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Full text of "More nevukhe ha-zeman: sefer moreh emunah tserufah u-melamed ḥokhmat Yiśraʾel"

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Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the 

publisher to a library and finally to you. 

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More Neboche lia-semati 


Dj>ector efrantiuni nosti'ae aeUlifil, 
Opus ad iilustraiidaa Juda^ofuoi antiquitates 


et leges, Pliilospphiaiiiquey inpfrimifli celaberriilii 
Abeni Earae doctrinant de diTino 



Naclimann Krochmal 

jncoU Kolkievicfnsis 

jubentd Anctota 

jtg«s(un< praeflfttione ineirudum 6t 'edHatn 

Dr. L« Zunz. 

L e o p o 1 i. 
Typis Jdsephi iScliiiayder i85i« 


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113 -U^ty 188 

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pi .^D-w p«p*?a vriynro iodnw — D'inn» 
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Vv 60 

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W'^ 'o tan^w ♦^^•£n: Db^a'nn^o nyu^a^ ^b noK, (jn D^nat ^:nfv nvcnn nai nyoc^n na ^Nns*^ 
nytya nai anzmb j'n n is ' n k n a m byi , Kirwn y^"^ *nK^ • n^Nnn n*D c^^b^ ^d^ yotrn na n^a 
«)un no»b*Do wfi3n«>nty ipbnbc^a nnK*panqK ^p^bn^ i^i byabu^'i^ D>va , iD^^ena |b>ann^n 
nnv niy lab inu* n?ai — (cpin p iP£:n ti'^^rw pny sm o^^sno Kb cn cjn , p|Un nx^' bir^ mna bya 
c^ron nyno nviyn'^ » n n a n k ^ n niom Kin bK nyrw yninbi yn^nbi yn.^b nyira mwariy noson 
cn«f> •m^ian own K>nttf wnn Knian> cnbw ounvcnn kw *:k mvnpcf 'ciran n:$v3 incKiy 

— • D*T3^« Dnitt';?^ D;n maiiyo nina 
Kt^'na "01 la^^niKb la^^p^a innsnpi K?na Koy bn< '^ai Kanb n^nrnKroKinn (n'^i row) .; 
,NniQ**>i2^ a p;Di |:k yK;)n''?3p Kb Kb ♦n^ ,in*bap in'^so 'k you^obiab 'ya*K 
niytoa yn^nn) uiw^ ona^a p^boi / laaa^na .Kpb^Vya |w;di phk cnin onB^^ ra^n p a^is 
nan ba m 07' Kb na^KinKa^nan *ab iinKa cnDiyn ^lnzi<w^ ^Ku^ob nan^anninnc^ ob^a D^ron 
i:nvnb dk 'a / n*?pr.b nn^n nam k*? »5 jnoam »wn ni'Dti ncbiz^a c^ancn i^nb^ ^'p a*i2^n> y mmn 
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nom ^nn , nn^^yb cn^by n»p ♦a dj D^«^n p y^^o^u^ : v^b K^a^nnoi • ia iiayb baia Kbiz^ nana 
_ • 1^ jTims KDto'*? Kani iniK p^^^Do nn^b Kan nyi Dn«?'i ^ibo jr\ wbi' onaia ns:nni / Dnan onu^ 
cy vn nKnaa D^n^an "pn by ca , 'n mun) onip^SKn cy imaii KamK 'an 'an oy n*an 'n>aii caoi 

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iVii^Qn v^ ^^avi , on^ 1331 itn ta oy rran^a yminy\ . 

HN ^b;3n DHK , vn^h n>on v*?3ni c^^'pi D'^n nnw 
by DHN p*b«f^o pa^ DanK rb^ »b ob^ym o*7V« 
nro n^^yn -p- . ]vba^ nsanV pion ba %i iwn ^a 

-♦aiva , n-* 3 11 1 1 n tt^ q 3 ^ya : ^tt^i3Mn {-♦oa irna 

nnn *Vya -oni , c^n^n ^33a^ / ly '*nb oyaua 
o*3aip inyiS rrani , yp^b^n yans uvp , ♦ n » -n n 

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n'KT3 »»TOa^ . a»:3:;N D**n 'bya nTS*a nmm w^n 
rwu *3nnn» / conn iy mii* , noj*? nwn-ra 
n'cr>bufn nan nnyssoV^ • ♦^♦re yp:t^3inai« 
■ovi nban^K^ ♦naai , lym b^aiw o'ju**? ina 
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D'oysb DiKH oa nmi^inna — . jw^wn nvau? 
nweb n^nn'^Q^ najcVon bnub vnvaisK vjy t^^nq 
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n*ni / ^nQty3 V2z ^jyna v pn hqvi isra , o^aNbnb n^an 
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p:^y U53n^by^a nn^ai nma) nna^ ^an pyanr KipMon*? ronon di^o^V \NB^na d^^^ cn-a\^ 
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na^ibnn n^aS-a nrsiab na-z^ nna «f > vbna^^a i^anaty on3i« Dvn nb^« no^bvnn ntaan »Sya d;c^ Kb2:ni 
»i)b^ Ma^ nnnw iba na D^nDsa d«^ na?3n V;^on nr by pro-Ta^ ii^mbsna nna va^n^ naa ;b>aQ 

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ron nx2' ^^'yo d) niiw ,npn no-nno Tr^an dim 

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10 nrlJ^ 234 

,nnm .^auni /Ponp mw nr yuo 
/nvnm /noaan ny r«ap3 n>53 ^ai 
ipn*p»n ny oSia n^r:iQ^a^ ,na^QNm 
riint?^ no yri\w dhqin^ S^p* pw* nDonm 
Kin onvn^ii Dnio:sy«^ , 'ran ^»un iN^jon cnS 
nvnna dhtovi , it&Tta ^n*?an ipn * px • poiya 
K'prn nv iwi — • iTn* n»S* n^ia K^n oo^sy ^isa 
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n^n N'?«f , Db«f ♦n^a nbi nVsn npn * p» • po^yn 
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nbsian nan /moanK ixnp nS^n rrti 


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nn*a?nttf — ^y'r^ — o^on ^as *?y nsjmtsn dv*?k ^m 
;Sattf ,mw ^x^yi ta naina n^^'^ianioni ,nninn 

ni'^y Vi Ipnnn*? onaion , ^otran nin oS^yauf nym 

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ypirrii naxn ;e w^^'h a^np o^^y ms .a 

naina T^s'pa Vrnb N3i::m , DS^rmxna nwSx roa STnon ^ nxScrrf 'n ti' rrcn Se^ T'^n maw* <» 
rrsa nona Kn?:Dina s^m Kn^na*? s)'an 70^- ^^^i . nsnn pie pi^d nwa *r:*?x^n'a ''C^p'a np*y ric^po 
• Ta nr nn 1*0*? r|*^!<a omm i*dS n**?jca • oan nr nn N*n i*va cnvii «<*n n»v3 nn^fin ^an , naiu^S nr 
n:m . m n X -j n t v >nn n*D^ n^^xa on^ni N*n i*va . ^a^ra n? nn N*n n^'va onmi 1*0^ Bj**7»a 
c'^ann ica^Snn , o^nnn Tnx nb^n San n^^anaa nwW ,nt^*pa ncxa^ . lanarn nvwa , S^aira'? a::*n ja^n 
^'j^x tvi "Cit Diy la "vaiSi a^tt^nS {^1 , •9n • {*« "^"y^t^ c«fn ^a niiD , Ssa on^m ovyn ou^ann^snv 
'i:^a nr^ . nnns pn v nni , *y>«GK na w nncn jq mo mvi^cxa K*a , uw^ nnnvo nSnnn^ nanan 
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nan nnyo — • onsio^ ri^pnni o^vn^an moip ^y 
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li^vi it^v Wm / nisron np^ya o: nr ♦a^ r.Kiina 

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minian nnvnon nnn^n nnu^no , n;t:»tti n^iy K\ni 

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nott^in >^ya^ iirion loipo n^o ^im-11 , U'e:n ^H*-? 
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n«uo m 1211 / «inn li^swT wnh nan ^a^ ivji 

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noil 13 ^ pi , niDi> iniycn , nmon fn n-ry^B^ 
M2i«^ Di^p) Oott^O ^"^ONO Kinu^ / ^ivn rii>«n 
nnma i»3tt^n nivi , (lab u:wi Kin nM D^iyn 
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«ip:«f no ^3 ^y 3itt^j / ^">»««2^ cip 3VV n'^Nnttf 
iroa avn lONon jo 3:itton nt ni^i ^3Vi n:i3n 
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n>ion nion ik nrhi / lOKon ^» didii niw nr 
r\^mn , o^yin ni^K nno o^n-^i n^fi^i iy^ 
niixn T^» nrn nbnnv i3^n / nm^K^ ninnn 
ninsittf ni3i> K^n n^viiNn rrmrw i03 / »ttfi:Nn 
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ovn nrnoi nyii niNi ^30 n^vin ^'sw^ncn ivxn 
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nmn ^v ppKn 5^3- / nxon ^v niiKnm o'nVii 
o^u /'w Bia Kin yhn b p (oKWiK la (Kp^v^) 
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^ ( 612 is) ^ison h^ I'iip^K Kin«f , ^k^o ovn 
•]ny3 lOKcn K-ip: losyn fwi nr ^b' Hi 
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v.^con^ nnn* n:3^ inisno 588 ix mx oipos) 
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novin , DiK3V^ ^iniin oiKn nn oa 

