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When Producers, Casting 
Directors, and all other 
Studio Employment Execu- 
tives want up-to-the-minute 
Facts about Players and what 
Pictures they have been in, 
and Past Performance 
Records of Writers and 
Directors, they consult 
Motion Picture News 
Blue Book, 

Scanned from the collection of 
David Pierce 

Coordinated by the 

Media History Digital Library 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

IVIedia History Digital Library 


> c^jrjn^jf ^M A 



,• an admonitioj^'lo IIQ 
I'esV includes: 

Right Nari^e 

List, headed b> 
'watch these nam 


Lila I^ee .Augusta App^l 

Mae Marsh Mrs. Louis L. Arms 

Florence Vidor Florence 'Artto 

Sally Phipps Bvrnice Buetler 

ATonte Banks ?.Iario BianchI 


Billie Dove IJllian Bohny 

Fanny Brice ...Fanny Borocih 

Richard Dix : Ernest Brimmer 

James Hall James Brown 

Barbara Kent Barbara Cloutman 

Betty Compson .Louisine Compson 

Gary Cooper Frank J. Cooper 

Claire Windsor Olga Cionk 

John Garrick Reginald Dandy 

Gilbert Roland 

DeAIonzo Louis Antonio Damoso 

Renee Adoree Jeanne De La Fonte 

Dolores del Rio 

Lolita Dolores Asunsolo De Martinez 

Kathryn Carver Catherine Drum 

Ina Claire. ■. Ina Fagen 

Shirley Mason.....: T^ona Flugrath 

Edwin Carew Jan Fox 

Samuel Goldwyn ... .... Saiiiuel Goldfish 

Roland Drew Walter Goss 

Karl Dane. .Rasmus K^rl Thekelson Gottlieb 

Roy D'Arcy .......Roy Guisti 

Greta Garbo Greta Gustavson 

BJune CoUyffe^ Dorothea Heermance 
(\ Farina f?^ Allf-n Clay Hoskins 
Dorothy Janis Dorothy Penelope Jones 

Ricardo Cortez Jack Krantz 

Nancy Drexel Dorothy Kitchen 

Norman Kerry Arnold Kaiser 

Jack Oakie .*'•■• Jack Kesterton 

Mae Murray .....* Marie Koenig 

Nancy Carroll Nancy La Hiff 

.Sue Carol Evelyn Lederer 

Gwen L«e Gwen I^ Pinski 

.leanette Loft Jan I>Dve 

Eve Southern ....Elvira McDowell 

Gilda Gray Marianna Micholska 

Colleen Moore Kathleen Morrison 

Sally O'Neal Chotsey Noonan 

Molly O'Day Molly Noonan 

Lane Chandler Robert Clinton Oakes 

Raquel Torres Paula Osterman 

Don Alvarado Jose Paige 

Stepin Fetchit Joe Perry 

qll Carole Lombard Jane Peters 
Madge Bellamy.^, Margaret Phillpott 

Anita Page........ ,\nita lomares 

Nick Stuart. Nikolas Prata 

1 ( Jack Gilbert John Pringle 

abl Evelyn Brent........... .Betty Rigga 

Ramon Novarro Ramon Samaneigo 

Arthur Lake.^...., .\rthur Silverlake 

John Darrow. Harry Simpson 

Mack Sennett.. .^...Mickall Sinnott 

StrSJosef von Sternberg Joe .Stern 

Ford Sterling George Ford Stitch 

Virginia Valli ...Virginia Sweeney 

Hugh Trevor ...Hugh Thomas 

£> I Rupert Julian... Percival Thomas 

n6l<Franoes Lee v.. Merna Tibbetts 

Douglas I airbanks.... Douglas Ullman 

Rudy Vallee Hubr-rt Prior Vallee 

Richard Arlen. .... .Richard Van Mattimore 

Paul Jituni ..,'.'i.. .Muni Weisenfreund 

f lll^fMyrn.-x Loy My ma Williams 

Alice White .-...; Alva "White 

Kathryn Cr.wi.i.l Catherine Younc 














films, either all-dialog or with 

talking and sound, are being 

released in the first six months of 
1929. Most of these hits are avail- 
able as quality silent productions also. 
In addition, 52 sound gems of enter- 
tainment in one and two reels are 
offered by Paramount. The Paramount 
Sound News has its first issue soon. 
Sound or silent, if it's a Paramount 
Picture, it's the best show in town — 
a fact which furnishes an infallible 
buying guide for both theatre audi- 
ences and theatre owners. 





. m,Ji}Mi,ii9WJi!i>mimi,Mi . 

GJlie Setter Entertainment 

Tiflfany-Stahl made good their promises for 192 8-1929. 

During the past year they gave to the exhibitor outstanding box 
office attractions. 

Tiflfany-Stahl rightfully won their well deserved place among the 
leaders in the industry. 

Plans for 1929-1930 include silent pictures of quality and syn- 
chronized feature productions with singing and dialogue, the lead- 
ing roles being played by internationally known artists of the 
screen and stage from stories and stage productions by the foremost 
authors and dramatists. 

Tiflfany-Stahl's synchronized talking and singing pictures are 
made by R. C. A. Photophone, admittedly the best method existing 
in sound reproduction. , l*LIJ 

The trademark "Tiflfany-Tone" is a guarantee to the exhibitor 
of the best in synchronization and production. 

Tiflfany Color Symphonies are the best short reel in natural color 
in sound and music ever shown on a screen and have played in the 
leading first run theatres of the United States. 

Tiflfany Color Classics, non-synchronized, have also won wide 
acclaim for their beauty, story value and audience appeal. 

For 1929-1930 — Bigger Pictures — Pictures with dynamic draw- 
ing power, packed with personalities, loaded with honest box office 







The Outstanding Production of the Year 


A John M. Stahl Speci«tl Production 

Featuring Patsy Ruth Miller 

Scored by Eiticinuel Baer 

Theme Song, "When the Right One Conies Along" 


A Reginedd Barker Special Production 

Featuring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and Jobyna Rcdston 

Score and Music by Hugo Riesenfeld 


A special synchronized production 

Featuring Richard Tabnadge and Barbcira Bedford 

Score and Music by Hugo Riesenfeld 

Theme Song, "My Cavalier" 


A Reginald Barker Special Production 

Featuring Dorothy Sebastian and Lawrence Gray 

Score and Music by Joseph Littau 

Theme Song, "The Song of Gold" 


A special talking and singing production 

Starring Belle Bennett with Jce E. Brown 

Score and Music by Hugo Riesenfeld 

Theme Song, "In the Land of Make Believe" 


A specizd dialogue production 

Starring Belle Bennett with Joe E. Brown 

Score and Music by Hugo Riesenfeld 

Theme Song, "A Kiss to Remember" 


A special dialogue and sound production 

With Wm. Collier, Jr. and Alma Bennett 

Supported by Eddie Gribbon Euid George E. Stone 


A Reginald Barker Special Production 


(Tentative Title) 






And Other Synchronized Special Productions to Be Announced During the Year 


10 Tiffany Color Symphonies 

In a Persian Market The Toy Shop 

The Hawaiian Love Call A Japanese Carnival 

In a Chinese Temple Garden 

5 More to Be Announced 

15 Color Classics 

Lover's Paradise Little Vagabond 

Twinkle Toes 

Balance to Be Announced 


1046 Broadway 

154 Walton Street 

42 Piedmont Street 

505 Pearl Street 

206 S. Poplar Street 


806 S. Wabash Avenue 

Brcadway Film Building 

Film E.xchang-e Building 

308 S. Harwood Street 

2044 Broadway 

2,110 Cass Avenue 

432 N. Illinois Street 

113 West 18th Street 

1916 S. Vermont Street 

195 Seventh Street 

16-18 N. Fourth Street 

126 Meadow Street 

409 Dryades Street 

729 Seventh Avenue 


125 S. Hudson Street 


1516 Davenport Street 


1313 Vine Street 

1014 Forbes Street 

449 Glisan Street 

288 Turk Street 

3317 Olive Street 

2417 Second Avenue 


916 G St., N.W. 


1410 Royal Bank Building 

12 Mayor Street 

Film Exchange Building 

1218 Burrard Street 

212 Traders Building 

ST. JOHN, N. B. 
158 Union Street 

99a Cliaring Cross Rd., 
W. C. 2 

Balmoral Road, Balmoral, 


97 Albion Street 

3 Pembroke Terrace 


60 Victoria Street 

68 Great Clyde Street 

19 Bath Lane 

28 Severn Street 

99a Charing Cross Road, 
London, W.C.2 

26 Avenue de Tokio 



d€ record of 



Kj\\. close to 23 years Carl Laeramle nas 
Leen tke MINUTE MAN v^ho kas SHOWN 
THE WAY. For more tkan dO of tliose 13 
years ke kas keen tke EXHIBITORS' BEST 
FRIEND. .(And kls record or ackievement 
f)roves It. 

It was Carl Laemmie wko successiuUy lougkt 

tne good ilgkt lor tke indeJDendents — ireeing tke 

industry Irom tke yoke 01 tke Motion Picture 

1 rust. It was Carl Eaeminle wko lirst skowed 


PICTURES built around tke story ratker tkan 
tke star. It was Carl Laemmie wko gave you 


kox-office winners suck as BLIND HUSBANDS 


OF NOTRE DAME — (tke {picture tkat is now 
in its riitk exkibition year and cleaning uf) wher- 
ever it f)laysj. It was Carl Laemmie wko gave 




It was Carl Laemmle wno ^ave you UNCLE 


— ana ail tne otner ^reat f)ictures on this years 
Jewel list. It was Carl Laemmle who ^ave you 
THAT LIFE SAVER for tke small exkiLitor 


CONTRACT, and it was Carl Laemmle wno nad 
tne loresi^nt more tnan liiteen years a^o to brin^ 


A.nd now wnen tne industry is standing on its 
ear not knowing wkick way to turn lor sureiire 
f)ictures, Carl Laemmle ^oes alon^ in kis calm 

sure way and gives you BROADWAY 

greatest melodramatic stage kit oi tke century, 
and tke picture oi f)ictures — glittering, gorge- 
ous, glamourous SHOW BOATt — made irom 
Ldna rerbers best selling novel — known irom 
one end oi tke country to tke otker — tke 
f)icture tkat will stand lor romance as long as 
romance endures. 

Yes, sir, Carl Laemmle's 23 YEAR RECORD 
OF ACHIEVEMENT in tke interests of tke 
motion {picture IS SOMETHING TO BE 
PROUD OF. And Universal is (^roud — |3roud 
to kave Carl Laemmle lor its {jresident — f)roua 
01 kis record — f)roud 01 tkis years Universal 
f>roduct and f)rouder still 01 tke big tkings to 
^ come — watck Universal! 


Where you naturally turn for 



They have created a sensation throughout the 

industry since the first showing of 

"The Lion's Roar." 


The smartest thing in talking comedies. 

A group of comedy playlets featuring 



(Jack White Productions) 

"The Beatrice Lillie of the screen 
comedy field." — M. P. News 


REED HOWES sets the altitude 
record in thrillers. 

Educational Film Exchanges, inc. 

E. W. HAMMONS, President 


(Jack White Productions) 

Sophisticated fun with WALLACE LUPINO 
and other popular funmakers. 

Member, Motion Picture Producers and Distribu- 
tors of America, Inc., Will H. Hays, President 

udctwt^ == 

the best in Short Features 
with SOUND 


LUPINO LANE has won his way to the 

top of the two-reel comedy field... and 

stands there supreme. 


{Jack White Productions) 

'The kid is a wonder." — Film Daily 
Public response proves it. 


(Jack White Productions) 

After years of popularity, more 
popular than ever. With many 
old favorites and such new hits 

(T (£>t£iuxxiicr?xa/ (j-tcZuAjiA^ 



(Jack White Productions) 

That great comedy find, JERRY DREW, 

amid a bevy of beauties. They can't 

miss anywhere. 


Single-reel action comedies that click 
with the laughs every time. 


A NEWS REEL that for service and intel- 
ligent handling of the news tops them all. 


The Modern Screen Magazine 
Lyman H. Howe's 


New ideas, new novelty in every foot. 
A sure-fire program cocktail. 

IThe Bo3{ Office TWen 

Famous Authors — Real Stories — Star Casts — Big Pictures — All go to make up 
"The Box-Office Twenty" for 1928-29. Here are the Titles and Authors for the 
Rayart-Built-For-The-Box-Office Program. They are divided into three groups 
as follows: 





With Vera Reynolds 



With Al St. John 


With Jacqueline Logan 


With Mae Busch 




By Georgre Bronson Howard 


By E. Phillips Oppenheim 


By George Bronson Howard 



By Virginia T. Vandewater 


By Mrs. Wilson Woodrow 




By Edwin Baird 


By Max Brand 


By Victor Thome 



With Helen Foster 


By Arthur Hoerl 


By Victor Rousseau 



By Bennett Cohen 


By Arthur Hoerl 


By Leota Morgan 


With Tom Santschi 


By Arthur Hoerl 

We ask the Exhibitor support for "The Box-Office Twenty" knowing that we 
are asking you to book for your Theatre the best the screen can offer in in- 
dependent photoplays. 

Rayart Pictures Corporation 

723 Seventh Avenue New York 

Foreign Distributors, Richmount Pictures, Inc. 


M'G'M stars 
Jv are the greatest 
^ of all! ^ 

^ ¥ 

/ 7^ 


Never before such a record of hits! hits! hits! 

* Asterisk Indicates Picture available with or without Sound 



The greatest individual record-breaker of 
the year. Coast-to-Coast Sensation. 



All records broken, Vendome, Nashville. 
Two weeks Capitol, N. Y. Sure-fire every- 


IVIAN Keaton 

Topeka, Boston, Montreal, Baltimore, etc. 
Every box-office proves it's Buster Keaton 's 
Biggest Comedy hit! 


Marion Davies 
William Haines 

Records go at Hennepjn, Minneapolis 
Two weeks Capitol, N. Y Exploited like 
an election! 


of the DEVIL* Gilbert 

Variety says: "Warfield, Frisco, ten grand 
ahead of Granada. Flappers out In force '" 
Same everywhere. A Gilbert natural' 

in the SOUTH SEAS* 

RadUel Torres Direct from 5 months on Broadway at $2 

, *? ,-,■ Extended runs Baltimore, Chicago. Los 

Monte blue Angeles. Frisco, etc 


LOVE* Arthur 

"Best laugh-getter in months", wires In- 
diana Theatre, Bloomingdale, Ind. It's 



Rated by trade biggest Chaney in years 
Recordsmade at Buffalo.Syracuse, Boston. 


iQdfl The "Dancing Daughters" star in a follow- 

r^ r J up romance from Fred Niblo, the director 

Crawtord of"Ben-Hur" 


John Gilbert ^' ^' ^^^^ says: "Excellent box-office. 

^~, ^^ 1 Great bet for girls and women especially." 

Ureta UarbO Gilbert! Garbo! Gold! 



Remember "The Midshipm^an!" Novarro 
now in an Epic of the Air that's money 
in the bank! 


(Talking or Silent) 


$2 sell-out at Astor, N. Y. Press and pub^ 
lie love it. Great any way you look at it 
— Talkie or Silent! 

A LADY Norma 

OF CHANCE* Shearer 

The kind of Norma Shearer role that 
makes this beautiful star top-notch with 
the fans! 



The next Cosmopolitan following 
ing Daughters" 
A Big One 




Ask for the news 
paper' 'Tal king 
Serial Tie-uD. " 




Karl ftanc-TuIlv Marshal 










Ejm'ifhof1tf\s II H. sines s 



^731,000 Worth of 

18 Long- Run Stage- 

14: Famous Best- 
sellers ^^^ stories from mass 
circulation magazines 

33 Great Popular 

SS Leading Stars and 

Favorite Players 

Office Directors 


Think off ^ettinj; 


>» t a r and Story 
Valuer like tliesc — 
pftts VITAPH0.1.EI 

.'ill lh€S€ Itatr 


"TIIK HAIIKKU" — A Sperial 
willi IV1ilt«>n Sills, Durolliy 

Murkaill. Itrtty Com|>Mon and 

DoiiKlas Fairbanko, Jr. 

urday's <"hil«lren," "l*ai«l For," 
and 1 Olher. 

"Weary Kiver," and 2 Others. 

niLLIE DOVE in "Heart of 
a Princess," "The Other 

"THE SQUALL"— A SpceiaL 

('aplive Woman" — A S|>e«-iaL 

MILTON SILLS in "Love and 
the Devil," "The Eagle's 
Trail," "The Spotter." 

Dorothv Markaill and Jack 

Stuff," "On the Air," and 2 

"THE(;iRL in the<;LASS 
CAGE" with Dorot li y 

the K r ■ p p i n K story 1» y 
Itiohar<l <^onnell. 

tlinl tfttiiit/ ,1lor<- 
t'oiiiiiiit ! 

These linre 
.III SIC fitifi 

"Why Re (;ood" - A 
Special and "Early to 
Bed" (Tentative Title) 
— A Special. 

in "The Divine Ludy" 

— A Spe«-ial. 

Man and the Moment" 

— A Special with Rod 
La Rocque. 

RITZ" with Dorothy 
Mackaill and Jack 

Etjery new "■■■'" 

First J^ATio.fiAL Picture 

wilt he a 


PllDiri Picture 


with Thelmu Todd 
and Creighton Hale. 

To bring to the American Screen the 
fine .motion pictures of other countries 


'^Photoplays made tvhere the story's laid'' 



Selected Photoplays 

From the Lands of 
Romance Overseas 

The First and Only 

National Distibutors 

of Imported Photoplays 

Exclusively Throughout 

the United States and 



Executive Vice President 

Alexander Aronson 

European Representative 

Joseph S. SkirboU 

Sales Manager 

130 W. 46th St. New York, U. S. A. 
Cables, "Bestfilms," Tel. Bry. 8957-8-9 

Physical Distribution Thru 


If I were a Producer and wanted to know the previous work of 
a Supervisor or Director — 

If I were a Casting Director, checking- parts played at other 
Studios by any Actor or Actress — 

If I were a Supervisor wanting- to know what pictures a par- 
ticuhu* Director had made — 

If I were a Director and wanted the performance record of an 
Adaptor — 

If I were a Scenarist and \vanted the history of a Script 
Writer — 

If I headed a TitHng- Department and sought the experience 
data of a Tithng- Expert — 

If I w^ere the Photophiy Editor of a daily newspaper or maga- 
zine having to answer with Facts the barrage of questions from 
readers about screen personalities — ■ 

If I w^ere a Manager of a Radio Broadcasting Station having 
to answer inquiries from listeners-in about their Motion Picture 
favorites — 

If I handled Advertising and Publicity for one Thea'cre or a 
Circuit and wanted Facts about the personalities in the Pictures I 
had to Exploit — 

I W'Ould consult the only publication that provides all of this 
service information — ■ 



Publisher and Editor 


Motion Picture News 

.Blue Book 

The Authoratative 
Who 's Who ofFilmdom 


Biographical Data 

More Than 2,000 Actors, Actresses, Directors, Writers 

and Executives 

Published Annually by 


WILLIAM A. JOHNSTON, Publisher and Editor 
729 Seventh Avenue, New York City 

Hotel Roosevelt, Hollywood, Calif. 54 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, 111. 




Agnew, Robert 3 ^ 

Allan, Hugh 34 

Alvardo, Don 34 

Ames, Robert ^4 

Arleri, Richard 36 

i^rmstrong, Robert 36 

Asther, Nils 38 


Barker, Bradley ''1 

Barraud, George 41 

Barrie, Nigel 41 

Barrymore, John 41 

Barthelmess, Richard 41 

Baston, Jack 42 

Baxter, Warner 42 

Bellew, Cosmo Kyrle 44 

Bennett, Joseph 44 

Bill, Jr., Buffalo 46 

Blue, Monte 48 

Boles, John 49 

Bowers, Charley 50 

Bowers, John SO 

Bovd, William 50 

Brook, Clive 54 

Bushman. Francis 57 

Bushman, Jr., Francis X 57 

Bver, Walter Charles 57 


Cameron, Rudolph W 58 

Carminati, Tullio 60 

Chandler, Lane 61 

Chaney, Lon 61 

Clark, John J 62 

Cobb, Edmund 64 

Cody, Bill 66 

Coleman, Don 68 

Coleman, Ronald 68 

Conklin, W^illiam 68 

Corbett, Ben 70 

Cortez, Ricardo TO 

Custer, Bob 74 


D' Arcy, Roy 76 

Daugherty, Jack 78 

Dennv, Reginald 80 

Dix, Richard 82 

Donovan, Jack 84 

Dorety, Charles 84 

Dossett, Chapelle 84 


Eagan, Tack 87 

Earle. Edward 87 

Ekman, Gosta 88 

Ellis, Paul 88 

Ellis, Robert 88 

Emerson, Ralph 88 


Fairbanks. Douglas 90 

Fenton. Leslie 92 

Ferguson. Casson 92 

Forbes. Ralph 94 

Ford, Harrison 94 

Forrest, Allan 95 

Foxe, Earl 95 

Frazer, Robert 96 

Fritsch, Willv 98 

Fulton, Jimmy 98 


Gallagher. Raymond 98 

Gearv, Maine'. 100 

Gibson, Hoot 102 

Gilbert, John 102 

Gilman. Fred 102 

Glass, Gaston 102 

Glenn. Raymond 103 

Goebel. Col. Art 103 

Goodwin. Harold 103 

Gordon, Hnntlev 103- 

Gordon. Robert 103 

Grange, Red 104 

Grant. L-iwrence 104 

Graves. Ralph 104 

Gray, Lawrence 106 

Haines, William. . . . 
Hale, Creighton .... 

Hall, James 

Hamilton, Neil 

Hanson, Lars 

Harlan, Kenneth . . . 
Harrison, James.... 

Hearn, Eddie 

Hendricks, Ben .... 
Herbert, Holmes... 

Holland, John 

Holmes, Pee Wee. . 
Holmes, Taylor.... 

Holt. Jack 

Horton, Edward E. 

Howes, Reed 

Hoxie, Jack 

Hughes, Gareth 

Hughes, Lloyd 

Humes, Fred 

Hutchison, Charles. 

Jessel, George 

Jolson, Al 

Jones, Buck 

Keane, Raymond . 
Keefe, Cornelius. 

Keith, Donald 

Keith, Ian 

Kemp, !^L^tty 

Kent, Crauford. . . 
Kerry, Norman... 

Latidis. Cullen. . . 
La Rocque, Rod. 

Lease, Rex 

Loder, John 

Lowe, Edmund . . 
Lubin, Arthur. . . 
Lukas. P.Tul. . . . 

Lvon, Ben 

Lvtell, Bert 

Mack, Wilbur 

MacLean, Douglas. .• 

Maloney, Leo D 

Marion, Frank 

Marmont. Percy 

Mason, Leroy 

Maynard, Ken 

Mavnard, Tex 

McCoy, Col. Tim.. 
McDonald, Francis. 
McDonald, Kenneth. 
McGregor. Malcolm . 
McKee, Raymond. . . . 
Meekin, Charles.... 
Meighan, Thomas . . . 
Menjou, Adolphe. . . . 

Metcalfe, Earl K 

Miley, .Terry 

Miller, Walter 

Mix, Tom 

Moore, Matt 

Moore, Owen 

Moore, Tom. . 

Moreno, Antonio .... 

Morrison, Pete 

Morton, Charles. . . . 
Mosjukine. Ivan .... 

Mower. Tack 

Mulhall. Jack 

Murrav, Tames 


Nagel. Conrad. , 
Norton, Barry. . 
Novarro, Ramon . 

Ober. Robert. ... 
O'Brien. Eugene. 
O'Brien. George. 
Oldfield, Barnev. 
O'Mallev. Pat 










O'Shea, Daniel P 172 


Paddock, diaries 174 

Padjan, Jack 17-1 

Patrick, Tohii 174 

Patton, Bill 174 

Pepper, Jack 175 

Perriii, Jack 175 

Pickford, Jack 176 

Pidgeon, Walter 176 

Post, Charles A 1 7S 


Rawlinson, IIeri)ert 1S2 

Rav, Charles 182 

Reed. Donald 183 

Richmond, Warner 184 

Robards, Jason 184 

Roche, John 18(' 

Roland, Gilbert 186 

Rollins, David 188 

Ruth, Babe 19J 


Schildkraut, Joseph 193 

Scott, William 194 

Sheffield, Reginald 196 

Sills, Milton 198 

Simpson, Allan 198 

Smith, Stanley 199 

Sparks, Ned 199 

Stanlev. Forrest 20n 

Steele, Bob 202 

Stewart Rov 202 

Strange, Philip 20 4 

Striker, Joseph 204 

Strong, Eugene 204 

SulHvan, Billv 206 


Thomson. Kenneth 208 

Trent, Jack 210 

Trvon, Glenn 210 

Tyler, Tom 212 


Varconi, Victor 213 

Veidt, Conrad 213 

Von Eltz, Theodore 213 


Wales, Wally 214 

Walker, Tohnnv 214 

Walsh. George 214 

Walthall, Henry B 214 

Washburn, Brvant 216 

Wells, Ted ' 218 

Williams, Gwynn 219 

Wood, Ernest 220 



Allen, Victor 34 


Bakewell, William 40 

Barry, Wesley 41 

Barton, Buzz 42 

Bell, Rex 44 

Blystone, Stanley 48 

Brown, Johnny Mack 54 

B vron, Jack 58 


Carr, Stephen 60 

Castle, Robert 60 

Clayton, Eddie 64 

Collier, Jr., William 68 

Coogan, Jackie 69 

Cooper, Gary 70 

Cruze, Charles 74 

Cumrnellas, Antonio 74 

Cunning, Patrick 74 

Curwood, Bob 74 


Darrow, Johnny 78 

Delaney. Charles 79 

Drew, Roland 8-1 


Eaton, Charles 87 

Eaton, Jay 87 

Elliott, Gordon 88 

Eugene, William 88 


Fairbanks. Jr., Douglas 90 

Farrell, Charles 90 

Fix, Paul 94 

Ford, James 9.1 

Fox, Johnny 9 5 


Gabrio, Gabriel 9S 

Gardner, Buster 98 

Gray. Arnold 106 

Guartzman, Paul 108 


Hackathorn, George 108 

Hall. Ben 110 

Hall. Raymond 110 

Harris, Buddy 112 

Harron, John 112 

Holmes, Phillips R 119 

House, Newton 120 


James, Gardner 126 


Kelly, John 130 

Kent, Larry 132 

King, Charles 134 


Lake, Arthur 1 3^". 

Lewis, George 141 

Lockwood, Harold 142 

Luden, Jack 1 J 6 


Mackaye, Fred 148 

Meeker, George 158 

Messinger, Buddie 158 

Moore, Cleve 162 

Munson, Bvron 165 


Nelson, Sam 166 

Nugent, Edward 170 

'Nye, Carroll 170 


O'Hara, George 172 

O'Malley, Charles 172 


Phillips, Jimmie 176 

Power, Paul 178 


Rankin, Arthur 182 

Rogers, Charles 186 

Roosevelt, Kuddy 188 

Ross, Jr., Burt 188 

Ross, Churchill 188 

Ryan, Chet 190 

Ryan, Maurice 190 


.St. Angelo, Robert 190 

Sargent, Lewis 192 

Seiter, Bob 194 

Stedman. Lincoln 200 

.Stone, Eugene 204 

Stuart, Don 2.14 

Stuart, Nick 204 


Taylor, Stanley 207 

Temof, Serge 207 

Trevor, Hugh E 210 


Uranoff, Vadin 212 


Waldridge, Harold 2l4 

Westwood, John 218 



Alexander, Richard 34 

Anderson, Robert 34 

Anthony. Jack 36 

Apling, Bert 36 

Austin, Frank 38 


Bailey, William N 40 

Bancroft, George 40 

Bard, Ben 41 

Belcher, Charles 44 

Benedict, Brooks 44 

Beranger, Andre 46 

Betz, "Mathew 46 

Bond, Frank 49 

Bonomo, Joe 49 

Boteler, Wade 49 

Brady, Edward 52 

Brownlee, Frank 56 

Burton, Clarence 57 


Calvert, E. H 58 

Campeau, Frank 58 

Carewe, Arthur Edmund 58 

Carillo, Mario 60 

Cavender, Glen 60 

Cecil. Edward 61 

Chad wick, Cyril 61 

Chandler, Edward 61 

Charsky, Boris 61 

Chefee, Jack 62 

Cheron, Andre 62 

Christy, Ivan 62 

Clark, Harvev 62 

Conti. Albert 69 

Cooley, Hallam 69 

Cooper, George 70 

Cording, Harry 70 

Corrado, Geno 70 

Cowl, George 72 

Coxen, Edward 72 

Curtis. Jack 74 


D'Albrook, Sidney 76 

Dane, Karl 76 

Davidson, Lawford 7.s 

Davis, Edwards 78 

De Briac, Jean / y 

De Bruilier, Nigei 79 

De (Irasse, Sam 79 

De Ruiz, Nick F 80 

De Silva, Fred F 8(i 

Desmond, William 80 


Ellis, Frank 88 

Ethier, Alphonse 88 


Farley, James L 90 

Fellowes, Rockliffe 92 

Ferguson, Al 92 

Fine, Bud 92 

Fleming, Bob 9+ 

Francis, Olin 96 

Frank, Christian J 96 

Franz. Josepli J 96 

French, Charles K 96 

Furey, Barney 98 


Gallery, Tom 98 

Ganzhorn, Jack 98 

Geldert, Clarence 100 

Gerard, Carl 100 

Gerrard, Douglas 102 

Gilmore, Barney 102 

Girard, Joseph W 103 

Gordon, Bruce 103 

Gough. John 104 

Graves, Robert 104 

Grippe, Harry 108 


Hadley, Bert 108 

Hagnev, Frank 108 

Haines. Robert T 108 

Hale, Alan 110 

Hardy, Oliver Ill 

Harmon. Pat 112 

Hartigan. Pat 112 

Harvev, Lew 112 

Haupt, Ullrich 114 

Hebert, Henry J 114 

Herrick, Jack 116 

Hill. Al 118 

Hilliard, Ernest 118 

Holmes. Stuart 119 

Homans. Robert 119 

Housman. Arthur 120 

Hurst, Paul 124 

Irving, George 124 


.Tames, Gladden 126 

James, Walter 126 

Jarvis, Sidney 126 

Johnson, Noble 127 

Johnston, J. W 127 


Kaliz, Armand 128 

Karloff, Boris 128 

Kelsey, Fred A 130 

Kennedy. Ed 130 

Kennedy. Tom 130 

Kirby. David F 134 

Kohler. Fred 134 

Kortman, Robert 135 

Kosloff. Theodore 135 

Kotsoneros, George 135 

Kuwa, George 135 


Lackteen, Frank 135 

Lanning, Frank 136 

Lebedeff, Ivan 138 

Lederer. Otto 138 

Lee. Duke R 138 

Leigh. Frank 140 

Lewis. Mitchell 141 

Lingham, Tom 141 

Linow, Ivan 141 

London, Tom 1 -12 

Long, Walter 144 

Lorch, Theodore 144 

Love, Montagu 14 4 


MacDonaM, Wallace 148 

Magrill. George 149 

Maitland. Richard 149 

Malatcsta, Fred 149 

Mai V. Walter 149 

Martell, Alphonse ISO 

Martindel. Edward 150 

Mason. Tames 150 

McCullough. Philo 154 

McDon;ild, Jack 154 

Meehan, Lew 15S 

Metcalfe, Arthur 158 

Miljan, John loQ 

Miliar, Adolph iSy 

Miller, Carl 159 

Miller, Harold A 159 

Millett, Arthur N 159 

Mills, Frank 159 

Mills, Joe 159 

Montana, Bull 162 

Morley, Jay 164 

Morrison, Arthur 16} 

Myers, Harry 165 


Natheaux, Louis 166 

Neely, Neil 166 

Neil, Richard 166 

Nestell, William 166 

Nicholson, Paul 168 

Northrup, Harry 168 

Nowell, Wedgwood 170 

Nye, G. Raymond 170 


Oakman, Wheeler 170 

O'Grady, Tom 172 

Oland, Warner 172 

Osborne, Bud 172 


Pallete, Eugene 174 

Paoli, Raoul 174 

Pasha. Kalla 174 

Pennick, Jack 175 

Periolat, George 175 

Perry, Robert 175 

Peters, Frederick 175 

Peters, John S 175 

Phillips. Edward N 176 

Pierce. Tames 176 

Powell, William 178 

Prince, John T 178 

Prival. Lucien 180 


Ralli. Paul 180 

Randolf, Anders 182 

Raucourt. Jules 182 

Richardson, Jack 183 

Rigas, George 184 

Romanoff, Constantine 188 

Roscoe, Alan 188 

Russell, J. Gordon 190 

Russell, William 190 


Sainpolis, John 1 92 

Sandford, Stanley 192 

Santoro, Jack 192 

Santschi. Tom 192 

Sarno. Hector V 192 

Schable, Robert 193 

Sears, Alan 194 

Sedley, Henry 194 

Seinels, Harry 194 

Sharkey, Sailor \92 

Shumway, Lee 198 

Shumway, Walter 198 

Simpson, Russell 198 

Sleeman, Philip 198 

Smallev, Philips 199 

Smith, Al 199 

Sojin, K 199 

Soussaniti, Nicholas 199 

Steers, Lairy 202 

Stevenson, Hayden 20 2 

Sturgis. Edwin 20ij 

Sullivan. Charles ?06 

Sutherland, Dick 206 


Tucker, Richard 210 


Vavitch, Michael 213 


W'aite, Malcolia 214 

Walker, Robert D 214 

Walling. William 214 

We'sh, William J. 218 

White, Leo 218 

Whitlock. Lloyd 219 

Willis. Leo 219 

Wilson. Tom 220 

Wolhcim. Dan 220 

Wolheini, Louis 220 

Woiid. Freeman 220 

Woods, Harrv 220 


Young. Noah 222 



Adams. Jimniie 33 

Alexander. Fatty ^^ 

Arthur. George K 3^ 

Arthur, Johnny 36 

Aubrey, James -i^ 

Austin, William ■'° 


Baker, Eddie 40 

Banks, Monty 40 

Bernard, Lester 46 

Bevan, Billy '♦^ 

Bletcher, William 48 

Borden, Eddie 49 

Borden, Eugene 49 

Bowes, Cliff 50 

Bradbury, Jr., Jatnes ^2 

Brender, El 52 

Brooke, Tyler 54 

Brown, Joe E 54 

Burke, Johnny 56 

Burns, Edmund 56 

Burns, Neal 57 


Cant(jr, Eddie 58 

Chaplin, Charlie ^^ 

Chaplin, Sidney ^1 

Chase, Charley 61 

Cohen, Sammy 66 

Conklin, Chester 68 

Coiiklin, Heinic 68 

Conley, Lige 6Q 

Cook, Clyde 6y 

Cooke, Al 69 

Cooper, Tack 70 


Dale. Billy 76 

Davis, George 78 

De Haven, Carter 79 

Demarest, William 80 

Dent, Vernon 80 

Devine, Andy 82 

De Vorska, Jess 82 

Dooley, Billy 84 

Drew, Jerry 84 

Duffy, Jack 86 

Dugan, Tom 86 

Dunbar, Robert 86 

Dunn, Bobbv 86 


Edwards, Neely 88 


Fields, W. C 92 

Finlayson, James 92 


Cribbon, Eddie 106 

Gribbon, Harry 106 

Griffith Raymond 108 

Guard, Kit'. 108 


Hamilton, Lloyd V Ill 

Hanneford, Poodles Ill 

Hardy, Sam Ill 

Harris, Georgie 112 

Hiers, Walter 116 

Hines, Johnny 118 


Irving, William J 124 


Karnes, Roscoe 128 

Karr, Fat 128 

Keaton, Buster i-io 


Lambert, Eddie 136 

Lane, Lupino 136 

Langdon, Harry 136 

Laurel, Stan 138 

Lloyd, Harold 142 


Mandv, Jerry 149 

Mann, Hank 149 

^Montgomery, Marshal 162 

Moran, Lee 160 

Morris, John . 162 

Murray, Charlie.. 165 


Norris, William 168 


Pollard, Harry (Snub) 176 


Quillan, Eddie 180 


Roach, Bert 184 

Rogers, Wi 1 186 

Roonev, Pat 188 

Roonev, 3rd, Pat 188 

Ross, Kewpie 188 

Ruben, Benny 190 

i S 

I St. John. Al 190 

' Savior, Sid 192 

Shields, Ernie 196 

Sterling, Ford 202 

Stone, Arthur 204 

Summerville, Slim 206 


Thompson, Al 208 

Turpin, Ben 212 


Vernon, Bobby 213 


Ackroyd, Jack 33 

Adams, Ernie . 33 

Alderson, Erville 34 

Allen, Alfred 34 

Allen, Harry 34 

Allen, Samuel 34 

Amato, Pasquale 34 

Anderson, James 34 

Arbuckle, Andrew 36 

Arbuckle, Maclyn 36 

Arnietta, Henry 36 

Asher, Max 36 


Bainbridge, W. H 40 

Baker, Frank 40 

Barnes, T, Roy 41 

Barrows, Henry A 41 

Barry more, Lionel 41 

Bates, Leslie 42 

Batten, John 42 

Bay, Thomas 42 

Beal, Frank 42 

Beery, Noah N 42 

Beery, Wallace 42 

Bell, Hank 44 

Belmore, Lionel 44 

Benge, Wilson 44 

Beregi, Oscar 46 

Bergman, Henry 46 

Berrell, George 46 

Big Tree, Chief 46 

Blackwell, Carlyle 48 

Blue, Edgar W 48 

Blum, Samuel 48 

Boland, Eddie 49 

Bolder, Robert 49 

Borgato, Agostino 49 

Bosworth, Hobart 49 

Bracy, Sidney 50 

Bradbury, Sr., James 52 

Braham, Lionel 5- 

Breese, Edmund 52 

Brennan, Walter 52 

Brisson, Carl 54 

Brooks, Alan 54 

B rower, Frank 54 

Brower, Robert 54 

Bunny, George 56 

Burke, Joseph 56 

Burns, Fred 57 

Burns, Robert 57 

Butt, Lawson W 57 


Caldwell, Orville 58 

Cannon, Maurice 58 

Caress, William 58 

Carey, Harry 58 

Carle, Richard 60 

Cavanaugh, Hobart 60 

Cawthorn, Joseph 60 

Challenger, Percy ^\ 

Chew, Frank 62 

Clark, Andrew °^ 

Clark. Frank 62 

Clarke, Wescott B 62 

Clary, Charles t4 

Clyde, Andy 64 

Cody, Andy 64 

Cody, Lew 66 

Cogley, Nick 66 

Coleman, Bruce G 66 

Collins, C. E 68 

Collins, Monte 68 

Comstock, Clarke 68 

Connellv, Erwin 69 

Connors, Buck 69 

Cooley, Frank L 69 

Cooper, Bigelow 70 

Corey, Jim 70 

Cosgrave, Luke '" 

Cossar, John '0 

Costello, John 70 

Costello, Maurice 70 

Courtright, William 72 

Cowles, Jules ^^ 

Crocker. Harry 72 

Cromwell, John 72 

Crossley, Syd 72 

Currier, Frank ''' 


Dana, Frederick 76 

Dark, Michael 7" 

Daviils(jii Dore 7f< 

Davidson, John 7S 

JJavidson, Max 7S 

Davies, Howard 7.S 

liavis, Cainnis 7S 

JMy, Tom 7'J 

De La Mothe, ],eon 79 

Del Val, Josef 80 

De Segurola, Andres iSO 

De Vore, lamus J 82 

Dickinson, ■ Milton A Hi 

Dilion, John \V 82 

Donaldson, Arthur 84 

Donlin, Mike 82 

Douglas, Bvron 84 

Dndiey, Robert 86 

Dunham, Phil 86 

Dunkinson, Harry 86 

Durand, Carlos 86 

Dyer, William 87 


Edeson, Robert 87 

Edwards. Snitz 87 

Elliott. Robert 88 

Esmelton, Frederick 88 

Evans, Frank 88 


Fairbanks, William 90 

Faust, Ed 90 

Faust, Martin J 90 

Fawcett, George 90 

Fetchit, Stepin 92 

Flanders, Roland 94 

Fortune, Edmond 95 

Francis, Alec. B 96 

Franev, Billy 96 

Franklin, Wendell P 96 

Fremont, Al W 96 

French, George B 96 

Fries, Otto H 96 


Gallagher, Richard , 98 

C/eorge, John 100 

Gerard, Charles 100 

Gillingwater, Claude 102 

Gleason, James 103 

Gordon, James 103 

Gowland, Gibson 104 

Gran, Albert 104 

Grassby, Bertram 104 

Gravina, Cesare 104 

Griffith, Gordon 108 


Hall, George 110 

Hall. Winter 110 

Hamilton, Mark Ill 

Hare, Lnmsden Ill 

Harlan, Otis Ill 

Harrington, Joseph 112 

Harris, Eddie 112 

Hart, Albeit 112 

Hart, Neal 112 

Hatton, Ra vmond 114 

Hatton, Richard 114 

Heck, Stanton 114 

Helium, Barney 11 

Hemphill, Frank L 114 

Henderson, Dell 114 

Henderson, Ted 116 

Hendricks, Dudley C 116 

Hersholt, Jean 116 

Hoffman, Otto F 118 

Holding. Thomas 119 

Holtz, Tenen 119 

Hopper, Frank 119 

Hoy, Dannv 122 

Hoyt, Arthur 122 

Hueston, Al 122 

Hunt, Jay 122 

Hurst, Bran(!on 122 

Jamieson, William E 126 

Jannings, Emil 126 

Jefferson, Thomas 126 

.Teffries. James 126 

Jennings, De W'itt 1 25 

Jonnason, Frank 128 


Kahanamoku, Duke 128 

Kilgour, Joseph 132 

King, Claude 132 

King, Emmett C 132 

Kojker, Henry 13.S 

Komai, Tetsu 13.S 


Laidlow, Ethan 13.S 

Lament. Harry 136 

Lane. Charles 136 

I^eonard, Gus 140 

Leonard, James 140 

T.enne-. Tames 140 

Lidpold, AiclKluke 140 

Lewis. Kaljib 14! 

Lewis, .Sheldon 141 

Lewis, Walter P 141 

Littleficld, Lucien 142 

Lloyd, Jack 142 

Lonsda.e, Harry G 144 

Lucv, Arnold 146 


MacDonald, J. Farrell 148 

MacDowell, .Melbourne 148 

Mack, Bobby 148 

Mack, James 148 

Mack, Joe P 148 

MacQuarrie, Murdock 149 

Maguire, Thomas 149 

Mailes, Charles H 149 

Marburg, Betram 150 

Marcus, James A 149 

Marion, George 1 5li 

Marks. Willis ISO 

Marshall, Tullv 150 

Martin, Duke 150 

Mason, Dan 150 

Matiesen, Otto 152 

Mattraw, .Scotty 152 

Mayne, Eric 152 

McAllister, Paul 152 

McDowell, Nelson 156 

McGrail, Walter 156 

McHugh, Charlie 156 

Mcintosh, Burr 156 

McKee, Lafe 156 

McLaglen, Victoi 156 

McOuarrie, Albert 156 

Meyer, Torben 159 

Miash, Robert E 159 

Miles, Robert 159 

Miller, Charles 159 

Mir, David 160 

Molnar, Julius 160 

Mong, William \' 160 

Moranti, Milburn 162 

Morey, Harry T 162 

Morgan, Kewpie 164 

IMorrison, Louis 164 

Moulton. Buck 164 

Murphv. Jce 165 

Murray. John T 165 


Xei!l. James 166 

Xelson, Frank 166 

Nelson, Tack 166 

.Vess, Ole M 166 

Norton, Edgar 168 

Oakie, Tack 170 

O'Brien, Tom 170 

OTonnor, Harry M 170 

O'Connor, Louis T 170 

O'Connor, Robert E 172 

Oliver, Guv 172 

O'Neill, Jim 172 

Orlamond, William 172 

O vey, George 174 


Pangborn. Frank in 174 

Panzer, Paul 174 

Payne, T^ouis 175 

Pearce, George C 175 

Peck, Norman 175 

Perry, Walter 175 

Peters, House 175 

Plummer, I^incoln 176 

Poff, Lon 176 

Potel. Victor 178 

Powell, Russ 1 78 

Proutv, Jed 180 

Puffv, Charles 180 


Oumn. James T 180 

Quinn. WiKiam 180 


Ratcliffe. E. J 182 

Raymond, Jack ]82 

Reicher, Frank 183 

Renaldo, Duncan ]83 

Rice, Frank ]83 

Rich, Jack ]83 

Ricketts, Tom 184 

Rickson, Joseph ]84 

Robbins, Walter ]84 

Roccardi, Albert ]86 

Rodgers, Walter ]86 

Roqiiemore, Henry ]88 

Rossitto, Angelo ]88 

Rowlands, Art ] 90 

Ryan. Robert 190 

Ryno, Wiliam H 190 


Saxe. Templer 192 

Saxon, Hugh 192 

Schaeffer, fharles N 19.1 

Schildkraut. Rudolph 19,i 

Sellon, Charles 194 

Sherman, Lowell ] 90 

Sherrv, J. Barney 19f) 

Sherwood, C. L 196 

Sherwood, Yorke 196 

Short, Lew 196 

Sidney, (jeorge 198 

Siegef, Bernard 198 

Smiles, Finch 199 

Smith, Edward L (Gunboat) 199 

Smith, Oscar 199 

Sowards, Gus 199 

SpaKnoli, Genaro 199 

Siirotte, Bert 200 

Standing, Wyndham 200 

Stanton, William S 200 

Starker, Bert 200 

Steele, William 202 

.Stepping. John 202 

Stevens, Landers 202 

Stevenson, Charles 202 

Stockdale, Carl 202 

Stone, George 204 

Stone, Jack 204 

Stone, Lew is 204 

Strauss, William H 204 

Swain, Mack 206 

Swickard, Tosef 206 


Taylor, Al 206 

Tcarle, Conwav 20" 

Tenbrook, Harry 207 

Tennyson, Walter 207 

Terry, Edwin 207 

Thomas, Jameson 208 

Thurston, Charles E 208 

Todd, Harry 208 

Tollaire, August 210 

Tommick, Frank 210 

Tooker, William 210 

Torrence, l^avid 210 

Torrence, Ernest 210 

Trevor, Norman 210 

Truesde:i, Howard 210 

Turner, Raymond 212 


Victor, Henry 213 

Visaroff, Michael 213 

Vo|i Sevffertitz, Gustav 214 


Walling, Richard 214 

Walters, Jack 214 

Walton, Fred 216 

Warner, H. B 216 

Warren, E. Alyn 216 

Weigel, Paul 216 

Welch, Jim 218 

W^est. George 218 

Whitehorse, 219 

Whitman, Gayne 219 

Wilson, Al 220 

Withers, Grant 220 

Woodruff, Bert 221 

Worthington, Wi.liam 221 





Acker, Jean 

Adams, Claire ?~'^ 

Adoree, Renee 33 

Alden. Mary ?,?, 

Allen, Florence 34 

Arthur Jean 36 

Astor, Gertrude 38 

Marv 38 

Patricia 38 

Agnes 38 


Baclanova 38 

Raird, Leah 40 

Baker, Bettv 40 

Balfour, Bettv -. 40 

Bankv. Vi'ma 41 

Bartlett. Elise 42 

Bas(iuette, Lina 42 

Bedfori'. Barbara 42 

Bel', Kari"a 44 

Bellamy, Madge 44 

Benham, Elsa 44 

]?ennett. Belle 44 

Bennett. Enid 44 

Bird. Chariot 48 

Blythe. Bettv 48 

Boardman. Eleai or 49 Priscilla 49 

Borden. Oive 49 

Bow. Clara .^0 

Bovd, Bettv 50 

Brady. .A.lice 52 

Breame"". Sylvia 52 

Brent. Evelyn 52 

Brian, Mary 52 

Brice. Fannv 54 

Rrinkman. Dolores 54 

Brockvvel'. Gladys 54 

Brody. Estelle 54 

Bronson, Bettv 54 

Brooks. Lonisp 54 

Brunette. Frit-i 56 

Brvson. Win'fred 57 

Busch, Mae 57 


Calhoun. X'ice 58 

Ca-ew. Ora 58 

Crirol. Sue 60 

Carroll, Xancy f''^ 

Carter. Ann 60 

Carver. Katlierine 60 

Ctivalier. Xita 60 

r;bad';;ck ,.Helene 61 

Clierrill. Virginia 6? 

Cberrington. Ruth 6? 

rii.i<;tv. Ann 6^ 

Cl-.i-. F.''>lv" 6? 

Clark. E.tele 62 

Clavton. Ethel 64 

CUifon. T\Tarc!'.:erite 6i 

Clifford. Kathle?n 64 

Clifford, Ruth 

Coleman. Majel 

Collins. Kath'een . . . . 

( iimpson, Betty 

Conipton, Joyce 

Cooper, Edna May.. 
Corbin, Virginia Lee 

Corda, Maria 

Cornwall, Anne 

Costello, Dolores 

Costello, Helene 

Cumming, Dorothy... 
Cunard, Grace 


Dagover. Lil 

Daly, Jane 

Damita, Lily 

Dana, Viola 

Daniels. Bebe 

Darmond. (irace 

Davies, Marion 

D'Avril, Yola 

Daw, Mar.iorie 

Day, Alice 

Day, Marceline 

Day, Shannon. 

Dean, Priscilla 

De La Motte, Marguerite. 

Del Rio, Dolores 

De Putti. Lya 

Devore, Dorothy 

Doug'as. Marian 

Dove. Bil'ie.. 

Dudley. Florence 

Duncan. Ma''v 

Dunn. Joseohine 

Du Pont. Miss 

Dwan, Dorothy 

Dwyer, Ruth 

Eagles, Jeanne 

Eason, Lorraine 

Eddy, Helen Jerome. 

Edv. Lorraine 

Eldridge, Florence... 

Fa'r. Elinor 

Faire. \'irginia B.... 

Faye. Julia 

Ferguson. Helen 

Fischer. Margarita... 

F'ynn. F'i'ior G 

Foster. Helen 

Francisco. Bettv, , . . 
Frederick, Pauline... 





C^l'agher Tov 

Grirbo. C.retp 

CraroM. Pa")ine 1 

Cfarvin. A'lita 1 

Gqvnor. Janet 1 

Goraghtv. Carme'ita 1 

Gilbert. Eugenia 1 

Gilbert, Florence 102 

Gilmore, Lillian 102 

Girard, Jean 102 

Gish, Dorothy 102 

Gish. Lillian 102 

Goudal, Jetta 104 

Gray, Gilda 106 

Grey, Gloria 106 

Griffith, Corinne 106 

Gulliver, Dorothy 108 


Hale, Georgia 110 

Hall, Dorothy 110 

Hall. Evelyn Ill) 

Hall-Davis, Lillian 110 

Hampton, Hope Ill 

Harris, Mildred 112 

Hasbrouck, Oiive 112 

Haver, Phyllis 114 

Hiatt, Ruth 116 

Hill, Thelma 118 

Holloway, Carol 119 

Hopper, Hedda 119 

Horn, Camilla 120 

Horton, Clara M 120 

Howard, Constance 120 

Howell, Hazel 120 

Hulette, Gladys 122 

Hurlock, ^ladeline 122 

Hyams, Leila 124 


Janis, Dorothy 126 

Johnstone, Julianne 127 

Joy, Leatrice 128 

Joyce, Alice 128 

Joyce, Natalie 128 


Keener, Hazel 130 

Kelly, Peggie 130 

Kent, Barbara 132 

Kenyon, Doris 132 

Key, Kathleen 132 

King, Judy 134 

Kingston, Natalie 134 


Lake, Alice 135 

Landis, Margaret 136 

Lane, Leone 136 

Lane, Nora 136 

La Plante, Laura 136 

Lee, Frances 138 

Lee, Jocelyn 140 

Lee, Lila 140 

Leonard, Barbara 140 

Lincoln, Caryl 141 

Livingston, Margaret 142 

Lloyd. Doris 142 

Logan, Jacqueline 142 

Lombard, Carol 142 

Long, Sally 142 

Lorraine. Louise 144 

Love, Bessie 144 

Lynch, Helen 146 

Lynn, Sharon 146 


Mabery , Mary 148 

Mackaill, Dorothv 148 

Malone, Molly 149 

Marchal, Arlette 149 

Markey, Enid 150 

Marlowe, June 150 

Marsh, Mae 150 

Mason, Shirley 152 

May, Edna 152 

McAllister, Mary 152 

McAvoy, May 152 

McCoimell, Gladys 154 

McGuire, Kathrvn 156 

McPhail, Addie.' 156 

Mehaffey, Blanche 158 

Mercer, Beryl 158 

Miller, Patsy Ruth 159 

Millner. Marietta 159 

Mills, Alyce 1 S<5 

Montgomery, Peggy 162 

Montt, Christina 162 

Moore, Colleen 162 

Moran, Lois 160 

Morgan, Jeanne 164 

Murphy. Edna 165 

Murray, Mae 165 

Mvers, Carmel 165 


Negri, Pola 166 

Nilsson, Anna Q 168 

Nissen, Greta 168 

Nixon, Marian 168 

Nolan. Mary..... 168 

Norman, Josephine 1 68 

Novak, Eva 168 

Novak, Jane 168 


O'Hara, Shirley 172 

Olmstead, Gertrude 172 

Owen, Seena. . . 174 


Page, Anita 174 

Pa.mer, Corliss 17 1 

Palmer, Shirley 174 

Palmer, Violet 17 + 

Parlo, Dita !74 

Patricola, Miss 17 4 

Pearson, Virginia 175 

Percy, Eileen '75 

Perdue, Derelys 175 

Perry, Kathryn 175 

Philbin, Mary 176 

Phillips, Dorothy 176 

Phipps, Saily 176 

Pickford, Mary 176 

Pretty, Arline 178 

Prevost, Marie ,178 

Pringle, Aileen 178 


Ralston, Esther 180 

Ralston, Jobyna 180 

Rand, Sally 18? 

Ray, Allene 182 

Rayford, Alma 182 

Reid, Dorothy Davenport lf?3 

Reid, Jane 183 

Revier, Dorothy 183 

Reynolds, Vera 183 

Rich, Irene 183 

Roberts, Edith 186 

Ro:and, Ruth 186 

Rubens, Alma 190 


Savage, Nellie 192 

Scott, Mabel Julienne 194 

Sebastian. Dorothy 19 t 

Shannon. Ethel 196 

Shaw, Peggy 196 

Shearer, Norma 196 

Sleeper, Martha 19S 

Southern, Eve 199 

Starke, Pauline 200 

Steadman, Vera 202 

Stewart, Anita 202 

Stewart. Lucille Lee 202 

Stonehouse, Ruth 204 

Swanson. Gloria 206 

Sweet, Blanche 206 


Talmadge, Constance 205 

Talmadge, Norma 206 

Tashman, Lilyan 2'i6 

Taylor, Estelle 206 

Taylor, Ruth 207 

Teague, Frances 207 

Tell, Olive 207 

Terry, Alice 207 

Terry, Ethel Grey 207 

Thompson, Duane 208 

Todd. Lola 208 

Todd, Thelma 210 

Tora, Lia 210 

True, Bess 210 

Tucker, Sophie 212 

Twelvetrees, Helen 212 


Valli, Virginia 212 

Vaughn. Alberta 213 

Velez, Lupe 213 

Vernon, Suzy 213 

Vidor, Florence 213 


Ward, Alice 216 

Wi'liams, Kathryn 219 

Wilson, I^ois 220 

Windsor, Claire 220 

Winton. Jane 220 

Wong. Anna Mav 220 

Wray. Fay 221 



All>a. Maria 33 

Allen. Elsie 34 

Amann. Bee 34 

Auburn, Joy 38 


Beebe. Mar'orie 42 

Bennett, Alma 44 

Blaine, Rubye 48 

Rlane. Sallv 48 

B'ossom, Rose 48 

Bonner. Mariorie 49 

Borio. Josephine 49 

Bradford. Virginia 52 

Bradley, Estelle 52 

Bramley, Flora 52 

Bryant, Kay 57 

Byron, Marion 58 


Caldwell, Betty 58 

Carewe, Rita 58 

Chandler, Helen 61 

Cohurn, Dorothy 64 

Collyer, June 68 

Coniont, Mathilde 68 

Crawford, Joan T 2 

Cm-lev, Pauline 74 


Daniels, Thelnia 76 

Dawson, Doris 78 

Dix, Dorothy 82 

Doran, Mary 84 

Drexel, Nancy 84 

Du Val, Paulette 87 


Eilers, Sally 88 

E.Hs, Dione 88 

Evans, Muriel 88 


Fern, Fritzi 92 

Ferris, Audrev 92 


Giraci, Mae 102 

Gregory, Edna 106 


Hackett, Lillian 108 

Harris, Ivy 112 

Hilburn, Bett v 116 

Hill, Doris 118 

Holmes, lone 119 

Holt, Gloria 119 

Howard, Peggy 120 

Howell, Yvonne 120 

Hutton, Lucil.e 124 


Ichioka, Toshyie 124 

Irving, Mary Jane 124 


Jackson, Ethel 124 

Jackson, Mary Ann 126 

Jewell, Betty 127 

Johnston, Dolores 127 


Kennedy, Merna 132 

King, Marjorie 134 


La Brissoniere, Erin 135 

Lamont, Dixie 1^6 

Landi, Linda 136 

La Plante, Violet 136 

Lee Florence 140 

Lee, Gloria 140 

Lee, Gwen 138 

Lee, Margaret 140 

Loff, Jeanette 142 

Lord, Grace 144 

Lorraine, Jean 144 

Loy , Myrna 146 

Luddy, Barbara 146 


Marian, Edna 150 

Marquis, Joan 150 

Mathews, Dorothy 152 

McLeod, Janet 156 

Mendez, Jola 158 

Montgomery, Marjorie 162 

Morrissey, Betty 164 

Mortensen, Mona 164 

Myers. Kathleen 165 


Nash, June 165 

Nash, Nancy 165 

Neff, Pauline L 166 

Normand, Amber 16S 


O'Dav, Mo:iv 172 

O'Dav, Peggy 172 

O'Neill, Sally 172 


Parrish, Katherine 174 

Peterson, Delia 175 

Phillips, Nancy 176 


Quartara, Nina 180 

Quimby, Margaret 180 


Rae, Rada 180 

Rav, Mona 182 

Roberts, Beryl 186 

Rork, Ann 188 


Seddon, Margaret 194 

Sheridan, Ann 196 

Simpson, Alice A 198 

Stevens, Charlotte 202 

Stoddard, Belle 904 


Thompson, Lotus 2O8 

Torres, Raquel 910 


Vance, Virginia 9 ] 9 


Welsh, Betty 918 

White, Alice 218 

Williams, Ada 219 

\y inter, Laska .... . 220 

Worth, Barbara 991 


'i oltz, Greta 221 

Young, Loretta 992 


Zier, Marjorie 2''' 


Bent, Marion 44 

Chadwick, Rose gi 

Henry, Gale .'.'..' n6 

Howell, Alice ]2o 

Moran, Pol.y .'. ' 150 

Oakland, Vivian ..] 170 

Pollard, Daphne 175 

Short, Gertrude 196 

Tincher, Fay 208 



Adams, Stella Jii 

Alba, Orpha ..!.......... :i'S 

Alden, Victoria 34 

Allan, Marguerite 34 

Ashton, Sylvia 38 

Astaire, Marie 38 


Baker, Dora 40 

Barrye, Emily ' 41 

Beaumont, Lucy 42 

Bexher, Alice 42 

Bennett, Billie 44 

Bennett, Catherine 44 

Besserer, Eugenie 46 

Boardman, Virginia True 49 

Bourke, Fan 50 

Brody, Anna G 54 

Bruce, Kate 56 

Brundage, Mathilde S 56 

Bryden, Nellie 57 


Carlyle, Aileen 60 

Carr, Mary 60 

Carver, Louise 60 

Cecil, Nora 6t 

Chapman, Edythe 61 

Chatterton, Ruth 61 

Claude, Toby 64 

Cooper, Rosemary 70 

Corday, Marcelle 70 

Craig, Blanche 72 

Crowell, Josephine 72 

Curley, Rose . 74 


Daley, Marcelle 76 

Darling, Ida 76 

Daumery, Carrie T% 

Deslys, Kay 80 

Dione, Rose 82 

Donohue, Lucy 84 

Dorman, Shirley 84 

Dresser, Louise 84 

Dressier, Marie 84 

Dubrev, Clare 86 


E:isler, Etifie 88 


Farley, Dot . 90 

Fazenda, Louise 92 

Fielding. Margaret 92 

Fields. Madeline 92 

Finch, Flora 92 

Fitzgerald. Cissy 92 

Fitzroy, Emily 94 

Forde, Eugenie 95 

Fov, Mrs. Mary 96 

Franklin, Martha 96 

Frazin, Gladys 96 

Frederici, B'anche 96 

Friganza. Trixie 9S 

Fuller, Dale 98 


George, Maude 100 

Goodall, Grace 103 

Gordon, Julia S 103 

Gordon, Maude T 103 

Gordon, Vera 103 

Gore. Rose 104 

Griffith. Julia 108 

Grove, Svbil 108 


Ilandturth, Ruth Hi 

Hart, Sunshine 112 

Herring, Aggie 116 

Hill, Maud 118 

Holderness, Fay 119 

Howard, Gertrude 120 

Hunt, Madge 122 


Jennings, Jane 126 

Jensen, Eulalie 126 

Jurado, Elena 128 


Keckley, Jane 130 

Keith, Isahelle 130 

Knott, Lydia 134 

Knowiand, Alice . . 134 


Landis, Winifred 136 

Langdon, Lillian 136 

La Verne, Lucille 138 

l^averty , Jean 138 

Leighton, Lillian 140 

Leslie, Lila 140 

Lewis, Vera 141 

Lorimer, Elsa 144 


Mann, Margaret 149 

Manning, Aileen 149 

Manon, Marcia 149 

Marstini, Rosita ISO 

Marvin, Grace 150 

Mattox, Martha 152 

McDowell, Claire 156 

McWade, Margaret 156 

Midgeley, Fannie 159 

Midge'.ev, Florence 159 

Milloy, 'Mav 159 

Mitchell, Belle 160 

Mooers, De Sacia 160 

Morris, Margaret 162 

Mosquini, Marit 164 


Nadina, Svlva 16S 

Naldi. Xita 165 

Nazimova. Alia 166 


O'De!], Georgia 172 


Payson, Blanche- 175 

Petelle, Martha 175 

Pierce, Evelyn 176 

Piggott, Tenipe 176 

Pitts, Zasu 176 

Prestelle, Mae T 178 

Price, Kate 178 


Reicher. lledwig 183 

Rich, Lillian 183 

Richard, Viola 183 

Ridgeway, Fritzi 183 

Rohson, May 186 

Rosanova, Rosa 188 

Rose, Blanche 18?, 

Rosing, Bodil 188 


Sale, Virginia 192 

SchaefFer, Anna 193 

Sedgwick, Josie 194 

Selbie, Evelyn . 194 

Sel Wynne. Clarissa 194 

Shotwell, Marie 196 

Snowden, Carolynne 199 

Standing, Toan 200 

Stedman, Myrtle 202 

Sterling, M erta 202 


Tapley, Rose E 206 

Tennant, Barbara 207 

Theby, Rosemary 208 

Titus, Lydia Y 208 

Truax, Maud 210 

Turner, Florence 212 


Van Buren, Mabel 212 

\'ernon, Dorothy 213 


Wales, Ethel 214 

Ware, Helen 216 

Watson, Adele 216 

Wells, Mai 218 

Wix, Florence 219 

Wolbert, Dorothea 220 

Worth, Lillian 221 


Yorke, Edithe 221 

Young, Clara K 222 


Bennett, Mickey 44 

Big- Boy (Malcolm Sebastian) 46 

Brandon, Dicky 52 

BiWts, Billy...'. 57 

Goad, Joyce 64 

CogKlan, Junior 66 

Darling, Jean 76 

Darr, Vondell 76 

Darro, Frankje 78 

De Lacy, Phllipe 79 

Downs, Johnny 84 

Frederick, Freddie 96 

Gordon, Bobby 103 

Gray, Dorothy 106 

Grey, Virginia 106 

Guerin, Bruce 108 

Hisle, Betsy Ann 118 

Holmes, Leon 119 

Jones, Billy 127 

Lee, David 138 

Irvine, Jack 141 

Madden, Jerry 149 

McBan, Mickey 152 

McGuire, Mickey 156 

Miller, Mary Louise 159 

Murphy, Maurice 165 

Nelson". Bobby 166 

O'Donnell, Spec 172 

Pritzhoflf. Paul 180 

Ramon, Laon 18i) 

Rivero', Lorraine 181 

Schaeffer. Billy Kent 193 

Snookums (Sunny McKean) 199 

Spear, Ha rry 2(X) 

Stratton, Gene 204 

Turner. Dnreen 212 


Adolfi, John G ?.?. 

Andrews, Del 36 

Apfel, Ofecar C 36 

Archainbaud, George 36 

Arzner, Dorothy ^6 


Bacon, Lloyd H • 38 

Badger, Clarence 40 

Baggot, King 40 

Barker, Reginald 41 

Beauchamp, Clem 42 

Beaudine, Harold 42 

Teavidine, William 42 

Beaumont, Harry 42 

Bell, Monta 44 

Bennet, Spencer G 44 

Berger, Lud wig 46 

Bertram, William 45 

Blackton, J. Staurt 48 

Blystone, John G 48 

Borzage, Frank 49 

Rovle, Joseph C 50 

Brabin, Charles 50 

Bradbury. Robert N 52 

i?retherton, Howard 52 

Brenon. Herbert 52 

Brciun, Clarence 54 

Urown, Harry J 56 

Brown, Melville 54 

Browning. Tod 56 

Bruckman, Clyiie 56 

Buckingham, Thomas .56 

Butler, David 57 


Cabanne, W'. Christy 58 

Capra, Frank R 58 

Carewe, Edwin 58 

Carle, Phil 60 

Carleton, Llovd E 60 

Carruth, Oyde 60 

Ceder, Ralph 61 

Chaudet, I-ouis M 62 

Chautard, Emile 62 

Christensen, Benjamin 62 

CJift, Denison 64 

Cline, Edward 64 

Clifton, Elmer 64 

Cohn, Bennett 66 

Ccxllins, Lew 68 

Conway, Jack 69 

Corby, Francis 70 

Cowen. William J 72 

Cox, George L 72 

("lal't, \\'ni. JaiiR'S T^ 

Crisp, Donald 72 

C'rosland, Alan 72 

C'ruze, James 74 

("ummings, [rvins 74 

C'urtiz, M'chael 74 


D'Arrast, H. d'AhUadie 76 

De (irasse, Jcisepti 79 

He I^cy, Robert 79 

Del Ruth, Haniptcu 79 

De Ruth, Roy 79 

DeMille, Cecil W 80 

De Mille, William 80 

De Rue, Eugene 80 

Dillon, John F 82 

Donovan, Frank P 84 

Dryden, Wheeler 85 

Dugan. Tames 86 

Dull, OrvLlle 86 

Dunlap, Scott R 86 

Dupont, E. A 86 

Dwan, Allan 87 

Eason, Reaves 87 

Edwards, Harrv 87 

Enright, Rav 88 


Fahian, Walter 90 

Fejos, Paul 92 

Fitzgerald, Dallas M 92 

Fitzniaurice, (leorge 92 

Fleming Victor 94 

Flood, Tames 94 

Flynn, Ray 94 

Ford, Francis 95 

Ford, John 95 

Forde, Cene 95 

Fox, Wallace 95 

Foy, Bryan 95 

Franklin, Chester M 96 

Franklin, Sidney 96 


Gallaher, Donald 98 

Garnett, Tay 98 

Gasnier, I>ouis J 98 

Georg-e, Henrv W 100 

Giblyn, Charles 102 

Gillstrom, Arvid E 102 

Goulding, Alf 104 

Goulding, Edmund 104 

Graham, S. Edwin 104 

Green, Alfred E 106 

Gregor, Arthur 106 

Griffith, David Wark 106 

Griffith, E. H 106 

Griffin, Frank C 1%, Fred 108 

Grinde, Nick 108 


Harbaugh. Carl Ill 

Haskin, Byron 114 

Hawks, Howard 114 

Heath, Arch 114 

Heerman, Victor 114 

Henabery Joseph 114 

Henley, Hobart 116 

Hennecke, Clarence 116 

Herman, Albert 116 

Higgin, Howard 116 

Hill, George 118 

Hill. Robert F 118 

Hillyer, I.ambert 118 

Mines, Charles 118 

Hitchcock, Alfred 118 

Hoffman. Renaud 118 

Hogan, James I' 119 

Hopper. E. Mason 120 

Home. James W 120 

Hough. R. Lee 120 

Howard. William K 120 

Howe. I. A -120 

Hoyt. Harry () 122 

Hubbard. Lucien 122 

Hunt, Charles 123 

Hutchison. Craig 124 

Tnce. Ralph W 124 

Tngraham, Lloyd 124 

Ingram, Rex 124 

Johnston, Emory 127 

Jones, F. Richard 127 

Judels. Charles 128 

Julian, Rupert \i^ 

K ■■' 

Kclley. Albert 130 

Kenton. Erie (" 132 

Kerr, Robert 132 

Kimmich, Max 1 32 

King, Henry 134 

King, T.ouis ! 134 

Kirkland, David \ 134 

King, Burton .......'. 134 

Klein, Charles 134 

Korda, Alexander 135 


Ea Cava, Gregory 135 

Lachman, Harry 135 

Eaemmle, Edward 135 

I,aemmle, Ernest 135 

Lamont, Charles 136 

Lang, Walter 136 

Ecderman, Ross 138 

Lee, Rowland \' 140 

I^ehrman. Henry 14n 

Leni, Paul 140 

Leonar<l, Robert Z 140 

LeRoy, Mervin 140 

Levigard, Josef 141 

I-ewis, Edgar 141 

Lord, Del 144 

Lubitsch, Ernst 146 

Luddy, Eddie 146 


Mack. Anthony 148 

Marshall, Geo. E 150 

Maude, Arthur 152 

Mayo, Archie 152 

McCarthy, John 154 

McCoy. "P. E 154 

McEveety, Bernard 154 

McGowan, J. P 156 

McGowan. Robert F 156 

McRae, Henry 158 

Meehan, I^eo 158 

Meins, Gus 158 

Melford, George 158 

Mendes, Lothar 158 

Milestone, Lewis 160 

Mitchell, Bruce 160 

Morris, Regge 164 

Mortimer, Edward 164 

Muller, H. L 164 

Murnau, F. W 165 

Myers, Zion 165 


Neilati, Marshall 166 

Neill. R. William 166 

Neitz, Al vin J 166 

Newfield, Samuel 166 

Newmeyer. Fred C 166 

Niblo, Fred 168 

Xigh. William 168 

Noble, John W 168 

North, Wilfiid 168 

Noy, Wilfred 170 


O'Connor. Frank 172 

Oelze. Charles 172 

Olcott. Sidney 172 


Parrott, James 174 

Paton, Stuart 174 

Pembroke, Scott 175 

Perret, I,eonce 175 

Pollard, Harrv 176 

Pomeroy, Roy T 178 

Powell, Paul 178 


Raborh. Al 189 

Ray, Albert 182 

Raymaker. Herman 182 

Reisner, Chas. F 182 

Roberts, Stephen R 184 

Robertson, John S 184 

Rodney, Earle 186 

Rogell, Albert S 186 

Rollans, Jacques 186 

Rosen, Phil 188 

Ross, Nat 188 

Rosson, Arthur 188 

l^osson, Richard 188 

Ruggles, Wesley 190 


St. Clair, Malcolm 190 

Sandrich, Mark 192 

Santell, Alfred, 192 

.Scardon. Paul 192 

Schertzinger. Victor 193 

Seastrom, \'ictor 194 

Sedgwick. Edward 194 

Seller, Lew 1% 

Seiter, William A 194 

Seitz, George B 194 

Shores, Lynn 196 

Silver, Marcel G 198 

SI. jane. Paul 198 

.Sloman, Edwar<l 199 

Smith. Clifford 199 

Smith, .\oel M ason 199 

Sten. Paul 203 

Stoloff, Ben 2CW 

Stone, Andrew I> 204 

Storm, Jerome 204 

Strayer, Frank 204 

Sutherland, Edward 
Sweet, Harry 


Taurog, Norman 206 

Taylor, Rav 207 

Taylor, Sam 207 

Terris, Tom 207 

Thornby, Robert T 208 

Thorpe, Rjchard 208 

Tinling, James 208 

Tuttle, Franik 212 

Van Dyke, W. S 212 

Vidor, King W 213 

Vignola, Robert G 21.1 

Von Sternberg, Josef 214 

Walker, Norman 214 

Wariace. Richard 2114 

Walsh, Raoul 214 

Waters, John 216 

Watson, William 216 

Webb, Millard 216 

Weber, Lois 216 

Weight, F. Harmon 218 

Wellman, William 218 

Werker, Alfred L 218 

Wheeler, Clifif 219 

White, Jules 218 

Whitman. Phil 219 

Wilcox, Herbert 219 

Wilde, Ted 219 

Willat, Irvin V 219 

Windemere, Fred 220 

Windom, L. C 220 

Wood, Sam 220 

Worne, Duke 211 

Worsley, Wallace 221 

Wray, John Griffith 221 

Wright, Tenny 221 

W vler, Robert 221 

Wyler, William 221 

Yates, Hal 

Young, James. 




Adamson, Ewart 3.1 

Agnew, Frances 33 

Ahearn, Thomas Joseph 33 

Ainslee, Marion 33 

Alexander, J. Grubb 34 

Anderson, Doris 34 

Anthony, Walter 36 

Asher, Roland 38 


Baker, C. Graham 40 

Bartlett, Randolph 41 

Beebe, Ford 1 42 

Behn, Harry 42 

Bennison, Andrew 44 

Benthall, Dwinelle 44 

Benton, Curtis 46 

Beranger, Clara 46 

Beresford, Frank S 46 

Bernste'n, Isadore 46 

Biro, La jos 48 

Blackton, Marian C 48 

Boasberg, Al 49 

Branch, Houston 52 

Brice, Monte 54 

Buffington, Adele 56 

Burnstine, Norman 57 

Butler, Frank 57 

Byron, Harold 57 


Caesar, Arthur 58 

Cannon, Raymond 58 

Carr, Harry 60 

Chandlee, Harry 61 

Chappel, Will 61 

Clark, Frank Howard 62 

Clark, J. Audrey 62 

Clarke, Kerry 62 

Clawson, Elliott 64 

Clements, Colin 64 

Cleveland, Val 64 

Clifton, Frank M 64 

Coffee, Lenore J 66 

Cohn. Alfred A 66 

Coldeway . Anthony 66 

Condon, Charles R 68 

Conklin, Frank Roland 68 

Conklin, Hal 68 

Corrigan, Lloyd 70 

Cowan, Sada 72 

Cruger, Paul 74 

Cummings, Ruth 74 

Cunningham, Jack 74 


Darling, W. Scott 76 

Davis, Donald 78 

De Gresac, Fred 79 

De Limur, Jean 79 

De Mond, Albert 80 

De Nevers, Lucille 80 

De Ruelle. Emile 80 

Dickey, Basil 82 

Dllon, Robert 82 

Dix, Beulah Marie 82 

Doherty, Ethel 82 

Doty, Douglas Z 84 

Drake, C. Oliver 84 

Dromgold, George 84 

Dunn, Winifred 86 

Dupnnt, Jean 86 

Durling, E. V 86 

D'Usseau, Leon 87 


Emerson, John 88 

Ennis, Bert 88 

pstabrook, Howard 88 

Farnham, Joe W. 
Farnum, Dorothy . 

Farrow, John 

Faye, Randall 

Forst, Emil 

Fort, Garrett 

Fox, Finis 

Fulton, Maude . . . . 
Furthman, Charles 
Furthman, Jules 

Gangelin, Paul 
Garrett, Oliver H. 
Gates, Harvey H. 
Gendron, Pierre 
Geraghty, Tom J. 
Gittens, Wyndham 
Glazer, Benjamin 

Glyn, Elinor 

Gold, Max 










Goldbeck, Willis 10? 

Goldman, Raymond Leslie 103 

Gooden, Arthur H 103 

Goodrich, John F 103 

Gordon, Gladys 104 

Greenlow, Arthur 106 

Green, Howard J 106 

Grey, Johnnie 106 

Grey, Zane 106 

Gu'.han, Frances 108 


Halprin, A. H 110 

Halsey, Forrest Ill 

Harris, Elmer 112 

Harris, Ray 112 

Haven, Harry 114 

Hawks, J. G 114 

Heath, Percy 114 

HeilbroUj Adelaide 114 

Herbert, F. Hugh ITE 

Herbert, Hugh 116 

Herzig, Sig 116 

Hibbard, Enid 116 

Hill, Ethel 118 

Hoerl, Arthur 118 

Hoffman, Hugh 118 

Holmes, Ben 119 

Hopkins, Robert 119 

Howard, Cliiiord 120 

Howell, Dorothy 120 

Hustwick, Alfred 124 

Hyland, Frances 124 

Inghram, F"rank 1 124 


Jackson, Joseph 124 

Jackson, Marion 126 

JefTerson, Louis V 126 

Johnson, Adrian 127 

Johnsoti, Emilie 127 

Johnston, Agnes Christine 127 

Jones, Grover 127 

Joseph, Edmund 128 

Josephson, Julien 128 

Jowitt.., Anthony 128 

Jungmeyer, Jack 128 


Kendall, Victor 130 

Kenyon, Charles 132 

Kerr, Charles 132 

King, Bradley 132 

Kitchin, Milner H 134 

Kohn, Ben Grauman 134 

KraflFt, John 135 

Kraly, Hans ,,., 135 

Lanfield, Sidney 136 

Lawlor, Hoy 138 

Lazarus, Sidney 138 

Leahy, Agnes Brand 138 

Lee, Robert N 140 

Lester, William 140 

Levien, Sonya 141 

Le Vino, Albert S 141 

Lewin, Albert 141 

Lipton, Lew 141 

Ivogue, Charles A 142 

Lonergan, Philip 142 

Long, Louise 144 

Lioos, Anita 142 

Lord, Robert 144 

Loring, Hope 144 

Lovett, Josephine 144 

Lowe, Edward T 144 

Lowe, Sherman L 146 


MacPherson, Jeanie 148 

Mankiewicz, Herman J 149 

Marion, Frances 149 

IMarkson, Benjamin 150 

Martin, A] ISO 

Mason, Lesley 152 

Mayer, Carl 152 

McCalley, Malcolm 152 

McCarthy, Henry 154 

McConville, Bernard 154 

McCosh, Rufus 154 

McCoy, Harry 154 

McDermott, J ohn VV 154 

McNamara, Tom ; 156 

McQuillan, Ada 158 

Meagher, Edward 158 

Meredyth, Bess 158 

Meyers, Edwin 159 

Miller, Alice D. G 159 

Miller, Seton 1 159 

Milne, Peter 160 

Mintz, Sam 160 

Miranda, Tom 160 

Moffit, Je/Terson 160 

Montague, Edward J 162 

Moon, Lorna 160 

Morgan, Byron 162 

Morgan, George 162 

My ton, Fred 165 


Natteford, John Francis 166 

Neal, Lex 166 

Neville, John Thomas 166 

Noon, A. Harold 168 


Ornitz, Samuel 172 

Orr, Gertrude 172 

Orth, Marion 172 


Pascal, Ernest 172 

Perez, Paul 175 

Pickett. Elizabeth 176 

Pivar, Ben 176 

Pianette, Jean 176 

Plympton. George H 176 

Pratt, Gilbert 178 

Price. Ann 178 

Pride, Leo Bryan 178 

Printzlau, Olga 18u 

Prior, Peggy 180 

Pyper, George W 180 


Reed, Luther 182 

Reed, Tom 183 

Rigby, L. G 184 

Ritchey, Will M 184 

Roach, Jos. Anthony 184 

Kobhins, Jess 184 

Koliinson, Casey 184 

Robson, William X 186 

Root, Wells 188 

Roth, Murray 190 

Ruben, J. Walter 190 

Ruthven, Madeline 190 

Ryerson, Florence 190 


.Saunders, John Monk 192 

.Schayer, E. Richard 193 

Schofield, Paul 193 

.Schrock, Raymond L 193 

Sears, Zelda 196 

Shumate, Harold 198 

Smith, Dick 199 

Smith, Paul Gerard 199 

Smith, Wallace 199 

Snell, Earle 199 

Spence, Ralph H 200 

Spencer, Fred 200 

Sprague, Chandler 200 

Springer, Norman 200 

Stanley, Fred 200 

Starr, James A 200 

Statter, Arthur 200 

Stuck, H. Tipton 200 

Stevens, Louis 202 

Stone, John 204 


Taylor, Matt y 206 

Taylor, Rex 207 

Thew, Harvev 207 

Thomas, Faith 208 

Thompson, Keene 208 

Totheroh. Dan 210 

Totman, Wellyn 210 

Towne, Gene 210 

Traub, Joe 210 

Twist, John Stuarf 212 

Tynan, James 212 


Unsell, Eve 212 


V'an. Beatrice 212 

V^on Koczian, Elsie 213 


Walker, H. M 214 

Walter, Eugene 214 

Watters, George Manker 216 

Weston, Garnett 218 

Whittaker, Charles E 219 

Willis, F. McGrew 219 

Wills, Ross B 219 

Wilson, Carey 219 

Wing, William Everett 220 

Woods, Walter 221 

Yost, Dorthy 

Young, WaMemar 
A. P. Younger . . 


Albee, Edward F. ... 

Algier, Sidney 

Anderson, Richard V. 
Aronson, Alexander S. 

Bachman, J. G 

Bader. David 

Bern, Paul 

Binder, Oscar C 

BischofF, Samuel 

Blank, A. H 

Block, Ralph 

Boothy, Warren 

Botsford. A. M 

Bowes, Edward 

Boyce-Smith, John ... 
Boylan, Malcolm S. ... 

Brandt, Joe 

Briskin, Samuel J. ... 
Brown, Colvin W. ... 

Brown, Hiram 

Bucher, E. E 

Buckley, Harry D. ... 
Butterfield, W^ S 

CJiadwick, I E. 

Christie, Charles H. .. 

Clark, John D 

Cleary, Maurice G. 

Cochrane, Philip D 

Cochrane, Robert H. . 

Cohen. Emanuel 

Cohn, Harry 

Cohn, Jack 

Conselman. William ^L 
Considine, Jr.. John W. 

Cook, Grant L 

Cowan, James R 


Daab, Hyatt 74 

Darmour, Larry 76 

Davidson, Sydney C 78 

Dearholt, Ashton 79 

Dembow. Sam 80 

Depinet, Ned 80 

Dickson,. Theodore E 82 

Dowling, Pat 84 

Einfeld, S. C. 

Feist, Felix M. 
Fineman, B. P. 
Fitzroy, Roy . . 



Flader, Fietl L 94 

Flavin, Haiold T 94 

Flinn, Jnlin C. " 94 

Fox, VVilliam 95 

Franklin, Harold B 95 

Fraser, William R 90 


Gain, J. T 98 

Goetz, Harry M 103 

Goldsmith, Alfred N KU 

Gnldwyn, Samuel 103 

Grainger, James R 104 

Granman, Sidney 104 

( niffith, W. L 108 

(julick, Paul 108 

( iuiining, Wid 108 


Hall, Ray L 110 

Halperin, Edward 110 

Halperin, Victor 110 

Hammons, E. W Ill 

Hanson, Oscar Ill 

Harvey, George W 112 

Hatch," Stanley W 114 

Hays, Will H 114 

Hohart, Henry 118 

Hoffman. M. 'H 118 

Hoffman, Milton E 118 

Holman, Russell 119 

Hughes, Helen E 122 

Hughes, Howard 122 

Humm, Tohn 122 


Innerarity, Lewis 124 


Tacohson, Sam B 126 

jaffe, Sam 126 

Tenner, Wm. H 126 

Johnson, Julian 127 

Johnston, John L 127 

Tohnston, W. Ray 127 


Kane, Robert T 128 

Katz, Sam 128 

Kaufman, Albert A 128 

Kelly, Arthur 130 

Kennedy. Joseph P 130 

Kent, Sidney R 132 

Klein, Philip 134 

Koenig, William 134 

Kohn,' Ralph A 134 


Eaemmle, Carl 135 

Laemmle, Jr., Carl 135 

Lasky, Jesse L 136 

Lauder, Edwin G 138 

LeBaron, William 138 

Levee, M. C 140 

Lichtman, Al 141 

Lighton. Louis D .'.... 141 

Loew. Arthur M 142 

Ludvigh, Elek J 146 

Liuescher, Mark A 146 


MacFarland, James H 148 

Manheim. Nat L 149 

Mannix, Edw. J 149 

Marcus, Lee 149 

Mayer, Louis B 152 

McCarev, Leo 154 

McCarthy, Charles E 154 

]\rcConnell. Fred J 154 

IMcCormick. Tohn 154 

Mclntyre. Robert B 156 

Metzger. Lou B 158 

Mever, Frank A 159 

Miliiken, Carl E 159 

Mitchell, Pell 160 

Morris, Sam E 164 

Moses, Vivian M 164 

Moss. Alex 164 

Murdock, John J 165 

Murphv, Martin F 165 


Neeper, Creed A 166 

Newman. E. de B 166 

Nordlinger. Victor T 168 

North, Bobby ." 168 


Ot(erson. J. E 174 


Payne, Charles H 17? 

Perkins, Robert W 175 

Petfijohn, Charles C 175 

Pivar, Maurice 176 

Poppe, Harry H 176 

Porter, Fred L 178 

Powers, P. A 178 


Quimby, Fred C 180 


Ramsaye, Terry 180 

Rapee, Erno 182 

Rapf, Harry 182 

Ree, Max 182 

Reeve, Arch 183 

Reeves, Alfred 183 

Reichenbach, Harry 183 

I^eisman, Phil 183 

Riesenfeld, Hugo 184 

Roach, Hal 184 

liobinson, Carlyle R 184 

Rockett, A. L 186 

Rogers. Budd 186 

Rogers, Charles R 186 

Rogers, Saul E 186 

Rosenzweig, Charles 188 

Rothafel, Samuel L w 190 


Sarnoff, David 192 

Sax, Sam 192 

Schaefer, George J 193 

Schenck, Joseph Nl 193 

Schenck, Nicholas M 193 

Schlanger, Ted 193 

Schlesinger, Gus 193 

Schnitzer, Joseph 1 193 

Scott, Harry 193 

Selig, A. L 194 

Selznick, David 194 

Shauer, E. E 196 

Shea, Tohn A 196 

Sheehan, Winfield E 196 

Sheldon, E. LJoyd 196 

Sidney, Lx)uis K 198 

•Silver, Milton 198 

Simmons, Michael L 198 

Singer, Julius 198 

Singerman, Sidney 198 

Sistrom, William 198 

Skirboll, Joseph S 198 

Smith. A. W., Jr 199 

Smith, Tess 199 

Stahl, John 200 

Starr, Herman 200 

Stern, Abe 202 

Stern, T'ulius 202 

Stern. Walter L 202 

Straviss. Mrs. Florence 204 

Stromberg, Hunt 204 

Sullivan, C. Gardner 206 


Thalberg, Irving G 20S 

Thomas, David M 208 

Thompson. David H 208 

Thomson. Philip L 208 

Thorpe. Tohn C 208 


Van Praag, M 213 

Van Zandt, Charles 213 

Vovda, ^"ictor D 214 


Wanger. Walter 216 

Walsh, Eugene F 214 

Warner. Albert 216 

Warner, Harry N 216 

Warner, Jack 1 216 

Weeks. George W 216 

Weil. Toe 218 

Welsh. Robert E 218 

West, Roland 218 

Wevers, Bruno 218 

White, Gordon S 218 

White, Tack 218 

White. Tom 219 

Williams, Tames D 219 

Wilson. T. Reginald 220 

Woodhul'l. H. F 221 

Wright. William Lord 221 


Young. L. A 222 


Zanuck. Darrvl F 222 

Zehner, Harrv H 222 

Zeldman. B. F 222 

Zukc.r. Adiiliih 222 



Motion Picture News 


Biographical Section 


ACKER, Jean, actress, ]). Trenton, N. J.; efltic. 
tlit-ie. Stage career, one season "Within tlie 
I-a\v,'|_ Slnibert and Co.; "The Man- Who Came 
Back," Win. Brady Pro<^hictions ; screen career, 
"The Round Up," "Brewster's Millions," 

"Wealth," "Her Own Money," "AfTairs of Ana- 
tole" (LaskyJ; "Arabian Knight," "See Mv 
]-awyers" (Robertson-Cole), "Scarlet Shawl" (Uni'- 
versal); "Woman in Chains" (Amalgamated), 
"Braveheart" (P. D. C), "The Nest" (Excellent). 
Hght., 5, 2;^; wght., 112; dark brown hair, hazel 

ACKROYD, Jack, actor, b. Bradford, Yorkshire. 
Eng., Jan. 5, 19(35. Screen career: "Convoy," 
"High Hat." "The Whip Woman" (First Nation- 
al). "Poor Butterfly" (Educ), "TTie Better 'Ole" 
(Warners). "Otflcer of the Day" (Fox). 

ADAMS, Claire, actress, b. Winnipeg, Canada, 
Sciit. 24, 1900. Parents live in Hollywood. Edu. 
in Canada and England. Has lived in Winnipeg. 
Toronto, New York, Hollywiwd, London, Eng 
Entered pictures in 191S in New York. Has 
played in "The Brass Bowl," "A Certain Rich 
Man," "Heart's Haven," "The Spenders,'' "The 
Fast Set," "Yellow Fingers," "Married Alive," 
"The Combat," "Men and Women," "Belongs to 
Heterodoxy Club, N. Y. Sports, riding, swimming, 
tennis, walking, dancing. Hght. 5-4; wght. 118; 
brown eyes; brown hair. Married to Benjamin 
Bowles Hampton. Bus. rep.. Barton Adams and 
Chamberlain Brown. 

ADAMS, Ernie, actor, b. and educ. San Francisco; 
stayt- career, 12 yrs. legit, stage; screen career, 
.Selznick. Fox, Vitagraph. Paramount, Metro, 
FB(), Cniversal. Pathe, Columbia; appearances in- 
clude "Beloved Brute." "Blackbird," "Nevada," 
"Gay Defender," "So This Is Love." "Tenth Ave- 
nue." Hght., 5, eyi; wght., 135; brown hair, 
hazel eyes. 

ADAMS, Jimmy, actor. Screen career. P. D. C, 
Educational. Paramount, star of comedy series. 

ADAMS, Stella, actress. Screen career "Upper- 
cuts" (Educ). "Honeymoon Hospital" (Fox), 
"Me (iangster' (Fox). 

ADAMSON, Ewart, writer. Screen career, "Not 
lor Publication," "The Gingham Girl," "Dead 
.Man's Curve," "Aflame in the Sky," "The Per- 
lect Crime" (FBO); "The Desert Bride" (Colum- 

ADOLFI, John G., director, b. N. Y. C; edu. there, 
I'hiladelijhia. Previous career, stage for 10 yrs. 
Entered pictures in 1911, as leading man. through 
success as stage director; naturally tried making 
p.ctures. Directed "Wliat Happened to Father,' 
"Little Snob," "Midnight Taxi." "Fancy Bag- 
gage, Clubs, Friars, Academy of M. P. Arts 
and Sciences. Sports, golf, horse back riding. 

ADOREE, Renee, actress, b. Lille. France. Sept. 1. 
Eiiuc. while on road with parents. Dancer in 
lather's troupe at age of ten; traveled all over 
Europe with him. Screen career, "The Big Par- 
ade,"__"Mr. Wu." "The -Show." "A Certain Young 
Man," "La Boheme,'' "Forl)idden Hours," "Tide 
of Empire" (.\I-G-M). Sports, tennis, golf, swim- 
ming. Hght. 5, 1; wght. 107; blue eyes, brown 

AGNEW, Robert, actor, b. Ijouisville, Ky. ; educ. 
San Antonio, Tex.; spent early career on ranch; 
stage career, featured in "CTiildren of France." 
Screen career, early work with Paramount, Fox. 
M-G-M. Vehicles include "Silk Legs" (Fox), 
"The College Hero" (Columbia), "Slightly Used" 
(Warners), "Prince of Headwaiters" (First Na- 
tional). Hght., 5, SVs; wght., 145; brown hair, 
blue eves. 

AGNEW, Frances, scenarist, b. Anniston, Ala. 
N. V. reportorial newspaper experience; Holly- 
wood rep. Morning Telegraph. Scenario work in- 
cludes "Are Parents People?'^ "Gojden Princess," 
"Manneciuin" (Paramount); "Joy Girl," "Soft Liv- 
ing," "Silk Legs," "Summer Bachelors" (Fox); 
writing experience also with M-G-M and First 
Xatiiiiuil, co-scenarist on "None but the Brave" 

AHEARN, Thomas Joseph, writer, b. Dallas, 
Texas, Feb. 2i, 1904. Educ. Yale 47 Workshop, 
Notre Dame, Uni. of Dallas. Spec, in journalism, 
English and Ph. B. in journalism from Notre 
Dame. Entered pictures July 1928, selected from 
Vale 47 Workshop by Paramount. Sports, hand- 
ball and tennis. 

AINSLEE, Marion, scenarist, b. Kansas City, Mo. 
Early career, newspaper reportorial and special 
writini; Kansas City and St. Louis. Screen ca- 
reer, continuity for Louis B. Mayer Frank Bor- 
zage, Metro; has titled numerous productions, re- 
cent ones includ ng "Foreign Devils," "The ^lys- 
terious Lady" (M-G-M). 

ALBA, Marici, actress, b. Barcelona, .Spain, Dec. 
27. Licgal name, Maria Casajuana. Educ. Con- 
vent of iMother Escolspios, Barcelona. .Spec, in 
languages. Has lived in Madrid, Barcelona. 
Brussels. Entered pictures June 2, 1926. Played 
in "Her Blue Black Eyes," "Girl in Every Port," 
"Road House," "The Case of Mary Brown." 
.Sport, tennis. Wght. 104, black eyes and hair. 

ALBA, Orpha, actress. Educ. Chicago. Stage 
career, 25 years experience. Screen career, "The 
.Spirit uf (iood," "Her Honor the Mayor," "The 
Square Shooter" (Fox), "Why Get' Married?" 
(Asso. Ex.), "The Heart of Maryland" (Warners), 
"LHiick Triggers" (L'niv.). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 
160; brown eyes and hair. 

ALBEE, ELdward F., president. Keith-Albee-Or- 
pheum and member board of directors, Radio- 
Keith-Orpheum Corp.; b. Machias, iMaine, Oct. 
8. 1857; son of Nathaniel S. and Amanda A. 
(Crocker) Albee. old New England ancestry; to 
Boston as child. Educ. attended Boston school 
until age 12; worked at odd jobs and in 1876 
left home with Barnum's circus; 7 yrs. circus 
life in business dept.; back to Boston, 1883, and 
joined with K. F. Keith to found, designate and 
operate first "vaudeville" theatre; opened Gaiety 
theatre. Providence, 1887. as vaudeville house; 
Hijou theatre. Philadelphia, in 1889; the LInion 
.Square, New York City, 1893; became general 
manager of business, 1885; organized Cnited Book- 
ing Ofifice in connection Keith Theatres, 1900; 
became president of company upon death of Mr. 
Keith in 1914; firm name changed to Keith- Albee 
in 1924. owning and controlling over 300 theatres 
in l'. S. and Canada. Married Laura S. Smith, 
daughter of Frank and Mary (I^wis) Smith, of 
Boston; one daughter, Ethel Keith Albee, wife of 
Edwin G. Lauder, Jr., vice-president K-A-0; 
and one son. Reed Adelbert Albee. Clubs. New 
York Athletic, Rotary. Larchmont Yacht; Algon- 
quin and 15oston Athletic Asso. of Boston; Na- 
tional Vaudeville Artists Association; vice-presi- 
dent Actor's Fund of America; trustee, .St. 
.Stei)hen's College; honorary member Minute Men 
of Lexington. 
ALDEN, Mary, actress, b. New Orleans. La. 
Educ. Art Students League, N. Y. Spec, journal- 
ism, designing. Previous career, newspaper re- 
porter, stage. Entered pictures early in history 
of screen through success on stage. Productions 
include "Old Nest," "Milestones,'' "Lovely Mary," 
"Cossacks.'" "Ladies of the Mob," "iFools for 
Luck," "Sawdust Paradise." Clubs, Casa del 
Mar. Santa Monica. Cal.; The Woman Pays Club, 
N. Y. C. Hght. 5, 3; blue eyes, black hair. 



ALDEN, Victoria, actress, b. San Francisco, Calif., 
Feb. 23, 1907. Rels., Dr. B. F. Alden, father, 
surgeon in San Francisco; Leonle E. Alden, 
mother, descendant of John Alden of Mayflower 
and Daniel Webster. Educ, Miss Burke's School, 
San Francisco, Univ. of Calif. Sjiec. in art, 
dramatics, language. Previous career, amateur 
theatricals. Has lived in San Francisco, Paris, 
France; Los Angeles. Left college to enter pic- 
tures, Nov. 1927, happened to call at Tec Art 
Studio and was signed by director to play in 
"The District Doctor." Other pictures: "The Girl 
With the Golden Eyes," "The Dream Woman," 
"Redemption.'" Clubs: Woman's Athletic Club; 
Woman's Building Club, San Francisco. Sports, 
golf, swimming, tennis, horseliack riding, holds 
worlds' record for tuna fishing children's class, 
light. .S, S: wght. 120 dark blue eyes, blond hair. 

ALDERSON, Ervii;e, actor, b. Kansas City, Mo. 
Educ. L'niv. of Kansas. Screen career: "The 
White Rose" (Griffith), "The Exciters" (Par.), 
"Heart of Maryland," "Girl From (Tliicago,' 
"Fortune Hunter"' (Warners), "Fleetwing" (Fo.x). 

ALEXANDER, J. Grubb, writer, b. Scranton, Pa., 
Dec. 25. Educ. Lafayette College, Eastoti, Pa. 
Spec, literature and English, received Civil En- 
gineer degree. Previous career, civil engineer for 
1 yr. ; later theatrical business, vaud. producer, 
wrote sketches, songs, musical uumbers. Recent 
stage plays produced: "Wedlocked," "It's All a 
Gamble," "Loot." Screen career, over 10 yrs., 
started with LTniversal in East and later scenario 
editor in Universal in west; Paralta, Fox, now 
under contract to Warner Bros. Orig. "The 
Thunderbolt," "The Lone Wolf Returns" and over 
100 scripts. Others: "The Chinese Parrot," "Free- 
dom of the Press," "The Man Who Laughs,'' 
"Bargain in the Kremlin." Qubs: Phi Delta 
Theta Fraternity. Masons, Hollywood Athletic. 

ALEXANDER, "Fatty" Frank D., actor, b. Olym- 
pia. Wash.; educ. public and high schools. Ore. 
Early career, cowboy and stage driver; screen 
career, HX years with Keystone, Vitagraph; "Play 
Safe" (Pathe), "Heavyation," "Fleshy Devils," 
"Three Missing Links," "Heavy Infants" (FBO). 
Hght., 5, 8; wght., 350; grey eyes, brown hair. 

ALEXANDER, Richard, actor. Screen career, "The 
Fightin' Cnmeliack," "Marlie. The Killer," "The 
Leopard Lady"" (Pathe); "The Mysterious Lady" 
( Met ro - Gold wyn- Mayer). 

ALLAN, Marguerite, actress, b. Aug. 30, 1909. 
Educ. Petrograd and London. Has lived in Petro- 
grad, Moscow, Paris, Nice, London, Berlin. En- 
tered pictures in 1926. Screen career, "Widdi- 
combe Fair," "Thieves" (German), "Circus Wolf- 
son" (German). Sport, riding. Hght. 5, 2^; 
wght. 106; blue-grey eyes, light brown hair. 

ALLAN, Hugh, actor, b. Oakland, Cal.; educ. 
there; 2 yrs. at sea. Stage career, amateur the- 
atricals. Screen career, "Dress Parade," "Hold 
'Em Yale" (Pathe), "Little Annie Rooney" (LTnited 
Artists), "What Happened to Father," "Good 
Time Charley." "Beware of Married Men" (War- 
ners). "Wild Beauty" (Universal). 

ALLEN, Alfred, actor, b. Alfred, N. Y., Apr. 8, 
1866. Relatives, Mme. Alberti-Alberti, schl., 
Carnegie Hall, New York City, lecturer at Co- 
lumbia. Univ.; Mrs. G. G. Champlin, G. G. 
Champlin Reference Libraries, State Library, Al- 
bany, N. Y. Educ. Harvard, John, Hopkins, 
Columb'a LTnivs., Am. Acad., Dram. Arts., N. E. 
Conservatory of Music. Received A. B. & A. M. 
degrees at Alfred L^niv. Previous career, prof. 
at Alfred LTniv., teacher in Baltimore, geologist 
state survey of N. Y., editor &- pub. of "Florida." 
editor of "Dramatic Studies," prof, at DeMille & 
Alherti school & Amer. Acad, nf Dram. Arts, on 
staflf Dramatic Mirror, pres. N. Y. John Hop- 
kins Alumni, author, playwright, lectm-er. En- 
tered pictures at T^niversal City in 1913. Creator 
of "Hell Morgan," and others. "The Fifty-Fifty 
Girl," "Hot News," "Gold Braid." Clubs: Uni- 
versity Club, Troupers, Masons. Sports, hand- 
ball, squash, golf, fishing. Hght. 6; wght., 200; 
gray eyes and hair. 
ALLEN, Elsie, acress, b. Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 7. 
Educ. Atl.Tutic City, N. J. Spec. art. Previous 
career, amateur theatricals. Entered pictures in 
1928; won "Summer Girl" contest in Atlantic City. 
Screen career, "Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic 
City." .Sports, swimming, riding. Hght. 5, 7; 
wght. 125; hazel eyes, brown hair. Ad. Universal 
Studios, LTniversal City, Cal. 

ALLEN, Florence, actress. .Screen career, "The 
Radio Detective"' 'Universal), "Roadhouse" (Fox). 

ALL.EN, Harry, actor. Screen career, "Ella Cin- 
ders" (First National), "Corporal Kate"' (P.D.C.), 
"The Silent Hero" (Rayart), "The Adorable 
Cheat" (Chesterfield), "Two Lovers" (United 

ALLEN Samuel, actor. Screen career. Western 
Pict., Robertson-Cole, LTniversal, Preferred, Fox, 
Rayart, FBO, Warners, First Division. Work in- 
cludes "Blackjack" (Fox), "Death Valley" (First 
Divison), "Bashful Buccaneer," "Midnight Lim- 
ited," "Call of the Klondike" (Rayart), "Sea 
Beast" (Warners), "Mother" (FBO). 

ALLEN, Victor, actor. Screen career, "Rainbow 
Rangers" (Wm. Steiner), "Fast and Fearless" 
(Artclass), "Don X," "Lawless Trails" (A. G. 
Steen), "Sonora Kid," "Outlaw Dog" (FBO), 
"Greased Lightning" (Universal). 

ALGIER, Sidney, Studio and Production manager, 
b. Shamokin, Pa., Dec. 5, 1890. Brothers, Robert 
and Fred; sisters, Clara and Lillian, married. 
Educ. in Brooklyn. Was on stage as principal 
comedian in musical comedy; also stage director. 
Has lived in Shamokin, Brooklyn, Santa Barbara 
and Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1915. Tired 
of stage, realized opportunities in motion pictures. 
First became an acto'f and writer of comedies. 
Later took up production. Belongs to the Break- 
ers and Sea Breeze Clubs. Fav. sports, football, 
tennis and golf. Married to Wava Roberts Fos- 
ter. Bus. rep., Lichtig and Englander. Mailing 
ad., Tiffany-Stahl Productions. 

ALVARADO, Don, actor, b. Albuquerque, N. Mex.; 
educ. there. Early career, cowpuncher. Screen 
career, "Drums of I^ove," "Ramona," "Battle of 
the Sexes" (United Art'sts), "The Apache," 
"Scarlet Lady," "Driftwood" ((Columbia), "Break- 
fast at Sunrise" (First National), "Loves of Car- 
men," "ilVIonkey Talks," "No Other Woman 
(Fox), "Bridge of .San Luis Rey" (M-G-M), 
"Wife Who Wasn't Wanted," "Pleasure Buyers," 
"Night Cry," "His Tazz Bride" (Warners). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 160. 

AMANN, Bee, actress. Screen career, "The Kick- 
Oft"" (Excellent); "A Simple Sap" (Educational). 

AMATO, Pasquale, actor, b. Naples, Italy, 1878. 
Talent for singing discovered by Enrico Caruso. 
First engagement "Traviata" at Naples Opera 
House, later at Metropolitan Opera House. Screen 
debut," Glorious Betsy" (Warner Bros.). 

AMES, Robert, actor, b. Hartford. Conn., March 
23, 1889. Parents live in Hartford. Educ. there. 
Has been on stage. Lived in New York and 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1925 when C. B. 
DeMille made him offer to trv picture work. 
Played in "Without Jiloney," "Wedding Song." 
"Three Faces East," "Crown of Lies." Sport, 
golf. Hght. 5-10; wght. 155; blue eyes; blonde, 
hair. Married to Muriel Oakes. Two children, 
Robert, Jr. and Jane. Bus. rep., Edward Small 

ANDERSON, Doris, writer, b. Chico. California, 
Nov. 14, 1897. Educ. Univ. of Cal. Spec, in 
Philosophy, B. A. Previous career, newspaper, 
"L. A. Examiner" and Publicity. Lived in Oak- 
land, Berkeley and Los Angeles. Entered pictures 
in 1923. iMade acquaintance of executives through 
newspaper work and was gven an opportunity on 
continuity at FBO. Pictures include "Dooms- 
day," "Three Sinners," "Half a Bride" and "The 
Wolf of Wall Street." Clubs, Screen Writers' 

ANDERSON, James, actor. b. Maiden. ^lass. 
Screen career. "The Freshman," "The Nickle 
Hopper" (Pathe), "The College Boob" (FBO). 
"Buterflies in the Rain" (L^niv), "Fleetwmg ' 

ANDERSON, Robert, actor, b. Denmark; educ. 
there. Screen career. Fine Arts. Metro. Grif- 
fith, LTniversal, Paramount, Realart, Asher, 
Vitagraph, Asoc. Exhib., First National. FBO. 
Work includes "Temptress," "White Shadows 
in the South Seas" (M-G-iM). "Love Me and 
the World Is Mine," "Wrong Mr. Wright" 
lUnivcMsal). Hght.. 5. 10; wght., ISO; dark sandy 
b;iir, daik gray eyes. 

ANDERSON, Richard V., general sales manager, 
International Newsreel, L^iversal Pictures Corp.. 
b. Georgia. Has been in picture business for 20 
yrs.; was branch manager in South for Pathe 
and with International iNewsreel since its estab- 



HIGHLIGHTS: Direct descendant of John Alden. one of the 
"Pilgrims," who, in 1620, emigrated to America on the "Alay- 
flower" and founded the Plymouth Colony. While visiting a 
studio she was selected by a director to play a part — this was her 
first opportunity — Excels in all outdoor sports — Holds world's 
class record for Tuna fish catch — See Inograpliy. 



ANDREWS, Del., director and scenarist, b. and 
t'diic. St. J-iiuis, Mo.; prof, career began there; 
initial direction man for Thomas H. Ince; 16 yrs. 
as fihn editor, laboratory man, camera man, titler, 
scenarist, assistant director, director. Screen ca- 
reer, with Ince, Palmer Photoplays, First Na- 
tional, FBO, Universal. Recent work includes 
"Wild West Show," "Rawhide Kid," "Hero on 
Horseback" (Universal); "The Racket" (co- 
scenarist) (Paramount). 
ANTHONY, Jack, actor. Screen career, "The 
h'iphtinjj Marine" (Pathe), "Hellship Bronsor" 
ANTHONY, Walter, writer, b. Stockton, Calif., 
J'"eb. 1,'. Titled "Freedom of the Press" (Uni- 
APFEL, Oscar C, director b. and educ. Cleveland. 
O. Stage career, producer and director, Chi- 
cago Opera House, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, 
Bufifalo. Screen career, WorJd, Lasky, Fo.x, Sehg, 
Arrow, Producers Security, Hodkinson, Metro, 
Oscar Apfel Prod., Truart, Action Pict.; "The 
Valley of Hunted Men" (Action Pict.); "When 
Seconds Count" (Rayart) ; "Code of the Country" 
(Pathe); "Cheaters" (Tiflfany). 
APLING, Bert, actor, b. Madera, Cal.; educ. 
Fresno, Cal. Stage career, vaude, variety. Screen 
career started eight years ago., Par., Univ., Grif- 
fith, Vitagraph; "The New Champion" (Col.), 
"Horse Shoes" (Pathe), ".Men of Daring" (Univ.) 
"Wizard of the Saddle" (FBO). Hght., 6; wght., 
195; dark blue eyes, brown hair. 
ARBUCKLE, Andrew, actor, b. Galveston, Te.xas, 
ISSJ; educ. .St. l.ouis, Mo.; stage career,, vaud. 
playing Western characters. Screen career. Metro, 
Ince-Triangle, Artcraft. Marv Pickford. Goldwyn, 
\^itagraph, Educational; "The Fight'iitg Boob" 
(FBO), "Hazardous Valleys" (Elbee), "Clean 
Heart" (Vitagraph). Hght., S, 10; wght., 220; 
auburn hair, blue eyes. 
ARBUCKLE, Maclyn, actor Calso scenarist), b. 
San Antonio, Tex.; educ. Glasgow, Scotland; Bos- 
ton, Mass. Stage career, since 1888, in "The 
Emigrant," later in Chas. Froham Cos., Fraw- 
ley Stock Co., San Francisco; in "Why Smith 
Left Home," "Country Chairman," "Young Di- 
ana"; also in vaude. Screen career, made sev- 
eral of his stage vehicles into mo^vies and acted 
in other early film dramas. Has appeared in 
"Yolanda" (Cosmopolitan), "Janice Meredith" 
(M-G-M), "Gilded Highway" (Warners); also 
worked for Kernian, Truart, San Antonio Pict., 
VMtagraph. Hght.. 5, 9; wght., 235; brown hair, 
blue eyes. 
ARCHAINBAUD, George, director, b. Paris, 
France, May 8, 1890. Rels., parents living in Los 
Angeles; Emile Chautard, director, actor, Los 
Angeles. Educ, France. Spec, engineering, B. S. 
degree. Previous career, assistant business mgr.. 
Eclair Film Co., Paris, N. Y., on stage in Paris. 
Entered pictures 1910. Sent over by iEmile Chau- 
tard as assistant business mgr. for Eclair, became 
asst. direx:tor ta Chautard; directed first pictures 
under Wm. A. Brady. iPictures include "Com- 
mon Ijaw," "Men of Steel," "Grain of Dust," 
"Miracle,'' "Squads R'ght," "iMan in Hobbles." 
Clubs, Hollywood Athletic, Los Angeles Tennis. 
Sport, tennis. Bus. and Press Rep., Jack Gard- 
ner. Ad. TifTany-Stahl Prod., Hollywood, Cal. 
ARLEN, Richard, actor, b. Charlottesville, Va., 
Sept. 1. Parents reside Hollywood. Educ. St. 
Paul schls., St. Thomas Coll., V. of iPenn., spec, 
in Liberal Arts. Prior tO' entering pictures was 
in Royal Flying Corps, newsnaperman, athletic 
instructor, Texas Oil Fields. Has lived in Char- 
lottesville. Va., St. Paul, Minn.. New York, Lon- 
don, Breckenridge, Te^as. and Hollywood. iBegan 
picture work 1922. Appearances include "Wings," 
"The Blood Ship." "Ladies of the Mob," "Beg- 
gars of Life," "Manhattan Cocktail." "Four 
Feathers." Hght. 5, 10^: wght. 160; blue eyes, 
brown hair. Wife's prof, name Jobyna Ralston. 
.■\d. Paianmunt .Studios. 
ARMETTA. Henry, actor, b. Palermo, Italy, July 
4. 1888. Educ. public school. Spec, in languages. 
Previous career, stage actor. Has lived in Kew 
York, Milan, Palermo, Los Angeles. Entered pic- 
tures in May, 1915. through William Farnum. 
Pictures include: '•Street Angel," "Lady of the 
Pavements," "Alias Jimmy Valentine," "In Old 
Arizona." Hght. 5, 6: wght. 160; hazel eyes, dark 
hair. Three children. John (10), Rosalie and 
Louis (5). Bus. rep., Harry Wurtzel ; press rep., 
rXlfred Verrico. 

ARMSTRONG, Robert, actor, b. Saginaw, INIich., 
.\ov. 20, 1890. .M.ither resides New York City. 
Relatives, uncle, Rolf Armstrong, artist, BaysiJe, 
Long Island, _ N. Y. Educ. Univ. of Washington, 
Seattle, specialized law. 12 yrs on stage. Has 
lived in iBay City, Mich., Seattle, Wash., New 
York City. Prior to entering pictures, played 
stock in Nashville, Tenn., Des Moines, la., iMil- 
waukee. Wise. Was persuaded to enter film work 
August, 1927, by director William K. Howard, 
who saw actor's work in stage comedy "Is Zat 
So." Appearances include "A Girl in iEvery 
Port," as Scar Face Marcus in "The Cop," 
"Square Crooks," "Celebrity," "Show Folks," 
"Ned McCobb's Daughter','' "Shady Lady," 
"Leatherneck." Member Delta Tau Delta Fra- 
ternity, Lambs Club, Players Club (N. Y.), 
Masquers, Holly. Athletic C\uh, Rancho Golf 
Club, Santa, Monica Swim. Club. Sport, golf. 
Hght., 5, 10;^; wght. 165; brown eyes, brown 
hair. Wife's professional name Ethel Kent. 
Bus. rep., Jessie Wadsworth; press rep., Nancy 
Smith. Ad. Pathe Studios, Culver City, Cal. 
ARONSON, Alexander S., general European repre- 
sentative World Wide Pictures, Inc., b. New York 
City, July 4, 1881. Educ. there. Picture career, 
started in 1914 with World Film Corp.; was one 
of the organizers of Regal Films, Canada, in 
1916; joined the Goldwyn Company in 1918 as 
Western Division manager, later becoming vice- 
president in chatge of sales; joined Metro-Gold- 
wyn- Mayer as general European representative 
and remained until 1928; associated with J. D. 
Williams in organization of World Wide Pictures. 
ARTHUR, Jean, actress, b. New York City, Oct. 
17. Parents reside Hollywood. Educ. New York 
schools. Was commercial model in New York. 
Has resided in New York, Portland, Maine, Jack- 
sonville, Fla., Los Angeles, Cal. Applied for 
screen work at Fox Eastern studios, was given 
test and signed. Appeared "Canary Murder 
Case," "Warming LTp." Sports, football ana 
swimming. Hght., 5, 4; wght., 116; hazel eyes, 
brown hair. Ad. Paramount studios. 
ARTHUR, George K., actor, b. Aberdeen, Scotland, 
Jan. 27. 1.S99. Parents living. Educ. Rugby, En|f- 
land. _ Was soldier in British army, 1914-19'9. 
Has lived in London, Paris, Ix)s Angeles. Began 
screen career following World War; was play- 
ing on stage when seen by H. G. Wells, and 
chosen by him for title role in his novel, "Kipps." 
Portrayals include. "Hollywood." "Ladies of the 
Night," "Salvation Hunters,'' "Rookies," "Irene," 
"Baby Mine," "Detectives," "Brotherly Love." 
]\Iember Hollywood A. C, Rancho Golf Club. 
Sports, swimming and squash. Hght. 5, 6; wght. 
135; brown eyes, brown hair. Wife's professional 
name, iMilba K. Lloyd (sculptor). 1 child. Jean 
Arthur. Bus. rep., iEJeanor Nyvelt. Ad. i^Ietro- 
frtildwyn-iMayer Studios. 
ARTHUR, Johnny, actor, b. Scottdale, Pa.; educ 
there. Was on legit, stage at early age. Playeo 
featured parts with Guy Bates Post, Wm. Collier. 
Lou Tellegen, Leo Dietrichstein. Appeared in 
"Some Baby," "Fair and Warmer," "Parlor, Bed- 
room and Bath," "Up in .Mabel's Room," "Ladies 
Night"; produced "Paid in Full" in London, and 
played in "Three Spoons Full" there. Entered 
movies in "iMlle. Midnight," followed by "Dar- 
ing Love." Featured in "Monster," "Unknown 
Purple." Played for three seasons in Educational- 
Tuxedo two-reelers. Recent release is the Flduca- 
tionalCoronet talkie comedy, "The Eligible Mr. 
Bangs." Sports, fishing, boating. Hght., 5, 8; 
wght., 140. 
ARZNER, Dorothy, director, b. San Francisco. 
Educ. Westlake .School for Girls, Los Angeles. 
Univ. Soaithern California. Spec, in psychology, 
philosophy, drama, English. Has Bachelor of 
Arts degree. Was stenographer; physician's as- 
sistant, and Red Cross ambulance driver. Lived 
in San Francisco, Los Angeles. N. Y. Entered 
pictures 1920. through William de M'lle, as script 
tvnist in scenario department. Has directed 
"Fashions for Women," "Ten Modern Command- 
ments.'' "Get Your iMan," "Manhattan Cocktail" 
(Paramount). Sports, tennis, hiking, riding. 
ASHER, Max, actor, b. Oakland. Cal., 1879; educ. 
oub. sc''ls. thtre. Stage career. Peoples St(x;k. 
(lakl.ind, with Lcu'se and Kale in musical comedy 
for 4 yrs. Screen career began with Kevstone, 
Universal, ^'itagraph. Hodkinson, FBO, Rayart. 
Pathe, Famous Players, First National. .'Sterling. 
Assoc. Exhib.. iMetro. Has appeared in "We're 

Recent Productions: 

"REPUTATION" for TifFany-Stahl and "THE IRON MASK," a 
Douglas Fairbanks Production— "THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES," 
a D. W. Griffith Production for United Artists. 

Highlights for Photoplay Editors: 

Long career on stage. Began life beneath the big top of her father — 
Billie Bennett's circus tent. Trouped with his show at age of two. 
Became expert trapese performer. Played first dramatic lead with 
Bennett's stock company at age of thirteen. Starred in pictures for 
Triangle company twelve years ago. Returned to New York stage 
for three seasons. Starred in "Stella Dallas," which brought her back 
into pictures to stay. 




ill the Navy Now" (Paramount), "Avenging 
Fangs," "Crazy Like a Fox" (Pathe), "Lost at 
the Front" (First National), "Painting the Town" 
(Universal), "Burning Up Broadway" (Sterling). 
Hght., 5, 9; wght., 205; dark hair, eyes and 
ASHER, Roleuid, writer and director. Screen ca- 
reer, d>ected Buster Brown comedies (Universal); 
wrote scenarios for "Chinatown Charlie" (First 
National), Newlyweds and Their Baby comedies 
ASHTON Sylvia, actress, b. in mid-ocean of 
American parents. Stage career, IS yrs. in stock 
and on lour. Screen career, "Old Wives for 
New," "Don't Change Your Husband," "Why 
Change Your Wife?" "Conrad in Quest of II s 
Youth," "The Love Special," "For the Defense," 
"While Satan Sleeps," "Daughter of Luxury," 
"Manslaughter," "White Flower" (Paramount), 
"Hold Your Horses," "Souls for Sale" (Goldwyn), 
"The Blushing Bride" (Fox), "Garments of the 
Truth," "Youth to Youth," "Greed" (Metro), 
Cheating Cheaters" (LTniversal), "Leopard Lady" 
(Pathe), "Ladies Night in a Turkish Bath" (First 
National). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 140; blond hair, 
blue eyes. 
ASTAIRE, Marie, actress, b. Chicago; educ. there. 
Screen career, "Lights Out," "Nerve Tonic," 
"Dummies" (FBO), "The Mad Whirl," "The 
Trice of Pleasure" (Univ.), "The Last Man On 
Earth" (Fox), "Boobs In the Woods" (Pathe). 
Hght., 5, 3; wght., 120; hazel eyes, brown hair. 
ASTHER, Nils, actor, b. Malmo, Sweden, Jan. 17. 
Mother resides Stockholm, Sweden. Educ. schools 
ill Stockholm, L^niv. of Lund. Spec, in mathe- 
matics, languages, history, national diplomatic 
service training. Early career was spent as Gov- 
ernment service man, as an athlete, and on stage. 
Has lived in all important cities in Europe. 
Asther's first appearance in pictures resulted 
from being seen by Mauritz Stiller in news reel 
scene as winner of ski-race. Later filled stage 
engagement in Copenhagen, and then received 
honor to play at Theatre Royal. Stockholm. 
Came to U. S. 1027, under contract to Jos. M. 
.Schenck, with M-G-M 1928. Screen appearances, 
"Sorrell and Son," "The Loves of an Actress," 
"The Blue Danube," "The Cossacks," "Tbe Card- 
board Lover," "Adrienne Lacouvreur." Member 
of various institutions in Europe, Hollywood Ath- 
letic Club. Sports, horseback riding, motoring, 
hiking. Hght. 6, lyi; wght. 165; hazel eyes, brown 
hair. Ad. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayo Studios, Culver 
City. Cal. 

ASTOR, Gertrude, actress, b. Lima, Ohio. Educ. 
Cleveland, O. Early career, stage. Early screen 
career, "Thru the Back Door," (Mary Pickford 
Prod.), "The Great Moment." "Impossible Mrs. 
Bellew," "Stage Struck," "Ne'er Do Well" (Para- 
mount), "The Wall Flower" (Goldwyn), "Rupert 
of Hentzau" (Selznick), "Alice Adams" (Assoc. 
Exhib). Has also appeared in "Flaming Youth," 
"Kiki," "Strong Man," "Don Juan's Three 
Nights" (First National), "Wife 'Who Wasn't 
Wanted," "Satan in Sables," "Ginsberg the 
Great" (Warners), "Laughing Ladies," "Dizzy 
Daddies," "Wife Tamers," "Tell 'Em Nothing" 
(Pathe), "Boy Friend," "Taxi Dancer," "Family 
Group" (M-G-M), "Old Soak," "Cheerful Fraud,;' 
"Cat and the Canary," "Irresistible Lover," 
"Cohens and Kellys in Paris," "Small Bachelor" 
(Univeisal), "Country Beyond" (Fox), "Dame 
Chance" (ACA), "Shanghaied," "Hit of the Show" 
(FBO), "Oh, What a Man" (Educational), "Sin 
Cargo" (Tiffany). Hght., 5, 7'X; wght., 138; light 
hair, gray eye's. 
ASTOR, Mary, actress, b. Quincy, 111. Educ. 
(Juincy, Cbicago, Kenwood Loring Schl. Spec. 
dramatic art. Previous career, artist's model for 
Chas. Albin. Entered pictures with Tri-Art in 
two-reelers. Pictures include, "Don Q," "Don 
Juan," "Beau Brummel.'' "Rough Riders." "Two 
Arabian Knight," "Dressed to Kill." "Dry Mar- 
tini." Hght. 5. 6; auburn hair. Husband's prof, 
name, Kenneth Hawks. Ad., Fox Studios, Holly- 
wood, Cal. 
AUBREY, James, actor, b. Liverpool, Eng. Educ. 
Liverpool. Stage career, Fred Karno's "Night in 
English Music Hall," doing the Terrible Turk 
(orig), vaud., and inus. comedy. Screen career. 
Starlight Pathe comedies, Vitagraph, Selznick, 
Standard Cinema, FBO, Davis, Pathe; "A Simple 
Sap" (Educational), "Wilful Youth" (Peerless); 
'"The Down Grade" (Lumas); "The Tale of the 

Shirt" (Universal), "When Seconds Count," 
"Gallant Fool," "Call of the Klondike" (Rayart). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 165; blue eyes, brown hair. 
AUBURN, Joy, actress, b. Chicago, 111., Jan. 13, 
1904. Parents living. Educ. Graduate High 
School, Omaha, Nebr. Spec, in French, music, 
dramatics. On completion of school work, be- 
came secretary to father. In 1924 was chosen 
"Miss Nebraska" in beauty contest, and later 
won second place in National contest. Was given 
10 wks. contract at .Shubert's Winter Garden, and 
later appeared in Ziegfeld Follies. Has lived in 
Omaha, Chicago, New York City, Hollywood. 
Through etforts of Gus Edwards, was given first 
screen work by Allan Dwan in 1926. Important 
appearances include, "The Terrible People," 
"Mother Knows Best," "The Dog Wins.'' iNIem- 
ber of Monmarte Girls Club. Sports, tennis, danc- 
ing, swimimng. Hght. 5, 4; wght. 123; brown 
eyes, auburn hair. Bus. rep., Frank Arzatti; 
press rep., Billy Joy. Ad. Hollywood 'Vagabond, 
Hollywood. Cal. 
AUSTIN, William, actor, b. Georgetown, British 
Guiana, June 12. Educ, pub. schls., Reading 
College, Eng. Previous career, business in Shang- 
hai, (Thina; Morosco Stock Co., Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures in 1921, offered parts while in 
stock. Pictures include, "Ruggles of Red Gap," 
"Swim Girl Swim," "Fifty- Fifty Girl," "Just 
Married," "Someone to Love." Sports, golf, mo- 
toring. Hght. 6, 1; wght, 170; blue eyes, brown 
hair. Ad., Paramount Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 
AUSTIN, Frank, actor, b. Mound City, Mo. Screen 
cereer, "The Desert Demon" (Artclass), "Sea 
Horses" (Par.), "The Blue Boy," "The Mona 
Lisa" (Edi'c), "The Desert Bride" (Columbia). 
AVERY, Patrica, actress. Screen career, "Annie 
Laurie" (i\Ietro-Goldwyn-Mayer), "A Light in 
the Window" (Rayart), "Night Life" (Tiffany- 
Stahl), "Alex the Great" (FBO). 
AYRES, Agnes, actress, b. Chicago, 111.; educ. 
there. Screen career, Essanay, Vitagraph, O. 
Henry-General, Fox; "A i^Iodern Salome' 
(Metro), "Go and Get It" (First National), "iHeld 
by the Enemy," "Heart'^' "Marriage 
Maker," "Ten Commandments," "Don't Call It 
Love," "Bluft," "Guilty One," "Story Without 
a Name," "Worldly Goods," "Tomorrow's Love," 
"Forbidden Fruit," "Love Special," "Cappy 
Ricks," "Affairs of Anatole," "Sheik," "Lane 
That Has No Turning," "Bought and Paid For," 
"Ordeal," "Borderland," "Clarence," "Daughter 
of Luxury," "Racing Hearts" (Paramount), 
"When a Girl Loves" (Assoc. Exhib.), "The 
Awful Truth" (P.D.C.), "Morals for Men" (Tif- 
fany),' "Son of the Sheik" (United Artists), 
"Eve's Love Leters" (Pathe), "Lady of Victory" 
(M-G-M). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 120; blonde hair, 
blue eyes. 

— B— 

BACLANOVA, acress, b. iMoscow, Russia. Par- 
ents residing iMoscow. Educ. Moscow- Institute. 
Appeared on stage at Moscow Art Theatre, and 
in Morris Gest's productions, "Carmencita," "The 
Soldier" and "The Miracle." Has lived in Mos- 
cow, Petrograd, New York and Hollywood. Began 
screen work in 1927. Pictures include: "For- 
gotten Faces,'' "The Docks of New York," "The 
Street of Sin," "The Wolf of Wall Street," "Ava- 
lanche." Hght. 5. 4; wght. 123; gray eyes, 
blonde hair. Married. Ad. Paramount Studios, 

BACON, Lloyd F., director, b. San Jose, Cal., Dec. 
4, 1890. iMother lives in Mountain View, Cal. 
.Son of late Frank Bacon, famous stage star of 
"Lightnin'." Educ. pub. sch., San Francisco, 
.Santa Clara College. Spec, in law. Was on 
stage. Liver in N. Y., Kansas City, Omaha, 
Chicago, .San Francisco, Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures 1914. Directed "White Flannels." "Lion 
and the iMouse," "Women They Talk About," 
"Singing Fool," "Stark Mad.'' .Sport, yachting. 
Daughter, Frances Elizabeth Bacon. 14. 

BACHMAN, J. G., asso. producer. Paramount, b. 
Russia, iMay 1, 1891. Rel., father living in New 
York. Educ. New York City, spec, in mathe- 
matics, B. A. degrmee. Prev. career, C. P. A. 
Has lived in Warsaw and New York. Entered 
pictures in 1916. Produced or supervised: "Tlje 
Last Command," "Easy Come, Easy Go," "Sport- 
ing Goods," "Sawdust Paradise," "Warming Up," 

A, H, Blank 


A. H. Blank Theatre 


AH. BLANK is among the foremost 
motion picture exhibitors of the 
9 United States. He has been asso- 
ciated with the industry since the earliest 
"shooting gallery" days. Born in Roumania, 
Mr. Blank at the age of nine years went 
straight to Iowa and has lived in the tall 
corn state ever since. 

A. H. Blank has invariably kept step with 
the motion picture industry since he showed 
his first picture. From boyhood, amusements 
appealed to him and back in 1898, at the 
time of the Trans-Mississippi exposition, he 
was dabbling in concessions. Variously em- 
ployed during the Winter months, the young 
Blank lived for Summertime when he made 
the rounds of the state and county fairs of 
the Middle West. 

In 190 5 Mr. Blank made a serious effort 
to forget amusements and take up the call- 
ing of loans and real estate. In 1912, how- 
ever, the lure proved altogether too powerful 
and he became interested in one of Des 
Moines' first motion picture theatres, the 
Casino. He eventually sold a half interest at 
a good profit, took a long lease on a store 
building and erected the Garden Theatre in 
the Spring of 1914. The Garden was a real 
pioneer theatre, with uniformed ushers, a 
good organ, a tiny orchestra, a real stage 
and a cooling system. 

The tremendous success of this house en- 
couraged Mr. Blank to build theatres in 
Davenport, Omaha, and thus he laid the 
foundation for the theatrical chain which 
now spreads across Iowa from East to West, 
from North to South and extends into 
Nebraska and Illinois, and which flaunts the 

well-known ad-line, "Direction A. H. Blank." 

In 1916 Mr. Blank took his first step into 
distribution, associating himself with W. W. 
Hodkinson and S. A. Lynch in the Triangle 
Distributing Company. The same year he 
represented Selznick pictures in Iowa, Ne- 
braska, Missouri and Kansas. A year later 
he was one of the original franchise holders 
in First National Pictures, representing Iowa, 
Nebraska and Kansas. In 1920 he began his 
long service on the executive committee of 
that organization. 

Thrilling Des Mloines in 1917 with the 
handsome Des Moines Theatre, Mr. Blank 
continued building his chain with the Rialto 
in Omaha. In May, 1926, he sold a half 
interest in his theatres to the Publix Theatres 
Corporation, retaining his personal direction 
of all houses. Huge atmospheric theatres 
have been built by him in Omaha, Waterloo 
and Cedar Rapids, serving to bring ultra- 
modern motion picture exhibition to Iowa 
and Nebraska. His theatres were the first in 
the section to boast sound installation. 

As in all of his enterprises, Mr. Blank has 
never lagged behind the times in the motion 
picture industry. He has pioneered every new 
phase as it has developed; he has taken cog- 
nizance of every new development in exhibi- 
tion and has dexterously weaved it into his 
manipulation of his theatre chain. 

Mr. Blank has made his home in Des 
Moines and with one son at Brown University 
and the other just emerging from high school 
he faces the future of motion pictures en- 
tirely confident and quite content with what- 
ever startling chances the years may bring 



"Moraii of the Marines," "Docks of New York," 
"Interference," "S!ns of the Fathers," "Redskin." 
Sport, polo. Children, Lawrence, 16 yrs.; Dorothy, 
12 yrs.; Lucille Bachniann, 9 yrs. 

BADER, David, accessory sales manager, L'niversa! 
Pictures Corp., b. Mar. 4, 1901, N. Y. C. Educ. 
at Columbia and California Universities. News- 
paper and magazine work. Entered the film 
business in 1919 as clerk with Un.versa.l. Became 
secretary in 1920 to Julius Stern, of Stern Bros. 
Managed the country-wide tour of Baby Peggy; 
in 1924 situated with the Universal exchanges in 
England, Scotland and Ireland. In 1925 became 
personal representative of Carl Laemmle in terri- 
tories of the east and west. In 1926, assumed his 
present post. 

BADGER, Clarence, director, b. San Francisco, 
Calif., June 8. Educ. at Boston Polytechnic In- 
stitute; spec, in engineering. Engaged in en- 
graving business in San Francisco previous to 
the fire of 1906. Lost everything and turned to 
pictures. Has lived in Boston, San Francisco, 
\. V. and Hollj'wood. Entered pictures 1915. 
Mack Sennett offered him job in scenario depart- 
ment. Directed "Julilo," "Paths to Paradise," 
"The Campus Flirt," "It," "Red Hair," "Swim 
Girl Swim," "Three Week Ends," "She's a 
Shick."' Sports, motoring, golf, hunting. Bus. 
rep.. Paramount Famous Lasky Studio, HoJly- 
wotxi, Cal. 

BAGGOT, King, director, b. St. Louis, Mo.; educ. 
there at Christian Brothers College. Stage career 
actor in stixrk cos. under nigmt. of Frohnian, 
Uebler and Co., Shuberts, etc.; starred in "The 
Violation." Screen career, actor, star for 8 yrs., 
"Dwelling Place of Light" (B. B. Hampton Prod.), 
"Thirteenth Piece of Silver" (Pathe), "Life's 
Twist" (Robertson-Cole), "The Cheater, "Lovely 
Mary" (Metro); "Forbidden Thing" (Dwan), "Girl 
in the Taxi," "Notorious Lady" (First National); 
played in over 300 pictures. Also directed "Moon- 
light Follies," "The Girl Who Knew All About 
Men," "Nobody's Fool," "Kissed," "Human 
Hearts," "Kentucky Derby," "Lavender Bath 
Lady," "Dangerous Game," "Love Letter," "Gos- 
sip," "The Town Scandal," "Crossed Wires," 
"Darling of N. Y.," "Whispered Name,' "Gaiety 
Girl," "Tornado," "Raffles," 'Home Maker," 
"Perch of the Devil," "Down the Stretch" (Uni- 
versal); "Tumbleweeds" (United Artists); "House 
of Scandals" (Tiffany-Stahl). Hght., 6; wghi., 
185; brown hair, blue eyes. 

BAILEY, Wm. N., actor, b. Omaha, Nebr.; educ. 
Milwaukee, Wise. Stage career, 15 yrs. many 
productions; mgmt. K. and E., Pabst Eng. Stock 
Co., Milwaukee. Screen career, Essanay, Mutual, 
World; directed comedies for Universal, Rolfe- 
Metro; Wharton, Blackton, Metro, Goldwyn, Tri- 
angie, C. C. Burr, Selznick, P.D.C., Columbia, 
Educational. Appeared in "Hit of the Show," 
"Man in the Rough" (FBO), "Stronger Will" 
(Excellent), "Masked Menace," "House Without 
a Key," "Melting Millions", (Pathe serials); 
"High School Hero" (Fox), "Wild Beauty" 
(Universal). "Ransom's Folly" (First National). 

BAINBRIDGE, W. H., actor, b. England; educ. 
there. Early career, mining engineer. Screen 
career, "God's Country and the Woman" (Vita- 
graph), "Passion Fruit" (Metro), "The Heart of 
the Hills" (Mary Pickford), "The White Pan- 
ther" (Phil Goldstone), "Quick Triggers" (Univ.). 
Hght., 5, 11 H; wght., 190; dark blue eyes, brown 

BAIRD, Leah, actress, b. Chicago, III. ; educ. there. 
Screen career. International, Hodkinson, Arrow, 
Columbia. Appeared in "Hearts of the First 
Empire," "Absinthe," "Neptune's Daughter," 
"People vs. John Doe," "One Law For Both," 
"Echo of Youth" (International), "A? a Man 
Thinks," "The Capitol," "Cynthia of the Minute" 
Hodkinson), "The Heart Line," "King Harold" 
(Pathe), "Don't Doubt Yoiir Wife," "When the 
Devil Drives," "When Husbands Deceive," "Is 
Divorce a Failure?" "Destroying Angel." "Mira- 
cle Makers." "Barriers Burned Away" (Assoc. 
Exhib.), "Unnamed Woman" (Arrow), "Spangles" 
(Universal), "Stolen Pleasure" (Columbia), "Re- 
turn of Boston Blackie" (First Division). Also 
wrote and scenarized "Devil's Island" (Chadwick). 
Formed with F. X. Bushman one of the screen's 
first co-starring teams. Also "Henry and Polly" 
comedies (Pathe). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 148; dark 
hair, brown eyes. 

BAKER, C. Graham, writer, b. Evansville, Ind. 
Kels., parents living in Brooklyn, N. Y. Previous 
career, newspapers. Has lived in New York City 
and Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1914, selling 
number of or.ginal stories. Editor for Vitagraph, 
writer for Inspiration, Fox, Universal. Produc- 
twns include: "The Singing Fool," "The Air 
(Tircus," "Conquest," "Honor Bound," "White 
Flannels," Capt. Blood," "Fancy Gaggage," 
"Honky Tonk," "She Knew Men,'' Alimony 
Annie." Clubs, Friars, Masquers, Writers. 

BAKER, Dora, actress, b. Bahimore, Md. Educ. 
at ,\(itre Dame Convent, Baltimore, Md. Has 
l>ecn on stage. Lived in Baltimore, Seattle, San 
Francisco. Entered picture business in 1912. Plays 
mother parts. Has played in "The Man Higher 
Up," "Riding to Fame." Belongs to Troupers 
Club and to Catholic Daughters of America. 
.Sports, golf, bridge. Hght. 5, 5; wght. 200; dark 
brown eyes ; dark brown hair. Married. 

Daughter, Doris, was noted child actress. 

BAKER, Eddie, actor, legal name, Edwin King 
Baker. b. Washington, D. C, Nov. 17, 1897. 
Parents live with him. He was educ. at Wash- 
ington, D. C. Spec, in dramatics. Was in small 
stock company owned by his father, Edwin Baker. 
Has lived in Washington, New York and Nogales, 
Ariz. Entered pictures in 1913. Started as a prop 
boy with American Biograph Co. Started playing 
bits for old Joker Comedy Co. at Universal. Has 
played heavies in Christie comedies. Now doing 
heavy in Karl Dane and Geo. K. Arthur picture 
"All At Sea." Belongs to Cahuenga Lodge of 
F. & A. M. No. 513, 233 Club, American Legion 
Post No. 43, Deauville Beach Club. Sports, hunt- 
ing and fishing. light. 6, 1; wght. 225; blue 
eyes, brown hair. Married. Daughter, Helen 
.Mae Baker, 7. Ad. Christie Studio, Hollywood, 

BAKER, Betty, actress. Screen career, "Two Dol- 
lars, iPlease" (Universal), "The Galloping Gobs" 
"The Skedaddle Gold" (Pathe). 

BAKER, Frank, actor. Screen career, " 'Scar' 
Hanan" (FBO), "Red Blood and Blue" (Robert- 
son-Cole), "Wolf's Trail" (Universal). 

BAKEWELJU WiUam, actor, b. Los Angeles, Cal., 
May 2, 1908. Educ. Harvard Military Acad., 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in June, 1925. 
Pictures include "West Point," "Mother,"' "Iron 
Mask," "Battle of the Sexes," "Annapolis," "Hot 
StufT." Club, Masquers. Sports, tennis, horse- 
back riding. Hght, 5, 11; wght. 143; gray eyes, 
brown hair. Bus. rep., Ernest S. (Towell, Inc.; 
press rep., Dave Epstein. 

BALFOUR, Betty, actress, b. England, Mar. 27, 
1903. Educ. privately. Stage career, G. B. Coch- 
rane's Revues. Has lived in l.ondon, Paris, Ber- 
lin, Nice, Vienna. Entered pictures in 1920. Pic- 
tures include "Little Bit of Fluff," "Cihampagne," 
"Paradise," "Daughter of the Regiment." Hght. 
5, 2; wght. 98; blue eyes, blonde hair. Press rep., 
Talbott F. C. Carpenter. 

BANCROFT, George, actor, b. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Parents residing Philadelphia. Educ. "Tome In- 
stitute, Port Deposit, Md., United States Naval 
Acad., Annapolis. Appeared in New York stage 
productions, "The Trail of Lonesome Pine," "Paid 
in Full," "Old Bill, M. P.," "Cinders," "Rise of 
Rosy O'Reilly." Has resided in Philadelphia, Pa., 
New York, Los Angeles, HollywcKid. Screen 
career began in 1921, when selected by Charles 
Brabin to play mountaineer role in "Driven.'' 
Screen work, "Old Ironsides," "Underworld," 
"Wolf of Wall Street," "Docks of New York," 
"Showdown," "Dragnet." Member 233 Club, Ma- 
sons. Sports, swimming, wrestling, boxing, rid- 
ing, golf, rowing. Hght. 6, 2; wght. 195; blue 
eyes, dark brown hair. Married. Ad. Paramount 
Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 

BANKS, Monty, actor, b. Cesena, Italy. Father 
residing in Italy. Relatives, two sisters, married 
and living in Cesna, Italy. Educ. France and 
Italy. Eccentric dancer on stage. Has lived in 
Rome, New York, Los Angeles, London. Idea to 
become screen actor, was conceived while dancer 
in N. Y. cabaret. First work in films as stunt 
man in "Fatty" Arbuckle picture landed him in 
hospital. Upon recovery, secured work in Mack 
Sennett comedies. Appearances, "Horse Shoes," 
"Atta Boy,'' "Perfect Gentleman," "Flying 
Luck"; has since made several European produc- 
tions. Sports, golf and swimming. Hght. 5, 6; 
wght. 135; dark eyes, black hair. Bus rep., 
William Jenner, Hollywood, Cal. 



BANKY, Vilma, actress, b. Budapest, Hungary. 
Educ, Budapest, Berlin, Paris. Spec, languages, 
dramatic arts, philosophy. Previous career, stage, 
Berlin, Budapest. Has lived in Budapest, Paris, 
Berlin, Munich, N. Y., Hollywood. Entered pic- 
tures in 1923, "Dark Angel," "Winning of Bar- 
bara Worth," "Night of Love," "Magic Flame," 
"Two Lovers," "Awakening." Sports, tennis, 
horses. Hght. 5, 6; wght. 121 ; blue gi1ay eyes, 
blonde hair. Husband's prof. name. Rod La 
Roc(iue. Ad. United Artists Studio, Hollywood, 
BARD, Ben, actor, b. Milwaukee, Wise, Jan. 23. 
Educ, Milwaukee and Chicago grade sch.. North 
Western Univ. Stage career, 6 yrs. with Shuberts 
in \\'inter Garden priKl. as "Bard and Pearl.'' 
Began screen career with F*ox in 1925 in "My 
Own Pal." Latest pictures include: "Seventh 
Heaven," "No Other Woman," "Secret Studio," 
"Dressed to Kill," "Romance of LTnderworld." 
("lubs, Milwaukee Newsboys Club. Sports, golf, 
boxing, horses. Hght. 5, 10'/^; wght. 160; dark 
brc^wn hair and eyes. aMiling ad., Wni. Fox 
Studio. Bus, rep., Edward Small Co. 
BARKER, Bradley, actor, b. Hempstead, L. I.; 
educ. New York. Stage career, 5 yrs. dramatic 
stock. Screen career. Famous Players, Acme, 
Metro; has played in "God's Crucible" (Hodkin- 
son). "Silas Marner" (Assoc. Exhib.l, "Secrets 
of Paris," (Bennett); "The Fair Cheat" (FBO), 
"Fighting Blade", (Inspiration), "Leavenworth 
Case" (Vitagraph), "Twenty One," "The Live 
Wire," "Rainbow Riley," "The Brown Derby" 
(First National); "Into the Net," "Combat" 
(Pathe); "Man Without a Heart" (Banner); 
"Early Bird." "Crackerjack" (C. C. Burr); "Play- 
things of Desire" (Tans); "False Pride" (Astor) ; 
"His Rise to Fame" (Excellent); "The Potters," 
"Rubber Heels" (Paramount). Hght., 5, 11; wght. 
180; dark complexion, dark brown hair, hazel 
eyes. Also writes scenarios. 
BARKER, Reginald, director-producer, b. Winni- 
peg, Canada, 1886, educ. Scotland and Cal. Early 
career, stage actor, small stock parts, leading 
man in travelling co., had his own stock CO., 
wrote, produced, directed and acted in his own 
play; was actor and assistant mgr. with Walker 
Whiteside, Los Angeles, and Henry Miller, N. Y. 
Screen career, Ince, W. S. Hart's first, "The Bar- 
gain," "The Turn of the Wheel," "The Hell-Cat." 
".Shadows," "The Stronger Vow," "The Brand." 
"Crimson Gardenia," "Girl from the Outside," 
"Bonds of I>ove," "Poverty of Riches," "Flame ot 
the Desert," "Woman and the Puppet," "Danger- 
ous Days," "Branding Iron," "Godless Men," 
"The Old Nest" (Goldwyn) ; "Hearts Aflame,' 
"Eternal Struggle," "Pleasure iMad," "Woman 
Who Give," 'Broken Barriers." "Dixie Handi- 
cap," "Great Divide," "White Desert," "Flaming 
Forest," "Frontiersman," "Body and Soul," 
(Metro); "Riflf Bang Buddy" (Artclass) ; "When 
the Door Opened" (Fox); "The Storm" (Uni- 
BARNES, T. Rov, actor, b. Lincoln, England; educ. 
LTtica. N. Y. .Stage career, "Red Canary." "Pass- 
ing Show of 1914," "See My I^awyer," "Over 
The Top"; vaude. 12 vrs. ."^creen career, "Scratch 
My Back," "Great White Way" (Goldwyn); "So 
Ixmg Letty" (Christie); "See My Lawyer," 
(Rcbertson-Cole) ; "A Kiss in T'me," "Her Face 
Value," "Exit the Vamp," "Old Homestead," 
"Adam and Eva," "The Go-Getter," "Crowded 
Hi-vur," (Paramount); "Young Ideas," "Butter- 
fly," (XTniversal) ; "Reckless Romance," (P.D.C.); 
".Seven Chances." "Body and Soul," (Metro); 
"Recreation of Brian Kent," (Principal) ; "I^adies 
of Leisure." (Columbia) ; "Dangerous Friends." 
(Ginsberg); "Unknown Cavalier," "Tender Hour," 
".Smile, Brother, .Smile," (First Nat'onal); "A 
Regular Scout," (FRO); "Oiicago." (Pathe-De 
Milled Hght., 6; wght., 1.5.5; light hair, blue 
BARRAUD, Georcre, actor, b. London, England. 
Dec. 17, 189.1. Educ. privately in England. Pre- 
vious career, artist, book illustrator, art editor, 
iournalist. Has lived in N. Y., London. Paris. 
Entered pictures in Anr., 1928. through success 
of "Interference" at Hollywood Playhouse. Re- 
cent pictures, "Missing Man" (Pathe). "Ned iMc- 
Cobb's Daughter," "Bellamy Trial." "Tronic 
Madness." Sports, golf. Hght.. 5, U-'H ; wght. 
156; blue e^'es, brown hair. Bus. rep., Ruth 

BARRIE, Nigel, actor, b. Calcutta, India. Educ. 
llalleyburg College, England. Stage career, with 
.Sir Frank Benson, Sir Herbert Tree, Fred Terry, 
John Drew. Grace George, leads in "Count of 
Luxemburg," "Gypsy Love," "The Laughing Hus- 
band"; prof, vaude. dancer with Joan Sawyer. 
Screen career. Select, American, Pathe, "A Prince 
There Was," "The Little Minister (Paramount); 
"Heroes and Husbands," "East is West." "White 
Shoulders," "Amateur Gentleman," (First Na- 
tional); "Peg O' My Heart," (Metro); "Stranger's 
Banquet," (Goldwyn); "The Bolted Door," "The 
love Thief," "The Lone Eagle,''' "Shield of 
Honor," (LTniversal) ; "Desert Sheik," (Truart); 
"Hogan's Alley," "The Climbers," (Warners); 
"Steel Preferred," (P. D. C.) ; "Traffic Cop," 
"Home Struck," (FBO); "Husband Hunters." 
(Tiflfany); "Sunshine of Paradise Alley," (Chad- 
wick). Hght., 6. 1; wght., 175; black hair, brown 
BARROWS, Henry A., actor, b. Saco, Maine, Apr. 
29, 1875. Relatives, Mrs. Mary Taggart, sister, 
and John D. Barrows, brother, singers in con- 
cert work. Educ, Thornton Acad., Saco, Maine. 
Stage career, 30 yrs. Has lived in New York 
City and Hollywood. In the summer of 1915, while 
working with Wm. Farnum on his last picture 
for Fox in N. Y., was asked by Farnum to go 
to Hollywood; where first picture co. of Fox on 
Coast. Latest pictures, ".State Street Sadie." 
"The Wright Idea," "Hellship Bronson." Club, 
The Elks. Sports, gun and rod. Hght. 5, IVA; 
wght. 2t10: blue eyes; iron gray hair. 1 child, 
(^eo. D. Barrows, 14 yrs. 
BARRY, Wesley, actor, b. Los Angeles, Cal.; educ. 
there. .Screen career, acted in "The LTnpardon- 
able .Sin" (Marshall Neilan) ; "Male and Female," 
(De Mile) ; "Stranger Than Fiction." "Bits of 
L.ife," "Penrod" (First National); "School Days," 
"Rags fo Riches," "Heroes of the Street." "Print- 
er's Devil," "Country Kid," "George Washington 
.Ir., (Warners); "Battling Bunyan," (Assoc. Ex- 
hib.) : "F'ghting Cub." (Truart); "iMidshinman." 
"In Old Kentucky," (Metro); "Wild Geese," (Tif- 
fanv-StahP/. Tight., 5, 6; red hair, blue eyes. 
BARRYE, Emi'e, actress. Screen career. "Fast 
and Fearless" (Artclass); "The Bloodhound." 
(FBO); "Border Intrigue" (Independent Pict.); 
"\'olcano" (Paramount) ; "The Bonanza Bucka- 
roo" (Assoc. Exhib.); "The Godless Girl," 
BARRYMORE. John, actor, b. 1882. Rels., Lionel 
Barrymore. iM-G-M actor, Ethel Barrymore, stage 
actress. Educ art school in London. Previous 
career, stage. Has lived in London, N. Y.. Los 
Angeles. .Screen career includes: "Dr. Jekvll and 
Mr Hyde." "Beati Brummel." ".Sherlock- 

Holmes." "Sei Beast " "\\'Tien a iMan Loves," 
"Beloved Rogue,'' "Tempest," "Eternal Love." 
.Sport, yachting. Wife's nrof. name. Dolnr.-^s Cos- 
tpl'n. i child. Diane. Ad., ITnited Artists Studio, 
Hollywood. Cal. 
BARRYMORE. Ur"el, actor; b. Philadelphia, Pa., 
.\iir. 28. Kduc, New York. Went on stage when 
'"fant wi*h p.nrents, starred in manv product'ons. 
Has lived in Tondon, Eng., New York Citv, Paris. 
France, Hollywood. .Screen career. "Barr'er," 
"Temptress." ".Show." "Thirteenth Hot\r," 

"I^o\-p." "West of Zanzibar." "Mysterious 'Is- 
land." "Alias Jimmy Valentine." Clubs, Acad. 
M. P. Arts 8r Sciences, iMasquers. Lambs. Sports, 
outdoor sports. Ilffht. 6: wght. 155; blue eves, 
dark hair. Ad. i^^etro-Golv\vvn-Mayer .Studios, 
Hollvwi.od. Cal. 

