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Full text of "Mother's Remedies: Over One Thousand Tried and Tested Remidies from Mothers of the United States and Canada"

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[Transc Tiber's NDln>] 

Seme of thi: ^ugg[^'>l]on'^ in 1biis book m^y be hclfiful or al Iciiiit hB>c 4 placebo effect. 
Ecwart of tbic many rcLipc^ thil ]ncLi3dL' kcri>scnc (coal oil|^ tLir[icnt]nc^ amrrwnium 
chloride- Icid Lye fsodium hyiJiDX]dcl, slrychninc iiycn]c, mtrruiy crco-^olc, sodium 
phosphilc^ opium^ cocBint and olbicr lil^giJ^ po]^oiioiJ'> or 4. orro'>L> c iLi:ni'>. Miny rcc][ics 
do not specify if it is 1o be taken intrmilly or topicBlLv (on tht skinV Tticrc is kn CTtrrmc 
prcoccupalion VrWh pou]t]ccs Iflpplicd to 1bit ^tin. 324 rcfcrcncci*! ind "keeping the 
bowels open" fL49S references Lncluding reLitcd tcrm^|_ 

[ view I his milcrial as a windo^^ inlo the terror endured by mothers and fim]l> mcmbcn> 
wbicn B child or Bdult took ill. Tbic doctors av4]l4blc |]f you could alTord one^ couLd offer 
I title nH>re thin tbiL'> book The gtiLlL of failing 1o cum Ihe child ^^ as probably easier to 
endure ihan I he hL^J p LL"^>sne*iS of doing nolbiing 

There are niBny recipe^i for foodii 1 fond]^' remember eahng ki^ a chiJd 

Note the many recipes for a single serving thil in^ol^e lengthy Bnd lihor-]ntcnsivE 
preparation. Refrigeralion was uncommon and 1bie Icmperalure of icebo^cfi wbs well 
above freei]ng_so food hid to be consumed qu]ctly_ 

Many recipe'> use uncooked meat and egg'> thai CBn lead 1o several d]seases. 

Obvious lypogrBphicfll errors have been corrected bu1 conlemporiiy spelling Bnd usBgc 
arc nnchBnged- 

The Buthor claims Ihe matenal is directed lowaid non-medicBl "family" members, bul 
many pi^>sages Bre obv]ously copied fnsm medical leMbooks. The following glojiSiry of 
unfBmiL]ar (to me| 1enns ]^ qnUe lengthy and doe'> not include i nco m pre hens] b I e flo me) 
medicBl tenn'> Bnd many words and namc^ [ could nol find in several reference books 
The book's own 16 page dicl]oniry is on page S?3 

T recommend the arlicle on "hydrophobia" (pige 241 J is an ]ntcresling hisloTy uf ihe 
P4'>lure Ireitment. 

Don KD£liich 

Transcnbtr's DLcC]onary 

These cnlnc^ Brc flbscnl or brief in the onginal dictLoinrj on page E9J_ A ihort CDoUng 
cl]ct]onBr> i^ on page SJ]_ Cbictt there for ]trins no! foLincI hcit_ 

at. i:1 am] Ldt {^I^d acrlanilid) 

Wh]tc eryslallinc compound C^H.NHICOCHj), fonncrly uiicd to relieve pi]n ind 
reduce fever ]1 hiii been replaced because of loxicHy. 


VonoiZi^ L£>ijaLLy pcbtonoL£> perenmBi herfr^of Ihe genm ^conitum having lubemiE u^jM^. 
paLmBleLy lobed Leaves^ blue or while flox^ecH with iirge hcodttke upper sepaJ'> Bnd in 
agfje^ Ble of foiitc Les Tb: dried teave^ mJ mclHof 1be^e [ilBnty y]ekl a juisorKftfi a]kato]d 
that ^^as formerly used medicLnBlly ALtO called mrnksbLKxl^ woli^bajic 

acl I nomyco'>i'> {lumpy jaw^ 

] nt I an^m B tory d]^ease of CBtlle, hof;£ ind "^on^etimc^ humans^ c aided by 
B4. 1 1 no myc e'>; C4u.'>e'> Inmfiy lijniop> of the mouthy nec^k^ che^t^ Bnd abdomen. 

AddL^ion\ di^eB-^c 

CAUhed by padial or total failure of adrenocort]cal func^on characlerized b> a 
bronje-like ■^k]n color and muzous membranes, anem]a^ wcalznc^'^. and low bliHid 

ad libclnm 

At the discretion of ihe pcTfonner. Giving iKeibe to ahcroromit a pait 


Pouring on of liquid a*^ in baptism 


Allernaling pcnods oF chilli, fever, and sweating. Used in reference to lhe fcveis 
aUkOcialed wUh mat an a. 

aldris fannoEB {Colicnnol, ^t a r grass, blacbrool, blading ^1ar, and linicom root ) 

Bitler American herb oMhc BLoodworl family, withsmill yellow' or white flowers in 
a long "tpilze f.^lelns finno'^A and A Aurea) 


Cold, chilly. 


European perennial herb |Alkanna Undo n a J hiving cymes of blue flowers ind red 
ron1s The red dye extracled from the root. PlanK o\ the Eun^iangenu^ Anchusa, 
having blue or violet flowers grouped on elongHed cymes 


LTnivalenl^ umiHiiraled organic radical C-H^. 


Bitler^ yellow (.rystilline compound from aloe used as 4 lixalivc 


Do Lib It ^ullalcf o\ 4 tn^aLtnl mcLal sucbi ^^ aLuminum 4.hiT>miuni or ]ron and b 
uii]valcnt mclaL sucbi ^^ pnlasMum or^od]Lini^ especially ilLimLnuni poL4'>SLiJin "sulfate^ 
ALKfSO^)j l2linO, widely used in induiilry is clBrificni, tiaidrncr^^ and purifiep> End 
mcdkcinany as lopicBl liilringeiils End st^'pticb 


Acnd potMjnoLis compound conlaining two lactone groups; obtoinrd from plants of 
the |enu!i Anemone Biid ^enus R inuncul lis ron1ain]ng ihc bultcrcups- 

aneury'>m laneurisni^ 

Localized, blood-filled dilBtalion of a bkiod vessel cbll^ciJ b> di-scB-sc or WL^Blzcning 
of the vcUkcl wbII. 


S I ro ng c ri tic Likin. Cntical orceiuionoub rem irk: 


AromatEC McdilcrFanran hrrb {PimpincHa anisLiml ]n 1tic pBcsIt^ family, CLilUvated 
for Lis seed- 1 ike fruLls and I he olI. ^2h^d to flavor foods, liqueurs, andcBnd]es 


Relievd pain. 

antipyrint {antLpyrin. phenazonr^ 

AnalgesLC and antLpyret]c |redLice^ fever) C,, li,]NnO formerly uficd, but now laigtiy 
replaced by less 1ox]c dni^ such a^i Bspinn. 


Ca>]ty or chamber, e'i[iee]ally in a bone ^LniEi in Ihe bonesi of ttie upper jaw, opening 
into 1tie iiBsal CBVity. 


Poutonous white cryslalline alkaloid. C| Hi-NOj , derived fiom inorph]ne Bnd used lo 
induce vomiting. 


PcrcnnLBl herb^ of Ihe genib .\inica TLnclurc of the dn«l Flower bieatfc of the 
Eurtjpean ^pecLcs A monlana applied eittcrnBlly to relieve the patn and 
inflammation of bniisci an^l sprainb 


Relating lo joinis ihe articular ^iiFfacE^^ of bones. 

asafelida 1a'>afoetida| 

Fclid loffcnsLvc odor^ gtim resin of AMan plants of the genus Ferula (cspecLBlly F. 
Bs^afoelida, F. foetid b. or F nBrthex) 11 ha'> b strong o^kir Bnd ta'>te and was 
formerly used as an antispasmodic and a general prophylactic against disease. 

Absence or closure of b normal body orifice or lubulir pa^'^Bgc such B't the anici 
inCcslint, or extern^] car canil DcgcntrBtion and rniorption of ont or more ovarian 
folliclrs before b stilc of milunty has been reached. 


PDt'>onoLis. bLttcr. cryilaLline alkBloid Cg^liniMO,^ oblaincd from belladonna ind 
rcl^lcd planfi. U^cd lo dilBti: tht pup]lsoribic cyc^ and B't an inlisfiasmodic. 


Large pBn of ho1 water in wh]ch smaller pans nn> be placed Co coot TckhJ slowly or 
to bcrp fcod warm 


Sbiriibs oF lhc genu.^ EerberiK having !imall yellow ffowen, and red orange, or 
blackish bcrFics. 


A barium compouiid'>. "^och as barium '>uif3te 


Sew loosely with large ninmng slUchcs lo hold logcther lemporanly 


Fine plain-woven fabnc niBdc fnim variDU'> fibcis and used fspcc]ally for cloth ing 


OrnamenI or dress in a ^howy or gaudy manner 

belladonna ^deadly n]gbit'>biade1 

PoL^>onoLis Eura^LBn pcrenn]al herb ^Alropa bellBdonnB] wuh solilary, nodd]ng_ 
purp] isbi- b row n. bell-shaped flowcis Bnd glo'>sy black berries. An alkBloidtl cxtricl 
of lh]s pLan1 uhcd in mc4lic]ne 

bennc Iscsame] 

Tropical A^ian plant JScsamum indicninj bearing small flat seeds used as food and 
as asouice of oil. 


Bakam]c lesi n oblained 1 lom ccrlain liopic aJ A'>]Bn trees o^ Ihc gcnm Styra;^ and uhcd in 
pcifiunery and medic]ne \btOcaJJcd benjBn^in gum benjamin^ gum bcn/oin A white or 
ycLLowt^ c ry^laLLtne compound C|± Hi- O^ , denved fiom benzBlcl^hyde 


B]tlcr-tBS1ing yellow alkaloid^ Cj,li,xNO. , from several plants sticK a^^ goldenseal. 
Uhcd med]cally as an aniipyretic and BntibacleriBl Bgcnt. 


Small tree ICUrus auranlium subsp bergamiBj gro^^n in '>outhern llBly for U^ hour 
c]lrus tru]ts The rind^ yield an aTDmBtic oil fbergamol oi]| uhcd ]n perfume. 


Dcf]cicncy of thiamine cndcmLC in eastern iJid "^oulhcrn A-^]! and rh i raclcrizcJ b> 
ncLiroLog]CBl symfiton^s, c ard]u ^ a^tc ui ar dbnormaiilit'i^ End cdcinB 

Ancient Nor»t wamor^ Legendary for WDrk]ng ihenuicLvc^ inlo a frenzy before a 
bfltlle and fighlin^ \^ith reLkie'^'> '>4V4gery and jn'^Bne fury 


CoilcclLon of Innlzeti Drjcwciry. dccQrat]ons_ 


RcJal]ng lo biLc Excess secretion of bile GaMric distrc^ CBUscd by a diJiDrdrrof lhc 
kvcror gfllibl adder. Resembling bile, expect Bliy in coLnr: 4 biiioLis green. PeevL'>h 
d]hpQbilLon; ]li- humored 


Eurasian perenniaL biert> |Poiygonum bistorlB) wilh cylindrical spiftes of fiinh flowers 
and a rh]zome u'^ed as an B'tlrLngeiH in folk med]4.ine 


Several iri^r^ wUti blue or blue- violet flowers. espec]aily in-i versicolor of eastern 
North Amer]Ci. 

blue ^lonr fblur vnnol, blue copperas, cliBlcinthttel 
Hydraled blue Lrystalhne fonn of copper suJfale 


Mach]ne- woven nc1 fBbnc w]th tiexigoni] meshes 


F4]nfuL circumscribed pu'>-filled inrlammAlion of the sk]n ind subcu1aneou& lissuc 
usua]Ly caubed by b local ±]1aphylococLA] infet lion Also caLled funincle. 


Long nanow pillow or oufihion. 


Fine Iwilled fabric of ^ilk ind worsted or col ton, of1cn dvL^d black for mourning 

boracic icid {boric icid) 

WBler-soluble while or colorless CTy^lflllinc cum[ioLind, HjBOj, ubc^l as an inhsephc 

and prc^>erviti ve. 


Flower or small bunch of flowers worn in a buUontiole. 


^milL gc^Li^ of [icminiaL old worid Icndnl-bcanng vliii:^ /family CiJcurb]tBCdcJ 
hB^ing large Idvcs mtibII fLnwcr^. ind red or black frLiil. Dtll'iJ rooL of a br>Dny 
iBryoriLA aIbB or B. d]GicBj used mi^ b CBttiarlic 

bubo ibulhot^r 

,\a inflamed ttndcr^w riling of 4 lympbi node^ c^pccLBliy in 1bic b re a of the annpit or 
gioan. IhBt ]h (.hirBcttnhtLC of bubonic [iligut and '>y[ihiL]h. 

bubonic plagut fblBck dcalh| 

Co^lBglOLi^ often TilaL epidemic discaitf caused by the ba4.lerLum Yi:p>LU]a l^yn 
PiiitcurcllBj pcsl]!i IrBnsmitlcd fiom person to person or by 1bic b]tc of llcis frtjm in 
mfcclcd nxJcm t'>[icc]ail^' 4 rat, prod uc n"! c h] Lis^ fever^ vomiting, diiTrhca^ Bnd the 
fomiBtion of buboes 


South African shnibs of 1bie genus Agalho'smi especially A betuLina Bnd A. 
crenulBti, ihe leaves Bre used b's a mAd diurelic and piovide an Bromat]^. o]L u^rd for 

b u rdoc k 

Weedy, chiefly biennial pLBnIs of the genus ArcUum. 


Weight Loss WBSIing of muscle^ Los^ of appetite, and general debility during a 
chronic disease 

cajepul |pa[ierbBrt| 

AuMnliBn ind "^oulheast AsiBn Iree (MelaleucB qumquenervii M. Le uc idc iid ro n ^ of 
the myrlLe finuLy (MyrtBceieJ. yields a pungeni medicinal oil; grown in Flonda 


White or colorless minerBl, e^senliBlly ZnjSi^O-IOHl^-H^O |heniimorphHel_ Pink, 
odoriess^ [isleles^ powde r of OTide \^ith a smilL amount of feme oxidc^ 
diss4jLved in mineral oils and used in skin lotions 


Composed of calcium ^.^rbonile^ calcium, or limeslone chalky. 

Variety of cibbigc in which the Icb^c^ do not form 4 heid, being nearly the wtid 
fonn of Ihe species also called kBil. 


Colorless^ while or blown tasleless compound^ HgnCL^ used is b [lurgaEive and 
inicclicidc Mercun^us chloride 


Finely woven white linen orcotlon fabric 

canthBTis |pl canthindfsl |bIso cbIIccI SpBciish fly^ 

Bnlliinl grtcn bl]fitcr bc^llt ^Lyl1a ^c^icBturiB orCBnthan^ v^sicBtoria) nf crnlral 
and southern Europe Tox]c prcparilion of Ihc rru^bitd, dried bodies of th]"^ bccllL\ 
formerly used bs acounlcr-irntBnt for'>kin bli'>lcrs and ^^ bu apbirodisiBc: 


Topical Amencin pepper pknls, genici CapsLcuin. t'>peci4]Ly C. annuum Bud C 


cap^iid (mind bug. ni]rid| 
Vanelj oF leaf bug 

carbolic Bcid | phenol) 

CbusIic. pDL^>onous white ery^lallLnc eompouiHl, CtHsOH, derived from benzene md 
u'>ed in res]rL'f, pL4'>lics^ and pbiarm4ceuticaL'> and in dilule form ^i^ b di'^infectBnt and 


A pBiuful locilized bacTeFEfll iFifecnoFi of the sk]n ihBt u'^uilly hB*^ several operunpi 
discharging pus. 


Rhizo malouH (honzontaL usually underground stem^ [udiin bierb (Eleltina 
c anlimomoin^ biavmg capsular fruUs ^^]th aromalit. seeds used ^^ a spiee or 
condimcm Plaut'> of the related ^euus Amomom^ used ab a subslilute forcinilamom 

canni native 

Inducing I he expulsion of gi^ fnniu the stomach and ]ntc^t]ncs 

casc^ra {See Rhaninus pursh]an4^ 

A bucklbiorn nalive to norlhwc^l Norlh \inerica, the bark y]eld^ ci^cara ^igrada 


Trop]Cil or'iubtTopical trees, shrubs, or herbs oF Ihe genici Cass]a ]n ihe pea fiiu]ly, 
hB^]n^ yellow flowers ind long nat or cylindrical pod^ 

Tropical Asiiu evergreen Iree iCi nnamomum cassii) tiavcng aromatic bark used as & 
Eubstilute for cinnamon 

Castile soap 

Fine^ hard, w h i te . odu rlebs so ap made of olive oil and sodium bi^'drox]de 

caslor oil 

Colorless or pale yellowish o]l extracted fium ttie seeds of 1 he c astor-otl plants used 
as a laTat]ve and '>hin soflener. 


Inflammation of mucou'> mcnibrane'>^ especially in Ihe nose and ihio^t. 

calechu |cut4.h^ Acacia catechu belel palm^ 

Spin> .^sian Iree wi1bi jellow nowep>, and dark hcartwood. A raw malerial obta]ned 
FK)m the biearlwood of this plants used m the preparalicm of tannin^i and brown dyes. 

N»r the L4]l or blind p^n^ pfHilcriar. SimiLBr to a 1ail ]n form or function 

caiist]c polasbi |po1asMum hydrox]dc) 

CbuhIic ^^hi1c "^olid^ KOH^ lUEcd as ■ bkcoch and in ihc minuficlurc DfEoap^^ dycE^ 
alkaline batlcncs. 


Hard, unctuous, fat or wax-based ^olid, "^omctiinKi medicated, formerly applied to 
the skiu direeUy or on dress ing:£. 


Fine ligtitweighl fibnt. woven with ivhatc thread^] aerobs k color«l warp. 

chine el 

Space around the al1ar of a cbinrch for Ihc clergy' ind Eomctimesi the choir, oflcii 

enclosed by b lBtt]ce or railing 


CbuIloie, wary; not giving or cxpcnd]ng freely, sparing 


Hertjs of Ihc poppy fBmily IPapavcrBceicj wuh briltle -ilems yellowish bc rid juice, 
pinnately divided leaves, and smilL yellow fJowep> tbial includes lhe celBnd]ne 
FrepBralion of celandine fChchdonium niBjiis| usfd formerly bs a diurelic 


Breed of ^hccp \^]th ^horl lh]ck wool, onginilly rais«l in the Cheviot HiIIk 
Fabric of coaise l^^ill ^^eBve, used for suits Bnd oven.oiK. origin ally made of 
Chcviol wool. 

chicken pox 

CBU^ed by the varicella-zosler virus, indicated by skin cnijitions, sitghl fever, and 
malaise Also CBllcd varicella. 


I nf] amma1 ion Bnd Uctiy irnlBtion of Ihc hands, feet, or cir3, caused by moist cold 

chloral tiydrale 

Colorless crystalline compound, CCJ^CMIOHjj, used as a scditivc and hypnotic 


li~on-deficiency ancmit, pnmarily ot young women, tndbcatcd by grc«nish-yel lo w 
skin color 

ctiolcrB inlantum 

.\culc non-eoni agious inlestinal disturi>ancc of mfanls fonnerly common m 

congested areB't with high tiumidity Bnd temperalnre. 

cholera morbuH 

Aculc gB'^1rorn1ent]h occurring ]nsLimmcr and autumn exhibiting ficvcrc crBinfi^. 
daarrhcA^ ind ^omating. No longer la ^icntifac use. 


Ncrvouj> d]sonJcns marked by invuLunlHr^\ jerky movcEncnls, especially of ihe armh, 
Ic^, and r^cc 


E]tler yellow subslancc in Goa powder |fiDm the wood of a ErBzilun tree 
Valaireop'^iis ararDbi/ and yicLd]ng 4. hryso p h h nic ac]d. fonnerLy called chry'^ph4ii]c 

cinchona fJcsuH'^ bark^ PerLi^im bark) 

Trees End *ihrubs of Ihc genus Cinchona, nBtive chiefly to the Andes End cultivated 
for bark ttial yields the medicLuil Blkaio]d'f qLiinLue ind quinidtne, wh]Lh ore used to 
treal imlariB. Dned bBrk of the^te plants 


Hypothetical rAd]CA], |CtH^ CjH] t^n of cinnimic compounds Formerly, cinniniule. 


The Fialurc ofcLonus—contrBLtion md relBxation of muscle. 


PoLsonou'f beau-stiaped berry of a woody vine f.^nimirla coccutusj of the E^sl Indies 

that yields picTDloxiu. 


Red dye made of the dried and pulverized l>odies of female cochineal insects 


Cook in walei below the boiling poinl coddle eggs. Treat i nd u Igenlly , baby. pBmper 

codling /codlin) 

Greenish elongtted EngLish apple lEcd forcookmg. Small luuipc apple 

Cohosh (banebeny. herb Chri-^lopherl 

PiBnt of the genus \ctBca having acrid poisonous berries especully blue cohosh, 
black cohosh 


Various bulbous plants of the genus ColchKiim, suLh as the auliimn cri>cus The 
dned npe seeds or conns (short thick holid food-storing undergrtjund -^lem] of the 
autumn crocici which yield colchicine. 


Highly fiBmmable, colorless or yellowisih -syrupy solution of pyroiyfin. e1her, and 
alcohol lEicd is an idhesi^c lo close MnBll wountfe ind hold surgical dre'&in^. in 
to pic 1 1 medications, and for making photographic plates. 

CD tocy n th {bi tier 4 p p I r^ 

Old World >]nc |C]trullLii colocynthi^) bearing ycllciw]'ih. f rccn-ino1tlcd fru]ts 1bic 
^izc of ^jtibIL Liiinons Tht fiulp of the fru]t is 4 strong LBXBtivc. 

cclombn IcaLumba) 

RoQl of an \fricBn plBcit (JBtrorriiiii pBlmiU^ family \^cnL'>pcrniBCCACJ conlaining 
CO I Limb I n^ lI i^i uhcd a^ 4 tonic CBlLcd (.ilLimbB loot crcDlombo root 

colo£lTum fforrmilkl 

Thin yclLowLsbi fluid '>tcrctcd by ihc niBmmary glands al birlbi^ nch la AnUbodicii and 
m]ncrals. El prct cdr'> the firoducUon of Irut milk 

callsfool IgBlix) 

Eijrai]an herb (TuHsilBgo firfBra]- natunlizcd ]n pirl*! of North \incri(.i VrMh 
dBndclion-iitc flo^^cr hcad-i. Dried Icb^CTi or Flower hcBd-^ of 1biis plant have been 
lung ub^ ]n hcrbil mc4lLC]ne to trcAl coughs 


Clear ^>OLip or bnufcllion boiled down so as lo be very ricli- 


Unforeseen disrupUon o^ Ihc normal course of things^ inofi [io rtune occurmice 


TranspBrent, often yellowish, viscous olcorr^in from South American trees of ihe 
gcniiik CopA]fcrA in 1tie pea fimiLy, used tn varnishes and bs a fixative in peri~umc. 

copperas Ifcrnnus sulfBtcl 

Greenisbicryslal line compound FeSO±'7HjO, used as a pigmeni fcrtikier, and feed 
additive in sewBge Biid wiler treilment, and in ihe 1 re aline nt of iTDn deficiency 

corrosive sublimate 
Mcicunc chloride 


Relaling to or near t rib. 



cranesbilL Igeranium, storksbill) 

PLflnls of lhe genus Geranium, with pink or purplish floweis Various pl*nls of Ihc 
genu^ Pelar^nium. native chiefly to southern Afnci and widely ciiLlivi1cd for their 
iDunded and showy clusleisof red, pink, or while flowcis 

cream of tirlar 

Potassium b Hart rate While, acid cryslaLlinc solid or powder, KHC,H+Oj, used in 
baking powder, in the Unning of melals. and as 4 lixilive. 

CrcBsotc (creosote^ 

Colorlfs^ tD ycLlowL'>bioily liquiiJ CDnt4]ning phrnal'> and crco'>ol'>^ oblaincd by I he 
dcs1rLict]vc d]!ilL]lilLon of \^ond tir. ciipcc]ally from beech, ind formerly used i^ an 
CTpcclorant in 1r»lLng c^bironic broncbiLlis AImj used b^ a wood prtscrvBtivc and 
disinfectant, ^fay cjuiie severe neuro logic h I distLiFbancc^ if intialcd 

crepe de Chine 

Silk crepe used fordressr^ ind blouses 


Heivy unglazcd LoHon linen^ or riyon fflbnc. coLorfuily pnnted and used for 
draperies and slipco^eni 

crolon oil 

En3wn]sh-yclLnw_ fbuL-smrlling oil fiom lKe ^ccd^ of b Intpical ^siansbirnb or ^mall 
tree fCroton ligL]umJ_ formerly used ai a drB-^lic purgative and coLinlcnmlant- its use 
was disconl] nuenl because of ]ts 1axici1^' 


ConditLon of the iBryn^, especially in infBnts knd children^ cauMng respjralory 
difficulty and 4 bioar^e^ brBssy cough. 

Culver's 100 1 

Perennul herb f Ve ro nic aMnim virgimt-um) native I0 eBSitcm North America, the rool 
was fbnnerly used is b citbiarlic and in emelic. 


Therapeulic pTDcednre, no longer in use, an evBcnaled glfls^ cup es applied to the skm 
to dnw blood 10 ihe surface. 



Flavored wilh sour orange peel. Popular inland resort in the Nelbierlands A nil lies 


Inflammalion of ihe urinary bladder 


Ricbi pHtemed fabric of colton linen, silk, or wool. Fine. Iwilled table linen 

dcatllv night-shade ibilteTy^^cel bitlersweel mghlshade, climbing nigbitsbiade, poisonous 
nigbitsbiade , woody nighKhade, Solannm dulcamara) 

Perennial Eura'tian herb \^ith reddish bell-'^hapcd nowep> and shining black berries; 

eitensively grown in United Stales, roots and leaves yield alropine (belladonna, 

Atn^pi bellidonni). 


Cul low at tbie neckline. Wcinng k garmenl Ihat is low-ckit orslnplcss. 

C]bs^ oF women kcp1 b> ^^caLlhy Lovcp> or pn>tcctor>_ p rosi i tiJlc*i gir^up who!iC 
rcsprctabilLly Li dubious or wha±ic ^uzccss ih mirginBl 


Suo things LiMJBlLy mLicilagLix>iEi or oily ^ub'>tBncc^ Euch i±l gJ^ccrin or lanolin, uiicd to 
relieve pain of ]rrLl3ttd miEoiCi incmbrBnc^. 


Hercdjtiiy p[ediipos]tiDn to d]Siea*»e, aLlergj'. or other disorder 


PiBnt of Ihc genus Digiulis ]ncLijding foTglov«> I^rug prcpBrcd fTom the ±ieciis Bnd 
dned leavcE uhcd a^ 4 caidiac slmiLiLBiH 

d] L B tory 

Del By or poslponc. 


Make uneasy or perplexed. d]SiConcert. embBrrass. ihwarl lhe plani of; fnci trite 

dry Clipping 
See cupp]ng. 


Pjintul meibtniaUon. 


Seepangof srn^us, purulent, or blondy Mnid into a body cavUy or tissue The effused 

eidcnJown {eiderdown^ 

Down of the e]der duck, u^ied Id btuff quilts and pt]lows. QuhJt stuffed wilh the down 

of tbie eider duLk 


Fie in a body cav Ely, cspec]aLly lhe pleural cavily 


L istlessn«i£], dissalihfaclion. Jack of inlerc^t; borudom: 

Epfiom fialts 

Hydraled magnesium snlfile, MgSO^^THzO, used as a ealhirtie and to reduce 


Funf u'f fCla>]ceps purpureB) jnTct-ling cerrBl planls; fonns compaci blBck mB'^ses of 
branching Filamenls thai replace mBny of lhc grBinsoflbie hosi plan1 DmeB'^e CBU'^ed 
by Siuch a fungus The dr]ed nclerotia of ergot obtained from rye i'^ a "^lurce of several 
inedic]nal alkaJoick and lyserg]4. Bcid. 

Gcnusof ccimpo^]tc bicrbs hiv]ng flower heads resembling a*itcp>_ Fonncrly used uii a 
d]Liret]4. End u> B tiemostmc in uterine hcmDrrfidgc 

ci^'^ I pc I IS 

Acule skin dis^Bsc eBLi^cd by hemcLylie ^trepluco^cu'^, mBrked by LocflLized 
infLBiTimal]on ind Fever. Also called S^iai Anthony's f]re. 


Dry scAb or file ugh formed on lhe skin caused b^' a burn or by the Bction of a 
cornnsivc or caustic snbslancc. 


A cryslallinc SLibstince^ Ciali^iNOj , used sa a local aneMbielit.^ sobstitu^ng for 

cocaine m ve ten nary medicine 

eiicjlyfitol Icineolet 

Colorless oily liquid^ ChHeiO, fiom eLicilyptus^ used en phBrmaceLit]C4l!i flavorings 
and perfLMTicry 


Trees of lhe genus EucaLyplus, nat]ve to AuMralia; ihey hi>e innmBtic leaves thit 
yield an oil used mcdiLinBlL>. 

farcy fsee glBndep>) 

Chronic form ot glanders thai affects Itie skin and fiuperficiaJ lymph vcsecJs 




Painful pLirLilenl infectLon Bt Ibic end of a finger or toe m tbie area Eunoiind]ng lhe 
mil. Also called wtiillow. 


Salt of ferracyinic acid; a r-cixoc^ anide. 


An Bbnormal duct or passage resulting from injury disease or o ther d iso nile r lhat 
connects an abM. ebs^ c av i ly , or hol]o^ organ to the bod> suri~ace or to anolbier ho] low 


Stnp ordecorat]^e^ gatbiered or pleated material altached by one edge^ as on a 
girmcnt or curtain. 


Sweet creamy sugar pasic used in candies and ]cings Candy conta]ning tbiis pasle 

fon Line lies 

The ^>ofl mcinbrBnous gaps betwcL^n tht incomplclcLy formed craniBl bones o\ b fc1u!i 
or an ]nfant. Also cbILclI bofi spot 


Colorless gB-^eou-i compoLind, HCHO used 1o mBnufaclurc resins, fcrt]lizcis, dyes, 
and cmbBlming Fluid*^ bckI lh Bqueous £]olLit]cin as a prescrviUvt and di't ] nfcc1 anl 


.\qLiecLis bolutiDii cf fonmldcbiyde 1biat is 37 percent by weight 


A small dcprcbsian, is \zi k bone 

Fo u I i rd 

Ligbitx^eighl twill or plain-woven fibnc of siLk orsiLk and CDltun, often having a 
small pnnttd design Necklie orsearf, made of lh]s fabric 

Fowler's MnluTion 

SoLulion of aPtenile of palBs^ium in WBter named for Fowler, an FnglLih phyiician 
wbio broughl ]t into ui^n. 

frock coat 

A-1an\ drtsseoBt orsu]t coat witbi knte-lenglh skirts 

fuller"*! earth 

Highly adsorbeni faltaches to o1 tier '>ubsta nces withoul any chemical aelion) clay- 1 ike 
substance con'iisling of h>drBtcd aluminum silicBte'>; used in lalcnm powders. 

fly blislcr 

B lister c aused by tht vesical ing (blistenng^ body fluid of cert Bin beetles. 


Tapered a[ each end. spindle-shaped. 


Durable, oflenstnped coUon fabric used in making cloltiing 

gBlBfL Cbcellewced coltsfoot wandflowcrl 

Slemlt'>s evergreen perenniBl plani fGalax iirctolatBj of the tB'^lern US \^Jth a 
rosette of gloBS^'. he b rt-stiaped leaves and small wtiile f]owep> inspihc-lihc clij'>ter^. 

gallic acid 

Colorless cr^'slal fine com pound. CytijO^, derived fn^m taimin used as a tanning 
ageni, ink dye, in phologrBph> and paper mannf ac1 nn ng 


Enjwmsh or orange re-^in from trce-i of ihe genus Garcinia of ^>outh-central Asia and 
yielding a golden-yellow pigment. 


A^^kward or tictlc^*^ ar1 mBnncr, orcKprcbsion 


Genus of climbing plinK. The yellow /filhcl jasminr fGclsemium se mpcrvi rcnsl Ie a 

nitLvc cf ihc Soutticrn United Suics; Ihc ruot »> ub«l far tnatflnal rcvtTii 


Flints of Ehr genus GcnEiana^ having nhowy vinoiiily colorrd FTowcra The dried 
rhiEomt and n^oLi of a yellow- flowered European genUBn, G. Lulea^ u:£ed as b Ionic 


Aromat]c plantii o^ Ihe genus TcLicrLum^ wjth purplish or reddish floweis 


Yarn-dyed cutlon fabric woven m Etripcs, checks, plaids, orboJid coloia 


SnHKith^ gla/ed dr glossy surFnce such is certBin sl]I::£ or leathers. Cualed w]th b 
sugar glaze, CBnd]ed 


Slimy consistency^ like egg while; cough pToduc] ng gl b iTy spulum. 


Conla^Lous. usually FatBl disease of hoises, cauhed by the bictenum Pseudomonas 
mallei causes swollen lymph nodes nisil dischBrge, Bnd ulcers of the resp]ralory 
tract Bnd skin. CDiuiuuu]4.4b]e 1o olher lUBmmals, Lucluding huinBns. 


(Na^SG^-iOli^Ol. ccloriesssalt uhed is 4 calhBrtic 


I nfl ammil Lon of the urelhrB caused by chTouic gonorrhea w]th a dischBrge of mucus 
bikI pus 1hc d]schBrge that kscharac1crLst]c of this LnnBmmat]on. 

G lono I n 

Dilute solution of ni tioglyce n n used as b neurolic. 


PrepirBtion made by m]xing ordissoKin^ b subslance in glycenn. 


Widely distribuled perennial herbs of the fim]ly Le^uminosae lhat include liconce. 
Dried root of 4 hcorice of the genus Glycyrrhizi iG. glBbrBj, used to mask 
unpleasant flivois in drugs or to give a pleasant taste to confeclions called licorice 

go]ter Igoitre) 

Enlaigement of the thyroid gland; often resulls from msufficienl mlake of iodine 

Sec hydrastis. 


Mutlcfl^ usualJ^ crushed gratn^ c^pct iahl^' oats. 

grosgrn n 

Closrly woven silk cr rayon fabrcc wiEh narnnw horizon! il nbs. Ribbcn mode of thi"^ 


Th]n pomdgc (LiMJElLy oatmcBl o r commc b I ] Sec pigL" 574 

gUBLBC^Lim (guiktc ) 

Tree of 1hc gcnu^ Gua]arijm b ligniim vitic G rctni^h-biT>wn rcstn rrom this tree, 
Li±Lcd medic I ml I y and in varnibht'> 


Concerning Ihc scnic of 1astc_ 


Blood lh tbi{: unnc 


Genus of ^hnibs or "^jn B 1 1 trc«i IfimiLj H am b mehd arc ae^ Lncludiny 1bie wHth hazels 
Dried lcavc'> of a wib.h ha/c] iHamamcLis virginiana) of 1tic eastern U.S. used 
forme riv bs a Ionic andsedalivc. 

,\ mmoii] Lim c b rbo na1e. 

Antler of a harl^ fornierly used bs a source of ammonia and in smelling sails. 


Flanbi of 1bic genus Hel I el>i>ni*i nalive to Eurasia, mos1 of which are poisonous 
Flanl!! of 1hc genus Vcralrum. espctiallj V. ^inde of Korth America, yielding a loxic 
alkaloid used medicinally. 

henbane {black henbane, insane root) 

Poi'>onous Eura'>ian plant 1liyo'tcyainu'> nigeri having an nnplea'^anl odor, sticky 
leaves and funnel-shaped greenish- yellow floweis II is a source hyoscyamus. 
hyoH^amme and scopolamine. 


Tree or shrub (Lawionia inermi^f of the Middle East, having fragrant while or 
reddish noweis ReddiSih-orange dye^luff prepared fiom the dried and gn^und leases 
of thi'> plant, used as a cosmelic dye and for coloring leather and fabrics. To dye 

ihair, for example) wi1h henna. 

Livcrof SLilphur, a sulKitincc of a kvrr-biDwn color somct]mcs usfd ]n mci:l]cinc 
Ffonncd by ficiin^ '>LiLphijr wHbicBrbonalc^ ot I he 4]kalif'> |c:£p. po t4'>SLijm ^ , and 
cuns]s1^ f^thcntiBlly of 4]kal]nc '>uLphid«i Called bIso biepir'^ijJphLirih 
A '>ub^tancc rc^tmbling hcfiar; in bio mco [i al hy , calcium SLilphLdc CBllcd il^o hcp^r 
'>ulp h u ns 4. 4J4. B rcum. 

hcpat]ca {livcricaf) 

Woodland plants of the gcinfi> HcpalicB cspct^nlLj H_ amcncBna of ci^lcrn North 
Amcnca. having thrcc-lobtd IcB^ci and while or Li^cndcr flowcPi. 

Hcqtr^ Zoslcr 

Varied I A-zo:£lcr y]rLS. A hc^pc^^]^li^ thBt cauiic^ chickcnpoT ind shinglfs 
Cblhc^ Bn icutc viril infccl]on— infLBmmation of lhc sensory gingha of spinal or 
cranul nerves ancl Ihc tnipt]on of vc^icIk> Blong the affech^d hcpfC pi1h ll iiMJBlty 
slnkfsonLy 011c "iidt of the body and is ol t[^n aLcojnpinjcd by severe ncuraLgiB 

^ondiira'> Bark 

Dried bark of a trofiicBl American 1rer fPicnmnia BnTEdr'>m4^ formerly used m the 
treAlmenl of syphiL]^ and ^kin diseases 

^unyid] iHunyidy | 

H ling B run noble family, pjitly of RomaniBn origin. The fip>l rcconJcd member of the 
family was Serbe^ who sctllrd in Hunyad county in Transylvania fn^m Wallichii. 


GeniE of herb!i 1f4ni]Ly Ranuncnliccae^ w]th paLmBtely lobcd leavr'> and small 
grceni'>h flowers and ]ncLijding the g<jLden^cBl CH_ canidcnsi^V The dried rhi/omc 
and roots of the goldenseal formerly used in phBrmacy bs a b]tler 1on]c and inli^efitic 
called bIso goLdcnseBl. 


CBthar1]cs 1hat aid in the removal of edematous fluids and promole the diEcharge of 
fluid from the bowek 

hydn^phobia Inbic^} 

ViibI d]^ease of the nervous syslem of WBrm- blooded animals TrBnsmitlcd by b 

rl]Bbdo>]rus fgenici LyssB^inisJ ]n infected hal]vaor b r4b]d animal. Causes 
increased '>aliv4lion abnormal behavior^ and pBraly'>is and death v^hen unlreBted 

hypopho!iphi te 

Salt of hypophosphoTDiE ichI 

hyo^>rine Iscopol amine] 

An alkaloid, C,-.lin,MO_^ fTDm planf^ "^lEh as henbane; used as b mydnalie fdilfltaTe 
the pupils] and '>edBti>e and 1o Ircal naicica and mot]on Mckne'>^ 


Poi'>onous Bura'>iBn herb'> of the fani]ly Solanaeeae thai ha^c '>iniple leaver irregular 
flowep>, and ]ncli3de the henbane fH_ nigerV Dned leaves of 1he henbane con1ain]ng 
the Blkaloid'> hyoscyamine and scopolamine used as an anlisfiasmodic and '>edative 


Oily SLib:£lancc [ircfiartd by ihc dry cl]hlLll4lion of a b i tum] noiJ'> min^ril con1ain]ng 
fosbi] fishcb. Ubcd lik k rcmcJy ForbDinc b k i n disc aAiCb 


DflcJ njtc ±ic«d^ af Ihc SBint-]gna1iuh~±]-bcan usfd like nkix vomica 


ConlBgioLiii bsctcriflf skin mfccEion, Equally cf childrrn^ fcndicalcd by 1bic crupUon of 
supcTf]ciaL piiiklulfb wilh thick yellow cniiitik^ cummonly on the face 


CBUiie inconvenjcnce, d]sturb. 

I nypi'>^ ate 

Undergo ttiici^ening orcaubc 10 I hit ken, a^ by boiling orcvipDrHtion, condense 


Relaling to or near b rib. 


YclLo^^isbi cry^t4]L]nc compound^ C]i[,^ iis«J is kn anti^fp^c 


Tropical American sfirnb iCephaciis ]pccacLianh4^ ihat yields emct]nc. Med]cinBl 
prcparalion made from this shrub used to indLu.e voniiling 

Tns Flcirtnt]na |Florrntinc iri^, oms iri^ germanLca florentina iri^ florcnnna] 
German ins having lirge ^^h]te flowcis ind a fragrant rhi/ome 

Tnsh moss Icarngecnl 

Edible r^orth Atian[]c seaweed {Cbiondru*^ crispus) thai yicJcb a mucilaginous 
substance uh«l medic]naLly And in p re p 3 ring j e] I ies. 


InfLimmatLon of the ins of ihc eye. 


Eastern Mex]Cin vine fEpomoci purga] wuh luberou"^ rools Ihat are dried powdered, 
and used as a calharlic. 


Given to joking; merry, humoiok^. 


.\siAn tree |\^aLlotus philipp]nensis| ihat beap> a hiiry capsular f mil vermifugal 
powder ]s obtained fiom 1bie capsules of tbiis Iree. 


Reddish resin from several Old World Irees of the genera EucaLyplu-^. Fterocarpus, 
and Bute a and from tiDp]cal American lreei>of the gener* CoccoLobi and Dipleryx 

Fcnncnlcd mjLt of 4 marc orcBmcL u^icd i^ a bocra^c jn wc*itcrn ancl cciHral \^ib 

La Grippe 


Scnsa[]on cf cuttings piciuing or '>tBbb]ng. 


White solid or !ic m isol nl rendered fBt of i hog- 
laud bhuiti 

TiEiclurc cf ofiLum^ formerly iced a^i a dnig. 

Ieukeni]a fLcucemia^ IcukBcniLB leucBemiBj 

Di^cB-ic in humans Bnd other warm-blooded in]mals involvang ihe blood-forming 
orgBns; cbuscs an ibnorniBl ]n4.rcB'^c in the number of while blood cclK in 1bic Ussue^i 
WLlh or WLlhou1 4 corrtsirondinf. ]nLre4'>t in tbie c^ircLilalmg blood. 

kmc ft-ilcium oTide) 

Wh]tt CBUslic^ Lumpy powder^ CiO^ nsrd a^ 4 refnctory^ a^ 4 fLux^ in mBnufaclunn^ 
sleel ind paper m gl assm b k 1 ng^ ]n wa^ti: trcBtmcnl, ]n inscc^ticidcs, and bs an 
indu'^lni] alkBli. 

SiBked ]imt is c^akLum biydrox]de^ b Hoft white powder CafOHJi, Li^cd in making 
mortar, cements. caLcinm silts, pBints, hard rubber pnnducts, Bnd pel nnc hemic als_ 


Colon ng milcriBl from Lichens thit lurns red in ae]dsciLul]Qns and blue in alkBlmc 

Livcfort>cr (orpine orpin livelong Sedum leLcph]iiml 

Perennial northern lemperile plani with tuuthed Leaver and heads of smaL] purpL]sh- 

whilc fLowera 


See Herb Depanmenl. page 42E 


Normal uterine discharge of bLcod, tib^ue, Bnd mLicid fiom the vagina afler 


Systemic lupici eiy 1 hemalos us. Chronic skin conditions characterised by ulcerBtive 

legions thai spread over Ihe body Mo Longer ] n sc ie ntific use. 


Minute yellowish- brow 11 hairy in the s1rob]Li of the hop pLanl. fonneriy iced ]n 
medicine bs b scdalive 


PiBnt of 1bic genus Lyropndium including club iih>s!iC*i_ The yclLo^^ish powdery 
'>pi>ri:'> of ctrlain club mos^t'>^ c^pcciBliy LycDpodium ciavalum^ irc u^cd in 
fircworbk and fls 2 coating for ptilfi 


Coltcnor ^ilk cloth of fine icxturc. usuilLy wuh 4 plaid striped, or checked piltcrn_ 
Large hBndkcrchicrof midrBS c^diIl 


Thin. ^Eiff net woven m a HexagonBl pBttern, iced in dressm b k] ng. 

mandrBkc linay-ipplcl 

Southern Eunjpean plin1 iMandngorB off]c i n arnml having grccn]!ih-yeLlow flowers 
and 4 branchL'd njoL_ This plant wi^ once believed lo have magical powcp> becaubc 
it'> K)ol rc'>cjnbic^ the human boJy The riK>l contBiib the [lOLS^jnouii alkaloid 
hyoHcyammc- AlsiO called mandragora. See podophyllin- 


Heavy cotton fabnc wilh a raised patlern of ^Inpes or figures 

meal us 

Eud^' opening or passage^ such as I he opening of Ihe ciror the urethra. 


Unusnallv heavy or extended menstrua] fJow. 


Solvent ij'>ed to extract compounds from plant and an]mal U^socs and preparing 


Lightweigh1,so1 1^ shiny s]lk cloth wilh a twilled or ^attn weave 


Poi'ionous Eurasian ornamental "ihnib (Daphne mezereum) with fragrani laFic-ftirfiFe 

flo^ep> and hmall scarlet fruit. The dned bark of ih]^ plan1 \^as used exiernally as a 
>es]can1 fbl]h1enng agenlj and mlemally for arthritLi. 


Appearance of millel seed'>. Small skin les]ons wi1h ihe appearance of ni]llel ^eecfc 


Eurasian plan1^ of the genus Verbascum^ especially V Ihap^us. Also called flannel 
leiT^ velvel plant 


Chloride, compound of chlorine Vriih another element or radical, especially, a "lalt or 
es1er of hydnwhlonc acid called 


AromiUc gum rc'^]n fiDm trc«i ind shrubs of the genus Co mmiphorB of Fndu 
AribiB. End cislcrn A^nci^ icicd ]n pcTfuim: ind inccnsc. 

mcchyf salicylate 

Liqiiid c^lcrCiH O, oblainrd from Ihc leaves of winlcrgrccn (GaultbicriB 
procumbcrui^ or 1bic bflrk of a birch |BetLiLB Icnti^, now midc synthelirBlly, ind u'tcd 
a^ a flavoring ind acounlcnrntinl 


Eurasian planis of the genus Lconunis^ cspcciBlly L caidiBca a wetd having cIusIcib 
of mubII purple or pink floweis 


Aromalie pLiiil^ of tbie genu't Arlemi^ia^ eTipccially A. vulguis. nttivc lo Eurisia^ 

ustd bs b condiment. 

miislard pi Baiter |sinaptsm^ 

Medicine] plaster mide \^]th a pastc-likc mixture of powdered black miEtaid^ fbur 

and WBter^ irsed as 4 countenrrUant. 


Various acule ore biro mc inflBmmal]on:£ ot I he kidneys^ such as BrighfsdIseBse 

nBpbithBlenc ^niphlbialine tBrLBmpbior) 

Wh]tc cry^lalline compound C,, H, . derived from co*l laror petioLeum and used ]n 
maniifadiinng dyes, moth repellent, and explos]ves ind as a si>lvenl_ 


Tb convert 4 Liquid lo a fine sprBy, atomize. To trcBl wilh b mctlicateiil sprBV 


Soft hghtwcight mu^Linuhed for babies. 


Ane^en1]Bloil mul^by distiLLm^ the floweni of the OT^nge. ]1 is uheJ in pcTfome. 

nitre |nHer, saltpeler) 

PolB^sium mtrate, KNO], ube^l in miking gunpowder 

mix vomic* 

Tree fS trychnos nux-vomica) nalive to ^oulheast Asib liBving poi-^onous seed^ tint 
are tbie source of 1bic medicinal alkBloids strychnine Biid briKine 

ocher /ochre) 

Yellow^ brown, or red mineral oxides of in^n ujsed is pigments 

oil of vitriol 

Sulfuric Bcid; highly corTi>sive, den^c^ oily liquid, HjSO^^ colorless to dBrk brown 
depending on iLs punty and used 1o mBnufBcture a wide viriely of chemicals ind 
matenah including fertilizers, points detergcnK. ind eipUisives 


FoLd^ of the pcrHoncLim (jncmbranc lLn]ng the abdominBl cavily] ihat conncr! ihc 
£lDinach WLlh othi:r abdLiniLnil org4ii'>^. 

DjthlFialmiJ nconalorLim 1infant]Lc purulent (:o nj uncUv j 1]*^ ^ 

VarioiJ'> forms of co nj tine t]v i U^ in nF\^boTn'>^ u'^uiJty contnctcJ during b]rEh from 
pB'&a^ throti^h ihc ]nfcctci:l btrlh cirbI of lhc inolhcr 


riif]ammal]on of tbic tciktc^^ often the result of mumps orolbicr mfeclion. Iratima^ or 

orgindy |organdtcJ 

^liff IrantpirciH fsbnc of coHon or '>ill:. us«l for trim cudBirei ind Itghl apparel 


Maijonm Genus of mtnl-likc plants lOngBnumV The sweet maijoram |0 
Majorana) is iTDmat]^. Bnd frigrBnt^ and used ]ncnnk]ng The w]Ld marjoram of 
Europe ind Amenci £0. vulgarej is less frigrBnt 


ScverB] spFC]es of ins wuh 4 fragrani rootstock^ especially Ins gcnnankza^ used in 
perfumer md cosmclics 


Piste or grue] of bread crumb^^ toa^E^ or hour combined witti mi]k, stock, or water, 
Liiicij forsoup^ or tbiickcning sauce't. 

PirBlvMS AgitBH-i (FBrkinson's diseisc. shaking palsyl 

Pnjgm>s]ve nervous disease causing des1riict]on of brain cells that produce 
dnpBmine, muscuLar Iremor slow]ng of mo^emenl pirliBl rac]al parBlysi^^ 
pccuLianty of gtil and po£lurc^ and weakness 


A camphorated t]nctijre of opium I a ken antrmilly for ihe rrhcf of diarrhea and 
intc^ttnal pam 

Pins green 

Poisonowi cmeri Id-green powder, CxHj Ah+CuOh, u^cd as a pigment, i i&cl l]c ide , 
and wood pr«iervalive. 

pedicle 1pcd]cell 

Small "^lalk orstalh-likc Etrnclure, especially one supporl] ng. or co nnec 1 1 ng an organ 
orolherbody pan. Slender foot- 1 ike pad as a1 ihe base of a liimoi 

pell mell 

Jumbled, confused manner, bie I ter-skcl ter. frantic disorderiy hasle, bieadlong 


Several a4.ute or chronic, skin diseases characterized by groups of ilching blistcis 


Euraiiiin mLnl iMcnthi [i ul tgj Lini| WLlh small lilac-blLic flowcni thBt y]cld an 
I ro malic ol] A ro malic pLflnl (HtdcomB pijlcgLO]i:l«i J of ci^lcrn North Amcrici. 
hB^in|!. purpLc-hliic flowrp> lhat yields an oil uhfd bs an in^rct repellent 


ConvErr piDlein inlo b prplone Cwi1er-so I ub Lc piolein derivBti^c piuduccd by part]al 
hydioly'>i'> of a pTDlem by an Bcid or enzyme > DissiDlve Ifood) by means of b 
prolcolytLC enzyme 

pcrmcioLis anLMTiii (AnJdi'^on^ Bnemia^ niBLigiiant anemia.) 

Severe Buemii m older adnlK^ caused b> ^ ail Lire Bbsorb >]tBmin BI2; (.lusi^s 
abnormally iBr^e red blood cel]£].giiktTD]ntc^t]nal disturbmccfi, ind legions of the 
spmal eonJ. 


Inf]ammal]on of thi: pharynx. 

phenaceEine |phenacet]nl 

WbiLte, cr^stBllini: compound^ CidHmOjN^ used bs an anlipyreUc 


Nurth Amerjcin plinls of ihe genus Pbilox^ having opposile leaves and flowen^ 

phyloficci decandra CScoke Poke, Fokewecd^ 

Tall coarse perennul Amencin herb wHbi small while flo^^ers followed by bla4.kish- 
red hemes on long drooping racemes, young fleshy stems are edible, berries and loot 
are poibonous. 

p]cric Bcid 

Poisonous, yellow crystBllane solid, C^H, (NO^l OH, used in ei plosives, dyes ind 

p]ece nJe resistance 

Ou1s1anding accomplishment. PnncipiJ d]sh of 4 me^l 


Smill tiopical American shrubs ffam]ly Rulaceae) with smill greeni'^h Floweni 

p]loc4rp]ne munalc 

j-c thyl-^- 1 1 J-mc thyl i mid a^iol-^- y hmc thv I ]o ;to I in- 2-o ne hyd roc hlonde 
CiHfc C]N:Oi 


Vexition caused by b pcrcecvcd slighl or indignily feehng of wounded pride 


PiiDxysmal pain and -soreness of the muscles between the ribs Epidemic disease 
caused by a coxsicl:ie^]ru'^ Liusing pain in the lower che-^l ind lever, heidiche, and 


B ] tic r- t4'>t] nf rfsin frc^m thi: dntd rc^ol of 1bic niBy apple usfd b*^ a cathirlLC. 

pokcwtcd Ipotcbcrry pokrrool ] 

Tal] North AmtncHn plant (Ph^loLicci amcricanat withiimill ^^h]tc flowcis^ 
black]fih-rcd bcrn«>, ind a |K>i'>onoLi^ ruut. 

prickly i^h 

Dcc]dLiou'i or evergreen ^hnibs or 1 rceE of Ihe genus ZBnthoTylum. 

p ro b ang 

Long, slender, flexible rod w]th b luf! or sponge Bt 1hc end u*icd lo remove objeels 
froin or Bppl^' mcd]4.AtLon 1o Ihe larynx oresiDphagus 

proteid Cobsnlele tcrml 

pnnnd flesh 

Swollen flesh thil snrroLinds a healing wound, ^.^osed by exee?iEive grBnulalion 
(^mill, fle:£h>, bead-hke protoberBnces— new e ap lI I anes—on the surfdcc of a wound 
thai t& heiling). 


Severe ]teh]ng, oflen of undBmaged skiiL 

Pninus Viigin]ani fC bio kec he rryl 

Aslnngent frnil of b species of w]ld cbierr^' tbie bustior tree which be4P> such fruat. 


Abntjrmal mass of 1 issue on 1bie conjuncliva of Ihe inner comer of 1bie eye 1bial 
obstructs vision by covering the cornei_ 


Dried medicinBl herb from a pBsqueFlower lespccnllj Anemone pulsililli^ formerly 
used to IrcBl BmenorrheB and dysmenorrhea. 


Fine pom! of etiquetle Prec]se observance of fonnBli1ies_ 


HemorrhBges in ihe shin and mucous membranes hBMng 1bie apfiei ranee of purplish 
spots or pabchcL 


SeplicemiB Iblood pomoning) c*UHed by pyogenic (producing pus) microorganisms 
in lhe blood, often resulting m the formation of multiple Bb-^e-aes 

pyiogallic Acid 

Wh]te lox]c cryslalline phcnoLC^H, ^OH] , uhed bs a pholographic developer ind to 
treiL cerl Bin skin diseases. 

Trtjpicfll American ^hnib iQuass]! amar*J w]th bngbit ^>rBrLct flowci^- A b]tlcr 
substance Tram n\ wood ["> uhcd in m«lic]nc End a^ Bn inbfclLcadc 

Queen on he mcidow IMcadowswect) 

European hcrbaccou't pliiil f^pirBca UlmariBj North Amtncin shrubs (Spiraea alba 
or 3_ iBtifDlia) having umbcJ-'^hipcd clusters of wh]tc flowers. Perennial herb's o\ 1he 
genus Fi I ipe ndul a ]n Ihe rosic fBrnily. 


E]tler, colorless, powder orcrystilline ilkalo]d_C2iyHjjN,Oi-3H,0. denvcd fiom 
cinchona bark*^ and u'v^ to 1 real milariB 


We-slem AMin "^hrub or Eree fCydoniB ublnngi^ wjth while fJowens and hinJ apple- 
like I run 


Acule inflammatbon of the lonsils and '>urro und i ng lis.'sne, often leading to Bn 4bsce'>^ 


see hydnjphobiB 

TBnunculu.'s bulbo^us 

Pcrenn]al OJd World butlercup wilh ^-ellow lowers tn f*te spnng lo eirly ^limmen 

red prec]p]tJle 

Meirunc ox]de |HgO) a heavy rrd crystilhne powder foimed by heating mercuric 
n]tr4le, or by healing mercury m the air. 


Groamenled wilh [laltems 3n rehef made by pre^^ing cr hBmmenng on ihe rrveisc 

resorcinol ^resorc]nl 

Wh]te cryslalline compound Chli,rOE~[|n, uhed lo Imt certain skin dtseases and in 
dyes, resm Bdhesive^, Bnd pharmiceiit]Cilsi 

Rh Bin flu's Pur'>hiBoa iCB'scari buckthorn ) 

E uc kl ho ro u f lhe Pac]fic coasi of ihe Lrn]ted Slales, ^hich yields c Bbc ara sagrada. 


Dried itk>I of ^oiith Amencan ^hriih'> (KramcriB iBfipateaorK. argenlea) used a±L an 
as1ringen1 and in 1ooth[iaste and nionlhwa'>h 

rheumatic fever 

.\cule ]nFlammBlory d]Siea*»e occurring afler Bn infect]on rn>m gnjup A Mreplococci, 
marked by fever and join1 pBin As-socialed wuh polyBrthriti^, Sydenham^ chorea, 
and endoc B ml] t]!i frequenllj c auses sc auj ng of 1he heart >alvc^_ 


PaLnful dmordcrof Ihc joints or miiiclc^ or connective I issuer. ChiDnic b u to- immune 
di^eBse ^vjth infLBmm2l]unar the jainlb ind marked Jc ^o rm 1 1 i4!s 

GcniEi of vines *nJ shrubs including poison ivy^ poibon oak, arul poiujci ^Liniac. 

rickets |rBchil]!i^ 

Childbiood disd've (.lused by a lack of vitamin Dor caLciLim Bnd from ]nEurncLent 

CTpoburc to sunL]ghl, characlcnicd b> dcfcclive hone gn>w1bi 

Elochelle saH-^ 

Polassium *iodjLim lartrate-colorie^i-i e Ft [orescent c ryji til L]nc compound. 
K M aC^ iin Oi ■4iij O . iis«J in making m]rror^^ in elec1nnn]CE, ind a.'t a lixitivc 

cue he 

Ruffle or plci1 of i^cc^ muslin, or olbicr f]nc fBbnc used to trim women\ garments 

rumci Cri^pu^ IchryjiDphanic acad] 

Yellow c rystB 111 nc substance found in ihc rool of yellow dock (Rumex cn^pusr. 


Sliff mBnh p]anb> of the gcnici Juncus^ having pliini hollow or pklhy blcms and bm^l 

flow era wi1bisci]c-i]kc pernnlhs |ou1cr envelope of i flower,). 


Poifrdery starch from 1 tie Irnnks of sago pilms used m Asia as a food thickener and 
textile bliffener. 

s B I - B mini>n] ac 

ammonium chloride, while cry^lailine volatile sail NHjCl, used in dry cell^ and i'> an 
eT pet Ion nt c al Led. 


Sodium or polB^'>iiim bicarbonutc used ^^ b leavening ageni biking soda 


Salt or esler of salicylic acid. 

silicyiic icid 

White cryMailmc acid CjHjIOHlfCOOHl, used to make a-^pinn and to treat -^kin 
condihoDE such is eczema 


White cry^lalline powder. C, , H,,0 , derived fnnm salicylic acid and used in plastics. 
suntan oiK. analgesics ind antipyretics Was i tridemark 

■^iltpelrc |polasj>ium nilrate. sallpeter. niler. nitre) 

(E^NO,^ used especially as a fertilizer, explosive and a diuretic 

■^ilt rbicLim 

PopuLBr name in 1bic UnHcd St4tc'>^ for sk]ncnjpl ions such 4^ eczema. 
EcEtinB inflBiTiiTiator> sk]n diseB^c ind]4.4l«J by redness ind ilcbiing^ eruption cf 
£malL vcs]clc'^, and di'^chBrgc of a watery exuJaliuu wh]ch of1cn dries up^ leaving the 
skin ccxvci^ with cniikLs;~c ailed bIso Ictlcr^ and mtik cnt&l. 


Rhizome IhoriEonlaL underground strm^ *nd roots of 1 Fie blood root (Sanguinarta 
canidcn^i^^ u'^cd formi^rly is Bn expcctonnl ind cmi:1ic 


PcPirvcnng ind con.'tlanl in effort or apfilicalion^ a^E]duous. 


PlBnts of the genu-i Cassia, having showy, nearly regular usually yd Low flowera 
Dried LcBvesi of Cis^ia angusl i fo Li a or C. aoiHifoLia, used b^ a calharttc 


ColorLc^s cryslalLine compound. Ci^HliOi wormwood, especially santon](.i. used to 
e^pel or deslTDy fiarisUic inleslindl worms. 


Ti~op]CAl American plants, genus Smilax, with fragrant roo1s iced is a flavoring. 
Dried roots of any of ihese pLaiUs Sweet soft dnnb flavored with these roDls. 


Evergreen EurBS]an shnib fJuniperus sabmaj ^^]th bTDwnish-blue seed- bear] ng cones 
and young shools thai yieLd an oil fonnerly used medio] naLly 

sorofuLi (fitnimaj 

,\ foim of lubercuLosis affecling lhe lymph nodes, especially of the neck. Common in 
children Spread by unpastcunzcd milk fjom infcotcd cow£. 


Scaly or shredded dry skin, such as dandruff 


Disease caused by deficiency of vitamin C |cHrus fru]t; oranges, limes, ..^. causes 
spongy and bLeeding gums, bleed]ng under the skin, and exireme ^^eakncss. 


A >]llage jn Bohemia (also SedL]tzV Seidlilz powders effervescing salts, consisling 
of forty grains of sodjum bicarbonate, two drachms of Roche I L sail (lartrale of 
po1ass]um and sod] urn] and th]rty-f]ve grains of tartaric acid. The powdcis are mmed 
in water and drunk while effervescing as a mild calharlic. lhe resuLl resembles lhe 
natural water of Se]dli1z. Also Rochelle powdens. 


Dried root of seneca snakerool containing an i ml at] ng saponin and ^^as k^rmeriy 
used as an expectorant 

'^i:'>c|ULox idc 

OiLdt 4.ontBiniiig thrive 4lom!i of oxygen WLlh two 4lom!i (cr r4d]C4l^| of nomc otbicr 
'>ulH>t4ncc; Ihu^i^ alumina^ >^J^i >s ^ bCbquaaxLiJc 


Cmk lunsticllcd c^s^ by baking unul iicL 

S^{^ miEitard plaster. 

■^iu bath 

Bilbitub '>biap«l kkt a cbiair, Li^cd lo batht only lbic h]ps and butlock*^. 

"^IbIzchI ]imc 
Sec lame 


Drink con^]!iting of brandy, wbiisfccy, or gin, ^wcctcn«l and icuaLly lcmon-flavortd_ 


CDiilaginus febrile |fcvcrish} disf4'>t (.harBclcnzcd b> skin truplion wuti pustules 
Elough]ng and "^car fomiBtion. [I i'> cauiicd by b |TOTVinc> Igcnu'i O rthupox v inj'>| 1bial 
is believed to CX3S1 now onl^' in LBb cuLlurcfi. 

^mi1ax Icalbrier, grccnbricr^ 

Slender v]nc | Aji p b ragiii i^parigojdc^J \^ith gUissy foliage, greenish flowens, hcarl- 
shaptd ItBve*^, and blu]^h to black berrit'>, popular bs a floral decoralion 


Penaiii]ng to Socoira, Bn island in lhe Indian Ocean, on the east coast of Africa. 


Dark brown or b]arki'>h crii'^1-like depoMt'> on tht l]ps, tteth, and gnnui of b ptTiion 
wUbidthydralion re^ult]ng from b chronic deb] Staling d]^ease. 


While, waiy ^iibMince from the hcBd of 1bie sperm whale used for mak]ng candles, 
o]ntKients, and cosniet]cs 

spcmatorrhea |spcnnatoiThoea) 

In^olnnlary discharge of semen withoul orgasm 

spigelia |p]nl:i~oo1 ^ 

Genus of American herbs (family* LoganiaceaeJ relaled to 1tie nux vomica and used 
a^ anihelminlics (e^fiel or desli~o> [larasUic inleMmal worms). 


ChK)n]c, chiefly 1ro[iical disea'^e characlerized by diarrhea, emaciation and anemia, 
caiEicd by defeclive abwjrption oF nutnents trtjm Ihc inlestinal tract. 

squill fsca onion^ 

Bulbous Eu^a^]a^ and AfricHn plants of the gruus ^cIILb. h4>]ng r^ttdw Icavts and 
be I l-sbiificd blue, whitt, or p]nl: flowers. The dried inntr scales of Ihe bulbs used bs 
rat po]SDii and fbnnrrly is acBrdiic stiinulant, expeclorant, and d]urctic 

sicfi biaiH>t]E 

Woody climbing plants of thr genus StcphAnQlis. r'lpecially S. flonbunda cf 
MadigB-icar, cull]valcd for ]ts showy frBgrant while flowers. 

slafihisagm |stBvesicrct 

Euras]an plant of Ihe genus Dclphiiiium (D. staphLS4gria| Ripe seecls of the 
slav«>acrc conlain drlphinLiie ire >iolenlly cmelic and carlhBrt]c^ and hive b^^en 
used to kil] held Ilcc cBlleJ al^to staphisagriB 


Peculiir gail sfcn in neuntis of Ihe pcioncil nerve and ]n labes niLirsBlLS^ tiigbi 
sleeping lo allow 1bic dnHiping fool and 1oes to cleBr the ground. 


tiaisbi snon ng or gisping sound 


PlanI of lhc genus Stevaa or Pkquena, hBving white or purplibh flowcra. 


Smill da^cr wilh i slender, tBpcnng blade. Smill.sbiarp-poinled inslrument used for 
mBlzing e>elel holes in needlework 


GeniEi of widely dislnbuled herbs Bnd shrubs (family EuphorbiBcciej The dried loor 

of a plani of lhc genus 5till]ng]a (S. sylvBtica) was fonnerly icicd is a diuretic, ind 

I ax alive 

Relaling lo the stomach gastnc:. EeneFicial to digestion. An Bgcnt thai strenglhens 

the "Stomach. 

si rye h nine 

Extremely poisonous white crystilline alkaloid. CI|H:lO^NJ . derived Frtjm niiit 
VDni]ci and relHed plants^ used to po]son rodents Bnd topically ]n medjcinc is b 
Elimulant for the cenlral ncrvou^i syslem 


tiol^ wet, mediciteJ clo4h icied bs a comprcs±L. 

Si Vitus" Dance 
See ehorei 

slye ^hordeolum) 

Tnflamed "^welling of a sebiceous glind at the margin of an eyel]d 


Core>L^|]ngof, or rc*icmbL]n^ slicI (biaid fBtly ti^^LiK> iiDund 1bic k]dncy!i of cb tile and 
^htcp, Li^cd in cooking End fur niBlzjng laLlow | 

sugarof Irfld 

ItBd arctBLc. a po]ionoiJ^ wbiHc cryMallinccompouniJ. PbldH^OiJi-SH^Oj used m 
hBirdycsi- WBtcrp roofing com pounds, Bnd varni-^hcs. 


Rcol of 4 [iLAn1 on tic gcnuH Ferula |F ^umbLiJr; fornicrly b tonic knd ant]Epii>mudLC 

Summrr complaint (^umnicr d]arrhca| 

DiBrrhca of chiJdrcn 1biat in ho1 weal her. often caiCiKl by ingcsitLDn of food 
cont4ni]nalcd by mic roo rgani'>ms 

SuJ phonal 

Produced by comb]nLng men. Bp tin and icclonc, employed as 4 hypnotic 

sulphuric el her 

Ethyl ether, formerly called Mapbitha Mtnuli fnapbithi of vilnoll 

sumic |'>umach^ 

Sbiriib'f or '>mall tree'> of I he gi:nus Rhuii hiving compound leaver, clu:£leF?i ofismill 
greeniftbi floweis, Bnd usually red, hBiry fru]t. Some specieE, such as ihe poison avy 
and poison oak, cause Bn acu1e ]tchmg nsh on contact. 


Form J1 ion ordischiige of pus. Also cillcd pyescs, pyopoieK]K. pyosis 


Localed ibove the kidney, 4 "^uprBrcnal pad especiillv Bn adrenal gland. 

sweet w]l]iam 

Annual, biennial, or perennial herb ^D]anthiEi birbBtu^y nilive to Bnrasii, w]dcly 
ciill]valed is anornamenlal for ]ts flal- topped dense clusters of vincolored flowera 


Adhesions belween Che ins and lhe lens orcorne* caused by trBuma or eye surgery or 
as a complication of glaucoma or calBracI*^ miy ciuse blindness 


Oil of tur|Ten[]nc 


MedUemnean Tree IPistacia tere b] nthus) , b source of tinning malerial and lurpentine 


^kin diseases |ecrema, psoriB'si's heqresl 1hat ciuse eruptions and itching. 


Slave or serf, who is held ]n bondage One intellectually or morally enslaved. 


A conUgiou^ cbiLldhood ■:lis{:4'>t 4.4ij'>td b> a funguH^ C4nd]da Blbicans C4ii'>i:'> MnaLI 
wtiLUbbi cruptLoii'> on tbic moulbi^ Ibiroal. mJ lungiic^ and iCiuaL]^' 4ccampm]cd by 
rcvcr^{]olic. and diirrbici. 

ttiuji farborvitBC| 

A North American orcii^l AiiLin rvcrgrccn 1rcc or shrub of 1bic gcniii* Thuja, having 
flaltrntd branchlcts wilh oppo'>ilc, scaLc-likc Icavfs ond hinflLl cnnt'>; u^cd ^^ 
oniBmcntil^ ind tiinbcr A similar pLiiil of tht gcnu*^ Plalyclidus or TbiujofiM^ 


Wh]tc cry^lallinc, *ro malic compound, C,nH,.0 derived fiom tbiymc oA and olhcr 
oibk or mode '>yntht tic ally ind u.'icd a^i an Bnti^tptic, a ^ung]ciiJc. ind a prc^trvBti^c 

tolu (bBl^am of toLu, toLu bBlsam^ 

A ro malic y'cllowish brown balbam from the IdIli bAJbam Ircc used m congbi sy riifis. 

tormcnCil (Polcntilla trrctil 

PiBnt of northern Europe found in clrBnn^ ind meadows. The roDl h^^ been u^ed to 
slop bleeding, tor food in time^ of need Bnd to dye leBther red. 


Lacking the power of niol ion or fceJ i ng 


Thornj *ihrub^ of Ihe genus AMragilui. especially A gumm]fer, of Ihe Mtddle EbsiI, 
y]eld]ng a gum ujted m phBrmacy, adhcMves ind texlile priming. 


SurgicBl inMrument with circulBr edges, used to cut out disk^ of bone from ihe skull. 

tnlLium (birlhn^ol \^abe-robin) 

PiBnts of genus Tr]llium, ot Morlh America, the E~[]malBya Mountains, and eastern 
Asia, having a cliEterof three leases and a variously colored, 1hree-petaled flower. 


ConlBiib Ihree eth^'is 5im]l4r to "^ulphonil, u^ed as a hypni>lic. 


Shaped Like a lop A small curved bone in the laleraL wall of the nBSBl pis^agc^ 


Fine, starched net o^ silk, rayon, or nylon, used For veils, IuIug, orgowic 

turmeric Itumertr) 

East lnd]an perennial herb fCurcuma Longa) of lhe g]nger family tZingiberoceae) 
used as a colon n^ agent, b condimenl.or 4 slimulani Yellow 1o redd]sh brown 
dyesluff oblamed from lurmeric 

Lypbiu"^ (prison focr ship fc^cr, lyphus fcvcn^ 

InfccliDLis dLSf4'>t'> caused by rickr1t'>iB bicti^na^ especially thos^ transmuted by 
ficis, Lict, or m]tcs Symptoms art ^c^cre headache, suslaincd high fever, deprewiaon. 
deliriLini, End the erLifilion ot red rB'thts on the "fkin. 


Loose, Long overcoat made of rup^cd fibnc 


Offensf; rcsenlment. AfTbiding shsdc Vague or iiid]stLnc1 ]nd]CAlLon; a biint. 

Uva Um 

Common bearberry, b piDcumbeiH llraikng along the ground but not rootingt 
evergreen shrub 10- JO cm h]gh w]th red berries 

V alert B 11 Ble iVaLenanic) 

One of three mctimcnc acids, 1tie t^'picBl one {cBlled ilso inactive vilcnc bchI), 
CjH^COt H, ]s from vileriBn root and other soniccs, it ]s a corrosive, oily liquid, wilh 
asEiong 4cid 1aste, and Ihc odor of old cbieese. 


RcscmbJing or functioning as 4 val>c Relating to a vilve, c^peciilLy of the bicarl 


Mild form of small pon occumng ]n people prcv]ously vicciniled or who previously 
hid Ihc disease. 

vegetable miiTDW 

Squasbi plants w]th cLongaled fniit and "^moolh dark green skin and ^^hitish flesh 


Poisonous alkaloid from 1tie n^ol tielleborc ^Vcralrum] and from sabuJiJIi Ee«d& 

Used exlemally to trcAl neuralgia And rtieumalism 


Elue orgre«n powder, bBS]c cupric acctaTc u^ed as a pami fiigmcnT ind Tungicidc 
A green pal ma of copper sulfate o r copper c tiloridc on copper, brass, and bron/e 
ei posed to airorKCiwaler. 


Medicine thai expels inlcslinil wonns. 

vervain f verbena) 

New World planis of ihc genus Verben*. espec]al]y 1hose w]th showy ■ip]kes of 
>ariousl> colored flowers. 

Vich> wilcr 

Sparkling mineral water from springs al V]chy, France or waler sini]l4r Id i1. 


One 1tiat is fice lo face w]th oropposilc lo another. 


Reduce 4tic vaLut, ]ni[iair Ihc quilily cornipl inorBll> di^bB'^c make i nrffcc: tivc^ 


Ligbit, [il4]n-wcivc, "ihccr fabric of cu Eton, nyon^ EiJh, or wool kUicd fordrcs&cii ind 


Shrubby North Amencin trrc of thr genib Euonymib {E. itru p u rp u rcu^^ having a 
roo1 birk ^Mtbi cathirlic propcrtJ4!s 

Waldorf salad 

Diced row Bpplr'>^ cclci^^ ind WAlnLit'> ni]\«J wilh mayonn4]!ic 


Hannlcss cysK i£>LiaLly on ihcscilp or fBcc^ ccintA]ning lhc fBtty sccrclionor b 
Ecbdccous gland 


Two dcc]dLious shrubs. Vaccinium myrt]llLS, oF EijrB'i]a, or V corymbo^Lim. of 
TBSIcrn North America, having edible blacki'>h berries. 


Ecin^ arctistomed- 


PlBntsof the gemi^ Achillea, espee]al1y A ni]llefoLium niTivr tn Eiirasii. Alfio cilFcd 
achillei, milfoil. 

yellow fever (yellow jickl 

Infccnou"^ tropical disease caused by an artrnvirus 1 raid mil ted b> mo-^uHoesof 1he 
genera Ai^de*^ especially A aegypt], an^l Haemigagus, il CBiuse'^ tiigh lever, _LBundicc, 
and gBslroinlesliml hemorrhaging. 

ycrba mima 

A low Cal]fornii undershrub fFrankenn grinditoliB] 


Tropical Abialic and Polynesian perennial planlh ginger 


Sweetened breiiJ baked ie a Joaf and then sliLcd and toasted. 

Tte fbllowi ng 1 Bbic L^ copied fmmpa^c636_ 

:?3 grains 
1 2 Duiu:«> 


] Hcnifilc 
] drBcn 
] ounce 

The pound i^ Ihc same as Ihc poLincI Tioy M«lic]ncs are boLighl ind :£old in 
quimnie^ by \> o] rd u po]*i We]^ht 

1 gram 

60 grBins ordrop^ 

1 IcaspoonfuL 

5 drams [or S 1c a'lfioo nf u IsJ mBkc 

2 tBb]K>poonful^ make 

1 fl fluid ounce ["> 4 

2 f I Liid OLiru^es Ls 4 
4 fJuLd ounces i'> b 

6 fluLd ounces ls a 

] 6 ounces |dry or soL]d^ is 4 
20 fluid ounces is b 

equals ] drop or I mLnmi 

] tea^poonFuL 
] fLu]d drim 
] fluid ounce 
] fluid ounce 
coffee cnp 

Tlie rrmaming ublcs aie copied fmm contemporBr^' (ctnzB 2005) sources 

Mc4*iurcmcnt Um1 CoiftTrHion 


Multiply by To gel 











tC BHfXK^nS 



14 79 

fluid ounces 

29 57 









cubiL fL'ct 


cijb]c vaKk 



25 35 



shun iQrei |2,00(3 Ibsl 


square ]iKbiQ> 


■^uarc Fed 


square yBids 


square miLcs 




























cub]c mcttn 

35 32 

cub]c mctccs 





2 21 

mctnc lun 1UXK3 kg] 

] 10 

square rcnti meleis 


square mclci^ 

] 2(3 

square kilometers 


h«. tat. res 


mi 1 1 1 iTiel[M?i 










CLibu. mcleis 
CLibic meleis 
meinc luisi 
iiquBrc ccntimeleis 
sqiiBrc meters 
sqiiBrc meters 
squBie kilomeltn 



fluid ounces 



CLib]C fCL'l 

cubic yaid^ 
slK^rt ton 
sqiiBie inches 
squBrc yiids 
squBie m]]es 

funiptrjlurt Con^urfHia B^Iw^ud Ccbux aad FesIi r^ali c li 

C=^F- J2|y lA 

F = 4Ci l^)+ 12 


Tuhrcnh^it CtLiiuf 

NornjI bii-d^ te m ptratu r« 

\ ^E9rni dj^ 

\ nild day 

\ fiHhl dzs^ 

Pr^czin^ pHhinl Hhf TKUItr 

L^hhTCiti^ L«np«rE9Ljr« 



















Tin if 

Edhd1 tc 




12 iflchcx [>r l/J yjrd 

^ jrd 

JA iofhuN 4ir J f«uL 


lA 1^2 fc«4 4hr3 l/2^urdK 



22f1 furdxor ]^ nuk 



5.2HI1 r^uLihr l,76C jitrdf 


2j:i25 jiirds 

VE^Inc l-qjJwiL^Bi 

2.54 rtrt4ini«ltrx 
\t,5i\4>{ ntlur 
D.4L4J ntLcr 
5.C292 [ncL^n 

I.B52 kikinic4«rx 

"DR LH|uid Vnhljin^ cr CiipjcLLj 
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24.574 EniLhliltrx 

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OJitt] littr 
D.«44^J littr 

J.7tt5J liturj 

LL4.24 lit^ri 
L5H.i>» \titwt 

J3S. Drj VcLunc or CjpEKitf 




M^lric Egjiwikat 



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LI^5C4^ littr 
I.Lf1L2 liters 
»^4l^H liters 
17.620 LiLcn 
J5.Z3? LiLcn 

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2H.J54h If rEsiDi 
J53>i griin 
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Unit lIciHnl U\ 

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[End TrBnh^nbcr\ Notes] 

I ftrain 
2.L^JJ drjmx 


OAZ32 pouHd 

flj 'Ti^hn3,]|,Hrjmj 

373-242 gramx 


Over One Thousand 

Tried and Tested Remedies from Mothers of 
the United States and Canada. 


Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Diet, Nursing, 

Treatments, Etc., of Every Known Disease. 

Poisons, Accidents, Medicinal Herbs and 

Special Depaitments on Women, Children and 




Formerly conncclcd wilh Medical Facuky of 

UnivcrsLly of Michigiin ill Ann Arbor, Mich. 








14? I 




All ngbit^ reserved 

Copyrl^Ms 1915 



All ngbit^ reserved 




Mcd]cinc i^ not bh cxict science, and eI Li rcaitonabLt to prc^uinc Ihat even Timt^ 
WLlh all ]tsqual]fying ]nf]Licncfs^ will f^A in ]ts effects on tbiis one branch of '^]cnce. .^s 
the milliojis of facc!i ^cem cich lo present !iome d] Ffercn! nUng fcalure, ■«> each human 
■system ^eems lo require spec] al Jituily of ]t^ ] mil i vidu b I 1empi:rBment. 

So phy^]cians find il necessary to hB^e more IhBn one remedy for a given ill^ thry 
sl]ll find truth in 1he old idige "^hat is one man's meBt is Bnolher's poison." Eul 
Mother find^ b vinely of rerTtd]es neces*iary for anolher reason Her met! ic] ne-c hes1 iii 
usually lacking the full quDtB of drugs requ]red lo meet the man^' emergencies], and she 
musl lurn to tlw: "remedy at hand " 

Ncce^]ty Hbs again proved its influence and \^ith the yeais ihousBnds of s]mple 
home concoctions hB^e found iheir wa> to the reL]cf of the daily demBncI"^ on Mol hen's 
ingcmiHy These motheis' remedies have bc4.ome a valuable B-^sel lo the ra]'5]ng of b 
family. Bnd have become a recognized esscnUfll ]n a Molher's general equipment for 
hoinc- ma k I ng. 

For Fifteen yeara ihe FLibksher has handled so-called home medical worls_ during 
that t]mc he has had occasion to examine ^radically all ihe home medicBl works 
pubh^hed. He hB*^ been impressed \^ith the title r uselcssnesfi of many^ perhaps mosi, of 
these books because the s]m[ile home remed]es were lacking 

,\ few years ago he conceived the ideB of gathenng logelhcr the "Motheis" 
Remedies" of the world Th]!i one feature of lhi!i book he clBims as d]s1inclly his own 
Lctlcrs \^erc sen! by him lo Mothep> in c^ery stale Bnd ternlory of the Unjted Slates^ and 
to CanadB and o1hcr counlnes asking for 1ried and lested "Mothep>' Remedies " The 
appeal was me1 wilh [ironifit rephes. Bnd belween one thousand and two thousand 
valuable remedies were collected m this way- 
Through conrtesv to these MothcTs who helped to mak.c thui book possible^ the book 
was named "MOTHERS' REMEDIES." 

Dr_ T_ J_ Ritler, of Ann Arbor H]chigan, a graduate of Ihe regular School of 
Medicine al the Un]veisi1y of Mich]gan, at Ann Arbor and 


lalcr one of lhc medic iJ ^tBff of the UnLvcp>ity, conHrnlcd 1o furni^bi 1hc ncccssBry 
matE^na] lo (.omplctc the Mcdi4.Bl D^^p^nmenl. Dr. Ruttr, in over Ibiidy yc^r^ ot ictuil 
prBct]ce^ Ii3^ niel w]th all Ihc txigciicLt'> of both cWy and irounlry praclicc whicbi h^\c 
biDught to h]m ihc ripe cxpcncntc of what would be calLcd a "physLC]an's ]ifc-lLmc_" Hi-i 
succ«is ha^ been, in pad dut to hi^ horifsty^ l:indL]nc^^ and coIl'>^Ent]OLi^^cs!i. mi^ welt as 
to hi^ tbiorough triining Bnd nalurBl Bda[it4b]Lity lo Ihc profes^]on 

EcMdcb wrUing 1bic Cbu-^c^ 3ymp1om!i. Prcvcnlivc^, NurMng, Diet, Physi4:]anb' 
Trcalmcnt, ctc_. bic Hbs examined cich ind ocry one of the Ho1bicn>' Remedies and 
added, when po-^^iblc, lbic f6f£^jo?r wh'i rJrtr? M.^frr^!\- ii v^fhmbi^. En shon he "iuppkeiJ in 
h]!i rcmflrk-i following each Mother'!! Remedy the Medical virlLic or arlL>e principle of 
the mgredcnts Th]Si lift^ carh Molher^i Remedy ]nto Ihe real m of u.icnce,— in tack to the 
level of b Doctor's Frcscripl]on 

En wrH]ng hi'> part, Dr_ RiHer consulted peisonally or ihrough their works 
con5]der4bly o>er one hundred of ihe B4. know ledged Mecbcal Specialists of Ihe worlds 
Thus he has brought to you ihe laics! d]!iCo^ericii of modL^m science,— Ihe Mcriicil 
knowledge oF 1he world\ greal specialisls. 

Dr_ Rilter. therefore. w]!ihes to acknowledge hi^ ]ndcbtedncss to the following: On 
the "^ubjecl of Theory and Practice, to Dr Wm_ Ojiler. Oxfond Uni>ers]ty, Enplind Dr 
Jjmcs M_ Andrew, Ph_ D_. M ed](.o-C hirurg]c il College FhilBdclph]a, Pi_ Dr Hughes 
Dajlon Vanderbill Clinic-College of Physicnn^ Bnd Surgeons Dr Hobarl A Hare, 
Jefferson HedicBl College, Philadelphn. Pa ; Dr Temple S Ho>ne Hahnemann 
Medical College, Ch]Cigo, Ell , Dr_ \. E_ Small. Hahnemann Med]Cil College. Chicago, 
IlL, Dr C_ a_ RBue, Hahnemann Med]Cil College- Philadelphia, Pj_. Dr John Kin^, 
Eclect](. Medical EnslUute. Cincinnati- Oh]o On Ihe subject of Mileria Medic a lo Dr_ 
John Shoemaker, Med]co-ChirurgicBl College, Philadelphia, Pi_ Dr_ Hobarl A Hare, 
Dra Hemp I e and Arndt, Homeopilhic. and olhers On the !iubjec1 of O Ihi te1 ric^, to Dr 
W_P_Han1on Detn^it Medical College and othep> On lhe subject ot Surgery, lo the 
Amencin Texl Book on Surgery, edUed b> Dn> Keen and Wh]tc of Philadelphu ind 
many conlnbulors On 1he subje<.l of Nervoit D]!ieases, 1o Dr Joseph D Nigel and 
o1hers_ On the hubjecl of lhe Eye_ lo Dr_ Arthur N_ Ailing, of Yale Uni>ep>i1y On the 
subject of lhe Ear, 1o Dr Albert H Bunt, College of Physicians and Surgeorei E^ew 
YorkCit^', Dr O. A. Griff]n, Uruvcisily of Mich]gan and othcni On the Nose ind 


Throat Eo Dr. Jim« B Bill. London England On ihc Skin, to Dr Jaitics N. Hyde. 
RiB>h Medical Collect, Chicigo. IlL; Dr Alfred Schaick, Ru^bi Medical College, 
Chicago ]]l_ On 1bic Rectum and \nus, 1a Dr Samuel G_ GBn1 Pbi D , Posl-graduatc 
College. Wew York €i1y On Ihe D]Sica.s«>of Children, to Dr L Eminetl Holt, College of 
Phyin:]ar[S ind Surgeons New York Ci1y_ Dr Koplik Wcw Yort City; Dr_ CharleK 
Doiigli^, DelroU Collcgt of Med]cine_ Dr_ Heniy E Tuley. UnivcrMty of Kentucky Dr 
Tooker, Chicago. On 1bic '>ubjccl of Nnnijnf.. 1o Isabel Hamplon Robb and on Dietetics, 
to Dr Julius FriedcnwBid, College Phy'>ici4ns End Surgeons, BBlUmorc, lAd On rhc 
BflbytoDis Holl Douglas. Tooker, Koplik and Cooldgt_ On In-^BnUy, 1o Dr Stidcn 
TalcotI- formerly ^nptrinlcndenl of the Middle ton Slate Hospital for tbit In-^Bnc, New 
York St*1c_ Bc-^idc*! the above a great many other pbiy'^]ciBn^ and Iheir work"^ might be 
mentioned, ind 1o ill b [i p re<. ] al]o n i^i grBtefnll^ bc kno w ledged. 

Mp>_ El]Zibeth John^lone, who wrHc*i I he department on "MBnners *nd Soci*l 
Customs " i^ the only dBughlcr of the iBte FrBnciJi Gardiner, one of the eiriy setllen> of 
WB'^hleniw Counly, M]chigan She wb^ educated 41 Ihe 5tBte Normal Scbiool, now ihe 
Normal College 41 \ fi^danl]. Bnd tBughl for '>e>eral ycais Brtergraduat]on In 1 SSO ^hc 
mBrned the late Robert Fergidon Johreilonc, editor oF ihe M]chigBn FBrmer, and ifler h]!i 
death betimc editor of Ibie Household Department of thit pBper In I S?5. the FBrmer 
hB^]ng pis^ed inio olherownep>hip, *ihe bee b me b member of the Edilonal Slaff of Ihe 
DelrtJit Free Pre^>s where —continuing to ^MJte under Ihe pseudonym of "Beairn" ^he 
liBS bc4.ome wjdcl> known ihKfugh the ^bsI cin.ulatJon of Ihat paper. 

Years of eipenence hB^e enBbled her 1o wnle on topics of inlere^t to women wilh 
comprehension of the]r needs and 1o answer social inqiiir]c^ w]th eTaelness. 

M]S'> Edna Gcrlrude Thi>mpson, who ^upplie'> the chapler on Domest]c Se]ence. is a 
grBduBte of Ihe Northern Stale Normal of Michigan. She W4'> for a lime a teichcr ]n the 
Publ]c Schools of Hithgin and New York Stile. Mi^ Thompson U ter graduated from 
and is now the direclorof the Domeslie Science DepBrlmenI of the Thomas Nonnal 
Training School of Detroil. MichigBn. 

H]*!"^ Thompson ha^ won Bn en>]able reputation m Domeslic Scrnce work She h^s 
avoided all of the qnaekery seH-explojtAtion and money fichemes, which hive proved a 
temptBtion to many ]n Ihe work. 

and wh]ch have Tended to brand Ihc hcic¥w:c ah Bn 4dvcrtis]ng schtmc. ind confined 
herself 1o study^ Iciching ind tbit ItgitiinBLc dcvdopmcnl of the ^>r]tncc Her work in 1tic 
Normal and in g]ving IccUirci on Domc*itLC St^icncc brjng-s bicr in loucbi wUh Lflrgc 
numbcni of ]nttlL]gcnt and prBCI]^.^! women wbio rcaL]^t thit housekrc [i i ng End cookrry 
iTiLL^I be rcduccti lo a science LuKiiric^ of fifly yciP> Bgo arc nn.c^>sH]cs lodBy_ The 
int.rcB'sc lh the ci>^t of L]Mng wilhoul 4 correspond] ng idvincc in WBgc^ bias niBdc it 
imperiUvc th4l inctbiod ind "system he ireitillcd in tbie hoinc 

Domestic Science ]'s ^1iil in lhc embryo^ bu1 Jet li^ tiopc ]t wilL in b mcBsorc al ica^it^ 
pro>c 4 panacea tor nHHJcni domestic lUh and rccc]ve 1bie cncoungcmenl and '>pccdy 

cndDnkCmcnl lhat il dc'>crvc'> 



Ec|]nningon Page 


Mothtr'^ DiBfnos]^ 1 

RcEpiratrtTy Di'>rHSCE 6 

AnimBl Pari^im>, D ise*HC^ C *us«l by 44 

Shtn^ DihfAsch of 52 

DigcsUvc Orgarui Disei^cs of 97 

Kidnty and Bladder^ Di'>L'B'fC'^ of 1^2 

InfctlioiEi Di'^ta^c^ 166 

Blood and DlkiIcs.^ Glandh. Disca^ib of ^49 

NcrvoLih Syslcni, Di^cBsc^ of 261 

CDnstitut]onaL Di^rB^c:^ jl4 

C]rcLiLATory Syslcm^ DL^kCiiiCE of jj7 

Eye and Ear, Dmei«sof J46 

Def6nn]ties 369 

rmoTLcants ind Sureitiokr& j7I 

Accidents, Emergencies and Poisions J76 

Herb Defiarlmenl 40S 

HomcopBthy 44 S 

Patent Medicines and Secret Fonnula 46^ 

WojnBn's DepirtmcnT 

Di-^ea-ses oF Women 4S9 

Obslctrjcsi or H]dw]fcry 515 

AL] AboutBflhy 544 

NuFTiing DepBrtment 62J 

SclnoLi cf Medicine, Leadtng 669 

O fieri tLDns 66^ 


Hot Springs of \rl:Bns*ii 666 

CDmmon hoiEctiold Ar1]^ N^cdicBl Us«> of 66S 

A-lothcr^' Remedies. U ncl as!i i f icd 674 










Medical Sm 

MannrTi> bckI SoclbI CuHEanis 944 

M i*»c c IL B nco u*i 946 


aUnn and 
411 OptrBtionI 



APPENDrX, VERMIFORM {Showing Different Typ«l 
APPENDEX. VERM [FORM fWhcn Aff«:tcd by Inllimm 

Gangrene, Metcs^tlaling 
ARDIS iBflby Fholo) 


DROWNENG (Schacfcr Mclhod of Rn>LiicitilLng( 



BJccd RDDt 


Canada Flc^bonc 

Chamomile. True 

Elder Elowcni 



IndiBn Tobacco or LobcJia 

Mandrake or M ay-apjtJc 

Marigold MaTikh 

MuM ard 

Panndgc Bciry 

P^cu^!ly R00I 

Rock Ri>sc 

SC_ John's Wort 

Scounng Ru-^h 

Stnrca Snakt Root 

Snake Hrad 



Worniitcd, American 


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Oppos]tc Page 323 


3 SO 

Oppcis]tr Tillc PagE 

Oppo'5]tc Page 266 

Oppo'^]tc Page 269 
30 S 

OppoB]tc Page 25 E 


"Of i!ur fhrffg s ^Mdf m^ii can do or tnaki^ her^ bfffuw, byjijrihemoiimofjrenioiis^ v\^Tj£icffitt, 
fuidworlhy, are The itun^i we Lotf Bcaks.^ 


"A ic<x{! btMxi fjra\- he amofiji ifrehejioffne^r^is. I\ fi I^il^ tnoil f?oIrefr\ ^fiiii ^heetjitt of 
coTT\poiifoiis. ii £it?ei no\ litni i\j ba<.L itftoii ifj ill Irmei f?f{iii\^niiy Of dijiteis t? oh\^yi tec-^va 
us wilh ihe jj^m^ kin^fiieis. "^ 

S. i W/L£S- 

G\ making bccki Ihcir seems dj cnci Somt art>d Homcbacl, and min> just on 
ciKumbranct upon the boot-shcLvcs, ncilhcrof mucbiuhc norparliculBiiy harmful Some tooks 
ajT Kj be read for cbrcr and amu^mcnt- nomc for reproof art] correction, olhcis li> be "^tudLetl for 
Liheful intimation und piofll 

Thr [deal iJool:.— There L^ a wide fcH need for b ^voUhy bcckof sounJ biyg]enic End nicdbcal 
fict^ for the non-mculu. al people The TdealBooL lorlh]s misMon sbDold bccompaci ]nfoim, but 
Ibi^c enoLigtilo give 1he "^al lent facti, and^i^M 1i:c'^ iii uivJciMandable language, it mizil not be 
"bBdetl" withobsoldc Bnd u^lc^jiink of ixkii innleixk ^^tuch hivc long ceased to tceven 
interes1]nf., ]1 must cbtt> ^^itti j1 1he "^tamp of genuine reUabiiily ifttiould treit all the ordinary 
ajxJ mos1 comnxm formh of iilnient:^ and aeciJznt^. it mizil he safe in ils leic hingh; il need^ to be 
fiee fn^m objeeliLinabie lan^uigc Bnd illuslritLonh. "^ 1hat bH ot Bny family may s1ixJ> and use il 
wi1h profil; il must tiequenliy w Bin of dangers ahe*d bixI urge the summomngof piofesjonal 
skill promptly, for their an: many cases nxiuinn^ the sern ices of ck penenced physiciarei mJ 
sujgeons in Iheirlrealment it should advise lemrdics reuLJ^ obtainable, as well aslbD^efbr 
which long journeys to idnigsloi? are leqmienl; md finally the bc<jkshouJd be reBsonBble]n 
price Iha1 Ibijse wh:? irejs! okmI it tan aFfoid 1oown it 

Need of Bre* fi j_— The facts of hygiene bdJ IherBpeulic measures are WKfcly sciMered 
Ihnjugh mi:d]Cil lilerBlure, and e MerkJ o>er huixlietls of yean> of ti me_ Many volumes hive been 
wrillen on diseases of the eye, the hcBrt. I]>er, and stomach, brain and olher oigaisi, to undeislBixl 
which nx^uires special tcchmcBl ctlixation It ^^ould be the he]gh1 of folly li> prcseni Ihese 
dbrcussi^^nh h> Lhe laity in their onginBl fomi heixe the necHSJl> for corul: iisilHm and 
piesen! Bl]on of the needful facts ]n the Unguige of lhe people in whD^e ]ntere^ti Ihelxok ts 
printetl- In a boot of fiction there may be neetl for usclras >ertn age for 1he sake of "making 
pages," bm facts of v]1bI impoHince ind uhefulor^ ]n our daily welfBre need to be well boiled 
ctiwn and put into shipe for ready leference. This has becndLme in "Mothers' Remedies" ind I 
Lhink It quite ^uhillslbe ideal 1 have outlined alxjye 


Tht tiUt i^i rathtrcdd upon fiist seeing ]t^ but tbic mo'>t fiLiusibLc \^hcn you btcoinc 
acqLiaiii1«J wilh lK impart, [t "^urtJy btcomc^ tht bc^t fn^nd of tht wbioLi: family 'll dDfs 
no1 lum lK back upon uh la limt'> nf advcisHy." but cbicrTfulLy bciswcis 4 thi>iEiarid ind 
our questions of >] til ]mponaiK.t to the biousfhoLd. In ihc hour ofdi^trfMi, Vrhciz Lllnc'>E 
or accidcnl bcr4lL'> 1bic dear onc^^ you may 1urn ag4]u ind again to ib> pagc^ ^^]thQut 
mealing disappoLnlmcnl 

Utf V a iu4: .-- Tbicrc arc many baok:^ on hi>iEiC hold inrd]CLna>^ bul in my op]n]cin lh]s i^ 
the most u^lTuL o\ ihcm ilL b very prc^cnl help in Umc of nccd_ You can go to il for 
helpful inforiTiBtion wilhou! fi]ling to f]nd il ]^ ibicrt -^cnou^ illness in lhc house'' ]1 will 
tell you Bbool i1 ironziM^ly ind pla]oly^ dcscrLb]og i1^ ^ymptoms^ nature and course, md 
advLHC you to consuH Ihe r4in]Ly physLe]an ]f of a '>erjou'> nBture before ]t is loo lite. In 
the chaptcp> on ace]dents, c me rgenc ie-^ and pomons lI IcIK >oij whal to do at once while 
awi]ting the doctor'-s arrivBl He will be much pIcB-sed to "^ee ihBt you have made 1he 
piDpcrcfforl Id trcBt the case Prompt trcBtmenl mikcE For prompt recovery. 

The real vilue of any boo b . or w hal i^i :£i>melimes called it^ inlnibic valur^ or ulil]ty^ 
con'>i'>b> in what il 4V4]ls lo gral]fy some desire or winl of our nature, [t depends^ then^ 
wholly upon L1^ quahties in relation to our desires. Thai \^h]ch conlnbuleE in ever so 
ismill degree 1o Ihe wellbeing of humanil> ["> of grciler ^bIuc than ^]lveror gold This 
book conti]n's hundred's of pre^tnption^, Bnyone of which wilL repa> the smill co!it ]n 
money thi1 Jl requires 1o possess ]t. In fict, the financ]aL invc^tmenl ]s *iO JimaLl when 
compBred wilh the benefit derived fmm l1s pages lhat thi'> fealure need not be 

Exanplr9.--lii thL' ^lL]LnL''>^ ind lonehness of ihe nigh1 Bway from medical help, 
there conies Ihe hi>aisc bBrking cough of the child perh4p'>^ and 4 C4'>e ot croup is upon 
the responsibilily of ihe pirenl^ The siruggles ind tenor of the little patient lhrow^ the 
hou'>ehold into coreitemition^ and ill is excilement in b momenl If the mother ever knew 
what lo do ]nsuch a case '>hc ]s likely ikU able to recall lhc exact remedy at this linie^ the 
doctor ]s miles away ind Ihe n^at is urg^^nl. 

A reference to the medical index oF 'Holhers' Remedies" under cn^up show^ thai on 
pages 27 2fl and 29 is a Full description of ihe ilack^ and I he re are fifteen {15] home 
remedies given^ many of which can be found in the house, aihI the spisni may be 

slopped by lhe use of one of lhem 

Thbs IE only one example of the use oflhis book. There ire innumerable times when 
cases come up in the home, or accidents befall 4 dear one ind a ready remedy is 
required^ the book mosi likely coniains il, and ls willing to 1ell you if you consult il 

TDbcrcDlDsi5.--The irlicle on tuberculosis is full of valuable rules on d]el and 
hygiene foreverv person, whelher he has 1he disease or no1 A knowledge of the dangeis 
and Enode of spreading the d]£]ease is the 


bcs1 safcguird agi]nsl hiving l1 Where anc person in every socn (7) d]es of 
cunsumpt]on it bccumcs ]mpcralive thai full knowledgt cf 1bic d]!icaitc and it!i prrvcntton 
should become ivjd«>prcad. 

Accldtat^ and Potsoos —Anolhcr di:pBrlmtii1 1hat LlliCitriles Ihc vilue of the hook 
\^ IhBt on Accidenls and Poisons^ where qiiLcl: acUon i^ nci^ded lo prcvenl greil '>Liffering 
and danger and I he sal^Btion of l]fe ib>e]r One cannol Bl^^By'> get the doctor ]n lime. A 
qij]t:k reference to 1biis pin of 1bic book will gi>e the p ro pc r courve of anion 1o follow 
The ]nd](.i1cd molher^ remedy or 1tic physic]an's Ircalment Bi given here applied in the 
"nit:k of lime" \^]ll save many 4 life ]ncB'^e'^ of biirn"^ or BctideiHal poison]ng or 
he mo rrtiaf.e_ I hi>e been ciJled m "^uch c^'^c^ where a ■^]niple dnnt of WBrm mustard 
walcr piumptl> used would have '>aved a life in carbolic 4C]d pomonin^ ll i'> in 1he 
emeigencie^ where a ready knowledge of 1tie ways ind mein^ necessary lo conserve life 
\h moM valuable; ind it is ]n just such eniergenc]es thil one is most apt 1o forgel whil ]s 
besi lo do thdl b copy' of Motheis' Rcmed]es becomes a pnceless boon of helpfulness 

All About Baby.- The WomBn"!i Deparlment, and 1tie ctiapler on "All About EBby." 
alone contain priceless informilion for the guidance of ttie women of the home It is like 
having 4 good doclor righl m ttie house who is reidy and able lo ans^^er more ttian 500 
que-^lions of vital inleresi about Baby The book is ttionnughly relnble, free Fnnm 
e^aggeraled stBtemenIs and wnlten in 1tie plamesl languBge poss]ble so as lo make il 
useful lo every member of the home The Herb Depirlment gives a brief descnpl ion of 
ttie more common and mosi useful planis and looLs^ witti 1he 1ime for gBthenng Ihem^ 
and ihe dose and lherapeut]c indicBtion for iheir use. The bot4n]cal i I lustm ions ire 
correct and worltiy of careful s1iid>_ 

THE INDEX. — Mothers' Ki^m edits is unique in amngemenU Bnd full of delaiK bul 
so well ]ndeTcd lhat any port]on of ]t, or any d]seBse ind remedy, can be reBd]ly found, 
and when found you w]ll have a choice of home remedies reidj at hand Th]"^ is one oF 
the fealures of ihe bi>ok 1hat distinguishes ^^othels~ Remedies from the usual home 
mcdicBl books he retoforr sold 

This feature of Ihe book cannol be too sinnngly impressed. Its vilue becomes 
apparen! is "^Hin a-^ one consults ils pigcs_ Lon^ chapleisof dcscrip1i>e reading filled 
wUh high "pounding technical terms may look very leimed becau-^e Ihe average reader 
does no1 undeistind il fully. But it is what one can obt4]n from a book 1hat is usable Ihal 
makes it valuable. In Mothers' Htiutdles this idei has been excellently earned out. 

Ihr Home Rrmrdks.--lf 1licr^' was aii> question regarding' the success of the book 
in lh]s homel]kc aiiangcnienl Ihe utjli7al]oii of 1he home remedies in addil]on to the 
slndly medical ind drug-s1ore ingredcnls. ]t wis prtjmplly dispelled when ihe boot was 
prjnled and presenled lo Ihe people ]nteresled II his piovcd to be the mosI wonderful 


srilcron tht mirhcl—thc mcht unable and usfful book ever offered 1bie non-mcdioBl 
reader beoBU'tc nevrr before bla^ 4 medical book oonlBined the hundreds ot simple home 
remedies from mothcT^. BeoBusc 4 phy^hriin tells you wbiy the remedies tie ubeful—thc 
reason why lhe things used arr efncao]OLis. 

Mrdleal rcrms.-- Frequently one comes icro'^ leehnical terms in the secular [iapep> 
wbiLoh, unlL''>s undeistoud. obscure the sense of the reading. There i't a d]cl]onary of 
medioBl ttrm^ as a ^eparale depBrtmcnt which Bdd^ mutbi 1o 1he useful nc^i-i oF 1bie work, 
tbie spell I ng^ pronuncLiUon and def]nil]on be]ng ooiic]hely given in English 

Olhrr l>cpartHients.— Therr are other drparlmenl^ !iuch *^ chapters on Manners 
and SollbI C UMijms, by in ex pen Nursery Hinl-^, Candy Making, Domc^lio Science, and 
M ISC cl I B nco us depirlmenls whicbi ]n teres! e^ery member of in> aveiBge fBmily in bieilEh 
3*1 well as in ■5](.fcnc*i^ The Candy Department pK^v]de^ mBny in even]ng\ enjoyment for 
the >oung people 

In addHion 1he book gives under CBcbi disease 1he physio]an's rem:d]es_ the 
■^ymptom^, causes, prrventives wherever ]mporHnl lhc d]el nursing, neces!i]t> for 
opcrat]on'5 and much olhcr needful infonnBtLon for 1bie sick-room A complele chapter 
on Nursing ind b delailcd 4C4.i>unt ot Ihe Baby and its OBrc i^ perh4p'> tbie mosi useful 
porlion of the book to the molheis \^ho desire to leim all Bbou! Ihe biby_ Klany home 
mcdioBi books Bre of dLiubtfui value by reason ofexaggerBted slalcments or vague and 
unusable di reel ions reg4Kl]ng treatments ^Eitktrs' Rem tdi ts "^1 and*^ squarely upon Ihe 
loundiUon of ulil]ty and prBct]cal e^ery-day usi^ful ncss_ No mat1i:r how mBn> olher 
home medoBl bcoks one may hive, lh]s is also needful because there's none other on the 
market like it. One of Ihe mLss]ons of M«1htrs' Remedies ]n Ihe home is the prevention 
of disease through ]ts si>und sanitary teathings ]1 ^^'us x^riHen eiclusively for home use, 
and i1s LnstrucUonsoan be followed by anyone who can undcrsland pl4]n English, and 
the home remedies are eMensnely eKplamed and recommended so thil in emergencies 
one can always f]nd somelh]ng of value to use while awailing 1hc sucgeon's iTnval. [1 is a 
well-spnng of usefulness in any home, and it g]vcs me genuine pleasure to call atlention 
to it ]n Ihese few lines ind to bespeak for it 1he conUnued cnthiciastic recept]on w]th 
which hi hfts met herrtoforr. 

Dttrt^it^Juljl, L»14. 

The NiHonal Narcotic law makes it practically imposs]ble for ihe laily lo have 
prescripl]ons filled which conlain opiates or cocaine. 

We therefore have substJtuletl olher rcmed]es quite as good wheirver ths^ was 

possible and st]ll relain the effic]eiK.y of Ihe pres<. ripl lo n 

August, 191 S. 




of Many Diseases for Quick Referenee and Comparison 


APFFNDICl'l [S.--Lm>*i of BppctHc There mBy be nauscii End vomit]ng. 1hcrc la 
Li'>LiaL]> 4 sudden onset o\ pain often ^hirp ancl severe in lhc whole or pert of the 
abdomen. Liler 1bie pBin seltLeE in 1bie rj^ht gTDin. PBtient lies on biis biclz ^^itbi hi't ^igtit 
knee driwn up The museLes become ngid on the right s]de and iBter a lumfi BppeBry in 
tbie nghl groin |]Lia4. fossB| 

ANE!M]A.--Th]s disease is 4 diminnlionor the tot^l quinlity of ihe blDod of iK red 
cells, or red corpuscles or of the]r H aeini>globi n Ihe coloring mBtler of the red 
corpuscles 5ome difTiciiLly of brealh]ng Palp]tBtion on least eTedion^ tendency to fainU 
headache^ tired ]rrit4ble, poor or 4. hinge able ipfxiile. digeslive dislurbances, 
conslipHion cold hands Bnd feeU dilTiciiLl Biid pain I ill menstrual ion (dyimenorrhea)^ 
irregulBr men'^lruation lenco rrbiei. \nd 'ifrhcn the skin is pile^ yello^^ish green tinge, 
wuh perhBps flushed checks it might properly be called chlorosis or "green sickness." 

ADDESON'S DISEASE.- -Ore at weaknes.^ stomach and bowel dtsordci3. wcik 

heart and dirk coloring lp]gmentAtion| of the skin. 

BRH^HT'S DISEASE.— Albumin and cisls ]n ihe urine. The onsel ls usually 
grBduB] There ]s paleness Bnd pnffiness o\ Ihe eyelids inkles or hands in 1he moni]ng. 
Later ]ncreised drop-^j of face and the eKlreniUies, pasty yellow complexion. dyspeps]a 
con^Upation and heart svmploms. 


BRONCHITl!?, \CV TE. |Cold on the Chc!it-)--Thcrr t^ h feeing oF lLgbitnc^*i uikJci 
tbic brcastlK>ne^ w]th a dry bianl cuuf h and hcuhthc Thib Laugh may make Lh[^ 4.hts1 fccL 

raw ind sore ^ «>|icc] al 1^' in from 

CHOI. KK-\ .M<>RlfUS.~Thc cruse t i^ usually SLiddcn wilh nausfi. vomiling. and 
cramp-likc bowel paiiLs; vomiK al fLP>l the sLomich conlcnts Purging follows; vomHing 
and purgLng WLtti±iCvcrc c romps in Hbdomcn ind legs 

CROUP. — Cbiild wbIzcs up suddenly^ pcrfiaps Bt midriLghl, with a hBcsh barking 
coughs w il bi dLff]c Lil ly oF bieilbiing. Bnd il look^ as ]f it could not get anolbicr brcBth 
Then Ihcrc i'^ an cb-sj "^pcll and soon the ^pism recurs 

CANCER OF THE STOP4ACH.--Thcrc is ancmiB ind a giBduBl loss of wc]ght- A 

peculiar color of the sk]n (CBcbicTLBl- irregular ^omiling, some bleeding of 'coffee- 
gn^und" color Progressive loss of weighl Dragging or burning in the region of the 

CHICKEN FO\.-SlLghl fevcr_ chilly feelings In 1wrn1y-fcur hours the eruplion 
appeiP> upon the body fice Bnd forehead of1en only 4 few separate red p]niples which 
soon become rounded vcsilIcs however, there may he few cr mBny_ 

DIARE'IES.— The cn^et is gradual, glucose fsugar) is peni^lently m the urine. Greal 
quanlitj o\ urine passed "^ix to fortv p]nts in Iwenty-four hours. Thip>t is great. Large 
quBiHilies of wa1er is iBken Lo^fi of sirenglh Bnd ^v eight, mou1h is dry longue is red and 
gla/ed, skin is dry Bnd wnnkled. 

Dirn I HERM.-Thi-^ disease beg]n-^ gradually as b rule w]th chilly feelings pain 
in ihe back and limbs. puKe is tBsler, wUh a gertrBl redness of the thnjBl before 1he 
Format]on of the membrane. wUh such svniptoms there are grcBt weBkness, paleness, and 
a bad smelling brealh. Soon a spot orspi>ls may be seen on Ihe lonsils uvula orsof! 
pfllale, bul m a day or Iwo a dir1> ^vhi1e pBt4.h is seen on the tons]ls and this niBy spread, 
and w]th ]t there is ]ncrea'ted weakness pallor, loss of appetile and fever. When lhe 
membrane ]s tBken off of the tonsils lhere is Left i raw "surface, and the membrane rBpicCly 

DVSE>J PEHV.— The onbel may be marked by diarrhea, followed by b severe 
cramp-like bowel pa]n, wtlh frrquent small slooLs conlaimng blood and mucus and 
accompanied by much slraimng (lertsmusf. 

DYSPEPSIA, ACUTE. (Aculc C^aRtrhi^, Acite I ndlgcsllDn|.-- Distress in the 

slomBch, heotloche lh]r£l, niuscB, voniiUng, lon^ iic heBVjlv coated, foul bieath, distaste 
for food, tender slomach. 


ERV5IPELAS."Thc Qn^ct ii> sudden. liL|h fever, ind i Jocb] rcdiic'>s wMh b 
^hirply defined margin between il and i heaNhy sbin II frcquentJy Bfpear^ upon 
the nose Bnd ^preBd^ over Qnc cheek dt both. It may sbDW cnly a '>ini:iQth rii^ed 
Kkin, r>r there miy be vesicles. 

EARACHE. "This !"> very commcrn in children. ]l corner freciuently a^ in 

exIciiMon through Ihe en^lichhan CBnBl cf b cold The iche is Qnly an evidence oV 
ccngeElLon or inflimmation in the ear. The cbild burets oul crying VLolrnlLy and 
nolhing seems Ic mBke il stop. It may cry for some lime I hen sin p. When it ]^ 
very young \i i^ restle^^ and wants to move conslintly and refuses 1o be 
coin To Tied by 4he soothing embnces Qf its mother [4 is quiet only a fc^ moments 
tl a lime Bnd again renews lis cries ind restle^^ne'>'> The cries Bre moaning and 
seem like hopeless crLe'> A child or infani that ones that way Bnd will no4 be 
quieted^ '>hoijld be "> us per led ofhBvmg eariohe^ and hoi applications of dry or 
we I hcBl should be applied to the ear. 3f iiuch b>mptom'> are neglected in b few 
days you Bre likely lo hive a discharge running from 4he e^lernBl CBnaJ JmeatusJ 
and perhapvi permanent injury may be done to the drum membrane by uLcerBHon. 
Warm wiler poured in the cbt frequcntJy relieves common eirache 

G4LL STONES." Sudden agoniz]ng pain in ihe rig hi upper abdomen in Ihc 
region of 4he Liver^ with vomitings pro'>1rBi]on. tenderne'>'> in that region. Pun 
genenlLy comeb il inlervBi^ in pBroxysms There miy be pBins in the '>lomich 
during Ihe weeks when the Jitack i& absent and 4he pBHenI miy Ihink the stomich 
]s ibo scat of the I rouble. 

IR1T1K--Pain IS severe and wor'>e at nighty ibe ]riE looks cloudy^ m jddy^ ihe 
pupii IS small There is congestion Bround the ins {ciliary ncngestiont 

KIDNEY STONES.— Pain goe*i from the kidneys down through the ureler 
into the blBdder and inio ihe scrotum. There may be SBnd in the urine ihit makes 
li Jooh like blood 

LA GRIPPE" The onset is usually sudden, wilh a chill and all of ihe 
■>>mptoms of an aclave fever, heidBche, bone- ache a general ichc bII over A 
feeling of extreme weakne'>s feels m]seral>le ^nd sic^ 

LOCK-JAW (1 e la mis).- -Mimicry of a wound. The muscles of the j*w m*y 
be '>iiff and set When there Bre spBsms the mu&cles remain sliff Bnd hard for 
some lime 

MALARIAL FEVER.--Chill fever and sweal, or one slage may be ibsent 
There mB> be only a ii light ch]]ly feeling with fever ilmost ill da> and then 


MU^[FS.--Tht ^wcllin^ ]^ in ^ron1 ind bcLnw and bch]ncr ihc ctr Hard lo »1 md 

the "^x^ allowing of vinegar ]*i aimo-^l impo^ibLc 

MEASLES-— Comes on gnduBlly- There i^ a fcclang of tircchrs^ aiid languor, 
headache followed shortly by sneezing, cold symploms- running al the eyes, dry Ihroat. 
cough, much like anoidmiTy cold m lhc htBd but v^Hh 4 ficcMstcnl hard rBcking cough. 
The cruplion appears np>l m the !i]dc*i of the moulh in tht inntrsurfBcc of I he eheek*i 
lips gums and Hoft polale in si^t from Ihil of a pin-hcBcl to that of 4 split pea n bppe^bhs 
then Bbonl Ihe eyt'> Bnd thtn on tht face, che'>l and ex1remilLe'>. Tt ]s fiist in red spo1s and 
then gd"^ blotchy. This is u-^uaily lhree I0 slk dBy^ after thr appearance of the cold 
|c al arrti> sy mp tom^ 

MEASLES |Geriiiamt.~€hiLlLnes.s slighl fever, pain in the back Bnd Leg^i. coryza 
The eruplion ippeBPE on the fiist or second day^ on the fBce^ then on the chest Bnd in 
twen1y-four houra over the whole body The ^iBiid^ under Ihe jaw enlarge. 

OFHTHALMM NEONATORUM. |]nnaiuma1ion of E^ves at mrtkt.--A neven: 
CO nj unt Ij V Ll 1*1 Jii lhc ncwL>-l>i>rn baby ^wclLn^ ind ri:dne'>^ usually of both eyes 
occurring on the second or 1hird di> afler birlh >cry wjon there i^ a disrharge ind 
■^hi>rtly it becomes creamy pid \^h](.h runs from the eyes when the hds are parted 

PLELR]S"\.~The onse1 may be sudden or gradual. Sudden with a chill fever, a 
soere ^harp pain, si itch m the *iide, made worse by re*ip]ral]on.eDughLng or moving 
The cough ]s dry The pain 1^ near the breasi and some1ime'> ]t e^tend^ lo the back 

PNEVMONIA.~lT begins wi1h 4 chill, fever, pain m the lungs, expectoralion wilh 
cough, and lhe matenal ^p]t up mav be mixed w]th blood /rus1y sputa). Then also ripid 
nseof lemperature, "grunling" breilhing, 1he nostrils dilate, ind 1he cheeks are flushed 

joinis be4.ome involved. 1 1 hprea4±i from one jojnt lo another^ verv painful joinis, profuse 
s^^ eating 

SMALLPOX.— The onset is sudden and ushered in by 4 chilU nausea and vomil]ng. 
headache and severe pi]ns in the back and legs, wUhou! grip *iymp1oms. There is a npid 
riJiC of lemperalunz Usually on the Fourlhdij after Ihe onset smill red pimples appear 
on the forehead, along 1he line of lhc hair and on the wrisls. The temperature tails wi1h 
the appearance of the eruption. 

SPO'l'lED FEVER.--Mirked li>ss of ippelUe, chill, projeclile vo mi1 1 ng, severe 
headache, pain and stiffness of the ba4.k and neck. Laler head is drawn back oflen lhc 
back is rigid. The muscles c\ lhe neck and back ire very tender 


SCARLET FEVER. 15carlBliDa|.~CoiTm on '>uddciily wilh [oh^ of a[i[iclilc. 
headache sick stomach perhaps vomiting, high fever, ^orc IhiDil, >om]ting may pcra]st 
The longuc L^ coBtcd edges ire red later l1 i^ red iJid rtjugh. Ihc so-called "^Irawbeny 
tcnguc Usually w]thin twenly-four biuur^ an eniption ap[i»r^, fLP>l upon the neck and 
cbinit which "^preBd"^ rapidly over lhc fBcc and Ihe re^t of ihe tody The cnipt]on consists 
of red p]mply elcviUorei ibnut the s]/e o\ 4 pin-bicid, very close logctbicr, so thai the 
bod> "^ecms lo be covered with 4 scarlet flu'th. [f ^'ou look closely you can nee the^e lutle 
pjniplj elcviUons 

rVBERCLXOSES OF THE LUNGS.- Trregulir Cempcralure^ respiritLon is morr 
frequent thin normal, pnlM^ is rBp]d, cough, expectoriUon, night swells, perh4p'>, and 

general failure of strength. 

I'ONSELITES. ISmccth und K(]lllciilBF>.--Coniinenceb wUh 4 chill, rapid n^c of 
temperBture, general Bching ]n Ihc biclz ind leg'> c^peciBlly The tonsils are iBrge Bnd red 
and spo1s may appear on them in a few houis There mBy be no spoK but b smooth, red, 
swollen loii'>iL '>ome1iine'f swollen 1o in enonnoici size The spot and membrane, if any 
exists ire CBsily nibbed off and when this isdnne b ghslening '>urface i'> seen, but not 
tbw, as m diphlheriB 

TVPHOID FEVER- There is 4 feeling of illness for a week or two ind 1hc pBlien! 
IS not able to work much, doe*^ no1 '>lecp well dreams h^^ a doll heBdBche, bBck of the 
neck mBy be s1iff nosebleed sometimes, with a feeling is if there ^^bs some fe>er 
in(.reBS]ng feeling o\ weakness and ^ick feeling. Finally Ihc fever e1(.., becomes more 
pn^mjnenl with conslipalion Bnd diarrhea. 

ULCER OF IHE CORNEA.— L]ghl hurls the eyes very mucti, te*p> run trecly and 
there is 4 feeling of something in lhe eye The eyebill shows a nm of p]nl: congest]on 
about 1 he cornea The ulcer can be seen 

ULCER OF THE STOM.ACH.--Fain, local tenderness bleeding. D]s1ress if1er 
eat]ng and vomiling of a >eTy ac]d fluid. PBin ]n lhe region o^ Ihe stomach and WiUBlly 
shaqr pBin ]n 1he biclz i'> the mo'>l coibtani symplom. Il i'> incre4'>ed by food 41 once ind 
relieved by vom]ting. The tenderness upon pressure is usually marked and ]s localized 

WHOOF[NC-COU<;H.-- Begins with s>mplom'> of a cold in lhe eyes, nose ind the 
chest The cough graduall> liecomcs ^^oise, usually ]n fnim seven lo lenday^, il comes 
in piK^xysms fspell^j Bnd then the ^^hoop 





WMh D^finilion. Cause, S^mplonis, Prcveolives^ 

Mofbers' Rt^medies, Phv^iciani/ 1 realm enl; 

also Dkl, Nursing sind S^iiilary Care; all Ibr Home 

Use aod RefereDcer 

THE ANATOMY OF THE NOSE.-- The no« ls d]^ idcd by a middle pirlinon 
Iscptuml into IwocavHic^ InB-^fll chambcisor fo^>sac^ cicbi bc]n^ 4 ^^cdgc-sbiapcd t:i>]t> 
d]'^1incl by Jtscif ind CTtcndjiig from lhc nostril or anlcnor nircs in front to lhc postcnor 
opcn]ng'5 behind ind \roru lhc ba*K? of the *ikijil lo lhc hard pfllilc hclo^^_ Whcrt lhc 
posterior opening or nare^ cni:t> 1*1 4: b I Led the nosc-phBrynfL The pharynx jojns Ihcrt with 
the cavil ics and hence called nose-pharynx. The pirtiUon |'>ep1iim| iE thin onc-lcnlh I0 
onc-eighth of in inch in 1hickne'>^ ind is composed la fiont of cartilage fgnsticj ind 
behind of bone In il-^ normal *i1ale 1his pirlHion l^eplumj should be peri"ectiy !itri]ght, 
thin End in 1he Ki]ddle linc^ The cartilaginous (gristle) podion ih !icldom found in thi'> 
condit]on i^, owing to ]t^ pn^m]nent locBtion and frequent eipo-^urc lo injury blows and 
ffllhng on 1he nose, the pBrtUion |^>eptijm| is oflcn beni or Inrncd lo one ^ide or 1he olher 
si> fflr in !iome CBse^ as to close 1he nostril The po*iterior part i^ composed of hone_ inJ 
being well protected, is seldom found out of p<:i!i]tion or di^plBced, even when lhe 
cart]lig]noiJ^ porlion ]s often badly deformed. The floor of 1he nose 1*1 formed by the 
upperjiw bone fmaTillaryf and lhe palate bone The outer wbII of lhe ni>se or nose 
cavUy is the nnst complicaled for U presenis Ihree pn^m]nence^, the turirinoted bones 
which exlend from before bickwards End part]ally di^]de the no^e cavity ]nto incomplete 
spices CBlled meBtus p4'>sages The Hirbinaled bone'> are three in number, the inferior, 
middle and buperjor They vary ]nsize knd shape. End 




BToncbial Tubcik UFid Lungii 


owing 10 I he rrlalions thry hear to the "^UFFOLindi ng p*rte_ ind to lhc ]nflucncc I hey rxrrt 
on the general condLlion of the none and ihnsBt, arc of grcal importance. The ]nfcrLoror 
lower turbinale lH>nc is ihe largc^l End in a way 1^ Ihr only ]ndepcndent bone. The 
middle and '>u[ier]or are ^mal] They are all concave in shape and exiend from before 
bBck^^BPils^ and benealh the 4.oncB>e '>Lirfaee of each one of the rorre'^pond mg pas'>4ges 
or openings (meatusj ]'i formed The ]nfenoror lower fmeiliis^ opening or pasjiBge ih 
thai part of 1he nBSBl |nose) pas^ige ^^h]ch lie'> benealh the inferior lurbinale bone and 
eTtrni±> fn^m the ntJ-^lriK in froni lo the passBge beh]nd Ihe noie |post-ni^ilj Ipostrnor 
naresj lowaid 1he phBrynx. The middle opening (mcalu-i) lies above the inferior lurb]nalc 
bone ind below Ihe m]ddle turbinate bone. The supenor opening Imeatu^l iii siluated 
abo^e 1he middle turi>inBte bone 

The mucous membrane linjiig Ihe ni^al pipages i^ similar to olher mucous 
menibrane'>. It is heie calJed IHl' Schncidenin membrane ifter the name of a German 
anatom]'f1 nimed Schneider 11 ]s (.onUnnous thiongh ihe duds with the mucous 
membrane of all 1he various accessory c av il les of 1 he nose 11 is quite thin, in lhe upper 
pari o>er Ihe superior turbmile bone and partilion (seplnmj \^h]le U i*^ quite lh]4.k o>er 
the lower turi>in4le bone, the fUior of the no^e civity and the lower part of 1he partUion 
[t ]s well supplied with blood vessels. vc]ns, and glands for pn3duc]ng Ihe necessary 
seem ion 

The no-^e i^ an organ of breilhing |resp]ralionl ind il warms and mo]'i1ens Ihe i]r we 
breathe and iiresK particles of dusi in 1he air before they enter the lungs, [f lhe i]r we 
breathe is of an uneven lemperature. or of marked degree of dryness, or jf ]t is ^alurated 
wUh impunties i1 ilwaj-^ atl-^ as a "^ouire of ]rri1al]on lo the mucous membrane of Ihe 
upper respiratory Iratl like 1he Jarynx By 1he 1imc the air reaches Ihe pharynx, Ihrongh 
the no'>e, il has become ilmosi ^^ warm as the bliHHJ, and also ]s well satunled wilh 
mo]sture. Th? mucous membrane 1hat lines the nose cavUy ind especially Ihat part over 
the lower turbinate bone secretes fn^m sjitleen to twenly ounte^ of fluid daily This Fluid 
cleanses and lubricates the nose ind moistens the air we breathe. Condilions miy ari^ie 
which interfere wUh lh]s natunl M^cretion. This mi> be due to the facl Iha1 ^>ome of the 
glands have shrunk or wilted fimjph]edl and the setrelion hi^ become thick Th]s 
colle4.b> jn lhe nn^sc, decompo'>e'> and forms scabs and crusis in lhe nostrils In 1his 
cond]tion there wjII be dropping of mu^w> in1o Ihe ihn^at Th]s condilion is usually only 
a collection o\ m^c rations from the nose —which are too 1hick to flow aw *>,— collect in 
the spicc beh]nd lhe ni>se. and when wjmc hi>e iccnmnliled, dn^p inio the pharym 

En order to be in good health ]t is necessary lo breath through the nose, and to do thu> 
there musi be nothing ]n lhe nose or upper part of the pharynx to ]nterfere with the free 
ciiculalion of Ihe air thiough Ihesc CAvities. The cavil]esof 1he nose miy be 


porLly clD.'^d b> pel pi fCumoi^] on lbic ujtprr and m]ddlc tuFbLnilc bonc^ k spur on the 
(SErplum^ p2ni[]on, dtviBLinii of ihc pjrLil]cin orcnliT^cd turbinijc boncB^ cir jdcnnjds In 
Lbit upptr pin of Lhc fihar^'n^. Thr.sf tiuubLc^ almost clo:^ up ihc nose ^Dmclimcs ind 
Lfic PE^nson IS coinprlLcd Eo brcalhi^ ihiDugh his rruiulbi He nol cnly LoaLs FociliEh^ LiJks 
thict tiu1 ds lB>jng up for biimsclf fuLurc trouble By corroding ihc Iroubli^ m Ihc nose 
and i^nnving Lbc adenoids in Lhe upper pad of Lbic phiTynx Lbic piLicnl una brroLbic 
tfirau^h tht nBSBl passagrs If you Likr a Lnbc >ou can pi&s i1 "lErojghl bBck Ihrou^bi lhc 
hwETf channel ^melius) into Lhc phirynx [t will Lcmch lhc upper bick wall of Lbic 
phBryux. [f lhc lubc hjs b do'^uward brud >ou cm sec jL behind lhc .soft palBLe and by 
attaching a Mnn| lo thj1 end >ou caji dra^^ il back out Ibircni^h thi: no:£lrib>. In thit way 
we plug the pcislcrtorapcntn^ fuircs^ The upper pBrl ot lhc pharynx reAchch fiighrr up 
behind ihin a line dra^n biori£anlBll> abcve lhe 1ip oJ the nose to 1bic ph^Tyux. \i re3che'> 
forwirJ nbo^e Ihe sofi pBlalc on its fjonl surfBce [ts fninl surface ts nlmosl dircclly on b 
verttTBl Itne wi1fi IohseI^ ibove thescfE pBlile On t1s upper pan and on 1bic "iide near tbie 
nose cavil y is the openin| oflhe cuhlBchiin lube. 

The name naso- ph n ry- nx mcBn^ lhc junclinn of lhc Jiose anti phBryjix Sometimes llic 
upper poslcncir wall oJ the pbiaryn\, CBltL'd the v^uU of Ihe pharynx^ espectBit) Ihe parE 
behind cBch euMBchiBn lubL'. t^ J]Llcd Blmost full wtlh Adcuo]ds. These Brc overgTDwths 
icir thickcntngs of the glandulir tjs^ue in lhc upper paslcnor wmH of the phiiyn^ (^buI[ cf 
the phBjyjixf 

\DFN01DS. JPhar^ngcal Tasslln LirKehhas Ido^IIh Adenoid \ cgctallan, Tast- 
iiisul <irDii Eh^)-- Adenoid*^ are overgrow I h*^ or I h i c ke n ng*^ oJ the glandulAr tissue in the 

VBuJt ^tufij oJ Ihe pharyniL Tl]e> jre on the upper pas tenor \^bII ciF the pliBrynx^ often 

ruling lhe whole spBce^ espectBll> the pan behtud the eaF-lubc~eiEtach]an 1ubc. 

They Brc b sof1 pliable mj^s^ well supplted ^ilh blood vessels especially m chtldreo. 
Some are I inner and 1hcsc ^re Ihe kind seen in adulls. The color VBrtes li~oin pale pink to 
dark red The Mruelure is similar to enlarged tonstl*^. 

S} m p tc ois.— C htid re n breathe chiefly or wholly Ihrough lhe mouth. They are apt to 
breathe nLit^t]>. espeeiilly when they eal ind drink They sleep wilh their moulli open^ 
brcaihe hard ind snore They have itlacks of "flight ^ulTocition sometimes, e'^peciilly 
seen in vouug chtldren There mB> be difficulty in uuising in jnfanLs. they sleep pooriy, 
toss aboul ]n hed^ moan, lalk^ and nigbl Eerrora are common. 

^1 .-^Jf-7PB,4 _ ^HHlt ^^-^^^^I^ 



r ""V^""^ 




They miy al^n sx^cal very much dun iig ^Icirp. A coruitanl hack] ng or b h rk i ng cough is 4 
CO m mo n sy mp torn and lhis cough is of1cn 1 ro ub Lcsomc for '>omt hours before going to 
bed Trouble*! ^^]th 1hc larvnx ind pharym ire common and spasmodic Liryng]tis 
appeals To be often dcpendL^m upon Bdcnoicfc BronchiBl asthma and '>nce7ing ]n 
pBroity^m^ etc ^ometimeji connected with 1hcm. The chest becomes deformed. The 
pTDlonged moulh-breathing impBrt*i lo adenoid palienis a charicten^Uc look in 1he ^ace. 
The lowerjiw ]'i dropped ind the Lip^ are kept con-^lantiy ipirl In many cases Ihe upper 
hp isshtjrL- ^how]ng *iomc pin of 1he upper teeth. The dropping of the jiw draws upon 
the '>oft parts End tends lo obhierale lhc niluraL fold^ of ihe ficc iboul the no'^e L]ps^ and 
cheek'> The fice hu^ an elongaled appearance ind thi: CTpres^]on i^ VBC^m listless or 
even stupid. The no^e is nBrrtJW End pinched, from long continued miction o\ Ihe wing^ 
of the nose (ilae nas]J The root o\ Ihe mwic may be tial ind brtJBd. When 1hc dj-^ea-^e set;* 
in during eirly ch]Ldhood, 1he pilale msy become high arched, [f 1he dj'^ease contjnueb 
beyond second leelhing, 1he arch of the palate becomes higher and ihe lop of ihe irch 
more pomled The upper jiw elongates and lh]!i often Liuses lhe fnsnl leelh to pn^jec! fir 
beyond the corresponding teeth in 1he lower jbw. The h]gh arched pi I ale iii often 
ob'>erved to be i'>sociited wUh i deflected pamt]on {septum) in 1he none. 

The speech i^ BfFecled in a characterislic wiy. i1 icquires i deid charicter. There is 
inabikly lo pnnnounce Ihe nasal consonant sounds pjt, ff, Bnd ff^ Bnd the K f, and fJz 
sounds Bre changed. Some bickwar^css in LeBrnang lo art]CLilale ]s otten noticed. 

Deafness is frequently present varying in degree, transient and peraastenl. AttKzkfi of 
eariche ire common Bnd aKo runn]ng o\ Ihe eary. The ear 1 nn u bles oflen inse from 1he 
extension of cilarrh fn^m the nose- pharynx through Ihe eustachiin tubes 1o lhc middle 
ear. Somelimes 1hc Bdenoicfc block the enlrance to 1he Hibcs. The ventililion ol 1hc 
middle eir mi> be impeded. Dr. Bal]^ of London England^ siys "Ear Iroubles in 
children are undoubledLy, in the ^as1 majorUy of cases dependen! upon 1he presence of 
Bdemid vegelation" fgrowlhsj 

Children with adenoids ii~e very liable to colds in 1he head, which aggravale ill the 
symptoms^ and in the slighler ^onns of lhe disea'^e Ihe symptoms mi> hardl> be 
noliceable, except when 1 he child is suffering fnjm a cold 

ChTDnic catarrh is of1en caused by adenoicfc A chronic pici discturge often 
develops, especially in children Thei^ is often a hilf-pus discharge trickling o>er the 
poslenor will o\ lhe phiiynx from lhe nose-phiiy nx . ArHl >et some children with 
adenoids never have any discharge from lhe nose There may be rmre or less dribbling 
of saliva fiom the mou1h especially in young children^ ant1 I his is usually worse during 
sleep. Headache is no1 uncommon when Ihese gro\^1hs persisl in1o adult life they 
continue lo give rise 1o most of the symploms just described although Ihcse symptoms 
may be less marked because of the relilively larger size of Ihe nose-pharynx. The older 
patients seek relief usually fi^sm nasal cilarrh s>mp1oms They complain of a dry thnsit 
on w iking and I hey ha^^k and coughs In order 1o cleir the s1ick> secrelion from 1hc 
throal The idenojds have often undergorte a considerible amount of shrinking but they 
frc4]uently give nse to a Ironblesome inflammalionof the nose arHJ 


phirjnx- Roundtd or irregular red clcvalions will often be "^cen on lhe pm>tcnor Vr3.[i of 
the phflrynx OLitgn>^Mhy o\ iiJeno]d liJi-iuc in thi^ region SLm]LBrclcvaliorui arc 
somcUmc'^ "^ecnon 1bic posterior p]Llar^ of 1bie fBiiccs The lonHilji ire often enlarged. A 
good deal of ibiick discharge will sometimes be ^cen in lhe pofitcrior wbII of lbic phBrynx 
proceeding from 1 he no^>e-phirynK _ 

A]thi>Lif h idenojd*^ Like lhe normal lonsil usually lend to dimmish and disappear 
WLlh lhe ipproBLhof yomh I hey eonsUtme dijr]ng childhood i (.on*iLin1 sourt^e ot danger 
Bnd Innnble Bcid not Lnfrcquently inflict permancnl mi'^chicf. Also children affL]cled wilh 
Bden>ids arc Less Bbic to cope wi1h d]phlheria^ bc:BrLe1 fcver^ mea^Les^ wboopLng-eongh^ 

DeafFi«tfi, nwLith-brcB thing habil ind impcTfccE rc^w nance of lhe voice^ ^ well me 

1he charae1erisl]c expression of the faee_ \^iLI oflen rcmBin bs permanenl effects of 1 fie 
]mpairment oF funclion due to these growlKs in childhiHid, even Ihoiigh the> have more 
or Lc-^s compldely disappcBred. The colLBp-^ed stile of the w]ng^ o\ the nose_ Bnd ^^Bs1ed 
condition o\ lheir mu-^cles. resulting trtjm long disease, often contnbulcs lo the 
perpetuBtion of 1he mo u th- b rei1 hmg habil On lhe o1her hand lhe rBpid improvement, 
■fter a timely removal of the growlhs, is idUBlly very sinking 

TreBtmc dL— The only lh]ng lo do is to remove Ihem soon, no mailer how young lhe 
pBtient niBy be. An anaesthelic is u^uilly g]ven 1o children. The opcrBtion does not tike 
long and 1he pi1icn1 soon recDvep> fnnm iK effecis The result of an operBtion. especiaLly 
in >oung ch]Ldren is usually >ery sat]sfBctoiy. Brealh]ng ihn^ugh the nose is re- 
established, 1hc fBcc eipression is changed for the better. The symptoms bs before 
de-^cnbed di-^Bppear lo a greal exlent 

COLDS. ICor^vzB. Ante ^asal CaLarrh. Acntt abinills|.--Th]s is in 

infLimniBtion of the miKoib n^embrBue linjug lhe nose. 

C Busra— Exposu re 1o cold or wc1 when lhe body is overhcBted; sudden orcTtrcme 
changes in the ilmosphere inhahng irntBting Inmes ordusl. 

S^nipt4>ius.--A ch]lly feeling. Limbs ache, tendency 1o sneeze, severe headache 
above lhe nose eyes are dry. s1opped-up feeling ]n the noslnls. Then ihere ]s a 1hin 
walcry dmchirge. ibUBlly of in imtalingchB racier vcTy thin at fiist, but ]t soon becomes 
thicker nomeUmes lhe CBrs ring |1inniliis). The ni>se Bnd L]ning is red ind swolLen. 

MOTHERS' RF:MEDIKii.--J. Colds. Itarax Tar Cold St Ukd rin IhronL "For a 
cold in the throat, dissoLve a p]cce of boraT 1he size of b pea, in 1he mouth and don't 1alh. 
T1 will work Like i charm." Th]s is Bn old Bnd ^^clL tned remedy Bnd is >ery good for 
colds or sore ihmBt ]1 icts b^' conlrachng the tissues and ]n thi1 VrKy Ihere is lois 
congeslion ]n lhe pads. 


2. Colds^ ValuBtlr CaitioD BMd matm^^nl rir.~Mp> Maxwell of ClocLBnd. 
wrUcs in the ClcvclBnd Prc^^ b-^ follows: "Ef >ou intend to 1rcal Ihc cold youp>c]F lake ]t 
up at the ou1sc1 Don't wai1 for it to develop To break i1 up, nolh]n^ l^ bdtcr thin the Full 
hoi balh al bed Umt or lhc foot bath wuh muMard followed by a hol dnnk. Tt ]^ oLd- 
FB'^hiontd but EC]entiri4., for nint cold'> oul of ten are doc lo cloggtd porc^. Bcn.j4ni]n 
Franklin '>4]d 4 hundred ycun ago ihat all eold^ comt ^rom impure kir^ lark ot exercise, 
and oveF-cat]ng md nobody ha^ ever beltercd tit"^ concLuF^Lon. Even contagious coldb 
will no! be taken if lhe bodilj resistance is kcpl 41 pir_ More Frc^h air, It^ grip Avoid 
people ^^ho hB^e coltfc Bnd tecp out of bBdly >crljLBtcd room*i Sluffystrcel cirs Bre 
rcEponsibLi: for hilf lhc hird colds, nol becBust pcopli: get chilled, bin bi^causc Ihc ^ir i:£ 
foul And when you hBve 4 cold keep bw4> from tht baby If the bBby tBlzcs a cold, let il 
have medical itlcntion al once. Don't experiment upon ]t wi1h remedies intended for 

3. Cild5, ^[DlBEaes- Vinegar 5f ruy for.— 'One- half cup of nnilasse^ butler Ihc size 
of a hickory nu1, one iBblespoon vinegBr hoil 1ogcther_ Dose: One leaspoonful or less is 
the case rcqu]res Take oflcn until relieved " Thi^ is an old remedy and 4 good one 

4. Coldffs Quinine and Crinp^tr fir.~"Gi^e plenty of quinine and dnnk hot waler 
wuh gin^^r in Jt_" Qiiinim: is wi: bII kntjw. ]s an old remedy for colds and Ihcreforc wc 
all know how ]t ac1s_ The ginger wiims up the syslcm Bnd produces sweating. Care 
"fhoiiLd be laken when using 1his remedy not to lake cold, as the pores ire aIL opened by 
the quin]ne 

5l Colds^ Bontstl ror.~"Eoncset tea steeped ind drank cold cures a cold " Bonebel 
simply 4cts by cau.'^]ng a betler circulation in 1he system and in thu way sweating is 
produced and we all know thai a good "fweH Vr\[] usually curr a cold if 1ahen in 1ime. 

6^ St>err Cold or Threalrnrd CDnsunpllDnL~"One p]nt of nnlisses, one pint of 

^]iic^ar, three lablespoonfuls o^ \^h]te pine tar lei I h]*^ boil not qu]te haH down; remove 
fnnm the "^lo^e ind Ie1 stind un1il nexl day, then late and skim 1ar off from the top, 
throwing tar Away Jar up and take as often as necessATy. Spoonful every half to two 
hours " 

7. CiLds, Rock Camd^ S>rup fa r.- - "Ten ce nts worth of rock candy, one pinl of 
whisky, one pml of waler, fifleen cents worth of glycenne; mix all logether lh]s w]ll 
Eyrup itself " Take one teaspoonfnl as oflen as necebsary This is excellent 

Bl ColdSn Skunk's Oil Tor.-- "Skunk's oil has cured colds qu]ckly by rubbing on chest 
and Ihroat/ The l^jI penelrales quickly And relieves the congest]an This remedy cah 
always be lelied upon 

9. Cilds, Ltmcasand ^[u^aFd Tor.-- 'A hot lemonade laken on going 1o bed and 
pul lhe feel in a hol niuslard bAlh laken in time will brcAk up a cold " The idcA of lhe 
^ool bath ]s to cquAli/e the 


circulation^ as so miny of our cnlds begin ]n ihc hcid and by drBwing tbie blood from lhc 
head ihc congested part^ of the head ire relieved- 

10. C«LdE and Con^hs Hops orCatmly Poullirc fir.— 'Hops or catnip pol in Little 

bBg'> and stL'Bmctl untjl ho1 1hcn plBceJ on Lnn^s ind Ibiroat.' Ttiis is a ^er> good 
remedy^ as the hot bags act bs a poultice and driw I he congeal ion fnnm the dL'>eB'^ed 
pBds. ]l pmduces nol only LocbK bu1 generBl persp]ration. 

11. Cilds^ Honr^ FDr.~"EBt honey. I hive Incd 1h]s many Umeb and i1 ]s very 
good " The hi>ncy ]s very Mjothing, bu1 ]f b litlle bioarhound or lemon i-i added ]t would 
mabe ]t much n»re effective Thi^ ]s a good remedy for children, is tbiey mo^t all like 

12. Cilds, 1o Hrcak Up bI the Oulsrt.--"To break up a cold sobIz Ihe feel in bio t 
waler Biid think bIL thL' cold v^Her >ou can " This bias been kEiown 1o cure many severe 
coick if tiken at the beginning 

J3. Cild in tht Chest h Muttcn lallai^ and Red Pepper for.-- "Lf cold ls in the 
chest, render enough muHon UJLo\^ for onL" cupful and Bdd one leB-^poonful oF red pepper 
and rub on ches1 Bnd apply a flannel to keep oul the loIJ. Thi^ 3S an oJd-time remedy and 
a good one " 

J 4. Colds, Lard and I urpi^nLrine far.--" Melt a hilf cupful of lard Bnd add one and 

one- halt teaspoonJuJs of lurpentjnc, rub on che'>l and Bpply flannel cloth.' 

J 5. C«Ld+ Milk amd C^emne as a Pre ^ en I Ire .--"Drink b glB:£'> of milk wiih a pinch 

of ci>enne ]n it This will "A'arm IhL" stomach and present headache " 

PHVSICIANS" IREATMENl for C Blds.--Fre^tmtlvc. Avo]d ihe known c Buses 

of the tiouble. A daily cold bath, if well borne, is held lo be Bn effectual prevenl]on 

again^l tBkin^ cold Have the adenoids renmved if your physician so recom mentis U ]f 
■^L'cn eirly it can frequently be iborled Bilhe 1he feet in hoi micitaid waler, b small 
hBndful of mustaid 1o 4 pail hilf full of hoi water. At the same 1ime, dnnk hot te4'>, like 
hoBrhound, g]nger, lemonade, elc Then put tbie pBtient to bed and pla4.e biot waler fruit 
jais Brtjund him This Irealment will pnsduce 4 good swei1 After Ihe sweating has 
continued for some 1ime and 1bie patient feeK unco mforl able because of 1bie ^weal baihe 
h]m with a 1owel dipped in warm waler ind dry the part^ a-^ you go along. Of course, all 
of this IS done undercover. Af1er you have balbied and dried the parent, put on a clean 
and well-aired nigh1 shid and clean shceb>, bIho well a] red. This simple IrealmenI will 
abon most colds The parent should keep in bed for 41 least twelve houis after such a 
swealing Plenly of cold water ind lemonade cin be gnen e'>peci4lly after the pal]enl 
has betome cooler. Plenty of wi1er ]s good bor any cold, ho1 outside and cool for Ihe 
inside. Tbie bowels shi>uld be opened wilh sails. A Dover's powder (ten grain^f will 
pn^duce sweating but why use kt when ^wcat]ng can be produced by the means faist 

1. Camphor amd Vasehnc Mixcd^ cr Caimphftr and Crcam^ nibbed in ihc nose is 
good 1o stop Ihe cold and soreness. 


1l a few drops {two or Ihircl of camphor Utcn mlcmally cvciy Ihrcc houra will atcrfajmc 
t:oki>. cspK]Blly iflhc rxv^ is iLL the lime pi>unngout diDpsof witcr 

A Acnmic in ^rrnlL draics, onc-tcnlh of a dmp, every two hours is b spLendid rcuKdy a1 1hc 
bcpnmnf^ My CKpcncixe h*isbLiwn mc Iha1 BCi>nilcdoK bcMcrworl: in 1bcsc Mnal I ttmcs Pul 
one drop ]n ten IcasfKwnfulsof WBlcr and give one teaspccnfuL at adcFW 
4- Tte fbllowi ng L^ gixxl fur a thick disc hicge ino]l ^prBV 
MrnthQl 6gnin^ 

Chloroform 5 drop*i 

Cimplxjr 5 gnire> 

Liquid ALbulinc 2ounccs 

M]x and mikc into asoluliDn Use in kzi Blumizcr, cvci^' l^u huuni 

TDcLeajTiC Ihc ixi^trils washout each nccilnl gcnlJ> ^Mth i soLiilion made of one teaspconFuL 
ofli^terine or gLyco-lhymolinc- or ttuolj p1oL, or one-quadcr teasptionfuL of common ^aJl ]n a 
hiLf glfisorwarm ^^ater. 
YoLicBn Lise 4 va]X]n^er incl Ihis isolution 

Menlhol 5 fjiin^ 

Cimphor ^gnin^ 

Comjxjund 1]ix turo t^nnn]!! I JrBin 

Liquid \iboiine I ounce 

Mlt Bnd makesulutLou and lise frec|Lien1]> m b iKbulizcr 
Never snuff BsolLilion in1o the no!ie, and lJd no! Ho^^ the no!ie hBid ifLerL£>ing. Sumeof Ihe 
"^iutionor nisii di*^ hir^e niBy be foiced in1o the eustachian lube. 

f . Lard or camphorated oil nihbed on the no^e arxl thioat twice a day \s good 
L To Uestore Uk Luwof Ihe Vokc^- 

O]lof ftinleipjecn 2draiK 

LirasLin or vaseline I ounce 

Mix and nib on the Ihioal bI nigh1 Bnd put on flBnneL until iiH>rning Thj'> will i^lieve 
Ihe kws of v^oice very piomplly 
7. Pul B quad of boiling water in 4 pilchen add from 1wo to four drimj> of 1he comjxjurkd 
t]n^ ture of benjoi n ind inhale 1he hut Mpor. Wrip Ixjlh heid Bnd pitcher in a towel This is ver^' 
gocd for sure throil aLoj. 

& l]erb'iea5fDr.~Gingerlea^eBlnip^ hoarhound pennyroyal, etc hjl are iFFgnod to 
produLC "sweaUnE iml thus relieve cold_ 

9. From Dr. Ball« a Loudon + Eug hi iid« Spec iaibt- 

Menlhot 3^ gruns 

Eucalypbl 3!Ii diofts 

CBrbulic Kid 2drBnri 

Recliflcd ^pi rils of w]ne I drBm 

Max thnmughly b leaspccnful to be pii1 jnto 4 pant for lew>J of fcl witer Bnd Ihe 
sleamlo be inhaled Ihioufh the n™»e for four or five minules.This is WT^rf in acLile 
cqIi±i^ espeeiiLly in Ihe I Bler sU^e'> Bnd in chronic CBlBrrh^ele. 

14 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

10. WhtD fht fliagt ^ ralhrr xiarh^lor pT^longnJ ^proy or ^ynngr out the no^c 
WLtti Icpid :£olutLon oik^: or Iwlcc b dA> us]ng Ihc rollo^^]ng 

BicHrbDnilc of bodt 3 Id 5 grB]rL'> 

Borax 3 Id 5 grB]mk 

Trpid WBtcr ] ounce 

U!iC B spray dQuchr, or girglc in chronic catBrrh and chron](. phBryng]tis_ 
Wbicn >ou WL'>bi 1o use b lar^c quBnUly mix an equal quBnLHy tBcbi of sodi and 
borax Bnd [lut a couple 1caspooiiluJ±] to each pint o^ warm water ind use. 

CA I ARRH. I^Jhronit- InlluramaLion of t^M Nose, ^Jhraiii^: S hi n ill jf J . Caii?H:^.~ 

Frequem 4ltB(:ks o\ cold't LTTJtiUiig gBsc^ and dust^ adenoids, enlarged tonsiK spijp> on 
the "^eplLim ^pamtJO^ bone] or foreign bodies in the nose, hke corn bcBos. "^lone, etc. 