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i«,'b: ^k 5'3p^ , ovn n^u nr. i> innyn mh w 
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onov) niiioipn niiioxn fe3i n-^'rcK io3 dn 
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ninan {^w ^lya • (345 ^rs , n^wbn- h:^ro) 
ono^ onv nen w^^n) n^;£rn cn^n^N-nna i^^n 
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r^;ei nwvK-in nwian nma^^ c^3v cnvn. jrusai 
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nja» my — • (574 •.%• nu:^bn (o) ni^oi" 
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p-i ovin )»o aiviv cr bo nH'o> icxy ^:eai 
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nno / ich'na icsy '^sea n^n inw Kinr no ^e^ 

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rifi-^uxnn in niM^Nn nnan i^Ka nnm ^uf mna 
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«nn 10a — w^T'-v — nV TKinn im;i>r'a^ n^'bn 

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Nin naai — nw^a^D — noannnnn^^Mio wsoi 
saioj D^^yn *a« Kin ovnu^ loa o^iyn oK k\iv noiK 
iPK D^poa "iONttf no • (v"y lo^fl is yo 'nnn 
K-ip Nini (244 1:;) — ycyKD'fcy ~ rynn jo 
(Diy:K-is) 'ran , ^ivcn nina b> ppw of>iyn rw 
oiNnv ^si) (y:y-)^iN) Di^vnt (yrk ^wpn) p::^^ 
ninan . (Ii4 -J2f) o^^a ipama ^nown ttffi:n di^v 
D?s:fi:noi ni^^n osya oipoi :ko nirmi '^^k.t 
N-iv) ii>i: ^nbn w mna o^Kipi jrtio^y '-iiico 
DU«^w ^nb la a cm , (304 nx im^ma ms^ 
n:a , Dnhya ^'y niian of^iya o^^io , tn«:sya 
i>^so *nb noinni^ mix niw' -win jnnn ontr 
Dn^-;con onttf n^Kn nnwn - • onawi nwm bai 
mnan pmN i&^;i mn^av nniir , onaw ba^ -icnT 
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ninan ^th n:n / 1 n ^ 1 y e a inw nwno) . nrnJ»Kn 

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nnn> N-^p' n: pieai # nonn c^'innn ni:imo 
nma ora nosy *:&a onoiyn o'^:nnn^ qj 
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mm (D «f r^j?^ r>v 140 nx , ppi bn p'^p) n^im 

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n^o ^C2 nn^Nn "i^^^fo kin c:i — • n-^.iN^ cn^x^o 
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>C!{V0p9n ?n3i , o^iya nn^era H^^s K^n cnni 
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itt'po N^n DT H*i /jnr.iro ^i2di pn oy^ci nni mv ;\nv 

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^mwD *Q ^y J'sn «^oo / ^an ^:vH^ hzn nbo Min p 
Tf;::^ r«-^i lywi c^u'i» irD:n \n^ci'y ^£:5> ^rni> }>ini 

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K-iTp Nini (244 1);) — ycyKD^ey — rynn jo 
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tt'Nna rbi» rwr'n lira nNnci 'lai ^i>D in H»'n -nsa 

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*fc^ — i^v HNicn CN ^a inn ^y -r,» — icsya cw 
l^cn n-ii£maa ir.ic2cy hk-io cr.r nrm — Tj^iv 

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niic«n n^jis^n o^i^^cwnMi , c^Tran c^noinn evsn 
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c^tt^iyn c^siDi^^sn i^« 1:1 • ( CqO ix , n^cnn -c) 
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jioip nm^ibni , «innwyn m^;nni*ai , ona 
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C'iya niti2:n rman^^a , irwrni vib pai (yanc 
nvn pa\t^ vienn v:^ liP c^rc win Tcni ; ni^K 
paica / nievinni ni5»:wi pai> jioa lairci loxya 



152 -75 , C5irj>i pi 

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— rih^o i:vfi3 n*rn wh , caw&a niten pi«5 
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vivn }o 1089 'a minn noii 31) . 16 nx d?iyn 


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nai» nnvo Ninuf , D^a:a tan , nica nan 
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ninaio n^oni Knoama ■•o^'vn^ cmna io:in Ta^i 
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no'pcim "Tn^fa nap:i nar N^n /Ninn •'>a\^'n c""snc? 
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pian:\:»oa piy^ 0:1 5 on-^pn o: r|Din isb^a nar-:' 
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p^apo a'^HNi o^aia^ f^apo C^ f)n) nniaaa M:n 
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n^yo^o i>^y oik nwioa nion Nran J^yi "lac? 


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li^vi i^r ^^ T ^ n n mo 130 naija 

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o^mn 10 nip^ — (ffow n^ rwi» waa bwp 
^,n) — D^iivo ovn nt 0:1 — oipo — o«-n3D:^«n 
(o^poa yaiM ^y n"a ' iwpo lo^iy jw ci^iy i^v icipo .«}om i:yov mia^n ^eon-iiajn 
• o^a^on ^ai'o 170 ,Kin Tina 

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K'sio Ninv -la^a n^i 5 oyo h5) rni c^ye^ ia 
DM ^a r^yn^ -11 ^tt'oi'^ D-pim o^ifi5> loww N-'pon 
onovo Ti^a o^v-^ri o^cyo rpao Nin nn-^si r^^d' 
no^n ?*oa o*aTcn ncNa rwiy ^nn1 . jw^n pi^Ta 
yn -^nvni -, moan naii> o^:iia ia nwy> it?i;t) 
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njnn^ ^'^'yi "^^vn ?o Q^^irtt^ na-ina nrwr^r o^vrcn 
ii^y w "woi • ^'so Desman nwy^ owe? wi-.>s 
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ntrm i^y V"3»-»h -qt toi^ wna ?ar» i>^r 

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?i«zo)V'r»y 13-J ^30 io«y ny^on wain N-ip3 
n:: 3"a icwr Nini . (nmw K-ip3 n^:yra awn b 

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(T^v'iv) D"^«3 WTO yanK -inSyfiii raiartnai 
'i3n^» (yiov^ nno) onio^ro (D^y» m) nwna 


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, 'p^n ^avn hn v^i^'noi tnnn loa "n^a^on vz'in 
•ve^a^i Dnn« d>2QQ nih nvr\b n^^iyan n^N^ Din\i) 
n:vtta NnaooNi vm i:rNtt^ n: Titt»n>s yti • "i^y 
N^ean niy jam — nnii^aa incN^* row Wa it 

H'^ riNbitt jttsya dvk leiii np^y j^^nh ^att^ ^v^att^ 
PK DiNavi — nvnr:inn — HNOita o'^po^ nvjii 
ininnvn ^sj^ N"a p]''^ w ip^y n\Tr no p pi?'n 

oniw n:ott» 'NaT ja pnv jan n^ci^na a"i d^nxio i3K 
N ?3 n N 7 » ^N:ni ja pyc\j^ 'ii t • d n [nan ^dv 'n 
^N'^o:i }ai if? iniv ('a , 'e i"y) Knea^na ^ioo Nai 
TnDai , nn^tt^ i^ ntt»yn N^tt^ ^Nina h'^'n^ ini jptn 
rumba n\-itt^ pn nw , }*-»Nn nv*? ipsnnuf w-i*a 
noanni nn^onn romm nn^na nvyon v>ni naiyn 
na ifan^v ynn "pii a^wn ^nn 5»y onw f^NVtt^ai 
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p^mna nmnnni on'onn nan i>y ion / y-in ravni 

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^avai , yi^i atis^ nn5>in i3CO wx^tt^ no o^iyn oy 
onNn ^aa n-ian^ inain n^rf? Di«n aw no' ^^a 

nintfl vnw Ninv yn a^i aiia a^ a^u^n miinon >aa 
Dna Ktan hn'T'i noan 5^v nr wa ivoii rein 

— .V'tma nwpo 

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oira na^ i»o »«03 i6 — nioo n^yo^ mrw 
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f/£C^ N<ief HKab n^p3 in*^ hki: nt iD-tT3 nnrni 

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rt^o i'a ^yi n2V rwnpcn -no b)f H^7\r\ niorn 5^y 

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rnw M*e ih ^c^z^r^ nnoa r'w «»Tpv pjov ntdh 
M-^pi it^Dmsia r^iBf rTpuf nni.T 5 n"3pn i'ltf ««^o 
ni'ay na*6 on^ir t:nv 'n . r/'apn lav i»y ^13 
•Tnmii raw hir i:pvi nrwa ny v inwa 'iai i^iiana 

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Kin , Men tnn poiyn nvyan ib^im h^tio ^h tiuii 
nrH nixon woa ^p w ?y ^m^ minv r "^ » ?^ ^ 
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yinn. i>ya n^ohn n%n*ttf i« 5 yio ^atj cry Vivi^r 
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T^nno i>y i?om i^i;*r pxiw /O^on-in 
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• (r» noNQ? m«a) n 1 -) m : 

li^vi 11^^^^ -T 1 D n n mo 1:10 natia 

o*i^:pn navy a^>non , nuva i>n;ui noinn ^Bi» , 7V 

pn-iin Nim nwn^ m:i oiyai^ rwp myi • fei rao 
ton ^h« , onn« i^n^ jn^ pi . vEj^n nvTysn S>a i>y 

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pnx,, D^iy f>vuian ,o^oHynp3-i 
w^pTt) 0^0 V o5>iy ^v ip^tx D^oi'ip »n 
D'iivn JO np5> — (D*ott^ n^ r««^ waa wkp? 
icm) — D^3ivo orn ni 0:1 — oipo — Q«-iT3o3itn 
(D^poa yjB^ ^y r3 • loipo why jw rf'iy ^ cipo .N:om i:yov mnjin ^fiomiiajn 
• D^a^on 13^0 T70 ,Min ina 