BARTHELMESS. Richard, actor, b. New York 
Citv. yUv 9. 1895. Mother res-'ding New York 
Citv. Ed.'C. Trmity College. Hartford, C^nn. Has 
lived in New York and Los Angeles. Nazimova 
resnons'ble for stars entry into pictures in 1917. 
Anuc^rancfs inrbide "Tiyn]<ti\ Blossoms,'' "Tol'- 
nhl,- David." "Patent Leather Kid." "Noose," 
"Little Shenhcrd of Kingdom Come," "Wheel of 
Chance." "Out of Ruins." Member Westchester 
Bilt'iiore Country Club and Psi li'^ps'lon Fra- 
ternity. Snorts, tennis. boating. horseback, 
swimmnie;. H"-h«. 5, 1]; wght. 158; brown eves, 
b'-own hqir. Wife non-professional. 1 child. M.arv 
Hay Barthelmess. Bus. rep.. Dall.TS S. Squire"; 
press rep.. Toseiih II. Steele. Ad. First Na- 
tional Studios, Burbank. Cal. 

BARTLETT. Randolnh, writer, b. Glencoe, Canada. 
Educ Winm'iiei'. Canada. Prev'o'is career, re- 
porter, rity >dilor. m^cazMie writer, magazine 
editor. Has lived in Winnipeg, New York, Los 



Angeles, San Francisco. Entered pictures in 1917, 
engaged to write interviews for Photoplay. Titled: 
"The Perfect Crime," "Taxi Thirteen," "Gang 
War'' (FBO). Clubs: N. Y. Newspaper Club, 
Hollywood Athletic Club. Sport, bridge. 
BARTLETT, Elise, actress. Screen career, "The 
Angel of Broadway," "A Harp in Hock" (Pathe). 
BARTON, Bu2z, actor, b. 1914. Educ. Los Angeles. 
Early career on ranch. Screen career, started 
with Jack Perrin, with whom he made seven 
westerns; then signed with FBO; "The Boy 
Rider," "The Slingshot Kid," "Wizard of the 
Saddle," "The Little Buckaroo," "The Pinto 
Kid," "The Fighting Redhead," "Bantam Cow- 
boy," "Orphan of the Sage," "Rough R din' Red," 
"Young Whirlwind," "Freckled Rascal," "Vaga- 
bond Cub." Red hair and freckles. 
BASQUETTE, Una, actress, b. San Mateo, Cal. 
April 19, 1907. Mother residing Hollywood. Educ. 
San Mateo and Hollywood, specialized in lan- 
guages, spelling, history, reading. Prior to screen 
work, played on legitimate stage, musical comedy, 
with John Murray Anderson, Chas. Dillingham 
and Ziegfeld shows. Has lived in New York, 
Hollywowl, and San Mateo, Cal. Initial screen 
appearance was in 1916. Retvimed to screen in 
1927. Most important film work, "Serenade," 
"Noose," "Godless Girl," "Show Folks," "Celeb- 
rity," "Wheel of Chance." Sport, horseback 
riding, golf, swiming, dancing. Hght. 5, 3V2 ; 
wght. 118; dark brown eyes, dark brown hair. 
Press rep., James Fidler. Ad. Pathe Studios, Cul- 
ver City, Cal. 
BASTON, Jack, actor. Screen career, "The Snow 
Bride," (Paramount); "The Circus Ace," "Chain 
Lightning," "The Loves of Carmen," "The 
Branded Sombrero," "Hello Cheyenne" (Fox). 
BATES, Leslie, actor, b. Waukegon, 111.; educ. 
there. Screen career, "The Virginian Outcast" 
(Avwon); "Blue Blazes," "The Texas Streak," 
"Buck Privates," (XTniv.) ; "While London 
Sleeps." "Irish Hearts" (Warners). 
BATTEN, John, actor, b. Rotorua, N. Z. ; educ. 
Kings College, Auckland, N. Z. Screen career, 
"The Chorus Kid." (Lumas) ; "The Godless G rl" 
(Pathe). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 145; brown eyes, 
and hair. 
BAXTER, Warner, actor, b. Columbus, O., Mar. 
29, 1892. Educ. Columbus, O. Previous career, 
insurance business; 8 yrs. stage, N. Y. produc- 
tions, stock. Has lived in Columbus, N. Y. C., 
Philadelphia, Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 
1922. Pictures include "Ramona," "Great Gatsby," 
"In Old Arizona,'' "Craig's Wife," "West of 
Zanzibar," "Three Sinners." Clubs, Lambs, Mas- 
quers, Hollywood Athletic, Swiming, Writers, 233, 
Casa Del Mar, Rancho Encino Mountain Club. 
Sports, tennis, hunting. Hght., 5, 10%; wght., 
157; dark brown eyes, hair. Wife's prof, name, 
Winifred Bryson. Bus. rep., Frank Joyce. 
BAY, Thomas, actor. Screen career, appearances 
include "Fighting Boob," "The Dead Line," "The 
Devil's Gulch," "The Valley of Bravery," "Tearin' 
into Trouble" (FBO); "White Pebbles," (Pathe); 
"The Devil's Saddle," (First National); Desperate 
Courage" (Pathe). 
BEAL, Frank, actor. Began screen career as pro- 
ducer, productions including "Just Like a Wo- 
man" (Hodkinson). Has been acting in films; 
appeared in Van Bibber series of shorts (Fox) ; 
"The Final Extra" (Gotham); "The Stolen Bride" 
(First National); "Women Who Dare" (Excel- 
BEAUCHAMP, Clem (Jerry Drew), director, b. 
Pulaski, Iowa; educ. Denver; early career, stunt 
flyer. Screen career, Lupino Lane comedies (Edu- 
cational); starring in his own series of Educa- 
tional-Ideal comedies. 
BEAUDINE, Harold, director, b. New York. Screen 
career, began as prop boy for Biograph, served 
as production assistant on West Coast, mostly 
with short subject units, becoming assist director, 
later director for Christie, later work for nearly 
all the short subject producers, directed a few 
features; with Paramount-Christie, megaphoning 
for the (Christie, Jimmie Adams and Bobby Ver- 
non comedies; turned out some 20 Educational 
BEAUDINE, WilHam, director, b. N. Y. C, 1893; 
educ. N. Y. Screen career, started with Biograph 
in N. Y. ; director for Biograph, Kalem, Triangle, 
C^hristie, Goldwyn, Fox, Warner, Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer; "The Life of Riley (First National; "The 

Irresistible Lover, "The Cohens and the Kellys 
in Paris," "Home James" (Universal); "The Can- 
adian" (Paramount); "Sparrows" (United Artists). 
BEAUMONT, Harry, director, b. Abilene, Kansas. 
Mother lives in Los Angeles. Director with Edi- 
son, Essanay, Goldwyn, Metro, Fox, M-G-M. 
Has lived in N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered pictures 
in 1915. Was writer and actor and just drifted 
in. Directed "Skinner's Dress Suit," "Brown of 
Harvard," "Beau Brummel," "Main Street," "The 
Golddiggers," "Babbitt,'' "Forbidden Hours," 
"Our Dancing Daughters," "A Single Man," "A 
Broadway Melody." Belongs to 32nd Degree 
Masons, Hollywood Athletic Club, Jonathan Club. 
Sport, golf. Married to Hazel Daly. Twin 
daughters, Anne and Geraldine. 
BEAUMONT, Lucy, actress, b. Bristol, Eng., May 
18, 1873. Relatives, sister living in Bristol is 
R. A. M., also nephews, R. A. M. Educ. Clifton 
High School, England, Bath College, Eng. Stage 
career, at 16 yrs. of age on stage in English 
provinces and London for 16 yr., then to New 
\''ork, on Broadway eight seasons, with David 
Belasco, New Y^ork Theatre Guild, Morris Gest. 
Entered pictures in 1923. Productions include, 
"Trouble With Wives," "Old Soak," "Beloved 
Rogue," "Resurrection," "Crowd,"' "Little Yellow 
House," "Butter and Egg Man," "Hard Boiled 
Rose," "Greyhound." Hght. 5; wght. 110; dark 
blue eyes; silver grey hair. Bus. rep., Geo. 
Oilman, Inc. 
BEDFORD, Barbara, actress, b. Prairie de Chien, 
Wise; educ. Lake View, Wise; screen career, 
"The Broken Mask" (Anchor); "The Port of 
Missing G'rls" (Brenda); "Marry the Girl" (Ster- 
ling); "Mockery" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) ; "A 
Man's Past" (Universal); "The Girl From Gay 
Paree," "The Cavalier," (Tiffany-Stahl). Hght., 
5. 4; wght., 130; dark brown hair, blue eyes. 
BEEBE, Majorie, actress, b. Kansas City, Mo., 
Oct. 9, 1908. Educ. Grade and High schools., 
Kansas City and Los Angeles, specialized in 
music. Screen career began with Universal. 
Productions, "Ankles Preferred," "Hills of Peril," 
"Rich but Honest,'' "Colleen," "Why Blondes 
Leave Home." Sport, swimming, yachting. Hght. 
5, 3; wght., 118; auburn hair, green eyes. Ad. 
Fox Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 
BEEBE, Ford L, writer. Screen career, "Don Des- 
perado," "Two Gun of the Tumbleweed," "Border 
Blackbirds," "The Boss of Rustler's Roosf," "The 
Apache Raider," "The Bronc Stomper" (Pathe); 
"The Wagon Show" (First National). 
BEERY, Noah N., actor, b. Kansas City, Mo. 
Relatives, parents living in Hollywood. Brother, 
Wallace Beery, actor. Screen career includes, 
"Beau Geste," "Two Lovers," "Noah's Ark," 
"Godless Girl," "Killer," "Four Feathers." Clubs, 
Masquers, Beach Club. Sport, hunting, baseball. 
Hght. 6, H; wght. 228; brown eyes and hair. 
Wife's prof, name, Marguerita Lindsay Beery. 1 
child, iNoah Wilbur Beery. Bus. rep., Grant 
Dnige; press rep., Eric Schlager. 
BEERY, Wallace, actor, b. Kansas City, Mo., April 
1. Parents residing Beverly Hills, Cal. Relatives, 
brother, Noah Beery, screen actor. Educ. Kansas 
City Grammar schools. Chase school, K. C. Ap- 
peared in Ringling's Circus, iHenry W. Savage 
Musical shows, Kansas City stock. Has lived in 
Kansas City, New York, Chicago, Tokio, Japan, 
Hollywood. Began screen career in 1913 with 
Essanay. Most important productions, "Four 
Horsemen of Apocalypse,'' "Three Musketeers," 
"Robin Hood," "Sea Hawk," "Old Ironsides," 
"We're in the Navy Now," "Behind the Front," 
"Firemen, Save My Child," "Beggars of Life," 
"Tong War," "Partners in Crime,'' "Now We're 
in the Air." Hght. 6, 2; wght. 190; brown eyes, 
brown hair. Wife non-professional. Ad. Para- 
mount Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 
BEHN, W. C. Harry, writer, b. McCade, Ariz., 
Sept. 24, 1898. Educ. Harvard and Sweden. Spec, 
in literature and drama; A. B. Harvard 1922. 
Previous career. Community theatres and travel, 
lived in Boston, Stockholm, Paris, Florence and 
Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1925. Contin- 
uities, "The Big Parade," "The Crowd," and 
"Hell's Angels." Scripts, "The Crowd," "Hell's 
Angels,' "iFrozen River" and "White Silence.'' 
Clubs, Hasty Pudding, Signet, The Gables. Sports, 

BELCHER, Alice, actress, b. New York City, April 
12. _ Educ. _ convent. Sisters of Loretto, Denver, 
specialized in history, elocution. Previous career. 

Col. W. S, 


W. S. Butter field, Inc., and 

Michigan Theatres Co. 

ONE of 
the mc 

the outstanding figures in 
motion picture exhibition field 
Col. W. S. Butterfield, whose 
name is synonymous with the finest class of 

He has been operating in the Michigan 
theatre field for twenty-one years, and dur- 
ing that time has built up a circuit of 
eighty theatres in twenty-eight principal 
theatres outside Detroit. 

Col. Butterfield's career in the show busi- 
ness covers forty years. He began, in the 
legitimate end, first as a treasurer, in which 
capacity he served for eight years, subse- 
quently becoming a road manager for four- 
teen years. 

As a result of his wide experience in the 
legitimate, he entered the popular -priced 
field of theatre operation, equipped from 
every angle to cater to the public. He was 
one of the first men to grasp the great pos- 
sibilities of the motion picture as a form of 
entertainment, but he has continued to play 
other classes of attractions in his houses. 

As the president of W.S. Butterfield, Inc., 
and the Michigan Theatres Company, he 

operates one of the country's biggest chains. 
Besides presenting de luxe picture entertain- 
ment, he offers his public the whole range 
of attractions from ten-cent vaudeville to 
grand opera, and he is equally successful as 
a showman in all of these departments. He 
holds franchises for Erlanger and Shubert 
road shows, as well as for Keith vaudeville 
and books the pictures of all the leading 
film concerns. 

It is a well-known fact throughout the 
industry that Butterfield is another name 
for expert showmanship. The Colonel is a 
progressive in every sense of the word. He 
has kept pace with all the changes in the 
theatre world over the forty-year stretch of 
his career and was one of the first to com- 
bine pictures and vaudeville. 

His theatres cover the whole state of 
Michigan, being located in the following 
cities: Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Bay City, 
Flint, Saginaw, Niles, Pontiac, Grand Rapids, 
Ionia, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Owoso, Port 
Huron, Ypsilanti, Hillsdale, Adrian, Alpena, 
Jackson, Manistee, Benton Harbor, Big 
Rapids, Cadillac, Ludington, St. Joseph, 
Traverse, Grand Haven, East Lansing, Mon- 
roe, Mt. Clemens. 




posed for artists, character studies. J.ived abroad 
lor years. Entered pictures iii lylO. Roles in- 
clude, "Here Conies the Bride" with John Barry- 
more, "Pals First," "Blondes by Choice," "The 
Cowboj' Kid." Clubs, Trouper-s. Sports, theatres 
and ninvies. JIght. 5, S'/:; wght. 140; blue eyes; 
black ha.r. llusbaiid s prof. name, Harold 
BELCHER, Charles, actor, b. San Francisco, Cal.; 
educ. l^.ncoln Grammar School. Stage career, 
12 yrs. Screen career, Ince, Famous Players, 
Pathe, Beverly, Waldorf, First National, FBO, 
P.D.C.; "A Thief in the Dark" (Fox); "Three 
Musketeers," "Kosila," "Thief of Bagdad" (United 
Artists); "Ben-Hur" (M-G-M). Hght., 6; wght.. 
170, dark hair, dark eyes. 
BELL, Monta, director, b. Washington, D. C., Feb. 
3, 18yl. Educ. Eastern High School, Washington, 
J). C. Previous career. Editor McClure News- 
paper Syndicate, Prod. Garrick Players in Wash- 
ington tor 2 yrs. Has hved in N. V'. and Holly- 
wood, Cal. First pxture experience was on Charlie 
Chaplin's "Women of Paris." Directed "Torrent," 
"Man, Woman and Sin,'' "Broadway After 
Dark," "Snob," "King on Main Street," "Pretty 
Ladies," "Lady of Night," "Bellamy Trial. " 
Clubs, HollywtKid Athletic. Sports, baseball, foot- 
ball. 1 child, Marjorie, 17 yrs. 
BELL, Rex, actor, legal name George F. Beldam, 
b. Chicago, 111., Oct. 16, 1905. Mother lives in 
Hollyvvocxl. He was educ. at Hollywood High 
School. Before going on screen was build ng 
material salesman for Blue Diamond Company, 
Los Angeles. Has lived in Chicago, Colorado 
Springs, Long Beach, Pasadena and Hollywood. 
Entered pictures in May, 1927, through selling 
building materials to studios. Has played in 
"Girl Shy Cowboy," "Taking a Chance. Be- 
longs to Los Angeles Athletic Club and Deauv.lle 
Beach Club. Hght. 6; wght. 170; blue eyes; light 
hair. Bus. and press rep., William Fox Studios. 
BELL, Hank, actor. Screen career, Artclass Pic- 
tures, L'niversal, Pathe, "Ramblin" Ga.oot," "Code 
of the Cow Country," "SadtUe Mates." 
BELL, Karina, actress. Screen career, "David 
( oliperheld" (Assoc. Exhib.^; "The (iolden Clown" 
BELLAMY, Mad^e, actress, b. Hillsboro, Texas, 
June JU. Parents live in Hollywood. She Was 
educ. at Brovvnwcod, Texas, and Colorado. Has 
lived in Hillsboro, Brownwood and Hollywood. 
Entered pictures in 1914 with Paramount. Dis- 
covered by Thomas Ince. Has played in "Sandy,"' 
"Mother Knows Best," "Silk Legs," "Very Con- 
fidential," "Colleen." Hght. 5, 4; wght. 110; 
brown eves; golden hair. Married. Bus. rep., 
Wm. Phillipott. Ad. Fox Studios. 
BELLEW, Cosmo Kyrle, actor, b. London, 1885. 
Educ. privately in England. Specialized law. 
Previous career, stage after 2J/2 yrs. legal train- 
ing. Last stage engagement in Ziegfeld's "Louis 
14th." Has lived in London, Montreal, Monte 
Carlo, Mentone, Bolivar, Venzuela, N. Y. En- 
tered pictures in 1926. Pictures include, "Bellamy 
Trial," "Midnight Life," "Missing Man." Clubs, 
Masquers. Sport, fishing. Hght. 5, 8; wght. 140; 
grey eyes, hair. 
BELMORE, Lionel, actor, b. Wimbledon, Surrey, 
England. Educ. England, prep, and Bedford. 
Specialized Latin, French, mathematics. Previous 
career, with Wilson Barrett 3 yrs., Henry Irving 
15 yrs., Mrs. Langtry 1 yr., Olga Nethesole 2 
yrs., Wm. Faversham 6 yrs., Shuberts 6 yrs. 
Entered pictures in 1911, "Redeeming Sin," "Stark 
Mad," "From Headquarters." Clubs, Free Ma- 
sons, Masquers, Writers, Troupers, Uplifters, 233. 
Beach. Sports, tennis, swimming, motoring. Hght. 
5, 10>^; wght. 220; hazel eyes. 2 children, Violet, 
BENEDICT, Brooks, actor, b. New York City. 
Educ, I^awrenceville, Princeton. Screen career, 
"Cupid's Fireman," "Shoes," "Officer of the 
Day" (Fox), "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp," "Ran- 
som's Folly" (First Natnl.), "Why Girls Go 
Back Home" (Warners). 
BENGE, Wilson, actor, b. Lankeishim, Cal. Screen 
career, "Alias Mary Flynn" (FBO), "A Trip to 
Chinatown" (Fox), "Fast and Furious," "The 
Lone Eagle," "Freedom of the Press" (Univ.). 
BENHAM, Elsa, actress, legal name, Elsa Hack- 
mann, b. St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 20, 1908. Parents 
live in Hollywood. Educ. in St. Louis and Holly- 
wood. Previous to screen was dancer. Entered 
pictures in 1923. Was dancing with Kosloflf ballet 

in picture for James Cruze and was picked lor 
a bit. i'layed western leads for Universal. .Sports, 
horseback riding. Hght. 5, Z'/^; wght. 105; hazel 
eyes; dark brown hair. Married to Kenneth D. 
BENNET, Spencer C, director. Early career, Arctic 
traveller, Hudson Bay Explorer; crack sculler ot 
Sheepshead Bay Rowing Club, N. Y. Screen ca- 
reer, played stunt and thrill parts, later became 
assistant director and director with Pathe, and has 
done many Pathcserials, "The Man Without a 
Face," "Hawk of the HLUs," "Melting Millions," 
"The Yellow Cameo," "The Terrible People." 
BENNETT, Belle, actress, b. Milada, Minn. Educ. 
Sacred Heart Convent, Minneapolis, Minn. Pre- 
vious career, began in father's tent show, then 
stock. Screen career includes, "Stella Dallas," 
"Mother Machree," "Battle of the Sexes," "The 
Iron Mask,' "Queen of the Burlesque," "Reputa- 
tion." Clubs, Mayfair. Sport, horseback riding. 
Hght. 5, 3;/; wght. 140; gray eyes, blonde hair. 
Husband's prof, name, Fred Windemere. Two chil- 
dren, Ted (21), Bill (deceased). Press rep., Mar- 
garet Ettinger. 
BENNETT, BUlie, actress, b. Evansville, Ind., Oct. 
25. Relatives, mother living in Hollywood. Educ. 
Oxford, Ohio. Stage career, 15 yrs. Tiring of 
one night stands, entered pictures. Roles, "Robin 
Hood," "Courage of Marge O'Doone," "Amateur 
Gentlemen," "The Claw." Hght. S, 3; wght. 110; 
dark gray eyes; brown hair. 
BENNETT, Catherine, actress, b. Australia. Educ. 
there. Has played many parts on stage. Was 
in stock lor M-G-M. Sport, tennis. Blue eyes; 
gold hair. 
BENNETT, Enid, actress, b. Australia. Sister of 
Catherine and Margery Bennett. Was stage star 
in English speaking countries as leading lady. 
Has traveled all over world. Brought from stage 
to screen as protege of Thomas Ince. Played in 
"Robin Hood," "Red Lily," "Sea Hawk." Sport, 
tennis. Hght. 5, 3; blue eyes; golden hair. Mar- 
ried to Fred Niblo. Children, Louis, 7; Peter, 3; 
Judith, 3 mos. Press rep., Virginia Kellogg. 
BENNETT, Joseph, actor, b. Los Angeles, Cal. 
Eiluc. L>s Angeles schools, general course. As 
boy was sailor in merchant marine. Lived in San 
Francisco and San Diego, Cal. Entered pictures 
in 1917. Chacterizations in "Shepherd of Hills," 
"Barbara Friatchie," "Love Never Dies," "God's 
Great Wilderness," "Man in Shadow.'' Sports, 
fishing, hunting, golf. Hght. 5, 11; wght. 162; 
blue eyes, dark brown hair. Married. Bus. rep., 
Guy Ccjburn and Abe Levine. 
BENNETT, Alma, actress, b. Seattle, Wash.; 
educ. San Francisco, Cal.; screen career, Gold- 
wyn, Lasky, Fox, Paramount, Columbia, Mack 
Sennett productions, Chadwick, Ginsberg, Pathe. 
Roles in "A Grain of Dust" (TifTany-Stah') I 
"Don Juan's Three Nights," "Long Pants," "Or- 
chids and Ermine," "The Silent Lover," (First 
National). Hght., 5. 4yi; W'ght., 118; black hair, 
br.jwn eves. 
BENNETT, Mickey, boy actor, b. Victoria, 
B. C. Stage career, vaudeville. Screen career, 
"A Boy of the Streets" (Rayart), "Big Pal" 
(Ginsberg), "The Cohens and Kellys" (Universal), 
"Grabbing Grabbers," "There Ain't No Santa 
Claus" (Pathe), "It's the Old Army Game," "Til- 
I e's Punctured Romance" (Paramount); "United 
States Smith" (Gotham). Played supporting ro]e 
with Wm. IDemarest in a A'itaphone talkie shor't. 
BENNISON, Andrew, scenarist. Screen career, 
production end of films, then scenario writer for 
Fox; scenarist for series of Imperial two-reel com- 
edies and a number of Helen and Warren coiiie- 
dies and O'Henry's; "Publicity Madness," "Car 
Shy," "Non-Stop Bride" (Fox). 
BENT, Marian, actress, stage career, vaudeville. 
Daughter of Adelina Patty, dancer, and Arthur 
Bent, soloist with Gilmore's Band. Screen career, 
to be featured in two series of six comedies each 
for Universal during 1929. Husband's prof, name, 
Pat Rooney. 
BENTHALL, Dwinelle, title writer, b. Baltimore, 
Md. Screen career, titled, "Smouldering Fires," 
"The Goose W'oman," "The Blind Goddess," 
"Camille," "See You in Jail," "Naughty but 
Nice," "The Stolen Bride," "Smile Brother 
Smile,'' "The Drop Kick," "Shepherd of tlie 
Hills," "No Place to Go," "Burning Daylight," 
"Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come," "Heart to 
Heart," "The Whip," "The Night Watch," "The 
Crash," Husband's prof, name, Rufus McCosh, 

"May I take this opportunity to extend 
to Editors everywhere my appreciation 
of your many kindnesses? Any co- 
operatiotn you may desire from me will 
be given with my most sincere efforts." 

WEST SIDE. (Note: These productions are listed in order, "Red 
Wine" being her latest picture and "East Side, West Side" her first.) 


SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Bom in New York city ... Grand- 
daughter of Dan Collyer, old time stage star . . . Graduate of Knox 
Finishing School . . . Made debut in New York society . . . Was 
picked for featured role in "East Side, West Side" after accidental 
meeting with director ... Is under long term contract to Fox Film 
Corporation . . . Was Wampas Baby Star in 1928. 



BENTON, Curtis, scenarist, b. Toledo, Ohio, 1885; 
educ. Vanderbilt Univ. Stage career, from 1903, 
with Robert Milliard in "A Fool There Was," 2 
seasons with Cohan and Harris in "The Fortune 
Hunter," "Broacfway Jones," etc.; writer of vaud. 
acts and short stories. Screen career, juv. in 
"Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea," Fox, 
First National; "Down the Stretch" (Universal); 
seen. & co-adapt. "Clancey's Kosher Wedding" 
(FBO); seen, for "United States Smith" (Goth 
am), "Bachelor's Paradise" (Tiffany-Stahl). 

BERANGER, Andre, actor, b. Sidney, Australia, 
Mar. 21 , Educ. Sydney, Paris, London, Berlin. 
Previous career, started stage career in Sydney, 
became director and returned to acting. Entered 
pictures about 1912, played first picture under D. 
W. Griffith for Biograph. Others, "Birth of a 
Nation,'' "Broken Blossoms," "Grand Duchess 
and Waiter," "Beau Brummel." Hght. 5, 10; 
wght. 150; brown eyes, dark brown hair. 

BERANGER, Clara, writer, b. Baltimore, Md., Jan. 
14. Relatives, father living in Baltimore, Md. 
Educ. Goucher College, Baltimore, specialized in 
English. Degree, Bachelor of Arts. Previous 
career, Newspaper and short story writing. Has 
lived in Baltimore, New York, Hollywood. Be- 
coming interested in a new form of drama, en- 
tered pictures in 1913. Wrote scenarios, "Dr. 
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," "Miss Lulu Bett," 
"Grumpy." Wrote "The Forbidden Woman," 
"Craig's Wife," "Almost Human," "The Little 
Adventuress.'' Clubs, Dramatist Guild, Author's 
League, Acad, of M. P. Arts & Sciences, Woman 
Pays Club, Phi Beta Kappa Society. Sports, 
fishing, swimming. Husband's prof, name, William 
C. de Mille. 1 child, Frances. Business rep., 
Myron Selznick & Frank Joyce. 

BEREGI, Oscar, actor. Screen career, "The Love 
Thief," Butterflies in the Rain," (Universal) ; 
"Flaming Forest" (Metro-Goldwyn) ; "Moon of 
Israel" (FBO). 

BERESFORD, (Frank S., writer, b. June 24, 1876, 
Steubenville, O. ; educ. college; traveled world; 
newspaper and magazine experience; stage man- 
ager; scenario and writer of originals; afifiliated 
with Lefty Flynn, Cosmopolitan; story editor for 
LT'niversal; "Chasing Tr^juble," "The Escape," 
"The Desperate Game," "Blue Blazes," "Uni- 

BERGER, Ludwig, director, b. Mainz, Germany. 
Parents live there. Educ. Hermanistinches Gym- 
nasium, Mainz; Univ. Munich, Heidelberg Univ. 
Spec, in hterature, drama, philosophy. Has degree 
of Doctor of Philosophy. Was author, playwright; 
stage, opera director. Adapted Shakespeare's 
"Cymbeline," wrote fairy tales, "Griseldis and 
Cenojveva' plays, "Maria and Martha;" philo- 
sophical book, "Copernicus." Staged Mozart 
opera. iDirected 50 stage productions. Has lived 
in Mainz, Hamberg, Berlin, Hollywood. Entered 
pictures in 1920. Was sought by Ufa because of 
stage successes to direct in pictures. Has directed 
"Sins of the Fathers," "The Woman from Mos- 
cow," "The Waltz Dream," "Cinderella." Sports, 
riding, fencing. Press rep.. Pub. Dept., Para- 
mount studios, Hollywood, (ial. 

BERGMAN, Henry, actor. Screen career, "The 
Gold Rush," "The Circus" (United Artists). 

BERN, Paul, producer in charge of Pathe produc- 
tions, b. Wandsbeck, Germany, Dec. 3. Rel. 
Henry Bern, New York City. iEduc. pub. schl.. 
New York, American Academy of Dramatic Arts. 
Began career stage mgr. and dir. theatrical pro- 
ductions, publicity writer, actor. Started produc- 
tion work 1914; directed "Open All Night," "The 
Dressmaker from Paris," "Flower of the Night" 
(Paramount-Lasky); produced "Beau Broadway" 
(M-G-M); producer, Pathe: "f^raldine," "Noisy 
Neighbors," "Flying Fool," "Square Shoulders," 
"Listen Baby," "The Getaway." Member of Au- 
thor's League of America; unmarried. Mailing 
ad., Pathe Studios. 

BERNARD, Lester, actor, b. Rochester, N. Y., 
educ. there. Screen career, "Sweet Rosie 
O'Grady." "Pleasure Before Business" (Colum- 
bia) ; "Flying Romeos" (First National). 

BERNSTEIN. Isadore, writer, b. New York City, 
Nov. 1877. Relatives, father living in Los Angeles, 
Dr. H. N. Appel, Los Angeles, brother-in-law, 
Dr. David Bernstein, Brooklyn, N. Y. Previous 
career, supt. of Boys Institute, N. Y. C. ; athletic 
instructor. Five Points Mission, N. Y. C, general 
mgr. Paramount Film Exchange, N. Y. C, Chris- 

tian Herald. Has lived in New York City, Har- 
risburg. Pa., and Hollywood. Entered pictures 
in 1909, wrote original of "His People," "TTie 
White Outlaw," "The Red Warning." Latest 
work, "Life's Mockery," "The Ghetto," "George 
Washington Cohen," "The Charlatan," "The 
Braggart." Wrote "His People" (stage play); 
"Are Women Honest" (sketch); "The Meshumat" 
(short story). Clubs, Men's Club, Temple Israel 
of Hollywood. Sports, fishing, mountain climbing, 
wrestling and boxing. 1 child, Sylvia Bernstein 

BERRELL, George, actor, b. Philadelphia; educ. 
St. Mary's College, Wilmington, Del. Stage ca- 
reer, 44 years in drama with Booth, Barrett, 
iMcCullough, Mary Anderson. Screen career, 
"The Fire Eater" (Univ.), "Tracks" (Asso. Ex.), 
"The Grub Stake" (Amer. Releasing), "The Trail 
Ridtr," "The Everlasting Whisper," "Black 
Jack" (Fox). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 175; brown 
eyes, grey hair. 

BERTRAM, William, director, legal name, Benja- 
min Switzer, b. Walkerton, Ont., Canada., Jan. 
19, 1880. Parents live in Flint, Mich. Educ. pub. 
sch. and bus. college. Spec, in English, mathe- 
matics. Was in show business 12 yrs., drama, 
musical comedy, comic opera as actor, stage man- 
ager, stage director. Has lived in .Spokane, Salt 
Lake City, San Francisco, Los Angeles. In 1903 
James Youngdeer, making Pathe Indian pictures, 
gave him opportunity to play Indian and put 
him on a salary after first day's work. Has 
worked steadily since 1911. Directed "His Obli- 
gation," "The Mighty Hold," "The Idol," "The 
High Cost of Flirting," "The Madonna of the 
Night," "A Little Patriot," "Ace of Action," 
"The Phantom Buster," "Gold from Weepah," 
"The Owl Witch." Belongs to Elks, M. P. Di- 
rectors Assoc. Sports, hunting, fishing. 

BESSERER, Eugenie, actress, b. Marseilles, 
Fr?nce; educ. Convent of Notre Dame, Ottawa, 
Canada. Stage career, since early childhood, vari- 
ous stk. COS., under mgmt. J. C. Williamson in 
Australia. .Screen career, Selig-Rork, Assoc. 
Exhib., Hodkinson, Equity, Metro, Goldwyn, 
Mammoth, P. D. C., Columbia, Paramount, Ban- 
ner, Ginsberg; appearances include "The Yellow 
Lily" (First Nat.); "Two Lovers," "Drums of 
Love" (United Artists); "The Jazz Singer," 
"When a Man iLoves" (Warners); "The iFlesh 
and the Devil," "Tbe Fire Brigade," "Captain 
Salvation" (M-G-M). 

BETZ, Mathew, actor, b. St. Louis; educ. there. 
Stage career, burlesque, st<x;k. Screen career, 
"Shepherd of the Hills," "The Patent Leather 
Kid," (First National); "The Big City." "The 
Unholy Three," "Telling the World" (Metro); 
"The Terror," "The Crimson City" (Warners). 
Hght., 6; wght., 175; dark hair and eyes. 

BEVAN, Billy, actor, b. Australia, Sept. 29, 1887. 
Educ. grade, high and college. Orange, Australia. 
Early career, newspaper. Stage career. Pollard 
Opera Co., leads in "iMikado,'' "Floradora," 
"Geisha," "Belle of New York," "Knight for a 
Day." Began film career in L-Ko (Universal) 
comedies. Ninth year featured in Mack Sennett 
comedies. Clubs, Masons, Hollywood Athletic 
Club, Escondido Country Club, 233 Club. Sports, 
tennis, hunting, fishing, bird dogs. Hght. 5, ^V^^, 
wght. 185; brown hair and eyes. Ad. Mack Sen- 
nett Studios, Los Angeles. 

"BIG BOY" (Malcolm Sebastian), actor, b. Holly- 
wood, Calif., Nov. 4, 1923. First appeared 
in movies in "Three Weeks" when only 
three weeks old. Later was seen in "Bread." At- 
tracted attention of Jack White, Educational su- 
pervisor, who starred him in "My Kid," the 
child shortly afterwards branching out into a star 
of his own right; now starring m the "Big Boy" 
—Juvenile comedies, produced and distributed by 
Educational. Light brown hair, blue eyes. 

BIG TREE, Chief, actor, b. Iroquois Reservation 
on Lake Erie. Screen career, "The Huntress," 
"Ransom's Folly." (First Natl.); "The Red Rider" 
(Univ.); "The Frontier Trail" (Pathe); "Winners 
of the Wilderness," "Tlie Frontiersman," "Spoil- 
ers of the West" (Metro-Goldwyn). 

BIIX, Jr., Buffalo, actor. Screen career, Weiss 
Bros., Artclass, Assoc. Exhib., "The Ridin' 
Rowdy," "Pals in Peril," "The Interferin' Gent," 
"The Obligin' Buckaroo," "Roarin' Broncs," "The 
Ballyhoo Buster," "The Valley of Hunted Men" 


The Leading 


Film Star 

Having starred in pic- 
tures produced in- Vienna, 
Rome, Paris, Berlin and 

Former Premiere Dan- 

setise, Royal Opera, 


Perhaps readers would like to know my 
impressions of: 

Europe as seen in front of a camera. 
National influence on film production. 
The Theater as a leveler of racial barriers. 

Recent Releases 



Details of above suggested subjects may be obtained through 
Motion Picture News 



BINDER, Oscar C, Controller, Universal Pictures 
Corp., b. Brooklyn, July 27, 1890, educ. public 
schools and high school. New York City; early 
career, entered plumbing- supply house as office 
boy; successiveJy in following lines, developing 
into statistical and bookkeeping end; dry goods, 
furniture, glass and embroidery. Picture career, 
joined Universal bookkeeping department in 1912 
as one of the first men taken on by the newly 
formed company; made controller for Universal 
in 192.^. Lives in Woodhaven, L. 1. 

BIRD, Chariot, actress. Screen career, "Manne- 
quin,"' "Mantrap," "Padlock," "The Liegion of the 
Condemned" (Paramount). 

BIRO, Lajos, writer, b. Nagyuarad, Hungary, 1883. 
Educ. Royal Univ., Budapest, spec, in Philosophy. 
Previous career, writer, playwright; wrote about 
40 volumes of novels, short stories, plays, "The 
Zarina," "The Highwayman," etc. Has lived in 
Budapest, Rome, Berlin. Enterey pictures in 
1924. Wrote original of "The Last Command." 
"Hotel Imperial," "The Yellow Lily;" adapted 
"The Way of All Flesh;'' adaptation and cont. 
"The Night Watch." Favorite sport, fencing. 
Bus. rep.. Dr. Edmond Pauker, New York. 

BISCHOFF, Samuel, bus. and prod, manager, b. 
Hartford, Conn., Aug. 11, 1890. Rels., parents 
living in Hartford. Educ. Boston Univ. and 
Northwestern College, spec, in accounting. Pre- 
vious career, C. P. A. Screen career, accounting 
work in exchanges, studio manager for Grand 
Asher. Supervised: "Try and Get It," "Racine: 
Luck" ((Grand Asher), "War Paint" (M-G-M), 
"The G'rl from Rio" (Gotham), "Snarl of Hate" 
(Rischoff). Clubs, Elks, Masons, Shrine. Sport, 

BLACKTON, J. Stuart, director, b. Sheffield, Eng- 
land, Jan. 5, 1875. Educ. Eton, College of City ot 
N. Y. Was marine artist, illustrator, cartoonist, 
journalist. Lived in N. Y., London, Paris, Chi- 
cago, Los Angeles. Entered pictures March 12, 
1896. Was assigned by N. Y. Evening World to 
interview Thomas A. Edison on new invention of 
motion pictures called "The Vitascope." Met 
Edison, drew some cartoons large size in a Vita- 
scope film and shot them. Later purchased an 
Edison Projecting machine. Directed Hall Caine's 
"The Christian," "The Battle Cry of Peace," 
"The Common Cause," "The Clean Heart," 
"Bride of the Storm," "The Gilded Highway," 
"The Passionate Quest.'' "Hell Bent for Heaven." 
Belongs to Salmagundi Club, National Arts, Aero 
Club of America, Authors League, Lambs, Writ- 
ers. Sports, tennis, yachting, motor boat racing. 
Married to Paula Hunt. Children, James, Marian, 
Violet, 18; Charles, 15. Press rep., Fred Fox, 
Hollywood, Cal. 

BLACKTON, Marian Constance, writer. Screen 
work, "The Redeeming Sin," "Tides of Passion" 
(N'itagraph) ; "The Gildetl Highway" (Warner); 
"Btcky," "Buttons" (M-G-M-). 

BLACKWELL, Carlyle, actor, b. Troy, Pa., 1888. 
Elduc. Syracuse. Stage career 'n Broadway suc- 
cesses, "Brown of Harvard." Keith and Proctor 
stock company. Has written, produced and acted 
in his own stories. Screen career, Lasky. Inter- 
national, Paramount, "Bulldog Drummond" (Hod- 
kinson); "The Beloved Vagabond" (F B O) ; 
"She" (Lee-Bradford). Belongs to Lambs Club. 
Hght. 5, 11; wght. 155; dark complexion, eyes and 

BLAINE, Rubye, actress. Screen career, "The 
Spitfire," "Headlines" (Assoc. Exhih.); "The 
iSIidnight Girl" (Chadwick) ; "(Children of the 
Whirlwind (Arrow) : "Bluebeard's Seven Wives" 
(First National): "Lightning Lariats" (FBO); 
"Bitter Apples" (Warners). 

BLANE. Sally,, actress, b. Salida, Colo. Educ. Ra- 
nioiia Convent, Alhambra, Calif. Early career, 
child screen actress. Screen career, "The Col- 
legian" series (Universal) ; "Dead iMan's Curve," 
"Her Summer Hero" (FBO) ; "Horseman of the 
Plains" (Fox); "Shootin' Irons," "Heroes of the 
Night." "Wife Savers," "Fools for Luck" (Para- 
mount). Hght., 5, 414; wght., 117; light brown 
hair, hazel eyes. 

BLANK, A. H., president, A. II. Blank Theatre 
(iirp., Des Moines, Iowa, b. Roumania, Immi- 
.ifrated to Iowa at age 9. Educ. Iowa schools. 
As early as 1898 became interested in amusements, 
handling concessions at Trans- Miss, exposition: 
variously employed winter months, making rounds 
State and county fairs in summer; took to loan 

and real estate business in 1905; in 1912 sold his 
interest in Casino, Des Moines first motion pic- 
ture house and in 1914 erected Garden theatre, a 
pioneer house and the foundation of Blank chain 
(.if ,?5 houses in owa, Nebraska and Illinois. En- 
tered distribution field in 1916, associated with old 
Triangle Co., and also a Selznick representative 
in several mid- west states; was one of the original 
First Naticmal franchise holders; on First National 
executive committee in 1920; bualt new Des 
Moines and Omaha theatres in 1917. Sold hail 
interest in 1926 to Publix Theatres Corp., retain- 
ing his personal direction of all houses. Is mar- 
ried, has two sons in college. Residence, Des 
Alcjines, Iowa. 

BLETCHER, William, actor. Screen career, Metro, 
Robertson-Cole. "One Hour to Love" (Tiffany); 
"Two Girls Wanted," "Dare Devil's Reward,' 
"The Cowboy Kd" (Fox); "A Fat Chance," 
"Slippery Feet" (Educational); "Romance Road," 
"The Wild Girl" (Truart); "The Dude Cowboy" 
(FBO); "One Hour of Love" (Tiffany). 

BLOCK, Ralph, associate producer, Pathe Studio, 
Culver City, Cal., b. Cherokee, Iowa, June 21, 
1889. Educ. University of Mich, in 1911 A. B. 
Previous career, reporter, Louisville C"ourrier, 
Detroit News; dramatic editor Kansas City Star, 
N. Y. Evening Sun; dramatic editor N. Y. Trib- 
une, Washington Courier. Has lived in Kansas 
City, N. Y. C, Chicago, Detroit, Hollywood. 
Entered pictures in 1918. Made "Knockout Reilly" 
'Ouarterback," ".Skyscraper," "Cop," "Power," 
"Leathernecks," "Spieler." Clubs, Academy M. 
P. Arts and Sciences, Authors' League, Phi Betta 
Kappa, (Viffee House. .Sport, tennis. Wife's prof, 
name, iMary Greenacre Block. 

BLOSSOM, Rose, actress, b. St. Ix)uis, Mo. Educ. 
Mary Inst. Screen career, M-G-M, Fox, FBO, 
Universal, Rayart, Liumas; "White Flannels" 
(Warner), "Laddie Be Good" (Pathe). Hght., 5; 
wght., 97; hazel eyes, brown hair. 

BLUE, Monte, actor, b. Indianapolis, Ind. Educ. 
Indianapolis pub. schls. Previous career, railroad 
engineer, cowboy, miner, lumberjack. Entered 
pictures during making of "Intolerance." Noticed 
by D. W. Griffith when working as laborer at 
Griffith Studio. Pictures include, "Orphans of 
the Storm," "Marriage Circle," "White Sha"Sows 
in South Seas," "Conquest," "No Defense,'' 
"From Headquarters." Sport, hunting. Hght. 
f>. 4: wght. 190; brown eyes, dark brown hair. 1 
ciiild. Barbara Ann (2'1). Ad. Warner Bros. 
Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

BLUE, Edgar Washington, actor (Colored), b. Los 
Angeles, Cal. Screen career, "The Blood Ship." 
"By Whose Hand," "Ransom" (Columbia), 

"There It Is" (Educational), "Beggars of Life" 
(Paramount), "Wyoming" (M-(j-iM). Hght., b. 
2: wght,, 225. 

BLUM, Samuel, actor. .Screen career, "The Palace 
of Pleasure," "Siberia," "Black Parad'se" (Fox); 
"The Winning of Barbara Worth" (L'nited Art- 
ists); ".Smile, 3?rother, Smile" (First National). 

BLYSTONE, John G., director, b. Rice Lake, Wis. 
Educ. University Wis. Entered pictures in 1916 
as property man. Has directed "Family I^p- 
stairs," "Slaves of Beauty," "Pajamas," "]\Iother 
Knows Best." Sport, hunting. Mailing ad. Fox 
Studios. Hollywixid, Cal. 

BLYSTONE, Stanley, actor. Screen career, Uni- 
versal, Asso. Exhibitors, Fox; "The Circus Ace," 
Educational Comedies "Wildcat Alley," "Arways 
a Gentleman," "His Maiden Voyage," "Ladies 

BLYTHE, Betty, actress, b. Los Angeles, Cal., 
Sept. 1. Relatives, sister, Mrs. Charles Kyson, 
Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. Educ. L. A. High 
.School, Westlake School for Girls, C. and L^niv. 
of So. Cal. Studied voice for opera in Paris, 
France. Church singer. Two years in musical 
comedy. Has lived in Chicago, iNew York, Paris, 
Nice, iMonte Carlo, London, Berlin, Vienna, Con- 
stantinople. Cast from stage play for heavy in 
Arthur Guy Empey's film, "Over the Top." 
Prominent pictures include "Potash and Perl- 
mutter in Hollywood,'' "Queen of Sheba," in 
America; "Cliu Chin Chow" in England; ".South- 
ern Love"' in Vienna; "She"' in Germany. Clubs, 
Hollywwid Athletic C.lub, Gables Beach Club, 
Santa Monica. Cal. Sports, swimming, walking 
alone. H.ght. 5, 7J^; wght. 140; grey blue eyes; 
ilark hair. HusJaand, Paul L. Scardon. Bus. rep.. 
Win. Morris Agency; press rep., Harold Howe. 



BOARDMAN, Eleanor, actress, b. I'liihidclijliia, 
Aug. 19. Kduc. at Germantowii High School, 
Philadelphia. Entered pictures in 1922 through 
new face contest. Has played in "The Crowd," 
"She Goes to War," "Tell it to the Marines," 
"Bardelys the Magnificent," "The Auction Block," 
"Memory Lane.'' Hght. 5, 7; wght. 120; green 
eyes; light brown hair. Married to King Vidor. 
Mailing address, MU-M Studios. 

BOARDMAN, Virginia True, actress; "Barefoot 
I'.ny" CCBC), "Girl i.f the Limbeilost" (FBO), 
"The Home iSIaker" (Universal^ "Down the 
.Stretch" (I'liiversal), "Speedy Smith" (Rayart;. 

BOASBERG, Al, writer, b. ButJalo, N. V., Dec. 5, 
ISV.i. Educ. Buffalo, N. Y. Previous career, 
vaud. producer and author. Has written 116 vaud. 
acts, also partially 1925 Music Bo.x Revue. Has 
lived in ButTalo, Rochester, New York City, N. Y. 
Kiitereii pictures in 1921 with F. B. O. Clubs, 
.Masons. i2nd degree. Theatrical Guild. 

BOLAND Eddie, actor, b. San Francisco; educ. 
there. Early carper theatrical treasurer; stage 
e-xperienice, six years. Screen career, since 19K'; 
"Little Robinson Crusoe" (Metro-Goldwyn), "No- 
body's Business," "Nothing Matters," "Who's My 
Wite" (Educational), "Sunrise" Fox. Hght., b, 
7'j; wght., 135; dark blue eyes, brown hair. 

BOLDER, Robert, actor, b. ijmdon, England ; 
cduc.'s Hospital, The Blue Coat School. 
Stage career, 37 yrs. Screen career, Essanay, 
Pealart, First National, Paramount, Goldwyn; 
Assoc. Exhib., Independent, Chadwick, Columbia; 
most recent work, "Women's Wares" (TiiTany) ; 
"The Wise W'ife" (Pathe); "Tarzan and the 
(;olden Lion" (FBO); "Stella Maris," "Butter- 
flies in the Rain" (Universal). Hght., S, 2; 
wght., 185; silver gray hair, blue eyes. 

BOLES, John, actor, b. Greenville, Texas, Oct. 28, 
191(0. Parents live there. Educ. at Greenville 
High Schot^>l and at University of Texas. Spec, 
in languages and sciences in preparation for medi- 
cal career. A. B. from U. of Texas. On stage 
injight opera and musical comedy for five years. 
Has lived in Greenville, Texas, Glens F'alls, N. \'., 
Paris, Nice, New York and Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures Sept. 20, 1926, in "Sunya." At time he 
had singing lead in Wm. A. Brady's "Kitty's 
Kisses" in New York when he was sent for by 
Miss Swanson. Has also played in "We Amer- 
icans," "Man Made Women," "Romance of Un- 
derworld," "Last Warning," "Desert Song." Be- 
longs to Beta Theta Pi. Sports, football, base- 
ball. Hght. 6, 1; wght. 180; gray blue eyes; 
brown hair. Bus. rep., Rebecca & Silton. Ad. 
L'niversal C~ity. Cal. 

BOND, Frank,' actor, b. St. Paul, Minn.; educ. 
Univ. of Minn. Early career, 20 years legitimate 
stage. Screen career, "Midnight Secrets" (Ray- 
art), "Hogan's Alley," "Three Wrecks in Paris" 
(Warners), "Tell It To Sweeney" (Paramount). 
Htjht., 6; wght., 180; brown eyes and hair. 

BONNER, Majorie, actress, b. Adrian, Mich., July 
18, 1907. Parents residing Hollywood. Relatives, 
sister, Priscilla Bonner, Hollywood. Educ. Chi- 
cago and Michigan. Has lived in Chicago, Mich- 
igan, Hollywood. Screen career began as extra. 
Important appearances, "Sinners Parade,'' "Trail 
i>f Courage," and numerous Westerns. Member 
of "The Regulars" Club, Hollywood. Sports, rid- 
ing, swimming, golf, yachting. Hght. 5; wght. 
105: hazel eyes, blonde hair. 

BONNER, Priscilla, actress, b. W'ashington, D. C. ; 
educ. there. Screen career, Ince, Goldwyn, Sen- 
nett, B. P. Sehulberg, Warner, .Sunset, Chas. R. 
.Seeling, \'itagraph, Metro, Pathe, Preferred, Hod- 
kinson, Independent Pict., Aywon, P.D.C., Metro- 
(ioldwyn-Mayer, Assoc. Exhib., Krelbar; has 
idayed in "Outcast Souls" (Sterling); "Golden 
.Shackles" (Peerless); "Broadway After Mid- 
night" (Krelbar); "Pay'ng the Price" (Columbia), 
"The Prince of Headvvaiters," "Long Pants" 
(First National), "It" (Paramount), "Three Bad 
Men" (Fox), "The Red Kimona" (Davis), "Dru- 
silla With a Million" (FBO). Hght., 5, 1; wght., 
100; blond hair, gray eyes. 

BOOTHBY, Warren, treasurer, First National Pic- 
tures, b. Somerville, Mass., Dec. 14. 1884; attended 
the schools of that city, entering the banking 
business when he was 17. For 18 yrs. he was 
with the First National Bank of Boston steadily 
advancing until he became an executive. In the 
5 >rs. preceding his association with First Na- 
tional, he was treasurer and executive officer 
of the First National Corporation of Boston, a 

subsitliary of the First National Bank. Is popular 
socially as well as in business circles and takes 
as keen an interest in civic activities. Home, 
Bronxville, N. \. 

BONOMO, Joe, actor, b. Coney Island, .\. V., Dec. 
25, 1902, I'arents residing Coney Island, N. Y. 
Relatives, brother, business manager, A. Bonomo 
it Co., C I., N. Y. Educ. New York, spec. Physi- 
cal culture and medicine. Early career. Profes- 
sional strong man and wrestler. Has lived in 
New York, Los Angeles and all key cities while 
on Orpheum vaudeville tour. Entered pictures in 
1921, following winning of "perfect man" and 
"strong man" contests in N. Y. Important screen 
appearances, as Sebastian in Milton Sills' "Sea 
Tiger," star of 5 serials for Universal, "China- 
town Mystery," as Hercules in "Vamping Venus." 
Member of Masons, 233 Club of Hollywood. Sports, 
boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, track-work and 
football. Hght. 5, ll'-l; wght. 198; brown eyes, 
lilack hair. Bus. rep., William Jeniier. Ad. 

BORDEN, Eddie, actor, b. Deer Lodge, Tenn. 
Educ. Cincinnati. Screen career, "Bad Boy," 
"Hold Everything" (Pathe), "Battling Butler" 
(Metro), "One Chance In a Million" (Lumas), 
"The Dove" (United Artists). Hght., 5, 9; wght. 
155; dark blue eyes, brown hair. 

BORDEN, Eugene, actor. Screen career, "Blue 
Blocjd" (Chadwick); "The Jade Cup" (FBO); 
"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (Pai^amount). 

BORDEN, Olive, actress. Screen career, Pathe and 
Educational shorts; features: "The Happy War- 
rior" (\'itagraph), "Oveiland limited" (Gotham), 
"The Yankee Senor," "My Own Pal," "Yellow 
Fingers," "Fig Leaves," "Three Bad Men," "The 
Covintry Beyond," "The Monkey Talks," "The 
Secret Studio," "The Joy Girl," "Pajamas," 
"Come to My House" (F"ox) ; "The Albany Night 
Boat" (Tiffany-Stahl) ; "Virgin Lips" (Colum- 
bia) ; "Gang War," "Sinners in Love" (FBO). 

BORGATO, Agostino, actor, b. Venice, Italy, 1871. 
Educ. \'enice, Florence, Italy. Spec, literature. 
Previous career, commerce. Has lived in Rome, 
Turin, Italy, Buenos Aires. Entered pictures in 
191J "Mag-c Flame," "Kiss in Taxi,'' "Helen of 
Troy," "Hula." Hght. 5, 10; black eyes, grey 
hair. Bus. rep., William Cohill. 

BORIO, Josephine, actress, b. Italy. Screen ca- 
reer, Lumas, FBO, "Branded Sombrero," "Fazil" 
(Fox); "The Sporting Age" (Columbia); "The 
Cossacks" (M-G-M); "Scarlet Dove" (Tiffany- 
Stahl). Brown eyes. 

BOTELER, Wade, actor, b. Santa Ana, Cal.; educ. 
Los Angeles, Cal. Stage career, stk. Screen 
career. Cosmopolitan, Fox, Assoc. Exhib., Uni- 
versal, Goldstone Prod., Monogram, Goldwyn, 
Sehulberg, FBO, Pathe-DeMille, "Let 'Er Go Gal- 
lagher" (Pathe); "Sporting Goods," "Warming 
•-P." "Just Married" Paramount); "A Woman 
Against" the World" (TilTany-Stahl) ; "Life's Like 
That" (Fanchon Royer). Hght. 6; wght., 185; 
red hair, blue eves. 

BOTSFORD, A. M., advertising and publicity di- 
rector, Publix Theatres Corp., 15. Rockford, 111. 
Educ. Williams College, (A. B.). Previous ca- 
reer, newspaper work. Entered picture business 
in 1917; was representative for Marguerite Clark^ 
became advertising manager for Famous Play^rs- 
Lasky Corp.; then to present position. Is mar- 
ried and has three children, Robert, age 11; 
Stephen, age 9, and Ruth, 6 weeks old. Club, 
Motion Picture Club. Address, Paramount Build- 
ing, New York City. 

BORZAGE, Frank, director, b. Salt Lake City, 
Utah, 1894. Educ. Salt Lake City. Spec, dra- 
matics. Previous career, started stage career 
when 13 yrs. old; played bits in stock, repertoire. 
Entered pictures in 1913. Directed "Humor- 
esque," "Seventh Heaven," "Street Angel," 
"River." "True Heaven," several Talmadge pic- 
tures. Clubs, Hollywood Athletic; M. P. D. A. 
.Sports, golf, polo, squash. Bus. rep.. Cliff Steele. 

BOSWORTH, Hobart, actor, b. Marietta, Ohio, 
Aug. 11, 18()7. Relatives, brother, William Welles 
Bosworth, architect, Paris and N. Y. Educ. 
schools in iSIarietta. Was at sea three years. 
Fighter, wrestler, etc., until June 1885. Became 
super in old Calif. Theatre, San Francisco. In 
Aug. 1885, l_>egan ten year engagement with Au- 
gustin Daly (^o. of New York and London. Later 
was leading man for Julia Marlowe, Mrs. Fiske, 
Henrietta Crosman, Amelia Bingham. In 1905, 
stage director of Belasco Stock Co., Los Angeles. 



Lead in first picture made west of Chicago, "The 
Sultan's Power,'' Selig-Polyscope Co., wrote, di- 
rected and acted in pxtures for this company 
until 1913. Then formed Bosworth, Inc., making 
own pictures, most prominent being "The Sea 
Wolf." Later to Universal, Lasky and Demille, 
acting and directing. 'Behind the Door," "Below 
the Surface," "Cup of Life," "Sea Lion" for Thos. 
S. Ince. Free-lancing since 1923. "Anne Laurie" 
(M-G-M); "Chinese Parrot" (Universal); "Blood 
Ship" (Columbia); "My Best Girl" (United Art- 
ists); "Sawdust Paradise" (Paramount); "Woman 
of Affairs" (M-G-M); "King of the Mountains" 
(United Artists). Club, Mayfair. Sports, paint- 
ing landscapes, riding. Hght. 6, 1; wght. 205; 
blue eyes, white hair. 1 child, George Hobart 
Bosworth, 9 yrs. old. Bus. rep., Freddie Fralick; 
press rep.. Scoop Conlon. 

BOURKE, Fan, actress, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., July 
12. Relatives, parents living in New York City. 
Educ. Loretto Convent, Niagara Falls, Canada, 
spec, in literature, psychology, history. Previous 
career, Jesse Lasky's Pianophiends in vaud., 
Augustus Thomas' "Mere Man," Arthur Hopkins' 
"A Very Good Young Man," eight Broadway 
productions. Has lived in New York, Paris, 
Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1915 through 
James Cruze. Screen career, wrote story and 
featured in "The Master's Model." Clubs, A. E. F. 
Entertainer Women's Overseas Service League. 
Sports, ice boating, swimming, horseback riding. 
Hght. 5, 8; wght. 130; brown eyes, blonde hair. 
Bus and press rep., Jesse Weil. 

BOW, Clara, actress, b. Brooklyn, N. Y. Relative, 
father in Hollywood. Educ. Girls High School, 
Bayridge, Brooklyn, N. Y., spec, in secretarial 
course. Has lived in New York, Hollywood and 
Beverly Hills, Cal. Entered pictures in 1922 
through beauty contest judged by Harrison Fisher, 
Neysa McMein and Howard Chandler Christy. 
First appeared in "Down to Sea in Ships." Few 
months later signed to long term contract. 
Pictures include "Wings," "Mantrap," "It," 
"Red Hair," "Ijadies of Mol>," "Fleet's In," 
"Three Week Ends," Paramount. Sports, swim- 
ming, motoring. Hght. 5, S'/z; wght, 115; brown 
eyes; red hair. Bus. rep., Bogart Rogers. Mail- 
ing ad. Paramount Famous Lasky Studio. 

BOWES, Cliff, actor, b. Pueblo, Colo., Nov. 14, 
1895. Screen career, entered pictures in 1915 with 
Mack Sennett, fancy diving and swimming; later 
worked for Fox, Universal, Cameo Comedies for 
Educational. Hght., 5, 5; wght., 135; light blue 
eyes, dark brown hair. 

BOWERS, John, actor, b. Indiana, Dec. 27. Studied 
law. Was on stage under management of W. A. 
Brady; appeared in many of his productions, 
"Family Cupboard,'' "Decent Thing to Do," 
"Little Mrs. Brown," "Life." Has lived in 
New York and California. Entered pictures in 
1916, through being on stage. Made first picture 
in New York. Played in "Lorna Doone," 
"Chickie," "Sky Pilot," "When a Man's a Man." 
Belongs to California Yacht Club, Hollywood Ath- 
letic Club, So. Cal. Athletic & Country Club. 
Sports, yachting, aeronautics. Hght. 6; wght. 
175; hazel brown eyes; black hair. Married to 
Marguerite de la Motte. Bus. rep., Edward 
Small Co. 

BOWERS, Charley, actor. Early career, circus, 
appeared in tight wire walking act at 6 yrs.; 
sign painter, designed posters, painted murals, 
played in stock, cartoonist for Chicago Trib- 
une and Star. Screen career, wrote, di- 
rected, photographed and acted in comedies. 
Vehicles of a novelty type include "Now You 
Tell One," "Many a Slip." "He Couldn't Help It" 
(FBO); "Say A-ah," "Whoozit," "The Valiant 
Rider," "You'll Be Sorry" (Educational). 

BOWES, Edwau-d, managing director, Capitol the- 
atre. New York City, and co-executive in charge 
M-G-M eastern studio. New York; b. San Fran- 
cisco, Jan. 14, 1874, Irish parentage. Educ. private 
tutors and Lincoln School, San Francisco. Pre- 
vious career: reconstruction work following S. F. 
earthquake; building operations, Tacoma, Wash.; 
headed grand jury investigation that convicted 
Mayor Schmidt and Abe Reuf of S. F. ; married 
Margaret Illington, actress, in 1910; produced 
play "Kindling" with wife as star; became asso- 
ciated with Selwyns in construction of Apollo 
and Times Square theatres. New York; then, 
member of the board of directors of Goldwyn 
Company. In 1919, with associates, erected Capitol 

theatre. New York, and later became managing 
director; in 1920, elected vice-president of reor- 
ganized Goldwyn company; in Dec. 1925, was com- 
missioned Major, Officers Reserve Corps.; he and 
"Capitol Family" broadcast regularly from Capitol 

BO"VCE-SMlTH., John, vice-pres. and treas., In- 
spiration Pictures & Tec-"Art Studios, b. New 
York City, Aug. 15, 1881. Rels., sister, Mrs. 
Edw. J. Sisley and Pierre N. Aymar, Woodcliff 
Lake, N. J., Sisley & Brinkerhoff, Insurance, 
New York City, Cornell and Underhill, iron piping. 
New York City. Educ. Columbia Univ., spec, in 
law, literature, history, political science, received 
A. B. degree in 1901, A. M. 1902, L.L B. 1904, 
L.L. M. 1905. Previous career, practiced law 
in New York City and New Jersey from 1904 to 
1920. Became one of organizers of Inspiration 
Pictures and officer and director. Produced or 
supervised: "Classmates," "Shore Leave," "Res- 
urrection," "Ramona." Clubs, Theta Delta Chi, 
Columbia Univ.; Breakfast Club, Hollywood A. 
C, Rotary, Rancho Golf CluD. Sports, golf, 
riding. Wife's prof, name, Harriet L. Boyce- 
Smith. Three children, John 3rd, 16 yrs.; Suz- 
anne, 13 yrs.; William Illsley Boyce-Smith, 4 

BOYD, Betty, actress, b. Kansas City, Mo., May 
11, 1908. Relatives, Lisle Taunehill, uncle, oil pro- 
ducer and cattle raiser, Hollywood; J. M. Duncan, 
cousin, cred. mgr. for Standard (3il on Pacific 
Coast. Educ. Hollywood High School, spec, in 
dramas and English, two yrs. private tutoring in 
university work. Has lived in Kansas City and 
Hollywood. Entered pictures iig 1926, having 
dramatic training from childhood in preparation 
for stage career. Pictures include, feature 
role in Tiffany-Stahl Techincolor Classic "In 
a Persian Garden," Lupino Lane's "Pirates 
Beware,'' feminine lead in 15 comedies for Educa- 
tional. Sports, riding, swimming, skiing. Hght. 
5, S; wght. 128; brown eyes; auburn hair. Bus. 
rep.. Jack Gardner; press rep., W. E. Keefe. 

BOYD, William, actor, b. Cambridge, O., June S. 
Educ. Tulsa, Okla. Spec, civil engineering. Pre- 
vious career, grocery clerk, automobile salesman, 
oil driller, mechanic, football player. Has lived 
in Tulsa, Okla., Riverside, Hollywood, (Tal. En- 
tered pictures in 1919, given job as extra in "Why 
Change Your Wife," title role in "Volga Boat- 
man," "Two Arabian Knights," leads in "Dress 
Parade," "Night Flyer," "Skyscraper," "Power," 
"Cop," "Leathernecks'' (Pathe). Sport, football. 
Hght. 6, 1; wght. 170; blue eyes, brown hair. 
Wife's prof, name, Elinor Fair. Ad. Pathe Stu- 
dios, Cidver City, Cal. 

BOYLAN, Mcdcolm Stuart, writer and editorial 
supervisor, b. Chicago, Apr. 13, 1897. Parents 
live in Memphis, Tenn. Mother is Grace Duffie 
Boylan, former iNational President of the League 
of American Penwomen and novelist. He was 
educ. privately by tutor. Spec, in literature and 
science. Newspaper writer and actor. Has lived 
in New York, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Bermuda 
and Los Angeles. Entered picture business in 
1916; was formerly director of publicity for Uni- 
versal and First National; began writing titles 
as a free-lance. Titled "What Price Glory," 
"Three Bad Men," "Mother Knows Best," and 
65 others for Fox. Clubs, Academy of M. P. 
Arts and Science, Wampas, Titular, Bishops. 
Sports, polo and golf. Married to Josephine Fon- 
taine. (Children, Grace, 8; Mary, 6. iMailing ad., 
Fox Studios. 

BOYLE, Jos. C, director, b. and educ. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. Screen career, actor with Lubin, 1912, 
assistant director, prop, manager, film cutter, 
casting director; production manager for Robert 
Kane, next holding same capacity for Paramount; 
rejoined Kane- First National in 1926 as head of 
own unit, continuing with First National through 
1927-28; has directed "Mad Hour," "The Whip 
W^iman," "Convoy," "Broadway Nights" (First 
National): "Through the Breakers" (Gotham). 

BRABIN, Charles, director, b. Liverpool, England, 
April 17. Educ. St. Francis Saviors College, May 
field, Sussex, Eng. Stage career, N. Y. with 
Henry W. Savage, Chas. Frohman, Fish and 
Reilly. Screen career, "Driven," "So Big," 
"While New York Sleeps," "Valley of Giants," 
"Raven." Wife's prof, name, Theda Bara. 

BRACY, Sidney, actor, b. Melbourne, Australia, 
1877. Educ. iMelbourne. Previous career, started 
stage career at 16 yrs. of age; 5 yrs. with Gilbert 


John Barrymore's 









and Sullivan Operas; supported Viola Allen, Nat 
C. Gacxlwin, Nazimova. Has lived in Melbourne, 
Sydney, London, N. Y., Chicago, Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures in 1910 with Kalem Co., through 
Sidney Olcott. Pictures include, "Million Dollar 
Mystery" (Thanhouser) ; "Cameraman'' (M-G- 
M); "Win That Girl" (Fox); "Show People" 
(M-G-M). CTub, 233 of Hollywood. Sports, golf- 
ing, motoring. Hght. 5, 8; wght. 140; dark 
lirown eyes, brown hair. 1 child, Barbara (yyi). 
Bus. rep.. W. O. Christensen. 

BRADBURY, Robert N., director, b. Walla Walla, 
Wash. Early career, actor, stage director, author. 
Screen career, "IVo Tenderfoot," "The Red Warn- 
ing," "The Phantom Horseman" (Universal); 
"Yankee Speed," "In High Gear" (Sunset Prod); 
"Riders of Mystery" (Independent). 

BRADBURY, James, Jr., actor. Screen career, 
"Classmates," "The Drop Kxk" (First National), 
"Fear Bound" (Vitagraph), "Manhattan," "Fas- 
cinating Youth," "She's a Sheik" (Paramount), 
"The Blood Ship" (Columbia), "The Racing Fool" 

BRADBURY, James, Sr., actor, b. Old Town. 
Maine. Screen career. "The Leopard Lady" 
(Pathe), "Skinner's Big Idea" (FBO), "Hot 
Heels" (L'niversal), "Waterfront" First Nation- 

BRADFORD, Virginia, actress, b. Memphis, Tenn. 
early career, syndicate reporter. Screen career, 
with Universal, Fox; has appeared in "Two Lov- 
ers" (L'uited Artists) ; "Chicago," "The Wreck of 
the Hesperus," "The Country Doctor" (Pathe). 

BRADLEY, Estelle, actress, b. Atlanta, Ga., April 
5, 1908. Relatives, parents living in Atlanta. 
Educ. Atlanta, Ga., spec, in muse.. Girls High 
School. Was "Miss Atlanta" in 1924. ^^Worked 
in Educational pictures "Queens Wild," "Wild 
Cat Valley," "Making WTioopee." Sport, tennis. 
Hght. 5. 3; wght. 118: blue eyes; ■ blonde hair. 
Husband's prof, name, Chas. Ijamont. Press rep., 
Tom Engler. 

BRADY, Alice, actress, b. New Y-ork-iCity.^Educ. 
convent in New Je;sey, studied in Boston for 
grand opera. Previous career, stage. Gilbert & 
Sull'van opera, "Forever After." Screen career. 
World, Select, "Dawn of the East,'' "Hush 
Money," "Missing Millions," "Anna Ascends." 
"Leopardess," (Paramount). Hght. 5, 7; wght. 
lOS; dark complexion, dark eyes and hair. 

BRADY, Edward, actor. Screen career. Paramount, 
Ginsberg, "Lost at the Front" (First National); 
"Clancy's Kosher Wedding" (FBO): "Hoof 
Marks" (Pathe); "Dressed to Kill" (Fox). 

BRAHAM, Lionel, actor, b. Yorkshire. Eng. Screen 
career, "I'll Show You the Town," "Skinner's 
Dress Suit," "Out All Night" (Universal). "The 
Wrestler" (Fox\ "Don Juan" (Warners), "Night 
Life" (Tififany-Stahl). 

BRAMLEY. Flora, actress, b. London. Eng. Educ. 
Central High School, Detroit, Mich., Clarks Col- 
lege. London. Eng. Stage career, "Mercenary 
Mary" in London, "Cradle Snatchers," Los An- 
geles. Screen career, "The Dude Cowboy" (FBO). 
"College" (LTnited Artists), "We Americans" 

BRANCH. Houston, writer, b. St. Paul. Minn., 
March .S. 1899. Educ. Public and High Schools, 
St. Paul. Previous career, newspaperman, dra- 
matic editor, press aeent. theatre manager and 
playwright; wrote "Wildcat." "Through the 
Years." and "Dona Marie." Has lived in St. 
Paul, Des Mones, New Orleans. Dallas, Galves- 
ton, San Antonio. New York and Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures in 1916 as first press agent for 
Finkelste'n & Ruben's. .'Screen career. "The 
Showdown." Corig.) "Voice in the Storm.'' Corig. 
and cont.). "Snuare Should»rs." (ad-iot.): "Mor- 
gan's Last Raid." "Sioux Blood," (M-G-MV 

BRANDON, Dicky, child actor, b. Toledo. Ohio. 
March 30, 1919. Lives with parents in Hollywood. 
Began on legitimate stage at age _ of 22 months. 
Plaved in stork crmpany "Puss in Boots" and 
eight other child's fairy plays; also, "Zander" in 
"Zander the Great." Has lived in Toledo and 
Hollywood. Entered pictures in April. 1923. 
■P'aved in "life's Greatest Game.'' ".Snirit of 
V. S. A.." "Woman Who Sinned." "Fire Patrol," 
"Flae- Maker." "Oualty Street" and "King of 
the Mountains." Sport, baseball. Hght. 52 in.: 
wght. 64; grey-blue eyes; medium brown hair. 
Press rep., Cedric Hart. 

BRANDT, Joe, president, Columbia Pictures Corp., 
Troy, N. v.; educ. N. Y. University; early ca- 
reer, newspaperman and with Hampton advertis- 
ing agency; attorney-at-law ; also served as N. Y. 
representative of "Billboard" and was for a time 
advertising manager of "Dramatic Mirror." 
Screen career, seen, writer of "Lightning Brice," 
"Blue Fox," "Thunderbolt BrIce," co-author "The 
Red Glove" and "Heart of the North;" with Carl 
Laemmle, was instrumental in the formation of 
L'niversal, and with this company was gen. mgr 
and asst. treasurer 7 yrs. Resigned to entei 
C. B. C. Sales Corp. with Harry and Jack Cohn 
and with formation of Columbia Pictures Corp. 
became president of company. Address: 729 7th 
'\ve.. New York City. 

BREAMER, Sylvia, actress, b. Sydney, Australia: 
educ. there. Stage career. 5 yrs. in American 
successes. Screen career, Triangle, Stuart Blac- 
ton; "Girl of the Golden West" (F.N.), "Barefoot 
Boy" (CBC). "Thundergate" (F.N.), "Flaming 
Youth" (F.N.), "Her Temporary Husband" 
(F.N.), "Llies of the Field" (F.N.), "Up in 
Mabel's Room" (P.D.C.), "Lightning Reporter" 
(Ellbee). Hght., S, S; wght., 128; brown hair, 
brown eyes. Home, Los Angeles, Cal. 

BREESE, Edmund, actor, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., June 
IS. 1871. Educ. Brooklyn public and private 
schools. Began stage career in 1895 at Eureka 
Springs, Ark., in "My Awful Dad," thereafter 
starred in many productions. Screen career, in 
"Master Mind" for Edison, N. Y., very first talk- 
ing p'cture ever made; talking roles in ".She Knew 
Men,'' "Fancy Baggage," "Port of Dreams," 
"Haunted House," "From Headquarters." (Tlubs. 
Masquers. Lambs, N. Y. Athletic, Green R(X>m. 
Authors League of America. Sports, golf, horse- 
back riding and other outd(X)r sports. Blue eyes, 
grav hair. 

BRENDEL, EL, actor, b. Philadelphia, Pa., Mar. 
25. 1891. Screen career, "The Campus Flirt." 
"Rolled .Stockings," "Ten Modern Commaii'l- 
ments." "Wings" (Paramount), "Snowbound" 
(Tiffany). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 1.S0; dark eyes. 
'"■own hair. 

BRENNAN, Walter, actor. Screen career, "Tearin' 
IntiV Trouble." "The Ridin' Rowdy," "Ballyhoo 
Buster" (Pathe). 

BRENON. Herbert, director, b. Dublin, Ireland. 
1880. Mother lives in Little Neck, L. I. Brother. 
Rev. William Brennan, Guilford, .Surrey, England. 
Educ. St. Paul's School. Kings College, London. 
Spec, in elocution, drama. Was actor and stage 
director. Has lived in London, Pittsburgh, New 
Orleans. Minneapolis, Los Angeles, N. Y. Entered 
pictures in 1910. Directed "Neptune's Daughters." 
"Daughter of the Gods," "Peter Pan," "War 
Brides," "Sorrel & Son," "Beau Geste.'' "The 
Rescue." Belongs to Lambs, Ijotus Club, Cali- 
fornia Yacht Club. .Sports, tennis, yachting. Son, 
Cyrill. 22. Bus. rep., Joseph M. Schenck; press 
rei).. Burr C. Cock. 

BRENT, Evelyn, actress, b. Tampa, Fla. Educ. 
trrammar and high school. New York City, New 
York State Normal Training School, spec, in 
teaching. Has I'ved in Tampa, Syracuse. New 
York, London, Hollywood. Played in pictures in 
England, also series of melodramas for F. B. O.. 
in "I^nderworld." "Last Command." "Beau 
Sabreur." "Drag Net," "Showdown," "Interfe'- 
ence." "His Tiger Lady," "Night of Mystery" 
(Paramount). Hght. 5, 4; wght. 112; brown eyes 
pud hair. Ad. Paramount Studios, Hollywoml, 

BRETHERTON, Howard, director. b. Tacoma, 
\\'ash., Feb. 13. 189'>. Mother lives in Los .\neeles. 
Educ. Harvard Military Academy, Stanford Univ. 
.Studied law. Was silesman. Has lived in X. Y.. 
Butte, Gallup. N. Mex.; Rome. Italy. Entered 
pictures in 1914. Directed "Hills of Kentucky," 
"One Round Hogan." "The Redeeming Sin," 
"Greyhound Limited." "Caught in the Fog," 
"Chorus Kid." Belongs to Beta Theta Pi. Holly- 
wood Athletic Club, Masons, Shriner (Al Mal- 
aikah). Sports, golf, football. Children, Barbara 
.\nne, 11: Prudence Roma, S; David, 4. 

BRIAN. Mciry, actress, b. Corsicana, Texas, Feb. 17. 
Relatives, mother and brother living in Holly - 
wmid. Educ. grammar and high schomols in 
Dallas Tex., spec, in draw'ng, costume designing. 
Has lived in Corsican, Tex.; Oklahoma City, 
Dallps. Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1924. 
iTt pTtient pictu'-es inf-liiding, Wendy in "Peter 
Pan," lead in "Big Killing," "Varsity," feminine 



SUGGESTED HIGHLIGHTS: — Began career as acrobat with an 
Hungarian circus troupe. . . . Appeared throughout Europe. . . . Leading 
man for several years with dramatic theatrical company in Budapest . . . 
Leading man in films in Germany and Hungary . . . Directed films in 
Berlin, Budapest and Paris with Jannings; Lya de Putti; Maria Corda; 
Vilma Banky, and Lily Damita. 

Brought to Hollywood from Berlin by Warner Brothers in 1926. 

LION BID," and "ALIMONY ANNIE," in Hollywood. 

First director to make film with sound device accompaniment for 

AJJrrss till inquiries to Motion Picture News, Hollywood 



lead "Partners in Crime," "Someone to Love" 
(Paramount). Sports, dancing, skating, swim- 
ming. Hght. 5, 2; wght. 105; hazel eyes, dark 
brown ha.r. Ad. Paramount Studios, Hollywood, 

BRICE, Fanny, actress, b. and educ. N. Y. C. 
Previous career, legit, stage, musical shows, Zieg- 
feld's Follies, Music Box Revue. Entered pictures 
in 1928, persuaded by Warner Bros, to make Vita- 
phiiue picture, "My Man." 

BRICE, Monte, writer, b. New York City. Educ. 
Public School, Indianapolis spec, course, Columbia 
Univ., N. Y. C. Spec, in mining, engineering. 
Previous career, sales manager 'iexas Oil Co., 
N. Y., Stage actor, song writer, stage material 
writer, motion picture actor, soldier, dept. justice 
operator, and music publisher. Lived in New 
York, Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, Indianapolis 
and Europe. Entered pictures in 1913, quit to 
go in business and then re-entered in 1921. 
Wrote, "We're in the Navy Now," (orig.), "Hot 
News" (orig.), and "The Fleet's In" (orig.); "Be- 
hind the Front" (adapt.). Clubs, Mason, Elks, 
Masquers, Writers Rancho Golf CHub, Holly- 
wood A. C, 233 Club, and Chislers. Sports, golf, 
bo.xing, horse racing. 

BRINKMAN, Dolores, actress, b. S. Louis, Mo., 
July 31. Relatives, parents living in Hollywood. 
Educ. St. Louis and Los Angeles, spec, in Eng- 
lish and history. Entered pictures in 1924, play- 
ing western and comedy leads. Pictures include, 
"Big City," "Mysterious Island," "Telling the 
World," "Alias Jimmy Valentine" (M-G-M). 
Sports, horseback riding, golf. Hght. 5, 3; wght. 
112; blue eyes, blonde hair. Ad. Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer Studios, Culver City, Cal. 

BRISKIN, Samuel J., asst. gen. mgr., Columbia 
Pictures Corp., b. Russia, Feb. 8, 1896. Rel., 
mother living in New York City. Educ. New 
York City, spec, in accounting. Previous career, 
public accountant. Has lived in New York City, 
Washington, D. C. ; Hollywood. Entered pictures 
9 yrs. ago. Became interested in picture business 
through accounting. Clubs, Masonic Order, sev- 
eral golf clubs. Sports, golf, football. Two chil- 
dren, Gerald, 9 yrs. ; Bernard, 4 yrs. 

BRISSON, Carl, actor, b. Dec. 24, 1896. Educ. 
Copenhagen, B. A. degree. Previous career, as 
Carl Peterson ex-amateur Middle-Weight cham- 
pion of Europe, ex-cru.ser weight champion of 
Middle Europe and Scandinavia, musical cemedy. 
Has lived in Copenhagen and London. Entered 
pictures in 1927. Starred in "The Ring," "The 
Manxman." Clubs, Royal A. K., Copenhagen, 
honorary member of all leading athletic clubs in 
London. Sports, boxing, riding, and golf. Hght. 
6, 1; wght. 175; grey eyes, brown hair. Press 
rep., T. F. Carpente?, British International Pic- 
tures. Wrote "My Life," "Physical Culture," 
(books); "Brisson's Blue Blondes" (play). 

BROCKWELL, Gladys, actress, b. Brooklyn, 
N. Y.; educ. privately. Stage career, since child- 
hood, stk. rep. and vaude. with Willard Mack. 
Screen career, Lubin, NYMP, Reliance-Majestic, 
Fine Arts, Universal; "My Home Town," "The 
Law and the Man" (Rayart) ; "Man, Woman and 
Sin" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) ; "Seventh Heaven" 
(Fox); "Lights of New York" (Warner); "The 
Country Doctor" (Pathe). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 
118; blonde hair, brown eyes. 

BROD"Y, Estelle, actress, b. Aug. IS, 1904. Educ. 
Washington Irving School. Previous career, stage. 
Has lived in London, New York, Montreal. En- 
tered pictures in 1926. Latest pictures include, 
"Week End Wives," "Kitty," "Hinkle Wakes," 
"Mile, from Armentieres.'' Sport, tennis. Hght. 
5, 2!'2; wght. 108; hazel eyes, black hair. 

BRODY, Anna G., actress, b. Poland; educ. New 
York City. Stage career, vaud., stock. Screen 
career. Universal, Pathe, Fox, Paramount, Vita- 
graph, Selznick, Famous Players, Arrow, Lowell 
Film Prod., First National, "(Clancy's Kosher 
Wedding," "Jake the Plumber" (FBO); "Heroes 
in Blue" (J^ayart) ; "Alias the Lone Wolf" (Co- 
lumbia) ; "Turn Back the Hour" (Ciotham); 
"Whoozit" (Educational). Hght., 5; wght., 165; 
black hair, brown eyes. 

BRONSON, Betty, actress, b. Newark, N. J., 1910. 
Relative, mother living in Beverly Hills, Cal. 
Educ. East Orange, N. J., Pasadena, Cal., and 
New York City, spec, in English, French and 
dancing. Has lived in Pasadena, Calif.; St. Louis, 
Mo.; Newark, N. J.; East Orange, N. J., and 
Hollywood. iEntered pictures in 1923, prominent 

pictures including, "Peter Pan," "A Kiss for 
Cinderella," "Are Parents People" (Paramount); 
"Companionate Marriage" (First National); "The 
Singing Fool," "One Stolen Night" (Warner); 
'The Bellamy Trial" (M-G-M). Club, Mayfair. 
Sports, tennis, horseback riding. Hght. 5; wght. 
98; green eyes, chestnut hair. Bus. rep., Ernest 
Cowell; press rep., Margaret Ettinger. 
BROOK, Clive, actor, b. London, England. Parents 
live there. Educ. at Dulwich College. Has lived 
in London, New York and Hollywood. Entered 
Pictures in 1921. Betty Compson had signed a 
contract to make a p cture for Graham 
Cutts Company in London and was asked to 
play role of leading man, picture being "Woman 
to Woman." Has also played in "Forgotten 
Faces," "Declasse," "Barbed Wire," "Interfer- 
ference," "Yellow Lily," "Four Fathers." Sport, 
Tennis. Hght. 5, 11; wght. 140; blue eyes, light 
brown hair. Married to Mildred Evelyn Brook. 
Two children. Faith Evelyn, age 5, and Clive, Jr., 
3. Ad. Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. 
BROOKE, Tyler, actor. Screen career, has ap- 
peared in Mack Sennett comedies; "Fazil" ant* 
series of Fox comedies. 
BROOKS, Alan, actor, b. New York City. Screen 
career, "Home Struck," "Shanghaied" (FBO), 
"Pals In Paradise," "The King of Kings" (Pathe). 
Hght., 6, 2; wght., 180; blue eyes. 
BROOKS, Louise, actress, b. Wichita, Kansas, 
stage career, toured country 2 yrs. with St. 
Denis Dancers, Ziegfeld Follies, "Louis the 14th," 
George White "Scandals," dancer Cafe De Paris, 
London. Screen career, First National, "A Girl 
in Every Port" (Fox); "Now We're In The Air," 
"The City Gone Wild," "Rolled Stock, ngs," "Beg- 
gars of Life" (Paramount). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 
120; black hair, brown eyes. 
BROWER, Frank, actor, b. Point Pleasant, N. J.; 
educ. New York City. Stage career, 48 yrs. 
Screen career, Famous Players-Lasky, Edison, 
Marion Fairfax ProJ., Metro, First National, Uni- 
versal, P.D.C., Fox, Paramount. Hght., 5, 10^^; 
wght., 160; gray hair, brown eyes. 
BROWER, Robert, actor, b. Point Pleasant, N. J. 
Early career, 48 years stage experience. Screen 
career, "Long Live the King" (Metro), "F.fth 
Avenue Models" (Universal), "The Last Trail" 
(Fo-x), "The Gay Defender" (Paramount). Hght., 
5, 10^; wght., 160; brown eyes, gray hair. 
BROWN, Clarence, director, b. CHnton, Mass., May 
10, 1890. Educ. University Tenn., degrees of 
B. S. and B. S. M. E. Previous career, auto- 
mobile business. Began picture career with 
Maurice Tourneur on "Great Redeemer." Pro- 
ductions "Goose Woman," "Kiki," "Flesh and 
Devil," "Trail of '98,'' "Woman of Affairs," 
"Eagle," "Acquittal." 1 child, Adrienne Ann 
Brown. Bus. rep., Clarence Brown Prod., Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Culver City, Cal.; press 
rep., Fritz Tidden. 
BROWN, Joe E., actor, b. Holgate, Ohio, July 
28, 1892. Relatives, mother and sister in Toledo, 
Ohio, also brother, Paul, musician in Toledo. 
Educ. public school, Toledo. Previous career, 
circus at nine yrs. of age with 5 Marvelous Ash- 
tons for 4 yrs., vaud., Prevost & Brown; legit. 
"Listen Lester," "Jim Jam Jems,'" "Greenwich 
Village Follies," "Betty Lee," "Capt. Jinks,'' 
"Twinkle Twinkle." Has lived in Holgate, To- 
ledo, New York City, Hollywood. Entered pic- 
tures in Jan. 1928, pictures including, "Crooks 
Can't Win," "Hit of Show," (FBO), "Take 
Me Home" (Paramount); "Queen of Bur- 
lesque" (Tiffany-Stahl). Clubs, B. P. O. E., 
Lambs, Hollywood Athletic, Masquers, Rancho 
Country Club, Masons, A. E. F. Sports, baseball, 
golf, squash, football. Hght. S, 8; wgrht. 150; 
blue eyes, brown hair. 2 children, Don Evan 
Brown, 12 yrs. old and Joe Leroy Brown, 10 yrs. 
old. Bus. and press rep., Ivan Kahn. 
BROWN, Johnny Mack, actor, b. Dothan, Ala. 
Educ. Dothan, Ala., pub. sch. and Alabama Univ. 
Previous career, football player and coach. En- 
tered pictures in 1926, due to prowess in football. 
Screen career, "Bugle Call," "Fair Co-Ed," "Our 
Dancing Daughters" (M-{j-M). Sport, football. 
Hght. 6; wght. 165; brown eyes, black hair. Ad. 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Culver City, Cal. 
BROWN, Melville, director, b. Portland, Ore., Ma.. 
10. On stage with Baker Stock Co., Portland, 
Seattle, Spokane. O. D. Woodard Stock Co., 
Kansas City. Bellasco Stock, Los Angeles. Three 
yrs. vaudeville; 214 yrs. stage directing. Has 



Recent Productions : ^"^^ girl-f. n., the air cir- 

iveceiit J. I uu-M-cuiu !!-;>♦ cus— fox, home james, stool 


LTj —L Jj Q-Ly-g , On stage in stock company and vaudeville — Entered pic- 
O O Cures through aviation and stunt flying — Lieutenant in 

Royal Flying Corps — Rex Ingram served in same company — Was cracked up five 
times in three years, eight months' service abroad^ — Was champion lightweight of 
Royal Flying Corps. 

S/ory material, photographs, etc., will be obtained on request by addressing 
Motion Picture News, Hollywood, Calif. 



lived in Seattle, Spokane, San Francisco, Los 
Angeles, Kansas City, Portland, Ore. Entered 
pictures in 3917. Was writer and given oppor- 
tunity to direct. Directed "Her Big Night," "Red 
Lips," "Oh Geraldine," "13 Washington Square," 
"Buck Privates." Belongs to American Legion 
and Masqviers. Sports, football, ice hockey, box- 
ing and tennis. Married to non-ijrol'essional. Bus. 
rt'ij., Felix Young and Myron Selznick. 
BROWN, Hcu-ry J., director; educ. University of 
.Syracuse. Stage career, prop, man and stage 
director. Screen career, entered pictures in 1920, 
and served in all branches; former own unit, 
filmed Fred Thompson prod, for F.B.O. ; Rayart 
and First National; assoc'ate prod., supervisor 
and director of Maynard with First National, and 
Resd Howes short reel aviation series for Edu- 
cat'onal; "The Wagon Show," "Gun Gospel" (First 
National) ; "The Racing Fool," "The Royal 
.Xn.trican," "The Night Owl" (Rayart). 
BROWN, Colvin W., executive vice-president of 
I'athe; began career as newspaper man and en- 
tered picture business in advertising and publicity; 
connected with pictures for past 12 yrs.; worked 
h s way to sales end of business, becoming vice 
president and distribution manager for Thomas 
H. Ince Corp. On death of Ince became vice 
president of FBO in charge of distribution. Sub- 
sequently was engaged with reorganization and 
Building up of FBO's foreign business and made 
frequent trips tO' Europe, placed in charge of 
Pathe affairs by Joseph P. Kennedy when latter 
became business adviser of the company; figured 
imijortantly in reorganization of Pafhe. 
BROWN, Hiram, president, Radio-Keith-Orpheum 
('(ir])., b. Maryland, 1882, of Quaker ancestry. 
Previous career, odd jobs at early age; worked 
way through Washington College, Chestertown, 
Md., graduating in 1900; started newspaper work 
in editorial offices of New York Herald; next to 
Washington, D. C, as reporter; later entered 
public utility field in employ of the president of 
National Railways of Mexico; went to Plattsburg 
at outbreak of War, entering Army with Cap- 
taincy, promoted to Lieut. Col. and made chief 
of finance div. of air force; served with liquidation 
committee in France after War; reorganized Cen- 
tral Leather Co., forming same into U. S. Leather 
Co. of which he became president. Is married; 
one son, student at Princeton. Sport, golf. 
Home, Rye, N. Y. 
BROWNING, Tod, director, _b. Louisville, Ky., 
July 12, 1882. Educ. Louisville pub. sch. Pre- 
vious career, toured world at head of "Lizard 
and Coon" Co., "Mutt and Jeff," "World ot 
Mirth.'' Has lived in all principal cities of Amer- 
ica and Europe. Entered pictures about 1917, be- 
came screen actor at Biograph, began directorial 
career making two-reel comedies. Directed 
".Show," "Unknown," "Road to Mandalay," "Un- 
holy Three," "Hypnotist," "Blackbird," "Mystic," 
"VVest of Zanzibar," "London After Midnight" 
(M-G-M). Wife's prof, name, Alice Browning. 
BROWN LEE, Frank, actor. Screen career, Metro, 
G. vlilwyn. First National Peacock, American Re- 
leasing, Fox, Vitagraph, FBO, Warners, Lumas, 
Pathe; "Midnight Rose" (Universal). 
BRUCE, Kate, actress. Screen career, character 
woman, was with original Biograph Co. under D. 
W. Griffith, has appeared in nearly all the Grif- 
fith protluctions ; has worked for Paramount, Ar- 
row, Hodkinson, First National, Pathe, Fox, First 
Division, "A Bowery Cinderella" (Excellent). 
BRUCKMAN, Clyde, director. Screen career, pro- 
duction man in Hollywood with various units: 
initial directorial effort was Monty Bank's 
"Horseshoes," for Pathe in 1927; Westerns for 
Pathe in 1927-28; "Max Davidson" comedies, Hal 
Roach "Star" comedies (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) ; 
"A Perfect Gentleman" (iPathe). 
BRUNDAGE^ Mathilde S., actress, b. Louisville, 
Ky., Sept. 22. 1871. Educ. Louisville, Ky. En- 
tered pictures in 1914. Pictures include, "Silver 
Comes Through" (F. B. O.); "Love Me and 
World Ts Mine," "That's My Daddy" (Univer- 
sal). Hght. 5, 6%; wght. 141; dark eyes, grey 

BRUNETTE, Fritzi, actress, b. Savannah, Ga., 
1894. Educ. New York C"ity. Screen career, 
"Woman Thou Gavest Me," "Cause for Divorce" 
(Selznick), "Camille of Barbary Coast"' (Assoc. 
Exhib.), "Pace 'Hiat Thrills" (F.N.), "Drift- 
wood" (Columbia). Hght., S, 4^^; wght., 117; 
black hair, hazel eyes. Home, iLos Angeles, Cal. 

BUCHER, E. E., executive vice-president, RCA 
Photoplione, Inc., asst. vice-president, Radio Corp. 
of America, b. Akron, Ohio. Educ. high school 
and private tutors. Previous career, DeForest 
Wireless Tel. Co. as experimental and installa- 
tion engineer; similar position with United Wire- 
less; appointed instructing engineer and chief in- 
spector; initiated first radio school Y. M. C. A., 
N. Y. City; joined Marconi Co. as instructing 
engineer when company took over United Wire- 
less; also technical editor "Wireless Age," 1913- 
17; author of "Practical Wireless Telegraphy," 
etc.; Dec. 1919 was assigned special duty with 
Radio Corp. in charge securing contracts for radio 
communication apparatus ; appointed commercial 
engineer for company, 1920; in 1922, manager sales 
dept. RCA; made general RCA sales manager 
in 1924; in 1927 promoted asst. vice pres. RCA, 
contact with licensees under RCA patents; then 
became vice president of RCA Photophone; m 
1919 promoted to be executive vice-pres. same 
BUCKINGHAM, Thos., director, b. Chicago, 111. ; 
screen career, started as assist, to Griffith, assist, 
cameraman, then assist, director for Century; 
director of shorts for Sennett, Century, Fox, Uni- 
versal; f^eatures for Fox, Universal, Columbia. 
"What Price Beauty," "Crashing Through," "Land 
of the Lawless" (Pathe); "The Lure of the Night 
Club" (FBO). 
BUCKLEY, Harry D., ex. vice-president and chair- 
man of the board of directors. United Artists 
Corp. and asst. to Joseph M. Schenck, b. St. 
Louis, Mo., Feb. 24, 1887. Educ. St. Louis. 
Closely identified with amusements since early 
age; appointed manager Garrick theatre, St. 
Louis, when 21 yrs. of age; next managed Colum- 
bia theatre, St. Louis; promoted to rank of Lieut, 
during War. After War made manager United 
Artists exchange, Kansas City; subsequently, 
manager Los Angeles LT. A. exchange; managed 
Douglas Fairbanks road shows and acting gen- 
eral manager of Fairbanks Corp. ; personal and 
business manager Mary Pickford and Fairbanks, 
N. Y. City; then became vice-president of U. A. 
and member of board; appointed to board of di- 
rectors of U. A. Theatre CIrcvnt when organized 
in 1926. Resigned as general personal and busi- 
ness manager for Mary Pickford and Douglas 
Fairbanks Dec. 1926 and assumed present position. 
BUFFINGTO'N, Adele, scenarist, b. Feb. 12, 190'), 
St. Louis, Mo. Stage experience 2 yrs.; discovered 
by Thom. H. Ince in 1919; worked 2 yrs. with 
Ince; retired for 2 yrs., critic with Palmer Photo- 
play Corp.; then renewed career as free lancer; 
work includes "Coney Island" (FBO), "Eager 
Lips" (First Division); "The Chorus Kid," "Mid- 
night Life," "The River Woman" (Lumas), "The 
Phantom City" (First National). "Queen of the 
Chorus" (Crescent). 
BUNNY, George, actor, b. N. Y., 1867; educ. Brook- 
lyn. Stage career, actor in var. prods, for 25 yrs.; 
screen career. Eastern Film Corp., Fox, Goidwyn, 
World, Selznick, Universal, American Releasing. 
First National, Metro- Goldwyn-iMayer, Rayart, 
"Laddie Be Good" (Pathe); "Breed of the Sun- 
sets" (FBO). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 200; gray hair, 
blue eyes. 
BURKE, Joseph, actor, b. N. Y.; educ. England. 
Screen career, Hodkinson, Arrow, L^nited Artists. 
First National, Cosmopolitan, Griffith, Paramount, 
Aywon Film Prod., Vitagraph, Assoc. Exhib., 
Excellent, "Hangman's House" (Fox). Hght., S, 
10; wght., 142; gray hair, dark eyes. 
BURKE, Johnny, actor. Stage career, vaud., Zieg 
feld Follies. Screen career. 4 yrs. Mack Sennett. 
"Good-Bye Kiss," also "The Lion's Roar" and 
"Bride's eRJations," Mack Sennett talking com- 
edies released through Educational. 
BURNS, Edmund, actor, b. Philadelphia. Pa.. Sect. 
27, 1892. Educated at Catholic High School, _ Phila. 
On stage in small parts under direction of Wm. 
Tngersoll, Orpheum Stock Co., Phila. Has_ lived 
in Philadelphia and New York. Entered pictures 
in 1918, at suggestion of Sam Kingston, then 
casting manager for Fox. Played in "Humniinc 
Bird,'' "East is West," "Jazzmania," "Ruling 
Passion," "Chinese Parrot," "Adorable Outcast," 
"Phyllis of Follies," "Ransom," "Made for Love." 
Belongs to Hollywood A. C. and Westport Beach 
Club. .Sports, swimming, golf. Hght., 6, 2; 
wght. 170; blue gray eyes; black hair. Bus. rep., 
Edward Small; press rep., Dave Epstein. 



BURNS, Neal, actor, b. Bristol, Pa. Mother lives 
with him in Hollywood. On stage in musical 
cniiicily. Has lived in New York, Philadelphia, 
Atlantic City and Hollywood. Entered pictures 
December, 1914. for Al Christie. Played in "Mad 
Scrambles," "French Fried," "Hot Scotch,'' 
"Slick Slickers." Belongs to Lakeside Golf Club. 
Sport, golf. Hffht., 5, Syi; wght. 140; brown eyes, 
brown hair. Married to Joan Marquis. Bus. and 
press rep., Pat Bowling. Mailing address, Christie 
Stu'licis, Cal. 

BURNS, Fred, actor, b. Ft. Keogh, Mont., 1878. 
Early career, ranching, breaking horses, later with 
RtifTalo Bill's Wild West, 101 "Ranch; gave rope 
throwing and riding exhibitions throughout U. S. 
and Europe. Screen Career. Selig, Reliance-Ma- 
jestic, Pallas. Fine Arts ("Birth of a Nation"), 
\^itagraph, Russell, Aywon, Sanford Pro<l., FBO, 
Davis Dist., Universal, "The Outlaw Express," 
"The Galloping Gobs" (Pathe) ; "The Unknown 
Cavalier," "The Overland Stage" (First National). 

BURNS, Robert, actor, b. Glendive, Mont.; educ. 
Helena, Mont.; early career. Wild West per- 
former;. Screen career, Biograph, \''itagraph. Fine 
Arts, Dixon Films, "Ladies Preferred," "Never 
Too Late" (Educational); "The Thunder Ridei's" 
(Universal); "The Bronc Stomper." "The Apache 
Raider" (Pathe); "The Little Buckaroo" (FBO). 
light., 6; wght., l/'O; "brown hair, dark gray eyes. 

BURNSTINE, Norman, writer, b. New York City, 
Tan. 26. 1908. P^duc. Columbia LTniv. Spec, in 
languages and philosophy, B. A. Previous career, 
editor of college literature, writer of short stories, 
verse, plays and a novel. Lived in New York, 
Philadelphia, Long Branch, Waterville and Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures in 1927. Wrote, "The 
Sins of the Father" (orig.). Qub, Boar's Head. 
Sports, swimming, tennis, rowing and football. 

BRYDEN, Nellie, actress; "The Albany Night 
Boat" (Tiflfany-Stahl). 

BRYSON, Winifred, actress, screen career, "Hunch- 
liack of Notre Dame" (U), "Thundering Dawn" 
(V). "IMeasure Mad" (IVIetro), "Flirting with 
T.ove" (F.N.). "Lover of Camille" (Warner), 
"Awful Truth" (P.D.C.), "Adoration" (F.N.) ; 
also stage and vaud. career. 

BUSCH, Mae, actress, b. Melbourne Australia; 
cduc. Convent. Madison N. J. Stage career, leads 
with Eddie Foy. Screen career. Keystone. Para- 
mount, LTniversal, Realart, Goldwyn, First Na- 
tional. Assoc. Exhib., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Tif- 
fany, Pathe; has appeared in "Fazil" (Fox); "San 
Francisco N-'ghts" (Gotham); "The Beauty 
Shoppers" (Tiflfanv); "Tongues of Scandal" (Ster- 
ling); "The Truthful Sex" (Columbia). Hght., 5. 
4; wght., 120: black hair, gray eyes. 

BURTON, Clarence, actor, b. Fort Lyons, Mo.. 
May 10. 1882. Educ. Nevada public school and 
L. A. High. Stage career, 20 yrs., musical com- 
edy, dramatic stock, road shows and circus. 
Has lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Reno, 
Nev. Entered pictures in 1912. Prominent pic- 
tures include: "Ten Commandinents," "Miss Lulu 
Bett." "Forbidden Fruit" fParamount) ; "King 
of Kings," "Godless Girl" (DeAIille-Pathe) ; "Sub- 
marine" (Columbia'); "Square Crooks" (Fox); 
heavies. Club, Elks. Sport, baseball. Hght. 
."i. 11; wght. 180; dark brown eyes and hair. 1 
child, Forrest Oliver Burton, 4 yrs. Bus. rep., 
Wm. Cohill. 

BUSHMAN, Francis X., actor, b. Norfolk, V?.., 
Jan. 10, 1885; educ. Ammendale College; early 
reer, wrestler, bicycle rider, artists' model, sculp- 
turer; stage racer at 9, in stock and reportoire: 
screen career dates from 1911. Has worked for 
Essanay, Metro, Vitagraph, co-starred with Leah 
Baird in manv films; appearances include "Mid- 
night Life" (Gotham), "Grip of the Yukon," "The 
Thirteenth Juror" (Universal), "Ben Hur" CW- 
G-^r), "Say It with Sables" (Columbia). Hght., 
s. 11: wght., 186; light complexion, brown hair, 
lilue eyes. 

BUSHMAN, Francis X.. Jr., actor, b. Baltimore, 
Md.; educ. Staunton INlilitary Acad.. Bait. Poly. 
Inst.; stage career. 57 weeks over Keith Circuit 
with sketch. "When Love Is Young:" screen ca- 
reer. Goldwvn, Essanav. Christie. T ewis & Gordon 
Profl., Ray'art, "Marlie, The Killer" (Pathe). 
"Four Sons" (Fox), "The Understanding Heart" 
(Metro-Goldwvn-Maver), "The Scarlet Arrow" 
(T^niversal). Hght.,' 6, 2; wght , 200; brown hair, 
dark blue eyes. 

BUTLER, Frank, writer, b. Oxford, England, Dec. 
28, 1884. Educ, Oxford, England. Spec, history, 
literature, natural science. Previous career, 
journalisin in London and Canada; S years in 
British Army. Has lived in Calgary and Victoria, 
Canada, London, and various other cities. En- 
tered pictures in Feb., 1921; 5 yrs. as actor and 
director to acquire screen technique. Adaptation 
and continuity, "The Big Killing," "Just Mar- 
ried," "The Five O'Clock Girl." Orig., also 
adap. and cont., "In China." Also Hal Roach 
short subjects. Club, Writers, Hollywood. Sports, 
tennis, swimming, sailing. 1 ch'ld — Hugo Dansey 
Butler. Bus. and press rep., Young & Selznick, 

BUTLER, David, actor and director, b. San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., 1895; educ. Leland Stanford Univ.; 
stage career. Alcazar Stock Co., 3 yrs. at Mo- 
rosco theatre, Los Angeles, stage mgr. for Oliver 
Morosco; screen career, began as actor and then 
switched to direction; acted for Griffith, Selznick, 
Universal, First National, Assoc. Exhib., Metro- 
Goidwyn-iMayer, Warner, Paramount, P.D.C.. 
Pathe, Fox; includes, "Seventh Heaven" (Fox), 
"The Rush Hour," "Should Husbands Come First" 
(Pathe), "The Quarterback" (Paramount). Di- 
rected "Prep and Pep," "High School Hero," 
"The News Parade" (Fox). Hght., 6; wght., 
185; dark complexion, black hair, blue eyes. 

BUTT, Lawsoni W., actor, b. 1883 : stage career, 
leads, "The Wanderer," "iMerry Wives of Wind- 
sor," "Taming of the Shrew;" screen career, Se- 
lig, iMetrc, Paralta, Pathe, Famous Players, 
L'nited, Hampton-Hod., Tyrad, Goldwyn, Robert- 
son-Cole, Pioneer, First National, FBO, Para- 
mount, Fox, Assoc. Exhib., A. G. Steen Inc. "For- 
eign Devils" (Metro-Goldwyn), "The Beloved 
Rogue" (United Artists). Hght., 6, 2; dark com- 

BUTTERFIELD, W. S., president of W. S. Butter- 
fieJd, Inc. and th'e Michigan Theatres Co. Has 
been operating in theatre field for 21 yrs. and 
built a circuit of 80 theatres in 28 principal cities; 
in show business 40 yrs., as treasurer 8 yrs., and 
as road manager 14 yrs. ; holds franchise for 
Erlanger and Shubert road shows as well as Keith 
vaudeville, and motion picture companies; was one 
of first to combine pictures and vaudeville. 

BUTTS, BiUy, child actor. Screen career, "The 
Tough Guy," "Lone Hand Saunders." "The Two 
Gun Man" (FBO), "Sparrows" (United Artists), 
"The Canadian," "The Last Outlaw" (Para- 
mount), "The Land Bevond the Law" (First Na- 
tional). "None But the Brave," "Wild West Ro'- 
mance" (Fox), "The Black Ace" (Pathe). 

BYER, WeJter Chau-Ies, actor. Legal name, Charles 
W. Beyer, b. Newark, N. J., Feb. 28. Parents 
live there. Educ. at iMt. Pleasant Military Acad- 
emy, and Cornell L^niversity. Was in stock, mu- 
sical comedy, dancing, vaudeville, marine avia- 
tion. Has lived in New York. Philadelphia. At- 
lantic City and Chicago. Entered movies with 
Famous Players in Long Island. Has played in 
"Cabaret." "Man Must Live." "Shanghai Bound." 
"Red Riders of Canada." "Beautiful but Dumb," 
"Red Hot .Speed," "Clothes Make Woman " 
"Queen of Burlesque." Belongs to Hollywood 
Athletic Club. Sports, squash, tennis, swimming. 
Hght. 6 ft.; wght, 175; blue eyes, dark brown 
hair. Single. Bus. rep., Demmy Lamson; press 
re])., Hal Howe. Mailing address, F. B. O. Stu- 
dio. Cal. 

BYRANT, Kay, actress, b. Chicago, Feb. 4, 1911. 
Parents live in Chicago. Educ. there. Stage ex- 
perience as a dancer and photographic model. 
Entered pictures in 1927 in a comedy at Fox 
.'^tndios. Player! in ".Silly Sailor," "Four Sons," 
"Roadhouse." .Sports, horseback riding, tennis. 
Hght. 5, 1; wght. 108; blue eyes, blonde hair. 
P-pss rep.. Tom Engler. 

BYRON, Harold, writer, h. Detroit Mich.. Tuiy 
12. 1894. Rels,, parents living in Detroit. CTias. 
M. Lipsitz. brother. Standard BIdg. Corp.. De- 
troit. Educ. pub. sch., Detroit. LTn'v. of Mich.: 
spec, in play prod., dram, literature, A. B. de- 
gree and post graduate work. Has I'ved in De- 
tro't. New York City, Hollywood. Entered pic- 
tures in 1923, scenario editor at Columbia, adapt, 
and seen, for Tom Mix. supervised western pic- 
tures for Fox. Wrote "The I^ng Trail" (sho-t 
story): "Sitka" (play). Clubs. .'33 Club, Phi 
Sigma F.psilon Frat., Highland Park Masonic 
I>idge No. 468. Sports, golf, horseback rid-ng, 
swimming. Bus. rep., Demmy Lamson-Ruth Col- 
lier, Inc. 



BYRON, Marion, actress, h. Dayton, O., Mar. 16, 
1911. Rels., Betty Byron, sister, in Chicago show. 
Ediic. Dayton, Detroit, Denver, Los Angeles. 
Spec, typing, English, algebra. Previous career, 
stage, musical comedy, "Patsy," "Music Box Re- 
view with Fannie Brice; "Cradle Snatchers," 
"Strawberry Blonde." Entered pictures in 1926 
through Ivan Kahn. Pictures include: "Steam- 
boat Bill, Jr.," "Plastered in Paris," Hal Roach 
comedies. Hght. 5; wght, 95; blue eyes, dark 
brown hair. Bus. rep., Ivan Kahn. Ad., Hal 
Roach Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 

BYRON, Jack, actor. Screen career, "April Show- 
ers" (Preferred), "The Battling Fool" (C. B. C), 
"The Air Mail," "Under the Tonto Rim" (Para- 
mount), "Four Walls" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). 

— c— 

CAESAR, Arthur, writer, b. Roumania, March 29, 
1893. Educ. Yale, N. Y. U., also Univ. of Ryon; 
spec, in law, drama and general cultural sub- 
jects. Previous career dramatist, columnist, news- 
paperman and lawyer. Wrote "Out of the Seven 
Seas," "Off Key." Has lived in New York, Paris 
and Ryon. Entered pictures five years ago. 
Wrote the first Al Jolson story. Screen career, 
"Napoleon's Barber," orig. and "Alice of 
U. S. A." orig. 

CABANNE, W. Christy, director, b. St. Louis, 
Mo., 1888; educ. St. Rose Acad., Culver Military 
Acad., Annapolis Naval Acad.; early career, in 
Navy; stage career, 2 yrs. as actor. Screen ca- 
reer, since 1910; directed Douglas Fairbanks' first 
and second pictures, joined Fine Arts; acted for a 
short time with Griffith, and then was his assist- 
ant for fiva years, became D. W.'s chief of staff, 
author of a number of originals, and made Metro's 
first serial; organized own company; worked for 
Goldwyn, F.B.O., Assoc. Exhib., iMetro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer, Tiffany -Stahl, Pathe; "Altars of Desire" 
(M-G-M), "Nameless Men," "Restless Youth" 

CALDWELL, Betty, actress, b. Ijds Angeles, Calif., 
Nov. 14, 1909. Rels., parents living in Los An- 
geles. Educ. Calif., spec, in art and music. 
Stage career, vaud. Entered pictures in 1926, 
prominent pictures including: "iHer Father Said 
No," "iMidnight,"' "Farmer's Daughter," comedy 
lead with Charlie Bowers, lead in "Straight Shoot- 
ing." Club, Thalians. Sport, sw'mming. Hght. 
5, 3; wght. 116; .gray eyes, blond hair. Bus. rep., 
Lichtig & Englander. 

CALDWELL, OrvUle, actor, b. Oakland, Cal., 
educ. there; screen career. "When Knighthood 
Was in Flower" (Co'smopolitan), "The Patsy" 
(M-G-M). "The French Doll" (M-G-M), "Judg- 
ment of the Hills," "The Little Yellow House," 
"The Harvester" (FBO). 

CALHOUN, Alice, actress; b. Cleveland, Ohio, 
Nov. 24, 1904. Rels., parents living in Los An- 
geles. Educ. public school, Cleveland and private 
tutor. New York City. Entered pictures in 1919. 
Screen career, started as extra, in stock one yr. 
with Vitaphone, starred for Vitagraph 4 yrs. and 
Warner Bros. 1 vr. Prominent pictures include: 
"Little Minister,'' "Little Wildcat." Likes all 
sports. Hght. 5, 4; wght. 114; hazel eyes, golden 
brown hair. 

CALVERT, E. H., actor. Screen career, Mei:ro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer, Warners. "Why Sailors Go 
Wrong," "The Wizard" (Fox), "Legion of the 
Condemned" (Paramount), "Let 'Er Go Galle- 
gher" fPathe-DeMille), "Lonesome Ladies" (First 

CAMERON, Rudolph W. B.. actor, b. Washington, 
D. C. ; educ. Georgetown L^niv.; stage career, in 
George Broadhurst's "Rich iNIan, Poor Man;" 
screen career, Vitagraph, "For the Love of iMike'' 
(First National), "Coney Island" (FBO). 

CAMPEAU, Frank, actor, b. Detroit, Mich., Dec. 
14. Educ. Notre Dame, Ind. Previous career, 
actor. Screen career 'ncludes: "Three Bad Men," 
"Killer," "Heading South," "Jordan Is a Hard 
Road,'' "In Old Arizona" (Movietone), "Across 
the Border" (Vitaphone), "Frozen River" (Vita- 
phone). Clubs, Elks, iMasquers, Lambs, iModern 
Brotherhood of America. Sport, tennis. Hght. 
5. 10: wght. 150; dark eyes, hair. Bus. rep., Ben 

CANNON, Maurice, actor, b. Toulon, France; educ. 
France. Early career, 13 yrs. on French stage. 
Screen career, French productions, "Shadows of 
Paris," "The AlaSkan" (paramount), "Love's 
Wilderness" (First National), "Forbidden Hours" 
(Metro). _ 

CANNON, Raymond, writer, b. Long Hollow, Tenn., 
educ. Knoxville, Tenn. Early career, 5 yrs. stage 
experience. Screen career, "The Whole Town's 
Talking," "Taxi, Taxi," "Fast and Furious" (Uni- 
versal), "Babe Comes Home" (First National). 
Hght., 5, 10^; wght., 165; brown eyes and hair. 

CANTOR, Eddie, actor, b. N. Y. C; left .schl. 
when 14 to start career as Wall St. runner, next 
worked in a cloak and suit co. ; by showing his 
talent at amateur night performances finally 
attracted attention, Gus Edwards signing him 
when he was 16; stayed with Edwards for 3 
yrs., toured Europe and played in a Charlet 
Lotidon revue; later teamed up with Al Lee in 
a singing dancing act; in 1916 Oliver Morosco 
placed him in a musical comedy that played at 
the Morosco Theatre in Los Angeles; later 
went with Ziegfeld, with whom he has been ever 
since. Starring in "Kid Boots," "Special Delivery" 
(Paramount); making Paramount talk'es. Married, 
four children. Hght., 5, 8; wght., 140; black hair, 
dark brown eyes. 

CAPRA, Frank R., director, b. Palermo, Italy, 
iNIay 19. 1897. Rels., Mother living in Hollywood, 
Cal. Educ. California, spec, chemistry, general 
science; B. S. in General Science from Cal. Tech., 
Pasadena, Cal. Has lived in Los Angeles, San 
Francisco, N. Y. Entered pictures 1920. Directed 
"Strong Man," "Submarine," "Younger Genera- 
tion," "Power of Press,'' "Donovan Affair." Clubs, 
Kappa Gamma, Hollywood Athletic, Masquers. 
Sports, golf, hunting, fishing. Bus. rep., Harry 
Cohn; press, rep.. Max Shane. 

CARESS, Williaan, actor. Screen career, "Black 
"Tack," "Hello Cheyenne" (Fox). 

CAREW, Ora, actress, b. Salt Lake Cty, Utah. 
April 13. Rels., mother, brother. Grant Whytock, 
iniit mgr. for M-G-M, Culver City, Calif.; sister, 
Evelyn Carew, composer music themes, iM-G-i\L 
Educ. Salt Lake City and San Francisco, spec, in 
art and music. Stage career, Orpheum circuit, 
Pantages. lead in "Fata Morgana." Prominent 
pictures include: "Little Lady of Big House." 
Lady Fingers," "Lost," "Under Susp'cion," 
"Sherlock Brown." Sports, riding, swimming, 
tennis, golf. Hght. 5, 2; wght. 118; Ijrown eyes, 
blond hair. Bus. rep., Arthur Landon. 

CAREWE, Edwin, director, b. Gainesville, Texas. 
Brothers: Finis Fox, writer, Hollywood; Wallace 
Fox, director. Beverly Hills. Educ. LTniv. Texas 
and LTniv. Missouri. Spec, in dramatics. First 
stage connection with Dearborn Stock Co.; then 
other stock companies; first N. Y. appearance 
with Chauncey Olcott; played with Otis Skinner, 
Rose Coghlan, Laurette Taylor and others. Has 
lived in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, 
Chicago and Los Angeles. Entered picture busi- 
ness 14 years ago. First picture with Walter 
Whiteside in "The Typhoon''; then engaged by 
Lubin Co. to make world tour. "The Inside of 
the White Slave Traffic." First picture directed 
was for Blaney Bros., titled "Across the Pacific." 
Directed "My Son," "Mighty Lak a Rose," "Re- 
surrection," "Ramona," "Revenge," "Pals First." 
Belongs to Santa Monica Swimming Club, 233 
Club, iMasquers, Hollywood Athletic. Lambs, 
Lakeside Golf. Rancho Golf, Breakfast Club, 
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 
Favorite sports, golf and swimming. Children, Rita 
20; Mary Jane, 10; Sally Ann, 8; Wm. Edward. 
iyi. Bus. rep., Louis Jerome; press rep., Mar- 
garet Kimball. 

CAREWE, Arthur Edmund, b. Trebizond, Armenia; 
educ. there; early career, actor, star on Broad- 
way. Screen career. Vitagraph, "Trilby" (First 
National), "The Phantom of the Opera," "L^ncle 
Tom's Cabin," "The Cat and the Canary," "A 
iMan's Past" (Universal). Hght., 6; wght., 165; 
black hair, dark brown eyes. 

CAREWE, Rita, actress, b. Ottawa, Canada; educ. 
Los Angeles, Cal.; screen career, "The Stronger 
Will" (Excellent), "High Steppers," "Joanna" 
(First National). 

CAREY, Harry, actor, b. N. Y., 1880; educ. N. Y. 
I'niversity; early career, playwright, prospector 
and cowboy; stage career, starred in his own 
plays. "iMontana,' "Heart of Alaska," stock; 
screen career, Biograph, Universal, FBO, Hodkin- 

/ ivant to thank my news- 
paper friends for the fine co- 
operation extended me in the 
past. All good ti/ishes. 
Sincerely, ROY DEL RUTH. 







Now Directing "THE HOTTENTOT" 
100' ( Vitaphone Production 

A FEW FACTS FOR QUICK REFERENCE: Born in Philadelphia, Pa.— Edu- 
cated in New York City, Philadelphia and Williamsport, Pa. — Newspaper 
reporter and sketch artist — Started in pictures as a scenarist in 1913 with 
Mack Sennett. Later promoted to position of director — ^Was given opportunity 
to direct features by Wm. Fox, with whom he stayed six months before 
signing with Warner Brothers. 



son, P.D.C.; "The Trail of '98," "Slide, Kelly 
Slide," "A Little Journey" (Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer), "Satan Town," "The Frontier Trail," 
"Border PatroJ," "Burning Bridges" (Pathe). 
light., 6; vvght., 180; blond hair. 

CARILLO, Mario, actor, b. Naples, Italy ; educ. 
JN'sapolitan Univ., Naples; early career, lawyer- 
captain in Italian Cavalry; stage career, 2 yrs. 
in Italy; screen career, Robertson-Cole, Housman 
Prod., Hodkinson, Fox, FBO, Metro-Gddwyn, 
Columbia, Pathe; "Just Married," "His Tiger 
Lady" (Paramount), "How to Handle Women" 
(Linivcrsal), "Private Life of Helen of Troy" 
(First National). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 181; black 
hair, brown eyes. 

CARLE, Richard, actor, b. Somerville, Mass., July 
7, 1871. Educ. Somerville, Mass. Stage career, 
30 yrs., 25 of which starring, writing and pro- 
ducing musical comedies. Has lived in Boston, 
Chicago, New York and London, Eng. Entered 
pictures in 1916. Screen career includes: sheriff 
in "It Can Be Done." Other pictures, "Soft 
Cushions," "Fleet's In" (Paramount); "While 
City Sleeps" (M-G-M). Clubs, Masquers, Holly- 
wood, Calif. Sports, baseball. Hght. 5, 11/2 ; 
wght. 190; brown eyes; light hair. Bus. rep., 
l.fwis Denser. 

CARLE, Phil., director, b. DaUas, Texas, 1890; 
stage career, stock under O. D. Woodward; screen 
career, juvenile leads in films before the War, and 
following was assistant director to Robert G. Vig- 
nola on "Knighthood," "Yolanda," "Adam and 
Eve" and others; directed "In a Moment of Temp- 
tation" (FBO). 

CARLETON, Uoyd B., director. Legal name, 
Carleton B. Little., b. N. Y. C. Brother, Arthur 
K. Little, President Beaver Conservatory of Mu- 

■ sic, Pittsburgh; John T. Carleton (Little), prod, 
manager, New York. Educ. New York. With 
Charles Frohman 14 yrs., 4 yrs. with Henry W. 
Savage. Has jived in New York, Los Angeles, 
Baltimore, San Francisco. Entered picture busi- 
ness 1910 with Thannhauser Film Co. through 
Barry O'Neill. Directed "The Flying Dutchman," 
"The Girl in the Rain," "The Yaqui," "The Man 
from Sandy Bar,'' "The Unattainable," "9 3/5 Sec- 
onds," "Beyond _ the Crossroads." Belongs to 
Theta Delta Chi. Favorite sports, golf, horse- 
back riding and motoring. 

CARLYLE, Aileen, actress, b. San Francisco, Calif., 
Mar. 5, 1906. Rels, mother living in Hollywood. 
Educ, San Francisco, Paris, France and Los An- 
geles, specialized in languages, dramatic art and 
operatic stage. Entered pictures in 1926, produc- 
tions including: "Sweet Adeljine" (Chadwick) ; 
"Drums of Love" (U. A.); Fox-Case Movie- 
tone "Marching On." Clubs, Woman's Athletic 
Club, San Francisco, Hollywood Athletic Club. 
Sports, swimming, dancing, tennis. Hght. 5, 5; 
ivght. 165; brown eyes; reddish brown hair. 

CARMINATI, Tullio, actor. Screen career, "The 
Bat ' (United Artists), "The Duchess of Buffalo" 
(First National), "Stage Madness" (Fok), "Hon- 
eymoon Hate," "Three Sinners" (Paramount). 
Hght., S, 10; wght., 160; black hair, blue eyes. 

CAROL, Sue, actress, b. Chicago, 111., Oct. 30. 
Educ, Kemper Hall, Kenosha, Wise, National 
Park Seminary, Washington, D. C. Entered 
pictures in 1927 thru Nick Stuart, Janet Gaynor. 
Pictures include: "Soft Cushions," "Beau Broad- 
way," Captain Swagger," "Air Circus," "Win 
That Girl," "It Can Be Done." Clubs, Bachelor 
Girls, Regular Girls Club, Thalians, Santa Monica 
Swimming, Riviera Golf. Sports, swimming, golf. 
Hght., 5. 3; wght., 110; brown eyes, hair. Press 
Rep., James iFidler. Ad., Fox Studios, Hollywood, 

CARR, MARY, actress, b. Philadelphia, Pa.; educ. 
Xcjrmal College there; graduated with teacher's 
and principal's certificates. Stage career, Girard 
Stock Co., of Phila., 4 yrs.; screen career, began 
with old Lubin Co.; has worked for Vitagraph, 
Selznick, First National, C. C. Burr, FBO, Prin- 
cipal Pict., Assoc. Exhib., Schulberg, Gotham, 
Rayart, Metro-Goldwyn, Truart, Ginsberg, Davis, 
Lumas, Pathe, Tiffany, First Division, Universal, 
Amer. Cinema, Goodwill; "Over the HiLl" (Fox), 
"A Million for Love" (Sterling), "On Your Toes" 
(Universal), "A Swelled Head," '^Paying the 
Price" (Columbia), "Jesse James," "Special De- 
livery," "Paramount Novelties" (Paramount), 
"Lights of New York" (Warner). 

CARR, Stephen, actor. Screen career. Famous 
Players, Fo.x, Pathe, Hodkinson, Goldwyn-Cos- 
mopolitan. Paramount, First National; has ap- 
peared in, "Little Old New York," "North of 
30," "The Thundering Herd," "The Life of Riley." 

CARR, Harry, writer, formerly scenario editor, D. 
W. Griffith. Screen work: co-adapted "Old Iron- 
sid(:s" (Paramount); co-scenarist "The Wreck of 
the Hesperus," co-adai:)t. and cont., "The Blue 
Danube" (Pathe), co-seen. "The Wedding March" 

CARROLL, Nancy, actress, b. New York City, Nov. 
19, 1906. Rels., parents living in New York City. 
Educ, Holy Trinity School, N.Y.C. Stage career, 
lead in Passing Show of 1923; Topics of 1923; 
Passing Show of 1924; "Mayflowers," "Nancy," 
Music Bo.x Revue, "Loose Ankles." Entered pic- 
tures in 1927, prominent pictures including: "La- 
dies Must Dress" (Fox) ; "Abie's Irish Rose," 
"Easy Come, Easy Go," "The Water Hole," 
"Manhattan Cocktail," "The Shopworn Angel," 
(Paramount). Sports, dancing, swimming. light. 
5, 3; wght. 116; blue eyes; auburn hair. Husband's 
professional name. Jack Kirkland, writer. Mailing 
ad. Paramount Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

CARRUTH, Clyde, director, b. Houston, Tex. 
Screen career, began with Mack Sennett as film 
cutter; joined Fox as cutter, and later graduated 
into the role of director of short subjects, under 
contract to Fox; most important work done in 
the handling of animals and children; "The Cow- 
boy Kid" (Fox). 

CARTER, Anon, actress, legal name, Dorothy Moser. 
b. New York City, Feb. 20, 1910. Parents live in 
Hollywod. Aunt, Mrs. Lincoln J. Carter, widow 
of L. J. Carter, playwright. She is great-grand- 
daughter of Carrie Carter, dramatic actress. Fa\- 
ucated at Hollywood High School. Specialized in 
dramatic art and voice culture. Is student of 
piano and voice, also coloratura soprano. Sings on 
the radio. Hopes for a grand opera career. Has 
lived in New York City, Cleveland, Ohio, Fort 
Wayne, Ind., Goshen, Ind., Hollywood. Entered 
pictures in the fall of 1926. Her uncle Lincoln J. 
Carter, thought she had gi'eat possibilities as a 
dramatic actress and intended going to Hollywood 
tO' sponsor her career but died that summer. 
Played in "Society Cowboy," "Shadows," "Broad- 
way Sap," "Movie Madness." Sports, tennis, 
horseback riding. Hght. 5, 4; wght. 118; hazel 
eyes; blonde hair. Single. 

CARVER, Louise, actress, b. Davenport, Iowa. 
Rels., mother living in Davenport, Iowa; sister, 
j\Irs. Minnie Stieger, McClain. Educ, High School, 
Davenport, Iowa. Stage career, drama, opera, 
musical comedy, vaud. Has lived in Chicago and 
New Y''ork. Entered pictures in 1916. "The 
Godless Girl," (Pathe), "The Redeeming Sin" 
(Warner), "Grease Paint," (M-G-M). Hght., 
5, 9; wght., 170; hazel eyes, brown hair. One 
child. Jack Vernon Murray, 21 yrs. old, with 
"Good News" Co. 

CARVER, Katherine, actress. Screen career, "Be- 
ware of Widows" (Universal), "Service for 
Ladies," "Serenade," "His Private Life," (Para- 
mout). Wife of Adolph Menjou. 

CASTLE, Robert, actor, b. Frankfort-on-Main, Ger- 
many, Jan. 22. Rels., father living in iFrank- 
fort-on-Main. Educ, tutored by father, specialized 
in literature and drama. Has lived in Vienna, 
Berlin, Florence, Hollywood. Entered pictures in 
1926, playing in "Master of Death" (Ufa). Clubs, 
Donauhort Ath. Club, Vienna. Sports, rowing and 
swimming. Hght. 6, Zy!:; wght. 175; dark brown 
eyes and hair. Mailing ad.. Paramount Famous 
Lasky Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

CAVALIER, Nita, actress. Screen career, "Tearin' 
Into Trouble" (FBO), "The Bare Co-Ed," "The 
Duke's Dirty Doings," "Lost in the Lurch" 

CAVANAUGH, Hobart, actor, b. San Francisco, 
Cal.; educ. Univ. of Cal. Played in "San Fran- 
LiscA Nights" (Gotham). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 127. 

CAVENDER, Glen, actor and director, b. Tucson, 
Ariz., 1887. Early career, vaudeville. Screen ca- 
reer, "My Stars," Lickity Split," "Home Cured," 
"High Strung," "Cutie" (Educational). 

CAWTHORN, Joseph, actor. Screen career, "The 
.Secret Stiulio," "Two Girls Wanted," "Very Con- 
fidential," "Silk Legs" (Fox), "Hold 'Em Yale" 



CECIL, Edward, actor, b. and educ. San Francisco, 
Cal. Previous career, stage, stock, vaude. lias 
lived in San Francisco, Hollywood. Pictures in- 
clude: "My Wild Irish Rose Rose" (Vitagrapli), 
"Secrets of Night," "Hidden Loot" (Universal), 
"Cheaters" (Tiffany-Stahl), "Hoof Marks," "Des- 
ert of Lost," "Saddle Mates" (Pathe). Hght. 
5, 11; wght., 165; hazel eyes, brown hair. 

CECIL, Nora, actress, b. Ireland; educ. England; 
stage career, 12 yrs. musical comedy, vaudeville; 
screen career, Fox, Selznick, Universal; has played 
in, "The Fortune Hunter" (Warners), "The Devil 
Dancer" (United Artists), "Born to Battle" 
(Pathe), "The Demi-Bride" (Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer), "The Cavalier" (Tiffany-Stahl). Hght., 
5, /'/. ; wght., 1^; brown hair, brown eyes. 

CEDER, Ralph, director, b. INfariette, Wise, 1899. 
Scrten career, entered films in 1917, and spent 
three years learning production methods; directed 
shorts for a number of years, with various com- 
panies including FBO, LTniversal, signed up with 
Paramount for features; directed Pufify-Cohen 
scries for Universal; "Wife Savers" (Paramount). 

CHADWICK, Cyril, actor, b. London, England, June 
11. Rels., parents living in London. Educ. St. 
Mark's College, London, Eng. Stage career, drama 
and musical comedy. Has lived in New York and 
nearly every big city in _ United _ States, Canada 
and England. Entered pictures in 1913, produc- 
tions including: "Three Live Ghosts," "(Christian," 
"Iron Horse/' "Happiness," "Rustle of Silk," 
"Peter Pan." "Actress," "Excess Baggage." 
"Mating Call." Clubs, The Masquers, Hollywo<id. 
Sports, tennis, hand ball, golf. Hght. 6; wght. 
ISO; blue eyes, brown hair. Bus. rep., Fred 

CHADWICK, Helene, actress, b. Chadwick, N. Y.; 
educ. there; early career, artists model; screen 
career, began with Pathe, and then played for 
all the big companies; "Women Who Dare" (Ex- 
cellent), "Stage Kisses." "The Bachelor's Baby," 
"Modern Mothers," "Stolen Pleasure," "Say It 
With Sallies^ (Columbia). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 
130; light hair, brown eyes, light complexion. 

CHADWICK, Rose, actress. Screen career, "Tracy 
the Outlaw" (New-Cal), "Say It With Sables" 

CHADWICK, I. E., president Chadwick Pictures 
Corp., b. London, Eng., Feb. 15, 1884. Educ. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. schl., Cornell and St. Lawrence 
Univ.. A. B. LL. B. degrees. Entered pictures 
in 1910. Counsel to picture companies. Produced, 
"Fire Patrol," "Wizard of Oz," "Paint and Pow- 
der," "Ladybird." Club, Cornell Univ. Club. One 
child. Lee (Thadwick, 17 yrs. 

CHALLENGER, Percy, actor, b. England, Sept. 3, 
1869. Educ., Bristol University, college, England. 
Previous career, 25 yrs. speaking stage, elocution- 
ary entertainer. Has lived in London, Chicago, 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1915. Pictures 
include: "The Eel,' "Old Dynamite," "Wheel of 
Destiny." Clubs, Troupers, Inc., Dickens Fellow- 
ship. Hght. 5, lVi\ wght., 134; brown eyes, brown 
hair turning grey. 

CHANDLEE, Harry, scenarist, b. Washington, 
D. C. : educ. there. Early career, newspaper and 
magazine writer. Screen career, assoc. editor. 
Lubin; staff writer, Metro. Equitable, World: 
editor, Paralta; original stories; titled and edited 
many productions; author and scenarist, "Broad* 
wav Madness" (Excellent). 

CHANDLER, Edward, actor, b. Wilton, Iowa, 
March 4, 1894. Educ, public schools. Specs, in 
literature. Previous career, vaudeville, song dem- 
onstrator, cafe. Has lived in New York, Chicago. 
Milwaukee. Entered pictures in October 1911. At 
close of vaud. booking in Los Angeles, joined 
Thos. H. Ince in 101 Ranch pictures. Pictures 
include: "The Lost Battalion," "She Goes to 
War," "The Shopworn Angel." Clubs, Hollywood 
Athletic. Sports, golf. Hght., 6; wght. 198; brown 
eyes, dark brown hair. Wife's prof, name — Billie 
('handler. One child. Shirley (6). 

CHANDLER, Lane, actor, b. Culburtson, Mont., 
June 4, 190i. Rels., mother and three sisters living 
in Montana. Educ. Montana Wesleyan, Helena, 
specialized in business administration and account- 
ing. Was accountant in Helena, Mont.; passenger 
agent for Yellowstone Park Transportation Co. 
Entered pictures in 1924 as extra in "Dorothy 
Vernon of Haddon Hall." Took parts in "Legion 
of Condemned," "Red Hair," "The Big Killing." 
"The First Kiss" (Paramount). Clubs. Fox Hills 
Country Club. Sports, swimming, riding, 

golf. Hght. 6, 2; wght. 186; blue-gray eyes; 
brown hair. Mailing ad., Paramount Studio, 
Iliillywood. Cal. 

CHANDLER, Helena actress. Screen career, "The 
Music Master," "The Joy Girl'' (Fox). 

CHANEY, Lon, actor, b. Colorado Springs, Colo., 
April 1, 1883. Educ. Colorado Springs school. 
Stage career; worked as prop man, transportation 
agent, actor. Prod. Pop Fischer and Kolb & Dill 
attractions, became dancing comedian. Entered 
pictures thru peculiar ability to characterize on 
stage. Screen career, "Miracle Man," "Hunchback 
of Notre Dame," "Phantom of Opera," "Tell it to 
Marines," "Laugh, Clown, Laugh," "West of 
Zanzibar," "While City Sleeps," "Big City." 
Sp(<rts, riding, swimming, golf. Hght. 5, 9; wght. 
155; brown eyes, black hair. 

CHAPLIN, Charlie, actor and director, legaJ name, 
Charles Spfncer Chaplin, b. London, England. 
April 16, 1889. Educ. public schools of London. 
Was in the theatre and in vaudeville. Entered 
pictures Nov. 1913. Played in and directed "Cir- 
cus," "Gold Rush," "The Pilgrim," "Kid," "Shoul- 
der Arms," and "City Lights." now in production. 
Made "Woman of Paris." Belongs to Washing- 
ton Congressional Country Club; Loyal Order of 
Moose, Los Angeles Athletic, So. Calif. Yacht, 
Lambs, officer de L'Instruction Beaux Arts Re- 
publique Francaise. Hght. 5, 6; wght. 125; blue 
eyes; dark brown and grey hair. Two children, 
Charles Spencer Chaplin, Sydney Earle Chaplin. 
Bus. rep.. Alfred Reev^es; press rep., Carlyle Rob- 
inson. Ad.. Chaplin Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 

CHAPLIN, Sydney, actor, b. Cape Town, S. Africa; 
educ. London, Eng., early career, seaman; stage 
career, London Music Halls; screen career, "The 
Man on the Box," "Charley's Aunt." "The Better 
■Ole," "Oh, What a Nurse," "The Missing Link," 
"The Fortune Hunter" (Warners), "Skirts" 
(British International). Hght., 5, 7^; wght., 165; 
black hair, dark brown eyes. 

CHAPPEL, WiU, writer, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Mar. 
28. 1928. Educ, Manual Training High School, 
Flushing High School, L^niv. of Penn., spec, in 
commerce and finance. Previous career, enlisted 
in Navy, wrote sports, Brooklyn Eagle, D. Apple- 
ton; wrote "Cap'n Tibbetts" (Playette). Has lived 
in New York, Albany and Syracuse, N. Y., Holly- 
wood, Corfu, Greece, Rome, Italy. Entered pic- 
tures July 1925. Adapted: "Unknown Cavalier," 
"Skinner's Big Idea," orig. ; "Waterfront;" orig. 
and adap. "Gold," "Campus Kisses." Clubs: 
Sigma Gamma Kappa, Sub-chaser Post, American 
Legion. Sports, football, golf. 

CHAPMAN, Edythe, actress, b. Rochester, N. Y : 
educ. Univ. of Rochester; stage career, 20 yrs. 
leading lady; screen career, Lasky, Fairbanks, 
Paramount, Assoc. Exh!b., PrincTpal Pict., Metro- 
Goldwyn, P. D. C., Rayart; "Happiness Ahead," 
"Shepherd of the Hills" (First National), "The 
Count of Ten" (UniversaJ). "Love Hungry" (Fox), 
"Little Yellow House" (FBO). Hght., 5, 1; wght., 
135; grey hair, blue eyes. 

CHARSKY, Boris, actor, b. Petrograd, Russia, May 
28, 1893. Parents live there. Related to O'sip 
Runich, L^FA Films. Berlin. Educ. Prince Olden- 
hurgsky in Petrograd. Specialized in law. Was on 
Russian stage 7 years. Has lived in Moscow 
Berlin, Hamburg, New York and Hollywood. En- 
tered pictures in 1926, starting in "Beau Geste." 
Played in "The Red Dance." "Captain Lash." 
"King of Kings." Belongs to Russian-American 
Art Cilub. Sports, horseback riding. Hght. 5, 8; 
wght. 150; dark blue eyes: dark brown hair. 
Married. Bus. rep.. Guv Colburn. 

CHASE, Chau-ley, actor, b. Baltimore, Md., Oct. 20, 
1893. Previous career, musical comedy, vaude. 
Entered pictures in 1914. Picture work includes: 
Charley Chase Hal Roach Comedies. Sports, golf. 
Hght., 6; wght., 155; blue eyes, brown hair. 
Wife's prof. name. Bebe Eltinge. Two children, 
Polly (10); June (12). Ad. Hal Roach Studios, 
Culver City, Cal. 