SjaiptDiu^ aad C d u rse.-- There are al ten tions of 1 bie secretions: the aini>iint VBnes 
in lhe same cise al dilTerenl limes. Somelimes ]t is lh]n ind wilery^ or thick sticky 
mucu'f or lhis m^y al temple wuh more WBtery discharges ]1 KiBy be mnciEi ind fiu't or 
entirely pus. Frequently the secrelions disthirge in1o lhe Ihn^Bt Bnd ciuse efforls 1o cleir 
It by hawk]ng ind spilling The secretion some U nies dries and fonn"^ crusts m the lore 
pBrt of the tnrbinBted bones and p^miion PalienLs frequently pick the no'^e for Ihis crusi 
and ulceration miy resnll 41 ihBt po]nt From i1s dLung Bleeding oFten oc^luis fK)m 
p]t:king the ^CBles Fnnm the ulcers, ind perloration of lhe pBrtUion mBy iBke place from 
ei tension of the iilcerat]on There is a feel]ng of stulTiness. There is some obstruclion 1o 
breathing, [f there is much thit^kncs-^ of lhe stniclures nasal obs1ruH]on i^ a peryi-^lenl 
■^vmptom. Changcti >oit:e, mo nlh- brei1 hing, etc Bre noliced A sensation of pBin or 
weigh! icross lhe bridge of 1he nose \h sometimes complained of and 1 his symptom is 
especially found associated with enlargement of lhe middle tur1>inated body on one or 
bolh Sides etc 

MOTHt:RN' RKiVlh:D[E<i. I. C aLarrh, Su4:cejf^ul n^mtdv ft^r.— "DlssdIvc in 
one-hfllr ounce olive oil as much camphor gum is it will take up Moislen 4 litlle finger 
wilh the oil, rub in1o lhe noslnls and snulT well up into the head " The olive oil is very 
soothing to lhe disea'^ed pads and lhe camphor conlracis the swollen mucous 
membranes, ihereby i^lievmg lhe caHrrh. This iSi an eicellenl remedy. 

1. Calarrh, Cleaning Anliseptlc Kemtd^ lor.-- "Snuff ahont one leaspoonful of 
Silt in cup of warm walcr every morning in noslnls. [ hive found Ihis remedy simple but 
fine lorc4larrh and also having sleeping room well ventilated summer arnl winler \^ill 
help incunng disease." This i^medy will be found very eFfechve in catiirh betiuse il 
loosens up the secretions ind cleanses the nose oflhe foul seci~etions and also has an 
anlisepliL aclion This can be used Iwice daily. Snuffing should be done very gently so as 
no! to draw lhe water 1oo far hick. 

3. Calarrk, ^'itch-Hazel lor.— 'Pond^ exiraci applied wUh nose spray." Pond's 
eitrict IE Kimply wilch-ha/el waler ind everyone 


knnwE th^l witch-hflzcl wHtrr ["> hcaL]ng ^nd ^iKTth]ng tn thr mcmbr4nr'> of ihc nose Thia 
may be used rcguLBrly 1^^]ct a di>_ 

4. CBlBjrh^ Cirt for.-- 

Mcnthol 10 gratic 

Camphor Gum 10 gFatic 

Chloroform 10 tliops 

FluLd Alboknt G OLinc«] 

Mjit ^ppl> in Lhc rbjibI cavHic^ wuh albolinc alnmiErr. 

5. Calarrb orktuJ+ Mnlltln Lrarcs. 'Lrtalmtnl^ rlc. For.-- "Smoke dried mullein 

Ici^cs and blow the Einokc Ihroo^h Lbie no'>i: iixl in BdditLon to lbiis pul a heaping 
tabLcspoonful of powdeied borBX in a quart of soft walcr. syringi: Ih]*^ up in Iht nose, ind 
in Bdd]tion to bolh of 1bic above frcqucmly ]nhaLc 4 miKlurc of 1wo drarrr^ of ^pirite of 
ammonia, half a dram Uncturc of ]odjnc and fiflcen drops of carboL]c at: id; smoke I he 
iTiuJLe]o syringe the bora^ water and inhale the [^^\ mixlurc aIL a^ frequenlly a*^ 
convcmenl and ]t treqiiently w]Ll core if kept up f4]lhfij]Ly " 

6. Calarrk, Milk and Sail Wash fir.~'M]T logcthcr one leasfioonful common ^^U 
a leaeopfuL milk and hilf piii1 of v^ arm waler Injccl thi't into the no'>trj[s Ihrcc lLme'> a 
day. You may use tbie simc quant] ty of borax in [ilice of the eiIe, if ^'ou choose lo do so " 

PHYSICIANS' TRF.A IMEN I" for Catarrk.--]f IhL^ paUenl is run down, give 
tomes, plenly of fresh air and sunshine in tbie "bleeping room change of ekmate to a dry, 
unchangeable climate is someUme-^ necessary- 
Local.-- Al tend 1o 4n> disturbing cause, such as adenoids, spuison 1bie partilion, 
turbinate bone, etc_ Et ]s fip>t necessary to render lhe piils clean Ihn^ugbi I he ice of some 
miLd anti-^epUc solution, such asglyco-thymoL]ne, listenne, bon^lyptoL. sail elc Salt 
should no1 be used stronger 1 h an one-quader leasfioonfnl in a glass biaLf full of waler 
The ol hers cin be used ]none to 1wo teispoonfuls lo same amoun! of w inn ^vi1er_ The 
solulion should always be m]ld and warm To use any si>Lulion pour ]t gently thiougbi lhe 
nose, tilung lhe head backward, v^Ubi lhe moulh open, then as lhe solut]on flows thTDugh 
ttie head should be pul forwanil ind downwind. The solution flows ou1 of the Enouth, and 
also out of lhe olher nostril A nisal dDuctie cup mide purposely should be used if 

1. Spra> ror.--Afler cleans]ng the nostrils with the solution ttie following soothing 
m]ld spr4> will be found of great benehL 

Menthol 5 grains 

Camphor 5 grains 

Liqu]d Alboline bounces 

M]^ and make a solut]on Use m an ilomizer or nebulizer. 

1. Fo'Adrrs for.— Ant]se[itic powders ire ilso very useful in some cises, such is, 
compound sleirate of zinc and boric acid, or compound slearUe of z]nc and alum or 
compound sleirate of zinc and menttiol. 

16 A;orH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

One nr twn dram^ ls enough lo buy al once as it is vciy light. iFwoys use it in a powder 
in Ibic following wi> 

Firsi lake b long brcalh and wbiik hi>ldjng the brcilh puff '>omc of ihc po^^drr inlo 
each no'>tnh Ihcn gently puff 1bie breath ou1 Ibirough carh noslriL. Do not snuff powder up 
the nose or ide 1hc powder-blow cr while breathing If this i^i done, "^jme will gel inio Itic 

phBrynT and larynx End c 4 use annoying ccnighing. 

3. Sfolullon for.-- 

Eicarbonate of ^lOda ]f2 ounce 

Borax ]/2 ounce 

2 alt L/2 ounce 

White Lugar I ounce 

MiT bII. HflLr a teispoonfnl lo be dissolved in one- half tumbler of winn 

WBtcr used wilh "^prBj producer or a syringe. 

4. ±ipra^+ TarL— 

Bicarbonate of soda ]-]f2 drBms 

Li!iterine ^ drams 

Water I ounce 
Usie as aspray 
OZEN A -— (FoiiL odor from nose not brealh, due 1o CBtarrti of the noscl_ The 
membrane is dry and shrunken 1 1 i-i a >ery offensive odor_ ihus called "oiena_" 

CauEts.— It IS u'^ually seen m people who are very much debilitiled^ in young 
faclory girls, and n^jmelimes in healthy boys_ Retiincd secretions in Ihe nose, usually 
cause lhe odor_ These decompose and ferment. The none is large and roomy, the nostnis 
are filled wUh scabby sec rel ions, hard masses arc formed which Eomc times fill the 

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT.-Thr fiPil few weets cleansing the nose with 
pcmituJe of hydrogen will "ilop the iHfcir Fip>l remove Ihe scabs wUh forcep-^ and 1hcn 
wash and cleanse lhe nose wilh the peioTide solution, [t can be used ^i~om one-quarter 
sirength lo full strength, bul warm This will leave lhe nose in a foamy, noapy comlilion 
and Ihi"^ can be cLean-^ed with a mild solulion of glyco-lhjmolme or salt wa1er. 

HOME TREATMEN l'.~This is veTy importanl. The patient -should use a douche 
three or four times a day In the solution glyco-lhymolme or borolyplol one or two 
teaspoo nf Ills lo one- half cup of wann wa1er, and follow by a nebulizer or atomizer in 

whkch the followim^ solution can be used 

]. Lysol 10 diops 

Oil of Pine 15 diops 

Liquid \lbaline 2oLince?i 

lAix and make a solution, spray into the nose afler douc^ng 

2m The following ointmeni can be used if Ihe re is no alomizeror nebulizer at hand' 


lodol 5 graiiK 

Bone .\c]cl lOgraiiK 

Cold cream 2oLinc«i 

Mlx and mikc iiHo in ointim^m End rub a liulc ]nti> cat-h nostnl before rrUnng. 

3. Dr. FtTgusan ofNe^f \ark jse^ tiii: rull4i^ln|^: A new Bnt]^c[ilLC tn/ynioL. Thi*^ 

IE used lik follows. —Use one pirt of cnzyinol ihrcc pBrtsof wann walcr Rub End cleanse 

the no^>e thoroughly VrMh the solution, "^Bturalc b pict^e of absorbent cotton wUh lh]!i 
soLul]on plBcc ]t in the nostril BnJ tca^c it 1here Fifteen lo t^^cnt^' ii^]niJlU]. 

HAV FEVER. (Rose Cold, Junt Ct^ld or Hb^ AEtkmB>.~This tFifUmmaUon of 1he 
nose occurs m Augui! ind September It is rcBlLy a ncrFOUs Bfrect]on of 1he nose 
mc nib Tine 

Causts.~A prcdL^pos]tion A pcculLBrsens]t]^e Brea in lhc mucous membrane of I he 
nose. An c^cil]ng ciu'v^ CLrcijl3t]ng m the air^ the dij'>t or pollen of cert Bin piBnts such ^^ 
TBg-wecd hav Bnd barle> 1he odor of certain flowers, such i^ rtj^c^ Bnd ^olnJen nnd. dicit 
of soine druf> as ][iec4c ind bcn7.0Le icid^ the odor of "lOme animals. It usuBlly comes 
abou1 Ihe samt date eich yeir, growing worse CBch ycBr and^ ]n lime^ affects the 
bTDnchial tubes 

S>mpt(^Bi9.~Thr earlLC'>l s>Kip1oms art, usuBlly an ] tc h i n^ senh at]o n m the i~oof of 
the monlh and 1hc pilale or itch]ng ind burning al tht inner corner of the eyes Imtalion 
wnh]n Ihe nose ]s alsi> eiperLcnced ind ^ery soon spells of sneezing set in The nose 
soon feek bluffy and obstructed and lherc is 4 clear waler dj-^charge from the nose, 
which IS c^pccully copious aflersnecjin^ The e>c^ look red and WBtcry and lhc 
eyeballs pa]n ind therr i'> also pijn in the forthcBd ibovt tht nose ll m^y tike severBl 
dBy-i to develop 1hese symptoms They ire idually wop>e in 1he mom]ng \f1er "^omc 
dBys thc^c symptoms become more pcp>i'f1enl and "ic^ere. The no^lnls art (.omplctely 
closed, Bnd tht pal]enl mus1 brcBtht through Ihe imiuth, and Ihe spells o^ snee/mg ire 
very violeni The Lonjunctiva becomes congcsled Bnd red, a profuse wilery d]schargE 
runs fn^m the eyes ind 1he lids ire swollen. In severe cases lhc face look^ red and 
■swollen. The mucou-i membrane of the mou1h phiTynx and lonMl"^ i^ more or le^s 
reddened Bnd imtiled, '>mell Bnd tB'tle Bre impaired and somel]mes Ihe pa1icn1 i'> '>l]ghtly 
deaf The parent feels tired weak Bnd il i'> hanH lo study or do manual libor Shghl 
feelings o\ chillncs^ Bre common. 

MOTHERS' RKMEDEES. L. Hay fevcn Qukk Rtlkf fTDm.--"For hay frver ind 
o1her slighl forms of disea^e^ which produce sneezing, there is no lemedy more qij]cbly 
effeclive and oflencnrBtive IhBn a >aporof heated sbIi and Bicohol. Heat il very hoi and 
brealhc the vapor forlen m]nule^ Bt b t]me, four or fi>c t]mes i day " 

1. Hb> Fever, Remedy Wortk Trjin^ for.-- "A mixture ^.omposed of ten grBins of 

sulphile of /inc. hilf leaspoonful of bonx, and Bbonl four oiJiK.e'> ot rose water This is 
very good to inject into the noiitnis if Ihere is much irntBlion of eyes Bnd no^lnls " 

I3t A;orH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

3. Haj fcvtr, Oir Canadian Rtxitd^ ft^r. - - "T n h a[c !imokc fiom gntund ccffcc 
(:£prinklc ovcrtoil-^J- Thi^ rclnzvctl a lb'^c for jnc of five ycara itjnding/ 

4. Ha> Fc^tr+ Mcdlclnr 'Lhat Hrlys.-- '\Jzc fiticnof ^Qd]quc *e diFccztrd on thi: 

bmtlc*! Th]^ ^^B^ rccominc ndcd lo mc by Mr^ Lc^i Wcllcr_ who ^i]d her hiiibflnd hid 
found more relief fmm thi-^ remedy than any olher he had Incd " 

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT fur Haj Fevcr.--1. The following g]vcs relic F from 
the d]!i1 res!i] ng sy m p to rrui (But Fiist the no^e *ihoijld he eTamincd for of1en 1here isIocbI 
trouble there ] Thengi^c suprareni] extract Hblets, each hve grant Take one every 
Four or five houis 

1. Pill liknn4^ia^n.~Ea4.h p]LI ronlains fi^egrurui. Tike one every fourhonis 

i The following ^>oliJlLon givei> lemporiTy relief — 

D]onin 10 gri]n5 

AdrenBlm (1 to ]0D0| 5 drams 

ifr aler 2 ounces 

Mix ±iolLit]on and spri> into the nose every two houTS. 

4. After us]ng ihe Above spray whtch wall shrink the mkicoLUi mcn^rinc apply the 

tollow]ngoi] spray:— 

Thymol 5 graiie 

Menthol ^ graiie 

Camphor 5 grains 

Liquid Albohne 1 ounce 

MiT ind make asolul]on ind spriy into the nose thrre or four times a diy. 

5. ]n some coses a drying powder does well, such is compound sleirate of zinc and 
alum one drim. puff ]t into 1he ni>se with a powder- blower every hour 

6. Dtl Hall dT London, lts^land+ gives Ihe fo IId h In^--- A spray of a four per cent of 
cocaine^ or direct Bpplicatjon of colton-wool soaked in b stronger solution will be found 
to iffonJ immediBte rehef Eul Ihe afler effect l^ likely to be bid. Hence menlhol is a 

be tier applicBtion. 

7. \nDthcr Trom Dr^ Hall.-- A one lo five per cen1 solution of menlhol in liquid 
pBraffin niav be punted or sprijed on Ihe mucous membrane or b litlle colton-wool 
soiked m an o]ly solulion may be inserted jn Ihe nostnls. We muy1 confe-^ our wcBlzness 
as physicuns, when we 1rei1 Ihis disease. There are local measures sut:h is g]vc relief 
for the t]me be]ng but they musi be carefully used DiseiHes of the nose, tumors or 
"spurs' frequently CBU'^e m the fiist place bad lonsil^ and Bdenoids are l]kcl> to 
aggravate the trouble A change of climilc ]s the only real help. Tone Ihe general hcallh. 
If Ihe palieni is ^ery ncrvoid fifleen grains of br(jm]de of sod]um Ihree or four I line a day 
gives relief- People subjected to hi> fever should be treated between Ihe iUicts 1o mike 
them slnnng and to remove any IocaI nose trouble and jusi before the time of year arrives 
\oT the BttBck [l is well 


tc lake f]vc gr4]rL'> tbircc tiinc^ a dsy cf lhc suprBrcnaL tablets or blcniio'>tB'^jn I he same 
way^ ancl al^n spriy the no'>t twice daily VrMh a in] Id bcI re nal] n so I ul]o n mi^ ihc fDllowingi- 

Adrcnal]n1l 1o hQOO) I drBcn 

Water 2 ounces 

Change of climitc ts frequenUy qu]tr bcntf]CLBl Some are reL]eved in lhe diy mounlaLn 
air, while Dihera arr more benefited by lhe ^ci^horc or in ocean trip. 

TUMOR OF THE NOSE. J^asal PoljpnB|.- Thj-^ tumor con^i^t^ of a Hoft jclly- 
kke w hi1 Lsbi gro^^ 1 h usually found in tbi^' uppLT front part of thi: no'^lnl. 1 1 may extend 1o 
tbie boUom |floorJ of tbie no'>e, ["> quite snfl and moveable being easy 1o picih asidi: w]th 
a piobe. The air passing thiougbi lhe nostril will move i1 bacbwanJ and forward There 
may be one orsicvera] and thc> may compleleLy fill 1bic no^trjL Tbiey '>omt1 1 me'> gn^w 
fnnm tht bark end of tht middle lurb]nate bone, and gradually extend backwBi~d filing 
up the back pBrl of tht no^lnl and e>en extending inio tht ^pBce beh]nd Iht noise and, if 
laige, they may be !ieen below the sofl palBte. 

PHYSICIANS' TREATMEW r.--Thc only 1hing lo do i^ 1o rnnovr ihern. Thi^ k 

usually done by a wire placed around the [lolyfiu.'f and b> the thnmb-'sc re^^ in 1he 
inslrument, tighlen lhe w]re un1il U has cu1 ihrongh 1he base. 

DEVIATION OF THE SEPTUM 1ParLlLlan>.-- DeMalion ]^ lhe bending or curvang 
of the [larlition f:£ep1iimj lo one "^ide or the o1her, leaving one nostnJ vcTy Large and 
momy and closing the other nostril wholly or partly. 

Cbusc&— Blows, fallb, c1l., high-aich |ialitc. El is^Lcldom ficen under bevcn ye ins of 


PHVS[C1A^"S' TREATMEN I". -The treBtmenI ls 1o replBce if pos-^ible, the pBrl ]n 
the piDper potation. Thi^ requires Bn operalion 

NOSEBLEED. Mothtrjf' Remedies.-- 1. Ni>sebleed, remedy '>en1 Wi by a Public 
School Teac he r — " H B kc a compri.'s*! of paper soaked aneold WBtcr put il under 1he 
upper l]p and have the patient prcji-^ the lip w]th the fingeis R em Brlz"^.— Tried wi1h 
success in niBny case'> by a school leacher.' By pntling under the lip and preying on U 
you prcsj> on an artery and ^lop bleedang Be careful lo use nolhang but while pBper_ b^ 
inb or colois ^^ould rome out when wel 

1. Notft bleed, Alun ^s acirc fDr.~"A|i|ily oold waler Id face and back of neck. 
snuff powdered alum " The powdered alum eon1rae1^ the blood vessels ihereby '>hul1ing 
off the ^uppl> of blood. The cold x^Bter applied lo the back of the neck Bffecls the 
nervous "^yslem m "^uch a manner 1hat the bloiid >e^>seK are contracted and so lhe blood 
supply 1^ dim]ni^hcd 

3. Va^bki^d; Scmedj that hucccLdud in a severe case.— 'Ful pieces of ace in cloCh 

La^ a piece each Mde of the no^e and on lhe back 


of Ihc nrck RrmBrk^_— My neighbor^ Jiughlcr hBcl iH>scbLc«J which rcfus«l to slop 
unUl Ihcy Vrcrc inuch rrightcncJ but tbiis Ircitnicnl fioon sluppcd it^ after \^h]4.h ^hc r«>[cd 
qujclly for a lime.' 

4. Nostbltcds Simple Kunii^d^ rDr.--"PL4cc 1hc f]ngcrDn lhc '>Ldt uMhc no^c ligbit 
\oT ten i>r fifteen iruniiLL^^ My jnolhcr hB-^ "flopped her nose fiom blcei:l]ng whenolher 
remedies fBiLed." This ^hut*i off 1hc cimjlat]on and helps to form a cLol 

5. Nosebleed, Anolhrr Homt Rtm«l^ ft^r.— "Hold the head back B't far as [los^iblc^ 
pre"^ up 1he end of thL" no-^e ^Mlh Ihc ejxl of the Finger " Beit lo l]c on the side so blood 
will nol rundown the Ihroat and choke the patient. 

ti. NDSttittd+ Puff-i3aii for.— "F]nd an old brown fiuff-ball fron^ the ground p]ck 
oui ihc ±]Ot1 iiL'iLdE^ part and put it in nose and Le1 rema]n for^oKie liKie " 

T. Nosr bleed, Viae^ar and Water for.— "Wei 4 (.io1h in very cold waCerorslrong 
cold waler and vine^ ai ind appL^ to back of neik^ renewing as lI gels warm Have seen 
this Ined and know it to be good " 

PHYSICIANS' 1RKAT^[E^T for ^(]se bleed. -Pi ace Ihe palient on hi^ skIc hiJf 
lying head and *ihoijldep> raised and apply atoJd Lomprcss to 1hc forehead no!ie, and to 
the back of 1hc neck Prcs^ the end of 1he no!ie firmly agains! lhe pirimon belween the 
no^tnls- forborne minolc^ This pre*ise^ di red Ly upon the blecd]ng poinl i^ a rule AL^>o, 
when ]y]ng in thi'> posilion Ihe blood doe'> nol flow inio the throal so re4d]ly R4]se Ihe 
arms above 1he head, ipply cold to 1he ^pine or lo the Jicrotum of men ind breasts of 
women Muslard foot baths are good, injection of cold water, or lhe ]njec1ion of hot 
water. 120 F _ ]n1o 1he noMnl w]ll often help Cold water, Orjialt wi1er can be gently 
snnfled Alum soLolion on a cloth pol ]n Ihe noMril often helps A pje4.e of bicon cul lo 
b]ti and placed in the noslnL often slops it_ Vinegar injccled in1o Ihe ni>*i1ril i^ good, or 
you can use a cloth saturated wt1h vinegar ind placed ]n lhe nostril Wh]te oak bark tea, 
siTDng, \h effective, juice of lemon ipphed ^^mc way or injeded ih helpful. 

How lo plug 1 he ni>stril^ |fn^nl or anierior nares] —Do thi^ wilh narrow s1 rips of 
sleriL]zed gauje, by placing the fiist p]e4.e as fir back as possible Ihen w]th a narrow pair 
of forceps pushing in a L]tlle at a lime un1iL the no'>tnl ]^ filled. The giu/e should be only 
one- half iiK.h wide If the bleed] ng still continues the poslenor opening |nare^^ should be 
plugged Th]Si can be known by seeing 1he blood flowing down lhe ihroit (pharynx) 

How lh]!i IS done? Pas^ a soft rubber cilheter ilong the Floor iboltom] of the no^>e 
unlil lis end !"> seen pass]ng down beh]nd the ^of1 palate mlo the throal Grasp this wilh a 
pair of forcep^i and pull i1 forwanil inio the mouth. Tie a s1ou1 string to lhe end of the 
(.athder (abod l-iy2 feel long] and tie Ihe other end of the ^Inng around Ihe cenlre of a 
plug of I ml or gauze, 1-1/2 inches Long and Ihree-q u a rtcis 


of an inch wide. Tbitn pull the calhctcr batt Ibirtju^jh the no^lnL, very gcnily Th]!i will 
pull 1bic plug Lulo the po-^lcnor opcn]ng of 1hc ix>sc. End pLu^ ]t_ Hold lh]!i Mmc end 
f]rniLy and w]th a pi]r of forceps fill the antcnor noMnl ^^]th ^Inp-i fL/2 ]nch wide) of 
gBLi7_e, puHhiJig them bact to the po^lcnor pliig The end of Ihc stnng in the month may 
be fistencd to b loolh or lo the ■i]dc of 1he chccb fil Long enough] with a piece of 
adh«i]ve plaster. The plug ^honld no1 be Left in posHion more thin forty-e]ght hour>_ End 
It should be 1horoughl> !iof1encd wUh oil or VB-ielin before ]t \h removed- Remote Ihe 
antenor pari firsl genlly and cirefulL^ and Ihen w]th cocaine {if neee^'>ary) and more oiL, 
the postenor plug \^ softened and removed by pnlhng Ihe end of the string which is ]n 
the mou1hgenlly End slowly 

SOKt. IHRO^T JAe-utt Phar^n^rili^-Acult Pharvn^-tal 4L atarrh--- 
ImnamHialion of Iht rharvnx--Stmpk ^agina|.~Thi'^ is 4 4.ommon compl4]n[ 
cspccLBllj anH>nf. ^>me adnLls \ p r^^di^pos i tjo n lo l1 I'i often due to chron]c phBryng]t]s, 
chronic cnLirgement of the tonsih and 4deno]d^ of the wbIL o^ Ihe pharynx i^i well hs 
chronic nasaL ob'^lruct]on Rheumalie persons are especiBLly subjeel 1o i1 and aeu1c 
articular rheumalism i*^ ohen obiserved lo be preceded by in altark of phiryngiu^ 
Ton^ilHis L^ ^aid to hi>e the -^Bine influence aLMJ 

Sjnipt*>ius.--The Ihn^i! ]s dry and feels stiff. There nn> be leidernes^ Bt 1he angle 
of the J4W ind ouKide of the neck Fains some 1o swallow. Ln a day or 1wo 1here is 4 
mucous :£ecrcl]on m4k]ng the palieni inclined to cLear lhe Ihroat by hawl:]ng or 
coughing- The Ihrtjat look-i red and in lhc earLy ^lage lh]s i^ more noticeabLe on lhe 
anterior pillais of the faiice'>^ the "^oft paLate and uvuLi. On the back wall you '>ee brighl 
red spots Ihe inflamed Lymph follicle'> 11 u'>ually gels welL in two to seven days ll miy 
become chronic afler repealed icute at1aek'>. 

CbrDnic.~Th]s ib very common in persons who '>mDkc or drink lo ci^ccss. also 
people who use their voice in public '>peaking as preachers do^ or in calling LoudLy as 
huck-^leis- railroad brikemen^ ^lationmen, ctc_ 

Prr^cnlkn ofcbrDnic kind.--A'^cert4in lhe cause and remote it Too hot food or 

too much spjced lood ciu^e the chronic kind_ Res1 lhe voice. Remove iny eii^nng 

Pre ^ en lien af acutt hind.—A^oid undue exposure lo cold ind ^et^ wear wann 
comfortable flannel underwear. Bath the neck and che'>l daily wilh cold water. Thi^i ]e 
good coLd prevent]>e The weinng of handkerchiefs, niurMep>, around lhe neck is 
injurious unles'> you are driving Accustom your neck to the coLd from Ihe beginn]ng in 
the fall and winler months Wearing a fuLl beinJ is said to be a good prevenhve 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES.-- 1. EJort thntat^ Used for \ tars Succtsfull^.- "Sail 

pork dipped in hoi water then covered th]ck wilh bLack pepper Heal m the o^en and Lay 
or bind on the throat or lungs This hai been a favonte remedy wilh us for yeap>_" Sew 
the pork to a piece of col ton cloth and bind o>er the !iore pirls afler you hi>e sprinkled 
the pork wilhsalt and pepper. Lei>e lh]s on is long as lhe pitien! can endure U When 
the pork is removed nib 1he affecled parts with coLd creim or vasclin and pul a cLean 
musL]n cloth on lo keep person ^rom lakingcold. 


2. Sort 1hr(^Bl+ Splendid Llalntnt for.-- 

"Oli>t oil ]/2 pint 

AmmDnn 1/3 pint 

Turpentine ]/2 p]nt 

Shake tilt il rorrrui emul'iion. TFiis cbu be used as b bL]Kler " 

This is a very effective rcincclj. buL you mu-^l x^atrh the throal very carefully bs thi-i will 

bJtsEcr quickly. Af1er remoy]ng the L]ninienl, greuLe the pBrts \^ith oil urcold creBm 

3. Sore Ikrnat, Sinple Gargle for.— 

"Soda I leL'^pooFirul 

Sail I leA'>pQonful 

Borax ] le4'>pfH>nful 

D]!^u}lve in fiinl of warm W4ler Li^e bs a gBrgle frequenlly " 

TbiLS i'f a very good gargle, [t contracts ihe pirls and icts ^i^ an inli^cptic knd 
tbioroLighly cleinneb 1bie pirt^ 

4m Sere tbrcatn Hoiue ^[adt' ^alve Fir.- 

"Bcc^wAX 3 ounce 

Rdslh ] ounce 

Cflmphorgiiin I ounce 

Lard about tbie :£ize of an egg " 

Mix the above ]ngrcdtcnts togdher Bnd apply to lhe QulKideofltie Ihroat. Tfii^ 
caiEiC^ lhe skin 1o become red lhij'> drBwing the Lnflamnialion oul of tbic throal and 
relieving lhe IroubJe 

S. Sore Thr«at, Cold Pacl^Ss Sure Cirt For.-- "Put 4.old packs on lhe throat. 
Remark"^ Was ]n \V asbii nf.ton once ind m> l]tlle girl had 4 very ^>ore throal. [ pul cold 
pBck*^ on the throat the fir^t hilfof 1hc nighl and lhc nexl day '>he was out seeing llie 
sighl"^ as well as e^er " GBrgle wuh very hoi water and b htlle ^odi. This mBkes lI very 
effec l3^ e 

ti. Strr Lhroal^ UintmenI for.-- 

"Oil Turpentjuc }f2 ounce 

Oil of Hemlock L/2 ounce 

Oil of PeppcrniLiU 1/3 ounce 

Oil of EncBhplus if! ounce 

Mix wilh onecup warm lard^ opply wann to lhe ihroal." 

7. Sort Tbroal^ Remedy from a mcther in Johnsom C±t>H rcna.~"F4t meal 
slewed in vinegar and bound to 1hc neck Kind InenJs— After wiJtin^ si> long I will help 
you whal [ can. Bnd where i^ the molher 1hat won'1 want 1he book? [ im truly ^lid ^'ou 
hfl^e ^Lich Bn imerest in the welfare of suffenng hnmanHy. I hope Ihi^ book will 


soon be out on l1s good misMon Kind fncnd^ I Lbiinh ]t a wonderful l:indnc^'> to 1tic nch 
ay ^^cll ai the poor to Hb^c 4 friend in lime of need. I lh]nk a good honn>t boot of bujmc 
rcnitdic^ tr]cd by our good molhcr^ ind grand mo tbcis will be Bcccpl«l and looked lo b^' 
aJl inothrp>, for wc ill think molbicr kni>\^^ bc^l ] ccrlamly wbiH lhi!i book compLdcd 
and in my home " 

S. Strt I'hroBt+Garglr and Lical ^^pllcalion fnr.-- 

"Common ^^U 2 labL^poonfuls 

SlrBinrd honc^' 2 I ab I ^spoonfuls 

VmtgBr 3 lablcsfioonfuls 

CBmphoi ]/2 lca'>poonrul " 

U^c Bs a gArglc. ETternaL ap p I ic al lomi . wrmg 4 clotbioul of salt and cold WBter and keep 
It qiiJti: wcK b]nd tighlly Bbool Ihc neck and cover witbi 4 dry clotbi ]1 is bcM lo use I his ar 

9. hf lid Ijorc Tkriat, Vlnti^ar C^argk fo r. - - "G arj^Le \^ith vinegar and hoi WBter. 
Th]^ w]ll biclp to '>ooth Ibic jrnlation and in a mild "^ore throil i'> a '>urc cure " 

10. Sort I hrcBis Muni and \ rintgar for. --"One glas^ of ^^inn wa1er^ one 
tablchpoonfuL of >]negar^ one teaspoonfuL of '>ugar one-hBlf teispoonful of ilum^ 
dassolvc well ind gargle thKfBt '>e>craL times daily " 

J]. Sore Throal, Ktrosrnr fDrL~"Dip a flannel clolbi in coal oil fkeK)'>ene| and 

bjnd on Ihe thioal. [ hive tned IMj*^, in faci i1 is v^biat [ bIw^^'s use ]1 i*^ almost sure to 
cure " 

J 2. Sort rhroaf and Coughs Remedy alnays at haBd.— 'Equil parts of ilcobiol 
and glycerin make a goihJ gargle or use three 1ables|>oontulsof ^jnegar and one of JibIi 
to 4 tumbler of water. Or^]mpl^' hot ^^a1er and ^alt ^^hen nolh]ngelse is 1o be had The 

hoi water iJone ]s very good." 

13. 'Llcklls^ in Thrnat, Simpk Rtmedi rDr.— 'Tjke bread crumbs ind swallow 
them " 

L>H\±i[CIANS' TREATMENT for Sore Tkroal.--J. Inhalaliom of steam eiElier 

wuh or wilhonl medicine is good (See IreatKient of tonsil]ti^-lnhaling steani) ] treated a 
man once ^^ho hid a terrif]c pharyngi1is_ All the parts were *iO tembly swollen^ thai he 
was unable lo swallow or lalk. I induced him to inhale steam from a leakeltle He was 
able lo put his mouth over the spout o^ the ketlle and he was relived ]n a few ni]nutes I 
think ]t saved his ]ife_ [ pul no med]cine in the walerfor thi1 case Very few pep>ons cin 
inhale Ihe steam directly from 1hc kettle Other melhod is g]ven under to ns] I itis A dose 
of !i a Its at fjrs1 is good Rema]n in the house for a few days 

2. Sulphur and Cream ror.~Mix some sulphur with cream and pul bome of il on 

the sore membrane 

^. Crcod Old Mcther'^ Keiuedy.-- 'Steep a medium s]^ed red pef^er ]n one-hilf 
p]nl ol x^aler, slrijn ind aikl Lme-JL^urlh pin1 of good vinegar and a heaping leispoonful 
each of ^ all knd powdcFed aLum and gargle wilh A ^i^ often as needed. This is a >cry good 


I. Fk^slcians' Local Treatment.-- A wcl comfircs^ on tb^ neck i^ unrfuL al thr 

ons^t. Sijcl:]iig icc or gargling with icc or cold ^Atcr^ or Applying an ]cc bog to Ihc IbiDAt 
v^lII be found u^fruL. 

Later on^ wirm gargles and sttBm inhBla^un ire more grattful ]f thtre i'> great pain 
in '>WBliDWLng^ ccic4]nc pBinted on Ihc Ihroat or sucking a cocaine lozenge before lakmg 
food will be found very useful 

1. Whtn Iht altach la nild medicine may no1 be needed When there ih fe>er ind 
the Ihroal is reBl "^ore, jou cm Lse one dnsp do«s of tinclnre of aronUe every hour Th]s 
wlI] trequemly check it_ 

3. [ like the folLo^^ing it ihe beg]nning Give tincture ot 4con]te and Kier4.ury 
b]niodLde 4. 4] Led the pink labLeK b he mate I y Put ten dn^psof 1he Bconile in o ne- half gluES 
of WBter and give from one- half to two teBspoonruL'> everyone or two hoLira. al tern b Ling 
wuh one or Iwo lable!"^ of one-huntlred grB]n 1abLe1 of meirury b]niodidc_ Afler lhe f]rM 
twenty-four hours *itofi 1hc bloUc Biid give the mercury biniodide e^ery ihree houis 

4. For Chronle Catarrh reKiBLning afler^ lu^engcs cuntBining rhatBny ur lanmn are 

5. Other p^argltSL— 

Menthol 3 lo 5 grains 

Camphor 2 lo 4grain'i 

Liquid fiaraffine ] ounce 

For irrklablc and catiTrhB] conditioib of nasal membraEic use a spny. 
H. Snuff.- 

Hydi~ochloride of Co<.4]ne 1 gnins 

A-1enlhol 1 gnin 

Sugar of M]lk 7 drams 

W\% >ery thoroughly- 
When using the MenlhoJ prcparaUon di> no1 use the prepariUon very hoL 
HO A RIPENESS. laOamniatlan of tkt Larvnx. fAcule Lar^ n^ltis) Canst^-Due 
to laking cold or over using the ^o]ce; hot Liqu]ds^ [io]SDns ]1 may occur in infLuenzi ind 
measles; from irritating ga^es. some ire subject lo il 

Symy tims.— TLckling ]n lhe larynx cold air ]rrLlate^^ and breathing may cau^e some 
pain, dry cough; the voice m^y be allered At first il m^y be only husky. [nch]lJren 
breathing may be very difficult, afler * day or Iwo Ihcre may be a light eKpec1orat]on and 
finally ihere may be a loose cough and a sLighl fever The trouble is jn lhe region of 
"Adam'*i ^pple " There is Little or no danger in these attacks if pnnpercare ]s taken. The 
atlack generally LisLs two to fourdayji. 

MOTHER!?' REMKDJKIi. Hoarstnt^^s Ifcrax for.-- "For hoiisenes.^ dis.solv{: a 
p]ece of borax the si£e of a pea Jii the mouth and don't talk, [t v^ilL work like a charm " 
The borax does a^^ay with the inflammahonof the inflamed puts and g]ves relict vcr^' 


2. H(^BT3rnrsG, Ep^i; bqi| Lcmt^m f(^r.~ 'Bcalcn whiEr of nnr rgg. jutcc of one Icman, 
wHbisLi^ar enough to thicken^ tbicn odd one tcospcHjnrul cLivc d]I.' Tike one tcuipcanfuk 

cvcEy hour until itlLCVEd_ 

3. Huarhi^ntbs, Hci^t radish To r^-- " Hoiycridish rooK e^l plenty of l1 Th]'^ bias btcn 
tried ind prtjvcd siiccci^fui " 

4. HcarsTDtss, Succrssfii Rtmcdv far Ad nils.- -'Take Two OLinc4!s of frr^h scraped 
hortfradi'>h kh>I intuse jn 4 cio^c vc*i^l"] in one- half pint o\ cold ^^atcr bor Iwo or Ibircc 
houis^ thtn add four ounces of icid Unclurc of Lobelia and ont-hilf pound of honey. Boil 
aLlogetbicr foronc-bialf biour str4]n md takt a tcinpoonful four times a diy. This is a vci^ 
good remedy cspecnlLj for idults " 

5. Hcaitftnttfs, L^^mcn and Su|;ar far Childr^^n.-- 'Tike I he jnice of one Icnnn and 

salurate w]th '>ugar^ take a IciHfioo nful several limes 4 day 11 ]s sure to give relief This 
\h very pleasant to g]^e 1o children^ as they mosi ill like U " 

PH\S[C]ANIi' TREATMENT for Hoarsemess.-- L. Rtsi of Iht ^olct and if Ihc 

case ]h severr keep ]n bed in a room VrWh an even lemfierHnre and the air saturated wUbi 
mo]^turr from a '>leaming ti: a keltic ^clc^ 

2. An Icr bsE on lhe ihroat orcoFd wale r cloths to the from of the ihroHt oflengivr 


3. Ttnclurc of Ac(]ni1c.--Thi'^ is gi^en in the beginning when tbiere is fever The dose 
depends upon 1bic age ind the amoun! of fever You c in give it to a child by pultmg one 
drop of icon]tc in twelve Le a-^poo nFu 1*1 of waler and then give one Icaspoonful every one 
to Ihrce houis BC4.ording 1o lhe ca'^e For in adnll you can [iiit ten drops of aconile in len 

tei^poo n f u]!i of water ind give one leaipoonful every hour or 1wo 

4m Cttrale of Potash is given every four 1o five honr^ in adults 

5. Full da^c affl^i: ^raln^ uf Dover's po^dtrs at n]f.lit for lhc iTntiting coughs 

6. For a eiugh. J or a child one year old you can g]ve one-half leiiifioo nful . every 
two houis, of the following — 

^yrup of Do ver\ powder I fluid dram 

Tinclurr of Aconite 10 diupb 

Simple synip Bnongbi 1o mike Iwo ounces 

Shake befbrr icing 

irCKLTNC^ IN LHROAT. Mothers' Remedies. MnUcin Leaf Smoke Renrfkrial 
for^- - " S ini>ke driL'd mullein leivc^, just a Ic^^ piilK aiL' needed and "^hiiiiLd be drawn jnto 
the throal Mynsn H_ GnnncL of Albion. Mich , s*ys h]!i f randini>lher always gal hers 
mullein leive-^ for lh]!i purpose ind finds them in eiLelLenl remedy Too much would 
caiEiC d]zz]ness/ Mullein leaves ire good for inflamed membranes like 1bic ear and 
tbiroat. If A peison does not wisbi 1o galher lhe leaves Ihemselves Ihey may buy them al a 
drug store 

2m 'LIcklIng In rhrcatn Ciood Nirlhtrn Canada Remedy for.~"Cbiew some of the bark 

of slippeTy elm anJgai'^le Lhe throal wjth saliva. Thi^i slops Lick ling in a few minulcs " 


3. TlckllDR Id ThroBi, Tcsttd (^ar^lc f(^r.~ "G h rgic fmni four to ^ix tiinc^ clBily 
WLlbi follo^^ing:— 

Slmng SBgc Tea I pm[ 

Sail 2 lablcspoonful^ 

Cflycnnt Pepper 2 lablcspoonfuls 

Vlul'^bi 2 I ab I fSfioonfulE 

ticncy 2 I ab I csfioonfulE 

Mil ihoiDughly and bntclc for u'ic " 

Tbic Bbo>c iiigrcd]cnt'> Brc bII cxcclLcnl for ^oic throil ^nd il ["> bii okl tried r^Mnedy 
and can ciiiily be obtained If il l^ too stn>ng dilute w]th wann walcr to Ihe Je'iired 

SWELLING OF the: CLOT TIS. lOtdrmalDus LaryngMls. Otdma oT the 
C Id I tls|.~ Swelling or ocdnia of Ihe glo1ti'> or moic LorrectJy of IIil' "^IrLiclure wbiich 

rorjn'> tbi{: glotl]^ i^ a very iscriouii arrect]on. Il miy follow icutc liTyngLlis or may be met 
WLlh in chronic disca^tc?i of ttic larynx Bnd from olherdi'>e4'>e'> Tt ]^ dangcioLi^. 

S>mptoms.--0]fficijlty of brcalh]ng whicbi ]ncrcaitfs in iii1cn'^]ty so tbial Ihe 
cond]lion becomes very scrioifi in 4 *ihor1 limc_ There is wbiisthng brcilbiing, 1bic >o]cc is 
hij'>ky 4iid disap[idP>. 

AcDtr Lar>iigl1is.--lnhaLBlioiis Bnd '^prB>^. 

Mcmhol 30 grains 

OiL of pine ] drBm 

Tinclure of benzion 3 dram 

Liquid BllK:iL]nc 2 ounces 

Mike 4 solution. U^c one ErB^]>oonful ]n b pinl of boiling waler. inbiaLe 
wilh a cone placed over ihe di'>h or pu1 b ^HbwI over tbie head And d]sh and 
inbiaLe Ihe steam Or 1biis one to inbiale '>ame WBy 

Tincture of benzoin I dram 

OiL of tir ] dfBin 

Liquid BllH:iL]ne 2 ounces 

MbIzc 4 solution and use one tcBspoonful to a pin1 of bo] ling W4ler Bh above. 

It may be necessary ]n older kt ^Bve life, to have b phy!i](.iBn make an opening by 
inci^kion inlo the w]ndp]pe for the admiiision of air inio the lungs. Th]s process is called 

Diel in Lar^nglLrisL—HinJ and dry toasts should be avoided for they g]ve pBin on 
beiny s^^aLJov^ed same reason applies lo highly ^c3Si>ned foods. Milk cuslBrds. c^^. 
scrBped beet mBy be laken Diffrulty in swallowing may be overcome by i]lo^^]ng Ihe 
patient 1o lie flj1 on 1he bed. elc , wilh his fBce over Ihe edge. Food can be mucked 
through the tube fnnm a ^e^sel placed below; or lhc pilieni can lean fbr^^anH while 

"CHILD CROAA'ENG" llipabm of Lhe 4^ loltlE.)-- This is usually- pecLiliu to 


CB«9c.~Et IS ptirtly a nervous affection ind H cicrijp> brtwccnsLK monlh^ and ihrcc 
ycais ind is ini>st co mmo nl y sec n in children wilh rickets 

^^uplDmsL—n THBy come m the night or day, or ■^hcn theczhihl a'^*kr'>. The 
brealhjng i^ Brrc^tcd the cbiild stni|f Lcs for brcilbi Ihe fice i't flicihed. md then wuh a 
sudden relB^Btion of I he sfiasm^ lhe Hir]h drax^n in1o the lun^ wilh a h]gbi pUchi^d 
c row I ng so nnd _ Convul>ions mBy occur Dcalh urely occurs There may be min^ aHack^ 
during lhe day 

PHYSICIANS' 'LREATME^T of Child Cro^rini;. Pii^venllvc-Thc jjnnis ^ihould 
be CBrefiiLly rxAni]ned Bnd if the> are swollen Bnd biol thev "should be lanced. The bowels 
■should becBrefully regulaled ind as thc^e children are usually of a de lie ale nilnre Bnd 
affL]cted w]th nckels, nourishing food ind the treBtmenl m diel and med ic] ne stio nld be 
given for rickets. Cod L]veroil ]s a good general remedy. (See rickets) 

Cold Spoil RrinRL~]ii severe eases. Ihe eh] Id '>hoiiLd be piBced in i wirm bilh lub and 
Ibie bBck Bnd che-^l thoroughly sponged for b minule or two Vriih cold wi1er. Tbii^ plan 
may he used even when 4 child is in a pBnnity^m, Ibiough the atlack ]s severe and the 
child looks blne^ it is much betler IhBn to dash cold waler in the face. Sonietiine^ the 
atlBck can be slopped by inlrodueing lhe finger fir back ]nto 1he Ihroat. 

CROUP+ Sparine dicL~Th]s disease g]^es the [larenU a lernble shock if lhe> have 
never Hccn any BttBcks of Ihe kind. The ^ymploni'> which atlend lhe BttBck ire out of ill 
pnsportion to 1he real dBnger 1 1 is generBlLj the result of eipobure to cold or 1o Ihe cold 
wind. I ml B ting undigested food often ciuses ]t. 

S^uplombL—UsuBlly the child goes 1o bed perfeclly welLor has a slight cold and 
wake'> up an hour or two luer cough]ng md gB'^ping for brrBth^ due to a '>[iasm in the 
wind p][ie The cough ]s shnll more like 4 bark^ the cough i'> repealed Bt ]nlerv4]s and 
"^oon 1hc p4lien1 breBthes quickly Bnd iBboriously. It mus1 sil up for il CBn breiihe easier 
"filtiug. The voice ]s oftenhmes neariy or qui1e losl.or at leasl only b hoaisc whisper, lhe 
Fbcc is blu]sh or pep>piring. The "^pi^m lasts for a ^b ruble penod but rarely exceeds onc- 
hBlf hour somelime^ only 4 \cvr mmules The cn^upj cough ind oppressed breathing 
mBy Ibs1 longer than lhis. but thesf loo sub'>ide afler 4 time^ Bfter which the child di~op'> 
to sleep and u'>iially re'>t'> quietly for lhe re'>t ol Ihe nighl. Therr is a tendency 1o 
recurrence on succeeding night unlebs obviflted by Uealment. 

Treafment. Frtventlve.~Gu4i~d ag*]nst stich children'^ expo'^urr to cold winds and 
dBnipness dre'^ 1hem wirmly. The li>]ng Bnd sleeping rooms should not be too wann. 
Do no! give them food hind to digest at any 1ime e^pec]ally before bedlime. Foods hBnH 
to digesi frequenlly CBUse the atlack 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. Croup^ Cold AppUcation r«r.- "Apply 1o thrDat « 
flannel wrung out of cold water^ lay a dry cloth over il." 


This L^ Bn rxccllcnt remedy for a molhcr lo try in case of bh cincr|cncy when no olhcr 
mcdic]nc can be obti]n«J Th]^ very of1cn will relieve b child unliL other remrdies cin be 
secured Bnd bias been kno^^n to ^i>e m^ny children's livc^ The cold wi1er helps 1o dnw 
tbie blood iway fTDin the Larynx and 4]r pBssageb Bnd ai'to diLateb 1bie 1iibc^ ind givc£ 
relief TBlze greBt care nol Id we1 ihc child^ b^ tbii'> will CBUse U Id tike more cold md 
mBy prove fatil 

2. Croup, Sure Cure Tor.-- "Give child anythfcng thai will m*ke it VDinat^ Eoak feet 
in hoi WBter ^Pfily on]on drafis to bnltom of feeU tdbsI onioib ind pu1 on the cbiest^ keep 
v^arm. hAy molher hi^ cured me 41 least one huntlred lime't wilh I he ibove remedy. She 
generally gave me pig's fool oiL oroil from 1 he feet of a chicken, SDme1ime'> me I led lBrd_ 
Croufi hk^ lo be atlen^lcd Id at once Dr il is fBtal ^]th Ihe ch]ld " Thiii \h 4 vety good 

3. Crnup, ImmtdlaLt Ki^lkf from SttaniiDRL~"Pul a small shawl over the child'^ 
head lo relain sleam, Lhen pul 4 smBll chunk of urc^l aked lime ]n b bowl Df WBter under 
shawl The steBm affonb immed]ale relief usually i\ child inhaler it " This is very good; 
shiwl should cover ihe ch]ld''> head Bnd bowl in which lime ]'f dissnKed 

4. Crou^H Tor Ifabv or Older ChildL~"T4ke a te B'^pc>i>nful alum pulverize i1 Bnd 
■^printle U on Ihe whites of 1 wo fre-^h eggs ]n a cup orglB-^. let il si and for b few 
miniiLes, unlil ihe comb]nat]on has Inrncd lo WBter. or waler ]s produced, then give one- 
hBlf leasfioonful to a ch]ld "^ix months old or less ind ]ncre4'te the dose to one 
teaspoon ^ul fDr older children and repeal the dose in fifleen Dr thirly minules is ihe case 
may require RemBrks From personal expercnce m my own ind neighbop>' fim]l]es, 1 
hBve never known a case where il did not bnng relief *nd cure. The Jose musi piuduce 

9. Cm up, K4:m4:d> I hat ^i^vtr Fails.-- "Two lablespDDnfuls of liquor Dr brandy Bnd 
one-quirler LeB-^poonlul of gljcenn, one leispoonful of sugar, one I ab le-^piHinf nl o\ 
walcr "^lir up well and g]ve one teaspoonfnl every hDuroroflener jf neces-^iiy. Then at 
"^imc lime Like a tlinnel Bnd "^OBk well in cold waler, wring ]t gently and pul arDund 
neck wilh a heavy, dry flannel over the damp one. [f dimp flannel becomes hot Like tt 
off, dampen ]t in more cold wiler and apply again, and ho on nnlil reheved. Do ni>l allow 
the pBtienI lo get chilled. Better resnlls are oblained if pBlienI will ^ lo bed RemBrks: I 
hB>e lEicd lh]s in my family ind hB>e ilwiys found il lo be the besi croup core [ hive 
ever necn, and it will be found to g]ve ]mmedn1e relief The externBl application is 
eitremely gDDd." 

4. Cr«uf , Cob I Oil 4 kerosene) and Nu^^ar for.~"CD4l oil ind sugar put a few 

diDps on a leaspoonful of sugir.' The coal oil produces vomiling, relieving Ihe trouble. 
If ihc fiist done dDcs nol have this effect upon the child, repeal U 

7. Criup, Pork and Onion Pcultic^: for.--"Pul pork ind onions on ihe ihroat. Dnnk 
plenty of hoL wiler " Bind Lhe pork ami onions 


on the throat, aclinp. i^ b pQLiLl](.c_ The ^]rtuc of thi"^ can be incrcaicd by cooking the 
on]onH and port togclhcr Onion ^yrnp may be given inlcrnaLly lo produce vomit]ng 
even in very ^n%^]\ bibies 

H. Cr«uf , IfLoodraiL for.-- "One Ic a'>|Too nf iiL [lo^^dered bloodriK>l mixed VrWh 
molas^c^ or sugar Mavc tikcn thi*^ myself End U relieved aIoihc [Tone do^c does nol 
Eccm enough i1 iiny be repeated " This is b very effective remedy bul i^ >ei^ 
weiken]ng Care should be nken not to repeal do^e Bny oFtcner IhBn ibsolulely 

9m CroDf , rimt Hanortd Ki^mtd^ for.- -"Pulverized alum and '>iigar or honey or 
molasses, mix togelher ind gi^'e HbIT teaspoonful doses or less. For infinls use onL> in 
emeigency (.B-^e-^/ This i-^ one of the good old-fi^hioned remedies 1hal nearly every 
molher hBS used. It blK '>iniply by producing voKi]t]ng and cauy]ng the air tube^ 1o rcJax 
Repeat in five to twcniy mmules until it caicics vomit]ng. 

It. Croup, Iptcue for.— "One-1hird te B'^poonf nl of powdered ][iec4c d]SM:iLyed m 
one leaspoonfuL of walcr one iBblesfioonfui ofsogir pour on one teBcupfol of boii]ng 
waler ind lei buil dDwn 1o 4 half cup ^ Dose One Icaspoonful for idolt^. children in 
proportion every Iwo hours or. if needed to vomit children g]vc Bgam in 1en or fifleen 
miniite^-' Ft yoncBnnot ntcure I he powdered ]pccic_ 1hc ^yrnp cbo be boughl 41 *ny drug 
slore ind is already prepBred. Do^fi Ten to fifteen drops as the cihf may need. 

IL. Croup, Vaselin for.— "Vase I] n robbed on The chesty cover wilh a hoi flBnnel^ and 
take iy4 teBspoi>nfiil of VBselm inlernal]^' [>ccBbLDnAJL>/ DiiiSCiLvc vasclan ind repcBt do^ie 
if necessBry lo produce vomil]ng 

II. Cr«up, ice Application for. — "Ice applied lo the throal i^i almost instani relief." 
T1 ]s bcs1 1o break the jce up fine and sprinkle "^bIi on same^ pultmg ]t in b cheese clolh 
bag. bmdjng on Ihe EhToat u'llh a flanncK ^nd change as soon as it shows signs of 

13. Cronp^ SbU fcr.- "Parched sbIi put on the throil hot/ The parched '>alt Bct'> the 
sime Bs muslard plaster by prtKlucing b rechess on ihe lhroBt_ Silt issomelh]ng thai we 
can always have on hind and b> us]ng lh]s remedy we ire always prepared for an 
emergency" ]n ci^>e of eiT>up 

14. Cr«up, Casio r Oil Ifrtuks up^— "Casio r o]l, given before bedime^ i^i good. 
Dose— From one-half lo one lei^poonfiiL I have taken lh]s when I was small " Cantor oil 
IS good when the bowels are core>tipa1ed or the s1oma4.h ]s full. 

15. Croip+ Coal OIL 'iDryemtlme and E^nuff, a Canadian Rencdv rnr.-'.^ liltle 
coal oil and a few tlrop'> ot turpenUnc Miaked up b> snoJJ and uscti a'> piaster. Make'> 1he 
ch]ld '>neeze afler a few minuter. The poult]ce loo^iens 1he phlegm and 1he sneering 
throws ]t off " 


PHV^rCMNS' TREATMENT for € roup.-- Active. J. Dr. Otalgias sbjs wring 
cLalhH nul of cold walcr knd apply vizr> frccl^' to the thTDAt, tod rccojiiincnds the 
fo I lo w ] ng !iy rup " 

Syrup of IpccBC 3 fluid drBms 

HtvE S^TLip 4 fluid drBms 

Water ]-l/2 duikcs 

H]^ ind givr one tei^pnonful every half hour until the child vomits, ihcn 
rtpcBt 1hc dose ocry Iwo hour^ as needed. 

1. Place Iht child Im a kol batk^ wrip hol or cold eloth^ about lhc ihroBt Biid pul one 
tei-^poonfuL oF common JiodB in a glasi of waier and gi>c one teBspoonfuL every fiflcen 
m]nutes unt]l relieved 

3. Dr. HolL Df %ei^ Vorh+ savs.— The room should be very warm, hot cLolh^ or 
poultices should be appheJ o>er Ihe IhroBl | Adam's apple and belo^^^ and e]ther a croup 
kettle orord]nary IcakelUe kept bo]Ling in 1he K>om_ ThiSi i^ more eff]car]ou^ if lhe ch]Ld 
IS placed ]n b tent made by a raised umbrella or Home like melhod w]th i sheet ihrown 
o>er U 4ud the '>lcam ]ntrudiiced bcncalh the teu1 If the '^ymptom'>' are urgeni lendiops 
of the syrup of ipecac should be g]vcn e^ery fittecn minutes until free vomUing uccura. 

Whenever the symptoms reach a poin1 wherr the brrathing becomes difficult a 
doctor '>houLd be '>ummoned wUhoul deli^. [t mighl be :£ome olherdi'>ea'^e 

4. Hout Trtatiiitnt.--One-haLr teaspoonful of alum miied wUh molasses or honey 
will piodiKe vomiting and help This i^ very good when the cioup is due 1o indigc-^Hon 
At the "^ime Umc, fry onions in lanH ind pul them on the ncct in front, or hol wet cLolh^ 
may dLi The iliim can be gi^enonce or twice il necessary, half an hour apart, aboul in 
one-fourth or one-hilf lhe Firs1 dose 

5. GoosAi ^ri^astsor lanH dissolved, and enough given lo produce vomiting will do 
good. This idea i*^ ncU only to cause vomiting bu1 lo c4U'>e a '>icl: feeling after and at thai 
time which will cau-^c lhe spasms to relax. A >ery good thing to do in addition is 1o put 
the child's kel m ho1 water, while locil applications ire put on the thioal Thcbf things 
tend 1o relax 1he muscles and 1his relieves the spism. 

i. Steam is Ver> Vscfu]. It relates the spasm by local contact and by pnxlucing 
general sweating Cover 1he child's heid and 4 pile her with 4 shawl and inhale Ihe steam 
fTDm the boiling W4ler in pile her You can put in the pitcher one leaspoonful of oil of tir 
or one 1o Iwo leaspoonfuK of tincture of ben/oin This can be kepi up for some timcL 

COLD IN IHE CHES I'. (Acute HrancliitL^ Inflammation of Hrcnchial Tube^V- 

This hi an icute inflammalionor the larger and medium '>i£ed bKfnchial tubes 

Causrs.— You1h ind old age ire more predi'>posed lo il Lick of fresh air and 
exercise dust> work^ poor general heilth^ dampness ind 


cbiangcflblc wcBthcr in winlcr and CBrly spring. [I may be stcondiry to cold. pharyngHis, 
mca^lc'>^ tvfibioid fcvcr^ inBLina^ a^thmi and htart di^ca^tf. 

S> m ptosis.-- Thtrc ["> b rtckng of opprc^'>ioii wHbichilLjcic^s and pain in tbic bBck « 
dr>^ tjghl JMcLmg bcn^^ilh ihc bn^B'tlbom: wjth a dry har^h 4.i>u^h Thi't nia^ caibc 
hcadarht and p4]n. ind a tbw fccL]ng in 1tic chc^t^ ch]cny in troiH Thrrc may be a 
tcmprrB turc of one hundred or one hundred lhrec or Less After a few days there l^ b 
tbiLck. sticky JiCcrcUon; l1 is pnnfLsc_ The other symploms, eiccp! I he rough, subsidi:. 
Thi^ generBlL> s1op'> in 1end4y'> jn 4 favorable CBse, or ]t niBy become chronic in ]nfant^ 
or old people lI nny ex lend lo the !i mailer lLibe!i cb using h ro nc tie- p nenmo n i a_ There ts 
more dan^r in infants lhan in older people. 

MOTHER^' REMEDIES. B romr hi tis, Camphor and Lard for. -J. ^Grease b 
clolh well wjlh lard to which has been added ^ymc dinphor gum Ihen sprinkle on Home 
diy baking notla Bnd Ib> l1 on 1tie chest The camphor and IbplI should be made into a 
salve, then put on the sodB The IbplI and camphor gum penel rales the affected pans 
reliev]ng Ihe lunammatjon and lightness lu the ctiest n ih well in children to pul k layer 
of cotlon clo1 hover tl»e chest keeping lhem warm Bnd getling belter resnlls from ihc 

1. If re BC b 1 1 is, Crandmclbtr'b R4:mtd> for.— 

"Hoarlwund 5 ccn1b worlh 

flops 5 cenl!i worlh 

W] Id cherry bBrk 5 ccn1b worlh 

Liconce idd! 5 ccn1^ worlh 

Bo]l and simmer altogelher ]n Iwo quanji of water iong enough to get tl»e slrength 
ou1 of 1he ingredients, si rain add 1hree (.upssiigar, then add enough good whisty lo berp 
fiDm !iOunng. !iBy a half pinL" This combination is not only good for br(mch]tis, bu1 for 
the cough left from the effects of hronchili!i The hoartioiind_ wild cheny barb and 
liconce r(Jo1 ha>e a >ery soolhing effect on Ihc bronchial lubes, and Ihe hops qu]eLs the 
nervous system This iii also good For a common cough 

3. Brflnchltls+ Anlly hloglstlnr Plaster for.— 'An1iphlog]h1ine is fine for bK)nch]t]s 

where there is an> infl animal ion. pleurisy an> kind of a scratt-h, especially rus1y nails. 
pneumonia. 5et can in v^aler long enough to heal, but no1 hoi, spread on wi1h case knife 
a*i thick as a siKer dollar, spread coUon bailing over il keep on Iwenly-four houp>, 
belore changing Th]s is a very idefiil remedv lo keep on hand " \n1iphlogisl]ne is veiy 
good to apply lo the body ^vherever inflammation is presenl. as il w]thdraws the blood 
tn^m the organ or part of the body thai ]s affccled 11 does this by drawing the blood inio 
the external circulation. It has the same etfecl upon Ihe diseased parts as the old- 
fashioned muslaid, bul does nol bhsler. In using ihc mustanJ plasler yon are jn fear of 
blistering, and Ihen having the ontwaid blisler and inwaid inflammalion lo conlend wuh 
The anliphlDgistinc 

32 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

can be purchaitfd at drug !iT(?rc?i Set thr c^n in wann W4lcr unlil lT i^ w^nn thru !iprcad 
on a picct ot coUon cloth and ipply to tbit affected pBrts, where il may remain tor 
twcn1y-four ticur^^ then repeal ]f nece^'tiTy. Should always be [mt on winn, but not hoi 
[1 UHLiaLly diufis off when dwy ind no longer effective- 

4. HroDchials or Bn> ^tvrrt Cough. Ont oflht bt^l Home Rtmtdlcfl.— 

"Jio arbio Liiid {f^rb loimj L ouikc 

Insih mo^>s L ounce 

FLix Seed (thei^eed not pulverized) L ounce 

Eaneiiet I ounce 

Licorice Rool |cut up fine) 1 onnce 

PLice lhc ibove in '>ome "tuilabLe pan ordi^ih for sue bi purpoEe m a gallon of cold 
walcr ind pu1 ]t on the bflck of the "^lovc so lhBl ]t will dimmer slowly until reduced lo 
ouL'-hfllf gflllon^ ^^hich miy reqnirL' one dsy or more ihen strain ind place in 4 bottle, or 
boltLe^ Do!ie— One winegli^lul Ibirce timeii a day \dd a lutlc ^ngar ]f desired " This is 
a very fine cough remedy a^ Ihe hoarhound loosens the coup h lhc flai *iced ^>oolhc*i the 
membrane, and 1bie boneset b> lis genenl action on lhc ^y*item prtjduces sweating ThL" 
In^h moss is a ^ort of food for Ihe whole syslem End heLp^ lo build b peison up 

5. BronchitlE, C a mp hd ra led Oil and StrBininp; for.-- "Bathe the ctie'ft and itiroal up 
around the bieid witbicampbioiutcd olJ dnnk wutcr and '>leam tbie tbiroal and moulbiover 
ho1 water Hb^c ined this recipe ind found il effectual. Have a branchial 4.ough now and 

am 1rci1ing Jt myself." The campbioraled oil necms to have b very soolhing effect upon 
tbie cbic^t^ in fict it ac1s about tbie '>4me ^^ campbior ind l4i~d, only is more picasani to u'>e, 
and cin be bought already prepared Dnnting plenly of wi1er cleansc*i the syslem by 
acling upon lhc ^lomBcbi. bowek and tidney^, carrying off 1bie impurHie^. The breathing 
of Meim IS very soolhing and healing to 1he Ihnnat and iir pipages 

6l Uronebiris+GcDtral KcLitf f[>rL~"Dose of castor oil every nigh1. one teiiipoonful 
for child Grease well wilh cimphoriled oil or any good oil." The castor oil is very good 
to r c irry I ng off 1 he phlegm from the Mo mac h and bowck lhat children alwayi iw allow 
inslcad of coughing up like an older person 11 ih well in addition to the abo>e remedy to 
gj^c a litlle kconce or onion ^yrup to relieve lhe bronchii] cough 

7. Hroncliitis, Lard Puultrict Tor.-- "Take a piece of 4.olton biding lirge enough to 
cover chcsl ind ht up close to the neck, wring ou1 of me lied lard i^ ho1 i^ the patient can 
slind U, and apply. Change as oflen mi^ it gets cold Also give dose of casloroiJ " 

Kl Bronchi I Ish Mu^ard TlasLtr for.-- ' M ust a i~d pl4'>len£ are >ery good " This acis as 
acounlcr-irnlanU as U driw^ Ihe blood to 1he 'lUri'ice and relieves the inflamed bronchial 


9. BronchlllE, Wtll-Kno^R R^mcdi rnr.-- 

"Cud L]vcrOil 2 otincci 

Gingtr Syrup 2 ounces 

Miicikgt of Gum Arabic 2 ounces 

OtI of Cloves 6 drops 

Dose i-TcBspoonful before mcal-i and Bt bedt]mc_' 

ThL£ IS a very good remedy^ hs ttie cod L]vcroLl by ]tsgtnml Bction tones up iJic 
wKoLc sy^lem. Tbie g]nger 1oncs and ">! i mul atc^ tht "flomach and lake'> Bw^y tht :£]chrn]ng 
effect of Ihc LiHl ]iver oil 

LO. HroDchills Ktmrd> a ad GcDtral ronlc.~"Ta^c small dobc^ of glycerin and 

one Icaspoonful Ihrce Umcs a dBy of codfish oil " This remedy^ though simple^ ]'i very 
clfcclivc- The glycerin and c[xJn'>h oil Bre l>i>lh ■^oi>lh]ng to the Bffecled pirl't, and ihc 

codfish oil i^ B very good ionic to 1onc up 1hc gcncruL ■^>'stcm_ 

J. FHVIilC[A^S■ L RE ATM F.N r for BromcbiUs. SHtallng Reu4.d^v for.-- Tike a 
hoi balh and Ihcn ^o lo bed^ Bnd ukt hot dnnk'> Bfter. Stc ihBl lhe l>i>wcls art open 
Nourishment is t'>perially jmportinl in infBnts ind old igc Vou cin "^weH Ihem as 
d]rec1ed nndtr Li grippe. Dnnk hot dnnk-^. such i^ hoirhound^ g]nger_ flaxseed, hot 
lemonade or :£]ippcTy elm Thc^c VriU produce s^^tatjng ind v^ilL ^i\c muLh rehef. An 
on]on [ioull]cc appL]ed over the bre4'>lbonc where lhe p4]n ind tigh1nes:£ arc, will do 

1. SttBuin^ Re mrd>.~ Inhaling ^1eam from plain boiling waler ]s good, or you can 
add one to 1wo l^Bspiionfuls of compound tincture ot bcn/o]n or turpent]ne The 
slcaming will be rmre effeolivc if you make b lent, by fastening four slicks 1o lhe crBdIe 
or bed ind cover \^ilh ashetl iiHroducm^ 1he '>tcam urKlemtBth lhis al the foot of the 
bed c1c_ ,\ rubber tube cin be fB'^lened 1o Ihc kellle In thi'> "^imc \^ay vou can priidiKC, 
if you wish_swcBling by puUing the end of lhc lube under lhe clothes clevalcd a liltic 
above Ihc parent. Be CBrefu^ not lo scald the pBticnt 

3. Stranin^ Wllh Pitcher. --If the sorene'>s of the bnnnchial lube'> is not relieved by 
lhi'> Kicans. i nh b I a1 ions of :£le am ari'>ing from boiling W4ler may be pracliced, cilhcr 
through 2 cone, one end of which covct^ the top of a pitcher ind the olher end of which 
covcra the mouth and nose of lhe pi1ien1 or by covering the head Bnd pUcher wuh a 
towel The usefulnc^'> of lh]s melhod may be much increased by the addition oF fnsm two 
teaspoonfuK 1o one tiblespoonful of compound 1inc1ure ot ben/o]n 1o eBch p]nt of witer 
in B pilcher Th]s LBttcr melhod can also be u'^ed in lon'^]lilLS phiTyngilis ind quin'>y 

4. Rib lhe clefl wilh a camphor liniment ind give the following: 

Tinclure of Aconilc 10 diops 

Sweet Spirils of [^]tie 2 drams 

Di^|]Lled water to mBke 4 ounces 

Mn— One-hBlf leispoontul 1o 4 child. ordesj>en spoonful lo an ad ill I m wi1er 
every hour 

34 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

5. For A d dI1^~ C ompound licence miKlurc one to 1wi> drBms every three to four 
houis. or five grain.^ of Dover's powdeis e^ery Ihree 1o four houis 

Diet in Brinchltis|slmllBr Id rBrvDRllist.~DrLnk'> Bre ij'>efijl in the dryer forms 
"^uch ail buU llixivL'L'd tL'B sh^L'ctL'nL'd aiKl JJuvor^'J wilh Lemon juice, it '>hoLild be Iflken in 
large quBntiTies ticC milk and lemonade are alho Li^eful 

CHROMC BRONCHITIS. €b uses.-- People over m]ddle a^e are more liable to ]t_ 
rt comc^ LtiLclly ]n w]nter. in cbiangeible^ cold and damp clLinate'>. Tt may follow 
repealed icnte atlaekn. 

SjnplDiHS.--The'^e arr variable and are pre'^enl ch]eny in winler and damp weatbier. 
The cough is x^or^e al nighl ind in the morning citpcctoration is usually great. There 
may be slight fever at Umes. Oflen Ihe palienis are entirely free from the tiouble diinng 
the '>unimer 

PHVSECIA^<l' LREA I'MEN I' Tor Chronic BronchMis. PreYcnli^c.-Warm 
c^iuable chmale^ '>Lich as ^oul hern California, Florida, or 1hc ho nth of France^ especially 
in I he colder monlhs. warm clolh]ng_ iVD]d exposure and fi1igue_ 

1. F]r?i1 yon can lake ihrce grains oF ammonium ^.hloride ihrec 1o four limes 4 day 

2. Ammonium Chloride 2 drams 
Fluid Extrict of Liconce 2 drams 
Di'>t]lled W4ler brought lo 3 ounces 

M]x and late one lea^poonlul e^ery ihree houn*- 
^ If I he cough ]^ tn^ublesome I he following is good 

Ammonium Chloride 2 drams 

Hive Sjrup 4 drams 

Fluid Exlrad L]coricc I ounce 

Paregoric 6 drams 

Di'>ljlled waler enough tc m^ke 2 ounces 

M]x TeaspDonful every three to four houra_ 

COUCHS. CaiiaeE.— There are miny c4U'>e'>; infUmmfltion of the larynx, bronch]al 
lubes lungs, also stomach and liver ind a nervou'> cough is pre'>enl in our day. Remote 
the cause when possible. There are min^ good cough medicines now pul up, arKl ihey 
can be bought at any drug-More. Cough lozenges of all k]nd'^ are plenly, and a sure cure 
lb (.laimed bv ea4.h 

MOTHERIi' REMEDIES. D r^v CouEh and nckliag.--l. "Ra^r^rerry Tincture 
Take one-half pound of honey one cup water, lei Ihese boil, lake off scum, pour boihng 
ho1 upon one-hilf ounce lobelia herb and one-hilf ounce clo^e*^ m]^ \^ell ihen strijn 
and idd one gill of raspberry vinegar Take fjom one teispoo nl ul to a desaiertspoo nl ul 
four times a day. PleiSin! to take," 


2. Cdue^? HoBt^ and Vinegar fDT.~"Honry and vinegar " Th]!i i^ an nld ^nd tried 

remedy bckI 4 good on^'. Tbic >]ncgarcutik tbie phlegm lfi ttie ttircal and bTDnchial lubcs^ 
and Ihc honey ]Si very soothing. 

3. Con^h af l-4ng Standlnp^, F.\c4:lltat S^rup Tor.— 

"Carbonitc AmmonLi 40 grains 

Syrup SrntgB 6 drams 

Paregoric 4 drams 

Syrup W]Ld Chrny ft drams 

Syrup To I u 4 ounces" 

TbiLS is B very good syriifi ind ]^ espcciBliy good forchionie cough arehTonic 
bronchHi!i Dosc_— One tEB^poonfu] ocry three houis 

4. CouRb, R4:iiabit Mi^turt in S>vtre Cascs.-- 

"OiL ot .^nise 1/2 ounce 

Syrup of Bb Is am of To I u L/2 ounce 

Black Sl]ck Licorice 1/2 ounce 

Bc-^l Rye Whisky I pini 

Sbiatc well before usjn^ Dose —One leispoonfuL al inlervals of one hour 
or oflener, if cough i-i very bad.' 
S. CouE^? Mullein LraT Tta To r- - " M iiLle in leive^ ^4erprd with io af sng ar r ure^ a 
cough." Take four ounces of miillein Ie4>e:£ and boil for ten minutes in waler then add 
the loaf sugar Th]s is very soolh]ng to the ^ore parts and aisi> heJfi^ to loosen up ihc 
secretion so li cin be ra]sed easily 

i, Coui^h, l.taion Juice and Su^ar To r^-- " Lemi>n j nice and sugar ]s a good remedy 
lorcon^h^-' It ]s surpnsjn^ tij sl^c hi>^^ quickly the lemon j nice wall col Ihe phlegm in 
throal and sugar is always good for cold 

7. Coui^b, Standard Remedy for.-- 

"Hoariwund Fiveoenis worth 

Hops Five cents worlh 

W] Id cherry bark Fi>e cenK worth 

Lieonce ido1 Fi^e cents worlh 

Boil or simmer iltogelher in Iwo quirls of water long enough to get the ool 
of the ingredients, strain idd three cups sugar Add enough good whiskey to keep fnsm 
souring say one-half pint_ This will cure a stubborn cough." 

E. CDnE;h+ [ptcac ±i^ruf for.~"One-1hiid teaspoonfnl of ipecac dissolved m one 
teispiionful ol x^ater ime lablespoonful of sugar, pour on one teacupfnl ol boiling wa1er 
and let It boil down to half cup Dose. —One leispoon^nl for ad nils, and children in 
pn^portion. Every two hours, or, if needed 1o vomi1 childrrn give again in Icn or fifteen 


9. Cf^ugh KLSi4:di Tar Adull^ <dd1 far chikJT4:n>.— 

"Laudinum Tfirc* ccnis worth 

Anm* Three ccnis worth 

Ewicncc of Pcppcnnint Three ccnis worth 

Licor]ce {liquLdt Three ccnis worth 

BKtwn Sugar I cup 

Moll'iSCS ] CLlfl 

Eoiling wattr 3{]upH 

Let thi^ come 1o 4 liule more thin a boiL Tabe b leaspoonful of ]t ai often ai nccc^^ary." 
This ^ for Bclults Do no1 use for cbiildren. 

10. CDUghs^ Vcr> Simple Rtmrd> Tor. --'Tike one-biaLf tiblc spoo nfn] ho^' laid or 

:£4]t pork ^rease^ heat l1 hot fill "^piHin wilh coal ol] End swallow wbiilc hoi. Have used 

thii, will stop End cure 1bie worsi cough " No1 lo be given to children. 

J]. CDncbs+ Glycerin, Hraudv and Fari^p^Dric T^lLh I.^mom, Good Tor.-- "Glycerin. 

one ounce, bundy, one ounce pB redone, one ounce. Lemon juice, one ounce Mn well, 
one leaspoonful every hour.' This mBlzcs a very effeclivc con^h syrup The glycerin and 
brBndj cut the phlegm, and I he paregoric is soothing Bnd quieUng. The lemon juice is 
heaL]ng to the membranes of the Ihroat. 


1. FlBT^eed lunground] 3 leaspoonfuK 

Exiraci of Licorice 30 gnins 

Eoiling water 10 ounces 

Allow the mixlure 1o stand one to tour houis ]n 4 winn plice Then add 4 L]tl]e 
lemon juice and sugar Bnd pi ice one to 1wo leaspoonfuK of gum Brabic m the 
p]tchercontBining 1he m]Mure." A htlle paregorjc (ten tlrop-^ lo the dose for Bdulls] 
can be taken wjth ]t if the cough is very bad Dose.— Drint freely every two fo ihrce 

2. A gocd c c ni b i natlD n is Ike rolloTving: 

Chr^iiilL' i^i ^n^jni^niu 2 drams 

Fluid Bxtnct of Liconce 2 drams 

Dislilled water 20 ounces 

Mi\. TeispoonFul every 1wo houis or longer, 
i^ Ammonium Carbonate ]/2 dram 

Syrup Senega 4 drams 

W]ne of I pel AC 3 drams 

SynipTotu ] ounce 

S pints of Chlorofonn 3 drams 

Syrup of W]ld Cherry enough lo make 4 ounces 

Mix. Take one lo Iwo leaspoonfuk every hour or Iwo unl]l be tier 


4m AminQniaCbiLnridc 2 dram!^ 

Hlvc Syrup 5 drams 

Pircf one 6 drams 

Syrup oF Wild Cherry 4 ounces 

^^lx. Tcis[ioonful every Ihrec hour^ until euugh t^ be tier 

5. ^[a^l clhtr ccaibtnalioos could be given. Hoirhound tea Sugar cnu ugh Id 
sweeten mates b good cough remedy- 

i. Onrion b^rup is gr>od for children The bdwels should ilwiys be kept open 

BRONCHIAL ASI'HMA. li^pa^iuDdk A^Lhrna.) Cau5tB.-[t occuis to all ages, 
bul usually begins in the youngs [larncuLirly in files It often Follows w hoc [i mg-co ugh. 1 1 
may come from diseases of 1 he moulbisuch B-i adenoids, polypi. EiciUng causes ire 
change of el im ate and re:£jdence dust, smoke o^kirs errors in diel emoUon, and cold 

Siniptuiu^.'-The onset is oflcn sudden oflen during the night. Difficulty of 
brealhing is intense. The patient cannol lie down, but often sits Bt an open windo^^, 
rcsling 1bic elbows on b table. The face is pale ind the expression is anxious There is a 
feeling of great oppression in 1he chest and often dreid of suFFocalion Respinlion 
(breathing^ though labored, \h not unusually frequent, as expiration (cut breathing) is 
much prolonged. En severe orpjDiongcd iUacbs there ire blueness sweating, coldness of 
the extremities, wilh small ind trequenl pulse and great diDwsjness. The aHack lisls a 
kw minutL's to many hours ind may pass of\ suddenly, perhaps lo recur soon or on 
several successive nighls, with slight cough and difFcully in breilhing in lhe intervils. 
The cough is neariy dry i1 firsl ind 1he sputum is very lenacious. 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. L. A stkma. Raspberry Tincture for AduMs.- "Take a 

half pound of htjncy. one cup x^ater let thL^se boil, tike off 1he ncum; pour boiling hi>l 
upon one- half ounce lobelia herb and one-hilf ounce cloves, mix well, 1hen slrain and 
add one gill of raspberry vinegar Take from one leaspoonful lo a desserlspoi>nful four 
times a di>. PleisanI to tate." The abo^e remedy is veiy effective is lhe honey has a 
soothing effect upon the inflamed parts, and the lobelia causes the bnmchial lubes to 
dilile, relieving 1hc patient The raspbeny tincture makes Jt more pleasant to tike. In 
severe cases U VriU be necessary 1o gi>e enough of 1he above remedy to cause vomiting 
which relieves the phlegm. 

1. Aslhni^, Simple buL Effective Keoii^dy far.— "Take pieces of oi~dinary bloUing 
paper ind "^i! urate it with a stn^ng nolulionof saltpeire, 1hen dry the paper When a 
pannfLysm is fell ignile a piece of the paper and inhale the smoke Thi"^ remedy is very 
good and icts quickly, doing awiy almosi enlirely wilh the disl ressj ng s^' m ti toms and 
shortens lhe partjxysm." 

3. Asfhma, Lobi^lia Tea Tor.-- 'There is no medicine lhat is half so cffccthvc as 
lobelia in removing the lough, hanil ropy phlegm from 1he aslhmatic persons " This 
remedy is very good bul care should be taken not to give it lo consumptives because il 
IS too weakening. To obtain lhe besi resuUs. enough of the remedy should be given lo 
produce relaxalionof the bronchial tubes. Dose— For aduhs should he 


fiDm fifteen Id !i]xty drops accDiding to 1hc strength of the pat]cnt Th]!i will cause b l]tllc 
sickness of the fitumach and vamiting^ thu^ relaxing the muscles Bcid rclicMng the 

PHYSICIANS' TRh \ I MKNT for Atflhna.--t. Inhale chloroform, or break b 
pearl of iinji nUrLle in a h ancl ke re tiic f and ]nhale the funies- or smoke saUpetre pa|>er; or 
CLgAretlesi CDnlaLn]ng£]trAinDn]um |l horn apple}. Sometimes tiat coffee fumes are gorxl. 

To PreTcnt RrcurrtiKC.— Take five lo Iwenty grBins of iodide of potk^h three times 
a day. Do nol ea1 muLh bI njght. Do not eal foods ttial ciose gasorthBt Bre hird lo 
d]gest A change of climate is of1en good Hot tool bilhs and hot drinks are helpful 
Tinclure of lobeha can be gi^en in severe cases. f]fteen drops repeated every half hour 
unlil the patiem feels s]ck at ihe stomach. 

1. Vapo-CrtEtLcnr burned in a mom ]s very good This can be boughl in twenty- 
five cent bottles tn any dnig store, w]th dire^-lion*^ around Ihe botlle. 

3. Tartar Kmctlc in onc-tiuiidredltigr4]n Iwo gi^en every tialf hour unt]l tticre is a 
In tie sicken] n^ is a very good remedy These cin be hougtit at adnig store or fiom a 
homeopathic doclor or phiimacist. 

BLEEDING FROM IHE WinjD-PEPE AND LUNGS. |HaenBrt>si5|.--Ttiis ls 4 

spi1t]ng of blood. It may come fn^m the small bronctiii] lubes and less frequenll^' fTom 
ttie blood vessels in ttie Iting cavities or Iheir walls. 

Svnipt4hius.--]n inc]picnl consumption of ihc Inngs^ blei:d]ng develops suddenl> is a 
rule^ a warm siJty taste lasling bul 4 few momenls^ generally preceded by the sp]tling up 
of blood The blood ]s Lougtied up and Ihe bleeding may la-^l only a few m]nutes or il 
ma^' conlinne for days, ihe sputum being ip1 lo remain blood-stained for a longer time 
The ]mmediate effect of the bleeding i*^ to alinn the pal]enl and family, no milter how 
slight II miy be^ inducing head palp]tAtion and olher nervous symptoms A small 
bleeding is not aHended wilh any bad resnll but lirge ones give rise to 1tie symptoms of 
shock ^sometimes immediate deilti) combined wi1ti anemia follow]ng ihe loss of blood. 
When the bleeding is large, blood by 1tie moultifnl may be ejecled wilh eich cough, and 
in these instances of such profuse bleeding ]s shown by di^z]ness faintness, cold 
eTtrem]ties. excessive pallor, s\^eat]ng ind rapid, small feeble puhe This is followed, if 
ttie atla4.k does no1 pKfve speedily falal, by restlessness ind liler b> mild nielirium and 
some fever. In few cases nioes Ihe pilient have i single bleetling; more Ireqnenlly I here 
are several al shorter or longer inlervals Large or small bleedings miy precede by 
weeks, months, or even yeais any ralional symptoms of consumpUon. 

QuBatity.— Ttiis vines greatly. Ttierr may be less than an ounce or ]E migtit amount 
to a pinl or more before the bleed]ng btops. In 


advanced ci«s, in which large cavHic^ Hbvc formed large bliHjd vc^tls mBy be ratcn 
tbiruLigbi ind lbiL'> folLo^^cd by cop]ULi^ and fllAnning bleeding. 

MOTHER^' RKMF.DIES.--]. BletdinF^ Trcm Iht Lus^s. Salt ^'aler for.-- "GLvr 

tbi{: pBticnL hair a Ici.'iIKio ii I u I af Lommun ^k\i cvcwy hour oi l^o unUL bic nio rrtiagc 
abalc^ " 

1. HktdiB^ from 1I14: l.un^s. Htrb I'ra far.— "Two OLincc'> each of history root^ 
tormcnLi] nH>t, oab birk, and cojnfrcy root, bo]l in Ibircc quBrl-^ of water niLiwn to onr 
p]n1 strain and add one I Bblc spoonful ofgrtjund gin^cr_ Gi^c 4 w]nc glas-i full every half 
hour unUl relieved. Place Ihc feet ]n hot miislard water tcep the bowels open \^ith a 
I title senna Bnd ginger tcA and ]r neces^iTy g]vc b vipor bBth," 

3. I^Ledrinp from Iht Lun^Ss Kfft^^ti^t Kcmtd> Tor.— 

''Powdered Sugar 3 ounce*! 

Powdered Ri>SLn 3 ounces 

Mix Doec one tcB^poonful Ihree times a day " 

4. Hktdrini^ rram Lh^: Lungs, J'annln and Sngar fur.- 

"Tannm 30 gFatic 

Powdered Sugir 1 dram 

Mix_ Make len powders and g]vc one every len minuter unlil relieved " 

Either one of ihe ibove remedies is excellent for this tionbLc, as I he iBnnin ind rosin 
contract 1he irlenes and acts as an 4'>lringenl 

PHYSICIANS' TREAIMENT for Dk^^ding of tht ^^ rind-pript and Lnngs.--ln 

many ci^e^ 1he bleeding issLigh! ind no more need be done IhBii to keep 1he pi1ien1 
qij]et and ibHoLule rc^l If the bleeding is free, lhe pilieni should be placed in bed, ml 
allowed I0 speat Bbove a whimper nor to change hi^ po^ilion 

L. First Jhin^ t4 Do.— Eat]ng ice, and usin^ ]ce drinks ire useful meisnre^ The 
dnnking o^ 4 Ultle sail water al 4 tiKie with one I b blcspoont ul of'^Blt in a glB'^ful of 
waler i^ ^ood. In most cases more can be done by assuring the patjent he will nol die ind 
keeping h]m quiet and 41 re*^! Medicines should be g]ven to sahs^y the palieni and 
lamily The mosi cases stop of themsehes. 

1. If Caused b^ CDUghringL— If cough causes the bleeding one- half grain of opium 
should be g]^en 1o con1i~ol il, hypodermic ally, or even morphine one-e]ghth grain 

3. Alum far.— .Mum solulion six grains lo three of wile r ]n tine spray i^ 
good- This^K^ righl lo the w]nd-pjpe and contracts lhe vessels; use 4 vapon/er 

4. ^Vhltt Oah Bark Trac^n be used as a spn^ in a vaporizer. If ihcsc produze 

coughing. I hey should be distontinued 

40 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

S. H(^t Water amd Sill €^r.--,\ IcaAponnftil of sail in a pinE of hoE wilcr ]s good slsc^ 
livimJ bs a "^prav- or U> Jiihak Eul tht patient must lie down 

i, Othtr t^asilj Oblaiai^d Rtmtdics.— Ergot in cId^iC of ont-hilf 1o one tcaspoonful 

IK very good; thi-i contracts Ihc vcwicls Bromide of polash in a dose of five to fifteen 
grB]ns or chloral biydrBtc in dost of five to *ie>en grains, ]f lhcrc ik not heart tronblt- [f 
there L'>. chloral hydnle cannot be uhfd. These qij]el Ihe nrrvoiEi syKlem and do much 
good- Sirong hop tea will do the "iime ihing if iBken freeLy_ Witch-hBzcl water thirty 
diDps 41 4 dose IS good 

Caulion£.~QiJ]ct the pilicnl keep quiet yoLiraelf Tf lhe blecdng l^ hid lhe 
cntreinjtjc^ shoLiJtl he bundaj^, beginning at the toe'> Bnd fLugep>. 

'Lhir^t— Give mubII quantities at a lime of Lce-W4ler. 

Diel.— Peplon]7_ed or plain milk hquid beef peptonoids fre-^h beef juice, bou]llon, 
should be given in smBlL quBntUies, 1wo or Ihrec ounte^ every Iwo or three hours, [f 
there is 4 tendency to con'>l]pat]ongi>e rectal enemala Relurn lo the regular diet as ^oon 
a.'s possible \lcohoL in Bny form is best avoided If given is astimul^m ]t should be 
given ]n small quinnticE. 

BRONCHO-FM^UMONEA.I^eitr EnnamHiatioa nf Ihe Smaller Tibcs and 

Causes.— Most common under Iwo years Bnd in old people. Taking cold, whooping 
cough ind me4'>lcs. 

5^aiplDiiis.--A primary ease begins suddenly \^ilh a convulsion or chill, vo mi ling 
and ripid n^e of lenipenlure Breathing i^ frequent and bum symptoms are marked. 

Sceomdar^ Casts.-- After in ordiniTy CBse of whoop ing-rough, niei'>lcs bronchitis, 
clc_, ihcre is more fever The puKe is more frequeni ind al^o lhc respiration, difficully 
in brrathing and severe ind often painful cough Tempenlure rises Id 102 Id 104 
respiTBtions Bre >cry fast, up lo 6^) 1o SO, the breilhing 1in'>pir4lion| is haid, labored, 
while lhc wings of the nD'>e dilBte, expiration miy be grunting. Face looks anxious ind 
bluish This color may incrcBse. Diher ^ymplDm'> decreasing bs suf^ocalion deepeis, 
TBtlling in chcs1 ind dealh from heart weikne^>s 

P rev cmtlom.— Avoid expi>sure to sudden changes of temperature For Ihc iUBcb, 
jacket of oil silk or flannel lo preveni sudden exposure, keep Ihe lempenlure warmed up 
to 6S 1o 70 degrees nighl and day, the air mus1 be tresh and pure and changed regulariy. 

Children should be given ample room and not hampered by cxtn tlothing as 1hey 
lite change of position, to ge1 relief. The ho1 bi1h micit be ided often to redden Ihe skin 
and relieve the pressure on Ihe 


liing^- till lhcy cm be g]vcn rrlirf_ [f yoti wish to ii^r a poultice ihr following i^ a nice 
way to ihbIzc ]t_ Tatr a piece of muni in or lincn.or cbiec^c-clolh. wide enough when 
doubled lo reich from lhe lower margin of Ihe rib^ 1o wcLI up under the ami pit^, ind 
long enough 1o go b htlle more tbian Bround the che'>t open 1bie double fold and '>preBd 
the hoi mass of poultice on one-half of the cLolh and fold the o1 her over it_ Et should be 
applied i^ ho1 i^ it cin becomforlably borne Bnd covered with oiL silk or paraffin paper- 
so as lo the Longer relain the heal and moisture. The poultice should be renewed as oflen 
as Ll geK cold^ Bnd a fresh poulUce should be bII readv to put on when the old one is 
taken off. Place Ihe end of the poultice uppernx>st^ so thai Ihe contciUs will not fall out. 

MOTHKR±i' RKMEDEES. J. Pncuiuania^ H trb lea and Pcullici: Tar.- 

"CongcsEion of 1he lungs. One ounce of each ot Ihe following, slippery elm bBrk crushed 
thyme, coltsfoot flo^^ers hyssop or m ars Imal lo\^ Simmer in two quarls of water down 
to ihrce pint^, sirain and Bdd one lea^poonful of cajeiiiic Dose — Winegla^>slul every half 
hour. Apply ho1 brBn poultices or chamomile scalded in vinegar, changing oflen un1il the 
violence of the symplom'> Bbate. If the boweK are confined, give an injecUon of half pinf 
of hot wa1cr in which one- half teaspoonful CBch of gum myrrfi, turkey rhubBrb and 
ginger powder ha>e been well mixed. If possible give vapor bBth Apply hoi stones or 
bo! tics to the feel " 

1. Fneuxionla, Hcnii: Ki^nii^di far.-- 'This can easily be relieved by the u'>e of 
cayenne und vapi^r bath ~rhu> proniolcs the circulalion in every pad of the bod>, 
dimini'>hing the pressure upon 1he lungs. The^e baths pn^duce a regular ciiculation 
throughoul Ihe whole body. 1hus relieving the pressure upon the lungs by decreasing 1hc 
amoum of blood m the lungs. These bBlhs should be 1aken bu1 once a day bs they arc 

^ PntunaniaH Hoi Vinegar Applkatlonb rorL~(.on^e^i4n uf l.iin^^L~"Over the 

lungs la> clolhs wel in clear hoi vmegBr The> shi>uld be fj^e or sifL inches square and 
several thicknesses 0>er Ihe cloths lay a ho1 piBle or hot wa1er boltle change as oflen bs 
necessary 1o keep them hot. This Ireatmcnl will soon give relief, after which rub as much 
oil into the lungs as possible/ 

PHVS1CIA^"S■ TREA THENT for FncunDmla.-- A doctor must be called For 
lijgli fever, one 1o one and a half drops of aconUe, \ot aduUs every hour; for children, 
about one-twelflh Id one- eighth of a drop. For coughs chloride of amnwnium. one to two 
grBin doses For pain, hot applicalions. 

Okt—Milk. bioth and egg albumen and plenly of waler lo drcnk. ISce laryngcTis for 

diet 1 

ACUTE PLEVRISV (Inflammaticn of the rkura|.--Thc pleurB covep> 1he wall of 
the chest cavUy and infolds orsurn3un{fc Ihe lungs Pleurisy mcBns the inflBmmatJon of 
thhs pleura or covering. 


CiustB.-- Ex pc^i urc lo cold rtc. OiecE may be gradual orsuddrn^ ivith rhiH^i Fcvrr 
and shflrp sti1ch«> ]n Ihc side near the arm pi1 or breast. The piticnl lies on the affccled 
side during the atlack^ 1he pBin ]^ madi: woisc by brealh]ng, coughing or motion. The 
cough Ls dry and p4]nrul wilh difTicult brealh]ng. The temperature L02 lo LOJ. 
SomeUine^ there i'> fluid Bccumulaled in the C4y]ty. Ln about se^cn lo ten day^ the fever 
and other symp1om!i disappear. The fluid i^ absorbed quittlj if U is *icanty, often very 
slowly if Bbundinl This Muid isconlained in 1he cavily of lhe pleura The pleura rovers 
the lung^_ ]l!i outer layer is iUichcd lo the nb!i and cosIbI cartilages ]n front Bnd ribs 
behind goes Bi~oijnd 1he fool of the lungs underneath^ then turnh around under the Mde of 
the lungs and conges in fronts niBlzing b ^ac. The two liycns in heallh touch eich othcr^ 
bul ire scpamed when I he re iii fluid m the cavily The inner liyercovcn> 1he lungs Bnd 
drofWi in1o lhe griiovcs of 1he lungs YoncBn Ihus readilj iindcp>lBnd how easy i1 ]s for 
the pleura to be BttBcked Also when 1hc lung is jnfUKied \^e hive x^hBt we call pleura- 
pneunonn- Pleurisy ]s a very pi]nful diseBse. Il hurts 1o nrnve, breathe, or cough. The 
pBtieiH holds h]s chest when he couf hs. The fluid thai forms is poured ou1 from 1he 
infliKied meKibrBne somelimes ]t is so greal ]n quanhty il must be drawn o^t.— tapped; 
we 1hen call th]s hydnjlhoraT_— WBter in lhe chcEl 

Diet and \ urging— The pBlien1 should be kepi quiet and in the eBS]est posilion 

Milk diet 1^ lhe best to use. There ^hi>iild nol be much liqu]d dieU except milk. The 

m]lh may be diluted with Iikic ^^ater if neces>4ry. N^ ailed milk, Mellin's food, impcnal 

grBnum, cin be usfd when lhe milk cannol be tiken. 

PHYSICIANS' 1REATMF:^T for Pleirisy.-- L. Haiiii: Reiutd>.--The palienl 

must go to bed and remain 1here. 1 1 ]s a gi>od 1h]ng lo get the paticn! in a sweat. For 1his 
purpi>*ie you cin u-^e lhe com *iwei1 descnbcd under trcatmcnl of [k grippe. Thii* wi3t 
ease 1he pilient and may shorten the aHack. 

I have greil f^nh in 1his remedy in moM ] nf I iniKi a tory di'^easc'^. I had a [iat]ent ^ick 
wuh pleunjiy she did not get alon^ fisi eni>iif.h to "^uit me her color was i yellow -green. 
I advised the (.orn sweal and she improved fast \roru Ihat time Her n]ght dress was green 
in color 4f1er 1he ^wcal. [ have baved pneumonia cases in lhe same way. Of course some 
cases may be loo weak to sland U 

1. Olhtr Hamc Re mcdtes.-- .Another way to pn^duce sweating is h> placing fruit 
cans filled wjth hi^l v^aler utK^ut the patient. This Vr\l] stop 1he chilly cold feeling and also 
will relieve lhe pain. If you have a rubber water boUle. put ho1 water m thai and place il 
near lhe soresi ^pol 1 1 may hurt the palieni by ]ts weighty ifso^ uh^ less wa1er^ at lhe 
same 1ime yon can gi>e hoi dnnks freely, \lmos1 


any kind will do. [f lhc ^lomich frcls b*d, ginger or ptppcrminl i^ best Hoarhound tc* i^ 
cipcciiLly good forthc^l tiDuhlc 

3. rDU4:nlalios£.~Of biops or ^^orniwood or '>m4rt^^ ccd ^ ore 41 nip Bppkcd fn^qucntly 
and hot to lhc iffct^tcd !i]dc oflcn bring relief Thc> mu-^l ilwav*i be hol. End you must be 
careful not 1o gc1 lhc night rob«i or covcp> weL 

4. Camy hoTBlcd Oil for.-- Rub the Mdt v^UbirBmfihoralcd oil ind cover over wjth b 
cotton J arkd Thj*i i^ good un]i:sK U iriBkc^ the patjent too warm 

5. AdhMhi'ni Pla^tr Zinc <3\idt. — Use a tdII 1^*0 or Iwo And one-half inches wide. 
Commence 41 Ihe bid: bone and c r(j^>s direc tly over Ibie nb-^ to Ibie furl her ^idc of ihe 
breaMbone The hist ^Irjp should be Bt ibie lower part of the cbie*it In pulting on the 
succeeding strip'> n^ake Ibiem lip one-bialF inch over the next Lower BBudBgc Blmi>st up 
to lhc arm-pit 11 m^y take eighl si rips for Bn adiiLl Afler you hBve Ihe strips on^ place a 
p]cce al eich end, pBrl on the Fle^bi ind part on the pli^tep>, to keep Ihem from givjng 
any. The [iat]ent should ha^e h]s arms over his heid when you are finlUng on Ihe '>lnps. 
This stripping will hold ihat side of tbie cbiest quieter The brealh]ng w]Ll be le'>s full ind 
con'>equenlly less motion arKi pain. 

6. Tinclnrr of aconite in dose^ of one-tenlbi 1o one dn^p can be given everyone to 
tbirci: hour> bI Ibi^' bc^ jniung il Ihe re ]s mncbi fever, dr^' hoi sk]n, And lull bounding 
pulse Dover's powder can be given al nighl 

7. A b^pcdi^rniic uf niDrphLnt i'> frequeni Ly g]ven when ihe pain is ]ntenEe 

AliSCh:±iS OF "IHE LUNCrB. Causes.- Lobular pneumonia from ibM:es«s ]n 
pyemn fn^mseplic pleuri-^y, etc 

S^ up lomb.— Fever pain.diff]cul1 breB things 4.ougbi. ind CTfieetaralian containing or 
con^i^tjng ot pus of offe n^ivE odor, etc 

PHYSICIANS' LRE.ATMENTof Atsccvfof the Luhre. - lnc]S]on ind dmnBge. 
You must depend enlircly upon your physicun. 

E fVt PH y SEM A . — \ 4.ondil]on m which there i^ Birorgas in tissues thil normally 
hBve none^ or an excess of air m tissues thil normally conlBin b certain quantily of ]t. A 
cond]tion ol Ihe lun^ch Brae tended by 4 permanent dilation of Ihe Bir ceLh of ihe lung 
wilh dwindling of ihe ijr cell wills ind ttie blood ves^els^ resulting in 4 Loss o^ lhc 
nonnBl el4st]ci1y of ihe lung tiBsocL 

C Bases. —fderedity^ U occurs in glass blowers, in miciicians iciing wind ]ns1ruments 
It Dcours also if ter whooping-cough, asthmt^etc. 

HVDKOrHORAX.--This is in e^ndBtion (liquid) in lhc pleural cavity. 

Cbkks.— Comes ^rom disease c aus] ng diopsy . kidney diiiCBse. lung tioublc^ pleurisy^ 



PHYS[C1A^"S' THEATMEN J.-TrcatdiscLS* thalc*UHC^]L AnopcntiDn to 

remove the fluid miy be ru^cc^isaE^ A trtislcd phvMcian must advise you. 

N1CHT SWEATS---Thrsc arc common in "coruiumpUon' and corrsUlutc one of cTie 
most distressing feBturcs of the disease They idUBlly occur when 1bic fever drops in the 
earl> morning houis. or al any time of the day \^hen I he piUtn! i'^ sJecp]ng_ Thc> may 
come on early in 1hc d]KeBsc but are more pcp>Lsten1 Bnd frcqiient after ci>]tic'i have 
formed in the Lungs. si>me of ihc pilicnl"^ escape il altogether 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES.- 1. Night S^eatE^ 5b M Balh fir.--"B4lhc Ihe body in 
^ilt wa1er oery other day Just be To re rEMinug tBlze 4 cup of sige tea. Bnd eil noLirLshing 
^ood/ The sail icts is Bn astringent b^ it slightly closes up the pores^ and Ihe sage 
eslablishcs a bctlerc]rculat]on and it ihe same time helps the swelling. Th]s is i very 
simple Bnd effeclL>e remedy. 

1. NlEhl S^catSs Cold Sape for. -- ' Dn nk cold SBge 1ea, before retinng " This cold 
"^ige tcB i*^ only to be icicd when the [iat]ent hBS a fever ind needs a cold dnnh. In cme of 
this kind It ^^ouLd be effective. 

PHYSIC J AN'5 TREA I'MEN I' for Mghl SwcatE.-l Atiofiine in do^es of LI 20 to 
1-60 grBin ]s good to slop the swelling It must be used carefully^ Ihree doses m t^^enty- 
four houis ire enoiigh. 

1. Tanicslo keep up the appetite Like gent] an nuT vonttcB or quinine miy be 

g]ven The pBLicnL "^hiiuLd ^^ear Jlannel nighl-dresses, as lhe cotlon night-shirl, when 
soihed with perspirBtion^ has b cold clammy leeling Buhc 1hc pBLient in 1hc mom]ng 
WLlh lefiid waler Bnd aflerwBnils rub gently \^ith alcohol diluted one-half with wHer. 
Nighl swelling occurs m rickets but mainly in^und 1he head They iho occur when one 
\^ rundown, but 1hey Bre nol so debililBting and const bii1 In such 4.mes^ building up 
treHment is needed FrtJ per diet, bathing, out-door lafe, b]tler 1on]cs. etc. 


ROU?J D ^V R^E .--{AscarlBsis Lum [>rLcBidcsr-- The n^und worm resembles the 

angle worm ]n fonn; is 1he mosi 4.ommon humin parasile Bnd is found chiefly m 
chiLdren. The femaLe is se^en to twelve inthes long, the mate four lo eigh1 inches. I[ is 
poinled Bt bolh ends The pansUe occupies lhe upper pBrt ot Ihc small bowel and ihere is 
usually only one or 1wo present, bu1 nomelimes 1hey occur in enoimous numbers. They 
migrate in a peculiar manner They miy pass into the slomach, whence lhe> mav be 
thrown out by vomUing, or they may 


crawl up lbic gull^l *nd enter thr phar^-nx and cause serious trouble. They iiny go up ihc 
euj^1a4.hian lube and Bppcar Bt 1bie cxterml meBtus fopening of eirj The venous 
m]grat]on is into the bilc-tluct There is b spetimcn in Ihc Wistcr-Horncr Museum of lhc 
UnLvcp>Lly i>f Pcnnsylvinia ]n wh](.h no1 only the comnH>n b]lc-duc1_ bul ilso the main 
brBncbies Ihroughoul Ihc liver arr enonnoicily d]s1ended^ and pBcked wuh numerous 
mund worms- The bowel may be blocked or ]n ure inslBncei m uker may be 
perforated, even 1bic heallbiy bowel may be perfontcd- 

5vnipton]s.--PLcl:]ng of tbie no^e^ grinding of the teethe a wbiil]hh paleness Brouud the 
moulbi, jmMLcss sleep; somct]mes con>uls]ons. or presence o\ worm-^ in the s1ool_ Bad 
hcaHh cross pee^]sh imtiblc Bnd dumpy when the child ]s natunlLj the opposite 

MOTHKRS' RF.MED1ES.--L Roind or Pin Wariu^, Sa^t Tea for.-^SBge teB is a 

fine remedy for children troubled with worms iBlzen before breBlzlas! or cm going to 
bed-' SBge 1ea may help I hi>e tnown olher luolhers to have fBilh in il_ iLs virtue may 
consisi lu being b laTat]^e Bnd an Bnlisept]c which in themselves would kdd to the 
general he all h oF lhe child 

1. Rnuad and Pin ^Vorms, Tassv rrmtdy for.-- "Tansy leaves may be crushed and 
pu1 in whistv or tIriL'd ami ciushL^d wi1h sugar Thjs is the be-^l >enu]fiige 1 ever u-^cd.' A 
tei made oF lanty leB>es musi bL' used cire^ulLy as i1 ]s strung ind ne>er given Id 
preguBn! women 

3. Kouad and Pin >V[irms+ Peach Leaf Tea fDr.~"bi4lf an ounce of dried peach 
leaves may be mfwienl in a pint o^ boiling water and b lablesfioouful gi>eu for 4 dose 
three times a day " They are LiXBli>e ind ciert a "^edBtive influence over lhc nervous 
system. They have been frequenUy used for worms with reported success An ]nfusion is 
h]^hly recommended in ]rrilabilily of Ihe bladder^ in sick stomach and in whoop]ng 

PHVb^ECEANS' TRKATMENr-L Dr. Osier, of Oxford^ En;; land, rtcomnenda 
as rollD^s: Santonin in doses of Iwo or three grains for an aduLl one or Iwo a day for 
three or four diys_ followed by sails or cah>mel one-half 1o one grain tor children in the 
sime Vr'iy Thjs seems 1o me to be iinnecctsinLy lirge_ 

2. Dr. R liter's Santonin Kcmedy.-- 

I always give il Ihus: 

Santonin 1/10 grain 

Calomel 1/10 grB]n 

Gi>e four 4 day for two days, then miss two days Ihen give agi]n for 1wo day^ and stop 
Salts ckj} begi^en afler lh]s. [ 4 hen foLlow 4 his 

46 A;orH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

trcjtm^nl by giving one diofi iJo'^fs of []ncturc ofccn* {Homeopathic prcparalionl four 
tLmi:'> adi> for one or two wccb>_ Before giving any of 1bic*iC rcmcdin* il ]s "ftn]! to move 
the bowels freely End also BFtcr the mcdLcine hB-^ been stopped. 

3. Dr. Do DR lass of Detroltn Mkhi^an^ n:conimtiid'> 1bie foJ lowing for a cbiiid fi>e 

to ten yean> old 

Santonin ]2 grains 
Ciiome] 3 grains 

D]vide into '^iv. powdrp>. and gi>e one n]E[hl ind morning while fisting. 
-I. I ht roiloihrin^ Ls frcni i^rcftsforStlUti 

SpigtJii ]/2 ounce 

Senna 2 drams 

Fennel seed 2 drams 

hA anni ] ounce 

Eoilingwater ] pint 

M]x ind male inio an infuEion ftea| Dcte for a child^ one or two 
teispoo nf u Ih For an adull^ one or two winegli'^sfui'^. 

THREAD UOHM OR PIN \VORM.--10x>iris V trmicuiBris.|--This common 
worm ocLiipiL's Ibie rcLliim ind (.olon_ Tbiey pn^duce great irntiHon and il4.hing, 
pBrticiiliriy i1 n]ghl, "symptoms which become inlensely aggravalcd by the nightly 
migral]on {IravelingJ of 1he pBrasite Thc> sometimes m their Iravels enter the vagini_ 
OccB-^ionally ib^ce-^ses Bre lormed Bnnund the bowel |reHumJ conlaining numbep> of 
worms. The palieni becomes exlremeiy reslless and imtabie. for the sleep is very of1en 
d]s1iirbed^ Bnd there may be loss of appdile ind also BneniiB These wonns ire mosi 
common m children, bul the> cin occur ]n ill ages The woims can eas]ly be seen in lhe 
fetes The ]nFec1ion 1ates plate Ihrough the drinking of WBter and po^iibly through 
sil ads. such bs leltuce ind cresses ind various olher means. A person who ]s the subject 
of wonns pisscs ova (eggs) in large mjmbep> in lhe feces, and the po'&ibilHy oF 
reinfection niicit be guinJed igiinst >er> scrupulously 

MOI'HERS' REMEDIES.-- L Pin warus, ALoe^ Irtalutnt far.- 'Pjn worms or 
seat wonns ire usually found in children ind sometime cause i grei1 deal o^ innoyince 
to lhe ch]ld They ire usually >ery reslless at night and pull i1 lhe rectum bolh day ind 
n]ght This condi! ion may be relieved by in inject]on of powdered aloes,— nve gri]ns. 
ho1 water one- half pint.' This is sufficient for two injections and should be used at about 
blood heil 

Il Pia ^DTiuAs Fink Root For.— "Take one ounce p]nl: root, and one pint of water. 
Make a dccoctjon of 1liis by bi>iling the abo>e lo 


hfllr H pint Give a Tcasfioonful ihrcc 1imr'> h d*y for [wo days fblowtng thifi up by * 
good do^>c oFcBsloroil or l re Bin of larlar 1o ihoiDugbiLj cLcansc I he sys1cm_" 

3. I^is i^crius^ IJuabsia 4: hips Tor.-- 'I knew of a cbiild ^^ ho had not hicpl thrtc hQurs 

a nigh1 for scleral ini>nth'>^ and sfvtrBl doctois hid been (tailed and mnt of Ihcm seemed 
to gt1 down to tbie real trouble Finally Ihc ini>lhcr Ined Bn injeclion midc by '>tce[iing 
quB:£SLB 4.hip'> for two or Ibirce hoiJp> '>lowLy^ then slraining lI ird injecting about one piiH 
llnke wannr once b diy. Ttiis give ihc ch]ld immediBtt rehef and i m pTDV tine n t cuuld be 
:£een ^^ilhin a week " 

4l PIb ^orns, Llnt-^alcr lajecllan r[>rL~"A ^ery '>Lniple remedy i'^ in injection of 
a learnpfuL ol lime v^alcr once 1 thy preJciubly ]n Ihe nH>rnLng^ b*^ the ^^ornb ire iCiUBlly 
lodged in the reclnm ind thi'> injection will bring lhem Bway^ giving 1bic child rehef at 

5l W d ms-S1(^mach ^ ^ah Rrnitdy fo r.— "E nco u rage 1bie child to eat as much "^ilt a^ 
po^^ibLe ind gJ^e Bn injeclion oJ ^bIi and waler, about one ICBSiuonfLiL ot sail I0 Iwu 
quirl!! of wiler, once b day.' 

FHVS]CU^5■ IRE Al MEN I'.-- J. ±ianlonin In small do?^h nnd mild pnrgaLri^cs 
11 kt rhubarb. Sinlonin m do'>e'> of onc-tenlh of b ^run cbh be ^iven Ji^r t\^o day^, Ihrcc 
or four 1ime'> a day, preceded b> spiced "tynip of rfinbarb^ one drim do:£e. ind al'>i> 
followed by lhe rfiubarb. In children Ttie cold injections of "ilrong salt and water i'> 
effective They should be repeated tor lendays The hip^ "^hiiuld be well elevated so that 
the injection can be retimed for-^ome lime_ 

1. Q nasM a c hi ti^ ] ounce 

Common salt ]f2 ounce 

Water ] pint 

5oah over nighl and mjeel slowly all the bowels will hi>ld. Repeat 
once eath week till all ire removed. 

3. Dr. looker DrChicago+ [llimois, recommend'> 1bie following —Give in injection 
of an mfu'^ion ol rre'>bi garlic for 1wo or three night'> in '>iicce'>siu n using^ I0 mike Ihe 
infusion a "^mall bunch of garlic in a pint of water, steeped down I0 one-qnader pint 

4m Dr. Ti«her gives anolhrr xielhad whicbi I't often :£iicces£fii] Anoint the anu.'t for 
several njgh1^ in '^uccc:£'>ion wilh ^wee1 oil. using Ihe litlle finger I0 insed the oil as far 
into lhe rectum i'> 1he fingery will reach 

5. A no I her Remedy. Inject cod-liver oil ffinre) into the bowel or make mlo in 
emulsion wUh Ihe yolk of in egg ind then inject. 

6. Spearmint Remedy.-- N^ake an infusion of the common ^pramiint ind inject 

"^ime in 1tie bi^wel every nigh1 for one week Some can be liken inleFiially i1 Ihe same 

4tt MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

0[1 of Worm^ccd }f2 ounc^ 

OlI of Tuii^cnlinc 1-1/2 driin 

C4'>lnr Ol] 2 OLincKi 

FliJ]d fxiraci cf Pink Root 3 drams 

H^draslin 10 grains 

Synip of Pc[i [icrni] nt 4 drams 

One tfBspoonful lhrcc timcf a dky one hour btforr m»ls to h child 1cn ycur^ old If il 
physiLS 1o much give Less oflcn Good for fri>th kintl"^ of worm^_ 

E. Tine lure t^f Ciaa^ Id acrompam^ anv imjtctlDD.--] give ibic T]nctLirc of C]na 
( Ho mcopal hjL prcparilion] jn from onc-qiiBrtcr to two or ihrcc diDp doses, three or four 
times a di>. alwavs if1er ] have g]ven 1hc olhcr worm remed]CTi Mem be gi^cn for 
weeks wuhou! pK>duc]ng bad effects The dose can be mide less for weatly children; or 

greater in grtjwn people ]1 ]s good to give in smill doses ]n pin ^^onns when injeeliuns 
are UHcd. Ft seems to prcvcnl 1 heir formation. E[ is ilso a good remedy for 1bie worms 
puppies are tioubLed witbi ] biave sived the L]ves of 4 good many liltLe fellows wilh this 

L APE Wt>R^[, PORK.-|TBrnia SDhun|. Il is six To twelve feet long, bnl lI ls not a 

common form in this coun1ry_ The head ]s smflll. round, not so laigc as the head of a pin 
and provided wilbi four sucking ducts and 4 double nnw of biooklets. E> these biooklets 
and disks Ihe parisile atla4.hes ]tseLf to the mucous membrane ot Ihe small ]ntestine in 
man Below the head ]s a conMncted neet, which is followed by b large number of 
segmenis increasing in size fn^m the neck onwinJ_ Each segment conti]ns the 
generalive organs oF bolh seies The pirBS]te (wonn^ becomes full> grown in three to 
three ind one-haH months. Segments 1hen continuBlly breilz off and ire dischorged hI 
slool. Each o^um ^egg) contBins 4 s]ngLe embryo, anned with six hooklels and contained 
in 4 thick shell. When swalowed b> 4 pig or min these shells are digestd ind Ihe 
embryos migrale |1raveh lo various pirls of 1he body, where the> change to Cyst]ccic] or 
"Meislcs." Eichconlains a scolex or 1 ape-worm When meBl, improperly cooked Bnd 
con1ain]ng "measles " is eaten the cvst is dissolved ]n Ihe human s1oma4.h Biid the free 
scolcT or held aHachcs ilself 1o 1he jnleshnal niuLoiCi membrBnc and grows julo b 

TAPE WORfVf, BEEF.- (Tar nil SK|^inala|. This is « larger and longer [iara.s]te 
than 1 he Pork Tape Worm. It is the 4.ommon Jorm found in this country It may fro w 
fifteen lo twenty feet or more and possesses 4 iBrge head m companion w]th the TaeniB 
Solium. Il is square shaped ind has four large sucking disks, but no hooklets The ripe 
segments ire larger and Ihey ire pissed bs in 1he Taem]a 5ol]um Bnd arc eHen by cattle, 
in Ihe flesh or organs of wh]ch lhe eggs develop inio the Cysl]4.en:i 

5 V lu p lo mhL~ Thesf worms lp4rBS]tes^ are found a1 ill ages They ire nol uncommon 

inch]ldrcn ind may be found in nurs]ngch]ldrcn They may cause excessive appclile, 
nausea, vom]t]ng. d]arrheA, or 

A.\'iMAL F Alf ASHES 49 

abdominal p*in orsomcC]mes incmiB The knowltdgr of tht prcscncr of thi"^ wonn may 
caiEiC grcal nriYousncs^ or depression. The prciiei]cc dF the segment in Ihe stock jtiovcs 
tbicir presence in 1tic bowels 

1 r4:atai4:nls prt^4:n1ivt.— TbiL'> ]^ mwit import Bnt CBrcfuL alteil]on '>tH>uld be g]vcn 

to three points Firil^ alJ lapewoim ^>tgmenl!i should be burntd- Tbicy should never be 
thrown ]nto lhe water-cLosfl o r OLit'>Ldi: , ii-^co^iiiy^ spe4.LBl inspetlaon of all meal^ and, 
ihff^h^ cmjting the meal suffic]ently to kill 1he pBrai]te'i_ 

MOTHKRS' REMKDIF.<i.--l. lapr ^'ormss Tunipkin Seed lea r^r.-'Gnc pml 
pumpkin ^eedsskinni^d and '>teepeJ. ,\<ki water enough 1o mBke Ihrce tumble r^. Take 
one lumbler e^ery h^]^ hi>ur_ then a giHid dose of CBSIoroi] The worm w]ll come w]th 
o]L_ My molher helped prepare the *iceds ind "^bw 1he lapeworm which came fiT>m b 
woman a^ a re^ull of Ihisnio^e " 

1. raft VVims, Anolhrr good Remcdv for.— 

"Powdered KamiJa 3 drams 

Synip simple 3 OLinces 

Two do^e^ of lh]s miKlure hardly ever failsi to bring lhe worm Give 
o]l and Inrpenlinc two houp> after the [^^\ dose " Of the oil and 
iLirpcntjne an average dn^e would be a half ounce of castor oil and 
fifteen dri>p*i of lLirpcntLne_ 

3. Tape ^VDrm+ Onlario Molhtr's Rtaii^dj for.-- "Don't eil nnlil very hungry 

leitremely ^>ol, then eal one- half pml of pumptin Jieetti Thi-i is good and will remove 
the worm e^ery ljme_" Thi!i remedy l^ d]fferenl fiom 1he above in thit you eat the Jiecdi 
iniileid ot making a lea. 

4m 'Lapr Warni, Succtsbful Htmtd^ fci Ckildri^n ar AdnU.-- 

"TurpciULnc L5 diops 

CislorOil ] le4'>poonful 

KliLk I leicup^LiL 

Mix ind for aduLl lake at one do^e If no1 '>u:cessfLil repeal llie nexl 
day_ For child under 1en year^ onc-hilf 1hc qiJin1H> " 

FHyS]CIA^^■ IRE ATM EN I'.- -Pre pa Hue Ihr Palknt; C^ri^inE Iht Rtmrdj, 

nnd Ht4:4:rii in;^ th\i Uorm.— Whenever a n^und or tipe wonn is lo be atlached^ the 

pattern must be stirvL^d for 41 least twelve to 1wenly-four hour^. in order 1hat no food in 
the intesUnaL fbowelj IracI may pnn1ec1 lhe woim from 1he aH]on of 1he drug. Dunng this 
time 4 little m]Lk can be ^iven and after a n]ghl of fa^tLng^ before breakfast^ the worm 
medic]ne |anthelm]nticj must be "^wallowed, [n addition nearly all the druf> micit be 
followed by purges in order 1o dislodge the inlruder while he i'^ paraly/ed ind has losi 
h]*^ hold^ and m many l1 is well 1o have a bism of sail and water reidy si> 1hat when a 
pa-^sige occuPi a rectal injection ma> be g]^en 1o wash out the -segments of the wonn 
which remain in the reclnm 1 am giving many remedies ind the different ways of 
adminisleFing them. Nol 

50 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

every one can be cured ^^ith lhe '>amr remrdy. One wiH ocl belter in "wme people ttian in 
Dlher^_ So ] give b vancty ind 1bicy ire all good 

L. For two days prior to Ihc idiniriLstrBtioii of the remedies ihc piUeiH sbiould lake b 
very I]gh1 diet and have the bowels moved by a ^iline (siltsj CBthartic As a rule the 
male fern acK prompUy and well The dheral cMratl of male fern in two dram doses 
mBy be given^ fast^ and follow in lhe coun^e of a couple ot hanis by k brisk purgative, 
thai L^, calomel followed b> "^bIk. 

Fa.'flLng inean*^ thL'> Lighl die1 for b day or two and b C4lhart]c Bt ii]ghK no '>u[i[ier 
eicepl a gla^ of m]lt before 1he worm mcd](.ine i-^ given. Then 41 bcd-Uine tBlze 1wo 1o 
three grains of Lilomel with 1en grijns of bicarbonale of sodium, rochcllc sails, one- half 
to one onnce^ upon iwahening. As soon as the bowels hive moved give oleDnh]n of 
asp]diiim^ onr dnm m C4psiilt'> A SBlmt CBtharlit. should be given one-half to one hour 
laler Never g]ve casloroil or any oil if1er 1his remedy, ifr hencBlomel i^ g]ven it should 
be given aboul one hour after iBking 1he worm mcd]cine ind followed ]nonc or one and 
onc-hilf hours by 4 half to one ounce of !ibIu 

1. PtIlLtkrtnt RtBKdv for-— Th]!i comes ]n hoClles of the proper dosc_ 1 1 i^ dear, bur 
effer1ive_ [t miis1 be tBlzcn iy]ng down, and followed by some calhBrlic or a dose of 
efisom SBlt'> ]n Iwo hours ifler taking. 

^ Infu^on und hniulsian for^— An inficiion of 

PomegriUBte roo1 1/2 ounce 

Pumpkin '>ecds ] ounce 

Powdered ergo I ] drBm 

Boiling water 10 ounces 

To in emulsion o^ lhe mile fern fa dram of 1 he ethereal e^trBct) made wuh acBcia 
powdera. Iwo diofis of croton oil Bre added The palieni should hive had a low d]el on 
the pre>]ous day ind hB>e laken b do^e of '>4lts in Ihc evening. 

The emul'>ion and infu'>ion are mixed and laken Bt n]ne ]n lhe morning. If lhe bowels 
do not move m two houp>, sbIi^ should be laken 

4. An Old Ri^uedj.— Chew frrely of slippery elm bark Th]s. il is slated, is very 
effective and as ]t is cheBp and will nol injure it ih wodh a Ihorough triBl ] am of1en 
surpri'>cd al the value of the scemingl> simple remedies 

1 RECHINIASIN 1 1 rlclirinohLs>.~The dLsei^e iscBused by lhe Inching ^p]ratis, a 
pBrasite ]nt[oduced into the body by ealing ]mped~ectly cooked fle'>h of infected tiogs. 
The "embiyos" pi^>s from the bowel ind reach the voluntBry muscles, where ihey finally 
become "cncapsulaled larvae."— muscle 1rich]nae. [t is in Ihc migration ot Ihese embryos 
thai the group of symptoms known as lrichin]asis is pi~oduccd 

A.\'iMAL F Alf ASHES 51 

When lhc flr^h con1a]ning the Irichinac ls calcn by mm or by any *n]mal in which 
the dcvcLDpmcnl cbu EbIzc piBcc, tht ca|>sLilc'> bvc digc^ttd Bcid the tnchiiiHc irc ^ct ^rcc. 
They paui inlo the hmaLI inl«>tiiic ind about lhe ihird diy atlain tht]r full gn>wlh ind 
bcc^omc ^CTuaLly niBture. The yoLinf piDdiEtd by each ftinBli: tn4.hiiiB hive been 
c^Umiled Bt several hundred The time fTDm the ealingoflhe fle^hconlaLning the mujscle 
trichinae to the deveLopmen! of the brtjod of embryos ]n ihe intestines ^bowelii^ l^ From 
seven to nine days. The lemile worm penclralc*i Ihe inlestinBl wail Bnd Ihe embryos ire 
piDhablv discharged inlo ihe lymph spacer, thence into lhe venous system ind b> the 
blood *itreBm lo the niuscLe-^, which constJtulc*! the]r ^>eBt of elc(.l]on WicT a preliminary 
mi^ral]on ]n lhe ] nter-muw. uL b r connective tissue. lhey penetrile the primiUve miCicLe- 
fibres ind in Bbou! Iwo weeks develop in1o lhe full gro^^n muscle form In this process 
inter£lit]al mnammalion of the muscle is exc]ted and grBduBll> an o>oid capsule 
develops Bbou1 lhc parasile Two_ Bnd occasionally 1hree or four, wonn^ may be seen 
wUhin B single CBp-^ule. This priicew> of encBp-^ulatJon has been e^Umalcd lo IbIzc Bbou! 
SIX \^eeks_ Wnhin the muscles 1he pBrasites do ni>l undergo funher de^elopnienL 
Gradually 1he capsule becomes Ihicker ind ult]mately lime sails are depos]ted w]thin A 
Th]s change miy tike plBce in mBn within four or Five months. The tnchinie m^y live 
wUhin 1he muhcJes for an ]ndefinite period. They have been found Blive ind capable of 
de^elofwng as late i^ 1^^en1y or twenty-five veBrs afler iheir entrBnce into the system 
These calcified capsules appear is w hi le s[ieck'> ]n lhe muscles. In man^ instances 
however 1he^e worms are complelely cib]fied. In Ihe hog 1he trich]nae ciuse fe^^ if any 
symptom'> An an]mal Ihe muscles of which are swarming with living trichinae miy be 
well nouri'>hed and healthy looking An impodanl po]nt also js the fad lhat in the hog 
the capsule doe'> nol read]ly become calcified, so thil lhe par4'>i1es Are not visible as in 
the human muscles 

Mcdcs Df Inri^clicn. — The danger of infeclion depends entirely upnn the mode of 
preparalionof 1he flesh Thi>roiigh coi>ting . so thai all parlsof 1hc meat reach the bo]l]ng 
poim, deslnjy^ the parasites; but, in lirgerjoinls. Ihe central portions arc no1 oflen ri]sed 
to lhis lemperature. The trcqncncy of the disease ]n different countries depends largely 
upon the habils of lhe people ]n lhe preparat]on of pork. In North Genniny, where nw 
ham ind ^^uist are freely eaten, the greatest number of instances have occurred In South 
Germany France, and England cases are rare. Sailing ind smoking the flesh are no1 
always sufficienK and the Ha^re experiments '>ho^^ed thai animals arc readily infecled 
when fed w]th portions of lhe pickled or the smoked meal i^ prepared ]n th]s country 

Svnipt4hius.--The eitmg of tnchinous flesh is not always followed by thi'> d]sease 

[n Ihr course cf a few diys after caling lhe infected meil I he re arc '>igRbof 

d]stiirbance of 1he Momach and bowels^ and pain m the abd^mien^ 

52 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

los^ of *pprttTc, vomiMng *nd ^omctinmi diirrhca; ^nd yet, thr^c prcliminiry symptoms 
do not fllwBys occur, for in isomt of lhc large cpidcmjcscB-ics have been otacrvcd ]n 
wbiich they biavc been abseni Pain in dilTerent pBrLs of the bod>, generfll deb]Lity and 
wciknes^ hB^c been nolcd in wjmc of the epidemic^- En nomc instinccs ihc stomBcbi Bnd 
bowel disturbincc*! have been so marked \roru the OLit^>el Ihat the atlack rc*iembLed cmr 
cholen- The invi^ion !iymp1oms develop bet^^een the sevenlh Bnd Icnth tlay_ Sometimes 
no1 unt]l 1he end o\ Ihe second wect, and they are marted by fever, a eh] Li m "^ome ci^e^ 
and pain and '>\^cLiing Bnd teiiderne^'> Blong 1he muHcic^ Lnvoived The niLgriUon ot the 
pBrasHe-^ inlo Ihe muscles exrjte-^ a more or Le-^s intense mn animal ion of these miiscLes, 
which Ls characterized by pain on pressure Bnd movement, and by swelhn^ ind tension 
of the mLiscLe-^ over which the !il:]n may be "swollen- The L]mbs are placed jnsome 
posiUon ]n which these muscles ire more al resl. Difficulty in chc^^]ng and swallowing 
i!i ciused b> the involvemen! of 1hc musclc*i control ling thrse Bcts_ In severe casc*i the 
involvement of Ihe diBphngm and intercoslal micicles may leBd lo diff]cul1 breathing 
(DysjmcieiJ wh]ch sometimes proves FalaL Walcry swelling, a feilnre ot greBt 
importance, miy be seen eirly ]n Ihc fice, pBrticularly about the, eyes LBter il develops 
in ihe exlremilic^ when 1hc swelhng ind sliffnes.*^ o^ ihe micicles arc at their heighl. 
Piofuse sweBts 1inf.ling and ]tch]ng of 1he skin and in some ]nslances h]ves fUnicBna) 
hfl^c been destnbed. 

There ire cmacialion ind anem]a_ In the Jieverr cise't 1he Bppcii^nce may be hbe 
thai m the thind week of 1ypho]d fever. In m]ld casc*i Ihe fever and muscular s^-mptoms 
Bub!i]de in 1cn 1o fourteen diys, ]n olher^ only Biter two or 1hree monlhi The mortality, 
from one tci IhiFty per cent, seems to depend upon Ihe virulence and number uf pirasites 

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT.--lf discovered wi1hin1wcnty-foiirlo thirty-!iix 

houp>, thoroughly empty the bowel wilh purgalives Rhubarb Bnd senuB, or in occasionil 
dose of CBlomel may be given Reheve the pains BFterward*i and support 1he "^Ircngth 


The hk]n is divided into three iByers. Beginning wi1h ihe outer one and n4ni]ng 
inwind the> are named b"^ follows The outer layer is callcti Ihe epidermis or cuticle 
(near or upon the skinV The second iBycr is called the conum, dcima cutis >era, or tnic 
shin. The third layer is called ihesnb-ciiUneous (under the !ik]nj 1f*1ty or connective) 
tissue This list Uyer com Bins Ihe swcbI glands, the lower end of ihe deep-seated hiir 
follicles, (In tie sacs coni ami ng the roo1s of the hair) 


and Iflrgcr brBnchc*i of 1tic lymphatics, blood vessels and nerves, and hctvc^ in general as 
a bed for the true skin to resi upon, ind by wbiich tbic true '>kLn is connecled w]tbi lhc 
deeper parts, munrlcs e1c_ The appendages of the skin are the hair in]ls_ nebiccoLis and 
sweal-glands- The dischaige from Ihe ^^^ e at-gi b ndn form 4 L]tl]e or iBrgcr Inmor The 
contenis of 4 wen ire riT>m ^ebBceous glands— fat sec re1 ions— fal tumor. The following 
names arc frequently mentioned m the skin d]seases 

MaeiLe. fSpots, pilches). Sk]n h^ allercd in color, bul lhc skan h^ nol raised or 

depressed freckle, etc 

Papule. (Pimple). Elevated p]eee of^kin, varying ]n size From a pin-head to a coffee 

'Luttrclr. f N ode-l nmp | A solid elevat]on of I he skin, >ar^'ing ]nsize from a [lei to a 

'Lunars. Thc^e are sofl or f]rm ele>Alion±>of the skin, hke t wenor hanJ lump. They 
are always deep-sealed 

Wheel. \ round flit, where orpmk elevation of the skin '>u:h as hcves, mo^qnilo 
bates, etc. 

Vcsiclt. This hi a pin-head orpea-aizcd clcvalion of the ontcr layer |epidermt&| filled 

whth a watery fluhd. 

Bleb. |Bul]a). A ctnzumscnbed elevation of 1he '>kin and contains a walery fluid, 
such as a burn.eic 

Puslult. A rounded elevalionof the ouler Ijyer {epidermis) of varying si/e. 
confining pus |n^atler| 

A vesicle, bleb, and pidtule *re hollow, macule, papule, and lubcrcle are wjlid. 

ScKle. I^quama). This is a dry a tl ached or unatlached 1hin piece from Ihe skin is a 
i~esull of disease of the skin. 

Crufl. This is a dried mass as a resull of fluid oojing fiom a diseased skin. 

ExecriationL Like a scralch miTh. 

Fissures. This is a crack like lhat ^ound on chapped hinds 

Ulcrr- (Sore]. Eating iway of the parts 

ScBF. Ulcer healed leaving i mark, like fiom a healed cuE. 

PlcmenlBliin. DiscolonUon 

ACNEl (Simple Acne).- -This is an inflammalionof the sebaceous |fatly.cheesy| 
glands ll forms these pimples or pustules and lhese are intenningled wilh black-heads 
(comedjnesj flesh-worms They >ary from a pin-head lo a spln-pea in size and are of a 
bn^ht or dark red color. They occur for the mosi pan on the fice; also on the back, neck 
and che^l. 

CDnditi4n.--An over seem ion, or alteration and retention of Ihe fa1t> (sebaceous) 
matler, and this is followed by inflammalion involving the glands, duels of 1he glands, 
and hair follicles. Pus often forms tod tissue may be destroyed. 

54 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

Ca dscEl— Thwit ^kin |!.l*nd^ irc icC]vc it lhc time of pubrrTy The *cC]vc cause m*y 
be I he '>loniB(:bi 1 roubles^ con:£lip4lii>n. womb disDnJi:p>^ and pr>Qr genera] iiulrit]on 

PHYSICIANS' TRF.A I'MKN I' for Acme.--AL1 stomBch Iroublr^. conicUpEMon. and 
womb Iroublc^ should be LDQked into and rcmcdird. The ditl End biygiene mii'tl bt 
rcgLiJalcd Food thai stimulates and i^ hard lo digtbt should be pTDhibited. When Ihtrc i^ 
dy'>[ie|>si4 and corusUpiUon^ bitler tomcs^ L]l:c compound tincture of gcnUBn one dram 
before mcals^ or [ie[is]n |f]ve gr4]njf^ and looscu]ng medicint'> like sbII's shi>uLd be g]^cn 

I inclurt ofNnx V a mica i'> a good "floniBcbi Bnd bowel Ionic g]ven in doses of one 
to 1wo drops bcJorc mcBis 

CaLoiKeL, ouc-hBlr grain at mgbit for 4 few nighl^^ followed ]n lhe monnug by epsom 
:£4]ts or soinc mineral ^^4ler like Ab]LeuB or tiimjidi is useful The fallowing is b gocd 
combiniUon by Dr SchaLek 

Tine lure of Nut Vomicj 2 drams 

Dilute Nitro Munalic .\c]d 4 drams 

Sheny W]ne enough for 3 ounces 

MiK Bnd tBlze one te^^poonful Ibiree tune-s a diy_ 

Dirl.~5ee diel for dyspepsia and constapation. All fatty, gmsy^ rich foods tie 

Local r ri: a1 nit nt.~ rf ihc skin j's quite red and lender in]ld '>ootNng applicB[]ons 
should be ustd_ Mi>st ci^>e^ require vigorous Irealment. F]rs1 wash lhe pBrts wilh ^^Brm 
waler Bnd the best '>oap^ rin^e wilh biot waler ind then dry cirefulL^. Remove lhe black- 
heads by CBreful pre'&ure of the fingeis^ or wi1h biBck-head en trade r_ the p]mpLes and 
pustules should be frecLj cut, lo bILow lhe mailer lo escape Bnd all lhe milter tBken out- 
Ex lernal McdlcBllins OintmenI and LitlDns.~Lolioi:[S Bre 1o be pi~elerred in cases 
of oily dischai^c. [f lhc '>kin bccome'> n^u^h Biid chipped, soBp should not be used ]n 
washing, and a E[>olh]ng oinlmcnl shi>uLd be applied. Dru^ Wicd ire for slimuLBliug the 
skin and heiling lhe lcs]ons. 

1. Soolkls^ Ointmcnl.-- 

PrccipUated Sulphur 1 dram 

Eenzoinaled Lird 1/2 ounce 

Lanolin 1/2 ounce 
For local ide bul not tn oily case^ |Dr ^chalek-l 

2. I he Tolloihin^ j^cd a^a ^octhin^ loLion: 

^"Bshcd Sulphur 3-1/2 drims 

Spint^ of CBinphor 3 drams 

BiborBte ot Sod]um 2 drams 

GLyrenn 6 drams 

Di'>lilled waler enough for 4 ounces 

Mix and shake well ind Bpply freely '>o bs 1o leave a film on 1he fBce. 
(Di Schaick) 


3. Dr. Duhrlnp;'^ I.ollcn, following: 

Pri:c I [1 L1 [Ltcd SuJphur 2 drams 

Glycerin 2 dFims 

Alcohol ] ounce 

Lime ^Htcr ] ounce 

Rose water 2 ounces 
Mix and shake before usinf and apply 

4. Kumni^rNcld'sLDliom. 'Orlcmtal Lollom.' 

PfL^cipLlatcd Sulphur 4 drams 

Powdered Camphor 10 graina 

Powdered TrBgacBnth 20 grains 

Lime waler 2 ounces 

Rose water 2 ounces 

MifL '>hake ^^cll and flppl^' every few hours. 

5. Stimulating p ri: pa ra tio ue. 

Corro'>L>e sublimile U2 to 2 grairei 

Emulsion bilter almonds 4 ounces 

W\% 1 bio roughly aru1 use 1o stimulate the sl:]u 
6l Oinlmtmt of ivhitt pri^cipUate (five lo fifteen perceul streuglh^ can be u^ed in 
plate o\ one abo>c_ 

7. 1 ht Followini^ Hcbra l.oliin ([ give as wriClen) 

Hydrarf. Bichlor ] dram 

AquB Distill 4 drams 

Ov \lbuniinis 3 drams 

Succ] Clin 3 drams 

Saccbian I ounce 

Mfcx ind apply 4S d] reeled 
Caulivn.-- Sulphur and inercurv pre p ara1 ions sbio u Id not be used il 1bie :£BiTie lime^ 
nor immediate]^' succeeding eactiolher. is ttie^' will sEa]n ihe skin 

BALD^ESS. lAbpi^ria). CauEcs.— fierrd]tiTy and diseisu CongcnUal and senile 
(old BgeJ bildneiss is ]ncurable. CongenitBl (bom witbiout hBir> baldness is rare. 

MOTHF.RS' REMEDIES^ J. Baldness^ Wtll Recommended for- "A fiis1 class 

hBir re:£torBti>e is made of sage lea and whisk^' ]n egua] pans witbi a dash of quin]ne ]n 

the bottle." 

2, RaldncsSn Vase I in and <^ulnine fDr.-- 

"Vasclm ] ounce 

Quminc ]/2 ounce" 

M]x togetbier Bnd apply to iheseilp 

3. Haldnm^, (^cod Canadian Rtraed^ for . - - "5 tron^ '>^g^ teB Rub I he scalp 
trequcnll>_ I have u-^ed thi"^ ^^Jlh great *iU(.(.ev*i " 

PHYSICIANS' TREA'LMEN'L for Baldmess.-- Persons wbio hi>e in hereditiTy 

tendency to bildnes'> "should pBy clo'>e al1ent]on to the hygiene of the scalp^ as this is 
very im port an! The hair should be shBinpooed Iwo onbiree t]mes i week, lo remove 
sebBceous BccumulBtion'> and olhcr foreign matenil^ \fter the scilfi hBS been 


tbiuroughl> rinsed wUh clean walcr End dnnJ^ some clI or (tiibc| vo'^tJin "^hoLiLJ be 
rubbed in, Finc-tootbcd combs should ncvtr be used. The dBiLy wdting oF lhe hair is 
injurious Ril*^ should be lighl and well Bired, When ihc hair begins 1d ffllL, sUmulBting 
applications "^hiiiiLd be used, ]n 1hc fonn of oinlmcnts or Lol]cin^_ The folLo^^ing ire 
among thi: bcM wilh tht authi>r's nBKic given but in English insteBd of LBtm. 

Dr. ScbBltL. I. 

E]chLoride oF Mercury 3 grains 

Tinc1 of Cin1 handed ]f2 ounce 

Oil of S wee! Almonds 1 drBm 

Spin Is of Rosemary ] ounce 

Rrctif]«l Spints of Wine 2 ounces 

Dislilled WBter enough to make fi ounces 

^^lx; shake boHLc ^elL, rub 1hoi~oiJghly inio the scalp every morning. 

2. Carbohc Bcld 55grains 
Glycerin 2 drams 
Cologne witer ] ounce 

Wi%^ and apply to lhe scalp once daily 

3. PrecipUated Sulphur ] dram 
Lanohn 2-1^2 drams 
Glycerin 2-1/2 drams 
Rose waler enough 1o mike ] ounce 

Mix well. Pin lhe hair in differeni placesi and rub ointmenl inio the 

4. Ihk'jfMlxtnrt.-- 

Resorcin ]-]f2 drams 

Cislor 0]l ]-]/2 ounces 

Spirils of Wine 5 ounces 

Ealsiin Pern 10 tliops 

W\% Rub into 1he scalp d4]ly wilh a piece of Flannel. 

5. Hulkle^'s Lolicn.-- 

Tinclnre Cinlhandcs ]/2 ounce 

Ti ncttire C apiic liin ]/2 ounce 

CulorOil ] dram 

Cologne Witer ] ounce 

Wi% and applv daily to lhe scilfi 

^ . L a^sa r's O In I mt nt.~ 

Piloearfime N^ unite 30 gratic 

Vaitel]ne 5 drams 

Lanohn 2 onnce?i 

Oil of Lavender 20 diofis 

Mix and apply Id the scalp. 

BALD FA'ICHES. (AlDptclB ^reala).-- These appear rather suddenly. They ire 
circular bild p4l4.h«> which may appear on any hiiry pad of the body, bu1 more 
frequently on the scalp. Ft ]s considered a chr(jn]c trouble, but lentfe to final recovery 


CmuBT.- -Occurs usLially bclwtrn the agc^of ten ind ForEv- Tt miy be from a parasHc 
PHYS[CM^"S' TREATME?J r.--Cod-Lncr oil, cimr quimnc, ]ron ind ^Irychmnc 
one dram three limes iJi]L>_ Aisenic Fowler^ solut]on. foLir drops lhrce timc^ daily 

Local I rLatitient.~5timul4ling remedies, like ^iulfihur lar, tincture of canthindes, 
cafiMcum, in vbtioli'^ Mrength in comb] nation such lii g]ven for baldness. In old peisons 
It miy become pennBnciit 

ANIDRC>!i[S. iLes^ned Shieal S4:cretlan|.~ThLS meBn'> b diminution of ihe sweit 
'^ecrct]on. The [iat]ent doc^ not "twcal eni>ugbi, c^peciilly in ccrt4]n '>kin d]hCBScs like 
p^orn^i^, e1t: 

'LreBtmcnl.--lio1 water, vipnr baths. fncl]on message, elc , should be used 1o 
iEu.rcB^c 1bic swcal fictrction. TrcBt tbie accomp b n^'ing skin diseisc. 

FOUL S^'KA I'ING. iBroBiidrojfisl. S ^ m ptc ai ^. ~ Tbie odor may be very 
d]'^B^rccabLe or resemble I he oAi r of cert b i n flavon* or frniLs. [t is generally found an ihc 
arm-[iil ind gcnitBl orgBn*^. 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. L. OITtnsri^i: Sncatlng, Mum W^ttr Tor.-- 'A wish 
made wilh a ICB'^pnontuI of alum and b quart of walcr iviLI prevenl offensive swelling 
We ill know how disagree Bble it is 1o sil ncBr 4 person in a sireet 4.4ror iny ^.lowded 
place, whi> Hb'^ an odor of perspiration about 1biem, How easy it would be to ube ttiis 
wash ind nd yourself of this difficulty," 

1. Swcatj Feet, licrax and Mcchol To r^--" Dissolve b lablespoonful of powdered 
borB^L m hBlf a pirn of diLuled 4J4.obiol (half alcohol half WBter^ and rub tbie feel al nighl 

Yoii will hnd Ihis a splendid remedy." I 

3. Sweat! n^;. Simple Hcnii: Ki^medi ta Produce.-- "PL Bce a rubber sbieel or blanket 

under the palieni Have b simple blanket soBking in tiot waler and when all i^ reidy, 
wring blanket as dry as possible and wrip about the patient up to tbie neck After this a 
dTy blanket is wrapped an>iind Ihe pBtieiit Care should be 1aken not 1o hi^e I he blankel 
hoi enough 1o burn lhe pilieni bul not too cool After a few minutes the patient is laken 
ou1 nibbed dry gently and lefl Id rest and sleep." This 1rei1ment will be found very 
benefKial and inexpensive 

PHVIJECEANS' I'REATMEN'L for F#ml Swea tine.-- Frequent b al hi ng, dressing 

powders of boric ind salicylic acids, cfc^ 

i. Salicylic .\cid ]/2 ounce 

Powdered 3 larch 1/2 ounce 

Mix Bnd dus1 on 1he parbi. 

1. tfiric acid powdered may ato be lECfL 

3. Powdered Boric Acid and Salicylic Acid; Equil pBrLs. 

To be lEicd is a dusting powder on the sweating parts. 

5tt MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

^ Onr prr cent wtlntion df pcla^^lnm prrmaiinanBlc or prrm^ngmjlc of pot4'>(i \^ 
gDDd applied to tbic porLs 

CAI.L05ITV or Callosllas.-- Thi-t ["> l irc LirruiC n bed ycllowish-wh]tc. ihickcncd Bcid 
homy pBtctKS of one of the Uycis of the cul]cLc lepidcrmis). 

CB«sc5--Thcy comt as I he rt'>ul1 of tbic occufialian nr prc?i^urr, and "wmrUmc^ 
WLlhoLi1 Bn> ^c^^ming (.iust_ 

5^91 pton]^.-- They occur moslly on tht biand^ and feet and arc u'lLially HfnsLlivc. 

PHYSICIANS' TRKATMENl, for Callosity or CBllDsilas.- Remove the ciiiic of 
tbie homy lT1a^'fl:'>. Tbic lalter is done by Hoaking them wi1bi prolonged biot waler baths ind 
■craping off lhe m4'>s if1erward!i_ Thi"^ should be cont]nLied and nione Frequenlly- 

SilirylLC Ac]d JO grains 

Collodion 4 ounce 

M]x and apply wilh t camcL's hair pencil 

CORMi. |Cal>DE).— A small flal dcep-'^eatcd homy growth, moMly cm or bdwcen 
the loe"^- 

Caisc-— Usually Ihc resuH of 1oo t]ghl or too loose shoes. Due 1o pressure ind 

MOTHF.RS' RF.MEDlES.-CirnbHonc of Ihc Surest Keraedies.-- "Take salicylic 
acid make a tbiick paste wjth flour, pul on ibsorbeni col Ion ind apply, leading same on 
several days, soat well and corn will come out.' This ]s a thonnughly Ined remedy ind a 
good one. This ]s about ay good a cure as there is for corns. Afler lh]s paste has been on 
the corn for 1hree days. U should be removed and Ihe feet soated well, and ihe com 
scraped off 

1. Corns+Tirpentlne aiHl Kcroseme for.-- "A very simple remedy is to apply 
Inrpcntinc or kertjscnc oil lo the affected part on going 1o bed.' It is always a good plan 
to soak ihe feet well before lreat]ng the com, as the turpentine will penetrale more 

3. Corn^ La Kcmovt VVILhcnt Faln.-- 

"Alcohol 1/2 ounce 

Muriatic Aoid I drtm 

Nitrbc .Acid I dr^m 

Oti of Ro'^emary I dr^m 

Chloroform 2 drams 

Tinclnre In^n 2 drams 

Klix 1he above, and apply freely lo the corn w]th lilUe brush or Teal her unt]l ]t 
can be removed wilh thumb lance It may require several applications.' 
4. Co rns+ Onion a Cure lor.-- "Soak a small onion in vinegar four hours Ihen cut in 
two and bind on the corn a1 nigh1 In the morning {i\ Ihe onion has remained over ihe 
corn^ the soreness will be gone and >ou can pick out 1he core If no1 cored in f]rst 
appl]ca1ion repeat " 


S. Corns+Cutilr St^ay an EfftcllYr Rtntdy f(^r.~"Rub lKc corn nifhl and 

moni]ng ^^]th castil^: :£mp, asoflcn ^^ po^^ihLc shLivc jt being careful ih>I to cut deep 
enough to niBke ]t bleed.' Be fBithful in ^OBp]ng i1 Ibioroughly night and moming far 
scvcrfll dfly^ un1il U di'>4ppe4P> This Li a >cry *i]niple bu1 cfrcct]>c remedy. 

i. Hard Corn^n Iodine a Sueeessfil Rtaiedv f[»r.~"Paiiil Ihe rone w]th icdine 
every nigh1 for ihr^c ni^ht^, Mop three nights, then apply Ibiree nights igBin^ End so on 
for two weeks/ Hive Ined 1biis End know it to be very succes^rur, etpeciilly good for 
hard corns 

7. Corns, Castor OIL Ft r.~ " A [i p I y c astor oil ^ rub it thorDughly^ then soik feel M 

will "^otlen Biid remove corns " 

E. CornE, Vinu^ar and llruad far.-- "Take bread End sob k m v]negar for twenty-four 

houis^ pul a plaster on for three or four nighlK. If not cured on first Application repeBt." 

rH\S[ClA^"S' TREAIMENl for Corns.--Rcmove I he cause, soften them by 
pnjlongcd soaking in ho1 waler Bnd Ihcn gcnily "wrBpe off ihe softened pirlieles- 
continue thi^ for several days 1bien pul a nBrnnw ^Inp of rubbcrorsaL](.yLBtcd plasErr 
|adhes]ve plastErJ over to pro1ee1 Ibiem tnnm picture The follow]ng i-i good to soflen 

1- Silieylic Ae]d 1-1/2 drim 

Ex1ra4.1 of Cannibis indica 10 grains 

Collodion L ounce 

lAix and p4]nt on tht corn for several days ind after soaking corn scrape 
il off wilbi 4 "^hirp knife 

Z. A Coed bul Weaker Rtnrdy:- 

Silic>lic Acjd 30 grains 

Extrael ofCinnabis iodica 5 Id LO gnus 

Collodion 1/2 ounce 

Holh of lhese prcHtr]ptions ire good lhe f]rs1 bc]ng stionger wuh saL]cyLic Bcid_ 
3. W Iku tht ccrnsari: ^cft v^Ubi inrliniKiBtion WBsh and dry ttie foot ind apply b 
solulion of nilrBti: o^ silver '>ixly lo one hundred and lwent> grains 1o Ihe ounce of walcr, 
to oery part every four or fi>c days. 

LI let rating (_ o ras.- -C i u terize wilh nitrate of silver tn slick fonn. 