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v^ , o^nn nio^ n« nno H^^?h nas nw«p':^n 
K'siD H^TW 13b e<i>i ? Dpo K^ m? c^ye^ ia 
DM 'a v^vrh 11 ^lyo^i D'pim cr:e^ idwm N-^pai 
onoro T.ta c^wiri o^oyo 12930 Nin nn^s: myd? 
nom jTsa o*aTian ncN3 rviy »im . jw^n pi*p-a 
yi -^nvm 5 moan nai^ 0^2113 u mtry> li'z::::! 
^ n^sivn npnyn ^^ v:on vwn>a nriy tt^nv 
n«"»r^ «^W rayn |o p^^irw naina nnD3r:r o*x*::t?n 
i3^y w "woi • wco D^avcn nwy^ o^ys? i«*ii^ 

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ntrm i5y yawnn -oi -ioii» ^mia pr» i^yv 
— •o'pwa ow onoi o^t voa ono >r5 TnjHn 

Dip ^:t3 5nnn 

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p^B ^«f n-^niMon nivoa H^wn -leNon 

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ntettf n TWO t»t ^ »^" ' "*=^ ' ^^^ "™ "^^'^^ 
c^3':yn la hm^ nvnn ^aivn ^y nfeon nmn 

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>V Kw:iT / IT nisMe^ nyn^a nsnn DJri mvn oy "^fipn 
Vii^s« Tuani nwnm piKipn ,;ino3 ^^"^pvn noNon 
^y rnco K'nr noa n^y p^in «in nri "o^yn r*« 
rrur xtWD i^ Kxeav ^oa / dr\VTy ni«nna nnon 
f rean ' ^y Kisn ^rKo ^^v laox, (tfl"^ nn3 cm3) 

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p*n JO wi^K >Dsy -lync k^^ib^ n: noi V'p onai «^m 
?i«ao)r=»y -im ^a» ^o^J' nyxon wa^n «-ipi 
xi a"i ncKV Nim . (wain K-^p3 myra awn 5^3 
om^n mawa ^avioa noieoTi , yion ^a o^i^tsi 

rctron itwta nan ^n ^aa nan niam 
i»y Kim 5 pnx:n nwKin iw^im uD-wn }o mp5» 
ni2f:i nipannn «in naiyn mny ^av m tow ti 

— 'nvan oiiyi noinn i;i 

en **Ha n"a Dvn n8n n^i-ii> or now -p^ ^T^?' 
f-nir Dan.DCxy ^3Ba o^^yi ^nioityo oWJi o^kw 
, on^ nnvcn on^^y© o^vw , oi^po oy onawo 

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.in^» CVUDW^ nno) on»^na (o^ya^ nu) niyna 

<winn Airynn Nvi D^yw*i5» naitaa to"im , nrcini 
, ^p^Nn ^awn rn U'^^roi wmn loa "i^a^on vysvi 
■w^a^i Dnn» o^iso Nin orni^ n^hyan n^^6 D^^^-n 
nivtta NnacDNi wm lirxw nt liu^n^s yni • "»^y 
N^s3n my jam — nniiiaa mcw^ row N"a n 

M'"a n«bi!fl jQsya crw ifii:i i-^p^y j^^wn ^aw ^w»aw 
j*N DiNattfi — mncinn — nNoita D^po^ nv^n 
v\^?inwn "^sf? H"2 p|i3 IK ip^y n\Tr no p pi?'n 

i^Dni h?i3n Nn^ h^ nimo p]^"i^^ 
oniw n:ow ^wa? ja pnv jai n^c^na a"J d^ni^^o i3« 
N ra n N n ^ ^Nins p jiycw '-ii n •» d n inan ••dv "y 
i?«^^J3:i la-i "b irw (o / 'a ry) Nnaa^na ^:oo Nai 
Tnsai , nn^w ii> niryn n^w ^Nina nvN^ inajpin 
ru-no3 n^nw pi nw , f^-^Nn oyb ip^innw ivra 
noanni nn^onn n;-noo nn^na nwyon v">ni laiyn 
na ifai^w ynn ^^^1 aiwn ^^^n 5>y oniw ^Nwai 

/aitfln jawn Tonn a^wn / oiKn nioo pm^w ik 
p^n-inanmiawi^D*TDnn nani^y ton / y-in rawni 

HN nNi-in a>tt'n nwyon ^w:no naiyni ; own K^iNO 
o^po^i DiN^ vn^ain c^ro ^rwi mi^n^ ^ n^^in 
n^a-ii3:«ga nwyon n^wN-ia piar.n5> avnn jra pwK-^a 
^iwai , yi^i a^B^ nn^m lioo ws^w no d^U'h oy 
DiNn >ia n-iani' main ^b>orb oiNn am mo* ^^a 
i3:non rv^»3 N^nw niy ta iiy^K 'ni — oipoi^i 
nino wiw Nr.w yn a^i a^a a^ a^wn m^non ^aa 
ana Ktan nt<Ti noan 5>w nt T):a iwoii wain 

— .i^'tma nwpo 

awm Ton few - won w wronm^K^ p onaa /i 
>^ nown yaan nwi^ ^w owh^a pani' d^'xk 
cnw nabn lioo hso} k^ — nioo rh^rh mnw 
-tjj Mi-vm on^o^nn p nifiro n^nw. ^:ao oipo 


^n>*i3 o:i n:m ^ (nio ♦aii nnnnwi «**« ^iQ5» nv* 

^D ir.m inp'b^ nnn^ i:iNnr no ^sd c^fisn nto 
n •n2y 3 Hnvon mn — ns^yn ri:i"To — pn^tn 
law ^'cnzn ^>u?inn na ^v ^^kh '•^r^'n hd n^n^nJ' 
^DV2 ii3yo5» nn 5>w wnr noa^ ^ i^nnn iny^^a^v ly 
nib n-i2ie^ D« ^ ::^v^ cna wcnvn^ n^wi ane^inn 
Qipo - onra *^m >^snw noinn npim rcin nvn nxo 
"^aiyn ^\^ n5»nn3 Hinv 'vmn nan n:n — nwaiu 
^M ^ imny ^"y nryj nNOia o^po^ nt3i:n P]i2n 
c^umpon D^nyn if? niin to^cya lon'.-i H^m / ^svn 
n^^b n*nnr ly onj^mn {o nH'o^ niH*i» pTnn^ onittr 
rwTcn — nnnp dy^os "'oiy — j5>>Nn — vain 
ny — ney np^^J^^ nn n^e^cni mwn nY^5>«n 
OT.yn 5»r3 oyoai — t'Tiya — «n imya '^bm f)iDa^ 

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p^xn ru^ioo nyson pjiin re:fpn to^n nwnin) 

— • neism n^onn runo5> kdh Nin 

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— -iDinn — nsotfl oipoa noiy — vsin mi^b — 
'3 ny , cn*.wn r^n^ in nayr^i lyii^ *f>arn hni 
n^ ry i5> N!tc^ k^i ninyn J'aa c^rrn ^]fN fiaio 
cipo5> maij «inr p)ip reisp inn 5 on^yo niJ^yJ^ 

lean nwan Dicte — • nvonni' wbdh awi , mnw 
Kin nnyn^v D:n n^'yo^ i3pko ijidioi Nn^naa dv 
ponn n^yin^i naan^ ^yyp^ naa icNon ;o nni«o 
irw njn , iS^k n^^03 pny wa wi'w Dn»oi» 
niiw«in wrnon ' 1 1 d ' a r on» , ^Kin poiyn 
nwnfini nnviin irBi ^ naiyn oo^tt'ov coxya 
nipDnonni onmon m-inion p nnn^ni niwno 
B^y;2)^ feoni ninnawa '^sn nra« ini^ woa 

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ino>n ic2fw Ki' n^ n>^i«fn ninioa 
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n:w»ia ni' nn\ii 5 twh> •oto nip 'i^i no-iKn 
itt^Nsi , 5^aai -»w« ^afe Dcno w5> m-t^tfr on^co^ 
Dttyi loytff D^mi-n n-^p p \m^ p-inn in» ov? wa 
«<a^ii amai onin» on; ottf wso naa 11131 n^i' 
o>aw1^n o^-rin^n ^^^h C«,ro non^) w 
^ia;in rhnm oni onifinni hn;oa O'lxo f^ijca 
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onxon iNx> ovor n^^J^yn onsfo N«nv onneai 
rwiaoai , orniao pw , onra pK ^«p:n>3 w-pi f :i) 
ny-iB >aK ntsone /-y naoio Ninv n^ywnr inj© 
(D^rao^ ynna n^ yo) cnso nw >y -i2:i» nn 
(n"^ ,o"> wyr>) 11 nJ'w ario niD> ^y Nam: ^33 
re«^ miaTo onso pwa ony ron vn* Mian nn 
inp Dir Ksony '^fi nwnx ^^^ niyivii (p"n^j jvja 
nvn5» onsoa u n:wK-i n^i:i^ n^y i^^v k?k . ctt^-i, 
naiai ayiai annn pwn dhim h^ki noipn nS 
To) n«v CT^? «3W loai minn> ntn oniwyii 
cp-iso pKa Q^avm nmn* fe'm3n iyo«f p5> (ra 
rv b ^3 Kip3 *ov my nw d« 'wi ^nyaw nin 
. 1:1 onxo i^-ttt 503 'n >n« ^n now mmn 
my^K 'n noK (lai^ ^s yiis 'o pji i^cm^p) 
i^iav j^»j«^ rn>y3 D^voi >p ^n s no^ , pnx na 
f 3^ p i 5 ?woi3 opo5^ rwii W31 .mne cipoa noiy 
oniD» K>ao .rapn yi) . mnooipoa noiy i^q ieu 
in^wKinwnowra'Mynwn^vna j'-nya cpnx i»y 
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oipo^n»i3i£iii nND)ifl Qipoa noiy ii>iaty j^^k^ j-nya 
la) *nKoitt Dipoa noiy iS'ia 1B13 j^xp: ;,- 


