ^ 

Thcp l^c 111 p^ty him i nor let in VAia 

The wrctcfifd kiag rf filitl f»jc ccmpUin i 

Hcnc< fli«[l it be my biu*nc^ lo tcdj^fi 

Hii wrofltl*, «nd crown hii vidin wuh Urcctf** 

ITh« day Oull ccmf, whn difcord from aht 
Shall £iVG iikbfilt nation* to the w&Aecf war; 
Wjicn tlic ii'h[>Ic {Eoilty mcc in £%ht fli*ll till, 
And ore md'ding iQ:n fiv^lcw all' 
Adrkfltii ihalt in dire alliniicc j<mi 
Nor l-^< piDud Arj;^ i^Tunpb i 'tit dKHttd* 
Tlut flic araid ihe frn ni c^maj^c bleed : 
Thc^r-ifi uf I'^n'jCn, and iuipjouifcaJl, 
Yet wA\.e my veopcance. ard intiime my brfaft- 
Smooth and wc]l-mr:<dubrcd numbcri, an cafe of exprrfH-'ni 
and 9,frutiom ortranllAtitjE)* arc fufUcicntly drfccrnlblc in thU lliof c 
JpedoKfi. \VhcEhcr rlwt freedom is not fomrcitne« too much 
indulged, and icu Arbitrarily ukcn, wc are, indeed* ^frr'rwhjA 
doubcfuh — When the TranJlator fcpretcnti the fcni» of the 
gcda u tifing before ibey arc f^'aicdt 

WC cdfily pafs ov«r that* as a llighc inaccuracy ( tut the omlf" 
fion af iw^mir tsgnati ovN^vr, applied tu the riven rcjtfcvndinz 
their nafiire Ikies, cannot fo icadily be encafed* Nor ore Wc 
f4m^(ii'vviLh the ijanfriiion of ihe foUowirg bcaurifd rcric : 


Wbcn tile windi ^tc fummcite^ lo ibe fynod tt the Gods 
ihiou^h iwc ihcy foibcir even to moimtir : 

The wiftJi jTt Ukv't 
by fio meant givci us the jiJn wiih ti^uiI fom or bcAuty, 
If: ucmofi now the gli^bt be^Aii lo oeaft^ 
Add Na<u .: Ut icrijEfi'J 10 ^i\itj pcJKc. 

Nothing could have a more unhai>p/ oiled than the cpilhci 
Aitt-ny iii Uic /itrcguin^ couplit. It j» k> mcic 4M cj^p^iivr, rh^r 
k t& cviJemly iiiiroduc<^ for no oibcr pLjrpotc but that of hlhng 
up ihc Vine : A cr)rcLinifl4U(;c vrhich always proJucet /rcblcfic& 
and difgult.-r-That cKprcflion ct Jupiter, 

» iTkuch more hippily ard mwc jullly rendeffd bj^cur Tnnf^ 
laEor than b/ Pope himTdf, The hticr rcprcrcots it aa a cor 
|ior;:l wrpafinrft of the ^od : 

*■ J'hifc wtari«d rtt'i MT1 fcj-c* ih* boll fuQiin/' 
the fonncr ^ a faticiy of infli^ing pumlhmcnla ^ 

Why ^^^lc rhev iliai my lardy wf*ih ra proiCj 

^tid ftnrn m* pKiffW'd flcfnTrrv and Io»c ? 
This, indeed, j$ f^mcv^h^t morcdiBufc ^ but it aiiresnaCtirally 
from the f^nfc ot'inri<rigin»l, md It murh mere confiAcnt wtth 
the dignity of Ehc god. Pope's vcrllon i$ certainly very faulty 
Uicte, in inijtttkni^ cutifcly the Icnfcofthe wurd /i«Gtf--^An* 
other inftinceof too great freedom ir the preftnt tranfiatfon m 
the entire oirvHaon of ihc following linth in Jt)|iiier^fr fpccch,. 
ihcu^h ihey arc roi drflitute of potrric bcauij' : 

^^— ^— ilex^Mmiitt rthi fra^tt^^ **#, 

Pope haa not forgot chem ■ 

'* W hen the ihiJ« oirth t5 HcBp^ oTaOici tara'd, 
" And llcdfcn Ufflf the wan^ciia£ ehiriot buinM/' 
But both ?(>pc and ihr prrfcnr tr^nflatoT have b(?en to hUme lit 
^ not makinj; Jupiter addict* hicnfclt 1o Neplvne whtn be fpeaks 
of hi^ iiiiJunii3g the world. They feem lu have forgot that ibir 
water-god was prefrnt: &taiiu« wat more pj^titc. l^hey have 
bM^i oiniltcij, tco, to tranti.itc irirm tv^^it tmpojia majut, tho' 
veryefleniia! to ihefcnfc. — Thctfjnditionfr^ifn *• Yet iy what 
fur/," &e. to " The *lay Iha1| etiine," 5cc. oughc to be 
tfrhotly worked over agnin,— it is too hctmloo*, too diffufe, 
too fvcble; ujid iicither Con\«)'& tlw fpinc^ nor the tofcc of 

^'tr;fri/t(t', tt /vptrji m^P^m /tMr^rii 

Lherally, *' l^i Adrsftua the father- m-liiw, aft4 tnamag^ 



she TSuMd tf Siai^kt, 

maJc without the aufp^^a of the goda, be the fourccs of the 
wjr/' But in chn rnriflairon, 

AdratlUj (hall iu d-rc AltitfiCC pin 
\A i(h 11cir-a, and complcat die Faic'i (^ffgq, 
Thti loo h a i:ouplcr, whkli, in a fuiuic piiilon. will re<}u{re 
both Aftention and tiitpTovcmait. Th« Imci sre not onlj- 
wciik an J priJUit* but iLicxiJicntvc cf iI:t fcnfci ucil. f> A^lrjf- 
tufc'a joining in alliance witli H«vcn, car be fup^ofcJ i^ '^^^'^ify 
alf iAncc» formed wittiout the aufpicrs ol" Heaven, /ii^rij^iii^jj ; 
poEfibJy the Tr^nflator tnighi bere mistake the AbUtive ftblbJtite 
iDf the Dalitc. 

Scatiui has no where copiH Nature mort clofely, or exert«il 
the powers of invention and eloquence with greater fucecft, 
than in ih^t pnit of thr frvrnrh SiMik where Jocifta crime* out 
oflhebcs to fcclc her (on I'oly nic«& m the cin^p of the 
liege r« : 

When Sol, cnergirf from bit wauj b«d, 
Abi>tfe the w<«o c»lL) h^> beaming hcaiJi 
And icatfriiig froia hi» #!iccU t^C Ifiaikt of Ja/> 
Marki hi* lingiii piT>|:Krt wjih a Roldtii laj. 
Lol lio<n the gate her rtrpi JocaiU bend:, 
And lookt tii« oldetl of ihe li er 6rnilt 
In ni*if Ay of n^oe, Htr coloof l^ret j 
GicT halM o'ohddg bcr chocki ajid hij^^ard eyev« 
Black weie ba atmi ; an ol^tc tiiiii;^ IJjc buir, 
Wirh wuoil of fatilc enlour wivaiheid o>r. 
Her iUui;hcen, now ib? better ffv, filtavi 
The f jfioiu QueeA. while Ibe evcru tti vain 
H^i aged limDS tb.^l drltitdce of force, 
Bend vjmV lier weighr, and rauTEtr in tbe ooliI& 
She IhiiLii before ihc Grreuni, ii'ilcc* her brrafti 
Aftainft thd gaCet, and mrvm^tjr icqiicfti 
Atxci m Cf rtni like thde . — V« hnlbic aAudf, 
Tlif n^J'l*/ mother of the wra/ dcmanJi 
To fee ber Ton* toi!g nbfcni ^u^l her(i|Ehtf 
No' >fki ii 11 a fjivnur, btir hci Hgbt. 
The Lioopfe altoundedi tr«aible ai th« new. 
Bat ihhfn fhcfpake, her fciri in<re,ire anew, 
Tiic kir^'* <^^fe"< oWn'd, wjthouc delay 
Tl^rvu^h vkldifig /l>ci. fevuie, llic Lako ber nray, 
AflJ. ii fbe iirtt lb' [iijchijn Iradrr* ryt\, 
Venti her outragfout gn«f E > hofrid Ctlci, 
Ye cbief» ol Aigo>, 10 ta-f eye4 dicJcfc 
The wvtA of ciuldreo and tHe boiitot roe»i 
O (a/, brneaih what helm htt vif>ij:*e lie* 
Conceal'd, abai atri> rtit writ-known fbipr dilgniTe, 
While tTiDi (he ffti e. tb? fflmmonM prmcc appeuf j 
Fortb bubbJe frori hit cyo sho pftul sear ^ 
He dalp her in ba aimi* and a«v'd with l^^mc!* 
Bclkw bet piia*f and d«ella apoit bci oamct 

N 3 in* 

His fillers now, hii moiW llMn be leoidit 
\Vho ihui tviib piiy jifrl :cprc«cbti blc(idi« 

Why ilpit thou UiiTi. and naiEC» rcfpcftful fc%A ; 

Her tender ^:ironi by ihy irniour prc'^b'd ? 

What huti'i Itj Accly th^r ihon wo^dil not moircf 

I'ht trofipt from Hx rxprd thy bft CotntUMtir 

J^nd miA^ a gluiVibp fwofd bdidc Ehee ftmdi. 

AU) ! ibc earn iliai niiplcli n^oihcrj prove ! 

Wfmefi how ofi r.ti vepr, ^ powVa tbore. 

Yet if ihuu uili cIlc worui ^^f^L^ rcruc* 

And lothji ffJtndi sdvic^ inrlireih* «r, 

^owt a1ijI« (he cnmp ii ftiM, ai in ifce ei^ht:. 

And pttty fufpcnJ^ tnc dr<;id^u] light, 

1 pray IhcCt at a kin^; tf uiighiy f^J^B 

Buc charge ihcc. ai my lb:i, (<:i ()«ed ily wty 

T» TheSf", ituJ Tm! igiln thy njii^f hall, 

Befofc to VuInD'i rag* a prey i( fnll. 

Once Riorc addrcft ihy brdthcr in tny fis^it 

AnJ r3E bf j^d^ctoarccrmb thy ri^hi; 

Jhniild he rrfnie a^^in. he will iftbrd 

A b«tr«r pica to wj«ld i^rn ihc Iwcrd. 

Dmoi nm, that by thy cQAJctou* mother*! AJJ^ 

Ferfidiom fciam arr f^r liiy mfn Icid. 

£qiiic Ipnrk* of nat'rj] tuvc wc Silt rctftfn ; 

Si^ch fufk) tfiy firtr cd^idu^ting, wnuU) be V4in« 

Til true, E marxiM, and from our vmbface 

Voa [prung. th« UAmf; bai^gvi of disgraces 

yet, vicioui a> you ire, you fnarcmyfovc- 

I pNrilon, wha[ ] yd muU dtripprove. 

Eur. if ihuu dofl pctfifl to play the kmg, 

A uiarnph ready lo thy handi we bHnff- 

Conie, Eic thy captive Gncr»' handi tjcftindt 

And to thy car ihy fciici'd pairnta bind. 

Now 10 your ihame, O rc-cki. my KTOini I tors, 

Fof ymir ntd l^rrt and KmSti jj%iir i 4cn>e oioarn. 

6uch ihcfl (behew mt) i* th* ic^Tce ilfcid, 

1 hj' piicjic( Pr-rl, fuch tci" a: heme they Oied« 

Jf in \'i flioft n ilmc Jt> dear he's ^rown 

Tc you. [y ivhfifti hix mci** tV*in« were known, 

WJiii aiiffioiii tl)<>a.iifin murt thcfe my bmflt «(^£f£r, 

Thefe bfcflffi [hj fil>« of hfi tendc j^t ? 

F^om Tbracian Jtirji fuch ufo^.r J arii^ht bear. 

£ut cot fiom ibofi:, who breaibc (he Orfcian ik. 

ThfD jrMni my with, and ftcond my deJife, 

Oi In my fii^i'i embra<«i I eBpre." 

We /hn)I produce on^ p^lligc more from thji trBtiAatinn, not 
w^ly » i: tttbrde room fcr chticiffn, bur bcciufe U irill e>ve i 


fbf litb^id 9/^afaa, 


fcollc^m view both of the gcnjiis of the Author 2nd the abUi- 

tio of the Tnnflator : 

When Oc4LpuA bud beird, tbc Wtlieri fell 
By inur<uJ wooEuJf. ^iiiubmc^iiicouit «]I 
\ie q<t\tt in htUr, Htiif clri^ to Ictrin of tlHre 
Hu wr«fdl«d toiJ of LinilluiTijn'ft lifC:. 

Tbe filvft bonooti of bit tged head. 
OiiT Lo i^tc Tjcw hJi boTJ<>w cbnki vile. 
And frij^hifiil yiwn ihc ruifit ofhit ryel^ 
Hi> r£hrtt4r)d on hi« lUtf wu fee* 19 re^. 
Hie Ufi (he ^ouJdor of hit cUaf[hcrr pfvll. 
£u(h hcic 00 ca^lh would hn«ry CWno fccm. 
ShouM he fojfiikc t wHIc the My^im ftjuim;' 
Thf rt:ir^ itoijr! hiiift* invtcw hT» Hfhrnat mico. 

Nor h« htoiftflf AOuU ]«rig av^I l<] bear 
The cbanKCof cJimaic. and a foKigo 4irr 
Whdc III bU iblcHte fwcHi (!^c living firight. 
And A^tt on itic h^Eikt hi^ comirg vnt. 
Soon u |h«y rvjih'J ihv 6cld, afoud h« criei, 
O thoti> on wliom t[aoe my Jig« rdi«<. 
Diicd me to mr fon», and IcE mc Ihifc 
The fun raJ h(X]Liuta< uhirb ilic^r fiii'nd) pTcparr. 
Tb* virgin, igflCfan(fif hn commxid, 
JtediCk m croAfit, ind Imgcri on she llrand ; 
While ch«norti iimi. and v-arionhea^ thovnyj 
Their fcr: ciuvj^Ir. tad their projf ci» ^jr* 
ScjRC <Mti bii agcil irei ihc fitv fulUIo* 
Aod hJi cdnduflrrTi boouri oft ia vain. 
Sooa ai hfr Ihrtekt prochiin'd tb« &ia1 pli^ 
Ho ini<*d hii limb* vnih ihcira ia cold embrace. 
Spcechk^ be liei, ind jnurman oVt etch wound, 
Nor fnr 4 whil? hit witJi a pafTi^r fuurd- 
BuE whit« ihejr inniibt hrttraih thfjr hfhnv he Ceekt, 
Ha ilght ^]ve «iy and all the tiitier f^cajci. 
Doei then aJFrdio'^ bear *£a n in pari 
In decent K^xf. aadcan iKii Jlnbliom hcirt^ 
Ay wroogi ioarld and by dJllreiTci Jlnrd. 

IToconqring NatureMae imprrtloni ^leU, 
£lf« why iKefi; tetn, I'rtK long hid ccaa'<l b> lloWr 
And jtn>ani thai aort Ehin vulvar C^rtaw ftioi* f 
Accent thtft, whaL, J* A>nt yL?u ligbrfy Jajn>a 
(For wdl your afiluni juJtify ilicnunc) 
Tatn oould I Tprik. hut Ieoo>v noi u^hicli demanda 
The prefefcnce by birth :— tften dy *hoftf hardi 
1 jt^-iJp' — H'^w Ih^ri t £!■*« youf fhndc< thnr due. 
And With wtut pomp fotu obfcquiei 'puifoe f 
O t\\M iriy ?yc« cnnld t^ rvJioc'd a^^n* 
And the lolt pa««r of r«T>ewtn^ tuin f 
To Hcav n, ab*. ifiojuilmv caLiff ippear'd, 
Aai TOO facccf^fvItT my pray ra wet ocafd« 

What %n^ <vni nvtj mt (d^heu bv pkffio* r«-a^4» 
Mr <i>-h»ionitLc ^nJ ihcficodi I pAJj) ' 

And raiihfully LOii>tv'ii'ibc<mCE M <«l£ F 
C hsrgr nri on mr?. iny font, c1i( <f itc dcb«Kp 
but an my furcnii, ihicre, infrrai! fort, 
And mj-ird r>\i, {blcMthonol yotif h-oc*. 
Ik?) ruiitUfi tui^f* ^Ji'3 Ptuio kth t«rp4rri 
1 itll lo vnuLit ihc{'LCK-i irii:h JfAdC. 

Kor Laiu* Ihvn itic in thr rrulm) tSd<ixh^ 

O lot ^ lOur hwdTt nor longer pjfp the fl«cla 

No ':>i}-£<r fct ihf^ciiultilc fold* Ik fni> ; 

Ana riDH Ji( If^-ll ^dmic f OUT iwt bnwctni 

TJus *iiirj 1^* »vr»TflK»i king, *Tf- 
Mr. Lcwu, the Trifillargr, ha* the ft^hwing fiAir on ill 
pafiij^c : ' or all the pitlnrtl which fbc pencil uf poetry €»<| 
|>rC'<jiicJ Id the eye Af |heniini5, roneabouiidt inmorccnjIleTl/ 
flicikfA BJid louchri than ihia bcfi>rc u». OcJipu& Jip];cmi here 
Ifl jII the ;K»»rjp oJ urctchcuDeft (if I mav tifcthat cxpreUofl) 
hnJ (jin fuJy be cc]iJ.iUcJ by th<u vf King Lear/ Un^ojbrcJfr 
Mr. Lev'ti if in the tight. Jt \t impctfliblr i>At tf> fed the rrntli 
of hi» obfcrrjrti^jii, 1 lie %ufc cf Ocdipu*, hia horr^bU ct>n- 
nivj'orn. Si* IrJrch fof ihfiic fcri that w*fc the o^Kprin^ of tn- 
•c^U ^^'^I *^' vjtlims oJ p.irticidc i while Nature, nuiwiihftind' 
iii^ [hcbreurb "f ^til hci Iaw-«, had Aill left him her affcc)ktfi» j 
thit U luch an tLflemblagc of dEc^d'ifl objet^t ard circundhncA 
aj fttikck to rhc rctv ftruU !ti the ^vodu^ iA xWm part tbc poet 
hac fhekvn the ftnclf ImAginauon and the ilrongcft ffinfiUliey \ 
but ihcjc i& ciLC ciitiimOancc in it which pfovo Ki» want of 
Juii^ncnt, pcrhj^f, more fhan any parage in the Thebakl. 
It is in ilic ccmpafifonof OtdipuK luCl'iajon i the lall foor lino 
oF wh^clt &tc C> torally fupcf Auuui, chat thr^ have not the rr* 
inotcfl connection with the fubjc^* Wc hat-e met with t»o paf- 
(a'^c <ithci ia ^icirnc or m itiodcrn writeti, which flkcw^k iti « 
iiirirc 11t±l;ln]{ point cf vjev-, the nccduiy of CKclu^itig Cthiq 
cvinp^rativc iti^^cty ctcry ihitig that duEi not bor fomc rcb<- 
lion to tbe principal objci^. The following iini'lct in the fft- 
Vciab book, is not wiihoiii Tunc fault of the fimc kind ; 

T Ji" fj-jd. ilic Winjj difpofci lU artghE, 

AnJ f ntcft, who (Tull ul:< l1i« uli for ftghf, 

O' it^afii ;U Ci:y ; *vho ftal! ;!jft ihe rcati 

Comr^^^ (he ilttkj. ct in the van appear. 

T^c Ut^jiicfil thdiunbdff Jt urcikol <Jay 

R » tvig'bui.t uUu and ralK the lli*cp twiy- 

Thr r^Tftert of ibc flock in cmJtr kaJ 

T he *1e*«y iviy, iJi* molWf c ,, cj fiiCCfcd. 

Wiih C4rvfu] hind he tcndi tht iceoiitig duDl« 

And eaj^ita m h^ atnu ihe ffctjc laoi&k ' 





HIllV VtgttahU S^tm. igj 

Kow, admittmg there nuy be no imprf^pneiy in compvii 
the movenncitu oi m umjr vi men to ttiofc <jf a 6uck ot Ill7«p^ 
there r»« ccrtaini/. a want of Giniliiudc m ihe two lifl Imci | 
ufT(l Mr. L^ vb would in vain 1i;ck ic in cbc pan:t^C4} care of 
l^tcod«9, wltcfc Arongdt chir^ctiltict aic cruelty ami mAlig- 
tiiiy, NotwithflindirT;^ theft d.cfcdli of j-jJ^^r.^cnc, Su[ius Jut 
merit rnou^ll lo be re^d and admirrd for ever ; arjd ihii u:inJli- 
tion [fomc few prcUic or loo Jamiliar otprciTiOfii cxccpuJ^ 
fjch as XcuV /Aj'nf, J'cu'i/ fjucsrt S^rr fhr9\ Uq.) i% one oJ th« 
belt ill the fenglifh language. 

tP VeL XL See Kevxcw fof bli Monih. 

HAVING^ in our preceding uumlicr, fpoken of the fir^l 
voUfiir of this gieii wor^, we come now to ^'oliime the 
fcciuid, which waa publilheJ m the ye^r 1761. The j-^rcfjce 10 
thif voiufTc condutJet uith the followiii^ P^Mgfaph- * Whit 
I have further to «dJ u, thai witli refp-^cj to the mcrir a didid 
reader m»y allow this wtit, ilie very fmallefi parf of it 11 mine. 
Whutcver adJiiior>rDaybc lound here, to the knowledge of ve- 
getable naiute; or whatever itnpravcmcnti mjy he deduced 
from the fucc«cding P^rtc, in medicinCf or jn the artt iiid 
eormnercei the pubhc owe it all to o;ic gre;tt peiftindj^, r» 
tvhfim thfy rr>, anJ I think u*i/J, «ff ir-fir.itiiy tnstt ihan ii>ffejii£iii 
Srthutru flii aucntioii (o whatetcj tiny eojiccrii the wclfucror | 
BritiLAhai influenced him to countrnanee thii IfoJy, Hti fu- ' 
perlorgcniuj formed the plan, and hn munifcenc:c enables me 
to C3(«Ciiie it : he T:iifed mc frdm )nw carets that f miffht attend 
to it* with that i^uietncfj of mind which 11 rc^^uircdTor wcikt 
of fcicncc : he TupportT t?ic gJiden whcie the phnii are r-iifeJ ; 
and he dirt^B huw the ftudy cf them may h« made moft ufcf^l, 
I am but a« the hand which eicccuies ihcfc gr^^t Jdlgnt. li 
U foAdent glory for me to liave been ehofen for that purpofe ( 
nor can I wiih a greater happincfi, than tjbt ihua made mfln- 
aencal to the good of markind,* 

The Doctor, having in the ffrll volume eonfulered [he for* 
matlon and fltu^iiri' of plsnts. begirt thr fe^ond with an en- 
<iuiry into the mcBni by which they are noaiifhcd. The firfl 
book trc^ii cjf (ht etTe^i uf ihe clemcnii aud fe^fdnsupnn vrce- 
t^ble bodies. ByelcmonfF, aecording to the vulgar acccptat ion 
of the wGid, be meanh 6ir, air, caiih and water. In the two 
(irf% ch;ipten, of lire and air| we lind nothing remarkable. 
Chapter the third begins thus 1 ' Kanh i* the food of plants, 
and conftifiJtes their TuMlanre : from this they arife, an<l to thiA 
Ihcy rctutn. Water will fupport fomc kind», but 'tis by nicanv 


(86 HtLi'r ff^a^t Sift^m. 

of \he canh whtdt it ocKitjim % xnd niUi owt» to waler Hx 
powcf of cnierins; the rvttkli in tH T«];cUbl««. The plAas 
tvtkicli glow in fun-WAt d;fi(U lud wcbe^ dndt Arc iio oV- 
je^i^Q \ for c^cy b<^ fupplTeil from w air, u f»-plaiiu Etdcb 
the «?c«, jtnbioiiig nowidluncjH a: th<ir whole furf^cc/ 

If by iart^ MTC arc lo undfifft:inH tfcvf living whkli ti 
tmt 6rc, lir. or vucf, the Doctor miy be ri|;ht in fuf>p«ifittc 
it to conf^imtc tbe fubflince of plinrs. But ihit ii not ralkioj 
like a pbilojbpbcr. In tbU acccptJtioo* the lerin c«rih iscx- 
ircmcty viguc. F-urh properly fo ralld u aoi fduhlc in »>' 
tcri yet in the paiognpb fuc<e«iJiiig th;M which we bire juft 
iranfcribcdt he tcTli lii. * K^ iht: c^ith whcidn pUniJ gnj"^ u 
ntofc or JcfkfoIubJe in fv^atcr, they JloitriOi more or IcA.' Bii 
he hh& before infofmcJ li>* (hal (iliiiu whuJi ciow in i*niy dc# 
r«ri« imbibe their iik>iirifhincDt frt^^-n tt< air ; io thic cvth, ac- 
coidin^ to the Do^lo'f h noC onl)r folublc in watery but in lir, 
cf It kafl vol^Ie, We do net Intend b]r ihefc obferviciooi to 
acculc ihc Dd<^of of want of knowlcgci bot vrc cvpc^cd, in 
fhiK pUcCt 3 more phjlofophir:*] arcount of chc nutrition of 
flanri. To ulk of c^rth, u an clcfncnt, bu loo l;1lK^4 the ^p- 
pr^iufvce of Igjionuicc to be adrntiifd rii a u-uck of thu lUtiirT. 

A'afTin^ ever chapicia 4^ 5, %r\i\ 6| wc come to tbat vhUli 
dcfn ihe fiift book; and in which the Do^or thus cxpUim 
the phenomenon of (he fall of the leaver in (bmc plaotSt ^^ 
ibcir pcicn*nency in octicn: * The cjiifc why trtcft lo^ their 
le3^*el with ii« in auEumn i£ rtldcncly ihc fime cbat make 
pl^nti lofc ibojr ililki, and die down to (he ground : and tbiti 
the wint of heat tit ratfe thr jukes 10 ihcm : but we barr 
that fotiK Ikp ttj'cs in &U trees in vriniei i and if wc wovld lui 
why (hift quaJitJty of f^p is enough to keep the leavo alive 
ccriain kinds* aiid not in oth<T«, we muA feck it in thofe ju 
and tl»ir tcnuic. 1*bc juices of the bawihorn arc ihin 
waicry^ thc^fe cf the holly ar; diick ev«n to a dczrce a 
pr<ML:hi;ig tuUrd-linic ; the Ic^f of iJKJi-iwthoni » full of hr 
potcA for cvopojalion ; the leaf of the holly h^ fcw» and ftiu 
this holdi in aU tbcdccidt^out-lcatxd and cvcr-grc:n ucca oi 
greater or kis degree.' If ihi> allcf tion be uaiverfiill/ If ue, 
jfcafon ia fatM^u^ry. 

Hnok rhc Iccopd coniam» a fliort explanation of the tc 
«QmQionly alcd in botany^ with refctencei to example* in 
|]laiei annexed; th(»4i, fof iaiUiKc. 

J, iUJij^t the r;>oc- H^c £)Kic i, 2. which b fl 

I, S*L4^^ folui. ai the c'04:»t. 1*1. I, Rj* u V 

S, Ttiniiasa^ coaled^ a* the onion, V\- I- 6e< 9* 

TbcTc uUca* the primvy intention of which i> i«^ titpl^i^ 

the t«aiWl tcrixa <if bota^Jj ^^ry evidently do ukk twlgng to <^| 

woilCt through tlic whole of whidi aTI Liim terms arc Hu^r- 
oufly avcideJ, a»d c«iuinly with ihc utmo^ impicpttety: bttt 
of thn moic f ercJiftcf- 

A (itotx dirpby of the vaTiori? fyftemt of former botamftt COB- 

Jliluua the Mi chap:ci r^f ibc iVJixJ book. The Jiuihi>ri paili* 

cuUrly m^Qticnrd arc CvfilpLhuv, Morrifon^ f^^y* Rivinui^ 

Xoumcf^rt, Borrhanvci MignoU Linnjcu«t Roycit, H«]l<r* 

jOl^iHch, »nd S;i«vagc<. !n niiicifing upon the frvtrj! fyilem# 

ofthcfc^ writers the Do^r cxprclfra himktf with a eoosj ticjU 

of fr(^ei]om« l^tit 1101 without candour. He acVnowlrd|^\ Lin- 

tmM (o he the ^mKtt botuiift tbat ever iny n^e pioducerl, 

nocwiitj^AitJin^ the m^iny i;npcifcd^oii» in hn fy^cin. He *(' 

firm* (for bt» » apt to afiirm) thaT Ray lollowcd niiure mor« 

than uiy f(hh prcttr^ciloiA, Jiid Ihllci moic than K^y. 

" We come now ti> thji part of this voluminou« work, where oiif 

Author diicovcn hi» pUn. Wc confef), that /roin its litTe, Mid 

apprvrance, we had conceived it ro be -i complete, fixrunil fyf- 

lem ol' botany 4 And therefore iw: were fomewhat furprixed And 

difjppoiiurd to find 11 m^rrlv a hafl^inf^ci to ih^t whicli we e<* 

pe^ed. ■ Prevjoui to tnc mtornl fvfteni, f.iya the Doctor, an 

flrtrficbl one mull Sc formed, mrtT^ly to aflift the memory, and 

make us certain cf the pbri we examine: kr reafbn ttllsua, w» 

jiiufl kni^w 1 thing by fighu bcfoic wc cin pictcnd tu ^fTi^ii it ft 

properpTace: tbit Ihejeforc hiK nf>iit]etothtf nameorryHemj let. 

It he called a botdnical indent or di^ion;tfy/ An index, an fi»-.' 

eon^Jerable part of wh^K^ micet alre;ddy eleven folio volutnct 

If ihia be the cafe, why call it the Vf^rlni^if^tm? After re-' 

pearing the imptrfc^ion* in the arrlHcial method of Lirna-tit, 

* To procore an tafier entrance, continue* Ihe Do^or» to thii 

drlighTfiil ftmJy, ir h^^ been thought, that a method of ranjing 

plfinit might be inventcdi wtii<h, with very Ititle time oc 

tiDuMe, would cniMc a pctfon [jn;icqii;xiaced with bnijiiy, tn 

find out an unknown plane as cerC^iinly ai he wou!d a word in a 

di^ionaty. 1 hii will fuit i'-ikc n\\ the puipafc-tt of beginncre ; 

for the voung njCuratil^ ought ceriirrily to know the pbnt by 

. ilghi. Wore hcaitcmpta to find out it* place in the fcalc of^c- 

genble nature; and there are mmy people of diflin^ion pof- 

Icflcd oF great variety of pbnrs, that tu^^c neicher lime nor in* 

ctinarinn for bntAnieal tereir^hcK, anJ yet wifh to natmc A mt 

or herb thai draw* ihe^ir iCKntion. For thefe, and for the faif 

fex, this iiidcJt i» ca]ctj|4frd> !^f rot fnme criirc lell ui, afrer 

thl« ^ecbr-jtion, ch;»r i^e breaktUi njitufil cl^tTta, ami f^paracc 

ne^i icIitionR ^ wc mean to do fo> Wc mean in the followttiu^ 

work to have rto merey upon arv cblt, any or^J^rf any fytlcmt 

that Hops a mumtt cur p^rTuit. Wlch the utmaff reverence for 

'Nature, we ehufe in th<» p^^foftnAiicc an eafier pnjdc t and if 

'WCAtiajn (he end prcpoleJ, thu mcic u'^i&^Ia\\el^'x^-^\x«^ 


UlLL'i yiiOM S;^, 


tbc way to x fyfltm of ano'Jief k«iid i ve are boM to jajr, « inocc 
n;tmriJ oTir [bin h^ hilljcrio a^^pcjicti/ 

Thtb gram^f this volui^jncnib wo^'kt ihefcfoic, ir s tofrc tr- 
ti&cul indtx iiui the ufc of jxrwilc of diJfuiclkw, jdJ fur ibrfor 
fex ^ a h;Lrbingcr co a oatonl fyiUm* In what yev ol the Mxt 
cctiluiy that naiurjj lyltcm (n«y bcnpc^cd U djfllcuk lu dc* 
lerminCr Wf fluti now enrlcavouf to give o^tr Kcaifcrt an klca 
of ihc Do^r*» arEil^( i^ oKlhod odoplcdin tbc woric before: ut. 

Fir{} he (lib>iilrH the vtgcubic Lin^d^iin into b^ibi, mo, 
Jlijubt and uiuicrOirubA. 

HeiU are a^^ain ilivid«d into ihofe with Bowtn n^^j, md 
nmfitilf to [h« mk<d cy«. Thc/r^ of thcfc conftitutc ten di< 
Hindt fictir}, and ihc la^^ four. Tbc fubdivifioa^ ofthc^io^t* 
tt<n Icnca malcc in all fiyrty rluccr cIiiTc;. The two firit fcria 
tnui^'it tbofl bab whkh hcu iUiwcja ^dcmbloJ lugetfao in a 
common cup; \n6 ihc other eight CDinprctKihJ thof«» «rlid« 
fltiwtrb arc rc|>4r4tc an p^JiclcT. 

ShAtai 1^ with tuiiccd chivct, 
Tlie cgfoJJK EuHalated with fays 






lubulMrd withoiic layip 

ScftlEI A. ttit^) iltililt^ chlyci 
'With JiAln^ cuPf formijig a hc^i 

Ssftifiif ;. tRuing from ojic ^int 

Si:iLi££ 4- rc^ubr Eiowcrv 
Witti one p«iil I 

iwo i^ctaU ~— 

ibrcc pciaU ' 

four pci^^ — 

five pcfjlt 

(i\ Pc(aT> 

miny pciiTs 

Wltb t>Hc |ictal - — 

|wo pcnift — 

tUr« pculs — 
fbur pcuila - — 

fitc pcUh 

(ix pc:aU -» — 

^ ^ mini' petals ^tj, ^, 

■n^CNnpktc* Via. only cu^i ur pciaj, arncitber 
SlAiav 6. 

With pctaTi without cup 
ono petal ^^ 
two pctaTv — 

three petals «v 

I. RadiAtcs 
1. Florets 
3. SemiSoreu 






Three- pculli 






Two pct4Ucd 

16. Thrce-pMallc4 

17. Fouf^pcuaicd 
%iS» Fiic-pecall«d 
19- SiK-pcC4iLcd 
20, Miny-pctsUod. , 

ll, Onc-pc!aIW 

2ai Two-pct»TI ^_ 

Z3. Throf-pttaJicJ 

—' i(4- Foiu->|ic£alJc4 

HiLL'f Vf^ttahtt Sifim. 

five perils 
fix pel a!} 
majiy poulti 

Gmie« 7. With cupf. wkboui pctatb 
oH one Icif — — 

I wo ICli/C5 — ■ ■ 

fftur ltav« ^ — 

fivf l^vcs ■ 

fix leaves ^ — 
clghi leaves 1 1 1 1^ 
Sefttui 8. 

Ncilhrr cup itor pcul 

buc 1 hufk -> 

35. Five-petallcd 
:i6. Six-p?utloJ 
17. Many-ptoOlci 

a 8- One-!«vcJ 
39* Two'lcavcd 



Four lea veil 
Fivr- leavf (t 


36. Chaliy 
37 < Th«aJjr 

Srwirf 9. onlj- chivci» and pomtal — 
Seriec 10. 
Idipcrfcdt vtx. chives on one plant, poinni on the other 

chivei alone, ■ 38- Chivc-flawera 

pojntalHaJofie, 39, PoinESl-fiomri 

SsRii« Up *iih kavo ■ 40. Teitii 

SritiEfl 12- with articuUteii fcilei — ^t. Moffr> 
£fcjci£& I J. with ikulbKoriciif oricalc 42. MudiioocnA 
btftire 14. («.pUn« > 43. Mwinc», 

Our tirrt ohfcfVAtton on ihi^ lc(*y 10 the Do^tnrN index of 
ptiniA, is lh;it, chough he cxpreMy tells uv, it coftiUti of 45 
cb*r«, ihtrc Me «^tj;i11y no more ilian 4*, nvmbci 34 beJnv 
entirely ocnilhdi and wc muft likewife obfcrrc, ihil, lbo«i{Jl 
when pcrfc^Ly undcdtood. it nuv ^tirvm ihc puipcifc intended, 
ycC It labour^ undi^r thx- urUdvanM;*v ot bcjjift leia (impte than 
lli<- LinnjdFAfi (ztetliod, jnd confequeiitlyt of noC being lb c^ly 

Scries (he lirAi aa urc )uvf fixn aWvc, eonUina thrcf el>Jlcf« 
the fiflt oj' which ii ftihdii'tdfd inco f vc ordcrt, diitinguiOied b^ 
the form of ihecif/v-T^ oreup a^ the Doctor chulcs to call ir, 
1I1UI, OH, r. eiipcniirc; Ord, 3, cupftfnple; Ord. 3. ctip 
doable^ Ord, 4* eiip tiWj Ord. 5. cup fringed. 'I hcfc 01- 
cteri afv >g:iin dividcit into ||;rnera, 4m! ihc gcoen Into fpcuci. 
Wo fhill ftn« a [p^cinviL ol the Doaor'i ounivr »n the JvH 
plant ia the fiili fcfki. 

* GEKUf 1. 

Tho cup hai iivc liJ^B lcag(Jtttirc» Aiid five Jli^hi Indcntiaga 
at (he lim. 1 5. %- 1 - 

I, Spreading Tagctts, 

Hate 15, fis. I. T«<luta^t.A«. 


Hill'i VfgrttbU S^Un. 


The ftalk is dtvided, md fubdivUed, intd a multitude 
fjiKaiKflg l^nadku, Fii* 1. a abb. 

Common » thi« pbni it now in our gard^BS il i« a native 
of McAKo: urc raifc it iit hgt<b»lt in Jpcing, anJ it bears the 
^c ur a^terwaid«. Tt ii nn innuil, a j^ fii^h, with dv^ 
kavcs. and dc<p purpkHb ycUinvfiuwcni appearing in TvCGcffieft 
iVom Jul/ CO O^iobrr, The flowrrt hivc n^iitirjJLy an ill fmdi, 
but cidtvip tak«a thii olf, an<l ^icldt ihcm alio llnpett, doii6ie> 
curled uid (juilltd with vuit v^^ricty ai^ beauty. Wo call jt tbc 

Tba example wc prcrnmc will be fvfiiciciiG to glrc a gcatnl^l 
idea of this bborious undcrtalcinjj- To fpcalc patiiCiJifiy of^l 
the cor^tcnts orcKh volume wcrt ind<td <ndlci^, and unnecef- 
iary toa boianical reader : i( will bcabiindaiitly fufficicot ro in- 
form him, that he will ftnd, inthii^vorki a toUr*bUfii;ttfc of 
CVtffy Tp^cien nf pl:inft j a circfjmnanc- of rnnfidcfable luilky to 
a )VLjnj; tludent. We [ay a t»ura^pguft \ tor tbe efigraviac« 
ttioiigh lufficlmt for the pufp^rr^ ik l>y no incim equal to that 
of Wondvlaar in the Hurtu^ CtilfoiiijAa^, or <vf Knhfdi in 
HJkr Indeed Ian:? of ihi: p^ilcs, at Ic^il in the oppT' qoht 
hcforc IIS particolrlv in the 3d vohioit, aie fo UtiK» aa tobavc 
the appearance (<f bcin^ JiiioA worn ou(, 

Wc caniinc cakff W^\t of our Author without expcd&ng ouf 
dirapprobatLf>n of thi» conibnc ufc o( Kngliftk Xttmu in Re- 
ference 10 ibofc of tlu Ljtin language, which 10 cvrrr bocapdl 
in thi^ kingdom are better undvrdood than thofe which h« h^ 
»doj>ird. Jf ifxUrd wr confiderhim^ vb<Uin^ merely fur people 
of iVrinujs and for rbe ladicr, he ii in feme tneaftirc c^icu ' 
Be tliiy xi it may, il in cert^dJy upon tbc whole v very _ 
and i^ry tiftrful pcrfurmime. Volume tlic eleventh^ wni?h 
llir lii> ihat haih apfc-^red, cMcfitlA no farther t\vAv\ the 
cififs ; Ttf th.ic wc have ^a lIjIKi yirt co cxprA^ bcfidea mr% 
fl"uts and uoderftntb. Ibefe wiB |irabjbly aftord mM 
fnrmaii volucncii then followa tbc promiM Nmural S^Um . 
•"d how maiiy fidioi cAur will rcr|Utr<-, ii iiupoffiblc to forcttl. 
!■« the Doa^.r'a fcp.«n,on, however, wc arc foiry 10 find, in 
Iwtic pitTi tt' thii si^antt »urk^ tlwi he h:n giwrn hiv caemU» 
PWJOi 10 faj, he ba> Cl^d«vo^^fcd tt> reader it Jubfcfrieni to a 
ccrtu.n^r.v-braocbj>f«*i^rtKdk*ljlr^^^^^^ for example, in 

7,™ '««* "'^^^'^ P'-"T firectened with honey 1, excellent ift 

^nftGroundfeU he add.. * The whole T>liinr h» , r^^Jfei 

It 11 r.*Hv «ndcr' trill jn fowcVfe™f ^ '** 


lakia'ofihc 7Vj(%^ orColnfoot^ he fari, • 
the leavei of thu phnt firectened with honey 'a 
dtforJen of ihe breall/ And 10 hi> drferiperon 
^GroundfeU he -dd.. * The tv hole plant ha* 


the riotice 

to Iw tncrrr 



DucAKiL*/ jf/i^^ Kermatt Anti^itJt. 


with the Do^toft be ^pi to ridicule hU a&uoji» tlut Uie ill 
£rncll of i p!jnE U i tdlimony of li^ vitiuc& i 

Qcnfivc produittion* A'ith jutlfntmic'iiingcrnc vt i\/u p^rttcuUr^ 
for ihr htihet inrornwtMiii uf (>uf ic;LiJciih; vi'a. tbit ii thit 
rcgctibic lyftcm i.» written m purluvicc of a dcligii tofiiiod bj 
Lord Buu^ it b jiciiIki to W ctmlWacJ «& 4's or 
jUi auEhor'fl job ; th^t ihc expcnce atccndmg lo luge ui nr.der- 
ukirig U r.^id [o bCf and utrdoubtcdl/ i». vcrygncu i (h^t a vo- 
lume It publilbcd tvtiy fix moiiCliSi inal a \^\y iVct vc colour- 
ed, £^id but 3 few. 11 ihcy Jiicdonc uiidcr lUc Authu;'& mfpcc* 
tion, wiih 3 degree of care of which few pamicn arc capable^ 
that moi^ of the dnvringi ate cuJc from tbe gfowing pU^us^ at 
B«vs-wit<rt (wbcfV a (jjMcn U ^pprof^riJced lo (hit pufpofe] 
uid fuch Si ftTc not ihcir uc taken from plane* iii her Roytl 
HighnefA gir^en at Kcw : aod lallly, tlur rh^^e are rvo oib«x 
cduions of thi« work i U b«tng reprinted in yuirt^ and in e^tfu*. 

.rfA^/« Narmtm jfmrlftricut e^*Jid^id^ in a Tsatr thntt^h Ptm cf^ 
Mrnem^, By Dr. Dttcitrd. lUudrafd wklb Twcnly-fcvcik 
Coppcr-plaiei, FoLiu* ih lis. 6il. ia Sbccn. leaker, Uc* i 

THE lejijied Author of this accimte ini cle^nt collcAibn 
of Anf;lo Norman ami<^LiirLC», mfofiut ui, ihac in ibn 
year 1757 he went i»ty NorraaoJ)' purpyftTy tc> vi«w a^iJ ex- 
amine lucJl buildiD£\ of Duke A\'i'liaiTj .11 were rciuit;inj| at ' 
Caen, utd orher piacr* of ihai n<:i^hbourh<>'-K]. The fucCy*S bo 
tree whh, inducL-d biai lo vifit lomc of tSc principal towns in. 
Normandy, to fee fiscli andenr renAinE^ 31 inl^hr teorl to WUif* 
Iraic ih« hjftory jiiiJ ariiiquiiict of iliit provvrice ^ and ihe ma- 
icmls that o«:u!JcJ, f.iL fuipdlTcrJ lui tx^cr^I'um : jnitbcev-' 
prelToi hit wilbe^ ihat ginElernen who ira^eT would ^-^Ay more 
Attcnciun to Htm piuvui^c ihnsi tbty have hllJtciln dirtic; 4s 
Bi:iny of the principal aU^r-monvifiieni) \n ihe rcl'igioiu houHf*. , 
have of latE beca umhu^uigly d«fifoveJ» vifukt j>rctcn*t iJuO 
ibcy arc found mconvcnicni on grand j]ro<:elGon diyc, 

^ 'i'be connocUoflt f«yA our Aulbor, between c>'jg dachjrof 
Normandy JiidchrlclngLirm nf Frgtan.-l, Wi?for m.jny years tx-* 
trcmcly intimate. Uunitg the l^ng pcrii>d ihac i]te fii>rmcr rriddc « 
confidcr^lilc piit vf the tmiiutici uf tlic Wut, toih wfrr gn- 
vctncd by ncjfl^the fatre law*. The cufi<*m3 iinj rtvianciiof the 
inhabiunts of ihofccouniiki In mmy iEiflo^ncen became limltiif ^ 
;iod [be Icequcnt Lni(nnarrLa^e« bet^vrcn the Normant and £ng- 
lifbi u(UM4) (bcic ioEcitilit And bUiidcJ thdr 'pfcp^:(y tog<tber 
in fuch a numxr, tha: in t^c tlmo tbett wc;e b^c few f<ffonQ 

DtrcAR£L'f Aitils Norman Anti^hm, 

of any onfMlcnbfc noEc, cJDicr in Nomundy or En^ttnd, wK) 
hid not fjDiily ronnn^iom aoJ UrxSnl poAcfton* in t^K 
hrom chcfe circumll^ncn ihc hidorj oF thofe refpedivv couo- 
liin Ixrc^mc fu dufcly imcrwovm, cbflt 4ii acquuiiKunce wicH 
th« one, fccms sibfoItitcTy n»«fliry fo ibe umicrtlKAding of ^ 
o:hcT. Hcnct « ilri^ cx^minaEion into fuch rcnuins of i-iti- 
(juity a<t Are- to be met with in Normindff fogdhcr vnth an ic- 
cou[i( of ihofc workt of pit-ly 4nd lYtA^tlificciiCc, which owrcJ 
the Nomun Julcci tjr (heir found«rSr Ajiing the lench, f)f- 
vcnch« and twelfth centuries «lthou;h ikJlro>cd or pcriChcJ 
wUhin a few year* pafi-, cannot hil of fiiroiihing minyobfcr- 
\ationE nor altogether unvrorthy the attention of a Britiib anii- 
ijuAry/ Tr> thiA it may W adjfrJ tluit thi^ gmtlnDatit hr bn 
induttry Ard accur^ry, ha^ colle^etJ a fund of fi>3tcrf.tli which 
caniioi fjil of anfwT^ring the intcntkin pf bnngmg chcm togc* 
thrr t though tSey wj!! ippear dry and uniniercfting to the gL-* 
ocraliiy of rciJcrj. The following account of the present ap- 
pearance of the bn>(incc of NocEnandf, will however give boih 
amukmcnt and information to the CnjElrfli reader. 

' Normandy, ^coiilipg (o fhp Doflrjf, may be confidtttA 
13 one grand oTchird^ the ploughed l^nd being crery whcr? in- 
terfperlrd with ^p*r and prjr frr«-i, planrrd in ro^ri ai a^ai 
Hfr»n ya'iJ« diftanee \ and on each fide the public n>ads, votf 
jnect with lino of ihcm conufiuerl for fevcri^t nrilo lo^tbcf. 
Tbefr roads are cvtry where wide, picafant, and afirerabk to 
tbc traveller, being paved only in fuch pjirb a» sic low svd 
boggy. High hilft pr^feru ihemfel^^es at due di(lance« thrtHtgh* 
out tnc province ; aiid the wKdc country, which Is wcQ woodoU 
and abounds with gan^r» ^fTord* veiy fine ptofpcfl*, cfpfTial 
near ihe river Scire* wJiofe llream nbove KinJcn* it ahout 
wide »i the Thimci atDatchct^ butfo Shallow as ohl^ toadi 
of flat-botion?cd boat«. 

* I.#ower Nonnindy i« pilncipally ft gridiig countty, ai 
contain! a much greatcf <|uantjty of ptlturc ground tK^n t 
Upi^er, uhiLh ib fur the rnull pHiC corn Ijnti. (jtc^l quaniilii 
of !e?.n oule are annually bjoughc frixii molt of the inters 
paru of the kingdom into Lower Normant^y, uhcte ihcy 
fjited »rd then fcnc to i'afTy, where i^ the great man <fi 
uhcnce Pan! it fuppljed with Live bu[Io^k»> The homed cat- 
\\c here are bof fiiiill ; and ihe fheep are :ibout the foe d thoTe 
wc bave tn Nortoik, uml when propedv Icdf ure full %% wcU 
tailed. In ihc iKLvbhourhood ofCofuie fur NcHietJX^ tbry \kx\c 
a fpecica of very ImatI fhccp^ whjch are jei great ct!eenf| and 
ecncr^lEy fcm up lu I*j(is in winici as piefcnti, T>ic Xorrtijn 
borfet aie very tine, we^l-fha=ied, ftrong, and gtcatly v.Uued in 
France. They hai j tong tail*, cf which ihdr owncn arc ex* 
EtcmHy carefut^ not fulFeru>g thctn co be docked, %t i% ridku- 

I3ucA1t£l*l J^h Normtn AtttpiitUu 193 

loaflythc r^fhion Id Kngldnd. Their afli-^ and mules art of i 
larger brccJ than ou«» 

' The grrit lovrna arc populous, but the coontr/ \% very th'nljr 
fumiJhcd with inh^ibiiamf^ 

* The urail beverage of Uic NorcD*f»t is cy^Jcr, the produce 
of the pfdvintt; of which I fcvcral umca lallfif, and fcynnA it 
Arong and good bf>di<^d^ but hfidh* anti m all rcfpec^^ tnti*ric( 
to the vyjci iij Hcrcrori^fliErc and Devon. All \nns of Nof- 
m^ady are not ci^tinlly noted f<tt good cydci : the belt ictt a 
iojd to be made in ihe Pays By^Jfin^ or n i' J ^hb 011 1 hood of Ifi^iyi 
iLTid in /*r vu'tfrai* A'Jvgt \ where ii is x\\t chief irtd moH pro- 
hublc appaAJigc of Ehc Duke ^ Orlcins- Whcii tbc crops nf 
applet f^ll fhorr, the cyder it fold at about ihrcc-pence flcrling 
in En^ljlh gallon \ bcic in plcncifut ymn It may be purchafcJ 
at Icfmhan hal^that pdcc. For This r^afofi i;f:ic <ji.i^miiiw of 
thii liquor arc annLjally <(ifU]|cd Irtf^ brnndy, dihou^h it j} not 
pi^t^EtE^ to be fold \xx any parrs of Fraritr, cxttpt iri Kormaik. 
dy and BrJiiny ; kfl it fhould prejudice thi; coi-ilLirnptLon of 
the wine brAndte^ of Poitoj, Psn iAuhUi^ ajid other prqirlii- 
CCS \ which alcne are adrnlttcd into Parii, and tranl'port'^d to 
the French colonic:i. The NoririLni have fofiTicrly endea- 
voured CO obtain pftmillion to export ihdr cyder and perry 
brandy to ihc tVench colonics, alleging a> a fcjifon for [heir be- 
ing allowed Tiirh indulge ncr, that they pjiy <"ie full third of aII 
themontet raifcd in the kingdom ofFrancc, thia provi^iec p ly- 
ing ro the king no left than eighty four mlllbnt of livrpt annu-^ 
Silly : but hitherto they have not rrceivcd any favourable an- 
fu^cr to their application s anrl It ia generally tliojghi that They 
never will, as the granting their rei^udl sirould be attended by 
the uttcf tulii uf fume uititir provnicci, who wrjuld never find 
the vent for their wine br.i[idu4, becaufe the Normans couIJ 
afTord thcin ai ninc-pcn^e Jlcrlin^ per pallon Eng*ilh, wh<ic« 
the wine brandy cannot be mode and ft^d ac a lower price tbin 
fc/cnteen pence for the Uric quantiiy,* 

The cheapnedof cyder will nor however warrant any con-' 

lu£on> ai to the general clieapnrft of living in Nonnaodyt 

lOCh lels will it warrant any t;imp;iriftfinb tt) the dtrjdvaTTtiM 
of our own countr^t where the nccdi'jf tci ot lile capn:>t br af- 
fuidcd under a much highrr price : for our learnrJ Aiuhnr gncj 
on to cbfetve, 

' The crops of lorn in XormjnJv ate frequently lUrn ^^% 
Ihorti which, I am inclined to think, » not fo muchowifig 
to the nature of the foil, \^ 10 the oppreffioni irnJcr whirh the 
people labour % for ai the tenant ic obliged 10 dTfchaige cH ioKfi^ 
which taxea B/e impofcd c>i\ him In an aioioff jiil^iErary rnsnncr, 
artJ without a due regard to hi) r«nt ; if he happens ic- have u 
belter crop than ordinary, he Ii fure \q pay for u^ i:\^ ^>a\^vi^ 
Ret. SepM;67, ' O N* 



i) not vtry Anxiouf after improvcmenii : bvt tbofti who ire not 
itriHct idcfc hiciiflkips ^J/. the fiumcfft of Upifa b ch wi giag ta 
rel»Ki'>iJ^ bouftfdf hav< m gt^J cropt u any I eva &w ia ug- 

Thua che poliikal cotif^iiucion of ■ coamry, fnftu^ncnrbe 
produ^h of ic pcthipi M much cc more xhtn (he climxc: 
for whrri^ in^Jullry h fo load^il, it muti of couH^ be checked ; 
tnO ib« naiivca walJ tathcr be inclined ii> nilc lucb mitickiM 
rfQuirc liiilc cuUii/4Elun, ihan fu Audy mipfOv«aicnc> in <gr>- 
culditc, the produce ci which js ravimcd frocn tbcoi- Hnict 
in Frflncc tU<y incline lo laifc apple ueo and *inci . juk! h bn 
b«ii ftrongly ur|>cJ lliit in thcfc part« of Kngland where tyffcei 
are cXi£led in kiftd, the farni<» arc i^ofl ncglij-cnt of dicir 
agriculture ♦, Jli Nofm^-inJy howtvcr we luid rhc drrgy b<t» 
ihc policy 10 be chc bcit findFordi. BtiC lo i^roctcd wob cvf 
jtidicioiii AniiqLrniin- 

* MuH ol the vjlUgcs are fitUAtcd in bottoms. Tbe poor 
pfript^.'-'s hoyr«^ if I may vrnmre to Call then* houfrt, *rv SufJt ^ 
with mud wallst inJ covcreiJ v^'iih thatch. The old houf» in m 
Ibmc of the great towns, «rc ino(k1/ built with timber md 
pdailter. The f^rft Oory projc^int; over the ground flooff u 
the fecofid docs beyond the ftftf i the rooftof ibchovres fyxn 
up lo one ridge- piece, and U each j^bU end it i largt ftxk of 
biiclc chimnict- Wc Tee many fuch houlca in HenfoirdftitTe, 
»nd other counties in Fngland : and indeed Normartfy doth To 
iKAily rcfemble old £nglua<ti thtt I could fcifcti/ believe my- 
felf to be in France.'—^ M 

At Bayeux* the Dodor rematlu, * i« »n boTpittf for tbc It-^ 
lief uf the poor i a chjutiy much wanted in other town* ; where 
traveller* arc every day pcftered with beegara and miferable ob< 
jefit, for wthom m tcgd provifion whatfocver it made br any of 
their Tcfpedrve parishes : the poor of this country having in gc- 
iiei^t ntt uihci dependence, when roJuced by ucknefi or ncci" 
tlKtitt ihxn the voluntary mitctibuiiont of then rwif(;hbourc Iftl 
is a miilakc to imagine that they are relieved by the rcliwioiia^ 
houlcjt whole door» you are fare to find clfv cf ibetn % them- 
felres eomplainin^ thit they arc rendered unablct thr^uffb cbt 
driiclenty uf iheir icvciino, to maintain the full nvmocr 
t()i£iou» foi u'hich they were founded t* However chi« ts 


• Scf1l*vi<w, vol. xxxvL p. 74. 
f ' Wluf ik bcrc faid o( old ember boo&iH TvlaErinT\ly tvftMi* 

lliM cowm. at Rouen, Liri^iK, F^vrfciv, ice. iui in moll of EhcgiilM 
AtCaen, Argcnun, &:c« ihc houfr«jir«fauiltwilh Analtoae.* 

X * ] wmkJ not bcrc be underllood to ffty pojjtn-elrt liat cbe poor 
JlavenoreTUr fom mcniflcrk)^ i^hiil mean it. iWt tliere^c ncu *t 
ibcfHi^k/uB Louleim [taw comatr], d«lJj dittributicjns of cboiiiy^ fuch 

tmivtr&lly tbccjifr in Franci-: fbme fewof tlie rdigimit hc«jf« 
an tied down to a j^cuc-ril an J duly dillnbutron ainon;; the rc- 
ccffiioiu ; 3f la the c^fc of ihc Bcficdi^iuc Abbry of Icft^mp^ 
Where the monks are olOigtJ to give daily a lvg<? quantify of 
ticaJ inJ meat cocvciy puoi ottjc^ who applies for i!i cstepc 
between the firft Axy of Auguft ini ihe ijrll day Qi .Scpccmbcr, 
tvhcnihc pojf arciuppgfcd to be employed ir; ihcharvcH, The 
monkii pictrnd that the cxpence of \Wm ilolr rolts fhf-m twenfy 
thouTarid hvrn, or near eight hundrcJ poutids JlcflJfig, pre nu- 
llum t bill noboJy hclievei them.* 

The obfervations crt tbc country, manners, and inhabiUnn 
nf Noirnandy, thouch cxincjnly judicious, coilftituic but A 
imill part q( iha elegant wcvrki Anglo Norman AniiquitieA 
were the ptJiKl|jal gbjcilt& of uur Aullini'd fc4ich i and lie Ita^ 
carefully collected from the antJent hiJildfngt, churchct, and reti- 
^ioui boufcf, jLvarictyc>f kulpLurctand monumcniaJ infcrifition^ 
which (rem to illuftrare cur former connexTOiii with tHic pro* 
vmcc- The principal of thdc arc ibmc fine balU) rclicv'oi in the 
court of the fr&iViiiT gm^al of Rouen, which reprefent the 
inagnificcnt iticcrvjtw between Henry VIIL of Kitf-luid, and 
Praneii I. of France \ an interview in the management nf whirh 
our oirdinal Wolley dinuisuiftrd himfelf f^rc^cly, as may tw 
fcen in uur blAorics* 'Ihefc cuiious rcUcvoi aie of maible^ 
divided inEo five companmenis, pJaecd under the ume number 
of windows under the left hand of the court. A copious ac- 
count of thit interview is given in thit work^ together with two 
large pUtetof the relievos. 

But ttemoft cvriotjs pie<?e of aociqurty of all ihofe dcfcribfd 
in (bis eollcCiion, the Author difcovezcd at Bayeux i hit gtnt- 
rU arcouni nf it it ax follow!; ? 

» Here 1 had the faciafidion of ftein;* ttie fimou» hiflorioJ 
piece of ikiiniturc, whicht wiih ^rcit cxicbiefs though in 
barbarous needlfuporfc, reprerenix the hiftories of Harold king of 
Endand^ 4nd WiUUindLikcof Normandy, quite from the em- 
hadyof the former to duke Wi)liim, ai the comn^and of Ed- 
ward theConfcllor, dowritohisiovcHhfow 2nd death at the battle 
fought H-iftin^j*.; in which, iii appear* by the Lalio ln» 
Jcfl^^ion, Odo bifhop of Ba^'cyx, half-bECthcr to the ConqutK 
liight armed rap-a pee^ and behaved very miin'utly. Ti 
j^und of chl& piece of work, whrch ia octrcamly valuabTe^ a« 
firefciving ihc lalle <jf ihofc limesi in defij-fit of thi» fcK. la 1 
white linen eloth or canva", one foot rleven inch^ in depth, 
and two hundied and twclirc feet in kn^rh. 'Ilie &gurci Ol 

ai hrl^oritni trll u) were drc^'ifcil in Eng^tantl hcfisrf the raFbrmuion ; 
and of tvhicli Ititid of tkiriit v^c hate /ci fou^G reuiiUUr pam(dar)> at 
l^mbrih pilice.'^— 

O ft VWi^ 


clfilci, tticrtvrarJs and puniflnrtnis of ercry form of covoQ- 
Uicrt, cpcmcpowcrfullycnlhchwniftit hcaii. aixJ touch every 
fpHng nf xdton in chc human breaO, Mc^ndrnr of any tocv- 
fidn4tion»pccL'lurtoclirif(lariiyi UcTkIu uiIikx well koo«T« 
thai ihr /octrirs of rtic mofl abfuril fyflttn* of P*g*n fiipertU 
tjon* iitJin^iEcd hvvcrr ^ifen^nt n>9ilvet from thofc that #(c 
peculiar r» Cliiif^i,4tiityt cxirttcd the nublcfl >£)» of fuitiiwic, 
|)«rtcri<c, and pLiNiC Iprrit^ 

Whxi hacli civil govcntmcnE lo rccuni Tor the benefits whkti 
it rtccivc* from cbnUtamty ? AW, our Author fay»» ^^ ff*^/ 
t«tW. Now the bciicftb of chcifltinicif arc conrcjrcd lo criij 
governmcm by an onf^r nf mm, Tet upift and dcdicwd (fo 
p. i6th of thi« EITjy) by CttKiSTJAStTV to the purpofc tf 
public infifuftifin, Ai civil govrmmrntj thrrefort, ougbi 10 
repay whAi it in ita power. The hJghcU honoun; «nd adrjnta^ 
ought lo l^c tuiifrncJ on thU oiJcr uf nicr ; *|jd jflcr all hu 
bicn lionc fof thc^n ihii gov«ritmcjir c^Xi do, it mufV ftiJt be 
acknowledged, tbaE their ftwatds iic much infeiior to tbcu 
fcrvicei. This, it muft be owncd^ ii s verj^ comforcabfc doc- 
(rtiiG to £ ccrtAin order of rncn amongfl ui, who> ve mike no 
doubr, will fuhfirlht to it wtth mtrc mdtncfi than many of 

I^CRI dij 1^ thf thiftymrtf ArficUt i there U but Ott Ofdcf of 
mrn, in aiw focifriy in Chridcndottt, hoiirever, that wilt giic 
fhvir mi aficnC to it> 

The candid Reader will not imagine, that «vc have m^ 
th«fe hv curfory obTfrvations with » view 10 detmd from tlie 
value ofchriJlianity i « c arc extremely fcnfiMcof the unfpcaL- 
able adv^nFAgf'iarifiiigfrf'mihcchrifliinrcli^ion, ind, wcbope, 
grnicrul fcf Ihem 1 but» wc »rc pcrfuodcd, thofe do no ical fcf- 
vjoe 10 clirlULinJry, whn afcntic advanTigft to it which k hii 
no juA ittlc to> Jts ^dvcrlaiiet, who ite klw^yg ready to deny 
Its ^«r^ advamigcs, will liowbdcfs av4»1 thcmrdvci of ihit ron- 
tlufV \ and thof<; arc certainly jti bcl> fiiendf, 'who alcjibe do* 
ihine 10 it, but what it can jultly c)arm. 

Wr Oia}\ nor dctjin our Readt^rt by fl minui« ftcco^int of 
whif i;eoritJinedi(>thl> E/Tavi ihofc whoarc cMbpotent juJn 
of the fubjcct, ir they peju& it wiih aiTcntion aiut impafml' 
ly^ will find oiany i»iftii[|ccB of the firns vague and iiiaccuntc 
injtnni-r of writinj^ lh*t apprarf in ihc pa^fai^ w^ havr itifertfd. 

PurAutliurcon«.Iijde3hi-i FXy(b^ which tide this pdirt of bis 
Vfork i>diftingiiif>icdf(om thc^rM^srioLtMbc following manner: 
* Thb Ihnrr view of ihc nainrc 4nd Ciitpedicncy of eftiblini- 
incnrt id i^'igJ^ri Imh bwn drawn from mc by an t\:ujrt which 
1 mi>ft ot^n 1 have weiwi from a bte appUndrd ptiblitau^m. 
The Cf»n^ffif>i»Al flbcund^ with fpfrir, srtd contanin mtny iuft 
pbfervaiPon., pliLcJ m a ft^king hght, and bieathe* at the famt 
fjrnc a Mii (qr UHih tid Jibeny, Thu> <^tialifit<r, ,t co«M imm 

i k 

fiil oF«Dga£iiig ihc amaitiori of the publfci ind bclivg KCfived 
with the warm apprcjbadrm cfpecralty of thofe who rhfolc (hem* 
fci^Ti puticutari)- inCcrcClcd m ihc^lclt^ii whjcb the suihor hitli 
in hanij. 

^ But yd it fecms ns If a cToud rtfted vifiblir en fame pnm of 
the WLjrk, prcvciujng ihc author a full dctigu fnitn bring dfarlf 
fwr, WhilJl one prolcilcd anJ tjbvioua purpofe is always hcl^ 
up tri vi;w, an jtltcutivc eye may difcovcit here An<) thcfc, err- 
Uiu ujierrupicd p;uE& a^d broken outlinet of a much deeper 

' Had ihc t>ook contaliice) only <:<-ruJn ftrifiurci upon fcima. 
p;]ns of cui conilliutJon, pointing ojI dcfedi, prot^mg them 
ti> be fuch, ;nid pnr^iig for ;t(i amtiidm«nt : had it comphcned 
cf t.iCftips which con ft ic interns meri lie under fiom ccruin 
vi ::L^:incr( in onr cll,^MJ1hiTiri;t, wbirh Tcierned lo lay urdu4 
r !r., jL-.s on ctuiitun liberty: hid ft fairly feprt(eni«d gricv- 
4j.,t>4 iiid '. ilitxl f[jf jcdicfs i 1 CiyulJ pfobdbly have been con- 
tented ti> wart lA nicnt^C) to fee tx% zft^B.^ Jind to obJffve iho 
i^IiuOloii which II mi^ht make on abler judgments. At Jeafi^ 
if I hjd been inclineii t^ itifwcr, ir would have caltnj for aa 
tokiTttt cf a very dltTcrcnt naure from that which it row ofTci- 
«d to the public, defending thofe p>rikjjTarK in our cJldbtifh- 
ment which were objected to i tcmovjn;: the objc£tian}, where 
t^cr could be rrmovnl ; and where ihey CDiiJd nor, joining 
wjeq the author in vvrfhmg tor an iimendmfiit. 

■ Bui the CoiifciTjujiA] conuini many pAlHtEO of a very ^if- 
Icreot natuTc, pailagct which not only compUin of fome pam 
of ovr conflituiioEi, but which hnpLy a llron^ diJlike of the 
Mvholci which Jcnv that rcHgion comei, in any refpec^, under 
the notice of the civil m^gifluiet or thai it ought to form tnf 
CDjiiici^lioo with government ; and which, in a wsarj, ftrike at 
the root* not oiJy of our own, but of oU religious dtabliQi- 
mcni^ ; and, with dtahlilhments, at the ruai of all order ia 

' J am wffting to believe, that ibis w^a far from being the 
fofrrej and deIibcr»C4 defigii of th« worthy author i and ihat 
he ntC'in^ nmhing lefjt th^in lacovcrihipwcifour rcti^ioiis eflab* 
Ijfhment^ hut wiilie), on the conEnry, to fee ic brought to »xf 
higher decree of perfection. Thefc objc-^iona thrown out In 
the very heat cf aiflion without aiiy certain aim, ^ay Jly to a 
part whither the 0<ilfu] engineer would not inn e4)okr hour have 
diirdcd them j a f^art which he meant x\\c lead to bjurr. But 
fince they hive licapcd the Author, and being fcailcced itl a 
book on many accounts defcrvcdly admirtd, muil fall wirh the 

Srcatcr weight ; it fccmed highly feaf^iiubie to fbcw their ten* 
eni^y to the puhlic, and tc the AuUior himTtlft and lo try at 
loll to ^bvjato their fbrco j it fcciacd a I>uiy to «id»vou/ lo 

O 4 ^<^M 

ftUncc > powrrfiit tiittery, whidi, m-hethtr with tocenfian «r 
CdU ^'^^ ifvdlcid a^irnft our fbunditiocu* 

• For thH end I hi»ve wcefrp^td lofhew, on the principlCTi cf 
fcnrc artd coinmofi prudence, ibc ufe and ncccflirf dt 
'.{hmcnw m tzi'igtotx i to f1ic« how luiumlly ihe ctiil 
atiJ tclk^ious powcrn unite in the co^nnon c^urio of thing»| 
sTid tn how miny rdpcdi itiii untoii it clutly (or thcaJruit^ 
of both. 

< I flia]l iiv>w proccnl ro conGdcr ihc Author'* objcfiicDi 
goainA religious clbblrOimtntt in general \ ami then fhall wM 
fofiic rcm^rlu on the (cntimcnti which he cxiUrC^iu of ibc 
Church of Englanif,' 

M Co the <i^f^ ^'^t; <)vr EITariO talka of, wc leave it to the 
juJ^fncnt tkf *vcry impaniitl KejiJcr to determine, whciher 
there is or is not any foiiii<ijtion u\ the Cot'FeisiOKAL foe 
furh an irilitnfltiort. It i^ f\o unul'"^ ait ofconlroicrfy, when 
a forrnEdw~L>]e a(fv«rf*fy >< to be inU^er^df tv taifc fufpcions 
flgahifl hliTit A3 l^ng cn^ageij m fomc ^uk ami deep ddipi i 
pfld to reprcfenc him as a pcifon of dingeroui ptiocipU* i but 
fuch a txrndjft imfofcs only on ihc Igifoiant uid yiidiiccniio^t 
and has nothinn in it thir k liberal or g^neroai. 

Wc cannot help obfcrh'ing, ht^vrcvcr, the esctrttnc etution 
ftnd prudence of thh fmodtS commvcrlluljft.-'— * Hid the bool:« 
Uy% he* contained oiily ccnsm fiti^urci ufHjfi fomc parts c4 our 
conOitulionk pointing out i!cfccl«, Uc, had it compUiucd cf 
bardlhipi — h;id it fatrly rrprefented gnevanceit Mt\4 called for 
rcdrefa — I Jbould piobably have been contented to wait in fi- 
lenee, lo r« itt effirft, and to obferre the impTelBon which tt 
Ihiibt ruhe on iblcr iudgmcnia.' 

*ihc aitenUve R«cer of this paragraph wi^l not expe^ rnod^\ 
^ftrihotn uuf Author in promoEiug the wofic vt rff^rmfftim 
whate^'^ attempts m;iy be made by others^ whit«Y^defG~ 
may be pointed out) whatever gric^anrct nuy be fairiy tcprc* 
fentcJ^ k\}^ood, modefl irun ? wil tt^r jir/inK/, and oUerTi 
|he impr<!pam fuch aitcTipl^ make or Mir Ju^gMfxiu O yc 
^»LtK jt u^MrK'u, fu^ct nut fuch unctimmun hoiniUiy, 
Idr dJHiLlerce to paf* unrewarded ! 

■ Wc will, ciiniinurt out EfTayiff, take oui ground (9 flam 
Vpor^ u the luthur himfetf haih (i>arked it out for u. " Tl 
^Rdanie:it!il pofiiioUt laith he. on which tho authority of cflal 
lifhed confelHonK in ?rotefl3m c^tnni unions dcpendi, it this*' 
£v«ry particular church, confidrr«d m a fociety, hti a righfi 
It other Soc'jctlti hiivo, to fecufe ii^ own peac*: and irdfirc, 
hy all lai^ful mean* i and confcquemly, coprefcribc ftich tcttna 
pf luinmurion at appear fo be moft eiptx! errt for ihc purpose : 
provided th:»t nothinji be re<iuired» under this pfotencv, which 
k <onU^ to l^f wunl «f GoJf or iacoiiiiAqtt witH the libcny 


of othcf chufthw." This \i ty\dtn\\y the founJition of ihdr 
claJoi» nm only lo a fight of eftabliftilng public confeffiona of 
f/itbt but lo ftl! tnJ every afl of authorUT which the church 
can cxcrcifc. It ic on the ptinciplf^ here LiJ down, that Pro* 
tcl^^nc churthca en(l<3vour to c^Abhih and t^ juftify ill the 
powtrthcy erjoy, Thi* fundjmenfal pofition thrrrfofc I hope 
to dcfcnJ againfl the objc^ions of th« Author, taking the li- 
berty ftfily to muVc one idJititiii lo it, i^hich tfjc A"ihi*r will 
not object t'?, viKi that nothing he required iticonfiJlcnU JioC 
»nl^ with the lihcrE^ of other diurchc^T but with the libcny 
aKo of lEi own memiterf, and the rip;htB which belong to every 
ptlvaie chtiftiAj) of jud^iiig for hiEnfclf in religion, 

• Thff argument with which die Author opcni his attack 
agsinfl thit mht cUlnicd by protdljint churches, it bojfoiAX«l 
fiom BiDiop Hoidty, who hath vrmurtd to iffirm, " ihit by 
admitting ihc principle of fclf-dcfcrtcc and ftlf-prcicrviE-lon iit 
m^ttfrs of rcligiors ill th^ pcifccjiionn of ihc Hc,i£hfrni ac^^inft 
the ChrilHani, and even the Popifh Inquifltiont mny be juili- 
fed.*' The claim of pfotcftim ihiirchi;^ ** rcptefnitcd ibovc, 
IB 10 a right of fclf-defenee, by the uf«r of ^\\ lawful mcins. 
BiOiop Hoadly u made to fiy* that ilili tbim will ju(^ify ihc 
tlcarhfTi p^HccuriofU, and the pnpifli inf^uifitionv Subtly not, 
linlcf:» yoLi ac!mit ihcfc to be lan'ful mv^nip 

• l»» puffujnctf of the Bifhop'» opinion, the Author proceeds 
Coobfctvc, thu " if the church of lin^lindt forcximplc, has 
a nglit TO ^x her own tcrjui ofcnnitnunioft, and, in cnnfe- 
qaencc of thfit, to fccurc the obedience of hrr nicmbcni, by 
ccm^ofal n:ward£ and prnaltics ; the cliurcn of Portugal fuurf, 
upon the f^-}Lc pM[iLit>le£t have an ei^ ri^hi to fccutc herklf 
by i^c: ili^ripline of an hoTy aflicr, or I^ow oihcrwifc /he Thinks 
proper." That ii, the ptinci^l« of fecufing peace and wd^c 
by Uwfiil wcuiis, by nicJin^ agrcc^bli: to the word uf God, and 
conTjftcnt with the Ifberlifc of manltind, wiH jutlity the uff of 
Aie^Ds arbitrji)', unl^vffuli cwitrary to fcripture, and fjeflnjc* 
Itvc of all hberty r which ii flicly affcrttrig, that lawful and 
utilawfulf agrrcaMc [O the word of God, and contrajy to iJut 
word, arc all orr and ihe fintt thmg- 

' No utcicty c*n c.^ift \f ttlioui willing iii own prtfcrvativn- 
Thc 6mp principle, which indjnf^ men (o iitkiit In foclecy^ 
nuft indi'i? Ibcm I's maintain thac union. Ami they arc jvBi- 
iicd tn miTriEJiiiiii^ t^^: union, by the f^mr rcalbnt whicti )iif^ 
tify thcro in forming ii. To deny to focietici a right of felf^ 
defence, Ji Cn deny tbem a be'ng- Par how cm that fociety 
fublill which ii carelcri '^f in owr prefcfvafKn ? 

* The priiKipIr of ftlF-dcfcncc jn ihe cjfc of rocictlct, miLll 
indeed be under tbmc rc^tiUtiflns, which are not reijuircd ia 
fbc cafe of ipdjvidwli, It i^ the firit duty of every indivviMA 

to prcrcivc hi» be-in^, bccaufc hU bcJng u the immecliilc 
cift of the Creator But iociettci are brougtiC tnio being bf^ 
htimaji cuntrivinc^c, ind (beir Jtffl proiJu^^kiii m^/ be wroa^ 
Tbcy may hivc no ri;;)it lo a b<jflg. Af>J they can hj^c ao 
rig)it Id (idcud thdf being, if thc^ hjivc no right to the bciii£ 
ftfeir. And thiii ie n:> jncomcncn c^' { lot many focietio vc 
In their vciy niiuic and connicutioa unlawful. 

• But where focinies arc fortncd upon juft principleit '^*T 
anuil hive ■ rij^ht to defend thcmfcl^es by Uwftil mcisi 
cihtrvinr. All ttie ftrcngth of foclciy is ndkally detflrorifd 
J\nd thif ii die right of (eir-dcfcacc cUimcd by Frotduac 
C!iu relies,* 

The obfcrvations tiatutally arifing from whif our Aufhor 
here advances ^re too obviou:^ ta cfcjpc ibc motl fuper&ciil jc* 
tcniion : wc fhiU content ourfelves therefore, wiiL aikiog a 
Jew f Uin qu«ilioni only. —-Hu not every focicty an inhercDt 
fight CO fecurc \\% pence and welfare by fuch mc;riii j» s^pf^^r 
to It to be l,>wful and iicccJIJry f Miy not ihofc mcmi wbiLii 
appejf lawful ;md necefliry to one fodcty, appear unlawful arjd 
unncccfntry to anothtr } la there any mf«lJi&ie judge oi whiC 
h lawfid and agreeable (o rcriprnrr, ii pircicubr cafainiJ tir- 
cumlhrncc?, TO whooi ioclctio ci^y have recourse i t» leull 
tf^ all judgr for thrmfdv^^i ? Have ihofe fi^ieifci, which m 
l)Teir very Iraxnc and coLiitituuoji are unlawful, nn hglit to >>^«< 
lend ihemfcfve:! ? —A clear and dtftin£) ;tnfwci~ to thcfc qtirf^ltjia 
would, w« upprehcnd, bo very n^^ict^able to many |teadcri of 
(hii Ljljiy ; iind wJ)fir futli 4Il anfwci U givcd, it will bctafjr 
to fee how the qticilion <oncernii>g rcligioua efbbliihmcna u^ 
al!cc1td by ic. fl 

* Bijtj our Sivjotif 't own divine authority, faji our Author,™ 
h fiJppolc^ to be agalnft ill rchgioui cil^lhU^if-cnca. A faoioua 
nttwnprhaih been rriidc, of which we are now reminded^ to 
fhew thii our Lord pronounced tdcctTively tgaLnft Jica* whcji 

he declared, '* ihac his kingJccn wa« not of thia woild/' U 
we cjr» deEermine the meaning of our Sai^iour'a prapoficwni we 
fhitll fee whac relation ii liach [i> this uueClion. In ;ipplyifig it 
lb thh t|uellJoii, the occafi^n on which thia dcdarirton wai ^ 
tnadct fcema to have been Jitclc confuJercd. B 

Our Saviour's claim to be x\\< promifed MefEah neecflarily " 
MpHcd hh thiir to the oflice of a King, which was one of 
the Mcfliah'i pffiphciical charaflen, Thu the lewi well knew. 
Rut from tbi^ prc^phcticil chjrHUr ihty h«d formed to thcm- 
frfve* f^ran^i* notions of their ^ypc^fd king, fljttering them* 
fthei that he w«s to be i groftl temporal prince, who Qkou14 
ralft'thtrt <^eclfning Rate 10 the hlgheS pi:eh of grandeur, and 
leM ih*m hire Mofei, by ih* ptory of conqu*l^i ai^d Diumphe, 
10 univcrfal empire. Our Siviouf'a appeatante in hi* humble 



Action was liiilc conftftcnt with ihcfe cxpcfl«icni i and (hi* 
tjjcjf th'>iTRht at once a fufficitTit rcfauriou of hi^ ptrtcndan^ 
to (ht Mcfliahlhip, But na ihcfc pretenfioni were ncccflinly jfl 
connt^Vd wicli * cUtm ca the kingly office, ihcy <3rew froniV 
ihcncc 1 chcirgc agaLuft our Suviour^ whkh thty thovght could ' 
nnf fail ro nnn him with a KdOJ^n governor They 4in:tifci' 
him of ulurptng f he titje of king, which, According to it) (h«it ' 
idcaa tif kin^fliip, muft mc»n hiscUimtng <n cirthly crown, a 
kingiioiTi of ihii woild, anrf confocjupritly wa^ iti ift of rebel- 
lion ag^inft C^Efdi. In ihiA light they placed hiA prctcnfiors 
btfoft Pilate, at appeiri by what thry irrgcd in rhc toiirfe of 
hit uiali ta compel ike rc!ii3«nl |[Ovcrr)or lo ducrec hid <letrh. 
*' If thou let thh man go, thmi *fr not Cwfar"* fftor*! : who* 
foevcr niiikcth himfelf a k.tng, fpeakeih agaicift C>ri>r," En- 
^favouring thus in ronvincc Pilafc, ihac, otic of regaM rn hi* 
own fntcty, he muH fondemn Jcfus, otherwif* he himfelf muft 
ap[-t«i 411 jhclioi of his treAfcjn, nnd *n cnrmy of Cwfar. 

» li wai on ihit charge of guilt thit Pihle 4|ucilionfd Jcfuf, 
and xfkcd htm, if he claimed lo be King of the Jcw^ ? Is the 
accufition true that h brought sgainll ihee, rhatr thau calleft 
ihyfdf King of the Jew», ufurping the tights of Cjrfar, vo 
whom only belongs ihc fovefcignty fiver rhli people ? For PU 
litc hidtfcli could liBVc no idea of ony oiher than of k tempo- 
nl king, whAtevei fome of ihc Jews ought tu have had, ifth^y 
hud ttidcr^ood ihcir own fcriptufcj. )i wii in arjfwer to this 
ch^irgc that our Lord replied, " my kingdom ts not of this 
w«r|d/' That is, I am no kint: in the fenfc in which It hath 
be:ti rc^picrentcd to you ; the kingdom whkh I cliim i* of a 
n;itiijc to^fitly (MFefertt from that of Ofar, And ai a pfoof of 
ihc irmh o^ what I altcn* you fee that 1 have no hutn^n puwcr 
to d^rVriJ my cbim, whirh I muft havr h*d. If I h*d cUjmed 
8n tJtthlT c/cwn. '* Kof if mv kingdom were of this world, 
ihr-n woiihl my Tetvinrs light, mat 1 ilhouM not be delivered to 
Ihc Jewa : but ftow is my kingdom nut from hcrcc/' ThU 
circiifuit;tncc of my bcin^ jnftipponeij by ^ny human power, 
.proved clearly that my claim hath be«ii mifreprefentEd, and that 
It in of IueIl a nature, aa lo give no jvlt caufc of jeaJoofy to 

^ Tha if the plain and nAtUTfl mcanlog of whit ouf Lord 

vrgt6 'm anfwer to tb* accufarion <^f treafon ^gairft Caefar, 

,jbt04)^t .tg4i4jt bim ^y the Jews. How Jt can be applied to 

. «^i(lcc»dc :h9 .^ig^^^.of tSi' magiflracc'i power over ihc church, ii 

'i>o«:c3fy 10 coBCpit^* . The qudlion of the ma^iRrarc'a power 

it a« fofUfiJi V> ihc puipofc of mii Lord'% afTertion av any one 

^-jpjI.biL v^^x l>0{^d d^fcUimt all temforaJ domin^oj), all inters 

^tlV^riKO ;wiih C^i^E t but how doch ibi-i {hew thai another bsth 

^jffcmporal duminioA v^hcr? he hipfcli dilcUi(na\t\ ^a^^mx 


Ck(u bath no right 10 inl«rftrc ia m«ltct« oi retigio'* ' WW* 
•vcr Cviar's righi« wrtc hcibrci ibcy remain the fame ^ jbr 
our IfOri Jc-cUrcA ih^it hi» n^hu do not jntcrkrc wiih tbofc of 

rvligiun, our Loid icft him in full poiTGifio<n of tbjt ngtit. 
Whether he h^d or h^J mK fuch a ri(>hu un n^rer be Jcicnnincil 
by ihii nftiTijt^, wh<fcici oui Lord ^J&nni, dot be leaves tbe 
righu ul Ck(m }ull where he /uuj^d ibcm/ 

The Klliyii^ yocs or 10 ccnftjlcr fome o*bcf obj^ion^ that 
have been urged agaiiUl rcligioun dtibliihrncnct in gene* 
nl ; after which he mikes 1 few obferviijooi on the Te^ntimeati 
which tbe Author of ihc CoNFitiloVAi- cmcrulni of ihe 
Church nf fCn^/aa/i in iiiTticv}Mr. Hut wc J}iill ooncli^dr rUis 
ankle wi;b lAying before our Rcaden put ai whH be hu aid-* 
vanccil i>ii the fubj^ of » farther reformuioii. 

> I niult brg luive, fayi he^ to fu^^cft one reifoii which does 
not fcesi Eo hjih'c occurred 10 our Atilliot. but which* 11 Ji ap* 
peir« 10 mc^ may haw opt rated llroji^ly in rcllraidjif; ihofc 
who Arc lu l^rwcr from fdiiiig oi> fout an aiicfnpt to reform: ^ 
«ht. the ippretienfioni they may bi\t entertained, that fuch »a fl 
attempt* though undertaken with the beft inientioasr, ai(bCfio4 H 
ifTuc m ft Tcformiuon. And who ihic loolu hack on the hiftor^ 
of council* ;tnd confercncci in pi\\ Agc^t will venture lo Ly* 
ih^il thrfe ;ipjtrr1i«ritioni arc (jraundltft ? Men come together on 
Wh occo-fioiH full of ze;il for iheit owit party ; of>^oCl»oci fooji 
blows iW^e^l imo;i R^Ltne ; pj^on and prc^JuJicc prrfidc; ihc 
ffiol) cl;LQnorous and themoft confident abne ire hc<ird 1 and the 
gentle voice (jf K)oderjtio;it f^om which only any i^uudcui be 
cxpe^ed, ir cjfJy overpowered. Every thirc a 10 be feared 
from the viokiKe of vatn'i icmpcrs. And the experience of 
f*>imer times may well nufcs^i aljr.iun the breai'h t^ftl^fewho 
arc the belt itie^^J lo the public gooJ, ami may jiifilfy their 
fc4i4 of emh*[kmjj ihe commcia inti:rcA*, ;md comiriiuing ihcir 
jvicet'd cii^hUtiikncnt vnce more 10 lo rough u Tea. Who that 
cad* All eyr on the d^ingrrs thai pmhably miit> !:« erroumered^ 
wrt) venture td dy^ that the haxaid is not f^rc-^ter than tbe rca- 
fviMble profpeck of gJiJn ? Or who will eufurc m ih;it vrc dtaU 
bnng back in return a better treight than thjc wiih which we 
now lie f>ic >u po:t V 

* Could we indeed hope to fee a free but fair enquiry, under 
ihe conduct of men, who wiih a real ac^l for truth tuiiic a 
temper aiU paiieccc which alone can bring tit co il i when 
pjcvaocet txt*\ co/npl^inb might be modcflly ur^cd, anJ calmly 
CKuniined ; where cardour and cool judgrncEit mi^bt deliberate, 
and e^oity hold the icsle : every fucnd lo our confiitulioo wonU 
wifti ;hal ii miotic be fubmincii |urui:ha itiJ, bccaufc frr/n evay 
fuchtii^ii It moQ coEoeour Ue purer. Uuti/tbcrc be cjLufc to 


An Bffuy ^ SfioMtJhmfnti far Rtil^'iWt 



fcflr diat, inftcAd of a concern for the rtd icitcrc^i c^ religion, 
men wdufd brtnff only a j^affionate xeal for tfar advanccmejic of 
ibmc pMticulnr MUm ^ if* inftc«d of fair, open* ind inccait- 
oua pracm)ing*t« ihc^rc fhotld be only muiujil reciiminacicntf 
and ant^ifcbatUi if^caloulics.tncl tfitrrg^in ihouid dirc^-'i ct'cry 
ir]'>vrmcnc, and prrjuditc and party- mccrcit cn:er intt> rvrrydc^ 
terminer ion, 7 th«i ih« probabi^jiy ceruioly ts, whtw fuch jn- 
gri-ilECRts aic likely to be ifirufcxl, UmI uxc wbok tnjfa wi ~ 
come GUI from the cm! debafe^ intltnd of bcmg pitrilicd. 

■ fmpatttil (ibkrvatJAn muft dctctnfinc (ot ittelfwhidi wajri 
MTue of iny frcfli attciTij>t tow^ftfds a rtfcnnJitioa of our prdeitt 
eftablifhmcfrt i»Ay be likdy lo mdijic ; it muJt dacmiujc* 
whether, am<5iigfl many men of good :ibzUciev and ptire in:cn- 
tiorjs, that might be driwn together for luch an undcitaking, 
from different parTiei:, we are not now :ia likely ii ever to linJ 
a tnixturc, fuiHcient to do inltsitc mischief, of fomc meiii who» 
indilTerenr tu every thing in our common chnftmniry W in 
temporal bcncRls^ WoiiM be rea<Jy to enibmcr any party that 
nidulJ hill (ht-m fjircrt ; ofothcTA, who, wetltfcJ to olJ jujc- 
Cicc:c, and fli^' with prejudices, would be wholly inflexible to 
the flirngcft itgumenia lh*l ihouJd inlcrfcrc with thefe; of 
«thcrt of a narrow and iltibcral way of think>a?, fo«f, ^^\^ 
ncciCf and void of all bcncrokrce (ot every one that iJinen 
from them \ of many more of a difTerent turn, men of un- 
qoitt minds, fond of novelties, ready for every cluin^c, anJ 
wcar^' of ibit calm and unifurm coi^rfe in which a^ thingl 
move jndcr old cftablifhmcnta ^ men of Wd o^'pirin^ fpirks» 
who Jong to figure at the he^d of a party, who <dc]i/ju in UDU" 
bled timei, where they may have an opportuaiiy or pfoduci^ig 
lo the world thofc great calcnts which they imd fiirrbg vrithia 
ihem, and which render them impatJcnt of iaa^ivity ( men^ 
in (hoic, who, actuated by ambkion, by private inicctd* <;r 
piriy-zeal, are ready to purfue every viciv but that o< tbc 
public good* 

' But if public council! are fa Tiit!e lifccly to he right> then 
where aic wo to look for falety aeaiitftconuptiona i or bow 
are we to efcape Irom the« \ What hiii been urged la i^i 
with a defign to cojidemn the tife of put>l!c dciihcraCkOA And 
popLthr eofj^Jry, wherever ihr^' may become nrcdT^ry ; Ikrt 
only by pointing out the profpect that lies bctore us wbea wl- 
K^trk lowurds tlic way that Ic^di to a £irtber rcrucmatiofi. to 
account for the bj^ekwarJncfq of authority to cosiply with the 
demand) of tliot ^vho tall for i;. 