CARBUNCLE. | \uthrn\|.— A OBrb uncle is an aeu1e c irc u rr^c ri bed inflammation 

of the skin and lis^ucs bi:nL'4lbi of 1bie '>i7e of an egg^ orange, or larger ll i'> a hind mas'> 
and ends in LrwaL dealh oFsome of the tissue and fornnHon of pu^, which emplic^ upi>n 
the surface Ibinjugh several s]eve-litr openings 

Sjniptoius.--There ]s a feehngof general sicknc^>s, eh]Llinc^>s ind "^imc fever. The 
skin o^cr 1bic Mire part is hoi ind painful. The se^eril dead puis m^y run logetbier until 
tbie entire mass separates in a sLou^bi In favorable cases U proceeds to heal k]ndly^ but in 
severe cases it may spread 1o Ihe surrounding I issues and end falally^somelimes 


by thr absoipTion of putrtd materials, or by tht resulting wcikncss It runs iKuaLly fiom 
two to n>c wccbs- 

CBUErs.~]1 comes in middLt or BclvEnccd life usually oftcncr in men thin in women 
It Dcckir^ frequently m [iat]ents SLiffenng From diibctc^, in whom lI is usually Fatil 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. Carbincles^ Per pv Leavts tc l>ran and Ripem.- '\ 
poultice of poppy leaves is very cfficatious 1o Jriw or rjpcn b UBrbuncJe-" ,\ pi>ullLcc 
made fTDm tht^e Icbvcs l^i >cry qiiicling and boothiEig. and al the same time wiLl obusc 
tbiecBrbuncle lo nfien 

1. CarbDDclr, Shpptr^ Elm and Sassafras Rod I for.-- 'S ass af ris tdo1 and sL] [i fiery 
elm bark boiled logether and tbie dccoLlion ihiLkened w]lh cornmcal." This shouLd be 
changed as oflen ^\ n becomes rooL_ 

3. Carbinclt^Shtrp Sorrel PodMI^^c for.— "GBther a b u nc bi of "t heep sorrel leaves, 
wrap 1biem la 4 cibbige LeB^ ind i~oas1 in the oven Apply Id the cirbuiK-le. and il w]ll 
soon ripen and break " 

4. Carbinclr, Bread and ^[ilh PauHlet Tor.— "Keep warm bruid *nd milk pc nil ice 
on unUl Ihe core comes out, then put on silve or vase I in and keep covered unUl ill 

5. Carbnncle, Ihe C{>miii«n Scabious for.-- "Take "^BbioiCi I he green herb and 

brujse it Appiv 1biis lo the affected pari Thi^ has been Jound a very effectual remedy." 
The common field scabious have many h4]ry, sofi whilish green leaves, some of whicti 
are very small ind nnugh on the edges, olhers have hairy green leaves deeply and finely 
d]^ided and branched a lilUe. FIowcts size of small ^^ a I nut and composed of many I] tile 
onc"^ Sometimes called 'Morning Bride," 'Devil's Bit," etc 

t. Carbuncle, Snap Rtaa Poullirc for.— "Apply snap bean leaves beil up fine 
Brui'^e the leaves until 1tiey irc real f]ne, ttien apply is a ponllicc " 

PHYSICIANS' TREAIMEN I" for Carbuncles.-- Keep up the strenglh by a 

nouri'^hing die1 and in "^ome ca'^es, "^limulanLs 

Local.— Cu1 it open thoionghly by a ci~oss IciuciaII cu1. like ttiis |x|. Tke cut musi 
reach through the mass to sound hssne bencalh and beyond ]t. Then scrape out all Ihe 
dead 1issue_ Dre-^s wilh ]odofonn or sicrile gaii/.e. An anl]seplic like l]s1erine glyco- 
ttiymoline e1c., cin be used to wel the put on is a dressing after^'ards ind then 
more dry gauze above, "^Irapped wuh adhesive pla-^lcr Water and i n*i trnments musI be 
bo]led hands micit be 4bsi>lu1cl> clean Everything an>und it musI be clean ^omelimes 
It IS necessary to go slowly ind tike out at each dressing onl> whal cin be eas]ly 
removed. It is not always poss]ble to get the whole mass awiy al once. Openng lhe 
cari>unclc and gi>jng free dri]nage affonJ greal relief from 1he fever and oflen general 
■symptoms When the part Feels a-^ if il 


needed redressing it should be done for il then givK> much relief. The dressings 
frequently bcc^omc hBnil ind do not absorb bII of 1bie niHtenaL ready 1o be discbiaiged It ib 
usually proper and prudent to dress b CBrbuncle two or ihrcc times a diy. There i& tid 
danger if the one who dr«tses il is cLcin ■fr]th 1he ]ns1ruinents handh ird gBuze orcotlon. 

LEVER SPO'LSt ^Eoth Palch^ ChLoBsma, etc.~Th]s ls b dLscoLorilion of the sk]n of 
a yellow]hh to 4 blockish tint of varying size ind shape. 

CBa9cs.--[t in By be doe lo external agencies, sue h bs rubbing scr4t4.hing, heil 
(tanning and sunburn) blistenng or due to diseases !iuch as tubeirulosis. cancer malaria 
Addiwjn'"^ disease, disease o\ lhe womb pregnincy. 

PH\S[t:UMi' L RE ATM EM for Liver Spits.-- Remove all causes if possible 

LicaL— Thi'f musi be carefully ubed, f]nd out Fanit how sensitive the skin is. Dr 
Bulk ley recommends lh]!i lolion 

Corrosive Soblimile 5 grains 

Dilute Acetic Acid 2 drams 

Borax 40 grains 

Rose wa1er enough For 4 ounces 

^biake boUle mix and Bpply lo the part nifbit and morning 
If the sk]n becomes too sf aly^ b mild soothing ointn^enl should be subsliluled for the 
above. While suggesis the following 

Hydrirg- Ammon Chlu 2 drams 

5 ub nil rate B]^n^ulh 2 drams 

StBirh a/20 ounce 

Glycerin lf2 ounce 

M]x and Bpply Iwice daily 
The appl]ca1ion of peroTide of hydrogen has onli" b lemporar^' effcci 

BLACK-HEADS. Flc?fh W ariu^, Com^^done^^s riiiiples+ tlc.~Th]s ls 4 disorder of 
the "^ebBLeous glands m which lhe sebaceous (tallv, (.bieesv> secrelions become 
Ibiickencd the excreting ducts^ appearing on 1he surface. B't yellowish or blackish poants 
They ippe Br chiefly on the face, netk^ chest, and back and ire very unsightly 

±iy nip lomsL— They irc eB^ily prcs'^ed out and appear 1hen bs thread-l]ke, whiUsh 
mB-^ses which contain filly mBtenaL The black point may be due to p]gmenl or lo dirt 
Irom w]thoot Comedones may exist with icne b nd se borriwe b ind ex4.essi>e secret]on 
of sebum 

CBisc5.--WBnt of tone to iheskin^ which perfbnns its funclion't ^luggi^hly 
S lom B4. h-bi>^^ e I d]soi~deFS menslruBl disturbances and anemia ire olher causes and Bssisi 
in niBlzjng Ihem ^^OTiie. Improper care of the sk]n ind dusty air may be olher issistanl 

MOIHERS' REMEDIES. Fur Ptmpks and RlBck-hcad?^ -I. Pimples on The face. 
effective ye1 hBrmle-^s remedy Jor 

62 A;orH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

Cimphor 10 gracna 

AcBCLB IpLilvrnzcdl 20 grains 

Sulphur |prc(:LpitAl«l| 2 dram!^ 

Limt v^alcr 2 ounces 

Rose water 2 ounces 

Apply on thr face w]th a Hoft 4.lo1bi 41 bi^dUme. \lLow to dry ind bnj'>h 
off the excess of the powder' 

Anyone suffering fn^m the^e crupt]ons is usually w]lling lo !ry every known remedy- 
The ibove is citcellenl and >cry effective ind is hinnlcss 

1. I^inipk^s Alum \\ atrr Tor. --"Take a leaspoon^ul of Blum 1o a quart of WBter and 
uiie B^ k W4sh^ 'i^y three Unifs 4 day This w]Ll cure ordinary p]mpLes on the fare " 

3. Shin Bbtehes, Cream nf Tarlar and Sulphur for.-- 'Two ouru-e*^ creBm tBrtBr 
and one ounce of powdered sulphur (Irtjm thL" lump>. Mlx_ Di>se — Tc aspc>i>nf uL in a lnUe 
walenbiree t]m«> 4 day will cure " 

4. Kou^h Skrinn HLalin;^ Cre^ni To r.— "O ne- fo u rtbi cup IbILow melted^ one 
teispoonlul gly4.enn^ "^miJL Lump (.imphor dissnlved hAix all togelher b> warming 
sufficiemly " Rub in thi>rouf bilv b-^ you do anv fBce creim_ 

PHVSlCIA^i^' TREAIMKN I for PimjkB. -Remove Ihc cause i^ poss]blc- The 
d]el should be L]l:e 1tiat given under d>'speps]a and const]pat]on. MenslruBl disonlciB 
should be remedied. 

Local. — Remove tbie plugs /of sebum^ and sl]muLBte the skm glands For [h]s purpose 
pn^longed {len minules 41 4 t]mer bB thing of the fare wilh buU waler ind "^OBp, line lure of 
green noap ]n Ihe more indolent, sluggish ca*»es should precede the pressing out of the 
blBtUwid^: Lilen] pressure wUbi I he fjngers or wUh Ihe comedo ne eMrarlor espcciBlly 
contrived fori bus purpose^ will ciprcss the blick-heads After the> are out, the skin dried 
and cleaned vinous stimuliUng remed]eseBn be appL]ed in ointmenls and lot]ons sucbi 
3S following 

1. "PreeipUated Sulpbiur I drtm 
Omlment o\ Rose water 5 ounce 

Mix Biid rub on 41 nighl. 

2. Bela-Naphlhol 1/2 dram 
Re'>orcin L/2 dram 
Lanolin I ounce 

Mix Bnd apply lot. illy. 

[NFLAMMATEON of the S'kin. |DeFmamis|.— Th]s i'> due lo many i:au!ie?i. U can 
come \roTTs injuries, loi iiT^lunte the rubbing ijr pr^^ssure of ilJ-fUtingclolhcSj bandigci, 
b]te'> of insecls and fiom scrBtch]ng. 

Vark'tics.— Dermalilis 4mbu'>lioni'>, (burning|. This is due lo excesh]ve heat upon ihe 


PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT ft^r InnammatlDn nf Ihc Shim.- -Relieve ttic pain; 
prolcH the partn; cxrludc I he i]r Paim Ihc biirncd piJl x^ith a oiil" Lo fjvc pcrccnl 
soluUon of cof Bint, according lo the severity of inflBmmalion Then apply ^nolbiing 
lotions of equal [ian'> of hme-^^Bter and olive or L]nstcd oi]^ cover 1bie wbiole wi1bi 
ab'torbrm coUon. Dusting powder of soda bicirbomle may also bi: used^ oreommon 
"^iKJa. In burns wi1bi vtsiclcs, cte_. open I hem ind then co^er w]th cari}oL]zed o]L, gauze 
and ullKSLvt to hold I he dressing The parts can be ^^B'thed witbi b solut]on of boric icid^ 
one teas]HH>nful to 4 cup of W4ler^ then dost upon the pBrtssugBrof leid once or tw]4.e a 
dBy. Soine use ]t in "^ololion. \ like the powder belter. Infujsioo of lobeliB, one ounce to 
p]nt of biot waler. iz good. Also leid and laudBnum ^^B'th 

ECZEMA. IHnmtd TcMcr-Salt Rhrun-Dr^v Teller). Defimltlon. -Eczema ]s in 

inflammHory di'^cus^' i^i the skin^ cbiarictciL/cd it Jts co m mcnc c nienl by rednes't 
p]mples^ >cs]clcs puslulL's and iheircombinalions w]th ilchin^ and burning 11 
tcnninitcE in a witcry or pus-like dis^-harge ^^itbi 1bie fonoBtion of crusts or'^caL]ng. 

V arctics.— Thtre ire min> variet]es. red scaly fiissured^ witery looking and hard 

Svniptun]^.--l1ching is ilniosi BiwBys a symplom o^ Ihis disease There ]s more or 
leMi pouring nol of liqo]d 1senim|. The dry^ scaly lypc^ ind the seeping 1ype^ may 
allernale wuh eich olher There are six cin3]naL s>mp1oms. inFlimmation Ucbiing, 
mo]sture, crusUng, infiltration fL]quid filling of lhe I issues^ fissiinngor cracking Dr_ 
FoT says ihat nearly one-thind oF ill skin diseases are eczema in some of ]ts stages or 
vanenes In one tind there is red Kpol Imiculel The skin ]s dry of a bnghl or dull red 
color, wUh ]ntense Hch]ng or burning, more or less wateiy swelling ]n lhe acute s1age_ [n 
tbie chron]c si age, Ibieskin becomes lh]ck and covered wUbi fine dry scales, usually in the 
face f Eczema Ery1 bienn tos u ml . 

Eczema Vtskulo^um. |Vcslcular EczrmB|.--Tbus ]s preceded by a feeling of bieil 
and irTital]on about 1bic p^n In a shod time pinhead si/ed >es]clcs appear Tbiese 
frequently nin logether ind form pilches Tbiey ruplure rapidly; lhe liquid is poured out, 
dnes u[i and forms crus1s_ The d]scharge sl]ffeib l]nen a chirattenslic of lh]s variety 

Eczema rustBkbum. (Puslulebl- Puftular Klnd^— This ]s nearly l]l:e lhe preced]ng. 
The VL'sicles h^\i2 pus in Itiem Irtjm thL" star! or dL">clop fiom the vesjcles. When the 
pustules rupture Iheir Lonlenis dry up 1o lhe Itiick g reenish-yel low cnists The scilfi kud 
ficc, in children especially, are the favored spots for 1tus hind. E[ occurs tn pooriy 
nouns hed (.hildfL^n. 

Eczema FapuloEun. 4 Papular Varict>|.— This is Chirac leriicd by flal orstiaqr 

pD]nted reddish pimples fpipulcs^, varying in s]ze 

64 A;orH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

from a sihbII to a large pin-hcid- They art u^mlLy numerous run or crowd logclhcr ind 
torm iBrgc pBt(.he^_ The itching i'^ limjbILj very intense- Thi^ causes much !ic rate h] Fig_ 
ra^^ne'>^ ^nd cribt^ The pimples miy conl]nuc bk ^ ue h . or c biangc inlo vfsiclfs In 
cbironic casts Ihcy nin logcther, and f]nal]y form Ibiiclz hcaly patches, and inBy run into 4 
EcaLy ccEema. 

EcEtma Ribruu |rtd|.~The skin loolz't red^ tbw^ Bnd "wecfi^.' [I ls nH>st 

commonly found ibout the fare ind iscBlp ]nch]ldrtn^ and Ihe lower pBrt^ of lhc legs in 
the old. 

F]c£tnia Sqnamosis. t5caling).--Th]'^ may follow any of the other varieties, but 

usu4JL> loliow^ the red and pimple (pafiiiLeJ vantly They are vanoiJ'> '>iztd and shaped 
reddish pilches, which are dry Bnd more or iesj> "^caLy. Thickening iii aiwij^s pre-^enl, bIso 
a lendency 1o erBcbing of the skin especially if lI effects 1 he joints There Bre olher 
V Brieves bul the^e are the moM ]mponant_ 

RECOVERV^— EczemA has b tendency' To peisuit and nreFy disappeais 

C auEtB.-- Gout , diBbetrs, rheum^lism, Bnght\ d]^ease, dy'>pepsLB. coii'>ljpal]on. 
nervous 1 rouble he 41 , cold . btion^ so ap^ arid^ ail:al]es rubbing, '>rrBteh]ng, etc. 

MOTHERS' RF.MEDIES. t. Kc/tiuan I.i^mon or Vinegar foF.--"Rub 1he ^pot^ 
wUh sliced Jenion Th]*^ ^^ilL ^oinetunc^ r^'lji^ve the ilching Bilhing wilh vinegar ^^Bter is 
beller for "^oine i^ ]t deMroyji the germs " The bo^^elii should be kepi open, Bnd Ihen 
conslilulionil faults removed as the enipl]onof Ihe skin ]h but b LocbI m b ni fe'>l b tio n of a 
fonclionai fioil 

1. Itcjemfls Olive OH and P«ifder fir. --'Bathe ^vi1hol]>e oil Bnd s]ft over the skin 
a powder coinpoMNJ o^ eqoBl pBrLs of fine LBundTy btarch ai3d ox]de of z]eic powder " Do 
nol baihe \^Jth waler until he Bled 

3. Kc/4:maH Hurb Tea lor.-- 'A good wash for eczema ]*i made of Bn ounce of 
bru]Eed bLood-root and yellow dock. '>teeped well ]n 4 pinl of tlcohoL and half pint of 

v]negar." Apply |entL> to the affecled pBrts 

4. Ecztna, l^oLatD and Caaipkor Tor.— 'MbIzc 4 poultice of a cold potalc with i 
"^milL quantny of timphor. This is very good and relieves I he 1 rouble ver^' ^lOon " 

5. EcjemB^ Sulphur and Lard for.--'.^n exceLlenI eczemB core i'> made by 
applying b paste made ol sulphur ind lird to the affecled pirl-^.' This i'^ very ca!i]ly 
prepared, and h^^ been known to cure many CB-^e^ 

^. Shin Di^ases, llurdacL Tea a Slandard Stnitd> fDr.--"Take b handful of Ihe 
freshly bruised boidock root To Iwo quans cf water and bo]l down one-half dnnk fiom b 
bojf to one pint ■ da^' " This 


IS conf^idtrrd one of tEic bc^1 home remedies for "^kin i:I]'^cbsc^ that is knov^n ind is 

pcifcclly harmlc"^^ 

7. Skim Driwaw, Blaad I'urlHtr for- 

"]oiJ]de Polahh ]92 grains 

Fluid BxtrBct Sl]liingi4 ] ounce 

FiiJ]d ExtrBct Prickly Ash Eark ]/2 ounce 

FiiJ]d BxtrBcE Yellow Dock i ounce 

Compound ^yrufi SaisapinLla 1o mBlzc S ouiicc^ 

S. Ttller^ Reliable Ki^mtdv forL--" Turpentine I ounce. Trd p re<. ] [i l1 ale 3 drBnu 

^Bselin 4 ounces M]x. nib on tbie arrecled pads several tin^e*^ a duy." Tbiis is a '>pLendid 
o]ntmenl for 4 severe caie of 1et1er 

PHYSICIANS' TREAIMENI" for Eczema. - W atcr i^ likely lo make acule CB^es 
wo rye In omler to (.Ll^bil^c the parts use w ale r so I iL^nL^d by starch or bran_ Use oily 
preparilions lo soflen 1bie crusls and 1bien lhey can be removed wuh WBter and good 

In Cbromlc Slup^p^lsl Cases.-- Wiler and stn^ng soips may be used. CLolKs wrung 
Irom hot walcr iiid uppLictI \^iLJ frequciULy relieve 1he ]tch]ng Use logons in fnoril and 
silves ]n Jn ecremB For Ihe icute kind lhe remedy should be soolhing, and more or less 
'^limulat]ng for the chronic forms. 

Local I'ri^aliiieat for the Bcule ind sub-Bcule {between Bcule and chronic| eczemi 

In Bcnte dSL's^ h^Uh much pounng out of liquid |seruni^, lolions have a cooling 
effec! They should be frequently renewed 

L. HIack ^^ash. 

Calomel ] dram 

Mucilage Tragac^nth ] dram 

Lime walcr 10 ounces 

Mix. Can be icicd full strength or diluled Bathe the affecled parts 
several times daily for f]fteen or Iwenly mmule^ with ihis lolion ind apply 
ox]de of zinc oimmenl aflerw anils. 

1. Lead and Laudanum ^^ash.-- WhL^n the parls discharge moisture wilh burning 

feeling, and art very sensitive the following is good: 

Laudanum U2 ounce 

Solution of Sugar of le*d 7-1/2 ounces 

Mix and apply externally w]th gauze s^lnraled w]th il. 

3. \ solution of burk acid is ilso a good reiuedy. 

4. ^pp]y lhe fol low] ng soothing apphcation frequcntFy, allow]ng the sediment to 
rema]n on Ihe skin: 

Powdered C diamine I dram 

Oxide of Zinc I drtm 

Glycerin ] dram 

Lime waler 6 ounces 


5. DostriDg f o T^ dc r5. - - Cc rn. jnlitc or rice Elirch poivdcDi. Mcnncn's btby pcwdcr l^ 
also ^od- Boritcd l:]rKl i^ the bc^l for lhis_ 

6. Oxide afZinc ointmcnl ilonc^ ap plied nigh1 End morriLng^ is vi I Liable in miny 

'Lhe Black ^ash'^hQukl be used twice a dsy just before tbie oxide nf ^inc ointinenl ]^ 
applied. [ n i>lhe r c B*^!:^ po^^dered oxide of £inc \h diuited over the part if the discharge ih 
walcry or prtjtusc- 

7. McCbII AndtrsDii'^OinlmeDt.-- 

Oiidc o^ Bi'imuth ! ounce 

Pure Oleic ,\cid S OLinccs 

Wh]tcWBX 3 OLinces 

Vascl]n ? ounces 

Oil of Rose 5 drops 

Make an oinlment and apply The proportions of each ingredieiH cbII 
be reduced onc-haJf^ for smaller Biuounl 

S. Pastts are often bonie belter than ointmcnl The following is a good one. Lassar's 

^tBirh 2 drams 

OTide of Zinc 2 drams 

Vasel]n 4 drams 

MiT 4ud make a pislc. ipply Eo the part and cover with soft gauze. 

1^. torlleltcbinR.-- 

Pox^dcred Oiidc of Zinc 1/2 ounce 

Powdered Camphor 1-1/2 dr*m 

Powdered Slarch L ounce 

Mix and diisl on as needed. 

When 1he d]'^ease ]s not so acute /sub- acute J applications of a ni]ldly s1iniulat]ng 
characler are needed For 1his purpose resiTrc]nal in the propor1]on of two to thirty grains 
to lhe ounce of lanH icconHing 1o lhe seven t> and ajuo not of hardncis existing. Appl> to 
the part. Slimulant and soolhing 

E^ti^rnal Trcatmcnl nf Chranic F]c£cma.— Applicalions for chronic ind lisling 
■^liigg]sh cc/cnia. 

J. rimclnrc ofgrci^a soap used wilh ho1 water until lhe skin is bared and Ihen dress 
wilh OTide ot zinc o]ntnient. 

2m I'ar in 1hc form of 1he jxAire OJfi^i^! i^r ointment 

^ Salicylic acid Ihirly lo '^iiiy grains to an ounce of lai~d and applied forstimulaling 

4. Dr. ^rkaLch uses lhe same remedies in p^n ind the ^ollow]ng for a fixed dressings 
especially on tb^ eyes Thc> do not need 1o be changed oflen 

Gclitm lOdiDpb 

OxLdc of Zinc ] drops 

Glyccnn 40 drops 

WBtcr 40 drops 
Mlt End 4[ipLy ln ttic pan. 

The ilKJvc may he made in any quin1]1]Q> —lEing drops- ^pnonfulji, etc Dr[!»>1h^ parti in a 
Ihin^jauTe bBnc1if.c,o>tr which Ihc melted preparation]^ pitnlcd ] ha>e given many different 
prchcn p tions. but thn^e whi> treat ^ki n d]'te ase*^ Izik^^^ Ihat a grcil many air needed^ fcr I hey let 
d]ffereiHJy upon differeni pep>i>n*i_ 

Special Varieties oT t^czema and ^hal Lo do far Iheu^-- 

t^ezeiua cf Children.-- Tht^ is gencratl> icu1e oMhc vehicular fwilery] or ve^tcuJar 
pij'>lij]ar (pti'> forming) vinctj The pad^ commDnly alTected arr the ^caip and ihe fice. 

PHYSICIANS' TREAlMENi" for IteKema.-- Remove ihe ciusci., wa1ch ihc 
fcedtng Keep the fold-^ of the !ikjn dry ind free from frit t]on To preven! ser4l4.hing, 
ma'fks must be 4ppi]ed 1o Ihe ^catp and fice or the hand'> must be lied in bid cases The 
I04.4I Irealment i^ Ihe same as above e^cepl Ihe strenglh of 1he drupi icicd must be 
reduced in proper pioportion. 

Eczema of the Scalp, Milh Cri9L.--Remove lheerLi'>ls by ^oakin^ 1he "^alp whth 
■^>me bland o]l \ot twelve htjuiy, followed by a shampoo, fthe hair *i Mould be cut in 
children) ihen Ihe loUons ind thin ointment |'>ee ibuve^ should be applied 

Eczena of Ihe Fact.— A m^^k of ^of1 linen wilh holc^ ctit 011I for the eye^ mi>u[h 
and nn^Mnls m4> be used 

Eczema of tke Scrotum.— A well f]t1ing suspensory should be wom^ sponge ihc 

parts wilh very hoi water and follow w]th 1he anti- itching lolion and did ting powders for 
the ilch]ng. 

Eczema of Lhe Hands in A di Ms.— Keep the hands out of w^ter as much as po'f'>bl>lc 

Dry 1hcm thorou^ hJy and Ihcn inoiiH Greatly thickened patches ma> be '>onened b> 
'«>ap plastep> or bathe Ihe par1'> in Ten or twenty perceni Milu^ons of causae polash ind 
followed by a salve appl]calion The mlernal treatmeiH must be given for lhe cause. 

D^l Im Eczema.— Avoid ^^hy foods^snch ^^ '>a]ted fish or pork and corned beef^ 
greasy foocihsuLh «i bacon ind fried dishes p£ilr>' ind cheese. 

E^OI'HKKS' REMEDIES Tor Sail Kheum. J. Alum ^^ a^h and Calhartk Jar.- 

"U^e an islnngent ^vash as alum^ tablespccn^ul in pint of water and keep bowels opened by 
cooling medicines^ as cream tartar, ruche I le sal ts. etc." The ilum solulion ^vjII be found 
ver^' cooling 

6tt \fOJHERS' flEMEDlES 

and by kccp]ng ihc bowels open yau will carr^' off oil thr LmpuriUr^ thus cleansing the 
blood ^^hiLbi 1^ one of Ihc L"^*icntiaL tbiin^ lo do in ^kh rhcLim 

1. IJBlt Rhcun, AmiHDnia and Camphor for.- -"Apply jmmonLa And CHm[itior1o 
the cracks. Hivc icicd 1 h is SLKCcs^ful I y when ocrylhing else failed." Cire should be 
taken no1 1o have the ammnniB loo sinnng, as it ma^ irntHtc the skin more, [f uhed 
piDperlj, il Ls 4 good remcd> 

3. Salt Khram^ Cactus l.raT Care f(]r.--"From one large c Actus Leof lake oul ihe 
thorns, add one lBble'>[ioon of ^^h^ three labLe'>poons LbpH stew oul slowly. And grcA^e 
WLlh ihis al nighl Rein Brks:— This cured my hand thit had been in an AwfuL condilion for 

4. iialt Kheunin l^inu Jar for^— "Apply pine lar bs a pBsle " This is Bn excellent 
remedy but CAre should be tAken m using l1 bs pine tar hs very imtaling io some people. 
and should be used ^ery caidiously. 

H01L. |}~nriincu]us+ Furuncle). C a naes.— Bo i bi may appear in a heAlthy person^ but 
they areoflen Ihe resuLl of a low condilion of 1 he system; they are frequently- seen in 
persons ^uffenng from ^ugardiabeles 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. L. RolL, My Mntker's Poultice for.--"Poppy Leaver 
pounded up and bound on arc giHid y\y mother hus ibcd Ihjs recipe and found lI Io be 
good." This mnedy not only mAkes a good poultice, but is very soothing, as poppies 
contain opium. The Icavcs may be pun.hA'>ed at any drug s1ore 

1l HoIL Soap and Su^ar Poultice Tor.-- 'PoultKe made of yellow orsofi soap and 
bn^wii suf ur, cqiiul puit^ Spr^'Ad on cloth and Apply fAithfuLly " This makes a good 
slnnng poultice, and hA'> great drawing powers and would be apl to creAle a good deal of 
pain, bul would draw the boiL to a head. The abo^e remedy was sen1 in by a number of 
molhcrs. All of whom ^Ajd lhc> had 1ried il with success when olher remedies failed. 

3. BolL^ VincE^r or Caupknr Tor.— "Ma> be cured by bathing in '>trong vinegar 

frequently when they fip>l stArl When il stops smarting fn^m the vinegar cover wirli 
vaseline or oil." BAlhing 1he boil in vinegar ^eems to check the grtjwth and does nol 
allow Ihem Io become as large as Ihey would onilinarilj. [f you do not have vinegar in 
the hou^e (.Amphor will answer the same purpose. 

4. ISuriln ISean Leaf Paultici: for.— "Appl> snap beAn leaves, beat up fine." Bruise the 
IcAvcs '^y 1hat they arc real tine, and apply 1o Ihe boil. Thi'> acts Ihe same as a poulnce 

5. Boil^ Anotker Vinegar Rcmrd> for.— "If lakcn a1 firsl a boil can be cured by 
dipping Ihe finger in sli~ong vinegar and holding on the boil un1il U stops smarting. 
Repeat three or four limes then apply a litlle oil to lhe head of boil " 


PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for BollE^-Tonn:^ ^uch as iron quLninc, ind 
slr>cbinint arr ^ood Elixir, iTDn, quiniJic ind islrycbininr from b half lo one leiHpoonfLiL 
ihzcc timc^ a day i^ a gcxHJ ionic for in ad nil Sulfihidt of CHlcium onc-tcntbi gvkia four 
tLnic:£ a d^y is goud Pain1 I he inFlamtd ^pnl when l1 firsl bfgiii'>. WLlh a "^DluUDn of gun 
cotlon fcoLlodionl ind rtncw it c^cry hour unlil a heavy contuctilc coat]ng l^ formed. 
PoLiLlLce^. ir lEied^ '>hQuLd contain '>wccl ol] and Laudannm Alcohol ind ciinphor apfiticd 
over the !il:]n in the tiriy sUgc^ 1*1 recommended by Ringer. This ] know is good- 
ie no thcr w]pc 1bic "^tin and u^c cimphontcd oiL_ When boils iK cur in the cxiernal cir, 
the canal shi>nLd be x^B'^hed oul w]th hoi water, it il i'^ ripe il should be upencd. The 
folLow]ng i^i gor>d \ot the pain of k boiL 

Lodofoim 4 grains 

Menlhol 2 grains 

VaseL]n ] dram 

MiK and !imear a coUon plug and ]n'^ert jn Ihe ear Iwo or three times a 

ABSCESS.-- An BccumnLilion of pus Smaller) in any pad of the body. 

E\lermal AbsctssL— Eo]l the l:n]re. wash your hinds ]n elean^ ho1 soapy water. 
Wash the abscess and surrounding parts in hot waler and food soap ind rinse off with 
alcohol 1 sail solution, or listenne^ etc. Then make a good nieep clean cu1 ind "scrape out 
if necessary. Dress wilh a clean linen gauze or absorbent cotlon, PoulUces may be used if 
you are careful Such an ib^cess should be dressed Iwice a diy. The ]nner dressing 
shi>uld be soh and lh]ck enough to Bbsi>rh all Ihc secretion g]ven oul belwecn dress]ngs. 

MOTHKRN' REMEDIES. 1. A bEccss, Heccli »ark Poultice rnr. - "PoultKC made 
of red beech bark ind when bran," A poultice made of the bark will caide a dnwing 
feel]ng, ind the when bnn will relain the heat. The proporHon*^ for mBl:]ng Ihc pcullicc 
should be ibi>ut half and half 

1. \b«ess, ^[ilk and Sail PauUrici: for.— 'Mike 1 poultice of one cup of hot milk 
and common silt three leaspoonfuls silt added gradually so U w]ll not curdle Cook 
un1il smoolh ind creimy then add enough flour so U \^ill spreid bu1 nol be dry. Di>]de 
this in1o four poulUces and ipply m succession every half hour. Thib will remove the 
si>reness ind il should be kept oiled unt]l healed " 

^ Abscess, ^[[>^t Good Foultici^s for. --"Take equal puis of losin ind sugar miT 

well and appiv tor several days unUl the abscess is bioken. If this does no1 cause the 
abscess to break, poultace hourly with flaxseed meal " 

FELON. l^'hltLow).— \n inflammalacm of the deeper struc lures and frequently il is 
under the covering of lhe bone^ ^periosteumV If under the latter i1 must be opened soon 
or Ihc result]ng pus iv]ll burrow 


and destroy lK>nc^ jo i nt'>. etc. Ttic pBin ]^ Lnlcnnr^ and Bf1cr tbic pbLlciH h^^ pB^s«J one 
slc{:pLt'>s nighl x^Blkm^ tbic floor ind holding hi*^ hngcr it should be opi^ncd. 

Hd"^? Pla4.t the blind wuh Ihc fingers extended with thi: [laLni li[i {it ]^ Li^uBlly under 
Ibic f]ngcr nr in 1bie pBim of the biandj upon ihe lable, stmd by the Mde of the arm. Al1rar1 
the pBticnt to ^>onie1hing else; have a curved Iwo-edge knife ready Bnd put the point, onc- 
HbIT in4.h. toward the paLni, away rrom the felon pBrl^ pre^'> hBrd ind the patient will jcih 
h]'s hand Bnd the cut will be made down to the bone, ihe inenibrBne ind ti'>sue^ all 
opened freely, b veni ^iven for Ihe pid ind in 1en m]nutei> very Little pBin Drei»s as for an 
ab-^cs ]f opened lh]!i WBy i1 need not be reopened. 

IMn thii l*alm.— This nL^cds a doctor, and miB>t be opened w]th care. There ire 1oo 
mBny blood >ew»eL^ 1o he cinzlcsji Ihere Bnd one who underMantl-s l1 must do it Open 4 
true felon ctd^' before il has tjme to deslToy the bone. 

SUPERFICIAL FKLO^!i. Mathers' KenedieE. J. A Cire if I ah^^n In Time.- "[f 
taken in lime a felon m^y be cored wi1hou1 lancing but if poultice or Linimeni ih icicd i1 
\^ imporlant thil ihey should be bound on lightly as 1he mechanical compression i't more 
essenml ihan ihe ipplicBtion. A good remedy is nnely puKenied salt, wel w]th "^piriLs of 
tiir[ient]ne bound lightly ind Ief1 Iwo or three days, welling wuh Ihe lurpentme ^^hen dr^ 
wUhout removing the cloth " 

1. Felon^ 'LrtBlnemt until IIhic Id l.anceL~"Tf the felon has succeeded in gett]ng a 
good St Bit Biid [lains considerably il is well lo [lainl i1 with iodine; m a fev^ diys ]t will 
become >ery pi]nFul, 1he pBin being so ]n tense thai you canno! sleep See a physician at 
once ihen. and hB>e i1 landed as Ihe sac of pus on Ihe bone must be opened. Then ipply 
flaxseed pi>ullices. Cire should be 1aken nol to ha>e ]l ]am.ed tiio eBrly. b*^ this ]s 

3. Kclom, SLrcng Semi^di fir.~"Tiirpenl]ne, yellow of egg and silt, equal pirts. 

b]nd on " This \^ very sirong and should only be allowed Id rema]n on ihe nngcr a "^horl 

4. FeLDn+ Lemon Id draih hnf la uma I ic n from^—'TBlze b lemon, make ■ tilllc hole, 
pu1 finger in il ind hold Ihere b number of hour^." Lemon't have a greBt many hcahng 
quBliUes in Ihem, Bnd seem 1o be very good for lelons The icid ]n Ihe lemon seems lo 
help drB^' ool the inflammilion Bnd serves is b ponllice 

5. F4:ka, Hat A^'aler Cure for.— 'When you f]rz1 feel ]t coming pul the finger in 4 

cup of hot ^4ler, jusi so i1 does not blister, keep add]ng more hoi WBter as U cools for 
one hour Th]s has been Ined -several times ind il has ilwBys "flopped them " 

ti. Fcloa, Soap and Cornmeal Fonllicc for.-- 'Poultice wilh bofl soap ind cornmeal. 
Thib never fails hJ iBken hii tjme." 


7. FtloD, Snartirrcd Paultict For.-- "Apply the bnii'>rd Ir avfs of Ein h rtwc«l and 
biruA on ImbiL u*i tin be In^rn^" " Thj*i niatc^ b vtry good pouHicc applied ]n lh]!i WBy_ 

H. Ftlom, Hat ^pplkatlon Tor. --"When 4 felon fLP>l starTTi, boak I he f]ngcr ]n cljubI 
pBrti of Bicobiol and hot walcr. keep it bs biot b*^ the finger will bear it " 

3, Ftkis aa Old, Tritd Rrmtd^ for-— "Fu! wood 4'^hL''>^ covered wuh WBrm waler 
in a di^h on the "^Iovl' biokl Ihe alTi^cled p^n in tbiis iJlo^^jng il to gel ^^ hoi asnn be 

LO. FrloHs TurptDlrint Cuvm for.— 'SobI: Ihe finger for om: biour in tuqrenhne Th]^ 
hB"^ been known lo cure 4 grei1 many ci^e^ of felon " 

Li. FcloMs ^'cak L>t ApplirBllDn fir.— "Sl]ck ynur finger in weak lye |can lye^ 

Have W4ler ju'^l ^^ hoi ^^ yi^u can MbikI your finger in. tloLd it in a^ long B't po'^ible " 

L2. Frlon^ Rock Sail and I urptaLriat for.— "Rock !iiFl dr^' and pounded fine. hAix 
equal portions wilh turpenline- When dry change. This cured a felon on niy fithen' As 
much of our Canadian saLl i*^ i~ock sail il i'^ the moisl eomnH>n sail 1o ide 

PHVb^EClANS' I'REAI'MFNT for Superficial Felons.- Sucbi Kiay be averted 
pcihaps- I have heanJ o\ Ihat bul have never ^een i1 di>nc_ They are ni>l the gcniiine, tnie 
blne^ terrible felons, bul even the^e can give mucbi pa]n They dj nol need such a deep 
opening- and they are not h<j dangennu"^ to ihe structures. They are siiperficial and 
ab'^ccsses^ perhap*^, niighl be the betler 1erm. For the^tc man^' appli4.ations have been 

1. iioniL hold thL Nm^cr in hoi lvc, Thai is a good poultice 

2. Valk 4f an l^^ and salt ^equaJ pans J make a salve as a drawer 

^ 'Lht membrane wnhin 1he shell of an egg is anolhergood drawing remedy. 
Dr. Cha^c gives 1hisdenn]tion of a felon in hi-^ fiist edit]on "Th]^ is on one of lhe 
F]nger^, thumb or hand and is >ery painful. 1 1 1'^ oHen silnated at the rtjo! of 1he na]l." The 
I alter is Ihe kind^ and al'^o thai of I he stnicl nres above the covering of the bone Ihat arc 
eased bv local 1rea1ment. Especially Ihe superficial aboul Ihe na]L etc Steaming wilh 
herbs will do such good or any hoi poult]ce will do good Dr Chase "^ays ]n anolher 
place, "Whillow resembles a felon, but it is nol so deeply sealed II is of1en found around 
the nail. [mmep»e the fi nger ] n string lye a-i long and as hoi a^ can be bi>rne several times 
a day.' SiKh felons arc curable by local Ireatment. 1 prefer the "^alt and yolk of the egg lo 
the lye If you cannol stand 1his all the time steam in the interFals \^ith s1i~oiig herbs or 
use hot pouHices, and 1hen open when il points 

72 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

ULCERS. An Eating An- b> of tkt P3rts+CBi?;«.~Dis^4'>r'> hkc !iyph]L]^. 
tLibcrcijlD:£]^, Icpix)^^. D 1*^1 u rb aru. l''> oJ riLitrjLion, 4. onsti Lulional ulcere lodi condLUons 
ULccis Arc Acutt and chTi3ii]c. An icutc uLccr is as[ir»d]ng ulcer in ind about whicbi 
at-utc Jt'>lructi^c ] nf I inini atio n cxi'tls. 

'Ln^Btxicnl.--Kccp 1bicm thoioughly clean |fl^cplic^ and ii'>r ^ontKing b [i [i L]c 41 lons^ 
miLd JotioiL^ Biid sbIvc. 

Cbronic ULccr.— This Li onr which doc^ not tend 1o htil or heals Ycwy slowly 
Sumclimfs '>iEh ulcrPi need 1o bt ^tLinuJatcd hkc tbic a[iplicat]on of ii]tr4lc of silver md 
tbi^^n healing a[iplical]ons. Caibolated OTidt ol 7inc ointmi:ii1 i'^ a food hnling o]ntmcnl. 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. L. Sorts amd L'lcrrs, tbc Folati Lctlin i«r.- "Take tbic 
walcr yoLi boil polBto«> ]n ind in one quart ol it bo]l one ounct ol fbiglovc Icivc^ lor Icn 
minute^- then Bdd one ounce linclure of myrrh to the lot]on. baihe Ihc effected parts with 
the lotion v^inn^ thi:n keep b cloth wet ^^ith ]t on the ^ore. if pos^ible^ nnl]! cured " 

1. Sires and Ulcere, Chk-Ln-ecd Oimtmcnl fir.-- "Chop ch]4.kv^eed Bnd boil in iBrd 
"^Irain and botlle tor ibe "" Thj*^ makes b fine j^reL^n ^.ooLing ointment^ ]1 ]s ±]Urpns]ng to 
see I he relief abtA]ned by 1 his simple oinlment. 

3. Old Sores and Wouads, Healing OinLmcnt for.-- 

'"hloney 4 ounces 

S pints of Turpenl]ne 1/2 ounce 

Ece^wax 4 ounces 

OeI of Winlergreen L/2ouiu:e 

Tine lure of Opium L ounce 

Fluid ExtrBct Lobelia ]M ounce 

Lird 3/4 pound 

Mix by ihe aid of genlle heat^ slirnng well 41 I he same tcinc. Thi'> ]s a 
>ery useful oinlment for heBling ^^ounds ind old sores."" 

4. Sorts aad Ulcers, Excclltmt Salve rorL~""One lablespoon of melted mutlon or 

even beef lallow while wann; add some !ip]rHs of lurpentme and one leaipoonful of 
laudanum, ^tir \^ell "" 

5. l]l-Condllioned Sores, an Old Gcraian Remcdv Tor.-- ""Wash or syringe the ^orr 
wUh \^eak siJeriluii v^bIlt and while wet tiJI ^^llb i.L»jnjnon bliclz pepper. Remarks ~ 
This is a highly recommended German remedy, and hBS been tried by my molher wUh 
good, results "" 

4, SvrcE, Cits, AnIisepLic Wash far^ Ako loolh Wask.~""Pemxide of hydrogen. 
Should BiwBys be kepi in thL' housL'.' II vou bvc ciil by an> thing ihat might 4.4use 
infeclion or ifscrBtched by aoal, m fBct wherever I he re ]'f chance for infeclion ind blood 
po]!ion. peiuxide oF hydrogen may be used by moislcmng well the wound with il as soon 
as you CAn. A*t m mouth wa^h put a little in aglasii of WAter Dtrrctions usually on Ihc 


7. Indt^lcmt UlccrEBnd Boils, Ch^Ln-tcd and ^ood ^agt PoDllict for.-- "Equal 

ports of c biLck'A'ctd and -wood iiag^ poundiid LogiMhcr moke a gaud pouLtJcc for all kiodii 
of indolent ulcere and bo]ls " 

S. V leers H Proid Fksk, Venerea I Sartsand all Fundus Siht Hingis Bkcd Rool 
Bad S^cet MIrt fDr.— "T^^o ounces pulverized blood ruot; one pint of ^Vr^cl nUre; 
macerate for Icn d4>^^ shike once or twice a day " 

9. Ro!i]n L ounce 

B^c^-w^^ L ounce 

Miitlon Tallow 4 ounces 

Veidigns I drtm 

Melt the nnsin IhIIow and wj^l tngntier^ then Bdd the vcid]gri!i. 5tir unlil 
cool md apply 

.\dd H few drofi^ of cBrbohc Acid To the al>ove and yon wiL] hive the cirbnlated ^atve 
which Ls quilc expeiukve when Ihonght prepared and under the minuricturL'r's LBbel. 

10. Sort^and Chappi^d HandSs Sour Cream Sahe for.— "Tie thick sour cream in a 
cfolh and bury in 1hc ground over night_ En 1he morning il will be 4 nice saL>e_ ExcelLenl 
for chipped handii or inylhin^ 1hal requirc*i a ^>ofl "^bIvc-" 

11. OLd Sarcs^ \ Four-In^iLdient Hemedj for.--"Sonen one-hilf pound of 

VBselin. Mir in1o it one- half ounce each ot wormwood ^peinninl and '>m4rtweed. This i^ 
good for old and new ^>ore^ hAy people near WrwHtitoct, Canada, used thi"^ and found ]t 
very good." 

12. Ulcers and S[>rrs+ Carrots^ ill heal.-- "Boil CBrrots unt]l "^ofl ind mash Ihem lo 

a puLp, add lard or'>weet oil ^uff]cient 1o keep U from gett]ng hard. Spread and ipply. 
eTcellenI for offensive soreii On]on ponllice made the *iBmc way i!i good for ^low boiln 
and indolent sore^ " Thib makes a very boolhing pouLUce ind has greit healing 

1^. Ulcers and S[>res+ a Remedy Ihat Cures.— "To one- fourth pound of tallow idd 
onc-lounh pi>und each of turpenline and baybcrry ind two ounces of oli>e oil Good 
ap plica! ion for sc nnt u loid !iorcs ind ulcere/ This maizes a good ointment, bu1 should no1 
be conlinued 1oo long at a time ^^ the turpent]ne m]ght ha^e a bad acl]on on lhe kidney'> 

M. Ulcers and Old Sorts, Bri^ad and Indian meal Tor.— "Take bread ind milk or 
Tnd]an meal, make to co n't ]fi1enc > ol pouLli4.c wjth holier, "^lir in one-half cup of 
pulverized charcoal. Goiid 1o clean ulcers ind foul sore-^.' The bread and Indian meal 
make a good poullice wh]Le the charcoal i'> purifying ind a good antiseptic 

PHVSICIANS" IREATMENl for Ulcers.- Keep them I ho roughly cleaned. A 
m]Ld, weak hot ^olulion ot ^aLl water is good jn chKfnic '>Low healing, indolent ulcers. 
Carbolaled "lalvc applied afterwards i^i heaL]ng Somct]mes k btimulaling poultice ]e 

74 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

kkr ^iflll fiork followed by ^octhing ebIvc?; If an ulrcr 1ook'> red and nngTy^ il ncrds 
soothing, ir thtrr i^ any "proud flc^h" [lowdcrtd burnt Blum applied dircc^t]^' upon ]t and 
Icfl on for an hour or two is good Then s[>olh]ng halves 

llalhani 4 f Peru t^^uad forchionfcc ulccra. It st]mulalcs thrm to 4 little 4ctiy]ty 
A salvr made by boiling lhe ]nner birlz oF ihe oomninii elder I he stri i ncd j iiLoe 
TTiiTcd WLlh 4.reBm or ^B'^ekn is b good healing Bpp]ical]on ^or ulccis 

E^iuUicc an j ml able lender^ painful ulcer wi1bisl]ppery elm bBrk Repeat when 

[ndoleni Sluggish Ulccr.~Th]h hind needs stimulating^ sbIi solution, or silt fiork 

E^iuUkc made of iwcct clover ]^ ^^cll recommended for ulcers \^ before ^tBted, the 
aciive kind '>bioiild have soothing treBtmL^m The <:ht^xnic indolent kind, should be 
"^limulBled occasionally ind f/i^'ii so o I hi ng ap p I ic al ions applied 

SHINGLES (Herpes ZBsttr|. DeflnHi[>n.--Th]!i t'> an jcnte infl amn alory dt'>eB^e of 
tbie skin, ohirBcleii/cd by gn^ups of ve'^jcles upon the inflamed base^ d]'f1ribuled ilong 
the couii*e of one or more oulBneou-i (■^k]nj ner>e^_ 

Symptoms. --The erupl]on i*^ preceded by b great deal of neuralgic pain ind is almost 
always onc-siJed_ Tbiey hrst appear as red palches ind upon the^e patches vesicles ^>oon 
develop |^kin elevations wilh liqu]d in them^ Ihese ire scparUe^ "lize of a p]n-head 1o a 
coffee bcan^ swollen with a cleir f1u]d. ind clustered ]n groups of Iwo lo a dozen The^ 
may dry up ]n Ihi*^ "^l^g^n or they may fill wilh pus or run logether forming larger 
patches new crop^ may appear, while lhe olhers fide The vesicles rarely rupture of 
themselves, but dry inio bro^v nsh c rusts^ ^vh]ch drop off leaving a lemporary colored 
skin It follows lhe couise of a nerve The most common seal of Ihisdi^ea-^e i^ over one 
or more intercoslal (between 1he nb] nerves, citendjng from lhe bjckbone Id the 
breastbone. It ilso occuis ilong the s]de ot the face and lemple. 

Cbusts.--]! i'> a nelf-l imiled disease, runs ib> couPiC in a few weeks, of ncrvoici origin 
and mi> be produced by exposure to weather changes, blo^^^ and certiin poi^>ns 

MOTHERS' RF.MEn[F:S. S^hinglcs, Hcrt Rened^v for.-L. "Make a wlution of 
yerba rheum a, one ounce lo a pin1 of bojling ^^aler, and apply freely to 1he part -several 
time*^ a day " The yert>4 rheuma has an astringent acl]on ind contracts 1he U^isucs. 
relieving lhe inflammation of the skin. It also relieves lhe ilching 

1. Shingles, Mercury Ointmenl fur.-- "Apply nighl and morning an ointmeni from 
the olealc oJ mercury " Thj-i prcparaUon w]ll be 


found cffcclivt, but care EhouLd be labcn no! to unr too much of it, as ofcatc of mrirury 
IS vcwy powcrfiiL Lt rcliocji tht biirniriB iixl itchjng 

PHVS1CIA^S■ TRKA IMENT for SkiDElt^-- PtdIc4.I the vmicIcs fiom ruplurc or 
irrilalion md rcL]fvt tht pBin. P4]nt 1bic '>urr4cc wilh a noLulion of gun cotlon fcollodion). 
Tonics Id keep up lhc strtn^lh. 

E\CE^IVE5WEAT[^C. |Hf ptridrDsiE|.-- ThK i^ 4 di^ordtrof ihc swcAt glBnds 

in which !iwtit ]Si thiDwnoul in ctcc^^lvc quaililLt'> 

S^ui ptf> lu s. - - ] I m^y be grcBl only lu tht armpit ^^hcrc i1 '>tB]rL'^ the 4.lolh]ng. ^bicn ]t 
comn>on the hand*i and feci I hey nny be wc1, climiny and have anoffcnni^c odor. They 
juBy be ^DBkcd, inflamed Bnd painful. 

C BUSTS.— The LocbJ fonns niB> be due to a nc rvoub eondilion, lI t&oflcn Ihc refill I of 
general debilily. 

'Ln^BtiiKn I. — General lon]cs ire needed ind thi>he g]^en under anem]a, which see. 

A p pi lea I Id n^ for th^: local tri^atmtnl.— SolLit]onor Blum Bpplied lo the pari w]LI ict 
3^ Bn B^lrinjJL'nl 

\Vhitt oak bark lei is good !"> Bny thing ]1 '>hould nol be used so "tlrcmg as to slop 
'fweat]ng enlirely. Then follow ]t with dusting powdeisor'>larch or bone Bcid, containing 
silioylic ae]d llwo lo fi>e per centV When ]l occurs upon the fed use 1he DiBchylon 
o]n1ment. [t must be niBde up fresh in 4 drug store Th]s is Bpplied on slnph of lint or 
muslin Bfter the puis have been thoroughly wished anddrie^L, il should be renewed 
tw]cc daily lhc pBrls bc]n^ dried wuh soft towels ind then covered w]th dusl]ng powder, 
followed by the omtmeiH 

FRECKLE^L |Lcnllgot-~Frccl:les ire in excessive deposit of p]gment in 1he ^ 

C auBca— Expi>su re lo the sun's rays aggravalcs this ccind]t]on. 

MOTHKRS' HKMFDIKS for trtcklcs. J. rri^ckkSn lluttcraiilh far.- 
"Butlermilk on 1hc JBce everv n] " Thjs is b veiy sjmple remedy, and is bultenn]lk ]s 
very CBS]ly oblained anyone troubled with Freckles CBn try this remedy wuhoul >ery 
much expense This s]mple remedy his been known lo turc many cases 

1. t'rcckk^H io Renio^CL— "NilrBte o^ potBsh applied to the face night and morning is 
very good, and lhc Jrctklcs will wjon disappeBr " 

3. Freckles^ Alcokol amd Lm«n Julet for.— "Use alcohol and lemon juire freely al 
n]ght " Lemon juice ]s very good for 1hc skin if Bpplied frequently. 


4. Frcchlts, Exc-rllrnl Loliin for.^ 

"RiWiC Wjlcr 4 OLincni 

ALcoHqI lf2 DuiKC 

H^'d roc biLi>nc .\c]d 1/2 dram 

Mlx and appl> witbi sponge or clolh thrrc []m«>d4]Ly. 

5. Fr^^chlt^H Borax ^^alcr fur-— "Run walcr eight ouncc*i borix o nc- half ounce- 
Mlk and di-^^iLvc. wa^bi pBrts 1wicc daily " 

fr. Frrchlrs^ Camadlan Rtutdy for. --"Glycerin^ lemon juicr, losewitcr, cqu^l ports 
Apply bL n]gh1 wUh a "^ift (.lo1h " 

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Free tka.-- They arr apC to reftirnon Exposttrc 
to the iiQn The following ointmcn! mi> be of Sicrvioc Care should be nkcn not 1o 


Ammoniatcd Mercury ] drBm 

Subnilrate of Bi'^jnolh ] drom 

Glycerin Omlmenl I ounce 
M]x and Bppl^' every other n]gbit. 

PRICK I.Y HEAT RASH. -An Bciite i n Fl imm b tory diseise of 1bie swei1 glands, 
minutL" punplos Biid vesicles develop. 

Symptoms.-- 1 1 occois upon lhc body Bnd consisls of lOBny pinbieBd sized bright red 
p]niple'^ and vehicles which are very close logelher It appcBrs "suddenly, And is L^UBlly 
accompBnied by much '>\^eal]n^ ind "^obside*^ in b ^hort 1ime ^^]th "flight 'fcal]ng 
follow]ng_ There i'^ ilthing, tingling Biid burning usually pre^>enL 

CauEt.-'Excc^'^ivc heBl in '>ummer m children Bnd ^^eak people 

MO'LHERS' REMEDIES. L Prickli Heat^Sada W^Xnr far.--"Balhe wUh 

EilerBtus 1bik]ngsodal waler, dry carefully and Bpply giHid lalcnm powder freely." 

2. Prkhl> Htals Rtlkf from parin cf.-- 

"BorBX Powder 6 drams 

Memhol 10 grains 

Ro^e Witer 6 ounces 

Eaihe I he pirt^ ind between appl]C4lioib dicit on lycopndium powder " 

The borix powder will be found good 1o cover the part& and muriBle of morphia 
relieves the pain_ The robc wj1er is simply pu1 ]n lo dissolve lhe olher ingredients 

3. Prickly Heal, a Hamillon, OnlarlOs Mother Found llurat Cora^arch food 

I#r-— "DiEit wi1h browncti coin^lan.h_ Thi^ atl-^ like lalcum pi>\^dcr and i^ no1 mj 
ei pensive.' 

4. RaEb+ Soothing OinLmeaL for. I.— 'Make Bn oinlment of one dram of bone acid 
powder lo one ounce of ^Bsclinc_ Firal wash lhe effected parts wilh a strong solution of 
saleraliis, then apply the ointmcnL 


and diet tilcum powder over lhis " Thr wash]n| with salci^tus as very amportant as this 
is a good anti'trplic and IhoTDUghl^ cLcbcuiC^ thi: parts 

PHVSECIANS' l'REATME^T for Prickl> HeBl.--]1 di^Bppcars usually in 4 Ttw 
dflys. Tonics for tbie w»k, Iigh1 clothings a ligbit noun'^hing dir1 knd Frequent cold 
bfl thing. AlcobioLic dnnk*^ arc piT>hibitcd Whitt ly^k burk tra as 4 wash for lbie sweatings 
to] Lowed by dusting powdeis of March. oalincnL and i^inc oi^ihJc^ elc 

MOTHERIi' REMEDIES. J. ChaHDE^ Filkr's Earlh East^.- '^B^h part^ well 

WLlh boranc acid W4ler^ thi^n dusl with fulLtr^ eirlbi^" Thr boracic waler is cIcanMng And 
iLilLL^r""^ tirlli is \ cry hailing This is b vciy "dimple bm effective remedy 

2. Chafisg, ^^ood Home Rtmed^ for. --"Usually all thai is required is wisbiing tbie 
pBTts well with ca^tL]c si>ap Biid cold W4ler^ and inninling wilh plain vascLin " This 
remedy is always 41 hand^ and is one to be relied upon. VB-^elin, as we ilL know, is very 

3. CkaNsg, Varax amd Ztnc 5lops.--"WB'^h pBrLs freqiJcntLy wilbicold water and use 
tbic following so Luliou 

Pure WBter 3 gills 

Powdered Borix ] IcasfioonFul 

Snlphale of Zinc L/2 teaspoonful 

Apply b> meins of a sofi rag several timc^ daily, \f1er drying the parts 
well, dusl with whcBt flour, corn sHirbior powdered magncsiB " 

The 4l>ove combination is excel lenl as Itie waler cJeanscs tbie parts and the borax and arr very soothing and healing. 

4. Cbann^H ^'omxion Flour ^ccd La ht(]p.--"Burn common wheat flour unlil bi~own 
Tic in rag ind dusl chiJcd parLs." 

MOLE. J^rat>i5t.~Mole Ls a congenital condilion of the ^Izin where Ibierr is I00 
much pigmenl m a ciicumscnbed place ]l vinc^ m size fi~om 4 pin-biead to a pea or 
larger. The Face neck and back arc their usual abiding place 

PHVSICI.A^"S' IRE.A IMENT for Mi let- -They should be removed by knife or 
b> clcctncity. The Ias1 j"^ the bcs1 especially for Ihe haiTy vanely. 

Caa9C5.--U they are subject to loo much irnlation they develop into mdligninl 

ENLARC^ED NAIL. lOn^vekau]ciE|.--The niil may become I00 long, thick or wide. 

rrcatmrnl.-- Remove 1hc cause Tnm iway 1bie excessive nail tissue wi1bi 4 knife or 
sci^^Hors. In paronychia, inflimn^ation around the nail, pieces of lint orcoHon should be 
inserted between the edge of the nail and the inflamed parts, and wet solulion of 
an tk±Leplics. like listcnne or sail water, applied with clolhs 

7tt A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

INFLAMMATION OF THF] >J AIE.. 10n^vckia|. IrratrntaL-Cut inlo ttic bar^ 
pert ]f jL nccd^ l1 Thil will rckoc Ihc Icn^ion and pijn Soinctiincs tht nail miEt be 
removed The Lnf]animalion i-^ at the ba*»c |mitrixj of ihc ni]L_ 

LOUSE+ nin:a?^ cf Iht !fkiD Fraducrd by.~TfiLs ]^ 4 disc4'>e of lhc "ikin produced 

by an Bninial par4'>i1c^ the pcti icul ti'> or louse. There are the head lou^e, pediculLi^ C4p]ti'^; 
the body Louse, pcdiculiis eorpori-^; I he pubis, (aboul lhc gcnjtil-^^ pedieulu-i pubj-i. The 
color of lice ]e while or gray They muLUpLy very fist, the young being hilcbied oul in 
about six days and wuhin eighteen diys Bre capable of propigBting the] r same species. 
The nils are glued 1o Ihe hair w]th b snb^lance ^^hich i'^ secreled hy the female louse. 

HEAD LOUISE or Pcdlculus CapillE. TrtBlmrnl.~The symploms are very 

apparenl. Apply pure kerosene, rub il inlo the hair ihoTDUghLy. [t can be m]^ed VrWh an 
equBl pBrt of balsam of peni n should be Lefl on the ^calp for twelve to twenly-four 
hoiJp> Bnd then renwved by a shampoo Other remed]es ihat can be used ire linclure of 
"^luphisagriB |stB>csacrey lh]E obh be mide 111I0 an oinlmeni, oromlment of ammoniitcd 
men.ury The dead nH-^ are removed fnsm the hair by dilute acetic icid or vinegir. 
Culling the hBir is nol Wiiully required .\n infusion of quassia i^ good as 4 wish 

Body Liusr or Clatkes Loubt | Pi: di^^ulus Corporis). --This para'^ile live^ ]n the 

clothes 1 1 is apl lo be found in the folds or seams, especially where the clolhes come m 
close com act wUh the stin as iboul the neck, "^houLdcry ami waist. This creature vlsUs 
the body for its meal. They may pioduce different Izintls of skin tniubLe-^ like ec/ema. 
boils, etc. 

FHVSIC JANS' THI- \ IMKNl for Lice.-- Deslroy the Lice and their cgg^ (ova] by 

thonnughly baking or bi>iJing the cLolh]ng The iTntated skin cin be healed by soothing 
applications like vnseLin, ind ox]de of ^inc 

(Frdiculu^ Piibts|.~Lice on lhe hair of lhe pubis or aboul the genitals. This is the 
smallest paras]te of lhe lhree yanel]e?i. ind it al1a4.hes ]tseLf firmly to the hair v^ilh Us 
head buried in the follicular opening*^, and ]t is removed wuh greil diff]4.ully. 

PHYSICIANS' TRE.A IMENT fir Lice.-- J. 0]ntmcn1 of mercury, blue D]ntmrnl 
This IS 10 be used frequenll^' ]1 is rather unclean knd ruKy crealc k bc^cre inflammation 
so br carrful of il 

1. SDlullDn orcnrraslvt subllmBlc, from one lo four grains to one ounce of wiler. 
Th]s IS good and dn be used oiK.e or Iv^ice a day, rub Ihoronghly in1o Ihr parts [1 will 
cau*ie redness and inflammation mi> follow if toi> much is used. It is very effecUve. 
Keiofiene wilh an equal quantUy of balsam of pern is a good remedy 


BLISTF:R disease^ tFcmpblgus).--TKis i^^ on aculc nr chronic '>kin di^ro^r tn 
wbiLch thL'nz in: bLjislcisof VBiiouii ^i^l':£ and shapes ind thr^f usually occur in crop^ 

S>mptoais.— Thr discas* may ittBck Bny part of 1bic body The blistrn* range fiDm 
the ^iie of a pcB to a large cgg_ Tbiey conlain at fiist aeleirfluid. which !iOon becomes 
cloudy ind looks more or ic^ lite pus_ Tbiey last "^rvcrBl day-i and 1 hen dry up_ They do 
jio1 ruplure of thrmiiel^cs very of1en [t ih not calcbiing 

C auETB.-- These are obscure and liol undeESilood. A Low stile of the sy^lcm ]s LusuiJIy 

PHV^ECE^^S' TREATMENT fir Biistrr DiseaKT.- General treilment should be 
g]vcn \ncnn. j"^ the bc*iL remedy rnd can be ^iven \a lhe fonn of Fowler\ soiulion f]^c 
drops 4f1er mcaL'> Bt the bcgmnmg fir an adult. This '>hould be increased unti] ujme 
po]^onaLis ^ymploms, such 4S bloating in the face ["> pnxJuccd. 

Elixir Quininen Tron and SIrychnlne j*^ good ^^ b tonic, one tcaspoonfol af1er 
TncaL'> RcfoJatc ihc diet, gjvc nouri'>hing and CB'^ily digcslcd food 

Local TrcatmemL—Puncture the bL]'f1ers. Then [iiil on 4 mild oinlment L]ke visclin; 
brBn and ^tBrch bi1h^ can be given in ^>onie cases The Lenglh o\ lhe nme of the disease iii 

THE ITCH DISEASE. |P»Tia^s> fmol Conmom ]trh|. DeNnill^.-Thi^ i^ k 

chrome inflammalory dmei'^e of 1lic '>kin^ in which there Bppcar upon 1he "^kin thicks 
ad hereni . o veri ap p I ng^ 'iCBle'i of ashiny^ whiiish color and 1hese Bre '>i1iiatcd upon a 
reddish slighlL> raised Bnd jihBrply oullmcd ^defined) hase_ 

Symptoms.-- They as small reddish spots, shaqrly defined igBinst the healthy 
skin. The> may be elevaled sL]ghtly and noon becBme covered wuh wh]t]Sih pearL colored 
■WBles ]f the scaler Bre picked off, there is left a smooth ird MJiface, Bnd from ih]!i. !imtll 
diopji of blood ooze oul. Wo ^^Btery or piis-like discharge escipe^ at any period of thi^ 
d]!iease These spot*i eMend Bt 1he c iirumfc rent e fpenpheryj reaching the '^iJic o\ lhe 
dnsp^, or of iheooiis.or Ihey may nin logether and form nng-^haped orennoked WBvy 
line^ of patches, wilh 4 cenler lhat is healing up. A few scatlercd ^pols mi> be pre^enl, 
or Lirge ireas may be involved. En ure CB-^es the whole !ik]n i^ afFecled The^e *ipols or 
patches may occur in any part of the body, but involve the exlcnding pin of the hmbs, 
e^peciilly the elbow'> and hnccb. There may be slighl itching present at times. 

Caursc nf tbe Disease.-- ]1 i*^ chronic, patche*^ may continue indefinitely or I hey may 
d]^ appear in one place, x^hjlc new crop^ appear elsewhere. This diseihe usually appears 
^ar lhe fip>l time belween the ages of ten and fifleen, i[ ma^ I hen rrturn al variouF^ 
intervals during 4 l]ret]me ]1 ih usually worse during the wmler 


CmuHCB-— Arc u^uflLly unknown ]t miy iKcur in bII cIi^^kTS End Izind^ of pcDp[c_ 
PHYSICIANS' IRKATMENT Tar Etch DlstBsc.-Rtmcdin for tht gcntraL 

'^ymploiii'> arc dcmindtd. Thi: ^cntrfll hcallbi jnu.'it be looked after StamLiliUng foodii and 

drjnb> and the lsc of lobocco arc fortriddtn. 

ArECDk in lhc fnnn of Fowler's holution rnnin ihrcc 1o Icn drops [hrtc l]m«> 4 day^ or 

tfic Br^eninus Bcid ]n pillh of 1/^0 of b grain three timc^ a dBy ThL'> incd]LLne musi not be 

uhcd in lhc Bcute ^orm but only in chronic ca^tc^ 

Local Trtatmtnl.— L. Remove lhc scales firsl and fnllow thL'> by ">! i mnl al mg 

a[iplicat]on'^ liiiIl''>^ Ihere i^ much inflBmnialion In mjcH CBses EDOlh]ng lotions stionld be 
applied Dr Scbiaick of New York, recommends the following 

2. Remove the scales thoioughly with hoi WBter andsoAj? aEid I hen ^ppl^'. 

Chrysarobin I drim 

Ether Alcohol Equal parts of CBcbi ind enoLigh 

to dissolve the fir^l remedy 
Collodion L ounce 

Mcx and apply wilh a bnisbi to 1bie pBrt^ affected. 
This soluUon may cause inflammiLion and greBl swelling. Bnd on ihat accounl it 
should nol be used on the face it siBinii the ^l:]n Dr HBre recommends a bBtbi onl> 
before 1bie Bpplical]on In thai Vtfuy some scales remain and Ibiere is nol so much 
inflBmmat]on ind sx^cllmg re^nlling. The slain can be removed with a weik Eoliit]on of 
chlonniled lime 

i- far Rtmcdj.— Tar is alsi> a good remedy in oinlment foims. The stm should be 

closely watched to find out how semi]tiye U is to 1he lar'^ icUon^ nol only ]n this bm in all 
stin diseases Drugs should be changed occai]onally for tbiey lose I heir efficiency. 

4. Tar and Suly hir Remedy for.--Me>er ide laron I he face^ it stains. 

Omlment of Tar ] ounce 

Omtmenl of Sulphur I ounce 

Mix Ibioronghly and appl> at n]ght. 

Sm Precipitaled Sulphur 6 drams 

Tir 6 drams 

Green Soap 2 OLinces 

Land 2 ounces 

Powdered Chalk 4 drams 
Apply frequently 
If necessary more lard can be used, especially if tbie skin is very tender. 


4. \nathcr f^^^d IacbI appllc^llflii. Tt ^^ compfHt«i dF the followtng ]ngrcdtcni3. 

Rc^c»r4:inoL 3 dnin 

Zinc OTLdr ! drHin 

Ro^c WatcrO]ntjncnt 5 drams 

Apply twice B div to lhc pin iffccl«l 

Af1cr mning the o]ntmcn1 htBt ]t unUl ihc rc^iorc]nol cry^lals melt to prevent anj 
irrilation of the '>kLii from tbiem 

LcbithyoL 2-1/3 drflms 

SilLcylic Ac]d 2-1/2 drBms 

PyrogallLC Acid 2-1/2 dnrriB 

OLi^c 0]L I ounce 

Lanoknc L ounce 
Mil thoTDUghly and ipply 
The result of ihc disei^e i^ ilwiys fivoriblc bs to life and generBl hcaLlh ll yirld't to 
treilment^ bul i1 h^^ b Icndcncy lo recur 

llCEf . Camuin Uck ( Sc ablest--- 1 Ech ^ ^ conlagious di^rfl^c due to ttie presence of 

an Aii]maL [larasilc There ]^ LnlecL^e ilchmg in 1bii^ di'>eBKt. The [larasilc neeks 1bie 1biin^ 
tender ref.Lons of 1 bie '>hiii the ^pBces belween Ihe fingers^ v^ri'^K and foreBrms, the foLdF^ 
in ihe ATUi-pit^ the genital'^ in men and Ihe breiiiLk ]n women. 

Camse.— ll t"^ BiwBys Lr4i:[sniLlLed by contBg]on An tnlimalc Bnd long con1ac1 is 
UHLially needed. A person occupying lhe '>ame bed wilh one who bias it ]^ hable to tike l1 
The femaLe pirB'5]te L]^e^ rn>m ^i^ to eighl ^^eeks during whicbi lime "^he iBy-i fifly eggs, 
wbiLch, \^hen halched ou1, become impregnBted in Ibieir lum. 

MOTHERS' IREATMKNT Tot Comuan llch. I. Mustard OtnLmtmt for.-- 
"Make anointEnenI of cup of fresh lird /witbiont silt^ and b I ab I e'>poo nf u I of dry mustard, 
work lo creBm ind apply." Th]!i l^ >ery wjolbiing 

1. [Ich+ t^randmolhtr's Cure for.— "Sulphur ind lird mixed, rub on at night then 
tate a good bBth, using plenly of Miap, every dBy " The above ]ngredLenti are alwiy^ 
easily obt4]ned and anyone '>urrering \^ith thi'> d]hease will find relief from Lbie itching by 
iL^iJi^ this rcmctl> ll i^ >cr> *i00lhing 

3. [Icb^ Herb Olulntmt Tor. --"Mix the j nice of 'tC4b]ous wilh fresh IbplI and Bpply ^^ 
anoimmenl. A decoction made from Ihe same hert> m]ght be laken Bt the sbitic 1ime to 
ponfy lhe blood. Tt i^ Alw4y'> well 1o iBke '>i>me blood loii]c logether \^Jth any outwaid 
applieal]on >ou may ij'>e.' Some who read Ihe Bbo>e may know bcabiou^ by olhcr names 
as the "mo mint] bndc" or "^wcel scabious" or "doiL's bil." elc 

4l [Ichs Kkcampune Scat OinliutHt Tor.— "Boil elecampane tdoI in vinegar, mtx 
wUh fresh IjkI heating thorou^hL>.' Thi^ iii an eicelen! remedy for Uch, having a very 
"toothing effect and re]ie>]ng the Uchmg. 


5. Itrk, Oalntal fur.-- "A [louhicc nf oatmrfll and oil nf bays; ciJTr'> tKc ilch *nd 

hBHil sv^L'JIin^ " OatincuL poultices trc ihdic stiinulAUng and draw more rspidly ihan 
tbiosr mkdc of liii'>ftd nicil 

^. ]l4:h+a Molhtr at l^arman Michrigann Stndjf Iht Fallai^lng.~"MBkc b ^aLvc of 

sulphur and lard bik1 s^ich m^hl appl> l1 Io thi: ^^holc Ihody^ alMi out tBblfspoonFul 
lotcmilLy for thrtc mormn^ Ihcn hki[\ Ihrcc Bnd ^d do. Thiii ]e the only thing I koDU' of 
that will cure ilch. I have trird il w]th "tiErc^s " 

7. [Uhs KeroHn^: fc r.~ " A [i p Lv kcroistiic oil undiluted^ to lhc p^n^ ^cvcril l]nifs 4 
dBy ^ppJy niLralc ot mL^rcuiy oLnlmcnt to the body." 

R. I tch+ Splendid Olnln^at for Conmon Etrk.-- 

"Lac- Sulphur ]60 graiRb 

NaplhaL]nc 10 grants 

Oil BcrganiDt 4 dnips 

CD'>niol]nc L ounce 

Rub Ldc-Mjlphur lhIo fine powdtr Sifl l1 ]nto lfic mcllcd co'>nH>L]nc Bnd 
'>|]r ijnl]L ncariy cooL^ then add naplhilinr and oil bcrgamol Stir until 
cool " 

PHYSICIANS' IKE ATM F.N 1 for lick.-- If the ^kin K much ]nf lamed or ]rrHBblc, 
soothing baths ind ointmtnis should be used at fiist. There are three indications 1o be 
met in 1he Ircalmcnt; fLP>t. to dc-^mjy the ciu^e, the parasHc. second to cure 1hc result of 

their wort; thinil to present a relnrnor 1 ran*i m iss]o n to olhcrs 

First Thin^ to Do.— 5oak 1hc body thoroLighly wilh soap (green soap ]f you hBve ]t) 
and WBter, this soflens the ou1er layer fepLderm]sy This layer covers I he femBle parasHc 
which burnnws under ]t_ The male docs not burnjw Bnd l1 ]s therefore eBS]er to kilL_ Rub 
the skin thi>roLi^hly wilh a rough lowe] ifter the '^o4k]ng This rubbing will remove the 
ouler stin -scales and w]th it some of lhc pirBS]tes_ The 1owcl should be bo]Led al once to 
present lI from conveying the parisjte to otheis Then ipply the omlmenl, which, if 
thoroughly Bpplied relieves the [ial]enl al once_ The sk]n should be well soflened and 
rubbed m oniler 1o open e^ery 1rack (burrow] of the parisUe. Allow the ointment 1o 
remain on all n]gh1 Bnd use i1 for three or four n]gh1'^ successively 

0±nlmtnl5.— L Simple sulphur oinlnent alanc. 

2m Oi] of Cale (from Jumper) ] drBni 

Sulphur Oinlmenl 2 drams 

Lanolin 5 drams 

Flowers of Sulphur 6 ounces 

Oil of FBgi 6 ounces 

Wh]teChBlb 4 OLinccs 

Green Soap 16 ounces 

Lb I'd ]6 ounces 

Apply at n]gh1 This is not so ^liong 


4- FoT chi[drcn the following c*n be ithfd: 

Sulphur ] drBcii 

BBlsamPcru ] drBcii 

Lord 3 ounce 

Applj IE usuaJ 
5. The foL]ow]ng for idulti*: 

Prcc I filiated Sulphur 2 drams 

CirboHBtc of Potish 1 drura 

Lard 0]ntmeul 1-1/2 ounces 

Rub well into ihe skin 

JircD nd [~ He al ttic resultant sores witti soo thing ippJtcalions liLc vascLin and t htllc 

camphor in it. 

Tkird:— Boil ind disinfect bII underwear and bedding or Bny adicle liBble to g]ve an 
abiding place to the parasite ll is easily cured wilh proper Ircalinent 

DA^DRLIFF 15elDrrhDca|.~ The scurfs or scales fdandniff) upon 1bic ncilp ire 
Formed from seborrhoea. 

DtNnitlan.— The woid seborrthoei meius 1o flow sncl or fBtl> fluids. SeborrhoeB is b 

^uuclioniJ disi>rder of the ^ebBceousglBnd ff ally, suet m alter) Bnd thi't '^ecrct]oii is 
somewhat allered in cbianctcr. 

VarlrLitE.~Thcrc ai^ three VBnelies. These depend upon the chirBcleF of the malcFiiL 


L. Oil> htborrhuta l^tbcrrhota olro^al. 

2, Bry ^borrhoca (stborrhuta hriccB|. 

3. ^[ixcd lipt of bcth. 

Oily ^tbarrhcta. --Symptoms. — Tbiis Bppcais mosl frrqucntly upon the nose Bnd 
forehead and somct]mcs upon lhc hcbIp The skin luok't oily ghslening^ ^^itbi 1bic 
appearance of dust adbienng to ]t. SmilL drops of oiL are seen 1o ooze ou1 of the folL]cLes 
and when w]ped off il refonns at once. The duds of 1bie folLicLes appear gaping or Ihey 
are plugged with b I ic k-he ad't /comedones) The h^ir js rendered unusually o]Ly^ when il 
appears on lhe Hcilp, ind it is especially noticeable on bBid hcBcLs Tt is very common in 
the negrtj ilmo-^l nilural or physiological. 

Drj 5cborrhotB.~TtiLS ]s 4 more common fonn and iiccur^ upon the hairy or non- 

hBiry pBTts, bul chiefly upon the scalp fdandrnffl The iffecled pans are covered wjth 
grayish greasy nciles wh]ch Bre easily dislodged lhe skin undemcBlh ]s oily and slate 
gray m color. This lype of 1he di-^ea-^L" forms one 1ype of dandruff. When it is of long 
Elandin^ Ihe hair becomes dry and fills oul. 

Mixed lype.— This type is common upon the scalp The surface is covered, more or 
less. w]th scales and crusts It the disease continues 


long Ihc h4]r brcomc^ dry. lus1crLc'f'> End falls out. Pcrmantnl baldncES Tnuy rr'>Lill 
Cau5rs.~Thc'>t may be coii'>IiIu1loiibI bckI local "Green sic krifss " (chlorDS]El^ 
d]!ionJcp> of Ihc stomach and bowels ire oflen lhe cause 

Local.-- Uncleanncs^, iBck of care of 1bie hcbIp^ heavy ind aidigbit hits m^y ciuse ]t. 

Some wri1en> claim [iar4'>ite'> ire the 4.4iJ'>e. 

MOTHERS^' REMED1E5.--J. Dandrnfr, Home FreparBllon Tron Nt^ YorL 
State MolherL— "[nto onL" pmt of ^^Bler drop a lujnp ol frcsbi i|u lc k-l mie, the si/j of a 
walnut, let it Mand ill n]gh1. pour off tbie cleir Liquid Mram^ and idd one gill of tbie besi 
v]^ v^asbi lhe roots of the tiair w]th 1bie prepBration. Il ks b good remedy and 

2m Dandruffn a Ifarber's^hampao for.— 'Shampoo wUh lhe foJ Lowing: 

S4'>^afras 5 ccn1^ worlh 

SalK of Tartar ID ccnl!i wonbi 

Ether ID ccn1s wonh 

Cisl]Le Soafi 5 cen1^ worlbi 

DissoLve the above m one gallon of '>on WBter. Rinhc lhc hiir 1 bio roughly ind reflect 
BJ£ often as necessary Th]!i rec]pc was given me b> a bBrbcr ind I nnd il very good." 

^ Dandriirf+ Ltman Jurist for.— "Cut a lemon in two^ loosen the hair and rub lhe 
lennn ]nto 1bie hcbIp Do lh]s m the evening before retiring^ for about b week^ 1bien '>top 
for a fc^v n]Bbits. lhcn use for another ^vcck, Bnd so on until cured " 

4m Falling Hair, a Brook+Onlaria, Lad^ Prr^cnls.— "GBi~densage mike 4 quart 
S4ge lea^ add equil p^n^ fa tcBspoonfuL^ of sail, bori^ and TD'iex^ater ind one-biaLf [iinl 
of bay rum. Wei the bieid with 1his every nighl " 

5. Hair Rtsloratl^eSn Sirapk and H a r n] Ic^^— " A simple and hinnless 
"inv]goratDr" is as loLlow>: 

Cologne WAter 2 ounces 

Tine lure of CanlhBndes 2 drams 

Oil of Lavender 10 diops 

OtI of Rosemary 10 diops 

Use Iwice d^i\y If it m4ke'> the scbI[i b l]tlle sorr^ discontinue for b short 
time ' 

fp. Dandrurr, J'akum Ponder an KxctlkaL Ktmcd> Tor.— "Take laLcnm powder 
and Jipnnkle in 1he hijr ihoroughLy, then brush," This \h 4 very good remedy. 

PHYSICIANS' THF\ I MKNT for DandrufL-lf theie Bre gencul diseases, 1 hey 

should be tmled 


E.DCB]~[n mild ca^c?i, shamfiooing wilh hot walcr ond a good snap may be stiff tcicnl 
^bis:n lbic "iCBlfs End cnciti irc lh]ck and abundaFit; flnil boftcn tticm wtthohvc oil tod 
tbicn remove ihcin ivilh hot walcr ind green "lOap. 

\fler tht ^calp bias brcn cleaned Ihc rtincdit'> should be Bfiplicd The rtincdics 
shoLiLd be 1 bio roughly nibbed m and applied in 1bie form ofomtmcnl^ or lotions and used 
once di]Ly CuUing the hair iiny be ncccssBry. The o^fcr of sulphur iiny be overcome b> 
tbie use of pcrfuine if the EcaLp becomes 1oo dry Bf tcr s h b m poo mg so me o]L should ftp>l 
be applied^ whalever applicalioo is used uftcrwiKls. 

Renedies. — Resorcin^ sulphur, saL]cyL]c Bcid, in comb tu4l ton wHbiolher ingrediruls. 
SoniL" fa^onlL" p rest r] p Lions arc now given 

1. Resorcin I b 2 drams 
Pure CislorOil ] dram 
Alcohol 2 OLinccs 

Mi:^ and rub well inlo the scalp. 

2. PrecipHated Sulphur 5 dram 
^iltcyltc Acjd ]5 gratic 
Otnlmem Fetrolaltim ] ounce 

^ Washed SuJphui 4 drams 

CBEtor Oil 10 drams 

OeI of Cocoa ] ounces 

Balsam of Peru ]f2 ounce 
Apply IWLce daify_ 

4m Carbolic Acid 20 dnnps to 1 dram 

Oil of Almonds 4 drams 

Oil of Lemon ] dram 

DLSI]llcd Wiler enough to n^akc 2 ounces 
Apply Af1er wishing. 
Tbie o]Ly type is besi Ireated wath lot]ons and powdera. Tbie disease is very obslmale 
bu1 generally get^ well 

WEN (SrbBcciusC^st SttalomB).-- A wen vanes in sj/e from a milLcL seed lo an 
egg, ind il is due 1o Ihe dislcnUon of a sebaceoici gland by its relained sc4.relions. They 
occur mosl commonly on Ihe scilp^ face and back They cause no pain^ ^t^-w slowly^ and 
after the> have gn^wn to a certain size remain slattonaTy for an indefinite time 
Somelimes they become inHimed and uLceri1e_ 

1 ri^atnicnl.— Mike « free cut and take ihe miss out. [ts covering /cipsulej or sic 
must be removed al the same 1ime. for if any of this membrane IcapsuleJ is lefl U will fill 
up again Equi] puis of fine salt and the yolk of an egg bealen logether and ipplied 
continuLiusly \^ill eal Ihe skinopi^n and the mass can 1 hen be taken oul This is quite 
painful and takes several days, while wuh Ihe knife there is I title pain if cociine is 
injec1«l and il wall all be over in a few minutes 


RIINGA^'ORM fTinca Trlrhnf hv||iiB|.--R]ngwonn is « cairiagiouy dL^is^ of the 
stin, produced bv the pi^c^mncc oJ 4 ve^clBblc parasHc The di'K[:4'>t affccli Ihc hijr 
folliclfA dF tht ECfllp End tht beards End al'>o of tht porliorui uf Ihc Ihody ihBt^ '>tcni]ngly 
at l»st^ Hbvc no h4]r 

Varieties.— Ringworm BfFccUng the body called Tinea C]rcinatB Ringwonn 
affccling Ibie "^caLp called TincB TDnsuraib Ringworm Affcchng Ihc beards ctc.^ Tinea 
EBrbBc Ibirbcrs' Uchl 

Ringworm of thu Budv,--Th]*i type of ringworm usuBlly begins as one orsevrraL 
round *iomcwhil rBised Bnd very smBll denned congested spot^ Bnd ihese Bre covered 
v^Ubi 4 kw branny sc4le'> Thedi'^ease exiends from 1bie ciirumterenue ind while healing 
in ihc eenler a^sumr^i b hhape like a ring and iheiie nng'> mBy become as iBrgc ^^ b silver 
dollar and remain the !iame s]zc For monlh'> or yeiP>, or they ma> go tognher |caalcscc) 
to fonn cirelc Igyrite} pBtehe-^. Vehicle and pimples frequenllycnjp ou1 41 I he 

Mo I hers' Rrmtdlm Tor K in ^ 1^ c rm.-- L (lUnpc^dtr and \ tncgar Tor.-- "Make a 

pB^1e of gunpowder and vinegar and ipply Somehmes one appL]C4lion will be '>ufficicnl^ 

if ni>l repeat ' 

1. RiagT^Drai, ^'ER^r A^ht^ To r^-- "Wet the sore and cover wilh c]gar BshcK. Repeal 
frequently. This will cure if laken ]n ljme_" This is a very !i]mple and eFfechve remedy 
C]gar B-ihe^ Bre Bl^^ayji ei^y I0 obtBin ind if applied lo the nngwonn al the very 
beginning, the n](.oline ]n Ihe lobBcco will draw on! ihe sorenesji and relieve 1he 

3. Ria^i^ormH Kcrostnt far.-- "Apply kerosene wilh the finger or a cloth ^everiJ 
timc*i 4 tlav_' 

4. Rlm|;w(^riii, OntBjio XlotktrCmrrd Biy of.-- "W^^h head v^Uh v]negar and pBinl 
wilh iod]nc 1o kill germ Cured b ne]ghbor\ bo> ' 

5. Kin};ih4rni, Anctbi^r from a Matbi^r aL Valdo^an (■ tc rg la. ~ "B uidoek root and 
v]negar_" Take 1he dock root Bnd *iteep U Ihe same as iny on:1]nary herb tca_ lhen idd 
your vinegir mating the proporlions ahout half and haH ^pply lh]!i to 1he BFfeeled pin 

4. RlnEworu, Eg^ Skin Rcmcd> For.-- "Tike the inner skin of an egg and v^rip 
around U ind cover wuh 4 piece of cLolh " 

7. Rin^^formH froni a Molhrr al O^^osso. Mleblgan.— 'Tike gunpowder and wet U 
and put It on Ihe s<jie*i." This remedy has been Ined b greBt mBny tjme*i and Blx^By-i gives 
relief \^hcn iBlzen ngh1 41 Ihe beginn]ng So many people will wai1 lh]nl:ing Ihe 
nngwonn will du>appcBrof ib> own BC4.oid^ instcBd of giving "^ome simple hi>me remedy 
like the Bbove a I nil 

PHYSICIANS' TREAI'MEN I' for Rin^^orn.-- 1. For ]nf4n1s ind children 
simpler remedies should be used Bt hrsl 54. rub each patch with line lure of green soap^ or 
merely good soBp and waler miy be emplo^-ed Then ippiy t]nctijre of iod]ne I0 Ihe 
pBtches. once or twice 


ad*y^ enough to ]rritHtt tht pHtchr"^ DlIuIc hc^Iic acid^ ordtlulc carbolic jcid wiM dn the 
siinc Vrork A ten per cent JiolutLon of soi:l]Lim hyposijlph]tc l^ b good remedy i]KO_ 

2. Cirrosivt subliualt ^ one to four gr4]n'> to I he ounce of wale r i^i very gocHJ to pul 
on the patches. For children lhc ^tre ng1 bi sbio u Id be ahont one- half gram to 1bic ounce 

3. AmmomiBttd ntrcnrv ]«, ai^o >cry good lo put on. SometimeE a combinal]on of 
TcmcdLe-^ will do bcltei is lollows 

Milkot Sulphur 2-1/2 drBms 

SfiiriK of Green Soap 6 drams 

Tinclure of Lavender fi drams 

Glycerin 1/2 dram 

4. Pure lod]nc 2 ounccji 
OtI of Tar 1 ounce 

M]x w]tli c^re griduilly. 

5- Creasote 20 diops 

Oil of Cadi ni 3 drams 

PrecipHated Sulphur 3 drams 

B]C4rbonBte Potish I drtm 

Liid L ounce 

Mi:^^ to be u^ed in obs^nate cises ]n iduH^. 

RiagTvnm of Ihr NcaipL— Caulioss and Trratmrnl.— Be careful th^l olhep> do no1 
calch i1 Jn^jn you. Separalc 1bic child affected. Cleanse the diseased pBrLs from lime lo 
time by shimpoojng ^^]th a strong "^OBp The biai rover the whole scilp sbionld be clipped 
short and 1hc BTFecled pans shB^ed or jf Bliowed. 1bie hBirs in the affected parts pulled 
ou1 The remedies Bre 1bien applied if po-^siblc jn Ihe shape of omlments. which arr 
thoroughly rubbed in Vaselin and lanolin are be tier a*^ a base for 1he mcdic]ne^ a^ they 
pcnelrale deeper. Following remed]es are the most valuable: 

L. CarbDlic acid^ one Id two drams 1o glycerin one ounce. 

1. Oleatt o f mi: re UFv _ stre ng Ih 1en lo twenly per cenl. 

3. Sulphur O ri ntiiii: II t, ten lo Iwenly per cent slrength 

4. Tinclure af ladint. 

This vinely las1s longer Ihan Ihe ringwornui on the boJy^ months Mjmelimes are required 
to cure i1 

BARRER'S [fCH tRlMR^rorm of tht lfcard|. -Molhrr's Rrmrd^E. 1. Slandard 
Remedy for.-- "Plain vasclm two ounces, vcnice Inrpenline oiK^-h a I f o nnc e red 
pn:cip]ti1e one- half ounce Apply locally. Great care should be 1aten no1 1o expose 
affecled pirls to cold and draughts while oinlment is in use especially ]F affected surface 
IS large " The above is 4 slandaid remedy ind will be found veiy effeelive in ill cases of 
barber's itch. The viselin will assi'it in healing the sore^ and softening up the scabs. 


2. Barbi^r's Etck, Hralini; Olnlutmt for.- -"PI am vaitflin four ounc t'>^ MjJfihur Iwo 
ounce*! sal- aniini>ni B4. powder 1^^o dranii Mil iud appL> dflily af1cr c Lc aruii ng I he pirtt 
tbioroufhly w]th castile soip and soda water This \^ alsn an ilmosl infBllibLc cui^ far 
common il4.h." The y4'>tlLn i^ very good and healing, while the sulfibinr h^^ b soothing 
cffetl and i'^ a gond Buliseptic 

3. B trier's Ucb^ RthabLt Ktmtd^ fcr.— "Cilnnc ointmcnl one dram^ vaselin or 
cosmolin one ounct. Mi\ IhoTDUghly. Wasbi I he Bf Fee led pBrtsclem and Bpply lhis 
o]ntmcnt on b soft rBg three Umes adiy_' This is astindBrd remedy and one to be relied 
upon [t i!i very !i00lh]ng ind hB"^ f rei1 hcBling pn^penie^ 

4. Barter'^ Etch^ ^ulpkurand Lard for.— "Sulphur and lird mixed together and 
applied Ihree or four Umes 4 dav_ Have lound thi-^ to be the best of anylh]ng e>er used 
For barber's ]tch_" Th]K remedy will be found very good ]f lhe case i& nol VEiy severe ]f 
the fBce IS covered w]th "^ore^. f]L]ed wUh pus and of long *i landing a stronger trcBtnienl 

should be used See olhcr Holhcrs' Remcdjcs bIso Doclors' Treatment 

5. Barker's Itch, Culicnra Oinlmrnt Tor.— "Apply cutieura ointment to the sores^ 

and as it drBws out the waler prebs a cLcin cloth igBinsI the sore 1o absorb lhe ^Bter. This 
will generally driw the wale rout m three orfourdayi " 

PHVSECIANS' TREAI'MF.NT Tar Barti^rs Nek. -Pnlhng out the hBiisorcFose 
shaving every day Keep the iMetlcd parts soilzjng ^v]th olive oil for Iwo successive 
dB>s_ The evening of lhe lh]rd diy the shampoo is employed, the sk]n is wished Irce 
from crusts and scales, shave cleanly' After shading bithe the parts for ten minutes with 
bonted water, as hi>l as can be borne, while lh]s is bejng nijnc, all puslules or points 
where there is a mucous fluid com]ng out to the surface ire opened with i clean needle. 
Sponge freely over lhe iffec led surface w]th astn^ng si>lution of hyposulph]te of sodium 
k^r several minutes ind not allow it to dry, this solution may contain one drim and 
perhaps more to the ounce, \fter a thonnugh and final washing wUh hoi water, the tender 
skin IS carefully dried and gently smeared with i sulphur ointment contain]ngone to two 
drams of sulphur to the ounce of >aselin, often with the addit]on of fiom one-quarter to 
one- half grain of mercuric sulphide. In the morning ^^ash the ointment off with soap and 
waler, the sodium solution is reapplied and a boraled or silicylaled powder is thoroughly 
dusted and kepi o>er lhe pads during the diy and apply ointment al nighl The shading 
musi be repeated al leist the neit day As soon as there ire ni> pustules flumps], or they 
ha^edimimshetl ]n si/e lhe ointment at night is superseded by the use of lhe dusting 
powder The wash]ng w]th very hot witer and w]th the solution hyposulphile is 
continued nightly, when the innammat]on exc]ted by lhe pinsite is limited to lhe 
follicles thai ire invaded Continue lhe dusting powder after the omlment is 


W^R I' t^'^^ruccB). ^[[»tht^s' Rcmrdits.--]. Ad Applicalica for, alH» Good for 
CulE amd Laci^ra1i[>ns.~"Mak^' li lotion o\ Icn drofi^ l]ru.turL' ol niBu^old 1o Iwo ouik-ei^ 
of witcr and ippJy " Thi't is il^o good forsfvtrc cuVi and laccrat]ons. it may be applied 
by cLDlb> or bandages if Ihc CBsr requires. 

1. Warts, Malch and Turp^^ntin^: ^V ad . - - "D l'>^o I ve nialche'> in Inrficnlinc and 
apply 1o WBrL tbirtc or four Uincs/ This prepirBtion bicLps 1o CBt Ibicm BWi> and IF tcpl on 
too long ]!i apt to pnxluzc a ^>orc: CBrc sbiouJd Ihcrcforc be taken m u-^ing Ihi^ remedy 

3. AA'arts, Murlatt af Ammonia fc t . - - "Taki: a piece of mnrLHtr of Bmmomi, 
iTio]'f1cn Biid rub on 1hc wart nigbit and nH>niLng^ afler 4 weck'^ Ireatmi^iil ihe wart^ if no1 
cxivk large^ will disappeBr " 

4. AA'arts, Turpcnlini^ For. — "Rub frequently wilK lurpcntint for a le^^ days and they 
will disappear Thj*i l"^ a ^ery simple remedy", bul a good one, ind worth trying if you irc 
afflidcd wtth wirla_' 

9. ^'arLss tc Ki^mo^r. — 'The juicc of the marigold frcquenll^' applied i^ effectual in 

removing them. Or wash them with tincture of myrrh " 

4. VVarlSn Mllh^i^td Rtxio^esL~"Lct a dn^p of the common milkweed soak inio the 

wad occasionally^ Ihi: win wiLJ looven and fall oul Thi^i can be ipphcd as often as 
convenient; here m Canada wc do not have 1o go far lo gel k pLin1 " 

7x The following is a good application 

^ilicyliEZ .\cid 1/2 dram 

Cannabi'> [ndicii 5 grains 

Collodion 1 ounce 

Nfix and ipply to lhc warl. 
Tine lure of thnji is very good m !iome case^ when applied daily 

HlVEIisNcUk Ra?fh|UrtlcaFia|. Cauns^-Food^ such 4i. shell fish.EtrjwbeTTie^. 
cheese, pit tics poik ind *iBiim^;cs 

Mtd^lnts I hat may cause il —Quinine^ copaiba, salicylic acid, elc Disorders oMhe 
slomach arKi bowels Insecl^ like mosquito^ bedbug, elc 

MOTHERS^' Rh:ME.D[E:S.--L HUcsorNtttIt Rash, Slippery FJm. --"Slippery 
elm used as a wash ind taken as a drink " Slippery elm is especially good for any skin 
disease ^^ it i^ very soothing 1o Ihe [iart'> and relieves Ihe Uching If tiken as a dnnk it 
act'> on the kidneys ind boweK^ throwing off ilL the impuri1ie'> 

1. Hl^es«r ^e1lk Rashn F.xli^rnal and Internal Hcnic MudicinL for.-- "Bathe \^ilh 
weik solution of vinegar. Internal remedy; !iweet ^ynip ot rhubarb wilh SimaLI lump of 
sileralus (size of 4 pe*^ dissolved in U This dose was given to a Iwo-year-old child " 
The rhubirb heLpb lo nd Ihe stomach ind bowels of it^ impunticji relieving ihe disease, 
as hives arc u^naLly due to some diJionderof 1he kidneys and bowelsi. 

3. Hivts ^T Nrltic Rash^ Tta Bad Pi^rdtr rDr.-'RLib wilK buckwhcil flnur ihis 
will rcL]cvc Lbi^' ilchin^ bIctu^^I j nimcJi b Li:]y Siiii'^ilras lea is 4 good inttniBL rcmtd>." 

4. H1^4:s ir T^tttk Radi^ CbImIj Ti^a for.— 'BoLl catnip Lcavfs 1o mikc 4 tca^ 
i^ligbitly ^wrctcn and give iboul mt orcighl Ic as poonfui^ at bed Umt and keep piUtnl nul 
of draughts " The tea can be iBlzcn 1 h roughnnt tht day bIso if tikcn biot on going 1o bed 

It causes swcBting Bnd Lire should Ik: tikL^n no1 1o Lilth cold ^h]Lc thL" pore*i arc opened. 

5. Hives or ^rltie Rask, ^[athe^ frcm Hue thorns Klorrida+sav^ roHoi^rinE is a 
sure Cure fDrL~"Greist ^ith poplar bud :£le^^ed do^^n unUl strongs take oul bnd't, add 
one leaspnonful LbplI stew bII Ihe ^atcrout. GrcB'^e ind v^rip up in \^ool blBuket." 

j. Hives or NrttLc Rack, Trim a Mother a1 Nei« Mllford, Pennsylvania .--"One 

tabLespoonful casloroi] np>l. Then pnl one 1abLe'>poonfij] '>alt^ ind crein^ tartar m glassi 
of wi1er tflke one spoonful before CBting_ Hivc used Ih]'^ and found ]t eiccllcnt-' The 
caster oil Bctson 1bie bi>\^els ind tbie cream of tirlar on the blood. 

7. Hl^es ir NeMIt Rash, BitttrmllL for.— "B ul tenn] Lk Bppked two or Ihree UniE^'^ b 
day. Found 1biis lo be good tor netllc rash." ButtcnnaLh \h very ukj thing and VrA] relieve 
the ]tehing. Th]K is bh eld 1ricd remedy. 

E. Hlvts or Neltic Rafbs ISaking Soda ^Task for.-- "Make a stiongsoLulionof 
common baking ^oda abi^nl Hu'ee Lc aspiH>nf liL'> 1o pjnL oJ x^aler. Sponge or bathe body 
tbio nj ughl> .' \ny mother who hi^ a child m the house knowji how valuable baking noda 
IS in case of bums^ on account of lK cooling pioper1]es. For thi'> ^kmc rei^on i1 will be 
found eicellcm for above diseise. as i1 \^ill relieve Ihe Uthing anti i^ very Jioolhing 
Good for children ]F idcd not quite as *i1rong. 

9. Hl^es DT ^i^ttle Ka^hn (.anada Blue day for.-- 'Mil up blue cla> and water to 
make a pisle Leave un1il dry and Ihen wa'^h otf " 

PHYSICIANS' TREAIMENI' f«r H Itc5 or Nettle R a Rh . - - Remove c a u?ies 
Eo\^eL'> and kidney'> '>houLd acl freely Ab:£laiii I roni eating for 4 day or 1wo if necessary 

For tke ]trhinE-~Diiuled vinegar, applied t^ effecUve .\lso carrphor 

Creamof TirtAr 2 ounces 

Ep'>oni 5 alls 2 ounces 

Tike three or four teaspoonfuls lo move the bowels, or one teaspoonfui every thrrc 
houis if Ihe bowels are regular enough For 4 child one year old give one lei^poonful in 
waler every Ihree houn* unlil the howe]s move freely. 

SUNBURN ---When ^icvere, sunburn may pre^enl ihe iiymptoms of mnamnnHon of 
the skin. Then there VriU be redness . sw el L] ng and pain folLo^^ed by deep disco loral ion of 
the skin 


fVf OTHERS' REMEDIES for Sinbirn.-L. Ltmon Julct and Vint^ar FDr.--\\n 

applicBtLon ol Ihc jliill' of b lemon or vinegar." 

1. Sin burns ^mnioala ^Valtr f#r.— " A mmon] 4 will rniiovc SLinbum in cnc nigbit." 
Cbfc '>bioLild be lakcn la using tbiis remedy' The Bmmoii]a "^hoLiLd be d] luted halF with 
water and not ii'ted tuo nften. 

3. Sunburn, R tile F from Faim and Smarting of.-- "B enjo b ted zinc oiiUmcnt or 
^B'telin ififiLicd lo the alTeclL'd pBrts i^ i^urL' tu gjvc relief ind avoid much pain lEid 

4. Sunburn, Fri^paralioa for.— "[ have found nothing belter ihBn men1 tio I al u m " 
M e nthuL B tuni j"^ sjniplv b mixlure of ^B-^ekn ortosinolin and menlhoL Tbiey arc both 
^ery healing ind will he found beneficn] 

PHY5ECEANS' I'REATMEN'L for Nunburn.-- Siiothjng omtnienK ind dLL^ting 
powders ire generally sufncicnl for sunburn. Tilcum powder (Mennen's bo rated J _ rice 
powder, oatmeal powdcp> arc good ind bieiling. The following arc good 

1. Oiide of Zinc Powder ]f2 ounce 

Powdered Camplior ]-J/2 dFini 

Powdered Slarch I ounce 
Mix DusI on 1he pBits. 

2. Powdered Slarcli L ounce 
Powdered Camphor I dnm 

Well mixed and Bpplicd is soothing to I he parts. 

3. The foLlow]ng i*^ a good combinat]on 

Cirbonileof Lead I drtm 

Powdered 5t4r4.h I dr^m 

Oinlment of Rose Waler L ounce 

Olive OiL 2 drams 
Mix and apply to I he inflamed sl:]n 

C A NC RENE.— This is Ihe deilhof a pin of the body in mB^s There Bre 1wo loims, 
mo]'fl and dry 

Drv tiansrenc-— Th]s is a combi nation pnsduccd by a loss of water from lhe 1 issues 
The skin becomes dark and wrinkled and is oflen hard, like leather. Sen]le or old age 
gangrene, and really due 1o lhe irlerial ■^clcn^si'^, u-^uillj occuis in the lower extrem]ties 
involving 1he 1oes \ slighl injuTy may fjrs1 start up 1he 1 rouble. The pa]n in this sanely 
IS net usually great. 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES.- E. Gangrene, Rrmrd> from Nt^ York Ihal cured a 
CamErrnonsCast.— W man aged 74 years hul a si>re below the knee k^r fiJleen ycais 
at last gangrene appeared m his fool and 1hree physicians pK)noun4.ed hisea'^e hopeless 
on aceouni of his age ] was called as a ne]ghbor and found the fool swollen to Twice ]ts 
natural si/e. and Ihe man in pain from hi^ad to foot. I ordered cabbage leaves Gleamed 
un1il Willed Ihen put Ihcm over Ihe l]mb from knee lo foot and covered with a cloth In 
about fifleen mmules 1hey 

92 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

wcrr Eil*ck so wc rrmovrd thtm and puE on frwihoiKS, rcpcat]n| the chmf r Lintil I he 
leaves did nol turn bliclz Thtn tht Eorc ^^bs thocuughly cli^Bcuscd \^]th a wcik so]Lit]on af 
sdlcritLi^ and wbiilc wcl whs thickly covered wuh comniDn black pep per and wrapped up. 
The ^atrHtus x^atcr and pepper was changed nigh1 md morning unlil the sore was 
entirely htflltd. Afler lhe lh]rd d4> thL'> inHn had no pain^ and in four ^^ecks W4'> entirely 
healed. A yeir Liler he '>aid bie hsd nc^cr biad Hny Iroubic \^ith lI or wilh rhcumilism 
which bic had hfld for yeiis before." 

PHYSICIANS' TREAIMEM for Gansrcnf.-- The sbn should be Irealed 
PoLiHicc^ ^oinctLjnes may be good, or bulUe"^ o\ hoi x^atcr iTound the part^. A gencriJ 
tonic should be given 

Moist (^an^rtnt. C a usts.-- Wounds rr4cturc'>, injunes, pre^'>ure from lying in bed 

and fnj-^l bile 

PHVS]CIA^S■ LRKATMENT Tsr Molsl C^amRrcne.-- Rrmovr thr cause ]r 
po^sibLt. Thi'> Izjnd !"> more dingi^n^us Hiid a ph^sicjan '>hoiild be colLcd as lhe bc^l 
treilment that cm be given is none 1oo good. 

BLISTER.- -This is a watery elevaE]on of lhe outer sl:]n ]1 i^ caiced by rubbing, for 
inslancc ot 4 shoe fnction frtjm inything. or fn^m bums ]1 frcqucnily Appears on lhe 
hHnds afler working for some 1ime a1 minuHl libor, when thi: hands ire nol icciislonied 
to work ll ts the common bhsler which hardly need'> much describ]ng 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES for Bhsttr. -J. Linstrd Oil for. - "Lin^erd o]r u^rd 
freely." This i^ a very good remL'd> bctiusc it is Mjothjiig Any good ^>oolh]ng lotion or 
sihe ihflt wil] dnw out the Koreni:'>s ind pain is helpful. 

1. V lister. A ^[etbod cf Raising a Blt^lt^r.— 'Tf a blisler i'^ needed tike in oi~d]nary 
thick tumbler, rub alcohol inside and b round the rim then inved over a pieci: of col ton, 
sUnraled VrWh alcohol End ignited; if1er a few Ki]nutes 1he glass may be removed and 
clipped on lhe surfice of the body As lhe glis^i contBjni ranfied kir lhe flesh will be 
drBwn up into il and b bhs ter fo rmed " 

IVY POISONING.- The puis usuilly affected arr the hands, face, the genilaLs lhe 
arms, the lh]i^hs ant1 neck. 

Svniptonjs.-- These usually ippear UMnn Red palches wUh scanl> or profuse walery 
p]mples, with b ^^atery dmchirge it ter bursling. There is swelling, inlense burning and 

Itching The pins somct]mes swell very much ind liH>t walery The pcp>i>n can hanHlj 
keep from HcrHching 

MOTHERS' KE.MEDIES\ -L. E^^v Foiscnini^^ Bulttrmilh and Lcppt^ras for.-- 
"Wish ]n copperas and butlennilk Ihree or four t]mes i day Have seen lh]s used and ]t 
helped." The copperas ind buUennilk is very good when apphed 1o lhe pirls 
immediately if ter the poison is discovered. The copperas act^ ^ery much l]ke sugar of 
leid and in some cases is very much morr effective 


2m [>> FoisDDiDR, Cnrr For.-- 

"Bromanc 10 to 20 drops 

Olive Oi\ ! ounce 

Mil Rub 1hc m]xtLirc gently into the affcc1«J pBrl*! Ihirc or four t]mcs 
a clBy The bromine being voLBtilc 1bic '>oLiJlion '>hoLiLd be frf^biL^ mBclc." 

Thi!i remedy l^ frequently uied by physir]an*i ind is very effective 

CH^PFFJ) HANDS AND FACE. Mt^lhrrs' Rentdlts.--]. Chap^td HandSn 
Qirin^:^: Si^td (. rtam Tor.-- 'Soak one te as poojiful ofqujcu^L' ^ec^ in on^' cup \^urm 
waler over night. Slrain thiougbi 4 ciotbi Bnd add one uunce glycerin, five cents' worth 
bBy rum, and pcrfiime if you choo^>e.' 

1. ChBf prd Harnds, Sootkis^ Lotion for.-- "B 41 he Ibicm in '>oft ^^Bter u.'^]iig ivory 
"^oip ant1 IndiBn mcBh when tiry hilbie ]n vinegar Have tried Ihi^ Irealinenl and my 
liBud*^ feel sof1 and easy after treatment. " [t would be bes1 1o dilute the VLnegar wilh 
waler one-hBlf. 

3. Chapped Hand^, ^^l^cerim for-— 'U^e glycerin freely.' Glycerin is very iTnlatmg 
to some people. 1hen igBin it worlz"^ like a charm \ou cin tell only by Uy]ng U 

4. Chapptd HandSn Carbolk Salvt far. --"We Blway^ use a good cartiohc silve for 
these, Bs we have found ni>lh]ng beHer foriore^ of any kind.' A few diops of c artw I ic 
acid added 1o any good ^i]>e \^ill give yon Ihe ibove. 

5. Chapped Hands^ Glycerin and Lemon J nice Ft r.— "Two- [hi rds glycerin, one- 
thinJ lemon juice, mix well to^lhcr apply nif.hts " 

tr. Chapped H an d^s Camphor lnn foF.--"CBmphor ice.' Apply frequently after 
thoroughly washing. Biid drying the handh 

7. Champed Hands, Remedy fnm a Neif York Lady.-- 

Gljcenn 4 ounces 

Cologne 2 ounces 

Benzoin L/2 ounce 

Rflin water I pinl 

Mix Ihortjughly ind apply lo the hand^ after wishing. 

Thi^ remedy his aljio been used for veiP> by a fnend, and we have piDved il good, [f 
applied frequently during 1he v'lnler 1he hand-i will not chap " 

K. Chapped Hands^ Rose Cr^^am for.— "Get len cents' worth of K)'>e waler, f]ve 
cen[s' worth of glycerin and the juice of one lemon Mix and rub on 1he affeeled pirls," 

9. Chapp^^d Hand^H Pz^: ^ 4: ii Li ^ 4: for. --"A liltle diluled honey or almond oil will 

restore Jioftne^s and prcveni (.hippjnf. " 

LO. Chapped Hamdsor Face, from a 'Lwin Falls Idako, ^Eatki^r.— "Gne-fourlh 

ounce gum tragic anth dissolved ]n one and half pints of fiott waler, then add ounce each 
of alcohol, glycenn and w]tch-hiiel. 


also 4 Little perfume I Find lhi!i one of the best remedies \ r>cr iiied for ^>ore or chipped 
hands " 

PHYSICIANS' TREAIMEN'L for Chapp^^d Hands.-- 
J. Sub ml rate of Bi'^jnulh 3 drams 

OLeBleotZinc 3 dranc 

Lycopodium 2 drams 

Hix_ ^ppl> to the parts three time^ daily. 
1l ToHderrd camphor milled ^ith vaselm is healing. 

3. Oinlment of ^altr oT roses ^4.oid cretin ^ is a soothing BpplicBtion ]1 cbh be 
improved by adding a liltLe glycerin and benzoic ac]d~this keeps ]t sweet in warm 
wei1 bic r 

4. Po^deji^d zinc oxide or siBrcbi bs a dust]ng powder. 

FACE CREAMS, Mitktrs' Preparallons.-L Cream nf Pond Lilii^^.-'This 

agrees eikpec]al]y x^eLI w]th ojIv ^kii:^. v^iJL keep jiidciini1eL>. 

Orange Flower Water. InpLe 6 ounces 

Deodorized AkobioL 1-1/2 ounces 

B]tler Almonds blBncbied Bnd beilen ]n 4 mortar I ounce 
While W*x I drBm 

Spermaceli 1 drtm 

Oil of Bennc 1 drBm 

Shaving Cre*m J dram 

OtI of BergBmot 13 diopfl 

Oil of Cloves fi dmp^ 

Oil ofNeioli Bigrade 6 dn^ps 

Bor^x ]f5 ounce 

Dissolve the borai in Ihc orange flower waler, sl]ghtly WBrmed W\% 1 tie wax, 

■^pennicct] oil of benne Bnd shB>]ng creBin in a bainm4]re^ bI geiUle tie 41 Then "tlir]?! 

ttie pertumcd water ind almonds Str4]n lhi~oiJgh a clean musJin "^Irainer place in b 

morlar and while stirring gradually work in ttie alcohol in whicti lhe d]Is hive been 

previously dissolved." 

1. Pace Crrau, When Kacring cur >ortii XMnd^, in Canada, I Use lhi5.~"tdoney. 

almond meaL and ohve oil to fonn pa^ite. Use after getlin^ skin cleaned I used il myself 

and nnd i1 good wtien go]ng out driving." 
3. Pace Cream, Lamohn Cream.-- 

Lanolin L ounce 

Sweet Almond Oil Ul ounce 

Bone Acid 40 diops 

Tine lure of Benzoin 10 diops 

This is a good skin food to be rubbed in1o the sl:]n with ttie tips of ttie fingers " 

4x Pact Crcam+Cucuiabcr Lolicn.— 

"EfL pressed Juice of cucumbers 1/2 pint 

Deodorized Alcotiot 3-1/2 ounces 

Oil of Benne 3-1/4 ounces 

Shaving C re im 1 dram 

Blanched Almonds 1-3/4 drams 


The prcpirBtLon of thi^ is Ihc samr as for Blmond lotion. Tt ]^ an cxccllcnl cosiTict]c 1o 
usi: in mas^igjng the face ind throal ^^ it not only toiit'> any relaxed tL'>sucs. but al'>o 
may hr used to cleanse ihc ^bin dunng ihe diy_ A coniplcx]on brush l^ an excellent 
inve'>linFnl om: should be cho'v^n tbial bia^ fine camcl'L hiir bnslle's. [t "^hoLild be uhed in 
conneulLon with^HHl ^>oip_" 

S. Fact CrtaiTiH Almond I ctkn tc U hlttn and Scfk^n i^M Shin.-- 
B]tlcr \lini>ihlh blancbied 4iid bcalcn 4 ouncoi 

Orange Flower Waler ]2 ounces 

Curd 5oap {or any fine toilel SDtp) ]f2 ounce 

O lI of B erg a mot 50 diops 

Oil of Cannclle 10 dmps 

Oil of Almonds 20 diops 

Alcohol 165^ SDlLit]onJ 4 ounces 

Powder or brrak up I he soap, diJi-wjlvc m the orange flower wi1er by heat]ng in a 
bBin-m4]re, gradually work almond'> ]nto tbie soip and ^^ater Str4]n ind rinish as 
d]rected above. This i^ a bland loUon, very cleinsing. wh]tening ind softening." 

«. Face Cream, tke Cold C)ntarh» Wind Harrakvf \Mi4:n Usini^ Ihls.-'Wi^bi ]n 
warm wi1er, rub fice diy with corn-meiJ Thj*i take*! plati: ol bi>t1lc (.ream " 

FROST BE l'FS.~Keep Ihe pilieni in a cold atmofiphere, or pu1 ]ntc] a cold bath and 
the fro7jn part rubbed with ^now or lcc nnlil "^en-^ation is felt and color rdurn^ ihen 
d]£]Continije Ihe rubbing and apply i4.e \^ a ter compre'^ses Snmulinl^ sucbi H't brandy' , 
coffee and hot dnnk"^ are ^iven, bul cMernal heal i^ only gradually permitted, for ibe 
CLicijlal]on rcUirn^ >ery slowly In the fros1-bit1en pirt*i ind in Iry ing lo hasten it we run 
the nsk ot producing or. at Ici^t, Lncrei^ing tliL" tendency lo gangrene of the fr(J7jn parts 

MOI'HFRS' RFMF:D]t:S.--]. Frosi Dllts. Kenied> fram NcrLhtrn Ne^ Vork.-- 
"Soat 1hc part*i iffetted m kenj-^ene oil, thi'> will "^oon draw oul Ihe fnwit." 

2. Frist Bhcs^ Roasted Turnips fDr.--"Ro4'>led 1urn]p'f bound lo Ihe p^n^ fiohted." 
Th]^ i'> a >eTy ^oolhin^ 4ppli4.4lLon, bu1 should not be pu1 on wann. Cold 4ppl]4.Ations arr 
what arr needed in frost biles. 

[T n 9^4. nb c r'l h'fric ?n>m tbc Nfaya Cliair [ZDClS) J Gc4 Duri of tbc cold 2 WirK HibcIk by 
Lu4.kjn^ rikcm znm your ^rm piJ^ Tfyour nc^r, c^n dt ficc \% fcDKlbirilcn. ^^ arm Lhr 3 rca by covering 
i[ T. il h dr^. £|Il>^ rd haadK ? Don 'Y rvh the affecYeJ tmra, cf^prcr^Uy w\th snan -L If chrrc'N 3ftv 
rh^ncc of rcfrccun^, Jon'L Lka'tf l>uI I he sffrccr^l jrc3^ If ckc^ Tl 3 Ire j J^ cksYhC^I auL ^^ »p c^c m 
up ^L> Lhcy doa'c rcfrcc?:^ 5 Cc^ cmcw]^cmc\ medical kc I p if numbaciK re ma ins dunifi v, arKia^ If 
yen c>b'[ ^ci kelp LKKcdiaJc 1^ , warn Kcvcrcty fmiLbitccft kai^h L>r ircz lb wn rv — not bfK—w^tcr.l 

V[JN[ONS.~Thi:£ is 4 lump o>er 4 joinl iciually of Ihe big toe, u'^ually due to 
pre-^^ure and 4 wron^ post! ion of the surfaces of the join! 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES.--1. Bunions, Rrmcd> from Vaur Flower drdcn.- 
"Peel the Dub>ide skin fiDm the leaf of "Live Forever' and ipply as 4 poull](.e. Repeat 
un1il cured. ThL'> ih a very good remedy and one that '>hould be Ined if you are troubled 
WLlh bunions or corns " 

2m Bunicns^ \ Luvm Tor.-- 

"Tinclure of Iodine 2 drams 

Tine lure of Belladonna 2 dram^ 

Apply tw]ce a day wilh C4inel\ hair brush." 


Thi"^ miTturr whrn apfiLicd will h^vc « draw]ng rffcct and rare should be 1aken no1 
tc leave ]t on Liio long^ 3S lI will imUtr the parts ind itihIzc i1 vriy sore. 

3. HudIdds^ [odlDt Tor.--' ^pply l]nctijrc of iodine to the b union nighl knd morning 
This w]LI reduce SL/e, ]f used Bt f]rst will cnUrcly remove " 

4. Rinlons, Trfttd Kunii^d^ Tor.-- "Take alhout one lei'tpoonfuF haL]cyl]c ac]d in two 
table'^pr>i>ib of lird^ aiKl BppJy nighl End morning BeFore doing thi^ ^ppl> adhesive 
plastep> 1o ihe iffettcd parts." Th]s is a stBndBnil remedy. 

PHYSICIANS' TREA'LMENJ' for UbdIdds.-- Rest of Ihe part, cold appLicanons 
and hnimenLs 

CHlLBLAENii. lErjIhtua PtrnlD|.~TbiLS oc4.uis usually in peq^le wuh a feeble 
CLreijlat]on or sc rtjfulo li"^ (.ons1HLi1njn, usuilLy seen ]n ihe young or very old The redness 
shows most, as 4 riiLe, on ihe hands ind feel The redness may be either a ligtit or dusky 
shide. 1 1 Ll4.hes Bnd burns espc4.iBLly when neir artificial heBt The redness d]^Bppeaison 
pressure^ and Ihe p^n^ are cooL ralher IhBn biot. [t i^ an infLBmmat]on thil follows 
freezing or i frosl-b]te_ [t may rtlLirn for ycBPS at the return of cold weal her 

MOTHKRN' Rh:MEI>IF:S. L Lhrilblnin^fs u Curt for.-'EqLiaL parts ofe^tracl of 
nnsemBry ind turpenline. Apply nighl ind moininf unlil cured." The rosemary iii very 
siH>lh]ng. ind tbie Hirpenhne creates a draw]ng±]ensaEJon [l has Lured man^ caseb of 

1l Chilblain^H Wilch-hazrl rDrL~"BBthe fed in lukewann waler and soda and apply 
carhoL]ied witch-hazel " This remedy iii very soolh]ng and always gi>e rrhef 

3. ffroLeu CkllbUlu, Ointnenl for.-- 

"Sweel Oil ]/2 pint 

Venice TLirpent]ne 1-1/2 ounce 

Fresh Lard 1/4 pound 

Eec*iwax 1-1/2 ounce 

Simmer gently logetbier in b pan wa1er bath unUl Ihe beeswax ]s melted^ 
sirring unlil cooL When i1 ]s ready for use appl> on going lo bed on a soft rag " 

4. ChllllalnE, VlmeE^r Cure— "Soak Ihe feet in a weak soluhon of y]negar^ tbien rub 
good WLlh >aselin oroi] " 

5. Chilblains, II 4 me- mad l Salve Tor.— 

Fresbi Laid 2 ounces 

Venice TLirpen[]ne 1/3 ounce 

Gum Camphor ]f2 ounce 

Melt logether, Mirnng bnsikly When cold it iii ready for use 
t. C hi It la in^ C a m nD n Clue for.-- 'Put b I] tile common fdissolvedr glue in hoi 
waler and soat 1bie feet in it Repeat if necessary." This is very good and gives relief " 

Hcark, Stomach and AppcncLi^ 
Ktprt^ SlniDflch and Apn^n^i^ 


7. ChilblalnbH tht Onicn Cuvm for.-- 'Raw onion rubbed on chLlbla]ns every nighl 
ancl morning " The on]on Jiccrrui to hB^c 4 very !iODlhing effect upon 1bie ch]LblBirei_ and 
this lemcdy has been known lo cure irnnj "^lubbo rn ciscs 1 1 l^ Blwij^s well to Miat lhe 
Feet well before applying Itiib treatmeni, as I he juice fTom ttie onion will jtenelrate niure 

3. Ckllblain^, Iht Hrnlock Remedy fo r. — " Hemloc b Iwtgs mixed with lird and 
pounded until Jt is green 4hen bound on " 

PHVJilCIAMi' LREA'LMKNT rnr Ckllblalns.- Thick woolen ^lockinf^ mitlens 
and eir piDlettions ^bujuld he worn. Diily cold balhs^ especially of such parts, ^bujuld be 
taken Alcohol Bpplied 1o the parts full htrength^ will haidcn lhc li^'>iies Camphor also i^ 

Interna L— Iron sbiould be given to cslabli'>bi 4 betlercircnlilion and gi>e ^Irength 
Tincture of inin^ five d]~op^ Ihree times a diy^ \h 

ExtersaL— I. Alum as a wash applied to lhe pads. 

2. OIntaienI ofichlh^o]^ one-hiH strength^ is very good in some cases. 

^ Rosin jnBdc in un oinlmcnt i^ al^o good lo relieve Home cases. 

4m Lard and iodine clnlmtnl is excellent for some 

5. The following is bI^o good 

Prep Bienl C biBlh 1 oujxc 

Poxwiered Camphor lOgrajre* 

Linseed Oil 2 ounces 

B al^im of Peru 2D cft^pa 

Mix ajx1 Apply 


CA^XER SORE MOUTH. J.^pktk*ui S tBBitltlsO--Thi^ i^ a ninety of 
mflimmilionor tbie moulh where there are one or more vesicles (cankeisj upon the edges 
of the tongue, 1 he cheek or the lipji 

CmuETB.— They Bre most common in children bet^^een 1wo and six yeaisof age, bu1 
are nol rare in adnll'^. Predi'^pi>si nf. c b use'> ire ^pnng and column, tuberculo'^i'^ teelbiing, 
poor nuliition, *i1oma(.h Bnd bowel dis^jnilery. 

SjmplomsL— The vesicles soon riipliire and leave 1bie ulcer (carizerV There may be k 
Few or mBny, pin-hcBd or spin pea in size, alon^ lhe edges of the tongue iitiide lhe 
cheebs. Tbiey are very lender 

98 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

fVf OTHERS' REMEPEES.-L. Camkcr Sort Moitl, Raspbtrr> Ltaf Tar.- "liirusc 
a hindfiiL of raspbcrr> Li^Bvct in a h^]^ pinl of l>i>i]iiig v^Btcr for fiJlL^Mn irunuti:'^ wbitn 
cold '>trB]n Bud add Iwo ouru.t'> Unc. o^ myrrbi^ nn:£t thi: nioLitbi wilh a IlUIc of it t\^o or 
ihzcc tim«i a day-sw^lLow 4 little each tunc until relieved Th]^ ["> bIso good for '>|Tongy 
gujn^- loojic 1ctlh bid brcalh ind forgcnlly corrccling Bnd cleansing the "ilomach/ 

1. Canker Sore ^Enulh, Oak Kark Tta For.-- "Red Oak birk. a III tie saLl Bnd 
pepper " The bark shjulJ he hoiietl Ji>^^n li> mBlze b good strong 1ca, accond]ng to age of 
pen>on The sail tias in astringenl effect upon tht mouth Bnd is also b good inliscfitic 
The pepper should rujt he used when the parLs are very red Bnd Lnflamed. [t should he 
used only when they Bre rBther sluggish 

3. Canhcr Sarr Months Uoracle acid for.-- 'Rlrkc the mouth w]th asolul]onof 
borBCLC ar]d ind put some of I he dry powder on 1he canker," ThiK is a very good remedy 
as the boracic Bcid is a good anti'teptLC ind 1^ e^[iee]ally good for children ind mild cases 
of c inker sore moulh_ 

4. Canker iJD re Moith^ Camber AA'erd Tea fir.— 'Appl> canker ^^eed found in the 
woods. A small piBnt wUhdirk green LeBves spotled wUh whi1e_" Make a lea of Ihe 
canker weed by steeping il. ihen strain and Bpply lo the affected pBrts This is t very 

good remedy 

5. Canker Ijort Montk, Home> and Borax for.— 'Honey ind bora^ ithed a^ a mouth 
wash or swabbing js excelLciH " The honc^' js very soothing and the borBX is a good 

4, Canker Sore ^[authH ^^ rild I urnrip To r^— "Dried wild lumip grated fine and pul in 

momh ] know 1his i-^ eKcelLcnt." 

7. Canker Sore ^Eoulh, Alnm fir.— "Tike a piece of alum, rub on the canker 


H. Canker Sort Mouth, If d rax V^ attr for. — "Rinse the month well with b weak 
soLiJl]on of borax w*1er, then put a liltle dry borax on Ihe canker. They will generBlly 
heal af1er one or two apfi l]c a1 ions " 

9. ScFC ^[[>ulhH Commcm aad Effectirc Remedy fir.— "Make an infusion of 
■sumach bobs (not 1hc poi'^>n ones^ ot eouiser. Good for sore throal \^hen used as b 
gBTf le and b L]tlle swallowed frcgncntLy.' This is a very effect]^e remedy and is also 
good for sore moulh_ 

LO. Strr Montk, Shoemaker Red and Borax p^cod for.— "TbIzc the inside bark of 
shoemaker root and sleep il sIrBin. Bdd a liUlc lK>rax^ have known il lo take off CBnker 
where doctop> fBiled " If the above cannot be secured make a teB from common 
slraw berry leaves YoncBn ice lhis for b baby by swabbing lhe mouthy and ] have 
kno^^n some modicFS lo thiow m a small piece of alum making il stiongerfor an older 


L. PHYSICIANS' TREA TMKNT Tir CaaLtr Sure Mc«tk.--[f fiom the diiccL^c^ 
mentioned Ircal them In 1bic mcanUmc to relieve Ibis: Jod] coiiditionn keep ihc moulh 
etc in And unr as 4 moutbi ^va^h bone ac]d one tdspoonfnl to 4 cup of w inn W4lcr. 

2. ISurnL aluni applied dirrdLy to lhe piTl i^ gocHJ 

3. Nitralr ofsil^i^r ptmciL applied directly to the canker un1i1 i1 1urns whilish.ooreis 
in a few applications U^e Iwice 4 day 

4. A ^TBsb af ^a|^f tea i'> ^lod 4]^>^ but il mii'^l be '>EioFig 

5. The julct oTa ripe louato ]'f ^ood applied locally 

Sore moolh should be kepi abiioLiJleiy (.lean. Tbiru^h freguenU^ corner fTDUi 

GANGRENOUS STOMAl ITIS.- TbiLS ]!i a rapidly spreading gangrenous alTectiDn 
of the cheeks and fornu a rare occurrence and ending filal]^' m most oases. Ttie 1 rouble 
ma^' extend 1o lhe jawi and L]p^. 

C BUSTS.-- ]1 i^ moreoommDn in g]rls and boy'> and id u ally appears between the age^ 
of two and f]ve yc^r* It ]s worie ]n lhe Low oountnc^ like Holland, bul i1 ]^ not 
contagious, [t ]'f more likely to atlack lhe sickly children "furTenng fiom 1bie effecis of 
overcrowding. [I may follow dmea-ses like scarlel fever, typhoid fever, smallpox, cic. 

S> m ptoms.— 1 1 usually af feels fiist the mncou't membrane of one cbieek^ near tbie 
corner of 1 he moulh. as 4 darb. ragged Jilon^hin^ ulcer and !ipread!i for Iwo or 1hree day^ 
before lhe snbMance of 1bie cheek ]Si infected, [f you grasp LIk: cheek between the thumb 
and finger yon can I hen feel a hinJ and sensiUve lump. The cheek may be eilen Ihrough 
b> the thinJ day, Ihou^h a weL^k fcnenlly pa-sses before lh]!i happens There ]'s a bum]ng 
walery di-schar^e from the unheal thv wound The breilh smells lernbly ind il is almost 
unbearable The gangrene may spread o>erone half of the face of 1he side effected. 

"IRKA I MENT.-Thc dealh rale is eighty to ninety pcrccni. Thii* ]s a very 
dangerou's disease and 4 tloctor mus1 be in atlendance. Cut, away all the dead lis^ue by 
using burning causlics such as fonung nilric icid, ^olid zinc 4. blonde, n]trBte of silver, 
cartHnlic acid on the aclnal canker. Sometimes mild ipplicilioib like "tub n]tr4le of 
b]*imulh. chloride of polash or lhe follow]ngdo well — 

Sulphile of copper 2 drams 

Powdered c]nchona 1/2 ounce 

Water enough Lo make 4 ounces 

Mix and ipply Fcroiide of hydnngcn is good b!i a d]!i]nfeclBnl or bone 
acid sol u1 ion, etc.. may be used Keep up 1he pilienl'sstrenglh. 
Fortunalely 1 his disease is rare 1 have ne^er seen a case ]n puctice 
SaUvation.— Slop the mercury, keep 1he bowels open and use the sime inliscptic 
washesi as directed for so re mouth. 

100 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

Chiaratr of Folask ^olitioD, Soda Efolulion^ Borack Acid Sol utioHS.-- E rush 1bic 
ulccp> WLlbi nUralc of "^i I vs^r "51 Li: b>_ Keep the nioLiLh cleBii Vriih luH x^atcr x^B^hc^ and 
somt o\ Ihc inli^cfitiLb fiut iei Ihc water as bone icid, soda^ gl^'calh>inQl]nc, ksEcnnc^ etc 

ACU l'ED\liFE.FSM.--|Aciitt I ndigtsLrioD^ AcDtt (^a^^lrltist. "Gislcr" K tbie 
Grerk for slomach^ "ilis" mtBn^ Lnnammalion^—lhus Bcutc inrlammBtLnn of lhc sloniBcbi 
rt niBy be BCLitt urchTDnic When a4.utc l1 m^y be called icute gB'tlnlis 4cu1e gBSInc 
calBrrbi icuLt dyspcpsiB or Bcutt indigcslion When chrociLC l1 m^y be called chroii]c 
gB-^lrHis ehnsnic CBHrrh ot Ihc stomach, chronic dyspepsia or chron]c ]ndigcst]on 

C BUSTS.— This UL I very cc m mo n eompl aim ^nd is usually CBU'tcd by CBting foods 
ttial arc hanl to d]gcsK wtiieh eiltier ttiemselvcs irrtatc the slomaeh, or rcinaLii 
undigcslcd. decompose and so excHc Bn icule d^spepsii or ]nd]gestLon^ or il inay be 
caused b> eating or 1abn^ in more than ttie "^lomach can digesi A frcqucnl cause is 
eal]ng decomposLng food, [i ad i4. ul b rly m hoi x^calher Alcohol is anoLtier greal ciusc. 

S>xiplDms.~[n mild cases. Dislrcs*^ in 1tie sloniBcti^ headache, ^^eary feehn^ ihirst^ 
HBU^ca. bekhing oF wind^ si>ur food^ and vomiting; Ihe longoe i'^ heavily coBted Bnd ttie 
:£4]iv4 int.reB'fed. \n children there are loose bowels and colicky [lains It lasts rarely more 
Lbian 1^ven1y-four hi>urs Vojn]ting usually relieves the patient. 

Severe casts.-- These may nel in witti b chilL, fever ID2or 103. Tbie tongue is mucbi 
coated, breilbi foul and frequeni vomitings loss of ippelile^ gr^Ql thip>t, tenderne'^s ]n 
region of lhc "^lomach; repeated >oin]ting oF food 41 f]r^1. ihenof b]le stained flu]d with 
mucus, constipation or diarrhea Atlacks la*^! one to ti^e day^. 

MOTHER±i' RIlMEDEES. -L. Endrigestlan or Djspepsia^ Mustard and Mclasfics 

fo r.- - " M us1 aid is *n excellent hoiJsehi>ld remedy kept in every home A lablespoonful of 
wtiUe n^uslanl ni]ngled ^vith 1wo ounces of molasses ind then taken once 4 day will ac1 
gentlj on the bo^veJs and ]s a beneficul remedy in dyspepsia " By acting upon the 
bowels It relieves ttic ^lomach of any food ttial may have caused k disturbance and 
relieves lhe dyspepsia. 

1. Flalulcnl Svspcpsla, A^'orm^ood Lea far.— 'Wormwood^ one 1o 1wo 
teispoon^uls water one pint. Mike 4 tea and take fK)m one 1o four leispoonFuls diily." 
Th]s IS an old tried remedy an^1 one 1tiat should be given a tnal if a^Feiled with 

3. Indigeslion or D>spepsia+ l>r> sail fDr^— "One-half tea'tpoon dry salt tiken 
before each meal Knew a gentleman who was nearly worn out with 1his 1 rouble and 
entirely cured himself wUh this simple remedy " Il is always well 1o gi>e these sjmple 
remedies a fair Inil. before resorting to stTDng drugs Sail is a good shmulanl. 


4. Indigestion nr Dy^ptpsiBnChlrLta f^ lizard Skin fo r.- - "Fo ur ounmi good 
brBndj. onc-JiJurlh |>OLirKl ijf LoiJ SLi^ar, one 1 abLc-^jHHinf uL pulvcnzcd chicken g]Z7Brd 
skin, one te4'>pnonfLil Turkish rfinbart? dncd on paper "^limng con^tanll}^ thi'> prevents 
grjping tbie cbiiekcn gizzard skin ]^ Ihc l]ning of the gini/Bnil \^h]cbi '>biould be thoionghly 
cLcBnctJ ind dried then pulverized To prepare put brBndy and ^ngar logethcr fcrusti ihc 
sugarr^ lig^' ^ paper Bnd ^ct fire to 1tic brmdv; LcL born ooliL ^ogir ["> d]S'toLvHJ^ then Bdd 
ttie g]^7Brd skin Bnd rtinbart?^ '>l]r logeltier and ifloo thick add b L]tl]e walcr ind boil up 
DciJiC :— Infant, onc-tiaif tca*ipooofui every four hours child, one Icaspoonfu] every four 
hoois, aduLl one tiblespoonJoi 0C17 four hours Have used thi^i remedy for a greal 
many yeiT^ and gi^cn it to b grcBt many people who tiave worn 00I ill other remedies " 

5. rndi^tstrion cr D^spepsian an Kxeelltnt Ionic fur.-- 

TinclLire GenUBH Compound 2 ounces 

TinclLire Rhubarb 2 ounces 

Tinclurc Ginger 1/2 ounce 

Es'>ciice Pep perm] nt 2 ounces 

B]carbonale 5oda 1/2 ounce 

WBter to inalzc S ounces 

For Bcute cbscs of iiid]gestiDii where ihc stomach md bowels are Full and d]Mended, or 
sour '>lDniBcti '>piltiiig up of food Th]^ w]ll often relieve al once and \^ith continued use 
reL]eves entirely " 

6. Indrigcslicii or Dyspepsias Fruil Diet Cure fo r^-- " Persons afflieled wilh this 
d]!iease would f]nd grei1 relicl if the> would confine them^eKes to a diet of fnii1 only for 
several days " Thi'> g]ves Ihe '>tomBcti m opporlumly to rest up and get bBck I0 i1^ nalural 

7. Indlgi^stion or Dyspepsias Hickory Ashes fir.— 'TBke 4 swallow of hickoTy limb 
ashes and walcr Ihree times a di^' " 

H. IndigesllDU or D vspepsiSs Salt aad ^aler ror.--"Driuk ^^i And witer before 
ealin^ bieikJB^I " 

9, ludigcsliom ar Dj^i^ysia, Slippery Llm for.-- "Chew bhppery cJm, il aids 
d]ge'i[ion " 

LO. ludigcslkm or Dj^epsia, Cold Water for.--'^ ^Ibss of cold WBter half hour 
before ealing " 

LJ. ludlgesllom ir D^sptysia^ Hoi Water fflr.~"S]p a cup of botling hot waler 

before ealing iny1hing_" 

L2. IndigeslicD ur D^spepsian Valk of F.^^^r bqi| Salt for.— "A very simple but good 

remedy ]s the yolk ot one egg. ^^]th a ^mall quBnUly of common ^bIi before breakr4'>l. 
This Irealment has heen Ined and kni>^^n to cure in mBny ciscs." 

L3. Indl^i^stlon or D>bpcp^a, LeuDn Rtaii^dj far.— 'Dnnk a hfllfglas^ of water 
into which has been pu1 Ihe ju]ce o^ 4 lemon |no sugar) morning and evening. This is a 
Fine remedy " 

102 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

14. [ndlgc^llflii nr Dysptp^lan Hofn Etc tile n I rDr.— 'Pnuronc quart of boding 
walcrovL^ronc-biiiLJ ounce ijf hop^, (.over lhi*i ov^r Biid allow the infLis]on lo Mand for 
Fifteen minule^. lhe 1ea muHl thtn he '>trBin«J nlT into another jng A small cupful may bt 
drBiik Ln the morning which will creile an ippttHc End aKn "tlrengthen the digestive 
powers ll i^ an excellent medicinal drint." Hops does il!i work by lhe soolbiing End 
qij]eljng iction on the w hi>le syMem, and should he tikcn regularly forjiome limc_ 

L5. IndrigcsLrioD ar l>y^|]tp^iaH Ic^li^d Htnii^d^ V^r.— 'W good digestive i^i made bs 

TiiKlurc ofLeptrndrin 1 ounce 

Tine lure of Hydras! IS I ounce 

Tinclurc ofColombD I ounce 

WineofPepsin I ounce 

Mix_ Dose, two leaspoonfuls iftcreBcbi mcal_" 
The lepUndrin ac1s on lhe hver, tbie Colombo i^i a b]tler loii]c Bnd biydrB'tlis is a good 
tonic for the slomBcbi 

L6. iBdl^tflioa or Dyspepsia, Chamonilc Ionic Tor Aged Pi^isons also Far 
Children.-- Till Bboin i^ne-hBlf ounce chBiuomile floweis JiUo b jug poui 4 pinl of 
bo]ling w4lerupon tbiem, cover up tbie teB. ind wbien ]t has ^tood ibout ten minules pour 
It off from 1he floweis in1o inolherjug; Sweden wUh sugiror honey A cupful in 1bie 
morning will Mrengtheu the digestive organs, a teBcnpful ]n wh]cbi ]s hlirrcd a laige 
des'verl spoonful of moisl sugBr md a linle graled ginger ir in cxccltcnt thing lo give to 
aged pePion"^ a couple of hours before d]nner," ll is remartible 1o see how 1his Irealmcnt 
aicfc lhe dige'>t]on, especially in chronjc cases. It may il^o be given to fretful children in 
smill dose'> 

PHYSICIANS' I'REA'LMENI' In uild ca^s of acnte Dv^ptpbia.-- These recover 
by themsehes by giving the slomach res1 Bnd ukjng a done o\ CBSIoroil Ho1 ^^ater i& 
good lo hi^lp to cIcBn out lhe '>tom4ch. 

'LrtBlmenI in Etyrrt To rms.-- P ro mo te vomiUng by drinking large amount of \^arm 
waler Th]Si cleans ihestonnchof 1he ^>our, foul, decomposing food If wann wjlerdocs 
no1 CBUse vomUing, g]ve any simple emetic >ou may hive 41 your hBnd such is muslard, 
etc., one 1e4'>poonfu] If the stomach t4'>tes >ery sour iBke some bBlzingsoda^ subnilrale 
of bismulh lien grains] ]Si good, if you have H. [f the bo^^els ire constipiled you should 
take an enema (inject]onJ or silts 5oda waler cbo be drank freely. Res1 lhe stomach for i 
dBy from food. For lhe Ihirst cracked ice is relished, .^s lhe pi1ien1 is usually >ery thirdly 
the mo u1h should be rinsed Irequemly wUhcool WBter and some cin be swBllowed. As 
slated before for nausea and sour belching^ baking soda or bi^mulh sub nitrate can be 
used when there is much gis, si>ur belchings; cnist coffee is very good Burn lhe 1oast 
and make a hot coffee of il. 


DTE T-— Gave n us by the Lady Stipcnor of one of I he largest Citlrslic Hospit^lfi m 


\]aj lakt— 

SoapB—ClcBr lh]n soupb of beef, mutton oroyslera. 

Fish— Oy^tcra raw. shid-cod, pcrcbi, bi^>s, frt^h mBt^kercl 

Meats— Beef, mutlon. chicken, limb, tnpe, tongiie, calF \ head, bro]lccl chopped 
meat, swcctbreid, gamr lender ^tcak 

Ej^p^s-- Boiled |H>4chcd riw 

Fa rlna^^t BUS- -Cricked wbicH, hominy, rolled oats, rice, sago, tajiocH, cractcis, dry 
tca^t, s1ale brtfld corn bread, wbiolt whtBt bread, grBhBm brtfld rice cakes 

V tgc La b Its— S pi n at. h, siring beans, green peas, leltiice. cresbes, celery, chicory, 

D rsGtrts— R Lce lapiocB or fBnni pudding junkel. cu'^lards baked apple'>. Bppic 
snow apple tipioca, ripe fruits— ra^^ or stewed 

Drinks— One cup of milk and hoi WBter equal pads, or one gl^Ui of pore cool ^^Btcr. 
sipped af1er eating. Panopepton or cricked ice. 

MufI Nol lake— Rich *iOLip^ orchi>^ders veal, pork, hasbies ^lews, lurkey. 
polatoe^, ^lu^ie^. Iiii^d lood^, liver, kidnej; pickled, polled 4.orned or cured nieils 
Silted smoked or preserved Fisbi. gooiic. diKk, SBU^ige crabs, lobster, salmon pies 
pBslry CBndiesi. ice creim. 4.heese. nu[s, icc WAlcr, mall or spi n tui>iEi liquors. 

CHRONIC DYSPEPSIA IChronic ImdlEesllDn-ChrDnlc t;u trltls-Stonarh 
Tronblc).--A chionic digeMive disorder chB rat. leriicd b> increased !iecre1ion o\ mucu^, 
changes in 1he gBslric juice, weakenng of the Momich mu^clcs and disea^icd chBnge^ m 
the mucous mcrrirrBne. 

CauEes.— The u^e of unsuitable and impiopeHy prrpBred food, too much fil, slarchy 

foods New England pie. ind ho1 meals, bjscuils, cikes, etc . greasy gravies, too sirtjiig 
tei or coffee, and too much alcohol. Eating too much food, eating too fBS1, and ealing 
between meals. Drinking of ice and cold wa1er dunng or after meals Chewing, 
especially and smoking lobocco. 

Sjmptcais.— .^Imosl every bad feeling can be put under Ihis head bolh physical and 
mental 11 has been coming on gradually torwjmc 1imc and the warnings have not been 
heeded. The appelite is variable, Komelimes good and of1en poor. Among the eariy 
symptoms are feelings of dislress or oppression after eating, and 1hey may amouni lo 
aclual pain, greal or small. Sometimes feels SKk at the slomach, belching of gas and 
bitler liquids and vomilingof food immediately alter ealing or some hi>urs later. 

Slomach tender and painful 1o the louch Stomach and abdjmen are distended, 
especially aflcr meals, with costive bowels or diarrfica 


Fcrls wcar^', blue, tired dmcouraged, poorslcrp. bad drcaiift- bitter lastc in the moulh_ 
tunguecoBted especially on I he bick pari craves diffc rent thing'>, mucbi Vriuxi on The 
■^lomath, Bcid Momach. heavy fccijng in the Momach "^ojnctime^ as iF a "ilonc lay lherc_ 
SloinBch feels weak, lI i-^ hard 1o sH up Frequenlly itill^I Lje down if1er mcais_ Urine may 
hfl^e sand in l1. Stomach reei'> full after e^ling only a linLe, muM Qpcn up the cLolhes 
acro*!'^ the Momach. Persons ire cnj^>s, ]rrHabLe dmcourigcd gloomy, nervous gencrilLj 
look lh]n higginil and '>4]Low. The dreim}! Bre of horrid things nighlmare. 

MOTHERS^' REMEDIES, Slomach T rouble. Spice Poiilice ror^-J. ^Takc ill 
k]nds oF ground spices ind make a poultice HeU whisk> md ¥^e1 lhc poultice wilh it, 
then Bpply 1o Ihe stomach and bowels " Th]s w]ll always give reliel Welting the poult]ce 
v^ilh ^^hi'fky will be found very bcncficiil as it wilJ retain lhc heal longer. 

1. Stcnach I'roullr, Oil of Hemltck for^~~The Ci]l of Hemlock ls b superior 
remedy jngistnt irrUaUonof the "^lomiw-h- Dose— One 1o Iwo diops in bwcelcncJ wj1er 
eveiy 1en or twenty m]nutes nnlil rehef is iffonded. for Bn adull " 

3. Cramps in Stcaiachn Ciin^Li and Soda To r^-- "One teaspoonful of ginger st]rrcd 
in hilf glass ol hi>t ^^Bter in which a half teBspoonfnl of baking sodi has been dissolved " 
The ginger is ^ery benef](.iBl, as i1 warms up 1hc slomBch ind thereby relieves 1he 
cramps ind the bBkingsoda relieves any gis in lhc stomach thBl KiBy be c aiding ihe 

4. Cramps in Slouark, Oil nf Fcppi^rniint forL~"Put b few diops of peppermint in 
a glas-i ol warm walcr Take b IcaspoonluJ every Jew m] miles un1il relieved " Thi"^ is bii 
old 1ime-tried remedy our g ra ntlmothe ry used to use and can be relied upon 

5. CrampE In liloiuacli, Muslard Paultlce and V.^^s for. --"Mike 4 mibtiKl 
poultice wilh wh]tes of eggs inslead of water, and apply same lo bowels. Give t 
teispoonfiil ot biBcbberry 1ei every fifleen or twenty minutes un1il relieved " The 
pou]t]ce Bcis Bs acounler i ml ant and w]ll almosi always relieve ihe cramps wilhont 
Fun her medic]nes. 

6. Tain^ in Slomachs Hat Plate f[>rL~"E~[ol plate laid on stomach. Use the heavy 

English made plates, common 1o us ]nC4n4dB. 4S they will hold heat longer." 

PHYSICIANS' I'REA'LMEN I' for C hronlr C^astrilis.-- Most cases cm be cured if 

the paticm i*^ willing to do the proper thing in eating and drinking ami regulating the 
habils. It lakes lime lo cure suchcase*^, and plenty of grjt and courage and 'stick" on Ihe 
patiems pad. Remember it has been a long hme comjng longer than it ^^ill be going if 
the patien! does ngh1 Die! ind habits must be corrected. You canno! help ihe In^uble if 
you pu1 ]nto 1he stomach what ha*^ caused ]t. We eat loo much fal ind too much improper 
and improjx^rlj cooked foods, our bread, etc.. is half baked. Gri^]es are rich 


and grt*^y_ everything ]k highly scasonrd \cry much fake the life we tcod 

Dirl.~A regular tunc for calin^ End no eating Ihclwccn mrflls Do not c^l loo much 

or toQ Fa*i1, or anything thai you tnow disiagrccs with you. Fncd for>ds ire gcncrflllj 
hBrm^uL p]«>^CBl:c^ hot brcacfe . stiong lea and cofftc ind BLcohol gravy End highly 
spiced foods, vinegar pickles, [ircscrv«>^ etc., arr generally bad ]f there is acid belching 
gBS on stomicti. ihc stBrch foods stionld be rrslncted^ particidarly polaloc^ ind ihe 
coarser vegetables. Po1 aloes Incd in lard or butler ire Bl^^Bys bBd unL'ss >i>u Bre b hii~d 
phj^sical worker. Dr. Osier England, says breads, pancBlzes. pies, and 1ar1s, with heavy 
pBslry ind Fried articles of ill sorts, should be sirjclly prohibited .^s b rule x^hite brcid 
loaslL'd IS more readily digesled than biead made from 1bic v^biole mcBl. Somelimes 
grBham bread is betler. Sugar and very !iwcc1 articles of food should be iced in grrat 
mode ral ion or avoided allogelher Ice creim frequcnily Bggravale^ i1 Soda wa1er is a 
great dyspepsia producer. Fati except a lutle goiid bolter, very fat meals, and 1hick 
greasy soups ind gravies should be avoided. 

Ripe frnils are good in some ci^es Binana^ generilly are no1 digesited. Eernes are 
frequently hannfol Milk is splendid diet for some people 

C a u I id n^~ The bowels must be kep1 'moving" every day, try 1o do it by dieUng, 
rubbing the ahtk^nien and exercise. Bathing the abdomen in cool wi1er is good Go to the 
closet at a regular 1ime every day and 1ry to have a passage is 1his helps. Noer put off 
going to s1ool when nature cills Dyspepsia is frequenlly made worse by conslipalion 
Seek good cheeri~ul compiny. Do not worr^' over ^our condition. By care and diet you 
will soon be all righl 

Home lrrBlmcnl.--J. Srrink a ^lassofcold ^ali^rin hour before breakfasl or hot 
waler if il agrees belter wi1h vou. 

1. Do not eal muLh meal. 

3. If the stomich wanls tone, buter tonics, like quassia genlian, canJinum are good, 
even if drank as teas. When the tongue is coiled wilh a while I hick fur, golden neil is 
good. Kledicines ire not as euicntial as cire ind diel. 

4LCharcoil in bmall doses is good for' a "gissy" slomach. 

Sx If a bilter tonic is needed the follo^^ing is good 

Bicarbonale of Soda 1 dram 

Tincture of Mux Vomica J to 2 drams 

Compound linclnre of Genlian. enough for 3 ounces 

Mix ind tike one teispoonful lo a dessert spi>onfiil before meals. 

NERVOUS DYSPEPSIA.— This es acquired from overwori, worry, excitement, 
hurricti or irregular meals, or inhcnled 11 shows 

]« MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

itHcIf in all sorts of symptoms *nd thty mu^t be met i^ they come DceI ihesamr as fbr 

gcoeral dyspepsia^ never cat when you Are lired^ rest after ealing. 

ULCER OF THE STOMACH A^D DLTDDENUM (Ll^pLi pari of ba^^:!).-- 
Round or perforiUng ulcer The stomicbi ulcer is mo^i (.ommon in women of Iwenly or 
tbiLrty. nervin! girls shocmakeis, ind ti]lon> ire frequcnily BttBcbed Ulcer of the 
durxJenum is i£iUbII> in iTiaLe'> and m^y follow lB>~gc '>Li[ierfLci4l burns. The ulcer in the 
"^IniTiBch i'> usually siluBted near 1he pylorus fsmaLl cndr anci in the fiist pnTlionof the 

li^uptDiiis.--P4]n local lenderness ynm]ting and bleed]n^ These mBy not show 
unlil fierforiUon or bleeding occiir^. D]'f1ress aflcr eat]ng^ often nau^sea Bnd vomHing of 
very ac]d nij]d loss of weight and lacb of blood- 
Pain jn ihe TL'gJon of ihc stomach and 1bie bBck i*^ thi: mosl (.onstBnt symplom l1 is 
usually sharp. jncrcB-^cd al once by food, relieved by vomilin^ The tender spo1 can be 
lo4.4led. Blecd]ng o<.cup> in Bbou1 onc-hBlf the cises Bnd is usually profuse, brighl red 
and nij]d if rct4]ncd ]n ihe stomach ihe blood becomes clotlcd Bnd brown Tar-L]ke 
"^loolis when there is blood in 1he bowels They icuBlLy recover under IreAlmenl. but may 

bed most of the time for several mon1hs_ 

1. Feed by the rectum Bt fjrs1 ]n severr cises, then peptonized or piBin m]lk or 
buUcrmilb llhree to four ounces] every Iwo houp>, some adding eggs, ch]c ken scuped 
beef Bnd fanuBceous food, midc of. rice, flour, 4.oni, polatoes, etc. 