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nui nrooa nni< nnm iiaii , nnin nro nniDi 

nci* "^nw — wevpDs — nc^yoa nniyn niiioa 
rtsra nawn ppin ^vyoo ic2«y pi?Don Tonn r.i-)no^ 

wvonp^K ipD6 loyv noN v^yi ntt^yon 'V3»3 ^'na 
niny TQw ^y o^na^o wmo noNo rwh^ b 
nanp wun n«n^v 5>3 D^^yn oy anynnm nvyon 

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cH*n n*ano cn^p n« p^mn^ pNv n-no to\t nn^^ 
^^ym nci^ ^»avn nniy p niyf-K "i^ — . i^poyi 

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r« cin ,K"n }^H niin ?^« dm now wim , n'nn^ 
wpon rira Kw wan rKi» p , nnin vh n"i 
cmnrnoi nrp^wa nJ^avnni rrtor^ rrhoi rein nna^ 
?•« nier |^m ok rni / wn *nfao nnN/» ivbk ^h 
naa.nia w««n 5>bn "«n» r» noanj^n m) noan 
O'^apo cnv oY^o^ o^"»imn ruiia nnoK ^y tiey^ 
noan 5 wan nNn» w n»n» — K"n ; rmn : ni loi ni 

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|vw w o^wmniDH^n nyrrn wn^nan onwi 

rywp^firev inn nyrw t^i«rev oiip nnK nyv 
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riTPj jroife on^ontr itiko w^m ,mcniro 

rJwj Tiw r«t^ myn tovoi mowa 

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rv«x Clip mjo^ on^fina o^m onw iunfi«-^yun 

anyoa ni^av ne« inaM 'm , nnrn ni^ya nem 
— . n* n'lK nnw vta maw 'n ^|n 
nimwi^ya ^rNio nnit "py piiyi^M'T 

antfniy no yii m^n nio^^ t^v m i5>anio no*w 
laiinn nyu^a c'3nan vfftno «ci»3n 'n . oi^p^K^^ 
nman vn ^nn mi^on enio M^ihef tok innwi 
i^y noHw Npn fa icrin 't ; r'N» c^ D»y5^3 
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jnno vvyov^ ^31 '131 inoani^ onip wian rutTV 
in '131 ijo^n nni} ninan nnv ^ai ' in inoano 
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nneryi o^iyn 3w^a n'tt^yon noj^ laty K^uf nmon. 
C'TDn nmi> n^:i nr iiaia r'Vi K"a i;) niainn 
^y QVB3 ^^3 ir\iv nnion '^ya jnnt ^y iraiiav 
•inni nTianna ni^Nn nnioa n^a^m niiiiannn 
*^ya^ criinvi . o*iirn iK^pi • u^n •amca »ioii^ 
tsn^iya^i o k y p o k ora ruwKin nmon 
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pDiy HTin mon i^ya KipM , pDy,ora ihiko 
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ni3"tpn "ib nryi ispi leo on^* p^nyni ^y^ann '•K^n 
"nmn r« loh N-ip i3pt new na newi iii> n-iK v:v 
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o^iw D'fioiin nn o^iivn Dnin\T lavn nb hmt cyv 

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o^n-in pTyn'v Nini D^:ioipn 0^x13 a^oan ^-.lanai 
TO-i ona Kau^ onn^m D>3^vn ^3na ^jioipo na-in 
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nn^ajanm nyi }a-iinn je:o can i3-!n3i D3"ip vn33 
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hv nirrm , c^:i!3ip owo d^^ai onm 13113 
n^j^^f d: i^atGttf i^jni? nsin^tt* 1031 , man nra^y 
i'wuy^ vj2M»^ n^ni vn«f rit:'p;:n ^b^ ^ D^*J3\:'n 
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n:i3v ama o^m^ D*i^Dn K^n pinn 5 i^ t n 
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nny ptnrn 'vii nvio '^iny5';'5', ttok 
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n^iv nnnnerwnwo lam i3'5»n arp iiyi 
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pDr '?*Na w / (lyev ^js^a on^onn ni:p*n . d ^ p 5^ w 

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nnyva y^vn^ ^a-ipa nyn •a^' mm 
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c^Nipon ,n"i DTrN d^n*^^ vjyen:v inoi . n^^om 
•jen it^in ^^tD nan nx> to /T^t VNia Q*z-nNn 
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a^anoK nn^pna ;\Ntt^ ^yi' Nin ^Knv*i w^phn yn^ 
ncan? ' n^ao vwn , ni> ncna d*£^mi va , -iinu 
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nnnrm nrh^ ^a 71^30 nyn -nym ^a^o 
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n^y^an nimoa p« / on^'tt* «rp'aa D>po ni^d p^ oa 
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nann nnin^a i^o nrano my nuo5> no»3 

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tjyo na o^u^iNi n^p ^^y (jSn^i r> 13) nwnpjani^ 
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o>^wyn nniNc nsyiu^ niou'n 10 i:*^n , cy.ipi' "pio 
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pw«nn maioa k"3 / K"»23n n'^N^-cn i>b3 ^y n:3\oa 
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n a * nte oji ; onivn ni3^o^ n^wN-in nxcn inx 
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tt^itt^ njin N^i I 13 n5»np3n no3nn o» ^y Nmr 
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Nip3 no^ , noi>w Ninv t^n::\ ^ , vinoa iicnv 
l^iyn "iwc^ lanani , i'npna mat icnv nS'^p lew 
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cciuen , ne^w i^n ntsyoa rannn nanonv 
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n^aw nn^nrn H* nnwr nia , noio i^ro pa tinu 
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^i'^an omnn jo oiw , nsonf^ o^a^w on om 
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nnvan n^n^n / n^mao nrpa yawn njinia 

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airn^ tev onna »» lab ar niayar aniaa) 

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loavmoa laiarnr , ba ba rt>rp now o^an 

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niain^ pi non / aiina nyi^ D^aoo inivi ininm 
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*mc« niana a^ai ^ ')ii cnJ» npic anpoi noDi 
. 'i:i o*a^«a oisw^ yvna n«i pnsa n» ^b »w 

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ivyo >avi , no^nio ainia nsoa nyt navno 
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ain:tfi iv leaa ara Kaa iiai , ov aryea ^a H'l 

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irp by ij? a:iiaa .oa nxva ouii r o*a^«n to 
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i^n3* o^P^ trjwM'in iwan iiaa rewai 

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fin H» mw ni3"i3 ?3 Via) •, lo^pco I'^^on^ 
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-wrc i^^ o^isa w^tH n«:? nnnw , ^'i on» 

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r\yn ncwa nnt nn^nn ?aK / ?n>^p av^nD la^i 

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nriia noi^r^ noan jna 'm , no^v^ noan 

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121 nin« npn 

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onnwoi D^-wiN^ OUT cn^oa i^vi / ni^Jo nisn 
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v«iaw n o i> tt' ^ ? tt^ o D^iVin nm ; D3nn "i^on 

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'ui maroon {'aa ^10 n^n no^wi . aina onav , fe, 

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u'wn m^pn yn i'y ^5^a d3^k p loai m"^ 
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;ot3 nH / no^^ jota moon it «^i yr^ nt k^ 
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onann 5>33 naon ^w nyi j^s^' ^^^ . 0** ^^*"'' 
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noai 7N yii* i)n« r« n^n / ninn«a .'W»?' 
nio -\ai N^i , K^nn naion nynn 1^ no>vr^^ ^^^ 
nana ni?iyn pinni ai'jn >nsnT — . nsoi^^ 

— • p:yn nta cnu^ma 'W^w-t 

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o^owi «soi nin ^ la? na OD-iiaon lo J^tn n:w 
5 D^nann o^oan ry-ian? rop 0^^200 

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•^lan , v^n ^o^ n« "^irt^ n^-in h^ »a , no na'^i^ ^hn 
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loa " ^N5>o^ ^ia^ newn ^«i ,, >i!t) \^ nra^ (nan 
nxp ipnw — . " «in nwa-i 'n ^jci^o^a ,, ^awtea 

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inu *3^i „ cniann ^a , Ta^ p"nb pso oi.y ^ai / ^i»a 
nyiav w«a* , c^ia n» «:i' c*n^« Kn^ , nwna 
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n^an 'o^ ,n^tt^: ?piin joto *a , n*y«n n^pnn no?v 
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nTOnvtna o^W'^pi^ / D>^nn pa^ onann lyovi laai 
w«1"3n^ Ni3Qn nao fea D3na3i ,moann ^tt^moa 
l^» / onw noNn *a nnnn^ onv jawa ^ nonn c^osni^ 
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030 on^oir^ n^yin npN ona w ^a pn^ mn 

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nV> tt»annni lov nrw no^u' ^a ry"tn ^'N^aip^N^^ 
D^i^tt^n^aTi'O p^n5> oyia x^wv , my i-ioki ; lan 
Nin ^a , ainaa on* rann {*-i»3 j^-ixa ^t^o non'i 
ayi3 noi » nia^con i'aa ^i^^oi nn:n nay i^an mr^ 
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D^^wn* ^y na^ i^iv ^ao new ion^781 
, n^navi^K jiy^v nn« '*aM n^?yT5»a n^ via5>i 