*■ I'bere are timet when conoption prevaih To far, thuthe 
diJlemper ii vifiblc to every C)'e ; when every ^ood priDcipkr ii 
in danger of being lot^, and when the caiife of rdigioa calla 
lou^ljf upon ever}' one to whom iu intcrdfla arodear, i^fKc^ui} 


for its prcfcrvition : cjiik^ 

ar« clearly and ^longly maficrd out lof a rrfofmation. li if' 
then thiic Ch« heart! and endeavours of all good mcr\ arc tfac»- 
n>ughly uiikcil ; rui^cuing ull rhclr pjtiEy*fViiJ« atiU fep^tr^cc 
Intcrtuib they fy to rcnovc the m^»)t ti:tng«r, ajid i^ j^rcic 
objcd of chc public fafeiy fillj ihdr whole ittcmion. 

' At fuch a crili^, and actuated by fuch principJcs, did Cnti- 
ntcr» Ridleyt uid Litimcr, ukc in hartd the grcdt work of 
ieform;irir^n- Thr^y rrfcued the Church of KngUnd from cb<- 
papal uruipnno:T« and Iccilcd it on a plut idtnirablc 4C l<ujl for 
Th«ir circtimft^EKfS and thrir timr», and fijch iU hilh ftood tlio 
tell of lucccoJing &£«!. J'he conlbiuii^r, which they cfta^ 
lifKed^ h^th defrenJed down to uvt and even now, rnllgtu* 
ened a» we arc apt to fuppofc ourfelveff all im^MriiAl miri tmj& 
aflciWt that iu runJamentil principles arc wortby of adauncioat 
and fuch at do honour ta 1h« greac orifiinal woriunep. T^ieir 
humour indeed wct^iiinoi c^iifuU otorc cl^ccluilly iban bjr anx- 
■wfly WAU'hin^ over their worlc, to repair Iti defe^«, aa tfiey 
iPbifei ^ Co bring il IIlU nearer to pcrfc^ion. If {vxtm iht 
*||tiEaril courfe of human things diforiera have ercpt fn, or d^ 
-Jofls Hvc been difcovered* may they Toon be renwi'od \ But 
before we can form any reafonable hopet of meeting with fuc- 
ceft anfwcrablc to thi» common vnfh of all tnjc friends to our 
^onAauTJcin, men mull ihew a warmer xeal for (he welfare of 
the confiicuEicn on one h;ind, and a temper better fuitod to the 
work of rtlwnMliun vn ihc ijthcr/ 

It is obvioui ro obferve Somali thit, thu, if the reafejig 
which ouf Author mentions, has operated ftioji^Ly in reftrain- 
mm thoC; who are in power from fcfting on foot an att««npt to 
f<£in»t there can be do hopes of any iirthcr rcfarma:io4i. For 
will any man in hifi fenfei ever eypnft (^ find, in any eecJefi- 
afcical eontcrcncc, a real xcal lor truth, joined wiib temper, 
paEJencc, oindour, and crxrl Jud^meni \ <*— ^ l| w picafiitt in- ^ 
deed to obl«rvc the fcveral excufea that are made for oor churchfl 
gmcrnurt on this occa&in ; tha true rc;Lron for ibefr not af*^ 
ttmptioft a farther reformation can be a kci«t to dqoc \ mA 
cicry oihcf rjAfon that b aHl^iied muft appcdi irifliu|f and ridi*^ 
culout to every impartial obferver. ^ 

TA* IJyi^ittmi Gf ThftmiitSt trnttfiaifd pQm iht Grttk^ with K^f 
tTifiati anJ tiffUummy, By Francis Favi<icr«, M. A. 8vo> 
69. Toiifbo. 

TH E R K U hanlly any Greek an:hor of rcpvitatlwi thaC 
< warned a imnflatiun fo much ^ Thcijcrrtu^, |r % Im* 
poilibW to r<i*l ihti of Crctch wiih patience^ U)<l Mr, 
K.ivikct mi^ht have fpifcJ himlblf the trouble oj^.^^fij^cins 
the UidiirU of thac vufton in pariJtiJ4r^ Vp[»,, ^pclv :6ilj3li 
Ji^f^mXQ'^c%^ ibo bcauiica of ibc ^xiUtn ^oct were well 



Piwkts'j Tronjiatm a/Thtoaitui, 


krowr even to thofif who i^^rc uniblr co rcadhim fit ihecrigi- 
\%t\ , He W3S the father of p^^ot3\ poctcv, uid all hi« ri>[i» bivc 
borrowed tibmllj (ram Uii llock, fTocn Virgil, hh rldcll bom, 
to tbc lift of his imitator*, our immcrtal Pope Thus, aftonliAg 
AfticriatK lo hit fuccdTtifl^ Uc w^ pviinlly known iri ihcir 
works f buE AjU a ful) an3 careful tnrJl3tJ(>n wjis w;Lnting (o 
difpl^y hit vaTiouA mcric, and Tuch wc arc wiHing lu cf^fcm ibc 
v^ork befoff ui. Mr Fi^*k« had ilrtiJy ippr«red wiih lijc^cla 
a:( a tranJlator, by hii vcrfion of fomc <if thi' miiior poe::.. Hi» 
terfe, in general, h fmooiti iind «fy, tboTcmctifrct, through 
indolence, probably, more than want of juijgmcm, lie fufll-i* it 
to ticcocnc trtbk aiidprofiic- Many in(nncc*ofeh« fault mi|; lit 
be pfoJuccd in hta piefcni iranllAtioii j but wbtrc Wc f nd [h« 
niiTnlirr* harmiinifiu^ on the wlicilc, we Jlt^tl nnr give otitfrIv« 
the trouble of pomtJng out p^rticijhr dtfcct*. As a fufficictit 
rpctimtLi of ihia ifjinil^tiifi], wc Diili fclec) the ivrcjity-fiijrrti 
liiylUuin, the fvbjcd of whicb i$ Hercules killing tbc fcqwnta 
ill hU cndle. 

Wah'd wi'h pare obiter, and v\i\ vnWk Vit^^ fed. 
To pJeafing rdl h«t Tom Alcmenj led, 
Alcidci, i<a mo^itbi old* jt\ irsi'd with mf^htt 
AdJ Iwm Iphiilut. )ioan;>cr by a nigljl : 
On a braid fhidd of fine boirs nrcral madr. 5 

The f ifefijl i^uten hrr tov^it oftprinjj Iird ; 

e^he Diwid iiom fovriJu* ^^niphirryon w^o 
Evhc, a ncbl<: cndlc for hit Ion 1) 
Pondly i)>t bibei Ihc ticw'd, aadon etch held 
She pUc'd hrr tend'*r hmdi, ind thui {he fiid ! 10 

t" Sleep, fffntU" hibei, and fui^eeflv uke yoor reft, 
" Sleep, aeareO t«.int. with fofidi ilumbcn tkli^ 
** SocBtely paf) the udious ni^hi iwjiy, 
" And (iu tcfrefliM waIi tfie larr rifiag day," 
ihcf[mke, and gcndy rack'd ihe m'gliiy fliirldt ij 
Obfe^DJOut ncrmhert loon l^eir ry^-lid^fcilM^ 
ituE when at nii<inighi Itrik (he t^j^bi ey'd Bear, 
And broad OiJon'i fliDulder '^an appear & 
Stem JuoD, uif^'d by ufiaeLentin^ bate^ 
Sent two fell fttpenci to Amphtiryon*i gate, ao 


■ ;, 'J ht fi^tiJ f'»m PrtiiUt, i^c] Vii«il Uy> neatly i^ciamc thiol; 
of the coal of mad whkh wa^ taVcn fro^n Detnokii), 

By obfcrviog the afe thu (bieid 1* paE ic, we have la agrr^^bie pic- 
tore prvfentipd to the mtad : ii ii >n rmhtcm of iks peace a«d traa^ail' 
litr wliich alwayifucucd the lumutii tjfwu , ji^JTjk<*ifc * pr^^aojlk 
of the liicure {Tcgtncfi of ibfs mi^rhty champii^ in embryOb' 

• ig. Strtn J9w, Arc.} Pfndif »n h«* M Nfmenn Cdr it1!t ibf* 
bine ftcj:7i wh;chj at ji may bcf fA"<^i>^^o lothc cgrioui tofeabiM 

Chnrg'd with tevcYf cr^mmifliQn u> dtilrojr 
1 be yours AJdd<j, Jove begotten *>oy : 
Hofiii ■DO hogf. wj:h vr\*xty in sxvre fej^, 

Tl»tti on ihtir betliu prune, high-fiwoln wii gore, r j 

'llicy isti^ed {inooth along iht niarhle floor: 

Thor £cfy ry« b»lli <}in«d Jko^inc tl.^me, 

Apd from thcj; JAWi dcftroflive pgjf^n <iine. 

/element's Ions, when near [Jic krpcnti pielt 

Dariinj( iheu forked tonfjiiei. iv.'oke fraia rdlt yo 

Atl o'er ihi chamber l^une i ladJcn Licht» 

For all i« doir ca )airc'4 djCcernine /leht. 

V/ljrii on ihc fhirld hii ioei Jphictui Iia. 

And their dre faii^ ihjt iuin'd each liuriii JCA'. 

Af^hirl he nii.iM hu voice with hiiietery, jj 

'J'tifcn' oli ihe covering, and prepu'i QO t/ ; 

Bui HcKulci IffcLeK'd out kit Anni id dafp 

The Icaly uiDFitlcn in hu ifon 2rt^i 

Fait in euh hand Ehe vcnnmM /mti he prvft 

Of diecafU lerpcnu, which cr'fi god* deidl. 40 

^i£ttcnt wfiLcn manage ihe fiuDc fubjefli I £h«l< t*^ the Jibcrfj Bo 
fire ID Mr. WcllV tMi^JldLJon. 

Then i^lcu-Jng wiih Jai>i)tin>] 'tfie, 
The gf^IJ.en^h^flnfd eiiipr<l'i of (he goda, 
K<r eager ihif tt of vengeflrtce i» :ifT'uCf;ef 
SiraU to her haled li'sVi cur^'d abo^ 
flad l>cr vijKli£livc itv^nvx ha[le. 
ThejF through ihe opening nlvrt with fj^nd 
On to the chimbef'i deep rccefFn naft. 
I'o perpmace chdr munJcroti) <Jee<I ; 
And no#i in knotty muei u> infbid 
Their JcdinM prty* on LuiUng fpirei thry roIt'J* 
Hit daumli^ri mg/ nheo vOMig Aicidet rev V, 
And for iheir fix A tnempc hii infint arnu pKpor'd. 
F^ft^j (herr ixurc Dccka he ht\4. 
And i^rip'd in either hand hii UAy foes \ 
Till from ihcir honid ufcalei. etpell'd, 
Ac length the poifbnouft fonl oawifJing Oou^. 

• sy- Tu€irfiiwy$yt-h^Ir^ 5fe.] The Grttk is, « »fi1.tfV«'^ 

^ffrvatl^di PieHbn (fee hia Veiifirriitb) iead» wi^ miicn otore cfe> 
pnoe and pmprifiy .Nrj^f^xiK, hotiag '•jiry kmt/t. as iht ryes 0/ IVm 
jienc* »rr :itwap rrprefcnTed : Heficsl, fpettinj^ of d^»gona, ulV th« 
lame ^vord turire> >■ u^a>v irt^ itMiwr* Jb^wpit^. ThtOg. r*i. H»W, «n4 
in ihc fhield «> HcrtuIeT, rer- 145, ^kACBagpHc-i hiiin^, lit brU^t 
Jikewifc the autho<iitc» of ^umcTt il^fcnjlut and 0[ipiu, 10 fuppoit 



Their cit(I1tic[ rplm, in manv a d^radfiil fbM, 

ArouTid tfcf I]Ejw.begori«n banc th^y rofi*i, 

'J 'ho b4b« uik\v»n'<l. ye\ ij^nonint orfcJir» 

Who never UUCr'd cy, oor fliH ■ icor, 

Ac Ut^j^th rbcii carli ibry Joi;>'J, Jbr rxck^J whli pjia 45 

Thry tlr^vt? 10 'fupG the dcadiful firip^ in v^in, 

AlciocDA lirJt o'erbeard the mournful cmi, 

And LO her huit>sad ihui: " Aniphiuton, rifei 

" fUrk. how for help <br ^->ung Iplu'cTai cilU ' 
** A faddrn fpl^ntlorr lo f j|!umri ihe «a|Ji \ 
** Tho' yift I" Ihadn of mfthi oi>lcv^e (ht fliict ; 
" Saipe dire difjiilc iKrciiit i Amphiuyon, life." 

She fpcike; the ptincir. ubciJirnt ta her vord, {; 
Rcifr from ihf Krd, iMui iVi* d h\\ rlch.tvrewjht l'i;i^oi4l, 
Which, f>n a fiUiivriEg nail jbove bji hnd, 
l^u <£ by the CAld'Jck la Th« ccdir tc^. 
Tlicji fiom the raJiiiitt JIlcalIi of t«ito» m«de. 
^^'iih rr<idy h^nd he drew ihe Ihtfnng b]^e : 61) 

Inftini ihf tijrbi wiilidrev, and fudden gloom 
JntoTv'd a^in ttj4 w'lic <xWnJr;l raom : 
AioptiiiTyan C4lt d hii lum ihai numb^ijog Uy, 
Anil Tcpt fc^Lirc the ciidclV hours AW«y. 
" Rife, rrfe, my (L'fvAuii. fium yntircukichct Anil. £5 
" fitinv lighlt thk intbnr. ifid onbAr thr g^^lf-" 
lie fpctke ; (tic triin obcdirnE i« conkoiand, 
Afipc^r^d «ith eacb a tlinibciu ia hit hind ) 
Ka^( wiih smz^c. youiJ" Hcrtulci ihcy ititt 
GiA^p two fell ffffic'Tii lIoIc hcurjiih iliL.- jdjv : 70 
The mi^biy ihfanr Ibow'd iTiem lo hU /ire. 
And finil'd to f» the brtiThina fnaltft cjfpii^ | 
He leip'd for p> il>at ihi» tii* loca he fleMr, 
And M. his fMhct'a ftet the Icaly monneit llucw* 
Willi tenJcr t4fr Akmeii* ibcdly preft^ 7J 

H.ilMrad nith ff^r^ If hidnt ta her brfjid^ 
Wb le oVr hi-i tnif^hry fon Aiephitryoii fprexl 
The hmb'i fofi Ikece. «ad faif^hc ?£Aia hlo bed* 

When EJiricc llie ^otk prrjiiounc^d [he montiAg nciri 
Alcmcna c:tird [|ic tnjihproiLiiEiin^ ferr, Bn 


■ 4I. /<fr«r i'fihpi fy%'€i^ £cc] '1 bui Virgil, fpnkmg of (hc brl-' 
ficuGa tluttkvouicd LiuLUOiM f^ur» 

And firfl in curling fifty volLjnici bf^und 

He» Moycun^r litrni. and ivr^cc ibcm round ibd roomV Pm t. 

• ^4, AndJht'J'i"** &<■! The ^jfCCk i', l«>cf &9^ U^lVBrtafci 

fioiiW (o wlai Vufii fayk of Hhamno. £», (3. ji^ 
■ In flmubcrt detw he Uy, 

AnJj btoyripj, flept itie full ilehttucb awjy, Pjit. 

■ 74. It^ilk fruJtr tttrtt itc] IhujVafii^ 

£t tft^iJ^ 9Mptt f"^ift *J l^Q^r^ i«fM, £a. B< 7- ^^^- 

Div!n« TircTiJi; nd to turn Ibe trH 

Ttiii ft'*nvc evciii, 4itd urg'd him 10 aal^>)d 

WhateVr use ^tvife deitirs otd-t^n ; 

* F«sf not. Ilif ciiMr hat F^itc'i whctle will evpJaio ; 

* For wcti ihou Icnow'ft, O ! vencrabk f^^i B$ 
' TKoIc ilia wKi<h Fite drirr.iHficf, iMtn nett bftV-' 
She Tpokci the lioly aufur thu> repU'J ^ 

" HktI, ffiighiy ^ekcei. u Pcrtcus ncir illy'il ( 

" Parent f>l godliKc cSr«f«; by ihrfe d*ir rrc^, 

'* Wli^ch never mort fhill view the moroi^g rire. 99 

" full maajr Cfeciafl mnJdj, for cHif ai» rcnown'i^ 

" While ineni!; tky i«irl the fpindlc rojnd. 

<' Tilt day*i d«}fnc tS/ prailci hM procliioit 

*• And Gfrclan Tnirroni cclphr*tt ihy ^mc* 

" Sn gfUt- fo noble will (hy ofapHng protVt 95 

" Thfi iroCl gijiincic of the i^oJt Above, 

" Whoic ann, cnJi>w'd with more lh>n rwirti) Tiv^jPa 

" Shnlt miny [ni-ti, aciJ miriy inunller> (l^y : 

*' Twelve ttbouri p>ll, )i« fhill ro hcir'n srpire; 

'' Ui> moiul pan bill puii^ed by iat, 100 

X A*! 


■ 84. Foarmit JWc) Tliui Ailullorip 10 Cakhw, ILB.i. 
Fn^FTi ihy inmoll ibul 

Sptak Bihai iboo l;nA*'il. »od fprak withoaf con(f<wl, Po«- 
' 86. 1 hji 'th^ i£^.\ HoRkerpuEnft Uniimerc Qmilar to ihii IB Oe 
mcuih of lleL^or, B, 6. which ta ^nety trnnnNiod by Mr. Pope> 

Fit'd it ilic term to ill (he r^^ ^f vxsih^ 

And fuih the hard coniSiiion of oirr birEh : 

No force c^n tJ**n retUi. no ^Irght can Cive, 

All iirtkAlikCi ihc frarlul and ihc bnve- 
' 96. 7^ «>yf ^igamriit Ac.] Thr wordi &f Thcocritoiiee svtnfw 
vi^Tti rifVT, fU SfoaJ-irft^rj^ ht'v I J un iri doubl ho* 11 fiiovld bc rc^ 
dered : Crreth Iirk mnfUccd ir, ?"*# ntfyitfi Ivn^'n of tht ^•jdwg Jh. 
In Mcinirr^ U^jrHfy, J^, ||. H«rc\il<> ji thui itprefented unooj ibi 
ihadei bdow, 

Mo# I the nrength ofHercblca bthold. 

A lowcrinij fpc^re of jjiBafiik mold : 

A ibadoMry fnroi * (<v high jn hofen't Abodes 

KimA-1f rrfide^, i god aniCKi(; the god*. Pom. 

On Vfhkh Mr, PiS|j« obfcrvei, ' The flncienta imaffine^J, ikat tiac»e- 
' dincely Aficr dctchr ihtrc Mra» a paniiion uf the huoian comp {itrm 

■ into tbre« paru, the Aff^y, /jpu/^ ind wW. the fo/^U burird ■> cbc 

■ enrifi I the f'va^f. oru^^itoi der«nd» into the rMionf^f the de'-i*:- 
' ed ; themrr^. nt f^,, (he divine pan, ii received tnic hcaveo ^ ih«> 
' the bvJy of Hffculci wei coafuctied in cheDacnet, hti lan^c urn kdL 
* end hh foul in hcivcn.' 

' loQ. H'$ wnrttt pari /'/t paHjitd hf fn^l The Crrek u, tirr* li 

^'/l Trjehin «4i a ciiy of TheflTily buiTt by Hcpculn. awl the ;Uc< 
eo ttbich heTcni lo Dntni'a fiir fhe fhirt tvliich piuifcd faiil «c» hiat 
j^d wat the OEcafion of (hfowiit^ hiiuSt\£ iaco tlic &'c iliM cnaAMMd 

FawVciV Troia/!tttUit 9/7%roeTint!i 

" Aciii (bn-in-law be natn'J of ihir drpad Powff 

■< Who fcQL th^rc dndlv Ifrf vnu lo d*roar 

" The Qumbvhng «hjld : thca wdv^t flull rofC th« liwn^ 

" Aad itrikc no CCfror in tfic pklluring ftwiu. 

" Sai, OfTOiqDfvnl be thiji [by iri^ncure, loj 

" Arpabthai, or p/kkl/ Wimble* bindf 

*< Or the mil (born thai tnmbLci in thf ^Hndr 

" And 4t dark midnrghi hum (tvHiil time ikcy cifiitf 

" To i\iy thy Aju) ihc Evrpcnti in iKc flamr. i lO 

" Nejfc morn, CfilleAed by thy fiiiibful m.iM, 

" Be Mil de lOiet i^ (he Aood <oni'ey'd, 

" And t>](iwn «n rough rochi by rhe favoiifLfip wind, 

" Thence let her fi^, but c*B iio Took behind, 

" Next v/hU pure (iifpdut purtfcthc Uauit. und bring 

" TTie par*ft waier fmm ihc tirflidJ fpTiAg> ) |fi 

■■ Thii. mix'd Mih 61c, ard with green o!]*e crowa'd, 

** WiL cleanft tbi- hie om*mina«iJ ^xaund. 

** Lift let ■ boa: on Jo*c% hij;h ilur l->;«i!. 

" That ye iotll jEdjjevcmcdtt may foccccd." ifo 

ttiin : hence thereforrj probably, ThMcritm ctlh h the Ttichlniaa 

* 10^. 7^ lacivtit &C.] Vir^i] h»r TVa fnffi iiffi/iif$ fiftCfi. (^c. 
Bu(h auEhori feem lo have borrowed from IfiUh. clufx if. ver. 6. 7ts 

*Wllf/ Jhxif itiijtil fu-'fih fhr /amfr, ^md ih* Uotar^ ^afi lir ti^', 

' 1C5, ^J/^ O jp"/j/ faffB, ire.) Ar(hbiihop PoHcf obftrvn, * fome- 
timet <he ominoiti thinj; wai bumi with /t£in i^/f.riui, ihil t(. facli 
fert of wood 41 w«i r« nf/Ai riff^rwii tfhr»m a-vtrtrniiim^in. fjcicd tL> 
ihegodi of hc]L. and ibofe wAJch averted cvtl omtns, hz\i\yi chie^/ 
Lboms, >ftd fuch nhcr ireei, >i were lii for no other ore than to ba 
biirntd, &>mrtimti the prodigy, when tiurnr, w.t* eift inin thr <««- 
ter. and puticalurly iuio ihc {^^ M^ TheocriEui hu deferibed/ 

Cb*p. 1:, 

' IV7> /(^0/jtr//«j,1 A pltnt called the Rofi: of Jeruf^iUin. or ouf 

Lfldy'a Them. Johhiot*'* Oif'- 

* '■- ■» ?w/J hambifi^'l The Gwk it i»7fiyef, pfh^rHi 1 itlucli 
Martyo fayr, u moJt probably ihc pbnc w^^cK i^ CvlLrvaced in our t;ar* 
dcni undtr the rrfeaieofChriEl't Thoini iUid la (bppofcd 10 be the !bom« 
of which the ciown wAi made, ibit wju put iip6li oar SdvioOi's hc4id. 
Nek» on Virg. Eel. ^. 

' loK, O' rA* /*-/ thtrnt fte,] The Orsele ii, % tm^ ^hf«^A>Bi -idh 

WhatpbAC wjl! anf^cr to tU achctdua ot fW artckno ; HoiSrr in thd 
Odyfty. B. 14, vcr, 10- h«t fci^ud tltc ijlvao loJgt of Cumxut wnlt 

The wi!l Tu»; R4>ii«, from nrf[;t)bViag ^QfLtriei bOrd, 
Eo<irtk-d *ith ■ f<iicc ofriaij^e Lhora. PoFI* 

* UK Ntm mtrn, &<,] The nicft ponerfal of «1l incinUtToni aas 
todiniw theilhei of i tie laeriiice backward iuw the water ; ihus Vitgij, 

•TliHi rpok« Tirc&t*, b«uli»c !•« with ^^c^ 
An<I to liii ivoT) cji- icLir'J tte rcvccAd tigt, 
AlrSdn grew btntnK hi* mixbcr'i cj/r. 
Like icfne young p^r. Iijitiritni, TrrA) uk) lUr* 
Thai fcr«*t>'d J>o Horsit JcSet the b^fuTUil^ IS5 
Aad for AmphiiiyDa*! valttnC ftm lu p«i. 
Linu*. who clnpi'4 Apollo for hta fire* 
With Imrc of tf iicn ilitl I'U )<>u[h Inlf ire. 
And ftrav« h$i gfcic jiioi ca crJir^r, 
A friendly luDor, fiiiliful to hU charjt, ijo 

Frooi EurftD* bit ftill in Hooting c«»C» 
TiJ fend ihc Hiifl it[icrii j^ ofit) ftia- 
P-cmolpni lufl'd hit minfy tcicr 10 Adj^i 
iVfid all f*'prr miifir 'mm ihf /jprjkihg flring^ 
In lilted \i\lA* ro it'dltfi v/itb bit l«e. 13; 

Wiih ican Arm !£■ draE the d»ihfiil blow, 
Aad ckIi 4i.hi(ic[QcnL hhfrc fair fame U t^^K^ 

V/>infp IcaW lo jj^rim, >r»J inrible in H^t, 

No man coijld mr the fcnntd*Uc iiEhc ||o 

Su( t<rnd Am;fbitrri>ff, >si(h a father) o^ 

To drive die du^iul ua^lu hri godlike bcir» 

Al (he Ihaip t*ifn wiih rapid whcela to roll. 

Nor trcak the grazing axle on ikie goal ; 

On Arrive pT^iti), W f^c nerout ftceoi rcnovn'il. f^f 

Ofi wai E-lic cbkf with fdce-woa honour) cnMVtt'di 

Add tlill uTt brake bis And«iL( ch4^i[H Uy. 

Tho' wflkcf irift lime hid cic (hf Tein» avay. 

To Unch ihc frvifi to ruQi upon the foe, 

Btnuth th* fhitid to Ihun the l^chicnS blow. 1^ 

To mir^al boils o^f^nj^ iottt to fbrcc, 

To lay clofc tmbufh, dnd tcid on tbt Wfr* 

Ttiefe CuOot uugbi hinu arcqucArUn fnuntf, 

What time 10 Afgoicxil'd Tydeui carti*. 



' 1!^ Lrtt/omrfjir jiitnir ^c] ThfCiinUj* hit borroubcd UuiffOm 
Homer, £1, B- i£. ~(lketi% fpeaking of ber (on, byi, 

Tn ^r pj'H {^■4'IVb pvi^ art y*i« &^V9<> 

Like (baic fuj pUm. bcae^ih uiy urcful b^nd, 

ihr Und. PoH. 


Hcgtew. hedourifh'd, urd hc^rac'd 1 
' 140. A^a Plan fou^d ifor, !^c*] Virgil Uyi ot 

' llfi* AV£rra^« &Ch] Jn the ctiAriOl-raccH ihe ^mCeft Care wttl Wli 
be uken 10 Auoid ruiibing i^-iiiilL tliegnal; Nritor iJi rhr ;)d book 
the Iliad, r^ry parcicuUn/cuitioni hit foo m ffgvd to thtfpoiot ( ud 
liorK« dyi, 

' I54< ^Ui iM< tt A't^j. AcO The Greek n, 

Kaevf ■9«s>Jw tlgm, pvyvf Afy»3f J^kAk*. 

FawVejV Trrtttptam efffjfscritur. 



Whrre from Adrailui ht hi|{h Tivour BainMi I55 
And o'er 41 km^doin, /kb in vW)«nJ^i fcign'U. 
No thief rikc Ci-ito, till Cdnfumiog liate 
VnnrtvW Uig yoKt^v jiiiJ crcpM the f^o\den priiiLf. 

Thus Hercolct, liii motlicf'i joy Jtitl pnticj 
Was utun ci up like 1 v^rricir: by (he Tdc iGo 

Of hii frcat lather^, his icugli couch kvai fftrcad. 
A Iron*) fpQjIi i:uii)purM hit gut^a] bciJt 
Roaft-mcaC he lov'd AI fuppcr to parukc. 
The brtad he bncied vai the Done cike. 

But ftill 41 nry^n f^jjl Tpiringly he dm'J- 

Hii dref^, conirivM (m uCe, wa rxK and pltin. 

His OtTf" w*r* (€ATHy\ for be wort nf* ttain, 

' The conclufion of thi« Idyllium is wanting in tbc ortguuU* 

!c i£ not to be woncf^red if m 1 work like ibia, the latter patrc 
©f which has hafdiv found any commentator, diiKcultJcs fhouU 
occur^ and mi^^ke^ fhoiild be macfc by thr tranllaior. In (li« 
Above Idvllium he tranflstca ira.iix b^toivt^ the * flow-bcgottca 
'fa&bc^* fuilowin^', at wc fuppuft^^ tht tui^rpfciJtion of the eld 

Hinder fjmrJ/arxtatfur^, i^^'i/i£ rrtcivU Jrg^sf-Qm •^d"i_^ni. There 
U grr:if Inmn^Acncy in ihii pallagr. whkh nohcHiy, 1^91 I knoAr nf, hu 
oblrrir«c] or mcd lormiMfy * «p bAvr no accouni ;n htllory, thnt Lnltor 
ctmc ri fujfitivo to Ar^oi, Lot that [ydrus did. wc hqvtf iadifpuiablc la- 
tbotJty, <>cc Uomn'»[l. fi. I4< vn. j J9. DiomeJ l^yi of hu fjthcr« 

-■ i ^^y firet from Odydonnpcird 

H« paf/d 10 Arpoi. and in txv.^ duLr13''ij; 

The monarch** S^uthiCf ibcrc (fr> Jove ordaibM] 

He won, Krd flounm'4 wbcir AdrAllui rd^n'd: 

There {\yX\ in foriunc') ki^ia bi& vkci hU'J, 

Behe d hii vJnpi thrir It^uid h^irvell yield. 

Atid nomdrou* flocki that v^bJtcn'd at] the fafld. Pom:. 
On wliich RuHaihiui obTcrvei -, *■ '1 hit ii 4 very artful COlotw: Piomed 
*' calli ih« fti^hi of hi) fiiher. Tqi killing or« cf hli biothcr^ trwvtUing 
'' d>y diurliiwi ax Aipn. wi^out n^cntionrn^ the «(Hc 01 ouiilon of 
" hit r* (ten." ^IWigfjE [venture K^ ofltf an emeftdation^ I ktAitM rra^, 
fiyai A(v^>>6*Ht lod then the eonllriifiioD might be, C/?' r^titt 

tf '/'/«'■ ^Mthtr hi hstt fitj JM fjij'Ari ^vi»£ '«/inf4 fl^t JfVi'tifrtj 
/fstn a^ttfitt. Thu! Oie piHiiy,? beCDJiin ccifrcfj^n^enl with Hc*mcr, 
v/Eth gccd l^nfe and hillory ; for Tyffem fled firMn Caly^oniD to Arci^ 
for an>fiftivffhier. whcT« hv insrji«d Dnpylr. ihc daughf'r of AdraLfut, 
and it fheuld f«ED by thi» piAige, afurwardi fucc««(]ed h^m tn ib« 

* 164. J)arVrtfl/*] AcoiTjebrwllJkt Ebofcciknwhich Che Aihe* 
flaw called «i)uihj/ 

P 3 Sii£&ii^\A!^> 





314 Fattic3*i TVtfi^/CitMv ffthivruiti: 

ftheltifl, who iraafUtc* it futrMM tm'di-gfmUm ^ the tnic Sjfr^ 
ficttiop, however, h iht Itte-bom babe. 

Mr, Fawko acknowW^cA hioifcU b <k>ubc how he fbouU 
tnr.ait« rti« following pai!j^ ; 

*V)t> it^ lifiA ■arrfl, 1^ ^m^ l!w« <&>>. 

^ttt the difficulty woitM h:ivc vaniAetl, lud he obfrrved thai ike 
ihiM «ctfc 13 (Sort c<lf1ll^llclJ witb the coiKlufiofi of ihr fcctmd, 
thin thkt i« with the iirfl. By rcfcfrin^ th« «tr» rip«c* irA<nf 
r'^tff . 10 li i^*v9it jnltcjd of cinyiog it forwird to 'Ou It^ 
^a^TA, £cc. uccafioficd the im proprietor vf Uiic liJic in the trtnC* 
bttotH^ ^ 

Tbc oioll siianiii of the gods ftbore. fl 

ITi» noteort • What time toAtgoa' &c, uvrell 2* hi»alttn* 
fi<in of the t«t, is to no purpofr ;— there is no inconfiltcncy in 
the pjiflagG 03 it now ilond^ : ^vyv.^ 'Advice rX9urT c^equij a fu- 
gitive ftf or ffom ArgpSj urdoubtcJIy illutit? to Caflor, whcr- 
wiTc thi: whole thioc vcrfcs would be tntioduccd only Co mvk a 
jkoiiit uf tlmi^, which could never be the delicti of XhcouUn^ 
who ia fcldorn fuperflaoui in what he introduce}. 

Whatcter apptohititin or iJiJulgcncc Mr. Fiwkcs may cUtm 
fromtjf, aaa iranllator, wc murt be allowed to fmileai hi^eom- 
ittcnts and iricmpts at cnticifm. Hj« cotnmcnis, ijidccd, in 
^corral, arc liiilr mtire than the quotation of psflagei panlH 
loihpfeof his author; but of ihla part of hii voik he ii Uirifh 
to a degree that ii even ridiculous. Thus, if a fword U drttm ^ 
from (he Ihcath by fome hero in ThcocriciUi he quote:s Virgi^fl 
nAd h:i trandaicr Pici, to fhcw u» rhac a fword had likcwdc 
|»cen drjwn from the flieilh by another hero : 

Thrn froni ihc-ir ihcmhi ihc IbJuiii^ lihOfdi ihej driv> Txtoc- 

Aod from ibifhrsTK ihe fhinln^ inleH^on i^rviir. Pitt. 

If 3 filcbicn glitters, Horace and hi^ tfLoflator, UuHcoMOft 
are quolcd in piore ihac f^lchiorif^ glltlcfcJ in Eraly ai veil s 
In Greece. Miny hundre^t ^f notci here are of the lame kkkd* 
which ftreofnootherconfcqucncc ihaa 10 £11 up the page ;Bni 
It ii by no mc>a> unenrrrtiinrng to (ec fuch enrr^ frequcfit ^u»- 
tlltofii from Franeii Kawkct % oc to lv>d a whole note cn t p ^ u yrJ 
In telling ui cf the tvrj ^vouraMt rr^^pEimt nf his trutfUttOttd 
Anaerrofi, of whieh a new cdiijon will cvty fbon be pvblilNJ- 
But Mr. FavkeA trtiical lUliuva 00 where appear in fe unf^ 
vourable a light u in his note upon dw foIkviAs coupict 

Thui dre«ch'd :n b}TO4 the IVbu tcmm £ej fn^^J 
Aad giief not Pentbr*! froa the smncitat bmisbc 
Tbpre n pieat beantj-^ fay* he, m the originaJ^ 


Which arifing from Ihc fimihniy of the word* niffir^xa and 
TTr^E^na, ctnnot be kept up in the tnkn^ation. Whiit the Tranl 
Jator calU a great beauty is certamlj^ a great pocrilityj aw 
makea it more than probable that rhU Idyitium^ which ia \m* 
putrd to ThcocjJtus, wjfr wriiicn by rooie of the lafer giarrw 


Tj&f ThirJ yotttrnt ef Mrt. MacaulayV Hi/ery tf Ei^!an/f, con— 
cLJed. See Review tor April, ^7^7- 

SEVERAL unavoidable accidenti having interrupted out at- 
tendance on rhib Uir Hlfforian, wc now gUdfy n^|oiri the 
JcajntJ litJ^t ■n^J ircha|>|>]r in the litfl opportunity of cxpTciUng 
with what pltafuftf we atrtml her progrcfs- 

Our laft ictouni of thii valuable pubUcition concludcJ with 
fatr^c aniTnadtrcWiniiJi nn the Aiilhor*» idea of thr jufb firrdnma 
of lociety, which Che unhappy Charles, whofc reign ia the fub- 
Jed of the volume before uv, fo fittle undrrllocd, that he vio- 
iutcd the fnoft ciTential and fundamental pnnciplea of ficcdom^ 
by cnmjng with an 4rit;cd ioru: to lh« houfc of commoris. w\M 
the iriiTEitioii of fclzinj* fome meinben on tbcptctcnccof airea- 
fon.jblr thifgt againtl ihcm. 

The pafriculjn of (his rafh and tynnnic:)! Hep are wHI 
known, and need not be repeated. But the Hittonan^a-rcflcc* 
tinn« on the king'c groundlcfi impuraiinn of trrafon by which 
he attempted Co colour this a^ of tyranny, are w^icch noting r 

' If by " placing in the fubje^ an aroitrary and tyrannical 
power," wa« mcsni the enlargmg the jMiifdictmn of parliament, 
and afTiiming an ai^ bv whitih th^c ppiiliiJticnc wa? noE to be 
diJTolvrd cr prorogued without ihcir own confcnt, then wfro 
the iTiaiority of both houfca crimmal m a high degree. Jf the 
Appointing a guard of the t/^ined-bands to watch over the feru- 
nty of parliament was rajfmg *n iljegat force, then was the 
whole parliament invctvcd tn the fimc guilt as the fix u:cufcd 
membc. M the inviting the Scotch atmy to ccmc inro fliifi- 
Und was ireafon, then was the Scotch invafion ihc hii^,hi;ll A^iX 
of treafon ; rotwiihftarding it had been fjUmnly dccl^iredj hy 
the mouth of the whole ]cgif1aturc of bcth kirigdomsf ihot it 
wai a laudatde exertion of duty} thCD were ihc Scotch cnir- 
nanters yet criminal, and the parliameni of tn^Und g^^ilry of 
frealbn in rrwardirg them wiih a prefect of ihiee hundicd thou- 
fand pounda, and paying; them the whole expense of t^eir cx- 
prdition, irrriead of enabling the king 10 TiibiiLje them by foice 
of nrmit. [f the parliament was compelled by violence and ter- 
ror to thifc A^st through tumults utlcd and countenanced by 
the Tut members, then wat evcrv thing ihax had been done bj 
this parliamcni null and invalid. 

P4 'Wt*. 




dovbc it i^ixdt Co piovt rco mj^h, il it » m»nt to jaflifj tht 
(iroct^imga cf the two hcufn uiwfcr ihc C*n£l^a of a ma^j. 
We Jo not hcliuir to dt\'1;irc ihii the pn[]2inent*a sfiamin^ or 
exiciitijtg »n 11^ bf which they wtic mtc to be ddToUrd or pro- 
rogOAJ wlihuul ibcLf ciwii (Xiti^iit^ mas aii jA uflrraEoji ac^inft 
ihcir conltitucjtla. It wii bcuaying ihc conAjCultvn. that 
tni^ vti lifKifi/i i ainl ihcy ocl>* whode^JicJ ihjr trufl uiwln 
ctrt^m hiriuiicns, coutd Ic^^aijy extfod k to luch a kin^ (tf 
prfpciuiiy. In t/ulh ihc be*!, oM wc roiy Ia>', the <xi!j jjj 
iicaiJon of the p]ilL;inicrtt3rv proceedingt oif tbofe <Uyv, u 
jfl) i fo fir u ihdr mcarurcA w«rc lua^iry for prcfcf vin^ puUW 
liberty, fo Cu and no f;»rihrr thry wtre, if not legafp yet jirfli- 
Aible ind budablc. Ncvcribdcfi ibe p'» of t>cccSiro9^ 
not to be admrj<d wilhuut f rcjt Ifiuplc nnd je^Lloufis nrce u*e 
Jirid b> Ihc tiKJ^nchdy experience of tbofc liin<^ that they wbo 
aJvincc bcyord the firl\ line i>f ihc ccjifluution to rcp<l one ly» 
raiiny^ wUl boldly fiep tivtr the nfl, to cflahiiAi ftno(h«r. 

Alter Chi) flj^rjiit a^K hoxvcvci, of i)i<u;Djr in Cbarlcs vc 
ca^inoe «v<inder xt any meafurct which the p«f livnent took to 
leflen his influence, and cuuad hir power. Though it be itue* 
ai h^ t]rfr<^, (haf » menihrr U not eniitlcd co pm^le^e C4i a 
chif^C "f ircaToa, y^t. idmiiting that tihirgc to luvc Wca ever 
fow;^1l founded, ht- imcfihJori violaled the eiinf}iiut)on moft 
^tlcjirully I7 Ihc ^Uc^il and iirKtrary rnjnncrin \vh4ch he pro-^, 
fecuied ihc limpofeJ offence. Thi» violjiion wa« thr more do-l 
pxrdonnblc, hncc ChaiJe», who was not tinacquainted wkb the 
uw>> muR hftve kno^n ihti it w»% hb duty tti execmc thrai in 
iduecourfecf hgil proccfi, by the n^inillers ct i^^ftice, who 
mjgtt be rcrponfibTc fo; their coAdii^l; hcmufl tidier known 
iha( i: w^fi jgainJi the princfplt* nf thSa, and of ewery tVec COW- 
Aiiuil^, tor A Icing to c;>:ecu:c the laws in hh own pc^fon itbl 
with an arnircl force* morr cfpcdaily 100 in ihe fifft inilsnce, 
>nd in in iiifbxice wherein he prolcilcitiy dcckred himiclf a 
piTiy, ^ 

In thr» extreme fituation, the king and parliamciit b^aa t9 
Diake hoftilc prr^atiQns ij^njrifl each othcj. Tfcc ling, p«- 
viom Id hi« atiempi of friiing the membcn, ha^'i»c; cndeavoureJ 
to frcoic the poHeJlion rf ihc town and ^anlfun of [FljII, where 
ihc arms and ammunititjn of rhc Tate army had been dcpoftted, 
the jtarJiinieni prevented hi* dcfig;n9. 

* No Icf* cauuoua and tJcfcfminrd wai their comdud En tho 
bufinefa of their violaied privilege*, aiid the profeeution of the 
fix members. At the rcqurff of the parses, the pafhamewt 
pcirtioneJ the king to declare whot prooli iheie were againft 
them, (liAt they iri-ht be fpr'diTy proceeded againft in a |iaiNa* 
mcriA'y way. Thi: Vm7_'% mC^eT was wrUA, Wc 40^\O.4n« 
f^!uu)}cjit to rcfoivc, wbevnci ht ^*i Vl^J«Al \t\ it*v*^ ** V^ 

Mrs- MacAULAY'i H:Jt9fy <f EngUmi^ 



vrl^tfc, \o proceed agalnll the memben ly inapcjchmctit iii pjr- 
)umf;it ; or whether be wia at hbeity i^ {ticfcr un indklmrnc 
:ic co[nmo;i Ucr ^ or to hivvc hit choice of ciclicr ? Thus lijj h« 
cvjJc eIic fiifccvcring lo ihc public itic princi,^Ic« on wliicli be 
touaded hii chir^ oX tre^ioni ^ind end<r4vour«d to bntic iho 
commom into the liiflicuTty either cf rtrufiu^ whic cifijcj^ iba 
>p|v;afin£V of jullJce aiiiI moderuion, or lo^ive jp 4 point oC 
libi^y, LA fut:mitting 10 be tried bv Uic lorttt j or to trud ^d, 
indiCbne^Eit at law, wlicrc the niiUmafpau oflhr plti would b« 
ovor-tulcd. viz. That it w»« the Icin/i mimlUrs hiLJ x^ommicicii 
tr<-;iror>> »n ciidc*vounii^ ihc TubiiCiiiiin if the ron^itutlun ; in 
changitij^f by jl tyrannical ;it>iniiultr:itioii, the governnnc»t tnto 
an abfdoEe mciiidichy i Jind fubjc^fkin;^ the libriuc^i and |i«>pri> 
ties of th« fubjed 10 afhU'^ry ^ill and plcifure : that to r^i « 
foKC^f and oppoic the miniflcM of icbitriiy power, wj& j 
levying urar ajainft the conflitutioriit rovvKljn ; >nd coof^ 
qu'.nily rujt ag.iinit ihc political chird^^cr cf the king *. Tli 
commons Tookc no other nniicf of rhU Mqu[?l>, tbjfi iHcTtiii^, 
thai ic vras the undoubted rt^ht >nd privilege of piilite^nr 
thai none uf tts mcmbc^^ft coLiId be p(o<.~ccded againfl without th 
oonfent of pirliatnent) »nd a2iin*folicitcd the king, [liat tt.Cfi 
miebt be cillrd lo a Ici^t trial/ 

buch a plea, indeed, x\ the fair RiAorijn has here TuppofeJ. 
wouU und^^ulicoly bare bern over ruled ^ yet wr <<rc fai fiom 
thirtcing that thofc popular tncmbors would Have incurred any, 
dati^i^r in UuHirtg 10 «n irdi^incnt at law i ht bad Ihcy Tad 
no more th;in that they wrie not guilty, ihc^ jury, who we I 
knew tb^ mcrj» ci their )u(l»iicntioi>» hao not failed 10 hire ac 
quuted fhcm, but It umuIJ furcly have been n writ defenc 
CO have reJled on ihe ;LJLbortiy of riie idle ftAtutci, whjdi th 
Hiflij^ian rcJt^ri lu in tbc n^Jlc on the luiij %' abuvi; cirrd, l>c 
daniron^ made in fuch troub^clomc and :ifenuTti>out tJ(t>o a 
the nth of Rkh. the :d. anJ the til of Hcti. ihc^;b, i<ui have 
v«fy litilc validity In 2 le^al acd temptratt difcufion of poUi* 
Cjtl nghia. Mi(;ht noi ibe toytliili, with cquil weighs, hai-a, 
quoted the rtrarg* ^itutc «if Henry ihe Eighth^ which dechrcA 
that the king'a procUmations ihould hifc the force of a Uw ^. 
They are crttainly ir»JHdifiow* frJci^dt to ihe c-iuff of libertj'^ 
who endeavour to fuppon 11 on the profi of precedent. It hap- 
pily Hands on a truuier aLid a firmci bdfti* h Handi upon tlM^' 
ground of ^31u1a) Julliee ^.nJ immut^bie r<afon. 

As 10 ibc aJTertion of the coinmonsy thai none of tJielr menifi 

* "* Tt wAi <^1artd Taw TuT, by the Glutei of the eleventh of Richtrtfi 
IT. and the 61ft of Henry IV. cap. 4* tonJiclbecfj tooppofc fbr mlbu 
Arr^cfatbirraiy power TUfe ft4ivTci)itie fitli&cd w\<Va,%«hw\^AcAi 
Mtf/I ifttr ihff Jiafdie of U £d. \\[* 




at5 Mr>. Macaui-AvV ^»7 ^f England, 

bn» could be proceed againfi without confcnc of ptHiimcrit, 
M rtif pKliimfnt only aic hl^ no be pmper jadgn r>f their c^nti 
privilcgcti it would ill become lu to controv ert an afl^nion of 
thii natiirrj ;iiiil Id pomt out the c JCiau itiJ coiiTcqucncei of 
fiidi a ciiim. We muA therefore leave it to fuperior wi(!dom 
to determine whitt comfc ii lo be putfocd againll fuch dcliR* 
qucnCJ, in cife of the ^^// event that the parUunent Ihould 
wf cortfciLt to ary pioccolm^B agvinft thcin> 

Tbe king and hit pfldiarrent bcin^ thu* *t «pen variincc, 
the bita began, of thcif own Authority, to fettle the tnil'tiA of 
the kingdom by thfir ordinance. Though in thi^ cxtremtty It 
wjo obviuus thai the (vrorJ atone could determine their refpcc- 
tive claims, yeinnrach iidc rhcy wtic ai£tive with their prm. 
Dcchfations and rep)i«4 were proniil^^ (torn time to ticnr, 
andfsch mdcavDurrd tojuflify the oeccion ofpovrers, which, 
33 the Hiftorifln pfopcriy exprellcs it, were unauthori/cd by the 
common forma of the coiiftitutiijiu There wis [hla t'ilTcjef^ce 
bctsi'oen tticm, however, ihii, with rofpcct to the kin^, u the 
cud hi purfuni w^a evil and bife, fo i>ic nicam he cmplojed 
were not only tlkgal but inglorious: but with rcgvd ro the 
pailiamcni, the end whieh they, or at IcaH fuch of thetn as 
a^ted from the motive ihcy profefled, had in f icw^ vrt% tbe mod 
jnob?e which eould a^mtc human beinj^i, tho»t|ih tbcmcuu 
ihey employed wtrc not ;j!wiy» 19 he vintiJr'ticd ; and, when 
juftifiable, wertr Ibmctimes vijidic.ttcd upon vnottg principlct. 

The Hif^oriaii pjixccds To ictrauncihckint^^ tjpci dtions bcfbrt 1 
HuDt tnd hie Tefufa] of the parliament'! ordinance to fettle the ■ 
nnlibt^ and ftie occafionalTf enli^cnt her narration with fpirittd ^ 
and fKrtincnT obfervatioiB. WeJhotild do her injuflice, how- 
ever, were we to go no f^-Tihcr than ihia general aeknowledfc- 
ment, wirho;jt givirtg the Reader fome fpecJmen of her mertr, 
lor which purpufe we with pleafure tratifcribc the loUowinj 

* C^arlet, on his M^ arrival at Votk, found the iah;«bitants 
of tlu; couniiy veiy cautJovi in oScti^^ cheif ll-rvieei t snd ibc _ 
court, fof fome time, eifricd a very irraumful &nd foiticaey ^' ■ 
pr3, Thli did not coniintie |f>rig i the malirninti Aockcil in 
gre*t pumbrfi to ihh plaer of (mhty ; moft or the nobUity ltd 
gentry, of laige property m the kingdom, from a variety of 
caufei, rfpoufrct the fallen elV^re of monarchy: fome lookinz 
yet upon the king a the only fource of honour and richea^ eX- 
peflcd to ^lin rmk atiJ prckrmci^ts by aiuchio^ themfdvcs to 
bia fortune in thi« time of adveriiiy ; o«hcn, and thefe were the 
greatei numVr, men of abje^ mmd«, vbo pivd^ng themfdvei 
mafuKicd fijpcfioritjof totion, drcided more than riaverytltai 
eqvtal pinition of priviief^e and liberty to which the Ipirit of the 
tjciea ina» t'tMy ictitijiig ; oih^a, of Umid iuturct» appre* 




Mn- Macaitlay'j Nl/f^rj sf Enzhni, 


hcndrd the precariouE around* on which ttic piiltaniFTit had <Iif- 
(riiJcd the coinmon Jorma of tbc confiilutiort am! aji'amcd 
pcrwcri unknown to J^rcr 8gcv, TiipiwricJ only in ihcl'c M^h a^ 
by tbc incJmntions of the people, whole vobcik ivmpcr% 
mnitldcd lu their pucpofci to-Jiy^ might fo-niunuw fwr.ilia 
their idv'cnturgua leaders, ^iTid bow their willing nc^kv to fho 
fjimliur)okcof regal power: Tunic, whofe co Lcicncc;, baftljp 
c/jflave<i to th< dodrin«of pricfts, confounding political dutici 
with 4 ^^tk milUkcn fcnfc of religion, fLtbiniucti with (iipcHli- 
tioua Kvc;ence to the claims of crtc crown and ihr iritrc, ani 
regarded it an an a3 of devotion to iapport pecropjitih'ej they 
bid been taught Eo look upon as Umijx^ iiiid ofdiujni: origuial; 
fome chcrc were v^hot though potldW of fupcnonty of fortune 
&nd Jljiion to tbe pn^puhr leaders, yti bring infcniir in point 
pi at>i]itics and virtue^ were untbic io attain their repuution 
jind inilucrce : thcic, ^wU-') envious alTrflionA) curled [hatuufc 
which, if crowned with fuccefi, muft yet farther advant* Ihe 
yovit: and foitunCA of ibc nien they bated. Olhcia ag&in, of 
loofc morals, afpjiirg lo noihing but the eafy enjoyment of vi- 
cious bfc, abided by the rights of the ctown, beeaufc they were 
fccurc of finding, in the nofon*! hiaitine* of a court, all thnfc 
wanion amulements ffom which tbc fobrr manners and rigid 
yifiue of tbc patDameniajy party wxiuld have totally dcb^ncd 
them/ Tbrfe ftfle^ionv are inj^enioui, j^U »iid anitratcd. 

• TbedcfciSitn, fnir IJiflori^ii c*juriruei, iii ihe cjufc of li- 
berty wai much greater in the upper iK>n in the lower houfe« 
No lefa [ban niiic pcera were ifnpc4clAcJ i^ the coiiini'Htat far 
dq>;ning withflui [cave, atid flill continuing at YtJik, notwith- 
Aandm^ a lummonv and conimand to i^tum to the duties o£ 
thri/ o£cc. Kof chi* high afFrwir aitd cojircmpc of horh houfe^* 
And by fuch dcmeatiour jufHy fuf(jvitcd to pr- iM.te a civil war, 
they were fcntcncctl lu Infc thdr *(Jtt! imd pMVilrge in the prc- 
fenc purlt^ment \ and to fland commitie.i to \^k i owcr, during 
the pEcafure of the hoi^fc/ On chia piifu^t-, wc find ihc foU 
Jowiiig note: 

t* ClarcritJun icprcfcnts thi:f aa ^n high breach of privilc^Ct 
for the lower houlc to micrfiT' in a rnatier fo eittirety belonging 

to tbc upper houfc. Tbc faft is not only unfairly lUtcd by tbia 
llifloii^n, bur the cnnctufif>nt drawn from \x afc iinrfial ana pro 


Jftdiced: the Inrda themlclvcf inviicd the cctnniona to take a 
part It\ a bufincfx whub, they f^iid, concerned the f^kty oJ the 
realm, and rhc very being ot parlL«men(3. Tbc critical time 
cf this difobedicncc rendered the olfencc a (itihlic one ; ami it 
liras in Ihit fenfc alone that the comn^om, ju t)ie general inqui- 
Atora of the kingdom, impeached the ofTcnden* " The waho 
tjrawing Theryifelvu ftoni parliament, Taid they, ii co-operating 
with the dcfigni of that pduv fioov vjW^'i n\^Wft«L\ *-^^'^^*V^^^*^^ 




Mn- Macavlay'i IS/fv^ cfEi^hnd. 


the n;ition t> daalr ihresirrcd whfa the hornws of a civil wtr." 
P#/A //i^. Vol, XK p. i38, 1^5^ aoc, 325/ 

The fair Hif^oriAii'v irdcrt 2caT for <ht caiifc of liberry hu 
in ibi» pcrtiapt, tt in ma«i^ oihcr injlaoccj, betrayed her \t\\n 
> ptnial vin^jcsilon of proceed ingi which aic not to be luf^ifirJ 
on anf prindpTc^ of rcafon or ncccfficj* One houfe M parii^ 
Riertc for wry nbvinui rrafotK ought nnt to rake notkrc, ncahtc 
on ihcry prnptrly, orwhU pAfles >n the other, tJl tt i< lif;i)tfied 
in a piiluincjir^Ary wjy. CUrrnJon h wjtt>0(cd 111 r'-ortle^t> 
ing ihii u aji high hfcach or privilege : and thc/ugh the lordi 
miifcd the commcni to uh part in « bufincfi which conccrr^d 
the Tjfciy of lh< rc«lm, t^cy c^ftiinly could n<« iriend cocom- 
plinKni ti>c commons with * ftnicndcr of (hrir oirn pfivilc^u. 
It is no drTrncT of thr rrrnmom to faj, ihtt * the CiicicA] tin;* 
<jS tb<> rfifobrdirncc rendered the oiffDCC a public onc^ and 
ihat In this fcnfe ilonr iher, x\ gcnfral kiqutfiiont^nf the king* 
d<T«ra, imi^^chcil the oScnJ<fs/ Let the ofiencc have b«en cv« 
fo public* thry CouJd itue it^ulftrlj- be pccTomrd c^^ufjAt 
of ibv abfence of memben frocn the ocher hctifc : snd 
tf to ibeir bcin^ fftteral r^fnifysrit fure «'c arc thai DCiihcf 
Mf*a fltfrTit, nm thf hii'lt/'igMu ni*ke mention of any fuch 
cifecrt : we niay add, tkat oor cooHitg^icn know* no fach of- 
fkcen r and nv bapc nether to httr ci any fisrfa oeain, 

Km tf the comnnoos in ihii inilancc'ircrpafTcd on the petH- 
U$!Ot {4 the lords it>c kii^ in his nrplj to a voluminout 
^KUratiMi from ihe pvtuAc*', attacked tht p^tvilc^e? of both 
IkMifaai foTt ainon^ otbcr thin^ h« rencttred to aiEen, tfaat 
the vv^n ml fdUoEMia of hotb kMfin h^ no aMCfaonCy vith- 

CVl bUc««fr«K 

I'hiaaOettM vn certaM^ a ft«tc 4eiJ loa gmer^. That 
iW reMrt^oM «f M^ b«iafc« Itt^ do aMthorhy iff matters uf 
%^ltfMwiifco«ttelEvif%rBalhu,c^Ed«heieri'l; but tlut 
th»ipotf«iMti«MMmaflrho«fthoofca h^w their IihJU^ckt, 
Wi^D«^ tW r^y%t iAihi ta — Wa t wftkh art tadilcaiml and coU 

IWhifcha* revered i^uke Bobce of Ae nutrxtrnM and 
tt4to«M Atkmihm a^ aafwcn aMA «we poMiJfesd 00 iKn^ 
l*s »iy<%er iwt» th» ira y A t itfo a fce yct<^ rtich irenr laaJr 

'^e to 4i^bwvv*w 
*l^fttHao^^hitlfam, ^ ■ ^ ■ ■ ■ia^^i^ac VHOeocc 

•^ p>J W>^ mull be a 

** *^«»«f * ^m it N to b« inia- 

r*^'^*^^^^^ At wnmiAM of f.If- 

1^b£ ihe 

Mri. Mac^ULAy"; Ui^ery 0/ England, an 

pirliamcnt, a^uateJ by a gencrom love of freedom, 3mmatt4 
with rhc hopes »r attJuiin^ the bfigl.iefl, ;bc rnoH viavicut ob- 
jt& of nmbicion, ^tnd inuccd by the kit of ig;tm fallirg inio 
that flaveiy from nhkh ihcy ha«i ^lotloufly redeemed ihcnifclrn 
and coujiiiy, fhould Lirgc m:ictcrt to the exfrcmicy cf war, u 
iiCLth<r ^ fut^oll cf furpuu: or bl^mc i but cbic a prince whi^ 
hid, forthe fjjaceof iweWr ypari, rwaccd the conftitutlort by 
repcited afbof cyr«rny and vjclcncc, had Icvcllctl the boun* 
dario oDsw, and th/own down rhe bulwarki of civil ard rcli- 
QOU9 ficcdoiTt i ihcit luch ii prince, iu hia advcrfo iUte, Ihoutd 
hnd a p^rty cu cfpL>ufc hib biokcn ri^nunc^; chktjie /houM be 
4bkco pcr[u4ic men 10 rilk their al!, in dcfojicc i>f hit gr^niJeur 
afid authority; that he TiouM be abte 10 pcrfuaiJc men to lift 
iheJr impious hanJ« aj^aiiift the aliare of LibcrEy, and drench 
iheii coumry iii bIvoJ» to fuppori him in « power he haii 
abufcdj arc circuml^ancet whieh exhibit a meliacholy proof of 
the extrCTne dcpiavity of the bunuii ntiiiJ, mbcn mai cttfc-io 
balance ihtir aSc^lont by the fcab of virtue tnd rcafon.' 

ThcfcfcDtitneiw arejuftand oiicitirigH The fuppoit which 
tyranny ran« from ihe bireparcixAriy^ ^hoaie se atl ritnn ready 
rouphoiait, 10 indeed a molnnchaly proof of humandcprarity? 
And wc wi]1 add, that it h at che f;imc iinii: a [imrif, ihar the 
potiticdit eonHiCution m^ radically b^J^ when a ptJVJtc mcerett la 
cftablifbci] i[icurn[Jd(iblc with the -aicril good. They who tic- 
feod the grandeur and autharity of the lyunt, only labour to 
preftrvc hit tyranny, ib^f Lhey muy be Ucc tucxcrcifelbcirown* 

We jhall Eorbe^ir to make jny pattieiilar animadverfion on Uie 
pagr^ which follow, and which contain an accouni of fruiiJcfs 
imtrei, and of batitei fougbt with virioui foctef*. We wiU 
on)^ cbfcfvc, that the volume concIuJci with ihc lafcJng" of 
RnUnI by the king\ fortes, whirh platr-d hii atTurri in a tri- 
umphant (latCi that happily waf. buCof fllort cot>Cinunnce> 

The jilc^tfure wiib wbL^b we hivc hiiljcito perafed ilib wOTk^ 
makes ut impAtleiit for the rciraming votumev, which from the 
nature of ttic mattiiaU wtll, we doubt iiott be Rill more Inter- 
cftinff. Wc could wifh the fair hiflouon, however, on fome 
occMionit to inudcfatc ihe cjLdbcrancc of her zca), which now 
and thenbeirayi her into ihe appeiranre of pjrtial bias, rrpug- 
nant of the truth, and Itadi ncr to adopt idle tales from tbc re- 
publican writers which arc inconfitUnt vjtih the dignity of 

• SgehiitbeliFlv'flory r«Iarrd frarn Whisloclsr. of ihanJfomeyooflgl 
tnano^ a nanrkMc J/^i^^ff jlr^t vho ^ai whipped by the royali^^ 
and who b<m'^ otlcd ' traltorlv ro£«c' by ai^ old M»ni±Dp bid jnft] 
fircDCiheaoaghiOKtjrntbeBLllinjfi^iiEe, by calling ber a 'htfcvhorr/ 
tod ma dropped dowa d«id> 


COYEH'J IftUr U tUa^r X[aTT. 

AVe arc by no mruis curiou* ro difcoy«r bUtniibes in t 
But jd m the liccrjr/ republic, thcnt U no djdmflion of n 
or icx i we arc prrfuadcd frc vill not be o^eiiJcJ^ if w« takf 
jioticc, that though her ft)-le ia m gci^erd lieivouj uid ftaii»«tdr 
yet it h here 3Liid ibL-rc-ioo inflated artd redundutt. 

t An i;iftjiiicc of ttili kind m«v be found in the Ihnrc dttniAer |1r«t 
oTIord E^nnkc, who uai billnl hy i mufcri fhoc from tbc b»f^ oTt 
priviEe Ibldicf* ' l"hm the f*ta! >iin t*i i (Oininoa hrt&if d*fHir»d iA« 
nicioaof uncminrni citiicn, whofc ercry afUon df puLltcltfc, ilcniji; 
fium tbc /T^v 0frf^E&ni of AjitU iwrrif m /* 4ffp9tifm. asd 4n udcm .ru 
^ tihft), f<rr>Wthe7fqj9of Alnllbntpatnotiltn.* 


jf i^-Jirr r# JO*^^ Maif^ Sitr^Mry of the R^tJ Society i <m- % 
raining M Airfira/l rf tht Rtlashm of TrmjeOffi tf ikfr'ad 
ffatimt^ anttrnhti m P^^$aiaKj \ with a ntrt 6artia£r Jr- 
tmitt (ff ihi ffvtral Dlfi^vtr m 9/ tbt iaU/I Frtmh and Etq^ 
A'lffi^/tf'ff'"', r^lilhv h ihis gi^aniH Rcu pf Attn } i*Kkid^ i 
fatU Rtply tit i!k ObjtSlhrii made la their Exijieitit, Hy A&^ 
Coyer, K, R, S. Svo, a s, Btckct aiid Do Koodt. 

T^VOCTOR Mjiiy, en the rcluru of Conimodort Bjroft 
\J ff i*ni the Scfdtscf Magellan, communicated lo Mon*"- 
^cl^ Co Eld amine the iccoutit uf the difcovery of tboP«U^- 
Braiis> — ;^onn after (hii, ihrro appcamj, \[\ xi^v-. Jtunt^ Km:jci>- 
ftdi^M* an extraft ^om a letter wtiuca by Motif, de b Condi* 
■lint', which tuiis ihuA: 

* I have j»Il now leimcd that the ilory of tht difcovry «f 
the Pat^igoiiian gtarici \^ merely fabulcjuji » and :hi: ;he Einill 
tive out the repurr» only t4> cover the defi^ of tiiuag outmt 
llLip>, wiiich ihcy IcjTi (o ihat couniiy, for the wutkin^ tift 
mine which they h^ve difcovcred there. I ajtn ainid piy mrai 
dv^i Maty h«th too rtadjiy given credit Co this piece of nc«i* 
Our minifUy cancelled the articlct when it wu goin^ to ty to* 
fcfied in ihcGxKcttc dc Frimcei depending on the felwn^! 
M^ de Boug:iinvil[ct who, having touched on thofe p(VT5, M ' 
iome jnCcrcourfe with the ratagoniaos, traded with thesi, >r» 
■ffnm thrm to be of the urdiaaiy fi-Lc, It iitfitie that 
Bou^ainviUeviGted but on« pail of the coall} but then a ff h:^ 
ju;ioii of i^utiiH fiiic '^^ t^iS^v ^^ A ihin^ very dilEcult to M 
btlicveJ. ^«vei3l ihingt are added to Dr, Auqr'f naefaDiCi. 
fufh asthecjptainS name, &c. 2cc/ 

MvTif. Coyer advifcsUt. Maty of vrhatpiiTed in Praocf, 
of the liEilc credit that ww given n>hia gianci. — The Dr. hftw 
ever Hill perflated in ciaintiining tht credibility of the rfpotUj 
And thi) trom foch evidence m he thought tiuiic fuScicnti'l 
rhat reUrtd only to ;i UnipEe nutter vf fad.^-Monf, Coyu bc^l 

C<)VER'i ImfrnD^er "Matt, 


cflina ft tborougb convert : and it the moft convmcing proof of 
faiEi convcrfiort, he addrdTc-t to hb frie^id Dr. M;ity thb vciy 

In thi^ ^rfl pirt of ihi» leitrr, wc Kivt an rnltfUining ao 
count oi yfiiMevcr hai been advance with tcfped to thefc Pji- 
tagoniirtE, fromihc ytar 1519* (whcu (he SpmuiiJa. undrmhc 
conduct oi the celebrated Ma [^11 an, Tjlw giants in St. Juhu's 
hiy^) lu (lie retitiii of Comniodoic Dyion in ihc yf-ir i;<j6<^-^ 
And thegianu irc at lill fairly Ctx uponihcirrccti by tbe kini 
adUancc of out aixim4lcj Fraicbm«n. 

An odd whim then Oakt in the Abbe'i head ; And this fs 00- 
tbipg IcfA ihin to write the hiltory of thcff; PaULgoniAn*, bc^oce 
he is furmfheJ wrth TniiciinU. — Perb!ip9> hyt lie, tbis is dm 
ibc only hillcry that hj» been written under the Tame circus^ 
ftanees.^Hr pidpnffs iherefotc, (o dcfcribc ibcir mannrri, i^w 
ftilutions, police, laws, govcnimeat, manner ot livm^* U£9« 
&c. not eveti umilting t<i build 1 pAUgoni^ii cjpita)—^^ 

* In Ihe firft place, fays the Abbe, 69 yt»u think iJr, « P4t»- 
gonun i> fibricaccd as men of five Ccct hi|^b at Pari» or Lon- 
don f No( it is not with corrupted tnannerf, a debitirarcid con- 
Hicmiont and a body difcafed fjom cxccft anJ debauchery, that 
aPilagonappfoache* hi> miftrefs ; but with vlnuoui manivtri, a 
foutidc'jniljtuuon, and thufcfciiciments which fonncd the umoa 
of hearts during the innorencr nf the gnldrit age, 

* During the pregnancy oi the kmaJc, every objc^ b kept 
from her ihit might give ner unraJLTirfii She is awalcunetl by 
the found of fome mufical jnilrumcrit i her lut^e n ccnfultcd in 
her amufcnicntt ; and bei mind is enlivened with joy^ without 
fufferin^ her poweri 10 grow flu^vilh by inaAivity. Thefe, on 
ihcfontiary, 4re kept up by waLLjiigt or fomekindof huIbitJiJrtr 
work whieh i* agrmblc to her. The Piugoniins doubt not 
the mflucnccof the mother over thcphyfLCal, And perhaps xnoial 
conftinition of thr ehild: thpyfrcihat a found and vlgoroti* tree 
bears fruit as furpri'iting for its bulk a> its<;uatity. i'hc young 
Pucigunian comrj* inio lh< world, i^ fuckled by in mother ; no 
other prrfon, in the opinion vi thsE eountry, bcin^ capable of 
di^h;]^(;ing lh;il facrcd crflice of fiature* et^ually necclTary for ihc 
pretcrvaiion of both mother and child. The people of that na-j 
liun aic not dcJiruui iT iLdvlng ihcir c^Lldre(l fccblc> ciippled* 
bandy Icg^^d, knock-kn?ed, or rickety, il any family amtMi^ 
tbemi like a fickly niirfcry, ihould happen Do grow deformed and 
JlunTcd, it would he foon obliged, from its dlfagrcement with 
the general populttton. tofcek an afylum in Ihcdcfafl; wboc 
ir mi^ht polTiblj form a degenerate race of feeble f,iv-jgcs i 
iive feet. 

' Tttfnrtfetit ihh miif<irtut\e, ibt^ at^ ^ct^ c^^^^^ v^ 
CQfiJiac tha circu Uticii of Uic blvod ax\i Wwvaw 1 ^ '^ ^ 


CovEn'j Ltfftr 19 i>/ffsr KIatv. 

licnoftSt limbs o( (heir children. They ncicr wnp ibon J 
Jn fwiddlingclti^f^^ ThUldToii they Ic'irnc^ from the brum 
The luity babvi left at li!>crt^ like a puppj, fcribbki a^ovU 
room covered vrilh mirt, tvherre noihin^ cui hurt tt^. Thii is ri 
cn^Jc. Jn s (hort lime it rprmj* (orw-jrd to meet ibo nipplr, 
which sf^Wdi it oounflnnm, Min\r^ nfrlf t^i Ix^ by clin^fnj 
ni:h i:^ knees *r\A Uki rriind the hip» ot tho mother^ wto 
coitiin-jck hci lTuuI cinplrji-incm wliilc rt fucki, witi 
fcrdin* it any oflUbncc a iih her hnnd*. in like 
/crihblcA tt'ttr any ffuiL or vegcExUe ibu ii itifDWit toiini 
th< in;it. Inalbort time it 1^ upon its im, aniJ r«ledcp«cy' 
limes & day into ctic middle of » tncadow, where it brcilhcii J 
fiMTt xir, and LT miy run 'ind tumble about wi:bouc dinger It 
h*\h no oihcr Ic^rig^fliinsEK th^in iu own Itrcn^ib, wluck iti> 
ftt^ci-ittry for \: to oicrt an;l cr^rreare. The P»3joniiVuiOMt 
A>nLfy their diiidren with padi and pudiiingat to pf event iliwU' 
feriiia* by i (all. A*t they Jrc bumwi beings ^^ pvrera U vi- 
liiif ihey Qiould le^rn to fuffer, and prevent future acodnii tf 
fhetrexpeririice. Their [ic^tis are ilway^birct in order loirsi 
Ibem sgainft l^«ulPl, dilluftiont antl contufionr, byhtfdtnnj 
Che bunea of the fkull. They 4lw4yk ^<j barc-fumcd alkii bt- 1 
caufi^roine rime or othrr perhap« thc>' may not hue tiflktto pit: 
on their AoejL jjiJAockiE)^, lo avoid bcij)> bufrt lit Tbc«rkaBi' 
and k-caiifo they will (Uiul firmer on the fide oi a preciMcc mi I 
iheir oA'n floot than on the tionrd juid flippery hkln of boAip' 
The reft cif their boiin are Jt^hilv and looielj^ clooched ^ «iih> 
out ?xny li^meniaor fprtert, tooccalion a Jlagnatton of Nhdiiaili- 
Thcy are by tte^ier^aeciiilMnird to bear the hen of rhefua,cke 
h:^oi"]Tl)' of the rain, and ihe kvcritj of ibc cold. Hvttf^] 
lh;il of ihdr htt\i t\at cXvcpicd, they bathe in coJd wver^ 
wti'.n it it coveted wiib ko, Ttit PatanonutiB, vritbont 
^itAX phyficianfi, arc il<Jt ignofitnt thu tite niOCLOn a( the 
K*^ng inore rapid tn infi-ncy, is fuAicient to ke^p Uicm viis; 
«»(! thai Che cold reaches nu further tban the fkia- 

■ At the unio ticncj it they are prepared lo rcfift ibe inctvpi* 

TShfic of (he wcaUief, ihc^r (cnfea Are ac^uflonKdalfoioaJllka'ft 

ftnking phjenonirna of niture which art :iE(end^ wtrh toror;. 

ih«ir CAC) ^e ti^cd to fee, and ihtir e^tfi to bear ^\cry thin^ 

K the fky irrmbkdf Areibe wind^ loud J I^cict tfae llormnoii 

'IbeyjireLd in^olhe mit^dle ol a garden; their partritt duct 

juuiid ihria, and admire ibc flaihei of tiithtcnin;. ai we ioibt 

rrjKifUol rt^ufflj'icirf- Thcvc^ufit iheclap* of thLinJer, ***< 

doihe re^Hici of cannon at a publick rcjoid^i;; ; and whraviv 

over^ aie di pkafoi thvy h<;u uo more, and go in docra only bo- 

catfle tbe fhew ji at an end. A ytuiig pjt^fociiao will Itci^ 

|b;ne or other be ro.d, th::t t^btening it c^piule of kiHi^ft ^ 

BiJIy hafpcna once or twice « year , tbat a man lA crulhtdf* 

■ 4ra>k 

CoYtft*; Lidrrio De/iar Maty. 



dcAthby thcftti of ft tree, a reck, or a Soiifc} but thiai« noc 
the lime (at ulking hut doling. They take cjre not to keep 
btm alwsyt rating ot hiv^: when tbry hive a mind hcihouH 
BXMe, ihcy ki htm upo4i tii» legA. 

* Ai Ki? Jaily ^rcwi in Tue and fbength^ the Fiiherj erer hif 
tutor> ntkes the advantage «f cvrry thing thdt iriy ivJd <o his 
fctce^ a^lity and addr^A. Any thing tlui he Itku fDrbrr.-ikfjIt 
is hung up in a balkrt upon a cree i to oVuin which, he muft' 
cither k/iock it Jnw^i wich a Hottc ^ung from ;^ Aiiig, or wiili 
an arrow, or mn(\ climb the ir«c. If hcbeparticuhrJy fond of 
any vcgetibl^t ii Is iiJanicJ in the i;rourid, ai^<J he ii obliged tu 
dig it out with a fpadr. If he chf»ol>* a brrd to pljiy wiih, h5 
mul) hunt icdowr ^ ii & companion for his fporff;, he is lcpa-> 
ntcd fmm him hy t dirrh^ which he Ls oNJgi-d n> leap ov«r. 
At arother time it if neeclUry for him to elioib over a waTI, to 
get Ai hLA moEhcr. Hiik/dihcr is pi;iba^sp;cp^iir)£fkjr thcihacr« 
and he i> ea^cr to fellow him : if He » permiltcd to go, the ^- 
thcr ukn hjrn to the foul of 4 iiiDunCiin, puthca en before him, 
over fockf :inii throtiL-h briars, Uips from point lo point, re- 
turns and tindi him r.[l!>W]ngi~Comc oii^ my boy, do like 
your fiihcr. A very Chiron he, educatingar Achillea. lit like 
manocr, he teacher ihem to carry burdem, to know the ufe of 
the Ici-er. tocle;ive budiet, to hft wcigbu, aiiJ toinukc tifeof 
hifl left-hand M well as hiA right/ 

The moiAl education of our young ?a:ag;onIanf, is rcry plain 
and very ext^eUci^t. — * At to the moTaNntticucionii process our 
author* thev aic all cilculAtcd to promote (he focial virEiic?i 
In thU viw timierfiiy the profcflora dmi't content themfclv« 
with (ayingtothepi>pi)$f * be juft« hgmaneTecneroua, grateful* 
patient, laborious, teaiperarc* obedient In the lawi^ Che magi- 
flrates and your pti^tce.' ThV>- are put daily to the pradice of 
fuch vir[uci« If a jjupil bcirEOwi any thing, he h m.Wc itj re- 
turn it on the day uppainrfd. If ;inother wantt any thing. ih« 
pcrfcn who can fparc itt i) required Co give it him* ll any ontf 
hai received a favour, and ippe^rt infearTble of it, or conceal* 
>t, he i» immcdiaicJy to be noickd. li any one faJb ficiE, and is 
meek and patienT, every body ii kindly foltcitoui to afltft ^rul 
fervc him; but if he is peevilh vnd impiLent, he ia fumifhed 
with b.ire nccc^arie«. Ncione UpermiuevT todoUimfclfjuAicc; 
bjc if Ehc ftfoi^ takes upon hmi to infolt the weak, bii: punifh- 
rn«ii it vciy fcveic. Thej hs-ic judgf* fvcn amonj; the youth 
lhcnifdv», lo deterti^me ill cafe* d injiift:^- and difpiitr, A 
prince in atfo appoiutcd, eirrblem of bim who coAimanii the 
nation; ihc ich<kol of love and ohediertt. The book wbii:£i 
they tcadmofiif thacof thclaw^i which is applied in mintaiurtt 
to ihcinniiuEton of )ouihi In the ncl^Kbo^iV^^i^ tA "Ctxv^ 
hgr is a Urge /ieJd, which sl^ ihc ^yx^i, OiVUs^^ a.\few*i*»*v.«»* 
JUr. Sept. J/67, <^ 


in or<J« tft inait tbcra to Ubcof, acJ int>*ua ihcm m ihe 
D»turir of Cr csrth and ir* pcoJ iiitii>u>. Jn ihc ht>otaof»*ort- 
tUVt Mid BaHilni>c« ibcv fiog Ikt.»c wrna*, ■« hoooui of Uiofc 

o>uti>rv: iiAoihpf iJeis bring incukatcd m iHc jr^ulh, tbia 
Eb( : '^^^ niiurc tivi ih» public Wclfaf^ 

fi(£rjtitiirn u*t*rtis hoiUropts, fatal dayt, or unlt:*rky nimbcTt. 
tor iMi reifon (l-<-ir ^likMun afv ikto irouUcd witQ ittitgiri^ 
;ipprGUCftiiofl». Kcil liangevj aro ool^ tcU ih^iit, 'bat ih^y nuy 
Ic^rn wj »tx>id ihcni. Tbty aic ioi«!, lb" hc-rfc being llft«:« 
Cbita jro»i< "nay n*n away wuh you ; Jram thcrrforc to n»ny 
biiD. A wllil bcifl nay i^«>ail>ic puifucyoui kani thcrtfjnrio 
4cr«nd y^w-rvir, or f<*ii father thm ii, climb up a Ucc, or Mt»ck 
aij^ kiif iip 1 h^* Ujc, which bcii* yon over ihc waicr, miy 
Iji^jiprii loot rffC ; raj ,i h polliblc yqn may be i« » fitoatieo 
where you will hi.cntihtr bridg« nor bo«r; or peifaapi )«■ 
qaav f« one of yfiur bu-hica wiricS aw*y by a lortfint, ind b< 
dfiir<>«i 14 Civc liim \ l»ra then to fvriin. Tbc fame inf^iuc- 
tia.ii ifc given tolhc y:>u£.£ fcm^c, <v&ccmm|r tho'c dangen 
(o wtiich boih fcxci arc Lublr, in nrJcr to (IjmlDi& ihcm M 
much as pc^iUbJc' 

\Vt PCM come to tbc Pais^onTsn nK-iiofH>!i«f which Mon^ 
Co)*r takes c^re to buld in f-ich a marn^r, »» to be « once 
healthy andcomoiodLt^ui. — > And arc yOJ Jcl]rc>us, fays be, oC 
knowti^g in whtft nanno- a huagnr.i'un may lire in % c^p\uX 
cky, ibusbuiliard i^u Idled ^ IwillulKou. A Ptoq^onirn, 
«v<u of iht Ajil iuu<lii on- lifrt snd grcx'ta bed with the fufU 
In firhc W(r*ih^, he btc;.ihn ihc pure air, and erjoyi the fcefo 
iLcfsor ihc n)cnrm|[i with bc^UiiaiJ plcafkiic to aitend him. 
TlK ficTJi ird (he gi"'e«. tcib<)i»ihcd by Auron^ the i 
cruwncd with Jl^^ivcraor fiuiii, chcB;<>il delicti t^ul verdure, tb» 
pljyfiil lieidi, ihc muruiuririi: ftrr^tT't, that Jeem to wind with 
fi]<jf«:rc jU^ili th^m> the Kirii thu hail ihe return of day, ill 
naiurc, whi^baw^ktiDid fmilca, lUfiufefta^lerafms feienityovcr 
bid A-^ul, and inipaic* ihe Satm cf life lo hi* heart- 

' Nnr a ^.y pjjb in which he doc» not exert himfelf in fonMj 
kind tl bbour ^ ufun In (ht'fc of buCbafldrw, ^od always io 
open ajf- He .* tciitib'p that a frer air, puticularly at a lea 
wh^n it i« l«nicd With all tU petfume* of lunirr, h moie 
heabhiul <h.n <h*< ^r a .ha.nbrr If h< po« abroad, >t b alwari 
o« r^oi, .n t«,f« ihn Ihc ivbo!e .nirrd cconoaiY n«y recciJe 
he -^W^M^i^ <A = r«.t^« fo nccel&ry to th= «nfpJ«tiO0 of 
tUhun.o«r>of hcbc^y. Nri.herfis, froft, i,or fnow pre- 


ve#ii hi* ricniie 
cradle m nil ibc 
Bd jt were 

'" ^x%Ut I tor, beiii" accufVomr,! 

From bia 

«1.;;,1m'';''^''''^^ m.p.cflb,u of il»e cli«i^e, be b, 
, lUliifiHy ftjttillfd by hifl own Oun, , 

CoriRV Lastr it Di^ir Matt, 

* HchasnolcttkiboLirslbrbla tncclai butibeinfCOiiTinceJbjr 
dail/ cx|krrteitcc, itix gi^ttfic^tion h icpti\deni on ifcuir^ he 
ilsp litl he i% hungry, a.nd livo in gcn«»l motc oo vc^4tabfe) 
UiAM aiiinulfooj; tccjuTe be Iili icmirkcd that carnivorcids 
bcaCb and buxis irc ufuaHy very lean. fic£dej( whicb h« hu a 
n4UtnJ avCTfion to rhe kilting Dr3nim4)j. 

* Of ill kin Jf ok mco thai hv« in a l^ACcofroclery, ^c Pcu- 
goftiao ipproa^hc^ nc^ufllo the in*ii *>f nUurc. U niullruiflcd 
Tn ih* art* of luxury, hf fiadii that water qucooht* hi* thirft. 
Wine, jr:decilt n fblJ by the ^poiriccanci ui ;i aiciuii^c,u well 
asoihcr fcin^cmed KEq^tori. He ^ti^s iHu irilic re-'rvOif^ U'to, 
And ttiAt the moU fjinplc viands arc nutniJoub uc the- fzm<: Cimo 
L.iAt tht)' tilcafr hJB idlle : br tmds tbc llcin* of irk[m J^ ^ f^iTi* 
cicm covering, aad ih« hU horic t9 able co pf^virm b^i exhauft'» 
i[i{f hU fircngth wilh taomuc:i w4Ui[t|;. By {rutiit^guii i riicul 
colhr and z f^w fvatbert ^r thir^lu hirnfclf irudc vcty luic ; and 
an tbefc oonlil^) the lift of JaLofl a11 a Pita^onNA'a dcTirre. 
Wh« heJsmoft |>3flu>nauly fc»ndof, i»a Jo^Ticmc lifr^ hifiWLfc^ 
h is ch I lire (It ihcir cilucAliJjr, dud cvcnihciri^oirc* hiHcrrjn:^* 
agreeable repail wUti Ini fjirtily, ranicfinici in a wj^J ini^ieiK- 
rrib^eto thcnya cf the fuiit at others in a lailcy by ttc liijc of 
a pulling tlrcsm, or th ofhcrK a^^ain an Oic furnmit ui'* rmk, 
fram wbuice bemayfunreyanexicnrivehcirtfon* K^cry ctiwg 
ia iniercftiu^ and pJcifiii^ ti> him while tn the mUil oF hU fa- 
mily. He If loially ignoranE of the cM vifits of «/en*oiiy^ 
and makct nivne but thole uf hLxnncrs, bLjnianity, or fri^^aJlhi})* 
HhownhouTcis wi^h him always ihc belt, ai ihtrc he jt"'-''^"* 
)avea> and U tclovcd. Ikfidci, he ii not pent u^j ariJ itidvd iji 
hii houfc 41 we aic hi tiurs* A gardrfi, a patk, ajkl live tU^tk 
are ail cflcdiiul to bia happiiicU. He is rufceptible tayly fi-t Eb« 
nildci fallioiii,. ftxlin^ no ^fitbinoii but-lbai of an hajv^ocrs 
rafily aLUtncdhy treidinj^tbeilepiofiiaiiire. If at anytime be 
11 Called upon to leave thii iirc of iraj>qutllity 10 attend t« 
public al^irif aa the oflices cf ilai« are ofily boirhrnftjme, ic 
]» B facritie which he mako of bi» eaf? to ihe ^od df hii 
eoutirry; after whkh he feEU'n» to the ptWtcy or hit former 
Hacion'a^ foon a^poAblc, hi: family bciifg to him aii ijiexhjuftt- 
bJc Iburcc of amufcmcrit/ 

, Aa to the l'atag<;rjan direrfton*, their c<ira«idie«, their iri- 
gtdrr», iticir i>peia% &v. &c we umilji»rsthemovfr 4 tojcthrt 
with ofjr A*tibor't cvmoui account of Ukii hws : Iji tW detail 
of which, nnd ihrou^^ iiih=r p.iru of ihi* iJcjI hiiKwyof the 
PAtJgrknjini^ be 1',-iribl/ inJ biMnofouIly jioitiU out maiiy L"' 
topcaji foUxa^ etrao, anJ abfatditka, 




[ ^^8 ] 

Fof SEPTEMBER, i;6;. 

M M D I C A L> 

Art 9. /■ Nfvam MfiMum FarisiAs ivfennJi Cttnmtytt^mn, 
Authofc T- Tontlinfuni Chiiufco- 4^0. 31* Birmingliaiii 
priruolft md foM hy BiMwin in London. 

WK have tifJc iDOic in Uiii Com men ur^^ than an aSilrafk of ttlLtc 
Uiu Uon jIfCAilr psbltiltcii by Dr. D\in(^AU ; b> whiUi Our An* 
thnr haiadiicil A Irw oblervKions of hiiawn- — \\r. TomlinfonUftinDdi 
flronwr Advoctte for ihe fpcciflc vifiiff^ of mrrcurv in thU difcsfe, thu» 
Ur. iJiiTifcUlr. Wc caitfioi hovk««<r approrv hi« propofi^ of nfiag 1 
dmchniior adrachmAnd ahftff, ofthf thoD^cf mejcojUIcintmenteifnr 
tli^bl. uking C-ifC LD urcvcnt t fattTilJOD b)r proper purgipvc^ TliLi 
rraftJcr* vr? ftppnhcna, would he flltl more ijimig. duilng ilic (nsptlve 
fcver. Ai ndieobftmriacucf Dr. M«d on rh > fahjert. tbey arcty 
DO ntani * fufficknt feandaiion on which loribblLfiia^M^r^/^fftf/r/, 

^]£, Tomlthlbn feenu to think ih*: by (];c f;cc ufe of ccIlI air, cold 
waicft md mcrcuij, tbu difrafc may To /iir be fuboucd. j» in Ui <Mtn 
unart io bcconw oiildrr iind milder,—' In hue cafu fii-ut in aIla lyii bo., 
mrfcuTto. aquA (rt orr ffigjidouriu fti7i noOktidum f J^* morbon 

tdtn vtli noQ D:uinit tiven fpcdcm cjo« mubdfi vid«ri : ouociam 

per va£i lympbanc-i ricrptufn rn f^ir^uincm Jnfundrbitor poc wiKmUQ* 
umcn (i^alt comiuntJbui comoiudi ^cntri vaiLuUrum protlui <S£np«- 
bat ; quippc in fade lumar nutlai. ij-jipffc In jullulii put vix olFura 
fiiit : lemmj ipfi morbi ptnf Mtin^lj innnbrio;Lm c<Tlu)cum rnfiifr mX' 
ouibtm, 4^uo miaai a«rcm a:qu« corpoj» humuva lahcvrc tx hac fpCOc 
(oiii per ii^riE-foncm} poiTuniiu. Mancc if^icurnubi qoKOio, quK u< pcJ^ 
terJ» protJ<amu» ijiquijf^^ida ^i, annon luoiibo tu pene tjdacAo id parcft- 
libu). inuliu quui^Lic kiiior rcddj.Li nicnc in curum pm^toic' 

And yrt our Author at limr- ha* h ii tV aj^j iboiii him.^* 5cJ Jtd rtn 
viiv^<ami Ftfi avicm fTbrvm dom.-i^c ce crupu^ntm cohiberc nodu 
jus di^lii poflamui. maco obTcrvtE Jnm elli haric fcbrcm huid *iTmff 
v;(ita£Um led to fota* inc«itnLictnu^ f'xiTc rc^iunm cl 4i>ocniJen ct !•• 
<crtun lore ; fu^fdjt ^Uttn ciuptio alc«<i. Quz vcro m4U cnriMb 
fiiiiE t«iil purgaLior«r vrl «ti»m (alome^j, orcnon li diacioa rfxuflaCi 
COiifCc /Vmv**!- Jni'jdit ^uoqut injaria g*aai n4rva(ata, t^u 
ftifcAi fix UI ircmonbuj, fpifKbum Utj^noriUia, dcbiliuc^k a 
Hsc f/inptoaKta [nuimc pcrii:nclccnda funt i nam H lo Okiibu 
pocibtu (upnvciifrcikc.dc ftluicciiam al^uACibartcdublureis. 