CANCER OF THE STOMACH.- -Usually occura after the age of forty. 

5^xiplDni^.--]ndiges1ion for a few moulhs Ia4.k of bk>od Bnd li>ss ol wcighl. Well 
marked casi: shijws the fol]ow]n^ symptoms — DistBsle for food, nBusea, irregular 
vojn]ting, espec]ally ]n cases where il is locBted near the pylorus— the opening between 
the slomoch Bnd Ihe small ]ntesl]ne— usually one hour or more afler eat]ng bleeding 
rarely profuse usually of "co Ffee-gionnd 1ype " dragging, gnaw]ng or biirn]ng pi]n ]n ihe 
region of the stomach, back, loins or shoulders usually increased by food progressive 
loss of weight and strenglh. peculiar sillo^^ li>ot, skin pale or yellowish 

Ccurse-— The person usuBlly dies in Iwelve 1o eighteen months somelimes ]n ihree 
to four monlhs 

PHVS]CJA^S■ IRE ATM EM af Camccr of the Slomacb and Bo^ els. - Then: ls 
no cure for lh]s tiouble excepi by in operalion Th]s midt be niLme eariy, even lh]s mi> 
nol cuie bu1 it, at least, pTDlongs life and kibIzcs the palieni more comfortable while life 
does Ias1 


\n thr Line of mcdicinr thr only lhing Id do i^ to give ozify sieH rcmcdtcs hs wil^ cait« the 

Dlrl. — Attend to ttiis bI^d and >ou will ^^vc fiain and di'itrcsi^ Every c^h^ shQuLd be 
tr»1«J HS il nccit End no spccifll d]^fcllon^ cm be gi^cn hcrr. 

C BUSTS.- -Cancer ind ulcer of 1 he iitoin oc ti 4 re mi i n c h li'^c'^ oF excessive bleeding, 
poL>on'^ also chuse^ lI ]njLirics hI^d. 

S> m p tc nis.-- The voni]ted blood miy be fluid orcioUed; il i^ iCiUHlLy of dirk coLor 
The longer it remains ]n lhe slomBch lhe darker it becomes Thtre mBy be greal 
wcikncss ind fainl feeling on al1empt]ng to rise before 4 vomilmg of blood. The 
contenl-^ of 1tic bowels ^^hcn passed look "tBrry " 

PHYSICIANS' IKE ATM EN L for Hktdin^ cf tbt SlomBch.-AbsoLnle resi in 

bed IS necessary. The boweLs shouLd be moved by Bn encmB ind il CBn be repcHtcd 
carefully bs often as nccessiiy. Cracked ice in bag over the stomach. Lf the pBtient 
vomils much medcine is useless They generally recover with rest. The eitremHies can 
be bandaged if 1here is^reil weakness and bIso exIernaL heat cin be applied ]f lhere is a 
tendency to fBintness 

CautlDnL~A pcis^jn so affljcted, if he his ulcer, must be careful of his diet for 
monlKs after an BttBck He should be careful not to lifl. over work, over eat or woiry. 

^EURALG[A OE IHE STOMACH (CardlBlF^laH C^asLrBlRlan Gaslrcdynln^-- 

Th]s IS B severe pain ]n paroxysms in lhe region o\ lhe stomach. 

Causes.-- The [iat]ents are ot 4 nervous t>pe. The> may hBvc Buemii exhaustion 
from sickness ind bleedings, the mens1riiat]on be at fauLl Grief, worry and inxiely. 

S>m|]t(]i3is.--The atlack comes suddenly is b niLe The pains ire igonizing ]n the 

slomBch regjon Ihey may dBrl to lhe bick or pBss Brtjund the lower ribs The iUick LbsIs 
fn^m a lew mi miles 1o in hour or Iwo 1 1 ctics reU dcpentl upon lhe food iBken 

PHVSECIANS' TREA'LMENI' for Ncuralela af the Stomach. -The causes should 
be undep>tood and especial treilmenl given for them. The palienis are iCiuaLly nin down 
and 4 tonic Irealment is needed Constipation and menslrnal tKfubles should be cured 
worry Irouble and inxietj, if possible be removed. The folLowin^ ]s good for nervous 

VBtrjanale of zinc I S grains 

Valcninile of quinine I S f rain& 

Ln^n Arsenate 2 grains 

Mix and mike inio e]ghleen piLls and lake one after meals. 


Btltrr tonics c^n be 1aken such asgrnlun^ colunibo^ qua^'>ia Chingr of 4ir ond 

scene may be needed Somelime^ morphine miiM be gi^en for the lUick A phyiiciin 
should do thi'>. Lf ihere \h miEh gBs, ^odB ind petipcrmint are good. 


1*^ [mp roper or excessive fiMjd, i nc ludi ng gree n or over-npe fniil_ 

(b] PoL^>on ^LibMances. siich bs decoinpi>sed milk or meBt eHbier fresh or canned or 
caidefl by ar^enac^ mercury orcoLch]Lum 

(d) Exposure to cold wet or duught^ 

(c^ Stomach dmorder, prevenlmg Ibujrtjugh dige^Uon 

(c^ Extension of mfLBmmat]on fiom other organs. 

Sii3ipton]^.--5Lidden colicky pain in the bowels moving about wuh nimbi] ng 
no]Ees. Tbie pBin ]!i not conslant and is followed Bt ]nterv4l^ w]th a sudden exireme desire 
to emp1y Ihe bowels- The "^lools may be four 1o Iwenlj a day WBtery or grne L-] i te in 
appcariK-e and lhey somelime'> coiit4]n mu^usor iJiid]gested k^od The slools ubuaLly 
relieve lhe pi]n for the time_ il usuBlLy lasts 1wo or three days or longer 

MOTHERS' Rh:MED]ES.--DiarrheB.--J. ''WlLd Sbec Tea." Wild SBgc lea is b 
very good remedy for bo^^cl trouble bcciu^e of i1s i^tnngent >]rtues Before lhe sage is 
used, htjwever the bowels should be thoroughly cleansed wi1hcBS1oroil orsBlls. 

1. Diarrhea^ K^g and T^ulneE rDr.--"BeBt up an egg, grale in half a nulmeg and 
sweelen lo tBS1c Repeat two or three t]mes during Ihe diy_ Remark "> Hb-^ been known 1o 
help in chnnn](. cases when doctors' medic]ne fBiled " 

3. Dlarrhea+ Scorcked Flour and Sugar for.-- "Scorched flour in bo]led milk or 
scorched fLi^ur Bnd siigBr eBlen dry is very good. This i'> b simple but a uocr r^aling 
remedy ]f 1aken at the beginning o\ 1he 1roublc_" 

4m Dlarrhean t.\4:elknt Compound ror^— 

"Paregoric 1 ounce 

TinclLire of CBmphor 1/2 ouikc 

Tinclure oF Ginger 1/2 ouikc 

Tinclureof Red Pepper 1/2 ounce 

Essence of Peppermin! 1/2 ounce 

Ether 1/2 ounce 

Mix.— Dose for adults one lea^ipoonful to fourof ivalcr cvcr^' Iwo 
houis ]f ncccssiry Th]s ts in excellent remedy." 

5. Diarrhra+ Spice To nil ice fcr.— 'MbIzc b |H>iillice of all kinds of ground spices^ 
heal whisky and wet the poultjce, apply to the "^lomach and bowek " 

6. Diarrheas niackterrj Rool lea fo r.- - "O ne-h b I f onnt. e blackberry loot bo]led in 
one pinl x^Bler fiJleen minnle^, Mrain. Dose— One leaspoonful ever^' hour or Iwo unlil 

reheved " 


7. Dlarrhtfls Hot Ml]k+ rar.--" \ ^[^h^^V^v^nI niLlk Ihil h^^ been boilfd well 
Dnnk hol. u^^ hcvctb\ Liinc^ daily unlil chrckcd " 

S. Diarrhea, Casta r Oil rDr.~"Ca'>toroLl Do'^c —Onr to four IcabpooFiruk ml I n J.' 1o i^e WrBp ^^ Brm flanni:! around atKJi>mcii " 

9. Suumtr Camplarinl, I'ojmtr Canadian's Kerned v Tar.-- "Eat erne blossom of 
the May weed every hour or two Lin til relieved Th]Si remedy CBme fiDm Porl Huron and 
hB"^ been used by my falher wUh succcbh " 

LO. Summer Cemp]aint+ a Coder ieh i.adj Feind Ihts Caad rar.--" Powdered 
rhubarb ljiiiibiiioii hiking ^odB {one tible^poonfui of each}^ dis.'^i^lve jn one pint of 
bo]Ling ^^Btcr. kdd one tabie^pDonful of pc[ipenn]nt^ tBlzc every hour one te Bispoonf uL in 
wi1er " 

LJ. Summer (.ompiainL, InLxpunshe iteiued^ for.-- 

"Parcgonc 2 ounces 

BrBndy ] ounce 

JamBLCB Ginger ] ounce 

Have used this and found it excellent.' Dose L/2 drBm every 2 honr^. 

12. Sun me r Complaints I'ern Koct Ciood La Relieve.-- "A niccoclion is made ^ith 
two ounces of ihe sweet km root bo]Led in one ind one-hBlf p]nti WBter to one pinl. 
Do!ie —A tiblespoonfu] sever b I Umes adiy as Ihe (.B-^e requires. Most useful in 
d]arThe4 " ThL'> mBy be [lurehased Bt Bny driig store and will be foLind 4 very good 
treitmenl for diarrhea. 

1;^ Suumer C[>mplalnt+ Mllh and Pepper a Ccnimcu Kemed> Fir.— "5wee1 milk 
and biBek pepper once or tw]ce a day Dose —Three or Jour *iw allows Mother used lo 
use thL'> for us children.' The milk should be warmed, for m thL^i wa^' it relieves the 
d]arThe4 while the pepper is 'it]mulaling 

PHVSECIANS' TREA'LMF.NI' for D iarrliea.-- J. Rest in bed i^ the be^1 Ab^lBin 
fnim food^ espec Lilly al firsK Bnd then only gtve a kltle milk ind boiled waleror m]lk 
and l]me waler cvciy two hours For Iwo days Cracked tee ]s good tor Ihe Ih]rs1 

2. A dose «r one- half lo am lunee of cast* r oil lo an BduH ]s of greal benefLl, is ]t 
removes all 1 he jrrHating mailer Irtjm the iKJweK. Tht^ of1en cures a lighl dLBrrhea 
Follow by a blackberry WLne or blackberry conJ]al Lf lI L> more severe. 

3. t'cr children.--^ a infusiun oT palh ^letd j*^ an exccllcnl remedy for thL'> 1i~ouble 
inch]ldren; afler casloi olJ in one 1o Iwo Icaspoonful dose's hB's been g]ven If cistor o]l 
IE too bBd lo tike yoticBn uhc what iscBllcd "!ip]ced syrup of rhubarb " one to two 
tcispoo nf Lils lo a child one 1o two yeir^ old, Bnd then follow wjth blackberry wine 

4. Fcr lmran1s.~An infusion cf ehamouile i^ good for the green djarrhei of 
teelhing bibles. 

1 10 MOTHERS' ^£W£D/£5 

5. Anothrr for infants— For infintilt dnirhca lhc iDot of gcranLim maculition or 
cranc^b]ll boiled in mLlk in the firoponiDnof one or two tddLi to ttic p]nt^ will be fbiind 
of g real EcrF](.c and l^ laMclc'f'> 

6. Ginger tcB i^ frequently of good scrv lcc , especially when I he stomach needs 
"toning " 

7. [ nfanta « f six moaLh£.~Ch4]k anJ bismulh mtxiure by Dr. DougLHS'>^ of DetTi3]t. 

"^LibnitrBle of B]'finiJlh 2 drams 

Piregonc 2 fluid drBins 

Chdlk mixlnre 2 fluid drims 

MiK and sbiabe boUle Give one-half to one leaspoonful for loose 
bowels in b child ^ix montlft old. every two to four bionra as needed " 

DIET [N DIARRHEA. -From tlii: H^^ad ^~ll^seo^a Larp-e HospitaL 

May Take- - 

licip5.~Milk '>oii[i well boiled, clam juice^ beef 1ea. 

Meals.— Scraped fresh beef or muHon well broiled, ^weelbread. beef juice fiom 
freshly broiled sleak |aLI sparingly) 

E]gp^s.--Lighlly bi>iled or poacbied on dry IobsI. 

t~artnaceDDS.--Rice, "^Bgo macaroni, tBp]oc4, 4T7Dwi~oot, dry Iob'^1 ni]Lk to4'>t 
toasted crackers 

D ttfse rl^— M 1 1 k puddinpi pLBin, wilh ^Bgo, rice, tapioca or irrowroot {no sugar). 

Drinks.— Tea, toist WBter, boiled peplon]zed milk, Panopepton 
Musi Nol lakt- 

OBtmeBl, wbicilen gnts, fresh breaA rich so up^, vegetables, fned foods, f]sh, ^bIi 
meat^, limb, veal pork, biDwn or graham bread fruits nub>, pies, pBslry. ice cream, ice 
waler. "lUgais, '>weet'>, cuslanfc malt liqui>is, '>wcet wines 

Infants.-- Bo tile-fed infants should '>top milk and ij'>e e^ albumen, etc. Th]^ is 
prepared by genlly ^Urring |nol to b fioth) the while of one egg ]n a cup of cold water 
and one-founh le as poi>nf nl of brandy and a lilUe sail mixed with ]t. Feed Ihis cold. 

If It causes fouL or green stools it must be slopped. Dr. KopLik, of New York, 
recommerKls s1opp]ng the feed]ng of breasl and bo1tle-fed infants ]n severe d]arTfiea or 
cholera infantum and 1o use the Following:— Albumin water, acorn cocoa or beef ju]cc 
expressed and d]luled with barley water. The white of one egg is equal ]n nouri'>hng 
^alne to lhrec ounces of milk and ]s well borne by ]nfants The albumin waler can be 
used ahernalclv wUh the solution of acorn cocoa or bceFiu]ce or barley waler Laebig'^ 
soup m]Tture i'> betler liked 


by older c hi ldrrn_ Mcit juicc i^ made fnsm Inn bcrf. slightly broiled I hen culting ]t tn 
sqiiarr'> End squeezing Ibicsc ]n 4 lirninn press Rice or barley wilercan be added to Tb]E 
if the meat juice c aides vomH]ng_ Add only one or two tcispoo nfuls of birici" or rice 
waler and increase^ if i1 agrees wclL 3n a d By or Iwo 

CHOLERA MORBUS (AcDtc 1 n na mn a f it n if Slomach and Hp^tr HdwcL).-- 

Th]^ i'> mo'>l commQci la >oiing pei>pLc in LbI^' ^umniLT iJicr jncli^cietjon in ^'4ling 

SjmpLam^~Some1ime'> tbie patient feei'> tired I hen niuseA, cic The an^cl: I hough ]e 
usually sudden^ with UBUsea^ vomiting, and (.ramp-iike paiu^ jn 1bie abdomen The 
contenb> of the stomach are vonuted. The bowel discharge al fip>t is diarrbiea and laEcr 
like rice water. Repealed vomiting and piirging^ wilh severe cramps 11 looks like true 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES^ ChDkra Mortus.--CaslDr Oil fDr.--"€as1oroil one 

tablcspoonful for Bn adults ojiL'-haLf UblcspoonJul for children " Thi*^ is m old^ 1ried 
remedy Bnd very ^ood_ 

1. Cholera Mcrbu^^s Itlackbi^rr^ Rcct and Boikd Milk for.-- "Sleep the tdoI of Ihe 
long biBckberry, give in one-liBlf le B-^piHinf ul do^e^, iJlernile with lei^poonFuls of well 
boiLed sweet milk one-half hour ipirt " 

3. CholtTB Morhns, Hlaehbtrr> Cordial for. --"Take a quantity of blBckbemes^ 

slnin out all of thc_fuice. To each pinl ot juice add a piul of '>iigBr. Thi^n put in a little 
bag orclolh one-half ounce of cinnamon, one-^ourlh ounce of mace, two leasfiooufuls of 
c Loves Place this In tie bag wuh spice-^ in 1hc berry juice and boil for abou1 1wo minutes, 
after which remove bag of spicei* and idd one large cup of brandj or whisky to each pint 

of JUICE " 

4. CholeTB MorbiSs 1 Inclnrc Cayenne Pepper fn r.— "Ti nc 1 ure Cayenne pepper, 

five 1o Icii drop d^se*^ in a Jit1k' lio1 water. Bctoix: giving thi'> medicine il i't well 1o drink 
a quinHly of 1epid W4ler and piodiEe vomUing This can be made more effective by 
adding five or ten drops of camphor " 

5. Cholera Morbns, Nulnti; bqeI Jama^a Cingcr forL— "Orate one lej'^poonful 

iiuHncg, pul few drops Jamijci ginger in Ihr^^e or lour tabJespoonfuh of bnndv, add 
In tie water.' The w rile r says this is one of the finest remedies she has ever known for 
■^um mer co m p I a int. 

^L Cholera ^Eirbis, Home Remedy for. — "To a pint of w^ter, ^weelened wilh 
sugar, add chalk one-hiJf dnm, ini'^e, Iwo drains, cayenne pepper 1en grains; boil 1his 
down lo one- half pint. Give i ieaspoonful every hour or 1wo un1il relieved. Kerosene 
may be applied lo the abdomen wilh tlolhs. Thi^ is a very good remedy and easily 
prepared " 

]I2 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

7. Ckolcra MorbuSs Old Reliable Rcmrd> for.-- 

TinclLirs: Rhubiirbi 4 ounces 

S pin ts C ampho r 2 ounces 

Pirc^onc (TldcI opii camph 1 3 ounces 

Spirit'> AmmoriLB 4 ounce 

Es^rncc Fcppcrjn]nt ] drBm 

Take H hair lea^poo^^ul cvcwy two hnuis Th]^ ls 4 ttbled recipe; have 
known of Lis being uhcd the i^^i fifty ycais " 

The cimphor Bncl parcgonc will relieve 1bie pBin, while lhe rhubarb and prpprr are 

slimuLBtiiig and lB^3t]>e 

E. Cholera ^[a^bu^s ConmiDn Ki^med^ Fir.— "To check vamihng ind pur^]n^, Ihc 

following mixture is excellent: 

E-^^cnce of Peppennint I ounce 

WBter ] ounce 

Carbonite of Potash 20 graEic 

Piregonc ] tea^poonfnl 

Wh]tc Sugiror Eioncy 2 leaspoonfuk 

MiK and shake well. DoiiC_— One ttBspoonful oery ten or twenty 
miniitcii un1il lhe pBtienl becomes qij]et_ If nctc^>sary keep up bodily hei1 
by meins of hot flannels or bricks to eTtrein]tic^ keep the pBtient qu]et/ 

Thi'> ]s an e^cellenl remedy for lh]E trouble and i^ny be used by inyone. The ibovc 
mixture ih for an idult 

PHYSIC EANS' TREA'LMEN I' for Chnltra Marbis.-L HeBt to the bowels and to 
the e i^ IremU iL''> Givi: pleul> ol hot W4ler 1o 4]d vomiling ind to wash thL' "^lomach ]1 ]s 
al^^ays v^ ell to keep on drinking ho1 water ind frequently the voni]ling '^1op'>. 1^ not^ the 
camphor laudanum and water can be gi>en 

2, Mcrphint b> hypodermic method. A do<.lor must give this. 

3. Tinclure of Camphor 15 diops 

Laudanum 15 diops 

Mix in one-ChinJ of a cup of hot wi1er This U a good remedy Mallard 
poull]ce to th^ "^lomach and bowels benefits 

CHOLt:RA INFA^TU^],Sfnrtoms.--L^U4]ly begjus with a diarrhea, which is 
of1en HO mild a^ to lUract bu1 litlle at1ent]on. but "should be 4 warning, [f 4 weakly biby 
ha*^ a d]arrhea v^hich peisists or ]^ foul "smelling and e'>pec]ally if there i*^ a marked loss 
of fle'>h and du]lne'>^ of m]nd there i'> gn^und for v^orry If a brighl 4.hi]d Iom!s ]ii1erebt in 
things ind has diarrhea something is wrong The two ebsent]al features are >om]ting and 
d]arrhei. and the >om]ting is per^i-^lent- Firs! it >om]ts food. 1hen 1hc mucus and bile_ 
The lh]rs1 is greal. but anylhing 1aken 1o relieve il i^ ]ns1antly thrown up_ The slools are 
frequent, lirge ind wilery They mi> be painless and in>oliin1ary They mi> look like 
d]rt> wa1er, bu1 later they loose ill colon They iresomelime^ ho lh]n ind copious as lo 
soik through Ihc napkin and '>4lurale lhe bed. They may be without odor, and agam the 
odor IS alnHHit o>er- powering. Th? pr(j'^1rat]on i^i greal ind rapid. The fontannelLes, 
opcn]ngs in 1he head, are depressed, the face becomes pale 


and pinched^ End ihc ryes arr !iunkcn ll occurs usuBlly dLinng lhc summer imnlh.'^^ 
oflcn^r in hBb]fs under CLghlccn mnnlh}! and still more under a year old 

C a u I ions.-- TbiLS br>ah will pTDbsbly f]nd i1^ way iu1o honifs niBny milfs fTDm a drug 
siorc knd po'>SLbly a long dL'>lBnce from a phy'>Lci4u. Should a child in 1bial biomc '>how 
symptoms oft-holtrB ]iifantuni it ^^ould be imperil ivt for 1hat mother to bc^in at once 
home Ucatment^ Wc, Ibierefore, g^ve below 4 number of remedies whicbi 4 mother can 
cnhcr prep B re ]n her home or can tike Ihc precBiition to have failed a1 ^>ome convemen! 
tLinc ind keep coiL'>lantly al hand^ pTDpcrly labeled ho '>he can liirn lo them al any 
moment On Ihc olhcr hand^ '>hoLild you have 1o wbiI even three or four houis for b 
physic] an beg] none of Ihc lrcalmcnt*i below unl]l he coiTie*i >ou may save the child^ life 
by doing so. Cholera infantum and pneimonLB el4]m '>o many of our III tie ones eich 
year^ and in many eases sn4l4.h 1hem away wuhin a few hours oF ihe firsl noticeable 
symptoms Iha1 we must advice you 1o call a physician i^ siion i^ you suspect lI i^ 
senoLis- Cases vary and only a Iraincd eye can detect the lutle symptoms ind changes 
that may weigh in Ihe balance Ihc hfe of baby_ 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES for Cholera InTanlum. -1. Cnslor oil and Tvam 
appli^^^licn^ far.— "Give Ihe child one leasfiooiifu] of d'>toroLl I hen ^nng woolen 
clolhs out of wirm wh]sky and ipply lo the abdomen. Thi^ will most always give relief, 
especiallj afler lhe cast<jr oil has aded upon 1he bowek_" 

1. CholejB [nfamtuu, Firal I'hini; lo Di.~"The fip>t thing lo do ["> 1o give a 
te4'>poonrul of castor o]L so as to thorough]> clean oul Ihe bowels. Then add one 
tablespoonfnl of turpenline to one quart oF hoi water and wring cloths out ot Ih]^ and 
apply lo the bowels 1o reJie>e the pain that is always pre^>enl in thisdi^ea^e. The 
turpentine is especially good fur Ihe bowels when I hey a]~c bloated and have mnthgas in 
them " 

3. Cholera InfanLuniH \\ hitr of Ep^p; amd Cathartic for. — "One Icaspoonful caslor 
o]l every t^^o hours, until the movemenls are natural- Gi^c ni> food excep! albumen 
waler^ which i^ compi>sed of the while of one egg (slightly bea1en| and a small [iinch of 
salt in a glass of cold water wh]ch ha^ been p]^MOiisly hoiled Feed th]K by spoonfuls.' 

4. Che km Infanluni, Olive «r S^frct Oil far.— 'One le as poi>nf nl sweel of olive oti 
three lime'> a dav and an Jiijeclionof one table spiH>nfiil of lhe oil it night, to be ]~eta]ned 
in lhe lK>wel^ If (.onl]nued 1his will comple1el> (.ure_" 

9. Chokra Lnfanlunis Spkt and ^Shi^^ Puultke far.— "Take all l:]nds of gn>und 

spices^ make a [loiillicc Heal wh]sk> and wet the poult]ce. Apply to the slomach and 

1 14 A}OTIIERS' ^£W£D/£5 

6. ChDlcra Imr^nluai, Cabta^t Ltaf Pnultlrr rnr.— "Takr a catbagc It^f. hold lI 
OYCT the ^tovc unliL 'ifr^rm as can be ^tuod on bkck of hind; lay it bcfdss the cl]]Ld'ik 
abdomen Rcpci! if ncccw>iry_" 

7. Clioltra InfantuiTis Htrb Rtaii^d^ for.-- 'Strawberry rooK blackberry ronl End 
ra!iphcrr> root, equal parl^, "bleeped togLMhcr ] have u-^cd thi"^ remedy End found i1 good, 
bul it '>hould be ibed in t]me " N^ake b lea of the^ic nnotsi ind take one teaspoonful every 
hour un1iL rel]eved Th]^ ["> b mild B'^lnngent 

B. Chokra Infantuiris Tamatot^ \\ ill K^: I it ^ r . — "N^ ake b syrup of peeled tomatnc'> 

well ^^^cclcned VrWh ^^hi1e "^ugir. Gjve one teB*ipc>i>nfuL everv half hour." Th]!i !iyrup is 
very soothing and Ihe loniBtoe'> Bre especLBlL> good if there i*^ "^ome uLcerale^lcanditian 
of Ihe l>o\^els Th]^ prepanUon should always be strained before icing 

9. Ckolrra InfanLunis Jnji^ctlon Tor.— 'For infinl one year old inject into the boweU 
one pinl of 1hin ^tBrth ]n x^hjth i'^ mixed Fnnm Ihree lo fi>e drop"^ ot iBudBnum cool- 
repeal night and morning. FJentv of ^^Bter or cold barley ^^Bler may be given and ihe 
food for a time iiny con^]s1 of ef^ ilbumen w]th b few drops of bundy. When the 
symptoms f]rst appear apply a '>pice plaster or hoi 4pplic4t]on over the abdomen ind 
keep ch]ld as quie1 bs po^>sible " Thi-^ is 4 remedy recommended and ij^>ed by a number of 
phytic nn^ Bnd has cured many severe cases 

Ditl^and Drinks.— Slop crdiniTy ferd]ng at once. A I] tile creBm ind wa1er, or 
barley ^^Bler and cieam may do. If ihe breast m]lk eTcite'> 1he '>lomach and Ihe bowels, 
slop 1 1 for i few hours. You can give a Few dn^ps of raw beef juice or a I] tile brandy and 
v^aler To silisfy Ihe thin>l wrap up 4 small bit of ice ]n 4 linen clolh and let the baby 
momh U Dilme 1he m] It or stop cnlirely ind gjve only water, or hme waler and milk, 
barley v^aler Give all Ihe water the c^hild dn drink boiled ind cooled. 

FHVJJECEANS' TREAIMEN I' for Cholera InfanlDm.-l. WastingcuT of ihc 
bowel frequenlly by injection controls the dnirhea Use water of a tempenlure of 107 
Elevile 1he lube iboul two feel above the bed. use one-half p]nt at one l]me As Ihe half 
p]nt flows in disconnecl ihe funnel altached to the tube and the LontciUs of ihe bowel are 
allowed to escape. Then allow another one-half pml lo flow in. Some may escape ind 
this ]s not an unfavorable sign Keep on until a quad i'> g]^en Th]s treatmeni i'> to wash 
and clean oul Ihe gut and stimulate Ihe hcirt The sail solut]on should be used, if 
necessary. Give only Iwo di]ly 

2. Fir Vamitlng.— Wiikh oul Ihe stomach through k tube or by g]^ing a greit deal of 

3. SDbcarbinate of bismntk for ihe vomiling ind straining; Iwo or three gram!^ ]n 
powder eveiy two or three h(jup> \\ I he re ]s miEh colicky pain, add one-hilf gri]n of 
sdlol to lhe bismuth powder 


4. Casloroll; onr trHsprxjnFLiI may be ntnJcd if the bcwrl^i havr any fecal miUer in 

5. Mustard poulLicc ar spicc pauhkcon ihc bclJy Li uiicfLiL 

VDiiiiling.~TbiL'> ]^ dimply a '>ymplnni, niBny dmf B'^es cauhf it, as '>rBrle1 focr^ 
tubcrculoE]'^ meii]ngit]h, icute dyspcp'>ia. b]L]ou^ni:'>s. chrc)n]c dyt pep'>i b ] ckI igc'>t]D n ^ 
neuralgia of the bow^i^, apfi^ndicin^. uLccr Bnd miccr of the ^loniach^ [irc^nancy^ etc 
Many pep>orui \^]th dy^pcpMa vomit the]r fond 

MOTHER!^' Rt:Mh:DiKS for \ oiurilin^.-- 1. Spice Fonitict to Sto^.- 'Mike a 
poultice of one-bialt cup of flour and one Le B't piHinf nl ot eBcbi kind o^ ground spice wet 
WLlbi ilcobiol or wh]hk>. Appl> o^er 1bie '>loniBcbi " Ihih ac1^ as b counler irnlant and h^^ 
Lbie '>4ine action on the ^y'>lem ^\ b mustard pl4'>ter. only no1 un severe and can be left on 
For biouis- Bs there need be ihj fear of blistenng. This kind of 4 poultice should always be 
LUied when ]t i*i nece-^ary 1o leave one on Bn> length of i]nie 

1. Vomitisg, Muflard Plaster 1o SlDp.--"PlBsier of musTard on pit o\ "itomich." Ec 

very CArefnl not to bIIdw the planter to remain on too long, as i1 will bhsler^ Bnd this 
wcrnld be woT^e to contend with lhan lhc vomiting. 

3. Vomitls^s Parehcd Cdtb Drink tn Stop.-- "Take field com Bnd pirch i1 b^ brown 
a.*^ you CBn gel U wilhi>ut biinuiif Wh^^n pBirhed Ihrow in boihng wiler and Jnnk the 
waler bs often as necessary until vomiting is slopped " 

4. Vomiting, Peppermint Leases ^pplicatiom Tor. --"Bruise peppermint leBve'> and 

apply lo the slomach " Thi'> can be found in any drug store in 4 pownier tonn, and is 
easily prepared by (.ncihing Ihe leaves ind applying 1o ihe stonnch. [f >ou have ihe 
essence of peppcnnint in the houhe^ thil will answer aboul 1he '>4me purpose 1aken 
internally and rubbed over abdomen. 

5. Vomitlu, Id Produce, Mislard and ^'alcr Tor.— "To piodnce vomiting take 

two tibk^spoonfoK dry must a id Ihrow lukc warm wilero^er it and lei stand a minute, 
then drink.' This is an old tried remedy thil we ill know iboul. 

6. Vamttin^, ta Praduce^ ^'arm \\ ater Tor.— "Dnnk 4 quart of warm waler ind you 

will easily find relief 41 once " The wirm W4ler remedy is ver^' good as the WAler helps 
the patient b> removing all de<.omposed TiKKJ 

PHVSICIAKS' TRF.ATMENT for Vomiliag.- The only way to 1 real n L. to treat 
the disicaic lhat cause*i i1 Here [ may menlion a very simple remedy, a te* mMJe from 
wood !iOOI 1^ frequently helpfiiL IL i!i the creowjte in 1he wood !iOOI thi1 gives il U"^ 
medical virtue. 

2m For Mi^r^ciff ^oniling 1wo 1o n>e drops of gariic jnice is good Do'>e of syrup for 
a child |ih| one 1e4'>poonful Dose of syrup for an adull is four teaspoonfnls 

1 16 A}OTIIERS' ^£W£D/£5 

3. \ liltic brandj on cnckrd lcc i^ often grxxl 

4. Oril cf clouts, ont-hil^ lo one drop. hrlfiE in '>omc ca^tc^. 
5l l.lm^: ^aLtr iLkJtd to miLk is good ]n babLC'> 

6. Vrintj^ar fumcs^salurBtt a cloth End inhale I he furrier 

7. Sridlit/ poihderoftrn :£cttl«> Ihc ^tomach^ srxJi abw 

Kl Milliard plaslerovcr I he stomach is good in all cb'^c^. 

9. Onc-Li^nlh of a drop uf Iptcac is good for naicca and vomiUng 

LO. OB4:-^lf ofa drop Dfro^lrr's tfcluliun c\^Ty two houry ["> useful in nausea 
folLo\^]n^ 4 *ipn:c So also one drop do-^L" of nuK vijmjt^a every hilf hour. 

APFIlND[C]'L[S.--]iir]anim4lLon of the verm] form appcndn iii the nH>^t important 
of acute bowc] 1roublc^_ SomrtLinc*i the ippcnd]T may conlain a mould of feces, which 
can be ^qucc^td out readily. Sometimes foreign bod]es hke p]nj£ arc found there ]n 
ahou1 seven percen! of cases foreign bodjcs arc found. 

It IE a disease of young persons. F]fty percent occur before 1bie Iwcniielh year. Ft \h 
mo'>l common ]n miles Peison'> who do heavy lin]ng ire quUe "subject to tbie d]^ease 
Some cases follow Fall's or blows, t nd isc rel ions of diet are very ip1 lo bring on an iUicI: 
particularly in those v^ho hive hid il before. Pain in ttie appendix in '>ULh persons^ 
frequently follows the eiUng of food tiard 1o digesi Gorg]ng wjth peanuts i^ al^o i 

Symptoms.-- In a large pK)pi>r1 lo n of c ases I he following symptoms ire present — 
Sudden pun in the abd^men^ usually referred to lhe nghl gnsin region. Fever oflen of 
moderate foim or gride. D ]'s turb a nc e^ of lhe stomach and bowck, such i^i nau-sea, 
vom]tjng and Frequently con^l]palion Tendcrncs!i or pain ]n lhe ippendji region The 
pain ]n fully one-tialf of lhe cises ]s localized m rigtit lower part o^ lhe ibdomen^ bnl it 
may be in lhe central portion, ^catlered^ or m any pad of lhe ibdomen. Even when the 
pain i-s no1 in the region of the appendix al fin>t, il is usually fell I he re x^ithin thirly-^ix or 
torly-eighl hours. Ft i!i somctimc*i very '>har|> acKl colic-like; !iome1imcs i1 ]'s dull The 
kver follows rBp]dly upon lhe pun 11 mi> range from 100 to 102 and higher. The 
tongue 1^ coHed and moibl usually —seldom dry Nau'sea and vomiling arc commonly 
pre'sent. It rarely persists longer thin the second diy in favorable cises Con>t]pat]on is 
the rule, bul the atlack may ^tarl wjth diarrhei. 

Local Sip»s-— TerKlernesj> of the rcclu^ muscle {\d the right of the centre of lhe 
abdomen) ind tenderness or pain on deep pressure. The mu-scle may be !iO rigid Ihat a 
■sH isf ado ry eMm]nat]on cannol be made. Sometimes there i-s a hardness or swelling m 
the appccKln reg]on Tenderness, rigidity and aclual pain on deep pre-ssure; w]th 1he 
majority of cases, i lump or "swelling ]n the region ot lhe appendix. 



SlioiiVin4( DiiEcrcni Typ<is_ 

Vermiform Appends i. 

When AffccCcd by InJiiiniLion and Gingrcnc 

M rcf^2] t H 1 1 ng an OficriltDii- 

VcrmSrcrm Appendix- 
Shown^ Different Tjpes. 


RccoTcry-— Rrcovcry i^ the rulc_ It frequently rrUirn"^- Grncraf perLtonins may be 
caiEicd by d]rect pcTfaritLDn of Ihc Appendix and death in appcndic itts ]e lEuaJly diie tc 

SurgeonE have dcclBred 1hat sudden pain in 1bie region nf tht apfiendix^ witbi fever 
and locaL]zeiJ trndL^mcES, wUh or wUhoul b lujnp almost without ciccplion mcani 
appendix disease Rest in bed, lake mcaELUcs to aLla^' Ihc pA]n. ici: bag Bpplicd to the part 
IE very rffcctivc 

Opcralioa.~Dr. 0'>lizr. of Oxford^ England^ '>4y'>— "OptrBtion ["> ]ndieBted in ill 
ca*»e^ of atutc inflammBKjry Iroiible in 1biis rcgjon whether the lujnp is prc^cn! or not, 
when 1he general Jiymplom^ are ■^L'vcrc, Biid when by the third dav 1hc features of the 
case po]nts lo a p rogre'^'>L> e {condiUnn) lesion. An operation afler an 4cu1e atlaek has 
d]!iappcared i^ not fraught with much danger " 

Diet.— Ail food "^hiiuLd be wUhheld for a few dfly-i if po^>sibie L]qunt siich hs egg 
albumen, wefllz lea, thin broth, bBrle> or nee W4ler, or milk d]luled \^ith lime waler niBy 
be given m ^niBli qLiant]ties if neceE'>ary. When ihe icnte ^>nip1oms have subsided, mill: 
may be tilzen undiluted, and egg'> may be added to 1he bK)1h When the pain and fever 
hive d]"^ Appeared entirely, gruels made of rice or bariey soft-bo]led egg Jicriped beeT, 
slewed chicken loB'tl ind crackers may be added to lhe list; still liler, mashed [lotiloes 
and vegelablcE finely divided and str4]ned, may be allowed and, finally, when well, 
iL^unl die1 nz'>unied 

^rPLNDlCITEIi.Mitkers' Rtutdics.-Homc Lrcatmcnl F#«nd Good for.-- *To 

allay lhe pBin Bnd ^to[i lhe fonrntion oF pus in 4ppeiTJie]tiE il i'> recommended thai a 
flannel 4.lo1h be ^Btnraled \^]th hoi ^^Bter, wrung oul, drop len lo fifleen dn^p^ of 
Inrfientine on ]t Bnd apply to lhc effected [ian'> b's hot b's the patient can beBr RepeBt nnnl 
relief ]^ obti]ncd Then (.over the boweK wi1h i thin col ton cloth, upon which plicc 
another clolh wrung oul of kertj^ene oil Th]Si Jiuslains Ihe relief ind conduces lo rest and 
eventual cure II i'> Bn es^entiBl pBrl of the absorbent cure for Bppcndir]ti's and since U^ 
ado p1 ion doclors do not resort lo b siirg]^.^] operBtion halfKO otten." The ibove i^ b 
"slantlaid remedy Bnd will moM ilwBys give relief. 

PHyS]CIA^S' 1RKATME^T for Appendicitis.-- The bo^^el^ should at fiist be 

moved by Bn enema. The pBlicnt -should be perfectly qnie! ]n bed. The ice-bBg should be 
applied to 1he p^n, but wrapped in nanncl and flBnnel bIeo on the ^k]n II niu.'tl not be 
allowed to mBke lhe flesh too cooL This coolness relieves the inflBrnniUon of 1he part. 
Smill do^es- fn^m one-tenlh lo one dnsp, of icon]te cin be given for the tever Bnd 
inflBmmalion Ihe fip>l t^^cnty-four houis Dobe every one to three houns. Eu1 litllc 
medicine i'^ now given jn Bppend]ci1is 

CBvlltD.— Keep Ihe bowels regular, especiBll> if you have ever had 4ppcnd]citks 
before aIeo be careful of your eating. This di^eBse 

1^ A;orH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

will atlack h]gh livens, hcirty calcr^ and lhosr w]th conslifialcd bowels imrr quickly 
ttiEEi Dihcis. 

rNFLAMMALEON OF THE ItOWFLS. Mclhtrs' Remedies.-- 1 .--I Dnammatkn 
cf ihii Boih tks Kxctll4:nt Rtnii^di farL—'TirsI botht tht abdomrn ^^]th -w^rm mL1 walcr^ 
Lbicn Juy m'^i Lt>^ niiveL li pic<.c ol liird Ihc si/c of bla4.k walnul. Hold thi: biand over tbii^ 
un1il L1 Hoftcn^- th[rn rub Vrcil in1o ihc frowclji Thi-i often rcL]cvcs when pilL^ End fw^dcni 
fail " Tht niasM^ing bnng*^ about ac I ion of tht bowcK witbiout a cathirlLC iCiUBlly Sweet 
oil orokvt oiL iiblcad of L^rI. wlI] di> 3^ x^cll. 

2. [nflamnation of Ihr Ho^cls+ Rtd BttI Poultict forL—'Takt red bccK; chop up, 
pul in bag^ warm a liltLc md pul BLro'^'> 1bic '>loinB(:bi Thjs ^^ilL draw out tbic lufLiininBtion 
qujcbly and mabni 4 very good pouHicc " 

3. [nflamiuaLlon cf Iht Ho^cls+ Hop PnuMict Tar.-- "Tike hofi^.strBin 1biem and pul 
in a SBck ]_uy icroii*i tliL" Momach and bows^K " 

4. [nflBmmBllDD of the Boi^tls, C^riddlt Cakr Foultict for.-'Apfily hoi gjiddlc 
cakfson bowels Thi^ acis as a poultice^ Bnd shi>uLd be replaced as soon as cold.' Ttiis 
remedy ^ived my life \^hen I wi^ seventeen vtir^ ot igc \m ni>w fifly Th]!i remedy 
wbll be found very ^ood^ bol CBre '>h:^uld be IbIzch ikU to born tbie pBtient 

5. CfrhJorParinln Iht Bowels, !i pic t Fonltice for Cklld or Adult.-- "Take b cloth 
S4ck iBfge enough to cover abdomen lake all kinds of ground "^pices^ pul m the bag ind 
tie u[i^ '>prLnkle hig Lighllv wilh ilcobioL jus1 enough 1o dampen ^p]ce'>. LBy thi*^ on 
abdomen " Th]Si *ierves i"^ a pouLUce Bnd is Bn excellent remedy for th]Si trouble Th]!i may 
be used for b child ^^ well ^^ in aduLl 

6. I n Nam mat Id n of the ISc^cl^nSlmpk Remedy Al^a^sat Band for.-- "Apply hot 

woolen cloths to abdomen b*i hot b*i cin be wrung out change evciy few mmules My 
life was ^aved 1wice when I was ^evenl hundred mile^ from b dnclor by lhis Irealment." 
Th]!i MmpLc hut never f*]ling remedy ]'i ei^ily prepared and_ bs we all know, heat is Ihc 
mo'>t es^entiBl thing for this trouble e'>pec]aL]y moi'>t heil 

7. [nflaaimBllDn of tbe If d it r Is, a Ratker Unique Remedy for.-- "Cut the head off 
of a hen 4.u1 op^n di^wn the breast, like out the inwards pi>uiid flBl bikI roll w]th nulling 
p]n ind apply 1o ihe bowels. Thi'> will draw ou1 ilL inflBinmation, but must be done in as 
In tie lime as posj>ible_" The ibove remedy can do no hann. Klany people u^e il Perhaps 
o1her piiuLUce-^ would be ei^ier lo p rep are, j u*i t b"^ effeclive and save the hen- 
Si EnflBumBtlom if Ihe Rowels^ Mar^hualkw Lcavts+a Canadian Rened^ far.— 

"Green muish mallow lei^e-^ (dry will do|_ Wet FlinneJ Bnd apply hoi " Make b stn^ng tea 
of the maishmallow leive*^ and while hot dip flannels and ipply Id abdomen 


9. [ nf lam ma tlo n of the Bo^tls, Sjrup t^f Rhibarb fDTL~"Add 10 lhrc^ pinf^ of 
simple *i^njp oin: and three -four! hn ouncc*i of (.riiihcd rhubarb, onc-fourlh ounct cich of 
crushed cloven and cinnamon^ one dnni uf bruised mitmi^g one pint of diluted alcobioL 
evaporate l]quid b> a gentle heBt to one-hfllf pint_ EKLcllcnl ]n bo^^c] complain! ]n onc- 
hilf drBm |onc-hilf IcispoonfulJ do*ie*i ocry hour until it operiles " The rhubarb niove> 
tbic boweL^i End 4.4'>b> ou1 ill imtaling miUtr. Tht oil of eloveb i^timulalcs the membrancii 
of tht bowels and lhe cinnamon End nntmtg art astringent 

MnTHE.KN' Rt:Mh:DIKIi for TDDtbachi:, Dry ^ah and Alun for.-- 1. "Eqnil 
pBrt'>. Take eonimi>n ^^h anLl Blum. Mix und pulven/.^' tbiese lo^ethLT ^^et b small pieee 
of cotlon and CBune the mixture to Bdhere lo l1 ind place in tbie hollov^ tootbi At f]rM a 
'^eii'>4lion of eoLdiie'>s will be produced^ wbiich w]ll gradually d]^Bppear^ 3^ Vrii] I he 
loolhiche Th]"^ is Bn exeelLent remedy ind "should be g]>en 4 tnal by in> person 
suffenng VrWh Ih]"^ Injuble " 

2. Loo I barker Oil orCloTcsQnieh Kelkf far.~"[f ihe toolh ha.^ a cavily tike a 
smill p]ece of cotton and satorUe wilh oil of cloves ind place in toolh or you inBy nib 
the gum ^^]th o]l of sassBfrBS." These are bo1h good remedies, Bnd w]ll often give relief 
almost Lnstimly 

3. 'Loothachc, H o n] i^'- M ndi: Ponltict ror.— 'MBlze b poLilliec of 1 slice of toBSI. 
s4lLirale ]n alcohol and sprinkle \^ith pepper Bnd ipply exiernally This witl give almosl 
jnstinl relief." 

4. Ti«thBchc, Clove Oil nad Chbroform for.-- 'Clove oil and chloroform, each 

one leaspoonful. Silnrale cotton and ipply locally " 

5. Tccthacke, Sure Cnrr F6r.~ 

"Peppcnn]nt water }f2 ounce 

Nilre IM ounce 

Chlonnform 1 drBm 

Ether 1 drBm 

OtI of mu.'iEflnl 10 diops 

Remark: This remedy wjII ^L>e relief where all o1her^ fail. Not only for 
toothache but for neuralgia pain'> ]n ^ny part o^ ihe body, Bpply with clolh 
mo]'^1enctl and li} on the parts Bffccled. Continue unlil relieved.' 

*. Tootkacke, SbIL and Vluni W Birr ror.~"F]ll a boltle of any '>i7e half full of 
equal parts of pulverized alum and salt, 1hen fill up the bo tile wilh ^wee1 spirits of nitre. 
Shake and apply l1 lo the ti>oth and gnnui Apply l1 freely, b*^ there l'> nolh]ng Id hurl or 
injure you.' 

7. loothBcht, Oil of Cinnamon for.--" A drop of oil of cinnamon w]ll frequently 
relieve very EerLDifi>CBKes of loolhachr. Apply to 1he 1ooth wilh a In tie coUon. This W]11 
at IcB-il gL>e lemporary relief until you can ^ee your dcnUst and have the toolh treated." 

S. 'LoolhBcbts Reliable Rtmcd> for.— 'ChloKfform clo>e oil akohol, one half 

ounce of ea4.h. Mix 1of ether and '>a4 urate a piece of cotton and place it in Ihe toolh. ThL'> 
\^ iure Id give relief " 

]2Ci A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

f L Tt^t^lharhts Fro in Dcra^rd Trttk.~"Ef the Toolh Ie dcc^yrd t*kc * eitibII [iircc dF 

raw CQttun^i^alurLitc i^ith t^biLDTDfonn and place in dy]ty/ 

EUOI'HER±i' TOOIH POWDERS.-- J. "The aihc^ of burnt branches of the 

common grape vine make a vciy ^upcnor loolbi powder l1 w]L] clean the blackest of 
teeth, if conlinued for a few mommgs lo thBL of pure white " 

1. Tilth Powder-— "PiecLp]ti ted chalk four ounces. pownJered orn^ roo1 c]gbit 
ounccji powdered camphor one ounce, reduce cimphor lo nne powder mo]Si1ening w]th 
very litUe alcobioL add olher ]ngredcnt'> hAix thoroughly and ±>ifl IhTDOgh fine bo]t]ng 
cloth." Hivc u-^ed thi-^ wHbigicBt ^iKces^ 

3. Taith I^DT^dtr.-- "All loolh [lowdeiTi, oi inylhing ihiT h*ft i giil will, with the 
fnclionof 1bie brush ncour loose from I he cnBmeL ot the teeth; and Ihis is far superior to 
any of Ihem in every respect 

Soap Iree bark ] pound 

Turpent]ne 2 ounces 

Powdered orris roo1 2 ounces 

ALhinn root ]f2 ounce 

Diluted alcohol, half W4ler, suffic]ent to make 1he whole into one gallon Let it ^1and jn 
ancBrthen jar1o micerale forfoorleen days; ^tiroc4.4sioiiBliy, then "^Iram arKi filter 
through fillcnng paper. The alcohol will hive no ]njurious eFFecl This is an excellent 
tooth remedv." 

4.— Tool h Wash-— "One leaspoonful of boncic ac]d in a pint of boiling water. 
Tinclure Myrrh 1/2 teaspoonful 

Spirits of Camphor 1/2 teasfioonful 

Essence of Peppermint 1/2 teaspoonful 

U^e m the waler ]n wh]ch you brush your 1erlh Let boncic ac]d WBtrr cool, then add 
last three j ni^ rcti iL^n!"^.' 

5. faaLh Puwdcr-— "Precip]tBtrd chilk four ounces, pulverized "^ugBr Iwo ounces, 
powdered myrrh one ounce, pulverized orris rtjot one ounce. Mix and sift Ihrtjugh fine 
bolting clolh Th]*i is f]ne " 

A. looth Pander^ Conmonlv Ustd.-- 

"PrecipUaled Ch^lh 12 drams 

Rone Pmk 2 drams 

CarbonBte of Magneski 1 drBm 

Oil of Ro±ie 5 drops 

Mix bII well togelher ind after u^]ng i1 you will find the following 
moulh-WB-^h Fine for nn-^ingout the mouth." 

Aniisrptk- Moith Wash.-- 

"Eoric Acid ID grains 

Resorcin 4 grains 

Salol 2 grains 

Thymol 1/2 dram 

Glycerin L/2 dram 

Pure water I ounce 

Tbs sweetens and clearuic^ the moulh." 


7. Tooth PD^rdtr^ Sin pit and linsurpasm^d.-- 

C re am i>f T lirt B I fKJV^dti'ctl 3 ouncni 

Coch]ncal I drnza 

Alum powdered 4 drams 

Myrrh I drtm 

C]nnainDn L ounce 

Sugar L ounce 

"hAix and piss ihrc^ugh a slc^c Thj*^ ls b prL'pirBLion thu his no supi^nor 
for L Ic aning, preserving. iJid while ning 1bic 1tc1bi 

PHVS]CJA^±|■ 'LRKATME^T for I'oothackt.--]. Chlorctont dtbsolvcd in oil of 
cLovfs and applied on b col ton \vad is >cry good rorldcitharhe 

1. C ri-'D so Li: .-- Pul on « piece of coltem ird pul this ]n Ihr biolLow toolh 

3. Tiithachr In an ulcrrattd or holkn too th+ c aused from wet feci tl4.. Take b 

ho1 foot balh and dnnk i bio I lcnH>nadi:, bio I ginger, or hot pennyi~o>Bl lei, ind go to bed 
and tBke i good swei1 Acbiing lootbi needs the care of i dent]s1 ]1 pays lo relain your 
natural leeth in giHid sbiape. 

IT^TESTINAL OBSTRLC IION.-CauseB.--TKLS may be tausetl by ^lrangul*tion, 
telescope (inliJssu'^cept]onJ of tbie bowels, twists Biid knots, slrictiir«> ind tumon>, 
abnormal contents 

L. StrBn^ulnticmis 1bie most frequent cause; this is CBiised by adbie^ions and bands 
fnnm formi^r penLonHis or following operalions. The stringulation mi> be retcn! and 
due lo adbiesion of the bowels to tbie abdominal cul or wound or b co]I of the bowel mBy 
be CBUghl belween the pedicle of a tumor Bnd the will of the pely]s. Ttic^tC cases arr 
rathe r common b f te r so me opera t]o n-^. 

1. [ntiflsusccp1lDn.~Th]s meins tbiat one podion of the bowel slips ]nto an adjaceni 
portion These Iwo pojlion"^ mike i l y h nd riL il lump varying in Lenglh from one-biaLf 
inch 1o a foot or morr. [rrr^lir wonn-like motton of Ihe bowel is a cause of 

3. 1 Tvi^sand hnvta.— Mo£l frequcnl belween thirty and forty. (Tbiere is in unusually 
long mesentery j 

4. Ntricturt^s and tu ma rs^-- These ire nol very importanl causes. 

5. AbnormalcDnli^ats.— Fruil sto ne^. co] ns^ pins needles^ false Tedbi. round worms 
nnlled in a mass Cijjns rarely cause inccm^encncc. 

S>aiptoniB of Acntr O bfl ruction.- -Const] pa[]on piin in the bowels, and vomiUng 
are 1bie Ibir^^e mos1 impoilani symptoms Pain "^els in eirly. ind may come on abrup1l> 
wbien walking or more commonly when work]ng l1 is at first cohcty, bu1 soon becomes 
continuous ind >ery ]n tense, ^omi^ngsoon follows ind is constant and very d]s1ressing. 
First ihe stomicbicontenls are vonuled, lod the grecmsli 

122 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

b]lr-'^latnriJ malcrul^ ond ^onn thr malcrL^I vomited is « Ei n:iwni'>h- b L bc k liquid^ i^ith h 
bowel udor This peculiar >ojn]tin^ l^ a >cry chBraclcrislic symptom Const]pat]Cin mBy 
be absolute w]thoLit the d]!ichBr|c of cnhcr feces or gBS_ Very often the conlents of the 
bowel below the ob'^lriiclion Brc d i^c: harged. The abdomen ["> iisuilL^ tlistcudcd md ^^hen 
the laige bowcL is jn^ohcd Ihi't is cxireme. [f i1 ih high up in 1hc '>mall jntestinc it iiiBy 
be very slight. ,\\ fLP>t. the abdomen ]'i not lender bu! later l1 becomes very nensi^ve and 
tender. The face l^ pile Bnd anxious Bnd finBllj collapse ^ymptom^ ]ntervene The eye-^ 
are '>unken^ 1he features kiok pinched ind b cold clammy ^^^eat coveis ihe skin The 
puKe become'> rapid and \^eak There inBy be no fever, And il miy go below normal The 
tongue is dry^ |i arched^ and Ihe Ih]rs1 ]s ince'^ant. 

RecDVErj.— The case lerniinales as a rule in death in three to six diys^ if nd ie not 
Treat iii4:Ht.--PurgalJvcji should no! be gL>en_ For Ihe pi]n hypodermics of 
morph]ne are needed. Washoul Ihe stomBch for distressing vom]ting_ Thi!i CBn be done 
three to four times a day Thorough WBsh]ngout oF Ihe large bowel with ]njectLons 
should be practised the WBrm ^^ater being allowed to Flow in fi~om 4 founlain syringe 
and ihe imoum carefully estimated liutch]nson recommends thBt the pat]enl be placed 
under in anesthetic^ Ihe BbdoKien kneaded ind a copious enema gi^ en \^ith the hips 
placed high or parent in inverted po!i]tion_ Then the patient "^hiiLild be Ihonjughlv 
shaken fir^l \^ilh the abdomen held downwBi~d and subseqnenlly jn Ihe inserted [ios]t]Cin 
If Ihis and similar measures hId nol succeed by Ihe lh]i~d dav "surgical measures mus1 be 
rcsi>rted to 

For bloaling turpentine cloths should be icicd Bnd other hot^ moist a[i [i I ic atiooB. 
Die I. — Should be very light, if in>. For a di> orso_ 

RV PI LIRE JHernla|.— MerniB mcins a protrusion of an organ fiom lis natural 

cavUy Ihn^ugh nonnil or art]Fic]al openings m the surrounding, struclnres But by ihc 
term hcrnn used ilone, we mean 1he pK^1rus]on of b port]on of 1hc Bbdom]nal contenis 
through the walls, and I hat is known by Ihe popular term of "ruplurc " 

The mi>st common forms of rupture protrude through one of the natural openings or 
weak spo1s m the abdominal walls, as for mslance. the ingu]nal ^^rom^ and femoral 
canals. The femoral canal is localed al Ihe upper and inner pari of the thigh, and this 
place IS asei1 of ruplnre, especially in women Rupture mi> also occur 41 Ihe nivel, 
when ]t IS called umbilical hern] a or rupture. The contenis of 4 hernia are bowc) and 
omentum (a cohering of the bowel) separalelj or Icgether. The bowel ]nvDlvcd ]n 4 
ruplure ]s usually the lower portion o^ lhc small bowel, but 1hc large bowel is somelimes 
affcclcd \ sac coders the bowel or omenlum m a ruplure This sic consists of the 
pn^lriidcd portion of penlonenm which his been graduilly pushed 


through one of ihc rinal^ (inguinal ctr femoral^ or of ihc pnKr^>s of pcriloncLim which 
hB*^ bc^n carntd down by lbic l«>ticli: in ]ts dt'>ccnK ond tht connc4.l]on of whi4.h with Ehc 
pen lout um of ihc ibdomrn Mill contLnur^i^ not hiving bcrn oblilcralcd. is il UMJolLy is 
before b]rth. The fDnncr ["> called on acquired rupluresac, I he latlens a congenial 
ruplurc sac and it \^ found only in groin (inguinal riifiturer. 

C ausrs.-- R Lip tnrc is more 4.ominQn in men thin in women [t miy occur ai iny time 

of Life The mijonty of ciscb occur brfoTT middle Bge md the Lirgc'>t number during the 
fiRit 1en years of life, owing to the win! of closure of the perUoncum x^hKh J!i LiiTjed 

down by 1tie lesticles before birth_ Ruplnre is most frequently stringulatcd belwecn the 
age"^ oF forty ind fifty 

Local lorn.-- Ttic great majorily of cases of ruplure ire ^roin or inguinil rupture- 

SympLums.-- A fullness or i swelling i*^ fiist noliced in 1tie gioiu, which i"^ midc 
worse in standing, coughing End lifting This di^ajT'eiP> on lying down End reappeip; on 
rising in miny C4'>e'>, even bI tiist; coughing makes 1tie Innifi or "^^^elling hBrder. It ma> 
come on bolh sides, when it is cfllled double ruplure or hernia. 

MOlHERIi' REMF.DIF.S.-Rnplure^PaiiMict for.-- 'Tike equal part^ of lobelia 
and stramonium leave'>; nuke a poultice and apply lo the pans. Renew ^^ of1en as 
necessary This (.ombinBlion mates b very effective ponllice and is sure 1o gi>e relief " 

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT.-A fieiso n sho u Id wear a Iruss l^iififiort) 1tial fUs 
perfeclly. End thi'> '>hoiild nol ciu^e any pain ordmcomfod The Iru'^ '>hoiild be worn ill 
dfly, tfllzen off Bt nigh1 ifler going to bed and put on before rising when s 111 I lying down. 
If U i'> pul on Bf1er n'^ing a lilUe o^ Ihe gut msy be in lhe CHnol and iires^ied iJown by the 
support. There are manv kinds ot ^npporls. 

Operilions now perfonned for ruplure ire >ery succe^ful if ltie pBlient take^ good 
carr for month'> Bfterwant until 1tie pBrts ire ihon^ughly healed The operilion ^impl^ 
closes i too large opening The Ic^licles dent ending thiougti ihegioin ciuil fnsm the 
abdominal 4.i^Jty before birth and in congenilal rupture, left too big an opening In 
acquired rupture. Ihc^e naliiral openings were enlarged by lifling, ffllK, etc The lound 
ligBmenI of Ihe womb gocidown thTDUgh tbiis canil And SDmetime^ ihere is loo liige an 
opening left or acquired by accident. 

[rreducibk Hupture.— Thi^ is when the ruplure CBnnol be returned into the 
abdominal ca^u^ iiid i1 I't without any '>ymploin'> of strii^ulilion. Tbiey Bre of long 
■^landing Bnd ot a large si^e. Thi^ comlition i^ otten due lo c b ix: I e^ ne-^^ of i patient in not 
keeping in i reducible rupture wUh « proper iiiipport Adhesions form, holding lhe 
ruplui~e. Even if it is small, it gi^es rise 1o muLh di'^comfod and lhe pilieni i^i BlwBy'> in 
dBiigcrof'tlrangulalion of the rupture. 


Operation for rid](.il cure i^ generally b SLiecc^>s 

SlraDgulBtlon Htrmia or Kuy turtL~TbiL'> inearui the riiflure ["> '>o lighlly con'ilricTcd 

tbial i1 cannot be returned into tht alHkiniLiiBl cav]ly and i1^ cireiililion ]'f inler^cred wilh 
tbicn lhcrc ih not only ob'>lnjction to I he pas^Bge oflbie feefs but aL^o m arr«>t of 
eiinjlat]on in the prolriided port]on of bux^el which, if not relieved re:£ul1^ in gangrene 
and dc4lh. Thi^i ocenr^ more oflen in old tbian an recent ruptures and more often in 
congenitBl tbian in Bcqnired rupture. 

S> m ptc ais.-- S udde n ind complete con'>lipa1ion wilFi per^ihteiH vomiting. The lump 
may be tense hird and irreducible. Then there i^ famines^ coll4p'>e, severe Bbdominal 
pBin, complele constipation with no ga*i passing Ihen vomiling 41 firs1 of food, then of 
the biLe-Mained fluid ind finally of fluid with b bowel odor All these symptom^i mcreisc 
and Ihe pilieni gradually '>Lnks fK)m e^biauMion m eigbit or nine days ihongh in >ery 
acute CB-^es the patient may die wUhin forly-ei^ht bujury. 

MOTHERS' RKMEDEES.-StrBnRilakd Htrnias Hep Fonltict foj.- 'A large 
wann poultice ot hopji over the abdomen will be tound one of the be*i1 known mein^ of 
relieving stungulaled hernn." 

PHYS[C1A^S' TREATME^ f.-n must be reduced or an operilion must he 
performed indsoon 

I'o rtduct.— Tbie pBtienl i^ [iu1 under an Bneslhctic ind placed on his bBck with tbie 
hi[i:£ ffieLvi*^^ raised and I he ihigbiof tbie affecled side flexed. ben1 up and rot b ted in^^Bnil 
if 1he ruplure be inguinal or femorBl Thi!i motion relBfLe^ the parts The neck of ihe sac is 
tbien seized wuh the thumb Bnd fLngep> of one hind^ and ihus fi^ed. while with tbie olbier 
hBiid Ihe operilor endeB>op> to return 1he sIrBngulated gut by genlle pressure in 1bie 
proper direction. In femoul niplure Ihis is 41 nr^1 diJwnwBrd lo bring ihe gut opposUc 
tbie opening Ihen backward ind then upward In gnnin |inguinalr ruplure it is usually 
"^ligbitly upwBnil ind ou1^^Bi~d 1 1 must be coBxed^ kneaded Bnd squeezed CBrefully Cire 
must be 1aken If U CBiinol be returned in from fi^e 1o len mmule-^ no further time should 
be waMed^ but Bn open Lion "^hiiuld be performed immediately This consists incuUing 
down lo the ccmslridion and thiongbi iu thus allowing 1bie ruplure lo bie reduced 

The [lalieni should be kept in bed ind treated the same W4> as for olbier abdominal 

Ca utlo n.~ Peiso ns wi1h rupture muM be very CBrefnl no1 1o lift or fill Tt 4 support is 
worn it must fil perfectly and be worn with comfon. 

INIESTENAL COLEC. JF.ntcrul^la t.--C3usrf.--Predis[iosing. poor general 
condition, worry, over-work nervous disposilion. Exciting causes, exposure, gas in the 
bowels, mass of fecesi, undigested or 


irrHating food cold d^L^k^ grrcn frtitl ict crc*m whrn a pcrajn is very wann. 

5^mplDiiis.--]iilcrmLlLtii1 piin iJ'>Lially la 1hc unib]lical 1n4>tl| region^ mov]ng fTDin 
placr lo plicM dull orshflrp pain relieved by prcsisurt or bending forwiid. Abdomen ]s 
d]'f1cnded or drawn back Tt lasts b frw ni]nu1es or many hours ending gradually or 
suddenly, after 4 pas-^Bgc of gas or movement of Ihc bowels. 

PHYSICIANS' IREATMENT.--I. Remove cause ftist if possible. Mtid cises; pul 
heat to the abdomen by ho1 ^^atcr bag, wring clolb> ou! of ho1 water ind pu1 ]n I hem len 
drops ot turpcnline and place over the bowels biot_ Gi>e dose of peppennini waler or 
g]ngcr leu 

1. Sc^i^rc case.— Morphine hypodcrmicBlly if necessary, in a ^ocrc casc_ m unlaid 
poulUce i^ good, al^o b spicc poult]ce_ 

3. I incturt orCDlocjnlh 1b]tler cucumber^ h\ ^n exeellenl reircdy for I his trouble. ] 

hB^e often lu^ed lI \^]th great success Put five drops of it in a glas'> hBlf full of W4ler and 
g]vc lwo tei^poontuls every fifleen minuter un1il relieved. A ^cvr doses generally relieve 
tbic pB tic 111 

"IHE LIVER.- The kvcr is ihe iBrgcsl glind ]n Ihe body, and i^ ^iluated m the upper 
and nghl pari of 1hc BbdominBl cavily. The lower bonilcr of the liver corresponds to lhe 
lower bonJerof Ihe nbs ]n front Bnd to 1bie ngh1 side. It weighs fifly lo s];tly ]n 
Ibic niBle; tn the female, forty 1o fifty ounces ll is Bboul eighl lo nine inches m lis 
transverse meBsureKient, vertically near i1s nghl suTfBce il is six to seven inches, while it 
IS four lo five inches thick al i1s thickest pBrt. Opposite the backbone fron^ behind 
forwaid it meisnres Bboul Ihrec inches The left lobe, the smallest Bnd Ihinnes! calends 
to Ihe lef1. over what is called the pi1 of the stomach. 

BILIOU^NK^.— This condiUon presents differenl symptoms indiffeFcnl cases but 
It always includes langiitjr headache ordi/zmess, perhaps ^ome yellow color of Ihe skin 
and conjunctiva, ind a general sense of want of lone, depression of spinls and 

CaaseB.— The liver does no1 perform its funclion well, or Ihere is a retenlion of bile 
in 1he bile ducts MosI of 1hc symptoms hJi> no1 depend di redly upon the changes in the 
bile, but upon failure of pnnper digeslion in Ihe stomach and intestine?i. Cerlain poorly 
prepared foods or improper fi>od forslomach digeslion quickly cause 1he developmenl 
of active fennentalion and i1s resnhs iTntile the slomach mucous membrane bringing 
about a faulty stomach secretion of mucus, which causes furl her 1 rouble. Tt may end in 4 
sick headache. 

"IREATMEN'I . Prc^ emtlin.-- Normal easily digested fiwd, open bowels \cEive 
exercise, horseback nding massage of lhe liver region. Slooping o^er and bending from 
side lo side and bending back wilh fed close togelher are good b\A 

126 A;orH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

Diet— Do no! ovtr-cat_ Avo]cl ilcahoL in any form_ SUmulaling fowt ^Lich as spices. 
mLii>4ard ^ilacfc.conccntrBttd mc4l c;^ tracts ind mcil bTDlhs, pepper, biorscradish are not 
to be used Dd not u^e tuo much sbIi. '>tTDiig coffee and lea are hBrmfLiL. In severe ciscii 
mjLk CLiher diluted wi1bi water or lime ^ iter or peplonized '>biould Blone be used 

Gruels^ albuinen WBter kumiss butlcrmilk Bnd oy^ler brolti m^y be allowed. Ormge 
juice IS well as lemomde m^y generally be given. Fashng Is good in biliousness. No one 
will siBrve in a few diysof fBsling 

MC)THt:RS' Rt:MED[F.±i.~L li II ic u snt- s?f ^ I.enianjf for.-- 'One Icnion squeezed in 
a giBss ot ^^i1er wUh i very JilUe sugBr. iL^peBl lor several tiays " Lemon is 4 very giiod 
medic]ne^ and ]t is surprising to know how few people realize whil nied]C4l pKfperLies 
ttie lemon conlBins This is 4 good, s]niple, but very effective remedy. 

2. Ifilioisntsfis Sail and ^Vater Tor.-- "Take 4 le B't ]>CH>nf ul ofsBit to icupof water 
and drink beJorc breikJB'^l for b few mornings " It is a well-known fBct thai a I U tie sail in 
wann W4ler before breakfast is Jaxalive and also clcAiises ttie system *nd bowels on 
account of its purifying aclion 

^. If ilic u^ni: sff s Ichrcaic) Dandtlicn lea fc r.~ " D 4ndel]o n mot is h]ghly 
recommended for 1his " The root should be collccled ]n July, AuguKi or September. 
Dose —A sirong tea may be taken freely two or ttiree times a da^', or the fluid eitrict 
may be purchased Bt Bny drugstore. 

4. BIliou^nes^Ha cheap and ^cr> safe plan.-- 'Drink plenty of cold WBter and 
eien-i-^c free I v jn Ihc open air.' Following Ihc ibove advice j"^ often bet1er1bian 
meflic]nes ind spnng lon]cs, bLso unless do]ng hinJ pbiysicaJ labor, cut down on the meat 
caling. In fict, eat less generally for b time 

Sm Bilk Illness, Salt I.eiuonade for.— "Hoi sail lemonade night and morning. Juice of 
one lemon iJid leasjHH>nful sbN ii^ as much hot W4ler as youcBn drink.' 

ti. Bllioisne^s, tioncset Tea for. — "Pour hot wiler on boneset and let s1and until ]t is 
cold Take b swillow occB-iiouBllj." This i-i >ery good 

PHVSiCIA^S" IRF.A IMEN I". Medicines. - 1 . N U ro-hydnx: hlonc icid 1hrce 
dKfps ihree limes b diy in half a lumblerful of WBter is valuable. 

2m Twenly dnnps of fluid ex trie t of Queen's root Ihree times a day. 

i- The follo^^]ng combination forms 4 good pill to be 1aken every night: 


Exlracl of ChirotJ 40 gracn& 

Podo [1 biy 1 1 1 n 4 grain!^ 

WabioQ S grains 

Culvrr's root S grains 

CrcoHotc 10 grakic 

'hA\% and mikr inlo Iwcnly [iillfi. Tike one every night. 

4. For Iht Attack.-- Tike CBlormrl one-SLXlh griin labltl^ onr every fLflccn minLitcE 
Linlil SIT irc lakcn^ End thrn follow w]th two to four tr Bspoc nf uls of c psom silts 

JAVNDICIt (Ict4:rii^>.-- A symfitoni con'ti'^lin^ la discoloration by bile pfcgmcnt of 
Lbic "^kin. whites oF ihc eyes, other mucous merrtrBncs and sccrdEOOH- 

CBUsrs.— Ob'^l ruction of 1bic gflLl diEls, from goll ston«>^ i nf I inxni tio n^ lumor 
slndLircs, from pr«>SLire by lumors ind other criarged ibdominal orgBn-^ 

Symplons. --The skin Bcid Ihe conjuncliva (red membrane of ihc eyes^ are colored 
from 4 pale Jcmon jcJiow lo a dark olive or greenish blBck The it4.hing mav be intense, 
especLfllly in a chronic case The sweat may be yellow. The slools are a pale si ale color, 
Irtjm the LBck of biLc ind are often pas1y ind offensive The pulse is slow Recovery 
depentl"^ upon the (.iuse Plain simple jBimdice cises recover in b few days or wee ts_ 

MOTHERS' RF.MEDIES. -J. jBindicr.S^frel Cider Sirt Curt fcr. -"New 
cider before it fermenis Bt bII Dnnk all you can " This is a very simple remedy, bu1 4 
sure one if iBlzen in the cirly stages of jBundice 1 1 causes the bowcU to move freely ind 
carrie"^ o]\ inv impunUes in the syslcm 

1. Jaundici^H Ltmcn Juic4: fcr.— "Take a lablespoonful of lemon juice severBl times 
a diy." This dmei^e is produced by congeslion of the liver, and bs lemon is excelleni b*^ a 
livcr tonic i1 i"^ known to be in eicellcnl remedy forJBundKe. 

3. J Bind Ice, Fcach Tree Bark rDr.--"TBke I he inner bark of b peich tree ind mBke 
astTDng 1e4, and gi^e b leaspoonful before eich meil for five days, then stop five di^'s, 
and if the patient's indicBtions do no1 warrant a reasonBble e^peclBtion thil 4 cure is 
effecled repeat the medicine as ibove. I never knew of b CBse m which Ihe ibove 
medicine failed 1o cure Keep the bowels open wuh sweet oil_' 

MOTHERS' RF.MEDIES rnr LU^^r Camplarinl. Mandiakt Kool for. -J. 'Dry 
and powder ihc mBndrake root (often (.illed miy-Bpple) and lake about one teBspoonful." 
This dose nny be repeated two or lhree times a dBy, acconiling to the rcqni rrme n1s of ihe 
case This is 4 slimulant, a Ionic Bnd a I ax alive, an^1 is especially good when the liver is 
in a toqnd and inBC live condition. 

1. Li^cr TrDDble+ Dandelion Rool Tea for.— 'Steep dandelion rool, make b good 

sln^ng 1ea of il lake b tialf flass three limes a 


dny." TKis i"^ a vrry gowl remedy *.^ it no1 only acK on thr Liver but the bowels *b well 
Thi^ w]ll always curt ^k^hl altark'> of kvcr tTDubIc 

3. 'Lorpid Livtr, BoDt^tl Tea for.-- "Drink bcnetel tea it any limr dLinng the day 
and al nLghl. [t is bIso good for cleinsing 1bie blood.' This Is a very good remedy, 
c^pccuJly for people who li>e in a low damp region 

4. Lhcr TroDblc^ Mandrahe Leaves rorL--''.^ >ery good remedy 1o ide regularly, 
forjieveril weeks, ]'i to use from one Lo Ibiree grains of may-ipple |mBndrabe> ^ced night 
and nH>niLng, followed occ4'>ion4lly by a Itghl purgative, bs iseidlitz powder or rocbielle 
■5i]t*i " This ]'5 *iijn: lo give relief if kept up Ihoiuughly. 

5. Livtr Iroutlr^ ^Eullrlm LeafTta fDr.--"N^ulleLn leive*^ '>leeped, and sweetened 
Drink freely/ This icts vciy niceJy upon lhe liver. 

PHYSICIANS' I'REATMEN'L for l.lvtr TTOubk.-l. For the i1c ting, hoi alkaline 
bBths w]th baking nod a in water, ordu^l on 1bie foJlow]ng;— 

StBirh ] ounce 

CBmphor, powdered l-J/2 drBms 

Oxide of Zinc 1^ ounce 

Mi:^ ind use as i powder, or use carbolic visehn locally Move the 
bowels WLlh sails and do no1 give muth food for a few dajs. Use nolbiing 
bul milk. 

1. The following is good to move lhe bowel-^ when the s1ool ]s yellow and costive ]n 
a ch]ld one yeirold: 

5ulph4le of MBgne'^]a 2 ounces 

Cream of lad Br 2 ounces 

Mix and gi>e one-half leaspoonful m waler every ihree houF?i until lEie 
bowels mo^e freely. Phosphate of soda in one tiram doses oery Ihree 
houry IS good 

3. Severe 'l^pe and Kpidemric Form.— Give one to Iwo diopb of tinclure myrica 
cenfera (birberryl every two houis for an *dult This [ know to be very good 

4. The common "dimple kind ofjaundice will ge1 well readily by moving the bowels 

freely and keeping the pBtieiH on light looJ. 

CA I'ARRHAL JAV^DICE. (Acute calarrhal an^loch4lilis|.-- Jaundice caused by 

obstrucUon of the terminal portion of lhe common duct, by Siwellmg of the mucous 

Causes.— Th]s occup> moslly ]n young people. It follows inflammalion of lhe 
■^lomBch or boweK, also fn^m einnl]on exposure, chron]c heart disease. It may be 

S^mplDns.--5l]ght jaundice preceded b> "^lomach and bowel I rouble. Ep]demic 
cases mav begin wilh 4.hi]l, headache ind vom]ting. There may be slighl p4]n in lhe 
abdomen, the !ikin is light or brighl yellow, whites of lhe eyes are yellow]'^h, pain in lhe 
bB4.k and legs. 


ttrrd feeling n^usca^ cLiy colorrd stools. Puhc is rithcr ^low l]vcr miy he i liltic 

cnlirgcd- [t may lait fiDjn one wcet to lync to Ibircc mon1h*i 

PHYSICIANS' I'REAIMENI' for Calarrhal Jauadk^:.-- L. Restrict 1 he din if the 

"floiTiBch End bowtl^ ire dL'>tB'^ed. Sod]um pho^phile may be gtvrn one tca^poonful 
every Ihrce houis lo tecp the bowels open. Dnnk large quinlitie^ of waler md with it 
some baking soda one- half to one 1e4'>pooiifijl in Ihe ^^ater. 

1. ]f yoii hivc cjlomel yon iiny tfllzc one-1enth of 4 grain every hour for four hoiJp>, 
and Ihen follow with 1he scxJioin pho'^phile in one-hslf teB'^]H>onfnl dosc^ every two to 
three hour^, until Ihe towels have fnLly moved, orepjiom JiaLls. two to four tea^poo^fuK. 
Keep ]n bed ]F iJicrc Ui h fever or a very *ilow pulse ^iy of forly lo fifty 

C: ALL STONES. (Hillary Cale-ullH ChokhLhlasis|.--Cfl.^es of gall stones Bre rirc 
under Ihe igc of Iwcn1y-five yeirs_ They Bre >ery common after forly-fivc. and Ihren- 
founh-^ of Ihe CB-^e-^ occur in women Many people noer tnow they hBve 1hem 
SedeiUiTy habu^ of life, exees^i^e eat]ng and coiis1ip4lion lend to cau^iC ihem The^' miy 
number a few, scvcraL of a thi>iEiand or only one. 

5^91 ptoius.-- There ire usually none wh]Le the !itone?i itt in the gall biBdder. but 
when ih^'v pLbiS ^rom lhe gBll blBdder down ihKfijgh the ^channel) dud ]nto the bowel 
they often cause lernfic pain. especulLy when 1he slone is lirge_ Chill, fe^er, pn^fuse 
swealing and >omit]ng which comes ]n paroxysms or is conlinuoiEi The pi]n mBy be 
conslBnl or only rome on bI ]ntervi]s_ The region of the liver may be lender lhe gill 
bladder mav be enlBrged, especiBLly in chrome cises Bnd very lender. In some eases the 
pBin comes every few weeks and lhen nny be neBtiered, ^>me1ime^ seeming 1o be in 1he 
slomBch, Bnd then m the boweK, or in the region of lhe ]iver_ When 4 peison has ^nch 
pBins ind loeBte^i 1hem in 1he '>loniBch or bowels, and they come periodically. e>ery 
week or Iwo or more, he onghl 1o be suspie]ous abou1 ]t being gill stones. especiBlly if 
the symptoms do nol show in> ^lomach mjuble. Ft the stone ]s lirge and ck>ses the 
common duct, JBund]ce occuis the slools ire light colored; Ihe nnne conlains b]le. The 
atlacksof pBin niBy cease suddenly after 4 few hours, or I hey m^y \^^\ several diys or 
recur Bt intcrvBls ijnl]l the s1one ]s passed. The stones miy be found in 1hc bowel 
d]scharge'> liter an 41 tick Dealh may occur from collBpse during in aHack. 

MOTHERS' REMEDIE5.--E. Call Slants^ S^ert Oil fir. - "Mi^sBging lhe pBrt 
over Ihe region o\ lhe liver lighlly nighl ind mornjng i^ very good following by drintmg 
a w I negl BS'>f ul ot sweet o]l Bt bedtime " The pat]ent should tike some good CBthadic the 
next morning, such as b seidlili powder or cream of tBrtar. Tei^poonful jn giBss of wi1er 
each morning This ireaHncnt should be continued for several weeks ind is very 
cffe* live 


2. Call Sweats, Tritd aad ApprcYtd Rtmrd> for.-- "Drink abnul * wincglflE"^ nf 
olivt oil a1 bL'dlinu' lollc^wcJ jn Ihc ini>rnLn^ b> a calhBrtic^ B't '^cidL]tz powder or cream 
of tBrtir and phosphBtt of '>oda; tca^p^D^^ul cich momLng in WLIll:g]a^s of water This 
tr»1menl to be puisiicd ^ocibL wccb>_ Masiagc 1bic pBrt o>cr I he livcr lighlly n]ght Bnd 
morn]ng If the suffering ]'i inlcnic use bh injccUon of thirty dnsps of liudinum to t^^o 
quirls oF water." En miny ca*»«i Ihc rilbiartit: mBy not be needed as 1hc ohvc o]l will 
movr Ihc fro^^cls freely MassBg]ng I he pirls over the Liver will cause it to work bclcr 
and has proven success Ki] ]n min^ tises 

PHYSICIANS' IREATMENl for Gall SLoncs.-- L. For the pain. Morpbiinc musl 

be usfd and by the hypodermic melhod one-fourth gri]n dose and repeated. iF neccisiry, 
and chloTDfonn given before if Ihe pkin is intense^ Lmtil ihc nwrfrbiLue cm ac1 

FomenlBtions can be used over 1bie liver. 

2. Sida-— The bowels mus1 be tepi open by laxalives. Sodium Phospbialc or 3od]Lim 
S uLph B le |G L B u ber's| saLl 

3. Oli>f OIL— Olive oil ]k iced very extensively ] do not know whether it docs any 
good; some people 1hink it does. Fiom two to ten ounces daily. ]f possible. The 
phosphate or'^ulphBte ot sodium should be taken daily ]n one to two teaspoonfuls doses 
each day Some cli]m lhese salts pre>cn1 fonniUon of gall slones. 

4. Powdi^r lor thM 1 tch lag . — Fo r ihe ]ntolerable ]tch]ng you mBy ide 1he following 
powder dust "fome of at over Ihe skin: 

StBirh I ounce 

Zinc OTidc 1/3 ounce 

CBmfihor 1-1/2 Jrims 

Mix into a powder 

Dlc4.— This mus1 be thoroughly regulated. The pBlient should avoid the slarchy and 
sugir foods Bs much is possible He or she should alsi> late regul b r exe re ise. \\ 4 person 
afflicted ^vith gall stones keeps the slomach Bnd bowels m good condilion^ lhey will be 
be tier Pure i]r. sunshine, exercise, and diet ire big faclop> ]n Ihe treatmen! of chnnnac 
diseases A woman so afflicted should not wear 4ii>1hin^ Itghl around 1he slomach and 
li>cr corsels are an abomination m this disease, oli>e oil if taken miEt be conlinued for 

Surgcr>.— The ofieralion is indicated when the patient is suFFenng most of lhe 1imc 
fn^m [lain in lhe liver region or when lhe peison is failing in heallh or dunng an icu1e 
at! act When there are symptoms of obstnKlion or when Ihe re is fe^er sweaUng shows 
that there is pus in Ihe gill bladder Also kn operation is ihcn necessary, ind in most 
cases U rrsuUs satisfactorily. 

occurs belweeii fort> and sevcniy years ot igc The cases thai originate here show no 
percenlage in either sei, but 


those ihit appear here *^ second ir^' c metis *re three limr^ i^ frequent in women *^ in 
men Chronic irntBtLon by gall clones is in imporlant cause. They Bre hBnil to dugiHKie 
and . of CO LiFse ^ fBliI ]n Ihe secondary kind. For the primiTy kind early complete rtmovBl 
ma^' curr [fyou cangn a1 Ihem 

CDD£4:sLriDm>.~This oc4.uis normill^' after nie^]^, knd in Bcnti: infections, djseBscfi, e1c 

CHRONIC CONGES |■[0^ OR NLTMKG LIVER.--Th]^ is due lo in 

ol>stn3clLon of Ihe blood circula^on in Ihe liver by chronic viknJar h^Brl diseB'^e wUh 
failure of heart action. Lnn^ obs true I lo n in the tiDuble called Emphyseiin. Cbirtjmc 
Pneumonia, elc ^ may CBUst il The cul se<.l]on of a liver shows an BpptBranct Like i 
nulmeg^due to i deeply congeMed central ve]n and cafiillaries. [n i Ii1er stBge Ihe L]^er i*^ 
con trie ttd cenlraL li^ercelK btc shrunk ind 1bie connecl]^e 1 issue is incrcised 

ACUTE YELLOW ATROPHY. (Mahgnanl Jaundice).-- TbiLS is forliinatcly ■ rare 
djSL'BSC- There is rBp]d progress, and il is fatil ]n neiriy all caies_ The liver is very smill 
and flabby The symptoms are many ind are hind to d i ffcrent] ale \oii must depend 
upon your physic]an The only thing for him lo l3d ib Id meet Ihe s^'inptoms and relieve 
them if poss]blc 

CIRRHOSIS OF THE LEVER. ISekro^^ cf tki; Llvtr, Hobnail Lhcr, Cln 
DrinhcrE Li^cr, Hard Lhcr|.— This oclui\ nu^s1 L^flcii in men ^ron^ forty to six1y yeiP> 

old II IS not uncommon in ch]Ldren 

Caisc.— [t 1^ u^uilLy due to dnnkjng of ilcohol lo excess, especiBlly whisky, brandy, 
ruKi or gin. The Li^er is smBlL and 1hin, hard, grinular, while binds nin Ihrough il ind 
press on the In er cells Bnd nJcstiuy lhem 

If^aiplDiii^.-- These are few as long a^ proper c] re ulBtion in 1he heart ]^ mainlained. 
Fi1ty cirrhosis is often found in post-morlems The Hrsl symptorrui ire Ihe same ai Ihose 
accompanying chronic gastritis, dyspepsia. They ire — \ppetite is poor, naitea, relching 
and vomUing- eipecially in the morn]ng d]stres!i in the region of ihe stomich 
cons1ipi1ion or diarrhea. These increase and vomiting of blood from 1 he slomach may 
occur early and late Bleeding fn^m the Momach and bowels, etc., ciuse the slools lo 
look like tar. Nosebleed and piles ire common and pnifuse; bleeding may cause severe 
lack of blood. The epigislric and mammary >eirui ire enlarged. Asciles {dropsy in the 
abdomen) usually occup> sooner or later ind may be very marked, and it recurs iioou 
after each lapping. The feel and genitil orgins may be oedematous fwatery s^^ell]n|!). 
jaundice is slight and does nol occur until late Dunng Ihe late ^1age the patjent is much 
shrunken, face Ls hollow, ihe blood vessels of the nose and cheeks are d]li1ed, abdomen 
lb greitly distended. Delirium, slupor, coma or convulsions may occur at any lime. 

132 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT Tir Cirrhosis t^f tkt Mvrr.--[t \^ tciu^lly fatal 
somcUmcs even after Icmporarv i mp ro vcmcn1*i_ No toffee or BLcoho], simple diel, batlcr 
tonics, keep bowcli* open. A phynicnn mu-i! handle ^uzh a case 

ABSCESS OF THE LEVER. Htpatk Abscess: Suppurathe HrpBlMls.-ThLS K b 

c I irumsc nbed coL]cH]on of pus jn (he Ijver 1is*iije_ [f Ihci^c i^ onl> one abs^^ess it is in the 
laiger Lobe in se>en1y percen! of the cases The imounl of fluid contained in !iuch in 
absccsii may be two or ihrec quinji and ]ts color vines fiom b guyi-^h wbiHe 1o 4 crcBmy 
redd i!i h- bn^w n when lhe Bb^>re'5^ i'^ caused b> a 1ype (imebic^ ot dy^entciy, there l^ 
generally only one Bb^ce-^, occLirnny more oflen in lhe righ1 lobe, whereis o1her forms 
due lo septic infect]on give ribe to many abscesses. 

Causes.-- ThL'> d]'^eBse i'> rare even ]n iTDpicaL chmates. When lT ]s exciled by gall 
slone*^, Ll i'> invariBbly '>epl]c in chBra4.lcr Bnd the infecting material rcBcbies lhe interior 
through lhe liver vc^i-^cl!! or bile pi^>sa^es StomBch nkeis, lyphtJid focr, ap pc nd lc] t]'^ . 
may bring on^uch kn absce'>s Pus rounds of 1 he head ire so mel i me*^ followed by a liver 
abscess. The mosi common method of infect]on i^ throuf.h lhe port b I ^ein. OlhercBuses 
that m^y be nient]oned ire foreign botics Iraveling up the tkict'>, as lound-^onns and 

S>m|]t(]nis.--lie4.lir lemperaUire, pBin, tenderness, and Bnenlaigrd liver, Bnd often 
slight J inndice. Ln aeule casc*i the fever n^e^ rapidly, reiching lOJ or 104 in 1 evenly- four 
houis 1 1 i'> irreguLir and ]ntermitten1 ind il may be heelie. thu ]'^, Like lhe fe>ero^ 
consumplion Shaking^ ordec]dcd ch]LK frequenlly are prescn! wUh lhe ri-^e of fever Bnd 
when 1he fever decL]nc*i there may be pn^fu^e swcaling The skin ]Si pale ind shows a 
■flight J iundice, the conjuncUvi being yello^vi'th. PK^gre^>sivc Los*i of sirength wi1h 
dj^lurbance of lhe ^tonuch Bnd bo^vels ]'f preseni The bowels are variable and 
con'^lipalcd and Loose. Dropsy of the abdomen |Ascilcs^ miy develop, on accounl of 
pre-^^ure on lhe big vein, inferior >ena-civa Lung symploms, severe cough reddisli- 
bn^wn expectoration arc often present. 

THE A BSC ESS.— Tvl ay break ]nto the pleural cavily. bronchial 1ubc^ ItJngs and 
■^lomarh. bowclsi pcntoneum or ihrtjugh the abdominaL wilL 

RecDvrr^.--The result is unfavorable a*^ il ^enerilLv goe*^ on to a rapid Icrniinilion 
The ab'>ce'^ '>hould be opened anti evacuated when U^ Location can be delected The 
death rate^ ranges \ro\T\ fifly to ^iMy percenl. 

rrcatmrnl.— Open it tf ^ou cin Sponge liver rrgion wilh cool water. For the pain, 
miL'>lanl pi>ul1ices lurpentine stupe or hoi fomc n1 al lo ns prove beneficial Keep up 
sirength by ^limuliUon and quin]ne. 

DIcL In Liver 'LraubLc^ ^enl us fiom Providence tlospilaL ^CatlchcJ, Sandusky, 


J J 

Soips-- Vegetable HOLipis wilti B ln\\c bread orcnckcr^ l^ght broLbui. 
Fish— Bo I led Vic^h cod bas!i. !iolc or wh]ting, r^Vr oy^lcrs 
Meats— Tender [cbu muHon Janib^ cbiirkcn, gamt. {k][ ^pBnngLy). 
Fa rlna^:^: DUE- -Oatmeal biominy^ t4p]Dca ^Bgo. ATTOwnncit IwcIL cooked)^ whole 
wbi»l brtBd grihBm brcBd dry tca^t^ crickcr^. 

V t^^'^b^^'^^^l^^ potBto^ Blmost all Vic^h vcgctiblc^i {well boilcdl^ plain ^Blad of 
Jcltucc T^' ale r-urc"^^, dandrliuib 

l> tsH r Is— PJ ain milk [iudd]ngof I a[i l[>c b ^ sago^ irrowiDct or±]tcw«l fresh fruit [kU 
¥^Llhou1 SLig ar or c rcimt^ raw rtpc fruib. 

Drrinhs—WtBk lea orcofTcc {withoul ^ugBrorer»ni|. hot w^Tcr fiurc^ plain or 
acrBtcd wilL^r 

Mufi Nol Lakt- 

Slrong wjup^, nth madt dishes o\ uny kiiHl, hol brcBd or bjjicuit^, preserved fi-^h or 
meals, CLimes. red meat^, ^fS^- fat^, buUcr. SiUgBr hcirjnf^ eclji. salmon, mackerel, 
■^\^ect>, crcBm^. chce-^e dried fruits, nuls, pic^, pastry, cakes, maH liqiiora !iwcet winc^, 

ACUTE GENERAL PERITONEI ES. | E nf la mni a t k n oE tht P4: rite n l u m. Lining 
cf ihM Abdamiiial Ca^ tL>|.~Cans4:s. Primary. Occuts wUhoul Bny knov^n preceding 
d]*icase, and j-^ rare Sccondir^, Occuis fiDm Lnjunc^, ei tension from jnflBmcd nearby 
orgBn*^, ^nch as appendicitis or infection from bBcteni wjthoul any ippBrenI le'>ion 
(disease of the bowel| Perfo ral 10 n c b uses mosi of 1he BtlBck^ of pentonilL'> PentonHis 
may iccompin^ arnle infection'> or accompany cbironic nephritis rbieumi tL'>m, plenn^y. 
tiiben-ulo^is andsepliccinia_ PentoniU^ occurs from pertorBtion of lhe bo^^el in lyphoid 
fever abho, and il frequently occurs after Bppendicilis and HomeUmes after confinement. 

Symptoms.-- ThL'> i^ oflen lhe hisloTy of one of tbie causes meilioned above, 
folLowetl in cases VrWh perforalionor seplic disease b> a chill or chilly feeling Bnd pain 
VBrying a1 firs1_ wilh the place where the inflBinmation begins The palicnl lies on his 
bBck. with tbie knees drawn up, and lhe body bent so as to relax the museles of lhe 
abdomen which Bre oflen ngidly co n trar ted,-^>tiff a1 firsl on lhe side where lhe pain 
siBrts The pain may be absent. The abdomen becomes dislended, t^mpBmlic {cBused b> 
gBsV An early symptom is vomiling and il is oflen repealed There is constipBtion. 
occasionally diarrhea occurs The Icniperatnre may rise rBpidl> to 104 or 105 and 1bien 
become lower it is sometimes normal. The pulse js frequenl. small wiry and bea1s 100 
to 150 per minule; lhe bre b thing is frequeiH Bnd shallow The loiigue becomes red and 
dTy and cracked. PBSsing the nnne frequently causes pain, sonieUmes 1here is retenlion 
of nnne. The face looks pinched, lhe eyes are sunken, the expr«>s]on 

IJ4- A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

\^ anTLOiE, and the skin of 1 he face ]s Irocl colorrd or hvid Hiccoughs mu tiering, 
dcknum or "^lujHir may ht present. 

RrcD^er^+FragnDtf^^e1c.--Thc Bc^on of the htBrt bc4.omt'> -wcuk ind iTTCgular 
respiration is shallow^ 1tie Temperilurc uken ]n Ihc reclLim i'> h]f.h Ihc ^l:]n i's cold^ psle 
and i]vid, death occurs sometimes suddenly, u-smlLy in Ibirec to five days Icwi oflcn 
tbiirly-^LX to forly-eight bioup>; or c^cn if1er 1en day^- The results depend mBinLj npon ihc 
caiEie of the inflammilion, and ihe nBtnre of ihe ]nfcclion, infeclioLis dL'>eB'se IhBt 
pTixJiEe'> It, being usually >eTy bad BFter puerperal '>ep'>is /arierconfinenieii1|, ]ndiiced 
abortion, perforat]on of 1hc bowel orstonnch or ruplure of an Bbsre-s^ 

LOCAL FKRI l'ON[l[S.--Thj's may come from local injuiy, bu1 ]l \^ uhUBlLy 
secondary lo cmpyeina. lubercuLo'>i'>, or cancer, abscess, [lerforilion of Ihe stomach or 
bowel. Lilcer_ etc. 

Symplons.— On^et i^ usually sudden. There i^ sodden local pain, increased by any 
moyemcnt'>; tenderness, and vomiling, Ihen chilbi, irregular fever, ^wealing, diJ ticult 
brealhin^, einaciat]on 

TREATMEN I" OF THE ACUTE PERI lOMTlS.- -There must be absolute rest. 
morph]ne b> hypodermic method one-Fourlh 1o one-half grain lo relieve the pain Fee 
cold and hoi foinen 1^1 ions w]th some herb remetly like liop'>. '>m4nweed e1c., or cloths 
wrung out of hot waler wilh five to ten diDps of turpentine sprinkled on them_ Thbs ir 
very good when ihere ih miEh bloal]ng from gas. 

The turfrenline should be stopped v^hen 1he '>hiu show'> red from it. The clolhs should 
nol be heavy or they will cause pain by the]r weight. Ece WAler can be used when culd 
cloths ITT needed 

For v«miling.--Slop all food and dnnk for Ihe []me and give cracked ice 

Die I.— Should be hot or cold milk wilh I] me waler or peptonized TTsi\k if neces^iary If 
the Feeding causes vomiUng, you mus1 gi>e food by the reclum For Ihe severe bloiling 
enemas conlain]ng lurpenl]ne should be g]ven, one lo Iwo 1o six ounces of wa1er used 
wilh ten to thirty drop^ of turpentine in il. somchmes i1 ]s necessary to rcsorl lo surgery. 

TUBERCULAR VERITONIT [S.-ThLS may occur as * prim^iy tmuble or 
secondary 1o lubcrculoM^ of 1he bowels, lungs, an^1 Falopian lube. It is mo^t fro^nent in 
male^ between Iwenly and forty. 

S> m ptc SIS.— These are variable. It may occur like acule perrloniUs with sudden 
onsel of hjf.h fe>er pi]n lendemes^i bloating. vomil]n^ ind cons1ipi1ion; these 
symptoms passing jnto those of chnjn]c perilon]tis. Oflen Ihere arc gradual loss of 
sirength and flesh iavr and ]rregular fever, freqnenlly ihe lemperitnre goes below 
nonnal with a l]t1le ascites tympanites, conslipation, diarrhea and Kiasses ]n Ihc abdomen 
which consisi of 1he omentum (aprcn coven ng Ihe boivels) TolJed up ind malted into a 
sausage-shaped tumor in 


the upper p*n of tht abdomen, or of ihickcncd or adhcrcnl co]lsof the bowel rnlaigrd 
m«icntrLC lymph nodes, elc Spontincous recovery Tnuy occur, or Ihe coliisc of the 
d]'^CB'^t niav resemble lhat of * mahgnant lLimor_ 

1 reatm^: n I.- - 1 r tbiere is tffiJ'>ioii and frw 4dhcs]ons, cutUng la ind removing the 
nuid mBy help, [n DlhcreHsr'> gpod nnun'>biLng d]ct wilbiood liver oil i^ best 

A^iCllES. |H>drDptrilDn4:uDiL AbdouinBl Drof5^t'"~l~hi^ ^'^ ^^ accumulalion of 

stTDiEi nij]d in the penloneBl cavil>. [t is but a '>vm[ilom ordLse4'>t. 

Local ^' a uses.— C hiome [ieri1on]ti'i, ob'>lnjclLon of Ihe porti] |ye]nj circulBUon a^ in 
cirTho^]^ of 1hc liver, cancer or o1her liver disease, fiDm heart disei^>e, tumors, as of the 
DVBne^ orenlBrged spleen \IL thi^^e mentioned nn> produce lhisdrop*i>_ 

General Cause. — He art diseiiic, chmnic ncphntis.chionic mflldria, cancer, syphiJui, 


Siniptoius.'-Gradual incre4'>ing dL'>tention of ihc Bbdomen c au^] ng so mel] mes 4 
sense ol i^'CL^jhl 1hen difficulty of breilbiing tnnm pressure The Bbdomen is distended, 
flaltencd at the Mdes unles'> Jt is >er> fuLI The skin mBy be siretched lense SLiperfLC]al 
veiib ire dL'>tended. The navel may be flat or even [ii~otrLide Bnd in^und ]t tbie ves'icls 
may be grcally cn]arf.ed There iii fLuclLiat]on when you tap sharply 41 one s]de, while 
holding voLir hind on thL" othi^r sjde >ou feel a wavv FeeL]ng_ 

PHYSICIANS' THh\ IMI^N I" for \scltea--Fjral Ircat the di^asc causing it. 

Somet]mc*i i1 ]s ncte^ary in oniler 1o prolong hfe to repeatedly tap the pat]ent as in 
cirTho^]^ of 1he liver. When it iii cau^>ed b> the bieirt or l:]dneys, give calhartics thil cany 
aw4> mncbi liquid, hydragogue 4.4lbiart]4.s One drim of jaLap al nighl followed b> a b]g 
dobe of sails before breatfi^t. Cream ot lartir and ^ilts ire good, equal parts Or cream 
of tartar alone, one 1o Iwo drim^_ wuh lemon juice in waler in repeated do^es DigUahs 
and squ]ll.of each one grain to cause great flow of urine I nfici lo n of d]gi I a I is is ilso 
good 1o increase flow of urine when the heart is 1he real caiCiC of the asciles. ThGiC 
treatmenis tike Ihe liquids away through Ihe piofier channels, the bowels ind l:]dneys 

Ascites canned b> an Ovarlam Tun[>r.--The lumor miis1 be removed 1 am no1 in 

fa^orof I nd ist runj n u tL" openlin^ bul opL^ra lions oflcn save li>es_ I remember one Lise in 
which r ver> smjiigly urfed 1he lady 1o have an operation performed 11 was a case of 
asciles. caused, as I was sure by a tumor of 1 he oviry_ The lady is almost all people 
do,— ind I do nol blame 1hem for it —dreaded even the thonghl of an openlion, bul she 
was finally compelled to hive in operation or die 5he filled so full thai U was almosi 
impossible for her to breaihe She weni iway fiom home in lemble shipe_ almost 


ou1 ofbrcalh, and rctumrd home h "frcll woman and h*^ remained so ^tich cartes 
fonncrly djcd But not all cb^c\ of aitcUcs can be cured by an oprrBtion^ lI depends upon 

tbie cause In many CH:^r'> bII one candQ ]s to doclor I he CBUsr, if thil CBnnol be removed^ 
make 1bie pBtient\ remai n mg d4> "> bs comforl b b I ■: as possjbli:. 

DISEASES OF THE REC'lUM AND AN US.-- The lower part of ihe BkinciUiiy 

canal i^ called the rerluin, originally nieinjng striighl 11 ]s not siraighl in Ihc human 
animal 1 1 i^ ^i\ to eight incht'> long. The anu*^ is Ihc lower opening of lhe rectum, [n 
heallh it is closed by lhe eitE^mi] Sy blnc1cr|ck>sinf. imj^clcl DL'>i:B'^e m^y ^^ear 1biis 
muscJe oul ^nd then the anus remains open^ causing 1he coiHenls o^ the bowel 1o move 

1. Dcftcthc molica aflht baircls. 
3l Dcndcnl bc^cl sccri^tlonsL 

4. OlhtrcBists. Mechanical otsi rue tlDn.~Any thing thil \^il] hinder lhe free Bnd 
easy p4'>sagc o^ 1hc Jccl''> (bowel eon1cnt'>| Too ligtit exiernal sphiEicleF |reclum) mibcLc, 
slnclure, 1umor^, etc Bending of the womb on lhe bowel 

Deftctlvt Worm- 1 ike Hc^cl MDirmrnL—lrregulBr habits of Lining heBd lhe list 
causing 1biisdefccl]ve aclion Everyone sbiould promplly Btlend lo NBture':^ cill. Some 
people wail until lhe desire for stool hB't all ^ne^ Bnd in tbiat W4> th^ "h4b]t" of tbie 
bowels ]s gradually lo^1 Everyone should go 1o stool at a ccrtBin regular time eBcbi diy, 
and al any olhcr lime when Nalure cilLs If a pcr^>n hced-^ this call of Nature the caH 
will come regularly 41 lhe proper time, si> every morn]ng if1er breatfist. [f 1hese 
"^ensalions {MBture's c^llsj Bre ]gnored diy afler diy, lhe mucous inembrane si>on loises 
Its sensitiveness Bnd the muscular coal i1s tonic ily ind as a result LBrge quanl]tjcs of 
fecil milter m^y accun^nlale in lhe sigmoid fpart of 1he bo^veLf or in lhe rectum wuhout 
eiciUng 1he leisl desire to empty the bowels. Aga]n irregular t]me foreiling Bnd 
improper diet Bre liable 1o diniin]sh this act]on al^o Food's thai eonlBin very Liltle liquid 
and Ihose thai nij nol Leave much residue are L]abLe to accnmnlale in lhe bowel and al the 
'ikTTsc lime pres's upon the rectum hBi~d eni>ugh lo produce a pBrtiBl paralysis 

Dtfricienci of Lhe Secreti4nsL~Manv of the CBU'seis thil h]nder worm-L]ke motion ai^ 
also likely to lessen lhe normal sec rel ions of lhe bo^vel. Some kind's of 1 iver d iseases 
tend 1o lessen the secret]ons of the bowel becBuse the amount of bile emplied inlo the 
bowel IS lessened Somehmes lhe glands of the ]ntcsl]ne are rendered Icbs active by 
d]sease ind o1her causes. 

Sundry Causes.— Diabetes, melancholy, insanUy old ige, pirBlysis lead poison]ng 
and some Troubles of locil ong]n lite fissure of the rcclum ulcerat]on. stricture and 


S> m ptc ai^~ He ad achr , inatlcntion In bu^]nc?i^^ \r>'^ nf mrninry^ mclancKoly^ ^iollDW 
complcxjon jndign>t]on los^ of ippcUlc, nervous !iy m p to rrui Spasmodic miiiCLilir 
contracUon of thr rxIcrnaL *iph]nctcr_ The bowel conlcnts prc^>s upon ]t; spaMn of this 
"^pbiinclcr jnuH^lc j*^ frcqLicntl> broughl on b> the [irc^cnc^ of 4 crick in tht miicoLis 
mcnibram:, CBUHtd by ]njury ]nfL]ctizd dunng fxpLiL'>Loii o^ hirdzntd f^cc^ Instead of 
aiding a bowel movcmtnl, Ihc muntlc^ no^^ present an obstniclion beyond contioL of Ibic 
will and iggrivHc the ccindit]on Tht mosl frtqucnl caiufc of d]^CBSc of the reclum is 
Loii'^1ip4lLon End anyone of ihc rL>llo^^]ng Local diseists of tht reclLim End anici miy be h 
"^vinptom ot ronsLipBtion. ([) Fissure or cract of the aniis- (2] Ulrcrat]on {^] 
tiemorrhoids fpilesj |4^ Prolipsr (falling^ (^] ^icnralgiA. (6) Proct]t]s and penproclit]s 

F^Eurr of tbie Bnus is 4 common local symptom ofconsUpBtion. The fecrs 
aceumulalc when ihe bowels do not mo>c for b few diys, the wilery portion is ibsorbcd 
ttiey become diy, hard, lumpy, ind >cry diff]ciiH lo expel frcqucnlly mBlzing b rcnl (IcarJ 
in ihe mucous membrane Bnd rcsnUing eventually ]n in irritable fjssurt. UlcenUon of 
the reclum and lhe sigmo]d ^parl of lhe boweh is 4 "^jmplom of ptrsislent constipBtion. 
because the pressure exerted upon Ihe nounsh]ng blood vessels by the tecBl mass causes 
I04.4I nieilhof lhe I issues 

HeaiorrhaldE (Piles) may be priidiKed by const] pal]on in se^ral ways f]rs1 by 
obslruction to the relurn of 1he venous fdart] blood Second, by venous engorgement 
(filling upr of lhe heniDn~hD]dal veins dunng violent and prolonged strain]ng at stool. 
Th]rd_ Bs a resuH of the general looseness of lhe issues ]n Ihose suffenng from 

Prolapse (FBlling oT the Bo"^ el). --This falling of the reclum may be padial or 

compleic, Biid nia> be cuuscd by strBining or by Ihe downwarti pressure eitertcd by Ihc 
fecil miss during the emptying movement oMhe bo^cl It may ilso be lhe resuH of a 
PbtUbI pBralysis of the bowel ciu^ed by pressure of lhe feces upon 1he nerves. 

Proclltisaad Fcri-Pr[>etillsL--lnnumm4lion of the reclum ind surTound]ng tissue 
thai niav or may ni>t lerjnjnalc in un ibs^-css ind hstui b ^ so metj nies follows injury' lo the 
vcT^ sensilivr mucous mcmbrBne by the hardened feces. 

Mrural^la uf the KLt'luitiL~This may wj me times result from lhe pressure of lhc 

fecil mBss upi>n 1hc nearby nerves causing pBin ]n Ihe sacrum coccyx fbonesij 

MOTHERIi' REMEDIEii. -t. C onstlpBllin, a Giid ^au^sllLnlr for Fills and 
Drupes. --'Two ounces CBchof figs, dales raisins, and prunes 1w]thoiit pits) one-h^ 
ounce senni leaves Grind through meat chopper, and mil ihonnughly by kneading. 
Break off pieces {iboul 4 level tcBspoonfnh and foim mlo tBble1s_ ifr rap each m a wax 
pBper ind keep ]n covered f liss jBrs in b cool plBce. Dose —One at n]ght lo keep lhc 
bowels regiilBr Very pleasani to ukc " 

1. Coasllpallcns Snbffltulc fcr CaslorOIL-'Takr good clc^n hg^, and stew them 
very ^lowl> in oIl^l' olI until pltimp and lender^ 1bicn Bdd a Itlttc honey End a Itlttc lemon 
juicc^ and bILow tht "tynifi lo boiL thtck. ff^pjT^r.^j. —Keep this tn a covered glB^'> jar End 

when B dLiSiC of c astor o] L sccnui necessary, a ^tnglc f]g w]Ll answer every purpose. No! 
unpleisBnt 1o lake." 

3. CoQstlpatloD^ Hut Waler for.-- "A cup of hot walcr. is hnl «'> one can dnnk t1. a 
HbIT an hotir before breBlzFast " The hot W4ler thoroughly r]nses the slomach and helps 
the bowels 1o c*ny off ill the ]nipurH]es 

4. Constlpathin. Excel Ir at Nourl^hxienl ft^r Old Ptoy lc.--"A labk^poontul ot 
olive oil thri-'L" tjmc*i 4 tlay jn1ernalJ> for Wi^ih or very oJd pei>pLL" ]t can be injccled — 
Li'>ed as in enemi." Olive oil will be found very beneficial for young people is well as 
old ll ac1^ as a food for the whole ^y'>lcni ind ]^ very nouri'>hing. 

5. ConstlyallDns Salt and Water far.-- "A p]nch ofsBll m a glass of water iBkcn 
bcloix: bnzaHast cverv mornjiig I have found it a very good remctly " This is b remedy 
easily obti]ncd in iny home ind will be found very helpful Few people seem to realise 
how valuable salt ]^ as 4 medic ine. Tt Bcb> b^ a '>l]niiilBn1 ind k>o^cns the bowels. 

(. Constipation, Waler Cure for.-- "Drink 4 quant] ty of water on reliring and 
durjug Ihc Ja>." This simple hi>me remedy has been known 1o cure sEubburn cases cF 
CO n'>l] [1 at]o n if kept up r4]thfiilly. 

7. Constlpationn Ionic and Slandard Renii^dv for.-- 'Calomel one onnce^ wild 

cherry bark one oun4.e Peruvian bark one ounce, Turkish rhubarb ground one ounce, 
make 1hi!i in1o one quirl wUh wi1er, then pul m sulTicienl ilcohol 1o keep U " Do^>e:— 
Take a '>m4ll teaspoonfnl each morning when 1he bowek need regulaling. or you need a 
slimulating Ionic. 

S. Constipation^ CIvcerim and AA'Mcb-HajeL Remedy AA'hrre Cut«r OIL Fatkd - 

"Equal part^ of glycerin and wUch-ha/cl." Dose —One lei^poontnl every night a I 
bedtime In severe casc*i where von hive been unable to get a movement of the bowels 
b> the use of o1her cathirHt-s lake a leaspoonful every two houn> unUl the boweK mo>e 
freely. Thui reEned^' has been tuown Id curr when cistor oil and olber remedies have 

9m Cosslipation, VVell-kno^n Reni^dj for.— 

"Fluid BTtrict C4'>cara Sagrada I ounce 

Synip Rhubarb I ounce 

Simple 3>rup 2 oiincci 


One tcAspoonful at nighl or hftcen drops four lime^ a dt^ for in adult 


LO. Constipation, Effccllvt Rtmtdv, io Ihr most Stubborn Cases Df.-- 

"FluLd ExtfBc^t Ca^d^4 SBgrBdB ] ounce 

FliJ]d BTtnct Wihoo ! ounce 

Nculral]zingCordfciJ 2 ounces 


Adulls may lake b Icasfioo nful of tbiis mixture before retiring^ lhib will br found very 
effcclive in lhe mm>t "^lubboni ca^c^ of con^t]pBtion_ 

LJ. ConstlpBlians Rcmtdy TrDm a ^[othc^ a I Lets ^EassBcbusrtts.-- 

"Si^nni Li^ivcs ]/2 pound 

English Ctirrant 1/2 pound 

Figs 1/4 pound 

ETDwn Sugar I iBrge c^up 

Chop all logcthcr fine Dose —One-fourth to onc-hBlf tcEipoonful 
every n]p.ht_ Do no1 cook_ The bc^t remedy I tnow_' 

L2. Constlyatlom, Fruit and Hoi ^'alrr Cure for.-- 'Dnnk a pinl of ho1 WBter m 

ttie momjng before eiUng. Eat fruLl plenty of a[i[ili:'>^ cal ipple^i m the evening, and they 
will loosen 1tie bowebi. Chew them fine, mix with "tBli^B " 

L3. ConsllpallDns Htrb Tta For.— "One ounce nenni leaver '>[ee[ied in one-hBlf pint 
of hot waler^ "^'ilh a Ici'^piKi nl u I of ginger powdered; ^triin This is 4 mctl certain ind 
effecUve [lurge^ Bnd mild in lis aclion upon lhe bowels Dose.— A eupfnl at bedtime Thia 
IE farsupenor to ^kil}^ " 

L4. Constipation, Purshiana RarL Tta ^ill»ul an Fqial For.— '^n infusion of 
one ounce of pLii\hiana bark to one pin1 of bi^jling W4ler. Lnfuse for one hour Bnd Mram. 
[t '>tBnd'> WLlhoul in equal in 1 tic IreHment ol 4.oib tip b lion in ill iK VBned lorm*^. Do^e.— 
One trBspoonfiil, morning Bnd evening according to ^ymptom^ or until 1tie boweK are 
thoroughly regulaled " Thi-i is fine forcon^lipalion. espcciilly if of long standing. It may 
be used in conned ion wilh case Bra This ^mII gi>e relief when o1her remedies I ail 

PHYSIC JANS' IRE ATM EM for C Dnslipaticn.- Too much reliBnce his been 
placed upon medicine in the trrBtment of 1 his disc B'^e ind too lilUe altenlion given lo 
diel ind 1he c^lablishmenl of regulBr habits in caling^ exerci'ting sleeping ind atlendmg 
to 1lie calls ot r^Blnre Also local disease of the re4.lum has been overlooked until of lile 
years Remedies of b la^alive Bnd 4.i1harlK nBture ^oon lo^e Iheir power and lhe nio^e 
must be repealed or a new remedy must be gi^en This melhod of treatmen! i"^ ^^ell 
recommended and is >ery good 

1—S [retching of 1he sphincter 

2— Frequem rectBl and abdominal mis^age. 

3— Copious injection of warm waler |in 1he beginning onlyl 

A — A p [1 lie alio n of e lee trie ily over lhe ibdomcn and in the rectum 

In addiUon to 1his Irealment which must be carried out by a physician 

140 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

the piticnt mu^t ob^rrvc ihc following rulK> Go 1o stooL daily, and he near tht ^imc lime 
as Ls convcnicnl correct errors of d]ct. Dnnk an abundance of WHtrr and i^Ht sufncicnt 
fniit Take filcnly of outdoor rxcn.i'^c 1akr a cold bilbi rvcry morning followed by a 
thorough rubbing Dre^ \^armL> in winler and cool ]n summer- Chflngc of tcmperalurc 
or cl] male i\ the d'>t demands U Be tcmpcrHte in hII things Hfrecnng tht general htHlth. 
Stretching the "^phincler musi be dont circlulLy^ bu1 ]n 4 thi>roiifh manner. Tt can only be 
done piDjKrLy by in eiperienced peraon_ 3 trelching of Ihc sp hinder close*i I he opcn]ng 
■50 1hat the fccc^ Bre nol passed al all 1imc^ 11 i-i circular ]n shape. Somen mes 1hi!i prows 
larger, Miffcr. or ]t acK "^pi^mod le b I ly_ The open]ng i^ of1en ^> 1tght in "^imc people thil 
It isdiff]ciill to intiodnce even h fmgrr, and it freqoenlly pK>diKt'> b spasm of pain in the 
bowel'>, slomach Bnd heid to dn ^o. Thi'> l:]nd Vr\[] prodiKt constipation or miki: U 
worse In '>iEh cases il should be '>tretehed thoroughly but cartfolly ho ihBt 1hc kium.Ic 
will be Bble to close the npenng Bnd the bowel eonlenls \^jLI not pass at any lime 
unhindered There arc two mdhods of stretching Ihc muse le~ fo re ible or gradual The 
forcible mnhod is generally done by ]nscrting the two thumbs into 1he Bnus and 
slreteh]ng Ihc miCicLc IhoroughLy in e^ery dire4.l]on unt]l there is no resistance |Dilatois 
are mBde for this purpose, but unless they are very carefully used lhey w]LI lear lhc 
muscler. The forcible method should be done under in anesthetic Gradual stretchng is 
done when an ineslhetic cinniit be used l1 ]s betler 1o dj 1oo Little 1han lo do loo much 41 
the first si1t]ng The muscle is vcTy slubbom sometimes and ]t requires careful handhng 
or the imlability will be increased An instrument in the hBnds of a careful man i^ ill 
right- They CBn be siretched by ihe nngers or the Wales' bougie, thus Palienis should 
come 1o ihe off]ce two or 1hree timeji 4 week Ihe inslriiment fbougies) Bre intn^duced 
and allowed lo remBin wuhin 1he bowel until 1he muscle reMstmce ]s overcome ind 
many t]mes I heir wUhdra^^Bl will soon be followed by b copious slool Forcible 
slretching is seldom required more thin once, if a lirge ^i/ed instriMnenl ih used fn^m 
time lo tjme Bfterward, just as m gradual ^trel4.ting, when I borough dilalBtion his been 
accomph^hed Ihe muscle instead of acUng as in impBssible bBrrier lo Ihe disc^rge of 
the feces, now offers only pBssi>e resislBnce. but sufTicienUj s1rong_ however, 1o prevent 
any unpleBsant Bccidents, ye1 nol stiong enough to resist ihe power of the e^pulsory 
muscle*! when the iBtter ire biunghl ]nto full play dunng MooL Large quBntUies of feces 
do not now Bccumulale, conseqnenl I y the pressure upon 1he mucous membrBne Bnd 
neighboring nerves is ehmmHed, and ihe bowel regains iLs nonnBl sensibil]t> and 
sircnglh There ire now !iold dilatois in JiCts for self use in BimoM e^ery drug store. 
The*ie when used co n1 inui>u*i I y Lk> good anti successful work. 

Aldomlmal Massage. ^Knradlng^ RibtlnE^ ctc.t-~Thi^ is Bn essenlial feilure in 
the treilment. It wis prBct]ced b> Hippocrates hundreds of yeais Bgo. Place Ihe palieni m 
the reeumbem poMl]on 


upnn a 1ablr ivhichrHFi br ^n m ampul Htnd thiT I he hrocl may be r^i^icd or lowrrcd I he 
body rolled from ^idc lo Mdc. Gcnilc but f]rm pressure 1*1 Ihcn made wUh the palm of the 
hflnd and lhc bill of Ihe thumb over thi: lirge inleMint beginning ]n Ihe lower ngh1 groin 
region Then go up lo the ribs on 1bie rj^hl ^idc. then o^er I he body lo the JiBitic place on 
Ibic Itfl side and do\^n to the Lef1 lower !i]de End cenlcr, accompBny]ng Ihe pressure by 
kneading 1bic pBrts Ihoroughlj with I he nnger^_ Rcp»1 1 his seven I 1ime^ for about ten to 
t^^elve minutes At fars! lhis should he prBcti^ed every dBy. later Iwice 4 week Spec]Bl 
IreBlmenl sbiould be f.L>en the ^mall ]nle'>ljues ind Li^er wbieu 1bie bile and mte^linal 
■^ecrelion ire le*i^ened [n ch]Ldren gentle rubbang of Ihe ibdomen with circular 
movement*! from nght I0 left with b h tile oil for 1en m]nutesdi]ly will help I0 increase 
the acl]onor the bowels and often bring on a noimBl movement- 
Copious Warn ^'aLer ]n|ef1i[>ns.~Thi'> j^ good al Ihe beginning of Ihe treatmeni 
when 1hi: i^<.c\ bctonii: putked Th^y ^>nen Ihe m4'>s ind aid il-^ discharge- The wi1er 
mii^l f.o ibove the reelum into lhe colon To do thi^ a colon lube from eighleen I0 
lwen1y-four inche-^ l^>ngn a good syringe fthe DBvad-^on bulb J hinJ rubber pi'>lon or i 
founlain syringe the nozzle of which t:an be inserted in1o the tube, are required. The 
pBtiem I'i placed ]n Ihe ly]ng niown posilion on the Lefl side w]th knees dra^^n up wilh 
the h]p'^ cLevBted. Gil Ihe lube and piss i1 gemly Bnd islowly up the bowel for 4 few 
inches unlil U meets \^ilh a slight obslruct]on \ few ounces of wi1er are then forced 
through the tube and bI the ^Bmc 1ime pressure i-^ made upwaid wUh the lube b> these 
means Ihe obMriict]on w]ll be lifled oul of the way each time lhe lube meets with 
re*i]*ilance the prtjcedure mu-^l be repcBled until 1he lube iii well wjthin the colon. \1tBch 
the syringe to the lube Biid allow the waler lo run until 1he colon is dj^lenJiNJ. ,\ qu^n lo 
a gallon of wirm WBtrrcin be used depending upon 1he Bge Bnd amount of feces prnscnl 
The water should be retBined B-i Long B-i po'&ible 

The mjcc 110ns should be conliniiH^J daily untjL all lhe feces hBS been removed. They 
should ni>l be used for week-^ as his been recommended If !ioap suds Bre ii»ed jn Ihe 
enema^ green or soft ^OBp should be used^ nol Ihe hard si>ap 

Electricllv,— One pole may be placed over the spinal column ind the other moved 
ahoulover the course of 1he colon or one over 1he spine and lhe ol he rover the rcclum_ 

AgBin conslipalion 1^ caused by the womb lying upon the reclum Change this 
cond]t]on_ (See diseases of womenJ_ 

Rults.~PBtieii1^ should go lo btooL daily al Ihe same hour, usually after Ihe morning 
meal- You can educate the bowel lo ac1 di]Ly Bt the sime hour or after breikfi'^l or on 
the olher hind nol more than once in two or 1hree days in 1hose who Bre careless in lhe]r 
hBb]ts Some patients need lo have two or three movements daily in order to 

142 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

fcc[ wrlL_ [t miy like time to educate thr bowels to do this, bul n cm he donr in many 
cases knd many pePtorui bcrome 4.01V1 ti p b ted beciune they pul off atlcnding I0 ihe 
cducaled l>o\^eL\ call, and oflen produce comitipBtion by carelessness. Et is '>LirprL'>Lng 
how many eduLiled people pul off this duly Nature neglccled, ^>oi>n cea^e^ I0 cbII If 
con^lipalcd pep»omi w]ll peiseverr in ^oing lo the clo-^e! Bt or neir the *iame tunc every 
dBy and devole Iheirenlire time wh]Le there lo the c:^puL'>ioii of the fecBl contenl-^. and 
no1 mike l1 4 reading room lhe^' will bring about 1he desired re'>uLl Pal]ent'> Bre Bpt To 
become d]!iCouraged it f]rM, they should be informed thit lhe f]naL re*iLih oF Ihe Irealment 
1^ not influenced by lhe fBiLure of ihe bowel to 4ct re^larly during the first few day±] Do 
nol Mram I0 eipel 1 he stool- 

Cirrcctlonb cf F.rrars In nictL—Thj'^ l'> one of the ncce?iS4Ty fcBtures ]n the 
tre*lment_ \\\ Izind^ of toods kno^vn to djjiBgree -should be d]'5carded The food*i should 
be eB'sily digcsled In children Ihe diet '>hould be rich in fats, Blbnminoids ind "^ugir, but 
poor instBrthes A reB-sonibJe Bmount of fruits ^nch bs apples, oranges, ind hpi should 
be illnx^ed N^cals should be at regulBr hours Foods thil can be used 

Ma> Tate-- 

S(]iips.--Mcut bl^Uh^ oyster ^oup. 

FIshL—BoiL'd fish of all kinds, nw oysteis 

Meals.-- Almost any fresh tender meil ]H>ul1r> ^ame, not fried. 

Farlnac4:oDS.--Oatmeal ^^healen gr]ts, mush, hominy, whole ^^heat breid, eom 
bread gnhim breid, rye bread 

Veg4:Lab]esL— Bo]led onions, brussels spnnut^ spinach, cauliflower, fioE^toca, 
aiparaf us. uieen corn green peis, siring beans. *iBlids wilh oil 

Dtsserls.— Stewed prunes, figs, baked apples wilh cream, ripe peachc*i pears 
oranges apples melons gripes, cherries, raisins, honey, plain puddings, fig pudding, 
apple eh a rio tie 

Drinks.— Plenty ot pure water, cold or hot, new cider bulterm]lk, orange juice, 

unJcrmented grape iu]ce. 

Mufi Nol lake- 
Sill, smoked potled or preserved f]!ih or meats, pork, liver eggs, new bread, 
puddings of rbce orsigo pa^t^y, milk, bwecls. tea, nuls, cheese, pineapple, spinluou!^ 

Foods clashed is Iax4li>es are honey. e]der, molasses, ind ae]d fniits. such as appLes, 
pear^. peaches, ehemes. and oranges. Berries arr effective la^ati^es on accoLint of lhe 
acids and heeds they contain. |]i ik kle berries arr comitipating^ Prunes dates and fig^ ire 
good and effective, il^o truit juices 

Drinks.— There are few laxalives belter Ihan a glasi of cold ^^ateror preferably hot 
waler, tiken upon an emply stomach before breakfisl. 


walcr prevents the kcc^ from becoming dry and maiscd ind MimulalCTi the in1cst]nal 
movements ,\ p]ncbi of *ibIi iddcd to the wi1cr ire.rca*ic*i H-^ cffcc ti^ crm»s_ 

Out-door hLx t re Isc L~ TbiL'> '>bioLild be IbIzcci rcgnJarly and freely. 

Bath lug.-- Tbic bcsl t]mc ]^ before break ^a^t^ End m fl^ cold W4lcr bs po'>sibLc. The 
bfllh '>hi>LiLd be followed by 4 thorough rubbing of tht ^k]n w]th a Turkish towel. 

Clothing.- -Winn (.lolbimg m ^^ inter cool clolh]ng in summer Cold ^^ealher 
indiict'> coiis1ipAlion^ and warm weather diirrhca. Mo^krate manner of La^mg ih 

PHYSICIANS' TRE.ATMENTforConstlpallon. I. Omt vear La thrct ^ears. - 

For J nt ants one teBspoontnl or le'>^ of black mo]as.'^e'> or store :£>rup^ i^rol l^Iivc o]h 'nd 
MeLlin's food eaten dry, i^i good for babieb b yeir and older 

1. Small C li ildren.- - 1 nc re Bse err am ]n I he milk^ g^ve OBtmeil or barley WBter. 
CBKliLe soap '>ii[i po'>i to r^' . enema^ mas^ige, CBSIor oil. ore Urate of KiBgne'^]a if drugs ire 

3. UkJrr CklkJrcn.— In older children, fniit^ oalmcaL elc. Black molftssc^ is good for 
children one to t^^o teB^poi>nfiiL'> 

4. Fluid Exiraci of Cbscbtb SBi^mda.— Done: len lo s]xty diop*^ al mght. Tkis is 
good for a great many ca.'tes and sometimes i1 cure^ the tioublc^ btit on the other hand it 
seem^ to injure some people 

5. Tke ArooiaLric (.ascara jfi also good^ doscii Bie larger and pLeBsinl lo take Thiii \h 
more agreeable for children. 

4. I'hr Compound l.lroriec Fowderj*^ a mild^ ^]mple laxal]^e End effecl]ve 11 j*^ 
composed of '>enni iM^hleen parl-^. Licorice roo1 pow de r six leen parts, fennel eigh1 pirt*i 
washed '>ulphur eighl parl-^ *iUgBr nfty parts Dose --One lo two leaspoonfuls. 

T. For one dose, or one cipsule. the pn^porlions would be: 



Aloin ]M grain 3 grains 

ETtT^cTorEelladonnB l^S grain 10 grains 

ExtrBct NuK Vomica IM grain 3 grains 

Powdc red Oe nt] an 3 grBins 36 grains 

Mix Bnd put up in IweK'c cap^ulc^ ind lake one 41 nigh1 
There ire miny tablets Bnd pillh mide IhBt can be honghl at any drngstorr. No doubt 
some o^ them are fiist cIbss, ihough perhaps no1 4lt4]ning I0 thil high degree of vtrluc 
clBimL'd in 1heir advertising columns. 

M'CHING OF THE ANU!i. |l1ching Piks> (Prurllns aml>.Causrs.--An inherited 
or an acquired nervous constUution. Disease of the colon, reclum or inu^ Improper dbct 
Skin afrection'> ]n Ihat region. Openlkoib iboul the rectum ind anus with resulting 
d]£]Charge sometimes 


DmtiHcii in 1bic neighboring oigins DL^>ti^c of 1bic general sy^lcni Durrhea, djjichargc 
of mucus ind pu*^^ fissure^ etc. [rrcgulBr hibjts End dissifialion O^ e r-se aso ned foods 
such as Lobster salmon shell-fish and foods com aiii]ng mu^h grea^tc or slarch arc 
cspcLLBlLj conducive to ]t; the SBmt ]s tnic of tea, coffee, cocoa, strong alcoholic drinks 
Skin diseaitcs hce pin worms often ciuHf il. 

Afttr U pe ratio ns.-- Some pBrt his not he b led, and Ihere Ui Icfl in irnlating 
d]sc biargc- 

Sjmptcais.-- There i*^ inlcnse il4.hiiig at the inus ]ncrc4sed by x^armth, and con1ac1 
of the biit1o(.k^_ The Uching grows wop»* afler lhe pBlicnt becomes warm in bed_ Il nny 
sprcBd ind citcnd to 1bic HciDlum_down the limb-^ and s<jmet]mcsovcr the lo^^er bid: 

Pallia tri^c. 

I>[L J'.~Ma^ lakc---Slrong drink mu^l be pnnhibiled- te* coffee cocoa, ]rijs«l at 
all should bi: spBiinj;L> used \ L^hl dj^l siicbi B't bread, milk, eggs, nourishing :£oups, 
kumiss ind a liuli: fresh fisbi broiled steik, etc , may he used 

Mb> Not Tahc--]iot caki:s, pastry, parsnips cheese, pickles beans. cucLimbeis, 
cabbage oalmcal pork sbieL]-fish_ silmon lobster salt ft-^h confeclionciy and stBrchy or 
h]f.hly "^tB-^oned fnods ire 1o be probiibiled. Ref.ulir oicbIs no Lunches between me*]^. 
and lhe piliem must not ovcr-eal al 4n> time Long 4.oiirse dinners and o> er-] nd u Ige nee 
in highly seasoned foods Bnd wines aggra>4le it. 

Rtmedks Tor Balh.~The bowels should move daily ^nd the pad't should be kepi 
cLeBii The parls "^hiiuLd be bilbied wuh hot waler or weBlz soliit]ons of Lirbolic ac]d 
alcohol or listenne, the heal being especiBlly ioolhin^ Bilhing 1he pirls w]th bran 
OBtmeBL, Flaxseed sail rice, slippery elm leis, or tir WAter adds muchcomforl lo Ihi^se 
part^ Do not wish much w]th "^oipy wHer 

1. Separate the Bullocks ^rilh 4^aizr^ a Ihin layer of co1 ton or b ptcceof Hoft clcth 
This CBses the soreness pi]n ind Hchmg b> ab>ori>ing the secretions Bnd pre>en1ing 
irri1at]ons while walking The parent should not scratch the parts. Direct pressure over 
the ]tch]ng parts wilh a soft clolh, cr by drawing a iveLI oiled cloth icross the sore parts 
several time-^ g^ves relief. 

2. Dtl a I ling ham S ec c m me nd s 1lie ] ntrodu^ I ion of a bony or ]vory nipple-shaped 
plug inio the anwi before fojng lo bed 11 i'^ self ret4]ning Bboul Iwo inche*^ in length, 
and as 1hick as the end of the indei fjnger He claim-^ il prevents 1he n]gh1 ]lching by 
pressing upon 1he mBny veins Bnd terminal nerve fibres of the parts When the rawness is 
extensive and 1he pBrts ire highly inflamed, the pBtient "should be kep1 lo bed and kepi on 
h]s ba4.k wilh lhe Lmbs "^cpBTBted iinliL the iT7ital]on is aLlB>ed. 

3. l.acal ^pphcatiDnsL~Soo1hrin|; remcditEi These can be used when 1he puis are 
I nf Linked ind raw. Leid and opium \^Bsh, or borkc acid, or linseed oil, or s1 arch, or 
cocaine, Bnd ^inc stearale VrWh bone ac]d This form of zinc adheres to the pBrts when 
rubbed on, and is 1hus more valuable. 



2 drams 
2 drams 

] drBcii 

] gFEhlC 

] grains 
] ounce 

4. The following is giKKl to diet an the p*i1s:— 

Bone Acid 
StcBratc of Zinc 
Apply B^ a dusling powdrr_ 

5. The following is good for thr raw parl^ — 

Carbolic Acid 

Mem hoi 


£uel tnougbi lo make 

Mix_ Apply freely two or three times daily iftercLcBnsing the parts. 
Melt ihesLiet and when pad i illy cold^ add thr other ingredients 

ti. The following ]k good for the itchan^ ind to heal the riw SLirFaces:— 
Carbolic acid ] dram 

Zinc oxide ] dram 

Glycerin 3 drams 

Lime waler S ounces 

Mix and appl> once or twice daily lo relieve the ilching 

7. Carbolic acid ] dram 

Cilamin prep 2 drams 

Zinc oxide 4 drams 

Glycerin 6 drams 

Lime W2ler ] ounce 

Rose waler enough 1o mike S ounces 

MiK_ Keep m Lontict wi1h 1hc ]tch]ng ire a b> means of gan^e or 
coUon while ihe ]tching is ]n1en'ie_ 

S. For injecl]ons in1o I he rectum for rawn«ts of the mucoii't membrane, the following 
IS well rrcom mended Use 1hree drams of this at one lime. 

Flu]d ex trad W]tch Ha/el 
Flu]d exlract Ergot 
Flu]d extract Golden Seal 
Compound Uncture BcnH:o]n 
Cirbolized Olive or Lanseed 0]l 
Carbolic acid 

Mix ind ^hike well before lining. 

9- For the same purpose — 
Olive oil 

2 ounces 
2 drams 
2 drams 
2 drams 
] ounce 
5 per ceni 

] dram 
] ounce 

Mix and apply in the rectum on a piece of coUon 

PELKSl IHtmorrkDidsl.— HeKiorrhoid is dcnved from Iwo Greek words^ meaning 

blood and flowing with blood "Pile" is from 



a Grctk word meaning a boll or globe Hcmo rrEio ids or palc^, arr varico^r tuinnr^ 
involving the veins, c*p]llarLcs ot ihc mucouH mcnirancs End lissuc iJ]rcctLy lindcmcath 
ttic mucous ni^Mnbrinc of tbic lower rrctum, charBctcnzcd by b Icnclcncy tc bictd and 
prolrudc They \^crc Iznox^n in the t]mc of Mos«> 

Vartttlcs.— Thrrc ire Ihc cxlcrnal IcDvcrcd by the ^kin^ and ihc intcmil (covered by 
mucoui jncmbrancj 

CaustB.-- Heredity. More frequent ]n mBLcs_ Women SDinc limes suffer from them 
dunng pregnBiicy UsubIIj o(.cijp> between the age^ of Iwenly-five and f]fty_ Sedentary 
life irregular biabu^ high-^ridc w]nes md liqunis, ho1 md hi^biLy sca^inncd and 
slimuLBting FoocIh- HeB^y Ljlling_ Thoie who mu*i1 remain on their feet Long orsjt on hard 
unvenUlated ^eab> for several houni al a time RaiFway employees, becau^e I hey lake 
their mcBls 4ii> time md cannot go to slool when r^atore C4]L'>, caiciing coii'>li[ialion 
Purgalives Bnd enemati u^ed oflen ind for 4 long lime CoiblipBtion is perhaps the mo^t 
FrequenI cbuhc when i movement of I he bowels i^ pu! off for a considerable lime the 
fetc^ BccumuLBte and become hard and Lompv bikI difficiiLl to e^pel. [f lhih haid mBS'> ]^ 
reti]ncd ]n Ihc rectum, it prc*ise^ upon the blood ve^eis ]nterfenng with thei r c] re iiLi! ion 
and by bru]^]ng 1he vc^'veis may induce an infLBmiTiat]on of the veiii'> when the haidened 
feccii are expelled, s1rain]ng i^ ]nten^e the mas!i ciose'> the ^es^elji above by pressure and 
forces Ihe blood downwaid ]nto the ^ein*i_ priidiicing d]li1al]on when Ihe force i^ 
sufficiem One or more of the smBll veiii'> near ihe inuH mBy rupture and cau^e k bloody 
IvBhfulBrl Inmor beneBth 1he mucous membrane orsk]n 

External Priit^~Two kiiHfc. vcnou}! p]les and "ikm or simple eriarged lags of skin. 
Venoui piles usually occur in robus! pep>i>n*i They come on suddenly and Bre cauicd by 
the ruplure of one or more smill >cins during the eipulMonof hardened feces There 
mBy be one or more, and mBy be Iocb ted just at the union of Ihe mucoid membrBne Bnd 
the skin. Their ^]ze is fiom b millet-seed 1o 4 cherry, livid or dark blue ]n color, and 
appear like bullets or smill shots under the skin A1 fiT^I they cause b feeling of swelling 
at the mBrginof the Bnus; but bs the clol becomes larger and haider, there is b feeling of 
the presence of b foreign body in ihe lower pBil of the anal canal {or canal of the anusV 
The sp hinder muscle resents I his and occasionBlly con! nets, sp bs mod ic ally it f]rst 
producing b drawing Feeling; later ihcse contractions be4.ome longer and more frcqnenl. 
and ihere ih intense suffering 4.aused by Ihe pile being squeezed, and lh]s suffering may 
be so grcBt 1hat sleep is ]m possible without an opiate. Bee b use of 1he strBining, irri1at]on 
of the reclnm Bnd pain in the sphincter, the piles soon become highly inflBined Bnd very 
sensitive The clot may be absorbed wUhout any Irealment. OccasionBlly U becomes 
ukerBted ^rom the iTntalion, infeclion lakes place and Bn abscess forms aiound ihe 
margin of the Bnus lenninBting in b fistula 


SkiD Fllc^. |CulBat[>us).~Thc^r arr cnLHr|ccl iHg^ of ihc skin They frcqutntlj 
follow the absorpUon of thL' 4.I0I jn Ihc venous [ilIc^ ^^hrrc ihc '>kLn i^ bruLSfd End 
sirctchcd. Thrrc miy be one or niBny and usually hB^c ihc skin culor These cau^sc la^ 
suffcnn^ Ihfln ihc >cnous >iricly iod somctiincs thc> exi^l for years wuhoul in> 
trouble^ pro>]ding care i^ iBlzen. bol \^hcn bruised fTDUi any CBUst sucbi ^^ b kick or ffllL, 
sitt]ng on b hard :£cat^ Mrelching of the [iart'> during ^tooL or \^hcn lhc> become iTntited 
by dischirgcE from the rerlum or vaginB ihey become inflamed and cause much 
annoyance and pain When 1hey are acutely inflamed thc> *iwell greatly ire highly 
colored^ swollen p4]iiluL and exircmely ^en'^]ti>e lo the touch and cau'^e frequeni 
sp4'>modic conlracl]ons of Ihc sphinclcr muscle md may f]naLly rciuLl in an ab:£cess. The 
pain ]s u.'^uilly confined lo the region of the anus^ bu1 imy go up the bick, down the 
limbs or 10 I he pri>4les 

MOTHER±i' REMKDIES FOR FILES. Sulphur and Gl^vctrrin for.- 'E^uaJ parts 
of sulphur knd pure glycerin. Grease parts " Thi-i pre pan! ion ]s very heahng. and w]ll 
of1en g]vc relief e^en in severe cases 

1. Fi]ts+Slringl> Reroumcndrd Rcmcdv Fir.— 

E^trict BeJLadonna }5 grafcic 

Acetate lead 1/2 dram 

Chlorelone I drtm 

Gallic acid l5graiR& 

Sulphur 20 grains 

VaseL]ne L ounce 

in pTDlrud]ng itching and blind p]le'>^ thi'> o]ntmenl \^iL] gi^e you almost instani 
relief If kept up scleral days i1 will piomote 4 cure." 

3. Plks+Gocd Sahc r[>rL~"Red precip]t4le two and one-half drams, OTide of zinc 
one di^TTs be'>l co'>inoL]ne three ounce*^^ ^^h]te ^^a^ one ounce camphor gum one driKi." 
[1 ]'f much belter to hive thi'> Eilve mide by 4 driiggi'>l as ]t is difficult to ni]x 41 home 
This i1 4 splendid ^alve and very good for inflamnnlion 

4. riks, Smarli^ ttd SaUt far.-- 'Boil logether t^^o ounces of fresh lard and hak in 
ounce smarlweed root. Apply 1his lo the piles three or four times a day " Thi^ ]s very 
heaL]ng ind ha-^ been known to cure in many Li^e^ when 1aken ]n Ihe early slages 

5. Fllcs^ Lhc Cold ^'alcr Curr fur.— "Take abou1 4 half pint of cold W4ler and use is 
an injeclion every morning before trying to have a movemen! of the bowels." Thi^ 
simple treHmenl has cured miny cases ^^here the "^m^nger medicines d]d no! help. 

i, Filcs^ Simple Ay plica Lloa and Relief Trtm.— "Mi^ loge the rone t a b I e'>piH>nf ul 
plain vaseLjn ind one drim flower of "sulphur. Apply three limes diiLy and vou will get 

7. Files, SttBiiiinp^ ^ith Chamomik lea for.--" A lea made of chamomile blos'^oms 
and used as a si I? balh i'> e^cellent^ itler using 1he ^ttz bith use vaselin or cold cream and 
pre-i^ reclum bacb gently " 

I4S A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT lor Pllrs.--Wbat tn dd nrat.-Thr palliaMvc 
LrdlmcnL ot botbi vinctic:^ oF i^xIcrrmL piLl''> i^ \hc ^Linic In alJ cb'^c'> tbic pBticnl sbiould lie 
fill on hi^ back in bed and rcmiLii thtrc for a few dBy'>. Highly sca^nncd ffHKJ^ and 
KliniLiLinl'^ ti^B coffee^ wbiisky, w]nc^ etc., mibt be dmcirdcd. Secure a dBiL> half liquid 
slool by 1bic use of small dLiscs oF sails Hunyidi or AbiLcna ^^atcr CLcBnsing the parts 
WLlbi weak castile :£i>4p v^iler is essent]al to Bllay Ihe p4]n^ reduce 1bie ] nf L b m m a t]o n md 
soothe the sph]ncter miCicLe, cold or if lI is more agreeable hoi ipphc^lions may be kept 
constinUy on Ihe pirts Hot fomentations of hops snurl^^ccd, wormwood, or pDult]ce of 
flaxseed, or slippery elm, or bread ind milk give alinost instinl relief in many case^; 
wbiile ]n others ^r>olh]ng lolions. And ointments or sup posi tones are needed. 

The Lead ind laudanum wisbi ]s always reliable. 

Luad :iiid I nudunum Wash.-- 

SoLulionof 5 lib ac elate of Lead 4 drams 

Laudmuni 20 drams 

Disl]Lled waler enough 1o m^ke 4 OLinccs 

"Mix 1 bio roughly md apply eonslantly leeeold cm cotton lo the sore pans. 
The follow]ng oinlmcnts, lot]ons, and suppositories to be used frecLj within the bowels 
and to the piles are errect]^c ]n relie>]ng the pain reduc]n^ inflammation and 
d]minishing pain and spasm in the sphincter 

Ix Oinlmenl of Slramomium 1-3/2 drams 

Omlment of Belladonna 2-L/2 druoB 

Omlment ot Tannic Acid 1/2 ounce 

Mix Ibioronghlyind apply inside and outside Ihe anus 

^ CamphorGum I drtm 

Calomel 12 graiiE 

Vasel]n ] ounce 

This must be ihonnughly mixed Apply freelj wilbiin the anus and to 
1bic p]les Good for lhe pi]n. 

3. For External Pi Irs cleanse 1biem well wilh a sponge dipped in cold W4ler, ind 
then bilhe lhem with distilled eitrad of wilcbi hiicl. 

4. If Ihere is much Hcbiing wUh the piles use the following salve:— 

Memhol 20 grains 

Calomel 30 gFatns 

Vaselin I ounce 

Mix and ipply to 1tie pilcs^ 
3. 1 u-^e qiiUe fi^quently the following for so re extern* I piles: 
ChloToform and 5weet oil in equal parts 
Applj finely wuh coHon or on to the piles Ten cents wilf buy enough Eo use. 


Optrallon for Plici-- When these mcasurr^ do not rcl]cvc the pains or ihr piles 
become J nil lined from sLighl c Buses End often, il is bes1 lo ofierale Th]'^ can be done \a m 
few minutes with b LncaL anesthelic ind the pBtient freqnenlly goes 1o sleep iflenvard^ 
ilnHHit free fn^ni pain. Tnjecl 4 three per ceni solution of eucBine. ors]T perceni solution 
of cocBme_ Thortjughiy cleanse 1hc part and hold the bmto^ks BpBrt, pierrc I he pile at lis 
bB'^e ^^Jth B th]n sharp-pointed cuR^ed l:n]fe^ laying il open fiom side lo s]dc Remote the 
clol with B cumte, c^ulen/e ihe veMicI and pack the cavUy with gBuze 1o prevent 
bleeding and lo secure drBinigc 

Culanetus Jskin| pllts arc cperatrd upoH a^ foUows.-- Barh one is grasped in turn 
wuh a pair of strong forceps and snipped off wi1h Ihe scissors or removed with i knife- 
Close Ihe ^^onnd wUhsnturrs^ if necessBry. Bnd dress il \^ith f au7e. Small ones need no 
sulnres. Be careful not to remove 1oo much tissue. A-1iKh Bher-pBin can be pre>cn1ed by 
placing in the reclnm 4 supposUory conlBining one-half ^rain of opium or cocaine before 
eilher of the ahove operalions are perfoimed The af1er treBtmen! is quile simple Keep 
the pBtient qmct cleanse 1he pBrts freqncnlly^ and secure a sofi daily slool Cleanse wilh 
tepid boiled water with clean sterilised ^au^ie and give silts in small doses, one to two 
drBms to pn^duce 4 slool 

[NTERNAL PILESr SyiuplrHms.—Thc two prominent symptoms ire 
bleeding and pim The bleeding is usually dark. El miy be filighl and appear as 
BtreBks upon the feces or loiiet pajier^ M miy be modenle ind ooze frnm the bujs 
for snme time afler b sIocL or it may be so profuse is to ciuse the pilient lo faint 
frnm loss nf blood while the "bowels are moving " Dealh may follow in snob ■ 
case unless the bleeding is slopr>ed Tbe blood may look fresh and fluid or if 
retBincd for some 1ime, it looks like coffee grounds, sometimes mixed wilh 
mucus Bnd pus Fatienis who bleed profusely become pile ind bloodless^ Bnd are 
very nervous and gloomy ind they believe they are suffering from CBncer or 
some other incunble trouble. The firs4 the palienl no I ices he has interna] piles is 
when I smill lump ippeirs il ihe end of the bowel during aslool ind relurns 
spontaneously^ jfterwBrds Ihe lump BgBin protrudes if1er Ihe slool and others 
ma^' appear They become lirger ind iBrger^ come down oflener ind no longer 
return sponlaneously^ but musi be replBced Bfter each stool .\s b resull of I his 
handlings I hey grow sensHive^ swollen, inflamed and ulcenled^ ind Ihe sphincler 
muscle becomes irntBble. Laler on one or more of Ihe piles Bre caughl in the 
grasp of Ihe sphincler muscle Bnd rapidly increBses in size 1 1 is then hBrd to 
relieve thcm^ ^nd when relumed ihe^ ac4 as foreign bodies^ excite irntBHon ^nd 
they Bre almost conslanlly e^ pel Jed and Ihe same procedure goes on b1 eich slool 
The sphincler muscle contracts so lighlly around I hem as 4o ciuse sIrBngulilion 
Bnd unless properly I reeled they become gBigrcnous Bnd slough off 

Rtcoirrj, Pain, c1c.--Thr fiain is not grcit ]n ihc cirly stairs, but whtn the musc[c 
grB^P'> Biid contracts Ihc pile or [ilIc^ l1 becomes tL'TTjbL[^ and connlBnt. Piles nrcly end 
ratilLy. PBlhalive treBtmtnl nines nnl afford a pcrmanenl cure They frequcnlly return^ but 
by circ ind did min^ cin be tcp1 fiDm relurn]ng so frequently Thry should be trcBtcd 
upon the]r firM appearance \^hen I he chBncesof a pennanenl curr without anoperBtion 
are much belle r 

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT Fir Inkrnal riks.-WhBt to do ftrsl The cb use 
"^hoLiLd be removed Rt:£lore b displBctd ^^omb ReguJalc 1bie boweK^ Li^er^ d]el md 
hBbit'>. MLKh can be icc^ompli'^htd by Ihe'^e mtB'fure'> if pTDperly u^ed^ in aLlaying 
infLiiiiiiiBtiou dLmin]shjng pijn md reducing ttiL' si^t of tbie piLct. Tbiese measures will 
no1 cure ihem ]f lhey Bre large, overgrown and protroding. When 1he p]Lcb are inflBmed, 
sirangulaled or ulcerated, the palieni should rtmain in bed m a re4.umbenl [ios]tion and 
ho1 romcn1al]ons of hops eK., and hot poult]ct'>, of fL4;^'>L'ed slippery tlni, bread ind 
milk, thr ice bag, orsoolhmg Bpplical]ons and 4'>lringenl reniedie'>, '>hoLild be ipplitd to 
the parts In '>onie cases cold appl]ca1ions art the best The cold or 4'>lringent 
a[i p I ic al]o n*^ give the bes1 re'^ults where lhe pile'> Bre '>Lniply inflamed and ihe sfihincler 
muscle does not ac1 s[i asnHid lc all y jerkily But when the pile*^ are "^IrangulBled, "choked 
tLghl" by 1hc sphincter muscle hot FomentBtions, poultices and soolhing reni«JLC^ g]ve 
the nio-^l relief because they rediEC spasmod]c conlrBct]on^ of the muscle and allay 1he 
pBin Instead of 1he pouUices and fo nient b tions lhe "sit/" bath can be icicd Pu1 ]n the 
sleam]ng ^^Bter, hops c 41 nip, tinsy, pennyTDyil, etc. ind the sleam ari'>ing will 
Frequently give great rehef. This can be given frequenllv; ten to twenty drops of 
laudanum can be added to 1he pi>ullLces when the piles are ^ery p4]nfLiL 

1* For ]nf limed piles. 1he following comb] nat]ons may be itcd — 
Gum Camphor I dr^m 

Calomel 12 grants 

Vasel]n 1 ounce 

Wi\ 1horoLi^hl> and apply freely around the anici and ]n the rectum on 
1hc piles. 

The external parts should always be bathed wilh hot wilcr, thoroughly, before 

Z Gum Camphor 2 drams 

Chlorelone I dram 

Menlhol 20 grains 

Omlment of Z]nc Oiide I ounce 

Mix and apply directly to lhe piles 

3. When I he re is 4 slighl bleeding, waler of wilch-hizel e^tracC, one to Iwo ounces to 
be injeclcd ]nto the rcclum. This wi1ch-ha/el waler freely used ts good for cxlernal piles 
also Th]s is good and well recommended. 