-- • van in *ni>n 
nnv , pv^n "wo nwpn niyoni 
i^ee< inwo^ la^j nacn p^ / rhp nn^n naptrna 
innisai nona ^onNO i'li'a wm , n^onji ww \^^ 
y onmat nitea Wtt'on jw^^ voo non ann^i 
b^oya^ Ni^o^tt^ Dim / w« oipoa pirn u^iouf : No:n^ 
jNaa ^n in:n , pTnn *ia^«^ onaoa nrr -pini 
cni^y nn» "oraw onaoa Naitf noo '^aw , nnv nann 

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, 10: / }*on , ^03 , jaai nfem > 'oiNav . 
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te) nOiy ^3/ (T^^K) 1^^K / 1^» »3 / T300 


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n: fcjattf , nw nto liioh . c^ii^^nn cnfioa Kiipn 
c^nran mcapinNn necn , n^np "idd n^n , nonn 
V?z^ K\itt? / n'^ar^n wnnn neiaa Ka nth , o^^aipon 
'je^tt' myna nna i^n-iw nitii^ D^aoo nn , o^ainan 

— . c^a^ran ra "incN n^:o n^ap jor nin%s , it 
, "^ytra ir:£5> nvN naN^ttn hif? rum 
i-va i:airc: y cna nnw^a5> cr-Nm n^N nnn-pn 
fcn lana / r^rj^ lea r:cn ^y nra lan^iwia 
^-lano n^3:n ^ea ~ . o^aman j^a infepr , man 
Hfp, ia i3N«f nr jtrio ^a -laon n: r» / 5^'t ^i^o-n 
fa nc^ttf Nin naro dk ^a , ina^naa tM i-iiana 
en nini • iny^^ n^ptn vamai , ^nv* t^ "m 
ny / 'roa w^ov onann 5>5'ao ni nan p« peo ^bttf 
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CN ; pa ns:> n^:vD"ipo rn^cen na«^ onan ^^ao pBD 
w:5fa li^rn ^wni rocu' mav , nia d:i icNiu^ n^ 
an^ n;a rcij^tt^ .n« nhr «in , orrTO^n ^yisx^ 
ciSN ; N^D-i£a oyn pen^ ittmitf n» w cn^n^nn 
mynacn nvN-^n nvna h^h , r«ta -i)ai5^ u^ jan^ k^ 
ica [iN»D^ /- niowy> rw-ina , Donieon loi P]an rw 
rwon Q*ia«j D'om t^^vx^p nana w ja 

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linr ?oja ^nuf r^«^ iiian Donwoi , lion npno 


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n:n (ncan^ i?H^ . . . nKiaii' i^xu? . . , n-nn^ 
c^can nai , n^np *i6;d f)id3 o^piDD jniNtt^ n> nxi' 
n o ^ n n ^'p i d d on / ifion ov\ "ly 'va nwania 
nc^tt'ttf laicm ovun ntt ^a) nr -^cDi^ k^ / ci^oi 
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inNav nvrpn n^Dian •uonwi / cni^i'aa c ^ a i n a n 
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nt ^Bi> P]T)3 niBiDK ^i'ya D\tn ^ iny^ap c^peo -ny ipm 
T y n D^n a"ji cr^ rcTi , n ^ n^: n n d j a cr 

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i»y N-^poa tonn >a isncM laai (»"a maN) n:^n 
^Dvn Di^ai , «"iiya nyninn Nin , n^oian iid^ nnrNi 
ian3 niainnpi ; 'w neian fenry i>K . . . laox) 
i^n ancDn i>a nvn hv noT , ^n^e ny^^o 
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pKnaino^nsD nivy nnin nanono 
iC^iaa cn^c^awnn , onn^c^n^ mnm ^la ^ }^p 
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cn^ninw loa , ne^aNai nyna aa nw^'i r nin^i -ii^n 
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yon ^an nan p)id iDioa ono^nn nan niv 
in^^an , o^'^eoa nfcr-»pi nic^ ^av / an^n^amJ' %) 
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c'»:ii'n Kiai ohb nc^o ^caa trpoBm inito iy 
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v"p nitt* 10 nwyni / Dnapn nyaiNi onvy ^aa nrw 

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no ^£3 onBiDn na^na •p'^^ ^^^ i3'» ina^ns "p^ 
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nnwnpi / mw K^n nb^:ittn pi nt ^5>aa v»^ o^n 
nuyn n>>:w |o nnnn Hi» ni^n^ namon pi nr ^a^ n^nn 

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aaiD^ vi'yv n^n m «in nNnjai / n r n n s p 
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p^y , Dttf memnn 0:1 v wan jai ; d>t tno^m r:y^ 
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d:iv , onnin nn.N 7<i«i ki3 , o^iivn oni.T^ 

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2nra i:^v n?;ion ra^nai # vnip? pny bipo ^nb 
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naina naa on? ini^v / nioiwn pa^ U'h» nn-iivo nK 
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»3nna KDTin ^'yai) nxuMl? ^iiana Dn:an^ inoM on^ 
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niina aina K-^po n^ wxeviy , o^yaiwh ew^ 
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ffpiaon rpn ron / wva n^»3 owi liNV toai 

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(u"* 'b) ni-»i:iD rnyn on^^yi cpiDa r.vp pi n^^j 
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nnj«) 'v^ onBD n^ttf>i (pt:.>fn naij 5"z^ inara) 
(ya) i^vpi Dvn nbp ^y , jionpn jora 5»^(n^fc»^ rv4 
[or np« nvo^ttf) nwy^ if^nn ivm av onin>n f>r-J, 
iNip ?a ^y (piyn yao ^^ n^ , onian niy^rpi li^i. 
i»y ?a ^y (pin«n -iBicn myn) oma n^^n c^o^ 
noi3) 'i^T^api io>p . • . • nnrnmiNn n^i ^3 
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oai , o^nao ova irr.^joawipj , nn; h D\xi^p 
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n^Nn Oman w (iw -ly cman monn 5^y jnnNn 
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t^^n) nnwnn*eTn c^iian ma n nx c^^^ 
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p"nna i:eo rhv:^ , rs^m roi:^ jainn y^^ niv 
Oannoiir.D« w ^y it na^a oa i^n , anaa later 

nri^ h^ ny^ aman nr) 'iai naten -insNi nirJin 
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yi-i*n / n^^an nmnaa) 1 a d 3 an aai n 5» n n 
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pinn5» w , onian nai ^a^ p-in«i in« oip , i^h 
ca I i^M D'on ^an nw nov^^i niouf^ b^iaaa*^ 


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nfiDni'y aiD5» *i3 (nns jwb) ino« pm 

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mD2i "irttf / in^Jief nu^yj^n msitf -noa ni^:wn t)id3 
3 ^ N «p 1 , wipn nra oianai onaiDn mfep nr 

cvn n'»a , onniKo o*i!?T3 33 , nNt oy i5'3^:in3«^i 
n:u'en nwan myna nr lii^nv uds , nwmn ^vow 
pu'fe ^'•avon jiiam — • D*ii!fnn onfiaa Hi^pn p)k 
m 1 a 1 n « w niana niiian^ , ntn un-ron 
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liD-pn nnicn tt^v i'l; ^i'a aoio w«i (ji?n^ wa-v 
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(nn^^^irnN vnviNO jan^i) n5>n;n no^a ^3» >a 
nina^ iN'ntt' ni^oian jniN laoNttf niiian , i»N^n i^na 
le'^pJ' Qiyapi mi:Ka oinani jniM i^p^ni , jna 
ntynwKa c^a^tf^n wy nsa Di>5 c^svon nviipa 
naiKn LnT»i/iys 5>3 cn^ ^i^yei »«' / i02«y sni>Nn 
■5yn Nin Nim ; Dhyn ny nci8<5» c^vi i3ni jnav 
— . wip nn r.« oanpa cm on^^yiin^nv jtwon 
liyevv nc^ niai: i:ny:w Din , nrx)N rb:^ p^yai . 3 
nryon }r:iniy c'lpn^ ^ onsci^n *oan ^inn« nyno 
rw: cy on^i' pw nri , na ly w«fn5> i5»:nin iitfNO 
•»a*nc5> N^ / livip >anaattf r^nai:n nJ:on na^na 
ni -I ^ a a 1 / y ria ^viK^ cn »a / «niy {ot^ Hh -inowi 
}o nnx^: w ^e^ nn . n^n^^v^ 110:1 

n^xnw / ^"n nana tko^ ona^i o^wi w / Hip^n 

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ni:vtni DnifiD niy nna ynv w ^ nnaisn , n^iivn 

om^ni , N-.;i> on^rya rnu^ / i*yi ^»'i"^ c^onvo 

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ii»^nnn : la ivy o-inoai ^ vi^ ^-to o^sinin 

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no^n njni . (cnn^ne^ nw iwpn ™^-n^ ^ rnrit 

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iiy nvp^ Q^w , c^-»eiD^ ?w«nn papn inn ayio 

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nnM noKO i^^ t«^ n^K tnan "d ^yi 
nnim> // («*«> '^ «"» n>vNna) h ir:io-ip ^-^^ 
nsKw^a ^>ttp N^^^:i na " (noipoa nb^ nai^a:v n«^^£) 
jn^ / wniate J'ap n^no vimi Knwa n:70 

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ru»a«in pi ,^aa -|te nsNV^fe^' mn nva m pi 
, nioa ni-iin ^y niiiani ; n^on n:«N»b nabi' »^ 