CHATTERTON, Ruth, actress, b. New York City. 
Rels., p.ircnts living in New York City. Educ, 
Mrs. Ilazen's private school at Pelham Manor, 
N. Y. Stage career, began at age of 14, starred at 
18; "Moonlight and Honeysuckle." "Marriage of 
Convenience," "I,a Tendresse," "Little Minister," 
"Devil's Plum Tree." Has lived in New York. 
Paris, Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1928, lead 
opposite Emil Jannings in "Sins of Fathers," 
"Half an Hour" (Paramount). Clubs, Actors 



Equity. Hght. 5, 5; wght. 110; gray eyes, light 
brown hair. Mailing ad., Paramount studios, Hol- 
lywood, Cal. 
CHAUDET, Louis Wm., director, b. Manhattan, 
Kansas, Mar. 20, 1884. Parents live in California. 
Educ. in central states. Studied art and music. 
Degree from Agricultural College, Manhattan, 
Kans. Was prof, photographer, actor, singer, in 
concert and vaude. Actor and director. Directed 
many stage productions both musical and dram- 
atic. Lived in New York, Chicago, Kansas City, 
St. Louis, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Entered 
picture business 1912. Was playing in IJurbank 
stock company at Morroscoes Theatre, Los An- 
geles, at time when the pictures were just entering 
production in L. A., and became interested. Di- 
rested "The Long Lanes Turning," "Defying 
Destiny," "On the Back Seat," "Courage of Capt. 
Plum." Belongs to Writers Guild; Edgewater 
Beach Club; 233 Masonic Club; Motion Picture 
Directors Assn. Favorite sports, gulf and swim- 
ming. Married to AUene Chaudet, concert pianist. 
Children, Alfred Louis and Louis Wm. Jr. Press 
Rep., John le Roy Johnston. 
CHAUTARD, Emile, director, b. Paris, France; 
educ. there. Stage career, leading man, Paris. 
Screen career, started in Paris in 1907; "Bardelys 
the Magnificent," "The Flaming Forest" (Metro); 
"Blonde or Brunette" (Paramount); "My Official 
Wife" (Warners). 
CHEFEE, Jack, actor, b. in Kieb of French-Russian 
parentage on April Ist. Educ. Russia, France and 
America. Specialized in drama, law and business. 
B. C. S. of N. Y. U., 1925. Was elected best actor 
in college. Was on the stage in Europe. Has 
lived in Kieb, Odessa, Paris, Berlin and other 
cities of Europe, New York and Hollywood. Was 
in and out of pictures for a long time but steady 
since 1925. Was on stage in New York after he 
graduated from N. Y. U. Sam Katzman, now 
with Fox, induced him to- take up picture work. 
Played in "Strip Golf," "Tailor Made Romance," 
"Who's Who," "Reward," "Redeeming Sin," 
"Veiled Lady," "Runaway Girls." Belongs to 
American Legion, Hollywood Post No. 43; Second 
Division Association. Sports, horseback riding, ice 
skating, swimming, dancing. Hght. 5, S'/z; wght. 
148; dark brown eyes; dark brown hair. 
CHERRILL, Virgrinia, actress, b. Carthage, III, 
April 12, 1908. Rels., mother living in Carthage, 
111. Educ. Kemper Hall Convent, Kenosha, Wise, 
Starrett Finishing School for Girls, Chicago, 111., 
specialized in languages. Entered pictures in 
October, 1928, given a test by Charlie Chaplin and 
signed a contract to play leading feminine role in 
"City Lights" (U.A.) Likes all outdoor sports. 
Hght. 5, 45-2; wght. 110; blue eyes, blonde hair. 
Press rep., Carlyle R. Robinson. Ad., Charlie 
Chaplin Film Corp., Hollywood, Calif. 
CHERON, Andre, actor. Screen career, "The 
Fighting Demon" (FBO), "The Marriage Clause" 
(LTniversal), "Evening Clothes" (Paramount), 
"The Magic Flame" (United Artists), "Rose of 
the (iolden West" (First National). 
CHERRINGTON, Ruth, actress. Screen career, 
"The Magic Garden" (FBO), "The Heart of 
Maryland" (Warners), "Silk Stockings" (Univer- 
sal), "The Cheer Leader" (Lumas), "My Home 
Town" (Rayart). 
CHEW, FrEuik, actor. Screen career, "Shanghai 
I'ound" (Paramount), "Foreign Devils" (Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer), "Gang War" (FBO). 
CHRISTENSEN, Benjamin, director, b. Viborg, 
Denmark. Rels.. in Denmark, Sweden. Educ. 
high sch. in \'iborg and University Copenhagen, 
Denmark; degrees of Candidatus Philosophiae. 
Previous career, actor, opera singer at Royal 
Theatre, Copenhagen. Has lived in Copenhagen, 
Vienna, Paris, Berlin, New York. Entered pictures 
in Sept. 191,1. Sold story to Danish Biograph Co., 
played character lead in it, was then made director 
and general mgr; worked for Swedish Biograph, 
Ufa, M-G-M, First National. Directed "Hawk's 
Nest," "Mockery," "Haunted House," "Seven 
Footsteps to .Satan." Sport, fishing. 
CHRISTIE, Charles H., vice-president and general 
manager of Christie Film Co.; president of Chris- 
tie Realty Corp., h. London, Ont., Canada, Apr. 
1,1. Mother lives in Beverley Hills. Brother, Al 
Christie. Was engaged in mercantile business 
in London and also advertising and traffic work 
with the Grand Trunk Railroad. Has lived in Lon- 
don and Hollywood. Entered picture business in 
]?1S, Followed Al Christie to California and in 

Jan., 1916, with his brother organized the inde- 
pendent Christie Film Co. Belongs to the Lake- 
side C. Club and Hollywood Athletic Club. Spot^, 
CHRISTY, Ann, actress, b. Logansport, Ind.; educ. 
Indianapolis; screen career, Century, Christie and 
Educational; "The Kid Sister" (Columbia), 
"Speedy" with Harold Lloyd (Paramount). Dark 
hair and eyes. 
CHRISTY, Ivan, actor. Screen career, Vitagraph, 
(naming; "The Mysterious Rider," "Nevada" 
( r.iramnunt). 
CLAIR, Ethlyn, b. Talladoga, Ala.; educ. Brenan 
Cul.ege, Ga., and Woodbury Hall, Atlanta; screen 
career, with First National, Paramount, Robert 
Kane; "Newlyweds and Their Baby" comed es, 
"Mike and Ike" comedies, "Hero on Horseback'' 
(Universal). Brown hair and eyes. 
CLARK, J. Audrey, writer, b. Buffalo, New York, 
.Sept. .S. ]9(J3. Educ. Middleburg College, Yale 
47 Workshop. Spec, in English, drama and politi- 
cal science; B. S. Lived in Buffalo, N. Y. En- 
tered pictures June, 1928. Chosen as one of four 
writers from 47 Workshop and given contract by 
Paramount. Club, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. 
CLARK, Andrew, actor. Screen career, "The 
SiKirting ^ Chance" (Truart), "The Shamrock 
Handicaij" (Fi'x), "Beggars of Life" (Paramount). 
CLARK, EsteDe, actress. Screen career, "So Th.s 
Is -Marriaire," "The Denial," "A .Slave of Fash- 
ion." "His Secretary," "Don't," "Tillie the Toiler" 
( Metro- Gold wyn- Mayer). 
CLARK, Frank, actor. Screen career, FBO, Davis 
1) St., Lee-Bradford Corp.; "Land of the Lawless," 
"The Boss of Rustler's Roost," "The Bronc 
Buster" (Pathe), "You Can't Beat the Law," 
"My Home Town" (Ravart). 
CLARK, Harvey, actor,' b. Boston, Mass., 1886; 
educ. i\lass. Coll., Cambridge; stage career, with 
Otis Skinner, Robert Hilliard, own act in vaude; 
screen career, NYMP, American, Realart, Fox, 
Hodkinson, Aywon, Universal, Amercan Releas- 
ing, FBO, Warners, Goldwyn, Metro-Goldwyn, 
Chadwick, Pathe; has appeared in, "A Woman 
Against the World," "Tragedy of Youth" (Tif- 
fany-.Stahl), "Ladies Night in a Turkish Bath, ' 
"Rose of the Golden West"' (First National), 
"Get Your Man" (Paramount), "The Magic 
Flame" (United Artists). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 158; 
brown hair and eyes. 
CLARK, John J., actor. Screen career, "Pajamas" 

(Fox), "Love and Learn" (Paramount). 
CLARK, Frank Howzu-d, scenarist, b. Pittsburgh, 
Pa., 1888; educ. there. Early career, manufacturing 
executive in P.ttsburgh. Screen career, began as 
staff writer with Kalem in New York; in Cali- 
fornia, for Selig, Essanay, Edison, M-G-M, Uni- 
versal, Fox, and in 1928, signed with FBO as 
writer and director; responsible for nine originals. 
14 continuities, and the direction of two Westerns 
for FBO during early 1928 season; no assistant 
supervisor of Westerns for that company. Scen- 
arios include "The Boy Rider," "The Bandit's 
Son," "The Riding Renegade," "Rough Ridin' 
Red," "The Little Buckaroo," "Phantom of the 
Range," "Wizard of the Saddle," "Tracked," 
"Man in the Rough,' "The Pightin' Redhead," 
"Terror Mountain," adapted "The Bantam Cow- 
boy," director and scenarist for "Texas Tornado" 
CLARK, John D., division sales manager Para- 
mount, b'. in Newark, N. J., 37 yrs. ago; educ. 
in public and Newark High School, Staunton 
iMilitary Academy and New Jersey Law School. 
Practically all his business life has been spent 
with Paramount, starting in the Philadelphia ex- 
change as salesman, later promoted to branch 
manager and then appointed special representative 
for the Middle West. Was then called to the home 
office and apopinted sales manager of Division 
No. 3 in which capacity he now serves the com- 
CLARKE, Westcbtt B., actor. Screen career, "At 
First .Sight" (Pathe), "Abraham Lincoln" (Rock- 
ett), "The Breaking Point" (Paramount), "Finne- 
gan's Ball" (F?rst Division). 
CLARKE, Kerry, scenarist, b. June 3, 18%, Denver, 
Cciio.; eduf. private schools and state university; 
newspaperman, play doctor, musical comedy and 
humorous fiction writer; staff writer for Para- 
mount; recent work "Tell It to Sweeney," "Quick 
Lunch" (Paramount), "Rejuvenation of Aunt 
Mary," "Girl in Pullman" (Pathe). 




HIGHLIGHTS: Born in Richmond, Surrey, England, of theatrical parents. 
First appearance on stage at seven years of age. At sixteen ran away from 
school to play "walk on" parts for Charles Frohman Company. Played 
English company of "'Merry Widow." Came to America with "Quaker Girl" 
Company. Bo.ntone' lead with several opera companies which toured India 
and Orient. In America played in stock in Syracuse, Rochester, Oakland and 
San Francisco. Played leads on New York stage. Went overseas in 1917 
with 28th Londons. Was transferred to Ro\al Flying Corps After war 
returned to Xew York .stage — later to Paramount Pictures. Since signing 
his contract with Universal in 1922 has appeared for no other company. His 
favorite hobby is airplaning and owns five Sopwith- Snipe airplanes. 



CLARY, Charles, actor, b. Charles, III. Educ. 
Washburn College, Topeka, Kans. Stage career, 
10 years stock companies, James Neill, Ralph 
Stuart, Baker Stock, Portland, Ore., T. Daniel 
Frawlej', Shirley Co., Spokane, Wash. Several sea- 
sons with road shows; leading inan with Leslie 
Carter in 1909. Entered pictures in 1910 with 
the Selig Company, Chicago. Pitcures include: 
"Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court," 
"Du Barry" (Fox), "Skin Deep" (First Na- 
tional), "Golden Bed" (Paraniount), "S'.x Days,'* 
"In Palace of King" (Goldwyn), "Land of Law- 
less" (Pathe), "Nameless Men" (Tififany-Stahl), 
"Jazz Mad," "Symphony" (Universal), "The Big 
Hop" (Buck Jones Co.). Hght. 6; wght. 175; 
dark eyes, iron gray hair. 1 child, Wm. (DTias. 

CLAUDE. Toby, actress. Screen career, "Lost a 
Wife" (Paramount), "The Clinging Vine," "For 
AHmonv Only," "No Control" (P. D. C). 

CLAWSON, Elliott, scenarist, b. Salt Lake City, 
Utah; educ. there. Early career, newspaper 
wr!ler, San Francisco and elsewhere; toured the 
world; screen career, "Let 'Er Go Gallegher," 
"Skyscraper," "The Cop," "Sal of Singapore" 
(Pathe); "Body and Soul," "The Road to Manda- 
lay" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayei^; "Whispering 

Smitli.' "Rocking Moon" (P.D.C.). 

CLAYTON, Eddie, actor, b. Charleston, W.Va.; 
fduc. Charleston & Texas; early career, engineer- 
ing and dancing-; screen career, Metro, Sennett, 
Goldwyn, Universal, Animal Comedies; "Road- 
house" (Fox), "Mad Hour," "Lady Be Good" 
(First National). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 130; dark 
lilond hair, brown eyes. 

CLAYTON, Ethel, actress, b. Champaign, 111., educ. 
.St. EI zabeth's Convent, Chicago. Stage career, 
stock; screen career, "Risky Business," "Sunny- 
side Up" (P.D.(:.), "His New York Wife" (Pre- 
ferred). "The Princess on Broadway," "Tlie Merry 
Widower" (Pathe). Hght., S, S; wght., 130; grey 
eyes, red gold hair. 

CLAYTON, Marguerite, actress, b. Salt Lake Citv, 
Utah; educ. St. Mary's Acad., Salt Lake City; 
stage career, stock in Chicago, and New York; 
screen career, Essanay, FBO, Cosmopolitan, Brad- 
ley Co., Pathe, Selznick, Famous Players, Fox, 
Paramount, P.D.C., Independent Pict., First Na- 
tional. Lee-Bradford, Universal, Chadwick ; "In- 
spiration" (Excellent). Hght., 5, 6; wght., 118; 
blonde hair, blue eyes. 

CLEARY, Maurice G., producer, b. Everett, Wash., 
Sept. S, 1896. Educ. Andrews Academy, Yale, 
Ph. ,J5. University Wis. Previous career, banking, 
Merrill Lynch Co., 120 Broadway, N. Y. C. Has 
lived in N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered pictures 
in 1923 through Douglas Fairbanks. Produced 
"Fog," "Wolves" for British and Dominion Film 
Corp. Clubs, Sigma Chi Fraternity, University, 

CLEMENTS, Colin, scenarist; educ. Harvard, Univ. 
Wash.; author several books on plays; affiliated 
with M-G-M; co-scenarist on "Wickedness Pre- 
ferred" (M-G-M). 

CLEVELAND, Val., writer, b. Vienna, Austria, 
Mar. 2, 1888. Legal name, Carl Krusada. Educ. 
Poly tech. Inst., and Conservatory Music, Vienna; 
Dearborn College, Chicago, 111. Previous career, 
concert violinist, fiction writer, advertising, dra- 
matic and music critic, gold mining, radio retail 
business, contrib. editor. Forum Magazine. Wrote 
"The Morning After"_ (play), vaud. sketches, short 
stories. Has lived in Vienna, Odessa, Prague, 
Berlin, Rose, Pilsen, Budweis, New York, Chi- 
cago, Deliver, Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 
1917; fiction writing- and advertising, also stage 
experience with Richard Mansfield and musical 
comedy, led into pictures. Orig. and continuity: 
"The Scoffer," "The House of Solomon," "Garden 
of Love,'' "Father Tom," "Denver Dude." Latest 
pictures produced: "The Gate Crasher," "The 
Price of Fear," "Eyes of the Underworld," "Stool 
Pidgeon." Titled all 1928 serials, shorts, westerns 
and underworlds for Universal. Club, the Writers. 
Wife's prof, name, Beth Reid. 

CLIFFORD-, Ruth, actress, b. Pawtucket, R. I. 
Educ. St. iMary's Seminary, Bay View on Nara- 
gansett, K. T. Has lived in New York City, San 
Juan, Porto Rico, Pawtucket, I^os Angeles. Pic- 
tures include: "Butterfly," "Tornado," "Storni 
Breaker" (Universal) ; "Life of Abraham Lincoln" 
(First National) ; "Lew Tyler's Wives"' (Pre- 
ferred) ; "Don Mike" (F. B. O.); "Devil's Apple 

Tree" (Tiflfany-Stahl). Sports, swimming, tennis, 
duck shooting. Hght. 5, 3; wght. 118; blue eyes, 
blrmde hair. Bus. rep., A. M. Sandau; pres. rep., 
James M. Fiddler. 

CLIFFORD, Kathleen, actress, b. Charlottesville, 
Va. Educ. Brighton, England; stage and vaude. 
career. Made debut on screen with Balboa in 
serial. Recent pictures, "Sporting Life" (U), 
"Excess Baggage" (M-G-M;. 

CLIFT, Denison, director and writer, b. May 2, 
1892. Educ. Stanford University, Cal. Previous 
career, publicity, newspaper work. Has lived 
in San Francisco, Hollywood, N. Y., London. 
Entered pictures in 191i7 through Cecil B. De- 
iMille. Produced "Honor Among Men," "Ports 
of Call," "Paradise," "Glory Hole." Clubs, Holly- 
wood Athletic, University. Sports, tennis, swim- 
ming. Also author of books, stories, plays. 

CLIFTON, Elmer, director. Has a theatrical ca- 
reer dating from 1907, his early stage work being 
with Belasco, Richard Bennett; appeared in "The 
Girl of the (jolden West," "The Dollar Mark"; 
six years acting on stage. Screen career, initial 
work under Griffith in "Birth of a Nation," "In- 
tolerance." 15 yrs. with Reliance-Majestic Prod., 
Hodkinsoji, Fo'X, others; made a year's trip 
arolund world; directed several Dorothy (jiish 
comedies; "Down to the Sea in Ships" (Hodkin- 
son) ; "Six Cylinder Love," "Warrens of Vir- 
ginia." "Daughters of the Night" (Fox); wreck 
of the Hesperus," "Let 'Er Go Gallagher" 
(Pathe); "Beautiful But Dumb" (TifTany-Stahl l ; 
"V'irgin Lips"_ (Columbia). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
170; brown hair and eyes. 

CLIFTON, Frank M., writer. Screen career, "Jess e 
James," "Sunset Legion" (Paramount). 

CLINE, Edward, director, b. Kenosha, Wise, 1892; 
educ. Lake Forest, Chicago. Stage career, three 
years in stage plays_. Screen career. Mack Sen- 
nett, Fox, First National, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; 
has directed chiefly comedies; worked for Pathe, 
Paramount in 1927, and First National in 1928; 
"Ladies Night in a Turkish Bath," "Vamping 

CLYDE, Andy, actor. Screen career, iMack Sen- 
nett comedies, Educational; "The Branded Man" 
(Rayart). Played featured role in "The Bride's 
Relations," Sennett-Educational talkie. 

COAD, Joyce, child actress. Screen career, "The 
Devil's Circus," "The Scarlet Letter" (iMetro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer), "The Magic Garden," "Mother" 
(FBO), "Children of Divorce," "One Woman "to 
Another" (Paramount), "Drums of Love" (United 

COBB, Edmund, actor, b. Allniquerque, N. M., 1892; 
stag'e career, stock; screen career, "Wolf's 
Trail," "Fangs of Destiny," "Call of the Heart," 
"The Four Footed Ranger" (LTniversal), "The 
Fightin' Redhead" (FBO). Hght., 6, ^; wght., 
]fi5; brown hair and eyes. 

COBURN, Dorothy, actress, b. Great Falls, Mont., 
June 8. Rels, parents living in Culver City, Calif.; 
John T. Davies, uncle, pres. and gen. mgr. Home 
Pacific Tel. Co., Spokane: Sen. Fletcher iMaddox, 
uncle, Gt. Falls, Mont.; Walt. J. Coburn, uncle, 
writer western stories. La Jolla, Calif.; Dr. Leon- 
ard Ellis, uncle. Hot Springs, Ark.; Hinton Car- 
ston, uncle, capitalist, Manilla, P. I.; Chas. H. 
Reifenrath, pres. and gen. mgr. Record-Herald 
Pub. (To., Helena, Mont.; Fred von Oven, uncle, 
capitalist, Naperville, 111. ; Chas. Gartley, uncle, 
capitalist. North Chicago, 111. Educ. Hollywood 
High School, Punahou Col., Honolulu, P. I., Univ. 
of Arizona. Specialized in English and philosophy 
(major), Spanish and French (minor). College 
degrees, A. B. in letters, arts and sciences. Has 
lived in Helena, Mont., St. Paul, Prescott, Ariz., 
Honolulu, Tucson, Ariz., Hollywood. Entered pic- 
tures in_ iMay, 1926, daily _ swim in Culver (Tity 
Community pool led to being sent to Hal Roach 
Studios to double Helene Chadwick in swimming 
and diving. Remained a double 7 mos. Lead in 
"Battle of Century," "Putting Pants on Phillip," 
"Hats OtY," "Finishing Touch'' and other Laurel 
& Hardy pictures; feminitie lead in "That Night," 
"Do Gentlemen Snore ". Max Davidson pictures. 
Cilubs: Kappa Kappa Gamma. National Sororiety 
I'niv. of Ariz., Ilollywood Drama Cluli. Sports, 
swimming, horseback riding, dancing. Hght, 5, 4; 
wght, 105; blue eyes, red hair. Bus. rep., S. Geo. 
UUman: press rep., Hal Howe. Mailing ad. Hal 
Roach Stud'os, Culver City, Calif. 


"""'eO;, "Christ! " 

stin ., "'ease "n ' ' 

*'•* ace,,, "^^"""-m "- 

'•'•^ow,, r'""^'' vv.„„; • 



COCHRANE, Philip D., secretary Universal Film 
Exchanges, Inc.; supervisor advertising, publicity 
and exploitation; b. Wheeling, W. Va. Early 
career, reix)rter Toledo J5EE; advertising business 
with brothers, R. H. and vV. K. Started picture 
career when Universal Pictures Corp. was or- 
ganized. Home, New Rochelle, N. Y. 

COCHRANE, Robert H., vice-president. Universal 
Pictures Corp., b. Wheeling, W. Va., moved to 
Toledo at early age. Educ. graduated high school 
1897 and became reporter on BEE; was shortly 
advanced lo city editor; 1904, joined his brothers, 
Phil D. and Witt K. in Cochrane Advertising 
Agency, Chicago. One of the firm's accounts 
was a clothing company of which Carl Laemmle 
was manager. Through association with Mr. 
Laemmle Mr. Cochrane, in 1906, bought an in- 
terest in the Laemmle Film Service. In January 
1913 became full fledged and active member of 
Universal and on coming to New York assumed 
his present position. Address, Universal Pictures 
Corp., Hecksher Bldg., New York City. 

CODY, Bill, actor, portray er of western roles; 
soreen career, "Border Justice," "Fighting Sher- 
iff," "Riders of Mystery" (Independent Pictures), 
"The (lalloping Cowboy" (Assoc. Exhib.), "K ng 
of the Saddle," "Arizona Whirlwind," "Born to 
Battle," "Gold from Weepah," "Laddie Be Good" 
(Pathe), "Phantom Fingers',"" "Price of Fear," 
"Eyes of the Underworld" (Universal). Hght., 
5, 11 ; wght., 160; light brown hair, blue eyes. 

CODY, Lew, actor, b. Waterville, Me.; educ. Ber- 
lin, N. H.; McGill College, Montreal; previous 
career, medical student; stage experience, leading 
man "Within the Law," "Winter Garden Prod.," 
"Pierre of the Plains," played leads several stock 
COS.; screen experience, produced his own films 
for Robertson-Cole, "Rupert of Hentzau" (Selz- 
nick); "Within the Law," "The Woman on the 
Jury," "Husbands and Lo'vers" (First National), 
"Souls for Sale," "Reno" (Goldwyn), "Lawful 
Larceny," "Valley of Silent Men" (Paramount), 
"Secrets of Paris" (Whitman Bennett), "The Be- 
loved Cheater," "Occasionally Yours" (Cody-Gas- 
nier)," Jacqueline" (Pine Tree), "Defiance" (Wm. 
Bush Prod.), "Three Woman" (Warners), "De- 
fying the Law" (Gotham); has been under con- 
tract with M-G-M for several years, vehicles in- 
cluding "Shooting of Dan McGrew," "Revelation," 
"So This Is Marriage," "Man and Maid," "Sport- 
ing Venus," "Slave of Fashion," "Exchange of 
Wives," "His Secretary," "Time the Comedian," 
"Monte Carlo," "The Gay Deceiver," "The Demi- 
Bride," "On Ze Boulevard," "Adam and Evil," 
"Tea for Three," "Wickedness Preferred." "Beaa 
Broadway," "A Single Man." Co-star with Aileen 
Pringle. Hght., 5, 11 J^; wght., 175; dark hair, 
blue eyes. 

COFFEE, Leilore J., scenarist, b. San Francisco, 
Cal.; educ. Dominican ColJegCj, San Rafael. Screen 
career, original stories; scenarist with Metro; 
wrote scenarios, "Chicago" (adapt.), "The Angel 
of Broadway" (Pathe); "The Night of Love" 
(United Artists); "For Alimony Only," "The 
Volga Boatman," "Hell's Highroad" (P.D.C.), 
"Thirst" (M-G-M). 

COGHLAN, Junior, actor, b. New Haven, Conn., 
Mar. 16, 1916. Reis., parents living in Hollywood. 
Educ. Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1921, first 
big part being in "Mike" (Marshall Neilan), 
"Slide, Kelly, Slide," "\^nkee Clipper," "Harp 
in Hock," "County Doctor," starred in "Let 'Er 
Go Gallegher," "Alarked Money." Sports, base- 
ball, football, swimming. Hght. 4, 7^; wght. 85; 
brown eyes and hair. Mailing ad., Pathe Studios, 
Culver City, Calif. 

COGLEY, Nick, actor, b. N. Y., 1869; educ. St. 
Francis Xavier Coll., N. Y.; stage career, started 
at Lyceum Theatre, N. Y., 25 yrs. stage experi- 
ence; screen career, Goldwyn, Educational, Vita- 
graph, First National, American Releasing, Metro, 
Universal; "The Missing Link," "The Heart of 
Maryland" (Warners), "In Old Kentucky" 
(Metro-G(ildwyn), "Abie's Irish Rose" (Para- 
mount). Hght., 5, TYz; wght., 195; blond hair, 
blue eyes. 

COHEN, Sammy, actor, b. Minneapolis, Minn., 
Dec. 6, 1903. Educ. Los Angeles, Cal. Previous 
career, eccentric dancer in musical comedy. En- 
tered pictures in 1925; dancing attracted Marshall 
Neilan. Pictures include: "Sky Rocket," "What 
Price Glory," "Plastered in Paris," "Why Sailors 
Go Wrong," "Homesick." Ad., Fox Studios. 
Hollywood, Cal. 

COHEN, Emcuiuel, executive, editor Paramount 
News and director Paramount short features de- 
partment, b. in Hartford, Conn., 1892; attended 
public schools in Hartford and then moved to 
New York where he continued his education, re- 
ceiving his B.S. from City College, June, 1912; 
joined Pathe News as editor, serving from 1914 to 
1927 during which period he also took over the 
editorship of Pathe Review; called to Paramount 
in 1927 and now holds position as editor of Para- 
mount News and director of short features depart- 
ment. Member, National Press Club, Explorers 
Club, Society Motion Picture Engineers, The 
Judeans, Commodore Athletic Club, and Briar- 
clifif Lodge. Decorated with "La Commenda della 
Corona di Italia." Major in the U. S. Signal 
Corps Rererve. 

COHN, Alfred A., writer, b. Freeport, 111., Mar. 
26. Rels., Joseph Cohn, brother, newspaper edi- 
tor, Clifton, Ariz., Mrs. Bertha H. Clark, sister, 
principal pub. sch., Burbank, Calif. Educ, pub. 
sch., FreeiJort, 111. Has lived in Chicago, Wash- 
ington, D. C, Santa Fe, N. M., Douglas, Ariz. 
While on staff of Los Angeles Examiner was of- 
fered position of associate editor of Photoplay 
iMag.izine in 1915. Screen work: "Last W^arn- 
ing," adapted: "The Cohens and the Kellys," 
"The Cat and the Canary," "The Jazz Singer"; 
orig. "The Carnation Kid." Clubs: W'riters, May- 
fair, Rancho, Fox Hills. 3 children: Dorothy, 20 
yrs.; Jack, 14 yrs.; Adrienne, 10 yrs. 

COHN, Bennett, director, b. Trindad, Colo, 1894; 
screen career, began in 1925, directing Richard 
Hattan in series of Westerns for State Rights 
market; made series of Westerns with Jack Ber- 
rin; directed "The Avenging Shadow" "Laddie Be 
Good" (Pathe). 

COHN, Harry, vice president, Columbia Pictures 
Corp., b. New York City. Assoc, for many years 
with Carl Leammle in producing end and with 
Joe Brandt and Jack Cohn formed C. B. C. Sales 
Co. in 1921. Columbia Pictures was the latter's 
outgrowth and Harry Cohn lias always been in 
charge of studio activities; personally supervises 
every Columbia release. Produced among others, 
"The Midnight Express," "Lone Wolf Returns," 
"The Blood Ship," Hall Room Comedies in the 
early days of Columbia, and his latest, "Sub- 
marine." Address, Columbia Pictures, Holly- 

COHN, Jack, treasurer, Columbia Pictures Corp., 
b. New York City, parents living in New York. 
Brother of Harry Cohn, vice-president Columbia 
Pictures. Educ. in New York. Previous career 
advertising and was co-worker of Joe Brandt's with 
Hampton Advertising Agency. Entered pictures 1908 
in laboratory and producing capacity with Carl 
Laemle's IMP organization, later became editor 
of Universal news reel. For 6 years had charge 
of all pictures made at IMP studio. Joined with 
Joe Brandt and Harry Cohn in formation of 
"C. B. C. Pictures. Clubs, Masonic, Motion Pic- 
ture Club, Shrine, Scottish Rite. Sport, golf. 
Three children, Ralph, 14 yrs.; Joe, 11 yrs., and 
Bobby, 8 yrs. Address, Columbia Pictures, 729 
7th Ave., New York City. 

COLDEWEY, Anthony, writer, b. Louisville. Ky., 
1887. Rels., father living in Santa Monica, Calif., 
educ. Kenyon College. Previous career, newspaper. 
Has lived in Louisville, Spokane, Seattle^ Victoria, 
B. C, Bremen, Ger. Screen career, seen, dept.. 
Universal, "Women They Talk About," adapt.: 
"Noah's Ark,'' "Glorious Betsy," "Ruggles of 
Red Gap,'' "Beggar on Horseback," Editor, 
Warner Bros., Hollywood. Clubs: iMasonic bodies 
and Shrine, Club Casa Del ]\Iar, Masquers. 
Sport, swimming. 1 child, Anthony Coldewey, Jr., 
9 yrs. Bus. rep., Demmy Lamson-Ruth Collier, 
Inc.; press rep., Harry Hammond Beall. 

COLEMAN, Bruce G., actor, b. Cutler, Calif., Nov. 
11, 1910. Rels., parents living in Sharon, Calif., 
Mrs. E. O. Griebel, Orosi, Calif.; Mrs. Earl Burton 
McPherson, Visalia, Calif.; Miss Alene Adams, 
W^atsonville, Calif. Educ. Fresno State College, 
Fresno, Calif., spec, in foreign languages, dram- 
atics. Stage career, musical comedy. 4 yrs. stock. 
Has lived in Fresno, Oakland, Hollywood, San 
Diego, Calif. Entered pictures in 1927, was picked 
out of Fancheon & iMarco's act by Jack White of 
Educational. Pictures include: "College Widow," 
"Floating College," "Tide of Empire," also fea- 
tured in three "Fat Men Comedies." Clubs, 
Crescent Bay Yacht Club, Gahels Club, Actors 


Jirst ^A(ational Star 

My sincere thanks to the writers H 

7t^ on the various publications who I'p.^ 

have been nice enough to give [ j 

'<p/J me a Httle boost. vAi, 


NOTE: Those who desire press stories of Billie Dove will receive 
the full cooperation of the First National Publicity Depart- 
ment at Burbank, Calif., by writing and stating their demands. 

Head of Publicity, First National Studios. 



Equity. Sports, swimming, golf, tennis, yachting. 
Hght. 5, 11; wght. 300; dark grey eyes, dark 
brown hair. Bus. rep., Harry Wurtzel. 

COLEMAN, Mabel, actress, screen career, "Un- 
married Wives" (Lumas), "Soft Shoes" (P.D.C.), 
"West of Broadway" (P.D.C., "Corporal Kate" 
(P.D.C.), "Ahnost Human'' (Pathe). 

COLLIER, William^ Jr., actor, b. New York City. 
Rels., William Collier, father, stage actor. Educ, 
New York collegiate prep, schls, graduate St. de 
La Salle Academy. Previous career, started stage 
career at 4 yrs. of age in support of father. 
Entered pictures in 1918 as lead in Thos. Ince's 
"Bugle Call," "The Liion and Mouse" (Warner 
Bros.). Hght., S, 10; wght., ISO; brown eyes, hair. 
Bus. rep., Mrs. Ernest Cowell. Ad. Warner Bros. 
Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

COLLINS, C. E., actor, b. Missouri, Tuly 23, 1873. 
Rels., W. H. Collins, brother, Real Estate; E. A. 
Collins, brother, School Professor; A. N. Collins, 
brother. Merchant Dept. Store. Educ, pub. sch. 
Missouri, spec, in mathematic. Traveling salesman 
for 15 yrs. Lived in Kansas City, Mo., Wichita, 
Kans., Los Angeles, Calif. Entered pictures in 
1917. Pictures include: "Flame of Yukon," "Four 
Horsemen of Apocolypse," "Kismet," "Hunchback 
of Notre Dame," "Conquering Power." Hght. 5, 
5'A; wght. 125; blue gray eyes; dark, partially 
gray hair. Two children, Julia B. Henry, 28 yrs., 
Richard A. Collins, 25 yrs. 

COLLINS, Lew, director, b. Baltimore, Md., Jan. 12, 
1897. Rels., parents living in Los Angeles, Cal. 
Eduv., Baltimore, receiving degree froin Baltimore 
City College. Stage career, vaude. and stock, act 
on Orpheum circuit, Collins and Earle, two seasons 
roadshows for Klaw and Erlanger. Has lived in 
Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Phila- 
delphia, Baltimore. Entered pictures in 1919. 
Came to Hollywood after war with Fred Stone, 
was signed by Robt. Brunton for 1 yr. as stock 
actor, played parts with Frank Keenan, Dustin 
Farnum, Bessie Barriscale, etc. Directed "Tan- 
arga" or "Children of the Sun" (temporary title), 
Newton House outdoor series. Clubs, Elks Lodge, 
508. Deadwood, S. D., American Legion. Sports, 

COLLINS, Monte, actor, b. Boston, Mass. Rels., 
Walter Wills, nephew, dancing teacher, Hollywood. 
Educ. Boston, Mass. Left home at 10 yrs. of age, 
joined circus, 6 yrs.; vaud., dram., musical com- 
edy, minstrely, grand and comic opera. Has lived 
in Boston, New York, London, Paris, and almost 
every city in world. Entered pictures in 1917, as 
director in Portland, Ore. Plays in Mermaid and 
Cameo Comedies for Educational. Clubs. Elks, Ma- 
sons, Ye Old Troupers. Sports, swimming. Hght., 
5, 6; wght., 140; blue eyes; white hair. Wife's 
professional name. Norma Wills. Three child- 
ren. Monte, Jr., Ruth, Ida. Bus, and press rep., 
C. Jacobs. 

COLLINS, Kathleen, actress, b. San Antonio, Tex. ; 
educ. Bon-Avon School; screen career, Aywon 
Film, Lumas, "Somewhere in Sonora," "The 
Devil's Saddle" (First National), "The Valley of 
Hunted Men" (Pathe). Sports, horseback riding, 
golf. Hght., S, 5; wght., 118; brown hair, grrey 

COLLYER, June, actress, b. New York City, Aug. 
19, 1907. Rels., Dan Collyer, grandfather, Carrie 
Coliyer, mother, both of stage. Educ. Horace 
Mann and Knox schools. First picture, "East Side, 
West Side," (Fox) ; "Hangman's House," 
(Fox). Sports, swimming. Hght. 5. 5; wght. 114; 
lirowu hair and eves. Mailing ad.. Fox Studio. 

COLMAN, Ronald, 'actor, b. England, Feb. 9, 1891. 
Rels., mother living in London. Educ, Little- 
hampton, Sussex, England. Previous career, busi- 
ness, army, stage. Lived in London, New York, 
Los Angeles. Received ofifer while on stage to 
enter pictures. Pictures include: "White Sister," 
"Dark Angel," "Beau Geste," "Night of Love," 
"Magic Flame," "Two Lovers," "Rescue" (U. A.V 
.Sport, tennis. Hght. 5, 11; wght. 155; dark brown 
eyes and hair. Mailing ad., United Artists Studio. 

COLMAN, Don, actor, protege of Leo Maloney, 
western screen star; featured and starred in sev- 
eral Pathewesterns, "The Devil's Twin," "The 
Boss of Rustler's Roost," "The Apache Raider," 
"The Bronc Buster," "The Bronc Stomper," "The 
Black Ace," "45 Calibre War." 

COMONT, Mathilde, actress, stage career, musical 
comedy. "Quaker Girl." several seasons with 
Tolson under Schubert's mngmnt. Screen care? 
United Artists, FBO, Paramount, M-G-M; 

Sea Beast" (Warner), First National, "The Wrong 
Mr, Wright" (Universal), "Loves of Carmen" 
(Fox), "Streets of Shanghai" (Tiffany-Stahl), 
Waht., 250. 

COMPSON, Betty, actress, b. Beaver, Utah, Mar. 
18. 1897. Educ, Utah pub. schls., Salt Lake High 
.Schl. _ Spec, science, art. Previous career, vaude. 
violinist at age of IS. Has lived in Salt Lake 
City, San Francisco, London, Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures in 1915 thru Al Christie; engaged to 
play in comedies. Pictures include: "Miracle 
Man," "Woman to Woman," "Docks of New 
York," "Barker," "Scarlet Seas," "Weary River." 
Sports, riding. Hght. 5, 2'/2 ; wght., 112; blue eyes, 
medium blonde hair. Husband's prof, name — 
James Cruze. Bus. rep., Rebecca and Silton; 
press rep.. Tames Fiddler. 

COMPTON, Joyce, actress, b. Oil City, Ky. Educ. 
Tulsa, Okla. Won beauty contest in Hollywood. 
Screen career, FBO, First National, "Ankles Pre- 
ferred," "Soft Living" (Fox), "The Border Cav- 
alier" (Universal). 

COMSTOCK, Clarke, actor, b. Houston, Minn. 
Screen career, Western Pict., Rayart, FBO; 
"Rough and Readv," "Hey, Hey Cowboy" (Uni- 
versal), "Singed," "Silver Valley" (Fox), "The 
Avenging Shadow" (Pathe). 

CONDON, Charles R., writer, Chicago, lU. Educ. 
in Chicago. Previous career, newspaper, railroad 
and hank. Lived in Chicago, New York, Boston 
and Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1914, oppor- 
tunity to review pictures on a New York film 
trade paper, Motography. Adaptors, "Caught in 
the Fog" and "One Round Hogan." Wrote origi- 
nals, "Race for Life," "Husbands are Liars" 
(Fox), "Caught in the Fog" (Warners), "Five and 
Ten C^ent Annie" (Warner). Clubs, Wampas and 
American Legion. Sports, Football. 

CONKLIN, Chester, actor, b. Oscaloosa, Iowa, Jan. 
11. Rels., father living in Mohave, Calif. Educ, 
Oscaloosa, Iowa pub. sch.. spec, in astronomy. 
Previous career, newsboy, bell hop, elevator boy, 
read law one year, studied a Dutch monologue, 
tried out at Globe Thea., Omaha, and got job at 
17; later joined circus as clown; stock and road 
companies. Has lived in Omaha, St. Louis. Mem- 
phis, Kansas City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, 
Hollywood. In 1913, Al. G. Barnes' circus was 
wintering in Venice, got iob at Mack Sennett 
studio. Pictures include: "Varsity," "Big Noise," 
"Fools for Luck," "Two Flaming Youths," "Moran 
of Marines," "Wilderness Woman." Clubs, Ma- 
sons, 233 Club. Palomar Tennis Club, Masquers. 
Snorts, tennis, yachting, fishing. Hght. 5, 5; wght. 
155; blue eyes, brown hair. Mailing ad., Para- 
mount Studio. Bus. rep., Grant Dodge. 

CONKLIN, Frank Roland, writer, b. Atchison, 
Kans., April 5, 1886. Educ. at Haverford College. 
Spec, in playwriting and short stories. Previous 
career, short story writer. Lived in New York. 
Paris and Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1918. 
Wrote, "Seven Days" (adapt.); "Choose Your 
Exit," "A She Going Sailor," "Stoo Kidding" and 
"Nifty Number," etc. Clubs, Screen Writers 
C.iuild. and Hol'.ywcd Athletic Club. 

CONKLIN, Hal, writer, b. Champaign, Til. Educ 
I5etts Acadeni}', Stamford, Conn. Spec in Liter- 
ature. Stage career, actor and playwright, "The 
Delirious Day" and "The Man." Lived in New 
York. _ Entered pictures in 1922, drifted in through 
theatrical connections. "Just Like a Woman" 
(adapt), "The Spieler" orig; "Arizona Nights." 
Clubs, ^^'riters guild and The Gables. Sports, 
gnlf and tennis. 

CONKLIN, Heinle, actor, b. San Francisco, Calif. 
Rels.. parents living in Los Angeles. Educ, pub- 
lic school, San Francisco. Stage career, 17 yrs. in 
all branches. Entered pictures in 1915. Late pic- 
tures include: "Ham and Eggs at Front," "Feel 
My Pulse," "Beau Brummel," Air Circus," Sen- 
nett Comedies. Hght. 5, 6; w-ght. 160; brown hair 
black eyes. Wife's professional name, Irene Blake. 
Three children, Charles, 14 yrs.; Thelma, 12 yrs., 
Clifford, 9 yrs. Bus. rep., W. O. (Thristianson. 

CONKLIN, WilLant, actor, b. Brooklyn, N. Y.. 
Dec. 25. Rels., Fred M. Conklin, actor. New 
York. Educ. Brooklyn Polytech. spec, languages 
grammar. Previous career, stage, screen. 5l yrs. 
Entered pictures in 1918, while playing in "Law of 
the Land" in New York and was engaged by 
Pathe to play leading role in "Neal of Navy," 
serial; signed with Thos. Ince for 3 yrs. Pictixres 
include: "Divine Lady." Clubs, Lambs, Masquers, 



Sunset Caiiy(,>n Country. Spoils, golf, liilliards. 
JIght., 6; wglit., 183; dark eyes, hair. lius. rep., 
Htn HerslitieUl. 

CONLEY, Lige, actor, b. St. Louis, Mo.; eduo. 
l.os Angeles; early career, cartoonist; stage ca- 
reer, youthful parts in "Shore Acres," "Rip Van 
Winkle," vaude; screen career. Keystone, Fox, 
Sennett comedies, Educational. light., 5, 2'/^; 
wght., lo,i; dark brown hair, blue, green eyes. 

CONNELLY, Erwin, actor, b. Chicago, 111.; educ. 
Univ. of Chicago; previous career stock, road 
shows, vaude; screen career, Paramount, Colum- 
bia, P.D.C, First National, United Artists; 
"Cheating Cheaters" (Universal), "Forbidden 
Hours," "The Mysterious Lady" (Metro-Gold- 
w y 11 • M a \' e r ) . 

CONNORS, Buck, actor, b. San Saba, Texas; educ. 
U. of N. Mexico. Early career, army secretary, 
cowpur.Lher. .Screen career, "The Fearless Rider," 
"The Phantom Flyer," "Red Courage," "Code of 
(he Mounted" (Universal); "Open Range" (Para- 

CONSELMAN, WUIiam M., supervisor, Pathe, 
I). Brooklyn, N. V., July 10, 1896. Parent in Eagle 
Rock, Calif. Educ. in New York; spec, in litera- 
ture. Was a newspaper and magazine writer. 
Has lived in New York and Los Angeles. En- 
tered picture business January, 1924. Went from 
picture editor of Los Angeles Times to publicity 
dept. M-G-M. Has made "Dressed to Kill," 
"High School Hero," "Win That Girl," "Silk 
Legs," "Prep and Pep," "News Parade." Fav. 
sport, tennis. Married. Children, William, 12; 
Deirdre, 6. Bus. rep., S'.g Schlager. 

CONSIDINE, John W., Jr., gen. prod, manager, 
I'liitetl Artists studio; president. Feature Prod., 
Inc.; treasurer. United Artists Studio Corp., b. 
Spokane, Wash., O'ct. 7, 1898. Rels., parents liv- 
ing in Los Angeles. Educ. .Seattle pub. schl., 
•Stanford Univ., Yale Univ., Oxford Univ. and 
Heidelberg Univ., spec, in literature, history, 
international economics; doctor of philosophy de- 
gree. Entered pictures in 1921, starting as script 
clerk and third asst. director with Jos. M. 
Schenck organization, became pi'ivate secretary 
to Mr. Schenck, asst. mgr. of Buster Keaton 
company, mgr. of Constance Talmadge and Norjna 
Talmadge coinpan'.es, gen. mgr. Schenck organi- 
zation and asso. prod., pres. Feature Prod., Inc. 
Produced or supervised, "The Eagle," "The Son 
of the Sheik," "Two Arabian Knights," "Tem- 
pest," "Woman Disputed." Clubs, Delta Tau 
Delta Frst., Hollywood A. C, Yale Qub of 
N. Y. C, Beach Club of Santa Monica, Colony 
Club of Yale Univ., New Haven, Conn. Sports, 
handball, tennis, swimming. 

CONTI, Albert, actor, legal name, Albert de Conti 
('edassamare. b. Trieste, formerly Austria, Jan- 
uary 29, 1887. Mother Jives there. Grandmother, 
Countess Helen Caboga Ragusa. Educ. St. Paul, 
Austria, high school and law college at Graz, 
Austria. Specialized in law, natural sciences. Be- 
fore and during war was ofScer in the 5th Husar 
Regiment, Austro-Hungarian Army. After war 
was with several steamship companies and banks 
in Trieste. Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago. Has 
lived in Trieste, Graz, Vienna, Komarom Austria 
Hungary, Chwalinsk, Slobodski Russia, Philadel- 
phia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Fort Worth. Entered 
pictures April 8, 1922. Eric von Stroheim brought 
him in but Hans Kraly and Harry D'Arrast are 
responsible for his development. Played in 
"Eagle," "Alex the Great," "Magnificent Flirt," 
"Dry Martini," "Love Song." Sports, polo, tennis. 
Hght. 6, 1; wght. 180; brown eyes; brown hair. 
Married to Patricia Cross. Bus. and press rep., 
S. George Ullmann and Associates. 

CONWAY, Jack, director, b. Graceville, Minn., July 
17. 1888. iExluc. Graceville High Schl., Durhani 
Prep. schl. Previous career, started on stage in 
1907. Entered pictures in 1911. .Selig, BoswortTi, 
Reliance-Majestic, Fine Arts, Universal. Directed 
"•hiicksands," "Trimmed in .Scarlet," "Trouble 
Shooter," "Brown of Harvard," "Bringing Up 
Father," "Twelve Miles Out,"_ "Smart Set," 
".Mias Jimmy ^'alentine," "While City Sleeps" 
(latter pictures M-G-M). Wife's prof, name, Vir- 
ginia Bushman. 2 children, girl, boy. 

COOGAN, Jackie, child actor, b. Los Angeles, Cal., 
Oct. 26, 1914; educ. private tutors; both his parents 
were on the stage and at one time Jackie ap- 
peared in an Annette Kellerman act. iHis grand- 
mother, Mrs. Frank Dolliver, and his great-grand- 
mother were well known on the stage. Screen 

career, attracted the attention of Charlie Chap- 
lin, who gave him the title role in "The Kid;" 
followed that success with "Peck's Bad Boy," 
"My Boy," "Trouble," "Oliver Twist," "Daddy," 
"Toby Tyler" (all First National); "Long Live 
the King," "A Boy of Flanders," "Little Robinson 
Crusoe," "The Rag ManJ' "Old Clothes," "Johnny 
Get Your Hair Cut," "The Bugle Call," "But- 
tons" (M-G-M). He is not now acting before the 
camera. Last season he toured the country in 
vaude. and also carried his campaign to European 
cities. Light brown hair, brown eyes. 

COOK. Grant L., executive, secretary and treas- 
urer, Tififany-Stahl, b. Bay City, Mich., educ. 
graduate University of Michigan, law course, and 
is one of leading attorneys of Detroit; elected 
secretary and treasurer of TifTany-StahJ in 1928. 
Hnnie, Detroit, Mich. 

COOKE, Al, actor, b. Los Angeles, Sept. 1891. 
Related to W. S. Maxwell, capitalist. Educ. Ixis 
Angeles, Vevay Switzerland. Specialized in 
botany, entomology, anatomy. Previous to screen 
was rancher and boulevardier. Has lived in Los 
Angeles, New York, Calabasar, Paris, Santa 
Monica, London, Rome. Entered pictures in 1921, 
through Mack Sennett. Played in "Face on Bar 
Room Floor," "Three Must Get Theirs," "Her 
Father .Said No," "Legionnaires in Paris," "Rac- 
ing Blood," "Fighting Blood." Belongs to T. E. 
K. Fraternity, Paris Jockey Club and Tulane 
Hunt Club. Sports, swimming, dancing and all 
indoor sports. _ Hght. 5, 10; wght. 175; brown 
eyes, brown hair. Married. iMailing ad., iF. B. O. 

COOKEy Clyde, actor, b. Australia, 1891; educ. 
there. Stage, vaude. and stock work. Screen ca- 
reer, "The Show Down," "Southern Justice," "The 
Greater Law," "Up or Down," "Triangle," "Sol- 
diers of Fortune," with Alan Dwan; "The Torea- 
dor," "The Chauffer," "The Eskimo," "Lazy 
Bones," "The Artist," "Tbe Pinhead" (Fox) ; 
"The Broncho Express," "Under Orders" (Edu- 
cational); "He Who Gets Slapped," "So This Is 
Marriage" (Metro); "Moonlight and iNoses," 
"Should Sailors Marry?" "Starvation Blues," 
"What's the World (Toming To," "Wandering 
Papas," "Wife Tamers," "Scared Stiff," "White 
Gold," (Pathe); "Miss Nobody" (First National); 
"Winning of Barbara Worth" (United Artists); 
Warner contract player, co-starred in several 
films with Louise Fazenda; "The Brute," "The 
Climbers," "Simple Sis," "The Bush Leaguer," 
"A Sailor's Sweetheart," "Good Time Charley," 
"Beware of Married Men," "Domestic Troubles" 
(Warners). "Celebrity" (Pathe). 

COOLEY, Frank L., actor, b. Natchez, Miss., 1876. 
Educ. San Francisco and Oakland. Has lived 
in Natchez, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, New York, 
Gridley, Santa Barbara, Honolulu, San Bernadino. 
Entered pictures in 1912 with Keystone Company 
through George Nichols. Pictures include: "First 
Year," "More Pay— Less Work." "Wanted— a 
Coward," "The Mad Racer." Clubs, Masonic, 
Troupers, Actors Equity. Hght. 5, 9J4; wght. 
170; gray eyes and hair. Wife's prof, name, 
Gladys iKingsbury. One child, Harriet. 

COOLEY, Hallam, actor, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 
8. Rels., parents living in St. Paul, Minn., and 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Educ, Northwestern _ iMilitary 
& Naval Academy and Univ. of So. Calif. Stage 
career: with Wilton Lackaye in "Bondsman" 
and Robt. iSlantell in Shakesperian rep., "iMan 
From Mexico." Has lived in Brooklyn, Grand 
Forks, N. D., St. Paul and Minneapolis. Minn. 
Entered pictures in 1914 with Selig Co._ Pictures 
include "Naughty But Nice," "Going Up," 
Helen & Warren and O. Henry Series, "Her 
Wild Oat," "Forever After," "Ladies at Play," 
"Beauty's Worth," "Fancy Baggage," "Stolen 
Kisses." "The Little Wild Cat," "Lad'es Must 
Dress." Clubs: Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Masonic 
Lodge 2.W, Calif. Yacht Club. Hollywood Athletic, 
L. A. A. Club, Riviers C. C, Edgewater Beach 
Club, Masquers. Sport, football. light. 6; wght. 
167; green grey eyes, dark hair. 1 child, Ronald 
Cooley. Bus. rep., Jack Gardner. 

COOPER, Edna May, actress, b. Baltimore, Md. 
^lother lives in Tlollywoml with her. Educated in 
convents in Baltimore and Guthrie Okla. Spe- 
cialized in mathematics and penmanship. iHas 
lived in New York. Baltimore. Hollywood. En- 
tered pictures in 1918. Plaved in "Beauty and 
Bad Man," "-Show Girl." "Code of Air." "George 
Washington Cohen," "Apache." Sports, tennis, 



swimming, horseback riding. Hght. 5, 6}/2; wght. 
130; hazel eyes, auburn brown hair, ison, Karl 
Brown, Jr., age 7. 
COOPER, Gary, actor, b. Helena, Mont., May 7. 
Rels., parents living in Hollywood. Educ, prep, 
school in England, High School, Helena, Grinnel; 
specialized in economics. Previous career, news- 
paper cartoonist in Los Angeles. Has lived in 
London, Helena, New York, Hollywood. Enterecf 
pictures in 1925 in extra work. Pictures include: 
"Winning of Barbara Worth," "Liegion of Con- 
demned," "Wings,'' "Lilac Time," "First Kiss," 
"Shopworn Angel," "Half a Bride." Sports, rid- 
ing, swimming. Hght. 6, 2^; wght. 178; blue 
eyes, dark brown hair. Mailing ad.: Paramount 
Famous Players Lasky Studio. 
COOPER, George, actor, b. Newark, N. J., Dec. 18, 
1892. Rels., s.sters, Anna and Jennie of "Mont- 
gommery & Healey's Sisters," vaud. headliners. 
Educ. private teachers. Previous career, stage. 
Has lived in Brooklyn, N. Y., and Santa Monica, 
Calif. Entered pictures in 1908. Pictures include: 
"Trail of 98," "Hell's Angels," "Turn to Right," 
"Barker." Clubs: B. P. O. Elks. Sport, flying. 
Hght. 5, 9J/2; wght. 162; dark blue eyes, dark 
brown hair. 4 children, Dorothy, 12; George, Jr., 
8; Jack, 5; Edwina, 4 yrs. Bus. and press rep., 
Jack Gardner. 
COOPER, Bigelow, actor. Screen career, Metro. 
Selznick, Realart, Hodkinson, "The Exciters" 
(Paramount); "Another Scandal" (P.D.C.); "Bad 
Company," "White Mice" (Assoc. Exhib.); "The 
Broadway Drifter" (Excellent). 
COOPER, Jack, actor, b. England; educ. there. 
Early career, 10 years vaude., stock, musical com- 
edy. Screen career, "Wolf's Clothing" (Warners), 
"Love's Languid Lure" (Pathe), "His T cklish 
Predicament," "''Daze of '49" (Bray). Hght., 5, 
6'/4; wght., 135; blue eyes, dark brown hair. 
COOPER, Rosemary, actress, b. Lewiston, Idaho; 
educ. Kentucky. Early career, 2 years on stage. 
.Screen career, "The Climbers," "White Flannels" 
Warners), "The Return of Boston Blackie" (First 
Division), "Drums of Love" (United Artists). 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 125; brown eyes and hair. 
CORBY, Francis, director. Screen career, learned 
almost every phase of film production and finally 
became director for Sierra PictureS^, States Rights, 
in 1926; was next engaged by Stern-Universal as 
short subject director; directed "Newlyweds and 
Their i$aby" series, "Buster Brown" comedies, 
"Mike and Ike" comedies, and the "Gump" 
CORBETT, Ben, b. Hudson, 111.; educ. Dixon, HI. 
Early career, actor. Stage career,, vaude. Screen 
career, "The Fearless Rider," "A Made to Order 
Hero," "Quick Triggers" (Universal); "The Boss 
of Rustler's Roost," "The Bronc Stomper" 
(Pathe). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 182; brown hair and 
CORBIN, Virginia Lee, actress, b. Prescott, Ariz.; 
educ. Hollywood; early career, artists model. 
Stage career, 3 yrs. vaud. Screen career, "Bare 
Knees" (Gotham); "No Place to Go," "The Per- 
fect Sap," "Ladies at Play" (First National); 
"Play Safe" (Pathe); "The LittTe Snob ';_ (War- 
ner). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 110; Hght hair, blue 
CORDA, Maria, actress, b. Deva, Hungary, May 
4, 1902. Rels., mother living in Budapest. Vin- 
cent Korda, painter, Paris; Zoltan Korda, director,' 
Berlin. Educ. Budapest; specialized acting and 
dancing, college. Stage career, Royal (Dpera, 
Budapest. Has lived in Budapest, Vienna, Rome, 
Berlin. Entered pictures in 1921. Star of "Moon 
of Israel," "Le Danseur de Madame,'' "Private 
Life of Helen of Troy," "Tesha." Sports, tennis 
and swimming. Hght. 5, 4; wght. 125; blue eyes, 
blond hair. Husband's prof, name, Alexander 
Korda. Bus. rep.. Jack Gardner. Mailing ad., 
First National Pictures, Burbank, Calif. 
CORD AY, Marcel, actress; screen career, "We 
Moderns" (F.N.), "Splendid Crime" (Par), "Scar- 
let Letter" (Metro), "Flesh and the Devil" (Met- 
ro), Jim the Conquerer" (P.D.C.), "When a Man 
Loves" (Warner), "Quality Street" (M-G-M), 
"Dry Martini" (Fox). 
CORDING, Harry, actor. Screen career, "The 
Knockout" (First National); "Black Jack," "Dare 
Devil's Reward" (Fox). 
COREY, Jim, actor. Screen career. Universal, 
FBO, Assoc. Exhib., Independent Pict., Photo 
Drama Co., Wm. Steiner, "Open Range," "The 
Last Outlaw" (Paramount). 

CORNWALL, Anne, actress, b. Brooklyn, N. Y, 
1897; educ. Catskill, N. Y. Stage career, mus. 
com. Screen career. Select, Artcraft, Universal, 
First National, Warner, Fo.x, Assoc. Exhib., Astor, 
Lumas, Educational, "Christie" comedies (Para- 
mount): "College" (United Artists); "The Heart 
of the Yukon," "Chicken Feathers," "Eyes of the 
Totem" (Pathe). Hght., 4, 11; wght., 102; dark 
brown hair, dark eyes. 
CORRADO, Geno, actor, b. Florence, Italy. Educ. 
Coll'jge of .Strada, Italy.; St. Bede College, Peru, 
111. Screen career, "The White Black Sheep" 
(First National); "Women's Wares," "The Devil's 
Skipper," "Prowlers of the Sea," "The House of 
Scandals" (Tiffany). 
CORRIGAN, Lloyd, writer, b. Sati Francisco, Calif., 
Oct. 16, 1900. Educ. Hollywood High School, 
Santa Clara College, Univ. of Calif., spec, in Eng- 
lish. Previous career, actor, San Francisco Stage 
Guild, Morosco Stock Co., MacLoon Prod., actor 
and director stock Phoenix, director Greek The- 
atre, Berkeley. Has lived in San Francisco, Los 
Angeles, Spokane, Phoenix, Chicago, New York. 
Entered pictures in 1925, played in "Lillion," "The 
Splendid Crime." Wrote: "The Campus Flirt" 
(orig. in collaboration) ; "Swim Girl Swim" (orig. 
and adapt.): "It" (asst. writer); "Red Hair" 
(adapt.); "Fifty-Firty Girl," "Take Me Home,'' 
"What a Night." Clubs: Beta Theta Pi, Golden 
Bear, Council Table, iMasquers, Writers, Uplifters. 
Sports, football, tennis, swimming. 
CORTEZ, Ricardo, actor, b. Vienna ; came to N. Y. 
with parents when 3 yrs. of age; educ. N. Y. 
Early career, broker's office. Stage career, stock. 
Began screen career as contract player with Para- 
mount; vehicles include "Sixty Cents an Hour,"' 
"Children of Jazz," "In the Name of Love," "The 
Spaniard," "Not So Long Ago," "The Pony Ex- 
press," "The Private Life of Helen of Troy" 
"First National); "A Grain of Dust" (TifFany- 
Stahl); "Torrent," "Mockery" (Metro); "By 
Whose Hand" (Columbia); "Sorrows of Satan" 
(I'liited Artists). Sports, beach and gymnasium 
sports, horseback riding, polo. Hght., 6, 1; wght., 
175; black hair, brown eyes. 
COSGRAVE, Luke, actor. Screen career, Para- 
mount, Fox, P.D.C., FBO. Pathe; "The Mating 
Call." "Gentlemen iPrefer Blondes" (Paramount); 
"The Red Mark" (Pathe). 
COSSAR, JOHN MAY, actor, b. London, England: 
educ. iV. Y. C. College; stage career, 30 yrs.; 
screen career. National. Lois Weber, Fox, Astra, 
Lasky. Gt)ldwyn, Assoc. Exhib., Preferred, LTni- 
versal, Warners; "Woman's Law" (Peerless); 
"Melting Millions," "The House Without a Key" 
(Pathe). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 168; iron gray hair, 
dark brown eyes. 
COSTELLO, Dolores, actress, b. Pittsburgh, Pa., 
Sept. 17. Rels.. Maurice Costello. father, actor; 
Helene Costello, sister, actress. Educ. . mostly by 
tutors. Previous career, artists model for James 
Montgomery Flagg; Geo. White's "Scandals." 
Entered pictures about 1924. through playing in 
"Scandals." Pictures include: "Sea Beast," 
"When a Man Loves," "Old San Francisco," 
"Glorious Betsy," "Heart of Maryland," "Tender- 
loin," "Noah's Ark." Hght., 5, 4; wght. 115; 
blue eyes, golden hair. Husband's prof. name. 
John Barrymore. Ad. Warner Bros. Studio, 
Hollywood, Cal. 
COSTELLO Helene, actress, b. New York City. 
Educ. LadyclifTe-on-the-Hudson, N. Y., and pri- 
vate tutors. Stage career, George White's Scan- 
dals," touring country. Rels., Maurice Costello, 
father, actor; Dolores Costello, sister, actress. 
Screen career, ^"itagraph, Paramount, Rayart, 
"Don Juan." "Good Time Charley." "Husbands 
For Rent." "The Fortune Hunter." "Heart of 
Maryland," "Lights of New York" (Warner) ; 
"Broncho Buster" (Fox); "In Old Kentucky" 
COSTELLO, John, actor, b. and educ. N. Y. C. 
Stage career, 20 yrs., screen career, Vitagraph, 
iNIae Murray Prod.. Famous Players. Hodkinson, 
Tans. Prod.. "Inspiration" (Excellent). Hght., 
5, 9; wght., 172; white hair, dark blue eyes. 
COSTELLO, Maurice, actor, b. and educ. Pitts- 
burgh. 18 yrs. on stage. Screen career, 7 yrs. 

(United States Pict.); "None So Blind" (Arrow); 
"Glimpses of the Moon," "The Story Without a 

J ohe Ford 


Wm. Fox 

HAS directed some of the finest and most 
successful pictures made by the Fox 
organization, ranging from hght comedy to 
heavy melodrama. 

"The Iron Horse" set a high mark for epic 
productions, and his "Four Sons" was endorsed 
by leading critics as one of the finest pictures 
ever produced. 

"Lightnin'j" "The Shamrock Handicap," 
"Just Pals," "Village Blacksmith," "Mother 
Machree," "3 Bad Men," "Kentucky Pride," 
"Hangman's House" and others established 
new records for performance and box-office 

Has just completed "Napoleon's Barber," his 
initial Fox-Movietone production, which, it 
is said, marks a new era in this successful 
director's career. 

Address all inquiries to 
Motion Picture News, Hollywood 



Name" (Paramount); "Week End Husbands" 
(FBO;; "Ihe Law and the Lady" (.Ay won); "The 
Mad Marriage' (Rosemary I'llms); "Wives ot 
the Prophet"' (Lee-Bradford); "Johnny Get Your 
Haircut (Metro); "The :3hamrock and the Rose,' 
(Chadwick); "Cam.le," "The Wagon Show" 
(birst JXational). Was one ot the screen's hrst 
matinee idols. Daughters, Dolores and Helene, 
are screen stars. Hght., b, 10; wght., loO; brown 
liair, blue gray eyes. 

COURTRIGHT, William, actor, h. New Milford, 
111., March 10, 1848. Rels., H. R. Courtright, 
brother, real estate, Los Aiigeies; W. A. Court- 
right, brother, farmer, Raymond, Calif. Educ. 
puuiic school lone. Cant, ^i.age career, 43 years. 
lias lived in Chicago, San I'rancisco', New York 
C.ty, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Spokane. Ln- 
lered pictures m lyiO. Pictures aiclude: "My Be=t 
Girl," "Are Parents People.'"' "Don Mike," "Ari- 
zona Nights," "Jesse James," "Pioneer Scout," 
"Sunset Legion," "Kit Carso«." Clubs: Elks, 
light. 5, 9y2; wght. 170; dark eyes, dark gray 
hair. . 

COWAN, Sada, writer. Educ. in private schools. 
Spec, journal. sm, music and drama. Prev.ous 
career, "Playing Lady."' Stage Career, "Playing 
the Game," "'ihe btate torbids" and 14 one- 
act plays. Lived in Boston, New York, Holly- 
wood and Europe. Entered pictures about 1916. 
Screen career, "Why Change Your Wife" (adapt.;, 
"Courage," "Vengeance Is Mine"; originals, 
"Jrlush, ' "Straight From Paris," "Charge It ' 
and "The Unnamed." Clubs, Authors' League 
of AmeriCct and Writer's Club. Sport, tenn.s. 

COWAN, Jeimes R., production manager. Para- 
mount Famous Lasky studio. Long island studios, 
b. Glasgow, Scotland, Aug. 25, 1S89. Educ. high 
school and private commercial schools. Previous 
career, worked m bank. Entered theatrical busi- 
ness when _0 yrs. ot age, starting with K&E 
vaudeville; then to William Morris booking ofhce; 
was traveling representative lor Annete Keller- 
man, Sir Harry Lauder; associated Elizabeth 
Marbury in production; also with Lindsey Mor- 
rison as stock producer. When Balaban & Katz 
was taken over by Paramount, Cowan was short 
feature buyer lor B&K chain. Sam Katz placed 
him in charge of unit shows for Publix circuit. 
When Long island studio was reopened Cowan 
was made head of short feature production; Jan. 
1, 1929 was promoted to be production manager 
for studio. 

COWEN, William J., director, b. New York City, 
Dec. 21. Educ. in New York. Specialized in 
commerce and literature. Was traveler, soldier 
and writer. Has lived in New York, Montreal, 
Toronto, London, Paris, Berl.n, Vienna, Batoum, 
Tielis, Baku. lintered picture business in 1922 
through his wife. His only picture so far is 
"Ned McCobb's Daughter" for Pathe. Belongs 
to Masquers, Beach Club and Masons. Favorite 
sports, riding, polo and tennis. Married to Lenore 
J. (Coffee. Daughter, Tan^ne Cowen, 19 months 

COWL, George, actor, b. Blackpool, Eng. Screen 
career. State Rights, Paramount, First National; 
"The Jade Cup," (FBO) ; "Marriage License" 
(Fox); "Broadway Madness" (Excellent); "The 
Adventurer" (Metro- Goldwyn- Mayer). 

COWLES, Jules, actor, b. Farmington, Conn. 
Screen career, Paramount, Hodkinson, Steiner, 
Wid Gunning, Arrow, Vitagraph, Universal, First 
National, Fox, Selig, FBO, Lumas; "Bringing Up 
Father," "The Road to Romance" (Metro-Gold- 

COX, George L., director, b. Chicago, 111. Gradu- 
ate of Northwestern Univ. Was on legitimate 
stage, stock, repertoire, vaudeville and screen 
player. Directed over 100 photoplays. Stage di- 
rector. Author of many successful screen stories, 
magazine articles, sketches, etc. Has lived in 
Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Rome, Ber- 
lin and Los Angeles. Entered picture business in 
1910. Belongs to the Press Club, Motion Picture 
Director's Assoc, Masons and Elks. Favorite 
sports, baseball and golf. 
COXEN, Edward, actor; educ. San Francisco and 
Berkeley, Cal. Stage career, stock. Screen career, 
Solaxart, Paralta, Goldwyn, Hampton-Kodkinson, 
First National, Universal, Rainbow Films, FBO, 
Metro, Paramount, Fox, Banner ; "The Web of 
Fate" (Peerless). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 168; 
brown hair, blue eyes. 

CRAFT, William James, director, b. N. Y. C, July 
17, IS'.'O. Kels, parents living in Cal. Educ. 
N. Y. Spec, navigaticjn, drama. Has lived in 
N. Y., Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, lead- 
ing ot Canada as othcial war photograptier. 
"Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City," "Hero for 
Ten yrs. on stage. Entered pictures in 1913, as 
show went broke. 5 yrs. as camera man with 
old Kalem Co. Directed "Painting Town," 
Night," "Hot Heels," "Gate Crasher," "Kid's 
Clever" (Universal); "Clown," "Poor Girls'' 
(Columbia). Club, Masquers. Sports, golf, yacht- 
ing, aviat.on. Bus. rep.. Jack Foley; press rep., 

CRAIG, Blanche, actress; educ. Boston, Mass. 
.stage career, vaud. and legit. Screen career, 
i'amous Players, Goldwyn, World, Fox, Realart, 
Paramount, American iieleasing, Vitagraph, 
Astor, Hartford Prod., "Beyond London's L.ghts" 

CRAWFORD, Joan, actress, b. San Antonio, Texas, 
Mar. li. Rels., mother living in New York. 
Educ, convent and Stephens Coll., spec, in arts 
and sciences. Stage career, dancing in Winter 
Garden, New York City, ilas lived in Lawton, 
Okla., Kansas City, Mo., New York City. En- 
tered pictures in 1926. Latest productions in- 
clude: "Our Dancing Daughters," "Four Walls," 
"Dream of Love." Hght. S, 4; wght. 120; blue 
eyes, brown hair. Mailing ad.: M-G-M Studios, 
Culver City, Calif. 

CRISP, Donald, director, b. Lxindon, England; educ. 
London schls. and Oxford Univ.; came to U. S. 
in 1906; stage career, 1 year in Grand Opera; 
stage director for Cohan and Harris in stock; 
screen career, began with Biograph, acting for 
two years; became assistant to D. W. Griffith, 
and acted in "Birth of a Nation" and "Broken 
Blossoms"; directed for Lasky for five years; 1920 
went to Europe to study production for Famous, 
made three fiilms while in London; then directed 
for First National, United Artists and Pathe; 
"The Cop," "Stand and Deliver," "Dress Parade" 
(Pathe;. Recent role in "The River Pirate" 

CROCKER, Harry, actor, b. San Francisco, Cal. ; 
educ. there. Screen career, "Tillie The Toiler," 
"Becky" (Metro), "Sally In Our Alley" (Colum- 
bia); "The Circus" (LTnited Artists); "South Sea 
L-ve" (FBO). 

CROMWELL, John, actor, b. Toledo, O., Dec 21, 
1888. Educ. Howe School, Howe, Ind. Spec. 
English, English literature. Previous career, act- 
ing, directing, producing plays in N. Y. Has 
lived in N. Y. and Cleveland. Entered pictures 
Oct. 22, 1928, through playing in "Racket" in 
Los Angeles. May 1928. Clubs, Lotos, N. Y. C; 
West .Side Tennis, Forest Hills, L. I., N. Y. 
Sports, tennis, riding. Hght. 6, 25/2; wght. 170; 
grey eyes, brown hair. Wife's prof, name, Kay 

CROSLAND, Alan, director, b. New York City, 
August 19, 1894. Father lives in New York City. 
Brother, James Kenneth Crosland, with Western 
Electric Co., N. Y. C. Educ. in East Orange 
High School and England. Was newspaper re- 
porter and on stage in New York. Has lived 
in New York, London and Beverly Hills. En- 
tered picture business with Thos. A. Edison in 
N. Y. between seasons on stage. Was ainong 
the first to direct Vitaphone productions. Has di- 
rected "The Jazz Singer," "IDon Juan," "Eneniies 
of Women," "Old San Francisco,'' "Glorious 
Betsy," "The Song of Broadway." Belongs to 
the Breakfast Club, Writers Club, Westchester 
Biltmore and Academy of M. P. Arts and Sci- 
ences. Favorite sports, golf and tennis. Son, 
Alan, Jr., 10 yrs. 

CROSSLEY, Syd., actor. Screen career, Assoc. 
Exhib., P.D.C., Gotham, "Play Safe," "One Hour 
Married," "A Perfect Gentleman" (Pathe); "The 
Blood Ship." "That Certain Thing" (Columbia) ; 
"The Gorilla" (First National) ; "Fangs of the 
Wild," "The Circus Kid" (FBO); "The Cowboy 
Kid" (Fox); "Into No Man's Land" (Excellent). 

CROWELL, Josephine, actress, b. Canada; educ. 
Boston. Early career, public entertainer, stock, 
rep. Screen career, "Mantrap," "Padlocked" 
(Paramount); "For Wives Only," "Fighting 
Love" (P. D. C); "The Man Wfio L,aughs" 
(Universal). Hght., 5J^; wght., 170; brown eyes 
and hair. 






JL en Years oi varied experiences as a screen M^riter 

JPre viously — 

jBusiness jM-an 

Spanisn - American AVar Veteran 

^e^^spaper l^ditor — Adventurer 

Lrlaa to cooperate at any time in jjrepavation of, 
ana fads for, good Special £ eature h,xciusives. 

Recent Pictures: "RESURRECTION" and "RAMOMA" 







CRUGER, Paul, writer, h. Norwalk, Ohio, Jan 17, 
1894. Educ, Ohio State Univ., spec, in journal- 
ism. Previous career, advertising, publicity, Chau- 
taqua, stage, newspaper and short story writer. 
Wrote: "Black Phantoms," "Fly With Me," 
"Easy Pick'ngs," "A Girl in Danger," "The 
Trans-Atlantic Flight" (plays). Entered pictures 
in 1925. Orig. "Easy Pickings," "Eagle of the 
Night," "The Air Mai! Pilot'' and number of 
Westerns. Club: American dramatists. Sports: 
all outdoor activities. Bus. and press rep., Laura 
Wilck, New York; Dxie McCoy, Hollywood; Chas. 
Lavell London, England. 
CRUZE, Charles, actor, b. Wichita, Kans., Dec. 
25, 1899. Rels., parents living in Hollywood, 
R. M. Moss, farmer, Atlanta. Kans., H. K. 
Moss, railroad agt., Gardena, Calif., Wm. Bourne, 
doctor, Me.xico City, Mo. Educ. St. Louis, Mo., 
spec, in art. Stage career, stock in St. Louis and 
Oklahoma City. Has lived in St. Louis, Mo., and 
and Ch'cago. Entered pictures in 1921. Played 
in "Was It Bigamy?", "Folly of Youth," also in 
"The Night Message," "His New York Wife," 
"Biter Sweets," "Collegiate." Clubs, Masons, 
Actors Equity, 233 Club, Hollywood Athletic Club, 
Thalians. Sports, handball, tennis. Hght, 5, lOYz; 
wght. 135; black eyes and hair. 
CRUZE, James, director, b. Ogden, Utah, 1884; 
educ. there; was a soldier of fortune; worked as 
mess boy in Manila, in Alaska for some time; 
also a laborer, farmhand, waiter and a cook. Stage 
career, trouped for 3 yrs. with road co. playing 
"Heart of Maryland"; joined co. playing Shakes- 
peare and stock melodrama; toured with medicine 
shows; screen career, leads with Pathe and Than- 
houser; became Paramount director and made 
"The Old Homestead," "The Goose Hangs High," 
"Merton of the Moves," '"Enemy Sex," "Holly- 
wood," "Ruggles of Red Gap," "To the Ladies," 
"Fighting Coward," "City That Never Sleeps," 
"Garden of Weeds,' "Marry Me," "Pony Ex- 
press," "Welcome Home," "Beggar on Horse- 
back," "Mannequin," "Old Ironsides," "One 
Glorious Day," "The Covered Wagon" (Para- 
mount); joined De-Mille-P.D.C; directed for 
Caddo; organized own production-distribution 
unit in 1928. "We're All Gamblers," "City Gone 
Wild" (Paramount); "Red Mark," "On to Reno" 
CUMELLAS, Antonioi, actor, b. Barcelona, Spain, 
May 11, 1908. Parents live there. Educ. in one of 
Padres Escolapios Schools in Barcelona. Worked 
in father's office — importer of jewelry from Ger- 
many. Has lived in Marseilles, Boston, New 
York. Cuba, Barcelona. Entered pictures June 
26, 1927. Was winner of Fox Beauty contest in 
Spain in December, 1926. Has not played any 
parts yet. Belongs to Hollywood Athletic Club, 
Automobile CHub of Southern California. Snorts, 
swimming, tennis, horseback riding. Hght. 5, 11; 
wght. 165; dark brown eyes; black hair. Under 
contract with Fox. 
CUMMING, Dorothy, actress, b. Burrows. Aus- 
tralia. Educ. Sydney, Australia. Stage career, 
4 yrs. leading woman to J. C. Williamson, Ltd., 
Australia, in "Milestones," with Cyril Maude in 
"Grumpy," "Caste," "School for Scandal," lead 
at Belasco Theatre, N. Y. ; 9 mos. in "Tiger, 
Tiger." Screen career. Tucker, Goldwyn, Bessie 
Barriscale, Robert son -Cole, First National, Fox, 
Paramount, Universal, "The King of Kings" 
(Pathe) ; "In Old Kentucky," "The Lovelorn," 
"The Divine Woman," "Forbiden Hours" (M-(i- 
M). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 126; brown hair and 
CUMMINGS, Irving, director, b. New York City. 
Mother lives in New York. Educ. public schools 
in New York. Entered pictures in 1909. Had 
been successful actor on stage. Grew from picture 
acting into directing. Directed "Romance of the 
Underworld," "Dressed to Kill," "Pigs." "The 
Country Beyond." Belongs to Mayfair Hub and 
the Masquers. Favorite sports football and tennis. 
Married to Ruth Sinclair Son, Irving Cummings. 
Jr. Bus. Rep., E. M. Sinclair; Press rep., Sig. 
CUMMINGS, Ruith, title writer. Screen career, 
"The Adventurer," "The Mysterious Lady" 
CUNARD, Grace, actress, b. Paris, France; educ. 
Columbus, Ohio. Stage career, "Dora Thorne," 
"Princess of the Patches," starred in "College 
Days," stk., etc. Screen career, Universal, 
C, B. C, First National, Fox, Preferred Pict., 

"The Return of the Riddle R:der" (Universal): 
"The Masked Angel" (First Division). Hght., 5, 
4; wght., 120; light auburn hair, dark gray eyes. 
CUNNING, Patrick, actor, b. Santa Clara, Cal. 
Screen career, "The Devil's Trademark" (FBO), 
"Very Confidential," "Jack and Jilted" (Fox). 
CUNNINGHAM, Jack, writer, b. Ionia, Iowa, Apr. 
1, 1882. Rels., parents living in Hollywood, A. L. 
Cunningham, brother, bus. at San Luis Obispo, 
Mrs. Olive Cochrane, sister, secretary in oil com- 
pany in Los Angeles. Educ, Manchester, Iowa, 
sch. and Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon, Iowa., spec, 
in liberal arts. Previous career, printer and news- 
paper man for 18 yrs. Desiring to write fo a 
new medium, entered pictures in 1914. Adap." 
"The Covered Wagon," "Don Q," "The Black 
Pirate." "White Shadows," "The Viking," "What 
Shadows in the South Seas," "Man in the Iron 
Mask." Clubs, F. & A. M.~Scottish Rite Bodies, 
Authors League, The Writers, Brentwood C. C. 
Sports, golf. Bus. Rep., Edward Small & Co.; 
Pub rep., Don Campbell and Lucille Erskine. 
CURLEY, Pauline, actress, b. Holyoke, Mass., Dec. 
19. Rels., parents living in Los Angeles. Educ. 
professional children's school. New York City. 
Stage career, child lead in "Polygamy," Brady's 
Playhouse, New York City. Has lived in Spring- 
field, Mass., New York, Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures in 1916. Productions include: "The Fall 
of Romanoflfs." "Square Deceiver," "Bound in 
Morocco." "Devil Dogs" (Crescent), "Power" 
Pathe-DeMille). Clubs, "The Regulars." Hght. 
5. 4^4; wght., 121; hazel eyes, blonde hair. 
CURLEY, Rose, actress, b. North Lee, Mass., Nov. 
12. Educ, Holyoke, Mass. Stage career. New 
Jersey Stock Co., 2 seasons, B. F. Keith & Or- 
pheum Time in "A Daddy by Express." Has 
lived in Springfield. Mass., New York City, Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures in 1913. Pictures in- 
clude: "Sins of Fathers," "Three Week-Ends," 
"Avalanche," "Interference." Hght. 5, 5; wght., 
160; hazel eyes; mixed grey hair. Three children, 
Pauline Curley, Marguerite McGinley, Frank 
CURRIER, Frcink, actor, b. Norwich, Conn. Screen 
career, "Telling the World," "The Enemy," "La 
Boheme." "Tell It To the Marines," "Ben Hur" 
CURTIS, Jack, actor, b. San Francisco, Cal. ; educ. 
there. Early career, stock, rep., vaude. Screen 
career, "Through Thick and Thin" (Lumas); 
Wolf's Clothing," "Jaws of Steel," "Brass 
Knuckles" (Warners). 
CURTIZ, Michael, director, b. Budapest, Hungary, 
Educ. Budapest. Spec, theatre, art, stage. Pre- 
Dec 2, 1888. Rels., parents living in Budapest, 
vious career, stage directing, acting. Has lived 
in Vienna, Italy, Paris. Saville, Denmark. En- 
tered pictures in 1916 thru stage training. Di- 
rected "Noah's Ark," "Life of Napoleon," "Sodom 
and Gomarrah," "Tenderloin," "Madonna of Ave. 
A," "Alimony." Clubs, Breakfast, M. P. Acad- 
emy. Gables. Sports, horseback riding. Bus. rep., 
Margaret Ettinger. Press Rep., Margaret Et- 
CURWOOD, Bob, actor. Screen career, "The 
Scrappin' Fool," "A Dangerous Double," "Brand 
of Courage," "The I^ooters," "The Payroll of 
Roundup," "Hidden Money," "The Frame Up 
Man," "The Valiant Rider," "Stunt Cowboy 
Series" (Universal). 
CUSTER, Bob, actor, b. Frankfort, Ky., Oct. 18, 
1900. Educ, LTniv. of Ky. screen career. Bob 
Custer Prod., F.B.O'. Studios, pictures including: 
"Border Whirlwind," "Terror of Bar X," "Bull- 
dog Pluck." _ CHubs, Kappa Sigma Frat. Sports, 
Horseback riding. Hght. 6: wght. 170; dark 
brown hair; hazel eyes. Mailing ad., Chadwick 

— EK- 

DAAB, Hyatt, advertising and publicity manager, 
RKO productions, b. Hoboken, N. J., Aug. 20, 
1892. Educ public schools and graduated Hoboken 
High School. Previous career, began as reporter 
on Jersey City Journal; became baseball editor 
New York Evening Telegram and later columnist 
on same paper. Started picture career in pub- 
licity department of old R-C Pictures Co.; re- 
mained when it became FBO. Then, publicity 
manager of FBO studios, Hollywood and in 1925, 
director of advertising and publicity at Home 
Of1F.ce. Clubs, Holly woo(T Athletic, Wampas, 
AMPA. Address, 1560 Broadway^ New York 

















Americas model circuit 
of theatres 

Jos Angeles 









DAGOVER, Lil, actress. Screen career, "Between 
Worlds" (Weiss Bros.); "Discord" (Pathe) ; "Be- 
yond the Wall" (State Rights); "Tartuffe the 
ilypocrite," "Love Makes Us Blind," "Two 
Brothers" (UFA). 

D'ALBROOK, Sidney, actor, b. Chicago, 111.; educ. 
Northwestern Military Acad. Stage career, rep., 
stk., vaud. Screen career, Artcraft, MacManus, 
Metro, V'itagraph, Fox, Arrow, State Kighis, 
Paramount, Assoc. Exhib., Hal Roach, Pathe, 
P.D.C.; "The King of Kings" (DeMille) ; "The 
Matinee Idol" (Columbia). Hght., 5, 10>^; wght., 
155; fair complexion, black hair and eyes. 

DALE BILLY, actor, b. Philadelphia, Pa. Educ, 
Philadelphia. Spec, in drama and art. Stage 
career, vaudeville and minstrels. Has lived in 
Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles. Entered pic- 
tures in 1924. Pictures include: "The Lucky 
Duck," "Hay Wire," "Cat Nipped," "The Hero." 
Clubs, Masonic. Hght., 5, 4; wght., 135; grey 
eyes, brown hair. 

DALY, Jcuie, actress, b. Santa Barbara, Cal. Legal 
name, Jacqueline Gadsdon. Educ, Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures in 1920 thru Lois Weber, lead in 
"Chapter in Her Life." Pictures include: "Mys- 
terious Island," "Bellamy Trial" (M-G-M); "Be- 
yond London's Lights" (F. B. O.). Hght., 5, 6; 
wght., 125; hazel eyes; light brown hair. Bus. 
rep., Wm. W. CohiJl. 

DALEY, Marcelle, actress, b. Kansas City, Mo. 
Screen career, Metro, FBO, Educational, Kerman 
Films, "The Arizona Wildcat" (Fox); "The Lone 
Eagle" (Universal); "Two Lovers" (United 

DAMITA, Lily, actress, b. Paris, France, July 10, 
1906. Educ, convents in Europe. Spec, in danc- 
ing, art, drawing, music Previous career, stage 
in Europe, opera, PariSj Follies Bergiere. En- 
tered pictures thru dancing. Feminine lead in 
"Rescue." Sports, fencing, polo. Hght., 5, 3; 
wght., 114; brown eyes, blonde hair. Bus. rep., 
Harry Edington; press rep., H. F. Arnold. Atl. 
Samuel Goldwyn Prod. 

DANA, Frederick, actor. Screen career, "Don Des- 
perado," "Two Gun of the Tumbleweed," "The 
Auache Raider," "The Bronc Stomper" (Pathe). 

DANA, Viola, actress, b. Brooklyn, N. ¥., 1898; 
educ. N. Y. Stage career, 11 yrs.; appeared in 
"Rip Van Winkle," "Littlest Rebel," "Poor Little 
Rich Girl." Screen career, "The Stoning" (Edi- 
son); "Blackmail" (Realart); "A Crinoline Ro- 
mance," "Rouged Lips," "Love in the Dark," 
"They Like 'Em Rough," "Noise in Newboro," 
"Glass Houses," "Seeing Is Believing," "Five Dol- 
lar Baby," "Her Fatal Millions," "Social Code," 
"In Search of a Thrill," "Heart Bandit," "Don't 
Doubt Your Husband," "Revelation," "Along 
Ofcme Ruth," "The Beauty Prize," "The Great 
Love" (Metro), "Merton of the Movies," "Open 
All Night," "Forty Winks" (Paramount) ; "The 
Necessary Evil," "Winds of Chance," "Silent 
Lover" (First National); "Wild Oats Lane" 
(P.D.C.); "Bigger Than Barnum's," "Kosher 
Kitty Kelly," "Home Struck," "Naughty Nan- 
ette," "Lure of the Night Qub" (FBO); "Ice 
Fkxjd" (Universal); "That Certain Thing" (Co- 
lumbia). Hght., 4, W/i.; wght., 101; brown hair, 
green eyes. 

DANE, Karl, actor, b. Copenhagen, Denmark, Oct. 
18, 1886. Educ. Copenhagen. Screen career, "Baby 
Mine," "Big Parade," "Enemy," "Rookies," 
"Trail of '98," "Red Mill," "Scarlet Letter," "(Tir- 
cus Rookies," "Detectives," "A.lias Jimmy Val- 
entine," "All at Sea.' Sports, outdoor sports. 
Hght. 6, 3^4; wght. 205; blue eyes, brown hair. 
DANIELS, Bebe, actress, b. Dallas, Tex., Jan. 14. 
Rel., mother, resides in Santa Monica, Cal. Began 
stage career when ten weks old (both parents on 
stage) child player with Burbank and Belasco 
Stock Cos., also Valencia Stock Co., San Fran- 
cisco; child lead in "A Common Enemy." Educ. 
private tutors. Convent in Los Angeles; youngest 
Shakespearean actress in world at seven. Screen 
career began as child actress, Selig 2 yrs. leading 
parts in Rolin-Pathe Comedies; Famous-Players- 
Lasky: "Why Change Your Wife?" "Every- 
woman," "Dancin' Fool," "Sick Abed," "Four- 
teenth Man." Realart: "You Never Can Tell," 
"Oh, Lady, Lady," "She Couldn't Help it," 
"Ducks and Drakes," "March Hare," "Two 
Weeks with Pay." F-P-L: "Wild, Wild Susan," 
"Manicure Girl," "Monsieur Beaucaire," "Miss 
Bluebeard," "Crowded Hour," "Lovers in Quar- 
antine," "Splendid Crime," "Campus Flirt," 

"Stranded in Paris," "Take Me Home," "Miss 
Brewster's Millions," "Volcano," "Palm Beach 
Girl," "Kiss in a Taxi," "50-50 Girls," "Senorita," 
"What a Night," "Swim Girl, Swim," "She's A 
Sheik," "Hot News" (Paramount) Member West- 
chester- Biltmore, Rye, N. Y. Sports, horse-back 
riding, swimming, tennis. Hght. 5, 3; wght. 109; 
black hair, brown eyes; bus, rep., Mrs. Phyliss 
Daniels. Ad., Paramount-Lasky Studios, Holly- 
wood, Cal. 

DANIELS, Thelma, actress. "Mike and Ike" 
Comedies, (Universal). 

D'ARCY, Roy, actor. Legal name, Roy F. Ginsti. 
b. San Francisco. Parents live in Hollywood. 
Educated in Germany and Leipzig. Specialized in 
commerce and philosophy. Previous to screen 
was in business, mining, ranging in Argentina 
and on legitimate stage. Has lived in Leipzig, 
Berlin, New York, Buenos Aires, London, Paris. 
Entered pictures in 1924. Von Stroheim saw him 
on stage playing "Clinging Vine." Has played in 
"Merry Widow," "Bohemia," "Temptress," Bar- 
delys," "Beverly of Graustark," "Last Warning,'' 
"Family Row, " "Beware of Blondes," "His Night." 
Belongs to Bohemian Club and Hollywood Athletic 
Club. Sports, riding, boating. Hght. 5, 11; wght., 
158; gray eyes, brown hair. Bus. rep., Harry 
Lichtig, Nicholas Gyon. 

DARK, Michael, actor, b. Metamora, Mich.; educ. 
Univ. of Michigan. Screen career, Maurice Tour- 
neur, Charles Ray, Paramount, Warners, First 
National, Fox, FBO, P.D.C., Chadwick, "The 
Dove" (United Artists). Hght., 6; wght., 145; 
iron gray hair, hazel brow'n eyes. 

DARLING, Jeaui, child actress, b. Santa Monica, 
Aug. li, 1922. Entered pictures in Oct. 1926, thru 
Mrs. L. A. French, wife of assistant general mgr. 
Hal Roach Studios, who saw her on street. Made 
leading lady of "(Dur Gang" Comedies. Pictures 
include: "Crazy House," "Barnum and Ringling, 
Inc." Hght., 4; wght., 47; deep blue eyes, pale 
vellow hair. Ad., Hal Roach Studio, Culver City, 

DARLING, W. Scott, writer, b. Toronto, Canada, 
May 28. Rels., parents living in Toronto. Educ, 
Toronto, Can. and Edinburgh, Scotland. Previous 
career, newspaperman, short story writer, exhibi- 
tor. Has Jived in Winnipeg, Toronto and Brant- 
ford, Canada, Glasgow anil Edinburg, Scotland. 
Entered pictures in Feb. 1919. _ Collaborated with 
James Oliver Curwood in stories sold for screen. 
Wrote: "Noisy Neighbors," "The Last Haul," 
"Taxi 13," "Scarlet Seas," orig. "Scarlet Seas" 
(First National), adap. "So Long Letty," "813.'' 
Clubs: Writers, Lakeside, Deauville. Sports, 
golfing. Wife's prof, name, Eleanor Fried. One 
child— Gretchen Scott Darling, 12 yrs. Bus. rep., 
Lichtig and Englander; Press rep., David Epstein. 

DARLING, Ida, actress, b. and educ. N.^ Y. C. 
Stage career, 15 yrs. Screen career. Famous, 
Vitagraph, World, Fox, Metro, Rothafel, Inter- 
national, Norma Talmadge, (jrossmith. Select, 
Selzn'ck, First National, United Artists, Ameri- 
can Releasing, (^ladwick, Parainount, Assoc. Ex- 
hib., "A Woman Against the World," "The 
House of Scandal" (Tiffany-Stahl). Gray hair 
brown eyes. 

DARMOND, Grace, actress, b. Toronto, Canada. 
Educ. there. Stage (stock) experience. Screen 
career, Selig, Vitagraph, Lasky, F.N. ; "Gold 
Madness" (Principal), "Alimony" (FBO), "Flat- 
tery" (CThadwick), "Honesty the Best Policy" 
(Fox), "Marriage Clause" (Universal), "Wide 
Open" (Sunset), "Hour of Reckoning" (Davis, 
S.R.). Hght., 5, ZVi: wght., 123; blonde hair, 
gray eyes. Home, Hollywood, Cal. 

DARMOUR, Larry, president Darmour Prod., b. 
Flushing, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1895. Rels., _ parents 
living in F"lushing, N. Y. Educ. Flushing high 
school. Entered pictures in 1913. 

DARR, Vondell, child actress, b. Los Angeles, Cal., 
Apr. 18. Educ Normandie pub. schl. Entered 
pictures six yrs. ago, through James Cruze. 
Played in "City That Never Sleeps," "Pony Ex- 
press" (Paramount), "Feet of Clay" (DeMdle), 
"On Trial" (Warner Bros.), "Dummy" (Para- 
mount). Sports, tennis, fishing, horseback riding. 
Hght. 4, 4; wght. 54; blue eyes, blond hair. 
Bus. rep., Homa Darr. 
D'ARRAST, H. d'Abbadie, director, b. Argentina, 
1897. Mother lives in Paris. Educ. South Ameri- 
can schools and universities; Bradfield Coll. Eng- 
land; Jansoii, Paris. Specialized in architecture. 
Bachelor degree sciences and modern languages. 

// was my privilege recently to enter the 
milks of the directors after several years 
devoted exclusively to writing for the 
screen. I am happy in my new field . . . 
but now and then, just for old-time's 
sake, I want once more to turn screen 
scribe. Sincerely, T AY GARNETT. 




WRITER OF: (Originals or collaborations) — WHITE GOLD — RUBBER 


A FE\V HIGHLIGHTS : First screen story written while in 
Naval Air Service during war. . . . This story purchased by the late Alan 
Holubar. . . . Was newspaper cartoonist for some time. . . . Entered films 
on the comedy lots, writing two-reelers. . . . First feature assignment, 
"The Strong Man." . . . Signed contract with Cecil B. DeMille three years 
ago. . . . Handled first dialogue for Pathe, directing talking sequences of 
"Sal of Singapore," 



Soldier in French army. Has lived in Buenos 
Aires, Paris, New York and Hollywood. Entered 
picture business in April, 1922. Met George Fitz- 
maurice in France— went to Hollywood as tech- 
nical advisor, then assistant to Chap. in on "TJie 
Woman of Paris." Directed "Service for Ladies," 
"A Gentleman of Paris," "Serenade," "The Mag- 
nificent Flirt," "Dry Martini." Belongs to Rac- 
ing Club of France. Favorite sports are riding 
and swimming. Bus. rep.. Paramount Famous 

DARRO; Frankie, child actor, b. Chicago, 1918; 
screen career, "Judgment of the Hills," "The 
Desert Pirate," "Little Mickey Grogan," "When 
the Law Rides," "Terror Mountain," "The Circus 
Kid" (FBO). 

DARROW, Johnny, actor, b. N. Y. C, July 17, 
1907. Educ, N. Y. C. Has lived in N. Y. C, 
Washington, D. C. Entered pxtures in 1926. 
Played in "Hell's Angels,'' "Racket," "Prep and 
Pep," "Avalanche." Sports, horses, golf, hand- 
ball. Hght., 6; wght., 16S; brown eyes and hair. 

DAUGHERTY, Jack, actor, b. Bowling Green, Mo., 
Nov. lo, _ 1900. Educ. Kirkwood Normal, Mo. ; 
Paris Univ., France. Screen career, "The Lure 
of the Nght Club" (FBO), "Down the Stretch" 
Universal), "Special Delivery" (Paramount), "The 
Trail of the Tiger," "The Haunted Island" 
(Universal serials). 

DAUMERY, Carrie, actress, b. The Hague, Mar. 
24. Rels., sister and brother-in-law, business man, 
living in London; brother-in-law, artist, living in 
Brussels. Educ. Brussels and Paris; specialized in 
concert and stage. Stage career, 25 yrs., con- 
cert and stage work. Has lived in Paris, The 
Hague, Brussels, Berlin, London, Nice, Geneva. 
Stage exper. helped to get into pictures seven yrs. 
ago. Pictures include: "Conquering Power," 
"Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall," "Paris at 
Midnight," "Lady Windemere's Fan," "Garden 
of Eden," "Man Who Laughs," "Sins of the 
Father," "Last Warning.'' Hght. 5, 7; wght. 
125; blue eyes, blonde hair. 1 child, John Daum- 
ery. Press rep., L. Erskine. 

DAVIDSON, Lawford, actor, b. London, England, 
Jan. 16, 1890. Educ. London, Brighton, England, 
London University. Previous career, stage. Has 
lived in London, Paris, The Hague, Rome, Ber- 
lin, N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1919. 
Played in "Patent Leather Kid," "Country Be- 
yond," "Bright Lights," "Three-Ring Marriage," 
"George Washington Cohen," "Humming Wires," 
"Wolf of Wall Street." Clubs, Masquers, Holly- 
wood Athletic. Hght, 6, wght. 175; blue-gray 
eyes, brown hair. Bus. rep., T. Menifee John- 

DAVIDSON, William B., actor, b. Dobbs Ferry, 
N. Y., June 16, 1888. Mother lives there. Educ. 
at prep, schools and Columbia University. Spe- 
cialized in law. Has A. B. Previous to screen, 
practised law and was on stage. Has lived in 
New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures in 1914 with old Vitagraph Com- 
pany. Played in "White Raven," "Gentleman ot 
Paris," "Carnation Kid,'' "Good Morning Judge," 
"Queen of Clubs." Belongs to Phi Delta Theta, 
Lambs, Masquers, Rancho Golf Qub and Fra- 
ternity Club. Sports, golf, football. Hght. 6, V/2; 
wght. 200; blue eyes, brown hair. 

DAVIDSON, Dore, actor, scenario writer, b. New 
York City; educ. New Orleans. Early career, 30 
years on stage, America and London. Screen ca- 
reer, "Welcome Stranger" (P. D. C), "That 
Royal Girl" (Paramount), "The Music Master," 
"East Side, West Side" (Fox). Wght., 180; 
brown eyes, dark hair. 

DAVIDSON, Max, actor, b. Berlin; educ. Berlin 
and U. S. Stage career, melodrama, vaudeville. 
Screen career, since 1913; "Pass the Gravy," 
"Dumb Daddies," "Blow by Blow," "Should Wo- 
men Drive?" (M-G-M). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 130; 
blue eyes, black hair. 

DAVIDSON, Sydney C, manager exploitation. Uni- 
versal Pictures Corp., b. in N. Y. C. in 1895. 
Graduate of the Syracuse University. Studied 
painting in N. Y. C. and Syracuse for several 
years and also did newspaper work on the .Syra- 
cuse Journal. Organized a Jewish Relief all of 
the country during war and four years was at 
helm of Weshner- Davidson motion picture agency. 
In 1926, joined Universal exploitation department, 
in 1928 became manager of the department. Is 
Married and resides at Bayside, L. I. 

DAVIDSON, John, actor, b. New York, 1886. Educ 
Columbia University; stage career, with Mrs 
F'iske, etc.; screen career, "Under Two Flags" 
(Metro), "Idle Rich" (Paramount), "His Chil- 
dren's Children" (Paramount), "Monsieur Beau- 
caire" (P.D.C.), "The Rescue" (United Artists). 

DAVIES, Marion, actress, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Jan. 3, 1900. Educ, N. Y. C. and Convent of 
Sacred Heart, Hastings. Stage career, "Chu 
Chin Chow" as dancer about 1917 traveling troupe 
New York. Entered pictures in 1917. Screen 
career, "When Knighthood Was In Flower," 
"Little Old New York," "Yolanda," "Beverly of 
Graustark," "Tillie the Toiler," "Fair Co-Ed," 
"Patsy," "Show People," "Cardboard Lover." 
Sports, tennis, swimming. Hght. 5, 5; wght. 120; 
blue eyes, golden hair. 

DAVIES, Howard, actor, b. Liverpool; educ. Cam- 
bridge Univ., England. Stage career, "Faust," 
5 years in vaude. Screen career with Vitagraph, 
Universal, Morosco- Pallas, Metro, Triangle, Para- 
mount; "Infatuation" (First National), "The 
Phantom Buster," "The Avenging Shadow" 
(Pathe). Hght., 5, 10}4; wght., 190; brown eyes 
and hair. 

DAVIS, Donald, writer, b. New York City, Aug. 14. 
Rels., parents living in New York City, Owen 
Davis, father, author. Educ, U. S. Naval Acad., 
Cornell Univ. Stage career, producer, "The 
Donovan Affair," etc. Joined Astoria Studios of 
Famous Players in 1926 as writer. Screen work: 
orig. "The Saturday Night Kid" (Paramount), 
prod., directed and titled "Sweetie." 

DAVIS, Gunnis, actor, b. Sunderland, Eng. Educ. 
I>ondon, Eng. Stage career, 23 yrs., England and 
U. S. Has lived in London, New York, Los 
Angeles. Tiring of one night stands, entered pic- 
tures in 1912. Productions include "Refuge," 
"Notorious Lady," "Loves Old and New," "Jeal- 
ous Husbands," "Lilac Time," "Twinkletoes."" 
Clubs; Troupers, Veteran Thespians. Sports, 
hunting. Hght. 5, 6J/2; wght. 112; blue eyes; light 
brown hair. Wife's prof, name. Miss Denton 
Garden. One child, Jack Guinnis Davis. 

DAVIS, Edwards, fcctor, b. Santa Clara, Cal.; educ. 
Kentucky Univ. (M. A.). Stage career started 
in N. Y. in 1900; vaude. 12 yrs. Screen career, 
Vitagraph, Goldwyn, Select, Realart, Metro, 
Famous; "A Hero on Horseback" (Universal); 
"The Life of Riley," "Happiness Ahead" (First 
National); "A Reno Divorce" (Warners); "The 
Sporting Age"' (Columbia). 

DAVIS, George, actor, b. N. Y. C. ; educ. Paris 
Berlin, N. Y. C. Early career, circus clown; 
speaks seven languages fluently and is the 
fourth generation of family to be successful 
in the show business; while clowning at the 
N. Y. Hippodrome was offered contract by 
Joseph M. Schenck. After playing with four dif- 
ferent film cos. went with Educational. Vehi- 
cles include, besides his series of Educational corn- 
edies, "The Circus" (United Artists); "His 
iMaiden Voyage" (Universal); "The Wagon Show" 
(First National); Mermaid comedies include "Go- 
ing Places," "Leaping Luck," "Who's Lyin'?" 
.Sports, polo and all sorts of racing. Hobby, col- 
lecting pipes. Hght., 5, 8; wght, 155. 

D'AVRIL., Yola, actress, h. iParis, iFrance. Previous 
career, dancing. Screen career, Educational, Fox, 
"Ochids and Ermine." "Hard Boiled Haggerty," 
"American Beauty," "Valley of the Giants," 
(First National). 

DAW, Marjorie, actress, b. Colo. Springs, Colo.; 
educ. Los Angeles. Early career, child screen 
actress. Screen career, "Spoilers of the West" 
(Metro-Goldwvn-Mayer); "Home Made" (C. C. 
Burr); "Topsy and Eva" (United Artists); "Out- 
laws of Red River" (Fox) ; "Redheads Preferred" 
(TifTany-Stahl). Hght., 5, 45-^; wght., 112; light 
brown hair, hazel eyes. 

DAWSON, Doris, actre?s, b. Goldfield, Nev. Educ. 
New York, Los Angeles, Montclair, N. J., high 
school. Boonton, N. J., Virginia College, Roanoke, 
^'a., Princeton School for Girls. Screen career. 
Educational, "Gold From Weejiah" (Pathe), 
"Arizona Wildcat" (Fox) ; "Little Shepherd of 
Kingdom Come" (First National). Sports: div- 
ing, sw nulling, horseback riding. Hght., 5. 1; 
wght.. 106; chestnut hair, blue eyes. 

DAY, Shannon, actress, b. New York City, Aug. 
5. Rels., parents, traveling. Educ, public school 
and Art Students League, New York City, 
specialized in drawing, sketching, painting, danc- 
ing. On stage since child. Played in "Congo," 



season 1928 Los Angeles; "Fashions for Men," 
1927; "Processional" 1927; 12 plays for Little 
Theatre, Los Angeles. Has travelled all over 
II. S. Was playing in Ziegfeld Follies on Am- 
sterdam Roof, New York City and signed con- 
tract with C. B. DeMille, entering pictures in 
1922. Productions include: "Vanishing American" 
(Paramount); "Harrier" (M-G-M); "Fighting 
Love" (C. B. DeMille). Sports, swimming, tennis. 
Hght. 5, 2; wght. 110; blue eyes, reddish brown 
hair. Mailing ad.: Motion Picture News, Holly- 
wood office. 

DAY, Alice, actress, b. Colorado Springs, Colo.; 
educ. Salt Lake City. Screen career, began with 
Mack Sennett, featured commedienne for several 
years, feature productions include, "The Smart 
Set" (Metro-Goldwvn-Maver). "The Gorilla" 
(First National), "Night Life" (TifFany-Stahl), 
"Phyllis of the Follies" (Universal). 

DAY, Marceline, actress, b. Colorado Springs, Colo., 
1909; educ. Salt Lake City. Screen career, "The 
Luck of the Foolish" (Pathe); "Taming the 
West," "Red Clay," "The White Outlaw," "Heart 
Trouble," "Looking for Trouble," "Freedom of the 
Press" (Universal); "The Wall Street Whiz" 
(FBO); "The Splendid Road" (First National); 
"The Barrier," "The Boy Friend," "The (Jay De- 
ceiver," "Rockies," "Captain Salvation," "Road 
to Romance," "London After Midnight," "The Big 
City," "Under the Black Eagle," "A Certain 
Young Man," "Detectives," "The Camerman" 
(M-G-M); "Black Paradise," "Hell's Four Hun- 
dred" (Fox); "Fools of Fashion," "That Model 
From Paris," "College Days" (Tiffany) ; "The 
Beloved Rogue" (United Artists) j "Midnight Fol- 
lies" (Educational). 

DAY, Tom, actor. Screen career, "The Red 
Raiders." "Gun Gospel" (First National). 

DEAN, Priscilla, actress, b. New York. Educ. 
private tutors. Stage career, stock, rep., vaud. ; 
screen career, "Under Two Flags" (Metro), "White 
Tiger" (U), "Cafe in Cairo" (P.D.C.), "Crimson 
Runner" (Stromberg-P.D.C), "Outside the Law" 
(U), "Jewels of Desire" (P.D.C.), "West of 
Broadway" (P.D.C.). "Birds of Prey" (Columbia), 
"Slipping Wives" (Pathe). 

DEARHOLT, Ashton, production mgr., b. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Rels., S. J. Dearholt and Dr. H. E. 
Dearholt living in Milwaukee. Educ. Culver i^Iil- 
itary Acad. Entered^ pictures in 1911, starting 
with bit work, atcting. Prod. mgr. Richard 
Barthelmess Prod., Al SanteJl Prod., Jack Dillon 
Prod. 16 mos. at First National Studios, Bur- 
bank. Calif. Wife's prof, name, Florence Gilbert. 

DE BRIAC, Jean, actress. Screen career. Famous 
Players, United Artists, Universal, Fox, C.B.C., 
Schulberg, P.D.C., First National, "The Divine 
Woman" (Mctro-Goldwyn- Mayer). 

DE BRULLIER, Nigel, actor. Screen career. Pi- 
oneer, Fox, Allied P. & D., Selznick, Metro-Gold- 
wyn. Warners; has appeared in "The Beloved 
Rogue," "The Gaucho," "Two Lovers" (United 
Artists); "The Patent Leather Kid" (First Na- 
tional) ; "Wings," "Soft Cushions," "Loves of an 
Actress" (Paramount); "Surrender" (LTniversal) ; 
"The Divine .Sinner" (Rayart) ; Paramount Novel- 
ti.'s. Hght., 5, 8; wght. 128; black hair, brown 

DE GRASSE, Sam, actor, b. Bathurst, N. B. Rels., 
Joseph de Grasse, director, Hollywood. Educ, 
public schools, Boston, Mass., iBoston College, 
Norton, iMass. I^ived in Boston, Mass., and Provi- 
dence, R. I. Entered pictures in 1912. Was Prince 
John in Douglas Fairbanks' "Robin Hood." 
Sports, tennis. Hght., 5, 10'<i; wght. 150; brown 
eyes, dark brown hair. 1 daughter — Clementine. 
Bus. rep., Freddie Fralick. 

DE GRASSE, Joseph, director, b. Bathurst, Canada; 
educ. Boston. Screen career, director for Pathe, 
Lubin, Universal, Ince; "Flowing Gold" (First 
National). "The Hidden Way" (Asso. Ex.); "The 
Cowboy Kid" (Fox'). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 170: 
brown eyes, grey hair. 

DE GRESAC, Fred, writer, b. France. Educ. 
France and England; specialized in literature. 
Previous career, playwright. Has lived in Paris, 
London, Berlin, Rome, New York, Petersburg, 
Beverly Hills. Entered pictures in 1925. Screen 
work: "La Boheme," "Son of the Sheik," "Ca- 
millc." "Darling of the Gods," "She Goes to 
War." Wrote stage plays, "Marriage of Kittv," 
"T\e Enchantress," "The Purple Road, 

DE HAVEN, Carter, b. Chicago, III., 1886; educ. 
there; stage career, head of Carter De Haven 
vaud., De Haven trio, Weber and Fields Mus. 
com.; screen career. Universal, Goldwyn, Para- 
mount, First National, Pathe, FBO, Educational, 
"Character Studies." 

DE LIMUR, Jean, writer. Screen career, Metro- 
Goldwyn, FBO, "Legion of the Condemned," 
"Three Sinners," "The Magnificent Flirt" (Para- 

DELACY, Robert, director. Screen career, began 
as film cuter for FBO; became assistant director 
and then director for this company, handling 
Western productions; "Red Riders of Canada," 
"The Cherokee Kid," "The Flying U. Ranch," 
"When the Law Rides," Cyclone of the Range," 
Tyrant of Red Gulch." 

DE LACY, Phillipe, actor, b. near Nancy, France, 
July 25, 1917. -Educ, pubic school, iHolywood, 
Calif. Lived in Reims, France, New York City 
and Hollywood. Entered pictures when three 
years af age through Geraldine Farrar. Pictures 
include: "iPeter Pan," "Don Juan," "Old Heidel- 
berg," "Mother Machree," "The Elegy," "The 
Redeeming Sin" (Warner) ; "Napoleon's Barber'* 
(Fox); "Square Shoulders" (Pathe); "Four 
iFeathers" (Paramount). Sport, fencing. Hght. 
4, 10; wght., 80; gray-green eyes, medium brown 
hair. Bus. rep.. Grant E. Dolge. 

DE LA MOTTE, Marguerite, actress, b. Duluth, 
Minn., June 22. Both parents were killed in an 
automobile accident eight years ago. Was edu- 
cated in Diiluth and at Grant School in San 
Diego, Calif. Specialized in drawing, English. 
Studied dancing in Minnesota, San Diego and 
Los Angeles. Studied under Anna Pavlowa while 
in Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1919, through 
meeting Douglas Fairbanks and inquiring if he 
needed leading lady. After test was given part 
of Lena in "Arizona." Has also played in "Mark 
of Zorro," "Three Musketeers," "Iron Mask," 
"The People vs. Nancy Preston," "Red Dice." 
Sports, tennis, playing jacks, hiking. Hght., 5, 2; 
wght., 110; hazel eyes; blonde hair. Married to 
John Bowers. Bus. rep., Edw. Small Co. 

DE LA MOTHE, Leon, actor. Screen career, "Ten 
Scars Make a Man" (Pathe); "The Northern 
Code" (Lumas); "Blue Blazes" (Universal); "The 
Trail Riders," "The Painted Trail," "Trailin' 
Back" (Rayart). 

DELANEY, Charles, actor; b. New York City, 
Aug. 9, 1897. Educ. in New York, specialized in 
mechanics. Was in automobile business and avia- 
tion during war; did exhibition flying for two 
years after. Entered pictvires in 1922. Was flying 
for a vaudeville act and was persuaded by H. C. 
Witwer to go into movies. He incorporated a 
company and was starred in his own stories. 
iHas played "Main Event,'' "Branded Man," 
"River Woman," "Home James," "Show Girl," 
"Stool Pigeon." Belongs to Rancho and Mas- 
quers clubs. Sports, golf, boxing. Hght. 5, 10^4; 
wght. 162; brown eyes; brown hair. Bus. and 
press rep.. Edward Small Co. 

DEL RIO, Dolores, actress: b. State of Durango, 
Mexico, August 3. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. 
Asunolo, live there. Educ. at Convent of St. 
Joseph, Mexico City. Specialized in languages. 
Speaks fluent French; prominent in social life. 
Has lived in Mexico City and Hollywood. En- 
tered pictures in 1925; discovered by Edwin 
Carewe who offered her contract. Visited Holly- 
wood and became interested sufficiently to accept. 
Played in "Resurrection." "What Price Glory," 
"Trail of '98," "Ramona," "Revenge," "Carmen." 
Belongs to many social organizations; Catholic 
Guild of Los Angeles. Sport, horseback riding. 
Black eyes, black hair. Press rep., Harry Wilson. 
Mailing ad.. United Artists Studios. 

DEL RUTH, Roy. director, b. Philadelphia, Pa., 
Oct. 19, 1897. Educ. pub. schls. Philadelphia, 
Williamsport, Pa., and Brooklyn. Previous career, 
with Phila. "North American'' and Phila "En- 
quirer." Has lived in London, Hollywood and all 
over East. Entered pictures in 1915, started as 
scenarist for Sennett, began directing in 1917. 
1 child, boy. 

DEL RUTH, Hampton, director, b. Venice, Italy, 
1888: educ. Oxford University, England: stage 
career, wrote and produced plays in England; 
screen career, began with iN^'MP Co., as scenar- 
ist; six years with Keystone and Sennett-Para- 
mount comedies; editor and supervising director 
of Fox-Sunshine cornedies; later joined First N4- 



nonal, American Releasing, Warner, Lumas, First 
Division Pictures, Educational; "Blondes by 
Choice" (Lumas) ; "Larry Semon" comedies (Edu- 
cational) co-scenarist. 

DEL VAL, Jean, actress. Screen career, "A Sainted 
Devil" (Paramount); "Fifty-Fifty" (Assoc. Ex- 
hib.); "The Iron Man" (Chadwick) ; "Back To 
Liberty" Excellent). 

DEMAREST, WiBiam, actor, b. St. Paul, Minn. 
Rels., Reuben Demarest, vaude. artist. Educ. St. 
Paul, N. Y. Spec, music, chemistry. Previous 
career, vaude., musical comedy. Has lived in 
Paris, London, Venice, Vienna, Berlin. Entered 
pictures in 1926. Played in "Butter and Eg-g 
Man," "Jazz Singer," "Fingerprints," "Crash." 
Clubs, National Vaude. Artists, Friars. Sports, 
fishing, golf, hunting. Hght. 6, 11; wght., 185; 
grav eyes, blonde hair. Wife's prof, name, Estelle 

DEMBOW, Sam, vice-president Publix Theatres 
Corp.. b. New York City, Jan. 4. 1890, Educ. there. 
Early career, numerous sales fields from financial 
securities fo paint manufacturing. Film career, 
1913, joined sales force Film Rental Company 
owned by William Fox and remained until 1922 
in various capacities; organized nearly all of 
present branch offices of Fox Film Corporation; 
in 1922, joined Samuel Goldwyn organization as 
Pacific Coast district manager and year after 
joined Herbert L. Rothchild Theatre chain as 
general manager. Famous Players- Lasky owned 
one-fourth of this organization and in 1925 pur- 
chased reinainder. Dembow took charge of all 
buying and booking of attractions for theatres 
operated by Famous Players. On organization 
of Publix Theatres Corporation, became executive 

DE MILLE, Cecil B., director, b. Ashf^eld, Mass., 
Aug. 12, 1881. Educ. at _ Penn. Mil. Acad., 
Chester, Pa, Specialized in history and literature. 
Was author, playwright, producer. Lived in New 
York and Hollywood, Entered picture business 
in 1914, Became interested in new art and with 
Jesse Li, Lasky and Sam Goldwyn organized 
Jesse L, Lasky Feature Play Co, Directed "King 
of Kings," "The Godless Girl," "The Volga 
Boatman," "The Ten Commandments," BeloTigs 
to Calif, Yacht Club, Hollywood Beach; Vermejo; 
La Grilla Gun; Maliboa Lake: Tuna, Favorite 
sport, deep sea fishing. Married to Constance 
Adams DeMille, Children, Cecilia Hoyt; Kather- 
ine Lester; John Blount and Richard, Press rep,, 
B. C, Kesbing. Mailing address: M-G-M Studios, 
Culver Citv. 

DE MILLE, WiUiam, director, b. Washington, D. C, 
July 25. 1878. Educ. Columbia LTniv. and Grei- 
burg, Germany. Specialized in dramatic litera- 
ture and English. A. B. from Columbia, 1900. Was 
dramatist: author of "Strongheart," "The Warrens 
of Virginia," "The Woman," and many other plays 
and sketches. Has lived in New York and Holly- 
wood. Entered picture business Sept. 1914. En- 
gaged, by Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Co. to 
organize "scenario department." Directed "Mid- 
summer Madness," "Grumpy," "Tenth Avenue," 
"Craig's Wife," "The Little Adventuress," "For 
Alimony Only." Favorite sports, tennis and big 
game fishing. Married to Clara Beranger. Chil- 
dren, Agnes and Margaret. Bus. rep., Joyce 
& Selznick; press rep,, Margaret Eltinger, Mail- 
ing address: Paramount studio, 

DEMOND, Albert, scenarist, b, 1901, Providence 
R, J.; B. A. degree and grad. work John Hopkins 
LTniv.; syndicate work and magazine writing; 
screen work includes: "Buck Privates," "Painting 
tlie Town," "That's 'My Daddy." "Beware of 
Widows," "Love Thrill," "Irresistible Lover." 
"Four Flusher," "Home James." "How to Han- 
dle Women," (Universal) ; "His Foreign Wife" 

DENT, Vernon, actor, b. San Jose, Cal.; educ. 
there and Oakland, Cal. Screen career. Hank 
Mann Comedies, First National, Assoc. Exhib., 
Mack Sennett-Pathe comedies, Educational, "Golf 
Widows" (Columbia). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 215; 
dark brown hair, dark blue eyes. 

DE NEVERS.'i LucUle, writer, b. Chicago, 111., luly 
26. Educ. Kenwood Oust., Chicago and New York 
City. Spec, in music and literature. Previous 
career, concert singer and soloist appearing in 
New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles. 
Stage work and opera in Chicago. Entered pic- 
tures in 1922 with FBO as reader and later 
editor. Because of loss of voice turned to litera- 

ture. Later did shcn-t subjects in writing and 
editor of F. B. O. Orig. and con. "The Great 
Silence"; con. "Folle Farine" (Universal); "Men 
of the Night,'' "A Woman's Heart" (Universal). 
Clubs: Woman's Athletic. 

DENNY, Reginadd, actor, b. Richmond, Surrey, 
Eng. Educ. St. F"rancis Xavier, Sussex, Eng. 
Previous career, stock co. Entered pictures in 
1919. Played in "Good Morning Judge," "Cali- 
fornia Straight Ahead," "Skinner's Dress Suit," 
"Fast and Furious," "Leather Pushers" series, 
"Clear the Decks." Sports, hunting, fishing, 
archery, yachting. Hght. 6; wght. 178; blue 
eyes, brown hair. 1 child, Barbara. Ad., Uni- 
versal Studio, Universal City, Cal. 

DEPINET, Ned, general sales manager of First 
National Pictures, b. Erie, Pa., Sept. 9, 1890; 
educ. schools of that city and graduated from 
high school; became booker and salesman for the 
Imported Film and Supply Company of New 
Orleans. Later he was made southern division 
manager of the Universal Company, a position 
he held until the Fall of 1926 when he came 
to First National as a sales manager. Two yrs. 
ago he was made general sales manager. Mr. 
Depinet's main diversion is golf. 

DE PUTTI, Lya, actress, b. Budapest, Hungary. 
Educ, Convent of Sacre Couer, Budapest. Pre- 
vious career, premiere danseuse Russian ballet. 
Winter Garden, Berlin. While dancing in Berlin 
offered small part in one of Joe Mai's pictures, 
after which given starring contract. Played in 
"\"ariety," "Scarlet Lady." Hght. 5, 2; wght. 
105, dark brown eyes, black hair. 

DE RUE, Eugene, director. Legal name. Hector 
Chiariglione, b. Pueblo, Colo., August 21, 1890. 
Father lives in Los Angeles. Sister, Lena, wife of 
Louis Listi, co-owner of Italian daily in San 
Francisco. Educ. in Pueblo. Was on stage in 
.Shakespearean repertoire three seasons. Also 
dramatic stock with various companies. Has lived 
in Los Angeles, Pueblo, Denver, Colorado Springs, 
San Francisco, Portland, St. Louis, Chicago. En- 
tered pictures in 1913. Directed series of come- 
dies for Lyons-Moran at Universal; "Thrill 
Hunter." Belongs to Woodmen of the World 
and K. of C. Child, Carmen, 19 yrs. Bus. rep., 
Harrv Wurtzel. 

DE RUELLE, Emile, editor in chief, b. Dec. 25, 
1885. Educ, Washington Univ., iNIo. Previous 
career, stage. Has lived in New York, St. Louis, 
Los Angeles and London. Has written several 
stories. Entered pictures in 1911. Supervised many 
productions in Hollywood; last pictures for Brit. 
International. Clubs: 233 Club, Hollywood Ath- 
letic. Sport, tennis. 

DE RUIZ, Nick P., actor, b. Santa Barbara, Cal.; 
educ. there. Stage career. Metropolitan Opera, 
Orpheum Circuit, stock. Screen career, "iFools 
and Riches," "The iMan in Blue," "The iNIan \\'Tio 
Laughs" (L^niversal), "Lord Tim," "Old Iron- 
sides" (Paramount). Hght., 6;" wght., 220; black 
eyes and hair. 

DE SECUROLA, Andres, actor, b. Madrid, Spain. 
Screen career, "The Love of Sunya" (United Art- 
ists), "Bringng LTp Father" (iMetro), "Glorious 
Betsy" (Warners). "The Red Dance" (Fox). 

DE SILVA, Fred F., actor, b. Lisbon, Portugal, 
Feb. 7, 1885. Educ. in Portugal; studied voice. 
In drama, musical comedy, comic opera, vaude- 
ville and director. Has lived in New York and 
San Francisco. Entered pictures in 1920. Played 
in "Kismet,'' "Sea Hawk," "South Sea Love," 
"Thunder Island," "Gaucho," "Chinatown 
Charle," "Prisoner of Storm." Hght. 5, 11; wght. 
180; dark brown eyes, dark brown hair. 

DESLYS, Kay, actor, b. and educ. in iLondon, Eng- 
land. Stage career, 12 yrs. with Shuberts, Gus 
Edwards, .Sir Robert Arthur, Keith and Pantages 
circuits. Screen career. Fox, Universal, Renco, 
First National, P.D.C., "The Leopard Lady" 
Pathe. Hght., S, 7; wght., 143; blonde hair, blue 

DESMOND, WilKcun, actor, b. New York City, 
Jan. 23. Educ. New York. Stage career, leading 
man, 5 yrs. iMorosco Thea., L. A.; toured with 
own company throughout U. S., Canada, Aus- 
tralia: leads in "Ben Hur," "Sign of Cross," "If 
I Were King," "Lion and Mouse." "Bird of 
Paradise," "Alias Jimmy Valentine," "Raffles,'' 
"Paid in Full," "Tliird Degree," "Arms and 
iSIan," "iMidsummer Night's Dream." Has lived 
in New York, Los Angeles, Hollywood. Entered 
pictures in 1915, first role as lead with Billi? 





Kecent Prodticfions: 




Highlights for Photoplay Editors: 

From range hand to motion picture star. Born in the wide 
open spaces of Nebraska in Tekemah. Was a ranch rider, 
rodeo and round-up expert. Entered Pendleton Round-up in 
1913 and carried off the championship. Started in pictures 
doing trick riding stunts and playing small parts. Went 
overseas as a member of the field artillery and saw considerable 
service. Returned to Hollywood shortly after the war and 
soon signed to a contract by Carl Laemmle. Has been a 
Universal star ever since. Thoroughly enjoys his picture 
work. He works with director on every story. Has written 
a number of screen plays. 





Burke fti "Peggy" for Triangle. Screen career, 
"Paddy O'Hara," "Sudden Gentleman," "Big 
Timber," "Riddle Rider," "Return of Riddle 
Rider," "No Defense," Warner Bros. Vitaphone 
production. Sports, riding and all outdoor 
sports. Hght. 5, 11; wght. 178; dark brown hair, 
dark blue eyes. Wife's prof, naine, Mary Mc- 
Ivor. Press rep., Sam. W. B. Cohn. 

DEVINE, Andy, actor, b. Flagstaff, Ariz., Oct. 7, 
1905. Rels., Andrew Ward, uncle, Ward's Egyp- 
tian Band, Seattle, Wash. Educ, Univ. of Santa 
Clara, St. Benedicts College, Arizona State Col- 
lege. Previous career, played professional foot- 
ball. Has lived in Kingman, Ariz. Entered pic- 
tures in Sept. 1926, extra through Director Rug- 
gles; later signed as stock for Collegians Series. 
Pictures include "Naughty Baby" (First Na- 
tional), "We Americans," "Red Lips" (Universal). 
Sport, football. Hght. 6, 1%; wght. 205; blue 
eyes, curly blond hair. Ad., Universal City, 

DE VORE, James J., actor, b. Kansas City, Mo., 
Mar. 15, 1890. Rels., parents living in Kansas 
City, Mo.; V. Thompson, banker, San Diego; G. 
W. Lillir, railroad supplies, Chicago. Educ, 
Kansas City and New York City; spe. in dram, 
art. Stage career. New York with Lieber and Co., 
and Henry B. Harris, also stock in Kansas City. 
Entered pictures nine yrs. ago in N. Y., over at 
F. Lee. Roles include: "Wedding Bills" (Para- 
mount), "Cutie" (Educational). Clubs: Masonic 
and 233 Club. Hght., 5, 7; wght., 135; dark blue 
eyes; gray hair. 

DEVORE, Dorothy, actress, b. Fort Worth, Tex., 
educ. there and Los Angeles. Started theatrical 
career at age of 15, had staged several amateur 
theatrical plays and had written music for them; 
obtained producer and mgr. for own show, 
the Dorothy Devore Revue, followed it with "The 
Morning After," and then entered vaude. Screen 
career, was featured comedienne with Christie for 
4 yrs. Also appeared in feature comedy, "Hold 
Your Breath" (Christie). Was featured by Warn- 
ers in "The Narrow Street," "Bunker Bean." 
Also did features for Fox, (ihadwick, Columbia, 
FBO, First National, Tiffany, Gotham, Universal. 
She heads her own comedy unit, the Dorthy De- 
vore Comedies, which Educational is releasing. 
Hght., 5, 1; wght., 110; brown hair and eyes. 

DE VORSKA, Jess., actor. Screen career, "The 
Unknown Soldier" (P.D.C.); "Don't Tell Every- 
thing" (Pathe); "Jake the Plumber" (FBO). 

DICKEY, Basil, writer, b. Chicago, 111., Nov. 23, 
1886. Educ. Chicago, 111. and Carleton College, 
.forthfield, Minn. Previous career, real estate, 
short stories and verse for various magazines. 
Lived in Chicago, New York, San Antonio and 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1914 through 
Pearl White. Began in serials with Pauline, 
Elaine, Patria, Beatrice Fairfax, etc., alone and 
in collaboration. "Stool Pigeon," original and 
continuity. Westerns and wild horse stuff. Clubs, 
Writers, Hollywood. Sports, tennis, surf bathing, 
fishing and hunting. 

DICKSON, Theodore E., gen. mgr. studio service, 
Pathe studio, b. New York City. Rels., parents 
living in New York City, father, Edw. B. Schmal- 
holz, wholesale meat; uncle, William G. Jordan, 
author. New York City. Educ, New York City, 
spec, in history, mathematics. Previous career, 
display mgr.. Barker Bros., pay master L. A. 
Shipbuilding Co., 3 yrs. in Europe, twice around 
the world. Has lived in New York, Paris, Berlin, 
London, Rome. Entered pictures when Mary 
Pickford was making "Dorothy Vernon of Haddon 
Hall." Interested in artistic decoration of sets 
and was engaged as an aurtiority on period fur- 
nishings. Went abroad to learn more and re- 
turned to working in pictures on "Fifth Avenue," 
then engaged by C. B. DeMille Prod. "The 
Volga Boatman," "King of Kings" and other 
C. B. DeMille pictures. Clubs, Elks, Deauville 
Beach Club, Peter Pan, Woodland Club, Los An- 
geles City Club. Sports, swimming, aeroplaning. 

DICKINSON, Milton A., actor. Screen career, 
"The King of the Kitchen," "The Street Angel" 

DILLON, John Webb, actor, educ. New Haven, 
Conn., and Phila. Dental Col. Stage career, with 
Viola Allen in Shakespeare, with James O'Neill, 
stock cos. Screen career, iFox, B. A. Rolfe Co., 
Vitagraph. Hodkinson, Assoc. Exhib., Pathe, 

American Releasing, A. F. Beck, P.D.C., FBO, 
Paramount, Royal Pict., Pathe, Warners, "A 
Bowery Cinderella" (Excellent). Hght., 6; wght., 
175; dark hair and eyes. 

DILLON, John F., director, b. N. Y., 1887; educ. 
St. Francis Xavier, N. Y.; stage career, stock and 
rep. ; screen career, actor for Kalem, Famous, 
iNestor, Universal, Lubin, Keystone, First Na- 
tional, Metro; wrote original story for Jack Pick- 
ford, Paramount ; directed for Fox, Zerner Pic- 
tures, Arrow, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; directed 
"The Noose," "Man Crazy," "Smile, Brother, 
Smile," "The Crystal Cup," "The Heart of a 
Follies Girl," "Out of the Ruins," "Scarlet Seas" 
(First National). 

DILLON, Robert, writer and director, b. New York. 
Screen work "A Million Bid," "Ham and Eggs 
at the Front," "The Fortune iHunter" (seen. War- 
ner); "The Divine Sinner" (seen. Rayart); di- 
rected Cameo' Comedies (Educational). 

DIONE, Rose, actress, b. Paris, France; educ. 
there. Stage career, 5 yrs. Sarah Bernhardt, 
Theatre National Odeon, iParis; had own theatre 
in Brussels. Screen career, Goldwyn, R.-C, Uni- 
versal, Warner, Hodkinson, Tiffany, "The Be- 
loved Rogue" (United Artists); "Camille," "Mad 
Hour" (First National); "Ragtime," "Polly of the 
Movies" (First Division); "iBringing Up Father" 
(Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer); "His Tiger Lady'' 
(Paramount). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 158; black hair, 
hazel eyes. 

DIX, Beulah Marie, writer, b. Kingston, Mass., 
Dec. 25. Educ, pub. schools, Plymouth and Chel- 
sea, Mass., Radcliffe College, spec, in English, 
history, languages, receiving B.A. and M.A. de- 
grees. Previous career, novelist, short story 
writer, playwright. Has written about 20 books, 
"Making of Christopher Ferringham," "Merry 
Lips," "Fighting Blade"; about 10 plays, "Breed 
of the Treshams," "Road to Yesterday," "Across 
the Border." Has lived in Boston and British 
Isles. Entered pictures in 1916 thru Mrs. Beatrice 
de Mille. Wrote: "Cost of Hatred," "Borderland" 
(orig.); "Fool's Paradise" (co-adap.); "Silence" 
(adap) ; "Ned McCobb's Daughter," "Leopard 
Lady," "Country Doctor," "Fighting Love." 
Clubs: Authors League of America, Acad. M. P. 
Arts and Sciences, M. P. Relief, Radcliffe Alum- 
nae, charter member Boston Authors Club. Sport, 
walking. Husband's prof, name — George H. Flebbe. 
One child — Evelyn (17). 

DIX, Richard, actor, b. St. Paul, Minn. July 18. 
Parents live in Los Angeles. Sister, Mrs. Jack 
Compton, also lives there. Educated at St. Paul 
North iHigh and Northwestern University of 
Minnesota. Was with Morosco Stock Co., Los 
Angeles; stock in Dallas, Texas; Richmond, Va. ; 
iMontreal, Canada; and several New York produc- 
tions. Has lived in practically every key city in 
United States. Entered pictures in 1921. Dearth 
of actors on account of war gave him his first 
opportunity. Played in "Not Guilty," "Christian," 
"Knockout Reilly," "Quarterback," "Vanishing 
American," "Womanhandled," "Gay Defender," 
"Easy Come, Easy Go," "Warming Up," "Moran 
of Marines," "Redskin." Belongs to Masons, Elks. 
Sports, golfing, fishing, hunting. Hght. 6; wght. 
186; brown eyes; brown hair. Mailing ad.. Para- 
mount Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 

DIX, Dorothy, actress. Screen career, "A Mid- 
Summer Night's Dream" (Fox). 

DOHERTY, Ethel, writer, b. Los Angeles, Calif., 
Feb. 2. iEduc. Arizona Teachers' College; U. S. 
C. and U. C. Spec, in history and literature. 
Previous career, taught history in Los Angeles 
schools, wrote magazine short stories. Entered 
pictures June 20, 1920. Decided to write for 
screen, instead of continuing fiction field. En- 
tered Paramount to learn the medium at first 
hand, script assistant and cutter. "Vanishing 
American" (adapt.), "Behind the Front" (adapt.), 
and "Mantrap" (aTlapt.) ; "Fifty-Fifty Girl," 
"Take Me Home," "Manhattan Cocktail" and 

"His Private Secretary." Clubs, Writers Qub, 
Hollywood Woman's Club and Deauville Beach 
Club. Sports, riding horseback and swimming. 

DONLIN, Mike, actor, b. Peoria. 111., May 30. 1877. 
Educ. there. Previous to screen career was famous 
as baseball player and on stage. Has lived in New 
York greater part of time and entered business 
there. Has appeared in "Raffles," "Sea Beast," 
"Woman Proof," "Flaming Barriers," "Her Second 
Chance," "Oh, Doctor," "Ella Cinders" and "Un- 
known Purple." Belongs to Elks and Knights of 


T*roductio?t <J)(Canager 


565 Fifth Avenue, New York City 
Straus Building 

Scoring and producing talkies under the 
personal supervision of John W. Noble. 


Associate Director Vocafilm Company of America 

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Movietone Shorts 

Production Manager Bristolphone Features 

Associated with John W. Noble During the Production of One Hundred and Fifty Talkies 




Columbus. Sports, baseball, boxing, golf, tennis. 
Hght., 5, S'A; wght. 142; blue eyes and iron gray 
hair. Married to Rita Ross. 

DONALDSON, Arthur, actor, b. Norsholm, Sweden, 
1875; educ. .Sweden; stage career, since 7 yrs. of 
age, Duff Opera Co., Augustin Daly, Henry W. 
Savage; original prince in "Prince of PiJsen." 
Screen career, Pathe, World, Vitagraph, First Na- 
tional, Metro, Commonwealth. Assoc. Exhib., Selz- 
nick, Lund Prod., Cosmopolitan, D. W. Griffith, 
Goldwyn, Bradford, Warner, Vitagraph, Excellent, 
United Artists. Hght., 6; wght., 190; brown hair, 
blue eyes. 

DONOHUE, Lucy, actress, b. Bayonne, N. J.; educ. 
St. Mary Star of the Sea Academy. Screen career, 
Griffith, Metro, Universal, Fox, "Satan and The 
Woman" (Excellent).^ Hght., 5, 3; wght., 130; 
mixed gray, brown hair, dark blue eyes. 

DONOVAN, Frank P., director, b. New York State, 
March 10, 1892. Parents live in Brooklyn. Educ. 
New York schools and City College of New York. 
Specialized in literature, journalism and drama. 
Was motion picture editor N. Y. Globe ; Motion 
Picture Review; on staff of Hearst newspapers as 
writer; on stage with Al Woods attractions; 
theatre stage manager. Has lived in Br(X)klyn, 
Manhattan, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Baltimore, 
Washington and Hollywood. Entered pictures 
1914 in New York. Wrote screen story for Yankee 
Film Co., later to Pathe, General Film, etc. Di- 
rected "Silas Marner," "The District Doctor," 
"The Ship of Souls," "Pardon Me," "Bolshevism," 
"The Necklace," "Girl with the Golden Eyes," 
"Peg Woffington." Belongs to Motion Picture 
Directors Assn. and 52 Club. Favorite sports, 
golf and travel. Married to Jean Girard. Son, 
Bobby Francis, age 7. Bus and press rep., Edward 
L. Kline. N. Y. Mailing address: Tec- Art Studio. 

DONOVAN, Jack, actor. Screen career, "The Spit- 
fire" (Assoc. Exhib.) ; "The Swiming Instructor" 
(Fox); "Hoof Marks," "The Bullet Mark" 

DOOLEY, BUly, actor, b. Chicago, 111., Feb. 8. 
Educ. there. On stage in vaude. for 18 yrs. ; 
teamed with Eddie Nelson, later with own act, 
"Misfit Sailor" over Orpheum, Keith Circuits. 
Has lived in Chicago, Los Angeles. Entered pic- 
tures three years ago from Orpheum to Christie 
comedies. While appearing in act was signed by 
Al Christie. Has played in "Goofy Gob." "Shore 
Shy," "Gallant Gob," "Oriental Hugs," "She-Going 
Sailor," "Gods of Love." Belongs to Lakeside 
Country Club. Sport, golfing. Hght. 6; wght. 
145; blue eyes; blonde hair. Single. Mailing ad., 
Christie Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 

DO'RAN, Mary, actress, legal name, Florence Arnot, 
b. New York City, Sept. 3, 1907. Parents live 
with her. Educ. in New York City at Columbia. 
Specialized in psychology, romance languages. Was 
on stage, dancing. Entered pictures in Sept. 1927. 
Played in "Half a Bride," "Ghetto," "River 
Woman," "Let's Go." Sports, dancing, horseback 
riding. Hght. 5, 2; wght. 108; brown eyes; auburn 
hair. Bus. rep., Jessie B. Wadsworth. Mailing 
ad., Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios, Culver City, 

DORETY, Charles, actoT, b. San Francisco, Cal; 
educ. Los Angeles. Stage career, vaudeville and 
dancing. Screen career. Fox, Sunshine, L-Ko, 
Bulls Eye Film Corp., Educational, Universal, ap- 
pearing in Mike and Ike series of comedies. Hght. 
5, 4; wght. 126; black hair and eyes. 

DORMAN, Shirley, actress. Screen career, "One 
Woman to Another," "Honeymoon Hate" (Para- 

DOSSETT, Chapelle, actor. Screen career, "The 
Cowlioy and the Countess" (Assoc. Exhib.); "The 
Blood Ship," "Name the Woman" (Columbia). 

DOTY, Douglas Z.. scenarist, b. New York City; 
educ. Columbia LTniv.; early career, editor Cen- 
tury Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine; screen ca- 
reer, story editor at Universal; original stories 
and continuities for Universal, Famous Players 
and Independent: scenario work for Warners, 
Metro, Goldwvn-Mayer, Renown, Chadw'ck, "Man 
Bait," "The 'Fighting Eagle." "Vanity." "No- 
body's Widow" (P. D. C). "Tenth Avenue," 
"Dress Parade" (Pathe). 

DOUGLAS. Mariiin, actress, legal name. Ena Greg- 
ory Rogell. b. Sydney, Australia, April 16th. Par- 
ents live in Australia. Educ. in Australia,^ Holly- 
wood. Entered pictures in 1923. As child was 
picked out of school children as perfect double for 
Jane Novak. Played in "Kindred of Dust," 

".Shepherd of Hills," "Upland Rider," "Wagon 
.Show," "Patience," "Bushrangers," "Sioux 
Blood." Sports, tennis, golf, swimming. Hght. 5, 
3; wght., 108; hazel eyes; blonde hair. INIarried 
to Albert Rogell. 

DOUGLAS, Byron, actor. Screen career. Fox, Uni- 
versal, "The Perfect Sap" (First National); "The 
Coward," "Dead Man's Curve" (FBO). 

DOWLING, Pat, publicity and sales director, 
Christie; b. Barberton, Ohio., Feb. 4, 1894. A.B., 
.Stanford. Has lived in Columbus, Detroit, Little 
Rock, Los Angeles. Entered picture business in 
1916. Was covering studios as magazine writer 
in 1916 after graduating from college. Became 
public'ty director for David Horsley, then Harold 
Lockwood, then to Paramount as assistant pub- 
licity director. Joined Christie in 1918. Clubs. 
Delta Ian Delta, Sigma Delta TThi (Journalistic), 
Writers Club and Wampas. 

DOWNS, Johnny, actor, b. Brooklyn. Screen ca- 
reer, "Good Cheer, '^ "Uncle Tom's Uncle" (Pathe), 
"Trail of '98," "Our Gang" comedies (M-G-M). 

DOVE, Billie, actress, b. New York City, May 14. 
Educ. Geo. Washington High .School, business 
college, N. Y. C, secretarial course. Previous 
career, posed for heads for magazine covers as 
child. Entered pictures in 1922 thru pictvu^e on 
magazine cover. Played in "Marriage Clause," 
"Love Mart," "Adoration," "Yellow Lily," "Night 
Watch," "Man and the Moment." Sports, swim- 
ming, boating. Hght. 5, 5; wght., 115; hazel eyes, 
dark brown hair. Press rep., George Landy. Ad., 
First National Studio, Burbank, Cal. 

DRAKE, C. Oliver, writer. Screen work, "The 
Flying U Ranch," "Driftin' Sands," "The Mojave 
Kid," "Red Riders of Canada," "Breed of the 
Sunset," "The Slingshot Kid," "The Desert Pi- 
rate," "When the Law RTcJes," "Tyrant of Red 
Gulch." "Orphan of the Sage" (FBO). 

DRESSER, Louise, actress, b. Evansville, la. Stage 
career, light opera and mus. comedy. Screen ca- 
reer, "A Ship Comes In" (Pathe); "The Garden 
of Eden" (United Artists) ; "White Flannels," 
"Third Degree" (Warner); "Mr. Wu" (Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer) ; "Everybody's Acting" (Para- 
mount); "The Air Circus" (Fox). Hght., 5, 7; 
wght., 154; blonde hair, blue eyes. 

DRESSLER, Marie, actress, b. Coburg, Canada. 
Early career, chorus girl. Stage career, star in 
mus. com. with Weber and Fields, and other 
companies. Screen career, "Tillie's Punctiired Ro- 
mance" (Paramount); "The Callahans and the 
Murphys," "Bringing Up Father," "The Patsy" 
(Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) ; "The Joy Girl" (Fox); 
"Breakfast at Sunrise" (First National). Hght., 5, 
5; brown hair, blue-gray eyes. 

DREW, Jerry (Clem Beauchamp), actor and di- 
rector, b. Pulaski, Iowa; educ. Denver, Colo., pub. 
schls. Mother and grandmother were theatrical 
people. Early career, stunt flying; tested para- 
chutes for navy during war at San Diego avia- 
tion base; plane accident in Santa Monica canyon 
forced him to seek other accunation. Screen ca- 
reer, engaged by Educational as assistant di- 
rector and soon directing comedies as well a-< 
acting in them. Featured in several Mermaid 
comedies and is now starring in his own series, 
the Ideal-Educational comedies. Supported v.-. 
Pathe feature, "Power." Hght.. 5, 7!-^: wght., 
145: brown hair and brown eyes. 

DREW, Rolanld, b. Elmhurst, L. L. N. Y. ; educ. 
Murray Hill and Flushing H'gh Schools. Early 
career, journalist. Screen career, "Lady Raffles" 
(Columbia). "The Untamed Ladv." "Fireman 
Save My Child." "God Gave Me Twentv Cents. '_| 
"Fascinating Youth" (Paramount"), "Ramona," 
"Evangeline" (United Artists). Sports, riding, 
swiming, polo. Hght., 6; wght., 165; black hair. 

DREXEL, Nancy, actress, legal name. Dorothy 
Kitchen, b. New York, April 6, 1910. Parents live 
in Hollywood, Educ. at Cathedral School and high 
school in New York City. As child she was on 
stage. Has lived in New York and Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures in Feb., 1926. Won a contest in 
New York, prize being contract to Universal. 
Free-lanced and was selected by F. W. _Mnrnau to 
nlay in "Four Devils" which resulted in contract. 
Played in "Escape," "Prep and Pep," "Riley, the 
Cop." Snorts, horseback ridinff, swimming, danr- 
in.GT. Helit. 5. 2; ws:ht. 108; brown eyes; blonde 
hair. Mailinu" ad.. Fox Studios. 

DROMGOLD, Georee. writer, b. Los Angeles. 
Calif.. July 14, 1893. Rels.. mother living in 
Hollywood, Calif. Educ. pub. and priv. schl.. 



(A scholarly, clinical analysis of motion picfure development and promise) 
2200 words 


(In which the pioneer director fells an intimate story of picture making) 
1500 words 


(An interesting written history of the motion picture — 1894 to 1928) 

2 500 words 


(What to expect in the motion picture of the future; an imaginative survey in which 

the "talkies" are dealt ivith) 

1500 words 



(Stars the great director introduced to fame and anecdotes in that connection — Especially 

recommended as a full-page feature) 

3000 W'ords 


(A romantic story of the rise of a comparatively poor boy — American Magazine 

type story) 

3 500 tvords 


(Title is explanatory: This story stresses the enormous amounts of money Griffith's 
pictures have made — something like $58,000,000 — Magazine type story) 

Any one or all of these stories with suitable art may be obtained from John P. Miles, 

press representative for the D. W. Griffith Company, 1041 North Formosa Street, 

Hollywood, Calif., or Hollywood office of Motion Picture News. 



Los Angeles, spec, in history and English. Has 
lived in Honolulu, T. H. Wrote several short 
stories for magazines. Entered pictures in 1912 
with old Kalem Co. as actor, at suggestion of 
Marshall Neilan. Prod. "Hold 'Em Yale (adap.), 
"Square Shoulders" (orig.) (Pathe); "Celebrity," 
"Show Folks," "Geraldine," "Love Over Night." 
Clubs: Writers, Calif. Yacht Club, Southland 
Sailing Club. 
DRYDEN, Wheeler, actor, director, scenarist, b. 
London, England; educ. Streatham Hill College, 
London. Stage career, 12 years. Screen career, 
"Penrod" (First National), "Mud and Sand," 
"Skirts" (Metro), "Where Is My Wandering Boy 
This Evening" (Sennett). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 150; 
dark brown eyes and hair. 
DUBREY. Clare,, actress, b. N. Y., 1893; educ. in 
convents. Stage career, stock. Screen career. 
Universal, Fox, Robertson-Cole, Pathe, World, 
Selznick, Ince, Hodkinson, Metro, Paramount, 
FBO, C.B.C., Vitagraph, First National, P.D.C., 
Metro; "The Devil Dancer" (United Artists). 
Hght., S, 7; wght., 130; auburn tiair, brown eyes, 
hair, brown eyes. 

DUDLEY, Robert, actor, b. Cincinnati, O., Sept. 
13, 1875. Educ. Lake Forest University, Evans- 
ton, 111., and Chicago, specializing in Oral Surg- 
ery. Holds M. D. and D. D. S. degrees. Orig- 
inally newspaper man and has been on stage 
since 1900 under management of Chas. Frohman, 
Wm. A. Brady, H. B. & Wm. Harris, Cohan 
and Harris, J. D. Williams, John Barrymore, 
Amelia Bingham's N. Y. Company, etc. Has 
lived in Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington, Ky., 
Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures in 1920, desiring, after twenty years 
of tramping, to leave the road and establish per- 
manent home for family. Has played in "Skin- 
ner's Big Idea," "On Trial," "Mysterious Island," 
"Fools for Luck," "Baby Ciyclone." Sports, riding, 
hunting, automobiling. Hght. 5, 9; wght, 138; 
brown eyes, iron gray hair. Married to Elaine 
Anderson Dudley. Has two children, Jewell, 12; 
Patrica Lee, 4. 

DHJDLEY, Florence, actress. Screen career, "Mak- 
ing the Varsity" (Excellent), "House of Shame" 

DUFFY, Jack, actor, b. Pawtucket, R. L, Sept. 4. 
Sister, Kate Price, actress. Educ. in Pawtucket. 
Started in stock there. Was in musical coniedy; 
in vaudeville in New York City for 4 years; 
also played in musical comedies in New York for 
6 years. Went to Los Angeles 12 years ago and 
played first part in Universal picture while ap- 
pearing in local musical comedy. Has played 
in "Harold Teen," "Uppercuts," "Reckless iRo- 
mance" and starred in following Sandy MacDuff 
(iomedies: "Hot Scotch,'' "Loose Change," "Lay 
on MacDuiif," "Should Scotchmen Marry.-"' 
Sports, horse racing. Hght. 5, 7; wght. 132; blue 
eyes, brown hair. Mailing ad.: Christie Studios, 
Holywood, Cal. 

DUGAN, Tom, actor, b. Dublin, Ireland. Previous 
career, Broadway shows, vaude.. Music Box Re- 
view. Entered pictures about two yrs. ago. 
Played in "Melody of Love," "Small Bachelor," 
"Girl Champion." Club, Friar. Sport, swimming. 
Hght., 5, 8; wght., 150; blue eyes, brown hair. 
Ad. Universal Studio, tjniversal City, Cal. 

DUGAN, James, director. Screen career, directed 
"Her Summer Hero," "Phantom of the Range," 
"The Desert Pirate" (FBO); played in "Warming 
Up" (Paramount). 