3UO alii cavc:ir)r, <ti in animU f^U bene pgrp ft= d«int oinitii EfD«^ 
cr* paHcac rrvptioo« tirioUtJt (appttiti baec at aemonrvn 


TlLcfe>fpichcnfioTi«««rcfu|>f^AcJby twoof the patiem> looMliieJ 
by Ur. TonlbloD* Tu one of tbcEc che crupvioa wu trry ffi^bc ul 
^tihnot maiijr^tfnn t t\e» wjc »n ircrgidar frrvr 00 ibf 14th *nd i^A. 
In thf 0(b«r. ihc eruption tvAt ^tlb very triflti;, sed no mtuf Jtion £ 
but h«rf th« ixr«|^ular rympiorni, ^hkb coecinvod TrMR tint iiib 10 tb» 
Axi< iircreeiudi m<:4cjbrmiDj[. Do nOClbcicCikacci^nn ihc*ppfC>r 
benfiooj oJ Mr. Brgmfield :| > with icipcd to xht propiiciy ud fifcLj 
ttf|:lRj{lbc prvf«rf MiriHod lo fjr t% n ipp^na^f ^tritgaiiji tW difrilh 

I S«hii i«»tifeuaAUti»Jea« m tbUUM •/ nkdi «UI be inftnoJ u mi 

MoKTHiv Catalogue. 




Mr. TomlJnlbn ii n ffiirnj [niHcrreu fv^hoJ. t% h h Called; but very 
CiirdklW condc|[!ci hi? ccRirTLcnt^ir/ m rhcl? vitrdi ; ' Dfn^u« obTtrva- 
Mm, UT >S iiru Dirrcuni, aquae c( Arrjt fri^dicontsf^ium viO^aEnm di- 
minututn fore aon cjubiunduni : *dco uJijue ut ex h4C fp^cic infiiivi tix 
uUa mticrjes produciur. cAji£to ncmpc iiuii> njoii) vcncnd: quo fii uc 
f jrifEuir in Jilii curtxin rx hoc infrAto Iranftrr ^EcA : cieiao niim inju- 
riim futcrjilc ari^tifirUi* la hoc; nppiin f tijtmfi fum ^iHt illi mr.iuElut vn* 
fabimar. Scd cjuc dfraiminc yt\ ab Mrt-omm vcl i^l-inilularuni mdli 
iilpprimAtur trupCio vati^Jaii alioriim ju<Jidri pcrmittirn* Nam ncquC 
id hmc nequc ici «Ucrijn piiccm iii:iij» mc <]bJCi vcllem ; in cocnrnunrai 
inliuoni^ mcibijJU'Ti mcitbai forf^n eiii fccJbr, in novim rncu tior : in 
llJ«m <Jc intbn^r wrif uTn, in hauc df futuro mal<> cavrmluni «n. Pof^ 
iretad (gttuf, in uioimini ippnine convcrtjjiada^tflm tUaJi uiv/u/ft- 
i'ffmii 'Hi. f 

Art. lo. 71/ 7>rtf/ c/ ^/i\ Daniel Suftan, Jhr the hlfh CntM^ tf 

prfffTviftg rhf Livis »f hii MaJtjJy'i iie^t Suh}f/}Sy iy Misnt 9f 

Thifc (lyat of Mr. Ditiicl Sutron j> conduftrf with frn&. fpirfu and 
hamoa/.-^ I he inJiftmrnt h n forlowi ; • You Ibnd mdj;teJ by the 
nniff of Danitt Suiroa, liic of ihc tow^n of Ingatf llonc» in ili« coaoty 
of Edcx, for ihit you by inocnUtirgt or ncriuj^ to b^ inuculaud^ '^Q<' 
by fuctn) orccfuin fccict niolicmct or uiodo of prjciicc* unknown lo 
ihia xnUrgv and to aU iiciipr pri^iioni^rs, nnt haiin^ ihc ftit ofihccul- 
IcfC in your hrarr, rfo pitUtm^ in prrtcrvr l!*-* IWfs ftf hti MajcAy'tllr^ 
rubj«£tt ; «nJ that noic rfp^ciilly durmg the <hrc« yc^iri lall p^iQ, you 
hivt inccUiie^. ar CAvfoJ to be inoculated* rn'^niy ihoabnct pnfons. 
witb^u: the IoIb c( unc finfjlc pau<iiL by inxuEation, coriinry to lIic 
ilaCarc la ihftt ctfc mtdc Ai,(i (1^oviLJc(^*^Thc jiifort are (hcrt fwoin » 
«u) [bf wirnrffei eiHTnincd, vh. Mdlrt- HouUw. Cfi*r*dl«, indditi; 
atrid Dt«, BaUr, Huftoa, Kirkpatrkk. tix\e, liiitt, DniMilc-; kcu 

Toe coutifitL for ihc rrifbner, afcrr ■ futJ heufai; of thecafct thui *d* 
^reflb himrdf to the jtfr> :— ' Ge^tlem^n of ihc jury, 1 wi» Hoin|f 60 
cblcrr^t tvhcn 1 wat imerruptcd by ttic wunfri on the otj^r hUe, thtc 
tnlcfi wc fuppofc ihc pnfoner wiitfinrfy, nr rfpcdally, or oncornmunly 

f;(iiity (ifprrfrrvini^ the livei ofthc Etin^* fubjetii, Ih'i will Appri', ac 
EjJl, n Ge 1 nuliciijui profccu^ion t ind (hni n rwlly » To, can a^Oitt 
of no <Joub[, *hcn you fccollc^. from ihc gcnertt tcnour *>( 'v^ '*■- 
dcrfc, hott miiny oihcr i^ocdaio:) (lii^Iji, whh cqud jiiflicct have 
bren inJi^fd for ihe finiEr olTirnce, Di^or Dimfdiulc. in pariiculor. in 
iho courfe off wen ly year* cji[cnfi^e p(i^je« hjih btl no parienn i and 
1 mill tfonmre to affirm, inai (here ore no^ in ihi« ir«i(vpo(it, and la 
che ri(i£bbcuT4i4^ii>J, « v^y connderiblc number of ioocuUtora, who 
have bceii'cuualJ) fitt^^ef^ruj w(i}| (rx t^hfuiier 4C the bir, Ccniiaty, 

fuch/— It i« further urged in behalf of ibe prifoner, (hat it n pimed ' ^M 
ihc eipcrjtnenci cf Dr. Kvllon chat hit fuppofcd fecret medicinet ' 

Iftcrcurial; ami diit Eiicdicinci of this claG haw bc<a boj; in ulc, 
the ai3v4nu£ci ariHn^ ficm fttfh aif md a ccci i((i(B«D tvt^VjwiJ . 
known ; anit thnt ihe prifoncT'i mantvct *)X tntni^iiiniL^M'Cta^ ^A^ 
i^Atf^drie wcJ Jcno*n, and ilwiet^rfl w> Wue^ imAt tA ^'^^*-' 
' 7'Afli, ^erflcctien of ihejuijt it ap^^n» Vt'si.TiA ^^^ ^';Jt*'*^* -^^ 
ib^ptifoocf Ai itic bAT ia lb far from ^axwv^^W"^**"*^^^ *a^* 





raltjr peck-, --, ^-; ntty aii:df of hii jTo^rf t . , .. '?# ti 

' G-uiIfmcTiof chcjiiry. T aikc i<t ^oul C L^ii you 0*1: (jcrfc^ljr 
tnooH i^i'" *'■'' "'■''' rcr ii g* 'il*»i orf ihr crimci^CLicJ ia- the 
nrcQi. ^ :ii. f«'- 6:u*cJ with the-r g c;raJ «bJt|^, 

in th* <i>u\ v i i-^ij evJdccfc* ciifTn>oa>~<(ic 1^ C'' ' -:- > » ». ■ • f-' 

crafi; ihcy hit^ccuJcf.iOLJrJ n d'ni^^ y->jii IkIii'. , >.^^ . — * j ■ 
% caiiin Dic^icjiLr, £nd i m^ic clrc-c tfr^wn w~;i1i a pen i*kiin<.t ttic 
n'ci, viih ;he TnJdiriun of ^ p^yrr "pi?rc>t (hAC<ba*dh 1 kuppcTfc] 
hii cfitcialing liircymin 1 I ijy* tiCjr hj»* <r'^«j<i>jrcd l*» r«'lu' 
j-oiTt lltA', br thcTifip ff lae bUckuE. be h ^ble tc> oqjIcc ibc pulWi 

will nmcmber, |!i^i Dr, Oiirri^Ll. h»i uiAily rx^J^i'Cti ibU m*t;^f 1 
tdd jrau, ihaT ihffc fujip<:ff J po-\L-T« wert nochii-j iwj*; than ■ wfoj 

lirc»of tuoutntirrc-^d, w^lh^ui i^« iljitirwcof (be blA^k ^t, 4ii^, «0S* 
fttjOTnLl^, ihat tfie fTrift^iicr ^t ihc *iM \i to con;brcv.' 

The ffn'jocrt thffi vci> l<iiL'.i oc^y fim* ap lit rvKtmfi and II 
2^ntLriTi(n <*f \hr jitj^ vfhbotti gccr^gnui of courL bring Cn llitiv 

Art, u, Slf7ii /^naihMrfi'/rt, AJJr-IT?^! ro tTie Reverend Au- 

jt^fi'jitJ, ** i^rcpff 10 b« tt^ hf a!l who hive iecn, or 
hrtr;if[cr ftc lltt f^i-'J P^mph^rlj iin;l cTpfci^illy b^ fiic'h \rbai-1 
fetaifi nry moral ScrupWs K0t\c<sn\(%tX\'^l3i(Qi^m of imft$» 

Sucll } MB^jw/j^ihc HujiircJcH EditUm." H*-^r— HiAKr 

tht^it t m tvliirh (*♦ Tcr^dn', R^vrt b^ff^cat. ^ ' ,' ■ - 

ft »ofl, ©f l^t^ re^CTfR*? iimJ JI""* ■■(vnr, a'p ***y . ' . . , 1 ^ ;. 

Trc uik ph>c Mrg^'iiibTf #"<! 1 ~e Uuci to M*". Puir, 

U frcmt it:ii afrrr mtny 'trij i^imfr.-* f?* ir w»» 1? Tuft rfrter 
mtii-fl, ihai Mr. Hoi^lt t't tfta^^, i'c. rK t.U tc ;-e" !i l^^. .jn l!t 
iCth fi* At rf^^' Aero tliiily, p<r^cc;^i var Ui^>±rR<j w.Uiin iliroe 

iviUi ■ n;i\E of lie mifh^j b^tJ d3nr>jirj p«cd;,ri<cin.-H^* Yant t t^e. 
pajr. Si', tJ'fcrtbinji: tb* Ppfilrc i- t^ii t»t unif t.^tn;^, /av», •• Qj 
K h- rt H'iin, M, -i, Cbiplxinn tU K-rt rf Ite** -r, anrf 1 ^h,-iMi-fr 

true ba: <jku^< etc when t kW yod, ihii (Sc ivord} fiexifouoivirirf 
•' f^abhOicibr r.c'irjl t«]ucft," flf.rf *' riu mitu tBiTip^." (fo* 
tha^ It II«Oi| ttt tbc tr>pj wh-fh J Tir-I fiu. fb rarTy u wAt {uil now 
fnfni.rffti} »tfy mtch aliiniMl my " fcrufici." ;i!^ 1 bat'c r>et been 
*Wr to'app*-ir> fh*n lo iHm \ft7 'i-oat i ivn t>,*L \ \x^ v*w>*i*jl ^Sa 

M B D I C A.U 


*'fl«i!trm:?c prcTcflHon/O ib>( I dull gei t1>sbtlurortbn» lb Ung 

' Ko« may thH be. ^irl C«n!d one ^Iivaa rf ■ ifro jUlliMf piin- j 

S'itcij caW for *' ty ^^DO&t rcqiwft/* ifcl.ic^ ci.f ii Jci it» iinA^ir^S 1 

bv JlII hn.ncHI/ibld j ;> fcon:! c-.tiiron tknun^fcj, jjnnirvisiKE snji?; sol I 
»\if> a X^h'^ ttVit\tm. T\vrt\y worlcrJ t^ it ftip (> ^-^i. afld ftitch?^ lA J 
tm^Kiltppcr: and t1 l^lkd^-nci(LhJl|'l J.^y, 0-' ^ fiw hi>E»fi r Jf ttiFra 1 
be no piil!inK iik^d (|uc<lji?]£ I^cif. $'« ^cu nait Lt-k lisvc «r;i:kc4 I 
fotT tdn\t:r. ^ht.h<r, i.-dhozi'kklUr itt dc^vti DnVi'i ibcv wftjc»ftifbia« I 
WOvM liiyr " E^m Jfy ^obd liAnJ« mdccd it i^cii tiiAt.eli.*' J , 1 

WooTd nuir Rrsdt^n Ibf morp. mach Kate a( iV^ Ume lcind> *ai 1 

WG niult refer [hem 10 the iv<]rk iikX 

Ari- It. Stmt FrUtiifji Cnhtitrs U th IFtatti 3//^ rw'Vo : tjaCAtKm | 

aild-k'dy o^f- By a i'hjftdMi, gvo- a*. Wilfoo. 

* Wftit I mcari t^ftcicfj^aTl}', f\p our jninymoui Aj:^*!, Ji < <p|Itc- 
ttvc view <f fuili ihinn ^ ouglii eo bf u^^'c.i ..ix' ^\ iho^\ nf^rr of- 
fice ii it t& nuift theucic? anofi<», wHith jf ufL iciown, atdri|>hil^ 3 
pcrfjnnfdr n molt certJinTy ol ',^'ME t/cM<^Bi n) tithiK-odi hf>« ipIUdj 1 

bkdty cxccuicij, the moA fjiul Oiiftijucnce: ixicn title.' 

Our Auifjor AC(orJji]|'jy procxf^ LO ucac* in a pU'n and pmii^mt 3 
trario«,^l. Of llimg^ Ci> br irWfrvril irltiiiTg n \hf thtm^m I- OTl 
what ii 10 be obfc"cd concwnrng the ^^/jtod /^.'' ';c U»cpiii«*>r. I 
3, Of dirt. 4 Of a^mii^iilrnnjg Jict, ^, Ot AiointA-iiiE ouli- 1 
cincr* — Wc iccommCQd ltii< Ij^tfciroiL toUu JCi<aJvc ptiulftl of thctc, 
10 whom It \% pirtfculvly acdr«l!l:d, 

A»t* I3< A Cdar:WfBtary w rht DjfitF.'fiyt ^ Bf e^ Fj/jf. Trtfif- 
UtcJlroiTKhcLiticiof Mirk Akcn^Jc, M.D. £cc &c. By 
?rier McftruK, Svo, i ». Cairr, 

F:T>m t^it mriUjiion, ihf^irgh n.^T ^Ing^i'w thf fond ftocoritp, tbtf J 
Hngtilh rfcidcr may tcquire ACMnpe»i;i icnowU;;«r| (bofc Q^alofaTvr* ' 
Yt(ion», whicb ar* o>nuiiied in Q'. AJ:ciilid«'t CormcHuy. 

NoPubJ(flic^"iNimc. 'j;t7. 

Dr- L«yArd'» iccouni of ilitf Sfimttf^tm ^titt rit^> fbu«.*<-S<t p*f:e« 
of hi&wj: Incite pjg". (ompc^hcodini; -he nunc* of (ubfcribrri, 

hid Hi* (iirj^r) ' -all in ii « hoetftAln > top ici :** f-judrrv, l<> *.-< Ll n* (t*il» Aa^ I 
Ifatn {if-^ffiii ti<r E'tpiiiwbkb h>i><4p]fm ufMi. H Ji n'l intpUk J «p> »<>< mUt J 

tbLPi|, BuL ft"i o» 1 «m<n*0fHt wi»* i*»Jiijfp*Jftf« f, »'■ iK* tM aui?, ■'■.\ f 'S* ^ 
MktAnrin «bou,Ji loni V^iw iSjt rli** »l-»*« h»> hf*r *q)lilLw m . 
01 tV iK^ 4^u**i iLn<m1 in vt!h i hr^Hl ilVrtvii L| tT^*-^ t'ly ' • 

cmi it tbt demjivj for %ht T'li^w:'!* jhWotim ih*i i»'i piii't'tp*, *t ^ t* ' *^Vj 

be ittMy^aki '^ Villi « f irricAOic V 



¥fiih iht ruin \nd oricft relstivc to ihp Sovffffc^Bi Sp» ; and tiSmt lt% 
p«^e> of diKdicdt fct Jriahing ibewbirr,— We a/clc-fTieahEiAt aloft 
U ^u<inn]£ for »>H)t raf t'ofe thi> pam^-Iilct wai pavliQic^ : for ftito Uc 

tnicr. wc irc lo look for tlKfc in ihc SlI rotumc cf (^ Pkitcfephial 
Tr*nC^ion*i jult nr>w puhlrDird : and ai to thr C\x p4^« i>f dMtbti 
for drinkLDg uic 4'flUr« theio flinit lfr1cfi|; to E^< pt£)cr>ri vtba rrfortn 
tKb ^pbi iind futci)' the ftliJeiiEpbylicixf-1, wcvcfvrr ibc/ uf* tvili U' 
tatiWy ukc upcti Lhcm ib'» odkc,— Oi. LJyud'i«f^r orpQbl-cilicafl, 
« liukriiiEviJlEi^rjf. J. Wc ItAvcM JLCoujxcof CbcSonCT&UB w«r; 
thi iirfjHur conitms a frwdtrffluyrt for dmlfing tke v^tfr, z. Iha 
Wff hivr in th« Philcjl TnitCa.'t. Df. LiV4:dV tipcrintait otk :tt S»t 
VHrOiani AAtrr, to nhkh Ar« adJed ihc kcictiaec cipcris^nii of Dr« 
Morri>. And in the tVird pJocc vv? 4rc to tx,<tt. i« loRie ruwvpa^ 
licaiLonp ' The c:<pCTinicn;i ii>«nu])lc ihe cDaHctHjof tkc wnacr>ii' 
the Cifr* to prove ill tfc^i:^,' — r^riuntut M^^ln I 

Art' ic< AS^vtnih L<turt9tirt Pftfir^Ei^hmk AD^tm^ 

mctim for prthiihmg ih Exptrtatisn 9f Cent* Sta 2h 


Thti wfcccticci pijnpbk: is t proof th«l iKetc t» no piropofim & il^ 
fun) in iC3 piii^tipZcf or lb luuifui jn iu ufiiltqvmccsi but ftHlfai^i 
vocjtrt timong Ehc ^rifh Ihm of bjgncry and (i^rdid Cr\f'ktKttJL Hip- 
piljr however fcr r^ff c^uft of Kbmf . the Eu^ilitjr of let pitifijl >i"tf- 
Ivcp ii^entrAtly r^oJ v> (heir frrviliiy. 

Tbu pEinjr ch«mprt^(ifor prTrT>2ic!vc hyih down iiaprincip^tte 
'in tTCfjr fpcticjcf' free ST^v^umcar, ihrrcmaA. ofoetcflity, cnllv 
ti^ihorUy /Bftrifr to iltc Ukvi; «iihuiiE ibii T>»ncp, Tap he, i taUM 
once vnaf^ed. howncr inadequuf or cttmndleirny to the purpr-^rit of la 
iDilicution, roufl !•»!« immuiabic/ — Uuc thfi'i^roLo j ■.»i-ctii#» 
Uudt ihft a lUtote onoe cniAcd is tiot alEcmJ or rcpciled bj i po»tf 
fifr/iar inlHtl A^ich HtMlc Ie> but by tUc/ivt* powci. Wbcrrvtl ibl 
power uf Dtakinz Jdwi ii fL>d£cd« i1>cre itndibcceonlf ii the p:"*ticf 
ftltfrlfigi rufpcnoing. irfK4liog, ^, Kitt icuvtuUI hei ITrin^r fohrdib 
i& poUnckt CO ocfiitnj snat, though il'/t tjaui cmfl v:qc t ta ^ 

thlkinc oFa hw, yet RCttfrtKclcTi «urr <>F<hnk ClUtCi ii ^/rrnr <o (ki 
Uw when nritde. Jt ij (he pcrul^oc feij<K^ of s frr* kiLigdonii tin *% 
fmh tticrc ji no [-.tftir f^pcriot to th« imt. but «r/^X' i '"d mbof'tf 
wA (lodfi-r th^i pAWCF. «^'t JI ii*ruo«n ^vril, b'^auf^ out they, (tf dK 
Uui art (o jud^c ho-v fir Thit nocffllLy w^ invJnctU.-. 

Knxn a tsiM andriilicu^t p^iDCipl* wec^n cipt^ &oilnn£bvt ^ 
Jmi'^i ;ind frtvolotu oM^tqfion;. \A'c iticrrfort; «nc; our Jtctdcn Mi 
OuitvUe* [ooniuch icfpcfL lotakcaay ao«icc of Ji ii v puimii^ Utk^ 
ifi ^ij^'-i^t ^^vit'ft K^cjT^iim rf/illftt, I 

Wc OijE clftr^f^ itu tcuhlc poIiitcijCL ^tb cUcrvn||. ibl o nfifa j 
|ng him Of a Wfivr, w might Iffrpcifc him to kjire bcva c^uoud 1 

bna ftvM t« C^f p«<o«i^ 

L A vr. 
Art, i6. 7Z* f^/r// */ri/ Bi>»i^rupi i-aw/, ^f. &^f* By Edvaid 

Tlir amifc tcfbrc u) comaini a fmt deal of carimjamitteron tMt 
tirAM^ of ihc Paw, which I'rjm tic Jirucjiti; cf i«Jc and cuuimcr^e, 
and fiiicr 0diciinrii>i]t <iKtiinIt.ii)C?^ h becnmc of tbc utmDJl impnru 
•Jkc», A cno^a] animidv^Hion on i fubje^t fthrt nitrar^ i^ouTd bt un* 
cntciuintag ihd ufelcfi lo (ho gfneiflrty ol our Rcikicn ; wo ihcrerofo 
refer lo x\k Vk^^ iMf, which u, in oaf Oj>in»o, cTtrCea;l)r afcfd ; 
thovgk ri U % no mcaui lo full Ai fame oeHci iicctiie* on ihc Iknie 

Art. ij, J XntJend Campbei Ltiv^ Di^itfaary, vr^ G^foS Jhrid^ 
mt-J f/tfjf Law: (Jrt a moret/itvfioe Pittn t^ti .tny LeiK^Dit- 

tht ttrmix but ^h thi Laui itjtlj\ ieth «f;j4 itf^ard i9 Thttry 

tmd Fr^^'iU. rtry uffful U H./rnjicr;, 'ynjiUti sf ihi Prau^ 

ftiormri^ SsHattri, iS;. By i\ Cunninghim, tfq; Folio^ 

ThepliQor ifiit Dif>Jonti7 itt^iubl/, ai ihr dite-p^pfKriniiMf 
n>oi« titrnfivc xhnn i.r\y ether ao^ rxitni : and k unqucHionibly con- 
ulna many vilujible «ddJtioni, Eul vii'-h regard to ttc cofrci:liiffj of 
th« cc^piktkmt ivhich conHiiutcithcchicreaceitof a votkof ilii ji&- 
tare, of thai vhc un t;rJ)r jiKlgc by rcptjctd uccafiom of refviciNKfr 10 
1h« fluihOTi^fes cited. A lAbour aftUU kind ^ve CJnno: he prHunKd lo 
ha^e imdftgoor. from ch« jfrorral view, howtfvtr, ^\bich we hvr9 
ukttt oF i^<^ Toluoifft v^' *rp ftrtry io find tliBi Tuc^ of the maccruib 
*»uGCakea fic«n JACcb'« DUiioaar/, atc [»n(<fibcd tAmoU Uiffat,mt 
in the fkmG CQnfuicd and mdi^Rcd JUu in which ihe/ no tbcn ihnran 

Art. 18. Du[^ntBfthiCtBrt9fSrftfH^frsmihEwdtfthtTHir 
1756, /tf */rf £«*/ fl/ iht Ttar it6o. Ccilcitcd by Mf» Jcjha 
Cimpbdl, Jun. Mr- John Dalrympic, Mf> Wilier St^uvt^ ■ 
ll Mr. Ocoigc Coclcburnc, Mr. William Johnfionc, Mt. Di- 
I \y Rae, Mf. PaTricic Murray, Mr. WiHuw Niirnc, and 
fl Mr, \Uy Cnmpbe'-I, Advocates. By A[>poiTitrai;at of the Fa- 
^^^Cvliy of AiJvo(jt». Fcilin. 1 1, ji, KaUnburgh, printed 
^^Ffor KmcaitJ, &c. and fold by Ca<fdf in London. 

' A% this cc]le£;ion, both V'itri tc^vd U> lh« fubjeA and Ilylfj u csl- 

coIatcJ Tof ibc tnciidLAn of North Brinin, it will be fufHcicnt to ot>- 
fcfv^ (haCt riciii ilie infufinAcioa of the liilc-pn^^T', wc inay fcabnablf 
&>nrtdri< tile warlc to be rvfcutrd K^ih Jndgn^f ni mH accui^fy. Te h 

' Cobe#jfe«d ihalihffiirnem'ChudvaiJiiiroducfCl, or rather i«vivedh«n^ 

' Oifi jmr-boolci Vftte made by able idvocarea appointrrd duty for tKat 
parpoTc ; and are much faparior to the man^ ^ico^v.oc vcvi m'a.^^ «j^ 

' }tdioa», whkii hire ilncc appiarcd under \>iciiftuatE\ixikwnv^^^f^^- 





Art, 19* Thi MdM ^ Fr*t*tSmg$ in ^tjUt Is ^atJi a ^h 
J%i of Pttriinmia. $vo* 1 «• Oven. 
Ttf lanbod here liitd c!o«^n, antj ;ht' ;i , : . ' . Wc^, r-n on'y 

lintiAttOft* «f «iEiu>, Jbf« wbcrv.i> fricB il:^ irSf^ ui the ti^cn, Kict. 
Kc*^ nuy ^>c iniflc4 t^ cnoduiJ« Out lie wuu!i find atm^ii^ui » J 
RlfvA to pfivaiv I)eI1i ki n^rrU 

Art. ao^ A £^ *» the En^^Ja CenfiiftniiH snd GeVirKmvi, £ 
Edward Ktn2v £fqi oc LiiKolnVIpn. Svo. 21* ii 

This Wi.Lv 3)0i{cfily prcmiro flsc bo docs 1101 prerua^ to 

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00 tLt r'i>l<d, tor Sclvuncril anv i^bg uhic^ P 3; -lOJ 1*1 CO ti(u 

tkcofi^hit toi bntt pcrcJ by C4hcr». be n--'t^i'* ^i-c fp^d t$ 
p4to of otrcrv!^. j:>J Limitir ihe ftioi;J^m>n of ociiff t°^^ 

Spcsifr ^liglil, by more ^S fc lurtten. 
,rc, 31. vf I^'Stfi */'^ ^*rt*J ff En^Uv^. Bt the Rigl 
Mf>noifr:ih!c Str Jrhn Cnmym, Kni^tit, Inte t^ord Ctiief 
XMLvl ti» M;rjd^;'i CojrtoJ Cxcbcque/. folio. Vd. 

Of tiK fk»fure oJ^ I'll* ri^rk, atvJ lV< merit of tfi«<m«tioi^. it* ^ 
fpoken lAp'y in our »c:jU'i:i of the prfCMfta2 vot^ir**, 
rs&^HJ 10 JjC4j*uai cur R^Jcrr, ()i»t tW voVi^frtcbcfnrc u'. ' .1 
pIcEa irui nry u^fd ui^^^-fl. begitti viih title ?i.ririt. ud 
ufith lriieVr*c. \^\y, afirf Wajti, Il ««tlt bf ixv^kft ^o 
l^'^r wEra^i 10 iuiifK ^l><^ fij>iakin «< liavc ^d;f«J, 4n J w* 
Add^ tto ttJt t^iime il in t^o rdjkcti :nferi^r lo tho^ whUk pt 
AtC-.;t2* F^itt^ ihtfittra! PrHtfdin^tffi farfju-^ /af« 

Ih/rufJkm nffiitiv^ the Dutt af Strrw^trt. 8va, 61I. 

■ i%t «>f cui etiijoft dI ih« fe^>:Iii«fe m folhavrtie l*-Oft£ti of ifari 
fttfOA^^'pul^UKeDin^cf^inK ^^c tii^hvajriftad lUfUpUe-Totift* 
o havt bcca ibc ftdutingiU' piufiuibmupon CTdnrfttf^fr 

lK4m cirir, c^ddTc. and rlcFEi^ibk. — At thecxe^i, . 
in IflmcplM^i. brcommitti-il t^ pfrfonitt-ba, U-w*i^i*ii iitii 
^^^rocc, tntj il'itJ IP Mc.l iti kunc Ji* mi and '>^f'tuiVi 
gii*:i^, tbc folUwio^ juc iidipLcd Ibr i!>dr u&* FiWtv, 4J^^rit 

Art. 3 J^. A Dfjrrtar'ttt « Brt/dtn^ ef H^rfrs, t^f^n pti^fi' 



a'J Ti^frttJtmfni in the prtfent Manmr tfSr/t^ng Ratfrt^ and 

TO a rfjcftd. By Richaid WjIU 8va. as, 6d, Wood- 

lall, £fc. 

'Ihi*tltktu6an h it rw'j rf/ft^ idfpicj lo ihc cilucil powm of 
ihe ^cnilrmm of Uie turf i ^id niiy ihcrclvrc be mufc [7rDpcr3> le- 
iri«iih<id on litf cQUrre ■? NcATniik^i, rhjin in (hr ^jriri fifi Rpvkwtr. 
In one ftn ntditA, the WiJrcr may poflb^y c^-jy thrta be|0nj ihcir 
c^r- ^ '-<i, latere he iJuivc? h» phii fophicil priccipio oi igcoe* 

;« ^r-rt^Ti cIl. 1' Iff* II. 1 1. 'oJ JJlcOKft Jt tO bc ^ «n UIW 

iicr-<tviW Lj^x t£;jt rKh curling fpcdn u> ih^ wlisic iLtiivcfle, it IL |:ti>- 
dtAb/ tfftc nwnidctiVfd 1/om onf, irin tSriuaninuwiTcillonj or 
iw^, if ra ihc >«imil rrnttoi, of iit o«a f^eciv* t T'^e^'tfortr it M Tvif. 
oi^CAFi lA^t csch extAnj^ fpccio is t pfOJucI from itj Okvc fpociei. 
t^<onE«t}ufcflf tbCfiookAof «Tt*nimd3, uill h< of thcfimc fpccki 
jv4h th pctigtn;t;»n,' &c^ If ihr i:*ntltiEtcn fbuuIJ nui a^icc ia ;Kis 
CCTifr^'tfEiirf, fc mAy mf^I/ lie dcrermintii hy a ivj. 

Art. ^4. Mtmairy aftlr C^urf o/PtrtargsJ, andofth Adrranijtra- 

rie^t t/tkt CMint I^'Orjras. Taken from & Serie* of OngiriAl 

Ltttcrf, WfitKD in French. 8vo. it. 6d< Binglcy, 

This » a frxrnmon of a ^>ct: WTitfrE?, aad a^pirmtTf jmt, drcucti'W 

cf ibe aSairtof t'orrmi, h^t-% ancxcJoiet «hk)i-J»rr^3'T '^ ^ jSmumei 

fhcA^ fk^i Eh? Dioll ]riipo<tanE iiEcrcfU of thftl <.i&^^lHl kii^e^om, 

boih fSffi^n ibd tfome.liCt ti^vc bt^o for muiy vari lACiifii^ co ihe 

inouccv, iiubiiJOTi. and Ejrrmaf tA ^ favevr'tt. 

Thr 4ntfjnacc cornr^lna whch lit fultJlifctl hrtwffn nur c'ltrt in4 
Pofiogil. in » commrrcid vict^i tic gftie^oji lOifunc* we irtor^rf 
tfiff P<?r'i';^urfc ia ihr hour* of mUrA and p^JificT dictrrT) 1 and the 
Ue?t'3|iUtr]Uour mcrchmti hi^cmsde of rSc u&ol'uI r^ftiaidtJ tnd 
liar^kli^ 1 16 n^^:h t^ci; triiie to ih>t kb^Jcm tin bcm for fi^mc lime 
pQlt tnlTJi-flrd i tVc a«r circpmfl>n^r* whpch wiT', 11 jTT prffebOi'JV 
r«a^ff the M<ecifi be*r>r* u« ";cricra!ly Jignccsbjet cfj^cejilty to 4 
MCfJe «ho are never mere dcjxioufly rc^jicdj thaa cpojt a reefled 

The Editor prt-iii^. * Tlierc ii erne thmj neccAry to bcr icnwked 
by t¥trf rtader bf fiwr he rntert on (he foltowing fcfemojft ; whkh i<^ 
|hit by :he Iccg r^lcfrrcr oF ehi* Moon formerly in PotiujeiI. ftrd 
afterwAn^ of the Ptnu^ucfc in IfKlii, the Ia«« hnve •e<|hiir<d t flrrei^ 
Uific <if tiic ATrxctfi Aiif^ Aiiatic manner of thinking inJ adx^ ; 
cujloini ivhiUi lUl ii'Te^'Ajl anJ Jippejr in al! theiT ^dhni: unldi dide 
eifcnmi^incM ifcerrthre Iv rememfcerrd^ it will he dirficiilT lo accoont 
for Ihff rin;nii>riij' of wt'^t^^ff.- nilvemuTe* hertio fncmio-iH; at pf^- 
l>ib]y %9 pufon of aay oih^ r nMi^ri in If nropc hculd hare n^ed in iht 
hkc mumcTi on the fanie occifitT»f.' 

TIm Portugwlf, whi'.cicr ihdr nJi&c>i^J>1 pecultjrttka mjy be, werr. 
hoviever, of peccfiirT obliged lo tvo thnV atienrjon 10 c^mtntfce; 
V'>ii:h tltdt cnore povtrful nrighb^jn the SptfiTirr}* in geno^l 6tfpfe, 
ljk« (be Corficaai, they fUu};clcd long for indf pendency \ wWK, <U( 
»^Mt tfiTr&JSti'cEtiflieraAl/cJiDutu^ they uu\4cAV^*i« tCi^^^'f ^^ 

ierxt^f vf'nhfMt ifijtigti alfi1t>afr, >aditicprt>£i it r«tfei fita iQl»| 

' The grrat hrrviJiUry pofTdfoui of il-c Bvg»n^ fjunSf, vhchAi 
Ibvrrtigpt of (hat tlQe#i>)Of fn ]h«tr OEH ME>hc, 9n<i e^e difpo^itfdr 
iWcciuM belanKine u> frvcial cr^^t of knjgbihood of ccde&iikcd aS^ 
cotin, tthjch bMTbcvn lurj^jr cc3Mr»|, ted of t^hkb the fa— ly 
m^ become pofTt^llcii, by unitinj; ibc mtflery ia the chroocB Imniw- 
^rther eii*blcd ihc moMrchs of ihiL Li|]j;dotn to defnj ihe aece^ 
<hir)jfs of govrrnTnrnr a-iihri»i ffvlH Ajf p'v< (^m Ih^ people; Vf* ^ 

<fc«r( cf ihc AC>itEh of Isru'l, tkit abor^ oc« tbird of tac pfOpoiT ^ 
t>'c whole kio^docn i> r^jp^Lcd CO ccalic in ihc crown i L i^tf 
WF(i[h< of pioptnr (he king hu becD lUc to irrive ai ibc ^ni^ ■ 
»««' wtthm nil iooMvyat, Tn i%ii hrir>i noi s liuteilfiiM Vf At 
impniflcEil behaiiout rA rh« no^itity, Abo, at il»e accefficm of ibt B» 

Ein^a liaiilirt Pctcr rttkbUhcd »ny nrnft-fucion of gorcvMseM, Wt. m 
ir ihor oifra po«CT. ibcy tfaoughi ihcmfcIiM C4|uUc of pratsciili 
ibcmteivs, look tiO<^Tci'f ihcpccij^lc; bjr whkb mf£oi the pof^ 
wh«n oppTf^rrd. co»M noe Ib^part tfacmfahrei; aod wbtn tibr oobdif 
Cftjn^ to b< cpi^rcrJcd io Ibeir tura, ibcy iOCeiT«4 no Iwlp 6oBit 
pfi>p!c. E3<h fintc Vis fiiccculveJir opffwd, t;id bodi bcooffci nit 
(he luoH dcIjWiK yp^ctunKTii : tlic poii|;tr of ibc clcr^r U^cvi^^ 
wi:h ihii of ihc pccfpic ; f^t: ihcir weight. conliAing oailjr Id dv ■> 
doence ihry haJ oti inc mtnd ofihcfubjcA, ihtt inflnpiscr becnttfl^M 
e!£F«^, wb*n rhc povi/rr «} rvcrcine ie wnt Inil; tbo> the powp of tit 
whole k|;illal(irr. tj dcgfttt, UU TO iht bmeifra. tI^ hul bta 

Ccivcii by ibc iuc kruf. w^o bad indulged thai poiAtT id (uKh- 
cci r?[p;ivc tu priv^ic irKlliti^iom. tui ij«J uoi ctmevi it in p atfct 
nan^Aioot; ihe CMwd'Ocjro*. b>r hit ccperiencr nf for ' "^^ 
tii«i» and p«iicd»]yof Gnj^^i^n^, p«r<civing lh» Itrccgih 
iitaition of jJbiiF> nnried ic in ica fdklt foHc; lbih«c PomrplttI 
come llic fta: of dcfpctf^n Lit Europe, bno^ KOTcntrJ with m OM 
■rolled « fwtiy 9> iny pirt of f^itgry ; for trothlnf ii oiQjei it i |u > B t thM 
Ordctt Ffom thf crrnv/ff. wiih thii rcniik^bSt injucflioio, ** AWaiii- 

Wiih a ^vcracnent of fiicn a (ompIcvioOi it is in«re f«rcc to ibiaL cf 
procuriai; an JilicuEiDa of mcdfarei by appcalinfi to lorvtKi |(*i (si 
nutiet » cfprtial^y if (be itUmiiuAraLion of id BBtir) IlKHiId tnt^f be 
ID ibf hindi cf B mimAcf, uho JufliBa the chirnficf |;iw-n ol bin it 
tlicfe Meoioiri. Inll^ad of ououds bnff «xir«A« rela^;vv ra fcin, tie 
opittkm of tbe Uu kin;; c^rFortunl, who. onr Meiaoir U'mor tipj 
milotisc vfgcJ tocitiijI(j;r him rn ibc <«biL-rct, tnjir CiJltco. 

■ Jt wMi in ^ain ihii hji filcndi icprcicnctd (he cupciicncr he h^d ob> 
ttlned in ihr two gmt courTt in which bf fcad rrfidrd. and the neecfrf 
lb«f« Aa4 of tmplf^yiiig a p«rfan who underilood ihdr coao^fb^Si iM 
inivtc^i I tired with unpoiiumuej, the king at Irrg;^ dedaied hMtV 
lothu(;ir<c^j " Why H^il you hv dlway«pcAci3n^ meabouttki» ca&nP 
do you uMH CO liil my kJivdomv^iibiroAlcvuid frdiliua/ voa ilLik 
periapi I Adi Qct icqis^ct^wjLh ihc txxni nf bii capdvy ; bsi 1 an. 
npd kncvr UiAt he ii fit for E>oihiTi2 but tkt ^o<i«(mn^ol t cbudkr'i 



Qp,, Of ai btn for the cb^canerv t>f ihc bw» nnd frould {Ki>ril^ fct you 
1 Logcthuai viiijncc ; bcfjJrJt H.duw the hdrJccfa ^>^^u licdjin i^ac 
h ro/crcd wi<h lintr ;" a Por^ugiicfc phrafc> Aeni'Vin); rauch iltc fjiiw 
when in Ei>jjliJh wc Tay. ai hard aa ■ ftonp/ 

Jc it not necelfary lo cricr into ihr fut^icatan of our compliJnt* 

^injt the prrlrnt Ivfti'm adt>pjCtt by ihv cr^wn ol rorEuj;>l ; they having 

t\ j]fc^J^ Uid tcfoic (he pulUc in the memoijaja of our mcrchariu *i 

il-all thfrFfcMC onljr ^iv(^ oner pjit^^c niurc rtl^tbg lo die Puriugurfs 

niller; *ichout i!cT*fTnlriifij»thc<IrgtfenfcrrdiTductoTheflirefiPdlJi^i, 

' Pom not the whole Eiicith nation ixy u down ei» a fi£t^ that Ifae w«r 

tn 4rtihcc of the prime miniLUr, m conjan^lion wim (he enctnyt 

itttt (heir foicc from bcictg exCftcJ in other piiru J Ccitiiji it ie, 

«t man^ ^'eiii pctfotu^ei who niuft li<^ve fecn ftithcr inroafijrt ititn 

opic in funeral <ou\dAa, mide no iecm of delivering thu i» their 


A nobleman of %reM tA!cntK> thcrou^hU well vfffcd in the Hfiteof 
'ortUK^L wh^ bad gone ovct ibcic :t the icq^cll of the court, luviiig 
miilh 1 di^'retic ref:rpiio» fic^m w\\ni Uc \ud laiuri Loupc€f. made 
01 a vpry fhnfi Ojiy in thai c^inntry; ind ii tjkJng kavr ofrhe m!- 
jIIct, laid h in, iv:th th^miliTary/dnkneri To flaiuiol CO him, rK^t h« 
01 come to laWbb leave of h^iui 4iJJJnj;i thac he wat (atSiwd iha 
JDOunt AoulJ not be forty (oi bit depirture, iu he pctcoved he cuuU 
ot bear the piefence cfiny, though of ever To hrffh rjak, who did hoc 
cHojtf to him, and ifltnt ta tv^fry ihin^ he piv^foi ; but thic ta rfgvd 
to t^e Ilieo moe^ wjr, for it Jilcried {he li^id) no better Biin«, wh^t- 
tver mtc^t be the crcnt oi ii. it muA be fatal to PortDj£al, if the fjffleoi 
cbJerrei in the ^ep ihn firodacti^ ii vctc con^nucd. 

' DiJ you fay tliii. re[]]ied the trnint, n (lie ojiiitiler of )'Odr k*^^ 
rei^n, or from yourf'elf, and will you abide by wUat yoa have fairf ,'^f 
^»otonly Gy thii, relvme<l hi« loiofhip, but 1 will ilfogiveitjou nnUee 
aiy b^ad, Coing ihcn m a Ude^table, he Krotc <ui 4 papff t^eJe 
Mtirdt: — T*- — y fivi tij (i'Ocy:i>f, (pusiJnfi "fi wriiiftfc *vhji he lai 
£ud.) The QiitiiJlcr havin|; re^d the pitpcr. fjjd he wtHiId f;rivc ui an* 
fwrr (o it nlh in v.-j\t\ng. That 1% rrplird iqy |r}ri-}, jou h^\e tiO good 
C4^, Uid yoci cinnoE find 9n^' U all without Itudytng, 

' So e:tent and Jo j-tpera1 hii beeo the dit^ufl of [h« miniflcr'i veoi- 
per, AOd fo prone wai he ihoy^ht to the reimdin^ and C0bioilin£ of 
CTCfy x0Jiir m which he lir<l ntty <oaecin, th«t ike ne^otMciL^m fut the 
neiee wrrecirrici on entirrly whhotit hn pnvJiVH and he kvu only, 
like the tcH of c^e world, inlorn^td of the condjli-^na aheit it "qi 4C- 
lutlly ti>rLCtu<Jed : tvhereai, in thr Ibrmer ni^n^ At iho tim« ol the 
pejcG of yr;ceht. the Diimtlen of P^rtu^il hcrc ^iJm^Ucd t^ itga jointly 
wiJt th^fc of [he othci poiT<r>/ 

Thefe Memoir) contain i fj^ttet, tod ht differfn? acej>util of th« ail 
Ciflioition of hit Porru^nri'e a\ijiiiVf fK«ni ilut ge^TiJl^ rceeived I 
whence the Amhor eeJcAvoi^ri to evince that i^e Utne *0i not tbe ob- 
je& aimed at, but 9 liJy with nrhom hli M v«t ruptK>rri 10 aiiin> 

uin a piivjtc iJilimucy : whcjier ihi« ii:ay be the tc^llUc of ihi; cafe 
or luit, h cniy be irwty <ii^, thai never waa tmy aucmpc on » r^jl 

bee the ftck«£.rf Jdf J^^auary ^A* f' b^ — ?:: 



i^ MOMTHtv Catalogue, 

N O V £ L 0. 

Art, IJ, Cilttlvjiv af thf Mfr^ifi tf :Wfi Sfifnty BiAJ^j tr 
prtftiffJ /fr tbt Pttji hj thi lite Edlt$r aJiLt/^rm-r P^t. 

■n 176J, (1c«R[;r»cv, VuIh *mf. p- afio] ws obforcd i ' 

tfcfiqn ofibcljJy U> wh'^m \xU rappoit^ti (btf public urc ^^- ^ J 

ftppC4n to h«r« prrnd^tl to [b« Hn4 coAcJuiioe of ber M^ik 1 tail* a 
lU fKiur^l of tUfc idJJiioiul voUmci, vc luvc /tit thai ibc it3£-d 

^r«V/litr/p H 4 Ulf ra^X^rcn^IjrdTriflinft AAil leader, thar ibfltniff 
' who cu pcniic ii withouE flcnicoj0y Ibeddi^ («;]ti oter the d^ln^^ 
p«C», BVoiU furd^i pc^Qcl) &n bc4n cf iroa^ B«e, *» «vc h«v< Ibo- 
' jiBiinl in tbc fufincr atccmui of tlidc lltfbojr*i < Ea Aooii tj» be ^0:^ 
tJontd if fijcb piflurti of hum^a life* ho'.vcicr jutlly xhcy m^j be o 
pied from aatuir, vt vefl adjprrd id frive ihc cjule of virrae: Ut 
tbu « 4 iioutk wbich wf Ih^l I«avc lo ih« Cigicicy of our R«4J«rT. 

Po ■ T I c A L. 

Am 16. Partht^'Sf^riff^t an Eettitu n ilt Hm^t^^U CI 
yorJlr, By Fr^ncJt hWi^c^, M. A. 4I0. 1 », Do-J^cv. 
Thii DnSc&icft m^rjc^l vK<a)>\ httt%ffatAed mJicff fac a ntral pacai 
fbiae Unglh t and hod ic bet^ tr«aC«J in tli« dida^ic iBinD«r, tbe oic' 
•od ihc »^cnbl« m'tg^iu hare bcco happilj oombiAfrd. Very Gn 
httnevtr, cf cichcr. Joc> ibis fbort Tdc^uc afiord ut. There ii. 
vuf^ppiDiun. M winturjudgmctii in ci«r/ ibrngthis Ajtbot wtfitFi : 
«tlii<h ihJK Ull <ti h\t. pcrlofniancu ai^dt a (Uiktfg proof, Sp«^ 

O'er the Jlcvp liill. broad nmnij cif 'tttgthfn'd down. 

Ride hti n<n!% po=t{, «itJ (IJiloatc IvLi own ; 
To rcpr^fuii ihc d^n^ of L^r hwfe undu tbc fame vtcu^ imJeIi the dv> 
iliudioit of the rider, i» a curious ATokc, 

Nothfng can He ■ ilron^cr arj^amf ai of a fiir« laflv thin topMtW 
tic'ifiiT <bi With tbc pitbvtic, in the maantr that irt ^d k Ja lb« ftt 
kwieg Jmcs : 

BiJt Rufo vihip iifff fh)Lkiii£ |iig3 oi dcaili I 
Tij)U tifjfkft dcu linjiGD to a c±i7lcri pag«, 
^'iLO JTjirtct the 1o\oI/ ^glUft in the C8;dc t 
Or, tno'f itnaxirt]^, the 2<M>dnit<ired fair 
Lcii Dmon djc ia flbfoitftt def^nur, 
T*TC firHfo«rIin*i«iii"pije tnwiih pity and aui6oii; the ^rckil i«fs 

Noilt-nj ti tnait ikfji! iLiiti thi) Auchor, ai wdl at vriia all OrdinvT 
pocih than 10 cieaie half* line, or r^Enetipw* a uhcJe One, pttreJr Jj. 
ihe uHcof ihc rhyine i->-biL(, in the MIowiac couplet ifao laA 'l^* 


Co t ft£SFOt«DENCfi, 



TTi<re wc rctrieiY, »nd C^thz ib«in one bf one^ 

Sweet tianffwit lo the luvm of (be gun 1 
ToD^aifJt t^« cnocI»li4n of t^ie pt^Vdi, wc are caCfft<!ffVi! tiith a Oiorl • 
<l<fcrip(ir4i of pheiiiat fhaaiin^, ia n'hiclk thcfe bciutiful xnd t^thc;ii^ 
lion vf Mt. Fop<t 

Ah nvhvt jvall hji ^}^f varytog ^in* &c 
ftrc ffTtradofcd. wk^ the fajkiwrn^ inOil anforran-i£e oS/mJm^ 

VcT Ihsl' E>icr^ varying die* oTlpftnftlc^ Oi&:a, 

'I'hfto plamci diPii»a with (loM *nd vivid jjrwD, 

Fcrtn'd iv » Ritiif, cp Liun'i totcly Arm* 

tijfamg our 1v>r>3[i, while hur bi.nd« (hey -uidifiir. 
There revrr, ftrnirly* vtat > mere pUiftil o<ir>c«ic than t>Lit whkh If 
«4a4Mc«d intht F^ ].n«, iid the A[]Lh^f^<■vj1 gtnlmnollfrueUy pi^ 
dtfcei il ifliocif i iteFv t't^r the pathetic vetfei of Pope, TJi^rc Ai«ri 
cifir cKepiiodtblc pa^fi in i^ii pgem. but xWtCt we hjive pJioKd 
cut Mie fu^^K^tt to pruvc th;it ftcftr^ive nk: iwMch difquA^ilttfi ihe Ao* 
thor for ottgintl cnrnpn^e^n ^We *fiuM advJfr him hrnwfnrw*ffl to 
enrfiti* bit pc^m <a tfjcfljtion, becaarr, by followmg mother, hi« 
fkifl dot L« Tiibb Tc hc<]Hflily ta «'r 


To cbc AuTHom or the MovTBtr Rstiev. 

IN your Keticw Tir M97 luA, article t^th, ip»Ving d tlie 
fcvrri] pjoit&s pfci^rcc fur ctTc^U^^ Ar> uiitoa of the c*!! Ica 
«ich ihe wcA lea b>' a navi^bU cftnAl, you fiy, * Thepritici^ 
of whicti [prc^cfii] J1C ih^ TKaincj ax\A foc/n i ihc Trtni *jid 
Several lh«Trcnt>nd \V«rcti the Ciildcr aiiiJ M<jfcy ; Jnd 
dtc Fortb tnj Ciyik/ Now I b^ Ictfc 10 iarorw you, itid b^ 
the channel of jroar C^rfjfpsndufct, rhe Tubltc^ thar rhcre hai 
bten tfvtf^ pni^rO, furihc fAmopurpofef foniicd & ihcgfounl' 
fiinr)-td i efliflnica cf ih« ciEpmce, ard r^f tttc advanta^r, kc. 
itiade ; and s pUn ncjrT^ pcrfc^tc^ : nil which are intended 
Ihordy 10 be hid b^'Forc ihc public. C^ ibcfc 1 picfunic it will 
appear Ehdt thii prtjefl {to yuci ncu/] ii :it l«aft a« pfa^fcablc, 
hAk'in^ icr^clcvatut.'i or (jciicniiicolrfr hergh: in proportion l^ 
the Tcoeih; and prct^itVt ;iJTiiiUgf( a« cunGJErrjble, locator 
nAUOiial, a» any cf tboTc you tncnijuiii anJ much more ih^ft 
fun'e ofthcoi. 

The coLiimunicaiioti here po4nted at, li by a caftal from Yorlc 
lo Pf*ftt»n, tf'tiic^i i* r^^*!??' f»»nn thtre litnc* the jtn^ch of thjt 
bclwccr tbc Korib anJ Clyiie, jind mav be ejected «f \th ihn\ 
douUr [he rxpcnce, m api^cJM b/ the ellinitn luji* made. Thia 
P^s thioirgh a vcrylon^tritt of fjch and rery populoui eo*»i*- 
iryi ill (h« vicmicy of many towni^ crniiiriM fkjr t^c^ir maikrff 
and manufi^arefi, to which, branctufi of vaft usilitv may easily 
be extended. Iliia alio fo» near fevrfil good co.a n;ino ^loi 
limeftcne qunne^, which atfcrd ^^Iclr^t of f^cb vriiTerfal eon- 
fuii>|j|ijjii, [iidi, y,4*ii 4ih vcai^cc^CulaUi>n,\^u^ x^^^V'^^Q 

liditfre ihc frtiglit or ticfc aloae wouLJ ralfc mon^y (ijiEctenf 
for io c^tcnfive aii uti^lcmkine. 

In fnc, iIiiB ^Ittfi it ictcjb5cJ wllh Tuch peculiar iJvaiiUj^ t* 
VriU p«:ha|3« cnaltc it to equal, ir not «xcf>sl, in gT^ndcur anJ 
tiility. Arv thir£ of [Kc ktn<l this ifUtid can ever boiQ^ tf n^ 
even thAt lupcrbly royal canal of Laitgaodcc. 

1 »m )-oarit &c> A. S. 

t^f £. W,'» Kivoiu-, dilcd Jul)- 1 5ch, ii <Ofiic to liand. The 
RcvwWftm hope they ftall cvcrtliinlt incmrclvci tup^v in haiJru; 
it in iheir power to fccond, in any muf;tr?, Uic endcavovij ii 

Sood Jnd bcnevolrni men, for pmrnoimg tbc hrll inrirrcrns of 
kir fillow-crtiiurcs. They app»lim» bowcvcr» ifau it 
woirlil be very impfopcr* auJ too obviouf t d<vktk>n Ttocn rhcjt 
fluif tof ttvem to iJvcrtifc every new e^inion *>f a boolt or pun- 
pblft^ fts ii niav Svc Jrom the prcfa ; which wouldt indeed* be 
inradinz the f ruvmee of ihc ncvri' paperf. 

•,♦ AVc«c grcailyoblig*<^t&-If. £it/ for hit very Iciad wd 
Sfrrceab] ^ letter^ ruining to il^ inacctifsbcir* nnd errtirc of the 
preffl cbftrtiablr intoomnny ofoi^r Re-v-iem, \Vc bftvcoiUn 
apo1oa;tfrd fir Tucli defe^, anil pleaded onron^ ' . tt« 

^ry ^ fXkhirUii^n i— hid we always th? ddvinl ^ . .t*(L- 

crout a Cj)C.'cilor as ihia a^xgctiiotu Correfpo^i^nt ^^nd lacb an 
ftffillant vre Ihould be gbd to cn^ge) our work would probably 
be left lepfcheiilible fur chc fvt«rc, in ibc jibcvc-mcmmncd r^ 

^ ' E R R A T A.^ 

OUR RcaJcrt airtr ddired to corrcA the FoIlovhlnE cTf<fi 
ihi; pTrfc, in OUT AL'vuuiiE of i)flifii*s book, in the 
dix \A o^ ihirif fifth Vol. viz, 

Pj^c ^4^, Jincji, Xorrc«w> read ravvt. 
P.iotf cj^ line 31, fiir i^ uf4>v»w, md ifvpintt. 

principl* m bJi laquir^ stmrantrtidr ivad ^ctruj /», ifiJl<«d vf 4>«- 

1b otir /i^ Appsndix :, 

Pige;£c \\m ji'u it>t attnt^ir, r«ift 4-^.^, 

la the R E V I G w foT 'f'/i^ Ml :^ 
fage 93, (iJi CUT MtuiuLCof Df. PricAlcji'Bbook) liucf f'nn rb^ 
tor Thatci djt<i Miicia^, rrad ThiJct y^Milcutk^ 
too, Jiae 19, forO>/**rf, fud Eff^i* 
104* Jioc 6, for f^ palTod, fcad /i pf[<d> 
ilf, pu, 3, line w» f« " «r cxKinpOEAiy pnfcr/*rcad 

1 15. p>r. |. Itne 3, for •' ^tcn^ J-,* ft jd <?*ed« r*, 

no, par 4. liM f^, fix "^if^a^Jntinif/' md/^anj fo 

153, Awl. \%^ fi»r ** miwU oT o^diOM,'' md /rvrcM^olJBC- 

[ill fa 




For OCTOBER, 1767, 

WEicturn wkh pTrJifurctouur firrli'woftlichiflortcalp;rrt 
of th'ii work, ttic ;tccounc of which wc had brougJit 
Xa ihc end of the ci^htb period, wherein sic rcUtcd ihc Euro- 
pean iJifrovcri» in tlcHrictry, down lo the y*ar 1750. Our 
philofophiol hiltonan pow ^oci Wlc * few fcor^, ihic he ni^if 
OoQic (he whole of his Dtnih period to ihr rvptrinifnimiid 
difcoveries or Dr. Fruikl^ — ■ name whkh will be f<ir Ckxr 
cclcbtitcd Ifi iUc/afii uf clcclrjcilyi for Uie number iiid impr>r- 
iincc of hilt ^ifcoi«rie«, sml for ihc excellent theory to whtdij 
they fpiTebinh. Ihtic were con Uincd ui Ji rcrto of letienJ 
wrote bctiA-ecn iheyars 17+7 in^ <7S4' 1*^*^ whole hillory 
of^ pbiloftjphy will not furniJh ui^ wc bcljc\«t wiili more thaji 
one inflance (wemewi ihc Op^ict of NewtOJi] in which TogreAi 
a light w» thrown on my pirticuJar branch oi it^ as hj tW 
Jcttcn in quefliori 1 which conT:4in a (eiW% of the imj||V Junii* 
rous cKpeninents i all o1 them cither pr«^ nam with new truth'^, 
«r ilSufhicrvG uf ihofc alreudv ilifcuvcieij j mJ rd-itiiJ wich ihr 
greucll pbmneft and pe/fpicuily j — the p^Gnomena, at thcfii^c 
hmc, nii^fl c\cITcnil)^<xpIuned and accounted fo^ \>f a ihcorv 
ibhicii recD<nR)endi iii'elf by it* extr^mf ftmpliclty, iht fmalli 
liumWr of it> iEutnp[ion», Aitd iu c^ry ^nd nilurol scC'^mfno- 
daiion to >lmoft every ele^rrc*] apprarince which htd ifierf, 
or hat hnoct been pwr^td : fo thai the f rujklynLjLii f)itcni, u 
ir is c*Tted by foreign Hrflneians t»y moft of wlinm at ha> been 
atJopted, * bidi fiir," ts Dr Hheftky obtcrvey, * :obc handed 
down ro pofterity, ai ei(Ujil]y expicEZve uf the iri*c priudp!** 
v>i vkdi(City> ai the Newtofliin pbilolbpby it of the true fyltein 
of niiure ingenera).' 

Dr. Franklyn'i ftrfl difcovcry wn* that of the plu* and minoi^ 
cr the poficivc and negative tiild of the eWtrw maurr 10 bo- 
din; an^ was made it Phtladclphtai aa wc h^^vc already fiid, 
Vi^t.XXXVJI. 3k about 

241 PaitiTieY'j Prrfim Sta:e of E!i4iridtf^ ice 



vbout the hmc time thu Dr. W»lbi3 made ih^ T^mc 
tion in'TCngtind. But tti& fimplc princifk bcciioc, in 
hindi of Dr. Fr»nWyn> ai fruirftjl Jif wp mak^ ^lcrwAi>cc _ 
the difTcrcrt jiJiuic u\d impomnce *>i (he fubjc^s) si the pna- 
clp.r i>f uiiivrtlal i»t:r-Lflion in ihofc *if Ncvrf»n. Bv iKc jp- 
pli<Aiio<> oi it| tlic Lcydcn phuJ> whbch h;id hirhfrEotKTr tht 
9fpiet>fU/nt fU'^iisjiKitUM^ nnil iccmcJ wilh ntyfttny and con* 
tndiAioiir tud itj Dvift glaring incomfillcncirB reconciled acd 
acc»utricd for la tbc fimpLD manner, Dr, F. iTicwciJ rhae i 
lh« a^ of clc^ri^aticn, cnc Hdc of the phul (tht infidc, for 1 
Aiiri:c} vrzs clc^nficd ffph^y\ x\mx \u h^Jjo adui 
quUTtUyol llirTdi-olrtc fluid ihtt^wn upon it; ind rhat ih« oih 
,jCJc was tlcctrific4 my(3'fi'''i' i or >rw <kprircd of iin tqn 
«}ii:iniicv ; md ihitf tbc clTrr^ of that nperaiinn wt% no\ an io 
crofc &f t!ie qunnitly of clc^tiic fire h\ tbc phialt but foJdy a 
chii^jc (imduccd in the HtuaiJon of tbc- /^at$irtAi qtaomity of eicc- 
iric mAtict bcloi)|»ijiuE to it. To be more pa^fculir : hi> cxpc- 
lininm tciid ti> prove ihAl gi^fahii, 3t ill rimri, witfatn 1 
iu^Aancc, or to fpcak with rr,orc prccilioc), on i:* two furfjtc 
to 1 ctrtaii; Jqilh. tbc (ante qiuniitj-, 4nd that a my hr 
mv, of tlfcknc firr> which ii Itron^ly rctaina, and urhic 
cannot be incrcifcd or kllcficJ, on lb? vrholct by u%j itttaru 
wh^rcvrr : though 3 ch^tiT^c may b? rmdc in nt parts and finia^ 
Cion« ihiiit, wc may throw an additional quojiiJiy oa mic ol* 
lEB Hdcti if, at the lumc limcg an c^b.*] qu^niity cars ^(cipt 
frot-n iheothffi and not othcrwifc : thu xW\s clian^c U e^- j 1 
h^td by lining pan of its iwu fuifa<Y^ wiih a non^fe^ric ^| 
ihroush rtir im^iation of which^ wc arc cmbied to convey them 
electric ftrc to evtry phyfical point of the fur&cc whk h wc 
propofc to thirgej whrrr it txttrs its aSivity, ifl rcpeJIine the 
ckdtte (Wticlu naikrat^ bclofiging to tbc other fide: 2j ct 
which hiieaoopportumrvof efcaping bv iTiclining in contad 
with ibaC furfaco, uid which* for thai purpoCc, muil wffjirrf/ 
Gcmmui^icatc with tbc earth: thai when the uJt^U qti%mitf 
Jtc^ nging to thia furfic« has b«n ihui tlifshsrgt^^ in coofe* 
qucncc of aji equal quintE[j ibxt;wn upnrt the othcf fvrfacc, the 
phijl iv then thargtJii mucha? it poflitlycan be : lh« the iwo 
furfflca of the phial art at this lime in a fldtc of viulenct: : tbe 
inncc or pr/itivc Jldc, nror^gtj- difiiofvd t* pan wiih iu aJJ.ti" jnal ■ 
fee, and ii»p outer, or, equally dcfiioua to atuaa tbc ■ 
qt^aniity which it J>as loli ; hut neither c>l ilii-m, fioftTy, «»• 
pabic of hi.hi- a clungc in iti ftiCc cffcdcd. «itbcK.c iht tqual 
and coleropof jfy pmrcj piiiijn of the othrf : that ni^twithltaivd- 
■in* ihe vKiluty of thek two luriactt, uJ the i^f^w difpo- 
ftiroii Bbovemefttioncd of the define Jt^id conuined in o„iZ 
tttm to coronrmnicaic u^ fsA\im!^tA*si<^\x, <U o^^w^ and Uiat 

of the other co receive it, yet there h tn impenetrable litrricr 
berweenihem; foi that, i^ i\j(^\\i[t\y im^fir^fiM i\ ^»fi to th^ 
eledric Huid (though it pcjmict th:ic on thtrone fiJc ol ii to a^ 
Ujnii thjrof ihi^nihcF) rfut lit two AjilWcc:t remain in ih'i ll^tcof 
eonliiuintt ull a communEcaiion i« formed between eh vra, ah 
rjcirnt ^y A prujKr conductor : when ihc equilibrium ii fu Jtlriily- 
and violently rctlore^J, xnd the ele^ric ^ti'id reduced to i(«on- 
l^inal Dale of equality on the t^of^^ftiof the ^Tifs. 

Wc hive enJcavourccfj m the a^ovc fhofi Hcccch, ro ^nw 
into one point o{ vicvr^ in u clcjir a mAnn^r as vrc arc ablc» 
the grcit ouiliiKTi (jf Dr. Franklyn'^ hvfxiThcfjs tonc^trfning ihtf 
Ley^cn phial. Numcrcufc are the cxpcrimenu whkh prove iii 
Irufh, Of HI JraJl evinetr in hi^h pi obalnlity. The fubflanre 
of levcril of them is reluteJ by our author icv hit coneile aud 
pcrfpicuuus inmner. Tlic moA ilrlkifiK circumllance id the 
preceding theory, it thtt in which Dr. r. fiippofes th;it iherc ia 
no [ii^ic ck^Eic fire in the phJ Ji when it is charget^t ihun nd> 
turally rdiJcd in it hrf;»fc, ThU he cftmpTridy pro/p-l by iht 
ft^Ilowmg moft dccifivc cKpcnmcni. He irffn^^t^J the *:um'ioii 
tvith which hia globe u»v rubb<.'Jj i-e. ctit olT ii« communi* 
cation with the common ittah in (he eanh ; io which cafe, ti 
it well knuwn ti} elecliiciiini, niiucw electric 61c \:xn be ob- 
pined From tiie prime condu^or, after ihc few fpa/ki, oatu* 
r^lly bctcpglngto chc_ciifhion>hjivG been dr^vrn ■ ff from the nee. 
The phial^ accordingly, fufpendcd upon it, and communicii- 
ing, aa ufu^l. by iui oulfide coating, with ihc llixir, c^tbiliti 
no figni of electricity ^ but on firming a communic^iliofi by a 
wire* between the eoacbj; Jind the cuQiton, the pliia). » f>jQn 
charged wiih itt *tt«^r/ ; no othrr being tn b^ had ; ihf gtuhc 
drawing the ^rc from the ouifiJc, and throwing ii upvn the 
tiiridc. And th^t (his file icHJcs In t^es^lifii iiid ntit in ihc 
tinn-cleflric cotting, Dr. Frajiklyn endeavoured to fbew by an 
ingenious auulyfu of ihc clccirihcd bottle i in whkh, xficr 
^ndin^ thm its virtue lay 1101 in the cork or wirc^ he poured 
out the water it contained, and UJinz it with jrctb, founJ it 
f]iia]ified to ^ivciJhncIc v before: ftoin whence he inferred 
that the elv^lrie virEoe refidcd not in the water, but in the 
glaft. Ontr nhjei£lion rr;iy, we ihink, h^ nude 10 ihi« con- 
clufioni M/.. that after pouiinj; the w*trr out, there fiitl le- 
nuTi» athin Ibcct, cr lfn!n^;)f iImi fluid, ia vuiit^ M'ilh the 
gUft, and It ciptiblc of cantaining the charge u the whulc 
il^jjiitity. Dr. F/( foUown ; opcriiDcnt therefore haa idwjLyi 
appeirod CO w^ much more coiivh^rtvo, %\ beins pcft^ly free 
from thi» objection. He c'edrificd a pane ofgUft bticwccii 
tkfrO plate* of kadj an4 foond it to rcwtw iti ^«c^ <A ^V\w^ 
ii vfolcnr IbociTi ;.ricr rht; c1c£Uific^ fV^x^ \a^ V^iwtcv\tf^A 

1^5 Priestley J Pre/ini State cf El^Siritiiy^ kc. 

pen filing, iQ the cxcdlcjit conduiling pgwcr of which, -part 
of K^eW ^r£:ir clfc^iiti are to he aTtrihucctl. After the kttehad 
c\hbi.Cil very Uron^ 'ig' s of clcdtricicy ; fucti as furnifliing 
Ipirts 3 inche? loni! and a qunrtcr of an inch thick, drawn it 
the JJiUricc Q^ a tutji fiom a tin conductor, conceded with ihc 
3ji[i-iratLi&, rhi" fitiippiiig of which was heard 300 pacesj aiid 
CJufin^ 3 (ciifntitriL -i\i.c XhnK of a cobweb on Mr. Rocd^'a iiCCf 
tlvrui^h lie W.I5 iibovi: 3 ftet from ihc Ilriug of the Vltc. On the 
falling of a JiLiie r^in, the appearances mcreafed amiimgly, 
anil a contiujil [uiiling noifc Wiits heard, like thai of a fioall 
for^e bellows. Air, Romas now thought it advifeuble lo rake 
no mofk^ fparks, even with all his precautions. Ic was ind«d 
lime ui forl.3[.,iri lor now c;ime on the laft ai5 of the cn:ei- 
laiiimcm, wluth ht acknowlcgcfi made him tremble. A ftrav, 
ii'imit a fool lti[i^-, which, together wiih iwo (horrer ones, id 
for a qu.ii.i.r uf Jn Imur paft been ftanding ere£tj and perfoirn- 
\ng A Lircubj ifjiicff like puppets, under the tiii tLibc. v7i 
fiiddLJily aKr.i^lcd ty it. Upon this followed three esplo- 
Tions, iliL noifc of v^hich grcatlj tcfcniUcd that of thurdcf. 
Some of the companv compared ii to the exploiioi> of rocker?, 
and olhers to the violent crafliing of large earthen ji/j a^aiLift 
a |iai.'ciTi[^nt. The fire ftfen at the time of the explcffiona hai 
the ihDpc o! a fpindic 8 inche long ^nd near half an mchin 

PrIESTLEVV Prefint State of EUilrlcky^ ScC 247 

is they extended ; while the non-condu^nig fubflanccs, or 
imperfciSfe conduilors, which the lightning afterward? met wfth 
in its way, tt> or from rhe earth (for it folJows each of thefe di- 
reilions, at different limes; have been rent and difperfed in a 
mofl furprifing manner. In another fe^ion the Author relius 
fome of the more ftrilcing inftances which prove this truth, and 
parHcularly defcribes the damage done to the fplre of St. Bride's 
in London, by lightning. Aa we probably have more Readers in 
the pariih of Su Biide*s than Dr. Trieftley can be fuppofed to 
have, we &all, for the benefit of that elegant ileepk', tranfcriKe 
his concluding paragraph; hoping that the gentle hintcontain- 
cd in it may operate with the governing powers of that parjrii 
towards the prefervation of their beautiful fpire, and that they 
will not delay to put it in a condition of coping wirh the ce- 
leflial fire on more equal terms than it has hitherto done. 
' My reader! at a diflance from London, fays Dr. P. will 
hardly believe me when I inform them, that the elegant fpire 
which has been the fubjeft of a great part of this feSion, and 
which has been twice damaged by lightning (for it is now very 
probable, that a damage it received in the year 1750, was 
owing to the fame caufc) is now repaired without any metallic 

conductor, to guard it» in cafe of a third ftroke* When we 

'confider lleeplcs as fo many advanced guards extended into the 
regions of thunder, it has to us the appearance of h.irdfhip to 
plant them in fo dangerous a poll without proper arm^ ; or, 
which was the cafe of this unfortunate llrii6ture before the lace 
accident, with arms juflfufficient to provoke an attack, and 
bring the enemy into the heart of the place, £le£lricians will 
perceive that we allude to thofe large, infulated and int'-rnipted 
maflea of metal, which had been employed in the conflru^ion 
of this fteeple ; and which, asDr> Watfon judjcioufly obfcrves, 
nearly occafioiied its deftrudtion. 

We Diall pafs over the remaining fe^lion of this period, to 
come to the j oth and lafl ; (part of the contents of which we 
have indeed already anticipated] in which the hiflory is con- 
tinued from the time that Dr. Franklyn made his experiments 
in America, and is brought down Co the year i ^ 66 ; and wbrre 
the vaft variety and quantity of matter, at the fame time that 
they cxercife and fliew to great advantage our Author's talent 
for diflribution and arrangement, furniib electricians with a 
mo^ agreeable proof that eledlrical jiTquiries and difcoverics 
have by no me^ns been at a (tand for the laft dozen years- 
It h impoiTible fpr us to give even a fcanry idea of the 
matter contained in the fifteen fe^tions into which this pe.- 
riod is divided, .great part of which will, wc believe, be n*--* 
to moft Englifli ekii^iicians, and fome of it is now &rft. 
bJJiLed from original commumcaiions. Vic^AVVr^K.^'k^ 


24S PRIIiTltvMV/ytaf 5j^##/£,WWrtlJ( &C. 

the more cutioua pinicului, »d principally from the fbm£n 

In the fcconil fedi^, cuf Author rkt«i nt l«*tr»l oMct- 
vaciofii relative to one of the piinci^ dcftdcriU in clc^:- 
cay : the arcrrt:imLng ihc vonduAing power of Taricnu fub- 
itiaccK jjid ivh<rcLii kic^nHfti. Mr.Cafitcn, and Sf^iOT Becr 
cjLiii^ a ir^igiou) pioftfTor of naiuiaj pbiloTophy xt Twhu 
luvD ona^c fcvrrai cucmut eiperimenis, which throw foioe lii:ht 
upon iliis fubjc^, aitd ibcw thai fub^Yancts vrhich bid hithctt^? 
t>ctn coiifidvrvd » pcrfci^t ccnduflofi oj non-condudo^i a'c 
{ucb t/nly 10 accitiin dcgric. The former of tbefc genilcnKn, 
whofc dtCcoveriei Jn de^trtrtiy aie more ramrtcnrf ar.4l confi- 
dtnblc thJt) ihofc oi oriy KngltChmin within this pcnod, fifft 
dL(co^crrd thii even dry air wu cspiblc of receiving ele&l* 
cny hj communication I and ef rciaiomg h foe Tome tiavc^ by 
m«3iiiof one of h'n cx^uirirc contriiancci, by which * he wjit 
abk) fayi our Autlior, to afcert^m thai delicate Circumflancf, 
anil ei'en meafuic ihc dc-rcc of ir, if i: w« in ihtr Icjft (.curcji- 
deraMe/ Thi* he eSc^rd by i p»ir of balU in a lathc> 
cut of ihe dry pith of elder, which, when huo|; in a reom^ or 
Abroad at a fufficJcnt diflancr finin Hildrngt, frees, ifc, eafif/ 
llicw the clcdtficityof ihc atmofpheie, and whether it be poEi- 
tive or negaiivr , or in a room fti¥w the eW'firitjr of the air 
ccntdincd in it* Icn* after the apparatu^t vhich evciled it, u 
vrithdrawm Stgnior Dcccaiia made t!ic f^me difrovcry of cora- 
municacing ele^rjctty to the air : bitt hit experiments, whieh 
(hew that waicr, which bai hiihcrEO bcrit reputed the bed c^ 
ciondaftort next lo metals. lofej, when in fmall ijtjaniity, in ^ 
ajtzt m^afuic iia condufllng power, are fllll more Turpvlfuyg, fl 
The cxpcnm^nw ma*^r by Signinf Rrccaria on this occafioa ™ 
arc fo vcfy curiouA, and the refultf of them fo unexposed and 
contrary IQ notioni eommonlv cntcfiaincd on iht* fubje<fl, thai 
ykx fhall £Taiiry our rcoderv with part of our authors account of 
Ihcm- ■ Signior Betcaiia, fiyi he, made tubn full of water* 
part of the ikilriceircaic, andobfcrxod, th,it when they wer« 
very ir&4ll» ihcy would not iranfinii a Qiock , but thai tlK fhock 
jncreafcd, at wider rubes were ufed/ 

But what aftonilhes v% moil tn Signior Bcccaria'a cxperi- 
toenu with water> in hii ruking the eleftrr'c fpafk vifitde iQ 
Ui nolnrjtbfiandin^ it» bcin^ a re^l conJuAor of cUclikity, 
Nnrhtng however C'ln prove more clearly how ifiiperfrd a 
dtt^or it iv* 

He inTcrtcJ wItci. fo ai nearly to meet, in * fmaH tubr^ fillr 
ur*ih Viler i ond diiehafging rtioeti thfou;tb theat, the clr^ 
fpark wa« vifibic between tli^ir poamt, m jf no W4(cr h&d bccti 
in Ihe pljw/— Bur n^ght not ihr (pur'at, ii may be <aiJ, wbreh 
wereoblefvcd byibit ingenioui pbilofffp^cr* pofiibly ar;£; frnrit 
h^cci that the Clidi of i^Vuc^t Okm^ ^iun^«^ k^to the 


PliiESTliy'j Prtftnt Situ sfEUBrUhy^ &c. 249 

«vMrf, m'^M only be ctHtligaoua 10 it, atiJ not in pcrTciB con- 
tjtct wJch ii : {a C4re wbitcli, Ac>m maiiy optical a9 well 11 dec- 
tiicjl cxpcrIm<:;La« if knowji C(* cxlit bclwccn miny bcxiiu, aiul 
^anicuUrly bcrw^eri ihr- b<uli^ in i^ucAion % a^ U fncwn in ihcifc 
cKpciimm;! In which a needle or pi^c of bMf» wire arc i*» 
ftiongljr rcpdicil by wjtrc^r, ii iri Twim ufion it wlihoui couch- 
ing \i\ the diilance between them bcinc fliU farther enlarged hf 
tlirtr incft'ifal muEual icpirlHon ;it ihcinflarTtof OicirojifmilBim 
of tbeAi<iCkP Thus ^^ lr;iA, wc rcafoncd on ihc pcrufa] cf 
ibf-it nbfcrvnttloji^ ; unvriilin^ Uj give up fv long c^AbJii^ial « 
pvint of do^tnne, aithc coiidu^^^mg power of wawr, too rca- 
«il^ ^ fpuc (jn cxj>criincnt wc lii^d thit a fpirk is Always vjfjblc 
even in a Ufc^e lubr of icaicT, when the cxtrmitiv* of the tvirei 
Afc very near each other i or, in other words* when the lainitu^ 
of wat<T inrrriXtv^ii hrfwern (hem ii vr^ry im^tll ; huitlir^ppran, 
itou^h ail other circumftanerE ron^Ji the famcf when ihv wire* 
jirc irmovnl lo ii gte^tur difluncc^Out lu ictu:ti to tiiir Au- 
thor ; * The tubc*» continuv« lJ|, P, were generally broke t» 
pieces, uiJ the fnginents iliivcti to a confidcnble dijl^iicr* 
Tbii was evJdenUy occafioncd by ihe jcpulfion of rhi^ W4:«f, 
stnd ill Lncoa>prrfliblliiy : ir noi bein^ able to ^'ive W4y f^ 
enough withiji icfetfj ind the force wuh which ft WiS repellc4 
bciiis vcj-y £:c*t.' 

' The forrc wilh which fmill c|uami(itt« fifwiter arr fhin re- 
pdled by the clei^tnc ilojd, bo fip, is prodijHou}' tiy nK^ns 
of a chifge of 4O0 fquirc inches^ he hroke a gbfi lube fwo 
linei thick, whcit the pieces were driven 10 the dUbn<:c of 10 
fccU ^^Tt li^ fomninao broke lubea ct^Ht or ten liuea ihick« 
jind ihe ingmeitct were driven to grcacer difiancei in pro- 
portion . 

* He found the fflc5t of the ele^ric fpark upon wafer, prtaier 
ihan the cJTeiEt of a fpark of comn>on ftfc upon gu^i'powiicr 1 
jittii fiyi, hcdijcs juic Juubr, but ihae, if a mcilind eoulJ tio 
fbiiiid of ma^aj^ing them equally well, a cannon charged with 
water would be more ilrcadful than one charged wi:h ]^mi-poiv- 
^t/ — A method thus c|UJLlilied, wJI, we hope, never be found 
out. Though we ccriiinl^ wUh wcJl to :hc cxtcufit/n oi fticrHc 
u\ ccncr;U, and of iht« fetence in pifiieulir, wc fhould bo fvrnr 
to beheld rhc future courfc of dcclrictl inqMihei fucCGfifuIly U|- 
rcif*cil 1 Jingle; Ilcp forihrr in (his rhannri, and in profeeution 
ol fucb viewk \ or to [oc the gun-povrdcr, found out by one rc- 
]igiou), fucecedcd ^y a ^lollibly n)ore ddbnf^ivi; facx«darjeiint 
difcovered by inoihtr. The matter appears to grow feriom, 
when we are afierwaids lold chat Sij^nior Het^earia * a^ualfr 
chargfd a 09.(% tube with water, and put a fmalJ ball into it i 
whence it wa> difc barged with ^re^c force, foutobury iif^^lf in 
^roc chy he placed w leceive ac/-«fndeed when wc cotvfvk^ 

9 '^ 





the i>ro/ig f«puirLV« foic^ of the particles of the ckcinc fli^, 
and th^ unyiddii»g bjinJi>;rs of rbofc of water, wc ran kju:i 
rXOACnvc ftny cOcAs too gvcit for their liUJtcd tofct:, prft/u>y 
tftppUed. Sigukj BcGCana qxjGl1k»n» tiiicwirrt ihr pcrfcclno' 
^udinj; pow^ even of ineraU, i:>d prcctitds tu Aliccniadtt 
time, iti which ;bc elc^rcc Jiic moioi l^i«xi^b a wire 500 

f: bat we do not thirik bii «xp«nmfrTtt( on ih» 
)- cgedufift. Before wc leave thu fa^jecl, we Adl 
(hat cSf AtithR< mighr have ranked ewn the human hoJ/^ «r 
»thcr ecruin huma<i bodie^t among noncoodudon, *a <'^ 
itrflimofiy of Pfofrffcir M'jfchc-^ibtank ; who. If wc rMcnbcr 
nghtt fotnewhere rpe4k« of three oe Toiir perfoiu who hii 1^ 
finguhr prjjniny. Wc mort pankuhrly ttcolled ha KCtnat 
cf ^khirvdfome f<^lc, eonrcq^Gntly )^un^, (whkh nuikci k.' 
ron-cu:ii]ucliiig ((uAlity more cxtiMHiiiitAf > ) frW.% ^as uMinAj 
imp^neiriblc to the eleftric RuiJ, aniaccorJinglvrefifttdiUt^ 
iTuufcirgM riforts todc£triAr her. She tti3> it wc nujkil- 
lobved to pjfcdj X Ime of Oiid, 

Bm thefer cafoi, »« may fuppafe, *fe rery rare. 

In the 5th fedion wc h4>^ ah account of the dtfcovtij rf* 
new »it(l \x*ry cmrnnve piiiuijilr in cl^v^JricK/^ loi|i|kt)Mr. 
Canco» M thz war^ by a icri« of clc^nc irvJ (tc icite ct^fi- 
mcnrt maJe tvi:li lu!i udud accuracy. Thcic eM|K-iJmcnu Oi> 
FronUyn Pjcfeflcdiy purfuev!, an;J though ^ sU bit ^0f^U 
put tntfsrw oa ihii ocC4[too,' ai Dr. P. cxpfcAcv it, hc£itf' 
lined theni, and m^t fuAic icnprotemert m the obcihoJ oTv- 
C'luniinj; fur ihcm ; hiii it iv*i r^tvcd for iwo cinincnc forii(a 
r»f-:hitiaDi, McHh. WMke and ^iniis» to compioc ifceJ^ 
rovCf)-* ifthieh js, fap Dr. P. one of ihc ];rc4icll VAi bu 
beuii iTi'iiTe ftnrr? Dr- Kr;tnklyn*» CJipiiEul difcHjfetk-t m A«»> 
ika. The principle, which, by the byCj b founded « Uf* 
F.'i theory of pofiiivc and nr^j:)vc elf^ridiy, Kih-i; thatik 
clceirie A.i d. wheti 1h«re it a redund;ificy of it in anr b^fi 
fr{id« the elecLrjc iluiJ in ;tTiy i:ihcr brUy» wiibin itH iciAtiE«ri 
Nnd dnv«* tc Oc rcmofe pJiftj* or quite out 0/ the boiyi >' 
i^crc be ;inv outlet f'lr ibi: piirpoTc ; tJicrebjr rcJucJng the l»-^ 
ift a tH:c cftntrary to in own ; L e. a negtifwc onc^ Oa dal 
p<'inciple they uiT<[crtook to charge a ^t if «>» like a plm ^ 
gl*is, and ibcrrby t.-i imitate in th^ tnoft pcffe^ m:-- 
phn'iomeiia of tbundce and Jightniiig, Tbcr fuc^. 
pirrformiiig ihls fine cxpcrmicntt by fi' 
b-urds of wood covered with tin, with \ 
10 oric ^inolhcr, And at fjne iitchrt afunJcf/ Oi: clzcE 
^fniw'j WW of (he boitd^ [which inay be conTidtrcJ a 
cojurip to the two (itthcci of the serial phte) the other 
b^caQc e'eAfiiicd nf^.iTiv//j ', a^ a perfon, touching thU 


wifh one hiiid, and biin^uig hU uihcr Co the oihcr board, re* 
ccivcd a Ikock through ht» body, as in ihc L^ydrn cNpcrimcnt. 

< W ith tUjs plaic uf air* fi^s Dr. 1*. ihcy ni^c vdri«ty of ru< 
riouA caiptfuocnU. The two mcral pbteSf bci;ig in oppMliCi. 
AitcK, Jh^^a^Jy ittra^c4 one autjthcf, and vrouMhavc rullinl 
iogctJj<ff It thc^ had nor been kcpc afundcr bv Ttrm^. Some- 
times the clci^lricity of Ixfth would be dii^'Wgcil by a A^ong 
Ipaik bcEttctn thnn, ;i) vrhcn a plare of glaf^i burllt' or is fKt-^ 
loraced * by <ck> great a ebnr^c, A i^ngcr put bctwccti then 
pronwied the diTchs/ge and Idc the fhock. If an eminvncc wu 
mftdc oneithcr of ibe pJatet* tho Celf-ditchArge would always be 
in;id« ihrcu|i;h it s and a pointed bojiy Eixed upon ejther of them 
presented their being charged at alL 

' The llacc of Uit-fc swo pUteXt lUry ejccellenily obTerve, 
jullly Tcpreftntf the llarc of thucioud^kduiin^ a thun^rf Itofm ; 
the ctuucia bciii^ alwavk in oiie ll4tc> aiid the C4iih In the tipfx]* 
Jitc; white the body of air bcctfernihemanfwrs the fair^ jiur* 
pofe a« the imjll pUic of ait betwccj^ the boaidi, or ihe plait 
of g]af« between the two ir^ial eoiiirig« in the Leydc-n ex]Kri- 
nienu 'J he phenomenon of li^htninj^ is the buflifkg v| the 
piptc of lir by a fponf^neoui dil^har^c* ui'iicri is alw^tk n^e 
thiov^ih eminences ^nd the bodtc» through which the gjfchorgc 
\% made arc vinleiulj' fhciCkeJ. *_ 

^ I'hiB principle hit very lately been happHy npplied to « 
curnjuaand f-igulaf majiner of chaffing cheLtyiJcn phial, de- 
ferred h/ JchinncK Franeifejs Ci^na, in the Memoirs ol tbe 
Academy of Tafin, Jor tlic year t7b5> He biin^Et in ck^^^n* 
f>ed (ilk n^ekii)^ ix-ir a TnKOth, infuEatcd pla'e oj UaJ, J'he 
c^c^ricUy of theiilkt not being able lo enter the broad furfjire 
of theoictal, drtvn |eiii of the tiarui^l qti^iiliiy belonging to jt 
to The oppofiie Mc% where it i« rccf^ived l y the wire of ,1 coated 
phiJ. Tl'x phtal and Aotktn^ beiti^ wiihdnwn, ihr leaden 
plute, ivhi.h hJ5 nou- left ilun )» natLjral i^uanotyt h;4 lu dc- 
HticrKy rcflofcd to it by the louch of a pcrion i)«uji]iti^ on the 
floor ; or AilJ betcrr by applying: 10 \l the wire of ancilicr ca,iicd 
phiaU Oil ihc fcevnJ apt'^ud<.h of the iWking. tlie [ttjco \% 
ataift robbed orthe<]tjr.n;icy wht^h hid juA been fcfiorec to it* 
i^tch i* again /tceivcd by the hr{l phijl, and an equal quatttcv 
rHlored by the fecond \ ajid chi» prccrf* is coniittiied tiJj bo« 
ihe phiah are CG>mptc^lly eho'ged, the one poTitiv^ly and t 
other negatively; whidi \% dotie vith xery tiiilc dimimiErart 
tbcdedUicicy of ihefloclun^f which comribucet to the chjr,-:> 
iRgotf The two phlaUonly by if pell jn^ the riaiur-^l elrdiicii^ 
the leaden plate, without C'-*mniunic;rC[ti^ any i>f im own/ 

We arc fbrry that wc cannut grati:> 4:ut Re^dco with o 
Author^A very lull accc^vnt of ^ignioc lieccaiU'^ «xt\<jL\^\\c 0<A 
t^tzQat en iighinu\% uvl ahei meuo;%t viV^\\^^a'^^\i\.\<'WA 


35> ?^lt%7Lt.l'i P/tfim Staff fi/El^rw% ^e. 