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^*6on rwo v^N ptna royoi , n^n^ ^to niw o^yawn 
^^e , niuiva cw dj*« o^yarn -^eDo ra , ^«nai 
nioo P]^Da7i — . no>^tt^ nna^ d^)V nituDV D^yav 
tiain nai ^yi ^ nn« ptn n3'i'in»i n^y^m 
OJi / onwiyi cnonn ■^p>y nvn. nyn^ nnw injr 
nw pjy , niinnHH ni^;o rya-iwa d; oivK^n n^j^a 
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/ 'inpcn miDi^N ^ Dia ^ i'aa > n/iiin Dni'voo nnn 
, rsp a^mo N^n T\^i^oy\ nai; Nnioauf d:iivi mai'oi 
/ ynn isidi imw Diis^sy di3W3« -ly d^di^ ni^Na 
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^a/O irn , a::n ^a^iai pwn *a?o i'tt^ cnan naifi 

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nnnwa loy^ n^p^ ivn n« "|ran? ^nwai lONttf loai 
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an niN^a nyttfa Na naai 5 nn%nyin2fpa c^^do) 

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CN) m»'.tt?i , r-n # b cm , ^«^:na ni^;o vi»«f my 
D/^ rM5»n nnna nmoa w o^aman nrnpa vnip^ 
a^*nm n:n (nry jtjaon nt p«i > no ntmp? a'ay 
^yi ^N^iT 7y / D^^ii'Jnoi 0^x03 vnv , nn:nn i3 
i?b jrapo ; noa ni/«) ^ cyn n^a , vyi ntt'5'» 
cnoan nam o^a^o 5>a>na on^ wyiv o»d3 ^tt^yo 
n>7w^i ^iroiN nn^pa n\s-ioi nwin jrxpoi ^ onpnsi 
, n^Nn c'pn:in c^oann vni 5 ya-^Nn ni^a^en 
; ^aaa nh:in nwo my / oyn fec« n^« faa c^ecmfio 
o^ttap^ 1SDK naiDK *5>ya o^ifiion wavai 

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/ nni5>v ni^K jwi^a loxya ^iw^ wn , n5>ia *:b 5v 
pao^v . . . «^ooy !?a5> wate ns^Knaia) , nn^nn 
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n > : • (m^'pJ'p ^y nano invni> maan neo 
»iaa /'^a •jJ'on i^Ntt^b* nnwo msao / n ^ y ^ a 1 
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n)a5«n n>rpi , 8inn nh^2 nxwicp^ r^nna no^^DOi 
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baa nabn bpv naun ufim 'o*a / nv-iNn ai;o 
n5>sn n 3 1 ^ « ^ m mana no^^oei ^ wma ^15'o ^:sf? 
nu'on . K^DiD tt^iia nia^oai «r)mniaba 
nr» oy hb n*oiK ns^fei pie^^a on i^k ni^io 
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w nn» Dn« niwwni' janav no 'nm , "i a ^ 3 

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n ^ V tt^ n ^3 o . n»a nano pwb vsi» 5»y iBDon 
n3v5> mn«^ awn join -noa y , ^in pu^a n:my 
ni^ioa maiDO ir^nn laav ^ nxjwb ^w n:wNn 

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p^o VNi ana Nob piNa . . . n:n d?ry /"N^n 
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my wa^ nny — . 'wi n^>?^ n:n loxy i>y -isDon 

niaHm , naya jnttf5>v n m m n ni ^ :o «> >tt^ 
n5>ion oy mvpa n t a jm , o^iotn moa jmioa 
v^v / nxHwbJ^ nnK / (ryaiK ion ; jn^isiv n^ttfwn 
nBDoni ^vmai' u^iv / non virn^ nn« , -ixjwb^ 
jainn • vrya naio pvb loscy J«>n a' : {nw^u^a 

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rosn "p^y nn*n ii«^ # on^nn\nvi onniprvawi 

nn^ ivy oiwo^i i^on ono vpa -^m ro^a noan 
ot,,j( _ . mis^o ^M •^tt^K D^svNn o^Tiannn ^d ^y 
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^D\-in mu^Ti JO anp n«-»ia ) n^sDi mxo ^sioH 

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sn^na on^n / ^'H^ Ditnen n: ^a oy nsni : 'w 
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pionrsf , p 10D i3yn^«^ nan , nt ov ann wt -^aai 
itt^vi rp^nm ns^3«n 5^y ia5> wn j«aa na^naa 
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d:j , v\^nai^ nainon v^Knova bn^y^ ny^n 
nny n^w no *b^ r 8«o3 / ann ^y loxya ia la-ron 
n^^o , ni^30 nt'K?o naino , wa^ 
nnK r« ' P'»^" T^''^ '^^^-^ '^^^ ? m a ^ n^ 5 o 

nn-K^ »^^ fi'^B^ "^^^^ ^ ^"^^^ ^^^ '™ 
'^invpoo^ye^ V* / oni&Dn jamav D:n,nnn«^v 

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renw 5 ^M*n P"^^ /mswnvanoi cnaKO aanio 

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lannn^ niiu'DK r^o / o^J^ ni:^ea pm-i *i3^ 
(y^ 'a 'o) »ipon ^y ^"r ^"tri «n'»s nim ^ ' ooy 
ntt^ mw ^ ^nam ^a ii» a^^^K nyi^o t^jo cvn oa 


Dvn iiy ,, ;v fia H' (Vx 7Da ^nnniyi d^^dk tk^ 
N^n noi 5 pia i'v it na^ nw niwa i> n^AO ^» 
min^ ^? ^na-n >a ? Ga5> nii^'^ au' ^:nv n^ju^n myi 
la^on^o nai^t3ni^i3Mi''^avP|iD'iJi 
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n^n . " ^Niiottpn •o^a o*:iva lon^^i , ncnte nvpa 
tt'pav loa / amn i:wb -iiiv^ vp^ai ^^•''pn r^m 
D^i^Bi , Q^iD D^rryo nttna naiaon ;o ta^on^ 
n5'^e ^i'aa nH , nt Kipoa r*<^ ^^^^ ^^"^ 5 "^ayttfi» 
h? ia^3 Dvni ion ow , nnataw niinnKn niKiain 
no , pirn oy D^iim n^^ oniate laoni dib n^Bo 
n^e nan pan5> naa , layio pna:i' ^iNn B^ay n^nv 
ov*npo n^a niia nvan vinn, jora nNia^n ^yoiv / ovn 
, i:oy lynn n^w innt* wau^ ona ^ate joia ''BM ik 
— . vnana y'l^vnoi ronwioai jnua 
nnanm ^-^^s^ yrhr) nan sm ni npi 
n^N nmnnK niKiai waianw N^ain ^a noi^ ijnnaon 
mate rovB naai , nnioa^N niis nnK ^n , nnatav 
nB^xn^ vnwias i5^6!33 ^ai # nntcn nixn^a cnrni 
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,' — . oni^« pTia nonTOi nonn) na^eem 
p 'VII / teaa^n / nmionn v^te i^ra;i , ^«nn • a 
rfrnna , o^pm^^ vte niva o^^wjn nmn o*ten 
nBDon nr onB 5»y ^wipn) ti^^nva^ n^anmaten mo^ 
P)iD 'W iw rw nx^i (ta^^naoa rir liaan law^ 
(K"3 'Kte^n) nt nfiortena mma nwaoa , ornate 
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nianj6* imi / nyn^myi ^aa^ Kavtiyrai . Vh 
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D>'^«fion i:co na^a «^ , wb3 ruaoa na jyiion ^'n>ry1 
noii> :^^Bnttf ny , mnstpo nxo 0:1 k"3 / w^n:cm 
iifl*ani Diron w-^pem 5 iNr:na inh^^ew vrNimi|ni 
amo Kin w n\n> ^5>in , wy ncDi npi ■>«-•« n« ^^«e 
cyn n8 n^yni^ arnv r^pD^DO nwaia ?y\o nr» ^y 
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wmty rwo nat oy d^ya ftpaj^ tit* r«i . . . rfrhn 
yrbn *n db^i 'w Dn»vn rwpa 7113 nw on , np*yn 

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ann5yi , nnnonynanuan 16 u)n, on^tt^i^aa nia 
n^ao "pwrn 5 lia ywjn ninoNfi u^iin ^tfn Doirf> 
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noyoo 071m onoyo^> mi qh^'^ o^« ; aann ptm 
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rjKi , nnipi o^vyo ^lea Ki>i , pina nm^ jot nbjna 
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roT p / in^w pal noyo pa ^nn na^ -ny i^ai 

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nnnn tmo / Byea w ananiTnan \}'ian 
Tam^n^ao / i&nK-an nainS^aTK ipew.-wpa 

— • i^Vna 


nna nman wm / Utt cniOK!? 'tt»rbywanK\n 

— . lyitni 
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n>3a> ijyn ^y iniiia " lonn by ny nt w « Cn 
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nyi nttfian n^nno nvn^ " npan nwnsn pn n:ni 
5»N ovno ON ^a , ^naw jnnD 'wu^ wbk ^k jk3 

— • H^ain 

oannaro/ ^na y ^^a»* nsn nun&a 
. . . i)rui^B ^5>ya noK ; nNO ly nvp nvn&n nNt . 
o^pTDS^ oyta PN n^m • . . n^vo ^y nw-i^s o^ani 
y? 'nyoai pN:ni • 'ui npi^ttfiwooi n:«iyo oti 
•rya p2}ni . . . vn^s nan / n^on^ ^v nvf ten b \p-»^ 
nnK n>OT Tatn^ oytt no ^a , rf an nwnen ^3 ^3 
n>tt^on nio^ ^w) nionjn/iDin (ba5»«f) rwmn 
^ynKwn Ti^wao'sio B"ayttf n^wmnyn ^a^ ct 
K\nw wn nay b 5»y nan' nim 5 (pimn n r;n 
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nnw • " 'lai Ktt^ii on* my ^a / nay pa^ ^^aw' n:.*^ 
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onana oann pj^dv (Q^3nn^e c^an nwn^a pi) i^KW 
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•prw nay jn / v^y N^ain noww Kin , nay ^2^' np 
pm^ inyna / aina pi . nw nay ^ no«^i / 11 

mom h D'=«^ 'f^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ' °'^^^ '"'^^ P"^ 
re: nipan nvtnan b n^ni j neon ntna won nit^M 
n^^a^ Vy piyn aoiou^ / nny nwiao man . " r\H\ oy 
TKO ain^ai / oniyv yn: nh^ , jniD^ai noNoa n^iv&T 
yn:o o^^av noi / nnion "hjm^ '^'n)^ pa cmnm 