DULL, Orville, director, b. Ohio, 18890; screen ca- 
reer, entered production as an assistant; worked 
in various phases of that branch, until he joined 
Frank Borzage; seven years as assistant director 
with Borzage; signed with Fox as director and 
megaphoned the "Van Bibber" comedies, "Black 
Jack" and other features. 

DUNBAR, Robert, actor, b. Beaver, Pa., 1863. 
Educated in Philadelphia, has a college degree. 
Previous to screen was leading tenor in light 
opera beginning in 1885. Has lived in New York, 
Phdadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Los An- 
geles. Entered pictures in 1913. Has played in 
"Third Degree," "Jefifries," "Goose Girl," 
"Grand Duke." Hght. 5, 10; wght. 175; browp 
eyes and gray hair. Married. 

DUNCAN, Mary, actress, b. Luttrellville, Va., 

August 13. Educ. at Cornell University. Began 

career in "Four Devils." Has be«n on stage 

in "Shanghai Gesture,'' "Toto," "Great Lover." 

Has played in "Four Devils," "River," "Our 

Daily Bread." Ran away from Coi-nell to study 
drama with Yvette tJuilbert. Sport, tennis. Hght. 
5, 3>^; wght., 118; brown hair and eyes. Mailing 
address: Fox Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 
DUNHAM, PhU, actoi-, b. London, Eng.; educ. Univ. 
of Cambridge. Stage career, with Sir Herbert 
Tree, road shows through England and Ireland, 
vaud. and stock in U. S. Screen career, Uni- 
versal, Kalem, Century, Pathe, Fox, First Na- 
tional, "Mermaid Comedies" (Educational). Hght., 
5, tyi; wght., 148; brown hair, blue eyes. 
DUNKINSON, Harry, actor, b. New York City, 
educ. there. Has been on stage in dramatic stock, 
vaudeville. Entered pictures with Essanay in 
Chicago. Has played in "Smile Brother Smile," 
"Sporting Goods." Belongs to Elks and Troup- 
ers. Hght. 5, 10; wght. 200; dark blue eyes, gray 
brown hair. 
DUNLAP, Scott R., director, b. Chicago, June 20, 
1892. Educ. pub. schls. of Chicago. Previous 
career; on stage from 8 yrs. of age. Has lived 
in Chicago, N. Y., Hollywood, South Seas. En- 
tered pictures in 1915. Actor at Selig Studios, 
Hollywood, then assistant to Jack LeSaint, Frank 
Lloyd and others. First directorial effort was 
"Hell Ship" for Fox, remained with Fox for 
seven yrs. as director. Made "Smoke Bellew" 
(Chadwick), "Midnight Life" (Gotham), "One 
Stolen Night" (Warner), "Object— Alimony" 
(Columbia). Sport, hunting. 
DUNN, Josephine, actress, b. New York City. 
Educ. Holy Cross Convent, New York. Stage 
career, 14 productions, including Ziegfeld Follies. 
Entered pictures in 1926, enrolled in Paramount 
movie school. Screen career: "Excess Baggage'' 
(M-G-M), "Singing Fool" (Warner Bros.). 
Sport, hiking. Hght. 5, 3; wght. 112; bliie eyes, 
blonde hair. Ad. Metro-(joIdwyn-Mayer Studios, 
Culver City, Calif. 
DUNN, Winifred, writer, b. New York. Educ. 
privately tutored. Spec, in English, literature 
and music. Lived in New York, Chicago and 
Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1917, sold story 
to Selig Polyscope Co., wrote for that company 
for year. Originals: "The Children Pay," and 
"Red Viper"; adaptations: "Patent Leather Kid," 
"Eagle's Feather," "Submarine," "Adoration," 
and "Twinkletoes," "Drop Kick." Qubs, Authors' 
League of America, Screen Writers Guild, Acad- 
emy of Motion Picture Arts & Science and May- 
fair Club. Sports, sailing, canoeing, horseback 
riding and aviation. Bus. rep., Arthur Landau; 
press rep.. Daphne Marquette. 
DUNN, Bobby, actor, b. Milwaukee, Wis., 1891; 
educ. .St. John's Mil. Acad. Early career, cham- 
pion high diver of world with Dr. Carver's diving 
horses. Screen career, Sennett, Fox, Arrow, Uni- 
versal, Columbia, First National: "The Cry Baby," 
"Hello Frisco" (Universal), "The Thrill Hunter" 
(Columbia), "The Upland Rider" (First National). 
DU PONT, Miss, actress, b. Frankfort, Ky.; 
educ. III. Stage career, stk.. Liberty Players, 
Oakland 2 seasons; screen career, L^nversal, War- 
ners, Selznick, Preferred, Vitagraph, Independent, 
Metro- Goldwyn, Banner Prod., Dependable Films, 
Paramount, TifiFany-Stahl, "Wheel of Destiny" 
(Rayart). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 135; blonde hair, 
blue eyes. 
DUPONT, E. A., director, b. Zeitz, Germany, 1892; 
educ. Zeitz and Berlin. Early career, reporter and 
editor of a Berlin daily. Screen career, associated 
with some of Europe's leading producers in Ger- 
many and Italy, working up to directorship; 
signed by Carl Laemmie while visiting Berlin in 
1925, for Universal; now pro<lucing in England and 
the Continent; directed "Variety" (Paramount): 
"A Dog of the Regiment" (Warner); dir. and 
adapt. "Love Me and the World is Mine" (Uni- 
DUPONT, Jean, writer. Screen career, "Her Sum- 
mer Hero," "Beyond London's Eights" (FBO). 
DURAND, Carlos, actor, b. iMadrid, Spain; educ. 
New York City, Philadelphia. Screen career, 
"The Scarlet Dove" (TifFany-Stahl), "Happiness 
Ahead" (First National), "Glorious Betsy" (War- 
DURLING, E. v., writer, b. New York City. Educ 
New York City Schools, Phillips-Andover Acad. 
(Mass.) and Wesleyan Univ. (Conn.), B. S. Pre- 
vious career, staflf of New York Morning Tele- 
graph (5 yrs.), M. P. iEditor of New York Eve- 
ning Globe, Dramatic Depts. of N. Y. Herald, and 
N. Y. Herald-Tribune, sports writer N. Y. iBulle- 
tin. Collier's weekly stories. Entered pictures 



ill 1925 as sceiKirio writer. "Almost Marrit-d" 
(Metro orig.), "Forbidden" (Univ. orig.), "lie- 
ported Missing-" (titles;, "Manhattan" (titles). 
Adaptations and titles; I)armour-F. B. O. Wittner, 
Mickey McGuire, Toots & Casper, Barney Google 
series, forty-two Darmour-F. B. O. comedies. 
Sport, golf. 

DUSSEAU, Leon, writer, b. Toledo, Ohio, Nov. 10; 
eihic. St. Jiihn's College and Univ. of Mich. Pre- 
vi(jus career, actor and newspaper reporter. Screen 
career, prop, boy, art director, supervising editor 
of Luxor I'ict. Corp.; screen euitor, Universal, 
Mae Murray-Kobt. Z. Leonard, Tiffany Prod., 
.Marion Davies, Cosmopolitan; cont. for Africa 
Films, Ltd.; titled many productions for Luxor; 
"lu Borrowed Plumes" (Arrow); "The Ranger of 
ihe iXcirth" (FHO). Clubs: Friars. 

DU VAL, Paulette, actress, b. Argentina. Educ. 
Paris, trance. Previous career, dancing, Ziegfeld 
l'\>llies. .Screen career. Paramount, Asso. Exhibi- 
tors, Fox, "The Magic Garden" (FBO), "Beware 
t:{ Widows" (Universal), "Twelve Miles Out," 
"The Divine Woman" (M-G-M), "Alias the Lone 
Wolf" (Columbia), "Breakfast at Sunrise" (First 

DWAN, Dorothy, actress, b. Sedalia, Mo., April 
it), 1907. Mother Jiving at Los Angeles. Educ. in 
Philadelphia. Spec, in music, English. Has lived 
in El Paso, Los Angeles, Kansas City, St. Louis, 
Augusta, (ja. , Philadelphia, Atlantic City, War- 
rensburg, Sedalia. About 2 yrs. ago Universal 
ort'ered her work as extra and has been in 
movies ever since. Played in "Wizard of Oz," 
"Square Crooks," "Canyon of Light," "Virg.n 
Oueen," "Out With Tide," "Obey Your Hus- 
band.'' Belongs to Santa Monica Swimmitig Club, 
Hollywood Golf Club. Sport, swimming. Hght. 
3, 4; wght., 120; blue eyes, brown hair. Husband, 
Larry Semon, just died. Mother, Nancy Smith, is 
bus. rep. 

DWAN, Allan, director, b. Toronto, Canada; educ. 
Notre Dame, Ind. Early career, civil engineer. 
stage career, wrote and sold scenario to Essanay; 
American Film Co., San Diego, Cal., as scenar- 
ist, scenario editor and director; directed for Selz- 
nick, Goldwyn, Triangle, C. K. Young Prod., 
Louise Glaum Prod., then organized own com- 
pany; Assoc. Exhib., American Releasing Corp., 
United Artists, Paramount, Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer; "The Joy Girl," "East Side West Side," 
dir. and adapt. (Fox) ; "The BTg Noise," "French 
Dressing," "The Whip Woman" (First National). 

DWYER, Ruth, actress, b. Brooklyn, N. Y.; educ. 
New York City. Stage career, musical comedy 2 
yrs. Screen career, Fox, Sunset Prod., Selznick, 
Metro-Go'.dwyn, Warners, Independent Pict., Ger- 
son, "A Perfect Gentleman" (Pathe) : "Wliite 
Pants Willie," "Sailors' Wives" (First Rational) ; 
"The Ivost Limited," "The Racing Fool" (Ray- 
art); "The Nest" (Excellent); "A Hero For a 
Night" (Universal); "Alex the Great" (FBO^ 
Hght., S, 23/2; wght., 120; blonde hair, brown eyes. 

DYER, William, actor. .Screen career. Bluebird, 
Ro1)ertson-Cole, Vitagraph, Arrow, Metro, First 
Xational, Universal, Aywon, Goldstone. American 
Releasing, Educational, Paramount, FBO, "Desert 
of the Ivost," "Desperate Courage" (Pathe); "Gun 
Gosix-l" (First National); "The Thunder Riders" 

— E— 

EAGAN, Jack, actor. Screen career, "The Potters," 

'Cabaret" (Paramount): "The Big Noise," "Mad 

Hour," "Harold Teen" (First National). 

EAGLES, Jeanne, actress, b. Boston, Mass. ; went 

on stage as a child; was for 3 years with George 

Arliss in "Disraeli" and "The Professor's Love 

.Story"; starred on the stage in "Daddies," "The 

Cardboard Lover"; created the ro'.e of Sadie 

Thompson in "Rain." 5>creen caret^r, did early 

screen work with Thanhouser and more recently 

jjJayed opposite John Gilbert in "Man,, Woman and 

Sin" (M-G-M), "The Letter," Paramount talking 

feature made in the East. Blonde hair. 

EARLE, Edward, actor, b. Toronto, Canada, July 

16. Educ. there. W'as on stage in musical 

comedy, drama, vaudeville; with Belasco, De Wolf 

Hopper, Marie Cahill, The Shuberts. Has lived 

|. in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto. Entered 

[ pictures in 1915, in talking pictures. Starred for 

Kdisou, \'itagrapli; featured for Famous Players, 
Metro, Universal, First National, Warner's, Co- 
lumbia. Played in 25 O. Henry stories with Agnes 
Ayres; "For France," "Lady Who Lied, "Kid 
Gloves," "Wind," "Twelve Miles Out," "Spring 
Fever. " Belongs to Lamus Club, N. Y. Sports, 
tennis, swimming. Hght. 6; wght. 165; blue eyes, 
blonde hair. INiarried. Bus. rep., George Ull- 

EASON, Lorraine, actress, b. Norfolk, Va., August 
27, 190b. Educ. in Panama, Havana, Cuba, New 
York, Philadelphia, Columbus, O. Has lived in 
Portsmouth, N. 11.; Galveston, Texas. Entered 
P-Ctures in 1923, through contest in Photoplay 
Magaine and letter from James Quirk. Has 
played in "We're in Navy Now," "Swift Shadow," 
"Temple of Venus," "Beauty Parlor Series." 
Sport, horseback riding. Hght. 5, 3; wght. 112; 
brown eyes, light hair. Bus. rep., Guy Coburn. 

EASON, Reaves, director, b. Fryars Po.nt, Miss., 
1891; educ. Calif.; early career, produce 
business; stag:e career, stock and vaud. ; screen 
career, 1913 with American Film Co., as director; 
with Norwood Prod, as author-producer-actor; 
directed for Fox, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Waldorl 
Prod., Phil Goldstone, FBO, Columbia, Gotham, 
Chadwick; "A Trick of Hearts," "Painted," "Galloping Fury," also directing and 
scenarist of "The Flying Cowboy," "Riding tor 
Fame" (Universal). 

EATON, Charles, actor, b. Washington, D. C, 
June 22, ^ 191(). Educ. at Profession Children's 
School, N. Y. On stage in "Mrs. Wiggs of 
Cabbage Patch," "Blue Bird," "Peter Ibbetson," 
"Naked Man," "Skidding," "Peter Pan." Has 
Lved in New York, Washington. Entered pic- 
tures in 1928 at Fox Studios due to work in 
"Skidding." Played in "Badges." 

EATON, Jay, actor. Screen career, "The Noose," 
"Lady Be (iood" (First National). 

EDDY, Helen Jerome, actress, b. New York City, 
Feb. 25. Educ. Los Angeles. Spec. English. Pre- 
vious career, on stage since 8 yrs. old. Entered 
pictures in 1915 with old Lubin Co. Played in 
"Quality Street," "To the Ladies," "Divine 
Lady," "Two' Lovers," "Camile." (illubs, Casa 
del Mar. Sport, horsebaick riding. Hght., 5, 7; 
wght, 135; hazel eyes, dark brown hair. Bus, 
rep., Menifee Johnstone. 

EDDY, Lorraine, actress, b. Vancouver, B. C, 
March 15. Educ. there. Was in stock company in 
Seattle, Los Angeles; with Duncan Sisters in 
"Topsy and Eva"; in ".Strawberry Blonde" in 
Los Angeles. Has lived in Vancouver, Seattle, 
San Francisco, Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 
1927, when playing in musical comedy in Holly- 
wood, was selected by Al Christie to play 
leads in comedies. Has played in "Carnation 
Kid," "Holy Mackerel," "Love Shy," "Goofy 
Cihosts." Hght. 5, 6; blue eyes; blonde hair. 
Mailing ad. Christie Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 

EDESON, Robert, actor, b. New Orleans, La., 
June 3rd. Educ. in New Orleans, Baltimore, pri- 
vate schools, tutors. Specialized in art, lan- 
guages. Was on stage, leading man at the age 
of 19; star at 21; first outstanding success op- 
posite Maude Adams in "Little Minister." Has 
lived in all large cities of United States. En- 
tered pictures following stage career when "Call 
of North" was made. Has played in "Strong- 
heart," "Classmates," "King of Kings,'' "Chi- 
cago," "Home Towners," "A Ship Comes In," 
"Tenth Avenue," "George Washington Cohen," 
"Doctor's Secret." Belongs to Masquers Club, 
Authors League of America and Academy of 
Arts and Sciences. Sport, golf; hobby, painting. 
Married. Child, Roberta Edeson. Bus. rep., Lil- 
lian Gale. 

EDWARDS, Snitz, actor. Screen career. Uni- 
versal, First Xational, Paramount, Hodkinson, 
Metro, Selznick. Warners, Goldwyn, United Art- 
ists, Assoc. Exhib., Select. Allied Prod., Fairbanks 
Prod., Truart, Universal, Metro-Goldwyn, Astor, 
Ralph luce Prod., P.D.C., Chadwick, "College" 
(United Artists); "Night Life" (TiiTany-Stahl). 

EDWARDS, Harry, director, b. London, Canada, 
1888. Stage career, legit, actor. Screen career, 
"prop." boy; director for Nestor; then two-reel 
comedies for Universal ; 1918, director, comedies 
for Fox, L-Ko, National. Hall Room Boys come- 
dies; later Exceptional Tictures, Hepworth, Edu- 
cational, Universal, "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp" 
(First National); Sennett Comedies (Pathe). 


EDWARDS, Neely, actor, b. Delphos, Ohio. Educ. 
there and Cincinnati. Stage career, with 4 Mor- 
tons, etc.; screen career, Hallroom Boys come- 
dies for National Film; with Jack and Harry 
Cohen, Lasky and Universal; "Ain't Love Awful" 
(U), "Tramps of Note" (U), "Sing Sing" (U), 
"Dancing Fool" (U),. "Cuckoo" and "Going 
South" (U), etc. (Jong series of comedies for 
Universal), "Excess Baggage" (M-G-M>. 

EILERS, Sally, actress. Screen career, "Slightly 
Used" (Warner), "Campus Vamp" (Pathe), "Dry 
Martini" (Fox), "Goodbye Kiss" (First National). 

EINFELD, S. C, director of advertising and public- 
ity for First National Pictures, b. in New York 
City, Oct. 25, 1901. Educ. schools of New_ York 
and Columbia University. Picture career, in the 
business for 14 yrs., 9 of which have been spent 
with First National. Previously at the Vita- 
graph Studio in the days of V.L.S.E. Later, 
assistant manager, Leo Brecher Chain of New 
York theatres. Outside of motion pictures, Mr. 
Einfeld's principal hobby is golf. Home, 155 
East 91 Street, New York City. 

EKMAN, Gosta, actor, b. in Sweden and is con- 
sidered in the Scandinavian countries as their 
foremost screen star; began screen career at 
an early age; most of initial screen work 
was with Jenny Hasselquist. Has appeared 
in many Continental films, among them "The 
Strange Girl," in which he portrayed the role 
of Karl XH; "The Golden Clown" and "Discord," 
the last two being distributed in the U. S. by 
Pathe. Also played the title role in "Faust," 
Ufa's production released in America by M-G-M. 
Is said to give guest performances at Stock- 
holm for five months of the year and then pjay 
at Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsingfors. 

ELDRIDGE, Florence, actress; stage career, Elitch 
Garden stock company in Denver and other west- 
ern cities, leading lady for Edward Everett Hor- 
ton. Screen career, leading feminine role in first 
Educational-Coronet Talking comedy "The Eligi- 
ble Mr. Bangs." 

ELLIOTT, Gordon, actor. Screen career, "Na- 
poleon, Jr.," "The Arizona Wildcat" (Fox) ; "The 
Private Life of Helen of Troy" (First National); 
"Beyond London's Lights (FBO). 

ELLIOTT, Robert, actor, b. Ireland. Stage career, 
leads in many noted legit, plays. Screen career, 
Metro, McClure, Goldwyn, Betzwood, Sunset, 
World, Famous, Fox, Ince, Powell-Mutual, United 
Artists, Arrow, "For Sale," "Happiness Ahead" 
(First National); "Lights of New York" (War- 
ners); "Romance of the Underworld" (Fox). Hght. 
6, V/i; wght. 185; dark brown hair, blue eyes. 

ELLIS, Dione, actress, b. Los Angeles, Cal. Pre- 
vious career, secretary. Entered pictures in 1928, 
seen by director while typing in offices of Film 
Research Bureau; after training was cast for 
"Paid to Love." Also played in "Cradle Snatch- 
ers.'' "Chain Lightning," "Is Zat So?" "Leather- 
neck," "Hook and Ladder No. 9." Hght. 5, 3; 
wght. 110; blue eyes, blonde hair. 

ELLIS, Paul, actor, legal name, Benjamin Ingenito. 
b. Buenos Aires, Nov. 6, 1898. Parents living in 
France. Has been on stage and was matador in 
bull fights in Madrid, Seville. Cordova, Granada. 
Was sports editor in Buenos Aires. Has lived 
there and in Paris, Madrid and New York. En- 
tered picture business in 1924. Tom Terriss fea- 
tured him in "Bandolero." Has also played in 
"Dancer of Paris," "Charge of Gauchos," 'Three 
Hours," "When Womaa Loves," "District Doc- 
tor." Hght. 5, lOyi; wght. 148; brown eyes, hair. 
Mailing ad., Standard Costume Directory, Holly- 
wood, Cal. 

ELLIS, Frank, actor. Screen career, Photo Drama 
Co., Independent Pictures, Artclass Pictures, 
"Code of the Cow Country," "The Valley ot 
Hunted Men" (Pathe). 

ELLIS, Robert, actor, b. Brooklyn; educ. Francis 
Xavier College. Stage career, mgmt. Shuberts, 
Klaw and Erlanger. Screen career, "Ragtime" 
(First Division) ; "Marry the Girl" (Sterling) ; 
"Law and the Man" (Rayart); "The Law's Lash" 
(Pathe); "Varsity" (Paramount); "Freedom of 
the Press" (Universal). Hght., S, 10; wght., 160; 
dark hair, blue eeys. 

ELLSLER, Effie, actress. Screen career, "Honey- 
moon Hate," "Old Ironsides," "The Actress" 

EMEIRSON, Ralph, actor, b. Kalispell, Mont., Aug. 
9, 1903. Rels., Ralph Waldo Emerson, uncle. 

Educ, Montana grade schls. and University of 
Washington. Spec, medicine. Previous career, 
musical comedy, singing, dancing two yrs., dram- 
atic stage 4 yrs. Has lived in KalispeJl, Mont., 
Spokane, Seattle, San Francisco, Hollywood. En- 
tered pictures Apr. 1927, thru playing juvenile lead 
in "Alias the Deacon" at Hollywood Playhouse. 
Played in "Enemy," "West Point" (M-G-M); 
"Cheer Leader" (Gotham); "Marriage By Con- 
tract," "Albany Night Boat" (Tiffany-Stahl) ; 
"Hard-BoLJed Rose" (Vitaphone). Sports, fishing, 
hunting, riding, swimming. Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
160; dark blue eyes, dark brown hair. Two chil- 
dren, Walter W., Jr. (5); Robert E. (3/2). Bus. 
rep.. Grant E. Dolge; press rep., Sig Slaugn. 

EMERSON, John, scenarist, b. Sandusky, Ohio, 
1874; educ. Oberlin Col., HeidelBerg Univ., Univ. 
of Chicago. Stage career, 2 yrs. with Mrs. Fiske, 
4 yrs. stage director with Shubert, leads with 
Nazimova, 4 yrs. gen. stage director for Chas. 
Frohman, 2 yrs. star. Screen career, Famous 
Players, Fine Arts, Constance Talmadge Co., 
Emerson-Loos Prod.; scenarios, "Gentlemen Prefer 
Blondes" (Paramount); "Three Pals" (Davis 
Dist.); "Learning To Love" (First National). 

ENNIS, Bert, writer, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Apr. 27, 
1891. Rels., brother living in Brooklyn. Educ, 
Brooklyn Pub. and High Sch., special college 
courses, spec, in literature and English. Previous 
career, music publishing, newspaper work, vaud. 
Has lived in Providence, Hollywood, Chicago, New 
York. In 1911, prepared music cues for Vitagraph, 
later publicity and scenario work. Have titled for 
Ben Turpin, Snub Pollard, Poodles Hanneford 
series, "Tarzan" serial, "Meet the Prince" 
(P.D.C.). Clubs, Elks, Friars, Broadway Cheese 
Club, Actors Guild, M. P. Catholic Guild. Bus. 
rep., Edward Small. 

ENRIGHT, Ray, director, b. Anderson, Ind., Mar. 
25, 18%. Educ. Los Angeles high schl. Previous 
career, worked on L. A. Times. Entered pictures 
in 1912. Started as cutter on first Chaplin pictures 
for Sennett. Directed "Better Ole," "Stolen 
Kisses." Club, El Serrano Country; sport, goJf. 

ESMELTON, Frederick, actor, b. Victoria, Aus- 
tralia; educ. there. Stage career, stage director 
and actor 21 yrs. Screen career, Schenck, Fam- 
ous Players, FBO, Goldwyn, Fo.x, First National, 
Warners, Metro- (joldwyn. Universal, "The Gay 
Defender" (Paramount); "Two Lovers" (United 
Artists); "Shield of Honor," "The Chinese Par- 
rot," "Lonesome," "The Michigan Kid" (Uni- 
versal). Hght., 6; wght., 196; white hair, dark 
blue eyes. 

ESTABROOK, Howard, writer, b. Detroit, Mich. 
Educ. in Detroit and New York. Spec, in Gen. 
Course and personal study of drama. Previous 
career, County Treasure office and Vacuum Oil 
Co., N. Y. Stage, beginning under Frohman's 
management. "The Dictator" and inch mgts. of 
David Belasco, Charles Dillingham, Daniel Froh- 
man, Wagenhals & Kemper, etc. 10 yrs. as actor, 
writer and director. Stage play "Mrs. Avery," 
also sketches for vaudeville. Lived in New York, 
London, Paris, Genoa (Italy) and Lausanne 
(Switzerland). Entered pictures in 1916. George 
Kleine's ofTer of leading role in the first version 
of "Officer 666." Screen plays (Scenario) of: 
"Dressed to Kill," "Forgotten Faces," "The Four 
Feathers," "She Goes to War," "The Shop Worn 
Angel" and "Varsity." Sports, golf and tennis. 

ETHIER, Alphonse, actor, b. Springville, Utah; 
educ. there. Screen career, Paramount, Asso. 
Ex., Fox; "Breed of the Sea" (FBO); "Cheaters" 
(TifTany); "The Fighting Eagle" (Pathe- De 
Mille); "Alias the Lone Wolf," "Say It With 
Sables" (Columbia). 

EUGENE, WilUam, actor, b. San Francisco, Cal. ; 
educ. there. Screen career, Metro, Paramount, 
First National, Columbia, Pathe; "The WTnite 
Desert" (Metro-(joldwyn) ; "A Son of His Father" 
(Paramount); "The Girl from Montmarte" (First 
National); "Paying the Price" (Columbia); 
"Crashing Through" (Pathe). 

EVANS, Fremk, actor. Screen career, Vitagraph, 
Fox, Cloldwyn, Selznick, Asso. Exhibitors, FBO, 
"Running Wild" (Paramount); "Three's a 
Crowd," "The Chase" (First National). 

EVANS, Muriel, actress, screen career, "Sure 
Cure" (Educational), "Crown Me" (Educational), 
"Wife Trouble" (Educational). 




was once a cub reporter 
on a Philadelphia daily? 

That he started out in 
life to become a Doctor 
of Osteopathy? 

That he wrote over 200 
motion picture stories 
before he acted in pic- 


That ALAN HALE played the lead in "The Cowboy and the Lady" in 1914, and first 
appeared on the screen in "The Message from Mars"? 

That he gave up acting and directed pictures for several years; then returned to the 
screen as the lead in such productions as "The Spieler" and "Sal of Singapore" and a 
number of others? 

Other colorful facts about ALAN HALE can be found in the biographical section. 

Details of any of these suggested subjects or others will be obtattud on request by Motion Picture News 




FABIAN, Walter, director. Screen career, directed 
Texas Ra;iger Series and Champion Boy Ridej 
Series for Universal. 

FAIR, Elinor, actress, b. Richmond, Va.; educ. 
N. Y. C, Seattle, Los Angeles. Stage career, 
stk., mus. com., vaud. Screen career, "My 
Friend From India," "Let 'Er Go Gallagher" 
(Pathe); "The Yankee Clipper," "Jim the Con- 
queror," "Bachelor Brides," "The Volga Boat- 
man" (P.D.C.). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 118; light 
brown hair, black eyes. 

FAIRBANKS, Douglas Jr., actor, b. New York City, 
Dec. 9th. Grandfather, Daniel J. Sully, former 
"cotton king;" uncle, Robert Fairbanks, produc- 
tion manager to Fairbanks Co., Los Angeles; 
Educ. in New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, 
London, specializing: in philosophy, literature, art. 
Entered picture business in 1923. Played in "Stella 
Dallas," "Barker," "Woman of Afifairs." "Toilers," 
"Is Zat So?" "Power of Press," "Jazz Age." Be- 
longs to Hollywood Athletic Club. Sports, swim- 
ming, golf, tennis, track. Hght., 6; wght., 165; 
blue eyes; blonde hair. Bus. rep.. Jack Gardner. 
Mailing ad.. United Artist Studio. 

FAIRBANKS, Douglas, actor, b. Denver, Colo., 
1883; educ. Jarvis Military Academy, East Denver 
high schl.. Colo. Schl. of Mines; spec, in fencing, 
dancing, Delsarte, dramatic literature, athletics. 
Joined co. of Frederick Warde at 17 yrs. of age 
and latef took dramatic course at Harvard. 
Delved into repertoire, vaude. direction of Wm. 
A. Brady in "The Pit," was featured in "Frenzied 
Finance," "A Gentleman from Mississippi," co- 
starred in "The New Henrietta." Screen career, 
first produced "The Lamb" (Triangle), "The 
Americano" (Fine Arts), and distributed other 
releases through Artcraft including "In Again. 
Out Again," "Wild and Wooly," "Down to 
Earth," "The Man From Painted Post," "Reach- 
ing for the Moon," "Modern Musketeer," 
"When the Clouds Roll By," "Headin' 
South," "Mr. Fix It," "Say, Young Fellow," 
"Bound in Morocco," "He Comes Up Smiling," 
"Arizona," "Knickerbocker Buckaroo." Allied 
with United Artists and formed producing unit and 
made "His Majesty the American," "The Molly- 
coddle," "The Nut," "The Thief of Bagdad," "The 
Three Musketeers," "The Mark of Zorro," "Don 
Q," "The Black Pirate," "The Gaucho," "Robin 
Hood," "The Iron Mask," sequel to "Three Mus- 
keteers." One of the present owners of United Art- 
ists. Wife, Mary Pickford. Douglas Fairbanks, 
Jr., son. Hght., 5, 10; wght., 165; brown hair and 
brown eves, 

FAIRBANKS, William, actor, b. St. Louis, Mo.; 
educ. St. Louis Mil. Acad. Stage career, stock. 
Screen career, "Spoilers of the West," "Wyo- 
ming," "Under the Black Eagle" (M-G-M) ; "A 
Western Adventure," "A Western Demon," 
"Peaceful Peters," "The Law Rustlers." Hght., 
S, 11: wght., 195; dark brown hair and eyes. 

FAIRE, Virg-inia Brown, actress, legal name, Vir- 
ginia La Bruna. b. June 26. 1906 in Brooklyn. 
Educ. in New York City. Entered pictures in 
1919 by winning first fame and fortune contest 
held by Brewster Publications. Has played in 
"Without Benefit of Clergy," "Omar the Tent- 
maker," "The Chorus Kid," "The House of 
Shame," "LTndressed," "Queen of the Chorus." 
Belongs to The Regulars, club of yotmg picture 
girls. Sports, swimming, horse back riding. Hght. 
5, 1; w-ght, 105; hazel eyes; dark brown hair. 

FARLEY, Dot, actress. Screen career, Pathe, 
Asso. Exhib., Universal, Monogram, First Na- 
tional, Principal Pict., Paramount, Independent, 
Ginsberg, Warners, Metro, Fox, P.D.C., FBO, 
Rayart, Chadwick, Mack Sennett-Pathe comedies, 
"Lady Be Good" (First National). 

FARLEY, James Lee, actor, b. Waldron, Ark.. 
1882; educ. Univ. of Mo. Stage career, rep. and 
stock. Screen career, Selig, Fox, Universal, 
American, Bluebird. Paramount, Metro. Robertson- 
Cole, Vitagraph, United Artists, TifTany-Stahl. 
First National; "Mad Hour" (First National): 
"A Woman Against the World" (Tiffany-Stahl) : 
"The General" (United Artists); "Grip of the 
Yukon" (Universal). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 185; 
brown eyes and hair. 

FARNHAM, Joe, W., writer, b. New Haven, Conn., 
Dec. 3, 1884. Rels., Lois A. Farnham, sister, 
Sound Beach, Conn. Educ, sch., Yonkers, 

N. Y., City College of New York. Previous career, 
advertising agent, reporter, N. Y. Morning Tele- 
graph. Has lived in New Haven, Conn., Yonkers, 
N. Y., Sound Beach, Conn., Stamford, Conn., So. 
Orange, N. J., Brooklyn, N. Y., Hollywood, Bev- 
erly Hills, Calif. Entered pictures in 1910, began 
as writer of column under nom de plume Gorden 
Trent on N. Y. Morning Telegraph. Titled: 
"Alias Jimmy Valentine," "The Bellamy Trial," 
"Tide of Empire," "Four WaUs," "West of Zan- 
zibar," "Telling the World," "Laugh, Clown, 
Laugh," "The Cameraman," "The Actress," "The 
Big Parade," "Trial of '98," "Brown of Harvard." 
Clubs, The Friars, Hollywood A. C, The Writers, 
Acad. M. P. Arts and Sciences, Rancho Golf 
Club. Sports, football, golf. One child, Robert, 18 

FARNUM, Dorothy, writer, b. New York City, June 
18, 1900. Educ. at Convent in France and Quaker 
school in Phila. Spec, in Music, Languages, Lit- 
erature and Biography. Previous career, writing 
for screen. Lived in New York, Philadelphia, 
Paris and Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1922, 
through Harry Rapf. Wrote "Beau Brummel," 
"LostJady," "Babbitt," "Tess of the D'Urber- 
villes," "Ibanez's Torrent," "Temptress," "Bary- 
leys the Magnificent," "The Divine Woman," and 
"Dream of Love." Bus. Rep., Mr. Maurice Bar- 
ber. Press Rep., Miss Daphne Marquette. 

FARRELL, Charles, actor, b. Walpole, Mass., 1905. 
Educ. Onset Bay, Mass., Boston L^niversity. Spec, 
applied psychology. Previous career, property man 
with vaud. act. Entered pictures in 1924, mob 
scenes with M-G-M. Played in "Seventh Heaven," 
"Street Angel," "Fazil," "Red Dancer of Mos- 
cow," "Daily Bread." (Fox). Club, Hollywood 
Athletic. Sport,_ tennis. Hght., 6, 2; Wght., 175; 
brown eves, hair. Ad., Fo.x Studios, Hollywood, 

FARROW, John, writer, b. Sydney, Australia, Feb. 
10, 1904. Educ. in England and Australia. Spec, 
in Literature and Navigation. Previous career, 
the sea. Entered pictures in 1927. Wrote many 
short stories, also "Ladies of the Mob," "The 
Woman From Moscow," "The First Kiss," and 
"The Showdown." 

FAUST, Ed, actor. Screen career, "The Enemy 
Sex," "Fashions for Women" (Paramount). 

FAUST, M2u-tin J., b. Berlin, Germany; educ. 
N. Y. C. Early career, choir boy and soloist; 
stage career, rep., and stock. Screen career, 
Lubin, Biograph, Famous Players, Vitagraph, 
Thanhouser, Metro, Fox, Cosmopolitan, Assoc. 
Exhib., Chadwick, "Hello Qieyenne" (Fox). Hght., 
5, 11; wght., 170; dark hair, hazel eyes. 

FA^yCETT, George, actor, b. Estate near Alexan- 
dria, Va., August 25. Educ. at University of \'ir- 
ginia. Specialized in chemistry, law. English, his- 
tory, Greek, Latin. University degree. Was in 
stock first in Baltimore, then road shows and 
Broadway. With elder Salvini in "Othello". Three 
years was with Maude Adams, Several seasons 
in London. Starred in "Great John Ganton," 
"Treasure Island." Has lived in Baltimore, Wash- 
ington, New York, Chicago, Hollywood. Entered 
pictures in 1914. Played in "Peter Ihbetsen," 
"Crisis," "(ThLIdren's Children," "Wedding March," 
"Tempest," "Valley of Giants." "Changeling," 
"Fancy Baggage," "Little Wildcat," "Love Song," 
"Tide of the Empire." Belongs to Masquers, 
Lakeside Golf Club, Nantucket golf club; 2i3 club; 
Motion Picture Academy; Phi Kappa Psi: Green 
Room Club, Players, Lambs. Sports, motoring, 
golf, waJking. Hght. S-9J/: wght. 180; grey eyes; 
grey hair. Married to Percy Haswell. Child, 
Georgia Fawcett. Bus and press rep. Edith Ryan. 

FAYE, Julia, actress, b. Richmond, Va., Sept. 24, 
1896. Educ. in St. Louis. Has lived in St. Louis, 
Chicago, New York. Entered pictures in 1916 
through Director Christy Cabanne, at Fine Arts 
.Studio. Played in "Martha," "King of Kings," 
"Volga Boatman," "Feet of Clay," "Ten Com- 
mandments," "Godless Girl." "Chicago," "Main 
Event" "Corporal Kate," "Turkish Delight." Be- 
longs to Studio Club for Girls, Del Mar Beach 
Club. Sports, swimmin.g. riding. Hght. 5-2'/.; 
wght, 115; brown eyes:; brown hair. Mailing a<i, 
M-G-M Studio, Culver City, Cal. 

FAYE, Remdall, writer. Screen work: "The Heart 
of Salome," "Very CTonfidential," "Why Sailors 
Go Wrong," "Women Wise," "Love Hungry" 



To my Newspaper Friends — 

I want to thank you for the many favors 
extended me in the past. Your coopera- 
tion has been greatly appreciated. 

Sincerely, JAMES HALL. 

A Feiv Thojights for Possible Story Material 

Why I'm called the "Lucky Breaks Boy" in Hollywood. 
Played six months in legitimate stock before going in the movies. 
Embarrassing situations in movies are always sure-fire laughs — and why. 


Paramount Pictures 



FAZENDA, Louise, actress, b. Lafayette, Ind., June 
17. Educ. in Los Angeles. Played in "Gold 
Diggers," "Cradle Snatchers," "Heart to Heart," 
"Bat," "Terror," "Stark Mad," "Desert Song." 
Sports, swimming, tennis, hiking. Hght. S-^'/i', 
wght. 135; hazel eyes, light brown hair. Husband, 
H. B. Wallis. Bus. rep., Freddie Fralich. Mailing 
ad. Warner Bros. Studio. 

FEIST, Felix F., general manager, sales and distri- 
bution, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, b. New York City, 
July 15, 1883. Previous career, advertising. First 
connection in picture field was as advertising 
manager for Kinemacolor Co. of America, presi- 
dent of the Celebrated Players Film Corp., Chi- 
cago, and left that firm to become gen. man. and 
secretary of Equitable Pictures Corp., which later 
merged with World Film Corp.; became vice- 
president and general manager of sales and dis- 
tribution of Goldwyn Distributing Corp., 1917. 
Two yrs. later joined Joseph M. Schenck produc- 
tions as supervisor of distribution of special fea- 
tures and continued until 1925 when he was made 
generai sales manager for M-G-M. 

FEJOS, Paul, director, b. Budapest, Hungary. Rels., 
mother living in Hungary. Educ. Hungary. Spec, 
medicine, art, history, painting, received A.B. and 
M.D. degrees. Previous career, medical, director 
of theatres in Hungary, Germany, Austria, France. 
Has lived in Budapest, Vienna, Paris, N. Y. En- 
tered pictures in 1918. Directed "Oscar Wilde," 
"Lord Arthur Saville's Adventure," "Stars of 
Eger," "Nightmare," "Last Moment," "Stronger 
Than Death," "Lonesome," "Erik the Great," 
"Broadway" (last three for Universal). Clubs, 
Writers, Nest Club. Sport, fencing, horseback rid- 
ing. Bus. rep., Lichtig and Englander; Press rep., 
Irvin Shapiro. Ad., Universal Pictures Co., Uni- 
versal City, Cal. 

FELLOWES, Rockliffe, actor, b. Ottawa, Canada, 
1885; educ. Bishop's Coll., Lennoxville. Stage 
career, with Mrs. Fiske, Grace George, Cyril 
Scott. Screen career. Fox, Selznick, Goldwyn, 
Hodkinson, Famous-Players, First National, Vita- 
graph, Universal, FBO, Warners, ' Paramount, 
P.D.C., Assoc. Exhib., Metro, Lunias; "The Third 
Degree" (Warners); "The Understanding Heart" 
(M-G-M); "The Satan Woman" (Lumas); "The 
Crystal Cup" (First National). Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 175. 

FENTO'N, Leslie, actor. Screen career, "What 
Price Glory," "An Old Flame," "The Gateway 
of the Moon" (Fox) ; "The Showdown," "The 
Drag Net," "The First Kiss" (Paramount). Hght. 
6; wght. 168; dark brown hair, gray eyes. 

FERGUSON, Al., actor, b. Rosslarre, Ireland, April 
19, 1897. Educ. in London, England. Was with 
American Film Co., Selig, Universal, FBO. Has 
lived in London, Toronto, Edmonton, Canada, 
Chicago. Entered picture business in 1910. 
Played in "Tarzan the Mighty," "Wolves of City," 
"Pirates of Panama." Sports, riding. Hght. 6 ft.; 
wgrht. 185; brown eyes, hair. 

FERGUSON, Helen, actress, b. Decatur, 111., July 
23. Mother lives in Los Angeles. Educ. in 
public schools of Decatur, Nicholas Seper High, 
Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago. Studied 
business, art. Has lived in Decatur, Chicago, 
New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Beverly 
Hills. When 13 years old, after haunting old 
Essanay Studio for four months, finally re- 
ceived call to report for work. Played in 
"Hungry Hearts," "Burning Daylight." Has 
been on stage in Holllywood for past year. 
Hght. 5, 3; wght. 116; brown eyes, brown hair. 
Married to William Russell. Bus. rep., Arthur 

FERGUSON, Casson, actor, b. Alexandria, la.; 
educ. Tulane University. Stage career, opera and 
concert in Paris and London, with Mantell in 
New York. Screen career. Paramount, First Na- 
tional, FBO, P.D.C., "Tenth Avenue" (Pathe). 
Hght., 5, lOJ^; wght., 150; light brown hair, hazel 

FERN, Fritzi, actress, b. Akron, O., Sept. 19. Educ. 
Los Angeles pub. schls. Previous career, with 
Morosco and other stock cos. Has lived in Cleve- 
land, Akron, Los Angeles. Entered pictures as 
baby. Played in "Temptress," "Camille." Sports, 
flying, fights, baseball. Hght. 5, Z'A; wght. 118; 
Hazel eyes, brown hair. Ad. Universal City. 

FERRIS, Audrey, actress, b. Detroit, Mich., Aug. 
30, 1909. Mother lives in Hollywood. Educ. in 
Los Angeles. Specialized in music, literature, 
art. Previous to screen, sang, danced and played 

violin. Has lived in Detroit, Hollywood, Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures in 1926. Was given 
first chance on account of having won a large 
collection of dancing trophies. Played in "Be- 
ware of Bachelors," "Women They Talk About," 
"The Little Wild Cat,*' "Fancy Baggage." Sports, 
horseback riding, dancing. Hght. 5, 2; wght. 103; 
brown eyes; light auburn hair. Single. Bus. 
rep., Ivan Kahn; press rep., Warner Bros. Studio. 

FETCHIT, Stepin, colored actor, b. Florida. Educ. 
pub. schls. Previous career, county fair minstrels, 
vaude. act, "Mr. Step and Mr. Fetchit." Played 
in "In Old Kentucky," "Show Boat," "Ghost 
Talks," "Hearts in D.xie." Hght., 6; black hair. 
Ad.: Fox .Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 

FIELDS, Madeline, actress. Screen career, Fox, 
"Don't" (Metro); "The Girl From Nowhere," 
"The Girl From Everywhere" (Pathe). 

FIELDS, W. C, actor. Stage career, vaudeville, 
musical comedy. Screen career. United Artists, 
"That Royle (jirl," "It's the Old Army Game," 
"Two Flaming Youths," "T.llie's Punctured Ro- 
mance," "Fools for Luck" (Paramount), "Janice 
Meredith" (Cosmo), "Sally of the Sawdust" 
(United Artists). 

FIELDING, Margaret, actress, B. Louisville, Ky. 
Educ. New York City. Stage career, leading 
woman in stock and with Keith for 6 yrs.; screen 
career, "If Winter Comes" (Fox), "Kentucky 
Days" (Fox), "Exiles" (Fox), "Night Ship" 
(Gotham). Hght., 5, Syi; wght., 125; dark brown 
hair, brown eyes. 

FINEMAN, B. P., associate producer, Paramount, 
b. New York City, Feb. 22, 1895. Educ. New York 
City. Previous career, newspaper work. Entered 
pictures in 1915. 

FINCH, Florei, actress, b. England; educ. English 
private school. Stage career, began with Ben 
Greet in England, also in vaud. Screen career, 
Vitagraph, Biograph, Pathe-Thanhouser, Flora 
Finch Film, Capellani, Blackton, First National, 
Pathe, Paramount, Hodkinson, Mastodon, Selz- 
nick, C. C. Burr, Assoc. Exhib., Astor, P.D.C., 
"The Cat and the Canary" (Universal); "Captain 
Salvation," "Quality Street" (Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer); "Rose of the Golden West" (First Na- 
tional); "The Wife's Relations" (Columbia). Hght. 
5, 5; wght. 110; fair complexion, dark hair, blue- 
gray eyes. 

FINE, Bud, actor. Screen career, "Hold Your 
Breath" (Hodkinson); comedy work for Educa- 
tional and Red Seal; "Battling Butler" (Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer); "The Wreck of the Hesperus" 

FINLAYSON, Jeunes, actor, b. Edinburgh, Scot- 
land. Screen career, Sennett, Assoc. Prod., Metro, 
Pathe, Columbia, iFox, First National; "Flying 
Elephants," "Galloping Ghosts" (Pathe); "Ladies 
Night In A Turkish Bath," "Lady Be Good" 
(First National); "Old Wives Who Knew" (Fox). 

FISCHER, Margarita, actress, b. February 12. 
]MotJier lives in Los Angeles. Was on legitimate 
stage since 8 years of age. Has lived in San 
Francisco, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures in 1912. Played in "K, the 
Unknown," "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Sport, tenn.s. 
Hght. 5, 1; wght. 117; gray eyes; black hair. 
Married to Harry A. Pollard. Bus. and press 
rep., Sonya Cooke. Mailing ad. Universal Film 
Corp., Universal City, Cal. 

FITZGERALD, Dallas M., director, b. LaGrange, 
Kentucky. Educ. Louisville. Was stage actor 
and director. Laved in New York City, iPhiladel- 
phia and Chicago. Entered picture business 1910. 
Directed "Price of Redemption." "Puppets ot 
Fate," "The Offshore Pirate.'' "Blackmail," "The 
Lookout Girl," "Golden Shackles." "The Web 
of Fate," "The Girl He Didn't Buy," "Wilful 
Youth." Belongs to Elks, Deauville Beach and 
Edgewater Beach Clubs. Favorite sports, boxing 
and baseball. Married to Etta Day. Bus. rep., 
Billy Schary. 

FITZGERALD, Cissy, actress, b. London, Eng. 
Educ. Convent of Notre Dame, London. Stage 
career, mgmt. Charles Frohman. Began screen 
career in 1914 with Vitagraph. First National 
FBO, Warner, Columbia, Pathe, Universal, "Wo- 
men's Wares," "Ladies of the Night Club" (Tif- 
fany-Stahl), "Two Flaming Youths" (Paramount), 
"Arizona Wildcat" (Fox), "Laugh Qown Laugh" 

FITZMAURICE, George, director, b. Paris, Feb. 
13, 1895. Educ. there. Spec, in literature and the 
arts. B. A. Paris. Was painter. Has lived in 

Editorial Highlights 

from the experiences of 


Art Student — Art Editor — Ntwspaper Man — Short Story Writer — 
Student of play construction under Belasco for one year for Broadway 

Two years with George Ai liss, making adaptations of DisraeU — 
The RuHng Passion — The Man "Who Played God — The Green Goddess. 
Adapted Monsieur Beaucaire for Rudolph Valentino. Sally of the 
Sawdust for D. W. Griffith. 

Four years with Gloria Swanson — adaptations of The Humming 
Bird — Society Scandal — Wages of Virtue — Stage Struck. Sent to 
France with Miss Swanson to adapt and supervise Madam Sans Gene. 

Decorated by French Government and made Officer D'academie 
February 4th, 1925. 

Forfhconiing Corintie Griffith adaptations: 
Divine Lady — Saturday's Children and Prisoners 



l • 

/ •' ' 1 




Forrest Halsey discussing story with Corinne Griffith 

Dcfails of any of tlw above subjects will be obtained on request by 
Motion Picture News 



Paris, London and New York. Entered picture 
business. Directed "On with the Dance," "The 
Dark Angel," 'Peter Ibbetson," "The Barker," 
"Lilac Time," "Love Mart." Belongs to the 
Lambs, Ijotus Club. Sport, tennis. 

FITZROY, Emily, actress, b .London, England; 
educ. London and Paris. Stage career, 25 yrs. 
England and \J. S. Screen career. Fox, Griffith, 
Metro, First National. Universal, Paramount, 
FBO, Metro-Goldwyn, Independent, Cosmopolitan, 
Warners, United Artists, Tiffany, Plaza; has ap- 
peared in "Love," "The Trail of '98," "Foreign 
Devils" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) ; "Gentlemen 
Prefer Blondes" (Paramount); "Love Me and the 
World Is Mine" (Universal); "No Babies Wantfed" 
(Plaza). Hght., 5, 6J^; wght., 160; dark brown 
hair, hazel eyes. 

FITZROY, Roy, asst. general manager in charge 
of production. TifTany-Stahl Studios. b. New 
York, June 19, 1891. Rels., parents living in 
Brighton Beach, N. Y. ; Bud Barsky, motion pic- 
ture producer, Hollywood. Educ. New York, Ed- 
monton, Alberta; Berkeley, Calif., spec, in writ- 
ing. Screen career, motion picture business for 
over 20 yrs. director of publicity, sales promotion, 
cutter, writer, director, supervisor and asst. gen- 
eral mgr. Has lived in Toronto, Ont.; Edmonton, 
Alta.; New York City, Kansas City, Mo.; St. 
Louis, Omaha. Entered pictures in 1906. Pro- 
duced or supervised: "The Pride of Sunshine 
Alley," "Makers of Men," "Speed Demon," "The 
Haunted Ship," "The Devil's Ski' per," "Tomor- 
row," "Foreign Devils," "The H'^se of Scandal," 
"The Scarlet Dove"; titled: "The Haunted Ship." 
CKibs: 233 Club, The Masquers, 32nd Degree Ma- 
son, Shriner. Sports, ridng, yachting. Wife's 
prof. nan^j-^Florence Schmidt ; one child, Robert 
Fitzroy, 8 yrs. 

FIX, Paul, actor, b. Mar. 13, 1902. Educ. Cornwall, 
pub. schls , N. Y. Spec, history, military. Pre- 
vious career, theatre. Has lived in N. Y., Paris 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1928, through 
Fred Datig of Famous Players, from stage. Played 
in "First Kiss." Sports, golf, yachting, motoring. 
Hght. 5, 11; wght. 145; brown eyes and hair. 1 
cMld, Marilyn Frances (3). Bus. and press rep., 
Jesse Wadsworth. 

FLADER, Fred L., general manager. Universal 
Chain Theatrical Enterprises, b. Germany. Joined 
L'niversal in 1922; managed several Universal 
theatres in San Francisco and Chicago. Made 
head of Universal's theatre department 1926; went 
to Chicago to manage U theatres; snnt to Berlin 
to look after U houses and returned to U. S. 
during Fall of 1928 to become general manager 
of Chain Theatres. Married Chicago girl, has two 
sons and family live in Brooklyn, N. Y. Address, 
L^niversal Pictures, New York City. 

FLANDERS, Rolauid, actor. Screen career, "Casey 
of the Coast Guard" (Pathe); "The Nest" (Ex- 

FLAVIN, Harold J. (Paramount Publicity Dept.) 
b. New York City, April 29. 1902; Educ. Parochial 
grammar school, St. Regis High School and For- 
and suit business as salesman; resigned to entei 
dam University; first business connection, cloak 
editorial stafi of Motion Picture News with that 
publication until joining Paramount Publicity De- 
partment Tuly 9, 1927. 

FLEMING, Bob, actor, b. Ontario, Feb. 19. Mother, 
Mrs. Janet Fleming, living in Illiad, Montana; 
brother and sister, Geo. A. Fleming, cattleman, 
and Mary E. Lidstone, Illiad, Montana. Educ. 
in Collingwood, Ont. Spent boyhood in vaud. 
Traveled through British Isles; three years 
U. S. G. S. Rocky Mountains & S. W. ; cattle 
business in Montana until 1911; then vaud., pic- 
tures. Has lived in Toronto; Havre, Mont.; 
Prescott, Ariz.; San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, 
Los Angeles. Entered picture business in 1912, 
Carmen, _ Marian Leonard Monopole Co. After 
recuperating from accident sustained in a vaud. 
act in Portland, came to Ix)s Angeles and en- 
tered pictures. Played in "The Virginian," "To 
Have and to Hold," "Rose of the Rancho," 
"Mojave Kid," "Vanishing Pioneer," "Riding 
Renegade," "Drums of Arabia." Sports, hunting, 
fishing, riding. Hght. 6. 1; wght. 180; blue eyes; 
dark hair. Married to Mary Van Deusen Flem- 
ing; child, Marian Patricia, 9 yrs. 

FLEMING, Victor, director, b. Pasadena, Cal., Feb. 
1888. Educ. in Los Angeles schools. Was auto- 
mobile race driver; mot. pict. cameraman. Re- 
sided in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Paris and 

Hollywood. Entered picture business in 1910. 
Made acquaintance of Allan Dwan that led to 
becoming cameraman at American Studio, Santa 
Barbara. Has directed more than 30 pictures, 
more recent of which are "Abie's Irish Rose," 
"Hula," "The Way of All Flesh," "The Rough 
Riders," "Wolf Song." Sports, hunting, plane 
piliiting. Bus. rep., Paramount Famous Lasky. 

FLOOD, James, director, b. New York City, July 
31. Parents live in New York. Educ. there. 
Entered picture business in 1912 as assistant di- 
rector. Directed "Doormat," "Ladies in Ermine," 
"Three Hours,'' "Tomorrow." Belongs to Rancho 
Golf Club, Rainbow Angling Club. Sport, golf. 
Married to non-professional. Bus. rep., Jack 

FLYNN, Elinor Golden, actress, b. Chicago, Mar. 
17, 1910. Uncle, \Vm. E. Flynn, gen. mgr. Inter- 
national Harvester, Council Bluffs, la. Educ. at 
St. Xaviers' and Loretta Academy, Chicago. 
.Studied piano, dramatic art, dancing. On stage 
in kiddie acts. Was a member of "Criss Cross," 
Broadway Show of Fred and Dorothy Stone. En- 
tered picture business in April, 1927. Joseph P. 
Kennedy selected her from Criss Cross Stone Show 
and sent her to Hollywood accompanied by par- 
ents, Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Russell, with who she 
lives. Belongs to Catholic Motion Picture Guild. 
Sports, horseback riding, swimming. Hght., 5, 2; 
wght., 105; blue eyes; brown hair. 

FLYNN, Ray, director, b. Denver, Colo.; educ. 
.Spear"s Latin .School. Stage career, "A Fool 
There Was," with Lambert Hillyer. Screen ca- 
reer, upon return from World War, played extra 
parts, liecame assistant director and the di- 
rector for Fox, making Westerns; "Blood Wil! 
TelJ" (Fox). 

FLINN, John C, vice-president, Pathe Exchange, 
Inc., b. May 6, 1887, Evanston, 111. First entered 
film business in 1914 as puljlicity manager of 
Jesse L. Lasky Feature iPlay Co.; next with 
Famous Players-Lasky Corp. as advertising pub- 
licity manager. Ten yrs. later he became vice- 
president in charge of advertising and publicity, 
W. W. Hodkinson Corp., subsequently becoming 
vice-president and general manager of Producers 
Distributing Corp.; also held positions of presi- 
dent and director of Metropolitan Picture Corp. 
of California; vice-president and director. Cinema 
Corp. of America, and vice-president and director 
of Cecil B. DeMille Pictures Corp. Upon merger 
of P.D.C. and Pathe, Flinn became vice-president. 
Clubs: Motion Picture Club, N. Y. Athletic Club. 
Hudson River Country Club of Yonkers, News- 
paper Club of N. Y., Associated iMotion Picture 
Advertisers, Yonkers Commandery, No. 47, K. T. 
and the Thistle Lodge, No. 900, F. and A. M. 
and N.V.A. 

FORBES, Ralph, actor, b. London, England, Sept. 
30, 1901. Educ. at Denstone College, England. 
Career on London stage in "Flame," "Far Above 
Rubies," ;ind New York stage in "Havoc," "Man 
with Load of "Mischief," "Little iNIinister," 
"Stronger Than Love," and Los Angeles stage 
in "Green Hat." Entered pictures in 1925 after 
D. W. Griffith pursuaded him to do test at Long 
Island studio which resulted in his playing "Beau 
Geste." Played in "Enemy," "Trail of '98." 
"Latest from Paris." "Actress," "Masks of 
Devil" (M-G-M), "Whip" (First National). Be- 
longs to Conaught Club, London; Masquers. 
Sports, riding, shooting, fishing. Hght. 5, 11: 
wght. 165: dark blue eyes; blond hair. Married 
to Ruth Chatterton. Bus. rep.. Miss Dixie McCoy; 
press rep., Edward Gilland. 

FORD, Harrison, actor, b. Kansas City, Mo., Mar. 
16. Educ. Kansas City. Los Angeles. Previous 
career, stage. Played ' in "Smiliii" Thru'' (First 
National), "Let 'Er Go Gallegher," "Rush Hour" 
(Pathe), "Woman Against World" (TifTanv- 
Stahl), "Golf Widows" (Columbia), "Just Ma'r- 
ried" (Paramount). Hght. 5, 11; wght. 160; 
brown eyes ; dark brown hair. 

FORD, James, actor, b. Lawrence, Mass.. Mar 
21, 1905. Parents live in Hollywood; three sisters, 
Dora, Rita and iMary. live at home and do secre- 
tarial work; brother, iMarty. actor. Educ. at Law- 
rence, Mass.: general high school course, dra- 
matics. Was on stage, musical comedy. Has 
lived in Lawrence and Boston, Portland. Me.; 
New York City. Entered pictures in 1925; dis- 
covered by Corinne Griffith during filming ot 
"Divine I^dy.'" Played in "Making the Grade," 
"Outcast," "Ritzy Rosie." Sports, tennis, golf, 



s\\ iiiiniing, horseback riding, itc s'katiiig, dancing. 
Hglit. 6; wght. 172; blue eyes; light brown hair. 
Single. Bus. rep., First National Pictures Corp.; 
jiress rep., George Landy, publicity director for 
First National. Mailing ad. First National Pic- 
tures Corp. 
FORD, John, director, b. Portland, Me. Parents 
live there. Brother, Francis Ford, actor. Educ. 
Univ. of .Maine. Has lived in Portland and Holly- 
wcxjd. Directed "Three Bad Men," "Four Sons,'' 
"Napoleon's Barber." "Hangman's H o u s e," 
"Mother Machree," "Thank Vou," "Lightnin'," 
"Just Pals," "Little Miss Smiles." Mailing ad. 
Fox Studios. 
FORD, Francis, director, b. Portland, Me., 1882; 
educ. Univ. of Maine. Stage career, travelled 
country with stock and road show legit, attrac- 
tions. Served in Cuba during Spanish -American 
War. Screen career, began with Edison as actor, 
then with Vitagraph, and most all of the leading 
companies; became short subject and then serial 
director for Universal, and in 1926 began work on 
features for same company; directed "Call of the 
Heart," "The Four-Footed Ranger," "The 
Branded Sombrero," "Wolf's Trail" (Univ.), 
"The Wreck of the iHesperus" (Pathe). 
FORDE, Eugenie, actress, b. N. Y. C. Stage ca- 
reer, from 1898, with George Monroe, Chauncey 
Olcott, Wm. Faversham, Blanche Walsh; screen 
career. Christie comediec, Selig, American, Gi.ild- 
wyn, Universal, Educational, FBO, Vitagraph, 
Fox, First National, Paramount, "Captain Sal- 
vation" (Metro-Goldwvn-Mayer) ; "Wilful Youth" 
(Peerless). Hght., 5, S; wght., 139; dark com- 
plexion, dark brown hair, brown eyes. 
FORDE, Gene, director, b. Providence, R. I., 1898. 
educ. CJasson Point iNFditary Acad., iN. Y. Early 
career, boy stage actor, bank teller in iHolIywood. 
Stage career, with Mary Pickford, Blanche Sweet, 
William S. Hart; screen career, actor, script 
clerk, beg-an directing in 1926, working on two- 
reelers; then signed by Fox for features; has di- 
rected "Imperial comedies." "^ello Cheyenne," 
• "Dare Devil's Reward," "Painted Post" (Fox) ; 

".Son of the Golden West" (FBO). 
FORREST, Alan, actor, b. Brooklyn, N. Y.; educ. 
I'niv. .Sch., Cleveland, CWiio. Stage career, stock 
in Cleveland and Baltimore. Screen career," Para- 
mount, W'arner, Asso. Exhibitors, Prod. Dist. 
Corp., Universal, United Artists ("Dorothy Ver- 
non of Haddon Hall"); Vita. ("Capt. Blood"); Fox 
("Ankles Preferred"); M-G-M ("The Lovelorn")- 
Columbia ("The Desert Bride"); FBO ("Sally of 
the Scandals"). iHght. 6; wght., 170; black hair, 
brown eyes. 
FORST, Emil, writer, b. Vienna, Austria. Relatives, 
s'ster living in Vienna, Dr. iHans von Kalier, 
nephew, iHellenic Elec. Corp., Athens, Greece. 
Educ. \'ienna and Naval Academy, Fiume, Aus- 
tria. Pre^'ipus career, naval office and diplomatic 
corps, participated in Boer War. Bosnian upris- 
ing and World W^ar. Has lived in Vienna, Ixm- 
don. Paris, Madrid, Capetown. Entered pictures 
in 1920 because of political conditions in Austria. 
Wrote orig., "Sylvia on a Spree." "A Social iPi- 
rate," "The Splendid Sin," "Fools and Thei'r 
Money," "Strange Idols," "Occasionally Yours," 
"Parisian Nights." Adap., "Riders of the Night," 
"Behind the Curtain." Stage plavs "little Mi's-: 
Genius." "Claws and Velvet Paws." Sports, 
yachting, tennis. 

FORT, Garrett, writer, b. New Jersey. June 5. 
19(10. Educ. at pub. schools, Columbia Uiiiv. and 
Princeton. Previous career, short stories and 
general fiction for Colliers, Metropolitan, Mun- 
sey's. Liberty and other National magazines. 
Wrote "Jarnegan," "The Last Lover." "A Ladv 
Descends," all scheduled for 1928 and 1929 produc- 
tion. Lived in New York. Paris. Boston, Phila- 
delphia. Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco 
and New Orleans. Entered pictures in 1920. Wrote 
"White Gold," "Gigolo," "Prince of Ileadwaiters," 
"Ritzy Rosie," "The Letter" and "Dress Parade." 
Clubs, Writers, Masquers and Dramatists' Guild. 
Bus. rep., Edward Small of IIoHvwood and Harold 
Friedman, N. Y. ; press rep., A'rthur Kober. 

FORTUNE, Edmund, actor, b. Monmouthshire, 1863. 
Educ. by Private Tutors spec, in languages, law. 
Holds Bachelor of Laws, La Salle Extension 
Univ., Chicago, degree. Early manhood spent as 
British officer in India after serving for two years 
as midshipman in Navy. Stage at intervals for 
.30 years. Has lived in Bombay, Poona, London, 
New York, New Orleans, St. Paul, Mexico Citv, 

Bocas del T'jro, .San Francisco. Entered picture 
business in 1919 through late Mr. Goodstadt. 
Played in "Lost Lady," "Never the Twain Shall 
Meet," "Way of the Law," "Blue Danube," "Sor- 
rell and Son." Belongs to Thespians, American 
Bar Assn., and L. A. Bar Assn. Sports, golf, 
bridge. Hght. 5, 10; wght. 160; grey eyes and 
FOSTER, Helen, actress, b. Independence, Kans., 
May 23. Educ. Kansas City, also finishing schools 
in Florida. Entered pictures, Sept. 1, 1924. Pic- 
tures include "Hellship Bronson," "The Mating 
Call," starred in "Sweet Sixteen," "Should a Girl 
Marry?" featured in "The Road to Ruin," 
"Linda." Sports, tennis, golf, bridge. Hght. 5; 
wght. 98; gray eyes; blonde hair. Bus. rep., Ivan 
Kahn; pres rep., Sam Cohan. Studio ad. Cliff 
Broughton Prod., Metropolitan Studios. 
FOX, Finis, writer, b. Caddo, Okla. Educ. three 
years coll., 1 year univ. Spec, studied dramatics. 
Previous career, newspaper writer. Lived in New 
York and Los Angeles. Entered pictures about 
fifteen years ago. Recent pictures, "Ressurec- 
tion," "Revenge" and "The Bad iMan." Clubs, 
Hollywood Athletic Club and Gables Beach Club. 
.Sp.irts, swimming, fishing, tennis, riding and golf. 
FOX, Johnny, actor, b. Chicago; educ. Los An- 
geles. Screen career. Famous. P.D.C.. Universal, 
Metro, Pathe, Columbia, Educational; "The Cov- 
ered Wagon" (Famous) ; "Friendly Enemies" 
(P.D.C.); "The Bar C Mystery" (Pathe); "Rich 
Men's Sons" (CcJumbia). Hghf., 5, Syi; wght., 
110; brown eyes, auburn hair. 
FOX, Wallace, director. Directed "The Bandit's 
Son" and "Jake the Plumber," both 1927 re- 
leases; in 1927-28, made "Riding Renegade," 
"Driftin' Sands," "Man in the Rough," "Breed of 
the Sunsets," all Westerns with Bob Steele, for 
FOX, William, president Fox Film Corp. and Fox 
Theatres, Corp.; b. Tulchva, Hungary, Jan. 1, 
1879; son of Michael and Anna (Freid) Fox; 
brought to U. S. in infancy. Educ. public schools. 
New York City. Entered picture business in 
1904 as theatre manager (penny arcade); then 
leased two New York City theatres, the Dewey 
on 14th street and the Gotham on 12Sth street. 
IS yrs. ago entered business as distributor, or- 
gan'zing the Greater New York Film Rental Co., 
specializing on 2 reel subjects; organized the Box 
Oftice Attraction Co. for purpose of producing 
own pictures; continued as a distributor of films 
by other producers and extended his theatre hold- 
ings. Organized Fox Film Corp., absorbing Box 
Office Attractions. Production of pictures and 
expansion of theatre holdings has since been on 
an increasingly larger scale. Recently took lon^ 
term lease on large number of independently 
owned neighborhood tlieatres in New York City 
and vicinity. Has de luxe type theatre building 
program under way in large cities. iMason and 
K. uf P. Clubs: City Athletic. Resides, 316 West 
91st street and Woodmere, L. I. 
FOXE, Earle, actor, b. Oxford, O.. Dec. 25, 1891. 
Parents live in Chicago. Educ. at O. State Univ. 
.Spec, in mechanical engineering. Previous to 
screen was on stage. Has lived in N. Y., Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures in N. Y. with Kaleni 
between seasons of stage. Played in "Panthea," 
"Ashes of Embers," "Four Sons," "River Pirate." 
"Blindfold," "Badges." Belongs to Alpha Chi 
Sigma, The Lambs, iMasquers. Sports, golf, 
shooting, boxing. Hght. 6, 2; wght. 198; blue 
eyes; dark brown hair. Married. Son, Chester 
Earle Foxe, age 10. Bus. rep., Mrs. Foxe; press 
rep., Earle iManyston. Ad. Fox Studios, Holly- 
wood, C.'il. 
FOY, Bryan, director. Legal name, Bryan Fits- 
gereld. b. Chicago, 111., Dec. 8, 1896. Brothers 
and sisters, Chas., Richard, iMary, Madeline, Ed- 
die, live in New Rochelle, N. Y., and are all on 
stage. Educ. De La Salle Inst., and at Peddie. 
Has been on st.^ge; was song writer. Has lived 
in New Rochelle and Hollywood. Entered pic- 
tures 1920. W'rote song "Mr. Gallagher and Mr. 
.Shean" and w-as engaged by Fox as writer of 
comedies, nien directed comedies for Fox. Di- 
rected "The Home Towners," "Lights of New 
York," "Across the Border," "The Swellhead," 
"Queen of the Night Clubs" and 400 yitaphone 
shorts. Belongs to Elks, Eagles, Friars, Mas- 
quers and Lambs. Sports, golf, yachting, water 
sports, riding. 



FOY, Mrs. Mary, actress. Screen career, Hodkin- 
son, Paramount, Asso. Exhibitors, "Ankles Pre- 
ferred," "Slaves of Beauty" (For,); "A Per- 
fect Gentleman" (Pathe) ; "Polly of the Movies" 
(First Division); "Mad Hour" (First National). 
FRANCIS, Alec B., director, b. London, England. 
Educ. at Uppingham College and Mt. Mellery 
Abbey. Previous careers, law, army, stage. Has 
lived in London, New York .Bombay, Johannes- 
burg, St. Louis, Hollywood. Entered pictures in 
1910. Played in "Beau Brummel," "Music Mas- 
ter," "Terror," "Lion and Mouse," "Shepherd of 
Hills," "Companionate Marriage." Belongs to 
Hollywood A. C, Lakeside Golf Club, Writers, 
Masquers, Edgewater Beach Club. Sports, fish- 
ing, golfing. Hght. 5, llj^; wght. 157; brown 
eyes; gray hair. Bus. rep., Ernest S. Cowell. 

FRANCIS, Olin, actor, b. Mooreyille, Miss., Sept. 
]i, 1892. Relative, Wallace Francis, mayor of 
Sallisaw, Okla. Educ. Tupelo, Miss. High Schl., 
University of Miss. Spec, engineering. Previous 
career, 7 years locomotive fireman, engineer, air 
corps, lieut., U. S. Army pilot, served at Ash- 
burn Park, Chicago; Geo. School of Tech., At- 
lanta; Kelly Field No. 2, .San Antonio, Te,\.; Scott 
Field, 111., France, etc. Has lived in Meridian, 
Miss.; New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago, St. Louis, 
Los Angeles, Hollywood. Entered pictures Jan. 
9, 1921. Played in "Win That Girl" (Fox), "Kid 
Brother," "Sea Beast," "Fighting Devil," "Devil's 
Trademark," "Stormy Waters," "Free Lips. 
Club, Masons. Sport, flying. Hght. 6, 2; wght. 
225; grey eyes; black hair. Wife's prof, name, 
Frances Haurion. Bus. rep., Geo. S. Ullman. 

FRANCISCO, Betty, actress, b. Little Rock, Ark.: 
educ. there. Stage career, vaudeville, drama and 
mus. com. Screen career, Preferred, Metro, Cos- 
mopolitan, First National, Paramount, Universal, 
Hodkinson, Arrow, Warner, Assoc. Exhib., Wm. 
Steiner, FBO, P.D.C., Schulberg, Lumas, Fox, 
Rayart, CoJumbia; "Broadway Daddies" (Colum- 
bia); "You Can't Beat the Law," "A Boy of 
the Streets" (Rayart); "The Gay iRetreat" (Fox); 
"The Gingham Girl," "Uneasy Payments" (FBO); 
"Too Many Crooks" (Paramount), Hght., S, Ayi; 
wght.. 115; blonde hair, hazel eyes. 

FRANEY, Billy, actor. Screen career, Western 
Prod., Metro, Universal, series of comedies for 
O'Connor Productions, Aywon, Goldstone, Fox, 
Assoc. Exhib., Columbia, Bischoflf, Ginsberg, FBO. 
Rayart, First National, Pathe, Sterling, "The 
Royal American," "The Racing Fool" (Rayart); 
"Out All Night" (Universal); "Aflame in the 
Sky" (FBO); "She's a Sheik," "Under the Tonto 
Rim" (Paramount); "The Canyon of Adventure" 
(First National). 

FRANK, Christian J., actor. Screen career, Uni- 
versal, Goldwyn, Vitagraph, Hal Roach-Pathe, 
Assoc. Exhib., Paramount, "Nevada," "Easy 
Come, Easy Go" (Paramount); "Cihicago After 
Midnight" (FBO); "The Cavalier" (Tiffany- 

FRANKLIN, Martha, actress, b. N. Y. C, Oct. 
18, 1876. Relative, Sidney Franklin, brother. Educ. 
N. Y. C. Previous career, on stage since infant; 
Casino, N. Y.; with George Lederer for 6 yrs.; 
Ward and Yokes "A Run on Bank;" 2 yrs. 
"Belle of N. Y." in England. Entered pictures 
10 yrs. ago in Fla., with Gaumont in "I'm Ac- 
cused." Also played in "Racing Luck," "Keep 
Smiling," "Get Your Man," "Serenade," "Love 
and Learn," "Girl from Moscow," "Y'^ounger Gen- 
eration." Club, Troupers. Hght. 5, 3% ; wght. 
162; dark brown eves; grey-black hair. 

FRANKLIN, Wendell P., actor. Screen career, "The 
.Silent Rider," "The Fourth Commandment," 
"Midnight Rose" (L^niversal). 

FRANKLIN, Chester M., director, b. San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., 1890; educ. there. Early career, car- 
toonist. Screen career, began with Keystone; 
later directing for Majestic. iFine Arts, Fox, Real- 
art, Paramount, Metro, First National, making 
several Norma Talmadge productions; then re- 
turned to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; dir. and co- 
scenarist for "The Thirteenth Hour," directed 
"Detectives" (M-G-M). 

FRANKLIN, Harold B., President West Coast 
Theatres, Inc., b. New York, April 4, 1889. Re- 
lated to (Thas. A. Franklin, General Attorney, 
Southern Pacific R. R., New York; and John J. 
Franklin, Division Manager, West Coast Thea- 
tres, Los Angeles. Educated in New York. De- 
gree from C. C. N. Y. Operated theatres from 
I9I4 to date; organized and operated Paramount 

Theatre organization; Vice-Pres. Publix Theatres; 
President, West Coast Theatres; Pacific Coast. 
Has lived in New York and Los Angeles. Entered 
picture business in 1916. Built over 75 of leading 
theatres. Author of "Theatre Management," pub, 
by Doubleday-Doran. Clubs: Lambs, Masquers 
and Friars. Sport, golf. Marrie'd to Anna i^Iay. 
Son, Elbert, 15 yrs. 
FRANKLYN, Sidney, director, b. San Francisco, 
Cal., 1893; educ. there. Screen career, Selig, Bos- 
worth, Majestic, Fine Arts, Fox, Norma Tal- 
madge Co., Warners, Grand Asher, Metro, P.D.C., 
Gotham, Universal, Lumas, Educational; "The 
"Wheel of Chance" (First National) ; "The Act- 
ress," "Quality Street" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). 
FRANZ, Joseph J., actor, 11 Utica, N. Y., 1883. 
educ. Christian Bros. Acad. Stage career, actor 
and dir. with Elsie De Tourney in Shakespearean 
rep. on tour. Screen career, Jesse Hampton, 
Metro, Assoc. Exhib., Fox, Goldstone, ElfeJt 
Prod., Rayart, Universal, "iEasy Come, Easy Go" 
FRASER, William R., general manager Harold 
Lloyd (liorp., b. Central City, Colo. Educ. Stan- 
ford, Cornell Universities. Spec, electrical en- 
gineering, economics, statistics, finance. Previous 
career, 15 yrs. with U. S. Forest Service, retiring 
as forest supervisor. Has lived in Denver, Durango, 
Gunnison, Colo., Ithaca, N. Y., Los Angeles, Palo 
Alta, Cal. Entered pictures in 1922 to manage 
Harold Lloyd Corp. Clubs: HoJlywod A. C, F. 
and A.M., Masquers, Lakeside. Sports, golf, 
football, baseball. 
FRAZER, Robert, actor, b. Worcester, Mass.; educ. 
there. Early career, actor. Screep career, "The 
Litle Snob" (Warners), "Back to God's Coun- 
try" (Universal); "Burning Up Broadway" (Ster- 
ling); "Out of the Past" (Peerless); "The Scar- 
let Dove" (Tif¥any-Stahl). Hght., 6; wght., 170i 
dark brown hair, brown eyes. 
FRAZIN, Gladys, actress. Screen career, "Let No 
Man Put Asunder" (Vitagraph'); "The Winning 
Oar," "Inspiration" (Excellent). 
FREDERICI, Blsmche, actress. Screen career, 
"Sadie Thompson" (United Artists); "Fleetwing" 
FREDERICK, Pauline, actress, b. Boston, Mass. 
Educ. private schools, Boston, N. Y. Previous 
career, stage beginning with Rogers Bros., and 
culminating in "Madame X." iEntered pictures 
in 1915 in Famous Players' "Eternal City," thru 
stage work. Played in "On Trial," "Madame X," 
"Three Women," "Paid in Full," "Nest." Club, 
Actors Equity. Hght. 5, 3J/$; wght., 130; hazel 
eves ; brown hair. 
FREDERICK, Freddie, child actor. Screen career, 
"The Crowd" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer); "Marry 
the Girl" (Sterling). 
FREMONT, Al W., actor, b. Cohoes, N. Y., Feb. 
23, 1862. Brother-in-law State ComptroJlers office. 
Nephew insurance agent, Albany, N. Y.; nephew, 
Canton, O., newspaper. Educ. in Albany, N. Y., 
and Bay City, Mich. Went on stage in 1879. Has 
lived in Cohoes and Albany, Bay City, Chicago, 
Denver, New York, Memphis, Nashville. Entered 
pictures in 1911. Played in "Queen of Sheba." 
"Pitfalls of a Great City," "Winds of Chance," 
"Let's Go." "Brute," "She's a Sheik," "A Ship 
Conies In." Belongs to Elks and Troupers. Sports, 
boxing, baseball. Hght. 5, 11%; wght. 165; brown 
eves; dark hair. Married to Ella Weaver. 
FRENCH, Chas. K., actor. Educ. in Columbus, 
O. Has lived in iNew Y''ork, Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures in 1909 as director, manager for 
New York motion picture company, Bison. 
Brought company to Los Angeles. Played in all 
Chas. Ray's early successes, and "Night Watch," 
"Last Warning." "Perfect Crime," "Rodeo," "Di- 
vine Lady." Sports, horseback riding, hunting, 
fishing. Hght. 6; wght. 190; dark blue eyes; 
brown and gray hair. iMarried. 
FRENCH, Geo. B., actor, b. Storm Lake, la., 
April 14, 1883. Educ. in Great Falls, Mont. 
Fifteen yrs. on stage. Resided in (Thicago, New 
Y'ork, Seattle. Entered picture business in 1911 
with Universal. Played in "Tarzan of the Apes," 
Christie Comedies, "Sawdust Paradise," "Wheel 
of Chance." Belongs to Elks and Troupers. 
Sports, hunting, riding. Hght. 5, 8; wght. 146; 
dark eyes; hair turning gray. Child, Georgia 
Louis French, professional. 
FRIES, Otto H., actor, b. St. Louis, Mo., 1890. 
Father and brother in business in Covington, Ky., 
Fries & Son, Eng. and Const. Co., Jail Builders- 

Jean Hersholt 

U?tiversal Star 


BRIEF NOTES FOR EDITORS: Graduate of the Academy of Arts in 
( dpenhagen, Denmark. Holds degree of Master of Arts. Won nmner- 
ous prizes for his work with brush and pencil. Recognized as one of 
Denmark's leading actors and stage directors. In 1915 staged the 
Danish National Fair at the San Francisco Exposition. This brought 
him to America and later an opportunity to direct pictures. Returned 
to the screen and achieved his first great fame in the United States 
through his portrayal of Marcus in the production "Greed." Is an 
ardent stamp collector and an expert at ice hockey. His ability as 
a portrait painter has aided him materially in making up for the 
more than 1700 separate characterizations he has portrayed. 



Educ. in Pnitsniouth, O., and Cinciiniati. Went 
tu Martin Dramatic SchtxJ. Cartrer, 9 yrs. an 
stage including medicine show and vaud. singing, 
dancing, comedy, dramatic, musical. Has lived 
in St. Louis, Portsmouth, O'., Cincinnati, Cov- 
ingt<in, Brooklyn, Los Angeles. Entered pictures 
in 1V14, starting with Sennett in 1915. Six yrs. 
with Educational, leads, heavies, character leads. 
Played in "Hotel Imperial," "Surrenider," "Riley 
the Cop" and comedies for Fox. Belongs to 
Masonic Lodge. Sports, swimming, hunting, fish- 
ing, football. Hght. 6, Yz; wght. 226; brown eyes; 
black ha>. Married to Vivian A. Marshall. 
Children, Sherwood Marshall Fries, 8 yrs.; Ottilia 
Vivian Fries, 10. 

FRIGANZA, Trixie, actress, b. Lycygne, Kansas; 
educ. there. Early career, stage actress. Stage 
career, vaud. and mus. com. star. Screen career, 
M-G-M, P.D.C., Tiffany, "The Racing Romeo" 
(FBO); "Thanks for the Buggy Ride" (Uni- 
versal); "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (Para- 

FRITSCH, WiUy, actor. Screen career, "The Waltz 
Dream" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) ; "The Last 
WaJtz" (Paramount); "Dance Fever" (UFA). 

FULLER, Dale, actress, b. Santa Ana, Cal., June 
17. Educ. at Raniona Convent, Alhambra, Cal., 
Dominican Sisters, Faribault, Minn., St. Patrick's 
Academy, Chicago, Sisters of Kotre Dame, San 
Franc-SCO, Miss West's School and Mills College. 
Was on stage. Has lived in New York, and 
West Coast cities. Entered pictures in 1917. 
Her mother's illness confined her activity to the 
West Coast; secured engagement at Sennett's 
Studio. Played in "Foolish Wives," "Merry Go 
Round," "Greed," "The Wedding March." Sport, 
gardening. Hght., 5, 3; wght., 118; dark brown 
eyes; brov/n hair. Press rep., Edith Ryan. 

FULTON, Maude, writer, b. Eldorado, Kans., May 
14. Brother, Frank Fulton, St. Louis, Mo. 
W^as educ. in pub. school in New Orleans. Was 
a concert pianist, composer, dancer, actress, mag- 
azine short story writer, playwright, director, 
theatre manager. Has lived in New Orleans, 
Kansas City, St. Louis, New York and San Fran- 
cisco. Entered picture business in 1925 in Los 
Angeles, through Benny Freidman. Has titled 
"Don Juan," "Lady Windemere's Fan," "Last 
Frontier." Belongs to Authors League of Amer- 
ica, Actors Equity, Writers Club. Sports, fish- 
ing and hunting. Bus. rep., Guy Coburn. Has 
written following stage plays, "The Brat," 
"Mary," "Tomorrow," "Sonny," "The Humming 
Bird," "Pinkie," "The Big Top." 

FULTON, Jimmy, actor. Screen career, "Adven- 
turous Soul," "The Air Mail Pilot" (Hi-Mark); 
"The Thrill Seeker" (Superlative Pictures). 

FUREY, BajTiey, actor. Screen career. First Na- 
tional, Steiner, Chesterfield, Lumas, "The Sonora 
Kid," "The Flying U Ranch," "Red Riders ot 
Canada" (FBO). 

FURTHMANN, Charles, writer, b. Chicago, 1885. 
Educ. Notre Dame, Cornell, Illino's Coll. of Law. 
LL.D. Previous career, law, newspaper and 
writer. Lived in Chicago, New York, St. L<:>uis, 
Paris, London, Drusseldorf, Manchura. Entered 
pictures in 1919. "Hunchback of Notre Dame" 
(adapt.), "Phantom of the Opera" (adapt.), "Leg- 
ally Dead" (orig.), "Goose Woman" (adapt.), 
"Blind Goddess," "Padlocked." "I'nderworld," 
"Broadway," "Drag Net," "(Tity Gone Wild." 
Clubs, Chicago Athletic Club, Germania Club, 
El Caballero and Rancho. Sports, golf, hunting. 

FURTHMAN, Jules, writer, b. Chicago, III., Mar. 
5, 1888. Educ. Northwestern Univ. Spec, in lit- 
erature. Previous career, newspaper and maga- 
zine work. Lived in New York, Paris, London, 
Rome and Florence, etc. Entered pictures in 
1917. "Victory," "Treasure Island," "The Wise 
Guy" (orig.), "Barbed Wire," "The Way of All 
Flesh" (orig.), "Abie's Irish Rose," "The Drag 
Net" (orig.), "Docks of New York" (orig.), and 
"Case of Lena Smith." Clubs, Rancho Golf Club 
and Cabellero Golf Qub. Sport, golf. 

GABRIO, Gabriel, actor, b. Champagne, France; 
educ. there. Stage career, star in France. Screen 
career, "Les Miserables" (Universal) ; "Captain 
Raskas," "Collette's Tears." Hght., 6, 2; brown 
hair, blue eves. 

GAIN, J. J., executive manager. Paramount 
Studios; b. Philadelphia, Pa., May 28, 1888. Kels., 
4 sisters, 5 brothers all in business, 1 lawyer 
Educ, Roman Catholic Parochial and High Sch. ; 
spec, business course, Philadelphia, Pa. Previous 
career, automobde business, 1910 to 1920. Entered 
pictures in 1920 to organize Transiwrtation Dept. 
lor l.oiig Island studio. Clubs: Elks, K. of C. 
.S'liirts, golf, horseback riding. Four children, 
John. Jr., 14 yrs.; Edward, 12 yrs.; Robert, 8 yrs., 
Edith Gain, 4 mos. 

GALLAGHER, Raymond, actor, b. San Francisco, 
April 17. Educ. at Sacred Heart Coll., studied 
mediciiif. Has lived in New York, Chicago, San 
Francisco. Entered pictures in Los Angeles in 
1911. Was juven.le leading man for Belasco. Mr. 
Melies saw him on stage and made him offer to 
go into pictures. Played in "Trail of '98," "Abie's 
Irish Rose," "Half a Bride," "Nothing to \year," 
"Tide of Empire," "Excess Baggage." Sports, 
swimming, baseball, tennis, motoring. Hght. 5, 
9: wght. 160; brown eyes; brown hair. 

GALLAGHER, Richard "SkeeU", actor. Screen 
career, "The Daring Years" (Goodman- Equity) ; 
■The Potters," "New York," "The Racket" 
(Paramount); "For the Love of Mike" (First 
ilVatiunal) ; "Alex the Great," "Stocks and 
Blondes" (FBO). 

GALLAHER, Donald, director, b. Belfast, Ireland, 
June 25, 1S95. Educ. Columbia "Univ., New York, 
Burroughs Academy, Dwight College. Began 
stage career at four yrs. of age. Starred in "Is 
Zat So" — part owner of the show; directed "The 
Gorilla," "Fool's Bells," "In This Room," co- 
author of "The Octopus." Has lived in Great 
Neck, L. I., and Hollywood. In ^ 1910 played 
juvenile roie in Thanhauser Studio, New Rochelk. 
Is just starting in at motion pictures. Sport, goTT; 
hobby is horticulture. 

GALLAGHER, Toy, actress. Screen career, "Ac- 
tion Galore" (Educational), series of Educational 
comedies through '26 and "21. 

GALLERY, Tom, actor, b. Chicago; educ. Sacreci 
Heart College, Chicago. Screen career, Vitagraph. 
First National, Universal, Paramount, Asso. Ex., 
Warners, FBO, "Under the Rough" (Asso. Ex.), 
"The Limited Mail," "One Round Hogan," "A 
Dog of the Regiment" (Warners); "Home Struck" 

GANGELIN, Paul, scenarist. Educ. Univ. Wise 
Screen worTc includes: "Ten Modern Command- 
ments," "Rolled Stockings" (Paramount) ; "Blood 
Will Tell" (Fox); "Silks and Saddles" (Uni- 

GANZHORN, Jack, actor. Screen career, "The 
Iron Horse" (Fox); "The Apache Raider," "\'al- 
ley of Hunted Men" (Pathe). 

GARBO, Greta, actress, b. Stockholm, Sweden, 
1906. Educ. Stockholm, Sweden. Entered pic- 
tures about 1922, discovered as a screen possi- 
bility by Mauritz Stiller. Screen career, "Tor- 
rent," "Temptress," "Flesh and Devil," "Love," 
"Divine Woman," "Mysterious Lady," "Woman 
of AfTairs" (M-G-M). Sports, tennis, riding, 
swimmng. Hght. 5, 6; wght. 125; blue eyes; 
golden hair. 

GARDNER, Buster, actor. Screen career, "Best 
Bad -Man," "The Circus Ace," "Tumbling River 
(Fox); "Cirashing Through" (Pathe). 

GARNETT, Tay, director, (formerly a writer), b. 
Los Angeles, June 13. Educ. high school there. 
Entered picture business 1920 through Alan Holu- 
bar purchasing original story written by him 
while in Navy Air Service. Directed "The 
Spieler," "Celebrity." Wrote "Skyscraper" and 
"Power." Sports, yachting and flying. Press 
rep., Oliver B. Garver. Mailing ad. Pathe Studios, 
Culver City. 

GASNIER, Louis P., director, b. Paris, France, 1882. 
.Stage career, actor, Paris ten yrs.; managed Paris 
theatre. Screen career, began with Pathe Freres, 
Paris, in the capacities of general manager 14 
years, and vice-president 2 years; 1916 organised 
Astra Film Corp., serving as president and gen'l 
mgr., and produced picture with Fanny Ward; 
later made three serials with Mrs. Vernon Castle 
released through Pathe; 1919 organized Lew Cody 
Prod., supervised production and directed; super- 
vised and directed Dustin Farnum; directed for 
Rolvertson-Cole, Preferred, "Streets of Shanghai," 
"The Beauty Shoppers," "Sin Cargo" (Tiffany- 
Staid) ; "Fashion iNl^dness" (Columbia). 

Year In and Year Out 

You can be sure of three good, audience-satisfying pictures each year. 
Hines' Pictures have high entertainment value and sure box office attrac- 
tion value. He has a following that is safe to figure on in advance. 

Hines' pictures are made to order for the big combination vaudeville 
theatres where the audiences have always been more sophisticated and 
demanded novelty in story and gags and real humor. 

Everybody remembers Burn 'Em Up 
Barnes and Conductor 1492 — The Speed 
Spook — -The Brown Derby and others — 
how many pictures can you remember 
that were made by other stars — there is 
a reason. 

Johnny Hines 



Burn 'Em Up Barnes Independent 

Sure Fire Flint Independent 

Luck Independent 


Little Johnny Jones Warner Bros. 

Conductor 1492 Warner Bros. 


The Speed Spook Independent 

The Early BircH Independent 

The Cracker Jack Independent 


The Live Wire First National 

Rainbow Riley First National 

The Brown Derby First National 


All Aboard First National 

Stepping- Along First National 

White Pants Willie First National 


Home Made First National 

Chinatown Charlie First National 

The Wright Idea First National 

You can always figure on the Johnny Hines days — and boys, they are 
priced so you can make some money. 

Just so many ^'Sure Fire^^ days 

If every day was sure-fire — what a sweet business this would be. Boys, 
that's what counts — get after them today. 


C. C. BURR, Maiiagiiio Director 

Sttidio, Melrose and Bronson Aves., Hollywood, Caltf. 



GARON, Pauline, actress, b. Montreal, Canada, 
Sept. 9. Mother lives in Hollywood. Educ. at 
the Sacred Heait Convent. Has lived in New 
York, Montreal, Paris, Hollywood. Entered pic- 
tures in 1922 through Lillian Gish. Played in 
"Sonny," "Adam's Rib," "Marriage Market," 
"Redskin," "Tarnish." Belongs to Our Girls 
Club. Hght. 5, lyi; wght. 96; hazel eyes; blonde 
hair. Married to Lowell Sherman. Bus. rep., 
George S. Ullnian. 

GARRETT, Oliver H., writer, b. New Bedford, 
Mass., May 6, 1897. Educ. Keiit school, Kent, 
Conn., and one year Williams Coll. Previous 
career, newspaper reporter. Lived in Boston, New 
York and Los Angeles. Entered pictures Oct. 
1927. Clubs, Thata Delta Phi and Los Angeles 
Tennis Club. Sport, tennis. 

GATES, Harvey H., writer, b. Hawaii, Jan. 19. 
Relatives, parents living in Salt Lake City, Utah; 
Emma Luc!e Gates, sister, opera singer; 5. 
Cecil Gates, brother, prof, music at A. C. Univ., 
Utah, conductor State Oratorial Soc. & Tabernacle 
Choir; Frank G. Gates, brother, technical ad- 
visor to U. R. Radio Comm. Educ. Univ. of 
Utah. Previous career, newspaper reporter. Has 
lived in Salt Lake City, Portland, Tacoma, Se- 
attle, New York City, Berlin. Entered pictures 
in 1912. Screen work, "Stark Mad," "The Ter- 
ror," "Redeeming Sin," "The Desert Song." 
Club, Masons. Sports, fishing, hunting and 
horses. Wife's prof, name, Lucie Genez. Three 
children, Victor, 15 yrs.; Beulah, 13 yrs.; Jacob, 
11 yrs. Bus. rep., Edward Small Co.; press rep., 
Leonard C. Boyd. 

GARVIN, Anita, actress, b. New York City, Feb. 
11, 1908. Mother living in Hollywood; grand- 
mother, Mrs. Edwin Morrow, in Kansas City, 
Mo. Educ. at Holy Cross Academy, New York. 
Was on stage four years with Florenz Ziegfeld — 
from 12 yrs. to 16. Entered picture business in 
April, 1925. Played in "Play Girl," "Night 
Watch." Co-starred in Hal Roach comedies with 
Marion Bryon. Sports, tennis, golf, swimming. 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 131; green eyes, black hair. 
Married tO' Jerry Drew. Bus. rep., W. O. Chris- 
tenson. Mailing ad. Hal E. Roach Studios, Culver 
City, Cal. 

GAYNOR, Janet, actress, b. Philadelphia, Oct. 6. 
Parents I ve in Hollywood. Educ. at Polytechnic 
High School, San Francisco, business course. 
Prev. career, office work. Has lived in Phila- 
delphia, Chicago, Melbourne, Fla. ; San Francisco, 
HoUywod. Entered pictures in 1924. Played in 
"Seventh Heaven," "Street Angel," "Sunrise," 
"Four Devils." Sports, golf, tennis. Hght. 5; 
wght. 100; brown eyes; auburn hair. Mailing 
ad. Fox Studios. 

GEARY, Maine, actor, b. Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Feb. 15, 1898. Parents living in Beverly Hills. 
Educ. in Utah. Nevada, Berkeley. Cal., spec, in 
electrical engineering. Went to White's Beakley 
Prep. Was in Canadian Army Service Corps, 
Royal Flying Corps. Has lived in Salt Lake 
City; Ely, Neb.; Oakland, Cal.; Vancouver, B. C. ; 
Toronto; New York; Hollywood. Entered pic- 
tures in 1919. While visiting Fox Studio was 
seen by assistant director and was cast for Brit- 
ish officer part. Has played in "Robin Hood," 
"Thunder Mountain," "Sparrows," "Diamond 
Handcuffs," "Gold Braid." Belongs to Phi Chi 
Fraternity. Sports, football, trout fishing. Hght. 
6, 1; wght. 180; grey eyes; brown hair. Married. 
Two children, Maine Geary, II., 6 yrs.; Richard, 

GEUJERT, Clarence, actor, b. St. John, B. C, 
June 9, 1867. Relatives, W. F. Geldert, San Fran- 
cisco, public acocuntant; Louis iN. Geldert, 
Memphis, Tenn., editor; Dr. Helen Spencer, New 
York City; Jackson T. Carle, San Francisco, ex- 
aminer. Educ. at Collins Coll., Boston, spec, in 
English, law. Previous to screen was cowboy, 
soldier, in real estate business in New York City, 
actor, farmer, salesman, mining operator, general 
business. Has lived in New York, Boston, St. 
John, N. B.; Winnipeg, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, 
San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures in 1915 with D. W. Griffith. Was man- 
ager of theatre, saw how pictures were being 
made and decided to try to improve them. Has 
tried in some 200 and is still trying. Played in 
"Joan the Woman," "Woman of Paris," "Dress 
Parade," "Flaming Forest," "Humming Wires," 
"Sioux Blood." Belongs to L. A. City Club, 

Writers Club. Sports, sailing, hunting, fencing. 
Hght. 5, 11; wght. 165; dark grey eyes; grey hair. 
Married. iPress rep., Edith Ryan. 

GENDRON, Pierre, writer, b. Toledo, O., Mar. 4. 
Educ. Notre Dame, Chicago Univ. Previous ca- 
reer, on stage, produced some of own plays. Has 
lived in Chicago, Montreal, Palm Beach, London, 
Paris, Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1922. 
Dialogue on "Sal of Singapore" and "Leather- 
necks" (Pathe). Clubs, Alpha Delta Phi, 
Writers Club, Authors League, Hollywood Ath- 
letic. Sports, swimming, tennis, riding. Wife's 
prof, name, Mary Alice Scully. 

GEORGE, Maude, actress, b. iRiverside, Cal., Aug. 
15. Mother living in Palmdale, Cal. Educ. in 
public schools, Cunnock Girls School. Studied 
voice, elocution. Began stage career with Bur- 
bank Stock Co. Has lived principally in New 
York, Los Angeles. Entered picture business in 
1915. Has played in "Blue Blazes Rawden," 
"Devil's Pass Key," "Foolish Wives," "Tempor- 
ary Marriage," "Garden of Eden," "Woman from 
Moscow," "Veiled Lady." Belongs to Co-Masonic 
Lodge. Sports, driving, interior decoration. Hght. 
5, S'/i; wght. 125; brown eyes; brown hair. Mar- 
ried to Frank Passmore. Has an adopted daugh- 
ter, Adrienne, 12 yrs. old. 

GEORGE, John, actor, b. Syria. Screen career, 
Metro, Asso. iEx., Warners, United Artists; "Don 
Tuan" (Warners); "The Road to Mandalay," 
"The Unknown," "TRe Big City" (Metro); "The 
Night of Love" (United Artists). 

George, Henry W., director and actor. Screen 
career, played in "When Fleet Meets Fleet" (Hi- 
Mark) ; directed Cameo Comedies and Lupino 
Lane Comedies (Educational). 

GERAGHTY, Carmelita, actress, b. Rushville, Ind., 
Mar. 22. Parents living in Hollywood. Related 
to author, Ben de Casseras, N. Y. C. Educ. in 
New York schools and Hollywood High School. 
Studied languages, mathematics, drawing. Was 
continuity clerk to Marshall Neilan, John Robert- 
son, Chet Franklin. Has lived in New York, 
Chicago, Indianapolis. Entered pictures Ayi yrs. 
ago, when Geo. Fitzmaurice, director, urged her to 
give up holding script on set to play part in 
"To Have and to Hold." Played in "My Lady of 
Whims," "Great Gatsby," "Good-Bye Kiss," "My 
Best Girl." Belongs to Beach Club, Hollywood 
Athletic Club and Writers' Club. Sports, riding, 
tennis. Hght. 5, 4^/2; wght. 122; brown eyes; 
brown hair. Bus. rep., Wm. Cohill; press rep., 
.Scoop Con Ion. 

GERAGHTY, Tom J., writer, b. Rushville, Ind., 
Apr. 10. 1881. Daughter, Carmelita Geraghty, 
actress. Hollywood; two sons at Princeton. Educ. 
at Catholic Brothers, Wallace Circus. Spec, in 
art, English, history. Has been cigar maker; 
sign painter, traveling salesman, editor small city 
paper, secretary to Governor, reporter and feature 
writer on N. Y. Herald for 10 yrs.; author maga- 
zine stories, vaud. sketches. Has lived in Rush- 
ville, Indianapolis, Toledo, New York, London, 
Hollywood, Palm Beach, Bayside, L. I. Entered 
pictures in 1916; started with Metro publicity 
where he wrote Drew comedTes. Then wrote 
feature stories at Famous Players. Wrote orig- 
inals of "Mollycoddle," "Back Home and Broke," 
"Hollywood." Adaptations for "Unpardonable 
Sin," "When Clouds Rolled By," "Charm 
School," "Always Audacious," "Synthetic Sin," 
"Ritzy Rosie," "Wateifront," 'TFIaroild Teen," 
"Mad Hour." Belongs to Lambs, Bohemian, 
Family, Writers, Beach, Lakeside Golf, Hollywood 
A. C., Derelicts (London), Academy of ilSI. P. 
Arts and Sciences, Authors League. Sports, golf, 
riding, billiards, bowling. Children, Carmelita, 
24; Sheila, 23; Gerald, 21; Maurice, 20. Bus. 
rep., his wife; press rep., The Wampas, Holly- 
wood, Cal. 

GERARD, Carl, actor, b. Boston; educ. there. 
Stage career, Cohan and Harris, "Turn to the 
Right," "Brewster's Millions." Screen career, 
First National, Metro, Haworth, Jess Robins, 
Paramount, Columbia; "The Voice From the 
Minaret" (First National) ; "The Love Piker" 
(Goldwyn); "Wild Bill RTickok" (Paramount); "So 
This Is Love" (Columbia). Hght., 5, lO^^; wght., 
144: brown eyes and hair. 

GERARD, Charles, actor, b. Carlow, Ireland, 1887; 
educ. Castleknock and Dublin Univ. Screen ca- 
reer. Paramount, Universal, Selznick, Hodkinson, 
C. C. Burr, Fox, First National, B. B. Prod., 
Allied Prod., Truart, Metro-Goldwyn, Stromberg, 

Sam Katz 

Piiblix Theatres Corp. 

SAM KATZ, head of one of the greatest 
theatre operating companies in the 
world, started his career in connection 
with pictures as a pianist in a penny picture 
show. To-day at the age of 34 he is one of 
the most powerful influences in the industry. 
His career reads much like an Horatio Alger 
tale. He was plunking the ivories in that 
penny arcade in 1906. And Carl Laemmle 
was the owner of the house. 

Born in Wompola, a little Russian hamlet, 
the young Katz came to the United States 
via steerage at the age of three months. His 
childhood was spent in the Ghetto section of 
Chicago. His father was a barber, and the 
Katz parents are still residents of the Windy 

Previously to his playing the penny arcade 
young Katz had plied the trade of messenger 
boy and switchboard repairer for a telephone 
company. He was not long playing the piano. 
In fact he jumped right from house musician 
to house mana^r, which got him a salary of 
$18 a week, but not in the house in whicii 
he was musician. This house had one hundred 
camp chairs, and they, with a stove were 
about the entire equipment, aside from the 
screen and projection booth. Young Katz 
was ambitious. Out of this $18 a week he 
saved a considerable proportion and eventually 
bought the house. Then he added an orches- 
tra, a piano, violin and 'cello. 

It was here that young Katz established 
himself for all time as a showman and he 
made "good shows" his motto. Good shows 
meant better business and better business 
meant that he could buy another theatre. 
He did. He did not stop at one. He added 
a third and then he added on some more 
links and the title, "Amalgamated Picture 

Being a theatre manager by night had not 
interfered with his education. He was grad- 
uated from high school and entered North- 
western University as a law student. There 

he met a kindred soul, Barney Balaban, who 
also owned picture houses, and the Katz- 
Balaban combination was as good as made. 
It was many years, however, before the two 
realized their ambition and built the first 
really fine motion picture theatre that Chicago 
knew — the Cejitral Park Theatre, finished in 

The two young men had a hard financial 
struggle, but they succeeded with the Central 
Park, and the Riviera Theatre followed. That 
theatre taught all Chicago the trade name of 
Balaban & Katz, and theatre followed theatre 
in rapid succession, each more beautiful than 
the last. 

Then along came Adolph Zukor of Famous 
Players. He recognized a genius in Katz. 
The Famous Players-Lasky Corporation had 
acquired many motion picture theatres. 
Amalgamation seemed logical and amalgama- 
tion followed. Publix means the ideals of 
Sam Katz and his executive associates. It 
means the last word in motion picture 

"One of the Publix Theatres" is a phrase 
that means the best in entertainment as well 
as the best in service and surroundings. Sam 
Katz never departed from his original idea 
that a better show meant better business. 
Those who travel widely know the Publix 
sign. In New York the new Paramount, 
the Rivoli and Rialto belong to the Publix 
chain. In Chicago the Publix family is more 
numerous. It includes the Chicago, the 
Oriental, Tivoli, Uptown, Norshore, Riviera, 
Central Park, Roosevelt and McVicker's. 

Other famous theatres of the Publix chain 
include the Michigan in Detroit, the Metro- 
politan in Boston, the Buffalo in Buffalo, the 
Paramount and Million Dollar in Los An- 
geles, the St. Francis, California and Im- 
perial in San Francisco, the Ambassador and 
the Missouri in St. Louis, the Newman in 
Kansas City, all the A. H. Blank theatres in 
Des Moines and Omaha, and others to() 
numerous to mention. 



P.D.C, Warners, IruleiieiiJent, Kayrut, Patlie, 
"The Heart Thief" (P.D.C); '■Framed," "Home 
Made" (First National); "Painting the Town" 
(Universal); "Ginsberg the Great" (Warners); 
"That Certain Thing" (Columbia); "The Port of 
Missing Girls" (Brenda); "Romance of a Rogue" 
(State Rights). 

GERRARD, Douglas, actor. Le^al name, D. G. 
McAlurrugh-Kavanagh, b. County Dublin, Ireland, 
Aug. 12, 1888. Brother, Right Hon. Sir Dermat 
Kavanagh, Bart; sister lives with him. Another 
brother, Charles, lives in Hollywood. Educ. at 
Stonyhurst Coll., England and Dublin Univ., Ire- 
land^ Heidelberg Univ., Germany. Took full art 
courses. Bachelor of arts. Spec, in hterature, 
elocution, oratory. Was for years Shakespearian 
actor. Has lived in Dliblin, London, Paris, Berlin, 
Vienna, Australia, New York, Los Angeles, San 
Froncisco, Switzerland, Sydney, Melbourne. En- 
tered pictures in March, 1913. Leading man for 
Anna Pavlowa in her only big picture, Mary 
Pickford, Pauline Frederick. Later Carl Leammie 
made him feature director. Played in "Command- 
ing Officer," "Foot-Loose Widows," "Wolf's 
C.othing," "Tailor Made Man," "Omar the Tent 
Maker," "Ladies of Night Club," "Lord and 
Lady Algy." Belongs to Savages, Green Room 
Cub, Bath Clubs, London. Sports, fox hunting, 
horseback riding, jumping, swimming, rowing, 
yachting. Hght. 5, W/z; wght. 175; dark brown 
eyes; dark brown hair. Bus. and press rep., 
August Blanchard. Mailing ad. Warner Bros. 
Studio, Hollywood. 

GIBLYN, Charles, director and actor, b. Water- 
tnwn, N. Y.; educ. high school. Stage career, 
stock, rep., mus. com., as actor and mgr. ; with 
Harrigan and Hart, Wm. Gilette, Southern, mgmt. 
Chas. Frohman, H. W. Savage. Screen career, 
director for Universal, Triangle-Ince, Select, 
Lasky, Goldwyn, Selznick, Fox, Allied P. & D., 
X'itagraph, Assoc. Exhib. ; has appeared as actor 
in "Her Wild Oat," "The Wright Idea" (First 

GIBSON, Hoot, actor, b. Tekamah, Nebr. Educ. 
Nebr. Previous career, vaud., U. S., Australia; 
race track driver. Has lived in Portland, San 
Francisco, Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1915. 
Played in "Calgary Stampede," "Wild West 
Show." Clubs, 233, Hollywood Athletic. Sports, 
auto racing, bronco busting, boxing. Hght. 5, 9; 
wght. 160; blue eyes; brown hair.- Wife's prof, 
name, Helen Gibson. One child, girl. Ad. Uni- 
versal Pictures, Universal City, Cal. 

GILBERT, Eugenia, actress, b. East Orange, N. J., 
\ov. 18. Educ. South Orange, N. J., New Yoi-k, 
Los Angeles. Previous career, professional toe 
dancer. Entered pictures at 15 yrs. of age, 
through dancing. Played in "Obey the Law," 
"By Whose Hand," "After the Storm." Sports, 
hiking, riding, hunting. Hght. 5, 4; wght. 120; 
dark blue eyes; light brown hair. 

GILBERT, Florence, actress, b. Chicago, III., Feb. 
20, 1905. Parents living in Hollywood. Educ. in 
Chicago. Entered pictures in 1920. Was asked- 
to double for Mary Pickford. Played in "Johns- 
town Flood," "Desert's Price," and the Van 
Bibber series. Belongs to "Regulars." Sport, 
horseback riding. Hght. 5, 2; wght. 115; blue 
eyes; blonde hair. Married to Ashton Densholt. 

GILBERT, John, actor, b. Logan, Utah, July 10, 
1897. Educ. public schcx^ls all over country, 
Hitchcock Military Academy, San Rafael, Cal. 
Stage Sareer, Baker Stock Co., in Portland, Ore. 
and Seattle, Wash.; Forepaugh Stock Co., Cin- 
cinnati. Has lived in all principal cities of the 
United States. Screen career, "Merry Widow," 
"La Boheme," "Flesh and Devil," "Big Parade," 
"Cossacks," "His Hour," "Count of Monte 
Cristo," "Four Walls," "Man, Woman and Sin" 
(M-G-M). All outdoor sports. Hght. 5, 11; wght. 
135; brown eyes; brown hair. 

GILUNGWATER, Claude, actor, b. Louisiana, 
Mo., Auy. 2, 1870. Mother residing in Los An- 
geles. Educ. in St. Louis, Mo., La. High School 
graduate. Was on stage for 30 yrs. in U. S.. 
England. Entered pictures in 1921. Has lived 
in La., Mo.; N. Y. C, London, Beverley Hills. 
Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks attended 
performance of "Three Wise Fools" in which 
he was featured. They made a proposition to 
him which he accepted principally to l)e with his 
wife and son who were already permanently lo- 
cated in California. Has played in "Little Ijord 
Fauntleroy," "Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come," 

"Okay," "RenuMubrance," "Daddies," "Women 
They Ta.k About," "Stark Mad," "Stolen 
Kisses." Belongs to The Players, The Lambs, 
Masquers, Deauville Beach Club, Hollywood Ath- 
letic Club. Hght. 6, 2%; wght. 168; brown eyes; 
grey hair. Married. Child, Claude, Jr. Bus. 
Rt-p., Edward Small. 

GILMAN, Fred, actor, b. Wyoming. Educ. there. 
Early careen, ranch hand. .Screen career, "Texas 
Ranger Series" (Universal two-reelers). 

GILMORE, Barney, actor. Screen career, "The 
(ialloping Cowboy" (Assoc. Exhib.); "Almost a 
Lady" (P.D.C); "South Sea Love" (FBO). 

GILMORE, Lillian, actress, b. N. Y. C, 1909; educ 
there and Hollywood. Stage career, in John Gold- 
en's "Lightnin'," other productions. Screen ca- 
reer, "The Phantom Flyer," "The King ot 
Shebas," "Buckskin Days," "Straight Sho<jting," 
(Universal); "The Mojave Kid" (FBO); under 
long term contract to appear in Westerns and 
comedies for Universal. 

GILLSTROM, Arvid E., director, b. Gottenberg, 
.Sw^-den, Aug. 13, 1891. Parents live in Los An- 
geles. Was educ. high school, bus. college and 
.Sch(K>I of Mines. Spec, in mining engineering. 
Entered picture business in 1911. Has directed 
"Clancy's Kosher Wedding," "Legionnaires in 
Paris/' "Footloose Women." Belongs to the 
Hollywo<jd Athletic Club. 

GIRACI, Mae, actress, b. Los Angeles, Jan. 22, 
1910. Educ. at Hollywood High School; studied 
nursing. Was on stage. Entered pictures in 
1915. Has played in "Prince Chas.," "Lorna 
Doone," "Lulu Bett," "Faith Healer," "Secrets." 
.Sports, swimming, riding. Hght. 5; wght. 104; 
brown eyes; black hair. Bus. rep., Guy Colburn. 

GIRARD, Jean, actress, b. New York City, Mar. 
10, 1908. Educ. private and public schools. New 
York. Spec, in art, dancing, writing, literature. 
Stage career, Schuberts, Follies, vaud. Has lived 
in Boston, New York City, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Entered pictures in October, 1921, engaged for 
role in "Silas Marner," co-starred. Lead in "The 
Mad Marriage," "The Necklace," "A Man's 
Past," "The District Doctor," "Girl with Golden 
Eyes." Sports, golf, dancing. Hght. 5, 5; -wght. 
118; brown eyes and hair. Ad. Tec-Art Studio, 
Hollywood, Cal. 

GIRARD, Jos. W., actor, b. Williamsport, Pa., 
Apr. 2. Educ. in public schools, Philadelphia. 
Was on legitimate stage for many yrs. Has lived 
in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures in January, 1914, with Edison Co., New 
York. Played in "Redskin," "Terror," "Heart 
Trouble," "King of Rodeo." Belongs to Corner 
Store 367— F. & R. M., N. Y. ; 233 CTub, Mas- 
quers, Academy of M. P. Arts and Sciences. 
Likes all outdoor sports. Hght. 6; wght. 198; 
dark brown eyes ; gray hair. 

GISH, Dorothy, actress, b. Dayton, O., 1898. Stage 
career from 1902. Screen career with Biograph. 
Played in "Hearts of the World" (Griath), 
"Fury," "The Bright Shawl," "Clothes Make the 
Pirate" (First National), "Romola" (M-G-M), 
"Xell Gwyn," "London," "Madame Pornpadour" 
(British International). Hght. 5; blue eyes; fair 

GISH, Lillian, actress, b. Springfield, O., 1896. 
Finishing school education. Stage career, from 
1902; screen career from 1912; engaged by Griath 
for Biograph stock. Played in "Birth of a Na- 
t on," "Broken Blossoms," "Way Down East," 
"Orphans of the Storm" (Griffith, "The White 
Sisters" (Inspiration), "Romola," "La Boheme," 
"The Scarlet Letter," "Annie Laurie," "The En- 
emy" (M-G-M). Hght. 5, 4; wght. 112; blue 
gray eyes, blonde hair. 

GITTENS, Wyndham, scenarist, b. at sea; educ. 
West Indies and Harrow, Eng. Early career, 
newspaper and magazine writer; also on trade 
publications. Screen career, Biograph, Melles; 
Universal as screen editor, with Triangle as di- 
rector; Gittens Prod.; "Crashing Through", (Pa- 
the); "Tropic Madness" (FBO). 

GLASS, Gaston, actor, b. Paris, France; educ. 
there. Screen career. Preferred, Aywon, Chad- 
wick, P.D.C. Banner, FBO, Truart, Columbia, 
Pathe; "Parisian Nights'" (FBO); "The Verdict" 
(Truart); "My Home Town" (Rayart) ; "Name 
the Woman" (Columbia); "The Red Mark" 
(Pathe). Hght., S, lO"^; wght., 160; brown eyes, 
dark hair. 
GLAZER, Benjainin, writer. Screen work: "The 
Lady in Ermine," "The Love Mart" (First Na- 



lioiKilj; "Seventh Heaven" (Fox); "A Gentleman 
(►f Paris," "The Streets of Sin" (Paramount); 
•■The Trail of '98" (M-G-M). 

GLEASON, James, actor, b. N. Y., May 23, 1886. 
Educ. in military science. Previous career, stage, 
army. Has lived in New York, San Francisco, 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1912. Played 
in "Count of Ten." Author of "Is Zat So?'' 
I'layed it on stage. Clubs, Lambs, Players, 
Masquers. Sports, polo, golf. Hght. 5, 10^; 
wght. 140; blue eyes; light brown hair. Wife's 
II, if. name, Lucile Webster Gleason. One child, 
Kussell. Press rep., Nancy Smith. 

GLENN, Raymond, actor. Screen career, "The 
kc-turn of Boston Blackie," "Ladies At Ease," 
"The Temptations of a Shop Girl" (First Di- 

GLYN, Elinor, writer, b. Island of Jersey, Channel 
islands. Educ. private schools and under private 
tutors. Previous career, author. Has lived in 
London, Paris, I^os Angeles, New York, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Entered pictures in 1921 through 
Mr. Lasky. Work includes, "Three Weeks," "His 
Hour," "It." Two children. Lady Dawson and 
Lady Williams. Motion picture rep., John Wynn; 
bus. rep., Gertine Ahrens. Has written, "The 
Visits of Elizabeth," "The Reason Why," "Red 
Hair," "The Seventh Commandment," "The 
Point of View," "The Contrast." 

GOEBEL, Art, actor. Screen career, "Three Miles 
L'p," "Skyhigh Saunders" (Universal). 

GOETZ, Harry M., asst. treasurer. Paramount Ft- 
111. ius Lasky Corp., b. New York City, Jan. 9, 1888. 

GOLD, Mzut, scenarist, writer of originals, scen- 
arios, continuities for Fox comedies; assistant 
director for Fox on two-reelers; later promoted 
to director working on Imperial comedies; co-di- 
rected with Alfred Davis on series of Animal Com- 
edies for Fox. 

GCLDBECK, Willis, writer. Screen work: Para- 
mount, First, "Mare Nostrum," 'The 
riarden of Allah," "The Enemy," "Diamond 

GOLDMAN, Raymond Leslie, writer, b. St. Louis, 
Mo., May 20, 1895. Relatives, parents living in 
Los Angeles. Educ. pub. sch., St. Louis, Smith 
Acad., St. Louis; Univ. of Missouri, Columbia 
Univ., New York, receiving A. B. degree. Pre- 
vious career, novelist, magazine wrfter, advertis- 
ing business, sports writer. Has lived in St. 
Louis, New York, Los Angeles. Has written 
short stories and articles for Saturday Evening 
Post, Red Book, Pictorial Review. Books, "Stay 
Young," "The Sunday Lady," "The Gang Boom," 
and sold screen rights to latter. Entered pictures 
in 1922, work includes "Battling Bunyan" (Pathe). 
Clubs, Masonic, Authors League of America, 
Writers, Authors Guild, Screen Writers Guild. 
Sports, boxing, motoring. 

GOLDSMITH, Alfred Norton, vice-pres. and chief 
broadcast engineer, Radio Corp. of A.; and in 
charge technica.l matters for RCA Photophone, 
Inc.; b. New York City, Sept. 15, 1887. Educ. 
College City of New York, B.S.; Ph. D Columbia 
University, 1911 After graduation followed elec- 
trical engineering; consulting radio expert, U. S. 
Dept. of Justice; radio engineer, Atlantic Com- 
munication Co. ; instructor tO' Army and Navy dur- 
ing War; consulting engineer to General Electric 
Co., 1915-17; cooperated with Alexanderson in de- 
velopment of vacuum tube radio telephone equip- 
ment; director of reaserch, American Marconi Co.; 
became director of research, Radio Corp., 1919, 
contributed to development of electric phonograph, 
the photophone, or recording of sound on motion 
picture film, etc. 

GOLDWYN, Scimuel, producer and member board 
of directors, L^nited Artists Corp., b. Warsaw, 
Poland, 1884; imniigrated_ America at age 11. Pre- 
vious career: glove business, Gloversville, N. V., 
as apprentice; factory superintendent at age 17; 
in 1903 left production for sales and 4 yrs. later 
given interest in firm. Entered picture business 
in 1910 with Lasky and DeMille as associates; 
6 yrs. later helped bring about Famous Players 
company; 1 yr. later formed Goldw-yn Pictures 
Corp., pres. and chief owner; few yrs. later 
sold interest to Metro Co. and became indepedent 
producer under own name. iMarried Frances How- 
ard, actress; one child, Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. 
GOODALL, Grace, actress, b. San Francisco, Cal.; 
educ. S. F. and N. Y., Snell Seminary, Berkeley, 
Cal. Stage career, 18 yrs. stock cos. and N. Y. 
productions. Screen career. Famous Players, Whit- 

man-Beinaett, l'"ox, Realart, "The Opening Night" 
(Columbia). light., 5, 7; wght., 135; light brown 
hair, blue gray eyes. 

GOODEN, Arthur Henry, writer, b. Manchester, 
Eng. Screen career. Stunt Cowboy series. North- 
west Mounted Police series, Texas Ranger series 

GOODRICH, John F., writer, b. Delavan, Wis., 
Feb. 18, 1887. Educ. Cornell, Ames, Univ. ol 
Chicago, spec, in agricultural engineering. Has 
lived in Chicago, New York, London, Pans, Hol- 
lywood. Entered pictures in 1919. AVrote scen- 
ario of "The Last Command," "Men of Steel," 
adapt. "The Rough Riders," colaborated on "Old 
Ironsides." Clubs, Delta Tau Delta, Beach Club, 
Writers, Holly wuud A. C. Sports, shooting, fish- 
iiiy. One child, Frances, 2 yrs. 

GOODWIN, Harold, actor, b. Peoria, 111., 1902. 
Early career, Burbank Stk. Co., Calif. Screen ca- 
reer, L^niversal, Truart, First National, Fox, FBO, 
Lumas; "The Arizona Express," "That French 
Lady" (Fox); "A Society Sensation," "Hit and 
Run" (Universal); "Her Suinmer Hero" (FBO); 
"The Cheer Leader" (Lumas); Dorothy Devore 
Comedies (Educational). Sports, golf, swimming, 
football. Hght., 6, 2; wght., 175; blue eyes, brown 

GORDON, Bruce, actor, b. Johannesburg, So. Af- 
rica. Educ. St. John's College, London Univ. 
Spec, medicine. Previous career, medical student. 
First played in British productions. Played in 
"Fortieth Door." Sports, baseball, football. Hght. 
6; wght. 160; dark blue eyes; dark hair. 

GORDON, Ju.ia Swayne, actress, b. Columbus, O., 
Oct. 29. Educ. in Columbus. Spec, history. Pre- 
vious career, leg t. Lived in New York. Entered 
pictures in 1905. Played in "Wings." Sport, 
tennis. Hght. 5, 6; wght. 130; grey eyes; brown 
hair. Bus. rep., Guy Coburn, Inc. 

GORDON, Robert, actor, b. Kansas. Parents live 
in Lios Angeles, Oklahoma. Educ. at Los An- 
geles Polytechnic Junior College. Spec, in engin- 
eering. Entered pictures in 1917. Director J. 
Farrell McDonald used him as an extra for three 
days; then assured him of success if he would 
stick to it ; took him to New York with company 
for nine months. Played in "Huck Finn," 
"Missing" "Greatest Menace," "Night Ship," 
"Danger Signal," "On the Threshold," "Hearts 
and Spangles." Belongs to iPhi Delta Kappa. 
Sports, tentiis, fishing, mountains, chess. Hght. 
5, 11; wght. 156; dark brown eyes; medium brown 
hair. iMarried to Alma Frances Gordon. Bus. 
rep., Bill Dunn. 
GORDON, Vera, actress, b. Russia. Educ. there. 
Was in stock, vaud. Has lived in New York, 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1919, through 
Fannie Hurst. While she was in London playing 
in "Business Before Pleasure," Fanny Hurst sug- 
gested bringing her here to play part of Mama 
Cantor in "Humoresque." She has also played 
in "Kosher Kitty Kelly," "Cohens and Kellys in 
Paris," "Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City," 
"Four Walls." Hght. 5, 5'-^; wght. 175; black 
eyes; black hair. Married to Nathan Gordon. 
Children, William, 22; Nadje, 20. Bus. rep., Ed- 
ward Small Co. 

GORDON, Bobby, actor, b. Pittsburgh, Pa., Aug. 
21, 1915. Screen career, VitagFaph, Educational, 
Lumas, "The Cohens and the Kellys" (L'niver- 
sal); "The Jazz Singer," "A Race for Life" 
((Warner). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 156; brown eyes 
and hair. 

GORDON, Huntley, actor, b. Montreal, Can.; educ 
Banister Court School, England. Screen career, 
Vitagraph, Selznick, Metro, First National, Tru- 
art, Paramount, Universal, Columbia, Tiffany, 
Rayart, Columbia; "The Sensation Seekers" (Uni- 
versal); "The Truthful Sex," "Name the Woman" 
(Columbia); "Their Hour"" (Tfffany) ; "A Certam 
Young Man" (M-G-M). Hght., 6; wght., 17S; 
dark blue eyes, brown hair. 
GORDON, Jeunes, actor, b. Pittsburgh, Pa. Stage 
career, 10 yrs. Screen career, Edison, Famous 
Players, Wharton, Select, First National, Para- 
mount, Assoc. Prod., Pathe, Tourneur, Fox, Gold- 
wyn, iRealart, Selznick, Russell-Sable Prod.. 
P.D.C.. Warners, Ginsberg, Universal, FBO, "The 
War Horse," "Publicity Madness," "The Wolf's 
Fangs," "The Escape" (Fox); "Cancelled Debts" 
GORDON, Maude Turner, actress, b. Franklin, 
Ind.; educ. Oxford, Ohio (Western Seminary). 
Stage career, 17 New York productions. Screen 



career, GoJdwyn, Famous Players, First National, 
C. C. Burr, Paramount, Fox, Universal, "Home 
Made" (First National^ ; "The Wizard" (Fox); 
"CiJeating Cheaters" (Universal); "Sportmg 
Goodn," "Hot News," "Just Married" (Para- 
mount). Hght., 5, 73^; wght., 162; white hair, 
gray blue eyes. 

GURDON, Gladys, writer. Screen career, co- 
adapted "The Web of Fate," co-seen., "Wilful 
Youth," "Golden Shackles," "Girl He Didn't 
Buy" (Peerless). 

GORE, Rosa, actress, b. New York City. Grand- 
uncle, Sir Edmond Collier, in England. Educ. 
in public, high schools. New York. Was a vaud. 
headliner, starred in musical comedy. Entered 
picture business in 1914 with Pathe. Has played 
in "Madonna of Streets," "Head Man," "Man 
from Hard Pan," "Heart to Heart," "That's My 
Daddy," "Anybody Seen Kelly." Sports, swim- 
ming, riding. Hght. S, 9; wght. 135; dark gray 
eyes; brown hair. Married to Dan Crimmins. 
Two children, Daniel and Mortimer. 

GOUDAL, Jetta, actress, b. Versailles, France; educ. 
Versailles and Liege, Belgium. Stage career, tra- 
veling rep.-stk. Company in Europe; legit stage 
in U. S. Screen career, persuaded to enter pic- 
ture field by Sydney (Jlcott; worked for Para- 
mount, P.D.C., Pathe-DeMille; has appeared in 
"The Forbidden Woman" (Pathe-DeMille); 
"Fighting Love," "White Gold," and others for 
P.D.C. and Paramount. Hght., 5, 7; wght., 128; 
brown hair and eyes. 

GO'UGH, John, actor. Screen career, Pathe, Uni- 
versal, First National, Independent Pict., FBO, 
Chadwick; "Judgment of the Hills," "Hook and 
Ladder No. 9" (FBO). 

GOULDING, Edmund, iirec'or, b. England. Rel- 
atives, parents living in Fflgland; Ivis Goulding, 
actress; Mrs. Charlotte Goulding, scholar and 
lecturer. Educ. England. Spec, drama, arts. 
Began stage career at IS, later leading man and 
vaud. headliner. Has lived in London, Paris, 
New York, Hollywood. Entered pictures just be- 
fore and again after World War, through writ- 
ing story which was purchased and produced; con- 
tinued as writer of adaptations, originals, con- 
tinuities, among them "Devil," "Tol'able David," 
"Fascination," "Peacock Alley," "Fury," "Broad- 
way Rose." Directed, "Sun Up," "Sally, Irene 
and Mary," "Paris," "Women Love Diamonds," 
"Love" (M-G-M). Clubs, Hollywood Athletic and 
social organizations. Sport, tennis. 

GOULDING, Alf, director, b. Melbourne, Aus- 
tralia; educ. Melbourne. Stage career, 25 years 
with the J. C. Williamson Polar Opera., touring 
Australia; toured Orpheum circuit for three years 
in an act; with Oliver Morosco stock, opposite 
Marie Dressier. Screen career, 1916, joined Fox 
and became short subject director; directed for 
Harold Lloyd; filmed short comedies for Rolin, 
Lhiiversal, "Smith Family" series, and Mack Sen- 
nett comedies; worked into feature director, mega- 
phoning for Universal and Metro-GoJdwyn-Mayer. 

GOWLAND, Gibson, actor, b. England. Early ca- 
reer. South Africa, big game hunting, diamond 
digging, prospecting 3 yrs. in Canada. Stage ca- 
reer, stock. Screen career, Goldwyn, Paramount, 
Metro, Maurice Tourneur, Universal, F. L. Gran- 
ville Prod., Ideal, Metro-Goldwyn, Davis Dist., 
Fox, Tiffany, "The Broken Gate" (Tiffany) ; "The 
Land Beyond the Law" (First National); "The 
First Auto" (Warners) ; "Topsy and Eva" (United 
Artists); "The Isle of Forgotten Women" Colum- 
bia); "Rose Marie" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). 
Hght., 6; wght., 196; brown (curly) hair, dark 
blue eyes. 
GRAHAM, S. Edwin, director, b. N. Y. C, Apr. 
24, 1896. Mother, Edith Craske, world famous 
premier dancer. Father, Chase E. Graham, 50 
yrs. stage manager, character star. Educ. at 
Curtis High Schl., Staten Island, N. Y. Spec, 
dramatic arts. Previous career, song writer, ama- 
teur stage director, then 16 yrs. in motion picture 
production business, starting as property man to 
directorial capacity. Entered pictures as child actor 
in 1908. Through father, Qiase E. Graham, feat- 
ured star with Edison. Assistant director 
"Leather Pushers." Director, "Motherhood." 
Seventy-five M-G-M Movietones, and 25 Coca- 
films, assoc. director with John W. Noble. Clubs, 
Theatrical Mutual Asso. Sports, polo, golf, speed 
boating. Two children, S. Edwin Graham, Jr. 
8 yrs,; June, 5 yrs. old. Bus. rep., 'Tom Riley. 

GRAINGER, James R., general sales manager Fox 
Film Corporation. Picture career, represented 
William Randolph Hearst in Cosmopolitan Pic- 
tures, released through Famous Players; three 
years with Goldwyn, Goldwyn-Cosmopolitan and 
then Metro Goldwyn; organized Marshall Neilan 
Company; in charge of sales and distribution for 
Oiaplin's "The Kid," released by First National; 
general manager sales and distribution for Gold- 
wyn; member of board of directors Metro-Goldwyn 
in charge of eastern sales; general sales manager 
Fo.K Film Corporation. 

GRAN, Albert, actor, b. Bergen, Norway; educ. 
Hamburg and Leipsig. Screen career. First Na- 
tional, M-G-M, Fox, Paramount, Pathe, Uni- 
versal; "Children of Divorce," "Soft Cushions" 
(Paramount); "Breakfast at Sunrise" (First Na- 
tional); "Four Sons" (Fox); "We Americans" 

grange:, "Red," actor. Won football fame and 
nickname of "The Galloping Ghost" on the Illi- 
nois eleven; shortly afterwards became prof, foot- 
ball player; FBO procured him for screen vehicle, 
"One Moment to Play;" he also made "A Racing 
Romeo" for the same co. 

GRANT, Lawrence, actor. Screen career, "The 
Patsy" (Metro-Goldwyn); "Service For Ladies," 
"A Gentleman of Paris," "Serenade," "Dooms- 
day," "Red Hair," "Something Always Happens" 
(Paramount); "Love Hungry, "Pajamas," "La- 
dies Must Dress" (Fox), "The Case of Lena 
Smith" (Paramount). 

GRASSBY, Bertrcun, actor, b. Lincolnshire, Eng., 
1880; educ. America. Stage career, rep., stk. 
Screen career, Griffith, Hodkinson, Para-Gish, 
Equity, Paramount, Pathe, Goldwyn, Irvin Willat 
Prod., Wm. P. S. Earle, Vitagraph, FBO, Metro, 
Fox, P.D.C., Universal, Ginsberg, "When a ]Man 
Loves" (Warners) ; "The Beloved Rogue" (United 
Artists). Hght., 6; wght., 175; black hair, black 

GRAUMAN, Sidney, Hollywood Theatre owner, 
b. Indianapolis; educ. grammar schls. Has lived 
in Louisville, Indianapolis, Nome, Los Angeles, 
San Francisco, Hollywood. Entered pictures 
through his father, D. J. Grauman, devoting en- 
tire career to theatre management, staging of 
prologues, building of theatres, presentation of 
pictures. Clubs: B.P.O.E., Pacific Coast Club, 

GRAVES, Robert, actor, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 

22, 1888. Parents living in New York. Educ. 
in New York, Boston, Paris; studied philosophy, 
French, English. Has A. B. from Williams, 1910, 
also P. G. work in law at Harvard. On stage 
since leaving Harvard in 1912. Was leader of 
dramatics in college and after finishing college 
joined John Craig Players at Castle Sq. Theatre 
in Boston in 1912. Has lived in New York, Bos- 
ton, Paris, Los Angeles. Made first picture in 
1914. Chester Devon engaged him for the heavy 
in "The Midnight Strike," one of first four reel 
pictures made by Mittenthal Bros, for Warner 
release. Played in "Test of Donald Norton." 
Has been under contract to Educational playing 
feature character roles in their comedies. Belongs 
to Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Lambs, Masquers, 
233 Club, Williams Club, Veteran Corp of Artillery 
of N. Y., Huguenot Society of War of 1812, Phi 
t)elta Phi Fraternity, Masons. Sport, riding. 
Hght. 5, lif^; wght. 185; brown eyes; brown hair. 
iMarried to Ellen Godsey. Bus. rep., Lightig & 
Englander; press rep., Raymond Hoadley. 

GRAVES, Ralph, actor, b. Cleveland, O. Screen 
career, Essanay, Griffith, Assoc. Ex., Selznick, 
Pathe, Universal, Educational, Columbia, W'ar- 
ners, Lumas, Tiffany-Stahl; "Dream Street" 
(Griffith); "A Reno Divorce" (Warner); "Bru- 
nettes Prefer Gentlemen" (Educational); ""That 
Certain Thing" (Columbia); "Bachelor's Paradise" 
(Tiffany-Stahl). Hght. 6, 1; wght., 170; blue 
eyes, light brown ha\r. 

GRAVINA, Cesare, actor, b. Naples, Italy, Jan. 

23, 1858. He was educ. in Italy. Was on stage 
in light opera in Italy, Spain, Chile, Peru. En- 
tered pictures in 1915 through Sidney Olcott who 
assigned him to play with iMary Pickford in 
"Little Pepina." Has also played in "Foolish 
Wives," "Scratch IMy Back," "Daddy," "Merry- 
Go-Round," "Trail of '98," "Man XVHb Laughs," 
"Wedding March," "Blonde Saint." Sport, 
swimming. Hght. 5: wght. 135; brown eyes; 
black hair. Married. Bus. rep., Rebecca & Silton. 

'THE SPORTING AGE" -'y^ '//j^' ' '' Z^'" 

"GOLF WIDOWS" ■' 4''/4p9 " / //''^ 

"NAME THE WOMAN" / y>/ /^' *" x 



"i-tTTtfiWir'i 1 iii.iwii iiii]iiiiiiimii,-Biwr-"inrrTVwrr* 




GRAY, Little Dorothy, actress, b. Hollywood, Oct. 
23, 1923. Mother lives in Hollywood; uncle, Ethan 
Mills, in Briston, Okla., is millionaire oil man. 
Educ. privately in Hollywood Nature Muiic 
.School, spec, in singing, dramatics. Was a little 
stage, radio artist. Now with K. F. I., Los An- 
geles. Entered picture business at age of 2. 
Mother was formerly leading woman of screen. 
Haf) been on stage with Meglin Kiddies; also in 
Hollywood Junior Follies. Has played in "Ava- 
lanche," "Cactus Queen," "Flapper of Hills," 
"Forbidden Trails." Sports, horseback ridmg, 
cut-of-dooT play, painting. Hg'ht. 43 _ inches; 
wght. 44; gray eyes; golden brown hair. Bus. 
rep., Billy Schary. 
GRAY, Gilda. actress, b. Krakow, Poland. Educ. 
St. Mary's Parochial School, Milwaukee. Pre- 
vious career, cabaret dancer, Ziegfeld Follies, Shu- 
bert Gaieties. Screen career, "Devil Dancer," 
(L'nited Artists), "Cabaret," "Aloma of the South 
Seas," "Lawful Larceny" (Paramount). Hg'ht. 
.S, 4; wght. 122; blue eyes; blonde hair. 
GRAY, Lawrence, actor, b. San Francisco, July 
Ti . Educ. San Francisco pub. schl. Previous 
career, L'. S. Navy during war. Has lived in 
San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York. Entered 
pictures in 1921. Became production superinten- 
dent Famous Players Lasky. Played in "Stage 
Struck," "Patsy," "Rainbow," "Oh Kay," "Mar- 
riage by Contract," "The Deadline." Clubs, 
Lakeside Golf, Burlingame Country. Sport, ten- 
nis. Hght. .S, 10; wght. 160; green eyes; brown 
hair. Bus. rep., Frank Joyce. 
GRAY, Arnold, actor, b. Toledo, O.; educ. there. 
Screen career, "The Flame of the Yukon," "West 
■ vf Broadway" (P.D.C.); "Fangs of Fate" (Pathe). 
GRAY, Gloria, actress, b. Stockton, Cal.; educ. 
Oakland, Cal. Stage career, with Gus Edwards 
Revue. Screen career, "The Thrill Seeker" (Super 
lafive Pict.) ; "Put 'Em Up," "The Prince and the 
Papa," "Red Warning," "Range Courage," "T'nc 
Broncho Bu.ster," "The Hound of Silver Creek" 
(Universal). Hght., 5, 2; wght., 110; blonde ha'ir, 
blue eyes. 
GREEN, Howard J., writer, b. San Francisco, 
Mar. 20, 1893. Relative, mother living in Los 
Angeles. Educ. high school and law coll., San 
Francisco. Previous career, news reporter, San 
Francisco Daily News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 
N. Y. Eve. Journal. Editorial stafif N. Y. Clipper, 
Managing editor Theatre World, wrote vaud. 
acts and revue sketches, contributor to The New 
Yorker, member of vaud. producing firm of Hocky 
& Green. Entered pictures in 1926. Work in- 
cludes, "The Head Man," "Vamping Venus," 
adap. "White Pants Willie," "The Life of Riley," 
orig. "Marked Money." Club, The Writers. One 
child, Howard J. Green, Jr., 1 yr. Bus. rep., 
Edward Small Co. 
GREEN, Alfred E., director, b. Perris, Cal., 1894. 
Stage career, 2 seasons in various prods. Screen 
career, began with Selig, 1912; assist, dir., then 
director with Garson; CioTdwyn; Mary Pickford, 
Paramount, First National; "Come to My House," 
"Two Girls Wanted." "Honor Bound" (Fox). 
GREGOR, Arthur, director, b. Vienna, Austria, 
1885; educ. Architect's University. Early career, 
soldier. Screen career, became South American 
distributor for .Sacha Film Co., of Vienna; then 
organized own production company and directed in 
Central Europe, at same time handling Central 
European distribution for Metro; arrived in 
Hollywood in 1925; directed for Chadwick, TiflFany- 
Stahl; "The Girl from Gay Paree," "The Scarlet 
Dove." "Women's Wares." 
GREGORY. Edna, Screen career, "Mis- 
placed Husbands," "Fully Equipped" (Educa- 
tional), "Men of Daring," "Grinning Guns." 
"Down the .Stretch," "Rough and Ready," "The 
Calgary .Stampede" (Universal). Other vehicles 
fur .\rrov,-, Goldwyn, Pathe, First National, Fox, 
GREENLAW, Arthur, writer. Screen career. Im- 
perial comedies. Van Bibber comedies. Animal 
comedies (Fox). 
GREY, Virginia, child actress, b. and educ. Los 
.\ngeles. Screen career, "L'ncle Tom's Cabin," 
"The Michigan Kid" (LTniversal). 
GREY, Johnnie, writer. Legal name, Jolin Wesley 
Grey. b. New York City, Dec. 19, '1887. Educ. 
.it Columbia T'niv.. New York, Bachelor of Arts. 
Was advert, specialist, exploit, manager, spec, 
in automobile publicity and advertising. Has 
lived in New York, Detroit, Cliicago and Los An- 

geles. Entered picture bu.siness 1912 when R. II. 
Cochrane of Universal took him from the auto- 
mobile business. He studied business and be- 
came advertising manager of Universal. Wrote 
adaptatitm and dialogue for "Pair of .Sixes," 
adaptation for "Understanding Heart" and "China- 
town Charley," scripts and continuity for "China 
town Charley," "Wright Idea," "Pair of Sixes," 
"The Donovan Affair." Belongs to the Saddle 
Club of Los Angeles. Sport, polo. Married to 
May Cox. C^ild, Abban Grey, 7. Has also 
written two novels, "Master Mystery" and "The 
Mystery iMind." 
GREY, Zane, writer, b. Zanesville, O. Educ. 
school in Ohio; Univ. of Penn., receiving B. A. 
and .Master of Letters degrees. Has lived in 
Zanesville, Columbus, Philadelphia, New York, 
Los Angeles. Has w^ritten, "The Heritage of the 
Desert," "Riders of the Purple Sage," "Desert 
Gold," "The Light of the Western .Stars," "The 
Ijone Star Ranger," "The Border Legion," "The 
U. P. Trail," "The Man of the Forest," "The 
Call of the Canyon," "Thundering Herd," "Un- 
der the Tonto Rim," "Forlorn River," "Nevada." 
Adaptations from novels, "Wanderer of the 
Wasteland," "The Vanishing American," Wild 
Horse Mesa," "Avalanche," "The Water Hole," 
"Open Range." Clubs, .Sigma Nu, Campfire Clul), 
Town Hall Club. Sports, fishing, riding, teimis. 
Three children, Romer (19); Betty Zane (16); 
Ix)ren (13). Bus. rep., Luca Elise Grev. 
GRIBBGN, Elddie, actor, b. New York City. Jan. 3, 
1892. Parents living in New York City. Educ. in 
public schools there, specialized in athletics. Pre- 
vious to screen, played baseliall, football, boxed, 
was in musical comedy, vaudeville. Has lived in 
New York, Los Angeles. Entered picture business 
in 1916. Played in "U. S. Smith," "Night Life," 
"Cheating Cheaters," "Tell it to ^larines," "Gang 
War." Belongs to American Legion; Hollywo(«l 
A. C; Masquers Club. Likes all sports. Hght. 
6; wght. 190; blue eyes, brown hair. Married to 
Marian Dufi'y. 
GRIBBON, Harry, actor, b. New York City, June 
15. Educ. in New York. At age of s xteen was 
well known in New York for his baritone voice: 
popularized song "You'll be Proud of Mama's 
Boy"; later with Stella iMayhew in "Flo-Flo" and 
landed finally in Follies. Followed general career 
on stage. While appearing at Morosco Theatre 
in "Red Widow" was seen by Mack Sennett 
and approached for pictures. Became known as 
"Silk Hat Harry." Played in "Shakedown." 
"Rose Marie," "Smart Set," "Show People," 
"Cameraman," "Tide of Empire," "iMysterious 
Island," "Honeymoon." Sports, football, baseball, 
boxing. Belongs to Masquers Club. Hght. 6; 
blue eyes, brown hair. Married to May Emory. 
Press rep., Edith Ryan. 
GRIFFIN, Frank C, director, b. Norfolk, Va. ; educ. 
Philadelphia. Early career, drama, stock, vaude. 
Screen career, Lubin, LTniversal, Keystone, Fox; 
"Stolen Glory" (Educational), "Conductor 1492" 
(Warners), "Ella Cinders" (first National), "The 
Vallev of Hunted Men" (Pathe). 
GRIFFITH, David Wark, director, b. LaGrange, 
Ky., \m\ Brother. Albert Gray (Griffiths); 
nephew, Willard Griffith. Educ. private schools; 
specialized in arts, literature and drama. Was 
playwright, actor, journalist. Entered pictures in 
1908. Directed "The Birth of a Nation"; "Intol- 
erance." "Broken Blosoms," "Way Down East," 
"Dream Street." "Hearts of the World." "That 
Royle Girl," "Isn't Life Wonderful," "Drums of 
Love," "The Battle of the Sexes."' "Lady of the 
Pavements." Favorite sports, boxing, dancing. 
Bus. rep., D. W. Griffith Corp. — Raymond Klune; 
press rep.. John Peere Miles. 
GRIFFITH. E, H., director, b. Chicago, 111. Educ. 
Cliicago. L'niversity degrees. University of Chi- 
cago, A. B. Previous career, newspaper reporter, 
dramatic critic, playwright. Has lived in Cleve- 
land, N. Y. Directed "I^ve Over Night," "Hold 
'Em "N'ale." "Captain Swagger." ".Shady Lady." 
Club, I^mbs. N. Y. C. Sports, tennis, riding. 
Bus. rep., Wilbur Morse, Jr. 
GRIFFITH, Corine, actress, b. Texarkana, Tex.; 
educ. there and Sacred Heart Convent. New Or- 
leans; was prof, dancer for 1 yr. before entering 
the movies. Chosen Queen of the Mardi 
Gras; later she and her family came to Cal., where 
she occasionally played extra parts In films. 
Began screen w^ork with Western Vitagraph. 
for whom she made "The Last Man," "Zm\^ 

La Plante 

Her Kecent Pictures 


"Finders Keepers" 
"The Last Warning" 
"The Cat and the Canary" 
"Thanks for the Buggy Ride" 
"Silk Stockings" 






Details of any of thtsc suggested subjects or others may be obluiiu-d on request by 
Motion Picture Nuws 



Watches," "Miss Ambition"; ingenue leads with 
Earle Williams; made "The Adventure Shop, " 
"Thin Ice," "A Girl at Bay," "The Girl Prob- 
lem," "The Unknown Quantity," "The Climbers," 
"Deadline at Eleven," "The Garter K^d" (Vita- 
graph); "Six Days," (GoJdwyn) ; "The Common 
Law" (Selznick); "D'vorce Coupons," "Island 
Wives" (Vitagraph); "Lillies of the Field" (Cor- 
inne Griffith Prod.)- Became First National star 
and appeared in "Black Oxen," "Single Wives," 
"Love's Wilderness," "Declasse," "The Marriage 
Whirl," "Classified," "Infatuation," "Mademoiselle 
Modiste,' "Into Her Kingdom," "The Lady in 
Ermine," "Syncopating Sue," "Three Hours." 
Starred in "The Garden of Eden" for United Art- 
ists. "The Divine Lady" (First National); and 
"Outcast," First National's version of "Saturday's 
Children." Hght., 5, 4; wght., 120; brown hair, 
blue eyes. 
GRIFFITH, Gordon, actor, b. Chicago, 111.; educ. 
Los Angeles, Cal. Stage career, 1 season when 3 
yrs. old. Screen career, Warners, Fox, National, 
Paramount, 14 months with Keystone, "The 
Branded Man," (Rayart). Hght., 5, 9^^ ; wght., 
153; dark brown hair, dark blue eyes. 
GRIFFITH, W. L., executive, b. Pottsville, Pa., 
1894. Kels., father living in New York. Educ. 
Yale Univ., Rensselaer Tech., spec, in evil and 
electric engineering, C. E. & E. E. degrees. Pre- 
vious career, civil engineer with U. S. Steel Corp. 
Entered pictures in 1920 at instigation of Victor 
Clarke, general nigr. for Paramount, asst. Asso. 
prod. Lasky Studio, asso. prod., Tom White Prod. 
Clubs: Rancho Golf Club, Yale Club, Chi Phi 
National Frat. Sports, golf, polo. 
GRIFFITH, Julia, actress. Screen career, "A One 
Man Game," "The Thunder Rider," "The Cloud 
Dodger" (Universal). 
GRIFFITH, Raymond, actor, b. Boston, 1890; educ. 
St. Anselm's College, N. H. ; did some scenario 
writing; acted in the following: "Fool's First," 
"Minnie," "Fine Clothes" (First National), "The 
"White Tiger" (Universal), "The Eternal Three," 
"Nellie the Beautiful Cloak Model," "Red 
Lights," "The Day of Faith" (Goldwyn), "Pois- 
ened Paradise" (Preferred), "The Yankee Consul" 
(Asso. Exhib.), "The Dawn of Tomorrow," "O'pen 
All Night," "Forty Winks," "Miss Bluebeard," 
"The Night Club," "Paths to Paradise," "A Reg- 
ular Fellow," "Hands Up," "Wet Paint," "You'd 
Be Surprised," "Time to Love," "Wedding Bills" 
(Paramount). Is now acting in talkies for Chris- 
tie, his latest being "Post Mortems" (Christie- 
Paramount). Hght., S, Syi; wght., 139; black hair, 
hazel eyes. 
GRINDE, Nick, director, b. Madison, Wise, Jan. 
12, 1894. Educ. University of Wisconsin. Previous 
career, vaud. manager. Directed "Riders of Dark," 
"Beyond Sierras," "Morgan's Last Raid," "Des- 
ert Law." In charge of M-G-M sound pro- 
duction in East. Sport, tennis. 
GRIPPE, Harry, actor. Screen career, "Another 
Scandal" (P.D.C.); "Siberia," "No Man's Gold," 
"The Great K. & A. Train Robjiery," "Tumbling 
River,' "Blood Will Tell" (Fox). 
GROVE, Sybil, actress. Screen career, "Satan and 
the Woman" (Excellent), "His Private Life" 
GUARD, Kit, actor, b. Denmark; educ. San Fran- 
cisco. Early career, 8 yrs. on speaking stage. 
Screen career, FBO, Fox, Metro, Educational ; 
"Shamrock Alley" (Educational), "Legionnaires 
In Paris," "Beauty Parlor Series" (FBO), "Beau 
Broadway" (Metro). Hght., 5, Syi; wght., 150; 
blue eyes; light hair. 
GUARTZMAN, Paul, actor, b. Kichinov, Russia, 
Feb. 7, 1913. Mother lives in Paris. Educ. in 
public schools in Paris. Worked for one year as 
helper in photographer's studio. Lived in Paris 
and Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1928, 
through Jesse L. Lasky When Lasky visited 
Paris, he went to his hotel and "shadowed" him 
until convinced producer that he had dramatic 
talent. Is still in training. Played "His Private 
Life." Sport, swimming boxing. Hght. 5,4; wght. 
110; gray eyes; brown hair. Press rep.. Para- 
mount Studio Publicity Dept. 
GUERIN, Bruce, child actor, b. Los Angeles, Jan. 
18, 1919. Educ. in Hollywood. Studied piano. Was 
on his third feature picture on third birthday. 
Played in "Kindred of Dust," "Dust in Doorway," 
"Bachelor Daddy," "Brass." 