Uff on accoai^t of hit gme ■ aiecntioa to th« variou» (bid aT 

ihc atTnofphcrc, kia illiluitjr in oakiw cupcifmrnis hit ap|ia< 

r*cut for miking fhcm, the ?x<rnt of m vic^s ;a icakr^xg ita^ 

the inmuie cma^tncri with whrch he h3» rcc<ifdcil dicra, *nS U 

juif^«ni in jp^lyin^ thtm to a gencril thoary> fcr «xnd 

c^'Ciy thing thM h^J brcn doiic by phitofopkcn before htn,tf 

fh»i hfl* bcvn ^ont by any perfon fmce.* Thi* injtnirv^ pl^ 

Kfbphcrt ivho, bcfidn a ;»rcatvarkty of kite] anJ pcxrttcJ fods 

lijii lyto uf&-K Uticj for briii^mg iIjc li^lilnra^ in^o hiikt^ 

140 fcrt afimkft obi«rvcd thu on ukirg a fpatk firvtt i)e 

ltij;hcr of them, the {pxtk iroiu ihc other, which wti j^iai 

lowiT, wjK innsnily Irtr^nci! ; bat, v>h»ch i» worthy of innii» 

ih4! ic* powcf rcti^cfl ajr^in, thou«h he kcpi hi» h^nJ u|)On^ 

former^ Thi* obfrfvjTKin thi-vrt the neccfficy of nialtiatyif 

eofidu^ci» lo eirry oft ibc matter of li^htpin; more eflVdwIlf 

fti.m hiiMti^i. of > I«(^ txrn^l. Krojn hi^ nk)mrr04ie^' 

vuioni wifhm mm! Vithoiit daort he infers, t^iAt the ^u^nir^flf 

cfcAficnuttci It) > c>jmmonthunJcr-flunn, isalmoftiocfKKnH 

vbly gmt) c(tii&dering bow many pointed boific»r h MCK 

Jpiics, &c. arc pcrpttU4]l]r a;uJ rilciiily drininx it off: bcUa 

ibe prr>diffioa« Cjomrty which, In (he fotm t>C %btiiia|, » ^ 

pcaicdly Jifc harge J inio, or from iht caith. HcthinUtkui" 

jlti^le <loud« or number of cloudi, can ever eontftin ill ^ 

(jUiinutyi cfpccially 01 he ohicived ihat a c^d, ikfbericbid 

vnidr rrpeiteif Aikhirpn into the eanh, WMt ;h« itfKt tiumH 

ready to mako tiill ercdtcr. He conclude* therefore itaitM 

dnifdv ftrvy aa condu^oM to eonve)* ibe «le*ic BaiA fw« 

thofe parrt <i the eurih whirh ire overl<uded vrtth it, to dafr 

which tfc cahjuHeit <]f it. Whrn ihey are sttrified byik"? 

Iifti ird olber cirrurrfljnce* eoneur^ thofe depending pmtvtt- 

nnctb ue prodiiteJ, which he fhcwi to be ihe caufc of wiJff- 

fpouU and hurn»n?i. The iloudi which brinf; run be fo- 

pofci to be formed in the fdinc mariiKf at thiinder -cloudy <^ 

by a more HeC^rieity. Thl« he illuflnted by 1 pfeni£ 

ex>>t?fimenT, He infulaied himfclf, and with one hir:<^ diop9«; 

jiHUi" loiiii nn a hot coal in t-ont*ft with the cartduftor ol 

Laucbicie, which wnt e!e£frifted poTictvcTy, he With tte 

P11. uchfd the if^fLilated lubber ivhich confcx^ueBlIy was el 

iie^a£ivelv< * In the^e circumlbneev, faya Or. J^klUe^t 

fmakc rpicid aTung l>ia a^ni, aiiil by ilr^rcn all otei bi> 

till it came TO the other hand that convmanicated with the r> 

her. Tf>; lower Tutfacc of thla fmokc wai everv where p 

to his'd']thr»t ar>d the upper furfacc wat fwelled anA arc 

[ike cioud« repTeie with thkI^^Jcr and rAin. In thb HMr^ner, 

_j4>ppof(^t the* doLit)^ ihtft bring inin dilTit^ fhrmt'tlvca fi 

'cr thcfc part* of the ratlh, which abound wrth e)e^ 

1 ihofe parf» iliiu arc cxhauiled of it} ajid^ by lei'ir» U 
itii rd)on]thc«<itiJib;ium/ 


PjtlltTLRvV Preftnt SteU o/£U^ruiiy^ &C. 

I ' Signior Occcaria hoA, with gr»t ingenuity^ mixeJ fcioietimtt 
I vith 3 liulc fpke of igrcc4blt cxiruvoganco, the ficqucnc con- 
f comitsm cf ^eniuif nn|*e4 almoin all the mcceonc phcncmcfiA 
I ui^der ibc Ui»A«n of ck^cityi from the f^iU^/fkt //-yp \jp 
I tft thp Aio^&ra fljf/rfiVf. Had we room or inctlnALioii to ihn^in^ 
I. on tbrj J'ubjci^ i al the fame time iha(t v-'Jih ether dccificiinv 
wj' nllowrd [hr rlrflrir fiiijd In hr th^ caufc of ihi* bft phirrirj- 
mcncn, wc thoiiU b? tor cKtemfing; itt coj;ncdiori£ flJl lujthcf, 

l9, if not kiJ^ i<icnEJcy with thai lummcut matter which fo:fri 
\i\c fglai jcntoffhcfc, and ptoducci tbc: phcoamfnoii cilled the 
itdimei lt^i?t \ which \v thrown off princijtRlly, and id the 
cjAdi diJtdncc from the cquitonAl paxtv of the fun, in <vtir^ 
eocc of hit rotation on hi» uis, r>li*fkifing viftbTy, in the focni 
'oTl luminous pyidmidt la f» aa the orUit of the cinhi ind 
which, accnrding 10 Morf. dc Mxiran> ingeniDui, iiid, M 
leilt, plauTibie hypothefi0f fatimg into the upper xe|-toiu of our 
atmiifphcre, U collected chiefly toward* ihv poUr pms of t)ie 
earthy in corfcquence of the divimal revvlutiou^ where it 
forim the AuroTA BQiculin^ It would wc yiink be no verj 
nd hypothefis which fhouM nnite thcfr two opiriort, by 
confidcnrtg the fun » the fouDtiia of the clc^ric fluid ^ ^vA 
the Zodiacal light, the lallt of comctf, the Autom Borcalb, 
li^htninj*, and artiiicjal dc^lruity, aj it» varioui and not vcr|F 
dttlinvilar rindiiitiitton«. But ihii i\ oot a plaoe in whi^-fi coj 
^Hprofccttte this ide4. We ihall onl;^- add that Signior B< wouU 
^^frx tend the influence of the rle^fic fiuid in anuiher chinnd^ 
■ not uncoftnecied, ihc Re^idcr vrtW perceive, with the Ibfcgoici^, 
He ootijcflwci thcjij that /itlcc ' fudicn ilcoltc of li;rhtrii 
^ivet polarity to a needle; and at during the more I'lVid ap^ 
pcvnocca of the AuroTA 3oreilia, the ir^igncLjc nccdJe has 
oUerveJ to be very nrtich diOurbrd, (a circrumf^ance firft na-j 
need, wc believej by Mr. Wargcntin, and arterwardi accu< 
' rate)v uhfcivcd, jtiiJ iliemptcd to bt ;iccDunied for by Mr. du*! 
toAi) 'rc^uhr and conftancei/eubtiooof the whole mafdof the 
clccltic jlitid, from ftonh to Touih, riuy he ihr original c infc fjf 
iDagnetifm in general, and ih;it the Aurom Bor«a1is nuy be thi« 
matter pcrlorniir>Ki-E(ci(CLilatiuniriluch A AjUof iheotrnolphcrc 
ai renders it I'ifiMc; or approaching ncirerfoiheeafth thin u^uaL 
I 'Tbii ra)»Dr. IVicfltcv, i»aEtuly gr»tihoii^hi;AriiliijiiiUwii1 
I Iniroitiicr greater fimpGcliy into our concepHioni of the law* of 
jkature. Thii eutfcAt, cotfiti^uci he, Si^nic^t Bece«ri4 dt^ci iioc-, 
fuppo^ to arife from one f(iun;e, hiii from I'r^-rral in flie ricv 
ihn-n hcmifpibere of the worJJ. Th« abctrut^on of the C'^ni'*'*'', 
center of j]| tbcfe currenu ffotn the north puint mtf I1 
<a4ileof the variodon of the ncedki iK^^u^^ cA\\^\^ 
{hit of the cvfilev i>f the cartcnt^ tru'j \it \\vt i^tw^ 'I't x-- 
juho/3i Afid the oVJj^uitf wii\\ vrHv-ib \\»^ cu^i^^\^ ^V^% 


Z$4 Bhitt7hz*f'i Ptvjhsi SfaU 9f El^^natjrt Bee 

thr nrrh tMj be ihe mife of the dipping of the ncfJICt »^ 
ilfo wKy btrs cf iron more caiily receive the magnetic virtue m 
OIK pirticuljr dtre^ion/ 

Oati gund Hffidfrafuaiy wc IKaH obfcrtCf tow«tb eftiblifiibig 
thU hypothecs, n to (hew wlxiriii conHfii ihii pxnWahi i^ 
/ywff^yof iron, confid«f(^ wUh n^rd to iit electrical rtUuou, 
by virtue or which* it a1oi>c> of all the mcuU* rcccitci, fioa 
the nftion of the dc^ricil fluid upon it* lhi> peculiar tenduey 
to the poirs, as well V the propcm- of maLsnciica] tun&ho i 
though it r«ma not to ililrcr In other refpcStf iwe mcwi, »i 
non-cIt^ic) from any cJ (he other metallic conJu^nofdtc* 
trkity. NevcTtMri't vie own thai the analog/ abovr-ntn* 
tioneiJt ard iIk more numcrout point* of refcrrtbl^uice bctwta 
Hcflnral and magnrtirx) bodice, ai colWiAed ftom JEpioat bf 
Illr. Pnce, and wtiicli o«r Author f;ives ut \ti th« ccukJuJi^ 
fcfUon ff thia blAory, fuggcfl 4 very rtAfonable fufpcion iLtf 
tl^e phenomena of both may poiEbly peocccd ffom ODe ccniflMd 

Review for July. 

Book "T^ HE Aulhur novr iliiult it neceffiry to fccvthtfw 
ill. j_ doing in FInghrJ in rrl^lion xo this rebdl^i h* 
oj iliac may be met with in i\\c F.ii<^hOi hillorijTtjr wc ffoccd 
to the liifh alTairi i where m foon after find ihc locdd and 
try of the pale (niso had hitherto 4ppeirtd to be neulcr] 
ing ^igsinA the governmeni, and preparing to Joqn their nonhrs 
fnena» in the ficgc of Droghcda \ upon ihc uic of which, ^ 
of the kingdnm in 3 great mrafun^ Ti^fncd to drprnd. Duri^ 
thita'tempc, thclordijuifice^ and eouncil, wiih their link imTi 
were JhiiE uj> tw Dublin^ under leirjblc jpptehcnfioni foi rl^ 
own fifcty, fc-irful of furtnc, and yet afraid to Hiz. * ^Vij; 
eicE had been (tic ^jSc bcfiMe, ihcir danger wii no\ir appmtf* 
and their feais were real/—' But in the midft of rhcn Ki«' 
<jnd diftnflion, on the Tail day of tlie )<4r, [i6^3J Sir fin* 
Harcourt arrived M Dublin iriih tftoo foot/ ani chc ncM of 
30^ m^rc at Tea -, which enabled them to txke a link eoanct* 
T'hN irinfrjfcrtn^nr, however, though ir revived thHrfpinOt 
2nd erabW them to clear the courxtry near DrMiu^ yet wit 
I.1T from berrti7 ftitKcicnt Eo rrduee ihe trbrl.^.^Afici mmy 
mifet from tngUnd, in Fcbrviary« i^co more ro<>rt nA 
bocie, ^nivcd at Dubtm, but without ctihcr money va (fo'T 
fin*". — The dilttcOes of the garrifmi of DroghcJa, whreh \m 
t ^ ri blucJcadcd by ilic rebel) fur ibiec Diuiuh^^ had made ' 


Warwi»'» Jljftcry cf IrtkrfJ^ 



liltic iRipr«0icn upon ibc counciL vrho wcr« CDO Diucli taken 
up wifS Chtif cvfn dnng^r^ lo fparc them alTiftjimrc. In Much, 
kovrcvcr. LofJ OnTior-l wti lent aj;nintt the rebels ja the 
COQtitin of Mc3Th ami Dublin ; anJ h brmg apprchrndul rhic 
be rr-i^hit ptfiib^y advance to Diogheda, ihc rebel* nthd tho 
jlt^c tn haftr^ and fin! towards the notih, TliU w;i3 a fiir op- 
pofivnil}' f^r cnifhin^ the rtbclliorif \>y pui(alf\^ tai giving 
kiutc ID llie t^N» whilft ihLO[]furwn^ Iue, ihougli cai]|i.-flly 
prvl^fi by Lv:U UiEnond, the council coultJ not be brought to 
con fen I (hcicto. 

SotuI gcniircncQ of tbc pile, ifior tM^^ cint^ in inJ fub- 
mittcd :^ Li.'rJ OsnioniJi ^nd a» none of tl^em had btcn i,i 
ai6ion wnh the ietc!«, md lf>mf hid bcm ^Jtindcic^il, chcy de- 
pended Lpi>A being rccct>x^ to m«rcy. Some of thccn h;id w- 
dctd been indjc^cid cf hig.. nc^fon, for baving cnnvrhVd whh 
the icbebf whilJt maftcts ol' their country : therefore the mint- 
Hem refoU'rd xo have ihcfe tiicd in 4 lejjjl coujfc. Bui » thry 
hid net been engii^ed in my naiV.kc adion, proper fitU wen: 
wanting toru[ipoil * charge ^aitiH them* * To Aj(ip!y tUi« 
defeat the iordi juftkes bid rccourfp to the jack, thougb 
A^ainfl Uvr, lu cAlort fuch confcHlont ai Lhey put intc» the 
mouths of thofe unhappy men who were to under^jo ic/ The 
JirA pcrfon brought 10 the nek wm MACmahon, who bad been 
taken when ibr confpitnry was ffil d if nvcrei)^ But in hn «xa- 
mmation he hod nothing but hearf;iy eviiicnce to give: vhich 
bdng nf>l etioiigh lo the |>oiE]i lo r^li^r^ ii'vn uriVrik. ific nrxt 
day bir John Kc^d, by the f^n'^e llretch o\ arbitrary pouxr, wa* 
bfougbt 10 the r;ick. * What fort of confcttoit they diew frt>ai 
bim 3o« not appear:' but as they fcnt hii examTnaii&n lo the 
boufc of comnioiUt and ii vm never he^id of u>y morct it tn>y 
be concltjded that it coutd not be interpreted to the king'« dil-< 
bonour.— Mr- Bariitwa]l» a venerable oUmanof fjxcy yean of 
SgCi vas piiE TO rhe fame Eonurc ; though the nrily thing acaintt 
him was, hjf obe)in^ the O^crifT'i lummoni lor the mcctiffg* 
when an union wifh che rebeTa was pr(i|!«*rcd by Loid Gorman- 
fton. ' Ii doc« not however appear that he appruved the 
union, or that he bad ji£lui^]y joined them upcin anyoceafion; 
md To little did the nirUTflers get by puttiojE him to the torture, 
ihAt it caly fcfvcd to inAc his innoceiicc» juid ihcii own iuhu- 
manit)", the more c^nfpicuoui/ — In Ibort, ' The arbitrary 
power cxcfcifed by the lo:di juiIlce^ on o'cry Ude , their illegal 
cxettiun of it in bringing people Co jUc ijck fo draw confeiBont 
from tbem i then fcndin;; out parttea to kill and dcftroy the rc* 
beln, in which care wai fi^MuTri laken to diClingu^lb, and cikp 
women, uidchifdt^, were i:ron)ileuOti(l) flaint but :ibovo 
the maitlal Jaw executed by oJr C. ClqiC'^ Mvii\^^V^^wv 


WaISEZ'j mjitry / f^^^td. 

;ia!c fffir miny miki] by the E. of Ormooi ; rbe^ mexftirft 
lijrt <frJy rxgr^icrAt!^ ihc rebe')^ and induced D>an co cocnrvpjrtbc 
Iikrr, t,T t^rc^t^r cruel[ics upuD ibe Englifli, bat tbc j Etrrinni 
th<: n'ibiliry and gcnTry from tbe ChougbQ or~ TbImiiIEoii, ud 
cfinviJiccJ ihi EH ihdt ihcrc was do room lo bopc fj; ptnioo, ur 
any means ol fnftiy Uh Ihcm bat in the fword,' 

riir fC[TMin<Jcr of rhis ihicd book b ukco up in rcTaiag the 
pfo^icjvjifi^'', on both fiJes, in different psrtt of the kia^don; 
wKicb .jri; ['J'J iiumcToiij far U3 :o detail ; — k> thai <rc flul] ofil^ 
»,'irr(vc, iliiii. in gt-ner^l. Dr. W, fcemi to arraign ch« conducf 
«>r liti' ^rwcfrin^ power}, and not feLdom to cxcenuacc the k- 
itn\\\ fjJ the ithcl^ ; ;ig if tiicy Would not have gone the ^engih* 
tlu'y ilid, but lor the- ilf-judged meafurcs [not lo fay cncour^ 
mm I J tii fiimu in ihi: idminiftfaiioti, 

f fj^? llr^oK. I V. fipens with an tibfervaticm, that ^ thenorer 
Uii; puliirin III of Kiitilanii advanced to an open rupiure tfirh 
i)\v iiHif', (ht niDti^ did the lords juflices, and their pa/tyintic 
f'luriiil of [tt.Und, withdraw thcmf^Iv^s From thipir obciicn^ 
In III', m.^jtlty's fomnunJij 3.nd deJaj^ theexecuuon of hu or- 
dci L . t)it more, jn lliort, were they the miniftcra of tiiepariii- 
iiirni, .iiLiI U'f'^ thr ininiftcrs of the Icing/ — -An obffrvjJaD, 
wliub 111.(11/ iihiIUii^c^ in this hno\t feem, bu: too much, tj 
<iikiiiiiii -Ai\ |i.LHi^ LiLir> ^ ihe E^irl of Leveii was Imdcdwuti 
I I Mi.iMV i.iil^i iHtkil f^>ri.'tfs, as m:ide the Sct>t^ an army in Ulftcr 


WaHnkr'* 7/^*7 4f Inhifii. 


w<tnJcrcd ar \ luc thai ihc nobrTJty in<J gtitiiy could be wcaIc 
enough to fubmic 10 an Oith, by ivhicb, In ihe hcgiining of 
if, tbc)' were bound to nuincAin itnJ dcfcnJ thr; kli'g'f ri^C4, 
and (lie riinLbmetiuT Uvvt of the; ktn^durn 1 anJ in the end ufitt 
equally bound 10 opporc chofc righti and Uvv», nnd finally ign 
iibrog^tc jiiiJ overturn ihem, ii (;ik he juflly rem^ik.)) a nailer 
of grcjcadomQixncni,— Bite thU afloni^cnci^t tvjJl be kCK^nvd if 
wc Kcollecl ojic of his fuimci olfcrLUt)On» tn (he principle* of 
popcjy ; ' ihai no duiift of iltcgeincf, no t« tf anf ItirtJ, ir©^ 
to fland In competition wkh the iniCJcQ of ibat religion,' 

The IranfVcliMi^ of the ye*r 1643, w the larrer end ofAu^ 
guft, w^tfn a cefiktiun o^hoililtiic^fDV one year wrj* concluile^'^ 
tilcc up the reir,:i]ML'r of that book ; buc Co eiujRirr^:e all Ebofct 
trinftflicns, » we3l aa the irjiAjr difKcuUies whiih, for fooi^ 
time, obdi j^eJ thcUc^uy^ beiwi^^i the Alir^uu uf Ommnd 
ar*d rhe Irifti chicfa, ff fettling the tern* of \\%x\ eeirnioi^ 
WOoTd carry ui beyond the ii:cd&y Hmita of our plin. 

Book V. i6+3'— Thij cdHiion, it f«mi» wai a mrifure 

!|Cnerall/ difrffprvtcd, at the iiiL« iC fv'^t made : ' but nrcef* 
ity J* a moEJve noc co le rcfiilcdj iiiJ the Marq^ils of Oi- 
mond fDr. W, jlled^tsj had ihU unwf^craUU pUo.' 

* That the km^, wh» h»d ann<ht^r nioti\et which w» tbat 
he mij^ht avail himrrl/ cf the Irilh irni}'* wai cUd there w^ 
fuch a plc4 to mjike, [he iidd»] la ver) t^fijb.ilc , bc^aufc ba 
Crit-iin!y dJU }Kio:d\i> iDjkci peaee w*ib the Iriili febi.!*, Up^'w 
any fu.h luccRity toot pUce \ r;ol hoA^vcr out of any firo^fr* 
01 lo (Hrw eoununnKe to them — aft fome of hi« enniiir} ftr;* 
gc&eJ, and othcra believed — but c^ flrcngthen MmreU ai^aioft 
the pdil:;tiTieiii wiih the ItiQi arfry/— In proof of tlil» mfm.'i««^ 
he refcfd to fevcmE pfivtie le;i«r> from ihe king» dirc^in^ ih« 
iturqvit how to pitved in j tf*pUviii>n whi^h wjn 1 fitiei be* 
tween [hemfcke«^ ard 4dJA, thjit the narc^uii * 3ipf>c;irv !o bnirfi 
had more legjrJ to bit nnijell;'') hoiK^ur ui ihb vhbolc bufuKfi 
of IreliitJ, rhar^ fiooi ih:* tirr c the ki:ig hirr^fr!! HjJ/ 

The ccfiiiLkn bciji-; conctudcdi th^ti^h nnc obfcr^fd, on 
eiiher iiJe, a« it cuglii, nboui four or iive ihoufaiKl n-en wae 
feni over [jiio Kri^Und. and (afiei foirc fue^eltijweteavaeke^ 
and defeated in ('hefh'te, wiE^out being of putb fenvcc lo tbft 
caufc they were ncjrt 10 fuf>port. 

Thice d'lrrien: ionimilfiorv are merluinwl by o«* AmIiof to 
hivc b.-en tfjuei under thr ]-rr^t Ut^^ to en-ijulre \t.i<> ^11 the 
robbefKa and niu'dcr> conoiiLied b) tbc iehc>, with tbr paJU- 
cutan of liir,«t pl^c«, and oibcr c rcun^llmcet. The eY>ni<- 
tiaiic^ns in eoii'cqvencc of thefi^ cominitBocM, * 1^ in CwD t 
ihiitv large vol utnei o frJI*, depoTiicd in the t "■ ■ " 
J^uIkiii/— A» grrat Hre f, hinh 1*<t\ Wii v^v 
atfiKKJi; rV ;Yorrila nrt of Irdin4> aui xV**: '**\v^!\'£ " ^•.^^ ■-'^ ^^ 
A*n 0&. J767- S 



WabkirV Mijtw^ tf ItiiMi, 



mnlTicre tirrning upon it \ Dr. W. f»y»» be CorJc a ff^^t rfeaf of 
piiiik^ anil f|H-nt i great iiwlofTimc, mcxioiinirg ihcfc took*: 
-i-^which, accordiriA lo him, * have bctn m»Jc the foLindition 
of mucb more djimuur AnJ icfcnimccu thui cm be wiuriuitcd 
b]r crutli ind rcsfon.* 

The following rtrK^th cannot he omitic^-— • There i* one 
eircumftance in rbcCe book— nor nktn roiice of a» I pcrcerreJ, 
by anybL:'^' before me - ibnibf'tjgh tlUhc cM»mmaiion» fifpcd 
Iw the comininioai'n irc fjid to be uiwin oaih, ycc, in infiniieTy 
tiwcreJtcft number of ihcm, the worJj " ttinf; duty fiu^rk^ KjifC 
[he pen Orawn ihmuj;h [h{:in, wUH tl)c finie ink wrUb wbkb 
tte examinations arc wutitn ; and in fr^'criJ of thofc who« 
facb vroriJ> ranain* mAny j>art),cr ihe cAaininaiions arc crodol 
out- This circumftanee (h?wt, that the bulk of thU imntenfi! 
colteftion h parole evidenec, ari'l upon report of common fame: 
and whjit mil nf rvi^rnciir ih^^i it, may be^ caiUy leiirnt by tbolc 
who are convcrfant with the rommon people of any country; 
cfpifct«!ty wbrn ;h^ir Ijiii^initioiit arc [ernfiaj with crucltlcr, 
»nd ihcir pifftonA heated by futt<?ripp/— * But what wril put 
the maitcr out of all tJoubt with impjulal pcopTe, thjit r>o otfkcr 
C3EaminationE in thefe votumr« are co he depended on, than what 
nrei\vom, ii, ibat no oth<r are to be fo«nd in the jsuin/jrr/t 
t9^h/}hn in my psffrfffin^ an<1 \x% dupHtj^ti in the Mttfium ; (igned 
wrib cbc fame figniture* ol ihc c^mmifliorLcrs, whicb I faw lb ofteci 
repeated in ibole two and thirty volumrt, anJ which ii thcrchitc 
•s much an #''f/;W ai ib^t collect on. The comn>ii]ton W4a 
fifliflicd in ^Lily thiaycJr; bui thrrc wa« one examination added 
in O^ber \ and on the Gth tif November they aitcOed, *' that 
they hive examined and <oiTkp4red tbe above cxtrafta wiib the 
rriginal ncnminatfons' with which thev Itnd thetn to aa>^ee^'* 
Sitn then it \i unly that we can cxpc^ the moft authentic ac- 
count of the Irifh mafiarrr; anrt 1 concetifc the n?afoo fef 
mnkmg & Jypluatr tti thh collcctior, wat, to fend one copy to 
ihc kiii( and comicJ, and the otiiet to the Englifh paiiia* 

* Havfnr thus cftabJiOied the auihoiity from vrbich I write 
of cblvtragicafciTrtt I mull endeavour toafccrnun from it, u 
near aa may be* the nuni^ier of Biitilb and prorcflania that wete 
d*rtr^yed, pair e/n-^r^ bv the hlfh in ibU rebellion. Though 
it iS impvl^blCf ci^cn ffom tbi:t uthcntic cTtdcnce of cbc mur* 
de-i, to cnoie at any rrrrainty mj e:vaflncf« i« to their riirnber^ 
from the uncertainty iifelf of fotnc of the accovrfti givcit tni 
yn it U eafy enough fron^ hcnec to d^moni>raie the ulfbood of 
the fclaiTon of ercty proicfhnt hiftonan irf (hij rebellion. In- 
deed to any one wlo ronliJera how thinly Irelaitd wn at that 
^me peopled by pTuidlanCi, 4nd tbc |>fa^iiicc of UUtcr pani- 



WAMtit's WJisTj rf Ma^. 

Vulirlf) «Tiert «3f itk« <l^ieF fcrnc of the oiaflacrc, tl)o& rtffi- 
Ikiit>» upon tiic f«cc oi'thciii. jrppcar In^Kdibk.' 

Lord ChcfH'U.fl, >n hw hWoftof tlic icbelllon in Krtghtii; 
fi« '* ihcrc vixrt fory or frfty fhtrtfArd HngtifK prMcfliinEa 
nmrd'^H :" but tn hi* vjndicMiOn of »ht Mitqin* O? Ormand 
[written ffom hi* n-ncmwrfc) he i/oMi numing nn^ nmnbcr | 
ind Tnyi " tb? IriOi murd^rci in incrrdiblc nurnbrr iA prOi^ 
tf^fTaA»\ V'ithMtf t}^\w&t\^n of »5t, or f^x ; and that nimy 
IhfAif^nd* pfctjhrtl hy ciilJ^ jifJ hunger "^^^ tfjJ rro v^ritcr 
gbp« t^ond thi» lafi accoai«, «bich may t« cjlled iht Max- 
<|vU of Orif ond's — the bcft judge In tbt worJJ o\ tfi it cvcru— J 
(t wott>d ftfver have occifionTd »ny difpucc. Bm wb^n ibtl 
ntimbtf hfilh beer extended by fomc to ** ibovcin huriJrcd anj 
jSfty rhmif^Mt^rt," by others to iwu, ind even to " thrre hi^nrrrij 
thouland/' at a Eimc when there vccc not fo many tnofC br'tiffl 
in the wTio!c kii>}i:Jmi, Jt made the rcUtion impi.'iriMc co be 
crcdiied by meu of fcniie.' — 

' But fctlinf aUdt all opirittiru jnicalcubtiuntintb!' ifT^ir— 
*hfch, bffide ihrir un^tftainty, arc withiyut any prcifi'in i> to 
the rpiccof lime in which the criufdm wtrc coinmiiicd — the 
fvidence frtwn tbe drpofitions in the mantifcrpf abovc-mcn^ 
tioAcd ftands thtn. Tht Oufrbcr of people lillcd, upon poU- 
m^fvM^nrc crillr^fd in tu-nynn ifter i.^u* Infuirc^ion broke: 
(Suf, adding IhLin all Lo^fihcr, amntint* orrly t« two thojfani 
out hundred ind nmc; on thrti-pfift uf other pf: tefliiiilM, one 
tflouftiRd fiv hundrfid mi nmetc<n more \ and on the report cf 
fomc oj cbc rebels tlicmJcltes, a fuithcr tiumbcr cfthicc hun- 
dred ; the wholf m:tlcing yihf thv^fj^d md fttwff'f^^if. Bc- 
Adc? thefc mitfdcn, there ii in the fa^e co^teKion, evidence* 
rtn lb* rtfiort of other** of /y^f i^ptf/frirY Wiled by ill ufage : 
and if we (hould dili^w that the erueltici of the IriAi^ out of 
*ar, extended to ihefe niimbcr*— which, confiJedn^ ihc nature 
Of fcreral of ilie dcpofitiom, I tbirhk in my conference wc caH' 
not — yet to be im|.^(ial we miifl aMr-w, ih« there is Urt prc- 
tCTvce for JaviftS a cto'tr number to llicir charge/ — * I'Le 
number g»vcn in thefc flvcyutit* — fma^l as it ia. t:omp>ircJ wit^i 
whK hjich been gLreii hv orhrr proierhirit wrif^n— U Direly 
pear enough 10 ^ive a horrible idea of the Bcrce ind Civigc 
cruelty %\ tbir time cxerdftd by the Irifh.'— ' The truth U, the 
firfdier* and eummon pe(3;»le were very Tavftge «(r Mhfiift ; anJ 
dne WfJulJ hopr fnr rhe fukc nf hununlty, \\\i\ the cnemir* uf 
Hnb (uU havr j^fC4ily if£rjviT^ithe4*^/'/r's cfvetiy :— ' and both' 
Ttdci wr'dl do wrll 10 guird ajpinll or 10 ex:in^.uifh ibofe UH" 
ehrilliati «nimo£<iM» Avhich led the vny to every f^iet of btN 
Airily, snd endfd Jn dcroUtion, peH^eiicc, and I^T-ine. Whe^ 
r^r the sK^oant I h3\e giver of ihit great evert in the Irlfll 
hiftoryt tfill fiuisfy the iCiuJcr of either pvrtv, I iofeWx.'^'* ' 

S a ^^^"^ 

Ivt J j^wc tdk<n gicjt cJtrc *nl fijiiu in the ectqairy, 
write* not lo plc^d-^ taut lo inlbrm \ not to iififiR panics, bt 
to unite ih«cn 10 ibc cMcfci'c of the citil focial duties.' 

\t^^, Thii ]r<^r the u»ty (xf pcux w» tcncvtd, ind full 
poA«n w«K ^ivcfi rothe Martjun ol OrmociiJ, then lordtin- 
biunu to cui'ctutJv A (icJtc iviih the I'id), whatcvcT 11 tcAgu 
co^, fo tli^i i^c protctbuit might b? fccurcd, >i>J th« Ling'f 
ati>h4>rit]r prcicfvcd i or even upon ccnditioci f>f lepctliji^ oe 
pcniL Uwv v^ninft paniils. 1 he Liii^ [Dr. \V, Uy\)^%A not 
:liu c 10 rpok more pulnlf to Lo^ Uriuond, at be tDcw ft 
mid nrit be 'igiccMbk to hlni< * Ii was %hh cxpcncDre (Ic 
Idt] of hJ9 lordfhip't irtiq[Tityt uid (IcJLflneff in tut rehgtvft, 
ut no doubt induced tlic king to give ihofc (l/argc Cttf^m^ 
ions ro L[>rJ GiiniotgJin, md to wnte a Iruor to Ui« pope, m 
Full ui hii uuiicio/ 
' Tbnc ifc nothing in tWcwhrtlchifloiy of hf«faijeftf»w»rii 
ft inof« c^riotit lexcure, ihio thij itcfoti^tioa wUh the aunooi 
jtid Lord Gliniutgaci; and which will inoie ckail^ <LeiT>9C 
rc4L ch:»n^ier of th» bnz : tud yet ic u a |K>LaF, ou vki£& 
all ovr hiilofuni {in Dt. NVitik^r a opinion] have bocu ciro- 

' In ihc tif ft fix HWtrh< of tSii jtcjt, line ijc na Ws th*n 
ci^iht leitcit from the i:ii>^ himklf, bffiir> th<>rc of cbctecteti* 
rkii pcetlinj for a con^lunoci of chc liiib puec, thii herr^ht 
hai.c a iinif]y and confiiL-rjhlr alTill^nce liOfti ihrtn M iwtJirt 
the parliaDicAti ori in hti own woid^ ^^ to pCffti4<kifee En^- 
lifh libels to rctLrn to their wiii." 

* The author of the nuiLcio'a onemotr* contpUins iit fc*ff*i 
.f-hees of the M^rtiui^ uf Oinumd, fjr not obc)iiLg ihe Lici^'i 
t«rd<n in mi>.Lnj- pvare with the fnih, though nothing but kmx 
pe:icc eouli prevent hi> ivin. At IjII* he Uyr^ thai the I \'« 
(ireil out wiih hi* dirliiy^ <fepUL*d Loid Obinori^an, who "J 
dtfcfvcd 01 K ol hiiTi tSnn «ny orirt to make a peace.— 'I^ 
uuth Lt» ^Caj) Dr. W.) that ihiv ear\ w\\f\ wx^ a zeatou:^! bi< 
£Oiied Rofrraneatho'ir, ajid had afliiled the king at a vif) 
pence, w;i favGUtcii ivlih 4 %^<M flufe of hiti n;ajdly'« coni< 
.Qen<c, an^H <f^e<in. Jn the EUrlvian ri^anufcririti m the M< 
iHplt «e f.'tt:u] ori^iiijl letina f[iv]n the Ling to L^fd Cil 
torgm, which abundtntly [rove th'i/ — 
ijtxc of [he three co'nmiliioto f^id 10 be ifTteJ to LodCil 
Rioi^m l\ hefc erpied, a^ uell ay fhr fcinaS Ipicr lu ibe 
nun do,—- upon the Jitter of which JJr. W, Uya lie Ibill 
no other rH)eOi-<ii>, ■ ihan that it errtiiulr ^^^da a cie^fEi 
■utSenticity to the eommifiiom, h<iwcver cjttraoidirji' , li 
were pfoJu^ed br L^rJ Gl:kEi)or^«Ti ; ^riid M^ijr ^ ' 
oihef vrrkcu ,ifier him, ha^c proti<iujbCed t*>befui. 
confequencc of clie;'e comfniuioiUi ^Jttra uc^xy vai concii 

WA»SiR"j HiJivTy 9/ IrtUrul, 


with the ctcHolic», who were to enjoy the Free »n(i public 
CJCC'Cife of tbcif religion ; amJ in murn, ihcy wtte to fend ten 
ifaoufjiiid mcn« ro fcrvc ih? king i^ knglanc}, under the com* 
mantl cf iht tifl of C»Umo(^*ii.^The ^M'( cr^afy, wiih the 
lord licutniEint, however, wcnr en but flowfy, » hs fecmcj ^M 
not rnt^lifieid to mfke fudi tonccHiom iti wcc injuiri^d; ui4 ^| 
Oie kiit'N brmj; then mucti dittrefied by the -11 run of hia vTtiri ^M 
in £nglanJ« on ihc ziJ ol O^oVer, wrote him the tcUowin^ H 
letter; H 

** I lind by y^L^r- lo Diui^t, tHit you »fc fbmewhjt cautious ^1 
not to conclude che peice wiihoutat Uallthc cnncurKmeof the 
council rherc; wlikhtfyou coufdpiocuic, Iconfcfi \i wciulJ b«l«> 
cntjcti the btrter. — Butthr Iriih [?ex:e itof fiich ahJVIuEe ncccf- 
fity, iKjit no complimenii or p-irticuUr rcfpe^t mufl hitid- r it< 
whcTtfore I abfolutdy comnxand you, and without u-ply, to 
execute the (ftreiStioiis I fk^m yoti the a7ih of Kii^iruaxy ; 
giviiig you ?c«'C to pet the ;»fipiobation of the cuunt-'it, ki u* 
and no othcrwitc't ih;it by decking it you do not hjieaid iho 
peace, or To tnutti is an at^VmiE* by thcii foollfK rcfuAiwiA 
concur with you i i^ruinilin;^ tipnn the word of a king, if God 
profpci nic, you ihAli be fo far from receiving my prr^judke by 
doiik^ thjj fo neceflj'y work, thot'gh M^ne, tbst [ wjU acco^int 
It aa one of the chicfcll of ycur (>icM fcfvicci to oi«, aniJ ac* ^M 
€oril'titg]s \ou OiaII be ihoughc on hy ^| 

<* YottT. &e. CkailesR." 

The difcf^ioiu in Februaty, fefcircd to in thi> letter, were 
to confcni so a rrpcal «^ the ftnjl flaiuies au:airtfl pijiitU, &c- 
by a liw — wh«h wa* ibfolutrly enmrary to whit he had fiid 
in a former lei:cr ;— but wlmt nmft (uc lii<t iiiajei:y^i duji^iciry 
in this wb^^e alTair bcycnJ all Jcj^b', are tu^ JcLtcrt from him 
to IjOid Glamorgin, copied iitn, ihc Hirlei^n mjmjfkfipif in 
tbe Mufeum> * 1 he fifft, ai they wi-tr to pjf» thro' tty: hands 
of Ormoiid and Lofd Digby, b plainly cf the 9jitr^U kindg 
and it ae tollovri* : 

" I muft clratly icll you» both you and I have been aibafid 
lA thii bufincft \ lor you bave bee:i drawn to confetil to co<i- 
ditions much beyond jour infliu^tiuoar and your ticaty halb 

• Tli» Ie<wr wit vvrflte ftfrer j ^ifiovtry haJ been mn Je of ilie ffffi 
f^atf irea > ; i < 'P> of whjth wu fouud in ihe bft2:ga£r of tlir t'luW 
ATchbifhop U T#j*k uihu *s» k UH in ihc atEcnpt m^cle by ibe J- ft ^H 
opon Si't*, ir ilie end of U^ntvr pvce n^ Lpon w^«ch ,ihe eul ^| 
had been ffcuel. liTDon a tfhitp# rf ^ib^h irtalan, kir vr bat bit ^^ 
dwe) en tltc i6Lh of Doicoibcr ^olijAin^, 


W^BNift'l Ifj^ffry ^ Uiim^~ 

brca dtTU^gcd loaJl ihc worij. If you bitd tilviCed w'af mV. 
1pi<^ ]l<u-.ctiAni, u )Ou piuvvifcd mc* 4IE Oiit h4ii b<CJi hclp:J^ 
But vrc ir;.Jt lutik fcxir^rJ^ VVhfr<-JVirCa in > «or^, 1 haw 
comaunded a> mvch hv^dr to be ibcwD to youi &' miv paUl 
ll&ly ilani) Vfiih ii^y fcrrice tr Tifcty ; irw) i/ you will yvt trui 
py advice — V^Lfll J b|VG cOitvii&iiUi'^ Dl^nyoKive youfi 
— I wjII bc'n^ )ou fb o|F ihdi y^pv rr.«y be Ait} ate^l vq nt* 
Afiii 1 &ai1 b« «bk to rf<9-Tipvpcc >s>w Tor yctor «i«d*oai «f 
nt, J ciniiot uil ithj; loTiy. but I will noi^oiibt )'o«rc«s- 
pliancc in ttiis, fince it D highly coni.t^rn ihr gfHVl oF al niy 
cnjwiH, my uwti pajiicdljf, ui<t to 111^ 01c tt«tc Uiit f«M 
tti (>i*wmyVlf 

"0y^^'-/, W. jt " Your moflafluTT^ friend, 

{Mi^prinicd, 1745-&O 

' The othci Icit^ w>a wT»it?n. when h!» majcr-y kn«* ^bt 
ihe fill *i[h-i w«, or wouW be (oon at JiUrrty ; ao<J >"» ff^" 
by Sir J. Winter* his loidfttp'i coohn ^crfnan, Ji Ronuftc*' 
llio1k> a gre^tc coikfideat cf chf qucen't^ lad odc whp fajJ tctq 
bcr Jccjccary.' 

*< 1 Am CTD^dciLi that fbii KdneA tniAy bearer t»i|l (iM pL 
gopd faliifjidiv/) i*by I h;i%c not \\\ c*ef y ihtii;^ l'oijc u jO' Jc* 
urcd ; thettant ofconfiLTcLice iit vou btin^ lo fai froiii b^if^* 
the c;iufc lUcfcof. ih<u 1 ^mcter\ ildy mofe wnJ morctofi^^^^'^ 
in the ifufl ihjtt ] h^vf Q~ yijt^. Fur bfltcvc a>c. ii i> npi i; 
fUniwcr of any to lajikc you tufiVr in oiy '^pinion hy i!1«te»-^ 
But ofihii aud ilivcn o:ticr ti:jin>:>. I li;ivc gitfii Sir J Win^j 
ii^ (Uil jillfkictiOMt th4t 1 Wi itf ^i marf t^Mt ibkt \ ua 

[The i4U Qi ihib ]xx\^u ^ wU i> the fofmir, U laif-j 

* No fuiurr hlflorian furfly wiTI be hirJy cmMi^1i> afit' w 
this e«i[lcfic«, to charge l^cfd Ghviortin «-iih forgery in 
k^iiCtp^lttiu, and (o Uy nune of Ihc ciinic of thii irmty at 

* ^fa^y other proofs mi^ht W produced, were ih is I 
W ihrm^ bdiJ^i whu will nfcpffiftly fcilo«r, xh%x ibe In 
had given authoiity to L'^f J d^incfg^m, 10 c'"it fuch coiui 
Jicnis 10 the Irifh pipills, on the ariicb of rdt^iofu » " 
majeHy knew ihc lord lietJtcAint hid tiO much bo^ftiit 
be conccincid in/ . ■ On ibc li4 of Jjj»iuv/t hovcnt. 

WaRNIR^J IS^Qry ^ Ir<kmi, 


WAS admitted to bai), and rclcflfcd on ftcuricy 10 ippcar upon 
thiny days notice, 

* At [all, after a ircflCyof tttrcc years, ihc peace was brought 
to a coflclulion; 4II aETairs of icli^ioo fubmiitciJ Co (liv kiii^» 
hjft royal ]30wcr prcicrvcd iii otbcr poin», and noitiing to take 
dfcd uiilcrs he w«« ailiOrJ fwith I OiOCLj men] 4( the tiaic, jind 
ia rb« manner he m^uircd. Hence the icadcr m^ght ex^dl 
to ^nd a quiet fciilcmenc of Oic nation, anJ [he forces of it fcnC 
to England tu make a pnwrrful rHVtrf Tor hU nvijrl^y. Ifttt hO« 
Ihtng lilcc it/ — On the ccnirary wc are iiirpnfcd with a^ ac- 
count of >.n cng:agement, whcrttn ihtjve Ttufe iboufuiid ^f>Tt 
and Enel'^ flr^ ^Arn> with but inconAd«rsbJc lofs or the fide of 
the I r lib. — Oti tbc l^lh of July, hrpwcver, ihe articlacf peac« 
were interchani^, and conl^imcd by th« council; — dii c/eni 
which natuiaJlypmi a pcnod 10 thi& t)Ouk. 

Boot Vr Though the which bad thut bf*ii con- 
cluijvd, wail ncceflafy to all pirtici, jtnd Wiu chcajfully Tub* 
BiiitrcJ (o by all who owned the lord licuftnajit"* aut^o^ty^ yei 
it inct w«h grtai oppofiticn Irom ihc generality or the Ifiih \ 
who were alfo prd^ by the pnpe'fe nuncio not to think of any 
peace till thry had made an union among all the catholic*, ^ndl 
Ac king was rcRorcd to his power.— Hofiililici were accord* 
ingly renewed; but it \\ iiripot&bk for ut coeniuneraEe the par< 
ticuluj* — At !cDgth, however, the ■ /*ji"*tf/"y6fff-«r^r [it+SJ 
was concIiJilcd : thf comtiiior;! of whUh wT^r » fii nii^rh in thfl 
a«iva:itJgc of ihc Jriih cacholicf, and lo (he dilUti&laction of thQ 
protrHinti, that thoy were rery near at obnoxious as the Ear 
of Glamorgan '1 treaty.' 

The roo Ufi booiu contain a circumf^jntial detail 'of the af* 
Ivirv of Ireland, from The death of Cha- K to the refloraiioii of 
Cha, ][. but at our limJti will not permit ui lo chlargc, w« 
mull rrfer, for particulart, to the wc^rk niVlf ; which is wfoie 
with fomc degree of dcgancc and pcrfpicuicy \ but abound) fo 
mucli wirb rtJttlHimi vnorfmarh, ai fcatrely to allow the njJiT 
An opportunity of jkjdf^inj^ for hitnfelfi — Thia method oi wntJng 
bijtory fray be cntcrtatniag, but it certainly tena's to biafa thejiidg i 
mcnt; iho'it mult be owned^ (hat in the ii>ftimrc before tit, wo 
jtteci with aa much impai'.iality ai can rcafonably be expeded, 
in the prcfent ftjtc of things; and ate willing 10 bt-licve that 
the improvencnt of the human mind, whiih the Doclor allodgea 
10 be the h^'cat rnd for which all hJllory fliauld be wrtttrn, waa 
one of bia moCiirc) for undertaking A work of ib oauch labotu 
and di$4.uUj, u tlut now oiFeicd to the publoc. 




t 4*4 ! 

-Vj^htt ^rifiri /rem Bfttiutt^, f^ftmi^f th f^'f*'^ f^x^S^ 
MfsbU^f UMi^x i^rj^'u tf^^itlrtrd/tr tin Smaff'F^, lUtM* 
U; It lit Prtf^'auti *f ihi f^tms*. Tht Afewmr */" lAr 

nirf:kf Ca/.'i. fhf U/f *f t-M AW 7^/ Ef.r-f of ntarJtvg 

•*' ii^KiVJC /iv £rB^-/J4«, anj'^/ i>nfxi^x '^^ '' '"'' *»*"'■ 0/ 

Vovngtr ol Wjirt, vi4 to St CJf ?t;c"» atad ihe^ Lock* 

i jirrtly rStf fltjf^ of 'iJIcii!c fi*- f^-Oj^iira, in ton^c m^lOiJ^*- in* 

j.tWfc iSiifrjrj'rarf 1*JI jut*, « JrfUk^m wrniir* i^tLi I*/ ibr irpoii (rf htt 
ftnidJrir*^ and ih* iCK»j;t*ft ol tht ^ntitt^i cf i^u tTme. <*tf^^-B 
people <it tftfir unJttr«fiiJn);t f l. r 4 uhik^ ti*4 p<rta»J« tttrja 'bii fhil 
pfifir tgror^BL wrruh c 'uU by bcfrdifjtv r<,C^% >« fl fl^rLfwUni IrfMVt 
Cflonli^ bo«ic-UUcf» ^n <i«rr iIud dtl the p»i ikibfol «atlOfbil1>, or itifi4 
rmirfAs fuTCccn* d \hc lime. lolM^r ar:crii;iLJ oo tv<ii ittf larrcAl 

the ; J^urcjrpr-Lciicf iljii m:»r< rtjwirJ ihc fcco^c^y ol thvit ittitt 
ibiA fifiv v«}Lmci fi^tn IH ptoitSen of iurj^cj <.o^i hAvt tSt^Ud m 
1^ jt»'<n tine. Til.'* ^'^cfc innnr«t*l f^mpJCCs* *c t<n-iOi deuif, ^ei, 

c-uiiif th^n »f Pjnt. or Jif) c<vjTd nor h^t^ >rrn fa \ir^)t thtmCfU"^^ tt 
10 h^iT pivrn cr'(!ii 10 :< pian 4«bo HiouM 9i!rtt. h«ui>itd gi*« then 
• HifcAk ^b^*! JboMrJ ■ Ot pfoducc OE»< fjngle Tyrapir in th>l «ri; 14 «k»- 
ticloiitf nffapitbd' viiu] ilucof hr^Jik Iavg. I toafiaJil th«( in* 
CCulalion, t^it* LiiUnu A ^rraL t>klbng lO u^f iJl^jid. uiii. in a vriy 
OjQfi iMn<i be tr<iu|tKi tma J^Ignoci bi (he iicenjjfJUlWUof ^ofrr of tbe 

i^W fphf.e, A hi'le i!I luavft 4fi.uu|2 ilia er^r ujU n .t be ioiJ$f 
fii»]hrrcd, n[jJ lAf IK<II ificji hcjti f jIjuic i/ueIii, tvhkh «J| fct « liivc 
*Icirrpcopf» ff<m »;'»Mi^ ih^t thildica ^^hincc jf cfcipingthrrdra;^ 

ci ihr ^^nnff, vhm Idling ih" u'^rffi'viicfl vJ:t'Tmj, t 'i pcllihie 

my ^{ipircTi^ifioni tn^-y ^t Ll jtioandcd. buf aV:^! I Zt^c hrrr rc-btfd b 
» pjirtt ^* T'Ui t c<n i^v »Gth'-riiy of out bc^ Aritcr^, fovtfirjikcd hy ibe 
c-jti %aCK Gl rh[ fni^n vniinem uJ ihc ^<?ti£ir4-i(ttiri lanra ii i*cM ai 
iv} •}^-'0 r-bc'^ttjot *ai mv^y yur>^ tf kite yttCctti C'l of fc«iif(j|>ai 
uh-i 1T*( thtii pj-knii wl^tn inocuIjKd in a \cry 6r - ' i ' r rf . 

(VcJd I y a car>tl''i cmj^^rJ among thcit Iti^-'nU fhar^r li* i. . . i un 
|-.fciivc<'t'iic>rt ^J<f ariffi 'rem ^j'^ J. •< ' . ■ i , a J, 

.] m .' f T'o Jout! bat lh>| ihrr t^jT i r^( 

ihr broi-fil of niAi. Kindt 'nd l^af oi^tj ^:tU^ , uii^ t (iu jliW^t tl'Cj;, 
t^-^ I 0m «qu4'J^ i>lHfL ir»cjiit]5lior), andif ti f^^l ippr^vby ibr aioA 
aa;hffaiic iniel^Igcncv ^^^^ I c*n pnKirrc fro-n d>&i'»n(Ud rcopte, 
«<-rirt tr. .1. uui O' tf ]'r Kiii^r, thai h\-i :li an J kcrurUT Irom itt dl^ 
r*^ rip bccf| ]-./> oliu^nfd b) ifducm^ ih; piu^iru i^ lott i ma ov}f 
t-t ffttba<c fjOfn ? (f> T S fimpk , wScn iHc fv'm>f i( ii tM^, by \tt*ia% 
\n^- )-*ii*(k* bo cRpt^cu to ihv irfdemcfii^ tJ" ^ftewcIl^c'. *nj titcck- 

B>DMPEILD*> Thir^hti iOtrrmnx hsc^tim. i6{ 

<Of^jn)t 10 ft* wcfffiry of JifiVitnr c»i"ftit'«ic*i i if cipctienre OiouU 
dcicrmmr in r«i<ju' of Ac fe'mf, I r^ul* li'itr*"/ 

Titim ibii <niftUlicn it :if>pcir«, ibai Mf> Brofrrfn<l is not, 
bliiiJly devatti \Qi\\c jki^ilt q1 she pfeiVar kinf rant opcri-' 
(Oft. In rom? reipcCi. tic t^illkl it is L';;rricd tn a dang:ri>jb cx* 
ccia.— To krrp mc fuhjcd cno!. he fiv'ti n!| the ciup ion U 
complcet, i& the ;»rt>ucil woTkofiuccdi— HcffO^moicflhtticTC^- 
fofc &.< U<\s uft ol\cjol nir, aiii U> kccptV* l^ud) lotuSic n^ ric-' 
ofion may require, lill thecrapiirfi ii ccim^-fete. "So ftr, i%j%\ 
hr, [ agrtc wi(^ ihc intreitl pi»dttion«n 'jn<5 thi: moi!en> 3<f*' 
venturers. Th; jui!ijin.crii ho*tvcr ftf ihe inocuUt^T ThouIJ ai- 
vrA}»dctcr{riiiic i» lothcoc^cnsiy ofGvacvltlu^L^,InJ «b]liiicncC( 
or occaJionjlh' lo mrijtoratt W a nicirv nurfitjit diet.' — Hcia^ 
convinced t'.v; jLfltl'm aiaybc rcducoi loo Iow» <ind in con*:' 
firmilion of ihii, givi'i die fo^kimrin^ raff : 

' A Keii'Lem^a ^% fi'^** i^'X-^ < Uidy copiiilT^d )A<inineoi fivJicivij 
Slid Qfc. inJ Tcid a B ihiiF lji» Uihcf, ta Occlcr to RnJcr Eii? Lifca^fli 
niLd ',»polItbU wbtD b< wa^ <o be n^ul.uJt vru picp^fta^ li^'n ^<>efa| 

WCrkt, Dy repeated rur^^Ci* luv ;hr<. k(t<1 rriT}' mc-^Fl i lo r^^fr'^n ik< 

him t» »iw w-wls flalf' he wgt then inncv^ru, mdatcherfjal limC"' 
u«' Ijirfn itL but K«d «iily ■ tnOi, mhlth rirtrr Tnirun?rd, ih^' df| iho^ 
•llif^iicc of mevliCriLr. Jrtcftrd bjr ptpj-]c c>r ili^^ Tirn link in chr fifrt* 
fefian. hi %\vto ; Tic va> rmi ejtt mdy aoiJ: and low Ipirhed 19 
febool> «nd in ■ frw wr^fci hjtJi >.i r-n^ffnn ihii tdme om m b^cbe?,' ' 
or tfilhtrci^ltm of picrplrit ihit mitufjixd ; jee, RCC^iJtftindinv tM» 
eibn 0f ttiturc to dcpvute ihe blood, he it* not cvcf b^cn hciUh/ 
(We. tboufftf min; T<^dn bi^e di leJ ; b^i h<ii frtijLir* t^ '^fh'-^ iridic 
apmrr, >ty\ luddtiily m re, leu nf Jt^pMiT*-, ind-gclliin, hn I^a i]£* 
CoUlwed in fcvrril p^p<et aiLhiloii rf norphcw oa ir, ^t\^ u c*cr 
eonip'>in<np. and hr fomp'j n* iirTtCtf <itkd ntrvoui/ , 

Where Ihc iitflAmmii-rt fever run« vcf/ hi^^v and there i> 
premiiufe cruptinti, the fe^er t^'tn b^ «-hf<kcd br Tu^Jm anJ* 
pow«r(iit cvaLu^iioo^t ami the erujiti n it ihut to be r^ tjxdvd, - 

' Vei fupixTii of ibi> iir«t«it, fit k Ml K, I 4 dl idiEe a very >«■ 
mjrtibl^ <jf«. ihiL b>pi*nrJ in nj O'^n £iiiily, in rhf jear ;|^ 

AcViM»b<^ot thfce ycirt of j^e "t^ >Tt;et(d iiiLh th« ufutj fymA. ,| 
lomt of ihfld fouof r»ull-p'iil- Jftd fr^m ihe arcfltpamh in kcau jrii 
bKk» ibr m^ibrr ibou^hiil r>j>ht lo i^tfihiiii :<i bod ; in IcH tb«ar.vnit/ 
hoj[» af^tc^lic I'M ^cin d, t^ molt vioTcnc (:i<fC;oQ nf ibe mibiiv brnil 
r cTcr &w mid^ III ii^peant:'. Soon «r»r 1 fihyfidjirx, who Uu itt 
that fijnf Jniioute in ti,f f,T*Jt, r»lIeJ, »nJ belnj; told of uxv <t]i|d'i 
tll&<lvi he M^iicvp to t-ts: ti_ i.#r!.Lii,-d it ilv TaulT fx^x* ofd^fJ Jivo b« 
blc<i Ti" ounc«i difcA*y, or J ii f.^n tk poQlblc ra crt him r>:ieiil |I»;|f 
byp«J)>cs oftlrc cockEiiij£ kini. uiih iMnuindb ~^'I tuw» donr^ ^nc J^ 
)u(l « dic^4f] ormr-rr flool^; aniT jhtbr evenini^trti Mrd attain ; heioodc 
flitre u>-ilh hirkf wi£tf :i Eimei h ihr nij^l, or t:icri'e<w|ify | o» «■ 
bcinj cb^^d loihec^i'd*! r%kTn£ a fet^AJ dufc orp^j-ingrfivCc the 
neii nofniDiE^ Ull the en'pT^on mi^ht rvii'e. ancf thereby cnd«Rj;cr Ait 
lifCt hy iik»ttfiUa|; ovun; in bet dtiigao^ iltrowiii^vJf ilied^ruir of 

t66 BitoMPEILO*; Thsuihtianrmi^ fim^itih 

iVc Ikia, ud, coa&qanilf r it mig^t hi] o« (oatt of ihr ^tn ; lU 

doA^rmidf for aftfUo, i^it luM ii»t c«^ BUke >t rrCue lor ih 

4«p«cU*ir ihc child woddocttinlvdki if ncogid b< k4pc b*ck 

mr, k v&«M be 3ii btncr i aaJ if Wcoa^ rA«r<di« hii rita 

clucihclUl'poK woaldihciiosncoiaiiiclDntt^^i he termed ihc 

ipfctmm of the pl«i|ilc*, oo< 4ifrnA anbcCiti't btr k pbitdi«i, tm- 

OiMW. per^pi. eif bt or vn dUliftft pnopAn ; a«d ihM tMa ***V 

'wouu be ia rvioai p»ti ol the bodj.-^— Tbe ckid wm kept opv 

[winlc tine, <Rd the *tf fvc^«vni))rcb«ii|tid, ibv mfpMft Cm dV 

^hw oa lie tbinl 49ft *oJ iW cbiU wu kepc oai of bod tin tf aai csq- 
pltw i k4 Kbttt >w poe ir> b«ii, kepc laod^-r^^Iy coot ftad tbt vik 
ntioo wfaton » im the mild bn f^t fai4ll pan, vtd be 1^ toit 
b«d jyniptom ^chnK the <rfaofe p'^rcfi of the d^^fr ; be vu PwrpJ 
a» gfiu! ti ptoptr (!iAADCc«> «nd he t^pyc^ pcrfe^ bciScb, aWta 

But the great poiAlo4'reravewicbMr. BroorfeilJ, is orbetw 
I'lhc tnlH difcifet which ordirurify occui* from tiiaaiUi«i, 
its pra^W may not U^ puDwH too hx :— whether the patiMC 
Ijnajr n^ji lie reJiiccd loo low : — whether t rctj flight fever, nA 
/hv pimf'Uit which EU*vercuine lo milufatJon, cia beconfukitl 
BA ihfl proper Jifcafc : — ;tnd whether liiu cily pioccf^ tki o- 
ti^^ti^'l ihc Jitc&f;^, U ^Iwiys cojJiibeot with thohiKj of 
the coDfCttuQon ? 

* 1 ain fLjubgly of opiiiion, ftyt ow Audbor. <hu the difafenay 
Itf fgppunnlfy Aticdc, dther ^T ttdudngiAe fucieni toohat, in iM 
pae^ktory ooorie for the opetacion i or by giving bnU parf Wf ad»- 
MM durtig th« tnipt'Tc fcvfr^ «bieb i h*r« btM toU W frr^M^ 
licim ihe tT^lc aiviE>A;fl tbofe n'n^ «rcK irtOfuIbtoJ oa chc aiodi plm_ 
ifid Wl an pipipici liitfrifg (heir !>|>ht £:vci ; jc( oq tet-jniaf uxheir 
ofiia) ei<rrtifc laJ din the^r iuvc had a piMii'ul rrvpcion, ttbtdi «J(^ 
Taiie4 <*rir iE^<1 piJ^fcd (o be the irifc tMrttitr.^ 

* J Wc l-udy bevd of great timbeii abo hnvc fii&iT4 is ikf 
))C4lt]^ ever (leC: tbqr We ■noca1iti4, ^^-d UCit^ oa tUiwate 
pliti : i;id of (XliC't, wh9, tliowtfb lIicv wcfC Ovjmjtt iccon. bj ifec 
opcmttnn* they h»J uiiJergcme, hive aftctwaidt tuiTihc ^ifnh k ite 

* T^AiUil aceidfnf, pcSibly, mnyoofy be ir p({>poriiottlotUeMb 
have bzca inocuUrecl m ihc q W lauincr i and Ahi;^ Jh>(a tbc ^HdtPfi 
cT the arnit a<id -wij or thrtc Afiom40u» [^'ed^U) >ppcL' dj^. i\ 
ttot mtllanieiL tbtv hire been r«'JtAod. t!cLrin|> tTi4l iwu are 4i 
t^o thnu'M.:f< lod h^vinj^prrfaijed ihemfeiTu tntoa fccQrii) <kb 
fDnedPiei pT0V4J btiJ i «nd, voryorien, u^atji.Uf, trriiught di^Ki 
9& ibf v^cticc in ^CAcrftl. by pcopx'i tSertta^, (h4t ^luy bttrc b4 
ihc fmaJl^pM in ihc natard tvfp> aft^r jiiceulAi«».*-Ni/4, nbnct^ 
(ever daex not itirikiD fur tlitee iluy^ at lejit. ihe ai«» Mame, tU iba 
fiimf.lci become replete with matur, »i ii bj£ right, aIkj^i, d fut 
fto^Ic on Lbcit };iufd, to tvoid iifc^Uxii till the cfKrati^n tti brtt 
4^111 rcpeaiidi 4fid every errcDEftlboce asccjliiy to 4k(r:^m ik £tcL~ 
fyt ViUii of iha tauuea. «re uc loU di4i miay toil their Uva ij^Pv 

BftoMrEiLD'j fhoa^hs ttfunxltti Fnaarktm. 167 

aftfr iV' rpM«mV^>l fhtrcvy. (kit I(V>ciiIiiIdtt Id ihr new v^y i\tcf<9 

Thr fr<^ucntl/ irreguUr progrtf* of ihc dlfeafe^ vhcB tho 
fevcT b inifiu^ly to m ttyiicmi^t ^^ ^'> pt^^ce culy n few 
pjmplu without m^turoEii^jif i*ur Author «ofifirrr« by ivUrvnct^ 
ICL federal of ihc CAiot whhth jfc rd^rul by Dr. Dimtdilt. 

Mr. BtoaiitiiA'it miJina «1 rcalonmg upon ttm ftibjt^, 1% 

" S^poAng a paiitfnt hai bad a tnati^f apt ffvrr, u^tirb. afr^r many 
<|fri|> to^^ioy the piii[i(, dine Nuurrthrulif km^ly itieE<l(rF« f*4 
y^roducc A criiiciV ruBicr, wouM «ny fii'j^eao 1 f iViiI prctfiit Jt> toiaiai^ 
DO Ciftt^ufa&oa, or laiijcr* u^aU h? ntj^ «Jo :ill ir hi) pcwa 10 pft^moto 
it f To 6y itm tumor* vrr tHhIttiJ wrrhr^ur \\\ cofrfrquntcvi, ii not 
»^»itfijrt; M muA brthecfFr/> o^a m«]|^n4nf ftvrr. ii>ii ;hrq, I ilttnk, 
nA mtnin *im 'tsfr- wfmld iifq^Jc t^ covvquiJiicf 1. Thii maj iwi b« 
lb rifdcrit <<> ili, 41 th^ lotb^^inv fj^ ; fuppoHrp the intr^^'^iil ^lan^ 
became l-ic leal (<f t^ic ''tfvf ai nncfctl viiu^ 4';<i m»HX' m i^ bvilf 
of tht tumor, noi ta be We hj ihc rouch, tie Mdlm; htd brftj Jif. 
prrfirJ. inJ for 1 ffw wc^lct thv piiimi lia^ rh<^uc>it h'ln.flf wriji ^ bat* 
Iu>« much more froqiicni ii 11 (Kac lie fitU viclrat i^o^unat r^ina la 
Kii hrad, fltrn^ and fhin*. tv^bkh bdai: lakcn by ±t^l fo' itico* 
ihJtjc ■ iIlv vaiid bath aiuJ TwcAiin^ 11 aJvi'cd ; iht piim ^rr idkvc4 '| 
by an ciupiion. ihat |Ai«n drtrrminci iirii3?r «-hM tUlVi [fl rHr<k u.^ 

• Mij-wenoiaflcihcrr^c. ^fiyi our Aiifhor, in iftorhet p^ri ifha 
book) arr ihrrt noi wtt * inftjincri of ihf hid enrmy bcinf; onlv <Towii 
!■ Uc baiilc J an<i( iho' he may not cirer be able t<t fiicw h;j fkc, » hts' 
jBieoikd. )n itie ditfadrr of the Ana^l po,i i Joei be tio[ Ibmcitiiiir. itfier 
• 1iit[c rftruicing, ie»c arid tormcofin a r^rieiy of brmi, fa at ui<Ie>' 
Urav tht Miitnttf Eho' he ji lbp;««fa«t lodiAoi in ihr nrruiion i' 

Ouf Author gives i>o cirtJji to the pviicuhr cfliocf of Mfm 
$%iiinti\ ^rttmJ^jhffifii ifsfMiin^t t am ccnfiiv^s ibi& by the au- ' 
thoritj (jf Mr. Cnandler, who pjofcfici hioifclf an cipouCcr gi^ 
the new mctliod ; axid wliu ^4:^ jifo wcU ai-qu^ucucJ witb (.be. 
pndicf of Mf. S'calc, 00c of Mr. Sui(oji'« paitn«ri, 

" If lofcAtun, Tiiiri Mr C^^>aAdkr, iliH^utd b< ii^ctifctj by (be mourliai 
nnftrilk oi uorci, 1 c^nnoi tniBxi'^ *'*y oi ihs(i: incJk no woJlI mat;e, 
itui foit vt fmtllpox like in ih^ iDOtruUird. ruy» iliry hue ohm f^tW 
in the fi^tuul fjuiU-pwi, <iicn ^a Cii* Uuidi of Oflr. I'nlCt Umo^ >«' 
oficn at rK|«rinci^t4. 

*' If tlic mcdJcioM ifcill iv~-( i!^ my fo^d tn dw nj^mil tfinin-pi^v, I, 
IhouM fuppof* Ihcoi a cbipin pouj^fk in inocu^Ated pidanti. That 
Mr. £uitoii'« fnrvhnd frfJomrr f-ij]* ihai^ ihe r>kl, in g^v>i^ i^'e linfcSlianf 
»i furely atniU^^f^ For wthaveolun, ver^ ohea. fara the opfiauon'j 
rtpeve^f aittr ttgwf^ ihacuccJIiy of pu')*in|( onct in (h« iiiurvaJ ofi 
ff ren dnyt bO clear tw bovf4* tfrocn any tt^Krakicir pfcdvcoJ by (h^ 
kind cf ilkt. during ili^ iTriod of tTic inft^ion. However. £iy» Mr. 
Chandler, ur« mny bf milTakcn in iHc compoiirioo of Mr. 5uifrin*i pilt. 
Em if ir iHiil aff«ar> that ffv^ral uh& have b^rn prepirriJ by Mr, 
Teak hfinrdf hovtacciJcnially ukm the nata^d iafc^ror, hana afivr- 
V/Mi6t b«n atTcnded by hitr. aiid hai«,<rt.t4 ivVkHo) \^?* iaV* 

a6K BftOiiii*v;LO'j Tbto^gUt cnanmg Ivoculatvm^ 

cU'fe K» ^Ivc l^r^ i anJ y<C k&ie dicJ, — »hy tScn cbc#e it ifl end ttf 

ihfo' in ftayri i <*n t^e f^ih day ihc ^M«i ^ctep-ji^-i-r; v^rj ^ropcAj^ 
ihf Ittcrii'J IkaJ l*ei]Mf, iniaproipfTdcxrtf cffpici r-jf w»coairv«i 
«Hhn it'C ifnp£iii<nc< of -ihc>^ ^bout hjn, nadcitvoa feu J fvf Mr. Pciki 
vvbov ti I Am ifi^'mrd Trcym vcff good laEhotkv. lomoiUicly ^'w? bin 
ict^-n pi^li, nrjfied hi*! 15 b<? u* tn Oui of hrd, »nd fUcird oppofiie fo 
«0 Cpcn vhirtdovr in Tb« c«:>m^ «f tcL^fary, vttii foLuTc <i rvatoai. 10 
lake > <f«l^ ^f ni»ri tr^ Ithi c^cry o(!t<r d^y <1U Ik koa well, like 

el b'nfi^fkL on a lio'^rc c:)nvuljiitc >OJi»iune. nhkli Ji^ like to kxtc 
c<! him on rhr blljni : Ui tiy ihc hdp oTfeoic pfcpcr, but tov Aa 
;h dcciici co-i^bla. i? «-( cbfckcd t txtd ihougk the polhtki lamc- 

d'uu^y tril, ft ^tlirufn csnf on, brjrc Noe ^p^Ki appcvcil, ilte iVvl* 
ling (»' ilt£ iM£ fabfi^cii, i^c rpitita;; vent t^%u oflT, And i4*rr co^ 
he aj»«in rcflutc<J i jct^iih fic^L u/c, uoJ iLc futberhtftp uf cofdiib 
jcCtM^ nrirhiniifrflici. h. w:ii it U/l hAfTpiIvU'J fifdy c^tiied thro' jr. 
" A gif! rf fiitfrn wn pr pared Ji> Mr. P«jJe, and ioAnlMed a: P*- 
irklfbruin nn Tucdiv, ihc njiufil fmal^-pM appeif ed on W«dn«(Jiyi 
JMt« n>i lime e^^a^h fbr iKejitI weAvri ittelf, bit no pill »«* gtrtni 
aixl rhnufh M:. IVjIc wa» kJdy concerned, be cr^nvoniei} 19 ^pt 
W' wiiH ibiritr iT'ijciuiv «iid veiy fcmr drop*, which prahdtily wne > 
^e(«kni«n of lie hiik, indeliiir of i/tcricil ; ho^rrrr iher Tkll^ nd 
ifac (TkE di«(ii 1^4% ^>d Thii tf'cbrxt^l pill been po^irc^i cif 1^ 
pciibxit b 1'IkjsI^ ftTcubtJ v> \\, w04iy lie mc h-we jcpcntlrd for die 
taie DM tha aVidc? If fl'cfe «e,e aci fJItkn:. I <ou^ eamnenia 
ftieril (^f>rr ulb <S\\jI\ lUu but Utt£ »ouIi£ be okii^gcp my rcAiSv'a 

* Tl-e ealei rtlttcd lif Kj. Ch^rndler had like (fjyi Mf. BJ (o ^t« 
|]C<n eMTcJ undcf ibe l^tle uf murfler. Sy ibc kJEAjace of Mr< Pcj^ 
p^itEiri tt 1!1^''- Gu U^iJ <J Hit coi(!juEjr'«ic;c!Icrtt pi')i Ltid ihecokl air 
ef r<tru;rfy i^rdTiiif laai l^eef>:a vint^oi^, oi>(<vfl^:7 10 wWjcS th« pdiieat 
■» f lacrd, ffPm ihe moJl fivour*l>le f;wftami of reow* ry V4i ihia 
poer frtn r«i^i9<<xJ 10 dmfh't drwr. ind would havo futtJtJ «>/, |ud 
not rjnhrrci^rilrali AA^ i(E<M>pE^<t beer ttntdy «4rr<nillicd. Theimti 
prrpiied Jjod rrtKgbicd by ^!^ PciJc. on ihe TuelUjyi ind iHc 
poB< ipjvjfpd rhe d/v ftiHowiii^, jiai^ Oic J>tH * 

Aa ihe d^trrminaUf »i of Ihc point in quflHon mtWr ifrpendi 
up(j» ilic jiJifrioriEy of ficisj Mr. riromrdld Tt<iuelh all iholr« 
who mny ha^T inipittially obt-tiiinl ;iccoiine« waive to thb 
fiihjeft, to (x^nmuiricitc them i itid thdch«vril[ pjbliOi, to- 
gi-t^tr uri'.Ii the nirec of the pcrfon who ba£ t^cii the iroubk 

• V\t. Chinc^W ii M quoted ^ a* oar R«kVi «ill oUcrrr by ihi 
^»»ble la vet ted ccmmii. 


[ »69 1 


Grfitifi tffl/irttf TrsSit ^<Ktrni«x the AlmsfmMi «/ lam^td PrH 
ftrtyt r/pubhfijt^. 8/0. 4s. Baiburfl. ^1^- 

THE advertifcmcni on tbc back of ihc tiric pa^^> ti oil t 
tnfornkiiicn £i\<n by the modem editor, concerning Ihii 
rf puHicdtion : ti T\tv\^ tht;^ ^ 

* 'Ihc following 'licatLfciircrcprintcH, partlyon account 

book was Iccomc eaccccdingJy fcircc, has been iruch foircht a^ 
ter, and puichilcd IbnictJinci 21 x hi^h piicr. The HvfinJttffy^ 
and the $jtfT«r''||ri ircr acuibuled, and ir^-ith f^oodrcafon, Eothot 
oiud ^blcjmjgcbif Aaihonv FhihcjlKJic* Ihctufi^^non ufilie 
AOrOl UJKuNOWIKa>. of Xenophon U ihe Scft v*rfior\ rf 
tJiAt piece in the En^iliili Un^iia^ i and cxprcfTct with fomc 
fitecd* the fimplc and ujiafftcifll tlilc, snii thr bumorotii xr.i 
figaciouft dialogue of that elcgjint tviUcr. Upon iheiftbol^ 
thry Ail very well deferied to be tefcued from oblivion; and j' 
tbey (hail fllford thcU iei<i«it cicbcr infonnatjon or amufcmoni^ 
the Editor* purpofe wrill be anftfriciT.' 

it la ncedJcf? lo Uy an^ tbia^ rcfpcdinc; \W\t. tra*.^ '^ Xrno 
pbon, ffftbcr ibjij) whtt rcginJ« ihe tiJnfl4tkn ; at<d ih^u^h if 
i» wirhout date, ihe reader may conceive, from the language of 
the prefatory note behind the title pjgc, thai it \i of loiae 

* I his boke of houfeboTde, full of hygbe vrifcdome, written 
by ihc noble philfrfo^ihex Xenophun, rlie fcboler o^ Sf>erHi:efi 
the whichc fur bi§ fwctc eloquence* jit>d tuciedyblc facilit^t, wat 
furniinie<l MuTa Artica, thae 11^ rn fay, the fon^ of Aihrnni: 
11 fyghc counnyn|-Jv iranllated out of the Gfelcc ton:>e in li^nac' 

lyHut bv Gtntii}/t /itrviit at ihe dcfyrc of m4>rttr iirffrty piUt^ 

whiche bolce for (be welilie of thit realme, 1 deme vrty profitable 
to be red/ 

The book of hufbjndry itf tr^aiifeof hufbandry in the moff 
csnenfivc VJid enlarged Untt of I He word 4 as comprehDCidini 
notedly ihe oeconrjit^lcaJf but ;ilfo ilie moraU «nJ reLi^ti;u' 
Kluiy of a farmer* 

The 1l3ir of hiif^^andiy, like aiher thinjpt, umlct^nc; :dcet- 
aiion I butth*rcviJ innnj^ionii tcnuin man)' f-ooJ piaclicaL 
Obfuviilion» bitJ m^ximit \ HvC they arc itclucied in ftii^h antl^ 
quaied lan^iaagi, iniriiarded with fcnp« of Laiin, thai iher 
are rarV'Cu W vatu<^ as 4curicuico]lecli:;nfuf theitmcof clay 
In whablhey u«ii' wrtiten, litan inconfulr as nrlet ofcoadoffc. 
It tft4ta i>f tbe uuutilb ut tgruuhufc, ploughinft towing, an4 
oilicf ariiiTc:! oT~ liib^r i Wiih mirty feceipti for ibc iliica^* uf 
<u(flfj the mantj(trnc-ni ot fiuit, tii»ber-trec», and teneev 1 it- 
iTf 1 ftifKipJei of bouJli&ld oecontxny^ ami ilutita of fainilf 
reh^^^^'i* - '^ 





^70 Attdzhi TraQi oftorwit^ 

At rnuch hit lucly b«cii fii4 of Uk cocnpintivc vaf. 
fcorfcn And DTcn for cmpi riymrnv in liO^c ; ihe frmimjmts of 
this anii«nC wnur on ibat i|ueAidiit wJl fcrvc as a fpccinuQ of 
ilie wuik: 

« tVhfthr it laur^ a Ph^h ^Hnfiu ^ « ^^^ */ Oit^. 

* ti i> ii> be Itnown, whether i» tctr^r k plough of harfe^ or 

9 pl«V|;h f>f ox«n. :ind theirrri iTitlciticth oa^hTC to bo nude t 
diHin^on^ For in fomsic ftKCt^, 3 bOTfepm^h ii^rttcr, tM 
tt tu fiv', ifi trtty plice^ wbc.Mi Cbr huterhle has ic^«ral p«f- 
tufo» io put bU ootcn int whan they cocnc 'Vo cbcyr ir^fke^ 
there th£ oxe plougli « l^ecie^r. For in oie ouye nnc «fkcHii« bU 
ivarkc* to Ubour all diyc, and tfatn co bir pul to the cofftmooi^ 
or before the bcr4mjri, ;iiiJ to he fcTtc ni « foulde al ti 
without meatc, and to go t^ hu loboor in the fnoTnyn^, 
lad Ilc be put m a vooU p^urc all nyglitc> he will Ubtiur 
of all inc dayc d^tyeJy, 

* And oxen w^l pJowc in rough elef ajk6 upon hylly grouiUt 
ivhcrca) horfrt wyl fl^rdef^ylK And wh^reai is now fwrndl 
fiafturcs, there ihc biorfe picwc U better* tOT the hodc« may be 
tedderrd, rr eyed upnn l^jn, h^Ii^. or hadcri^ u p fa eu m AXm 
mny not be ki?i>t : and it ift ;iuc uM to leddrr them, hit in ft^rt 
pUce^. Andhdrfcs wyl goo'iHcr ihAn oxen on cuen giounie 
or ly^hte gronnde, ui^ be quicker for eatriage, but tbtry te 
fane n>orctoft1> to Lcpc in wyiittr, for they muA h^vc bo<h§ 
hey and eorne 10 f^c, af»d ilrawc for lytter, tkey mvft bt «dl 
(hodde en all foutc fete, and the ^re chat they Anil drawe vrith 
■i sTore coftly tSan for the oxen^ and Oiorier wh^lr it wjU lalti 
And o^en wyll cute but Jlraw, and a lyiccl hc;ri the whkftK ii 
not h^lfefhe citK' chat ;hc hoHei cnuA hjve« 2nd ih«y have no 
(hoes as the horfcs haive. And \i any Ibrancc come to the hofft* 
ervnxeolde» broyfed or blynilc, than l>c i&lyitH Worihe, an^ if 
any forartce come to an ox^, waxe olde> broyfed or blyndei 
fnriiii he <n4y he fcddc. and ctun h^ii matinti meate, a[iJ as 
l^ocdor bettfi chin ever he v.'s,s. Aad the hoffc^ ^^han hedyitir« 
11 hu: caiicn. And thc.-rforc me^nicib, all ihvn^e^ zxtnfwiend 
the plou^iie oi oxen k miich nn^rc proliuble iJun the plouriit 
#f hork»/ 

Tbc geiirml inHfLidions in this iraifl rrfprcl the duly of the 
huibandmini but our worthy ceuntryman hai not ovci kwkfd 
the prcuhjr piovmce of ihir houfevtrifc: in anefldin^ to this, it 
will V€ naturil u> jamcm the dc^ieracy o* mn/incrj to 9b- 
fcnrablc between the tulc? pidctibed in ihele avtiitnt ptectptA, 
iBd dw pft^kc of modern 1-fe. H>, aiBonic other wi^kfotnc 
docuDncAis to the hnc(<mht tivc» het Ehe follonHiij^ adrice : 

Fifit in a mornyng when thou arte WjlEod* and pufpoftAe 

10 Fjl^ lyfie - ~^~ Eunde, and [>lcLic ih?^ and nuke a TygM 

Manaztmtni «/ krtiitd Pnfrrtj. 



the h^l^ crol!«f In nomine patrii, ct filii, ct fptHtct fanfli, 
Amtn. Ifl ilic name of ihc futhcr, the loftnc» md i)ic hol^ 
gO"Jlc, Anf! if ihoK faj* a Pairr noftt-r, an Aue, antJ a Crede, 
»ni rtmcmbcr thy Maker, th<aj fliiikc Jpcdc muchc ihc bctctt. 
And wh,in thoii arrr vp and rrHy^ ihan (iift fwrpc ihy houft^ 
drcfTc rp iby <Iyifh«bor4]c, ond Uitc ait iliyngci in euod orJcr 
wiiliin \hy houfc: nilLc ihy fcyc, fcclc ihy Cdluca, fyc up thy 
mylkr, tjkevppc thy diyldrcn, and araye ihcym, find prouyJe 
for ehy hulbanJi^ bifkefafle, dynncr, fouper. and for Ehy chyl« 
drcnanil leruauntci, and ukf iby pwic with ihc^ym^ And t*> 
ordync ccmc ain! maltc to the myll, lo bake and biuc wiihalJ 
whanne ncdt is. And mctit it to the myll, ;ind ha xhv mylf, 
tnd fc th^t thou hauc ttiy mcafurc ^gsync bcfidc the tollc, of 
dies tht Riyllcr dcalrth not tmcly with ch*', nr c\\ rhy come ib 
not dryc » it Ihouldc be. 1 hou mutt niiicc butter, and chtft 
vhiitn tliou maifl, Tc^ul' thy fwync bjihc oioinyngc 4nc! ciirn- 
ynge, and ^yuc rtiypolfryn meate in the morn yngc, nnd whan 
lymc of tliL ycrc con)nic:lh, ihou mufl ukc hcdc liowc diy 
hennci, duckrv, *nd ^jecftdo ky, and to gather vp theyre;:PCi, 
and whan they waac bioiiyc, lo fcirc ihcm there ai rou bcaitn, 
f#ync, nor oEher vermyn ti'.stx them. And ihr>u muftc knowr* 
that all bdc footed fowlci wyll fyitc a moActh, and all clouen 
footed fourles wyll fytrr hiir three wekes, cucef le a p^-yhenne, 
mnd grraece fowJc^, m cranev, buflatdes, and fuchc other. 
And wh^iii ihry luue biouglitc fofchc the^i liyrdt^, to fpc 
that they be well kcpie from the gleyi, erowet, ful]ynurtc», 
and other vrrmynnc, Andiulhe bc^ynnyn^c of Marchc, cr 
iyitell aforef ia t)me forawyfe t^ crake her gardrn* and to 
ccirc u many gcrod fedei and hc^bei as (he eannc, vid fpccially 
ruche at be good for the potte, and to citf : ati^d at ofie as nede 
£hal] rcqiiyit, it muHc be woJcd» for ch the; wtdei wyl oucr- 
gr'iwe ihr hffbra. And alfn in Marche h lyme to fowe fi^xe 
nrd hemjjc ^ for I baje harde'olde haufwyatt bye, ihut better 
U March^ hiirdet, than Apryll flaxc, the K-^ifon ipprri-th : hut 
howc It JLuldc be fijwen. wcdoi, palled, repcylcdp watrcd, 
vr»Ihen> lirycd, beaten, braked, tawe^J, hechcled, fpon, wound- 
en, urappod, and wouen, it oe^'etb not (w mt to Jhewe* for 
tljey Ijc wife yiiough, a^d thcreol' may they txt'kc fhctCf. bord- 
clothei^ lowpfi, fSericT, f-noeke4, indfuche other neccilaryci, 
And thcifor< Ice tby difEalTe be a-lvkaye rrdyc fcr a pailymc, thaC 
thou be- not yJk. And wndouicd a m'i nan tan not geite hcf 
lyti^r^e htxicHly wliW fpyinjngc on th? dif^ttfe, but it A*>p- 
ppth a gap, and muHe nedet be had. The bollei of fbxc, 
wheo twy be ripdcd of, mufi be ndcled froni t^e wede>, and 
tn»fc d.'ye wfth the Ion, in |^e om th' Icdei. Howe be it. one 
ma-ier of lioJeJe, cn]]<d k'li«n r»Je, s«yll not open by the fon : 
and tkctcfurr, wlian ibcy be dryc^ the) tf\u(le be W',«^<jivi^tk 



jfiMM TraSi atKtrming itf 

[SMid hn\tnt ^^ wioct kno«ebf>ivct 2i\^ than wjnoi 
;pie dryt", tyll ycic lymc c<>irc *fi.*j'4. Thy fenulc 
tit be pullc4 from the cSivfSe tKfnpe, Ibr that beirtihno' 
k« iiitl iho(j muil do b^ tti u thi>ti i3f J?fl by ibc d^t» 
'he churlc hempe be»;c1i vcdt^ and beware ihit bv-*da ast it 
01, a it growcth: ihc bcmp ihercor » not too good u ibAj 
Ijcmalr Jicinpc, but jci it wjll cfa gnr^ feruvcc. M*y fbruicf 
fomcLimc, i^at ibou fliah liii^c lo miny thui^c« ro du^ thitihoLi 
fii.ik no! vdl kiiowi^ wKcrr i> bell [o l^^ji : Thjin tJkke ti'V^t 
urhtcH chJd^ Ibouldc be the greattcfl lofT:, if it wete not dote, 
and ill wlut fpi^cc It would be June ; ihi^i thinlcc wbu ~tt Che 
^cat^fl loiTe, ind there hccyn. &ut in n^c that t^yngt, ;htt 
iiof^ciicflc 1^^ vr^Ilbciw^n^c indoyt^gc, Jinddtoj my^lecilf 
do thrc oi f^ore ether ihjiige^ in the me-xne whyle, ih4nK 
lokc **-elI, if all thtl'c thyiigc* were fcUc to;c;hcr, wtiicU of 
them u-eir the grcdiitWl loJlV, ani if ill ihtfr thjQge^ hi af 
greater klFc, aud may ail be Jane in u Ihorcc fjpicc at tlif^cte, 
llian duo tk^y niunj^ ibyti^tt fyrl>e- 

* Ec i> CO(kucnyen:efW ahv.&inde, toluucQicpecf bit W* 
for KiMif CJufEi, Mid thiti nuye lilt wit'e h;iuc p4f:o^ihe v^jl. 
to nnake hrr hulliandc unj hrr fdfc IWtk d^ihei, Aitd ti ^he 
Icailr w;]yc, f)}C iiuyc luvc ibt' tucVo of the flicpc, cjikcr to 
dike cIoihcA cir t>1inkc:iu>, stiS couctlettet, or bi>the t x^ ■/ 
O^c luiK no wdl of her tiwj^, fhc m^Y nkc woll to fpjitK t^ 
cbrhc mjkcT^ and by that mcAnei (he mayr hiac a conumyeni 
lyuypi^e, and many tymci lo do ocUcr warket. FttiBwyan 
Dccupirlont ta nyftciwe ull minrr of cornei, to OLisCflU^.. 
to wji^Oie Ai;J vryni;r, tu Tn^ike beife, fbcie coiDC^ tiki ^BJ 
time iif nnic lo L?lpe her hufbandc to fyll [he nuidtf] 
Vayne n; doun;;< carte, dryu;- the piloai^^Hc^ lo looJc hey, coonr^l 
Kid fuchc oihcr. And tu^tuE ndc tu the tnaiVct, to fcl beiKr* 
cbcic, mylkc^ ^Zg^^* cbekyiif, cipi^tit, lienor, py{^tf,gd^ 
and Jl iTHancr i^r^oitics. And alfo to bye all miner of acctf*- 
,t*f^e ihyngcs bctongyng;? lo hr^utJhcKle, and lo make a ttt*<| 
^bcnynge jnd .vcotupcc to \kt houll^inde, whai Qic hatb it-! 
"cfyW, anJ u!ut fiw haiTt pjycd. And yf th-r hu^nxiAJ' £* 
ti' Ehc n-<:^rket, tuhfc-or lell| «( tbcy oftedo, he than tobe«T 
bi^ wifL' in lyku maarr. For if one a( ibcm llioiiMc tff O^. 
<iyue {\ii ctbvr, he deccyueih h'jm ftlfc, nnd he is not lyU»i 
"iryue i jj-d tbcjcfoie ihey muflc be iiewc eyiber to oihcr. I] 
mTde p(:rjJuerii\ife Hien^e the houlbiitdct dyueife poytni 
bat the wi^ucs dccc)'i^c them in : m-d in lyke iTAnei, b< 
titfbdiidc^ deccvuc ih'yi vryuet : but if I (hoiilde do fo, I 

miMjfubtvll po)nie:^of deceipTtthin either of ihcnt kar^J 
hrfurr ; slieo iWrcfintr rtip fcTrcih bcfe to boldc i&] 
rafl I fii'itilde do u the knight of the lovfc dyd^ the vt^i 
Munj-fayrc doLtgWnj ai.4 uit tuV.t^I^ louc iliiit he 

tti«iit Sc mi^c -i botct 10 1 gr>o:l rarcnifla thit thcr/ myjltco 
pn^hewc Kii^flcc froAvtccft, anJIcVoMtf vcftuci. In iFm vrhichc 
IxjLc he llicwcJ, ihil if Uuy wac Movn^ii, a»ou^» vi Ayfcd by 
any i»ai>, xiitt Iccbc a miner a< tu iSnc llicn'rd, (hfC ihf^ 
IhuEJc wfihrtirtJc 11, In the whicl;^ h-Mc he (^,cw,^i fo mar.y 
W4yt*, howc a niin fh:>ulJc .ift^rrnr to \i\i |itii^ij**', Co b'jfije 
a vr<>raiTi to t^Ci cbc w^k'lc wJiycf were fi^ rMt'irn^l, urtd fhd 
wayc* to rame M cbfyi purpofr were fan fubljlTj" cftncryjed, 
and crafbdy ftcA^&^t that biriie k wdJ be for AAy womtn I0 
ncfyf^r i>r i(m> ihcTf ftcf^rc. And by the fijd boikc li«th miile 
boihc tbe tutn iUid the vurr.en ro knoft'c tn^r^ vycef, fu^tylt^^ 
sinJ cr^Ett't didii cucr iher A;uIJchiue kaoA'co, If [hE^lK*kcliai 
not ben ni^fJc; m the wtiichc boke h^^ o:3fi'ke:l hyin fclfe ftvs 
kni^hi cf (he mwre. And th« I leuc ihc wryuei to ufe thcji- 
oaiipuiMi* ai thi-yrown(4jrfcrAibf]/ 

1 hjuhegood ^jvcs may nocaccurcosof ^rtlJiryi wcf^^ 
ifot omti ibe fulldwirg 

* One ihin^T ! wyl aJiiifc ine to rx-inirnibfC, jnd ffcfiitly 'n 
wynler lyme, whan thou Jyaelle hy the r^'re* ^nd hMt fii|:peJ, 
la tunfyiJir in ihy riiyuJc. wlicttrti ihc wiTlcf* lh*l thou* thy 
wyf<^, and thy reTu;inTc; fliiU do^ be more Anunt^ge 10 the, 
than ibc fjrt an^J eanJtJI lygbit, irmtc icid Jrynkc thai they 
Ihall fprnar, amt tf It be more au3nTaf;e, thsin fyt i^vll^ and 
ffit be not, thfln polo thy bcd^cand Aqjc, atid be vppebctpiKt 
andhreaVeihy Ti fie before Jjy, that ihou mayfle be all the 
fbortc wynicra ddy j^bout tbr tufynfi. At f;r;iEiiaKr feoTe I 
learned a vcrie, cbat is this* S^nat, f^tif^ificar, cl liitat fur-erc 
it>.iDe> That 11 to by, July ryfyi^g makeih a ^an hole inboiy* 
hoSer in fotile, ard ry^bcr 111 i;<Midc4. And ihinaic fefn^th fbutd 
be Sufficient tnflrifdion for tbehulbatide to kepe. mcaTur?.' 