— . naii'Mi 
('n ': n":) nniann oann ufnBov nnw 

nin non q^iy nnaoab nnnaNi . . • nyyiH W 
i>y , ' w vrm '^oiNi» ly ?n mann lat / u^m^ 
ynn K^ ni P / ormnw ^npon ^y noN' ^ nitrcn 

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K^i n^^o pio Nil Kj^n , invn ^uh j mnNn ny-in 

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tt"o) *»>ann w {«a mn a-ina ^ own 

■wenK ^a nvM ^hiv* nrw nap ^ iok^ 

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o^5>ttno n2j?5> ^u ayno5» v^ea n:ai> 'ww nya N^ain ^lan 
i'y 101 w iwi«f^ ♦n; navno ^ea oyBnu ('tov) 
'hiiw Nin D^'^t^an ihn >a cyia v , mtian " o^^aan 
i:*a o^r?aan L^npyrmxntD w / D^i^cKo ^nfan 5'^^l^ 
naanin ,, %Dpii«TQ^a5tD . n^jc wjwow inw 
niNiao laama msiia " ison ^na nion nr i[? woi 
no-i^ Na , nn piya iJ^ ^':nn is on >xn iiaiai 
n^xn niaD5> oipc^ leon pi»n j^a Tier^ u^n^ iifim 
ryni»yi „ . Kinnnfijon nnfCNanp^nn pai , i.Tpm 
*e^ain nan you^i ivwa , wiia loa, Dafen ^a .d^t 
oann m^vtf anp . " mnnwn op^ ( naini5> iio"ip''^ ) 
vniaf' i»K-itth iKinv . iiwa lown pan ^i* nai^ 
vii*nnv iiioaJ^K ^y low «vi jai / i^y n^yv^ nan 
fjpittw ^ya ^1^ Kin, onieon wai , i*y i^w^in rvnai 

— . nnipnBio«^/ njea nrwi 

nv5»Tna^ pf'anini,,"pnaM J'Knw^ wrip 

rmo naunjiw^^a , lonapnn "vin^m nrnvi* ^y 

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loi 5»^aie^eni • K^ainosy ^y iS nwniH»n h? aoTo 

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onefisen ^ain ,, ('« a"t:) ia ion« nay }n 
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nya nana Kim , N^ain Ninw n^ya paini 5 vnia 
nnai> ^:ln«^ o^u nw^ ^nnii : Tarn n»Ha , wai 
n^Ni ia 5^3 pK oniam n^nnov nxn miian • " oy 
■jti'ena aina n^n , nnoi nt^^ttf p)i:i ^Na p\8^^v ^e^ 
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nit^ncaw K'-po^ nonn »ini , 0*1:1 y^ oy nna^ TiPiMi 
Dim , 7n>iy pyi nya • . • 0^:1 -\)tf? ^nnai tf o 
n^Nn Dvoi 5 Dy nna^ Tanwi , 71x111 , ^nnry nyiv* 

— . Ka^ttf 103 , oann ^k nniai 
n^VK ♦aK^oa «nni nay ok *a my ^ 

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'£3 0; Kip^ttf , Niain ^v a*r^Ho *n5»an oyn nw 
'^TO?pTbatt^iaa^2ji>w'\ni, nay nua* ,n^T 
iiDwoa vninxoi ia*»o vm i«nni vyy uDpv jann 

— . o^»^ 


nt '^n* w ,, ('a w) ipnx jyb^ j^en 'n 
niovi/ irpnxnNnn ovn *3/ vnnNNan oy ainsn 
• • nrai ncu^ ., niy ki w K^ap 5>y nown oyn 
K^ainni loa ,, (raov) nwfnro3a>o 
jni ^ /' Tryn yovn (vnni)niy hvw no^enttr 
1MW tD noN>i oyn.nm* m „ (ra ov) nowoi^ 

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iDK2fo Di / w« 'nnttfo |y^ Cnk'Id) no» vfo^v^ 
n^:a* i>y inyn^ ronpwwnn tnn^a " ^«m wcnnroi 
mn ni)pa \hv na i^nyni^i) 'n nnwai htKrw» "fo Min» 
innt^o^ n« ow *a / wnia^ '•& ^nn (^n n^wo u«m 
5 i^manaii^ peo fe]in5> niann ^, le^niai^nw^ 
''m 9 wnia ^y aoio innwi^ ntann 0:1 wn '*h 



iio?on nN nt 9?n p on ^i^a^i 5 c^n^f o^wo^ 

p)M -^oiK K3'py '1 / p^n nivo3 ( 82 -w ) • 'in jo^o 
H'^wn n*^y rem 5 o^^wn o^Boaiinip^ 

N'^'p T^>K> p^ innDW c^itooa ^di D-»«n n^. few 
ry>r nam 3n9i j*p r» nain oneo nwy isw 
1 n B D wa rt jnsw fl^t^fio.** tt i«^3V -iww&fr 

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niib -nan «fw pitsr — . wb ^ir nwa 

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ntwrorropTT-cpyr taw nip^ r Tn?!?flrirav 

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oai» ifeD , crwrr*ny5'i jcptiiDpi inn^t.^^vta 

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jif^iTTiawrnnKTrrwjfem' inr$aA ny s^ar, oitj 

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onM fi«o qnKx jwo li^nwK W)ip riB^niot^sn 

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('n ^ik; ncNO *• "^^^p^ 'iioton nwnn io*ei / lyu^a 

niteo) : nieoz nnNKan^^^^D Nino wiponi 

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nxattr ^inn ma'wa iiaya , «^o i a * a : ^idn \wbo 
i^r»in , ini^a:i i-tyai Dieai baa d^n 5 nr c^iaa 

n^N : rrton» p loa »a nih $ n^mn nwa ^13:1^ 

n^ttf 10K (711 pone^a nanua lyn) 
ynii3 KMin naios lym / Di3y "pna wv d*3Wi 
iPNa mpon ni to-i:i 5 Dvn oiiyi , Ninn ^ina 
Domo ^3 'ui iNfi2i^*KVi layT «^ / womn^ama 
— • my o^^inai , yn\ yhai^ w nw / 'ui ona* 

am naii'ony^T i^a cm / i>aa ^2^0 noNoa i»w 
«5>i , nnoi> latt^n w mo omwattf / o^y wni ontt^n 

L^ain33 nT^nvKim , msi> ^boqwh nnnif> iy)33 
i^atffoi> pv n? ^t^pni 5 oa piano^ / nionino o^ai 
j^'^bv nxyi ^H »noN ncn 'a , didio^ oyon 

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Kaio3 / DIB Tite li^nnai faa rht^oQ wiv nnrwa 

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innain m^ iv , ni03 N^ai ^Kitt^a niy op 
WN^33 nmain fe^ p33Di DBit3i ^ -py i\v^ HK^Qsn 
nnna »a^ Tnyn nynn nmiao ip^y J'ai • nnn^ttf 
5»«n«^^ ^333 iy9 ^ HMH }yQ5> , 3in3v 103 owan 
iyi: ^ao nsu^n m^ ^3 ny> wb^ n^rn m^itrn nruy> 
/ nnipn b^ n-ina nw-io nwa «^nv Din n:ni 5 • 
nhn; : onoN03 , i:>5>y n3y^tffi tn3ytt^ ^ o^aiai o^yi 
iw^ na ry^i , nayty^ na tt^^i , vtt^ay na \8f^ttf ir m^tt^ 
'f?H , 9x }"ao-in inn^on nna n^5>y Nipv 1031 , n3^ 
ron , M31 oninn ]q lan 3n30 rwrn m^i^n nnM 
fca fen (DNT ^ ^ 3 V a nown pvi »fi5n) nwr o y 
?n3nDW na pK , Mnnn^exi^fe 3ttfnb Tna 

— • irnirp nsn ^trisotanB oiit^^ 
^raowana n^Bnon nanncn '^'rv* bio 
' nwaia nra D^v>n30iin3.w noii^ ,ia^ vsa nan-^rf 
nn\'w ni>yn> oirnpna 1129) niN^^ o^o'tt^ B"3y i^ 
i:k bw / nypn 'n i\n nto n:>^^n 5 D'«>ain by ^^^ 
rvittpno, n>fen ^a? n^yininoanrnw -pv , 0%^,^^ 
fcon iai> f Bna '\n i?toff^ , tooo }*o«f ^m lyajn 
inwa Dwajnnat rn , t^ppK^nirny yiote^3Nm 
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nK3 dnvr2 frw . o^oiiwi oyn vn^ ^ki 3 no:& 
vnr / Nb DM / oyo ^BK nnai 0^:^30 , nKi3:n 
— . i6a ira:^ a"« laioxn k^ ow^a: cha 
, Tt^^iM-»n ion» nKia3> n«ia3 fe -pyni oma 03, }a 5^yi 
i«i) «i> w nynii naav nNi33 ^nat^ p3in 11^33 oa 
nmo^iinaoi»nn-»iOKn&fen xh^rr^ , mora 56a pBon 
. o^pon ^^ ma m . piy pjya wai' iter^ ^-j, 
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m:3i3nnn n33 ny«^3 ootbdv no ^Ba 
monm ni«i33ai ^awJ^oi nnat ^on Ktry ^a^naa 
n^mw onuc >t^a* ijnyni^ ,(nvttn 'o^v w p5»n) 
5^v »3 , 5>K w nii^nna t'p joioon i^S^ni nrm 