GUIHAN, Frances, writer, b. East St. Louis, 111., 
Sept. 22. Educ. St. Elizabeth's Convent, East 
St. Louis. Wrote "Dangerous Adventure," 
"Across the Tracks." Entered pictures in 1916. 
Orig. "Soul of Kura San," cont. "Heart in Pawn." 
Other work: "Cancelled Debt," "Stranded," "Mar- 
ry the Girl," "Undressed." Bus. rep., Ivan Kahn. 

GUIOL, Fred', director, b. San Francisco, Cal., 
1898; screen career, "Prop" boy with D. W. 
Griffith on "Hearts of the World," in 1919; worked 
with Hal Roach in 1921 in same capacity ; became 
director in 1923 for Roach and hafidled the Roach 
Star Comedies, released through Pathe; then 
directed Charlie Chase series. Max Davidson 
series. Roach Star comedies, for distribution 
through Metro -Goldwyn- Mayer. 

GULICK, Paul, general director of publicity. Uni- 
versal Pictures Corp., b. Hancock, N. iH.; son 
of Congregational minister; educ. high school, 
Shelburne, Vermont, and Univers.ty of Vermont, 
Burlington. Early business career included selling 
life insurance and teaching school. Went to New 
York City and was assistant dry goods editor 
on Journal of Commerce; other newspaper work and 
ran press bureau with Philip Mindil; also advance 
man for Joe Weber, Arthur ITammerstein and 
Al Woods. Reentered journalistic field as city 
editor of Vanity Fair. Ran convention daily for 
convention held by Laemmle forces at Grand Cen- 
tral Palace, New York City; also press work for 
Laemmle on "Samson"; with Mutual for several 
months. Joined Universal again in 1913 as editor 
of Universal Weekly and then on to his present 

GULLIVER, Dorothy, actress, b. Salt Lake City, 
Sept. 6. Educ. So. Junior, West High Schools, 
in Salt Lake City. iPrevious career, amateur 
dramatics. Has lived in Salt Lake City, Holly- 
wood. Entered pictures 3 yrs. ago, winning first 
prize from Universal beauty contest. Played in 
"Collegians," "Honeymoon Flats," Westerns, com- 
edies for Universal. Sports, swimming, tennis. 
Hght. 5, 2; wght. 117; hazel eyes; brunette hair. 
Husband's prof, name, Chester DeVito. 

GUNNING, Wid, producer, b. Chillicothe, Ohio, 
Jan. .30, 1886. Rels., mother, two sisters living 
in Hollywood, brother in Redlands, Calif., brother, 
mayor of Chillicothe, Ohio. Educ. Chillicothe, 
Ohio. Previous career, newspaper editor, also ex- 
hibitor until 1912, then to New York as fiJtn ex- 
ecutive. Produced or supervised: "The Miracle 
Man," partner-associate of Geo. Loane Tucker; 
"Miss iNobody," "Babe Comes Home," "Valley 
of the Giants," "The Hawk's Nest," "Heart to 
Heart," "The Haunted House," "Seven Steps to 
Satan." Titled these and hundreds of others. 
Qubs: Hollywod A. C, Gables Beach Club, Lake- 
side Golf Club. Sports, golf. 

— H— 

HACKTHORNE, George, actor, b. Pendleton, Ore.; 
educ. there. Stage career, "Devil's Auction," 
"Girl I Left Behind Me"; first exp. at age of 
9, stock and vaud. as singer. Screen career. 
Universal, Pathe, Hodkinson, Equity, Apollo, Fox, 
FBO, First National, New Cal- Film Corp., Schul- 
berg-Preferred, Paramount, Arrow, Lumas, 
Assoc. Exhib., "Cheaters" (Tiflfany); "Paying the 
Price" (Columbia). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 130; dark 
brown hair, brown eyes. 

HACKETT, Ullian, actress, b. Chicago, III., 1899; 
educ. Mich. Stage career, stk. in Detroit. Screen 
career, Universal, Hallroom Boys comedies, 
Schley Prod., Fox, Educational, "In Hollywood 
with Potash and Perlmutter" (First National); 
"Ladies At Ease" (First Division). Hght., 5; 
wght., 99; brown hair, gray eyes. 

HADLEY, Bert, actor. Screen career, Robertson- 
Cole, Fox, Hodkinson, Paramount, Western Pict., 
Preferred, Assoc. Exhib., "The Flying U Ranch," 

HAGNEY, Frank, actor. Screen career. Paramount, 
FBO, P.D.C., United Artists, Columbia, Warners, 
Fox, Universal; "One Round Hogan" (Warners); 
"On Your Toes," "Rawhide Kid" (Universal); 
"The Fight Pest" (M-G-M). 

HAINES, Robert T., actor, b. Muncie, Ind. Educ. 
at University of Missouri; holds L.L.B. degree. 
Preferred stage to law. Was on stage in "Darkest 
Russia," "Cherry Pickers," "Palace of King," 



DIRECTOR OF "Happiness 
Ahead" . . . "Synthetic Sin" 
. . . "That's a Bad Girl" . . . 
starring Colleen Moore . . . 
"Outcast" . . . "Prisoners" 
. . . starring Corinne Griffith 
. . . "Waterfront" . . , co- 
starring Jack Mulhall and Dorothy Mackaill . . . 
Nine Reginald Denny Farce Comedies Including 
"Skinner's Dress Suit" . . , "What Happened to Jones" 
. . . "The Cheerful Fraud" . . . and "Thanks for the 
Buggy Ride" . . . starring Laura La Plante. 


EXTRA in Orange Grove Days of Hollywood, as Told by 
a Noted Director. 


A TRAINING IN COMEDY Is Best Foundation for 
Director's Success in Dramatic Field. 

STARS I HAVE DIRECTED (Observations on Colleen 
Moore, Corinne Griffith, Reginald Denny, Dorothy Mackaill, 
Jack Mulhall and Even His Own Wife, Laura La Plante) . 

Why He Never Directs His Wife, Laura La Plante! 

Details of any of these suggested subjects or others can he obtained by request to 

Motion Picture News 



"Hearts Aflame," "Darling' of Gods," "Once Upon 
a Time," "Rose of Rancho," "Clothes," "Com- 
manding Officer," "Storm," "Spendthrift." Was 
on Keith and Orpheum circuits for three years. 
Went back to stage in "Hyphen"; back to vaud. 
in "One Way Ont"; also played in "Lost Lead- 
ers," "Evergreen Lady," "Sampson and Delilah," 
"Goldfish," "Vagabond," "Dope," "Trouper," 
"])onovan Afifair." Has "stock-starred" with 
stock companies in Milwaukee, Cleveland, Pitts- 
burgh, Springfield, Hartford, Baltimore, Boston. 
Has played in following pictures: "Governor's 
Lady," "Does it Pay?", "Lew Tyler's Wives," 
"Victim," "Heart of New York," "Secret Agent," 
"Capitol," "Lone Wolf," "Noose," "Ladies of 
Mob," "First Kiss." Belongs to Lambs, Green- 
room, Phi Delta Theta; Lawrence Park Country 
Club, N. V. A. Qub, Masquers. Member of Board 
of Trustees and Executive Committee of Actors' 
Fund. Member of Council, Actors' Equity; Board 
of Trustees, Actors' Order of Friendship. Sport, 
golf, swimming, horseback riding. Hght. 5, 101/2 ; 
wght., 175; dark brown eyes and hair. Married. 
Bus. rep., S. George C'llman. 

HAINES, William, actor, b. Stanton, Va., Jan. 1. 
1900. Educ. Stanton Military Acad. Screen career. 
"Brown of Harvard," "Spring Fever," "Slide, 
Kelly, Slide," "West Point," "Telling the WorJd," 
"Excess Baggage," "Show People," "Smart Set" 
(M-G-M). Sports, golf, swimming. Hght., 6; 
wglit., 165; brown eves, black hair. 

HALE, Alan, actor, b. Washington, D. C, Feb. 10. 
1893. Educ. Philadetphia, Pa., Spec, osteopathy. 
Previous career, cub reporter on Phil, newspaper 
for five yrs., also wrote stories. Has lived in 
Washington, PhiJ. N. Y., Hollywood. Entered 
pictures in 1914. Played in "Covered Wagon," 
"Sal of Singapore," "Speller," "Skyscraper," "Lea- 
thernecks." (Pathe). Sport, golf. Blue eyes, light 
hair. Wife's name, Gretchen Hartman. Has two 
children. Add. Pathe Studios, Culver City, Cal. 

HALE, Creig-hton, actor, b. Cork, Ireland, May 24, 
1882. Educ. Hillmartin College, London; Ardingly 
Cnllege, Sussex. Previous career, electrical en- 
gineering, stage. Has lived in London, N. Y. C, 
Great S'eck, L. I.; Indianapolis, Hartford. En- 
tered pictures in 1912. Was seen playing at Cri- 
terion Theatre, N. Y., by Pathe representative, 
and made offer which he accepted. Played in "Iron 
Claw," "Way Down East," "Marriage Circle," 
"Casino Gardens," "7 Footsteps to Satan." Clubs. 
Lambs in N. Y., 233 in Hollywood. Sports, avi- 
ation, horseback riding. Hght. 5. 9; wght. 145; 
blue eyes, blonde hair. Two children, Pat, 10; 
Bob, 7. Bus. rep., Lichtig and Englander, Holly- 
wood, Cal. 

HALE, Georgia, actress, b. St. Joseph, Mo., June 
25. Parents living in HoTlywcxxl. Educ. in 
Cliicago. Was on stage in musical comedy, stock. 
Has Hved in New York. Chicago, Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures in 1923. Was "Miss Chicago" in 
1922 in Pageant of Progress. Played in "Gold 
Rush," "Salvation Hunters," "Floating College," 
"Woman Against World," "Gypsy of North." 
Sports, swimming, tennis. Hght. 5, 4; wght. 122; 
dark eyes, brown hair. 

HALL, Evelyn, actress, b. Harrowgate, England, 
Dec. 24. Educ. Harrowgate, Bristol. Spec, liter- 
ature, drama. Previous career, theatre, playing 
Shakespeare, comedies in London, N. Y. Has 
lived in London, N. Y., Hollywood. Has taken 
part of JIadonna in English picture. Played in 
"My Best Gir.l," "Hell's Angels," "Divine Lady," 
"Children of Ritz." Sport, reading. Hght. 5, S^^^; 
wght. 129; dark blue eyes, henna hair. Husband, 
C'aude King. 

HALL, J6unes, actor, legal name, James Brown, b. 
Dallas. Texas, Oct. 22, 1900. Parents live in Fort 
Worth, Tex. Educ. at Thornton, Tex. and Mili- 
tary School. Was in musical comedies in N. Y. 
Has lived in Dallas. Chicago, Thornton. Tex., N. 
Y. C, Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1924. Played 
in "Hotel Imperial," "Four Sons," "Fleet's In," 
"Hell's Angels," "Fifty-Fifty Girl," "Just Mar- 
ried." Sport, swimming. Hght. 5, 8; wght. 140; 
blue eyes, light brown hair. Bus. rep., Rebecca 
&• Silton, Hollywood, Cal. Add. Paramount Fa- 
mous Lasky Studio. 
HALL, Ben, actor. Screen career, Pathe, Assoc. 
Kx.. Universal, Paramount; "Money, Money, 
Money," "Harold Highbrow Comedies," "The 
Trickster" (Universal^; "Hot News" (Para- 
mount); "Harold Teen" (First National). 

HALL, Dorothy, actress. Screen career. "The 
Broadway Drifter." "The Winning Oar," "Back 
to Liberty" (Excellent). 
HALL, George, actor. .Screen career, "Cameo 
(Comedies" (Educational); "West of Broadway" 

HALL, Raymond, actor, b. Washington, D. C. ; 
educ. there and Boston. Stage career, 2 seasons 
with Maude Adams and vaud. Screen career, 
Famous Players, Universal, Metro, Griffith, Para- 
mount, Assoc. Exhib., First National, Fox, FBO, 
P.D.C., Educational, Rayart, Sterling, T^umas, 
"Man Crazy" (First National); "The Avenging 
.Shadows" (Pathe); "The Haunted Ship," "Name- 
less Men," "Green Grass Widows" (Tiffany- 
Stahl); "Manhattan Knights" (Excellent). Hght.. 
5. 10; wght., 140; dark complexion, black hair, 
gray eyes. 

HALL, Winter, actor, b. Christchurch, New Zea- 
land; educ. there; stage career, IS yrs. in Aus- 
tralia and New Zealand under J. C. Williamson, 
Ltd. Screen career, Paramount, First National, 
L^niversal, Warners, Goldwyn, Selznick, B. P. 
Schulberg. Preferred. Metro-Goldwyn. Hght., 6; 
wght., 185: gray hair and eyes. 

HALL-DAVIS, Lillian, actress, b. Brooklyn, \. Y., 
1897; educ. high school and business college there. 
Stage career, stock in Phila. Screen career, Mu- 
tual Triangle, Fox. World, Pathe, Robertson- 
Cole, Assoc. Prod., Universal, \'itagraph, Pac fie; 
"Napoleon and Josephine" (FBO); "Quo Vadis" 
(First National); "The Passionate Adventure" 
(State Rights); "Adventure Mad" (Paramount. 
Hght.. 5; wght., 100; blonde hair, dark blue eyes. 

HALL, Ray L., ex. editor, Pathe News; b. Kent- 
land, lti<l.: grad. Indiana L'niversity. Early ca- 
reer City Press Association, Ch'cago; later or> 
staffs of Chicago, Indianapolis papers; political 
writer, editorial writer, city and managing editor. 
Jo'ned United Press and International Press; left 
newspaper work to become editor of Hearst-.Selig 
News Pictorial; organized and edited Hearst-\'ita- 
graph News Pictorial; was active in organization 
of Hearst-International News; afterwards in 
charge of all Hearst screen product; durng war, 
organized film activities of Red Cross and pro- 
duction manager of Division of Films of Com- 
mittee on Public Information; war over, or- 
ganized .Screen Telegraph, released by iMutual am' 
I'.rganized and edited iKinograms. Two years was 
in charge of Fox Varieties. 

HALPERIN, Edward, treasurer Halperin Prod., 
Inc., Victor Pictures, Inc.; b. Chicago, 111., May 
12, 1898. Rels.. parents living in Los Angeles. 
Educ, Chicago, Northwestern Univ.; spec, in 
business administration and commerce, B. S. de- 
gree. Previous career, business organizer and ad- 
vertising agency manager. Entered pictures 1920, 
to join brother, Victor Halperin. in production. 
Produced or supervised: "She Goes to War" 
(United Artists); "Dance Magric" (First Nation- 
al); "Tea with a Kick" (Asso. Exhibitors'); 
"CJreater Than Marriage" (Vitagraph). Clubs: 
S'gma Nu, iMasons, Rve Country Club. Motion 
Picture Club. N. Y. Sport, .gclf. 

HALPERIN, Victor, president Halperin Pro<l.. Inc., 
producer and director; b. Chicago, 111., Aug. 24, 
1894. Rels., parents living in Los Angeles. Educ. 
I'niv. of Chicago; spec, in journalism, arts, bus"- 
ness administration. Ph. B. Previous career. 
literary associate of Tlbert Hubbard, journalist; 
business builder and organizer, advertising agency 
owner, stage director and actor; entered pictures 
1920, writing original stories; signed contract for 
series of 18 stories, later brought out producing 
company making these stories; then prod, fea- 
tures for First National. United Artists, Asso. 
Exhibitors and others. Produced or supervised: 
"She Goes to War"' (United Artists), "Dance 
Magic" (First National), "Tea With a Kick" 
(Asso. Exhibitors). "Greater Than Marriage" 
(N'itagraidi). Clubs: .Sbriner, 32 degree Mason, 
Rancho Golf Club. Rve Country Club. Sport, golf. 

HALPRIN, A. H., writer, b. Russia. Feb. 15, 1889. 
Educ. College of the City of New York. Spec, in 
English and languages. B.A. Previous career. 
High school instructor. Lived in N. Y. C Jersey 
City, Los Angeles. Entered pictures June 5. 1927, 
through iMr. John Stone. "High School Hero" 
(orig.l. "Taking a Chance." ""Tower of Light" 
(orig.) and "If" (orig.). Clubs. City College Club. 
Sports, handball, tennis. 




HALSEY, Forrest, writer, b. Rosevillc, X. J., Nov. 
9, 1878. Etluc. Newark Acail. Previous career, 
Officer of French Acad, of Arts & Sciences. Dec- 
orated with I'ahii Acadamici by French gov't, for 
picture "Madam Sans Gene"; art student, Uhistra- 
tor, art director, author. Entered pictures in 1913, 
had ofTer for magazine story. Adapted "Disraeli," 
"Monsieur Heaucaire," "The Green Goddess," 
"The Humming Bird," "Madam Sans Gene," 
"Broadway Nights," "Divine Lady," "Man's 
Man,' "Saturday's Children." Clubs, New York 
Athletic, Army & Navy Club, Newspaper Club, 
Hollywood Athletic, Saddle Club, American Dra- 
matists. Bus. rep., Arthur Landau. Collaborated 
on "Wonderful Tiling," "His Chinese Wife," 
(stage plays). 

HAMILTON, Mark, actor, b. Washington, D. C, 
Dec. 9, 1,S89. Mi.ther lives there. Relat ves, Gert- 
rude Brooke Hamilton, writer, Washington, D. C. ; 
Eduson B. Olds, banker, Washington. Educ. at 
public school. Was miner. Has lived in Wash- 
ington, N. Y., Baltimore, Joplin, Mo.; Hollywood. 
Entered pictures in 1919. Played in "Light of 
Western Stars," "Sparrows," "Smoke Bellew," 
"Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come," "Our Daily 
Bread." Belongs to K. of C. Sport, baseball. 
Hght., 6, 6; wght.. 175; brown eyes, brown hair. 
.\Lirrieil. Bus rep., W. O. Christenson. Mailing 
n<\.. Fix .Studios. 

HAMILTON, Neil, actor, b. Lynn, Mass., Sept. 9, 
1899. Real name James Neil Hamilton. Parents 
living m Los Angeles. Educ. in public schools of 
Athol; high school of Athol, Mass., Westhaven, 
Conn. Did five yrs. stage work in N. Y., on road, 
in stock in Toledo. Ohio, and Blaney Players, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Did photographic and artists 
posing between plays in N. Y. Has lived in 
Lynn, Revere, Athol, Mass.; Westhaven, Conn.; 
N. Y. C, Hollywood. Worked ofT and on as 
extra from ^lay, 1918; and steadily from Nov. 
1922. D. W. Griffith gave him first part in 
"White Rose." Has played "America," "Beau 
Geste," "Isn't Life Wonderful," "Patriot," "Three 
Week Ends," "Take Me Home," "Hot News," 
"Don't Marry." Belongs to Masquers, Hollywood 
A. C. ; Club Casa del Mar. Sports, yachting, 
swimming, squash. Hght. 5, 11; wght. 155; brown 
eyes, hair. Married. Bus. rep., Young-Selztiick, 
Inc.. 410 Taft Bldg., Hollywood. Mailing ad. 
Paramount Famous Lasky Studio. 

HAMILTON, Lloyd V., actor, director, b. Oak- 
land. Cal.; educ. there. Stage career, began at 
Ye Liberty Theatre, Oakland, as extra. Screen 
career, 4 yrs. with Kalem, Sunshine, Educational, 
First National; "Self Made Failure" (First Na- 
tional); "Papa's Boy," "Always a Gentleman," 
"A Homemade Man," "Blazing Away" (Educa- 
tional). Hght., 6; wlfht., 200; blue eyes, brown 

HAMMONS. E. W., president, Educational Fi!m 
Exchanges, Inc.. b. Winona, Miss., 1882; educ. 
Wiivna, Dallas, Tex., and New York City. Pre- 
vi( us career: secretarial work for Mexican Na- 
tional Railways; building commiss oner of New 
Y( rk City Fire Department. Brooklyn, and E. I.. 
Ranlett, Alarshall. Spader & Co.. New York stock 
brokers. Next, real estate with Dean Alvord iV 
Co., whom he left to take managership of Wood- 
mere Realty Co.; later went with real estate de- 
partment, I'nited States & Mexican Trust Co. 
Entered picture business, concentrating on short 
films at time when most producers w'ere turning 
to multiple reel pictures. Launched campaign for 
release of short comedy and novelty subjects 
thrcugh special national distributing organization; 
unable to interest American capital, appealed to 
Hudson's Bay Co. in England, where he succeded 
in getting needed financial backing; today has 
large plant on Coast with exchanges in all pr nci- 
pal cities of U. S. and Canada. 

HAMPTON, Hope, actress, b. Houston. Texas; 
cdnc. New Orleans. La., Philadelphia, Pa., antl 
Sargent Dramatic .School, New York, .Stage ca- 
reer, nius. com. Screen career, with Paramount, 
Fr.\, Warners, Asstx:. Exhibitors, States Rights; 
"McCall Cnlour Fashion News," (Educational). 
Huht., 5, 5; wght.. 116; titian hair, blue eyes. 

HANDFORTH, Ruth, actress, b. Springfield, ^Lass., 
luly 11. 1885. Mother living in Los Angeles. 
Educ. .Springfield and New Haven, studied Eng- 
lish as intended going to Emerson College of Or- 
atory in Boston. Spent three seasons with "Mrs. 
Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch"; other stage ex- 
cxperience with Una (3ayton. Has lived in Spring- 

field, Mass.; Hartford, New Haven and Los An- 
geles. Played in "Intolerance," "On Trial," "The 
l.,ove Song," "Little Snob." Belongs to Actors 
E(|ui(y, The Troupers and The Eastern .Star, 
light, 5. 6; wght., 135; brown eyes, red hair. 
Child, Jack Ilandforth, IS yrs. 

HANSON, Lars, actor, b. Gothemberg, Sweden. 
Educ. Sweden. Screen career, "The Scarlet Let- 
ter," "Flesh and the Devil," "Captain Salvation," 
"The Divine Woman," "Buttons," "The Wind" 
M-G-M), "The Home Coming" (Paramount). 
"The Legend of Gosta Berling" (Collwyn Pict.). 

HANSON, Oscar, general sales manager, TifYany- 
Stahl; b. in Illinois; picture business for fifteen 
years, having been associated with the General 
F"ilm Company, Mutual and RoVrtson-Cole, foi 
seven years general manager of Canadian Edu- 
cational Pictures, and also handled distribution of 
TilTany-Stahl product in Canada; 1928, appointed 
general sales manaRer of Tiffany-Stahl. 

HANNEFORD, "Poodles," actor, b. in a circus 
caravan in England. Two generations of circus 
people precede him; both of his grandfathers were 
circus proprietors in England, his father marrying 
the daughter of a rival showman; upon his fa- 
thers death. Poodles, who had been riding bare- 
back s'nce his fifth yr. and his mother sold the 
Hanneford Circus of 360 horses. Poodles continu- 
ing his circus act. In 1914 he was at the Winter 
Circus at Royal Agricultural Hall, London, when 
John Ringling signed him to bring his troupe to 
Barnum and Bailey's Circus in N. Y., and tn 
tour the U. S. He starred in the Sells- Flotn 
Shows and was for three years featured by (ihas. 
Dillingham at the N. Y. Hippodrome. His screen 
efiforts^ consist of Educational comedies, "Plumb 
Dumb" and "Circus Capers" being the latest; 
and "The Circus Kid," FBO feature. 

HARBAUGH, Carl, director, b. Washington, D. C. 
Stage career, actor over 10 yrs. Screen career, 
directed for Biograph, Goldwyn; "The Silent Com- 
mand" (F"ox), "College," "Steamboat Bill, Jr." 
(Cnitcd Artists). 

HARDY, Oliver, actor, b. Atlanta, Ga. Parents re- 
side in Atlanta. Educ. at University Ga. Spec, 
law. Previous career, stage, singing, stock, 
minstrel. Has lived in Jacksonville, Fla., N. Y., 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1913. Was en- 
gaged from stage for featured plaver by Lubin. 
Played in all Laurel-Hardy comedies. Clubs, Ma- 
son, Masquers, 233, Hollywood Country, Writers. 
Sport, golf. Hght. 6, 1; wght. 286; brown eyes, 
dark hair. Wife's name. Myrtle. Press rep., Ray 
Coffin. Ad. Hal Roach Studios, Culver City, Cal. 

HARDY, Sam, actor, b. New Haven. Ccnn., iMar. 
21. Parents living in Hollywood. Educ. at Yale, 
spec, in law. Was on speaking stage for 23 yrs. 
Has lived in New Haven, N. Y.. Holly woixl. En- 
tered pictures 13 yrs ago. Played "Get Rich 
Ouick Wallingford," "Broadway Nights," "Man's 
Man." "Butter and Egg Man," "Rainbow," "Out- 
cast," "Diamond Handcuflfs." Belongs to EJks, 
Gamma Delta Pbsi, Lambs Club, Players Club, 
New York Athletic Club, Masquers Club, Santa 
iMonica Swimming Club. light. 6, ^\i; wght. 
200; brown eyes, hair. Married to Betty vScott 
Bus. rep., Arthur Landau. 

HARE, Lumsden, actor, b. Cashel, Ireland, 1875. 
Educ. at St. Demestans, London, Eng. Devoted 
30 yrs. to stage, 9 yrs. with Chas. Frohman and 
7 yrs with Wm. A. Brady. Has lived in N. Y., 
London. Entered pictures in 1916. Married to 
Silene Johnson. Mailing ad. Fox Studios. 
HARLAN, Otis, actor, b. Ohio, Dec. 29. Educ. at 
(Jandier Military Acad, in Ohio, and Yale. Was 
on stage. Has lived in N. Y., New Jersey, Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures in 1919 after many yrs. 
in musical comedy, vaudeville. Played in "Port 
of Dreams," "Show Boat," "Good Morning Judge," 
"Clear the Deck." Sport, acquaplaning. Hght. 
5, 5; wght 198; brown eyes; brown hair. Married. 
Bus. rep., Edward Small Co. 

HARLAN, Kenneth, actor, b. N. Y. C, 1895. Educ. 
N. Y. C. Stage career, lead with Gertrude HoflF- 
nian, played in "The Fortune Hunter," "The 
Country Boy." Screen career, Ince, Lois Weber 
I'riKl.. Warner, Preferred, Goldstone, Banner, 
Principal, Paramount; "Code (jf the Air" {Bisch- 
iff), "Dangerous Business," "Lessons in Love" 
(Constance Talmadge), "Ranger of the Big Pines' 
(X'itagraph), "The (Golden Stran" (Fox), "TTie 
Fighting Edge"* (Warner), "Man, Woman and 
Wife," "The Ice Flood," "Cheating Cheaters," 



•'Midnight Rose" (Universal), "Easy Pickings," 
"Twinkletoes" (First National), "Stage Kisses" 
(Columbia), "Streets of Shanghai" (Tiffany- 
Stahl), "Wilful Youth" (Peerless), "United States 
Smith" (Gotham). Hght., 6; wght., 180; brown 
hair, dark eyes. 

HARMON, Pat, actor, b. Lewiston, 111.; educ. there. 
.Stage career, 8 yrs. in stk., rep., and circus. 
Screen career, began in 1914, Kinemacolor, Fox, 
(iriffin, Ince, L-Ko, C!liarles Ray, Fo.x. Universal, 
(joldstone, Pathe, Metro, New Cal Film Corp., 
C.B.C., FBO, Assoc. Exhib., Columbia, Metro- 
Goldwyn, First National, Tiffany, Rayart; 
"Hazardous Valleys," (Elbee) ; "The Warn- 
ing", (Columbia); "The Haunted Ship," (Tiffany- 
Stahl); "The Broken Mask" (Anchor); "Water- 
front" (First National). Hght., 6; wght., 210; 
brown hair and eyes. 

HARRIS, Georg-ie, actor, b. London, England, June 
19, 1898. Relative, Dave Harris, Camera Dept., 
Fox Studios. Educ. in I>ondon. On stage 17 yrs. 
in vaud., musical comedy, drama. Entered pic- 
ture business October, 1923. Chosen by Sennett 
from London music halls. Played in "Wheel," 
"Floating College," "Snub," "It's a Pipe," Sham- 
rock Handicap." Belongs to Masonic Lodge; 
Masquers. Sports, boxing, football, tennis. Hght. 
4, 11; wght. 106; dark brown eyes; brown hair. 
Bus. rep., Harry L. Wurtzil. 

HARRIS, Mildred, actress, b. Cheyenne, Wyo., 
Nov. 29, 1902. Educ. in public schools and con- 
vent at Los Angeles; studied English, French, 
voice; now studying for light opera. Was in 
vaud. for 2 yrs. on Orpheum Circuit. Has lived 
in Los Angeles, New York. Entered pictures at 
nine years of age. Played in "Fools Paradise," 
"Price of a Good Time," "Lingerie," "Melody of 
Love," "Heart of a Follies Girl," "Power of 
Press." Belongs to Edgewater Beach Club. Sports, 
riding, golfing, swimming. Hght. S, 4% ; wght. 
118; dark blue eyes, golden blonde hair. Married 
to E. T. MacGovern. Child, Everett John Mac- 
Govern, 3 yrs. Bus. rep.. Jack Snell, (jeorge Ull- 

HARRIS Ray, writer, b. Sacramento, Calif., Sept. 
11, 1888. Relatives, mother living in Sacramento; 
sister, pipe organist, Sacramento; brother. Dr. J. 
B. Harris, surgeon. North Sacramento. Educ. Stan- 
ford Lfniversity, spec, in Eng. It. Previous car- 
eer, newspaper, advertising and short story writer, 
"Little Annie,' "The Deer Hunt," "The Soul of 
the Beast," "The Battle of St. Paul's Cathedral." 
Has lived in New York, San Francisco, Los An- 
geles. Entered pictures in 1917. Joined the Divi- 
sion of Film, (Committee on Public Information, 
as special representative. Adapted "The Quarter- 
back," "Warming Up," "Sportmg Goods" (Para-- 
mount) ; "The Gay Defender," "Some One to 
Love." CHubs: Writers, L. A. Athletic, Pacific 
Coast Club. Wife's prof, name. Marshal Harris. 
5 children, Eleanor (15), Walton (14), Margaret 
(1.1), Whitley (11), Jean (3). 

HARRIS, Buddy, actor. Screen career, "Lying 
^Vives" (State Rights); "Inspiration" (Excellent). 

HARRIS, Ivy, actress; b. New Orleans, 1908; 
educ. Atlanta. Screen career, entered pictures 
through Paramount School of Acting, played in 
"Just Married," "Three Sinners7' "A Gentleman 
of Paris," "The Plotters," "Fascinating Youth," 
"The Legion of the Condemned" and others for 
Paramount. Hght., S, 3J^; wght., 118; dark brown 
hair, blue-gray eyes. 

HARRISON, James, actor, b. INILlwaukee, Wise; 
educ. there and CHiicago. Stage career, stk. for 
1 season in Chicago, "Bird of Paradise," Morosco, 
with Lenore LTlrich, 30 mos. ; 1 season vaud. in 
sketch, with James T. Powers. Screen career, 
Griffith, Christie comedies. First National, Real- 
art, FBO, Selznick, Hodkinson, Educational, 
P. D. C, Gerson, Tiffany; "The Wife's 
Relations" (Ciolumbia). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 140; 
dark complexion, black hair, brown eyes. 

HARRON, John, actor, b. New York City, March 
31, 1903. Educ. at Santa Clara U. Has lived in 
New York, Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 
1921. After death of his brother, Robert Harron, 
he decided that we w(Tajld like to try his hand at, 
motion pictures. Mary Pickford gave him first 
opportunity in "Through Back Door." Also played 
in "Bride of Storm," "Satan in Sables, ""Dulcy," 
"Finders Keepers," "Silk Stockings," "Man in 
Hobbles." Belongs to Hollywood A. C-i Sasiijo 

Country Qub. Sport, golf, swimming, squash, 
yachting. _ H^t. 6-li/,; wght. 170; blue eyes; 
brown hair. Bus. rep., Rebecca and Silton. 

HART, Albert actor, b. Liverpool, England, 1874. 
P2duc. at McGUl College, Montreal, Canada, spe- 
cializing in veterinary surgery. Was comedian 
in comic opera, musical comedies for 25 years. 
Entered pictures seven years ago. Has played in 
"Honor Bound," "Making the Grade," "Mother 
Knows Best," "Diamond Master." Sport, boxing, 
baseball. Hght. 6, 2; wght., 188; blue eyes, dark 
brown hair. Married to Rose Hart. 

HART, Neal, actor. Legal name, Cornelius A. Hart, 
Jr., b. Richmond, N. Y., April 7th. Father living 
in New Brighton, N. Y.; uncle, James A. Hart, 
256 Broadway, New York City. Educ. at Buck- 
nell University, Lewisburg, Pa. Took civil en- 
gineering course. Previous to screen was superin- 
tendent of construction of Delaware & Hudson 
R. R.; Galesburg " & Kewanee Electric R. R.; 
Titusville Electric Traction Co., Titusville, Pa.; 
Manager Cattle Ranches. Has lived in New York; 
Cheyenne, Wyoming; San Antonio. Entered pic- 
tures in 1914. Starred in 32 features, serials, 
shorts; directed 27 features. Last four starrer! 
in and directed are: "Danger Valley," "Tucker's 
Top Hand," "Scarlet Brand." (serial), "His 
Destiny," British quota picture. Belongs to Phi 
Kappa Psi. Sports, football, skating, baseball, 
horseback riding. Hght. 5-9; wght. 170; dark 
blue eyes; dark brown hair. Married. Child, 
Tom Hart, 15 years old. 

HART, Sunshine, actress, b. Vevay, Ind., July 6, 
1888. Educ. in public schools, graduated from 
local high school. Was seven years in stock, 
one year with Shuberts, one year in Tab show. 
Has lived in Indianapolis, New York, Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures in 1914. Played in "He Was a 
Prince," "Student Prince," "Red Mill," "Lovey 
Mary," "My Best Girl," "Man in Hobbles," 
"Steeplechase." Belongs to Deauville Beach Club, 
Troupers, Equity. Hght. 5-6; wght. 195; brown 
eyes; auburn hair. One daughter. Sunshine Leona 
Hart, 15 years. 

HARTIGAN, Pat, actor, b. Ireland, Dec. 21, 1881. 
Was in army and on stage. Entered pictures in 
1907. Played in "Me Gangster," "State Street 
Sadie," "Tenderloin." Sport, shooting, fishmg. 
Hght. 6; whgt. 220; hazel eyes, brown hair. 

HARRINGTON, Joseph, actor, b. Manchester, 
N. H.; educ. Lowell, Mass. Stage career, 39 
vrs., stock, vaude., etc. Screen career, since 
1898, Biograph, Edison; "The Young Rajah" 
(Paramount), "The Man of Action," "The Sun- 
shine Trail" (Ince), "Richar"a the Lion-Hearted" 
(Asso. Authors), "Itching Palms," "Laughing at 
Danger," "The Broadway Gallant" (FBO), 
"Hearts Aflame," "The Idle Rich" (M-G-M), 
"The Freshman," "Gold from Weepah" (Pathe). 
Hght., 5, eyi; wght., 150; iron gray hair, hazel 

HARRIS, Eddie, actor, educ. Gill Univ. Screen 
career. "Bevond the Rockies" (FBO), "The Fight 
ing Strain" (Universal), "Isle of Forgotten 
W(inien" (Columbia), "Don Juan" (Warner), 
"P.itent Leather Kid" (First National). 

HARRIS, Elmer, writer; screen work: "The Mat- 
inee Idol," "The Sporting Age," "So This Is 
Love," "The Desert Bride," "That Certain 
Thing" (Columbia). 

HARVEY, George W., director of advertising and 
publicity, Pathe; previous career, sales promotion 
manager, Simmons- Boardman Pub. Co.; associ- 
ated with Walter Ostrander; asst. sales manager 
Helvetia Milk Co.; 1 yr. overseas in 304th Field 
Artillery; later joined publicity dept. American 
Legion and became jiersonal representative of Col. 
MacNider; member of staff conducting Marshal 
Foch on tour of U. C. ; entered picture business in 
advertising and publicity dept., W. W. Hodkinson 
Corp., which was merged with P. D. C. and then 

HARVEY, Lew, actor, b. Wisconsin; educ. Port- 
land. Stage career, 3 yrs. legitimate. Screen ca- 
reer, Texas Guinan Co., First National, Warners, 
Fox, Metro- Goldwyn, Vitagraph, "Wolf's 

Clothing" (Warners); "A Horseman of the 
Plains" (Fox); "Diamond Handcuffs" (Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 160; black 
hair, brown eyes. 

HASBROUCK, Olive, actress, b. Lewiston, Idaho, 
Jan. 23, 1907. Educ, Boston and California. Spec, 
in history, English. French art. Previous career, 
stage experience. Entered pictures in 1924. Pic- 


^ Highspots in the career of America's Favorite Comedy Star: 
^ Bom 1893, Burchard Nebraska. ^ Played comedy and char- 
acter roles on stage. ^ Screen debut at age of nineteen in 
San Diego, Cal. ^ Associated later with Hal Roach and made 
several hundred Lonesome Luke Comedies for Pathe release. 
^ Created famous horn-rimmed glasses character and grad- 
uated into feature comedies. ^ Married his former leading 
lady, Mildred Davis. Have one child, a daughter, Mildred 
Gloria Lloyd. ^ Now releasing through Paramount and cele- 
brating eighth year as feature comedy producer by making 
his first talking picture. ^ Principal successes: "Grandma's 
Boy", "Dr. Jack", "Safety Last", "Why Worry?", "Girl Shy", 
"Hot Water", "The Freshman", "For Heaven's Sake", "The 
Kid Brother", "Speedy". ^ Motto: "Make them funny, but 
keep them human". 



turcs include: lead in "Cohens and the Kellys," 
also leads with Keginald Denny, Hoot Gibson, and 
Fred Thomson. CJubs, Thalians. Sports, tennis, 
horseback riding. Hght. S, 3; wght., 107; hazel 
eyes, auburn hair. Bus. rep., Ben Hershfield. 
HASKIN, Byron, director, b. Portland, Ore., 1899; 
educ. Lowell High School, San l-'rancisco, and 
Univ. of Calif., Berkeley; early career, cartoonist 
on 'Frisco Daily Xews; later advertising man, 
traveling and taking industrial pictures; worked 
in commercial laboratory; screen career, began 
as cameraman for Pathe, International Newsreel; 
became assist, director with Selznick, in^ 1920; 
assist, cameraman for Marshall Neilan, Sydney 
Franklin, Raoul Walsh, Phil Rosen; in 1923, first 
cameraman with Holubar, then made own pro- 
ductions; cameraman for Warners, filming Johti 
Barrymores; assigned director by Warners, 1926; 
"Ginsberg the Great" (Warner), "The Siren" (Co- 
HATCH, Stanley W., western sales manager for 
First Xational Pictures, has been in the motion 
picture business for sixteen years; started with 
First National as branch manager in Kansas 
C.ty. Previous to that, with Metro in Detroit and 
\'itagraph in St. Louis and Cincinnati; born in 
Exeter, N. H.j March 29, 1887; later moved to 
Columbus, Ohio; attended the schools of that 
city before entering the motion picture business. 
Hciiiie, I'rooklyn, N. Y. 

HATTON, Richcu-d, actor. Screen career. Arrow, 
hBil. " Western Courage" (RayartJ ; "The Boss 
i.f Rustler's Roost" (Pathe). 

HATTON, Raymond, actor, b. and educ. Red Oak, 
Iowa. Stage career, portraying mostly character 
roles. Screen career, First National, Jacob Wilk, 
Mammoth Pict., Max Graf Prod., Preferred; 
"Three Wise Fools" (Goldwyn), "The Hunchback 
of No'tre Dame" (LTniversal), "The Barefoot Boy" 
(Columbia), "Cornered" (Warner), "Mine with 
Iron Door" (Principal), "Silence" (P.D.C.), "Af- 
fairs of Anatale," "Pink Gods," "Big Brother," 
"Triumph," "Adventure," "Thundering Herd," 
"Behind the Front," "Forlorn River," "We're in 
the Navy Now," "Fashions for Women," "Fire- 
men Save My Child," "Now We're in the Air," 
"Wife Savers," "The Big Killing," "Partners in 
Crime" (Paramount), "The Office Scandal" 
(Pathe). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 140; brown hair, 
blue eyes. 

HAUPT, Ullrich, actor. Screen career, "The Tem- 
pest" (L'liited Art.sts) ; "Captain Swagger' 

HAVEN, Harry, writer, b. Allentown, Pa., June 23, 
1881. Educ, Boston, (Chicago, New York. Previous 
career, newspaper man. Has written: "The Gypsy 
Countess," "Nature's Law." Entered pictures in 
1911. Screen work: "Oh Henry," "Driftin' 
Through," "The Power God," "Thunderbolt Jack." 
Clubs, Writers. Sport, golf. 

HAVER, Phyllis, actress, b. Douglas, Kans. Educ. 
Los Angeles pub. schls., manual arts. Has lived 
in Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1924. Se- 
cured work as bathing beauty iov Sennett. Played 
in "Christian," "New Brooms," "Way of All 
Flesh," "Battle of Sexes," "Sal of Singapore," 
"Shady Lady," "Office Scandal." Sport, hiking. 
Hght. .S, 6; wght. 126; blue eves, blonde hair. 

HAWKS, Howard, director, b. Goshen, Ind., 1897; 
educ. Pasadena High School, Phillips- Exeter 
Academy, Mass., and Cornell; screen career, prop 
man with Mary Pickford; assist, director with 
Marshall Neilan; on scenario staff of Famous 
Players; joined Metro as supervising editor; 
wrote, directed and financed two short reel com- 
edies; signed by Fox to direct; has directed 
"Fazil," "A Girl in Every Port," "Paid to Love,' 
"Cradle Snatchers." 

HAWKS, J. G., scenarist, b. California; educ. 
.Stanford LTniv.; early career, in Army; stage 
career, joined Belasco in 1910; screen career, free- 
lance writer, director and scenarist for many of 
early companies; editor and manager of scenario 
department of Goldwyn; scenarios and adaptations 
for First National, Paramount, Pathe, Universal; 
"The Sonora Kid," "Shanghaied" (FBO). 

HAYS, Will H., president. Motion Picture Pro- 
ducers and Distributors of America: b. Sullivan, 
Ind., Nov. 5, 1879; educ. Wabash College, Ind.; 
held various prominent positions with Republican 
committees, state and county, Indiana; chair- 
man. Republican National Committee, Feb. 1918-21; 
under administration of President Harding was 
appointed postmaster general, 1921-22; entered mo- 

- tioii picture industry as president of tiie Motion 
Picture Producers and Distributors of America. 
Mason, 32nd degree; Shriner; K. P.; Elk. Clubs: 
Chicago Athletic, Metro]Hilitan, National Press 
and Unversity, Washington, D. C. ; Chevy Chase, 
Union League, National j<epuhlican. Bankers, 
Army and Navy, Friars, Advertising, New York. 
New Yoik address, 469 Sth ave. ; home, Sullivan, 

HEARN, Eddie, actor, b. Dayton, Wash.; educ. 
Walla Walla, Wash. Stage career, 12 yrs. drama, 
stock and rep. Screen career, since 1915, "Down 
Home" (Willat Prod.), Ruth Roland Serial, Lu- 
mas, Schulberg, Selznick; "When a Man's i-i 
Man" (First National), "Excitement," "Hero on 
Horseback" (Universal), "Man Without a Coun- 
try" (Fox), 'Heart of the Yukon," "Ned Mc- 
Cobb's Daughter," "Pals in Peril" (Pathe), 
"Winners of the Wilderness" (M-G-M), "Hook 
and Ladder No. 9," "The Harvester," 'The F.ght- 
in' Redhead," "Dog Justice" (FBO). 

HEATH, Percy, b. Perry, Mo., Jan. 30. Educ. 
LIniv. of Maryland. Previous career, newspaper 
reporter, editor, press agent, playwright. Wrote: 
"Sari," "The Scarlet Man," "A Bird in the 
Hand," "Mysterious Ways." Entered pictures in 
1919, through sale of story to L'niversai. Latest 
screen work: "Two Flaming Youths," "Red Hair," 
"Half a Bride," "Three Week Ends." Clubs, 
Writers, Acad. M. P. Arts & Sciences. 

HEATH, Arch, director, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1890; 
screen career, entered films 1914 to create propa- 
ganda for Wilson campaign; became general man- 
ager of General Film's eastern unit; then joined 
Pathe for a number of years making serials, and 
later worked with Hal Roach on Max Davidson 
comedies, released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, re- 
turned to Pathe; "The Mark of the Frog," "The 
Masked Menace" (Pathe). 

HEBERT, Henry J., actor, b. Providence. R. I.; 
educ. there and St. Lawrence Univ., Canton, N. Y. 
Stage career, 12 yrs., "Brew'ster's Millions," 
"Master Mind." Screen career, Pickford, Gold- 
wyn, Paramount, Universal, Fox, FBO; "The 
Little Minister," "My Wild Irish Rose," "Cap- 
tain Blood" (Vitagraph), "One Chance in a Mil- 
lion," "Girl from. Rio" (Gotham), "Cross Breed" 
(Bischofif), "Laddie Be Good," "Fangs of Fate" 
(Pathe), "The Lookout Girl" (Quality Dist.). 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 180; dark hair, brown eyes. 

HECK, Stanton, actor. Screen career, Pathe, 
I'nited Artists, First National, Asso. Exhibitors, 
\'itagraph, Metro, Universal, "The Yankee Clip- 
per" (PDC); "Fighting Hearts" series (FBO); 
"The Branded Sombrero" (Fox). 

HEERMAN, Victor, director, b. London, England; 
early career, child stage actor; appeared in nu- 
merous Broadway productions; screen career, 
L-K-O, Keystone, Mack Sennett, Paramount, De 
Mille, Pathe; "Love Hungry," "Ladies Must 
Dress" (Fox). 

HEILBRUN, Adelaide, writer, b. Seattle, Wash., 
June 25. Educ. Smith College. Northampton, 
.Mass.; spec, in English literature, writing, re- 
ceiving M. A. degree. Entered pictures about 6 
yrs. ago through opportunity with Famous Lasky 
in N. Y. doing synopses in the reading dcpt. 
Orlg. "French Dressing"; adap., "So Big," "Man- 
trap," "Lady Be Good," "The Buter and Egg 
Man," "Heart to Heart," "Captain Swagger," 
"Children of the Ritz." Sports, tennis, golf, 
swiniimng. Bus. rep., Arthur M. Landau. 

HELLUM, Barney, actor. Screen career, Pathe- 
Mack Sennett comedies, Fo.x comedies. Cameo 
comedies (Educational); now portraying "Barney 
Google" in the Larry Darmour-FBO comedies. 
HEMPHILL, Frank L., actor. Screen career, "The 
Non-Stop Flight," "The Circus Kid" (FBO): 
"The Blood Ship" (Columbia). 
HENABERY, Joseph, director, b. Omaha, Neb.; 
educ. there; early career, architectural drafting 
and railroading; stage career, with San Carlo 
Opera Company; George W. Lynch Co.; screen 
career, began as actor with Universal Reliance- 
Majestic, Lincoln in Griffith's "Birth of a Na- 
tion," Fine Arts: directed first for Fine Arts, 
1916, Famous. Douglas Fairbanks, Ritz Carlton 
(Valentino), Paramount, P.D.C., Pathe; "Sailors' 
Wives" (First National), "L'nited States Smith," 
"The River Woman," "Hellship Bronson" 
HENDERSON, Dell, actor, also director. Legal 
name, George Delbert Henderson, b. St. Thomas, 
Ont., July 5, 1883. Father lives in St. Thomas; 






Clothes Made Lubitsch an Actor . . . But Not in the Way 

You Suspect 


Megaphones . . . Not Microphones . . . For Discovering 

Hidden Screen Talents in Players . . . New and Old 


Dramatic Punches from Stellar Fists (His Directorial Experiences 
u'ifh Pola Negri, Mary Pickford, Norma Shearer, John 
Barrymore, Euiil Janniugs, Adolphc Menjoii, Ratiiou Novarro 

and Others) 

The Foreign Director's Rightful Place in American Screen 


Details of any of these suggested subjects or others uill he obtained on request by 

Motion Picture Neus 



one sister in Chicago, one sister in Great Falls, 
Mont.; also sister in St. Thomas. Educ. in San- 
wich, Canada, School of Sacred Heart. Contem- 
plated priesthood. In stock in Chicago, Cleve- 
land, Omaha, Philadelphia, Duluth, Pittsburgh. 
Has lived in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles. 
Biograph Co. with D. W. Griffith; director for 
Bioscope, Keystone, Famous Players, Charles 
Frohman, Fox, Roach. Has played in "Crowd," 
"Patsy," "Show World," "Power of Press." be- 
longs to Lambs Club, Masquers, N. Y. A. C. 
Sport, trap shooting. Hght, 6, 1; wght. 220; 
blue gray eyes. Married to Florence Lee. Bus. 
and press rep., Edw. Small Co. 

HENDERSON, Ted, actor. Screen career, "The 
Web" (Chesterfield); "The Majove Kid" (FBO). 

HENDRICKS, Dudley C, actor, b. LaGrange, Ky., 
Aug. 3, 1870. Rels, mother living at Hyde Park, 
Cal. Educ. Louisville, Ky. Previous career, com- 
mercial trader, civil engineer, state official. Has 
lived in Louisville, Ky.; Kansas City, Mo.; Chi- 
cago, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles. Entered pic- 
tures in 1916. Played in "Honest Hutch," "Little 
Shepherd of Kingdom Come," "Flying 'U' 
Ranch," "Bellamy Trail." Clubs, Masonic, 2ii. 
Hght. 6, 3; wght. 170; blue eyes, brown hair. 
Wife's prof, name, Mrs. Florence Hendricks. 1 
child, Leroy Calvin Hendricks, 23 yrs. old. Bus. 
rep. Steve Carrico. 

HENDRICKS, Ben, actor, b. N. Y. C. Educ. 
Southern College, Philadelphia, Pa. Screen ca- 
reer, Jaxon, Cosmopolitan, Realart, Hodkinson, 
Asso. Authors, Weber & North, Fox, Vitagraph; 
"Take It from Me," "Out All Night" (Universal). 
"Birds of Prey" (Columbia), "Barbed Wire" 
(Paramount), "The Fencing Romeo" (FBO), "My 
Friend from India" (Pathe), "Waterfront," "Syn- 
thetic Sin" (First NationaJ). 

HENLEY, Hobart, director, b. Louisville, Ky., 1891. 
educ. Univ. of Cincinnati; stage career, 5 yrs. 
legit.; screen career, began m 1910, Hobart Hen- 
Icy, Jewel Prod., Selznick, Llniversal; heading his 
own production unit, directed, "His Tiger Lady" 
(Paramount), "A Certain Young Man," "Wicked 
ness Preferred" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). 

HENRY, Gale, actress, b. Bear Valley, Cal.; educ. 
Los Angeles, Cal.; stage career. Temple Opera 
Co., Century Theatre, Los Angeles, 3 yrs.; screen 
career: 5 yrs. with Universal, starring in one-reel 
comedies ; began production of own comedies in 
February, 1919. Has appeared in films of the 
following companies: Metro, East Coast, Arrow, 
Assoc. Exhib., Chadwick, Metro-Goldwyn, Para- 
mount, First National, Educational. Featured 
in several Pathe pictures. Latest roles in 
"Stranded" (Sterling); "All Parts" (M-G-M). 
Hght., 5, 9; wght., 128; dark hair, brown eyes. 

HENNECKE, Clarence, director, b. 1894; 15 yrs. 
in motion pictures; director and gag man for 
Roach, Fo.x, Sennett; assistant dir. of "Strong 
Man," "Long Pants," "Lost at Front" (First 
National), "Topsy and Eva," "My Best Girl" 
(United Artists), PufTy-Cohen series (Universal). 

HERBERT, F. Hugh, writer, b. Vienna, Austria, 
May 29, 1897. Rels., parents living in New York 
City; Henry Kerkan, brother-in-law, landscape 
architect, Hollywood. Educ England; spec, m 
chemistry, receiving B. S. degree. Previous 
career, advertising, journalism, novelist, having 
written "There You Are," "The Poseur," "Carry 
Me Upstairs." Has lived in Vienna, London, 
West Indies. New York City, Hollywood. Entered 
pictures in 1921. Work includes "Beau Broadway," 
"Baby Cyclone," "A Man's Man"; orig. "Adam 
and Evil" (M-G-M); adap. "Cardboard Lover," 
".Single Man," "Last of Mrs. Cheney." (Tlubs: 
Writers, Hollywood Athletic Club. Sport, tennis. 
Bus. rep, Felix Young-Myron Selznick, Inc. 

HERBERT^ Holmes, actor, b. Dublin, Ireland. 
Educ. at Nottingham High School, Rugby. On 
stage in England, America. Has resided in Dub- 
lin, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, E«g. ; London, 
New York, Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1917 
in New York with Famous Players. Other pic- 
tures, "On Trial," "Terror," "Gentlemen Prefer 
Blondes." Belongs to Lambs, Players, New York; 
Green Room, London; Hollywood Athletic, Beach 
Club, Lakeside A. C, Hollywood. Sports, golf, 
swimming, riding. Hght. 5, 11; wght. 165; grey 
eyes, blonde hair. Married to Beryl Mercer. 
Child, Joan, 11 years. _ Bus. rep., Ernest S. 
Cowell; press rep., David Epstein. Mailing ad., 
Hollywood Athletic Club. 

HERBERT, Hugh., writer, b. Binghampton. N. Y., 
1887. Educ. Cornell Univ. Stage career, 23 years 
as actor, comedian and playwright, written 150 
Elaylets, vaudeville sketches, plays produced by 
Sam Harris & A. H Woods Screen career, play- 
wright and actor, joined Fox Movietone to write 
.ind play in "Mind Your Business." 

HERMAN, Albert, director. Legal name, Adam H. 
Foelker. b. Troy, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1894. Educ. 
at Troy. Specialized in agriculture. Degree from 
Manhattan Agricultural College. Has lived in 
New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures in 1913, through Broncho (Billy) Ander- 
son. Directed "Over the Rhine" and Micky Mc- 
Guire in "Mickey the Detective," "Mickey's Big 
Game Hunt," "Mickey's Big Idea." Belongs to 
Motion Picture Directors Association. Favorite 
sports, football, boxing, and golf. Bus rep. and 
press rep., Pell Mitchell. 

HERRING, Aggie, actress, b. San Francisco, Cal. 
On stage. Entered pictures in 1916. Played in 
"McFadden's Flats." Hobbies, flowers, chickens. 
Hght. 5, 4; wght. 165; brown eyes, brown hair. 
Married. Bus. rep., Edward Small Co. 

HERRICK, Jack, actor. Screen career. Fox, Tru- 
art, Sanford Prod., Metro-Goldwyn, Vitagraph, 
"Is Zat So" (Fox); "Beau Broadway" ((Metro- 

HERSHOLT, Jean, actor; b. Copenhagen, Den- 
mark, July 12, 1886. Educ. there, studied art. 
Mother living there. On stage. Entered picture 
busness in 1904 in Denmark for short period and 
again in 1915 in Los Angeles. Played in "Greed," 
"Stella Dallas," "Student Prince," "Alias the 
Deacon," "Old Soak," "Battle of Sexes," "Abie's 
Irish Rose," "Girl on Barge," "Give and Take," 
"The Younger Generation," "Climax," Belongs 
to Shriners. Knight Templar, 233 Club, Break- 
fast Club. Sport, ice hockey. Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
185; blue eyes, brown hair. One child, Jean Allan 
Hersholt, Jr. Press rep., Dave Epstein. Mailing 
ad., LIniversal Film Corp. 

HERZIG, Sig, writer; screen career, CHiristie Com- 
edies, Bobby Vernon Comedies, Billy Dooley Com- 
edies, Jimmie Adams Comedies (Paramount). 

HIATT, Ruth, actress. Legal name, Ruth Redfern. 
b. Cripple Creek, Colo., January 6. Mother lives 
in Hollywood; brother, Don Redfern, technician 
at M-G-M. Educ. in San Diego, Calif. Played 
child parts with Lub'n Company in Coronado. Has 
lived in Cripple Creek, Salt Lake City, San Diego, 
Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1915 playing child 
parts. Worked in "Robin Hood." Lloyd Hamil- 
ton signed her for leads. Starred in Jack White 
Comedies. Played in "Missing Link," "His First 
Flame," "Chinatown Mystery," also starred m 
Mack Sennett comedies. Sports, golf, tennis, 
swimming, riding. Hght., 5, 2; wght., 115; blue 
eyes, blonde hair. 

HIBBARD, Enid, writer, b. Cincinnati, Ohio, Feb. 
27. Screen career, "The Coward," "Chicago After 
Midnight," "Crooks Can't Win," "Hit of the 
Show," "Sally of the Scandals," "South Sea Love" 

HIERS, Walter, actor, b. Cordele, Ga., July 18, 
1893. Parents live in Los Angeles. Educ. at 
Savannah, Ga., high school, Peekskill Military 
Academy. In vaudeville. Has lived in Savannah, 
N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1915, 
starting as extra with Griffith at Biograph. Has 
played in "Ghost Breaker," "Jimmy," "Bought 
and Paid For." "The Lummox," "Seventeen," 
"Beware of Widows," "Hold That Lion," "Rac- 
ing Romeo," "Naughty," "Blondes by Choice." 
Belongs to Elks, Masons, 233 Club, Masquers, 
Hollywood Athletic Club, Deauville Beach Club. 
Sports, football, baseball. Hght., 5, 11; wght., 25?; 
hazel eyes, brown hair. Married. Bus. rep., Re- 
becca & Silton; press rep., James M. Fidler. 

HIGGIN, Howard, director, b. Denver, Colo., Feb. 
15. Educ. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y.; St. 
John's Military Academy. Previous career: in- 
terior decorating, architecture, author stage plays, 
designer of scenery. Has lived in Denver. Boise, 
N. Y., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle. En- 
tered pictures 12 yrs. ago, through Cecil B. De- 
Mille. Directed "Leathernecks," "Sal of Singa- 
pore," "Skyscraper," "Power." Bus. rep., Myron 
Selznick, Taft Bldg., Hollywood, Cal. 

HILBURN, Betty, actress. Screen career, "Sin- 
ners In Heaven" (Paramount) ; "Married" (Jans 
Prod.); "Children of Fate" (Abgol); "Broad- 
way Madness" (Excellent). 

T In my circle of inti 

I / am proud to in 

^-.1^ / members of the p'l 

CT^'^' the very beginning 

^ \ ned with me _ my 

their cooperaticni i 

me over.' I am 

their coo 
me over, 
home" and 

mate friends 
nclude many 
ress. From 
they plan- 
career and 
helped "put 
am always "at 
on call" to them. 

"So Big" 

"Flaming Youth" 
"Lily of the Dust" 
"Wages of Virtue" 
"The New Commandment" 
"Bluebeard's Seven Wives" 
"Prince of Tempters" 
"Hell's Angels" 


Ten months on "HeU's Angels," Howard Hughes' two niUlicm dollar air epic — co-starred 
with Greta Nissen and James Hall — became expert aviator— now licensed pilot by U. S. 


Long career on stage — Jesse Bonstelle Stock Company — productions on Broadway in- 
cluding "Three Live Ghosts," "The Wonderful Thing," opposite Jeanne Eagels — culminating 
in a starring role in the New York sensation "Mary the Tliird" — Sam Goldwyn saw the 
play and took him to Hollywood for juvenile lead in his production "Potash and Perlniutter." 


During that period appeared in the featured lead, or co-starred in. twenty-four prod,uc- 
tions opposite the foremost female stars of the day — and one foreign production made in 
Germany, "Dancing Vienna," co-starred with Lya Mara. 


Among the stars — Colleen Moore, Barbara La Marr, Eleanor Boardman, Pola Negri, 
Gloria Swanson, Anna Q. Nilsson, Viola Dana, Blanche Sweet, Billie Dove, IJelle Bennett, 
Lois Moran, AiJeen Pringle, May McAvoy, Lya Mara, Lois Wilson, Lya de Putti, Marie 
Prevost and Greta Nissen. 

Further details for story material will be obtained on request by Motion Picture News 



HILL, Al., actor, b. New Yurk City, July 14, 1892. 
Taients living in New York City. On stage for 
2i years. Has lived in Europe, Africa, Mexico 
and China, besides the U. S. Entered pictures 
two years ago. Played in "Her Wild Oat," "The 
Drop Kick," "Dressed to Kill," "The Escape," 
"Roadhouse," "Me, Gangster," "Sinner's Parade," 
"The Stool Pigeon." Sports, swimming, driving, 
boxmg, golf, hockey. Hght., S, 8J^; wght., 158; 
blue eyes, dark hair. Alarried to Renee Borici- 
cault. One child, Arline Patrica, 11 years. 
HILL, Doris, actress, b. Rosewell, N. M., March 
.!1. Mother living in Hollywood. Educ. at Our 
Lady of Lake Convent, San Antonio, Texas. 
Danced in many cities of U. S. in vaudeville. 
Has lived in Rosewell, San Antonio, Fort Worth, 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1926. Screen 
test by Warner Bros. Played in "The Better 
'Ole," "Casey at the Bat," "Rough House Rosie," 
"Take Me Home," "Avalanche," "Tillie's Punc- 
tured Romance." Sports, motoring, tennis, danc- 
ing. Hght., 5, 2^; wght., 115; blue eyes, titian 
hair. Mailing ad., Paramount Famous Lasky 
Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 
HILL, George, director, b. Douglas, Kans., April 
25, 1895. Educ, Los Angeles, Calif. Has lived in 
Kansas City, N. Y. C., Hollywood. Entered 
pictures in day of Kalem, nine yrs. cameraman 
with D. W. Griffith. Directed "Zander the 
Great," "Tell It to Marines," "Callahans and 
Murphys," "Buttons," "Flying Fleet," "Cos- 
sacks" (M-G-M). Sport, golf. 
HILL, Maud, actress, b. St. Louis, Mo., Apr. 5. 
Educ. Sacred Heart Convent, Chicago, ill. Spec, 
in paintmg and music. Previous career, stage. 
Has lived in Chicago, St. Louis, New York. En- 
tered pictures about 1914. Pictures include: 
'Blindness of Love," "To Hell With the Kaiser," 
"The Sacred Flame," "End of the Road," "The 
Cowardly Way," "Daughter of France," "Puritan 
Passions," "Six Cylinder Love," "Thunderclap," 
"Lifted Veil," "When Men Desire," "House of 
(iold," "Sandra," "A Dangerous Affair," "Blind 
Alleys," "The Headless Horseman." Hght., 5, 7; 
wght., 136; blue eyes, reddish brown hair. Bus. 
rep., John R. Powers. 
HILL, Robert P., director, b. Port Rohen, Ont., 
Apr. 14, 1886. Mother Hves in Detroit. William 
J. Hill, fire chief; Rev. Joseph Hill, Laredo. 
Texas. Educ. in Detroit. For seven years on 
dramatic stage as actor, manager, director. Has 
lived in New York, Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus, 
Rochester and Toronto. Entered pictures in July. 
1914. Directed "Jack O Clubs," "Excitement," 
"Silks and Sables," "Blake of Scotland Yard." 
Belongs to Free Masons, 233 Club, Masquers, 
Rainbow Trout Club and Breakers. Favorite 
sport, rowing. Married to Rhi Gallagher. 
HILL, Thelma, actress, b. Emporia, Kansas. Educ. 
Citrus Union High School. Screen career, Pathe, 
Universal, "The Fair Co- Ed" (M-G-iNI); "Crooks 
Can't Win" (FBO); "The Chorus Kid" (Lumas) ; 
"The Play Girl" (Fox). Sports: basketball, 
tennis. Hght., 5; wght., 100; black hair, brown 
HILL, Ethel, writer; screen work: "The Switt 
Shadow," "Fangs of the Wild," "The Young 
Whirlwind" (FBO). 
HILLIARD, Ernest, actor, b. N. Y. C. Feb. 1, 
1890. Rels, Robert Hilliard, actor. Lambs Club. 
Educ. England, N. Y. C. Previous career, vaud., 
ball room dancing in foreign capitals; 2 yrs. 
LT. S. Navy; gentleman jockey for Baldwin, Ger- 
kin, Alfred Vanderbilt ; 2 yrs. with foreign diplo- 
matic service. Has lived in N. Y., Paris, Lon- 
don, Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, iMonaco, Holly- 
wood. Entered pictures in 1914, through Enrico 
Caruso and Ed Jose. Played in "Sinners in 
Love," "Weary River," "Big Hop," "Husbands 
Are Liars." Clubs: Wee Burn, Rancho, Masquers. 
Sports, golf, tennis, polo. Hght., 5, 10; wght., 160; 
brown eyes, brown hair. Wife's prof, name, Rulo. 
Bus. rep., Ben Hershfield. 
HILLYER, Lambert, director, b. South Bend, Ind.; 
educ. Drake Univ.; early career, newspaper and 
short story writer; stage career, stock and vaud.; 
screen career, 10 yrs. Paramount-Artcraft (dir. 
W. S. Hart picture;,), worked for First National, 
Goldwyn, American Releasing; "Fleetwing," "The 
Branded Sombrero" (Fox). 
HINES, Johnny, actor, b. Golden, Colo. Rels., 
Charles Hines, director, Hollywood, Calif. Educ. 
Pitsburgh Univ., College of City of New Y''ork. 
Previous career, stage. Started picture career 

with Robert Warwick in "Man of the ILmr." 
Otners include: "Home Made," "Chinatown 
Charlie", "The Wright Idea," "White Pants 
Willie." Club: Catholic M. P. Gu.ld. Sports: 
golf, swimming. Hght,, 5, 10; wght., 155; brown 
eyes, black hair. Bus. rep., C. C. Burr. 

HINES, Charles, director, b. Pittsburgh, Pa., 1893; 
stage career, ^lusical comedy, stock and vaude., 
screen career, confined mostly to direction ot 
brother, Johnny Hines; entered pictures in 192<J, 
making the "Torchy" series; all Johnny Hines 
features thereafter, tirst lor C. C. Burr and then 
for Burr and First National; "Chinatown Charlie, 
"Home Made," "White Pants Willie" (First Na- 

HISLE, Betsy Ann, actress. Screen career, "Nellie, 
the Beautiful Cloak Model" (Goldwyn) ; "Scjrreii 
and Son" (L'nited Artists). 

HITCHCOCK, Alfred, director, b. Aug. 13, 1899. 
Educ. in London. Previous career: advertising. 
Has lived in London, Berlin, Paris. Entered 
pictures in 1919. Pictures include, "Ring," "Cham- 
pagne," "Farmer's W'ife," "Manxman." Club: 
Royal Auto. Wife's prof, name. Alma Reviile. 
Author of "The Ring." 

HOBART, Henry, vice-president, associate producer 
RKO Studios, Inc., b. New York City, Educ. 
Dartmouth College, took A.B. degree. Early 
career, Western Electric Company and American 
Telephone and Telegraph Company; advertising 
manager assistant publisher "Woman's World," 
g:eneral manager International Magazine Com- 
pany. Picture career, in 1918 appointed general 
manager International Film Service Corporation 
producing Cosmopolitan production, director-gen- 
eral Cosmopolitan Productions. 

HOERL,_ Arthur, b. New York, N. Y., Dec. 17, 
1892. iiduc, New York; spec, technical engineer- 
ing, received B. S., M. E., C. E. degrees. Pre- 
vious career, engineering. Has lived in New 
York, Newark, Paris, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills. 
Has wr.tten short stories. Entered pictures in 
1912 as theatre owner. Adap., "The White 
Monkey," "Counsel for Defense"; orig. "Light 
in Window," "Casey Jones," "When Dreams 
Come True," "Should a Girl Marry?" "Ships of 
the Night," "Sweet Sixteen." Titled all own 
stories. Sport: golf. 3 children: Jean (17), 
Gloria (14), Arthur, Jr. (7). 

HOFFMAN, Hugh, writer, b. Madison, Wise, Nov. 
18, 1887. Educ. New York and Paris; spec, in 
art, music, writing, drama. Has written vaud. 
acts. Entered pictures in 1907. Screen work: 
"The Town Scandal," "The House of Glass," 
"Young Ideas," "The Dangerous Blonde," "Ex- 
citement." Ad., Universal Studio. 

HOFFMAN, Renaud, director, b. Germany. Educ. 
Europe. Previous career, developed largest slide 
CO. in coiintry. Title illustrating co. Entered pic- 
tures through assoc. with projection apparatus. 
Directed "Not One to Spare," "Unknown Soldier," 
"Legend of Hollywood," "Harp in Hock," "Cli- 
max." Sport, prize fights. iPress rep., Wilson 
B. Hellner. 

HOFFMAN, M. H., vice-president and general 
manager, Tiffany-Stahl, b. and educ. in Chicago, 
111. At age of 14, worked way to N. Y., entered 
City Coll. there and grad. 1898 with B. S. degree; 
entered N. Y. LTniv. at age of 19, studied law and 
grad. with degree of B. L. ; In 1910 became in- 
terested in film business, with a theatre at 
Springfield, Mass., later acquired six additional 
houses. Carl Laemmle appointed him special "L^" 
representative touring middle West; Managership 
of company's N. Y. branch followed; promoted to 
district manager, and then general manager, hold- 
ing this position until 1917, becoming an indepen- 
dent producer and distributor. 

HOFFMAN, Milton, £., b. Cleveland, Ohio. Rels. 
mother living in Cleveland, Ohio. Educ. Cleveland 
pub. & high sch.. Western Reserve Univ., spec, 
in law. Entered pictures in 1906. 

HOFFMANN, Otto F., actor, b. New York City, 
May 2, 1879. Educ. in Brooklyn, N. Y. On stage 
since 1898. Entered pictures in 1917 with Thos. H. 
Tnce. Was under contract to Klaw & Erlangcr 
and Klaw advised taking offer to form Ince Com- 
pany. Played in "City of Comrades," "The Ter- 
ror," "The Busher," "Hardboiled Rose," "Rinty 
of the Desert," "The Siren." Belongs to Masons 
and 233 Club. Hght., 5, 7; wght., 130; dark 
eyes, graying hair. Married to Ijaura King Hoff- 
man. Child, Eugenie King Hoffman, age 8. 



HOCAN, James P., director, b. Lowell, Mass.; 
fduc. St. Jciui's Acad. Screen career, Lumas, 
Sciiulberg, FiiO, Columbia, P.D.C., Gotham, First 
Uivision, Anchor; d. reeled "The iiroken Mask,' 
'Finnegan's Bail," "The SiJent Avenger," etc. 

HOLDERNESS, Fay, actress. Screen career, Fox, 
I'atht'. Educational, •"Lonesome" (Universal). 

HOLDING, Thomas, actor, b. and ednc. London, 
England. Stage career, 14 yrs. Screen career, 
Assoc. Exhib., Goldwyn, First Nat.onal, Pathe, 
I'nited Artists, Paramount, "The Crimson 
Mash," "The Masked Menace" (Pathe); "The 
.Nest," "Satan and the Woman" (Excellent), 
light., 5, 11; wght., 1()0; dark brown hair, gray 

HOLLAND, John, actor, b. Kenosha, Wis., June 
11, lytX). Parents living ,n Greensboro, N. C. ; 
uncle, Chas. IJarham, vice-pres., N. C. & St. 
L. R.\i., jS'ashville, Tenn. Educ. at high school 
in Greensboro and attended Fishburne Military 
Academy in Waynesboro, Va. At age of six- 
teen ran away from school and enlisted in U. S. 
Navy, where he remained for two years. En- 
tered pictures in December, 1925. Henry Kng 
saw him and signed him for role in "She Goes 
to Warl" Sports, go.f, tennis, polo. Hght., 
6, IJ/-; wght., 185; blue eyes, brown hair. Bus. 
rep., Rebecca and Silton; press rep., Billy Leyser. 
Mailing ad.. Tec Art Studios, Hollywood, Gal. 

HOLLOWAY, Carol, actress, b. Williamstown, 
.Mass.; educ. Franklin, Mass. Stage career, Carle- 
ton stock and N. Y. Productions, "Everywoman." 
Screen career, Fox, First Nat.onal, East Coast, 
Preferred, Universal, Metro, FBO, Warners, "Jake 
the Plumber," "The Cherokee Kid" (FBO); 
"Chicken a la King" (Fox). 

HCLMAN, Russell, executive; advertising manager. 
Paramount Famous Lasky Corp., b. Pattenburg, 
X. Y., Oct. 20, 1893. Educ. Princeton Univ.; in 
college was on editorial staff of Tiger and news 
editor of Princeton Pictorial Review ; on baseball 
and basketball squads, and won Phi Beta Kappa 
Key; fol.owing graduation from Princeton, worked 
as 'reporter on Newark Evening News, Newark 
Sunday Call and Wall Street Journal. Joined 
Navy as seaman, May, 1917; discharged March, 
1919, as lieut.; jo ned advertising dept. of McQure's 
Magazine, doing advertising and publicity for Mc- 
Clure Prod., Inc., motion picture producing 
branch; joined Paramount, June, 1919. After filling 
various positions in Paramount's advertising and 
publicity depts., became asst. adv. mgr. under 
A. M. Botsford. With transfer of Botsford to 
Pub!ix in 1925, was made advertising manager. 
Paramount ; author of thirty or more short stories 
and articles, also seevn novels, all based on motion 
pictures. The latter include Harold Lloyd's "The 
Freshman" and "Speedy," and Clara Bow's "The 
F'leet's In," married and has two children, both 
girls. Ciubs, Sound Beach Golf Club, A.M.P.A., 
Cloister Inn Club of Princeton Univ. 

HOLMES, Ben, writer, b. Richmond, Va., Nov. 6, 
189i:. Educ. Richmond, \"a. Stage career, 1907 in 
"Pucohontas," at Colonial Theatre, Norfolk, in 
vaudeville, musical comedy, burlesque, drama and 
revues wMth Wm. Brady, Keiths circuits and Shu- 
berts. Lived in New York and Norfolk. En- 
tered pictures in 1910 in Chicago with Essanay, 
1927 jo ned Fox as gag man and writer for Chic 
Saks movietone. Wrote orig. "The Ladies Man," 
"Marching On," and "TTie Star Witness." 

HOLMES, Leon, actor. Legal name, Leon Von 
Sederholm. li. San F'rancisco, Cal., Nov. 26, 1913. 
Mother living in Holy wood; brother, J. Albert, 
president of Albert's, Inc., and director of Baiik 
of Italy, San Rafael branch, San Rafael, Calif. 
Educ. in Hollywood. Studying Spanish, history. 
Formerly put on sketches for various organiza- 
tions. Entered pictures iiij October 15, 1923, 
through Mr. Bird General, Manager of Golden 
Gate Studios, San Francisco. Played in "Battling 
Brewster," "The King of Kings," "The Jazz 
Singer," "Frisco Sally Levy," "Freckles," "The 
I-atest From Paris," and a series of Fox come- 
dies. Is president of Screen Children Guild; be- 
longs to The Stage and Screen Childrens Club. 
Sports, swimming, tennis, golf, horseback riding. 
Tight., .S. 5%: wght.. 112; brown eyes, auburn 
hair. Bus. reij.. Lichtig and Englander; press. 
rep., I.arrv Hughes. 

HOLMES, Phillips R., actor, b. Grand Rapids, 
.Mich. Educ. in Grand Rapds and New York, 
Trinity College, England; Paris, and Princeton. 
Spec, in academic course. Has lived in Grind 
{iapids. New Y'ork, London, Paris, Princeton, 

Hollywood. Entered pictures In 1928. Frank Tut- 
t.e. Paramount director, cast him in "Varsity" 
while on location at Princeton. Bus. and press 
reji. and mailing ad. Paramount Studios. 

HOLMES, Stuart, actor. Legal name, Joseph von 
Liebebcn, b. Schweidnitz, Germany, March 10, 
1888. Educated in Chicago at an Art Institute 
and in Europe. Studied painting, sculpture. 
Was sculptor in Europe and on legit, stage for 
five years. Has resided in Chicago, New York, 
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, New Orleans. Entered 
pictures 15 years ago. Played in 'The Scarlet 
Letter," "The Derelict," "Four Horsemen," 
"Prisoner of Zenda," "Under Two Flags," "The 
Man who Laughs," "Beware of .Married Men.' 
Belongs to Hollywood Athletic Club, Cinemaguide 
Club. Sport, hunting. Hght. 5, 11; wght. 176; 
green eyes; titian-red hair. Married to non- 

HOLMES, lone, actress. Screen career, "High 
Hat," "Mad Hour" (First National). 

HOLMES, "Pee Wee'' (Gilbert), actor, b. Sas- 
katchewan, Canada. Screen career. Fox, FBO; 
"The Tenth Woman" (Warner), Educational, 
"Chip of the Flying U," "The _Phantom Bullet, " 
"The Denver Dude," "fhe F'earless Rider," "The 
Thunder Riders," "Quick Triggers," also western 
shorts (Universal). 

HOLMES, Taylor, actor. Screen career: "Twenty 
Dollars and Weeks," (Selznick); "The Crimson 
Runner" (Stromberg-P.D.C.) ; "The Verdict," 
(Truart) ; "Borrowed Finery" "One Hour of Love" 
(TilTany); "King Harold" (Pathe). Hght., 5, 8; 
wght., 150; brown hair, blue eyes. 

HOLT, Gloria, actress, b. Maryville, Mo., May 22, 
1912. Rels., parents living at 6208 Santa Monica 
Blvd. Educ, Hollywood, Cal. Previous career, 
one season with Wilkes Stock Co., with Edward 
Everett Horton at Majestic in Los Angeles, Cal. 
Has lived in Maryville, Mo., Denver, Colorado 
Springs, San Antonio, San Angelo, Tex. Entered 
pictures in Mar. 1919. Played in "Animated 
Dust," "Heart of Hills," "Woman Who Under- 
stood," "Beckoning Roads," "Lovey Mary," 
"High Hero," "Godless Girl," "Walking Back." 
Sport, horseback riding, swimming, tennis. Hght. 
5, 4; wght, 120; hazel eyes, blonde hair. Bus. 
rep., Grace Inglis. 

HOLT, Jack, actor, b. Virginia. Mother living there. 
Educ. at Virginia Military Institute. Studied civil 
engineering. Worked as civil engineer with rail- 
way company; cattle rancher in Oregon; miner 
in Alaska; vaudeville, stock player. Has lived ir 
New York; West Point, Va. ; Richmond, Va.; 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1914. Riding 
ability won him a change to play in pictures. 
Has played in "The Woman Thou Gavest Me," 
"North of '36," "The Thundering Herd," "The 
Mysterious Rider," "Submarine," "Avalanche," 
"The Water Hole,' 'The Vanishing Pioneer. 
Paramount. Sport, polo. Hght., 6; wght., 180; 
brown eyes, dark brown hair. Married. Children, 
Imogene, Tim, Betty. Press rep., Pub. Dept. 
Paramount Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

HOLTZ, Tenen, actor, b. Russia. Screen career, 
"Frisco Sally Levy," "Latest from Paris," 
"Bringing Up Father,'' "Trail of '98," "Card- 
board Lover," "Detectives," "Show People" 

HOMANS, Robert, actor, b. Maiden, Mass. Educ 
I'niv. ot Michigan. Screen career. Independent 
Pict., Asso. Exhib., Tiffany, Lumas; "The Fight- 
in' ComebacT:," "Pals in Peril," "Ride 'Em High" 
(Pathe), "Fast and Furious," "Rarge Courage," 
"Burning the Wind" (Universal), "The Masked 
Angel" (First Division), "Blindfold" (Fox), "Obey 
Your Husband" (Anchor). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 
210; brown eyes, gray hair. 

HOPKINS, Robert, title writer. Screen career, 
"Detectives," "Wickedness Preferred" (M-G-M;. 

HOPPER, Frajik, actor. Screen career, "The 
Knugh Riders" (Paramount). 

HOPPER, Hedda, actress, b. Altoona, Pa.; educ. 
there and Pittsburgh. Stage career, began 1912 
with Selwyn, Henry Harris, Shuberts, Arthur 
Hopkins. Screen career, "Undressed" (Sterling); 
"Green Grass Widows" (TifFany-Stahl) ; "Harold 
Teen," "The Whip Woman" (First National); 
"The Ciiorus Kid" (Gotham); "The Port of Miss- 
ing Girls" (Brenda); "Love and Learn," "C>ne 
Woman To Another," "Wings," "Forgotten 
Faces," (Paramount). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 135; 
brown hair, green eyes. 



HOPPER, E. Mason, director, b. Enosburg, Vt., 
1885; educ. Univ. of Maryland and abroad; early 
career, semi-professional baseball and business; 
stage career, began at age of 14 yrs., played stock, 
mus. com. and vaud. ; screen career, began as 
author and director tor Essanay; created George 
Ade Fables for S. & A., directed for Pathe, then 
organized own company, releasing through Fam- 
ous; worked for Essanay, Famous, Goldwyn, First 
National, Metropolitan-P.D.C, Pathe; is producer 
of more than 350 photoplays, and author of 4(X) 
produced scripts; has directed "A Blonde for a 
Night," "The Rush Hour," "My Friend from 
India," "The Wise Wife" (Pathe). 

HORN, Camilla, actress, b. Frankfort -on-Main, 
Garmany, April 25, 1908. Parents live in Ger- 
many. Educ. in Switzerland. Was dancer. Has 
lived in Frankfort, Berlin, Hollywood. Entered 
pictures in 1916. Started her career as stage 
dancer, applied for a job in Berlin studio and was 
employed as bit player. Played in "Faust," 
"Tempest," "External Love." Sport, hiking, 
swimming, gymnastics. Hght., 5, 6; wght., 120; 
hazel eyes, blonde hair. Married to Klaus Geerz. 
Bus., Press rep., United Artists Studio. 

HORNE, Jcunes W., director, b. San Francisco, 
Dec. 14, 1881. Parents live in Glendale. Educ. 
San Francisco public schools. Was on stage. Has 
lived in Europe and most large cities in the U. S. 
Entered pictures in 1911, through Geo. Melford 
of Kalam Co. Directed "The Hottentot," "Yankee 
Coward," "Cruise of the Jasper B," "College 
Busier Keaton," "Black Butterflies," "Tlie Big 
Hog" and Hal Roach. Belongs to Masquers, 
Shriner, EJks and Edgewater Club. Favorite 
sport, golf. Married to Cleo Ridgely. Children, 
June and James Jr., 11 years and 7 mo. 

HORTON, Edward Everett, actor, b. Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Mar. 18. Rels., mother hving 7201 Sunset 
Blvd., Hollywood, Cal. Educ. Oberlin Academy, 
Brooklyn; Polytechnic, Brooklyn; Columbia Uni- 
versity, N Y. Previous career, legit, stage 3 
seasons with Louis Mann; stock in Philadelphia, 
Pittsburgh, Elmira, Portland, Me., Albany, Port- 
land, Ore., Scranton, Wilkes Baree, Pa. Entered 
pictures in 1922. Played in "Ruggles of Red Gap." 
"To the Ladies," "Terror." Clubs, Phi Kappa 
Psi, Columbia Players, N. Y., Los AngeJes Athle- 
tic, Hollywood Athletic, Troopers. Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 176; hazel eyes, brown hair. Press rep., 
Daphyne Marquette. 

HORTON, CUu-a Marie, actress, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
June, 1904. Educ. private tutor. Stage career, 
began when 4 yrs. old. Screen career. Eclair 4 
yrs.; Triangle, "Tom Sawyer," "Huck and Tom," 
"Everywoman" (Paramount), Selznick, Goldwyn, 
First National; "The Wheel" (Fox), Bud Barsky, 
Educational; "The Broadway Gallant," "Fighting 
Blood" series (FBO). "The FigRtin' Comeback" 
(Pathe), "Sailor Izzy Murphy," "The Fortune 
Hunter" (Warner). Golden hair, blue eyes. 

HOUGH, R. Lee, director; screen career, "Wild 
West Romance," "The Girl-Shy Cowboy" (Fox). 

HOUSEl, Newton, actor, b. Colorado. Educ. Rock- 
well grade school. Holly, Colo. Screen career, 
Gotham, "Not One to Spare" (Hodkinson), "Spirit 
of the U. S. A." (FBO), "The Riding Whirlwind," 
"Red Warning," "Buckskin Days," "Winged 
Hoofs," "Son of the Frontier," "The Untamed," 
"The Fighting Kid," "The Danger Trail" (Uni- 

HOUSMAN, Arthur, actor, b. N. Y., 1890; educ. 
N. Y. Stage career, vaud. comedy parts in 
N. Y. Screen career, Edison, Selig, Metro, Gold- 
wyn, Selznick, American Releasing, Clark-Cor- 
nelius, Principal Pict., Paramount, First-National, 
Fox, P.D.C., United Artists, "Sunrise," "Pub- 
licity Madness" (Fox); "The Spotlight," "Part- 
ners in Crime," 'Tools for Luck" (Paramount) ; 
"Happiness Ahead' (First National). 

HOWARD, Clifford, writer, b. Bethlehem, Pa., Oct. 
12, 1868. Educ. Moravian Prep. Sch., Columbia, 
spec, in Literature and law, receiving degree of 
LL.B. Previous career, author, editor, lecturer, 
anthropologist. Has lived in Washington, D. C., 
Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles, Cal. Has wri- 
ten 13 books. Asked to serve as scenario editor 
in 1913. Orig. "Purity," "The Gary Horizon," 
"Lady Robinhood," "The Imposter," adap. "White 
Man's Chance." Asso. editor, "King of Kings." 
1 child, Hildegarde. 

HOWARD, Peggy, actress, b. Paola, Kans., July 
14. Educ. Imperial Valley High School. Has lived 
in Kansas City, San Diego, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Entered pictures 6 months ago. Played in "Erik 
the Great. Sports, dancing, swimming. Hght., 
5, 2; wght., 140; grey blue eyes, brown hair. 
Ad. Universal Pictures Corp., Universal City, Cal. 

HOWARD, William K., director, b. St. Mary's, O.. 
Jurie 16. Educ. St. Mary's High Schl., O. State 
University. Spec, engineering, law. Previous 
career, worked in film exchange in Cincinnati, 
then managed a theatre, salesmanager for Vita- 
graph in Minn. Served in World War, then sales 
advisor for Universal, also assistant director in 
Hollywood. Has lived in St. Mary's, Cincinnati, 
Minneapolis, N. Y., Hollywood. First directorial 
eflFort was "East of Broadway" for Tom Ince. 
Has directed "Thundering Herd," "White Gold," 
"Gigolo," "River Pirate," "Ship Comes In" 
(Pathe), "Christina," "The Valiant" (Fox). 

HOWARD, Constance, actress, b. Omaha, Nebj. 
Screen career, Paramount, "The Night Bride," 
(P.D.C.); "The While Black Sheep" (First Na- 
tional); "Women Love Diamonds," "The Smart 
Set" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) ; "The Cruel Truth" 
(Sterling); "Mother Machree" (Fox). 

HOWARD, Gertrude, actress. Screen career, "Easy 
Pickings" (First National); "(Jn Your Toes" 

HOWE, J. A., director, b. Kansas; screen career, 
assist, dir. 1910, with Roach, later director for 
Roach, filming comedies; directed Roach "All- 
Star" unit and "Spat Family"; co-author, co- 
director on Lloyd Prod, for Paramount; director 
of Edward Everett Horton two-reel comedies for 
same company 

HOWES, Reed, actor, b. Washington, D. C. ; educ- 
Univ. of Utah, Harvard Grad. Sch. Served 2}4 
yrs. in Navy. Stage career, opp. Peggy Wood 
in "Artists Life," supported Billie Burk in "In- 
timate Strangers." Screen career, Fox, Rayart, 
Warners, Paramount, "Fashion Madness ' (Colum- 
bia) ; "Ladies Night In a Turkish Bath" (First 
National); "Hellship Bronson"' (Gotham); "A 
Million For Love" (Sterling); "Sawdust Paradise" 
(Paramount); star of "Russ Farrell, Aviator" sub- 
jects, produced by Charles Rogers and released 
by Educational. Sports, aviation, swimming, bas- 
ketball, wrestling, squash. Hght, 6; brown hair, 
gray eyes. 

HOWELL, Dorothy, writer; screen work: "Alias 
the Lone Wolf," "The Kid Sister," "Sally in our 
Alley," "The College Hero," "The Romantic 
Age," "Stage Kisses," "Ransom," "Virgin Lips," 
"Runaway Girls," "Submarine," "Say It with 
Sables" (Columbia). 

HOWELL, Alice, actress, b. N. Y., May 5, 1892; 
educ. N. Y. pub. schls. Stage career: musical 
comedy in 1907, burlesque for 5 yrs. Howell and 
Howell vaude., sketch 3 yrs. Screen career: ap- 
pearances with Keystone, L-Ko, Century, comedies 
for Reelcraft Pictures, Selznick, First National 
Universal, appearing in 11 films for the latter co. 
Most recent vehicles are "Madame Dynamite," 
"Society Architect"' _ (Fox). Medium hght., fair 
complexion, light hair, hazel eyes. 

HOWELL, HAZEL, actress. Screen career: "Scan- 
dal Proof," "The Fighting Heart," "A Parisian 
Knight," "A Trip to Chinatown," "The Swimming 
Instructor" (Fox); "The Mile-a-Minut'e" (Lum- 
as) ; "The Sensation Seekers" (Universal) ; 
"Spuds," "A Perfect Gentleman" (Pathe); "What 
Every Girl Should Know" (Warner); "Synthetic 
Sin" (First National). 

HOWELL, Yvonne, actress. Screen career: "Tran- 
sients in Arcadia" (Fox); "Flaming Flappers," 
Pathe); "Fashions for Women," "Take Me Home" 
(Paramount); "Somewhere in Sonora" (First Na- 
tional); "The Lady of Lyons. N. Y.." "The Great 
Main Robbery" (FBO); "So's Your Monk" 
(Bray); "Hop Off," (Educational). 

HO'XIE, Jack, actor, b. Oklahoma, Jan. 24, 1890. 
Mother lives in Los Angeles. Educ. in pub. schl. 
of Idaho. Was cowboy on Idaho range until he 
becanxe member of Wild West Show and star 
feature at Rodeos. Entered pictures in 1918 as 
featured player because of ability with horses and 
became double for different stars. Has played in 
"The Last Frontier," "Men of Daring," "Heroes 
of the Wild," "The White Outlaw." Belongs to 
the B. P. O. E. Sport, polo. Hght., 6. 1; wght., 
195; gray eyes, black hair. Married to Marion Sais. 
Children, Ramona and Pearl. Bus rep., R. V, 

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HOY, Danny, actor. Screen career, Universal, 
United Artists, First National, Hodkinson, Hercu- 
les-Bud Barsky, P.D.C., Fox, Lumas, Rayart; 
"The Phantom of the Turf" (Rayart). 
HOYT, Arthur, actor, h. Georgetown, Colo., March 
19. Educ. in Butte, Montana. Was on stage in 
New York for sixteen years, as actor, director. 
PFas lived in New York, Butte, Denver, Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures in 1916. Played in 
"Just Married." "My Man," "Stolen Kisses," 
"A Man's Man." Belongs to L. A. A. C. ; Club 
Casa Del Mar, Royal Palas. Sport, golf. Hght., 
6, 6; wght., 1.^2; hazel eyes, brown hair. Bus. 
rep.. Jack Gardner. 
HOYT, Harry O., director, b. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Rels., parents living in Los Angeles. Dr. S. L. 
Hoyt, head of Research Laboratories, General 
Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y. Educ. University 
Minn., Columbia, Yale. Spec. English, law, re- 
ceiving A. B. and L.L.B. Previous career, at- 
torney, writer. Has lived in Minneapolis, N. Y., 
London, Paris_. Los Angeles. Wrote story when 
at Yale in 1909 on bet, sold it to Biograph re- 
ceiving $5.00, pro<l. by Griffith for Mary Pickford. 
Entered pictures definitely in 1912. Directed "Lost 
World," "Woman on Jury," "Belle of Broadway," 
"Primrose Path," "Bitter Apples," "Return of 
Boston Blackie," "Sagusto," "Passion Song." 
Clubs, Lambs, Yale, Hollywood Athletic, Palomar 
Tennis, Delta Tau Delta, national under-grad 
Fraternity, Phi Alta Delta, National legan Frat. 
Book and Gavel, Yale Legal Society. Sport, ten- 
nis.. Wife's prof, name, Florence Stark Hoyt. 
3 children, Deveraux Gerrard Hoyt, son (13); 
Daryl Holt, Daughter, (9). 
HUBBARD, Lucien, director, b. Cincinnati, O., 
Dec, 21, 1888. Previous career, newspaper work, 
"Cincinnati Times Star," "Chicago Daily News," 
"N. Y. Tribune." "N. Y. Press." "New Orleans 
Item." Produced "Wings." "Vanishing American," 
"ThiTndering Herd." Directed, "Rose Marie," 
"Mysterious Island." 2 children, Janet, 13; 
Bettv. 9. 
HUESTON, Al, actor. Screen career, "Let 'Er 
Co (lalLiKher" (Pathe'). "The Wvcming Wildcat," 
"The Masquerade Bandit," "Desert Pirate" (FBO). 
HUGHES, Gareth, actor, b. Llanelly, Wales, Aug. 
23, 1894. Educ. in Wales; studied literature, 
languages. Was on stage for fifteen years. Has 
lived in New York City, London, Paris. Entered 
pictures in 1919 through Qara Kimball Young. 
Has played in "Sentimental Tommy," "Enemies 
of Women," "Whirlwind of Youth," "Comrades," 
"Old Age Handicap," "Better Days." Belongs to 
Masonic Lodge, Breakfast Club, Loyal Order of 
Moose, 2,^3 Club. Sport, horseback riding. Hght., 
.•i, 7; wght.. 130; blue eyes, brown hair. 
HUGHES, Uoyd, actor, b. Bisber, Ariz., Oct. 21, 
1897. Parents living in Beverly Hills. Edtjc. in 
Arizona, Los Angeles; studied electrical engineer- 
ing. Entered pictures in January, 1917. Had in- 
tended going on stage but drifted to pictures. 
Has played in "No Place to Go," "Heart to 
Heart," "Three-Ring Marriage," "Mysterious 
Island." Belongs to Lake Side Golf Club, Holly- 
wood Athletic Club, Edgewater Beach Club and 
Masquers. Sport, golf, handball, swimming. 
Hght., 6; wght., 155; gray eyes, dark brown hair. 
Married to Gloria Hope. Child, Donald Reid 
Hughes, 2 years. Bus. rep., Frieddie Fralick; 
Press rep., Scoop Conlon. 
HUGHES, Helen £., executive secretary. Universal 
Pictures Corp.. b. Elmira. N. Y. Educ. Elmira 
College. Joined LTniversal in 1922 in leading posi- 
tion in executive department and has since been 
with this branch of Universal. Address, Universal 
Pictures, Heckscher Bldg., New York City. 
HUGHES, Howard, president The Caddo Company, 
Inc., b. Houston, Texas, Dec. 24, 1904. Educ. Rice 
Institute, Houston; previous career, president and 
sole owner, Hughes Tool Company, Houston, Tex. 
Entered pictures 1927, thru association witli 
Marshall Neilan. financing "Everybody's Acting" 
(Paramount), which Neilan produced and directed. 
Produced, "Two Arabian Knights." "The Racket." 
prod. & directed "Hell's Angels." Sports, golf, 
flying. Bus. rep., N. Dietrich, Hollywood. 
HULETTE, Gladys, actress, b. New York; educ. 
private tutor. Stage career stock, Nazimova, 
"The D(^11's House." "Waterlocks," "Blue Bird," 
"Little \\'omen." Screen career, Edison, Than- 
houser, Whitman-Bennett. Pathe, First National, 
Cosmopolitan, Fox, Universal, P.D.C., Schulberg, 

Arrow, Metro, Rayart, Truart, Assoc. Exhib., 
FBO, Gmsberg, Excellent, Krelbar; "Combat' 
(Pathe); "A Bowery Cindrella,," "Making The 
Varsity" (Excellent); "The Faithless Lover' 
(Krelbar). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 105; brown hair 
blue eyes. 
HUMES, Fred, actor, b. Dubois, Pa., June 9, 1900. 
Educ. Dubois Pa. Screen career, "Circus Rookies" 
(M-G-M), many westerns for L'niversal, "Raiige 
Courage," "Border Caval er," "One Glorious 
.Scrap," "The Fearless Rider," "Quick Triggers. ' 
Hght., 5, 10; wght., 160; blue eyes, brown hair. 
HUMM, John, executive, treasurer, Pathe, b. Hatz- 
feld, Hungary, December 18, 1892; graduated from 
Commercial-Oriental Academy, Budapest. Came 
to_N. Y. in 1913 as a representative of Hungarian 
Ministry of Commerce. Entered movie industry 
in October, 1914, affiliating himself with Pathe as 
translation clerk. Later joined Electric Film Co. 
in capacity. When Pathe Exchange, Inc. was 
organized December 28, 1914, worked in practically 
every position in accounting department, ultimately 
becoming treasurer. Clubs, Motion Picture Club 
of N. Y., Freeport B.P.O.E. No. 1253, Rockvil'e 
County Club, Baldwin Country Club and 
various civic and commuter's associations. Is 
married and father of two boys and three girls. 
Home, Baldwin, L. I. 
HUNT, Madge, actress, b. New York City, Novem- 
ber 27, 1875, daughter, Irene Hunt Weyman, presi- 
dent of Community Players of Beverly Hills. 
Educ. by private teachers; studied voice, piano. 
Thirty years on stage, melodrama, vaudeville, 
stock, musical comedy, repertory. Last four 
seasons with Robert Mantell. Has lived in New 
York, Washington. D. C. : Boston, Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures about 19 years ago. Was tired 
of traveling and realized that in pictures she could 
also have home life while keeping up her work. 
Played in "Lorna Doone," "The Lamplighter," 
"Messenger Boy" series, Harold Lloyd's mother 
in three pictures; Lupino Lane's mother; Harry 
Langdon's mother. Belongs to Beverly Hills Com- 
munity Players and The Troupers. Sports, swim- 
ming, riding. Hght., 5, 6; wght., 165; grey eyes, 
brown and grey hair. 
HUNT, Chcis., director, b. Fort Lee, N. J.; screen 
career, began with Eclair Films in 1911, as assist, 
director, film editor, production manager, director; 
Elbee, "You Can't Beat the Law," "On the 
Stroke of Twelve," "Casey Jones," "Million Dol- 
lar Mystery," "A Boy of the Streets," "Modern 
Daughters." "The Midnight Watch" (Rayart). 
"Queen of the Chorus," "Thundergod" (Cres- 
HUNT, Jay, actor, b. Philadelphia. Stage career, 
various stock companies, Mrs. John Dew's Arch 
St. Thea. org. Screen career, Vitagraph, Than- 
houser, Universal, Sunset, Lumas. Sterling, Asso. 
Exhib., Tiffany; "Lightnin'," "A Man Four- 
Square," "Three Bad Men" (Fox), "O'ne Minute 
to Play," "The Harvester" (TBO), "The Over- 
land .Stage" (First National), "Captain Salvation" 
HURLOCK, Madeline, actress, b. Federalsburg, Md. 
Has acted in First National and Pathe-Sennett 
productions. Pathe vehicles include "When a 
Man's a Prince," "The Prodigal Bridegroom," "A 
Harem Knight," "Flirty Four Flushers." "A Small 
Town Princess," "Duck Soup," "Cured in the 
Excitement," "The College Kiddo." "For Sale a 
Bungalow," "The Bull Fighter," "Love In a Police 
Station," "The Beach Club," "Where Is My Wan- 
dering Boy This Evening?" "Pitfal'.s of a Big City," 
"Asleeo at the Switch," "The Dare-Devil." "In 
Bad the Sailor," "The Half Back of Notre Dame," 
"His New Mama," "The First Hundred Years." 
"The Luck of the Fool'sh." "Three Foolish 
Weeks," "Wandering Waistlines," "Bull and 
Sand," "The Cannon Ball Express," "The \\'ild 
Goose Chaser," "Water Wagons," "IJons Whis- 
kers," "Marriage Circus," "Raspberry Romance, " 
"Butter Fingers," ".'Sneezing Beezers." "From 
Rags to BritclK"^." "Whspering Whiskers." 
"Trimmed in Gold," "Circiis Today," "A Sea 
Dog's Tale." Featured in "Don Juan's Three 
Nights" (First Naticmal). 
HURST, Brandon, acfnr. b. Londr.n, England; educ. 
Philological ."^chcjol. London. Stage career, 20 
yrs. Screen career. Famous Players, Pathe, Uni- 
versal, United .^rt'sts. First National, ]\Ietro- 
Goldwyn, Warners, Fox, Davis Dist.. Paramount, 
P.D.C.. FBO: appearances include. "Seventh 
Heaven," "The High School Hero,'' "The News 




For Four Years Starred 
with Ringling Brothers 
and Barnum & Bailey Cir- 
cus — A Trouper with the 
Old Wagon Shows — Rop- 
ing Wild Animals — Expe- 
rience as a Civil Engineer 
— A Texas Cowboy — And 
a Sucker in the Oil Fields 
— Final Entry into Pic- 
tures with Such Successes 
as the following: 







Dclaih o) /bcsc or o/brr suhjcr/s may he obtannd npoi, request by Motion Picture News 



Parade" (Fox); "Love" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) ; 
"The Man Who Laughs" (Universal); "Inter- 
ference" (Paramount ieature taacie). Hght., 6; 
wght., ISO; brown hair, brown eyes. 

HURST, Paul, actor and director, b. Calif.; educ. 
there. Five yrs. on legit, stage. Started screen 
career with LTniversal; also^ with Lasky, Vita- 
graph, Pathe; directed for States Rights market; 
recent roJes in "Cossacks," "Buttons" (M-G-M); 
"Valley of Giants," "Red Raiders" (First Na- 

HUSTWICK, Alfred, writer, b. Kiama, N.S.W., 
Australia, July 30, 1887. Educ. Liverpool Col., 
England, spec, in Literature. Previous career, 
newspaper reporter and editor, magazine writer, 
1906-11, Chatham, Ont., Planet, Winnipeg Tele- 
gram, Victoria, B. C, Times, traveling corres- 
pondent in Me.xico' and Central America, editor 
Picturial American, Los Angeles, asso. editor, 
British Columbia Magazine. Began screen career 
in 1911, with California M. P. Co., editor of film 
and titles for Paramount from 1919 to 1928, titled 
200 features, "Hotel Imperial," "Barbed Wire," 
"Under the TontO' Rim," "Aftermath." Has writ- 
ten about 150 stories and articles. Clubs, Writers. 
1 child, Vivienne Winifred Hustwick, 9 yrs. Bus. 
rep., Lichtig & Englander. 

HUTCHISON, Charles, actor and director, b. 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Educ. Western Univ. Stage ca- 
reer, juvenile in "My Friend from India," leading 
man, Murray Hill stock, "Bonnier Briar Bush." 
Screen career, Vitagraph, Herbert Blache, West- 
ern Photoplays; "Hurricane Hutch," "Go Get 'Em 
Hutch" (Pathe), Ideal Co., New-Cal, Steiner, dir. 
"The Little Firebrand" (Arrow), "Catch as Catch 
Can," "The Down Grade," "When Danger Ca!!s" 
(Lumas) ; played in "Pirates of the Sky," "The 
Trunk Mystery," "Hidden Aces" (Pathe), "Dan- 
ger Street" (FBO). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 160; 
brown hair, hazel eyes. 

HUTCHISON, CrEiig, director, b. Austin, Minn., 
1892. Educ. Military School. Early career, news- 
paper work on coast. Screen career, seen, writer 
for Keystone, writer and dir. for L-Ko, Universal; 
orig. weekly burlesque "The Weakly Indiges- 
tion;" dir. Gaiety (Tonwdies, Christie comedies. 
Universal Comedies, "The Way of All Fish," 
"The Bare Co- Ed," "The Duke's Dirty Doings," 
"Lost in the Lurch" (Bray). 

HUTTON, Lucille, actress, b. Los Angelesi Educ. 
Sacred Heart Acad., Los Angeles. Stage career, 
Morosco Stock, Los Angeles, 3 yrs. Orpheum and 
Keith vaud. Screen career. Paramount, M-G-M, 
Universal, Fox, "Oflf Balance," "Slippery Head," 
"Sailor Boy," "Home Made Man," "At It Again," 
"He Tried to Please," "The Lost Laugh" (Edu- 
cational). Sport: horseback riding. Hight., 5, 3; 
wght., 108; brown eyes and hair. 

HYAMS, Leila, actress, b. N. Y. C, May 1. Rels. 
vaude. team known as John Hyams and Leila 
Mclntyre. Educ. Clark's Schl, and Aleun Schl., 
N. Y. Previous career, traveling with parents on 
tours; five yrs. in vaude. with parents, 1 yr. 
with Collier, Sr. Entered pictures in 1925. Played 
in "Our Dancing Mothers," Lead in "Kick Off," 
"Summer Bachelor" (Fox), "Brute," "Bvishleager," 
"One-Round Hogan," "Foregoing Age" (Warner 
Bros.), "White Pants Willie," "Wizard," "Honor 
Bound" (Fox). Sports, swimming, tennis. Hght., 
5, 4J/2; wght., 120; green eyes, blonde hair. 

HYLAND, Freinces, writer; screen career, "Wom- 
en's Wares," "The House of Scandals," "Girl 
from Gay Paree," "Power of Silence" (TifFany- 
Stahl), Pufify-Cohen Series (Universal). 


ICHIOKA, Toshyie, actress. Screen career: 
"Streets of Shanghai", (Tiffany-Stahl). 

INCE, Ralph W., director, b. "Boston, Mass., 1887. 
Stage career, Richard Mansfield Co., "The Ciollege 
Widow." Screen career, first actor and then di- 
rector, appeared as Lincoln in the Lincoln series 
for Vitagraph, dir. for Universal, Metro, Selznick, 
Playgoers, Fox, Paramount, First National, 
P.D.C.j Columbia, acts and dir. "Not for Publi- 
cation, ' "Shanghaied," "Chicago After Midnight," 
"Bigger Than Barnum's;" dir. "Coney Island," 
"South Sea Love," "Hit of the Show" (FBO). 
Sports, goif and Tennis. 

INGRAM, Rex, director, b. Dublin, Ireland, 1892. 
Educ. St. Columba's College, Trinity College, 
Dublin and Yale. Studied sculpture under Lawrie. 
Stage career; pantomine abroad; screen career 
Edison and Vitagraph, scenarist of Fox produc- 
tion. Wrote and directed "Chalice of Sorrow; 
directed first Bluebirds made in East; "Under 
Crimson Skies" (Universal); "Shore Acres," 
"Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," "The Con- 
quering Power," "Hearts are Trumps," "The 
Arab," "Mare Nostrum," "The Magician," "The 
Garden of Allah" (Metro). 

INGHRAM, Frajik L., writer. Screen career, Weisq 
Bros., "Ride 'Em High," "The Ballyhoo Buster," 
"Desperate Courage," "The Otligin' Buckaroo," 
"The Cowboy Cavalier," "Valley of Hunted Men," 
"Saddle Mates," "Roarin' Broncs," "Desert of 
the Lost" (Pathe). 

INGRAHAM, Lloyd; director, b. Rochelle, 111.; 
stage career, stock director for Oliver Morosco 
and Harry Bishop; stock actor; screen career, 
began 1912, with Reliance-Majestic, Fine Arts, 
Essanay, American, Thos. H. Ince, Hodkinson, 
First National, Douglas McLean, Associated Au- 
thors, Universal, FBO; "Jesse James," "The 
Pioneer Scout," "The Sunset Legion" (Para- 

INNERARITY, Lewis, secretary and attorney, 
Pathe, b. Sherwood, Maryland, July 23, 1886. 
Educ. Univ. of Maryland; connected with Colonial 
Trust Co. of Baltimore for six years and on legal 
staff, United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co. 
eight years; prior to coming to Pathe, practiced 
law in Baltimore. Is member of bar of State of 
New York and U. S. Supreme Court. Entered 
motion picture business. May, 1918 as secretary of 
Pathe; vice-president and director of Pathex, Inc.; 
vice-president and director of Pathe Studios, Inc.; 
director of Pathe Exchange, Inc., and vice-presi- 
dent and director of Safeway Stores, Inc. Member 
Merchants Association of N. Y. and American 
Arbitration Association. 

IRVING, George, actor, b. New York City, Oc- 
tober Sth. Sister, Maude R. Irving, teacher in 
New York City. Educ. College of (iity of New 
York and American Academy of Dramatic Arts 
in New York City. Worked in sales of^ce of 
newspaper mills. Has lived in New York City, 
Bayside, L. I.; Hollywood. Entered pictures in 
19li3 through Augustus Thomas. Became noted 
director and finally drifted back to acting. Has 
played in "The American Father," "The Goose 
Hangs High," "Pigs," "Wanderer of the Waste- 
land," "Eric the Great," "Craig's Wife, "Moran 
of Marines," "Godless (iirl." Belongs tO' Masquers 

Club, M. P. Directors Association and Deauville 
Beach Club. Sport, tennis. Hght., 6; wght., 172; 
gray eyes, gray hair. Married to Katherine Gil- 
man; two daughters, Katherine Irving, 21 yrs., 
and Dorothy, 20. Bus. rep., Menifee Johnson; 
press rep., S. W. B. Cohn. 

IRVING, Mary Jane, actress, b. Columbia, S. C, 
1914. Screen career, Goldwyn, Paramount, Hod- 
kinson, Metro, First National, Principal Pict., Ar- 
row, "Night Life" (TifTany-Stahl). 

IRVING, William J., actor. Sci^een career, Metro, 
First National, Lasky, Universal, Educational, 
Grand Asher, Fox, Vitagraph, Educational come- 
dies frotii 1925 to 1927; "Coney Island" (FBO). 

— J— 

JACKSON, Ethel, actress, b. New York City, Feb. 
4, 1912. Parents live in Beverly Hills. Father, 
Herbert R. Jackson, Investment Securities, Taft 
Bldg., Hollywood. She was educ. at Mrs. Thomas' 
School for Girls at Los Angeles and CJreenwood 
School for Girls in Hollywood. Is now study- 
ing under private tutor. Spec, in French, English, 
literature. Has lived in New York, Oakland. Cal., 
Hollywood. _ Entered pictures in 1926, through 
her dramatic training and dancing. Has played 
in "Latest from Paris," "Kempy," "A Play for 
Beverly Hills Community Players; also played "On 
the Shelf" for same; one-reel picture "Up the Hill 
and Down." Sports, tennis, riding. Hght., 5, 2}^; 
wght.. Ill; hazel eyes, medium brown hair. Pre* 
rep., C. S. Dunning. 

JACKSON, Joseph, writer, b. Winchester, Ky., 
June 8, 1894. Rels, parents living in Winchester. 
Educ, Kentucky Weslyan Coll., B. S., and 
Columbia Univ., B. Lit.; spec, in journalism. 


P. E. McCOY 






Assistant dram, editor and m. p. reviewer of 
New York World. Entered pictures in 1921, studio 
publicity dept. of Goldwyn. Dialogue and titles 
for "Singing Fool," "The Terror," "My Man," 
"Woman They Talk About" (Warner). Wrote 
"A !\Ian of Peace," "Ask Dad, He Knows," "The 
Retake." Clubs: Writers, Phi Kappa Psi Frat. 
Sports, tennis, swimming. Wife's prof, name, 
Ethel Shannon. 1 child, Jos. Shannon Jackson, 
born Sept. 11, 1928. Bus. rep., Lichtig & Eng- 
JACKSON, Marion,, writer, b. Walla Walla, Wash. 
Educ, St. Helen's Hall, Portland, Ore.; Art 
Students League, New York; spec, in English 
and art. Previous career, miniature and por- 
trait painter; reporter on the Portland Oregonian. 
Has lived In Portland, Oreg., New York City, 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1918. Through 
Francis Marion obtained position of reader with 
Mary Pickford. Screen work: "The Hill Billy," 
"Broken Laws," "Shepherd of the Hills," "The 
California Ma'l," "The Glorious Trail," "The 
I'pland Rider." Sport: horseback riding. 
JACKSON, Mary Ann, child actress, b. Los An- 
geles, Cal., Jan. 14, 1923. Entered pictures in 
1924. Played in "Our Gang" comedies. Hght., 
3, 6; wght., 42 lbs.; gray eyes, red brown hair. 
Ad.. Hal Roach Studios, Culver City. Cal. 
JACOBSON, Sam B., director of publicity. Uni- 
versal Studios, b. N. Y. C, July 4, 1893. Educ. 
in N. Y. C. Spec, journalism, literature, Columbia. 
Previous career, newspaperman, advertising. Has 
lived in N. Y., San Antonio, Hollywood, Kansas 
C ty. Entered pictures in 1914. Made 13 "Laemmle 
Novelties," one reel, originated, wrote titled 
supervised "Handicapped," "Footprints," "Rag 
Doll," "Shadows," "Monkey Shines," "Wooden 
Soldier," "Faces," "Bottles," "Half Holiday," 
"Day Dreams," "Prodigal Pup," "Wash Line 
Romance," "Wax Figures." Clubs, Wampas, 
Masquers, Philatelic Club of Los Angeles. Sport', 
JAFFE, Sam, manager Prod. Dept., Paramount, b. 
New York City, 1901. Educ. New York City. 
Entered pictures in 1916. Sport, tennis. 
JAMES, Gardiner, actor, b. New York City; edi^c. 
Curtis School, N. Y. C. Stage career, with 
eCJorge Arliss, "Snow-White." "The Great Ad- 
venture," "Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come," 
etc. Screen career, Essanay, Kalem, Edison, First 
Nat'onal, Hodkinson, _ Metro, Vitagraph, P.D.C., 
Warner, First Division, Paramount; "Souls 
Aflame," "Ladies At Ease," "Eager Lips" (First 
Division) ; "Kentucky Courage" (First National) ; 
"The Big Killing" (Paramount). Hght., 5, 8; 
wghr'-, 139; light brown hair, dark brown eyes. 
JAMES, Gladden, actor, b. ZanesvUle, O. ; educ. 
Columbus, O. Stage career, child actor at age 
of 6, later in many prods. Screen career. Fine 
Arts, Pathe, Vitagraph, Metro, Fox, Selznick, 
Signet Prod., Playgoers, Arrow, Paramount, Phil 
Goldstone, FBO. P.D.C., "The Temptations of a 
Shop Girl" (First Division); "The Adorable 
Cheat" (Chesterfield); "Sweet Sixteen" (Rayart). 
Hght., S, 11; wght., 160; light hair, blue eyes. 
JAMES, Walter, actor, b. Tennessee. Educ. 
Genrgetown Cniv. Screen career. Vitagraph, 
Whitman Bemiett, Pathe, Fox, FBO: "Little 
Annie Roonev." (LTnited Artists). "Battling But- 
ler", (M-G-M); "The Blood Ship," (Columbia): 
"Patent Leather Kid," "The Wright Idea" (First 
National), "The Irresistible Lover" (Universal), 
"The Rig K'lling" (Paramounf). 
JAMIESON, WiUiam Edward ("Bud"), actor, b. 
Vallejo, Calif., 1894; educ. San Francisco. Early 
career, professional entertainer. Stage career, 4 
yrs. in vaud., stk. Screen career, Essanay, Rolin- 
Pathe, 3 yrs. with Harold Lloyd, 1 yr. with L-Ko, 
Universal, Fox, Pathe, Sterling; "Jake the 
Plumber" (FBO): "Buck Privates" (Universal); 
"The Chaser" (First National). Hght., 6; wght., 
270; light complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. 
JANIS, Dorothy, actress, b. Dallas, Texas, Feb. 
19, 1910, Cherokee Indian extraction. Educ. Fort 
Worth, Tex. Spec, in dancing, voice culture. 
Entered pictures in 1928 as leading ladv in "Fleet- 
wing" (Fox), also "Kit Carson" (Paramount), 
"Humming Wires" (M-G-M). Sport, dancing. 
Hght., 4, 11; wght., 94; dark brown eyes, black 
hair. Ad., Metro-Gcldwyn-Mayer Studios, Cul- 
ver City, Calif. 
JANNINGS, Emil, actor, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
July 26. iMother living in Berlin. Two brothers 
and sister: Werner Jannings, Shanghai; Walter 

Jannings, Berlin, sister lives in Silesia. Educ. 
in Switzerland, Germany. Read poetry, drama, 
history aside from regular grade school subjects. 
Ran away from home at 14 to be sailor. Played 
in stage productions throughout Germany and 
then in Berlin. Has lived in Brooklyn, N. Y.; 
Zurich, Switzerland; Gorlitz, Germany; Berlin, 
Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1915. Ernst Lu- 
b'tsch persuaded Jannings to play in pictures to 
augment his salary as stage actor. Jannings 
played small part and decided there couid be no 
art in pictures. Was persuaded to reconsider and 
finally remained permanently in pictures. Has 
played in "Passion," "Last Laugh," "Way of All 
Flesh," "Variety," "Last Command," "iPatriot," 
"Street of Sin," "Sins of the Fathers." Sports, 
tennis, swimimng. Hght., 6, 2; wght., 200; brown 
eyes, light brown hair. Married to Gussie Holl. 
One child, Ruth Jannings. Press rep., publicity 
dept.. Paramount Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 
JARVIS, Sidney, actor. Screen career, "Casey at 
the Bat" (Paramount), "The Prairie King" (Uni- 
versal), "Circus Rookies" (M-G-M), "The Upland 
Rider" (First National). 
JEFFRIES, James, actor, b. Carroll, Iowa, Apr. 
IS, 1875. Educ. public schools, I_^s Angeles, Cal. 
Early career, heavyweight boxing champion. 
Screen career, "Jeffries, Jr." (Pathe), "Kid 
.Speed" (Educational), "Prince of Broadway" 
(Chadwick), "One Round Hogan" (Warner), 
"Beau Broadway" (M-G-M). 
JEFFERSON, Louis V., writer, b. Carthage, Mo., 
May 14, 1874. Educ. Ward Schl.. ot I^uisville, 
Ky. Previous career, stock broker. Has lived 
in Louisville, Ky., New York City, (TTiicagO', Los 
Angeles, Seattle, Pittsburgh. Entered pictures 
in 1914. Has had produced 1132 originals, book 
adaptations, continuities. "Redeeming .Sin" (War- 
ner-Yitaphone), "The Black Rider," "She Goes 
To War" (Inspiration), "The Enchanted Hill" 
(Paramount). 2 children: Judith, 10 yrs.; Law- 
rence, 6 yrs. Bus. rep., S. Geo. Ullman & Assoc., 
JEFFERSON, Thomas, actor, b. N. Y. C; educ. 
theie and abroad. Stage career, many years on 
stage. Screen career, Pathe, Goldwyn, National, 
Fine Arts, First National, Hodkinson, Metro, 
Robertson-Cole, Paramount, T'nited Artists, FBO, 
"Paid To Love," ".Soft Lving" (Fox); "The 
Fortune Hunter" (Warners). 
JENNINGS, DeWitt, actor, b. Cameron, Mo., June 
21, 1879. Parents living in Los Angeles. Educ. 
in pub. and h'gh schls. of Salt TIake City. On 
stage 35 years in New York City, stock com- 
panies, Chicago, Boston. I-os Angeles, Toronto. 
Milwaukee, .St. Louis, Richmond. Entered pic- 
tures in 1916. First picture in New York City 
in connection with stage work. Came to Holly- 
wood eight years ago for p ctures. Played in 
"Within the Law," "Name the iMan," ''Exit 
Smiling," "Night Flyer." "Wrecking Boss," "Fire 
Brigade," "Red Hot Speed." "Queen of the Night 
Clubs." Belongs to Lamlis Club: Writers Club, 
Masquers, Deauville Beach Club. Sports, golf, 
swimming, biiliards. tennis. Hght.. 185; wght., 
5, 11; hazel eves, dark brown ha r. Married to 
Ethel Conroy;" children: John 20, Clarke 19, Mar- 
garet 16. Press rep., Edith Ryan. 
JENNINGS, Jane, actress, educ. New York. Early 
career, teacher of dramatics. Screen career. Vita- 
graph, Realart, Pathe. Amer. Releasing, Metro, 
FBO, P.D.C., Paramount, State Rights. Astor 
Dist., Excellent, Preferied. "The Faithless Lover" 
(Krelbar). Hght.. 5, 6; wght., 140; white hair, 
dark brown eyes. 
JENNER, Wm. H., producer and distributor, 1.. 
Evansville. Ind., iMar. S, 1890. Educ. Evansvillc, 
Ind. Previous career, stage director, branch 
manager United Artists, Boston, George Kleine, 
Chicago, Pathe, Los Angeles. Entered pictures 
in 1916, manager of circuit theatres in Chicago 
started pictures with Geo. Kleine selling "Quo 
Vadis." Produced or supervised. "Tramp, Tramp. 
Tramp," "The Strong Man," "Long Pants." 
Clubs, Masons, Elks. L.A.A.C. Hollywood A. C, 
Edgewater. Gables, Breakers, Pacific Coast Club. 
Sport, golf. Bus. rep., Wheeler-Jenner Corp. 
JENSEN, Eulalie, actress, b. St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 
24. Has rels. in Chicago, Boston. New York. 
Philadelphia. Educ. in .St. Louis schools. Spec, 
in history. Stage career with Bernhardt in 
tour in U. S.; stock in St. Lous. Chicago; convc 
operas; screen career with Edison. Vitagraph 
and various eastern -made productions until 50^ 



journ to West Coast. Has lived in St. Louis, 
Chicago, New York, Hollywood. Entered pictures 
about 1914, due to accident which disabled her 
husband preventing their filling contract for a 
stage engagement. Played in "Hunchback of 
Xotre Dame," "Thimdering Herd," " of 
Youth," "Uncle Tom"s Cabin," "Freckles," "Fig- 
ures Don't Lie," "Little Shepherd of Kingdom 
Come," "She Goes to War." Sport., tennis. 
Hght.. -S, 8; wght., 155; brown eyes, dark brown 

JESSEL, George, actor, h. New York City, 1898. 
Stage career, began at 9 yrs. old as kiddie in Gus 
Edwards revue; has written niany popular songs, 
"Oh. How I Laugh When I Think How I Cried 
Aboiit You." Screen career, "Private Izzy Mur- 
phy," "Sailor Izzy Murphy," "Ginsberg the Great" 
(\N'arner), "Lucky Boy," "George Washington 
Cohen" (Tiffany-Stahl). 

JEWELL, Betty, actress, h. Omaha, Nebr. Educ. 
Acad. .St. Joseph, Brentwood. L. I. Played in "The 
Silent Command" (Fox), "The Necessary Evil" 
(First National), "Partners Again" (United 
Artists), "The Mysterious Rider," "Arizona 
Round," "The Last Outlaw" (Paramount). Hght., 
5, 4; wght., IIS; dark brown eyes, black hair. 

JOHNSON, Noble, actor, b. Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Early career, stock ranchman in Colorado, e.x- 
I)ert hc^rseman. Screen career. Universal Assoc. 
Exhib., Fox. Fairbanks Prod., Metro-Goldwvn, 
(■-B.C., Davis, P.D.C., "Topsy and Eva" (United 
Artists), "The Ten Commandments," "Soft Cush- 
ions," "Something Always Happens" (Paramount) ; 
"(iateway of the Moon," "The Black Ace" (Fox). 
H.uht., 6, 2; wght., 215; dark hair, dark eyes. 

JOHNSON, Adrian, scenarist, b. Knoxville, Tenn., 
1886; educ. St. Mary's Coll., Belmont, N. C. , 
early career, commercial work; screen ca'eer; 
Metro, Fox, Para-Artcraft ; "A Bowery Cmder- 
ella," ".Satan and the Woman," "The Stronger 
Will," "Women Who Dare" (ExcellentX 

JOHNSON, Emilie, writer. Screen career, "The 
Last Edition" (FBO) ; "The Lone Eagle," "Shield 
(if Honor" (Universal). 

JOHNSON, Emory, director, b. San Francisco, Cal., 
1S94: educ. LTniv. of Cal. Screen career, assist, 
cam.eraman, and then actor oppos'.te Mary Pick- 
ford; worked for Pathe, Universal, Ince, Para- 
mount, American, Fox, First National, own unit, 
Assoc. Exhib., Goldwyn, Realart, FBO, "The 
Shield of Honor," "The Lone Eagle" (Universal). 

JOHNSON, Julian, head of Title Dept., Paramount, 
1>. Cbicayo, Nov. 26. Educ. pub. and high sch., 
and U..S.C., spec. English and history. Previous 
career, newspapers, gen. press rep. in New York 
City, first editor Photoplay Magazine, asso. editor- 
in-chief, Hearst Magazine. Entered pictures, 1920. 
Supervised, "Beau Geste." titled, "The Patriot." 
Clubs, Lambs, Writers, M. P. Academy. 

JOHNSTON, Agnes Christine, writer, b. Swissvale, 
Penn., Jan. 11. Rels. Isabel Johnston, sister, on 
New York Journal; William A. Johnston, imcle, 
author. Educ. Horace Mann School, N. Y., 
Packer Collegiate, Brooklyn, N. Y., 47. Workshop, 
Harvard, spec, in English and writing courses. 
Has lived in New York, Boston (Chicago, Pitts- 
burg, Detroit, Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 
1914. Screen work: "Daddy Long Legs," "Beverly 
of Graustark," "Forbidden Paradise," "The 
Patsy," "Rich Men's Wives," "The Divine Lady." 
"The Outcast," Show People," "The Man and 
the Moment." Club. Author's League of America, 
Screen Writers Guild. Beach Club. Sports, polo, 
swimming. Husband's prof, name, Frank M. H. 
Dazy. 3 children, Ruth Margaret (7); Mitchel 
Harding (6); Frank Cadwallader (2). Press, rep., 
lone Sellers. Wrote: "The Funny Little Thing" 
CplayL "Community Clothes," "The Failure's 
Wife." "The Movie Hound" (short stories). 

JOHNSTON, W. Ray, president Rayart Pictures 
Corporation, B. Janesville, Iowa. Educ. College 
■ if ("Dnimerce, Waterloo, Iowa. Early career, news 
staff WaterlcHj Daily Reporter; banking, real es- 
tate. Film career, secretary to Charles J. Hite 
of Thanhouser Film Corporation; treasurer Syn- 
dicate Film Company; president Big Productions 
Film Corporation; vice-president Arrow Film 
Corporation; president Rayart Pictures Corpora- 
tion, which he organized. 

JOHNSTON, J. W., actor, b. Ireland: educ. N. Y., 
and DuMin. .Stage career. Sdthern, Frohman, 
"The S'luaw ]\Ian," "The Waif." stock. .Screen 
career, Metro, Fine Arts, World. Pathe. Amer. 
Releasing, United Art~ists, Paramount, Selznick 

State Rights. Distinctive, Assoc. Exhib., "Dessert 
Valley" (Fox); "The Black Diamond Express" 
(Warners); "l-"lying Luck" (Pathe); "Sawdust 
I'aradise" (Paramount). Hght., 6; wght., 175; 
dark hair, dark eyes. 

JOHNSTON, John LeRoy, publicity director, b. 
Bloomfield, Ind., Dec. 28, 1896. Educ. St. Paul, 
Minn. High Schls. Spec. arts. Previous career, 
newspaper artist, cartoonist, feature writer, critic, 
press agent St. Paul Symphony, sporting editor. 
Lived in St. Paul, N. Y., Dallas, Milwaukee, 
Seattle, Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1911. 
Press Agent for three movie theatres. Titled 
"Screen Snapshots." Clubs, Masons, Knights 
Templar, Shrine, 233 Club, Wampas, American 
Legion, Sons of American Revolution. Sports, 
football, basketball, track (sprinter). Three chil- 
dren, John LeRoy. Jr.. 9Vi yrs.; William A., 
SVz yrs.; Patrica Jeanne, SVz yrs. Bus. rep., 
Charles Hazelhurst. 

JOHNSTON, Dolores, actress. Screen career : 
"Grief in Bagdad." "Riders of the Kitchen 
Range," "What Price Beauty" (Pathe). 

JOHNSTONE, Jvil'cuine, actress, b. Ind anapolis, 
Ind., 19(X); educ. Hollywood Sch. for Girls. Stage 
carter, solo dancer with Ruth St. Denis, Kcith 
Circuit, own dancing act on Pantages ('ircuit. 
.Screen career, David Butler. Brentwood, Realart. 
Fox, "Good Time Charley" (Warners); "Her 
Wild Oat," "The Wh p Wo:iian," "Oh Kay' 
(First National); "Name the Woman" (Columbia). 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 120; brown hair, gray eyes. 

JOLSON, Al, actor, b. Washington, D. C. Educ. 
New York. Previous career, stage. Entered pic- 
tures in 1927 through Jack Warner. Pictures: 
"The Jazz Singer," "The Singing Fool." Clubs, 
Friars. Elks, Mason. Sports, golf, horse racing, 
hunting. Hght., 5, 8; wght., ISO; brown eyes, 
dark hair. Wife's prof, name. Ruby Keeler. 
Bus. rep., Lou Schreiber. Ad., Warner Bros. 
.Studio, Hollywood. 

JONES, Grover, writer, b. Rosedale, Ind., Nov. 15, 
1894. Lived in Rosedale, Terre Haute, Ind., and 
Los Angeles, Cal. Entered pictures in 1913. 
Wrote "Partners in Crime" (orig), "The Big 
Killing" (orig.), "The Great .Scoop" (orig.), 
"Take Me Home." "Figures Don't Lie" and 
"The Gay Defender." Clubs, Hollywood Athletic 
Club and Fox Hills Country Club. Sports, .ce- 
skating, football and boxing. Wife's prof, name, 
.Suzanne Avery. 

JONES, BiUiy, child actor. Screen career, "The 
Final Extra" (Lumas); "Three Miles Up," ".Sky 
High Saunders" (Universal). 

JONELS, Buck, actor, b. Vincennes, Ind.; educ. In- 
d anapolis. Screen career. "The Branded Som- 
brero," "Riders of the Purple Sage," "One .Man 
Trail," "To a Finish," "Bar Nothing," "Riding 
With Death," "Pardon My Nerve," "Western 
Speed," "Rough Shod," "The Fast Mail,' 
"Trooper O'Neil," "West of Ch cago,"' "Bells of 
.San Juan," "Boss of Camp 4," "The Footlight 
Ranger," "Snowdrift," "The Eleventh Hour," 
"Hell's Hole," "Skid Proof," "Second Hand Love, ' 
"Big Dan, "Cupid's Fireman." "Not a Drum 
Was Heard.' "The Vagabond's Trail,' "Circus 
Cowboy," "Western Luck," "Against All Odds, ' 
"The Desert Outlaw," "Winner Take All," "The 
Man Who Played Square," "The Arizona Romeo," 
"Gold and the Girl." "The Trail Rider," "Hearts 
and Spurs," "The Timber Wolf," "Durand of the 
Bad Lands," "The ]i)esert's Price," "The Cowboy 
and the Countess," "The Fighting Buckaroo," "A 
Man Four Square,"' ''The Flying Horseman," 
"The Gentle Cyclone," "Desert Valley," "The War 
Horse," "Good as Gobi," "Hills of Peril," "Whis- 
pering Sage," "Cham L'ghtning," "Black Jack." 
"Blood Will Tell." In 1928 he formed his own 
CO., the Buck Jones Corp., and produced and 
released "The Big Hop." Hght., 6; wght., 173; 
brown hair, gray eyes. 

JONES, F. Richard, director, b. St. Louis, Mo.; 
screen career, began with O. T. Crawford, St. 
I^)uis, 2 yrs.; went over to Keystone, and be- 
came electrical), film editor, and director; filmed 
Keystone comedies four years, supervising di- 
rector for Mack .Sennett; made series of features 
for Sennett; 1925. made vice-president of the Hal 
Roach organization, and director-general of Roach 
studios, (.iulver City; United Art sts; directed 
"The Gaucho" (Fairbanks); "The Big Killing," 
"Someone to Love" (Paramount). 



JONNASON, Frank, actor. Screen career, "The 
Fighting Coward," "Merton of the Movies," "Old 
Ironsides" (Paramount); "What Three Men 
Wanted" (Independent). 

JOSEPH, Edmund, writer b. Houston, Texas, Aug. 
28, 1897. Parents live in New York. Was educ. 
at N. Y. Univ. Has written a number of plays 
and vaudeville acts; writing for Fox Movie- 
tone. Entered picture business July, 1928. Mail- 
ing address: Fox Studios, Hollywood. 

lOSEPHSON, Julien, writer, b. Oregon. Educ, 
Stanford Univ., receiving degree of Bachelor of 
Arts. Previous career, business and magazine 
work. Entered pictures in 1913. Orig. "Egg 
Crate Wallop," adap. "Lady Windermere's Fan," 
"Main Street," "The Bat," orig. and adap. "A 
Ship Comes In." Also "The Red Mark," "Do 
Your Duty," "Judith." Clubs, Writers, Acad. 
M. P. Arts and Sciences. 

JOWITT, Anthony, writer, actor, b. England, Sept. 
14, 1900. Educ. Uppingham and Oxford, England. 
Lived London, Eng., and New^ York. Entered pic- 
tures in 1925. Acted for Paramount, then became 
writer. Sports, fox hunting and swimming. 

JOY, Leatrice, actress, b. New Orleans, La., 1901 ; 
educ. Sacred Heart Academy, New Orleans. 
Stage career, 8 mos. in stk. in San Diego. Screen 
career, "The Blue Danube," "The Angel of Broad- 
way" fPathe), "Vanity," "Nobody's Widow," 
'"For Alimony Only," "The Clinging Vine'" 
(P.D.C.); "The BeUamy Trial" (M-G-M feature 
talkie). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 125; black hair, brown 

JO'YCE, Alice, b. Kansas City, Mo.; educ. there 
and Anandale, Va. Early screen career, Kalem, 
Vitagraph and Distinctive -Goldwyn; "Stella Dal- 
las," "Sorrel and Son" (United Artists); "Danc- 
ing Mothers," "Beau Geste," "The Ace of Cads," 
"So's Your Old Man" (Paramount) ; "The Noose" 
(First National), "13 Washington Square" (Uni- 
versal). Hght., 5, 7; wght.j 120; brown hair, 
hazel eyes. 

JOYCE, Natalie, actress, b. New York City. Screen 
career. Educational shorts. Fox, "Daredevil's Re- 
ward." "A Girl In Every Port" (Fox). Hght., 5, 
5; wght., 120; black hair, dark brown eyes. 

JUDELS, Charles, director, b. Amsterdam, Holland. 
Educ. School of Holy Innocents. N. Y. City. Was 
stage director and actor. Produced "Artists and 
Models," "Gay Paree," "A Night in Spain," 
"Greenwich Village Follies," "Nights in Paris," 
and 87 farces, comedies and dramas. In 1928 was 
signed by Fox to do Movietone. Married to 
Jeanne Lofstrom, one daughter. Mailing address: 
Fox Studios, Hollywood. 

JULIAN, Rupert, director, b. New Zealand, 1885. 
Educ. Marist Bros. Schl., Auckland, N. Z. Spec, 
literature. Previous career, stage playwright, 
director, actor. Entered pictures in 1913. Directed 
"Silence," "We Are French," "Beast of Berlin," 
"Merry Go Round," "Phantom of Opera," "Three 
Faces East," "Country Doctor," "Yankee Clipper," 
"Leopard Lady." Clubs, Hollywood Athletic, 
Cinemagundi, (tables. Lodge Australia, Academy 
Arts and Sciences. Sport, hiking in mountains. 
Wife's prof, name, Elsie Jane Wilson. Bus. rep., 
Myron Selznick. Press rep., Wilbur Morse. 

JUNGMEYFR, Jack, wr'ter, b. Mt. Pleasant. Iowa, 
Mar. 21, 1883. Educ. Cameron, Mo., Clay Center, 
Kans., Chicago, 111. Spec, in literature and art. 
Previous career, 15 yr. newspaper reporter and 
editor, San Francisco- Call, San Francisco Daily 
News, Sacramento Star, Seattle Star, Los AngeJes 
Record, Newspaper Enterprise Asso., United 
Press. Has lived in Arlington. Neb., Cameron, 
Mo., Clay Center and Junction City, Kans., 
Topeka, Kans., Canton, Ohio, Chicago, Sacre- 
mcnto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, 
Seattle, New York City, New Rochelle, N. Y., 
Washington, D. C. Wrote six magazine stories. 
Entered pictures in 1924 as scenarist. Screen 
■work includes: "Show Folks," "The Shady Lady," 
"The Office Scandal" (Pathe orig.), "Scarlet 
Saint" (First National), "Holy Terror" (Fox), 
"Turn Back the Hours." Qubs. Writers. Sports, 
trout fishing, swimming. Wife's prof, name, 
Ruth C. Jungmeyer. 1 child. Jack, Jr. (IS). 

JURADO, Elena, actress. Screen career, "What 
Price Glory," "A Girl In Every Port" (Fox). 


KAHANAMOKU, Dxike, actor. Screen career, "Ad- 
venture," "Lord Jim," Old Ironsides" (Para- 
mount); "Woman Wise" (Fox). 
KALIZ, Armand, actor, b. Paris, France. Screen 
career, F'ox, Metro, "Fast and Furious," "That's 
My Daddy" (Universal), "Say it With Diamonds" 
(Chadwick), "The Stolen, Bride,t "The Love 
Mart" (First National), "The Wife's Relations," 
"A Wotnan's Way," "Sporting Age" (Columbia;, 
"Temptations of a Shop Girl," "Devil's Cage" 
(First Division), "Lingerie" (Tiffany-Stahl). 
KANE, Robert T., president Sound Studios. Inc., 
b. Jamestown, N. Y., Sept. 15. Educ. pub. sch. & 
Jesuit college. Previous career, president American 
Thea. Curtain and Supply Co. Entered pictures 
in 1911, organized Alco Film Corp. with Al Licht- 
man. Produced or supervised "Peter Ibbetson," 
"Forever," "Manhandled," "Zara," "Bluebeard's 
♦ Seven Wives." "Harold Teen." Clubs, Seaview 
Golf Oub, Riveria Country Club, L.A.A.C, Holly- 
wood A. C, Westchester Biltmore C. C. Sports, 
golf, tennis. 
KARLOFIF, Boris, actor, b. London, England; 
educ. Lfppingham Kings Coll., London. Stage 
career, 10 yrs. stk., "The Virginian" for John 
Cort. Screen career, Pathe. Universal. First iNa- 
tional, Vitagraph, Elfelt Prod., FBO, Lumas, 
Assoc. Exhib., Chadwick, "The Meddlin 
Stranger," "The Phantom Buster" (Pathe); "Tar- 
zan and the Golden Lion" (FBO); "Soft Cushions" 
(Paramount); "Two Arabian Knights" (L^'nited 
Artists); "The Love Mart" (First National); 
"Vultures of the Sea" (Nat Levine). Hght., 6; 
wght., 175; dark brown hair and eyes. 
KARNS, Roscoe, actor, b. San Bernardino, Cal. ; 
educ. L'niv. of Calif. Stage career,, stock in 
Calif., with Majorie Rambeau. Screen career, 
First National, Associated Photoplays, Para- 
mount, l^niversal. Assoc. Exhib., C^rand Asher, 
State Rights, C.B.C., Truart, "Ritzy," "Ten 
Modem Commandments," "Beau S^breur," 
"Something Always Happens," "Warming Up" 
(Paramount); "The Desert Bride" (Columbia); 
"Jazz Mad" (Universal). Hght.. 5, 10; wght., 
16S: brown hair and eyes. 
KARR, Fat, actor, b. Houston, Texas; educ. there; 
screen career, Fox. Universal. Russell Prod., War- 
ner, "Standard Comedies" (FBO). Hght., 5, 8^; 
wght.. 300; red ha'r. blue eyes. 
KATZ. Sam;, presdent Publix Theatre Corp., b. 
Russia, 1895. Came to U. S. at 3 months of age, 
Chicago, III. Educ. public and high schools and 
Northwestern University. Career in picture busi- 
ness began when he played piano in 5 cent picture 
show operated in Chicago by Carl Laemmle. This 
was in 1905. Later became theatre manager and 
continued schooling. While attending law school 
met Barney Balaban, forming an association 
which became the nucleus of the Balaban and 
Katz Chicago' theatre circuit. Before joining 
Balab''n, Katz saved money and acqtiired 3 pic- 
ture theatres operated tinder name of Amalgamated 
Picture Corp. The first Balaban and Katz hotise 
was the Central Park, built in 1917 and the first 
really fine hotise in Chicago. The Riviera theatre 
and others followed in swift succession. Adolph 
Zuckor recognized Katz' genius as theatre execu- 
tive and at the age of 34 he was made head of 
Publix Theatres when the B. & K. holdings were 
merged with F. P. L. theatres. 
KAUFMAN. Albert A., asst. to Jesse L. Lasky. b. 
Devils Lake, N. D. Rels. mother living in New 
York. Educ. grammer sch., Chicago, III. Previous 
career, penny arcade. New York. Has lived in 
Chicago. New York. London. Paris, Berlin, Ijos 
Angeles. Worked for Adolph Ztikor in penny 
arcades and when Famotis Players Film Co. was 
organized, became sttidio nigr. of 26th St. Sttidio 
in 1913. Clubs. Union Interallies. Paris, American 
Club. Paris, American Club, London, L.A.A.C. 
1 child. Albert, Jr.. 4 yrs. 
KEATON, Buster, actor, b. Pickway, Kansas, Oct. 
4. 1896. Edtic. in various towns where parents 
lived. Stage career, vaud. Screen career: "Three 
Ages." "The Navigator." "Battling Butler," "The 
Cameraman," "Steamboat Bill. Jr.," "College." 
Sports, all otitdoor sports. Hght., 5, 5; wght., 
140; black hair and eyes. 
KEANE, Raymond, actor, screen career. "The 
Midnight Sun," "The Lone Eagle," "How to 
Handle Women" (UniversaJ), "The Magic Gar- 


Starring in 






/;; Production: 

First of a Series for 




tier." (FBO), Chadvvick, "Marriage by Contract," 
"The Power of Silence" (Tiffany-Stahl;. light., 
'i; wght., 168; l>rowu eyes, black hair. 
KECKLEY, Jane, actress, b. Charleston, So. Car., 
Sept. 10. E-duc. Charleston and Ga. Spec, his- 
tory. Prev (JUS career, on stage for 10 yrs. 
Enter^-d pictures in 1910. Played in "Country Doc- 
tor, V "Angel of Broadway," "Craig's Wife," 
"Noisey Neighbors," "Auntie Austin," "Walking 
Back." Six)rts, motoring, golf. One child, 
Leonide Watson. Bus. rep., W. O. Christensen. 
Hght., 5, 6; wght., 14.S lbs. Dark blue eyes, dark 
In-own hair. 

KEEFE, Cornelius, actor, b. Boston, Mass., July 
13, 1903. Parents living in Brookline, Mass. Educ. 
in Br(ji!kline. Studied English composition, mathe- 
matics. Three yrs. in show business. Has lived 
in Boston, New York. Entered pictures in Jan- 
uary, 1927. Brought from N. Y. production of 
"The Poor Nut" to Hollywood to play role he 
created in original production. Also played in 
"Three's A Crowd," "Adorable Cheat," "Man 
From Headquarters," "Satan and Woman," "Co- 
hens and Ke-llys in Atlantic City," "Thunder 
God." Belongs to the Masquers, Phi Alpha Chap- 
ter Delta Sigma. Sports, footbau, tennis, ice 
hockey. Hght., 6, Ys ; wght., 165; brown eyes, 
black hair. Bus. rep., Guy R. Coburn and Abe 
Levine; press rep., Helen Gurley. Ad., Universal 
City. Universal City, Cal. 

KEENER, HcLzel O., actress, Ix Fairlmry, 111., Oct. 
22, 1904. Rels., mother and tlither living; brother 
vice-pres. and sales manager of Co-operative 
Building Material Co., Inc. Educ. at pub. 
schl. in Chicago, St. Catherines School for 
CJirls, Iowa, and Western States Normal School, 
.Michigan. Was in stock for one yr. in Mid. 
West. Has lived in Chicago, Alliance, Ohio, New 
York, Wiilard, Ont.; Davenport, la.; Kalamazoo, 
.Mich.; Gideon, Mo.; Memphis, Ark.; Keokuk, 
Hamilton, Fairbury, 111. Entered pictures in 1922, 
when she won title of "Iowa's Most beautiful 
Girl" from Chicago Tribune on May, 1921. Prize 
of $1,000. Has played in "Ten Days," "College 
Widow," "The Freshman," "Scarlet Arrow"; 
Leads opposite Fred Thompson, Harry Langdon, 
Francis X. Bushman, Jr. Is life member of 
Y. W. C. A. and was made honorary member of 
40- '8 and adopted daughter of American Legion. 
.Sports, riding, swimming. Hght., 5, 6; wght., 128; 
hazel eyes, chestnut brown hair. 