The ireatife oa rtirrr))^;* the U(> in :bb co}!cfiio?i. atid bjr 
the wrilT of the forgfltrg ira^t onhijA>.iridry ; it dne^f irt J 539* 
Hrre the wiker Appears ctfkf r in hia l-g 1 carf^^iry, anJ trub 
of ihe (i4llijii« of minora ; iliou-h t ^II:) con'jlns hinii '^ rA- 
vicf, by M*hieh getiilemcn wlio h'li brJ in ihcirotfrn haiid* 
may, petbap«, in f<nne ini^ancct, ifliil Iheir cxj>rtii:nL'c. 

Aiijif J /» ^ ti/trw^ in the *iin^4"^ #y" 0/i'Jrin : fFtth tf fimiMst^ 
VifW u t^/ett^ art ^t^^K' stf hf H^nt Sm^l £vo. 2«. 6d.^ 
Cadill, 17<»;. ' 

Laid i>f lu^k^nrs ia in all cafes to be eoiidmwcij, baf 

^^ pjtrtiridjrly where iiifdiKi are ttie pa:>;nt*.-*-'rhe lm!4 
clJ;^/ b<itic ui, II chicHy to Ic ctJinniccxkiJ f^ir iu ^iko^^^^w^ \ii 
ihli refpck^.v-Mpn^ of the ubieivai\ovv» ^le ^Aivti »»*\ ^'JA^^^:^v 
*/iJ /he /iv«frViiie^ fcw, clEtaclou»i iu\i taiW \o^ *4^t^\W^>'^*^• 

Difit^H m^fatid u fnfimii 

The liifcafcA nioR inci^cftC and f^ul to infaxiU) tjtyt w 
author, durinjihe JiHl few miMiih« ;iflci ihcir biiib, Arc, Jn*sd 
fi»t tti« lbru&» loofCt ^ovir, curdled or green floold, Uii wiicry- 
grij^c&v Ajitl couvulTitjns. — ' Inwiid AtSf a> ihcy ftrc caUod* uB 
m general the Krit coiT>pl3milh3tappPir»ui cbilc'rcn, and, uCtt 
ai I liavc obfcrvcd, moiU >( "i^t «1J tnfintSt during chc bt 
momht, 3K mere or Id't Jiabic 10 tbcsi. Tbc fj^mpcoiBt m 
ibclc. 1'hc child Appctrs » if it wis aflrcp, onlj' ibc c^^ 
arc rot c|uttp dofed, and if ^ou ubfcivc ihctn nAnowly, you ftill 
ice the C7(i frcqticnily twmlelc, with the white of them tviad 
lip. Inhere: ii i ktnd of iremulciui moliun in ihc mufcJcs of ifcl 
lace and lips, which produces iumctbinslikc a fimpcf or 4 ftniki 
and fviia'liintJt aJmtrll iIlc ap|.>rA[iijKC of a laugh. A«tbtdtf! 
ordfi ijicreafci, the infam'f bfc^ith Teems now and theatolwp 
iorAliulc; the doI'c bcLur^ea p'rachcdt ihcic is 3 paJe ciicU 
about tht f)cs and mouih, which fom«tim7i change* to littd, 
and come* and goei by lurna ; ihc child ll*nst cfpcctall/ tfm 
go CO Air it, iho' never fo ccntly, or i( yo-u tnak^ any fiwif 
near tt< Thu» diJli^rbcd. It hgli3» or bicikj wind^ wbkJi giro 
rclirf for a litrtr, but prrfcrtly it rriapfc* irio the 4ona^ 
Somctimci it llivg^ki hard ttlcie it can break wind^ aad 
f(?cmt Ji irr^ling ihco toiivulficm ; bui a viulcnc buftt of via^ 
ffom the AomSLcht or vomiiiii^t w a loud fit of crylagt fcU all 
lo rigliE) A^am. As the child ]ncr=4rc3 in Aicnglb, Cbda fin 
arc tiie mora apt to go oiF fprnUanecuJl)"* aj)d by ticgrorti kic 
10 tj(e they do nol* «nd if ftivic }» itothint done lo icmovc thcoi, 
they eiiherdegcAeiale mEoaniImf>Jt coiilWnt droufi'!Gf»| fwhkih 
Is (ucccvffcd by a fovcr and the ihrafli) or clfc the/ icmitiuu 
in vnmitingi, fniir> rurdird, or gfrni floo]^, the watery . f^'rtfc 
andconvulhonit. Ihc thfulh frnlccd vcfy often tcrmtcutca !■ 
ihrfc laft fyn.plornt. Whcrfforc a ihefc com^laintt natur«J)r 
run into one Aoothcrt or fuccccd csch othcr^ ch^y may be con« 
fidered, ia a mmjicr, m only diflcicnt lUgM of ilie T-unc dif* 
car?, and which derive their of igin from the fjime cau^. Thifl* 
the i(LW4[d Jt[^ imy be EoiikeO ujxjiidi^'itic fiiH fti^c o£ thcd:^ 
orderi the fever, and the.thruDi (when it h?ppcob) as the Je- 
COndi tlic vomjiin^s, frtur^ ciudlcd» ^rceni vr waicTY Ho^^ 
ax the third i and convhllionsg as ihs lalh' ^^| 

Our author takes care aflcrwftrd» toobfcrcet ihtt tbcfV r^B 
plaioES do noi atwj»yft fucccrd c^ch nther In tbr Uir« re^^ular 
manner. Many have four, green liooU, without e^ei hjviiw 
the ihrufh ; many h^^e the ihnilh without u'Ai:jy-i[ripcs ) anS- 
fortit th<: watfry ^[ip<^v wjihout hjvinc the thruib^ 

After giv'^g ciie dijgntjflu^ xliJ viuf^i of thcfe diTotiJerf* in 
which we riKei with nothing that f.ifii.uUrly dcjnands ottf 
notice i Mr. ArmlUong not procordi 10 h^s metbod oF care.** 


Hihnnia Cmiefi, 


AimM<»:iAL wiJ*», or the TAKTAJ* tMJ.Tic.^^-The anii- 
monial wine he i;iv<s in (ho doft of fiv* droits, even to infiEirg 
•A frtf ^Ay*i. after ihcii buTll^ Add cucrrjfrfi chc iId^c dftcrwardt in 
proporciork co the age of the chilJ^ but alu^-s fo :l; to aei u a 
»cry gciuTc cmctrc.^Thc tJitai cmtiit ii tliui i;ivcn ; onc^gfAin 
u difolrcd in three ourtcci of watcf, and iVccrccned with a lit- 
tle fymp ; one tc^i fpoonfu) of this fJunoii, our iuiIkjt cimi- 
fider*, » eqtiul to five dTO|>& of' tbe antimonial wine. — Or?e 
3E4thppin of a^ram of tartar tfflctiei ii in extremely fmall dofet 
and {torn our own rxprric-ncc ler ^ipprvhcnd not cqtjal lo ^ve 
dropi of ihc jntimoniril ivitic : we htvc f^ivcn both the one aniJ 
the oih^r fur lVfv«ml leirs i ihc tartar eninfe hardly trrr in :i 
lefa dule than vnc cighEhcf a grain, execpi the httle patient ap- 
pe^m) lo h>ve an univcilil degree uf itriubTlity.*— The inti-' 
mo^rab thus exhibiicdi flot only unload the JtrJ/ p^^ff^fi in iHc 
moft Cdfy iind CApcditious manner, but at the ^^mc time luve 
% very fitutjfy cffcfl upon Ihc nervoui fyflem. — =Mf. ArmHrong 
wtuld piobaWy hiwc Wtii more fuctcbfij) in h-a prjaicc with 
the /puactan, if infte^iJ of two or ihi« g'aint, he fiJ*d given it 
in much fnii^ller dofct.<-*rhc hci\ topic>iJ uppljcatioii iji the 
rhftifhr our Author fayt, la the whlic v^rtiol dTlVftlvcd in com- 
taon vrater* l)drky water, or ihcpt^torAl dcco^ion. 

Mr. Armflmn^ proceeds to tilhthim;, <he makh which 
fomctimet accompinie* teethinjc> the *mai.L'Pox, measlx?, 
and CMirf^cu^ikH ; he it, icry tuncifc u^ron each t^fihtfc, and 
recomnKh^s the anttmcnial wine of the li>luuon o^^ tartar 
cineiic *^ the beil media nc*.*—*^Tfif ruia Is ht chfirvfJ in lift 
narfim of (l^drfrtt ivith o ^arfUMhr vtVn; t> tbafi ikA» art W^mght 
tipifmti^t uc pfain, rettlible, and ufefcil. 

* That piK of rnrdivtiiiF, fays our author, in the begtnmngof 
thia efliy, which regards the difcafci of infants* ha4 hitbefto 
tain uncultivaird^ or ai lejfl been mui:h nc^fr^lrd. I do not 
pretend to ^icco^nt lor tlii> ftraiigc neglect, nor in it to oi^ pirr- 
piifc,^ — Wc fiipiHrfcour Author meanh, the ^nrrjf in^na^emrnt 
of infftnta; for Harrij^ AflruCj Brou^er, Boerhaavc, Van Swie- 
tcn, HoflTmar, and ir^ny oihm, have ireatcd cf the acute dif- 
cafet'of children. But, the conieitta of thi3 littletfaf>t being, 
we prefumc, the refult of Mr- Armftrong'* own ejEpcriciiec» 
t^ey may, a« fuch, be crmfidered « a valuable addition to one 
of the moft neccflary brinches ctf the medical art. 

Hihrfiia Curisja* A Letter from a Genllccnan in Duhjjn to 
hii Friend %\. Dover In KcnT, {"iviiip ji i^cjtual View cf the 
M:iriners, Ci^ftomi, Difpcftiwn^, *Vc. of the luh*bitar.t^ f>C 
IreUnd. With oefifional OHcrvumt ftTv\Vt^xa.\t»A'XT^ 





S76 BvtiiV H'UnrU CtJritfii, 

CQUDtorfrrmc of its nvift icmarkable Curiofities. CoBcdcJ 
in a Tour through ibe KLniJovn in 1 764 : >nd onumuiicJ 
with P'^ni of ibi ^irin<:ipiil Orl^irijtUi engraved fiorii IJiW' 
Ingvaken on ilu Spoi. Svd. jt. Fltxncy. i7'>7- 

TH E propTp nf F/ip;1iiiJ hjipY. for mmy iigcs. concdnJ 
a t<ry ci4r.|cmpCil/lc''r*n'0'>^ JreJirtd^of its prodvftiook 
in iiil^i!jnu, jr-J cvtry ihin^ fcljiitij tn n. The nuilior ■ U 
thcprcEtAt irut li<u^adc^:cufU>!iiy loftfJify htoirdf, u^n tbc 
fpnc, af miiiy (blii^t rclfiiini; Iq ibc iiatura), civil, and ec- 
ckri^ic^l hifiofyoT that cotinrry ; and in this Icner he Cuo- 
inurk^c* hit ob4crir«cjor> lo cbc public. 4\n4 iniicc J ibcfcv^' 
fcrv3iif<(it fc^m, J^ hr iIvcrTt in liir prrfitLri co be wiittcn wkk 
.cailJv: ioJ iit<;cnuLM', u^iCjAfiurcJ wtth prc'judicc or pAitiil^tT- 
■3uch » tlic o'igii;aI<>a|iL>r4'cd lu hi'V, with an honed Imtlora. 
.ftlid wi;^o*ft rrr^t ur (xiloiiti he Ktf, in cvrry cftlc, C!iKlci' 
VtHircd to eU^fl^tt to liii iodcr»<' Ani he «fccrwni> wkl(» 
^ 1'lut FohdV4«>*3UibutrtI cien. bf tbc pTt^iVnt Ihortan^ ini* 
pcnficiA outU^e^i u<w-'j'J» !(« remofa] j^id oblitctition of ^ 
nacknU *i>'l ilhr^ml pcijuH(«i, and prn<nmt a f^reaicr ini^r- 
.cuuiCv c4 ov ^cntkmfn ofjo^iun? iml c^jritih[y ^nh a loaAFnr 
Ibat, ir) a tuiuriJ vir?«T Af jterprcijllj', J-rrfrvfa mnrc Bitetidon 
ihin is fcn«r.i]y given 10 it> wJi be the fourcc of tkeinott 
j^cable nfit^iun* 10 hun.' 

Af'i-r rYlj;in^ wh:tt wss curioai in his journey from l.osion 
10 Hdyi<£j(% 3f») in III* voirjLgc fnim ibciicc tQ Dubiin^ ihc 
. ftuth jr )t>T« ut :ui accc^utii xf ihii niy. He fi^ » Obiblin ii a 
]&r^» pifput''ii9, and, f^^r llic ^rc^cc/ pirt of it, a well biuk 
city. — 'I bir c^i*T> houfrs of p:»TTj>mcnt arc infinlirly fupf r^r 
poidi of ([ranicvr snd mA^^Tiirkince, fo t^Kfe of VVcltminfi 
The h^Mifc of lurdk U pcfhnps it rkgant u rt.y)ni ju any in G 
Dritn n 01 Jrdarid,— The coUc7c-dior*ryi ffvn ihc numbcf 
voldTiri it cuntJiin», the nu^nlliLc^cc in;] ntaiticfs of ifie roov* 
■nd :tie ctnvcnicni Oilfor.Eun of the Looti And (Jclk», for ibo 
. isCc of iHr {ltfJcnt», is i^cIj il?/ci>i!ig ibc n(4icc uf ^ ti^i^rJIcr.— 
The uhcik rxtcnt of <He citv of Dublin m^y be About t>ot 
thiid of I^fiJur, incTit'inx WtrHminllcr and &outhwAik.— 
The iohibdtaAi^ of ihit tiiy, and Indeed of ihc whole kingdom, 
Ihtifc of ihfoi thu »rv pci>p'i! of any fotture, nrc gentcd* 
fprioliily, frnfihlc aitd fon^blc ; »n(] in prntnl well aJTmed 19 
the bn^tith (*< wrll ihev mav% beirrg nii^irujly £nj;)ifli thtvD- 
fcUes) And ihrrr drcf}. fifbiona AnJ i^rcifiojii irc taken fmn 
tbfoi** — They pict>c ihrmfclvcf much on their bofpiulity m 
pAfltof ibc kingdom : but indeed fb<:ir hofpililily ptiL&ko to 



ilf. J< Bufli of the CojRiv ^'f *^=fil' 


fiu5H*j Hthernia Curhfa, ■ 277 

much of intemperance. The furn and quiiiicfH^jice of true hof- 
piulity is cxpreflbd in that finale liie of PctpCy 

jydco-.f the comino, 5/^.v/ ihe goi^j^ Friend, 
In which is Emplytd an iibltr,.:c ot every f^iecics of compulfion 
or reOr.kiiic, and (which is the true Ih^rJing hofpitdiicy) [he 
rnalcing the i.holie of vour gucft the meafure of yuur fri- nJ^ip 
and tnterrainmenL But lo attempt to (end him away drunk, 
is furely frttin^ him off with but with vtry i\\ jpeidJ 

Speaking of the Irifh in gt'iieml^ \c lays, 'thev are very far ftODi 
bein^i what they have been too oUen and unjulUy repreftntcd as- 
a njiion of wilJ irifli. i have tia^'^rfci ihc wtuk country, an J 
generally found them, even the very lowe.i cljfi oi the naiivi^s, 
VL-ry civil and obli:;ing. Miferable and oppr^^fTd as, they arc,' 
an Knglrihman will find as rruch civility in ^encra!» as unungft 
the fame claf* in his o\^n countrv. — In relating tlie caufLS of 
of the rnifcty of the poor, he fjys-, \t procGctia from th^- ex;rcmc 
tyranny and feverity of the landbiJs anJ clergy, who exjit 
ihcir heavy rents and tithes, even of [he potatoes, with the 
fevertft rigour : and then ajds, I ajn forry to leli you thdt too 
many of ihffe are Englijh parf'jtis. For the love of GoJ aiid 
charity, fenJ no more of this iort over, ffr htTi: they become a . 
fcandal to ih^ir country and to humanity. But you muft add to 
thefc the exailions of the ftill moreabfolutc c-tholic piieft, who 
comes armed with t!ic terrors of damnaiion, to demand the full 
quota of his offerings.' 

VViih regard to the tradf and importance of Inland, our 
author ohftrves, " that it would be a rich country, if made (he 
mort: <.f ; if Its trade were not reduced by umulural reftridlions 
and Egyptian kind oF politicks from wjihout, and iis agricul- 
ture fupp re (Ted by more unnatural mailers within, Hjw the 
incrcafing wealth of that kingdom, from whatever fource, 
ffaould be injurious to England, with which it \s fo clofely con- 
Tiei^ed ; or that the putting ii into ihc power of Ireland Xu de- 
rive fuch imtncnfc adihiional fums to th^' public wealth, in which 
both kingdoms muft participate, Diould bt^ injuri'ju* to the 
general welfare of either, is intiri.'ly beyond my cuinprehenfiin. 
To prohibit the importjuon nf fu^rJi comr.ioJicira as our owa 
country Is aire kIv fiiffiviciuly prn^idLjd wit.i, muf:, even to an 
Iriflirntn, appoar juEl and roaronjhle. But that tiC' fbould be 
excluded fiom, or retrained in, th^ir trade to a!;noil all ihe 
reft of the world, h a f|X'cies of piil'cy, tl'.c wifJom of which, 
with deference to our adminiftrjtors of the Hibcri;iin depart- 
ment, 1 own, ia to ine not cafily intelligible.' 

it ha-b always been the pcjlicy of cvltv wife "[overnment, t<j 
give every pojTible eaeour-igeincnt to their c lon-es^ titt^>ife 
what they acquire muil tuxn at \ift lo \.*ft^ ■a.i'j^iwi'i^ ^i^ *^*- 
mother counity. If we rc^iiid bdatii ^ ^ N-aJ^ *^^i^ow^ <^^ 


MoKTBtT Catalooo*, 


Art. 19. 7h M^M tf frneiS^i im irJ^ u OJam s pnvtu 

Tkf raeOoii btretfbacoftnt aid :- ^'» be 

<pfjiitU > t» » f ftkyW fp'gi*' of r " - ' ^<^ 

Kea^ fn^ry he tnrlrd 10 condole UuC he •- '^— —" v*-*«™-i »tfk 
rdptfl to priviic ^-lU in i^D'rU 

Art, ao. ^ i>r '" '** £«^^ C*^i:eh^ smi G^vtmmiwt, Bf 

Tib Wfkrr moJdlly picmi'ci lU; be i£gp» ooe pJcAinc ro tbl» 
itu *hai he ku iyn::cn i^ fo /uli «nd Mtftfloir •» w pood bo *^ 
lior : hf finly i/Tiij^inft I^J£ he hk% ^onc Circiocj^h minting Jc^wcnul 
10 light itit ^;i I*li>rrft Un utMiriteff lad hf ki*tt i: to oiJirra. ^^| 
IBfCMflr ibititieii t« treat tbo Utjt£t in a bk<v copicvi aoJ mftdrrfj^l 

Ijtd lite pa»pb]cCt( net whdl/ vr^;E-tuai l^x in p^^iat of i^a'-lr.i'it if-J 
rtj'lt; Vur vrt vc firnrcofjL/ shatthe AuthcrhM ibio^p n^ ' 

ttn tht fubjeft. not- fldvinc^-l an^ i^irrg ^hich vif I«aJ m t 
Wbfth^i ftv-n hithrCno urj^cittJ. Ea il<Ha, t^ he Cil:en mj'c •-»■ 
li(ff<»fv»h«t hai been pcwieJ ^y eiVrri. be a ^M hi^tf t'pared la v^t 
|»in ef otferrn]£. «nJ Mfi-iUr ihc ciTfjiiifi.j '^ &f ^inj itf' ', <h*t 
Uhto ii n'';biHp: in h» p.mpb^r; which hki i^U \K€n c^iomJi wiA 

Sreiirf uei^fct, hy mrrc aMr WfiWfi, 
ft. ar ^ iJiX/>? *^*V ^tfwj ef E'fg^^vd, By the Ri 

llonoii^^b^c Sir Ji4inComyns Kiiight, Uic Lofd Cb^f B 

rwi of bii M»jcrty*a Court o( Exchequer. Folio. V^L VI 

ll. io<. Knitptoci, Uc* 

OfiVn. luti'C of i«i» w>ik, taJ tise merti or^e #i«e«dOf»» wv 
lpok«r AQipty »i nf4 ■re:upiu of t)if piYccdia^ »o!or»ei- It rnJy 
mB'ini tft >f<^Jhmi aat Rni^n, tkte tU voUni* bofo;* cf, w^ikb to 
|i|«CCk i\\m (vt; ttftful <Jt^(t, brj;iAi nrrth »t!e PttApfR. arj en 
^tl thl* Vi:*i. Dai, «f<j WAiTt. ]( *il! b* wxdkf, »o ki** fi 
tW««iii>i tai^(ljf,ljfcc^jpi,^ya^b»re J^tirtd. ind wr **j1 
t4d« tMt tHii i^tuaic h Jh no Tefpr^ Tn'rrinr to ih^fc which r t. 

An* » 


ul»^^^«2l iS"*JlS.'^ ••«»«e.tfc«. »oJ w,S4er 

( The 

BvvuV m^rma Cwit/k* 


Tbt vroclton trade b our fai^urltc ft«pk: but wt not the 
French, our itnpbcablp cn^mt^V, beating u« out of tliM trade' 
Hive Chey uoi ingrofTed almufl <?// cf tKai to the Levant ? and 
have tliey not out June uh To (%\ m (hat io Poriugil, a; lo em- 
bolden thole mgratcv to leli ui publicly, ihcy will dfjil with 
France f4lbci thart with m, ak ihc KkucN fupply cVm with 
thefe goodi ac a chrapcr rate ' and flialJ wc Camdy refi^n this 
frofitaWc bnncb oftrAdc to our enemies^ when wc iTi(g!>ic«ny 
it on, in Irrland, with fo mat advaniige to ourfelves i U the 
]ri& fboulJ gain a» iEnmedtaie prcJit by thU or any other trade, 
it will cercairily be rhe n%ra(ii of brin^mg more rjchrt to Eng- 
land: and ihou|;h it fhooTd alt remain amorgit ihcmfcJvn* 
which U tmpofltble, yat it would be ihcrr in the handi of oui 
irJcnda, to fiJppon our armies, Rceta, and government. 

Heridfiihcrh^rgeoJ' i ?,Qro military me^whiL-h the Trifli eoR" 
<bmtEy maintain, there i* at prdent alum ofabout loo^ooL^ 
flflfi. ^ra^icij III PKHA10M3 upon tbcir cft^iblirhniriu, mufl of ii to 
^ur royal fainity and Eberavoumrftot^ojrcourt^ and confcquenti/ 
leniiltcd here. If IrcLnd wjli richer, mote might be drniinsd 
from thence in proiioition. Howr many ftf out grandee* wallow 
in the Highdl luxury here, from the hai J Ubour and penury of 
the poor pnfann and tmdcrirni there ! Can rhc Iiifb then he 
any way looked upon ts our cnemiet or rivaU ' No, fuiely^ 
but a< OLir hcA frirndt I—- The Author of ihi» Ltttrr law rhingi 
in thii lij^bcj and thcrelcre w« Hope ii will be excuJcd, thac 
vre hjvc rfidcavuuKd a liri)e to illiiflme tHrm. 

Mr. Bufh irakcs fomc ohfc/vaiiona upon ihe Irifh language, 
and fay) it ist the ncirc^ to the //^j^ of any lauguigc upon 
earth: and no winder, finee ihey were origin^ilfy the tamet^ 
and only dUTcrent diilE^b of the Cdcic, which waa, of old, the* 
common langLiue of the weftern pairs of Ktiropc. But now 
}l!nglifh L3 fpokeoy everybody, eren by the Ivwelt of the people, 
all over Ireland, So rhat wc may venture to loretell, that in a 
very Ijltle time there will be no ftmaina of their old tongue in 
ihat country \ a& wc are Uix-a there ia not at prefent the hufi> 
drcdth part of what there i> in Wale<, 

Mr. BUh fay*, Iicland la miw fo dcflitn'C of wood, thai he 
U consent thete ii >i siueh lan^ber groving la tiie county of 

Kcnu ^^ ^n (h^t vhofe iflani. 

He take* notieeof feme of the prinoipal Towni in Treland, 
and infbtrru u» of what ii mo!* fcnu-iiaWc In Corlc, KLiketiny, 
Wacerf-^rd, l-itncrick* kc. Whm he fpcilcs of Oerry, he 
fay*. It ii ibc clefindt, belt built, and n^oft beaurifully fiCvared of 
any tnwn in Irebnd. Excepting Cork, hcthinkait a«eonvcnarnt 
aa'any foicotncnercc, foreiw or doweftlc; and, butlbftberc- 
flri€tro0« cp the liade of Ireland, iforild^ \ik%W« -^t^\,\«&- 
CBWD^ J Soati^ing aud weaiihv eiw. W\ ft^ yMiR miA \tv\\- 


Busn'r liii 

p:tiili^ii>U) fujiib ki tht rent tlKfcof cvci y ycjir. ^J ti.) kiL« <BSf 
s« he obfcn^ b? for crcr cnernorablt on accaunt of ttu i;%^ I 
fie^c ii roh^)' Ti^ibm^dfr Ibr ihific<D wfcka, in the frpitf I 
Kir^ Wi!t>amk ^n defctut tA the ^.aunct CMuir ofVihetir^ I 

tie ihcji givo 3 »-ay ; . count of that ' ■ **" 

tirnl cuiiu^iy (^j!!^\t lit. rT;/f4tfr; aiiJ p ->i4t 

a vcfy jull pTtm of if, i i^it k a *Att ^;nup or cDlwmnBt pi- | 
l.n^ cloicly uinUiJ ti'7Ctlr:r» iifid cxc^i iil them m |ic^i«^; 
ycft'ttfeit ift ivry exttjorJiiiAfy, ani pafticuUeiy curi«v*, tbt* 

^^tJi c<:v)l aniofij ihrirfcIk'C«> or vttrtfc fr^tirrt are ^lizr* >■* 
ii tkc compo^it^od of tbcfc f>m*r« Iciit tfcicj^ irna 

of rtiP roikoii fjviftiior. Thcj-jfi- raw ofr -. ,D*a 

jiuriMl, noi tttc^t fli.t fiJ:iJo^> Ltj( . I : .1 rj^th tiUa 

like Ivii aiid fdckcti aihI tbT»ii i>o< vifkljlc tui tty do)oiniii|r t^ 
iwu U(jix»> 1 he JtpLli uf ih< ivncavuj «r ^otjvmitjr » fin>c- 
rallv iliou: iUk^ or icur incb««, intJ vtJitt U ftitJ ^Ainkxr f* 
niaikdlk of ihc joiiitn the ^t-ntcxiy and ct>ncrtK.iu;<m o«k** 
« tiy tt n'4 <4>j4|i4i>]Ct) to ihr ric[^i>.il irrf;ithr h^urc ol iht (%- 
Junui, lui cxic^lr lounJ, *it*{ is br^-c i« the f:7.c iti i>UQKf^^ 
of li«? coliintn fciiU aiiiiii'. It ia ft»ll f.if(Vcr rcmajkiiblc that tft 
*tUfu!aiioiu of ilvcic jciiii;^ arc rrc<;u?r)ily mv^rccj* In iottK 
thcMni-avity a upwaidu m <xhci> the lever fc, — What Uf«7 
rjiir^'iiii<3ry, and c^tiaiy curiou* in iliw pbcnontction iti ' 
»(Hwt(M>:iAi?irg ihc tiniicrUT dii1ituiiiitii/c of the ciif ur: . 
M to ihtit fif-urc and d meter, nod ih^gh peilcci:. 
Ifsin loi' to lt^it<ifrt, jf\ ~n thc-wholc ±^rmeiii ia t 
coirbifird ji£ aII poirrs t'l^i hirdly a knife can b« jnti 
tiec^ccn ilnm* «u^cr en iho Uio or tn^€$. 'I hac tbtf ti 
\ri-tk of rcATLKK il^rc c.ij) be im louuI. 

Nor u ihi> iJm oftly extraoiJinur itaiurtt procJu^fon ib 
jJijnd, Tbcre u haidly a rivci in the Liitgdom, bui whsr isof* 
n-irtioitcd, (tiorcoj Iei4, in lis Oviirfc, witii bfauNiul caKJdci, 
vraurf^lj, i^r f JJmon lea j >, ai the/ are urL/Jiy talSciJ, I'mii ibf 
jnnJ-itr tumbrr 01 faln^oiit i^hkh^ »t i\\c lojion c' the vfif roi 
rptAnir^iE' «^e Ueti h±pin^ u|> ik«c U!I«, uiary iA ihcm' to 
hi'iH^K of fiFieeri tn twenty fcei. 


The Au ihir i»*tn gwf ui a ifcw tnd cirnoushyporhrtis cww 
CVtTiin^ ifie ri'imaUoEi cf iiill) W^f^. He fat?, »e js univcrfiflf 
■oltLiivdbit.-ihat ibv fui'fKetrf ibct'e hop<it ecicrtd with i« I^Mlru 
ihUt-ftiuj n^Ucd k>nJot hc^t'i. ^vhith. 4> it giowt and ehit:k?iLi 
n£ i|w t^p. v«geuM> a[ the bct^oin ^nto n cluiv arJ excfcoxly 
r&&lk<'-j> tfX'v c. uliich, iVum lu low IJEmiiuiT,' bcin^ rrp^etc 
tilth (iLUiiKre, urt-.ttn \y thr^iw* out fuL:ecl£vcIy vintul ;r<kiviht 


Buttt'r ff^tnsh Citriafh, 


»nd fraitert upon c^tfy rrnttn <f4 ihe winicT, and irou?Jcn 00 
the I'urO-cr, v^eIC h dofta ind frjfm' ano.ticr ft J'iim ot 'r>>«J- 
d«red tic-Jtri, from wUch, in :h< Iprni^^ > trw wi3 fiic.filUv 
Shoot oi bctb i» |irLNJu<«ii ; «i^ ihi*^ » iJ^r« ftr.u &r innul- 
d^rccf hc4ih «<c snmuJl/ irptiicii, lh« utfaioc anil inter :iii| vc 
gc^M^cn of tiie tuocs incrt^rn aai b(^<'m<a vxUJi^LtJ hi^barri 

Jljr. ituDi nc\: fuficj-f tl^ Ukfi cf Irct^nJ^ ptrtkubrlf 
Lojgh Nc^^h £ni Lough Earr-c; bui dcfcfiaEii ircry poctiolU't 
vpiui ihccfcAroii of iJi« v^ndc^fu^ L^kc or Killafiicy^ in the 
county of Kcrrv. ' It i*» be t^f^ tvcj, for ihc moft pin, fi/rromi^J 
fLiihriiormoLJi KigTi mount ^ini, tlir immrTifiTiAccliviiiciof whicli 
arc covered MUh woods ff***" i**d' f'p* down t^ the v*r!:« rfl 
ihf waicf *- Thr rcim.irtif itixctmlitmc of hortiUlf iinprrdlry 
prc^ipccs wtth thck }oHy nou^^isin^ that :ire covorcJ v^ith 
jill kjjid^ 111 ircc) Mttl cvcr^^nn^, ptclirttc ThcIi 1 fiA::d ;iJid bcdV«.] 
tifuUy vafie^ncd iccr-try oi h bc^und d^fcriptton. Add to thil 
the numbcilefi rivukiA cafculing in rocky chattficL, iScirccd 
wiih iftct of nw f rt, down (hf fiilc* 0* itvift prtidi^^.n** 
mcuntaii't, fomcof them to the Ktightof an handrei y^dt, ur 
morr, n one vi?w ; vhilf^ iii uchcr jilitvs xre fccn r4t;:r^£^ii or 
nslcif-Ma* ovci ro^ky pr^ipicc*, i>c*r or more from 
Jhmr ; ^nd itM! whole Er^:ticT, prtrf^ncs fu(.-h agriridand ifrik- 

wg pFolpc^t BK plcalcs and cntcrtiioi brycnd j/nagmAtt^n-' 

But VIC muJl oat forget thitt ^rc lijvc AJrcidy mfvacd, in for^ 
mc* jiumbtra of our Rericti', fcvetal v<ji,' full dcfcnptiorii cf 
thii pctrWs bcAutf o-^ Ircljiii. 

Wfx vc 10 (tkil from Mr. RuQi\ a'court of our filHr'- 
iSaD^i nciy ih-nj th^t iTii;:hc fc-rk< to imdfe or mf^rin our 
R«li^r^, wrOibuld unnl'»^fibff nltrull ^ill that tic lias v.'riii(?ii. 
Wc itifrcforc rcLcftifnriKj ii to iIJ Ahufc curiot^tifot iiucrcK 
may pmm]!! (hftn 10 krtow murh fif tlut couniry, 1-1 prruCr ihc 
wHok bocic, in v^htcb tUv Avhor li» fhoivn 4 cov.pcicai Diore 
i>f l>oLh jijJg&Ktff ukI inugrjuTioiu 

\V c Ciititot, hMTerrrr, cur>diKk ihii jrt^cle, vwit^oir nri^tllin- 
one Tciv utrvpous ledcc^kn, vt£. thnt. were our youii^ nutiicmm 
and gc»-k(nrn to ctj,icI mofc in thcr omth thiri m tjve--<^it 
coumrica, they wotiM, it Icail, be i% ^ip:t{y cnLcrtiiiu-d, aitd 
lqu]«i>dcrmuchl7rir.rtbeirfotTunc>Jir4tliciiitknocrnc«iluiL they 
corwodIv (5o. Arc t*r not c--iAr^4bU with the ^e^tcft mad^ 
neii and folly, tW» iri:b ^nh in^i'jtc hhniir ind furh ^^rti^M 
djrt^^s, ur« bnng Ihc nchet of all parta of the ji^lobe 10 thit 
ir.iitd, piutly llut we txtty Int-c the ridiciJout vjniiy jod |u* 
jjde of fcaitcfin;> Ihcoi stKfut the r<udi and th« n>fci« tyt o4r 
cncink*! Wo«kJ not a tour rojktJ th(^ ifliT^tii of GiC4t liiii^tn 
pn4 IrrUnd furaifb a StMoa wttli ievkc %Ci<>i^« ^t^.^^ ^\\\ «?\- 


MovthIt Catalogdb, 

N O V £ t S. 

pnftrtdfir the Frtfi hf tU hu RSt» ef tht Jprm^ >Vl 
taoio. iVolw (fjzi ch^^ihani jth.) 69. Dodder. 

In tb? dCcOunt of the (iict jweccdtoj n>fu;iKi fjf^ tiii$ work, piU W 
in I7&r, {^c Rrvkwp V<J, x^rr, p, 1:0) i^c oh^nc<| (Jut U* <M 
d«lVgnc»! t&#lAJj Eo«b:Ai JEiifippoTfJ tW f^jbJic ate obJgcddcrL^ 

•ffKvn iof]:i*t pfTliltrd 10 iHc fii^.J cunUufott of hrr wo?l£; mj, iq 
die pfiiifji nf ihcfa^ idJIdonil lYjomcif we h»e y^/r that Ok *u 
e'^F p-^ACf ?a rd;A her ^rp^ r Icr, 1cd-ed, tfa« caitilr^p'ie oi 

«)» fjR pm»ii: rt i«i^4al pIcnKCuDjr &cJ3(D£ icj » oter the <tiJlr;V 
fiij(ei« :nuft, hrtly, pii^fi an hcuioT iroo, Ba<. «* ^e ^4^^ i^o* 
KMted ta the fbrmcf K^uni oribcfe Memoifi, it i* m^th lo bf tvl' 
V<*nti if fudv ptOunM o^ hum«n Ufc, howct^ julUy ih«y ati/ be cc- 
pieJ frua n«lur«, »fl well aijpttd to fervc e^ C4ufc uf rinuc: h« 
l^ij ki « iciatik t*kkh WG iholl IcATC u iJk Gi^aciij of cmu Rct^n, 

r « , 


Ikr. 1 

T^h. ify I' ranci* F&wkcf, M. A. 410. 1 s. IMScj 

Ti>Li unbtJEdi robjcCt «n>ald b*vtafardc>J nrntcr for ft r^ra] potnvi'rr 
Tome Icnjrih » <inJ h«d it bcco urjtcJ in the (i»dK~tic cn^rncr. rhc ubil 
•nd iFiv ftjjrccable might hare been fiippdj conibijkvd. Very i^ti. 
h'lH^vfr. of dth«r» dtKt thii Gioft Ec1og«« afbrd m. Inhere it 
oar opTtifOa, a want ol judgment in v*««y tliino i^ii Auibor wdus : 
y»\i:i\\ itiii Utl of lii^ pcr[orv4j^cc« 4fii»d« A ftnking prooH 5 

O'cf ihe Deep Jvill. bniai ttmm, or ka^tlwn'4 down, 

Krft hia flfrdV n<fl:. *ni! iJifloct:* hii own ; 
Tc rrptfc^iL ihr Jiiaj<t of t^« h^fe jnder the fuw view vntb ibc ik* 
SivAio* of iW rideri ts ■ cvrioot Rtok«< 

No^og Cftft be • llraufci argument of a fnilft laRe thin ta)oaatbt 
i4iTxu1 01 Willi tbr patJiecki in die maaacr that inr fiad ic ia 1^ U- 
iMinjf linct L 

tluv iffKte Cffttbta, with x\t fiTMiffQ bKKhi 

ftlJt Kafo wlkap her locking fc/) :o detth 1 

Tii»ni fmJ^ mr Imm«i bo a ardcft p*(e. 

Wha IWra tW loi^^ Iba^flen to ifce o|c i 


Let- D40C« 4i* U aWate dE^dr. 


l<fl li^«Tl^n«i>i>r|M:ff «« itfA pvtT awl crctias ; cbefuckal ttrvaf 

NMltwf k mm iU«al widi lUi A«to, an mO n with ^It «r£aBrv 
pm\K lW«ji» eraioa lulf t Da*, or fafevtimet t wMe «*e, pwtK foi 
iht Uk« «f ikt rijrm i— b«, ia iba foltowitts ««P*«t dw kt Jbc, 
«il4h ii, prrhjipH oat of 1^ H)dl AtbeEo^Uk Usfusre, doom 
ttWMU* iL«i«dfefttltkbilB.ipc«JaCfed; 


ilt Lift qJ Haty tht £aW. 


hotTQTy ibii abote 3t butiJrcJ thouCftnJ mctit vromcfii anJ duU 
dfcn, pcrlfhcd by bminc in Ui<ie ruJncd countici, Thedcfo- 
htion WJif fuch» tliu fcr .ibovc fixty mites, where, befofe, thcic 
hbJ bi-eti mxnylRrgcindilounniing tcwr»t t>rfiJ<s a great num^ fl 
bcr orvilbgci anU fine coumry- fcJCs, not n ftnglc hamlet waf H 
10 be (va\ ! the wbole land wjt uncuhiv^rcrd, ^nd remained iii H 
thdt Ailc <(Cn ti)i'ibc rtign cf king Henry ihc Second ! (o tbat ^M 
Attitj hinrilctf did not more juftly <lcfcnrr to br named fivfl 
Jc^arxf a/ GoJ ihun tbii mcrcilcls Norman. Indeed ncuticrihu B 
-Hun, Dor :iTvy Plhrt deilroyer of iiaLit>ni> ever fnaJc u'L>rIe de- ^ 
V>ftaiion» in an encir^y's country* than he did in hit own* 

■ Ii ii 1 rernarlciiblc thin^, conilnuct oar noble Auibor, tlot 
lione of Ibe Noimam, except a few thai eonfpireJ with Roger 
Fir) c>f Hcieford and Rpidul^h dc GuAdeit fhould have ex- ^ 
prefled the leuH difconierht agiinft the arbitr;iry pfocecdingi of ^M 
Sh'ii haughty prince, whi^h in fcveral iiillanceA wctc no lct» in- B 
confiftent with their own native rigliu und libeniet than with | 
thole of the Hngiifli* Certainly tbcy were a people unaccuf- 
tomed to dfr(>otiLin, and not of a irmprr inclined tu fut^niLt to 
it : but fevcral rcv^ont may be given lo account Jor that pa- 
tience. Under a £cvernnicnt not fully Itttlcdt and miinfaining 
Ufclf more by the iword than the lawf, ncceiTiiy of Hate frcma 
lo rc<|ii]re 2jid iLijuflify cxiraurdinary ai^t of power, and EOcaVc 
off thofe leitrainU from the rvyil authcriiy, which calmer *ea- 
iont adimt, Tbc Njimant knew ih'ai And they dll'o kntrw 
that the £ng]iib, the Scocch, and the Dancf, were ready to 
wall themfctvci of any diiTcntlon between then, and their (v\t^ fl 
reign. Tbty had likewifc piiticuJir motive* of iatfreft^ which " 
bentihelrmindvio mc^rccoif iiUil'iiince than would oihcrxvilc have 
been natural to them, and fbitcned the ftubbornnefi of thcfpiric h 
of liberty. For, as the laiidt ihat were taken from the tnglifli H 
were given bv trie king lo [he forci^iicn in h\\ fervirr, noc all 
at cAcc, but at many different times, as ihe forieiturei were 
Incut red. and in fucb prepofuoni tu cich aa he ple^rtd. the de- 
fire of profiling moie and more by his favour kept thcai binder ^ 
ilic >oke (ifa continued drpcndame. And lO Eheic checks upon .^| 
thcai wj>a4dcd thai awful rcfpeft forhit putl-^n which hltiJluf- 
tfiou» aflioniarJ f^-^rEUTic infpired. 1 be M Acdttnians tlicmfc^ea 
gre* fe^vile ro Alci^nder vpon the thrtine of IJarius. Thua 
the No'Dian? rcicred in tlic conqueror oi HjroTd, and ihe mo- 
narch of Kngland, ihar ginry ^nd greatnctV, i^hich their own 
Ar8>s had ciitibJod him to jc^wire. He appea;cd lo ^c t" com* ^_ 
oa»d, that ihrjr would iiLicdlfputc hew fai they were bimnd to ^| 
obey, Cut though they .^e<juiefced undci a ptelcni CXicis of^l 
tlie r0)al pfero^acire, tfcv uoit cSc^at caje ih^i their rJghlB ^| 
fbouEd oMiin a Ir^l cfljbbfbiienc, A d Ainchoii i« tn be i^^wk. 
beiibccn the £tx^/imiAt of WLUUff^t^ Vvitl^ W^^Oci *->^ ''tw* 




beliH'e ihc freight of thcfe alone vrould raife money (aflktcot 
tbr (o <xi<aCivz lit iindctUkm^* 

in finf, ctii^ plan is ictendcd with Tucfi p«cu!br adv^ntagfs s 
will pcf hap* enable it 10 equAl, if noc occc^. in grandeur icJ 
titiliij-, AJiv ihingof liickiiiJ titi* ifiaul czn cvtt hoA&i if oo: 
even ibtc lupcibty royal ciool of Luigiiedoc* 

^ I am yoxin^ acc- A- S . 

t^t E- ^''* fivotirTSaiedjuTy I j(h, ivc<ime to'h itiJTTiii 
Kevievrm hope chcjiballeivr think ihonI«lrei happy in ti^inf 
it fn ihtfir power to fvcoialt 111 aov ffxifurr, the enicavourt of 
good ind bcne/oUnt nven, for promocijig the bell intcf^Cb of 
ibcir fi'^ow-CKitura. They ap^rchcntj, bowcvcrt ilut it 
^ouid he very improper. aitJ too ob</iaui a d^vinion fro<n ttea 
plirii Tn^t ttKoi to xJvcniic every new edition ol~ a Ux>k or pOiB- 
ptdc^i Sd K ouy rlFir ^om the prefs : which wouid, indeed, be 
uvadinf the f^rovtiicc of the ncwv-papcn. 

•^* Wo arc greatly oUig»dA» -"- 'l^'"? fo^ hit vpiy IcEaJ ttd 
agfteabl^ letter, rdattrxio tip tDaccuraciei and errors of the 
lSvS% oWemblt imuo tttiijy ofo^*i Hcvirvfi, We hareol^cn 
Bpoluigifrd t >.• fjch dcfe>!b, and pleiaded otir only c:vcuj^r< the 
^ory if fi^^^im \ — hid *x ilwi/i th^ advA^ta^c M ib iudi- 
cio'jB a oucre^or as thtt ingritiovf CofrcrponJcnt (and facb aa 
^iHuit wc &ou)d he ^1«1 to eng^J our work would ptohably 
he left leprchenfiblc fbr the futiuc| in the above- mcntionei rv- 

fpcai, ^ 

t .R R A T A- 

^^ the pfcf*, tnour account of Dmu^'t boot, tit the A^pri 
diX Ca ouf thirtj-fftk Vol, %iz, 

Pj^c ;^5. ^inc j2, fbrrfiw. read r»«*. 

AUbt in IM /»//.r to the \uA ^'f^iiaft foe ** Kti». ]>r, a 
pciadilc lo hti Uqwy <-iK;rtf^tttiJr rc^ adofu/ tt, loAcad of 


In our Z^ AppiNDtx :. 

Figc ;60i line #'/• for ^trmmfi, md infilni^itfj 

la the Review for -^/fj)^ fall r 
^V9j> (iaoerucuKtorDr, Prirai«y'tboeii)l^f fM«tk« 

fceThUei»j Ntiktsi, tttdHaki /Mitotav 
looi )ia< 1^ Jo^ O^/f^t lead £r^Z 

104. liac t» ^ r^ p«ir<d. i«ad /I (oied. 

li#, pu. a, hbc i£, V traxaaporjrj pnjer/' nad ^^c^ 

ttrapOTiry. At, , ■ 
116, p*r. J, hoe J, ftir^dro^,*,* rcwi dfcdc^v^ 
lao, pa 4, Kb* 19, foe ■" ,***j,d Ow^iiy.- ttad a|(4 and 'fi^ 



V-- -t^ttaMfi* «wri«2v«amcar^ui. 


For O C T O B E lU 1767. 

WE return with pkarurotoourrpvi^worihehilloricalpaft 
•f \h\-A work, ihc acoouni oi which wc KaJ brnvghv 
\i> the rnJ of thf efghih period, wherdn aic rdai«I the Kuri>- 
iwan difcovcria in dcdlrTCity, <Iowii to thcytarijsc^ Our 
pbilolbpliiol nowgf>i:> b^tk a Jew ycftr4> ihac tiR rsiAj 
di*voin the whole of hi« riolh period lo the expef iment* ijij 
dfrc9V(MtM>r Oi. Funklyn — a riaoic which wili be f^jr cvt 
cclcbtai^ in ihc/ti/fi of cTf^tticIiy, for the A cimbcr :iiid impor-' 
lincc cf hit difcovcricif aivd A>r the excellent theory lo ivKlch 
tbej' gave binh, Thcfe wrrc conT:iintd in a IcrJcs of k-tfern 
Wfoic between the year* 17*7 and 1754, The whole hjftoiy 
of philoft]]>hy will not fiirnidi ut, wp believe^ with more than 
one io1Unc« [w«m»n the Optics of Newton] in which fogmtj 
a liglii wij, ihrown on n\j particular Iranch of it* at by the 
letters tri queflion ) which contain a Teriet of tli« moil lumi' 
nQu> c;i:pCT jmctit) ^ all of Lhem cithcj pr^^iMnt wiiti n<* truthv, 
Of tlluAurive of ihofe already dEfcQvcrrd ; and rtlatad with (he 
grcitcft plainncfs and perfpicuity -, — the phcnomcnah jitthcfvne 
Ht:w, tnofl rKcfZcncljr explained ud ncccunted for by r theory 
which rcce^nuncndi iffclf by ii» ejurcme iimplicLt)-, tht fmaU 
tiumber cf itt airumpTions^ and Irs eafy /ud iutur4l acGi^iiimu> 
dation 10 almoD every ele£lriC«l apf>far*nce whitj) hid then, 
t>t hsA fiACC-, been obfened : (i> thai the Fr^Ltrklyni^n fyilcm* 43 
it M c*lled by foreign elcftrici^nst by o»oft ol whom ri has b«« 
^idopE^H, * biJi fiir,'i» l>r, Pncflley obfcfvo, ' lobe hindcd 
down to pcrttriiyi a* equally exprclilve of the tf'je prirtcip>H 
erf rUAikity, at the Newtonian philofophy t» ofchc tjue iyilvia 
vt r\atvre Ingenvrat.' 

Dr, Fr^nUyn'a firfl difco>'ay wai that of the pJii« and miftut, 

or the poAcive' and :>egaiive flatcf of the ekn^rU inautr in bi>- 

dK3i uid wu made at Fhiladeiphta, a£ ^^ ha\c already fiid, 

Vci.XXXVIf, Si abwn 

1:.::^ :f' E^JrzJn^ &C 


' i.v ; "i -T..I. I2-. ^Vicbn mode the Cunc ohfcrvi' 

_i r.-.j:::. 2'ir ::ii Eimpk priociplc became, in she 

-'.f r^;- ? -i:<- ':^- m rh;:criil (ir we make allowance f*ir 

'rTTT -jT ./-• ir.*i^raiice of the fubje^] as the prin- 

' L '■ v;r!ii 'r: net on la thofe of Ncwtoa- Bt the ap* 

-..' .t. r^.: Le'>icr. :3hi^, which hadhitbtfrtobcc.'- the 

, , .?''Lj'-.- -w, ind teemeii wiib myftcry and con- iTi m>-^Li ^.irinj iacontifteDCm fCC— ic i led and 

::." - trs f;^?I:l^ minncT- Dr, F, ihcwed that In 

<,\tc.zx r.i'.i^n^ cr.e tlie of the phial (the iafidc, for ia- 

J *i= c]t.;r;:«d pyltr-^iyi that ii, had an additional 

r? o :h; ([^ctr.c fluid thrown upon it; and that the other 

■1 c!cctri£ej Ki-G!izi'j\ or was deprived of an equal 

rEr ; ^\-A rhit The e&tct of ihat Gpcraiion was not an in- 

of i^-^ q:;-r.:i:y of cleilric fire in the phial, but foldf a 

7 \.i^^^'-z6 i.n the (iv^2X\or\ of the Eotarra/ fm^niitf of elcc- 

L^LE.r helongin^ to it. To be more particular: his expe- 

Ei (cn<] tit prove that g\*h ha^, at all times, within iii 

Ticf^. or to fpcalc with ii.orc pTCcifion, on hs two furfaccit 

cc-ruin dcp:h, the fame quantity, and that a very large 

r rl'-ctnc lire, which It ifrongly retains, and which 

tu' inrrtsifcd or IcHened, on the whole, by any means 

vit : though a change maybe made iniu parts and fitua- 

rh,,t i:*, WL" may throw an additional quantity on one of 

, 1 i(, M thu lumc; time, an eqiii! quantity can cfcape 

rlici^luTi and not ofherwifc : that this change is ef- 

ly \m\iu^ part of Its two furfaces with a non-eleclric ; 

■h iln' niidiaiiiin of which, wc arc enabled to convey the 

c firr to uvcry phyfltal point of the furfacc which wc 

r to ' liar-t' ; when- U cxcris its a£tivity» in repeHing the 

riMfiklii juituruliy b'.-fongin^ to the other fide: all of 

hill'' .\t\ pppununiry of tfcaping by the lining in ccntaci 

!>,it luil.*r,-, iiiui which, for that p'utpofc, m\i^ mcrffhrih 

iiuud- wuh (he tmth: that when the U'^f/f quantity 

;ii^ toths lu:r.iic hai liccii thus dljehargtd^ in confe- 

Mt an K\\yii\ ipianiity thrown upon the other furface, the 

<^ \U\\ .'.-'..v-/.i-nnK'hasitpoJriblvcaiibc: that thu iwo 

rlu' i'hi,il .i:c at this time in a iUtc of violence ; the 

liioi^iilviiiUolVj ta part wiih its aJditi^-ndl 

I* .1 

I. :M: 

.■If ' 


^^' nt; A\\s.\ c^uj:iy Jthruus to attra^ the 
"\< i^^lt; I'j: ncith*.rot tht-m, finah-, ca- 
■-:s ui M> .;:.v:^j, wiii-^ut ih/cq^ial 
■;^ l-tv::,-! t\■c^l^.z: that notrt-ith:tand* 
V \ ''*'' ; :--t:K^, .,-i the i^rong difpo^ 
'■■ *f I ■.' .„^:::;.' r.,_. c. :^:^ in oi.c oi 
:>^.\i \:.i V^r^ and t!ia: 

\ ; ^ \ 

of the other ti> receive xU yet there \% lui iin|rtrKrCTjb]r Wrier 
bdwren ihcm t for i)ui, foabfoUttdy/n^Tipiw/i!; Uglafi to tlw 
cicdric iltiJd ^though it percnLtAiliAl OD the one IcJrrot it to aB 
upon iluttiflhcotlKr} tlui it» iwo rurfiirs remain m ibD fbieof 
corlVamt, til] 3 communic^ion \\ formed bccv^^Lcn theti^ ol 
fxira^ bv A proper con Jiiifl or ; when the cquilibtlum it fuSJcnl/ 
>iid violently rdlorcdj and t>ie tieflfk flurd rc>l(iccd laitsorU 
ginal Jhtc <]f ctjuflltt)^ on the twofidctof the gl:ili. 

Wc hjrvc cmicuvourcd, in the aboi/e flwirt ftctch, en tlrAor 
into one point of \jcwt in aa clear a manmr ^b wc ^rr able, 
the great outliijcsof Di. rfsiTkly/l** h^ pr»ihL-li:i irojicernJiig (fio 
Leyden phuJ, Numerous .-Lie the exp^nrnciiu which prove its 
truth, or ait leiil evini.r iei hij;h piubabiLlty. Thr fribOiDec 
of ftvcrat of them ie related by our autli^r in his concile and 
pcrrpicuout manner. The nioft flnkinp cucuniflance in tlic 
preceding theory t ^' that in whic^» Dr. F. fuppofe^ ihii thcrvta 
no more clc^lfic Afc in the phiii), when iu)i:hargc'i, ihark jta- 
tura]ly rvfided in it btforc, Thii he completely proved by ihe 
following mcft dccifwc experiment. He f>/n/«.V'J the culhron 
Vfltb which bii globe «a* rubbed j i,e- cui otV it* ccrmmuni- 
c&tion with the common mafa \t, the cuih \ la which «(«, st 
ii well known to doiilj icidna, no new ckclric ^rc cjin be ob* 
talned from the prime conduilor, afrer the few fF>aricfi, nuu- 
T:i[ly belonging (o the cufl]i(>n,haycbceQ drawn ' C from thence. 
The phial, accord ui^l/. futperidcd upon if, and commun'C-(t- 
ing, af ufual, tjr \\a ontfiJc coaling, with ihe ^<,(tx^ c.xhrl>it3 
no figni of viedridty T but on fofTnii»j5 a comirunicatbn by 1 
wire, between the coating and ihecuJhioni, th? pbi;kt,ii footi 
charged with jVj ffuin^rf, nombrr being tn be had ; ihe globe 
drawing the lire from ihc outfide, ird throwjng it ivpcin Ghs 
LnfiJc. And thAi thJA fire rcTidc} In the gUf^, .tnU wtx \\\ the 
nor-cleitric coating. Dr. Frankl/n endeavoured to Dvrw by an 
ingenious m^^lfii of the elc^rincd bottle; in which, after 
finding thnc iu virtue lay not in ihe cork or wire, he poured 
out the water it coritaincd, atid Ailing it with trcfh, found ic 
qualiHed la give a fhock afl before : ^oin whenee he utfered 
thai the dfr^rtCttinuG rcfidcd not in the water, but ia tbi 
glafi. One ohjcfiioA rtray, we thiuk, be nude 10 thit coO' ' 
clufkon t \\f.» ihjt aftar pouring the water ou(, theiY bill fc- 
niiiinii a chin fbc^t, -^f lining of %\m\ fluiiT, in ^on[^t wiih the 
l^bfir, >ml at capable of eotiuinlng tht- c^^^e at in« whij^e 
(| idjitily. D;. F/» followitu' exi>cfiin<n: thcicforch^t Alwiy> 
spp^ru to 111 muctl more c»,'v:Jarive, a^ hHnz perffftly frn j 

Irom this objection. He eledrified a pane of^^Ur* between ^ 
two pl:rle4 nf IckI, and fotintj it ^l tciain uv po^wi^ ti^ ^^'I'^'^l. i 
4 vi^Jf /f f jAo^^Jr, ^ffer the elcdn^il ^\a\« Wi, ^t^^^t^-^^'^ I 

Priestley^ Pr'-fm Statt ^f EUcirUity^ &c. 

the glaff, and iJivefied of ^Vi^ clc&tcity it might retain, 
fLcrwarJs replaced, 

e cortie now to Dr. Frankljn'* importsuit difcovcry of the 

iiy of lighiiiing and the cleiftric fire- This b one of the 

Icajiiral difcovcrics made in ctcdricitf, for which we are 

t sill indebti^d to chance, hut to one of thofc boldsuKl 

llicrchcs of thought, in confequcnc« of which* tbofe 

tick ilridcs arc made in fcicnce* which diftinguiib gc- 

of A fuperior order. The AbbeNoIfet, we remember, 

g, in one of hii letters, adJrefled to Dr- Franklyn, pre- 

y conicllcd the extent of the pnncJpJe on which thii nohle 

i-trv U-3S founded} \xh. the /#uYr cf fnmtt to attrafi the 

c fluid from a grezt dillance, celebrates in fbme of h\i 

ucnr lerters, noE without a fneer, ihc very great courage 

cffts, [)ali^':trd &nd IXIor, who, in confcqiiencc of their 

eiic« in th^^ truth of Dr, TSi theorr, and his propofaJ of a 

of' itriiS \i\z i% f.::t ereded an apparatus wiUi a view 

luwin^ Jow:i [Vom the cSouds the oaatter of ihc thunder- 

^'-not ^ haz^rdin^: their pcdbns in the trial, which the 

in coi-l^-u^^Tjc u:~ h:.^ own pdncipiCi, muft, before the 

hiiT Th. \\^?.\ :j be v^rv 

ui'e, ^Juring ibe coivfe of fuch 

Ixpeticr.;:::; C'u: ^ e^ii^rgerin^ th^ phlloJbphicil good 

'T c\h'Svr^ thtr::!:/.;?, n jU^^mcU^ to the world, 

i :V vr :' r-^-J.:; :",.-h ^'ea- efTsih br means fo 

r-si f 


- \ 


. y.t-::'^, D-I.Vird and Delor 

: " inil jr:T<-\i about a month 

.: -. ^7 m.-\T.::T\ b'Jt bete re he 

.:•-- *._J:r;. ' As cvctv cir- 

- :: '^t:l7iC z dir:o\'erv a* 
. . . ^: -/-rcii^ri, I (hallon- 

', ;■: — .-[ci:_.-n ot a few par- 

■; ', ";7-- ils^it^ method of 

- :*: ;- -r: ; 'f^^iclricit^ with 
: '-\- :.-.; :rij;.ia of a fpire 

. i: :^ c\;c-t»jni — when it 

> :-■ - ..-m^^jCc kite, he could 

■ ^; r;^ :rs <.: thunder than 

- "-,-:- 1 ii-^- filjt hand- 
. i _- :o;r ;-^*, on which to 

-f ^^^ £rd approaching 

- >- -* -= wiiL-ch there wai 

- -" ; -rri;^ the ridicule 

.-y^^.,. B— j^rrs in icience, 

^" ■::^^ r; :; ;i^feadv but hi* 


Priestley*! Prefent State ef EUHrUhj^ &c, 2+5 

* The kite being raifed, a confiderablc lime clapfcd before 
there was any appeariLiirc of lea being ek'dtrilted. One very 
proitiifing cloud had parted over it without any efie<!l; when, 
ac length, juH as fie was beginning to defpair of his contri- 
vance, he obfcrved fnme loofe threads of (he hempen flring to 
fland ered, and to avoid one another, jufl as if they had been 
fufpcnded on a common conduflor. Struck with this prohiif" 
ing appearance, he immtdiacely prcfciiird hrs knuckle to the 
key, and (let ihe reader judge of the exquiAte pleafurc hcmuH 
have fcit at that moment) the difcovety was complete. He 
perceived a very evident eleflric fpark. Others fuccecded, even 
before the firing was wet \ fo a^ to put the matter pad all djf- 
puie ; and when the rain had wet the flnng, he collected elec- 
tric fire very coploufly. This happened in June 1751/ 

He muR be no phllofophcr, at Icait no cle^ncJan, who does 
not feel more or lefs of a tingling about the pi^cordian on 
reading and refledling on the fimpU rd;nion of the completion 
of this intereiling avd important difcovery ; ' the gTeatefl, per-> 
haps/ fays Dr. P. * that has been made in the whole conitpafs 
of philofophyi fince the time of Sir Ifaac Newton :' — the 
mod flriking, wc may venture to add, that h^s been made 
fince philofophy has been cultivated. For our parts, we can- 
not help fympachinng with the difcorerer, in the various and 
contrary feelings which mufl have been excited in him, both 
a^ a philofopher and as a man, during the dubious Hate of this 
intereding procefs, and in the pleafing ^nfations raifed, on the 
fuccefbful coiiclufion of it; particularly by his view *5f the 
probable confcquent advantages of the difcovery to man- 
kind ; which have Qnce been rendered fufficiently apparent: 
fo that we have it now in our power, by a fimple and cheap 
apparatus, to di reft thecourfe of i\i^\k\i^^T\a inevltohk fulmtn^ 
and thereby to deprive it of its power of hurting. — t(y what 
fimplc and flender inftruments — even the playthings of chil- 
dren — does the hand of genius extort from nature her choiceft 
fecrets ! Ttius Newton, by means of a foap-bubble^ invedi- 
gates the magnitude of the component particles of bodies, on 
which thc^ir colour depends ; and Franklyn difcoven the nature 
of lightning by raifing a kite' 

Dr. Franktyn's theory was in the following year verified in 
the grandefl and moft confpicuous manner, in France, br 
Monf. Romas, whofe experiments with an ele^rical kite are 
extremely interefting, for the grcatnefa of the efFefls \ but ftill 
more, as they fhew the very great power of elevared conduc- 
tors, in drawing ofF the ele^ric fluid \ fo as to check or pre- 
vent its accumulation, and its confequent dangerous cxplofion- 
We therefore Hull give a ftori view of the principal phi^no- 
.men3. Mr, Romai's kite hod a wire interwoven in tlU b«in^ 

PaiE^TLEY'i Preffnt Statf sf EkOridi^ 1 

|iig, i(j the excellent condufling power nf 
great ctfeita arc to be atlribuwd. Anv 
:J very ittong fign* of ckQiitJlJS 
inches long and a quarter of MJ i 
[^itcc ot afoor from a tin COflJ» flM* W 
jus, the foap^g of which ^ 

a feiifation like that of a colivu €■ Ifc* * 
be wji above 3 feet from the Arug 
a IJLtk rain, the appcwno* ' 
:ontinu^ niftliog noifc wm hc«fd* fi 
[low%. Mr. Romai oowtboa^hftir 
fparici, even with all bit pieca^m 
forbear } for DOW came oo tbe lA 
It, «L bich he acknowl^es made him 
foot lazigf which, to^racT with two 
Ljt _or ci an tiour pafl been i hnJin g oeO* 
kitculii dancr, like puppcttv uodcr Ac i 
\y auraoicd by h- Upoo diia fijiowd 
c ni3«re of wUcfa gi^tlj irfrmhfad 
tbe c^Mnpaofr cocoparcd it to the 

Lo the n^cnt oalhiiig of Jjof^ 
It. The fire fecn at the tknc of 


Lpc i>-'' A TpiDd^c 8 iDchc- long amd 

TWII-ajr, whidibad 
tV fl-ir.^ oz t'c fc::e TO 4.5 or 52 fztbcxps diftuicCt 
a^i iCf^^lnzi £:£rr.i;;lr - cafhci of £fe appealing, 
^^ bei«f he^i dry iix :t w^ abraded; tbru^ 
ilj*»J as Uiv-c;, _V: izj drje no li^'-iui^ was fci» 
r ;tic T^,,:^i^_-h^^-£ Tr-e fca^ ot the khe W3s fiir- 
• -.i a r-:;r^ir-;-: c-il aJir o: IL^ifu, three or fctuf 
-;?'. H^i :: ^z:z ca-k, XIr. Rcscnas fuppofes 
-"^^r ■^V'^ ^ :i--^ i^^KAz<rd Sour or fi«e feet in 
i-**!'- -'^^ :-- ;: ii:: — j-.Tt ktct- oircTt a bole was 
■ ** "- ^"-T^ 7^ ,^^^i_^^i.:^ u>ds like tin mbc, 
- '-' ^ - ." w.^, w23C&w^< prababtv oia^ 
^■^ :"-i: i:,-:rrri7*ri i^e e^pk^uos. Bui tbe 
; V r-^r- -r-.^jc "rr tiiU the oa the 26th 
> ^ -^ r:,-,- -:i::i^^. The flrevm of fire 
■ ^*< "^*'--* :-zir<.^'^Kn vere aA nek iliick and 
■"*- '^^K* ■iv-^x-.i T».^ A r i^aMl eqval to that 

^" ^-~^ vv ^ ticrr rra^u: f^o^ Aeje oh- 

■v H^^^^_,r^ TTiTT ^ c-.;«tkOK;=E£4 ±sm the earth 

^^^J^****^^^^^?**^ W_i iniii io- 

PriESTLEyV Pr/pnt SiGU of Ele^Iricity^ Lc. 247 

as they extended ; while ihe non-condu£ting rubftances, or 
impcrfc^ <:ondu6lor5> which the Ifghtnrng alfcrwards mer wirh 
in its way, to or from the earth (for icfollows each of Ihcfc di- 
rections, at different times; have been rent and difptrfed in a 
moil furprifing manner. In another fe^ion the Author reiiits 
fome of the more ftriking inilances which prove thii truths and 
particularly defcribes the damage done to the fpire of St. Bride's 
in London, by lightning. Aa we probably have more Readers in 
the parifb of St< Biide*s than Dr. Trieltley can be fuppofcd to 
have, we fhall, for the benefit of that elegant fteeplc^ tranfcrihe 
his concluding paragraph; hoping that the gentle hintcontain- 
ed in it may operate with the governing powers of that parif}^ 
towards the prefervation of their beautiful fpire, and chat they 
will not delay to put it in a condition of coping with the cc* 
ledial fire on more equal terms than it has hitherto done, 
* My readeti at a djflance from London, fays Dr, P. will 
hardly believe me when I inform them, that the elegant fpire 
which has been the fubjeft of a great part of this feifiion, and 
which has been twice damaged by lightning (for it is now very 
probable, that a damage it received in the year [750, w-is 
o*ing to the fame caufe) is now repaired without any mefallic 

conduflor, to guard it, in cafe of a third ftrokc' When we 

^confider flceples as fo many advanced guards extended into the 
regions of thunder, it has to us the appearance of hirdrtiip to 
plant them in fo dangerous a poft without proper arms j or, 
which was the cafe of this unfortunate {l:u6lure before the late 
accident, with arms juft fufficient Co provoke an attack, and ' 
bringthe enemy into the heart of the place. Electricians will 
perceive that we allude to thofe large, infulated and int'-rrjptcd 
niafles of metal, which had been employed in the conftrui^ion 
of this ftceple; and which, asDr, Watlon judicioully obfcrves, 
nearly orcafioned its dcftruition. 

We ihall pafs over the remaining feiSion of this period, fo 
come to the lOlh and lad; (part of the contents of which we 
have indeed already anlicipaied) in which the hiftory is con- 
tinued from the time that Dr. Franklyn made his cxperirisciils 
in America, and is brought down to the year [766; and where 
the vaft variety and quantity of matter, at the fame irnjc that 
they excrcife and fhew to great advantage our Author's t^Jent 
for diflfibution and arrangement, furnffb elc£lricians wfth a 
mofl agreeable proof that electrical inquiries and difcovencs 
havQ by no megns been at a {land for the laft dozen years. 

It h impoflible f'-i us to give even a fcaniy idea of the 
mutter contained in ihe fifteen fc^ions into which thi* 
riod is divided, .grt-af parr of which will, we believe, h' 
to moft En^lifli ehw^jicians, and fome of it is now fi 
bJJihcJ/roffl original commumcalions, W^ft:k^\WA&.' 


^ Pn.ntTlJ,^'i Prffiwl Sietf m/ EMruityt lie. 

Uie more curkMu laniculin, sjid piincipsUy from rhe (orttgn 

Iii the frcon<) fcflioo, otir Author giv«« ii« CemjA oliici- 

VJiiioiu fclitirc ut one of ibc pfifKLpal dcGifeTata m de^n- 

c-iiy : ihe aUfiu^niu^ the coadu^iig |.'0¥pcr of mioui fub- 

lliocctf And wljcfcin it confiAi. Mr. Ca/itcii, Jind Signk>r Bcc- 

Cufi>» a icligiooi ptoli:noT oJ lUtuuJ pii'ilo'ophy at T'ufin* 

hive cnfl<J« levtr^l curiovt ^jrperii&ciin, vrbJch throiv fomc light 

iffiwi Jija fubjc^. Aud fiicw tim fDbftnncn vfhxit ha«i hiihcno 

bcvn ^jfiAdcm 2% fttioSt coAduftors or non-condu^ton, irc 

fucb cnly to » cGrUin dcgnc, Tb< foimner of chcfc gtAi^cnwni 

wtofc difovf f ic\ in c'cdncity aic m^rc nurnrrous and coitii- 

dcfabic (S^ri chofe ot ar^y ti^iiLhrnan wuhm this period, tirft 

difcovcmrJ ihac cvf-n d.'v *h wai cjpablu of rc<:civiiT^ rlcclri- 

city ivy communicaticn, and of retiinii^ it for Come time, by 

meant of «rc of h» cxquifitc contriianccs. by which ^ he vru 

able, hyt our Aulhnr. lO afceruin tbit <i<licatc circumflaiic', 

and ci/cn nieafuic ihe decree cf it, if ii wai in the Icjft coifTi* 

dcrabl*/ Thi< We e fft^lcd by a pifr of Mh turrcd in 4 (ache, 

out of the dry pich of elder, which, when hvng in a rood, t^r 

abroidar 9 fLil^ncnt drl^aitcc ftrnn buiMiii?!, imn, itc. ftfily 

Ihcvr ihtt de^tricity of the aioiofphtiet and whether it be pofi- 

tive or nr^ative; or in a room ih^w tSc cle^ticity of the air 

GortAtncd in iU long after the apparatus, vrh:cb estciitd it, u 

vrhhdfawii. Signlur BccCJfU inaJc tlic Cimt difcoveiy of eooi* 

mtimcatinj; cle£tficKy lo the ilri but hU experiments, wbieh 

Oicw ihu A^iEcr, whicb h^ Kiiherio been tepuud ibe bcfi of 

CDfidudori rcxt to mrraU. lofts, when in fii*ll qoaniit^, in 

great mcifurc its conduflirg power, are itill more fu-'prLfir^. 

The ex fieri men cs made by Signior Beccatia on lhi% occsfnn 

ve lo very eunouvi and the rdulia of thetn fo utKxpei£ted and 

contrary to nocianK rgmmccilvenEeruincd on iKisfuhjcif), tHat 

weihill gratify our readers leirh pa;i of our authot't account of 

thcRi. * Sicnior ljcccari.^ fayi he, piaJc tulret fullof water, 

pill of the ele^Tltie crrcMJi^ and ebfcrved, ihit when ihty were 

very I'maUf they would not tranfcnit a (hock \ bat thu t^ fhock 

InCfcared, atwklcr fubri wetc ufed/ 

Bat what aAoAiOlci ui moft in Si]z;nior Beccari^'i expert* 
nvrnii v^tih water, a hU rajking the eleftrk fparfc vitfible in 
It, iHitwithAandin^ its being a real condiijlor of elediidty, 
Nn:hiiig howcrci can prove mun dearly how impeHcfi a am* 
4u^r n iv- 

He mki^eJ wire:, fo » nearly eo mcce, in * fo^alJ Ccbc^ fllki 
Vith vrxtri ; ^nd dilehargirg fhintkK ihroush ihom, the cJrciri 
fpatk was ^fiblf between tlwr point*, u if no wjtcr h«l bei^ 
In the pl>ce.'*^Riit inigbt ma the fraiki, it may be fatd. wb»i 
«rcrc obic'ved byihii ioraiiout pbrlofopher, poAbly anfc f\ 
bfo*:Ci th" 'he c&ia oi \^Wuc«) vWi^ ^r«^ Wto 

PuiEiTltY'j Frtfini SMf tf EU^rklty^ &C, 


waUT, might only be comigoou* to it^ and not in prrfcA con- 
tAcl with it : (a cafe which^ /rom marty optical ii well a> dec* 
fficjl fxpcrimeni, is kjiown lo C3ilft bciwccji m*n^ bcKlIu, unil 
ponicuhrly between the bodict \\\ ijucliion ; Ab is m«wn in cbof* 
rxf>e[im«[ir£ in which a iiccdii! or piece uf biafv wire ire ia 
^ronj;!y r«pc1Ud by vritei, ju lo fwim upor it without touch* 
111^ ii) Ehc JIflincG bcci^ccn ihcin bcij)^ fiiU farther «n1argcii bf 
ihtfir iocrta-fpJ motuil ffpulfion at rhciuOaiK<>f thecnnftnEffiott 
ol tbclHock.' Thuii at Iraft, wc icafojicd oii ihc pci^jrU of J 
thffc obTerxaiioiit J unwjiting tft give up To long cO^blifhcJ ^ 
point of iio£lrinct at tbc coiiJu^mg pown cf watcr^ loo /C4- 
ctily : but dii expcrimL-di wc And that a fpaik 19 aTwnys vifible 
even in a bi i;.c t^bc of wntcft when the cxCrctnilicK or tfic ^tfc*,. 
aic V(-ry nrir ejch othcrr ; ar, in orher wurda. when the /cmivM 
of waUT intercepted bctv/een them h very To^all ; but di^iippc^rs^ 
tbuii^h 'til other c ire umltqncci tc(njin the finic, wttcii tliL- wlttr^ 
itre rt^EiioveJ lo i greater dillauKe.-^But to iciiErn to our Au-l 
tbor ; * The cubw, coiuinur» Ur- P. wc<c pcna&lly bioitc to' 
piece*, and the fragments driven to a conliderihle diQincc* 
Tbit wa> evidently occaliijncd by the rcputHoii cf the waicr^ 
and i?s inromprrlilbilii)' ' ■> nax 1icin>> able to givr wiy far 
ciiocKgh wiihm itfclf ^ and the torco wilb which it w'-u 'cpc]]c4 
beMiRYCiy i;imi/ 

' The fofcc vrilh which fmal) quantitici fvf waier are fh»is fr-* 
pellcd byihcckcttic iluid, be fap, ii nrodigiou». B) nicain 
of a charge cf 4OO fquare i[ichcj> he orolcc a filafi tube two 
linci thick, when the piece* were driven to the difiancc of xo 
(net. Nay, he fomctJine* bfote tubes eighr or icn hnea tl^tck, 
and the tVa^mrnU were dnvcn to grcuCcr diflaiwcs in pco- 

* He found the «ffeM c^f iheekflrierpirlciipon water, n'«tcf 
ih^rn the clFci^ of a f^aihc tif common (nc ujjun gun-pt^WLfcr ; 
and dyt, he doet not doube, but chat, if a method couU ba 
found of manaj^b^ thetn equaJU well, a CAirnon i:bar^ed wTch 
vvaier wotild be m^ite dreadful than one charged wUh gun-po^p- 
dcr/^^A method thus qfjaliticd, wdl, wc hope, never be found 
out. Tbnuii;h wr certainly wilh well to 'hr L'Xtenlidn of fcic-ncc 
ki gcncr^.l, and of ihh ici«ncc in p>mciilir, wc Ihuuld be forry 
to bcb«ld ilii' fLicure cntirfe of cle^iicit inqvjifiei fiiccefifullv di- 
reftfd ii tiiif;k tlep further in lhi» ehanrd^ and in pfofc^ution 

fuch view* t or to fee the gun-powiJcr, ft^uiid out by one le- 
l^iout, fiieceeded by a pctBbly more ddlrudive fuccddancun 
'difcoYcred by arolhcr- The mMierappean to grow ferioua. 
whei^ we arc ifierwardi told chat Signlor Bcrcaria * a^i 
f.char^^fd a £laf» tube w^h water, aad put a fmall ball jnic 
vrhence it W3« dEfchaiged with great force, foav to birryitlt 
^jkdc d^y be pUced tg ttccirc it.'^fndced when vrc coihi 


dw flroiif rcpulfi^'c force of the particle) of the ckdric fk\Mi 

ajmI the un^eUtnc hanJ0«& of thoTc ^ witcr, \^ 

conceive Any cficds too great for cbcir uiiitcil 

applied. Si^ntor B<^'^»f^a qucOion^ ttkc^iU thr ^^^m.vscww 

dudi:v£ powcf c«u of mcialt, tad pfCtcnd^ ti' j[i;cji;iin xhc 

tinK, in vrh:ch the vicdfic fire moved throu^li a vrire 500 Ic^t 

fe^Ty cofTclitftve, Before wc Iravr trtti fu^nfl^ w« (tull ckMcrrt 
chit ihc Author mighi huvt ranked n«n ifac bunun bodr, or 
richrt ccrijiii bmnaji bodln, ^riKing noD'Coaduflon, on ibe 
tclHn^ony of Pfofcllor Mufcbenbfo«ck i wlio, ifwc lancnUr 
riffbEf fonK^ivfLCTc fpealct of ibrct or fojf ptrfbon vrbo lud r^i 
firgvlJLT proptrtj- W< moctr pariicul^rfy recoJIeA b» actouac 
of ahftodrofnefcfttale, coa^(tyCfkt^y tojo^, (whkh mdcn bcr 
non-condoling oiulity nit>recxiraordiiULri] wbo wa» aE>rc»l«tdy 
iifipciMUabk to the dtStk Suii, aivJ iccordin^jr idifltd all die 
piofcflor'i rffr^rtb to tXtSiiifj ^^* ^Hc m^ji, if wv may be ai* 
loM«d to parody a line of Uvid* 

CMri^flr^iV vitri, tmlti^M JirahiSt iffu. 
But tbcfe c^fMt wc ouy fuppofe, «fc very nre> 

In the 5ih fcdion wc b4ve an iccount of the difccnwrj «^ 4 
fKW aiid very extenlWc principLe in clt^lnaiy, to which Mr. 
Cinton led the wiy, by a feiicfc vf degint and dei icinr ^Kpefi- 
m<ntft raoidc wi'h bii u^al acconcy. Thclc expcfimenu Ur. 
Frai klyn profcllcdiy purfucd, aod tbdugh * aU lit Jtrng^th U 
/.w miiforih 00 tSl« oc^afior,* if Df- P. expreflet it, h< dikti - 
gficd tficm, ind irtAie iTrnt improicAACAt in che mnhod ofjK:* 
counting fi[fr litem '. b'je it vai ideTieid for two eminent focei^ 
ek^iciins, McSi^ Wilkc and ^p40i», to co«nplcAi ihc di^ 
aoirCTy, whkh if, (i)~» Dr. P- otk of the ^reareft thit tut 
bec.i m»Jv t^^n:e l>r. Fraaklfn'i capii^ dircovcrics ia Ame-> 
ires. Tllc pcinciple. whidu by tbc byr, i& fnundni on Dr. 
F '1 ihrory of pdiltte and D^ati\e eloftrTficy, ii th^^ ^ ihat the 
«k<:l. K H J dt when xhtr^ is ji rcduidjjKjr of it i» any bodj^ 
npcli ihe dearie fl^^M in iny ether body^ vi<^ia it^ influcixe, 
aiwl Jri>t« tc intd tbe ftrootc pvUi or qviu o<Jt of the boiiy, if 
tH«rc be iny (Mcln Ibr tha: puTpofc ; thereby reducing the body 
to a ftve contnry to i^ a«n ^ i, <. a ne^u^ oiic. On ibit 
pcinciple they waSertcnk to durge m fiasr xf ti- , 1 i:ce a plate of 
glaft. and ib«fcby tft inkatc na tb« moft pcrf^^i laanntr the 
fhtrvateCM. of tbvtkJct «od U^bca^^ TVy facteedcJ, in 
peddmta^ thii &ne et pfri aeft t , 1^ faTpealbvi <v*o larj^ 
b^nb ot «rjo4 emncd with un^ With ihc ftai hin parallel 
.., ,..^ .r ,,w.- „.j .. r,™;^..-. , ,.n '- ' Op eltitrjr^Ia; 



J7i Armfirorg'i E^mtht Diftafirmt/ffiialio/nfistK 

The (Jifcarcs moil incidcjte ani foul to iitfamst fay* ouf 
3iuth<ir, during the ^if^ few momhtnfitr their blah, are, invru^ 
Bt«i ihc ihruttik loofc. four, curdlod 01 grcco ftooU« the vrrxtj* 
gripct, and conVLiliionv*^ * Tnwaiil fiv^ ;iiilhcy :ut CftTlcd^aic 
in gfncralihe HiH cotrflainlthatapptareiti chiJ^Jrcn, ui<f, a> br 
as 1 ktvc obfcrvfti, muft, if tmi all infants, during the £rft 
morih^t are more or Itii liMe co iheni. Xhe fymptuauvc 
thdc. The child appcats ai if it vras aflccp^ only the cyclidft 
are not^U[ieclofcil,And if^ou obfcnrcth^mnarrcwlvt you Aiil 
fee tlic ty<i frequcnily twinkle, with tbe white of tacm rsmnl 
up. Thrr«iB ;ikind of trcmulout moiion in ibe mufclo 
ficc And lips, whid) proiiuccs fomcihirigLikc a Cmpcr or 4i 
srd fomrtimrs almoil jhc app^-arjncc tjf a taugh. A* 
crJci incrcAlcib, ttw in!ant'» brcatt) f«^jn» now ind ihca 
for a lilitc; rhc no?c Wior.,ct pfrr. hcii* tlicic n a pale 
sbcut the eyes and noitEh, which Jbirctimci changes to lUidt 
and (^CHiiei and gQC« by lurni ; the child fiwx^ cfpccUlly jfjoo-l 
fp to Ifir it* tho' never fo ctitll/* or 1/ you make loy noifv 
jacuf it. ThuB tliAmbcd, ii lij^ha, or brciki wind^ which grrct 
relief for a little, but piefcmly il rtbpr** irito the dotjcg. 
Scmetitnes il fliug^ka hjid befoic 1: can break Wjjid, sod 1 
lecma aa i/faJIina ii^Eo convulftonfc ; but a viclcnc burft of winA fl 
from the Oomtcii, or vOjikitinir> or i loud h of crying, (et& all ^ 
to nghtK;ig;iin, Ai the child increafiri in iWength^ thcfc £11 
are the mere apt to f;o ofF fpt^nian^ouJly, and by ticgreo i but 
in cjfc (hry d<j ncn, ai^J if thcjc ii» nothinL* donr to lemovc ibem. 
they cither de;;ener ate mloan^ilfnajicoiilliint droufi ,ef», (wbick 
\i fuCCccJcJ by a fuvci uuJ ihc tlruih} or iMc flicy tcrmiAlV 
in vomittnas, four, curdled, orgrccn Aool*, the water>-(ripe«t 
and conrulfioni, Tho thruth indeed vciy&l^fn tctmindtfe ia 
thefe hil rya^piomt, Whtic^ore a» thef« comphinia natnuDy 
run in^oone ei>ofhcr, orfuccced c:tch other, ihcy in^y be cofv- 
lideredj in » mni^ncr, » only diitetrni itnig" of the ivnc dif- 
Oifc, and phieh dcnvc thcu onj;in from the \^mr eaufc. Thtii- ^ 
the inwaid f^tt may be !nriknd upon :^t thr ^iH l^aije of the dif- ^m 
ordfr^ the fever, and the. thrum fvvhcn it h^ppcn^j as the ie- 
totldj ihc voini[iiJ^a» four, cuiiilul, gjctzt)) cr watery ffi}oUy 
BStheibi/d^ and convulfionii, at th« tall.' 