■jioron nN nt ^5a p cue J^ii^a^i ; c^n^f omoio^ 

( • i»Y;0 yv) (48 -Rt ) . '1 jot) 
p)M noiK Ks^py '1 / p^n n:vo3 ( 62 -w ) . 'n jo^ 

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K^'pn T^^w ?i^ nnaw ontoon ^di Di«n n&o few 
*ia nono nnvi ? NWto *«o ; niJta «nipa' pa 
ry^:^ nam 3n^i pp tk nain ongjD rnvy* infft' 

nK«w 'fi^ D^iivrtdwj^ *np nr iiaiw n^^- 
(ni«6\^pr'iai , rtip?i*n£tt*f3-r*^Df^ Tt!f\nr(r 

N -1 1 p n -niaiii 5 ?f it^c mr fti riD rr rtwhifiw- 
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jna pip. |««cy rw parfiipiy r^f nmti t* ?ib^ 
nito iiatsr ^antt' JISVST — . *2B1S ^5 AM) 

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ntwna rwpTT • o>3pr taw my :• Tnyf> oairav 

laiw ' Qhnrw jam (nrwaf on mr) 
oai» ifeD , o^wrrny^i K*pt3ifipi> im:r^ a^yoo 

— . P)yn cr''y» 

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jtfr nnieitoi -r» pMar i^rt^nntt^ rwonwp-^pn? 

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nif. j^.-iar- . . . -ianfi6^ n^-n cw) . miDi mta 
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E3a«^ laTo o»0 n39 na lani in^5»x.w ny , rrh^ 
w»wvw win . . . DMb 'w> tJiion • . . m 

— . ("niio. U'!>n tonan . . . oiro 

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n »nx n 5^-^ tfa cw- ta^^j, n* j w itirvr iwr 
•nro-^aiw^iw nr 5^31^ ; n^^-nna.^. rti^ma 
iwwr pnn — (jw , nrr/ •«» vwni won) 
ii"w.f om* no. Mi* tmm na i^ Q&-i:^iynt mnw 

nrwa-*. mem wv , oyi» ^ai na%ii nawi 
rasp^i&v iw^movn* crw un*}. watt ^y osta 

rfa» Tpn tr ^^^ 

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\ry\ : nmna cmm , ^aa m5»:i w p]id w vvcm ny 

nieo nnv pv8-inr n^k /i;i a^w ^s 'n5» mn ov^Nia 
— . ^tt'O -i^tt^ anpi loni J'^id pinNn nn. , triMi 

('n *^i»; ncNO •• "^^2fpa moron nwaa lowj / lyva 
' cvn ^>nfi) ^wi mtDPin wnp: [di , nh;in ^i'lv^ ^ya 
n iroo) : nifioi innN wan5» ^i^i^a Ntao wipon^ 
ni-in^ 0^ a^ ns nni (cci pexo aiyooi 
rpn J»y ir^nf' mpo pv5>n -pia n^v / ^omn 
/ nhiji iTm na->vo^ pa^nn o»n *^N3v Dpuni 5 ^myon 
a i 3 GMnf? i3a^ loa , "wi imK5» 0^ ou^n ^Kwnl 
Txartf^inn manoniaya / k^o laui *oin ]w^o 
lhyl^r) , jni^ai -pyai Difiai baa Di>i« 5 n? o^iaa 

n^« : niona p »a »a nih 5 n^mn hnd {»ia:i^ 

— . o»o ni'Ni juao 

nxpttf -UDK ("pT ponra iaT:3 lyn) 
Vii:a Kxo:n naioa lym / D-iay ^na i3v D*awi 
iPNa mpon n? 10-131 5 D«n o-iryi , nut 7113 
oomo ^a '\^\ i«os^ 'Nh nan^ *6 , nion:n *aina 
— • nv o^avci , -pTi ^i>Do w n\ni , 'ui o:iny 

oropi^y aauD ('iai mo^i -jvin ^a»'V) 

am nai^onynr b om / ba ^a^o noNoa wi^ 

Hh\ I nnoi> ia«fn w nno oniwatt^ / o^y wni onttfn 

t^ainaa ni^nvKim , n^T ^aoou^n mn3 ly^aa 
5«att^oi>?ai>nr*fci»pni 5 oa pianoi^ , nion:no o^ai 
|vi»y nxyi ^n mon i-wan 'a , didio^ oyian 

— .oai»feya yjan trM 
, innfi3» Diefe *na (wMn: nviH ia v ^a) 

N3103 / one -p^ nSnrei ba rftroo mv mniia 


N^v vh^ m>yo mmntt^ o^«ran ^a^e -3ni 
innain m^v nv , imoa «^33 ^Kiu^n my op 
nw^aj mnain fe^ x^-^^^ DSitai ; ^ly j\v^ PK^san 
nnna Na? Tnyn nynn nnnoo '^''^ bi • nnni<ttf 
h\r\^^ ^3aa iy5» ^ n\in jyo5» , amawf loa o^^an 
iyi? '30 na w n5» »a ny> V3s5> riKrn m^iefn .nn:y> 
/ nnpn b^ mr-ra nhe-io nt^Na N^nv wn hmi 5 • 
nhi; : onoNoa / \sh^ nay^tt^i viayu^ , c^aioi o^yi 
-y^Ti^h na u^n , ^z^nh na u^n , way na t»'\tf v m^u^ 
1^^ / y t rao-in innw nna r^ Nnpv loai , wa^ 
ron , 'lai onm 10 nnK anao rwn m>ttfn nn\-i 
wa fen (nNt ^ ^ a w a no^n pvn *a5n) iver o y 
plan D\£f na j^» , n^^nn n>fi«i t^fe att^no -pn 

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voiowaiia -wanon nannon iiw ^w 
' ne*i3ianTao*w>naowwwi»ii. ,ia^ vaananrirt 
m^nv ni^j^n^ owpna ii29>mN'5» o'o>ro fi"ay i^ 
>3K few , n^fpn 'mM nio n^^^n 5 o^n^a^n ^ ,^, 
ruttfno, n^fen ^bi> n^yimnoanmw -pw , 0^,^ 
feon ia^ .)>fi)na ^^n *jcvi , nwo j^oit^ ^ ^y^^^ 
inwa DW33nna-r rn , j^ppN^nwny yioit^aNm 
oirn Tfioitti^noa -\t^ o>w , iiia:rmaitf jom 
HKa oi^attfa pw . on^own oynw 7K1 ; no:i5> 
iw , N^ OM , oyo ^fiK nnaT o^»o , nwa^n 
— . i*a w^ a"« mow win o\v%ai c^ia 
, rb ^wm io?> nwai) nwiaa fa -pyni oma oj , fa 5»y 1 
i«3«^ w nrm laav nwia^ ^a-fi> pan ^^caa oa 
nnioh ?nao^ nra mo«n f^fan ti^ ^.1% , mora ^a paon 
. oipon Hi> n?a n> . p^y p^ya i:na^ ^^ ^^^ 
/wJ'in ^y *3W«n^ ni-npn fa (4fl t^). /j .^^^ 
m33iannn naa lyra owt6dv no »Ba 
nionm rnwiaiai *^^efa1 nnat »3n in;y ij^^^j^ 
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inoKoa vnin^joi ia^»o vjik i«nni vyy lopw jani 

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o^jioip D^ioto newa DDmeon^ nnio nw tonh 
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j« nyv nafpa o^iw o^m i^N -pya maon nw 

— • nniaa nvNna , latast 


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niaano >:noi2^ nc^ai *nyT h^ ainan tn yn mpon 

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inwn oa i^-wi na ^ani nb -pi ^D pa • rnittio 

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ruinan may ^h my aw T\fa^ raw riK imai 
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rnao nni6 natei aon^ laK *6 ni^ ^ o^^man to 
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torn ^ vw 5 oa^ ^aa Ton onay t^am «nrw 
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n:wna hzv , nnio ?v nvn a^in di*»4 nnw 
nn:n nayatt^ o^»man to oinfe ^pa^ pw tnw 
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nrain urb jn^i wi^i 5 {n^ ^vn •w» yna^ 
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p^aNi nvttv own ivnn ^ra ^tn onn c^cm 
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mnen ^ah nN)p^ onvs r.uoi , nsi2f i^a n^unao 
nr j?in i^fin on nnon ihs bi f nroin mon ^y 

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nrya p«^ nv^i Dn'»a ^vain cvsi , rana 

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D'D»3 oyi* p^s^n Nnioi^ ^oro »ai!^ ivnn a^i w Nax 
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ni« pittia na it^yn , o^Nn ttT»b im^apv nrn 

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(pan ^pv^xKi •«iittvni> ^'ma nia n : » m 
nytt noNa on^iaii / ^oni^ o'^nay on*:TviN vni 
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niaano >:nott^ ^ai *nyT k5> a^nan nx yn mpan 
niiwno i»N"ittf» noia „ o^y^n liiiy^a ax^oy 
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nep: nan , wnnni nKsp nan , )*niM mNJ nana 
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nnn nrum waita nana por ^:rn iia? Dibiwoiici 

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Dn>nao npoo «^ty -, T\r\m oTrnin rvw nc;«r« 

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v^ai wnai i:oi5>» ^oyi , lian *5>ya , ir-y 

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onwBo D'i^iaa Dnayn , oniavirt' an^ cny i:an 
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rnii in^-in n^« ^aa\:^ , nairnia naNi^ pnva 

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