KEITH, Donald, actor, b. Boston, Mass., Sept. 6, 
190,S. Educ. Cathedral College, N. Y. Has lived 
in Boston, N. Y., Los Angeies. Entered pic- 
tures in 1923, through Francis Ford. Played in 
"Secrets," "Plastic Age," "Way of All Flesh," 
"Whirlwind of Youth," "Lone Wolf's Daughter," 
"Wild Geese," "Should a Girl Marry?" Club, 
Alpha .Sigma Lambda. Sport, golf. Bus. rep., 
Guy Coburn. Hght., 6; wght., 168; blue eyes, 
brown hair. 

KEITH, IsabellC', actress, b. New York City. 
Parents live in Pasadena. Educ. in N. Y. and 
1 i>s Angeies. Spec, in languages, music, voice 
culture. Was singer on stage and in concert. 
Has lived in .San Francisco, San Diego, Los 
Angeles. Chicago, N. Y. Entered pictures in 
1918 with Sennett. Plnyed in "R ley the Cop," 
"Four Horsemen," "Dessert Flower," "Greater 
(;iory," "Very Confidential," ".Sins of Fathers." 
.Sports, golf, tennis. Hght., 5, 6; wght., 13.S; 
blue eyes, blonde ha'r. iMarried to Richanl Weil, 
writer at Universal Studios. 

KEITH, Ian, actor, b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 27, 
1899. Educ. Parker Prep School, Chicago, Ameri- 
can Acad, of Dram. Arts, N. Y. C. Screen ca- 
reer, Paramount, Metro, F(jx, "Prince of Temi- 
ters," "Convoy" (First National), "The Truthful 
Se.x," ".Street of Illusion" (Columbia), "What 
Every Girl Should Know" (Warner), "Two 
Arabian Kights" (United Artists), "The Lookout 
Girl" (Quality Dist.). fight., 5, 10; wght., 155; 
black hair, blue eyes. 

KELLEY, Albert, director, b. Wallingford, Conn., 
Rels., parents living in Ilollywood. Educ. Yale. 
Has lived iiii N. Y., Jacksonville, Fla., New Eng- 
land cities. Entered pictures in (i)ct., 1914. Had 
been newspaper reporter and wanted to be title 
writer. Directed "Dancing Days," "Charge of 
Gauchos," "Stage Kisses," "Confessions of Wife." 
Clubs, Hollywood Athletic. Sports, squash, golf. 
Bus. rep., George Ullman. 

KELLY, John, actor, b. Boston, Mass., June 29. 
Eiluc. Boston. Previous career, athletic instructor, 
amateur and professional boxer, also Navy. Has 
lived in N. Y., Bayonne, N. J.; Tampa, Philadel- 
phia, Worcester. Entered pictures in 1927, 
through interview from gym to iM-G-M for pic- 
ture, "After M.dnight." Played in "Dressed to 
Kill." "Blindfold." Sports, football, baseball, 
swimming. Hght., 6; wght., 190; blue eyes, dark 
brown hair. 

KELLY, Peggie, actress. Screen career, "Greater 
Than Marriage," "School For Wives" (Vita- 
graph) "Lillies of the Streets" (FBO); "The Un- 
known Lover" (Warners); "In Borrowed Plumes" 
(Arrow); "The Joy Girl" (Fox). 

KELLY, Arthur, treasurer. United Artists Corp. 
and eastern representative of Charlie C^apiin, b. 
London, England, Sept. 7, 1890, Welsh and Englisli 
parentage, came to LI. S. at age 20. Educ. London, 
Eng. Previous career, started as ofifice boy in 
executive offices of theatrical co. in London; knew 
Charlie Chaplin then; represented Frank J. (ilould 
in America, managing 15,000 miles of railroad; 
made director of 12 companies, including \^irgini;i 
Ry. and Power, at 25 yrs of age. Served in War. 
Major in British army; managed Embassy Club. 
London directly after War ; returned to America 
and entered picture field as odd-job man for First 
National; became asst. production manager after 
2 months, then eastern representative of Charlie 
Chaplin. In May, 1926 had supervision U. A. 
foreign dept.: then vice-president, U. A. and later 
treasurer and active officer, U. A. Corp. Is mar- 
ried (wife's former name, Josephine Freygang). 
one son, Arthur Kelly, Jr. Address, 729 7th Ave., 
X. Y. City. 

KELSEY, Fred A... actor, b. Sandusky, O., Aug. 
20, 1884. Has sisters living in Columbus, O., and 
Chicago. Educ. in Sandusky. Was on stage. 
Has lived in N. Y. Entered pictures in 1909. 
P.ayed in "The Gorilla," "On Trial," "Tlie 
Wright Idea," "Tenderloin. Sports, fishing, out- 
door sports. Hght., 5, 11; wght, 210; gray eyes; 
1 ght hair. Married. Child, Robert Miller Kefsev. 
Bus. rep., Ed. Small. 

KEMP, Matty, actor. Screen career, "Rustlers' 
Ranch" (Universal) ; Pathecomedies, "The Mag- 
nificent Flirt" (Paramount); "Good-bye Kiss" 
(Sennett-First National). 

KENDALL,, Victor, scenarist, b. Sept. 26, 190.^. 
Educ, Westminster. Previous career, journalist. 
Has lived in New York, Paris, Antwerp. En- 
tered |:ictures in April, 1928, through story writ- 
ing. "The Glorv Hole," "Week End Wives." 

KENNEDY, Tom, actor, b. N. Y. C. Educ. in 
N. Y. Spec, mathematics. Previous career, box- 
ing stage. Lived in Paris, London, N. Y., Los 
Angles. Entered pictures in 1915. "Alimony 
Annie," "Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City," 
"Hold 'Em Yale," "Cop." Clubs, Masquers. 
RancTi,' Hollywod A. C, Elks. Sports, golf, box- 
ing. Wife's prof, name, Fannie Marshall. 3 chil- 
dren, Don, 7; Madeline, 10; Jack, 6 mos. Bus. 
rep.. Tack Gardner; Press, rep., Norman Hart- 
ford, "light., 6. Z'A; wght., 215; blue eves, black 

KENNEDY, Ed., actor and director, b. iMonterey 
Co., Calif., 1890. Stage career, 2 yrs. vaud.. 2 
yrs. mus. com., "A Stubborn Cindrella," "The 
Alaskan." .Screen career. Keystone, Fox. I'ni- 
versal, C'.B.C, Paramount, P.D.C.. Universal, 
M-G-M; acted in "The Better 'Ole," "The (iay 
Old Bird" (Warner), ^'(joing Crooked" (Fox), 
"The Chinese Pairot" (Universal), M-G-M shorts. 
Hght., 6, 1; wght., 210. 

KENNEDY, Joseph P., b. East Boston, Feb. 6. 
1888. Educ. Boston public schools. Harvard. 
Early career, iMassachusetts State Bank Examiner: 
Jan. 20 elected president Columbia Trust Co.. 
Boston at at age of 25, youngest bank president 
in U. S., June 20, 1914 married Rose E. Fitzgerald 
oldest daughter of ex- Mayor John F. Fitzgerald 
of Boston; April, 1918 resigned as president Colum- 
bia Trust Co. to become assistant' general managei 
of the Fore River Shipbuilding Co., manager 
Hayden, Stone and Co., resigned 1923 to take up 
investment banking. Picture career, Feb. 1926, 
elected president and chairman of FBO Pictures 
Corp. and subsidiaries until Dec. 1928; during 1928 
chairman Board of Directors Keith-Albee-Orpheuni 
Corp. and consummated deal whereby Radio Corp. 
of America took over FBO and KAO; Feb. 15, 
1928 elected special advisor of Pathe Exchange, 
Inc., director of Motion Picture Producers and 
Distributors of America. 



Universal Pictures Corporation 

PRODUCTIONS: Show Boat— Broadway— The 
Shakedown — Last Warning — Lonesome — Port of 
Dreams — Man Who Laughs — Give and Take — 
Foreign Legion — The Compromise. 

HIGHLIGHTS: Has written and produced over 3 50 screen 
stories and in between times has adapted 2 50 plays and books. 
Has had wide experience as a newspaper reporter and editor. 
Has written original stories and screen plays for practically 
every prominent star in business. For the past five years has 
served in an executive capacity with several of the largest 



KENNEDY, Mema, actress. Discovered by Charlie 
Chaplin, whom he appeared opposite in "The Cir- 
cus" (United Artists). Is now playing one of 
the leading roles in Universal's version of the 
Broadway play, "Broadway," screened with 
sound and dialogue. 

KENT, Barabara, actress, b. Gadsby, Alta., Canada, 
December 16. Parents living in Hollywood. Educ. 
in Canada, Hollywood; studied art, drama. 
Previous career, amateur theatricals. Entered 
pictures in Nov., 1925, through Paul Kohner, 
casting director for Universal after winning title 
of Miss Hollywood in Santa Cruz beauty contest. 
Played in "Flesh and Devil," "Drop Kick," 
"Lonesome," "Modern Mothers," "Stop That 
Man," "Shakedown," "Destiny," "Now I'll Tell 
One." Belong- to Thalian Club. Sports, tennis, 
swimming, riding, dancing, skating. Hght., 4, 11; 
wght., 100; blue eyes; brown hair. Bus. rep., 
J. C. Qoutman; Press rep., Sam Jacobson, Pub. 
Dir., Universal Studios, Universal City, Cal. 

KENT, Cauford, actor, b. London, England, October 
12. Mother living in Teddington, England. Educ. 
in London. Was marine underwriter; in concerto, 
grand opera, musical comedy, legit. Has lived in 
London, N. Y., Philadelphia, Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures in 1915. Played in "Other Mens 
Shoes," "Silas Marner," "Foreign Legion," 
"Blindfolded," "Man Woman and Wife," "Show 
Folks." Belongs to Masquers, Beach Club, 233 
Club, L. A. Tennis Club and Masons. Sports, 
tennis, golf. Hght., 5, WA; wght., 160; dark 
grey eyes; darkn brown hair. Married. Bus. rep., 
Wm. Dunn. 

KENT, Larry, actor, b. at sea. Educ. Univ. of 
Calif. Screen career, Fighting Hearts series, Ad- 
ventures of Mazie Series, (FBO), Columbia, "Mc- 
Fadden's Flats," "The Sea Tiger," "Her Wild 
Oat," "Mad Hour," "The Head Man," "The 
Heart of a FolHes Girl," "The Haunted House" 
(First National), "The Whirlwind of Youth" 
(Paramount), "The Masked Menace" (Pathe), 
"Women's Wa'res" (Tiffany-Stahl), "Lovelorn" 
(M-G-M), "Hangman's House" (Fox). 

KENT, Sidney R., general manager and member 
of the board of directors. Paramount Famous 
Lasky Corp., b. Lincoln, Neb. Educ. grammar 
school. Previous career, at age 14 was stoking 
boilers for $5 per week. Before 20 yrs. of age 
was occupying responsible position with Co'.orado 
Fuel and Iron Co. In 1912 went to Coast with 
American Druggist's Syndicate, 3 months later 
was made asst. sales manager, then asst. to pres- 
ident and for three and one-half yrs. virtually 
in charge. Screen career, became interested thru 
friend and cast lot- with old Vitagraph company. 
Helped unravel General Film Co. situation after 
anti-trust suit. Then went with Adolph Zukor 
at nominal salary as special representative to 
e.xchanges; next appointed district manager in 
middle west territory. In 1919 was called to home 
office to become general sales manager. Jan. 8. 
1921, Mr. Zukor appointed Mr. Kent general man- 
ager of distribution and a year later he was 
elected to the company's board of directors. In 
1926 he was named general manager of the com- 

KENTON, Erie C, director, b. Norborne, Mo., Aug. 
1, 1896. Rels. jjarents living in Hollywood, Cal. 
Previous career, carnivals, dog, pony shows, 
vaude., stock cos. Has lived in Kansas City, 
St. Louis, N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered pictures 
in 1914. Directed "Small Town Idol," "Rejuvena- 
tion of Aunt Mary," "Companionate Marriage," 
"Sporting Age," "Name the Woman," "Street of 
Illusion," "Nothing to Wear." Clubs, All Scottish 
Rite Masonic orders, Hollywood A. C, Camera 
Pictorialists of L. A. Sports, Squash, horses, 
football, wrestling. Bus. rep., Edward Small C?o., 
Hollywood, Cal. 

KENYON. Doris, actress, b. Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 
S. Mother living in Los Angeles. Educ. Barnard 
College, Columbia, N. Y. C. Previous career: 
stage. Entered pictures in 1915. Screen career, 
"Monsieur Beaucaire," "Men of Steel," "A Thief 
in Paradise," "Interference," "Valley of Giants," 
"Home Towers," "Hawk's Nest," "Burning Day- 
light." Sport, tennis, horseback riding. Hght., 
5, S; wght., 120; grey eyes, blond hair. Husband's 
prof, name, Milton Sills. 1 child, Kenyon, V/z 
yrs. old. Bus. Rep., Freddie Fralich; Press, rep., 
Scoop Conlon. Ad., First National Studios, Bur- 
bank, Cal. 

KENYON, Charles, scenarist, b. San Francisco, 

Cal., 1890; educ. graduate Stanford Univ. and 
Univ. of Calif. Stage career, playwright, author 
of "Kindling," "Husband and Wife," "The Claim"; 
screen career, original stories for Fox, Goldwyn, 
Lasky, Wm. S. Hart, adapt, for Goldwyn and 
Fox, Universal, "Surrender," "Alias The Deacon," 
"Buterflies in the Rain," "The Foreign Legion," 
"Jazz Mad." 

KERR, Charles, writer. Screen career, "The Magic 
Garden," "The Little Yellow House," continuity 

KERR, Robert, director, b. Burlington, Conn. Stage 
career, legit, actor. Screen career, entered films 
with Mack Sennett as continuity writer. Later 
became assistant director. Joii^ed Fox, assist, to 
George Marsliall on Van Bib'her comedies, later 
director of this unit; series of O'Henry's; features 
for Fox; signed with Christie, to do Christie come- 
dies, and Jimmie Adams series; also worked for 
Universal on "The Gumps." 

KERRY, Norman, actor, b. Rochester, N. Y., June 
16. Educ. at private schl. colleges including De 
La SaLle Jesuit School, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., 
Hempstead High School, L. I., also St. Johns 
College, Annapolis, Md. Backed theatrical agency 
in N. Y. and thereby came in contact with various 
theatrical and picture people. Has lived in N. Y., 
Hollywood. Entered pictures on account of being 
an experienced horseman, rode in "Manhattan 
Madness," directed by George Fitzmaurice, and 
in "Less than the Dust," with Mary Pickford. 
When prospecting in Utah met Art Acord who 
introduced him at Universal. Later James Young 
cast him opposite Bessie Barriscale in "Rose of 
Paradise." Belongs to American Legion. Sport, 
horseback riding. Hght., 6, 2; wght., 180; dark 
hair; hazel eyes. 

KEY, Kathleen, actress, b. Buffalo, N. Y. Educ, 
Los Angeles. Rels., direct descendant of Franc s 
Scott Key. Screen carreer. Fox. Vitagraph, Uni- 
versal, Tififany-Stahl, Warners, "Ben-Hur" 
(M-G-M), "Golf Widows" (Columbia). Hght., 5, 
3; wght., 118; dark hair, brown eyes. 

KILGOUR, Joseph, actor, b. Ayr, Ont., Canada. 
Was on legit, stage. Has lived in Chicago, Lon- 
don, Eng., Hollywood, San Francisco, N. Y. En- 
tered pictures through J. Stuart Blackton of 
Vitagraph Co'. in 1915. Played in "Easiest Way," 
"Janice Meredith," "Ponjola," "King on Main 
Street," "Let's Get Married," "Capital Punish- 
ment." Belongs to Lambs and Players clubs. 
Sport, golf, swimming. Hght., 5, 11%; wght., 
196; dark grey eyes, brown and grey hair. 

KIMMI6H, Max, director. Screen career, directed 
Drugstore Cowboy Comedies and Harold Higfh- 
brow comedies (Universal). 

KING, Bradley, writer, b. New York City, July 8, 
1894. Educ. Acad, of the Sacred Heart. Albany, 
N. Y. Previous career, magazine and short story 
writer, "Her Reputation" (novel) and "Man of 
Action" (play). Lived in New York, Key West, 
Norfolk, Va., San Diego, Los Angeles, London, 
Paris and Nice. Entered pictures in 1920, through 
magazine stories, motion picture rights being sold 
to Thomas H. Ince. "Anna Christie" (adapt.), 
and "Return of Peter Grimm" (adapt.), "Love- 
lorn" (M-G-M), "Diamond Handcuffs" (M-G-M), 
"Scarlet Seas" (First Natl.), and "Weary River" 
(First Natl). Clubs, Writers, M. P. A. S. Hus- 
band's prof, name, John Grififith Wray. Bus. 
rep., Edward Small Co. 

KING, Claude, actor, b. England, Jan. 15. Mother 
lives there. Educ. in London; studied painting, 
violin. Twenty years in London theatre, N. Y., 
and travelled as leading man in all countries 
where English language is spoken. Has lived 
in London, N. Y., Hollywood, etc. Entered pic- 
tures in 1920 for Famous Players in N. Y. C. due 
to previous experience in theatre. Played in "Red 
Hair," "Mr. Wu," "A Night of Mystery," "Out- 
cast," "Warming Up." Belongs to Masquers, 
Players, Lotus Club, Green Room C3ub of Lon- 
don, Eng. Sports, horseback riding, fishing, shoot- 
ing, cricket. Hght., 5, 10'^; wght., 175; dark 
brown eyes; grey hair. Bus. rep.. Jack Gardner. 
Married to Evelyn Hall. 

KING, Emmett C, actor, b. GrifHn, Ga., May 31. 
Rel. John C. King, Players Qub, N. Y. Educ. 
Univ. of Georgia. On stage 25 yrs. Has lived 
in London, N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered pictures 
in 1917. Played in "Laugh Clown Laugh," "Iron 

For detailed information 
on Miss Moore see 
Biography section 

Appearing in a series of 
special productions for 


Current Releases 


Produced by JOHN McCORMICK 



Mask," "Show Boat," "Shopworn Angel." Be- 
longs to Actor's Equity Association and Elks. 
Sport, baseball, motoring. Hght., 6; wght., 185; 
blue eyes, gray hair. 
KING, Judy, actress, b. Canada, Mar. 24. Sister, 
Mona Ray, played in "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Educ. 
St. Augustine, Fla. Spec, music, dramatic art in 
N. Y. Previous careerj in vaude., musical comedy. 
Has li\-ed in U. S., England. Entered pictures 
about 4 yrs. ago, through Harold Lloyd. Played 
in "Girl Shy," "Gay Retreat," "Champagne," 
"Adam's Apple." Sports, swimming, tennis, golf, 
ice-hockey. Husband's prof, name, Mr. Tim 
Whelan, director. Bus. rep., Ben Hershfield, 
f,(j,% Hullywood Blvd., Hollywood, Cal. Hght., 4, 
11; wght., 104. Brown eyes, brown hair. 
KING, Henry, direc;or, b. Christiansburg, Va. 
Kduc. Riverside School in Virginia. Began stage 
career while in teens, played in rep. and stock. 
Entered picture business early in history of in- 
dustry by discovering Baby Maria Osborne as 
screen possibility and making series with her co- 
starring in first two. Directed: "Tolable David," 
"Fury," "The White Sister," "Stella Dallas," 
"The Winning of Barbara Worth," "The Woman 
Disputed," "She Goes to- War." 
KING, Louis, director, b. Christiansburg, Va., June 
28, 189S. Brother, Henry King. Educ. at Univ. 
of N'irginia, two yrs. Entered p.cture business 
in 1919. Directed "The Boy Rider," "Terror 
Mountain," "Orphan of the -Sage," "The Young 
Whirlwind," "The Freckled Rascal," "The Little 
.Savage." Belongs to the HoLywood Athletic 
Club. Favorite sports, horseback riding and golt. 
Mailing address: F. B. O. Studios. 
KING, Charles, actor, b. Dallas, Texas; educ. 
there; stage career, stock; screen career, FBO, 
Universal, Carter De Haven Comedies, Bischoff, 
Rayart; "Mike and Ike" comedies (Universal), 
"You Can't Beat the Law" (Rayart). Hght., 5, 
11; wght., 160; black hair, brown eyes. 
KING, Marjorie, actress. Screen career, "Man in 
the Rough" (FBO), "An Unexpected Hero" (Uni- 
versal), Fox-Lnperial comedies. 
KING, Burton, director, b. Cincinnati, 1877; legit. 
experience as actor and director. Screen career 
begun with Equitable. Later with Metro, Pathe. 
Selznick, Gotham, Assoc. Exhib. ; "Satan and the 
Woman," "Women Who Dare," "Broadway Mad- 
ness," "Making the Varsity," "Manhattan 
Knights" (Excellent). Clubs: M. P. D. A. 
KINGSTON, Natalie, actress, b. Sonoma, May 19. 
Parents live in Los Angeles. Educ. in Dominican 
Convent, San Rafael, Calif. Spec, in literature, 
mathematics, history. Previous to screen was on 
legit, stage. Has lived in San Francisco, N. Y., 
Philadelphia, Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 
1924. Discovered by Cecil De Mille and Mack 
Sannett. Played in "Street Angel," "Framed," 
"Harvester," "Tarzan the Mighty." Belongs to 
Actors Equity, M. P. Guild, Casa del Mar, Tlie 
Gables. Sports, horseback riding, swimming, ten 
nis. Hght., S, 6; wght., 126; brown eyes, golden 
brown hair. Married. Bus. rep., Wni. Cohill; 
press rep., Tom Engler. 
KIRBY, David F., actor, screen career, Fox, FBO, 
Pathe, Warner, Goldwyn; "The Sunset Derby," 
"The Upland Rider" (First National), "The Royal 
American" (Rayart), "Shield of Honor" (Uni- 
versal) Hght., 5, 11; wght., 180; brown eyes and 
KIRKLAND, David, director, b. San Francisco, 
Cal.; educ. Univ. of California. Stage career, w.'tli 
Robert Edeson and Maud Adams. Screen career, 
with Essanay, Universal-Allan Dwan. Directed 
shorts for Essanay; Wallace Reid features for 
Universal, Sennett, Fox, First National; contin- 
uity writer and director for FBO; directed "The 
Gingham Girl," "Uneasy Payments," "A Regular 
.'>cout," and others. 
KITCHIN, Milner H., writer, b. Ilkley, Yorkshire-, 
England, Dec. 29. 1894. Educ. England and Can- 
ada. Spec, in civil engineering and military. Pre- 
vious career, soldier in British and Canadian Army 
and Intelligence .Service. Lived in Paris, New 
York, Montreal, Vancouver, B. C, San Francisco, 
South of France and Hollywood. Entered pic- 
tures !n 1926. Wrote "The Warning" (orig.). 
.Sports, fishing, sailing and golf. Clubs, Naval 
and ^Iilitary, London, Eng. Bus. rep., Lichtig 
and Englander. 
KLEIN, Charles, director, b. Andernach, Germany, 
January 28, 1898. Related to Dr. Leo Michels, 
industrialist, Berlin. Educ. high and prep, schools 

in Andernach and Univ. of Bonn, Germany. Spe- 
cialized in physics. Not graduated on account ol 
war service. Started as producer after war. 
Lived in Cologne, Berlin, Munich, New York and 
Hollywood. Entered picture business right after 
war._ Directed "The Telltale Heart," "Blind- 
fold,," "White Silence." Favorite sport, aviation. 
Mailing address: Fox Studios, Hollywood. 
KLEIN, Philip, protluct ion supervisor, b. New York 
City, April 1889. Rels., mother l.ving in London, 
England. Educ, New Haven, Conn.; spec, m 
literature. Previous career, theatrical i>roducer 
and dramatic writer. Has lived in New York, 
Hollywo(jd, London. Entered pictures in 1913, sent 
by H. M. Warner to West (ioast under contract 
to write and supervise. Scenarist or adaptor: 
"Seventh Heaven," "Street Angel," "Four Sons," 
"Is Zat So," "Fazil," "Red Dance." .Supervised- 
"Mother Knows Best," The River," "Soft l.v- 
ing," "Square Crooks," "Very Confidential" (Fox;. 
Clubs: Rancho Golf Club, Edgewater Club, Mas- 
quers. Sport, grSlf, tennis. Wife's pr(_if. n.inie, 
Eleanor Masters. 
KNOTT, Lydia, actress, b. Tyner, Ind. S<m, Lam- 
bert Hillyer, picture director, Beverly Hills. Educ. 
in Indiana, normal school at Plymouth. On legit, 
stage, stock for many yrs. Lived in N. V'., 
Chicago, Los Angeles. Entered pictures in X. V. 
ten yrs. ago. Worked between stage engage- 
ments. Thos. H. Ince brought her out from 
N. Y. Played in "Woman of Paris," "Turn to 
Right," "Two Lovers," "Our Dancing Daughters." 
Belongs to Soroptimist Club and Troupers. Hght., 
5, 4; wght., 120; blue eyes, gray hair. Bus. rep., 
Harry Wurtzle. 
KNOWLAND, Alice, actress, b. Fort Fairfield, Me., 
Oct. 6, 1885. Mother lives in Belmont, Mass. 
Aunt in Fort Fairfield; sister, Mrs. Francis Ful- 
ler. Educ. in Boston. Spec, in elocution, history. 
On speaking stage. Has lived in Boston, N. Y., 
Hollywood. Entered pictures with Edison C(j., 
N. Y. Played in "Such a Delicious Little Devil," 
"S.ecret Sin," "Simple Sis," "Ten Command- 
ments." Sport, w-alking. Hght., S, 7; wght., 140; 
green eyes, gray hair. 
KOENIG, William, studio, production manager; b. 
Milwaukee, Jan. 1, 1886; educ. in Milwaukee; spec. 
business management ; previous career, 20 yrs. 
in theatre management, dramatic stock, musical 
comedy, picture theatres. Big Sport Events Cir- 
cus. Entered pictures seven yrs. ago throjigh 
Carl Laemmle of Universal, General Production 
Mgr. Sports, all sports. 
KOHLER, Fred, actor, b. Kansas City, Mo. Has 
brother in films. Educ. in Kansas City. Has 
been on stage. Has lived in Kansas City, St. 
Louis, Chicago, N. Y., San Francisco, Los An- 
geles. Entered pictures in 1909. Was visiting 
.Seelig Studio and was asked by Jim iMcGee to 
play a German officer in "Code of Honor" with 
Hobart Bosworth. Has played in "Forgotten 
Faces," "Tide of Empire," "Sal of Singapore," 
"The Spieler," "L.eathernecks." Hght., 6; wght., 
200; blue eyes, light hair. iMarried to Prole 
Marjorie. Child, William Kohler, 17 yrs. Bus. 
rep., Arthur Green. Ad., Lasky Studio, Holly- 
wood, Cal. 
KOHN, Ben Grauman, writer, b. Indianapolis, Ind.. 
iMay 31. Educ. Shortridge High .School, Ind., and 
Butler Coll. Spec, in English, journalism and 
debating. Previous career, reporter New York 
American. Lived in New York and Indianapolis. 
Entered pictures a year ago, through Ray 
Schrock. Recent pictures "Ladies of the Night 
Club" (orig.), "Trial iMarriage" (adapt.), "Green 
Grass Widows" (orig.), "Tong War." Titled 
"Ivingerie." Sport, tennis. 
KOHN, Ralph A., treasurer. Paramount Famous 
Lasky Corporation and Subsidiaries; b. Marcli 
11, 1890, Chicago, 111.; attended Chicago public 
schools; moved to New York City 1902 and con- 
tinued public school educ; graduated 1903 and 
Townsend High School 1907; New York Univ. de- 
gree B. S. 1911; entered law office of Elek John 
Ludvigh as clerk and attended law school eve- 
nngs. Admitted to Bar, June 1913. Became as- 
sistant counsel and assistant secretary of Famoii* 
Players Film Company on its formation in 1913, 
and assistant secretary and assistant treasurer ot 
Paramount Famous I,asky Corporation on it ; 
organization in 1916. Continued in this capacity, 
except during war, during which time was first 
a private and then second lieutenant. Signal 
Corps, U. S. Army, returning to Paramount Fa- 



iiious Lasky Coipoiation after the war. Elected 
director of Paramount Famous Lasky Corpora- 
tion January Jl, 1923. Married Marion Feinbers 
in 1924, and has two children. Elected treasurer 
of Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation and its 
subsidiaries in August, 1927. Member of City 
-Athletic, Fairview Country, Army and Navy and 
Friars Clubs. 

KOLXER, Henry, actor, b. abroad. Educ. Fran- 
ciscan Bros., (Juincy, 111. Spec, print collection. 
Colelge degree. Previous career, 20 yrs. Ameri- 
can, European stage. Has lived in N. Y., Lon- 
don, Paris, Rome, Australasia, India. Entered 
pictures 20 yrs. ago. Played in "Don't Marry," 
"Silk Stockings," "Kiss in a Taxi," "Red Hair." 
Clubs, Lambs, N. Y. ; Stamford Yacht. Sport, 
golf. Bus. rep.. Grant Dolge. Hght. 5, 10>i; 
wght., 168; dark eyes, brown hair. 

KOMAI, Tetsu, actor, b. Kumanioto, Japan. Educ. 
Kunianioto, Japan; spec, in civil engineering. 
Previous career, sculptor. Entered pictures in 
1923, through amateur acting. Pictures include: 
"Shanghai Bound," "Detectives," "Moran of the 
Marines," "Tong War." Sport, hunting. Hght., 
S, 11; wglit., 175; black eyes and hair. Two 
children: son (3 yrs.), daughter (7 mos.). Bus. 
rep., Tom Gubins. 

KORDA, Alexaruler, director, b. Turkeve, Hungary, 
Sept. 16, 1893. Vincent Korda, painter, Paris; 
Zoltan Korda, director, Berlin. Educ. Budapest; 
specialized in history of arts and literature. De- 
gree from Royal Univ. of Budapest. Was news- 
paperman and wirter. Has lived in Budapest, 
\'ienna, Paris, Rome and Berlin. Entered pic- 
tures in 1915. Directed "Stolen Bride," "The 
Private Life of Helen of Troy," "The Yellow 
Lily," "The Night Watch." Favorite sport, swim- 
ming. Married to Maria Corda. Bus. rep., Dred- 
mont Pauker, New York. 

KORTMAN, Robert, actor, b. Philadelphia, Pa.; 
educ. England and Germany; early career, in 
U. S. Cavalry; screen career, Ince, Goldwyn, 
Paramount, Fox, State Rights, Universal, Aywon, 
Goldstone, Metro, Assoc. Exhib., Pathe, Educa- 
tional: "Blood Will Tell," "Fleeting" (Fox), "The 
Big Killing" (Paramount). 

KOSLOFF, Theodore, actor, b. and educ. Moscow, 
Russia; stage career, 20 yrs. dancing ballet, pro- 
duced first Russian ballet in U. S. ; screen career. 
Paramount, Metro; "The Volga Boatman" 
(P.D.C.), "Woman Wise" (Fox). Hght., 5, 7; 
wght., \A0; brown hair, brown eyes. 

KOTSONEROS, George, actor, b. Nauplle, Greece. 
Educ. Athens, Greece and Cairo, Egypt. Screen 
career. First National, Luma's; "VV^hile Lon4on 
Sleeps" (Warner), "The Wizard" (Fox), "The 
Fifty-Fifty Girl," "The Street of Sin" (Para- 
mount). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 185; brown eyes and 

KRAFFT, John, writer. Screen career, titled: 
"Celebrity." "Tenth Avenue" (Pathe). 

KRALY, Hans, writer. Screen, First National, 
"The Student Prince," "Quality Street" 
(M-G-M); "The Garden of Eden" (United Art- 
ists), "The Patriot" (Paramount). 

KUWA, George, actor, b. and educ. Japan; stagf 
career, Morosco (Los Angeles), also Japan; screen 
career, Warners, Paramount, Vitagraph, Univer- 
sal, Metro-Galdwvn. Fox, Assoc. E.xhib., P.D.C., 
TIftany, Pathe; "White Pants Willie" (First Na- 
tional), "Melting Millions" (Patheserial), "The 
Chinese Parrot" (Universal), "The Warning," 
"After the Storm" (Columbia), "The Showdown," 
"The Secret Hour" (Paramount). Hght., 5, 3; 
wght., 135; black hair, brow^n eyes. 


LA BRISSONIERE, Erin, actress, b. Minneapolis, 
Minn. Educ, studied dramatic art in California. 
Screen career. Universal, "Million Dollar Mys- 
tery," "Light in the Window," "Gvpsy of the 
■North, rhe Branded Man" (Rayart). 

LA CAVA, Gregory, director, b. Tonwanda, Pa., 
.March 10, 1892. Mother lives in New York City. 
Educ. Tonwanda and Rochester, N. Y. Was news- 
paper cartoonist; pioneer in animated cartoon 
field. Lived in Rochester. Chicago and New York. 
Entered picture business in 1922. Made hook-up 
with C. C. Burr wr'ting "Torchy" stories for 
Johnny Hines. Directed "Womanhandled," "Let's 
Get Married," "Sav It Again," "Running Wild," 
"So's Your Old Man," "The Gay Defender," 
"Feel My Pulse," "Half a Bride," "Saturday's 

Clliildreii." Belongs to Lambs and the Masquers 
Clubs. Favorite sports, tennis and golf. Mar- 
ried to Beryl Morse. Son, William Morse La 
Cava, 4 yrs. Bus. rep., Arthur Landau; press 
rep., Beulah Livingstone. 

LACHMAN, Harry, director, b. June 29, 1886. 
Educ. L^niversity Mich. Previous career, artist. 
Entered pictures in 1925, through Rex Ingram. 
"Travelaughs," "Week End Wives," "Under 
Greenwood Tree" and Monty Banks comedy. 
Clubs: Chevalier of Legion of Honor, Masons 
Lodge and American Assoc. M. P. Engineers. 
Sport, poker. Press rep., Frank Scully. 

LACKTEEN, Frank, actor, b. Asia Minor. Screen 
career, has played in many Pafheserials; also 
worked for Paramount, P.D.C., First National; 
"Melting Millions," "The Hawk of the Hills," 
"Mark of the Fog" (Patheserial), "The Warning" 
(Columbia), "Prowlers of the Sea" (T.ffany- 

LAIDLOW, Ethan, actor. Screen career. Bud 
Barsky, Rayart, FBO, Universal; "The Sonora 
Kid" (FBO), "Wolf's Clothing" (Warners), 
"\\'hen Danger CaJIs" (Lumas), "The Big Killing" 
( I'aramoi:nt). 

LAEMMLE, Edward, director, b. Chicago, 111., 
Oct. 25, 1887. Educ. Chicago. Spec, in chemistry, 
physics and electrical. Previous career: machin- 
ist, student, general commercial lines. Has lived 
in Chicago, Los Angeles. Entered pictures Mar. 
1916. Directed "Creating Cheaters," "13th Juror," 
"Man, Woman and Wife," "Held by the Law." 
Clubs: Gables, Masonic Order, 233 Club. Sports, 
hunting, fishing, exploring. One child, Carlotta 
Laemmle, 3 yrs. old. Press rep.. Universal Studio, 
Universal City, Cal. 

LAEMMLE, Ernst, director, b. Munich, Germany. 
Screen career, began as prop boy, learning busi- 
ness from ground up, directed "Red Clay," "Loco 
Luck," "A One Man Game," "The Broncho 
Buster," "Range Courage," "The Thirteenth 
Juror," "The (jrip of the Yukon," "Phyllis of 
the Follies" (Universal). 

LAEMMLE, Carl, president of Universal Pictures 
Corp., b. Laupheim, Wuerttemburg, Germany, 
Jan. 17, 1867. Son of Julius Baruch and Rebekka 
Laemmle. Came to New York Feb. 1884 with $50 
in his pocket. Until 1906, when he first entered 
picture business was employed in various clerical 
and executive positions in clothing and jewelry 
business. Married Recha, daughter of Julius 
Stern, Flieden, Germany, Aug. 28, 1898. Went to 
Chicago in 1906 to establish chain of 5 and 10c 
stores but switched interest to motion pictuies. 
Opened first theatre, the Whitefront, Milwaukee 
ave., Chicago. Opened another two months later 
on Halsted street. Established Laemmle Film 
Service same year. Also exchanges in various 
cities during 1907 and 1908. Became independent 
producer, film known as Yankee Film Co. First 
release "Hiawatha," 989 feet (IMP), in 1912, with 
Chas. Bauman, David Horsley. P. A. Powers and 
W. H. Swanson, formed L'niversal Film Mfg. 
Co.; also sales company under same name. Com- 
pleted Universal City studios in 1915. In 1920, 
Laemmle and R. H. Cochrane purchased control 
nf L'niversal. Launched Universal Chain Theatre 
Enterprises in 1925. Clubs: Harmonic Club, N. Y., 
Gables Club, Hillcrest Country Club, Breakfast 
Club, Breakers Club, Los Angeles; Masons, Elks, 
N. Y. Address, Universal Pictures, Hecksher 
Bldg.. 5th ave. 

LAEMMLE, Carl, Jr., associate protlucer. Uni- 
versal; b. Chicago, 111., Apr. 28, 1908. Rels., 
Carl Laemmle. Educ., Prep. Clark Sch., Ethical 
Culture. Author of "The Collegians" (Universal), 
author, star, director of "My Father Is," prod, 
for Universal in 1916. Supervised: "Lonesome," 
"We Americans," "The Collegians," "The Last 
Warning," "Broadway." Appointed associate pro- 
ducer Fall of 1928. Clubs: .Sigma Kappa Nu, 
Thalians. Author League, Writers, Gables, Hill- 
crest. Sports, tennis, boxing, basketball. Studic 
ad: Universal City, Calif. 

lake:, Alice, actress, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1897; 
educ. there; stage career, amateur theatricals, 
pantomime and dancing; screen career, Vitagraph, 
Mack Sennett, Universal, Roscoe Arbuckle, Chris- 
tie, Metro-Goldwyn. Selznick, Irwing Cummings, 
Bennie Zeidman, Select, Truart, C.B.C., Gold- 
stone, Aywon, Arrow, Gotham, Lee-Bradford, 
Waldorf Prod.; "The Angel of Broadway" (Pathe), 
"The Haunted Ship" (Tiflfany-Stahl). Hg-ht., 5, 
2; wght., 114; brown hair, brown eyes. 



UVKE, Arthur, actor, b. Corbin, Ky. ; screen ca- 
reer, "Cradle Snatchers" (Fox), "The Irresistible 
Lover," "Stop That Man," "The Count of Ten' 
(Universal), "Harold Teen" (First National), 
Drugstore Cowboy Comedies (Universal). Hght., 
6; blue eyes, light hair. 

LAMBERT, Eddie, actor. Screen career. Educa- 
tional comedies, "The Dreaded Bandit" (CSn. 
Attr.), "Sally of the Scandals" (FBO). 

LAMONT, Charles, director, b. San Francisco, 
Calif. May 5, 1898. Educ. France. Was on stage. 
Has lived in Paris, New York and Los Angeles. 
Entered picture business in 1919. Directed "My 
Kids," "Come to Papa," "Companionate Serv- 
ice," "Quiet Worker," "Making Whoopee." Be- 
longs to Hollywood A. C, M. P. Directors CHub; 
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 
Favorite sport, fishing. Press rep., Ray Hoadley. 

LAMONT, Heu-ry, actor. Legal name Alfred Gin- 
bert. b. N. Y. C, June 17, 1887. Mother living 
in .Schenectady. Educ. in Johnstown, N. Y. 
Studied dramatic reading, singing. Twenty years 
in drama, musical comedy, vaudeville, radio. Ran 
away in 1897 to join minstrel show. In 1916 
went to Los Angeles playing at Hippodrome. 
Played in "Blood and Sand," "Fazil," "Two 
Lovers," "Mysterious Lady." Sport, swimming. 
Hght., 6; wght, ISO; brown eyes, brown hair. 
Married to Louise Lamont. 

LAMONT, Dixie, actress. Screen career. Red Seal 
comedies, "The Wolf's Trail" (Universal). 

LANDIS, Cullen, actor, b. Nashville, Tenn. ; educ. 
there; stage career, Morosco; screen career, Gold- 
wyn, American, Metro-Graf, Vitagraph, Hodkin- 
son, Metro, Universal, Paramount, FBO, First 
National, Warner, Schulberg, Rayart, Columbia, 
Ginsberg, Hartford Prod., State Rights, Lumas, 
Pathe, Krolbar, First Division, Anchor, Tiflany- 
Stahl; "Lights of New York" (Warner), "The 
Devil's Skipper" (Tiffany-Stahl), "The Broken 
Mask" (Anchor), "Finnegan's Ball" (First Di- 
vision), "A Midnight Adventure" (Rayart). Hght., 
S, 6; wght., 145; brown hair, blue eyes. 

LANDIS, Margaret, actress, b. Nashville, Tenn. ; 
educ. Miss Brown's School; screen career. First 
National, Assoc. Exhib., FBO, Universal, Vita- 
graph, Waldorf Pict.; "The Latest from Paris" 
(Metro- Goldwyn- Mayer). 

LANDIS, Winifred, actress; rels.. Judge Landis, 
baseball czar. Previous career, newspaper re- 
porter, Oswego, Kans. Screen career, "Dante's 
Inferno" (Fox), Asso. Exhibitors, "The Border 
Whirlwind" (FBO), "Lady Raffles" (Columbia). 

LANE, Leone, actress, b. Boston, Mass., Nov. 17. 
Mother lives in Hollywood. Educ. at Brighton 
Art School, Boston; Wallace Dramatic School, 
Hollywood. Spec, in dres designing, dramatics, 
professional dancing. Was in amateur stock, 
dancer on stage and designer of dresses. Has lived 
in Boston, London, Hollywood and most large 
cities in U. S. Entered pictures in 1927, through 
Al Herman, F. B. O. director. Played leads in 
two-reelers for F. B. O'. Later signed witli 
Paramount. Sports, walking, motoring, swim- 
ming. Hght., 5, 6; wght., 125; hazel eyes, dark 
brown hair. Single. Ad. Paramount Studios, 
Hollywood, Cal. 

LANE, Lupino, actor, b. London, England, June 16. 
Parents living in Hollywood. Brother, Wallace 
Lupino. Educ. in London. Studied elocution, mu- 
sic. Previously on stage. Has lived in London, 
Paris, N. Y., and has played in all principal 
cities on stage. Entered pictures in 1922, princi- 
pally because he was a member of oldest family 
of pantomimists. Played in "Isn't Life Wonder- 
ful," "Friendly Husband," and Lupino Lane come- 
dies. Belongs to many clubs. Hght., 5, 3; wght., 
13.5; dark brown eyes, dark brown hair. Married 
to Violet Blythe. Child, Lauri. Bus. rep., E. W. 
Hammons; press rep., Scoop Conlon. 

LANE, Charles, actor. Educ. high and prep schls. ; 
stage career, 25 yrs. under mgmt. Charles Froh- 
man, David Belasco, Klaw & Erlanger, Arthur 
Hopkins, Shuberts, etc.; screen career, Essanay, 
Famous Players, Cosmopolitan, Whitman Ben- 
nett, Norma Talmadge, B.B. Prod., Assoc. Exhib., 
Inspiration, Metro-Goldwyn, First National, Lee- 
Bradford, Fox, Paramount, Universal, Unite^ 
Artists, "The Whirlwind of Youth," "Barbed 
Wire," "Service for Ladies" (Paramount), "Mar- 
ried Alive" (Fox), "Sadie 'Thompson" (United 
Artists). Hght., 6, 1; wgRt., 180; gray hair, 
brown eyes. 

LANE, Nora, actress. Screen career, "Jesse 
James," "Kit Carson," "The Pioneer Scout," "A 
Night of Mystery," "Marquis Preferred," "Sunset 
Pass" (Paramount), "The Flying U Ranch,' 
"Texas Tornado" (FBO). 

LAND!, Linda, actress. Screen career: "A Ship 
Comes In" (Pathe). 

LANFIELD, Sidney, writer, b. Chicago, 111., Apr. 
20, 1899. Educ, Univ. of Chicago; spec, in 
music. Previous career: made piano rolls and 
phonograph records, 10 yrs. on stage; wrote songs 
and material for revues. Entered pictures in 
Sept., 1925, writing comedies for Fox. Screen 
work includes: "Romance of the Underworld," 
"Girl in Every Port." Qub, Masonic Order. 
Sport, swimming. Wife's prof, name, Shirley 

LANG, WeJter, director, b. Memphis, Tenn., Aug. 
10, 1899. Parents live in Memphis. Educ. there; 
specialized law and art. Attended University of 
Tennessee. Was a reporter, illustrator, actor. 
Has lived in Memphis, New York and Hollywood. 
Entered pictures about 1920. Played lead in 
picture and found more interest in directing than 
acting. Directed "The Earth Woman," "College 
Hero," "The Elegie," "The Spirit of Youth," 
"The Night Flyer." Belongs to Masquers, Holly- 
wood; The Breakers, Edgewater Beach Club. Fa- 
vorite sports, tennis and football. Press rep., 
Edith Wakeling. 

LANGDON, Lillian, actress, b. New Jersey; stage 
career, comic opera, stock, rep. ; screen career. 
Famous Players, Fine Arts, Vitagraph, United 
Artists, Universal, Realart, Robertson-Cole, Fox, 
Amer. Releasing, First National, Principal Pict., 
Metro-Goldwyn, Renown, FBO. P.D.C., Tififany- 
Prod., Ginsberg; "What Every Girl Should Know" 
(Warners), "The Cheer Leader" (Lumas). 

LANGDON, Harry, actor, b. Council Bluffs, la., 
June 14. On stage since boyhood. Stage career, 
stock, musical comedy, vaudeville with own com- 
pany presenting "Johnny's New Car." Starred for 
Sennett, produced own feature comedies realeasing 
through First National "Strong Man," "Tramp, 
Tramp, Tramp," "Long Pants," "Heart Trouble." 
Belongs to Hollywood, A. C, Lakeside Golf Club. 
Sport, golf. Brown hair, blue eyes. Ad. First 
National Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

LANNING, (Frank, actor, b. Marion, Iowa, 1892. 
Rels. Geo. Lanning, Fred Cummings, actors. 
Educ. at Marion, (Tedar Rapids, la. Studied 
philosophy, mental science. Stage work under 
Belasco. Entered pictures in 1910 through Mary 
Pickford, D. W. Grififith. Played in "3 God- 
fathers," "Huckleberry Finn," "East is West," 
"Collegians," "Love Mart." Sport, hiking. Hght., 
5, IIJ/2; wght., 169; brown eyes, black hair. 

LA PLANTE, Laura, actress, b. St. Louis, Mo., 
Nov. 1, 1904. Educ. in St. Louis pub. sch., San 
Diego high school. Entered pictures Decemeber, 
1919. Played in "Show Boat," "Finders Keepers," 
"Silk Stockngs," "Cat and Canary," "Last 
Warning." Belongs to L. A. Tennis C\uh, Beach 
Qubs, etc. Hght., 5, 2; wght., 115; blue-grey 
eyes; blond hair. Married to Wm. A. Seiter. 
Press rep.. Scoop Conlon. Ad. Universal Studios, 
Universal City, Cal. 

LA PLANTE, Violet, actress. Sister of Laura La 
Plante. Screen career: "Battling Buddy," 
"Walloping Wallace" (Artclass) ; "(31ean Heart" 
(Vitagraph); "The Hurricane Kid" (Universal); 
"The Ramblin' Galoot" (Pathe); "My Home 
Town" (Rayart). 

LA ROCQUE, Rod, actor, b. Chicago, HI., Nov. 29, 
1898. Educ. Chicago, Omaha, N. Y. Previous 
career, stage. Has lived in Chicago, Omaha, 
N. Y., London, Paris, Hollywood. Entered pic- 
tures in 1919. Played in "'Ten Commandments," 
"Resurrection," "Gjgolo," "Fightiing Eagle," 
"Stand and Deliver," "Hold 'Em Yale," "Captain 
Swagger." Club, Lambs. Sports, horses, golf, 
tennis. Wife's prof, name, Vilma Banky, screen 
actress. Hght., 6, 3; wght., 181; dark brown eyes, 
black hair. 
LASKY, Jesse' L., first vice-president in charge of 
production, Paramount Famous Lasky Corp., b. 
San Francisco, and received high school education 
there. After brief reportorial experience on S. F. 
newspaper was one of first to join earliest gold 
rush to Alaska. On his return became profes- 
sional musician and leader of Royal Hawaiian 
Band, Honolulu. Back to U. S., was associated 
with the late Henry B. Harris in successful pre- 
sentation of vaudeville. In Jan. 1914, with Samuel 




^ ..- V 



^^^^b -^^ ^^^^^^H 

Made stage debut at age of one 

W VI '^* mKw^ 

year and a half — at age of 

m W^ "IW^^ --^mirWKF 

twelve became solo dancer with 

w ^L iZSUriflP^ ^' 

Gertrude Hoffman troupe — first 

^■L """"^'Jlt 

known in pictures as Daphne 

^a^^HjI^^^irir ^i^^ 

Wayne, the Biograph blonde — 

^uj^^^^^^^^Kf^ _diiHHlih_ 

"Judith of Bethulia," "The 

j^^^^^^^^^^BT -^4^^^^^HL 

Unpardonable Sin," ''Anna 

^^^^^^^^^^m ^^^^IHI 

Christie" and "Tess of the 


D'Urbevilles" are outstanding 


marks in her film career. 


Has travelled extensively and 


recently made a film, "The 


Woman in White," for Herbert 


Wilcox in England. 



Director of 



"TAXI 13" 


Screen Career: 






Guklwyn and Cecil B. De^Iille, organized the 
Jesse L. Lasky Feature May Co., which was in 
1916 combined with the Famous Players Film Co. 
Mr. Lasky was made first vice-president of the 
new corporation and has so continued, in com- 
plete charge of the company's production, dividing 
time between Hollywood and the home office in 
New York. 

LAUDER, Edwin G., executive manager in charge 
of booking Exchange, Kadio-Keith-Orpheum Corp., 
b. Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1885; moved with parents 
to Worcester, Mass.; educ. Worcester; University 
of Penn., graduating 1912. Joined E. F. Albee's 
organization in 1916; later became first vice-pres. 
Keith- Albee vaudeville circuit; also executive 
manager of vaudeville exchanges in Boston, Chi- 
cago, Los Angeles and elsewhere; provided pro- 
grams for over 700 theatres. Married Ethel Keith 
Alhee. only daughter of Mr. and Mr.s. E. F. Albee; 
one daughter, Barbara Ann I_.auder. Clubs: Lotus, 
Westchester Biltmore. National Vaudeville Art- 
ists, Waffle, LTniversity of Penn, New York Ath- 
letic and Phi Sigma Kappa frat. 

LAUREL, Stan, actor. Legal name. Arthur Stanley 
Jefferson, b. L'lverston, Eng., June 16, 1895. 
Parents living in London; sister and brother, 
Beatrice and Gordon. Educ. King James Gram- 
mar Sch., studied at Bishop. Aukland, England. 
Played in drama, musical comedy, circus vaude- 
ville. Has lived in London, N. Y., Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures in 1917 through Adolph Ramish 
of Los Angeles. Screen career: Laurel & Hardy 
Comedies for Hal Roach. Sport, fishing. Hght., 
5, 8; wght.. 160; blue eyes, auburn hair. Married 
to Lois Neilson. Daughter, Lois Laurel, ten 
months old. Press, rep., Ray Coffin. Ad. Hal 
Roach Studio, Culver City, Cal. 

LAVERNE, Lucille, actress. Screen career: "Or- 
phans of the Storm," "The W'hite Rose," "Ameri- 
ca," (Griffith Prod.); "Zaza." (Paramount); 
"Among the Missing" (Pathe); "His Darker Self" 
ribidkinson); "Sun I'p" (Metro). 

LAWLER, Hoy, writer, b. Cincinnati, Ohio, Aug. 
29, 1889. Educ. St. Xavier Coll., Cincinnati, Ohio; 
Trinity Coll., Dublin, Ireland, spec, in art, drama 
and lit., receiving A.B., B.E., M.A. degrees. 
Previous career, designer, decorator, daily news 
reporter and editor. Wrote "Manners and Dress 
for Gentlemen," "The Chimes of Normandy." 
Entered pictures in 1915, newspaper assignrrient 
to Atlanta, Ga., where prod. orig. animated trick- 
titles the first half-tone illustrated titles. Screen 
career, wrote "The Right Road," "The Green 
Cabinet," "Old Candle Sticks," "The Gold Maker," 
"The Sixth Commandment," "The Dragnet," 
"Claudia," "The New Dav" (also titled), "Men 
of Purpose." Titled: "The Ghost Ship," "The 
Sport of Life." Clubs: Dauntless Boat Club. 
Artcrafters, N. Y. Sports, rowing, boxing and 
baseball. 2 children, Jane (16), Jack (13). Bus. 
rep., S. Geo. Ullman. Press rep., Pierre Artigue. 

LAZARUS, Sidney, writer, b. Shelbyville, Ky., 
Aug. 14, 1890. Rels. parents living in Birming- 
ham, Ala. Educ, Birmingham, Ala. Wrote for 
stage, "Gabette," "Come Along Mandy," "Dixie 
to Broadway." Fiction for magazines. Stories 
written, "Me and Hercules," "Gladys Had Ideals," 
"It Was a Great Idea." Entered pictures in 
1927, as result of Saturday Evening Post fiction. 
Orig. "The Hawk's Nest," adap. "Captain Flash," 
"One Hundred Dollars." Also "Flying Romeos," 
"Tlie Air Circus." Titled "The Patent Leather 
Kid," "Life of Riley," "Valley of the Giants," 
"Hard Boiled Haggerty," "Flying Romeos," "The 
Head Man." Club. Masonic. Sports, golf and 
fishing. Bus. rep.. D'emmy Lawson. 

LAVERTY, Jean, actress; scree'n career, "Matmee 
Ladies," "W'hat Happened to Father," "Domestic 
Troubles" (Warner), "So This Is Love" (Colum- 
bia), "The Fleet's In" (Paramount). Blonde hair. 

LE BARON, William, vice-president of RKO Pro- 
ductions in charge of production; b. Elgin, 111., 
Feb. 16, 188.^. Educ. University of Chicago and 
New York L'niversity. Previous career: achieved 
reputation as play right, editor and author; among 
plays were "The Echo," "Her Regiment," "Apple 
Blossoms." "I Love You," "The Yankee 
Princess," "Moonlight" and others; was manag- 
ing editor of Colliers Weekly from Jan. 1918 to 
July 1919. His picture career followed; started 
as director general of Cosmopolitan Productions; 
supervised "When Knighthood Was In Flower," 
"Little Old New York" and "Humoresque." Con- 
tinued W'ith Cosmopolitan until 1924 when he be- 

came affiliated with Famous Players Lasky as as- 
sociate producer in charge of Paramount Long 
Island studios. Two productions of his were 
awarded Photoplay medal, "Humoresque" and 
"Beau Geste." In May, 1927, he joined FBO as 
vice-president in charge of production and on 
merger of FBO, RCA and KAO was elected to 
present position. Clubs: Member of Authors' 
League of A., American Soc. of Dramatists and 
Composers, Psi Upsilon, Hollywood Athletic Club, 
Lotos Players and Dutch Treat and Coffee House 
clubs. Address Hollywood and New York RKO 

LEAHY, Agnes Brand, writer, 1). Portland, Oreg., 
Aug. 18, 1893. Educ. Portland, Ore. and Belling- 
ham. Wash. Spec, in History, Literature and 
English. Previous career, script, cutter, etc. 
Lived in Portland, Ore., Bellingham and Seattle, 
Wash., San Francisco and Los Angeles, Cal. 
Entered pictures in 1918. "Moran of the Marines," 
"Red Hair," "Get Your Man," and "White Man." 
•Sport, swimming. Husband's prof, name, Frederic 

LEASE, Rex, actor, b. Central City, W. Va., Feb. 
11, 1903. Educated in Columbus, O. Has lived 
in (ilenwood, W. Va., Columbus, O., Hollywood. 
Entered pictures in 1924. Finis Fox gave him first 
part in "Woman Who Sinned" and Ralph Ince 
helped him get contract at FBO. Played in 
"ISIoulders of Men," "Law of Range," "The Out- 
law," "Not for Publication," "Broadway Daddies," 
"Candy Kid." Belongs to Hollywood Athletic 
Club. Masquers Club. Sports, fishing, swimming. 
Hght., 5, 10; wght., 150; green eyes; dark brown 
ha r. Press rep., Len Boyd. 

LEBEDEFF, Ivan, actor. Screen career, Para- 
mount; "The Angel of Broadway," "The For- 
liidden Woman," "Let 'Er Go Gallegher," "Walk- 
ing Hack" (PatKe"), 

LEDERER, Otto, actor, b. Prague, Bohemia. Educ. 
Prage Conservatory; studied drama. Was on 
stage. Entered pictures with Selig in 1910. 
Played in "Music Master," "King of Kings," 
"Jazz Singer," "Celebrity," "One Stolen Night." 
Belongs to Make Up Artists Assoc. .Sport, daily 
exercise. Hght., S, 10; wght., 165; blue eyes, 
brown hair. Married to iFJorita Mernci. Son, 
LeRov- 21 years. Bus. rep., Ed .Small. 

LEDERMAN, Ross, director. Screen career, dir. 
Pathe. Warner, handling series of dog films; 
directed "A Race For Life," "Rinty of the 
Desert," "A Dog of the Regiment." 

LE£, David, child actor, b. Hollywood, Cal., Jan. 
5. 1925. Brother, Frankie, child actor. Entered 
pictures in 1928, through Al Jolson. Played in 
"The Singing Fool," "She Knew Men." Ad., 
Warner Bros. Studio, Hollywood, Cal. Hght., 3; 
wght.. 35; dark blue eyes, dark brown hair. 

LEE, Duke R., actor, b. Virginia, 1881. Daughter 
in N. Y. with Follies. Educ. by tutor. Was in 
circus, wild west, vaudeville and dramatic shows 
since a baby. iEntered pictures in 1918, as he 
wanted to settle down and have a home. Played 
in "Days of Buffalo Bill." Belongs to Masons, 
Elks, 233 Club, Country, Beach Clubs, Troupers, 
etc. Sports, hunting, fishing, baseball. Hght., 
6; wght.. 194; gray eyes. iMarried to Louise Glad- 
stone of Gladstone Sisters. Children: Beatrice, 
23; Duke. 12. Bus. rep., Edward Small. Press 
rep., Edward Small. 

LEE, FrEuijces, actress. Legal name, Myrna Tib- 
bets, b. Eagle Grove, la.. May 5, 1908. iMothef 
lives in Hollywood. Educ. in ]\Iinneapolis. Spec, 
in literature, languages. Dancer on stage. Has 
lived in Minneapolis, Chicago. Entered pictures 
in 1925 through Al Christie who saw her in 
Billy Dooley's act. Has played in "Confessions 
of Chorus Girl," "Chicken a la King," "Carna- 
tion Kid," "Little Snob." Belongs to Alpha Phi 
Sorority, Bachelor Girl Club. Sports, dancing, 
swimming, horseback riding. Hght., 5; wght., 
100; blue eyes, light brown hair. Single. Bus. 
rep., Pat Dowling. Ad., Christie Studios, Holly- 
wood. Cal. 

LEE, Gwen, actress, b. Hastings. Nebr. Educ. 
Brownell Hall. Omaha, Nebr.; spec, in dramatics. 
Entered pictures in 1925, attracting attention of 
Watterson Rothacker and Monta Bell, and given 
small part in "Lady of Night." Screen career: 
"His Hour," "L^pstage," "Women Love Dia- 
monds," "Adam and Evil," "After Midnight" 
(M-G-iM). Sport, horseback riding. Hght., 5, 7; 
wght., 135; blue eyes, blonde hair. Ad., i\Ietro-. 
Goldwyn-i^Iaver Studios, Culver City, Calif. 


The First Actor of the Screen — 1897 
American Mutoscope and Biograpli Co., New York 

Detaih of /his subjccl or others iiill be oblaiiied on request by Motion Picture News 



LEE, Ula, actress, b. N. Y. C, July 25, 1905. 
Parents live in Chicago. Educ. in N. Y. Spec, 
in elocution, literature. Was on stage. Has 
lived in N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered pictures 
in 1918, with Famous Players. Played in "Blood 
and Sand," "Male and Female," "Back Home 
and Broke," "Just Married," "Man in Hobbles," 
"U. S. Smith," "Queen of Night Clubs." Sports, 
swimming, riding. Hght., 5, 5; wght., 110; 
hazel eyes, black hair. Married to James Kirk- 
wood. Son, James Kirkw(5od, 4 yrs. Press rep., 
Felix Young, Myron Selznick. 

LEE, Mztrgaret, actress Legal name, Margaret 
Lightfood, b. Fairfield, Idaho, aMrch 9, 1909. Rels., 
C. M. Booth, lawyer, in Los Angeles; R. E. 
Archibald, manager of Orpheum Theatre. Educ. 
at Fairfield and Boise, Idaho. Was stage dancer. 
Has lived in Fairfield, Boise, San Francisco, Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures in June, 1927. She 
won Venus Bathing Beauty Conest and M-G-M 
judges gave her first opportunity. Has played 
in "Rose Marie," "Love," "Er.ic the Great," 
"Keep Laughing," "Confessions oT Chorus Girl," 
"Collegians, "Mad Hour," "Bringing Up Father," 
"Man, Woman and Sin." Sports, dancing, rid- 
ing. Hght., 5, 1; wght., 108; brown eyes, blonde 
hair. Bus. rep., Demmy Lawson, Ruth Collier; 
press rep., Hal Howe. 

LEE, Robert N., writer, b. Butte, Mont. Aunt, 
Gertrude Nelson Andrews, writer and lecturer. 
Brother, Rowland V. Lee, director of motion 
pictures. Educ. in New York City. Was in the 
war — 42nd Div. 165th Reg. Has lived in New 
York and Hollywood. Entered picture business 
after the war. His first effort was "Shirley of 
the Circus," starring Shirley Mason. Wrote 
original of "Cameo Kirby"; adaptations for "Sil- 
ver Treasure," "The Charlatan," "Fire Brigade." 
Sport, motoring. Press rep., Edith Ryan. 

LEE, Rowland V., director, b. Finley, Ohio. Par- 
ents live in Hollywood. Brothers, Robert and 
Donald, both in films as writers, Holywood. Sis- 
ter living at Carmel, Calif. Educ. Columbia 
Univ.; specialized in literature and philosophy. 
A. B. from Coluxnbia. Traveled with stock com- 
pany of parents. Resided in New York, Balti- 
more, Boston and Hollywood. Entered picture 
business in 1918. Bisoke in as actor with John 
Gilbert. Took offer of Thomas Ince for starring 
contract, but changed mind and entered directorial 
end. Directed "Barbed Wire," "Three Sinners," 
"Loves of an Actress." "The Wolf of Wall 
Street," "Tlie First Kiss,'" "Three Sinners/' 
"Doomsday." Favorite sports, tennis, swimming. 
Married to Eleanor Worthington. Bus. rep.. Para- 
mount Famous Lasky. 

Metro, FBO, Universal, First National, Warners, 
Paramount; "Camille" (First National), "The 
Chinese Parrot" (Universal). 

LEE, Florence, actress. Screen career, Century, 
Universal, FBO, Pathe, New Cal. Film Corp., 
Photo Drama, Wm. Steiner, Columbia, Educa- 
tional; "The Little Buckaroo" (FBO), "The 
Bronco Buster" (Pathe). 

LEE, Glorify actress. Screen career, "The Pinto 
Kid" (FBO). 

LEE, Jocelyn, actress, b. Chicago, 111.; screen ca- 
reer, P.D.C., Paramount; "The Love Thrill" 
Universal), "Back Stage" (TiHany-Stahl), "Say 
It with Diamonds" ((!?hadwick), "Ten Modern 
Commandments," "Shanghai Bound" (Paramount), 
"The Masked Angel" (First Division). 

LEHRMAN, Henry, director, b. Vienna, Austria, 
Mar. 30, 1886. Rels., two sisters living in 
Vienna, Austria. Educ. Vienna. Was officer in 
Austrian army before war. Entered pictures in 
1909, through D. W. Griffith. Directed, super- 
vised over 400 short comedy subjects. "Reported 
Missing," "CHiicken a La King," "Homesick," 
"Why Sailors Go Wrong." Sport, flying. 

LEIGH, Frank, actor, b. London, Eng. Educ. Dtil- 
wich College, London. Spec, chemistry. iPrevious 
career, stage. Has lived in I>ondon, Spain, N. Y., 
Cal. Entered pictures in 1912. Played in "Silent 
Murphy," "Black Fox," "Pilgrims of Night," 
"Drums of Desert," "Night of Mystery," "Loves 
of Desert." Club. Masonic. Sports, hunting, fish- 
ing. One child, Courtenay Leigh. Bus. rep., 
Wm. Cohill. Hght., 6, 1; wght., 184; brown eyes, 
black hair. 

LEIGHTON, Lillian, actress, b. Auroraville, Wis.; 
educ. public schools; early career, newspaper 
woman; stage career, stock, vaudeville, etc.; 
screen career, Selig, Neil Shipman Prod., Metro, 

First National, Rockett, Paramount, Goldwyn, 
FBO, State Rights, Schulberg, United Artists, 
Fox, Pathe; "California," "The Fair Co-Ed," 
"The Frontiersman" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), 
"By Whose Hand" (Columbia). Hght., 5, 3^; 
wght., 160; brown hair, hazel eyes. 

LENL Paul, director, b. Stuttgart, Wuertembergf, 
July 8, 1885. Educ. at Academy for pictorial arts, 
Berlin. Specialized in art painting. Has Univ. 
degree. Previous to screen was art painter. Has 
lived in Stuttgart, Berlin, London and Paris. 
Entered pictures in 1912. Through his profession 
he became artistic supervisor. Directed "The 
"Riddle of Bangalore," "Prince Cuckoo," "The 
Plot of Geneva," "Sleeping Beauty," "The Three 
Wax Works," "Cat and Canary," "The Man Who 
Laughs," "The Last Warning." Belongs to 
German Werkund, club of the film industry in 
Berlin. Favorite sports, swimming and feather- 
ball. Married to Lore Sello. 

LEONARD, Bau-abara, actress, b. San Francisco, 
Cal., Jan. 9, 1908. Educ. Switzerland, Italy, 
France. Spec, languages, painting. Has lived in 
Lausanne, Florence, Milan, Paris, N. Y., Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures Jan., 1928, through 
Jessie Wadsworth, agent. Played in "Ladies of 
Night Club." Sport, aviation. Bus. rep.. Miss J. 
Wadsworth, 1680 N. Vine St., Hollywood, Cal. 
Hght., 5, 2; wght., 108; hazel eyes, reddish hair. 

LEONARD, Robert Z., director, b. Chicago, III., 
Oct. 7, 1889. Educ. University of Colo. Stage 
career, leading man, sang in over 100 light operas. 
Has lived in principal cities of U. S. Entered 
pictures in 1915. "Waning Sex," "Litle Journey," 
"Baby Mine," "Adam and Evil," "Tea for Three," 
"Time, the Comedian," "Theaper to Marry," 
"Lady of Chance," "Her Cardboard Lover," 
(M-G-iM). Wife's prof, name, Gertrude Olmsted. 

LEONARD, Gus, actor. Screen career. Paramount, 
Educational, First National, Goldwyn, United 
Artists, shorts for Fox and Pathe; "Coney Island" 

LEONARD, Jcunes, actor. Screen career, "All 
Aboard" (First National), "The Cheer Leader" 

LEONG, James, actor. Screen career, "The Re- 
mittance Woman" (FBO), "The Purple Dawn" 
(Aywon), "Defying the Law" (Gotham), "The 
Devil Dancer" (United Artists), "Ramsom" (Co- 

LEOPOLD, Archduke, actor. Screen career, 
"Night Life" (Tiffany-Stahl), "Four Sons" (Fox). 

LE ROY, Mervyn, director, b. San Francisco, Oct. 
15, 1900. Parents live in Hollywood. Educ. Oak- 
land pyblic schools. Was in vaudeville. Entered 
pictures in 1923. Became assistant with Para- 
mount, went to Warner's as gag-man; First Na- 
tional as gag-man, became director on "No Place 
to Go." Has directed "Harold Teen," "Oh Kay," 
"Ritzie Rosie," "Flying Romeos." Belongs to 
Masquers, Mayfair Club, Little Club, Academy 
of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Favorite 
sport, polo. Married to Edna Murphy. Bus rep., 
P. M. TeepJe; Press rep., George Landy. iMail- 
ing address: First National Pictures. 

LESLIE, Lila, actress, b. 1892. Stage career: stock 
productions, Australia; "Experience" with Elli- 
ott, Comstock and Gest, ilVIorosco, Belasco, in 
"The Boomerang." Screen career: early work 
with Fox, Pathe, Metro, Vitagraph, Universal, 
American Releasing Corp., Robertson-Cole. Ve- 
hicles include "The Huntress," "Why Men Leave 
Home," "Forever After,'' (First National); "Black 
and Blue," "Grandpa's Girl," "A Fat Chance," 
"Kid Tricks," "Angel Eyes," 'No Fare," "Navy 
Beans" (Educational); "Being Respectable" 
(Warners); "The Last Edition" (FBO); "Skin- 
ner's Dress Suit" (Universal); "The First Night" 
(Tiffany); "Getting Gertie's Garter" (P. D. C); 
"The Secret Studio" (Fo.x) ; "The Trunk Mys- 
tery" (Pathe). 

LESTER, William, writer. Screen career. Arrow, 
Fox, FBO. "The Denver Dude," "A One Man 
Game," "Rough and Ready," "The Broncho 
Buster," "The Fighting Tliree," "Range Cour- 
age," "Straight Shooting," "Desert Dust," 
"Greased Lightning," "Air Patrol," "Put 'Em 
Up," "The Price of Fear," Texas Ranger series, 
Puffy-Cohen series. Stunt Cowboy' series, North- 
west Mounted Police series (Universal). 

LEVEE, M. C, general manager. United Artists 
Studios; b. Baltimore, Md., Jan. 19, 1889; educ. 
Chicago. Previous career, merchandising. En- 
tered pictures in 1917. Made "Isle of Lost Ships," 



"White Moth," "Sweet Daddies." Clubs, Con- 
gressional Country Club, Wash., D. C. ; Hillcrest 
Country Club, Elks, Masons, Mayfair Club, Los 
AngeJes, Santa Monica Country Club. Sports, golf, 
football Has two children, Mickey, 8; Johnnie, 4 
yrs. old. 

LEVIEN, Stmya, writer, b. Russia, Dec. 25, 1895. 
Educ. New York Univ. Spec, in law, received 
I..L.B. Previous career, magazine editor and 
fiction writer; wrote "The Millionaire" (play); 
also about 36 short stories published in various 
magazines. Entered pictures in 1923, thru Mr 
Jesse Lasky. Screen work: "Top of New York" 
(orig.), "First Love" (orig.), "Exciters," "Salome 
ot the Tenements" (Paramount), "A Ship Comes 
In (Pathe), "Power of the Press," "Younger 
Generation," "Trial Marriage." Clubs, Authors 
League, Writers, Russian Art Club. Sports, 
tennis, swimming. Husbands prof, name, Carl 
Hovey. 2 children, Serge and Tamara. Bus. rep 
Harry Lichtig. 

LEVIGARD, Josef, director, b. 1903, Frankford, 
Oerniaiiy. Initial screen work in 1923 with Uni- 
versal; acquired experience in different depart- 
ments of production, then made director by Uni- 
versal; directed Northwest Mounted Police, Tejcas 
Ranger and Champion Boy Rider series for Uni- 

LEVINE, Jackie, child actor. Screen career, 
•Sparrows" (United Artists), "Chilly Days," "No 
?-i^f;" "^A^Y Beans," "Oh Mama," "Listen 
I hildren (Educational). 

LE VINO, Albert Shelby, scenarist, b. Fredericks- 
burg, Va., 1878; educ. Bucknell Univ. Early ca- 
x?^''<- V-.^s*^-' D. C, newspaper correspondent, 
!S. \. limes, N.\. American, fiction and article 
writer for Collier s. Harper's, Leslie's, author of 
Lost in Men and Money of our Wars" Screen 
career, Metro, Assoc. Prod., Paramount, First 
National, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, PDC seen 
f2r,^"Turkish Delight" (Pathe); "Their" Hour'' 
( 1 iffany-Stahl). 

LEWIN, Albert, writer. Screen career, "Spring 
aUG^M) "^"^''*^ Street," "The Actress" 

^^^Yl^^S, Edgar, director, b. Holden, Mo., June 2^ 
KS/7. Brother, William F. Lewis, manufacturing 
inventor in Brooklyn; Paul Lewis, brother, police 
captain, Washington. D. C. Educ. public schools 
of Kansas and Indiana. For 17 years was actor 
director and writer for spoken drama. Had wide 
experience in rep., stock, road companies and 
productions. Has lived in Kansas City, Chicago, 
Indianapolis, New York, Los Angeles and Holly - 

"xu ■D^"-*"'''^ .P-if'"''" '" ^912. Has directed 
The Barrier," "The Bar Sinister," "The Nig- 
"% -J^^^ ^'^^} .^* Dusk," "The Great Divide?" 
Ihe Bondman," "A Made to Order Hero" "An 
Arizona ^Cyxlone," "Stormy Waters," "The Gun 
Kunner. Belongs to the Masons and 233 Club 
l-avorite sports are boxing, baseball and golf.' 
Alarned to Mary Louise Lewis, screen and short 
story writer. 

^fi^'^A i^"""?.^' ^^*°''' ^- Mexico City, Mex., Dec 
10. Educ. San Diego, Alameda, Coronado, Cal. 
^pec. art Previous career, athletics. Has lived 
V i?"*" 5"'^?; Mexico City, Alameda, Coronado, 
Hollywood Entered pictures in 1925. Played in 
Old Soak Give and Take," "13 Washington 

Square, Honeymoon Flats," "Collegians" series 
Sports, all sports. Ad. Universal Pictures Corp , 
Iniversal City. Cal. Hght., 6; wght., 175; brown 
eyes, black hair. 

^fr^'S" ^•'t'^l'e"' actor, b. Syracuse, N. Y. June 
26. Brother in Cedar Rapids, sister in Burlington 
D " A i,"'^- •'" , Syracuse, Annapolis. Received 
i°- ^; Vt^s in U. S. army, stage. Has lived in 
A. \., Hamilton, 04it., Montreal. Entered pic- 
*"''^.?-,„'" '^^^' drifting there from stage. Played 
"J A^^*"^ xr^^'■'■ip''',"^ "^"e Stolen Night," "Docks 
of New York "Gangster." Belongs to Shrine, 
Masons, Lambs Qub, Masquers, Hollywood A. C. 
cal. \acht. Sports, swimming, yachting. Hght 
6, 1; wght., 190; dark brown eyes; dark brown 
hair. Married to Nan Francis. Son, Albert Rem- 

, ^^.S'r.o 'i^'^ , B"''- '■eP- Jack Gardner. 

LEWIS, Ralph, actor, b. Englewood, 111. Educ. in 
pub. sch. of Evanston, 111.. Northwestern Univer- 
sity. Was on stage. Has lived in N. Y., Chicago 
Evanston, Los Angeles. Entered pictures in New 
York in 1912 with Reliance-Majestic. Plaved in 
Conquering Power." Belongs to Phi Delta Theta, 
Masons, Shrines, Hollywood A. C, Santa Monica 
Beach Club, The Masquers. Sport, swimming. 

Hght., 5, 9; wght., 175; hazel eyes, grey hair. 
Married to Vera Lewis. 
LEWIS, Sheldon, actor, b. Philadelphia. Educ. 
there. St_udied literature. Thirty years on legit, 
stage. Entered pictures 17 yrs. ago, one of first 
of stage actors to go into movies. Played in 
Griffith's "Orphans of the Storm," "Enemy Sex," 
"Top of World," "Bride of Storm." Belongs to 
The Hollywood Community Players, The Holly- 
wood Academy of Theatre Arts; The Masquers 
Club, The N. Y. Lodge of Elks No. 1. Hght., 

6, 1; wght., 180; dark eyes, dark hair. Bus. rep., 
Ralph McCullough. 

LEWIS, Vera, fctress, b. New York City, June 10. 
Educ. Normal College, N. Y. Has A. B. On 
stage. Original "Mme. Sans Gene" with Julia 
Marlowe, James K. Hackett. In stock in Colum- 
bus, O., Milwaukee, Morosco, Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures in 1914, following footsteps of her 
husband. Ralph Lewis. Played in "Intolerance," 
"Peg O' My Heart," "Long Live the King," 
"Resurrection," "Ramona," "Iron Mask." Be- 
longs to the Ebell Club. Sport, motoring. Hght., 
5, 8: wght., 154; blue eyes, blonde hair. 

LEWIS, Walter P., actor, b. Albany, N. Y., 1871; 
educ. Albany; stage career, Zeke Pettigill with 
"Quincy Adams Sawyer," "Quo Vadis," "David 
Harum;" vaud.; screen career, Vitagraph, First 
National, Willat & Schurtlifif, Buffalo M. P. 
Corp., Master Filfs, Assoc. Exhib., Playgoers 
Pict., Goldwyn, Paramount, Bradford; "The 
Green Archer," "On Guard," "The Crimson 
Flash" (Patheserial). 

LICHTMAN, AI., general manager distribution, 
LT. S. and Canada, United Artists Corp.; b. 
Hungary, 1888; immigrated America when small 
boy. Previous career, only job ever held outside 
amusement field was in U. S. Army. Started 
theatre career as usher in Tony Pastor's theatre, 
N. Y.; manager for C. C. Pyle Poster Co. m 
Chicago; vaudeville actor; later manager of own 
company; motion picture salesman; general man- 
ager of distribution Monopol Film Co. ; became 
first sales manager Famous Players Co.; first 
general manager, distribution Artcraft Pictures; 
general manager of distribution. Famous Players- 
Lasky; general manager distribution. Universal 
Pictures; appointed special field representative 
United Artists, May 1926; later to present T>osi- 
tion. Is married. Address 729 Seventh ave., TS'^ew 
York City. 

LIGHTON, Louis D., asso. producer. Paramount; 
b. Omaha, Nebr., 1895; educ. Univ. of Arkansas; 
spec, in engineering. Previous career, newspaper, 
magazine fiction, novelist. Entered pictures in 
1919, came to old Goldwyn Co., on contract and 
they bought "Billy Fortune" stories that ran in 
S. E. P. Clubs: Sigma Nu Frat., Masquers, 
W^riters, Hollywood A. C. Wife's prof, name, 
Hope Loring. 

LINCOLN, Caryl, actress, b. Oakland, Cal.. Nov. 
16, 1908. Educ. St. Mary's Academy, College. 
Previous career, fashion model, child dancer. Has 
lived in Portland, Ore.; Oakland, Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures in 1926. Played 15 two-reel 
comedies for Fox, Christies. Roach. Featured in 
"Wolf Fangs," "Hello Cheyenne," "Tracked," 
"Wild West Romance." Club, Delta Chi Omega 
Sorority. Sports, horseback riding, swimming, 
golf. Hght., 5, 4yi; wght.. 112; dark brown eyes, 
auburn hair. Bus. rep., W. O. Christensen; press 
rep.. George Barr Brown. 

LINGHAM, Tom, actor, b. Indianapolis., Ind., April 

7, 1874. Educ. in Boston pub. sch. On stage 
from 1895 to 1913. Has lived in Indianapolis, Bos- 
ton, N. Y., Glendale, Cal. Entered pictures in 
November 7, 1913; George Melford offered engage- 
ment with Kalem Company. Has been with FBO 
for past 2 yrs. Hght., 6; wght., 180; hazel eyes; 
brown and gray hair. Married to Katherine 

LINOW, Ivan, actor, ex -wrestler. Screen career, 
"Zaza," "Cappy Ricks," "Enemies of W^omen," 
"Wages of Virtue" (Paramount), "Three Miles 
Out," "Lover's Island" (Assoc. Exhib.), "His 
Rise to Fame" (Excellent), "The Crimson Flash?* 
(Pathe), "The Red Dance," "The River" (Fox), 
"Fury" (Inspiration). 

UPTON, Lew, scenarist, b. Chicago, 111. Early 
career, artist, newspaperman, illustrator. Screen 
career, began as comedy constructor with Carter 
De Haven in 1919; title writer for Universal; 
assist, director and titler of four productions for 



Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; inotTuction advisor, direc- 
tor, "gag" man for M-Cl-M, "Baby Mine." 

LITTLEFIELD, Lucien, actor, b. San Antonio, 
Tex., Aug. 16, 1895. Educ. pub. sch. and Staun- 
ton Military Academy. In dramatic stock. En- 
tered pictured in 1913. Has played in "The Tor- 
rent," "Tumbleweeds," "Bachelor Bride," "Small 
Bachelor," "Heart to Heart," "Head Man," "My 
Best Girl," "Clear the Deck." Belongs to 
Masquers, Writers Club and HoUywooii Athletic 
Qub. Sport, baseball. Hght., 5, WA; wght., 148; 
green eyes, light brown hair. Married. Daughter, 
Constance Palmer Littlefield, born Nov. 2, 1926. 
Bus. rep., Demmy Lamson. 

LIVINGSTON, Margaret, actress, b. Salt Lake 
City, Utah, Nov. 26, 1902. Mother living in Holly- 
wood. Educ. in Salt Lake City. Took commer- 
cial course. Entered pictures in 1920. Worked as 
extra during vacation; liked work, so entered 
pictures to stay. Played in "Sunrise," "Chorus 
Lady," "Wandering Husbands," "Havoc," "His 
Private Life," "Apache," "Last Warning," "Bel- 
larny Trial." Belongs to Beach Club, Ladies Ath- 
letic Club, and Westport Club. Sports, swimming, 
tennis. Hght., 503; wght., 116; brown eyes, au- 
burn hair. Bus. rep., Ernest S. Cowell; press 
rep.. Scoop Conlon. 

LLOYD, Harold, actor, b. Burchard, Nebr., Apr. 
21, 1894. Brother, Gaylord F. Lloyd, assistant 
director Harold IJoyd Corp. Educ. pub. schls., 
Omaha, Denver, San Diego. Previous career, 
legit, theatre. Has lived in Burchard, Omaha, 
Denver, San Diego, Los Angeles. Entered pic- 
tures in 1910. First part with Edison Co. at Bal- 
boa Park, San Diego, Cal. Later joined with 
Hal Roach establishing "Lonesome Luke." Made 
several hundred short comedies before first fea- 
ture, "A Sailor Made Man," "Grandma's Boy," 
"Safety Last, ' "Why Worry," "For Heaven's 
Sake," "Girl Shy," "Freshman," "Kid Brother," 
"Speedy." Clubs, Elks, Wiltshire Golf, Rancho, 
Riviera, Los Angeles Athletic, Hollywood Ath- 
letic, Masquers, Lambs, Jonathan. Sports, swim- 
ming, golf, football, baseball. Hght. 5, 'iOyi; wght., 
160; blue eyes, black hair. Wife's prof, name, 
Mildred Davis. One child. Mildred Gloria Lloyd. 

LLOYD, Doris, actress, b. London, Eng. Previous 
career, English music hall comedian, musical 
comedy. Screen career, First National, M-G-M, 
"Two Girls Wanted," "Come to My House" 

LLOYD, Jack, actor, b. England. Screen career, 
Educational comedies, "Seeing Stars," "O'ft 
Again," ".Shooting Wild," "He Tried to Please," 
"Fall In," "Wedding Slips." Hght., 5, 5; wght., 

LOCKWOOD, Harold, actor, b. N. Y. C, June 3, 
1908. Educ. Los Angeles, Hollywood. Has lived 
in N. Y., Los Angeles, Sydney, Australia, New 
South Wales. Entered pictures in 1926. Played 
in "Harold Teen," "Lilac Time," "Patent I^ea- 
ther Kid," "Dike Steps Out." Club, Hollywood 
Athletic. Sports, basketball, wrestling. Hght., 
5, 10' J ; wght. 145; blue eyes, brown hair. 

LODER, John, actor, b. London, jSIarch 1, 1898, 
Parents living in Parkstone, England. Educ. at 
Eton, Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Studied 
military history, languages. Was cavalry officer. 
Has lived in London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Buda- 
pest, Wawsaw, Cairo, Dublin, Edinboro. Entered 
pictures in Nov., 1926, through Carl Freund (cam- 
eraman). Played in( "First Bom" (London), 
"Daughter of Destiny" and "Casanova's Heir" 
(Berlin). With Paramount. Belongs to Cavalry 
Club, Piccadilly (London). Sports, polo, skiing, 
hunting. Hght. 6, 3; wght., 170; gray eyes, brown 
hair. Ad.. Paramount Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 

LOEW, Arthur M., international director of Metro- 
Goldwyn-iVIayer and first vice-president of Loew's, 
Inc.: b. New York City. Oct. 5, 1897; son of the 
late Marcus Loew ; educ. public school, N. Y., 
and New York University. Early business ca- 
reer included a repertorial position on New York 
Evening Globe during Summer vacation from 
college. After graduation entered Loew's, Ir>c., 
assisting in booking department and as scout for 
new vaudeville acts. Was also assistant to trea- 
surer. He next entered export department of 
Metro Pictures Corp.. when that company was 
purchased by I.,r»ew's, inc., in 1920. Mr. Loev,' 
bu It up the export department from small force 
and no foreign offices to a point where there 
now are 89 offices and 67 theatres operated by 
M-G-M outside of the U. S. In September, 1927, 
Arthur Loew was elected first vice-president of 

Loews, Inc. Is one of the youngest executives, 
being now 30 years of age. 

LOFF, Jeanelte, actress, b. Orifino, Idaho, Oct. 9. 
Educ. Madena, Sask., Canada. Graduate from 
Academy for Girls. Previous career, music, con- 
cert pianist, played ui m. p. theatre in Portland. 
Ore. Entered pictures at age of 16. Played m 
"Young April," "Uncle Tijbu's Cabin," "Col- 
legians," "Hold 'Em Yale," "Love Overnight," 
"Annapolis." Sports, ice boating, skating. Hght., 
5, 2; wght., 105; blue eyes, blond ha.r. 

LOGAN, JaquelSne, actress, b. Corsicana, Tex. 
Mother lives in Los Angeles. Educ. at Loretta 
Heights Academy, Colorado Springs, and Colo- 
rado College. Spec, in music, journalism. Was 
reporter on Colorado Springs Gazette; assistant 
editor, "The Republican," .Scotts Bluff, Nebr.; 
played ingenue lead in Shubert revival of "Flora- 
dora," "Ziegfeld Follies of '21." Has Ived in 
Colorado Springs, Denver, N. Y. C. Entered 
pictures about 1922. Was appearing in Follies 
for which Alfred Cheney Johnston had made pho- 
tographic sittings of her. Allan Dwan, director, 
sav/ these and engaged her to play feminine lead 
opposite Monte IBlue in "Perfect Crime" for 
Paramount. Played in "King of Kings," "Java 
Head," "Footloose Widows," "Wages for Wives," 
"The Blood Ship," "Stark Mad," "Nothing to 
Wear," "The Cop," "Power." Sport, riding. 
Hght., 5, 4; wght., 115; gray eyes, auburn hair. 
Press rep., Wilson B. Heller. 

LOGUE, Charles A., writer, b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 
8. 1889. Educ. Boston Coll., spec, in classics. 
Previous career, reporter ot) Boston American, 
New York World, New York Tribune; war cor- 
respondent, magazine and vaud. writer, "Ser- 
vice." "Ladybug." Entered pictures in 1916, 
Famous Players purchasing magazine stories. 
Originals: "The Shakedown," "Man, Worrian and 
Wife," "Drake Murder Case," adap. "My Four 
Years in Germany" (with Amb. Gerard), "Pon- 
jola," "The Lost World." Clubs, Hollywood A. C. 
Westward Ho, Writers. Sports, hunting and fish- 
ing. Bus. rep., Lichtig & Englander, L. A.; 
Press rep., Randolph C. Lewis. 

LONG, Sally, actress. Screen career: "His Darker 
Self" (Hodkinson); "Men Without a Conscience" 
(Warners); "Flaming Flappers" (Pathe) ; "Fifth 
Avenue" (P.D.C.); "The Fighting Buckaroo" 
(Fox); "The Man in the Saddle" (Universal): 
"The Border Whirlwind," "Going the Limit" 
(FBO); "The Kid Sister" (Columbia): "When 
Danger Calls" (Lumas); "The Thrill Seeker" 
(Super Pictures). 

LOOS, Anita, scenarist, b. Cal. Screen career, 6 
yrs. with D. W. Griffith in Biograph, Mutual and 
Triangle cos.; with Douglas Fairbanks in Artcraft, 
Emerson-Loos Co., making Artcraft specials; 
work includes "Oh You Women," "Come On In" 
(Paramount-Artcraft) ; "The Americano," "Wild 
and Wooly" (Fairbanks); "A Tempermental 
Wife," "The Virtuous Vamp," "Women's Place." 
"Mama's Affair," "The Love Expert,' "In Search 
of a Sinner" (Constance Talmadge): "Red Hot 
Romance" (Emerson-Loos); "Polly of the Follies" 
(First National); wrote "Gentlemen Prefer 
I?londcs" (novel), and scenarized it for Para- 
mount's filmizat on; wife of John Emerson, stage 
director and producer. Collaborated with Emerson 
on "Learning to Love" (First National). 

LOMBARD, Ceu-ol, actress, b. Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Educ. Los Angeles grammar, high schls, private 
schl. Studied dramatic art under Meriain Nelke. 
Has lived in Fort Wayne, Ind., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Entered pictures in 1926 with Sennett. Played 
in "Me Gangster," "Show Folks," "Ned McCobb's 
Daughter," "Power." Sports, tennis, swimming, 
horseback riding. Hght., 5, 2; blue eyes, golden 
hair. Ad. Pathe Studios, Culver City, Cal. 

LONDON, Tom, actor, b. Louisville, Ky., Aug. 24, 
1893. Educ. Louisville. Ky. Previous career, 
locomotive engineer, draftsman, builder. Has 
lived in New York, Chicago, Louisville, Holly- 
wood. Entered pictures in 1917 through J. Warren 
Kerrigan in L'niversal Pictures. Starred at Uni- 
versal 7 yrs. Pictures include: "King of Kings" 
(Pathe), "Call of the Canyon," "Top of the 
World," "Cowboy and the Lady" (Lasky), 3 
Pathe serials. Sixjrt, golf. Hght., 6. 1 1/2 : wght., 
190; dark blue eyes, brown hair. Wife's prof, 
name, Edythe Stayart. Bus. rep., Phil Freedman; 
Prtss rep.. Herb. Sternburg. 

LONERGAN, Philip, writer, b. Hackensack, N. J., 
May 18. Educ. Brooklyn, N. Y. Spec in high 







Appearing for 


Talking Pictures 



school studies, German, Spanish, etc. Previous 
career, business and magazine writer, "Interven- 
tion of Central," "Problem in Deduction." and 
"The Call from Derry," etc. Lived in Chicago, 
New York, New Rochelle and Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures in 1912, selling orig. and was en- 
gaged for staff work with Thanhouser Co. Wrote 
orig. "The World and the Woman," "The Fugi- 
tive," "The Candy Girl," "The GirJ with the Jazz 
Heart" (adap.); "The Steadfast Heart," "Wine." 
"Stroke of Three" and "Private Izzy Murphy." 
Clubs, Authors' League and Elks. Sport, tennis. 

LONG, Louise, writer, b. Central City, Nebr., Oct. 
IS. Educ. Priv. tutors, U.C. and U.S.C. Spec, 
in Music and liteurature. Previous career, Super- 
visor of Music, Los Angeles and city schools. 
Lived in Los Angeles. Entered pictures July, 1919. 
Recent pictures, "Campus Flirt" (orig. co-author), 
and "The World at Her Feet" (script), "Figures 
Don't Lie," "Sawdust Paradise," "Interference," 
and "Three Weekends." Clubs, Writers Club and 
Hollywood Woman's Qub. Sports, swimming, 
hiking and riding. 

LONG, Walter, actor, b. Milford, N. H., March 5, 
1879. Brother, sea captain, living in Hollywood. 
Sister, trained nurse, living in N. Y. Married 
sister in New Hampshire. Educ. in Nashua, N. H. 
Has been on stage. Has lived in New York, Hol- 
lywood. Entered pictures in 1909. Played in "Birth 
of a Nation," "Robber Sheik," "Blood and 
Sand," "Gang War," "Me Gangster," White 
Pants Willie," "Back to God's Country." Belongs 
to Hollywood Post No. 43 American Legion, Sons 
of Revolution, Hollywood A. C, Masquers, Utopia 
Lodge F. and A. M. _ Hght., S, 11; wght., 200; 
grey eyes, brown hair. Married. Child, John 
Huntley Long, 5 yrs. 

LONSDALE, Harry G., actor, b. Worcester. Eng., 
Dec. 6. Has three sisters, one in Cape Ttown, 
South Africa, one in Birmingham, Eng., one in 
Chester, Eng. Educ. at Worcester Cathedral, 
Eng. Went on stage at age of 18. Played in 
comic opera for seven yrs., 11 yrs. with 
late E. T. Willard and four with late Nat C. 
Goodwin. Has lived in Worcester, London, N. Y., 
Chicago, San Francisco, Pasadena. Entered pic- 
tures in 1911 with Selig Co. with whom he came 
to California under five-year contract. Played in 
"Master of Garden," "Ne'er do Well," "Shepherd 
of Hill," "The Rosary," and 250 other pictures. 
Belongs to Cauldron, Pasadena. Sport, golf. 
Hght., 5, 10 1/^ ; wght., 155; h^zel eyes, iron 
gray hair. 

LORCH, ThecUore, actor, b. Elgin, 111. Educ. 
Springfield High School, 111.; Imperial Univ., 
Russia. Screen career, Asso. Exhibitors, Gerson, 
Educational, "The Better 'Ole," "Tracked by the 
Police," "Sailor Izzy Murphy," "Ginsberg the 
Great" (Warner), "Black Jack" (Fox), "Canyon 
of Adventure" (First National). 

LORD, Del, director, b. Galgary, Canada. Educ. 
public school Niagara Falls, N. Y. Was a foot- 
ball player, became stunt man in pictures. Has 
lived in Niagara Falls, New York City and Holly- 
wood. When William Collier, Sr. came to Cali- 
fornia to make his first picture he became a 
double for Collier; then started driving skid cars 
for Keystone comedies; finally called upon to 
direct chases and drifted into directing comedies. 
Favorite sport, motor-speedboat racing. One child, 
Del, Jr. 

LORD, Robert, writer, b. Chicago, May 1, 1901. 
Rels. parents living in Boston. Educ. Harvard 
Coll., spec, in literature and psychology, A.B. and 
M.A. degrees. Previous career, newspaper work 
and theatres. Has lived in Chicago, Boston, New 
York and Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1925. 
Orig., "The Johnstown Flood," "If I Were Single," 
"Detectives." _ Other work: "My Man," "The 
Greyhound Limited," "Kid Gloves," "On Trial." 
Wrote plays: "The Merry Death," "Cake." CTubs, 
Harvard Club of Southern Calif. 1 child, Evelyn 
Lord, 13 weeks. Bus. rep., Lichtig & Englander. 

LORD, Grace, actress. Screen career, "Death Val- 
ley," "Souls Aflame" (First Division). 

LORIMER, Elsa, actress, b. Taunton, Mass. Mother 
lives in Hollywood. Educ. at Cambridge, Mass., 
High School, Emerson College of Ortary, Boston. 
Spec, in English. Has lived in Boston, N. Y., Cal. 
Chapter D. A. R., Mayflower Des. State of Cali- 
fornia; Enterpe Opera Reading Club, Los Angeles, 
Republican Club of Hollywood. Was leading 
woman for Kinemacolor, Selig, Essanay, Seconds, 
Lasky. Played in "Diamond Necklace," "Tele- 

phone Series 10 and 11," "Treat 'Em Rough." 
Sports, golf, motoring. Hght., 5, SVz ; wght., 140; 
blue eyes; light brown hair. Married to non- 
professional, M. F. Skinner. Bus. rep., Emmett 

LORING, Hope, writer, b. Jan. 29, 1894. Educ, 
priv. sch. and governess, American and Eng., 
spec, in English, history, and history of architec- 
ture, grad. of Amer. Acad. Dram. Arts. Screen 
play: "Wings," "His Secretary," "It," Adap. 
"Annie Rooney," "My Best Girl." Stories or 
Scrips recently prod. "Interference," "The Four 
Feathers," "The Show Down," "Get Your man." 
Sports, swimming, riding, bridge. Husband's 
prof, name, Louis Duryea Lighton. 

LORRAINE, Jean, actress. Screen career, Im- 
perial Comedies series (Fox). 

LORRAINE, Louise, actress, b. San Francisco, 
Cal.; educ. there; screen career, began in two- 
reel comedies, later featured by LTniversal, then 
appeared as free lance player; "Circus Rookies," 
"Baby Mine," "The Frontiersman," "Winners ot 
the Wilderness," "Rookies" (Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer), "Chinatown Charlie" (First National), 
"Legionaires in Paris" fFBO). Hght., 5, 1; wght., 
104; black hair, brown eyes. 

LOVE, Montagu, actor, b. England. Educ. there. 
Attended Cambridge University. Was artist and 
war correspondent. Has been a.11 over world. En- 
tered pictures in England in 1913, 1917 in N. Y. 
Played in "Rasputin," "World and His Wife," 
"Cross Bearer," "Don Juan," "Night of Love," 
"Divine Lady," "The Noose," "Hawk's Nest," 
"Mysterious Island." Belongs to H. A. C, Palo- 
mar Tennis Club, Rancho Golf Club, Edgewater 
Beach Club, City Club (N. Y.), Players and 
Friars Clubs, Masquers. Sports, golf, tennis, rid- 
ing. Hght., 6, 2; wght., 200; blue eyes, red hair. 
Bus, rep., Denny Lawson. 

LOVE, Bessie, actress, b. Midland, Tex.; educ. 
Los Angeles, Cal.; early career, screen acting; 
pictures include roles in Triangle, Vitagraph, Cal- 
lahan films: "Penny of Top Hill Trail" (Star), 
"Forget-Me-Not," "Lovey Mary" (Metro), "Hu 
man Wreckage" (FBO), "The Eternal Three," 
"Slave of Desire" (Goldwyn), "St. Elmo," "Three 
Men to Pay," "The Village Blacksmith," "Gentle 
Julia," "Going Croqked" (Fox), "The Ghost Pa- 
trol" (Universal), "Torment," "A Woman on the 
Jury," "Those Who Dance," "The Silent 
Watcher," "Sundown," '^he Lost World," "SoviJ- 
Fire" (First National), "The Purple Dawn" (Ay- 
won), "Dynamite Smith," "Dress Parade," "A 
Harp in Hock" (Pathe), "Tongues of Flame," 
"A Son of His Father," "The King on Main 
Street," "New Brooms," "The Song and Dance 
Man" (Paramount), "Rubber Tires," "Young 
April" (P.D.C.), "The Matinee Idol" (Columbia), 
"Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?" (Universal), 
"Sally of the Scandals" (FBO). Has just finishect 
starring role in "Broadway Melody," new M-G-M 
feature talkie. Hght., 5; wght., 100; light brown 
hair, brown eyes. 

LOVE 'IT, Josepihine, writer, b. San Frandisco, 
Calif., Ckt. 21. Educ, Sargent's Dramatic School, 
N. Y. Stage career, with Henry Miller, "Her 
Husband's Wife," H. B. Harris, "The Lion and 
the IMouse," "A Man's Man," Grace George rep. 
Screen career, first adaptation "Sentimental 
Tommy" (Paramount); "Classmates," "Soul Fire" 
(First National); "Tess of the Storm Country" 
(United Artists) ; "Annie Laurie," "The Bugle 
Call" (M-G-M); "Pay as You Enter" (Warner). 
Husband's prof, name, John"" Robertson. Clubs: 

LOWE, Edward T., Jr., writer, b. Nashville, Tenn., 
June 29, 1890. Relatives, mother living in Nash- 
ville, sister living in Mississippi, cotton grower 
of 10,000 acre plantation. Educ. Nashville, spec. 
English lit., science. Previous career, publishing 
business; development of scientific electric appar- 
atus, research. Has lived in Nashville, Chicago, 
Los Angeles. Sold first story to Essanay, wrote 
two a week for Essanay before signing up with 
them as first staff writer. Screen play: "Hunch- 
hack of Notre Dame" (LTniversal); adap. & seen. 
"Jes' Call Me Jim," "Tenderloin." Qrig. "One 
.Stolen Night," "Stolen Kisses." Orig., adapt. & 
titled "State Street Sadie." Adap. & screen play 
"Broadway." Clubs, Hollywood A. C, Writers, 
Authors' League of America. 2 children, Elizabeth 
Alden Lowe, 11 yrs., Edythe Helen Lowe, 17 mos. 
Bus. and pres rep., Lichtig & Englander. 


Mtisical Comedy and Vaudeville Artist 

Appearing in a 
Series of 




WM. MORRIS, Representative 



LOWE» Shernxan L., writer, b. Salt Lake City, 
Utah, Oct. 18, 1894. Educ. Salt Lake City High 
School, Univ. of Utah, Univ. of Penn., spec, in 
literature and philosophy, B. A. degree. Previous 
career, student, soldier, advertising salesman, 
hack writing. Entered pictures in July, 1927. 
Screen work includes, "The White Tiger" (adap. 
and cont. for Universal). Clubs, Zeta Beta Tau 
Frat., Phi Alpha Epsilon Frat., Masonic Lodge. 
Sp>orts, swimming, golf, tennis. 1 child, Sherman 
L., Jr., 14 months. 

LOWE, Edmund, actor, screen career, Metro, 
Pathe, Selznick, Tiffany, Paramount, Goldwyn, 
P.D.C.; "What Price Glory," "Is Zat So," "Pub- 
licity Madness," "The Wizard," "Dressed to 
Kill," "In Old Arizona" (Fox), "Happmess 
Ahead" (First National). Hght., 6; wght., 170; 
blue eyes, light brown hair. 

LOY, Myrna, actress, b. Helena, Mont. Educ. 
WestJake schl. for girlsj Los Angeles. Studied 
dancing under Ruth St. Denis. Previous career, 
played stage prologues at Grauman's Egyptian 
Theatre. Entered pictures in 1925. Mrs. Rudolph 
Valentino gave her role in "What Price Beauty." 
Played in "Bitter Apples," "Don Juan." Sport, 
sculptoring. Hght., 5, 6; green eyes, titian hair. 
Ad. Warner Bros. Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

LUBIN, Arthur, actor, b. Los Angeles, July 25. 
Educ. at San Diego Grammar, High SchooJ, Car- 
Negie Tech, Pittsburgh. Spec, in drama. Is a 
B.A. Has been on legit stage all his life while 
going to high school and college. Has lived in 
San Diego, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh. Entered 
pictures in June, 1923. Was seen on stage in N. 
Y. and sent to Hollywood. Played in "Bardeley's 
the Magnificent," "His People," "Lost World," 
"Times Square," "Bushranger," "Eyes of Under- 
world." Belongs to Writers Club, Breakers Club, 
Beta Sigma Rho Frat. Sport, hiking, motoring, 
cooking. Hght. 5, 10; wght. 145; brown eyes; 
black hair. Bus. rep., Jessie Wadsworth; press 
rep., Jeannette Sauer, N. Y. 

LUBITSCH, Ernst, director, b. Berlin, Germany, 
Jan. 28. Educ. Berlin public schools. Clerked in 
father's clothing store. Studied drama by night. 
Given small part by Max Reinhardt, became suc- 
cessful stage player. Started playing in pictures. 
Eventually devoted full time to pictures and be- 
gan to direct. Lived in Berlin and Los Angeles. 
Entered picture business in 1913. Was already 
established as stage player and was given comedy 
role in picture. In 1918 quit acting to direct. 
Directed "Carmen," "Rosita," "Passion," "Decep- 
tion," "Loves of Pharoah," "Marriage Circle," 
"Patriot," "Student Pr'nce," "So This Is Paris," 
"Lady Windermere's Fan." Sports, bo.xing and 
fencing. Married to Leni Kraus. Has two sons. 
Press rep.. Paramount Studio. 

LUCY, Arnold, actor, b. Tottenham, Eng., 1875. 
Educ. at Duchess of Somerset's School. Took part 
in 1200 performances at various London theatres; 
played in "Fanny's First Play," "Nothing but 
the Truth." Entered pictures in 1915 in "Devil's 
Toy" with Betty Blythe. Played in "In Search 
of a Sinner," "Little Old New York," "Love Ex- 
pert." Sport, golf. Ad. Fox Studios, Hollywood, 

LUDDY, Eddie, director, b. Russia, Oct. 7, 1898. 
Mother resides in Hollywood, Cal. Educ. Mont- 
real, N. Y. C. Spec, in accountancy. Previous 
career, stage, actor, manager. Has lived in Odes- 
sa, Russia; London, Liverpool, Havre, France; 
Montreal, N. Y. C. Directed Arthur lake com- 
edies, drama. Clubs, Masons, Scottish Rite, 
Shriners, 233. Sports, golf, polo, football, baseball. 

LUDDY, Barbara, actress. Screen career: Colum- 
bia, Warner, Fox, Peerless; "Sealed Lips." "The 
Enemy of Men," (Columbia) ; "It's A Pipe," "The 
Honeymoon Hospital." "The Bathing Suitor," 
(Fox); "Wilful Youth" (Peerless). 

LUDEN, Jack, actor, b. Reading, Pa., Feb. 8, 1902. 
Parents live there. Trained for medicine, studied 
at John Hopkins, Baltimore. Has lived in Read- 
ing, N. Y., Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1925. 
Went from one studio to another in N. Y. until 
finally Bill Cohill saw him in crowd of people in 
his office, took his name and called him to do a 
bit in Richard Dix's picture. From then on he 
was called for bits until Paramount School start- 
ed. Played in "Sins of Fathers," "Woman of 
Moscow," "Under Tonto Rim," "Fools for Luck." 
Belongs to Delta Sigma Nu, Acad, of Motion Pic- 
ture Arts and Sciences, Masquers, The Gables, 
Mayfair, Berkshire Country Club. Sports, horse- 

back riding, swimming, squash, golf. Hght. 6; 
wght. 174; brown eyes; blonde hair. Press rep., 
Arch Reeve. Ad. Paramount Famous Lasky Corp., 
Hollywood, Cal. 

LUDVIGH, Elek John, general counsel Paramount 
Famous l.asky Corporation; b. New York City; 
educ. at public schools, grad. from College ol 
tity of New York in 1891; admitted to the Bar 
1894; x\ew York State Civil Service Commissioner 
1910-12; retired from general practice of law to 
devote himselt exclusively to general counselship 
of F'anious Players Lasky Corporation, about ten 
Years ago. 

LUESCHER, Mark A., general publicity director, 
Radio-Keitli-Otpheum Corp.; b. West Sand Lake, 
New \ork, 1876; educ. public school Syracuse, 
N. Y.; special course Cornell University art dept.; 
started small weekly paper in Syracuse, domg 
own illustrating; later became dramatic editor anu 
cartoonist on Syracuse Standard; managed Ba- 
stable theatre, Syracuse, for Sam and Lee Shu- 
bert; managed Herald Square theatre, N. V. 
City; opened first roof garden in N. Y. with 
Lcuis Werba; discovered Mile. Dazie ("Domino 
Kiiuge"); became general manager for F. F. 
I'roctoi ; general manager for Martin Beck, Or- 
pheum circu.t; general manager and press repre- 
sentative for C. B. Dillingham and N. Y. Hippo- 
drome; director of promotion and publicity tor 
Keith-Albte; now head of national exploitation for 
Radio- Keith-Orpheum. Is married and lives with 
w.fe and two daughters; Shadybrook Farm, South- 
port, Conn. Clubs: Lambs, Westport Country, 
Greenfield Hill Country, Fairfield Country, Waffle 
and Cornell Continuous Reunion; meiiiber Scottish 

LUKAS, Paul, actor, b. Budapest, May 26, 1897. 
Educ. ill Budapest. Spec, in drama. Attended 
college at Budapest, actor's academy. On stage 
there and in Berlin. Has lived in Budapest, Ber- 
lin, Vienna. Entered pictures in 1917. Played 
Samson in "Samson and Delilah" for UFA. Also 
played in "Wolf of Wall Street," "Night Watch, ]| 
"iSlanhattan Cocktail," "The Shopworn Angel." 
Belongs to Hollywood Athletic Club and athletic 
clubs in Berlin and Budapest. Sport, fencing. 
Hght., 6, V/i; wght., 186; brown eyes, brown hair. 
Press rep.. Arch. Reeve. 

LYNCH, Helen, actress, b. Billings, Mont., April 
6. 1904. Mother lives in Hollywood. Educ. at 
Long Beach, Cal. When she was 15, first worked 
as e.xtra, then leads in comedies, then parts in 
bigger productions. Played in "Showdown." Be- 
longs to Beach Club. Sport, swimming. Hght., 
5, 4; wght., 126; hazel eyes, blonde hair. Married 
to Caroll Nye. Bus. rep., Wm. Christensen. 

LYNN, Sharon, actress. Screen career, "Clancy's 
Kosher Wedding." "The Coward," "Jake the 
Plumber." "Aflame in the Sky," "The Cherokee 
Kid" (FBO), "None but the Brave" (Fox). Hght., 
5, 4; wifht., 115; brown eyes and hair. 

LYON, Ben, actor, b. Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 6, 1901. 
Parents live in Highpoint, N. C. ; also, one 
brother. Has two sisters in Baltimore. Educ. at 
Park School, City College, Baltimore. Started at 
15 to do screen w-ork, extras and bits, then di.s- 
couraged at lack of success he went on stage. 
Finally played leads in "Wonderful Thing," "Mary 
thi Third," etc. Has lived in Atlanta, Baltimore, 
N. Y. C, Providence, Buffalo, Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures in 1917. Was sent to N. Y. C. to 
attend school there but really wanted to get into 
pictures. Passed old Famous Players Studios one 
day and saw sign "Extras Wanted." Stopped and 
went into casting office and began work imme- 
diately. Played in "So Big," "Prince of Temp- 
ters," "Hell's Angels," "Flaming Youth," "Lily 
of the Dust," "Wages of Virtue,'' "Air Legion," 
"Exodus," "Bluebeard's Seven Wives," "For the 
Love of Mike." Belongs to Equity, Hollywood 
Athletic Club, Masquers, Santa iMonica Swimming 
Club, Edgewater Club, The Little Club, Lake Lur- 
ing Club. Sports, aviation, motor racing, swim- 
ming, boxing, sailing. Hght., 6; wght., 162; dark 
gray -blue eyes, brown hair. Single. Bus. rep., 
Arthur Landau; press rep., Hal Howe. Ad., 
(^addo Productions, Hollywood, Cal. 

LYTELL, Bert, actor, b. and educ, N. Y. C. ; 
stage career, stock, many Broadway productions; 
screen career, "Lombardi, Ltd.," "Alias Jimray 
Valentine," "Misleading Lady," "Never the Twain 
Shall Meet" (Metro), "To Have and to Hold,"' 
"Kick In," (Paramount), "Rupert of Hentzau" 
(Selznick), "Meanest Man in the World," "Thrf 
iEternal City," "A Son of the Sahara," "Sandra," 

Have the Exclusive Services of 


"Director of ^tiisic^ ^^(^^y 'Theatre 




3\(ew York 









•Born Rich" (First National), "The Boomerang" 
(Schulberg), "Steele of the Royal Mounted" (Vita- 
graph), "Sporting Life" (Universai), "Eve's 
Lover/' "Lady Windemere's Fan" (Warners), 
"Ship of Souls" (Assoc. Exhib.), "The Gilded 
Butterfly" (Fox), "That Model from Pans," "The 
First Night," "Women's Wares" (Tilifany), "Obey 
the Law" (Columbia); each year he makes a 
new "Lone Wolf" story for Columbia; he created 
the role of "The Lone Wolf" for the screen and 
his Columbia vehicles along that line to date 
have been "The Lone Wolf Returns," "Alias the 
Lone Wolf," "The Lone Wolf's Daughter." He 
starred recently in Warners' Vitaphone version 
of the play, "On Trial" and has lately reentered 
the legit, drama playing in "Brothers." Hght., 5, 
103/2; brown hair, hazel eyes. 

— M— 

Mar. 29, 

"Lightnin'," J 
"The Ken- A 
"A Trip to ^ 
"The Sham- 

MABERY, Mary, actress, b. N. Y. C, 
1909. Parents living in Los Angeles, 
poreatic singer, Clara Francis. Father, James H 
Phipps. N. Y. theatrical manager. Educ. at^ 
Glendale High School, U. C. L. A. Took up ' 
physical educ, journalism. Lived in N. Y., Vic- 
toria, B. C, Glendale, Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures with Sennett in June, 1926. Played leads 
with Bob Steele, also in "Capt. Careless," "Light- 
ning Speed," "Dog Law," "Law of Mounted," 
"Headin' West," "Texas Tommy." Sports, horse- 
back, swimming, team games. Hght., 5, 35^; 
wght., 116; blue gray eyes; medium brown hair. 
Bus. rep.. Jack Gardner. 

MACDONALD, J. Farrell, actor, b. Waterbury,^^! ' 
Conn., 1875; educ. Yale'; ex-officer of U. S. Army; ^ 
stage career, 18 yrs. ; screen career from 1908 
with G. M. Anderson, Biograph, Imp. as actor 
and director, Pathe as director, Keystone-Tri- 
angle, American, Pathe; "Little Miss Hawkshaw," 
"Bucking the Line," "Riding with Death," "Trail- 
ing," "Sky High," "Western Luck," "The Iron 
Horse," "The Brass Bowl," "Gerald Cranston's 
Lady," "The Scarlet Honeymoon," "The Trail 
Rider," "The Fightmg Heart," 
"Thank You," "Lucky Horseshoe," 
tucky Pride," "The First Year," 
Cliinatown," "The Dixie Merchant," 
rock Handicap," "The Family Upstairs," "The 
Country Beyond," "Three Bad Men," "Bertha 
the Sewing Machine Girl," "Love Makes 'Em 
Wild," "Ankles Preferred," "Cradle Snatchers," 
"Rich but Honest," "Colleen," "Paid to Love," 
"Sunrise," "East Side, West Side," "Riley the 
Cop" (Fox), "The Last Frontier" (P.D.C.), 
"Cohens and the Kellys in Paris" (Universal), 
"Bringing Up Father" (M-G-M), "Abie's Irish 
Rose" (Paramount). Latest vehicles, "None but 
the Brave," "The Four Devils" (Fox). Hght., 
5, 10; wght., 185; dark brown hair, blue eyes. 

MACDONALD, Wallace, actor, b. Mulgrave, Nova 
Scotia. Educ. Canada. Sta^e career, stook, 
Canada, San Francisco, Phoenix, Ariz.; El Paso, 
Texas. Screen career, Vitagraph, Goldwyn, Uni- 
versal, Metro, First National, P.D.C., Arrow, 
Asso. Exhib.; "Drums of the Desert" (Para- 
mount), "His Foreign Wife" (Pathe), "Tumbling 
River," also directed Imperial Comedies (Fox) 
Hght., 5, 11; wght., 150; dark brown hair and 

MAC DOWELL, Melbourne, actor, b. Little Wash- 
ington, N. J.; educ. N. Y. ; stage career, 25 yrs.; 
husband of Fanny Davenport, appeared in Sardou 
repertoire, starred in stock several seasons, 
"Tosca," "Theodora," "Fedora," "Gismonda;" 
screen career, Ince-Paramount, National, May- 
flower, Vitagraph, Pioneer, Frst National, East 
Coast Prod., Playgoers, Universal, Allied, FBO, 
Hercules-Budd-Barsky, Columbia, Paramount, 
Fox; "The OHitlaw Express," "Code of the Cow 
Country" (Pathe), "Feel My Pulse" (Paramount). 
Hght., 6; wght., 210; dark complexion, gray hair 
and eyes. 

MacFARLAND, James Hood, special representa- 
tive Universal Pictures Corporation; b. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., October 20, 1895; educ. Central Man- 
ual Training School, ' Philadelphia. Early career, 
1912, draughtsman, Philadelphia Electric Co.; 1914 
Campbell's Soup experiment station, Riverton, 
N. Y., studied agriculture. Picture career, Oc- 
tober 1914 joined Paramount Pictures Corporation, 
New York, manager circulation department; U. S. 

Naval Reserve force April, 1917, seaman; over- 
seas Transport Service August, 1918, ensign, navi- 
gation; Paramount-Famous Players-Lasky Jan., 
1919, eastern studios publicity representative; Irene 
Castle and Hope Hampton 1922-23, publicity rep- 
resentative; United Studios, Hollywood, First Na- 
tional publicity representative; Universal Pictures 
Corporation, N. Y., July 1925, special representa- 
tive with publicity department as at present. 
Married. Lives in Douglaston, L. I. 

MACK, Jos. P., actor, b. Rome, Italy, May 4, 1878. 
Educ. Rome. Previous career, stage. Has lived 
in N. Y. C, Miami, Los Angeles. Entered pic- 
tures in the original "Train Robbery" thru Ed. 
Potter, Famous Players. Pictures include: "Wild 
Honey," "Little but O My," "Wonder Man," 
"Finders Keepers," "Man from Headquarters," 
"Driftwood," "Lief the Lucky." Hght. 5, 11; 
wght. 195; brown ejKS, partly gray hair. Wife's 
prof, name. Lulu Keegan. 

MACK, Anthony, director, b. Denver, Colo., 1902. 
Screen career, prop boy at Louis Burson studios; 
sculptor for Fine Arts; assist, dir. on Westerns 

^ for Ben Wilson; tech. dir. at Paul Gerson 
studios in San Francisco; joined Hal Roach or- 
ganization as "gag" man, directs "Our Gang" 
comedies, for release through Metro-Goldwyn- 

MACK, Bobby, actor, b. Scotland. Educ. Liverpool, 
Eng. Screen career. Universal, Vitagraph, Para- 
mount, First National; "The Student Prince," 
"The_ Road to Romance" (M-G-M), "A Harp in 
Hock" (Pathe), "The Opening Night" (Columbia). 

MACK, James, actor. Screen career: Pathe, "The 
First Night," "Husband Hunters," "W'onien's 
Wares" (Tiffany-Stahl), "Swim Girl Swim" 
(Paramount), "Satan and the Woman" (Excel- 

MACK, Wilbur, actor. Screen career, Artclass, 
Asso. Exhibitors: "The Avenging Shadows" 
(Pathe), "Straight Shooting," "Quick Triggers" 

MACKAIL, Dorothy, actress, b. Hull, England, Mar. 

■ 4. Educ. Hull sch., Thorne Acad., London. Pre- 
vious career. Casino de Paris, Paris; Ziegfeld's, 
Midnight Frolic. Follies, N. Y. Screen career, 

'.. "Subway Sadie," "The Barker," "Changeling," 
"Waterfront," "Children of Ritz." Sports, tennis, 
swimming. Hght. 5, 4%; wght. 115; hazel eyes, 
blonde hair. Ad. First National Studios, Bur- 
bank, Cal. 

MACKAYE, Fred, actor, b. Hackettstown, N. J 
Relatives, parents living in N. J. Educ. Pasa 
dena. Polytechnic, L. A., Stanford, Cal. Spec 
science. Tech. Previous career, theatricals at (Tar 
niel "Theatre of Golden Bough" for four yrs 
Has lived in Pasadena, Alberta, Canada; Stanford 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1927 as extra 
Played in "Port of Dreams," "Our Dancing 
Daughters." Clubs, Menterey Peninsula Country 
(?Iub, Kiwanis, Hollywood Athletic. Sports, golf, 
riding, baseball, football, swimming. Hght. 5, 11. 
Wght. 168; hazel eyes, auburn hair. Bus. rep., 
Wesley Ruggles. Ad. Universal Pictures Corp., 
Universal CTity, Cal. 

MacLEAN, Douglas, actor, b. Philadelphia, Jan. 10. 
Parents live Los Angeles. Educ. Northeastern 
University, Prep. Sch., Lewis Institute Technol- 
ogy, Chicago. Was in bond business, then in 
stock on stage. Has lived in Washington, Dixon, 
111.; Chicago. Was offered by W'm. Brady part 
in "As Ye Sow" for World Film Co. to play op- 
posite his daughter, Alice. Starred in "Twenty- 
three and Half Hours Leave," "Going Up," 
"Mary's Ankle," "Hold That Lion," "Let it Rain," 
"Soft Cushions," "Carnation Kid." Sports, golf, 
yachting. Hght. 5, 9; wght. 145; hazel brown 
eyes, brown hair. Married. Bus. rep., J. R. 

MacPHERSON, Jeanie, writer, b. Boston, Mass. 
Relatives, mother living in Los Angeles, G. Ash- 
ley Tomlinson, uncle, CHeveland, Ohio, owner of 
freighters used on Great Lakes. Educ. Paris, 
France, spec, history and Latin. O'ne j'r. on stage 
in "Strongheart." Has lived in Boston, Chicago, 
Paris, N. Y., Los Angeles. Left stage to join old 
Biograph Co. with D. W. Griffith in 1913. Orig. 
"The Cheat," "Don't Change Your Husband," 
"Golden Chance," "Joan the Woman," "Ten Com- 
mandments," "King of Kings," "Godless Girl." 
Clubs, charter member of Acad. M. P. Arts & 
Sciences. Sports, aviation and deep sea fishing. 
Collaborated on novelization of "King of Kings," 
"(Godless Girl." Press rep., Barrett Kiesling. 



MAC QUARRIE, Murdock, actor, b. and educ. San 
Francisco, Cal. Stage Career, played in "Light 
o' London" at age of 7, rep., etc., with Henry 
Miller, W. A. Brady, Joseph JeiTerson, several 
seasons in stock. Screen career, directed and 
acted, B^ograph, Universal, American, Selznick, 
Goldwyn, Asso. Exhibitors, FBO, First National; 
"The Long Loop," "The Man from Hardpan," 
"The Apache Raider" (Pathe), "Black Jack" 
(Fox). Hght., 5, 8; wght., 150; brown hair, gray 

MADDEN, Jerry, boy actor. Screen career, "The 
Blue Eagle," "The Last Trail," "The Gay Re- 
treat" (Fox), "Gun Gospel" (First National). 

MAGRILL, George, actor, b. N. Y. C., Jan. 5, 1900. 
Educ. public and high school, N. Y. C. Previous 
career, 2 yrs. stock with Sam Rice Shows. En- 
tered pictures in 1921 through Jack Freulick and 
Paul Weigel. Pictures include: "Wild Horse 
Mesa," "Lord Jim," "Vanishing American,' 
"Blockade," "Rose of Sea," "Ballyhoo Buster." 
Sports, boxing, swimming, riding,_ outdoor sports. 
Hght., 6; wght., 175; brown eyes, black hair. 
Wife's prof, name, Ramona Oliver. One child, 
Marylinn, 6 yrs. 

MAGUIRE, Thomas, actor, b. Milford, Conn., Sept. 
7, 1869. Relatives, two sisters living in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Educ. small school Greenpoint, L. I. 
and Cheltenham Military Acad., Cheltenham, Pa. 
Previous career, boy actor since 1883. Has lived 
in Brooklyn, N. Y., Greenpoint, L. I.; Nyack, N. 
Y. ; Fort Lee, N. J. Played in "Camera Man," 
"Star Dust," "Colleen," "Savage," - "Woman 
handled," "Shanghai Bound," "Sawdust Paradise," 
"One Increasing Purpose.' Clubs, Actors Equity 
Club. Hght. 5, 3; wght. 120; dark blue eyes, red 
hair. Wifes prof, name, Louise Skillman. 

MAILES, Charles H., actor, b. Halifax, Nova Sco- 
tia, May 25, 1870. Educ. public schools, Halifax, 
N. S., spec, in drama. Previous career, concert 
platform and stage under management of Kirk 
La Shelle, Henry B. Harris, Leibler & Co., Thos. 
Dixon. H^s lived in Halifax, Boston, N. Y., Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures in 1911. Played many 
character parts under D. W. Griffith. Pictures 
include: "Old Ironsides" (Paramount); "Bellamy 
Trial" (M-G-M); "One Stolen Night," "Carna- 
tion Kid." Clubs, Actors Equity, Pleiades. Sports, 
golf, football. Hght. 5, 11; wght. 180; brown 
eyes, white hair. Wife's prof, name, Claire Mc- 
Dowell. Two children, Robert, 21; Eugene, 19. 
Press rep.. Ham Beal. 

MAITLAND, Richau-d, acto?. Screen career, "Is 
Zat So," "Come to My House" (Fox). 

MALATESTA, Fred, actor, b. Naples, Italy, Apr. 
18, 1889. Parents live in Milan. Educ. in Rome. 
Spec, in lit. Degree from Military C^ollege, Rome. 
\Vas officer in Italian army. Has lived in Rome, 
Buenos Aires, Santiago, Paris, Chicago, N. Y., 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1915. Played 
in "Forbidden Paradise," "Love Insurance," 
"Mask," "Leave it to Me," "Wagon Show," 
"Czarina's Secret," "His Father's Sins." Created 
detective role in nine Roach Comedies. Sports, 
sailing, tennis, horseback riding, motoring. Hght. 
6, 11; wght. 188, dark eyes, dark hair. Married 
to non-prof, (^hild. Patsy, 11 yrs. 

MALONE, Molly, actress, b. Denver, Colo., Feb. 
2. Mother lives with her. Educ. in Denver, Ixjs 
Angeles, Hollywood, Johannesburg. Entered pic- 
tures about 1919. Played in "It's a Great Life," 
"Just O'ut of College," "Parol and Company" 
and leads in Christie comedies. Sports, flying, 
swimming, riding, dancing. Hght. 5; wght 108; 
brown eyes, chestnut hair. Bus. rep., Lichtig 
and Englander. 

MALONEY, Leo D., actor and director, b. San 
Jose, Cal., 1888. Educ. Santa Clara College, Cal. 
Previous career, Vita^raph, Universal, World, 
Photo Drama Co., Sterner, Artclass, acted and 
directed "The Outlaw Express," "Don Desperado, " 
"Two Gun of Tumhleweed," "Border Blackbirds," 
"The Devil's Twin," "iTie Apache Raider," di- 
rected "The Boss of Rustler's Roost," "The Bronc 
Stomper" (Pathe). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 170. 

MALY, Walter, actor. Screen career, "The Gal- 
loping Gobs," "Code of the Cow Country," "The 
Phantom Buster," "White Pebbles" (Pathe), 
"Perils of the Jungle" (Weiss Bros.), "The Little 
Buckaroo" (FBO). 

MANDY, Jerry, jictor. Screen career: Associated 
Exhibitors, Paramount, Pathe; "Underworld," 
"The Gay Defender," "Love and Learn" (Para- 
mount), "Hold 'Em Yale" (Pathe). 

MANHEIM, Nat. L., export manager. Universal 
Pictures Corp., b. Syracuse, N. Y.; educ. Syra- 
cuse schools. Theatrical career: assistant to J. J. 
Schubert, producer, for several years. Joined Uni- 
versal in 1918 as assistant to general manager of 
exchanges; had charge of short subject produc- 
tion; general service manager. In 1923 was ap- 
pointed export manager. Is married and father 
of one son. 

MANON, Marcia, actress. Screen career, Dwan, 
Robertson-Cole, Goldwyn, Paramount, First Na- 
tional, American Releasing; "The Greater Glory" 
(First National), "Heaven on Earth" (Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer), 'Vanishing Pioneer" (Para- 

MANN, Hank, actor, also director, b. New York 
City, educ. there. Early career, actor. Screen 
career. Mack Sennett, Fox, First National, Edu- 
cational, FBO, Paramount, United Artists, Col- 
umbia; "Wings of the Storm," "Paid to Love," 
(Fox); "The Lady Bird" (Columbia); "The Pat- 
ent Leather Kid," "Smile Brother Smile," (First 
National); "The Garden of Eden," (United Art- 
ists). Hght., 8, 8; wght., 165. 

MANN, Margciret, actress, b. and educ. Aberdeen, 
Scotland; screen career, Universal, Federal, Vita- 
graph, Holubar, Federated Prod., Robertson -Cole, 
Metro, First National; "Four Sons" (Fox). Hght.. 
5, 4^; wght., 165; gray hair and eyes. 

MANNING, Aileen, actress, b. and educ. Denver, 
Colo. Screen career. Paramount, Warner, United 
Artists, Asso. Exhibitors; "Stella Dallas," "Whole 
Town's Talking," "Uncle Tom's Cabin," "Home 
James" (Universal), "Man, Woman and Sin,' 
Great Events Series, (M-G-M). Hght., 5, 9; 
wght., 150; brown hair, blue eyes. 

MANNIX, Edw. J., b. Fort Lee, N. J.; educ. Fort 
Lee and Hackensack, N. J. Previous career, con- 
nected with theatrical profession for five years 
as manager of eastern shows and for 14 con- 
secutive seasons, manager of Palisades Park. En- 
tered pictures in 1916, affiliated with Allan Dwan, 
general connections and association with Jos. & 
Nicholas Schenck. Following merger of old Metro, 
became financial comptroller at M-G-M Studios. 

MANKIEWICZ, Herman J., writer, b. N Y. C , 
Nov. 7, 1897. Educ. Harry Hillman Acad., Wilkes- 
Barre, Pa., Columbia Univ., N. Y., Univ. of Ber- 
lin, Berlin, Germany. A.B. (Columbia. Previous 
career. Private, Fifth Marines, 2nd Div. A.E.F., 
Director, American Red Cross News Service, Par- 
is; Berlin correspondent, Chicago Tribune; report- 
er, N. Y. World; Dramatic Editor, N. Y. Times; 
dramatic Critic, The New Yorker. Stage career, 
wrote "The Good Fellows," "Wild Man of Bor- 
neo" and "We, The People." Lived in N. Y. C, 
Washington, D. C, Paris, London and Berlin. 
Entered pictures in 1926. Wrote "The Road to 
Mandalay" (orig), "The Man I Love" (orig); 
titled "Last Command," "Abie's Irish Rose," 
"Magnificent Flirt" and "The Barker." 

MARCHAL, Arlette, actress, b. Paris, France, 
1902; educ. Convent near Versailles; screen ca- 
reer, began with Gaumont Pict., Paris, and In- 
depend. cos. on Continent; recent appearances it 
U. S., "A Gentleman of Paris," "Hula," "Wings," 
"Blonde or Brunette" (Paramount), "Moon of 
Israel" (FBO). 

MARCUS, James A., actor, b. New York City; 
educ. Columbia Univ.; stage career, from 1881, 
in "The Lights of London," stage director for 
the Fay-Templeton Opera Co.; screen career. Fox, 
Metro, Goldwyn, First National, LInited Artists, 
Warners, Paramount, Banner Prod., FBO, Metro- 
Goldwyn, Universal, Pathe; "The Beauty Shop- 
pers", (Tiffany), "Captain Salvation," (Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer), "Buck Privates" (Universal), 
"Sadie Thompson" (United Artists), "The Broken 
Mask" (Anchor). Hght., 6, 2; wght., 250; gray 
hair, blue eyes. 

MARCUS, Lee, vice-persident of RKO Productions; 
b. Buffalo, N. Y., 1893. Picture career: salesman 
and booker of Realart Pictures, Buffalo, 1919; later 
joined Selznick in New York. A year later be- 
came assistant to late Harry M. Berman with 
FBO. Upon Mr. Berman's death was appointed 
general sales manager. Was elected vice-presi- 
dent RKO on merger of FBO, RCA and KAO. 
Is 36 years old, married and a member of the 
American Legion. Hobbies are golf and reading 
detective stories. 

MARION, Framces, writer, b. San Francisco. Cal. 
Educ. there and abroad. Previous career, Hearst 
newspaper writer and commercial artist. En- 




tered pictures early in history <A screen. Wrote 
10 scenarios for Mary Pickford, "PoUyanna," 
"Stella Maris," "Humoresque," "Dark Angel," 
"Stella Dallas," "Tarnish," "Masks of the Devil." 
Sports, horseback riding, swimming. Husband's 
prof, name, Fred Thomson. 2 children, Fred, 2; 
Peter, adopted, 11/2. 
MARION, Frank, actor. Screen career, "The 
Country Doctor," "The Wreck of the Hesperus" 
MARIAN, Edna, actress. Screen career: Univer- 
sal, Educational, Columbia, M-G-'M; "Busy 
Liizzie," "Giddy Gobblers," (Educational); "For 
Ladies Only," "Sinners Parade," (Columbia), "Li- 
mousine Love," (M-G-M). 
MARION, George, actor. Screen career. Universal, 
First National, Weill Bros., United Artists, Asso. 
Exhib.; "Loco Luck" (Universal), "The Skedad- 
dle Gold" (Pathe), "A Texas Steer" (First Na- 
tional), "Just Married" (Paramount). 
MARKEY, Enid, actress, b. Dillon, Colo. Educ. 
Boarding Schools of Denver. Went into pictures 
in 1915 for Thomas Ince. Has lived in Denver, 
N. Y. C, Hollywood. Played in "Civilizaticm," 
"Aloha," "Captive God," "Between Men," "Yan- 
kee Way," "Cheating the Public," "Tarzan of 
the Apes," "Romance of Tarzan." Hght. S, 4Vi ; 
wght. 117; dark brown eyes, black hair. 
MARKS, Willis, actor, b. Rochester, Minn., Aug. 
20, 1865. Educ. Minnesota. On stage since 1888. 
Nine yrs. with Oliver Morosco's Burbank Theatre 
Stock Co., L. A. Now with Henry Duffy's Play- 
ers of President Theatre. Has lived in Minneapo- 
lis, St. Paul, N. Y., Stockholm, San Francisco, 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1915 through 
Marshall Nielan and Charles Giblyn. Played in 
"Not One to Spare," "Bible Bo," "Threshold," 
"Man From Funeral Range." Belongs to B. P. 
O. E. No. 99 and Troupers. Sport, baseball. 
Hght. 5, 8; wght. 145; gray eyes, gray hair. 
Married to Carrol Marshall. Two children, Karl 
W., 35; Chandos E., 34. 
MARKSON, Benjamin, writer, b. Creston, Iowa, 
Aug. 6, 1897. Educ. Des Moines, la. and in 
Cleveland, Ohio. Spec, in lit. and dramatics. Pre- 
vious career, newspaper reporter and feature 
writer for Des Moines Register and Tribune, Chi- 
cago Tribune, Kansas City Journal, El Paso 
Times, Los Angeles Record, L. A. Times and L. 
A. Examiner. Lived in Qeveland, Des Moines, 
Chicago, Kansas City, Mo., El Paso and Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures Feb. 1925, publicity 
work by Famous Players-Lasky Corp. Recent 
pictures, "The River Pirate" (Adapt.), "Prep and 
Pep" (col.), and "Big Time" (col). Sports, swim- 
ming and bowling. 
MARLOWE, June, actress, b. St. Cloud, Minn., 
Nov. 6. Educ. St. Cloud, Minneapolis, Holly- 
wood. Spec, in art. Entered pictures in 1925. 
Pictures include: "Don Juan" (Warner); "The Old 
Soak," "Alias the Deacon," "WUd Beauty," "For- 
eign Legion," "Grip of the Yukon" (Universal) ; 
"The Life of Riley" (First National). Sports, 
horseback riding and swimming. Hght. 5, SVz; 
wght. 116; brown eyes and hair. Ad. Universal 
City, Cal. 
MARMONT, Percy, actor, b. in London; educ. St, 
Anne's, Redhill, Surrey; studied for the bar; 
stage experience in England and America; early 
screen career with Paramount, Goldwyn, Select, 
Vitagraph; important roles in "Street of For- 
gotten Men," "Lord Jim," "Aloma" (Paramount), 
"If Winter Comes" (Fox), "Stronger Will" (Ex- 
cellent). Hght., 6; wght., 155; light brown hair, 
blue eyes. 
MARQUIS Joan, actress, b. Denver, Colo., Sept. 17, 
1907. Mother living in Denver. Educ. South 
Denver High School. Was dancer in musical 
comedies, "Patsy," "Tip Toes," "Music Box." 
Entered pictures in Feb. 1927. Played in "Slip- 
pery Heels," "Chin Whiskers." Belongs to Lake- 
side Golf Club. Sports, swimming, dancing. Hght. 
5, 21/2 ; wght. 113; green eyes, auburn hair. Mar- 
ried to Neal Burns. Ad. Christie Studio, Holly- 
wood, Cal. 
MARSH, Mae, actress, b. Madrid, New Mexico, 
1897. Educ. convents in San Francisco. Screen 
career, "Intolerance," "Birth of Nation" (D. W. 
Griffith); "Daddies" (Warner Bros.); "Tides of 
Passion" (Vitagraph). Hght. 5, 3; gray eyes, 
auburn hair. 
MARBURGH, Bertram, actor, b. 1875; stage ca- 
reer, with John Drew in "Much Ado About 
Nothing," with William Faversham in "The 

S(uiau Man," with Maude Adams in "Chanti- 
cleer," with R(>lx:rt Hilliard in "Argyle Case;'' 
screen career, Wharton, Fox, World, Powell, Selz- 
nick, American Releasing, L'niversal, Warners, 
(jinsberg; "An Affair of the Follies" (First Na- 
tional), "The Woman on Trial" (Paramount), 
light., 5, Wy^; complexion dark. 
MARSHALL, Geo. E., supervising director, b. Chi- 
cago, 111., Dec. 29, 1891. Mother lives in Los 
Angeles. Two sisters, both married and living 
in Los Angeles. Educ. St. Johns Military Acad., 
Chicago. Traveled extensively following practical- 
ly every known trade. Entered picture business 
Jan. 1913. Has been supervising director for 
William Fox for past 4 yrs. Belongs to Lake- 
side Golf Club, 22J Club, The Shrine, Elks, and 
Hollywood A. C. Sports, golf and swimming. 
Married to non-prof. Children, Germaine and 
(Jeo., Jr. Bus. rep.. Jack Gardner. 
MARSHALL, TuUy, actor, b. Nevada City, Cal., 
Apr. 13, 1864. Educ. private schools and Univ. 
Santa Clara, Cal. Spec, in dramatic lit. Previous 
career, 45 yrs. on legit, stage, stock co's on Pa- 
cilic Coast. Produced "Builders," played in "Paid 
in Full," "City," "Talker," "Trap." Entered pic- 
tures in 1916, played in "Intolerance," "Sable 
Lorche," "Joan the Woman," "Oliver Twist," 
"Covered Wagon," "He Who Gets Slapped," 
'Merry Widow," "Trail of '98," "Conquerors," 
"Redskin," "Alias Jimmy Valentine." Clubs, Up- 
lifters, Lambs, Edgewater. Hght. 5, 9%; wght. 
145; brown eyes, brown-grey hair. Wife's prof, 
name, Marion Fairfax. Bus. rep., Freddie Fralick. 
MARSTINI, Rosita, actress. Screen career, "Shad- 
ows of Paris" (Paramount), "The Lover of Cam- 
ille" (Warners), "The Redeeming Sin" (Vita- 
graph), "Proud Flesh," "The Big Parade" 
(Metro-Goldwyii-Mayer), "Flame of the Argen- 
tine" (FBO), "We Americans" OJniversal). 
MARTELL, Alphonse, actor. Screen career, 
"After a Million" (Sunset Prod.), "Hutch of the 
U. S. A." (New Cal Film Corp.), "The Mystery 
Qub," "Grinning Guns" (Universal), "The Di- 
vine Woman" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). 
MARTIN, Al., writer, b. Milwaukee, Wise, Jan. 
1, 1897. Relatives, mother living in Hollywood, 
brother in radio bus. in (Chicago. Educ. Milwau- 
kee, Wise. Has lived in Milwaukee, Chicago, 
Peoria, 111, N. Y., Hollywood. Entered pictures 
in 1914. 'Titled all Christie comedies for 4 yrs., 
all Stern Bros, pictures, some for Fox, F. B. O. 
and Educational. Titled "Row, Sailor, Row," 
"Holy Mackeral," "Jake the Plumber." Wrote 
book, "My Hollywood." Oubs, Masquers, Y. M. 
C. A. Sports, golf, boating, polo. Bus. rep., 
Harry Wurtzel. 
MARTIN, Duke, actor, screen career, "The City 
Gone Wild," "Now We're in the Air" (Para- 
mount), "The Fortune Hunter" (Warner), "The 
Cheer Leader" (Lumas), "Flying Romeos" (First 
National), "Across to Singapore" (M-G-M), "Al- 
bany Night Boat" (Tiflfany-Stahl). 
MARTINDEL, Edwai^, actor, b. Hamilton, O., 
July 28, 1876. Brother, Robert Martindel, lives in 
Detroit, Mich. Educ. Hamilton, O. Was singer 
in church, in comic opera. Was on dramatic 
stage. Has lived in N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures 14 years ago, to play with Mary Pick- 
ford. Has played in "Lady Windermere's Fan," 
"Duchess of Bufifalo," "Lovers," "Old Kentucky," 
"Singing Fool," "Companionate Marriage," "Hard 
Boiled Rosie," "On Trial," "Desert Song." Be- 
longs to Masquers. Hght. 6, 2; wght. 200; blue 
eyes, grey hair. Bus. rep.. Edward Small. 
MARVIN, Grace, actress. Screen career. Univer- 
sal, Hodkinson; "A Horseman of the Plains" 
MASON, Dan, actor, b. Syracuse, N. Y., Feb. 9, 
1858. Relatives, brother, two sisters, all living 
in Syracuse, N. Y. Educ. Syracuse, iV. Y. Pre- 
vious career, stage, vaud. Has lived in N. Y. C, 
Providence, R. 1.; Atlantic City, N. J. Entered 
pictures in 1914. Plaved in "Sallv," "Wages for 
Wives," "Scarlet Letter." aubs,'B. P. O. Elks. 
Masquers, N. V. A., Troupers. Sports, fishing, 
baseball. Hght. 5, 6; wght. 140; gray eyes, light 
brown hair. 1 son, Harry; daughter, Mamie. Bus. 
rep.. Wm. W. Cohill. 
MASOiN, Jeunes, actor, b. Paris, France. Educ. 
private schools and Cornell Univ. Screen career, 
Pathe, Lumas, Asso. Exhib., P.D.C., Rayart; 
"Back to God's Country" (Universal), "Alias the 
Lone Wolf" (Columbia), "Dead Man's Curve," 
"Chicago After Midnight" (FBO), "Race for Life" 

Unique Facts For Quick Reference! 


IXxxOUX a days experience. .. sprung 
overnight into a leaoing laay of tne 
screen . . . -won beauty contest state ol Xexas. 
Has proDaoly executed more daring stunts 
tnan any star on tne screen . . . know^n in 
Hollywood as tne star wno can be pbo- 
tograpbed Irom any angle... ol ber most 
successful productions for Patbe are: 
Xbe Crreen Arcber - Snow^ed In - 
Xbe House VVitbout a Key - 
M.elting M-illions - Hawk of tbe 
Hills - Xbe M-an Without a 
Face - Xbe Xerrible People 
Xbe Yellow C^ameo 





(Warner), "The Big Killing" (Paramount), 
Across to Singapore" (M-G-M), "Thief in the 
Dark" (Fox). 
MASON, Leroy, actor. Screen career, Wm. 
Steiner, FBO, Lumas; "Closed Gates" (Sterhng), 
"The Avenging Shadows," "The Law's Lash" 
(Pathe), "Hit of the Show" (FBO). 
MASON, Lesley, writer, b. Roselle, N. J., Sept. 21, 
1887. Parents live in Hollywood. Educ. at WiJ- 
liston Acad., Easthapton, Mass., and Yale Univ. 
Spec, in languages, lit., history. Has B. A. Did 
newspaper work. Has lived in N. Y., Boston, 
Los Angeles, London, Knoxville, Tenn., San Juan 
P. R. Entered pictures Feb. 1914. Pictures in- 
clude "Prep and Pep," "Girl in Pullman," "Phan- 
tom City," "Lawless Legion." Belongs to Writers, 
Hollywood, Authors League of America, F. &. A. 
M., Pacific Lodge No. 233, N. Y. C. Sports, ten- 
nis, motoring. Married to Helen Hancock. 
MASON, Shirley, actress, b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1901; 
educ. private tutors; early career, child stage 
actress; stage career, in "The Squaw Man," "Rip 
Van Winkle," "Passers-By," "The Poor Little 
Rich Girl;" screen career, began with Edison; 
recent productions, "So This Is Love," "The 
Wife's Relations," "So This Is Paris," "Sal^ 
in Our Alley," "Stranded," "Rich Men's Sons" 
(Columbia). Hght., 4, 11; wght., 94; brown hair, 
light gray eyes. 
MATHEWS, Dorothy, actress, b. N. Y. C, Feb. 
13,. Educ. Florence Wilde School, Art Students 
League. Spec, in painting and designing. Pre- 
vious career, Stuart Walker Stock Company. En- 
tered pictures in 1927. Played in "All for a 
Woman," "Pearl Story," "Girl in Every Port," 
"Sweetie." Hght. 5, 3; wght, 116; blue eyes, 
blonde hair. Bus. rep., Donald Davis, Hollywood 
Athletic Club. 
MATIESEUV, Otto, actor, b. Copenhagen, Denmark, 
March 27, 1893. Educ. there. Spec, in philosophy, 
arts. Was on stage in Denmark, Germany, Eng- 
landj Canada, U. S. Has lived in Copenhagen, 
London, Paris, N. Y. Entered pictures in 1913 
in England. Played in "Scaramouche," "Salva- 
tion Hunters," "Beloved Rogue," "Last Moment," 
"Tell Tale Heart," "Woman from Moscow," 
"Lady of Victory," "Napoleon's Barber." Sport, 
tennis. Hght. 5, SVz ; wght. 150; brown eyes, 
brown hair. Bus. rep.. Baron von Koczian; press 
rep., Fanchon Royer. 
MAT'TOX, Martha, actress, b. Natches, Miss., June 
19. Mother living in Enid, Okla. Educ. East 
Miss. College. Studied dramatic art. Was on 
stage. New Orleans her home town. Entered 
pictures in 1913. Played in "Hero," "Conflict," 
"Lonely Mary," "Torrent," "Cat and Canary," 
"13th Juror," "Little Bit of Heaven," "Naughty 
Duchess," "Love Me and World Is Mine." Be- 
longs to Actors Equity, Writers Clubs. Sports, 
reading, driving auto. Wght., ISO; brown eyes, 
brown hair. Has three sons. Bus. rep., Geo. 
LTllman ; press reo., Hal Horn, Inc. 
MATTRAW, Scotty, actor^ b. and educ. Water - 
town, N. Y. Screen career, "The Return of the 
Riddle Rider," "Made to Order Hero," "Quick 
Triggers" (Universal). 
MAUDE, Arthur, director. Screen career, mostly 
on short subjects, comedies, and dramas, with 
independent companies in Hollywood; filmed "The 
Vision," a color subject; joined Bischoff Color 
Craft Co., producing two-reel dramas in color, 
also novelty and miscellaneous subjects; went to 
England and made "Poppies in Flanders"; di- 
rected "Great Event Series" Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer; Educational shorts. 
MAY, Edna, actress. Legal name, Edna May 
Adams. B. St. Joseph, Mo., Oct. 23, 1907. Par- 
ents live in Hollywood. Educ. in St. Joseph, Mo. 
Studied millinery. CVn stage and also worked as 
milliner. Has lived in St. Joseph, Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures 3V2 ys. ago. Worked in Lasky 
wardrobe for 5 mos. Played in "Chinatown Char- 
lie," "Single Man," and comedy leads with Poodle 
Hanneford. Sports, swimming golf, dancing. 
Hght. S, 31/^; wght. 112; dark blue eyes; ash 
blonde hair. Bus. rep., George Frank; press rep., 
Speed Kendall. 
MAYER, Carl, writer. Screen career, "TartufTe 

the Hypocrite" (Brill); "Sunrise" (Fox). 
MAYER, Louis B., vice-president in charge of 
production, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios. Culver 
City, Calif. Previous career: at age 14 was di- 
recting figure of ship salvaging firm located at 
St. John's, >f. B., known as J, Mayer & Son. 