Our taiUwr ukcs care afterwards toobrcnc, that rhdV cooi* 
p]aiflt» do not atkvays fuccccd caeh vihct m the Umv rcguUr 
manner. Many ba*c fwir, pe^n lt<^b. without ever hjvinm 
tV,e thnrfti ; m;iiiy hjie ihf chruft wirtiout viitry-gnpct 1 aaS 
foroc the WiiierV'^riprt \\i(hout having ihc the ufb 

After giving chc diagndlir^ anJ caufrt of ihtfc ^ifordert^ E»< 
which we niict with nothing that parlittilarfy dc^)juid» onr 
fio;kej Mr. Armllruirg iicxi proi^tcdi wi hu runhod of cure,— 
ill oil thcfc diicafcs. tin i>[iDC.i>:jl dcpcitdcn^ it upon tbs 



TuTIITIEt'j Prtfiytt SuOf */ &^^rHlX, 

le^, 0A account of hti ercaC * auntiofi ta dw vaficMts flita of 
tbc acmorphcn-, his xlMuity in nalun; npcTifRdtts* hii 4ppw- 
rMui fnr miktn^ ihcm, ihecsitme ol Ha vKifs iti cnak-'zig tfacBi 
xKe (rliiuic c3t»ftncU vitb wh>cb he hi9 recorded tbcm, «j^ kt 
jwdgfiKfU to *pflyi'»g ihem i<t a general thfor}% fa/ exrtftf 
e/rff Ihifjg th*( l^*'l l>ccfi (iooc hjr pbilofopbcn tx^^rc bioit «r 
th>t hat bcrn dai>? hy any perfon Mice.' Tli?v ingcnkvot f^ 
lofb^cri who, bdJM a prcatvuictr ofkitct 3x>J p^inic^ to^ 
liad twii of the latter for brirtgiiig the li^itnEiig into hn honk, 
140 fc€t tLitinSttf obl«Tvrd (hat or takiivg a fpark fioifi i1k 
higher ol llicm, like fji^ik fiotti ihc ochci, wfaicb wati 30 fart 
J<v4^r, wj» mfftnily tdTeDt^j but, vhicb it worthy ofrcmfk^ 
that ill power ro'i'cti aj^^io, Ihou^h he kept hi> h^ni upon tha 
former. Thd obiVrvatio-i ihcwi the fifc«£iy oF mutiij 
condu^ort to catry o& ihi miner of Itghintng more 
from bujMirgi of 1 larifc c^xirnt^ Ffom Hit numertni* 
vation»witl)»ri and without door* hein^crv, that the quxnutyof 
clrAric fnatter tn a common ihuitdcT^llnrin, is afmriA inc^jiOtYit* 
*b)y giciii I eoiifidenn^ how mnny pointrd l>oi1ie», ■> tfee», 
fjiiic«, Ac. arc pcrpetujlly anJ I'lfcjitly (Irjiviog ic ofF: ^dl(h^ 
tha prodiffiout quantity which, in chtc form of ligbtmn^ it n- 
ptaicdly JiTchjirged into, or from tbc C4rih, He t^ink^ that 00 
lin^le cloud, or nuoibcr o^ clouds, an ever contain all tb» 
«litjiiuiiy 1 cfpccbfly t% be obfcrvc^ ihat a cloud, nfut ii bad 
vtadc rr|>catcd Jtrchsr^^ei into the eiirih, wai the neic nomenr 
ready to make ^\\\ rttitiar. He concludes ihcrefbre that ilie 
rloutS firrvc as raniiu^ont to ccaivry ths cU&rtc fluid fio«n 
thole paitt <'f [hfr eanh whirh aro overloaded with it, 10 ihofa 
whkh trc cxhautlcd of it. When ihcy ifc atlrdif)c«i by thdk 
h(t, tnd other clrrtiTiinarcri ccitcur, thofe depending protube- 
fsiicra arc ptciluced, which he fhcwa to be ihecauTc of wa.icr* 
fpouu antl hufdcsnet. The ikudt which bring ram be fvp* 

Cr>fe« to be formal in the f«me mnnaer a« thunder -clouds ^^^f 
y a mofe motfer-iTe clecliiciiyi Thii he illuOratci by 3 pleafing 
«xp«'rmt:nt, He jjifuUted himrclf, and wrih oi^c hand ftropriirc 
fuino lolti) cii a hot coaI m Loniiiff with thr cooduclnr of hit 
iiia<h»i»r, which was ele^lnlicd porfitivr!y, he with the other 
loochcd tbc irifulaleJ rubber whi^h confctt^c^lly w^^cledrtficd 
nepwUety. * In thee lifcumffjnce^^ Uy% Dr Prieltrey, llw 
ffkiokc Iprcjj alon^ h« -irm, and by degrect all over hia body, 
till it eaiDC 10 the other band that lOmmuniciKxl vri'.h the rub- 
ber The lowrr furface of ihb fmoke waa e^-ery where parallel 
to hi**duthtai and the upper furf^cc wa» fwelioi jnd aixbe^l 
tike cloud« fr|Jeif with thurder and rain. In th» manner, b« 
UppoftJ, the doudi that biinj rain diifurc theraf^Uci frnm 
ewer thou pani of the earth, wh>ch abound with ele^nc 61^ 

, tb6fr pom thsi are eitluuitcd of it ; «Ad> by Ictuitg fall tkdf 

in, ftftovt^'^-C^libtiiio^' 

PjiiEaTLEY'j Prtfm Siatt tfSlt^rmtft See. 25^ 

* Signior Bcccarit hat, with grvat ingrnuity, m\xvA fLimct^mc* 
wiiK 1 tiEilc fpicc of aj^rccaMc cxtravAgajico, thi- /rci^ucAt con- 
romiunt ofgrnius r^ngrj almciH all clic mcicoiic phcnonnc< 
ondtr ihe banners or deftticiivs Irom (he tS^tUtJ^thi /fy^up 
to the AitT^^B^^uJh^ Hdd wc loom t>r inolifiiuoii to tkcufiie 
©n thu fubneft ; at the fame time chai, with other clei^riciuia, 
vrc aJloweJ the elc^ilc Huid to be the caufc oT tbl» l;if) phcoo- 
tnciiont we dtouU be for cxirniting it^ roEincf^Unt Ail] fuithn^ 
ftnJ ftctcmpt toJhcw the polTibilitVt At lealt, of its near r<Iittioa,| 
to, if n^t irs idrniicy with that lumiiKius muttt'r nhich formi 
the fular atmofphcrt> ind producea the phcnomenijiil called the 
Z*diaitt! ^S^'f * which J.s thmwn i^ff piL/icipalVi Ai^d to ihe 
greiTell diibncc trom the eqj;itor]al p^ini of the fiirit in confe- 
qucncc of hU ion un his ixJa, excluding yiAbly* in tlic Cuiio 
ofd lanunous pyr^unid, ik far at the ottut of the caich; and 
which, according to Monf dc Maffun'i, ingcnitju-'^, miJ» at 
Irtft, plaufiblc hypothcfiUfc filling into rhcupfvrr/egiuns of oar 
Btnafphcrc, i« collected chicfiy lowardi the polar paits of iJic 
drrh, ill conffqurncc of thir dmrnal rewluCTou, n^efc ic 
forms ihc Amoiu BcrcaJis. Ic would wc ihirk be no very 
had tiypcithefi^ which {houU unite ihcfc twu ikpiniom, bjr 
coTifidenng the fun ^% Cho founUio of the iltclnc Huid \ and 
ibe Zoiliic^f lighu the tails of coauts* the Aurora UcrcjJis, 
lightning, and artificial eletflricity, a« lU vaiiokii and not vcr/ 
.dillimiEar modiiicaiionA. Bui thh i» not a phct in which to 
protecuie ihj« <dca. We fhall only add that Sigriior B, wouU^ 
extend tfae ir>fli)crce of the electric ftuid in anoiber cbanocl^^ 
not unconnected, the Reader witl pciceii^e, with tirt faregoing- 
He co(^e£!ur«4 cbci^ that fmcc a fiKldcn ftroLe xji hghtnia^j 
^jrcT poU t hy m a neeiEte; and a» dtiring the rnore vivid apvi 
p«-4raftct4 of the Aurora BorealiSt the maf-nctic ni^edle hai beca 
obfcivcd 10 be very much diilurbed, (acircuniJlauLG 6jfl no- 
tietd. we tsrlicvc, by Mr. Wargtoitr* and afterwards accu- 
jpatc)y o^jfcrvctj, and aitcn)picd to be accounted for by Mr. Can- 
ton ; \ a ^^gllla^ and conf^^nE circulation of ihe ivhole mafa cf the 
civctnc f^uid, from north to fouth, may be the original c^uifc of 
anajjoeiifm in |renctal| and That the Aurora Borralist ma^- be tbix 
tnancr performirtgi'aci.'CiiTationinrLJCh altateot thcucnolphcrs 
:i^ lendenir vifible; or approaching nearer to ihcearch than uliuL 
■Thia.fa\tDr.Pneftkv, ii a truly great lhotr|!ht| and it jutl>w^j| 
iniri>iubc grcaicr Us\\^\K\iy into oui conccpiiooa of the \aw^ of] 
uitare. 1 his cxjrrent, cocitiauct he, Sienun Bccoflria doe* r^at- 
fuppofe to aiifc from 00c fourcc* but from feveral in the nob"' 
fheti* hcmTf^h^^ of the world. The abcrraiionof ibcc" 
cenur of alJ cbefe current* from ttte nonh point may 
<au(^ of the «3iiatH>o of the nectilc^ the penoj nf thit \* 
(TOO of ihc cv-nicE i)f ttte curtcnia may be the period oft. 
naiio&i and the oUi>|^iiy with which \V)c c^nc^r^ ^\\V% 

Bush'j Hthernm CurUfa, . 277 

much of intemperance i The fum and quintefHrncc of true hof- 
piL^iIity is cxpreir^d in ihat fmglc li:ie ot Aj^^, 

JVcko'-.t ihe coming, iy.^.'ji ihc guini Friend. 
In which is implytd aci ubltncc of e^cry r,jecics of compulfion 
or TcftrjiiTfj and (whicli is the troc licrjing hofpitility) tJw 
nuking t^ie (:imif of jour gueft the liiearure of your fri; nJihip 
anJ (entertainment. Sut to auempt to fend him away drunks 
is furely felting hJm ofF wilh but with very illyp^e*/.' 

SpeaJiingcfthelrifhingtiK^ra!, delays, *thev are very far from 
beinL: whac they have been too oJten ^xiA unjiiitly repiefcnted as* 
a Hsiiion of wild Irifli, 1 have tjavjrfo J rhi? wh jic country, aiiii 
generally frjunJ them, even the very lowea cl^fs ot the naiivcs, 
very civi! and obli^^ing, Mlferable and opprifTd is.thcyarcj' 
an Ln^lifbman will find as much civilrcy tn i;eiiera!, as Jmjngft 
the fa^e claf^ in his own country. — In rcjjting the cauTcs of 
of the inifcry of the poor, he fays, \\ prdcecd;) I'rom ihi; ex'.rtme 
tyranny and fcverity of the landlords and clergy, wlio cxait 
their heavy rents and tithe?, even of the pafav(n^s> with the 
fevcrc ft rigour : and then adds, 1 aui forry to tdl you ihjt too 
many of thffe are EnglijTi parfins. Vor the love of God aiid 
charity, fen'l no more of this lort over, fur here ihey become % 
fcandal to ih::ir country and to humanity. But you muil add to 
ihcfc the e\ail;ons of the ftill mnre abfojute catholic prieft, who 
colTic^ armed with t!ie terrors of damnacion, to demand the full 
quota of his offerings/ 

VViih regard to the tradf and importance of Ireland, our 
author obfervcs, ' that it would be a rich country, if m^de (he 
mort t.f ; if its trads ^*e;e not reduced by unnatural rcftridions 
and Egyptian kind of politicks from without, and iis agricul- 
ture fupprefled by more unnatural mailers within. Huw llie 
increafing wealth of that kingdom, from whatever fource, 
ihnuJd be injurious to EngUnd, wiih which it is fo cljftdy con- 
nected -J or that the puiCuig it into ihe power of Ireland to de- 
rive fuch immenfe adduional fums t'» thL- pjijlic wealth, in which 
both kingdoms muft parrieipatc, fli^uld bi.- injuri'jua to the 
general welfare of either, is intrr^ly beyond mv coinprchenfion, 
To prohibit the importation nf fu^h coimn J It ir', m our own 
country is aire. idv fdffi-Lieiitly j-irovid*:J wito, muft, cento an 
Irifhrnnn, appear jnfl and rcrifori^ibk. iSui that t-ev ftiouid be 
excluJfJ fiom, or rcftraincd in^ th.:ir irjde 10 a!:noil all the 
rell of the world, h a fp^-cies of pjl'cy, tfic wifJomof which, 
with dfft'rcncc to our adminiftratcirs of ihe Hibcniian depirt- 
mtiit, I own, ii to me not eafily intdligibic/ 

It hath always bt-en the policy of cvtrv wife government, to 
give every pofjible t'nrour.kgemenr 10 their clonics, becaufc 
what ihty acquire muft turn at laft to the advantage of the 
mother country. If we regard Ireland as a vaft colotii( <i< 


Bir£H*r KkimA Cmafiu 

Ciit^i'«t » In 1(1 ptvrriTt ft^ic ic cctuinty U, fboulJ wc not loot 
upiMT t>tv Irifli &! parts of curit'ivn » a» tho dcJccndanCft oi iWIt 
brave met) whom wv fco: out iu fup^xm nfid cn^bllfb ibc &ii- 
tilh govcinmcr-E :iiid prote^inr rdigKin in thit importirt iQindF 

tfcii ihtm, *n all rrfprftt, hkc onr<cIv« Bur when dii* aJJi- 
tional corCidcrjLiion foiTcci itfcif uF»>n u», that the mtr^ ibef 
nm bf tridt> tiic more wc gfl frotti ibtni> this ibould fiudr 
unfuc^ us lo tAkc otF all reftninsi frooi their commerce, vi 
leave II to tlrnn 3if. oprti ;ind free ^ the light of the fun and itx 
Howini* of the VJJnd, An cmirtrit autht>r^ forty yaus ^o, 
I^TCvnl ihit, bjf (tic fCfica uf it'C vail liilh cfl4tcs which tK 
IppRi in Engbf d by the rcbti^mcn iiid ^vntfcmen of that ct9i»- 
try, whv cct^lUfLiiy or CK:Lar^i>iial])- rcJiJc here i br the itre/i 
b»ils reii JEted io hipport the ilud^nt« at the inns of court, & 
untvcriiticif and oihcr fcbool^ t by tbc grcjit cxpcncc uf tl»4 
who comt Eo ruTicfi fur pic eiiiiCDt ui the church, the law, the 
jifinyi the ravy, &c, by vti^ funiA ipeot by Jriih gcmlcoiep 
wh(j cnme lo iitcluUe iheir CLiiiodjy imJ plcafure, to Ccc tttoi 
h'tti^j iht titfjfjtuiiy jnd c&uri i b) f;rcac ftt^ibrra whorcfott 
ftj Hr.thf Uijktrjn, S^Aibojougb, &e. ihcfC<OLjld nut bcarchj* 
' time (and it h:ith incicaled pfodi^ioufiy &nce} leic thaa a mil- 
Jicn Ucrling AriLuJI^ fcnt over Uom utJ^kJ to Kngland, few 
vrhkh nothing ever je:tim^>l to that ccunrry ! irul the Authcc 
grea To f'»r ai ic fay, tbac ihU b irorc ihjn £ng]ind git'114 ncit> 
oil n fjtu bjhncc, by thrinr^c with ill rhe rr(t of the wofU 
berdir. If ihti b« thecalivehcM, H Knjibrd gcrj ft^ch jmmedc 
fuma by the Irifli, AiouM wc lhjL rjihc^ ciit^outj^c than djfcoo- 
ngo th<Tn i Should we not liwk upon the In|h a^ tr^duflricw 
bccs.ntaltin^ boncy for tib ? Tlic richca of Jrdajid miift alwan 
center in Kr^ If ;hey were ihetcTore cen times aa f kb « 
ihcv aECf VfC ihould get ten timea Bia mach by chcm^ 

We have bcc^ii rifTk^Kti, by a f^enileman wliu knew them liochi 
that though Sir Robert VValjwIc and Sir John Hjrn^rd difi 
a^ictU ill atinufl every pcbckat irif^furc, }xc thry beaniif 
agreed in ihJi, that ail i^^tlii'ton fhoulJ be taken from tJic 
tnSt of Ifeliikd : hut in their t^nx^ ihe \tnt iiiitreii of GiiSt 
llrirain, in thii ri^fpcA, vm To Jilde undi-rfKtod, znd the po- 
pul« prcfTjrffcc ran fo firrng DgaiftU their opinion, that p^rhapi 
jc would hare epd3fi^cr<d the Vik, we are *bie ii would hi^ 
er-daogertd ihc ii^terrlt, of eiibet ni ihofcgrcji mcji, to hate 
piibticTy prr-^iftfed il BjI. itiank CioJj pt<-plc% e^c* bctiii tc 
teoprni(i i3-r 'futh an J ibcri<i«'i> imrjHl. Thryrtow ueiocr«« 
tbMih.rc w^M be r;o n wt 'Ur^e? in JittwJn^ tlAeJr brethrefi 
on ihK wfJl fide of St, G«i>'^t'* ChannH 1 free trjde, tkia 
JhCK n is allo^pg n «> iit»le vn ilw weil ildc of the Scvero- 


Bvsil'i Khtntia Carit/k. 



TTic wtxjUrn uaJc » our fjivouritc ftipfc : but ar« noc lh« 
French, *nxr implacnbJc cnrmir^, b«aLing ub out cf thac tutk ? 
Hiive ihcy noi IrigrolTciJ almoO tf// of :h*c Ut ihc Lcvaiir * and 
bare they not ouliJone u> (o fv m (hit to Porrug^, at (oim- 
boldcn (hole ingrxc] to icJ ui pabtjcly, ihcy will de^l with 
France nther lAin with ti», u ihc French fuppjy tbem with 
thcfc gooda At A chcipcr ratcF and Dull wc Utncty rcfjgit t)iU 
proRcabIc branch of ir^dc to our c neniin, when we mrglii c^rry 
it on, in JrdanJ, wiih fo great aJvtnugt toouifdva? If the 
Irifli Amild g*in an imm^tre prc^i by ihit ar any oEhcr iradf* 
it wili certainly be the mcars ci bitn^tng more rxhc» tc bng- 
land : ftnd (hn^gh ir fhould all rcrrtxin anionj^{( ihirmrHvei, 
which U lEnpalTible, yet it wcuid be there in ihc h9T\4t of our 
^iciid»i to fu|i|>oit uur oftniea* fit^u, and guvetJiment. 

Bcfidei the rhargeof I a, sec military meriy which th«Irifli con* 
flan tty main iiln, thcreU Aiprcfem afumof about lOO^ocol.^ 
4tn, granted In p£M5iow* ^ipon their elV^blifhrn^nc, motk of it to 
nour royal family and (he l<vuiiricc» of ourccuit. aud confciiucnily 
r^mitipd here. If UeUud wai richer, more might be drarnsil 
from thence in pro|>o(tiori, Kow mjny of oat ^randeca waflow 
in the hi^hrH luxury tcie, from the hard I^bonf and (.^rnury of 
the poor pealanti and irAdclmtn there I Can ihe UUa then be 
any way looked upon ■» oui cnciiiieji or nva}3 ? No, furdy, 
but as our bcJl fricnde ^ — The Author of ihia Letter faw thin^» 
in ihii light ; ind thcttiofc wc hope i: will be cxcufeJ, thac 
we have endeiuourcd a little to fTluAniie thtm. 

Mr Bufh mjkcK fomc o>^renratioil» upon the frifb lan^uage:^ 
mnd fayt it 14 the n«jreA ra the IP'tfJi of any language upon 
earth: and no winder, fmce they were originally ihc fajiie, 
l^nd only dlfferrnc dialr^* of the Crfitc^, which wm, of old, the 
toininon lat^gua^ of the: wcltern pnrti of Kurope, But now 
Ktiglifh ii rpoteby evriy Lu^y, evwi by the luwcft of (he people, 
aJl over Ireland, So that we miy venture to foretell^ ihaE in a 
\eiy 1i[rlc cimc there wjII be no remaini of ihcii c!J torigt;c tn 
that country j a> we ar« fure there li t>ot at prcfenC the hun- 
dredth part of whatlherc ii iit W^Ies, 

Mr Buib riyt> Ireland » now (a dellitti^c of wood, ihac he 
ii conlidcrt theie 11 » much tknbcr growing in ihe county of 
Kent, Hi in that whole iflnrd. 

He takct notice of foruc of the frrincipal towns in Ireland, 
and inform! ui of whit is moll ^ertE^rLiblc in Coik, Kitkertny, 
Wai<rfr>rd. J-iraenck, &c. When he fpeoka of Derry, he 
fay*, Itu the clcancil> hell built, and tnoft be;tutifully fuuav^ 
any towninlrebnd. Exce ptinp Cork, hethinkait itconve 
as itij Aa< commerce, ftrrc't^n m domcf>ic ; and, but for th 
flri^ioni nn the tr^de of JtelamT, would, in a lew ymri, 
cvue a floLiri&irj; and wc^iby city. AU this town and it 

T 4 ^attv 

a9o BtrtfTf ml-TiM Cmtfi, "" '^ 1 

bcrt'O btlcr^ to (be %vnUe c<tmptn\Fs of London, ^hn rrc^ni 
pioJt^ou^ Ui^ii lk>r (he tttA thereof every year, l Ua *;tumA\ 
as he obltrvcf , l>- fcr ci'cr racn-onlilc on accuutit of <he fmr j 
^t£C it nMy rul^jtrtd, fiir tbiitccn wcck^ iii the m^n tf'l 
Kirg Wilfisrr, in L^fcii^e of the gluriaui nufe of lih^rtr- | 
Ue then j^rtCA a vcrir ' nt ct th3i v 

a v'ccy jijll p'^nl of Lf. 'J Jfik t( 1 «*li ]|iit*iip c^t crrluiiiiihg or p4- I 
Jjr>» cloxly UEiiutl tc-£iitr:r, 4[;(i C4i:h of tb<^j)» a pcjiu^on; 
ycr, -m)iji b vcrv cxif:H»Jiiuty, nnJ FarikulArly curi<iLi>» ibcrrj 
«rc f'Ot tWA coSumns'l^i tttt tbiMif.^nJ* ihit cither Il4«e lidt' 
it«lc£ «quM amnrg thcmfifivcs *^ *httCv ^iirct ±irr aJikr. fim 
U lb« c«mpoMiDu ot~ ibHc pibrfi left dc£crv<r^ the ;it:ml>cia 
of tir i^rlivi; ipt^Sjivt. Tli'v /.<r iio^ of »ric toiid ft»»nc feiiM 
upright lofitLAst, h'Jl roTr-;N tcU <if rcYcftl Ihof : ku^ihi curTOul; 
ioir<^, ii9s wiih fUi furifco, tui .iTtuijIjtcd m.u> t3ch t'tbc 
Mkc Kill mil fockHf an J ihi^i nor vif L>k tut by di»j<xintrf i^c 
m« iii^nc^ The depth of »tc ti:ii**vity or ^x>uxtxitf i% g.roL-^ 
-ralU At<tuc tbt<« cc four iiicieft, ard uliat U ftiJJ fuiihrr 
nja;kAUo ^f the j<»ipi^ ilic coflvczi^y and corrcffcnJcnc Ct<iKi 
iriEf it( iif'i corfiitnteJ lo fhc cvccil-al aF>-^uUr fip^rrc cil Hi« rt> 
Itfoin, hut c>4^;t)p rotJi.J, «oi us Ij^vi^r^c 11. 
of fiat t'uluniii litil J<lni:t, li ii ftil> r.^tiher rcoiu. , i^ 

vUetitMto-ni ot chcfr- jciiii* are frti^urm^y inrviEcd. in fgcM 
llic Ct^wjvitf is upwaii:it ia oihers the icverfe,— What i% 
«3ctMi> d:uin', und eqiuJiy curi^ui in ihi» pbenon>ciK>n u« ttj. 
ntfivriitiifajliiing the: univerJal diAivfilititdc of ihc o^umn^, KiJ 
«i u» cJ>t>f %iJtt: ani «li inrcrr^ >n4 though Ferfr<Uy dil1tn< 
ff J at tcp to liiLCcmt yi-i b t^wholc 4rrirv;e(nt:ni |6 tlolcl! 
roR^hineii :ti ^11 (KiinD, th;:i h^riily a kriiic fin ht incidliic 
Ki^cvn thun, <iti^>cr on the fid(» or urglc^. That ihi* u t 
v fk of 7f ATt;iti; there can be no doutr. 

Nur ik thb ihe onl/ ^irAorJirary rifitiinl pfodd^ioti ia thl 
iD-ui<J. Thi:re j» hjfdly a river in the &ii»gdumt but what it or- 
AjAimtccI, Rtcrcorkfi, in iu c<iiiirct w^tA hcAUETful c^lc^dL 
WAtcrfJ-t, or falmon-Ieaj >» ai ihcv are ufcnliy tjl[rJ, iroo* :1 
iiiftuilr jLLAiher (■■ falttio:!* vhicH, at i)k k-Jion of the vcif f( 
ff ^wni/i^. arc fcfii tcupm^, up Jic Juli^^ many of Lhcta to thf 
hei^Vit (if iiF rcn v; Itvcor^ ftrt. 

Tj>e Ab hk/Tihcn gir<« im a netr and ciirioui,hypotbefi:i cci 
Ccinir{> the fiumack^i uf Infli bc^^p l}c fayt^ il le unUcfUfli 
^olftih-hlclhat ibc furficc &t thvlebogiit ecicrrd with a (Ho«i «iid ttaa'Uc kfitdof hc'ih, uhtth. avitg.iv.v^ai;*! thukrn 
aj »he ir>f*, v^'gerai^t ac the horom inio a c/uJc j/id cxirrmcli 
I' uci Mthkh, I rem {(A low fituiiW, being rrplirti 

1*1 ' 1'^ fia;ufj:!y lhrf>ft-i out r«cccav<jy vinu:U j[rawt] 

«J i|i3 tJiC«v<lir;:Iy lamt^d hca^, 4 ^icai |aft oif vrhi<:!i oii 


BusieV Ihttntia C^yUfi^ 


unti fcsttrri irpoo cvcrv rttuiii of lie wjjtirr* ajid fHouliFc/s on 
■tM--furfv.rf, wh.trc it dofta *p<1 iotm* inothw ft'Jiiioi o/m'*'»t-i 

ihocM of hcdtb i> f foduccJ : And ihu^ <« thcf^ ftr«u of m<ml* 

^'laticn of the tooci mcrv^ftri nnJ Vctxncf cxicn^fcJ bibber,] 
juid 4< (be hoTtom rnrrc con'bl.dilcJ.' _ 

Mr. Ruth n?\t ft^nrji tht Jakri of Irdaril, runifuWTjr 
J>Ough Nc'^b anJ iMtt^h httae: but ddcamt, %cry pocticjliyp 
upon iStf f:WiLirns at th« n-L-jiJcrtuI L^kc ol Kjll3irt|r> m the 
county ol Kcrrv. ^ltbtboot]IVr.-c«,f^r chemoft pirttf^froun^d 
^iihcroimau^ high mouiiniiu. ilic ioiuxiirc dtcliviijc^cit' which 
are coiered wjth woods, (rvm timr t'.jM ilonvn lo the verge irfj 
ihc WAlcn* The loa^Jiitk iiiiuiit^iiuiC of hof^^ibl; ii:i]iCiidLii;pj 
jirctificct tviih ibcfe lofty mountsint, thst are ccvcfcd v.iili 
all kinds of tree* and cvcrg;ccDt« prc&pc fucb a (fuid uci bcsi|«J 
lifuUy varc^rrd fcrneiy a« it beyond defenprion. Add lo iVh* 
the m-mbeiTef} tivutc's c^fcailiug in tacky ch:tnttcU, Htned 
wtih irce» of ev«y I- rr, clown ihe f»ilft of ihi.fc ficJtgjxii 
tnounUinii f^rcoMhcmto cbc hfl^htof an hundtcj j^rdv^ tm 
more, ^t one virw ; vh^lc^ jei other places aic tcea cjt::r;^h « 
vi'ateifal^i, over rocky prr^ipkf^ iifir or more diiljnt Irocn 
fhott^ and Cbe tf'tio]eU£;Glicr. prcfcmt futh igr^fid .i»J llrtJt- 

iDg p^fped, 0£ pleaieii jiid cnti-^rxzint beyctiJ imjgm;i:i>:).' 

But wc Aiti{l not tWfct ibiit \vr h.ive alrtftdy ioffncd* in for-> 
rtct jmmhcn of oirr Rrv:rA\ iVvrral very fu!) dc-ffriprioti of 
this pecricf* beauty of Jrciiiid. 

Wi'c we lo felcvt from Mr. Bufl/t I'cotint of otirJiSer- 
ifland, c^erv thtn^ th^t ini^l^t frrvc t^ Amule cr i^if-r^ our 
R<idcr>« wc Alol:!^ iinrlcrib? aln-uJl :-II tbit he ha* v/MEtrTi. 
We thereloTc rcci^R^meE:il tX lo ^J whufe curtodty or niic/eR 
may pT0ni)>i thcui lo know mti%.]i of ttut ctuiniyi C > pcrute die 
wbok bookr in ijthkii The Aoboe his ihtvin a coicpe«cnc Jbara 
«f both judgETicni ftfid im42>m^H»i, 

Wcontict, hi^wT/er> Citchjcle (bit arvd^, viihut>f maJcinzj 
one vervohvjou> r^Sci^.un, %u. tbit. v^cte ouryoun^ no^^Icmw 
jni UfniU'inrn \o t:;vfl ti:ore in the»r oven ih:iTi m lo-rigri 
eOLimijei, ihcy n-otjU^ M Ici^fi, be Ht highly «ii(CTtai£icd» and 
fqvcndcr ctttrcti Irf^ i f thirir fortunes jfiiihririunocence th; n iIkW 
cotntDonlf do. Arc we not cSar^eaMe tviib the gre^tcil nuM 
nefs And folly, ib^i, wiib futli rnftiLift: labour Jiid fuch drc4dfiifl 
daf^jicrs, vre bring the ticbcs of all pattv of cbe glo^e to tbU^ 
illaridt puicly ilut wc m»f lia%« the liJiculoias voiiiiy and pA- 
ude of fciuevinp them zhcwx ih>^* /rM<U «nd \hf fl^f n of 
encniLca ! VVovld not « tout round iht iQjr-^'i cl Gje«i l>; 
|iii4 hcljuid futiiiil) » Biiioa witb mure itftfuJ, prtper inc 

tc[ Eli. 

at £W 

r9p< f which, Ten cnc pcr^ Out it b^Ui ■mproved^ bjuh bcQ 

iht S^tjrd^ Stt Review for AuguA. 

THOtTGII WilYMzn the Cwi^acnir h^ cAcn ihc 
€tit on MUti, and wtf dciiroui of biviae >t thought 
fcc was ^varicci io tlic thronc hj tUe free content of the 
yet his charaScf vru <hu of i tynai ; anJ there wsu no 
to render a tyrtnrty fccure «ncj drooz which he did not Mt I 
[traAicc. He ei^iMifhfJ gxrnfnt^s of forrlgn iroopi in aU fW 
•f ihc country^ briJicd the cowm> with lort^ and c^Jtlca, giiid 
to hit fide ibe bnvcA of hii encmici hy pardom and rxvotitr, H 
they vrcjuU ruhtmi tohis dcfpotifn, and dcAroycd the rth wk^ 
ciut n^rrcy. SonKiiinct he employed the moH gcneromck' 
meiicy^ and fotnciimct the mofl ternble and b^/baroua ctuckfi 
» he thrjtji;hE (hey wuulJ bcil cf^iiducc to fcrvc hb <nd£, Wn 
regard to London in particular, hh policy led hina to vxmipt ii 
fiom the fcvcrity which he ufcd en other occafion^. Scdihk 
tbat if, hy the encoura^rmrnu of tny foreign ajd, the cspii^ 
had Kioltcd, he would have found it diAc^lt lo pfcveiil act' 
i»era1 deff^ion of the vrhole nation, he govt^rned that ctty um 
a gcnite hind* enJc«voured to tain the aAe^iona of the cui- 
Zfiii, and grimed a charter ccfiRrmtrg to them the bcneilt cf 
their ancient imrnunifies, cut^omf, and bw^ wich a pfocnifc 
of hii lor^] pTutc^iuii. 'ihift had lo t:<>ud *a e(Tc£t, ihiE ih 
nerer wctild eng;igc i;i >ny rebe!)icn or tre^fon againft him, 
hr their fiicJty contribuEcd greyly to the aMin;cfUince oi 

Among the many grievancn complained of in the reign 
Wiltum ifaeFtrd, none gave more urea finrft than the rnhumia 
feverity of hit foidtlaws^ He wj» not 6tii^cd with ha»i 
conlinrd to bimftlf fhc vait cr^^ vf foicA thji he foirnd in t 
km^dom ; but, to ttttVt 1 new ont in Hampfturc, laid wafte 4 
couniry of abct'c thiny miles in extent, drove out iitl the inh^ 
bUanti, And dcftroycd all ihcjj dwclfjngi, not fparing ewn the 
chu'Chei : a* ««ch ai he a^c^fed 1 itipcit for teligioit. Great 
part of Ywliftiifc, and all the counties belongioj^ 10 England, 
noilh of tb« Humher, be Ma laiawafte) that the Dancj of 
ihc Sccich invading thofc part* of h;» kin|d(im mi(Ut find no 
fubCflencc; »<i^ to puriih the p<i>fkW for iH-th dififfe^horr to 
hi* K«vernmen;, wiJiout rc^ardlnj uhai niimbcrt of in*ic»ccn 
perfoni would be in?oive^ '*^ 'h*t deftruiljon. We arc to 
even by one of the Noiai«n hifiollan^ who rp«ak» of 11 w 




r(/ Oft of Unry t^ f^t^- iSt 

)Lafror, that above ft hundred ihourAndmen> wom^n* and chil- 
dKfl, pcrrfhcd by femtnt in ih<^e lUJitrd counlic*. The dcfi*- 
Jation w;»& (uth, ihlt icr ^bovc fixcy milct, whrrc, bcforCf there 
bxl Wn many Wgc and ftaufiAiiii^ tci%7iis brfiio a great nuni-* 
bcr vi vJJUgu and J);ic ccuncry-fe^b, :icf a finglc humlet wa; 
lo be frmi 1 die whiAr Uod W4» uiicultivfttcti, lEid r^niirnciJ in 
that flute c^'cn till ^hc rci^ cf king Henry the Second I fo rtiat 
Aui[i liimfcll' did not nioic juflly dcfcrvc to be mmcd i^ 
yrtiir^/ tf/GWihar ibis rocfci!«fs Norinaa. jAJwd nfirberdiat 
Huu» nor iny (jlhcf dcfUcycr cf cuiions, c«r made worfc dc- 
ytfbtioQt in an cncmy't courttry, than he did in hii; own. 

' II i* A fEmarkiUc itibf, continues our noble Author, diaf 
pone of the Nofriiri% except a few that conrplrcti vfhU Roger 
Earl of Hereford an4 EUdulph de Guader, fbculd hive cx- 
prefird ihr Icjfl (lircuntent d^^inll ihe Aibitt^ty pnH:t:ediii^ of 
this hau;:btv prtncif, vrhn h m fcvcraJ EiitUnccs wttc no feU in- 
coiiHflc^u with ihc'ii uwi> iiaijvc ;j^hiA ^nd [ibcnJcs th^n wJeIi 
ihofc of i)]c £rg]i{h. C^titnly they wcr« a people unaccuf^ 
tomcd to tlcfpottim, and not of a tcnipc;r inclined to fubniit to 
it : but fcvfral les/ont may be giv«n to sccouni for chat pa- 
liencc« Under a gcvcinoncnt not fully fctitedt and inaini^niii^ 
iticlf more by the fwo:d ihari the Uw)(, nccclTity of il^rr Teema 
to rctji^irc ALid ti> juflif) extraordinary acl« o^ power, and lo ukc 
ofFihofr rciirainn from ilic royal aiKhfjrity, vrhich rntmcf in- 
ibdu admJr. The Nommni know thit^ and they ;ih<i kncir 
ihat the Englifh, the Stoitth. uid the Dane.-, were ready to 
arail ihen^HU'cs of any dillentioii between (hen. and their lov^ 
re'tgn. They had Ubcwife pitriicblar mu[ive> of iniereO, whjcll 
bent their ninds to mor« compliiUncc than would othcfuile havo 
been iiatuial to then), and foficncd ihc Ovjlbonincri Lithcfpifit 
of liberty. For, at ihf land* that were t;iken from the KngJifh 
were given by the king to the foreigners m hit fervice, not all 
at once, bur ai many different iJCics, as the foTfeiture* were 
incurred, And in iuch proporiioru to each an he pUafrd, the d^ 
fi;e of iitv^rinft more arid more by liii favour kept thrm imder 
Ute )oke of a CGnlt^itjed dependjtiKc. And to thcTe checks upon 
them Via adrlcd ih^ i^ful r^'pct^ for hif per foil vvhtch tilb iTIuf-* 
U'toui a^ior^anJ fortune lnfpir<d, 1'he Macedonian* i hem fcX^es 
gTtn frrvtTc [u AJc4. ndc: u^on the ibriiiic of D^iius^ f hu* 
Che Noftnant reierrd in ihe conqueror of Hurold, and the mo* 
luuch of l^i>gland> that glory 4nd grcaincfi, ^fakh ihcii own 
Attrt hail MtijbEot him to jrtjvlrc. He apiearrd lo fit t" com- 
mand, that ihc) would uDi difpute hovr iai they were buunj^ to 
obey. But th<ju^h they jcijuiefccJ unHci a pri^fcne cxlcIji of 
ibe m^a^ prero^Aiive, thrv t^ ck cticflual c&fc that Ehc«x 
Shou'.ii obtain a legal cflablifhtrenC. A d f1iic:[OM is to 
bci\rrcn tiie ^s^iM^Mminf of Wilii^m the l-u^, which « 
I- ' t^f^ 

fjsiiunitilf a^d the ty^kutim cfiil'''fhc<* unicr h*cii m tVji 
LiDgJcii>t wukb W43 no jb'oJitEC jt-ik^aichj-t but 4n. mgri^- 
trcAt of Uk ^Uffa] iCT^nr» uid oiti^ c^flonns of Nofrntafv, 
ttpon lilt oM Sax^n Uw^ of IvJrf-jirii the Covirdlbrii H^ iim(t 
iTtflH Ort« fvt^rc r> TiiA^:i(ain rht*fi' Uij», >nd in the fourth jta 
«f hu icign Corli.RlcJ |}i<£n in p : :. ^e wiiluMr 

!tu^if(J in Nor:Rar^dy i «t^uh |m>jJuecJ a tlii}'c(cnc politkit 

iLcufth titc fiffl |Tiiiic^Ics of tlT-i( Tiwf, unO general no;ium «f it. 
baJ b??n in ufc flm^n - the Ko^-:l:i (j^k ^^ti before. Bu; itistL 
the h\>fttf of ibc fulj':^ \rii u<j» f^> JcHia.c^ by thrfc altera- 
lioni, a* fome WMi,rt f«;ipoic, fUiiily ;p^.;irt hy iht: vcr}?fii- 
lutei tiiAt WilJtjm cna^:f J, jn ol>c of whi.ii we hnd Ait exf#c4 
(JctliririoM, *^ tb<il all i\\c ffOiTTtn 1:1 l^r kuT^-huii flioriltl hoU 
#iid tnjoy tbcii Iaol-( and potl'fT.Linc ffire frooi all ujijuit ruc- 
lion and /ton] tbf tjtla^.c ^ fn ihi: nothing. ftioulJ be t x j^fjrd at 
falctrt from 1 hem but iheif fr« f^rvKc, which ihuy bjr mIk 
osvcd (ik ihc crown <tnd a<ic trouitd ti j^^-tf^rit}/' It ta rur;liei 

i»^hc for cv^r, Ij the t^^n^sn itni^iitfili i--^£Jtn /* which very 
KmarlaMe fli*ijic it juHlj failed by a fejirf J auchur^ Niha- 
Docl Jf^tcort, t^^fi^.^ mi»iin cham if t^ Nrrir^t^ And it cai- 
U3<!cU no left iu M11: Kn^.i/h ih^n en ihf S'tfmnni. Bur it vu 
jJl obTervcd b/ XVihtiam, who fie^uftiUy a^«*l fld if tits tiiU 
had Uwi the i>"ly law ig h-xh nj'.iurj. It :i.uft Iw ;i!r<i ^Tloirtd, 
ih*t by thcinicipi>]'iMonof ni:iny mcfr.ct'iJi between ti^ccroAA 
3ikI lUc prople, anl by nuny ofHcea ci* judicature ^rtd inJitffj 
fomiAnriil bcfrtLtfCnil^:cdtrrcditary» wh'cf^uodtTthrSaxofisKii 
been ciihcr cIccUvc. or griiircd for 1 ihorc ccrm, the tonftUu- 
lionbresme more anttocruiical llviit before, more unc^jually bft* 
hnccd, £fid in i'cme rcl^p;<h ruho oppr^ JEve lo ihc inicrior w^ 
dr:u of frremcn. Nor was the c-'iii-'itK^n of ihc n&>t>!ts ihetn- 
fttre» to be cftvied. For iher« ivtrc cert^iji bufthetit an;>cxcd 
10 iUh r^'AcTii i^r iicfVi wMch, 21 t^icy nitufjlly grc\r nut of 
lh:l poU<y, were impofrd on the hf^hrl! vji-lU u ;Vc*l as en 
th^ t^Lvc^t iinJ v^^rc more ^^rlcroj} ih^io any that the Suuuu 
bsd bt^ruc under ihclr conltitiic Ion-' 

Amo^s tbe rdl cf th-« chdneci that were introduce m ific 
Kigia ofWdtiam thrFirll, i^ir mvls of t^x b^ Vop^ ind gmtcr 
ftbbotft whieb hiJ been hrii bel<H« in l-Va^kllR^O(^neT, c^ free 
ilm!, wcrt, by f'c auibo^'jcy cf ilw w:^ ! ' ' " *,r«| 

10 he A^T^ui/f, and boojnd X(* \ht Cun^ rl! md 

tBEltUry fcrvke, sn the civil tcjiiirc^ of I'ac )eU rijtuir, j^rev* 
aMy I'" ihc pjiiJirr in NormirJy anJ in francr, Huf ibcit 
V» Another alut^i.:!, which, ihiiu^h it wsf cnade wi:li the 



the Up tf Ht^ th Sa^4. 


coivmrrtnec of piTliimcnU cfTcAtiilljr hurt the commonwealth : 
and ihAi «u the r^piraiin^ the civil >rul rcck^adTol juiffdk- 
ijonf, tvhkh ih« SiKca btLhopianJ cjirh bad o-'crcifod jj>ii)v])r 
in ih; ctjtmEt courii, ly giving the klliojys n cnurl of thcjc 
OWHt foe iht f*»l* iful ot rpiniualin:ittcrf b)'llte rpifcopil law*. 
Though thi« WJ1 d;iri( uii^cr i IjiniciK i^rctirricc uf ir^'Jiuuiiurt 
and (or tfc atyikltnf; cT rontulKin) tE pr^rcij in it< conrrt^ucncc* 
a grcii cawfc of the co^rjpiirtn a( tli^ (I<rg>S and of die id- 
vnncement cf (heir pcKvrr bcronil i(s due boundt : for, befKlrfl 
the pirlialiry with vhicb ihcy proceeded, on being ihuA Icfi tu 
thi!>Q;v)vet| rhrjr firt^n nccrAnl tb^ir judiciture nuiirh funhcr 
tha:i the legislature dc-figncd, indaJtna mjin/ cajfca, that in 
iheir otvo f>ir>arjr wrr^ purrly cJiril, uoJer ih« ri>lli>n of fpifi- 
tual mstccra, or [utbc lUiu^c t«rma it] f^ufft Mt^ifg U tkf £4- 
vtrjimrai tffm't, 

Nor wai thit tbe onlv JnfUnee, in which the prooce^iiif^t of 
Wjlliam, Willi rcUtik-ii to the govcrnmenc of the church tn ihh 
kin^t^ovi, defttve to be crnitireJ- Alter ho h;^ tfepreiRd 4nd 
almoft deflroyed the KngtiCh nvbility^ be thought Uh tkfpatifni 
ivouM not be e^oapTcEe* while the ifchbjthop of Cantcibvry 
and olher tn^lifh bUhop^ rcm^ford in ihdtfces; to depnvc 
them of whictif 3n<I HH tjp ihetr varaAcin tviiTi foicigitcn d^* 
voted EO hit own will, he bad rceourfe lo the p^pe i and in- 
viied over three Ic^aKa. m be (be miniilm ii( tbii alterjiLoft: 
for, withou: th« coloui uui aid of tb^jpapal powor, he djHI 
not fb oJTcid the clergy Iff Kai^UaJ* Alcx^iriJci' tbe»d 
wa» vety glad to take thit occaiton of Snrgipg chat church into 
a flaU of fibjcic^toi] t[) Koititf from whkh i; h^ hitherto pic- 
&Tved itfe'f frccheyoctl mrrc romplnncnci and fomit of refpe^}. 
7 he tc£atc» thcit^orc had ovdcri lo ferw tbc klrjf according lo 
hitwifbet^ and, no^-sndlfputinj what her aurcfJ tr^, che^ were 
pennLttrd lo exercife lueb an tut^ofjty turj jurifdiiiion in Ei>^- 
land, du iKvcr lud breii grantee (d any hefiriri?, I'hui, bv a 
GOflfederecf cf two ufjepifig powen, the r>*Sti nf the En Jilh 
church were opprelTt-d ; whUh, nnlcTh for tht' fjke i)f (be crown 
thin cf the <^if^\ Wt^hsm woolJ have firorigly nuinuijicd| 
ifhchacj fi<>t bfcn fe^uctd b]r the prefcnt fublcr^icncy of the 
pipal authi^rity to hit own p:trticirl)r' view$ and IrttrcH^: for 
nc knew how to refill it opgo oiber occafKtni. Hi% dcfiie <jf 
htjmbllug The piiJe of th« E.rt^llfb biOmp«, by TulK^^ing tbcm 
more to the po^ver of the popC| tbt>jgh he in a g^QU mcafMr^- 
C4jiitn>u!cd thfli fcmf b^hiiuw^:* piuic^t in Its contiwrn-** 
bunftii to bit fjjceefio^j. Ki>r the .kllianec betwren the crcwit 
and (he i^jfacT wu foon ditr^I-ed by their di^eirot intercf . 
but bctWLC-n tht pv^'V ^"J ^^ clergy a roore fln^t one < 
fornKd. whtch URzi much l<xi^r, tnd at Jco£(b h<Canic 
flrocg for ibe crown to reJraia. 

Tt Tnufl Tw obfctvoJ, however, (o ihc honour of tliist*^^ 
tbiu in the f^'Erofal orb<n«6cvt and if>gnriies in the church, U 
dioTc men of guod ch^i^i^hm, intl wai pcrfctflfy dcv fr(«n il 
TiifpKKjn of firnnnjj flt»t'*ithfla(wfin^ hiu ^rcra! avanco. Hi 
llkcwirc reformed th^ rnonaftical difcjpltnc, whtirh haJ hedl 
fnucb rcUx^ in Englu^d. The fc^iuJkl^Hf^ Jt-nor^ncc of Ae 
whotc St><}fi dcfgy gsvc him a goo<l pc^unce to briii£ over fi^ 
rtunet* of Iramfnz ami p^'C*! whcm he plfcrd in almoft ftll cbl 
CpiKopal fccv^ mo dlfo at Clic heid of mury abbeys anJ COn^ 
venUi which no? :i link comnbiii^c^ lo ftrengrh^n hit mrrn* 
mcnt. But unfortunately ihcfc tncn, with ihc erudjtion ot 
luly^ whrre fnoft of them wctt: bred, h«J acc|iaimi fhe frin- 
ctples ot Ihe halian theobgv ^ and a^og in tbts lcin^<im it if 
rhey had been luiflionarics lent wvtf from Rooir, bent ait (fer 
l%uJies> and employed all their kncwl^ge, 10 dcfroJ dnd pfo* 
mt^e (he dodrtnn «nd the intcrefU of tS*E fee : fu thm, whilr, , 
by ihcir intfutnce over the mfndK of the people^ the Icioe fv* 
dcavourcii 10 fceurc hu ovf^i power, be (ervcd that of tbe pope 
much more thiit he defirrd or inrrfidfiH fo do, arid Urd ifae fb«0- 
datioJii vf mcfl of the difputu between [he churcn mm{ tbc 
Cfown, wifh which hi« pollcriiy w;ii di^utbcd for fcv^nl ijti.. 

Upon the deaih of WfUiam th* Kifft, whofe charafUr It 
drawn by Lord Lyii^^fton wiiH a innjicvly hand, WtMiofn Rofin.. 
the ej>ntiucror's (ccond fon, wa* advanced to the throne, in pre- 
ference 10 Robert hifdJcr brother i partFy In confcqumcr of 
hU father'i hfl will, pirclyin ccnfcqaefiee of the inclnatfooi 
of ilie En^'lilh totv^rdi bixn, and pi^'tly by the xn^hm% vf Lan* 
fruic, Archbilho[> of Canterbury, who wj» the chjef tnftra- 
ment in pcrfuaJinj,- ihc Norman lord? to concur in the etc^iov, 
Thcfe were the citcutu (lancet ihar in chofe tinir-t f<irme<f a title 
to ibc crown* and notfucha And hcredliary right as hath Gnce, 
eitcepc upon cxtraofJiiiiir)^ cmrr^ficics, been cftAltfberf. B9C 
the kiaj had not rcigneJ many jnonthi, when hn ihr«>ne wtt 
fhilccn i»)' a fuJdcn an*! s\f\\*A p:n^il confpirJcv of the grcjt 
Norman lords, whi>> tht>' n^t'iin^ h-iJ j-et been dorte by him tf> 
offend tbcm, fojfook him, and^ not regarding the oith^ ihey h^ 
tikcn, cfpoifed ihr c*nfe of Duke RoNert, In this cxirvmiiy 
WCUam haj no rcrource but the l^r-g|ilh ; and, therefore, marcr 
powerfully to cngigr thf ir aflWfow, he not only rarefled then, 
ai the friend* rn whom he rclicvi, bvc enga;^ nienfelf to tl 
by the ftfjogi'ft aiTurancei, thjit he woittd crve ihrrn ^ 
l«w* than had ever before tieen d\:ibIifT)H in cngland^ laW 
ill illr^l iaxc3f and ;eflu:r i\^ i!ie:]i their ancient freedom of 
hgntin^^. Thia r^ifcJ him an arm^- of firry ibsttfawJ ma^ who 
Jefved him bravely a j>d faithfully k hit diflief^ and to ikem 
ehkHy he owed hU preiervaiton : which ^rorei that rhe En^di 
>cfc pot {at (iMlifltipn hare fuppofed) reddccd fo Itnthf 

tbf Lift 9f Hmrj ih StcaJ, 


Willi«ni ch« Conqucrort cv^n tf ib« c»d of htfi rtirn, a* to be 
meit abjc^ drudgtf and fljirci to the Nomi*n3. TT^cir forct 
wai fuAcJcnc 1o en^iirUin thit pnnce of tbc rcj'j] famil]^, who 
coufto) Oicua oKifl, upon the ih roue of this kii^giJom, xgtinft 
all the cffortt of the conE'siry fiSion : a vtry remarkable fi^, 
vhkh A)ino4l retrieved (he honour of ihe nation. 

William Rufu^. Thu* favoured by rhs; nativps of Enghndj 
w^ A more Uwful fovcrcign of it, by ihcir elc^^crt, than Ro- 
bert could be, by any Ji^ht of inhrrifitnce il«(ive<l from a father, 
wbolc own title had been on^tntU/ bid. Yet though he haJ 

S lined thii jdvaiitAge, and availed him&lf of H now :is hia 
rofigell fupporc, he ufeJ ill po^ble meani to win over the 
Koimari nobilitj. and brrA their i.(.iiiftdciacy i Ui which he fo 
Jar fuee ceded, thic In a little ^«hiie l^e whole nation fubciitlc^ 
i|tticily to hicii, nnicr the hope md ifTtirxnce of i good ^vcriw 
nent. Nor were ihcir expedationt oontradifted at fir It bf 
hit condu^ ; but after Tome time |»ofperiiY corrupted h^s n^* 
turr, or rather difcovered what policy and kit had conceaLcd. 
l^hii change wta accelerated by the ceccafc of l^nfranc i for^ 
after tlic di*ath of that pulaJr, the kmg^ whoie palTioni had 
h£cn curbed by an habitual rffpe^ for the gentle ;iiiihortiy of a 
viriimu« prcL-eptor, ^ew tnuic UulJ iit bit vkt), arid more iiu* 
p'Atient oi any counlei^ delivered with freedom : yet hit charge* 
Icr fur a while rensaincd undecided ; hia grvil and guod qu;i1»< 
ties being fo mixed with fi'ti hadf thit the vKirld was in doubts 
what judgment Id foTJH of him> fiut an jmmrnfc prodigalic/t 
which he was forced to fitrport by r^ipinc snd ncioriior, wUh 
the Ln1lj*ationiof Rilph FUmb.-u-d, a itiinificr worfc thanhiin*^ 
felf, deicrrjifned ihic rit>iibt, ind marTe the btier year* of hi* 
reien a contintt^ fenc» of gnevoui opprc^ons, 

We Al^iII tmt fcJtow our noble Authur thniugh the frveral 
tranfadiotis that happened under Williasi R^f^s, among wKidl^ 
bis Cw-Tcft with AfiiHoi, Archbifliop of Canterbury^ make* mij 
incorriider*ble lig^re : but there it a cirtutnflince recorded con* 
ceirin^ M«lcolrn, Kin^ of Sco(l«i>d, vrbicli a too euiinu^ to 
be omJttwJ* * The chiraifkr of ihU monarch, fay* Lord Lyt- 
idton* cmnoi be better IhcvTi th«n by one fa^, which is n 
Uied ficm ihe mouth of hh cwn ibn* ^m^ David the FirlT, cgij 
King H<:nrf the S:«ond, hia great erandfon. by Kthehcd Abl 
of Rivaux. Havirrff recciveu .xn infurmiimn, thai orteof hls^ 
nobiei had conceived a def)^ againft bj} hfci he enjoined the 
UriiTtefl filciice to the inronnrr, and took no notice of il him- 
iclf, till the perlbn accufed of thji exeaablo trealon come to hia 
courts In ordei lo circuic bis InunEion, The next itMunlftg, I 
weetto hum, wiih all the train cf hi* coiircier?, and, wb 
they- htd f;ot into the deeped vroods of the forcft* diew ibat n 
blcmiD away frotQ tiic rcfi of the company^ and Ipoie to hto. 

Ibus: ** ItdioM I we arc iKre mlooe, arcne^. ^ii'l moii 
slikc. Nobody fcts. or iicark us, or en ^irc ciih<r of i^ 
^j<nll the other- If thtn yooi m« i bnTc ntiui, if you 
cotirjgc iK4 fyiriu pcrfbrm yovr pitrpof i Accomplrih tbc 
mi^^'cu hjvc mnuc coi^y cmmtK?. 1^ fo^f ihinfc I <H;gh! = 
ftiiSod ty j'^Ht «^<fl c»H vou 6it It bc.Eer ? M'b^n more 
taTii\y i wlicn mofc manwlly ' liarr vow pfcpjn-d |Tf><feti 
~ ic i ihJf ik a i««otfra»irn tTof'-zt^^^^t va^lii yoi» murder 
iv hrd ^ lA 3idi;|icj7'iciftil<i da xh^fi^^M h^vc you hi,i a da 

» flftb iBc fr<rcl7? ihtuuilie^ra4 uf a ruQLin- ^Ri 

a like 4 k>\li^r; ȣl like 4 icui ; Hid hgUt with nic Eufid 
iiDd ', lltit four tf^afcii it\ij tt I»t1 be f<e« from h^lVficf^,"' 
c thvfc vvoM), |K< tuir^Kp »3 if he bid been flruck with « 
thuaile-yil't ii\l at hit fcctj and iitipi rrd rii pardon. '* Frtf 
:»ihtii* : V'>^ l^^^l '^^ ru!icf Apy cyd from me }'* replied ^ 
Ira : and k*p: h[« w.rd.' 
WoiiFd %hr liniiu within which we ue confined jidiTiiC c4 i^ 
Arc (biiLild hi^ ^lid ID iirr.rf, »i liff'Cf the charaAcr whieb V-ocid 
yUelton bai drawn of VVilirom Rufut : but wc mutt contcot 
u:Mtc^ WltH obfcnin^t ib^i ie hu, accofJtn^ to the cpimoa 
'4f hii f»rd(li:p, been too mijch dqwcciated by cnafiy hiS^i4ftr. 
Th'^ rh-ir^i^Lcr of thb kinj^ vtrik, ao dotibtt very faulty; jet* 
liM.tiES[bni!n> ;;!] hi( fxjiu. he wjt a^rcu rrun. In m^ca* 
n mitv* the Rfii i^t rorJ vixtucv.^ no puncc cvxr cxcdkJ tiinit 
tnJ fryi hjvc eij^illed'. Bui ivlKHr/cr frmn^ qu^litie^ he r»gbf 
V* pcAleHcd of> the i^iifery of tfii^Urvd uru complete m hitr^e^* 
n^hc njtkin wil ft pr<)r to licrniioufriel'i, ;ik much 4y co tv- 
^:iinv ^ laJ TufECfnl ae once tbc dlfbrdcn of an^rchy^ anJ ti« 
^^ifMcJlii^h:! ofirliErarT jv»wer. 

At thr Ji-w^ of ^Vj;;?am Rrfut, hi* brother Doke Robert 
vl.i: in AfuUtt upon hi> rciufn rEi>iii Jcfuf^lcmt in the coo- 
^ucfl of which he had done \cty ^retr :i.:tion^ and ^lineJ s re- 
putation for vflioiir Ai»d eonifvtt, eqvfl, if not fupcYior, to that 
of Any of the prn^cidlTociateil ivitli him. Henry, m the main 
iinr, \hz y^Hngel fon of th;; exinqnoroTf bein;* prcfefit in Eng* 
lUndt afpired to ibc ertwrn, I'hii |if ir>ce had received in hri 
Ijmtiih rurha tir.durerrir^uidric;, ihii he ^M the namcof&flt- 
^/, a tilUvrnr extr^&t^iinary ii>r aay U)tn«n, bui miirh more 
for (he (on pf a grcu kii>i.% to obuin, in that ignorant Jtte. 
Thi< wjrt no inm enJovmeni i and he macfe n ^ood tjfe «frt ; 
bui be hid otiKn f^dl more r^Wblc ; £mi njcunl f^ 
aivJ foundiief* cf mMj, a tool bead, a firm he^rtt 
fl«Tfinrf«^ kfiowlcje of bvfinefi, of war. iniof niantii»j aj 
tcf lf>c dcccafc i>f bb fiiher he had been vcc\- i'l treated b» btitl 
hi, b.'..^^eT^ *f)'1 had Turned >n ndi^tfity pitiencc nnJ for iibide; 
T 4t n; jdvarujc o( ihe far J acvidmi which had depnverf Wfl 
liasi Rofui vt htf L'j, Heo'} h^nA to Londort, whire hi 


lie Life af Hmry xht Stand, 


V/ai fkd^ king of EngUrd by the gr^it conncll^ znd wav 
crowned u\ Wctlmi^tftcr-sbbcy, un cbc following Sunday, b<- 
ing ihe fifth Jay ofAugLifl, in the ycir of our Lord iio^. 

* The fuddcn ind cjfy confcott CMiUnucs our noble Author, 
of (he Normans and Englifh, to tb(s revolutiort^ bv which Oakc 
Robert waj ftg:an f^t alidc fr'^m the throne of this IciriRdom* and 
kC ii cimc whcrt the gt^'ai honour he hid gaiucJ in the hjjy w^r 
W3j ffcfh in the mmda of n^cn, appears fomewhar fiirfiriling. 
As ihe dcilh of Wiltiptm Rufus v/Ai an event cjuKc uiicxpr^led* 
Henry hid not thought of fQtming iny fj^ioti. The ircafurc 
IcFl by hi» brother could ncr go ds m purchMpLOe fricndi for 
him, at that kins w» toct profufe to hah'F much in unr« : ror U 
JT fiTd by any wriKr who livcJ in ihofc tim«. th« he owed hb 
deflinn (rt hrihri. B<it il wa* a gr^ar advantage to him, that 
thofc who h*4 been wirmcfi in fupporiirrg WiLh^im Kufus 
a^iiifl Hubert in EiigUndj lud rr*fcjii tu ipprehcnd the rcfenr- 
Ricnc of the latfcr ; which muft h^ve rendered them umvilling 
to trufl him with power ( md the manner in which he had ^o* 
TCTTied the dutchy of Nom^andy aftbrded a Uronj^ prefumpCiOA 
of his un^tncf} to govern EngUnd. Henry bad (nc#n grcit ti-* 
JcTiti for governmthl ; and fome ftrefs was laid on thr circijm- 
ftiDCC of hn having been bom in EngUnd, after hik father wm 
king. Yet he faw thai the furcft meihiid'to roncilii:c tn him- 
felf the favour tti the nation, would be the holding out to them 
fuch uiEiotuI bciicIiEji a» Ihonld inukc lib tnicrcft ihJt uf i\iC 
Dubllc. I'heir fttbmiffion under ibc lynnny of the two liift 
Norman kingt had been o«ving to tiicu ni dunce i of a u^nfLcnt 
naiuret r»ot 10 arw rooted and ^rmanent ciufe. They flill re^ 
taiiKd A pilTon for liberty nftturil slikc to the Norman» ani 
Kn{£tift. In th« preferi ccnjunfture thejt mutual dulrull and 
fear of each othe/i wb^h hjd been the principal rcafon that 
hindered their uniting In defence of ihctr jirivilcf^r^, gave wi/ 
to i ilrong and equal ddtre in both) of reducirij^ the r<jyul au- 
thority t:> fuch !imi|jriii>n», »•*, without deflrnyin^ Lhc feudal 
fyftem eAabliflieJ in Kn|;1and by Williinn the Fiift, from which 
tnc NojmAT) nt^'bility could not be iticJi^icd at lijL3 iifne to dc- 

fjart, mtght allfviate the he^vy burthens wiih which it wa« 
oadcd, and put an end to that dcfpotlfot which wa» no Jefa 
infupporulile to the gre^t Norman lordit, than to the inferior 
genU^ and commons of i£ni;)and. So ftroDg vrai thli dcftrc, 
that neither the tiderjhip of the Duke of Normandy, whtcbr 
though il did not, m thofe day>, coavcy an ahfiluU t^ibt to dtt 
<n>wn, was yrt a p'nvrfnJ rrtaminfmiartMy nnv a folcmn treaty, 
made with that prince, and confirmed by the bar^ni* if WiL* 
liatn fhould <Jic wjthouc a ^jb, nof hi* racrilonous anJ honour-* 
ffblc Oiarc in the c.-»n(]u«il of Paleltine, coiiM jUnd in compe- 
tiiioo with the offcT of Henry, 10 iiboliBi all the evil ^^i^^w*^ 


Ltrd LjFttdun'i iSfitry tf 


tbat had pr«viilcJ in the Utc rcigfi, ani to cit^kbhih in Ihft 
ihc b«ft Uw», that haJ ever been {iren, umlcr any o* tSc 
}ui prcdccciFoTs. Thb. cogctbci wi:H the reafbns affigBfld 
fnrcj rnlfi^d \h^\ nrrncc ra ihc tlirocie, in prtrjudicc to bo 
l}>fr, ^Kor« Icf^Jl tuk to it couM net be duputcd. For^ 
ever right o( Mtkn might be Jxi the (uHJAinenCa ibut ticbi va 
fcorrtid by Che Above-mentioned treaty. But la vain djda^ 
NormjJVf fnorc le^tiful of jofiice »od of ^ood laith tlus ibt 
reft, or more attained b)r tbetr own imcreft 10 the pwr^^K^ 
bcrt, fliongljr (iraicO agalnft ihi> a^. Tbc nation reloJved to 

Stve rhe crown lo a pripce, li^bo Ok^uU acquire and hold it tm^ 
cr no other claim than a ^agd^jQ^ ^ith b^^ people: an*! tbo«(^ 
it wntjid be di£(-iTli injuJ^ify ihcir prDcecdiog, cither i« coo- 
{cience or taw* (hcjr pcJiLV mzy peihapft be accx>unccd aot uo- 
vrlfr i *« it mark the tide of ihc king bccoox iccuthy for the 
Ijbeity of ibe rubje>^. To give that liberty a tnoie I'olid aftl 
lafliiig cOdbliibnietit, tbc^ demanded a chirlcf i which Hciarr 
g>3ifiicd Toon afier hU corijnaiion, as he bad fworn to do 
he WM cjowncd. Bv ihia he uflor^d tbc Soxoa lawa 
itf^re in ufe under Eiward (he ConidTof, but with fuch 
lii>n>t or (u he Aylcd ihcm] aturtdati&'a^ or haJ ht^m m^ 
ihrtn kj ^ifatk4r u^hh thi atkric/ efhifpArtiaJietvt ; at the fame linw 
fiifnulling ail ^t iu/ioMi cmJ Hi^al ordJiiMU, ^ vi^ith iht rtai^ 
iirt htm ftnjiifilj ^pFf^fd. Sumc of thofe grievances were ' 
cified in the cbaiter, and the it^uik of tbem va* there 
enacted. It alfo conuined vcn- confidcuhle miiigattoiu 
thufe f<udi1 righttp cUimcd by the king over hti tenintt, 
by them over thcin, whkh cic her were the moH buiihenfi 
in their own nature, nr bad been made fo by an abufive tx 
frin. [n ihoUt all the libcrly, that could well be coiuTlAc 
with the fa fc 7 and inrcrrft of the lord in hil fief, wut allow 
to chc VftHal hy thu chafter, aj^d the profits due to the 
wrrc frtlled according 10 a de^itimmod :i"d mLxletutc rule 
law. To life tlie words of one of uur ]-rvnteA anitauaric#* 
ifenry Sjietman, It u\rr fht sritin^i »f fCimg Jiwt't mag 
cKartat i^tairsit^ nc// tf fff/ artiiiet «f it, ath<r parUiuUrJy ■ 
fifffeJ^ 9r iH ti^m^td^ tfJtr tht toxjtrmnti^ UgiWi l» the /rtvi 
ESw^rJ ikt Cr»tftjir, So rti^ken are ihcv, who bare fuppo- 
that all iHt piiiikg» granted in aa^jw JfinrUi were a 
entortf^J by thearni!i ofrcbeU from Ktng JohnT a noiioawk 
fecms to bi(<e b^n hif; taken Lip, rot To much oui of ignoraace^ 
ai frooi a laC^ ofotltc of addlaiiEin to lume d our |>rirKC& it|j 
Ia:tr limci, who, cndcavou.-in^ to grifp at absolute pow^r^ 
Were J^i'r^ua of jrjy prciULce in ronfidcr rhefe Uw«, wbkb 
&0'jd in their wif, m violent cncfo:LGbment£ made by Uie ba-* 
wra on tite aiictent figbti of ifie CTLiwa : whtrcu thty were (ft^ 
reality rei]Itu;icni s^d (xa£i'\;^M cf JUi^icnt fightJ enjoyed ^^| 


tit Itfe sf Hmy dt Stcond, 


Ac nA^Wxj and pecfik of £ngl:irii in former Kigni \ or Hmj- 
niiona of pd\r«re ubkh tH<: kinj^ hnj iUcgAlly and irbvtrarily 
fkrtrchrct bcyoni ihctr Juc bouiuli. In fomc rdpcflB tJiii char- 
ter ol Henry the K;Hfc irai mojv 3kdvaftta§coui to Jibcitjr* ihui 
pK^K.'j eharra itftlf. 

* Nor VMS ic tinly t^e fcvew**'^ and hii fulje^ft*, wh<» were 
ihuB linked lo^Ehcr hy fhia j^rcit bonJ ^jf (UucujI olilik^Jiiun. 
»om [hr ohUining rr ihiEChirt^r mufl be Ja;ed thc^urii^ri of 
the Nojinaii> wuh the: Ln^lllb, whuic iutcicfl:^ bkntJcd lii k 
wef« for (he future mfcpjfJbly joine^f under ont common claim 
cf riUoraJ righLj. B jt no Uwa or puv'ilcgci can make a j^ccp^e 
free, if ibe idtni mil ration and f|iirii of government be not id 
^cncrd fuitable to ihccn. Jbc condu^ cf Henry entirely cct- 
rcfpcodcd w)Eti hi» engage [TIC a t«. He tixtk off from his fubje^s 
aU the bunticnt iHot had betn iilegally impol^d upon tiiem i 
he rctniKed all the debts tli^u weic due to the cruwii ^ and 
(wbac wa5 tnurc poptilar fllHJ be punished all ihi>lewbo haJ 
made an ^ibufe of their i3cnver, (uixiculjily Ralph I'ljmUird, 
Judiciary of En^'an J, and Bk{ht>pof Durhuiri^ the mofl accept* 
able ficrtiiLC he *mM mike iv the public reicAtnienc/ 

Yet, ihoitQh thifi able pnnee b;Dd thui t^keii aU mechodt dist 
^ifdom could' di^iee, to keep bimelf firni in tlw throne he haJ 
aftpridfJ, he w;i« foon in grrMdinprrof bring ex|>c)W fiom 
it» by ilie defedioin of mo(i of the Norman baroni in KngUnd* 
upon lIic reltini 0fhh brother frnnt thecaft. But the Eci^lifh, 
attached lo Hemy by hb marriage with ft princefi ci their ovrn 
naiion, j>*> wdT as by bis charter, ;ind havj:ig no efface* to for- 
feit abroudt adhered to him ilr^rily ) and ibe wbole clergy waa 
Axed to baa fiJe by tlic in^JiJti'jn uf Anfclnk, — Ar^oihci ^ivat 
fupporc of bit govcfRmeitt vf*t the ftri^t care wub which he »d* 
minincrcd juLticc to hii people. He made war upon rue, 
and ibnijght rhr fvbdoin^ of It wiibin hU nralmj » far as the 
fear of punifhnient can fubdue it^ the noblefb triumph a king 
coirfd obuin. 

The refnaindcr of ibe hifloryofthe m-olulioA> oTEnchndv 
from :he dc^tih of Edward the Confetti to the bircb cf Henry 
the S^ojiil, carries on the fex'cnl tranfaftiorii th^t b>ppeiic4 in 
the reign of Henry the full, duvtri lu the fcitleiKnt of the fvic* 
cdHon to hit ciown, in favour of hit dauL^bter Matilda^ Among 
ihefcfc the encroachntcnts or' the p^^pal powr^r^ the faie» of Ro- 
bert DuWc <4 Nnrm^ncly arfl nf tld^ar Arhelins, the admirable 
lranqui]ii:y eltablifhcd at home, the rile, pro^r^), and fonimcs 
of the houfc of Anjon, ir>c kir>(-% a-jt« iiiid jfTAirs aVojdt tliC 
unh^kpj^yand fatal accident which befel hi^ only fon and the 
ilower o( tbe nobiUiy> the n;ai(ii^c of Mitdlj, and the ci'- 
flojti, deaths and c^ura^vr ih'WiUiaJit Citio, together vhih 
otb^r CTinist uc rdaiid by Lc/id Lytielt(>a ia t TCry ck» &t^A 

nd will be found 


fatttfidory B)«iii«r, and will be found wcll-ddcrving tkr n- 
tcntiQU « hb Readers, 

EmlUmi^ ^t, Adofnrd wiih Coj^^rpJiin from the u 
Millcia. ^vo. 5 a. Robinfon and Kobcru. 

TH b R E is a fpifit of picty in ihcfc poems^ which* « ^ 
fecmi (o be prrfciftiy inbcr and uoafTr^edt b iruly vf- 
ncralile. Nor i> ihtro a w-aniof (t;aiiuB. The vciiiikabod a 
fmooiH ingcneiaVaii'JtSc language; iadcganu The ^enrknenn 
aic marked ivich ihe gtnume fiamp of good fenfc, ntioci4l phi- 
lofopliyt AJid an impiovcd knowkgc ofhunim life. I11 fup-*.- 
ol ihis charafter wc Jhall admii a« exf fa*3- fr om a fxtcir, .. 
lirlwJ, An Efif.U Jfi^m B^tiui to Art lV\fi Rj^hlana. 'fhil ir- 
nowncd iUtct'man i^ t^'t■]| known by hii mitfonunrs and ha 
^iloTophyi-^thc latter fmpcrfoiiatcd, chu* ad4rc£c» biin : 
" SaHicr f( firil iMi wholvfomc unih 1' inipdirr t 
Coy Foftunr'nIiTfUiC* rtingi thra fn rhe h«an! 
A willmj; ni^tKli :o ihe youn^ kqiJ bald, 
fiui tWitiifulof ihcnm'ioui Dn<i ihacldi. 

Mcpr TliU of c^aI1J;c cutiipcll'd hci tcjcalliicr 
Htr-bcrt Iov"*l P<jiJt|Jty in hti (Ifikth >ear. 
The frocvni of a uprdom jilt ypu rnourt», 
^bo*9 ihifir, or r«in«, i<nd cv^ry mjn'i by turo i 
AVerc ForiUTtc confuut, ftc'i no more the fankc* 
But. ch^ji^M in Ipecics. lakct anorbcr untie, 
fitly, when diai ptoJif / of ffllftood fm^rdt 
AnjI all thr iVircYrcCt thy h»rt Krguil'J ; 
Whcti cv'f) joy thju full pAflelGan gire 
lL>fc [0 the hijilicn fdjQi man c«n oairoi 
V/dJl (huu lbci> happy [i:> thy fuul's dW;(v ? 
&^nicLhing ii) Irck, Jiid r>mf(hititf lo miuirr, 
bcil^, l^ill paplrsr'd rhr^, urforrl^Fn he[oig. — ■ — 
Thy driu^hu \\ttt m'^Kty, bvc thv drotfy more, 
^i'i* j^mnicdr pQrtuic*- vjnift'd— an^ i*b« (be* ? 
Thow'fl ftiU a» iicU- %Vh is ill ^tioJ uicn ; 
Thy inind*» i^r «^ri \ [if lEiiic be c»lni ao3 ev'o !J. 
Thybiih iiil^d^iiirnccH thf fundf io Heav'o. 
Tlic Indian o^iiy kkA her jinjtluif; beJIa, 
Urf r«gt Oi fjlk, and trumpffiy ol fhclli : 
\ iriuc'i B plumper of A t umb'rooi niikc 
t>hc CpIutioc; iiid Ihc dod not i;hufc m latff^- ■ 
^Cfrpr ih' incmftani, if ^r dci^nt 10 lU/, 
Andr U (he Icii'c^ ih«e, fpcei hrr oa ihf it^ay i 
K01 whcte"* the djSTiocc, ni>j;;iti)' rca/aCTi U/i 
^VJlt^ man by Jtflin of all ihifi£j i» brrcfi, 
if he katvi Por:urte. u by fortuned \<M 


jPoimne t& Gilbi^i doer xhc 6iidem brought; 
llie door wu t\0*'d. itid cihrr funi ihe Icu^ht: 
Poftunc'i » wofxijtnp o»cr Joiitl or Llind : 
A Jlc|>-dftnic now. ftnd now « mothci kmd, 

*' Efchcw Lhc lull of puwV, iTid ptidc of Iffc; ■■ 
Oni;)*rTing mait orci^LtriE«t-uoiklng rlri^e! 
V*ifi hopes, which cinly idjot-niiadi rmplof-t 
And iancv buildi. For ^anty ti>dv<tfoy , 
All muH be wretched w]ioc^tpc<l Ltx^nmct : 
Lifc'i chymk £oW piav:> rccicaiiE lu tr^c roiKh. 

" Th* pun fclio fran, nor l)op« fr>r earthly Ehbgf, 
nir^rmi thctyrim, and lookt dowi; on kin^t: 
M'nilll the depcndjji(;, <iBvin[>, ^»tfiin% iltv« 
Mako bL» ovin ihii tira^i hijn to i^c j;r4rc.* 

The goddtla now, wtili titjj jinii Ibbcrgoce 
U'dLdng, look'd mc Ha^hfi in ih^ i$fv. 

>' Thjr cvilf nrxc fict h^avy on iby mini i 
lliy pompi thy wealth, thy tjLIib, IcTc bdijnd. 
Ah, <)ui( iWc noibi-tgi to the h\>\>%ty (iibc ; 
Sutci cannot bviilb ihcc; thry may pfolcnbtf. 
The 2fiod tiixri*t <ouriUy » in ev'ty cliaic, 
HiiOod m cv^iy pUc«-, Ht4v'ryuat9i 
}n cjviIaM, oc ^n DirbuMn Uads, 
Whcrcvtr Vjrtuc br<aihcj| an aliu Jbndi I 

'* A finhcr wcakitcli ta thy hrifi I read i 
Thy prlCnn Ihocki chec wiih nnurtial dread: 
Daflc lolitude 1^y d/ivViTig mird appiLi. 
Djimp £oc»n, and lom-^hvuf roo^i saJ itaUd wdls, 
Vc; here tfic mvrhl ufSdcuici <outd /o^ i 
And. being IcJi than mjn. hcir^fc tofnore. 
YJi(h not EA fee new hoAi of cJienii wait 
Ja rowi fubmilHtft thro^ va^ roomt of Itatt i 
Nor, on ihc liLlcr ol toixic rulbci fprctd, 
Limeni ihc abftncc of thy Jonrty bt4 ; 
rjur i^ricvc ihoj> tK^i ily pTurdcr'd bxiki 4fbrd 
No confViUcJan co theif ciLEl'd Jnid : 
R»d thy own htm i in ipotioni nkvly fcaii | 
Tlere'i ■ filfcicn: library (vr ninn, 
Afid yet a noUler volume flili rciDAiDi i 
The Book of FjovidcuiCc all truihi cgataiaa: 
for rver ofeful, and for cvrr civar. 
To >U vieit opto, and ca ail n>en near t 
Hy CyraiM'i urifepprcfi^d, untOiichM by lire; 
Old ai marikindi und wilb inanlcicd T (Apire. 

" Next, what aggiicvci dictr jjiclli jilofi of famct 
And (he challe prkle ofv once- fpotJefi panic : 
£oi m^k, my Toe, ibe troJii 1 IhalF impvt. 
And ffra*B thu& on the ubJcci of ihy hejrt : 
The hiA keen ftjokc th^ uaioftiMflK tkaU dui» 
la loGng the opimon of nunkind : 
Slander and accufacion t>^e J^eir tiie 
fiOm |hj d«lmin£ foflunea, not th/.VkC*. 





Tin AmcrcKth : ttf Rtligi$us Patmit 

O' ft licto *pfli'i nlliiii 'lrl*rHpfci\l f ■■ ■ ■ - p 
FiOT chilly fiiidn thr f^'v^' Of Fo*i0iio r#« 
To tiux iQ li»t, iftitwi^k in Ihc Tfri ; 

-< io>El rM. ncr c'i'vr M ^ otkI Or rviJ fum< t 
^e 1ru4- toGci^i tn^ ihw vi mi) the fiiinv. 

Knr fell rtc i in'*«t thou hj(t trj' j jtiw, 

" And whti^ in' af^tfeBfr r:^ l?<rriinjc of 4>f vltf 
Oicfc* u* Wil* vhlLcVr cb« anchor «vrii ; 
TJft nc<* r>rf tbi> Trcan'' lif^ mall y>eM. 
AnJ *leiih «vilt {wic« be oufkr cifihe lidd. 

Ta £x< ilic tnlUin dojth'd, iirid ^cod msn bate ; 

To IM iinpi«t)r uiih pcnifi eiftfaroo'J : 

rViitur bfifougbe iot, honf Af VB-<rh'n'd j] 
HcJv'nS iJifi>ci]|iiliOTit FTO mk" u» ct|>lorc £ 
Ir ihii, [fl htlom God. u tn be rnor* 1 
It^Mr fftc btic f»it«Ef>i rhr di^inr i^Vcrr^t 
Tb* moH ihff 5T»pyfitc fttAi«?if cpi^U foe, 
' Wm the &int rJimriMni; of c&n^ Ofrt^ty. 
Vet derm pot xich men hipp?. *Tid iL-t poor 
Unprorp*rous r mft iH-*vrnE, 4'rl Ju**f;r no more. 
True firfriy fO H^v'n'i thiWrtr muft brloi^g : 
Wi<»» <jcd iH* Tich IT* wcftb, he pf*r irv RfO(«g. 
'1 h' irfttxiCAbIc f^nCliCin (landt prcpai'd ; 
Vice liM )tt KUtfe, «iij viTiuc ki nwjvd, 
Cortrfiencc. mun't crAtincI, ftyti>\6iiatfif, 
Kor lhe!»i u* |b« S'^' ^nipK lor HpavV* hi^h-iyvv^ 

Wc b-itui hionaur, Kdi! our fnt h txfiOr : 

Mind^cri of fuiurc blrft. lici*'nly famea 

W* tin:) ind fcti the Chf tem to thr nimr. 

An^bJftOHi Mc< fhr ic^l b^ tcntfiMt %»% 

Srill EAJtkei nf^ con[|<Kili, lot aJ^ com|i»Hl| IcHS 

CtjuiC'fivoijrt rk iboif ihr «>flifnoii roM 

lEy modilly tt"d fxjmb'c virtof cmd ; 

IjJtt ircrion prwipicrl, thfydifpUy 

l^jrr ffuiE. lAhjch nos^f ton mch but brrrt nf prtfjp* 

'* All anen. frcm t&Jir.ii ■! IVdtii ccrtagK}*! fyi 
They irury cttitt. *-d imC'Trvri: i^t ^jT; 
Ofiiii licbn, Bfld yet T*jpf noi jmirfftj : 
Tbc wiceinrifi /'ul p/H^Ttf? jt» ««i>ily f3*t. 
The be^g«r'» Pjtft'iy^ a»d ib« ^ffjpji't hr*r*. 

" fo iprit of tiilci. t^6ry, Ifrr'-Jtrin |>tlf. 
Lord ihuQ an objtdl bcticr tfc4n th^k\ff 
Vou infHtr, No.-^— If riiir. ay fan, be ttve;, 
TfaenjircEoGcxI tlw thutkf 10 God >it dv«. 

An AfptiiSit H th Lift tfCrrdnai Palt, 

No mnn li crown'd die f^i'Hic <if iTtr (li«i 
Till Hni^^A hit f^Jth by Hixip ^Aiiction tfiej : 
Nor chstnf, dirjjtjtof, nor lyanfi <an ccfitroul 
Tb' ibilily ro f<rc ti»' immorul fouU 
How oh did Sf nc» Jcjjloff hh (mv^ 
IVh*fr'd [har rmllfaiod ubith jou h^te .' 
H(y« often dkd I'^p mian ihJtr^p hii brrQth 

T* unplore, like your'*, 4 p^ufrng-iirftf foi d«ih ?- ■ 

" PUcc in ihy (ifht lUm/'a't tojiitffati icCgi.'dj 
And TuilW iwiiti huuiitiiy of oiird : 


As [hy prcfpFFJtiei pal* d f^ifl aatj^. 
Jujl Eci thy grieF iliifl mike a trjoficni Bay, 

kJ hj- Iiici /ift liouf (001 u it f*f f<oi» ih«] 
It the Ult hour of hb)ni4a mifc;. 
Extmnci of ^licf or jciy ar* riffly eiven, 
Anvi U1} i\ tartly. \>y ih* will c| H^ir p, ' 
Sentiments like ehcfe aic cf gciicra) nfc : they com* h^^mc 10 
the heart* and require Jioihiii^ but applL^tiou 10 icaJct thcin 

vfff Jff/ndix fp tki Lift %f CarJinei Pf.W with fiau H^narkt 6a 
the ihitf Ohfili^ni i^'t6 htnv iftn nisJt t4 iU 4«>' 13. 

THIS Appendix bcgint wiih No. \iU » t^ro had been 
published btffore, an<I conuins a iliAVrutian i)n Uic La;JtL 
cdiiien of chff fciipture caIJmI th« Fufx^* \ >ddiitoni 10 the hif- 
tory ofCudirul Pole; foiT>c ftmark^ on ihc pvinclpal objcftioni 
which hive been nijdc to it 3 erron ofihcprcd, andothermif- 
tikej, cofrcclcd. 

With rrgifd to Mr, Phillrpi's dil^riation on the Fu^gffU, we 
may obkrve how carefully (lie luthof, at firft« ovoi6i %\vins <^*^ 
version ihcnamtofair^jvy^jiMff, rubt)i<ucifi$ ihe word/'*'j/Wf ; a* if 
it were really an autfacmJc ciliikm of the hdly fcripium : and h« 
Uyn that * this edition i* fci complete a body uf the witmn 
word of God, that by a decree ol the coinictl of Trent, no 
other eJiEicn [or tranllaEicii) ii, on any prcieAlt fa be made 
ufe of either in ihe fchooh of the (Miblic w^dhTp/ It hannent 
unfottirn^tcly for him, that Pojit k ixiui V, ard Clement vilh 
after thii deem fubld^d very di1fef«ncrdJiio^.« of thii tnrfla- 
tion. Now we think he QtoM htvc inroiined ui which of there 
ediiions he reftit to, and which the ftiuncii rf Ttrtti f^^htfiid 
would be of fucb fiiprcmc autHerity t but as he fiw thit the 
canfctjiimrr* of giving rhr prf frrrticr cither eo one or the olher 
muil be cocxpofcihccouiu:>!i And %o jn validate the infjUibilit^ 
and auihofiiy of ihc porttiit^ he hath ray anfutly fluned K 

h is eriough to make protef^antt fmilc to kc the chief reafoa 
be afheru for the decree of the council of Ticiit m favour *f 

U 4 -CwA 


M% Vul^c iruiDiiiDr, va. ' Tbai the caihofic churdi iitH 
fKt% for fo manyiges, have propolcd lo her mcmbencitkna 
defcBivc ciT crroiic^^yt guiJc of belief or prailiicc/ By thtt c*- 
tholic chvr<ti he ccnainly muns ilic Rom^n or cb< Lits 
chiircli- But he fliooM ronemtKr ihac the taU^olic chuKblij- 
mfio the wholv Chiil^i&ii church ui all agc« apd n«iom: ui 
how few of ihcin hxvccvcf ufcd or fccn tbu iruifUtioa. «c 
jievd ikftT mform ihe Anchor. Thr grcir and niimeroui chnrcha 
jn ihc »(ii and the whole Grtck church at this d»y^ bcli^ jU 
Ih* piotpftafii chiirrh»m ihc world, odrhcr did n6rdoatlo# 
■ny authority id thU craMn;iCioii» morr than Co juiothct, aat 
Tioi fft Much w lu inaiiy uihcii. Jt wii very proper fnc lie 
XitiEi churcfii whcTi L;(tin w;u the b^^gu^^ ui^drrJtikod bf the 

EropU^ lo mlhuct ihcui lo the ^odfinci or ;h« holy fcriptum. 
ut furrly it muti be the grcatdt of i}l atfurditics to fij, M 
h i> M triJiUjiIvn proper to Inftru^t ihc %t^Si AO't*c» Euiopev, 
Afrior^ and Amtrkjn nnia^ii; mJ thu ito oiber tradUbca 
but (hii IbjIU on aj^y pKiot, he made ntt tyf in their fcimk 
or their piiHic »o(fhi]> Jf the rriLincil of Xrcnt had nA * 
decree that the Old "IdUmtnt fhould alm)'« in churchn ati 
IchooK he r^-arf atid qunted crily in Hcbicw i and thr Kcv Tti'- 
umciit in Greek, tttcte niight have been foinc app«iraii<e ttut 
ihcy were lefolvCd <0 adheic tnibe w^rd a( GoJ» i« God h:»- 
felfhaa brcn plcafvd lo deliver it : but to decree ihat ihe krip- 
tutri ^joulJ alwayt and every where be rc^d pubtich in Lauo, 
Jccme lo be dcfigfied, not fo much for the honour of Godt ^ 
fur the hoc-our of the LMin cburch. Hid the genilencriH 
Conft»mini',ile, whrnthry wrrcin th^hrj^hrft power, madtnV 
crec that nil the world ihoM ule the Greek tranilaiioo, {wUd 
tbcy too miglu c-ilt an tdiii*«) <jf the Sepiuigii^t, jind the New 
TelUmcnl ju the o'i^inolp fu/elv tHcy would ha^ had mud 
mnre rf'^ftin on their fide, ai the Greek ^«Ut at [hat rimct *^ 
PTTViLJJin^ l.inf;uji^e i^f tnankind. fivCt never attempting fiaci 
^^bfuitiitie^, ihcy Icfc cvciy nation fo ufc EratHation^ ot~ vtir BihW 
in tlici' o;4n languj-c ; ^i, ih)nk« be to God^ tbf; protdbstl 
d^ at tbU day* ifi atT the language) of tiurop.-t &c- 

But iioiW3thlIanding the Author aHtrtft that this Vulno 
cJitioii ifl fo complete a body of the wnitcn word of Ood» yet 
he ufie^ward« fiy^t ^ No mm i; hereby hindered to havci^' 
i-ou^rc lo ii)« ftiuntiiin he;idt when he meets with anydiAcvlt^v 
or to aflifl aiid enrich ihe L-ifin eKpufitors, ai^d thus cnabl 
Uieiti to rc£t*fy the fautiy paHagrt of jhis ir<.niiation» and attaiu 
thai meaning of ttc fcnptuick whicli n mrTfl agreeable to tbf 
fpirtt tji^ii didUied thccn, and to the Jar^ja^ in which thcf 
were penned.* So thai here ia focompJcie a trauilation, th« 
iw olhtT irufl be nfcd either in the fchool» or the pubLtc wor* 
[hip of God I ytt U i« not fo complete but that ji may b^ 
■' ' fmilt 

Jh j^fitJm ti ih Lift 4f C^JMi M, 197 

f^uUy p^iigc) in iu ind may not hftvc auiiitcd thn meaning 
of the fcnpiur^^whkh if mod igrccablc to tht- fpint thit Jic* 
taicil thctUt &c> 

Affrr making moTt importint cnnwflioni ajainjt tWis tranf- 
4«U''jri) t'lc Auihor tf&gns chc uuc reaion {m c»ntf»drition K\ay 
of the librrty hr hx6 ^farc framed) why ihr ccuitcil of Trrnc 
decreed in fivour of f he Vul^te^ viz. * To fupprcfs the Arn»- 
ptticr of thore [^rctf^anti] wtio hid ai that lime a vaia cuncctt 
of their own kDowle^c, and p«rhaft a moderate inngM intoihc 
Ir»rnrd U;i[7t7agri, aud Tjivr ^cmc pillages which mi^ht hate 
been tfanilatcfl wjth more exiclnefi i or fom^ fauli» to which 
tbc cirelefliicrs of uinfcribefs ha<} given occafiofi j ot thii the 
«xpofiton had not rvfry where aiuinird, :o the Ufi pt~ 
cijiui]> ibc meaning crjcfuiCSrill and thfapotlkii and there* 
f&rc they rtjefttd 'he whole, to nherudc on the world, in U» 
fleidt th<ir own erroneous irojillatiomt or thofe oTolhcrt.' 

Bui finer Mr. Phillips h:is ihoEi^hi ihc crrJii of thii Verfion 
tn aiFtir of fuch tmportjncc, Ici Mi eximrne )i a little more mU 
»iu1c1y. Brfore Si. Jerome'* rime, iherc had been, ai There 
ought to be, a Latin Irarflation of tht OM and Ne* I'efla- 
mcni fof the ufe of the peoplrofJljIy* ice, who fpoic that Un* 
giiage. Jerome, whowss a learned in;in, and haJ fpcni ntueb 
i}( h\9 lime among the HebKwv, had ohiained great {kill in 
their hnguaa^ : arm when he camr (o RoniF, und was appointed 
fccrerary to I'opc Dflmafus, he fee about correcting and amend- 
ing the I^iin tr^nHuion of ilier Bible which wejs thi^n in ufe 
there. BijC, aftcrwardst not faciifhcd with thefc cctrodSoRi 
and tfTMrndjiions he i« faid to have rracitl^ticd the whule Bihle^ 
incw. Which of ihefe i»nilation>, whether the old one aa 
corrected and juncnded. or the new one aa entirely tratiilated bjr 
£t. Jerome^ it ntur m/Ud thf Vul^au^ the Kontarulli chcmfcUea 
^ic not agtccd. On cither of ihefc aceounti it may be <Jled 
St. Jerome's Bible^ as it fometimM i». Bui the mj-ni of it it 
not to be uicd by the name of (he auUior, but by the caa^MCa 
of his work- 
When writing was the only way of propagatuig booka, it 
muft necrfljnly happrn, through thr wickedndi, the ignorance, 
or caielefTiKfi of tr7nfi:^iben, ihat many cnoia and cnifUlcct 
hai^e crpj^E into their copies. But l\\\% Latin rranflation bring 
what wat ufed in Rome, the governors of chat churth alway* 
took caic, tbat> u far Ja they <:ould, nothing fhould appear in 
it contra'y 10 their own creed and form of worship; and Ua 
Ms^f other errors or miAako* ibcy were of IjliIc impottaocc. ag 
tliey did notcontradi^ the cflshlifhcd faich and cnanrwrr. Tluia 
thjrgi continued for more than a thoufand yean* during which 
jlme we may wfll fuppofc that many thculard variout ediiiofll 
of th» UMillatiDn had been fpre^d ihiotigh the world: buT, at 

t^S -ft jffl^n^n U iht lift tfCtnirftai POr. 