4. If the pK)lruded pile ]s mllamed and haid to push back, the foFlowmg 3s good and 
recommended highly — 


Chlorclonc 1 dr^m 

[odoform ] drflm 

Gum Cimphnr 1 drtm 

PtIroLBtum ] ounce 

lAix End u'fc as a "iaKc. 
S. AFioLiilmcnl composed of cquil p^rlh of hnc-cul loboccQ and rBisins. '>tcdlru>^ 
cbioppcd fine ind niLxtd wjth enough Lird mikcs a good o]ntmi:nl 1d ipply on bnlh 
extern^] 4iid intcmfll p]lt'> 

i. Ti:b of wbiLic oik bark, boiltd down so ^^ to bi: strong ^nd mixed wnbi lard md 
applied frcquenlly^ ]s good as an BislrLngcnl. but nol fonbic very paLnful kind ]1 wiL] lake 
down the swelling- 

T. Tike 4 fecial injcc I lo n of CO fd w*ter before The regular daily stooL This will ^ioften 
the fete^ and decrease ihc conges1ion_ 

Prr^enllvt J'rtatmcnL--Thi'> is very important and includes habits ind die1 ind 
o1her diseases. If ihe pilienl !"> thin and pale give Ionics. Correcl any d]'^ease of any 
neighboring oigan. Altend 1o any disei^e thil m^y be present 

Far CosslifatlDD.—Tahe a '>mall dose of salb> or hunyid] ^^aterso as lo have one 
■^L^jTiJ-soJ id "^looJ diiLy_ [f necessary remove any feces 1hat may even lhen be relamed. by 
injrctiDn'> of soap sud'> or winn ^atercont4]ning oil. Dmconl]nue ]njectiDns ^\ soon a*^ a 
daiL> full "^lool can be had w]thoiit ]t. 

HabltsL—FulL-blooded people should nol ide nphoKlered chaip> as the heil of the 
body relaxes the ti'>sues o^ ihe rectum A cane veiled chair is best or an air cush]on ^^]th 
a hollow center. ]1 Li be^l to re^l m bed if poss]ble. afterslool for! he rc^l reL]eves Ihc 
congestion and soreness \n abundance of oul-door eiercjse, when lhe p]le^ are no1 
pre'^enK or bad^ 4.ons]s1ing o^ x^aLking or '>inip]e gymna'^lit.s may usually be indulged in, 
>]olen1 gymnastics and hoPtebick nd]ng mwit be avoided \ daily "itool miEt be secur^. 

Dld~£iich patienb> '>hould avoid alcohoL]c be^eriges spiced foods^stKfng coffee^ 
and tea^ cheese^ cabbage and old beins 

Fiids Allowed .--Pot4loes. carrols, sp]nach a'>p4ragus and c^en salads^ since I hey 
'^limiiLile intc^linal action and Ihus aid ]n keep]ng Ihe sli>oL sof1 Stewed fru]ts^ ]ncLi3ding 
grapes, oranges^ pears, And apple'> Water i'> the bes1 1o dnnk. Meats tender bnniLed 
bo]led or bated beef— hJo no! eat the ins]de part lo an> greal imonnl. Olher meat^, bu! no 
pork or ham^ Fresh n'>h^ chicken. The fooi:l'> shi>uLd no1 be too h]ghly '>CBSoncd; vinegar is 
nol Id be icicd lo any exient and thi*^ eTcLi3de'> pickLc^^ etc. 

PE:R]PR0C1[T]S. Ab^es^i Ground Ihr Amusand Ri^clun. < Aaa-rcclal) [Ischio- 
rerlBl Ab5et^>.~Thi'^ is an inJ J animal ion of the ti'>sucs in^und 1lic nzctum ^hich usually 

tenn]natc'^ in 1he abo^c nimcd ib^cess 11 occurs moslL> in m]ddle-aged people Men are 

affecled more often ihan women. 

152 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

Ca mcE.~ S i tl] ng in co[d, damp hird scaK; hor^cbBcb nding forr]gn bod]«i in the 
rcclum huch as j>inz^ fisti-hooks^ ctc.^ bLou's on the pan^ kicks^ tubercular ccnstilLitbDn^ 

S>mpt(]iii^.--lnfLBmmatioii of I he '>kLn^ like ihBt of a big boil^ '>ome fever thrabbing 
pBin, ^^^eLlingof the part, heal ind fulLnc^>s in the reclLim_ lhe^c symptorrui increase un1il 
the jfiEi finffc in onllel mlo the rectum 

PH\5[C[AN<i' TRF.ATMEM for Ptriprocmis.-- Litlle can be done in a 

pBliialive wiy. Tt generally 1enninBte'> la in ab^ces^. Mike Ihc pa1ien1 !"> comFortibic b*^ 
possible, by 4ppiy]ng 4.i>id or hot thinpi lo the part, re^t la bed, miLd l4X4lLve'> lo keep the 
bowels open. Cut ]t open i^ "^lon b-^ po'&Lbie, Bnd l1 should be iBid wide open ho 1hal 
evei^' pin ]Si broken up. Then ]t should be Ihonnughiy WBshed and neriped out_ 
Somenmes ]t \h neces^iry to une pure carbolic icid 1o bum onl Ihe ]nterior. The drc^i^ing 
should be bs usubI for^uch wounds Bnd removed when so]led and lhe wound wBshed out 
WLlh boiled x^Bter and 1heii gauze loosely placed in the bottom and in every corner of the 
wound The d res!i i ng sho u Id be conlinued unUl ill ha^ been healed from inside out. Be 
sure to leive no coHon in to heal o>er it 5iich pilienis should be built up with 
nourishing foods, and should remBin qij]et]y in bed Cod liver oil is good for some 
pBticnti Iron, etc_. forolhera. Keep Ihe bowels regulBr Ouldoor life Bnd eTeic]Ee If 
trealed right il should not return. 

FISTULA JN ANLIS.--This usually follows 1he Bb^cess 11 his two openings, one 
upon the surface of the body near the anus, and the o1her ]n Ihe rectum. There are a great 
many varieties of f]stul4, but il is unnecessBry to name them, ^hat dn be done for 

FH\±i]C[ANS' 'LRF.A'LME:^T.--lf the genenl heallh is gocd in operation \^ lhe 

besi Ihing to do, but pBlienIs in 1he last siBge orconsnmplion, nephrUis, diabetes, or 
orgin]c heart disease, are no1 Bpt 1o receive miEh benefn from an operilion The pBlien1 
in poor condition should be given the trcBtmenl suUable lo his condil]on, Bccoiding to 
the advice of a Irusled physician 


K1DNE\5.--Thc kidneys are deeply placed and cannot be felt ordist]nctly 
identified when noimBl. They Bre most accessible to pressure jus1 below the list rib, 
behind The righl tidnej usuiJly lies lo^^er Ihan nioes 1he lefl. but even then, the lower 
pan of this kidney is Bn inch above Ihe upper pan of lhe hip bone or Bn inch above b hne 
drBwn Bnnund the body parallel wjth 1he navel. The k]dney is abou1 four inches long. The 
long axis of the kidneys ^.orresponds 1o Ihal of the twelfth nb, on an average the lefl 
k]dney ha one-half inch higher than the right 



^^[i1«l bcfoTT, rorh kcdnry \^ four Jnchc^ lonf . ti^'o tc Iwo ond one- half in 
brcLidLh. Dcid more Lhin one inch thicL The LciL ]^ somc^^hiL lon^ tr^ 1 bun ugh nHrroiVcrH 
Lfi^n lhc ri^ht The Lidncv jr covered wuh ^hjl i& called h cjji^uI^ This can be easily 
sinpped off- The 

KjcJne^'s. Ureters and BlndcLcr. 

slnjcLurc of ihe kidney Is quilc ]ntrica[e. Al llic ]nncr bolder of eicli kidne> [here b> an 
opening rnlled the [leh j^ of ihe knJney^ ancf leaJing fr^m [his^ sitibII tubes pencLrHc 1he 
sIructuFe oL Ihe LLdjie> in all directionii. These lubeti are Lined with speciiJ celLfa. Tbirough 

154 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

tLib«i pi ihc cxcrct]onH Cunnc] fiDm thr body of ihc kidnrys. 1o ihc prlvis *nd from thr 
pclvLik through tht urctcTik^ E]xtccn inchcii lang. lo the bladder. 

] mfla nmal Id n of Lh^: Bladdrr, ^'orn^lk for.-- "Get corns] Lk Bcid mikt a good "^Irong Ect 
of Ll by ^tccpinf. ^Lijx^ly, Biid tike one ounce Ihrcc or four tjni«i 4 day Th]!i ar1s well on 
tbie l:]dncy^ ind is 4 biannlc^'> rcm«ly I0 usf." 

2. Kridni:} rr(]iiblt+ Fla\^t4:d and Li: moos fcr.— 'Mskc a t» by [1 Lacing Ihc 
flaT^ccd in a musl]nor \incn bag ind suspend lI in a di^h oF \^ati:r^ in tbic profiortioii of 
about four tc H'^poonfuK forcich quarl of ^^atcr A her allo^^]ng the *iccds lo *iObI: for 
"^everfll hi>urs r^mov^ 1bic '>ame and 1ca will be r»dy \ot use. Tht addition of 4 LilElc 
lemon jLiLcc will imfinn^c 1tic flivor. Give ]n quanlit]e?i is may be found nec^ssBry " 

3. Kidnt> Troublr^ TtxipoTsr^ Re I it T for.— "Rub "A' Lie bibia/el on Momach and bick. 
use freely " This 1*1 in old-t]me remedy. End Lin be relied upon lo al Least gi^c Icmporary 
relief The \^]tch bia/el hB-^ 3 >ery !i00lhing efFecl upon the parl^ affeeled 

4. Kridni:^ and ISladdi^r I rouble, Ruchu Ltavts for.— "Get five cenis' worltiof 

bnchn leBves al any dnig '>tore and niBke 4 ^ood ^1rong tea of it by ^teep]ng Thi^i Bcts 
nicely on 1bie ludncy^i Thi"^ remedy 1*1 CB-^ily prepared, and ]s ntJt CTpens]ve." 

5. Kidmt> Jjoublc, (.omuon Ku^ Red fir.-- 'Ti^e^ a handful of 1lie 100 1 of 
common rush m one and one-half pin1s of waler boil down lo one pint_ Dose —One 
tablcspoonful every two or lhree hoiJp>_ For b eh] Id ten yeais, give one teaspoonfuL four 
times a di>_ For a ch]Ld of four lo '^11 yeary one-bialf teaspoonful four lime^ a day " 

A. Klduc^v L rouble, Erfeclivt and Eas^ Cmrt fir.- 

"Fluid Extract of Cascira Sagrada I ounce 

Fluid ETtran of Bucbiu 2 ounces 

Fluid Extract of Uva Uisi 2 ounces 

Tinclure Gentian Comp I ounce 

Simple Syrup ] pinl 

Mix the above ]ngredients and give a leaspoonful four times a day This is a very 
good remedy, as the c a^^. ara sagrada ae1^ on ihe bowels and 1bie buchu and uva uns] acts 
on the kidneyji. cany]ng off all the impuril]es Ihat would olhenvi^e be ]^tained in the 
system and cau^e trouble." 

7. Kidmey Trciblt+Skerp- Sorrel Ex ci: I lent Tor.— "Make adeeoclion of sheep 
sorrel, one ounce lo pinl of water boil, sirain and cooL Gi^e w 1 negla^>sFul , Ibiree or four 
times a day_ [f necessary apply the sp]nal ice bag I0 kidneys." The sheep sorrrl is a good 
k]dney rrme^t^'. and ttie ]ce bag by conUnuous application will rcheve ttie conge^Uon. 

MOVARLE K[I>NEV. JEloalluE K idnc^v. ^ tpbrapLasis>.-CauEcs.-ThuL 

condil]on ]s usually acquired, ll is more common ]n women 


ttian in men po^i^ibly dur tn Lacing ond ihc rrlaxjliorui of ttic musrifs nf thr abdnmcn 

Irom pregnancy [t may come fiDjn wound-i L]ftin^ too heavy BrtLclc^_ cmac]al]on 

Sjaiptonis.--Thcy ire oflcn ib^cnl There mBy br pain or drB^ing "^cnsBtion in thr 
Icins^ or Lnlcrco:£laL nciiralgia. biytlcni ntrvo u*^ nc'>^ ntFFOiJ'> dy'>ptp'>iB 4iid constipat]on 
arc common The kidnt^ <.^n be ^cLl A dull pBin ]^ CBUHcd by firm prt'>surc Somclimt'> 
tbicrc art at1 ac ks of "t t> c re ibdominBl pBin^ wilh chill, fever naiusca^ >nmitLng Bcid 
collapse The kidney beeomeji LBrge Bnd tender The urine ^how^ b rciJiJ]'ih deposit and 
■^omel]mc*i Ihcrc j-i blood Bnd pun in the unne 

1 ri^atmc n I.- - 1 f 1bie ^vmptonui ire not pre^cn! it iii best for thr patient no! In know 
the 1rui: condition i^ ncrFOU^ Troubles frequently follow 4 knowledge of ]t^ presence If 
the '>ymptoni'> Bre prc'>cnK replace the kidney whili: Ihe parent is lying dLiwn and relain it 
b> 3 ^LiHablc bell Also Ire at the ncrvou-i condition If 1hc ^vmptoms kTC of 1he ^c>ci^ 
kind in operation may be needed to Fasten the kidney in l1s p ro pe r eondi! ton This l^ 
quite generally siicees^ful. ind docs iway wUh much suffering and pBin_ The pam may 
be so severr al times ^^ 1o require morphine Sometimes the pain ["> due to unc acid or 
ox4latc'> in llic urine For thi^ regulate Ihe diel 

Diet Tor ^[D^able KkJmey.~Tlie diet "^hiiLild be such ^^ 1o produce fat. Klilk l^ 
excellent ^^here l1 i-i ^^ell borne, if no! \^ell borne gi>c eBsily dige-^lcd meats ^iich bs 
chicken, loist beef, broiled '>leak Bnd lamb chop, fish of vinous kinds Bnd vegelable'>^ 
such BS ^pinBch^cBrrots^ B'tpara^us and cauliflower of fBts bulter, cream^ Bnd chocolale^ 
for cons tipitiDn^ cider, bLitlermilk.grape-jLiice. fniils and honey. 


the beginning of icute nephrUis^ in acule intcclious di'>eB'^e'>^ afler lakmg turpenline^ 

chlorite of pol ash, c arthandes, carbolic Acid^ alcohol^ etc ^ after one tidney has been 

Kidnrj-— The kidney i^i enliiged tiark i^d. while the covering is very tighl llenseV 
The urine isstinlj and I he re i-^ int reined -specific gravily |iK>rm4l is 1015 lo 102C3J ind 
contains albumin ind b few C4'>l'^. 

'Lreatmcnl.— The cause '>hoiild BlwBy'> be i~e moved if po'&ible Rest in bed, ind as a 
diet use only milk, if ihe congestion is bad ide dry cupping over the kidneys and inject 
large quantities of hoi normal sail nolulion in Ihe bo^^els Hoi fomenUlions of 
wormwiKid or "^miil^veed are of benefit, [f you can ge1 1he pi1icn1 into « swej1 Ihe 
congc-^lion will be some^vhi! i^lieved by H. 

CHRONIC CO^GESTIO^ OF THE KIDNEYS. Causes.-- Diseases of other 

orgBn'> and obstrnclion lo the reliirn of 1he circulation 

\56 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

in ihc vciuh CirThm>isof tEic livcrcucc^ tL The kidney i^ cnlaigcd dirk red, lhc urine i^ 
d]mLiij^hizd Vriih BLbumin andcB^l^ andsomclimcs blood 

I'rcatmrnl.-- Remove the cause if pofisible Fluid die t^ like milk^ bTDlK"^^ cic Dry 
cupping or "i^^eating niateriai'> can be usfd Rebl in bed ]f pnsE]ble. Ttie bnwels '>hould be 
kept Dpcn^ and I he kLdiity'> '>houLd reM 

BLOOD [N i'HE URENE. IHatmatmrii). CBDEts.--Tbie congesMon of ihe kidneys. 
pernic]ous maiariH eb... nFphrilL'>. tubercula±>is. k]dne^' ±>tDnc^. Tbie unne look:£ :£niok> 
and dark, or bright red 

rrcatmrnl.— Tbiis dtpend'> upon 1fie caide The pjlirni mict re^T in bed and I he 
k]dney^ ^bouJd not be iit] mulcted. Cold appiicAtiDRb lo the Id]ii5. Hoi apphcAtLons ivouJd 
I nj urc. 

URAKMEC TOX ARMEA.--TbiLS ineani poLson in the bfood occurring in acute ind 
chron]c nepbinUh linfjammalbon of Ihe hidney'>). Tbie cause is unknown The d]sea^e ]s 
acute And chronic. 

ACUTE URAEMIA. S ^ m p to ms.-- The onsel nt^y be -sudden or gradual The 

headache is ^c^ere. usually on the bach top of head |occLp]tA]| End extend]ng lo the neck, 
tbiere u> persislcnt voni]ting witbi nBuscB And diarrhcB Altending lI Th]s may be due to 
infLAKrniBtion of lhe colon Difficully m brealh]ng wh]ch may be constAnI or comes in 
spells. This is wop»e at nigbit, when il may resemble aMbima, fever if pcryi-^lent. is usually 
slight unUl jusi before deAlbi GenerAl convuKions may occur There mB> be some 
twitching of lhc muscle-^ of 1bie Face and of other niu-^cles The convulsions may occur 
frequently. The paUent becomes abnormally sleepy, before the altAck, And remains so. 
One-sided paralysis may occur Sudden lemporAiy bL]ndness occuis somelimc^. There 
may be noisy del mum or suicidAl mam a. Coma (deep sleep] may develop either \^ith or 
v^Ubiout convij]s]ons or dclinum. and is usuAlly "^lon followed by them, somelimes by 
chron]c uraemiA or rrcovery. 

CHRONIC EJRAh:.\IIA.--TbiLS develops most often in cases of A ne no-sc Le rosis or 
chr(m]c intep>t]tial nephrit]s, fonc k]nd of Enght's d]seasej The symptoms Are less 
severe 1bian Ibiose of acute uraem]a^ but similar And o^ grAdoAl onsel, somet]mes \^ith 
symploms of the acme atlack. Tbiere is of1en conslant headache And difficull breAltiing; 
the tongue is brown and dry, somet]mes ihere is nAusea vomiting, diArrhea, 
sleeplessness^ cramps of the legs and much ]tching mav be presenl. Il may IasE for years. 
DeAlh may occur \^hen lhe patien! is ]n coma (deep sleep] There may have been mama, 
musculAr Iwitclings or convulsions before dcAlh 

Iri^atoicnL— Found under "Chionic Inteistitial Nephntib." 

ACUTE BRICHT'SDESEASE. |Acite I nElarani^tlon of the- Kridntys. Acule 
Nephritis).— Th]s occup> chiefly ]n young people and Among grtjwn men Exciling 
causes Are exposurr to cold, wet, bums. 


CTtrn^Lvc sk]n Icais llcsaonsl. scarlet fever, d]pht(icria, typho]d fever mefl^lcs and icutr 
tLibcrculo'>i'>. po]SDiis, and prcfnBncy is one caiusc when i1 nccurs in women. 

S} m ptc ms.— Af1cr CT [iDsurr or n^irlcl fever I he onset may be siiddcn, somel]mes 
with chills orcbiilline'^, v Enable fever, pain in the loins, walery swelling ot the fare ind 
eTtrem]lic'5 then oFolhcr portions of the bodj Like I he ibdomen, then general dropsy. 
Somel]mcs 1here is niuse*. vomHin^. headache, dehnum, or veiy deep sleep. The unne 
IS scanly, dark colored, of increased 's[iec]fic gravity'" And ccintA]ns aLbumin, cells and 
casts Anemia ]'i marted. Afler^ome fever diseB-^e I he onsel is grfldual with BnemiB 
swelling of the eyelids, fBce and edremiUe'^ stinly lhiek]sh urine con! ai n i ng e as ts, 1hcn 
headache, nausea, >om]ting, little or no fe>er dry stm. En lhese CB-^es therr may be 
grBduBl recovery, attach of uraeni]a, or Ihey m^y end ]n ehionic nephrilis 

DlBi^nosis.-- Examine the urine often ]n pregnancy scarlet fever, etc , ind especiBlly 
when watery swelling is noticed 

Recovrrj.— The result in your children when it comes w]th scBrle! fever is not so 
good 11 m^y run inio chron]c nephntis. Tn adulls when ]t ]s due lo expo'ture the rule ]s 

Trralmtnt.~The pilieni miEt be kcpl in bed until ihcrc is complete rccovei^. He 
"ftKHild he clolhed m flannel. 

Diet and N ursine -~Th]s mtisl be of milk, W4ler or mineral waler in large quant] ties; 
m]lt or butlcrmilk should be the main article of food You can give f.riicls made of 
arrowroot oroilmcal barley waler bee^ lea and eh]cken bK)lh But il is betler 1o stick 
slnclly 1o milk As Ihe pilieni gel*^ beHer, bread and butler, leltiEC, watercress, grapes, 
orange-^, and olher fniiK may be given. The return 1o 4 meal diet should be gradual. The 
patient should dnnk freely of mineral walens. ordinary wi1er or lemonade lhese keep the 
Izjdncys flushed ind washout the "debris" from 1hc lubes. One dram of cream of ladar in 
a pirn of bD]ling W4ler, add the juice of half a lemon and a liltle sugar, this when 1aken 
cold ]s a pleasinl sal]sfactory d]lut]ng drink Cream of tirlar one dram, juice of lemon, 
sugar^ufficienl water one pint, may be g]ven whenever des]red There should be hoi 
waler bi1hs daily or oflener; or you can produce sweating b> plicing hoi x^aterjjra 
around the patjent, and ^^atch to see whether il is 1oo weakening. Tt can also be done by 
I ntriKlu: I iig sleim undcrneilh Ihe bedding thil i*^ then lifled a litlle, so thil 1hc sleam 
V a pore in c ire u I He a bom ihe piUenl Be careful ni>t to bum the patient wUh Ihe hot 
sleam This, of coup>e. is done through a hose all ached to a steaming keltle Also see 
treHmenl of dropsy under "scarlet fever " 

Bowels, Altemtlf^m to. --They should be moved every morning by a "^iline fsalO 

calhartic i^ neccssiiy especially if Ihe dropsy cont]nues. This prtjduce-^ ^vatery "^lool 
Cream of tjrtar and epsi>m silts, equal parts, is good remedy, one-halt teaspoonful every 
three hours for * 


child one year old until the bowcli* move frrcly, onc-Eialf Id one ouncr cm be given to in 

CHRONIC ItRTCH I'S^ DISEASE. (Chrank Partn^^hiiuatoub ^ tphrltls. 
ChroDlc Dlffubt l>tjA|uaiiiaLi^t- cr I ubal Ntphrilis. Chronic DilTust NcplirlLi?^ T^ith 
Exudatlan). Cau£t^~\oLin^ aJuLl lifs: arul itsk^I common in miJc^ 1 1 m^y <.iya\c Irom 
aculc inlluniiiBtion of ihc kidneys thit wasdur to CTpoEun: prtgnmcy or :£oarLct fever 
or fblow rxce^tMve use of Bloohol^ etc. In cbiildrcn ]t u'^uiUy follows acule ]nKBmiTialion 
of the kidneys or scarlet fever 

C«DdillDm.~Tbie kidneys nny be enlarged, wuh th]n CBp-^ule, wbiHe '>urfBce^ corlei 

tbiLokened ind yeLlowi^h- or ^^hitL'>h (large v^hne k]dncyl The epithelium of lhc liibulci* 
\^ granLiLir, or f^lty or tbie Hibules ire distended and eonlain casts Cells of the 
"GlomerulL' and Ibieircip^ulcs are swollen. There l^ mode rale increi-^c of ]ntcrslHial 
tL'>sue In o1her cases Ihe "small wh]tc kidney^" 1he kidney ["> '>m4Jl and pale cither al ftisl 
or as a lilerstige of Ihe iBrge \^h]te kidney The surface ]s pale rough ind granular; Ihc 
capsule IS ihirkened ind part]al]y adherent; ihe surface is thin with while Bnd yellowish 
are4'> of fiUy de^enem tons The ]iitep>l]t]al t]S'>ue is much increased; epithelial 
degcneralion ]n the tubules ct tensive There is also ihe large red kidney, and \^ith any of 
these 1ypes the Ief1 hcBrt may be enlarged and Ihe irlenes thickened 

S>mpt(]ai^~ir]t occuis ifler acule nephri1i'> 1he '>yniptoins of acule nephriti"^ 

subside but ancniiB ind the change'> ]n Ihe urine persisi Usually there i^i a grBduBl oii'>e1 
wUh paleness and puffmess of the eyehds, ankles or haiHfc in the morning Later there is 
d]fficu]t brealh]ng. increased watery swelling of the face c^1remi1ies and dependent 
portions of lhe body, worse ]n Ihe moming. There is 4 pasty yellowish pallor Bfterwards 
dropsy of the 4bdom]nal and chest cavilies The unne is dimini'>hed, high colored, 
specific gravLly usually 1020 to 1025 with much albumin. Miny C4'>ls which ire nBmed 
h^iline, granular, epithelial ind fatly. The aclion of the heart is bid. There may be 
trouble wi1h Ihe stomach and bi>\^eLs. con'>tjpated, elc The digeslion is poor and lhe 
pBtien! frequemly ^uffeis with much gi^. Recovery is rare afler it hBS li^led one year 

I'ri^atintnt. l>ricL~Milk or buUermjlk shi>uld be 1he mam arl]cle of food. You cin 
gl^e grueJs made of Brnnwroot oroalmeal barley x^Bter. beef tea Bnd chicken broth, but 
1E IS belter to keep strictly to milk, .^s lhe pilieni gels betler brcBd and bulter, leltiEe, 
wileKrebs. gripes, oranges Bnd other frnUs may be given The relnrn 1o lhe meat dint 
should be griduil The pilienl should drink freely of mineral ^^ater, ordiniTy wi1er, or 
lemonade. The^e keep 1he k]dneys flushed Bnd WBsh ou1 Ihe "nJebris" fnnm the lube^. One 
drim ftcBspoonfulj of cream of t Briar in b pinl of boiling ^^ater, add lhe ju]ce o^ i half a 
lemon Bnd a lilUe sugBr Thi'> when lakencold i'> b pleasBnt, sal isfac lory drink. Medical 
treilment ]s not silisFaclory The only thing to do is lo give medicines to meet the 
indications, fifleen to 


twcniy gr*]n doses of I*cta1c of stiontium. Diurcnn bIso i^ u^rcl_ Basham's maiturc for 
ancrruA ls of help ]n±i<]nic cases, [t can be bcughl k\ iny drug store 

CHRONIC INlERIil'ITML NKPHRE IIS. j^c-krcsls cr Cirrhosis of the 
KldDt>5. Ciranul^rn CcaLracli^d cr CiDuIv Kldnty|.~Thi'> j*^ met wUh fa| bs a 

sequence oJ the Lbi^c while tidncys loimLny 1bie ^i-rBllctl pile grB nu I ir o r second* ry 
con1rac1ed kidiie>, (b| ^i^ an independent primary ifLcLUon; a^ a ^CLjuence of arleFio- 

Causes.-- The pnnmy form is chrome from ihe onsets and j"^ a slow creeping 
degeoeralioo of the kidney snbstince^ Bnd in many respects in antic ipaliu oof tbie 
grBduBl changes ^^hicbi lake place m the orgBn in exlreme old ige_ FBmihes in which lhe 
arteries lend to degcnerBle eirly Bre more piDne to this disei^e. Doctor Osier SBys 
"Among Ihe be1 te r cl asse-^ m thi'> coLinlrv\ d]scase is very comnH>n Bnd i^i caused 
more frequently by o>er-calinf. 1bian by esce^>ses in alcobioL." 

Arltrio-Sckratic Korm.--Thi'^ is 1he most common form ]n lh]s LOLintry, Bnd l^ 
secondBry lo arterio-sc le rosis_ The kidneys ire not miKh, if Bt aL1_ contracled, very hiKi 
red ind show p4l4.he'> of surface alr(jph>_ [t is ^een m men o>er forty who have worked 
hBrd eBlen freely, ind nken alcohol 1o excess. They Bre conspicuous y]climsof 1he 
"strenuous life," 1he ]ncessBn1 lcn'5]on of wh]ch is Fell fip>t in lhe irleries. Afler forty, in 
men of this diss nolh]ng is more salulary 1han 1o experience lhe shock biought on h^ 
the knowled^ of ilbuKun ind cast tubes in Ihe urine. 

Symptoms.- -Perhaps b mijorUy of 1he cases ire latent |h]dden| and are nol 
recogni/ed unl]L the otcuirence of one of 1he -venous and fatal complicalion-^. There may 
have been no symptoms 1o sna^cst 1o lhe pilient 1he existence of a dangcrou"^ malady In 
other cases the feneril health is djslurbed. The [iat]cnl is 1ired, sleepless, he must gel u[i 
two or three tjmes al nighl to pass nnne 1hc digeslion is d]soi~dered, the tongue is coaled, 
the patient complains of a headache. fi]ling s]^ht, and gels ou1 of brealh by exercising 
There may be vomi^ng headache, neuralgia, and increase of the quantity of urine is 
common. This ]s Lighl in eoLor, of low specit]c gravity, 1005 to 1012, frequently there Ls 
a Irace o^ albuni]n ind a few casls of the hyaL]nc and granular kind In the laic stages the 
albumin may be increased w]th hi^h specif]c gra^]ty and a less quanlily of urine The 
d]sease often lasts for a yeir. 

In the Brteno-sclen>tic vanely lhe urine may be normal or d]minished in quanlily, 
specific gravity nonnil or increased lhe casts ire more numerous ind the albumin i& 
usu4ll> more abundant. There is an enlargement of lhe heart, the pulse ]s increased in 
ten*i]on. 1he wall of the arteiy is Ihjekened The skin ]s iduillv diy, wi1h eczema 
common, bu1 dropsy is rare, except when ]t is due to heart failure Then: miy be 
bKfnchial ind lung Iroubles, aHacks of 

160 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

LiricmL*. or hard brnthing caused by thr hc*rr, frequently occuis There may br 
hemorrhage of 1hc brBin or hrmoirhigc of the mrirJn rane'>^ and Ihejie ire oflcn fital 

RtcDTcry.-- Chances are unfavorable, but life miy be prolonged for ye ais , c^pcci all^ 

WLlh cjre and c^pcc]aL]y if it isdmcovcrtd carLy_ 

TrtBtxitnl.-- A quid life without mcntil ^^orry. w]Ch gentle but not CTcn>s]vc 
CTcrci-^L" and re-^idcnct ]n 4 cL]mate thi1 i^ no1 chingcibic "should be rtcommcndtd. A 
biJ^Lnc^>s min mu-i! gi^e up h]!i worry; hi^ ru^h, his hurried ciUng, and rc^L The bowci-i 
"should be h^pl regulBr lhcre should be 4 tep]d wattr bath daily ind lhc k]dney'f "should 
be tcpl acUn^ fretij by drinking daily a deFinilc amoun! of cUhcr di-^lillcd water or ^>nic 
p]s:4'>anl iruncral water Alcohol lobacco. e^cfs^ivc »1ing and ]ni[iropcr ^ood mubt not 
be allowed WcbI: lea ind cDfTce may be allowed. Tkc dad fihould be lighl And 
nourish] ng. Meet "should not be taken more thin once b diy IF it i^ po'^Mblc^ the [lalirnt 
should be urged to mo^e lo a winn equable cliinBte during 1he wmler monlhs^ From 
November to April like thil ofsoulhi^rn Cilirornii. Med]ciiies musl be given to meet the 
indicBtions No special direcliorei CBn be given. The hearty stomachy and bowels mij'>t be 

DIET as ^llo^td b> a ProrarintiiL Hobpital.-- 
M^y Taht:-- 

5(^a ps.~ B ro ths with nee or bariey, vegelBble or ri'>h ho up. 

fish. — Boiled or bioiled fresh fi^h, raw oy^tera, raw clams. 

Mcal&~Ch]chen^ game^ fat bacon^ fal ham /spBringJy| 

Fa rlnBC4:ons.-- Hominy, oatmeal, whealcn grjts^ nce.slile brcid. whole whrat 
bread 1oaM irulk I03M. b]'^cij]ts mBccaroni. 

Vtgt'LabltSL—CabbagL' spinach, celer^', w aler-c resiseb , lettuce, niubh rou mb , mashed 
polatoes^ cauliflower^ on]on'i. 

D tsserls.-- R ice md milk pudding'>^ "Slewed fruils^ raw ripr fruib. 

Must N(^t Take:-- 

Frjed fj!ih pork corned beef vcbI, heavy bread, hBshc^, slew^, batlercike^, iBmb, 
beef, muUon, grB^]es. pl'bs, beir^, pBslry , icc cream, cike^, coffee, tobacco, malt or 
spintuoiEi liquors. 

PVELl riS. — Thi!i i^ an ]nflimmBtion of lhe pelvis of the bidney and mBy be caused 
by bacleriB from the blood or by ascending pus, infection or luberculoiE infection fiom 
the lower tracts like the ureter, bliddLT and nrelhra 

S> m p tc ni^.- - There i'> pain in the back, wi1h lendcrness and pre^ure. cloudy-looking 
unne, cilhcr icid or allzBline con1ain]ng pus mucus ind '^ometime'^ red blood cells, 
chilli, high fever, and '>w eating occur. Thui ma^' become chn^nic tnd then it becomes 
quite venous. 


Anemia ond rniHC Lotion arc ihcn marked MiLd c^^r^ u'^uilLy rccovrr, puF^ cfls«i miy end 
in olhcr dj-^ca^ic^ or death \roru cxhiiJ^t]on_ 

i'reatmcnl. I>ict.~[n mild ca^cs fluids should be lolzcn frtcly. pBrtLcularL> thr 
alhilint mintrBl W4lcr to wbiich citnlc of poti'^h c^an be Bddcd Toii]c^ sbiould be given 
wbien called for and ni]lh diel ind bij1ttnii]lk may bt tslzcn frcclv When a Lumi>r hB't 
formed End even before, il is perceptible, ]1 Ihes^'mptoms arescnoiis andiievere, an 
opcrBtLon ma^' be nece^siry. 

KIDNFV STONE. IRtnal Calculus. ^ephFD-Lcilhiasls].--Fi>rniLiig of 4 ^tone or 

|rB>c] jn Ihc tidncv or H-^ pelvis mBy occur \a jn1ra ulcnnc, (bcforc 1hc child ]s bom), in 
the womb, or at any i^jc \ fam]lv lendcncy sedenlary life, excesses ]n CBting and 
drjnkmg ind >ery icid unne prcd]iipose_ Tbiey >iry in size \roTn thi1 of fine ^Bnd to thai 
of a bean 

S>m ptosis.- -Pal I L'nl'^ ma> pai-i gravel for ye*p> witbiont having an Btlack of rcnfll 
|k]dncyj coJic ind a slone mi> never lodge in lhe ureter. A person mav pB!iS an 
enormous number of cilcuh Dr Osier speaks of having had b pilieni who hid paii'^ed 
several hundred kidnev "^lonc^ (calculi) w]th repealed BttBcks of kidney col]c. His 
collection filled an ounce boltJe A piUenl m^y paiiS a single stone and m^y never be 
troubled again. A ^lone reniBining ]n lhe kidney may cause dull ach]ng pain in 1tie 
affecled k]dney, or the pain may be referred to 1bie olher side ind sometimes there may 
be blood or pus ]n lhe urine, wi1bi chill and fever due 1o pyelitis. Kidney (renal) colic 
comc^ on when a slone enters tbie ureter, if ]t is 41 ill laige. Al altack may s^l in abruptly, 
wilhoul any apparent reaiion, or it may follow 4 strain m lifling The pain may be 
agonizing in charader, which ^tirls in 1bie flank of the affected side, pisses down along 
the coup>e ot the ureter and is Jell in 1hc leMicle and airing lhe inner side of the 1 highs. 
The lesticle isdnwn back. The pain may ilso go through lhc abdomen and chcs1. and be 
very severe in 1he back In severe atlacks naicica arKl voniiling arc preseni ind the patient 
IS collapsed "^x^eaUng breaks oul m h]s face ind the pulse is feeble and weik. The p4]n 
lasts from an hour 1o several days, un1il lhe stone reaches the bladder, par1]al suppression 
of the urine dunng lhe lUack occurs but a large quanlily of unne i*^ u'^uilly passed af1er 
It and 4 feeling of soreness may be present for several days The slone mi> again ciuse 
pain jn pissing ihn^ugh 1hc orelhra. or U miy rem4]n in the bladder as 4 nucleus \ot a 
bladder calculus {stone). Dr. Osier gives Monlaigne^ descnption as follows; "Thou irt 
seen to swcal w]th pain, 1o look pale and red lo tremble, 1o vomU well nigh to blood, to 
suffer strange contortions and convulsions b^' starts to Ie1 leaisdrop It^tts thine eyes, to 
unne 1hick, black arKl frighlful water, or to have il suppressed b> some shirp ind cte 
slone Ihat cruelly pricks and leais ihee." 

I'rcatmcnl.— Greal relief is experienced in the atlacks by lhe hi>t baths or 
^omcnlatjons which sometimes are able lo ciuse the spasm to 

162 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

rcl*x_ [f the patn is very scvcrr morphint should bt given by thr hypodermic mclhod 
and inhBliUons nr4.hloTDfnnn givim unti] moTphinr bias hsd limt to ac1 Local 
a[i p I ic al lorui arr ^onictim«i gralcf uL ,~ tic t poult]cc^ orclcths wriing oul of hoi walcr ina^' 
be help Fill _ Cloths wrung out of sic ami ng hop wormwood orsmartwctd tcB"^ ire of 
bcncfn Homclimcs- ChBngc of position oFlcn gives relief, ^^hcn the sLone 1*1 large an 
opcrat]on iin> be needed. The patjent should dnnk freely of hot LemonBdc soda wi1er, 
bflrley waler When the patient is free fiom 1he BtlBck. he should L]ve b quiel life and 
a^o]d sudden exerlion of all kinds There should be a free pBssage of urine alwavs The 
pBtiem should dnnk tiaily 4 iBrge but definite quantUy of mineral or distilled walcr 
which IS josl assat]sfBctory. Yon m^y take the cUrale or bicarbonile of polash KlmeraL 
springs Bre good I0 visi1, siKh as SBratogi H0I Springs ^rkBn-^is, etc \bslBin from 
alcohol And ea1 moderBteJy L]ve Bn open-4]r life w]th plenly of ci^en.i'^e and re^lar 
houis The sk]n should be kepl Bctive, b cold friclion bilh in the niorn]ng is good, ]f one 
IE stiong bul if he is \^eak Bnd debilitBted the evening warm bBth should be subst]tuted. 
The patient should dress warmly, avoid rapid aUeriUons in temperilnre, and be (.ireful 
no1 to allow I he skin lo be4.ome suddenly chilled 

Diet— MosI peisons over forly eBt too much. One should lake plenly of lime to eal 
and not I00 much Kieat should be eiten 

"Qntcn of Ihr Meadow-" — The Tnd]ans used this mcdic]ne quite frequently in ihc 
treilment of kidney and bhdder In^ubles. A lidy, whom 1 know well, told me 1hat she 
hBd a cous]n who wis Bffected wilh the kidney slone colic_ A1 one time_ when he wis 
suffering from an HtBck, Bn Endiin happened in 1heir home Bnd saw him suffering lie 
weni mlo the mcBdow ind dug some of 1his remedy ind made b lea of U I1 seemed to do 
the work for while he gave il, Ihe pain WB't eased Bnd he ne>er hid any more aHacks 1 
g]ve lhis for what il i"^ worth The remedy will cerlBinl> do no harm for i1 ]s a good 

E^FLA^]^]AI'[0^ of LHE. BLADI>KR. (C^stltlbf. Cauws.-n mi> occur from 

injury fK)m p3ss]iig a calhetcr, elc , fTom the use of drugs l]ke canthindcs from 1hc 
presence of a slone fn>m sine lure of 1he urethra and fiT>m gonorrhci or cold 

li^mp4Diiis.--Thc urine is pBssed more frequently, sometimes Ihe desire lo pass the 
unne ]'i almost cons1ant_ The djslress is relieved for only a few minutes by pBssmg the 
unne, sometimes onl^' b few drops are passed ind il gives no rehef fnsm the desire for 
pBssmg unne The strBinmg is exlremely severe. Somelimes the patient will leBn over the 
vessel quivering with 1he mu^tulBr effort lo pass iirine_ The bowels of1en move al the 
simc 1ime from the s1rain]ng The urine becomes ihick with much mucus, 1hen scanty, 
and Ihen t]nged w]th blood. 

BrADDE.R TROUBLE. Mitktrs' Rrmrdtts. I. Fnghsh ON of^andaMVood 

fDrL--"Get one ounce ot the pure English oil ot sandal 


wood tike four diops ihrcc limr^ h day ]n a little walnr ,\s you unnatr more f^cc^y 
reduce tht doNf This is 4 splendid remtd> " 

1. ItlBddcr Troublt^ E.rr4:rlivt Htrt Uas f^r.-'Mikt a t^B of HbIT ounce of buchu 
Icivc^, half ounce of uvi urs] Icivcb f barberry lejvcs), one p]nt of boiling waler Dose 
Two or lhrce tBblespoonful!! three times a day, or iiny drink quile freely " A tea made of 
cornsiLk 1^ a common and stindBrd reinedy 

'Ln^Btutn I. — Remove ciuse if po^K]ble FomenlBtions of hops, smBrtweed, 

wormwiHHl Bre gr>od, even hoi water over the blad[lcr_ Hoi blip bBth iii good ind aL^>o 1bie 
warm boo! bBtbi The bowels should be kepi open wuh sai]ne laxilives Buchu Icb i^ >cry 
good U*ie Bboul one- half ounce of the Leaves lo a pint ot WBrm water aiKl Jet l1 stL^cp not 
boil. Drink freely ofltu^ Pumpkin seed lea or wileimcLon '>eed tea i'> good, also flaxseed 
tcj_ Dr_ Hare recommends 1bie bo]Low]ng 41 1bie bef.inning if therr is fever 

Tinclure of Aconite 3 drams 

Sweet Spirils of M]tie } ounce 

SoLulionof Cilratc of Potash enough to make 6 ounces 

Give ■ desserlJipoonfuL every four hoiJp> unliL all foer ceases and 1bie pulse i^ quiet_ 
The pi1ien1 sbujuld be kept quie1 
Diet- Should be milk only. 


repealed 41 ticks; pin ill retenl]on of urine in 1bie bladder, de4.ompo:£]ng Ihere, E right's 
djscu'^e ]nflammilion of the urelhra. ]njury, etc. 

Ircatmrnl.-- Wash out the bLidder w]th pure warm waler or water conti]ning about 
one lo two leaspoonfuls ot boric icid I0 lhe pin1 of warm water. Thi'> EhouLd be g]ven 
once or twice a day. or enough pcnninginile of poti'>bi can be put into tbie waler I0 give 
the waler 1 tinge of 1 he color An injection of golden "^eal, one leaspoonfuL to 1bie pint of 
wann waler iii good if there i-^ much mucus The be^t ^My to gi^'e the imgiUon isi lo 
atlach a small funnel lo a soft rubber calheler ant1 fill the bladder by rai'ting the funnel 
when full of w Her above the patient's belly or you can attach lhe rubber lube of a 
founlain ^>rinf.e I0 1 calheter 1I one end and I0 a funnel at 1he olher and rai'^e the funnel 
to lhe niesired heighl. or you can atlach 1 4.i1heter to the rubber tube of a founlain '>yringe 
(clean one) and raise bynnge high enough to allow lhe water lo run mlo the blidder 
gently. The patient will h1and jus1 iboul so much wHer. The rubber can then be detached 
from the cHheter and lhe water allowed to run ou1 


The pK)'>tate, which both instruclure and in function is rUher a muscle Ihan a gland, 
\^ hituHed at lhe neck of lhe bladder and around the hr^l inch of the urethn. It is divided 
into two laleril 

164- A;orH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

fsidcl lobcE Iparts] by h deep notch behind *nd a fuiTDW al ihc upper ind [owe r surf acEH_ 
The Ho-c ailed middle or lhird lobe ]^ the portion which i^ bet^^ecn I he lwo ^ide lobe^i al 
the under and poMcnor part of Ihc glind, jid! bencBth 1bie neck of the bladder The 
urethra (the channel for 1bie urine lo pasE through fiom 1hc bladder onl through lhe penis) 
usually p4'>^eE through lhe f Lind at about the junction of it^ upper End middle thinil. 

HVPKRTROFH\ OF IHE PROSTATE.-Thi^ is 4 general ciiBrgement of lhe 
gland ]n ill direclions All the three lobe*^ may enlarge and ]n Bboul one-lh]i~d of the men 
who h4>e passed middle life some enlargeKienl lakes pla4.e and ]n ibonl one-lenth of all 
men over fifly-ftvc 1his enlargemen! becomes of ]mponance in regard to 1he ^i/e The 
m]ddle lobe may enlarge "lO much Ihit il ma^ exiend up into the bladder and block the 
open]ng in1o lhe urelhra, the side lobes may compre'>s lhe urelhra ]nto a mere ^ht. or may 
lengthen il so IhBt 1he pns^tBtic portion mci^ures lhree or four inches, or may Iwist and 
d]s1ort It so thdl lhe most flexible jn^slrument can Dnl> be KiBdc 1o pass thiough it wilh 

Sjmpton]s.--Thc earnest symptom may be incrca^>ed frequency in passing unne, 
especiBllj al nij^ht. Soon "^ome urine i^ reUjned ]n lhe blflddcr. End this may ]ncreB'5e so 
much IhBl only in ounce or Iwo con be pas'^ed s pon1 aneous I y ^ Bllhough the bladder 
conlain^ one pml or more The slreim of unne ]s feeble, and w]ll drop perpendiculiily 
towinds the kel of 1hc pilicnt In some CB^e^ an inflimmBtion of lhe prostalc Bnd 
bladder issel up ind then the ^>mploni'> IcU ire very distre'>sing There ]s an almost 
con'>lBii1 de'>ire lo pass urine; Ihere ]s much pun ind "^Iraining wi1h it, a slight bleeding 
may follo^^ and n]ght res1 i'^ broken, the gcneiBl ^Irength FaiK from 1he contmuil 
"^urrerjng 1hc unne becomes foul, smelK l]l:c Bmmon]a, and i*^ rediKed in quBnlUy 
inflammation of 1he l:]dneys develop'> al^o, general poisoning occuis, and lhe pBtient 
d]esor urBcmiB ind in b 'comi' condilion 

'LrtaliiieaL Frevtiti^CL—Thc pilieni should 4vo]d tBkingcold in thi'> d]'^easc Light 
and eB-^jIv djgcsli^J diel is nc(.e^>sary The bo^^cls mu^t be kept regular- \kohol ot iny 
k]nd should not be used. The bladder should be emptied 41 regular ]nterYBls Some 
pBtients keep 4 cilheler Bnd "draw" the] r own urine_ Unless the palieni lakes great carr 
the bladder and urethra will be irrUated ind perhaps infected lhK)ugh neglecl of 
cleBnline'>s Medicines are not very icicful in severe case^. GperiUon ]s the only reliable 
cure especially when Home uniie is jlwjys retained. 

LIRENARV FA!iSAGE. Mother's Remedy.-- L D a ndr Mom Root Will Clean. -"\ 
decocl]on midc of the "^lited root ot dandelion ]n x^hjte ^^]ne ]s very effeclual foi 
cleansing and healing inwanil ulcers m the urinary pas^ige. If the ^resh root cannot be 
oblamed, buy exiraci of dandelion and give Iwo leaspoonfuls in waler once in two or 
three hoiir> a-^ the ci^e requires 11 also ads on lhe l]ver, gall and spleen " 


D RO PS Y -— D r^psy shoLild be regarded as a ^ymplom, wKich may ari^c from miny 
causes, such as heart dL^>ei^c. Lung i:l]scasc or kidney disease, or i1 mBy depend upon 
ob^trucUon tc lhe nonnil flow of bUiud End Lymph Itirough the ves'tels ind tL'>sues. 

Trom Heart l> i^ea^r . - - [ n he^n di'veine drcpsy i^ due Id a week tieart. The tieart l^ 
LiuBble Lo '>u[i[ily 1tie artenes wilh enough bLoud to inBintBin lhe normal pre'>sure, or to 
dBiTiming up of bLoud ]n lhe venous sy^lcm i^ the result of imperfect emptying at lhe 
heart civitLes. En kidney tn^ubLe lhe dro[i^> depends mure on the LBck of pn^per 
nour]'^hjiig procL''>ses in the 4.4p]Llary waLls and upon changes in the bLoud Bnd bLood 
pre-^^ure. \\ lhe tidney^ Bre diseBsed Ihcy may no1 be abLe to eL]minale lhe proper 
amoum of Liqu]ds ^^hich iccumulile and finBlly escape in1o lhe 1is.sul''>. Liver tn^ubLcE 
cau*ie dropsy by pK^duc]ng pressure upon lhe laijc blood-vcsseJs going to the liver_ ind 
consequcnUj IIk: Muid isgenL^rBlly confined to the lo^^er Ljmb"^ and ibdomen. 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. Dropsj^ L. Juniper Krrrirs Frc^h or Dr> ror.-'Thi: 

berriL""^ ol lhe jun]per tree ire regBrded bs eKccllcnl home rcmetke-^ in dropsy They mBy 
be eBtcn Fresh or dry, or mike 4 dcco^lion Bnd dnnb Two leaspoonfuh of lhe berries 
two or three limes b day ]s considerrd a dose_ Et ]k welL to bru]'^c Ihcm Ihoroughly by 
breaking 1hc '>eei:l'> wi1h b hammer before tAk]ng.' The dc4.u4.licin js more effective. This 
helps lhe drop'^> by acting on the kidneys 

1. Dr[>ps>, Wild Milkweed for.-- "Steep the loot of the wild milkweek Bnd drink the 
tea m doses of b ^jnc^LB^s Ihrec 1ime'> b day_ This i^ b sure cure if tiken m earl> "Plages " 

3. DrDps>, White Bb> BidE Tor.-- "While bay bud'> "bleeped in WBter." The \^h]te biy 
budscBn be secured a1 iny drug ^lore ind Bre casiLj prepared. Make b lea of these 1he 
siKie 4'> >ou would Kifllze green teB fori he labLe onLy Kironger Tike seven] Umes k day 
This i^ Bn exeellcnt remedy. 

4. DrnpEy, Canada Jklstle for.— "Steep dwarf eLder root, or CimdB thisUe root, and 
dnnk the teB " Thi^ ]s an old Ined remedy thi1 ourgrBndmolhera used to use, and CBn be 
depended upon. We bII know thil in oLden l]mes molhers hid to use the'^e herb remedies, 

as doctoiseould ntJt he -secured b"^ easily as they cin ]n ihe-^e days 

9. DripEy, V tr^ ETfecLlvt Remedy for.— "Make a dc4.oe1ion of Frr'>h dindetaon lool 
eIicc^, one ounce to one pint of W4ler bo]Led down 1o one-hilf p]nt, slram, adding two 
drBins of cream of tBrtjr_ Dose: A w]ne glas-^ful Iwo or three t]mes 4 day_" 

t. Dropsy, CamniDn Herb Remedy fur.— "One gallon wh]te beech bBrk ifler the 
n^ugh bBrk i^ rcnujvcd gi^^Kl big huntllul oJ blickberry root, cut tine, and ilso of 
:£4'>safriik root Cover with cold waler And s4eep to get the sirenglh, ihenstrBin When 
cool, nol cold Add one pin1 b4kep>' yeist and one 4. up of sugir. Le1 ]t s1and Iwenly-fbur 
houis in a wann place Then "tlram Bnd set in 4 cooL place Tike a 

166 A;orH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

wincglas^ful ihrcc Umc^ a diy bcfbrr mc*ls_ Thi^ has bcrn Kighfy rcc Qmmcndrd Ed mc 

by a IriLMid in Kilkaska^ MicbiL^in." 

7. Drop^^, "Quc^m af Ihr Meadow" r[>r.--"]'> a '>ym[itoni of iTH>i^]d co nd 1 1 ic ns 

CAihting in 1tic system^ thtrcForc nutntious dict^ alkalLiit balh'> and 4 general hygLcii]c 
rcguklion of tht daily h4b]ts arc of thi: f r^ilc^t inifiortincc Take one Icaspoonful of 
powder of 'Queen of the Meadow' in a cupful at u'atcr thrrc or four times a day a^ the 

cai»c may reqij]re Enher us* tea or powder" 

PHYSICIAN'S' IREATMENT for D ropsj.-- Treal Ihc diM^ise thai causes ]t 
RemcdLe*^ should be given thil Vr\l\ cause an outpounng of 1hc liquid SaLine*^ such as 
e^iisom \alt'> la large di>ses Cretin of lartar and ep'^>m '>4lts fequal parts) laken freely ]s 
efTcctivc- Ef the k]dncys arc luictive ow]ng lo ticirl Irouble, the following may be used 
,\a infusion of dLgi1ai]E in one lo fotir leaspoonfui dose-^ every Itiree to four houp> Th]Si 
p]ll Ls good 

Powdered DigHaiis 20 graina 

Powdered Squills 20 graina 

Mix inio Iwenty p]lK and lake one every five houis 

INFECTION AND CO^"TAG lON.-Thcse word^ are often used ]n such away 
ttiat 4 wrong j mp rcs'^iou ["> made A djseaiic may be infectious bul not 4.ontag]ous. 
Malaria is an inslance. EnfeoUon means in abihly to enter I he body fn^m any unurcc^ 
wind, wi1er, food or other peisons and piDducc 4 ohira(.lerLst]c disease. The agency 
doing this IS known ai 4 genn_ Conlagion ]k properly a poisoning of one individual from 
contact wi1ti a di'^ea^ed individual ]n some way known or unknown. It may be conveyed 
indirectly Ihrough clolhes_ ctc_, or other pep>on, but always comei* from some pep>i>n 
:£ick w]th ttie sime disea'^e Diseases may be bo1ti ]nreclious ind cont4g]ou'^. Nearly all 
ttie epidemic diseases ot infancy are bolh lnfecllou^ and conl4g]ous and accompanied by 
fever In niir^]ng ch]ldren^ "^uffenng from infecUoiCi diseases the mother or nur^e should 
avoid lheir brealh and handle ttiem 3^ l]tlle as possible. All secretion from bowels ind 
k]dncy'f should fill in a vessel (.onlaining a d]S]nfecling solution of Coppera*^, bichloride 
of mercury, etc ind "^hiiiild be emplied into the "^ewer or buried. Following are the 
"^iluUons as mide Coy prras:--Put a Jump is bjg is a walnut in ttie chamber wilh one- 
half p]nt of water, to rccenc feces urine spulnm ind >om]ted mailer trtjm infectious 
and conlagiou*^ pat]enl'^ 

2. Solulion c f c hlo riiia Li: d ^cda^ four fluid ounces waler 1en ounces, useful for 

hand*^ and di'^he'^, not silverware. D]ssohe eigtit corrosive sublimate tiblels, also called 
b]ctiloride, in a gallon of wHer 



Thas i^ used lo dLALnfrcl floors, wondwort. rubbrr. ind Icuhcr, bu1 no! mrlal pan'>. Gmt 
cart IT1US1 be ikkcn to hBvc I he hinds \^ ashed aflcr handling such b is nol Id 
infect I he fuod, ryes, mouth, or Bny "iinBLI skjriKorcs 

Diet rin Inkctiau^Dihtasts.— Foods ibiat cm be used: Milk, miLk-water. milk Bnd 
I Line- ^^ B tLT Mcllin's Jood niaJtL'd milk, imperiaL granum, albumin waler, nee WBttr. 
OBtmcBL wi1er, barley ^^Btcr egg (^^hite part^ ind barley ^^Btcr. airowroot waler, wtiey, 
whey Bnd rream miTture. cream Bnd rice miKture beef lea, beef extrBCI. niutlcm bioth, 
beef jLiLce Chtwing biDilcd -^Icik and onl> swallowing Ihe juice, dry 1oast Bnd soft 
boiled ^SE^. milk loast. dned beef bro1h_ HOLips. nee, cornslarch, Hpioca, etc_ The diet 
must not consisl of nolid food m any severe cise of fever. SiubII qnantitLes o\ cold drinks 
can be ^L>en, frequenlly repeated if there is no vomLling Frequenl WB^hing with lepid 
waler or cool wiler lessens Ihe fe>er ind prtjduces sleep The bowels shtjuld be kepi 
open al leas1 once 4 day, Biid Listor oil or sails usuA]Ly can be given. (See Nursing and 
Dietelics department ] 

'labk of Inftctloutf Dibta^t^. 

DBle ot 

M Limps 

Whooping Cough 
Chicken Fojc 
GennBn Mcislcs 
ScBrlel Fe^er 
Typhoid Fe^er 

IncubBtion lasts 
7 to 20 days 
2 to 7 days 

1 1o I2di>s 

2 to S days 
10 to n divs 
1 2 to 1 7 days 
] to J weeks 
12 to I4diys 
1 to 7 days 

I to 14 days 
JO to 14 davs 


l-^l day 

7 lo J4 days 

I Id 2 day^ 

I lo 2 days 

I day 

I day 

t day 
4 days 

1 Id 2 day^ 
7 Id 5 days 

2 Id 4 i.Uvh 



7 days or less 

2 monlhs 

] week lo I month 
] week to 3 weeki 
] week to 3 weeks 
4 Id 7 da>^ 

3 to 4 days 
7 to 9 days 
7 to 1 2 days 
3 to 5 weets 
3 to 4 weets 

SCARLET FEVKR. DtrimUion.— ScaricI fever is an acute infHiious disease, with b 
ctiarac tens tie eniptioii 

MidcsorCDnve>lnE-~Tfic nearer b peison is to b palient the more likely one is [o 

take or con>e> the tlisease. Clothing beddings etc. ma> relain ttie poison for monlJis 
Scales from 1tie skin ot a paticnU dried secretions. lhc unne if inflammation of lhe 
kidneys fnephrHL^I exists, lhe dischBr^es Ifeces) fiom ttie bowels^ are all means of 
infecUon. The longer b pep>i>n remains near lhe pBtient 1tie more likely he is lo convey 
the disease Foods handled by 1hose sick ot 1he disease, or by 1hose who may hB^e been 
near patienls may convey the disease This is e^peciBlly Irue of milk. Epidemics of 
■^Brlel fe>er have been "^larted by dairy-men who had hcbtIcI fe>er m their family. I once 
atlended b family where the only known cause for U in thai family v^as b long-haired dog 
of a neighbor who had scarlel fever m the family The dog way in the room with the sick 
ones, and visited Ihe neighbor''^ family Bnd piByed wilh the children 


who iftrrwanJ^ camr down with I he fcvcr_ Dt^chirges fiDm thr c*r_ciusccl by ^irlct 
fcvcr_ Brc said \ai he capable of giving l1 

Ki^BiaiBS rin Ih^: Rooiu, hc^ Idd^?~]1 m4> rcinBin for months ]n ■ raotn^ ind rxicnd 

over Iwo ycBPE as recorded hy Mun:hi!ion_ Wc do not yet know how the poison obti]ns 
cntrince lo the body. Hence, 1bic need for Ibiorough d]!i i nfcc1 ion 

Age, Occurrence, SusccplltlHI^. — AII ch]Ldrcn exposed to the d]^casc do not 
contrac! 1bic d]!icasc [t 1*1 lc!i^ (.ontig]OLi^ than mcasLe^_ A person ^^hi> is c^pom^d once, 
and docs not lake ]t, may lake ]t Bt b future exposure, [t occurs al any igc and ]n all 
countric*! 1 1 o(.cup> ol tener in aulumn (ScpteinbcrJ ind winter (February] l-^olatcd (.b-^c^ 
occur, and then il ["> caLJi^J '>|ToradLC Thi*^ disease atlack^ niirsjng children less frequenlJ^' 
than older children. It is no! often "^ecn during Ihc np>t year of Life 

Hovi Often?— As a rule, 1I atlacks 4 person only once. ye1 ihcre are reconilcd ci^e^ of 
well observed -second and lhird attack*!, but fonnnately these are very rare I once 
atlcndcd 4 family where lhey had it and claimetl Id have had i1 before, but very h^hlLy. 

IncubaLicn. — The vas1 majorUy of cases develop wilhin 1hree to f]ve day^ after 
exposurr. If eleven d4>'> cL4p'>e w]thoiit the appearance of '>ymptoins we may reasonably 
expect thai the danger j't pas1. at leist in 1hc great majonly o^ ca'^e'> ctpo'kInJ 

C(^mtaEionsness.--Therc ih danger of c niching 1hc di'^ea'^e during 1hc '>t4ge'> of 
incubaljon eruplion and '^caL]ng. Il i'> nio'>t cont4g]ou'^ in 1hc last 1wo slagcs 

OsseL—SoKietimc^ Ihc onsel i'> '>uddcn; ihcre ma^ be a conviit]on. preceded b^' a 
^hirp rise ]n Ihc Icmperilnre. ,\n examination in such cases may reveal 4 marked '>ore 
throal or a membranous deposit on the tonsiK prcced]ng Ihc eruplion, and nothing more. 
A chill followed by fever ind >om]t]ng idhcr*! m a lirge number of ca-^es. These may be 
mild or severe The seven! y of these !iymp1oms iisuilLy indciles the gravily of 1he 

Rash. --The ra-^h or eruplion appears fiom Iwelve to Ihirly-'^jx hours aflcr 1he onsel. 
usually on 1hc second day ind look't like 4 very severr heil rish, bul is finer and Ihicker 
I1 consists of a very finely pointed nj-^e-colorcd ra-^h In mild cises ]t 1*1 haidly 
noliceible. U^mlly it fjcsl appears on Ihe upper part of the chest around Ihe collar bones, 
spreads o>cr Ihe ehesi and around upon the back. Also ]t is now ^een on the neck, 
bencalh the jaw, behind 1he cais ind on Ihc lempLes, thence spreads o>er Ihe body There 
IE a patency aboul Ihe mouth and wjng*^ of the noise wh]le the cheeks are flu'thed with 4 
flame-like retlnc*is. There 1*1 much ]tch]ng if the rash is severe, [t aHains 1he full 
deveLopmenI a1 ihe end of Iwo or three days ind then gradually declines In home cases 
the ra!ih is seen only 1wenly-four houp> 

Fever-— The tever nses rapjdly ]n Ihe fip>t few hours to 104 or 105-S/lO degrees It 
remains lu^h except in 1he morning, untjL the enijition 


reaches il^ full dcv^lopincnt and TjIIa wilh thr Fading cnipEion. ind m unromplicatcd and 
Lypicj] ca^c'^ \^]thLii hii diy^ became^ nurmal. 

Sort Thrift. —This wc find en Ihc pL]L4P> of the fauces^ uvula^ ton^]t&^ ind ptiaryriT. 
reddened End inflamed. SomcUinc'^ il i^ ^cry hcvctc. and a membrane comes on one or 
bolh tonhiL'> End [Hilars of 1he fauces Tbicrt is ^nrrolly a severe sore throal and this 
makc^ '>\^BliowLiig difTicLiLl 

I'osgur.— The tongue i^ covered with a coaling at iheonsel, and Tnuy [ireseni a 
"^lightly rrddcned appearance a1 ihe boidrp> End tjp The papillae Bre pK)ni]nenl and 
covered and look like a ^1ra\v berry somet]mes. or like Ihe longue ai a cat In falaL 
po]'^onoLi*i ca^c^ ]t becomes dry and crBcked 

Scaling. — Ah the disease ^nb-^jdes th? ou1er layer of the skin dnc^ End peeK off_ The 
CTtenI of lhis depends upon Ihe !ieveri1y of 1bic BttBck In somr cases ihe scaling is hardly 
percepl]blc. and ^>omelimes ]t appeals onLy on ccrlain part^_ "^uch as on ihe loe-^ and ]nner 
pBrtsof the thighs There ]'i always some neBling. This ]'i called "desiq nam al ion_ " 
GenrrBlly speaking, scaling beg]ns where Ihe erupUon fiist appeared on 1he upper pan of 
the chest Bnd neck. The neBles may be f]ne End branny or as i^ mm>t common Ihe sbin 
peels ]n lar^c pBrticles Some neBlmg is always pre^enl The lenglh of the "^Bling lime is 
^Bnablc 11 lEiUBlly la^t> \roTTs three lo four x^ccbs. but of1en longer Thi"^ "^l^ge ]s 
considered by mBny as ihe most contaginus^ bs the fine scBle'> fly in the air. 

C cm plica tionsL Nose. —The nose is affecled Bt lhc '>ame time if Ihe "sore thioal" i"^ 
very severe A membrane ma> al^> foim in the no^e. 

Ear. --This may be aftecled in as high as one-fifth of the cases and neecfe carefuf 
walchmg and altention. Both cars ma> be d]seased Bnd deafnes'> freqnenlly results FrDm 
It. Ten percent of those who suffer fn^m "deaf-mutjsm' can trace 1heir afn]clion lo 
scBrlel fe>er The ean* usually become bM lie ted in the IhinJ week. The fever rises Bnd 
there is pa]n in lhc cars or car. The onsel may no1 appeBr alarmng and not be "lUspected 
un1il the dmeharge makes lis appearBnce This i'> unforliinate 1hesc complicat]ons are 
senous^ as mening]ti'> and absce'>s of 1he bra]n may result. The ear trouble (otUisJ usually 
occurs during lhc scaling The palieni ma> be up Bnd around There is a nse of 1he 
tcmpcnturc to ]03 or ED4 dcgrrcs, the parent begins 1o vomU food Bnd has a headBche 
,\i n] lhe ch]ld starls fnnm Us crib and cries as if in pBin Thc> do not Biways locate 
the pBin jn Ihe ear The face and hantis may Iwitch. The foer may fall 10 normal and rise 
sharply again. Such symploms should call for b I borough eTam]na1iDn 

EjT-— InFlammBtion of the |co nj unc 1 1 va) red membrane of lhe eyes oflen occurs. 

170 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

K idmc ys.— TKcrt may br « mild form of inflimmition in the cartacr slHgc?i. The 
severe form corner, jf it bII iiMJBlly in the third week [t occurs in five to ^levcn percent 
of the cartes ll may oecLir in the miLde'>l cihe^ a^ ^ueh C4'>eb Bre not so cLcHiely welched 
The fira1 symptom is asLighl bio b ling oF the eye^ ind face and spreid^ovcr tlw whole 
body Somelmies 1hc ^\^elL]ng i^ very sLigh1_ at otiter tiine-i U i-i extreme The urine 
d]minishe^ early ind sometimes i^ whoLiy supprew>ed_ [t mav be lighl Loiorcd ^moky or 
siraw co^orrd. Thi'> trouble UMJBlLy runs fcr weeks The pilieni m4> fel uremia Bnd 
re'^nit falaliy. 

H earl.— This bIjiO may be iffected as lhc VBlves iiny become diseased 

JoiDts.~Rheum3t]^m iJ^o miy occur ind other com pi ical ions 

Ch&rea.— Follows scBrlct fever aiso, cspet:iBli> in girls from Iwelve 1o fiflecn yean 

Dia^nc^ih. — ln mos1 CBses il i'> easy lo dLst]ngu]^h from olher d]seases Dermalilis^ 
mflBmmat]on of 1he skin /"[t]^" always means inflammilionl- In dermatiUb 1he Ihroal 
symploms and strB^^herry tongue arc absenl 

From Mca5lcs.--By the ripid onset, abseEicc of cold '>ym[itDm'i of the nose eyes^ 
and biouchifll tubes, blolchy eruplioift ihat occur in measles There is no Mrawberry 
tongue in mcBsic^ and no coughing Bt beg]nning 

Recovrrj.--The prognosis is fB^orable in uncompL]Ci1ed cases 11 also depends upon 
the charader of the epidemic tvpe of the disei^e. En EnglBnd U vines from Ihidcen 1o 
Fourteen percenL En lh]K country ]t 1*1 sometimes as Low as Iwo I0 four percent. The 
l:]dney IroubLe i^ BiwBys feared for U mi> result in ijrem]a Bnd dealh. or lhe icute may be 
followed by chr(jn]c nephritj*i or Enghl's diseBse which will ulnmalely prove fi1aL_ 

Sanilarv Cart af Koom and i^aLicn1.--lf you Bre exposed to this dise4'>e ^vhil can 
you do'* if a ch]ld, it musi be pu1 ]n 4 room by itself. If sever*! ch]ldren have been 
CTposed they should be put m separale rooms. These nnoms should have no carpel- 
curt*] ns nig*i elc_. or Bny unnecessary furnHure for every! h 1 ng musI be disinfected 
afterward, and somen mes dcMroycd The clothes ^^om just before 1hc sickness *ihoijid be 
slcnli/cd in Meim or boiled and I hen *]red ]n lhe sun Anyone suffering from sore Ihroar 
who has been *bout the pBtiem should not be allowed lo be near lhe heBllh>. All lhe 
children mus1 be kept fnsm school 1 1 is well for 1hem I0 !iprBy their ihrtJBts w]th a simple 
c le ans] ng so I ul 10 n morning and night, wUh * full te aspoo nfol of boric *cid lo a glass full 
of WBrm water or you CBn use common ^bIi but not sinnng enough lo imtile the throal 
abou! one teBspi>onful to b glass o\ WBter_ Ef you have listenne orglyco-lhymoline or any 
such disinfeclant use lhcm_ one leaspoonful lo Miteen spoonfuls oF water Hoi walcr 
Itself is a >ery giiod girgle, ^ery healing and cleans]ng \nyone who enters the sick 
room and comes out 


again Ehnuld "frcar i shcti 4II over him On coming out, he orshr should Leave thi^ ^hcct 
ouls]dc lhc window of another room ]f the [lerton bias 4 bcinJ he '>hoiild wash hi'> fBcc 
wtth A ] Id 2000 solution of conosive subiimalc. End the biands ai'^o, before leAy]ng the 
sick TDom. The one \^ho wiit^ upon the s]ct one should remain there, bul everyone ein 
no! do ^>o_ They must slay BWi> from lhe heflllhy if po'&ibie 

Cil^ and State Siprr^lsioD.— ir you L]^e ]n lhe e]ly your physician "^hoLiFd nolify the 
heaHbi biiinJ who will probably send someone I0 ]ns1riicl you re^Brding caut]ons and 
some cilies have pnvate nile-^ Lews e1c_, for I hem I0 follow while under quaranlane. A 
copy ]s usifiLly furnished ilso to your close ne]ghboPi_ ALho some of the slate 
departments of health hBvc niBde up pamphlets which are circuL^led free on requesi 
deahng w]th the "^injtBry science of infectious End coiHagious diseB-^es Some colle^jes 
use these same pBmphlels m the] r study of sanUary sr]ence Much valuable infoimBlion 
IS eonlained in them. CompBrati^ely Few people learn of these pamphlel-^ For lhe benefit 
of those who have no! read or seen them we quole fnsm thc]rscarlel fever subjec Is as 


Do nol le1 4 child go ncir a case of nciriet fever Th]s is especially importin! lo be 

Ch]ldren are in m uc h gre a ter d anger of deal h fiom ncarle! fe^er Ihan ire idults_ bu1 
adult persons of1en get and spread lhe disea'^e ind somelimes d]e From U N^ild cases in 
ad 111 Is may cause fatal cases among (.hildren. Unless your services are needed keep aw4j 
UoTTs the disease yourself- IF you do msiI a case, bathe yourself and change ind disinfect 
yourclolhing ind hair, beinJ, if any, and hands before you go where there is a ch]ld. Do 
nol pennil any person or thing or a dog orca1_ or other animal to come fn^m a case of 
scarle! fe>er to ach]ld_ No cat or dog should be penn]t1ed lo enler lhe sick njom_ 

Do not penn]t a child to weir or handle clolh]ng worn by a person during sickness or 
convalescence fromscirle! fe>er 

Bewire of an> person who has sorr thioal Do not kiss or come near I0 stich 4 
person. Do nol drink From the same cup. blow lhe same whislle, or put his pen or pencil 
in your moulh Whenever a child has sore ihroat and fever, ind especially when this ]s 
accomp4n]ed by a rash on lhe body, the child and altendani should immeciately be 
isolaled unt]l the physician has seen il ind determined whelher it has scariet tever. Si rid 
quarantine should be eslablished and Kiainlained thioughout 1he course of the disease. 
Exposed persons should be isoliled until sirh t]me has elapsed as miy prove 1hal Ihey 
are no1 ]ntected. The period of incubation, thai is the inlerval of lime between exposure 
to lhe conlagion of scarlel fever and the farst sign of the disease in lhe peison so expose^l, 
vanes. En many 

172 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

ca5«i it ippcais in seven d*y^, in nomc cases in fo lirtcen d*y^_ ind in ^omc c*^r^ twcnty- 
onc days, the avenge prnod i^ about n]ne days. QuArtnttnc of pcrsoib cxj>ased iiha dd 
no! be raisrd Lindcr four wecki 

Ch]Ldrcn beL]eved to be uninfcctrd iin> be scn1 Bway from 1he house in which there 
IS scarlet fever 1o families in which tbiere are no persons liable 1o the diseise^ or to 
prev]ousiy disLnfected con^aLesren! wards in biospilais; but in eHhercBse I hey should be 
lEolaled fiom the public until tbie expinlion of Ihe penod of incubanon Th]s t]me may 
viry. but for full pnjtection to the public isolalion should be ob-^erved for four weeks 

Persons who ire i1tend]ng upon ch]Ldren or o1her persons suffenn^; From "^carlel 
fever, Bud ai-^o the me nibeis of 1 he pBtient's family, should not mingle w]th o1her people 
nor permU I he enl ranee of children ]nto 1heir house. 


Ail pep>ons kntjwn 1o be "^ick \^ith this d]'5ease (even those bul mildly sick J should be 
pTDmpUy and ihon^ughiy isoLflted from Ihe pubL]c and r4ni]Ly. [noidenng Ihe i^olat]on of 
infecled persons, ihe hesllh officer Kieans IhBt their communication w]th well persons 
and Ihe movemem of any irlicle from the infected room or premises shall be absoJntcly 
cul off- 

BTcepI i1 be disinfected^ no letler or paper "shiiiiLd be seni through 1he kibiL from Bn 
infecled place. Thil lhis is of more importance thin in the case of smallpox is indicated 
b> the fad of the much greater number of Lises of sickness ind of deaths fn>m scarlet 
k^er,— a disease for ^hich uai siKh prcvcnlne as viccinilion ]s yel tnown 

I'ke raam im i^b rich one skk "^irih rihl^ dibease is to be placed shi>iiLd previoicily be 
cleared of all needless clolhing, drapery ind o1her malenaLs likely lo harbor 1he geims of 
the disease; and excepi af1er 1 ho ro uf h disinfection nothing already exposed to 1he 
conlagion of Ihe di-^ea^e should be moved from the room The sick room should hive 
only such irlicles a-^ are indispensable to the well-be]ng of lhe pi1ien1, and should have 
no cirpet, or only p]eces which can aflerw-ards be dcstmyed. Provision "^hiiuld be made 
^or the I ntK>du: I lo n of a hberal supply of fresh air and the continual change of 1he 4]r in 
the room ^^]thi>ul scns]ble currents or drafts 

Soiled clothing, towels bed linen e1c ^ on removal from lhe pilieni should not be 
carried about while dry; but "^hiiuld be placed in a pi] I or tub covered wilh a five percent 
solulion of cirbol]c acid, sit and three-tounh^ ounces of cartolic acid to one gallon 
waler foiled clothing should in ill cases be disinfected before sending awi> to The 
laundry, either b> bo]ling for al leas1 hilf in hour or by soaking ]n the five per cent 
solulionof cirbohc acid 


Thr dischArgca fnsm thr thrD*t_ nm»t, mouth, ind from lhc k]clncys and bowcb of 
tbic poticnt shQuLd be received in1o vr'>scL'> containing in equal voLuirn: of 4 five [icrccnl 
solulion of carbolic acid ind in cil]fs where srweis Bre used, tbiruwn into the W4ler 
close! elsewhere 1bic ^iine should be biincd al Least one binndred feet distin! fiom any 
well, and should nol by my means be thrown inlo a runii]ngstreBm. nor into a cesspool 
or prL>>, excep! BFtcr having been thoroughly d]sinfectcd_ Di-^charges from the bliddcr 
and bowels iiny he retc]ved on old clolhs, which should be Lmmed]alely burned. All 
ves'>els should be kepi scrufiLiLousLy clean Bnd dL'>infecled Discharges from 1he nose, 
ears e1c . mBy be recc]ve4lon ujft rags or pieces of cloth an^1 which should be 
mimed] ale L> burned. 

All cnp^Hj^Ias^c^s^oonh, rlc.+ used in 1he '^]cb n^om, fihould 41 once on removal 

fT^TTs the room be washed m the f]ve perceni solution of CBrbolic achJ and afterwards tn 
hoi WBter_ before being used by any other peison_ 

Food and drln^L Ihil hive been in the s]ck Ti>om should be diiiinfcctcd and buried 11 
■should nol be put in 1lie swill bBrrel 

Peri eel cicanhness of nurses and BttendBnts should br enjoined ind secured \^ the 
liBnd^ of Ihe nnrse-^ o\ nccessily become frequenUj contim]nated by 1he conlagion of ihc 
d]sease, a good supply of towels Bnd basins one contBinmg a Iwo perceni soLulion of 
cari>oL]c Bcid (two and lhree-f]fthsounce'> of carbolic ae]d to a gallon of wiler) and 
another for [il4]n soap ind v^ ale r should 4lw4y'> be al hand Bnd freely used 

Persons rtcorrrlng fron seariet Tever^ so long B't any scahng or peeling of the 

skin, soreness of the eyes or air pas^igc^ ors>mp1oms of dropsj rema]n_ should be 
considered dBngerou't, and. iherefbrr, should not atlend school, church or any public 
assembly or use any pubL]c conveyance. En 4 house infected with scBrlel fever 4 
temporiTy disinfection afler BppBrenI recovery ma> be mide so 4 "i to rcleBsc from 
isDlat]on Ihe members of ihe household who hive not had the disc^e 

Die I and NirBlng.--Food should be given every Iwo 1o four houp>_ Only WBtercBn 
be given as long as Ihere ]s nausea and vomi^ng ind somelime's nol even thil After 
they hive stopped you can give milk Bnd wiler Bnd then milk. You shi>uLd g]ve ]t to b 
child every Iwo to ihrec houis iboul one-fourth of a glass tulL and warm ]f possible. A 
child cin tike 41 least one quirl ]n lwenl>-four hours. Watch the stomach and bowels for 
bBd symploms; if necessary >ou can pul in one leaspoonfuL of lime wiler after the milk 
liBS been heated, [f Ihe eh]ld will nol iBke milk^ use one of The pTepared foods. Mrllins' 
mailed mjlk^ BonJen'*^ malted milk peplon]zed milk, ImpenaL GrBnum ind follow ihe 
d]recl]ons on the bottle The different food wileis mentioned above are to ui^e when milk 
and other 

174 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

food prep ar*lLoiK cannot be given ^lEnimcn |whnc of an egg *nd wi1tr, not whipprd) 
can ht gwcTs End always cold Cold mAk bIso iBslfs belter. 

Duriag Lh^: Skknt^s, rtc.— Ttic kncn^ bedding. elc ^ of Ihc parent should be pul iiHo 
a one tc five- thousand so I ul lu n of corrosive sub I im ale 1>ou can buv 1bial ^trcnglbi lab Let) 
before be]ng boiled dried ind aired in tbie "^un The '>lcI: room must be kepi \^ell 
^enUlated^ but no drafts should be BlLo^^ed Id go over the pat]ent. Tbie tempcrBlure \^ 
better 41 6S degrees F The palient should be kep1 ]n bed dunng ill the feveri'>bi '>lBge and 
dunng the HCBling '>tBge aKo. 

CBre mu^t be 1aken lest 1bie pBticnl lake cold Dimng ihi^ time ihere i'^ a great danger 
of eir and kidney tiouble. Tt would be safer to keep the pat]ent in bed until Ihe pecJing ]s 
done. Children arc naturally lively", nnky, and 4 l]tllc carrless- To teep the ^cale*^ from 
Flying you cangrca-^L" thL" pat]ent wUticold cream vaselin, lard, etc_ This Vrill il-^o help 
to case Ihe itching. The pccl]ng i^ aided by balh]ng Ihc palieni every day wilh ^^inn 
soipj walen 

Special Trratmrnl.~lii ordinary' cases little Ireilment i^ needed excepi 1o keep the 
throal and no^c Free from excessive secrelions The urine should be ex4ni]ned daily ind 
the bowels -should move once or 1wice a day_ Cold waler should be given frequently if1cr 
the nau^>ei has pi^cd iway Milk is lhc usual food, but must not be given dunng Ihc 
vomiting s1age. Equal parts of milk and ^^atercin be g]ven ifler the VDm]ting "^lage, if 
the pattern will not tike pure m]lk 

During 1he vomiting ^1age very htlle wilereven can be ^iven_ The grealesl danger in 

EC arid fever comes from Ihe thn^it com pi tal ions ind the high fever- 
When Ihe fever i^ h]^h Ihe palieni suffers from delirium. \ temperature of 105 ]e 
dangerou"^ and ^uch patients mu^t be bathed well in waler, commencing al 90 degrees 
and rubbed \^cll ill over wh]le in ttie waler, allowing 1he lemperalure of ttie bath 1o fill 
to 35 or SO degrees while so do]ng bath 1o Ias1 f]ve 1o fifteen minutes. Bathe the head 
wilh x^aler, al the temperature of 5{h degrees ill IIk: time Ihc lemperalure i-^ at 10 J 
degrees or hif.her Always use 1he Ihermomeler lo delermine the temperature of 1he 
walcr Weakly children often do not "51 and 1he bi1h well, so you mu^t eKeic]ie discretion 
in giv]ng i1 oflen The lemperalure nius1 be kept dnwn to 102 to ]03-iy2, and bilbi musi 
be used oflen 1o nij so Where bi1hy cannot he used, frequent wishing wUh water al 60 1o 
70 decrees mu-^l be adjpted without diyjng Ihe ch]ld afterwards A molher should 
always remember 1hal a feverish, restlc^*^ child needs a balh or a good washng with cool 
soip and water If the bowels and kidneys do not ict frecJ^' enough g]^e lhe fDllow]ng 


Ep'>om Silts 2 ounces 

Cream of Tail ar 2 oiinccs 

Mix and give anc-haiF Icaspoonfui in walcr c^cry Ihrcc hours until 1tic 
bowels mi>vc freely. 

Thi!i Ls I he dLi^c for 4 child one ynrcld 

Dropb^ In Scaritt Fcvtr.~in IbiiscB^c yoii nii£>E have a do^lor A simple way lo 

make B dro[i'^> pBlicnl '>weal is I0 plBce 1bic patLcnl upon 4 cine ^icaled ch4]r^ p]n a 
blankel iTDund 1bie ncck^ covering tbie wholt body Under ihe chBir place 4 wooden pail 
hBlrfnll of cool W4lcr Bnd inlo thi'> pn1 4 brick baked ^^ ho1 ^^ pos^]ble, or yon can 
introduce Mciin under I he blBnket wbiiic lhc pilieni is :£]tl]n^on b ch4]r^ or lying in bed 
taking cire not to scild lhc pilieni Ihih will cio'v^ "^wcaling^ Bnd relieve the drop'^> and 
also conge-^lcd kidneys. 

Hdi« Soon Mb> b Ncarlct F^v^t Patl4:nl \jfS4crial4: ^ith Iht Il4:allh>?--[1 ]-^ be-^l to 
wait B few weck^ aflcr veiling ends. Gi>e tht parent a batbi ]n a one lo LQJJOO corrofiivc 
subhmale solut]onfin>t. 

Cau4l*n.~An ondinBry case ofhcariet fever cloe?i no I nerd mtsh medic]nc Nursing 
and CBrc Brc es^tnlnl E^en Ihe slightest cane should be walcbicd. There is ilwiy^ dBnger 
of the eyes, cars and kidneys becoming BFFecled If the child compli]n^ of pain in 1he 
head ihe cbt mwi1 be exiniined If the unnc p4'>^cd i*^ "^inill in qninlit^, or it thi:rc ire 
any signs of dnspsy. IreatmeiH must be gjvcn Bt once \ou have heinJ >ery much lilely 
about Ihe sting o^ Ihe honey bte for rhe um b ti'>m. I often use 4 preparilion of thi'> for the 
l:]dney Irtjuble-^ m "^carlcl fc^cr The name i^ Apis MeL I use the second or lh]rd 
homeopBthic lUenuBtion in tablet form Bnd give one I0 1wo Bbou1 e>ery Iwo houis ] 
hB^e found Ihis effeclive in ^uch cases where the nnne \h small m quBnIily, and lhere ]e 
some dropsy. The lighlesi cases cin biave dropsy, especially if special care is ix>l I alien 
when scaling goes on 

I was once atlending Ihree ch]ldren forscarlel fever. Tbie one thil hMJ it in a mild 
form be4.4me effected wi1h dropsy. For ths ] sleimed bier In bier case ] placed her in t 
cane-se4led chair, pinned a blanket lightly 4K)und her so ^^ I0 thoroughly co^er her put 
a pi] I of cool W4ler under bier chair and dropped in1o Ihe pi] I a hot baked bnck The hot 
brick ciu^ed -^leam to n^c from ihe waler and envebped ihe ch]ld, pn3duc]ng sweating. 
This was done frequenlly, and the child considered il a joke, bu1 it ]^ Itemed her of the 
bloal. 1 1 WB"^ in Ibie country and Ihese crude mean^ p induced lhc desired result Ey 
atlaching a rubbLT tube to a '>teaming ketlle and ]ntrodiicing the sleim under lhe covering 
the ^ime resnll Lin be produced. Sometimes yon may not have all things you w]sh Ihen 
you mus1 make use oF what is hindy. You would be surprised perhap"^ to know how 
much 4. an be done to ]~elieve '>ickness by what can be bound in ever^' house fPoi 
d]sinfectin1s see chapter on nursing. ^ 

MEASE.F]S.--Me4'>le^ is in acule infeclious disease, disttngui'>hed by a characterislic 
eruplion on th^ mucous membranes ind skin, [t is 

176 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

vcr^' conlagioLH and sprc^cU through ihc i tmosp hcrr_ Almost cvcrwjnr i^ susceptible to 
mcflsl«> End suffers al Lcasl one attack. The d]scflsc ]s net frequent diini]g the fin^t year of 
kfe. [t prevails in bIL countries 

[ncubatiDDL~Th]s varies from Ibiirleen 1o Hfteen Jiys In cilcidalmg lh]s period we 
include the tjme from exposure lo the appeirBnce of the criiption- One altaclz genenlLy 
piolect> the person from inolher i1ticl:_ The period of the greilest dBngerof tating il 
extendi ihrough the period of the eruption, [t dimiii]shes as the enipl]on fides. From thi'> 
we IrBm IhH 1he infecl]on in meanle's tBke's plice generBlLy in the incoba^on stigc. 

SympLDms aad DcseriptJtn of Ordimary Type l~ The First "svmptoins niBy be only b 

headache oi 4 slight dialurbance of 1lic '>tom4ch There m^y be some J ever in the 
evening There ]s now a redness Bnd WBtery cond]tion of lhe eyes, and general feeling of 
weinness. The cold "symplojn^ (coryza^ are not yet marted, bu1 ]f we loob in lhe nH>uth 
we may see a few "spoK on the mucous membrane of ihecheeb Then follow 1he 
sneezing, running 41 lhe nose^ nore Bnd red eyes, running wi1er. sens]tiveness to the 
hghl. cough ind fever. The eruplion now appe4P>^ and i^ First noliced on lhe side of the 
head ind the winp>of 1he nose, as a red spoiled eruption, which wjon looks Ukc 4 
p]mple and Ihen "blolchy." Older people feel quite ■s]ct The ichin^ ill o^er. Biid 
headache ire somelime'> Blmost unbearable, especiBlly when there ]s much coiigh]ng 
The fBce. eye^ Bnd ^calp are soon covered by the red rtj-se UTef.ulirly shaped pimples 
which neM appear rBp]dly on the back of the hands, fore-arms front of lhe Irunk, on the 
bBck Bnd lower eTtreni]ties. This order ]s not always niBint4]ned Somelimes it f]rs1 
appcus OD lhe back. 

The eruplive slage generally lasls three or four dB>'s, during wh]ch lime the 
symptoms Bre bII a^raviled, e-specullj by any ^tn^ng lighl. on icconnt of the sore eyes 
\oT the mcBsles are il-so in them. Wc hi>e ictive cold symptoms l]ke '>neezing, runn]ng 
at the no^e snorting, snuffling, hBwting. The cough i^ lembly severe, annoying, miking 
the Inng^ arKi stomach >ery sore The hcid Feels as if U would spin The patient holds his 
chest and ''>toniach" while coughing. Symptoms of icute bionchilis develop Somelimes 
there i^ much diarrheB Pneuini>niB oflen develops Ihrough c b re les^ness. The fe^er 
reaches ]ts he]ghl when lhe eruplion ]s fnllj developed. The eruption fades *fler ]t has 
been oul for Ihree or four di>^, Bnd Ihen all lhe symptoms decrease, the fever lessens and 
becomes mirmil b> gradual morning remi'>sions Veiling begins when lhe p]nkish hue of 
the rash has di'>appe4red ind continue'> iinlil the IbsI vest]ge of reddish spols has 
d]SBppeared. As 4 rule il is completed m two to four weekii Bfter the first eruplion hBS 
appeared 5omet]mes the scahng i'> d]fficul1 I0 see, but it is never absent in measles 11 ]s 
besi seen on the fn^nl part of lhe che'>l. shoulders, and lhe inner surface of the thighs 
The lemperBture may reich 104- to 105-S/lU w]thoiit comphcilions Th]s 


dcEcnptinn g]^'c?i « pidurc nf a Typical ch^c. Thr cnifitinn thai 4ppr4P> in the mucDU& 
mcmbrant of the mouth Appears three lo foLirdij's before Ihc skin rB-^h. It iii 
accompanied by redne^'> of the pharynx ind of ihe fiont and bBck pillBPE of Ihe fiijces. 
The sdft pBlilc ]!i *il Lidded \^]th irrcguLBrjihBpcd rose colored ^polsor -^Ireaks ind lbic 
hBrd palate [iresent'> '>m4]L whUisbi ve'>Lcle'> They ire il^o found on the colored miEoub 
membrane of the chceb> Bnd on IhBL opposile 1hc gums of the upper and lower teeth The 
rash of measles ]s a charactenslic enipl]on of ro'>e colored or purftle colo red pBpul«> 
(p]mple^|_ A!i a rule 1he whole face is covered w]th 1he erupUon Bnd l^ swollen. 
Diphlheria may complicale incasLes. BronchiLi*^ and branchi>-pneiJinoii]a aL'>i> may occur 
e^pecLiJlv if 1he pBtieiH ]^ C4rele'>^ ind take'> cold DiiTrhea i'^ frequently pre'v^nl. 

EjcK-— Following bcvcre cases feBrof hghl-spasm of the orbicularis muhcle, 
inflammation of the lachrymal duct, conjunctly] ti'>^ iilcerat]on of the corneB md 
amaurosis IgenerBl blindne^J miy result. Hence lhe neccsE]ty of careful Btlention to 1he 
cjes Never read anyth]ng dunnf. 1he altack of lhe mrBsles The cjr may bIso become 
afflicted- There ire olher compile Btions, bu1 lhcse menlioncd are the important ones. 

Mf^rlalit^ in MtBEles.--The mortally ]nch]ldhood ind infancy is iboul eighl per 
cent. MortBlity ]s ^reilcsl tor number of cihe^ during the fiTiit ^'car. Six perceni belwcen 
Fifth and eighlh yeiis_ 

DlBi^nosis.— Pre'^enls few diffic nines in a typicBl case The mode of onset ]^ cold 
symplom'> ot the nose ind eye, coughs apfieirBnce of Ihe mouth thioil Bnd the blolchy 
eruptions Bre very chanctenstic 

I'ri: at menlL rre^en1iom.~\'> '>oon ^^ you know il lo be lhc mcB'tles separale the 
case Biid [int the pBlienl in 4 ^^ell-Bired room x^here >ou can hive ^ir ^^ithoul a draft and 
where the room can be made and kept dBrl:_ Those persons \^ho mus1 go in the rtjom 
should pul over 1hem b hnen lobe^ and hang ]l oul'^jde oflhe '>icl: room 1 1 should 
thoi~oughly cover them. When nol lu use hang ]t in the open air \n altendiul who wcbf^ 
a beBi~d should di'>iufect his beBi~d fice. head ind hantl*^ before mingling w]th lhe well 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES.-- L. Measles^ Ltuam Re med^v frDm a CamadlBm 

hf itbtr. — "Give child ill cold lemonade U cbh tlrink Biid keep in \^arm roi>m. This icts 
jus1 as well b"^ if IIk: dnnbs are hot We Ined bolh on our children and cured both ways " 
Don't ^ive '^y much of 1he cold i^ to ch]ll The cold dnnb mike*^ child swei1 ju-^l as hoi 
doe^_ .M-^o helps lo ciiT> off impunties b> nu'>hin^ bowcK, just b-^ clear waler would 

1. ^[tasksH Kldcr Rlo^^cni I La to I>rli4: Out^— "Elder blossom tcB ib good for i 
cold or fever Gal her Ihe blossoms, Bnd mate a tei_ Plei^ant to tatc_ Swcelen if desired. 
Th]s i^ also good lo drive out 1he measles " Th]'^ remedy "^hiiiild be laken warm Bnd i^ 
especiill^ good to bnngont the rash m children Take b teaspoonful every hour. 



Grnrral rrtalmrnl.— An ordinary' ca^c nf mf4'>lc^ docTi nnt nrrd mtich tr^Jtmcnt. [f 
tbic pBtirm his B hi^h k^cr End ls vtr> bu)l End rfstLc:£s buhc wilh trpid or cool wBtcr 
cvcr^' 1wo or three hour^ liL] Ihc piUciH becomes quilc rcilfuL Somelimes tbicy hB^c 1oo 
muchcovcnng and tbial makes tbicm ho1 and r^stlcs't. Remote b ljtlle al a time Bubiing 
will ni>l biLirt 1bic rB-^h, for lI cin be done under the cLolhcs and \^]thoLit any danger 1o Ihc 
pB tie 111 

Cold Drinks.-- These are refreshing and bencKrial if nut given too freely. One-ttihrd 
of a gla*is oJ ^^i1er ]r enough at one l]me, bul l1 cbh be given often, if it does nol chill the 
pBtLcm After the feverish days ha^c pBissed. diluted milk or plain milk cin be given in 
grealer amount. 

Ciugh tn MraslcB.— 11 is likely 1o be severe, slrBimng Bnd barking Bnd biard 1o 
relieve If U is too iievere you can give, for a child one ye Br old 

Acetanelid 1/2 dram 

Dover"!! Powder 1/2 dram 

'hA\% and make into ihirly fowdeis 

Give one- half powder every two hours ^hcn awake or restless. 

2l For B child two yeaPi old 

Paregoric 2 Id 5 diops 

Synip Ipecac 3 dmps 


Give evcTy thrre hotiTS, according to age, one lo ihrrc honns Tor 4 child fwo yens 

3. Far Irritation cf the Skin.-- S ponge once a day with walcr 41 100 degrees F. 
containing a lutle ikobiol or a pi nc bi of sod lum bicarbonBtc or soda. 

4. For ScBling.— U^e ointmeni of benzoinaled lard, combined wilh five percent of 
boric acid. 

DIcl-— The food should be li^ht; milb. biolKs, and when lhe fever is gone chicken 
and soft boiled e^-^. jcll>. toisled brcBd. crBcker^. cereals, with cocoa fordnnt Orange 
jLiice or lemon J nice miy be given in modem ion Milk, one pin1 per day for every fif1y 
pooiHfe in weight of the patient, dunng 4 fever sickness, is 4 ^Bfe Bnd liberal allowance 
Smaller children in pn^podion N^otbieis will be ipl lo gi>e loo mncbi Bnd U mBy then 
prevent rest and steep When the fever -subsides jou can give more milk ind "^ome of lhe 
above foods. Water as before staled CBn be given for 1bie Ibiiist quite Frequently. 

Tras,— The liity gives lots of these 1o bring ool lhe rasbi llbeems to me before the 
rash IS out tbie pBtient is feverish Bnd c bully Bnd the shin is dry, and a smill Bmouni of tea 
given every hour or 1wo might do good unless the palient is made warmer There are 
many varieties given Elder blo-aom seems to hi>e lhe cbII. For some lime after lhe 
pBtiem 1^ ^^ell he mB> be bolhered with a cough; 


It bctlcr br Imkcd Bftcr if lE continurs^ for Ehcrr mtght be bTDncht1i!i or \orac Lung Iroublc 
Jcfl and unknown 

CKu4lfln.~A person who Hbs biad tht ni»'>Lcs or Gcnnm ni»'>Lcs^ hhnuld be very 
cartful alhOLit taking coLd^ for iflbicy do lhcy irc L]abLc to hB>c serious I rouble^ csptciilly 
in ihc chtsl. [t Ls \CTy easy lo tike broncbiil]s or pntumonii dimng ind B\icT an BttBck of 
measles The mucous membrane of Ibiesc pBrbi is Lcf1 somewhat swollen ind l1 remains 
suseeplible 1o disease forsojne limr_ "An ounce of prevcrt]on is worth b pound of curc_" 
RcmBin ]n lhc house lhree or fourdivs longer thin may seem necessary Bnd you Vrill be 
pBid for so djing by having goMi biDnch]aL tubes and lungs— as giHul bs before if you 
were careful during 1he BtlBck 

GERMAN MEAb^LEI^.-Th]-^ ls in aeule selMini]ted disei^e and eonlagioiE ll has 
a mild fe^er, walery cya tough sore throal and enlargement of the f Linds of the neek^ 
no1 seen in Ihe Lommon measles ll has ^n eriitition thai may come lhc fir^l day 1o the 


Incnbalian Frriod Runs.-- From fifteen to Iwenly days 

RashL~Jus1 beJonz Ihe rish Bppears Iherc ]s a headache niusei and ]rrilation of ihe 
bn^nchiaL lubes The enifition is so similar to 1hBt of measles at the oulset that il is hBi~d 
to djFFercnIiale between them. The eruption m the month, however, is not so 
charar1erislic_ Before the appeirBnce of the erupl]on lhe gJands on ihe bid: of the netk 
and angles of the jiw miy be enlarged At the time of ]ts BppeB ranee the glands in the 
arnifiils and groin become enlarged to the size of a bean ind bi^er, and they remA]n 
enlarged for weeks ifler the eruption has disappeared 

1 r4:atnKnl.--SjmilBr lo the measles i\ iny is needed. 

CHICKEN POX (Varicella).- -This is an Bcnte infecC]oiis disease (.hirBclenrcd by 
a pecuhBrenipt]on Children are the ones WiUbII> aHacked. [t generally occurs before 1he 
tenth year. It is Iransmjtied Ihrough 1he Btmosphere The period oF coming on is usually 
fourteen days^ bul i1 mBy ex lend lo nineleen dBys. It is perhaps lhc simplcsl Bnd mildcsl 
disease of childhood 1 1 occurs bu1 once, is conlBgious is >ery common, ind resembles 
>BrioLoid. [t has 4 mild Iigh1 fever ind large vesicles almost the size of 4 splil pei, 
scBtlered o>er lhe body There may be few Bnd there mBy be hundreds. They arr reddish 
grBy and Bp pear first on the head ind face then on the body one crop following another 
on the bod>. They are filled Bt fiist wuh 4 clear liquid which noon lums yellowish, Ihen 
breaks and dries up They leBve no ncir unless Ihey are scratched or are very large. The 
pBtiem is usually well in a week but 1he 'tcap> last longer 

MOTHER'S REMEDY. -I. Chicken Pox, Catmlp Tea amd Soda Water for. - 

"Put the pB tic 111 1o bed arKl gi>e calnifi 1ea. A dail> bath ot saleratici x^Bter is gi>od Bnd 
the bowels should be kepi open " One of the most essential things is to keep the pBlienl 

The ch]Ld Ehould be lighlly fed ind on ordinirj food Lflrgc vc^icLt^ on the ficc, when 
yellow^ "itiould be [1 ricked w]th a needle thil h^^ been boiled^ tbien wasbi I hem VrMh a 
d]Si] nfee 1 1 ng lolion 1w]ce daily. 

The following ]^ a gond loEion 

Eoric Acid 1/2 ounce |4 traspoonful^^ 

Eoilrd Walcr ] pmt 

M]x thoroughly and use 1wice adiy on the enipEiou 

The child sbiould nol fiiclz the bores en hi^ fBce^ as ih]^ may caiCiC delay m he b ling 
and LeBve k mark 

MUMPS JParolMlsl.— Tbiis is an Bcule mfeclious d]seBse of one or both of the 

pBrcUid glantfc located al the an^Le of lhc jaw, and exlennling up to 1lic eBr^ md, alsi>^ 1o 
olbier "^ilivBry ^LBnds_ It appeiP> only once One BtlBck g]veb immun]ty_ [t may come at 
any igc bul appears moslly before lhe igeof fiflecn ]1 comes on one ■5]dc f]ni1 ind may 
pB-ss o>er to the o1hcr side in a few days, as U usually does ind gives lhe ficc a broad 
a[i [ic ira nc c , under 1he can>^ oreir ind makes chew]n^ ind swallowing 4lnH>st 
impossible There is no soreness of the throal m mumps. En well-marked cases I he re ]s 
cons]derablc fe^er ind pain_ It may las! fT^m a few days to a week The usual lenglh of 
time lhe disease lasls is one week There is no Icndency 1o form pus, e^en when lhe fice 
IE very hanil and swollen and lender 11 will occaMonally leave the face and appear in the 
breasis and ovaries in 1hc females or in the testicles of the males, and in bolh places it 
caubes muLh pain. 

'Lreataicnl.— The patient should be kep1 in lhe house ind isolated in bed as long as 
the symploms lasl When there is much pain, laudanum d]luled one-1hiid with waler may 
be applied cont]niially w]th a soft wirm cloth Oil of hyoscvimus applied twice dA]ly to 
the si>re parts ]s ^ood if laudanum \h not u*ied_ When 1hc swell]ng ^ocs dDwn I know of 
nDlh]ng 4S good as a ho1 bean poiill]ce, which micit be changed often so as lo keep hot 
Bean po nil ice_— Simply boil lhe beins ]n water until lhey ire soft and lh]ck enough 1o use 
ail a poultice. The bowels shi>iild be kep1 open wi1h salts The food must be liquid, such 
ail milk soups and gruels If there is no1 much fever, sofl boiled eggs ind milk toist from 
the beginning Do not use vinegar, acict or aslnngents 

WHOOPING-COUGH |Ptrtissis>.~ Whooping cough ]s an icute specific 
infeclious disease caused by a mjcro-i>rganism. It is characterised m a majority of cises 
by a spasmodic cougk, accompanied by a so-called whoop ll is no1 only infectious, bu1 
^ery conla^ious 1 1 is pnnpagated through 1he atmosphere ]nschiH>ls and public places; 
the air of which is cont4m]nated with 1hespec]fic ageni of lhc disease This agent is 
thoughl lo reside in lhe spulnm ind the secretions of the nose and kir passages of the 
palienl. ll ts very contagious al the 


height of thr altack_ The "^ptitum of thr ftisC orcHtarrhal st^gc l^ ihoughl to be highly 
contagious The sfiutum ]n Ihc stigt of decline is al^o Ihoughl lo be capable of carrying 
the d]Eca^e It prevBiis in bII countrie?i ind climates. During the wiiHer and spring monlhs 
It IS most frequen! At time-i lI prevails as Bn cpiiJem]c It occnry mo-^l rrequently in 
infaiK.y Bnd childhood but b peison cm tike lI al any Bge Sc4.oih1 BttBcks are rare. It i^ 
mosi frcqutn! bd^^ccn Ihc f]r^1 Bnd setond ycBr, neit mos1 frequent bet^^ccn 1hc ^ixlh 
and Iweifth luonlh .\fter the fiflh ycBr Ihe frequency diminishes up to 1hc tenlh i'cjr, 
after which Ihc JiseB'^e is >cry infrequeiH Not everyone who is caponed contrarls the 
d]sease. Ft seciTT^ thi1 w hoop] ng-co ugh meB'tJes^ Bnd innuennn frequenlly follow one 
anolher in ep]demic fonn. This is one of the diseases much dreaded by pareuK. It is >ery 
ted » UK and endangep> 1he lik of weak and yo nng e hiidre n by e^hauslion il is a lernbie 
thing lo W4lch one wi1h Ih]*^ disease d4> in and day out. It can be known by lhc 
impeluous^ cont]nuous and frequeiH rough]iig spclK, following cich other rapidly unlii 
the paliem i-^ ou1 of breath, wi1h 4 tendency to end in vomit]ng. When il comc"^ in the fall 
or wjnler months Ihcre will lilzelj be spasmodic coughing un1il summer through ihe 
usual cold^ contracted. Summer is lhc besi t]me I0 ha>e il 

S^niptoius.-- There ]s an inciibat]on stage, but 1I is hanil lo determine its length. Afler 
the appearance of the symptoms there are 1hree slagcs; the Lilarrhal, the spasmodic, and 
the slage of decline. 

fke First Stage. —This ]s characlerized by a cough which is more tro u b Icun me al 
njght One can be susp]cious, when ]n'5leid of gett]ng belle r ]n 4 few da^'s. U gels worse 
and more frequent without any seem]ng ciuse. Afler four or fi>e days the tough miy be 
accompin]ed by vom]ting espec]ally if the cough occnra afler eating. There may be 
some bnnnch]tis, and ]f ho lhere will be one or more degrees of fever. Fe>cr is pre-^en! a-^ 
a nile. only during ihe fir^l few days, unle'ts lhere is bionchilis \s the case pa'^ses in1o 
the spasmodic or -second sUge Ihc pin^xysm"^ of coughing la-^l longer ihe ch]ld becomes 
red in the face ind "tpils up 4 larger imounl of mucus 1han ]n onlmary bronchilis This 
period of the cough w]thoiit a whoop, may lasE from fcvc to twelve days In Home cases 
there is ne^er 4 whoop The child has 4 severe spismodic coughs followed by vom]ting. 
Usually at 1 he close of this slage the incessani cough causes slighl piiFfiness of 1he 
eyelids and slighl b lolling of the face. 

Sya^niDdlc ar Stcund Sta^t.— The peculiar whoop ]s now present. The cough ls 
^pismodic The ch]ld has dist]ncl paroxysms of coughing which begin w]lh an 
inspirition (in-brealh]ngl followed by several ex puis] ve, explos]ve coughs afler which 
there is a deep^ long-driwn inspiration which is characterized by a loud ciowing called 
the "whoop.' This pannxysm may be followed by a number of s]milar ones, ifr hen Ihc 
paroxysm is com] ng on ihe fice a'^sumes an anxious e ;^ p res'^]o n^ ind the child runs to the 
neare^l peison or to some article 

Itt2 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

of ftirniturr and gr^sfi^ dim or tl w]th bolh Kand^. [Msfun scvcir ^omrlimrs lhat tKr cKild 
will fall or claw the air convulsively In the sc^cm>t inti moM dingcrtjus 1ypc*i a 
convulsion may come on m b modcralc degree, 1bic ficc \h red or l]vid, the cyc^ bulge 
and when Ihe paroxysm ends b qLianl]t> oF sticky Icnacious miicu*^ ls s[il1 up In othLT 
CBhcs there is >om]ting at the end of the paroxysm There i*i frequenlly ni>*ie- b leed_ En 1hc 
mtervals 1he fice ]'i pBle or bluish e>eL]ds are puffy and fice swollen There iii L]tl]e 
bTDnchilLS bI 1biis penod in the majorily of cases, [n some cases Ihe number of paroxysms 
may be few There ire generally quHe a number during 1tie 1wen1y-foLir honrs 

SlB^e dF the DrcLinc.--ln thi't s1age Itie number and se>erily or Ihe pan^xysms 
lessen They miy *iubsidc siiddcnly or gradually after four to Iwelve weelz-i. The whoop 
may reBppear Bt times. The cough may pcrs]'i1 more or less, for weeks ifter the whoop is 
entirely gouL" 

CDnplicatiDS&~Bnnnchit]'f is common, i1 mBy be mild or "severe ]1 mBy nin ]nto 
capilliTy brcmchjti^ and 1his j*^ dan|!eious. 

Diagnosis.-- Com I nned cough felting worse Bnd ^pasmodic^ worse 41 n]ghK livid 
face when coughing Liuses greal susp]cion as 1o its be]ng w hoop] ng-co ugh The whoop 
will confinn il. 

Mortilily IS quoled 4S twenty- five perceni during 1he f]rst year Between nns! ind 
Fifth year about fi^e perceni, fii>m f]Fth 1o lenth year iboul one pereen! Rickets, or 
wast]ng disease |marasmusj ind poor hygienic surround]ng^ mikes the outlook less 

MOTHERS' REMEDIR±i. I. Whooplng-C cvgh, C htstaul Lea^4:s for.- 'Sleep 

chestnut leBves, str4]n Bdd ^ugBr according 1o imounl of j nice ind boiL down 1o 4 ^yrup, 
g]ve plenty of lh]'5_ A friend oF m]ne gi>e lh]!i to her children. She said the> recovered 
rapidly and lhc cough wis no1 severe " TIk^j are no1 1he hi>ise-ches1 n u1 leaves. 

1. V^ hoc p i ng - C c ug h+ C'hebtaul Leaves and Cream for.— "Make an infusion of dry 
chestnul Leaves, nol too "ilrong seisi>n wilh cream ind "^ugar if desired The Leaver can 
be purchased il 4 drug More ]n f]>e ceni packages " 

3. AVhocpinp^-CoDEh, Mrs. Warren's Remedy for.-- 

"Pov^dered .Mum ]/2 dram 

Mucilage .\cacia I ounce 

Syrup Squills L/2 ounce 

Syrup S]mple, q s 4 ounces 

MiA this 

This ]s one of the best remedies kno^^n to u^e for whooping cough Tt has been u^ed 
for many ycary and some of our besi dLK-tois use i1 in ther practice ] dj not hesitile to 
rcLommentl it a-^ a splendid remedy." 

4. \\ hcopinp-L'ou^hL Sabpberrj Tincture fir. --"Take one- half pound honey^ one 
cup wa1er^ Lc1 1hc^c boil, lake off :£cum; pour boiling ho1 upon one- half ounce Lobelia 
herb ind one- half ounce clove*. 


miT well I hen strain ^nd add anr gill ro^pbrTry vincgir. Ti^c fram onr trHsprxjnFul to h 

dcs'>rn!ipoonrul four Uitie^'^ a duy. PlcB'^inl 1o iBkc " 

PHVSECEANS' l'REATME^T r«r ^V hooplng-LoDgk.-- The [lancnt should be 

lEoklcd ind ^leep in b LBrgc^ well vcnulatcd room In spnng and '>unimtr wtBthrr, the 
child 1^ beHer in Ihc open bit bII day In the v^mlcr I he child sbiouJd be warmly 4.lolhcd. 
Pine wood and a fairiy tiigh Blt]tude are probably Ihc be^t. Tbic grcatt'>l circ should be 
takrn in bII fieasomi to keep from laking cold^ or bad bronch]ti'^ or piicumoii]a may resull. 
All 4.ompL]C4lLons art '>rnoLis c^pcciilLy in iiup>iiig children Tbierr should be no 
apprcc]abLc focr ind when the paroiyMTi of cough is over the child ^bionld ^Icep or play 
quite well. unliL the ncTt one relums So if Ihcrc I't much fever the ci've nccd^ welching 

Mtdieal I realmrnl.~McdLe]nc^ have Little cffcci in controlling lhc disease. The 

seventy can be Lebscned If the child i'> much disturbed at mgbit, the following is gnrxJ: 

1. Acetanelid 1/2 dram 

Dover's! Powder 1/2 dram 

Mix tbioroughly And mate up inio thirty powders; for one youold 

one-half a powder ever^' two houis while awate or reslless 

1. Syrup of Dover'b Powder I fluiddnm 

Tinclure of Aconite 50 diops 

Simple Synip enough lo mike Iwo ounces. 

M]x ind give one-biaLf teaspoonful every !wo hours for a chald one year 
old Shake boltLe. 

3. But the best Irealment I know \h Ihe following Go to any good drug ^tore and get 
a fiFty-cenI botlle of vapn-cre^>Lene Burn lh]!i. acconH]ng lo the direclions given on the 
boltLe m the evening Use a small granite cup. pul about one-1biird of an inch of lhc 
meflic]ne ]n this, set cup on a wire frame above a Lamp, {can buy a regular lamp wuh the 
medic]ne| clo^e windows ind Ie1 Ihe ch]ld ]nhaLe the fumes Th]^ will give the patjent a 
good n]gh1^ sleep. [ hi>e ided Ih]'^ for yc^r*. and kntjw ]t i!i good and etfcct]vc A lea 
made of chestnut leive^ iii said to be good and iii often used as 4 home remedy. The 
leaves of the che'>tnul thi1 we eat, not 1he hoise-che^lnul 

Die!-— Thi^ is in cxtremeLj impodant part o\ lhc Irealment. As lhc ch]Ld vomala 
frequently especially after eiling, the food is gertralLy >om]ted !iO there should be 
frequent feeding in smilL qiianlUies. The food shoiiLd be digc^lible ind noijn^h]ng. M]lk 
\^ 4 good food for older children In mjp>ing infinl'^ the> should be mjp>ed ottencr 
c*ipecnlLy if Ihey >omil si>on after nursing. En older ch]Ldren, you micil nol feed loo 
heavy ind hcarly fiKKJ^ meat and polatoes "^houLd ncU be gi>en lo young children having 
the d]'^easc When ^om]ting is severe the food should be fluid and given often. The child 
miLSI be nourished. Ef this disease occutii ]n ihe winter Ihe peison 41 ticked. 

Ut4 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

after Eic 3k ^ic^mingly wrlL, mii^l be carrful not to take cold. The condiUon of thr mticou^ 
membrane of the air tube aflcr in atlact of thi^ clisea*»e, itibIzki l1 very easy for 1bie person 
to oonlracl inflammilion of thil p^n End have in conycquencc laryngili^. bionchLlis. or 
pneimoniB The cough in vcr^ miny cu^e^ will Las1 aJL winter w]thoul any Bddilional 
cold being added. 

l>]PHTHItR[ A. --Diphtheria is m aculc diseaiic lUiJ always Lufect]ous. Tbierr t& ■ 

pecLiL]ar inembrane v^hich fbrm^ on 1bic torL'S]ls^ u>uia^ '>oft [lalBte and Ibiroal and 
"Siimel I me'> m lhc larym iud no-se. [I may form in other plarc*i *iLich i^ ]n Ihc vig]nB_ 
box^cls on wounds or "sorfsof tbic skin. I once cut of J the hn^cr^ for b 4.hi]d under 1lie 
care of b no thcr doctor. The child came down wl1 bi di p hl bieri a, Bnd I he membrane formed 
on the fingep> ALho it iii often epidemic in the cold Butumn monlhs_ Fts seventy vbtics 
WLlh different epLdem]cs Children fn^m two to fifteen veBrs old Bre most freqnenlly 
atlacked witbi ]t. CatBrrhBl infiBmmat]on:£ of lhc respiratory mucous membrane 
prcd]'spi>scs to iL 

Cause. --The excHingcBu^e is b bac]Llu^ called after ihe discoveiers— KLcb^-Loeffle^- 
-and lh]s mi> becommun]Ci1ed d]rectL> to Bnothcr pcrwjn from 1bie membrane or 
d]scbiargcs fn^m the nose and moulh secretions of convalescents, or from Ihe ihroBt of 
nonnBl persons The local condiUon (lesion) may be « h]m[iLe CBtarrhil ]nM4mmBtion, or 
a greenish or grBy exudile, involving cbiieFly 1bie 1ons]ls_ pharynx, sof1 pilale, nose, 
laTynx and Irachea, less often the conjunct]va Bnd alimeitBr^' IracI ll is f]rml> adbierent 
at fiF^t and Lcbvcs a bleeding surface w he n del ac hed. Idler ]t ts ^oft and cbu be removed. 

Symptoms.— I ncubdl ion period usually Lbs1s from two to se^en diys after exposure 
usudllv l¥^o, generally Ihere ]s (.hilLiness, somelimes convulsions ]n young children, pBin 
in Ihe bdclz and e^lremitics and a ^ever of L 02- 1/2 to 104 degrees 

PHARYNGEAL DIFH IHKR[A.--ln typical Lises 1biLS beg] ns with shght d]fficulty 
in swB I Lowing, Bnd reddened throil iphiTynx), then there is b generBL congestion of these 
pBrts- ind membrane is seen on the tons]ls 11 is grayish white, then dull or yellowish, 
adherem ind when removed il Leaves b bLeedmg suTfBce upon wh]ch b fresh membrane 
qu]cbLy forms. Ff Ihc diseBsc ruib on, ]n 4 few days ihe membrBnc covers lhc tonsiLs and 
p]LlaFS of lhe fBuces oflcn Ihe uvnli. The glaiHfc in^und 1hc neck oflen enlarge 
Temperilnre 102 to 103 degrees. Pulse 100 1o 1 2D The conslitulional symptoms ire 
usually ]n pioportion lo the locaL condil]on bul not always The memJurine kequently 
extends in1o lhc nostrils ind frequently there is a burning discharge, [n mfllign^m CBses 
aLl the symptoms are severe and npjdLj pn^gressivc ending in slupor and death ]n three 
to n^e diys. Deitbi may occur from sudden heart failure or com[ilical]ons. 

LARYNGEAL D1FHTHEREA, Formerly Called MenbraiiDiis Crmp.-- 

Diphlhena in tbie liTynx may occur alone or wUh lhc pharvnf^'il kind and was fonnerly 
called 'Membranous Croup " 



A n r r bc^^rB L <by^ of hoar^crifs^ ind cougbiing tbic b re sibling '>iHldtiily brcomc^ hinJ 
generally al nigbit^ and i1 ]'f at fiist in p4iT>x y^ni'>^ bul iBtcr it Lscnnstinl Tht "tpicc Bbovc 
the brcait bone Istemum) is depressed and iherc 1*1 4 drawing ]n of the spaces briween 
the nb^ tlLiring ]nsp]rat]un icccmpanicd with b hicilzy voice ind blue look The fe>er l& 
■^lif.ht_ \\ the o b"^! riic l]o n in the laryn:^ Ie severe 1he cy b no-^i-^ .— bl Lienesji .— b nd diff]cuLly of 
breath]ng increase^ and gradual SLiFfDcalion leads lo fcomi^ deep sleep and deBth 

niBp;nDsis.~DLBgno'>is cm only be niBde cenam by pioperchemcal tes1^ The 
presence ot niemhrine on b lon^il Bnd a sitibIL palch streBlz or speck of membrane, on 
the Bdjacem '>LirtaLe of 1he uviiLi or 1ip of the n^ula, a patch ot iriL^inbrine on Ihe lonsil 
and in accompanying palch on thL" poslenor wall of the pharynx. lhe prc^>ence of a 
croupy cough and hap>h breathing w]th small palches of membrane on 1he tons]L or 
epiglo1t]!i_ The^e symploms are very ^iEipic]ous and warrinl separation ot Ihe piUen! ]f 
such cond]tion^ arc ^>een in any one it will be the part of priidence to nend for your 
doctor immediately Yon gi^e 1he patient a bctler chance by sending eirly, piDlec1 
youisehe*! and aL^o your neighbors 

RccoTcry-— Chanter in m]Ld cases ire giiod \n1Hox]n his brought the dealh rale 
down frDm Forty to Iwelve per cent. Death may occur fnnm *iudden heart railLire, 
obstruclion ]n lhe phirym, severe ]nfect]on compkca^ons or paraly^i^. 

MO'LHERS' RK^[KDIE:S.--Diphtheria is such i d angemus dL'>e ase and '>o rapidly 
tati] 1hat the family phy^icjan '>hould be promptly cilLed. Unlil he arrtve^i the folhoiving 
may be used Id give !iome relief 

2l Diphlherian Ki^rcstni: (^ccd fc r.~ " K e nnsene oil applied to 1he Ihroal of ch]ld or 
adiiJt i^ very good " 

^ Diphtkerla, Hops and Hoi ^Valcr Relieves.-- "Mike Iv^o limine] b4g'> and fill 
wUh hops which hi>e been moistened w]th ho1 water place bags ]n 4 steamer and hei1 
Keep one big hot and Ihe other 4K)und 1he 1hnnat_ Change oflcn_ relief in Khoit lime.' 
Mrs. Shav^ has tried Ihib in a case of diphtheria and olher ihToit Trouble and recommencb 
It as an excelleni remedy 

PHYSICIANS' IREALMKNT foT Di^hlherla. Prev4:atiDn.--The parent should 

be isolated a^ noon i^ the spols or membrane are neen Olher children who have been 
wUh the *iict one should 41 once be gJ^en "immunizing" di>ses of an1i1ofL]n ind the 
liirniture of 1he sick room such as hanf.ings carpels, rugs, etc , should be removed and 
d]!i] nfcc 1cd , only the necessary articles being kep1 ]n lhe room The n>om should be kep1 
well venlilated^ bu1 no draughl should ge1 lo Ihe palient. The one nursing lhe pilieni 
should no1 come near lhe olher membera of Ihe family. All art]cles of clothing worn by 
the patient should be dipped in a I 1o 2000 solut]on of coTTDSive ^ublimile before 

186 A;orH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

they I re removed fiDm thr s]ck room. fOther solutions miy be unrd ser Nuistng 
Dep^nmenlJ D]^hc:£, elc ^ "ibiould be treated in tbie sinie way ird foodii lefl over stun u Id 
be put in H vessel coFitA]ning ah antitepUc bolulion^ Hcid then bLirned. Everyone going 
into the s]ck mom should cover thc]r hcBd w]th a cap ind wcbt i robe-co>c ring over 
tbieir c lo1 bies , ind on leaving 1bic room should gargle or nnse I heir moolh w]th a '«>liJlion 
of bone acid^ about one or Iwo leaspoonfuLs 1o 4 glass of water The infant shi>uld no1 be 
nijp>ed at the breast le^l the brei^l become infected. 1bie m]lk -should be pumped out End 
kd lo the Lnr^nl w]th b l>i>tlle. [f lhe ]n^ant Hb*^ diarrf>^4 niLlk nius1 be slopped Ihe bowels 
irngaled ind no niilk given unlil all dBnger from IMj*^ source i*^ pas1 The nurse midl be 
careful of the discharges fnnm Ihe nose^ moulh ind bowels. D]'schBr^cs fiom the bowek 
and Ihe uriue must be received in b ve'>sel witbi an anl]septic solul]on lu il like copperas 
lime e1c_ Cloths used lo rcteive 1he d]schar^e from the nose and moulh should be 
thrown jn b vessel cont4]ning b solul]on of 1 to 2000 of CDT7D'>i>e sublimate and 1hen 
burned- The nunse should \^ear a gBUJC piDlcclion over her nose and moulh when she ]e 
near 1hc pilieul and glasses, so thil no sputum ordisehirge from lhc pilieul can enler 
these orgBiLS- When the nurse leaves the s]et iDom for a res1 or walk, she should ehin^je 
her clothes ]n m unused room md pu1 lhem where they can Bir, wish her hands^ face and 
hBir ]n in anlisepUc solution Gnzat care mus1 he liken b> the nuisc^ or she will cirry [he 
disease The nijelor alsi> must tike Ihe same care_ 

PHYSICIANS' MKDECAL TREATM F.Nl .--AnHloxin is the best. l/lOO gmn of 

corros]ve subl]male or more iceoiding to age is frequenlly given in the severe ciscs and 
IS bene fie 111 

Local rreBlntnt.— ln older peisons^ inhahng steam may benefit Gargling Ihe 
throat orspra>]ng the nose and ihTDal ]s cleansing and helpful, bul in children il is 
someUmes hard 1o do 1his, for they may siruggle and ihus injure ind weaken Ihemselves 
more ihan ihey can be benefiled by the spraying or gargling. Swab 1he throal if you can 
wUh solution of corrtjsive sublimate, I lo 1000 FeroTide o\ hydrogen, one-siMh lo one- 
half 1o full strenglh is good ]n min> cases used as agirgle and a swab Washout the 
nose wUh 1 normal salt solution. One dram 1o i pint ot water. The persons doing this 
muiki take ^real cure or the palieni wjII 4.ouf h ind the discharge will go o^er lhem 

When la t^M La rvmx.— S learn inhilal]ons withoul or wjth medcine in them and the 
application of cold or hoi 1o Ihe neck are good. Compound tinclnre of benzoin is good 1o 
use in the wHer for steaming one-hilf lo one tablespoontui 1o a quad of water \ lent 
can be mide by pultmg a sheet over Ihe four j^osts of the bed and stcim vipor intToduccd 
under this covering. 

Diet-— The mam food is m]lk, album]n water, broths, cf^s given every 1wd houre. 
Some doctors gi^e st]miilin1s w]th the food. 

CBntion5.--Mcmbera o\ lhe fim]ly ha^e no idea how much they can aid the 
physician ]n Ihis Icrnble du^ease Pay pirlicular atlention 


to the dirccEaon^ the doclorgivr^ you, tf you arr doing I he nuraing watch !iO thil you 
may detect any bid !iymp1oni, and immedLBtcly ]nForm ihc phj^sLcian- A biaisbi cough 
wLlh iuc^ca^cd difficiiLly in brealhing miy mean thai Ihc di'>cB'^c has cxicndcd to the 
larynx, [f h uc bi sy mp toms irc fir^l noliccd in 1bic phasic iin''^ absence, bie '>haLiLd besenl 
for at once !iO biecBn trrBt it properly Bt lhc stirt [f ihc kidneys do not act piopcrly he 
"fhoLiLd be infonncd One niBy IbIzc iicphnti'> in diphtbieriB bI^o. I wi^i called out nwrning 
at J a_ m _ io Kec b cbsc [ was i1tcnd]ng. ^bie seemed 1o the parL"nl!i to be wdpiC. she wbs_ 
bul lodiy "^hc is living.. Bnd [ believe bicr Jife wis reallj *iB>ed by her parents ] would 
rathei a loving Kiolbier and filbier nuPte a caiie 4n> time 1han 4 ^elfj'fh, l47.y prore'>sional 
nup>e_ Good nuises ire 4 ble^>sing, selflbh ones are a cup>c. I have met bo1h tmds After 
an 4lt4cl: of tbiis di'^eB'^e Ihe palient is lefl "^^eBlz" m many organs lie '>hoiild be carefuL 
no1 onl> of labing cold, bu1 of over-doing The heart and nervous syMem in "tome cises 
have been lerribl^' wrecked Take life eisy for^ome lime, for >ou TTsny be Ihinkful IhBt 
you ire al]ve 

ACU1E:T0NS]L[I'IS\ JFollkulurlnNaramalionof Ihr ronsllsl. Cbvwe.-- 
Anthois rrgBPil thj*^ as in infectious discu^c 11 is met ^^l1bl mi>re frequenlly jn Ihc young, 
infants may iBlze ]l. Some authois stile it cin be communicaled e]ther through the 
'^ecrct]oiLS or by direct contact, a^ m the acl of k]'^sing (KoplikV It is frequeni ]n children 
trom the Jictond 1o Ihe fourth year, bu1 ]t i!i more common if1er than before 1bie fDunh 
year Sc% has no influence In this counlTy eI is more common ]n Ihe spnng. The 
predispo'^]ng causes are ci^po'^ure to wel and cold and bad hygienic suTTDundings. One 
atlack rendeis 4 peison more su^ceplible. Tt "spreads through a f4ni]l> in siKh a way Ihat 
It miij£l be reginded asconlagious The small open]ng> fLicunae) of the tonsils become 
filled wuh prodncls which fbnn cheesy-looking masses projecting fiom the openings of 
the iCrypLs) hidden sacs_ These frequenlly join together Ihc inlervening tissue ]s iisuillj 
"two lien deep red in color and sometimes a membrane tonns on il in whicticabe it ma^' 
look hke d]phlheni. 

S>m|]toiii^--C bully feelings or even a chill and aching piin*^ in llic biclz and limbs 
may precede Ibie onse1 The fe>cr ri-^es rapidly and ]n lhc >oung ch]ld may rea4.h 105 
degrees in the e>enjng of Ibic fjrs! diy_ The infinl is restless, peevish ind wikcful at 
lu^hl. i1 breath[!s rapidly, and 1here is high fever and great weakness Nursing is difficult, 
nol only on iccoun! of the pain in swallowing, bu1 becatde ]n lhe majonly of cases Iherc 
IS more or less inflammilion of the none. The bowels are dislurbed as 4 result ot 
swallowing infeclious secretions from Ihe moulh w]th the food. The tonsils are enlarged 
and studded wilh whitish or yellowish white pomls. The glands al Ihe ingle of the jaws 
may be enlarged In older ch]ldren the tonsils are enlarged and lhe cry p1s plugged wuh a 
creamy deposil The surface is covered w]th a deposit and 1hc p]llars of Ihe fauces, uvula 
and pharynx m^y all be inflamed The longuc is coated, the brealh is bad Ihe urine high 

cclorrd^ swallowing la p4]nfLiL; the fiain frcqurnlly runs lo thr c^t and lKc voice ^aund^i 

rbsbL bs Lfonc hid mu'^h in hiE moulbi when iBlhing. Ln scvcrt 4.i.'>i:'> 1bic '>ym[itoins ill 
irw-FCB-iC- ind the parl^ become very much swollen Then lhe ]nFlimmBtion gradiiaily 
subsides md in b week ^^ a rule Ihc fever ["> gone and lhe local ccinclit]on'> hBve greBtl> 
improved- The tonsilsi Ibujugh remain *iomewhBt swollen The weBlme^s and general 
symptoms Bre of1en greBler thin one would bupfiosc. The tTDuble n%ky also extend to 1bie 
middle eir thiough iheeustBchian tubes. 

Diagnosis Prt^fren Acntt roasllillsaad Dlphlhrria.--Folli4.ulBr Torm. "In thi'> 
fonn thL' indivjdual, yel]owi'>h. grB> m4'>sc^ SL'pariled b> the re4JdL'>bi lonsilar tissue Bre 
very ch4ra4.lcrLst]c^ wbiereBS in d]phthena the membrane is o^ ishv grBy ind uniform^ not 
pBtch.'— Osier A [io]nt of lhe grcBtest importance ]n diphlhena is 1hBt the membrane is 
nol hmiled In the tons]ls but creep'> up the p]llBrs ot lhe fauces or appe4P> im the u>uIb 
The d]phtherir membrane when removed leaver b riw. bleeding, eroded surfBte. 
whercBE the membrane of follicnlir tonsLliI]^ ["> easily ^eparaled bs there !"> no raw 
surface beneBth it. 

MOTHERS^' RKMEDEF.S. I. Toullills^ Rb^ Onlca nad Park ror.-^TBlze a raw 

on]oii and Home ^^h pork, chop logelher, make b [ioull]4.e on which put a liltle turpenlinc 
and wrBp in^und 1he Ihroat.' This ]s a >ery good remedy and '>hoLild be iced for some 

time. Change bs of1en bs nece^ary 

1. T«nsihtls, Pepptruint Oil Good for.~"Appl> fiefifierminl oil lhoK)ughl> on the 
oulsjdc of the Ihrtjat \ro\T\ well up behind the car nearly to lhe eh]n. ilso jidt ]n front of 
the ear. Thi^ will siH>n pertlrate through lo the ton*iil^; ^pply freely if the case ]s severe 
and later appl> ho1 cloths i\ relief does not follow wilhoul " 

3. Tinsilills, Birax Water for.-- "G ne-foud h leaspoonful borix m one cup of hot 

waler girgle Ircquentlj ' This may be used for ordinary sore ihnjat no1 quite so *i1rong. 

4. TanjdltLifHSalt and Pepfi^r ^ill Relie^^:.--" Apply sail pork well covered w]th 
pepper lo lhe swollen parts, will often give relief." 

5. TDn^htis+ Peroxide nf H^drB^ea Will Cnrr.— 'Tonsil lI is and coni agiow> sore 

throals arejust now citremelj popular. Persons having a tendency lo them will seldom 
be siek if they gargle daily wilh a solution of peioxide of hydrogen and water in equal 
parLs for adults Peroxide diluled wilh five [iart'> of W4ler and used as 4 heid spriy will 
prevent calarrhal 4.old'>." Children, are of1en nenl to school immediilely afler in atlaek of 
tons]liti'>, when they should be H home tal:]ng k tonic ind bu]lding up by a week of 
ouldoor play 

i, Tandlttls, a Rrraed^v Fffeclivt for.~"Rub The ouKide of lhe lhK)4l well w]th o]l 

of anme and lurpcnUne, and keep Ihc bowels open " Care should be taken no1 lo take 
cold The unihc is >er^' "lOolhing 


and ihc lurpcnUnr wall help to draw out lhc wjrrnc^ Thas would be a good remedy for 

PHVSECEANS' LRKATMEN'L for Lonsllilib. I. KItsI Hbitic rr^^aLmenL-PLiI the 

pBtient 1D bed alone in a pleasant roo m . comfo rt b b l> warm, for 1 tiis di'>e b^c ["> recorded ^^ 
contagious an ihaii form Cold applaed entennlly around the *i03^ spot a!i f.ood Use an ace 
bag if you have at; or wrmgclothi out of cold waler ind pul just Linder the jbw Bnd a 
Flannel over ttial bound around lhe iieck ll mu^t be changed oftcia to keep cold 

2, Smarlihecd.— Cloths wrung out of '>marlweed lea are very good when applaed 
LmdL^r thL' J4W 

^ Salt Pirh.— SBll pork well called Bnd peppered hcwn to 4 clolti md applied on 
bolh ^ides. aF both are dl^ea^ed directly lo the lump±] h^ ^cry good. Thotf can be hcpl on 

indefinilely ] kavc ui^ed them 

4. UnintntL—A strong blistermg linLinent applied exiernally where Lhe lump^ 4a~e i't 
also goiiJ Thc*iC ipplicBtions tend to wnklraw some of the blood far^m the wjrc lonsals, 
and of eouisc, lhat relieves I hem There arc an any *iucti IhBt can be used PoullaLci* should 
no1 be applied for this form bs thry tend 1o histen formataon of pus 

5. [mtermal]^.~Dip your clean moaslened fangcr 1ip mto dry bicBrbonite of soda 
(baking Hoda>, rub thi-i g^citly on lhe sore lonsal and repeat il every hour. You can also 
pul one teiikpooaaful of it in one-half gliiis of very tiot walcr iixl gargle af >ou do no1 us« 
It lo<.4l]y 

ti. H«t Wa tcr.- - G aigl I ng fa^quentlj wath >ery hoi water l^ ^plcrdid Tf you wi'^hyou 

can uhf oiae Icaspoonfnl of some anlisfptic like lisle nne^ in at. 

7- I hyme.-- You can mabe a lea of the (.ommon ganHcn Ihyjne ind gargle or nnse 
your mou1h laxJ throat witti ][ every half 1o one tiour. This as not only healing and 
"^oothiaag^ bu1 it as al^o aaaliscptic This is k con:£liluen1 of an any ol lhe anlaseptic 
pa^ p ara1 loiti 

S. SteauinE WILh Compound I incluii: of Il4:n/ 4 in. — Tincture of ben^oan a't 
splendid. Put one lablespoonful in aquial of hot water laxJ intiale lhe steam Put a sheet 
over your tiead and pilcher^ or put it in a keltle laxJ n^ll wtiile wnting paper anto a 
fuaanel lae one pid over ttie spout and put the other end in your month if possable; or you 
can anhale simple steam an lhe same 'ifr^y. [ kaK>w thas is e^cellenl and of1en 
recommended; everyone has i1, and l1 costs luerally awnhang except to heat the waler 

9. F»r ihM Fain.— DissoKe 1wo driaias of chloral hydrale an iaa oujace of wi1cr, ust a 
camels hair pencil il you have il, or a soft pacce of cloth 1ied oia a ismooth Elick^ and 
appli" dia^ctly lo the distiH«l parts Thi-^ is for older persons, a^lieves the paiaa ver^' 
much. Thca^ ^tc miny olher sijiapic a^mcdies 1hat ciaa be used an I has ^vay. 

190 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

le. MEDICINES. Par»LtHl>avislE Co., Anli-TnnsilMiETibltt Nt^. 6^5 is vriy 
good- Thi!i CBn be bough! al in> "^liu^; ^iloi^c For b i.hjLJ ^jvc onc-hilf b 1abLc1 c^cry Iwo 
hours for fo u r do!iCE . then cvtr> tbirtc biour^_ An Bclult ciu tike one to Iwo every one to 
Lbiree houp> Bt^Lording lo Ihc Jicvcrily of lhc ob-^c 

J J. AspirlM.— \^pLnn i^ another good remedy. Five grains every four houp> for *n 
adult; but Wicd only under doclor^ direct]ons 

J2. Dr. Hart of Philadrlphla, uses iy20D gram mercunus bin]odidc ffimk powder) 
every four to iiix houis to iborl lon^iliUs ] would recommend the lollowing —Give one- 
tenlh drtjp dose of b good lintlure of Bconilc ind 1/^0 g^^^n of 1bic mercury bin]od]de 
lone lo two iBblels a do^e^ every hour, altemilely. one of them one hour and 1hc nefLt, 
eto_ If there is much deposit \ would put ten tablets of mercury prolo]od]dc |one-1enth of 
agriin in a 1 ablet) ] n one-hi] f gl as'> of ^^4ler and give two teaspoonrul'> e>cry hi>Lir unl]l 
the bowek move freely Ihen every three lo four hours- The aconUe can be used if there 
IS much fc^cr_ wuh hot, dry skin. ilteruBtely everyonc-hilt hour ] prefer the pink 
powder when lhcre is no depo^i! or membrane. These I hi>e ided for yeais_ Bnd bnow 
them 1o be eicclleni For children ihedosic is about one-haJf Afler twelve houp> 1he 
remedies should be g]^en Dnl> every three lo four hours. 

QVENSY. (Suppuratiie T4njdlitls).~lii from two to four days the enlarged gland 
beco mes so f ter and finally m^y break, sometimes in 1he phBrynx; I he brr b k] ng gives the 
pBtient great rehef. SurTnciUon hBS sometimes followed 1he ruplure of a lirge abscess 
and Ihe enlrance ot lhc pus ]nto 1hc larym Th]s form of tonsihtis wi^ fonnerly called 
qujnsj B> this term now is meBnt bu ib^tess Brtjund the tore>ils_ (Peri-1ons]lBr absce^>sl 
The struclurcs are very much swollen- 
Causes are somewhat '>imilBr lo whBt hBS produced tke regular [on^ililis 11 mBy 
follow exposure 1o cold and wet_ ind is very liable lo recur. Il is most common belween 
fourteen and 1wcn1y-five veii^_ The inflammalion here is more deeply sealed It involves 
the main lissue of 1hc lonsil and 1endh to go on lo suppurBtion 

Symptoms.-- The general dislurbance is very great. The fever goes lo 104 or 1G5 

degrees the pulse 1 10 to 120 Delirium at night is no! uncommon The weakness may be 
extreme. The throal is dry and sore hurts lerribly to '>wbIIow I his being the firs1 ihingof 
which the pa1ien1 complains. Eo1h lon^ils may be involved. They become large firm to 
the louch, dusky red and swollen, and the surrounding pads are bIso much swollen The 
swelling mav be so greBl 1hat the tonsils ma> toiEh each o1her or one 1on'>il ma> push the 
u>uIb a'>ide and alini>st touch Ihe olher lonsil. There i'> much sali^B The glBnds of the 
neck enlarge, the lower jaw is almost immovable and sometimes i1 is almosi impossible 
to open lhe mouth it til. 

QV[^5Y. Mitkers" Rtmtdtes. I. ^'illo^ Garble for.-- "Sleep pussy willow Bnd 
gBrglc Ihroat wUh i1 This remedy jI IbIzcu in time will cure quinsy and it will nol 
re I urn " 


1. Qilssjs LIvrfortTcr R^^i Good FtMlllrr fir-— "Get tht root of 1 ivcfo rcvr r 

pound Jt up and biixJ on throal as >ou wouJd k pouJticc " Wc biavc tried thLi^ and it his 

alwBy^ g]vcn rclirf. if donr in timc- 

3. Qilasv^ Plafirr of Lard and Sail far.— 'TBlzc one I ab Lc^poonful lard End ^Ur inlo 
a^ much labLc sail b*^ po'>SLblc mikjng i1 Bbou1 like morlar. SprtBd on b cloth Bnd apply." 
SfiLrndid for so re ihroBl Bnd qninii^ 

4. Quinsy, nil cf A Disc Erk'flivt for.— "Rub in'>idiz of tbiroat w]th oA of iii]sc " 

5. Quins^H Quick Rtiutdj fDrL~"En severe cases of quinsy where I he lon^ils ire 
infliined ind almost mecl i lh]rd of a grain of mercury and chalk, or "^ray powder." 
acb> >ery quickly Cold comprt'>ses iced nighlly to harden ihe ihroat is >ery good \t 
n]gh1 use a girgle made of a leaspoonful Uncturc of cayenne pepper to half p]nt of 
waler " Thii* remedy' is very good ind is sure lo give rel]ef 

4. Qilasi^ Fka^ant Pi^pptrmint ApplicBllan foTL— "There i'> nolhiug be tier for tFii'> 
d]sease 1bian k>i\ oJ [i^'ppL'rjnj ii I applied L'xicrnallv 1o Ihc neck ind Ibiroal " Thi'> is lu 
excellent remedy. 

7. Quinsis Ktrostnt Ciood for.— 'A cloth wel w]th kerosene o]l applied 1o I he ihroal 
IE very good, al^> girglin^ wUh kerosene oil " Repeat 1bie application of the we1 cloths 
every Iwo or three bioiiiy. 

Kl IJilnsy, Ra^ BetT H3sCurtd.~"B]nd riw bec^sleik over 1he 1o n't] Is on one or 
bo1biside'> of the throil ^^ required." Tbie beefsteak acts as 4 poullice and counler-irrhtanl, 
drawing the inflimmation ou1 in a short t]me Th]s i^ very good, and ]s easily prepared. 

9. Qiln^, Ka^^ and Sioiple Ri^nii^dv fa r.~ " S tn>ng '>ulphur water Broke up 1wo 

cases I know " 

PHYSICIANS' TREATME^T lor Quinsy.-- The exiemil applKations used 
should now be hot. Hoi water, hoi pi>iill ic e'>, clolh'> wrung oul of sm^n^^eed hi>t, ind 
thyme 1ei or golden seal tea-^. The "^ime steaming process and htJt walcrgirglcs cin he 
used as given under to Ihc iiUr tonhil]ti'^. Bui if il cont]nue'^ the lon'^]lsor lonsil must be 
opened to sa>e pain and life. JusI as soon as I he re ]s suppurilion they should be opened. 
[t will feel sofler lo the finger touch when ready for opening. 

Prrvcnliin of Attacks.-- By laking care a good many aHacks of tonsil]tis can be 

avoided. ,\ peT\i>n subject lo Ihis tn^uble must be careful about lakmg cold, lie should 
no! SI I down wilh we1 clothes, or feel or shoes that are weC. Girls should wear rubbcT^ 
and keep dry feet and skirts Sleeping in dimp unused beds is bad Putt]ng on underwear 
that has not been dned lhoK)ughl> and 4]red, and the use of bedd]ng pillows, etc., m the 
sime cond]t]on should no1 be totrated. Sleep]ngon the fiist floor k generally unhealthy 
for such persons for ]t is generally dimp 

192 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

Do nol get cblllcd^ wear muffle irnl clothing. DTy]ng r1cithr'> la h kitchrn is on 

Libo m I nil Lon lickI Icrnblc 1o ont ^ubjcd lo th]'^ disfist or rhcuinflti'tni. You can keep 
fTDUi biaving ]t so often b> proper CBrc 11 iz Likely to rrturn, ind repealed 4U4ck'> will 
caibc permancnlly enlarged tonsil'^ and lhcy will become \o diseased 1bial they will ml 
only be annoying bul dangeroici lo health and life. You will go itduikJ wilh your mouth 
open, "tilt Ihrough your nose' The ton*i]L nius! 1hen be removed, aL^o 1he Bdenoid!i in 
Lbie Lbiroal. lo enjoy proper mental ind phy'>ical bieiJth. BnLirged loii'>il^ ^^]th pij'> in Ibiem 
are a menBce to anyone A pep>i>n who bias hid the'>e troubles should be careful nol to 
cxpo^>e hiniself to 1 he dinger ob lBkinf.rold afler bu aHaek. 

Tbie pan^ arr ^till tender Bnd in danger of b relurn upon the LeBSI enor in your d4]Ly 
life I once hid a fnend who had i relum of lonsLliI]^ broughl on lhi~ough go]ng out too 
soon, Bnd Ihc second utluuk wi^ worse ihan ihc fjrsL. b gcnu]nc 'hummer." 

Wbal ti do Tvilh cnlarEed t«nsilEL~Modera1e enlargement o\ the lonsilh giving rme 
to no !iymp1oms or ]ncon^eniencc need nol be in1eri"ered wilh. When, however, Ihe 
enlargement is great, or when wilh modenle s]zed tonsils there ire re^uLUng tronbLei*, 
such as L]abilily to inflBmmatory rheumatism atlachs, Bct]^e local treatmeni will be 
called for; espec]aLly i'> lhi^ true ^^hen the 1ons]lsconlBin pus ind ]nteTfere wilh the 
brealhing. They '>hould be removed. An anaeslhetic is not usually necessary, as the pain 
IE not severe 

[NTLLIEN^A |Lb Grlppc|.— La Grippe \h in acuEe infectious di^ra^r caa^ed by a 

germ 11 miy be epidemic, atl acting a large number of persons Bt one lime, or ]t may 
conlinue in 1he '>4me region k^r^ome lime and i'> then called endemic. It is CAUsed by a 

germ d]'^covcred by a man named Pfeiffer 

I'ke Unsrl.--The onset may be from one Id four days ind is usually sudden wilh a 
chill Bnd all Ihe symptoms of an active fever due to a general infecl]on v4Ty]ng 
accoidmg to lhe local]on If in lhc organs of re^p]ral]on i1 begjn*^ like 4 ^e>cre cold. 
acl]ve fever, ^levere pains in lhe eyes back, arms iep^s. and ]n Ihc bones 'Bche*i ill o>cr" 
and ^rei1 prostrilion. After Ihe fe>er*iub^idcs there i^ usually 4 genenl sore feehng 
Symptoms of bronchUis pleurisy or pneumonia miy develop Then Ihere i!i lhe nervous 
type, generally wilh 4 bad headache neurilfii pain'> in the head, backache lef;^ and 
arms ache ind pnnslration. Mi> alsi> have ]nfLimmation o\ nerves. Then again Lhe 
slomach ind boweK may be the mam seat, for Lk Gnppe hk\ no re*ipect for iny organ. 
We ha>e then symptoms of acu1e indigeslion wi1h fe^er, nausea, ^omiling, slomach 
paiiti or acute bowel Innuble wUh fe>er colicky pain in lhe abdomen, diarrhe*. or we 
may hi>e Ihe febrile ^fever) type. This may be the only symptom. The fever may be 
conlinuLius or remitlent, and last several days or several weeks and of1en wilh pain'> 
accompanying it 


[n 4II forrrui conv^lc^crncc ^^ often gr^du^l on accouni of thr bodily and mental 
piD^lrat]on w]th general sorcncs*! for several day*!- Min> pcrwjns never fully regain their 
hcaHbi^ t'>ptci4lly ]f I hey arc c ire Le'>s during tbie Btlack^ bckI almosl any d]scfl5e like 
biDnchit]Si. tidncy di^cB-^c pleurisy, pneumonia, elc , may rolloift. 

LA C;RIFFF.+ Molhrr^' Rtntdics.-l. Prpyers Red or Cavcnat rir.~*Make b tea 
of red pepper i>r cayenne, and IbIzc b tBblespoonJul in a cup of lH>t ^^i1er, drink sLowl^', 
bek^re CBcbi mcBl and on rrUring. Larger dobtb in proportion to lhe intensity of ihc 
di*iea*»e_" Sponging lhe fBce, tcmple*i and neck wUh wi1er ai hot b!i cin be borne relieves 
the headache of la grippe, ^vhieh i^ of1en very painful Bnd annoying 

1. La Crrippt^ t]a£> Kemtd^ To r.~ " Pie 11 1^' of ^ood physic wilh hot tciE of any kind 
hB"^ helped my own family " 

3. La Grippt+ Pka^ant and hfkctii t Ki^m^^dv rDr.~"U^e the oil of peppennim 

Freely; rubbing il on the lorehead, Jii front and bach ot lhe eiP> and eich side of the nosc_ 
Inhile through each no^lnL sepBratcly If the throat is Bfkcted pour two or 1hree drops in 
"^milL di^h of hot water. Invert a funnel over 1he diEh wi1h lhe small end in 1he moulh and 
drBW long brealh'>. Soak the feel in hoi water al bedtime Bnd take a good "tweal if 
po^>sible " 

4. La Crrippt^ 'Lo A]Ib> Fevtr rin^—'To prxluce ^wcBting and lo ae1 on 1he kidneys 
and Id alla> re^tles^neui in fever use lhe following Lemon juiee and wa1er equal parts, 
enough to make four ounces; bicarbonate of polasMiim, one dram water ihree oiinceji 
Make and keep in separate MiLulions to be used in tablctpoonfiiL do'>e'> "^oeraL times 
daily and 1aken while effervescing, 1hal i'>, foBmmg Bnd bubbling up " 

S. Lb Grif pr. Foor Man's Herb Vapur Hath for.-- "Give b Turkish or vapor ba1h 
every olherday ,\ pBil o^ hoi \VBter, wi1h a hoi brick thrown in1o it and piBced under a 
cane-sealed chair ih lhe poor man's vapor bath The palient sliDiild be covered Then take 
the following herb tea: 

Yarrow 2 ounces 

Vcrvam 2 oiinceji 

Mullein 2 ounces 

BonL''>e1 I ounce 

Red Sage 2 oiinceji 

\dd t^^o quBrtsof waler Bnd boil down lo three pim*^ strain, Bnd then add one ounce 
fluid ei tract of ginger iweelen wUh honey or synip, take a wine glB'&fiil three times a 
day. hot- Keep the bowel-i open and Ie1 lhe diet be light." 

ti. La GripyeH Red Pepper Trcatxicnl From Canada ror.-'Take a bonle of 
alcohol and put enough letl pL'ppeis Jii 1I ho 1liBt when four drop^ of 1his liquid Bre put in 
a half cup of water il lasles stiong This is what I always breBlz up my grippe wilh_' 
Peppeis Ihu'f prepared Mimulales and warms up the stomach and bowels and increases 
the circulation. 