Young Mayer planned the jobs and at times 
donned diving equipment. Picture career: first 
venture in treatricals was operation of small 
house in Haverhill, Mass. Built up house to 
leading theatre of town. Overturned predictions 
of failure of competitors by bringipg Boston Opera 
Company to Haverhill to S.R.O. business. All 
five houses in town later came under Mayer con- 
trol. Branched out later and with Nat Gordon 
formed tlie Gordon-Mayer theatre chain, the 
strongest in New England at that time. Also 
ventured in exchange end of picture business and 
became one of the important buyers. When the 
M-G-M merger went into effect he was made 
head of operations. 
MAYNARD, Ken, actor, b. Mission, Tex., July 21, 
1895. Educ. public schools in Tex., Ind., C. E. 
of Virginia Military .School. Was in circus. Wild 
West shows as trick rider, roper, etc. Also en- 
gaged in civil engineering projects. Has lived 
in Mission, Tex.; Columbia, Ind.; Corrotton, Ky. 
Entered pictures Dec. 3, 1922. Showed Los An- 
geles with Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey 
Circus as featured rider. Played in "Senor Dare- 
Devil," "Unknown Cavalier," "Wagon Show," 
"Code of Scarlet," "Phantom City," "Glorius 
Trail," "Cheyenne." Sports, boating, golf, avi- 
ation. Hght. 6; wght. 180; gray eyes, black hair. 
Ad. First National Studios, Burbank, Cal. 
MAYNARD, Tex, actor, screen career, "Prince of 
the Plains," "Gun-Hand Garrison," "Ridm' 
Luck," "A Wanderer of the West," "Wild Born" 
MAYNE, Eric, actor, b. Dublin, Ireland; educ. 
Westminster School, Yorkshire College, and 
Durham University; stage career, Drury Lane 
Co., London, England, 7 yrs. ; Chas. Frohman 
3 yrs.; Lyceum Theatre, London, 4 yrs.; screen 
career, Metro, Vitagraph, Allied P. & D., Pathe, 
Paramount, First National, FBO, Fox, Selznick. 
Asso. Exhib., Truart, Universal, Gerson, Rayart, 
Independent Films, Chadwick, Lumas; "The Can' 
yon of Adventure" (First National), "Hangman's 
House" (Fox). Hght., 6; wght., 180; brown and 
gray hair, hazel brown eyes. 
MAYO, Archie, director, b. N. Y. C. Educ. N. Y. 
public schools, Columbia University. Stage ex- 
perience, wrote revise "Hello Paris," songs. Has 
lived in N. Y., Hollywood, all over Europe, Aus- 
tralia. Started as gag-man for Jack White. Di- 
rected "Dearie." Sport, reading. 
McAllister, Mary, actress, b. Los Angeles, Cal., 
May, 27. Parents live in Hollywood. iEMuc. there. 
Spec. French, art, typing, dancing. Starred in 
stage production of "Little Princess" and in role 
of "Hedvig," "The Wild Duck" in western cities 
between pictures. Has lived in N. Y., Chicago, 
Salt Lake City, New Orleans, Nashville. Entered 
pictures in 1915 at age of 6. Starred in child 
part of "On Trial," "Pants," "Do Children 
Count?" Leads in "One Minute to Play," "Wick- 
edness Preferred," "Devil Skipper," "Loves of an 
Actress." Belongs to Wampus Bay Star Club, 
1927, Beach Clubs. Sports, swimming, yachting, 
golf. Hght. 5, 21/2 ; wght. 110; brow^n eyes, blonde 
hair. Bus. rep.. Jack Wm. Votion. 
MC ALLISTER, Paul, actor. Screen career. First 
National, Paramount, Fox, Equity, Pathe, Cos- 
mopolitan, Paramoimt, Assoc. Exhib., State 
Rights, Rosemary Films, United Artists; "Sorrell 
and Son" (United Artists), "She's a Sheik," 
"The Big Killing" (Paramount). 
McAVOY, May, actress. IMother resides in Holly- 
wood. Educ. N. Y. Previous career, studying to 
become teacher. Has lived in N. Y., Hollywood. 
Started as extra. Played in "Sentimental Tommy," 
"Lady Windermere's Fan," "Ben Hur," "Jazz 
Singer," "Reno Divorce," "Stolen Kisses," "Lion 
and i^Iouse," "Terror." Hght. 4, 11; wght. 98; 
blue eyes, brown hair. Bus. rep., Dave Epstein. 
Ad. Warner Bros., Hollywood, Cal. 
McBAN, Mickey, child actor, b. Spokane, Wash., 
Feb. 27, 1919. Parents living in Hollywood. Educ. 
Hollywood. Entered pictures at age of one yr. 
through Herbert Brenon. Screen career. "Peter 
Pan," "Beau Geste." "Return of Peter Grimm," 
"Sorrell and Son," "Laugh, Clown. Laugh," "King 
of Mountain," "Mickey's Trip to Moon." Sports, 
swimming, football. light. 4, 9; wght. 84; brown 
eyes, blonde hair. But rep., MinafFe I. Johnstone. 
McCALLEY, Malcolm, w-riter, b. Edinburgh, Scot- 
land, Sept. 11. 1900. Relatives, Bruce Wells, cou- 
sin, safety engr. Auto Club, So. Cal.; Educ. Univ. 
of Penn, spec, in liberal arts, journalism, phil- 

Hiago Riesenf eld 

General Musical Director 
United Artists 


'UGO Riesenf eld was born in Vienna 
on January^6, 1879, and was grad- 
ated with honors from the Vienna 
Conservatory, after which he filled a long 
engagement in the Vienna Opera House as 
concert master and conductor of ballets. 

Hugo Riesenfeld has gone far in the motion 
picture industry. He is among the best known 
of the makers of music for movies, but he 
had many achievements to his credit before 
he became definitely connected with the pic- 
ture field. 

In the course of an extremely active and 
intense life, Riesenfeld played under such 
musical colossi as Mahler, Schuch, Hans 
Richter, Goricke, Safonoff, Wiengartner, Hugo 
Breschan, and many others. His violin teacher 
was Bachrach. 

Robert Fuchs and Grodener taught him 
composition. In the year 1906 Riesenfeld 
came to America as concert master of Oscar 
Hammerstein's Manhattan Opera House. 
Later he worked with the Klaw and Erlanger 
Company as music director and conductor of 
comic opera productions. 

Riesenfeld composed and directed his own 
opteretta, "The Merry Martyr," produced 
with success by Klaw and Erlanger in 1913. 
When the Century Opera Company opened 
with grand opera in English, Riesenfeld was 
secured as its guiding musical spirit. 

It was in 1916 that Hugo Riesenfeld first 
became prominently identified with the mo- 
tion picture industry in a musical way. He 
became musical director and conductor of the 
Rialto Theatre orchestra. When the Rivoli 
opened in New York in 1917 and the Crite- 
rion in April, 192 0, they were also placed 

under his direction. The Riesenfeld standards 
have since become the standards of the mo- 
tion picture theatres of America. His enter- 
tainment scheme has been copied from coast: 
to coast. His orchestral settings to such pic- 
tures as "The Covered Wagon," "The Ten 
Commandments," "The King of Kings," "Beau 
Geste," "The Volga Boatman" and others 
have been applauded by millions of patrons of 
motion picture houses in all parts of the 

As a composer Riesenfeld has to his credit 
such successes as "Betty Be Good," a musical 
comedy; "Overture in Romantic Style," 
"Children's Suite," songs and innumerable 
smaller works. 

Mr. Riesenfeld is now connected with 
United Artists and is confining his activities 
to synchronizing scores to motion pictures. 
Elis permanent address is United Artists 
Studio, Hollywood, California, and his New 
York representative is Abe Meyer, who makes 
his headquarters at 113 West 57th Street. 

Quite an unusual thing about an artist of 
the type of Riesenfeld is that fact that he 
is one of the most rabid baseball fans New 
York boasts. When he was busily engaged 
in New York he took advantage of every 
opportunity to be present in one of the box 
seats at the Yankee Stadium whenever Babe 
Ruth was on hand to slam out another home 
run. He is also an ardent devotee of pinochle. 

Riesenfeld is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, weighs 
1 54 pounds and his eyes are grey and his hair 
brown. He is married and his wife's pro- 
fessional name is Mable Dunning. They have 
one child whose name is Janet and she is 1 5 
years of age. 



osophy, Ph.D. degree. Previous career, reporter, 
advertising copy Viriter. Has lived in Seattle, 
Sari Francisco, Shanghai, New York, Philadelphia, 
Edinburgh, Portland. Received contract for six 
originals in 1923. Orig. "The Clean-Up," "Way 
of Transgressor." Stories or scripts prod. "Com- 
rades," "Mounted Men." Wrote Bertie's Oyster," 
"Plight That Failed." Clubs, Hammer & Cofhn, 
Eminent Physicians, Tau Delta. Sports, tennis, 
golf, swimming, fishing. 
M6CAREY, Leo, vice-president, supervising direc- 
tor; b. Los Angeles, Cal., Oct. 3, 1898. Rels., Ray- 
mond McCarey, writer. Fox Studios. Educ. Uni- 
versity So. Cal.; spec, law, L.L.D. Previous ca- 
reer, practical law in San Francisco, Los Angeles. 
Has Jived in San Francisco, Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures in Sept., 1918. Introduced to Tod Brown- 
ing by David Butler. Assistant to Browning on 
"Virgin of Stamboul," LTniversal. Made "Laurel- 
Hardy," "Charlie Chase" comedies. Clubs, Delta 
Chi Fraternity, Hollywood A. C, Masquers, 
Lakeside, Writers, Elks. Sports, golf, football. 
One child. Mary Virginia McCarey, ZYi yrs. Bus. 
rep T. J. McCarey. 
McCarthy, Charles E., publicity manager. Para- 
mount Famous Lasky Corp., b. 1891, Wareham, 
Mass. Educ. public schools, Middleboro, Mass. 
Previous career, reporter and editor on various 
New York, New England and New Jersey news- 
papers. Picture career, entered publicity depart- 
ment. Fox Films Corp., 1918. Became publicity 
manager Paramount Famous Lasky Corp., 1919. 
Is married and resides at 14 Elm Place, Nutley, 
McCarthy, Henry, writer, b. San Francisco, Cal. 
Jan. 30, 1882. Educ. Jesuit Coll., San Francisco. 
Spec, in classical course. Previous career, news- 
paperman. Lived in N. Y., San Francisco* and 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1917. Wrote, 
"The Gorilla." "Ladies' Night in Turkish Bath," 
"Black Butterflies," "Carnation Kid." Clubs, 
Writers. Bus. rep., Edward Small Co. 
McCarthy, John, director, b. San Francisco, Cal., 
Mar. 17. Educ. San Francisco, St. Ignatius Coll. 
Spec, radio telephony, electricity. Previous career, 
wireless telegraphy, inventor of wireless telephony. 
Has lived in San Francisco, I,x)s Angeles, N. Y. 
Entered pictures in 1914, assistant, technical man, 
D. W. Griffith. Went into independent as pro- 
ducer, director and author of "Out of Dust." 
Directed "Ashes of Glory," "Diamond Handcuffs." 
"Becky," "Lovelorn." Sports, all sports. Wife's 
prof, name, Bessie McCarthy. One child, John, 
I6V2 ys. Bus. Rep., Morris Small. 
McCO'NNELL, Fred J., short subject sales manager. 
Universal Pictures Corp., b. Wasseca, Minn., Oct. 
25, 1882. Educ. Ashland, Wise, high school, Chica- 
go manual training school and University of Wis- 
consin; was captain University swimming team, 
member Chicago Athletic polo team and N. Y. 
Athletic team, 1916-23. Previous business career, 
newspaper man on Chicago Herald, Chicago Tri- 
bune, Cleveland News, in charge of amusements; 
in publishing business with Kaufman and Handy 
agency, Taylor Critchfield Co., Chicago; serial 
representative for Pathe; serial manager for LTni- 
versal; had charge of serial and western picture 
production. Universal City : editor Exhibitors Trade 
Review, 1926-27. General manager short subject 
product for U since 1928. Clubs, New York Athle- 
tic Club, Wampas, Elks, etc. Is married and father 
of two children. Address, Heckscher Bldg., 
N. Y. C. 
McCONNELL, Gladys, actress. Screen career. 
Fox, Pathe; "Riding to Fame" (Elbee), "Three's 
a Crowd," "The Chaser" (First National), "The 
Bullet Mark" CPathe), "The Perfect Crime' 
McCONVILLE, Bernard, writer, b. Denver, Colo., 
Oct. 16, 1889. Relatives, mother and wife living 
in South Pasadena, Cal. Educ. public schools, St. 
Vincents, Loyla Coll., spec, in literary and classi- 
cal courses, B.A. degree. Previous career, news- 
paper reporter. Has lived in Denver, Chicago. 
Los Angeles, Pasadena. Entered pictures in 1915 
Sold orig. stories to D. W. Griffith Mutual Studios. 
later employed as scenario writer. Orig. "Vamp- 
ing Venus" (First National) ; Adap. "Connecticut 
Yankee in King Arthur's Court" (Fox), "Texas 
Steer," "The Whip." (First National). Clubs, 
Authors League of America, Cath. M. P. Guild, 
Cooper Ornithological Club. So. Cal. A. C. Sports, 
fencing, archery, swimming. 2 children, Bernard, 
Jr., 9; Patricia, 10. 

McCORMICK, John, producer, b. Kansas City, Mo., 
Aug. 17., parents living in San Francisco, C^alif. 
Educ. Univ. of Washington, Seattle, spec, in 
modern arts. Previous career, 3 yrs. with John 
Cort, stage prod. Has lived in Kansas City, Mo., 
Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles. 
Went intoi state rights business in 1913, buying 
Oregon, Washington, Idaho rights to "Tiilie's 
Punctured Romance." Prod. "Sally," "Irene," 
"Lilac Time." Clubs, Plollywood A. C., Lakeside 
Golf Club, 233 Club, AAONMS, Islam Temple, 
San Francisco. Sport, tennis. Wife's proL name. 
Colleen Moore. Bus. rep., C. P. Butler, First 
National Studios, Burkbank, Calif. 
McCOSH, Rufus, writer, b. and educ. Atlanta, Ga. 
Previous career, salesman; wrote short stories for 
magazines. Has lived in Philadelphia, Baltimore, 
Washington. Entered pictures in 1926^ Titled, 
"Silent Lover," "Affair of Follies," "See You in 
Jail," "Whip," "Night Watch," "Crash," "Heart 
to Heart," "Heart of Follies Girl," "Burning 
Daylight," "Shepherd of Hills." Wife's prof, 
name. Dwindle Benthal.. 
McCOY, Colonel Tim, actor, b. Saginaw, Mich., 
Apr. 10. Educ. St. Ignatius Coll., Chicago. En- 
tered pictures during making of "Covered Wagon" 
as he could interpret Indian sign language. Played 
in "War Paint," "California," "Foreign Devils," 
"Bushranger," "Masked Stranger," " "Humming 
Wires," "Beyond Sierras," "Morgan's Last Raid," 
"Sioux Blood." Sports, all outdoor sports. Hght. 
5. 11: wght. 170; blue eyes, light hair. 
McCOY, Harry, scenarist, b. 1895; educ. Philadel- 
phia, Pa. .Stage career, vaud. and legit, in N. Y. 
Screen career, American, .Selig. Lehrman, C.B.C., 
Fox, Federated, Universal, FBO, seen, on Mack 
.Sennett comedies and v'.Smith Family" comedies 
McCOY, P. E., director, b. Scotland, Jan. 26, 1890. 
Relatives, Frank McCoy, brother, stage director 
for Comstock and Gest. Educ. N. Y. Spec. Eng- 
lish. Previous career, 15 yrs. stage mgr., director, 
Chas. Frohman, and 11 yrs. gen. stage director 
for John Golden. Entered pictures in 1920 for 
talking pictures, on account of work with Golden. 
Directed "Seventh Heaven" for legit, stage. 
Sports, tennis, riding. 1 child, Phillip Barret, 9. 
Bus. rep., Ira Simmons, press rep., Chas. Reed 
McCULLOUGH, Philo, actor, b. San Berndardino, 
Cal., June 16, 1892. Lives with mother, grand 
parents. Educ. Los Angeles schools. Is original 
member of old Burbank Stock Co. and Los An- 
gels Grand Opera Troupe, Kalem and Balboa. 
Entered pictures in 1912. Played in "Winds of 
Chance," "Splendid Hazard," "Warming Up," 
" We're All Gamblers," "Apache." Belongs to 
Athletic. Masquers, Santa Monica Swimming 
Clubs. Sports, swimming, golf, bridge. Hght. 6; 
wght. 186; blue eyes, brown hair. Married to 
Laura Anson. 
McDERMOTT, John W., writer, b. Green River, 
Wyo., Sept. 9, 1892. Educ. Notre Dame. Previous 
career, stage, Ziegfeld, wrote "Squawk," "Felony," 
(plays), "Unclean," (novel). Lived in Ogden and 
N. Y.. Entered pictures in 1913. "We're in the 
Navy Now," (adapt.) Wrote "Senorita," (orig.), 
"She's a Sheik," (orig.). "The Butterfly Chaser]] 
Harold Lloyd orig. Titles, "Blonde or Brunette," 
"Evening Clothes," "Song of Broadway" and 
"Fifty-Fifty Girl." 
McDonald, Francis, actor, b. Bowling Green, Ky. 
Aug. 22. Educ. St. Xaxier School, (Cincinnati, O. 
College degree. In stock, vaud. Entered pictures 
in 1912 with Universal. Has played in "Drag 
Net," "Legion of Condemned," "Forgotten Faces," 
"Port of Dreams." Belongs to Masquers, Holy- 
wood Athletic, Rancho and Lakeside Golf Clubs. 
Sports, hunting, fishing, golf. Hght. 5, 8; wght. 
150; dark eyes, dark hair. 
McDonald, Jack, actor, b. San Fmacisco, Cal. ; 
educ. St. Ignatius College, San Francisco; stage 
career, 18 yrs. ; screen career. First National, 
Metro, Principal, Fox, Paramount, Universal, 
United Artists, P.D.C. : "The Broken Gate' 
(Tiffany), "The Interferin' Gent" (Pathe), "13 
Washington Square" (Universal), "Buttons" 
(Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), "Burning Daylight" 
(First National). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 140; brown 
hair, dark eyes. 
McDonald, Kenneth, actor. Screen career, 
"After a Million," "Yankee Speed," "In High 
Gear" (Sunset Prod.), "South of the Equator" 
(State Rights), "Makers of Men," "The Coast 

Pat Rooney Marion Bent 


Pat Rooney III 



WM. MORRIS, Representative 



Patrol," "The Speed Demon" (Barsky), "Aveng- 
ing- Fangs" (Pathe), "Sunshine of Paradise Alley" 
(Chadwick), "The Little Buckaroo" (FBO). 

McDowell, Claire, actress, b. N. Y. C. Relatives, 
Mi'll)ourne McDowell, actor, Hollywood. _ Educ. 
Sacred Heart, N. Y. C. Spec, in drawing and 
drama. Metropolitan School of Art, N. Y. C. 
Stage career, 4 yrs. Chas. Frohman Prod., 2 yrs. 
"Way Down East," 2 yrs. orig. "Clansman" Co. 
touring South. Has lived in N. Y. C, Beech- 
hurst, L. I., N. Y., Hollywood. Entered pictures 
in 1910, American Biograph. Pictures include: 
"Something to Think About," "Midsummer Mad- 
ness," "Ben Hur," "Big Parade." Clubs: Actors 
Equity, Pleiades. Hght. 5, 4; wght. 124; brown 
eyes, brown hair turning gray. Husband's prof. 
name, Charles Hill Mailes. Two children, Robert, 
21; Eugene, 19. 

McDowell, Nelson, actor, b. Greenfield, Mo., 
Aug. 14, 1875. Educ. Leadville, Colo., High School; 
Normal Coll., Fremont, Nebr.; N. W. University, 
Chicago. Spec, teaching, singing, elocution, den- 
tistry. Two yrs. in stock in Chicago; 4 yrs. on 
lecture platform. Has lived in Greenfield, Mo.; 
Leadville, Col.; Chicago, Pasadena, Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures about 1916. Played in "Silent 
Cal.l," "Home Stuff," "Girl of Golden West," OJ- 
iver Twist," "Uncle Tom's Cabin," "Little Sheph- 
erd of Kingdom Come," "Wild Beauty," Kit Car- 
son." Sports, golf, baseball, riding. Hght. 6, 2% ; 
wght. 175; dark gray eyes, gray brown hair. 

McEVEETY, Bernard, director, b. N. Y. ; educ. 
Morris High School, N. Y. Screen career, first as 
director with George Walsh in 1926, filming two 
with later for Excellent Pictures, "His Rise to 
Fame" and "The Broadway Drifter" in various 
production posts on West Coast; directed for Ex- 
cellent, "The Stronger Will," "Back to Liberty," 
"A Bowery Cindrella," "Inspiration." 

McGOWAN, J. P., director, b. South Australia; 
educ. there. Stage career, actor with Robert Man- 
tell, Wm. Faversham, H. W. Savage, also in 
stock and vaudeville; became legit, director; 
screen career, with Kalem, Lasky, formed Signal 
Corp., releasing through Universal; Robertson- 
Cole, Playgoers Pictures, American Releasing, 
L.Ko Co., "Aflame in the Sky" (FBO); director 
and scenarist, "Trailin' Back," "Trail Riders," 
"The Painted Trail," director and scenarist for 
"The Lightnin' Sliot," "The Devil's Tower," 
"Mysterious Valley" (Rayart) ; "Dugan of the 
Dugouts" (Crescent); ''Tenth Avenue" (Pathe). 

McGOWAN, Robt. F., director, b. Denver, Colo. 
Mother resides in Los Angeles. Educ. Denver. 
Has lived in Denver, Los Angeles. Entered pic- 
tures in 1914. Started as property man with 
Universal. Directed "Our Gang" comedies for 
seven yrs. Clubs, Masquers, Lakeside Golf, M. 
P. Guild, Hollywood A. C. Sports, golf, swim- 
ming, motoring. Two children, Helen, Roberta. 
Bus. rep., Blair and Co. 

MC GRAIL, Walter, actor, b. and educ. Brooklyn, 
N. Y., 1899; stage career, 2 yrs. comic opera, 3 
yrs. vaud.; screen career, Vitagraph, Pathe, Selz- 
nick, Robertson-Cole, Fox, First National, Hod- 
kinson, United Artists, FBO, Warners, Assoc. 
Exhib., Paramount, Rosemary Films, Universal, 
P.D.C. ; "Old San Francisco" (Warners), "Amer- 
ican Beauty," "Man Crazy" (First National), 
"The Play Girl" (Fox), "Stop That Man" (Uni- 
versal), "Midnight Madness" (Pathe). Hght., 6; 
wght., 172; black hair, blue eyes. 

McGregor, Malcolni, actor, b. Newark, N. J., 
Oct. 13. Mother residing in Belmar, N. J. Educ. 
Yale. Entered pictures in 1921 with Rex Ingram. 
Played in "Buck Privates," "Freedom of Press," 
"Girl on Barge," "Tropical Nights." Belongs to 
Masquers, Cal. Yacht (ilub. Sport, boating. Hg;ht. 
5, 11; wght. 170; brown eyes, black hair. Child, 
Joan, 10. 

McGUIRE, Kathryn, actress, b. Peoria, 111., Dec. 
6,. _ Mother resides in Beverly Hills, Cal. Educ. 
Elgin, 111. Hollywood High School. Previous car- 
eer, esthetic dancing. Has lived in Elgin, Dan- 
ville, 111.; HollywocKl. Entered pictures in 1922. 
Visited classmate at Sennett studio, invited by 
Mr. Waldron to make test, which resulted in 3-yr. 
contract. Played in "Silent Call," "Shek of 
Araby," "Navigator," "Lilac Time," "Naughty 
but Nice," Synthetis Sin," "Children of Ritz," 
"Girl in Pullman." Club, (tables. Sports, dancing, 
riding, tennis. _ Hght. 5, 3I/2; wght 121; hazel 
eyes, blonde hair. Husband, Geo. Landy. 

McGUIRE, Mickey, child actor. Legal name. Sonny 
Joe Yule. B. Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 23, 1921. 
At present going to Logan St. School. On stage 
33 weeks with Scandals of 1924; 12 weeks with Jr. 
Orpheum; 18 weeks with Record Breakers Colum- 
bia Amusement Co. Has lived in N. Y., Kansas 
City, Mos., Los Angeles. Jimmy Ryan at First 
National saw him and gave him job. Has played 
in "Not to 1)6 Trusted," "O'rchids and Ermine." 
Starring in Mickey I\IcGuire comedies for Larry 
Darmour released through FBO. Sports, foot- 
ball, baseball, swimming. Hght 3, 8; wght. 49; 
blue eyes; black hair. Bus. rep., Larry Darmour 
Prod., Cal. Art Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

MC HUGH, Charlie, actor, b. and educ. Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; stage career, Geo. M. Fried Stock Co. 
at 12 yrs. of age, Forepaws Season, Andy Hughes 
Variety, Eddie Foy "Off the Earth," Henderson's 
"Sinbad;" screen career, Famous Players, Robert- 
son-Cole, Universal, Warners, First National, 
Metro, Fox, Renown Pict., Metro-Goldwyn, FBO, 
Chadwick, Pathe; "Finnegan's Ball" (First Di- 
vision), "Phantom of the Range" (FBO). Hght., 
S, 4; wght., 155; blue eyes. 

MC INTOSH, Burr, actor, b. Wellsville, Ohio; 
educ. Princeton; early career, writer and lecturer; 
stage career, several Broadway productions; 
screen career, "A Hero for a Night," "The Four 
Flusher" (LTniversal), "Sailors Wives" (First 
National), "That Certain Thing" (Columbia), 
"The Adorable Cheat" (Chesterfield), "Across 
the Atlantic" (Warners). "The Racket" (Para- 
mount). "Grip of the Yukon." 

McINTYRE, Robert B., production manager, b. 
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 30. Rels. mother living in 
Hollywood. Educ. Philadelphia. Previous career, 
theatrical business mgr.. Walnut St. Theatre, 
Phila., with Wm. A. Brady in New York. Has 
lived in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Hollywood. 
Entered pictures m 1913. sent to Peerless Studios 
in Fort Lee by Wm. A. Brady. Clubs, The Lambs, 
The Masquers. 

McKEE, Lafe, actor, b. Morrison, 111., Jan 23, 1872. 
Educ. Morrison, 111. Entered pictures in 1912. 
From stage went to work for Selig in Chicago. 
Last four pictures were Ken Maynards. Clubs, 
Odd Fellows, Elks, Modern Woodmen, Troupers. 
Sport, fishings._ Hght. 5, lOVa ; wght. 175; blue 
eyes, white hair. Wife's prof, name, Lelah Un- 
derwood. 3 children, Lucille, 28; Toe, 23; Dick. 9. 

McKEE, Raymond, actor, b. Carthage. 111., 1893. 
Parents living in Hollywood. Started on stage 
at three. Played in "Grit the News Boy" several 
yrs. Also musical comedy, comedy drama, drama. 
Has lived in Chicago, N. Y., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Entered pictures in 1911, then back on stage. Has 
played in "LInbeliver," "Down to Sea in Ships." 
Featured in Sennett Smith Family comedies for 
three yrs. Lead in "Family Picnic." Belongs to 
Masons, Shrine, 233 Club, Friars, Hollywood A. C. 
Clubs. Won several cups at field athletics, squash. 
Hght. 5, 7% ; wght. 140; gray eyes, dark hair. 
Married to Marguerite C^ourtot. Son, Raymond 
Courtot, 2V2. Bus. rep., George Ullman. 

McLAGLEN, Victor, actor, b. London, Eng. Pre- 
vious career, wrestler, soldier, adventurer. Has 
lived in London, Constantinople, Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures in 1920, met m. p. director in Lon- 
don, who engaged him for role. Came to America 
at request of J. Stuart Blackton. Played in 
"What Price Glory," "Loves of Carmen," "Mo- 
ther Machree." "Girl in every Port," "Strong- 
boy," "Captain Lash." Sports, riding, cricket. 
Hght. 6, 3^2; wght. 205; gray eyes, brown hair. 
Wife's name. Enid McLaglen. Two small daugh- 
ters. Ad. Fox Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 

McLEOD, Jcinet, actress. Screen career: First Na- 
tional, Fox; "Vamping Venus," (First National); 
"Win That Girl" (Fox). 

McNAMARA, Ton», writer, b. San Francisco. Educ. 
public school and High school. Previous career, 
cartoonist, reporter and comic artist. Entered 
pictures in 1917. Originated "Our Gang." 12 
two reeler's for FBO "Beauty Shop Series." 
Clubs, Friars, Writers, Masons. Sports, golf and 
bicycle. Pres rep., Sam Cohen. 

MC PHAIL, Addie, actress. Screen career, "Keep- 
ing Up with the Jones" comedy series, "The 
Newlyweds" comedy series (LTniversal), Imperial 
Comedies (Fox). 

MCQUARRIE, Albert, actor, b. San Francisco, 
Cal., 1882; stage career, began at Alcazar Theatre 
in 1904, on dramatic stage until 1911; screen ca- 

Victor Scliertziiti^er 



/// Technicolor 



In His First All Talkie 
For Faramonnt 



reer, started with David Horsley, w!th Universal, 
Pathe, United Artists, Aywon, American Releas- 
ing, Paramount, Independent; "The Gaucho" 
(United Artists). Hght., 5, 9; wght., 160; brown 
hair, gray eyes. 

McQuillan, Ada, writer. Screen career, co- 
adapt. "The Web of Fate," co-seen. "Wilful 
\'inith," "Golden Shackles," "Girl He Didn't 
Jiuy" (Peerless). 

McRAE, Henry, director, b. Staynor, Ontario, Can- 
ada, 1S88. Stage career, toured with own stock 
company. O'perated stock units in principal West- 
ern cities; took shows to Japan, Hawaii, the 
Orient. Screen career, with Selig, became di- 
rector-genera! of Universal City; worked for Bi- 
son, Hodkinson; "The Trail of the Tiger," "W.ld 

McWADE, Margraret, actress. Screen career, Fox, 
Beauty," (Universal). 

Reaiart, Pathe, Goldwyn, F. B. Warren, Metro, 
Educational, Certified Pict., Assoc. Exhib., Metro- 
Goldwyn, Fox, First Nation., FBO; "Women Who 
Dare" (Excellent). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 115; black 
hair, dark-gray eyes. 

MEAGHER, Edward, writer, b. Boston, Mass., Dec. 
11, 1894. Educ. Boston and N. Y., high school, 
Cdlunibia Univ., spec, drama and lit. Previous 
career, newspaper reporter, play reader, dramatic 
critic. Wrote miscellaneous short stories for mag- 
azines. Has lived in Boston, N. Y., Washington, 
Philadelphia, London. Paris, Rome, Chicago, Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures in 1920 through Edgar 
Selwyn. Screen work: "Tracked in Snow Coun- 
try" (orig.), "Stool Pigeon" (orig.), "Burning- 
Bridges" (adapt.), "Block Signal" (adapt.), "Hum- 
ming Wires" (adapt. )j "Wild Beauty" (Univ.), 
"Law's Lash" (Pathe). Club, Writers, Sports, 
football, boxing. Wife's prof, name, Edith Stock - 
well. 1 child, Marguerit, 12. 

MEEHAN, Lew, actor. Screen career. Associated 
Photoplays, Amer.can Releasing, Western Pict., 
State Rights, Universal, Wm. Steiner, Artclass, 
FRO, Davis Dist. ; "The Code of the Range" 

MEEHAN, Leo, director, b. Illinois; educ. public 
and private schools, Eigm, 11!.^ and Jesuit Col- 
lege of St. Mary's. Early career, newspaper, 
magazine writer, and publicity worker for 10 
yrs. Screen career, wrote originals and continuity 
after breaking in as reader; assistant director 
and director, dir. "Wallflowers," "Freckles," "The 
Devil's Trademark," "Little Mickey Grogan," 
"Judgment of the Hills," "The Harvester," "The 
L'ttle Yellow House" (FBO). 

MEEKER, George, actor. Screen career, "Four 
Sdiis,'' "The Escape;" "A Thief in the Dark, ' 
"Chicken a la King," "The Girl-Shy Cowboy' 

MEEKIN, Charles, actor. Screen career, "Lickety 
Split" (Educational), "The Marriage Clause" 
(Universal), "Upstage" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), 
"Pleasure Before Business" (Columbia), "Ladies 
at Ease" (First Division). 

MEHAFFEY, Blanche, actress, b. Cincinnati. O., 
July 28, 1906. Educ. Mary Lyon School, Swarth- 
more. Pa., Lasell Seminary, Boston, Chappaqua 
Seminary, Valhalla, N. Y. Spec, in music and 
language. Previous career. Ziegfeld Follies in 
1923. Entered pictures in 1924, selected from Fol- 
lies by Hal Roach; with Roach Studio one and 
one-half yrs. Later pictures: "His People," "Take 
It From Me" (Universal, "Finnegan's Ball," 
"Princess From HJDboken" (Tiffany-Stahl). Sports, 
swimming, tennis, riding, golf. Hght. 5, 3; wght. 
116; gray-blue eyes, red hair. 
MEIGHAN, Thomas, actor, b. Pittsburgh, Pa. Apr. 
9. Home town. New Port Richey, Fla. Educ. 
Pittsburgh public schools, Mt. St. Mary's Coll. 
Previous career, stt:died medicine. Beban screen 
career with Jesse Lasky. Played in "City Gone 
Wild," "We're All Gamblers," "Racket," "Mating 
Call." "The Argyle Case" first of series of 
talking pictures for Warner Bros. Clubs, Lambs, 
L<jtus. Sports, swimming, golf. Hght. 6, 1 ; 
wght. 170; brown hair, gray-blue eyes. Wife's 
iKinif-, Francis Ring. 

MEINS, Gus, director. Early career, editor, car- 
todnist, Los Angeles Evening Herald. Screen ca- 
reer, began with Fox in 1919 as scenarist and 
"gag" man; assist, director, then director for 
Mack Sennett; made shorts and features; short 
reel comedies. Stern Brothers released through 
LTniversal; has handled "Newlyweds and Their 
Baby" series, "Keeping Up with the Joneses" 
series, "Let Geoi'ge Do It" comedies, "Buster 
Brown" comedies. 

MELFORD, George, director, b. Rochester, N. Y. ; 
educ. McCill Univ. Stage career, actor on legit. 
stage 7 yrs. Screen career, first with Kalem as 
actor and then director; dir. for Paramount, 
P.D.C., Fox, "Freedom of the Press," "A Man's 
Past" (Universal), "Lingerie" (T.fTany-Stahl), 
".Sinners in Love" (FBO). 
MENDES, Lothar, director, b. Berlin, May 19, 1894. 
Mother lives there. Educ. there. Has been on 
stage in Vienna, Berlin; immediately after leav- 
ing high school, with Max Reinhardt. Lived in 
Berlin, Vienna, London, Paris, N. Y., Los An- 
geles. Entered pictures in 1923. Paul Davidson, 
who brought Lubitsch into pictures, gave him his 
first chance as actor and director with UFA. 
Davidson was then head of UFA. Director "In- 
terfrence," "Night of Mystery," "Prince of Tempt- 
ers." Sports, tennis, golf. Mailing ad. Paramount 
DLaskv Studio. 
MENJOU, Adolphe, actor, b. Pittsburgh, Pa.Mo- 
ther lives with him. Educ. Culver Military Acad., 
Cornell. Spec, mechanical engineering. Degree 
in same at Cornell. Was on stage. Has lived in 
Pittsburgh, N. Y. C, Hollywood. Entered pic- 
tures in 1912 with Vitagraph. Played in "Woman 
of Paris," "Grand Duchess and Waiter," "Ace 
of Cads," "Service for Ladies," "Gentleman of 
Paris," "His Private Life," "His Tiger Lady," 
"Serenade," "Night of Mystery." Hght 5, 11; 
wsrht. 156; blue eyes, brown hair. Married to 
Kathryn Carver. Ad. Paramount Studio, Holly- 
wood, Cal. 
MENDEZ, Jola, actress. Screen career, "Mould- 
ers of Men,"' "Not for Publication, " "Chicago 
After Midnight" (FBO). 

MERCER, Beryl, actress. Screen career, Goldwyn, 
"We Americans" (Universal). 

MEREDYTH, Bess, writer, b. Buffalo, N. Y.. Educ. 
at Central High school, BufTalo, N. Y. Spec, in 
English composition. Previous ca.reer, vaud., 
stage and short stories. Lived in N. Y. and Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures about 1913 as an extra 
girl with Biograph Co., D. W. Griffith directing; 
because they needed stories. Screen storjes: "Dan- 
gerous Age," "Captain Applejack," "Red Lily," 
"Thy Name is Woman," "Sea Beast." Stories 
already produced: "Mysterious Lady" and "Wo- 
man of Affairs." Bus. rep., H. E. Edington; 
press rep., Margaret Ettinger and Daphne Mar- 
tinet t e . 

MESSINGER, Buddie, actor. Legal name, Melvin 
Joy Messinger. B. San Francisco, Cal., Oct. 26. 
Educ. Hollywood. Studied commercial cov:rse, psy- 
chology. Has university degrees. Was pianist. 
Has lived in Chicago, N. Y., San Francisco, Spo- 
kane, Boston, Miami, Honolulu, Los Angeles. iEn- 
tered pictures Feb. 13, 1915, at Universal Studio. 
Has played in "Flirt," "hSadows," "Abysmai 
Brute," "Godless Girl," "Walking Back," "Angel 
Face." Belongs to- Native Sons of Golden West, 
Kappa Lambda Tau, Hollywood Night Club. 
Sports, hunting, fishing, football, golf, riding, ten- 
nis. Hght. 5, SVo; wght. ISO; hazel eyes, black 
hair. Bus. rep., Mennifee I. Johnstone; press *;p., 
Harry Burns. 

METCALFE, Arthur, actor. Screen career, "Soul- 
Fire," "Shore Leave" (First National), "Dead 
]Man's Curve" (FBO). 

METCALF, Earl Keeney, actor, b. Newport, Ky., 
1889; educ. Cincinnati, O.; stage career, 7 yrs. 
in stock and N. Y. Prods., vaud.; screen career, 
Lubin, Select, World, Vitagraph, Abramson, 
Pathe, directed James Montgomery Flagg com- 
edies, Robertson-Cole, Arrow, Fox, Russell Prod., 
Universal, Goldwyn, Sanford Prod., Paramount, 
New Cal Film Corp., Metro-Goldwyn, FBO, 
Assoc. Exhib., United Artists, Rayart; "Remem- 
ber" (Columbia), "Sin Cargo," "Night Life" 
(TifTany-Stahl), "The Notorious Lady," "The 
Devil's Saddle" (First National), "The Air Mail 
Pilot" (Hi-Mark). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 170; 
brown hair, blue eyes. 

METZGER, Lou iB., general manager Universal 
Pictures Corp., b. Kansas City. Started picture 
career when 17 yrs. of age in his uncle's film 
exchange in Portland, Ore. as inspector when 
Laemmle Film Service was handled. I^ter, sales 
end in that territory until he enlisted in 81st 
F"ield Artillery during war. Rose to chief brigade 
telephone officer. Associated thereafter in Kansas 
City exchange and became special representative 
for Universal on "Heart of Humanity." Metzger 
conceived and executed Universal's "Complete 
Service Contract" and since that time has been 



located at the Home Office. Duiinpr 1925 was 
made sales director of Western division and in 
1926 was appiHnted (general sales manager. On 
E. H. Goldstein's resignation, 1928, was made 
general manager of the corporation. Address, 
Universal Pictures, preckschcr Bldg.. N. Y. C. 
MEYER, Frank A., assistant' secretary Paramount 
Famous Lasky Corporation, 1). and educ. in .St. 
Louis, Mo. Entered banking business in 1908 for 
about one year when he became connected with 
the Cameraphone Company, New York City, one 
of the first talking picture companies which num- 
bered in its roster of stars some of the best known 
names then on the legitimate stage; in 1909 re- 
turned to St. Ix)uis where he formed association 
with Western Film Exchange Company later be- 
ing sent to New York to open a branch office for 
that company; among his clients was Adolph 
Zukor who booked film from the Western Ex- 
change for his Comedy theatre; through business 
Mr. Meyer and Mr. Zukor came to know and 
like each other with the result that, in 1912 when 
Famous Players was organized, Mr. Meyer was 
taken into the new company. He has served in 
many capacities with Famous and is now general 
manager of the Paramount laboratory and general 
purchasing agent in addition to his executive duties. 
MEYER, Torben, actor. Screen career, "The Man 

Who Laughs," "Jazz Mad" (Universal). 
MEYERS, Eldwin, writer, b. Calcutta, India, Oct. 
26, 1900. Relatives, parents living in Calcutta, 
J. Manasseh, bus. man, N. Y. C. Educ. St. Xav!- 
ers Coll., Calcutta, and England, spec, history, 
lit., drama, art. Previous career, short story 
writer, roaming around the globe. Has lived in 
Calcutta, Bombay, Rangoon, Singapore, Naples, 
Paris, Rome, London, N. Y., Hollywood. Entered 
pictures six yrs. ago in India with Madam Prod. 
Co. of Calcutta, acted, wrote and directed films. 
Orig. "Twilight." "Queen cf Rags," "Castanets." 
"Tarantella," "White Curtains," "Eternal Light." 
Recent stories or scripts prod. "The Grene Eye," 
"Beloved Bandit," "Prince of Hearts," "Pretty 
Clothes." Titled: "Hawaian Love." Wrote short 
stories: "Lotus Flower," "Whirlwind of Himala- 
yas," "Confirmed Bachelors," "Siren of Paris," 
play "Recoil." Clubs, Araby, Hollywood. Sports, 
ter.nis, riding, swimming. 
MIDGLEY, Fannie, actress, b. Cincinnati. Stage 
career, from age of 15, with Henry Miller in "The 
Great Divide." Screen career, Biograph, Ince, 
United, Robertson- Cole, Realart, Paramount, Tru- 
art, M-G-M, Warner, Chadwick, Fox, Aatclass, 
Asso. Exhib. ; "Laddie." "The Harvester" (FBO), 
"The Cowlx>y Cavalier" (Pathe). 
MIDGLEY, Florence, actress. Screen career, WiUat 
Prod.. Paramount; "Sadie Thompson" (United 
MILLAR, Adolph, actor, b. and educ. Germany. 
.Screen career, Hodkinson, Healart, .Selznick, Ar- 
row, nspiration. First National, M-G-M, Para- 
mount; "Back to God's Country," "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin," "The Michigan Kid" (Universal), "Gate- 
way to the Moon" (Fox), "Devil's Skipper," 
"Clothes Make the Woman" (Tiffany-Stahl). 
MILASH, Robert E., actor, b. N. Y. C, 1885; 
educ. N. Y. C; stage career, under Frohman in 
"Th_e Girl I Left Behind Me," with James K. 
Hackett in "The Prisoner of Zenda;" screen ca- 
reer, Edison. Biograph, Pathe, Crustal, Universal, 
World, Param.ount, Vitagraph, Fox, Selznick; 
"Grinning Guns," "Men of Daring," "A Hero 
for a Night" (Universal), "The Upland Rider" 
(First National). Hght.. 5. 7; w]ght., 122; gray 
hair, blue eyes, dark complexion. 
MILLER, Alice D. G., writer, b. New York. Screen 
work: "Man. Woman and Sin," "Four Walls" 
(M-G-M); "The Devil Dancer," "Two Lovers" 
(I'nited Artists), "The Last Waltz" (Paramount). 
MILLER. Carl, actor, b. Wichita County, Tex., 
Aug. 9th. Mother resides in Hollywood. Educ. 
Tex. pub. schls. Previous career, art student 
(sculpture). Has lived in Dallas, Tex.. Holly- 
wood, Cal. Entered pictures in 1916. Played in 
"Womcnof Paris." Sport, riding. light. 5, 11; 
wgln. 165: brown eves, black hair. 
MILLER. Patsy Ruth, actress, b. St. I>iuis, Mo.. 
Jan. 17. I'arents living in Beverly Hills. Educ. 
Visitation Convent, Mary Institute, St. I>ouis. 
Spec, literature, dramatic work, nnisic. Has lived 
in St. I^us. Hollywood, Beverly Hills. Entered 
pictures in 1921. Played in "Hunchback of Notre 
Dame." "Girl I Loved," "We Americans." "Hot 
Heels," "Gate Crasher," "Tomorrow," "Beatiful 

but Dumb." Belongs to Our Girls Club. Sports, 
swimming, flying, tennis, bridge. Hght. 5, 2; 
wgbt. 105; dark brown eyes; deep auburn hair. 
Bus. rep., Oscar W. Miller, father. 
MILLER, Charles, actor, b. Saginaw, Mich.; educ. 
Univ. of Mich.; stage career, for 15 yrs. under 
mgmt. of Chas. Frohman, Henry B. Harris, Klaw 
& Erlanger, Daniel Frohman, stage dir., stock 
throughout country, leading man with Clara 
Bloodgood, Louis Mann, Clara Lipman, etc.; 
screen career, Ince, Triangle-Ince, Select, Metro, 
Goldwyn, Playgoers: "The Circus Kid" (FBO). 
MILLER, Harold Atchison, actor, b. Redondo 
Beach, Cal. ; educ. Los Angeles; screen career, 
.Selznick, Frank Keenan Co., Universal, Allan 
Dwan, iFox, Playgoers, Pathe; "The Princess on 
Broadway" (Pathe), "Out of the Past," "Wom- 
an's Law" (Peerless). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 160; 
brown hair and eyes. 
MILLER, Mary Louise, actress. Screen career, 
"The Bandit's Baby" (FBO), "The Night Cry," 
"The Third Degree," "Jaws of Steel" (Warners), 
".Sparrows" (United Artists), "Three Hours" 
(First National). 
MILLER, Seton L., writer, b. Chehalis, Wash., May 
3, 1902. Educ. at Everett High School, Phillips 
Exeter and Yale. Spec, in Literature, Languages 
and Psychology. Ph. B. Lived in Chehalis. Seat- 
tle, Everett, Wash., New Haven, _ Conn., Exeter, 
N. H., and Hollywood. Entered pictures January 
1926. First acted in stock "Brown of Harvard." 
Wrote, "High School Hero," "Paid to Ix>ve." 
"The Air Circus," "Girl in Every Port." "Fazl," 
"Wolf Fangs." "Girl-Shy Cowboy." Sports, 
swimming, teninis, riding. 

MILLER, Walter, actor, b. Dayton, Ohio; educ. 
iManual Training High, N. Y. ; stage career, stock 
and vaud.; screen career, "The Man Without a 
Face," "Hawk of the Hills." "Melting Millions," 
"House without a Key" (Pathe). Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 165; brown hair, brown eyes. 

MILLETT, Arthur Nelson, actor, b. Maine, 1874. 
Educ. Sacred Heart College, Denver. Stage ca- 
reer, 14 vrs. Screen career. Triangle, Hodkinson, 
Metro, Robertson-Cole, FBO, Pathe, P.D.C.; 
"Wolf's Clothing" (Warner), "Range Courage" 
(LTniversal), "A Low Necker" (Fox), "Shootin" 
Irons" (Paramount). Hght., 6, 1; wght., 196; 
brown hair, dark eyes. 

MILLIKEN, Carl E., secretary of Motion Picture 
Producers and Distributors of America, b. Pitts- 
field, Me., July 13, 1877. Educ. Bates College, 
post grad.. Harvard, Colby and _ U. of Maine. 
Previous career, governor of iMaine 1917-19 and 
1919-21; was also lumber manufacturer; member 
House of Rep., Maine; in Senate 1909-14. Entered 
motion picture industry as secretary of Motion 
Picture Producers and Distributors of A. Clubs, 
Harvard; Town Hall, New York; Portland, Port- 
land. Me.; Bates College Club. Is married. New 
York address, 469 5th Ave., New York City; also 
Portland. Me. 

MILLOY, May, actress, b. Dublin, Ireland. Jan. 25. 
Educ. (i"anada. Paris. Ten yrs in N. Y. produc- 
tions by David Belasco. Al H. Woods. Wm. A. 
Brady, Arthur Hopkins. Has lived in N. Y.. Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures with few bits. Played 
in "Ladies of Night Club." "Grain of Dust." Hght. 
5. 2Y2; wght. 124; hazel eyes; auburn hair. Mar- 
ried to Ford West. 

MILLNER, Marietta, actress, b. Vienna, Austria; 
educ. there; screen career, began in Europe with 
French iiicf. "La Fille du Mme. Larrarc," then 
with UFA, and later made trip around the world 
making films for Jacoby Corp., Germany. Signed 
by Paramount in 1927, has appeared in "Drums 
of the Desert," "We're All Gamblers." "The 
City Gone Wild." "The Magnificent Flirt" (Para- 
nunmt). Hgnt., 5, 5; wght., 124; brown hair and 

MILLS, Alyce, actress, b. Richmond, Va. ; educ. 
there: early career, dancer; screen career, "Two 
Girls Wanted" (Fox), "The Whirlwind of Youth," 
".Say It Again" (Paramount), "The Romance ot 
a iMillion Dollars" (Preferred), "The Prince of 
Broadwav" (Chadwick). 

MILLS, Frank, actor. .Screen career, "Chicago 
.\fter Midnight," "Hit of the Show" (FBCy). 

MILLS, Joe, actor. Screen career. "Ix)ve's Whirl- 
po>l" (Hodkinson), "The Wright Idea" (First 

MILES, Robert, actor. Screen career, "Under 
Fire" (Klfelt Prod.), "Stormy Waters" (Tiflfany- 



MILESTONE^ Lewis, director, b. Russia, Sept. 17, 

1895. Parents reside in Russia. Educ. Russia, 
Germany. Spec, mechanical engineering. Has 
lived in N. Y., Washington, Chicago, Los An- 
geles. Entered pictures in 1920. Directed; "Two 
Arabian Knights," "Racket," "The New Klon- 
dyke," "Garden of Eden." Clubs, Hollywood 
A. C, Masquers. Sports, squash, tennis. Bus. 
Rep. Harry Haven. 

MILEY, Jerry, actor, b. Alameda, Cal. ; educ. Cul- 
ver Military Academy; screen career, "Pajamas," 
"Sally of the Scandals" (FBO), "The Under- 
standing Heart" (Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer). 
"The Joy Girl" (Fox), "The Gingham Girl,' 

MILJAN, John, actor, b. Lead City, S. D., Nov. 9. 
Educ. City Schl and on route, 1st Martins Aca- 
demy. Previous career, stage. Stock in Cleve- 
land, Philadelphia, Richmond, Va., Denver, Hobo- 
ken, Binghamton, N. Y. Has lived in Summer- 
ville, Mass., Superior, Wise, Ogden, Oakland, 
San Francisco. Entered pictures in 1922. Played 
in "Devils Circus," "Lion Tamer,'' "Desired 
Women," "Terror," "Yankee Clipper," "Wolf's 
Clothing," "Stark Mad," "Desert Song," "Hunt- 
ed." Sports, riding, gardening. Hgt. 6, wght, 
168, dark brown eyes, brown hair. Bus. rep., Phil 

MILNE, Peter, writer, b. New York City, Aug. 15, 

1896. Rels., parents living in New York. Educ, 
New York (Ility. Has lived in New York, Los 
Angeles, Chicago. Entered pictures in 1913 as 
reviewer for Motion Picture News. Orig. "Home- 
struck;" adap. "Matinee Idol," "The Way of the 
Strong." Recent stories, "Head of the Family," 
"Nothing to Wear," "Say it with Sables." Sports, 

MINTZ, Sam, writer, b. Boston, 1897. Educated in 
Fargo, N. D. Spec, in Journalism. Previous 
career, newspaperman. Lived in Boston and San 
Francisco. Entered pictures in 1918. Purchase of 
original by Independent Producer. Wrote, "Warm- 
ing LTp" (Para, orig), "Number Please" (Para, 
orig); "Avalanche" (co-ad), "Moran of the 
Marines" (co-ad) and "Fools of Luck." Sports, 

MIR, David, actor, b. Petrograd, Russia. Screen 
career, Fox, Paramount; "Slightly Used" (War- 
ner), "Bringing Up Father" (M-G-M), "The 
Matinee Idol" (Columbia), "The Cavalier" (Tif- 

MIRANDA, Tom, writer, b. Ohio, May 10. Rels., 
sister living in Dayton, Ohio. Educ. Kenilworth, 
Capetown, So. Afr., Pittsburgh and Ohio, spec. 
English literature, rec. B.A. degree, Kenilworth 
Coll. Previous career, newspaper reporter four 
yrs., magazine writer past 20 yrs., freight rate 
expert & traffic mgr. Trunk Line Railroads and 
writer on traffic matters. Author of plays and 
books, "The Screen," "Tlie Infidel," "The Man 
in the Moon," "The Mad Blonde." Has lived in 
New York, Norfolk, Va., Jacksonville, Fla., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., Sprnigfield, Ohio, Charleston, W. Va., 
Richmond, Va. Screen career, wrote for B. S. 
Moss, asst. director general. World Film Corp. 
Titled: "The Connecticut Yankee," "The Racket," 
"The Lookout Girl." Adap. "Resurrection," "The 
White Black Stieep."_ Clubs: Breakfast Club, 
Santa Monica Swimming Club, Brentwood Coun- 
try Club, Writers, Authors League of America, 
Deauville Club, Hot Iron Club, Traffic Club. 
Sports, golf, _ horseback riding. 2 children — Tom, 
Jr. & Maurice Stephenes Miranda. Bus. rep., 
Fred Peterson; press rep., Maurice Stephens 

MITCHELL. Belle, actress. Screen career: First 
National; "Flying Romeos." 

MITCHELL, Bruce, director, b. Freeport, 111., Nov. 
16, 1882. Related to R. B. Mitchell, attorney; 
Miss Sara Buckman and Mrs. M. B. Strong. 
Educ. U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis. Was 
civil engineer until 1912. Has lived all over globe. 
Entered picture business in 1912. Became in- 
terested through meeting Mary Pickford and 
mother. Directed "Another Man's Wife," "Love's 
Whirlpool," "The Cloud Patrol," "The Air Derbv," 
"The Sky Wayman," "The Air Ranger." Be- 
longs to the Masons. Favorite sports, hunting 
and fishing. Married to non-pro. 

MITCHELL, Pell, production manager, b. Fulton, 
Ky. Educ. Vanderbilt Univ., spec, in chemistry 
and English, A.M. & M.B. degrees. Previous 
career, advertising, photography. Has lived in 
New York, Miami, Havana. Hollywood. Entered 
pictures in 1913. Sold Mexican Revolution (Villa 
& Carranza) war pictures to newsreels, first war 

pictures on screen, 6 yrs. with Gaumoiit as news- 
reel editor, organized and edited Fox News, editor 
Travel Films, Educational pictures. Clubs, Friars, 
Shrine, Crescent Bay Yacht Club, Miami City 
Club. Wife's prof, name, Pearl Roberts. Bus. 
rep., J. A. Duffy. 

MIX, Tom, actor, b. El Paso County, Tex., Jan. 6, 
1880. Was in Spanish War; also ranger, sheriff, 
marshall in Okla. Began screen career with 
Selig. Has played in "Horseman of Plains," 
"Daredevils Reward," "Hello CTheyenne, "Pa nted 
Post," "Son of Golden West," "Drums of Araby." 
Belongs to Jonathan Club, El Caballero Club, 
Masons, Elks. Sports, boxing. Hght. 6 ft; wght. 
165; black hair; dark brown eyes. 

MOFFITT, Jefferson, writer, b. Oakland, Calif., 
Dec. 17, 1888. Rels., mother living in Burlingame. 
Educ, Oakland High Sch., Cornell Univ., Univ. 
of Calif., spec, in Letters, B.A. degree. Previous 
career, wholesale lumber, world war. Has lived 
in Oakland, San Francisco, Paris, New York, 
Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1921, sold story 
to Universal. 4 yrs. Mack Sennett. Recent 
stories or scripts: "Good-Bye Kiss," (First Na- 
tional), "Legionnaires in Paris," (FBO), "Pink 
Pajamas" (Pathe), Photophone Talking pictures. 
Clubs: Chi Phi, Writers. Sports, tennis, golf. 

MOLNAR, Julius, actor. Screen career, "The Last 
Moment" (Zakora), "The Man Who Laughs" 

MONG, William V., actor, b. Chambersburg, Pa.» 
June 2Sth. Educ. Chambersburg. Previous 

career, stage, Vaud. dramatics. Has lived in 
N. Y., Chicago, Los Angeles. Entered pictures 
in 1910. Played in "Connecticut Yankee," "Dollar 
Raise," "Thy Name Is Woman," "Maker of 
Dreams," "Seven Footsteps to Satin. C^lubs: 
Masquers, Peter Pan. light. 5, 10, wght. 145. 
Brown eyes, hair. Wife's name Esme Warde. 
One child, Wm. Tr. Bus. rep.. S. Geo. LUlman. 

MORAN, Lee, actor, b. Chicago, 111., June 23, 1890. 
Educ. McKinley High School, (Chicago. Spec. 
Latin Was in Mort Singer's Musical comedies, 
Ziegfeld's musical comedy. Has lived in Chicago, 
N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1910. 
Played in "No Defense," "Alimony Annie" "Syn- 
copating Sue," "Her Big Night," "Racket," "Show 
Girl," "Madonna of Avenue A," "Ladies of Night 
Clubs." Belongs to L. A. A. C, Cal. Yacht Club, 
Masquers. Sports, football, baseball. Hght. 5, 
10, wght. 135; blue-gray eyes, brown hair. Mar- 
ried. Child, Mary Jane, 11. Bus. rep., (jrant E. 

MORAN, Lois, actress. Legal name, Lois Dowling. 
B. Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 1, 1909. Mother lives 
Beverly Hills. Educ. Pittsburgh, N. Y., France. 
Spec, languages. Danced for two yrs. at Na- 
tional Opera, Paris. Has lived in Pittsburgh, N. 
Y., most European capitols. Entered pictures in 
1924. Played in "Stella Dallas," "God Gave me 
20 Cents," "Music Master," "Padlocked," "Sharp- 
shooters," "Don't Marry," "River Pirate," "Blind- 
fold." Belongs to Writers, Acad. Motion Picture 
Science and Arts, and Woman Pays Clubs. Sports, 
riding, tennis. Hght. 5, 2; wght 110; blue eyes, 
blonde hair. Bus. rep., Mrs. G. E. Moran. Press 
rep., Fox Studios Public'ty Dept., Hollywood, Cal. 

MORAN, Polly, actress., b. Chicago, 111.' Tom Mo- 
ran, father. Educ. Chicago public school, St. Pat- 
rick's Convent, Chicago. Stage career, vaud., later 
opposite DeWolf Hopper. Entered pictures in 1915 
with Charlie Murray in "The Janitor." Has 
played in "Blackbird." "Unknown," "Trail of 
'98," "Bringing Up Father," "Divine Woman," 
"Flesh and Devil," "Thirteenth Hour," "Show." 
Ad. Metro-Goldwvn-Mayer Studios, Culver City, 

MOOERS, DeSacia, actress, b. Allesandro, Majove 
Desert, Cal.; educ. St. Gertrude's Convent, Mar- 
borough School, Los Angeles, Cal. ; stage career, 
Morosco stock, Los Angeles; screen career, Sam- 
uel Goldwyn, Selznick, FBO, C. C. Burr, Mari- 
time Prod., Fox, Paramount, P.D.C., First Na- 
tional, Columbia, Excellent; recent work, "Lone- 
some Ladies" (First National), "By Whose 
Hand," "Broadway Daddies" (Columbia), "Back 
to Liberty" (Excellent). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 131; 
ash blonde hair, dark blue eyes. 

MOON, Loma, scenarist, b. Scotland; educ. France 
and Scotland. Screen career, 1 year with C. B. 
DtMille as assistant writer; 3 yrs. with Famous 
Players writing feature pictures. Seen, for "Mr. 
Wu," "Women Love Diamonds," "After Mid- 
night," adapt. "Love" (Metro-(joldwyn-Mayer). 

J_ HERE were 
no rabbit's feet 
or horseshoes in 
my bed when I 
was born — be- 
cause it took me 
27 years of the- 
atrical irritation, 
palpitation and 
perspiration to 
reach Broadway 
and the height of 
my career. 

I've played every town, hamlet, gimlet and omelette 
from Maine to California — I've seen America first, last 
and always — and after floundering around for eight 
years in medicine shows — side shows — minstrel shows 
— repertoire companies and burlesque, I became a star 
— and from 1901 to 1915 I toured the country at 
the head of my own musical comedy company — in the 
well-known "Busy Izzy" series. 

I attained my greatest legitimate stage success in a 
play called *' Welcome Stranger." I reached the screen 
in 1924 and made history immediately in such suc- 
cesses as 'Totash and Perlmutter," **The Cohens and 
Kellys," *'The Prince of Pilsen," '*The Auctioneer," 
'*We Americans," etc. 

Am still at it — and will be until the BIG BOSS says, 
*'STOP, that's long enough." 


Address all inquiries to Motion Picture News, Hollywood 



MOORE, Cleve, actor, b. Port Huron, Mich. Educ. 
University of Santa Clara. Spec. law. Went to 
college. Has lived in Tampa, Atlanta, Detroit. 
Entered pictures in 1925. Played in "Lilac Time," 
"Her Summer Hero," "Air Circus." Belongs to 
Hollywood A. C. hght. 5, 11; wght. 160; brown 
eyes and hair. Bus. rep., Lichtig and Englander. 
I'rt-ss rep., Scoop Conlon. 
MOORE, Colleen, actress, b. Port Huron, Mich., 
Aug. 19. Parents reside Los Angeles. Educ. Con- 
vent Holy Name, Tampa, Fla., Detroit Conserva- 
tory Music. Spec, music, dancing, dramatics. 
Tampa, Atlanta, Detroit, Toronto, Chicago. En- 
tered pictures 1917. Has played in "Flaming 
Youth," "So Big," "Irene," "Sally," "Happiness 
Ahead," "Lilac Time," Synthetic Sin." Member 
Mayfair, Thalians, Edgewater Beach, Lakeside 
Country Clubs. Sports, yatching, fishing, swim- 
ming. Hght. 5, 3; wght. 102; brown eyes, reddish 
brown ha.r. Husband, John McCormick. First 
National Studios, Burbank. Cal. 
MOORE, Matt, actor, b. County Meath, Ireland, 
Jan. 8. Brothers, Tom, Owen, actors. Educ. 
public schools, Toledo, O. Was on stage for 8 
yrs. Lived in Toledo, N. Y., Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures in 1914. Played in "Traffic in 
Souls," "Pride of Clan," "Tillie the Toiler," "Be- 
ware of Blondes," "Phillis of Follies," "Dry Mar- 
tini." Belongs to Lambs, L. A. A. C, Writers, 
Masquers, Riviera Country Club, Gables, Holly- 
vvoud A. C. Sports, tennis, golf. Hght. 5, 10y2 ; 
wght. 160; blue-brown eyes, auburn hair. 
MOORE, Owen, actor, b. Ireland ; came to U. S. 
when 11 yrs. old; educ. Toledo, O.; stage career, 
from age of 20; juvenile roles; screen career, since 
1908, Biograph, Reliance-Majestic, Fine Arts; "A 
Coney Island Princess," "A Girl Like That," 
"Little Boy Scout," "The Silent Partner," "Code 
of the West" (Paramovmt), "The Crimson Gar- 
denia" (Goldwyn), "Picadilly Jim," "The Poor 
Simp," "Chicken in the Case," "Modern Matri- 
mony," "Love Is an Awful Thing," "Reported 
Missing" (Selznick), "Thundergate," "Torment," 
"Her Temporary Husband" (First National), 
"East of Broadway," "Camille of the Barbary 
Coast," "The Skyrocket" (Assoc. Exhib.), "Go 
Straight," "The Parasite" (Schulberg), "Mar- 
ried" (Jans), "False Pride" (Astor), "The Black- 
bird," "Money Talks," "Road to Mandalay," 
"The Red Mill," "The Taxi Dancer," "Women 
Love Diamonds," "Becky," "Tea for Thre?e," 
"The Actress' (Metro). Hght., 5, 10; wght., 140: 
dark hair and eyes. 
MOORE, Tom, actor, b. County Meaht, Ireland; 
educ. ihere and Toledo, O.; stage experience, '/ 
yrs. stock; screen career, 6 yrs. Kalem, Lubin, 
Lasky, Select, Selig; "City of Comrades," "Toby's 
Bow," "Dubs," "The Great Accident," "Stop 
Thief," "Hold Your Horses," "Made in Heaven," 
"Beating the Game," "From the Ground Up," 
"Mr. Barnes of New York" (Goldwyn), "Over 
the Border," "The Cow Boy and the Lady," "Bip. 
Brother," "Manhandled," "Dangerous Money," 
"The Trouble with Wives," "Adventure," "A 
Kiss for Cinderella," "The Song and Dance Man," 
"Good and Naughty," "Cabaret" (Paramount), 
"Pawned" (Selznick), "Marriage Morals" (W^eber 
and North), "Rouged Lips,'*' "One Night iu 
Rome," "Pretty Ladies" (Metro), "Harbor 
Lights" (Assoc. Exhib.), "On Thin Ice" (War- 
ners). "The Clinging Vine" (P.D.C.), "The Love 
Thrill," "Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?" (Uni- 
versal), "Syncopating Sue" (First National), "The 
Wise Wife" (Pathe-De Mille), "The Siren" (Co- 
lumbia). Hght., 5, 10J4; wght., 142; light brown 
hair, blue eyes. 
MORENO, Antonio, actor, b. Madrid, Spain. Par- 
ents reside in Algeciras. Spain. Came to America 
at age of 14. Educ. public schools of Northamp- 
ton, Mass. Stage experience. Has lived in North- 
ampton, N. Y. C., Los Angeles. Entered pictures 
in 1914. Played in "Mare Nostrum," "Temptress," 
"Midnight Taxi," "Air Legion." Sport, golf. 
Hght. 5, 10; wght. 175; brown eyes, black hair. 
Ad. Los Angeles Athletic Club, Los Angeles, Cal. 
MORGAN, Byron, writer, b. Cathage, Mo., Oct. 24, 
1889. Educ, Carthage, Mo. Previous career, mag- 
azine writer. Has written "The Roaring Road," 
"Too Much Speed," "Junkpile Sweepstakes." "Un- 
dertaker's Handicap," "iHippopotamus Parade," 
"Hell Diggers," "Second Hand Ghosts," "Bear 
Trap." Entered pictures in 1918, magazine stories 
in Saturday Evening Post pinchased by Famous 
Players. Orig. "Rockies," "Fair Co- Ed," "Smart 

Set," "One Minute to Play," "Lucky Devil," 
"Cameraman," "Gold Braid." Clubs: Hollywood 
Athletic, Rancho Golf, Acad. M. P. Arts & Sci- 
ences, Santa Monica Swimming. Sports, tennis, 
football, golf, aviation. 2 children, Dorothy, 9; 
Byron, Jr., 7. 
MORRIS, John, actor, b. N. Y. C, July 4. Rela- 
tives, sister, Mrs. Herman Janis, N. Y. C, in 
real estate business. Educ. N. Y. C. Previous 
career, vaud., musical comedy and drama, bur- 
lesque. Entered pictures Jan. 29, 1927. Played 
in "Love and Learn," "Street of Sin," "Beggars 
of Life," "Square Shoulders." Clubs, Elks, Eagles. 
Sports, golf, baseball, swimming, dancing. Hght. 
5; wght 122; brown eyes, dark brown hair. Wife's 
])rof. name, Edna Towne. Two children, Robert, 
14; Miklred, 13. Bus. rep., Ben Hershfield. 
MORRIS, Margaret, actress, b. Minneapolis, Nov. 
7, 1903. Mother living Hollywood. Educ. Stanley 
Hall, Minneapolis, Pine Manor, Boston. Spec, in 
dramatic art. Was with Shubert stock co. for 
short time. Has lived in Minneapolis, N. Y., Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures in 1904. Played in 
"Best People." "That's My Baby," "Magic Gar- 
den," "Aloulders of Men," "Mark of the Frog," 
"Avenging Shadow." Belongs to Gables Beach 
Club. .Sports, golf, swimming. Hght. 5, 5; wght. 
118; brown eyes; titian hair. 
MONTANA, Bull, actor, b. Vogliera, Italy, May 16, 
1887. Has lived in N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures in 1918. .Sports, wrestling, boxing. Hght., 
5, 8; wght., 180; grey eyes, black hair. 
MONTAGNE, Edward J., scenario chief. Universal 
Pictures Corp., b. London, England, May 18. 
Educ. Brooklyn High School and Cooper Union. 
Previous career, newspaperman. Wrote one play 
and number of sketches. Lived in New York and 
California. Entered pictures about 1914, started 
to write fiction and drifted into pictures. Has 
written over 250 originals, made over 100 adapta- 
tions, p'.ays and books. Clubs, Hollywood A. C, 
Friars Writers, Beach Club and Academy Arts 
Sciences. Sport', baseball. Press rep., Dave 
MONTGOMERY, Marjorie, actress, b. Sikeston, 
iMo., iMay 27, 1912. Parents reside in HoUywocjd. 
Educ. Orton School for Girls, Hollywood High. 
.Stud.ed art, music. Was on stage. Has lived in 
St. Louis, Detroit. Entered pictures five yrs. 
ago. Has played "Scaramouche," "Boy Scouts," 
"Born to the West," "Littkst Rebel," "Bride of 
the Lamb." Belongs to Edgewater Beach Club. 
Sports, tennis, horseback riding. Hght. 5, 2; 
wght. 92; hazel eyes, light brown hair. Bus. 
rep.. Rebecca and Silton. 
MONTGOMERY, Marshal, ventriloquist, b. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., Dec. 31. Educ. public schools, Brook- 
lyn. Previous career, brokerage business, whole- 
sale butcher. Stage career, vaudeville, played 
piano while standing on head for Pres. Theo. 
Roosevelt at White House; also a bo.xer, went to 
coast; 1905 toured west and went into Yukon, 
trick piano, ventrelo and monologue. Clubs, Elks, 
iFJrooklyn iNo. 22. Sports, horseback riding and 
boxing. Hght., 5, WVo; wght., 172; black eyes, 
bnnvn hair. 
MONTGOMERY, Peggy, actress, b. Rock Island, 
111. Screen career, Steiner, New Cal.; "The Son- 
ora Kid" (FBO), "Hoof Marks," "Desert of the 
Lost," "Saddle Mates" (Pathe), "Brand of Cour- 
age'' (Universal). 
MONTT, Christina, actress. Screen career: Edu- 
cational; "Girlies Behave." 
MORANTE, Milbum, actor, b. San Francisco, Col.; 
educ. Nevada State Univ.; stage career, 15 yrs.; 
screen career. Universal. Keystone-Triangle com- 
edies, Reelcraft comedies, Moraiite comedies, Mor- 
ante Prod., Wm. Steiner, State Rights. Ai-row, 
Ravart, Steen, Bischotf, Lee-Bradford; "The Gray 
Devil" (Rayart) "Wizard of the Saddle," "The 
Pinto Kid," "The Fightin' Redhead," "The Little 
Bucharoo" (FBO). Hght. 5, WA; wght., 145; 
luoun hair, brown eyes. 
MOREY, Harry T., actor, b. Michigan; stage ca- 
reer, associated with many well-known stars and 
attractions; screen career, Vitagraph, Selznick, 
Robertson-Cole, ApoUo Trading. Graphic Film, 
Metro, Hodkinson, Weber & North, Goldwyn- 
Cosniopolitan, Truart, Principal. Fox, Assoc. 
Exhib.. First National. P.D.C. ; "Aloma of the 
South Seas," "Under the Tonto Rim," "Forgotten 
Faces" (Paramount). 
MORGAN, George, writer. Screen career, co- 
adapt. "Ch\e Glorious Scrap," "The Clean-Up 

Thomas Jj- Soriero 

Managing Director 

Rochester Theatre 

Rochester, N. Y. 

THOMAS D. SORIERO, managing 
director of the Rochester Theatre, 
Rochester, New York, rose to his pres- 
ent high place in the amusement world from 
the humble position of program boy in Keith's 
Theatre, Providence, R. I., in 1902. He has 
been one of the most progressive showmen in 
the business and an exploiteer par excellence. 

Mr. Soriero was born in Providence, May 6, 
18 89. He was educated there and started work 
in that job of program boy while he was at- 
tending high school. His has been a very active 
career from that time on. He was promoted 
from program boy to the publicity depart- 
ment, and then ticket seller and remained there 
until 1905. 

In Providence in 190 5 Mr. Soriero opened 
one of the first nickelodeons in New England. 
The following year he acquired the Puritan 
Theatre in Fall River, Mass. From 1907 to 
1912 he was interested in roller rinks and Sum- 
mer parks throughout New England, with rinks 
in nearly every prominent city in these states. 

In 1913 Mr. Soriero opened the Gayety The- 
atre in Providence. It was here that the first 
double bills in New England were introduced. 
In 1915 he found the value of exploitation 
stunts, when for the first time he tied up a 
book window with a picture and it attracted 
wide attention. 

The Park Theatre in Boston, which had 
been a flop, was taken over by Mr. Soriero in 
1915 for Louis B. Mayer. A double feature 
policy was carried on and World Film Com- 
pany supplied pictures at no cost to tie in 

with the whirlwind Soriero publicity campaigns. 
Personal appearances of the popular screen stars 
of the day, including Kitty Gordon, Alice 
Br^dy, Bert Lytell, Montagu Love and 
Francis X. Bushman, were instituted, and all 
were furnished gratis. The Park became the 
outstanding house of New England. 

Mr. Soriero then became general manager 
for Louis B. Mayer for all his theatres in 
New England and he held that position until 
1921, when he resigned and became general 
manager for Charles Whitehurst Theatres in 
Baltimore. He introduced in the Century 
Theatre the band policy with master of 
ceremonies and specialty revue numbers, which 
alternated with the roof gardens. 

On the death of Charles Whitehurst he 
resigned and became general manager of the 
theatre department for Universal Pictures 
Corporation. He remained there until 1925, 
when he went with the Comerford Amuse- 
ment Company as personal representative for 
M. E. Comerford. While with Comerford he 
broadcasted entire vaudeville programs over 
the radio directly from the stage. 

Later Mr. Soriero made a survey of Vita- 
phone and Movietone for M. E. Comerford 
and then for Louis B. Mayer. He was instru- 
mental in introducing the first of these ma- 
chines in the country. It was in 192 8 that 
Mr. Soriero was appointed managing director 
of the Rochester Theatre, one of the largest 
and leading houses between New York and 
Chicago, and it has enjoyed tremendous popu- 
larity under his directorship. 



Man," adapt. "Fangs of Destiny," co-seen. "The 
Haunted Island," seen. Stunt Cowboy series, 
Texas Ranger series (Universal). 
MORGAN, Jeanne, actress. Screen career, "The 
Great Mall Robbery," "The Slingshot Kid" 
MORGAN, Kewpie, actor. Screen career, Pathe 
Comedies, "The Better, 'Ole" (Warner), "Finne- 
gan's Ball" (First Division), "Flying Luck" 
(I'athe), Educational. 
MORLEY, Jay, actor, b. Port Orange, Fla.; educ. 
Columbus, Ohio; stage career, 5 yrs. dram, stock; 
screen career, Selig, Universal, Warners, Lubin, 
Fox, Paralta, Vitagraph, Hodkinson, Pyramid, 
Playgoers, ElfeJt Prod., Gerson Pict., Weiss Bros., 
"The Mojave Kid," "Man in the Rough," (FBO). 
Hght., 5, 10; wght., 183; brown hair, dark eyes. 
MORRISSEY, Betty, actress. Screen career. 
Unitcil Artists, C.B.C., Universal; "A Woman of 
I'aris," "The Circus" (United Artists); "The 
Fast Worker," "Skinner's Dress Suit (Universal); 
"Traffic In Hearts," (C.B.C.). 
MORRIS, Sam E., vice-president and general man- 
ager of Warner Bros, in charge of distribution, 
b. Oil City, Pa. Educ. Cleveland, O. Immediately 
upon completion of his schooling he went with 
American Tobacco Co., eventually becoming for- 
eign manager in which position he became ac- 
quainted with international trade market of world. 
Leaving American Tobacco, he settled in Pitts- 
burgh where he purchased slot machine franchise. 
Later sold out and joined forces with L. H. Wilk, 
brother-in-law, in acquisition of Home Theatre 
and other theatres in Cleveland. He shortly after- 
wards became chairman of Film Committee of 
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. After an afSlia- 
tion with Select Cleveland Exchange as inanager, 
Mr. Morris was brought to N. Y. as vice-president 
and general manager of Select, later going abroad. 
Upon his return, he affiliated himself with W'arner 
Bros, as distribution chief and his was the task 
of combining the Vitagraph exchange system with 
that of Warners when the former firm was ab- 
sorbed l)y the latter. 
MORRIS, Reggie, director, b. N. Y. C; legit, stage 
actor for about 10 yrs. Started screen career 
with Biograph, actor and director; directed com- 
edy series for his own unit ; joined Famous on 
writing staff; specialized in comedies; directed 
"Beauty Parlor" series (FBO); other screen work 
"Casey at the Bat" (Paramount); "Ladies Must 
Dress" (Fox). 
MORRISON, Arthur, actor, b. St. Louis, Mo., 
1880; educ. there; stage career, Hopkins stock, 
Chicago, 6 yrs. vaudeville; screen career, Pathe, 
Triangle, .Superlative Pict., Overland Film, 
Hampton-Hodkinson, Aletro, Fox, Hodkinson, El- 
vin Film, Anchor; "The Silent Rider," "Grinning 
Guns" (Llniversal), "Wilful Youth" (Peerless). 
Hght., 5, ll'/a; WE^ht.. 183: dark brown hair, blue 

MORRISON, Louis, actor, b. Portland, Me., Feb. 
8, 187(1. Educ. there. Was with Belasco, Chas. 
and Daniel Frohman, and many stock cos. Has 
lived in New Orleans, Denver, Portland, San 
Francisco, Seattle, Kansas City, San Diego. En- 
tered pictures in 1913 with Thomas Ince. Played 
in "Dangerous Maid," "Rescue." "Sorrel and Son," 
"Peter Pan." Belongs to Elks, Eagles. Sport, 
swimming. Hght. 5, 9; wght. 200; blue eyes, gray 
hair. Married to Elizabeth De Witt. Bus. rep., 
Grace Inglis. 

MORRISON, Pete, actor. Legal name, George D. 
Morrison. B. Denver, Colo., Aug. 8, 1893. Mother 
lives Spokane, Wash. Educ. Denver. Spec, sci- 
ence. Has lived in Denver, Santa Barbara, San 
Diego, Cheyenne. Entered pictures in 1908. Has 
played in serial and many five-reelers for Uni- 
versal. Made series for Joe Sameth. Has played 
leads in Westerns for 12 yrs. Belongs to Masonic 
Lodge, Hollywood Chapter. Sports, polo, hunting, 
fishing. Hght. 6, 1; wght. 198; hazel eyes, black 
hair. Son, Douglas, 12. 

MORTENSEN, Mona, actress. Screen career: First 
Division pictures; "Sealed Lips," "The Legend of 
Gosta Berling." 

MORTIMER, Edward, director, b. 1883, educ. N. Y.: 
15 yrs. legit, stage experience. Screen career be- 
gan directing 1914; worked for Metro, Fox, P.D.C., 
IJniversal, "A Woman's Way" (Columbia). 

MORTON, Charles, actor, b. Vallejo, Calif. Screen 
career, "Rich But Honest," '1(7olleen," "The 
Wolf's Fangs" "Four Sons," "Dressed "To Kill," 
"None But the Brave." 

MOSES, Viviam M., head, reading Dept., Paramount 
Famous Lasky Corp. West Coast Studios, b. 
.Sumter, S. C, Apr. 3. Educ. private, pub. schls., 
.Sumter S. C; South Caroline L'niversity; A. B. 
.Studied law. Previous career, journalism on 
country weekly, later correspondent for dailies. 
Reporter, special feature writer, contributor of 
special articles, verse, critiques to leading Ameri- 
can magazines; also served as editor on staff of 
Current Literature, Harper's, Metropolitan, Cos- 
mopolitan, Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Hearst's; 
started People's, and conducted it for three yrs. 
Edited Nash's i\Iagazine in iLondon. Later worked 
on editorial staff for N. Y. Tribune, N. Y. Times. 
Resigned in 1917 to accept first m. p. position 
with Goidwyn Pictures Corp.; later with Select 
Pictures Corp., and for eight yrs. director of 
))ublicity, advertising with Fox Film Corp. Clubs, 
iMiais, M. P. Club of N. Y., A.M.P.A. of N. Y. 
MOSJUKINE, Ivaui, actor, b. Panza, Russia; educ. 
Un.v. of Moscow. Early career, film author and 
director. Stage career, Russian plays. Screen 
career, "Surrender," "Michael Strogoff" (Uni- 
MOSQUINI, Marie, actress, b. Los Angeles, edu. 
there. Screen career: Pathe, Paramount, Fox; 
"Do Your Duty", (Pathe); "Good and Naughty", 
(Paramount); "Seventh Heaven," "Two Girls 
Wanted" (Fo.x). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 125; brown 
hair, hazel eyes. 
MOSS, Alex, director of advertising and publicity, 
Columbia iPictures, b. London, England, Nov. 24, 
1891. Previous career, special writer on business 
subjects; "Everybody's Business," Saturday Eve- 
ning Post; also Magazine of Wall Street; colla- 
borated with Floyd vV. Parsons on publication of 
"Everybody's Business" and "American Business 
Methods;" managing editor of "Advertising and 
Selling. Entered picture field in advertising and 
publicity department of Warner Bros. Lively 
member of A. ilM. P. A. and F. an'? A. Masons. 
Address 1600 Broadway, New York City. 
MOULTOiN, Buck, actor. Screen career, "That 
Man lack," "A Man of Nerve," "The Devil's 
Gulch'"' (FBO); "The Border Sheriff" (Universal); 
"Black Jack" (Fox). 
MOWER, Jack, actor, b. Honolulu, 1890; educ. 
Punahou Col., Honolulu. Stage career, 6 mos. 
stock, 2 yrs. musical comedy, vaudeville. Screen 
career, Vitagraph, Selig, Metro, Universal, Lasky, 
Pathe, State Rights, Ermine Prod., Rayart, Ster- 
ling, First National; recent productions, "Sailors' 
Wives" (First National); "The Air Patrol," 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" (Universal); "Pretty 
Clothes" (Sterling). Hght., 6; wght., 180; brown 
hair, hazel eyes. 
MULHALL, Jack, actor, b. Wappingers' Falls, 
N. Y., Oct. 7, 1898; educ. Columbia University, 
N. Y. Stage career, 2 yrs. with West End Stock, 
N. Y. ; on Orpheum circuit with James K. Hackett 
in "The Grain of Dust." Screen career, with Bio- 
graph, Universal, Paramount, Blackton, Metro, 
Reelart; "The Ne'er to Return Road" "Turn to 
the Right," "The Forgotten Law" (Metro); "Mid- 
night," "The Sleep Walker," "Ciod Gave Me 
Twenty Cents" (Paraliiount) ; "Flesh and Blood" 
(Irving Lesser); "Dusk to Dawn" (Assoc. Ex- 
hib.); "Broad Daylight," "The Mad Whirl," 
"White and Yellow," "The Law of the Sea," 
"Social Buccaneer" (Universal); "Heroes of the 
Street" (Warners); "Call of the Wild" (Hal 
Roach;); "The Marriage Market" (C.B.C.); 
"Drums of Jeopardy" (Truart) ; "The Breath of 
Scandal" (Schulberg) ; "Three Keys" (Banner); 
"Friendly Enemies," "Silence" (P.D.C.) ; "Plea- 
sures of the Rich" (Tiffany); "Into the Net," 
"Wild West' (Pathe); "She Wolves," "Folly of 
Vanity," "The Dixie Merchant" (Fox); has been 
a contract player for past several yrs. with First 
National; early First National vehicle, "Molly O"; 
others include "Within the Law," "Dulcy," "The 
Bad Man," "The Goldfish," "Classified," "Sweet 
Daddies,' "Subway Sadie," "Just AiTot'her 
Blonde," "Orchids and Ermine," "See You in 
Jail," "The Poor Nut," "Smile, Brother, Smile," 
"The Crystal Cup," "ilSIan Crazy," "Ladies' Night 
in a Turkish Bath," "Lady Be Good," "Butter 
and Egg Man," "Naughty Baby," "Waterfront"; 
starred with Dorothy Mackaill in most of his 
First National vehicles: "Children of the Ritz" 
(First National). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 150; brown 
hair, blue eyes. 
MULLER, H. L., director, b. London, Eng., Oct. 
14, 1893. Educ London, Eng. Has lived in Lon- 



don, Hollywood, N. Y. Entered pictures in 1908, 
started as office boy. Directed "Egged On," 
'•Now You Tell One" for F. B. O. ; "'There it 
Is," '"You'll Be Sorry," "Goofy Birds," "Say 
Ahh," "Whoozit," "Hop OiT" for Educational. 
Sports, golf, boxing. Children, Henry L., Jr., 9; 
Marie, 5. 

MUNSON, Byron, actor. Screen career, Goldwyn, 
First National, Metro, Export and Import, Fox, 
Universal; "Learning To Love" (First National); 
"The Teaser" (Universal); "Publicity Madness" 

MURDOCK, John J., executive, president of Pathe 
ICxL-liaiige, Inc., member board of directors, Radio- 
Keitli-Orpheuni Corp. Began theatrical career as 
theatre owner, manager and producer 34 yrs. ago 
in Chicago; launched Masonic Roof Garden atop 
skyscraper; pioneered as discoverer of new vaude- 
ville talent'; among first to adopt and feature 
motion pictures; foresaw natonal spread of vaude- 
ville with_ expansion of Keith- Albee in East and 
Orpheum in West; came to New York 22 yrs. ago 
to employ abilities with major organization; be- 
came productive factor of company ; later became 
president of Pathe when merged vifith Keith-Albee. 
Hobbies, cultivation of orchids, collection (by hear- 
say) of old time stories, and the scientific fight 
against cancer. Resides, Westchester County. 

MURNAU, F. W., d'rector, b. Biedfeld, Germany. 
Screen career, directed "The Last Man," "Tar- 
tufife the Hypocrite" (Ufa); "Faust" (M-G-M); 
'".Sunrise" (Fox). 

MURRAY Charlie, actor, b. Laurel, Ind., June 22, 
1872. Educ. Cincinnati, O. Was on stage in Mur- 
ray and Mack, for 21 yrs. Prior to that circus 
clown, variety, medicine shows. Resided in Cin- 
cinnati, Muncie, Ind., Los Angeles, N. Y. En- 
tered pictures in 1912 with Biograph Co. Has 
played in "McFadden's Flats," "Cohans and 
Kellys," "Gorilla," "Irene," "Head Man," "Fly- 
ing Romeos," "Vamping Venus," "Do Your Duty." 
Belongs to Elks Club. Sports, boxing, baseball. 
Hght., _S, liy2;_wght, 192; blue eyes, red and 
grey hair. Married to non-professional. Daughter, 
Henrietta. Bus. rep., Frederick Fralick. 

MURRAY, Mae, actress, b. Portsmouth, Va., May 
10. Educ. New York City. Previo'Us career, 
Ziegfeld's Follies. Entered pictures through her 
success on stage. Played in "On With the Dance," 
"Idols of Clay" (Paramount), "Peacock Alley," 
"Fashion Row," "Mile. Midnight," "The Merry 
Widow," "The Masked Bridge,'" "Valencia,' 
"Altars of Desire" (M-G-M). Hght., 5, 4; wght., 
110, blue eves, blonde hair. Married. 

MURRAY, James, actor, b. N. Y. C, Feb. 9, 1901. 
Educ. Evander Childs High Schl., N. Y. Short 
stage career. Entered pictures in 1923. Played in 
"The Pilgrims" (Yale Univ. Press), "The Crowd," 
"In Old Kentucky." Hobby, reading. Hght., 6; 
wght., 178; green eyes, light brown hair. Ad. 
^letro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Culver City, Cal. 

MURPHY, Edna, actress. Legal name. Elizabeth 
Edna Murphy, b. N. Y. C, Nov. 17, 1905. Educ. 
Manual Training High, Bay Ridge High, Brook- 
lyn. Took general high school course. Has lived 
in N. Y., Los Angeles, Fall River, Mass. En- 
tered pictures in 1919. Played in "Over the Hill," 
"King of Wild Horses," "Daughters of Today," 
"McFadden's Flats," "My Man," "Across the 
Atlantic." "Kid Gloves," "Greyhound Limited," 
"Stolen Kisses." Belongs to Tlieta Phi Sorority, 
CViir Girls Club, Thalians. Sports, dancing, swim- 
ming. Hght. S, 2; wght. 101; gray eyes, blonde 
hair. Bus. rep., Demmy Lawson. 

MURPHY, Joe, actor, b. San Jose, Cal., 1884; educ. 
there. Stage career, vaud. Screen career, 
"(iunips Series" (Universal). 

MURPHY, Maurice, actor, b. 1914; educ. Seattle. 
.Screen career, Pathe, Fox, "Stella Dallas" 
(United Artists), "Alias the Deacon," "The Michi- 
gan Kid" (Universal). "Shepherd of the Hills" 
(First National). Light brown hair, dark blue 

MURPHY, Mcirtin F., general production mgr., b. 
N. Y. C. Nov. 30, 1889. Educ. N. Y. C. Entered 
pictures in 1914 thru Bert Adier. Clubs, Masons. 
233 Club. Wife's prof, name, Betty Stack. 

MURRAY, John T., actor, b. Australia; educ. 
Church of England grammar school, Melbourne; 
College of Geneva, Switzerland. Screen career, 
First National. P.D.C., Universal, M-G-M, 
"Finger Prints," "Gay Old Bird" (Warner); 
"Galloping Ghosts" (Pathe), "Fazil" (Fox). 

MYERS, Carmel, actress, b. San Francisco, Cal. 
Father, Rabbi Isadore Myers. Educ. Educ. Los 
Angeles pub. schls. Spec, journalism, dramatics. 
Has lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures in 1917. Has -Qlayed in "Ben Hur," 
"Magic Skin," "Beau Brummel," "Four Walls," 
"Girl from Rio," "Adrienne Lecouvreur," "Bad- 
ges." Belongs to Our Girls, Writers Club. Sports, 
tennis, polo. Hght., 5, 4; wght., 122; green eyes, 
red hair. Press leps., Frank Dillon, CTharles Dun- 

MYERS, Harry, actor, b. New Haven, Conn.; educ. 
Philadelphia. Stage career, 9 yrs. stock and re- 
pertoire. Screen career, 15 yrs.; Lubin, Vim 
Comedies, Myers-Theby Comedy Corp., Pathe; 
"Robinson Crusoe," "The Beautiful Cheat" (Uni- 
versal); "A Connecticut Yankee in King Athur's 
Co'Urt," "She Wolves" (Fox); "Brass Bottle," 
"The Bad Man," "Tarnish" (First National) ; 
"Turn to the Right," "Exit .Smiling" (Metro); 
"Beautiful and the Damned," "Brass," "The 
Printer's Devil," "Daddies," "The Marriage Cir- 
cle" (Warners); "The Common Law" (Selznick) ; 
"Stephen Steps Out," "Grounds for Divorce," 
(Paramotint) ; "Listen Lester" (Principal); "Be- 
hold This Woman" (Vitagraph) ; "Zander the 
Great" (Cosmopolitan); "The Nut-Cracker" (As- 
soc. Exhib.); "The First National," "The First 
Night" (Tiffany-Stahl); "Getting Gertie's Gar- 
ter," "Reckless Romance," "Up in Mabel's Room" 
(P.D.C.); "Get 'Em Young," "Girl in the Pull- 
man" (Pathe); "The Bachelor's Baby" (Colum- 
bia); "The Dove" (United Artists). Hght., 5. 1i- 
wght., 176; brown hair, blue evf"^ 

MYERS, Kathleen, actress. Screen career: First 
National, FBO, Educational, Fox, Universal; "His 
Supreme Moment" (First National) ; "The Trafiic 
Cop," "Kosher Kitty Kelly," (FBO); "The Flying 
Mail" ((Fox); "The Fourth Commandment" 

MYERS, Zion, director, b. 1898, San Francisco; 
scenarist and writer before directing shorts; has 
supervised over 100 comedies for Universal and 
directed Educational and Fox comedies; also di- 
rected for Chadwick. 

MYTON, Fred, scenarist, b. Garden City, Kansas; 
educ. Penn. Military College. Screen career, 
since 1913, with Kaleni, Universal, Lasky, Par- 
alta, Brunton, Jesse Hampton, Warner Bros., 
Tourneur, Goldwyn, Principal, First National, 
Paramount, "Hello Cheyenne." "A Horseman of 
the Plains" (Fox); "The Blood Sh'p" (Columbia); 
"Gang War," "Singapore Mutiny" (FBO). 

— N— 

NADINA, Sylva, actress, b. Poland, Jan. 26. 
Parents live in N. Y. Educ. Poland. Spec, drama, 
singing. Sang with European co., also in N. Y. 
Came to U. S. in 1920. Entered pictures in Poland 
in 1919. Has played in "Resurrection." Hght., 
5, 61/4 ; wght., 149; brown eyes, long brown hair. 

NAGEL, Conrad, actor, b. Keokuk, la.. Mar. 16, 
1897. Educ. Highland Park College, Des Moines, 
Bachelor Oratory. Stage career, juvenile part in 
Pierless Stock Co., Des Moines, about 1914. En- 
tered pictures about 1918. Screen career, "Quality 
Street,"^ "Tin Hats," "Three Weeks," "Snob," 
"Sun Up," "Waning Sex," "Mysterious Lady," 
"Diamond Handcufifs," "Stage Street Sadie," 
"Glorious Betsy." Hollywood Athletic Club, Aca- 
demy M. P. Arts and Sciences. Sports, outdoor 
sports. Hght., 6; wght., 160; blue eyes, blonde hair. 

NALDI, Nita, b. New York ; educ. Germany and 
England. Stage career, "The Ronehead," "Sally," 
"Sinbad," "Passing Show 1918."' Screen career, 
"What Price Beauty" (Pathe); "The Unfair Sex," 
"The Miracle of Life" (Assoc. Exhib.); "Cobra," 
"A Sainted Devil," '"Ten Commandments," (Para- 
mount); "Clothes Malce the Pirate," "The Mar- 
riage Whirl," "The Lady Who Lied" (First Na- 
tional). Hght., 5, 4; wgTit., 131; dark brown 
hair, brown eyes. 

NASH, Nancy, actress, b. in Texas. Screen career, 
"The City," "Up Stream," "Rich But Honest," 
"The Loves of Carmen" (Fox); "The Ballyhoo 
Buster" (Pathe). 

NASH, June, actress. Screen career: Columbia, 
First National; "Say It With Sables", (Colum- 
bia); "'"'ompanionate Marriage," (First National). 



NATHEAUX, Louis, actor, b. Pine Uluff, Ark.; 
educ. high school, Danville, 111., Culver Military 
Acad., Morthwestern Univ. Screen career. Para- 
mount, P.D.C., "The Country Doctor," "Dre.'s 
Parade," "Harp in Hock," "Stand and Deliver," 
"My Friend in India," "Ship Comes In," "Tentii 
Avenue,' "The Cop" (I'athe); "Four Walls' 
(M-C-M). Huht., 5, 11; wght., 154; blue eyes, 
lilack hair. 

NATTEFORD, John Francis, writer, b. Nebraska, 
Nov. 24, 1894. Educ. Columbia Univ. Previous 
career, court reporter, newspaper work, actor, 
stage director, wrote 20 short stories for Red Book 
and other magazines. Entered pictures in 1918 as 
editor of news weekly, gen. mgr. prod, company. 
Orig. "Streets of Shanghai," "New Orleans," 
"Beautiful but Dumb," "Lingerie," adap. "Light- 
ning," "The Man in Hobbles." Clubs, Authors 
League of America, Writers. Sports, fishing, 
hunting, swimming. 2 children, John David, 4 
yrs., loan Norris Natteford, 8 yrs. 

NA2IMOVA, Alia, actress, b. Yalta, Crimea, Rus- 
sia. Educ. Zurich, Odessa, at Moscow draniatic 
school. Was on stage in stock in Kerson, Vilna, 
Petrograd. First appeared in N. Y. in 1906, pre- 
senting "Hedda Gabler," "Doll's House," "Master 
Builder." Started screen career with Brenton- 
Selznick in "War Brides." Has played in "Revela- 
tion," "Toys of Fate," "Eye for Eye," "Out of 
the Fog," "Red Lantern," "The Brat," "Stronger 
Than Death," "Heart of a Child," "Billions," 
"Madame Peacock," "Camille." Hght., 5, 3; 
wght., 116; black hair, violet eyes. 

NEAL, Lex, scenarist, b. Chester, N. C. Stage 
career, legit, actor. Screen career, began in 1921 
as assistant to William Beaudine; co- directed 
Buster Keaton; adapted Keaton's "Battling But- 
ler" (M-G-M); joined Fox as two reel comedy di- 
rector; CO- scenarist on "The Kid Brother,' 
"Speedy" (Paramount). 

NEELY, Neil, actor, b. Moody, Texas. Screen ca- 
reer, "West Point," "The Cossacks" (M-G-M), 
"Wild West Romance" (Fox). 

NEEPER, CREED A., sales manager, Harold Lloyd 
Corporation, b. at Loogoofee, 111. Attended public 
school, Farina, 111.; Marion Norman Coll. ; Marion, 
Indiana; Brown's Bus. Coll.; Centralia, 111.; 
Graduated from Univ. of Denver, Denver, Colo. 
Entered U. S. Forest Service in 1911. Became 
assistant purchasing agent, U. S. Department of 
Agriculture, 1924. Resigned from the Department 
of Agriculture to become associated with the 
Harold Lloyd Corporation in 1924; and was made 
Sales Manager of this corporation in 1928. 

NEFF, Pauline, L., actress, b. Altoona, Pa., Apr. 
19. Rels. mother Jiving in Rancho Santa Fe. 
Educ. tutor, private school in Phila., Hoods Col- 
lege. Previous career, speaking stage, last with 
James K. Hackett in "Grain of Dust." Has lived 
in N. Y., Philadelphia, Port au Prince, Hollywood. 
Entered pictures in 1913. Played in "Passerby," 
"Let No IMan Put Asunder," "Masked Bride." 
"Two Girls Wanted," "Claw," "Women Love 
Diamonds." Sports, tennis, swimming, motoring. 
Hght., 5, 7; wght., 135; gray eyes and hair. 
Husband's prof, name, Frank (i^offyn. 

NEGRI, Pola, actress, b. Poland. Educ. there. 
Alade first big reputation as star of Russian Im- 
perial Ballet in Czarist regime, as dancer. Emo- 
tional actress of foreign stage. First seen in 
America in "Passion." Has also played in "Gypsy 
Blood," "Hotel Imperial," "Barbed Wire," "Wo- 
man on Trial," "Secret Hour," "Three Sinners," 
"Loves of an Actress" (Paramount). Married to 
Prince Midivanni. Hght., 5, 4; wght., 120; black 
hair, hazel eyes. 

NEILAN, Mcu-shall, director, b. San Bernardino, 
f'al. Educ. pub. school. Business College, San 
Francisco, Cal. Previous career, automobile sales- 
man, racing driver, theatre. Lived in Los Angeles, 
San Francisco, Chicago, N. Y., Spokane, Bos.ton, 
Portland, Ore., London, Paris, Berlin. Entered 
pictures thru Ruth Roland Kinenia Co. Directed 
"Stella Maris," "Go and Get It," "Daddy Long 
Legs," "Dorothy Vernon of Hadden Hall," "Last 
Haul," "Take Me Home," "Taxi 13," "Her Wild 
Oat," "Fog." Club, Lambs Club. N. Y. Sport, 
flying. Wife's prof, name, Blanche Sweet. One 
child by first marriage, Marshall, Jr. Bus. rep., 
Nathan T.urkan, N. Y. 

NEILL, R. William, director, b. Dublin, Ireland; 
educ. private tutor. Stage career, in "Wildfire" 
with Lillian Russell, starred in "Baby Rline," 
in T-ondon and on American circuits in "O'Reg- 

gie;" author of "Prince of My Dreams," "Heart's 
Desire" and other plays. Screen career, V/2 yrs. Thos. Ince, Famous Players, Hodkinson, First 
National, Realart, Paramount, United Artists, 
Equity, FBO, Grand-Asher, Selznick, Pathe, di- 
rected "The Viking," "Great Events Series" 
(Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer); "Lady Raffles" (Colum- 
bia); "The Arizona Wildcat" (Fox); "San Fran- 
cisco Night" (Gotham). 
NEILL, James, actor, b. Savannah, Ga.; educ. 
Univ. of Georgia. Stage career, 30 yrs. Screen 
career. Paramount, Fairbanks, Goldwyn, Realart, 
First xN'ational, Universal, Fox, Stromberg Proti., 
Ginsberg, "Love Hungry" (Fox). light., 6; 
wght., 160; brown and gray hair, brown eyes. 
NEILL, Richard, actor, b. Philadelphia., Pa.; educ. 
there; stage career, 6 yrs. mgmt. Charles Froh- 
man, with E. H. Southern, "The Other Girl," 
"Girls of Gottenberg," with Margaret Anglin, W. 
H. Thompson, etc. Screen career. Fox, Metro. 
World, Ince, Amer. Releasing, Pathe, Playgoers, 
Oscar Apfel, Paramount, Selznick, Davis, United 
Artists, P.D.C., "Code of the Cow Country," "The 
Fightin' Comeback," "The Trunk Mystery," 
"Desert of the Lost," "The Law's Lash" (Pathe); 
"Somewhere in Sonora" (First National). Hght., 
6.; wght., 180; dark brown hair. 
NEITZ, Alvin J., director, b. Washington, D. C; 
educ. Wentworth Milifary Acad., Lexington, Mo.; 
stage career, stage manager, 3 seasons. Screen 
career. Pioneer, Goldstone Prod., Ambassadoi 
Pictures, Davis, Universal, Elbee, "Born to Bat- 
tle" (Pathe); "The Cheer Leader" (Lumas). 
NELSON, Bobby, child actor, b. Santa Monica, 
Calif. Screen career, FBO, Charwick, "Perils ot 
the Jungle" (Weiss Bros.), "The Cheer Leader" 
(Lumas), "Tarzan the Mighty" (Universal). 
NELSON, Frcuik, actor. Screen career. Paramount, 
Fox, "The Great Mail Robbery'; (FBO); "The 
Sea Beast" (Warners) ; "The Tigress" (Colum- 
NELSON, Jack, actor, b. Memphis, Tenn., 1882; 
educ. Military Acad., Sweetwater, Tenn. Stage 
career, 12 yrs., Belasco Stock, with Henry Miller. 
Screen career, Selig, Ince, Fox, Hodkinson, Para- 
mount, Rayart, FBO, Pathe, "Say It With Dia- 
monds," "Shamrock and the Rose," (Chadwick), 
"Tarzan the Mighty" (Universal). Hght., 5, 10; 
wght., 150; brown hair, gray eyes. 
NELSON, Sam, actor, b. Whittier, Calif. Screen 
career, "'The Boy Rider," "The Swift Shadow," 
"Fangs of the Wild," "(brooks Can't Win," "The 
Law of Fear," "The Circus Kid" (FBO). Hght., 
6, 1; wght., 165; brown hair, blue eyes. 
NESS, Ole M., actor. Screen career, "Ch'cago After 
Midnight," "Skinner's Big Idea," "Hit of the 
Show" (FBO). 
NESTELL, William, actor. Screen career, "Sir 

Lumberjack," "When the Law Rides" (FBO). 
NEVILLE, John Thomas, writer, b. Harrisonville, 
Mo., Dec. 29, 1890. Educ. Missouri pub. sch. 
Previous career, newspaper man, and publicity 
man for various studios. Screen career, "Winners 
of the Wilderness," "The Enchanted Island," 
"Spoilers of the West," "Rolling Thunder," 
"Thirst." Sports, golf, poker. 
NEWFIELD, Samuel, director. Screen career, be- 
gan as director wifh Stern-Universal in 1925, 
making comedies; megaphoned for "Excuse Mak- 
ers." "What Happened To Jane" and others; 
"Let George Do It" series, and "Buster Brown" 
NEWMAN, E. de B., production supervisor, b. 
Oct. 1, 1887. Educ. in N. J. Has lived in London, 
N. v., Berlin, and Hollywood. Entered pictures 
in 1920. Supervised "Sparrows," "Little Annie 
Rooney," "Cocktails." Clubs, 233 CHub, Hollywood 
Athletic. Sport, baseball. Press rep., George 
Thomas, Hollywood. Cal. 
NEWMEYER, Fred C, director, b. Denver, Colo., 
Aug. 8, 1888. Educ. Alcott Grade Manual High 
Schl., Sacred Heart College, Denver. Spec, min- 
ing. Previous career, professional baseball 1906- 
1913. Played on stage w-ith Bob Leonard, May 
Buckley, Edwin Arden, J. Farrell Macdonald. 
Directed "Grandma's Boy," "Safety Last," "Never 
Weaken," "Girl Shy," "Why Worry," "Fresh- 
man" for Harold Lloyd; "Savage," "Lunatic at 
I,arge," "Quarterback," "Potters," "That's My 
Daddy."' "On Your Toes," "Night Bird" for 
Reginald Denny; "Warming Up," "It Can Be 
Done.'' ".Scarcheads." Clubs, Phi Alpha, Elks, 
Hollywood Athletic. Sport, baseball. 





We were in an office building' 

And called ourselves Tiffany Productions. 

We were successful distributors, but not so strong as producers. 

I knew we needed the biggest, ablest production man in the industry. 

So John M. Stahl came into Tiffany, 

And Tiffany became Tiffany-Stahl Pro<luctions. 


Tlie air was full of promises 

And Tiffany-Stahl made the biggest, most rash, most daring promises 
Bigger pictures, pictures with dynamic drawing power, packed with person- 
alities, loaded with honest box office value — real John M. Stahl pictures — 
The Better Entertainment. 


The Toilers Tlie Grain of Dust Woman Against the World 

Marriag^ by Contract Power of Silence 3,j,j niany others 

Lucky Boy 

Tragedy of Youth 

March of Humanity 


The Girl Who Came Back 


New Orleans Reputation 

Queen of Burlesque Loves of Sappho 

The Miracle The Yellow Passport 



Vice-Pres. and Gen'I. Mgr. 



NIBLO, Fred, director, b. York, Nebr. Educ. at 
public schools o{ York, Neb. Toured every 
English speaking country as dramatic star with 
own troupe and also as explorer. Was interested 
in motion picture production, went to California to 
investigate its possibilities for himself. Has di- 
rected "Ben Hur," "Three Musketeers," "Mark of 
Zorro," "Blood and Sand," "Camille," "Dreain of 
Love," "Mysterious Lady," "Two Lovers," "The 
Enemy." Belongs to Directors Association, ofificer 
and V-Pres. Academy. President of Mayfair Club. 
Favorite sport, tennis. Married to Enid Bennett. 
Children Bery[, 9 wks., Peter 3 yrs., and Louis 7. 
Press, rep., Virginia Ke.Uogg. 

NICHOLSON, Paul, actor, b. Orange, N. J. Educ. 
Fordham College, N. Y. C. Previous career, stage. 
Entered pictures in 1897 with American Motoscope 
and Biograph Co., N. Y. Has played in "Chickie," 
"The Nervous Wreck," "The Brute," "Up in 
Mabel's Room," "The Smart Set," "The Port of 
Missing Girls," "Bertha, the Sewing Machine 
Girl." Clubs, Lambs, Masquers, Deauville Swim- 
ming. Sports, r.ding, horses, boxing swimming. 
Hght., 6, 1; wght., 185; brown eyes and hair. 
Wife's prof, name, Angie Norton. Bus. rep., 
Arthur Landau, Inc. Ad., Motion Picture News, 
Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, Cal. 

NIGH, William, director, b. Berlin, Wis., October 
12. Has a brother living in Los Angeles. Was 
educ. Berkeley, Calif., public schools and Univ. 
Specialized in social sciences. Was on the stage. 
Has lived in Berkeley, New York City and Holly- 
wood. Entered picture business in 1911 when Mack 
Sennett proposed that he take a fling at comedies. 
Directed "Mr. Wu," "Four Years in Germany," 
"Fire Brigade," "Across to Singapore," Four 
Walls," "Thirst." Belongs to the Academy of 
M. P. Arts and Sciences, Lakeside Golf Club. 
Favorite sport, golf. Bus. rep., Walter Tilford. 

NILSSON, Anna Q., actress, b. Ystad, Sweden; 
educ. Sweden. Early career, governess and artists 
model. Stage career, Sweden and America^ Screen 
career, Kalenx, Fox, First National, Goldwyn, 
Universal, Mammoth Pict., C.B.C., Chadwick, 
Vitagraph, WaiTSer, FBO, Paramount, United 
Artists; latest releases, "The Thirteenth Juror" 
(Universal); "Sorrel and Son" (United Artists); 
"Lonesome Ladies," "Babe Comes Home," "Mid- 
night Lovers," "The Masked Woman," "Easy 
Pickings" (First National). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 
130; blonde hair, dark blue eyes. 

NISSEN, Greta, actress Legal name, Grethe Ruzt- 
Nissen, b. Oslo, Norway, Jan. 30. Mother lives in 
N. Y. Educ. in O'slo, Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Was on stage. Entered pictures in 1925 due to 
success in play, "Beggar on Horseback." Played 
in "Lucky Lady," "Lady of Harem," "Wanderer," 
"Blonde and Brunette," "Fazil," "Hell's Angels." 
Hght., 5, 4V^; wght., 122; blue eyes; light blonde 

NIXON, Marizui, actress, b. Superior, Wis. Oct. 
20. Father lives in Los Angeles. Educ. Min- 
neapolis. Spec. English, dramatic art, cooking. 
Was vaude dancer. Has lived in Superior, Min- 
neapolis, Los Angeles. Entered pictures in Nov. 
1922. Has played in "Red Lips," "Geraldine," 
"Ta.xi, Taxi," "Out All Night," "Thoroughbreds," 
"Out of Ruins." Belongs to Regulars, Swimming 
and Gables Clubs. Sports, swimming, golf, bridge, 
dancing. Hght., 5, V2 ; wght., 103; brown eyes, 
brown hair. Single. Bus. rep., Rebecca and 
Silton; Press rep., James M. Fidler. Ad. De 
Mille Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 

NOBLE, John W., director, b. Albermarle Co., 
Va., 1880; educ. West Po^nt Military Academy, 
early career, Lieut, in U. S. Army for 7^ years, 
in Philippines and China; engineer in Mexico. 
Stage career, 5 yrs. in stk., vaud. and Broadway 
prods. Screen career, Thanhouser, Biograph, Uni- 
versal, Mutual, Metro, Goldwyn, Frohman, Selz- 
nick, Lyceum Film Bureau, Educational, Metro- 
politan Pictures, (P. D. C), Elbee Pictures; 
writer of plays and short stories; "Great Events 
Series" (Metro- Goldwyn -Mayer). 

NOLAN, Mary, actress, b. St. Joseph. Educ. St. 
Joseph's (Convent, St. Josephs, Mo. Was artists 
model. On stage in N. Y., London revues. Has 
lived in St. Joseph, Mo., Worcester, Mass., N. Y., 
London, Berlin, Hollywood. Entered pictures in 
1926. Has played in "Sorrell and Son," "Foreign 
Legion," "Good Morning Judge," "Thorough- 
breds," "West of Zanzibar." Sports, swimming, 
dancing, tennis. Hght., 5, 3; wght., 110; blue 
«yes, blonde hair. Single. Bus. rep., Geo. Ull- 

man; Press rep., Universal Pub. Dept., Universal 
City, Cal. 

NOON, A. Harold, writer, b. Providence, R. I., Aug. 
16, 1896. Rels. Frank P. Noon, twin brother, news- 
paper editor and writer, San Francisco. Educ. 
St. Ignatius Univ., San Francisco, spec, in history 
and philosophy. Previous career, night city editor, 
San Francisco Examiner; news editor and manag- 
ing editor, Post-Enquirer, Oakland, Calif.; staff 
correspondent. International News Service and 
Universal News Service. Wrote: 'Padre of the 
Rains," "The Cyclops Mystery," "Blue Coats and 
Brass Buttons," "Lights and Shadows." Entered 
pictures in Nov. 1927. Screen work: "The Hat 
Check Girl," "The Temple Dancer," "The Cyclops 
Mystery," "Big Jim Regan," "Pretenders." 
Titled: "The (Jirl with Golden Eyes." Adapta- 
tions, originals, continuities and titled for oral 
and silent films. Clubs, San Francisco Lodge, 
B.P.O. Elks, Lieut. U. S. Naval Reserve Force. 
Ad. Tec-.'\rt Studio. 

NORDLINGER, Victor J., casting director, b. St. 
Gell, Switzerland, Jan. 1898. Educ. in Switzer- 
land. Spec, commerce, banking. Previous career, 
1st class banking houses in Switzerland, N. Y. 
Lived in St. Gell, Geneva, Berlin, Paris, N. Y., 
Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1922. Made 
connections during banking career in N. Y. with 
Universal. Started as salesman. Sport, swimming. 

NORMAN, Josephine, actress. Legal name, Joseph- 
ine Arrich, b. Vienna, Austria, Nov. 12, 1904. 
Parents live in New York. Educ. Wadleigh 
High, Miller Business, National Academy of 
Arts. Spec, nursing, secretarial, painting, draw- 
ing. Has lived in Vienna, N. Y., Miami, Holly- 
wood. Entered pictures June 1, 1925. Has played 
in "Fifth Avenue," "Prince of Pilsen," "King of 
Kings," "You're in Army Now," "Wreck of 
Hesperus," "Chicago." Belongs to Sea Breeze 
Beach Club. Sports, horseback, riding, camping, 
swinmning. light., 5, 3; wght., 117; dark brown 
eyes; light brown hair. 

NORMAND, Amber, actress. Screen career: Edu- 
cational, Fox, Pathe; "Many Scrappy Returns," 
(Pathe); "Hell's Four Hundred" (Fox); "Wife 
Trouble," "Playful Papas," (Educational). 

NORRIS, William, actor. Screen career, Para- 
mount, Goldwyn, Preferred Pict., Vitagraph, 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, "The Joy Girl" (Fox). 

NORTH, Wilfred, director, b. London, Eng. Pre- 
vious career, mercantile marine, cattle puncher, 
lawyer, National Guard of Texas. Stage career, 
stage mgr. for Mrs. Fiske 5 yrs., with VVinthrop 
Ames, also first dir., Harvard Dram. Qub, dir. 
Amateur Comedy Club, N. Y. Screen career. 
Select, Vitagraph, Hodkinson, First National, 
Fox, Chadwick, Sterling, "Hell Bent for Heaven," 
"Tracked by the Police," "The Bush Leaguer" 
(Warner), "The Fourflusher" (Universal). 

NORTON, Barry, actor, b. Buenos Aires, Argen- 
tine. Screen career, "The Canyon of Light," "The" 
Lily," "What Price Glory," "Ankles Preferred," 
"The Heart of Salome," "The Wizard "Fleet- 
wing" (Fox); "The Legion of the Condemned" 

NORTON, Edgar, actor. Screen career. Paramount, 
Fox, Warners, First National, Associated Ex- 
hibitors, "Fast and Furious," "The Man Who 
Laughs" (Universal); "Singed'^ (Fox); "The Stu- 
dent Prince" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer); "Oh Kay" 
(F'rst National). 

NORTH, Bobby, asst. production manager, b. New 
York, Feb. 2, 1884. Educ. pub. sch., New York. 
Previous career, actor. Entered pictures in 1914. 
Clubs, Lambs, Lakeville Golf Club. Sport, golf. 
1 child, Edmund Hall North, 17 yrs. 

NORTHRUP, Harry, actor, b. N. Y. C, July 31, 
1880. Educ. San Francisco. Spec, geography, 
history. For 15 yrs. leading "heavy" in original 
N. Y. productions with Sothern, Miller, Hackett, 
Faversham, Locham, etc. Has lived in N. Y., 
San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles. Has 
played in "Four Horseman," "Christian," "Shield 
of Honor," "Arizona," "Burning Daylight," "Last 
Warning," "Me, CJangster," "Divine Sinner." 
Sports, riding, tennis. Hght., 5, 6; wght., 170; 
brown eyes, brown hair. 

NOVAK, Eva, actress. Screen career. First Na- 
tional. Fox. Rayart, Pathe; "Irene," First Nation- 
al): "No Man's Gold," (Fox); "Say It With 
Babies," (Pathe). 

NOVAK, Jane, actress, b. St. Louis, Mo. Mother 
lives in Hollywood. Sister, Eva Novak, actress. 
Educ. Notre Dame Convent. Has lived in St. 

/ have a f>ress rcpresentatk'c zvho zvill 
be glad to cooperate zvitli editors in 
the preparation of special story ma- 
terial. Address your request care of 
Motion Picture Nezn's, Hollyzvood, 
and it zvill be forzvarded at once. 

DIRECTOR OF: "SHOP WORN ANGEL," first all-talking picture made on Para- 

In Production 


A FEW HIGHLIGHTS: Bom and educated in Sacramento, Calif., he com^ 
pleted his education as a medical student in Chicago and later came to Los Angeles, 
where he entered the undertaking business. Motion pictures showed greater promise 
for opportunities, so he joined the Mack Sennett-Keystone Company as jack-of-all- 
trades. Directing looked best to him, so he learned everything that led up to it. 
He soon established himself as one of the best editors in the business. From editing 
he went to writing and clicked immediately with "The Connecticut Yankee," and 
as a result was signed by Fox to direct. Contracts followed with other important 
producing organizations. Box-office check-ups of his productions have placed him 
in the front rank of directors, with the result that Paramount has signed him to 
direct "Innocents of Paris," Maurice Chevalier's first starring vehicle. 



Louis, Los Angeles, N. Y., London, Berlin. En- 
tered pictures in 1915. Has played in "Eyes of 
World," "Lullaby," "Blackguard," "Redskin." 
Sports, horseback riding, hiking. Hght., 5, 6; 
wght., 130; blue eyes, blonde hair. Daughter, 
Virginia, 1 yr. Bus. rep., Guy Coburn. 
NOVARRO, Ramon, actor, Feb. 6, 1899, b. Durange, 
IMtxico; educ. Mexico. Stage career, 5 yrs. 
repertoire and stock; taught music. Screen ca- 
reer, was discovered by Rex Ingraham for in- 
souciant role of Rupert in "Prisoner of Zenda" 
(Metro); roles include "Trifling Women," 
"Where the Pavement Ends," "Scaramouche," 
"Thy Name is Woman," "The Arab," "The Red 
Lily," "The Midshipman," "Ben-Hur," "Lovers," 
"The Student Prince," "The Road to Romance," 
"Across to Singapore," "A Certain Young Man," 
'Forbidden Hours," "Tlie Flying Fleet" (Metro); 
"A Lover's Oath" (Astor) ; recently finished "The 
Pagan" for M-G-M and has announced his in- 
tention to sing in grand opera. Legal name is 
Ramon Gil Samayiegos, the Novarro being his 
mother's maiden name. Father 'is a dentist and 
he is the oldest of 10 children, eight boys and 
two girls. Hght., 5, 10; wght., 160; black hair 
and eves. 
NOWELL, Wedswood, actor, b. Portsmouth, N. H., 
Jan. 24. Educ. Boston, Worcester English High, 
University Pa. Stvidied drama, music, 18 yrs. 
theatrical career. Has lived in Portsmouth, Bos- 
ton, Worcester, Mass., Philadelphia, Baltimore, 
Hollywood, Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 
191.S. Played in "813," "Westbound Limited," 
"Enter Madame," "Eternal Flame." Belongs to 
Academy of M. P. Arts and Sciences, Hollywood, 
Friars Club ,N. Y. Sports, constructing radip 
sets, aquatic sports, horse racing, polo. Hght., 
S, 11^; wght., 163; dark brown eyes, grey hair. 
^Tarried to non-professional. 
NOY, Wilfred, director, b. South Kensington, Lon- 
don, Dec. 24, 1883. Related to Leslie Howard, 
actor and playwright. London and New York; 
General Sir Herbert Bunbery K. C. B., London; 
Col. J. Ayloner Balfour, England and Africa. 
Educ. Great Yarmouth, Brighton and Dulwich 
schools. Specialized in history and literatiu'e. 
Was actor, stage director, writer. Lived in Lon- 
don, Paris, Edinburgh, New York, Los Angeles. 
Entered picture business in 1909. Acted for 
Claredon Film Co., Croydon, England. Was given 
scrip to direct and result brought long contract ; 
became financial and supervising director of com- 
pany. Directed "Under the Red Rube." "Masters 
of Men," "The Face at the Window." "The Lady 
Clare," "The Lost Chord," "The Midnight Girl," 
"The Substitute Wife," "Eager Lips," "The Devils 
Cage." Favorite sports, cricket, tennis and golf. 
Children, Lorna, 16; Peggy, 15. Press rep., Hal 
NUGENT Edward, actor, b. New York City. Father, 
Edward Nugent, a stage manager. Educ. Thomas 
Edison, Holy Cross schls. Previous career, acted 
in father's stock in Yonkers, N. Y. Worked in 
Sid Grauman prologues and acted as stunt man; 
started as laborer at M-G-M studios, became 
gag man, and was selected by Harry Beaumont 
to play comedy role in "Owr Dancing Daughters." 
Also in "The Bellamy Trial." Ad. Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer Studios, Culver Cit}', Cal. 
NYE, Carroll, actor, b. Canton, O., Oct. 4, 1901. 
Rels. parents living in Covina, Cal., W. W. Nye 
(uncle), head of Dept. of Physics at U. S. C, 
Mvra Nve (mother). Woman's Dept. L. A. 
"Times." Lt. Wilbur S. _ Nye (brother), West 
Point Graduate now stationed at Fort Bragg. 
N. C. Educ. Covina High Schl. and University 
Cal. Spec, in Journalism and dramatics. Previous 
career, 4 yrs. divided between stage and cub re- 
porting on "Times." Was playing "White Col- 
lars" at Egan's at time of entry. Has Jived in 
Pasadena, Covina, Hollywood. Entered pictures 
in June, 1925. Interview promoted by Grace 
Kingsley with June Mathis. secured test brother 
in Corrine Griffith's "Classified." Was taken for 
part and left "White Collars." joined picture com- 
pany in N. Y. Played in "ITer Honor the Gov- 
ernor," "Sporting Age." "While City Sleeps," 
"Craig's Wife," "Jazzland." "Confession." Clubs. 
Phi Delta Theta. Fraternity. Sports, swimming, 
tennis. Hght., 6; wght., 160; brown eyes and 
hair. Wife's prof, name, Helen Lynch. Bus. 
rep, Ruth Collier, Inc; Press rep., Hal Howe. 
NYE, G. Raymond, actor, b. Tamaqua, Pa. Father 
lives with him. Educ. Wilmington High Schl., 

Wilmington, Del., Central Training School, Phila- 
delphia. Spec, chemistry, mathematics. Was on 
stage, stock, dramatic, vaude. Has lived in 
PhUadelphia, Wilmington, Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures on old Universal lot as heavy for J. 
Warren Kerrigan. Was with Wm. Farnum and 
Bara; also old Biograph and Universal. Sport, 
football. light., 5, 11; wght., 200; dark brown 
eyes, dark brown hair. 

— o- 

OAKIE, Jack, actor. Legal name, Lewis D. Offield, 
b. Sedalia, Mo., Nov. 12, 1903. Mother lives in 
N. Y. Educ. Kansas City, Mo. Spec, mathema- 
tics. Was in N. Y. Stock Exchange for two yrs. 
Has had stage experience. Has lived in Sedalia, 
Kansas City, N. Y. Entered pictures Feb. 1928. 
Played in "Fleet's In," "Someone to Love," 
"Finders Keeper." Sports, swimming, boxing, 
light., 5, 11; wght., 150; blue eyes, light brown 
hair. Press, rep.. Arch Reeve. Ad. Paramount 
Studio. Hollywood, Cal. 

OAKLAND, Vivian, actress. Screen .career: Pathe, 
F(jx, Paramount, Universal, Tiffany-Stahl; "Tony 
Runs Wild," (Fox) ; "Love 'Em and Weep," 
"Tell 'Em Nothing," (Pathe); "Wedding: Bills," 
(Paramount); "Uncle Tom's Cabin," (Universal); 
"The Man In Hobbles," (Tiffany-Stahl). 

OAKMAN, Wheeler, actor, b. Virginia; educ. Wash- 
ington, D. C. Stage career, 3 years. Screen ca- 
reer. "The Broken Mask" (Anchor S. R.); "The" 
Masked Angel" (First Division); "Out All 
Night," "Hey! Hey! Cowboy" (Universal. Hght., 
5, 11; wght., 170; brown hair and eyes. 

OBER, Robert, actor, b. St. Louis, Mo.; educ. 
Washington Univ., St. Louis. Screen career, 
Asso'. Exhibitors, Tiffany; "The Big Parade" 
(M-G-M), "The ^Whole Town's Talking," "Held 
by the Law" (Universal); "A Reno Divorce," 
"Across the Atlantic" (Warner). 

O'BRIEN, Eugene, actor, b. Boulder, Colo., Nov. 
14. 1892. Educ. Boulder, Colo., studied for medical 
profession, came from school to stage. Played in 
"At Old Cross Roads," "Brown of Harvard." 
"Thief," "Poppy." "Voice from the Winegate," 
"Graustark." Belongs to Players, N. Y. Athletic, 
Hollywood Athletic, iNIasquers Clubs. Sport, riding. 
Hght., 6; wght., 160; light brown hair, blue eyes. 

O'BRIEN, George, actor, b. San Francisco, (Tal., 
Apr. 19, 1900. Parents living in San Francisco. 
Educated at Polytechnic High Schl., Santa Clara 
(i'ollege. Spec, mechanics, chemistry, medicine 
Has lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, N. Y., 
Panama, Colon, Colombia, Berlin, Paris, Versailles, 
Budapest, Vienna, Switzerland, Jugoslavia. Czecho 
Slovakie. Played in "Iron Horse," "Sunrise." 
"Noah's Ark," "Blindfold," "Honor Bound," 
"Sharpshooters." Belongs to Masquers, Holly- 
wood Athletic Club, Santa Monica Beach CJub, 
American Legion. Sports, boxing, swimming, 
football, basketball, volleyball, handball. Hght., 
6. % ; wght., 190; dark brown eyes and hair. 
Bus. rep., Daniel J. O'Brien. Ad. Fox Studio, 
Hollywood. Cal. 

O'BRIEN, Tom, actor, b. San Diego, Cal., July 25, 
1898. i^Iother lives in Santa Monica. Educ. Uni- 
versity Cal. and University Penn. Spec, history, 
law, arts. Bachelor of Arts, Laws. On stage for 
20 yrs. Has lived in N. Y., Chicago, Los Angeles 
Entered pictures in 1910. Has played in "The Big 
Parade," "Fire Brigade," "Helen of Troy," 
"That's My Daddy," "San Francisco Nights," 
"Last Warning." "Anybody Here Seen Kelly?," 
"It Can Be Done." iBelongs to Masons, Shrine, 
233 Club, Elks, Sigma Chi, Arnarme Club, Ameri- 
can Legion and N. S. G. W. Sports, boxing, 
football, boating, baseball, hunting. Hght., 5, 
■(1''54; wght.. 198: dark blue eyes, dark brown 
hair. iMarried to Inna iMae Morehouse. Bus. rep., 

O'CONNOR, Harry M., actor, b. Chicago; educ. 
Seattle. Stage career: 23 yrs. Screen career: Fox, 
Douglas iMacLean, Paramount, Sanford Prod., 
Chesterfield. "Red Hot Hoofs," "Cvclone of the 
Ranc-e" (FBO). 

O'CONNOR, Louis J., b. Providence, R. I.. 1880. 
Stage career. Western Stock, also with Shubert 
Prods. Screen career, Selznick, Pathe, LT"niversal, 
Goldwvn, Weiss Bros.. Artclass, Gotham Prod., 
Sun Prod.. Rayart. FBO. light., 5, 11; wght., 
210; slightly gray hair, hazel eyes. 

Herbert Wilcox 

Prod Jicer-Direc for 
British and Dominions Film Corp., Ltd. 


"The Woman in White" 
"The Only Way" 
"Southern Love" 
"The Bondman" 
"Mme. Pompadour" 


"Decameron Nights" 

"Tip Toes" 

"Nell Gwyn" 


"Chu Chin Chow" 




O'CONNOR, Robert E., actor, b. Milwaukee, 
Wise. Screen career, "The Noose" (First Na- 
tional), "Dressed to Kill" (Fox); "Four Walls" 

O'CONNOR, Frank, director, b. New York, 1888; 
stage career, legit, actor and director. Screen ca- 
reer, co-director with Marshall Neilan, series for 
Schulberg- Preferred; series for Columbia; fea- 
tures for Lumas, Excellent, Chadwick, Fox, "The 
Masked Angel" (First Division). 

O'DELL., Georgia, actress. Screen career: Educa- 
tional; "Auntie's Ante," "Just Dandy," "Murder 
Will Out," "The Lucky Duck," "Follow Teacher." 

O'DONNELL, Spec, actor. Screen career, War- 
ners, Universal, C.B.C., Paramount, United Art- 
ists, Columbia, Pathe, "Private Izzy Murphy" 
Warners); "Sparrows" (United Artists); "Casey 
at the Bat," "We're A.11 Gamblers," "Hot News" 
(Paramount); "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer comedies: 
"Vamping Venus" (First National). 

O'DAY, Molly, actress, b. Bayonne, N. J.; educ. 
Convent of Notre Dame, S. I., New York. Screen 
career, Hal Roach comedies, "Lovelorn" (Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer); "The Patent Leather Kid," 
"Hard Boiled Haggerty," "Shepherd of the Hills." 
"Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come" (First Na- 
tional). Hght., 5, 21^; wght., 108; dark brown 
hair, dark hazel eyes. 

O'DAY, Peggy, actress, b. Youngstown, Ohio; 
educ. Polytechnic Junior Col. and Missouri Univ. 
Screen career, Christie films, "Peggy of the 
Secret Service" (Davis Dist.) ; "South of the 
Northern Lights," "The Clean-Up Man" (Uni- 
versal); "Hoof Marks" (Pathe). 

OELZE, Charles, director, b. Brooklyn, New York, 
1886; educ. Norwegian Acad., Conn. Early ca 
reer, two years with Barnum and Bailey circus; 
cattle ranch in Oregon; nine years n the U. S. 
Army. Screen career. Universal 1911, technical 
man; Hal Roach prop man; assist, director on 
Will Rogers comedies; technical man on "Our 
Gang" unit and then assist, director; co-director 
with Anthony Mack on "Gang" comedies. 

O'GRADY, Tom, actor. Screen career, "A I^ight 
In the Window," "A Midnight AdTenturic" (Ray- 

O'HARA, Shirley, actress, b. N. Y. C. May 23, 
1910. Dr. S. E. Nolan, brother. Dr. H. E. Nolan, 
father. Educ. Mexico City, N. Y., Los Angele^. 
Has lived in N. Y., Mexico City, Los Angeles, 
San Antonio, San Luis Potosi. Entered pictures 
two yrs. ago. Has played in "Gentleman of Paris." 
"B?ck Stage,." some westerns. Belongs to Alpha 
Delta, National Sorority, A. C. L. A. Chapter. 
Sports, tennis, swimming. Hght., 6, 2; wght., 
104; brown eyes, brown hair. 

0''HARA, Geoirgie, actor. Screen career, Asso. 
Prod., Fox, Mack Sennett, Principal, "Darwin 
Was Right" (Fox), Fighting Blood Series, The 
Go-Getter Series, "Bigger Than Barnunis," "Go- 
ing the Limit," "Is That Nice," "The Timid Ter- 
ror" (FBO), "The Sea Beast," "Why Girls Go 
Back Home" (Warner), "Burnt Fingers" (Pathe), 
wrote scenario on "Beau Broadway" (M-G-M). 

OLAND, Warner, b. Umee, Sweden; educ. Boston. 
Early career. Translator of Stringberg's plays; 
scenario writer and producer. Stage career, 
played all over the world, specialized on Shakes- 
perean and Ibsen roles. -Screen career. "Stand 
and Deliver" (Pathe); "Good Time Charley," 
"Sailor Izzy Murphy," "The Jazz Singer," "Old 
San Francisco" (Warner): "The WHieel of 
Chance" (First National). Hght., S, 11; wght., 
180; brown hair and eyes. 

OLCOTT, Sidney, director. Legal name, John .S. 
Allcott, b. Toronto, Canada, Sept. 20. Educ. at 
public schools there. Was on stage; five years 
actor, stage director, producer. First director of 
motion pictures to take company abroad. Has 
lived in all principal cities of America, Europe 
and Orient. Entered picture business in 1907. 
Directed "From the Manger to the Cross." 
"Scratch My Back." "The Humming Bird," "A 
Greed Goddess," "Mousieur Beaucaire," "Little 
Old New York," and a series starring Richard 
Barthelmess. Belongs to the Academy of Motion 
Picture Arts and Sciences, Hollywood Athletic 
Club and Green Room. Favorite sports, football, 
baseball, boxing, wrestling. 

OLDFIELD, Barney, actor. Screen career, "The 
First Auto" (Warners). 

OLIVER, Guy, actor, b. Chicago, Oct. 18, 1928. 
Educ. there. In vaude. Has lived in Chicago, 
Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1913. Has played 

in "Covered Wagon," "It Pays to Advertise," 
"Blind Goddess," "North of '36," "Vanishing 
Pioneer," "Old Ironsides," "Beggars of Life," 
"Hot News," "Docks of New York." Hght., S, 
9; wght., 154; gray eyes, light brown hair. Mar- 
ried. Bus. and press rep., Paramount. Ad. Para- 
mount Studios, ilollywood, Cal. 

OLMSTEAD, Gertrude, actress, b. Chicago, III.; 
educ. La Salle, 111.; won the Elks-lIerald-Ex- 
aminer Beauty Contest, immediately after high 
school graduation, and began picture work with 
Universal, then Fox, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; cur- 
rent appearances, "Green Grass Widows" (Tit- 
fany-Stahl), "Sweet Sixteen" (Rayart), "Midnight 
Life," "The Cheer Leader" (Lumas), "Sporting 
Goods" (Paramount), "Buttons" .^M-G-M). Hght., 
5, 3; wght., 117; chestnut brown hair, gray -blue 

O'MALLEY, Charles, actor. Screen career, "The 
Iron Horse" (Fox); "The Only Woman" (First 
National); "(Jun-Hand Garrison" (Rayart); 
"Sally's Shoulders" (FBO). 

O'MALLY, Pat, actor, b. Forest City, Pa.; educ. 
there; early career, circus performer. Screen 
career, "A Bowery Cin(Jr'ella" (Excellent); "House 
of Scandal" (Tiffany-Stahl) ; "The Slaver" (An- 
chor); "Woman's Law" (Peerless); "Pleasure Be- 
for Business" (Columbia). Hght., 6; wght., 160; 
dark hair, blue eyes, 

O'NEILL, Jim "Tip", actor, b. San Francisco, 
July 21, 1863. Educ. San Francisco. In theatrical, 
dramatic, vaudeville, burlesque, stock for five yrs. 
Has lived in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, 
Omaha, Denver Edmonton, Alta., Canada. En- 
tered pictures in 1916. Has played in "Ace High," 
"My I5oy," "Shady Lady," "Camera Man." Be- 
longs to Troupers, Actors Equity. Sports, boat- 
ing, hunting fishing. Hght., 5, 8; wght., 150; 
brawn eyes, dark hair. 

O'NEILL, Sally, b. Bayonne, New Jersey; educ. 
there. Convent of Notre Dame, S. I., and Loretta 
Abbe Convent, Canada. Screen career, "Mad 
Hour" (First National); "Bachelor's Paradise" 
(Tiffany-Stahl); "Lovelorn," "Becky," "The CaJ- 
lahans and the Murphys," "Slide Kelly Slide," 
"Frisco Sally Levy" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). 
Hght., S, 2; wght., 105; black hair, dark blue 

ORLAMOND, William^ actor, b. Copenhagen, Den- 
mark, Aug. 1, 1867. Educ. Copenhagen. Spec, 
languages. One legit, stage. Has lived in N. Y., 
Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles. Entered pic- 
tures in 1912 with Lubin Company, Philadelphia. 
Has played in "Sin Flood," "Seven Keys to Bald- 
pate," "Camillc," "Skinner's Big Idea," "Little 
Yellow House," "While City Sleeps," "Awaken- 
ing." Sports, horseback riding. Hght., 5, 10?/^; 
wght., 150: blue eyes, gray hair. Married to 
Madge B. Orlamond. Bus. rep., Demmy Lamson. 

ORNITZ, Samuel, writer, b. New York City, Nov. 
15, 1891. Educ. public schools of _N. Y. and City 
College. Previous career, novelist, sociolog^ist, 
editor. Wrote, "Haunch Paunch and Fowl," "A 
Yankee Passional." Entered pictures in Febru- 
ary, 1928. Screen work, "The Case of Lena 
Smith" (orig.), "The Tong War" (orig.), "The 
(Genius" (adapt.). Wife's prof, name, Sadie F. 
Lesser. 2 children, Arthur (21), Donald (8). 

ORR, Gertrude, writer, b. Covington, Ky., Jan. 17. 
Educ. Vassar College. Previous career, reporter 
and feature writer on Denver Post. Screen ca- 
reer. Paramount, "Married Alive." "Singed," 
"Loves of Carmen," "Mother Machree" (Fox); 
"Night Life," "A Woman Against the World" 

ORTH, Marion, writer, b. Chicago, III., Feb. 6. 
Educ. Knickerbocker Hall, Indiana and St. Helens, 
Portland, Oreg. Lived in Seattle and Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures Nov. 1919, through magazine 
stories bought by motion picture companies. 
"Street Angel,' "Four Devils," "Mother Knows 
Best." "Sharp Shooters." Sport, swimming. 

OSBORNE, Bud, actor, b. Knox County, Texas; 
(due. O'klahoma City, Okla. Screen career, 
FBO, Steiner, Aywon, Steen, Rayart, Artclass. 
"Don Desperado." "Two Gun of Tumbleweed," 
"Border Blackbirds," "The Bronc Stomper" 
(Pathe). "Sky High Saunders," "A One Man 
Game" (LTniversal). 

O'SHEA, Daniel Patrick, actor, b. Boston, Mass., 
Oct. 8. Rels. Parents living in Boston, Mass. 
Educ. Boston Grade and High Schls. Spec, in 
Electric Civil Engineer. Previous career, dancer. 
Metropolitan Theatre, Los Angeles, Cal. Entered 







Five years with Harold Lloyd — Three years as his director. 

Reminiscences of Six Seasons with Henry W. Savage. 

Experiences in Vaudeville, the Legitimate, College Shows, Musical 
Comedy, Legitimate Stock Companies, Pantomime, Marionette 
Shows and Staging Shows for the Doughboys. 

What is a Sense of Humor, or What is a Laugh? — from the Audi 
ence Viewpoint. 

Why do Some People Laugh at Certain Situations? 

Why You Can Make Some Laugh All the Time, All Laugh Some of 
the Time, but not All Laugh All the Time. 

Deiails of any of these stibjects or others will be obtained on request by 
Motion Picture News 



pictures in early part of 1924. Was given contract 
by Sennett. Went to FBO under yr. and half con- 
tract. Now free lancing-. Played in 64 Alice Day- 
Danny O'Shea series for Sennett. "Her Father 
Said No." 24 H. C. Witwer series. Lead in 
"On Stroke of Twelve," "Dugan of Dugouts," 
"Manhattan Cocktai.1," "Story of Judy Jud." 
Clubs, Hollywood Athletic, San Francisco Olympic, 
California. Sports, swimming, riding, golf, tennis, 
dancing. light., S, UV2 ; wght., 165; blue eyes, 
black hair. Bus. rep., Menifee I. Johnstone. 

OTTERSON, J. E., president of Electrical Research 
Products, Inc. (subsidiary of Western Electric), 
b. Allegheny, Pa., March 29, 1881. Educ. public 
schools and entered Naval Academy, Annapolis, 
graduating with Lieut's rank in naval construc- 
tion; also M. S. degree Mass. Institute Tech. in 
1904. Previous career. After Naval service became 
general manuf. superintendant, Winchester Repeat- 
ing Arms Co.; subsequently, vice-president and 
later, president and director, same co. ; then he- 
came president and director Simmons Hdw. Co.; 
the two company's amalgating, became pres. and 
dir. of new company. Entered executive ranks. In- 
ternational Western Elec. Co., as general superin- 
tendant; continued with Western Electric when 
company was sold to Internat. Tel & Tel. ; placed 
in charge of Electrical Research when that com- 
pany was formed to take care of non-telephone 
mventions; in May, 1927, was elected vice-presi- 
dent and member of board of company; in Tan. 
192^, elected president, 18 months after formaVon 
of company, signing of contracts with practically 
all major picture company for W. E. sound system 
was announced by him. Club, Armv and Navv, 
University, Railroad and Lawn Clubs, Navv 
Athletic Assoc. New Haven Country, Graduates' 
Club of New Haven, Taylor Society and Society 
of Naval Architects and Engineers. Addres,s, 
Electrical Research Products Co., New York Citv. 

OVEY, George, actor. Legal name, George Overton 
Odell, _b. Kansas City, Mo.. Dec. 13. Educ. there. 
Was m all branches of stage to musical comedy 
star. Has Jived in Kansas City, Boston, N. Y. C. 
Was originally engaged for small part. Sports, 
golf, riding. Hght., 5, 314 ; wght., 130; dark eves, 
dark hair. Married to Louise Horner. 

OWEN, Seena, b. Spokane, Wash.; educ. Bruno 
Hall, there, and in Copenhagen, Denmark. Stage 
career, legit, and stk. Screen career, Reliance- 
Majestic, Kaleni. Fine Arts, Goldwvn. Cosmo- 
prhtan. Fox, SelznTck, Vitagraph, P.'D.C, Para- 
mount; important recent appearances, "The Blue 
Danube," "The Rush Hour" (Pathe). Hght., 5, 
S! wght., 125; blond hair, blue eyes. 

— P— 

PADDOCK, Charles, b. Gainesville, Texas; educ. 
Univ. Southern Calif., and Univ. of Paris. Early 
career, famous athlete, sports writer and lec- 
turer. Screen career, "The High School Hero" 
(Fox); "The College Hero" (Columbia); "The 
Campus Flirt" (Paramount); "9 and 3/5 Seconds" 
(.Steen. Inc.). 
PADJAN, Jack, actor. Screen career. "The Iron 
Horse," "Tony Runs Wild" (Fox): "Land of the 
Lawless. "Crashing Through'" (Pathe). 
PAGE. Anita, actress, b. Murray Hll, Flushing 
X. Y.. Aug. 4, 1910. Educ. Washington Irving 
High Schl.. N. Y. C. Entered pictures in 19^ 
Has played in "Telling the World." "While City 
Sleeps," "Flying Fleet," "Our Dancing Daughters." 
Sports, swimming, skating. Hght., 5, 2; wght., 
US; blue eyes, blonde hair. 
PANGBORN, Franklin, actor, b. Newark N J 
Jan. 23. Rels.. N. Portland, Ore. Educ. Newark", 
N. J. Spec. Engh'sh, music. Previous career, ten 
yrs. on stage. Entered pictures in 1925, while 
being featured with Trxie Friganza in "Weak 
Sisters." Majestic Theatre. L. A.. Calif. Played 
in "Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary." "Night Bride." 
T-ead in "My Friend from India." "On Trail." 
"Masquerade." "Watch Out." Clubs. Masquers. 
Hollywood Athletic. Snorts, tennis, motoring. 
Tight., 5, 10'/,; wght.. 156; hazel eyes, brown hair. 
Bus. rer... George Ullman. 
PARROTT, James, director. Screen career, starred 
in single reel comedies for Pathe under name of 
Poll Parrot. Directed Charlie Cane cmnedies. Max 
Davidson comed'es. Roach Star comedies 

PASCAL, Ernest, writer, b. London, England, Jan. 

II, 1896. Educ. Europe. Spec, in English, musx, 
architecture. Previous career, novelist and play- 
wright. Has lived in London, Paris, New York, 
lioston. Screen work; "Hell's High Road," "Dark 
.Swan," "Interference," "Man Made Women," 
"Charlatan." 1 child, Stephen (3). Bus. rep., 
Felix Yoimg. Wrote: "The Marriage Bed," "The 
Dark Swan." Ad. Hollywood Corp., 6331 Holly- 
wood Blvd., Hollywood, Calif. 

PATRICOLA, Miss, actress, b. Italy. Educ. U. S. 
Previous career, began as child. Has lived in 
Chicago and New York. Entered pictures in 
1928, M-G-M Movietone. Hght., 5, 4; wght., 140; 
gay eyes, black hair. 1 child, son. 

PALLETTE, Eugene, actor, b. Winfield, Kan.; 
eiiuc. Culver Mil. Acad. Stage career, 12 yrs. m 
"Alias Jimmy Valentine." Screen career, Uni- 
versal, American, Majestic, Selig, Fine Arts, 
Morosco- Paramount, Paralta, Famous Players, 
National, Houdini, Metro, United Artists, Robert- 
son-Cole, Fo.x, Hodkinson, Vitagraph, P.D.C., 
Ginsberg, "Moulders of Men" (FBO); "Chicago." 
"The Red Mark" (Pathe); "Out of the Ruins" 
(First National). Hght., 5, 9^; wght., 155; dark 
brown hair, blue eyes. 

PALMER, Corliss, actress, b. near Macon, Georgia; 
educ. there. Screen career, "Her Second Chance" 
(First National); "A Man's Past" (L'niversal); 
"The Return of Boston Blackie," "Polly of the 
Movies" (First Div.) ; "Honeymoon Hate" (Para- 
mount); "Clothes Make the Woman" (Tiffany- 

PALMER, Shirley, actress, b. and educ. Chicago, 

III. Screen career. Fox, Pathe, Asso. Exhib.; 
"The Winning \\ allop," "The Cheer Leader" 
(Lumas) ; "The Magic Flame" (United Artists); 
"The Scarlet Dove." "Stormy Waters" (Tiffany- 
Stahl). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 112. 