Hie rcf<^rmitioTif the prt>tc£UBts evay where appe^liM 
cicigitiaJ Mj fuiptum^ iu defence at ib^iropiaiom aej 
RcfMni^ff the Uiitt bid no fttcli furc vray to<lcfeo 
Mto. ki k7 appealing to thU lr«iilUu<Ki, which wu eal 
gMf^ fTocti lEv hivirg t>r<Tt » 6rll mJdc for Tho ufe of th«i 
fit oammoD people : And ihc council of Ticni thrn^ioel 
iht ftulboTity of H, m^tdc a decree, thai it fhould be the Oft^ 
Bible hercAtier to be ufei either m l'choo1» ut InunJot or the 
public vrorfliip of Gtxl. Thccc tttufl^ at th it time, a* «« idt 
flow ftid, hive been vAriout cJiiioru, both in mAiiufrrifR nl 
print, of ihii VuTgate lunflation y arxl ihcr^forcp fi»*f» Ac 
oooncil fhottld have JeuimiucJ which o4 them it wu tbct ^ 
teniied thus Ui liojioiir ! but ihiii Oicy left t» his hoUmm ^ 
pope : To that this fjmoui «Ieae< meant, ihnt the cilttm «4kfe 
an) pope hereafter would pUafc to puhltAi, fhouhJ be locU 
upon, by all ChriaiiinE, u a complete boJy of cbo writieri weri 
of God. and A* Tacb be received and rcicfenccd li^ the faiihU: 
Mid that no oihrr edition (ihun the pope'i) fhould be puUide 
made ufe of* on aiij pretext whatfocttr. A atuik ifnfaitirf ' 
iDCillod of efhhiifhmg itic rruTh f 

Ic WAi fcvcral ytm alter thj£ decree tbii .*^ixtui V. fee jii«c 
hit edirion of the Vulgate irjjifl^iiixi - and ificr tliligcdtrVcom* 
panof: ait the man^rcripn anJ prmced Copies which he and his 
1e3fi]cd fdlow-laboutcti coulJ ^uJn* and ehttfrng what n^ 
iit£t they thought liticA for their purpol^t oc Uft, ia cbc tw 
15^0, out Gomei thia in/aHilU work, ^f« nrnfilft^ h^ 4ft ^ 
fixnl/M u»rJ,^/ GtJ^ vrilh thit remarkable bviU prefixe<l to tt : 

•* 0/aitr ttrmiM Awv/f^t m^dfi^itujs of ^JhHuU pe%t^ir^ 1 
A 9rdam and fitttar/^ that iS>t Msitit of fht Vulgate Uabk» 
Acffr Old m4 Anc 'I/jiirmfntf tl^JcA uvf iwrrwiJ jry r^ t*»,tifii 
TrtBtfir tmitiUiic \ wilhta €itj dotdi ar /ajsirvtvrj^, i/ /a iy rwp^t— 
tMJfaitn t» ^i thb oiUr e^tiou : ttiw^, ^i>^ y^rndtmi m cwrM 
«i feffi^ff and frintd it iur ^uriM^ aur f4w'/r oit^ plnt/mr^ rJ« 
4 ai nv i^f >vMe(r ifW^Jv« '^ cf W rtanvd ihrm^fma the tulnb 
iStrijiiirn w^rtdt ^nd rtwt in aU Chijfi^n chsire^f \ ai it b^tk Sft9 
0f^wtd l-j s grwt^l arid j^M t^fjsi sf t&^ wSJt MMit f&atnb 
9mdhifyfiuhtx>\ lUnt'j/rijM ditnunadfiit i/viaugam^/t^taKti 
MJ m TrtM ; «arf nmt Aj th^t ir/c/f«£4ai tnnhtfttf tsmmrtud it mi 

^ Ged. iVf tf:trtfirf §idfr thti this it nuivrd tritd fv/d ^m tf tr^^ 

U gH ptatiU Md fnwod di^MHU, Murnt ^a*jn aWm«- 


• O.-tfn ^Hi^ /^Nmfiit tf ^/tfi*Jif^ fi0ifi^„ fi'W*»6^ jtmim/mM^ 
ttiti^ rdttiiMtm^ fii« /r# jact^fxiits s (>crJ^ fnuJtltAt tanftj y, fl 

Our R«ilm may now well fuppufc (Kit ibri matf^ \% for 
tvn *i>«<i ind dctnrniited, mi th»t :it hA\ wc know whuc to 
finJt with the utnoA ccTUiniy, Mr. Plnlipts cijiiSon t>< ihc 
Vul|^Tfi which i£ 10 be rerciFH and hdd ax a cumpJetc body 
of the writfcn irord of God* &Jid ■» the m/jr ciJiiioii 10 be nixfe 
tife o4t <^ rt^rcd to» ciI^c^ rn Ichool* «r the public wofihip of 
God. Bui ft^fts, bow uitccrUin arc ill h^mati decifioni, rvai 
from tbctrfaiilbkfhiir of hit hi>lrr>rfi! For, ^Vho woulithinlc 
111 but true It isi thjil no foontr was thii edition pitUtlhcd^ 
but it> mftnt fauTiK were {crii in 11, thut in the pontilicate <^t 
Clement Vlll, Tt wiu iottnd neccflary <o publiOi another i\\U\- 
jible rdrtton of litis ^Ajfiifr, wtiicli ;fiTlerH in rtirnilterTrr^ pkces 
Irom thttofSuruh V, 4ivdvei)- often ^tly eomndi^ it. And 
rbe^/ tife of thii wai crjnlned by Ckmeni'v bull, wtih all the 
au!horH¥ Aitd rijtovr of iht former, 

Itut Mt. PhiJitpi majr think he has an aitfffcr r»d)- to all 
thif, T^M thtfr Mnr»«f j6 mtf ^^ m 0^7 matriri rt^oi/n^ ivftiitb 
ar ma m ttrt, Wc covld point out man^ ; but ai wc have fpt Itt 
WO 9ueh tfmc ahrady upon thU rxiNjr^f^, we fhn]\ crly juft 
mcDtion one, which we bclrevc ^^^. I'hillrpj wjI] thii.k o/^rcAC 
hnporianre with rejj-d both 10 faith and minnm. 7"he 35th 
vcrfc of the lOth cl^s^tcr of Proverbs i> ihu> trmJIaicd in Ctc- 
tit rm'« edit ion > ktann tfi tvMtKi nt^ratt Avt /mt^n^ It iidcltritc« 
tion for a mm to fpoil tho lamhi. Buc in Sixliit's edjtioii Jl 11 
nlvitTAKE yW?fj, to inilcc a \*ow [i> fiinu. One ot tlw-fe 
popct wit» ccrtainir miii^ktn* Pray, nhkb u'u it f Mr. Phi!* 
Itp* would nott pcrhapi, give ihc fartTc anfwrr to tbU qi^f ffjoa 
Ihit we would. After all, It b of very little tmportjnce whiB 
rcidin^ or wha authority we allow to lhi» truiflicion, Tiikc jC 
h only fuppofed to br ^l emf!ttf h^ tf ihf v/rixtcn tvitj tfG^d^ 
which mtift always be explained by the unceruir and AibUr4-V 
ranvrrifriv trsdinom of men- 
No, IV, of ihe Appetidry confiUs of four aiticles. One a i 
trio^ion bttwtTri Hen. VlU. and Dr. Wat^ik-ld. If th« 
Dodor a^ed the meaii part he n there accufed of, let htm for 
cvwbc treated at a WfUer whifc venal prn receivrd whatc\-er 
fliredion ambition or mierell were pIeafc<J to give it. The fe- 

jfctf ttda Afaaif^f <*< fwtfrjVTJ'^j jrti'^rtAw rjfi h»nc i^iim. pA4 xAiir 


coitd lA a concnil bcCwrci) (lit royil Hfltrit Mary dixl Elbt^ 
fceiii. One bting a pcapiil flod ch« cchcr a protcAant^ we mjy 
tiaiurilty expect chat cjcti piicy will give the ptdcrcucc to hcf 
v^ho favoured their fide: — jad^ wuh ibtnc people* to viafy i 
fafifsj i» to fiiijjf a ftft^. 

No. V. of the; Appendix containt i diflcmtion ttpoa the n^ 
C<dity of obedience to civil governmcat. Jt i» conceived in |c* 
neraJ term<» and hi^ iioihtii^ new id 1;. The Author tniovl 
JfiAnkiatcs that ihc papilh think thcnUcUcs injurcti anJ ^pprtM 
by the government ihcy now )lvc t^Dilfr; bur mt woul^I innm 
fiEin to confidcr, upofi wh^l accou&E it is lhj£ they arc i'ub)eeicd 
to fume iiiconvcalcncic»> from wKicli other fubjc^ arc fnct 
They irc not a^v way opprdredonar/Z/Wjirt, but altO£«£her «i] 
a «jVv7 ^^tfuriTi occaufc Ihcy entertain focnc p^iititai pfinciplei 
which are fgpporcil tobc inconfiftcrt with thr good of the ft«c- 
Ixt (he papiib publicJ/t Lnd in a body, renounce the ju'ifJK* 
rion of (h<^ popt^ tn all civil ifT^irip :ind ackoowrlrgc Chat he Itn 
no tutbority cr power to t?£commamcal« princvtt 19 diJpode U 
their domicjinriR, or abfolvc fuhjcdli ftu<n ibclr a]l<*gtiDCe to 
them ^ (whieh powcr», Mr. Phillips knows very wen, the 
pi];it^ Ijuvc diiifucd jiud cxcKlfcd upua every fttr[>uraUe occ** 
2oni io every country of Europe) and we will venture Cq »d4, 
thai our coveiniuenC will looJc upon every tiling clfe in popcfy 
ai S9!era^i. But thouj*h Mr, Phillips m^ht bring himfcif 10 
do thi£, a) many boiic(( papiih have done before, yet be very 
tngenijouily favt> * At a piiviie perfon, 1 caniici prefume to 
anrwer cliner tor the pnncjpie» or difpofitions of orbcrs.'**Anl 
then he adds * Yet I am willing ro think, that wbac I hare 
advanced will be disowned by very few or none of thofc srbo 
l^rofcfi ibc fame [RomiHi] rdigiuiii £uiJ li4vc H^tcd the cafe to 
fhtTi>felveB, and drawn ihc conUquencc^ which nccctUf'ily re- i 
fnlt ficm \x* Vet we think he needed nnc lo hive apfseucd Co 
doubtful upon this occaHon, for we believe there U not the 
mod brgotted jcfuit 10 the Romilh church* b^iE would rcaditr 
fubfcribc to all that Mr. PhilMp& huh advanced upock ihs 

No, Vl> of the Apprndix contaiat thf tvpographlcal ciron 
and other mtflakei Jn the two piriA of inj» hiAoiy, Fran 
%uhich wr wnuld jufl obftrv?, ihat a« Sixcui V. ano Clemcilt 
VIIL lb Mr. Philtipt was Jublc to milUkes \ and that it it a 
moft honourable ihjitg in any nun to correal ihrm whco be 
them oui. 


r 3o» ] 

Jt/airisI Eftr}i 

and OirJirvuriS/ii, 
8vo- 5 

Bf CUiIo BilTct, M. D: 

CAdcii, ace. 

EXPERIMENT and obfcivaiion Uy chc furcft fouudM^oiv 
fof the afJvanccmcnt of mcdicil tnowle^c,*— Upon rticfc 
the cautious thcofilt may «xcKUir h's gvitius and abilttiei with 
c^iul ptiufurf and adv:m(iigr.**Tbc BtH 4jiic}c in the Lilkys 
ax^d Obfcrvfltions bcCoic us, i» 

T/f fArtry 9/" tf>f pfrhdiini fta ami land hce-^s m hot ellineUu 
The lVa'brccx£ is a coucinuaiioji of the t^kdewind ; which fin-' 
guUr phjrnonnciiQ;) tbc cckluicd Dr. HiUcy iliua briefly tx* 
piling. Jn hot cliciuccft, the lowet land-air, in confequcnce of 
the rci1e£tion of the foUr rays from ihc unequal furfacc of tha 
oArth, ind the greit degree of be.ii which the earth itfelf ic- 
quires by the fun's influciieci becomes highly rarclicd ; the fca- 
air in the mean titnt rcmaiHt more cool and dcnfe : hc-ncr? chtf 
tareticd Iind-jiir nfes into the upper p«rii of the atmofphere, J9 
fucccoded by the cooler fea*airi and ihne b « regular detcrint- 
naiion of the feiX'Str to the land. — The nodurn;*! jand-brecze 
blowi in a conimry diic^ion, begins (oon iftc futifct, com- 
monly encreaJVa eiH one or two in the mofriuG, and then laa~ 
ptM* to decline ; the phyfical eaufcs of which Dr> BiJct ia^e- 
nioufly point* out upon the farm; principle*. — The low grounds- 
on the Ica-coall acquire a ^rcat degree of hc^c during the d«y» 
whirh ih^ retain for fomenoLiTt after fun let ; while the high 
Unds ar«d the lopi of the mounuina have acquired a much le£> 
icg'ee of heiif and confo{|iiFrii1y thftr incumbenr air fooner 
becomP$ cold, dcnff and heavy, iind rufhet down lo fjpply the 
pbt-c of the wirmri ai\ti mure rarcfinJ 4ir of ihc low gfoutjds 
c(i th? fea-coalt ; and ihu£ for ft^'crat houn of the ni;;hi there 
i» a breeze from the upWdt. or the body of the iJ)and> lowjuda 
the fea-eoaft t this eonvlnues till the influence of the fun rc^ 
turrfl* and then the fca-brce;£e a^ain coainKnees. — Wc ihall 
jufl obferve to our Readcft that ihcy may ac pleifure make cur- 
lema of air« fimilarto thofc here mentioned. Let the door of 
a ruf^m iit which the air ii conridcnbly WJirmer cb^n ihi: out- 
ward air, be kt open i and ihc of air in ai^d out of ihtt 
room may be dcmonfira^cd in the following cafy manner. Set 
a lii;htrd candle on ihej^rounJ m thedoor-wayT and you wjll 
obfcjvc che flatnc duwn iiicg ilw toom . this is duitc by the 
ftream of cool and denfr air which is preOing forwards to oiain- 
Uin the eqoilibriifni. Raifc chc emdlc to the top of the door<' 
way, and the ftatne is thcri djawn outwardf ^ by <he ftrcsm of 
latched air which i» oiaking ita eka^. Piucc the candle in 
itiiJdIe of the door-wujr, anJ the fame b drawn upright 
proof that in thifi part wc air b Sriaaary, 

Ifi die two nc;ct aakks* our Autbar majtcs fbmc ufcfttl lU 
jvdrctcui obftrviliocfl, on fbc :iir, and the common cxctt&d 
catjics of licdhb, uml cnijcmic tJiTcaTu, in the VVcil'lndau: 
and thfi)^ in anidt (be feufth, prvcec<f» to the biilory 

' Of rV H'ijhU£s» I^Sw Fcvtr, 

' Th« ordc't bifioai 01 jdlow fncn incidcnft to aalWIbned Efto- 
pnnt, in the WcdJiulici* brgmi met proceed* in the fnrttMvia^ oi» 
D^r. T'fi^Licndy, for l«me (fjji brfopc the o^foof (be fever, pirtiee* 
lifty tthcii ie U 091 exQicd by fomr mes CkCVli. or irrefsvlu^ 14 
Itm'E. the finy b bcftty, ieiclm, AruTtcwTptriici i hii flecpu art t^ 
fouDu > l»c W a ^^kj 'i|i^i?ct (c. juiacci ividi a ^ufc of Itud ai^ i^ 
preflion «i Ote CoiRicii i hn Uce u paler, ard he fhcati Irft frerlj.- L^fi 
ufval; the pricL-'ly hrxi tfifi^pcar^ cr h i>ttilng an<l itnpcTf«<) ; ul 
fVfnriimcilie ccoiphiinr of Tiati^crtnj P^i"« <>' P^^ <» <he 'a»&i« w4 
flt^hi hcid'Atk .M TcrT^di hch k'lxpA with a fcnrc of chHljiiriv *h '] 
iOoti give* place ki jfi aidenE lever, iitcnded with bvnuc^ heir. »hd 
!■ commoaly moll inw%ic h :he fote-brad. anil al ibe pnteo'dij; 
dry parched Hum a pr«ci7 full» quick, ImmwIuc teofe, and _ 
etiiAii pvlif £ allifhTd ^unienaitce^ redari^soflhe wbil« of them] 
a vijIcBt bcad'Htli i p^iu iu ihc loins i Ajri^ paiiL-, ot a Jenrt of Aw 
nc(l >il iro ; Hcbnrti. of ^reai oppiciliaD^ or Mxictj at the pnrfoidiai 
jreii ihrft; cr^flrirFifTj ; higfc-mfottrrd ttttifyutt-t urf oe t 
jaAici^n > and i«^£dun>, or turbcilfnr and uartffelhin|- Udi^bt 
I0R[» lA c^vcrtd >"1iK a rhmmy cicaAarci and fe^ocit oiuch 
louEpd* ai culy a lUiU whj£;^i in hi lulddlc puLiion ; and t?)e jcTfdiatW 
u commmly a [iitif *«ckMrrd. but grt'cr'I'y pf<^7 ^f*^* 

■ ^Di\ cnnimoiit> Toan cr Ure berore the roJ of ibc AtH 6>f of lUl 
vehcrticf < fctcTi uJ ionifuract Tooa afcet the acccfiiOfi of the urtace* 
«Ie<4 chi Ivnc/r. a niVLca c^mci i>a> w^iK extreme Hclcacf^ wbicb Aui 
in^UfO >i^lciit #iiJ Io'ij;-tij(iLTiiLic(j iculiiit^. aodaco}jio«a ^fvOioael 
grera t'.Jf- Ttit venr^xnt vnmiLinp. grnerAlIy recurs i£ Aiote iinanib, 
and an incrrdUe ^tuantiif of bil« n fonctrmci Lhrown up jn * tfev 
houri ) and fomilimc'. bvt IcMom, il la voided bf Apol, The ^* 
tirnt'a thixH ia jjoa uikiiuaithdblc i jnd whaie«^f Ka drtaka ii aUnofli 
ftanily (h'cvn njk, 

< ^non ifipr the ardliaTt or ihr lorruiE^if, if freqeenr ir-d vfo>nr) 
ihe ffiikut bMOcati u on^e fnhJr jrtd lowfpirted; the Itht^ 
l^loiM more moi^riTr, fefiJ the ton (oe (ctaewfcjt notf^. I'be a«tt ' 
itoiVdj laiall ajid irfegubf dtirtn^ <acb fitof TO«iitinK, and for aittn 

ciai: a''£i ^ E^ut. ia ihcmtcrr^Uuf votnkia^' Jt i» uftio pretty full aod 
ei3u:i| hi}( ivrakcr, foiief, jnJ jefi ^ukl: thin it ^i/a» dvtnj ikm Mr 
or ardent BJ^ o( the fever, 'Jho trnnc ihidtcrit aad Ic^m in qaia- 
t^iyi ihe treat aax'Cl^ in tbr pr«<otdii> and cooleqgcnt j.UUiJcn, af> ^ 
orttn incrlTan^ uij T^iiicuiTici ihc aiaiciy alu^o w rcni^i ifui ca;h ^fl 
c4 loiniclii^. In kmtc few afei. Jo the mfl d«j^e. cr fcon aher tW^ 
«e«niiiag t)!«iiu> ib? piiitni h [tf?rd wkh a profufe betnonba^e frosa 
iIm nnfe or nuert, ohco lOTAcd ik jCS ^ p^refav- 

' Towarda the cndof ibc ibird day, the ili^bi ophtWnta. Of red- 
nth <tf IfkC (cpjULiJl^c tanii: of the eyo. conioi^qd/ iJif«p;^arj. nsd Ol; 
iutcee<tid by ayc^iawifji ULtgco.^(hit ua^^ tlic lead' act at the 



Bisset'i Mfdi'cal Epyr atui Otfirvarlvitm 


\]tU ctaUu or ib^cc** >nA iht hxn gf^urt pa3^, or a Unit ycWftwithm 
The llttfi 11 coo^aicnly IMI dr*r in<l ujchcil ; yet now (omviimG* a 
clamaiy fvcai or Bioil^vic >% fofccd by tnc vchcaacDt And fmjuctii u tch- 
inft. whifh, howtvej, ^\va nofdJcf to ihc pitE^m. The vomiiU^ 
coniinu«i -. ih« f^vfr fink^ ; chr Ar«irglh <lc<rr:ifct ; xhe tongue tif;».in 
bccomci Icfi mOiU. or fcinic^'hat diy, ftrd broH'ciJh in ^tx ini^f^ro ^ 
ihcK ii rDmciiiiiv) a (cnic of i^icat h<frt it the Jlon;Mrk «t]d piJccoiJiA ; 
<ho urine ^lowi ibickcr« ud of 4 darker loJ, Jj^d lb(iic[imc> jipjic^rt 
&i fF k ««rc Itngcd with blood i but Lhc rrfpriacion u jrcc gCDciill/ 
prtity ft9t: 

* On the t< uith d^y the ^hice of the cyet rtHeiXs 1 prcity dup, mil 
the Ikia a )if hi >elIotviflk hu« ^ the ariat h of t dirk fed Jncliiuit^ lu 
ydW, ftnd fomciimw tiDgts linnca jtlluwift] i and iht f^icc ii of 4 
pilf, cr dun ytIlo*'"Eh h<ic, wiih a d«jcc)<d Afpp<* ; thr trhnl hwc 
Ccalet* or it much Ji-iteticd st the rrxcori^ta, arid the paiive hen ii iff> 
ai/» in the ejEueoiltcs i >ce chc puJle 11 HiI] ohco prttiy full and equal 
in <be imerTali oiT vomkidgk and eHc patlca:. la tMc interval), hai 
Ibmtiimes do (brt of tompUini- He comfficinly JtiU vumiti evcy ibing 
he ingclli. hut oci mir^h bile, which U new oft«oer voided l^ HooJ, 
The epigaltfium. and fi^hl and lelt hj^pcchoodris, tut motl commonly 
the £jLJ and (rcondof ihcfc -egLsn-^, donC'n, lor the moll pan, bccoaio 
tca£:, a IniTe EuairtirJ, iitd .lilrtlcd wiili Jbiue iiiiti« whkh b mcll 
ftcar^ ivhen the ptirnr vnmjEi. or uhen t^c cpigailrium it prclTcd wiih 
■ finger, which lieU icn'c and ebftic, noi ^aid : ihi^ fvmpiom, wfiich 
ii eommonly alio ariendrd with a (rnfe o' i^nnt inward her, Accedei 
Jbooer or laUi actcfding at Lhc vojuttinj^ ij more or hi* Ytoki;i and frc- 
quene^ and more reidily hinppcni, Aad a woiSe mih a collive ilian loi^tc 
belly. It ii an eftVcl of ihr tcmitlng, and very larely ot never happens 
rill the vr>niiirtjr hai coAlinued fonfl time. 

' Jn the end of the fourcR day, or on iht £rth. thin bTjvcIc bbod, in 
macy cnfo, bcj^tM to ooxc Treat the gurvi, or Irorn the Clvt*] Ju^, 
and romctimci, but fddom, blood h vcroiied, or VDiJeddownvwjfdi; 
thit HiHch h ini^rt\ by floril hrirg mnrily congiJ^W*', if cnpiom frcm a 
ropTured teA'el. tl the patten: hat htsii Uiik^eJ, the cxeofiaied portion 
of the lk<n now iWa hc^im to dLfcharge foine ihln Uftdc blood a an|l the 
fymproiratic jiufldiet Incrtircf a-piitc. 'J'hc lontfire ij now cry, jnJ of 
a d^rlc'brown or f^iory (oKtur- ac 1rai( :ri i» middle ponbn, ehicHy fTom 
iKcoorlng blood; ihcdrou^tiU jiiesityi^cereared, orc^e f■1Elrn^d/i^V« 
not in propofCoa i> hit apparent thiffl; and tBe paLlcia weilc,^ioff, 
finaTI, ifid enei^ual i he groiite demore. aid fcem* be limei inJi^nfible, 
OT i) ioMtrniive (o uucltviut ihat a/c a!lcd bfiii* and ha» a hravy coi.- 
MeA *ffe/>. ffimctimei Mr cne that h drutifc, Thr <^.icfTc' hcJi It 
much dfcieated : the ftio ii bow rometicnei bedewed «^ith a danimjF 
itiojibre, at Te^iR rr the trunk of the body t and the utioe n lamk and 
lctf>cr> 'ti<I o( a dtf k laudiy btlfuua coleut, and Ilaijii wu'Joj-pd'pcf 

' At lengrh ibe pta'^becDmeieTCreJip^fEnill, Mreal:* and uneqaali 

a hickuD 'oaaiiiMi eomei 00, bo-4 fi^meiine^ ailariiofi, or 

of the oody. or of the lirabt. in<ircTe:s or Ktidoati the vui; 
ihuJl, jpJ ;he F«in Hi iIk efi|:.>fliium a^iJ t^^odnif^fra ci -./ , tU 
urine and Jtnolt jie raided lowallbly ia bed; aiu thcpi:vntH h'lh^ica 
flcfjilcd, refllriV, and for the muti pan preMy fenCbl^t btooaft*% eJ^T^\* 

tutf. mh cold mmnitiei* sad cold disu 

\U i fbai«t'Dm tfir polf*. ind lW nitne 1^ 

kfa t biLle uMJft Lite com*, wh'Ch ioot 

l|p«plcxv, urrJer ii^liith ih« p4t|:w hc« foph 

|*atieodc<Ik cold md acuontcTi ; ind with %a 

\§ertfih\p pulfr. bburioua l1«rion«i rKpntto 

•p«n a>6(j(h, grffti >nd cn^rval m«4^ of ll 

QoAxilfi tn^ ' ir^wo'Oat cvevuiri^e boiIi 

If abo-1 the fiiih bcur of ihii rpune>u' 

ofihr ^{ih dayp C£ ua (he £ilh livm Uis bi 

t>r, BiHiri flftcriFitrdft dividci thji dtft 

« Vcftt thn a^fraff (fa)*! hf ) io bt dfrtJed 
'At rtsurkibJc ini irdcf«iii jpp«ir«ecci kn 
fi pf^ltCt. »C mJgii: tficrtfin enufncntc ftTC 
Dcndng of iW a[tULCilcut fTigh: tddifpoliba 
cfalltfocrT. T. Fitim ih» Wpirnb^ afihe jn 
o< the f omitingt « to the dccrcifc of (he febi 
Co ib« tavafioti of ch< fjinptoniiiic ja^ndioe, I 
^b» «Pid (light opHbi^eir* 4' HVom tbcnC 
^cnfMnratfe tozinjc of blood, and Andcxiii 
c. From ibttice to the aoctflion of tht comi, 
hear. 6> Froo f^il if> tde arrack of tfar fpori 
ifc^ncc IO the irn<Te of draEh,' 

Twooihcr CpcKiCi Of vAiitcicsof thbf 
mentioneri : nnd the concr;idiftory ofiink 
Kfpofi to ilic ircthod of cure are pointed 
At'tbor to conclude the arckle in the ii4l 

* i>0 t^rr^t a c^ninrittv of cpi^jon*, cvrn 
CiAni| irUtjve lo cvcr^r ieikIc ot cKc «ufaii» 
Jntiijii billcDi fever, doth ful^y eviiiCTn aoc <] 
of the eflqf!i>of oiedidtin in ihii ciblfJnMe q 
conduc^vr inwirtjK 1h« paticm't rccorff^. but} 
mf^dlcific ji yet difcover«d that Knn be relied 01 
I!ou(i«i. I purpofr. Ikcicjftcr. to £Jvc finite < 
■eUiivc (u the caic i wiili lUc procriiure that' 
lioriit, iTid itppmpnntc to the principal fvmpc 
4iimit I And wiiha more parcic ubr recital of ib 
bcr* om<Ei«d, bcojfc tHty would or^Eiafi tliisf 
liino ia ct^nGflcni wiih the ko^ of ihc prcfciit 
orly inceodcd Ltivirif^ >^ britf natmtivc ta nicdid 

If Dr. Bil^ hid any ihinf^ of impt^rLam 
btlve to the cure, wc cannot fee the pr^ 
bl to fome other jiuWicaiiori ; itiy Mervtt 
certainly of more confi-quciacc to focictjr t1 
©f n dileme, with which wr 7tc already rd 
Wc have m the jth uriicle, three difTciil 
added fomc cbfcrv-itions m the nicrt^W 
in deprivation in ibc Aft p^iTt^c^, toJ i 

i^ihtfc bowcvcr arc cfiuila ntbcr ibin ciufcs oT ifao 

11» h<^» cf the ether Article* in thii TolitDc of tStp ttid 
oUcrTitiont, are ^t folfow : 
'< Vf, Obferriaiaiii inj rcflcAlofti kI«1k« Ed peCrcTaaioai *ad iW 

\'IU Of (h* cijie of itc Ticrroui choUc or dry td!j-ac1r. 
VUr t)f the Tynipidnivic iti'itur. 

Bi A(>n of lopiol A«]<k«i i^iec^l^cteJ toed ifTcClioon hKc. 

' X> Obtcrvjibnj ubtitc 10 Uic cujc of ibc o^ttiWnir. 

' Xt. Obktvuior\t tJh iHefTiic polBon; p>r(kul«r]jr wiih rcf[arJ t9 
I the CDfe, 
I ' XIL Of the lAflunmatory (v^Wiag of the cawof ihe bUdte. 

^^ * XIV. Of Su Viiu»'* diQCe. 

^^^* XV, Of th? kinli-ciMa^ OF boopbj oaogb. 

^V* XVI. Of JwJokCfdtapewonat with vi edeftnal me Jiod t^et- 

* XVIf. Afi idea or the bnJ-foarTjr i ciitrtAeJ f«n a tteuJI^ 
aaiWoipE. cd iha fnbjcA. 

I < XVliI- OMWrn^i and mnirfcf rvltfiT* to ftmt pnieJan In 

ll* foftieoiraft vtii-r i ehicRi «iLh MMinl tO Lbc bypocbOa<ijiic B0e 

^^1 ' XX. Twro Gifn of u mcemil lind fwurvy Croa t^ npollvon 
^^^^■tAiioMt CFuplwns* 

' XXI. A ei(tr of ir itSinmtiAry dropCy of the bft«e ; uiik fbme 
{ iioit rcmuki th*i uv/c oaiiiecI Jb two of die foaesdjbg irudet, 
- XXTI^ L-h:>ur£la1a64o>unot." 

Ai Dr. Bif(ct apprehends the tandrGUrry lo be a itiijch more 
ctxtvnion difealc than it gercially fupi>'jrc<l ; and thu 1 pardcu- 
1^ fcotUilic jciinivov Uj'a the foii/idation of ■ grut vi'icE/ of 
complirjiu t wt I!b4il give oar redden » coofiiefible put oC 
thia uiiclct ISA futihcr fpcdoicn of the l><i^i>rS woflu 

* T^t conmoa naittird preAlljMfia| oofci of the lind karvy trr. 
B tM «*d 90 Cmp<nTUf« of ib« «r, a^id Bucb clofe or h«>v* and 
changf ablf vr4th«r, rhicHy i« wiM>r «id fpfisg • wb«r«£oi« it n itkoft 
iBirii^M 10 the laki^fiMf^ii (■Tt>«tbcr&clJ<D«tu» Th«fectti^fii« r^ 
ID ■ Uiliy oT ihc tbccp, a erode or nftpcrfedl/ ■limincd lae rf tba 
jakei. mlttptifTJ pfrlp.riticui, mofcAr Itit *f 1 CACorlkffiy, or tW 
liad feerrj^, lod « g'««i v«*vety of ill< whj<h thtace nliitL 

' T^e |«ccui bBmcuri mhkk coaAUaf thi< difc^ft, (hoold Jnm 10 

i[Ut> witiiUUtme j^jcc', jr-d parity of krmc poriloo cf the excrwcMl* 
coil ptti of tbi ciKoUfiefi jujcei, Of fuch |aruclca ofihea «• became 
»1 length uafitlbr ok, 4^4 in Cmm aiea^We iio«iio«i, Tbcfc pccnat 
hvnouii, «• bcwtc Iccj r«uiaed m lita bodjr. ocqvirc th« feorbutk vi- 
rwUncc* avd < dilpofiux; of bfio| ci^ndHi^ dijScufa of toncaA«a. 
I and lc|»inci«i from the land Jaka, ifti of etptiCoe by die ciiv4wt*> 
I Rif. OO. 1767. X ^aw*^ 

3D6 BiaietV Mi[£ail £fy 

\, Theft: hu moon vary, ** U> di| 
£1** tile to ditfcrcot difc^fcit I 
peifonJ habiu, latonal umpii 
4'Kly Ittp ftir they h'««|he, Ana 
7 be diic«lr< mdiKitd by marc ei 
efL; tliffcreiTt> ai^ d 
[iia| laud-fcurvyt or fCErrbotic ifl 
;cirnfrioui liiiU f*vfr* of Jong* 

ixiont; fCQibuci^rhcaaiaiiriDt • Ji 

chcxy >Tid drojify J nr an itroq 
h tTC inifocrd by llic A^M^Tflaid Ti 
CI, in c9PCUFftace ^uh pattici 

' i he cancer ri (He moA vjruhnt I] 
windrrinjz. or i^tribl rhtUJimifitii ih 
pKCCt hdmnurt on bein^ i^^oni^ 
Cuic ihB moH viruLcrii Auj »n(uperabl 
ufm. The TcAi >nd pi^jnii'/ c-tulc oi 
[ioimbly ;ircciuiinrd; Qrrcc, as the i 
oljdds, and v prrcrdcd b]r a fcHrro* 
It ii • fUgrtaticn ot lynipb. or ithiw 
being lop^ reraiaeJ in ihc body iftaQ 
ccroui iicrijnony and vituKncy^ And 
blood wnh a ciiitciom humoLir; w| 
it wilL J1DC admu of conco^ion, or I 
and therefore can never be louCly ex\ 
obfortcd that an nccult cancer or pai 
the tranfl^iion of the peccant humoui 
leg, or of an inveteraic mcift herpes, 
Tnil not only (he*s iKc analoj^y of i 
ceroasi but a\(o ih^t the forni:i;ion cil 
peod on the particular confoimaito 
peccnnt hitmoiir ia lodged. 

' That ihc humojri peculiar lo fo 
tiin virulent fcotbuik ukerSf hive 
fntnJfell not on}y from ihe alov^efaid 
cane humours pccufiar to iheland fcur 
£cu[t of Concoi5t]un ; Ani3» for the t 
ching« (ilJ ihcy haire fiift undergor 
either of ■ cutaneous eruption, fcoi 
crynpeliEOui inflammation, a rei^ul. 
The peccani hutnour is. In <iue tim 
Critical dilejfe, CorcofTed^ in h great 
mition attending ihefe dileafes, fo a 
off by perfpiraiion, or of being feparz 
pelted oj [he emun^orle^. but the 
much longer daratiou than the regt 
mouri peculiar to nrioft ecLipticinA are 
th? anhrilic humour; and partly bet 
moiJyaffcdcd, sod their fecredoQ j 


Arritoc sn tbt I>i/nrjh cfff^mtJi* 

f I> The milk ttiky be curried into the brtjfb, ia Iki^I ^le^ 
dtf, wiihoat prfcipiiaiion, or coufia^ Mny painful uathtt, in 
the three foIJowinit <%\tt* 

* ]. If the ilc-lnercd \rnmiTi t»r 2 liTl!c«tcr ) huVcafootr 
during her pregf»flncy; and hii taker rn>ttving bat brotbftTVtt 
riietiETirof Scr bcin^ brought t» bc*!. Bccaufc, in all iMe 
e^hti ftkc will tr.xkt I'ery litdc clijrie; and coiiTc^ucotly 

' J, Tf (hr ta/rrt nf itw <Wwrrdwrman be raturMjUx 
ondhisb^t little elilliciiy. Bccnulc it wiH be Hovirin '"obIt^S 
ing Ufelf : tnd will pu/s, conCrqucndj", vftatW mJ gntiiiullT 
the cnOQths of the lj<ftifcroti> \cIteU i it a wiU continjcto^J- 
chirgc much milk Inia xhe ii:trw: wUrch will dimiiiifli«i& 
portKi:!, whit Dtould be earner) rntothc breaAs. 

'3. If thci:iuLChaori1iehi£1~ritioc»i'eKtI&, iiicheilcli^Cfcidwi^ 
men, nfe c^thcf ru^urally l-tr^, or already diUted b^ &rece£n( 
libour?, jaubtch cifcf, although rcDticrcd fomcwh^l Rraictf 1^ 
tSr d.irtfcitjr of thr r^/frirr, ihcy arc yrt open enjiiigh tofuSct 
n grcai 4f»} cf iiillk to cl'capc i which «^>uld be othictw^t: c« 
nerf loihe bmft*. 

■ One of theft cauTea alone i) fufKcient to dimi«i£h the 

•bun Jance of rriilk in ihc hrcafts : but two together will ifimt- 

MiA it mti';h mofc i antl, if three concur, the oiminutioo woulJ 

Pk Ci grcii, l^Mt the milk wruUi hafJl) 3p|ie;tr to rifr. Sdi 

vtortttn eommonl)- d'tp/zii well : for vrhich ri^af^n, tbC Cftvll 

ihey rD2kc, rDjfl be well elafcoriloJ und fwccL: aatf* conlo* 

? Ineptly', thti milk, which it producei, muft he, Itlcevifr, 
'reel i and Iiicajublc of caufing &i)rcf ingl, ;ind fcvm \ vhicb 
tre ohfetvcfl <ioIy (ft thh firft ftjte. 

* II, The quuntJtyof n^llk, which U eirr4e<l lo thc^ 
wjl! be much gTfarer: which wiil make th^m fA-elf conroder* 
aM)', with lenfiOHt rcdnefa* hrat^ and pai" i but, i>cimhe- 
l<r«, fuch at is Tolerable? in the ihuc following cafri. AaJ thu 
11 u'hM ift remaitcd in the/^;ffJ/i»fA 

< I. If the JcfivfFcd woman be a girjt eater; aj>d hu 
plentifully during her pregnancy 1 pirtKiiWIy fiiKc her J 
very, Fecaofc ihc witl have made mach chyle j and will 
Cofift:(]«ierii1y, much mirk, 

* ?- If the nr.'t-ii hai ir^ore chniuiir, anJ t- 
qnkkly, snd f^roDgty : which, by doilrg'm&reth' 
kAiltrou; vcJlcli, dirtilrilhci the dHux of n^ilkf thai 
pila out from thciice ; and nuke» k flow back readiiy tmo 
brtafta. ' 

* 3, lfihtirciuTh*orilieTaa;fcrous vefiyi be ftrah, sni 
ftO« be^n criLKj^h <]ilaced by preccdinp births '. which wi-l r^iU 
thtm clt/e ihcrnfcivci more rcadjly, and wiH utc ihc gn-^tc^ 
part cf iljc m^lk of tlw *W;if, to ptfa iciio the brcaftj, 1 

• T6* 

3^8 BitSET'j MeJi:ai E^i i 

iotitla tfc flrE to become four ihetrin ; wt 
up of much watrry f^htegm i and Hmie 
biccd t(i tbc iloitiach { fame comtiljun of 
fttin 21 the Gumjch > fbmc vc t[H i9 roa 
1 profuk cvcrttioa of Utiva, Tfae duct 
romr bcioinc coiicijiiefl, fvcn when tltr^ 
ioj; briOily otcA^oni an ui^ulual Ihortncft 
IdlUoccs, ibcre b 4 Itraiincfj of xhe tr«& 
If an iciid or Lioi Rn Wic himiour b bIcA 
u partly tovliecJ in dw tn^Ii of iht fiuflU 
wUEi 4 whiii^ oi forrcd CDnguf- in ibnc 
the joinLi, pnkubrly of ihc kncei; the) 
the palmi, Iwcnnm uficri roarfc, ac4 Caa^ 
wound* arc hdcd iviih <IiHit'ulEy ; And if t 
11 apt 10 dfgrcicrjirc into an ill con^litioned 
diafgr- SoiiieL»Enct n few i^ou of a paV ) 
bul t^cy Arc Arrting. aii<i of fhocT durfttj 
lftfi»e H^fclit* of a dart i^d, or tumor* of J 
aiirndrd wiih inhing. and dtjj^tcni from 
Ucmitics i Lhtfc Lco arc fomciimcs alfo flci 
and, lu fornE ftw iE][tancet, tticrc is a f 
Oiootic^ pjim in rbc Itp, or a bird paii^fv 
l«nt. In *^mrn, th* Tmfrt ;irc either t| 
ir'e™uUt, fthith ircreait* the difcplei bul 
f^oibui'pc liuDiour in the Mciodi ^kh ere 
Uma fooic dfgrccof ihc Icntbmicpctccbi 
nnitrtin» <** ilft mcnlci", v^hkh rciurn ac Ol 
' pre-it ■:tbili y, anJ nervouj dirocdcrj fro 
tiicy aic :i!Tt£Jcd with the fiuor ulbus, 

* 'I his rcurbuiic affttliofl is maH ffcquci 
foiep^rt of June, when there ^r; ieiv who 
as it often rcfeniblc- ihe hypothondriac a 
a fmalt tiej-'te of ih.b di;orJtr, ir is mot 
p-irtickibrly in ihoJt ivho arc jubjtii to a Ji 
idin dccu^^itiincf;, efpccialFy u\'.ei a qiijirl 
a cnnfirmcd hVrOchondiiat afitfJion, It 
g-aviiicd by ceitain H'r>liaiy taui'c^ f['fcifi 
Lr4'>tdina]y fcurviea o! tht' thifd cl'if. ; (on 
of ihcfe caufcs, il Terniinjie- in a j lui-dic 
or bioUti] conrhuTion abive ;i ciiJ'iJc jgi 
atronhy, or m a cachi'Xy ar,J dro^ fi\ 

* But U the p-ccanT humour h almoH v 
form of a cu'^neous eiupiion, aJi ihu p: 
and the ^arTy b«omc^ hcji'ihy and rt^'^n, 
\.fe fubjfds them lo the gcui, die pe« 
aboicmentiorcd fcorbu'ic afftiftioji, ajfu 
foon a", a regular i-out i^ pToduccd, thi- h^ 
parrj' bfcomes heafihy, and has good fpij 
' The peccant humour is fomeiimt:^ i 
from the foupd juitts j but no: heing uh 
an erupijvc crifia ; or the po^er^ of thi; 
guiJ 10 ihioiv il ou.ward in th^ form of a 


Ajrituc « r*/ Difi^JiJ iflFsn^ 

At ibf end of tht) voJaine> Dr. Aflruc bis nddi^ fbin&ob^ 
fecvJtLions anJ cjlircdioftti further lo cxpliiu inJ con&m biti 
account of xht pjrricuUr ftr*j£lure of the utcrui. — Tb*fr (Vif- 
£i«ci wc ihall coltc£t. — * I have fiid nothinK ntw, on ibcflruc^ 
Mrr of the iiicrus, fuT^ o»r AmlKift in the fifll ihapccf c^f the 
firft folMmc of thu tvorlc, but the two following f^^* : 7b w, 
thai beiwccn Ui^ jjiCtjiiaI 4dJ muJctilv coils oi lltc M/ririt * 
^r«iit number of vcrmicaUr or b^fcrous vcfTcIt ajc- tbuAJ^ 
Tiilwincd round ihc bkiodvcfTcls , which, afic< bcirg uiiltcJ* 
ftvcfjil toctthef, enter the loEerni} c^atof itc ttt^r^n i ud iltf< 
cmboguc into m civity, by apcrtorcs coman^ lo cmy 
the millc tfacy have fecrritd. TTv ftf^, ihie th^rc arci be- 
tween the fame cost* ot the uffrnft n grot number of cvccal 
¥cio», or vnii"iis ttp^t^iUri ; irhich iilr from iHliMrtt r«siiGcft* 
li(/n-4 of the kjEtruic vcint; particuUrlv, from places where thr]^ 
TaVotSiorxi^Ufx tiKTilwr; 41h!. piuccnhiij dirrdly towanh IM 
oxivrLor part of lllc t-f/rfj;, ciitcr the neitous coit* yfjcii f fcitft, 
It U LDTf fcd, 

* Theie fiffi/y^etfi nr cndi of the rcinff ttrminatt fa 
Afrriu. at the inicrnil fujfivc, iniJ ^uc clofcd up \ bot il 
elongate* projc^ a link inEo ih« hWi/i, arid o|Kn ia tb« JirM 
of mcafliuiiion. 1'bcyclort<^ftccuid projoS flill more l o th^ , 
linrx of pregnnncv ; ^s wdl ^^ during the red hfAi/t^ Wbk^^^H 
low dcltk'LTy. Hence ctyraa the blwvl of the nrMfit ) ibv^mj 
[hilled for the Ttciurifhmrnc nf xhc pmt ; and, IkiHft ,thlli/ 
the red i»4r,ff, m the Aril days of chTld-bcd.' 

The folloiving arc the difle^tinii} and rxperlmcnn tt> flliif- 
iritc ihi4 6<>i\ti(ie — * In the utnc^ when 1 applied tuMi with 
udouf 10 the fludy of aiiaioniy, which m 9 Iouk vrhalc anp^ [ 
had occifion ui a very ftiott fpacc, to open the oodici 01 iwt 
m'uiTtcr] . OiR> dicil a( the end of nine months of her prc^- 
luncyi und the other, three or four da}*! after drlrref>] 
As tb< Jirft of chcfe womcji wju of a low rank, 1 had pcrnif* 
fwn (O tikr awiy ihe juTj-rvf, to rxaminc ft with niore conveiti* 
aioe and aitcnt»on ; and J made a proper &1C ot the o^fwi 

' After h.iying opened rt crofs-wifc, in a pJucoppofitctotiilB 
wbcTC the fJotfutti jJhcredr I made a way, wiF^oui dividia^^ 
il]« eeivcfin^ of the /jt^wJi to the f/oMnta ^ 4nJ I deocbcd it 
£i«du4t1y fiom the attrtut lo whjch tt adhered: By reparifisij 
ir^ I faw the reciproeal tnfertiont ofihtpktf^at and aitfrmi^ whicaH 
were united : but J Taw with more pTeaftae ftjll, ttur, accardtfi^tf ^ 
ai T fcp^raied ihr pUm^a<^ xhe irnda of the vefleh^ adhtriltc P 
iKc *if/rii*, unll'cathed thcmfclvcs ffom its fubJbnre, ^ppcuin^ 
10 be L?f the length of i«to or rhtee Hnei: ai>d fome of ihcn^n 
of the ihickoel^ of a moderate fmcd i;oore'qu:tl 1 but odui^| 
kh. Though ibcfc velTcb h:ivc not any legularity m tlwIH 



AlTftiiC m th Diftafit i/ff^am^fi: 


I, ytt it tt in the hithcft pA[C» (>f ihn emmcnc^i, as I 

* H4vtn^ rcmovc^l tbc /jrtMt inclii<ic() in its covciingv, of 
which IdcJcnrd ific cxammaiioii (ill ino:)icr ilow, J ajtplicj 
m^fclf, to difriOVff the nxtutc of the vcfTds J had jult pfn'tivt^,. 
in ordcf to ki>ow if thty aJhcrcd to the artciici or vc!n» of ilic 
»/fr»j, »nd m what maaivT. To ftti^fy iryfclf r.f tliij, [ hod 
nMhing mote to do, tbin to ifiFr<M)Liccp:r>Wi tiito therct^iui^i,' 
which ihc largn[«fi( of tbeit utjfictf trafu^* prrmitEciJ. Ti>cl«i 
fCObcs U<1 mc «luriyi to 4 ramification o\ feme utCMnc vcinj*] 
vtHCh are ¥cr;f Urge ai (hU pcfiod vf prtgnancjr ; ai;J jTmol|^ 
alvrap to places, inhere cbele nmificMioni unite b| ant^^m^i ;J 
idJ f nude my^f criuin of thi«, tiy difTcftln^ theft: vcflcli^, 
to the vevnv wliere they end \ «rd by iifcngiging th^/n Uois% 
ihe fDcnibwic^, i/kI fibici» which cover ihcfit. Thcf;; vcHcli- 
lifr pefpendicvbHv frixr uterine vfins^ ji ihr bteraJ e^^VfliAV/f, 
nihovc intcrruptmp the co«rk of (he citeuUiion \ which coa- 
timie^ to go on jo th« Irtigth of ih^ vdm : (o thji they nuy be 
rcfsrdcd at little fuJt-jf^fji^ or lliorc cavities wilh thf cvdi {but 
n^; Of, 10 m^ke ufe <jl sn cv|>icf7ion more Appllc-jblr ta the 
fwbjc^, ft* hitie '<rrtf .' which iftdincd me to give thcta the 
MOie of iwMi'tvfirj, or fvr>ai/( appndlut. 

^ AlthiMgb 1 had not, nTEef th«l~e o^fefvabons, any doubt 
refpediM tfic coaiiiuniiaiiuii uf thcfc cox^l vc^Ju^ with ihi 
uterine,.! «i« Tery^cfiroui tcritiffy mjieUof it by mjictiom 
Irude themt Therclbte, in dtlTcreHt rjniilicdtiom of the ui_ ^ 
tine Tciai \ sDd ihc fitiid of thcfe injrftroitt came our, xvi:h 4 
foil fircfttat *t the ends of the cereal veim, which JippiUaiucJ 
13 Chefe lamificaiinni. The fnccefi w^i the fame, wheit C 
ttidc the fame inj^^ons in fomc of the «x:<:A veiu* ; and thtf 
tuid Lirucd iffith ih4' li'cir facility from ihc ramilicjiionN nf the 
teiuof theiJvrvf, frotn whence tli<fe co:i:jI veitii take theic 

« The fmiindce of thcfe ccecal vcmt all come from oEtruie 
irlf»t ami thfic \% itoi any Ih^t belong lo the actciics ; ihc dlf- 
tiibuiioA of which in the uf/ruj, i> abfulmely the fame, xt in 
Mhvf pam of ihc bod^. Thii obfcfvitii>ft in of inipuruucc ; 
ieeaufe it will be feen, hereafter, thir m:iuy unjtr>rni(h Ij^vc 
idniitCvda ilovMc commutt lection between the ^imn and^^d* 
»n*j ; one, b)' the ineriei ; and the other, by the I'eiris \ Ui 
vbdi they vrc mii1aken< 

* I had am opportunity, fome time afier^ of repelling the 
Urns obicrvatiotn on the tctirsa of another wontarit who died 
thcfourtcerih day after deliver^' i 'm\^ I fouiid theic chc iJnie 
tttiiomiAiion, ai to all that ivai elTcntial. It ii tnie, that, as 
i^attmi «a« bc^jn 10 be conir^iQcdt the ctei:&l ^gVi\& wei^ 
&auacd» and narroup 10 proportion j but thtY wtic &^\\\\^iv^« 



Kry court])' tbUticih of ]*n*ivf (aavnt.^At it ii sot miXIh jour^ro* 
vioce lo criiicirr rf-f.Db!ai.^arifmt, we Ihall fiy rctrbiag morv ofit)ii. 
Art- 13. ^ Nsn^ati^t of thf KtoKv b^rrsd Cm^lUtt infiia^ hj Uiixw 

UJbich m ptU Elh^fth rt^rixwd SeniiOit $f DrtBih^ Sift. lZf\ 
J767. Tstf^li-T Wi// an jUi^^t i/ ii< Sajfirin^j t/ ils^l 

Afithtti am^ jliisry Jt^s. By John Wtiigratc, one of d«» 
CofiftttblctW >'«/Ei Halloo WiUuffli. Svo. I s. Wiilanf. 
A t<V7 icfUiUe KCDui of a moll inliujm isiochi m tt« bunun 

An. 14- /.ff/fr/ #jv JSjfimt Sti^J^S/^ in /$Kr F^hrmft t 4nr«iy 

JfnOtrm tf Lt^. By th< Author of f^ Uitfirntntttr Mr- 
lbfT*t jfJvut tJ a Davghur^ Voti. } vd 4, rimoL 6s* 

In ouf KfTm loi Dcocmbr', 17^ P> 4^- *^ cndtavourtj !• 
^fvc our Rridtrt tmsm idea of ihii Lu5>% pub^mii^n £ and ibc Ikruli 
W« iWn aiCempi'il, ftcat ibe ivo pr«(^ing Tojiime', m«y firiir it b 
for thtt k^f^ti to Mri. i^ennLBg^Ofi't Urtfy. ai well d> lor tde aij^rUi- 
■•0H1 lo(Mr» whtcb MConkpAAf U. 1 wo ii avcfc good fmir. ti wtll 
01 good wriuog \n ihcJc jititc txilunct j feitbough (hv mtcoiou* iViiur 
bflOCf in out aplaio&t littmjriw^ul 10 hcrfclf, m ciikn of iM^boie* 

IDfntiOM^ rrfpf Ai, 

Art. t-'^. Lititn u iht G^Miiiant tflh/ hifmtX Pht^ i9 hi affdim'^ 
td hf tbf jfilafkfi Sf^n %{ FarHativt^, alft /p tbt Ovwnnrs 

iity^ Ct/wtHntJi and laJti/itj, with fu^b a f^Kiu ^um<T*/, ftfi^\ 

may tff^QkaOf aj^%mr ^ I9«d Fmpijii ft' vMth thty art thifin^' 
amd ns^t ftftkutarfy in rSt Fr^irvath.t ^f Maftit, By joiuf 
Hanway, FS<i\; S^o, I >. 6d. Cadcll, icc> 
There 11 (o much ffJrii, g'^od Mt,lc> «a<i ^iLimau4/ id thcCe Lninit 
ihic t!Ky cannot b* loo wun^.y trcookrrDdrJ^ oi cvi |eofttlJ| nad* 
b b pl«*i»lv not Iht «j|>£dM~>A tf/ih^mimi^ bai ^hc ^lenrr^Wav 4Hba oF 
beinit ufchjlp thii Iim ndooed Mr, ll^nviy !■> offer levcral vilo^c re- 
IcAiofts io t^kc ooujIo of thclie Lfucrs on tk< f^^^iii rriotl* of trcuii^ 
the m^nc poor. TW dlteflioDi krgiirti, indcrd. «(pf4r 10 ha noiUis 
fflor* tbiA lb< fug^cOiOfia ot cooimoo ffafe. bur 11 ii coin«trm IimS 
«it«lwa«d4&d put LOflO adk^t wEikhit im J«ayi lU cifc with thoja 
CO whom ke idirduii hLmftlh 1~o ihcfv* dwrrfiMc, ^c i«cot>^mco4 
tbcfic LfUtrt, jnd 10 i\\ who n roct^dkd. citicr bj oQr< or iodmo* 
t;d«, in the iirr^rvAtLtoofakc uodij^rnt tun of their rF^cio- 
Art. l6> 'Thi Sa/4 pf Atd^t^ o Dialcg^, ia /aiia/ion tf Lt«i$^i 
Suit tf Phti^fhtru 1 2iM>. 3 (. Nobodf . 
Wh«n wr hive fo<i] «iu« RrAit?ri ttui vhu Diii^ue i> wrvcco bj dw 
iuihor of LatfMmmi, Ltik vHc M«d b€ faid abow han or Ut wotlc. 
TMc wfao GM idourc To« H'o»n, aad th<ak h>io c^otl 10 Dran 
Swi^ ipftr« fat oofht «c koow. be aa moch |f4caU nxb tbi* writer 
n «iifc Ladia. 

3C 4 Art. 17. 

T ' „ „ 


An. TJ- A rrtf CamUgut of Vulgct 
e, A. M. Fdlow o/ Sc, Jol 
3 X. 6d. DodJlcy, &c. 

^ Vul^if Krron is a well known 

to bp inunded ae a kmd of lup 

■ a pcTforriiaiKC of Cliia k?aJ, o 

3 Uy duwn maximi ihaE w^ be n 

IT(1 wJih a degree of ca.rc iTid fidfJ 

atilngufr of VLilgu i^rrOM hj( br^ 

"■x »f luprrlTJtioB 4ai jbiicd, ind I 

p icfiv fram rtie wini ol phiiofophiA 

AeiIijII Tuch Mr. Fovar^uc'a boirk 

MLk the crrv>r& lie has cnddvoureil loi 

tc ^tfr^ jnd o[hrr«tno A^Mffaj IQ mrri 

Arr, .,. ^ Ttfuj' '* '£►* Bafl', m tin Yta 

Rntiarh oji the Utj of Cmjtardincptt 

PUies tf/ Or'tfKtal IVit^ Pcf^^ and ft 

timofc- 8vo- 35 fcjv'd. Pfir 

Clark J and (old by^ Owrn. 

Lord S, DO dcubt, intrnded to i^blige t 

Q]aii;s he mide in hi« lour {0 ihe caA i 

obliged u> liiai for bis kind iiiimiioritT— bu 

fcivatinrs he hni mitle bring of vrrjf hi^ld 

m<K [rifle, compared aJrh ilit accounts be 

v«i« neither alh^nifH) rror afrsid of tickng c 

no author, (lays hcj have a variery of afEa 

vciy Jr.tliflc-tJii jI-l;i. nr hf-k'i .' — ihcn \vi 

run }iTs head agr^inl^ the prefs ^ 

Arc. J 9- Rejie^hns on the jfffahi oj 

8vo, 6d. Nopublift 

The Auihoi of ihis pamphkt begins 
mule by the p^spifls as 3 maLtcr of cerui 
lOrious falfhood, that we ought to ConJ 
power of the Polci» iheir numerous vjdto 
queTcd> Lo (h:ir period in whkh the cacha 
tf W w\is c?;crcifed in their country. Tl 
■rgument for noi allowing ihe proicA^inl, 
b^t fere ihib mult remind u^ oi what 1 
againil [he progTffs of chrirtian'iiy in the 
the proie^ion of their godi Jupiicr, Ap 
their arms conquered the world \ and iV 
fallc religiori, and ought to be abolilhed : 
all [he heathen perfeculions for more [h: 
thor has pioted from tnconteflible fa 
clergy who, in evcry infiance, itopped an 

From aii hereditary monflithy, Polanc 
public about fiie year 1 :~^. At thi^ [in 
figrjly jcrfotis dijUniin^ from ibe tftabhf 
lion was Jividod in their fentfmeni^ ihcy 
fiec to trrjoy ilieir ovvii> by a cijiifliiution 


^Ifln in rrJjfioui iii«un» f snij (he psmjii ver* ibco, Like i]J ihe iHI, 
!fi the numbrf of iiffiJnti, Slil u ine I^He of ilua pirty n nov«r 
,■11^ wbcrc tr rcA d!^ it gfd the neper haod^ thejr fnaoe |o«4 ufe of 
llhcif time la the Jong rri^n cf Sic^frnvod \\\> wb(» h^d been cd*;tu4 
yDff ihc )rAuDi ind iS bcumc > fiul ic^Ilrumtac in iIku hinJi lo pro* 

ibcir wicked deS[Qi : auJ 
calkd lit the rd^ bj tie nunc 
froa the cocholic chartb. 

(bca tijc (luttfli bcinj; the prcT>itJM 

Tbf Author fivft thi* cuhoot acccnnt of SiciGnumla ' Tlie coa- 
Tcrfion of « diffiilcnC, ihc getting lid of a dii3id«a£ chvch, the 
ibaading of a oeJlegc of Jefvin, vnrv more p»i«d bv bim ,i!uii the 
gifcing of 4 vi^ry. He tfited in perib* ■< the crm^riKio of a 
proieOASt church %\ Crtcow> He i»ii the inrenicr of ihe ncv «■>* 
ilimoccor an guud Gtcek rdtfiMi nhi^iihu incc lm«d ju a pf «leit 
''>r pctficviing and dclljo7*ii({ the G-ctk», He illvd tW peoniirei 
dA JfCatll*. oho. epT«H*Hitin2 tn thcmklm, bp dvgrm, tW «dv. 
liM ef fOvtK 'nd leMhing then >->ihi)^ but bd Lei:v, and a fn- 
)«« ukd DA^ff&^cd ?«al IW thecot^c^ KoaM^ lini roroied ilic h4d 
■I of ibc XVII. cttiur>\ [t J* eridcM c)Ut ihcfe coDirirjBcei 
idl liefe caoTMkrAhljr changed ihf iaie of ihe difidenci during ■ reiga 
' &ftf ;c«e«^ Wirh prHemnu ID bttow in the one hind, and pro- 
:utJOBi tio thrca'ea m iIk oiber. ir h ut poOiUo ua Ui! of mahing 
^praUrie*. However, Toc^ a coaduA a* thii oociU not bet be aMooiicil 
wlib Li>fi4TefUoiti« SwJimvDd lo<l iJke aown of Sweden, csd llianly 
aitennrdi. Uvonta. wtUdLiasndMotdtTia.' 

The Aurhor then gii^t > p»rf cufar btflory 0/ the difideeti lirois tluc 

tfiM i and he ^yt, ' Scr<i ii>e cVrgT >fiiai«d th9 povwcf fxf^mnti 

09Jtmnyi9f irh rrfitrtt* Ihe coaft^cuton of 17 17 they iiaix icful^d 

the dipdcBO the Hbetiy €x<n cd rep*ii<ne ihdr chefchti, and anidi 

moie oC rebaltdiej then- Tncj hate dcprivitj item of ihr r ^^li, 

lowtfi aad ftkioli I aul if ihty Jlill Cu§ti uy cLurchn i^ eiifl, >i i* 

only that Ihry «iM ki*< Ml OMOfiiiaity cf p undctijif; ihcati fcf a joager 

^limc. Tbcy pfooibli btftubii mainaf^e?* tud Wjiltt an dilbdi 

Bchurilkci: ihey anal iJt (kit laMtijiei, aoddctlAn il«cbUdfen 

^HiFdi : thty take <he chikien from ^' rta*ciiF<. .K,t rj",^ fi^. 

Hcofiveott t ihey force people 10 (ime ^^ 

CDarrt by ''^'■ 
by ff^cc II. I 
whether t- 
lions, bear 
llirtti i af< 
fi^-. It 

W Xlzii gt . 

'ntfiuet, a 


/i.r,fif L'-r^fl'>' ■ 



ikoto to ie firrmcri rf WfTlka »!» fIV&i 
<i>ndu^, and ptofciute t\ra «■ vr. ' 
^Ll thcfe gNiriae<i fi'stwiue, <> 

^^^V thi ExttUitiiy «^ thi Grm^ Ant. 

po-iierful and fnoiiriic affcftioDt acquire! a fiiarc of in f^vourv 
AnJ frorn & co.iLoniiiani or mcjor, com^i lo be loukoj ij|ioii 
u ui end, in and for itt^lF dcllfabl^. Thui ib public fpiht 
naiuialljr juid occeflinly cxctcdm^ljr HttiigthcncJ by the in- 
6t:DtttAexvcA of a fmall diftfid ; liui itt force- It ftilt lanhcr ar- 
trficially augmented, by cbc wifdom of the leading mcmScra 
dlfcovering ihc new ncccfUty rhcrc Is for It, aiid Imivduclrig 
proper Uwt, mnnficrs and cultonu to promote it. So that 
all things vrill Kiim\ coiu.'ibuk, tu mJtc public good ihc ar- 
derti auj/LJtl (jf ever)' mcrtkLicr ; i^ilt'rj^uiJhcd Jcc^-icw wiil then 
be iimjaiicly gToriout : boih the (i-iflUjii for gWy, and ihc de* 
^lee of glofy r? be obcuncd, will be moft wonderfully in- 
cicafcd. Aa llkcwifc tbc dicad ijf Ibamc. And a» the ciii- 
sm fifr Tew, €\'cry acceffion of number will be fomcwhar^ nnd 
the incaiKfl viJl t>tcl that he ii of Ibtnc weighty will be cncoo* 
faged Co exert hlrafeir, and ev^ri to jcin m ilw purfuiiof tint 
Clory* % fbare of which Tie;} within hi^ reach \ uia^inty will 
beui infupponaMr reprn-ich. Mi^fl of a man's fellow-cUixcm 
fikcwjfct the pefforu he has lived amonj^fl^ aod » to alJoeiato 
wtih, frcm the ^flV, through al! the f^ji^ei of his Ijfi-, are the 
WTtncQca oT, beiidcs beinc deeply LntcrcAcd panics in his good 
ani bad bc^i^ioui; ana ajt cer)' nutiy kn<jw, they ore ccnli- 
nmlly tcfiifyine thcvr knovrl^^c of the meriti of evm* one. 
Ftoin all whko it ib ^Uin. h^nv ifiuTc pa^fiona and aSUliona 
wbieli wciild have lain dormant in Uic diflri£l of an extenfivc 
rraim^ vouJd be animated and |jut in a ferment br indepcn- 
dcacy. IiKcntives to n^iticary and ether kindi of public 
QKriCt beconc iiidittible, Such merit jj cqgally furc lo be 
koown^ gmd tobeappUudfd. 

' A3 the £/fl |lory would be ^fvon to war!ikc cxplolist boih 
tbe public and indi«id»att. would be anicionii to Tajfe trophlci 
and monunenU in honour ol then. Hor^our, bdidcs protir, 
vnuld he ufTcred cu ariinj, t.4f jibic of th», and iliejcJy in" 
flamed wicli the general pilKon, of defcning well of the pub- 
lic, and gaining applaufe : atid tSat piteh uf cac-rtlcnc), to 
tJie difplaying of which they would have been at Itrll eittraof* 
dbianW ;Lntmated bf ptiblJc oceaTiont, w<»uld aftctAa^di^ at 
timet M kept up to oo private onev. SupcrRuoufi wealth, 
ufuaJly fo dinercntly employed in l^r^ fl^ic^, would ijkcwif« 
be in t great meafure devoted to pi^blic i^fr^^copr'^moungworkt 
ef ait in all forim grateful to the people, and to the ree>om- 
pcn^ng of anifVt. With regard tu a diftri^ of Britain (foe 
intlancc) c<|ua) to a Greci:in flitet what at any lime h]q>pen« 
Ib^t it \Vf peeutlar arxl excUfive ronrern, worthy to be cde- 
brattd in verfr, to be carved or painted, or to hare an cdliiee. 
«art£)ed Jn it* cocnmemoutlon .* En the fueccfTcsof the king- 
f4ch A diftrict hii3 bvt a cotnmi^n concern, ai^'l vrouVl 

t J15 3- 

PoVTt C A L. 

Tin Ode ii aawc B i'^ w <* ^ p»«^i ,*-rfV^ flT^ J^<r*. mi, « 
« hnn*i phfiJc' •< *tV a wr e bent* for hf bfc«. 

M^na cravra^iKC b Wtt MTT tU ricr i^ci ia dig ch»y ^a 


li^n^fv rptLtlo-tr pitoirfr"a^, tai 1^ vam t^ tkc-btk Wm 
nft^tf»> III m W FUM 

Cr^mtf if HtaOx^Om. 4C0. 91. 6d. Kidoiu 
Thu b - r«nT po Oil of sMMkrjtc Bfna ■ rrpett cf ibc tHUiO* 
LmIdb t bot rea Vicil to ba jcad rmr vWic ttd Mo ^«C«< 10 be nU 

^5K. 15. 7^ Omplifi Hr^fitt^nt w fhi if^ Art rf S^Ji^ 

1U paUBhel ' « cf a ^ 

PLm. B7 Joba Aldiagtofi, of £>c&aa^ ia W«t^BJhtfc* 
H 410. i». Pri^dciL. 

B'<i-k^r«<f flM». ohofc co M flfcaiw i^p<»u»> ^"^-' ^ tt ' Ii-»IM 

. tlw Itfd &tc of ifcc poor iM C tfi at bW', wWartcrHflfM^4/r«j b^ 

WbvoM lafiBMCiiM rpOtWotf^Wc aTfiiii^ tUt mv lev Ida ^ 

wt I fik«CT t ban arc TinROi eng^ ff ad ki^ *crfa : vbkb, MdMil, (■« 

art fony *0 Ut it) irf f wt of lie ♦«*# n^ f^f r »tt i.nk t« fviii. 

»An.37. «r M-Wt 5*//^/ */■ //(r^A/» i;^ Air Fir/l^ imSMt4. 
4to. It. 61]. Borlct- 
lEUa nuiaitndiHi^. ilww be IrJiJ^a ArMr«n>o-i k d^frt 
llrp 10 amcft4»e«a < md ibli bopttn IrtI iw h»>c of tf« AaAw Mo* a 
t»t He ackno^lcifn fab Ucapidtr, he OMb&i b«« «iakMi, b« 
fiiUbrwncn. h tiaaoi be Mpe^ ftribffj ^« /Vvi tai^ /.-A-^ 
«fw*f«f/rw, li» phia Eai^IlL -tbrikvi;, »M, kUne, In? Jm.f 
doil.' 'JktS«^MrS»<M*7bj«caniteJrko»|fie«M. W< .dtife 
binWadteibc bcduia of », m-^ b^all A*a«i mkrap UBitUdol 
oU manuftiipt* ^^ «xetia«i om c/ ib« »>t o' ibc ■rw'jtn, 

Htn. tk4 tori tf Ch4ih^m, 410. | a. h4. NWoU, ^c. 
ticofge PoLii;c, iiL**r.ikJitoJ[P| b^ bii ova petlCHlu Or^et b* «r|i 
batted Mewy l^i * deep, h ceruinL^ rilfea Iras the dCMf. No oih^ 
pBiut eoold P^^^It have *tE!Ufi ibn pofikaj ifrj on Hcarh, M^cb 

Itoowoi iaibe 4rlp1acea Afcfipiioo orcbcWc wftr to Ckrnajij, 
The uiet, saij |ro<td 
Ofaea 14 ■gany-wttw neif>biiiffi of 

• SecRcTicff, Vd, MIL f-ili. See alio Vol iXTu. p. ntf 

jtV Month IV Cat 

The WQjndrJ horfc— lLc uum 
The loodacdbm of cHTiqtieritij 
I To theftw— HomliledifcoTtI 
tscaa place we ^e piercnLcd »'ak 

* Nigtt fuccefdta 

With ndi*Ecd fplcndour gltr^i 

EjIiJ o« H«hh ihrn proceedi w 
, ^ - — — The ftcrcff blm 

SI Ot tv^iy flsmci from crackjiiw 
1^ Aitcalli.^ (round whole Ipjrkli 
Tht popuhce PTicirdfd, fill d (] 
Will) }oyM difTonancc) ibc gtoc 


Nuit L]'^.^- -Inking compirifbri bctfi 
Lofd Churhaos and eIlc jngcnigm Auibor 
I ]ufF fmbkiD or The taicer > a cl ream Ami 
djfpdie with him. But to corr\c from poli 
we riexi meet U'Uh in the courle of tbe 
ccUlli^il lady doing vihn ibc Ficncb laoEe 
iraay, but what oui m^c decent coudI 
J bi) WAS 

— jRia ifng'd 

With cciloun djp*d in hcairea, I 

Silvering the verdant vaTct ihe j 

And now, Gcofffe Pootc. if tboii art 

Poohe, in ihc words otjour own motto, 

' Se'us in c^hm r 

Religious nfid Coni 

An. 29. Strm^ns preached in the Parifi 
iti^ha7t}filr<\ Oft the foUs-i.Li'1^ Su!j:£J. 
c Gofpil-miiiffn — Ihe Af-Jltvlt-i of 
7he Satur, erfSji^ifu/ii R veliiiiciif . 
1/ — The S'Avriii^nry ef Dhine Greii 
'Ihe Perh'i of Chr.ji^Tht Authov'i 
i''ii^'- .,/' (io,i i\t'^iiLj in yf/ui Chi 
Poith—ne /f/fur,:nef cf Fe-ithy i:fc 
Curaie of the f^^^ P.irilh. Svo. [ 
pott, &c. 
'Ihcfe are plain, ploj^, piailicjil lilfcoa 

Ar(. 30. yf'i £xeir::i"..i:':-,n of an fffcy 0, 
lyiih Rerufiyis upsn ;,', eo}}p:hred m 1 
£"^*an!^ einJ m ^n Jiftcer tJ the i 

Dawfnn, L. L. D. Rcdor of Bur^l 

JohEilun anJ Dav:;r.pori. 

The ingenious A<iihor of this Ex^niin; 

Rittciovt and Coktkovikiial. 317 

tiFnTclf hiMonnbly iaikc cooUwttCr occasioned bf ih«C>irPiiaiov*L. 
Dr. Rv<hi'frtth bii Icic the wci|t^t of hjj afoi. «(i<l doci not fccm di^ 

e'cd to enctr iNc ttli »Sih hkn i^tiu. The luJtw of ihc U&y on 
ibltliRifnu V11I) find ii tfviiCAtlf <}iS(uh to terorn a proper leplf tt> 

fail fcnutkr, ivhxb art t-r^ icvcf srd pntiarrtt, aai wbkb cniilli 

faitt to ihE dafiki of every fncaJ to r«l>^io«> liberty* 

Art, ;ii- J f4tai ffi sf E^t daitiitM and pr^k^t aa Vanttf 
4/ ih4 mifl infivrrari eij initfijtmg S^^tcis /« Ditfimtj, Bf 
ib« Rev, Mr. Williirti M'Etvcn, hcc MtnllWr of the Gofpel 
in DuikIcc. i'o which u prc^xcJ, >n Accouflt of the Au- 
ibor'v t'ifr and Chiri^cT ; tozf^thcr with j brief DcfcrtpTioia 
of ihe Sccc^ton. umo, 1 Volt. 6f« Diily. 
Enthciitllk dediiii«ioa ihroughoot. Thii Mr, M'Eorcn wti thtt 

Htrvcf of Scotland. Scr 3K0 oor accoont of tit book, cnlillcd, Gr«f 

tmJlrtit, V9t*. Vo^ x:«EL p. 71. 

Art* jt. Esji^i ta PhiUtui 7 « Jrffwj #^ tiffrnftim a /4*i^ » 
^iit, fr tf ffriMii/ TrmfiT and Ufr. By S;<phen AdJixigioD. 
lamo. a*. BttckUnil. 

Wc «^uJd rccomm^r^d ihti book 10 fuch ^ouAf; pe^vpTe 4t fflAf vaui 
ibr blcHini; of a fithrT. Tlicy vill nnd nmcfi lobti and IcDfiblc >dvicc 
m it 1 aiK) plain good ftnfe hii iti vil^r a* wrti a» fjcnlui aad rlirgafkC^ 

Art. 33. A Otidt^nf hftU'Nn th Rn^t^^d Alr^JthnH^tfi/jaad 

a Mfmker tf ihf Cbta-(b tf Ei^iarrd (mt^'^mmg frfSifiinaHtn, 

6vo. I 1, G1)-thr, kc. 

The Author, »^ calli himfelf a rafsber of ebe chureh of Eor- 
laodt ii i rott tn'ow alvioifti «d<] li4t iittckcd M/, WcDc^i book 
cjuvcenLing Pitdctmiiio« in a moAkioIcnc ffianocr. Uo ibj^occiGott 
be hu repraud ifvliit lioih be«k Aad 1 ttjoubfid tjme» Id thi* Kcr4it^ 
verty. tnd o^a ifim Am avnnootdodt^/^^rj to the t£tir ofoui; 
lilratioa, bat ue 10 avpofl chat GaJ i« tc do fvcry ihirjt lor vt, Hif 
wu<ds ore, ' Tb« taa^ty <jf our piTndt In \\c pmonccf>rio^ of our 
own iaifiiiafy diffiity fliouhi ^hUe ; 4ftd. euAet the iefloeuc of eIi« 
bU&d iriitr, vrt Aioald b« GOOGcat 10 Mow t'ifi^'it *^ wril dE 
htm, wbo TOuU ibeo h« lbcS<Unily aAt*^ b »/ 

He rep*clcMi ikf Almighty at m me4t aiMtaiy B<iot in ihe nhcAt 
■Air or ?fodcniAAik«, iireprafauMM « Aejiaidc^iDn. Hcallo^av 
CKCDC iba dc^ that all tkK rfl of OMnkinJ, aaJ all ihe icpiiwe 
angel), vetccfratfd for. and arc ItU In, a ihtrof davQition : and 'tt\ 
w« nm a t^mCop ^r ihii. be dcliret that wo my ■ Boldly loCtirontt 
tikv mot HIGH, and cill alo^d Ufoo toe aLuioHTv^ Why had n/tm] 
■nide Co auajr ivd fuca mkrJ M»^i i*) be /anW tt^^th r Chd* 
1ea|e hitjoodM^ liti pity ltd lo><> Soaieiojiall ihf(e ^mributti □/ 
the JkUfa and by, whnefare Ki^ thr« ik>ac fhm *' f^ii thn it a 
fac>r ac^aonfegeaetir, ^t nial!, t^ii thit my of F«otirediB<: i» oot>CAa* 
£Ueni viih tho ti'tai* ic^«w ^U"^*ti of gooinriii fnty tad lovf : 
aod Ifcerrfiifc we irnv f^irlv co^clndc, iht: tt'/a vc »ot ibc m^tcf 
God "i^a til rcffirut^e cfcaiurci. U 

An. 34, J fitrt f'inv */ Pt/irj ami hi ffffffr ta thtManrrrt ■ 




3t8 MopCTHty Cat 

fie P 'o^rffi it is cimiinuouy matii^ 
Utohtu iJvo, I «. >"lcXney. 
Ttc J .itbof dijca nghi In cdllief lb** 
^ufh i LI ■ tcrv aifc^ifn^ vien', Vf [ Th« Tiil^ 

;<&ra wo^tld MM tie ful^ifiit Cc» rt:prc1cnt Ulfi 
rjkiOu« jpci^j1tMi« 'I'hry wW arc not ^ 
jJw-iditil tffvd* of PcrptJiy. wouM d(i wflt i 
snd ii w ttJH he happy tor 'he ration, if otar ' 
ibinic ori eK« ap^-ilicdtion which tlie Aiilhoi u 


L At ihc CathctJraJ, Sirum, before ihi 
of the (jcnera] Infirmary, on thac lird . 
1767. By Tho. Gfcrnc, D. D, Dean t 
U ftdiJed, the Prayer pronounced i>y the 
laying the Foimdarion Sronc. Flcither* 

11. Th< fwshfui M:iiji<r if Chnjt crswr^ 
die Rev. Mr, Andcrfon^ Tiu Mmiftci af 
1767. EyJohnGjlI, D, D. K^-nh. 

II L Before the Sfcond Society in Leba 
the Ordination of I ho Rev. Mr, Charles 
View to his going as a Mifllonarv to the 
Indians in this Land. Bv Ete:izaT Whce 
of the faid Church. To which is adc 
Whitaker, p. D. after ihe faid Oi 

li was thecuJlom for ihe gooi people who I 
ecclenalhcal peilecuiioiii wtilc^^ prevailed hen 
rhe firft, and hi? fbn Ch;ir!es, to c:ill ibe j 
names laktn from ihc bib!^ , accoidin^ 10 ihe 
tion : thus Lfla^.-^n became rhc nairic nf one c 
by de^rfe^. tlicy founded fevL-r-fl focieTrcs oJ 
Slid inoiin1unju:> foLrntrv. which to tLis d, 
pivcn ihem. In otif of the enngrrc (tirin^ 
k'rnnxi prr^iflicd uj^nn the fi^cmii occafion 
(o be a niiiiionary imon^ft ifn; InJf.mi. [r- 
ptrachcd ihem^ go upon ihc foiiiicili-rHCLvtc 
^/// c}-rufn'-M p/ hurnan !<i"-'t^, and ^i]l ihe f 
f^fts'Jm: arid fuppofe th.i[ the Iird rin'* arc 
tNtt do^rire^» ih^it ibfy rfi."iy t'le imifc ^ 
br^orre chiiilinfi^, and thtrchv rtfcuc ihcmf 
flruvtLOn, TO which ihcy mull o:ln'Tivirc be 
Tliifc jre inJced ni"1t orshsfrcx doctrines in 
in mJiw oiheir. But He imapine ih'ic if 
thcfc millions was 10 iniroducc the chriflun rel 
Uo>;L:iy, and eChblil^ (he wr^rlbip of the c 
4;r<^^tu/ aji^J prefcivcf ot ihc univ^rfe j 4iad 

C o ft R r > p o H D t II c i. 



and (he melt iavd\jd ticnctuhmcc^wl uiautrffr that fetlom-.<rctcaia« 
vrfco arv aTl mi dittdrta «im1 ihc wofkof ris h«ids « aod loadoae, 
Wnrriir, and Hwy oar BItffMl Sivioar jefat CbrilU «> > pcriba who 
WM knT down fn>in fMflvwi lo rrprtfant Ciod and out dotjr in this >mU 
«b1« ukitnacr, «ad tl^rrby cti^a^ ti» <o fiive glorjr to God in the 
li>2^fT» and ^r^le cv«y iliiiig ihiL i««uJd pronote peace on «utli 
and good will imonnf^ nwn, and wboai Utldicd in iliti v1(jTiDiii mi 
blMCiDtcmtf — Thii. we bumtily ihinb wnuld havr a Witn H&A 
npoo iny fwc of mankind ihaa thoI« dilfmobte Jiod ir^compfchenlibie 
io fliiiiw whith rninr g«od people hy 6omn a* the /v/mvmh^ of 
cMUuMij. Dr. WlxTl»cki howtirer. exhort* h» aadknce u> coo- 
critae largdy m the fippori of ih(> |[Ood aork from drccoDAdcraboa 
of tbfiroAti prctitrvArion *nd lecarrry : ' For, hyt h?, God can )«c 
giro tb<^ vAnqu^j})^ hcifbenf* 1^4 wc irc rpady to cjll ihcm) coa* 
viffion TO be pix-kt in our cyn, tnd ihorna ic ci?r fidci, moic chui crvr 
ID T« ui m ihf land wVert we du^l. And lur fcrtnl ntcuril a ocU 
Ai Bkoral rofem, [ f\a<vt buc iMnk »a have fcilcn eo rvpfA rhi«, 
for onlcfa iherr bTf^e WApcr bt nowd by Uw gorpcl, lad xbar oao. 
Bcr of fjbTiAinic, \ty huntinjc. b« aliertd, nhUh wa have no rtalbo co 
r^pcd tvi by a Tihf iflun cducaciM), thrr *>ll ^^^^ ■" '<^h ftjatd to 
ibvir kaflwn trd eovcnartii with bi, aj we miy cTcMcd upon : «»d 
rhey wUr sf' 3yi be npcM m ioibibf Tuch >-atocun of ai, «« ivtU 
m4*« lIev.ii 10 TTCtTueiil hotiliDM and rbndtlbnc rivAKvi spaa o«r 
fronlicrii o^r irft!<rfi &-t« Wfcvrefbrr, for ourowii fa/cty, aj ii^ll u 
ikcirj^dod. iE uMiccrn* s», without lofi of limf . to improve the pre- 
Hev opoi>l>g ki p^otidcikre ; aad not think taaik of aaj expenrc ro# 

Thii Mf. hmitkt wkU U% cooptoio* Jd^epht s Cfftrrctud <h«(f H>f 
tW Mohawk UKioo, $£iMlly travelled Enonthan xoo mjlti iipin^o 
iW If dd conntry, ofm tteir miGcm ; bat were obJi^td to return wkh* 
on bring able 10 do nacb eood asnongik ibrfr birbariMii- N^vrrt^- 
Ms Mr. Smifh kath rrrr ?jbcc caitinDcd. we irt lold, W prtach ut 
the JtidixL. bovderkf upon the BviuA fetiJe«r»ii, with f«ry {O^id 

ft >tfUiirj t 


WF-! wrrf TOO mutk pinfoo wirFt ih« ptm&l of SirJjmKi Si 
Ptimt^Otfmmf. tn he CifpOtod lolnd floUl Or impeffrttrona 
in iti and n-Jien we met ituh MM p«T*^> tkai w« thought unft- 
vonrkfalc 10 the UA icicreli f^f a>»kiM, and on ubick, iaOmyioiLo 
PuMk. and lrui& a ir^j/d 10 chr princip^'ci oTIiben^i we wtre oUi|;*ti 
tA inlAkdreri. we ^id ih\\ with that honrA wuAth ittd torvcero 
which we feel when w«di&ovcva Ueottlh Ia bote 6vc«riM chuaflet. 
Yet ia JoQic elacei be iKinki wo kave cenlnfod hJn wiib feveriift 
owing to onr Luing citHjkra h'l r^cinm^ t i^hKh, hoye^er, &a tW 
cbiei iiiti3t<c, be «4.knu«kd£ci wouEd hjve beev p-'cmird If be bad 
had ike j^ood foFia^r to haTV expreiffd himfdf more ditatXj. ^vtry 
author, doubcldV. ii tb« brJl coaimcnsitor Dfen hit own wordi, ai h« 
fvralf mull haow what W meaaa by Ikra i and thotifh, «p«a an tia< 
pitliAl iTTiewCff ibt p^fe. wecsaby M mcan» appiure riihcr of 
tie fentiment or tbe Ululliauoo, vbea be fip, ' wc <xxk tj^ icnt ^^ 

tie oMtlwci of Q«r aCUdm f but^Iihougl 
noiirfi of afiion, jnct crnj oCiion fMjr 
bwk ei tlw •jeftr't datf i tnd the ftitn 
ibe pvb3k f oo4, ti u ca>p4b4«» <tid u 
■M viio ada i« eppo£bM to cbc dui 
ktve to «dd» tJbai in iha ctJr, liic hvm 
tcisf* A cua. BM aiocb nUcd abcnpc N^ 
bw» ilie 1^ of the fedfif, are inAaf 
iIm bulk of OMluAd. iLu the difpcifi 
fncb compac^i Kmc t icodcocf to kv 
and rv«ii fltiHItljr, of ikt IbicrtCf ''f j(Q« 
raEndi fof t^ dc^rian of implicit mdl 

iha Aothor'* rcnri;, ^vc been tiiplkil i 
of Any ocTtf r fcrcccc. 

W« c4aMot LUnc Sir Jimti fcr iw 
ihhrn he c»tt\t lo RngTisd. vtfi rcfpr^ 
pTin : bat wh«a be, CV •*^<MjMr vribvi 
lA thU luagdom^ »i pc'fcA [lUm t4 
equally at I^Hfty lo cxprc6 ou dllippn 
time wh<n thf^y htvc Utcl)- liimiibed tl 
the friffidi of libcfiy bive \Ktn ju£ly j 
tnio ciLiecution, aouM htvecnl!«t<d oai 

U'c dU not apiprtbcQd dutSJr j4so 
dufiJH of liir pfliegnipli About the Cm 
)Fi tiUT eye I bi3t mojc couctrjcf tb*! 

Wi DfitHrr owrtooked oor f««fotl 

_» I ■ • * — 1-^ • ■ • - T" 


Ckiit Bfl^hUjbmttjt in Rt^ilm 

ibc only line 

boly JelW wtultj be ever nientmofd to authonfc onil jullifv' 
mofl Ai^opJihtr'g irifl^ic<3 of birbimy and pcifccuikinr ; 

of ilvtr imTigiiiiic hitmoun- HiJ ibrfe cmpcran, their ftt^ 
ccQWa xnd luvctlTors c^iicciocil themfdns ooljr with tbrt 
civil govern iiirnt, anil left ilic Ci^jiKtci^o of mcji lo be gukJd 
in religion by wlut ilicy thctn^ht jgic?it>1e to truth ini miloii, 
there wouU itcvcr h;tvc l>ccn my fucfa itiiii^ ^% persecution frDni 
tocrt, or conupiion from cthcis : the qIoi toui* It^ht of the ^c^- 
pc| would, cf itfdf, bavc fcx^n difpcllcd aII iSc cirkncrs of pi- 
ff3inrm; ihf icloh of ihc world WDulil liavr fallen down Wc'T 
cnc Lord Jckovjh anJ hi( anoroicd Chrift^ ^nd men wculd clkfa 
li:in.' bn.(ji;ic Ctirif^Mut u\t^\% g^1^nHl^ iii>l ijiioi>:i1 principle!^ 
But, ififtciii of thu happy turn of nHairf, bavc iKit thfrfc efc- 
H;ihiTic[il3 of milljikciu <lcvout piu>cc», been i))c occifiodcf 
(hofe sr«f« ccsrrupiLoni and tvjlt fo juJlly ccflipUified of la dc 
Chrlu.-in ciio/ch I fuch corruptioat si, in m fi'O ac^i tliu ^ 
V\i\t reli^^ioii couTd hardly b^ t^iou^^ht c;ip)ble of- Who wodJ 
iTna»i»c, M\ the timt,-^ of the apolllo, ^tijmtir it f^V/ ^f4fn 
K-f>ulJ ever be huiiouroJ with the ninw <if t^fariftunitjr I ft^ 
\vorl~e than pAcm idoUtry nou'd be called tHe rclr^im ef 
c Ciod ! And that the d^tiines of tbe rwftlt sil 

- - - l^ 

"dicfc lie the blefled el!e^ of thefr endov^Ercnit and dUbliU' 

mciitB ; and to prcfcnc thcm^ all the powers of c«rth Jml U'i 

'hait'^ (or mary ages Wt mof) vcalouny cmpto/cd. It^tft 

'a^i cHibUntmciili of Cbrilh:iiuly xrt: not ciqaaiEy pcfiico^l 

"bat vc ihinl it may be Wu} down ;t^; i truth, ih4i tVyirr til 

pcrnidouA to true Cbrjlljnn liberty, in pri>portion v§ ttc ricbc* 

« '«nd endou'Dicnta fee jifott lor iheir fuppoM. 