194 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for La Grlppc.--Al1 daKchaigr^ from lhc nose 
Lbiroat and JLiiig'> ^hQuLd be d]S]ntc4.lcd for the diiifiikC is conlagLous Go lo bed Hnd stiy 
there Ygu hivt nu bicincs^ to be around if you value your hcBlth. [ Hm not ^riUng of 
common (.old- A ^reil min> people ^ay lhey hivc had thi^ d]!ica*ic when lhey hivc not 
HbcI lI One who Hb-^ had Ihi-i disease i^ "^iclz enough to go to bed. ind ihere iii ^^here bic 
"fhoLiLd be For ihe ch]LI 4 ^weil '>biould be produced b> puuing biot walcr la fniil jais. 
wrapping them and placing them around lhc pBtienl's feet^ Leg'> and body Mot tea drinks 
can be given, hoi Lemonade^ teiii made from tio arfu nnd ginger hop^ and caln]p ire 

Corn Sweat— The corn sweal cbh be uhed. Pul from 1en I0 twcniy-fivc eaisof corn 
m 4 boiler, boil Ihor^ugbiLv nnlil the boiled corn '>mell Bppears Ihen put 1tie corn eiTii 
into f]vc piclz^, pulling fn^m two to f]vc eBrs in b park, according I0 Ihe ige oF Ihe 
pBtient. Use clolh'> or towels^ bol do nol put the cais ]n eonlaci wrap Ihe cloth between 
them Put one pack to 1he feet and one Bt each "^ide of lhe hip^, and m each armpiL Thi^ 
will '>ooncBuse swelling Bnd restore the e^temBl IcapilliTyr ciirulalion ll w]ll generally 
pTDduce 4 gralefiiL "tweal Keep tbie cLolhes cm lhe patient After Ihe pilieni h^^ per^p]red 
enough you cin remove one pack al 4 time Have fresh i]red ^bieeK and n]ghl dre^s 
ready^ Bnd afler balhing lhe palieni slowly and carefully under tbie clolhe*^ wi1bi lepid 
waler ind dry]ng ill o\ Ihe body put on the new night-dre^>s ind -wheels Thi-i remedy ]*i 
also good forcold'> and inflammatory diiseaseh of bII kinds ind ^vhen u^ed cb re fully ind 
tbiortjughly is Bl^viy^ good Of coup»e, if there is greBt weikne^ i1 canno! be used for ]t 
weiken-^ a pBtienl ^>mewbiat [ hBve saved live-^ with 1 bus sweat and 1 know 1 have cut 
"fhort many cold^ and jnfLimmBtory d]seases. Afler the swcal lhc palieni should hive 
enough covering to keep comfortably warm and care must be taken lo keep from rhc 

FrTCT.— If lhe disease goc^on ind there i^ h]gh fever. !iO thai lhe palieni suffers Trom 
It, il i^ better lo reduce il by cool sponging than by the coaL tar producl-^ Like anlipynn 
acelanilid, etc They are weakening and lh]h ib a weakening. proMraling d]'^ease Good, 
careful cool sponging generally relieves lhe excess]ve fever and re^ll e^>sncs'i. The fever 
doe^ nol conUnue wj If^ng in lh]!i disease and U i^ no1. ihereforc, ho haimful Delinum i^ 
pre-^L^nl in wjme ca-^e^ when the tever 1*1 not high 

Irrilatlni^ Cau^^L— Thi^i can frequently he conlroLled by '>leam ]nhaLation'> as 
d] reeled under tonsil U is \ou can al^> pu1 in the "Cleaning wa1cr one lea*ipoi>nful to one 
lable:£poonful of compound line lure of ben7.oin for th]K disease. Hoarhiiund lea can be 
pu1 in the water and Ihe '>team ]nhaled. [f '>iich measures do not ^1op Ihe cough, medicine 
will be needed 


Sort Thri at.-- 5 praying lhc ihroHt WLlh a ^nluUon nf bone acid, one drflm Id cnc pint 
of biot walcr. is gorxJ. Listcrinc iE good in 1bic ^^mc WBy ind dose 

BdwcIe.— Thry fihould be kcp1 oprn from Ihc np>t. SBlb> are usually hindy and good. 

Mcdklnt^— Ten grains Dover's powdrr 41 ii]ghl ih good, unless thrrc ]r much 
weiknc^>s Some gi^'e qu]mne. some salo] Quinine one to two grains, is given one to 
three houp>. Silo I, five grBins every three hours. espee]aL]y for 1 he bBckachc. 

AEplrIm in Five-grain doses for in adull every four hours is given very much now. 
The bow e Is sho uld be bept open wilh sails. 

Dk4.— Children should like milk iF Ihere ]s no vomiling ordiiTrhei. IF Ihere is 
vomiting and diBrrhca, give only water or d] luted milk, or nothing if the^' conlinue 
WBlercan generally be given 

For aduUs a good nourishing d]ct when convalesicence commences ]s neees'iary. 
During 1he sickness, milk eggs,— riw ind sofl boiled, brolhs, soups milk 1oast, can be 
g]vcn A pep»on must be very careful if1cr Bn i1 tick of I he grip. He should remiin in the 
hDUbe for some lime, a u'eck after he is well and thinks he can go out 

'IVFHOID FEVER---Typhoid fever is an aeu1e ]nFee1ioiEi diseise caused by b 
|Ebci]IusJ geim. named afler 1hc d]sco^erer (Eberlhy This germ enleis into 1 he system, 
as slaled helow. locales ilselF in different orgins, especially jn Ihc small inlestme. Il doci 
Its wors1 work in Fcycr's glands siluBted in the smBll mlcstmcs. They cnlirge. ulcerite, 
break down and Iheir siruclurc ]s cist off in1o I he bowel Th]s eilinggoes ho fBr, in some 
cases IhBl ]t cals through the t]ssiie to lhe blood vessels and olher bleeding follows 
Sonielinies ]t goes through all 1lic coBts lhe pentoneil be]ng the IbsI one. 1^ lh]s ocluis 
we hBve what is called perfbrilion of the bowel and 1hc peritoneum around this 
perForBtion inflBmes ind there is the dread complicBtion of pentonilis This is very falal, 
as the patient ]s weakened fnsm the ]nroads of weeks of fever and fn^m the eFFeels ot the 
po]son germ Typhoid fever is ilso chirBctenzed by its slow (insidious), slyly, creeping 
onse1 peculiar lemperBture, bloiling of the ibdomen, diirrhca, swelling of lhe spleen, 
rose-colored spots and b lability lo complicBtions such as bleeding From lhe bowels, 
pcrilon]tis, bronchilis Bnd pneumon]a. Its iverBgc durilion js three to four weets, oflen 
longer In onJer lo tike this disease ihere must fiist be 1he pomongeim and I hen lh]s 
enlep> into the system generally Ihnsugh waler 1hat contBins the genn, milk oystep> Bnd 
o1hcr fiHKJs. elc 

Cause.— The lyphoid bae]llus (typhoid) Th]s enlers mlo lhe ilimenlary canal usually 
through conlBminalcd waler or with milk directly injected by 1hc milk or by wi1er used 
in w as h] ng (. B ns. Also lh rough food to which the germs are Limed fiDm the eicrtta 
ld]scharges| by Fliesi, oco baiIO nall^' Ihrough oyslers b^' freshen]ng 

196 A;orH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

F]llh impiDpcr drain i|c ind poor vrnliLitLon favor the prcErrvitLon of I he bicillLu: 
germ ijxl lower the power of re^i^lBncc in lho^e ck posed. 

'Llui^.--rt occurs most frcqucnlly between AugiiM and Wo> ember and ]n iho^c of 
from fifleen to twenty years of age_ The Pryer^ palcbies End Jiolnary g]and*i of 1bie bowel 
enlarge become reddi'>h and ire somewhn reined The^e ^o on and uLccrale unl]L the 
blood vessels miy be eBten inlo and bleeding some1ime'> results it eat'> Ibirough the 
bowel, then there is perforalion End periloniliK The iplecn is eriargcd. the liver *i hows 
changes ihe kidney fiinct]ons are also derBnged 

SjBipton]s.--The symptoms ire viriiblc. The following gives the symptoms in a 
typical LU.h.' 

Incubation.-- The period of incubiUon last^ from eighl 1o foudeen End ^omet]mes lo 
lwcii1y-three diys During the period the pBtient feels wefllz is almo'>l unable lo worh^ 
liBS Lhillv leeling^ hefldBche and liring dre4m'>. does not know whBl i^ ihe milter w]th 
hjni^ conslipiHon ordiBrrhea^ has no appetJte, m^y have ^ome p4]n in ihe abdomen 
which IS occasionally local] zed in the right lower sidc_ Soreness on deep presj>ure is 
of1en found 1herc_ En so me cases Ihe re iii nosebleed. 

First Week.— After the parent is obliged 1o lake lo h]s bed During the fiist week 
IheiL" IS 111 *iome cbsl^^ b steBdy ri^>e in 1he fever eBch oenjng showing b degree or degree 
arKl one-hilf higher Ihan Ihe preceding evening, reaching 103 to 104, and CBch mom]ng 
show]ng higher fe>er IhBn Ihe preceding mom]ng The pulse ischBracleri^t]cally low in 
pn^porlion lo the temperalure be]ng iboul 100 lo 110 full of low tension, often having 
double bcBt The longue i'> coated 1here is const]pation or diarrhea; Ihe abdomen is 
somewhat distended and a liltle lerKler 1o lhe 1ouch ]n Ihe lower right portion. There miy 
be some mentBl confusion a1 nigh1 Bronchiti'> is of1en presen! The spleen becomes 
enlarged belween the ^evenlh and 1enth day ind the enipt]on LUiUBlly appeans during this 
period on the fitomich ind abdomen. 

^crcnd T^cet.— All Ihe symptoms are mlensjfied m the second weeb lhe fever is 
always t^tgh Biid the weakening type lhe pul'>e is more frequeni the headache is 
replaced b> dullness, the bowel symptoms mcrei^e ind we hi>e lhe "pea Mjup" 
discharge if there i^ diarrhea; there is a listlesj>, dull eTprew>ion on the face. 1hc longue i^ 
coaled in the cenlcr. red along the edges ind 1he 1ip, betome^ diy and wjmctime*! cracked 
and almost useJc^'> l1 is harti lo put it ou1 of the moulh, il sticks 1o Ihe teeth or lips and 
curlsi ihere, and sometimes the palient allows it to remain partly out of the month There 
may be bleeding fnsm the bowelji ind perforation of the bowel, piodiicmg perilomtis. 

Third ^reh.— The temperalure i'> lower in the morning with a gridui] fill; Ihe 

emacialion Biid weaknc^ts are marked. Perforalion of 


the bowel or bleeding may occur Unfavar*ble ^ymplom^ now inchide low mLiClertng, 
delirium^ Eh4k]nf;^ ol ihc muscles Iwil4.hing of Ihe lendons, grasping Bt imAg]nary 
tbiLiigs^ lung compl]C4lLons End bieirl weakntui 

Foirtk ^ceh.--ln b r^v'orible c hsc The frvcr gradually fills 1o normal, the ether 
^ymplorrr^ disappcBr Dcilbi nny occur at any lime aflcr I he second week from the 
d]sease or compile Ations The eonv al«ic cnce is very gradual and 1he appetite Li vei^ 


Special sv np Id n^ a nd ^arlaLlon^. — Ct may came on with b 4. hill "tomel i me'> ]t ]s 

observed by nervous *i>inp1oni*i onl>_ 

Walhlng 1>feL~[n Ih]*^ type the pBtient ]s able lo be b round and CBn WBlk The 
temperHurc is i^ hjgh but *iOjne of the other "^ymp^oms are no1 so violent. This i^ b 
dBngcroij'> kjnd bet-iuhe the pBtient ih able lo WBlk md thinks it foohsh to remain qu]el m 
bed Walkmg ind being Bround arc likely 1o injure the boweK, and Ihere iii then more 
dBnger of bleedjng from the boweK_ A typhoid fever pBtient iihould atways go 1o bed and 
remain there until he has full> recovered. 

DlEcslivr Sym ptosis.-- The tongue i'> coated, while Bnd moist Bt f]n1. ind in the 
second week U bi^comc"^ red Bt lhe 1ip, Bnd al the edges Later il i^ diy, brtjwn ind 
cracked- The leelh Biid lip^ are covered wUh 4 brown mBtenal cilled sonde-^. 

DiarrhtB.— In some C4'>e'> con'>lipal]on i't proni]nent, in o1 heis di b rrhea is a 
pnnminem symptoKi. B lolling is frequent, and bu unfivoT^ble symplom^ when it is 
eice^ive. Bleeding fn^m the bowel occurs usually belWL^en Ihc end oF lhe second and 
the beg]nningof 1he foudh week \ suddL^n IceLng of coJlip^>e, anti upad fall of the 
temperalnre mark il. It is not BlwBy'> fatal. 

Perforation of tie li^frMs u'^ubII^ sho^^n by 4 sudden isharp pain coming in 
paroxj^ms ^enciall> local]zed in the right lo^^er ^ide The nieilh rate vanes very much, 
in hospHak ]t is seven to eight per cent. Unfavorable "^ymplom-i are cont]nued high fever, 
dehnum and hemorrhage Pep»ons who are hard drinkera do bidly ind very miny of 
them d]e 

TREATMEM. PrrrcDllon. Sanltarj Care.- Do away \^ith the eau-^e^ Keep your 

cellaiselein dLi nol have Ihem damp nlth>^ and filled w]th decaying matler^ a't thL'^e all 
tend 1o weaken the sy'>lem and make you mi>re "^ohc e p1 ible 1o lhe poi'>on [n the country, 

no dramings '>hould come near lhe welh or '>p rings r^o1 all water thai looks cleir ind 
n]ce IS pure. The "oul- houses" mid! be kepi elean. and emplied at lea-^l Iwice each jear 
In the fimall c]ties, e'>pee]ally^ lhe water should be boiled during the monlht when the 
supply IS lini]ted and lhe wells ire low If more at1enl]on was paid to our water supply lo 
make certain 1hat il wa't ncU conlaminated, and 1o our foods e'tpeciilly ni]lk^ and lo 
keeping ourcellais ind drains in a good clean and dry cond]tioii, we would have III tie 
typhoid fever C ire I e^>sncss is 


ttic real cjusf of this trTnblc di^ca^tc The ni]lk '>hciLild be bcilcd 4i> well is [he witcr 

wticn lhcrc 1*1 an cpidcmjc of Lypbioid 

SbdIIbt^ Cart of tht Hcvs^^hold Artie Its.-- Disbic^ muHt bi: isolated, washed, dntd 
■^L'p B ratL'J y ind boiLcd daily Thcrmomctcp> muHl be isolalcd. kcp1 in 4 corrosive 
"^uhLjciialc '>i>liJlLon one I0 out Ihousand^ which must be removed daily Linen when 
soiled must be soaked ]neBrbo]Le ae] cup of carbolic icid lo twenty of ^^4ler for 
twD tiouTS before being sciH I0 lhe laundry Stools musi bt Ihoiougbily mixed wi1ti in 
equal amount of milk of lime ind allowed lo s1and for one hour. Urine must be m]Ted 
wUbi 4U equal amouni of carbohc icid, one I0 Iwculy. md allowed to "^land ont biour Bed 
pins nrinils must be isolated md scaldtd afler each time of using. Synnges lUiJ reelal 
tubes miEit be isi>lBled^ and 1bie laHer bo]led afler using (Ste r^up>iug Depirlmentr. Tubs 
should be scrubbed daily cBn^assts changed daily and soaktd in carbohc Bcid as lhe 
liutu IS Hands must be H^rubbtd and dis]nfecled ifler giving tubs or rubbing over 
typho]d fever pilienls. Blankels, niatlrcsscs, and pillows mus1 be stcniiicd Bfter use an 
sleam sicriliier 1 know some people hive no! all 1bie necessary eonvcnaenccs, especially 
in 1he counlr> but tbie greatesi cire must be laken A piofessioual nup>e was once laking 
care of 4 very severe ease of lyphoid for me I was conlinually cautioning her lo be more 
careful of hrp>eH She did not heed it^ and finally took lhe disease and battled eight long 
weeks wi1bi ]t, before there was much improvement. Careful nuismg and a well regulalcd 
diel arr the essenUils in a mijorily of cases. Put the patient in 4 well ventilaled mom^ 
and confine him to the bed fK)m the beginnings arKi hive bum remain Ihere unl]l wclL. 
The woven wire bed wUbisoft hair mal tress upi>n which there are 1wo folds of blankel 
combines 1bie 1wo greal qualit]esof a sick bed, smoolhness arKi elast]C]ty. ,\ rubbei cloth 
should be placed urKler 1bie sheet An ]ntell^nt nurse sbiould be in charge, wbien 1his is 
I mposs] b I e , the a1tend]ng pbiysic]an should wnte ou1 special inslruct]ons, regi rd 1 ng diet 
treatment o\ tbie discharges and o\ 1he bed linen. 

Much of lhe above on 1ypho]d is from lhe world-wide authurit^, Dr OeIcf, and 
should be-followed in aII case?i if possible 

Diet and \ursinf in I uphold Fever.— M] Ik ]s the most suitable food. Three pinis 

every 1wen1y-^our hours miy be given when used alone, diluled with water or lime- 

The slools will show if the milk is digesled. Pep1on]zed milk if not dististe^uL may 
be used Curds arr !ieen in lhe stools if too much milk is given ind is undigested. MuHon 
or chicken broth or beef iu]ce cin be used; fresh vegetible juices can be added to these^ 
inslead of milk The an]mal brottb ire nol so good when diarrhea is presenl. Some 
patieiUs w]ll 1abe whey, buttenn]lk, biimiss, when ordinary milk is distasteful. Th]n 
barley gruel well strained ]s an excellent food for lhis dmeise. Eggs may be given, eilher 
beaten up in milk or better still, in the fonn of albujTi]n wtter. This ]s prepared by 
slr4]n]ng the 


whiles of C|!JE thiougti H cloth ind mixing ihcm wuh an equal qiianCity of witrr. ivhich 
rriBy be fLB^orcd w]th lcmon_ Water cm be given frcelj. nzcd tcB_ biricy walcr or 
lemonade may be idcd End thrrc i^i no objection to weat coffee or coco b in moderale 
qoinlitjc^. Feed I he pilient al staled inler^als In mikl case^ U i*^ well nol to arouse the 
pBtient Bt nighl When Ibiere i^ stupor Ihe palieni should be aroused for food at the 
regular mtervBl^ night and diy. Do nol gi>e ti>o irmch food. I once hid a ca^e in which [ 
d]d not g]ve more thin one quart of liquid food ]n four weebs, as ]t di-^lrc^M^d her_ She 
made a good recovery on plenty of water. 

C«Ld Sf inging.—Tbie waler niBy be wirm cool, or ice cold according to 1bic height 
of the fever. A thorough sponge balh should tBlze fn^m Fifleen 1o Iwenly minute*^. The ice 
cold '>|Tonging ]^ quile m}^ fonnitlabLe a'> 1he full cold bilh^ for which there i^ an 
iin^uperable objcclion ]n pnvate practice 

I'ke Bath.~Thi'> should be gi^en under lhe doclor'sdirec^on^^ and 1 will not 
describe Jl 

Mtdi^^al rrt'atni4:nL.~Li1tle medicine is used in hosp]l4l pridice. Mup>ing is Ihe 
importBiil cssenliBl ]n lypho]d fe^er 

MBma^tmemt if Ihe ConTBltscemL-- ^n anthorily wntes^ My custom has been not 
to ^][iyvr solid JolxI unliL the lemperBlur^' hBS been nonnil fbnen dBys. Th]s is^ 1 thinks a 
sife niLe Leaning perhBps 1o Ihe side of extreme CBUtion; but Bfter all w]th eggs^ miLk 
toasts miLk puddings. Bnd jelL]es lhe pilieni cin tike 4 fairly >4ned diet. You cannol wait 
too long before you ^ive solid foods, particiiLirly meats. They ire e^pecully dBngennu^. 
The pjlienl may be allowed to si1 up for a short 1ime about 1he end o\ Ihe fip>t week ot 
convale-^ence, and lhe penod nny be pn^longed w]th agriduBl return of "^Irength. He 
"should mo>e iboul slowly, ind when the weBther is fivorBble ishould be ]n Ihe open Bir 
ail miKh as possible. Keep fr^m all c^cilemenl Constipat]on no\^ should be Ireiled with 
an enema A not]ce4ble diarrhea should reslnci Ihe die1 1o milk and the pat]ent be 
confined to 1he bed There are many who cinniit have a pHnfe-isioniJ nuise. Giiod 
nup>ing IS necessary in 1ypho]d fe^er \ny sen-^jble person who ]s WjLling lo fullow 
d] reckons can do well. Eu1 she must do is the dodo r direc ts 

These are some things yon need lo do Look out for bad symptoms. tw]tching oF lhe 
tendons grasping at im4g]nary 1hin^ are bad "^ymploms. Tnlorm Ihe niiKlor and si>on 
Never allow 1he pilienl lo s]t up m bed The stool must be pa-aed J>inf. flat and yon must 
place the bed pin wi1hou1 lhe piUenrs aid. Bleed]ng m^y be stoned by the leist exedion 
[ knew of one womin who 10*^1 her LiFe lh rough neces'f]ty of gel ting up and pa:£sing the 
slool si1t]ng on a chamber Bleedng came on "suddenly and before Ihe doctor could ^el 
there she was nearly gone Con^h and sudden pain in the lungs need pn^mpl Altcrt]on. 1 
d]s missed 4 boy on one Wedncaliy as convalescent. Thai 

200 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

naght It btcimc suddenly cold and hr bccimc chilled. Tht mother ^cn1 for mc the neiC 
day. and wc pulled him through pneumonia Suppose sht had waittd ano the r diy '* She 
was not th4l kind of a mother. Yc tir gre^lest trial will come in convalescence, when the 
pHtLeul !"> \o hungry Be careful or >ou will kill the patieni by l:]ndue'>s A minister [ 
knew killed himself by going against the doctor's on3ep> and CBting a hearty dinner The 
doctor was rather profane, and \^hcn he ^^en1 1o see the preichcr, after the relapse caused 
by the dinner, he relieved his mind in no genlle manner Again allow no visitois in Ihe 
sick riK>m or one adjacent. They are an ibi>minalion. Miny people are killed b> welL- 
intenlioned igntjraniu'^e'^. Do not whisper; Ihe Lord "^ave 1he patient who his a whisperer 
for a nuise. ] cannot urge loo sirongly proper nursing in this di'^ea'^e ll is an absolute 
necessity. A nup»e to be successful musi have good sense ind aL^o must obey ilL 
direclicms. A die1 is 4 neeessHy in this disease The patien! must not mo^e an> more than 
IK absolutely necessary for his comfort. He muM never tiy to help move himself. The 
muHclcs of 1he abdomen mus1 remain lix and quiet. The danger, I think, is in Ihe bowels. 
The mucous cohering in Ihe inlenor is inflamed and ulcerated ind there is always some 
danger of the ulceration eiling through the coiling into the blood vessels, c aiding more 
or less bleeding and even eating the bowel enough to caibc an opening (perroriUon) and 
1he escape of the bowel conlents into 1he abdominal ci>ily causing inflaninnlion of the 
periloneum Ipentonitis) and almost cerlain dealh. Walking lyphoid is dangerous for 1hal 
reason. The fowJ must be of such nalure Ihil it is all digested It must not leive lumps lo 
press upon the sore places in Ihe bowels causing more trouble there ind more diarrhe*. 

"IVPHUS FEVEHj IFlNh D isc a se (.- - Ty phus lever is an icute, infectious disease, 
characterized by a sudden onsel marked nervous symploms, and spoiled rash and fever 
OEiding quickly if1er 1wo weeks Also called jail cimp hospital or ship fever Filth has a 
great deal to do with its priHJuclion There is no real ohtraclert&lic ^^'mptom except the 

S^nipt4>ius.--l1 generally Ias1s Iwo weeks Fncubalion period of twelve days or less 
marked at times by slighl x^eary feeling. The onsel is iduall^ sudden, by one chill or 
several \^ilh high ^ever, hi^achche piin in back and le^ proslralion vomiling and mild 
and 4cli>e nJelirium. Pulse docs not have the double beat, ohen there is bronzhilis 

Eruprilin.— "This appe4P> on the thind to fifth day. 1he fe^er remaining high During 
the second \^eek all ihe symptoms increase ind are weakening with marked delirium and 
coma >igir ^unconscious, delirious, but with the eyes open). When death occurs U 
usu4ll> comes 41 Ihe end of the second week fn^m exhaustion Favorable cases terminale 
at this lime by crisis; the proslratir^n is exireme, but convalc^icencc is rtpid 


Fcvtr.— Sudden on^n 1o cvrn 104 to 5 05 degrees, steady n^v? for four or fa vc diys 
WLlbisligh1 ini>rning r^mi^sLons. tcrm]nal]ng by crisis on 1bic Iwelflh to fourteenth day, 
FBlling in soim: <.^^c^ below norniBL in fBtil CHse^ tticrr is h rapid risf lo iOG or 10? 
dcgreK> The eruption apptBrs on the abdomen on 1tic thiid 1o fiflbiday. 
Irtafnitnt iikt I ^pboid^-- Modality, twelve to Iwenly per cent. 

SMALLPOX ar Varlf^la.-- SmBlipox is Bn aru1e infectious disease Tt has a sudden 
onsel \^ith a severe penod of in^Bsion which i-i followed by a falling of 1bic fever, and 
then lhe erupUon comes out. This eruplion begin'> b"^ a pimple, then a watery pimple 
(vesicle J which runs in1o lhe pus pimple IpidtuleJ and 1tien ihecrusl orscib forms. The 
mucou'f membrane in coiHad wilh the air may bIso be affected. AlmobI all persons 
exposed, if not viccinBted, arr alino'>l mvinably altarked ll ll very conlBgiotis ll 
attBcb> bII, bu1 i1 I's pBrliculBrly filal to young children. 

Cause.-- An unknown poj-son in 1he contents of lhe puhtnle^ or crusts in secretion 
and excretion apparenlly, and m the e^halBtions of the lungs and skin; one BtlBck doe'> 
no1 always confer immunily for life l1 L> contagious from in early penod Direct contkcl 
doe^ no! seem to be necessary for il cin be earned by one who does not have it. 

S> m ptosis.-- 1 ncub alio n Ib'^Is from 1en 1o fourteen diys, Bnd i'> usually wilhoul 
symptom'> liivBsion come'> suddenly with one or more chilK in Bdu]t'>, or (.onvulsions in 
children, wi1h lemble heichche. very se^trr pain m the batt and exIrcnuHe^, vomiting, 
the IcmperBture rising npidly 1o 103 or 104 degrees 

Emp I loBS.— This usually ippeBrs on the fourth dBy as '>mall red papules on the 
forehead, along the line of 1he hBir and on 1he wn^t^, spreBding wuhin Iwenly-four hours 
over lhe fBce, extremHie^, trunk Bnd mucoid membrBne 

Sjmploms of foer dimmish with the appearance of lhc rash, which is most marked 
on the face ind ripens firs1 lhere. The pBpuleb become hollowed ve^icle^ Bnd a clear 
fluid fills them on the fiflh orsiTth day They fill with pu'> Bboul the eighlh day, Bnd their 
summits become globular, while 1he surrounding '>kin i'> red swollen and painful The 
general bodily symptoms igBin return Bnd the temperaliire nses for iboul Iwenly-tour 
houis Drying of the eruption begins 1he 1enth or elevenlh day The pustules dry fonning 
crusis while the swelling o^ the skin disappears ind the temperature gradually falK. The 
crusis fall off, k^ivjiig scars only where the tnie stin has been dcslroyed 

CinNienl forn.— All lhe symptoms are more severe. The eruption run^ logelher 
and all lhe skin is covered 

Varioloid.— This is smallpox modified by vaccinal ion The in^Bsion may be '>udden 
and severe. It is usually mild Bnd gradual, but 

3)2 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

wuh severe pom ]n ihc b*ck and hnd A scanty eriiptLon of papule^- of1en only on ihr 
^aci: and honds^ appcAT^ on the third or fourth da^\ ^^\'l^h dLkippcirancc of ccnstil utLonAl 

Irtatmtnl.-- ViccinBtt tht children the sccdcid or Ibiinl moiUbi^ End all pi^r^ons ibout 
every SIX >cars ind fll^^ays af tc r exposu re lo the disease or during cp]dcmLC'5_ Pul the 
piticnt ]n 4 room cleared of ill fijrn]turc. cirpds rurlains, rugs, c1c_. tecp the pat]cnt 
tbioroughly clein, and 1bie kncn should be frequenlly chBnged The bed cLolhing sbiould 
be l]ght DLSLnfect and sterilize ocrytbiing ibioroughLy thai has been in contact wilh the 
pBtient Gc1 4 good cxpcnenced niirse End one wbuj his been Brtjund the disease. 

l>icl-— G]ve lhe supporting d]el eiriy During I he firsl sUgc give milk, broths of 
d]fferent k]nd:£, albumin waler Relieve 1bie inten'^e lh]rst by WAter and lemonade When 
tbie f]FS1 1]nit]aL^ fever :£uhside^ and 1bie pBtient leeJ'^ impn^ved gi>e milk, egg't, chops, 
sleak, or rare roast meat breid or toASI vegetables, sue bi as polato, spinach, celery 
asparagus 1ips, cauliflower tops. When lhe second fever returns gi> bBct 1o lhe liquid diet 
again, and give regulBrly Bnd as muLh as po'tsible every Iwo or Ibiree houp> during the 
dBy And every lhree or four honry dunng lhe night. Milk plain or peptonized. m]Lt 
punch r^Vr ^Sa^- bn^lhs, beef juice ]\ swA]low]ng i't difficult, gi>e food cold And of4encr, 
and in Less quAnlily. [ncrcBse the diet rapidly during convAlescencc 

Cold dnnks should be freely given. Barley WAter and OAlmcAl water Are nulrjtjous 
and palBlAble W\lk bnnlhs And articles tbiat give no I rouble 1o digesl. 

^ urslnE.— N up>ing is 1he main Ibiing The bowels should be kept open with salts 
There ]s no special medic]ne we can clA]m w]ll do good Aconile may be used For the 
fever at fiist, in diDp doses every hour for Iwenly-four ho up*. EuI lhe least medicine thit 
IE given tbie better i1 will generAlly be. 

Tfierr is, ] beheve, something in piolecl]ng lhe ripening pApules fiom The Ifcghl. The 
conslant appl]calion on the face And hand^ of lint soaked in cold water, lo which 
antiseplics such as carboUc acid or bichlonde may be added is perhap*^ if^ mosi su]tAble 
trealmem 11 is ^ery pleasAnI for lhe parent at IcAst and for 1bic face Jl is well to make a 
ma-^k ot hnt which can be covered wilh oiled silk When lhe crusis begjn lo form lhe 
chief point is to keep I hem ihonsughly mo]Kl, which may be done wi1h oil or glycerin, 
VBselm IS padicularl^ useful And at this stage can be freely used upon the face 1 1 
frequently relieves the ilching also Foi 1he odor, which is somelimes so chanctenslic 
and disAgreeable, lhe diluted carbolic acid solulions arc probably the be^l. IF the eruption 
IS abundani on lhe scAlp lhe hair should be cut shod Dunng convAlescence frequent 
bathing is advisable. It should be done dail>, us]ng CArbohc soAp freely in onJer lo get rid 
of the crusts andscAbs There is danger to olhers as long as 


the ^kin IS not smooth and clcan^ and not fret frenn any Iracr of scabs ^k you mu^l have 
a ph^'^]4.iBn I ^ivc hul LjLIIs: mcdicBl Irealmcnt. NLirs]nf i^ tbic niHin Ibiing in thi:£ disease 

General Rult^ for I>ri^nf4:cti4n.— Thr w^lL'i^ woodwork^ and ccilmg may be cleaned 
by wa'>hLiig v^Hbione to one ihousand '>oLiJlion orcorro^]ve :£ubL]niale soLul]on. or a f]vc 
percent carbolic Bcid :£i>lulLon^ Or b> rubb]ng w]th bread ]f solut]ons wonLd injun: \i[ 
du^l nufct be removed PlBslercd wbII^ and ceilings may be w hi tc-w ashed Woodwork 
miL'>l then be "^rubbed w]th '>oap and IhoTDUghiy w]ped Then fumigBte, al least three 
pounds of '>uiphur should be burned in 1he TDom for eBch i^OKi cub]c feel of space 
PLBCing ]t in B pan '>up|)orted lu another 4.ontBi mug wa1er 1o guard again^l fire AFErr 
scrubb]ng or fum]galing, 1he rtjom and it^ contcul!i should be freely Bired for ^>everaL 
dB>s^ admUting ^uuiight if po'>sibLe All ii'^ele'>^ arlicles aud badly "toiled beddjng should 
be burned ^nch pieces orclolh]ng as will uol be injured may be boiled or soaked ]n b 
one to one thtJUSBnd formaldehyde so lu1 ion |oue ounce o\ Iwehe perteu! soluUon in one 
gillon of witer)^ or Iwo percent carbolic ac]d nolutiou. Clothings bedding e1c.^ may be 
d]h]nfecled lu the sleam '>lerili^er. 

EfandSs Bod^, t1c.--5pec]al o nte r ganue n t?i may be worn while in the Mck room and 
renuncd. Biid clolhing Bired before lea^]ng Hands of I he aUcndBnl should be x^Bshed m 
oue lo one ihousand corro'>iye sublimale ^olutiouL 

V arc i nation aud Ki: - ^ a^^c ri na tlo n and it^Prtvtnflan oT Smallpox. We qnole in 
part fiDJU an an ii.Ji: prcparetl bv 1he Stale oJ Michigan l1 is h^eJl kuijx^n that '>mall|TOT 
can be preveuled or modified by >BC4.inBt]on Bnd a wide'>preBd epidemic of 1 he disease 
can be a1tribu1ed ouly lo an equally widespread ignorance or willfulness concerning 
■smallpox and its pre>eii1ion by vaccinalion Bnd re-VBCt-inBtiou. 

A Good Time to be Vaceinalrd.— Smallpox ]^ usually uio'>t prevTilenl jn 1he winter 
and spring months, reaching the highest po]nl in May The rBntv of smallpox lu 
Mich]gan for several yeap> led 1o a feeling orsecnnly and 1o neglecl vaccinalion, 
resultiug in an ]n(.reB'^ed proporlion of inhBb]taul!i not pnntecled by rrcent v acc] nation. 
Thi!i made po^-^ible a wide'>pread epidemic. The pnnpcr preventive of ^iKh an ep]demic 
IS general vbcciubIiou and re->BcciuBtiou of all persons not recently thus protected. 
There i^ no belter sc tiled faci ihan IhBt VBCciuBtiou does pi~otec1 Bgainst ^mallpoT Bui 
after a 1ime the prolectiou i^ weakeued Iherefore BUer a lapse of five yeap> 1here -should 
be re-^acc]nal]on 

\Vh^ Vaceinatr.— BecBuse vaccinalion ]^ a prevenl]ve of all forms of "imallpoT, and 
becaice by traveling, or by trB>elep>, b> art]cle'i re(.e]ved in Ihe mail or from lhe ^tore^ 
orjihop^, orolher vanous way^ anyone bI any lime, mav, without knowing ]t. be ei posed 
to '>mallpoT ]t becomes ]mportanl so far as pos'f]ble ^^ithont injury to hcaUh lo render 
cveiy pcp»on incapable of latiug the disease Th]s may be 

204 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

donr so prrfcctly by vaccanaMon *nd rc-vaccLn*lLon wtTh grnuinc bovine v*ccLnr viru^ 
tbial no question ot oidiniTy cxfi^ibc nr tn>Libli: should be bIIow«J for a duy to prevent 
tbie cartful vice iiiil ion of every man^ wuman and child in M]4.higBn ind the rc- 
^BCcinBtLon of every one who has jx>l been vaccinated within five ycais 11 i-i well 
c^labLished thai ihose who hi>e been prtjpcrly >ict:Lni1cd Bre fBr i«i^ likely lo IbIzc 
"^miJlpoT ]f caponed to ]t. and thai Ihc vciy kw whi> have been properly vicciinlcd Bnd 
have '>niailpox hive i1 in b miEh milder fonn and ire much Lc^^ d]:£f]gured by ]t thin 
tbio:£e who have nol been thus >icLinalcd The value of^accinBtion is ]llustri1ed b> the 
following fBcts On March the I jth, 1 S5^, Dr_ E H Snow, of PiDvidence, R_ I , found 
in I cluster of seven houhes Iwcnty-fivc f am lies, Bnd m these families 1en caiesi of 
smilLpox, all apparently at about 1he sime stige of ihc diseB'^e In 1hc same families there 
were twenly-one children, who had never been vaccinaled The 1en cases ind the 
remaining members of the fimiLies, including 1he twenty-one children were quBranlincd 
at home, ind the children were all >Bccinaled ind compelled 1o rem Bin wilh the sick. 
Several o1her cases of smillpoT occurred in Ihe peison^ previoidly exposed, bu1 no! one 
of the twenty-one children referred lo had Ihe sLi^hlest lonchof the disease 

[n Sweden, 1he avenge number ot deaths in each year fK)m smallpox per million 
inhabitinls was 

Before the imrodiKlion of vaccination fl "^"^'^- 1 8** ■ ). 1.973, 

Dunng Ihe penud of optional ^accinalion |1 502-1816], 479- 

And during lhe period of obligatory viccinilion (1 S17-IS77J lfl9 

Vaccination wa^ mlroduced in England near the beginning of the ninelcenth 
cenluTy, and since I S53 compiiLHory vaccination has been lUempled. [n England the 
number of deaths m e^ch year from smallpox per one million inhabilanls wis: 

A1 Ihe close of Ihe eighteenth century, 3.000 

Fn^m LS41 to LS5J faverage), J04- 

Fn^m LS54 to LSftJ (a^'erage). L71_ 

Smallpax enllrel^ pre denied b> rt-^BCcimatiDm.--[n 1he Bavarian army re- 
vaccinalion ha^ been compuKory since 1 &43 Fiom 1hat date liLl IS 57. not even a single 
case of unmodified smallpox occurred nor a single death fn^m smallpox. Dunng the 
year of duty, Dr_ MiP»on physician of the LondLm Smallpox HospUal. has ne^cr 
observed a single case of smallpox m the officers and employees of the hospital, who are 
re- V ace ina ted when they enter the service, and who art constanlly expobed 1o the 

"Out of more Ihan 10,000 children vaccinaled at Brussels wi1h animal lymph from 
I Sfi5 to 1 S70, and who wen1 Ihnnugh the terrible epidemic of "smallpoK, which in IS70 
and IS71 frighlened the world, not a single one was to my knowledge reporled a*^ being 
atlacked by 


the clisca*»t_ The ^*mc immunity "fr*^ ^hircd by tho^c « miEh l*rgcr niimber, whom I 
hfld rr-vBccinatcd and w bio it tbicikinic lime were living in cpidci7i]c ccnlczs."--Dr. 

\\ ho ^hculd te VaccinBl«l.— EvcrybcHJy^ old Bcid yoiing. for biis own ]ntcrt'>l ind 
tbial h^ may nol btcoinc b breed] ng plB4.e fur lhc d]^1rLbul]onorsiiiBlLpox to olhcr^ 
shoLiLd ^eck IhBt prolc4.l]oo from '>m4lLpoT which i^ iffonled by vaccmalioo ilonc ]1 i^ 
bckc^cd IhBt all pcp»on.s CKCcpl lho^c mcnt]oncd in the foLlowing pBragrapbi mBy if the 
operBtLon 1*1 properly performed Bt 1bie piDper time, Bnd w]th pure bovine >]rLis, be 
VBCc]nated w]th perfec! safety I0 lhem*ieLve^_ Even lhose who hBvc hBd *imaL]pox should 
be varcinaled- for otbierw]!ie Ihey may tate the disea*»e; and Jt ^eem-i to be proved 1biat a 
laiger firoponioo, of tho^e who biave ^inBlLpox b second Ume, die Ihan cf iho^e who hB^e 
tbic djscBse iflcr VBLLLnilion 

Who shf^uld no I le VacclnBlrdL~UnLc'^'> e;^po'>Lire to '>m4]lpoT i*^ bcL]cved I0 hive 
taten plicc or L]l:cLy to tate pLicc_ teclbiing children, pregninl women pcPEoni suffering 
from measles . !ic arlel fever. cryHipeLi-^ orsu-^cepnble to and recenlly exposed to one of 
these d]'^eases peison-^ suffering \^ith skin disei^e^ or eruption and ]n general feeble 
persons not in good he all h '>hould not be vaccinBted. In ill cises ]n \^h]ch 1here is Bny 
doubt as lo the propnely of viccinalingor po'>tponLng vacr]nat]on I he judgmeni of a 
good phy'>icLBn should be tikcn The re'>lrielLon, as to vaceiniUng 1ee thing children 
makes it import^m 1hat children should be >Bcc]nated before the leelh]ng process hBS 
begun, because ^mallpoT ]s very much more dBngerous thin vaccinalion SmBllpox la 
exceed] ngly dangerous to pregnani ^^omen 

^'kem should a person "^m V'act'iii3led.--The '>oonerlhe betler «"> b nile ind 

espccLillj whenevci <hci^ j^ much liabjUly ot exposure lo smallpox. Children should be 
>Bccinated before the> are four monlhs old; Iho^e who hB^e ne^er been viccLnated^ 
should except teething children^ be vaccinated al once Because lhe yBccinat]on oflen 
loses Lis protective power afler b 1ime. those who hi>e been vaccinalcd bul once or 1wice 
should^ in Older to lest and to increBse the protective power of lhe former vbcc in Btion^ be 
VBCcinBted again, ind as often as 1he VBCcination can be made lo work. In genera L to 
insure full prolect]on fn>m smallpox^ one '>hoiild be vaccinated as oflen is every five 
years 1 1 h^^ been found ihat o^ Ihobe whi> have '>niallpoT lhe pn>ponion of dealh'> is very 
much less among iho^e who have 1hree or four good vacc]nal]on sciP> than among lho^>e 
who have bu1 one scar 

VBrclmatlom aflrr exposure lo SmalLpax.-- Vaccination as late 4'> 1he second diy 
after tnown exposure lo smuUpoit i^ believed I0 hive prevented the smallpox. 
vaccinat]on lhe ihird day ifler exposure h^^ rendered the dLse4'>e much milder ihan 
usual ind in a cise in lowa^ vacc]nat]on on lhe sevenlh or e]ghth d^y afler exposure I0 
smallpox ran A part]al course and was believed I0 hive modif]ed lhc attack of smallpox^ 
which, however, it did no1 wholly preveni A receni case in M]chigAn was vaccinaled 
three day^ if te r ex posnre, as were also 

206 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

tht wife mothrr. and two children both undrrfivc ycaisof i|c, 3.1\ vaccinated ignin mx 
dflys after Ihc exposure The hefllth officer reported k^ follows: "The results were 
grBtifying During lhe f]rst week of the eruplion it was ry]dently ibortin^ End withoul 
doubl as lhe re'>ult of VBCc]nat]on e]ght diy^ before lhe crupUon. A complele ind Fine 
recovery. Certi]nly in aborted course, wUh scarcely b mark lefl ind no1 inolhercB-^e in 
the above family whom necessity compelled lo occupy lhe ^ime hou^e. lhe ^ime nnoms. 
continuBl contact wUh lhe conlagion, scores one more big credil niBrk for vacc]nal]on " 

WiLh T^hal ^hcuid \tnii "bM Vaccina led. — Because the potency oF >inis depends 
largei> ufion lK bcin^ Irc^h and Jl i^ so easy to oblBin pore and fresh bovine viru'>, and 
becaice '>Lich bovine vinci is effic]ent il is better in all CBses to use only lhe pure anjil 
fresh bovine virus. 

Where should Vaccina Hob fee Pc rfo rmrd.-- 1 n b room or place free fn^m persons 

sulTerjug from dj-^casc and from dust which nn> convey 1o lhe Hcr^lched suri"ice germs 

of any communicable disease; ccnainl> no1 ]n or near a loom where there i'> erys]pclis or 
consumpt]on_ nor in 1hc presence of one who hi^ jidt come from a person Mct with 
erysjpclR"-- chphthena. or*icarlcl fever 

B^ nkom ^kould one be Vaceina1cd.--The operation of vaccination shouFd be 
performed alwiy^ by a compelent and responsible physr]an To Iry lo vacc]nate one's 
self Droned fjm]ly is poor economy, for ]t of1en results not only jn i \vas1c of money 
and of 1ime. but ]n 4 false and dangennus feeing of security To trust to >iccini1ion b> 
nup>es and midwive^ i'> equally foolish \ ^^ell-ediEated and ei^penenced phy'>ician has 
the '>kilL and lhe special knowledge necessary to the bes1 judgmcnl on ill of the 
queslions involved ^v]thi>iit which Ihc operiUon may be a tailure or woise 1han a rA]lurr. 
In ^vork oJ this Izjnd lhe best \h lhe cheapesl. whalever it coMs. 

ATter Vacciaalion.--Le1 lhe viccinHed place alone Do not scratch il oro1herw]sc 
traivifer lhe >irus where il is no1 wanted. Prolecl it by a bandage or cloth which his been 
boiled and ircmed wjth a hot iion Try lo keep the puslule unbroken^ as a proleclion 
against ferms of d i^e ases and agi]ns1 unnecessiTy discomfort. A bad sore ann may nol 
be ind pK)bibly is nol I rue vaccinat]on, but ma^' be due 1o lack of c ire during and after 
vaccination to keep out septic genns 

Comuin appearances aflcr Vaccination.-- For a day or Iv^ noll^ng unusual 
should appear. A le^^ day^ aflcr 1liut, if il succeeds re^larl>, the skin will become red. 
then a pimple w]ll fbrm^ and on lhe pimple * little vesicle or blisler wh]ch ma> be plainly 

seen on lhe fifth or six1hda>. On lhe e]ghth d^y the blisler {vesicle^ is or should be 
plump rounds Iraiblncenl pearly while^ wUh 4 clearly marked edge and 4 depres^]on in 
the center 1hc skin around il for aboul halt an inch ih red and swollen This ves]clc ind 
the red inflamed circle aboul i1 {called the areola) are lhe Iwo poinis which prove ihc 
vacc]nalion lo be successful A rish^ and e>en 4 vesicular eruption, so mel]me^ 


comc?i on ihc child's bcdy ibout the cighlh day ind l4'>ts Bbnul 4 wrck hr may br 
feverish or may rcmBm qui1c well The irm may be red and !iWO Lien do^^ n as far as the 
ellK>w, and ]n Ihc aduH I here will u.'^ually be a tender o r swollen gland in the arm- pit. And 
some disturbance of sleep forstveril n]ghl!i_ The vesicle dries up in a few dayn nmre, 
and a cru!it form^ which becomes of a br^wniJih mahogany color, and falls off from the 
twentieth I0 Ihe twenty-f]fth day In ^>omc cases ihestvcrfll Bppeannccs described above 
may be deLayed 4 day or two_ The cms! or scab will leave a well-marted. perminenl 


Whal t(^ dt durlag and aMer VaecinBllfln.~Do nothing to i ml ate ihe eruplion, do 
no! pull the scab off, when h1 Jrjps oil throw il in the fjre When the eruplion is at iK 
heighl show il lo ihc doctor who peTfonncd the vaccinal ion If i1 ih satisf*c1ory, 4'>k him 
For a cemficale stating when and by whom yon Vrczc vacc]nated x^hether with bovine or 
humanized L>mph, in how many places and w]th whal re'>ul1 at each place. When lhe arm 
\^ healed, if 1he >acc]nat]on did no1 work well be >a4.c]nated agijn ^^ soi>n as possible, 
and in the best manner possible Th]s will be a Ec^I to the piolection secured by 1he 
foimer >iC(.inalion and will Uself aFfonil increi^ed pr(Jteclion_ Do no1 be saisfted wUh 
les!i thin four genuine vaccine scars, or wUh four if U js possible lo secure more 1han 
four This viccinilion a second or thinJ time ]n close !iUccess]on i^ believed lo be hanJIy 
les^ impodanl than >ac4.ination the fiist time and hardly le'>^ valuable as a protection 
against smallpox, ^ilhoul doubt many pep>oiVi ire living in a fil^e sfnse of ^ccurUy 
from smallpox because al ^ome lime in 1heir l]ves Ihey have had 4 I] tile sore on I heir arm 
c aided by a '>up posed or real vaccinal ion, or because an imperfect >acc]nat]on f4]led to 
worb or because 1hey were successfully >iccini1ed, or had lhe vinoloid. or lhe 
unmodified smallpox manv years agi>. Untjl smallpox is stamped oul thioughont the 
world so 1hat exposure ot Ihe disease shall be practically impossible, the onl> pep>onal 
safety ]s m such pcrfecl vaccination thai one need nol fear an exposure to smallpox 
through the recklessness o^ Ihe fnolish 

Make a rrcard of jonr \ accinatian.~DD nol f^il to pmcure and preserve the 
cer1]ficate menlioned in 1he preceding paragraph ind also I0 mike 4 peisonal recond of 
the facLs wi1h reganil lo any vaccination c\ yourself or in your famil>_ Fn^m il yon may 
some! I me learn thi1 ]t is len >ears sjnce you or some member of ^'our family' was 
vaccini1ed_ when you though! ]t only f]vc 

[Jvttf ^a^ td from ^niallpcx in Michigan^-- Since the Slate Eoanil of Health was 

eslablj'^hed minv thousands ol pei^plc jn Mi4.higan hive been vaccinaled bee aide of i1s 
recommend al 10 ns ind the slalistics o^ deaths published by the Sccrelary of Slate show 
thai al Ihe close of 1he year 190b, 1he death rate from smallpox ]n M]chigan had been so 
much less than before lhe boinJ wis cstabhshed is 1o ]nd]Ci1e thai over three thousand 
lives had been saved from ihtt loathsome disfise. 


The average dcalh rale per ycir fbr the five year>_ 5 569-1 87 J brforc I he board w*^ 
cslabL]hhcd \^bs S 5 ptr LOOJJOO Lnhibitmls^ and ^ince lhe boird ^^B't established, for the 
tbiLrty- three yeiPi, I 87^-1907, ]t wii* onlj 1.5. Sance ] S?6 an uncommDn mild type cf the 
djSL'Bsc has pro bi led >cry eMerui]vcly. but the deitbi rBtc bias been exceedingly low, 
bcin^ for the eleven yeBrs. 13^7-1507, slightly les-i than one deBth foreich 100 000 
inbiabUants The great SBMng of Life fTDUi smallpox m civilized co unifies bias been 
mainly becBU'ie of VBCcination and rev acei nation. 

VACCINA nON, Symploms.— At fare! 4 slight irritation al the place of VBCcin*tioiL 
The erup1ii>n Bppears on I he IhirtI or fourltidij as 4 reddish pimple "surrounded bv b 
reddened surface On the fiflh or ^iMh day 1his pimple becomes k vesicle with a 
depressed cenlcr Bnd filled wilhclcir contents 1 1 reaches Us greilest ^ize on the cighlh 
dBy By Ihe lenlh dBy the conlents ire pus-like and 1he '>urroundiiig skin is more 
infUined Bnd often quile pBinful. Thcve s^inploms diminish, and by 1he end of Ihe 
second week the puslule has dried to b biownish scBb. which fBll^ off between lhe 
t^^en1y-Kist and Iwenly-fifth days and lei>e^ a depressed scar Fever and nuld 
consliluUanil b^'mptoms i£>uall^' go wilh Ihe cruplion Biid may last until ibaul Ihe eighth 

RcliBble lymph pomls should always be used. ClcBn lhe skin near lhe insertion of 
the deltoid muscle on the arm. Bnd with 4 clean (stenle] knife or i>ory point, a few 
scrBtche^ are mBdc, deep eni>ugh lo allow aslighl now of liquid, but no h!i^^ifr^ The 
VBCcine vinis moistened, if dried on 4 point, is rubbed into the wound and b I lowed to 
dry. ,\ piece of sterile gBuie, or a 'shield ' is ided *> b dressing. This shield can be 
boughl a1 4n> drug store. One vaccination may give immunily for ten to twelve yeais, 
bill i1 IS be tier lo be viccinaled every ."^ix years il leasL 

DENGUE. Ere ah- bone Ftvrr+ Pamdj FevrrL— Thi'> is an Bcute infectious disc Bse 

characterised by pains in 1hc joinis and mus<.les fe>er in initiBl reddish s^^ oil en 
eruption and 4 lenmnal eruption of vinablc l>pe It occuis in the tropical regions ind the 
wanner portions of the tempcrale zone The disease appeap> in epidemics, rapidb" 
atlackmg many persons 

Symy tams.— [ncubalion lasts from three to five days without any '>pecial symptoms 
The onset is mBrkcd \^ith chilly feelings, an ictne fe>er \^ith temperBture gradually 
rising There is severe pain in 1hc muscles ind in 1 he joints which become red Bnd 
swollen. There i^ intenM^ pain in 1hc eyeballs heid, bact and exIremUie^ Ficc look^ 
rliEihed, e>es are sunken the skin looks Mushed ind mucous membrane look'> red This is 
the beginning rash. The hif h fe^er filk quicHv after Ihree or four days, ^lOmelimes wilh 
stealing diBrrhea or nose bleed The pilieni feels '>tift ind sore Ihen, but comparilively 
well. A slight fever rrturns after Lwo lo fourdAys, allhough this sometimes 


remains flb^rnl Pain^ ind cnipEions^ like scarlet fever or Eiivc^, appear An *1ticb icuaHy 
last^ nevcn Li> eight day*!- Co nvB lenience ]Si often long irnJ slow, wl1 bi sti FFncii* and pain 
in the joints ind miEicle'> End greet weBkiies'>. ,\ relopse miy relurn within Iwo weeks 

PHYSICIANS' IREATIIENT for Dengue. -An ant]- pLflgue serum issomelimcs 
used, thoLigh w]th doubllii] re-^uils The pain l^ controLled by do^es of niorph]ne of one- 
eigbith to one-founh of a grBjn e^cry four or five honrs- Hyoscin, one hundredth oF 4 
frBin, ]s alMi g]>en for 1bie pBin The high lemperil Lire can be rei]eved by cold and tep]d 
sponging. Tonics are given during lhecon>Blescencc and cont]nued for some time. 

CEREffRO-SF[^AL ME^-J [NCiTlS.--Thi^ is an acule infect]ou'5 disease. It comes 

in ep]demic'^ when there ire min^ cases or appeals here ind there as b separUe case 
('>poradLcV [t ]s caided by 4 spcc]fic organism |germj and 1bie d]sease BttBcks the 
membranes on he brA]n andsfiinil cord. 

Of Li1e years grei1 piDgiess has been mBde by patient invesligilion. Bnd a ^erum is 
now prepared for 1he Irealment of lh]s disease The re^uHs of lhis Ireatmen! Bre belter 
tbian lhe Irealments fonnerly used. arnJ there i^i good reason to believe ihBt in a few yeiTii 
tbiis Irealmem will be as effect]ve in this disease bs antiloxin ]s in d]phtheri4. 

C ause .- - Yo ling idnlLs Bnd children are affected most of1en. Bad surroundings ind 
over-eierlion Bre predisposing faelors. 

ConditLonbL—There ]s congest]on of 1bie Kiembrane'> of the brain and spinal cord 
which are covered wi1h in exndale confined on lhe bri]n, chaefiy to the bBse 

S>Bip{Diii^. Ordinary Form.~iiK.ubalion ]s of unknown lenglh ind occ4'>ion4lly 
mBrked b} ^^ant ot Bppclilc^ headache^ and pijn ]n lhe b^ck. Th^ invasion ]s usniJ Ly 
sudden^ chill, projectile ^omit]ng ihnnwmg forwind. severe heidBche, pain and ngidUy 
of the bact of lhe neck, pain in > Brio us parls of the bod>, skin over-sensH]^e ]rritibie. 
and lemperalure Bbou1 102 degrees wUh all symptoms of an Bct]>e fe^er Later pa]ns 
are very severe, especially jn lhe hcid neck and back; lhe heid is drawn back; often the 
bBck ]s rigid lhe muscles of lhe neck ind bBck Bre lender and 4ltemp1s to siretch them 
cause ]ntense pain. The vom]ting now is less piumineni Temperature is extremely 
irregiiLir. 99 lo 105 degrees or more Pulse is slow, often 50 to 60. and full Bnd sirong al 
F]FS1 The delinum is of a severe ind variable 1ype in common, BiternBling wi1h piilial or 
complele coma, 1he lalter p redo minil ing IowakI the close of fBtil BttBcks. StimuJatJon of 
nerve c e iTlen> c b uses cri>ss-eyed look drooping of upper eyeL]d. mi>vemen1 of eyebiJis 
unequBl, contracted, dilBted, or sluggish pupils, Bcnte and pBinfnl hearing, spBsmodic 
conlraclions of the muscles followed b> pirBlys]"^ of the Face micicles, etc. The diseise 
mBy Ibs1 several hours or several months Many die within five days. In fBtal CBses the 



piticnt passes into seemingly dcrp sicrp ■fr]th ^ymplom^ of * very piD^lnting and 
wcikcnin^ fc^cr_ BntI often rc1cnt]on of unnc Mild CBSci occur wHbionLy a lutlc focr, 
hcadarhc. '>t]ff inuhclcs of tht ncck^ discomfort in back and rxircmitics. Tht malignanl 
type occuis cpdcmically or sporadic ally. 

Malip^B^nt Ivpt.— Suddtn Lnva'>Lon witbi severe chills, slighl nsc ]n TcmprrAtLirc^ 
pain in 1bic back oJ the neck, hcidacbics '>tijpnr^ muisrular sp4'>nis a ^iovr pnlsc^ often 
purple bleedings eruption, comi and death v^Hhin houis. ntbicr tbian dBy'>. Tbiis is a 
tcmble disease, and 4 phy^]CLBn i^ needed fnnm the np>l. The dealh rile vanes fnsm 
twenli" lo seventy-l]ve percen! T re aline nt mu^t be given by a physician 

Spinal meningLlis i*^ infLammation o^ Ihe membrane of the "tpinal cord ilong with ttie 
accompanying bick ind citremHy symptoms, while ihe head rcmaiii^ clear iiiiJ Free 
from complications. 

MEN INGE r IS. — This is an inflammHtion of 1bie iTiembranL''> co^'enng the brain 
alone and generilLy commences with fever and severe heBdache'>, wUti avoidance ciT 
lighl and noise a'> lhesc ire painful. In some cases we have delirium^ '>liipor and coma 

TrtBlni£at.--Treatmcii1 must be given by 4 pbiy^iciin but cold applications lo the 
head and back are ^cncraLI> good. The bowels al^o must be kepi open. 

MENEM;! vis. Tubercular^ (Ha^ilar Mcningl1is|.--Thi^ affeclion whicbi is ilso 
known as acute hydiDcepbialus |mcaning W4ler on tbie brain)^ is essentially in acule 
tuberculosis in which the membranes of the brain, sometimes of lhe conH beir the brunt 
ot the altack. [I is more comnH>n in children thin in adults. It is more frequent between 
tbie second and fiflbi year^^ than in lhe niHl yeir. [t is cinsed b> the tubeicular infeclion 
and follows lhe usual conrye of this disease Onilinary memn^ilis is rapid and well 
defined in its course, with "high fe^er " severe puns in the head, inlense nervoicness, 
avoidance oflighl and sound, loss of appelite and conslipiUon. These symptoms are 
easily nnderslood ind are generally cleirly read by 1hose iiDund 1he patienl 
Unfortuna1el> in tubercular meningUis 1he clearly defined symptoms ire ibsen! in the 
beginning, and when the physician is called 1hc condition is d a nge rtjus. Usually the 
paliciH complains bul litlle. There is a slighl headache, low fever, no hei1 in lhe head, 
patiem IS pale most of lhe lime, has litlle appeUte vomils occasionally and desires 1o 
sleep lie is nervous, slupid ind lies on his siJl' curled up with eyes iway fi~om the lighl. 
This disease appears moslly in delicate children, who are pooreileis and fond of books, 
usually in I hose inhenling pr>or co nsl i tul lo ns. The mortality is >ery high Pirents who 
have 1hin, pale sallow children wilh dainly appetites, who frequently complain of 
headaches and are fond o\ boi>ks should be ifraid of infection from Hiberculosis and 
make lhe litlle ones li>e m the open air and keep awiy from school But earlier in Ihe 
lives of these children care mus1 be taken. A child with 1hal pale, Ihin, silow, delicate 
face and poor bod^' should be fed wklh the best of food 


and []vc ]n ihc open hit ] once had * Family who Lost tKctronly two t^bacs ihiough ihis 
dibcaiic After thr Fiist one died \ in^irucicd tbicm carefully how to lr»l I he ^c4.oihJ chi Id. 
However. I hey loved Iheircbiild foolishly and nol widely and fed lI rverylbiing it warned ^ 
and yoLi kiHJW the children tatr an advantage of tbieir paren!"^. Give plenty of good 
wbiole^>onie digestible food Dre^i-i them comfort Bbly End ^^Brm iJid keep tbiem ou1 in ihe 
open air No cikes^ cindy^ peanuts or an^' food 1biat l^ nol nourishing End eii^y 1o digesl 

ILBERCULOSIS. JCONSUMF |■|0^1.--Tuberc:lJlDSLS i^ an infcclLous diseaie 
OBiEcd by 1bie bBcillus lubercLilosLS. End ^.h^rBctenzed by Ihc fonniUon of nodules or 
diffiEe mi'tsesof new tissiic Man, lowLs End Lowi are chiefly Bt let led 

IndLin"!, negroes ind Tnsh ire very susteplible The di'iCBSc tb less comnton at greal 
allilode'i. Dirk, poorly venlilBted rooms, ^och as Icnemenls and factories and 1he 
crowding of cities fivors infection, !"> do in-diH>r life md octupalions in which diet musi 
be inhaled Certain infections *iuch i"^ meisleii, whooping-cough chronK heart, kidney 
and liver di'>ciike'i and inflEmmation of Ihe air IrBct are pred i^ pi>si ng faclors. Inhalation is 
the chief mode of trAnbmi'>sion. Heredtir^ trBnsmis'>ion i^ rire. 

Farms. The Lunp;s.~Con'>umplion This j*^ t Bused by b germ Some have the form 
called galloping coii-^umpUon. This person is ittBcted suddenly, wastes aw By ind dies, 
in ■ very short time There 1*1 rapid loss of strenglh ind weigh! , high fever, night swells, 
fas1 breBlhmg, pains in the chest 4.ou^h ind profuse e^peclo ration, and rapid loss of 

OrdlDBrj C D nbu np I ioa.-- Begins slowly and 1he patient is not aware of the danger 
tie may have los^ of jppctHe, dyspepsia, dun^hca and diMresji if1er meals. He looks pile, 
1^ weak ind lo^es flesh. Soon he has a hacking cough, woise in Ihc ini>rning, with 4 
scanty, glairy !ipu1iim His weigh! conlinnes I0 decrease, hi!i heart ib weak and beil!i 
fasler He has pain m hih chesi below 1he shoulder blades He ma^ have * slight bleeding 
frtjm the lungs His cough becomes worse, 1he cipcHoration gels thicker and more 
pn^fuse. wilh night swells, high fc^cr ind *ihortness of breath. The cyc*i ire bright lhe 
cheeks are pale or flushed. Chnnnic looseness of lhe bowels may be present. Bleeding 
fnim the lungs may occur 41 iny time but il is mosi frequent and profuse during 1hc last 
slages. The pilieni becomes ^ery weak, thin and pale emaciated. The brain aclion 
remains good, and he remains hopelul almost imlil the Ias1 Tuberculosis mav CTist in 
almost e^ery part of 1he body and we have many forms II is no1 necessary to discuss all 
It would lend lo confusion I will name the mosI of lhem 

]. Ac Die Miliary I uberculosis. 

(A,) AcDte C^eni^rnl Miliary I ubcrculosls. 

JH.> PuluDnarj (lun^) tvpt^ 

(C,} lubercuUr MeDlBglllE. 

212 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

2. rnbcrcDlDst^ of tbr I^mph nndrs |g lBadE|. Thi^ W4'> formerly coMcd 

ScrolLik Thi.h 1^ mor.' curabLc ind wlIL be treated morr fully clscwhci^. 

^ Ti bt rcu Id u^ l^lturls^. 

4. Tib4:r4:uloub Ptrricardllis. 

5. l'Db4:r4:uIautf P4:rlt4nitihL fOF thi*^ thtrc arc a gnnd many cbscs.) 

A. rnbcrcDlD^tsof tli; Larynx. 

7. Acul4: PnL jmcnriu {PuliuDnar^ 1 ubtrculo^^t ^^ "Galloping 
C c n ^u lu p Lrio n. " 

S. Chrcnic L'ktratii t l^ulmoaarv fv be re ula^is. 

9. Chnnlc Miliary I nbi^rculosris. 

14. I'nbcrcDlD^^ af tht Alim^^ntarj Canal. 

Jl. J u bt re u k si^ c f Iht 13 rain. 

Jl. fu bt re u k bri^ c f Iht h^^^Tn kldnt^'Ss bladder^ tic. 

13. InbcrcnlDtfls af JolnlSs LhL'> will be treated more fully clhcovhcrr. 

CERVICAL, rUBERCULOSIS(Scr#lula|.--ThisKcommon in cbiLldrcnlhat arc 
no1 well nQLirisbicd^ living in badly vciULlalcd ind cro^vdE^d bioLi'>L''>. aru1 in the nrgiod 
Chn>nLC cilarrh of tht no'^t ind tbiroat and lonHihli^ pr«Ji'>p<:isc lo l1 Tht glBnds under 
tbic lower JBW are UHUilly the hist involved rht> art cnlBrged. '>nH>oth, firni and oflcn 
become malted ti>gr1bicr_ Lalcr 1bic "^kin nny adhere lo them ind MjppurBtion occijp>, that 
IE pLi^ ^o^m^. \n abscess r«>ult'> tbial brcihs ihrough tbic "^kin and ]dve'> a ii4'>l> looking 
■^>re or scar The glands m lhe bid: of 1he neck nny enlarge al^o or in the ami p]l or 
under the 4.ollar bone ind al^o 1hc brDnch]al glands There ]s usuBlly secondary BneniiB 
A longcDuise Bnd sponHneou^ recovery are common. Lung or generBl miliary 
tiiberculo'>i'> may occur. 

Mtstmttric Kind.-- Symptoms ire los'> of flesh and '>lreng[h, anrmii di'ilcnded 
abdomen ^jH>l-bcll> J ind bloiled_ wubi offensive diarrbie* 

MO'LHER±i' REMEDIKS. -J. Cons-umptkOn Slmplt Home Mtlhod lo Brtah 
■p.— 'A clolbisalurBted v^Hbi kerosene oil bound aiound lhe ehe:£l 41 nighl ind trequenlly 
repealed, will remove lung sorcncs"^, and ]t may be tBlzen jnwiKlly VrWh advinlage^, 
cigbit to 1en drops three or Jour lime'i a Jiy in ^aTikapari]lA. It tius been tried efncacioibly 
BE a cure foreoni^umplion " 

1. ConsuiuplkUs Fbyskian^' Rcmtd> for.-- 

Arscnic Aoid I pait 

CarbonBte of PoEieH 2 paits 

C]nnamyllic Acid 3 fiam 

tieil lhis unt]l a peTfecl solution i'> oblamed, then add 1wcn1y-five part^ cognac and 
three part^ of watery ei tract of opium which has been dissolved in Iwenty-five pans oF 
waler f]llered. DoEe —At fiist take sit diops af1er d]nner and supper gradually increas]ng 
to Iwenly-two dropb_ 


Mild ci^r^ Brc cured in two months but the severe cases may require a yriror twD_ This 
treilment "^houLd be givcii Lmder thee tie of a physic] an^ as 1 1 is }>aLkOnous and nccdii 
close watching. 

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT far C onhiimptiDn.-- Tuben.uinus perilnniti^ is 
of1en presen! General be tier hygienic mei^nres- tresh i]r, nDuri'>hiiig food. cod-JtveroiJ 
The glands are now oflencu! 

SamllBr^ Care, rrt^eatton of I ub4:reulosis.--ThL' spulum of coihumpUves '>tH>uld 
be CHrefully collected and deslroyed Palienl^ should be urged not 1o spil alK>ul 

carelessly but always use a spH cup and never swallow the sputum. The des1rucl]on of 
the spuluin of con'>um[it]ves should be a rouLine measure lu both hosfiilals and finvite 
practice ThoTDUgh boiling or pntnnf in Ihe fire ]s sufhcieni [t should be explained to 
the patien! 1hat the only rist, practically is fnnm this source. 

The chances of infect]on are greilest in young ch]ldren. The nup>ing and care of 
consumptives involves very sl]ghl nsks indeed, if proper precautions arc taten. 

Scc«nd.--.\ second ]m[iorl4nl measure relales to the inspeclion of dairies and 
slaiighler houses The possibility of Ihe Iransmission oF I ube re nlos is by infecled milt has 
been fully demonstrated and in Ihe interns! of hctllh, Ihe stale should take mcastire^ lo 
si amp out tuberculosis in ca tile. 

Indi^lduul Prevenliom.— A mother ^vith pulmonary tubei~culosis should not nunsc 
her child An infant bom of 1 u be re nlosis pii^nts or of a family in which consiimfition 
pi^vails, should be bn^ught up with the greales! care and guarded mos1 piilicularly 
against catarrhal a Ike lions of all kinds Special attention shi>uld be given lo 1he throal 
and nose, ind on the fip>t indication ot month bi~eathing or iny affeclion of the nose^ a 
careful examiniUon should be mide for adenoids The child should be clothed m flinncL 
and live jn Ihe open air as miEh as possible^ avoiding close mums ll is a good practice 
to sponge 1he Ihroal and chest night and morning with cold waler Special lUertion 
should be piid lo the diet and to the mode of feeding. The meals should be given tt 
regular houp>^ and the food [iliin ind substanlial From the onse1 ihc child should be 
encouraged to dnnk freely of milk Unfortunately in 1hese cases there seems to be an 
uncontrollable aversion to fats of all kintt .\s the child gi~ov/s older, syslematjcally 
regulaled e^ercisf or a couisf of pnlmoniTy flun^| g^mnistics miy be tiken. En lhe 
choice of an occupation, preference should be given to an ou1 of door life Families with 
a predisposilion lo tubeirulosis should, if possible reside in an equable climate ll would 
be best for 4 young person belonging to such a family to remote lo Colorado or 
Southern California, or lo some olher snilable climale befoi^ 1 rouble begins. The tn fling 
ailmcnis of children should be cirefully x^atched. In convalescence from fevers, which 
so frequently piovc dangerous the greatest cii^ should be exeirisrf 1o prevent fi^m 
calchingcold Cod-liveroil. lhe syrup of iodide of ii~on and an>enic miy be given 

214 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

Enlaigrd tonsils should br rrmovrd. "The sponlan«JiE hroling of local lubcrcuLo^t^ is in 
cvcry-diy aff4]r Many cb'^cs of adrii]tis (inflammalionof 1bic glarKl'>> and disfasf of the 
bone or joinl-^ Lcrm]nalc fBvoiubLy_ The heal]ng of pulmonary (Inngl luberculo^i^ is 
"^ho ^^ n 4:1 1 nic 4] Ly by Ihc recovery of potienls in whose "^pLiti elastic l]s^ue and bBcilh have 
been found " 

Ceaeral ^[easm^cs.--The cure of lubcrrulosis ["> a que'it]on of nulnlion, digeslion 

and 4'>si mil al 10 n control tbie s]tu4lion^ make a pBtient grow fat^ and lhe local di'>eBRe miy 
be left to lake care of ]tscLf. There are three ind]calion5~ 

Fiist, to place lhc pBUen! ]n SLirrounding^ moM favorable for the grcitcst degree of 
nolrilion^ '>econd, to lake "tuch measures ^^ ]ii a I04.4] ind general wiy influence 1bie 
tLibeicijlos]s proc«t5^ thiid^ to 4lLe>]alc ihe symptoms This is effected by the open iir 
treilment witbi lhe necessiTy feeding and noising 

\t H[>mr.~]n the mBjorHy ot CB-^e^ pBlicnl"^ musi be treated Bt home. In lhe city it 
liBS manv diSBd^anUge*^. The paticnt\ bcti '>hould be in 4 room where he can hive plenty 
of sunshine and i]r Two lh]ngE are cs^enlnl— pLenly of fre-^h air and sun-^hine While 
there is fever he should be at rest in bed_ For 1he greBter pari of eich day, onlc^ 1hc 
weilher 1^ bLiCitering and rBining, the windows '>hould be open On lhe bnghl diys he 
can ^H oiit-dLior^ on a balcony or porch, in a rccL]n]ng chi]r He must be in the open ijr 
all th4l ]'f po'>sible to be A greil niBny paticnis spend mo:£l of the 1ime out ]n lhe open air 
now In the country places thi^ can be e4'>ily CBrried out_ Fn the summer he should be out 
of doop> fn^m eleven to Iwelve hours ]n the winlei ^ix to eight at Ici^L W night the 
rtjom should he cool and Ihoioughlj ventilalcd 'In the early sUge^ of the dmei^e wjth 
much fever il miy require "several moiHh"^ o\ Ihjs rest Ireilment to 1he open air before 1hc 
temperBture falls lo normal-" The "^puliim i^ dBiigcrou"^ when il becomes dry \'^ lon^ bs 
■sputum IS moi'>l Ihc germs are held ]n Ihc '>piitum, but when ]t is dry they are released 
arKi roam at will in 1he atmosphere and are inhaled They ire then reidy to lodge 
themselves in suitable so]l. Always keep the spulnm lei^pet-lorationj moi'>l ind then 
there is no dinger. 

Diel. Iii^atmcnl.— The OLitlook in thi^i disease deperKis upon Ihc dige'tlion Naidea 
and loss of appetUe are '>enous ob'>tBcle'>. Many piUenls loUhe foiKfc of all kiiHfc \ 
change of air or 1 sea ^ojige may pmmplly re-^lore Ihe ippelile When this 1^ not 
po'>sible rest the patient^ keep ]n Ihe open air nearly all day arKi feed regularly wilh 
smill quanti1ie'> eUher of bntlermilk, milk^ or kumiss alternating if nece'>sary wilh meat 
jiiice and egg albumin. Some ca-^e^ which ire di^lurbed by egg^ arKi milk do well on 
kum]s^_ Raw eg^ ire >ery suitable for feeding, and may be taken between meaK, 
beginning wilh one Ihree limes a day, and cin be increi'>ed to Iwo ind 1hree at a lime. It 
IS hard 1o gi>e i regular die1 The parent should be under the care of a phy'^]cian who 
will regulale the k]nd of d]et, amount and 


change When ihc digcslion 3k good ihcrc as Ics^ troublr tn fctding. Then the paCacnt c*n 
cat mci1, pouHry. giiric oystcis, f]Sih. aniinfll biDlhs, tggs- No1 h i ng sbio uld be fried. 
Avoid port, veal, biot bread, cabes, pics, swrct mcat^, nth gjBMC^, crabs, lobsters. 

Dirl Id Tibtrculo^is Turni^i^d u^ b^ a HospitBl.-- 

Maj 1 a kt.—So Dps.-- Turtle oroy^lcr soup, multon, dim or chicken bioth purer of 
bflrlcy, nrc pcB-^, beans cream ot celery or lomBtoes whole beef te* pcplona^cd niillz. 

riEh.— \i[ kands of frcsbi fa-^h boated or broiled. oystcp> orcLBms, raw, roasted or 

Meals.— Rare nnast beef or multou. lamb cbiopE biam, fal bicon. sweetbrcBcU, 
poultry, game, tcndc r s te b Iz-i, hamburger sleat rare- 

ltp"gs-— Every way eicrpl fried. 

I~artnac4:oDS.--Oatineal whealeu grits, inush, homing, ncc, whole v^hcBt bread, corn 
bread iniLk toast, biscuil*^ muffins gems. 

VrgctabltSL— Polatoc^ baked, boiled or creamed, slrtng beans, spinach, onions 
asparagus tomilocs green fieis, all well cooked, cresses, Lettuce, plain or W3th 03L 
dre'&ing, celery 

Dtsserls.— Farim sago, tapioca, apple or milk puddmg, floalmg ]s1and, custards, 
balzctl or slewed apples wuh fresh cream, cooked fniils, rice wUh fresh cream 

Drinks.— Fresh m]lk, cool, w inn. or peptom/ctl cocoa, cbiocolite, buttermilk pure 
waler, lea, coffee, pinopeplon. 

Mast NoL Tahc.— Fried food^, sail fi'^h, hashes, gravies, veil, pork, c^TTOfs, paisnips. 
cabbage, beets, turnips, cucumbers, macinjn]. "^pi^elli sweel-^, pies, pastry, sweet 

TuberruloEis is caused by a genn. 
Tuberculosis ]s communicable arKi preventable. 
Consumpl]orior the lungs is the mos1 common form of tubeiculosis 
Consumpl]ori of the bowels is the next most common fonn. 

The germ caiciing luberculosis leaves the body of 1bie person who his the disease by 
means of the discharges; by tbie spulum coughed up from the lungs by nasal discharge 
by bowel excrement, by unne. by abscesses. 

inbic sputum of the consumplive is illo^^ed lo dry i1s infected dusi floats in the air, 
and IS breathed into if^ lungs. 

\ny person brealh]ng such air is m danger of contracting tuberculrH>is 1 1 is besi not 
to stand near a pePtO n suffering wUh luberculosis who i"^ coughing, because ]n I his act 
Finely div]ded dnsplets of 

216 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

Eiltv* arr thio'^n from thr moLith, ind may be cirnrd for a distance of lhrct fcti Thr^* 
may coiilaLn largt numbers of I he bicillL. Tbicy Brc bIso somct]mcs IhTD^'noiit in fDnziblc 
■^pcfllzm^ The onlinBry breBth of a co n-^umpl i vc docs not conti]n ihcm 

[f the bowels orolhcrdi^^hBrgcs from 1bic liibcrculou^ person arc not d]S]nftctcd, but 
arc Ibirown ]nto ase^^cr, pnvy river or buncd lhcy ire i source of danger, Bnd mjy 
pollute a source of dnnk]ng WBter. 

[mpnre miLk, thai !">, milk from i tuberculous cow or milk exposed 1o infected dus1 is 
a common souire of tubeirulos]s_ Milt from suspected sources should be bo]Lcd_ The 
aLI-iniportin1 1hin^ 1o do to prevent tubcrcu]os]s from sprcBd]ng fiDm one person to 
anolbier, and rn>ni one pad of 1he body 1o iix>lher is i mmedi b trly Id destroy' *IL 
d]schargei> fiDm the body of b person who bias I u be re uLosis 

Deslroy by f]re or by d]S]nfec1ant all '>pLitum, all nBSil d]scharges bIL bowel 
CTcremenl, bII LirLue as soon a'> dischBrf.ed For '>ULh b purpose ide b five perceni 
si>lu1ion of carbolic icid I'lix and three- fourths ounces ofcarboLc acid to one gallon of 

No person, well or sick, should spit in pubL]c places or where lhc '>pLitum cannot be 
collected and destroyed 

Flies carry sputum and Us infeclion lo food to your hands, your face, clolbics the 
bBb>'s boUlc, fTDm which the germs ire iBlzen in1o Ihe month, and lhusgA]n access to tbie 
slomich or Lungs. 

Spilling on Ihe sidewaFk, on the floor, on the wbIL, on Ihe grasfi, in the gutter or even 
into a cuspidor CO nt4]ning no disinfeclani is b vcTy dangerous praclice for b consumptive 
to ]ndulge. 

The person lufrcted ^ith Hiberculosis shi>iiLd pro1ec1 himself, h]s r4m]ly, bis 
as^>ociates and ihe public by no1 spiltiug in pubhc places, and b> prompUy destroying ill 
disc h arges 

The well person should defend himself by iiuksting Ihat the tuberculous peraon shiJl 
deslroy all discharges 

Well persons should se1 ihe example of restrBinl and ihemsehes refrBin fr^m spilling 
pTDmiscncnisly \ pcTson miy appear quite healthy and yet be developing tubeiuulosis 

wilhoul knowing it 

Such ■ peison, if he spits where he pleases m^y be deposiling infected bpiiLum 
where il can endanger the he all h ind lives of other peisons 

Do not sleep wilh 4 peison who has tuberculosis, nor in lhe mom occupied by * 
tuberculous pep>on uulil IhBt room has been 1hoi~oughly disinfecled 

Any person is liable lo contrict tube re iili>sis whether he is well or not_ Sicbly 
persons, or those having bBd colds, influenza bronchitis or pneumonia or any general 
weakness Bre much more liBble 


to contract lube re uLosis ihan * perfectly well or robu^l person If you have a cough thai 
bings on coruiult at once b rtliBble phy'>Lci4u who h^^ Bbiht^ to diagnose tubcrc iilobL^ 

Prevention ls pnss]ble; i1 ]s cbie^pcr and CBMer than cure 

Any person biaviug tuberculo^]E CBn recover fiDin the difieiiie if he take^ tbe j^TDpcr 
couPtC in lime. 

■Advanced c*«s of tubriculosis, thil as those ca*»es where lhe disease ]s ^^ell 
de^elofied^ Bre tbie mo'>l dangeioiis to the public and 1bic nio'>t difncuJt to cure 

Every idvBncrd case of tubcrc Lik>SLS sbio nld be m asani1orLUjn_ 

SduitorLB offcTik tbie best chBnce^ usuaII> the only chance^ of cure to in advanced 

They also piolecl well citizen!^ FrDm danger of tnfectaon fiom advanced slagrs of 

tLibeiculosis. There are fewer deaths fTDm tuberculosis lu those localities where siuBtorLi 
are eslabLishcd for lhe care of tuberculous persons 

One peisonout of every seven who die_ dies from lLiben.ulosis_ 

One child out of every ten dies Fnnm tubcrculosiH- 

Homes and school-houses greatly need more fresh iir supplied lo lhe i r occupants. 

Diy cimps Bre cily parks vacant loLs or abandoned lanns where the tuberculous 
persons of a community may go Bnd spend the enlire day in rest, receiving instracUons 
in proper hygiene ind skiLlfnL treBtmenI Such camps Bre supplied with tents hammocka^ 
reclining chaiis^ one or more nuises. milk^ ^&E^ ^^ o1her nourishmeni 

DispensBTies are centers ofsanilary and medic aJ insi ruction for local luberci£tDU& 


Bvery locilny should eslablish and mBintBin b dispensary lor the benefil of 
tLibeiculous persons; for Iheir LnstrucUon how 1o preven! lhe disease fn^m spreading, and 
bow lo condiKl themselves lo insure relief Bnd cure. 

Hoideho Ideis Bre required by law to report acBse wiEhin Eheir hoiceholcfc to the 
local heallh officers. The LocbI heahh officer has certain duties lo perform under lhe law, 
and co-operBtion with him b^' lhe householder and lubercuLous pep>on, works for lhe 
suppression of Ihis diseBfie 

Do no! consider a Hiberculous pep>i>n Bn o trtc beI . or one ftt for the pesthousc. Your 
crusBde is againsi tuberc u k>s is . not againsi the peison suffering from the disease. 

Give lhe freedom of a well person to 1he Hiberculous who is instrncled ind 
conscienlious in 1he observance of necessary preciilions Be very much afraid of die 
Inben-ulous person who is ignortnt or careless in the observance of neces^iTy 

21 S A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

PNEUMONM ILobir) Frvtr.--[nflamm4lLon of [hr [^2ng^. Thi^^ \^ an arulc 
infccUous di-icaic c h ararlcnzcd b> an CTLidat]vc inf[Bmmat]on of one or more lobci of 
tbic lung^^ witbi coii'>t]tut]unaL "fymplomH due lo thi: alKiorplion of toxins Ipoison)^ the 
k^cr IcnninBtLng by cnsi]Si Isuddc n I y ] Ln spcating of pncumoniB you Frcqiicntlj hcur ihc 
expression "1bic lungs arc f]Lling up " Th]s is 1bic real condHLon- The si riic lurcji 
sunounding 1hc bit ccLI't art infLBmcd ind tnnm Ihc inflamL'd tissues a S[rcrcl]on txudiTc 
\^ poured out into tbic cells. Tbiis ]s ct pec tonlcd iHthwh out^ by coughing; but il is 
poured ou1 ]nto I he cells fBslcr 1biau ]t can be sp]t up and ronsfqucntly i1 rem b lib in some 
ot tht cells and fills thtui op 

The airdo«i not get ]uto siEh ccllh and 1ticy fill w]th many othcp>^ and maki: thiT 
section sohd When tti^: pBtienI ih improving he keeps on ^p]tl]ng lh]s up until all is ou1 
and the air cells resume IheirnonnBl work Somclimcs they rcmijuso and wc have 
ctironic pu^^umoniB 

Cbu^c^ cf Pncuni4nia.~PnL'omon]a occurs frequently as 4 complication of other 
d]seaies such is typho]d te^er ind measles. Yc1 lhc mBjonly of cases occur 
spontaneously Many limes the disease seems lo be ]ndiiced by exposure 1o I he cold, and 
there can be no doubl thai siEh exposure docs a1 least pn^molc 1he developmeni of 1his 
affeclioFi It Hecm.'^^ however probable thai ihere is some spec]al cause behind it w]thout 
which the exposure lo cold is ni>l sufficient to ]nduce 1his disease Fneumonn may occur 
at any [lenod ot hfe^ and Ls more common among males thin females 1 1 occuisover the 
entire Lrn]ted Slates^ oftcncr in the si>uthem and m]ddle^ than in the Northern ^tates^ il is 
more frequenlly met wUh during 1he winler ind spring months than al other times m the 

5voiptun]h.--The onset ]s usually abrupt wilh a severe [:h]ll ind chills lasling from 
fifleen m]nutes 1o an hour, with lhe lempenture suddenly rising and in aclive fever. 
There ]s usually ]ntense pi]n in a few houp>, generally in the lower part o\ lhe front of 
the chest, made woisc by brcalhing and coughing. The patient lies on lhe iffecled side so 
as to g]ve ill chance for lhe other lung 1o work, cheehs ire flushed, wUh anxious 
expression; the w]ngs of lhe noslnls mo^e in and oul \^ith each brealh. The cough ts 
short, dry and painful. Rapid, shallow jerky brealh]ng ]ncreising to difficull breathing. 
On lhe nrs1 day 1he charactenslic ex pectoral ion m];tet1 VrWh bkiod appears (cilled rus1y} 
Pul^e runs from I DO lo U6, full bounding, bul may be feeble and small ]n serious cases. 
After Ihrec or four days lhe pi]n disappears, the temperature keeps 1o HM- or 105. but 
falls qu]ckly the se>en1h. fifth, eighth, six1h ind n]nth d^y in Ihisoidcr of frequency, in a 
few houT^, usually twelve, the temperaliire fills 1o normal or below, usually w]th pTofuse 
stealing and w]th qu]ck rehef to all symploms This relief from dis1 ress] ng sy mp toms ]s, 
of course, a lime of rrjoic]ng lo both pilicnt and friends and lhe palieni ind nup>e may 
feel inclined 1o rela^ a L]tlle from the siricl observance of rules followed up lo this 1ime. 
Do nol under any 


ctiuum^tBnccs yield to such folly Kctp piticnt piDprily CDVcrcd- as he Is weak fram ihc 
slroin and Lbic purfs irc open 

ConvaLcsrcncc is usLially rapid. A prolonged n!ic of tcmpcralurc iFtcr thr cns]h may 
be ri:gBrd«J ^\ a relapse. DtBth niBy occur al any Uinc ifler tbie tbiird day frDm "tuddcn 

heart failure^ or from complicat]onssLich as plciirihy. iicphnt]s, mc n] ngi I ib . pcricBrdili^ 
cndocardHi!i gingrcnc of 1bic Inng^- 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES.-- J. LunEE^Sall Pork far InNaiumatlan cf. - "SbIE |)ork 

d]ppcd in hat witcr^ tticn covered lhick wUh blBck pepper, iieat in the oven md lay or 
b]nd on 1bic Ibiroal and lunt]*^ " 

1. 1.1 n^s, R ampler ry 'LlDclnrc foj [nfiamuation Dr--"Takc one-hilf pound of 

honey, one cup ^^i1cr; icL these boil, tBke off the "^um pour boiling ho1 upon one-hilf 
ounce iobeliB herb and one-half ounce cIdvci, mix well, 1hen '>lrBin Bnd add one gill of 
ra*ipbL"rr> vmL^gir Tike from one teaspoonful to a de^>ser1^poo nf u I four times a dBy 
Pleasant to lakL^ " 

3. Lungs, Herb OimLmtnt Tor Congcbtrion of.— 

"Oil oF Tuntcntinc 1/2 ounce 

Oil of Hemlock L/2 ounce 

Oil of Pepperminl 1/3 ounce 

0]L of Feverweed ]f2 ounce 

M]x ihisi wUh one Clip \^arm lard.' 

Rub thisoimment on throil or liing'> and ipply a flannel over ]t. HcBt it thiongh 
thoroughly with hol cloths If used lhoK)ughl> and ihe cold is taken in time will present 

4. Lun^s, hlulieln Tor CDngtstl[>n.--"The mullein leaves may be purchased at any 
drug s1orc orgathL^rcd in the liL^Jds. Make a tea of 1 he leaves by steeping them \dd 
enough water to one lablespoon mullein lo make a pinl. which will be 1hree dose^, tskcn 
three time-^ a day " Thi^ i!i a very good remedy. 

5. Lunp^s, Sal re fcr W tak.— 

"Bec^ Wax I ounce 

Rosm I ounce 

Camphor Gum I ounce 

Lard aboul Ihe size of an egg." 
The beeswan forms !iort of a coating and may remain on for -several honr^. Thi^ i!i 
very good 

PHY5[C1.A^"S' TREATME^ I" EOR LUNCS. -The home treatmeni should be lo 
pu1 Ihe palient lo bed anLl Iry to pK>diEe ^wealinf. This will caiCiC lhe blood 1o leave the 
congeslcd lung and relnrn lo the ^nll regul a r c i re iila1 ion By doing this, you not only 
relieve the congested lun^ but al^o lhe pain If the patien! is *i1ou1 and sm^ng, give him 
the "corn Kwea1" under La Gnppe ^Siee indeK], or >ou can pul botlle^ of hot wa1er abou1 
the patient Use fniU jars, wrap clolhs around them ^o thai yon will not burn the patient. 
Always put one to 1he feet, [f you have a rubber water bag. fill thai and put 

220 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

It to ha^ affected ^tdc over ihc pain_ \flcr you gc1 him inlo a sweat you c*n remove h 
lutle, of the ^wealing remedy al a Umc and when ill are removed give him a lepid waler 
"^ITongmg By tbiis Ume the phytic Lin will be at hand ]f you give mrdicine you cbu put 
f]ftcen drofi^ of 1bie Tine lure of AeonUe in b gia."^^ onc-hfllf \u][ oF water ird gi^'e two 
tei^poo nfuis oF lhi!i oery fifleen minuter tor four di>se*i Then f.Lvc l1 e^ery one-half 
hour WBler cm be gJ>en often, but in smill qoBiHilie^ plain milk aioi^c^ or diluted^ or 
beaten wi1bi eggs wiL] mike 4 good diel ind keep up 1bie sirenglh. 

FDmtntatlonsL~Cloth^ wrung 001 of ho1 hop tei are often applied I0 lhe BFFeclcd 
pBrt WLlh ^od L'ffect- Be OBrefuL about welting the patient FlB^-^eed poullices are used. 

[f used they musi be moist and hi>l_ Some doolora are opposed to lhem_ An 
antiphlogislinc poultice is good Apply it ho1 For children you cin greise the whole side 
of the LhesI back and from with camphor and lanH ind pm over thil in absorbent cotlon 
jacket- In lhe earl> liFe of the country, home treatmeni was neoessiiy Men and women 
were posled on hert>s eto_ Teas made of 1hem were freely and siKoessfull> idcd A greaC 
mislake made was 1he indiscriminate ide of lobelia in I00 large doiics We have leimed 
that the hot herb drinks in proper do^es are of help. Teas made of boncset, hoarhound, 
peniiyrtjyal. ^inyer. cilnip hops slippery elm, eto_ were good and ire now They 
pn^duced lhe desired result— sweating— and relieved lhe oongeslion of the inlernal organs 
and re-eslablished the external or {peripheral^ circulilion So in lhe home treatmeni of 
pneumonia. e1c.^ if you are so situated thil >ou cannol ge1 a physician use teas mlernally 
forsweiting^ fo mental ions upon lhe painful part and if dune properly and not too 
excebsively. ihey will Accomplish the desired resull Wi1h lhe corn fiweaU I ha>e saved 
many lives. 

EKVSIPKI.A^.— Erysipelas is in infeolioici dmei^e^ and it is usually cauhed by t 
germ which we call "streplococcus pyogenes " The di'icase shows itself by it^ local 
symploms^ pain^ swellings etc ^ and also by general orconstUutional symploms such as 

fever heaihche. elc is here after given. 

CauEts.— Il IS 4 disease 1hat occurs al any lime^ and i"^ sometimes epidemic. I hat is^ 
atlacks many peisons at a 1ime^ like Lk Grippe. It occurs more of1en in the spring; i1 is 
contagious, and cin be carried by a thinJ person or m beddinp. etc. 

Symptoms.— The type thai appears upon the face is lhe most common. The 
incubalion lasLs from 1hree lo seven days and it usually comes suddenly wilh a chill. 
Followed by an active fever and with the local inflammalion In some cases the local 
condition appeals np>l. There is a1 firs1 redness u*iuall> oF the bridge of the ntjse and it 
rapidlj spreads lo lhe checks eves, ears, elc ll is red shiny hot, drawing but wilh a 
dis1inc1 margin at its edges, showing how miEh skin is inflamed ll m^y tike lhe fbnn of 
vesicles The eyelids miy be ho swollen as Id close, the face ind scalp greally swollen 


walcry ^^^ c I la ng of the eyelids laps, ryr^, e*p>, etc Thr gL*nd^ under thr jiw may 
bcLomc enlarged. The generfll oreonHlatuUoinl ^ymploms may be severe The fever may 
rise lo L04 Id L06 and lennin b tes siiclde n I y The parl"^ thai were farM Bffecled become 
pflle and nH>re normal, as other parl^ Bre anvolved 11 occup> also on olher pirls of ihe 
body A '>t]ng o^ in LnhC4.l soKietLme'> loob> like lI 41 firnl, bul lI does not spresd Like 
erysapelas- ll seem^ 1o me lo be more dBrgeiDus iKfijnd lhe head 

MOTHERS^' RKMEDEES. L. Erysipelas, Slrip^er^v Kliu Hark far.- "Slippery elm 
used as a wa^bi ind tiken as 4 dnnt " Slappery elm is a very good remedy For thi-i on 
aLLOunt of l!"^ "^oolhang effeel 1o the alTecteJ pBrts ll is >ery good to lake jntennlly. b-^ lI 
cleBH-^es the "^jstcm by icting on the bowels and kadncys. 

1. Krysipula^L ISean Puultkeb fc f.~ " ^ bii Ic n4v> beins boiled "^ofl Bnd applied as a 
poultice to lhe ifJetled pirls and renewed frequenlly is a ^ure cure fo r erysipe I i^ if laken 
\a lime_" This i^ b very |r>od Bnd effecUve poultice, bul cire should be taken nol lo use i1 
too long, as the parts will become loo soft and migh1 slough. 

3. Eryslyelas+Scda \\ ash Tor.-- "Put about b iBblespoonful oF biking sodi in one 

pint ot WBter and bitbie pBi ts ^>everBl times a dBy " Thi^ is in eitremclj simple remedy 
lor such 4 senoiEi Ji'>e4'>e, but has been known lo do good in miny cases The baking 
soda IS Hootbiing 

4. Er^siptlaSs Kasi Reaii^di rDr.~"Keep pads well bathed witbi w ilc bi- bia^iel " A 
good preparation should be boughl. By Bpplying ihis freely lo Ihe effected part'> it will be 
found 1o have a veiy soi>lhing effect. 

5. Kr^siptias^ Copperas Linimcnl for.-- "A few cenis' w on bi of co nimo n coppe ras 

Make asolulion ind keep applying it This kills Ihe poison a^ it comes on ind relieves 
the pBin 1 knew of 4 very bad ci^e to be cured by ihis treatmcnl " 

4, Er>slptla9^Crambrrr> Foillirr Fir.-- "Take (.rinbernes Bnd s1e\^ them anLl mike 
a poiillice ol I hem " Thi^ is a rcnictly IhBt canno! be beilen for 1 bus dine 4se. It gives relief 
in a very '>biort time ind S4>es the patient a great deal of suffering If the whisky is used 
to wet the poulUce i1 is mncbi belter, as i1 keepb 1bie poullice moisl longer. All tbiat is 
necessATy is "iimpl^ to put on more ivhiskcy and it wtll nol be necessary Id cbiange tbic 
poultice bxi oflen 

PHYSICIANS' 1'REATME.M for F.r^vslptlaE.— ll is best 1o sepirate Ihe pilieni 
fnsm the othep> in tbie baniily. Some people veiy e4'>ily lake tbiis disease 1 know one who 
cannot be in the rouni where ^uch a pitienl is fur even five niinules wjthoul LontrBcling 


Local Trtatmenl.— L. ^ash Ihe pads wilh 4 solution of boric acid onc-hilf 

tei^poonbul 1o c if bit teaspoonfnls of tepid water put this on Ihe inflamed parts. Tbien 
apply a poullice ob bnii'>ed cranbeTnes Wish 1he fice each time with the solution bebore 
applying the cranberry pouliKe afresh. 

:22 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

1. P*]nt thoroughly with tinclurc of lodinr outside of ihc m^Tgin of lhc cl]!icasc where 
the ^tin sIh>w^ no sign oF ihc InsubLc Thi^ is very cffecl]ve ]f done freely ]t piudiKCb a 
^^iight inflBmmalion The st4]n mide by i1 remaLn'> forborne t]me End thit iz tht objectton 
to it Dn the ^ace, but dn not he'>Llate on ihst account if the other remedies do not work 
wetl or ire not b1 hand 

3. The following is 4 splendid iocui apf he ^Uon. --Cleanse thoEoughly the bnfUmed 
pert with pure castile soip and water, ind then wash Ih]'^ off wilh one to one thousBnd 
corrosive sublimate "lOlution. Dry the '>kLn with 4 "^oft lowel and apply 4 thick eoHting of 
equal part'> of [chlhyol and ^B'telin, and over th]K [ilice BntL'>eplie gan/e orsteril]^ed 
absorbeni rolton Keep thL'> jn piBce with idhe'ii^e strip^i it Ihc di^veiikCd suTfBce is small 
It may not be necessary to use the gBuie, etc. 

4. Tinclure Chloride of Iron m do^e of ten to Iwenty drop^ and more if nccc^ary 
four times a dB> well diluted wilh witer This i'> >ery haid on the teeth ind shi>uld be 
taken through a glass tube. 

DLcl— N^]lk^ brcUhs^ etc ^ liquid diet or foods. fSee NLirs]ng Dept. under liquid d]el.) 

Nursins-— When yon nuisc any ]nfect]ous pat]enl, you must be no! onl> careful of 
your patient, but of youp»elf. 1 1 i^ not neces^iiy in onder lo do good nuising to endanger 
youiself. and a nup»e who doe^ not tnov^ how to care for herself, cannot "^ucccs-^ful] y 
nup>e the s]ck. In erysipclis ] always watch the enipl ion closely. Sometimes fct rrcedc^, 
and Ihe palieni, of coup>e. l^ worae Then there ire some people who beheve in "pow- 
wowing." They have thit nione and then do not take cire of theni'>e]ves ] have altended 
such cise^. One case wa^ especially stril:]ng The "pow-wow" person did h]s work and 
then the patient thought himself well and proceeded lo enjo> himself and caught cold. 
The re'>ult was Ihe "going in" of Ihe eruplion ind a beantifu] cough. I succeeded in my 
efforts And the next diy he hid the erysipeli"! going along nicely^ but no cough. I wntc 
this ^>o you will take pn^percjre of youraelf and shun conjurers and their "pow-wow." 

lOXEMMjSKFIKHMIA; F VEJMI A .-ToKem]a refers to the group of 
symptoms and le'>ion'> caused by the presence in the blood of toxinb l]»ison| usually 
resulting from bacternl gnswths 

Septicemia refers to thecond]tion cauhed by the presence ]n Ihe blood of bacleni 
|micK^bes| as well as toTin. 

Pyemia refers to the same ccndilion as septiceni]a with ihc de^cLipmenl of fresh 
places of suppuration. 

Sapremia i^i a sept]c ]ntoTication, the resnll of Ihe absorption of toxins. 


SEFT1CEM1A.--Thc presence of bacteria in lhc blood ]ntradLiccd from i local 
IcsiOFi IwoLind, injury, c\c ] or with no obv]ouH locil infct:t]on_ 

S>uplDiii.~[f I here 1^ a local ]nfeclion, "ivmfitoins of thL'> prccedi: thi: "^cpLLCcmLa 
The ]^va^]o^ miy be '>udden or gradual with chill orch]ll> fetlings followed by 
■^vmplom^ of arUvc focr and Ia1cr of an BMbienic (ibbcnce of "^Iren^th and fceL]ngl fever 
WLthdr^' tongue and dullnciis or dclinLun. Dealh Enay occur ]nonc to seven days. 

PYEMIA-— Thi^ means 1bie presence in the blood of bacleriB wUh resnllant foci 
(places^ of SLippurBtion. 

S> m ptoms.- - They Bre local at fiist where 1he ]c*i]on is The inviS]on ot 1he general 
infection is marked by a beverr chL]L, then bigh fever and sweaUng, repeated daily or at 
irregular inlcrvals 

Fever is variable with sudden falls. En some ca^e^ the fever assumesi very weakening 
type and the [iat]ent looks hke a case of lyphoid fever in 1he 1hird week, and death soon 

En other cases the chills, fever and swealing arc repealed a1 irrcgjiar intervals. The 
patients are emaciated and Ihe skin has a sallow color Dcalh usually occnis eventually 
[T^m exhaustion in a few days or months 

Local rreBlntnt.~Th]s should be atlended 1o fr^m the beginning. Ef you ]njure 
your finger or any pari and it soi>n loots red and kels sore, open i1 up 1 ho roughly with a 
clean instrumeiH and cover it with a clean gauze oreolton 11 must no1 be covered too 
tightly so Ihat the d]scharge, if any. can leave 1he wound. Enough dressing mus1 be put 
on to absi>rb 1hat_ Then keep I he wound clean and so il can "run" if necessar> If you 
negleel lh]s or do ]t carelessly and adni]t dirt you will make il wonte 

See treatment of wounds, elc 

General lrratmcnl.--Kcep 1hc strenglh up ]n every way The strrngth should be 
kep1 up b> giving nourishing d]el thai will suil Ihal spee]al case and medjcme thai will 
pTDduce a tonic effect, such as quinine and slTychmne. 

ASIATIC C HOLER A.--This js an acute infeclious caused by a specific 
organism and characlenzed by proficie walery d]schaiges from Ihe bowels and greal 

Causes.-- Some inheril a weakness^ making them more susceplible ihanolher^ Eo this 

d]sea^te. Olbcrcaubc^ are ]ntempe ranee ^ general deb]litv^ unhyg]enic surroundings^ 
eiciUng c aides The sp]rillum (cholera asialicus^ found in Ihe slools watery discharges 
and inlcslini^s of affected cases and lis transmission by infecled food arKi water. 

S> m ptc nis.— After in incubalion period of about one 1o five day?i. ihe invasion is 
marked eilher by s]mple diarrhea wilh some general ill-feeling and prostralion, or by 
abdominal pains^ >om]t]ng and 

224 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

cl]arTKF4. M]ld ca5c?i m^y recover al thi^ time In thr !i1agr of cdI a[i!ic ^ there arr Frequcnl 

walcry movements resembling rice walcr wUh vomiUng, greal ihirst, abdomiin] piirui 
ancl erupliorui on the lcg^_ There is suddc n col I ipse and tcmpcralure I hat is below 
normflh nearly ill '>tcrel]on'^ art g re ally JiminL'>hed. In the ^o-c ailed cases of cholera 
"^icci fdryj deith occurs before 1he d]arThe4 begins. Bllhongh b nee waler fluid ih found 
in 1hc jnleslinc^ afttrdcalh. Af1cr 1wo to Iwenly-four hours Iho^c who have nol died mi^' 
recover or pass inlo the i1age of reBct]on m which the *iigns of colLip^e and purging 
d]!iBppear_ Afler impnnvement, ^vith ^h^hl ri*ie of temperature al nmes, 1hcre may be a 
rcL4p'>e or Ihc pilieni may have mfl animal ion of'^ome of the vibceri (cA>]tv organ'>r and 
suppres^]on of ihe urine w]th delinnm coma ind death. 

The prognDsi'> ]^ woPte in infancy^ old age and debililaled pcrson'>^ and in case^ of 
rapid collap^e^ low lemperature and great blucness Death rate from ifiirty to eighty per 

rrcatmrn1.~[^olale I he pilieni ind d]£] infect all discharges and clothing. 

Uhe boiled waler dijr]ng an epidem]c. 

For pam^ morphine hypodermic 4] L>^ and apply hoi ippliciUons I0 ihe abdomen. 

For vomiting.--Wa'^h out 1he ^lomach and give cocaine ice, coffee, brandy or witcr 
by the mo 11 lb ]nlc^1ine'> may be irrigated wi1h 4 two perceni solution of lannic acid. 

During collapse.-- Hypodennic of camphor, hoi apphcalioib 10 Ihe body Good 
mjp>ing and careful d]el. 

YELLOW FEVER.- Yellow fever \^ an acule infcclious disease chiraclenied by 
jaundice^ hemorrhages albuminuria |albiimin in the nriney 

Cause. --Tt ]s common in the West Indies and epidemic in nearby coun1rie'>. [t ih 
mo'>l common m ciowded dirty^ poorly drained po rt]on'> of ">» coas1 catted. It is 
pn^bably caused by a spec]Fic organi'>m which i^ conveyed from one peraon to another 
b> mo^qij]toe^ and not in cLolhing, a-i Formcriy believed One lUick usually confers 

S^mptcni^.— lncubiUon ih about three lo foiird4y'> There may be a fore-^4rn]ng 
period^ bm Ihe attack ]s usually sudden, w]th chills headache, backache^ rise in fever^ 
and general leverish '^ymplom'>^ vom]t]ng ind contlipiUon. Early m thi'> d]'^easc lhe face 
IS flushed^ while the conjunctiva and Ihe mi3coiJ'> membrane linjng Ihe eyelid'> js 
congealed and slighlly jaundiced Fever i^i 102 or 10 J degrees ind tails gradually after 
one to three days Pulse is slo^^, and while lhe lenf^e ratore rises it again falL'>. The stige 
of cilm follow'> the fall of the temperature w]th increa'ted jaund]ce and vomiting ot dirk 
aLlered blood Ihe "black >om]t." Hemorrtnge-i may also occur in1o lhe ^tin or mucous 
membunes. Br4]n ^ymploms are somelimes severe C on> i I e^ce nc e 


IS usually gradual- Thr dtHC^Hf varies from gmt mildnr^s to rxtrcmc mahgnincy 
Mortilny from fjftccn lo CLgh1y-fivc percent. 

'Ln^Btxitnl.— Prcvcnl spread of Ihc inrc4.l]ou^ mosqui tci«>. usr screrns and ntUing m 
infcclcd cl]s1rLcts Cjrcful nijp>ing, food by rcHLim wh]lc vomit]ng is frequent. For 1bic 
hemorrhage op]tini i^ given; frcqucn! bilbitng wtll keep do^^n [he fEver. ind for the 
VDni]ting cocBine is given and cracked tee. 

PLAGUE JBUVONIC PLAC^U E).-- Phgue ]^ an infecUnus disease cbiarBctertzed by 
inftBmnialion End suppurat]onor the lymph nodes and cutineotis (sk]n| hi:morrhagc£ it 
Hbs Long been kno^vn as Ihe Plague or "BtBck Dealh " on icc^otint of t1s "MeB-b]te looking 
ertipttons " Th]s diseise is becoming 4 sertous milter on our western 4.04sl espec]al]y in 
and around San Francisco. Tbie disease exisis in IihJlb ill 1bie 1ime, and lhere ]s now 
danger of il becom]ng cp]demLC 1cx]slLng all Ihe limc^ m San Franc lhco, acconH]ng lo 
today's Jin_ IDth, Di.'Irofi Ff^'x.' Pfeu. Mr_ Hern am, ch]ef of the U_ 3_ Bureau of 
E]o logical Survey, recenlly appeared before congrrss and isked for more money to 
investigate this and olhercondiUons, and biow 1o stimp out 1bie carriers of lh]s dreadful 
d]sease European wharf rals, Lnlnnduced abou1 San Funcisto, have spread ihe plagiie to 
Ibie ground HqiiLrrL'ls ind the gophep>, rabbiLs, held mice, and olher mdents are now 
being ]n Reeled In rnd]a, fleas on Ihe nilive squirrel, perpeluate the plague. The way to 
slop ttie plague is to kill tbie carrLep> 

CBUsrs^—The bac]llus peslis fpests) ]s Iransmiited EhnnEigh insects, small inimaL'i, 
like raLs, tbirongh the air, or in 4.lolhin^, bedding, and is contA]ned in the feces and Lirinc. 
The poor in unhygienic d]Klric1s are mos1 oflen altacked 

Bubonic Typc.--]n tbiis 1>pe ihe lymph nodes parl]cularly ]n ihe irm-pit, and groins 

sho\^ inMimmatory legions w]th marked oveign^wth o\ new lissue 5omel]mes Ibiere is 
suppiirat]on, hcmorrfiAge and IocaI death of Ihe pan The bacilli are formed ]n great 
numbers in 1bie affecled nodes and secondary lesions 

Srptletmic Type.-- In lhis l>pe all lymph ncKles and nodules show s]gns of toxemia 
and thL' bacilli ire formed ]n Ihe primary (hrs1J Icsjons and in ttie blood. 

PncuiuDnic I jpr.— In th]s t>pe there are areas of bioncho-pneiinan]a, w]th lesions 
of the bronctiial lymph nodes. Ttie bacilli occur in Iticse sUuations and m the spula 

■jvniptoius.'-ln if^ bubonic plague |ttie usuil fonn) the invasion is marked by 
headache dL^prcssion, pain in 1tie back, st]ffness of ihe exiremities and fever Th]s rises 
tor three or Jour days, then falls several degrees and is followed b> a more severe 
secondary fever of the pros1rat]ng t>pe. Al about the thinJ to the fifth di> the lymph 
nodes usually become enlarged mi>st oflen ]n lhe ]ngu]nal fgroin) region This iE 
tolLowed by a resolution igelling belterj suppuration forming 


226 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

pus or nccirrais llocil death of I he p*nl '\ flea b]tc Looking eruption and hemorrhages 
\roTn the miicoLis meinbrine often uccur. The mild ciscs, which often occur at the 
beginning of an e[iidcni]c^ and 41 its close, irc marked only by slighl fe>er and glandulBr 
swell]ng \^h]cbi mi> tcrm]natc m the Fonn]ng of pus in the part. In Ihesc cises I he 
■^ymplom"^ arc "^lighl and last only b few dBy^/ 

Stptictuic PlagDt.— TbiLS ih chirBclenzed by sympEDms of scvcrr gcncnl infection^ 

wilh henH>rrbiagcs. rBp]dcoiJisf^ and dcBtbi ]n Ihrec or fonrdiys. wilhoul Ihc 
devcLopmrm of swelling of ihe lymph node^ CuLlurcs fiom the bloud show baclcrii 

PnruBionk Plagnc-— The symptoms Brc Ibiose of a soerc 'lobular' pncnmoniB wuh 
b]ood> spin am coj]1ainjng min^ batilh ] t ib id u ally ripidl^' fitil Death ntc may reach 
n]ncty percenl 

1 14: at n] en L. Tre^tnt km. —Prolonged isolalion^ disinfection of the dischBrges. 
crcmalion i^i plague viclims destroclion of ral*^^ and preventive ]nocuLBtion of tiealthy 
persons \^ith "^Icrili/cd cultures of the bBcilLus pest]s_ 

Immunity following I his priKednre is S4]d 1o Ibs1 fTDm one 1o eighteen months 

For pain^ morphine, for weakness, stimnlalion^ for fever^ bBthing, for buboes, 
application of ice^ injection of bichloride and excision hBve been advised. 

DVSENTERV-— A gionp of infLBmmatory inteslinal affections, eilher Bcute or 
chronic, and of infections ongin, charge tenzed by frcqueni piinlul passages, ^containing 
mucus and bloodj or by loo^e movemenls_ 

A cite CatarrhaL D>Eemter^.~This is 1hc n^osl 4.omnH>n fonn m the temperale 
climate The 4.olon iscongesled and swollen \^ith a covering of blood- tinged miEuson its 
mucous membrane. 

Sjmptcni^.— The tnvasion: This is usually marked by diarrheB 1hen cramp-like 
genera] pain in Ihc abdomen and frequeni mucous, bloody stools accompanied by hard 
si raining al s1ool_ The lemperalnrc may reach 102 lo 10 J degrees. After one or two days 
the slools Lonsist cntii^ly of bloody miEus and are ver^' fi^quent The ihirit ih grea1 In 
about one wc«h the slools may become normal 

MOTHER^' REME^EES. 1. Dvscnlerj, Sweet CrcBTa for. -"One or two 

teaspoonluls of thick ci^zam every hour. Three doses is usually sufficient (This i^mcdy 
pn^vcd successful with my baby when all olhers failed^" 

2, Di^tnttry, One Onnee De^brrr> Koot for.— "Boil in one quart of wa1er one 
ounce of dewberry rocA This should be boiled down 1o or»e-ha]f pin1 and a half 
wineglassfiil given lo patient two or three limes a day or in severe cases, a half 
wmcglassfu] oery 1wo or 1hree hours until discharge diminishes " 


3. DjsTutrrjj "C&lf Tall" Rtmtdj for.- "The herb called "Cci[l T*il ' sttrp and 
dnnlz thL" tcB M"*! a tall wctd ancl ^rows in damp places ]1 is one of lhc bc^l bicrb*i for 
tht&_" Th]'i IS cspccully good when the discharge from Ihc frowcl*! i^ bloody or conlain^ 

4. D^scnlcrj+Snp^ar and Brandy for.- -"Two tablcTipoonfuk brandy poured into a 
saucer Set fifL' to the brBiid> and hold in flame lump of sugar on fork Thi'> i^ 4 very 
good remedy^ and h^\ cured ca^e^ when doclop>' remed]es failed This sogir w]LI mell 
and fonn a ^vrup Doie —One- half lea^poonFul every 1wo houra oroflener if ncccbsary " 

5. Dyscnler>+ Ef trb Rtmedv for.— "Take four ounce*i poplir bart, four ounces 
bflyberry birk and three ounces lormenUL root, s]mmer gently in four quirl*! of waler, 
down Id thrre. &trBin End add 1wo pounds granulated sugBr. lei it come 1o boiling poin1, 
skim and add one-half poLind blackberry or peach jelly End one- half pinl best brandy. 
Etecp in a cool place take one-hilf wincglassful ihree or four limes a di> or more often 
if required " 

6l D^stnki^, \c^ Method tc Cure-— "A hoi hip bath will often reL]eve d]s1re^sLng 
sensalions o\ dysentery or iK-hing p]Les." Th]s is a very s]mple remedy and w]ll have a 
>er> wjolhing eFFec! upon ihe whole system, relieving any nervousness thil nny be 
preseni and usmLly is with 1his disease. 

7. D vstnttris S larch InjL'cLicn fur.— "Use ]njectLDn of one cup lh]n boiled starch, 
and one-half teaspoonfiiL Laudanum Repeat every 3 to 4 houra.' 

E. Djsrnlrry, To Cure Bloody.-- "Put a leaspoonful of silt into a quart of winn 
walcr and injcLl in1o 1hc biJwcLs 1o wush them out thoroiif.hly " 

PHVSEC1AN5' 1'REATME.M for D>stnttr>.-- Remain in bed on Mnid diel ind 
g]vc a free saline eathadic or cislor on. one-half ounce, followed by salol f]ve gr4]ns in 
capsules e^ery Ihree houis 

1. Blsmulksulnltralc, onr-hilf lo one dram every two to three houTS 

3. lTT]gat]oii of Ihe colon wi1h normal sail solution or weak solut]on of silver nitrate 
at about one hundred degrees wilh a long rectuil lube Dr Harr, of Philadelph]a, 
recommentti one two-hundredlh gri]n of biehlonde of mercury every hour or two lin 
adulls), if the slools are slimy and bloody and ]r much blood is present, and high reclal 
injections of w]tch-hazel water and waler, half and hilf 1 know Ihis last is good, and also 
the following. Oil of ftreweed, five diDps on sugar every two to ihree houis 

4. [prcac— In acule dysentery ipecac is one of 1he bes1 remedies. Dr. Hire says 
"When the passages are lirge and bloody and ihe disease is malignant as tl occuni ]n Ihe 

tropics, ipecac should be given 

22S A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

in the following minncr The powdcrrd ipecac is to be admin]!i1crrcl on *n cmply 
sloniBcbi ]n ihc dose of thirty g^Hln^ w]th thirly diop^i of lbic tLnclLirc of deodorized 
opium, which is uhfd to decrease lhc tcidency lo vomil. AbsoLule re'>l ["> essfnl]al for ]ts 
siEce:£'> FimlLy a p^o^Li^e griy. mushy '>IdoI i^ passed " Th]s is b fivorible sign 

Nursiag and D^l.— Tbi^ pat]cnl should ilwBys rcm4]n in bed and usf bed- pan He 
muHl Ih: ^iven a bland^ un]rrLlating diet^ composed of ni]Lk^ with lime-walcr^ beef 
peptonoids^ biolh, egg ilbumLn^ etc . in aculccB^es. 

MALARIA FEVER.-- Malarial fe>er is a gmup nf disca.s^chBrBclcriz«J by 
intenii]tlcnt^ quolidiBn 1d4]ly|^ tcdian (every mbicr duy) or qoirlan (every foodh day) 
fever or remHtenl fe^er, Ibiere are aL^>o severB I pernie]ous types of 1 his disease and 
cbiron]c malinai condiHon of the system w]th c n I ir^jemc n t of the spleen. 

Cbuets.— ]1 occurs mos1 frequently in low Lands^ along sea coasLs ind ^wamps^ 
pBrticLilirly in the tn^pic^ and warmer portion o^ Ihe lemperale /one The exe]ting ciuhe 
It wh4l IS ciJled the pl4'>modous malBni] 4 par4'>i1e developing in tbie bod> ot ill species 
of anopheles, b common form of mosquito and Iransmitled to man. its ]ntennedi4le ho'>l 
by Ihc bile of the infccte^l mD^uitDC'> 

[^TERM]11E:N1 MA LA REAL FEVER. |b> TtTti». lb) Qiartan. Jc| 
Qnotidrian^ !i^ up Ions.- -The symptoms of all ihe^e ire lhe '>4me except thil ]n lert]an 

tever, 1bie paroxysms occur every Ibiiid day. ]n qnarlan Ihey occur every fourth day 
QLiotid]an occurs d4]ly 

Tbie incubalion lime is unknown. It cons]s1^ usually of lhree slages. cold^ hoi. ind 
sweal]ng ind the> usually occur in ttie morning. "The cold s1age is usbiered in by 
yawning la^'>itude and headache ind rapid rL'>e of lemperature, someHmes nausea and 
vom]t]ng followed by shivenng ind rather violenl shaking wuh chiUenng of the teeth.' 
It may Ias1 fiom ten minLite'> to 1wo houis The inlemal lemperalure m^y rise to 104 1o 
106 degree'>. wbiilc 1bic suri~4cc ih blue and cold^ wHbi severe hcidacbie^ often nausea and 
^om]ting. Ho1 ^tage this may last from one-half to f]ve houp>; the IcmpcrilLire may 
increase ^omewhal lhe ficc js flushed lhe skin j^ red and bio t^ g real thirsi IhKfbbing 
headache and full bounding pul^e Sweating Mage las1s two to four hours ind entire 
body may be covered fever and other !iymp1oms abale and Sileep usually follows The 
patient feek nearly well between attacks. 


Ft ^er).- -This form occup> in 1bie temperate ^one regions, especially m the *iiimmer and 
aiiLumn. The symploms >ary greatly The fe^er may be iiregulirly intenn]t1ent but al 
longer inler^'aK tbian 1he Tertian variely The cold si age ]^ o1 ten abseni ind in lhe hot the 
temperature fall^ griduilly. Tbie appearance ]^ oflen like typbioid \ot Ihere may be Ihen 
birdly any remLiSion of fever. 


PERNICIOUS MALARIAL FEV ER.-- Tht& is ■ \cry d*ngrmiK disease Thr chief 
forms arc tht comalo'it, algid and bicmorrhagic 

(3.) ConiHtosc form Ui <] har^c tcnzcd b^ dchnum or sudden coma (dccjt sleep) with 
kgh! tcmpcralurc 

{b] The jlgid or asthenic fonn begins with vomiting and great pTD'>trBtLon. The 
tern pern Lire 1^ normal or below nurmaL. There miy be diarrfiea ind ^uppresMcm of the 

1c| The biemo rrbiagLC fonn Lncludc^ malarial hemoglobLnuria. hemoglobin m 1bie 
unne_ Haemoglobin i*i the Lolonng nnUerof 1bie red corpuscle-^- 

'Lrealmrnt. Prr^cnMonL—Dc^trov inoH^ULloes ind protect from 1bicm by screens. 
Smill preventive doses of q ui m ne for pePionh in malarious regions^ three gmny three 
times a day Five grains ihrec times a day will nearly always cure tertian ind quartan 
case*^ csfiec tally if 1he pilient is kepi m bed until I he lime for one or t^vo pBi~ox>sins has 
passed- Alticks often slop sponlaneously for 4 time when ihe pi1icn1 is kept in hcd even 
wUhom 1hc adminLstrdlion of quinine 

In Remitlcnt Fever larger doses are necessary For pernicious forms Hydnschlorale 
of quinine ind urea ten to twenty graiiti given hypodermic ally every Ihrce or four hi>uis 
un1il impn^vemcnt occurs when 1hc sulphile of quinine b> the month may be 
^ub^l I tilled. 

A CUE. JSre ^[ a la rial Fr^er.t~By ague is mcani the cold c Kills and fever or dumb 

ague where there is liltlc chill mostly chillj and fever These altacks may come on ever^' 
day. every olherdav_ or every third da>_ 

MOTHERS' Rh:MED]E!i. 1. \^nt and Ftvcr^ DoghiDDd C^aad for.- "Take one 

ounce of dogwood mot and one quad of waler Make an infusion by boiling down to 
one-half pinl Strain and give onc-bialf ^v i ncgl assful eveiy ti^o or Ibirce hours/ 

1. Ague In Face, Memthol amd Alcohol EfTtctUr Rrntdy for.--"Afler making a 
solulion of teaspoonfiil c\ menlbuji cry^lals, dissolved m t^^o ounces of alcohol, apply 
several times a day to I he face Care should be laken Ihal 1 bus solution doe?i not enlerttie 
eyes, as it would be injiirioii"^-" 

3. A^v^q Simple Rented^ far.— "Give purgalive and follow with quinine. Give large 
4 gram capsule every four hours 

MO'LHEKS' REMEDIES. L. Chills and Vt^Mr, Tcruilan It^rk and Rhubarb 

"Pnre Rye Whisky 4 ounces 

Pulvenred Peruvian Bark 1 dram 

Pulverized Rtiubarb 1 ounce 


Pnl in bottles Dose for adults — Gne tablespoonful three limes a day. 
This is an excellent remedy.' 


2. C bills and Ftvcr^ Ef d r^c- md Ish for-— "Take fresh grtcn horseradish leaves, 
bruj'^c ^nd maiih thL^m lo ttiL' (.ocuiI^L^mk^ oI 4 [iuult]cr and bind on Ihc boHom oF the feet. 
This w]Ll tend to reduce the fever ind is 4 rehabic remedy. [ h*ve often used this wilh 
freat sati'>r4ction " 

3. ChlllE amd Ftvrr, Da^i^ocd Kno'^n to fee Gccd fDr.--"M4ke a decoolion of one 
ounce of dogx^ood i~oo1 boiJcd jn i^nc quurl ol ^ atLT lijv^ n to one pinl, '>lrBin End give 

h B I f w ineg] assful e^ery Iwo or three houis " Th]s remedy has been ided by our 
grBndinolhcrs for mBny yeais, and i^ one 1o be depended upon. The dogwood rod can be 
purchB'^ed al any drugstore. 

TrtBl nemL. - - Fo r icute cases quiii]ne ]n varioiJ'> doM!s ] usobIL^ prescribe two grains 
every 1wo hoor^ onlil the eiTii nng^ Bnd then tike only enough to keep 1hem ]n ihat 

ll Ls well 4lw4y'> to see that ihe bowels and liver arr aclive before laking qu]nine. 
The med]cine ads beHer when 1hc pBtieiH remBin*i qniel ]n bed_ IMhe ch]ll and fe^er 
comes on ever^' day, Ihe quin]nc '>hoiild be 1aken eveiy hour between the paroxysms 

MALTA FEVER. -This occurs in the Med]tcrranean countries IndiB Chm* ihc 
Philippines and Porto Rico The fe>cr is irregular or marked by inlervaK of "no focr" 
tor two or more diys wilh febnie relBp-^es list]ng one to lhree weeb>_ Const]pation. 
ancmiB (scircily of bloodj joint symploms and debiL]ty eiist. OnJinary cases miy lisl 
three months lo two yeiP>_ MortilUy Iwo pertenl 

TrralmtntL—Like thai for 1ypho]d Change cL]male if possible. 

ltKR]-lft:R].~ Ben-ben ls b disease rarely occurring in the United Slates It is 
usu4]L> ^ound in 1he warmer dimples ind pecuhar to cert Bin regions such is ]nd]a^ and 

ll LS chBradenzed by pBralysis Bnd fa1aL effusion^ bIso neuritis^ which is Bn 
infLBmmat]on of 1he nerves ll seems to be undcc]dcd among the medical profession is to 
whether the disease is ]nfect]ous or not. Some claim il is bremghl on bv the eiUng of bad 
nee or certa]n riw fjsh Young men in those oltmates seem to be most suscefiible lo 

'Ln^Btmtnl.— Thcrr fcs very L]tlle known about this dj'^CB'^e ForliinaleLy U does no I 
of1en occur here, [t is necessary- 1o keep up the sirength by food and Ionics and relieve 
the pBin 

ANTHRAX. iCbarbonn Waal Sorters' Diseast, Spknie Fcvtrt.~This ]s "an Bcute 
infedioiEi diseBse of animals lran'^ni]tled 1o min by inoculalion ]nto the wounds, or by 
inhalBtion of. or swallowing the germs " Biitchep>^ t4nnep> and shephenfc ire most liBble 
to it The excit]ng ciuse is Ihe bac]lliis Bnthrac]s fanthrix bacillus) The local skin 
condit]on is a pustule contA]ning 1he bBcill]. which may bIso invade 1he general 
circijlal]on If the germs ire inhaled^ there i*^ broncho-pneumonia^ if swallowed^ areas of 
inflimn^ation and local dei1h occur in the inlestmes. The "spleen and l^mph node*^ are 


S^npfoiiLS. J. Exttrnal amthrax, mal]|!.nHn1 pustule. Thi^ bcgiie in i papulr 
(p]iTipl{:> Lit thL' point o^ inoculation tumiug into a vtsicic and ihcn 4 pu^lulc^ ( bl istcr-l ikc 
p]mplc| surroLinclcd by bh infl am m alo ry irci fsparc) with luartcd ^^Btcry s^^cll]ng The 
nearby glands arc cnlBrgcd Bnd tender At Fiist the temperature npidly nses later it may 
be below normaL- The fever sympio nui nny be severe Reeovcry 1ates place slowly. 
DcAlh occun> an Ihrcc lo five dayii. 

MALIGNANT ANTHRAX (s^4:IliDE|.~ln lh]^ lesion ih i pustule. wi1ti very 

maikcd £ivctling. It mosi frequen1l> oc4.un> on the c^'clid Bnd fice and the swelling miy 
tcnninttc in fttil ^in^rene. 

2. Internal 3n1krax.--|B) Internal inlhrBX is caused b^' lhc introduction of ihe 
bBctena inio the alimenlBry CBnal in infecled meal, milk. etc. The invasLon i^ marked by 

a chill followed by moderile lever, vomiting diarrhea. pBin in I he hick and le^ ind 
resllessness Sometimes convulsions occur Bnd hemorrhages inlo the skin fn^m the 
mucous membranes The spleen is swollen Proslration is eitreme ind il often ends in 

(b) Charlon or Wool Sirler's disease occurs among ihofie cn^loyed in picking 
over wool or tiairof inFcclcd Bmnials— 1hc germs being inhaled or swallowed. The onset 
\^ fiudden with b chill, then fever, pain in 1tie bBck ind legs. Bnd heverr proslration There 
mBy be difficull^ o^ brcBlhing and sigib of bronchitis, or vomUing and diarrhea Deilti is 
a common termini! ion. sometimes within a day Dei1h me is fiom five to 1wenty-siK per 
cent. Greatest when 1tic swelling is near Ihe tieid. 

rrcatmrnl.— Ttie wound or swelling should be cauterized and a solution of carbolic 
acid or bicbilonde of mercury injected around i1 and applied 1o i1s surface. Stimulants tnd 
feeding are imporlant 

LOCKJAW'. 4 1 1 La niu|.~Tel anus or lockjaw, as U is commonly called, is an 
infeclious disease and is characterized by painful ind violeni com ructions of the 
volunlary micicles. il may be of the jaw alone or of a considerable pirl of the body 

Causes. —Tbie intelligence and menial faculUes are no1 impaired. In most cases it 
follows a wound or injury, il though m otbieis lhere seems to be no exciling causes. 
Fourth of July celebrations furnish 4 ^re*1 man> of our lockjaw cises Ten 1o nftecn 
days iisuilly elipse after Ihe wound before lockjiw really sets in 

Symptoms.-- 1 1 comes on occasionally with a c bill I or chilly feeings. usually by 
ngidily (stiffnessl of 1he neck jaw and face. On arising an the morning lhere is 
somelimes 4 stiffness of lhe muscles at the back of the head 11 is no1 unusual on lakmg a 
slight cold lo have a stiff neck and often the patient's 4lten1ion is no1 lUricted b> this 
symptom. Sometimes this sliffness begins or soon exiends to the muscles of the lower 
jaw. The Ihroat becomes dry and is painful and griduilly 1he sliffness increases to a 
conlinuouE contrtclion. spism. and 

232 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

c^LtciHt lo thr mii^cles of tKc tninb *nd CTtrrm]tic^_ The body bccomts ngid ]n * str*]|!.ht 
line or bcn1 bBckwird. forward or ^idcwmc- TbiL^ ^pasm occurs aflcr any *ilighl irntBtion 
and is extremely paLnful Tcmpcralurc is usuilLy Low. Dunnf ihc first bpasnu Ihc pilfccnt 
may iltcmpl lo open his moulh ^^ he inBy nalurilLy be '>Lispic loiei of 1bie trouble tbial is 
coming, he ^Licceedji ^^]th d]ffLcu]ty and ocn finds it hard to swallow; soon the jiws 
may be finnly 4.iosed, and i1 is from lh]s feilure of the disease lhat it gained the name of 
lockjaw. Ttie contractions ]nsome cartes do nol exiend beyond 1bie neck and face 
muscles Dunnf. lhe co n1 ran loiti I he face may be dra^^n mlo fnghtfui (.on1ort]ons Food 
can be ^iven only Ihnnugh such spaces is may ex]s1 belween lhe leelh. asoflen lhe 
patiem cannol open h]s mouth himself, nor can ]t be pried open by any fbice lhat would 
be allowable When the muscles of 1bie 1runk are flffecled the abdomen may be driwn 
inwanH become very hard and sUff. thesl niovemenls arc affected making l1 difficult 1o 
brcalhe. Homelimes aLmosI to suffocation. Sometimes 1bie bod> becomes beni lite a bow, 
as in some cises of spinal meningitis, so tbial only tbie head and bieels snppod the weighl 
of the body. The body may become so rigid thi1 it can be Lifted by a single limb as you 
would a stalue ll is foilunate Ihil Ihere 4i~e few cases, comparalively, of loclzja^^ as lhe 
distorted face ind general conlraclionsof the body are painful to wilness. 

RccoTcry.— The modality in loctjaw cases runs abou! eight per cent. Sometimes 
death is caused by exhiuslion fiom the muscular e^edions lhe p4lieii1 is seldom able to 
sleep and sonielimes wears out in a few days. Sometimes suffociUon brings a sodden 
end lo his sufferings and usually one or two days to ten or Iwclve diys is lhe hmil. 
Among Ihc lower (.lasses ^^heir saniHry science is seldom observed, and c>en imong 
the beller classes, lockjaw has been known to occur in infanls. ll iciually comes on, m ten 
to fifteen da^'s afler biilh. ind the child seldom lives more than a few days, ll is hai~d to 
accDunI for such cases ^^hich may come on suddenly fiom 1he slightesi excitemeni such 
as sudden n<nses. etc 

MOTHKRN' Rh:ME.D[ES.--L Lockjaw , Succe-^ful Htniedy ror.---.^ very good 
and successful i^mcdy for this disease is to apply a warm poullice of flaxseed meal. 
S4luraled with liudinum and sugar of lead waler, 1o 1 he jaws and neck " 

1. Lockjaws SiiiDht as a Cure Tor.-- "Smoke the wound for twenly minules tn lhe 
smoke oJ burnt woolen cUjIIis This is considered a never failing remedy " 

PHVS[C1.A^"S' TREATMEN I'.-U from a wound cut open and use imiscptica. 
Isolate the palieni ind have absolute quie1 Antkoxin is used wuh success m some 4.4ses 
of lockjaw, but this and olher i~emedies or measures musi be handled by 4 physician, 
Opium IS sometimes given and stimulinis such as bni^dy, whisky. ctL. As it is a case of 
life or death in a vcf^' short 1ime, we 4.4nix>t advise 


dc pcnd I ng upon home 1rc*tmcnt_ A preventive ciution thai miKt always br observed as 
tbic ube of antiseptics and the ^trLcte'>t care af ill injunes and wounds that mighl resuH in 
IcckjAW Th]^ is a di^eB'^e where Bn ounce of pi^vcnlion 3S i^orlh a thousBnd pounds of 
CLire^ because by the tjme the disease is recognised as lockjBW Bnd bias really mide in 
appearance it inBy be too lale for medicfll skill. While you ire wailing for ttie doctor you 
may appl> cold cloths or even in ilc bag to the spine If I he spasms are so ere lei 1 tie 
pBtienI inhale chloioform 1o hill the pain and qniel him In ttie meantime secure Ihe best 
ph>?iKian within your reach^ and follow his directions care Fully be calm and selt- 
posscssed v^hen in 1hc presence of the patient^ for yon must remember thil he bias full 
possession of his menial faculUes and will notice every evidence of feiror worry in the 
laces of those who are iiiip>ing him_ This will only fldd to his sufferings iffett his 
nervous system ind undermine his general vi1alily_ Rcid carcFullj the nursing 
departmem in lhis book and yon will gain some valoBble hints and knowledge regaiding 
the sick room 

GLANDER^L—This is in acute diseo^e of I he horse Bnd occAsionfllly oF min. It is 
called 'giBiidens' when the affeelion Bppears in the noslnls, and is called "farcy" when in 
the sk I n 

CBUErs.~The bacilli is usually introduced from inFeeled hoTses through ihe nose. 
mou1h ind cheek mucous membranes or skin abrasions frnbbing off ot 1he skin|_ There 
arc lar^e or small lumps in 1hc stin, mucous membrane of Ihe nose ind mou1h 

SvmplomsL j^cnLe (ilandcrE.— l. Incnbalion lasts fiom 1hree to four days Tlicre ue 

signs of inflBinmation al Ihe sile of infeelion and general symptoms In two or ihree 
days^ small lumps appear on the miEOWi membrane of the nose ind ulcerate, with a 
discharge of niiKWi ind pus. Somelimes these nodules die locally ind their discharge is 
then foul The glands around the nctk are enlarged An eruption appears o^er 1he face 
and joints Inflammalion of the lungs may occur. Death may take place in eight to ten 

1. Chromic GlBmdrrs.--This may last for months, [t acis like chronic cold with ulcer 
in ihe nose Some recover 

3. .Acule Farey.— The local and general sigiti are Chose of an infection, wilh necnssis 
(local dcalh^ at 1hc sile ^n 1hc skin| of inoculalion, nodules flumps^ known as "farcy 
buds" fonn along 1he lymphatics fglands] and form pus There may be pus (.olleclions m 
the joints and muscles Dealh often oc4.urs in one 1o five days 

Ckr«Dic Farey-— Tumors in ihe sbin of the exlremilies, containing pus The process 
IS local the inflammalory s>mp1oms Iigh1 and the dnralion may be monlhs or years. 

'treatment af^i landers.-- This disease d^es ni>t o1 ten oc4.ur in man, il is an awful 
affliclion All infected hoises must be killed^ it is dangerous for man to be aioundonc. If 

seen early, 1he wound should be cut ou1 or burned out wUhcauslics, and aflerwards 
dressed lite any wound 


The 'finzy biid^' should be nprncd CBrly There 3k very Itttic hope in ictiCr ci^r^ of 
glandeis In cbiron]c caite^ recovery ls poss]blc, but ]t will be afler 4 Long Icdious l]me. 
There mu-i! he proper nourishing food and Ionic medicines- Eich cisc should be Irealed 
accoiding to I he ind]calions. [t is safe to say lbic p^n^ should be lhoK)ijghly cut or 
scraped out and lheo Irealed \^ith aoti'fep1ic'> and Ihe gentral '>y^tem buiLl up. by tonics 
and ^tiKiulaliog rcKiediL''!^ if needed Ah fitiled before^ acLitc glanders and icutc farcy are 
aLnio'>l BlwavTi falal. 

BIG-JAW OR LUMP-JAW. 1ActlnDm>CDsls>.~Th]-^ i^ an infcclious dLsease of 
catllc. Lc^>s fiL^qucnlly of man ind il i^ cuuscd by x^hal ]*i ciJLcd the "ray fundus." This 
gnjwh m the ti'^nes ind develops a m4'>s \^ilh a '>tcondBry chK)n]c ]ntL4mmat]on 

Thi^ disease i^ widespread among catllc. and ilso occurs in Ibic pjg_ En lhe ox it is 
caLlctI 1hc "hi^ ji\^ " The infeclion nny be 1aken ]n with the food, and ]t locales ilsclf 
of1en Jii Ihe iminth or MJiround mgs Oats, biriey, and rye may carry the genn 1o Ihe 
animals. The fungus may be found even ]n decayed tenti 

Allmenlary Canal Type.— The jaw has been affecled in man One '>ide of lhe face is 
swollen or Ibiere may be 4 4.hronic enlargemeni of the j*w which may look L]be a 
sarcoma (tumorr. The tongue also is soKictimes 4ffe<.led ind hhowh ^mall growths It 
may ilso occur ]n the inleMine'> and Liver There i'> at first a luKior (lump), and thi'> 
finally huppnrites 

[n lhe Lin^s.--They also can be affected. It is chronic here and there i'> cough 
fever, wi^tjng ind an c;t pet lore tion of mucus and pus nomelime^ of a very bad odor 
(fetidV [t ^omeUmeb acK like niiliiTy tuberculo'>LS of the Lung>, ind this ]s quite frequeni 
in oxen. Olher diseases of lhe Jungs and bronchial affections occur ind alKicesseh and 
cavilies Hie formed Ihal may be di ignored during life 

SjBiptonis.--]f in the J4W I here may be toolhache, difficulty of swallowing and of 
open]ng 1 he jaw The 4dja4.en1 moH^Jc^ m^y be hardened (indiiraled| A swelling appeals 
at the angle of Ihe jaw and lh]s quickly passes into suppiirat]on later i1 opens f]rs1 
oiJls]de, then ]ns]de— in1o lhe moulh and d]scharge^ pici conlaining litlle yellow mas^ies 
I1 will extend down even into the boweK unless il i^i pi~o]Krly Irealed. Then Ihcrr wilt be 
slomach di^turbince^ ind diarrhea. Tt may ulcerate thiough 1he boweb> and cause 
penlonjtis The liver spleen ind ovaries may also become iffetled 

'Lhe ±1 kin.— There nia^ be chron]c '>upp nral i ng ulceis of the fikjn And the "ray 
fungw>" cm be found in them 

Diap^nosris.— The 'ray fungus" can be found. There is a wooden hanilness of the 
tisjiue^ beyond the bondep> of Ihe ulcers; ihere are 1he lillle yellow granule*! in the pus. 
ThecooPte is chronic N^ild case^ recover ]n ±]ix to nine niunlhsor earher, the mouth 
foim being the moM favorable 


Trtatmcn I.- -Surgical. Remove the fiarf^ ]nvo1v«l Internally, iodide of poCL'^h izi 
kigr dosMS IS nzLoninieiHled. Tbie food should be plenly and nQuri'thing. In ihis cesc ivc 
musi recommend you to h phy?iician ]n'f1ead of ihe homt Ircalincnbi 

GONORRHEA 1U rtlhrllls|.--Thi^ 4.4n beeollcd in inferUouh Lnflammaliononhc 
urethra CBU-^cd by Ihe^iHKUccus a miriDbc or germ causjng * ipctific Lnnammalion 
of Ihc mucoiEi inrinbriiic of if^ urethra or VBgina 

Incubation-— The liniL" thBL clip^c^ bctx^cen 1bie eipo-^urc and development of the 
symploin^ in 1bie urethra l^ vb ruble, ct tending fiDm a fe^^ houp> to Iwelve or fourleen 
dBy^_ In Ihe grei1 mBjorHy of CBses. however, the disease appeals during the first week. 
The piUenl not]ces b drop of milk-lihe fluid at the opening of the urethra, wh]ch ]'f ^lighl 
i~ed ind puffed or turned out. b l]ckL]ng hensilion ]k often fell in 1his locaL]ty, and the next 
time urine i^ pas.'^ed il i^ Btlended with b feeling of v^armlh at the end of iheoBnaL, or 
wilh aduBl ">€ Biding, \fter thi*^ the ^ymploms incre4'>e rapidly ]n number and '>e>erily,so 
thai w]thin forty-c]^ht houis, or even sooner the diM^i^c may be de^>erjbcd B-i having 
pBssed ]ts fjrsi or mcre4'>ing s1age, the charade rist]4. phenumeni of which ire is follows 

Ckanp^ttf in the meatus (opt nin|;|. There are rednes'>, evep>ion ^um]ngouO 
u]4.erBlion und eBlmg awB> and oJlcn ei'OMon ot Ihe lip^ of 1he opening o^ urelhra 
Somelime'>, bu1 rBrely, so much ^welhng IhBl the peison can hinJly pi'>s lhe unne, which 
dnsps BWiy. The other Jiymploms arc too wcll-tnown by Ihose who hB^e hid this disease 
to need a description. 

PrognDsris.~[l i^ now considered more 1han 4 cold, and i1 is the cakisc of tcrnbic 
sicl:nes'> in bolh ^exes, imong 1he ]nnocent as \^ell as 1he guilty. 

TreBtxicnl.~lt may be cured perhaps in b short lime, and yel no one can be certain 
of lis ab*iolu1e cure Th]s disease iii beHer unden>tood now and the treatmen! iii enl]rely 
d]ffercn1 from formeriy The Mnjng injections are now considered ni>l only use]es*i but 
dangerou*! lo the future heallh of 1he palienl The be*it 1realmcn1 ]*i mild inl]!iep1ic 
injections, irrigation LireFulLj done bv an expert person; remaining qujelly ]n bed being 
careful to use food ind dnnk thil arc no1 stimulaling, keeping Ihe bowels open by proper 
d]el and m]Ld lixitivcs and Ihe urine mild by soolh]ng diuretic remedies UnfortunaleLy 
tho!ie iffecled want quicb work and I hey ge1 i1. frequently to their future Jiorrtjw The 
following are good injeclions Before each injection the urine should be passed ind an 
injection of in antiseplic like hMenne, e1c , one dnm to an ouiK.e of boiled walcr. to 
cleanse lhe canal You cin use Iwice a day the following 

Flu]d Exlrad H^dnslis fcolored) I drtm 

Water ] ounce 

Use one dram of this Foreich injcct]on. [t Mains 1he clothes so you musi be careful. This 
JE good and healing. 


GONORRHEAr ARTHITES. IGnnorrhcal Rhcunalism, [nflanmatlDn of the 
Joimts).~Thj:£ l^ more common in men Lhan Mi>mcn_ OcLLirnng dunng. Biid al Ihc end of 
or aflcr i nfl ammal lo n of tbic urethra. Tt usually ]n>ol^cs many jomb> '>Lich bs tht 

temporal. niaT]Llary and collar bone. Tfic cffLi5]on in the joinls is usually hcriDus 

Symptoms.-- VBniblc joinl pi] n't may be tbie only one The HtBek inBy re'>cinblc an 
acute inicular rhe uin b ti'>m of one jcunl, or b snbacule rheumH L'>ni of one or more 

SomeUine'^ there is a cbironic cinc-JD]nted Lnflammalion usually of the knee. The 
tendon '>heBths Bnd bnrsae may be involved Blone or wHbi lhe joLnl*^. GoixirrheBl 
:£eplicein]a may re'>ul1 from arthrilis Th]^ ["> prolracled Irilis ]^ a mobi frequcnl 
ccimplicat]on The nrelhra Honrce o\ 1he ]nfcclion irm^t be enrcd 

Irtatmtnl.— Keep the joinl qniel ind you can use Bn ice cap fur Ihe pain. Tcmic 
treHment wi1bi quinine ]ron and Br£en]c m chKfnic ca.'tes is needed The joinis should be 
kept Bt re-^l in arule cases. Enchn^nic CBse-^ massBgc ind "flight motion. The Ionics must 
be chosen for each individual case. One afflicted w]th ttiis must be under treAlnienI fur a 
long 1tmc. 

HIP JOEM DISEASE. IMcrbn^ CDTBriDE|.— Th]s ls more common ]n children 
than 3n idulbi. 

Caasc—Et is usually lubeicular 

Sjmptcm^ FrirsI sLa^e.— lt may be overiooked; slighl iBmeness, a lutle stiffness 2h 
noliced al limes The muscles begin to dwindle 

Second ^ap^r. — Child hmps very perceptibly^ dwindling is more apparent. Fkia 
ap pc a rs 

I'rt a Lmtnl.-- Absolute rr'^t. Lying down Irealment if begun eirly Brresis lh]s diseise 
of1en. Eu]ld up the syslem Splints ind brace are needed sometimes 

KNEE JOINT DISEASE. (White S^ elllnF-|.- Th]!i ls simply a tuberculous knee. 
rrcatmrn1.~Re'^1 Stop molicmof the join! by some foim ot splml or plaster of Paris 
cast. Gel 4 ^ood physician at the beginning in 1hesc cases and you will sive lols ot ifler 
worry Bnd blame for you&elf It does no! pay to wait These joint diseases will progress 
and oflen Irealment is begun monlhs afler 1 rouble is seated. It ough1 lo be crim]nal 
negligence bckI deilt wi1h accordingly to neglect su^h d]seases Pare nls sho nld never 
lorgct 1hal they ha^e endowed ihcirchitlren wilh such k constUntion, and 1 hey should be 
glad ind willing to correct il as far as the> can 

LEPROSY. DcnnltiDnL~Lepri>sy is a chKfnic ]nfecl]cius disease^ cauBed by whal is 
called the "Bacillus Leprae." and is charaderijed b> the presence of luberculir nodules 
in 1he sk]n ind mucous membranes (lubercular lepiDsyJ. or by change-^ in the nerves 


IcprD^yl These fbnn!^ *rcscp*ritr al fiPil but ulC]malcly thry arc combLnrd and I here 
are d]slLirbanc«> of sc n.'iAl ion ]n Ihc rhirBC tens tic lubcrcnlir form 

H isLo r j.~ Lepiosy ["> '>u[i[ioRtd to hs^c nnginalcd in thr Orient^ and Id be as old as 
the rcLortti of hi'tlory [t appeiP> 1o hivc preva]lciJ in EgypI even so far bick a^ ihree or 
\ouT thi>usand ycBrs before Christ. The Hebrew wrUcrs mike min^ references 1o it^ and 
It IS no doub1 de^enbed in Lev]ticLS_ The affeelion was ilso known bolh in Endia and 
ChinB iTiBny (.enlune^ before 1he Chrislian era_ The old Greek and Romin phy^icnn^ 
werr famjiiar wilh l1s manifeslalions anc]enl Peruvian poUcry repre^en! on 1heir pieces 
deformLlie^suggcslL>e of this d]'^ease The di-^eB-^e pre>i]Led exlcnsnely in Eunspe 
throng ho u1 1hc iniddLe age'> and 1hc number of leper asylums hB't been estimated al at 
Icftsl^ 20.000. lu prevalence ]s now restricted in lhe lands where ]t ^lill occurs while once 
1 1 WAS piomincnt in the list of scourge'> of the old world. 

It ]s now found in Norway and lo a le^ exlent in Sweden in Bulgaria, Greece. 
Russ]a, Austm-HongiTy and Italy wilh much reduced pcreenla^e in middle Euiope; ]t is 
the TBrest of diseases in England wherr once ]t existed. En IndiB Java, and China, in 
Egypt, Alg]eis, Bnd Soolhern Africa, in Au'tlralii and ]n bolh Nodh and South AmencA, 
inclijd]nf par1]culBrlv Cenlral Amerjci CubB ind the Ant]llcs U exj'^1'^ to b Ics'> e^tenl 
It has been reeogniicd ]n lhe United Stales eh]efl> in New OrleBn^, SBn Francisco, 
(predominantly imong the Ch]ncse populBtion o\ IhBl cily^ The disei^>e has sleBdily 
decrcBsed imong the I b tier coloni'>ls in \^inne'>olB, Wj^con'f]n ind low 4. Isclaled eases 
have been recognized ]n ilmosi every s1ale. Bnd lepnsuscBses are presented bI the public 
chariUe-^ o\ New Yort. Philadelphu Bo-^lon e1c. The c^UmBled number of lepers a few 
years igo in lhc Uniled Stales varied belween Iwo hundred Bnd fi>e hundred ]1 is 
represented as di m i ni'>hing in frequency in the HBWiJiin IslaiHfc Porto Rico ind the 
Philippines. En lhe liaw4]iBn Islands it '>preBd rapidly ifter J S60, and strenuoiJ'> Bttempts 
hBve been mide lo stamp il out by sef regaling bII lepers on lhe ]sland ofMolohai There 
were 1,152 lepeis in thBl '>e1tlenienl in IS94. In Bntish India, aceonding lo the lepn)'>^ 
commission Ihere were ]00,(KiO lepep> in 1900. 

Cause. —The bacillus, discovered by Hansen, of Bergen in ]fl74 is univeisally 
recogninied as lhe eiij^>e o\ lepn^^y ]1 h^^ TTsBuy points of resemblance to the tnberele 
bBcilliis. These bBcilli have been ^onnd in 1he dwellings and clothing o^ lepers 4S well bs 
in lhe dusi of apadments occupied by 1he viclirrs. 

The usual vehicle by ^^hich lhe dj'^ea.'^e is transmuted is lhe secretions of a leprous 
pBtient contiining bBcilli or spores The queslion of inhentBnce ot leprosy is regarded 
now 4'> slanding in lhe same po'^ition as IhBt relBting to 1he inherUance of lubereulosis, 
no foelu^, no new- bom lining child, has been known to exhibil lhe symptoms of eilher 
disease. Several ciseb hBve been cited where infBnts bul a few 

2JS A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

wcrk^ old cxh]bncd symptoms of Irpiosy It *ffccls men more ihin women Infrction l^ 
more common aflcr 1bie second dccfldc, IbioLigh children arc occiE]onaLly imong lis 
v]cl]ms. Wficn it cccuis ]n coumries ^hrrc i1 hsd not fircvLoidly cxihted^ Lis apfi^irBncc 
\^ invinabLy due lo the infectLon of ^ound i ru1 1 VLdui]*^ by lepers fLP>t cxbiibiUng 
symptoms where the dL'>e4'>e l^ prevalent 

Ne]S'>er slate'> tbiis "The number of lepers in iny ccunlr^' be4P> an inverse ratio lo ihc 
laws e^etuled for I he CBre md ]!iolalionof infecled per^on^ The disei^e appcBrs lo 
sprefld more rapidly in dflmp ind cold^ or ^^Brm ind iTio]ht^ climate'> than la lempenle 
CO unifies ]1 ]Si not now regBniled i^ conlagLoid The lepiD^y of the book oF Leviticus not 
only includes lepra^ bs thil Icrm js underslood tudi^^ bu1 bI^o p^onasis sc4b]c^ ind o1her 
skin affections^" The leper m the eye of Ihe Mo'>4]c law. was c ere mo nioici I y nnclein^ 
and CBpable of communbat]ng 4 ceremoniBl uncleBnness. Several of the narrBlne^ 
conlained in the Bible beBr witne'>s lo Ihe fict thai Ihe OnentBl leper ^^bs seen 
occa'>Lon4lly do]n^ service in tbeczourl^ of k]ngs^ and even in peisonal communication 
and contact wilh officep> of Kigh rBnk_ 

S>m ptosis.- -Previous s>mp1oms WBnt of appeUle^ headiche^ chills^ BllemiUng 
WLlh mild ijr*icvcre fevenjih al ticks, depression, nosebleed, slomich and bo^vel 
d]*ilLirbances, *ileepJessness The dun! tons of the^e !i>mp1oms l^ vb ruble. Some palienis 
will remember thi1 1hc*ie symptoms preceded for yeirs the earlie'>l ontbreBl: of lepra 
(leprosy) In olher cases only 4 few ^vecks elBpsed. These earlier skin lesions Bre 
tLibercnlar, mB4.ulBr {pilches), or bulloiJ'> elevitions of the horny layer of the skin It miy 
then be diy]ded ]nto 1hree varieties tuberculous, macular and 4nBcs1hel]c. 