PALMER, Violet, actress, b. Flint, Mich., 1899; 
educ. Spokane and Seattle. Stage career, in 
vaud. as child; also stk., mus. com. Screen ca- 
reer, Lasky, Kalem. Fox, Pathe. Wm. Steiner, 
Vitagraph, FBO, "Eyes of the Totem" (Pathe); 
"Dearie," "The Bush Leaguer" (Warners); "The 
Return of Boston Blackie" (First Division); 
"Night Life" (Tiffany-Stah.1). 

PANZER, Paul, actor, early career, character actor. 
Stage career, Broadway productions and stk. 
.Screen career, "Rinty of the Desert," "Glorious 
Betsy" (talkie); "The Girl From Chicago," "Brass 

PAOLI, Raoul, actor. Screen career, "The Cow- 
ard" (FBO) ; "Beau Sabreur," "A Night of 
Mvstery" (Paramount); "Woman Wise" fFox). 

PARLO, Dita, actress, b. Germany. Won promi- 
nence in films in her own country after appear- 
ing in two of them. "Homecoming." one of them, 
was distributed in U. S. by Paramount and the 
star was signed to a contract. "Hungarian 
Rhapsody" is her other film. Brunette hair, large 

PARRISH, Katherine, actress. Screen career, 
"Love and Learn" (Paramount); comedies for 
Educational release. 

PASHA, Kalla, actor, b. New York City; educ. 
Chicago. Stage career, 26 yrs. stage, carnival, 
circus and wrestling. Screen career, Mack Sen- 
nett comedies. Associated Prod., Paramount, 
Metro, Universal; "Wolf's Clothing" (Warners); 
"The Devil Dancer." "The Dove" (United Art- 
ists): "TilHe's Punctured Romance" (Paramount). 

PATRICK, John, actor, b. IMuskegon. Mich. 1897. 
.Screen career. Metro, P.D.C., Paramount. "Ladies 
at Play." "Prince of Headwaiters" (First Na- 
tional), "Three Weeks in Paris," "While LondotT 
S'eeps" (Warners), ".Stage Kisses," "Golf 
W'dows" (Columbia), "The First Year," "Love 
Hungry" (Fox). 

PATTON, Bill, actor, b. and educ. Amarillo, 
Texas. Screen career. Western Photoplay Corp., 
Long Be.-ich M. P. Co., Sylvanite Prod., Chas. R. 
Seeling Prod., Western Classic Prod., Aywon, 
Sanford. Elfelt. Davis Dist., Chesterfield, "The 
Flying U Ranch." "The Pinto Kid" (FBO). Hght. 
5. II: wght., 168; dark brown hair, blue eyes. 

PATON, Stuart, director, b. Glasg^ow, Scotland, 
1885. ErirJv^ career, chemist and painter. Stage 
career. 6 y7s. legit, in London, performed before 
King Edward and King George. Screen career, 
scenario editor. Universal, assistant to Frank 
Crane: with Universal as director for many years: 
worked for Assoc. Exhib., organized .Stuart Paton 
Prod., produced for Rayart, Universal, dir. 'The 



Bullet Mark" (Pathe); "Fangs of Destiny," "The 
Four Footed Ranger," "The Hound of Silver 
Creek" (Universal). 
PAYNE, Louis, actor. Screen career, Goldwyn, . 
First National, FBO. Fiist National, Metro-Goid- 
wvn, Fnx, Columbia, Paramount, "Vanity," 
fP.D.C); "Broadway Madness" (Excellent^ 
PAYNE, Charles B., treasurer. Universal P.ctures 
Corp., b. Madison, Wise, 1890; educ. University 
of Wisconsin. Started picture business career in 
1922 when he joined Universal as assistant to 
treasurer. In 1928 was made head of Universal 
Chain Theatres Corp., concerning himself largely 
with financial end. Was appointed treasurer of 
I'niversal in 1928. Ts married. Address Heckscher 
Bldg.. New York City. 
PAYSON, Blanche, actress. Stage career. Educa- 
tional, Universal, Pathe, Fox, First National. 
"Animal Comedies" (Fox); "Figures Don't Lie" 
( I'aranioimt). 
PEARCE. George C, actor, b. N. Y. C, June 26. 
Educ. Trinity .School, N. Y. C Was opera and 
dramatic singer. Entered pictures 13 yrs. ago. 
Played in "White Cargo," "Three Kings," 
"Home Tames," "Do Your Dutv." Belongs to 
The Players, N. Y. Heht., S, 71/2 ; wght.. 16(); 
blue eves, gray hair. Children, David 8; Lassie 
10. Bus. rei)., D. McCory. 
PEARSON, Virgin'a, actress, b. Louisville, Ky., 
1888; educ. there. Stage career, stk., 2 seasons 
as vamoire in Robert Hilliard's "A Fool There 
Was," Fsversham's "The Hawk." Screen career. 
Famous Players, Vitagraph. Fox. Pearson Prod., 
Abramson, First National, Selznick. State Rights, 
Universal, Davis, Ginsberg, P.D.C., "What 
Price Beauty" (Pathe); "The Bg City," "The 
Actress" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). Hght., 5, 5; 
wght., 145; dark brown hair, hazel eyes. 
PECK, Norman, actor. Screen career, come- 
dies for Fox, and also the feature "Publicity Mad- 
PEMBROKE, Scott, director. Screen career, Uni- 
^■ersal, "Ragtime," "Polly of the Movies" (First 
Division) ; "A Light in the Window" "Gypsy of 
the North," "Mv Home Town," "The Divine Sin- 
ner." "Sweet Sixteen," "Branded Man," "Sisters 
of Eve" (Rayart). 
PENNI.CK, .lack, actor. Screen career, "The Bronco 
Buster," "Four Sons." "Whv Sailors Go Wrong" 
'Ff'x) : "The Lone Eagle" (Universal). 
PEPPER. Jack, actor, b. Palestine, Texas, June 14, 
1902. Educ. Dallas. Texas. Spec, in music and 
commercial. Previous career, mus'cal comedy 
with Shuberts, Gay Paree, Passing Show, Merry 
Whirl. Entered oictures in 1928 thru vaud. and 
only permanent Master of Ceremonies in short 
Revues. Appearing in M-G-M talking shorts. 
Sports, football, bicycle, racing, baseball. Hght., 
S. 8; wght., 150; blue eyes, dark hair. Bus. and 
ni-ess ren.. Wm. Morris. 
PERCY, EHeen, actress, b. Belfast, Ireland: educ. 
there and N. Y. C. Stage career, with Ziegfeld 
snd Charles Dillingham. Screen creer, American, 
Robertsr>n-Ct>le. Hoflkinson. Fox, Universal, FBO, 
F'rst National. Principal. Paramount, C.B.C., 
Truart, Selznick, Assoc. Exhib., Tiffany, Gotham 
Pr^xl., Chadwick, Pathe. Metro. "Burnt Finsers" 
(Pathe): "Backstage" (Tiffanv); "Twelve Miles 
Out," "Soring Fever." "Telling The World" 
(Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). Hght., 5, 3; wght., 118; 
blond hair, hazel eyes. 
PFRDUE, Derelys. actress, b. and educ. Kansas 
Citv. Stage career, dancer. Screen career. Fox, 
FHO. Chadwick. Truart. "The Gingham GmI" 
(FBO); Educational, "Qu'ck Triggers" (LTni- 
versal). Hght., 5, 5^; wght., 120; dark Tjrovvn 
hair and eves. 
PEREZ, Paul, writer, b. New York City, July 18, 
1894. Educ. New York City. Previ'^us career, 
h'ine Arts, Newspaper, Naval Officer and Publicity, 
lived in New York, London and Los Angeles. 
Enter pictu'^es Sept. 1920. Resigned from Foreign 
Editor on I'nited Press to enter Universal's Pub- 
licity dept., became director of Publicity, Adver- 
tising and Exploitation for eleven branches in 
United Kingdom. Titled. "Three Week Ends," 
"Captain .Swa.gger" and "Pair of Sixes." Clubs, 
B.M.P.A., AM. P. A.. and Amercan Legion. 
Hobby, liieeding and showing wire-haired fox- 
terriers. Bus. rep.. T,ichtig and E'nglander. 
PERIOLAT, Geo., actor, b. Chicago. III. Educ. 
there. Spec, music. On stage for 15 yrs. with 
Frohman. (Itis Skinner. Julia Arthur. Stock in 
several cities. Has lived in Chicago. Boston, 
N. Y., Los Angeles, San Francisco. Entered pic- 

tures 7 yrs. ago. Played in "Mark of Zoro." 
"Blue Danube," "Volga Boatman," "Alias the 
Deacon," "Her Secret Hour," "Red Lily," 
"Night Watch." .Sports, swimming, music. Hght., 
5. 9- wi'ht., 185; dark eyes, brown hair. 
PERKINS, Robert W., secretary and head of the 
legal department of First National Pictures; is 
a native of Virginia; after attending the Uni- 
versity of Virginia, he took a law course at Har- 
vard University and started on a legal career 
before becoming associated with First National 
four years ago. Mr. Perkins' home address is 
3,iO East 43rd Street. 
PERRIN, Jack, actor. Screen career, Pathe, Hod- 
kinsiin, Universal. Metro, Arrow, FBO, Assoc. 
Exhib., First National, Aywon, Rayart, Elbee, 
has worked mostly in Westerns for Universal; re- 
cent efforts in a "Northwest Mounted Police 
PERRY, Kathryn, actress. Screen career, Warners, 
Selznick, Fox, "Is Zat So," "An Old Flame," 
"Just A Husband," "Rumors for Rent," "B'ood 
Will Tell" (Fox); "Husbands for Rent" (War- 
ners). Hght., 1, 3; wght., 121; auburn hair, gray 
eves. , • , 

PFRRY, Robert, actor. Screen career, 'L ght of 
Western Stars," "The Thundering Herd," "Vol- 
cano" (Paramount); "Jaws of Steel," "The For- 
time Hunter" (Warners); "Dressed To Kill" 
PERRY, Walter, actor, b. San Francisco, Calif., 
Sept. 4, 1872; educ. public schools, San Francisco. 
Screen career, Pathe, Metro. Hodkinson, Gold- 
wvn, FBO, First National, Fox. "Irish Hearts'^ 
(Warner). "Beautiful Cheat," "Foreign Legion" 
(Universal). "Wilful Youth" (Peerless). 
PERRET, LEONCE, director, b. 1882, France; 
legit, stage actor; liegan screen career with Gau- 
mont in Berlin; has produced nearly 400 subjects, 
including about 20O two-reelers; productions in- 
clude "Madame Sans Gene" (Paramount); "Love's 
.Snringtime" Educational). 
PETELLE, Martha, actress. Screen career: "Let 
No Man Put Asunder," "Clean Heart" (Vita- 
graph); "Her Marriage Vow," (Warners); "His 
Rise To Fame" (Excellent). 
PETERS, John S.. actor, b. Cleveland, Ohio. Screen 
career: First National, "The Student Prince," 
"The Enemy," (M-G-M), "A Dog of the Regi- 
ment" (Warner), "The Scarlet Lady" (Colum- 
bia). "The Divine Sinner" (Rayart"). 
PETERS, Frederick, actor, b. Waltham, Mass., 
Tune 30, 1884. Educ. Waltham grade schl.. Win- 
chester (Mass.) High schl. Has lived in Boston, 
N. Y., Seattle, San Francsco, Hollywood, Brem- 
erton, Wash. Entered pictures in 1916. ^^ Has 
played in "Miracles of Jungles," "Tarzan." "12 
Miles Out," "Sa'ome," "Goliath the Giant, 
"Cvclops," "Man Who Laughs," "Speiler," and 
with Lupino Lane. Belongs to Equity, Roosevelt 
Camp Spanish War Vets. Sports, boxing, baseball, 
football, track, rowing, wrestling. Hght., 6 6: 
wght., 250; dark eves, brown hair. Married to 
Lillian Peters. Children, Walter, 22, and Marion, 
15. Bus. and press rep., Lee Parvin. 
PETERS, House, actor. Legal name, Robert House 
Peters, b. Bristol, England. Educ. England, Aus- 
tralia. On stage in England, America, Australia, 
South Africa. Entered p-ictures in 1914. Has 
played in "Storm," "Great Divide," "Gul of 
Golden West," "Warrens of Vrginia," "Lying 
Lips " "Between Men," "Rose Marie," "Prisoners 
of "Storm," "Head Winds." Sports, fishing, rul- 
ing. Hght. 6,1 Vj; wght. 195; blue eyes, brown 
hair. Married. Three children. Junior. Ian. 
Patr-Via. Bus. rep.. Edward Small. 
PETERSEN. Delia, actress. Screen career, Educa- 

tiiinal: "The I.rckv Duck." 
PETTUOHN, Charles Clyde, general counsel, 
M.P.P.D.A. and Film Board of Trade; b. In- 
dianapolis, May 5. 1882; educ. grad. Indianapolis 
High .Sch., June 1900; grad. of Law. Indiana L niv. 
1903; m. 19"l7. Belle Bruce, ch.: C^iarles C. Jr. 
and Bruce. Admitcd to Bar May 5. 1903; city 
prosecutor city of Tndanapolis. Deputy Dist. Atty.. 
Marion Co.; practice law Indianapolis. Came to 
New York in 1916 and entered motion picture 
business as atty. for the Independent Theatre 
Owners. Mutual Film Co.. Select Pictures: gen 
counsel Motion Picture Theatre Owners of U. S. 
1918-1919; a<linitted to Bar State of N. Y. with- 
out examination in 1920; gen. counsel Select P c- 
tures Corp. 1921-1922; Motion Pictures Producers 
and distributors of Amer. 1922 to date and nmv 
also gen. counsel of Film Boards of Trade, IJ. S, 



and Canada. Mem. of Motion Picture Film Com. 
cooperating with the govt, during the war; chmn. 
of the Motion Picture Herbert Hoover Rehef 
Comm. for the relief of the starving children of 
Europe. Org. 32 Film Boards of Trade and set 
up a system of arbitration. Mason, Shriner, and 
Elk, and other fraternal organizations. Clubs, 
M. P. Club, N. Y., Westchester Biltmore Country 
Club, Rye, N. Y., Western Universities Club, 
N. Y. C. Res.: Rye, N. Y. Address: 469 Fifth 
ave., N. Y. City. 

PHILBIN, Mary, actress, b. Chicago, 111. Parents 
reside in Hollywood. Educ. Cliicago. Spec. art. 
Previous career, amateur theatricals. Has lived 
in Chicago, Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1921. 
Played in "Merry Go Round." "Fool's Highway," 
"Fifth Avenue Models," "Man Who Laughs," 
"Eric the Great," "Port of Dreams," "Surren- 
der." Hght., 5, 2; wght., 100; grey eyes, brown 
hair. Ad., Universal Pictures Studio, Universal 
City, Cal. 

PHILLIPS, Dorothy, actress, b. Baltimore, edu. 
there. Screen career, Pathe, Columbia, Metro, 
Tiffany, Fox; "The Bar C. Mystery," (Pathe); 
"Remember," (Columbia); "Upstage," (Metro); 
"The Broken Gate," (Tiffany); "Cradle Snatch- 
ers," (Fox). 

PHILLIPS, Edward N., actor, b. Philadelphia, Pa.. 
Aug. 14. Educ. .Schl. of Industrial Art, Un!v. of 
Penn. Spec. art. Previous career, Orpheum 
Stock in Philly. Entered pictures 4 yrs. ago. 
Played in "Love Light," "Thru the Dark," 
"Honeymoon Flats." Clubs, Rancho Golf, Holly- 
wood Athletic. Sports, golf. Hght. 6; wght. 160; 
brown eyes; black hair. Ad., Universal Pictures 
Corp., Universal City, Cal. 

PHILLIPS, Jimmy, actor, b. New York; educ. 
Columbia LTniv., New York City. Screen career, 
Pathe, "Desert Dust," Universal; "Sally of the 
Scandals" (FBO). 

PHILLIPS, Ncincy, actress. Screen career, "Rolled 
Stockings," "The City Gone Wild" (Paramount;. 

PHIPPS, Sally, actress. Legal name, Byrnece 
Beutler. b. San Francisco, May 25, 1909. Mother 
lives in Los Angeles. Educ. San Francisco, Los 
Angeles. Spec, law, art. Entered pictures in 
1926. Has played in "High School Hero," "News 
Parade," "None but Brave," "Why Sailors Go 
Wrong." Belongs tO' Thalians, Bachelor Girls. 
Hght. 5,2; wght. 108; brown eyes; red hair. Bus. 
rep., Mrs. Edith Ryan. Ad., Fox Studios, Hol- 
lywood, Cal. 

PICKFORD, Jack, actor, b. Toronto, Can., 1896; 
educ, St. Francis Military Acad., N. Y. Stage 
career, "Peg Robin," "Three of Us." Screen 
career, since 1909, Biograph, Jack Pickford Com- 
pany, Goldwyn, United Artists, First National, 
Universal; "Brown of Harvard," "Exit Smiling" 
(M-G-M), "Gang War" (FBO). 

PICKFORD, Mary, actress, b. Toronto, Can., 1893. 
Stage career, juvenile parts at 5 yrs., Valentine 
Stock Co., Toronto, at 9 starred in "The Fatal 
Wedding," with Chauncey Olcott in "EMmun'' 
Burke," David Belasco's "Warrens of Virginia," 
"Good Little Devil." Screen career, Biograph, 
"The Violin Maker of Cremona," first lead, "Tess 
of the Storm Country" (Famous Players), "Poor 
Little Rich Girl," "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," 
"Little American," "AmarUly of Clothesline 
Alley," "Stella Maris" (Artcraft), "The Hood- 
lum," "Daddy Long Legs" (First Nationail), 
"Pollyanna," "Suds," "Tlfrough the Back Door," 
"Little Lord Faimtleroy," "Tess of the Storm 
Country," "Rosita," "Dorothy Vernon of Had- 
don Hall," "Little Annie Rooney," "Sparrows," 
"My Best Girl" (United Artists). Hght., 5; wght., 
1(X); golden hair, hazel eyes. 

PICKETT, Elizabeth, writer, b. Chicago, 111. Educ. 
Wellesley Coll., Mass. Spec, literature, compo- 
sition, dramatics, _ A. _B., class of 1918. Previous 
career, ofificial historian American National Red 
Cross, Washington, D. C, wrote two histories of 
American Red Cross. Has lived in Boston, New 
York City, Washington, Chicago, Maysville, Ky. 
Entered pictures in 1923, with Fox Film Corp. 
in prod, of Fox Varieties, made about 60. Screen 
work: "Kentucky Pride," "Wings of the Storm." 
story and script; "Wolf Fangs," "Fleetwing," 
"Redskin." Soorts, horseback riding. Bus. rep., 
Geo. Palmer Putnam. N. Y. C. 

PIDGEON, Walter, actor, b. Canada; educ. thcere. 
Stage Career, 5 yrs. in Canada and United States. 
Screen career, "The Gateway of the Moon,'' 
"Woman Wise" (Fox); "Qothes Make the Wo- 

man" (Tiffany-Stahl); "The Girl From Rio," 
"Turn Back the Hours" Lumas). Hght., 6, 2; 
wght., 190. 

PIERCE, Jeunes, actor. Screen career, "Tarzan 
and the Golden Lion," "Her Summer Hero," 
"Phantom of the Range" (FBO); "Jesse James," 
"Ladies of the iMob" (Paramount). 

PIERCE, Evelyn, actress. Screen career, Metro- 
Goldwyn, Warners; "Don't," (Metro-Goldwyn) ; 
"Tenderloin," (Warners). 

PIGGOTT, Tempe, actress. Screen career. Para- 
mount, Warner, M-G-M, "The Black Pirate" 
(United Artists); "Silk Stockings" (Universal); 
"The Midnight Kiss," "Roadhouse" (Fox). 

PITTS, Zasu, actress, b. Parsons, Kansas, 1898; 
educ. Santa Cruz., Cal. Screen career, with Uni- 
versal, Brentwood, Rob. -Cole., Preferred, Truart, 
Goldwyn, First National, Metro-Goldwyn, First 
National, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount, 
Principal Pict., P.D.C., iFox; recent appearances, 
"Wife Savers" (Paramount); "Buck Privates," 
"13 Washington Square" (Universal); "Sunlight" 
(Burns-Vorhaus). Hght., S, 6; wght., 115; light 
complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. 

PIVAR, Ben, editor. Screen career, "Midnight 
INIadness," (Pathe); "Modern Mothers," "Name 
the Woman" (Columbia). 

PIVAR, Maurice, supervising film editor, b. Man- 
chester, Eng.. Oct. 11, 1896; educ. N. Y. Pub. 
Schl., City College.; spec. Engl'sh, literature. 
Has lived in Manchester, Eng., N. Y. C, Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures 16 yrs. ago, through 
his brother. Made "Hunchback of Notre Dame.'' 
"Merry Go Round," "Phantom of Opera," "Man 
Who Laughs," "Cohens and Kellys." Clubs: Ma- 
sonic, 233 Club. Sport, golf. Wife's prof, name, 
.Sue Pivar. 

PLANETTE, Jean, writer. Screen career, "Rag- 
time" (co-seen.). "Polly of the Movies" (First 
Division); "Outcast Souls" (Sterling). 

PLUMMER, Lincoln, actor. Screen career, Robert- 
son-Cole, Realart, First National, Educational, 
Hodkinson, Paramount; "Down the Stretch," 
"Alias the Deacon" (Universal), "The Masked 
Angel" (First Division), "The Bullet Mark" 

PL'YMPTON, George, H., writer, b. Brooklyn, N. 
Y., Sept. 2, 1890. Educ. pub. schl. and high schl., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. Spec. English and history. 
Previous career, short story writer, lumberjack, 
telephone trouble shooter, soldier, fireman. Has 
lived in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles. Began 
screen career in 1914, orig. stories accepted bv 
Vitagraph. Screen work: Cont. Collegians 
Series, collaboration on cont. "Cohens and Kellys 
in Turkey." cont. "Burning the Wind," orig. 
Horace in Hollywood series and westerns for Ted 
Wells and Rex (horse). Clubs, Writers. Sports, 
baseball, football. 

POFF. Lon, actor. Legal name, Alonzo M. PoflF. 
b. Bedford. Ind.. Feb. 8, 1870. Mother lives in 
Los Angeles. Was on stage. Has lived in St. 
Louis, Kansas City, N. Y., Chicago, Denver, 
Pueblo, San Francisco. Entered pictures in 1914. 
Played in "Old Swimming Hole," "Three 
Musketeers," "Two Lovers," "Wheels of Chance." 
"Leif the Lucky," "Iron Mask." Belongs to 
Aconda Lodge No. 9, A. F. & A. M. : 233 Club, 
Troupers. Sport, fishing. Hght. 6,21/^; wght. 
164: blue-grev eves. 

POPPE, Harry H., production mgr., Pathe Stu- 
dios; b. Cincinnati, O'. Previous career: show 
business as company manager, advance agent of 
traveling attractions, also connected with theatre 
c'rcuits. Entered pictures in 1905. 

POLLARD, Harry, (Snub) actor, b. Melbourne, 
Aust., educ. there. Screen career: Pathe, Univer- 
sal; "Do Yovn- Duty," "Are Crooks Dishonest," 
"It's A Gift," (Pathe) ; "Poker Faces," (LTniver- 
sal). Hght., 5, 61/^; wght., 148; brown hair and 

POLLARD, Harry, director, b. Republic City, Kans., 
Jan. 23. Educ. Fresno, Cal. Previous career, 
leading man with Alcazar, Baker, Baldwin. iMel- 
ville stock cos. Directed. "L^ncle Tom's Cab'n," 
"Cohens and Kellvs." "Show Boat," "Leather 
Pusher" series. Wife's prof, name, iMargarita 

POLLARD, Daphne, actress. Stage career, com. 
English music halls, vaud., musical shows, Green- 
wich Village Follies. Screen career, "The Swim 
Princess," "The Girl From Everywhere," "The 
Girl from Nowhere" (Pathe): "Hit' of the Show," 
(FBO). "The Lion's Roar." Mack Sennett's first 
all-talking comedy released thru Educational. 

J, D. Williams 

Executive Yice President 
World Wide Pictures, Inc. 

130 Wesf 46 fh Street 
Nexv York, N. Y. 

known as "Jaydee," was born ir 
Credo, W. Va., February 27, 1877. At 
the age of sixteen he left high school to 
become treasurer of a local theatre. He 
edited and published a combination program- 
house organ and sold advertising in it as his 
first boyhood business venture. He was one 
of the first showmen to exploit rriiOtion pic- 
tures in a "black top" tent on tour. He 
opened and operated four moving picture 
shows in Vancouver, B. C, sold out snd 
moved to Spokane, Wash., where he had two 
theatres. In 1909 he went to Australia where 
he founded The Greater J. D. Williams 
Amusement Company whose chain of contin- 
uous motion picture theatres were at that 
time among the finest and most successful 
in the world. He later was the prime mover, 
with other leaders, in promoting a merger 
which combined The Greater J. D. Williams 
chain of theatres and Film Exchanges 
throughout Australasia with Wests, Ltd., and 
Spencers, Ltd., under the namies of Union 
Theatres, Ltd., and Australasian Films, Ltd., 
which companies were so successful that to 
the present day they occupy the dominant 
position in the Australasian theatre and film 
distribution fields. The Williams theatres, the 
first continuous houses in the country, were 
the backbone and nucleus of the present 
powerful Union Theatres chain. In 1913 he 
sold out his Australian interests and made a 
tour of the world as representative of several 
American film producers. Returning to 
America he interested W. W. Hodkinson, 
then a Pacific Coast Exchange opverator, to 
come to New York for the organization of 
a national distributing company which later 
developed into the genesis of the present 
Paramount Company. 

In 1916 he organized the First National 
Exhibitors' Circuit, Inc., now known as First 
National Pictures, Inc. He remained as gen- 
eral manager of this company for six years. 
In 1924 he organized the Ritz Carlton Pic- 
tures, Inc., of which the late Rudolph Valen- 
tino was the first star. In 1926 he went to 
England where he organized British Inter- 
national Pictures, Ltd., and built the large 
modern studios at Elstree, near London, now 
regarded as one of the world's finest pj-oduc- 
tion plants. In 192 8 with J. Douglas Watson, 
John Maxwell, E. W. Hammons, and Alexan- 
der Aronson as associates he organized World 
Wide Pictures, Inc., of New York, the first 
American natjon-wide distributing company 
to specialize in imported films exclusively. 
He is at present (January, 1929) Executive 
Vice President of this Company whose offices 
are at 130 West 46th Street, New York City. 

During his career he has played an impor- 
tant part in the progress and development of 
the motion picture industry, both in America 
and Europe. His business dealings with 
Charles Chaplin, Mary Pickford, D. W. Grif- 
fith, Rudolph Valentino, and other leading 
stars and directors furthered their careers 
as independent producers. He was associated 
with the growth of such producers as Louis B. 
Mayer, Joseph M. Schenck and Thomas H. 
Ince. He was named by President Harding 
as representative of the Motion Picture In- 
dustry to the National Unemployment Com- 
mission in 1922. He had the honor of being 
elected as one of the ten men who had done 
most for the Motion Picture Industry in the 
vote of readers of the Motion Picture News. 

He now resides in New York with Mrs. 
Williams, whom he married in Sydney, Aus- 
tralia, in 1915. 



POMEROY, Roy J., director and in charge of 
sound picdnctions, b. Darjeeling, India, April 20, 
1892. Mother lives in England. Brother, Arthur 
Pomeroy, Imperial Entomologist in W. Africa. 
Educ. English element, schools, Ohio Wesleyan, 
Cincinnati School of Art. Spec, in academic, art 
and science. Was illustrator on magazines and 
newspapers, technical expert for British Aviation 
Mission during war. Has lived in India, Eng- 
land, New York, Cincinnati, Hollywood. En- 
tered pictures in 1922 through Jesse L. Lasky. 
Special camera efifects in "The Ten Command- 
ments," "Peter Pan" and other Paramount pic- 
tures. Directed "Interference." Belongs to Royal 
Photographic Society, Society of Motion Picture 
Engineers, Academy M. P. A. S. Favorite sports, 
tennis, archery, swimming and shooting. Mailing 
ad.. Paramount Famous Lasky Studio. 

PORTER, Fred L., vice-president, treasurer, 
Christie Film Co.; b. Pennsylvania, June 18, 1870. 
Mother lives in Sharon, Pa. Brother, Karl B. 
Porter accountant in Sharon. Educated in public 
schools and Clarks Bus. College, Erie, Pa. En- 
tered pictures, Hollywood, May 1915. Purchased 
stock in producing company and made gen. mgr. 
Belongs to F. & A. M., Royal Arch Masons, 
Knights Templar, Shriner, Hollywood Athletic 
Club. Hght., S, Syi; wght., 135; blue hair, brown 
eyes. Married. 

POST, Chas., actor, b. Salt Lake City Utah., Nov. 
3, 1897. Father lives there. Educ. Salt Lake City. 
Spec, in arts, sciences. Was in stock for two- yrs. 
Has lived in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures 1917. Played in "Wild Oranges," 
"Behold This Woman." Belongs to Masquers. 
Hght., 6, 6; wght., 300; blue eyes, brown hair. 
Bus. rep.. Grant E. Dolge. 

POTEL, Victor, actress, b. and educ. La Fayette, 
Ind. Screen career, Essanay, United Artists, 
Metro, First National, Asso. iExhib., Select, Uni- 
versal, Bray, "Below the Line,' (Warner)' "Un- 
easy iPayments" (FBO), "Special Delivery" (Para- 
mount), "What Price Beauty" (Pathe), "Little 
Shepherd of Kingdom Come" (First National). 

POWELL, William, actor, b. Kansas City, July 29. 
Parents live in Hollywood. Educ. Pittsburgh, Pa., 
American Academy Dramatic Arts. Has lived in 
N. Y., Kansas City, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh. 
Entered pictures in 1933. Has played in "Beau 
Geste," "Last Command," "Forgotten Faces," 
"Drag Net," "Interference," "Canary Murder 
Case." Belongs tO' Hollywood Athletic Club. 
Sport, sailing. Hght., 6; wght., 145; blue eyes, 
dark brown hair. Ad. Paramount Studio, Holly- 
wood. Cal. 

POWELL, Paul, director, b. Peoria, 111. Early 
career, newspaperman with Ciliicago "Tribune," 
Los Angeles "Express." Screen career, began di- 
recting 1911, with Lubin, Reliance-Majestic, Fine 
Arts, Triangle, Paramount, United Artists; pro- 
duced in London for Paramount, returned to 
LI. S., Paramount, P. D. C, First Division; 
"Death Valley"' (First Division). 

POWELL, Russ, actor, b. Indianapolis, Ind., 1875. 
Stage career, 9 yrs. vaudeville, Orpheum (Tircuit, 
2 seasons San iFrancisco Opera Co. Screen ca- 
reer, Biograph, National, Vogue, Pathe, Goldwyn, 
Realart, Universal, Vitagraph, Metro, Pathe, 
P.D.C., Principal Pict., "The Red Mill" (Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer) ; ".Soft Cushions" (Paramount); 
"No Place To Go" (First National). Hght., 5, 11: 
wght.. 295. 

POWER, Paid, actor. Legal name, Luther Vester- 
gard, b. Chicago, 111., 1902. Mother lives in 
Chicago. Educ. _ University Southern California, 
Harvard University. Spec, law, philosophy, his- 
tory. _ B. A. of University of So. Calif. Has 
lived in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures Sept. 1925. Played in "Face Values," 
"Trial iMarriage," "Hot Heels," "Winnie's Vaca- 
tion." Belongs to Gamma iEpsilon, U. S. C, 
Edward Warren Law Club, Harvard. Sports, 
tennis, swimming, baseball, basketball. Hght., 
6, 1; wght., 180; dark blue eyes, dark brown hair. 

POWERS, P. A., president and general manager 
Powers Cinephone Equipment Corp. Early career, 
dealer in Edison and Victor talking machines. 
Picture career, was among first producers and 
distributors of photoplays; organized Pow-ers Pic- 
ture Plays; organized Universal Film Co., in 
Association with Carl Laemmle; organized Film 
Bo<iking Offices of America to absorb the old 
Robertson-Cole Co., formed Associated Distribu- 
tors, Inc., and controlled it until that company 

was absorbed by Pathe; in 1909 became interested 
in possibilities of combining dialogue with motion 
pictures and has been conducting experiments for 
past twenty years. 

PRATT, Glibert, scenarist, b. Providence, R. I., 
1892; educ. prep schools, Tarrytown, N. Y. Screen 
career, played heavies and co-directed with Kalem, 
NYMiP, Rolin; "gag" man, director for Vita- 
graph, Monty Banks comedies, Lloyd Hamiltons, 
Hall Room Boys, Federated Films, Universal, Sen- 
nett; co-seen. "Partners In Crime," "The Big 
Killing" (Paramount); "Clancy's iKosher Wed- 
ding" co-adapt. (FBO). 

PRESTELLE, Mae T., actress, b. Iowa, July 4. 
Educ. in East. Previous career, stage. Entered 
pictures Jan. 3, 1913 with Universal in New York. 
Pictures include: "English and Gypsy Love," 
"Price of Fame," "Beulah," "One Woman to An- 
other." Sports, horseback riding, walking, all out- 
door. Hght., 5, 6; wght., 138; gray eyes, brown 

PRETTY, Arline, actress, b. Washington, D. C, 
Sept. 5, mother living in Coronado, Cal. Educ. 
Washington, D. C. Spec. English, literature. 
Previous career, stage. Entered pictures in 1917, 
as leading woman. Recent pictures: "Tenderloin," 
"Virgin Kisses." Sport, golf. Hght., 5, 5%; 
wght., 125; gray eyes, blonde hair. Bus. and 
press rep., Lillian Gale. 

PREVOST, Marie, actress, b. Sarnia, O'nt., Canada, 
Nov. 8. Educ. ilNIanual Arts High Schl., Los An- 
geles. Has lived in Denver. Entered pictures 
when with her chum Phyllis Haver as bathing 
beauty. Has played in "Marriage Circle," "Kiss 
Me Again," "(jodless Girl," "Racket," "Exodus of 
New World." Sports, swimming, motoring. Hght., 
5, 4; blue eyes, dark brown hair. Married 
to Kenneth Harlan. Bus. rep., Rebecca and Silton. 
Press rep., Wilson B. Heller. Ad. Metropolitan 
Studios, Hollywood, Cal. 

PRICE Ann, writer, b. Columbus, Ohio, July 30, 
1902. Educ. Columbia Univ., New York City. 
Entered pictures in 1924. Adapted: "The Smart 
Set," "All at Sea." Sports, tennis, swimming. 

PRICE, Kate, actress, b. Cork, Ireland, 1872; educ. 
Pawtucket, R. I. Stage career, vaud. stk. and 
rep. Screen career. Fox, FBO, Selznick, F^rst 
National, Pathe, Universal, LTnited Artists, Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer, P.D.C., Warner, Lumas, Ray- 
art; recent apeparances, "Mad Hour," "The Sea 
Tiger" (First National); "Quahty Street" (Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer) ; "Casey Jones" (Rayart) ; 
"Thanks For the Buggy Ride," "The Cohens and 
the Kellys in Paris" (Universal). Hght., 5, 654: 
dark brown hair, gray-green eyes. 

PRIDE, Leo Brycui, writer, b. Marion, III., July 
26, 1897. Educ. Univ. of Cal. and Yale Uniy. 
Spec, in English, art, philosophy, history. Previ- 
ous career, soldier and sailor. Wrote "The Shadow 
of the Mine," seven one-act plays of the coal field 
"Coal" a drama of the mines. Author of "A 
Repertory Theatre," "The Devils" and "Weeds." 
Lived in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Van- 
couver, Wash., New Haven, N. Y. C. and Boston. 
Entered pictures June 12, 1928 through George 
Pierce Baker, Walter Wanger and Louis Sawarts. 
Sports, walking, swimming. Bus. rep.. Dramatists 
Guild, N. Y. 

PRINCE^ John T., actor, b. Boston, Mass., Sept. 
11, 1871. Educ. Montreal, Boston. Spec. iEnglish 
literature. Was on stage, acting, directing, man- 
aging. Has lived in Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, 
Boston, N. Y., Chicago, Lincoln, Nebr., Los 
Angeles. Entered pictures in 1919. Has played 
in "Son of Cain," "King of Kings," "Radio Detec- 
tive," "Over There," "Ramona," "Mission Bells," 
"Phantom Island," "Hawk of the Hills." "Annie 
Laurie." Belongs to Masons, Scottish Rite, 
Shrine, 233 Club, B. P. O. E. Sport, baseball. 
Hght., 6; w^ght., 167; brown eyes, gray .hair. 
iMarried to Kathleen Chambers. Bus. rep., Lichtig 
and Englander. 

PRINGLE, Aileen, actress, b. San Francisco, Cal., 
July 23. Educ. Miss iMurison's sch., San Fran- 
cisco, Madam's of Sacred Heart, iParis, iMiss iMc- 
Kenzie's sch., London. Stage career, "Bracelet" 
in London about 1915. Entered pictures about 
1923. Has played in "Soul Mates," "TTiree 
Weeks," "His Hour," "Wife of Centaur." "Adam 
and Evil," "Tea for Three," "Mixed Marriages," 
"Baby Cyclone," "Single Man," "Beau Broad- 
way," "Dream of Love." Hght. 5,4; wght. 117; 
green eyes; dark brown hair. 




to his long list of 
directorial successes 

Any stories, portraits, or information 

concerning Mr. Brown will be 

furnished if requested of — 


c/o Metro-Gold wyn-Mayer Studios, Culver City, Calif. 





with John Barrymore 



with Greta Garbo 

Starring in 


Address all inquiries pertaining to feature 
material to Motion Picture News 



PRINTZLAU, Olga, scenarist, b. Philadelphia, Pa., 
1893; educ. there and Los Angeles. Screen career, 
Edison, Majestic, American, Universal, Ince, Fox, 
Blue Bird, Brentwood, Famous Players, Warner, 
Preferred, "The TragecTy of Youth'' (Tiffany- 
Stahl); "Fashion Madness" (Columbia;; "His 
Dog" (P.D.C.); "Camille" (First National). 

PRIOR, Peggy, writer, b. San Francisco, Cal., 
Mar. 22, 1903. Rels., parents living in Marys- 
ville, Leonard Prior, real estate, Marysville; 
Beatrix Prior, writer, Hollywood; Nathan Cogh- 
lan, lawyer, Hollywood. Educ. San Francisco, 
Hcilywooa High schl. Spec, in English and his- 
tory. Previous career, stenographer, script clerk, 
cutter, writer. Entered pictures in 1921, desiring ■ 
to write for screen, securing positioti through Paul 
Bern for Pathe. Recent prod., "Geraldine," 
"Square Shoulders" (Pathe). Sports, swimming, 
horseback riding. Two children, Lori 5, Teddy, 
4. Mailing ad., Pathe. 

PRITZHOFF, Paul, actor, b. Oklahoma City, 
Aug. 28, 1918. Educ. Selma Schl.. Hollywood. 
Was formerly artist model. Entered pictures in 
Sept., 1923. Played in "Loves of an Actress," 
"Rose of Golden West," "Man's Past." Be- 
longs to Catholic M. P. Guild. Hght., 4, 7; wght.., 
7i; brown eyes; brown hair. 

PRIVAL, Lucien, actor, b. N. Y., July 14. 1901. 
Parents Lve in Los Angeles. Educ. in Berlin, 
Germany. Spec, in painting, literature. On 
stage in drama, pantomime. Has lived in Berlin, 
Copenhagen, N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered pic- 
tures about 1915. Played in "Puppets," "Great 
Deception," "Hell's Angels," "Racket," "Last 
Kiss," "American Beauty,". Hght. 6; wght. 
Ifil; dark brown eyes; dark brown hair. Press 
Press rep., Harold Howe and Frank Simmons. 

PROUTY, Jed, actor, b. and educ. Boston, Mass. 
Screen career, Realart, Goldwyn, Warner, World, 
Universal, Paramount, "Smile, Brother, Smile," 
"Orchids and Ermine," "No Place To Go" (First 
National), "The Gingham Girl" (FBO), "Ine 
Siren," "Name the Woman" (Columbia). 

PYPER, George W., writer. Screen career, "The 
Royal American," "The Silent Hero," "Cruise of 
the Hellion," "Heroes in Blue," "Wheel of Des- 
iny" (Rayart); "Avenging Fangs," "Marlie the 
Killer" (Pathe), Northwest Mounted Police series, 
Texas Ranger series (Universal), "Son of the 
Golden West" (FBO). 

PUFFY, Charles, actor, b. Budapest, Hungary, 
Sept. 3, 1888; educ. there and Univ. of Berlin. 
Early career, actor and champ swimmer. Stage 
career, IS yrs. Europe, writer of successful mu- 
sical coined es. Screen career, "Pufify- Cohen" 
series comedies (Universal) ; and many important 
feature productions for Universal and First Na- 


QUILLAN, Eddie, actor, b. Philadelphia, Pa., Mar. 
31. Parents live in Hollywood. iEduc. St. Gab- 
riel's Mount Carmel Schls. In vaude. Has lived 
in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Hollywood. EntereiJ 
pictures Sept.. 1925. Played in "Godless Girl," 
"Show Folks," "Geraldine," "Noisy Neighbors." 
Sports, swimming, baseball, golf, tennis. Hght. 
5,6; wght. 140; brown eyes; black hair. Bus. rep., 
Joseph F. Quillan. Ad., Pathe Studios, Culver 
City, Cal. 
QUIMBY, Fred C, general manager, Metro- Gold- 
wyn-Mayer short feature dept., b. Minneapolis, 
Minn., July 31, 1886; educ. Missoula, Montana. 
Previous career: newspaper work. Entered pic- 
ture business in 1907, building and operating pic- 
ture theatre in Missoula; 6 yrs. later became asso. 
with Pathe as exchange manager at Salt Lake 
City and Denver; promoted to be district man- 
ager for Pacific Coast; in 1916 became general 
sales manager and member board of directors, 
Pathe; moved to New York City and remaining 
with iPathe for 5 yrs. In 1921. in own business 
producing and selling independent pictures; joined 
Fox in 1914 and reorganized short feature de- 
partment; in 1927, assumed present position. 
QUIMBY, Margaret, actress, b. and educ. iMinne- 
apolis, Minn. Screen career. Universal. Para- 
mount, "The Tragedy of Youth" (Tiflfany-Stahl); 
Sally of the Scandals" (FBO). 

QUINN, James T., actor, b. and educ. New Or- 
leans, La. Stage career, repertoire, etc. Screen 
career, Famous Players, Reliance, Goldwyn, 
Warners, First National, Metro, Fox, Universal. 
Metro- Qoldwyn,, P.D.C., FBO, "Two Flammg 
Youths' (Paramount); "Ginsberg The Great" 
(Warners), "Women Who Dare" (Excellent). 
Hght., 5, TYi', wght., 135; brown hair, blue eyes. 

QUINN, Williaiin, actor. Screen career, Metro, 
Robertson-Cole, Independent, Lhiiversal, Wm. 
Steiner, Pinacle, Aywon, FBO, "Gypsy of the 
North," "Man In the Rough" (Rayart). 

QUARTARO, Nina, actress. Screen career, M-G-M, 
Warners; "'All Parts," (M-G-M); "The Red 
Mark," "Frozen River," "The Redeeming Sin," 
"One Stolen Night," (Warners). 

— R— 

RABOCH, Al, director, b. New York, 1888; early 
career, magazine illustrator, artist, writer; stage 
career, legitimate actor. Screen career, began 
with Rankin Drew handling art direction of "The 
Girl Phillipe," also apeparing in that film; asso- 
ciated with Chas. Brabin, wrote scenario for "Dri- 
ven;" art director on "Ben Hur" for Metro-Gold- 
wyn-Mayer; director for M-G-M, FBO, Columbia, 
"Green Grass Widows," "Their Hour," "Albany 
Night Boat" (Tiffany-Stahl). 

RAE, Rada, actress. Screen career, "Death Valley 
(First Division); "Craig's Wife" (Pathe). 

RALLI, Paul, actor, b. Cyprus, Dec. 29, 1905. Educ. 
London, England. Spec, in law. Was on Lon- 
don stage; also in N. Y. Has played in "Life's 
Like That," "Waterhole." "Show People." Hght. 
6; wght. 165; brown eyes; dark hair. Press rep., 
Fanchon Roger. 

RALSTON, Esther, actress, b. Bar Harbor, Me.. 
Sept. 17, 1902. Parents live in Los Angeles. Educ. 
Glendale High schl. Previously toured with Th«' 
Ralstons, playing town halls, schools. Has I'ved 
in N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 1918. 
Played in "Peter Pan," "Blind Goddess," "Spot- 
light," "Lucky Devil," "Beggar on Horseback," 
"(Did Ironsides." "Sawdust iParadise." "Half a 
Bride," "Something Always Happens," "Love and 
Learn." Sports, swimming, dancing. Hght. 5,5i/^; 
wght. 124; blue eyes; blonde hair. Married to 
George Webb. Ad., Paramount Studio, Holly- 
wood. Cal. 

RALSTON, Jobyna, actress, b. South Pittsburgh, 
Tenn. Pervious career, chorus girl. Screen ca- 
reer, "Why Worry," "The Freshman," "The 
Night Flyer" (Pathe); "First National, "Special 
Delivery," "Wings" (Paramount); Tiffany, Ster- 
ling, "Rac'ng Romeo." "Little Mickey Grogan" 
(FBO): "Count of Ten" (Universal). 

RAMSAYE, Terry, editor-in-chief non-dramatic 
production, Pathe. b. Tonganoxie, Kansas, Nov. 
2, 1885. Educ. LIniversity of Kansas, school of 
engineering, and Masachusetts schools. Previous 
career, eng. dept. Bell Telephone Co. and Western 
Elec. Co.; joined editorial staff. Kansas City Star 
and Times in 1905 and subsequently connected with 
various newspapers as feature writer; also ad- 
vertising agency connections. Contact with pic- 
ture industry when Chicago Tribune adopted mo- 
tion picture serial for circulation exploitation; be- 
came advertising and pub! city direcTor of Mu 
tual Film Corp. in 1915; then joined S. L. Roth- 
afel's staff at Rialto and Rivoli theatres, N. Y.; 
in 1919, with Ray Hall, launched Kinograms; in 
1920, completed "iMillion and One Nights." 2 vol. 
history of the motion picture; produced adventure 
and scenic pictures for Assoc. Screen News, of 
Canada, and edited various well known adventure 
feature pictures. Given present post on advent 
of Kennedy-Brown administration of Pathe. 

RAMON, Laon. chid actor. Legal name. Leon Tan- 
ney, b. Ogden, Utah. April 1, 1917. Educ. Ogden, 
Utah; Hollywood, Cal. Still at school. Previous 
career, monologist. West Coast Circuits. legit 
stage. Has lived in Ogden. Los Angeles, Holly- 
wood. Entered pictures in 1925. Recognized 
youngest master of ceremonies. Leads in Ani- 
mal series. Fox comedies. "Abie's Irish Rose." 
"When' a Fellow needs a Friend." "Younger 
Generation." "Canra." "Wooden Soidier." "Fol- 
low the Leader." "Elephants Elbows." Club, 
Catholic iM. P. Guild. Sports, swimming, riding. 
Hgt. 4.6^2 ; w-ght. 76: grey eyes; blonde hair. 
Bus. and press rep., iMrs. Bernice K. Janney. 




Leading man to Cecil Spooner in stock — Broad- 
way and road shows with DeWolf Hopper, Grace 
George, Pe.ygy Wood. 


Posing as stepping" stone to screen career. 


Featured in D. W. Griffith's "America" and 
"Isn't Life Wonderful," his last two independent 
productions — the four years since with Famous 
Players — recently loaned to Fox to sing "Mother 
Alachree," which reproduced splendidly. 


Member of the American Society oi Magicians and Hollywood's Mystic 27. 

Details of the above suggested subjects or others ivlll be obtained upon request by 
Motion Picture News. 







Address all inquiries to Motion Picture News 
Hollywood, Calif. 



RAND, Sally, actress, b. Winchester, Ky., April 3. 
Educ. C."eiitral High schl., Kansas City, Mo., and 
Chr.stian College, Columbia, Mo. Was on stage 
in stock, then vaudeville with Gus Edwards in a 
dancing act. Has lived in Kansas City, New 
York and Hollywood. After her second season 
in vaudeville she was seen by Mack Sennett and 
ofTered an opportunity to go into motion pic- 
tures. Played in "The Night of f^ove" (United 
Artists), "A Girl in Every Port" (FoxJ, "Name- 
less Men," "A Woman Against the World" (Tif- 
fany-Stahl), "Golf Widows" (Columbia). Sports, 
hiking, dancing. Hght. 5; wght. n4; grey eyes; 
IjIiiiuIc hair. 
RANDOLF, Anders, actor, b. Denmark, Dec. 18, 
1876. Educ. Denmark. Played in stock in Co- 
lumbus, Cleveland, Buffalo, N. Y. Entered pic- 
tures in 1912. Has played in "The Exodus," 
"Me, Gangster," "Big Killing," "Women They 
Talk About." Belongs to Masquers, Lambs Clubs. 
Sports, fencing, yachting, horseback riding. Hght. 
5,11; wght. 195; blue-grey eyes; brown and gray 
hair. Marrxd. Daughter, Karen. Bus. rep., 
Phil Berg. 
RANKIN, Arthur, actor. Legal name, Arthur Ran- 
kin Davenport. b. N. Y. C, Aug. 30, 1900. 
Educ. St. Paul's Prep. Schl., Garden City, L. 1., 
Bishop Rid.ey College, Ontario, Canada. Was 
on stage in "Jest" in N Y. with John and Lionel 
Barrymore, his uncles; overseas service during 
World War and was wounded. Was in hospital 
one year and 18 days. Has lived in Garden City, 
N. Y., Hollywood. First job was undei- the 
direction of his cousin, Sidney Rankin Drew, 
who was an aviator in the World War and was 
killed. Has played in "Volga Boatman," "Broken 
Laws," "Say It With Sables," "Blood Ship," 
"Walking Back," "Submarine," "Making the 
Varsity," "Finders Keepers." Belongs to Masquers, 
Players, Whippet Clubs, Cal. (Vice-Pres.) ; Ameri- 
can Legion. Hght. 5,10; wght. 155; blue eyes; 
dark brown hair. i!\Iarried to Ruth Rankin, 
writer. Bus. rep., Ben Hershfield. 
RAPF, Harry, associate producer Metro-Goldwyn- 
Mayer studios. Culver City, Calif., b. Denver, 
Colorado, where he started as newsboy. At 18 
yrs. of age organized succesful minstrel show 
from Denver society ranks. Arrived New Y'^ork 
City with $25 bank balance and convinced Gus 
Edwards that he could earn $15 weekly as a man- 
ager. Remained with Edwards for 6 yrs., when 
he resigned and also married. Next venture was 
vaudeville agency in New Y''ork City and after 
7 yrs. of this turned to picture production with 
World Film Corp. Later produced pictures for 
open market, then production manager for Selz- 
nick. In 1921 became producing partner with 
Warner Bros. Joined Louis B. Mayer in pro- 
duction in 1924 and with M-G-M merger was made 
associate producer. Address Hollywood. 
RAPEE, Erno, musical director Roxy Theatre and 
general director of Crawford Music Corporation, 
b. Budapest. Educ. there. Musical education, 
Budapest Conservatory, from which he graduated 
with high honors in 1909. Earl»y career, a pianist 
of marked ability, he went into orchestral con- 
ducting, became assistant to famous Dr. Schuck, 
conductor of the Dresden Cpera House; made 
tour of South America and Mexico; became con- 
ductor for Williana Morris and Henry W. Savage. 
Picture career, conductor of Rialto Theatre m 
New Y'ork City; musical director Capitol Theatre; 
managing director William Fox Theatre in Phila- 
delphia; director UFA Theatre in Berlin; con- 
ducted Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra; has writ- 
ten scores for such pictures as "Street Angel." 
"Four Sons," "Red Dance," "The River," "Fazil" 
and Sunrise." 
RATCLIFFE, E. J., actor, b. London, Eng. ; educ. 
St. Peter and Paul College, Eng. Screen career, 
Metro, United Artists, Warner, P.D.C., Asso. Ex- 
hib., Columbia, "Held by the taw." "Cheating 
Cheaters" (Universal), "The Notorious Lady," 
"Prince of Headwaiiters," "Smile, Brother, 
Smile" (First National), "Publiotiy Madness" 
RAUCbURT, Jules, actor, b. Brussels, Belgium. 
Educ. Brussels, Paris. Spec, in literature. Has 
college degree. On stage in Paris, London with 
Gaby Deslys. Has lived in Paris, Berlin, London, 
N. Y., Venice. Entered pictures in 1916. Has 
played in "Prunella," "La Tosca," "Frou-Frou," 
"Ranger of North," "Glorious Betsy," "His Tiger 
iLady." Sport, swimrning. Hght. 5,11; wght. 160; 
brown eyes; dark hair. 

RAWUNSON, Herbert, actor, b. Brighton, Eng., 
1885; educ. England and France. Stage career, 
rep. and stock. Screen career, Selig, First Na- 
tional, Goldwyn, Paramount, Universal, Chadwick, 
F'ox, Arrow, Sterling, "Slipping Wives" (Pathe), 
"The Bugle Call" (M-G-M), "The Hour ol 
Reckoning" (Davis). Hght., 6, wght., 165; brown 
ha.r, blue eyes. 
RAY, Allene, b. .S<in Antonio, Texas, Jan. 2. Educ. 
San Antonio, Texas. Has lived in Los Angeles, 
New York City, San Antonio. Entered p.ctures 
in 1921, won F"ame and Fortune beauty contest 
of Brewster publications. Pictures include: "The 
(Jreen Archer," "The Y'ellow Cameo," "The Man 
Without a F"ace," "Terrible People" (Pathe 
serials). Sports, hunting, fishing, golf. Hght. 
5,3; wght. 118; hazel eyes, blonde hair. 
RAY, Albert, director, b. Haverhill, Mass., 1883; 
stage career, mus. com. star. Screen career, en- 
tered films with Christie; directed Sunshine come- 
dies for Fox, later made many features; directed 
for Pathe, Vitagraph, Lois Weber Prod., Ince, 
Universal, First National, United Artists, Educa- 
tional; "None but the Brave," "A Thief in the 
Dark," "Woman Wise," "Publicity Madness" 
RAY, Mona, actress. Screen career: Universal; 

"Uncle Tom's Cabin." 
RAY, Charles, actor, b. Jacksonville, 111., 1891; 
educ. Illinois and Los Angeles Polytech. Shcl. 
Stage career, 4>4 yrs. in mus. com., and dram., 
stock, vaud. Screen career, Ince-Paranxount, 
Charles Ray Prod., First National. Allied P. & D., 
United Artists, Associated Exhibitors, Pathe, 
Chadwick, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, P.D.C., Uni- 
versal. Recent work, "The Garden of Eden" 
(United Artists); "The Count of Ten" (Universal); 
"Vanity," "Nobody's Widow," "Getting Gertie's 
Garter" (P.D.C.), "Garden of Eden" (United 
Artists. Hght., 6, Yi; wght., 170; dark brown 
hair, brown eyes. 
RAYFORD, Alma, actress. Screen career, State 
Rights, Ermine-Russell Prod., Davis, "Ace of Ac- 
tion," "Between Dangers," "The Phantom 
Buster," "The Valley of Hunted Men" (Pathe); 
"When Bonita Rode," "The Lone Prairie," "The 
Fighting Strain," "Tenderfoot Courage" (Uni- 
RAYMAKER, Herman, director, b. Fruitvale, Cal., 
1893; educ. Petaluma, Cal. Screen career, began 
as Keystone Kop; directed for Mack Sennett; 
made Hank Mann Poppy comedies, Monty Banks 
comedies, Hall Room Boy series, iFederated Film, 
Grand Asher, Assoc. Exhib., Warner, Vitagraph. 
has directed "Under the Tonto Rim" (Para- 
mount); "Flying Luck" (Pathe). 
RAYMOND, Jack, actor, b. New Y'ork. Educ. New 
Y'ork high schl. Previous career, stage. Lived 
in Los Angeles, Troy, N. Y., Philadelphia. San 
Francisco. Began picture 15 yrs. ago. from the 
stage. Recent picture, "The Bellamy Trial," 
"Find the King," "Three Week Ends," "Fashions 
for Women." Hght. 5,7; hazel eyes; brown hair. 
Bus. rep., Dimn. 
REE, Max, costume director and designer for First 
National Studios, Burkbank, Calif., b. Copenhagen, 
Denmark, Oct. 7. Rels. parents living in Copen- 
hagen, T. M. Ree, uncle, banker at Copenhagen, 
(). iM. Ree, uncle, medical doctor, Nice, France. 
Educ. Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, spec, in law and 
architecture, Royal Univ. of Copenhagen, law and 
philosophy degrees. Previous career, settings and 
costumes for Max Reinhart. In New Y''or'k, Music 
Box Revue, Greenwich Village iFoIlies, Earl Car- 
rol's Vanities. Costumes for M-G-M, "The Tor- 
rent," "The Temptress," "The Scarlet Letter," 
costumes for von Stroheim "The Wedding March." 
Has lived in Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, iNew York, 
Santa Monica, Hollywood. Entered pictures in 
Copenhagen in 1920 and New Y'ork 1925. (Tlubs, 
Automobile C^lub of So. Calif.. United Scenic Art- 
ists. Sports, swimming, tennis, skiing. Bus. rep., 
Mrs. Cora Wilkening, New Y'ork City. 
of 16 in musical comedy, drama. Screen career, 
Metro, Realart, First National, Fox, L'niversal. 
"Behind the Front," "Get Y'our Man," "The 
Gay Defender" (Paramount); "The Gay Old Bird" 
(Warner) ; Rich iMen's Sons," "Stage iKisses" 
(Columbia). White hair. 
REED, Luther, writer, also director, b. Berlin, 
Wise, Tu!y 3, 1888. Educ. Ethical Culture High 
schl.. Columbia Univ. Spec, in engineering. 
Previous career, 5 yrs. on New York Herald. 
Wrote "Dear Me" prod, by John Golden. En- 



:ered pictures in 1916, coming to Calif, with Paul 
Uickey to write scenarios for him. Screen w(jrk ; 
Adap. "Beh:nd the Door," "When Knighthood Was 
in Flower," "Little Old New York," orig. "Be- 
low the Surface." Recent stories or scripts prod.: 
'New V'ork," "Shanghai Bound," "Sawdust Para- 
dise," "Hell's Angels." Clubs: Sigma Chi Frat, 
The Players, The Lambs, the IMascjuers, Holly- 
wood A. C, Authors League, So. Amer. Dra- 
matists. Sports, tennis. Wile's prof, name, Naomi 
Childers. One child, Peter Reed, 6 yrs. 

REED, Tom, writer, b. Shelton, Wash., Dec. 25, 
1900. Rels., Edna Marian, sister, actress, Shel- 
ton, Wash. Educ. Washington and _ California 
pub. schl. Spec, in English and journalism. 
Previous career, newspaper reporter and publicist. 
Has lived in x\ew York, Seattle, Tacoma, Port- 
land (Ore.). Has written one-act plays. En- 
tered pictures in 1918, became publ'city man for 
F. A. Miller of California Thea., Los Angeles. 
Screen work: Dialogue and titles for "Girl on 
the Barge;" dialogue on other Universal specials, 
titled, "Synthetic Sin," "Show Boat," "Last 
Warning," "Lpnesome," "Finders Keepers," 
"Thanks for the Buggy Ride." Qubs, W.impas. 
Sport, swmming. One child, Alison, 3. Bus. 
mgr., Wallace Forge; press rep., Tom Engler. 

REED, Donald, b. Mexico City; age 23; educ. 
there and at Occidental College, Los Angeles. 
Early career, entertainer. Screen career, "Mark 
of the Frog" (Pathe) ; "Mad Hour," "Naughty 
But Nice"' (First National); "There You Are," 
"His Secretary," "The Auction Block" (M-G-M). 

REEVE, Arch, West Coast publicity director, Para- 
mount, b. Glenwood, Iowa, Dec. 28. Rels. parents 
living in Los Angeles. Educ. Los Angeles High 
Sch., Occidental College, spec, in English and 
history. Previous career, Los Angeles Examiner, 
Los Angeles Express, sport editor,^ Sunday editor, 
lecture writer. Entered pictures in 1920. Clubs. 
Los Angeles A. C, Writers, Wampas. 3 children, 
Robert, Alan, Donald. 

REEVES, Alfred, pres. Cliaplin Studios, Inc., V. P. 
& Gen. Mgr., Chas. Chaplin Film Corp. B. London, 
Eng., Dec. 2, 1876. Educ. London sch. Previous 
career, circus, vaud., theatrical. Has lived in 
London, New York, Hollywood, toured all prin- 
cipal cities of U. S. A., Canada, Great Britain, 
France. Was associated in vaud. with Chaplin 
from 1910 to 1914; in 1918 appointed general man- 
ager for Chaplin Studios, Hollywo<xl, by CJhap'.in. 
Clubs, Hollywood Ath. Club, Writers. Wife's prof. 
name. Amy Minister. 

REICHENBACH, Harry, in charge of special pub- 
licity and advertising, b. Cumberland, Md., March 
17, 1883. Has been in the amusement business 
since 1896 with practically every important com- 
pany and earned national reputation as a producer 
of extraordinary exploitation ideas. His first job 
was advertising manager with circus in 1896. Has 
made New York City his headquarters since 1900 
and entered picture business in 1910. With Uni- 
versal, under short term contracts eleven times. 
Is married. Rejoined U in present capacity dur- 
ing 1928. 

REICHER, Frcuik, actor, b. Mun'ch, Germany. 
Previous career, actor and stage director. Screen 
career, directed many feature pictures, played 
in "Her Man O' War" (P.D.C.), "Beau Sabreur" 
(Paramount), "The Blue Danube" (Pathe), "Four 
Sons" (Fox). 

REICHER, Hedwig, actress. Screen career, "A 
Lover's Oath" (Astor), "The Leopard Lady" 

REID, Dorothy Davenport, actress and director, b. 
Boston, Mass. Educ. Brooklyn, N. Y., Roanoke, 
Va. On vaude, stage. Has lived in N. Y., Hol- 
lywood. Entered pictures in 1911. Played in "Hu- 
man Wreckage," "Broken Laws," "Earth Wom- 
nn." "Satin Woman." "Linda." 

REip, Jane, actress, b. Chicago, 111., July 2. Educ. 
Chicago. Spec, in fine arts course at Art Insti- 
tute, Northwestern Univ., Evanston, 111. Previ- 
ous career, ZiegfeJd Follies, "Honeymoon Town." 
Has lived in New York. Chicago, St. Petersburg, 
Hollywood. Entered pictures at age of 10 yrs. 
in Essanay studio. Pictures include: "The Green 
Lantern," "The Squall," "Clearing the Trail," 
"When the Law Rides," "Law of Fear," "Terror 
Mountain." Club, Theta. Sports, tennis, riding. 
Hght., 5, 5; wght.. 119; brown eyes, copper hair. 
Bus. and press rep., Jane McDonough. 

REISMAN, Phil, general sales manager of Pathe 
Exchange. Inc., b. St. Paul, Minnesota, September 
14, 1890. Educ. at Central High School, St. Paul 

College of I^w. In 1917 became salesman for 
Triangle and year later joined Goldwyn sales 
staff, returumg to Triangle in 1919 as manager 
of Milwaukee branch. Next move was with Hod- 
kinson. In 1920 he became Paramount sale;sman, 
becoming manager of ship Paramount Minnea- 
polis branch si.x months later and advancing to 
district manager over Minneapolis, Omaha, Des 
Moines and Sioux Falls in 1922. After two years 
as supervisor, was transferred to post of Para- 
mount general manager in Canada. In 1925 he 
acted as sales manager of Eastern Division, until 
May, 1927, when he accepted position of general 
sales manager for Pathe. Mr. Reisman dwells 
at New Rochelle, N. Y. and has two boys. 

REISNER, Chas. F., director b. Minneapolis, Minn., 
1887; tduc. ^linneapolis. Eai'ly career, semi-pro 
prize-fighter. Stage career, 10 yrs. in Keith and 
Orpheum vaud., and a Dillingham production. 
Screen career, seen, for Keystone, Revier M. P. 
Co., Vitagraph, Century, Balboa Prod., Astra; co- 
d. rector with Charlie Chaplin on pictures for 
First National; director and star on one for Uni- 
versal; co-director and actor with Metro; Warner 
director and co-director, making Syd Chaplin's 
and others; dir. "The Missing Link," "The For- 
tune Hunter" (Warner); "Steamboat Bill, Jr." 
(L'nteil Artists); "Fools For Luck" (Paramount). 

RENALDO, Duncan, actor, b. Spain, Apr. 23, 1904. 
Educ. France, Romnania, U. S. A. Spec, in 
chemistry, painting, dramatics. Previous career, 
drama on stage in New York and Paris; asst. 
captain on Brazilian merchant ship. Entered pic- 
tures in 1926 through Alan Dale. "Bridge of 
San Louis Rey," "Naughty Duchess," "Mar- 
chetta," "Romany Love." Sport, boat racing. 
Hght., 6; wght., 175; dark brown eyes and hair. 
Bus. rep., Harry Wurtzel. Press rep., Doc Love- 

REVIER, Dorothy, actress, b. and educ. Oakland, 
Calif. Previous career, Russian ballet and pro' 
fessional dancer. Screen career. Universal, "The 
Drop Kick" (First National), "The Tigress, ' 
"The Warning," "The Siren," "Beware of 
Blondes" (Columbia), "The Red Dance" (Fox), 
Great Events Series (M-G-M). Hght., 5, Ayi: 
wght., 125; black hair, grey eyes. 

RE"YNOLDS, Vera, actress, b. Richmond, Va., Nov. 
25, 1907. Educ. Los Angeles, Calif. Spec, in 
literature and science. Has lived in New York, 
London, England, Los Angeles. Entered pictures 
in 1920 with Christie Comedies. Pictures include: 
"Golden Bed," "Feet of Clay" (Paramount), 
"Road to Yesterday," "Sunny Side Up," "Cor- 
poral Kate" (DeMille). Sports, swimming and 
boating. Hght., 5; wght., 101; dark blue eyes, 
blonde hair. Bus. rep., Ruth Collier. Press rep., 
Nancy Smith. 

RICE, Fr2uik, actor, b. Muskegon, Mich. ; educ. 
Portland, Ore.; stage career, 12 yrs. road shows 
and legit.; screen career, "The Slingshot Kid," 
"The Boy Rider," "The Pinto Kid" (FBO), "The 
Wolf's Fangs," "A Thief in the Dark" (Fox), 
"Sky High Saunders," "Three Miles Up" (Uni- 

RICH, Irene, actress, b. Bufifalo, N. Y., Oct. 13. 
Mother lives in Hollywood. Educ. St. Margaret's 
School for Girls, Buffalo. Has lived in Spokane, 
Honolulu, San Francisco, Hollywood. Entered pic- 
ttn-es in 1918. Has played in "Lady Windermere's 
Fan," "Lost Lady," "Craig's Wife," "Powder My 
Back," "Women They Talk About," "Ned Mc- 
Cobb's Daughter." Sports, riding, swimming. 
Brown eyes; light brown hair. Married. Children, 
Frances, 17; Jane, 11. 

RICH, Jack, actor. Screen career, "Burning Ug 
Broadway," "A Million for Love" (Sterling), 
"Partners in Crime" (Paramount). 

RICH, Lillian, actress, b. England; educ. there; 
screen career, Pathe, Paramount, Universal, First 
National, Fox, FBO, P.D.C., Assoc. Exhib., Lu- 
mas, Preferred Pict; "The Web of Fate," "Wom- 
an's Law," (Peerless), "That's My Daddy," (Uni- 
versal), "Snowbound," (Tiffany- Stahl). Hght., 5, 
3; wght., 119; dark hair; dark blue eyes. 

RICHARD, Viola, actress. Screen career, "Do De- 
tectives Think," "Flying Elephants" (Pathe), 
"Never the Dames Shall jleet," "Limousine 
Love" rM-G-M). 

RICHARDSON, Jack, actor, b. N. Y. C; educ. 
Western Reserve Univ.; stage career, 8 yrs.; 
screen career, "Women W'ho Dare'' (E.xcellent), 
"Partners in Crime" (Paramount), "Wilful 
Youth" (Peerless), "Polly of the Movies" (First 



Division), "The BaJlyhoo Buster" (Action Pict.). 
IlKht., S, 11; wght., 188; gray hair, blue eyes. 

RICHMOND, Warner, actor, b. Culpeper County, 
Va. Educ. Va. Military Inst., University Va. 
(Charlottesville, Va.). Spec. English, general 
science, A.B. M.A. Previous career, dramatic 
stage, stock productions Theatre Guilld. Has lived 
in Washington, N. Y. C, Charlottesville. Played 
in '"Tola'ble David," "Fire Brigade," "Slide Kelly 
Slide," "Chicago," "Redeeming Sin," "Missing 
Men," "Apache." Clubs, Hollywood Athletic. 
Sport, horses. Hght., 5, 11; wght., 170; dark blue 
eyes, brown hair. 1 child, Warner, Jr., 9 yrs. Ad 
Hollywood Athletic Club, Hollywood, Cal. 

RICKETTS, Tom, actor, b. London; educ. England 
and America ; director and actor on both stage 
and screen; early screen career with Essanay, 
American, Universal, Goldwyn, Metro; other work 
for Assoc. Exhibitors, F.rst National, FBO, War- 
ner B(xis., Schulberg, Columbia, Astor, Fox, Para- 
mount, Rayart, Excellent, Pathe; roles include 
"My Friend from India" (Pathe), "Sailor's 
Sweetheart" (Warner Bros.), "Doomsday," "Just 
Married" (Paramount). Hght., 5, 10; wght., ISO; 
white hair, dark blue eyes. 

RICKSON, Joseph, actor. Screen career. Pioneer, 
Vitagraph, Fo.x, Approved Pict., Arrow, FBO, 
P.D.C., Artclass, Assoc. Exhib. ; "Two Gun oi 
the Tumbleweed," "Border Blackbirds," "The 
Devil's Twin," "Land of the Lawless" (Pathe). 

RIDGEWAY, Fritzi, actor, b. Missoula, Mont. 
Parents live in Butte, Mont. Educ. in Butte, 
Hollywood High Schl., Chicago Art Institute. 
Spec, in languages, art, drama. Previous to screen 
was on stage. Has lived in Chicago, N. Y., 
Indianapolis. Entered pictures in 1917. Has played 
in "Old Homestead," "Ruggles of Red Gap," 
"Trifling with Havoc," "Enemy," "Red Hot 
Speed," "Flying Romeos," "Son of Golden West." 
Sports, swimming, golfing, riding. Hght., 5, S; 
wght., 120; blue eyes, brown hair. Married to 
Bakaleini Koff. Bus. rep.. Judge Ray L. Chesebro, 
Jesse Wads worth; Press rep., Edith Ryan and 
Helen Hunter. 

RIESENFELD', Hug-o, director of music, LTnited 
Artists Corp., b. Vienna, Austria, Jan. 26, 1879. 
Vienna Conservatory of Music. Previous career, 
Concertmaster Oscar Hammerstein's Manhattan 
Opera House; musical director and conductor of 
comic opera, Klaw and Erlanger; composed and 
directed operetta, "The Merry Martyr;" in 1916 
became musical director, Rialto theatre. New 
York; then managing director, Rialto, Rivoli and 
Criterion theatres for 10 yrs. Prominent pictures 
scored include, "Covered Wagon," "Ten Com- 
mandments," "Beau Geste," "King of Kings," 
"Ramcna," "Les Miserables," "Tempest," "Awak- 
ening" and "Two Lovers." Is married (Mabel 
Dunning), daughter Janet, age IS. Mother lives 
Vienna, Austria. Clubs, Bohemians, Motion Pic- 
ture Club, Friars and Lambs. Hobbies, baseball 
and pinochle. Residence, 113 West S7th St., N. Y. 

RIGAS, George, actor, b. Greece, edu. there and 
France. Stage career, abroad and LT. S. Screen 
career: Paramount, LTnited Artists; "That Royle 
Girl," "Desert Gold," "Beau Geste," (Paramount); 
"The Rescue," (United Artists). Hght., 6; wght., 
178; black hair, brown eyes. 

RIGBY, L. G., scenarist, b. Los Angeles, CaL; 
educ. there. Screen career, 4 years with Goldwyn 
and Louis B. Mayer, charge of reading depart- 
ment; scenarist with L^niversal, seen. "The Mon- 
key Talks," "Wings of the Storm" (Fo'x); co- 
scen. "Nevada" (Paramount) ; seen. "The Fron- 
tiersman" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) ; seen. "The 
Valley of the Giants" (First National), "The Toil- 
ers" (Tiffanv-Stahl). 

RITCHEY, Will M., scenarist, b. Evansville, Ind.; 
educ. L^niv. of Wooster, Ohio-; early career, news- 
paper editor for 12 years. Screen career, Selig, 
Lubin, Vitagraph, Balboa, Astra, Famous Players, 
Hodkinson, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, P.D.C., Lu- 
mas, "After the Storm" (Columbia). 

RIVERO, Lorraine, child actress; screen career, 
"The Fourth Comandment" (Universal); Educa- 
tional; "Chicago After Midnight" (FBO), "Ladies 
of the Mob" (Paramount). 

ROACH, Bert, actor, b. Washington. D. C, Aug. 
21, 1891. Parents live in Alaska. Educ. in Wash- 
ington at Public High Schl. On stage for five 
yrs. Entered pictures in 1913. Played in "Excuse 
Me," "Tin Hats,'' "'Crowd," "Last Warning." 
Belongs to Hollywood A. C, Palomar Tennis 
Club, Fox Hills Co. Club, Elks Club No. 906. 

Sports, golf, squash, swimming. Hght., 5, 11; 
wght., 215; grey eyes, brown hair. Married to 
Gladys M. Johnstone. Bus. rep., Mrs. Bert Roach. 

ROACH, Hell, president Hal Roach studios. Inc., b. 
Elmira, N. Y., Jan. 19, 1892. At 17 yrs. of age 
went to Alaska where he engaged in the trucking 
business. Returned to Seattle in same line of 
work arid from there to Los Angeles in similar 
venture. Picture career started with Universal 
as stock cowboy at $25 per week. Met Harold 
Lloyd and the two raised enough money to make 
a picture which sold for $850. Roach studio acti- 
vities began at Glendale, then to Santa Monica 
Boulevard where "Lonesome Luke" comedies were 
made. Final quarters at Culver City where a big 
plant was built in 1919. Hal Roach productions 
are now released through Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. 
Mr. Roach is married and has two children, boy 
and girl. Hobby is polo and other outdoor sports. 

ROACH, Jos. Anthony, writer. Screen career, 
"Hoof Marks," "The Man Without a Face," "The 
Bullet Mark" (Pathe). 

ROBARDS, Jason, actor, b. Hillsdale, Mich.; educ. 
at Saginaw and Dramatic Arts Acad., N. Y.; 
early career, actor; stage career, Broadway pro- 
ductions "Lightnin'," "Seventh Heaven;" screen 
career, "Streets of Shanghai," "Wild Geese" 
(Tiffany-Stahl); "Polly ol the Movies" (First 
Division), "Casey Jones" (.Rayart), "Jaws of 
Steel" (Warner). 

ROBBINS, Walter, actor, b. Chicago, III., Oct. 18, 
1888. Rels. Parents living at 5164 Fountain Ave., 
L. A., Cal. Educ. Chicago 111. Previous career, 
American Jockey for 3 yrs. Later in vaude. doing 
comedy, managing act over Pantages Circuit, etc. 
Also circus. Entered pictures in 1911 at Vitagraph 
studio, again in 1916 permanent. Played in "Three 
Gold Coins," "Western Speed," "Western Luck," 
"Johnny Ciet Your Hair Cut," "Shanghied," 
"Coney Island." Clubs, Masons, 233 Royal League, 
Moose. Sports, horse racing, baseball, football, 
IjO'xing, hockey, swimming. Hght., 5, 4; wght., 
145 ; Ijrown eyes and hair. 

ROBBINS, Jess, scenarist, b. Dayton, Ohio. Screen 
career, began with Essanay in Chicago, 1908, first 
as cameraman, later general manager; creator 
and director of Broncho Billy Western Series; 
1914, produced series of 12 Robbins photoplays for 
Pathe; director and manager Essanay-Chaplin 
company; stage manager Longacre theatre, N. Y. ; 
wrote and directed comedies for Universal and 
Vitagraph; organized Jess Robbins Prod.; seen, 
work for LTniversal, Astor, Educational, Van Bib- 
ber comedies (Fox); "Skirts" co-seen. (M-G-M). 

ROBERTS, Stephen, R., director, b. Summerville, 
W. Va., Nov. 23, 1895. Educ. O. State University, 
Columbus, O. Spec, in mining engineering. En- 
listed in air service; exhibition flying, passenger 
carrying. From army discharge, entered mo. pic. 
Has lived in Dallas, San Antonio, Texas; Wheel- 
ing, Huntington, W. Va., Columbus, O., N. Y., 
Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1921, due to stunt 
flying. Directed Mermaid comedies. Clubs, Phi 
Delta Theta, Mt._ Olive Lodge, A. F. and A. M., 
Los Angeles Consistory, Scottish Rite, 233. Sports, 
hiuitintf, lishing. 

ROBERTSON, John S.. director, b. London, Ont., 
Canada, 1878; educ. St. Thomas, Ont., Western 
LTniverslty. Stage Career, stk. co., 2 yrs. Rose 
Stahl, with Charles Frohman, Maude Adams, 
Henry B. Harris, etc. Screen career, in 1915 
appeared in features for Vitagraph; directed for 
Famous, Mary Pickford, First National, Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer; made "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. 
Hyde," directed Barthelmess while at Inspiration; 
John S. Robertson Prod., own unit, for Metro- 
Goldwyn-Mayer; has dir. "Annie Laurie," "Cap- 
tain Salvation," "The Road to Romance" 

ROBINSON, Casey, writer, b. Logan, Utah, Oct. 
17, 190.^. Educ. (!'ornell U'niv. Spec, in English, 
A.B. Previous career, newspaper reporter, vaude- 
ville writer and L^niversity English instructor. 
Lived in Logan and Salt Lake City. Entered pic- 
tures in 1927. Titled "The Patent Leather Kid," 
"Helen of Troy," "Harold Teen," "Her Wild Oat," 
"Companionate Marriage," "Waterfront," etc. 
Sports, tennis, golf, riding. Bus. rep., Edward 
Small Co. Press rep., Sig. Schlager. 

ROBINSON, Carlyle R., director of publicity, (Thas. 
Chaplin Film Corp., b. Raleigh, N. C, Sept. 22, 
1887. Rels. mother living in Red Bank, N. J. Rels. 
brothers, Ralph D. Robinson, editor Police Gazette, 
N. Y. ; Frederick B. Robinson, Pres. College City 



Ran away ivoiu home iv join a 
circus at the age of ten . . . 
Trouped through America, 
rope and Asia in vaudeville 
Drove an ambulance with 
French during the war . . . 
Played in the London musical 
ccjmedy hit "Keep Smiling" . . . 
Ran a night club in New York in 
the Roaring Forties and 


T*layed 'm: 

"Dressed to Kill" "Me Gangster" 
"Stool Pigeon" "Road House" 

"Escape" "Night Stick" 


Details of any of the above suggested subjects nmy be obtained upon 
request by Motion Picture Nezvs. 



A Metro-Goldwytj- 
Mayer Prod tec t ion 



Address all inquiries pertaining to 

feature material to 

Motion Picture News 



of N. Y.; Dudley Robinson, lawyer, Los Angeles. 
Educ. pub. sell., Biuoklyh, N. Y. Previous career, 
newspaper reporter on Brooklyn Standard Union, 
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York Press, Lcs 
Angeles Times, Los Angeles Tribune. Has lived 
in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Reno, Nev. Entered 
pictures in 1914 with David Horsley Film Co., 
Los Angeles; joined Charlie Chaplin in 1916. Sports, 
baseball, football, basketball, tennis, golf. 
ROBSO'N, William N., writer, b. Pittsburgh, Pa., 
Oct. 8, 19(06. Educ. Univ. of Pittsburgh and Yale 
Univ. Spec, in English and drama, Ph.B. Previ- 
ous career, newspaper reporter, student and or- 
chestra leader. Wrote "Deadline," "Extra," 
"Curriculum," "Genius," "Gigolette" and "Ellis 
Island." Lived in Cleveland, Chicago, New Haven, 
Pittsburgh and Paris. Entered pictures Jaly 6, 
1928, through Walter Wanger production manager 
for Paramount. Club, Alpha Chi Rho. Sports, 
swimming, tennis, golf. 
ROBERTS, Beryl, actress. Screen career, "The 
Soda Water Cowboy," "The Valley of Hunted 
Men" (Pathe). 
ROBERTS, Edith, actress, b. and educ. New York 
City; stage career, 6 yrs. vaudeville; screen ca- 
reer, Universal, Paramount, First National, Gold- 
wyn. Preferred, FBO, Selznxk, Metro, P.D.C., 
Banner Prod., Warners, Gotham, Columbia, Gins- 
berg; "The Man from Headquarters" (Rayart). 
Hght., 5, 1; wght., 105; brown hair, brown eyes. 
ROBSON, May, actress, b. Melbourne, Australia. 
Educ. England, France, Belgium. Stage debut 
in 1883, 22 yrs. with Chas. Frohman, Empu-e Stock 
Co., N. Y. Screen career, P.D.C., "The Angel 
of Broadwav," "A Harp in Hock," "Chicago," 
"The Blue Danube," "Turkish Delight" (Pathe). 
Hght., S, 2; wght., 105; dark brown hair, blue- 
grev eyes. 
ROCCARDI, Albert, actor, b. Paris. France. Screen 
career, Asso. Exh!b., Amer. Releasing; "Fools 
of Fashion" (Tififany-Stahl), "Melting Millions" 
fPathe serial), "Partners in Crime" (Paramount). 
ROCHE, John, actor, b. Penn Yan, N. Y.; educ. 
Rix;hester, N. Y. ; stage career, 10 yrs. stock, 
mus. com.; screen career. Cosmopolitan, Fox, 
Warners, First National, Universal, Paramount, 
Vitagraph, Educational; "The Truthful Sex," 
(Columbia), "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (Universal), 
"Their Hour," (Tiffany-Stahl), "Diamo^nd Hand- 
cuffs," ^(Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). Hght., 6, 1; 
wght., 175; brown hair, hazel eyes. 
ROCKET, A. L., production, studio mgr., b. Vin- 
cennes, Ind.. Sept. 24, 1889. Rels., Ray Rocket, 
producer in Hollywood. Half brother, E. L. Berry, 
business manager. Educ. h'gh schl., Sedalia, Mo., 
Missouri University. Previous career, played 
piano in 1st class Nickelodeons, 5 yrs. American 
Smelting and Refining Co. Has lived in N. Y. C, 
Kansas City, Mo.; Denver, Colo.; Los Angeles. 
Entered pictures in 1914. Made "Abraham Lin- 
coln," "Patent Leather Kid." One son, Norman 
Rockett. 17 yrs. old. 
RODGERS, Walter, actor. Screen career, Vita- 
graph. Aletro; "Abraham Lincoln" (Rockett), 
"The Iron Horse" (Fox), "The Flaming Frontier'' 
I'T'niversal), "Wolf's Clothing," "The Heart of 
Maryland" (Warners). 
RODNEY Earle, director, b. Toronto, Canada; 
educ. Notre Dame L^^niv. Stage career, vaud., 
stock and on road. Early career, inspector Singer 
Sewing Machine Co., South Bend, Ind. Screen ca- 
reer, juvenile lead with Sennett ; parts with Grif- 
fifth; in stock with Charles Ray and Enid Bennett; 
director for Christie, returned to Mack Sennett, 
as comedy director; directed Keystone Kop series; 
director and scenarist for Sennett. 
ROGELL, Albert S., director, b. Oklahoma City, 
Okla.. Aug. 21, 1901. Parents live in Los Ange- 
les. Educ. grammar and high school, Spokane, 
Wash. Spec, in history, botany. Graduated Prep 
school at Washington State College. Was siles- 
man and technician on legitimate stage, stock. 
Has lived in Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Srio- 
kane, Seattle, .San Francisco, Los Angeles. En- 
tered picture business in 1916. Promotion motion 
picture studio called Washington Motion Picture 
Corp. started in Spokane. Fascinafon so greit 
as to cause a four -year college course to be 
finished ir six months (bv request). D'rected 
"Tlie Shepherd of the Hills." "Men of the Night." 
"Easv Mrney." "The Over'and Stage." "Phantom 
City," "The Glorious Trail." "Cheyenne." "The 
Lone Wolf's Daughter." Belongs to Masons. 32nd 
consistory; Shriner, B. P. O. Elks, Motion Pic- 

ture Directors Association, Academy of M. P. 
Arts and Sc'ences. Sports, tennis, horseback rid- 
ing, hunting, fishing. Married to Marian Douglas. 
Bus. rep., (Jliarles R. Rogers; press rep., Sig 
ROGERS, Will, actor, b. Nov. 4, 1879, near Clare- 
more, Indian territoiy; stage career, 1905, vaude., 
fancy roper, Hammerstein's Roof, 8 yrs. vaude., 5 
yrs. Follies and Midnight Frolics; screen career, 
"Honest Hutch," "Boys Will Be Boys," "Doub- 
ling for Romeo," "The Ropin' Day" (Paramount), 
"The Headless Horseman" (Hodkinson), "Fruits 
of Faith," "Jus' Passin' Thru," "Justin' Back," 
"Uncensored Movies," "Two Wagons — Both Cov- 
ered," "The Cowboy Sheik," "The Cake Eater," 
"Big Moments from Little Pictures," "Highbrow 
Stuff," "Going to Congress," "Family Fits," 
"Jubilo, Jr.," "Our Congressman," "A Truthful 
Liar," "Gee Whiz Genevieve," and series of short 
entitled "Strolling' Thru Europe with Will Rog- 
ers" (Pathe); recently starred in Sam Rork's "A 
Texas Steer." When his friend, Fred Stone, broke 
a leg recently in an airplane accident. Will imme- 
diately took his place in the Stone show running 
in N. Y. Hght., 5, 11; wght., 170; dark hair, 
grav eyes. 
ROGERS, Charles R., president, Chas. R. Rogers 
Prod., Inc., b. Boston, Mass. Rels. parents living 
in Allston, Mass. Educ. Boston, Mass. Previous 
career, traveling salesman. Missed train one 
morning and while waiting for next train read 
ad in paper for partner in investment, investi- 
gated to kill time and signed contract to build 
theatre. Built first theatre in I9l4, then exhibit- 
ing, then producing. Produced "Shepherd of the 
Hills," "McFadden's Flats," "The Gorilla," 
"Ladies Night in a Turkish Batli," Ken Maynard 
pictures. Clubs, Breakers and Rancho Golf Oub. 
Sport, golf. One child, John Rogers, 11 yrs. 
Bus. rep., J. F. Kearns. Studio add., First Na- 
tional Studios. 
ROGERS, Charles "Buddy," actor, b. Olathe, Kans.. 
Aug. 13. Parents live there. Educ. public, high 
schls. there and Li^niv. of Kans. Spec, in jour- 
nalism. Has lived in Olathe and Lawrence, Kans., 
New York, Hollvwood. Entered pictures in Nov., 
1925. Played in "Wings," "My Best Girl," 
"Abie's Irish Rose," "Get Your ISIan." "Var- 
sity," ".Someone to Love." Belongs to Phi Kappi 
Psi. Sports, boxing, riding, fishing, swimming. 
Hght. 6; wght. 175; brown eyes; black hair. 
Press rep., Pub. Dept., Paramount Studios, Holly- 
wood. Cal. 
ROGERS, Saul E., vice-pres. and general counsel. 
Fox; born in New York City; educated at 
C. C. N. Y. ; completed law course at Columbia 
University; has been in Fox Films since 1918; 
was an attorney with general law practice pre- 
vious to that. 
ROGERS, Budd, vice-president Gotham Productions. 
Early career, automobile sales executive. Pic- 
ture career, joined Sam Sax in operation of Lumas 
Film Corp. 5 yrs. ago as vice-president; oneyr. 
later in the organizing of Gotham Productions 
became vice-president of combined companies; 
now sales manager of Consolidated Bristolphone 
ROLAND, Gilbert, actor, b. Juarez, Mexico, Dec. 
11. 1905. Parents live in iMexico. Educ. private 
schls. of ISIexico. Has lived in Jaurez, Mexico 
City, EI Paso, Hollywood. Entered pictures in 
1924. Has nlayed in "Camille." "Love Mart," 
"Dove," "Woman Disputed." Belongs to Holly- 
wood Athletic Club. Sports, swimming, boxing, 
horseback riding, fencing. light. 5,11: wght. 165; 
brown eyes: black ha'r. Bus._ rep., Ivan Ka'^n: 
press rep.. United Artists Studio, Hollywood, Cal. 
ROLAND, Ruth, actress, b. San Francisco, Cal. 
Stage career: since 3 yrs of age, first anpearing 
in Ed. Holden's "Cinderella" Co., at Columbia 
theatre, San Francisco; screen career. Kalem. 
Astra, Truart. First National, Pathe. Ruth Ro- 
land Serials. Inc. Productions, "Adventures of 
Ruth," "Ruth of the Rockies." "The Avenging 
.■\rrow," "White Eagle," "The Timber Queen." 
"Ruth of the Range." "Dollar Down." "Where 
the Worst Begins." "The Masked Woman." Hght. 
5. 4: wght.. 122; reddish brown hair, violet eyes. 
ROLLENS. Jaaues, director, b. Chicago. Til. Educ. 
pub. schls. Chicago, other cities. H.->s lived in all 
principal cities of U. S.. B. C, Canada. En- 
tered pictures in 1919. Placed under contract ]^y 
Fox. .Stage cxDcrience, and tendency to connect 
with m. p. industry, caused entry into pictures. 

My sincere thanks to the 
Newspaper and Photoplay 
Magazine Editors for the 
many kindnesses extended 
to me in the past. 


For any information re- 
garding feature story 
material and art, please 
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Brought to America in 192 6 the 
fruits of a varied career in Germany 
. . . stage director and director of 
opera . . . originator and producer in 
his own theater, Die Gondel, of a 
repertoire entertainment as distinctive 
as the Grand Guignol or the Follies 
. . . the forerunner of the sound pic- 
ture technique of tomorrow . . . mo- 
tion picture director since 1912; later 
with UFA... director of "THE 
THREE WAXWORKS" . . . after 
which Universal brought him to 
America, where he has directed 




(Details for intcriiiws can be obtained from Motion Victure Neies, Hollywood) 



Directed "The Return of Grey Wolf." Screen 
career, "Wooden Soldiers," "Day Dreams," 
"Faces," "Handcuffed." 

ROLLINS, David, actor, b. Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 
2, 1910. Parents reside in Glendaie, Cal. Educ. 
Kansas City, Alo., Glendaie, Cal. Spec, acting, 
languages, science. Was messenger boy in bank. 
Has lived in Kansas City, Glendaie. Entered 
pictures in 1926, as extra. Played in "iSIama"s 
Boy," "Win That Girl," "Thanks for Buggy 
Ride," "Air Circus," "Prep and Pep." "Riley 
the Cop." Sporty,, swimming, riding, golf. Hght. 
5,10'..; wght. 135; bine eyes; black hair. Ad., 
Kux'Studios, Hcjllywood. Cal. 

ROMANOFF, Constantine, actor. Screen career, 
"The Tender Hour" (First National), "The Kid 
Brother." 'The Fifty-Fifty Girl" (Paramovmt). 

RORK, Ann, actress, b. Darien, Conn. ; educ. Coop- 
erstown, N. Y., and Los Angeles; stage career, 
Amer. Theatre; screen career, "Old Loves for 
New," "The Blonde Saint," "The Notorious 
Lady," "The Prince of Headwaiters," "A Texas 
Steer" (First National). Hght., 5, 5; wght., 120; 
brawn hair and eyes. 

ROSCOE, Alam, actor. Screen career. First Na- 
tional, P. D. C, FBO, State Rights, Columbia 
I'ict.; "Duty's Reward" (Elbee), "Marry the 
Girl" (.Sterling), "The Mating Call" (Paramount), 
"Modern Mothers" (Columbia). 

ROSE, Blanche, actress, b. and edu. Detroit, Mich. 
Stage career: 20 yrs. Screen career: 8 yrs., 
First National, "Old Swimming Hole," "Barn- 
stormer," "Smudge," "Money, Money, Money," 
"Satan and the Woman," (Excellent); hght., S, 
7^/2; wght., 145; brown hair, brown eyes. Ad. 1626 
Maltman Ave., Los Angeles. 

ROSEN, Phil, director, b. Russia, 1888; screen ca- 
reer, started with Edison, 1912, cinematographer; 
filmed "Miracle Man," became director and worked 
for Universal, Hodkinson, Paramount, Sawyer 
& Lubin, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Lumas, FBO; 
directed, "The Cancelled Debt," "Pretty Clothes," 
"Burning Up Broadway," "Marry the Girl," "A 
Million for Love," "Undressed" (Sterling). 

ROSENZWEIG, Charles, general sales manager, 
RKO Prodvicticns, b. Bucharest, Rouniania, Dec. 
15, 1894. Came to New York with parents at 
age 18 months. Educ. New York public schools 
and attended and graduated from evening high 
school while w'orking. Previous career: started 
with Ben Hampton advertising agency, from there 
to L^nited Cigar Stores and later with American 
Tobacco Company as division manager. Began 
picture career as salesman with Big U exchange 
and after IS months was made manager. Two 
years later was promoted to Eastern division 
manager and after four years joined old FBO 
Pictures Corp. as manager of New York ex- 
change. Four years later was made Eastern di- 
vision manager for FBO and on merger with RCA 
and KAO was made general sales manager of 
RKO. Belongs to Masonic Lodge, the Shrine, 
Level Club and Motion Picture Club. Is married. 
Particular hobby is getting signatures on the 
dotted lines. 

ROSING, Bodil, actress, b. Copenhagen, Denmark, 
Dec. 27, father living in Copenhagen. Educ. Copen- 
hagen, Switzerland. Spec, in languages, music. 
On stage since 16 yrs. old, starring in Copen- 
hagen. Has lived in Copenhagen, N. Y., Seattle, 
Hollywood. Entered pictures in Mar., 1925. Has 
played in "It Must Be Love," "Sunrise," "Wheel 
of Chance," "Patriot," "Out of Ruins," "Fleet's 
In." "King of Rodeo.'' Sports, walking, dancing, 
bridge, ice skating. Hght., 5, 3; wght., 125; blue 
eyes, light hair. Bus. and press rep., S. Geo. 

ROONEY, Pat, actor, stage career, more than 25 
years, comedian, vaudeville, "Rings of Smoke," 
"Shamrock," "Love Bird." Son of original Pat 
Rooney and Josephine Grainger. To be featured 
in two series of six comedies each for Universal 
during 1929. Wife's prof, name, Marian Bent. 
I'luf eyes, iron gray hair. 

ROONEY, 3rd, Pat, actor, 17 yrs. old. Stage 
career, vaudeville. Screen career, to be featured 
with father and mother, Marian Bent, in two 
series of si.x comedies each for Universal during 

ROOSEVELT, Buddy, actor, b. Meeker, Colo, Tune 
25, 1898. Educ. pub. schls. in Meeker, Colo., 
and Cambridge Tech., Cambridge, Mass. Previous 
career, with stock companies in Colorado and 
Boston, wild w'est show. Has lived in Boston, 

Cambridge, Hollywood. Was working in Miller 
Bros. "101 Ranch" show when they started to 
make pictures. Played in "Ride 'Em High." 
Clubs, Masons, "2ii." Sports, swimming, golf, 
hunting. Hght. 5,11; wght. 175; brown eyes; 
black hair. 

ROSS, Burt, Jr., actor, b. New York City, Aug. 2, 
1913. Educ. Hollywood High School. Entered pic- 
tures in 1925. Pictures include: "The Sunset 
Derby," "For the Love of Mike," "Life of Caruso." 
Sports, football, basket ball. Hght., 5, 7; wght., 
125; brown eyes and hair. Bus. rep., Harry 

ROSS, Churchill, actor, b. Lafayette, Ind., Jan. 29. 
Rels. parents living in Ind. Kduc. Exeter Aca- 
demy, New Hampshire. Spec. English, music. 
Previous career. Little Theatre, Indianapolis. En- 
tered pictures 5 yrs. ago. Played in "Fourflusher," 
"Collegians," ".Stephen Steps Out." Hght., 5, 7; 
wght., 120; blue gray eyes, blonde hair. Ad. 
Universal Pictures Corp., Universal City, Cal. 

ROSS, Nat, director, b. San Francisco, Cal.; educ. 
there. Screen career, started as New York rep. 
Stanley-iMastbaum Co.; home office sales force of 
I'niversal; confidential secretary to Carl Laemmle, 
director of Western for Universal; joined Asso- 
ciated Exhibitors, Chadwick, and other inde- 
pendent companies; own unit with Embassy Pic- 
tures; with Universal, directing "Collegian" 
series' and "Stop That Man." 

ROSS, Kewpie, actor. Screen career, "Standard 
Comedies" (FBO). 

ROSSON, Arthur, director, b. London, England. 
Early career, traveller and short story W'riter, 
gold digger in Nevada mines. Screen career, 
actor and stunt man; created and sold about 30 
scenarios; assist, director with Allan Dwan, later 
director, w-ielding megaphone for Triangle, Art- 
craft, Vitagraph, Universal, Norma Talmadge, 
Goldwyn, Fox, Allied Prod., Paramount, Fox, 
writes and adapts many of own scenarios; "Silk 
Legs," "The Plav Girl." 

ROSSON, Richard^' director, b. New York, 1894; 
early career, active in musical circles in East. 
Screen career, started with V'itagraph; 1914, wa% 
associated with Ince, later joining Universal; 
began directing in 1918, imder the supervision of 
Allan Dwan; director for Paramount, FBO, Fox; 
"The Wizard," "The Escape," "Road House" 
(Fox); "Dead Man's Curve" (FBO); "Shootin' 
Irons" (Paramount). 

ROSSITTO, Angelo, actor. Screen career, "The 
Beloved Rogue" (United Artists), "Odd San Fran- 
c sco" (Warners). 

ROOT, WeUs, writer, b. Buffalo, N. Y., Mar 1, 
1900. Educ. St. Paul's Schl., Concord. N. H., 
Yale Univ. Spec. English literature, A. B. Previ- 
ous career, newspaper man, magazine writer, N. 
Y. World ass't dramatic critic, Tiine Magazine, 
dramatic and motion picture critic. Lived in Buf- 
falo, New York City. Paris. Entered pictures in 
1928 with Paramount. "\'arsity" (orig.), "The 
Dummy" (adapt.). Clubs, Yale Club of New 
York, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Hollj'wood A. C. 
Soorts, tennis. 

ROQUEMORE, Henry, actor, b. Marshall, Tex.. 
ISIar. 13, 1886. Rels., mother living in Monroe, 
La. Two brothers, J. P. Rcquemore, R. R. of- 
fical in iMonroe, La.; W. C. Roquemore, R. R. 
official in Palestine, Tex. Educ. high schl. in 
Palestine, Tex. Previous career, 27 yrs. on 
stage, dramatic stock, traveling repertoire musi- 
cal comedy productions, vaude. Has lived in 
Roanoke, Va., Charlotte, N. C, _ Jacksonville. 
Tampa, Dallas. Entered pictures in 1925 from 
stage. Played in "Barker," "Wagon Show." 
"For Ladies Only," "Broker." "City of Dreams," 
"All at Sea." Character comedy parts in 3 Wit- 
wer comedies for FBO. Clubs, Masonic, B. P. O. 
E., "233," Troupers, Ye Thespians of America. 
Sports, golf, horseback riding. Hght. 5.6-/;; 
wght. 222; dark blue eyes; dark brown hair. 
Wife's prof, name. Fern Emmett. Bus. rep., Lo- 
retta Fitzpatrick. 

ROSANOVA, Rosa, actress, b. Odessa, Russia, June 
23, 1883. Educ. Odessa, Russia. 3 yrs. dramatic 
tra'ning in Moscow studio. Previous career, trav- 
eled with SvetlofI Co. all over Russia, with Nico- 
las Orlenoff for 14 yrs. on legit, stage. Entered 
pictures in 1915, as Anita Stewart needed Rus- 
sian mother type for her picture, "Gloria of 
Ulanda." Later pictures, "Hungry Hearts," 
"iBlood and Sand," "The Virgin," "His People," 
"Business Before Pleasure," "Abie's Irish Rose," 












Dctaih of any itory material iiill he obtained on request hy Motion Picture News 









Any story material will be obtained on reqneit by Motion Picture News 



"The Ghetto," "The Younger Generation." Clubs, 
Russian American Art Club. Sports, swimming. 
Hg-ht, .S,5; wght. 170; brown eyes; black hair. 
Two children. Esther ami I.<'ais. Bus. and press 
rep., Harry Wurtzel. 

ROTH, Murray, writer, b. New York, Nov. 12, 1893. 
Educ. DcWitt Clinton H. S. Previous career, 
song writer with Leo Fe!st and Shapiro, Bernstein 
& Co. Lived in New York City. Entered pictures 
1920. Wrote "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp," "The Gay 
Retreat," "Lights of New York," and "Queen of 
The Night Clubs," (originals). Van Bibbers, 
Plelen and Warren (adapt.), "The Home Towners" 
(adapt.). Spurts, golf, tennis. 

ROTHAFEL, Samuel Lionel, managing director, 
Roxy Theatre, New York City; b. Stillwater, 
Minn., July 9, 1882, son of Gustave and Cecelia 
Rothafel. Previous career: started as cash boy 
in store; book agent; 7 yrs. in Marine Corps. En- 
tered picture field with small show at Forest 
City, Pa.; then, Minneapolis and later Milwaukee. 
Came to N"w York in 1913 as manager of Re- 
gent theatre where he first presented picture with 
prologue; when Strand was opened was chosen 
managing director; subsequently, similar positions 
with Rialto, Rivoli and Capitol theatres; was first 
director to broadcast over radio stage program; 
made "Roxy Ciang" famous. In 1927 opened Roxy 
Theatre, seating 6,200; shortly after house was 
opened Fox acquired controlling interest, retain- 
ing Rothafel as managing director. Member of 
Masons and Elks, Advertising Club, Sotijourners 
and Greenroom clubs, New York; National Press 
Club, Washington, D. C. Married Rosa, daughter 
of Jul'us Freedman, Forest City, Pa., Jan. 30, 
1909; has two children, Arthur and Bettina. Ad- 
dress, Roxy Theatre, New York City. 

ROWLANDS, Art, actor. Screen career, shorts 
for Pathe, Universal, Educational; features, "The 
Lightnin' Shot," "Mystery Valley," "The Devil's 
Tower" (Rayart). 

RUBEN, Benny, actor, b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 2, 
1899. Parents live in Chelsea, Mass. Was stage 
comedian, in vaude., legitimate, burlesque. Has 
lived in Boston, N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures in 1928. Has played in "Naughty Baby," 
"Football," "Casino Gardens," "Thanksgiving." 
Belongs to Masons, Elks, Friars. Sports, baseball, 
golf, boxing. Hght., 5, 7%; wght., 142; brown 
eyes, brown hair. Married. Press rep., Sam B. 
Tacobsen. Ad. Universal Studio, Universal City, 

RUBEN, J. Walter, writer, b. New York City, Aug. 
1899. Educ. De Witt Clinton H. S. and Columbia 
Univ. Spec, in Psychology, philosophy and dra- 
matic art. Previous career, legitimate stage as 
junior, publicity for vaudeville material. Two 
years in distributing of pictures for Metro Picture 
Corp. Lived in New York and Los Angeles. En- 
tered pictures in 1924. Wrote "Under the Tonto 
Rim" (adapt.), "The Fleet's In" (orig.), and 
"Avalanche" (adapt.), "Fools for Luck" and 
"Vanishing Pioneer." Clubs, Gamma Tau Delta 
Fraternity, The Writers and Authors League of 
America. Sports, football, boxing. 

RUBENS, Alma, actress, b. San Francisco. Screen 
career. Triangle, Robertson-Cole, International, 
Pioneer, Paramount, Cosmopolitan, Goldwyn, FBO, 
Assoc. Exhibitors, First National, Fox. Import- 
ant productions, "Humoresque," "Find the Wom- 
an," "Valley of Silent Men," "LTnder the Red 
Robe," "The Rejected Women," "East Lynne," 
"The Winding Stair," "The Gilded Butterfly," 
"Siberia," "Marriage License," "T'he Heart of 
"Salome". Hght. 5, 7; wght., 130; black hair, 
dark eyes. 

RUGGLES, Wesley, director, b. Los Angeles. Educ. 
San Francisco. Has been on stage. Traveled all 
over world. Entered picture business 1912. Di- 
rected "Plastic Age," "Silk Stockings," "Finders 
Keepers." Belongs to Phi Sigma, Lambs, Several 
Golf Clubs, and Masquers. Favorite sports, golf 
and swimming. Press rep., Tom Engler. 

RUSSELL, J. Gordon, actor, b. Piedmont, Ala.; 
educ. Univ. of Ala. and A. and M. College, Miss.; 
Stage career, stock and repertoire; screen career, 

Biograph, American, Paramount, Hodkinson, Pre- 
ferred, Universal, Goldwyn, Robertson-Cole, Art- 
class, FBO, Fox, Schulberg, Gerson, United Art- 
ists, Educational; "The C^law," "Wild Beauty," 
"Red Hot Bullets," "Uncle Tom's Cabin," (Uni- 
versal). "Saddle Mates" (Pathe). Hght., 6, 1; 
wght., 200; black hair, gray eyes. 

RUTH, "Babe," actor. Legal name, George Her- 
man Ruth; b. Baltiinore; educ. St. Mary's In- 
dustrial School, Catholic orphanage; began play- 
ing sandlot baseball when a youngster, gradually 
working way into the major leagues, did some 
splendid pitching in a World Series, proved calibre 
as an all-around player, specializing in right field; 
developed into acknowledged "home run king" 
and has been responsible to a great extent for 
the several pennants won by his team, the N. 
Y. Yankees. Has taken several flings at vaude., 
and some time ago acted in "Headin' Home," 
(State Rights), also "Babe Comes Home," (First 
National) ; Harold Lloyd featured him in "Speedy." 

RUTHVEN, Madeleine, scenarist, former newspaper 
writer; affiliated with M-G-M; "Wyoming" (co- 
(scenarist), "Spoilers of the West" (co-scenarist) 

RYAN, Robert, actor, b. and educ. Pipestone, Minn. 
Previous career. Army. Entered pictures in 1919. 
Pictiucs include: "Womanpower" (Fox), "The 
College Widow" (Warner Bros.). Clubs, Elks, 
Hollywood Athletic, Beach Club. Hght., 6; wght., 
179; blue eyes, dark hair. 

RYAN, Chet, actor. Screen career. Photo Drama, 
New Cal, Steiner, Goldstone; "The Long Loop,'' 
"The Boss of Rustler's Roost" (Pathe). 

RYAN, Maurice, actor. Screen career, "K — The 
I'nknown" (Universal), "Dress Parade" (Pathe), 
"The Wife's Relations" (Columbia). 

RYERSON, Florence, writer, b. Glendale, Cal., 
Sept. 20. Educ. at Stanford, Boston Univ. and 
Radcliffe. Spec, in Mathematics and English. 
Previous career, wrote magazine stories for 
American, Post, Ladies Home Journal, etc. Book 
of one act plays published by French. "All on a 
Summers Day" written in collaboration with Colim 
Clements, short plays for Orpheum sketches. The 
Babs Series for the American, also the Jane 
stories, etc. Lived in Los Angeles, San Fran- 
cisco, Boston and Chicago. Entered pictures in 
1925 with Metro-Goldwyn. Wrote "The Demi 
Bride" (orig.), "Adam and Evil" (orig.), "Some- 
thing Always Happens" and "Love and Learn" 
adapt.). "Easy Come, Easy Go," "Hot News" 
and "The Canary Murder Case." Clubs, Alpha Phi 
Fraternity and Deauville Beach Club. Sports, 
swimming. Bus. rep., Lichtig and Englander. 

RYNO, WilUam H., actor, b. N. Y. C; educ. 
N. Y. C. sehls.; stage career, 2S yrs.; screen 
career, Fox. L'niversal, Selig, Pathe, First Na- 
tional, Selznick, Artclass, Arrow, Davis, Assoc. 
Exhib.; "The Boy Rider" (FBO), "The Cowboy 
Cavalier" (Pathe), "A Hoi^eman of the Plains* 
(Fox). Hght., 5, WA; wght., 160; gray hair, 
gray eyes. 

ST. ANGELO, Robert, actor, b. Elena, Italy, May 
7. Rels. Father living at Newton Center, Mass. 
Educ. Newton Center, Mass. Previous career, 
marine. Played "To Have and to Hold," "King 
of Kings," "Chicago," "Craig's Wife," "Turkish 
Delight," Missing Man." Sports, tennis, swimming, 
-sketching. Hght., 6, 1; wght., 185; brown eyes, 
black hair. 

ST. CLAIR, Malcolm, director, b. Los Angeles, May 
17, 1897. Parents live in Los Angeles. Educ. 
there. Spec, in art and drawing. Worked on Los 
Angeles newspapers. Has lived in Los Angeles 
and New York. Entered pictures in 1915. Wanted 
to be director and took only opening, prop boy 
job at Sennett Studio. Directed "The Canary 
Murder Case," "The Fleet's In." "The Grand 
Duchess and the Waiter," "Are Parents People," 
"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," "Knockout Reilly." 
Si)ort, tennis. 

ST. JOHN, Al., actor, b. Santa Ana, Cal., Sept. 
10. Kduc. .Santa Ana, Los Angeles. Previous 
career, stage, musical comedy. Entered pictures 



Recenf Productions: 



One of the first inventors of wireless telephony — 
held long-distance record for sending voice over 
the air — went on the stage soon after completing 
college course — played two years in stock — was 
assistant and technical director for D. W. Grif- 
fith in 1914 — organized his own producing com- 
pany and made pictures for the independent 
market — among these productions were "Out of 
the Dust," "Ashes of Glory," "Pals," "Shadows 
of Conscience," etc. 




Dwieelle JBeethall 


Riiifmis McCosh 



Kecciit Releases — 








Telephone: North Holly 7}^ — 10766 Bluff side Drive, North Hollywood, California 



in 1912. Starred in Educational comedies and 
"She Goes to War." Clubs, Elks, Masonic, Mas- 
quers. Sport, hunting. Hght. 5,8; wght. 140; 
blue eyes; blonde hair. Bus rep., Al Rosen; 
press rep., Billy Leyser. Ad., Tec Art Studios, 
Hollywood, Cal. 

SAILOR SHARKEY, actor. Screen career, "The 
JSashful Hiiccaneer," "The Cruise of the Hellion" 
(Rayart); "(jood Morning Judge" (Universal). 

SAINPOLIS, John, actor, b. and educ. New Orleans, 
La.; stage career, N. Y. productions, "For the 
Defense," "The Tailor Made Man," "The 
Torches," 4 seasons with David Warfield; screen 
career, Goldwyn, Metro, Preferred, Universal, Selz- 
nick, Paramount, First National, Metro-Goldwyn, 
Fox, Schulberg, Chadwick; "Green Grass Wid- 
ows" (Tififany-Stahl). Hght., 5, 10^; wght., 170; 
gray hair, brown eyes. 

SALE, Virginia, actress, b. Urbana, 111., May 20. 
Rels., parents living in Urbana, 111. Brother, 
Charles Sale, actor. Educ. Urbana High schl., 
Univ. 111. Graduate Academy of Dramatic Arts, 
N. Y. Previous career, six yrs. on stage. Has 
lived in Pelham, N. Y., N. Y. C. Entered pic- 
tures in Jan., 1927. Was given bit to play in 
"Crowd" by King Vidor. Played in "Legion- 
naires in Paris," leads in Jack DufTy comedies 
for Christie, "Harold Teen," "Floating College," 
"Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic C ty." "Fancv 
Baggage," "Why Be Good?" Clubs, Delta 
(Jamnia, Eastern Star, Hollywood Studio. Hght. 
5.6; VN'ght 122; brown eves and hair. 

SANDFORD, Stanley, actor, b. Osage, Iowa, Feb. 
26, 1894. Educ. Seattle, Wash. Previous career, 4 
yrs. stock Daniel Frawley Co., Seattle and Alaska. 
Has lived in Seattle, IS'ew York, Los Angeles, 
San Francisco. Entered pictures June 12, 1910, 
played small boy parts at first when a child. 
Pictures include: "The World's Champion," "The 
Circus," "Blind Plusbands," "The Iron Mask." 
Sports, motoring, swimming, hunting. Hght, 6,5; 
wght. 280; dark blue eyes; brown hair. Wife's 
prof, name, Edna Sandford. Two children, Louise 
(6). Robert (8). 

SANDRICH, Mark, director, b. New York City, 
Oct. 26. 1900. Mother lives in Hollywood. Sister, 
Ruth Harriet Louise, portrait artist, M-G-M. 
Educ. Columbia Univ. in New York. Spec, in 
science and mathematics. Was short story writer 
and playwright. Has lived in New York and 
Hollywood. Entered picture business in 1922. 
Has directed "Swords Points," "Hello. Sailor," 
"Cow's Husband," "Runaway Girls," "Lady 
Lion." Children, Mark, Jr., and Boy, 9 
mos. Bus. rep., Lichtig & Englander. 

SANTE.LL, Alfred, director, b. San Francisco, Sept. 
14. Father lives in Reseda, Cal. Educ. San Fran- 
cisco. Studied architecture, worked at it before 
pictures. Has lived in San Francisco, Los Ange- 
les, New York. Entered picture business 13 
years ago, when scenario was accepted. Directed 
"The Patent Leather Kid," "The Wheel of 
Chance," "Classified," ".Show Girl," "Little Shep- 
herd of Kingdom Come," "The Gorilla." Belongs 
to Elks and Masquers. Favorite sports are swim- 
ming and hunting. Bus. rep., Lloyd Wright ; 
press rep., Nancy Smith. iMailing ad.. First 
National Studios. 

SANTORO, Jack, actor. Screen career, "Slightly 
Ustd," "Ginsberg the Great" (Warner). 

SANTSCHI, Tom, actor, b. iMissouri. Educ. in Ko- 
komo, Ind. On stage 15 yrs., playing leads, 
heavies. Has lived in Chicago, iN. Y., Holly- 
wood. Entered pictures 18 yrs. ago in Chicago 
with Selig Co. Has played in "Heart of Mary- 
land," "Three Bad Men." "Her Honor the Gov- 
ernor." Belongs to Eiks, Masquers. Sports, 
fishing, hunting. Hght. 6,1; wght. 214: blue 
eves: brown hair. Alarried. 

SARGENT, Lewis, actor, b. Los Angeles, Cal.. 
Aug. 19, 1904; educ. Los Angeles; screen career. 
Paramount. Cosmopolitan, First National, Univer- 
sal, Fox, Pathe, FBO, Bray, "Cameo" Comedies 
(Educational). Hght., S, 8; wght., 140; Hght 
brown hair, hazel eyes. 
'ARNO, Hector V., actor, b. Naples, Italy. Educ. 
Italy. Spec, medicine at Univ. Naples. Pre\'ious 
career, commissioned officer "Bersagl'eri," Italy; 7 
yrs. speaking stage, Italy. Has lived in New 
York, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Cal. Entered pic- 
tures in 1909, from stage. Pictures include: "Girl 
of the Golden West," "Ashes of Vengeance," 
"Song of Love" (First National), "Great Dia- 
mond Mystery," "Honor Among Men" (Fox), 
"Cobra" (Paramount), "The Climbers" (Warner). 

Clubs, Masons, 233 Club. Hght. 5,10; wght. 175; 
brown eyes; grey hair. Wife's prof, name, 
iMaria Gemma Gori. Two children, Maria (21), 
Dante (19). 

SARNOFF, David, vice-president and general man- 
aK,;r, Radio Corp. of A. and chairman of the 
board of directors, RaJio-Keith-O'rpheum Corp.; 
b. Uzlian, Russia, 1892; came with parents to New 
York City, 1901; educ, attended public schools 
and worked at odd jobs, later graduate of Pratt 
Institute, Brooklyn; holds honorary degree from 
St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. Previous 
career, messenger boy with Commercial Cable Co. 
at early age; bought telegraph instrument with 
first savings and learned Morse code; within yr. 
was junior operator; promoted for sticking to post 
12 hrs. reporting Titanic sinking; became com- 
mercial manager for Marconi Co.; when Marconi 
Co. merged with Radio Corp. was appointed same 
position. Holds commission Lieut. Col. Vs. S. A. 
Signal Corps.; Poland conferred order "Polonia 
Restitutia," 1918. Clubs: Lotus, Institute of Radio 
Engineers, Ra Iroad Club, American Institute of 
Elec. Engineers, Radio Club of A., Amer. Geo- 
graphical .Society, Economic Club of N. Y., Cham- 
ber of Commerce, N. Y., the Epsilon chapter, 
Omicron-Alplia-Tau, and dozen other scientific or- 
ganizations. Married Lizette Hermant, July 4, 
1917; three children, Robert, William and Thomas 
Warren Sarnoff. 

SAUNDERS, John Monk, writer, b. Hinckley, 
Minn., Nov. 22, 1897. Educ. Oxford Univ., Ox- 
ford, England, A. B. degree Univ. Washington, 
B. A. and M. A. (Oxford). Spec, in English 
literature. Previous career, 2nd Lt. Air Service, 
LT. .S. Army, editorial staff Los Angeles Times 
and N. Y. Tribune, also Associate Editor Ameri- 
can Magazine. Writer of "Brain Test," 30 
short stories. Lived in Seattle, London, Paris, 
V^ienna, Budapest, Antwerp, etc. Entered pic- 
tures in 1925. Sold original in Cosmopolitan 
Magazine to Paramount. Wrote "Wings," "Legion 
of Condemned," "The Shock Punch," "The Docks 
of New York." Clubs, Sigma Chi, N. Y. Ath- 
letic Club, Authors' League, Rancho Golf, Santa 
iMonica Beach, Hollywood A. C, etc. Sports, 
swimming, golf. iMarried to Fay Wray, screen 

SAVAGE, Nellie, actress. Screen career, "The 
iNIad Dancer" (Jans-SR.), "The Broadway Drift- 
er" (Excellent). 

SAX, Sam, president Gotham Productions. Picture 
career, started in business as special salesman 
for Carl Laemmle; became sales manager for Se- 
lect Pictures; sales manager for Robertson-Cale; 
launched own distributing organization known as 
Lumas Film Corp. 5 yrs. ago; a yr. later organ- 
ized own producting organization, Gotham Pro- 

SAXE, Templer, actor, b. Redhill. England; educ. 
I'onn and Brussels L^nivs.; stage career, leading 
baritone, Carl Risa Opera Co. (London), "An 
English Daisy," "Piff, Pafif, Pouf;" screen ca- 
reer, Vitagraph, Paramount-Artcraft, Constance 
Talmadge, Selznick, Metro, Pioneer, Whitman 
Bennett, American Releasing, Warners, Fox, Ar- 
row, First National; "The GivJ from Gay Paree" 
(Tiffany), "What Price Beautv"' (Pathe), "Be- 
yond London's Lights" (FBO). Hght., 5, 10; 
wght., 170; dark brown hair, graj'-blue eyes. 

SAXON, Hugh, actor, b. New Orleans, La., Jan. 
14, 1869. Educ. Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, 
Tenn. Spec, in theology, journalism. Degree of 

D. D. Was in circus, variety, drama, vaude. Has 
lived in N. Y., San Francisco, Johannesburg, Sn. 
Africa, London. England, Los Angeles. Entered 
pictures in 1916. Has played in "Sand." "Veiled 
Woman," "Resurrection." "Gypsy of North," 
"Ranger," "Tracked." Belongs to Elks. Sports, 
golf, swimming. Hght., 5, 9; wght., 165; dark blue 
eyes; silver gray hair. Married to Ellen Saxon. 
•Son. Lvle Saxon, author in N. Y. ; daughter, Mrs. 
A. V. Shotwell, Beverly Hlls. 

SAYLOR, Sid, actor. Screen career, with L^niver- 
sal. appearing in the "Let George Do It" com- 
edies, and "The Newlyweds and Their Baby" 

SCARDON, Paul, director and actor, b. Melbourne, 
Australia, May 6, 1878. Educ. Church of Eng- 
land and grammar schl. in iMelbourne. Spec. law. 
Was on stage in Australia, came to U. S. with 
Nance O'Ncil in 1906. Subsequently stage with 

E. H. SoTithern. Clara Lipman, iMrs. Fiske. Has 
lived in New York. Hollywood, Paris, London, 
Berlin, Vienna, Entered picture business in 1911. 



David Miles, then director of Majestic and Re- 
liance Films gave him start. Directed "Mile- 
stones," "Broken Gate," "Fighting Destiny," 
"The Fifth Horseman," "Her Own Free Will." 
"Shattered Dreams," "False Kisses." Belongs to 
Masquers and Hollywood Athletic Club. Sport, 
hoxing. Married to Betty Blythe. 

SCHABLE, Robert, actor, b Hamilton, Ohio; educ. 
there; stage career, with itthel Barrymore, John 
IJrew, Marie Doro, etc.; screen career, Fox, 
Metro, First National, Famous Players, Para- 
mount, United Artists, Warners; "The Loves of 
Sunya" (United Artists) ; "Sailors' Wives" (First 
National). Hght., 5, 7y>; wght., 145; light Brown 
hair, gray eyes. 

SCHAEFFER, Anna, actress, b. St. Louis, Mo.; 
educ. Notre Dame Convent, St. Louis; stage ca- 
reer, 3 yrs. legitimate stock and 5 yrs. on the 
i-oad; screen career, Vitagraph, Paramount, War- 
ners. First National; "Three Hours," "The Wheel 
of Chance" (First National), "The Night Flyer" 
(Pathe;. Hght., 5, 7J^; wght., 160; brown hair, 
brown eves. 

SCHAEFFER, Charles N., actor. Screen career, 
"Man l^)wer" (Paramount); "Gun Hand Garri- 
son." "Kidin' Luck," "Wild Born" (Rayart). 

SCHAIFFER, Billy Kent, child actor, b. Los An- 
geles. Cal. .Screen career, L'niversal, Tiffany-Stahl, 
"Hills of Kentucky," ".Simple .Sis" (Wairner). 
"The Enemy" (M-G-M), "Warming Up" (Para- 

SCHAEFER, George J., division sales manager 
Paramount Famous Lasky Corp., b. in Brook- 
lyn, November 5, 1888; educ, I5rookJyn public 
and high schools and Haffley Institute; entered 
business with automobile manufacturing concern 
remaining until 1914; began picture business as 
secretary to L. J. Selznick, remaining with him 
until 1916 when he joined World Film Company as 
assistant sales manager and promoted to district 
manager for that company the following year. In 
1920 joined Paramount, booker at the New York 
Exchange and one year later was promoted to> 
district manager of the New England territory. 
Was sales manager for District No. 1 in 1926 anrl 
is now serving in that capacity. Mr. Schaefer is 
a member of B. P. O. Elks at Kingston, New 

SCHAYER, E. Richard, writer. Screen career. Uni- 
versal, Pathe, "Tell it to the Marines," "Across 
to Singapore," "The Actress," "Law of the 
Range," "Circus Rookies" (M-G-M). 

SCHERTZINGER, Victor, director and composer, 
b. Mahaway City, Pa., 1889. Educ. Philadelphia, 
Brown Univ. and Brussels. Spec, music. Has 
degree in music at Brown and Brussels. Lived 
in Philadelphia, Brussels, several years on tour 
and Los Angeles. Entered picture business in 
1914. Wrote first musical score for motion picture 
at instance of Thomas Inc. picture "Civilization." 
Then was given opportunity to direct. Has di- 
rected more than 100 pictures and composed 
"Mosquito." Directed "Redskin," "Forgotten 
Faces," "The Showdown," "The Heart of Salome." 
Favorite sport, hunting. Bus. rep.. Paramount 
Famous Lasky. 

SCHENCK, Joseph M., president and chairman 
board of directors. United Artists Corp., b. Russia, 
Dec. 25, 1892. Immigrated America, 1892. Previ- 
ous career: druggist. Chinatown. New York; in 
1908 built Paradise Park, Fort George; in 1912. 
with brother Nicholas, purchased Palisades Park, 
Fort Lee, N. J., which they still own. Became 
associated w'ith Marcus Loew; made general book- 
ing mgr., Loew Enterprises; first picture Schenck 
made was of Josie Collins; later signed Arbuckle. 
Keaton, and others. After 6 yrs. independent pro- 
duction elected chairman, board of directors, 
L^nited Artists; organized L^nited Artists Theatre 
Circuit, 1926 elected president United Artists Apr. 
4, 1927, filling vacancy caused by Hiram Abram's 
death. Married Norma Talmadge. Clubs: Lake- 
ville Golf, Friars. El Caballero, Rancho Golf, Hill- 
crest (i'ountry. Veach Club. Sport: Golf. Ad- 
dress. Plaza Hotel. New York; Beverly Hills. Cal. 

SCHENCK, Nicholas M., jiresident of Loew's, Inc., 
and Metro-Goldwyn-iMayer ; b. Russia, came to 
America at 9 yrs. of age with parents and brother 
Joseph. Started business career selling news- 
papers and both boys graduated from this en- 
deavor to weekly salaries of $2.50 as errand boys 
in drug store. Spare hours from business took 
the Schenck brothers to Fort George where 
Nicholas saw the possibilities of an amusement 

I'ark. Purchased interest in dance hall and built 
Ferris wheel. It was here that the association 
with the late Marcus I>oew was formed; Loew 
buying an interest in their business. Later on, 
followmg Mr. Loews' advice, they bought an in- 
terest m two theatres, one in New Rochelle and 
the other in Haboken. These theatres were 
merged into what was known as Loew's Consoli- 
dated Enterprises, the Schenck Bros, becoming 
partners. From that time and during a 20 year 
association with Loew enterprises, Nicholas 
Schenck has been promiently identified with all 
major Loew activities. At Marcus Loew's death, 
he was elected to succeed him as president of 
the comp.iny. 

SCHILDKRAUT, Joseph, actor, b. Vienna, Austria, 
Mar. 22, 1898. Parents live in Hollywood. Educ. 
Berlin, Vienna. Spec, in inusic, languages, at 
Imperial Academy of Music of Vienna and Mon- 
nuscu College, Berlin. Has lived in Berlin, 
Vienna, N. Y., Hollywood. Has played in 
"Chevalier," "Orphans of Storm," "King of 
Kings," "Show Boat," "His Dog," "Forbidden 
Woman," "Blue Danube," "Tenth Avenue." 
Sports, book collecting, breeding dogs. Hght., 5, 
10; wght., 146; black eyes, black hair. iMarried 
to Elise Bartlett. Bus. rep., Rebecca and Silton. 
Ad. Universal Studios. Universal City, Cal. 

SCHILDKRAUT, Rudolph, actor, b. in Constan- 
tinople; educ. in Roimiania; worked in school dra- 
matics ; repertoire experience in Europe for nine 
years; featured in comic opera and classic drama; 
came to America with son in 1910. Screen career, 
10 films for LTfa; first American picture "His 
People" (LTn'versal) ; other American films "King 
of Kings." "Ship (Tomes In," "The Main Event," 
"The Country Doctor" (Pathe). 

SCHLANGER, Ted., assistant general sales man- 
ager, LTni versa! Pictures Corp., b. Chicago, 1898. 
Started picture career in 1919 as assistant booker 
in LTniversal's Chicago exchange. In 1923 was 
appointed short' subject manager of that exchange. 
For 3 years was buyer for S. G. Gregory theatre 
circuit, Chicago and in 1926 rejoined the L^niversal 
Chicago exchange as short subject manager. In 
1927 was made manager of U's Washington ex- 
change. A year later was brought to Home Office 
as sort subject sales manager and in 1928 was 
appointed assistant general sales manager of U. 
Is married and father of two sons. Address, 
Hecksber Rldg., New York City. 

SCHLESINGER, Gus, European General manager, 
Warner Bros, and First National, b. Philadelphia. 
March 16, 1887. Educ. Philadelphia. Engaged in 
picture business 14 years and a film export spe- 
cialist; was sales manager Inter Ocean Film Corp. 
Hobby, golf. Address, Savoy Hotel, London, 

SCHNITZER, Joseph L, president of RKO Produc- 
tions, Inc., b. Pittsburgh, Pa., _ March 14, 1887. 
Veteran member of picture business entering in 
his 20th year. 21 years ago as manager of the 
Des ]\Ioii»es branch of the Pittsburgh Calcium 
Light and Film Co. Later became associated with 
Mullin Film Service as manager of iMinneapolis 
branch and subsequently was made manager of this 
company with headquarters at Syracuse, N. Y. 
In 1916 he was made branch manager and later 
division manager of Universal Pictures. Two 
years later was made general sales manager of 
company. 1920-1922 held post as president of 
Equity Pictures; then vice-presidency of FBO in 
1922. Was made senior vice-president FBO in 
1927 and with merger of RCA and KAO was 
elected president of RKO Productions, Inc. Is 
married and father of two children. Clubs, Rancho 
Golf Club, Ambassador Athletic Club of Los 
Angeles, Oak Ridge Golf and Beach Point Clubs 
of ilN'ew York and' the Motion Picture Club. Ad. 
262 Central Park West, New York City. 

SCHOFIELD, Paul, scenarist, b. Norfolk, Va.; 
educ. Brijwn and Georgetown; early career, news- 
jiaper work; screen career, adapt, for Lasky, 
Fox, R-C, L^niversal; Paramount, Assoc. Exhib.. 
"The Escape" (Fox); "A Texas Steer" (First Na- 
tional): "The College Widow" (Warner). 

SCHROCK, Raymond L., scenarist, b. Goshen, Ind., 
1892; educ. L^niv. of 111.; stage career, directoi 
for stk.; screen career, Mastotlon Films. Albion 
Prod.. Universal, "West Point" (Metro-Goldwyn- 

SCOTT, Harry, short subject sales manager of 
Pathe Exchange. Inc. For five years was Ring- 
ling Brothers' Circus press representative. First 



motion picture affiliation with George Kleine; 
managed Columbus, Dailas, Boston, Philadelphia 
exchange; later promoted to post of Eastern divi- 
sion sales manager. He went over to Goldwyn 
as special representative later joined First Na- 
tional as manager of Detroit branch for four yrs., 
resigning to become Pathe manager there. He 
afterwards accepted post of Educational N. Y. 
branch manager; later was made manager of dis- 
tribution for Ritz-Carlton Pictures; resigned to 
take over duties of feature sales manager for 
Pathe. He accejited his present position upon 
merger ot P. D. C. and Pathe, following several 
years as Pathe general sales manager. 
SCOTT, Mabel Julienne, actress, b. Minneapolis, 
Nov. 2. Parents live there. Educ. there, also at 
Northwestern Conservatory Dramatic Art, Stan- 
ley Hall, Minneapolis. Started stage work at 
16 yrs. in dramatic stock in Omaha, Minneapolis, 
Kansas City, Detroit. Has lived in N. Y., Holly- 
wood. Entered pictures in 1917. Has played in 
•■Sea Wolf," "Behold My Wife," "Wallflowers," 
"Mother," "Stranded in Paris," "Jazz Bride." 
Sports, tennis, golf. Hght., 5, 5%; wght., 122; 
hazel brown eyes, auburn hair. Bus. rep., Billy 
SCOTT, William, actor, b. 1893; educ. N. Y. 
Stage career, with Maude Adams, Joseph Jeffer- 
son, Kelcey and Shannon. Screen career, Artcraft, 
Fox, First National, Goldstone, C.B.C., FBO, 
P. D. C, Paramount, Renown Pict., Assoc. Ex- 
hib., "Aflame in the Sky," "Freckles," "Little 
Mickey Grogan" (FBO); "By Whose Hand" 
(Columbia). Hght., 5, 11; wght., 168; light com- 
SEARS, Alan, actor. Screen career, "Long Live 
the King" (Metro-Goldwyn-lNIayer) ; "In Love 
with Love" (Fox); "Into Her Kingdoin" (First 
National); "A Mi<lnig'ht Adventure" (Rayart). 
SEASTROM, Victor, director, b. Varmland, Sweden, 
Sept. 21, 1879. Educ. primary school in Stock- 
holm, attended Upsala University near Stockholm. 
Stage career, in Sudermans "Fritz." Directed 
'He Who Gets Slapped," "Tower of Lies," 
"Scarlet Letter," "Wind," "Divine Woman," 
"Masks of Devil." 
SEBASTIAN, Dorothy, actress, b. Birmingham, 
Ala., Apr. 26, 1905. Parents live with her. Educ. 
in Birmingham. Studied Latin, Spanish, English. 
Was artist, dancer. Has lived in Birmingham, 
N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered pictures in Jan. 
1925. Has played in "Their Hour," "Demi-Bride," 
"Isle of Forgotten Women," "O'ur Dancing Daugh- 
ters," "Woman of Affairs," "Spirit of Youth," 
"Devil's Apple Tree." Sports, flying, swimming, 
horseback riding, dancing. Hght., 5, 3; wght., 
109; hazel eyes, brown hair. Press rep., Pete 
Smith and M-G-M Publicity Dept. Ad. M-G-M 
Studios, Culver City, Cal. 
SEDDON, Margaret, actress, b. Washington, D. C, 
Nov. 18. Educ. there. Was with David Belasco, 
Wm. A. Brady, Shuberts. Has lived in Washing- 
ton, N. Y., Hollywood. Entered pictures during 
war. Played in "Just Around Corner," "Sonny." 
"Miracle of Money," "Brass," "Women Who 
Give," "Actress," "Quality Street," "Snob," 
"Bellamy Trial." Hght., 5, 3; wght., 110; grey 
SEDGWICK, Edward, director, b. Galveston, Tex., 
Nov. 7, 1982. Educ. St. Mary's University, Tex. 
Stage career, "Celebrated Case," as child about 
1895 under Richard Mandell at Galveston, Tex. 
Directed "Tin Hats," "Slide, Kelly, Slide," "West 
Point," "Spring Fever," "Ciamerainan." 
SEDGWICK, Josie, actress, b. Galveston, Texas; 
edu. Ursuline Convent, Galveston. Stage career: 
dramatic stock, mus. com., vaude. Screen career: 
Universal, United, Triangle, Pathe, Goldwyn, First 
National, Ince, Hodkinson. Hght., 5, 5; wght.. 
130; brunette hair, dark blue gray eyes. Ad. 1800 
N. Vine st., Los Angeles, Cal. 
SEDLEY, Henry, actor, b. N. Y.; educ. St. Paul's 
School, Andover Acad., Yale Univ. Stage career, 
6 yrs. Screen career, Pathe, Cosmopolitan, Com- 
monwealth, First National, Vitagraph, Paramount, 
SelznicTi, Whitman Bennett, M. Garrison, Fox, Ar- 
row, Aywon, Astor, "Blonde or Brunnette" 
(Paratnount) ; "One Hour To Love" (Tiffany); 
"The Million Dollar Mystery," "A Light in the 
Window," "Man in the Rough" (Rayart). Hght., 
5, 11: wght., 155; fair complexion. 
SEITER, Bob, actor. Screen career, "Out All 
Xight" (Lhiiversal); "Chicago After Midnight" 

SEITER, Williant A., director, b. N. Y. C. Rels. 
mother living in Beverly Hills, Cal. Educ. Hud- 
son River Academy, N. Y. Previous career, China, 
glassware importing. Entered pictures in 1915, 
made debut by "doubling" as cowboy. Directed 
"Happiness Ahead," "Outcast," "Skinner's Dress 
Suit," "What Happened to Jones," "That's a 
Bad Girl," "Synthetic Sin," "Waterfront." Clubs, 
Lakeside Golf, Los Angeles Tennis, Hollywood 
Athletic. Sports, golf, tennis, yachting. Wife's 
prof, name, Laura La Plante. Bus. rep., Edward 
Small. Press rep., Scoop Conlon. 
SEITZ, George B., director, b. Boston, Mass., Jan. 
3, 1888. Kels. parents living in Beverly Hills, Cal. 
Educ. Friends Schl. Philadelphia, Art Schl. Boston. 
Previous career, illustrator, actor, playwright. 
Has lived in Philadelphia, N. Y. Entered pictures 
in 1914, in scenario dept. Pathe Freres. Directed 
"Blood Ship," "Vanishing American," "Blockade," 
"Hey Rube," "Circus Kid," "Beware of Blondes." 
Clubs, Writers, Hollywood Athletic, Beach. Sports, 
tennis, squash, horseback riding. 2 children, lioy, 
girl. Bus. rep., Fred W. Seitz. 
SELBIE, Evelyn, actress, b. Louisville, Ky., July 
6, 1882. Educ. Louisville. On stage 15 yrs. Has 
lived in N. Y., Los Angeles. Entered pictures in 
1914. Has played in "Name the Man," "Wings," 
"Loves of Actress," "Freedom of Press," 
"Toilers," "Wild Geese." Belongs to Writers, 
Old Troupers Clubs. Sports, dancing, driving. 
Hght., 5, 3; wght., 125; brown eyes and hair. 
Bus. rep., Harry Wurtzel. 
SELIG, A. L., director advertising and publicity, 
TitYany-Stahl, b. New York City. Before enter- 
ing motion picture business, was reporter for N. Y. 
World, 12 yrs. in similar capacity for N. Y. Eve. 
Journal; was also on editorial staffs of Interna- 
tional News, U. & U., Boston American, N. Y. 
Globe and City News Assoc. Began fi\m con- 
nections 1914, as personal representative for Theda 
Bara, associated with Fox; after three yrs. with 
Bara, was assigned charge of Fox West Coast 
publicity. Later handled personal publicity for 
William Farnum, exploitation and press work on 
Fox's "Cleopatra" and "Salome." Then joined 
United Artists on road, following which he re- 
ceived his present appointment. Member N. Y. 
Newspaper Club and A.M. P. A. 
SELWYNNE, Clarissa, actress, b. London, Eng- 
land: educ. London High School. Stage career, 
leading woman, English stage in modern atid 
.Shakesperean plays, Garrick theatre, London, 
Playhouse, New York. Screen career, First Na- 
tional, FBO, Goldwyn, Metro, Paramount, Fox, 
Associated Photoplays, Warners, Banner, Colum- 
bia; "Quarantined Rivals" (Lumas); "Resurrec- 
tion," "The Devil Dancer" (United Artists); "A 
Social Triangle" (Fox) ; "Naughty But Nice," 
"The Crystal Cup," "The Heart of a Follies 
Girl" (First National); "Broadway Daddies" 
((jolumbia); "Glorious Betsy" (Warners); "Jazz 
Mad" (nUiversal). Hght., 5, 7; wght., 150; dark 
brown hair, dark brown eyes. 
SELZNICK, David O., asso. producer, Paramount, 
executive asst. to general manager, head of 
Writers Dept., b. Pittsburgh, Pa. Rels. parents 
living in New York City. Educ. grammar sch.. 
New York City, Hamilton Prep., Columbia Univ. 
Trained from early childhood for motion picture 
work with view to eventually becorning execu- 
tive. Member of motion picture family of same 
name, son of Lewis J. Selznick, motion picture 
pioneer and founder of Selznick Pictures. Pro- 
duced or supervised "Forgotten Faces," "Four 
Feathers," "Tong War." Ad. Paramount Famous 
Lasky Corp. 
SELLON, Charles, actor, b. Boston, Mass., Aug. 
24, 1S7S. Educ. Boston Tech., lioston, Mass. 
.Sjiec. mathematics, architecture, free hami 
drawing; received college degree. Previous career, 
30 years on stage. iHaS- lived in Boston, New 
York, Hollywood. Entered pictures in 1923, was 
playing Los Angeles with "The Bad iMan" which 
was made into a picture by First National. Played 
same role in picture. Other pictures: "Woman 
Proof," "Easy Come Easy Go" (Paramount), 
"Happiness Ahead" (First National), "Alias 
Jimmie Valentine" (M-G-M), "The Big Scoop." 
Clubs, Masquers, Los Angeles Athletic, Lambs. 
Sports, golf, fishing. Hght., 5, 11; wght.. 148; 
dark blue eyes, brown hair. 1 child, Robert (17). 
Bus. and press rep., Wm. M. Cohill. 
SEMELS, Harry, actor, b. and educ. New York City. 
Has lived in Chicago, Tampa, Hollywood. En- 



Keceiit Productions: 

The Night Bird — On Your Toes 
— That's My Daddy, with Reginald 
Denny — Warming Up, with 
Richard Dix — It Can Be Done, 
with Glenn Tryon — Scareheads, 
for Fox. 

Hig/j Lights for Editor's Reference 

Played professional baseball 1906 to 
1913. Played on the stage. Started 
directing in 1913. Born Denver, Colo. 
Educated Sacred Heart College, Denver. 
Interested in mining and is a mine owner. 
Was director for Harold Lloyd and made 
some of his most successful pictures, in- 
cluding "Grandma's Boy," "Safety Last," 
"Girl Shy," "Why Worry," "The Fresh- 
man," etc. 


It is always a pleasure fo— j* 
cooperate wit/i Editors. When I 
/ can be of service to you, \ 
please call on me by wire, ^L^^ 
letter, or personally. 1\ 

Sincerely, FRED NIBLO Jl 




Long career on stage . . Toured as 
star in every English-speaking coun- 
try . . Appeared by command before 
Royalty . . Invaded sacred precincts 
of India, China, swamps of Uganda, 
Nubian Desert . . Photographed Afri- 
can jungle . . Risked term in Siberia 
for takmg only film ever made inside 
the sacred Kremlin of Moscow . . 
Was interested with George M. Co- 
han in his first ventures . . Wrote 
and produced many successful plays 
- . Screen director of Ben Hur . . 
Three Musketeers . . Mark of Zorro 
. . Blood and Sand . . Temptress . . 
Camille . . Mysterious Lady . . Two 
Lovers . . Dream of Love . . The 
Enemy .,'. etc. etc . 



tered pictures in 1910. Pictures include: "Rogues 
and Romance," "Blockade" (talkie), also serials. 
Clubs, Equity. Sports, tennis, riding, swimming. 
Hght., 5, 9; wght., 165, brown eyes, black hair. 
2 children, Ruth (12). David (9). 
SHANNON, Ethel, actress, b. and etluc, Denver, 
Colo. Stage career, with E. H. Sothern and 
Maude Adams. Screen career; with Bert Lytell, 
William S. Hart, Earl Williams, Charles Ray, 
Phil Golditone, Amer. Releasing, Universal, Pre- 
ferred, P.D.C., Ginsberg Dist., Lumas, Rayart, 
First' National. Most recent work, "Babe Comes 
Home," "The High Flyer," "The Buckaroo Kid," 
"Through Thick and Thin," "The Silent Power," 
"Oh Baby." Light hair. 
SHAUER, E. E., general manager Foreign Depart- 
ment, Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. Picture 
career; entered amusement field with Mitchel 
I\Iark in 1905 (Automatic Vaudeville Co.), and 
was associated there with Messrs. Zukor, Loew, 
Kohn, Warfield and Ludvigh. In 1911 organized 
a company for purpose of general export and 
import business with Philippine Islands and Japan. 
Disposed of interests and reentered amusement 
field under Adolph Zukor in 1915, with whom he 
is now associated as officer of Paramount Famous 
Lasky Corp. 
SHAW, Peggy, actress, b. Pittsburgh, Pa.; educ. 
there. Stage career, Gus Edwards' "Bandbox 
Revue," "Z.egfeld Midnight Frolic" two seasons. 
Screen career. Fox. Wistaria, Playgoers, First 
National, FBO, Excellent Inct., Paramount, 
Pathe, Action Pict., Bray; "Barnyard Rivals" 
(Bray); "The Little Buckaroo" (FBO); "The 
Ballyhoo Buster" (Action Pict.); "Hoof Marks" 
(Pathe); "Paradise For Two" (Paramount). 
Hght , 5, 2; wght., 110; brown hair and eyes. 
SEARS, Zelda, writer. Screen career "The Night 
Br!de. " "The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary," "The 
Wise Wife," "The Rush Hour" (Pathe). 
SHEA, John A., asst. to A. L. Rockett, b. Ander- 
son, Ind., May 11, 1893. Rels. mother living in 
South Norwood, Ohio. Educ. St. Louis Univ., 
spec, in engineering. Previous career, railroad and 
general manager. Has lived in St. I.ouis. :mu< 
Francisco, Los Angeles. Entered pictures iti 191b. 
Sports, horseback riding, swimming. Ad., First 
Va^innsl Studios. 
SHEARER, Norma, actress, b. Montreal, Canada, 
Aug. 10, 1904. Educ. Montreal. Has played in 
"Snob," "He Who Gets Slapped," "Tower of 
Lies," "Slave of Fashion," "His Secretary," 
"Waning Sex," "LTpstagc," "Student Prince." 
"Actress," "Lady of Chance," "Latest From 
Paris." Sports, swimming, riding, tennis. Hght. 
5, 1; wght., 118; blue-bray eyes; brown hair. Hus- 
band's prof, name, Irving G. Thalberg. Ad., M- 
G-M Studio, Culver City, Cal. 
SHEEHAN, Winfield R., vice-persident and gen- 
eral manager Fox Film Corp.; b. Buffalo, N. Y., 
Sept. 24, 1883; educ. St. Canaisius College, Buf- 
falo; study interrupted by Spanish- American War. 
Previous career: reporter on New York City 
newspapers; secretary tO' fire commr. N. Y. City; 
sec. to police commr. 1911-14. Entered pictures 
1914, organizing studios Fox Film Corp., Holly- 
wood; organized European and other foreign dis- 
tribution branches for same 1914-21; 1926, went to 
Coast in charge of production. 
SEILER, Lew, director, b. New" York; educ. Univ. 
graduate. Screen career, assist, director, director, 
"gag" man for many West Coast producers, all 
comedies; with Fox several years, first on short 
reel comedies, then Mix features and others; 
"The Wolf's Fangs," "Square Crooks" (Fox). 
SHEFFIELD, Regincild, actor. Legal name, Regi- 
nand Sheffield Cassan. h. London. England, Feb. 
18, 1901. Mfther lives in Long Island. Educ. 
England. U. S. Spec, in English, history. Has 
lived in N. Y. C. London, Los Angeles. Chi- 
cago, Vancouver, B. C, Coronado, Cal., Boston. 
Entered pictures in 1913 in London. Played in 
"Classmates," "David Copperfield," "Sweet Six- 
teen." "Adorable Cheat." "College Widow," "Ace 
of Cads." Sports, fencing, riding, tennis, boxing, 
swimming, i)olo. Hght. 5.9; wght. 150; dark blue 
eyes; light brown hair. Married to Louise Shef- 
field Casa. Daughter, Mary Alice Sheffield Cas- 
san. 5 mos. Bus. rep., Guy Cobum; press rep., 
Hal Howe. 
SHELDON, E. Lloyd, associate producer, b. Spring- 
field, Mass., May 27, 1886; educ. Harvard: spec, 
economics, sociology, A.B. and M.A. Previous 
career, newspaper, magazine writer, business mgr. 

for Ch