' If we c>f( o«r thoughti over oil tbv e-jrih, trc QuU W thx 

tbc grratcd ind truest caufes of coinpldiiii, lu ever) nujoo. <^\ 

it^t otrr ptvn d/ffr csirntrj^ arifc ircm lb© religion elH^lif 

acnoiii; tbtoi. I,ct ui fuppofe« for a i»D«iie(il, juinc Odc of 

fi.-nions, Tuttfy ft\r example, h^d no piiiiciil«r rdigioci 

jbJifbed rnir, ari that all iu fubjci^^ wvrc pcrmittckj t<>w;>i 

God, Jn theii fcveni mannas vfitboot the Irxfl SfprchiT^. 

o<f ditcounj^jiteot or dan^^r from ihc fljic, — then c'cn »> 

^i^hl |irofci« (be Chiit^idnt ibejewifli, ibe V 

^jpiij Of a^y other relialm which Cioiilt* acj 

4c to bimf^lf* Should we ciot ihink Uiik J -i 

^ilitlon f« fhr prwfdc of thofc vaft emmtriei ini' 

of the Tijrk»? and irc wc not pcrfuiJcil tli^« in thitcilei tU 

ChriAun reliiiLon, by iu own Aiprrbf «xcrllence jml ini3< 

wou!d foon pfcvati oxer atl the oiher J^irercli^bons # — VVUcftui- 

dai it ffutn doing fo now ? T»i it not thi- rk-hr*, tbc bAoaun 

»ni c?ccli*'i*« frtierfrtntt which arc eCljibUiHed on the mtth 

tic dtryi&K aaJ 4«£uJiiua3) of utic MihgiOutan bctievcri J 



Stiahah'* ft 

My ^hi 4eteirtt 



U ray thk 99f t 
AmA H^iiWt bound 
Swift ihfD' t^ ikvod, n 
Tbdr flijE^' E't* hwk«M 
Each «icf:cx bcfei, and 
Wuh 44Cc]iful <«rc, oti 
Dvk «in» ihc jrArc. tui 
Terfiex'^ vith brjtnblfi 
Thro' whkh fane urr^ 
The C^^*^y bo«sK*, ll 
Bat soil lie Tmi to iDJl 
Fofjiliu icufded in hii 
^iTu* »u fOnFi ti>if, t 
H«d DOV cffftpM ibc f« 

Launii> bcK hu ftabk* 
>1r fto»^d, «Tid tor hia 
Wh«re have I kA. 4fr « 
To find A1V loft Eorj'iJa 
Un^JoJin|{ then ihc Ub 
OfOiat Jvutfiii); wooJ 
R^-tnui^i. •»!] rffuiu a 
He hcarj the h<^(cii fio 
Of a f urfkfinj boA ; rta 
O/ (Jr£«l farpcncc t U < 
1at«Jci hi> UJ? ; ^ o(| 

Him ibc detcicFiLl pith. 
XJchmy hftd bccny*d. 
Oti ■II jfdci hcmoi'd nt 
Or tfCMiA tv citjpc ihce 
Whai fSoLildheJo, wh 
1~<> favv the yocth f Of 
Amid ibcir fuordi, and 
Bv noble vrOvnil) a flot 
HcrCr poiilii^ hi> ru?'d 
llii ryfi h« roir'it. and 
F«ircA ot lUft, bnghi j 
H« prcftm, and my l»bi 
Uc'cr for xnc my fathcf 
Due vJdimi oiFcr'd ; or 
By my own huntinj^ I 
Aitd fin ehe ^aliow*d wi 
Now jrtvG me ta difpcH 
My weapon"* pobt. | 
EACrtin^ ci/rry ncrre: 
TKtd' nij-hi'* riirpaffinj 
Srock fptinEPriflg. and 
Kr rolling lies, diTchnr^ 
A purpk lUcAOi i aad i 

3^ Civil ^Mifimffrti in itd?jr'*i| ^H 

tvtry where, ffpecMy in Iial^ and Fr>ncr, fee ifiingi In thk 
ligtit ? uiJ whit docs thi> alvrayi ccnd to bul itifidolltf f 

" flefxlci tlic conl^tnt IfETorfs of lli a^iintrd tcadim, iho 
Doftor fAys nn dtablilhmcnt bu ii« ttri^^ cont^miitj;, in> 
fimlt compaU, all she ouilinci and funiUiiTciaBl fHincipU> of 
fjiitii." But how much this humour of Kifcing crcc<f% u{>3ii ^ 
woild hat ronutbuicii to the happmci?» oi fniohcind. let tk 
«cckfiailica1 unnah ofoTty nation <JccUrc, Thr I>n3flr m^ 
on* *' Jf Ol<n vcfc admtucd to the oSicc of t*a<hin|; *'<^H 
the fecuriiv [of being fAithfjl rothccfttblifhmmt b^ fubr^nBII^ 
Its crecdvl and were Icit wholly it litxttr to pxo|k>^iite wbK 
opinifini they plrifc, the chmch mijht loon be dirovrn iMO 
confufioHi afid dffftroycd under if* owrn comtufffion." Thh 
word tfuflrci i» t>f a tauft xa^ucand uuCTiUUi fi^Nilic»lio«- IfcfC 
t£!ab)ifhR)cnt and church aic Cynonimauf ccrmi, »tm1 fgnifrjuA 
ihc fame ihmg ( » ihcy do in ^Imoil every coumfy. flAif 
Wf cake !hr rtoid rhmrh in ihc true frnfc, And hy it mnaa 
corgtrgatitti of Chiifliftn^ vredo ooi Tec how fucb a church ~d 
ttitown inro c^orfuluv) by tvFry i^i^mbr-r (icclHnng liJs owo fcj* 
ttmcnts, a(»y more ihiiA any oib« ilicniWy », bj the <iiffin^l 
opinions of ihc {jrifoiiii it i» cort^pujcd nf. Indeed rctcraf citil 
rtloblilbrrenES of i elision mighr, in fuch a cjfc» b« p«t inJO 
COnruftuM(^}d|]Cilupbdi:flttiyc4J< But the church of CfanHcOEft'd 
never fuArr any injury, yea tt ^ircufd :ilwiyf b« preftf>cd fn xa 
poniTi by fiirly cxanunine ^c dii^rcnt upinjom* 5Ci F^ii' 
«nd St. Tcrcf hid gx«t dif^trencei \ ret Chrjftiantcy Mier (^ 
fffc^, but was Theieby (he m<>rc conArmcd, The modern eCb- 
b1iAirncnt» of irllgion will iKit tjt<lrrd allrjw any <li]Tent)ii(Eioti 
them, but forre all to fubmjc to them, or gieitly diKoynft 
ihofc whovfilj not. 

• The inicniiOEi ofcrwdj, fiyi Phil^detbet, h to be, in fid, 
the diAj ngui^ing fycnboU chtrAdtcrillic of that church fo cA«- 
blilhid ; and m being fo^ evcludtng iherehy all othei Chriihsi< 
|>tokllors. AnJ even here ihc clergy ure dtrniod the arc of iftM 
rr^fon Eii^d underflandm^ ; and irc not a]Fowtd to mJ the 
fCfipCuic^ tiut hy ihe fncthurrt of ciiurch-CKcds. I'hev AXt t^tA 
pcimitted to fotm any jiidiiment of ihe [cAching^ of JefiD fldj 
ti» 3p£>nii^i| but what lliAJ] be altogether confonant with ikolH 
di(U^;^uifliijkt- jirtkln of fjitth. Such txi oSccof publkk icicW 
ing h a btdled onf indeed ^ but «-hu no nun, in hii feorrvi 
tnd who under (lood any thing of thcnitureof Cbriltian liberty, 
waiVI arcrpf, whucier fhcmld he the vorMlj rotolumcfitt/ 

Philalcthcti, io the Ttcond part of hia pamplUc^ makc» IcAe 
obffrvition* on a inMtife iniitM, Thou^hrv un Minc^' 
Hcie he givei ut Fleetwood'*, Butler'^, Hafne*«, VoUaire^ 
uA Campbell's dcluutiona of a miride ^ but dou not ipprovt* 


tW9 DtfiHMi^t tn ffWrar P^^, 
r #vq(ri if iymtmx in ^rAeth U ii 

flir Ff^n^b Ori^ml i wnlien 
Koy>I TroMTor of Phyfic m Pan«£ 
to tfic Kioj; </ Kraicc. Svo* 6 

WITH tbUt publicjiion T>u 
i«u bouGK, rir.. boiik inc ihiitU wb»dk 

nihil vrorki uH^n our A'JiHur cooH 
ofci he rrgulv); soc» tt.fough the dcR 

whole, vc Joel upoa tliii wtrk to be 1 
buf rather icdioiit. 

A» Or. Aftruc't theory, and ftccotint 
mUfrvtry have mall she ^pcuuacv of \ 
of aiif tbine ill chii pvbJiCJtion, wc Dm 
Resdm. H will be nccdlvy alfo Co i 
Ihii difcifc, that hii account <rf tiM cuiti 
be uiiiicrflcKjJ. 

The iccobil or ihifJ duy iftcr ddnrcry, 
fell .-LfRi^ed with a rvrrlling of the hrc*->ft 
mort luddta or srJKlual, c^ufcd by tht 
which cx>aic« ilii^cr: In whkh jUtc \l 

Thtt accciGcn of milk imo the brrafls 
quickJr, than at other timet, is mide in 1 

la bcmciivics the hrc^i fw«U md"^ 
boun, fo as to hecoirkc more diitendcij 
but wiiHouc pain, , or fever. The (wkWu 
fttid ii CiHridy gnnr Jit cwo days, This I 

2p At other timu, the Bow oF milk, 
uiid impctuuLiv, nukcf ttie bre^df^i fwcll 
The tumcfamon, tcn]lon> and piin, are 
fhemfetvcs inio the itmi'['iEL : v^hUh obli, 
ber arms ofF from her body. This for 
fe^cr; but 2 morcor Icfsdcutcfcvctcomi 
«(ivartcf^d; sencrally without ihitfcringt 
fuch sa 4fc uighc irtd irrc^uUr. Thu rs 

3. At oiher limcij the diford^t begin! 
f rrcA tg the dcgccc of sJhakbg fir, tliat is 


AsTltUC m rhf Dip0fi9 ifWcrofi. 


Imr, dvring which, th« brei/U rife rrty fil^i fo ju Co become 
tianrf, hpof) fed, Jtid pjinful ^ Mliiib ckictioi not pflly to tliv 
Ann-picCt but even Co the ticcic ui4 chelt: from wbcixe iW 
rootiocib of die neck arc £CJMJcrL:d punful \ ind the rcfpcr^tioa 
b conflriiiicd. Thi' id the tUrdJUiti. 

*^uch tictbcdtocb of Use milk in child-licd wianm. thm 
smicnti dwi aoi know '.lieoi ; c-r took no Doiicic of Uicm : and 

with an^p tbtxr: brcii^fr ihrn they arr fcirrrlr perceivable; 
taA go iwar etttr* li^t when they trc utteDdcii wiih, or per- 
Cf]?rd bj' irTcr, thry ipcrii mrjre rrgarrf: fof dier arc thrn a 
ml difeilc. Tney cikll ttiii fcvcf, Mr arulkfrVir^ /thrii d la/fr : 
bccatjfe it it the mlJL whfch uuA:» IL Tlut urnli^affcfl in iJiT* 
fkmil ntannin, 

' l.SumctiiACi it eonrnnr^ ualy iwcntT'fotir, nr thirty boura; 
«iid, at otberi, >c \±Rt two or 1h'r« d^p* li foc&etievi bap- 

£n>, ifaat it M% \on^t.t : but then drmc otbtr fever* «kf a dif- 
ent Itrnd, h foaifLiciEcd vAth it- 

* 3. When jt UllkOfily twomjr'fffur, or thirty hourv, rkerc ii 
eiilr one parovvfTi ct Kt ; it in in fp^mfran fnn ; biit wboi 
k uAa longer, it return* eray twcjity- louf houri ^ m a cotiti- 
nwd do«blct<-rtbn levtr. 

* 3. It end^ ^rteralfy in fome tonliJrrmblv frKiMt*oili« by 
UTcnc or flouJ i and, ^icnctinic*, ty a «cipiDui Jiftbargt of 
milkfUthis: Ui^i^ilhej faf Ihi mil} rurtittfwirui^ik. 

C A O t « t. 

* To atcctim for the I'sfon of tbe tonvcyance or the blood 
into tbe bfe^ftAi, whieb htpi>fn< to child-bed wo«nefi, we muti 
go a Intic deeper ; ami refer to Icvtr^ faCt>, OKntfoncd in ihe 
couric of thii work. 

* I. Tbe \erroicwTar, or haiferouiveiTcUol'ihe kfa-trn «d 
the nifky vrJktU i^f t^c bm1>i, bave a gtctt aAaity to each 
cxhcr I and both tft dt^^ned, from ihtir ottj^kul iubt«tioii, 
nna ntily M feerete J Ijrrph fL>inewliu nritliy ; l^ial h to fjy, 
charzcd wuhfomr dmj^tof ehyk; Uit to receive tfic common 
lyirph, wbieh looivi fionn ibc other iKi^hbouiiiii paitt i that 
U to &y. to Ibc veimitTuhr w4Mi of ihf »tfiFBri ; tbe fubftince 
eren o* the ■?<?« » >aJ tbe nulky tv&«^ of the brcafti i aad 
tbeexteiror panof theche4>. 

* 1- That l^rfc nffcb tf tbe Af/rai, a« well ■» (be rv^^W* *f 
the brc^Oi, have i-at-h iw(i rondurti, in order to difc< :ir-,-c ji 
well the lymph, which n Jcoeted thacp aa thai which coom 

* 5. Tltar, of tbcfe eoddoTt*, bme tr« lytapbattc capillif^ 
ttrlna, which a^forb, from ibc cawiiy of ihtk vtitvlu ^^ « 
tbofe of the t^>i>£#, the ly^pb, which diey coD.uinj and 

^ 3 Gonxe^ 

rtbting M tVTMVf Partt tftmrhns fftjfyrj: 


Uvem. Kcvcrth«klSr t%er^ are iioc wanting men *m our owii 
lUjr wlio ^c fiufttn of ihc jvofo^jniicjl cri^jtioiit u^ wbo do 
i>or <:aa>e hehlnd ihe mod dithu^illieiJ fi>mM of iHf lal) crn- 
turjirt for th«ir 4iunc»oo io<v«y the mu'LiicU cucumfliiKc (hit 
may be tbc mcijis of cluciJiCin^ the (Ijikncfi of ihr rirlidl 
s^ct. Among l%e gcntJcmcn of iW charjclcr^ Mr. Btyanc 
dctcTva to tic mcntioo^ w\l\i pforUf liionnur ; and ittou^ hh 
iii^uiHc* wJlJ not b« il«inrd imertfRint; br (he ^^cnCTfliity rf 
kcaiiicn> yet Oiofc wko irc pImTcJ wiLh an/ JT^tic Uut i» thrown 
upo4i die fctiptuirtt and rcnioic antiqultVt will think fberolbWes 
opUgod to Kiai Tor nt> in^cni'^U) and IjWIoui rc^tclKi* 

The ddign cf «UT Author'n firA difl'-fuiiott) whtc-h h iipoti 
the wirul turodydOHt fpokcn of In ihc Z7th chiptcr of the 
A£b, h to i-irdkntr the cofiimon ir^inff, in o(>fwlttion to Uo- 
<tiAri* <!vctiu>, 2nd B«Atlcy, who *re oWtttdtd ^x it ^ ai^I wIk^ 
fuppQittd by the authoiUy of tlio Atcxaivdrioir manufcri^i, smd 
of the VuIj-atCt U^ifik Ei/ahJlw^, or EuroaqLiil<>» to hi m.iro 
s^TCcaMc (u the irji'^i. Or. Hcfttlcy tfprci-illy, in bis c^ctllcrit 
Fcnurfct upon 1m-thin'£rn|;, ii i^ry full tipon thii> At 
hU tmicif'n ia cxi?ioiJiij«fyt Mr. I^ryaiu hith prcrcntta it, 
II bfgCt to tlu rt^rr, an<t ihctx fabjotiu his oun reasons for 
being cotircfy of a diHi:refit opinion. 

In ibe tourfe of hh rcnn3fk% our Auvbof^ In inlwcr 10 ili« 
d^c^kci LtiAt the wind Kuroclydon «rai never hevd oi hax in 
cli» pa^^of ibr A/U, nicH-i inai it i^ poc right lo dcii;ttcfrfmi 
Xh-. -.'Xt, and admit «f Any nltcratiMi m^Kly btcaufe & 

iNTLi . tnaii thii an rntci\(t'r: iradc alivays introduces 

CtTCM o^ 3TTt ukI ditiin^N^jni 00c known before^ th^; miny 
Wind* aic not dcnoir mated from the paJnta they bluvr fjcm, 
but from thdr cfFc^ siid lioJcnocj and that thcwofd Eviroa- 
^mUi » alto):cibcr ai un'Tonri'iion ai the word Euroclydon, It 
iiobj«^W ih^f Kur<Kt)r^on ii ao otd compoiind, an<i that the 
tWDtdta^it is in;.de tp of could not, iiom th^difparityotthcm, 
kjoined in one : Hje :hiv .-itTirriinn it w^iihuuE Wndjition, ijiicc 
there appears no more dirpanty here tiian in any oEhci- com- 
pouiidt^ which frcqucnil^ occur in ihc Qitt'i*. Ln^uige, iind of 
ivliich there are m^ny fimiiar inflnincca in our own tongue, 
t ifc rtill ai*:rc dirci5l!y ti> Mr. IIryint% ptiriforc, and vhich 

a to prove io a coiwiiumg minnfr, ie. thit ihtrr never 
V nor couEd bd, fuch a wind as Euroaquilo. ThiJi h cvt* 
iSent from the leftiitwry i*f ibc bcf^ and moft spprovrd rrfpcil- 
aUc writrrst ard h"om the Otl^c*^'* temple of AnJfomcui Cyr- 
tSrfl*^ It Athcni, communly c.iSiril jA^ fttnfJf j/'l'* itr^ar, which 

I] bcinj. Aa to the patuc^o from Gdlij), upon the wi- 
i, >lmi <jf vtUcbtkcwhnlccif licnticy's aigunien: rclla»it is found 
tipoA Inc^uiry 10 he of ik> weight | ar-d thir quotation from Seneea* 
jaflcudciftivouiui|£tbclX>clMSrGafunin^inukcadutb\^ Ai^V\t.V 

AiT«(;c n the D}f<^fis tf fytmrm. 



IcU; that tb^y fiiliCc: which nukct ihc !»caI1i hrgf; and tVfe 
Ai/rr*J thkk«r, rounder, and more puJpout. 

^ to. Thjt chjn£» rcniAin iei ttiit J^atc till the ful! preg- 
luncy : but ihu then, it the convcriiin of chyk inro fcJoe^ 
bccooici more flow, tnd ibc chyle fl«gQaCf* Jgom in tie bloody 
ihc mitky lymph nf ihr xf/rvf, ind ihai of U^e brralfi, are 
much (DMC charged wiih ch)loui pui> i become more milky^ 
liiJ thicker, and caniinc br ;ib]brbr<I, ai tifiiJitJy, by ihr lym- 
phaiic veiiu : ijifotnuch (bMt <hc lActilVroLji vcffcla of the ^trm^ 
becomm^ larger* force their mouths to open; irxl Jifchirgff 
the milk iiito di« tUcmia and I'^rOT, for the nouriHincnt cf 
the itohtyt; vid that the %vAa/« of the hiejA?, lilccwije, for 
the fame reafon, dJUte ihe Jaftiferoua canalt of the hmtl ( ; and 
pro4-i(Sc thomfdvcs a vray to nourifh the chiU, when it Dull be 

* In this proj^cil^ of changes, which happrna fucccfGitlyt 
in (he uttrstit aod in ihe bfeafi, till iSe end of pregnancy, there 
it iKXhing advinGCd» that » not juftihed by Ckp<timeut, Tbcrc 
femaini now oiJy lo examine what change ddivery »ii make i 
vid to explain, ihencc) the quick and coproui <«>iTeyance of 
milk into the brc<ifl>, which happens two or three daya after 
the lalxturj and the hvcr^ whtcb prc<e^et, or accompanies thia 

• N^!fcin( U changed* ;it leafl obfrrvably, rhe two ftrft diyt 
after the Ucfifcroua vcllcU of the utfrux continue to receive the 
millc, and <li (charge it into the iir/rvj, aa before; but every 
thini changes iia facc^ at the end cf the facood day^ or m 
bcjginningof the ihirJ. 

• Tlic h//T«/, wh-th has begun to contra^ ilfelf, by it* 
dailicity* ai fuoEi ai the rhild ii come forth* h fuffiGie;it]y di- 
rolniOictf, by the end of the fccond dny. or the beginning of 
tbc third, to co4itm^ the mouthi of the la£lifeiou» tcilcia ^ 
and hinder ihem from difchirgin;; the milk, aa thry did before, 
11k milk, therefore, being retaJnTd in the blood, and Howing 
with it, eombinei with the milk of ihebreafti; wkI n^mcntv 
the quantity of it. Tbia i> the pfincipk of tht Cflcivcjancc of 
the uTcfinr milk intci the hreaflf. 

* Thia milk may be pure, an^ fweei t oc it may have a tcji- 
tlrncy lo be tfnur. In the firfi r^^ it wo-ild caufc nciEher 
iKiieiin;-, nor fever : hot* in the Cteorid, the conveyance would 
be affe^cd ttiiL a prMtt or IcIa dcgicc of Chiverlns, or fever ( 
Kcodtng to that of the Acidrty of the milk. Thb h the 
pr;n<JpJc of the milk lever. We Qui) here explain both thtit: 
eafea more partteularly, by diflitiguiJhing them lo three ftatra : 
in which t!ic cofiveyioce ol ihc milk may be made : and which 
arc i.h<j^ th;ti have hn-:i meniionrd in the picccdu^ anlcle, in 
jijin^ the dcfaiptton vf ihc difordcr. 



; AiTRUc on 

' L Th« fntlk may be cu 
frty, without pr«cJplT:icJon} C 
the three ioMow'tn^ c^tj. 

' I, If ihc dtthrercd wcmat 
during hrr picgnancy; and h 
tti* trmc of her hrmg brougtl 
<iici, £bc wiJt make very Utd 

* 2- If th"^ ni/nrt nf the A 
sndhii bui Httit eUfliciiy. B 
lug Ufclf ; ard will prefs, cfto 
the mouths of the Idtflikroiis 
cbirg« much milk into the nU 
potiiuii* what ifcouU bc^ carno 

* 3. it the mouths of thehdi 
iren, arc cicHcr naturally Urgt 
Ubour^r in which cafe^, alcho 
the claliicity of the uurvu th 
a great dral of milk ru cfcspe 
tied to the breaih. 

^ One of fhufc caufcE alo 
abundarrce of milk iti the brea 
TiJ^ it mucih more ; anJ. if ihi 
be fo gteaC^ that the milk -wo 
women commonlv dir;i;fl wcf 
they make, muft be well cla 
(juenOyi the milk, which it 
fwcet 1 and incapable of cjufi' 
are obferved only in ihl^ firit ft 

* JL The quan:iiy fjf milk 
will be much greater; which 
ably, with tenfion, redncfF, \ 
]tifs, fuch as is tolerable in the 
h what is remarked in the fici 

* I. If tht delivered wuma 
plentifully during her pregn; 
very* fJecaofe fhc will have n 
coiifcquently, much miik, 

* ?., If the uffrus h^a moi 
quickly, and ilrongly : whichj 
tdtiferouD vclTelr;, diminilhcs 
p:ifs out from thence j and ma 

* 3. Ifthcmnuthsof thclat? 
Tint been enoui^h dilated by pii 
them clofe themfcives more ri 
part of the milk of the /schiaj 


3p BtrAWr'j OiftnvtuHi meJ /rtftdn'tt 

waiHe'9 KcoDBt : dienibrc Mdkc lU/ika b ctraititr iSI 

AikoibcT Gtrcomftuicct wtddlttsercarroTtfinnBtlofl af orkd 
fcirti fatthmo brtn adnnocil, Ti, iS« the ficrcd tmor, in 
fj^fc^r* of ibc B«iv*»^ dtU tbcm btibviiji». Th« chim- 
in, ax Mr, BryiRt hai pranJ bv a rviety of cridz-fKc* cmU 
bf no oNoM beftDpljed to the rnluUt«nc» of Mclrc Alricirai 
wfcCffCtt every celbtml dfnjaift:u>cr cnn firms the pnmtietvct 
Ibc sppeUiMi, wtmi gtvcA to the inhabttaitts of Mriicc lU 

A fttnher Brgvoeflt it jofttr dnwa from the rcUtion of ooo^ 

Dvr. tc U ■ proof that the J|i^'i1lc was ooc fhlpi«rcck&l up^d 
ihm tfUad. A« there l-c no rtfpenri Dotv» the coikLooi u^ 
ita thffic t>rtrr wm* any : (ofii^^iu^ctly, it cotild not k iu 
pfora wbctt bi. P4ul cxbibilcd the mitacic rcconlcd in t^ iEeI 
dafUn- ofthr Afb. 

Wc fiuU cot foJlov our Ifvncd Author throuf^h the rouA* 
4ltr of bis curious crickf<hi& and oUavati.mb ; but comeot n*- 
Cflm with t^ing nobct, in n^T6 to them, th» be ftcat U 
lure fufficicfftlT confntnl the rcaltitiiTigi of Etochtrr. jemI iir 
hit9 «fabllihe«l hit owA ofisioA, in > c'car ao4 l«&li&rr 
aaiaiier. The rcmuukt vr«th whkh he CQnduin thudifit* 
tslion will pfotnbly be accemh^ to many of our Rsader. 

* The cWruig up thcfc dtGcultio m»y be thought b/ (ooit 
» ci/cumlbncc of IHiSc conCoqufnce, and poi&bl|r oi fdt ^nar- 
ttiMfientk But It muA be oonfidertd that the dcterwiAio^ *nf 
poavt of fcrlpFurf Is always aitcaded with :kdvantagr. In ihe 
inrcftication of Any furred tjuth wcfceccniinfttly fidh cttdccce 
>rH« ; fooic new light breilc ui i that flrc.-kgihcrt and UlaAnen 
WoAd the poant m \i<vt^ It mmtrj little whence it pncNdt; 
k 15 ever pk^fiog lo a iViiom ojicJ iiuiiufitWc nilod, and caaa« 
but te profitable in the enJ. The moft tomute ifloairy isJ 
e!(ieid.uiari lendt to a confirmation of the wbolc. 1 here will 
be likcwife leen th» advAntige refulrin^ f:orn wh^t I have lird 
bdore the mdct; thai be will, 1 bclr^vc, £niJ the lej» 1 hxrc 
been crraiin^ of, wich their boundaries and abatmentit togrdvr 
with the chinges in djftectflt ngw they un^rwem io rffpcid w 
thofe limiti) mof? dearly and pceci&Jy drtrtmiriaJ here tSian 
haa been any where eUe i>b^«rvtd/ 

*■ Ir may likcw.fc be cntnt^ntn^ to reflcAf hotr tnodi ^ 
an of navigation h loiprm-cdr and vrith whit difpateh n<jw4« 
days cociuKrce >s caiiicd on, In funnci tim^^t tbty only madt 
coaQin^ voya^, nt^tr wHliitgly iodtig ^L^ht of land. Tb* 
finpa liden with corn m^rc uaiticutarly hcavjr tn& 0ow. Tte 
fittp mentioned by Lociao let wit with a fiic wmd, aaf W 
IcvCQ dajrt in S^^^t ^ Vl^f'J^ ' "J K IT** jtuifol ibwJCT 

d^ivt (a3 to the Tfbcr. An E^iglift Lcrtnut with a Aevly 
S>K woidd r^t botdljr before the wiwl» «nd ma u tbac Jpic* 

* But, wliit it 2 m^9 ftrtotis coafiJcntion, i*e nuy Icani 
from hcikcc wIlu « HriA cx^tJiiLiuLJo^i ihc rLriLtiuics ircLJEiwbld 
«f ufMlcr^oii^. No hi Aory luA i^cod the tctt tlui ihe fjcrcJ 
iciipCuin JTC made to bcir, AqJ tn thcfc IisquKJci it » ^rr]f 
iitv&ddff to obfirtvc by ihecollitf ul rvUlcncc, » it coincide 
that Mo%i wK needier have happened w the inanAci tfacy 
are rcpicicntcif* Jr nuy Iikcwiic Jcrrc to difpljy to ir« the cre^ 
4tthiy of the church of Honx ; u»l ihcw oo whit vc^k foun^ 
^Miftv thrir r»Lh is eftiblilhrc!. A mul^ke being oiicc muloi 
between two ilUndt of thu lame nam?, hcnr mzfty fowrki 
jre tntTDcIitccJ ici euefcc^ueiKe ur' thi> mtc tnvt ' ill which 4ro 
wc wwm Jod b| thctr ckrgy at iniihi to be highly cevcicnecd* 
Tbh b Aronprly oklcccei] ly chc cdJLi>i» o^ ibc lt1i«tnit]i 'J'cifj- 
Mott : who wete rtot content to give thtrir rradrn ^ mangled 
fjAnOklJoa of the Vulgate ; hut they muEl aoocx lo i; the lo*, 
gcodi o^ ihcir chjrch, to eofiupc it ftill ^^rthcr* In Tpcakinj 
of iW ilUiul Maltx, whkh thcv call Mir>!c»ef they mike 
«ili(?ft>tion- " Thi% iiUmf (n<iw M^lu) i> ihe Icu of ih« 
tei^lue« of the Rhodes ; ihc iniiahituii^ whereof have a Ij^eial 
^evciiViat to Si. Paul ; in who-ii both the ebt^-efe ehurdi (beiiij 
Ibe bifhop'f fr^e) is dedicated, and ilie whole jflaod (u tl 
count h] conreemtcfif : vrhft^ the i<o|»]e Qkw yet to flra&gei 
bia prison flrd orber mcmnrifb of hit mincin/' And alter- 
'MfiTiit^ " MjUu hMh Si. i'aulcs bkniixg jihJ grue b^iI 
aiiy,' A»d in :tfif.Tlni p!*^^, fpfiking of the viper tba? fjUcr.i 
tf^in th-? apoUeS hark^« th4:y snake this remark ; '' yc.% (And 
a« ibe ChrHliati pnv^le ihc<r lit fhi^ day betcevc) bj' St- P.uTet 
[>/%lcn the ilbnd vu delivered f&r ever from ol locii vcnewoua 
Iciprnii: in fu mu<li ihjl eUildrcrti ibctc play wicb fcofpiuni 
ever Gr>ce that time ; and pil;;riir*( daily c*/ie with tncm pceee» 
of ftr>oti o-jr of ihe pbcc w'ctc:re St. Paul 4l)o:1c, by wlikh thi 
*ffifffl- f^i'i tf»cy heale thun wliich id other ^oi^r^tTjej atJjoyninj 
f fcrif ]tio(U : tbe nttdk irte therefore bettij called Sti 
L-e," ThuahiTe they thought propct o elo« tJ 
^frord ol Cod with the tviL'itiuni of men ; u jf the boly tcrip- 
Vtim wottid t'tfe of iSeir inlluencr^ unkft g^rntlbed urith legend' 
%ad fibJc. I'hflt Malta harbourf no ^'tDcmoui cieature, ia 
Own:r to Sr. Pj^rt ^f.tcc, who WJi itrvt-r ihTrre j hue to 
Asture of the iSarnJ, ib*t c;uinut i^ive tbi:ni fhcher. Fori* 

■v fuii^uont arid uin'^tx of a fuft iirhite nxic, wiih veajr 

'«ih ; whit thcv ht<o bctft^, at Tbevenet telis ua^ for 

^^ mufl (urt adirariif-Mi. — M^iha, 1 beTicvc, uA f^^'"^* *^' 

■■**'" ripjbU of bfit^oorin^ either fcorpion or viper, AnA' 

. the lutiita Ihuw the kuid vf Publiu»i the luvim^-* 

riOt*», y»! it U In tb< hinhfft p>:t4 o/chfi *tTiinenci:i, if \ 

« Hsvins rciporei xht frrtut^ mcludnf in 'm% coicringK, of 

[which t<lcicrTTd d)c cxirrjinilioii 1<II inochct tiiiK-, I appiicJ 

ffVivCtt^ lodifcovCT ih* i>j(iuic rvf xVje v<ni^li [ liij jLiH tiS!cri*sIj 

in order 10 kftow if thcf ktlhcr^d to ihc attcrin ot vem> of t^< 

itf/rvip fltid in vrh;tf mnricr. To i^itiiy mj-rdf <^ tHtt, 1 li^ 

faMdiirg mo«ciod(», thtn loinlr^t^cc piol>ct thcTcvcflcUi 

^Hch ihc ]argciicr» of ihcir orifice c^Jy pcfmrucJ. Tbcftt 

^bet Ui QIC aTway« to a nuni lie 1 lion of roW)« nfe/inc vci«v 

Hpch «re very Urge «t thii period uf prc-^nattcyi aoJ lUncfi 

almvi to plAcct, where theft t^mlfrctitiont unite tj 4«^Mj^ / 

aiid 1 mxlc mrftlf crrtJn oF thi»« bvdiflc^inff thcic vcilcb, 

loihe Hein4 where (hcjr end; tnd by iJiJVnj*i»ing ihfffi fron* 

the membrane?, \f^ 6brr«, wfi>ch ci>vcr iKcni- There rclkk 

life (vrpetidiiTubTly ffoni uierincvcinif aa thr lutrnl rji.-vitt^//^ 

utiEhout ir'tcrr\ipting thv- course of ihe ctrcuUtion ( wb^h co:t- 

ifnvri to j^ij on in ihe ^jigth of the vein* : fo ihjt thrj- may be 

legifiied at Lille tu!i-ti€-fat^ Of fhoit cavitici with chrcu^^ rhut 

u|i ; ae^ 10 inAkc ufc \^t Jii expicflioii more J^^lic^lil'u- ti} ibc 

MifiGt^ ** litik /«rrtf : whi<h inctincd me to give Uieoi the 

CE of iirttl tvr«j, or &rr«f»j afptntiiUf. 
Allhouib I h>d notf >frrr ihff? oMervatbni, any dou^t 
^ing the commanic4ti(^ri of ihefc ci£(>il vcin> wiiH tlw 
merine, I vrM »CTy ddirom lofiriify niyiHfof it fey irj^vtiu^ii, 
I rude thcnit therefore, in different r.mi^atiocit of the ute- 
rine veini ; uid the fii4»d ot xhcCe jr^jc^tionk «An^v out, u-iih a 
full flrcam, :Lt the end* of the c^tct\ veins, which >|>pTrtuit>od 
to thcfc i-jmitkciiiun>. The fiicccfk W4b the htnc^ when I 
flt«Je ihc fune injt^ior^ in fome of Ihe ccecil v«ini : and ch« 
fluid ilTacd with ihc like ficiltty from ihc nmificiiiont i>f the 
Mm of thf mfrutf from whence ihefe ctxxA\ reini tike their 

* The rrmtmder of ihefe ecrcjl mm i^\ come from uterine 
vCHU, ftnd Chcve ts not any that hcbn;; co the arterici \ the cfif- 
irlbuiion of wbuh in the tdnui^ \% jibfvUxly ihe fiine, u in 
oihcf part* of ibe body. Thi* oMerraiion i> of tmponan<c : 
because [l will br rcett. hercafirrt ihjx nuii)' initomiflt b^ve 
admitted a double eoAimunkatJOA between the titir^i inAfia- 
ifnia i ooct by the ineriei ; and the others b)- ih< vti^ia ; li% 
which they arc miflaken. 

* I bad aa oppottcaity. (omc time aftcti of repealing ibc 
£une obdemikxia on the vr/ritt of anorhe* woman, who diej 
tba fourteenth day aftcf delivery ^ a4:d I found there thr fafite 
catlbmiaiiofi, ai m all thit W7« e^cDtial. It it true^ thit, ai 
the «r/*fti was begun to be coniraifleii, the cceeaJ vzitu were 
Aottcucdi aiul narrow m proportion i hut ihe^ vrei^^'^Vax^ 


igh Co receive ■ pcgbe 
KMdc in tbevi : tlut » 
4otte on ih« firll vt/rmst 
1 Wtthf not to ucnit« ih>i 
lobKrved* between cbc mcc 
fivifibtrM TrrmicuTir vdcls 
led froRi Ihcm, anil dt^chtrp 
tivT^, wnH which ihc iptoq 

* Frotn wbn wc hire U 
fcMEb and thkkMf« ^ ihe o 
m«R vjrv, iccotJingCo ihc 
idiilt ^iris, if tfc^jr b« not k 
tScCc tcim ire very (mill* 11 
Mrrjrj i in which th^lr cnd> 
then be dtllij)K"diiCiJ. In th 
tn^cr; clongitct projdfl In 
cfairgtf iMo It the blood Oif 
hwc dillin^uifht-d tlicm la tti 
md loiiga in tSc time of prt| 
forTc incu the vtirti^i uid in 
tbe^fhcuhi; thcmfeil/ct, iml 
noutlfhmc^at of ll^ys-fw.* 
lee ihnn in ihu ftare, cinnot 
rttnam in thjj condition fonu 
blood cnniiriLirt to flow from 
the Uchia, Bi;i aE length, 
Iborren, attd dofc tiirmfcEvctt 
» which iim?, the JWArtf ceafe 
of the ftiu6tJirc of the ttitm 

Dr. Alhuc obfcrvei thai ll 
with two othfrv, both dai>gi 
dangcTcuA, iH a coiUii>ucd ut 
by AA accumuUteil mifK of 
prinjt ^'rf» by the bad tcgimi 
jn(!icrft«cl matccrH, <!i]uted bjr 
ihc delivered wocnan it made 
fever* pilTfiiriCofbe blood J 
pjrovyfm) more or Jefv vkAtt 
qintjty of the m^itrtr wbtch < 

l*hj4 fever mufl bc» theref 
kind in nnlTitary tafo^ jia far 
K]3fi wJI admit of it ; that b 
twice in the fooc^ bccaofe < 
lime. She mufl rake, ever] 
wi^;b bor^^Cf and fkicooij-; | 
8 ~ 

people, vthdstvenatne to it in full oppcAiion to the Alldmcnw 
at KioAf irkn which ihcv vcte well ad^minivi : and hoKc M 
takn ocofion to explain ilit cttflc whkh wi« denctuncvl upon i 
C^r^ifi b/ Noih, A> tlui ii a fiiMqifl wbkh h«th furnittkCii n^^ 
fltaW iriumph lo the rncn^i^i of reveliiion, nrtd niurh wr-* 

SIcxity to many ut in friends, wc ihtW inlcrt part of Mr. 
ryariN rfflcftir.nji upnr ii» wiihmr [irrtcn^ng todctenntF 
bow tflf he hath rdu^J the difficulty. 

■ It hn fceincd, Ca>« kr* GxtrMM^uiiiy^ l1iai« » Ham m 
til* ptrion git^ltr. be (houM be oaflcd over without ^stj saicuJ- 
rerfion : and iKat the curfc fnoulil devolve to Onun, who 
don 11*^1 kem lo hav« brcn at all :&ii jccocnplic^. But it muAW 
Dbfrr>cii» ihr.; ihcrcwoiei arc not Iv much to he cf^Miwd i 
cujfe Tf rwcd oiJt of rcffntmpnt agiinft Ham %nd CHniu, fttf 
what bad been done, tf a pr^iphctic dcDuoci^uon of difbbcJicnCQ 
in lime r> comTf srd of the e%iU in rrniCrqurncr of It: 
wen ihcfi not uttered for ibcir bto, but upon cocoust 
Dthrrs of ani;thcr ^unily* who vat tocomcArirr, ind r^ 
inAiuftcd by it. ft i* ^■crv'tommofl with the ■ )^njn 

in ihc atW Sfcojnt;, which he giro u*, ro f^. ^ : .-r^ 

iTiedbtHy rdiitct to t^e ^rind pu'pcrc in harid ^ -\ 
L'%-ery thu^ clfc. wlikh li j«ot loJinc^til «ilh it. M-;.^ — -^' 
alJtjcM to ^lerc vvW koown :ttt)ic tiaie he wrote ; ic WMlbc*^* 
foic Tulicieni t^ e«tr>c) whu v» cffcnciil ; anJ lo §h^a &mp^ 
for ihc wholf : thU may he obfrrved in thr hiftoiy o^ l.i«.ifh^ 
of a cofiquelt maJc by JjKv.b, in a fri^mciu upoa ihc coa^^^^ 
of HtHkbon i and jn other phcet^ In thf pafiajp ] am tpeaiJng 
of, there it ttiicm ro thinlt, tbac a great deal prccedol wbu ^ 
h( re mrmioncd by Mofu : lad that w% have otil j i pan cc ile 
ori]:inal pr^hccy, F.-om tht t«iK>ur of whit rematn* , wc Mf 
prrh^psfufm fojnrjud^meTkt of what isoinittctl. Ic » prbkalff. 
cbit at ihff leaTon the p.itfiifch dtfctofrd what wai to l^pf^ 
in after Itmc?. especially to tbc fen who hnl k^> 

There It, I chinV, iti ^pp^frnt ehaAn and fjiU, . iiy 

with c^tat pioiabilitf be ft^Ted up, frctn \ihii Cxcna tti be i»- 
pticJ in tbii cure upon CaiiaJii. It i» vtT)" reafrinaUe i*> f^ip" 
p^i^, iharNuahtold Ham of thcfsture a^Kitt^r oj' hU ^^ 
dien: thu iht fame w;im nf rcvrrnifxT uhich mm had ui<- 
n?ned« WQuJd be vitib1« in his jxJbrity ; th&t the fceonJ * 
dGfcer.t fioai him wouM Ic ihc flil) icbcl upuri eaiih \ and it 
the fame lime ;he fitfl tjTiTit, whn Ihould ufn-p a'[:>itmtv P^' 
hta brctlircf-. : ihni of the t^lcC of Cuih fiwnU : 
federicyi nhtt n ihe genvfiil difperGofi Ibould vs .. , uic "- 
vine dif'pcnlut^on, and an^r^tc to thcnirelvci Icrfitoties tn Jiit^ 
oppofilicrt tn the will <>ftjod: that a ch^^fen "?^■?' — ■' 
nrife, >nc that there n-» for ihrnt a parti^tar 
but [faji Ca:3aui and hU <cnn^ another hrancb ui 1^ i ^ 
_ i 


rtSath* u tkifitai Parh pf^ittitnt H^flary, 355 

idJ dafrccaid ihii onJiiMilcc« aril iciAc upoi) the JwJ. uhkK 
trjs dtfHopd for God's own ponioA. TTicti cointt Jn ihe part 
10 hi* purpofc I *^ Curfcd be Cinftsn ^ a femAtcc ^cr^dnii 
i)un he be umrj h\\ brrrftrm :" t\^y " BkJlcJ tvc :lif Lcnf Goii 
oTSbemi «ad C^naii) Hiill be hij fcr^anc." Uftl^n nature 1 
tike ttf h^rc been ibcorigiiul pru|Th?cy: ^iitJ jjnral rr;,lor^ may 
begiTcn, «rhy oiK part i(0(n»:(«f, uiid fhi; o^tiCn- iL-ra^ncd. The 
r<Kmcr pn u Oaiauil bi (be Jmhic wiiui, ^iiHiri^.ilUijr [u bo 
fdsrrdi bn:ii^«iihcf nu^ilicncdot implied ir cbi:c<jiiiirorhe<^Hrid 
I ^F the billorr* On r^c «)tUir hjijid, ihc prcpttcEjr t;f mfcrimg 
' what H tpe<itx<J K appLirprit. U wjt a ii^o^'hccy, Uiac related 
nK>fl imlnutdj 10 the Hu^lilc*; whc> vi/hcn chi» liiflor/ vyaa 
promuljirdt tf^rr up^id thcrr joiiPncT to C^iia:in« the Imd aS- 
^ju^ gcJ ro i^«vi FhIt jn iDhc'irau' c, km cccupf^<i by iMhcri. It 
^^te ro inf^Tm ihcai &rfl, ihjc ihc CjTiii^riirt hii nn fi^bt en 
^B iand whiih chfy poJl^llrd ■• dkat they ba4 teen equity ol in 
UTtiltx bfL-rpituir : 4iiJ Were uriikr the curfe of God Aii ibcir 
<Jctacnirwt! urJ i^M1ini;« f^i/^fedicnce : ilicfe^oie fW ihit raiIoj| 
ihej ctKjtJ r^t pro^^r i^ji^ifl the ]l!r«litc3. Tbul ihc irrdi:lil» 
u^re goin^ Tj> Chrir horr.tfrary dcmcracf ; 10 a Urul f^i'iniJIy 
(Jcfignvd Ikir ihcm ty (Ik gicac difpofi^r of ibrc^o an/j:ing- 
^c^r ' Liljr*. c^Drur^cJ vpofi il;e foiu Ol' S^umt pif- 

tic-i . . . .. J 10 ilx cbiMrcn ci Jkcob i h\ wtioin the pin>* 

phrcy *rn rn tx- r<n-Lj*^-ait4» 2nd ki vhtim the C;utiinile wa« 
to be AjMcrvUnt. I'be time, the p^otc, every circumlituictf 
ifccws with wtw! proprki) this part of ttiC prrvpilwy Tfc malncil ; 
«ii It the iMic rime it i) evident, ih't n.n>etbin^ lUtl [rvticJcJ, 
wllkh U omitlcJ Sy ^fufrt, di ucncctfT^r^ to br; jcLilcJ. 

' Froffi the f*>j*stoinj wc itiay Tec s^w^ le-ion fL>r the fcr*- 
tiuo ilkciv:! Euvrirda liv (^Aw^wnity . whom ^' 1^ haU plcofei 
G<kJ to have ll*jJlou-p<t up qiiiclc wUh Jit Ci;ttii^uai^, or rjitjr- 

Ki by £re fruni Heaven, nobody couM lu^e ^r^ig^eJ hu 
rr< Hut n« he WM pJc^«d to makr iiA- of ^ >ini of Hfih, 
[O cmpJoyik; J^^iHitctAi miiuftcri of hij vcr^eincei manf 
fiatre prrfiin<<f lo I'ltlJ tn tpirllinn chc ruuiiy oT ihe |\Uitg« 
0rid x^ rcpiffcnt ji ^ an intUn^e <;f mjvfl'Cc aiiJ cfurlty, 

§iCk^ O'c in^cfLEkLJi o^ 1*E r^vidcni c, iu .hi: kiII u:ncr.u it 
qIc g(t b ap^iircEit, Ir wit to tii^ke th;: 11 rclt 

■■iM>ti3 sod ;hcir horitd ^uftonisi a«id iv - ^.^u.-.J l»/ 
^^,. : io<! 10 rciider Jiem inexcu&hle, if after fjcti rc\<tttic« 
';' ' t^ thu fcopli:, thcr flwkiM tb;iifcUci hcrchlttt 

' . f ifce WjIc Cnr ' Jnt of humit) 

erTfjU of U'Tii^ .1 ko ^ Kitwt bo 

t' r , vvrk«- oU:<ti'jtrcAk Upon the nryi^'^^^ 
- - ,4.-ni; and i^fl^c fun;iiCr^v^kC«\*\i.iiVA\\w^ 
h --J i'ffypft i/rd fltbcf citic* oC Oval Wit>^4vM\^> vi\i*>fe 

th* ExtiittMty 9f tht Gf/tian Ant. 


aad fiVQuritc ai^irdiont acquirtf a Jlisjc of iti fivour, 
a concomhaiiE or mc4ni> com» lo be looked upoa 
ai Afl citd, iji and for ftlVlf d<flrib]c. Thus U public Ipirit 
i)il«mll^ and iKcdTarily excccdingljr ftrcn^hcncil by the lA- 
depouicnce of a fmalt dil^ri^ \ bui iti fofcr b ^\\\ faiihcf ar- 
ti&ulljr augmcmcJi by the wir^odi of the IcadJni^ mcmbcra 
dilcovcoTig the new r-i^clTity ihrre u tbr tl, and inrro^nciif^ 
propc' Uw^ macDvn and cuAoma \x> proiDOte it. So that 
all thin^i will fuon cottiribiiic> to make public good the ai* 
^1 yajixia of every member : liiAinguiihed iemcea will tticn 
be JDnnitcTy glorvoui ; both ibe pafHon for elory* and the de- 
gree of glory to be obiaincij^ will bo moft wonderfully io- 
OcafeiJ. As likcwifc ihc JfcaJ of fiiaiDC. And ak the cliJ- 
sem ur Jew, every acceflion of niiitibcr will be fomcirh^t, sni - 
the mcarcft will feci thjt be i« of feme wei^t, will be CiKou' 
raged to cxrrt hirn^rlf, and c^tn lo join In the porfuitof ihat 
gtory, a Iharc of whicti Ijci wtEhin hit reach ; inaflivity wiil 
be SD mfiippor table reproach, MoA of a man'i fei1ow*citixeiii 
likewife, ihe pcrfoiu he bai lived aii)oiif;flt uid h to allbciati 
witht frofii (1^ flfft, ihrciofh :i1] die fljihEt^ of hii life, arc the 
wjtnelSei of, befidcs being Joi:ply ijitereiled pirtjea in hb good 
and bad bi:bavu}ur ; 4iid is vciy rruiiy kiH>w, they arc COOti^ 
Dually tefli()'ing ihetr knoulege of the merits of eveiy cne^ 
Fiom alt nrfiicn it ia plain, how tbofe paSocu and aftc^ioni 
which would hai-e tain donnani in ibe diilrlifl of an rxtenfite 
reaJnit would be aoiouic^ aod put in a Icrment b>^ inJcpcn- 
dcney. Inecatite» to military and other kinds of pablicT 
merit* bccooic irreHflibJc. Svcb merit i> eqiially fore to b# 
known, and to be apphtidcid. 

' Aj the lirflglory wotilJ Wgtven to waiiike eNplo4tat boLh , 
the puUic >iiid indiviuiuU woa!d be aiuioub to riifc trofibcea 
and BioQUive;)tt in honour of thcv. Honour, befidei peolii^ 
would be offered to anifti* capable of thii, and already in- 
Aaflied with the gcncnl paffion, of deferring wdl of ihepub- 
)ic, 3u)d gaining applaufe - aiMj that pitch of eicirTlkncy, to 
the difpbying of which they would have k<tn Jt tirl^ cxiraor- 
dinarilv animated by pubtk oceariona, w<nid 4ticnvard> at 
IJmei be kept up to on private onvf> Superfltjoui vraltht 
ofually To differently einpk>yed in !jrge QaCr^ would Iikew>fe 
be in a great mcafurc devutt-d to public ui<Kt to pruvnuiting work* 
of vt In all forois grateftil to the people, and to the rscom- 
penfiog of artifli. With regard to a dilncl of Briuoi (for*^ 
inftance] equd to a Gre^itn fliiie, what ai any time happeni 
tlw h (t« peculiar tnd cjcilufitc eonecm. worthy lo be ecle- 
bnted bi verfr, to be earned nr piinred, or 10 ha^-e an edi^c«, 
ertided In id cofncncmoration i Jn the IficccHei of ihc king* 
docn, fucb a diSri^ has but a common coDocro> tnd would 

tict:^)nic ri<}icufout pcHupa b^ takuw to 
flDorvtirnrnts in choir honour ^ btOn 

whcfc rcmoCG mltlJoni arc 
fllMi I our aflt^oft* no< MtumVIv cml 
miml)cr», ihjLTi <wr a^ons may be picTti 
ft£L In piJ" thcrt-fofCj where ihwe 
exciticiu f>i irf, no wonder artilb vc 
rrinoie rfiftri^ only %hit a pjillion for 
fcnika of It are languid t i( ouy be doubled v 
mT»bTtanu rven «/ LoBdoD would all of , 
tciuiri iu<h A ze^l fbrrailirkg,arK)fucha 
ttiontiment of the viilory <if Qticbctl 
Uie breofl of a dngle Ather.iun wuh 
but of a ruarerifvl (kifoi't&t whciclu 1iii 
bit fomity (irKich in all a<3ions trtaik gvti ._ 
CJdc oi afmofl every Athenian) bad been pcrf 
Th^ principle of etnulatfon is to be conftder 
diat of fatre *nd glory. The Ufl is gcim 
ffpen^fi In lake frr :Lt the prtifi»or anoih^l 
to r<)ual oc excel him. Where our ma1» 
ever ibemoilto ticimrTirrxcd wiihand lopS 
there it n plaiii this ptindple will a£t in ita n 
i» In a fmall fornci^n {hctc- And x\ it wtU 
mLJitpiy and civil praife, i; wiD caJtIy be tniu 
obfcrvcd of the paOion for glory) to ^ ilvaliy 
ruffion for glory U indeed of i fpieading 
fpicvoui cxaniptc* comDiunieAtc ita iUoiQ^ 
but there it fomewhnr more peculiar In eoii ' 
only^mply but by reciprocaiica. One ci 
mott ti^ouido anoihcft fro^tt pcrcdTinj 
to otiid6 him. The feccnd n iliJI fa 
rhr nrw inr^ntivc of the fiift. The fartha 
lencv of tbe fecond, animated by the pcfce 
muuve in h)» liiral, Jtjid an acieniion toOic m 
fpirc to redouble the effbrt£ of the fi rA. And 
of [heir competition lailfp cvc^y new inflat 
cxcellinc; in either, cfj^ecitlly when found b 
ihc TcfuUof afrefhcmiiloa^ enJcivourofhu a 
feqitence of a foregoing excdicncy orfuc^eU 
I ktndic a new glow ofemulaaion in hj} br. 

L miift be »hc Influence and v0r{\i of this prinel 

I in wharevcr k;nd of contention, have ihfir ft 

I witnefleSf and forjudges^ at the fame lime I 

1 iie« deeply iotttcfccd Inthc fucceiT^s or honou 

^^ theJVuU of the co.iCcntioA; ai tn Ihilc lepu 
^^^ ftaees whtre the rivaliire pctTonally knowi],^ 
^^^ft couuuymui> or, howevcri uulutown to 



Tbt R^KS sf Pt^M. 


liMiittai«nt will loft ttuttdfiy of in force % fot ihert h no 
cocnpAiifuii between g^to-n^ the ipftUufc of ibofc urc bivc liltJc 
Of no knowkgiT of» or toitccm with, and that of die only 
po-fcni io the world w« act no< ftrvigtn to, with wha(« jnte- 
irft\ ovr own moll imfvonanE ones mtc inJifToJubly ronnc^trj, 
and on vrhofc o|MAioo> and ireatRient of us, cvrry focul and 
fcrfib'c vn'vYititnt dcpcttdj. Wtut hold wm tikcii uT thUi 
ptincipl^of cmuUtion, ind urith vrtut flciHai>d induflry il iV4ti 
cvltivA^cd and imprcncd by the Ur^i&n fcgUlaCori, u 
known. In nuny rcfprdi; the cicri»> in general w^re mad*i 
rirtli of one inMHer \ a rtvalry wai kept up bctvrccn the fcrerali 
tfibtf. clil^ or wards of the fame dix or city i between thfli 
fcvtnl cftEo ore with inoihcTi bccwMn Greece in gciMnl> 
and itii? Pcrfrmt and otlie; neighbouring itvtloiu,' 

Bcfidefl ihffc fnort immediate enuic* of tbe fuperior rxctl- 
lency lo whkh ih? arti attained in Gicccc* the author oxo* 
tMMU fcieral 04ber concurring cUctimfiaucet, wliicb, Aongli 
of inrcrior eAcocy in protnotlng the cikIi wuc AUI, wbcd' 
united, of no incorfiderable conJMiijeiire. But for tbefe, and 
for all the ftnher faCiKfa&ktn the Reader nuy requirci wc mult 
ttfei hien to ihc pamphlet iiftlf. 

Tit Ajii>J 9f p9ifiiM 9r Ptfidtn0, « C^ W" Af^Mj Gr^etiat m 
fiv Kiigdfim ^ Na^i : anujtim^g d Dtfir/ptitn atJ f^fUft c^ 

tt^irifiitm^ tfe. tntif§mi Qkferoofiyau «« tl>t sntutS Dmii W' 
dtr. Folto. i6».m Sheets While. 1767. 

HO W aAonifhtng foevtt it nuy r«m, ihit fii^h very ron* 
fidcrsl-le renuja« uf jnckitt nuenJficence flKwkl,hiVG 
coniinued totilty und;fi:ov«Ttd daring lo rriary crnlurlft, h is 
Qcrerihekri mo» ccrtaiit thic the Author of chii book is tho 
lull inve'lrr who hai given ui wiy Mxounc of the turni nf 
Poeftum. If inJvcd thu city, like Hcrculaiwiim, tud been h«- 
rkd uimIct j>rmnd by an esnbqmke or l^/e eiuptimi of a VnU 
cuko, iti conctiilment Mould no< be a< all imraculoiat. I'hjt mi- 
nclc, bowcvcr, ii lu te jKcounud Gor from in remote liUa[ioii» 
In a pan of Italy en'Kely wfrtouenied bv ifirdlcrt. The 
mannrf mi wbkb it «r£k difi:o>efed ii rcliccd bymit Author In 
the foJEowin^ wordt : * In the ynr > : ' 1 a 

painter ai Naplu, who wai ofi a vtfi! : /^c^ 

do. by anidenc Cook a wilk to tbe muoijcuji^ wUku u^jvand 
the territory of PoclLum. Ihc op>bf biktatjoo he poveivvd 
WM ihc ooctage of a drmer* who culiirated *hm hdl tttrt of i)ie 
gmindf and rrfcmd the reA ^ pa' "M ol the 

snekni eiir made a p§n of ibh rii 4itfdC 

JUv. Kor, 1767. Z 

with aAlonihintntt wn 
U» return lo C^pKCto, be coarnlBcd the ^ 
atKNit the origin of thr^c raofivmcnti oi an 
onir leariH ib^c thb port oftlic couniiy M 
ani abtrxinnod dcinng ibeir manarj ; itiatj 
fore ibc tAnn«r, wbofc habitation he had 
himfcif there; inJth^c tuving jog Iti ruuiM 
AOioag the riling thH Uif roiiEvd likBt tie 1 
fufficlenf IG cr-j;ti]c him to imrchific ibc 
rctum to NiHiiirft h« informed hia maAcr 
whofc cuiiomj tfu fe greatly cxcitrl hfi 
he look a jooroF^ to i he jilacc, amd maik- 4 
cipi) Ticwa. Tb<ie were (htwn to ibc "' 
ordnfd rbf ru^ci tu be ck^rcdt *^vl PocI 
fctiMEy m which ti hi4 rcntained lot apwi 
ycartt as liitic knoviii tjo ihc ncighbovini 

The fiift te^ion of th>i fplcndid pci 
IttlloTica) account of Porflunt, coDcAed 
anocnt authors, viib the Icvcmt pafla^ 
the note* at the botrooi of ibe pai-r. 

tkflioe the fccorxj conuins sU the tufcTl 
bwD Ibtinil in a near ilic cky. Among the n 
vrhtrh thenvt that a man'i h;ivj»g :it( chilclr 
childrrn wai dfcnnd by rhc ancknu a 
fttv'in^ ^1 tnmt fiom oblivion. 


C. L. PP, j 

OiirlCanvr^ Author, whohai certainJjS 
fiitfct the foIlo«inj> flcf^iEjnJoo of Po«fhiini h 
It l^f fayi be, ot'an oblong Jt^re, .tbout twi 
In circLjrnfcff n.'e. It hat four fc^Cet which at 
other. On ilK k^-'lloneof ihtarch of thcii 
eutfidCf 13 tlie t]«ure of Ncptoite hi bafiji lelfc 
hippocaniput. Ihc walls which flill rcmun 
verjr large cuhtcaf llortt , and are extren^d 
parr« dghu^n f«et. Tha; ih« ^slhhive m 
ijmc, a r.wiug lo the i«ry e«.ndt irannri in wh 
firtf^ to crir nriothcr (a circumlbriee ohfe:vc() 
mafdn y uf |]>e aiicJcuUi) aiid pciliapi in fc 
llalad»c;i1 cnrrcretii^n ^ich h>i groij«ii o«et 
wati* here atW ttKft arc flocoij tOAxn oT^iRci 



ttcAT ilic pu% bcinf Dvitdi higlicT and lifgcr (ban the oth^n* 
^xv4 are c^'iJcfi;)^ 0/ ny>dern workmmAip. He oWcncs tlur, 
from kt fiiviiiod amon^ maribcc, bitomincu^ aiid (utphuroua 
fprinffi, PucHuia muft have hecn unwtio1fani« j a circiimfliAc« 

yiir, 1:1 furh 1 riiuatiuo the water muf) butc been bad. Hcnoe 
iheinhabiunl^ #vr<r obhgfi! icconvcj'ihdit twcefTafy of life from 
ptiivf fpringv by mcani of *quod«i^it oS vbicfa nmiy vcAi^ta 
ftiJl rcmiiti 

Tlic principal iPOfiamciiucranti^ui:yarc a thcjitre^ in am* 
phitheuiTi and Three mnptct- The ibcjtrc %nd amphichrMrc 
a^e mucH ruined* Tbc nifl tcnpfe ii bexadlyloti and aoiphn 
proftvlos. At ono enJ rhe pilallrn afx) two coliiinn« wMrta dU 
tiiM the tttia fiocn the pratru are ftilL unuintnf;- WUhifl the 
bAiarctwonnmof rmalCercolumnt, wUCi an architnive* which 
Tupport ih« recon4 ordef . I ht> itmpic he iak«a to be Oif that 
kind caJUd b^ Vitruiiui ifrf^f^hrAU and fupporta his opinion 
hy a qtiotacion (tcm that author. The fecood lonple 1* alfn 
aaiphrprof)yIc9 : h bu fline coUmM in front and eighteen in 
flanlCf andfttmt 10 be of that kind called bir Vitmvim Pfrads' 
tfi^trpi^ The third is iTkcmie arniihTprnOyfoe* It ha* fia co* 
Ittmi in from ind thimcn in flmk. Viijuviui cnlh ihli kind 
<jf UVifte Perip4fr9fM * Tbecohimn* of thet'eumpl«, (iViOtit 
AutkoTt are of that kind of L>o«ic ofJcr which wc Utd rm- 

gDycd in woiin of the ^;reateft antunky. They arc har«lly 
« dbmcieta in height. Thcv are without bafca* whkb aln 
bat been urged ai a pvoof of ihtir antiquity i b«c we do not 
find thai the aoci<riC9 ever uled ba^ci id Oui ordcr^ at lead till 
vety lace Vliftiiiut maknno ffieniioQ rfbaft*{ix ihi« orders 
and the only inflancc wc have of it, i> iri the hrft ordrr 4>1 ihe 
Colilxum 11 R<i«3Vt which wa^biiilr by Vrfp^un. Tlicirt)l«'i 
of ihcfc tcmrloi are fluted With v«iy ffulJtiw fluting* i^i the 
manner defcnbcd by ViEfurius.* the cdimint drminifb rn.-ta 
the bfTttom* which vfi% ihc moft a rKicnc method almoA tinive^ 
fiiUy in all the ofd<ra. The coJucnni ha*e jfltagili of a very 
linguTir tnnty ; which fkeuri the error cf thofe who imi(^ine 
that ihi^ rrtcmber vita full intvntcd with the \oa\c ordeT, to 
which ihc Cfieeka ^ave an iflr^^al, mJ rhai t^e Romint wvtb 
the hift who applied ii to ibc DutK, 'f h« (Ichinui of iheca- 
piul <ft of tl^ fdnic fcim with that of iIm ictn^c ^f Cuimtltt 
dfktibcd hy Le Rfiy.' 

Our A'Jiliof itKiiljons many orhcr paiiictilan whi^h fuC* 

wilhUjingii 1; lUc tiifie whti 'inn 

Wftr built, ii <i,ii. jijrr frrm* tn have i-. ■ ■ ' f 

jcnp.'QVcmcnt wUi^h the dCf^i^t u\\k of ihe ^ v^ 

140 ^ J^*'' •J AfV^^ 

out from iIk rude mifTct o/ tbc E^jptian^ 
thii as dI many oibn uH/ 

The U(l rcUion of ihu voluoK cooUiM 
log the mCctipaon io ihe title page | whl 
cxur;«jiiurv iii&cfi|itioii wc ever reoKsil 
■*»t copkd rrofn a firf ofiliagwi of rough ft 
lo(igt «ii-J fWQ uvd a half w«de. Ibis I 
ksih vlrc^jr |ii/£-jlcd inarir of tbc luUto | 
wbon fiip^oic Jc <o be kgyF^Jm, ochcnl 
|»liiCt anaodicn Runic. * I'o fu inanf 1 
Author, JLiMXber nuy be added. I^hit tM 
Petili^ian. The Pelafgians were the tno4 
of Lucanii^ and, ace<ordirHc lo Pliny* 
brouch« lettrn int&luiy. 'Jhefe the^ bi 
mus whogDf ihem fiom ll^r PhtrDiauu 
ftrft inrcniH, They retained ihetr origij 
we'c umicd to the Greeki, whivh vra> afa 
tad if the PeUfgiani verc Dorjjn», aif Hi 
pcib^p* were the founJcri oi I'ofidoEiia.* J 
To ihii account of Potftfim are fitb|0 
pripOi engraved by MtllcTk which will mJ 
of the abilici^^of thatarti^in workt ofihi^ 
wc are prefcnrod with a view of Poelhioij 
The ffC*jAnJ ritirblts an oblitiuc view 0| 
trmp!c^. In thr third we hive ftn irfidc pt 
ArnphipfDRylw ; and (he Jouaht icpirfcni 
rcroK. I'hc kcepingt and in iboTt the call 
fpur plates, i) altogether adimrjtt>ie. 

Froro fuch ;fafrt, it would have been an 
Author to have multiplied hii prints to 4 
nc^mhcr, as is gcrt ully ptaclifcidoft ihelei 
four pbte^. are fuJHcient lo convey u perM 
tc^luie in qiicriion. Wtih rrg^td to ctic ■ 
Author h^t judiciouHyomilrcd chcm, pari! 
14 intended lor the cuiinoifTcur uid antioLiA 
archittA; and partly becaufe ihey will iba 
Cuiint G'JzxoIa » but more tTpccially beca 
th^t miniiir accuracy in meahuriitg the build 
teitdi very little to the imprcvcmcni of >rcl 
In flititti he writei like a juJidoUK anii^uai 
t?<£l, and 3 polite feholar i 'and, at fuch^ 
wufk to the peiufMl of the kuncd ^nJ the, 

r I 34i J 

Cmi EJiMJ^nwtH m i?^ ^;r'i<r a GrwnJ if /-A/^Tjy. Or tU Tm 
B'trrmri jhrtvv /* h mattJ t frtm an hjaj m th* BflMiJhmnii 
in RdHiim \ ^hfu^his m MrmJti in f^«/rW, ^t, mdjtgm 
fiinr Dtfivui ff Swifiripti'.Bt Vffiiuit ffgatnfi tht Ctn^t^na/^ 
f^arlitkiiiriy t^ PUi9 $f Dr. Ihh^tftm^ Anh^tatm •f^U Afkm, 
iljT fbiblcttm Londinicnri}. 8ro. at* Johitian* >76^> 

THE Mign of there &Kvtty hyw the A«[bof, It to dcfcai 
ih< r>chls of pnvjic juJ^mtnt, id »I1 in«ucn cf rJ%ioiis^ 
jg-jinft prjcftly cbJETLt ofdonioioA cv«r faizh xnd ctyu{ct<n<€ $' 
tMl to lecun fh« honoun of ChnUAnitj ftoai the miffCprcrcn- 
iatmn>i IJoch of the hjushty clmtduiiM «ajI the coj>cdic4 la- 

ll b 1 indNnclio4y tru:Ii, tlui from the lime when Ccfuflant^oe 
the Gtvat rilablilli^ Chiif^ianity, by eitdovfng rhc mtn^tlcri 
of it vTfth f rcM rcTcikLio. hiiDOors and powtr* ihc fpirit of avi- 
ricr, ambiiion an^t fjrafiiiy cicpc in imoiii^H them, vid v«r^ 
oricn exerted iifclf. in the hiucrcft contciiiioji% to the uticf 
c«tii|>4rkM] of that p»rnblrnrrs and ch^rUy* vhicb ii U ibe 
chid ^tftgn of Chtifliajtity to promote. 

WhlTt ibj( ictigiori mrai kit to m»kc ir4 wav by ill own in- 
uinCt^ oidcncv «ji4 goodncl'i, it prtvaJed gloiioufly, aaJ pro* 
duccd the nkoA Mii^k eifc^ Dot u r^^o u it bccnunc mined J 
vith woddty confidcfMioiu, snd ttiii or ihu p^nkuUr (tA 1 
wac to be adrancttl or dcpfdled lec^rditig (o the pririrc opJrMoa 
of the reigning nugrflrjtr^ \t w» rurned into ;i (yHvm of Jat^ioit 
ioJ perfecsiion : and the l^ruY|;k w4» no longer tor tiM ^d- 
vjintcmcm of pr^rniltve ChtiffiAfiliyt thi^Jgh tbii wn alwtft 
ihe pretence^ but, in tciVxy, for the povrci ind rithei which 
wrre iLitie>ed to the p(cfcfl>on of thii or thit pinicolir ncvr- 
inimlcd fydcm of it. 

Hmin nature is ipt lo be dattlcd with the f;>lcoJoti of thU 

vmldt and to be capE^vated with the gilding, wuf-^oui perctir- 

jn^ the pernkioiif nature of the ob^edt that are f<t bckre it i 

and it h the opinion oftnnny wifi? mm ihjt the grcjt worMfy 

freferncnu which have been alloued to the mimlfet* of th« 

Chf i^i^ia rclJgJoii, hive nude them m.iz eager to jBcqui/c iheic 

tlvan tn promote the wiU and JeGgn of their divine ai^ctj uid 

that CortOantine did more prcjMke to our boly rclijikMit hf 

' enfichtnt; tttd endowing the OtriKiici billiopf^ iban Dtodefian 

I h*d do«ke by ha fovere petfccuttoiL The t^tcr tndeed, luhu- 

Dtanlj 4nd ahfurdljr^ dettrnyed manv ChriHiam, piuqiy, ais be 

, thoughi, in fupport of the cftabhihed r«li|Eion of the timet, 

btit theChriilianrtbgionremainof pine and untjlnicd ; wbcrcaa 

the other f<iifo«>ed the very fpringi from whenee \\\h doSiiiae 

; flowed; for* foon* very fooo* tfac iroc'^ fiw and felt, in the 

UKJI*udtfMtcindCGMC&6on»oftbebiniopi|ihedirefu]cfie£li _ 


Chii / -.'.uim 



oftbcir matienant hmnQgn> liad theft 
crflbii 34]i fticctiron, ci^nccifKi 
civil atnemmrnt, and left (be cc^fcifi 
in religion by wlut itic^ thought jg4tc*h| 
.there woM n^vcr tiivc bcfiijitiy fiK'h tlif 
ibmc^ or cor:»pcico from) nthcvt : the ^j 

Satfrni the tJoli orOic worM trould 
c LorJ Jchov:iti 3rn\ h.i apotnicd CKi] 
hire become Chrifltan) u;x*ii gcnerout 4 
But, tnflca^ of thU haf>|>jtum of ^fTair 
blifhnncntt of iriiftikcn, devout princtt, 
thofc jgrofi corruptions utd ctiU » jmfllj 
CbriluMT church ? fuch coirrupiioAft »» 
rmc rdi-^icM cojEct hirdly be tbo^gbi C3| 
inwiiic, la ihc timcA orihc «pufi;c^ lb 
woM c\cr be hopourtid with the nttan 
worfc tbin papin idoUtrv would be 
ibc cdily iliac Crod I and ihu the do^tj 
ht^y Jcuu wc»uld be ever mcpiioned to i^ 

thcfc Jirc the blcfTcd cFc^ of there cnd^ 
niPTirs: JTtil lo prerm'c them, >11 ihr 
haiev l<>^ many a^^t, been nxft itealoi 
^11 cfl^blifhitiL-nU cf OifiAiaiiiij jfc 
bot we think ii >nay be bid dovrn u ft 
pcinicloua to tiue ChiiAidn libaiy^ In 
ami cndciwrnirrtt fct ajiorc for rhaf fuppol 
^ if wc cail ouf thougbia over oil the cai 
tbi* gfcatcIT ind f tudl ciufct of cnrnpltint 
ftfi <ftrr *w™ i/fttr ftfCRfTf, arjfc from 
among ibcni. Let ti? frnp^iufc. for 4 int 
lUtiojUt Torkty for ex2mple, hid no 
bli&cd mill and thai atl iEa fubj^i'^\ were 
God, in thtit fcvent m>nrten, without \ 
of difcoursccmcnt or dinger ffcni ihc fii 
might prcrlcCi tbe Chriilijn, ttwr Jruifhjl 
rjpAn» 01 Any othcf rcliji'-'n whKh fhould 
nHr fu himrdf. Should \^-r nrt th'iolc ih 
Jitiop for the people of tbol'e valt rountfici 
cf ihe TurL^ ? and are we iioc pcrCuiidcfl i 
Chntlun relif^loii, by iea own fyjKfkrr e 
vtruIJ fiKtiipicv^ilovcr all Ehcoibci fjiferd 
Jcu it from doin;^ To now? le It not the 
3U)J cXtluGvc prtfcrTfJtiiU which are cftab 

^ Crm^ if !>^Ai:tf. 


If wc Tuppnrc Kkcwifc t>iat in Fmncc nr SpiTn ibcrr va« (*o 
cfljblifhmL'EiC cf pop«fy, 4rc w« not fully cocvmccJ, chcfc ni< 
fiu^u woidj flun tccorac prolcllant ? lu ihac people who pitad, 
/of Hlnblilhaienu ia rer^io^i^ do i«« («ni to pcrcftve tht con-' 
fciiucncct of tlicif own tiocUinc. All (htry mc^n to luppo^ti it 
chat particvlof etl;tblilhcr.<nt whrcH fo uell rupporti ibeni. 

Dt^ Jbbctfon, ArchiJtKon of Si. Albanii b» wroi« 4 dciciicc 
of civil rftabliftimrnii if» rcrifion. I'hUatcthfs Ex>ndinJ«iinD hu 
tiniltrtakcn lo cjumine the IXi^of'i IJcfciuc* He hu qutKcd 
tlic ditrfpoili of i^v pcrformsAf?, ind h» flMkvn ihit ^1 tho 
Uo^oKi «r^uflKiiEa arc ciihcr ^uiie iDConcluGw, or j^r^vc too 
nucb, ^fthlch U proving Dotbuif %\ alL The Dodui fiy*, 
** [^3t ihc miftiHrat* who cfti&IMbci siiy pxfiicvlir rclijcion 
fmifl bcw^iiG of a prcopiuu anJ lll-go-jndcd judgment: Hm- 
ft%dt an intinjftjj m **/ f*«V/ j and % ft r^ard to all ih«if m- 
lcrctl>, he i» oUi^rd io ufc all the >n<ai» of Hght infurmaik^i 
winch hi> high auihor^ry puti in hit pown^." But vrhrrc ii the 
migillrace titat hjilh thut qija1ifi«d himfcif f Or if thcrr wcr« 
fuch aji orTf ^'^ '^^l the fuljnfli ji irclf <}ua[ificd u he ! * llui 
concfOloQ u coDOgh to ihew that the pfci-incc «f nljgion i* too 
fjbcrcJ for the majiltrJtc'a cx<TcifiDg even hj> ovro privaf« juJ|(-» j 
incn% for ihc pubJi? go<^t in that te^pcift. Hit autSuritjr can 
ckCcici no fanhcr i\uti to tl.ii^ft rd^uirc to civil Iifc» and ihofe 
c)iprf f-i ovv:c adintii vrhkh ^ncH ihc fJi'Vty a:iJ wral of fcjci^y, 
lo Ulk of '*hii preferring ChriRtAJiit^ to Pag^iniftAi aitddrt^LC- 
gtitjhing i: hy pijh1i«:^ rriiirki of fiioui, U a ptc\~c of vc^y lalla-J 
doua rca'cning/' [^nd cicfigricd tocMch the m«tc vulgar.] For* 1 
M 1 magiflratc, ihe P^an fubjcci who oDoJormA to the uvr» of 1 
ciFkl o<3crt hai an c^ual rijjht to proi«dion and defeiKc with 
the Chriftian lul]j<:A. Due the thove pfopofiiion as laid dewn 
for the fake of anothrr, ria, " The- fame principlrt will j»4l[fy 
hitn lA nukiug a dillintlion a^oo^fi iboifc triXt into which 
Chnfliaiiity \% urihappilr fliviJcd." i, C. Ho vriU bejuflifird ill 
diftinguilhinf his o^vn f<^ by bit favottri of fichfa an^ hmv^mt', 
«Echj7iK of all ihe itrt. And, if iSi* be noC tu «.' 
ChftAiaa liberty, and juf^ify pcrfrcuri^^o, noihi^a < • < 
() )C IrniKd* wifu cautioja, and right informed m-t^iiUdt^ 
of CanfUntinnp'ei Rome, Xl^rid, aAi Pa^i^ how tiuolUul 
o^ht )«u to Ic to diii learned DoCt^jf I klea mtjli) ttvir argumenu gire u of ihr mil cflabliA* 
mcnti of rirhsion ihcou^hoor ihewoiUf Areth^y but jpt to 
n^akopooplsfufpeft Out rrt i c (^f at i poll- | 

which dare not be pub!Uly avutvcdi even x Mi6 rn- 

tlch a (vt ci mrn, who arc rh**a (>nSed lo ^.i. ;.,.., pi c^rui- 
9i&ȣ over ihc tcil of ho fubjc^a ^ Uo WA ^!m ^Cux^-^.^ ti^^ 


344 ^viV SJM^fiMmi in Mr, 

crcry vScrt, cfpctially in Ita^f amJ Tnt 
light f »nd whxi doc« ihii alwa^ E«fi4 t» 

'* BdKl»ihc ^rllint ki&ni ofla f 
Doctor fey*, >n efliblilhmcnt hai it» o- 
Jnull CDinpalt, all <hc ouiUitcs ind rundl 
fuib." Buc how miirh itriibummir of fti 
wod4 hai coDiritnitcd to the happimiri 
CcdcfiAllKal ann>U ofcir^y iT<itmi da-lxi 
oDt ** " Tien wvtt otlmiUrd to tli« o4Bc 
the rr:aTii| [cf bcui^ uithf^l 10 ih<dt«bl 
id crecilft) %nd were left wholly at liber 
opinioni they i>tcilrt rhc ckutch mtghc 
Cttnfvrion, and dffiroyH ondrr fr« own 
woid tevr^h iv of a moll va^ u^^nd wtccrti 
cllablifliiiirfit and tbuith aic ffivinimoLis 
th« fume thing ; at they do in almoft €i 
we ukc the Wfird cIiutcIi ui the true fcj 
congrtgatu>ji orChoOiani, trc^oDOi r<« 
thrown mto ccr^fuhoii by every members 
Timenti, any moTr thui any Mh^r aflVmb 
opinion) of the prifont it l» compofcd of. 
HljblitlimrrLts rif icli^ion mi^ht, in fqd 
€oiifufion,andpcthafadcflrDy(H}. Butth«i 
never fuJftr ^iry injury^ yea kwuu!ila1wj 
purty^ br f*irly examiniits the difltrenc 
and bi. I c[c( had great diftcrcuec:i > vet C 
fcrrdj tut wj.t rheieby rhe tnorr ron^itnft 
btiDioicnis of religmn will not indeed allo^ 
ibrm, but f<irce all tc fubmic Co thenn, 
thofc whcivril) not. 

* 'PIk iiiLcnlioii ofcrecd^ rayiPhUeil 
the dillm^uiOiinc fymbnU charjctcit[1ic oF 
bliflud, ini in beijig fo, chc!ii\lini^ ihetel 
proi*fi'of«- AnJ even here the dergy arcd 
realoj) and undcrdajiding; and art not 
fcriptuiet but by llie rm^dtuen of c]iurcb-ct 
bermitied lo Form any ju<l^tne[)t of the tea 
bis ^jfioltlrst but whut lliafl lie aTrcgcthef i 
diltin^'IJi jif- articlet ot faith. Such an oS 
iiig b a IjUlled one inde<d ! but what nb 
and who underllootf any thing of the nature 
Vf'jIJ aceepif whatever Chijuld be chc vrod 
" Philakthe*, In the feeond patcof hiapai 
obUrvatiors on a trcacife imirledf Tho 
Here be gives ui Fleeiwood"*^ Botler'e, 



^^^^^^^ m OrvataJ »/ Itif^tfi, J4I 

oTUif Af iHem. He ihen l^u down ht4 ovrn, and Ujt, * A 
cniradc U a runifdl irucrpvfirii^n ot iJiv^r>c power, tbic doct 
iwt opentc ^y !">' of the d^nblifh?^ I>un <A nimrc, Uit ^n* 
fwcri fuch itivifK rurpof«3 which ihcXc hw» cuinot intwer/ 
Here be ivoiJi the hmix wordi of trstJirfJiwg tr vitMtig the 
UwAofnuufT, which Tome othcrt ni*kc ufc of, but fuppofci 
mirulcs miy b^ vciv conridcni wtih thtm. 

He hytt '* Miracici, a< thoy ar« recorded n the Ticrtd bookit 
cuinoi be HuH rithc-f ti> luvc furpcudcd vr tllcrcJ iity one of lu- 
turcft lawj, e. g. grtl^it4tiol^ ani ittrattion rcmiin uAiajttrf4 
Mid uiMn^iibJy the (tmt* The Jirliic iniciporttioii iluci noc 
pixxJvcc uny ofic fffoft :hit i*, in fhc lort, incriifil>frt wiih 
Titturc'fl liMr».— And fuppoTe that fu<h hai been the jntcipo^clon 
of divine power, a^ 10 faifc a doMi min to Vife^ In what refpch^ 
could fucih in intcipofition oJt'cr jht Icatt vdertce to ihcgcntrai 
rft^hlJfhTnrni f How rould il difciivei aciy pher^mcfion (h>v 
IbouU at a]J be unworthy the Author of being and life, what» 
bjr ttin IDCJUS there wii divinely aircflfd ibe chir^^r of M 
bn^ by whom God had fajdp he wuuLt lAiic the dc^ And 
tbc woild. — And be stHeru that miracica j/c Iv fa^ fiooi 
nuictfig i change ot alreraiioo ia ibe cccrDil and unilwnbU 
fitocfi of ihlngst that they have an apt tcnJci>cy to excite an- 
ral i^eiMi to a clofer atteniion 10 ihli etrrrul Jfwl uiijJietabJe 
fiincli of things ■, ind ckcrcfote nuy, without vAfution, be 
Aippofcd to auTf on the ditine Micmc of proinoun;^jtkc tap-* 
pineU of hi» iniclligent crea^urn. 

PhiJalrihei then ^on un to Que and ajifvicr the objeftiom 
brought aeiinft siuacl«t} «od heidii h« Oietti the grcttcft 
fa»rwf» a[id iiigCQully. 

The third pirt of Phitalethci'f pamphlet ti a defence of ibc 
ConfcHioiia] agalnfl fundry writer** 

Tlic Author af thr Canfeflwnal, and hia perfarmatKie^ m 
nui^bt becjcpeded, have been ^idcntty aitiickcd utd abufed b^ 
icTcral KejW«ehuirhmcii, whci thijik it hciUf /tr iJjffufihvSp 
|hal o«jr e«Jc(iRft>CA) conftitution fbouM remain aj it i«, ihaft 
fuffet ihc Icaft alteration* For they fetm (;cocrally to be of ikc 
fawtic opdDion wh»ch a v<fy great eccle^illie cxpfcHrJ to PbUa* 
|e(be» hiAifelft Come yur* aeo, thai if they nmoved toy oao 
fHn, the whole fabric would fall. So roeccn and cmy, it 
lcc!fiu, it every p«ft of chia admired bftiJdiBg, in fhc opinioa 
vcn of tltofa wbo ebdfr to rtfiile in it, fur tliK (^jmJ clnr ihey 
■ ibcre. 

Pbilalethn &p, > Tbc Author of tbc Confelfiotial in acwiM 
oi having forgMtf n tbc tokratioa/ And hcic he gfowt wirmt 
' ■ What cDcl can il anfwcr lo keep m rei&enibnace the ttfc/aiim^ 
ibui fhar of giving a tfuly good man tLtvai ^vk va <Ccihic& 
'^htnhaxitf wJio would be laUol Qkh&art^ ^fd^»»ASi% 


Stqk&'i ^rmmiuJ R^Mim, iff, 367 

for {;r3infcd (o U\x\c inJ l«y down the lon^ilutlt cf ^^cc$ b^ 
U}e «c1ipiG« of t^c iroon, and tht^fc of Ju|ii:E-j'j Ci-^WiiKty n 
moff vf o^r alUoiJOfncn and gcograptcu do^-^ Ihck jvik^ t£v 
ff^ uid vrrGt diltancct cf placet to be proporiTtni^l ro i))* unin 
oi cbc finu cc]jp[~i\ athcr il\t b«^uiiimst <nJt or u^idiik <4 tr, 
luppcning foonrr or Ulirr .it the one p|M% thim ^t the Miv'» 
WiihCMit kiMitviiv^ wbciht/ tbc roal juc^uicd ddljiKCfe vl iJtUo 
l^lacc^ Ik jjrL-p^riioniil 10 ihufc iiiik»- <4itJ btitcc It kia> lujw 

|*iUOtf» c)f ih'C lirnc» of tlic brginfiiug, niiUkf M'^'l cnJof mi 
ec]ip1«of the tiMv^n, >t tlifi'c^ciit pliers, h4v« pjc do^n m tht*r 
bUcs, globus «f»d i>»pji the fjcnc fUc«t 41 Juiiii^ diilctciu 
VrnuiiU^, wlicn ilvfy Oiould not VV^ricvcc c:x&i hit <-vc9 
. :rcnt m&p«, will ice loo mucb of thi4 dibj^tecimac la 
tor juii;^itiu)cf of tbe fasK pUre*^' 

ll y ooc our icicntt^i to defend tfcolc cirota in nup«, te. 
iriiid) o«r ^lUllvif lou juH^jr «o«ipbijnx of; nas flull wc pr^ 
MMi t9 ir ^'^■^ kindcfcXjiCfiviCMal proof Mr, J>t^«(k(^hS 
ex will «i]ow to be fufiicic-itt : but wr wUI vcrituic to ul4f<rrct 
ithot iJ>c loEictt^Jn of Port R071I tJi Jaina-ci, Lisbon, the Ixc 
«fKewYotK< Ver^Crm, Cutlu^na* Jutd a grciit numbii tif 
^hcr pUeot (Sec Phil. TtmC ibridped by Hatn^ aeiJ M^Mvtt, 
toL VI. pig. J90> 4CS. 409, 4J0, Sa^.) htve 4>fxn kuUd bt 
<<dipl%:i of tbc inc-oA, Juj^iivj'* fiEdhtOt ice. nud fMind, by 4 
£rc4U number of \x))-«gci mUt: by tbc itblc6 lavtiatora, to bo 
coitfonutt 10 the hoc caft a»d vcH dillinc«i hrtiANcn ti^oAo 
fiactt- Mf. Stouc wiJ not! w« dare Uy» otjcct to ibii tmc^ 
tbod of c!c;cT mining llm point in cvrlljon, bn^ufo be t«Il* n« 
ifl bia prtfacc, " tbil tbe diilii^.cn of pljicc* upoa cbc Ctftb* 
AtuiXfd nn ihe rca'frnrei efpcdill^, of wbiirvcr fiituiv atiil 
n*9nitud€ the tmh rcal^T iu^ cm cvriainly b« beU Ar>d imcft 
jjitCfnuiicJ b)< tlic 'nlp(.^;ijri aiiii cuD>]idii:oii uf uSu juujnjlt of 
fewncn, who hj\c ^fun fjiicd to>nJ Uom tho& pUcci.' 
I * 4ibly. Aiiotl:c< IbpbtllKal ir^uiacnt, u I tike it to be, pror 
cndi Mr, Stone, bfouchc ia pro^c :he c^ttb co tw fpbericAj, iiit 
^^tbjit thcd.i}cKatcaofibc!atUudc)&rpl4er>acder inc fimcmcv 
liduot^:ire:i\vriyi p^vpordofal to tbr diihiticn of iboJV plice^.*'— - 
'Hn !Mjuo4)r Author, the thjnj;3> Ilk. ■ 1 '• 

,iJi <jiot Sr ccitairi it ;v fo^ but by il < » 

jfurcmeut ot the ditUncet of ibc jilAccfc^ ixm' b^c men cvef 
)n iloae & muvb 1^ iltii boijociit and fo iiuly wkbilt ai t» 
roofifm tbc trutb of tlv above aflcrtsoci about Urn propodioa* 
i1i<y in ^1 ul'u iHac miv be iiccdurv, — At lj;Rd if ia it^ ealV 
BiAticr to measure and ofefMun the <>iiUiKe( of Lwo nmiQtc 

" . iTLCj^Jiiii or ■ 

* C4rt ht 

fkim.Uf ^tha^ ibc iixuJi4D Aiiitjd:^^ oi tbc luu* <ja \-K&A V'lu^ 

^ - 

V fit^if^i f varintt Pans rf^iU^ H}/tfrj; j^y 

Iton, KcvcnbfMs, ihtrt are not mntlBc men in our own 
4U)' who ire m-tllcri of the nrofoundcR <n^dilii>flt fi^ who Jo 
|ioc come bfhiiid the inoft dmitigvilbcd nimci of the lift cen- 

Eijt for their uicniion tocvcrif tbc minuted circumlluicc that 
%y be ittc mcKiu of tipcidaitng thr daricncb cf the nHlrft 
l(es> AdKOg the gentkmm ol tVn chtra^ft Mr. Ufyant 
dc&nci to be iPcnlioiKii «ith fjccu1i4r honour i uid though hi* 
inquififs wilt not he ilnmcJ i[iEcrcftii>g by the CCtlCf^lty of 
ruiicrii jci thofe who are pleafed with anjr li^lit ibar it EhrQvm 
upon ihc fcripiuics, snd rrmou antiquitVi vtiil ihmt vhcinfelr« 
ciblt^cJ to Jiim fof hb in^cnbua at>d bhjrlMii rcfcarcVf, 

Th« delign 0^ our Author'^ 6rft diir«tiatj&n» which i« itpon 
the w\rA hurocl><dont ^LfA of ia the 17th chapter o^ the 
AS% M 10 vincfli-.irF the rcxTunon rc44ing, in o;)po4itinn n> Bo- 
chart, C^tiui, ;;nd ikrthri whotrco^cnM at iti andnrhot 
ruppoitcJ by the iBthocity uf the Atcxaiirlrine ninufL^ri^r ^^'^ 
ei the Yulgtos, think t^v^kuJurt, or huroa<(uilo, to be n *