LEPRA I'UBEROSA. J luttrculaled, ^ Ddulaltd or TcgunririBr^v (skin) 
Ley ros^t-" Thjs noduJar 1ypc compnscs from Icn lo Fifly per cent of cj^l^^ AftL^r ihc 
occurring of the symptoms just mertioned spoiled lcs]ons appear, which are bean to 
tomato in s]ze, reddish blown or bron^ie-hued patches, round]sh, o^al or irregular in 
contour, well def]ned, and the> oc4.ur npiin 1he face, trunk ind CTtremiUes The sk]n 
covering I hem is eilhersmoolh ind shin]iig, as ] foiled, or is ]nfil1r4led nodulated and 
etcvited. The surface of the reddened ^pots ]s often oversens]ti^e 

Afler a period ranging from weeks Id yeap>, Hibercles rise from 1he ^pot^ described, 
varying in si^ie from 4 pe* to 1hat of 4 nut, and the> may be as large as a 1omatD_ They 
are in color, yellowish, redf ]sh-biow n , or bronzed, of1en shin]ng as if vanii'>hed or oiled, 
are covered w]th a sof1_ natural, or ^l]ghlly scaling ouler ^kin, rtjundi^h or irregular ]n 
shipe ind are i'>i>lated or gn^uped numbers of ^ery '>m4]l and ill-dele rmined noduleb may 
of1en be seen by careful examination of the sk]n in the vicin]ty of those Ihat are 
developed- They may run togelher ind cause broad inf]l1ralions and fn^m this surface 
new nodiileb spring They mi> be in the sk]n or under the ^tm and feel Hoft or finn_ The 
eruplion of these tubercles is usLiall> preceded al Ihe 


onRtI by frvcr *^ wtll i^ by puffy swelling of thr invofvcd region, cycficU, car>_ ctc_ 
These leprous tubercles choo^>e the fare bs thc]r fivorcd sHe They miHS hrrc ]n grcit 
numbers, and thus [irudiice the 4. hi rat. Ic ri'>l le defonnity of the counlenance IhBt hss given 

to the di'>e4'>e one of its nimes, Leont]asis |lion fBce). 

[nsucbi fBces I he lubertle^ arrange themselves in parallel series above the brows 
down to tbie no^ie, o>er Ihe (.heelzs, lip'> Bnd 4.hin, and ih b re'>iiLl of Ihc inf]Llrat]on and 
deveLopmenl of the condilions Ihe brow'> deeply over-biang, the globes of the eyes, and 
tbie eais. ire so studded wuh tnberc^nlBr masses as lo s1and oul from Ihe s]de of ihe biead 
The Irunk and eMremi1ies_ ]nt:lijding the palms of the hBnds and soles of the leel. are 
tbien usually involved to b less degree. The arm-pU, genitBl Bnd mimmBry regions, and 
more urely lhe neck ind the pBlmsof 1he hBnds Bnd soles of the feel, may be invaded In 
oceasionil cases when lhe de>clopmenl of Inberrles upon 1he face and eais ]s exlensive, 
there may ni>t be more thin \roru five to Fift> upon the res1 of the body, and these euher 
v^ideJy sc4llered and isolaled or Bgglomeriled ]n 4 s]ngle hard, flal, elevalcd plBqne of 
mfiltnUon upon the elbow or thigh. When lhe luberclcs run logether ^become confluent) 
large plaques of infiltrBtion may form, which ire elevaled ind brownish or blaek]sh in 

The ^ofl palate and larym ire often involved when the "^kin le-^ions Brc pre-^en! The 
vo]ce may si>und gniff and hi>ap>e and 1hc longuc, 1hc larvnx Bnd so1 1 pBlile hB>e been 
found s1 lidded wUh small s]ied. ashen-hued tubercles. These tijmop> or tubercles ma> 
degenerate ind form in1a ]rregiilArly oullmed, sharply cut, glazed ulceis, wiih a bloody 
or sloughing Floor, or I hey mBy disappear Bnd leave behind pigmenled, "^hrunten 
depressions, or ihey lose Iheir shapes from pirtiBl rcsorplion. A large plBque mB> fiBtlcn 
m 1he center un1il an annular d]sk is left to show lis former location. Co]ncidenl 
symptoms Bre disturbance in the fun4.lions of 1he sweal and sebB4.eoiis secretion, lh]nning 
and loss of hBir in 1he regions involved especially 1he eyebrows Bnd disonilers of 
sensib]lity Later resnlls, are a nBSBl calBrrh alrophy of 1he sexual organs ]n both se^es, 
wUh impBirmenI or loss of pn3creal]ve power, hopeless bhndness However lhe courae of 
the d]seBsc ]s very slow Bnd yeais mBy elapse before these several ehBnges are 
a4.eompl ished. Oflen lhe disease Bppeais quiescent for monlhs al a lime, Bfter wh]ch 
fever occurs and with ]t aru1c orsub-Bcnte manifeslat]ons appear, including glBnd 
d]sease, orchil]s ulceralive pnnccsses, slow or rapid followed by gangrene and ■ 
rcLalkvely rapid progress js made tow b nil a fatal conclus]on 

TowBi~d Ihe Ibs1 Ihe muhlBtions effected by Ihe diseBse may resull. Parts of 1he 

Fingers or toes, whole fingcis or toc^, and enlire hand or foot may become wholly or 
pBrtiBlly detBched by the ukcrBti>e and other degeneralions. This siBgc of this type of 
the d]sease may extend through ten or more yeais After il has fully developed lhe 
dejected countenance of the leper. w]th h]s leon]ne expression and general appcarBnce as 
high I y 4. harBc le nstic 

240 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

LEPRA M ACVLnSA.— ThL'^ fonn la innrr comimn ]n iTDpical countric?i and ^^ 

d]Si1 LngLiisbicd ch]cny by Lti macular l^potly^ Lc^ionH In s]zc they VBry from b JimaLl coin 
tc ArcaA Alt l^igr aA a [i litter They arc dLffiJ'>fd or c i re iirruic nbcd round isbi or '>hApcd 
irrcgLilariy. ycl1uwi'>h^ brtjwnisbi or bronzed in color, often shiny or glazed They nn> be 
infiltnled End may be elevated or on a leveL with lhe idjaeen! lisMjes. The pBtchc^ Bre 
usually 41 fir^l very nensinve, bol they finally become i n'>cnsLl i ve, si> 1hat a knife CBn be 
thriiM deeply ]nto 1hem wuhou! be]ng fclt_ The regiorei eh]efLy affected by thi-i type are 
the bBt:t, exposed part^, the backs of 1he hBndn and wnsits lhe forehead, 1he cheeks, eais, 
bBck of the feel- ind Bnl:le^_ The erupUons nny best inly or general conspicuous or 
in*iignLf]Cin1 The eruplive "ijmptonui are a^ociBted commonly, early or laic, wuh the 
senoiEi phenomena descnbed below 

LEPRA A^AESfHEI'ICA. (Ntrvr L^pros^v. Atrophic Leprosy. Lepra 
TrDphDnruFDlica>L~Before the developmcn! of thi'> form of leprosy Ihcrc mBy be one or 
two yeais of ill- health U^UBlly the skm Bt thL'> Ume becomes in lo^-ilizcd palchesover- 
■^ensLUve somet]mc^ ihcre is over-sensH i vencss ind spcciBl nerves because of the]r 
enlargemem become accessible to the touch. Those nBmed laler become tender ind the 
"^eBt of LBncinalin^ or "^hootjng pain'>. This clinical varietv niBy be commingled in lis 
svmploms with each of the other lypes_ Wuh or wjthont such commingl]ng_ ho^^ever, 
there comnwnly is noted ifler exposure to cold or afler be] ng subject 1o chills fiist an 
CFLiption, red |ery themi to us^ [lalches.orof "bull Be," '>ize of a bean on cheeks, eiTS, bach 
of the feet. Bnd inkles. The enipt]on m^y be ouler '>kin covering (epidermis) ind Idled 
wUh i clear linlcd or blood-mixed serum, Bnd usuBlly occurring upon 1hc e;tlremjt]es 
The scirs thai follow are shrunken (alroph]c> pBlches eichoflengrcBter in eMen1 IhBn 
the bBse of lhe orig]nal trouble color whitish, ^hmv, glazed or belter described as i t]nt 
suggest] ng the hue of mica, the]roulline i^ circular and form bIso lhe dumb-bell ftgiirc 
b> running, ^coalescinp ] logether. or jinlipo^iUon. These ^>CBrs are always wUhnnt 
sen^ilivenes^ |anae^thclicj Bnd the> may eiist togelher wuh spoiled and non-sensHive 
patches upon the trunk or olher pirls such i^ lhe fBce, hands feel. Bnklcs lh]^hs but 
rarelj on lhe pilms and ^>les. Ne]ther those of the one cli^>s nor of the other however 
are d]Kposed o>cr lhe surface of lhe body ]n lines, binds or curves, coiroi po nd mg wUh 
the distribul]on of the sk]n |cu1ancoiEiJ nerves. SomeliKics the ulnar and other nerve'> 
(median poslenor tib]al peroneal. fBciil Bnd radiBl) Ihat are acces'>ib]e 1o the touch are 
swollen, tender, ]nsen^iti>e or bs rigid as hinJencd coids Rcddish-griy swellings nny be 
recognized by lhe eye ilong the nerve trict. General shrinking skjn ^ymploms follow. 
The ^kin becomes dry and h4P>h, there i^ lutle or no sebaceoum produci ind the skjii of 
the face seems lightly driwn over the bones. \^ a consequence of deforming shnnking 
latiDphy) of the eyelids, b peisi^lent overflow of leap>, consequent e^-e changes follow, 
and a constinl flow of SBli^a escapes fTDm the paded 


lips The fingcp> arc hilf driwn ]ntci lbic pfllm of thr hand^ ihc n*]ls irc di^lorlcd ind 
ulLcrBUon occurs later. Thc^c ulcere arc Lirc^ular, ovbI, roundish or linear in form 
covered wLlbi lh]n blackL'>h^ rlaltcncd tcnacioiii> crusl^ ^]th '>on bastes, ind ihciz floors 
covered wLlh 4 !iofl dcbr]s miKcd with blood, the whole inncn^Llivc to every foreign 
body, and cxtcmil BpplLcat]on At liHt the symptorrui of mutilaling lepra fLepiD^yl may 
occur, dig]t^ or portions of the wrisl. part of hand (melB carpus) o r eorrcspo nd mg 
portions of 1bie fool m^y be detached fn>m the bod>. Death may occur a1 Bny l]nie dunng 
the coup>c oF Ihe diseise. En lh]!i form it ]s SBid I0 Ibs1 from eighteen lo twenty ycBrs and 
\h thi£i not sii rBp]dly fBlal as Ihe tobeiroJar vinet^. 

'Lri;Btiutnl.~The mam treatineni ]s the moLitLon and segregiUon of all leprp> from 
contact with 1he well; wholesome liws ire enforced in some countnes where Leprosy 
pre^BiK, and provision 1^ made not only for 1 he ]solat]on and segregBlion. bm ilso for 
their LB re On icconnt of Us relat]ve vinely \meriea his no1 ye1 iwatened and 
legislat]on only forbids Ihe cn1ry of ]nfee1ed peraons At MoLoki], ]n ihe HawBiian 
[siBnds- pmvi^ion is mule for ihe CBre of lepep> Many of 1he pijbL]c hospitBis for lhe 
care of Ihe siek poor refuse I0 receive Lepers The child of b lepnnus woman should be 
removed from the ini>ther ifler birth and no1 nuised b> another womBn No med]cines 
are known lo have any curat]ve effect. An immediate change of res de nee and climBte 
should be mide if the parent happens to Li>e in a distnct where the disease prevBils A 
h]ghly nutntiousdiet should be laken 

'Lhe outl4 4h.--Tlic futnrr i& in general dirk for the Leper 1 1 i^ oflenof b malignant 
charaeler, and 4 falBl result is the riiLe \ 4.hange of elimile Bnd condilionii may help 
Scandinavian ]epep> who hive removed I0 lhe Unilcd StBtes have been greally benefUcd 
by the change, bm ihere ]s no known cure The isolBtion shoiiLd be is effeclive as thu for 

tube re uLosLS 11 ]s not 4.ont4g]ous bm ]ntecl]ous. 

HYDROPHOBIA.— Rabies and hydrophobia Bre two different tenns, meaning the 
sime diSL'Bse Ihe former meBning lo nge or become mad Th]s term applies more 
especially I0 Ihe disease as U ex]sls in 1he mBn]acBl fonn in 1he lower animals, while 
hydrophobia comes from 1 he Greek mcBnin^ "dread of wi1er_' As we occasional Ly find 
thisdrrad of water only jn Ihe human subject. 1he lerm ]s properly used in such b CBse. 
The lower animals frequentLy atlempl to dnnk WBtereven though the act brings on a 
spasmodic com rac I ion of the swallow]ng fdegl u1 ilo ry^ miCicLes. E~[ydn>p ho b 1 4 is Bn icute 
infectious d]sease commnmcBtcd to man by the bite of an in]mal suffering from rBb]es 
rt ]s due lo a definile spec]fic virus wh]ch ]s transmuted through the saLivB by lhe bite of 
a rBb]d inimaL. [ts niluraL habitBl |localioiiJ is th^ nervous sysitem, and it dors nol relain 
Its v]rulence when in1 induced ]nto Bny other system of organs. Ft is essentiaLly 4 nervous 
d]sease and Iransmitled by the sbIi^b of rabid animAis. When lEioculated inio a wound 
tht£ v]rus must come ]n con1ac1 wilh a broken 


242 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

nerve Irunk in Didrr to ^tin-Lvr and rrpiodiKr tl^clf ]f by accidtnl l1 i1ticb> the end of 
tbie bTDkcn nervr tnink. ]t slowly and grflduaLly exicndjs to tbic hjgbicr nerve centers and 
cvcntuilLy producer Ihc di'>rBsc 

Tht iiK.ubal]on, or 1bic Umt lI lakc^ for 1lic di'^L'B'^t to develop^ VBrifs. but UMJilly \h 
fnnm three lo *in moiHb>_ There is 4 recorded (.i^>e where the pcr»on bcgm to ^how 
symptoms of the disease tbiideen dBy'> after having rece]ved b severe wound on the head 
The incubation period is "leidom Longer thin iiii monlh'> The "ivmptoms of the disea'>e in 
the humBn being vary wuhin nBrrtJW limits There Bre 1hree cLbs^lc symptoms iduaLly 
encountered, Bnd the-^e are feBr, b p prehen*i ion oreKC]tement, togelher wuh degiutHory 
(swalLowingJ spB*im*i tcrmnaUng ]n general paraly^i"^. The pal]enl remBins conscious of 
h]s agony to the end. but the period of iilne?is \h of short dnrBtion, lasting from one to 
three days. 

The bite^ of rabid dogs cause ninely per ceni of ihc CB-^es in mBn and Bn]mais The 
cat Ls Ihe nexl importBiH factor ]n ^preadin^ lhe disease and ibiiut ^]^ per cent o^ Ihe 
cases ire CBU-^cd by lh]!i animal. For o ther c ases four percent come from bUcs of hoises, 
wolves, foxes, etc. The wolf in Rus'f]a. or other am mils like i1. mBy be the chief ciusc 
there, bul dogs ciuse n]nely percent, tBkin^ ill the cises found. Man, dog, ci1, hoise, 
canle ^heep. goi1, hog, deer, etc., arr hubjecl to the disease eilher nalurBliy or 
cxperLmenlaily The disease ]s confined commonly to dogs, be<.iuse the djg nilurally 
atlacks in]mais o^ his own spec]es ind thici keeps the discise limited mi]nly 1o his own 
k]nd. Niluraliy the dog follows this niie but on the other hBnd, in the laHer siBges ot Ihe 
d]Sieasc he usually goes lo 1hc olher eMreme and e>cn aHacks his own mBsler, etc. The 
dogs 1hat are the mo^t dBngerous and do 1he greatesi diniBge Bre of the vlc]ous breeds 

The rabbit or guincB pig is used fordeinons1rat]on in the liborilory GuineB pigs 
re*ipond lo lhe virus more rapidly ihBn do olher inimals Bnd therefore lhey ire especially 
useJul in diignost]^. work Rabbits however, on a4.counl of Iheconvemenl M/e and ease 
wUh \^h]4.h they are operaled upon. Bre usuilly the choice ]n lhe produclion of maleriBl 
used in treiling patienls. 

The director of one Pisleur institute says "We have two classes of palienis to deal 
wilh m the Pisleur instnute. The larger diss of course, are tho!ie ]noculated by Ihe bite 
of rabid animilh but we also hi>e i le^^ ^^ho Bre jnlecled by lhe rBb]d sai]va 
Bcc]denlBliy coming m conticl wUh wounds ilreBdy produced. In these accidenlai CBses 
1hc djseBse is Blmo*i1 is likely lo rciult as in those to whom Ihe vinis is d]reclly 
comniunicBted by 1he bjte " The wounds cons]dered moM dBngerous are Ihe receni fresh 
wounds. The possibilily of infeclion detreBses ^Mth 1hc Formation of the new conneclive 
lissue which priUctls the ends of 1he broten nerve f]bres One musi remember, however, 
1hal wounds over joinis, c^peciBli> on Ihe hinds Bre likely lo remi]n open forbome 
ttmc. A dog ill of thisdiseise can g]^e Ihe du^eisc 


to mm thiT>ugh lick]n| a v^ound Such « c*^r has brcn recorded Thi^ dog licked lhc 
chiLd\ blinds before il \^bs known lo br mid. The child died rn>ni the disease A^ stated 
before ninety per c ml of the caic^ arc inoculated by Ihe bUc^ of rBb]d Bn]maL^ 

The wounds arr coieidcred according 1o their '>eyerily and local ion. Liceriting^ 
teinng wounds upon uncovered "^urfBces e^pccnlLy the heid. are ihe mo^t dangeioici 
Th]s Lsdue 1o Ihr fae1 of lhe elo'>enr'>^ of the brBin Bnd the iBige amount ot ]nfectinn in 
such a wound, and for this rei^on Ircalment should be ] mmedi ate I y given Bui smaller 
wounds should al^>o be Irealcd for the *imBllnes^ of the ^^ound fijm]shc'^ no !iure cnlenon 
ai to the fulnre oulcome of the disease. All poss]ble infer1ion*i should he rcgaided as 
dBii^ertJUH ^^hen eonsidenn^ lhe Bd>]!iabi]i1y of nking the FB-^lcnr Trcalment The ^mall 
wound has u'>iially b longer penod of incubalion^ becaide of the small Bmouni of 
infeelion, slil] ]t may cause 4 falaL tcrm]nat]on A Aj^ no er develop-^ rabie-^ from 4 iBck 
of w Bier or froTn being (.onfined or overhcaled during the summer moiUhi. \ 
spontBneous C4'>e of rBb]es his never been kno^^n 1 1 micit be I ranii milled from animal to 
animal and 1hc hi'^IOTy of Ihe cine ^^ilL po]nt 1o 4 previous infection by a d]seBsed inimil. 

Where rig]d quarBntme rules exisi Ihe di'>eBse doe'> nol occur In Auslrilii they 
quBranline every dog, thil comes to 1hal 4.ounlry for '>ix months^ Bnd in consequence 
they hB^e never had b cbsc of rBbies In Russia the> have hBd many cases In 
ConstinlinopLe the di^cBse frcquenlly 'runs rjoL." Funce hi^ k>st bs many as 2.500 dogs 
in one year. Before lhc Pasteur Treilment ^^i^ inslUuted lin IttttiJ there was tn averBge 
of siTty deaths ]n human beings in the Pins hospilaK 

Belg]iim ind Austria B^erage one Ihousind dogs annually There was a ^'eirly 
average in Germany of four hundrcti di>^ dyinj: of rabies, until lhc law requiring the 
mu/zL]ng of dog^ wi^ s1riclL> eriorccti ind sjiKe Lhal tjmc 1he d]sease i^ practically 
unkni>wn. ^c do not hBvc '>lrjcl qnannline liws ag4]ns1 dogs, and the fc^uIi ts dcalh 
tnnm hydnnphobia ]n miny slales annually Tt was fonnerly believed lhat rabies wiii a hot 
weilher d]sease The number of CBse^ dunng lhe winter nH>nths of Li1e yeais ha'> 
d]spK»ved thai bcL]er for the records of 1hc jnsHlule for Ireatmen! of hydn^phobii al Ann 
Arbor hi^e shown a decrease of cases during the summer monlh'>. This was before I90B 
Th]s shows thai rabies i'> nol a hot weBthcr djscBsc. 

OnJ]narily CBse^ of rabies occur here and there ^sporBd]c), bu1 if the condUions are 
favorable epidem]cs breBlz out. One niLig mBy bUc ^e>erBl dog^ and Ihese diJgs bile othcra 
and Ihus '>[iread the disease I0 man>. Not every animal bilten by a mad dog develops lhe 
d]sease The di'>eBse does not always follow 1he b]te. Only about forty perten! of ill 
animaK b]tlen by b mad dog contrBct the disease This is gi^en by b noted authority. 
StBlLstic'> also '>how that m man 1he d]seBse 4Jevelop'> ]n only about l^enly percent of the 
cases m those who have been bitten by rab]d dogs. Bu1 ]n dealing wilh thi>se who have 

1^44 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

been bitten such measures should be takrn as would be if they were certain of 
developing the disease; one cannot telL biov^ much poLson eu1er> ihe syslem in '>iEh case^ 

and preventive p roc cdure-^ -should be tikcn_ There ire reasons why everyone who l^ 
b]tlendoes nol conlraci I he di'tease. 

The lotiUon and eharacler of the bUe mu^t be con*i]dcred_ E]tc^ on ihe head neck 
and hands hive been recognized as more dangeroLis from early t]mes. ind such bUes 
pnxJiEe falal results qiiLcker thm do bUes on olher par1'> of Ihe body ind 1he reason la 
largely due lo the Facl thil Ihe other parts of lhe body ire more nr less [iroteelcd by lhc 
cLolh]ng iud this cLolhmg prevents Ihe en1 ranee of ^>o much pomon into 1hc system. Biles 
on the head give 4 high nwrtakly rale knd are rapidly fatil The clo^^e pTDXimit> to lhe 
briiu Ls one reason 

The part th? cLolhing plays in piDteelion ]s clearly shown by the follow]ng qiiotition 
from an cmLncnl iulhority "In India where the natives dress very HcanUly lhe nH>r1aLity 

was exceedingly high up to a few yc^r* ago 41 wh]ch UniL' thL' BriUsh inlTDduced thL' 
P4'>leLir laboralones The clothing protects Ihe body and l1 hoLd'> back lhe saliva and can 
be looked upon as a means of filtering lhe saL]va of the rabid Bn]mal most of the '>4]lv4 is 
held bick as lhc teeth p]eKC Ihe clothing, ^>o lhat upon enlenng the flesh 1he 1ee1h are 
practically dry, and only a port]on of 1he v]rus is inlroduced Upon entenng Ihe wound 
this ^mal] amounl of v]rus is furl he r dil u ted by Ihe l]s^iie j nices to the non-]nfectious 
po]nt. We know fiom actual e^peronentAl work in the laboratory thai Ihe higher dilution 
will nol kill." 

If 4 portion of the brain of an Bn]mal dead fK)m sireel vinci i'> 1aken and made up in a 
d]liition oFone to t]ve hundred, and thi^ is ]njccled we f]nd thi1 ]t doe^ no1 priiduce 
death. Bu1 a dilution o^ one to three hundrcti will invariably kill. This ]s pracUcall^ whil 
very oflen happens when one i'> b]t1en Ihroiigh the clothing. The saliva m^y be f]l1ered 
and held back ho 1hat a smill amounl i'> introduced, perhaps a d]lution of one to f]ve 
hundred of the vims may get into the wound, but 1his is usually not enough to caibc lhc 
d]sease. There is ni> po'>sible way of estimating the amounl of lhc jnocnlation. En such 
cases one's chances of never contrac^n^ Ihe di'>eBse ire only decreased, thai t^ ill we cin 

The IreiUng of individuals buten by rabid animals in the Paslcur Insti1iile'>, ]s 
simply lhc prBct]Cil ipplieation of re'>ul1s obtained by Paslcur trom hisong]nal work on 
rabies v]rus. Pasleur was 4 French chemist liv]ng in Pans ind he began hi^ search for 
the cause ind cure of rabie'> ]n IflSO He hoped I0 find a sure method of preventing Ihe 
development of lhe dread disease, even ]f he could no1 find a cure for il if1er ]t had 
developed. While he was pursuing th]s research Pasteur had icce^>s lo the eases of rabies 
in the Pan'> hn^spUals, and these numbered s]Tty each yeir He had practically an 
unlim]tcd supply, for France could furnish him with 1wenty-five hundred moic mad 
dogs, and a lirge number of other animals eich ye^r. 


Pi^lcLir drvotcd lhc remainder of hi^ Life lo ihc study of thL'> subject. He collrctrd 
:£omt ±]aL]va fn^m I he moulh of b rh]Ld^ on DccL^iiircr I I , IGSO Vrho biad died Bt 1bic 
tici!ip]til TrouMicau four houp> before Th]!i !iaL]va he diluted wuh di^nllcd water, ind thts 
mixture bic ]njcct«J ]nti> rBbb]t'>^ Bnd thty all died ind tbic '>4]lv4 tiken from Iheise rabbil^ 
wbien ]n.jtct«J into otbicr rabbit'> caused iheir dcalh ^^itbi rBbies He k^und alito lhat "^bIlvi 
Iroin ribid dogs aimo'>l 4lw4y'> caLi^ed I he di'^eB^e The incubBtion period varied wjthm 
wide L]mib>^ and very often the aniniBl^ i]ved lie then uned the bkiod of rabid dogs for 
inuculBtion, but these blood inoculiHoib 4l^^4y'> railctl 1o priiduce Ihc di'>i:B'^e Pasteur 
was CO nv] need aflercBrefui ^tudy of rabid aniinB Is during thL' many nioii1h.s ne4.e'^'>ary to 
comfiLetr tii'> eT[ienmen1^, thBt rBbies was a d]Eease of the nervous ^ystrm^ and lhat the 
poison |>]ru'i} wis 1ransm]tlcd from 1bie wound to 1bie brBin by the way of the nerve 
trunks- Then to piovc biis ihcory Pasteur removed b port]on of 1bie brBin of a dog thil hid 
d]cd of rabies. ,\ part of thi^ wi^ rubbed up in Menle waler Bnd used to inoLuLile olbier 
animflls. and snbc nt b neo us inof nl al loib w]th thi'> material almost always priiduced deith 

Afler lhis Pasteur tned 4 new melhod and injeeled d]reelly ]nto the nervous system 
eilher into I he nerve Irunk or directly in1o the brain afler 1rephin]ng ind bLI ^uch 
inject]ons pn^duced r4b]es in the injecled animal and death lie also found lhat rabbils 
inocnliled in the brain always died in 1hc \^mc Lenglh of 1ime. When he injected inio [he 
nerve Irunk the ino^ijlat]on period wi^ longer, depending upon ihe dislance from Ihe 
brain_ Two prtjblem^ no^v remained for Pasteur to ^>oL>e ind 1hese were, how could he 
oblain the definile virulence and how could he reduce the virulence regularly ind 
gradually^ ^o thil i1 could be used by inoeulation safely as a vace]ne 1o produce 
immnnily to rabies in heaHhy animate- and ilso to present the development of rabies in 
animil^ bilten by rabid animiJ^. He fip>l tried successive ]nociil4lions These 
I noc iili1 loift were made, after lreph]ning, d]reclly 1o lhe bra]n, and he used a portion of 
the brain as a >]rus each time He ]noculaled ribbu number one w]th a portion of brA]n 
taken from 4 rabid dog ind thi'> rabbit died on Ihe fjfteenlh d^y. He Ihen inoculated 
rubbit number 1wo wUh 4 portion of lhe br4]nof rabbit number one, from lhe brain of 
rabbit number Iwo 1he >]rus W4'> supplied for inoculating rabbit number 1hree, and ihus 
the brain of each inoculaled rabbjt was 1aken, after lis death, for milenal 1o inoculate the 
next rabb]t in 1he "veries This experimental ion showed h]ni 1hat each rabbu in the serie'> 
d]ed a litlle sooner, showing lhat the vinci was becoming more >irulenl t]ll no ]ncreise 
in act]Mly of Ihe poi'>i>n was shown after the fiflieth ^ucces^i>e inoculalion 'Rabbits 
inocnldled wUh 4 brain suspeib lo n of rabbit number f]fty all died m seven days " This 
caused Paslenr 1o name the vinci of number fifl> ">jrus fixe," a y]rus of definite length. 
He now hid obtained 4 virus of definUe '>lrength and the ne^t queslion was how could 
the v]riilence be gradually ind definUely reduced 


Thi^ he *ccomp Lashed aflcr miny txpcnmcnt^- He proved ihit paccc^ of I he "mnJulla 

oblong alB" suspended in McnLe tubes which conlained frigments of caustic polash. 
sicadily End gradually reduced Ibicir virulence as I hey dried ^ 1iil 1bie fnurleeiilbiday^ when 
tbiey were prictacilLy men New speramens were prepared each day ind coids which had 
dned in one day Pi^lenr called 'onc-diy vinis," cord-i ^^hich hid dried in two days. '1wo 
dBy'*^ vinci " and ^y on up In the fourteenlh day With 1his griduiled >iru'> he now 
eTpenmcnled on dog^, and lhe injection he u^ed on the fip>l day consi-^led of an 
emulsion of Fourteen-day viru^; for lhe second day the thirteen-day virus. thu*i a-^ing a 
sironger vinci CBchdi^^ until on 1he fondeenth day he used lhe full strength virus Thi*^ 
treilment produced whil i^ called iKimunity in 1he dog^ and even the direct inoculation 
into 1he brBin of the sirong mtus would no1 pmduce death 

Af1er Pi^teur had Ihonnughly sati-^fied himself b> repealed IriBlji he announced hi^ 
wonderful discovery. End il WB-i in 1 mt6 1hat FBSIenr considered the preven1i>e 
mocnlBtion in humBn hcing'> as re'>ling upon b sali^facloTy experimental bB'tis. Dunng 
these five yeBrs thi'> eniineni min prtjved thi1 it was pos-^ible to pn^lect or immunize the 
lower animals^ rBbbit'> Bnd dogs^ again'>l moculalion with the virnlenl virus. 

The efficiency ot 1hi*i immunity was given InaK by different method-^ of inocnlilion 
I1 was found thil siKly percent of dog^ inoculiled under lhe "dura" (a membrane of lhe 
brBin] were !iBved if Ireatment was given the second diy_ This lest 1*1 more severe lhan is 
required to meet 1he ordinBry infection c\ nbies PBMeur, Bftcr a ^cne*i of Ihejie nnal 1ests 
were so convincing- prescnbed 1he preventive inoculilions in human beings and on Jul^' 
61 h_ lflS6 lhe firs1 human patient received lhe firsl Ireatmen! of his series of 

The melhod ot obtBining the atlenuated vinis used in the 1reitnien1 i^i bs Follows A 
TBbbjt Ls inocnliled by the brain melhod before descnbed^ each day wilh suspension of 
the fresh. Fixed virus. These rabbits die m six days afler lhe inoculalion In 1his way a 
rabbit dies each diy lhe spinal 4.oid is removed, divided into '>ections ind suspended in 
a flask conlBining potassium hydme The action of polassium hydrile js drying 
(desjcLilin^l ,\ ^enes of these conds, which have been hung on fourteen successive 
day^, are always kept in slock for the trcilment oF pi1ienls_ The >irus becomes less 
aclive wUh eachsiKces'>i^e day of exposure lo dr^'ing Idesiccation) 2nd finally' lhe 
virulence is aUogether lost 

When 1he piticnt comes for Irealment the fourteenth ind thirleenlh-day cords irr 
used for the fip>t inoculation, and on eath ^u^cessive day the patient receives 
I noc 11I4I ion, the sirength of which h^^ been regulated by lhc number of d^ys the cord 
been hinging. During the fiist four days palienK receive i njec1 ions of '>ix cubic 
cenlimctcis of emulsions made fn>m cords aging from fourleen to seven 


diys, and fiom lhc fafth diy until lhc complcnonof lhc coup>c of Ircatmcnt pittcnis 
receive cmuL'>ioii'> from cord'> of higher inuniinLZ] ng piopcrLLCs^ but no cordii desiccated 
for Lcs!i thin fourdfly^ arc us«J 

Dcitbi TBic from ] S71t-ilty_T before Pasteur trcalmcnt wi^ initHLited tfllzcn frDin 
dDcumcnfi in the d^pirlmcnl of the Seine 


143 bitten. 



76 " 

12 " 


68 " 



156 " 

22 " 


67 " 



45 - 


\\CTBgc of one dcBth to every si% baClcn orKevcnteen percent mortilny. 

[nt:Libal]on period from eleven day^ to thirteen nH>nth'>. avenge one biundietl End 
L^^enly diys^ depending upon location of bjte_ Pu*iLeur In-^litule reti>rt1*i during the veiJH 
I SS6-iSS7 ind fLP>t half of I SStt, *ihow ihat Pi^lcnr hid under his JiuperviMon 5,374 
peraons bitten by Bniniais eilbier proven or 1biough1 lo have been mad MortiJUy for ] 3fl6 
was 1-34- percem during I SS7 it wi^ 1-12 per cent, dunng LSSS U wai 77/100 per ccnL 
With lhe later treBtment the mortality has dccrei^ed to J- 10 per cent m 1903_ The 
P4'>teur metbiod of treatment i^ 4 process of immumnlion wbiich must be compleled 
before lhe de>e]opmen1 of the diiicase It is of no ^alue aflcr lhe symploms have 

Those who have no1 been affected cin be immunucd lhe same as ihose who have 
been bi1ten_ The individuil who has been biHen by a mad di>g reaLi7_es when ind how 
severely he has been bilten, and were il not lor lhe so-called period of lalenl 
development ot lhe virus, it would no1 be possible lo ciiry out 1he Pasteur treBtmenl. The 
pBtiem may. if he will, tike idvinlagc of this facl ind be immunised by treatmeni beforr 
the disease has developed. Deep and severe biles are mos1 dBngennus, bm lhe disease 
may develop simpL> li~om 4 rabid dog licking 4 scralch of 1hc skin. As before slaled bitc^ 
on exposed or uncovered suffices, ire more dangensus 1han 1hose through cLolhing 
There is a very easy access of 1 he siliva to lhe wound in 1he unprolected part, while in 
the pn^leclcd pirls the teeth in passing ihnsugh 1he pn^lcclion clothing, are freed of their 
saliva at leasl pamaLl>. The virus is conveyed from lhe bilten port or inocuL^Uon 1o lhe 
cenlraL nervous syslem Ihrough the nerve trunk, and lhe rapidUy of CTlensjon depends 
upon the resist* n1 powers of 1he patient, the virulence and 1he amount of v i nis deposited 
in 1hc biUen part at the time lhe peison was bitlen This disease develops only m nerve 
tissues. Virus can be found in the nerves of the side bilten. while the corresponding 
nerves on lhe opposite side ire free from it. Ft can be ascertained thai lhe virus is present 
in lhe medulla oblongata betore the lower porlion of the cord. 

1^43 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

Cimparalivr danger.-- A wound of thr Kind *f1cr adrlay of thrcr ^^rck^ is «"> 
clBngcrtJLS a*i a bile on 1bic head cxpos«l only 4 ftw day*i There i-i alway*i 4 po-^ibikly of 
an 4C(:umuLBtivc action and CTtension of Ihc virus along tbic nerve Imnk lo the ceiHral 
nervous system dunng tht inlervaL ol exposure. End thi-i should be fllwBy^ borne in mind 
n ]s slated by lulhority IhBt 1bie virus i^ not 1rareim]tled by lhe bile of a rsbid 4n]maL un1ii 
two day*i previous 1o I he appearance of 1bie first ^ymploms. Ft ]!i w]th some dLff]t:uLly IhBt 
a decision i'> reached in Bd>]S]ng [ial]ent'> who are biHen 1o IbIzc Ircalment early in ihc 
course of 1he disease The *iymp1om!i are often so very oteicnre and sligh! IhBt tbiey Bre 
no1 recogn]^ed. [f b dog wh]ch is not nilLirally vicious suddenly b]tes v^Hbiout Bny 4.4iJ'>e 
It should be tied set urrly ind welched for^ieven dBy'>; and '>hoLild il develop ^yKiplonis 
of the diseine during ih]^ penod the bile '>biould be considered dangerous. 

[nm^^dlatr Lrralmrni of tke ^onnd.— \ tcmporBry meBsure ["> 1bic cauten/ition of 
the wound. di> no1 JiegJcH lh]*i becBiL^e a lew bujup> hBve pBssed ^incc 1bic persi>n was 
b]t1cn, for wounds nia> be CBiiten^ed with BdvBntige even aflcr 1wo or three dayi hive 
elapsed Of cooPte the earlier it is done tbie betler If they are 1bioroiJghl> l4]d open Bnd 
scrubbed ]t is more cffec1ive_ Nilnc ac]d ided freeJy is the bes1 melhod to uhe_ Wash the 
wound freely VrWh boiled WBter after I he icid his been Bpplied ninety- five perceni 
carbolic 4C]d m^y be used ]f nilnc ac]d cannot be oblBined 

If carbolic icid ]s used il is necessBry thil it be WBshed from the wound by lhe frrc 
use of ibsolnlc Bicohol, followed b> boiled ^^Bter and b dressing of bichlonde of 1-7000. 
This prcvenls the iilceral]on of the wound by 1he cartohc Bcid_ CaiitennnUon Ihortjughly 
done destioyji a part oF lhe inoculaled virus Thorough cautenzalion is cspecully 
neces^Bry i^]th large wountis m which iBrge quanl]tics of 1he >]rus is inoculaled 

When Id send palirnts to aa ]nstlLulc.--Seiid them immediBtely if I here is good 
reason lo believe the animal hid rabies It is not wise lo W4]t un1il the animal dies; i1 ]s 

very impodant thai trentmenl is begun is soon is possible, es[iec]al]y in severe biles. 

What Id send for ex a mina Mob. --The enlire heid may be seni by express^ or belter 
the he all h offii.ei shtniJtl bring il ij] person. This saves lime and relieves an\ie1y or a 
porlion of the brain may be removed under thoroughly clein condil]ons and placed m a 
slcrili7ed tx^enty perceni solulionof glytenn ind waler In this wi> the virus relains ]ts 
v]rulence Bnd putrefBct]on is dimin]shed. The np>l melhod is the bc^U taking lhe heBd 
d]rec1l>_ The head Bfter U reaches the libi>ri1ory is eKam]ncd m](. losco p ic ally for'negri 
bodies " ind if there is no conlaminBtion the microscopic findings are verif]ed by animak 
inoculalions- The presence of ncgn bodies in a spec] men is of grei1 vilue owing 1o iJic 
TBpidily \^]th which a diagnos]s <.kTs be n^Bdc In une case b po£]]tivc diagnosks was 
reported within twenty minutes 


aftrr thr ^ipccLincn cnlcrcd lhc laboralnTy and within thr n^xt hour and h Kalf the [lalicnl 
b]tlcn by 1bic dog tht SBmc diy biad begun bcrcDuniC of prctcctivc injections and u'as 

l^ro Lectio n^-- Tn "^Ump oul thi*^ di^ca^te cily authorities, etc ^ can tnBct liws. All 
owncrlc^^ dog^ shoLiLd be l:]Ll«J_ End Ihc keeping of LiseLc^>s dogs sbionld be di^courBgcd 
by tB^Btion. All dogs ishoiiLd be ibioroughly mu^iled wbiert the distB'^t prev4]ls Ihih 
article l^ iriade up fTDm an BrlLcle wrUtcii by an BcknowLedged authoril^' on 1 bus disease, a 
man m cbiargr of 4 Pislenr instiliitc. 

Cities Tvlitrt Faftcur rn^tilntrsare iocattd: 

Ann \rbijr Mi(.biLgin_ Biltimore MaryLind. 

Chicago^ llLioois. AiisUn^ Texas. 

MinnesotB Toionio, Ont 

New York Cily 


ADatiD[a, [>r ^Dtm La.~Th]s ma> be def]ned bs a reduction oF ihe aniDunI of blood 
3S a wbiole or of Jts corpuscLe^^ or of certa]nof ]ts more Lmpi>rtBn1 eonstil nents^ such bs 
aLbijni]n and haemoglobin. Frinia^v oz eis^iliaf anemia ]ncludch chloros]s and 
pcrnie]ouy anemia secondary anemia resuH"^ from hemorrhages, poor noLirishmenl or 
I ntox ic al]o n't poisons. Ch]oros]s, a primary anemja chiefly of young g]rls, charac1eri7.ed 
by marked relative decrease of hBcmoglobm. 

Causes.-- 1 1 usijbIL^ occurs in b Londes of f rom twelve to twenty years of Bge and 
mosi often from fourteen to nevenleen yeaisof age, when the menslrnal fLinct]cin is being 
eslablished and during which time lhey are rushed wuh Iheir -school work. There ma> be 
a family history of chlonssis or tuberculosis Poor food, ha ml unhealthy work, 
confinement ]n close unvenlilated rooms are other causes 

Sjmpto HIS.— Rounded neshy appearance may continue There is some d]fficulty of 
brealh]ng paJpHat]onof 1he heart on sligh! exerlion. from a frighl or from eKC]tement. 
tendency to faint feeling or even fainting, headache a i]red feel]ng, hanl 1o stir or do 
anything, irritable lemper, poor or changeable appet]te, Ihe dige'tlion ]s dislurbed, I he re 
IS constipat]on. coldness of the hands and feel diff]cul1 mcn'^lruat]on irregular 
men-ilrnanon lencorrhea amenorrhea, and nomelimes 1here is a sligh! fe^er The color is 
of1en of a yellowish-green tinge and this ]s more noliceable m the brunetle 1ype, ihough 
the cheeks ma> be flushed; the whites of the eyes blui'^h while in color. The heart sounds 
are nol righl The blood is pale m color. The red cells are diminished, bul usually are not 
below eighly per cent of lhe nonnal. 

250 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

the hacmogfobin l^ grcally reduced, somrlLmcs to thcrly-fivc or forty pcrcrn! The *gc 
greenish t]nt of pallor, bluiiibi wl]]tcik of the cy«>, poor nulntion, etc , Mid in making tbie 

'L reatai^: n I.- - F rc^h air. good food _ c ■ re of 1 he bowels End re^t ]f ihc symptorrui art 
^cvcrc- ifr hen i1 iii not '^y "^ocit pLcnIy of outdoor c Teir]se ]Si neee^-^iry and beneficLBL 
That tikc^ thtm a^^ay from tht]r cramped '>tdcntAry Life and gtvcE the isunshint good 
pure air ind chanf.e of the scene. Horseback nding 3S a very good formof eTerc]Sie, but 
It should be '>Low riding. "Tending" ihe hor^e is aL^o good, and sleeping in lhe open air is 
excellent \ulonx>hi]c ndinp. ]s too ^Iraining anti ^hoiiltl m^t be indulged ]n 

Ix H land's fills are rcry much ised. 'Lhe firmuia follow sj 

Dried Sulphate of ]i~on 2 drams 

Cflrbonfltr of Potash 2 drams 

Synip SurTicicnl 

M]x ihonsughly. and mabe forly-eigh! pilL^. Take one to ihree pafis, 
three tiKic^ u d^y after mcilh. 

1. Ftwler'ssolulbn of arscnle ]^ al'^o very good remedy, three lo four drops ihrcc 
tiKie'^ a diy. [t musi be v^alched for bad symptom^i End should only be tiken under a 
phytic I Bn"!i supervision. 

DirL— Th]!i *ihould be good and vined to snU lhe special ti^1e. End a^ lhe ^tomBch 
and bowels are usually d]^onfe red such food shouJd be chosen as will bc^t agree D]et 
plai'!i a vcE^ important part. 

PERNICIOUS ANAEMIA.- Th]'^ i^ characleriicd by greal decrease of the red 
ceLl-^ oF lhe blood wUh a relBti>cly high color indei and the presence of large number of 
germs The causes are unknown. 

CcBdlLrion.— The body is nol emacialed A lemon color of lhe '>kin is usually present. 
The mwicle'> Bre b dark red but bIL the other oigans are pale and fBtly. The hcBrt ih large 
and falty. The liver and '>pLeen are nonnal in Mze or only slighUy enlarged w]th an 
excess of ]ron m the pigmenl. The red cells may ^all lo one-fiflh or Jess of 1he nonnal 

number. The rich properttes of Ihe blood are fearfully decreased 

5viiptDni5.--5tomach and bowels dyspepsia, nausea and >oni]t]ng or consUpBtion, 
may prcLi^de o ther sy m p lo ms or the> may lasl IhiDughont the CBse The onsel is gradual 
and unknown, wuh gradually increasing x^cary feeling, pBleness Bnd some dirficully jn 
breathing and palp]ta1ion of the heart on exertion There is pBleness of 1he skin and Ihe 
mucous membranes, the lips look pale, no color. The paleness becomes c;t1reme lhe skin 
of1en hBMn^ b lemon yellow tin1 The muscles are flBbby. Ihe Bnkles are swollen, you 
can see lhe Brlenes beat. HemorrhBges may occur inio the skin, mucous membrane and 
ret]na of the eye. Nervous "^jmploms are not common. The pallor and weakness become 
eitrrme somel]mes wUh inlervals ot ]mprovement and death usually occuis The 
follo^^ing ]s .Addison's descripl]on given by Dr. Osier 


It makes ]ts jppioarh tn so '>lnw ind iieidioLi^ a manner that the patient ran hardly 
f]T 4 dale lo the ciriicst feeling of 1biat LiJiguLir wh]ch JSi shortly 1o become exlreme The 
countenance gd-^ pale, Bnd wh]tc of 1bie eyeii become pcBrly, the generil frame flabby 
rather thin wi-^led The puL^f perbiapji larger, bu1 remarkably !iof1 ind tompres*! ibl c and 
occi^ionilly with b !iligh1 jerk. espccLBlly under ihc sL]^ htc^l eKC]tcment_ There l^ in 
in(.rcB'5]ng ind]*ipo^LlLon to cfLert]on wUh an uncomlortibic fcehngof rainlnc^E or 
bre al hles^ ne^'f in Btlcmpting it, the biead is readily mide lo paLp]ti1e, the whole surface 
of the botly prc^cnl-^ a blanched smooth Bnd WBfL> appcBrantt 1he hps, gums Bnd 
tongue seem bkHKlLc'e>, 1hc flabbinc^of the si>ljd iik reuses, 1he Bp petite I ails exlremc 
languLif Bnd faintness supervene, b real h less ness and pilpilBtion are produced by the most 
trifling eTer1]on or emot]on some "^lighl oedemB 1swclL]ngJ is pn^bably perceived iboul 
the Bnkles, the debility becomes extreme The p3t]ent cin no Longer rise from the bed, 
the mind occasionally ^^anders he falls in1o i pro'^lralc ind half torpid slate ind at lenglh 
eipires, nevcrlhelcHh lo the very last, Bnd afler b sickness of HtverBl monlhs' diiral]on, 
the bulkiness of the general frame and lheobesi1y {fill oflen preseni i mos1 stnlzjng 
contrast to the failure and exhaidtion observable in every olhcr rcspecl The discBse ks 
usually fi1al. 

'LreBtmenL—The pa[]ent should remijn in bed and should use a light noiinshjug 
dael. iBking food ]n small imounls and 41 stBted intcR'als ResI in bed ]s esse ii1 ill Dr. 
Osier 1 reeled 4 cane ]n the following way: I usually begin v^Uh Ihree minims |dn3ps| of 
Fowler's nolulionof ■racn]c three times a day ind ]ncreB'^e the dose to five drtjps Bt 1he 
end of Ihe fip>l week lo ten at the end of Ihe second \^eet, to n I teen al the end of Ihe 
thind week ind if necessary go up lo twenty or Iwcn1y-five_ Symploms of Bn overdose 
are rare; vomilin^ Bnd dnirhea occur Then the medicine mus1 be discont]nued for a few 

IJECONDARV ANEMIA. Causeb.-- HemorrhBge iBrn JblttdinEt. 4a> R^pid 

bleed] ng from lhe ruplure of an incurjsm from a blow orealing in1o Ihe blood vessels 
by an ulcer (b) Sl^Vr bleeding is from nose-bleed, flow from lhe womb, piles or ]n 
"bleedep>" people who bleed reid]ly_ 

1. Imanitlom fom.~Mo1 nourished because of inlerfercncc in taking food or 
assimjlatmg food, ^rom cancer of 1 he guild or disease of Ihc stomach. 

3. Toxic potson ca^s^ fn>m acute ind chronic diseiscs, such a^ typhoid fever, 
tuberculosis rheumilism, syphilis, malm a, nephrUis, orchTDn]c leid poisoning, 
mercuiy arsenic, ind copper pD]son]nf. 

S^aiptoiu^.'-There ]s pallor, di?:z]ness, heidiche, palpi1al]on ind dyspnoea, diff]cutt 
brealh]ng on exertion Ihere ]s weakness, tendency to famling, poor appetite, dyspepsia 
and const]pat]on The red blood cells are d]minished ilso the haemoglobin Death may 
occur fTom a single hemorrhage. 

252 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

Trc a tmrnl.-- Remove the caii^c *nd r«i1 Good frwih *]r, good cas]fy daiTcstrd food. 
The box^cl*! must be kcp1 regular Iron and Brncnic Bre good remedies if necK>SBry_ ll is 
nol possible 1o give speciBi d]reolLons A pePton in th]s condilion need^ a gcxxJ 
phj^sLcnn- There is no tunc lo ^^B-^le Innn and Brsen]c are good remedies but they mu-i! 
be used jnteiligenlly Bnd in pTDper doses. E laud's pi I L is good ]n some cases, [t 4.i>nt4]ns 
iron .\lso FowLcr^ soJution of iTsenic 

LEUKAEMIA.— .^n af feel ion charaelerized by per£]s1ent iiK.reBse in the whUe 
blood corpuscles issociBted witbiehBnges. c]ther alone or logcther in the -spleen, 
lympbialic ^Liiids and l>i>ne-marro^^ 

L. Spleen and l3(]n4:-^[a^^ol^, |Splt'4:n-i^l4:dullar^> t>pe.~The changes ire 
cspecLilLy loeBkicd ]n Ihe spleen ind in 1bie bone-marrow while the blood shows 4 gre*1 
incrcBsc in elements which are derived cspeciBllj from ihe latler lissue 

1. Lymphalic I'^^e.— The changes in 1his 1ypc Bre chiellv locikzed m the lyni[ihat]c 
afiparaliis. Ihi: blood showing an especial increase in 1hose elenienls derived from Ihe 
lymph ^iBiids 

CauEts— Unknown, [t la most comnH>n before middle ige 

Symy t« ms.~ Bi1 he r 1ype may be acme or chronic The invBSJon nn> be grBdiiBl. 
somelimcs wUh dislurbince of the stomach and bowels or nose-bleed (aj The firs! t>pe 
IE ihe common OEie The spleen generally becomes enlarged ]t is nomelimes lender and 
pBinfnl. It may occiip> over hilf of the abdoni]nal cavily ind varies ]nsi/e ifler b 
hemorrhBgc, djarrhci or Bftcr a meal. There nny be paleness of the face. e1c , eariy and 
lale nioscB vomUing^ d]arrhe4 ind dysenlery ire common^ as is al^o ascites (dropsy ]n 
the abdomen] The pulse is ripid. full and sof1 Fever is usual. Hemorrhages occur in the 
skin, relink, pleura pentoneom elc Heidache^ d i ^7 1 ness . sho rl breath] ng ind fatnling 
may occur fn^m the anemia. The li^er may be enlarged The blood shtjws 4 greit 
incrrase in the wh]te cells SomeUmes they are more numennus than 1he red blood cells 
(b^ Lymphat]c 1ype ]s rare various gn^ups of the lymph glands are enlarged, idually 
separate bul sometimes milted togelher; othep>^ such as ihe lonsils miy become large. 
The bloiHJ shows an increase of 1he white cells, bul less ihan m the o1her foim. The 
Eple«n IS usually somewhal enlaiged. Recovery is rare, 1he l>mphat]c cases miy lisl only 
six or emht weeks The couise is icually prtjgressive for Iwo or three yc^r* 

TreaLmtnt.— The same as for Pernicious Anaemia. 

FALSE LEUKAEMIA. IPsruda- Leukaemia |.--.\lso called Hodgkm's discaEe. 

mal]gnant lymphoma ind general lymphidenoma This ]s a progrcss]ve anem]a and 
enlargement o\ Ihe lymph glands and Ihe skin, with secondary lymphoid growlh in the 
liver, spleen and other organs. 

C auETS.— M lies Are more affected than females, and usually young persons 
Conl]nual local ] ml alio n causes a [dce\ enlargement of the glind, bu1 1he actual cause is 


S> mptfl SIS.-- Thr Fymph gland^i of lKc neck. Hrm-pit or girrin arr cnlar|!«l End 

WLlhoul in> pain, folLo^^cd by Bncmn Lm>!i of ^trcnglh ind slight fcvcr_ The glands 
enlarge slowly or rapidly, forming largt mas^cs^ while tht growth c\tcnd'> 1o olhcr 
rcgiorui- The spleen may be felt, the !ik]n iiny be bnsnzcd- In ca*i«i w]th ]nvoK'cmcnl of 
deep '>eHted nodes thr nrsi symptonui iiny be thi>fie of pres^iure on blood vc^>scL^_ ncFvei_ 
trachtB bionchifll tubfs nrotbicrslru(:turt'> 

'L ri^atm^: n I .- - C u t Ibi^^m nol if they art ^ihbII and localized Ap>rii]c, qij]ninc, cod- 
kvcroil ire good medicines 

PUR FUR A ---This ]s not ^Innly b dL^vei^c. but a symptom Thi!i incliidc*! 4 group of 
af fed tons ch B rat le n/cd bv hemorrhages ]nto 1he stin_ 

Sjniptoius.--There Bre hemorrhages in1o ihe skin, Bnd thjs nkes the form of '>m4lL 
blood spots undemeBth lhe skin, {pelechia) Bnd ^pol^ L]ke the bup>ling of a blood vessel 
show'> v]bLces or ecchynH>ses The firsi ire in MnaLl minole po]nts and appear ^^ b nilc, 

in lhe hBir folLiclcb and unL]l:e 1he erythemas (rednessj do not d]!i appear ijpi>n pressure 
Another kind Dccnr^ as streaks while the erch>nio'>es are larger, but similar in nalure lo 
the f]rs1 kind- They nny be larger lhan i spin pea, and they range fiDjn a deep red 1o a 
lLV]d bLiJ]sh tint They i^>SLime a yellowish brown, then a yellow color, a*i the> fade awa^' 
and finally disappear This enipt]on appears in a series of crops and lhe Ic^ arc the lEual 


L. ^^ my t« ma I Ic PurpnrB. 4a| InfectlDDSL Olcots in typhus fe>er endocardHis, 

cerebro-^pinal mcnin^LU^, 1>phojtl fevci elt: (1) Toxic; \ro\T\ snake bites. ]od]de of 
polash qiiLnine, copaiba, bell a donna, ergo I, cic , and wi1h jaundice |r| ^'achcellct whth 
cancer lobe re liIosls, lcukaeni]a, ral'>e lenhiemLi, scurvy e1c. |dt ^e1 roller wilh 
hyiteni neurilgii, and "lOme organic diseiiie. {e|MtchBiilcaL; due lo violent effort and 
poor venous ciicnlation 

1. Type arlkrltic pnrpura. |aj Slmpk Purpira. A mild form ij'>iial]y occurring in 
children somet]mes VrWh pain^ in 1hc joinK, rarely iny fever. There i^ anemia 
d]Murbance of lhe stomach ind purpuric spots on 1he le^ oflen on Ihe irms and Irunks. 
Jb> KhtiMuatk purpura^ this usually occurs in men fiom twenly lo fort^' ycar^ old 
There i!i usually pain and s^^elhng of several jomls, temperature 101 to lOJ degrees, 
purpunc eruplion chiefly on lhe lef*i and a boo! Ihe iffcc ted j o] n ts oflen \^]th h]ves ind 
d]gestive dislurbance'> {c} Henoch's purpura; usually in children ind i^ sometimes 
fatil There arc recurrenl jo]nt pains and swelling, disturbances of lhe '>tom4ch ind 
bowels, skin troubles resembling it, and hemorrhage from mucous membrane 

PURPLIRA HAF.MORRHAGEC. -Thisis a ^cvctt To rm, usually ±ieen in dcht ale 
girls The cioHe is unknown 

5^111 ptf> lu s. -- We ak nes^ . extensive purpuric spots {"imAll blood spot^ ]n lhe skin), 
eruption, hemorrhages fT^m lhe mucous membranes 

254 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

which may cause strondiTy ancmifl ^L]ght fever, ^Low rioting of the blood. The 
duriUon is fiom ten to Foorlcen dBy^. DtBLh may occur ivithin a da^' ]n cases marked by 
pTDfuhe bleeding in1o Ihc skm End proislrBtion. 

1 ri: atiii4: n I.— Remove tbie causes Fresh air. food ind tonics, elc Th]*^ dise4'>t is 
srnous and ncL^ds careful treatment fnsm a physician 

HAEMOPHILEA. " Itltcders."-- Thi'> ]s a heredilar? di wrder c haracterizcd by t 
tendency to per^i'tleut bleeding, s poni auco u.'^ly or even flFter a bl]ght injury 

Causes.-- Usually heredilary through msny generations. Et ts transmuted through 
dflughlcrs ihem-^eU'cs usually not "bleeders," to their male children, [t i^ found mosi 
of1en jn Ihc \nglo-Gennan nccs 

Cf^mdltion.— The blood vcuici wbIIs are lhiEi. the skin l^ de]icAlc, clotnugof the 
bloExJ Ls usually relBi~ded. 

S> m ptc ms.— il 4.ome'> '>pout4neoii^l> or BFteronly '>l]ght wound'>; Ihe person is 
eitremelv delicalc The bleedings occur from ihe ^bin, or mucous membrane or from 
wounds, bu1 rBrcly dunng men'>tru4lion or confine meni They vary from small ^pot^ 1o 
bleeding which may end faulty, or ]n recovery w]th marted anemii There miy he pain 
and swelhng of the joinis e1c., and thi^ may leave deformitie'^ reM^mbiing deformed 
arthriljs. The result ]s wuise 4he earlier Ihe disease shows iL^icH They may live Id old 

'Ln^BtBitnl.— .\>o]d. B't much as pr>ss]ble wounds and operat]ons m "bleeding" 
families MarriBge of the women should be discouraged For bleeding rc-^l ice, tannic or 
gBlhc acid or adrenalin locBlly iJ the bleedjng poinis can be reached Plug the nustnls for 
no'>e-bleed bolh behind and in front. 

SCURVV. t^rorbitis).— A con^lHutiouBl disei^c chBracterizcd by weiknes^, 
anemia, '>pongine'^ of Ihc gums and lendcncics lo bleedng. 

C Bases. —Th IS di'teBse h^^ been called "The calBmily of '>a]lor> " 1 1 h^^ been known 
from the e4r]ie'>t time^ and h^^ prevailed padiculBrly ]n ann]es in the field ind among 
s4]lor>on long voyages. Et has become 4 very rare di'>eBse in the UnUcd Utiles 

Prcdl^posinp^ Cau^esL— Oyercrowd]ng, dark unheallhy K)om'>; prolonged fotiguc, 
mcntiJ dcpivsMon 

Exciting Cause. --The lack of fre^h >cgctibles, poi'toning from sl]ghtly ti]nted food, 
or an ]ntecl]on The gums are swollen, somelime'> ulcerated skin is spoiled, bluish, etc, 

Symptoms.-- Il come'> on gradually (insidiously) There is los^ of weight, 
pn^gre-^^ivclv developing weakness and pillor very soon the gums are swollen ind look 
spong> ind bleed ei^ily The Icelh may become loose End fall ou1 The breBth j-^ very 
foul The longue is swollen, but it may be red End not coaled The slzjn becomes dry ind 


rough and Iccchymosc^l dark spol^ ^oon appear fLP>l on ihc Ic^L-^ and lEicn on tht arm 

and Irunk and padicularL^ about 1bic hBir folLicLc:^. Tbic^tC Brc "ipo ntincouH or follow k 
slight injury. In severe ci^c^ he moirh Bg«i Linder 1bie periosteum |the covering of the 
bonc^) may caice ]rregulBr ^^^clhng c^pcculLy in the Icg^, and lhe^c may brcfll: di>^^n 
and form ulcrp> The '>l]^hlest bru]^c or injuTy causes hrniorThagt'> into the injurtd pad. 
ExtriVB'5]on under the "ikin c^pccnlLy in 1hc lower exl re mil lcs may be followed by 
permanem handness 1]ndurat]onJ and ">! i rrne'>s due to connect] ve 1 issue infiHralion 
(seurvj "^clero^i^l- There may be pijni m the joint*i ind often wilerv "^welling (oedema) 
of the ankles Bleeding from inlernil mucous mcmhrine-^ is Ic*iE common 1han fn^m the 
skm. The appetHe \h poor. p4lp]t4lion of the head and feebLene'>s ind ineguLBnty ot Ihe 
pulsie ire prominent ^ymploms. Owin^ 1o Ihe wjre gums lhc pitient js iinabLc lo (.hew ihe 
food. The urine often contBins ilbnmm and is scanty and concentrBted. There ire 
weariness depression heidBche and finally delirium or coma^ or symptoms due to 
hemoTThflge'f w]thin the brain, or day and nighl bl]ndness KiBy be present. 

Rccocry.— The paUent will recover if the Liuse can be removed, unless tT is far 
advanced Death mav result from complica^on-^. 

Treat mi: nL. Pri^ienLri^c.— Fresh or canned vegelables or fruil must be ealen 

'LreaLmenL Tor Ihe aLtaeh.~Dr. Osier, of England, says 'I think the juice of two or 
three lemons dBil> and 4 die1 of plenly oF meat and fresh vegetible^ w]ll cure all ca^e^ 
unless the> are far advanced. For 1he stomach small quinlilies of "^craped meat and milk 
should be given 41 short intervals, ind Ihi: lemon juice ]n gradually ]nc reusing quanlUies 
A^ the patient gi]^^ in strcnglh you 4.4n g]>e a more liberal d]el and he miy eil freely of 
polatoe'f, cabbage ^^ a ter 4. resses ind leltuce \ b liter tonic m^y be given Pennin^inate 
of polish or dilute carbolic ac]d forms 1he be-^l moulh-wash Penc]l]ng the swolcn gums 
wuh a tolerably strongsolut]on oF nil rate of silver ]s ver^' useful. Relieve Ihc 
conMipat]on by enemas " 

ADDISON'S DISEASF.. Diseases of the Supra rtma I l^bo^t Kidneys) Dodks.-A 

cons1i1iit]onal disea'^e ch a rac tended by great ^v e aknes^ . stom ac h and bo^vel s>mp1onui. 
heart weakness ind dark colonng of lhc skin 

Causes.--]! usually occuis jn men from Iwenly lo forty ycar^ old. The skin and 
mucou*^ membrane ind sometimes the serous like the pleura. e1c., membranes arr 

p]gmenled |darl:ened>. 

Svnipt4hius.--There ]s a gradual onse1 of weakness^ changeable symptoms in [he 
slomach and bowels and darkening of the sk]n There i'^ ^reil feeling of fatigue and 
keble irregular a4.l]on of 1he heart; nausea and vomiling ind often ab'^ence of apfiente 
and some diarrhea. The abdomen mav be pi]nfu] and dra^^n bact in 1hc coup>e ol 1he 
d]sease The pigmentalion (coloring of the sk]nl vines fn^m the l]gh1 jellow lo dart 
bTDwn, ol]ve or blick ll usually begins on 

256 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

the skin or rc|]cin^ natunlLy pigmented or whrrc prr^urc ]s CKcrtcd by the cLolhang 
The mucous membra nc^ arc ilsio pigmented- Death may occur from fi]nt]ng cxircmc 
weikncss^ ccinvijl^]ons or dcknum or thiou^bi lubcrcuLo'>L'>. Usually dtBth occurs w]thin 
one ytir. Ihough lhi!i iin> occur in a few weefci* to l-frxj ycais_ Homct]mc*i iflcr mtervfllsi 
of imprtncmcnl 

'LrtBtmtDl.— Thi"^ muiil be lo Encct ihc hndic al ic ns as [hey arLiC. It is ascncus 
cl]hcasf End should be under Ihc supcrvi'iLon of a compelcnt p bi^"^]c iui . 

DISEASES OF THE SFLEEN. L. Riplurc of Ihr splttn.-Thi^ miy occur 

spontBneously from nu apparcnl CBUse, or from hurls rL'cciVL'd in cases of typhoid or 

SiDiptoiu^.- -Severe pa]n. md ^]gns of ]nle'>t]naL biemi>rTh4ge'>. 

1. Aculc i Dfia mnia I id n of thi: bpltcn |^lcn±ti9>.~Th]h occuis la icute infecUons 
after injuries. 

Sjmptonis.--Thcy arr pain trnderncs^, and enlargemen! of 1bie spleen 

Treataicnl.--TreBt the caide ind reL]eve the pBin. ,\ii thi*^ is 4 "^enoiEi and pBinful 
affcclion 4 phy'^]ciBn should be called. The pBin \h often rL'Jicvcd by 4 mustard poultice 
or hot I omental ions. The pBtient should remain in bed for icutc inflamma^on of 1he 
spleen ni> lUBtlcr "^'hnt the ciuse. 

3. Chronic Splenitis. C busts.-- ]1 conies from malaria. syphiL]£] or leiikaem]a^ etc. 

Sjaiptoni5.--Thcrc as the feeling of weight aEid s^' mp to ms of pressure on Ihe lungs 
or iHnwei. 

'LreatHitn I.— Remove the cawic If il comt'> fT^m malBrii altend to ihBt^ etc 
MOTHERS' REMEDIES. I. Blood PurincTs Mnlasscs aad Sulphir as a. -Tikr 
a pirn of molasses lo tjvc cenls" worth oJ "^uJphur. and miv. well." \ leii^poo nl nl four 
times a dBy m the spring w]ll do wondcp> towBn:t> puntyin^ Ihe blood. 

1. Flood PuriNcrH Sassafras J ta^ Knc^n all o^cr as^— "S4'>^afras lei mide fiom 

the roi>l and boiJcd lo extrBct the '>lrciig1h " Dnnk freely of ihas for a few days in the 
spring ]1 ihins the blood and i*^ b giK^I Ionic 

^ Blt«d FuTifier^ Herfe Lea Ustd as,-- 

Eundock Root 2 ounces 

Yellow Docb 2 ounces 

Slippery Elm BBrk L ounce 

Mezeron Root I ounce 

Liconcc Juice ] ounce 

Simmer gcnl I y ]n lhree pints of wilerdown lo one quBrt; when cold !i train ind add one- 
Founh ounce ot iodine polassium." A winegli^fu] mBy be tBken lhree lime^i a dB> This 
prcparalion is a fine blood pnnfier Bnd can be relied upon 


4. Blot^d Purlfltrs Sivtcl Ftm f&r.-"M*kc a 1c* of iha^ and drink frccfy_ This is 
vcr> food tij Lihi: in LIk: "spring ol Ihc vcbt i^ it thonuighly 4:lcin^>t^ 1hc ^y!itcm_' 

5. Hlood P urine r+ Dot lor K^^c a m lui: ndb Sunna and Salts f* r : - - "Fa vc cc nL'>' worlh 
of Sicnna leave;*, one lablc^poonful of cpiom sails in one quad of cold walcr_ cover End 
lei ^tind o>cr night, then Mrain and put in bolllc^- Tike a winc-glais full every morn]ng 
un1il yoii feel welL" Th]!i i^ from Mr> JonalhBn SHbw, she bias used ]t wUbigood results 
in her family A phys]ciBn in Bnglind told her ]f people ^^ould ide 1bii^ ihe >eBr lonnd 
tbiey would seldom need a doctor 

i, Rlood Fnriner+ Rtutd^ Eas^ Id Make for.--"'Wc Blway^i ice one lea'ifioo nfnl of 
crcim ol iBiUr two *ipoonfuK ot *iij]phur. and mi\ \^ith s>rup Any size spoon will do_ 
Take b leasfioonfnl 41 * do'^e " Thi'> ih an e^cellenl remedy, and '>hoiild be iBlzen before 
retiring, about Ibiree times a week would be siifho]ent_ 

7. Hlood FuririeFs Beech Bark and Blackbcrrv Rut a Good.--"One gBllon while 
bee<.h bBik {iJici ibi^' I'oogh bark i*^ renH>vcJj, fOL>J bjg handful of blat-kberry i~ool foul 
fine), and il^o of sassBfras mot. Cover with cold waler Bnd hieep to get tbie strength, Itien 
"^Irain. When cool fnol cold) Bdd one p]nt bBlzer'^ ye4'>l and one 4.up '>ugar. Lei U stind 
twenly-lour bioup> in b ^^Brm plBce_ Thcnstri]n ind sel ]n a cool place Tike a 
w meg] as'^fol Ihree limes a dBy before meil^. This has been highly recommended to me 
by a friend from KallzB^kB N^ieh]gan " 

E. Klood Furifltr, from a Madlsom, Conner1icnt+ MothrrL—'TiIze blackberry root, 
black (.herry bark, -spruce bi>ughs, \^inlcrf.reens sai\ipinllB rools ^tecp m a large 
vessel, l]ll ill tbic goodness is ool. si rain and \^hen lukewarm pul in a cup of yeast, lef 
work and bo tile np." 

9. Bkcd Purifier, Ho^ tc raahe. Celery Compound for a.~ 

"Celeiy Compound 2 OLinces 

Chamomile Flower I ounce 

Si'>^afri'> Root I ounce 

Senni Leive;* L ounce 

M andrake L ounce 

W]ntergreen Essence L ounce 

Wh]sky ] gill 

White Sugar 1 pound 

Hops 2 hindfoK 

Sleep ikree kour^ in fourquarls of water, fitriin. *dd hugar. when cold add winteigrecn 
and whisky Dose —One teispoonful before meals and it bedtime " 

LO. Hlood Purifier, \ no tier Effective Herb Reuedy.-Poiir boiling biot v^ateron 
four ounce*! of gcnlun root wUh Iwo ounte^ oJ dried orange peel, a sufficienl amount of 
walersbiould be used to exhausl the strength in ihe root and oringe peel ihen boil in a 
poiceli]n pot until Itiere is left one-bialf pinl of tbie concenlrated infus]on lo every onnce 
of gentian loot used. Then to every one- half p]nt add one 


25S A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

hilf ouncr alcohol Thr cffcc! of the alcohol is lo co^gulut it from « quantHy or jelly 
lciol:]n^ ^Libslancc which must be scpBratcd by slraLning Th]s is one of 1bie best 
sirengthcncra of 1bie human sysitcm. Dose —One Icaspoonful ]n bh ounce of waler " 

11. Bkcd PurriNtrn Murdoch rorL—'Thi: root ]^ Ihc p^n cmpJoycd clinunaUng very 
rapidly the s[ic4.jlic poison from the blood. Ec^l BiitiiLii]'^ 1c red in decodion b> boiling 
two ounces of the rocA in ihrcc p]nts of wi1er, to two pints Dose —One lablespoontul 
four time?i a dBy " Burdock is b splendid blood purif]er Bnd b& nol expensive. It can be 
purchased 41 4n> clruf slore for a reasonable amount. 

niSKASESOF I'HE: I'HVROID C^LANn.-EnriammatlDn if the Ih^riid gland, 
|Tb^r[>idrilis|,~\cute infl animal ion of the ^.iBud simple or "^uppuralive. It may develop 
in B pal]ent with goitre^ or icule infeclious d isei^es^ or from other parls^ or fiom wounds 
Theglanti i"^ cnlirgctl ind "^ofl ind may conlain abscesses 

Symptoms.-- Pain tenderness, and enlargcmeni of Ibic pBrt orof bII the ^lind. Fe^cr 
mBy be present even in cases wilhoul signs of pus forming (suppurationV If there is grcal 
enlargement, there mBy be sjmplom-s o\ compression of vcbfiel. nerves or ihe windpipe. 

rrcatmrnl.— l^ Ihe re ]s pu.s U must be carefully opened The parent niusi remBin 
qu]ct in bed Sometimes cold appUcalions relieve. Do not use winn apphcilioib This 
d]seasc js not frequent and ihc pilicnl needs care ind walcbiing more IhBH medicine. 

GOE ire: |l3KO^~CH^AL|. Causcs.~No sat]sfBCIOTy e^plinBtion cin be given for 
this d]sease ]1 seem-s to be mi>re previJent where lime-stone WBter is u^ed. Heredity 
plays a pin This ]'s an enlargement ot Ihe Ihynnid gJantI Chronic enlargement of Ihe 
tbiyroid ]s sporBdie. Cases are scallered and endemic in cedBin mounlamous reg]ons It 
affecis young women mosi often. A greal excess ]n lime drinking waler miy be Ibic 
caifie ]1 is very prcvBlenI about the eistern shore of Lake Ontino ind in pBrts of 
Michigan. It ]s a common complainl in this country 

Sjmptcni^.-- There is a gradual painless enlargement of the whole gland or one lobe, 
eEc. It may press on tbie windpipe ind cause d]rricult breathing also on the blood vessels 
and nerL-es. 

Recover^.-- This ]s ieiUbII> favorable as lo hfe, bul not so favorable as a cure. It 

becomes chnnnic. A sudden filal ending may come. 

GOITRE, MOTHERS' REM EniES,-- E. Three In^redltnl Rrmrd^v ft^r.-'Thc 

following IreBtmenI is excellent, bul must be continued for se^cial months 

Ex trad of Belladonna 1/2 dram 

Compound Ointment lod]ne ]/2 dram 

Vaselin 1/2 ounce 

Apply th]s to the affecled pBrts sevrrBl times a day " 
Tf thi"^ Irealmeni is kepi up f4]tbifully ]t is sure to help 



1l Coltrr, ^Implt Rcmrdj for.-- 'Wring a clolh from cold WHtrr and b]ncl l1 around 
the nc(.k every ni^:h1 ^ hen rLMinng Thi^ 1*1 4 "iurc cure if cont]nucd for \on%c t]me " 

3. Goitre, IntxptDsi^e Sentdj for— "Apply the foLldwinf hcvcrfll Unie^ a day 
Extriet of beJlfldonrn oi*?-hilf dram, eompound ointmenl of liKJine Iwo driin^; lh]!i 
treitmcnl must be kcp1 up "^e^eral ini>nths " The ibo>c treatment will be found very 
bencfLC]al and 1^ not an ei^peiLsi^e one. 

PHYSICIANS' IRE ATM EN r for GDllrt.-J. LoeilL^ t]ncturr of lodinr. pHinl 
some on the glind once or twice a day unUl i1 gcK a lntLe sore End keep ]t so for weelz-^, 
or use cosmoLine End put la n abou1 one-quirlcr as mu4.h iodine and nib on. Laid will do 
in*i1eid of (.osmoknc. The parts should be bept red ind a lnUe sore U^c alsi> ]odide of 
polash. five grains, ihree times a ds^' inlemilLy, while you are u^]ng exlemil 

1. Use the compound of tinclnrr of iodint 1he s^me way. rxlemfllly Th]s i^ not ^n 
■^Innng and CBn he li^l^ longer -^'Mh, [ Hunk bLMtL^r results At thL" "^Bme 1imc you mav u^e 
this same medicine inlernaLly TBlze one to two drop*^ inlernaLly Ihrec limes a dsy or you 
mBy iBlze fi^e grains of liidnJe of poUsh ihree limes b day ]n'5lead 

External]^: These ipplicitions must produce 1 littkc redness ind be CDnlinued for 
some tjme 

3. An Olnlment. The red iodide of mercury is also good to rub on Ihc pan. This ma^ 
be ibed if the olhers fail 

4. OthL^r medical remrdie?i air used but they musi be closely witched Bnd must be 
used under Ihe supervision oF a doctor. The Ihymu-^ or thjroid exiracis are thus used ind 
wUh good lesuUs in many CBses. 

5. Cokrksb ludime: This does nol stain, but ] have no ^Bith in ]t It ]s used very 
much now and Lin be used freelj. It is simply, druggisis tell me iod]de of polash made 
in 'tolut]on, dissolved Bnd put on the pari. A great many CB'^e'^ of iBrge goilres ire now 
being operBted upon wi1h qui1e good success. It is nol done un1il other meBsuies hB>e 
failed unless 1he goitre is inteifenng w]th breathing and ihe blood supply. 

6. This IS veiy good, bo1h for internBl and exlernal use 

]od]dc of Potash 20 drams 

Iodine 3 dram 

WBter enough for 3 ounces 

^^lx thoroughly and shake boltle before using 

Pu1 some an Iwo tonles; one for internal and other for exiernal use Take inlernally 
f]ve 10 lendiops m a ]Htle water before meals Exieinally. pul on 1he en]ar^ed neck 
n]ghl and mornang unless i1 feels I00 sore when you tin use U ore.e a day or ]ess. 


F:\0PHTHALMEC goitre. |Parr^v'SsCrBTC^(^FBastdDirsDlscaw).--lt i^ 

c biiiric Li:rj /L'd by i^XL^phlhaLmos Ibulging of the fyc^}. Goitre^ fast bcaling ot the bi»n^ 
trL'inbling End ntrvousnc*!'^- 

CauEca.— ]1 ]s mojit common in women riT>m twcntv to Ibiirly Scvtrfll ca*»cs Tnuy 
ocular la ihc sairn: family The cxbcI c^uHt is unknown. 

li^mplDiiis.--ALLitt €B^c^. Sudden on^n. >oni]ting, diBrrhca^ tht bican btBts Te'^I with 
throbbing Brti^rjfs. buig]ngaf 1bic cyc^. cnlargi^d thyrotd gJand. Dcitti miy occur in a few 

Ckrinic C asrs.-- The re ]'f Li^uBll> a gradual onnel of t4ch> 4.4rd]ar-fasl b»1ing of the 
he art,— piilsc being 100 lo ISO or more, if excited Later Ihcre ire Ihirsbbing of the 
artE^ne^ ind of the Ihyruid glands. 

Bulging of the eyeball is nonielime^ eitreme There may be fever and usually i"^ 
anemia, emac]alion, weikne-^. nervou-^ness, peryp]ralion, difficult bre*1tiing, dark color 
of the skin 11 usually laiti several years. Spontaneous recovery may occur in mt monlh^ 
to 4 yeir and i"^ no1 common. Recovery iii rare m advanced teases 

I Ft a tmtnl.-- Prolonged resi in bed, wuh in ice bag coietinlly over Ihe heart, or 
better over the lower part of the net:k and upper brea-s! bone. Avoid all worry and 
eicilemcm Driigji ire uncertain Surgery is somdimes resorted to. The thyioid exlracl 
has been used 

MYXOEDEM A. — This is a constiHitional disease due to atiophy {waMmg aw^y^ of 
the thyroid gland ind charge ten/ed by swollen condition of lhe I issue under 1he shin, 
wasting of the thyroid ind mertal failures Three forms exist, nii'ioedcma proper, 
creUnism ind operalive myxordcma. 

CautftsoT Cri^tlni^m.— Thi's may exist at birth |congenital| or il miy develop al 
puberty ind is due to thL" absentee or loss of Function of lhe ihjn^id gland. Sporadic (hei^ 
arKi Ihere) cretinism m^y follow an 4cu1e i nfec1 lous disc a'se or it niav be congenital 
Myxoedema may be hei^dilary and is mosi common in women. 

S^aiploni^, (Bj ^~relini^Bi.--\^enl4l and bodily development is slow There is 

eTtriordinarj disproportion bclween the diffci^nl parts of the body. The condUion is 
somelimes nol recogni7.ed un1il the child I's "^i^ or neven yeaisold, then the ^low 
development is noliced. The tongue looks large and hangs out of lhe moulh. The hair 
may be thin, the skin very dry. Usually by 1he end oF lhe nrsi yeir and during the second 
year 1he signs of the ci^tmism become very marked arKl should be recogni7.ed The fice 
looks I'Tgc, looks bloated, the eyelids are puffy ind "swollen, the nose i's Fill ind 
depressed and ihict. Teelhing is Ia1e. and the teeth 1hal do appear decay The fonHnelfes 
are open. The abdomen is swollen, the legs arc shtjrt and thick Ihe hinds ird tee! are not 
developed arKl look pudgy. The face is pale and has 4 wiitj sallow 1int. The muscles ^tc 
weik and lhe child cannot support itself .\bove the collar bone there are pids offal. The 
child docs not develop mcntilly and ihere may be one of Ihe grades of idaoc^' and 
imbecility Ifeeble- minded J. 


|b| M>x(^rdtiKa, proptr—TKr ^kin is inflltr^lcd c Busing Icie'> nf the linrs nf the 
taciaL exfircs^ion^ '>kiii ["> dry and hBr^h, niLich Ibiiclz^ntd^ espcciBlLy in tbie region Bbo>c 
thcczoltir bene The face i^ bTDid, witbicoBr^t feilures thi: noEt ["> broid and lh]ck^ I he 
moulbi i*^ l^rge lip^ lh]ck^ hBir "tcanty and cobhsc sLnwnes^ of iTH>t]on ind thought^ w^bI: 
memory, jmlabikly. headache sus p]c io usnt'>s. followed Homelimes by bialluciniUons^ 
deliEiion Bnd demtnlii finsancr. The disease ma^' pTDgrcui for ten ur f]ftcen yeiTii. Dctth 
may occur e*rly 

OptTBlivt Ijje.— Thi*i urely develops except the thyroid gliJids hi>e been enl]rely 
removed ijxl then ojil> if no cMra glands arc pre*ient 

SvniptDiu^.'-Are lhe '>amc as IhBl of crclLni'>m. 

'Lri^ataienl.-- An even, warm el]male Thyn3]d cMrac1_ lo be g]ven by b phytic ]an^ ih 

the remedy. Afler 1hc recovery occBS]onal JimaLI dosfsst]Ll iiny be nece^ary forborne, 
or in cret]n]!iin for life 


NEOR^Lt^l^ .— Pi]n otcuirmg in the couise ot the nerves Bnd in the]r ire a of 
d]MrLbul]on The pa]n has remiss]on ind intermiss]on'>^ and i'> doe lo ^ome morbid 
affeenon of the nerFes o\ Htitiation or Ihcir "^pinil or fbrainl centep> 

CBiseB.--The BffecUon may depend upon !iomc functiouBl djjiturbincc ilone or lI 
mBy be tlue 1o wjme organic dmc4'>e of lhe nerve or 1o some disease or di^cB-^cd *i1ate 
ou1s]de of lhe nervous system, il o<.cup> more frequently in women pi^l lhe middle-*ge 
in iho^e of 4 nervous tendency \^ elated U iffet^t^ women more thin men Debiluy i^ b 
frequenl ciuse_ NcuraLg]a ]*i frequenlLy assoc]aled wuh the vanous forms of anemia. Lt 
may occur al the onset of acute dmf4'>e'> like typhoid foer Exposure lo cold causes i1 in 
susceplibLe peisons. Decayed teeth may ciuse ncuralgja of the fif1h nerve II ilso occuis 
in rheumatism, gout^ lead poisonings and diabclcfi PersisteiH neuralgia may be a fealure 
of hidden B right's disease 

SjiuplomsL—Piin ]e the chief Bnd ch4rBclerist]c symplom [l may develop suddenly 
and w]thout ^^im]ng or ^>rencss or Miffness in lhe l]^sues suriounding may precede ]l_ 
There 1*1 4 burning or violeni streiation in the course of the affecled nerve ]ncreas«l on 
exertion m acule cases. En olhercBses the pain comes ]ntennitten1ly or in pamxysms^ Bnd 
IE of B darlings slBbb]ng chirBcter. or accompanied by tmghng sensations There may be 
a want of sensation of the skjn m the affecled region or over-sensi1iveness over the ent]re 
nerve-lnink wilh certain painJul |H>inls_ The aHacks of pain may come only 41 long 
interval*! of 1ime. but usually 1hey occur every few minuleji and last for^ome houra Fain 
may be continued for houra ordiys ]n 


.^fOTHERS' f!!:\tEDIES 

^rvri^cise^- In rarr cmsc^ ]t mny ptraisC for mnntle or ycir^. bchng warac i1 i crrlaln 
Lljuc [THch d4>, f^[icc]il]v in cisc±b ^bcrr malaiLt cx]sl^. There is paLcne^ orcongcstioa 
of the pan jffcctcd^ vonotis 

The NcR'Dus Sy^teic- 

cmplions^ and chan^E^E in thr ccLorDr Ihc hur Dccur jdlI, in acTvancE^d ctuoiuc cases, 
svinptL^ms of iii1e rf c n: nmf wi1fi lhf general nuEnUun al^u occur Sp^^ms of thr Adjacrni 
n]UbcL«b m^y Accompany Lhc ^cvcrr paTDxyi^ms 


Varieties.— Wcura[g] a may br clas^]fLccl according to ]ts causes *^ neurotic- toxic, 
rheumatic^ eb... or BcconJing to ]ts locat]on as Inr^cial. intercDst^]^ '>c]at]c^ End so on. 
ExpD'iure to cold^ mechanical LTntitLDns^ 1umor^, pressure on ihe nerves, and wound^i 
may Iced lo neuilgii. [t is nH>re frequeni in 4.oLd and dinip (.ijmalcs thin in dry and 
warm locBtion-^ everyone sbiouki remcmhcr the LBU'^e'^ 

MOTHERS' REMKDlEli. NtiralEla.- 1 . Lemon Juice as Limimeni i^r.-Cut b 
lemon ]n iwo and squeeze juice on parfi BfFlicted and rub in^ 1bien place biot clolh^i over 
It. I know th]s will cure lhe pain.' Th]s is very good 

1. NeuralEiB^ ^ak and Vinegar Will Rellevt.~"\ -^milL sack of hoi ^bIi applied lo 
the pain, or-^ltim with vinegar " The hci1 from 1hc ^iJt is very eFFeclivc and Ihe moL'>lure 
of the vincgir i^ also very good. This dimply produces 4 counter iTntilionL 

3. Neuralp^rias Quinine ^Mll Cure.-- 'Lr'>e qu]nine 1hree lLme'> a day " ll is wcH in 

taking qu]nin^ to 1aks: ivro grains 1href time*^ a day for 1^vo da>'^^ then tike some good 
calhanic, so ^^ ni>l allovv the qu]nin^ to nzmam in 1he '>ys1em. This h^ very bencf]Ckal, 
espec]all> ^vhen neinlgii ["> doe lo malarial condilions 

4. Neuralgia, Four En^redrient Reiuedy for.— 

"Oil of Peppernimt I ounce 

Ol] ofMu.'^lard |'>tK)ng^ 1/4 ounce 

Vinegar I ptnt 

White of one egg 
BeaE egg and slir all together." 

5. Neuralgia, CaDd Linimeni far.-- 

"E'>sential Oil of Mustard I dr^m 

Tincture Aconctc I drim 

Glycerin I ounce 

Alcohol 4 ounces 

Mlk and '>hake \^ell before using." 
This reniedv is 4 valuable exiernal preparation for ill ncrvoid and neuFalg]a pains^ 
rub t^^]ce a day onnl relieved 

i. Neuralgia, Menlkol LinixienI for.— "One dram of menthol l]nQnen1. t^^o oonce*^ 
of alcohol. This makes a >ery e^celJenl I]nimen1 for many purposes For rhcijmati'>m^ 
neuralgia headache^ elc " This lin]ment w]ll be found very benehc]al as 1he menthol is 
si>othing and quieting, and we all know thai alcohol ]s very good to be apphed for any of 

the abo^c mentioned diseases 

7. NeuralRia+ Belladomna Flasler ror.~"N^cl1 ihree ounces orK)'>in pla'>ler and add 

one-halt ounce oJ exlratl of belladonna An excelleni appLcaUon in neuralgia and 
rhcumati'^m " 

PHYSICIANS' GENERAL TREATMENT Far Neuralgia.- Remove the cause if 
po^>sible If Frtjm anemia, give tonics loi that and try 1o cure that disease Ton]cs w]th 
good nounshing food, and proper 

264- A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

surround lh^ irc nc«l«l for *ncmi*_ En mil*na, syph]littc or|ou1y p*lLcnts_ 
conHlJtulJonaL trtBtm^nl midl be given for tbiosr dmfi.'irs before lhc nrurBlgiJ wiLI be 
better The iy^temBtic use of galvinic elcc1ric]ty, piupcriy iced, is the mosi valuable 
means 41 ihe phyMC]an's d]hpos4]^ esptciilLy in 1bie de'^cending current beginn]ng \^]th 
tbie mild current and griduBlL^ Lucreasing in sirength. [nteruBlly Arsenic, bromine 
ergotinc^ icomle^gtlsemLum vaLcnin, elher^ cannabis ]ndieB and qu]nine are 
recommended- Opium may be used in the ver^' severe forms, bu1 ]t miis1 be used wnb 
caution, or von wiL] mike yonr pilient a drug fiend, and his laHer "^late will be v^orte 
tbian 1bie fjcM condit]on Wei eompre'tses, vapor balhs, cold affusions, wcl cLoltus, are 
h]^hly recommended 

L. For tbeCnrt of aa Allaeh- 

Ant]pyrine 30 grains 

Citrale of Caffeine 20 grains 

Make ]nto len powdeis Take one everyone- half hour untjL 3 doses ire 
taken. Tbiree (2] doses a1 Jcast shi^uld relievL' the neuralgia. 

^ Antapynnc 30 to 60 granL*^ 

BK^m]deof Pol ash 3 drams 

Mik: and mate inio len po^^ders. one every thirty minutes until relieved 
or until SIX doses have been taken, this is better than the fip>t p resc ripl lo n 
when there is much nervousness with Ihe neuralgia or neuralgic headaches. 

3x [f caffeine in fiist prescnplion causes nervousness, give this one 

Ant]pyrinc 30 to 60 grains 

Citrale of Caffeine 10 grains 

BK^m]decif Pol ash 3 drams 

Mil and mate ten powdeis Take one r>cry half hour until relieved or 
until siK doses have been used 

These are very effective prescriplions but if a pep>on has any hearl Irtjublc ] would 
nol advice thL"]r use cicepl under a fihy'^]cian^ care lSomet]mcs a pat]ent wilh neuralgia 
getsdcsperale, and he will even report lo morphinef. Ant]pynne ]s one of the simplcsl 
coal tar remcd]es, and mo-^l pcp>ons can "iafcly take U Peisons who are subjeel lo 
neuralgia or headaches need to lake good care of themselves. Get plenty of resi and 
■^Icep Neuralgia at fiist can be cured, but when ]t once becomes ehronic espec]ally 
neuralgia of Ihe face, ]t is hanJ to cure and frequently makes hfe a constani misery. 
Plenly of ouldoor life is essenlial In that way the system w]ll be bu]ll up. and when the 
body isstiong ihe d]sease can be Ihn^wn off much ca'5]er. A great many people depend 
too miEh upon slTong medicines. Medicines arc all right in Iheir place but all Ihe 
medic]ne ]n Ihe world cannol cure a person unless that pennon does his or her part. 


SFELMI. DTSE^S^ES. Facial Vtnratela. fNcuralj^ia cf the fifth pair of CrBDial 
'S^^^^Hti£, \lso kmown as ijifacial ^tuTaigia. Nrujai^ia of tki: YrlE^toiinubL I'lc 
daicurtux, del-— Thi-^ form l^ more frequent 1han ilL oLlwrforrTTi combined th]s nerve 
being pecLiliarLy "^usceplibLe lo fLinct]onaL and or^4n]c d]'^onJer£. Ail Ibirce branche'> Brc 
very urely iFfccled logetbicr, tlw ophlhaLmic |eyej bunch being mos1 oHcn involved. 
The ^ymplom^ depend upon the bunch involved 

L. Of hthaiaiic Ntnral^ia i^aiiis in^M ni^uraigla pain|.--Thi^ p4]n is abcve tlic eye^ 

or frontai kind^ wUh a "^pcciai painful fioLnl al the MjprBorb]t4l {ibove tltc eye| nolcti 
Somelmiei I he pijn i^ ^cr>' *ievere in 1bic eye- ball 

1. Nuprauaxiiiary NtuiaigiaL~]n tbiis Ihe pain is ilong the mfraorbilat {nerve 
beneath tbie eye| nerve, ind Ibiere i^ 4 marked lender poim 41 ihe opening in ihe bone 
(infraorbHaL furamenr benealh Ihe eye. \ tool h bc bie-h ke pBin ]n 1he upper teeth ]^ 
common in tbii^ vinety 

3. larramaxlllary Jlo^rrr uaxlllarv) NrDraJgla.— TtiLS \h chBraclerized by t 
iscBtlered IdiFFused^ pain along lhc ]nferLDr dentil {leelh^ branchy Bnd exlend't from the 
temporal (side forcbieid^ region over the !i]dc of the face to 1bic ch]n, wilh pain ]n ihe 
lower teeth and side oF Ihe longue_ The pain in this nerve nn> tome on w]thoiit any 
■^pecu] cause or il may come Bfterexe]tement of 4 physical or menu] nil lire. DL>onlep> 
of niitrilion occur The e]rcuLBtion is inlerfered \^]th and ihe fice, at tiist pale, becomes 
red Eruplions mBy appear Blong lhe course of 1bie nerve, while SBlivBtion and ■runn]ng" 
(lachrymat]onJ of the eyes Bre oflen pnjmineni symptoms Spasm*i of muscles of the face 
|tic dnloureux) may accompany Ihe paroxysms and lhi!i is the mosi lernble fbnn of nerve 
pBin The i1Ucb> may be mild or very severe Bnd sometimes sudden. Thi!i i^ a lernble 
disease especially \^hen i1 hi^ existed for*iome lime_ ,\ person wilh severe pain in lhc 
face should always Btlend lo U immediilely, befbrr U becomes chionic 

1 reatnienl.--ll i'> dj reded low 4 nils removing 1bie cause, if possible Chronic 4.Bses 
are d]thcult 1o cure The pat]ent shi>uld becBreful no1 1o IbIzc cold keep sirong and 
heallhj by regular hi>urs for sleep, gi>od suffic]ent clolbiing The generBl heallh nius1 be 
improved These directions Bpply lo ill kinds of neurBlgn. 

INTERCOSTAL NEURALGrA.-A neurBlgn of one or more of lhe ]nteicDsCBl 
ncr^cs- These nerves run in a groove ]n lhc lower edge of lhc rjbs_ 

CauEcs.~l1 miy develop wilhout Bny speciBl cause 11 comes in Buemii, itler 
expoEui^ to cold, fnjm affection of the verlebrae, ribs spinal cond, or from lhe pressure 
of tumois or aneurism of the aorti. This \h nexl m importance lo neuralgia of Ihe fiflh 
nerve, and occura more often in women and very common ]n Ihose \^ho have hysleriB 11 
IS more common on the lefl side and mositly in lhe nerves siluated from lhe nflh lo the 
n]n1h ]nterci>stal space, [f it is localed in Ihe nerves d]slrjbu1ed to lhe mBmmary giBnds it 
g]ves nse to neuralgia of the mammiTy glind_ The flying dBrts of pBin ]n lhe chesi 
(pJeuiudy ni a) are to be reginded as neuralgic m character. 



S> m ptn SIS,- - Tht pain is ikuhII> \cr\ *wvrrc_ c<iptc3aLI> on movrmtnC aTlbic 
IntErnzohlLiL ^bct^hctn 1bic nbb^ miLscl^s WjLh lhl^ p^Jn^ i\ a rule, on rnjpl]cin ^hcrp^^J 
afipcAiB ilonf I he ccLirEC cf ihc AffE^ctrLJ nerve ond this is supposed Id bcdut Ic ific 
ciLcitilon of ihc jnrl*jnmilLDJi from ihc ncrFC-tiHti lo the ^kln Pa]n_ when prcsH^J upon, 
IS most jnirkcd niTHr ihc spinal vrrlcbral, Ihc brcislbanc jsLcmali cniJ and lhc in]ddlc part 
of thiT ntRT. The truublr mjy ccnLinuc i long tunc iflcr Lbc ^rLipLiuis fbcrpcsj has 
cbhBppcHrcd^ for hi ]e \cw\ ohMlnalc 

PH\S[CM\S' TREATMENT T^r Enl^rcD^Lal NcnralglB.-Thls consisLs jn usln^ 
remedies thai will ciubf counLcr-]rri1i1ian. ElcclnciLv End pun dcstTo^in^ UninJyncs] 
remedies urc IndicHlfd inchTonic CBbc^. Apply heat Far pain in the "breosts." For Lht 
cnipLurn on OLnlmeiil like oiJdc of^lnc can be used. 

Local TrtBlmcnL— A midlATiJ plaster is frequently gcod Id us^ II pmducfs ifie 
ec]un1CF-]mlat]on desired \pp1irDliLJii of Jry heal finm hoi uloths, i bol siixJ bD| msy 
belp ]ns(]mc eases \ rubber bag ccinlBiniiig 
hot ^^atercAii also be used Fo mental ions of 
bups, etc , applied hot and frcquenlly rhan|!ed 
Lfi keep them Ficil arc benelirinl in some eisos 
I have Jound in some cise^ ihnt on adhesive 
plaslerpul o^cr I he st^re parl^ relieves the 
severe pain. Pdtdus pLb'^Icfs are bLmh ^ood 
Tinclure of ranunculus bulbosus Ibulteirup) ts 
a^od remedy. Put 1en diops in b f Lass half 
full cif water and take Iwo leaspoo n fu Is e^ery 

SCI ATECA.-Thiii is as a rule a ncunlis 
of the scial]c nerve or of H"^ ccinJs of origin. Ft 
IS charaetenred b> piinch]en> along I he 
course oF the seiaLie nerve. 

CanscE.~ll QccnPi most commcinLy in 

Bdult males The pei^on may have a biislory of 
rheumat]'^ni or gonl in man> cases Exposure 
\n eold Dller heavy mu'>cijlBr work oreierUon. 
or a severe wetling ire common cauhes The 
nerves in the pelvjs may be compretssed b> 
lar^ tumors of lhe ovanes or womb, by olher 
lumcra, or by the child's head dnnng 
conlinemem OccasaonBlly hip jojnt disease 
causes il The nerve^ br a rule^ ds swollen, 
reddened^ and in a eondiLion of ''inEeralitial 
neurit]^.' The pain may be mos1 severe where 
the nerves emerge from the hip bone, behind, 
or in the ]nner back, and middle pan of Itie 


S> m ptc ais.- - Pai n l^ lhc mo^l coiKt*nt *nd tnjublcjiomc ]1 i^ sometimes very ^rvcrc_ 
The ocuimL j^ Li'^uilly gradual and fnr a 1imc tbicrc is only b sLighl pam in 1hc bick of iJic 
tbiLgh; boon the pain becomes more inlcnsc. rxlends down tht thigh'>^ and leg ond rcoctic^ 
to diffcrcn! pirl-^ oF lhc fnot- The >cry ^cn^ilivc spots can often be poinlcd out by Ihc 
piticnt. End on pres^iurc thc^c ^pols are very painful [t ]Si gna^Mng and buming ]n 
cbiarictcr. iisuBliy constini, bij1 sonielinic^ ]t corner in pBrofLy^ins End l^ often woise at 
n]gh1 WBlkin^ iJ'>LiaL]y CBUsfs great fiain. Tbie knee ]s bent and tbie pBticnl Ireads on h\^ 
toc^ \^ a rule it ]b an obstinBte trouble^ and it mBy LbsI for monlhs^ or even wilh flight 
remissions for years in 1bie ^c\^r^r fonn'> tbie pBtient mus1 rtmitn in bed andsLu^h cases 
arc very trying bor both pBtien! Bnd doctor 

|See Mothers' Stmcdi^^s under r^euril^ii abovcft- 

PHVSECIANS' TREAI'MENT.CBDtlDn^ for S\±3ticB.-- Remove ail causes if yon 

can RhL'omBtism and gout if the palienl havi: thL^m sbiould bi: Ireated. The palienl 
should not overwork or cxposie h]mself to ^vc1, dBmp wealher Keep every pin dry_ Rest 
in bed with 1bie wbiole Leg fixed is b valuable mode of treatmem in miny cases iiot waier 
bBgs \ro\T\ ihe hip lo the knee placed Blong ihe pi]nFul nerve somelimes gives grejl 
relief Mud balhs are beneficial Ho1 Spring balhs rel]eve many CBses_ Fly bi]^1eis 
placed along the trBck of the nerve reheve the pain in many CBses. Fomen1al]ons of 
simrlweed ind hops Bre good, bu1 lhey must be changed oflenso is to be hot_ Wet or 
dry 4.uppin^ is a help ]n miny caseii il draws ttie blood from the ]nrlamed nerve 
A-1orph]ne g]ven hypoderm]c ail y will reheve the pain, but i[ ts b dingen^uii medie]ne 1o 
use in B ehn>nic CBse The patient will be very likely lo form lhe h4b]t, and thBl ]s ^^oisc 
Itian lhe sciat]ca. By care and Irealment mosi cises can be grcally helped ind cured 
RhiEi lox (poison iv>| is >ery good in m]nu1e doses jn ca\es where i1 iii imposs]ble to 
remain in one position for any length of l]me_ Ten dnspsof 1he 1inc1ure ]n 4 gliss Iwo- 
ttiirds full of ^^i1er and Iwo leaspoo nfulsi given every hour. \ hi>e helped miny cases 
with this remed>_ The hoi iron Blong Ihe trBck of lhe nerve is helpful. Elee1ricit> is belter 
in 4 4.hionic ease where I he re ih WBSIingof the legs, Bnd il should be combined with 
massage The galvBnie curient should be used 

MOTHERS^' REMEDIES. NrrvDusnes. L Calnip lea for.- '\ tea made of 
catnip wjII qiiiel Ihc nerves This ]*i u.ood for women when 1hcy ire Bp1 1o be nervous.' 

1. Nervou^Bi^ss, Haps AV HI Sloy .--"Purchase a smill pat-kige of hops 41 iny drug 
slore Bnd mate a 1ei c\ it. dnnking frequenlly in 1 able-^poo nf u I doses " Il iz a harmless 
remedy, Bnd should he used nH>re freely b> nervous people. The hops are very soothing. 
Nervous molhers should never be wilhoul thi-i. It i!i surpnsi]ng lo see how few people 
know Ihe vilue of some of 1hcse simple home remedies. 

^ ^t^^Du^n4:ff^H Erreclive Reniedv for^-- 

"£piri1^ of Camphor 1^ ounce 

Comp. S pints of Lavender 1/3 ounce 

Tinclure of VBlerian I ounce 

Sulphuric Elher 1^ ounce 

Mix. Dose, one or Iwo leaspoonfuli every Ihree houn*." 


Thr forego tng remedy ]^ very rffcclivc. asspiriti of camphor ^nd lhe UnctLirc 
vfllcrian quiet the nervc*i The Jiulphunc ether al-wj Hbs a s[MHh]n^ effect- This 
comb]nation makes 4 fine Ionic, but should not be laken too Long^ hs lT is quite strong. 

4. Ner^Du^nt^^H I~i^4: Ingrtdi^^nl Stititd^ Thai Rtittvttf.--"]ii ex Ire me nervous 
dcb]Lity wilh Icudi^ncy lo f4]ntLng hu^ use Ihe following: 

Spint^ of Cflmphor 1/2 duikc 

Aromalir Sp]rLls of Ammonia 1^ ounce 

Spint^ of Lavender Compound 1 onnce 

Tincture ViJeri an ] ounce 

Ti ncture Ciiklor ] ounce 

Mix. Dobc.— Fiom one lo three IcispoonfiiL^ Bt intervals of fiom fifleen 
miniite"^ to 1hree hours acconiling 1o urgency o\ symptoms This mtxture 
"^hoLild be kepi on hsnd by ill pe[son'> '>Libjecl lo fA]nling f]t'>." 

Spin Is of camphor End aromiUc ^p]rLl^ ot ammonia st]mLilAtes Ihe heirt^ while I he 
tinclure of vaLcnan quiets lhe nervoid sy^lcm 

5. NrrvDusmess, "Lady's Shpptrs" IfrrBks up^—''^ decoction is made w]th two 
ounce*! of 1hc n^ol sliced^ to 1^^o pjnts of wi1er, bojLcd to one End one- half pmls. Dose: 
One tablcspoonful four times a day Has been used wilh marked *iucce^>s in epilepsy End 
in olher vbtious nervous dmeise^ " ThiK ]s used very exlensively for ncrvoici people Biid 
ha"^ prtjven very siicte^tul 

HEADACHE.— Thih lerm meins 4 pam in lhe heid^ all over 1 he heed or 41 one 
pBrticLilBrspot. Tt may be only h symptom of a gereraL constiliitionBl derangement '>ome 
d]!iease of *iome olher oigin. a temponry Lnib]Lity of !iome orgin Like 1hc ^lomBch, liver, 
bowels, etc. lo do work or it may be due 1o some local affection depending upon some 
trouble wi1h Ihe skull and itsconlents 1 1 i'> frequently but b sy m p to m of some other 
trouble ]1 occuis ]n feveis ]nfectious di^case*i bri]n di'>e4'>e, elc There are d]Fferent 
^Bnelie^ depentline upon the causes 

Sick Hcadacht. 

Nrr^ c u^ H tndachc. 

Catarrhal Htadachc. 

Ccn^t^i^t Hi^adackt. 

Ntural^lc or Crahtrit' (^tcmacb) Htadachc. 

BIhoujf Hcadachi:. 

" H c ^ 4: 1" H radac he. 

" W c ub " H eadach t . 

Shtumalic Huadackt. 


together Thi*^ is due to exposure to a drBughl of air, w Biking against the shBrp ind keen 
wind^ by gelling the feel or olher pBrls of the body we1 sudden suppression of 
per^p]ralion iboul Ihe heid or by some other exposure such b*^ might resull from cold^ 
jnfLuenza or al tack of rheum at]sm. There miy be aching pains and a 


fccl]ng of hnvy wr]|!.ht ]n ihc forchcBcl Icaring, stUching p*3nH above ihc cyc^, tn the 
cbicek bDnr'>; ^DinctimcE the :£kul] ftcls ^^ jf it would fill to piccr'> In if^ rhizuiTiat]c 
V Briny Ihc scalp ls bozn and lender^ 1»nng thTDbbing pains or hBrd arh]ng pains. Tbicrc 
\^ some fever, dry ik]n_ thr pulse is fBsler 

Ireatucnl.— Gel into a swcBt b> biot dnnks of lemon Bdc *nd hot f[x>l balhs Apply 
cold or wirinlh lo the bicid^ Lie do^^n and keep qniel 

Medic lme.~Aconile in doses of one-1cnth of « drop tn an Bdult every haur wi]L 
frequemly aborl ]t: open the bowels wUh sails. Remain in bed_ 

NERVOUS HEAD ACEfE.--This may occur b^ a sick heid*cheor be simply a 
nervous headache Thjs u<.cijp> of1enn>t in a nervous person, or in peisons who are run 
down hy different ciuses.siich b-s d isc ases _ overwork . worry, trouble, elc 1 1 is not 
periodic, and hBs no fixed Lype, bul breBlz*^ 001 41 jndefinUc ]ntcrv4]s ind is exo]ted by 
almos! *ny special ciuse "^uch is molious, menlBl eierlioiis, menses cxcUement, 
overdoing, o^er-visiting wbiH of sleep, [t is oflen due to eye slrain in persoiti who have 
pooriy fH1«J, or who do no1 wear glasses. It appears in any pin of the head, usually one- 
■^ided or ]t may be all o>cr the hcid which feels enlarged Bnd sometimes as if i band 
was iround ]t_ The leist nientiJ el Ion n^Bke-s il \voise_ Sonielinies 1here ]s a feeling is if b 
nBil WIS being dn^en inlo I he heBd. hcBd is too big. eyes feel hcBvy and lhe lindsdioop, 
■^ee"^ double, hard 1o teep eyes open. This k]nd of headache, or siek-heBdache, can be 
biDught on suddenly by womb Irouble e-specially ]f 1he womb has fBllen from b jar, fBll 
etc The pat]enl often moaib ind cries limenls ind s]niply cannot s1and ihc pkia In 
■^>me cises 1hc menses cause ]t, and ]t appeals 4t ever^' menslruBl period 

rrcatmrn1.~Thc pBlienI should be qij]et and TrmBin ]n bed in b diTlish joom 

Womb troubles and other diseases 1hal ciuse il such is pTolrnding piles, etc. should be 
atlended lo_ Tincture gelsemium ]s a good remedy Put ten drops ]n b glass hilf full of 
waler, Bnd IbIzc Iwo leaspoonfuls every hBlf hour until be1ter_ A tea mBde from lidy's 
slipper js also effeclive in some cises, uhed freel>_ Bnnm]dc of poUsh ]n len-grBin dosei 
one-hBlf hour apad for three dnses, if necessary, is quieting in mBn> itldcts. A-1us1aid 
plasler I0 back of the neck 

CONGESTIVE EfEA DAC H E.--ln 1his kind there ls or seems to be too much blood 
in lhe hcBd. The patient mBy be slupjd \^ith a flushed ^a4.e. [f con'tC]ous, the brBin feels 
as if il WBS rising or falling, especially upon the molion of the head. The top of 1he head 
somelimes feels as if U would fly off The heati Ihrtjbs Bnd beils violently. The hBntfc 
and feel miy be cold lhe ficc flushed or pale, lhe eyes brjghl lhe pulse is generill^' 
heavy, full ind fasl, or il m^y be feeble, slow Bnd mlermiHent. 

:70 A;orH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

TrtBtncn1.~L. The patient ^ihould rrniHin in bed in a dark nx>m^ with ttic head 
usually high. Cold '>biuuld bt appL]cd lo Ihc hnd and h^Bt tu lhc hinds End fcrl Move 
the bowels wuh salK and, ]f nciresjiBry give an enema bIeo_ El is well to g]^e ihc fbot- 
bflth before going to bed. [f lhc^e lh]ngs do not relieve lbie headache a doctor should be 
called, for l1 mBy mem ^oinethLiig isenoii^. A hot mustBrd foot-bnh ind a muslBrd plBsler 
applied to lhe inpc ot Ihe neck are of greal value. En severe cases in ice bag or >ery cold 
waler, Bpphed to 1hc forehead Bnd temples W]11 very of1en g]ve greBt relief 

^ Spint"^ ofCBinphor I ounce 

S pints of Lavender 2 ounces 

Alcohol 2 ounces 

Wcl the top of the held with it. 

3. Cimphor I drtm 

Oil of Pepperminl I drtm 

Chloroform 1-1/2 ounces 

Alcohol enough for 3 ounces 

ShBlzc lhe bonle and Bpply b I] tile of Ihe hquid 1o lhe piBce. bioiseback 
riding and walking are good for nervous g]rls and women 

NEVRALGEC HEAD ACHE.--Th]-^ commonly comes periodically, usually, one- 
sided. 1 1 may occur 41 Ihe same hour For several days in succession. The pBiiti are of ill 
Izjnds. [t may stBrl in lhc morning or 41 Bny time 11 ]n>olves more especially the eyes, 
side of lhe head fice, Bnd goes mlo the teeth Bnd neck. It comes m pe rsons subj ec t to 
neuntLS in olher piTls or neuralgia 

TrralmtntL— Build up lhe system wtlh Ionics tn the interval. Lead b quiet reslful IeFc. 
Acelanilid in fjve-grain nibses frequenlly relieves i1 This is a dangerous medicine to use. 
except under 4 doctor's supervision Spigeln in do^es of one-t^^elfth oF 4 drop of the 
tinclure ]s good for lefl-sided iinclzs; Iwo doses ire enough, one-half hour apart. 

liJ'OMACH OK GASTRIC HEADACHE.-- This as the name indic*1ei> is due lo 
some aculeorchnnn]c trouble wilh Ihe stomach. 1 1 is caused by over-loading Ihe 
slomach, oreiling food Ihal does not agree such as fit meat, gravies, slairhy food 
wann bread, paslry. elc , or i1 may be due lo dyspepsia The longue is generally coaled, 
the moulh testes b]tler If il is icute and the slomach ]s full, take a common emelic like 
wann waler. salt waleror muslanil water, [f ]t is due to decomposed food, dnnk lols of 
warm waler ind take an enema ind also a done of sails. Tt there is much gas in lhc 
slomach. lake si>me baking soda in a glass of winn water; one di~op doses of t]ncture of 
nuK >om]Ci every half hour for Ihree houn* often relieves. 

HEADACHE FROM CONS IIP A IION.-- This ]k frequent. Therr ls generally 2 

dull, heavy feel]ng m the forehead the heid feels full ind si>me1imes diEzy. the [lalieni 
fc«Ls bJue and morose, Ihe longue 


\^ coHcd on Ll^ back port^ mould la^l^s bitter p^lirnl i"^ dntw^y and "Stupid and work gccfi 
hinil \ free pasM^c frtjjn the bo^^c]*i relieves the hcadichc 

'Lri^Btaitnl.— Curc 1bic coii'>l][iat]on as di reeled in another part of I he book T size a 
good full encmi of warm '>oap suds ind W4lcr and ont drop of linclure of nux vomica 
cvcF> hour fQrs]T hour^ during 1bie BtlBck 

BELTOV5 HEAD ACHE.-- This ls HO-c*1led betiusf tht biFious symploms arc The 

mosi prominent It may be caused b> moLciU Bngcr_ iJ]Sipijm>_ excess] vc cal mg o aiis] ng 
congesUon of the Livcr^ abuse of spints^ soKie prisons are of 4 bii]ous consUlution and 
Ibie Icist error m diet and hibit pnxliEes such an BtlBck The pain may be violent or dull, 
the head nn> thiob lernbly Ihe wh]te'> ot the <^y<^ hive 4 yeLlowisbi look, and lhe fBce 
mBy be of b dirk brown hue, the patjcnt may vomit b]le. The voni]ting causes more brain 
d]s1ress. The moutbi ]s bilter, the tongue coated yellowish, the brcalh smells badly. 
Eox^cls mB> be irregular 

'Lreataicnl.-- \ free movemenl of the bowels often relieves. Far^T Take an enema arul 
tbien one- hair ounce of epsom sails Do not eal 4nylh]ng bul drink all I he water yon may 
wish \ lea made of blue flag ]s often of benefu The die1 should be regulaled so 4S no! 
to overload 1he stomich And liver And the bowels should move freely dBily. 

WOMB HE Al> A CHE.-- Women who suffer from womb Iroublcs such as 
leucoirhea, torn cervix falling womb displacements Bnd dmeises ot 1hc inner womb 
ovines And tubes suffer from all kintfe of heBdache. The pA]n mA> be ]n Ihe nape ot Ihe 
neck, lhe bAck pad of ihe heBd and on the lop behind |occipulj ll may come on suddenly 
when 1he womb ]s displBced by a sudden fall oro>er-l]ft]ng e1c. The woman should then 
go to bed And lie down with her Arms crossed over her chest, wuh Ihe knees drBwn up 
and ^^eight resting upon Ihem And chest wi1h 1hc bulto4.ks elevAlcd, (l:nee-4.hesl- 
posiUonf. This replaces the womb. The other troubles should be corrected or Ihese 
headaches will keep on The womb and ]ts Bppendages Are 1he cau^e of manv k]nds of 
headaches neuralgias, dyspepsiA, and constipAtion, corrrct the troubles and Ihe hcodtchc 
will disappear 

fVfENSTRir.AL HEADACHES.-- These are veiy common. The> may be regulAr 
every mon1h And they are then CAUhed b> some I rouble with 1 he womb or o>Bries or 
may be due I0 a run-down condilionor heredity Ft comes so melimes from suppression 
of the menses as a consequence of some violent emotion, fright Anger, ^rief. or by 
eiposure lo wet, drBughls of bit, pnvalEns. over-fa t]gue, etc. 1 1 may last for several 
days. The headache mav be m]ld or severe. 

'LreataicnI.-- \ foot bath ors]tz bath \^ very good, wilh free drinking of pcnnyrcyBl 
teA afler Ihe bAlh And when in bed. Place WAnnlh to the feel, moist heal over 1he 
abdomen, such as a ho1 waler bAg or 

272 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

fomc n t4l loie Remain quietly in bed ] f coFUitLp h tcd^ tike an cncmj. Frequently a free 
bowcL movement ^lvc^ much relief in thi'> tnniblc. Dunng Ihc inlerval djclor the palienl 
For the Irouble causing the heachchc for which Siee another part of this boot, "Dmeiscs of 
Women " 

MOTHERS' RKME.D[E:S, L Headache, PBrcRDrlc and Scda for.- "A Icaspocnful 
of [lartgonc. wilh one- half lca^pDon^uI of bAk]iig±ioda jn k tumbler of witer. May be 
taken all it once or sipped slowly " 

1. HradacIii^H Hop^ Ciuad for.-- "Make a stn^ng decoclion of hop ttB ind lake a 
w meg] as-^fuJ every haLJ htjur until relieved " This is in old 1ricd remedy End a good one 

3. Hradacke, Mislard Excclltmt for.— 'Place 4 muj^lBrd plaster on lhe biclz of lhe 
head, bIso baihe Ihc feet ]n mustinf W4ler End slay ]n 4 darkened room, and Bvo]d ill 
excUcmenl and noise " The one essentifll thing ]s to get 1he nerves quieted; IbIzc is liltLe 
Food as po-^sibJe for Iwenty-fonr hours ^ivjiig the "^lomach in opporliimty to rest, is 
mo-^l of 1he headaches come from b disi^rJerctl stomBch 

4. Htadachi^H Tcpptrnirint l]tneficial for,-- "Bb the the head in stTDng pepperminl 
Then ipply cloths wrung from water as hoi as can he endured " Hot or cold ap plica! ions 
are known lo be very bertficiBl After the tlolhi are nken oFF lhe soothing cffecl can be 
Further enhinccd by genlle rnbbjnB of 1hc forehead 

5. Htadacke, Cold ^p plica Lion tn Cast dT— "Apply cold applicalions on the 
Forehead Bnd over 1he eyes " The^e cold applicat]on'i have been known to give relief m a 
very few m]nu1es lo miny people "^uffcnn^ wilh severe headache^- [t is well 1o conliniic 
the 1re4lment, even afler relief has been obtA]ned, for al Leasl a half hour Gentle nibbtng 
of the head is very good, aLso 

6. Hradarke, Castor Oil \\ ill Rtllevt.~"One tBblespoonfiil of ci-^loroil Have used 
this Biid found rehef." Th]s remedy ^i^'i.'s n:lief is 1he castor o]l carries off 1he food 1hal 
IS distressing lhe stomBch l1 i*^ well to lake two tiblespoonfnls oF lime-water in a glas^ 
of milk three t]mes 4 day for Bbonl 4 week afler lhe casloroil has operBted. 

SICK HEADACHE. IMIgninc. H c m Ic ra nia |.~ M igrj] ne ]s a pecuharform of 
■^evcie pBPJitysms of iinilBterBl (one side) headache often issociBted with d]sonJera of 

CBUsrs.~]l is frequently hered]tiry, and ]t has occurred Ihrough several generaljon-^- 
Women ind members ot nervous Families are usually i1tBcked_ Min> oF 1he headaches 
Fn^m eye-strain are of Ihis type, ]1 ]s oFten inhenled, and may Lasl from puberty to lhe 
menopause 5ome authors claim that decay of the leeth without toothache will cause ]t. 
Adenoid gnjwths ]n lhe phiiynx and pirliculariy abnormal cond]t]ons of 1he nose w]LI 
cause i1 Many of 1he attack"^ of severe headaches ]n children are of this nil u re, and the 
e^es. nose and throil 


should bt examined when children or oldrr pcrwuns suffer from I his complaini Menlar 
emotion, [ibiys]cal or mental fBtifuc. di^oidrp> of the ftniBlt fenHal organs cyc-slrain^ 
cic.. loud no]£]«i, iDolhache, ac1 ah predisposing C4ij'te'> Some think il a pn]SDiiDiis 
condit]on due to lhc Bb'>or|Tt]on of poisons fTDm the slomach and iiHestincs, and olbieis 
regard ]t bs a nervous coniJ]tion due 1o ancm]a Bnd all conditions wbiirh wcBlzen lhc 
res]s1ancc of the nci vous system. 

SympL4m^~Ttie premonitory symploin'>^ which m^y [k^\ a few biour^ or a day or 
more Bre sleepy feelings of disromfon. uneBSincss ^^eanness, chills verligii 
(dizziness), disturbance of lhe sigbit ordisliirbances of tbie senses The reil 4lt4 4.k may 
follow quickly , beginning with lhc chBraelerislie headiche^ Bt first one sided^ lo4.4led in 
one spol in the temple, eye or back of lhe biead^ bul spreading, as it Lnci~eBses in se^erHy. 
Linlil Ll involves all of one side of the biead and oceisionilly bolh sides. The pain is 
usually corESlinl ind of greil severily ind lI is int. reused by motion^ noises, lighK or 
mentil strain The skin over the painful part is very sensitive There are loss of appelile. 
nBuseB ind vomiting [f lhe stomach hBS a gi~eat deal of food in iu vomiling i~elie>es thi: 
pBin someUmes In the spasmodic form the affected side is pBinfnl, the skin is cool lhe 
pupil is dilBled^ and lhe flow of silivi is increased In the paralylic form lhe iffeeted side 
IS flushed^ ho1 lhe vessels 4i~e dilaled ind the pupils ai~c conlrarled. Thei~e is gi~eal 
weakness, pnnsi ration ind depression The unne may be ibundin! orsuppi^ssed, 
temporarily The resnlls o^ Ii~eatn^eii1 in Ihis disease Bre uncertain is the Btlacks are 
likely 1o occur in spite of Irealment. They usually ceise in old igc. and in women 1hey 
may stop Bfter the menopaide The attacks in women Bre likely Id occur at or near the 
menslrual periods 

FirEt Thing ta do In Skh HLadacheL—ll is well 1o remain in a darkened room away 
fKfin noise, etc. It lhe head throbs and beBts very hBi~d. either a cold ice bBg or hoi 
applicBtions of1en bring relief. A mustBnil plasler Bt 1he bBse of lhe brain with a hoi fooE- 
bBth of1en helps 5ome people by stroking the forehead and lemples have the power to 
ease 1he pBin^ pi~oducing quiet and sleep If the bowels are costive, salts should be taken 
to move them or lhey CBn be moved by Bn enemB if salts ai~e not at hand If the stomach 
IS full or tastes sour, dnnk a lol of warm waler and ^omit, or piuduce vomiting by 
tickling >our throa! wilh your nnger. Bfter having taken a laige quart i1y of WBrm waler 
for sometimes warm waler 1hus taten tails to cause vomiling If there is ihj food in lhe 
slomBch, bul lhe re js sour and bilious vomiUng, the wann waler will frequently help For 
a sour stomach or when il is full of gas a teBspoonful of baking soda in some hot waler 
will often feel very pleBsan! Biid ^raletul The pBtient should keep Bbsolulely qniel after 
these ai^ djne. Bnd otten 1hey fall into b refreshing sleep 

EMERGENCY MED[C]NE5.~lf anemia js the CBUse gi^e Ionics suchas inm and 
arsenic, [f 1he pattern feels fBint and nauseated^ b 

274 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

^mill cup of ^Irong ho1 coffee gavcs rrlirf. sometimes. Anlipynn, gavcn car[y in doses of 
L^^o licid onc-h^]^ grA]ns often rcLicv«] ThIzc Anolhcr dose ]n one-half hour ]f ncccs^iry. 
Eul sucbi rtincdifs irc h^rd on the heart 

L RE ATM EN I'. Frt^4:nli^4: In Sick H4:adachc.~Thi: patient ]-f oTtcn Bv^arr of Ihc 
causes IhBt bnngon Bn iltBck Such cauiics shouJd bi: avoidnJ. A gr»1 niBiiy peofiLc who 
arc BFIIicttd ^^itbi I his tToublc irc not only CBrcLcs'> jn their cat]ng, ciUng Bnytbiing Bnd 
cvcTything and 41 bIL times—at mcil lime and belwtcn mcBls~bu1 bIso circle'^ in their 
hBbit'> of life Patjcntssbiould 4>nid cxc]tenicnK ]ihr caid pBrties, cic .st4>]ng Lip iBte, or 
reading CTcHinf. books. Tht m^il't should be regular no food 1akcn 1biat ["> hBi~d to dige^E. 
Pies cikes^ pudd]ng'>^ gravit'>^ Hbiti^ pork^ '^4ij'>4gt, and fried foods must be B^o]ded 
R]cbi^ gr^B^> foods will nol do for such persons to cat StTong Tca and coffee ire bid. 
PLenly of water should be laken bclween meals At meil-i lI is better lo tike no water 
unless ]L IS hot W4ler EvcTy mornjng on insing lI is well 1o drink a Jarge qoinUty of 
eilher cold or hot walcr Th]s ^^Bshcs out lhe stomBch, bowels Bnd kidneys, and 
sl]miili1cs Ihem lo beHer perform iheir functions The bo^^cls mus1 be kcpl rtgular one 
or more passages a day ind at a regiiLir hour Somelimcs, cspeciBLly m younger pcp>ons. 
the eyes ire 41 fBult and may ntcd flosses Frequently i1 ]s CBUstd by overwork in school 
in young girls, espec]aLly during their menstrual penods Social dulits cauhe Ihem jn 
many women ind then sirong tea or coffee or headache po^^dcrs, or labLcIs ire laken lo 
keep up or to slop the pain, making lhe pilitnl more liable to lhe BttBcks in the Inlure, 
and Ihen still more lea, coffee, and headache remtd]es ire laken ijnl]L the pat]ent is ■ 
slave lo lhe remedies nken to help her A great many of these headaches tin be helped 
b> s]mple measures, ind the lime belween the atlacks in about all cases, made longer if 
the pilieni w]ll but work with lhe physician, nol only at the lime of lhe altack, bul in the 
interval The clothing should be comfortable The feel should always be kepi dry Th]s 
applies especially to nenralgja In fad lhe ibove measures of prevent]on and care apply 
to ill kinds of headaches and neiiralg]as Prevenlion is worth more ihan lhe core 

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. liick Ht-aducliCH Hop Ua Will Kt lie ^e.- "Hop Ici is 
very good iF 4 good strong decoction is made A w i ne^l assf nl may be laken every hilf 
hour or hi>ur unlil relieved." This is very easily prepared as the hops may be purchased 
at any drug slore 

1. ^ick H^^adachts a Favorite Henicdi far.-- "Aconite liniment or icon He rubbed on 
the forehead will n^lieve lhe pain in the head almosi ]nslantly. One di~op of lhe line lure of 
nux vomici m a Icispoontul of water every five or len minnles will quickly relieve." 
Nux VDm]C4 IS good only when the headache comes from conslipation and slomach 
trouble and too h]gh hving 


3. Sick Hcadachr^ ^romatlr Spirlls df Am nun la ft^r.— 'Tor h nrrvnij'> headache 
tbicrc IS nQthing bctlcr for iniriK'dLilc I'clicl II1BI1 fiJlc^^n k^t tx^cnty drofi^ of 1hc Brc^inBtLC 
spints of ammoriLA." TbiL'> relieves the pain and quiets 1bic nerFes and '>t]mLil4les Ihe htirt 

4l Skh Hi^adachc, Caiuphar Appiicalioa for.— "A very s]m[ile but effective 

remedy 1^ a cLolh ^^el wilh ^p]rLl^ o\ CBmfihor and '>priiikled wilh bLick pepper appl]ed tc 

ttie head i^i^es Blmi^^t inslani relief " 

S. Hcadacht^ Soda aad i^i^pptrmlnl far.-- "One leaspoonful |levrl| of^ndB in two- 

tbiinfc gLA'>sof hoi ^^Bter add fi^e or eigbit dTDpsoro]L ot pepfiermLnl ind b I i tile "^ugar. 

Drink qij]tc ^^Brm Thi-^ bia*i been often tned Bnd proven I0 be a "^uccc*!^-" The ^ida wilf 

relieve any ^^^ ]n 1he "ilamac^ti and the [ieppcrm]nt b tni^ digesi ion bfu1 relieves bicknGiS or 

tbie "itoniBch. 

6l Skk Headacht, Lenan Ciood for.-- "One Lemon before bre4kf4'>l ^^]LI help lo 
keep off "^Jt^k heatlathe. EiBvc never found 4 remedy to cure ^ick bieidBt:bic*i \ sack of 
hoi saLl wiL] ilwiys help Ihe pain.' Tbie lemon \^iLl help to tone op the "^lon^Bcbi Bnd the 
:£4lt applied lo the head will help lhe p4]n by relies mg ihe eonge'>t]cin 1 1 i^i always well I0 
take a good eathirlie afler 4 "^pelL of ^]ck headache. 

PHYSICIANS' IREATMENl for liick Headache .-- 

1* Antjpynnc 2S grains 

Citrale of Ciffeme 10 gFaire> 

Erom]deof Folasbi 25 grains 

Mix and make inio five powdera. One powder i^ needed. |You might tike second 
one m tbiree hoon> | Th]s is not good wbien ]t i^ bilious ^]ck headacbic In faci i1 would 
make ]t worse 1 1 i'> good fDr^]ch headache and neur4lg]a doe lo eye or nerve "^Irain^ bo1 
tbien 1he firsl remedy, ant]pynne^ can be Lef1 out. [t is not needed. I would then po1 Iwiee 
as niiKh of the bromide of poU^bi, fjfty grains ind uke a powder e^ery Iwo hours until 

2- Citrale of Ciffeine 1/2 dram [30 grains] 

Pheniceline 60 grains 

Bicartonate of nod a 60 grains 

Aramalic powder 12 grains 

Mix ind make Iwelve powders. Take one ever^' lhree houis This is 
good Somet]mes i1 iii depressing on I he he an forjiome people, due to the 
plienaceUne \celanilid can be '>ub^lilo1ed ]n '>aKie nio^e 

{The bio meo p ath]c 1rea1ment ks very sticc e^isf ul in relieving spells of sack headache. 
See chapter on Homeopathy.) 

3. Sod]iim Phosphate, taken e^ery momang abou1 one-half to one lea^poonful in hoi 
waler ll i^ gi>od for lhe bowels and liver. 

4. Fri^^crirtion for the Ll>rr amd HDHrls In Sich Headache. - 

Sulphate of soda 30 grains 

Salicylate of soda 10 grains 

Sulphale of Magnesia I grain 

Eenzoate of Lilhia 5 grains 

276 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

Tine lure of Nut Vomica 3 mininK 

Di^liLlcd wa1cr 4 ouncKi 

Th]^ mixlurc sbiould be made up in \^wgc quantHy ind pkrcd in a 
siphon by one ot Ihc concern*! ^^h]ch charge sodi WBtcr. and From one- 
qu^ner tc Dnc-hilf 4 gLA'>sor tbiis water, 41 onliniTy ttmptrBtLire^ \^ lo be 
tatcn every morning Bt Icb^I i>ne-hi]f bh hoLir before breakfast; enough 
being tiken 1o injure Bn adequate bo^^eL movemeni during the furciiODn. 
Thi!i 1o be a good combinal]on lo use regularly. 

5. Dr Hare give^ 1bie folLo^^ing reco mmenda! lorei Frtjbably no !i]ngle source of pam 
compares ]n it^ frequency lo bieidBcbie, cbiicfly because ]t is c^senlially b symptom of 
d]sea*ie'5 or fund tonal disturb ance-^. 

Il may come fn^ni comitipBtion or eye strA]n^ fn^m brain disease, aneni]a^ uremic, loo 
much blood jn Ihe bieid^ etc In kibii> ciscs b mild laTat]vc 1o Ihoiougbily empty ihe 
bowels IS necessiTy. Sometimes the Lirine will be def]cient in solids and hquids so thit 
the effele Bnd poisonous mBtenal ire relained m the bk>od, which prtjduce headache. For 
siEh case*^ if 1he unne is Bcid^ 1he frequent use of Vichy water^ to which ]s added 4 little 
b]C4rbonale of po1ass]um ibout five grains 1o 4 drink, bs a d]iiret]c will pKfve of grcBt 
■service. If Ihe unne is alkaline (and lh]s you cin tell by usjng 4 red lilmus pBpcr wh]ch 
will 1iirn blue if il is alkilinel ten grBin dose^i of benzoBte of ammonium three (2) limes b 
dBy are often useful 

NERVE TUMORJi (NeironB].-- A morb]d increase in 1hc iLssue-elcmenIs o\ the 
pcnpherBl |1he eittemfll surficcj nerves. 

Varirtics. Trnt and Fal^t Nerve TimDrs.--True nerve tumois {neuromatBj are 
composed of nerve- fibres proMnied with b medullary fmaiTDWJ sheilh or of nerve I issue 
false nerve lumors are composed of olherstruclnre 1han nerve I issue are usuBlly of 
secondBry ong]n exlending to 1he nerve fn^m nearby siructures. 

Sjniptoius.--The I rue nerve lumora may be hcredilBry or due 1o wounds or blows 
and impulatjon The> may g]ve rise 1o no symploms, or miy c*use inlermilteni pi]n 
Pressure increases Ihis pain, when the cond]tion of ihe nerve fibre is interfered with. 
Loss of locil sensation and power m^y develop It ]s somctin^c^ possible lo feel Ihe litlle 
nodulBT growlhs ind they can be seen when they are superf]cial. They may gi>e no pun, 
or Ihey mBy become very sensitne They miy become chronic ind they are very liable 
to do so. Some ot 1hem mi> disappear 

PHYSICIANS' TREAIMENI" forNer^c Innir.-- The seven: forms should be 

cu1 oul, olhep> can be le1 ilone. 

NELRrTlSIInNaramnlloa af Ihr ^ erves. Neira-Ntr^es^ llis-EnnamraatlDn. 
ImnaiumalicB of thi^' JtundlcsoT Nen t KibrttfJ.--Na^eJ dc^cnbi^s ]t as 'bii 
I nf I imn^ B lion of Ihe nerves of an acute or chron]c nature^ a^Koe]ated w]th more or less 
dcgcneralion, change ]n lhc nerve fibnta of Ihe effected nerves." 


C BUSTS.-- An cnjtiry lo thr nerves, frcqu^nl miiic ur* r s tr*] ns exposure lo cold 
InflinimalioncHn cxlcnd 1d the nerve from Bcljicenl Liiflamcd ^ tnicl Lirc'>. Prr'iSLirc can 
cause it. Fr4ctLir«>or boiit'> caiCiC ]t by compress]Dn ind it la hIso CAU.'fcd by mrcctLDW> 

d]sca*»es_ SLic h i-i rhcumal]sm typhoid fever, syphili-i. etc EnsomecBscs il s]mpLy 
appeap> wuhoul ippBrent cause. 

Wbien 1bie d]scaite pTDCcs'f invoLvcA the nerve shcHths and connct live tissue sIructurcE 
in parliculBr an inlcrsntiBl ncuntis revolts wbien 1bic d]'^eB^e iDCBtes ]tseLr in the nerve 
f]briis It givei> n-ic lo " p arent hymalo u-^ ncLinHs" |jnBin pBrt of 1he nerve is ]nflaincd) 

Simple ^t1^ilisL— Th]s meBns tbial a "^juglc nerve of a group of adjBcent nerve trunks 
\h airectL^d. II a nuinbi^ro^ nervE^^ are aftected al the fiBme 1imc il is called Multtple 
NeuritiL or PolyneLinlis 

Causes.— I b) Bxfiosurr [oooJct This is a very frequenl cause, bai for example^ in ihe 
Facial (Face^ nerve, (b] Traiimansm —thai i^, ^^ountl"^ bLo^v^, injunes caused by Fraclure-^ 
and dislocations^ pres.'^ore from iLimors sleeping \vilh the head resting on the arms 
Pressure fn^m crulcbies 'erulth paralysis." (c] Diseases ]nvolvLng the nerves due to 
extension of mnamnialion from nearby slructnres a't in neurits of tbie Facial nerve due lo 
decav of Ihc Icmporal bone 

Siiiipton]s.--The eonstitiit]onal or general "tymplon^s are u'tuaJly "flight. The pain is 
the most importan! symptom, being of a bonng m the parts to which it is d]s1ribiiEBd. 
Th]s pa]n nia> be ver^' d]s1res.'^ng or of a stabbing cbiararler and is iciually Fell m the 
course of 1he nerve, or i1 may cause little inconvenience Somelimes 1hc stm is red and 
swollen o^er Ihc affected parts There is impaired nerve function and as a resnll of lh]s 
the mii-scles 'suppl]ed by Ihe-sc nerve-s become wcat, and occasionally paralyzed. En 
severe cases Ihey ma> become alrophied and an eriipt]on often appears along the course 
of the nerve. Somelimes the hair and na]ls are not propcrlv nounshed, causing falling oul 
orgrayness of 1hc hair and loss of the nails This nenrilis may ex lend from 1 he peripheral 
leTtemal] nerves and ]n^olve 1he larger nerve Irnnks or even reach the sp]nal cord Th]s 
rarely occurs m neiirit]s from cold, or in lhat which follows fevers, bul il occurs mosi 
Frequently in nenrilis caused by blows, wounds, etc.. |lraiimalic| 

DmrBliin.--This >anes from a few days to weeks or months If the primary cause 

can be remed]ed ]t usually ends ]n full recovery Sometimes it ]s followed by the chron]c 

PHYSICIANS' IREATMEM for N curitib.-- The fiist ihng to do is lo try 1o 

remove 1he cause Then absolule and continued resi of Ihe affecled part If one has a sore 
hand it ^^ill be nested, if possible, so i1 must be wilh the sore and inflamed nerve. 

F«r Ike .ALIaeh.-- \f1er ha^in^ placed the part in absolute rest, mo]sl heat applied lo 
It freqiienlly brings great rcl]ef Somelimes a micitand plaster apphed alon^ ihe sore part 
does good. This produces a counter imtation and ihus dra^^^s some of the congeslion 
ln>m lhe 


congcslcd, inflBmcd nrrvc Ice as more cffcrtivc tn ^omc ci^cs thin heal Thr bowrls 
:£hoLild be krpl open daily with sBlt'> Build up the genera] hrfllth witbi ionics^ no ilcobiol 
can be iced ]f lI show^ a tendency Id become chionic. usf massage. elec1rLcil> or 
change of cL] male Atnjpbiy Ishnnbingl of the muscles is likely 1o rollcw if 1bie di-^eaie 
conttnuc^ l^^ng and for tbii^ mBssagc and c]er1ric]ty munt be given 

Treatutnl. Pre ^ en I Ire .--A person who hBS once had neuntis must exercise all care 
to keep fn^m tikangcold oreiposang ihenuieLves to severe cold wind^ and storms Wet 
cLolhing will be apt to caLi^e it^ relurn. DBinp hoii'se's are bad The clLmile "shiiLiLd be dry 
and not change Bble_ There should be enoiigh and proper bind of clothing to keep I he 
body heal al the normal poinl Plenly of re:£l ind ^Jcep are required. The^^e caulions also 
apply 1o rfieumi ti'>m Bnd neur4l^i4'>. 

Millif Ir ^"cl^itis.- -Other nBmes Polyncunt]s D i^>stm] n alcd Xeiriti^ PeripherBl 
NeurUis Mculne~Mull]ple neurUis ]'f an mfLiKiniBlory dbtf B'se of the penpherBl 
Itowind the end of the nerves or eMemal nerves) nervous system. Lt VBrici* much m 
cstcnl ind inten-sily Bnd affects ^ymmelncil pBrts of the body- 
Varieties.— The^e ari^e from d]FFercnccs in the nature OBUse^. severity Bnd location 
of Ihe disease pn>ce'e> 

CauEeE.~They are many |]_^ The po]son thil comes from infectious d]sei^es such 
as typhoid fever^ d]phtheriB. "imallpox. leprosy^ 1 4 grippe^ cic (2) From po]sonssiich b*^ 
alcohol, leid. aisfnic, phosphorid mercury, coal gas etc_ (3] From BnemiB cancer, 
tiibeiculo-^i"^ syphilid, septicemia diabete-^. ^4] From cold, over-eTert]on e1c_ 

S> m ptoms.- - Ac u te febrile multiple nenrUis A lyp]Cil case Thiscome-^ on from 
exposure to cold, o^er-exerlion, or m ^ome (.i-^c-i 'fponlaneou'>ly There are chills, 
headache'>, pains in the back, limbb and joims, ind 1he case may be called rheiimati'>m. 
Los'> of appelUe, coiled longne, constipation ind o the r sy m p toms of slomach and bowel 
trouble. The temperature ri'>e'> rapidly, and may go to IDJ to 104 degrees. The hmbs and 
back 4che but mlcnse pain in 1hc nerves are no1 al^^4>'> coii'>tan1 The pain is usually 
■^hirp. severe, and localed in the l]mb'^ and ]s won»t \ro\T\ moving and pre^ure There 
are 1ingl]ng feeling in the hand*^ feel ind body, and 4 feeling as if ants or insect'> were 
crawling over 1hem, and I he re is ilso increased ^cn^H] veness of lhe nerve Irunks orenlirc 
limb. There is lo^ of mu^tular po^^er fiist marked, perhaps, in lhe legs, ind it extends 
upward and reaches the arms Sometimes U fir^l begins in 1he arm't. En lyp]C4l cases the 
CI tend] ng midcles of lhe wrist and ankles dnsp. (Wristdrop and fool-drop J In severe 
cases there ]s a general loss of muscular power, producing a Flibby paralysis This may 
extend to 1he muscles Ihal control speaking, "^wallowing and hearing resulting m 
impairment of ihese fund ions The muscles soflen and was1e away rapidly Disordeis of 
nulnlion are frequent, like watery swelling /oedem a J . glossy looking sl:]n, sweat]ng, 
h]vcs. etc. 


RtcoTrrj.--Thc coLmc of the di^ro^c varies considerably- En mild cases the 

symplom}! disappear very noon In the woist form Ihc pa1icn1 iiny die in a week or len 
diys_ As a ruJc, in modenlely ^c^cre cases aflcr pcisisting tor five orsm wc«ks^ I be 
CO nd 1 1 ion remains Bbout I he same ^or 4 fc^^ months ind Lbien improvement slowly 
begins ind recovcTy tikes pi ice ]n six 1o Iwehe monlhs. In neuriti:^ from alcobiol 
dnnking I he re ]s a rep id onset as a rule^ w l1 bi nJel i rium and delusions. The re'>ul1 i^ 
usually favorable ind after pcp>i'>lin^ for weelz't or nionlb> improvemeiH gnduilly 
begin*! I he muscles re^un I heir power, and e^en in the mi>st de-^pcratL" cb'^c*> recovery 
mav follow The mL^nlal s>jnp1onis are very "^e^ere in alcoholic ci*>c*>_ Dchrjum i^ 
commcm 11 lake*> much longtr for *>uch ci*>c*> 1o regain wha1 ihey call Iheir normal 

^t1^1tis rolli^flni^ diplthtrla and olhtr infcetlaus diseases. Tbie outlook ]nc4'te^ 
1rom the'>e diseases i*^ u^uilly la^oiabL' and ci^cepl in djpluh^na, J a 1^1 ca^es are 
uncommon. U 3S most commcm fnnm diphlhena Recovery, in ncLirHis fn^m diphlherLi, 
takes place in abou1 Ibiree monlhs, but '>ome cases are fatal. 

^TeurMIs froxi lead. — The f]r£l '>ymptoms ire ihose of inlestinal coke lead line on 
the gujn*>, "dnjppL'd-wrist-" The recovery is Ljuite gradual ind the poison may be cast out 
in Ihree to four months 

[m Neuritis from ArEemlc.--We hive di'>lurbBnce of ihe '>loniach and bowels Hrsl, 
then 1he le^ ind urms are alK>ut equally iftecled. weakened may recover m two to ^ix 

Ircatmrnt for acntr hindL~The np>t thing 1o dLi i:£ to re'>l in bed and conlK)l Ihe 
pain and acme symptoms Hot applicat]ons help 1o relieve ihe suffering. Patient musi be 
kept comforlably and conslantly warm and quiet. Hoi applications of lead v^aler and 

Mrdicints.— Et may be necessary 1o uhe morph]ne to control Ihe pijn Remedie'> such 
as anl]pynne or i^pinn are often used. \ ph}?iic]an musI be called When Ihe disease j"^ 
caiEicd by arsenic and leid and alcohol of course you niij'>l remove the ciuse before ^'ou 
can hope for an> improvement. 

CautiDV.~Any one can readily undersland froTn reading thi*^ de^cnplion Ihat the 
thing 1o do ]s to be careful no1 1o needlessly expose yourself to lakmg cold. One subject 
to rheumilLsm or neurit]^, even ]n small degree, should lake care no1 only nol lo tike 
cold bul not to oveido ]n laboring, cold, wet and over-exertion cause Ihe majority o\ Ihe 
acute 41 ticks. But "^ime are caused by di'>ea'se'>, such a^ d]phtheria, 1ypho]d fe^er. etc., 
and 4 greal min^ cases of neurits following these and olher infect]ou'^ diseases can be 
avoided ]f proper care i'> 1aken donng and alter the'>e diseases Such care can easjly be 
taken. Keep your rooms warm ind comfortable, and the palieni m bed or ]n 4 
comfortable K)om un1il ill danger js past. Eiow often [ ha^e heard i doctor blimed for 
such results when m mosl elites ]t ]e 

2ttO A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

the pitLcnI'sor nuiy^X fiulc_ Ccrt*]n rr^ull^ will follow certain disci^e^ ind onLy proper 
care cin keep ^uzh rciult^ from following. Dropsy frcqucnUy follows even b L]ght caic 
of SicarLet fever Why'' Simply bee b use. on iccoun! of being b light ca*»e, the chiLd ii> left 
to roini al ^^]li alK>iit the rooin'> Bnd C4l4.hcs cold lake^ Ib grippe, [f people would only 
tate care of Iherruiclves 1hi*i dmei^e would no1 leave !iO many lifelong vieUmi I have 
seen men and women who hi>e ju^t recovered fn^m thi'> di!iea*»e "iland on the slreel 
corners on b cold, dinip day^ and lalk an hour^ and I he nex1 dky thry wondered how they 
could pos*i]blv hBve 1aten cold. We cannot d]!iobey the Ibv^ of nature safely. Persons 
who ire subject 1o nL'unti't or rheumiti^m ^hoLild be especially careful on cold, damp, 
wel days Bnd of over-exertion. 




NERVOUS PROSTRATION. -K b eond] t]o n of wc b b nes!i or ediiustton of Ihe 

nervous system giving rise to vinous forms of menial ind bodily ]nefficienc>_ 

Cbiscs. L. Hrredilar> caD^'SL—Soine children ire bom of [larem^ who are weak 
ttiemselves^ and who hB^e led ^asl live*^ thiougbi busme^i't or pleasure Bnd the'>e parenls 
hB^e gi^en Iheiroffispring a weakened Ihody^ Bnd the children Bre hBnd]4.4pped w]th b 
nervous predi^pD^]1ion Bnd furnish 4 considerBble proportion of "nervou*i" palienK. 

1. AcqulrrdL~l1 is acquired by continuBl v^orry and overwoil:, sexual indi'^cret]on. 
cicesjie-^ irregular li^]ng Bnd indiscretion m die1 A great many bij^ine^>s men leachery 
and journalists become "neiristhen]cs " il m^y follow ]nfeclious dLse4'>e'i^ pBrticulirl^' 
influenja, typhoid fever Bnd Siyph]lis_ It al^>o follows operal]ons sometimes Alcohol, 
tobacco^ morphine miy produce 4 tiigh grade of ttie d]^eBse ]f iheir use is Bbuhed 

5^mplDiiis.--The'^e ire >iried_ The mos1 prom]nent *iymp1om i'^ faligue. The pat]enl 
feeK si> lircd and complains ot being unable to do any menial labor. El is almost 
impos'>ible to pnl Ihe m]nd on one subjecl for an^' length of lime. Thcrr ire headache^ 
d]zzines^, wani of ^leep and there i^ greal depres!i]on of ^pints patient i!i gloomy, 
irrilable ]n lemperv^ith niBnife'>lat]ons of hysteria. SoKiclimc^ I he re are marked 
■^ymploms of sp]nal trouble Fain along 1he '>pine w]th ^pi>t> or areas o\ tenderness. Pains 
simulal]n^ rheumatism arr prr^cnl There is frequently grrat muscular weakness, grei! 
pK)'>trBtion after the least exertion, and 4 feeling of numbness. 1ingl]ng and neuralgic 
paiib In '>pin4l '>yniptoms. Ihere ]^ an aching pain ]n Ihe back, or in the back of the neck, 
which 1^1 B quite conslani complainl Then there 


arc the amirly symptoms in m*ny cases There miy br only h fear of tmprnding tusanit^ 
oroF 4ppn>arh]nf dcalh or of apoplexy^ ]n simple cb^c^ More frtqucntly Ihc Aiix]aLis 
fccL]ng IS locaL]zed ^>omewhcrc in the bod> in the heart region, in the head, in lhe 
abdomen, jn the thoiBX fchr'>l, elc )_ In Siome rB-^e-^ the amiety becomes iiHensc. They ire 
so rc*ilLcss lhey do no1 kiHJW whi1 1o do wuh ihciTT^clvcs They IhiDW ihem-^elves on the 
bed complain, and cry e1(._ SomeUme'^ the pat]ent^ become "^o desperale lhey romm]t 
suicide. Some pilicnls do nol w]sh to see Bnyone. Some piUenls CBnnol read reading 
weines lhcm ^> much or tbiev gel conlu-^td and dii./y anti must "^lop Some b re very 
irrUabie They complain ot cverytbiiny_ Remember thc> Linnol I^Jp it, usuilly. Some ai^ 
easily insnllcd ind cLBim tbiey are mihunder^lood. The circulalion may be disturbed ]n 
some cases Then ihere is palpitBtion of lhe hcBrt, irregulBr and very rapid puKe, pa]ns, 
and feeling of opp res!i]o n an^und the heart cold hands and fed The hcBrt\ at I ion may 
be increased by tbie lea'>l exc]temeii1 Biid ^^itbi 1hc fB'^l pulse and palp]ta1ion Ibiere are 
feehnf,^ c\ diizinc^ and amidy and "^uch pat]ents are sure tbiey hi^e organic discBse of 
the heart- No wonder. Flashes of heat, especially in the head, and Irareient congest]on of 
the "^tin are distress] n^ symptoms Profuse swealing may occur In women especially, 
and ^omet]mes in men. 1hc hBuds Bnd feel b re cold, lhe nose ]s red or blue, and lhe f^cc 
Feels "p]nched " Nervous dy*ipcpsiB i'^ present m many cases. The digcsl]on ]s poor and 
slow Bnd conslipalion accompanies U Somelimes thL^re ]s neura^ia ot lhe stomach. The 
scituBl orgBns arc *ieem]ngly Bffecled, many men are "almost scBred 1o dcBth" Bnd lhey 
use all si>rts of quack remedies to reslore 1 heir !ieT nal vigor. S penn b torrhe b is the]r 
bugbear. Thc> usually get ^^ell if they slop worrying. En women ihere is lhe lender o>Bry 
and lhe mcnstrualion may be painful or irregulBr The condilion of lhe urine ]n ihesc 
patients is import Bn1 N^any cases are comphcaled wilh hthaemia /^Bnd-slone in the 
unnej 11 ]s Jiomelimcs also increased ]n quantity 

PHYSIC I A^±l' LRKATMENT for ^ r rv 01 s Fn^tratloD.- -The patient must be 
assured and made to believe Ihat the d]sease is curable but thai it will lake time and 
earnest help on lhe pad of the [iat]ent. MiEh medic]ne ih not needed^ only enough I0 
keep the syslem working well. Encouragement is whal is needed from atlendanLs. 
Remote lhe patient ri~om lhe causes thai pioduce lhe I rouble^ whelher it be business^ 
worry ovcr-sludy, too much solibI dulics, or citcesses of any kind The patient musi 
ha^e conndence in lhe physician and he must be attenlivc to the complainis oF lhe 
patient 11 is the height of foolishne*iS and absiin:J]t> For a physic] an lo tell such a palicnl 
bek^re he has ihoTDUghly examined him or her thai the iKfubles are imaginary I believe 
thai IS nol prudent in lhe majorily of cases I have heard phy^]4.ians talk Ihat way to ^uch 
patients I thong hi. what fools' The palieni needs pn^per^^mpalhy and sensible 
encourage me n1 \ou micit make 1 hem believe lhey are going to get well. If yon do not 
wish lo do this^ re Fuse such cases, or you will fa] I wilh them. 

2tt2 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

If there arc any [lalirnl^ th^l nrcd rncourflgcm^nl jnd kindly^ ^ympjlK^lic judicioiK 
"cheering up.' ihcHC paticnls ire Ihc ones. End they generally Brc 'laiighed 41 ind made 
Fun of" by proplc who should know bcl1cr_ Remember the]r Iroublcs ire real to tticm, 
and are due 1o cxhBuMionor pro^lrat]on of lhc nervous ^y^tcm and I his condition, as 
before de-^nbcd, prtjduce*! horrid fcciinpi and ^cn^aliorei of BlnH>st every pirt of the 
body The pilicnt mu*i1 be made to believe 1hBl he mBy cxpcc! 1o gel well Bnd he mu^t 
be lold 1hat miK^h depeiKl'> upon himself, and thai he muj^1 niBlze 4 VLgolou^ effod lo 
overcome cerlBin of his lendencies. and lhat all his power of will will be needed lo 
fun her I he pnjarcs^ of the cure 

First, IhLHs ri^ rLsl.— Both mental Bnd physical diyer£]ons, nutrHLOiEi ihongh easily 
d]geMed food and removBl of baneful influences bs far B^ possible. Phy^iic^l exercise for 
the laz> Rest for the aneKi]c Bnd \^eak For business or pn^fessional men the treBtmenI is 
to ge1 Bwav Biid far o^^ if po'^sible from business ll w]Ll often be found besi lo make ou1 
a d4]Ly programme for 1ho:£e ihBt mu'tl remain al home, something lo keep the mind busy 
wilhoul l]ring. and then times of resl. The pBtient, if ]t is possible, should be away fiom 
home if home innuences Bnd surnnund]ngs are not agree Bble_ Dr_ 3_ We]r MitcheLL of 
Philadelph]a, hB-^ devised ind clBborBted b eure_eBlLed a res1 cure fori he relict of 1 his 
diss of pBtienls. and ]t is wonderfully successful especially jn Ihin people. "Be lhe 
symptoms what they may bs Lon^ bs they are dependent upon nerve slrain, this 'cure' is 
to be resorted to, Bnd if pnnperly carried out ]s often atlended wilh surpnsing results " 'A 
bnght, Biry, easily cleaned, and comfortable room, is to be seleeled, and adjoin]ng i1, ]f 
possible should be a smaller one for an i1tendin1 or nup>e_ The patient ]s put 1o bed and 
kepi 1here Irtjm three lo s]t weeks or longer is may be necessary ind dunng lh]s time is 
allowed 1o see no one eicepl the nurse ind doctor, since 1he presence of friends requires 
con>ep>ilion and mentil effort The pilient m severe cases mus1 be fed by Ihc nurse jn 
onJer lo avoid eipendUure of the force required in the movement of lhe inns_ No sUting 
up in bed is allowed and if any reading is done i1 must be done by the nurse who can 
read aloud for an hour 4 day {I have seen cises where even that could nol be done) In 
the case of women, the hair should be dressed by lhe nurse 1o i>oid any physical effort 
on the part of lhe pilienl. To tike the plicc of o ml] nary exercise, two measures are 
employed- lhe f]rs1 of which is massage or nibbing, the second, eleclncity By the 
kncatlin^ and rubbing of the muscles and skin 1he liquids in lhe lissues are absorbed ind 
poured inio the lymph spaces, and a healthy blush is brought 1o lhe skin Th]s pass]ve 
eiercise Is performed ]n 1he mom]ng or afternoon, and should last from one-hilf 1o an 
hour, every pin of the body being kneided even the face anti scilp In 1he aftennjon or 
mom]ng Ihc vinous muscles should be passively exercised by eleclrie]ty, each muscle 
being made lo contact by Ihc ipplicilion of the poles of the baHery to ]ts molor points, 
the slowlj interrupled current being used. Ne]therof Ihese fonns of e lerc ]se call for iny 

CTpcndilurc of nerve force; ihcy keep up lhe general nutrition- The followtng prognmme 
for a clay's ex]Elencc ib aucxBmpli^Dr^^hBt the phy'>icLAn should order: 

7:3t a. n.— GLissof hoi or cold ruAk^ predigestcd, bo i Led or tbw bs tht cine rcquirt'> 

S:Ot a. n.— Thc nur^e ih to sponge tbie patient wilh Icpid water or wilh cold and bol 
waler alternately lo slimulBtt tht '>kiii Bud circuLiliou^ 1bie body being well wrapped in a 
blanket, exeep! 1hc por1]on \^h]cbi i'^ being bathed. Afler lh]!i lhe nurse should dry 1bie part 
last welted^ wuh a rough towels using '>onie fnclion lo MLmuiBle the ^kin. 

SL3f^ a. m.-- B re ak f ast. Boiled poached or^craKiblcd eg^s^ nulk loast^ wiler toasts 
or a finely cut [iirce of mutton cbiop or chicken 

LOiOO B. m.~Mas.^age. 

LIlOO a. m.~ A gla.'^ of milk^ or 4 nulk [uinch. or egg-nog. 

LZiOO m.~ Reading, for Bn hour. 

IlOO p. m.~ Dinner 5 mall piece of "^leak^ rare roBS1 beeF. eon>oinme ^lOup, mutton 

biDth- ind any one of 1bie easily digcbled vc^MabLc"^ ^m:II cooked 

3:00 p. m.— Electricity. 

4:30 p. n.— A glB-^ of milk a milk punch or egg-nog 
6:30 p. xi.— Supper Thi*^ should be very plun^ no tea or coffee^ but ioMni and bulter 

mjLk. cui~ds und \^he> or 4 pliin ciist4i~d. 

9 :3fi J, m.— A glas^ of milk or milk punch. 

[n Ihi'f way 1bie day is well filled^ and the time nicies not drag ^o heavily as would be 
though! If the slomach rebels at over feeding lhe amounl of food must beeu1 down, but 
when all the effod of 1hc body i^ concentralcd on rc^piralion circulation and digestion a 
laige amount of nouri'^hmenl can be a'>Mmilaled by the exhausted body, which before 
this Ircalment is undedaken ma> have had its re'tOurce'> '>o '>haltered as lo be unable to 
carry ou1 any p h> "iio lo^ic al ac1 perfectly. For lhc Ircalment 1o be successful the rules laid 
down should be rigidly fuLlowed^ aEid lhe cure should last fn>m three to sia ^ecks or 

10 nger. " 

HV^TEREA.— A state in which ideas ccmtnil the body and produce morbid change"^ 
in i1^ functions 

Causes.— Il occup> mo^lly in women, and usually a[i[icap> first abou1 1he 1ime of 
puberty, bul lhe mamfestalions may continue until the menopause or even un1il old age. 

11 occurs in all races. Children under twelve ycais arc ni>t very oflcn affected. A 
physician wrilc*i One of the !iaddes1 chapleis in the history of human deception, thai of 
the Salem witches, mighl be headed 'Hy^lena in Children " since 1he tragedy resullcd 
dircclly from the hyslencal pranks of girK under Iwelvc yc^r* of age. During late ycais it 
ha-s been quite frequcn! among men and boy*i. 1 1 fieems 1o occuroftener in lhe warm and 

2fl4 MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

mild cL]mal«i thin in lhc cold There irc two prcdispo^ang c*LHr^ lhal arr very 
I m[io rt B n L~ htrcd I ty and cdijcat]un Heredity Bct'> by endo^^mg tht 4.hild wilh a movabLt 
(mob]LcJ ibnonnilL^ sensitive nrrYDiisoig4ii]Z4lLon. Cases are sten most frequenlly in 
familLCi ^^ith marked nervoiii di^cBsc 1endenc]es, wbiojic members hivc suffered from 
VBTioLis sort*i of nervous diseases 

Education. —The pT^pcr bQmc education is rtcglctled Some faicnts allow their giris 

to giDW up BLru^toincd lo have every whim grilLf]ed, abundant "^ympilbiy lavished on 
every woe, however trjfL]ng ind the ^iri rcathe^ womanhood wUh a moral organi£al]on 
unf]tled lo withstand 1bic care^ Bnd worries of evcry-diy i]fe_ And belwecn Ihc ige^ of 
twelve and siMeen, the mos1 import an! in bier life \^hcn I he vital energies Brc Bb-^orbed 
in the TBpid development of 1bie body^ the giri i^ often "cramming" \ot exAin]n3t]on'> and 
cooped ]n closic nohookooms for ^ifL or eight hoiJp> dBil>. not only 1hat but at home she 
lb often firaoUcing Bnd t4l:]ng les^>oib on 1hc piano in conneoUon wUh ihe full HohiHil 
work The re'>uLl Ido often is an active bright mind ]n in enfeebled brxJy^ iLI-adapted to 
subserve the tunct]ons for which il wbs framed, e4'>ily disonfercd. Bnd prone 1o ict 
abnonnilLv lo lhc orJinBTy ^timuh of Life 

Dlri^ct InflueaeesL—Tho'^e iiif]ueiK.e'> thai direclly bnng on 1hc atlack arc fright^ 
anxiely. grief_ love iffBiis. ind domeslic womes. e^pec]ally in Ihose of 4 nervous nature. 
Di^>ei^e^ of the generBlive organs ind organic disei^e^ ]n general, and of the nervous 
system espcci3LI>, m^y be causes o\ hy^ter]a 

Sjmptcais.— The'te may be divided ]nto twn clB'^'>e'> L ]n1erp4ro;^y'>m4l or time 
between 1he pBrtJity^ms l^pcllsl 2_ Piroxysma] During Ihc lime oF Ihe 41 tick Fff^I 
wjrriVi— The will power ^eems defec1ive_ En bid c ases self-co n1 ro L is lo^L The patient is 
imlable. ind easily annoyed b> the slightesi InfLe. ]^ very c^cUable and easily movc^l lo 
laughlerorleirs wUhout Bny appirenl cause for eilher. Easily discouraged and 
despondenL She wants lot*i of sympathy. Si.'c^x?r^--Lo'i^ of scnsBtion 1*1 frequently 
preseni ind it is moht commonly one-Siided; it may ]nvolve certi]n pirts bs one or Iwo 
limbs, Ihc Irunk escaping, or pari of one L]mb Vbtious !ipo1s oF want of Jicnsilion 
|fecL]ngJ may exiM The skin of the affecled side is frequcnlly pile and cooL and 4 pin 
pnct m By not cau*ic bleeding. In !iome CB-^e-^ they feci the LouLh of the hand but there i^ 
no feeling fnnm heil There may il!iO be o^ersensitivenes^ Kj pijn Biid of ihe ^tm. [t may 
be one-sided or both, or only in '>pots The left ovBriin region ]^ 4 common sens iE]vc 
poini, al^o over the breasts, lower positioift of the rib!i. on lop of Ihc heBd ind over many 
portions of the backbone Pi]n in Ihe hcBd is a >ery common and d]s1ressing symptom, 
and i'> usually on the top. P4]n ]n Ihe bick i'> common .abdominal pains mBy be ver^ 
severe Bnd the abdomen mBy be so tender as lo be mistaken for pentoni1i'> VarioiJ'> pBrts 
of Ihe body mB> have neuralgic pBin-^. There mi> be inten^>e pain around Ihe hcBrt There 
miv be 


complclc blindncs.^ thr tBS1c ind smell miy be diJitLirbcd or cample tt las.^ of hnnng 
r/jircf— FaralyE]Si ]s frcqutntly present, [t may be onc-^idcd or only o\ 1hc Jowcr 
ex tremU L[^'>^ or only om: l]mb. Tht face !"> usually not involved whtn it la on one side. 
The leg is more Bffccled Ihin the ami- Scn^alion i^ Ic^ened or loM on the afferled ^ide. 
PirfllyM!! of lhc lower eTtremit]es i^ more frcquenl ihanonc-SLdcd pirBlyMJi The power 
m 1hc Jmib^ biardly ever ]^ enUrclv IwiK the II'^ TTsBy lisuilly be nH>ved^ bul Ihe leg't give 
way ]f 1bic pBtien! Inc^ to ^tBnd_ The affeclcd muhcles do no! WBSIe The fret are usinlly 
extended and Uirn inward Siiddcn lo-^ of voice uccup> in mBny cb-^c^. The pBralysis iii 
gene Filly paroxysmal ind l^ frcquenlly as-^oziBtcd wi1h con! rati ure-^ ^ihorlening of the 
muhcle. The contrBctures may come on *iuddenly or slowly", and nn> Ib-^I minutci*, houn*, 
or months ind ^omc CB-^e-^ even years Movements of the hands anns. etc_ I] be 1 he 
moUons in chore b are often !icen ]n ihe young A Irembhng (Ircmor) iii !iomet]messecn in 
these patients 11 nio'>t comnwnly involves the hand^ and arms more rarely lhc head ind 
legs These movemenl!i are !imall ind qij]ct_ Foitrlh- -SwB\lo-wing may be d]fficul1 on 
account of spasms of the muscles of the pharym The larynx miy be involved and 
intcrlere with respiraUon Indige^Uon in Home Form i^ of1en present. The ^lomBch and 
bowels may be very much bloiled wUh gas There may be a "phBnIom lumor" in the 
interline ^bowelj Con*itipBtion may be very ob*itinBte. vomHing may be pre'>enl ind 
pers]s1ent and h]ccoiJgh present The acl]on of the heirl may be LiregilBr and rip]d hcirt 
acl]on i'> common The least molion msy CBUse difficull breilhing End filse \nginB 
Pectoris |hcBrt pangj 1hc unnc ]s relBined no1 ]nfrequcntly m female pilLenl!i_ 

SjHiploni^ Df Iht Pa re x^biii^.-- Convulsive '>LN/urL's ure common mBnife^lalionsof 
hj^tcrii and Jnzciucntlj pi^c^icnt u ^;jvat sjmilurH> to epLlcp*i> The prtjdnjjnBl (fore- 
rLinn]ngJ *iympt<jms are frequenlly present Bnd mi> begin several daysi beforr the 
convulsion occurs. En m]lder forms in wh]ch 1hc caidc mBy be due 1o i temporBry 
physical exhiuslion, oremolionil shoct, 1he fore- running symploms are o\ short 
durilion The pBtien! mBy become very nervous, imtable ]mpalien1, hBve FUs of 
laughing Bnd crying, ahemalely, or have a feeling of a chill ris]ng in 1hc lhnjat_ The 
convulsion follows these symploms. The pBtient generillj falls in a comfortBble plice; 
conscioifincss is only ippirently lo^l for she frequently remembers \vhBt has laken 
place 1hc longue is rirely bitlen En lhe milder foim^ 1hc movemenis are apt to be 
djsonJcrly In the severe forms Ihe mi>vemen1s are apt 1o be a lasUng conlracUon of the 
muscles Bnd Ihe pilienl may hi>c lhc hcLul Biid feel drawn back and 1he Bbdomcn drBwn 
front There I hen may follow a cond]tion of celiac y, sleepiness, catilepsy. Irance. or the 
pBtient may show sjmploms o\ i dehrium wi1h lhe most extrBordmBry sights of unreal 
things. These convulsions mBy Ibs1 forsexrrBl houis or days. Firm pressure over the 
ovines miy bring on a convulsion, or if made dunng i convulsion miy arrest il. The 

286 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

\^ rircLy dangcrciLis to []fc, yet death h^"^ followed cfLhBu^lian indiiced by rrpcatcd 
convulsiDRb or praloEiged fasling The duralLcn of tiyslcriA u^ very unccrLaLn. 

DURING A CONVULSION. The f]r^1 lh]ng to do ls ddI to be fnghlencd A palicnl 

in 4 convLiL^Lon frtjm hyjitcna very SicLdom injures hcr^cLf during lhc con>ijls]ons_ [f you 
arc ^uzc il l^ hystcna, g]vc b nasty tasting mtdLcinc, aiBfoctidB i^ a ^pLcndid rtmcdy, bu1 
no! in [iiil fonn^ for there i^ no ti^te or smell to lhem Somctune^ a convulsion inB> bt 
arrcMcd b> the *iudden use oF ice Id the backbone or abdomen or by dishing cold water 
in ihe ficc Bnd clKst, or by pre^>sing ijpi>n I he ovaric*i_ ifr bicn lhc hysteria ]s oF i mild 
\owin It i!i wjjnetLines a good plan, wbitn 1bic convulsion corner on. to place Ihe piUen! in 
acomforlable position ind tbicn Idve her, and when lhc piUenl conies to and nnd'> 
herself alone and wilhool sympathy, the atlacks 4 re Ic^s likely 1o be rc[ic4lcd. SomeUmcs 
if >ou v^alcbi 4 palicnl ^.losely when she ]^ seemingly uncon^cLous you will '>ee iF yon 
look 41 her very guinJedly IhBt one eyelid i!i not entirely closed, Bnd thi1 lhc pi1icn1 
really sees much thil is oc4.urrin^ Bi~ound her 1 am wrUing of real genuine biyslcni in 
wbiich the patient is not quite nghl not only physicillv bu1 menially .--especially lhc 
laller,— dunng Ihe iltick al Icasl For ihat aEid olher reiiionjs such parents ^tiouJd not be 
tFCAted cniclly. 

Prtrrnllve Treatment of H^^crla.— ln onJer lo be '>iKcessfnl in ihis line of 
treilmenl Ihe CBUse micit be found Biid Irealed \n En^ish physician wnte'>: "It !"> 
pitiable to ihink of tbic misery Ihil h^^ been infliclcd on tbiese unhappy victims of the 
harsh and unjust treatmciil whi4.h has resulted from false views of the nature of ihe 
trouble; on ihe olher hand, worry and ill-health, ol ten the wrecking of the mind, body 
and estate, are entijled upon the neir relatives in Ibie nuising of a prolraclcd case of 
hy^tern- The minor manifestation^- atlacksof the vapors the crying and weeping spells 
are nol of much moment, and rarely require treatmeni The physical condition should be 
carefully looked into and ihe mode of life regulated so is lo insure svstem and older m 
everything- A congenial occupilion offers Ihe besi remedy for many of these 
manifeslations- Any funclionil dislurbance should be attended to ind acouTse of tonics 
prescnbcd Special atlention should be paid lo ihe action oF ihe bowels- The best 
preventive Ireatmenl is the one Ihat is given early- when Ihe girl is growing from 
childhood lo girlhood II should be begun even earlier A weakly baby should be built up 
by proper food ind ouldoor life Dainlies should nol be given lo such 4 thild When Ihe 
child Isold enough, as some mothep> Ihink- lo go lo kindergarten school, keep the little 
one al home- Ft is plenty earl> enough to send such a child to school when she is seven 
>ears old- This early school work rushes Ihe 4.hild makes il nervous- [f >ou should 
happen lo lislen lo Ihe heart of many >oung school children yon would nnd U pounding 
awiy al a Furious rale Do not hurry a weekly child Do not hurry or rush 4 young girl 
even Ihoughshe is sinnng from Ihe ages of twelve 


to stxlc^n yrara_ Our school sy^lcm dor^ jls1 lhit_ Tniilcad of tiking life cisy wh?n ^hn la 
ncanng the crL'>L'> (pubtny) or is in IhBt pcnud. ^hc is humcd ind ru:£hi:d and crammed 
WLlh her school work, the girl frequenlly goe^ to school diiring this period, even when 
she IS un^^ell and Mts lhere for an hour or more w]th wet "^kirt^ and 'tomet]me'> wet ^hoe^ 
and stottings Every day I see girl^ of all ages go pi^l my offjce here in lhi!i cultured 
cHy of Ann \rbor wjthi>ut mbberH, 1reiiJ]ng Ihrough 1he '>lush End ^VBter_ iii l1 iny 
wonder they become sickly, become victims of hy^tern iJid *iuffer fnjm mcn^lrual 
d]!iO Pliers '^ Dy^menorrhe* mu-i! follow "^uch c i re Lc^^nc^s ind the parents are 1o biBme ]n 
many cases Be cirefiiL of vour children, e*ipe(.iiLly ^irK Bt lhi!i age, care le^ for their 
intellectual growlh, md pay more altenhon lo Iheir body developmenl, even if U should 
hBppen lo be at the expereie of the]r inlellecluBl development. A healthy body ]s beHer 
than bII the knowledge thil CBn be oblained, if it f.oes, as ]t too often does w]th a body 
that IS weak Bnd ^]ck Outdoor life ]s nc4.e'>^ary Horseback riding i^ splendid; walking is 
also good ei^en.i'^e 41 4 regulBr lime eich day." 

PHYSICIANS' TREAIMF.NI for H^steria.-rf lhere i^ any womb tioubic, il mist 

be iUended to There ]!i freqnenlly Iroublc \^ith the mense-^ in cases of hysteria It 
■«>metime*i come'> fnnm inemn or simply come-^ without any ^pecul reason. Tonics l]ke 
arsenic, iion, ^lrychn]ne Bnd cod- live roil are needed for anemn. lion >ilcri1e ]Si good, m 
one grain do-^e^. three time-^ a dBy in thi'> disease when Ihc palieni i^ no! fleshy 

]. Ihr fallo^^lng Is rerommrndcd b> l>r. CoodelL 

Of each one "scruple |20 graire>l 

Q 111 nine Valerate 

Innn VBlcrBtc 

AmmoniB Valerate 

Mike inio twenty p]ll^. Take one or Iwo pills lhree limes a day. 
iThj"^ IS 4 Bood tonic in "^ULh cases. ^ 

1. Ft^^fler's Solulian of Arsenic in three lo five drop'> doses is frequently used flhree 
time'> adiy) and i'> b good iB'^ling Ionic in ci^es ^^here 1he pilieni has 4 very pile white 
looking skin. 

3. A^BfoctkJB in three lo five-gr4]n pills i'> b splendid tonic in such cases, ind in ihit 

fonn IS plcasunt to tate Tate three during 1he di>. before meal^ 

4l Simbul or musk ruat l'> b giHid remedy T]ncturr m one- half dram doses three 
time'> a dB>. Thi^ ]s good when the pat]ent is very nervous 

5. I'lie folIoT^rinp^ i^ ^4 4d ihlien anemia t^ pro mine nt[ 

Dried SulphBte ot li~on 20 grains 

Alcoholic CKtrBct of Sumbul 20 graiiK 

Asafoelida 10 grainb 

Arsenious bchJ 1/2 grtm 

M]x lhoK)ughl> and kibIzc Iwenly pills, one afler each meal 

2ttS A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

6. TlnclTirf ol hoys in do^r^ of one- half lo two tc aspoonf uls ]s good for nrrvoicnc^^ 
and ^ k'L' pJ ."ssj^L'^s. 1akcn bL bcdumc ll cm 3.biX} be tikcn rcguLBil^' four timcE a diy in 
fiDm onc-bialf lo one tcBspoonful dDb«> 

7. CrtDtjal CaiLioas.— Proper^ easily digt'>lcd ^ood^ muM be tilzcn Keep 1tic 
boweK open daily Let trA'>h Bnd dainUc^ aLont. Pies^ cakes^ Bnd rich food^ art an 
aboiTiinal]Dn for '>iEh pBticnts Cindy ]^ nut tu be taten. Let novels Blone Go 1o bed at 
n]ne Bnd !ilecp un1il mt or seven. Baihe Five or ten iii]nulei rvery niorn]ng or evening in 
tepid WBteroreool water The palienl should be ^^Brmly clolhcd Sleep m a plei^inl. 
suifthiny ind airy room In ^ocre fornix of the disease the "Rc^l Cure" Biid feeding 
described under Ncrvou}! Proslration should be ui^ed 

EFJLEPSV. (FalllDF- NlckDtsst.~This i^ an affeelLon of the nervou-t system, 
charge tenzed by i1tBt:ks of ijnconH^]ousne^>s, wuh or wilbiout convulsion 

Causes.-- In b iBrge proportion oreBse'> 1bie disease begin'> before puber1>. [t rarely 
begins afler Iwenly-five ]1 ]s more Juble to BttBck femBle^ 1han males Heredily is 
though! by some 1o play a b]^ role Dr_ Osier says "En our figures lI appe4P> to play a 
minor n^lc " Another doctor SBys: "HcredHy plays an importin! role in ihe prodiiclion of 
the disease. Besides epilepsy, insanity, niignine, alcoholism, near i^ I i1 loiti h i p of parenis 
|consBiif uimlyj ind hyslena 4i~e among the more common ancestral tai n ts obse rvcd." All 
factors ^vhieh impair I he he all h ind exh4ij'>l the nervous '>ystein are predispo'>ing 4.4iJ'>e'>. 
Injury lo the head often Liuse^ it_ Teething ^vorms, adherenl foreskin and cluoris- 
closing of 1he internal opening of the ^vomb, delayed mcmilruation. ire sometimes the 

S>mpf#His.— Thri~e *i^ two di'^lincl typr^_ The major a Hacks— or 'gr^nd mal"— in 
which thejM ^tc severe convulsions with complele los^ of co nsc loid ncss, etc and the 
minor lUicks or "pelil mal," m which the convulsive mo^ement^ are flight and may be 
absem and in which the loss of conntioij^ness is of1en bul momentary or prictically 
absem In some Ihe lUicks occur dnnng Ihe d^y: in olhep> dnnng the nighl and 1hey 
may not be ix>liced for a long lime 

Claracttrri^ic parox^bm of tht Major attacks. --This may be ush^i~ed in by 4 
localized sensilion, known as 1he Aura_ in some part of the body bul U miy come 
wUhout any wirning ind suddenly The (.onvnkion^ begin suddenly and 41 firs! ^tc 
tonic, th4l is U doe'> nol change but holds on The pilieni fills nncoibcious reg4i~dless of 
the sijri~oundings, and ihe nncoiESC lo usne'>s miy be preceded by an involnntiTy pieiring 
cry. The head is drawn back and often turned 1o Ihe nghl. The jiws are fixed |1onic 
sp4'>mr. The fingers are clenched over the thumb and 1he e;t1remilics are s1iff_ The 
bi~ealhing is affected and lhe face looks blue The urine and bowel conlents may 

escape, but 1 his OCCUPY oflcncr in the nrM st*gc Thi^ tonic !ipH^m Li^u*lly lasts fiom i 
lew "iccond^ 1o 4 half minulc when i1 ]*i ^lUccecdcd by Ihc clonic ^p4'>m slagc 

Clonk spa^ai slagCL~[n ih]'^ tht contr^cUon of tht muscles i^ intrnii]ttcii1 |TonLC 
spasm ]!i Ihc opposite condition-^ A1 ftrsl 1hcre i!i Irembhng, bu1 ]t gradually bccomt^ 
more rip]d ind the limb^ arc jcrtcd and piUcn! lo^>ses violently atuLit- The muscles of 
the facr arr in ]ntcniiit1enl motion, the cyc^ tdIL^ tht eyelids arc opened End closed 
convulsively TJic_^iws n»ve forcibly ind slnnngly^ End tht tongue is ipl lo be caughl 
between 1he teeth End butcn. The blue Loot now guduilLy detrease!i_ \ frothy sbIIvb 
which m^y be blooc^t4]ncd from the buten tongue^ esc4pe'> ^rom Ihc moulh. The nrme 
and bowel conlcnts iiiBy es^-ipe involonlBnly. The Lenglh of 1ime of 1his '>tBge is variable 
n may IbM 1wo m]niites The con1rac1ion becomes less v]olenl ind the patient graduBlly 
sinks jnto 1hc cond]tion oFdeep !ileep. when the brcilhing is no]Siy and slcrlon^us the 
lute hH>ks red and swollen, but no longer bluish The ljmb!i Loose 1 heir *i tiffness Biid 
unconsciousness is piDfound The pBtienI, if lefl ilone, will sleep for some houis and 
then Bwikcs and complains only of 4 dull heidBche. His m]nd is apt to be (.onfiEcd He 
remembers nolhing or L]tlle of what has occurred \tterwards the palieni nny be 
imlional for some time and even dBngcrous. 

1 he mrinar alLach or "peLiI mal/' — There is b convulsion, b ^hort period of 

unconsciousness and 1his miy 4.ome al anv 1ime ind may be accompanied bv b feeling 
of r4]ntness or vertigo. Suddenly for exan^le, 41 dinner 1ime the peison stops iBlhmg 
and eiling, 1he e>es are f]Ted ind slaring and the face isslighlly p^le. The palieni usutlly 
dn^ps anything he may be holding. The consciousness returns ]n 4 momeni or 1wo and 
the patient resumes conversation as if nothing had happened In olher ]ns1ances 1here is 4 
slight incoherency or the parent perfonns some almost aulomalic BLt]on. He may begin 
to undress himself, ind on relurn]ng lo 4.onsc lousness f]nd Ihil he his paiLialLy disrobed. 
He may rub h]s beiKl or face, or mi> sp]t about ]n 4 tire Less way An em]nent physician 
slates "One of my pilienis, aflcr in at1a4.k, was in the habu of leinng anything he could 
lay h]E haiHk on, particularly books, violenl actions hive been (.ommitted and assaults 
made, frequently giving rise 1o qiiest]ons which come before court. In the majonly of 
cases of "pelit mat" (lighl altactsf convuls]ons ftnally occur, al fiist slight, bu1 ulUmately 
the grand mal |major altacks} be4.omes welL developed, and the alticks ma> then 
aLlernatc " 

RccoTcry.— The aulhority *bove goes on lo say 'This may be given Loday ]n ihe 
words of HippocrHes The pnngnosis in cpiLcpsy is unfavorable when 1he d]sease ]s 
congcn]t4l |lhat is. ex]s1ing at b]rth|, when ]t endures to manhood, and when it occurs in 
a glow n peison wilhoul in> previous cause The cure miy be atlemptcd in young 
persons but no1 ]n oLd.' " Dealh rarely occuis during the fil, 


290 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

bul i1 m*y (lappcn if [hr [ia[]cnt \^ cittng ]f thr atTack^ ^rc fr«|tifnt and ihc palicnt (la^ 
marked mcntBl d]^turt>Aiicc ttic ccndilions arc uitfavDiablc. Ma]«> hive i better c Litlook 
tbian rcniBlr'>. 

PHVSECEANS' TRF.ATMFM.-Whal Id do dnriap tht Allack of F.pllcpsj.- 

K^'L'fi thL' palis^nl fioni ]n.juring biimsel^ loo'>i:ii thi: clolbung^ Lake oJt thi: collar or 
anj Lbiiny lLght about ttie neck Plicc b cork or spool or tooth-brush hanclle between 1tic 
terlh Id keep ttie pBticnt fTDm bit]ng bus longuc, but atlach b stout cord 1o Ihc object and 
hold ]t ]n thai ^^ly 

Prr^cnlivt a ad general trtalmrDt.~[u ihc ra^c ofrhildrrn tht parenK '>hould be 
mBdc 1o ondiMstind thil Jii I he ^il^bL mBjority of C4'>e'> cpilcpisy is JncurablL' The [lanentii 
need f]rm bul kind treilmenl. Il does not render a pcr^>n lucipible of following "^omc 
occupalions "Juliu-i CBesar and Napoleon were '>ubjecbi of ep]lepby_" The d]!iease causes 
grBduBl imp4]rment oF lhe in]nd ind if'tijch palienK become exlremel^ LrT]t4b]c or show 
■^ign^ of violence. the> should be placed under sijpcr^]s ion jn kn asylum A person wi1ti 
ttiis di'>e4'>e shi>uld uol marry 

Dlcl.— Give ttie pBtient b ligtit d]el al regulBr hours and the '>tomBch "should ne>cr be 
overloaded- Ttiere are canes ]n which meal is injunoun, and ]t should not be CBten more 
ttian once a day and a1 noon 1ime. A vegelBble diel seems be^l. The patjent should not go 
to '>lee[i unt]l ttie digestion is completed in the slomach 

C ausra— S tio uld be removed if possible Circumcision should be done, espectalfy in 
ttie young In case of a female child lhe "tiood of lhe clitoris" shi>uld be kept free. Undue 
mentBl Bnd physical excitemeni should be avoided Syslemalic exercise should be taken 
BaltLS m cold waler ]n lhe morning, if ponsible, as 1tic '>kin should be ]n good worl:]ng 

Medicines.-- The bromides ire tbe best, tnd sbould iJways be given uncbcr proper 

supervision of a phy'>ic]an or nurse. 

CmullDn.— I ^^jsh to Bdd thBt pBrenK shi>uld alv^ays atlcnd to the seemingly harmless 
"fiti' in ttieir young children 1 1 will no! do lo say lhe> are due 1o leething or ^^orms. If 
ttiey Bre, 1tie worms al least can be treated and lhat cause removed They may be due to 
too t]ghl opening ]n lhe penis ]f thai opening is small, or if ttie fore'>hin is t]ghl it will 
make 1tie child imtabic Bnd caune rcstlcs'> '>leep Atlend lo that ]mmediBtely The same 
adv]ce applies lo female children. Ttie "co^er" of 1tie "cluons" may be light, making ttie 
I title one nervous, loosen it ]f your child keeps ib> Fingers rubbing ib> pnvale orgBn^ 
ttiere is reason for you to ha>e the parl^ eianined and lhe cause removed as 
mBslurbBtion of1en '>lBrts in thai way The pads ilch and 1tie child tries to slop the ilching 
These litlle things of1en caidc 'big things" Bnd I Bm sure 'fits" cm he slopped very often 
by looking B^ter the private organs in both sl'Xl"> 


SHAKING PALSY. 1ParBlrslsARitans).--Thi^ \^ a chronic affection of the 
nervous isyitcm^ charartcrjZL'd b> mibLLiLBr x^cakncui. 1rcmbl]ng ind rLgidil>. 

Ckuecb.~II Li^uBlly dccijp> afttr Ihc rodiclh year, and es more comnion in men ihan 
in women The cxcHing caiiie^ arc exposure 1o cold ind wc1, businci^ worries. anxiet]es^ 
v]oLcnt cmoUonBl cxcUcnicn! and specific fcvcra_ 

Symptoms.-- The four pn^mmcnt '>ymp1onis are Irembling. wcaknes^i, rigid ily, and a 
pccLiliBr BttJLiKle It generally develops ^radnaLly usually in one or the other hand There 
1E al fbJBt a f]ne Irembling^ beginning ]n the biand^ or feet^ gradually eTtending to ihc 
arm^ the leg-^ anti sometimes Ihc whole body The heBd i^ no1 involved so frequently. 
Thi!i Irembling (Ireinor^ (.ons]!il!i of rBpid, uniFonn "*ih b k i ngs_ ' Al fLP>l l1 ma> come in 
spells, but as Ihe dL'>ea'>e advances ]t \^ conl]nuous Any cxcitemenl make'> ]t worse ]1 j*^ 
very marked in the hantfc The Irembling ^encrallj ceB-^e^ dunng sleep The muscles 
become n^id and shortened Ihc head l^ ben1 and the bod> is ben1 forward the arms arc 
flexed (bent^ and ihe lhiJKib'> arc lurncd 111I0 Ihc palms and grasped by the fingep>; the 
legs are ben1, movement Jioon become-^ impaired and the extremities !ihow some sliffnes^ 
in mol]on_ There i^ great weal:ne^>sof the muhclc*i and it is most marbed, where the 
trembling i^ mo^l developed. There is no expression on 1hc face, and lhe person has a 
eIow and mea'>ured "speech. The walk t& vcTy peculiar, and in attempting to walk the 
Elep^ are *ihon and hurried. The "slepji gradually become Fasler and fa-slcr, while lhe body 
IS bent forwaid and Ihc palient mus1 keep on going fasler I0 keep ^rom falling. It is 
difficult to go around m a '>hort cimlc. The patient cannot change his position m bed 
easily. The mind is rarely affected. 

Recovery.— H i-s an incurable dmea'>e. It may run on for twenty yeapi or more. There 

may be 1ime^ ol iinpnnvement, but the lenJenc> i^ to annw, gradually worse. 

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT fir Shaking Tals-j.-This is simply to make the 
patien! as comfortable a-s po-s^iblc Regulate the diet The patien! should no! woiry or 
ha^e much exerci^>e. Fi^quent waim halb> are sometimes beneficial with gentle ma'^age 
of the muscles 

AFHASIA.— A partial or total inabilily Id express thoughts in woi~d'> or to interpret 

Varieties.— Motor and sensory aphasia 

Causes.-- Softening o^ lhe brain lumop> of the brain, lcsioii'> in '>yphilis especially^ 
hemorrhage in Ihe brain, blows on Ihe hcad^ and inflammation of Ihe brain aixJ its 

Symptcaisof ^[oL[>^ Aphasia.— The palieni cannol make lhc muscles of the larynx^ 
tongue, palalc and Jips perJorm Ihcir Functions and prodiEC speech. The palieni know'> 
what he wishes lo say, but cannol pn^ix>unce il. Thi^ may be Lomplele or partial. 
Complete, when the palieni can only u1tersepara1e '>ounds. Partial, when the words ai~e 
only slightly mispronounced and when some certain words cannol be pronounced at all 
In wjme cases ix>uns onl> or verbs (.annot be prtjnounced Agraphia, means inabilily lo 
write down Ihe Ihoughls. Sensi>ry aphasia: woii] deafness This is an inability to intei7»ret 
spoken language. The sound of the woid is not recogni/ed and cannot be i~ecalled; bul 
sounds such as ihat of an engine whistle or an alarm clock, are heard and reco^ni/ed 
Woi~d-bl I ndness the peison cinnol interpi~et writlen language. Pharaphrasia: cannol use 
the right word in conlinned speech, if^ patient uses words but misplaces Ihem 


.^fOTHERS' f!!:\tEDIES 

Rrco^cr^ depends a grraE dcil u^ion ihc chlibc. 

TrEaLmcn1.~Trf4l lhc rnuyi^ If fram Eyph]lu^ lodcdc af polBsh and mercury' If fr^in 
an injury or 1umop^. operate iJ [io'^:>Lblc TeD4.h Lbit poticnL how Id bpcaL. reid ajhJ write. 
The TcsuLl of Ihis Qflcn givea you a pkisanl !iurpn£r. 

WRITERS' CRAMP. CaastE.-ThLsoccura much 
oflener in men lhan jn ^oinen. ^nd u.suaIL> between the 
age^i of l^^cnly-Five ind Jojly The p redibfKHi I ng cause^ are 
a nervLJUs coiL^ilJ I u tfcQU^ heredity^ aLcdiDlism. worr^^ elc 
The chjtf evening c a u*ie _— exL ci>iLV c "frnlLng, cspec]illy 
when it is done under i iiLraiu 

S> m pic Ais,- - 1 1 Li^uBlL> be^iib ^]th fatigue. ^^ eighty cr 
dcIubI pBiD ]n Ihe afJected mu^iclrs. Ln the ^pasni form Ihe 
ringcni J re i^ci^ed wUfi j ccniilaul or inLrrniJtlcDl spB^in 
whenever Lhe penun grasp*! 1he pen_ The neLiraLgic Jonn ts 
Einular in symptcinif but Ecverc pBin and fAU^ur ccimci 
WLlh wnLing The Iremulou"! form In lh]E tbe h^nd when 
u±Led become*! lhe .sen of Lhe decided tremor. Thf paril>1ic 
fnnui The chjrf symptoms Mr^ excessive wenkne*!S and 
Fatigue of lhe pan and lhese di^^jppeir "^hen the pen t£ laid 

Recovrrj.— If laken in LLine jnd if lhe hand i^ allowed 
perfec! resi, lhe condit]on mjy impiDve rapidly There ts. 
however, a tenJency lo recur 

Cramps.— There must he ahsoJute rtirl uf Ihe hand GenrraL 

Ionics , such BA LTDH, si r^'4. hni ne . anienjc, and c od-l i ver o 1 1 
miy be needed Lo lone up lhe "system. 

.APDPLEW. (CtTe^ral H t mc rrb jj;4: ). lUialD H t mc rrkug 1 1. CBDseE.~Bleed]ng 
(hemorrhage J jnLo 1he brain subslance l^ almnsL always due 1o ^n affecUon of the ^valLs 
of the large or small arlcnrs of Ihe brain, producing ruplure and subsequeul bleeding. 
Per»ons of fLn> or over are more subject to it. and jL is mare common in men Ihan in 
women. Anv disease lliat will ciuse degeneration of llie artenes, helps lo ciu'ic il.such 
as nephnlLS. rheumalism, syfihilis. gout and alrohnhsm. Mephntis ts one of the mosi 
cenain causes, because ade ru^-sc le m&is (hardening and decaying of the walls of the 
anerlcsj ind hypcrtioph^' of the heart are assoc]aled wjth nephritis, elc^ 

Dirtct Causes.- -Slraining al stool, heavy UfUng, anger, rage, fright, cic , paroiysm 
of wbiK>pLng-L~c»ugh or 4.onv LilsLoiVi m^y ciu'ie il in children 

S jai pto ns. - - ^o mel I mr*^ the piUcnt expcncnces hcfldachc, dizzncAS. polcness or 
MLiiih]ng of 1he face, rulLnt'>s in tht bicad, ringing la ihc tor^. etc , lemporary BttBc^k*^ of 
numbness or pcculiBr 1i noting in onc-biaLf of 1bic body When I he bleeding tatc^ place 
Ibicrc IS usually loss of co niiC]o usncss in 1bie Btlack —If the bleeding is eTtensivc the 
pBtient falls suddenly mto comi. and ihih may soon piove fatBl. If the bleeding is slight 
at fini1 Bnd graduBll> increBses, 1bic pilieul is delinous bI fjcsl ihen one Brm Iheu one 
side, and nnally 1hc whole body mB> become pBraly/ed, and unconHC]o iii ness, and even 
death may come fiDin the parily!i]!i of 1he heart and breathing nerve t^enler^ In many 
cases Ihe pilieul fills unconscious ^^ithout previous warning The face \h rrd the eyes 
injected, 1hc lip^ ire blue, the pulse is full Bnd slow, and the brealh]ng is slow and deep. 
The heBd and eye^ may be strongly Inrncd lo the injured side. The pupils mi> be 
unequal The pirBlysih miy not be nol]4.ed while the patient is unconscioici ind is quiet. 
The urine Biid the bowels contents m^y pass involunlBnly or lhe unne may be retBined. 
Somelimes when the Lise is very grave the pa1icn1 does no1 iwake from h]s deep sleep 
|coma|; Ihe pulse becomes very feeble respiration becomes (.hinged miK us col lee ts ]n 
the IhrtJBl, and dcilh nny occur ]n a few houp> or days. Enolherciscs 1hc clot in 1he 
brBin IS griduilly absorbed ind the pat]ent slowly mnrns to consciousness. Somelimes 
relapses occur In mild cases inslead of deep comi, there may be only headache, 
lainlness, nausea and vomiling 

IJDbsrqiemt Symplons.-- When the pal]enl impK)>es consciousness returns, but 
there remains a hiH-sidc piralys]s hemiplegia, on Ihe side and opposile to 1hat ot Ihe 
seal of the injury in the brain 11 m^y no1 lake ]n the whole s]de, onl> a p^n The gail is 
pecul]ar. En walk]ng Ihe pilienl supports 1he paralyzed arm In many cases Ihe paralyzed 
parls gudually regi]n Iheir Functions in a few weeks, bu1 ni>l ilwijs complele The leg 
improves more than the arm There is dinger of olher i1 ticks. When 1he sleep (comaj Ie 
very deep. Ihe breathing is embarrassed, with vomiting and prolonged hilf- 
co nsc lo usness and eKlens]on and complele paralysis, the danger 1o life is gmt. 

Wkat can [ do at omer? Loosen the clothing around the neck and ^vaist. Rame the 
head ind shi>iildeis ind pul cold to the head |]ce bag if you have ]t) and x^armth lo Ihe 
feet, legs and hinds WiKh 1he bladder closely. The unne must be drawn frequently in 
this disease especially if there is much p4ralys]s It may dnbble awa> but thai is not 
enough. Look out for bed n^^res especially if Ihe sickness is a long one 

AFOFLEXV. t. Molhrrs' Reuedrics, Niupk yel Erfecti^e Rtmtdv ror.-^Place 
the Feel of lhe pj1icn1 in hot wiler and muslaid," Th]s is a very s]mple trealmen! for such 
a senous disease, but ver^' oflen 

294 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

will relieve i^ lhc hoi bath will chec « reaction, lakr the prcE^urc of blood from ihc 
brBin Biid by lh]*i mcBii^ Hb"^ been Iznov-n lo !iBvc mBny L]^c*i_ 

1. Apipltx}, Simp It Lnjtcliom Fa r.- "PJ ooc dFy i^ah on ihc tongui: and gi^c in 
injcclion lik folloivEi 

WBrm WBtcr I quirt 

Common KaLl 2 Icaspoonfuls 

Brandy ]f2 ounce 

Thi-i in.jcct]on l^ recommended for iny l:]nd of b shock wh](.h Bffecl*! 
tbie circulHLon." 

The mjcction of 1bie bowcL^ will reL]eve thr congestion by drawing I he blood BWBy 
fiom the brain. 

Mrdiral Irtalmrnl must be to regulalc ihc dict^ boivcls, kidncy^^ and stomach. 

Re'>tore the general heBlth 

CBDtion.— .\ [leison who has had an BttBck of thL'> l:]nd may have another. The mode 
of L]fe musl be changed in mo^l cb-^c^. The patient mu-^l lake thinpi CBsy. The bowels, 
l:]dney'f, Momach, and liver mu'tl Vrork naturally and ihe stomach musl nol be 
overloaded. Too much meal must not be eaten BicohoL musl be let alone, rjch foods Bre 
prohibited. Hurry, worry, Bnger, fnght, efLCLlemenl. etc , are bBd Be lazy, lake life ea^y, 
do nol get o^er-heated and sleep. lij^p^ SLEEP,— ]n a rtjom where ihere iii pLenly of 
good BIT Do not Lin or Mrain to ha>e a passage of Ihe bowels. Slooping is injunous. The 
blood musl be kept fnnm Ihe head. Tate proper c Bre Bnd you are Likely 1o live years 
longer And now yon mBy wonder wh> L g]ve such caulions. .^popleiy js directly due to 
a breBk]ng of 1 he wall of a blood vessel, large orsmaLI due lo a weaken] ng. or decay, or 
degeneration of ihe waLl Thi'> lels the blood in1o ihe snbslance o^ Ihe brain and presses 
upon 1he nerFecentep>, c aiding ihe Innuble Bnd paralys]s. Any wrong aclion tentfe lo fill 
the blood vcuiebi very full Bnd the weakened wah bursts. 

FALSV. Faraly^ls.-- \ lo^^ of movement, enl]re or partial, in the voluntary muscJc^ 
of the body. When lh]s Loss of power i^ complele ]t is calLed paraly^i^; when il i^ no1 
complele, paresis 

C BUSTS.-- Inflammal ion of the brain and spinal coid, tumors in the^e parf^, accidents 
and injuries, poisoiti apoplexy e1c 

Sjmptcais.— The pal]enl cannol make alL the usubI motions of the pan The affcclcd 
muhclc^ ma> wa'>te af1er b lime. 

Differ €n\ Va^^lf^i.-- 

Jb> Paralvsisor the leilar 4eyt| niuscks.— The vision become'> double, the eyelids 
do not Bct noimaLI> ma> drtjop The eye jnB> not mo^e ]n e>eiy direction a*i i1 should 

Jb| Faral^brisor tki: oiubckb cf mastic ation IcaLln^t^ Symptoms.— If paraly'>i'> is 

onl> on one s]dc. ]t \h difficult to chew; if on bolh ^]de^ chewing is impossibLc. The jaw 

hangs down. 


fc| ParBlyst^ oT tbc facial JTac^l muscle.-- Th]!i is « rathe r coiruno n occurrrncr ^nd 
\s diic 1o L'xjMJSLirc 1o VrCi^ iind i.ijld di^L^BSts ot the middle cbt lumors, etc Symploms:— 
The cyekd'idQ nol cln^c tighlly^ End tcBrs arc conttnuAlLy Irickling over the cbicrk; the 
corner of the moulh droops and the *iaLivB nins oiit, ctr_ The mild (.j^kTS laM 1wo or thrtc 
wccb>; the Jicvcrr form from tour to ^ix wccb*i I he wor^1 lb^c^ ii-^mlLy rctovcr in b Long 

(d| l^rali^sof thi: niuhclth cf Iht upptr txIreniH^.— There arr various and niBny 
"symptoms bul w]th bII Ihere ]'f the ^Bmc Jo'^'> oJ the usobI molion ThBt pBrticular muscle 
doe^ no! dj ]t*i spetiB] work for mslance, if 1bic pirBly'^]s is of the deltoid muscle of the 
arm md shoulder, i1 ]s not pos^]ble to rai'>e the arm. ij'>iial]y p4]n in the shoulder The 
muhcle '>oon waste'> Bnd the head of the arm bone fbinmencij fills iway fnnm ihc 
shoulder^ etc. 

4e) Faral^sisof I he muscles oT I he lo^cr rxlrtmllks.~Paraly'>is of the 'Gluteus 
A-laximus Biid Minjmuy.' (Hip mu^cle'>|. Liflin^ up of the thigh is difFicolL Bnd bo ul 
walk]ng ii[i hilL or n'ting from '>i1ting po'>i1ion The 1oes are turned out The olhcr mwictcs 
may be pii^ly/etl ind "^jmplv cunntU do LlK^ir WiUbI duly 

(f) T«xlc IpoisDD) paralysis. Lead paralvsi^~ll m hBrd lo extend the fingers. The 
leuJ line i'> "^ho^^n on the f un^^ 

PH\SICl\\"i' IREATMEM fir Palsy.-- Remove the ci use Gave ^ilu Bnd 
iodide o\ polB*ih. PBralj^i^ \ro\T\ iP>en]c, mercury, zinc or copper —The symptoms ire 
tho^e oF neurili^ and Bre greilly ^imalir in CBch kind The spongy gum-^ !ihow mercury, 
the puffy lace ind diarrhcB show Briiemc poison Remove the caube. 

CONGE!?T[ON OF fHEERAl^. (Disease^f of the Cerebral fRraiml 
ClrculationlL (H^peraeinlal.— The brain i^ loo full of bJoixl 

Causes. For ActUc Cangcsliom. — Over-exert]on m slndy e1c.; chronic plethora ftoo 
much blood in the blood ve'>scL'>|, from conslant use of alcohol. lobBcco^ amyL nil rite, 
and from Ihe stomach 

For passive co np^esl Id n.— Loc b I ol>'>truction to the return of blood from the br^izi 
PioLon^ed nK^ntal und phytic iJ exertion w]th eTce'>^es and irregular living may cause ]t. 

S>aiptDiiis af acLri^c kin d.- - He Bd feels warm^ fBce is red the irleries in the neik 
beat hard, violenl heidiche, ears ringing, very re'5lle^>s ind does no1 ^Leep well 

Symptoms 4f the pas^i^c form.— The heidBche is not ho greil, therr m^y be '>lupor 
dK^w^]nc*iS anti dull jnleJLecl and veiy *iJeep>. 

Recovery. — Fuvorable if the ciuse is removed. 

Ijeatmtnt far active con^^e^lan.— Keep 1he pBlieiH Bb'>i>LuleL> qu]et in a dirk, well 
aired room, with the head Bnd shoulders raised, an ice bag or cold cLolhs to 1 he head ind 
wann applicanons to 1he hands and feet. A wann fool b^lh wilJ aid in dra^^ing I he blood 


from thr ht*d_ Give sails ^sfllincsl Eo move ihc bo^^rlK. Thn»t take awiy * grcal dc*l of 
walcr from 1bic hlood arul ^k\ in rcL]cvLn^ 1bic con^;c^l]on of lhc hcBcl- 

1 rtBlmi^nl for pa^sri^t coD^t^lan.~Ri:niovr thr ciusc if possible Give a lighl 
I11J1 n I lo LIS dirU pr(^h]bil aic^ohol ]n Any form, keep ihc Ik>wcIs rtgulaiL 

CEREBRAL ANEMIA. ijM iltlit blrtrtd in Ihr brain). CnnstE.-- Heart dtscHsc. 

general in^mii and incntil rxcLlcnicnl 

S^niplombL~"FainlLiig spells." duzincbS- 1 he nra nn^ ind Lbierc arc spot> before I he 
e^'es musei and vomiUng Tnuy go ihead of lhc fBinting ^pelL'> The fice iz pale, the 
pupils are dilated the pulse ]^ ^maLl ind FcebLe. ind there may be cold swelling on the 
body. [\ yoLi CBn renwve tbie caiCiC Ihe re'>uLl is favorable. 

TrcBl nii^ml.- - Fo r lhc fi]nting fUs —Place the palieni in the "lying down" po!i]t]on and 
this frequently restorer conhC]o usne^>s loosen any light cLolhes coisel x^Bist, collar, etc_ 
Give pLenly of fre^h air and do ruU cnnwd Keep qiuel yourself, do not get exciled In 
m]Ld cases m]ld slimuLinls may be nccessiiy. Le1 1hc pi1icn1 ^mell of CBmphor, puts 
cLolh with c amp bio r or Bmmon]a near ttie nose. In other C4'>e'> BmylnUnlc Bnd Mry4.hmne 
may be nece^^iiy. SmBll niojies of wbiisby or brandy frequcnUj bicLp_ Remove the ciuse. 
Gi>e lon]c^ forgeirnl anemia 


CaBsec-— Thi^ ]Si always second Bry ind comes fn^m Komc other pan of 1bie body, [t 
comc^ often m young and middle life and i^ ini>re 4.ommon in males Ihin m females. The 
mo'>l frequeni du'v^ i^ inflammalionof ttie ear an^1 Ihe nexl i^ from braclureof ttie skull 
bones ]l m^y be large or "^mill 

S^iuplomsL—May come slowly orqniekly After an mjury to 1 he head ihe symptoms 
may come on "suddenly such bs inlensc headache dL'lirjum vomiting chills, high fever, 
and somct]mescon>uKion^, and 4 very deep seemjng sleep (comBj In chronic (.ise"! the 
symptoms Bre no! !iO !ie>ere_ 

Trtatiui^nL.'-An operal]on if the abscess can be reached If nol. An ice bag should be 
applied to the head, qniel 1he di'^lres'> wuh nAHZotics. 

TUMORS OF THE BRAIN.-- Vanelie^ ]noidcrof thear frequency Gumm*, 
tnbeicnlo lis tumois, glioma, fiarcomi, cincer, etc 

Caascs. Prrdls|]4sin^.--N^cn ire iboul twice ^^ of1en Bffecled bs women un1il fifty 

and [hen il i'> Bbonl equal ll is more frequent in early Bdult life The CTciling caiEcs are 
blow^ and severe emoliona] *ihocl: 

Crimna (m thinJ "^lage of Syphi]i'>| Bppear bs a n^nnd, yellow, cheesy mass, usubII^ 
beginning in 1he membranes Biid are usoBlly ^een between 1hir1y ind fifly. They come 
\ro\T\ syphilis 


Tuitrculom tumt^rs. Thr^^ appear a^ Kaid iriB^'^^s and var^' in size Thry may be 
single or many. End are ^]tu4l«l ]n my part of the brain. More than half of the tuinois 
appearing in children are of lh]h variety 

Cilicnia "Gl Lic-I umor_ " They come from 1ii>suc forming I he bi^is of I he supporting 
trBmc^^ork of ihe nervoici 1is£ue. ThL> kind [>ceuTik often in tht young. 

SarcDma and Cancer b re rBre. 

lijuptDiiis.--Thc nH>^t of Ihe gro^^lhn "^lart m the membrane'> of Ihe brain ind by 
CO m p rc^i-^j ng a (.erIaLn part o\ Ihe brain they produce tbiei r spec i aL ■^jmplom'i such as 
headache, vomilin^ ] nf I ammil ion of Ihe nerYe'> o^ Ihe c>e di>ubLe VL'>Lon^ blindnL''>^ ihe 
memory impaired dullness and Bpathy, an irnlabLc temper, Bnd sometimes become 
demented- There is often vertigo or b sei&e of giddiness There may be convulsions- ind 
pBraLj^sis of some muscle*! A general tuberculosis lendency or history of syphilis will 
help 1o make the dia^no'^i'^- In children it is more likely to be luberculous- Ttie re'^uH is 
more rBv^rible in Hiberculous growths in children and syptiililic tumors in adulls- ll may 
last from a few monlKs to lhrec years in a bid case 

'Lreatxitnl.— Forf nmma, caused b> syphilis, iodide of polash and mercury should 
be ^iven- In bolh kinds, syphiluic and lubercnloici 4 nntrilioici diet Bnd general Ionic 
treilmeni such is cod-li>eroi] irtjn ap>enic Bnd quinine should be given The bowels 
must be kept open and special iltenlion given to the digestion- 

For headache.-- Ice hBg*^, cold lo Ihe hc^d, muslBi~d to the nBpe of lhe ncok- 

For V om illni;^— M us t4i~d over 1he slomach 

Surgery i-^ necessary lor some Inmors thBt can be rcBched- Yon will UBturally depend 
upon your amending physictin for advice and Irealment- 

SYPHILES OF THF BKAIN. Causes. -The symptoms of s> philis of 1he briin, 
belong to the thiid slBgeoflhe di'^eB'^e and Bre rBrely e>er observed until Bt least one 
>ear or longer fnsm the time of the First lesion (chancre)- It may be From Icn lo tx^cnty 
years coming on Both se^es are equally liable, Bnd U may come at any age Syphili't 
may produce a circumscribed tumor, a disease of the arteries or b general hardened 
infiltralion of the brBin The lumop> Bre small, yellowish- Bnd cheesy in the center They 
onginale in Ihe "Dura Ma1er" |coveringl Bnd spread 1o Ihe brain stnKlure piopen The 
di-^ease of the arteries causei* a Ihickemng of lhese vessels, b nairo^^ing of the blood 
channel in 1hem, thus prcKlucing b cIo1 

5^mplDiiis.--0^ gumma ^syphilis Inmory^ al Ihe base of lhe brain Bre per^islenl 
headache worse at night; si ee p I essnes"^ depression of lhe mind memory impBirrd, 
vertigo- sometimes vomiting and parBlysisof si>me of Ihe nerves |lhiid Bnd snth pBiral 
Violen! conviifcions, libe epilepsy, appcBr in some cases 

Ifla MOTHERS' f!!:\fEDIES 

Sjmptcais TV hen artrric^ arr d IscBsrd .- - Tcmfio rary lo;^ of sfic^rh numbrmi^ or 
w»kni:'>^ 111 one Jimb^ Lt>L' :£J^hl i^ disturbed^ or vcdigo. ancl \^hcn Ihc rloL |lbirombiiik> 
appeals, symptoms of apoplexy, Thts is a common vincly of syphiLiSi of lhc brBm 

Ho^i tc It'll y\ haL tlii: dl^tast Is^— Ttic h]h1ory of tht patient will ticlp. An apoplexy 
m 4 youn^; person ^^ould "^uggcM *i>phili^_ 

Recovery.— The rhBncc^ art bcHcr ^^hcn the di^ca^c forms gumma (tumQis) 1han 
wbii^n lhc hlood >c!i^c]s arc disca*»«l 

'Ln^BtBit^nL-- Should bt begun and pTDpcrly cirnrd on when the pciyon bias lhc 
pnmary norc (chancre), and ihcn Ihcsc aflcr mjublcji may no1 rollow. Thi!i i^ one of the 
d]^caiic^ ^^hcrc lhc victim rcBp*^ a b]g harvc'>t on account of the ^c^uaL E]n ind in order 
to e^^Bpc lhc bad results for himself, ctc_ he should gi> Ihrough a regular course of 
trcilmcnt ^vhen he f]rs1 con! rat K the disease, perhaps for i yciror nwrr, Thib 1rci1mcnt 
■^hoLild la*it as a rule for some ycais ]l i^ laic 1o begin when 1hc buin symplomn show 
brain mvoLveincnt. For thi'> there muiit be ridicil ind cirebnl treatmeiH \^ilh meirury and 
iodide of pot4'>h, wi1h Ionics ind general building up Ireatmenl, and then even if rhc 
patient liv«> he may be a nuifiance to himself and otheis 

GENERAL FARESIS. JParrtIc dtmemtlB. General PbtbI^sIs af lhc Insane. 
NofltnlBg of tkc Brarin|L~Tlii^ t>e]oiig'> iindei di'>ease'> o\ Ihe mind but there ire so 

many Li^e^ 1hat a description o\ lh]!i disei^e may be instniclive and in1ere^t]ng_ One 
author ^i>s "General paresis is a chnjnjc, progressive diffuse encephalilis 
(inflammal]onorihe brain), resulting m slrut-lnral changes in the ^.erebral fbrainj t]^sue, 
wUh involvement of Ehc corneal, and Kiemngeal, (coveringi blood and lymph ves^ek, 
prc*ienting Chirac lenslic symploms ^vjth prtjgrc^sive coui^e and fatal 1erm]nat]on 
usually wnh]n lhree ycais " There ire 1hree si ages— I _ The period of incnbilion |thc 
pnsdn^mil slage|_ 2 A stage of pronounced mona-min]ae aelivity wUh symptoms of 
pamlysis 3_ 3lage ot exireme enfeeblemeni with diminulion and fmil loss of power. 
Thc^c stages run in1o each ol her First s1age in a topical cise —There ire Irembhngs and 
slight trouble in speech and expression of ihe fice. The ni]n^l has exaUcd and exe]ted 
spells, elc. 

S>mpt(]ais.~The pat]enl is irritable. The Kienlal ind moral charaeler is unstable. His 
affaip> are in contusion. He usc^ bid language neglc4.Ls hi^ r4ni]l>, goe^ w]th drunkinfs 
and bad women, makes indecen! proposals to re*i pet I ab le women of his icquamlance 
withoul reai/ing thai it i^ improper. He eannol keep his mind on one thing. Speech is a 
liltle lh](.t. ]ndi!itinc1 and he*iitating. Syllables are dn^pped or repeated, *ipeech ftnally 
becomes untlistmguishable. He ]s very e^cilcd he Ihjnks he i!i peiseeuled He iii 4 big 
Fellow generally. He is a ting, he ]Si rich and m]ghly This is lhe usual run. \s the d]iea3c 
progre*ises he becomes feeble-minded more and more so continually FersisteiH ]nsomnia 
come^ on eari> and frequently reeoTT] ng . one-sided heidicbe often goes with ]t. 
Sometimes iherr is an 

unco n1 roll able desirr to slcrp_ Loss of const iou^nK>s is in cirly symptom After severe 
atlacks lhere may be onr-sidccl pArBly±>i±> |hcmiplegia| wbiich LiMJBlly disipprars in a Few 
houis ordayE. ConvulEions like epilepsy miy appear early, but usuilLy occ^ur ]n ihc lati^r 
slage^ The [iLifiil:^ are mo'^lly d]l4led^ rarely Li>nlra4.lcd^ 4iid thty are oFten unequal and 
rcaci slowly to lighL When 1hc longuc is prolrudcd il Irembles ind is put ou1 ]n 4 jerky 
manner The hinds IrembLe in the idvinced stige The speech is jerky End slow. 
Syllables are dropped End repeated. One CBrly symplom is retcnUon of the urine There 
IS ini>lher Bnnoying symplom— a conslant grinding o\ Ihe leelh_ The wilb ]^ very 
'fpasmod]c^ bu1 in ad vb need siBges i1 becomes slouLhing or dragging. Tbie ^kin miy be 
red or blue When the feeble-m]ndedieES is fully developed the mind docs no! peiceive 
anything accurBtely He sees ]ma^inBry lh]ng^, and ihings thi1 hr does see do not appear 
to him as 1hey ire_ Finally he Hb"^ no mind 

TrralmtntL~The end is sure \ouLBn relieve the distress p^nly. PeTsonal altention 
by a physiciBn is needed. 

[N?iOMNIA---InsomniB i^ not a d]sease, but a symptom of disease It may_ however, 
bcLome "^o atlive. prominent. Bnd imparl ani a symptom as to con^lUiite acond]t]on 
which merits indi>]dual minBgemenl and IreilmenI 

l>4:flnitionL~lnsomn]3 ]s Ihe lerm employed lo denote actual or Bbsolnte 
sleeple'^ness , and bIso lack of fully restful sleep wh]ch m]ght be lermed relnive 

C ■uses.— Organic caus«> Disease of lhe bnin Bnd sp]nal coid Toxic causes due to 
po]son circulaling in the blood which by imtiUon of the brain and cond (a^is) Bnd 
especullv ot Ihe bri]n CBUse such diseBse^ as nephritis (chronic), jiundice, typhoid fever 
and consu mp tio n 

Prinarj eaists. Depend npiin insanity. 

NrrvDuscr ^impkst causesL— These are present in nervous persons Bnd comprise 

the two condilions o\ congestion ind anemiB of 1he brBin. The briin conges! ion is 
typified by 1he nerve-1ire of lhe slirlent; over-studj and BnMely bring too much blood to 
the brain Bnd necessinly 1oo much aclivUy ind then insomnia Anemia of the brain acls 
in lhe opposite manner. The brBin cells arr not pn^perly nourished and hence irrilaled, 
and sleeplessness follows 

SLEE:PLESIi^K5S. Molhtr^' Kcmcdit?^. 1. Hap Pillow SLopE.- "People afJcded 

in lhis WBy Vr\[l be ver^' much benefiled b> the use of a pillow composed of htjps, or cup 

of WBrm hi>p 1ei on miring. The hops have i very soolhing effecl upon lhe nerves.' 

1. Sleep lrtfsncss+ F]bs> aad Slmf k Rtnedj fur.-- "On going lo bed, tike some 
sound Bs a clock-lick or lhe brcBlhing oJ some one ^^ilhm hearing, and breathe long 
breaths, keeping 1ime to the sound In a >ery shorl lime you ^ill fall Bsleep, without Bny 
of Ihe painful anxieties ^tending insomniB " 

300 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

3. ^Ircpltsmts^, Ginf^tr at Btdllinc fd r.~ "G] ngc r lea ukrn at bedtime soothfAonc 
to sLi:cp " Thi^ j^ a vi:r> ^ood r^MiiL^d^ h^bi^^n lbic '>tom4cbi i^ Bt fBull. [t slimulBtt'> lbiis 
orgBn and produces a grcalcr ciirijlat]on, Ihcrcby drawing tbic blood fiom the head. Ttiis 
will make 1bic pBticnt feci C4'>icr ind sleep will soon follow. 

4. ^Icepk^nt^s, Milk ^'11 1 St«p.~'Sip 4 ^L4'>^ of hoi milk jij'>t before rturing. Thih 
IS very soothing lo tht nervc*i and 4 ^ood "^limLiLBnt lor 1bie "ilomach." 

PHVS[C1A^"S' TREATMEN I". --Remove the (.iUHC aiKJ be c ireful ]n uh]ng drugs. 
In the orgBn]^: l:]nd the treBlnient \h not very sue ccs't fuL. [n Ihe loxic kind drugs micit be 
g]ven lo Lorretl other diseases ind also Ionics g]ven For briinconge-^Uon Bnd anem]a 
kind other meaib mibt he ibed fiTM and 1bie dni^ is 1bie last re^od. 

'Lrealaii^at of the 4:on^e^iK in^oBinla. — J. Hot or warm general body-bBths arc 

very advmlageous lo "fUmulalc Ihe circulBt]on and reslore its balance alike in congesHon 
and mem 14. cases A her such balh*^ the p3t]ent mus1 ^ 1o bed al once and not chilled 
in cold roi>insor b> drafl*^. Ttiey must be prtjperly covered Bnd kept wirm. 

1. Cold ^onglngs+cold shower bBtIb or cold plunge baths Bre g]vcn wtien 1tie ho1 
or wirm balh does not produce Ihe correct result. If this does not depress l1 is bctler 1tian 
the wann bath. Ttic person should be rubbed wi1ti warm TDUgh lowels until 1tic skiu is 
aglow. If he feels rested and quieted^ ttie rcaclion 3S proper, if depressed, ttie trcalment is 
too vigorous and nol su]tal>lc 

3. The pilieul should stand Bnkle deep in a tub of hoi water and b "drip sheeK" rn>m 
walcr Bt 75 to SO degrees lemperBture, thiDwn over h]m Then nib 1tie pBtient's bBck Bnd 
abdomen tiard and a geirral brisk rub-niLiwu immedialcly after leaving the tub. This 
treatment should qniet^ not CACfctc or depress 

4. The cold abdominal pack is VBluable Fliimel ]s wrung ou1 ]n water, 75 1o SO 
degrees lemperBture and l4]d ]n sfverBl thicknesses upon the abdomen, place 4 dry towel 
over th]s cover all w]th o]led s]lk, overlapping widely jn order to prolect the bed T]c or 
bBiidB^e ill this f]rmly The effect of this work ]s fiist thai oF 4 cold then of a v^inn 

pouH ice 

5. Exercise. Th]s should be in the open i]r when poss]blc. A fast willz. hoiscback 
nde or ride on bicycle for a hilf hour before beciime, followed by a rub-down wjII 
frequently ^ivc a good sleep. Dumb-bell, Indian club cxercmt, chest wc]ght, arc good ]n 
some cases 

Dirt— A light easily digested supper is often betler lhan 4 heivy meal Sometimes a 
III tie eilen before bed- time will gi>e sleep. A p]ecc of toBsL for inslance. it drBws Ihe 
blood from Ihe br4]n and more to the slomBch 


Mcdicinrs. [f jdu mn^ ust thciriL-- The bTDni]clc?i ^rc the bcs1 Sodium and 
sironlium brojnjdc bvc Jjr*i1 cHojll^ Tx^cnLy 1o lh]rt> grains ]n w b tcr o nc- half hour before 
retiring Chlorfll hydrBtc should not be lEicdorico 5 ul phonal, tnonaL, cic ^ shonLd always 
be given w]th b litlle food-ne^er ^lonc £onicl]ni«> breed [ilIIs dLi jusl is well 

AiNEMIC COMBES nON. Did.-- \ hghl supper before relinng. like Iwt milk, 
biDlhs milb pum.h, cic , will >cry frequcntLj prtjmotc !ilcep by remo>]ng ihe cause ind 
qij]ckcning the circuliUon. Gi>e nutntious, easy food 1o digesi The ba1h^ are not so 
vflluabLe for this kind oF insiininn \ told sponge bath or plunge may be of service 

Mcdlelnrs.~Toni4.s Brc needed here as in reguLflr 4iiein]a The piUenI micit be 
carefully Irealed and very mBny of lhcse ca^es Lin be cured The palieni niu*i1 render mW 
the Hid he cm give, and Ihe phy'^]CLHn should gam h]^ (.onfidence ]f he does he w]ll ncU 
need lo give much ined]CLne to pu1 1hc piUenl lo !ileep, and ]F he doc^ give il he can 
trequenlly use a Plicebii wUh Ihe same effect. Mind has m innucn4.e over ni]nd By 
"PlHcebo" is me*nl iny harmless sub-glance, is bread-pillsi given to soolhe ihc pi1ien1's 
an^iely ralher thm h-^ a remedy _ 

SLEEP WALK[NC---Therc JSi 4 tendency lo sleep ^valking in some fimil]es, of1en 
more Ihin one child will do lhi!i lo a grcHleror less e^1ent_ It i!i very exircme in Home 
caiCTi ind the neit morn]ng Ihey do no! tnow anything abou1 ]t_ The person is very 
seldom hurl and he CBn do some diJi/y things N^any pePEi>ns WBlk about ]n I heir sleeping 
njom or simply gel out ot bed_ FBtigue. worry, poorjileep restlCTisncsji . nervousness, b 
hearlj lite dinner are aggravaling causes- As Bge Bd^Bnces Bnd the peison becomes 
sln^nger, the pBtienI w]ll do less of il. 

'Lreatmcnl.-- \vo]d over-ealing, worry, o^er-sludy The evening should be spenC 
qij]ct]y Such peisons had belter drop pan]«>, late houiG or An>lh3ng Ihat lends to caube 
worry, fBtigue or nervousncbs 

STAMMERING.— TKis may be inherUed to some extent, excitement, ne r^'o ee ncss , 
bodily fi1iguc_ want of resl. e1c , make ]t worse 

MOTHER'S KLMKDV. I. Slammering, t:asy Lutm far.- "Read aloud in a mom 
an hour each day Repeal each wonH slowly Bnd dist]nct]y " 

PHVS[C1A^"S' TREATMEN I". --The peison should be 1 aught eariy to talk slowly. 
and lo do oerylhinp. lo contKfl himself ind no1 gc1 nervous There Bre schools for this 
trouble, and 1bicy seem to do good ^^ork_ Tbiey 1eich the palienis how lo speat slowly, 
d]s1inc1 Ly and lo keep their minds off of Ihemselves 

HICCOUGH. --This is caiced by intcrmitlent, sudden contriction of the diaphragm; 
obst]nate hiccough is a >ery d]strcss]ng symptom andsomehmes ]t is hinj to contioL. 


CBUBTS.~]nflammalory CHUHr"^. Tt \^ sfrn in gH!i1rLlis. pcntoniti"^^ hcrnij 4pprniJ]ctTLS. 
and in socrc forrrui of lyphoLd tcvcr ]iT]tit]vc ciUHC^_ Swallo^^ing ho1 substBnccs, Local 
d]^ca^c of [he gullet near tbic d]aphragm^ and in miny c ait«> of slom bc h 1 rouble and 
bowel dL^>ordcr, csptc]al]y when BS^>oc]alcd wUh gas |flaluH)_ Spcciftc causes Goul^ 
d]abc1es or chronic Bnghl^ distB'^c Nervoui fNcLinnticl cauics. HysleriB cp]Lcpsy, 
shocks or brain tumors. 

MOTHKRS' RE.MKD1K5. J. Hicc«ugh. VlmtEar for.-'Onc Ic a.-^ pnonfu] >]neg4r 
"dipped drc1ulL> /sn lI w]LI not MrangLc Ihc palienO ^]LI stop Ibiem b I most ]n'f1antly " 

1. HiccDD^hH Sn^ar and ^ inc^ar StipE^—''^ fe^^ dro[i:£ of "^Irong vincgBr droppi^d 
on a JiMTip ol suf Bi iJkJ ln^kl jn tJ]L' nioulbi until J]sso]vcd, wjL] stop mosl l^sei^ of 
h]ccough'^ " 

3. Hricccu^hn Sugar W rill Rtlievt Falitnt of.~"Placi: a lutlc dry sugar on the end of 
tbie longuc ind hoJd I he br^Bth. ] biave tried ihih remedy after others have failed ind 
oblaincd in-^lant relief." 

4. Hiccoughs Sinipk K4:m4:d> Tor.-- "Have patient hold both car^ closed ^itti the 
fingeis, 1hen give Ihem 1hree swallows cold water wh]Le Ihey bioLd their breith " 

5. HircDui^l, He 914: Kemcdv to Stop.— 'Tike nine swallows of cold W4ler while 
holding the brcaHi " 

ti. HlrcDUfh. \lntgar SLopE.~"One EcBspoonful of vinrgBr thiclcned with sugar and 
calen slowly." 

7. HIccou^Iih <- inchana llarh in Ptppermlnl Slops. --'Put about one-fourth 
teispoonlul ot c]nch(jna bark. pi>wdcrcd in Iwo ounces of peppermint water, and g]ve 
one leaipoonful every five or 1en m]nutes nnnl reheved, or Ihrec dn^ps of camphor and 

aqua ammonn in w]neglissful of water," These remedies are very good when 1he 
"^lomach is at fanll as Ihey have a stimulal]ng effect. 

PHYS[C1.■^^"S' TREATMEN l.-Siidden stirl may (.heck i1 ]n ihe light forms, kc 
a 1eas[ioonful of sail ind lemon juicc may be tned I nh a 1 41 ions of c hlorofo rni of1en 
relieve. Sirong re1rac1ion of the longue may give Lmmed]ale relief S pints of timphor, 
one teispoonful Tinclure of cayenne pepper one to two drtjps ]n water. Ten guins of 
mush by the rectum. Hoffman's anodyne une leaspoonful in ice water is very good 

[MUKEE.STO THE HEAD. LoncusslDn or Laer ration oflht Brarin. -The brain 
may be injured by 4 blow on ihe head, or ]nd]rcclly by ^alhng fully upon Ihe feel or 
"lilting dDv^n hard upon the bullocks 

li^m pious. --The pePton who i^ injured m^y lose his balance ind fall, become pale 
confused, and g]ddy. may ha^e nausea ind ^om]ting and recover. FF ihe ]njiiry ]s more 
severe ind there is a lear of the membranes of the brain or the brain itself Ihe palieni 
will fall and lie quielly wilh a feeble and flntlcnng heart, cold, 4.lammy skin, and 
apparent unconbc lousncfis , he 4. an be roused by shouting but will not 


reply ]nTfl1igcntly. He wiH be ablr to move hi^ kmb^i Thr unnc and conlcnls of the 
bowcLii will be piHscd ]n^olLintinly_ As he gtK betlcr he iin> vomit_ He iiny !iOon rclum 
to entire consc iou'>iKS!i . but ^Ull "^ulTer frum '>omc hcadichc^ feci weaned and tired, and 
no1 feci like cxcrling himstlF Th]'^ may continue for nomc time OccB'i]onaLly ihc re'>uits 
arc more venous even afler k long lime has pas'^ed and Bn ab^cfs^ of Ihe brain should be 
walcbicd for somclimc^ epdcpiy or ]n'5BnH> follows If the palicn! giT>wi worse ]nstcBd 
of recovering, eilhcr deep sccm]ng sleep sct> m or sjmploms ot infl amnn tio n of thr 
covering |menmf.e*ij or the brBin ]t^>eif foLlowji Such injurie"^ midt be carefully WBtched 
For you ciu no1 leli al np>t htjw ^>everc thc> may prove 1o bc_ 

'LREA'LMENT. ^' hat ta da Kirsl.~Pu1 1hc pBlient to bed witlniil any pillow, and 
pul 4i~ound hi^ body hoi wBttr bo tiles or ba^ suilBbly covered tie should be kept qu]el 
and free from eKC]tcmenl, anti ^Icep should be encouraged. Hoi WBtcror ]cc WBlcr ^vhcn 
awike B'f IS most agrteabl[^ lo tht palieni miy be g]ven. An>m4lie ^p]ri1 of ammoniB, 
during tht ^hock i^ betler for the patient to lake than bIccJioL for alcohol e^cttc^ ihc 
brain, done, one-half 1o Iwo drams, the former Lin be given every 1en m]nu1es in a III tic 
waler for about 1hrec doses. Surgical treatment may be necessary 41 in> time 

EMUREESOF IHE iiP[^AL CORD. Concussion af Ihc Spini:.-- A severe jamng 

of tht bod> followed by a gioup of spinal symploms supposed 1o br due to '>ome niinulc 
changes in the cord, of an unknown nature. 

C BUSCS-— Severe eoncu^>sion may rc^uU from railway accidcnl!i or violcnl bending of 
the body, fall fiom a house blow on 1he bick jump]ng, e1c. 

Sjiiipt4hiuv.--\^ay come on suddenly, when ]t ih due 1o 4 jirof ihe brA]n ^^ well as 

the cord Lo'>sorconscioiEiness, complete parilys]^ small pulse co]l4p'>e and wuhin a 
Few houp> dealh nn> follow Fn other eases improvemi: ii1 . 1 ho ugh very slow, follows. 
Walking i^ difficult and Ihe upper eMrcm]lies arc weak in thc^>e cases There are pi]n 
and lendenie'>s ilon^ lhe '>pine Bnin '>ymptoms, such ^^ heacfache diz^]nes^ and 
fainting, may be preseni or absent 

'L reatmc u L— .\bsa lule resi fiom the bcginru ng, £limuk tnts if necessary, clcctncit^' is 

TRAUfVfATlSfVf OF THE CORD. IBIot^ b* clc.|---1Fraclurcs ind d is locations. gui> 

shot ant1 stib wounds elc | 

5^m pto Du. - - ThL'> differ according Eo the place where lhe cord is injured Thi: 
molion and feeling power nny be d]!i1iirbcd There may be sudden complele paralysis of 
the upper ind lower cMremiUcs depending on how severely 1hc conil is ]njured, and how 
h]gh up lhe ]njury js. The bladder and rectum may nol ac1 pioperiy The LoiHenls miy he 
retA]ned or "rLin-aw4>.' Death follows sooner or ]aler 

304- A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

if the anjur^' i^ ct tensive In ^omr c*^c^ the ^ymp Coins *rcsLighl ]n the bt^inn]ng but 
incrciHt in b few iJi>"s, or they may suddenly incrcise a few months Bhcrwirds. [n Dibicr 
cases bid "^ymploms at hist may grBduBlLy abalc which is due to tbic bleed clot hiving 
been Bbsorbcd 

RecD^cr> depends upon the extent of the mjuTy and lKc co heI i tul ton of the patLcnl ll 
JE al¥^4>s ^cLJ lo be CBrefnl about expressing in op]nLon Bbou1 ihis injury 

I'ri: alaii: uLl ]aimrdiate.~Surg]dl treBtmenI ]s neccs'^Bry AbEnJutc rest ia ■ 
necessity, and must be hBd for weeks iCLordmg lo 1he seventy of the cise. [I may seem 
long and become ledious but the cise mu*^! have re^t for 2 long lime. 

ORCrANEC DISEASES OF ^HESP[^AL t:OKI>. C alsson DIsesEe; Dhcrs" 
Faral^sls. CauEes.~This affeelion occurs in d]veis bridge builders and olbiers \^ho are 
Eubjecl to increased Btmospbieric pressure- The symploms develop on coming suddenly 
to the "surface ^hen I he ilmosphenc pressure is g re ally lessened 

S> m ptoms.-- They usually o^curon Ihc relurn to Ibie surface of ihe water or iftcr a 
few houn> hB^e pissed There Bre pi]ns in the eais Bnd joinis and nose-bleed The pulse 
IS E low and sirong Neiralg]a of Ihe stonnch ind >om]t]ng often otcur. Paralysis of one 

side or of 1bie lower exIremUies may occur Eri]n symploms may develop ind dealh 
may follow ]n 4 few biours_ En nH>st cases recovery IbIzcs plice ]n a few days or weekE 

'L ri: Btiii4: n I.— Peiso nE who are engaged in such work should change very gradually 
fT^m a great deplbi lo the suri~Ace^ Bnd should no1 go ]ntci Ihe outer airsuddenly. 

MY ELITES.- -Myelitis ]s an inflammBtion of the spinal cord 

Causts.— ll miy oc4.ur at any age and is more 4.omnH>n ]n mile tbian ]n femafc. The 
CTcitmg causes are prolonged exposure to severe colds^ too great menial and physical 
cnerl]on sexual excess^ bJows^ bleeding inio the cord^ alcoholic exccbs. Acutc infectious 
diseases, syphilis, e1c_ 

5^91 plDiu^.-- These depend upon tbie locilion of the inflammalion and the severU^' 
The onset may be sudden or gradual— when it is sudden I he re may be a chill followed by 
a fe>erof 101 lo [03 degrees— general feeling o\ ]llness, loss of a p peine, with coated 
tongue and const]pal]on There may be o>cr-sensili>eness to pain and tou^h. Fain may 
radicle fn^m the back into the limbs, wi1bi numbing and Ungling o^ Ihe limbs. The urine 
may be relained or may dribble iway_ Usially there is obstinate conslipalion There ]s 
frequently the feeling of a band aiound Ihe body Parilys]s may follow in the lower 
eTtrem]t]es ind higher up s<jmet]nies depending upon how high up m the cord the 
inflimmation exis1s_ This paralysis may cau^e no motion of 1he limbs or produce an 
esaggemed conlncting of Ihe affcclcd mu^tles. the tnees be]ng drawn up on the 
abdomen And the heels touching the buttocks. 


Rtcovrrj.-- Chancre forrccDVEry depend upon I he ci use Most ca*»es *rc chionic 
and may last for yc^r* 

l'rcatmrn1.~TreBtmi:ii1 4Jeptnd'> bIso upon I he cause Rest in bi:d coijn1er-irrilat]Dn. 
wcl cuppings wilhcire on arcounl of bed sores A WBtcr-bcd from lhe f]rs1 mBy prevcnl 
bcd-Hores The urine mus1 be dra^^n if l1 ]s relBined The ined]t:al IreBtmenl must be 
carefully g]ven And a physic] an of experience should beoblaincd. 

LDLOMOIOK \r\\IA. Labtsdorsults. Voskrkr Sprinal Sc-ltrosis|.-- A 

hBHilemng (sclerosis] BFfecling 1bic pm>terior parts of the spinal cord ind charBctenzed by 
I nc ooidi n at]o n^ wtiich means a condition where b pep>on i^ unable to pTDducc voluntaTy 
muscular movemenb>; for inslante. of 1tie legs eh.., loss of deep reflexes 1o bend them 
back^ disturbances of nutntion and '>ensalion. and vanou'> affections of '>ighl 

Causes.-- Thi'> ]h 4 disease of adull life^ persons under twen1y-f]ve beinf rarely 
affected, and 1*1 nH>re common in men 1tian women ften lo one}_ Sometimes ch]ldrrn 
suffering fnsm hcrediHry iyphilis have it_ The chief pred]!iposing cause issyphil]!i wli]ch 
precedes it in from sevenly to eighly-five of Ihe cases accondjng lo various auttionlies 
Exposure to cold and wet, sexual and alcotiolic excesses mineral poisoning, and greal 
physical c^erlion il^o exciting causes 

Sjniptoms.-- These are nnmeious They appear m succes^]on ind wi1ti I he same 

SriBEtE.— Stages of pain; ihe stage of itaTii, pecul]ar gait; ind ttie slate of p4ralys]s. 

L. Frodronial or rorerunnin^^ Iht fflagc of pain.— This 4.ons]M^ of lighln]ng-lihc 

pains 111 the lox^cr e;^1remjtjcs numbih^ss formicalion |feeiin^of ants, etc., crawi]ng|, 
sensalion of dead extrem]ties. pins and needles in Ihe soles of the feel ind fingeis, 
coldness il4.hing of irms and scrotum or other pads, a sensalion of cons1ric1 ion around 
ttie ctiest, headache, pain m the small of lhe biclz ind loins of an acting ctiancter may 
occur These symploms may conslilule the only evidence of locomolor al4X]a and last 
foryeiP>; but sooner or later there are added absence of knee cap bone reflex (bnec jcrl:), 
and ]minobii]ty of Ihe pupil. The loss of lhe knee jerb is always obserFcd in t]me The 
pupil fails to respond I0 ligtit while ]t s1ill accommodiles ford]s1ance called ^rg>ll 
RobePiton pup]l_ There may be ]mperfec1 control of Ihe bladder wilh slow, dripping or 
hasly unnilion Later the conlrol is no1 ]mperfec1 bul i1 may be painful. Inflammation of 
the bladder mav oc4.ur which is dangerous. There is usually obs1ina1e conslipalion and 
loss of sexual power These symploms may las1 for several monlKs and years, ind then 
the second s1age symploms appcu 

1. ^tage of Ataxia IDlsLurbamee of mollvn).— The d]s1iirbance of motion fa taxi a) is 
^ery marked especial I v in the lox^er ci^lremjlics 1hc v^ diking becomes diflicult and 
uncertain, there is difficulty in nsmg or rapjd lurning; 


306 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

the 1^^ arr ^^idc *p*n, fcti hftrd too high and comr down Ido forcibly; ihc Lcnglh of ihc 
slcp:£ Ls ]rrcgular and lhc body i'^ LinpcTfcctly balBnccd ]f thr parent h1a^d^ w]th h]s feet 
togclhcr md eyes closed he begins lo swiy. f Ro m be rg's sy m p torn), which is due lo a 
dcfee! ] n com ro Ll I ng 1bie mu-^clcs \roru impainncnt of sereiat]on There may be imperfect 
use of ihe h^nds in dress]ng ^^nting, elc ^ Lmcmanng pain*^ are marked ]n ilL cases md 
come on in pBrox>sni*i_ The pains Bre mostly in the legs, bu1 bIso uccur in the amis hcid. 
loins biclz ind trunk Then Ihe sense of touch is padmlly lost. The prick of b pin miy 
no1 be fell unt]l a few seconds ifler bein^ Bpplied Tbiis stBge m^y lisl for veBr^ and 
remain al a 'stBncblilL' bu1 ]l is i£iUbII> progressive ind 1o Ihe lh]rd stBge 

3. 'Lhr ^a|;t of paralysis j*^ marked by b gradual change to the wo!3c, and Ihe 
pBticiH must remain in bed, becaide he CBnniil gel out. The Jowcr ind SDmclimrs the 

upper ex trem] tics have Lost a great deal of Ibieir power of sensBtion: The joinK mosify 
ibie knee ind hip joints show on both sides of the body a painless s^^elhng o^vjng to the 
greal quantities of watery Liqu]d I he re. DislDcat]ons and fractures occur "^jniiiLlBneousLy. 
Eed-'^ores and peculiBr uLcera on 1bie sole of the fool bIso occur. The urine dribbles awaj 
con'flantly for all conlrol of the blBdder is Lost. DeBth occurs fiom e^hausUon, bediore^, 
infLimmation of lhe bladder, or pneumonia coming on as b complication. 

1 rtalmtn1;--The only thing to do when the patient hB*^ this d]'feB'^e is 1o mike hini 
comtorlable and Brrcs! lhe piogres"^ o\ ]t, if possibLe. Et is incurable bu1 Irealment 
sometimes arrests Ihe progress and Bt IcbsI lessens ihc suffering and prolongs life as long 
as Et IE worth Li>]ng lo them. E have given a Longer dc^nption than was necessary. Lor E 
wanled men who live such fisl h^es lo understand whal U brings tLiem for most cases arc 
caifccd by syphilis The de'5cript]on could have been made Longer and oltier -symptoms 
and compile 41 ions pul m. E lhink enough hB*^ been g]ven Bnd perhaps ihisdcscnpLion 
may deler Home one from going ttie same road. 

1 he Dlai^oosi^ i'^ made at fiist b> the Latigue, peculiar pBiie. los!i of ttie knee jerk, 

Ltic pcciiLiar pupiJ ind history of syphilis LBter il is made from the ala^ii Ihe peculiar 
walk, elc . Bnd the blKlderdislnrbinces 

HERt:n]L-\R\ AI'AXU. FrltdrichS D isra^x.-Thi^ pec nl i b r dLseise is due to a 
degenenUve disease oL Ihe pi>sterjor ind lilenJ coJiimn-^ fparlsf of the spinal coid, 
occurring ]nch]ldhood ind often in neverBl children of 1he same family 

Causes.-- More in boys lhan ]n girK and oflener in Ihe country d]s1ricLs Heredily ]s 
frequently a cause and ]L ]s trBced 1o syphilis, epiLepsy, Bicohohsm, and ]ns4n]ty ]n the 
ancestois ^everBl chiLdren of lhe same family mBy tiave it. 

S^n plo ns.- - ] n >ery young children ]t is nol]ced thai Ihey ire slow in Ie4m]ng to 
walk, lhe child stBggers in Irying lo s1and or1o \^aLh; il ides lis hands cLumsily, and his 
d]fficulty ]n speating. Ttie movements of the tiands are peculiar, the tiands move like m 
ctiorca, the "speech ]s slow and drawling. 

kecovcrj.— Very doublFul, bul Ihey mav list for yeBrs. 


[^FAN'L[LE PARALYSIS. lAculc Anlcrlar Palio iVJftli1iE|.--TbiLS ]^ an Bcutc 
d]^casf occ^Lirring almost^i^cLy in youn^ 4. hj kin: ii VrWh [\^i^\yh2h^ follu^cd by rapid 
dwindling of lhc muscles of lhc pirti effected by Ihc pirBly!i]Si_ 

Causfa— Found in children under Ihrcc ycar>old_ 1 1 l^ more common in summer 
than ]n v. inter !l often foLlowji scarlet Fever, measles, and diphlhern. 

Symptoms. --The onset ]^ usubIL^ sudden; often the (.hild Li pu1 lo bed Bt n]ght 
■seemingly well and ]n ihe morning is found pBraLyzed in one or morr hnib"^. E-[]gh fe>er 
or chills generBl feehng of iLlne'^'>, pBin bII over tbie body, decided brain "^^mptoms, I the 
delirium or convnlsiorei ind inlermiHent 4.ontrBct]on'> o^ Ihe muscles may usher in the 
d]seasc These forerunning sjmploms may last a short time or for several ^^eeks jfter 
which the paralysis ]s noticed. be]ng exiensne is b rule, ind af feel i ng one, two, or ill of 
the c;tlremit]es ind "^omelime"^ the muscle-^ o\ Ihe lrunk_ This general pirBlysis soon 
disippcBHS being Lef1 permanently in only one e;t1remity, ch]efLy in one leg The olher 
symptoms d]!iappear_ The paraly7_ed part alrophics (wastes] rapidly. The diseisc ks vei^ 
rare ]n adults If the paralysis does no1 show b decided change wilh]n ihe firsl few 
monlhs full recovery is doubtful 

Treataitnl.— Durjng Ihe icute s1age there must be ibsolule qu]el and res1 Willi a dicl 
that Ls ni>t MimulBting, one IhBl ]s easily digested, ice to 1he heBd or cold clolhs, conntcr- 
irrilalion lo the *ipine; electicUy should be used afler b few weeks There is qu]te a good 
deal of this paralysiii, and the cmi^c should receive careful altcniion fiom the start. 

1 AliTE.~TBbte- II uds.— There arr three kind^ of papillae or eminences on Ihe 
human longue —Ihe c]>Bllate Ihe fungiform and 1he filifonn. The ciicumvallale jre 
Irom ^even 1o Iwehe in number Bnd he near the i~oo1 of the tongue, arranged ]n the fonn 

of a V. wilh Us open ingle lurned fbrwBnH EBchone is in elevation of Ihe mucous 
membrane. Lowered by epithelium Bnd surrounded by a trench. On the sides of ihe 
pBpillae embedded m the epuhehum ire small ovbI bodies called tBS1c-biids. These 
taste-buds consist o\ 4 sheBlh ot Flittencd, fusifoim tells, enclosing a number of spindle- 
like cells whose iBpenng ends are prolonged ]nto a hi]r-l]l:e piocess. As ihe nlimenls of 
the gustBtory nerves lenn]nate belween these rod-like cells, ]t is piobable IhBl they Brc 
the 1rue sensory cells o\ lBS1e 



In the human longuc iHsle-bLids irr aIso fciund in \hc run|[fDnn [i d p Ll I jc . oflcn seem 

us red duLi ^kCiltrrcd over jLbi suTfBce; ind 1o in arei ju^1 in FronL of Lhe nriLenor filllnr of 
Ifie ffluccfi ll Ls il^u pD'>sibLc thu ±>in^Li^ t^Mc-ccU^ irc scalLcTrd uver Ibc loD^ue^ fl£ Ibc 
sense of t4slc cxi-^l-^ where no [ i-^le- b uJ^ can br found- 

Tistc Bud!^. 

Min> ^o-CBllcd lasted ire mlly smeLlh. Thtn is easily proved by compirsMng the 
nustnLs and at1cmpl]ng lu dLsLinguish b) lisli^ diffE^rcnt Dn]cie2 of TckkJ 

Tbc lA&lc ±ieibB[]on l& gn^ntE^sl ^hcn I he c^ciLiiig subsLince la nt the LcmpcrBturc of 
tfie body. There is no |i cfi:c [i Li ble sweetness to ^ug^r when the lun^ur fias been dipped 
for 1 hBlf-minu1e jn WBCrreitfier Bt the free/]n£ lempcralure cir wanned Co 50 degrees C 
Nenbier ih Iherc Mizy scn±^e of lQ5le un1ii Ihe sub-slance ih disiiDlvcd by Ibic natural fluids of 
tfie niDuth. as ^ilJ be seen by wtping Ehe tongue dry ancT pLncLii^ su^ar upun it. 

The four primBiy t BRlc-hc nii b Liqus are bitlex. sweel^ ^dui bcuJ ±>al1 The&e prubabLy 
have separate cenLcjs anjil nene fibers Swed and sour taslcs *rc chjen> rei:ogJiJ/ed a I 
Lbie fTDHI and bjticr and alkaline tasles al the back oJ the tongLic The ±>ame ^ub±>tancc will 
of1cn excite a d]fferenl ^enaaUon. lecording as ]t is placed al lhc fiont or back of the 


Tbere are alsu la^:^ of conlrast in lB^ie sensations Cedain substances will enhance 
the flavor of another and olher^ will destroy n Agam^ cenain tastes mav disguise olheis 
wUhoul deslro>]ng ihem. as when an acid is covered wi1h a swecl. 

INSANITY. Histflrj.--Thc carliesl reference to insanil> t^ found jn lhc book or 
Deuleionomy Another reference ]s in Samuel "frhere ]t speaks concerning David's 
cunning and successful feigning of insanily "And he chan^d his behavior before Ihem 
and feigned himself mad in their hands^ and scrabbled on 1he door-posts of Ihe gate, and 
lei hts spntlc fall down upon his beai~d,' Feigning insanity under d Lstress i ng 
ciicumslunces has been one of man'\ achievemenis Ihroughnut the cenlnnes. El ts spoLpn 
of in Ecclesiastes Jeremiah says id regard lo the 


wine rup: "And thry shall drink and be moved and be mBcl " Nations al^>o were poi'wnrd 
by the w]nc cup. for Jeremiih SBy-i. "Babylon hB-^ been a golden cup in 1bie Lonil^ biantfc, 
tbiat made all 1he earth drunken. Ttie nBtions hive drunken of her w]ne^ Ibierefore the 
nBtionn Bre mad " Greek writeis ^peBlz of ca*»es of mentil un^oLindncs^ a*i otrumng with 
some frequency in Greece. The inhBbitBnls of the Roman Empire were iftkcted with 
mcntBl ijn'>ound ness and Nen? wis comiidered crBzy. In ancient EgypI Ihere were 
temples and priesis for Ihe cire of 1bie insane. 

Hippocrales. who Li^ed four hundred yeiP> before Chris! was ihe firs! physician who 
seemed 1o have any Iriic conception of 1bic real nature of insBmtj For many centuries 
laler 1bic mBs^e^ believed 1bial madne'>s wbs simply a visitation o\ Ihe de>il. The insBne, 
in lhe 1ime of Christ, were penmtled lo WBnder 41 large among the woo* ind caves of 
Palestine The monks buiLl lhe firsl hospital or asylum for the insane six centtirie'> after 

A biospilal for Ihe in'>ane W4'> eslablished at Valencia in Spiin in L40?. [n 1547 the 
ho'>pi1al of 5t. MiTy of Belhlehem wbs estiblisbied near London and was known as 
"Bedlam" for a long time 

The fip>l a'>yLum to be nin upon refonn principle'> was Si. Luke's of London^ founded 
in 1751. .\bou1 17?] Samuel Hahnemann eslaHi^hed an isjlnm fori he insane Bt 
GeoigemhaL, ncBrGotbia^ and the Lbw of kindne'>s W4'> 1bic unvarying rule in the 
inslUiition. Hahnemann ^ays in hi^ Lesser WriUngs "I never allow any insane persons lo 
be pnnisbied by blows or olher corporeal inflictions " Pmeli sirucl. lhe chijns from lhe 
I nc aire rated insane at the Eiceire, near Paris in 1792 or 1793 

There bias been 4 gradual tendency during lhe Ias1 century lowaid betlcr ihings in the 
behalf of lhe inline A tinndrcd yeara ago lhey were treated wi1ti prison surroundings 
and prison fare. Then asylum treatment began 1o prevail This means clo'>e confinemenl. 
good food. KufficienI (.loltiing and comfortable beds Asylum care means 1hc humane 
cuslody of dan^jennus prisoners. "From the asylum we mo^e on to 1tie hospUal syslem of 
canng for the insane and I his syslem recogiii/es the fat. I thil lhe lunatic is a sick man and 
needs nursing and medical Irealment m oi~der 1o be cured. HospUal Irealment has been 
graduillv intmdnced during the past ttiidy yeais or more." ind in time i1 will eventually 
supercede asylum IreitmenI ind p riso n or workhoide methods in Ihe managemenl of the 
insane everywhere. 

Causes af InbanityL—There are min^ and various causes One author slales "N^enlal 
abnormaljly is ilwiys due lo eittier imperfect or eccenlnc physical development or 1o 
the effecis of inborn or acquired physical disease, or to injurious impressions either 
ante-nital or post nataL upon the delicale ind intrjcile ph^'sical siructure known as the 
human briin " 5ome physical imperfections, more than othcp>^ give rt^e to menial 
derangements, and some persons more Ihan olheis, when 


affected by any bodtly ialmrnt lend lo abriritrd condilaon^ of ihe mand. Some 
inipresi]ons more than otbieis, Brc pccuLaarly nntortunalc by rea*»onof thc]r crowding 
erfccts upon Ihc briin labln^ of h sensilive mind To these nalursl dcfeel^ and unnilLiral 
tendencies, we apply, m the generfll way, the term "Eniane DLBthe'>i'f.' This daalhc^]*! ma> 
be inhcrHcd or acquired. Thnie who ire bi>rn to bct^omc insane dtj not neces*iarily spring 
from insane parents or from Bn inccMry hiving any BppBrent tiint of lunacy in the blood 
Eul Ihcy do rcteive from Ihcir prtjgcnatois of1ent]mni ecrti]n ]mprc*iSions upon their 
menial Bnd moral is well 3^ upon Ihcir physical being, which impressions, like iion 
mold^ fix and shape their subsequent destinies " 

The iittianc dialhesisi in the child may come from h^'!i1eria in 1he mo1her_ A dniiikcii 
Father nn> impel epilepsy, madness or idiocy m the child Ungoverncd pB^sions, fnnm 
love 1o hi1e, \ro\T\ hope to fear_ when indulged inovennuch by Ihc pirenls. nny unloose 
the Kines of nnrcslrained mBdness in 1hc minds of 1he children. "The insane may of1en 
trace Iheir sid humiliation and niter unfitness for life's duties back 1hi~ongh a ledioici line 
of unrestrained passion of prejudice, bigotry, and snpcrslilion unbridled of liCit 
unchecked, of intemperance uncontrolled, of Bvaricc nnmislered, and of nerve resonix-es 
wasted efLh Busied, and mBde bBnkrup! before its 1ime Timely x^amings by the ph>siciBn 
and appeals to his clienis oF lodij may sive them for his own Irealmcnt, inslcid of 
consigning Ihem to Bn asylum where his fees cease from doubling ind the criicd ones 
are at rest." The CBUses ot Ihc insane dmhesis IconstJtulionJ ire rreqnen1l> traceable lo 
the methods of life of tho±ie who piodnce children under such circumslances and 
conditions thai Ihe olTspring bcBr lhe indelible birthmBrk of mental ^^cakness. Eirly 
dissipations o^ Ihc father produce an eihiusled ant1 enfeebled body and a demorili/ed 
mind ind an unholy and unheallh^ existence in 1he molher, are causes Fast living of 
parents in sociely is a fniilful cause of mental imperfections in 1 heir children. "The sons 
of royally and lhe sons of lhe nch ire often weak in brain force because of the high 
living of their inccstry " 

The fast high livers of 1oday ire developing rapidly and surely, stn^ng lendencies 1o 
bo1h menial ind physical disordeis Elberl Hubbard says of 1hose who live al a cedain 
ho1el and waste their snbslance there, 1hal the> are apt "to hive gout at one end, general 
paresis i1 Ihe ol her ind E right's disease in lhe middle." 

Drunkenness. ]us1, rage, fear, mental an;^ie1y or incomp^libility. "if idmitled lo 
participation m the acl of impregnation will each, in 1urn or in combinilion oflen ±ie[ [he 
seal of their presence in the shipe of idiocy, imbecility*, eccenlncity.or absolute 
insanUy " 

Diogenes reproached a half-wilted, cracked-brained unfortunale wUh Ihis remark, 
"Surely, young min, th> falher begat thee when he wis drunk.' 


Eunon in his in^Tomy of iricUnchnly ^ta1c?i thnV "\f 4 drunken man begets « child it 
will never kkcly hivc 4 good bri]n_" M]chciet prcdicti "Wdc unto the (.hildren of 
dflrlzncES, 1bie soiti of drunkenness who wcre_ n]ne monlKs before Ibieir birth, in outrage 
on I heir mothera." 

Children of drunk aids Bre often "^fld ind hideous biirlesqiies upon normal 
hnniBnit^.' Business worry may caube unsoundness m the offspring generaled under 
such cond]t]ons. 

One filher hfld Iwo son-^ grow up Mrong ind vigorous, menially ind physically, 
while 4 thinJ -^in was x^eak irre-^olule, fretful, "^uspjcious anti hilf demenled The fBther 
coiiJc^mnJ to hj*i phys]ciBn IhBl on iccoun! of bu-^inc^s troubles he was haH crB7_y Bnd 
dnrjug thi*^ tiKie ihe wife bcciKie pregnani ind this hilf-cri/y son wis bom and ihe 
^Bther "Elates Ihat "he ]nhents jusi Ihe stale of mind ] wis then ]n " Min> "^uch cases rould 
be men1ioned_ "A *iOijnd body and b eheeri~ul mind cin only be produced from heahhy 
slock " Mental peculiBntJC^ Bre produced by unpleasant influences bn^oght lo beir upon 
the pre^ant mother The slory is 1old of King JBmc*i Ihe Sixth of Scotland IhBl he was 
cons1ilu1ionilly 1ini]d ind sho^^ed greit lerror Bt b dnwnswonJ His fBther wis 
mundered in his molher's presence while she was pregnim Children born under the 
influence of feir ma> be Iroubled wUh ipprehcnsjons ot impending calBmily *iO mlense 
that the> may become ]nsine i1 Ias1 ,\a ]nslBnce is given of "in insane man who always 
manifesled Ihe greBtesI feirof being killed ind constinlly ]mplored tho^c b round him 
not lo hurt him " His molher lived wUh her drunken husbBnd who of1en Ihrealened lo hill 
her w]th b knife. 

Other Cbu^'s Df Insaailv^ Tnipcrfcel NulrMltn.-- Whitever lends to weiken the 
brBin K^i e\huus1 1lic ^.ciUral forces oJ lile n^ust lavoi Ihe growl h of Jiisin]ly The bnin is 
nol pioperlj ntj unshed. 

Bk^ff and Kall^ upon the H c a d.- - Some1 1 mes siEh injuries ire foi^otlen bul lhey 
result infrequenHv in sleillhily developed, but none 1he less dBngennus, condilions 
which mav result in the tlcringeKieii1 of all menu] fBcnllios ,\ child should not be siruck 
on Ihe head Teich::nE or parenis shi>uld not box b child's ears. One author si>s siEh i 
person "is guiltv of slow muiderof ]nnocents " 

Frl^hl Is A nol her Cbisc.-- Punishing b child by locking it in a dark room or by 
"stones of ^leedy bears or grinning ghosts pnxliKes, oftenl]mes b mental shocb lhat 
iubIzcs a child wretched in earl> life Bnd drives him in1o insanily i1 b iBterdale " 
OverlaTing the undeveloped phys]cil powers is Bnother cause. 

Insanity Is xiosl Prc^alrnl among tie Working C lasses.-- G nr fadories shops and 
Mores frequenUv cmplov 1he youny oJ both sexes and 1hcy Bie overtaxed by day and 
iuB.hl and lhey become feedeisof our hosp]tils for 1he insBne is forced 
cducat]on m the young. Our present schoi>l syslem lends to breat down Ihe hody TTie 
work may not be too hind, but the amounl of t[ui]ety ind worry, which 

312 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

tht^ work ciusrs in the m]nd^ of stnsHivt children, lends to enfeeble them_ M*ny 
children ire !iens]t]ve, wuh nervous tcmpcramcnls and lhey ire cb-^]!]^ Bffecled by the 
si rain ot mtnliL toil Del ic Ate children should be kepi m thi: open bit Bnd Ihcir physical 
cond]t]on should be con^]dered more IhBn their mcnul GirK, cspcciBlly. al the age oF 
puberty- should be built up insteid o\ rushed ihrtjugh a hcB^y routine of "iludy. Herbert 
Spencer says 'On old and youn^ I he picture of modern hfe puis 4 s1ill intrcBsing 
■^IrBin Go ^^hcre you w]IL. and before long there eome-^ under your notice cases of 
children, or >oulh^ of either "^e^. nH>re or les^ injured by undue "^ludy." Here lo recover 
fnnm a "ilate of debiL]ty thus pnnduced, b yeBr's vacBtion has been found nece^>sary There 
you will find a chTDuic congeslion of the braiu thil h^^ aLreBdy iBsled niBny months md 
thre*1ens to Li^l much longer Now you hear of 4 fever thil h^^ resulted \ro\T\ ihe over 
eTcUemeul in soine WBy brought on at school \ud^ again, the instance i'^ thil of b 
youlh ^^ho hB'f already hid to dc'^]s1 fn^m his studie:^, and who^ since he hBS relumed to 
them ]s frequently tiken out of hiselas:^ in a fB]nting fit. 

SdcIb] pltBsurr bIso lend^ to weaken the sy'>leiTi of parents who produce nervou'> 
and ^^eakened children \uolher great cause of insanUy ]'f the unnaluraL improper and 
eicess]ve u^e ot Ihe seiual organs ind d]seascs that of1en come fn>m i nd isc rim i nalc 
:£eTU4l relations General parcs]s i'> >ery oflen caujted by '>pee]fic di'>eB'fe. I might go on 
and enlarge upon the^e ciu^es. bu1 enough has been written lo give ^^arning lo Iho^e 
who ire breaking nHure's law'> 

ClBSffifricatlon.-- There are many c I ibsific al ions I will mention only the leading 
names '>iEh as Melancholia N^ania Demenlii, General Pare'>i'i. 

^]F.LA^CHOL[A (Sad M anla>.-- Mclirrirholia ls a di'>e4'>e characterized by greit 

mentil depression- 
Causes-- P retl ispos] tjo n physical disease, dmsipalion, worb and worry, shock, 

bn^oding. In "Simple melanchol]a the mildesi atla4.k may be called the "blues." 

ACUTE MKLANCHOI.I^. -Is generally Ihe result of some mertal ^hock 

CH ROMC MELANCHOLIA is Ihe end of all other form^ ot mental depression. 

All Ihe^e hive the]r own peculiar mani Fesl al lo ns and need 4 spe<.ial line of Ireilnient. 

MANIA-— This type of insanity me*n^ a rBvin|!. and furious mache^>s There are 
many cases of Ihis tind_ The ciu^e^ are many ind may be the same as lhose wh]ch 
pn^duce melancholia. En melancholia 1he '>hock, etc causes depression ^^hile m the 
manii the cause'> of menial injury lend lo produce imtalion and excitement. En demenlia, 
the causes of insanil> tend to e^haicit 1he bod> and lo menial failure, while in general 
Pii^sis "the shock of disease comes af1er long ind unwme contact with worry wine and 
women.' Ensuffitient sleep often causes minia. Et oflen follows afler exhausling and 
irrUaling fevers. Long conlinued ill health, lo^ether with worr^'. etc., may cause i1 


To ^Lim up, "mariL*" may result from *ny unLi^uil shocb or s1 rain Lipon ihc nrrvous 
syhtrm; or it may come BFttr any unicuBl mental excitement in busLnc'>!i paL]tics or in 
relig]on. Such art tht excitLug or^UmulBtiug caicics, but we mu*^! go biclz of tbc 
pre-^cnce oF worldly misfortune and 1racc Ihc lendcncy to mcntil di'tonJcr thTDUgh 
cbianneL^ of bierciJ]tiry innucncc "lnfBnl!i ire born ocry di> ^^hosc ]ncvHabLc goal l^ 
tbiat of inbanily.' WhBt ih baid ]n Ihc Bible about sin^i of the parents is triie 

DEMEN l'[A.--Th]'^ term l]tcrBlly mein^ "from nund," ou1 of mind, Bnd such « 
pcryi>n ]!i in a "^latc of 1he most deplorable menial poverty We ill have necn such ci^r^ 
and some case^ are not only very ^Bd but disgusting. 

PRIMARY DKMENIIA comes on i ndependenll^- of an^- olher form of LnsanUi' 

SECONDARY DEllEMr A follows afler Home olher foim of ]n'^Bn]ty,-eh]efly 
melincholiB or maniB DemenUa mav be icnte or chron]c. 

SENILE 10LD AGE) DEMENTIA 11133 bt Primary.-- \eule dcmenli a BtlB4.ks 

bolh sexes, but it occurs mosl oflen in females Ihough in a m 1 Ider degree. It is 4 disease 
of youth, being rarely "^een beyond ihirty yeais of age. Ft "^eems to depend oflen upon 
efLhBusling ]nflLienceE operaUng Bt a period of rapid growlh Monolony of thought and 
feel]ng or want of mental food can also induce it. Ch]ldren v^ho are sent at an cbtIv Bge 
into Fac lones ofle n pass mlo the eondHion of acule dementiB Prison l]fe also lends to 
pnjduce ^uzh aeond]t]on .\cute di^eBses "^uch a^ lyphoid Bnd other fevers are sometimes 
followed by Bcute demenUa. Persons frequently go "out of iheir mind" suddenly in 1his 
age, and upon rrcovcnng fnsm aeule dementiB, lhe patienl f]nds a great "vBcancj of 
memory " 

Cbr«Dic Dtm4:n I in.— Shakespeare says "La'>l scene of all, thai eiKl'> thL'> '>lrangc, 
eventful history, is se4.ond ch]ldi^hness and mere oblivion, sans teeth, san^i e^'cs, sans 
tasic, ^an^ everylhing " 

"Tkeiians E^ervlhlng/' — Is the "^ad and hopeless ob^curBtion by limr or d]Eease of 
the once brjghl, vjgortjus, sc]ntillalLn^ mental po^vcrs o\ efLhuperBnl Bnd lusty you1h 
Everyone ha^ seen such people who are parUally or hopelessly demenled ll ma> tome 
fi~om disease'>, "iiEh as epilepsy and syphilis, alcohol pioduces ]t. 

Senile demenlia is lhe re'>ull of old age and of acquired brain disease 11 is differrni 
from sjmple old Bge or dolage In old af.e lhe m]nd is weakened but lhe pBtienI is 
conse]ous of it, such a person torgcls a name or dale Bnd gropes aboul m his memoTy to 
f]nd II. 

The demrnled prp>on ]s not consctoic of loss of memory, buE applies wrong names 

to pcHions, and serenely Ihinkii he is right 

The senile demented peison dses nol reBlize h]E eonditkon, and if there is any menial 
power left he cherishes delusions or false beliefs. 

The vielim of old age is unconscioui of his weakness. 


GENERAL PARESIS.-- Winr. worry and women pioducr a grcal m*ny ca.s«> of 
tbiLS d]sca^c The dodoes claini a notorLDUs cnminBl now committed ta one as^'Lum and 
aboul whom wc tiavc read so much^ Is a victim of ttiis di^f i.'ic. 

I"iri"t hta R4: .— The re iz worry, Bnxicly_!ilccples!inc^^ End melancholy- 
Srcnnd sl3gc.--5t4gc of maniB wealth, power, and grBndciir Bllcmaling ]nsome 
cai»es \^ith altack^ o\ Icmporary dcprcji^ion^ 

Ihird EtaE^-"^BtLciit pB'^'>es ]nto b conditLon of subacute ore tiro mc maniB \^ith a 
slow lentlency 1o decadence of bIL the powcp>, idLOI]c_ 

I'Durlh bta^e.— SiBge of [ibiysicai ind mcntBl ^ ail Lire Bnd of death. SyphilL'> causes 
moiil CBSC^_ [t lisubIIj develops between twenty-fi^c Bnd fifly >eBrs_ The outlook for ^uch 
CB^es ["> very unfavorable, as Ihe palieni usuilLy d]es fiom one to eighl or ten years after 
the beg]nning of the d]!iease 

'IREA'IMENT. — There hive been great advances made in reeen! ye Bra in the 
treilmeni of persons mentilLv unsound They should be placed under pnjper Irealment al 
an early si Bge The causes have been given so that preventive measures may be tiken. 


KHEUUAIIC GOl!l. mbtDDatic \r4hrLUs. ^rtbrrilli Dcr*ruaasr--Caair. -] t 

occurs mos1 often from lh]rty Lo nfty-five usuilLv ]n women genenJLy at or afler 1he 
change of hfe, and mo^t frequenlly in 1hose who have no1 had children. The involvement 
of the joims Ls most common in adull miles. 

BTciUng caifie may be Exposure 10 cold and wet, improper food, unh>g]enic 
sunoundmgs, worry, blows ind aru1e ]nfee1ions 

Cfl udll It ns.— Several joinb> are n'>ually ]nvo]ved symmetncilly At the edge of the 
joinls there i'> fonnation of new bone covered wuh cartilage, C4n'>ing the enlargement of 
the bone and oflen partial lo'>sof molion ]n ihat joinl. 

Symptoms.-- Several di^t]nct types exasit ]_ General progressive lypes which may be 
acute or4.hnmic 

Acite-— Th]s occufH usually ]n women fiom twenty I0 lh]rt> and at 1he change of 
life I1 comes on like acule joint rheumalism, many jo]nts be]ng affecled permanent 
enlargement appearing early, redness of the jojnts rarely eiisting. the pain being very 
severe, some fever. Feel very 1ired with anemia. los!i of flesh and sirength The fip>l and 
laler BtlBck^i are oflen associBted with pregnancy, conf] EieEnenl or nuTsing 


Chrt^mlc Typr.— Thcrr l^ a gr*dij*l onset of p*3n or ^liffn«w in onr or more io]n1s 
usually of the Fingeis^ 1 hen of tbic CDrrcspoiid]nf join1^ of lhc ol her side and tticn olbcr 
joints The swelling Bt FirM Tnuy be ]n Ihc soft pirls of ihc io]nbi w]th cFfusion in the 
joinK and Icndemc^ The pain varies from flight to ^ocrc Pcnod-i o\ improvement and 
gctt]ng wop»c ailemalc^ the join!"^ beroming enlBrgcd ind deformed, of1en nearly "^11 IT in 
pBrtiBl bending on account of 1bic Ibiirkcncd bone and wjtl ti^ucs. The muscles 1bial move 
tbic joint dwindle ind tbiere may br changes in the sk]n ind nBiL'> of the parts effected due 
to 1he want of proper nouri*ihment_ DislurbBnces of the *i1omarh and Bncmn are 
common. The hear! i-^ no1 Bf fee led There may be only b few io]nts BFFetledjOr man^, 
wilh grei1 defonnity, before Ihe di'>e4se reiche-^ the period of inBctiv]ty 

2. MonarlicDlBror oai: Jclnt L^pr.--Th]s iCiUBlly occnis ]n miles over Fif1y. one 
join! or B few Jar^e joinK may be affected, genenlly wuh shrinking of the correspond] ng 
moH^-lc^ [f ]t occtini tn the hi^ ]t \h cillcJ Morbti:^ Coxae Senih^.—liip joint disease in 
the aged 

Recovery.— The disease usuilly goes on wilh inlervals of impnsvement and often 
re^olt^ in ^rea1 crippling and dj'^Bb]lity In ^ome case^ U become*^ pennaneni 

General 'L rca tmc n I . - - Ttie climate should be wann and dry. The pa1icii1 stiould 
avoid exposing h]mself; lead a general hygienic life, wilh as ni>uri'>tiing k^od as hi'> 
digestion will permil The eh]ef line of 1rei1mcnt should be to ]mpro>e lhe general health 
and relieve lhe pi]n The stomach howelii and kidneys should be tepi work]ng \^ell_ 
Nouri!ih]ng food stiould be taken but il-^ effer! must be walchcd Cod-li>eroi] lo build 
up the ■^>'stcm_ in^n and aii*cnic may be of value Sometime-^ lodnJe of potash i!i good. 
Earl> and Ihorough 1rea1ment at Hoi Spnng-^ offers the best hope of arre*iting it^ 
progre-^^, the Hot Spnng-^ in BalhConnlv, Va_ and jn \rl:ansB*i_ Much can be done al 
home by hot air balh'>, hoi balh'>, and eompre'>^e^ al night to the tender jomls. 

LocaL—Mas'^age r a refill ly given is helpful The hot air Ireatmeni ]s good. Baking the 
joints \h now frequently done 

GOUT JPOD AGRA |.--A di'>order of nLitrition ckaracterized by excess of uric acid 
in The blood al1ark'> of acule arthrUis |]nflamma1ion of joinlb) w]th depobil of urate of 
sodium in and around the jo]nts. wi1h various general symptoms 

Causes.-- He redily, male sex, u'>uallv appeals fn^m thirty lo fifly and rarely under 
tweii1^', Irom eonlinued use of alcohi>l]c liquois, e^pecialL> fermenled, wUh litUe or no 
exercise, too much meal Uii^ygjenic living ^^ith poor food and exce^si^e dnnking of 
ale and beer may be followed by 1he 'poor man'^ g<>ul.' It is common ]n lead workers 

SjmplomsL A cite Tjje-— There i^ often a period of imtabiluy re^llessne^>s 
indigestion, t\^inf.c^ of pajn in the hand^ and feet; Ihe urine i'> hc a n1 y . dark, very acid, 
wuh dim]ni^hed uric acjd and deposit when it ih cooled. The atlack '>e1s in usually early 
in lhe morning wilh sudden intense pain jn a join1 of the b]g loe, geneially 1he nghl, les 
of1en ]n an ankle, knee. wi]s1, hand or finger The part *iwell!i rapidly, and is very tender. 
the overlying '>kin being led. glazed and hoi The pat]ent is ibuall^ ascTDS^ as a 
wounded bear. The fever may be lOJ The pain may subside during the day, and jncreasc 
again al nigh1 There is no '>uppiira1ion |pu^ forming). The symploms u-^uallj decrease, 
gradually, the entire altack may last fjom five to e]ght day^ Scaling of the bkin o>er the 
soie pad ma> follow 



AHi^r I he DtlDch^ the general hcnllh iriny be LmjiiDvcd^ and Lhc joini may bccnmc oonnHJ 

Dr buLsL]ghLl) SUlT. IL recurs al inlcri'dlh Uf a few mODLllB i^nmmnnly 

REtrocLdtDl GiuL— ThiK ls e 1erni apfiLjed lo scnQii'i "i^' mpHzhjiis i^'biirh ±]Oiiict]mfs 
gD 9fi\h rapid impr<ivemen1 of the LcHrflL jdinl L'onJlicirui. Tbicre arc severe [iDins in the 
Eloinicbi. uHLii^ea^ ^omiUng^ cflArrhi^H. p^jci jn lhc henrC, dLff]CLiLl brcHtbiLii^. paLpitilicm^ 
irre^ulBr and feeble action of the heBrl wi1fi brain "lymptunb^ pnibBbly Jjuhin Liraeinia. 
These altoct'L DncncHU\c deaCh. 

Cbronir CcwL, CnastE, e I r.~ Frcque ni irtrte alljek^, mi ny _foi n Is. be^lnnin^ with 
the feel- become "^liff dilJ LJerormcd, perhnp*i wjth no nHil]^in The overJyin^ "^Lin miy 
uJterBte. «ipcc]BL1y ovtr the knuckle.^ Dyspepsia, ■rtcno-bcLciDiL*, enlargement of ihe 
lefl venlncle cf tfic heart and b ^rcH qujiility ot urine h^]lh low ^peeifhc gravitv aie 
CGmmcn The palicnl l'> and jrnlahLe Eezcma, chionic biuiK.hitt'>, frequently 
complicale the cose. 

DeBlh of1cn oeeiiFS fium uraemiB. nienin|ilis pleurisy. pencinSittii or penlonLUs 

Ireatxicnl, Prt^enLlrCx— Live temperBlely. Bbslain from alcohol, eat moderately. 

hBve plenl> of fre^h air and SLinshine. plenty ufeiercise ind regular honis Tbic^c do not 
Lzounleract the jnherUed lerdenc^' The sLin '>tHiulcJ be kept arlive, if the pBlienI i& Tubusl, 
by ibe morning cold baEh wtlh Trie lion after eI. bul if fic is weak uni} debihlalccl^ lhe 
eventng warm bath should be ^ubstnuted. The pat]ent should dres^ ^^ irmly, avoid rip Id 
aLlemBl]cin^ in 1empera1ure. and be eareful not lo hive the Ek]n suddenly dulled 

DIrL In Cbu1.~Mo±]1 persons 

over Tony eal loo much Eit 
reasonably and bI regulir fiours bihJ 
lake plenty of t]me 1o eBl Do not eal 
loo freely of mealE and avo]d loo 
mnebsEarchy andsngaiy tQQd^ Fre^bi 
vegeEBbles Bnd fruils niBy be u^ed 
f reely r exec p t cranbcmei and bBnanii 

Dr. Oskrof En^^land sbie^-- 

Whjle all sliniLiLBnts are injurious lo 
tfiese pBt]enl\ ^oine arc more so 1fian 
olbieis. pBrt]cuLirLy malted hqiior^,, pod and d very large 
pjup^irtii^n of all 1he light wines TBke 
lir^e quuntJiies of WBtercin Bn emply 
slomich. mineral x^Bleis are no belter 
than Dlher3, bul 1 real men I of chionic 
Bnd I rregul B r ^ lit at spnngs gives the 
advantage of regular houri, diet, ele 


jthiH Ltui nrvmmirpi nf JU fllHIl 


Dift fram 3 prominent ho^pilBl Tor ^oul palltmh-r 
Hay TaiLt-- 

Soi pa. —Fresh Tt^bi soups vcgclabfr b roths rlc*r_ 

FlshL~Ra\^ oyMtis fresh hsh boiled 

Meals.-- FbE bBcon. boiled or broiled chicken^ gBme |bIL spBnngLy). 

Fa rlnaceoDS.— Cricked wheal, oalmeal. nee, fiago. hQminy, whole wheal bread, or 
b]scu]ts^ rye bread grahini breid or lolls, crackers dry toasts milk toisl macaroni 

VrgetabltSL— Mishcd potHoes^ green peas^ siring beans^ spinach^ cibbagc^ 
cucumbt^rs (.reuses Ictluce, ceLcry_ 

l>4: s^e tISl— P] ain milk puddi ng^ j unket^ rice and milk^ ^'g^ and ni]Lk^ slewed rniits, 
aki iviEhoul sugar. 

DrinhfL— Weak lea |iio sugir^^ mdh. bulTennilk. toast walcr. purr witer cold or tiot. 

\lufl Nol lakt- 

VcaL, pork goose duck^ turtey, salted dried polled or preserved fjsh or meat 
leiLcp! fi1 biconj eels, matterel, (.rabs_ silnion lobsler, eggs rich soups, gravies, 
patlits, tomatoes. swet1 polatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, rtiubarb, lemons, pickles, 
^]negar, Incd or made djshcs, rich pudd]ngs, sp]ces, p]es paslry, sweets, nuls, dried 
fruits, tobacco coffee, cider, mall ]iqui>is, sweet wines thimpagne 

'L ri; Btnit n I.— I n in acule attack r4]se Ihe alTected limb and wrap Ihe "sick" joint ]n 
CO lion wool, warm fomentalions may be used The wine or 1inc1ure of colchicum in 
do^esof twenly lo thirty drops nn> be gi^en every four hours in combination with 1hc 
cilrate of potash fifleen grains, or Ihe citrale of lilhium fi>e lo ten grain*i_ Slop Ihe 
tincture of colchicum as soon as the pain is relieved and Ihen you cin give wine of 
colchKum 1en dnsps oery four houPi, walchmg For irritation of ihe stomach, bowels and 

Dr. Hare of Philadelphia ^ajs^— For hiispitil practice a very useful mixlure is made 

by adding one pad of bicarhonale of sodmm to nine parts of linseed oil. The joint ie then 
wrapped in a piece of lint soaked with this conco4.lion In some 4.4ses oil ol peppenmnl 
has been recommended. In chronic gout Dr Hare also gi>cs for diet milk and eggs. 1hc 
while meal of chicken, fnii ts . cooked withuut sngir being added, are allowed. Tea ind 
coffee being used only in moderation, [f Bn> wine is tiken il must be followed by 
copious draiighls ot pure waler and the list adicle should be used ad libUum. On the 
o1her hand pastries and, more thin all. sweet wines, are the worst ihings thu such k 
paticiH can lake, and micit be ab^olulely pKfhibited. 

RHEUM ALEC FEVER J Articular Rheumatism). -Censes ThLS may be ^cule or 

chrtjnjc. 1 1 is an infeclious disease (. hanc k^rj/i^J b> inn animation of several joinls. The 
joinLs are held in place by ligaments and are inclosed by 4 Ihin membrane. In 1his Acutc 


rhcLimal]!im lhc?ic ports brcomc congcstrd and inflflmcd^ thrrc ]^ rtdics.^ and '>wcl1tng^ 
heat and pi in Fluid ["> pBSHfd into the join1 somcnmes md th[rn if^ part'> look watery 
loccLcmatDusl The inn animal ion End swelling ciusc ^rei1 piin ]n ihc JOlnE_ 
l^^tdri^pasinE-~A damp cL]malc. wmlcr End sfinng^ young aduH^ md person:^ who 
are ciposcd to dBmp_ wet and cold 

CDndl1ioD.--Thcrc i'^ congcslionof 1bie ho ft pBrt*i of ihc jo]nti and effusion ]nto lhc 
joinl CBVJtJC^ i>r B watery flij]d Endu^ b ml i t]h , per]carditL'>^ myocardHLS^ plcurL'>y Bnd 
pncumon]a may 4:omplieBte lI The fLP>l named. endocird]ti^, is very common Bnd as lhc 
iTi]tr4J >4Jvc^ hecoinc inflamed it ["> likely lo leave ^alvnlir tiouble unleui carefully 
walcbied and LreaLed at 1bic lime 

SjmpLam^—Ttie invasion may be gradual. Willi a vcf^ Tired feeling and oflcn 

tcinsilil]^, bul i1 ]s lisoilLy sudden wilh pains. Hdrenesis in one or more joints and fever. 
The knee*^ ankle*^ elbows and wri^K are much iffccled bul U frequenlLj goc*i through 
almost every joinl in the bod> and nomelime^ repeal the Lemble dose I know for I hid 
It twice The suffering, torture and pain sometimes are dimply indescribable and almos! 
too hinJ to bear The joints become hoi red painful s^^ollen and lender 1o louch and 
molion. It seems to hurl worse when anyone comes near, for the patient is ifraid of 
careless handhng 

FcTcr.— This runs from 102 lo 104 and is mod]ficd by profuse pep>piration wjth bad 
odor and generally, il dnes not afford in> rehef The unne is >ery ic]d. veiy thick ind 
looks like lhick. strong coffee. The symptoms frequently disappear pirtiallj from one 
joint or jo]nts as lhey begin in o1hcr jo]nt^ 4lt4ck]ng ^e^eral in rapid sncce^ision, the 
fever varying and chinging w]th the degrees of jo]nt involvcmenl 

We mi> see lhc shoulder and hip, 1he elbow and wriM, knee ind anble. elc , all 
affected at once: Heart comphcitions are frequent and bear close watch]ng, for they are 
dangerous lo life and lhe fuliire heallh of lhe pilienl The palient becomes very incmic 
and Ih]"^ progresses rapidlj. ifr hen ]mpr(j>cmcnL does begin il is gradual; or the disease 
may become chronic Cire must be 1aken no1 1o be too aclive when improvemeni sets ]n 
or you w]ll ciuse a return by using the jo mis before 1hey hi>e become Ihoroughly well 1 
d]d lhe same thing ]n my anx]ety to ge1 out, but would never be as reckless again Pain 
and stiffness of the joinis often lasl long after convalescence has set in. One who has had 
this disease once is liable lo another attack if he is not careful 

MOTHERS' Rh:MF:D]t:S. t. \rLkiil3r Khcumatibni.-- \ gentleman sends us the 
following Irealment ^or articular rheumatism and wntes as follows 'I send you the 
following Irealment for irlicular rhenmalism because I used il myself and was cured in a 
very shorl lime, in fact, about ten days. It was i number of >ears ago in the early spring 
when my bnee joinis, anblcs and wns1s began to pi]n 


mc *nd ccint]nu«l lo become wopir for iboul a wtck a1 ihc end of which limr both my 
l:ncc*i were pcrlculy ^l]ff ] *icnt tor my physician; bic w ripped my knet'> wHbi common 
bBlzin^ Hoda; tBlzin^ l^^ng wide bindBgct bic was enabled to have lbic bBlzing noda a fourth 
of an ]neh lh]ck 4K)und Ihe knee, raL'>Lng 1bie bindige as he lijd the ^odi on aFter tbiis 
was compleled ] had heavy \^et hot clolhs la]d ground my knee and renewed every 
liftccn or t^^cnly m]nute'> for probably eight or len huiirs In 1bie me ant] me ] wbs liking 
Ibie "^ilLcylale ofsodi and lhe cathirlLC^ veronica waler^ bs dirrcted below. The following 
dBy [ ^i1 u[i wUh m> icg-^ rcsling on a chBir_ ^IrBightened out, and hot fLBt ]ron'^ at my 
knees I began lh]*i treatment on Silnrday, Bnd the following Thursday wi^ Bble to walk 
about Bnd go ouE of lown, Bnd never had rheijmBti'>m "^ince, but at two or three differeni 
time^ I suspected il WB't coming on and used 1he salicylate of soda Bnd veronica water as 
a sncce'^srul prevenlive a1 leasl the rhenmalism d]d ni>l maleriBlize. 

Veronica V^ atrr.—DDSc:— GlassI uJ every Iwo and one- half hounL tt^l bowels Bre 
free. Ihcn one dose a d*y_ 


Sal]cyFate of Soda I ounce 

WBter fi ounces 

Large tea^poonful every Iwo houis wuh a quinine pilL every o1bierdosc_" 
2l R h4: UBia Lritfxi , Col tun Lx4:elkn1 for lmnaiiimBlory.--"Take b roll of coHon 
bBtl]n^ and wrap the limb or pBrt of the body affected, as firmly Bnd t]^htLy as po^'tible^ 
wilhonl learing the cotlon, let it rema]n "Iwenty-four houis 1hen lighten il up by 
unwinding and rew rapping the cotlon as light as possible, as on Ihe firsi applicBtion and 
so continue oery twenty-four houp> un1i] cured \vh]ch, in my case, wb"^ three da>s_ I had 
been Iroubled wUh rheumalism for a long 1ime, and was unable to walk. [ tried 
everything^ doctois Bnd alL bu1 nolh]ng helped me \ Iat1y from C]ncinna1u who was 
v]E]ting al a neighbor^ CBlled a1 my house one da> and learning wbial wb*^ the matler 
wilh me^ advised me to pu1 coUon on bs Maled ahove. [ had no failh m il, but ] tiad 1ried 
everything else and concluded I would 1ry thBl, wUh the resull thai i1 cured me_ Pi>SE]hly 
if B case should require a longer 1ime for b cure than mine it mighl be nece^BTy. or be 
betler, lo replBce the cotlon with a fresh roll The rewrappmg every twenty-fbnr houn* is 
intended to keep the LoHon halting ftrmLy and t]ghlLy Bround the pBrt Bffecled as 1he 

s^^ellini^ recedes " 

Prt^tn11on.~Wear flannel iBte and early. Keep from lakmg cold Put off wet thtngs 

of every kind ]mmedia1eL> upon getling home and dry your body and pu1 on dry weLl- 

aired clolhes Never "^Icep in b damp bed^ under damp unBired clolhes When you go 

awa> from home do not sleep in b K>i>m or bed thai has been unoccupied for Bny lenglh 

of time^ especially' ]f Ihere ih no furnace in the house. Do no1 


sit down en wrt d*mp clolhcs stockings shoes ctc_ Do no! s]t down *nywhcrr to 'cool 
off_" Ft IS ]nv]ting tiunblc ancl sickness. Do not lie on the clBmp ground, do not sleep on 
tbic fjcst fJoorof Bn old dBmp bio use Hbvc plenty Drsijnl]gbit BncI air in your sleep] ng 
room. Tbiese direct]on'> apply 1o Ihe chionic cihes bIso. [t does not matlcrso much if one 
IS \^ct orsweBtmg as long as he keeps moving or working. On ^^i^h dBy Aj no! dry your 
clothes in the l:]tchcn or lilting room, or pu1 Ihem on your bed, unless they have been 
thoioughly dried 4]red and wanned beforr icing These lutie things n^ean much ]n real 

PHVSECIANS' CAUTION for Arlicular ak4:iimalibai.--Go lo bed ind remain 

there and do no1 ge1 up loo ujon. for remember the fiarl^ 'ir^ :£liil tender when they ma^' 
nol be fiamful. 

Local TrrBlmtnt.— i. There must he ih^>oiu1e rest. Remove the ^hceK fnnm I he bed 
and VrTB[\ x^ooJen clolh'> k>t blinkcLs ihoul the paliem ind protect 1hc jnf Limed joint'> 
\t^tts the ^^e]gh1 of the coverings Cover the joints wUhgBuze or absorbent cotlon. af1er 
polling on the [iar1'> a lhick coat]ng of ](:hthyoL ointment 

2. Souelimes hot famentatlDn^ are helpful m reheving the soffcnng.somct]mes 
cold cloths are bcsl 

i The follow]ng i^ good. Apply with clothb wrting out of at: 

Cirbonile of Sodi 6 drams 

Tinclnre Arnica 10 ounces 

Glycerin 2 ounces 

Water ? ounces 

4. Oil of Winlergreen ] ounce 

Compound So^p Liniment S ounces 


Rub the affected [iart'> wUhoiJ of winteigrccn and then WFap the pBrts in cotton wool 
and soik wilh Ihe solulion 

5- 'A layer or two of gBUje ^iluraCed ^^ith mcthyl-salicylile is wrapped iTDond l(ie 
pBinfiil jomls and cohered wilh paraffin paper, or o1her impervioid dressing, held in 
place by 4 bandage This is renewed once of t^ice dBiLy unliL the fiam in bJL the jomis is 
relieved " 

6. lateraa].--Sodiiim salicylate or 4'>pirin given until 1he pBin and tcmpcralurc ire 
relieved^ u'^obIL^ five to 1en grains of sodium isilicylale e>er> Ihrcc houis for an idolt^ or 
hve grams of Ihe i^pinn e>eiy three hours. 

7. Dr Hare rccommentfe for lhe beginning in a '>li~ong, healthy individual, len drops 
of the tinclnre of aconilc 41 once in a litlle walcr ind follow il by 4 teaspoonful of a 
mnture containing fifteen drops of lincliire of aconite and 1wo ounces c\ water 
everyone-half hour, onlil peispinlion on the skin betokens Ihe circulatory depression 
thrtjugh the ac I ion of the drug. [ ust aconile in Ihi-i dismast very often, but no1 in such 
doses IS lhe nn>l one ]1 seems lo me that il i'> uselessly large ] u.'tc ibout one-tenth of a 
dnjp at a dost cver^'one 1o two hoLirs during 1he fjns1 Iwcniy-four houn*. 


NuTi4nE^~Thr niir^c mid h^vc ihc pali^ncr of Job lo altcnd h pilicnl !iick with ihis 

d]^caiic^ but you musl mncmbcr lhc '>uffcriiig ["> Bwful. The [iat]cnt may be very r«>tlcs£ 
and lhc pillows may nctd rcarnnging ocry few minulfs Alwn be CBrcfuL how you 
hflndlc the pBticnt ]1 hud*^ tcmbly lo be even louchcd A iDugh, hcBrty pcr^>n hB-^ no 
biJ'>Liit'>s lo 4.4rc for '>LKh b palienl I bIIow pilirnl^ to '>ay anything 1hcy wi^h for 1hi^ i^ b 
pBmlu] di'^L'B'^c- They mBy sweir al mc if they wish_ I know how it is, for [ wai there 
twice, the Lb'^I l]me for six lonf ^veek^ Have pB tie nee and coorBgc md cheer ^'our 
pBtiem Do not look eirnwi orscoLd. 

Dit1.~M]lk mainly brolhn, grueL^i, albumen ^^Bter, oyster or clini broth, milk IobaiI, 
bollemuLk, kumiss. Do not give solid food. ^aler. lemonade, vich> or carbonated water. 

CHROMC KHEUMA IIS.M.-t a uses. -Heredity may pred]Sipoie to il. El is mo^t 
common in tho!ie who are ct posed to Mb ml labor in the cold and wet, especially m 
women about ni]ddle age. It occa^iionAlLy foJLows sub-acule, but rarely acu1e 

S>mpt(]ms.--M4n> l^rge jo]nt^ ire iciually affected; sometimes il m^y be only one 
joinl at limL''>, 1hc '>m4]l joinb> only are affected. Tt may be only on the one side. It 
usually persi"^!"^ in the jo mis involved, but may iUick othep> The chiet *iymp1oms are 
sliffnes^ of lhe joint'>, especially afler a rebt and 1 h is dim] mshes ifler some motion, also 
pain, which grows worse in damp weather. The jomls may be lender to 1he touch, 
slightly swollen rarely red They may ]n lime become ent]rel> Miff and deformed. The 
general health may be good or there miy be anemia dyspe[is]a and vil v u I ar disease due 
to Hcleros]s — h a nile n i ng of the valves of the heirl 

PrBpnosiB.— Thi^ is good i^ to life, bu1 1he d]sease i^ of1en piTtgrcw>tve. 

Ireatutnl. Pre ^ en lire .--A winn. dry unchangeable c I] male, good '>urrounding'>, 

good food; keep the stomach and bowels and kidney'> ]ngi>od condition, avoid 1ak]ng 
cold Do not s]t down in a draft to "cool off " Do not go inio a cool room in '>iimmer 
when you are warm or swelled Do not sleep in a bed thi1 hi^ no1 been ided for monlb> 
and bept for "company " Do not dry yourclolhcs m the kitchen and ]n Ihat way make the 
whole house steamy ind damp Do nol sleep under nnaired damp coveis or in a dimp 
n]ghl dress Always air and dry your bedding and night dress before using. Do no1 labe a 
hoi balh and go into a cool room lo cool off. but wnp yooiself up so k^ 1o be winn and 
cool off g rad iial] y Any addiUonil cold w]ll cause more rheumatjsm. 

S]eep]ng looms on I he fir?it floor are an a bo mi nil ion for rheunalic [leisons. Do not 
sit down in wet clolhcs, stock] ngs or shoes Take 1hem off immedialely on^e1t]ng home, 
wipe yourself diy and pul on dry garments Care ]n such linle seemingly foi>l]sh things 
will do wonderful thin^ for a rheumalic person. 1 had 1^^o rheumatic 

322 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

atlack^ in my flr^l yrflroF procEicc. Si net tticn ] have Irorncd CHUtinn and ihTDUgh b h^nj 
and bLi^> LiFc ] biave kept my^iclt rrBsonabiy well by iDoking after sue bi iitllt aid'> End 
eaut]ons as. Ihe ibovr. [ never slI dawn for my length of lime in dsmp cr wel cioTties^ 
and if [ can do that peisons that arc not drj>en like doctors cin do Ihc same. The*ie 
eaLit]on'> apply 1o not only 1his kind o\ rhcumilLsm. bul lo all k]nd'> of rhcumilism. 
neuralg]as^ End to innammilory di'>eB^e^, ^ueh B't ncLirHLS. 1on'^]L]ti'^ [ineumonLB. 
plenrLS^'. etc. Hoi air balhii^ tict Spnngs. mu^^^gc ^^ilL be more effectual in Ih]'^ disease 
than ]n lhe former. Iodide of polash al-^i is >ciy u-^eFu] FlBnnel underwear, heavy and 
light, i!i very beneficial in rheumalj*im. Great benetil CBn be derived al lH>me by 
wrapping the affected jomK in cold cloths, covering wilh a 1hin layer of flBnnel and 
pK)1eeled by o]led s]Lk. A great many case:£ are helped by usin^ hoi fomenlBtions of 
hop^, worm^^Dod. Jimartweed elc Turpent]ne Bpplied lot: ally 1o Ihe joinK is eftcelivc. 
bul i1 ]h ver^' likely to injure the kidneys ^vhen used freely and ]n Ihese days ^vhen there 
are ho mBny d]!ieBseH of the kidneys one must be careful or they w]LI prxluce in 
incurable and '>erious disease m the place of one IhBt \h painful but not neces'^inly 
dflngerou*^. Min^ o^ Ihe simple remcdie'> Hbvc b ^od effecl on Ihe rhenniBlic Iroubles 

FHYSICEANS' TREATMENl for Rleimatism.-- Dr Hare give^ the following to 
rub on large joinl!i 

1. LchthyoL 1/2 [d 1 ounce 

Lb I'd 1 ounce 

3. Tinclnre of Aconite 6 drams 

Tincture Aitucb I ounce 

Oil of Turpcnline I ounce |l or 21 

Soip Liniment enough for 3 ounces 

Use ft£ b L]nimenl ihree tinges adiy. Thi'> can be used for^iome weeks 

3. Sirong Waler of Ammonn 6 drams 
Oil of CijefiuT 1 drBm 
Tine lure ofBeLladonnB 1 Id 2 ounces 
Camphor Liniment enoughfoj A ounces 

Use && B LinimenI 

4. Tincture of Aconite L ounce 
TinclureEeLladonna 2 drams 
Sirong Ammonia WBter 4 drams 
Chloroform Liniment fi drams 

Used IS a Itniment on 4.hronic or inflamed mujfcle'> orjoim^. 

5. Iodide o^ Pot4'>h 1/2 ounce 

Com|H>und ^yriip of SirsipBnlla 3 ounces 

DLSt]lled Water 3 ounces 

Mix and lake a dessen'>poo nfnl in a glass of water Iwo honr^ afler mcBls for chnm]c 
rheum Bti^m 

tFliBfuhr S^^cin. 



ti. Thi"^ is prrporcd by Parle. DavE& & Co ^ ind made tnlo a syrup: 

Red Clover 32 grains 

Qiiccn'^ Ron! ]6 gFains 

BBrbcrry 5 grains 

PricbLy Ash Bark 4 grains 

Burdnck Rool ]6 grains 

Poke Roor 3 6 grains 

]io^Klu^a^ Buk 16 grains 

]oiJ]i:lcof Folaih 3 grains 

This por1]on to each tluid ounce of lhc syrup_ 
7. The rol]owing is good 
Equal parti of each of 1bic following: 

Blue Cohosh Root 

B]ack Cohosh Rool 

Poke Rool 

\ elLow Dock Root 

Blue Flag Roo1 

Pr]ctiy Ash Root 

Burdoct RiH>l 

Dandelion Rool 

Bruise ihem thoroughly' or gnnd them coarsely ^ sleep End make a 1ea and dnnk 
freely of il if you wish you can 1abc lhrce 1o nve grains of [od]de of PotBsh to eich do!ie 
Thi^ ma> in 1ime disorder 1hc slomBch End you may then slop il for b l]me. Ail lhe^c can 
he Wicd in mu^cllla^ rhcumalism alho. TItc food ^houid not be nchorh]ghl^' seasoned. 
Spice?i are bad for such patients Pickles mustard etc ^ are best let alone 

MUSCULAR RHEL"MAT1SM.--This]!i a very painful Bffetlion of lhe volunlar^- 
m uscles^ c ailed also neuralgia oi according 1o U^ locBtion, torlicollis ^sliff neck^ wf^ 
neck|^ pleumdyma lun^hBgo frhcumalism in 1he bBck| 

Causes.-- Predisposed to U by p^evlou^ altacks having a rheunBtic or gouly 
conslitulion |djathesis|_ It follows sudden exposure hence it iii mo^t common m men 

S> m ptosis.— Loc B I pBin ]n I he muscles shBrp or dulL aching coreitani ore Bused by 
cedBin movements Bnd is usually relieved by pressure, il laMii from a few days to Jie^eral 
weeks Bnd frequenllj recurs. The common forms Bre: Lunbago. Th]s affecis the 
muscles of 1he bBck. Bnd usubII> comes on suddenly with b sharp sl]ch-l]ke pBin^ Bnd is 
chiefly seen in 1hose whi> labi>r hBnH often completely disabling ihem for a 1ime_ 

I'd r I ice Ills 1 si iff o r ^rj ncch>.— 11 js WiUbII> on lhc side or back of the neck Comes 
from a drBughl of cold wind on the neck_ c1c 

Pirurod^nla, pain in Ibe chtst musclrs+etc— W]th pain ]n bII movements of lhc 
chcsK resembling intciY-o^lal n^'uralgja oi pleurisy. 

J24 A;0rH£fl5"^£W£D/£5 

Diet for RhtDmBli^m frcin tb£ Hrad \ur^c cf a Proiuintnt Hospital:-- 
May Takt- 
SDups.—Mutton bro1h rh](:kcn nr beef ttB in ^ mall quaFititccs. 

KisL—Riw dims oroy^lcr^. frcsbi fj-^h (whUcr k]ni:t>| bo]lciJ_ 

MtBtE.— ChLclzcn.cHlf 'h bi»d^ swcci breads tripc, bruilcd fil bicon or bn>L]cd hini (alJ 

Fa rlnaccoDS.-- Whole wheat, corn or brown brrBcl irnswrool, ncc. df^' loist m]ll: 

V rg4: La blts^-- Spinach, grc^n pca^orcabbigc (well lHJt]«lJ, cclcr^', IcIIlicc, crcs£k«>, 

Dtfbcrl^~M]lh, ncc or Hrrowrool pudd]ng. {ill wnKuut "lUgar) , j unkcl 

Drlnl:s~Tca Iwitbicmt sugir^ butlcnnilk, pore WBter plBin v^Hbi lemon or lime jlilcc 
|no '>ugar>. 

Mue4 Ncl Lakt- 

Porl:, vcjI, lorkcy, goose, duck, fried f]^h or salt mcat^, cooked oystrn* or clams _ 
■lilted, dried, potlcd or preserved fi^h or me*1s Icxoept fBt bacon or ham], crabs, salmon, 
lobster eggs_ rjch made djshes gri>]es, polaloe-^ tomBloc^, beans, BspBragiis 
m ushrooms , o and I c^, rich [iudd]ng£, pic^, pastry, nuLs, cheese, coffee, e]der, mail liguLirs, 

IreBtncnl far S11ffNeck.--AA' ry NceL, 0orUcDl]is|.--W4nn1ti applied eUtier dry or 

mo]s1 B"^ ho1 salt bBg or fomcnl at]o ns of hops, etc Parke, Da>is & Co , DetiD]t, now 
make b prcpBrat]on called CBpsicinc- This is very good For lh]s tTDuble, rubbed on 
ttiorooghl> as directed. It cin be bought Bt mosi drug stores It is alMJ good for headaches 
and neuralgias The same l]ne of trcBtmenl hot and cold ippliciUons can be given for 
pBin in 1tie cticsL musoles fpleurcdyma) ant1 liimbBgo 

A MOTHERS' REMEDY for E^tiir Neck.-Hot Sail amd Oil of Sa^afras.- "If 

troubled wilh sliff neck fill a bBg witti hot sbIi and sleep on it, or rub the neck wilh oil of 
sissafns wtiLch by I he way, ]s also excellent for lumbago Bnd to meatier, not ouxe, 
rhenmalism pains_' 

PHYSICIANS' 1REATME^T for Rbi^nmali^n.-Pie^ enllrc.-- Avoid exposure 

as staled for oltier rhcujnBtLsm Res! Ihc chest by stripping wi1ti Bdhesi>e piBslcr bs in 
pleunsv Porous piBslers ire ^ood Bnd I]nimen1s. nomelimes help ]s obti]ned b> rubbing 
Ircelj ^^Jth camphor Hot dry or wel ipphciUoib ire frequen1l> useluJ Muslard plaster 
IS very good when 1he space is no1 loo grcil Mil ihe mustard wi1h ihe wh]te of Bn egg 
and afler it ]s tBken off grease the part and keep on ^^Brm clolhs. Hot fool bi